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File: 1672749557086.jpeg (80.85 KB, 680x680, 1619031338745.jpeg)

No. 1461678

>no racebait or bait of any kind.
>report and ignore bait instead of replying like a idiot.

Previous thread https://farmcow.lol/ot/res/1445041.html

No. 1461680

Disney is just fine, other than Mulan and Beauty and the Beast their movies are nothing out of the ordinary, all of their CGI movies are trash though, no exception. Dreamworks is more experimental and has better films.

No. 1461708

I was just thinking about how I've been enjoying Dreamworks' recent (animated) movies more than Disney's.
Disney created some of my favorite movies, but that time has long since passed.

No. 1461729

Cool opinion but have you seen Pinocchio (1940) tho

No. 1461732

File: 1672756635131.jpg (70.7 KB, 600x607, ct3qzjyx6bo91.jpg)

sorry, but pinocchio came out in 2022?????

No. 1461751

Sweet summer child, many remakes.

No. 1461779

Not to get all Tyler the Creator but I feel most "harassment" incidents online would not happen if people just would not read the comments and confront the trolls.

No. 1461785

"Cancel culture" and "online harassment" are real, and trannies and men confirm it

No. 1461786

Legal drinking and smoking age should be 26

No. 1461788

I absolutely hate that I can’t open my door or help people who might be in need when I hear screaming or crazy shit at night. (I don’t live in Portland, but in a big city in CA.)
A few months ago in my apartment complex, there was a woman going around at night knocking on doors, saying she needed help and asked to borrow a phone because she was trying to get away from her abusive husband. A guy eventually opened his door, and when the woman was being let inside, two men appeared from the dark and tried to strong arm their way into the apartment! The guy fought and was able to kick them out and call the cops, but holy shit. Apparently they were a bunch of meth heads who had broken into houses and apartments before.
I absolutely hate that now we can’t open our doors for someone who might legitimately need help. I hope they burn in hell

No. 1461791

No. 1461795

Right? The block and mute buttons were invented for a reason kek people just love negative attention so they can have a reason to feel like a victim

No. 1461796

>sweet summer child
This is my unpopular opinion: I hate reading the words "sweet summer child" and they make me cringe.

No. 1461797

Only faggots who try to be “southern belles” say this

No. 1461798

Also, homosexuality is a choice

No. 1461802

I hate this too!!! It’s so fucking condescending and wasn’t even funny the first time I heard it

No. 1461803

Or if they actually had reading comprehension

No. 1461804

Ok, I promise you - if a homeless fucker on the streets of Portland is screaming “help me” they’re either gonna ask you for money or for a ride to their smack dealers house as soon as you actually get over to them. People come to portland TO BE homeless, and a huge population of the homeless class were people who were locked up in the Oregon mental institutions before they closed them down (for God knows what reason) a few years ago. And most of the “shelters” here only have 14-20 beds, and there’s obviously more than 20 homeless “people”.

The only time I offer “help” to a homeless body is when they’re already dead and their body is blocking the sidewalk, (which I’ve had to do more times than I’d like to admit) So don’t feel bad for these psychos and smackheads and pedo scrotes who beg for your attention and cash all day. They can literally die of gangrene for all I care.

No. 1461807

So true, when selfish boring people wanna have pointless, bacterial sex - they’ll simply do it! It doesn’t make them special, it doesn’t mean they deserve the right to get “married” (especially considering how little gays actually get legally married)

No. 1461809

Casual sex is fine for pretty women, you can have no strings attached sex with respect and fun but if you’re average, fat or ugly casual sex is going to be a horrible experience for you. I advise against most women doing it unless you are very good looking/in shape unless you have a humiliation kink.

No. 1461811

>with respect and fun
Are you talking about lesbians?

No. 1461816

I’m talking about straight women. If you’re pretty guys will still bring over food/drinks, do after care and try a little harder to please you. If you aren’t pretty then they will try to play out their weird kinks since they don’t plan on seeing you again, be rude, make rude comments about your appearance etc. casual sex is a waste of time if you aren’t conventionally attractive.

No. 1461822

My point was it wasn’t even a homeless guy who needed help lol

No. 1461824

Miley Cyrus can’t sing

No. 1461825

The worst thing is that it's not even a classical idiom, it's from fucking Game of Thrones and for some reason it made its place among people.

No. 1461833

Aaahahaha, I had no idea. That suddenly makes sense why I’ve only heard it within the last 10 years or so

No. 1461834

Between squid game and alice in borderlands plus many more shows I'm sure none of it is really deeper than torture porn, rape, and the bullshit reason of seeing who people are close to death. That's it there is no deeper meaning.

No. 1461849

Most people, specially men, have sadistic tendencies so is not surprising

No. 1461853

"the English" on amazon prime. immediately has a cursed sadistic energy, I turned it off and I never do that (it also seemed poorly written though)

No. 1461884

People sneer when they hear gendies say sexuality is a spectrum but I think it really must be otherwise I don’t know how to make sense of myself kek. I thought I was completely straight until last week I saw this woman who’s like the most attractive creature on the planet. Ever since then I can’t stop fantasizing about doing dirty things to her and I’m not even thinking about men anymore. But if I think about doing that with any other woman it’s a total turn off kek. I can’t be straight but calling myself bisexual feels wrong too. Straight with one (1) exception? It really doesn’t matter because I’ll never meet this woman anyway but it has been a total mind fuck that I have no explanation for.

No. 1461887


No. 1461894

>calling woman creature
>only fantasizing about fucking the said creature
You're pornsick/brianwashed by male led media into objectifying women's bodies. Being bisexual means feeling both romantic and sexual attraction towards women - not just autistically obsessing over one super hot woman.

No. 1461897

File: 1672767681270.jpg (78.81 KB, 1217x720, lionking-disneyscreencaps.com-…)

>other than Mulan and Beauty and the Beast their movies are nothing out of the ordinary
Lion King was their absolute ZENITH. Dreamworks, their only good film was Prince of Egypt. Now THAT was a beauty.

No. 1461931

yeah but does she make your heart flutter and a smile break out on your face for no reason

No. 1461935

It's a figure of speech for when someone is insanely beautiful to you, esl anon. Sorry for trying to be poetic. I don't watch porn and am morally against it. The really funny part is if you could see the woman I'm talking about you would see why i am keking at your armchair theory. I almost wish you were right though because having an explanation would be satisfying.
Well I don't know her irl so I feel like a retard saying yeah, but yeah

i'm getting the sense that I've set myself up for hate by even posting any of this which feels bad man. Don't know what I expected though. Guess I was just feeling lonely about not understanding myself.

No. 1461940

>Well I don't know her irl so I feel like a retard saying yeah, but yeah
aw that's adorable. don't feel bad lol just enjoy your intangible crush

No. 1461957

thank you anon i will

No. 1461978

I honestly wouldn’t be mad or have any reaction if a scrote cheated on me unless he gave me an std. Idg women who even care, you should go into every relationship expecting the scrote to cheat and then be ready to leave. I just see it as I had my fun with the scrote and now it’s done. I think it’s because I never even get the opportunity to be in a relationship with someone in the first place.

No. 1461983

Some anons really don't like bi women, think twice about posting anything related to the topic next time

No. 1461985

That is really, really, really easy for you to say unless something crazy like that actually happens to you and you feel like a complete fool. It's so disrespectful and violating. You are viewing it like a little girl views a situation with her dolls because that's on par with your experience

No. 1461988

I am not capable of forming strong bonds with others, especially not men. I genuinely wouldn’t care and would probably keep them around as friends if they benefit me in some way and the break up wasn’t too over dramatic.

No. 1461990

Anon I don't nescessarily disagree with everything you said but
>Idg women who even care
>I never even get the opportunity to be in a relationship with someone in the first place
You sound a little experienced and like you still have some maturing to do

No. 1461995

I agree with you on some level in theory but in real life I felt intensely disrespected which then led me to feel repulsed by the man.

No. 1461999

I’m very experienced in dating and sex but I never get the chance to enter relationships with men I actually find cute. At this point I’d just be happy to have him for a few months or years and if he cheats I’ll just break up and not hold any grudges.

No. 1462006

The only time I've been cheated on (that I'm aware of) was so shitty with the timing. I had gone through a cancer scare. Cervical cancer because I had hpv. I didn't know the source of the hpv. I went through all this stress and all these exams to make sure my cervix wasn't turning to cancer. Still had an active sex life tho. It didn't stop that… guy chose that time to have an affair. Just as soon as I got the good news that my cervix was healthy and my hpv was gone. That's when I found out about the affair. I definitely resented having to march myself down to an STI clinic and stress about my sexual health all over again. And then having to go back again 3 months later because hiv requires a second test to be sure.

No. 1462010

Ayrt, it was supposed to say *inexperienced, but I think you understood me.

What I meant was, it comes off as a bit edgy to say you don't get why other women even care, but I think I understand where you are coming from. I'm sorry you haven't gotten the chance to be with someone you find cute yet. I hope you'll find someone eventually. I have a similar attitude to you. It's not that I don't care if someone cheats (have been cheated on in the past and it sucked), but I don't take responsibility for other people's actions whether it's a bf, friend or family. I try to have a good time while not depending too much on someone and set appropriate boundaries.

No. 1462011

Being cheated on is disrespectful but it’s not shocking since scrotes show us how they are all the time and we choose to believe our scrote will be different. I’d only be mad if he’s out raw fucking people and putting my health at risk.

No. 1462012

>I genuinely wouldn’t care and would probably keep them around as friends
befriending someone who is prone to lying and hiding shit from people seems like a very, very bad idea

No. 1462013

Because of my life experiences I feel like being pumped and dumped is way worse than being cheated on.
Not all friends need to be close friends. Let’s say a scrote cheats but he still likes me so he buys me food, clothes, comes over to drink etc even after we break up. I’d stay friends with a cheating scrote like that I’d just never fuck him or be in a relationship again with him.

No. 1462019

ngl anon, i want to understand your mindset but its just seems like you have pretty low self-esteem, i'd kys if i had to be in the same room with the moid that cheated on me let alone be friends with such a person. To be so calm about blatant disrespect like that sounds fucked up i'm sorry

No. 1462020

You kinda have low standards, anon.

No. 1462021

I had a ONS with a woman 15 years ago. A good experience but I've never been with a woman again and when I'm lonely I don't picture myself with a future gf. I never labelled myself as bi afterwards because it felt like it happened in a bubble.

No. 1462022

Idk I just wanna hug you anon, I'm so sorry you've been treated that way. I agree that it sounds like you have some self-esteem issues, but you're not alone in that. I hope things get better for you.

No. 1462023

I pretty much do not care about scrotes the same way other straight women do. I just see them as things to bring me joy but I get pissed if they use me which is what pumping and dumping is, I’d be more hurt by that than being cheated on by someone I’ve known for years. If I was claimed as a gf by a attractive scrote I would get the ego stroke that I want and after that he can do what he wants. And honestly if I was the kind of girl numerous attractive and high status men wanted id be a cheater too so I can’t even be mad.

No. 1462029

Honestly, it sounds like under the 'I don't even care' facade that you're just hurt already and turning to maladaptive copes to ease the blow. It won't serve you. Men sniff that out a mile away. It only makes you a target for more of the same bullshit that originally hurt you.

No. 1462034

There are things scrotes do that hurt me but cheating isn’t one of them. I see every relationship like a high school relationship, it’s fun but I don’t expect it to last forever. Cheating is only a issue for me because I have limited options and have to spend years trying to find someone I find cute and will stick around for a while.

No. 1462058

I mean yeah I do have self esteem issues but I feel like I’d care even less about cheating if I were hot/confident. I can understand why an ugly woman would be distressed over cheating because she will have to spend years to find someone else and being single is boring but a hot girl could just replace the scrote with a new scrote the next day who acts and looks exactly the same.

No. 1462115

I dont mind the bugs that are in my house. Old neighborhood, lots of foliage around. No roaches, no ants in the food, but lil spiders and beetles and isopods and other mundane creepy crawlies are fine with me. There are carpenter ants in the walls and I clean the frass up constantly- wish that would stop though. But as long as there are no 'real' pests and things are clean, sanitary, and no real infestations from filthy human living, I kinda like the old world ecosystem going on in the corners of my house. Feel bad about sweeping the webs away so I try to scare off the spiders before getting rid of their webs. Its a lot of work to clean up the bug debris that accumulates…but I keep things fairly clean as I so do not want 'real' pests.

No. 1462135

>carpenter ants
>no real pests
anon i
also you'll probably end up getting pests that eat your clothes.

No. 1462161

Most skin care for acne is pointless. Most acne is hormonal, food related and face washing is not going to make a difference. Most people who do a lot of skin care are just doing it for fun but their skin is actually clear because of genetics.

No. 1462178

i agree for active acne but skincare has truly helped me with the scars they’ve left

No. 1462183

everything but retinoids

No. 1462203

Based, most of the "skincare" I've done with my face is use one of those Korean towels to get the dead skin off my face and the scars from hyperpigmentation fade away more smoothly.
If I eat like shit I sure as hell expect acne to appear, so definitely. Most skincare exists because of the damage makeup does to your skin either way.

No. 1462247

Part of the reason lolcow is dying is because zoomers took over with their fake “girls be nice” “ love you nonnie” bill shit. One of the reasons women came here was to be a bitch because everywhere else on the internet we have to be nice or get dog piled. Now anons can’t handle any criticism without reporting and crying about bullying.

No. 1462254

Shut the fuck up you hag

No. 1462257


No. 1462263

oh no someone disagreed with your post, better cry about it in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 1462266

Kek you're the anon from the vent thread right? You really cannot even comprehend women taking care of each other genuinely, I'd be cranky 24/7 too

No. 1462267

Idk what you’re talking about. But I hate when anons are like “I love you noona” “sending hugs”. It’s cringe.

No. 1462268

Can’t we be women without talking to each other like babies and being cutesy and weird?

No. 1462270

Why do you think the only options are complete asshole or cutesy?

No. 1462271

Why do you want to police how women talk so badly? I know you're autistic but come on. Bit hypocritical.

No. 1462272

But if you complain about it you'll just get told this isn't 4chan and we shouldn't aspire to be like moids, as if the only alternative to it is to talk like cutesy twelve year olds lol

No. 1462273

There's a middle ground between cutesy and being a bitch don't you think?

No. 1462274

begging you to stop sperging in multiple threads about how anons aren't mean enough for your liking kek

No. 1462275

It’s cringe and embarrassing. I’m not your friend and don’t wanna be. Y’all getting to intimate.

No. 1462276

kill yourself

Is that good enough?

No. 1462278

That is your problem, not mine, nonny. Go to crystalcafe if you want to be around like-minded retards.

No. 1462279

CC is even worse in that regard

No. 1462280

Then fuck off and don't use lolcow.

No. 1462282

I’d much rather see someone be funny and tell me to kill my self instead trying to be cute and friendly. It’s boring.
They don’t understand not everyone needs a “safe space”

No. 1462284

I love ypu nonny ♥ sending kisses and smoochies and hugs your way. I hope life treats you well. I hope sanic grants your wishes. And most importantly of all I hope you find light in life. Bitch.

No. 1462285

>go to crystal cafe

As if cc isn’t dead as well because of all that cutesy shit that you all are bringing over here kek

No. 1462288

It seems so incredibly disingenuous too, like those "Don't forget, ur a valid honeypie ♥" posts on tumblr

No. 1462290

That's a major schizo connection kek the fuck do you mean lolcow anons killed crystalcafe. That is not true in the least. It's dead because trannies keep spamming gore and cp.

No. 1462291

>I’d much rather see someone be funny
Your comments are boring as shit though. There's a difference between having wit and being an inflammatory autist harping on the same subject in every thread

No. 1462293

Don't any of you get tired? Sorry but I'd rather farmers be normal than the current attitude of always being combative and trying to infight in every thread. It's annoying, and there's nothing wrong with not being abrasive and just normal or even nice.

No. 1462296

Thank you

No. 1462297

Nothing is wrong with being inflammatory. I don’t need anyone to kiss my widdle booboos.
It makes me want to vomit anytime I post a vent or bad experiences and some anon is sending me love. Act like a grown woman kek

No. 1462298

On lolcow there's no such thing as a balance between uwu soft nonnanitanchkacita positive vibes only ♥ and kill yourself scrote infighting over petty shit.

No. 1462299

See >>1462273, you can talk like actual normal humans without resorting to something like >>1462284. Compare it to threads from three or four years ago, not nearly as combative but also not so overly sugarly sweet you'd get a toot ache if you read it for more than two minutes.

No. 1462300

Do you have any friends? Like irl? I can't imagine that you do.

No. 1462302

I feel like this is just a scrote stirring shit lmao.

No. 1462303

There are plenty of sites for you to be cute and safe. Why do you need a gossip site created just to make fun of other weeaboos for being ugly/cringe to be that place?

No. 1462305

agreed lmfao

No. 1462306

Tard-chan, I know it is hard to understand but… things change.

No. 1462311

Things have changed which why this site is dead and we don’t even get new cows.

No. 1462313

The site is dead because Shatmin fucked the site over. I don't care about the cows. Many anons who frequent /ot/ do not care about the cows.

No. 1462314

You keep saying cute, but wtf are you even talking about? Are you just complaining about an anon saying something nice or supportive? Anyway, if what you got out of my post is that I want lolcow to be "cute and safe", you simply cannot read.

No. 1462315

File: 1672788319237.jpg (36.57 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-536893591-612x612.…)

LMAO gonna use this from now on

No. 1462318

The site was pretty dead before then as well.

No. 1462320

Now you're lying.

No. 1462321

I strongly prefer animation (including video games) to live action as a storytelling medium. I only like a handful of live action movies and honestly I can't even name a single live action show I actually give a shit about, I can't bring myself to get invested in any of them regardless of genre.

No. 1462322

Other anons might like it’s but I don’t. I find it cringe. I would never be friends with any of you people irl and I don’t like pretending like I would.

No. 1462324

It's ok

No. 1462327

I know you don’t have female friends since you think women are relegated to lady 4chan to share their true and honest opinions as the last bastion to ahem “be a bitch.” Women are being gloriously bitchy to and about you IRL bc you’re a smelly socially-maladjusted hog.

No. 1462328

I see what you mean. I mean, I really like live action stuff (and some stuff *has to be told live action) but I think animation has a certain "magic". And some genres like science fiction are perfect when they're animated. Fantasy is another one too, but Enchanted was a nice live action Fantasy movie..

No. 1462330

I like to be very direct and blunt in a way that i can be anonymously. I mean if I wanted an actual debate that doesn’t end in someone crying about me being a scrote or crying that they feel attacked, I could go on 4chan but I don’t feel like looking at porn all the time. I don’t want to be friendly.

No. 1462333

For someone that started all this shit by complaining over a bpd-chan, she for sure acts borderline as hell

No. 1462336

Not every anon is the same person not every anon is a scrote.

No. 1462340

Plot twist, Tard-chan and BPD-chan is the same anon

No. 1462341

My unpopular opinion is that I love my nonnies and I like hearing your funny stories and joking around with yous ♥

No. 1462343

>Women are being gloriously bitchy to and about you IRL bc you’re a smelly socially-maladjusted ho

Lol good
That’s you. I like being blunt and unfriendly to people anonymously because that’s my genuine reaction.

No. 1462345

I love you too nonny. You are my bestest friend <3

No. 1462346

>my genuine reaction

No. 1462348

Like yeah, sometimes anons act retarded or petty but I don't resent them like that, if we all started acting like her this place will be actually unusable there's a difference between being honest and acting vitriolic

No. 1462352

I almost threw up in my mouth.

No. 1462356

File: 1672789487572.gif (4.75 MB, 640x554, 1647029676195.gif)

I love you nonny. I hope you get that baby barf thing checked out, I can imagine it must not be very fun!

No. 1462357

You should never give moids all of your trust. It's perfectly normal to entertain the small chance of your relationship with a male turning bad, as long as you don't become obsessed with the idea. I've never understood why women say they completely trust their man to do anything - it just seems like they have no self-preservation or protective instincts towards themselves. You can mostly trust a boyfriend but at the end of the day your instincts are wired to protect you and you should always investigate and listen to your body/brain instead of thinking that you can completely dump all of your emotional security and trust into a male.
You need to always keep a chunk for yourself, or else you end up like the miserable women on reddit who ask "Am I overreacting?" when they find out their husband watches rape fetish porn.

No. 1462358

To be fair I'm tired of people thinking I'm a weirdo because I don't watch live action shows. No, not even Game of Thrones, not even The Office, not even Breaking Bad, not even Glee etc etc. When I tell people I don't like live action shows they keep unpromptedly recommending me stuff to watch that I'll "definitely love if I give it a try!" but I just can't bring myself to care about the medium itself. Maybe I'm an undiagnosed autist, I don't know, but leave me alone, I'm already (nit)picky enough with the media I consoom. The only art/entertainment/media where "(almost) anything goes" for me is music.

No. 1462360

I think mean nona should be new admin.

No. 1462361

You're so edgy and different

No. 1462363

I’m not. I just don’t like you.

No. 1462365

Not watching tv shows makes you extremely powerful. It's basically the coolest thing you can do.

No. 1462368

I think because women have an idea that they are an exception to the rule. Like they can see that their scrote used other women for sex, cheated and dogged other women out but they feel that the scrote will change for them because they are special and then act shocked when he eventually treats them the same.

No. 1462371

I’d start with banning the word noona and I’d bring back the man hate threads

No. 1462374

2X is not hidden anymore tho

No. 1462375

I feel like these are all the same anon. You need to get some fresh air.

No. 1462379

I'm the one who talked about trust and I am definitely not the same anon as the one who doesn't care about cheating. Take off your tinfoil retard.

No. 1462380

She doesn’t want to face the reality that her nigel could cheat.

No. 1462382

Samefag, I also detest casual sex so no, I'm not the same anon as those other two.

No. 1462384

File: 1672790448322.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, girl-sure-jan.gif)

No. 1462386

Check you nigels phone.

No. 1462391

"worst" learn the difference

No. 1462393

no not this please lol, it's the bunker all over again

No. 1462394

File: 1672790874368.jpg (195.79 KB, 780x770, e2e.jpg)

Literally you

No. 1462397

Please stop it with the cringe twitter gifs and just accept the fact that you're a mug for assuming that anons are the same even though you've just been told otherwise. You sound very much in denial, you might want to check in with your instincts before you find the inevitable tranny porn stash on your Nigel's computer.

No. 1462399

No. 1462400

>It's perfectly normal to entertain the small chance of your relationship with a male turning bad, as long as you don't become obsessed with the idea.
>as long as you don't become obsessed with the idea.

No. 1462401

Huh? I was just correcting nonnie, seems a lot of anons have a issue with "Worse" and "Worst".
My unpopular is opinions is nonnies need to pick up a dictionary, it gets annoying.

No. 1462402

Body positivity does not work because it tries to promote the idea that everyone is beautiful and sexually attractive. Everyone is not beautiful, some people are ugly and fat. What would make more sense is if we taught people it’s ok to be ugly or fat but they still deserve respect and equal opportunities. We should also teach women to stop with all this over grooming, make up etc because it’s make scrotes standards too unrealistic and we could get decent men if we just stopped trying.

No. 1462404

Based opinion

No. 1462406

I’m not the anon who made that post. I believe that if you have a bf you should check his phone.

No. 1462408

File: 1672791178274.jpg (396.94 KB, 1170x1443, tumblr_a1d55fee251e8fdc5110676…)

As long as its not breeding hundreds of animals in metal cages for generation after generation, I don't give a fuck about saving teh poor animuls. I love real fur, fuck a "vegan leather", that shit is literal plastic. The average activist will "save" rabbits/minks/deer/etc. from hunters only for them to die by pollution, eating plastic, oil spills, a natural predator the same day. Instead, we can gas burrows, destroy native plants, build a concrete factory on top,dig up the soil for electric lines and pipes, dump our toxic waste into nearby rivers, and make plastic jackets that will leech chemicals into the ground when you buy a new one next month! All that vs animals who's meat will be eaten, bones used in broth or bone meal and beads/combs, fur for decades-lasting clothes, nutrients given back into the soil.

No. 1462409

not checking his phone is the worse thing you can do, nigels always hide shit in there phones

No. 1462410

>What would make more sense is if we taught people it’s ok to be ugly or fat but they still deserve respect and equal opportunities.
I legit thought that was the point of the body positivity bs like a decade ago until I started seeing that it turned into a movement exclusively for fat American women. The very first times I read about it was when I saw a post on tumblr about not just fat (not obese yet, just fat) people but also about people that are thinner, taller or shorter than average, people with stretch marks, scars or visible injuries, amputees, etc. and I think that's the only time I saw something so "inclusive" when it came to that specific topic.

No. 1462411

Since we are on the topic of cheating scrotes. It is ok to demand to check your bfs computer files and phone unprovoked even if there is no suspicious behavior. Scrotes bank on the the fact that most women want to be reasonable, respectful of privacy and have trust. They can hide all their weird fetishes and other women this way.

No. 1462416

>I love real fur, fuck a "vegan leather", that shit is literal plastic.
No way I'm ever buying real or fake fur but I absolutely love buying real leather because that shit lasts for a very long time which means I'll be less likely to buy more shit and create a demand that will make companies produce and sell more plastic shit, and usually it's from an animal that's going to be dead anyway for its meat unless (you're getting one of these himalayan crocodile leather handbag that Hermes sell to its VIP customers or whatever the fuck). Apparently there's some vegan leather made out of specific fruits or plants but this seems experimental so far. I should look more into it though. I also always make sure I buy things made of actual wool and cotton instead of plastic equivalent that will cost the same, won't have the same quality and will fuck up my skin. I actually think vegans are batshit crazy because they whine so much about muh animal rights while exploiting poor third world humans who have to export their local food because of growing demand, which means that the staple food will become more expensive locally. Among other things.

No. 1462417

Agreed. I used to feel bad for this but I don't even care anymore - if a moid truly has nothing to hide then he will let you look through everything. I don't even think it's a bad thing if you look through their stuff without asking, it's not like computers and phones are limited technology anymore where it's hard to hide stuff and theres not much social media etc. Never understood the obsession with women trying to force being "reasonable" with their Nigels in regards to looking through phones. A decent one will let you search through it without complaint. Any moid who spergs about muh privacy should have his balls caved in with a hammer.

No. 1462419

and check their social media and likes. Scrotes will literally like porn and follow pornstars.

No. 1462423

Pathetic and cowardly

No. 1462426

This. Men's eagerness to argue about personal freedom like little virtual libertarians is based on the fact they are chronic masturbators and many are pedos. Men are an empty facade the moment they step out the door, they don't want anyone seeing what they're actually up to.

No. 1462433

every nonnie who posts in shayna's thread is a Stacey and you all will deal or no deal. It's reality, we are snobs, we don't like any kind of foods, we don't like cheap ass water bottles, we don't like anything thats not top tier, because we are just like that. Scope, seethed and exfoliate.

No. 1462434

File: 1672792673461.jpg (48.51 KB, 1800x1201, maltese-puppy.jpg)

poopoo bait
anyway I LOVE these dogs

No. 1462435

No. 1462436

thats not unpopular to like cute dogs or is this bait as well? HMm

No. 1462437

there are plenty of memes hating on this particular breed for some reason. and yes I do hate the owners who don't keep their eyes clean too. still love Maltese

No. 1462438

oh i really don't like or know much about dogs. I just saw a cute dog and thought, "Whats unpopular about this?" do they get that red blood eye stains on their fur?

No. 1462440

yeah they can get that but you just have to wipe them every once in a while. also something about them being "old lady dogs" makes them a target? but they're very lovely sweet dogs, Bichon Frise too.

No. 1462444

Me too anon. I've never had the misfortune of meeting a mean one. Every one I've met has been mild-mannered and sweet.

No. 1462452

Worse is correct in that anon's statement.

No. 1462454

Or you could just wear wool.

No. 1462466

I dont do real fur, but real leather 100 percent. Vegan leather is plastic garbage that ends up in landfills in a year, but I've had some leather products passed down from both my mother and father that has lasted over 35 years so far. I love real leather so much.

No. 1462472

body positivity was always meant for fat people. eve the first bodyposi activist descend from the fat pride weirdos from the 1970s

No. 1462508

i really don't understand the "vegans are ackchually worse because uhh… third world farmers!" argument. do you think vegans are the only people who eat fruits and vegetables kek. literally everyone who buys produce from grocery chains is complicit in the mistreatment of those people, why blame it solely on vegans

No. 1462515

nta but like. why can’t it be for everyone? or better yet why focus on bodies so much at all. why must we care so much. im so exhausted by positivity.

No. 1462516

Asmr is dope. I don’t care that it’s giga cringe

No. 1462547

File: 1672803101623.png (813 KB, 1125x829, 1659240672580.png)

"Sure Jan" should be included in this image. Everytime I see it I get immediate flashbacks to pull being the only meme any of them seemed to use before migrating here.

No. 1462563

Sis I-

No. 1462567

File: 1672805073725.jpg (147.62 KB, 1080x1029, Fk56XrDX0AET6r0.jpg)

She's 100 correct

No. 1462573

Hell no. Some of my favorite movies have men crying in them. Seeing an actor cry is gorgeous.

No. 1462575

Is rather men just cry and go get comfort from their male friends then chimp out and become violent. Women like her are the type who enjoy being abused and find violence hot.

No. 1462578

I've seen sure jan used on lolcow for like 6 years

No. 1462580

File: 1672806366932.jpeg (172.16 KB, 1284x322, 9BC5BA89-80E9-4806-872F-93D1AB…)

Samefag but her scrote is Arab. Her being against men crying makes sense now.

No. 1462589

File: 1672807871207.jpg (22.57 KB, 620x413, istockphoto-1300473170-612x612…)

I really like how stretch marks look. I love how old ones turn white and get kind of shimmery when light hits them and I think the textures in new ones (especially the ones of pregnant women) have really cool textures, it reminds me of cracked ground in a desert. It's just cool how many ways skin can look.

No. 1462594

I am somebody who hates how i look generally and I have stretch marks like that pic but on my thighs. It's personally the one supposed flaw that i don't care about. idk, but knowing that pretty much all women have them makes it seem like such a trivial thing to care about.

No. 1462598

Kek, I feel the same nonna. All I want in a movie with a sad scrote is for him to cry but they almost never do.

No. 1462612

I like it too kek. It’s so relaxing and having it on in the background has been really nice for my mental health. It’s so comforting and soothing imo.

No. 1462634

I love real leather it lasts for so so many years. I believe if you're going to kill the cow respect it enough to use everything and not let parts go to waste.

No. 1462662

Come on, crying is a natural reaction to a stressful situation, better that than starting punching walls.

No. 1462673

Yeah being emotionally constipated and violent is so much better than just letting your feelings happen

No. 1462700

The solution for picky eating is severe starvation.

No. 1462703

I think this about fake eating disorders like AFRID too. Let's see if you have "difficulty and fear swallowing certain textures" when you haven't eaten for 4 days, cow

No. 1462733

hot guys look cute when they cry. and no, this is retarded. the problem is men using emotions to manipulate people/women. earnest crying and emotionally healthy behavior is not bad. there are lots of things to cry over in this world and lots of stressful things to be upset about. if men were mentally healthy, we'd all be better off. this is so moronic.

No. 1462734

i hate picky eater adults, honestly. you can't indulge with them at a restaurant or bake them gifts, they cry about the smallest shit. if they're legitimately autistic or something, i understand, but picky eater adults are kind of sad to me. worse when they're men, too. it's just such a manchild/womanchild trait.

No. 1462736

How is ARFID fake? These people DO stop eating and WOULD rather starve. Being a picky eater is not the same as having a disorder or autism.

No. 1462741

Nah it's just picky eaters wanting a label to legitimize their snowflake syndrome. Guarantee they'd crack after a few days

No. 1462760

I had a co-worker like that, she'd spend the entire day snacking on cookies and when it came to lunch, she's so picky she'd only eat shit like microwaveable pasta and she would stop halfway because her stomach was already full because of the snacks. She would not even keep the remaining food for the next day, she'd immediately throw it in the trash, it was exhausting to watch this every day.

No. 1462774

I lowk think most picky eaters have an eating disorder of some kind, either anorexic, binge eating disorder or orthorexia. I know a lot of ED people obsess over some food and repeatedly eat the same food.

No. 1462800

The whole reason it's a disorder is that it's taken to pathological extremes. Regular old picky eaters aren't arfid.

No. 1462802

NTA but I legit will vomit if I eat anything with "weird textures" anon, I remember my parents making me eat that kind of stuff and I'd always vomit all over the table no matter the age. It's not even about the taste if you grinded the stuff up or cooked it more it'd be fine.
I wish it'd be just picky eating, I knew a family member with the same condition that had to be IV fed in the hospital cause her body would just reject everything as well, so it's not just about waiting a few days.

No. 1462803

My point stands you'd crack eventually

No. 1462816

Korea is the least interesting East Asian country. Everything is just so soulless.

No. 1462818

NTA but you’re retarded, even if one cracks and eats, they’ll eat once because of their survival instinct but then starve again. It’s not a fix or a cure, at best a bandaid.

No. 1462820

Do you have an example of a weird textured food?

No. 1462821

I've been into ASMR since 2008 and discovering the Virtual Barber Shop, I highly agree but can't deny a lot of it is cringe or sexual.

No. 1462822

Nier Automata is a just a decent game, I was expecting a masterpiece according to the critics, but after playing it I felt it was basically baby's first Platinum Games game. The story was okay, the gameplay felt like a watered down version of Bayonetta and MGR, the characters were kinda obnoxious, the "philosophical" themes were high school level, and while I usually don't mind light coomer shit, the autistic focus got tiring very quickly.

No. 1462824

You're so damn weird, I swear you come back every 2 months just so you can talk this weird ass stuff about the way other people eat. "I want them to starve" pyscho

No. 1462856

I’m not vegan, but I find hardline meat eaters so retarded and cringe. You know, the ones that always reply something like “what about steak/bacon/cheese/protein tho” on literally anything veggie/vegan related. Especially since the majority of the people I’ve seen doing that would benefit from going veggie/vegan kek. They’re always huge fatties comparing themselves to lions and insisting they need 500000g of protein a day lest they drop dead.

No. 1462857

The way women are so strictly judged by their looks and normal stuff like cellulite and stretch marks are made fun of– this is why we should have body positivity on stuff women cant control, but obese lardwhales have taken over. I thought it was meant for burn victims or cancer survivors and other types of women who had to change their body physically. Men never have to put up with this.

No. 1462858

They're unironically worse than vegans, especially when they do the whole 'i'm a MAN who eats MEAT' song and dance which in practice amounts to picking up frozen tendies and plastic-wrapped gray squiggles at the local walmart.

No. 1462860

I didnt know stretch marks were common until I was 16. It's crazy how people act like they are a monstrosity or disorder but all women have them. We really do need to normalize women's bodies more.

No. 1462862

I hate when people see a video or a picture of a cute baby animal like a cow or a pig and can’t help but to post pictures of a steak or comment about wanting to kill and eat it. I’m also not a vegan but this seems mentally ill to me

No. 1462864

Both are garbage. We are omnivores. i dont need to eat meat with every single meal. I wont die if i dont eat 3 steaks with my breakfast. Both extremes are the worst. We need balanced meals for a reason.

No. 1462866

It is mentally deranged. Peak moid behaviour that just reeks of insecurity

Kek exactly this. Such an apex predator that lives on pepperoni pizza and McNuggets and takes an hour to take a shit

No. 1462869

People who post 'omg look at that meal' about cute animals need to be locked up. You can still eat meat and not be a raging psychopath about wanting to kill animals. I bet you any amount, they wouldn't have the guts to kill an animal and eat it right there.

No. 1462872

File: 1672845500886.jpg (71.96 KB, 600x848, french-restaurant-ad.jpg)

nta also meat related ads are absolutely fucking unhinged, they tend to be misogynistic and objectify women, if not go as far as comparing women to the burger.

No. 1462874

File: 1672845628527.jpg (56.96 KB, 736x351, 99aca114a3e78c4c1a28da511a1064…)

samefag, it's concerning how meat is culturally linked to men so much and how they're encouraged to basically view women on the same level as animals they consume.

No. 1462875

ugh yes like the Hardees/Carl’s Jr. commercials back in the day

No. 1462877

wow, comparing women to meat. this is objectification at it's worst. what the fuck.

No. 1462878

Right, I can incorporate meals into my diet that are considered carnivore or vegan or vegetarian or keto, whatever, but I'm not gonna go on a full on diet of solely one thing. Balance is key.

No. 1462881

Ever heard men refute women's advice on relationships with "You don't ask the fish how to catch it"?
None of this is a mistake. They tell on their own predatory nature.

No. 1462885

Nonies, as a non-western girl i don't fully understand what the society is like there. One MRA scrote has been grating on my nerves by saying that women in the west have absolutely no barriers nor problems with sexism and that nowadays men are being oppressed by the system. To what extent is this true if at all? Do women experience systemic sexism there?

No. 1462887

Are you seriously asking if women western experience sexism? Yes, we have a glass ceiling and I personally know female friends who were passed over for male ones, though they were much more qualified. America literally overturned roe vs wade and a lot of states are denying women abortion rights, birth control and just womens health in general. We are also being invaded by trannys in women only spaces. So yes, we experience sexism here pretty badly.

No. 1462888

>nowadays men are being oppressed by the system
Men bitch they have to work with women bosses and have to pay child support for their shit decisions. Men have more rights than ever in america. I cant speak for places like Canada though

No. 1462890

File: 1672846762741.jpg (22.82 KB, 324x499, 410ryw0bV0L._SX322_BO1,204,203…)

iirc "the pornography of meat" by Carol J. Adams builds on theory on pornography already provided by Andrea Dworkin. Afaik Carol Adams is a radfem, she's also vegan, but if it gets too preachy you can just skip those parts.

No. 1462895

You never see a woman doing that shit

No. 1462897

Yeah, I work in the video game industry and sexism is RIFE there. Look at how video game companies treat their female employees and you'll know that scrote is lying his ass off

No. 1462900

>Do women experience systemic sexism there?
Yes. To varying degrees based on your financial class, race ethnicity age and looks etc. But every single woman in the world faces systematic sexism. It just manifests in different ways.
Don't believe it when scrotes tell you that western women have it easy or that it doesn't exist here - yes we have more opportunities than other women in other countries, but the oppression against women is global.

No. 1462901

Women dont like working in tech, despite the fact we've better at it because of how men treat us. If a woman has an opinion, she is called a karen (a bitch) and most women end up not speaking up on work place harassment because of how bad it is here, but dont want to lose their jobs. Sexism is everywhere. I dunno what kind of western is better propaganda you've seen, but women are treated like shit everywhere.

No. 1462906

Yes, I am aware of sexism based on skin color, appearance and stuff. These MRA assholes now argue that women in the west "hide" behind their physical attributes to demonstrate that sexism still exists. And that women can't really prove in what ways they're being treated worse.
And to prove that they use this video of antifeminist debates:


Even "liberal" and "leftist" self-proclaimef "feminist" men gave a chip on their shoulder about western society being aggressive towards men. Sorry for my haphazard speech, I'm not a native speaker.

No. 1462908

Have a chip

No. 1462911


I am not the one praising the west. It's this and other whiny scrotes who keep saying they're oppressed and that the west is under the women's thumb now.
I haven't been there so idk how to reply to such claims

No. 1462913

I'm not sure what more you are looking for? We are on one of the few female only image boards on the internet because even places like reddit are all men. Men will bitch and complain about women no matter what. Sexism is everywhere, despite women have different experiences with it. Men live life on easy mode.

No. 1462918

Nothing really. Just came here to ask for advice and vent. It feels like even "feminist" men are insincere larpers

No. 1462940

100% they are. They think it's an easy in to access women, but they will always show their true scrote self when it comes to issues like rape, sexism, etc.

No. 1462956

It’s different but yes, women are still oppressed. You can have a career but it’ll be fucked up if you have kids because the accommodations for mothers are shit. Even if you have no interest in having any, your employer will assume you will and not waste opportunities and promotions on you. Also, most women still do far more domestic labour than men despite ‘equality’. You can date who you want and hang out with scrotes but if you get assaulted or abused, it’s very unlikely the perpetrator will face consequences. Healthcare is still based on the average male patient because women are just mini men, right? You’re dismissed for everything from autism (symptoms tend to be different in women), to autoimmune diseases (affect mostly women so are obviously made up), to women’s health issues (because periods are supposed to hurt so shut up and take a painkiller).

I’m thankful for being born in a progressive country but finding out how we’re still so unequal fucked me up. There’s so far to go yet scrotes are already whining about it.

No. 1462963

feminist men don't exist. We call them opportunists.

No. 1462975

File: 1672851514836.jpg (91.04 KB, 736x736, 17f6a806bcf36d2f4514f69fcb0416…)

She's very talented and I'll always be a fan. Most people who hate her are just moids or tinfoilers anyway.

No. 1463004


Excellent,thank you. It'd really be hard for moids to argue against these points.

I'll also add to this the fact that men are more likely to forsake their partners/wives who get seriously ill or who become crippled, while wives are more likely to stick around with their husbands in such situations and take care of them.

Huh, indeed.

No. 1463008

People worshipped Kurt cobaine for some reason and even as a kid growing up in the 90s, I never understood that shit. It always felt like pure sexism to me to hate on Courtney Love with no valid reasons.

No. 1463011

she didn't kill him
but she should have

No. 1463056

French language >>>>>>>> English language

On ne peut pas changer mon avis.

No. 1463108

this lmfao. most vegans i've met are perfectly sane and if anything they are very private about their beliefs, because the "vegans are annoying" thing is such a popular sentiment. it's really only the vocal minority of online attention whore vegans who cause a fuss about meat eaters being evil. meanwhile there's a large amount of meat eaters who fly into a rage upon seeing a fast food restaurant introduce a vegan option kek it's extremely childish behavior

No. 1463152

I'm saying that people should focus on eating local products instead of relying so much on products that need to be imported to the point of ruining it for others like quinoa. I didn't say vegans are worse, just that I'd never consume things the way they do because I think they have a stupid sense of priorities.

>do you think vegans are the only people who eat fruits and vegetables kek.

Do you know the bare minimum about the law of demand and supply?

>literally everyone who buys produce from grocery chains is complicit in the mistreatment of those people

No clue where you live but where I am most people try to buy fruits and vegetables produced by farmers in our region, or at the very least in our country.

No. 1463159

You really wish you could argue about sex huh

No. 1463161

omg i thought i was the only one. i love how they shimmer. i love mine and i love their texture. i don't know why i'm this way considering i hate my appearance and nitpick myself in pretty much every other aspect kek. but i think i'd genuinely miss them if they disappeared

No. 1463164

File: 1672862693726.gif (488.02 KB, 499x367, 1668134261700.gif)

No. 1463166

You don't understand anon she dragged him into the bad life it's not at all like he was a lowlife drop-out junkie long before he met her or anything no no

Kekk based

No. 1463167

Part of me wants to call this based because it invalidates men’s mental health struggles, which I love doing, But realistically this is just fucked up. She just enjoys the current power imbalance between men and women, as it stands. She enjoys it when men are emotionally and morally bankrupt and solve all of their problems with aggression and violence.

No. 1463168

Kek. Yeah, most men can't cook because their pathetic moms did everything for them. Why do they take so long in the bathroom? I wish more of them would die on the toilet. It's why they all have health issues at 40.

No. 1463171

They’re just wanking. They’re looking at porn and wanking, that’s it. They especially do this when they have kids, when it’s time to clean up or any other time they want to avoid responsibility. Challenge them to not bring their phone into the toilet or just switch off the WiFi when they go in and they’ll stop.

No. 1463203

>Why do they take so long in the bathroom?
we have an open-door bathroom policy in my house and my husband literally shits 3 times every morning. I can see, he's not wanking.

No. 1463217

>open-door bathroom policy
Wtf is wrong with the both of you?

No. 1463233

File: 1672865640215.jpeg (130.43 KB, 800x450, 0ABFE717-64EE-4115-B287-2FF671…)

>open door bathroom policy
>i can witness my husband shitting

No. 1463258

Ayrt yeah i guess carpenter ants are pests, they are basically termites. I rent, and my landlord is well aware but doesnt care.. so I will move before the place falls in kek. At least they stay in the walls/in the wood outside. Dont gotta see them. But as far as bugs that eat clothes. Nonnie whachu mean? What eats clothes?

No. 1463307

Miley Cyrus can’t sing she sounds like a cigarette mom

No. 1463310

Is this even unpopular lmao

No. 1463324

NTA but clothes moths, carpet beetles, and cockroaches will eat any non synthetic fibers. Though carpet beetles will ready synthetic clothes if they're soiled.

No. 1463362

>open door policy and watches their husband shit
the state of heterosexual women

No. 1463454

I would lose all attraction to anybody if I ever saw them shitting. Like seriously I would never be able to have sex with them again, it'd be over at that point

No. 1463485

No. 1463510

Imo it's a shit tier meme and the only reaction image they have saved

No. 1463594

Hating on things is fun

No. 1463601

let scat-chan get her fix smh

No. 1463606

File: 1672894923567.png (693.16 KB, 503x696, idratherdie.PNG)

crocs are the least comfortable shoe ever developed. you feel every weird little texture on the bottom of your feet even through socks, if you don't wear socks with them your feet get all wet with sweat and slip around in the shoe, and there's no arch support. anyone who shills them as the 'comfiest thing theyve ever worn' is a damn liar

No. 1463607

it's bad enough having to smell it, men make whole houses inhabitable after 1 shit no matter the Febreeze usage. the most retarded of them even expect you to wanna get sexual with them after farting 3 hours prior.

No. 1463608

File: 1672895493187.jpg (22.44 KB, 426x500, everyone poops.jpg)

lmfao I couldn't think of another way to phrase it. Closing the bathroom door upsets the cats. I don't watch him but the living room where I sit and have coffee is right next to the bathroom and I do go in and grab a hairbrush or something sometimes and he's always just shitting.

I forgot nonas are easily ick'd by shidding, sorry. You all close the lid before you flush so the poo particles don't get in your mouth or whatever (I'm teasing)

No. 1463611

File: 1672895793115.jpg (41.41 KB, 1130x273, Screenshot 2023-01-04 211157.j…)

this you?

No. 1463621

Anon, I will not judge you because I live with my bf and we shut the door while we shit but we never lock it, and sometimes I'll just go with in there with him and chat while he's producing doodoo if the odor is inoffensive. whenever we wipe tho we tell each other to go away.

No. 1463626

no lol
very relatable

No. 1463627

you should stare him down silently while he does his dirty deeds

No. 1463671

I’m sorry vocaloid fans but I cannot stand any of mitchie M’s songs….not a single one.

No. 1463682

i have no respect for women with sub fetishes(for men), i legit consider them gender traitors and i instantly lose respect for them, even if they are otherwise cool/normal. Either be a dom or a normal, misionary woman.

No. 1463685

I genuinely don't understand what you mean nonna

No. 1463687

women that like getting spanked, their moids being rough, that kind of stuff

No. 1463692

Oh. It's not my thing but I once heard it described as "thrilling, like being in a car crash but you know you won't die, like a lucid dream," and I thought that was interesting and kind of made sense.

No. 1463695

sounds fucking terrifying these women are mentally ill and need help, we need to bring back kinshaming so they dont get hurt

No. 1463696

I liked his songs because I was fascinated with his realistic tuning and they were catchy, but ever since he did that weird sell-out song about how great capitalism is and how buying things fulfills you (NON IRONICALLY) for some (Chinese??????) company (I don’t fucking remember it’s been too long) i can’t see him as anything but super lame and soulless

No. 1463699

I don't have any fetishes but missionary is the least pleasing sex position imo

No. 1463710

I know and i am ashamed. i will never tell any moid about it

No. 1463723

There is nothing wrong with 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

No. 1463729

Being a dom is my biggest turn-off, sorry.

No. 1463731

No. 1463735

Absolutely agreed. If you can't reprogram your low self esteem pornsick brain pleaaaaaase shut the fuck up about it unless you're 100% sure a moid won't see it because you tar us all with the same brush and it's embarrassing.

No. 1463754

File: 1672910341784.jpeg (394.79 KB, 828x1009, 8D3BC1AF-450E-4B47-868D-329883…)

Either your hair is really greasy right now cause of your constant stripping of its natural oils without replenishing it with moisture or your hair is dry and frizzy cause you’ve stripped your hair of its natural moisture barrier.
If you don’t give a shit about your hair sure but if you do you’re fucking it up in the long run

No. 1463761

nta but
>stripping of its natural oils without replenishing it with moisture
i relate but how to you replenish it with moisture? my hair gets so greasy so fast and i have tried not washing it but it doesn't work, fancier shampoos make my hair fall out etc. i use the basic wash and go and i wash it every two days and my hair is finally okay but i know this shampoo is hella drying. how can i help my scalp be less dry?

No. 1463778

It takes about two weeks for your hair to get acclimated to new products so you won’t get instantaneous results. So your hair will be gross for awhile before you notice any change or benefits.

No. 1463780

Nta, but who asks why about someone's sexual turn-off? She just doesn't like it kek

No. 1463788

people who bitch about kids playing with ipads and computers are the same kind of people who used to bitch about kids reading too much.

No. 1463789

We’ll see in a few years if constant ipad use is the same as reading. I really don’t think it is…

No. 1463792

>the same kind of people who used to bitch about kids reading too much
so, people who never existed

No. 1463793

But I was a kid who read too much…

No. 1463794

there's really nothing wrong with children learning how to use technology when it's apparent technology will be our future. the analog age isn't coming back anytime soon and bad parenting is bad parenting, it has nothing to do with how much or how little tech children are exposed to.

if you are older than 25, you will remember being berated for being a nerd or staying inside with your books instead of playing outside. these people existed, and it's not my fault you are clearly too young to have experienced that kind of ignorance.

so was i, technically. and apparently that isn't a bad thing considering most americans can't read past an 8th grade level.

No. 1463795

literally who ever bitched about that, if anything it was kids bullying the bookworms but my parents and the adults surrounding me always said they wished there were more kids like me

No. 1463796

that never happened to me. i used to get yelled at in school for reading too much by adults and not wanting to play. i actually got pulled into the principal's office to meet a psychologist cause my teacher was convinced i had "issues". even my own fucking dad hated me because i read too much and wasn't extroverted.

it sucked growing up and that's why i posted what i did. sorry if i seemed kind of angry but that shit was hell.

No. 1463801

ntayrt but children arent learning how to use technology, people is more technologically inept than 10 years ago and its thanks to technology becoming idiot friendly. No children is going to learn new skills just from browsing the net like us 10 years ago. They are all going to grow up to be ADHD retards who cant even google.
sorry but your experience is like one in a million, kek.

No. 1463818

I had the same exp anon. It fucking sucked. People told my mother I was antisocial and grown women went after me as a middle schooler because I didn’t want to socialize with their retard son and just wanted to read my books. I had “friends” that would snatch my books and sit on them because I “was a nerd who read to much”

No. 1463823

the point i was trying to make is that children shouldn't be bullied or shamed for being "different" or not conforming to what dumbass adults think you should be doing. i realize i should have explained my point more clearly because i realize it comes off as more of a defense of tech which isn't what i was really intending. i just see the same mentally in people today that i went through when i was young and it upsets me to see kids getting bullied because they're intellectually curious and intelligent.

>sorry but your experience is like one in a million, kek.

maybe, maybe not, but i hated being judged as a child because i was considered "weird". it didn't help that when i was a teenager and started tinkering with tech, people still whined about "oh she needs to be outside more playing with other kids!", and how i was going to grow up mentally stunted because i wasn't super social. which never happened. any issues i did have were related to being emotionally abused by my father, not the time i spent reading or playing around on my computer. of course no one ever acknowledged how horrible he was to me or how maybe that was the reason i was so quiet.

finally someone gets it. i also had my books snatched from me as a child by a teacher, then she called up my mother to gleefully tell her how she threw them out. or being snarked on by my father's shitty friends because oh no one is going to date a nerd like you.

No. 1463829

ipad toddlers arent the opposite of the norm, they are the sad reality. I seriously dont get your comparison.

No. 1463837

i understand, and i apologize if it isn't making sense, but i don't really know how else to explain myself at this point. i am not talking about kids who are just fucking around on an ipad mindlessly or watching tiktok videos all day. i mean children who show an actual general interest in technology, who are being told there's something wrong with them because they aren't playing baseball or running around outside all day, or being bullied by their family for being different. this is something i have been seeing a lot of from older people, and some people in my age range (30's), and it bothers me because it just screams ignorance and hypocrisy.

i am tired of talking about this so, i am just going to leave it at that. have a great day everyone.

No. 1463844

get it now, but this isnt something new and it was probably more popular when grandma wast glued to her phone playing scrambbled and talking shit about martha on the bingo groupchat

No. 1463958

Having a good bf is more valuable than having friends so I can see why women pick their man over their friends.
>will drive you around
>pay for things
>fun stuff is usually free because he’s paying for it
>free food

Having friends is just a money pit because it’s costs money to go out with them etc so in general friendship is a waste of time. Friendship becomes more important after your 40s but when you’re young it’s more cost effective to just hangout with your bf.

No. 1463960

Gonna get called an asshole for this and I really don’t care but you literally couldn’t incentivize me to give a shit about missing kids. More than half the time it’s either the parents fault themselves or the kid is some degenerate freak enby who can stay missing. It’s definitely cause I’m American and I don’t give a shit kek if you make yourself go missing that’s your own problem

No. 1463963

I love how you only mentioned monetary gain from having a boyfriend and not like, y’know. How good he is to you emotionally, how much you love each other, how easy it is to talk to him kek? Things like that don’t matter to munching zoomers I guess

No. 1463964

>emotional support

Well if we are being real most female friends under the age of 50 aren’t going to give you that either. Most of those friendships are just about taking selfies and blowing money on stupid shit.

No. 1463968

Americans just don't give a shit about children dying being shot up by other children or going missing it seems.

No. 1463975

There’s this current phenomenon of childism going on with young white Americans. I think it has something to do with them no longer being able to be racist etc and they always need a weaker class to hate and for right now it’s kids. Like them being violent towards children out in public places just being children.

No. 1463976

I live in a nordic country where income is in theory supposed to be equal between the sexes. I don’t get this attitude. I think it made sense in the 50s or whatever, but I have my own job, own an apartment and so on. My bf sometimes buys me dinner or stuff I need, and sometimes I do the same for him. If he earned significantly more than me it would of course be nice of him to help me out more, but I wouldn’t expect it because I like providing for myself and not feeling like a luxury prostitute. If we were married/had babies together I would expect him to contribute more, but when you are casually dating I would feel gross having a guy pay for me all the time, because it would feel like I “owed” him sex or whatever.

No. 1463978

I can provide for myself and still use scrotes for things I don’t want to pay for. Why would you feel obligated to have sex? Seems like a self esteem issue, just say no.

No. 1463979

I don't feel obligated, but I would feel gross because it'd feel like it was expected. Idk I couldn't imagine asking a guy paying for me like I'm a little kid. Cultural differences I guess.

No. 1463982

No. 1463983

Yes that's my point. Feels bad

No. 1463984

I don’t feel like that because I feel like I deserve everything I get from scrotes and I don’t feel obligated to do anything in return.

No. 1463986

But I've had all the same things happen to me with female friends? They treat me and then I return the favor. And there are a lot of women who are paying the way for their deadbeat boyfriends and husbands. It really depends on the relationship.

No. 1463987

Good for you !

No. 1463988

Also there’s gas etc and even if we treat each other sometimes I always end up blowing money around them for drinks etc when I can just do this stuff at home for free.

No. 1463991

>degerate freak enby
Woman, she's a woman, a groomed minor at that, grow up
This, people are sadistic and miserable and they will hurt or bully any vulnerable groups if the law allows them

No. 1463993

It’s one things to not want kids but it’s like these days people really want to see kids harmed. Like on TikTok on videos of kids crying or having temper tantrums the comments section is full of people saying they want to punch them etc

No. 1463994

I want to know when we ever got rid of it. Back in the early livejournal days, we had small communities for kinks, but it was never wide spread like this. Now we got people openly wearing fakku shirts and putting hentai decals on their cars. I key those cars

No. 1463996

Not to mention the days when watching porn and jerking off was something considered loser behavior

No. 1463997

Nta but I’m probably worse than her because I use off brand skin care products and hair products from the dollar free

No. 1463998

People need to get a grip, kids are annoying sometimes but we need to control ourselves, this type of vitriolic sentiments shouldn't be directed towards the vulnerable, is a dangerous pipeline

No. 1463999

Is this one of those anons who purposefully post retarded takes just to rile people up?

No. 1464000

>free food
I could buy plant seeds and achieve this.

No. 1464002

Studies have already shown that kids growing up on ipads have less social behavior and an early onset internet addiction. Try again. Giving a kid an ipad at a very early age just so you dont have to watch or teach them anything is not normal and hinders their learning and brain growth.

No. 1464005

I thought the same kek

No. 1464009

For real. it;s disturbing. there are pages dedicated to kids hurting themselves or getting hurt badly and people share these reels like it's funny. Between this and the muskrat dick sucking, there is no emotional hope for any person growing up today unless they break away from that. Having zero empathy isnt cool.

No. 1464011

Please love yourself.

No. 1464012

Yes, it has to be bait, so I'd rather just ignore.

No. 1464015

I dont trust male criminals who say they are CSA victims, i legit think all criminal moids who say this are either faking it to get pity or getting off to the idea. I dont trust them. It makes no sense either, women suffer CSA more and they dont commit violent crimes like moids. But ofc, every True Crime channel will spend 2 hours talking about how the poor moid got ''abused'' as a child, source? the moid after getting arrested for raping, torturing and dismembering a child or woman and dumping their bodies on a forest. I dont buy it.

No. 1464018

Are you high? All I said was that you couldn’t pay me to give a shit about ve/vim’s who run away and then get all the media attention they so desperately crave for going MIA

Yeah a woman who I don’t feel bad for kek, and will not pretend to.

No. 1464020

I guess it just depends on how much you enjoy their company. I don't go out often so I don't mind going out to see my friends and spending a little money because they're worth it. But you do save a lot by staying in.

No. 1464021

I believe they did get abused as children. For men who get abused their trauma just ends up becoming their fetish when they grow up and they just go on to do the same shit to other people.

No. 1464022

No, you said you didn't give a shit about children who "make themselves go missing" which is such a dumbass american way to phrase it kek.

No. 1464023

I posted this in lolcow’s own caps because the absurdity of how she only considers how lucrative a relationship she has with any people in her life (her significant other, her friends) made me laugh and now a bunch of nonnies are mad at me for being “too empathetic to moids” kek

No. 1464024

Running away, make themselves go missing
Potato fucking potato girl

No. 1464025

It's not funny.

No. 1464028

Ok you can keep being upset over it but it’s likely just a bait post that we’re all gonna forget about

No. 1464029

most of the time their ''abusers'' are dead relatives or are some random neighbour, nope, dont buy it. Its just a psyop by men to makes us feel pity for them, just like how the columbine guys wanted us to believe the shooting was a revenger on the ''popular kids'' for being bullies when in real life they were the bullies.

No. 1464030

Not caring about young girls going missing who are no doubt being pimped out and abused and raped by moids older than them. America.

No. 1464032

Women are automatically smarter and better at handling stressful situations than men. Most women are sexually assaulted at some point in their life, but dont make it their entire life and move forward to continue. Obviously every person and situation in different, but I have never seen a story about a woman being sexual abused and then growing up to kill and hurt other people because of it. Only men do this.

Men are incapable of learning from an experience. Instead they just project it onto innocent victims.
Also notice how men who are CSA victims have to deal with older men who did it to them. How many women diddle kids or assault them vs men? Men are emotional and weak.

No. 1464033

I'm not upset, it's just not funny. She should have posted it in the dumb ass shit thread but she posted it in the FUNNY CAPS thread so she looks retarded.

No. 1464036

>I don’t give a shit about enbies who be running away to get attention
>so you don’t care about sex trafficking victims?

I’m just gonna say yes so that you’ll stop responding. Hopefully your autism will break momentarily.

No. 1464037

I grew up poor so I look at every thing in life from a financial stand point. From a financial lense spending time with my bf wastes less money than spending time with my friends. I thought of this because on the weekend a friend invited me out to this bar and grill but she saw me there with my bf and was mad I went with him even though I said I couldn’t go because I’m sick. I did want to go but I didnt want to waste 100+ dollars on food and transportation.

No. 1464038

I mean I posted it in the funny caps thread because it made me laugh? If everyone disagrees so much then report it until the jannies take it down kek. It’s really not as big of a deal as you’re reacting it’s just a screen cap I’m sorry for stressing you out by having a retarded sense of humor

No. 1464039

You should just tell your friend you can't afford it instead of making some narc justification for it kek

No. 1464040

Hopefully you will grow up and realize that young "enby" women are being brainwashed. A lot of young women will troon out because of abuse as well. It's like your brain is swiss cheese and can not grasp or handle any nuance. If they troon out and run away then that should tell you something about their homelife is wrong. Retard.

No. 1464042

You aren't stressing me out. It's just not funny.

No. 1464043

That's so pathetic. Experiences are what make life. And you do not have to spend $100+ to have a good time with friends. Women who choose men over their own friends are automatically trash. Especially when they go through a break up and expect their friends to be there for them when they treated them like shit. But have fun with your moid

No. 1464044

They're posting bait and I would stop responding tbh

No. 1464045

I don’t care about their home lives though, and I’m not going pretend to. Most women get abused and don’t troon out! or try to pull off some excursion.

No. 1464048

I feel like id value friendship more if they were people I met in my childhood or teens. Most friendships after that are just about taking selfies and going out. Friendships are very shallow and surface level in adulthood, they are really just people you call up when you want to do stuff and don’t want to go alone. I will definitely engage more with friends when I have money to do so.

No. 1464049

I grew up poor as well, anon, but I was taught to educate myself and get a good job. Depending on any scrote will be your downfall. Sad you dont have any friendships but now I see why.

No. 1464051

You do realize it’s possible to have your own money and use scrotes for unimportant shit?

No. 1464052

How girlboss of you

No. 1464055

Anon said she was poor. So it's being assumed she is only dating moids for financial stability, which never works. out. Apparently, it's too expensive to have female friends, despite the fact many women share bonds with other women and don't have to go out and buy diamonds and chanel bags just to have a good time.

No. 1464057

You sound young af. 21? younger? Your life doesnt end outside of highschool. Go find a discord or other community and make female friends and stop depending on men.

No. 1464058

Samefag, >>1464037 it sounds like you wanted to go to this bar and grill thing but couldn’t afford it, so you lied to your friend. Then your bf helped you out and you went with him instead. Your friend saw you there and probably was a bit hurt at you lying, so now you are actually devaluing your friend and friendship in general to avoid having to feel bad/awkward about having hurt her. It’s a typical narcissistic defense. I should be a psychoanalysis.

No. 1464063

I’m building up my savings and I don’t want to spend 50+ on a meal or something when they could be going into my savings account. This is why most people are broke because they don’t think of things like this.

No. 1464086

People talk about sending modern scrotes to mandatory military service to fix them, but a large percent of women need to be sent there too

No. 1464095

I will use plastic dishes wear and throw it away because I hate doing dishes. Idc if it is bad for the environment.

No. 1464098

This is why you're broke

No. 1464104

Why don't you at least use paper plates you disgusting beast.

No. 1464105

I hate people like you the most. It takes 5 seconds to wash a ceramic plate or cup.

No. 1464106

Why? What advantages do women even have in the military? It seems like a hellscape for any woman.

No. 1464109

I just end up sitting the dish down and it forget about it then I end up with a sink full of dishes to wash. No ty.
I’ve never seen paper forks and spoons. I use paper plates to microwave but then I have to teenager my food to the plastic because it’s more sturdy than paper.

No. 1464111

Transfer my food*

No. 1464115

It's bait, just ignore it

No. 1464117

Everything you don’t like isn’t bait.

No. 1464119

You sound retarded. Just wash your plate right away.

No. 1464121

I have adhd I’ll forget. To keep my house clean I just say fuck it now and use shit I can throw away.

No. 1464143

Nah, you just sound retarded. I have adhd as well. Clean your damn plates.

No. 1464156

Covid was bad but a lot of good things came out of it. Working from home for example.

No. 1464171

I think working from home was the only thing that came out of it, but I am still unable to see family because of covid restrictions. And now we are in a recession. It isnt over.

No. 1464175

It was already a thing before that but I'm shocked it took covid to make it so widespread. I did an internship that ended in march 2019 and an employee there was doing a great job (supposedly), brought a lot of money to the company, and yet she had to come to the office and leave super early to avoid traffic jam and out boss didn't want her to work from home despite it being a much better solution. She leaved because of that and now I wonder how that crazy boss is handling it now that she can't spy on everyone behind their shoulders.

No. 1464191

Anyone who says they have a problem with working from home is a red flag. They are mad they can’t bully employees and coworkers anymore.

No. 1464199

Agree. There's nothing in the office for me expect insufferable coworkers and micromanaging.

No. 1464225

Gate keeping is good because normies get into something and make things uncool and lame

No. 1464229

File: 1672946078260.png (396.41 KB, 717x735, 1672126580747.png)

i dont think this is unpopular here, i think a bunch of oldschool nerds are starting to realize this though, but its too late

No. 1464248

This is so fucking true

No. 1464270

Exactly. It's not that men should not cry but that they should not expect women to baby them. They should go cry on their buddies' shoulders, don't men themselves say that male friendships are so much deeper and more loyal than female friendships anyway?

No. 1464272

I actually like Miley's cigarette mom voice.

No. 1464280

I think a lot of people would agree with you but I like it. her Cranberries cover is the only thing that gives me an ASMR reaction. lol

No. 1464287

>someone even ruins homosexuality
We need to talk about this shit more because even gay men and lesbians dont like trannys.

No. 1464292

MTF thread posters endlessly arguing about whether trannies and their chasers are gay or bi or straight should be banned. These discussions are always retarded and pointless because male sexuality as a whole is a meme, highly malleable and inherently paraphilic, based on attraction to concepts (some more mainstream/understandable than others) rather than human beings. "Male sexuality is rigid while female sexuality is fluid" is nothing but lies and projection to justify the violation of women's boundaries.
On a slightly unrelated note I also have to say I'm not the biggest fan of "the greatest sexual organ is the brain" mantra since it's often used to minimize the importance of physical and especially clitoral stimulation.

No. 1464294

Even worse, most of them don't even get into a thing, they just use it as a shortcut to get attention. And then they throw the thing away once they move on to the next shortcut to attention.

No. 1464339

Being promiscuous for women is a sign of mental Illness but for a man it usually means he’s actually gay. I noticed men who slept around with tons of women and engaged in tons of casual sex eventually end up with a man or a tranny. If you have a bf or husband who has a high body count dont be shocked if he comes out one day as homosexual or becomes a troon.

No. 1464365

Thinking about Tom Sawyer he wasn’t special enough to have that whole damn book

No. 1464395

I think they’re both indicative of mental illness. After all, homosexuality is a mental illness.

No. 1464411

True tbh. There is that theory that males dont even have sexual orientations so much as just being extremely desperate and opportunistic when it comes to shagging. I actually believe that for the most part. Men have sort of proven this to us given that they will shag exhaust pipes, chicken sandwiches and other men in jail despite being "straight".
I wish women could just reproduce without the need for males. Hopefully we evolve to that point.

No. 1464424

We already have science that allows women to reproduce without men, but male scientists are butthurt and wont do more research on it. Once women dont need men for reproduction, they will be useless. Women already dont need them for sex.

No. 1464434

TIM voices are so grating to listen to. No matter how much voice training they do, they always end up sounding fucking creepy.

No. 1464438

This but with gay male voices, the vocal fry must be some biological defense tactic or something because I can't be around them for more than five minutes.

No. 1464490

>male homosexuality is a mental illness

No. 1464493

Those men def arent gay, they’re bisexual. Gay men also have to deal with promiscuous bisexuals larping as gay when it suits them. Male bisexuality is a lot more common than people are willing to accept.

No. 1464626

>we have science that allows women to reproduce without men
We do?

No. 1464628

Nta, I think anon means the bone marrow sperm stuff. I thought she meant IVF or artificial insemination at first but that wouldn't make sense.

No. 1464631

This might be true tbh. Truly straight scrotes lean more towards monogamy and are at least a little bit picky about who they fuck.

No. 1464650

>extremely desperate and opportunistic when it comes to shagging.
This is kinda confirmed. Go read up on war stories from WW1 and WW2, Vietnam, etc. Plenty of soldiers would be prison gay, but usually as a last resort. They'd rather sleep with the most STD-riddled prostitute before jerking off one another. And in WW1 there were platoons filled with men from the same towns/cities who knew each other, so that might've added fuel to the fire.

No. 1464652

Same! I have to go watch old movies for that to happen. Modern movies really stamped out men being emotional, it fucking sucks.

No. 1464653

Suicideboys are shit froggy ass burp vocals and their fans are cringy as hell

And I like a lot of underground rap with a similar vibe

No. 1464668

I feel this way about Ghostemane and Pouya. Im curious, nonnie, who do you listen to?

No. 1464691

Sphinx cats are obscene.

No. 1464694

File: 1672990269437.jpg (15.4 KB, 260x260, 1665284517964.jpg)

No. 1464718

File: 1672994682656.jpeg (490.89 KB, 1170x718, 78D88C80-36D6-479F-A64F-290B19…)

Men should embrace a bald head more. Male pattern hair loss is hideous to look at and holding onto those last couple strands / dying it fools absolutely no one.

No. 1464725

i want to polish him like a bowling ball

No. 1464733

File: 1672996027731.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2863x4000, FECCD5E2-1E31-4F39-85E6-090F24…)

Don’t understand how they think picrel looks better. It just ages them worse.

No. 1464736

I'm paranoid my bf will read this but he's losing his hair. When he styles it you can't tell, but sometimes he looks like Einstein and I worry my face looks different when I see him like that. It's jarring. I think we both need to see him with a shaved head.

No. 1464738

This. I know some nonnies freak out about bald men but jfc, they look so much better that way than they do with the strands hanging on for dear life. It's fucking embarrassing when they have that, like dude we can all see that you have lost it, not a soul is fooled. Smooth bald head is the way to go if balding happens

No. 1464750

What's up with hot British celebrities who cheat on their wives and get punished by losing their hair very suddenly? Between Jude Law and prince William it can't just be a coincidence.

No. 1464765

Flexitarian is a stupid word created by people who feel bad about eating meat but love bacon too much to stop doing it. Either commit to it or keep on being a regular omnivore, no need to invent such a pretentious concept.

No. 1464767

william absolutely didn't lose his hair "suddenly". he started going bald almost as soon as he was out of his teens lol.

(harry also went bald quite early but people really aren't ready for the "harry is just as bald as william, he just uses spray on hair" conversation, because they're still holding on to him as the "cool prince" for some reason)

No. 1464769

surprised Hugh grant hasn’t been cursed yet for cheating on Elizabeth Hurley with a tranny

No. 1464782

Harry looks ok from the front but when you see his back it's so obvious he's balding I'm shocked people are in denial. He released a book in which he shit talks his bro for losing his hair kek, I want to see them have a physical sibling fight one day. Which real punches and kicks.

No. 1464785

Definitely a dumb and unpopular opinion. Women have an 80% chance of being assaulted in the military when they decide to join, saying any woman should be forced to deal with lifelong trauma is ignorant at best. Look up some rape and molestation statistics from the military and get back to me.

No. 1464787

>to fix them

are you unaware that domestic abuse rates are way higher with men who are military/ex military (and law enforcement)? military makes moids even worse and more violent if anything

No. 1464817

>>women are losing our rights and freedoms
>>wars started by men
>>women and girls can be assaulted and raped and likely will be
>>woke countries like America are trying to put troons back in at the risk of their female soldiers against pentagon advice and reporting
>>men are genetic cannon fodder. You need women to repopulate a country. You don’t need men. If you have one women and 100 men your country is fucked. If you have 100 women and and one man you have 100 babies. We don’t need them from a society and leadership perspective and the scrotes in charge are aware of that.
>>look at what’s happening to the Ukrainian women and girls. Really go look at what they are saying. That’s what war is for women.

I can keep going, but traumatizing women won’t fix them.

No. 1464833

She has fucked up relationships with her son and nephew so that's why kek

No. 1464834

It's almost as if words have meaning

No. 1464865

Not disagreeing with you necessarily but all those babies would be related so that wouldn't sustain society for very long. Better make it 5-10 guys.

No. 1464867

McDonald’s hairline

No. 1464875

File: 1673017941402.jpg (75.73 KB, 564x563, de9b5c72421a0ba7f91dada26ee4da…)

men only look good with long hair, the reason why so many zoomer women are becoming asexual(outside of moids being pornsick) its because they somehow managed to ruin themselves with their atrocious fashion choices this last decade. A buzzcut will ruin even the prettiest faced man.

No. 1464877

inb4 some sperg jumps in to start calling women pedos for liking attractive men

No. 1464880

I'm into the drug addict buzzcut-with-a-gold-chain-and-tank-top thing but the moid has got to be in shape and nice looking. Otherwise I agree.

No. 1464882

Women who like K-pop idols are pedos. Women who like men like in the op aren’t. He’s just cute.

No. 1464891

File: 1673019017041.jpg (219.32 KB, 879x755, polcels.jpg)

i just hate that every single moid has that ugly as fuck haircut now, its either zoomer ramen hair or pic rel. Whoever allowed men to be ugly needs to be stoned to death, i wish tv/movie cuties being always depicted with long, wavy hair.

No. 1464893

>men only look good with long hair
Agreed, but men's fashion has been awful for way more than just a decade.

No. 1464895

I don't even know why the fuck men care about hair loss when they keep their hair like that anyway.

No. 1464900

File: 1673019667677.jpg (1.24 MB, 1801x1200, GettyImages-126114132.jpg)

when do you think men fashion started to dwindle? i feel like in the 2010's, even boybands looked like shit

No. 1464901

A buzzcut is the ultimate test of a beauty's moid imo. A lot of uggos look significantly better with long hair and because moids with long, somewhat cared for hair are so scarce, a lot of uglies go under the radar. If you want to see if you truly find a scrotal face attractive, you need to see/imagine him in a buzzcut. If you can still recognize he has nice features then he's pretty. If he suddenly loses all the charm to his face you've been bamboozled by the pretty hair charm.

No. 1464903


No. 1464904

Stay away from me.

No. 1464906

hehe i just digitally touched u hehe

No. 1464907

I think probably around the 70s when business casual went out of style

No. 1464911

i really liked(wast even born lol)when men whore their tshirt tucked in. Made them look stylish and gave them a semblance of a waist.

No. 1464962

I'm a military brat and I hate buzzcuts so much because every moid there had it and you'd have to kill me to date a guy that reminds me even tangentially of this environment.
Now that you say it, I thought I was asexual in my late teens because I had no sex drive, turned out I was just never attracted to any normie guy around me and I had my awakening to metal dudes and then I went the husbando road and never went back lol

No. 1464971

I'd say it starts in the 80's and just keeps getting worse from there. Or maybe hippies are to blame, dunno. My main problem with men's fashion is it lost any structure and concept of dressing up proportionaly, except for straight up suits, with female fashion understanding your body type and what kinds of clothes make you look wider, taller, accentuates this or that is the most basic of things. In the 80's men's casual clothes still had structure and sense of proportion, but these concepts started to dissolve. In the 90's wearing oversized clothes became trendy and I feel that still lingers in male fashion to this day, except that at least back in the 90's they went to really oversized stuff and was arguably a stylistic choice, while now men just wear stuff that is kinda too big, so it's just ill fitting without having any thought into it. On top of all that every alternative fashion (or that presents itself as alternative) or fashion that was a little more daring starting from the 00's is super same facey and, with exception from emo I guess, completely lacked any edge, they were just quirky but non-threatening, here I'm thinking oof stuff like scene and those insufferable hipster fashion trends.

No. 1464975

Lmao I meant to type stuff and somehow wrote oof instead

No. 1464978

Unpopular but murder should be legal as long as someone has proof of the “victims” wrongdoing

No. 1464980

Samefag should also specify not bait, I genuinely think certain criminals should be murdered in the streets instead of in a comfortable cushy cell with warm clothes on their body and just given a little needle to the arm that knocks them out the permanent way. They should be forcibly disrobed and have all their skin ripped off. I approve this message

No. 1465026

Every time I see this picture a part of me dies because that's literally my ex. I can't even begin to describe how unattractive this type of male is and I always feel regret for being stuck in that relationship for much longer than I should have

No. 1465033

Agree with pouya and ghostemane. Think its so hilarious ghostemane is a fatty now kek.

Absolutely love Bones, though i think he's kinda lost it, not a huge fan of his midlifecrisiscore Also like x, city morgue…hmmm maybe I dont like that many after all, just a huge fan of bones

No. 1465053

I think it’s incredibly cringe when straight women put up engagement pictures on. Social media. Getting picked by a moid isn’t an achievement.

No. 1465059

They’re celebrating a life milestone. Yes moids suck. But they’re attempting to share something with their friends and community to “celebrate”. Do them a favor and stop pretending you’re their friend and you won’t have to be angry that they want to celebrate normal parts of society.

No. 1465068

Why should I celebrate someone ruining their life by shacking up with a moid?

No. 1465074

Women who spend a lot of money on their looks and a lot of time and try to claim to be feminists are clowns.

No. 1465081

Because they are an adult and going through a happy time in your life and you’re being a self obsessed shit heel. You can’t take the focus of yourself to care about them for thirty seconds and let them be happy. If you were genuinely concerned you’d tell them why their moid is bad and why it’s bad idea. Or you’d respect them as people and celebrate the good. You’re not their friend, you want what’s best in your mind. You don’t give a shit about what makes them happy.

No. 1465082

Women who down other women are clowns.

No. 1465089

No. 1465092

I don’t wanna hear someone who spends 6k a month so that they don’t have a blemish on their face trying to act like they care about women

No. 1465096

Now that is truly the most unpopular opinion.

No. 1465102

You tell her, anon. Fucking WREKT

No. 1465110

women who go down on other women are based though

No. 1465119

I don't like gay men. It's not their sexuality I care about, it's just that men are still men. I didn't use to feel this way, I felt safe at gay clubs because no one was interested. But I met a dude who was just really fucked in the head and I've dealt with this before. They think everyone is against them, they'll turn on you in an instant. It's that unstable personality that thrives off of drama and their low self esteem, where they are open are their jealousy and rage, but they are still in a mans body. As a woman I don't feel safe. So to me gay men and trans too are more dangerous because they constantly invade womens spaces at the guise of oppression. I want to be around only women, men are not safe.

No. 1465120

File: 1673031469835.jpeg (62.9 KB, 696x550, 5067B4DC-3A2C-484B-A2CD-02A028…)

Samefag and also anons expect me to believe the type of woman who spends the amount of a new car on her looks every month cares about anything other than shit that benefits herself?women like that definitely like the power and privilege they get from spending a shit ton of money on tanning, plastic surgery, botox, hair treatments without any regard of how that will impact all women as a whole. And I get why they wouldn’t care but they aren’t feminists.

No. 1465126

I like her top/dress

No. 1465127

Yes but side fade (shaved sides, short on top) is such a millennial haircut, zoomer men have longer hair. I’m a young millennial and I feel like shit every time I see a long haired man just to find out it’s a zoomer because I am not ready to deal with their retardation and pornsickness. My gen men are 85% business casual + side shave and it’s the most NPC style that makes me wanna vomit.

No. 1465128

And you wasting your time coming after other women and their choices. Policing them with your morality. Trying to force it on them like a moid you’re the better feminist? If you care so much for other women why aren’t you out there speaking out about FGM and period poverty and pink taxes. Better yet why aren’t you debating them and getting them to see the real issues. Why aren’t you working societal change? Why do they have to be better than you? Why waste your time talking about them at all when the men are the ones raping, murdering, oppressing us unless you’re more critical of women which is pretty fucked.

No. 1465134

File: 1673031852018.jpeg (903.83 KB, 1800x2698, 183E5908-8F39-4EFE-ACB2-8BA4F3…)

Samefag but I just violently hate this style so much, why does every single man my age look like this reeee

No. 1465138

> And you wasting your time coming after other women and their choices.

women like that would not even want to be in the same room as the average lowcow user because we aren’t hot, rich and cool enough to take selfies with. Let’s not sit here and pretend they wouldn’t be policing and judging women who don’t have the money to afford plastic surgery etc as well.

No. 1465142

That wasn’t my point. Kek

No. 1465145

i hate when people facetime people with no headphones on public transportation or in stores. they are always literally screaming at their phones too

No. 1465148

There’s been an uptick in yass queen choice feminists with twitter takes here lately, on the whole lolcow. Very noticeable shift. How come? Is it just age group shift with older anons going away and younger ones coming here from TikTok and twitter or what?

No. 1465149

Your point is I can’t judge them for being shitty people because they are women and there are worse women issues to talk about. And? Doesn’t take away from the fact that women who spend tons of money on their appearance also negatively impact women.

No. 1465152

Oh my GOD a handful of times at the grocery store someone is having a conversation on speaker phone, like are you retarded? People who are oblivious to how obnoxious they’re being enrage me.

No. 1465157

>yass queen choice feminists with twitter takes
Nta but I feel like you guys just say this to any anon who has slightly different opinions on feminism than you. That's why conversations about this stuff on lolcow are basically pointless, anons just want everyone to agree with what they say or get ready for the twitterfag and moid accusations.

No. 1465160

>coming after other women and their choices
go back to tiktok/twitter. i've seen multiple people like you crop up in the past week whenever vain shit like surgery/makeup/beauty crops up and you all start crying about muh choices. no one is forcing you away from this shit - if anything, society encourages you to waste all your wage on pointless shit, so go ahead and do it.
>speaking out about FGM and period poverty and pink taxes Better yet why aren’t you debating them and getting them to see the real issues.
literal libfem talking point, you can care about fgm period poverty and global oppression of women and you can also care about the fact that women are now putting thousands into dumb shit like cosmetic surgeries botox and obsessive beauty rituals which set the standard for women everywhere. you sound like a massive choice feminist and it's embarrassing, if you enjoy spending your money on these things then you do you w/e but don't come here and pull the "women and their choices uwu" shit because nonnas here know the majority of those choices do not exist in a vacuum.

No. 1465161

Respectfully, the anon I replied to literally used the choice feminism arguments and wording. I’m not throwing it around randomly now.

No. 1465163

I do not care if some women want to spend on their looks and if they are praised for it, scrotes can do whatever they want and don't have to deal with this shit from other scrotes. Do you. I do not care

No. 1465167

Not trying to argue overall point but scrotes do get a lot of shit from other scrotes when they’re overly vain and spend money on vain shit.

No. 1465169

Just because you have the choice to do something doesn’t mean it’s not a bad one.
>scrotes are becoming more and more demanding with their standards
>scrotes preferring to look at bimbos on instagram over their own wives and gfs
>women getting sick or dying from botched surgeries because they can’t afford to go to good surgeons
>spending 1000s of dollars on 20 step skin routines
>getting Botox in their teens and 20s because it’s normalized now
>women going into debt to get procedures or escorting because their self esteem is so low that they feel they have no other option but to blow some 60 year old to afford it
>women who don’t have plastic surgery not allowed into certain spaces or jobs because they don’t fit the “aesthetic”
>some women will never be able to fit that look because no matter what they do they just suck at makeup and fashion

Now a days unless a woman is naturally pretty she will get called lazy and unkempt for not doing all this shit even though she literally can’t afford it.

No. 1465170

>scrotes are becoming more and more demanding with their standards
Who cares? Oh some idiot scrote doesn't want to date me because I don't look like Kylie Jenner's filtered face? GOOD. I'll find someone who does like me.
>scrotes preferring to look at bimbos on instagram over their own wives and gfs
I do not care about this and this is not the fault of women but the failure of the scrote brain.
>some women will never be able to fit that look because no matter what they do they just suck at makeup and fashion
Life isn't fair. I can't afford the shit I want all the time, doesn't mean I'll hate on those who can and it should'nt exist.
I do agree with the reast of your points.

No. 1465172

the issue is then that sets the standard for women everywhere. i used to think the same about lip fillers and bbls etc "well it's their choice" until i started seeing women and girls getting teased or mocked because they had thin lips or didn't have a fat ass. i don't have a problem with skincare and stuff like self-grooming (getting haircuts or treatment for skin issues) but we're at a point now where the beauty standard for women is literally unattainable without filters and surgery.
>scrotes can do whatever they want and don't have to deal with this shit from other scrotes
the thing is, when scrotes act anywhere remotely similar to the average woman in obsessing about their appearance, they get called weird or that they have BDD. it's not considered normal for men because they're allowed to exist in their default state, yet women are expected to constantly change, alter and "improve" themselves.

No. 1465174

>Now a days unless a woman is naturally pretty she will get called lazy and unkempt for not doing all this shit even though she literally can’t afford it.
Where? Online? By retards with too much time and want to bully random women irl? Who cares what those people think. Seriously. I see women looking however they want and when they want. I think some of these opinions are very online or if you live in certain places

No. 1465175

In real life especially in higher up corporate spaces. Yeah if you’re working at McDonald’s or some shit no one really cares if you don’t have the right “ look”.

No. 1465177

This is also all caused by
>>men in media and power and in charge of these companies.
Scrotes shoved sponges and glass orbs in womens breasts in the 18th century. This shit isn’t new.

No. 1465178

Ok but why continue to do it?

No. 1465179

So you admit that some women have to do it succeed and are mad at them and not the men forcing the system?

No. 1465181

so now women must change because the world/scortes are fucked up but not the world/scrotes? I'm sorry but it does not sit well to me that women who are into self care or even plastic surgery who ARE NOT being retarded about it, can't do it because, "Everyone can't afford it! Everyone can't get good surgery!! sCROTES sTANDARDS ARE HIGHER!!COOMER SCROTE IDIOT FUCK HEADS ARE GOING TO JERK OFF TO THEIR PICTURES INSTEAD OF BEING WITH THEIR WIVES/GIRLFRIENDS"
sounds like a scrote issue.

No. 1465182

Because society and a bunch of things we do to people in day to day life.
I don’t wear it, but I’m also not going to insult other women when there’s men doing way worse and claim it’s feminism.

No. 1465183

Just saying “your body your choice” won’t help anything either. Also women in those spaces would not want to be associated with women who don’t have that “look” because they are trying to build their career and status. It’s not just men. They aren’t going to bring their frumpy plain friends to some classy business event or to socialize at bars and restaurants that wealthy people attend.

No. 1465184

Why are you refusing to hold the moids accountable?

No. 1465186

thats life, we cannot do anything. Pretty people, people more put togeather will always get ahead in some spaces. All we can do is play the cards we are dealt, not say they need to change. They aren't, it'll only make things worser for you to think you can change that

No. 1465187

Just because moids are being held accountable doesn’t mean you can’t be held accountable as well. Being a woman does not get your a free pass to be a pos. Most women like this would rather keep things the way they are because “my body my choice” and use the patriarch as an excuse to keep it up.

No. 1465188

NTA but Yeah women have to push back and get free. Scrotes surely aren’t gonna help us.

No. 1465189

Started after the 70s when men stopped wearing form-fitting clothing, accelerated in the 90s when it became acceptable for men to look unwashed and homeless.

I can only describe modern men as sexless and sexually aggressive, they want women to appeal to them sexually without making any effort to appeal to us(except for meme shit pushed by other men like chinmaxxing and injecting their balls with saline).

No. 1465191

Women don't come out of the womb wanting plastic surgery you dumbfuck.

No. 1465192

I don’t wear makeup you seemed to miss that part. I just don’t think tearing other women down and using insults towards them counts as feminism. You’re just as much of a clown as them. You waste time and breathe on attacking the person not responsible for the system forcing women into it. You othering those other women like they do to others won’t bring them back in from a lifetime of sexism and grooming since childhood. You chase off other women with your idealistic idea everything has to be your way, you genuinely come off very limited to your part of the world or online circle.

No. 1465193

>so now women must change because the world/scortes are fucked up but not the world/scrotes?
do you honestly think scrotes are going to wake up and help us? KEK. yes they should be held accountable for their degeneracy but they aren't gonna do shit for women, thus women need to saw their own chains off and do shit ourselves and carve a place into the world where we are not pressured to change our appearance. males have never helped us, males didn't even stand beside us when we advocated for our rights to work and vote nevermind not be pressured to get surgery and the dangers of porn. they are physically and emotionally invested in the subjugation of women, so it's up to women to fight back as much as we can.

No. 1465194

The reality is most women who get a lot of cosmetic enhancements and can afford them do not want the system to change because they like the benefits that they get which makes them just as shitty as scrotes. This is what the “their body their choice” lot fail to grasp.

No. 1465195

Women shacking up with scrotes and getting married does not make women happy. Are you 13 years old mommy? What’s wrong with you?

No. 1465197

I think men never do anything wrong and women are the source of all evil.

No. 1465198

How does pushing back at the women not in power help? If anything you’re just driving them farther to the scrotes. Why not push back on the men in power? Is the anon that started this writing letters to makeup companies telling their products are shit or just to women wearing them.

No. 1465200

>chasing them off
These women are grown women and they know the power that they have and they like it. They aren’t babies. The kind of women who can afford all this stuff have the power to make changes but they don’t because they like the attention they get for shallow shit.

No. 1465204

So think you can be so privileged you escape all oppressin?
Hyper individuality for the win. Good luck with that and changing social classes that way.

No. 1465205

You misunderstood my point. Women have to push unhealthy and obsessive beauty ideals and rituals away. It’s the only way we can be free. Men aren’t gonna change the society for us.

No. 1465206

People like the kardasians who have tons of power have the means to make a difference but they don’t. They just come up with new unrealistic standards every year to keep them relevant. They don’t want things to change and they can hide from ridicule because there’s always going to be someone who comes out from the woodwork to scream “BUT ITS HER BODY AND MONEY!”

No. 1465207

I agree with that. Sorry. The original post was just shitting on women for their choices.

No. 1465210

>women into self care
A lot of things being pushed as self care aren’t even self care forreal

No. 1465212

They would get canceled and not be able to do anything. Look at what happened to JKR, they took her name off a university, doxxed her house, tried to uninvite her from her own series events. Amber heard and Depp. Kim and Kayne when Kayne was clearly threatening and stalking Kim and no did anything. In fact people didn’t “feel bad because Kim had money” those women might be in a better spot than us but they aren’t those mens equals. I don’t think it’s realistic to expect people to sacrifice everything. Normal people don’t even for the greater good.

No. 1465217

They literally have billions. That’s an excuse.

No. 1465219

Kylie was groomed right in front of eyes, to this day people still work with Tyga and he has barely suffered any consequences for it. Further reading and I agree with some of the anons I was agruing with but I also agree with this as well. It's a fucked up cycle

No. 1465220

Nta but JKR is also a billionaire (a literal one, I don't think the Kardashian-Jenners actually reached billionaire status).

No. 1465224

I love how this argument started from an anon saying posting pics of your engagement was cringe, it had nothing to do with women's wellbeing or rights lol

No. 1465225

Not posting photos that have been edited to hell and back or not losing a ton of weight because they feel being thick is “low class” now because anyone can get a bbl these days will not ruin their careers. People like that are apart of the problem and some people don’t want things to change because it benefits them.

No. 1465230

The same concept kind of applies to how black people spent years trying to get rights peacefully then just started forcing their way into what they want. Women are still in the mind set of trying to convince scrotes to change by trying to get them to feel empathy and thinking “holding men accountable” actually means anything to them kek

No. 1465232

You are mad at the wrong people. Take your anger out on the corporations, rich ceos, plastic surgeons, cosmetologists and all other predatory scrotes(and women) who directly benefit from this. The women falling for this shit are the symptom, not the cause.

No. 1465234

It started from an anon saying women that wear makeup and try to claim any feminism are clowns, not engagement.

No. 1465236

If you can't empathize with victims of internalized misogyny you're a misogynist, not a feminist.

No. 1465239

the shit about scrote standard becoming to high, them wanting to look at women online instead of their wives and girlfriends sealed to me what this conversation really is about tbh. I can even agree with stuff like this>>1465225
But who cares about scrote standards and shitty coomer scrotes looking at women's social media instead of their real life partners? Thats on the scrotes, not the women.

No. 1465241

Why would I empathize? The instagram baddies of the world would laugh at and make fun of women who don’t look like them in a heart beat. I’m half black but I’m not going to empathize with black people who try to oppress other black people who have darker skin or are poorer because of internalized racism. They are still garbage and if they are over the age of 25 they are old enough to teach themselves if they want to.

No. 1465247

Exactly, without empathy you can't make any meaningful change. I despise choice feminism but screeching at a woman that her smokey eye and fake tan are akschtually oppressing women around her won't do anything.

No. 1465250

I can empathize and even picture clearly what their life was like growing up, doesn't mean I have to respect them or the fact that they're actively tearing down women's rights.

No. 1465254

The only way to make change is with a group/social class by yourself you can’t do anything. It’s how the system is rigged. We have to make societal change together. You want to shit on other women sure, but own up to your Nloging and don’t pretend it’s over feminism when you aren’t anymore feminist than they are. Own up to your shit since you’re so entitled to everyone else owning up to theirs.

No. 1465258

They don’t have the power to dismantle womens rights. The men in charge do. You’ve fallen for a scrote Psy-op ffs. Women are not losing their reproductive rights because some women were “sluts”. Women are not being shoved out of the ceo positions because Becky on Twitter posted her glitter gloss. Womens rights aren’t under attack from women. They are from men. From politicians and businessmen in high places, the ones making the rules and changes anon.

No. 1465261

You think every disadvantaged group was just given rights by their oppressors because they just felt bad one day? That’s not how it works. In the west women definitely have more power to dismantle these insane beauty standards if we all collectively wanted to and we don’t.

No. 1465267

Women do have power to change things. You’re the one falling for scrote psy op of having us give up on changing the system that benefits them.

No. 1465277

How? Tell me? Without a social classpush that can’t be ignored? No group push together? How? One women will change the world? Is she the hero of a novel anon? I agree just like the little girl with her starfishes we need to throw them anyway, but you can’t pretend if the women putting lipstick on stopped the scrotes would suddenly treat us like people.
Women can make change together. The scrote psy-op is thinking dividing women will help you beat the moids in the first place.

No. 1465278

Nta anon but sorry to say it but it takes the disadvantage group to fight for their own rights. Its not going to happen because scrotes feel bad one day. You think feminists 100 years ago got what they wanted by crying that we need to hold scrotes accountable ? No they were annoying scrotes, being thrown into insane asylums and constantly causing problems for them. Also beauty standards distract women from who they really can be instead of focusing on scrapping up money to get baboon ass lips. Women in the west really have the power to change the situation we are in. If we set around waiting for scrotes to change things we still wouldn’t have the right to vote or own credit cards kek

No. 1465280

>without empathy you can’t make a meaningful change
This is really juvenile and simplified.
Isn’t this no true Scotsman?

No. 1465283

Why is it juvenile? Empathy is what makes our society functional.
NTA but why how does holding the opressors accountable equate to 'make scrotes feel bad about us'? Do you think suffragettes won us rights by attacking women who wore corsets and blush?

No. 1465290

Because there’s nothing you can do to hold them accountable. They are aware that they are oppressing you but they don’t care.

>Do you think suffragettes won us rights by attacking women who wore corsets and blush?

Women did go against corsets and there were women who pushed back against no corsets. 70 years ago a rich white woman who feels women shouldn’t work would’ve told a feminist that she’s separating women and scaring women away from feminism by telling women they should strive for their own income. We are allowed to call out the retards of our gender, you being a woman doesn’t make you a child.

No. 1465293

Daily reminder that in 1880 the age of consent in USA was set at 10 and no scrote tried to change it, only women wanted to raise it and men probably agreed just bc they wanted to tame adult women a little bit, same with giving them some rights. Men don't care about female wellbeing, they just want to fuck very young women, spread their genes and die. Small percent can be creative and advance art or science but only to fill the infinite void of a male parasite, or to get attention from females, or to play god like they always did since the dawn of humanity

No. 1465295

Empathy is really important, yes. Saying it’s what keeps our society functional is a nice poetic way of saying things but it’s just a juvenile statement in a ‘friendship is magic’ way.
Yeah they actually kind of did. There were a lot of women who didn’t want us to have the right to vote and yes suffragettes did push back at them.

No. 1465296

She wasn’t calling anyone out. She issued a stupid insult. You coming out to bring down other women and calling them insults in private conversations doesn’t mean your fighting for social change it makes you an asshole. Say stupid shit and get called a clown back. Adulting goes both ways.

No. 1465297

Nta but
>There were a lot of women who didn’t want us to have the right to vote
How is this the same as women who wore corsets and blush

No. 1465298

Your saying separatism and no relationships would be less effective than no makeup? No certainly your view of shitting on other women and saying we can’t hold scrotes accountable is much better feminism.

No. 1465302

The "head cheerleader/popular boy took the severely autistic boy/girl to prom" stories annoy the hell out of me because no matter how much they say that they did it out of the good of their heart, it always comes across as being for fame or ego stroking purposes and seems insincere.

No. 1465303

Anon… Do I have to write this out. Corsets were an oppressive thing some women perpetuated and suffragettes did fight against it and pushed back at women who wore them as they did with the women who perpetuated our oppression in other ways (like denying us the right to vote).

No. 1465309

File: 1673040150911.png (159.01 KB, 408x133, Capture.PNG)

did you watch Carrie? What pisses me off is in every actress who played her imo was pretty. Give me a movie where a real ugly bitch like me, gets a make over and is only slightly less ugly and the boy she likes still pays her no attention and then she says fuck it and moves on.
>Attractive actress throws on glasses, or has Shayna quality hair
>now she's ugly
when she's still pretty or cute, even in that shit.

No. 1465310

You're right that suffragettes fought against corsets, but the way you wrote it was weird and that's what confused me.
>they kind of did
Made it seem like you thought that by fighting against women who didn't want the right to vote they were fighting against corsets

No. 1465313

Okay, sorry it came out unclear.
NTA but no one itt said even a one time we shouldn’t hold scrotes accountable.

No. 1465316

File: 1673040376422.png (365.41 KB, 700x525, 62e2f7ae536a230019122901.png)

The nerdy girl "she took off her glasses and straightened her hair, now she's hot!" trope is the worst.

No. 1465318

>The "head cheerleader/popular boy took the severely autistic boy/girl to prom" stories annoy the hell
Same but because I hate americans.

No. 1465319

Shayfags are such retards
Sorry faggot, her parents literally offered to pay for her fucking schooling and she turned it down to show hole and simulate child sexual abuse on twitter. Her life could genuinely be great if she wasn't such a retard.
If she dropped alcohol and weed, started drinking water and eating normal, non-doordashed meals, and wore chapstick, she would not be half as repulsive. The whole point of Shayna is that she had a GOOD LIFE, had parents BEGGING HER TO GO TO SCHOOL ON THEIR MONEY, and she refused to make anything of herself. Shayfags are the worst kind of cowfag because they are terminal retards.

No. 1465321

You can hold scrotes accountable but we also have to hold ourselves accountable and stop acting like we can’t do anything against beauty standards at all. Just like women got rid of corsets etc we can get rid of plastic surgery and the like.

No. 1465322

They literally said you can’t hold them accountable, is the same thing just defeatist.
>>Because there’s nothing you can do to hold them accountable. They are aware that they are oppressing you but they don’t care.

No. 1465323

Yes, but that wasn’t the argument kek. I’m just going to leave it here.

No. 1465325

>Women are not losing their reproductive rights because some women were “sluts”.
That is correct. However, when women do not band together and fight against stuff like OnlyFans, and instead groom girls into producing porn when they are eighteen, those women are reinforcing the cultural idea that women are objects to be bought and sold. And when women vote for men who will strip all of us of our rights because those men are also anti-abortion, then those women are using their internalized misogyny to hurt me and destroy women's liberation.
To be fair, now I think on it a little bit more, I would not consider being anti-abortion, by itself, to be internalized misogyny, but the idea that men should be allowed to be involved at all. That ethical problem should be entirely decided by women. It should be illegal for men to even voice their opinion on reproduction.

No. 1465326

File: 1673040879933.jpg (21.87 KB, 300x300, p30812_i_v9_aa.jpg)

Sissy didn't even do shit in her version of Carrie (The best one) she just did her hair better and still looked the exact same way IMO just better styled. Carrie was supposed to be ugly and fat, I guess they made her into a weirdo instead of "ugly" because none of the carries are ugly. Carrie 2002 was the only Carrie i'd say was an "Required taste" but I think she's fucking adorable but pulled off the "Weird shy awkard sheltered girl" and even in her 'Glow up" it was kind of realistic because she's not SIssy or Chloe she looked like a cute girl who just needed a little styling, they are attractive women who don't even look unattractive during the movie.

No. 1465327

By that I meant you can’t expect accountability from scrotes which is a hard pill to swallow for most women

No. 1465331

and another thing, the glow up is never simply them taking off their glasses . It's them taking off their glasses, getting a full face of make up done, their hair professionally straiteneded curled. SO in a way it's saying these actresses are fucking ugly in their most natural forum (No make up, natural hair texture, if they wear glasses).

No. 1465336

>thinking they weren't wearing any makeup in the "ugly before" phase
It's movies. They're wearing makeup either way.

No. 1465360


No. 1465362

Then hold yourself accountable, spread information on the damage beauty industry and plastic surgery do, instead of picking fights with women who wear makeup.

No. 1465367

I don’t have a problem with people who wear makeup. If you’re spending thousands on plastic surgeries, different procedures, weight lost shit that women who are broke don’t have access to(ozempic)because you are rich and privileged enough you’re a problem and youre oppressing other women. My stance on that ain’t gonna change.

No. 1465386

I feel more for female autists, bpdfags, ftms and mentally ill women in general than whoever the hell is lc trying to make me feel sympathy for most of the time, is like this place wants me to hate these type of people but I just…can't, I'm sorry.

No. 1465418

idk nona the one in the middle of your pic looks like a goblin

No. 1465420

…I kinda like it, and like the guy's pants, not gonna lie. The guys around my town are all fat and wear basketball shorts or khaki cargo shorts and put in no effort.

No. 1465446

Hollywood is allergic to ugly women

No. 1465459

she looks like a cute goblin/elf and the only actress that really nailed the look of carrie imo

No. 1465465

File: 1673051786828.png (339.54 KB, 538x583, ewf.png)

I miss the kpop thread. It was nice when it started. Seeing so many users seethe at male idols was fun.

No. 1465467

I thought this was Manaki

No. 1465468

My dad's friend worked for a movie studio and at one point he saw Anne Hathaway getting filmed for something. He said they had to light her really weirdly because her face itself was weird.

No. 1465480

We didn't get rid of corsets though, we just replaced them with obsessive dieting and plastic surgery. Your opinion isn't wrong but that's a terrible example.

No. 1465541

yeah i dont really get why kpop is banned, im not into it myself but i would read the threads here and there if they were allowed. is it because kpop fags are too twitter-brained? too many repetitive gifs? do they not respect containment threads? what's the deal?

No. 1465544

were you gone last week or something? >>>/m/265870

No. 1465546

Kpop threads are banned for all the reasons you just said lol they cause alot of infighting and spam too. When the nucow site was up the first thread to be packed was the kpop thread and already people were sperging about idols and avatarfagging like crazy. They also tend to bring twitterfags here too just like the old kpop critical threads did and would have people from twitter spam pictures of bts members because they were being called ratmys. Its better to leave kpop to choachan and just redirect the posters there tbh

No. 1465568

I agree, engagement pics are embarrassing, because getting picked is not an achivement

No. 1465588

I thought it was derived from the belief that 4chan is "invaded" by casual users and underage users during the summer and just spread from there. Or from what you anons are saying it came from GoT and just conveniently coincided with the summer 4chan meme. I never seen GoT so this is a revelation for me now lol

No. 1465593

The 4chan meme is just calling people summerfags for being obviously new, 'sweet summer child' is a condescending way to call people naive. Totally different things.

No. 1465608

same, I’ve been seeing sweet summer child on 4chan since it’s inception. people just haven’t been paying attention to early internet culture as of late, it isn’t a meme from got

No. 1465620

Fatphobia is not a big deal. Perhaps not an unpopular opinion on here, but out there? Gotta walk on eggshells while holding your breath and farting to the tune of Yankee Doodle.

No. 1465628

You are wrong.

No. 1465629

They're banned because they bring a ton of twitterfags and newfags in. They leak into other threads with their retardation and brainrot with no shame, refuse to integrate etc.
Kpop stans are next level retarded, and it's a shame because I'd be down for a kpop critical thread, or I'd be totally fine with mentioning a kpop idol here or there in celebricows if only the stans knew how to behave, but they're all rabid and juvenile.

Why can't both be true? "Sweet summer child" appeared in got in 1996 (in the book) it's totally possible that some book reader spread it online.

No. 1465633

no, you did not see people using 'sweet summer child' on 4chan in 2003, which I'm guessing was before you were born, you itty bitty baby on an itty bitty boat

No. 1465635

I’m willing to believe it’s from the books but it’s absolutely not from the TV show. I definitely knew that phrase before the HBO show aired. I’m feeling very gaslit on lolcow lately with people trying to say it’s from the show — apparently wiki says it too. Lies.

No. 1465637

Nta but you just reminded me of the gay comic that meme is from oof, I wonder if it’s even online anywhere now

No. 1465639

File: 1673078276788.jpg (5.3 KB, 299x168, yeeeeaaaaaahhh.jpg)

Sorry anon but… I don't believe it

No. 1465668

File: 1673082223160.jpg (112.74 KB, 604x569, 1274925533539.jpg)


No. 1465671

File: 1673082383813.jpg (91.84 KB, 640x853, asyp6blb5bu81.jpg)

There's no use in sauce packet drawers. I've never kept a sauce drawer. Those sauces are not being saved for anything, they are likely going to sit there for months or even years before you remember them and throw them away. Get leftover sauce with your meal? Throw it away. You don't need to save it. You will not use it. Just buy regular bottles of the common sauces like soy sauce, ketchup, ranch, etc…

No. 1465675

Samefag, the reason why I say buy full size bottles is because you're more likely to remember you have a bottle of something in your fridge than remember you have a packet in a random drawer.
Also another unpopular opinion, stop buying pepper if you won't get the pepper crackers. Pre ground pepper literally adds nothing and doesn't taste like anything.

No. 1465676

All women who have sex with men are prostitutes and I will never respect them. Males are subhuman and I will never accept women who bring themselves down to their level. I don't even want to associate with corrupted women in any way. I can be nice to them at work but that's it. The only people I can befriend are straight celibate women, febfems, lesbians and maybe gay men but not those who support the mainstream lgbt movement or surrogacy.

No. 1465679

Nice bait

No. 1465681

File: 1673083684816.jpg (19.37 KB, 400x400, yawn.jpg)


No. 1465682

Speak for yourself, miss rich fatcat, I use my sauce bucket all the time. Places like Taco Bell and Arby's just give them out by the handfuls.
>just buy regular bottles
No. Stop hating just because you have dementia specific to sauce packets that prevents you from using them

No. 1465684

I feel like most people don't even use half of their sauce hoards though. even having a sauce drawer (or bucket?) proves that you don't use as much sauce as you save. I say this all as someone who's very passionate about sauces, I rarely eat anything without a sauce.

No. 1465685

>Places like Taco Bell just give them out by the handfuls
Wtf, why is my Taco Bell so stingy with the sauce then?

No. 1465687

A bit late to the discussion but in general I don’t fault women for having been born into a capitalist society that exploit our insecurities, I am however frustrated by those women. I feel like most of us don’t think about the environmental impact of spending so much money on fast-fashion items, skin care, make-up and so on. Occasionally I will read an article in the paper about body positivity, but if you read between the lines it’s always some blogger promoting themselves or trying to sell a product, it’s never ok to just be ugly and exist. You can be obese but still fuckable as long as you buy these clothes that are modeled by some skinny girl in a fat suit. It’s bizarre. Then there are women keeping themselves in a state of financial inferiority because when they’re not buying make-up and clothes they’re saving up for a breast lift or lipo. I have girlfriends who literally are in debt, but still keep shitting out money on beauty products that are probably made by slave labor and add to the world’s pollution. Even brands that are more environmentally friendly should imo be considered unnecessary luxury items as long as it’s consumer goods you can live without. I’ve noticed men are more targeted by this too in recent years. Gotta increase revenue at all times.

No. 1465688

It's not a bait. I'm just frustrated with those women and the fact they're actively helping to uphold this system through their behavior, from performing femininity and wearing make up to having sex with men and giving birth to sons. I know it's an upopular opinion that's why I express myself in this thread so maybe no handmaiden will jump on me and say that I'm 'victim blaming' and 'women dindu nothin' bad, ever, because they're women.

No. 1465689

So you will call them prostitutes but in the same paragraph say you accept gay moids? If this is not bait then I fear you have serious mental retardation because your logic is full of holes.

No. 1465690

Men sucking each other's dicks, as long as they don't have kids through surrogacy, doesn't support patriarchy really

No. 1465692

You have to go inside and get the sauce yourself

No. 1465693

They're still males regardless of if they suck dick or not. They still contribute to patriarchy on the basis that they are male. Yes straight women need to let go of a lot of misogynist standards they promote or have been taught but calling them prostitutes and saying you don't respect them is why you will never get anywhere with this "logic". You don't even have to like them, but if you want female solidarity you're gonna have to come to terms with the fact that het women exist, because let me tell you, those faggots aren't going to give you the same leniency you're giving them right now. Your mindset is what happens when you spend too much time on radblr/radtwt and don't actually interact with many women in real life. Calling a demographic of women prostitutes on the basis of their sexuality is really fucking weird and I'm glad you can at least acknowledge this opinion is unpopular. It's for a reason, and the reason is that it's retarded and will never hold up in reality.

No. 1465696

One thing I wish straight women would stop doing is fucking ugly and poor guys. At least if he’s poor make him good looking. Yall fuck men who are not only poor but also ugly too. Y’all are fucking up the sex eco system to the point any 3 expects a 10 and he’s most likely going to get one.

No. 1465697

I interact with het women every day lol. Female solidarity doesn't exist as long as their men are involved and it's obvious those women won't leave their men and sons so I don't want their fake solidarity and fake friendship. I don't want to get anywhere with 'this logic'. I want to stay with the people I choose myself. Let het women die in their own stink, constantly fighting for the same stuff and getting nothing out of it and crying about their shitty men and double standards and 'oppressive' beauty ideals and abortion laws and domestic abuse and pornsickness etc.
Fags at least don't lie about their own nature. Het women often lie. Even many het men lie (because I believe the inner nature of most men is indeed a faggot, in one way or another).

No. 1465698

I’m straight but I noticed a lot of het women hide behind “well I can’t stop doing this because of the patriarch!”.They just claim all of their behaviors can’t be helped. I can at least acknowledge when I’m being a pick me bitch.

No. 1465699

This, why do people think gay men can't be misogynist or take part in patriarchy at all kek. Talk about deluded.

No. 1465703

Samefag also the amount of female criminals who hide behind being controlled by scrotes to engage in pedophilia, child abuse etc as an excuse as to why they did it. A lot of het women try to act like children who don’t know any better when they get caught red handed trying to please their scrote.

No. 1465705

I use all of my shitty teriyaki sauces any time I can, although some I admittedly forget to use like ketchup. However, all my sauce packets lay in the fridge doors so I don't have many issues with forgetting about their existence.

No. 1465707

Women who will date men 10+ years older than them but act like dating a man 5 years younger than them are retarded. You don’t think your scrote is a creep for dating you but you think your female friends etc would be creepy for doing the same thing?

No. 1465714

I'm dating a guy who's exactly 5 years younger than me and it's so funny, his best buddy has a girlfriend who's constantly crying about her birthday (she's 24 btw) and how old she feels already and how women's lives end at 25 and how women can't have younger boyfriends because it's cringe. It's so embarrassing to hear in person. The funniest thing is she thinks I'm younger than her so soon I want to reveal the fact that I'm actually older than her and I want to see her face when she does the math and understands that I'm 5 years older than her friend and I'm dating him

No. 1465716

Nonas, it’s not worth it, the anons on lolcow have terminal retardation lately. It’s obviously a newfag being retarded or a bait.

No. 1465718

This. I swear to god I see this anon posting this exact same take on /ot/ every day

No. 1465720

Truth hurts huh. Go listen to some Black obsidian and repent
There's more than one and I'm glad that at least some anons agree with me, even when they're a small minority

No. 1465722

Retards often travel in packs, so this makes sense.

No. 1465723

I see both extreme sides of this shit posted lately here and it’s retarded. Extreme radfem separatist vs extreme libfem shit. These winter holidays really made lolcow go to shit, it’s possibly influx of young newfags having baby’s first ~political~ discourse.

No. 1465724

im getting so fucking sick of the constant whining about straight women on here. Every fucking day. Every fucking day. every fucking day. every fucking day. every fucking day. every fucking day. every fucking day.

No. 1465725

Because you know the stuff being said applies to you.

No. 1465726

Well that explains why het women go to the bathroom together

No. 1465728

It reeks of overcompensation. And I'm not even straight nor do I have sex with men before anyone tries it.

No. 1465729

Are you proud of sounding like a moid in all your posts?

No. 1465730

File: 1673088885906.jpg (392.72 KB, 1011x932, Screenshot_20230107-104713_Chr…)

terminally online radfem extremists wondering why they're getting backlash after they just called straight women prostitutes and prioritized faggots over them in the name of hecking female liberation

No. 1465731

Moids think that living in relationships with men supports patriarchy and it's bad? I didn't know that

No. 1465732

I’m not that anon but I’m straight and I can read the unpopular opinions towards straight women but not be offended because I know it doesn’t apply to me. Even I get irritated by my own demographic when it comes to sex and dating. Having to hear retard opinions like “you don’t need to cum during sex for it to be good” makes my brain melt. This is why I don’t talk to friends about relationship issues because I know I sound retarded and they sound retarded as well. Like what man would say something retarded like that?

No. 1465736

What do you mean by terminally online? I have irl life, I even openly stated my opinions a couple of times, like I said that marriage is basically prostitution and I gave my arguments and the women I was talking to couldn't even refute it and just got frustrated. I don't care. See, you think some of us only state our opinions online but I'm past the point of caring and I do it irl too
Also, I know that female liberation will never happen so I'm not doing anything in the name of it.

No. 1465740

You can understandably have criticisms towards het women nonna but that is far different to calling them corrupted prostitutes who cannot be respected and then acting as if gay moids are less damaging - despite gay moids still being in the sex class that hates us. It just doesn't make sense from a radfem standpoint, the only way it makes sense is if that anon is in some extremely religious cult that hates straight women and loves faggots kek

No. 1465742

I will never understand how people can get so deep into parasocial relationships and how they even start to begin with, so many people like my mom and friends get obsessed with celebrities, v tubers or some other dude in a movie or in front of a camera and I just genuinely don’t get it.
Closest I’ve ever gotten is buying a nendo of Robert Pattinson Batman because I thought he was cute and I liked the movie but a lot of my friends regularly shill out tons of money for ‘voice recordings’ of their favorite V tuber talking to them, I listened one with them on stream once and it was so incredibly awkward and cringy yet they kept making annoying blushy noises and shit.

I get the appeal of husbandos (even though I don’t have one personally) because of the ‘way that they peak over 3D’ but your favorite parasocial fuck could literally come out as a pedophile next week, my reaction to this sort of thing no surprise is always either ‘oh that makes sense’ or ‘oh okay’ by the way.

No. 1465743

General thought, I've been here for a while and I think that it's interesting that we never ever see any anons here talk about any actual actions they take in real life to help women. Like any kind of humanitarian work or even just helping the women in their life when they're struggling through anything.
Farmers are easier to understand when you realize that for a lot of anons the radfem stuff is just like roleplay and a pedestal they can step on when they want to argue. That's how I see it anyway.

No. 1465744

Tbh that could dox them

No. 1465745

Nona, that anon literally called me a dick gargler and thinks the only right thing to do for straight women is to be celibate kek

No. 1465751

>It just doesn't make sense from a radfem standpoint
I'm not a radfem though, I prefer to just call myself a separatist and I don't associate myself with anything feminist since feminism was created to be just a form of therapy for het couples and the majority of feminists, including radfems, don't care about actually liberating themselves from men, they care about bettering the relationships between men and women and finding the good man who doesn't watch porn etc. I never said I love fags, I don't have any close gay male friends right now, I just said it would be easier for me to befriend a gay dude, as long as he doesn't support lgbt and surrogacy, than to befriend a straight woman in a relationship with a guy. I wish more men became faggots and fucked each other, including trannies, and leave actual women alone. I wholeheartedly support male trannies as long as they decide to cut their dicks off and eliminate their potential of fucking women and spreading their genes

No. 1465752

>I wholeheartedly support male trannies
>feminism was created to be just a form of therapy for het couples
Girl why are you like this…I don't even know where to start

No. 1465753

Trad men are never truly trad and there's like 1% who actually can do it right, then there's people like Josh or somebody, who really doesn't have much to offer a woman but wants basically a bangmaid/baby maker to carry his seed, while not offering anything. Not even good dick.
Not unpopular but needs to be said. Trad men don't deserve anything.

No. 1465759

Women and girls should be able to describe themselves as unique without being called "nglo". Weird people exist, woman can be genuinely strange too, people like to assert their individuality, being aware of the fact is not nglo behavior

No. 1465760

What is nglo? Is it like a in igloo?

No. 1465761

So you don't want men to cut their dicks off?

No. 1465763

File: 1673093218838.jpg (78.02 KB, 543x1000, 1647562869861.jpg)

I noticed it too. They usually have a recognizable writing style too. They come off as tiktok users to me. There is a way of hyperfeminine women on tiktok repeating some radfem points and some of them name drop lc. It keeps happening in the unpopular opinions threads too for some reason.
This. No matter how many times women repeat that they're only doing it for themselves, examine why they feel the need to do it. Why is there not a wave of men doing it? Why do women feel disgusted by or shame women who don't fit the standard of femininity? Why do women got o such extreme lengths to change/preserve their appearance? Why would a confident person without bdd, self worth issues or otherwise poor mental health obsses over every wrinkle? This doesn't even make them feel any better in the long run. But even all this aside, saying something is unfeminist is not the same as saying this woman is responsible for the patriarchy or something. Hyperfemininity is not feminist, because the goal of feminism is the liberation of women and getting a bbl and contouring your face is conforming to the patriarchal standards, not freeing yourself from them. Criticizing women is not 'tearing them down'. We can only free ourselves when we stop conforming. This doesn't mean you have to go full butch, it means you should stop trying to conform to beauty standards.

No. 1465766

You are a bitter retard NLOG and I can’t believe I’m about to say the most moid thing ever but get laid or have an orgasm cause you sound like the most miserable person to walk this earth. I can’t believe this delusional diatribe you’re blathering on about is what you base your entire existence and view of the world upon. It’s narrow minded and pathetic and makes my myopic misanthropic ass seem sane.
Telling you to kys would be merciful. Read a book go outside and experience the world cause you sound like a shut in that’s so far up your own ass that kind feel joy or genuine human connection. Go live in the woods or something. Society is better off without fucked up people like you infecting every conversation with your bitterness and overall ignorance.

No. 1465768

Kek anon sorry, its a typo

No. 1465771

I do want them to cut their dicks off, but it makes no sense supporting them if they do that because they can still invade female spaces and attack women dickless or not.

No. 1465773

male trannies don't just want to cut their dicks off, in fact fewer and fewer choose to, they want to skinwalk women and invade our spaces. they will never leave us alone because that's antithetical to the tranny mindset.

No. 1465781

>Fags at least don't lie about their own nature.
Demented faghag logic

No. 1465782

>you just need good dicking durr
Yeah, as you can see, another example of het women aka handmaidens being utterly depraved by male logic. If you say anything that goes against the status quo, you just need a man to fuck you into the right mindset a.k.a. submission, or just masturbation and orgasm, like alcohol or netflix and chilli, something to distract you from the unpleasant nature of this society, something to cope. This is the perfect example that doesn't require further commentary because it speaks for itself. I read many books and listened to many women, both handmaidens and separatists, and with age I'm only getting more radical and hateful towards men and het women and that won't change. Go read some Gyn/ecology, like an actually valuable book, and educate yourself.
Society is slowly killing itself regardless of the existence of someone like me, I'm in a minority unable to make a change on a bigger scale. And yet society is dying out anyway and that's a good thing, because a man-made and depraved society like this never deserved to exist in the first place lol.

No. 1465783

Kekkk you’re such a funny retard

No. 1465785

keep demonizing women for being in straight relationships and then wonder why teen girls troon out kek

No. 1465788

Kek teen girls troon out because people use lolcow's favourite insult and call them NLOGs for being autistic or gay or being straight but not being interested in stereotypically feminine things and then telling them their behavior and hobbies are stereotypically male, not because separatists on the internet call out adult het women for their penis worshipping.

No. 1465790

Yes I obviously can't stop you from doing anything, and we both know it, yet you feel so threatened that you need to tell me I can't stop you and that you're going to worship penises anyway. Interesting behavior.

No. 1465791

File: 1673095924995.png (49.3 KB, 376x401, y2d2nfg30vn21.png)

>hateful towards men
But you just licked the boots of faggots and also male trannies as long as they end up dickless? That's a pretty big percentage of men you seem to be not very hateful towards. You also claimed that feminism was to make het women feel better when it was feminism that ensured you got the right to vote, have reproductive healthcare, have a job etc. Hm it's almost like your way of thinking is entirely unrealistic and inconsistent. Can you give me some examples of what you do for the women around you and your community? Or do you just spend your time on here calling women corrupted prostitutes and penis-worshippers?

No. 1465792

You don't have to get laid or have an orgasm with a man though kek
Straight women will always be more worth befriending and listening to than fags, it's so sad you don't feel that way

No. 1465794

Gyn/ecology? I'm pretty sure that's the book hating on "lifelongs" (i.e. actual lesbians) and says only celibate het women who larp as lesbians (polilez) are good. She differentiates by capitalizing the l when talking about polilez. She also claims that the media invented "genital fixations" and at times she sounds no different from TRA's who think you can just identify into anything and that if you "choose" it somehow makes you better than someone who was actually born that way.

No. 1465801

Be the change you wanna see anon. Instead of shitting on straight women on lolcow you should go out there and start your separatist community with likeminded people. For a noble cause like that I would consider abandoning the D and join you, at least if you were a little less insufferable.

No. 1465805

> I wholeheartedly support male trannies
didn’t read after that

No. 1465808

i agree with the latter anon, instead of getting angry at women for things out of their control go build a commune with like minded people, but you are probably just like those troon commies who cant even grab a shovel but love subbing to all the extremist ideology subreddits and shit on everyone who doesnt believe on their radical ideas. A female commune would actually be cool, but no one is willing to make the effort.

No. 1465837

How am I licking the boots of fags and trannies? Quote an example right now or perish. I don't even see male trannies as human, I just love when they cut their dicks off and I wish all trannies could do that and more men took the tranny pill if that meant they would chop off their weenies. Basic principles of feminism were good but then it merged into something useless

No. 1465838

>Straight women will always be more worth befriending and listening to than fags
Of course. If they're celibate.

No. 1465840

Dating these days kind of sucks because both men and women just want someone they can chase and not an actual relationship. Women end up being placed in the fuck zone because they want to chase after men who ignore them then cry “why won’t he let me get close!” and men can’t start to like a girl unless she’s ignoring him because being too easy is “desperate”. No one wants the people who want them back anymore.

No. 1465842

File: 1673101885511.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1655301956034.jpg)

>Quote an example right now or perish
Not ayrt but that settles it you're autistic

No. 1465863

NTA, but do you believe in political lesbianism? Why or why not?

No. 1465866

is that any way to talk to your son?
>punches you

No. 1465918

There's just something batshit about judging women based on if they have partners or not, life seriously isn't that black and white. You're going to cross paths with many married women throughout your life who will affect you in a positive way (and likely already have), so I just can't comprehend why one wouldn't want to associate with a) someone of your own sex, b) a huge chunk of the human population.
I'll just never understand people that speak with such hardheaded certainty and make sweeping statements that in this case shun almost all women and mothers ever. I can only scratch my head to this. You do you though, it won't get you far in life.

No. 1465919

Please stop feeding the troll

No. 1465949

To be fair, which thread do I even write about my radfem actions? It's pretty dark. "Hey girls! Want to lose all hope of humanity and become a numb shell of a woman? Volunteer to work with female prisoners! Watch as you see every woman in prison never had a chance. Childhood sexual assault, absolute poverty, teenage mothers, and abusive fathers, these women have it all! Stand helplessly at the side as you pour everything you have into saving a woman, only to watch her destroy herself due to deep seated issues that are too complex to be solved after a lifetime of abuse. Or, try our deluxe package and spend a year teaching a forty year old woman to read and do basic math so that she can survive outside, only to realize that there's 30,000 more in this state alone, and you can't save them all!"
Even I gave up under the onslaught and now work with domestic abuse victims instead.
Plus, half of feminists on the internet are under 21 so they have no money or time to make a big difference.

No. 1465962

>It doesn't apply to me

She called all straight women in relationships with men prostitutes. If you e ever been in a relationship it applies to you.

No. 1465963

Idk if you are OP but I'm sorry to hear you feel like a shell of a woman. That said, I would honestly rather learn about experiences such as yours than the constant celibacy sperging.
>Plus, half of feminists on the internet are under 21 so they have no money or time to make a big difference.
Maybe it'd set a better example for those feminists to read about women doing important work like yours rather than this >>1465676 every day. I know this is the unpopular opinion thread, but I swear lately I see that anon going off every day and it's obviously bait at this point. They constantly derail and refuse to acknowledge legitimate arguments.

No. 1465979

You know there were female only communes which got ruined because women started bringing their sons and shit? You don't have to agree, just don't say that no one was willing to make an effort, because women tried not just one time. I'm not gonna sacrifice my resources for women who can at any time suddenly come and say 'you know I changed my mind and wanted to have sex and now I'm pregnant so please give my son the resources we reserved only for other women'. I only befriend women who are celibate and my dream is to buy a house for me and a few other women when we're old so we can support each other and have fun with gardening in shit. But I won't put my time and money into an actual commune now when I'm still young. The best way to practice separatism is to revolve your life around other likeminded women and push men out of your private life.
>You're going to cross paths with many married women throughout your life who will affect you in a positive way (and likely already have
Literally never ever happened. The only women who helped me and who somehow changed my life for the better were widows, or divorced and currently alone, or lesbians. And even if some married women helped me, that still wouldn't change what I think about general het female population. Also, all the celibate women I knew told me the same thing; they're betternoff alone and males are a nuisance. Only married women were nagging me to get a bf and other useless things. Also only married women brag about their social life in public, like they're trying to cope constantly
You don't have legitimate arguments

No. 1465992

>But I won't put my time and money into an actual commune now when I'm still young.
Kek because instead you're here shitposting on lolcow

No. 1465993

most skincare "influencers" already have the genetics to have nice skin with maybe a few pimples here and there and skincare seems like more of a hobby to them which is fine but they shill endless amounts of expensive yet useless products to people with actual skin problems (cystic acne, eczema, ect) which will never help those people (because they need to go to a dermatologist instead of someone who has just spent too much time on r/skincare) and they encourage the idea that natural aging is a horrible thing to be avoided at all costs no matter how inconvenient and unrealistic it is for the average person and i think its kind of gross

No. 1465997

It’s bc they hate their moms lol

No. 1465999

It makes me laugh when moids post pictures of interracial couples and say "this will me x race of women SEETHE" considering no one cares about what race dates who as much as them. They think they own women of their own race and at the same time demand other men only date the race of their picking. I've seen more white men seethe about other white guys dating black girls than I've seen white women seethe, in fact I have never seen women seethe about what race of people date who

No. 1466007

I noticed most skin care influencers with actually bad skin never gets any better with skin care

No. 1466010

You know it's like making fun of women by saying they have "daddy issues", right? Scrote argument

No. 1466017

I mean i have severe mommy issues, yet i will never call a random anon a dick gargler or a whore, too gross and vitriolic

No. 1466039

if you use wojaks you are a moid and a newfag

No. 1466046

File: 1673120450341.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1266x2121, 65ED4E7A-30FE-4C14-8906-999996…)

I know blonde hair vs dark hair is colorism for white people and they think anyone saying they should dye their hair are jealous but some people do look better with darker hair. Zooey deschanel for example is a natural blonde but looks better brunette.

No. 1466050

It's true though if you are blonde or a redhead you will have a story about some asshole telling you that you'd look better with darker hair. 1. Um, no, my natural color is what best suits my skin tone and dyed brows always look fucked so I'm not doing that 2. They are totally jealous especially when they say it umprompted. It's just a rude and nasty thing to say and I find it sus

No. 1466051

File: 1673120763415.jpg (31.94 KB, 800x450, 1d5c0bc0ff28c50e4ea60118f1e10b…)

my unpopular opinion is that she's prettier blonde with no bangs. and i usually like dark hair more

No. 1466052

I don’t think they are jealous. Sometimes having darker hair can make you look younger.

No. 1466055

This is just hoarder behavior.

No. 1466056

Yes they are, especially if said towards a redhead. It's envy and wanting to uglify them and take away their specialness

No. 1466057

File: 1673120878164.jpeg (43.04 KB, 550x350, 8C840554-FC16-44D7-B6D8-4D28A1…)

She looks way better with dark hair and tbh if she stayed blonde her career would’ve went no where

No. 1466061

That’s just your colorism speaking. You associate darker with less attractive. White people have their own version of colorism with eye color and hair.

No. 1466063

Nice racebaiting and assuming things about an entire group of people.

No. 1466064

Nope it's just straight up nefarious and rude to tell someone their natural state should be altered to look better

No. 1466065

Yeah she looks better with dark hair

No. 1466066

Like, white people not in America, right? As a white burgerfag I've never been treated differently for having brown hair and brown eyes lol. Never been teased or made fun of for it.

No. 1466071

Their is a social hierarchy with white women and eye color and hair. That’s why they will be bald headed with two strands of
Hair from years of bleach damage just to be blonde.

No. 1466074

Her career didn’t take off until she dyed her hair dark brown. Had she had the mentality of “anyone who says I’d look better with fake hair is just jealous!” She would be a nobody.

No. 1466076

I meant to say dark hair not fake hair

No. 1466078

It’s rude but that doesn’t meant they don’t think you would look better. A rude person could tell a fat person they think they’d look better slim, doesn’t mean they are saying it to sabotage them because they are jealous. You assume people are jealous because you think everything finds red and blonde hair attractive because that’s what scrotes like.

No. 1466085

People should just keep their fucking mouths shut over something like hair which is obviously a personal choice and extremely subjective anyways. People pay a lot of money for certain shades that others would just throw away with a box of walmart mousy brown dye

No. 1466086

I wish I had black hair, black hair growing out can look fine but blonde roots growing out looks retarded.

No. 1466087

They should but my point is them saying that doesn’t mean they are jealous. They could be looking at your actual features and skin tone and see that you’d look better brunette unlike scrotes who don’t notice anything else but the blonde hair, regardless of the quality or how it makes you like scrotes are going to like it just because it’s blonde.

No. 1466088

Most neet anons here are as desperate as incels. Once I saw someone ask if anons would give up all their friends if it meant they could have a good bf, they all said yes. Which is weird when you take into account that all of them pretend to hate men and love women.

No. 1466089

>my natural color is what best suits my skin tone and dyed brows always look fucked
am I the only blonde with naturally dark and thick eyebrows kek. That's the reason why no one believes me I'm a natural blonde I guess. People usually assume I'm a brunette too ashamed to admit I dye my hair. Pretty annoying

No. 1466091

you say this with all the privilege of someone who has never had to use papa john's garlic dipping sauce in place of butter for your butter noodles. gimme your sauce packets.

No. 1466094

uh, prostitutes actually get paid.

No. 1466095

most neets dont have friends it would be a win-win

No. 1466096

gotta flirt with the drive through window guy.

No. 1466100

I cant cuddle or tongue kiss my friends. I pick the scrote especially if he looks like Edward furlong and is rich.

No. 1466101

You can cuddle friends though.

No. 1466102

My mom also is a natural blonde with dark body hair and people are annoying her with saying she’s lying. And overall I don’t know why people are so obsessed with finding out someone’s natural hair colour to the point of bugging them about it, what is it to them.

No. 1466103

monkey's paw you get modern Edward furlong

No. 1466106

Naw that’s weird. Looking cuddling up with a sister

No. 1466109

Again, nice assuming.

No. 1466110

Not an assumption if I’m seeing it with my own eyes.

No. 1466111

Most neets will never have normal friends or a boyfriend that's not an obese neet like them.
>I want a rich handsome bf but I'm a neet
>Femcels and incels are totes different!

No. 1466113

And because it happened once it must happen all the time, all over the world, since time immemorial, right?

No. 1466115

"femcels" don't go on killing sprees if they don't get the rich handsome bf

No. 1466116

So we are going to sit here and play dumb and act like there is no beauty hierarchy associated with the eye color and hair culture within the white community?lol

No. 1466120

File: 1673123495281.jpg (34.43 KB, 500x499, 1664662810055.jpg)

No. 1466122

Mentally ill women are more likely to hurt themselves than anyone else, that's why they'd be more likely to off themselves tbh.

No. 1466126

Depends on the country. Nor women nor scrotes prefer light hair where I’m from because most people have mousy brown/blonde stringy light hair here. Dark thick hair and eyes are considered sexy and exotic. Light hair aren’t less popular, but also not really more popular.

No. 1466128

It's not worth arguing over. I'm blonde and even though I'm not white, I've had white women say they were more oppressed than me because they're brunettes. Whites really do think these features are a part or colorism against them if they're not blonde with blue eyes.

No. 1466129

Now and why would you care?

No. 1466130

Nta but I can't decipher the stuff you wrote.

No. 1466131

Care about what? How neets regardless of gender tend to overestimate what they deserve?

No. 1466133

Get back to school and learn to read then. I said most people have light hair where I’m from and dark hair is considered special and sexy.

No. 1466134

Brilliant comeback. You should learn how to argue properly next time.

No. 1466135

/2X, right?

No. 1466137

I don’t feel they are oppressed but hair color and eye color is white peoples version of colorism but it’s not as extreme as what poc do to each other in that regard. White people with lighter hair colors and eye colors do feel they look better than white people with dark eyes and dark hair a lot of the time.

No. 1466141

Which is why they're sadder and way less threatening than any incel

No. 1466144

Where are you from and what's your hair color? Also you made several spelling mistakes which is why it's hard to understand what you wrote.

No. 1466145

Uncircumcised dicks are fugly and with how unhygienic 98% of males are it’s probably a blessing that the circumcision rate is as high as it is in the states.

No. 1466149

Yeah I agree. Though I do dislike femcel anons because most of them struggle with both internalized misogyny and bdd causing them to nitpick other women's looks and qualities 24/7.

No. 1466150

idk which ones have those swollen mushroom heads but those are the nastiest

No. 1466152

Would you rather they went on mass shootings

No. 1466154

No, that's exactly what I mean by sadder and less threatening, I can feel bad for some of them but never for any male incel.

No. 1466155

No it's not kek. Cuddling can be platonic.

No. 1466158

Being a neet also ruined your reading comprehension skills, huh?

No. 1466159

all dicks are ugly.

No. 1466162

Circumcision lowers the std transmission and risk of infection. Only males are against it because it means they have to sacrifice their pleasure to ensure their partner is less likely to get infected.

No. 1466165

One true take

No. 1466167

Who the fuck would count on circumcision for STD prevention tho?

No. 1466169

I'd rather nobody got circumcised because it means an adult touching a child's body in one of the worst ways possible, and ALWAYS against the child's will.

No. 1466170

I don't give a fuck if a cow is in Japan legally or not or if they're in a visa marriage, anons that are obsessed with cows' immigration status are just jealous weebs.

No. 1466171

Most married or long term couples don't use physical protection against stds and circumcision means the chance of transmission way lower so it's definitely worthy. Why are you so vehemently against it?

No. 1466173

I know in some African countries circumcision has become almost the default to combat the spread of HIV. I’m not sure how successful this has been though tbh

No. 1466177

Dicks aren't supposed to be good looking. And men are disgusting on average regardless, they just need to shower.

> it’s probably a blessing that the circumcision rate is as high as it is in the states.

I'll never get how it's so popular despite it not usually being done for religious reason. Religions are retarded so I get why religious parents would mutilate their kids because their fictional sky husbando told them to in a badly translated book. What I understand is that it got popular in the USA because of some pseudo science and the Kellogg guy said masturbating was physically and mentally unhealthy, right? I've even read that he thought making the process as painful as possible for baby girls and boys would traumatize them and thus they wouldn't masturbate once they're older so I don't get how anyone thought this was acceptable to begin with. I once had an argument with my sister because I told her I'd never do that to my son if I ever decided to have kids and she lost her mind because muh islam despite her not practicing.

No. 1466180

Male right activists would applaud you for that one. You probably shouldn't look up what doctors do to a woman while she's giving birth though because that also isn't the gentlest kind of touch.
>pretending men not being able to masturbate is a bad thing

No. 1466181

>Dicks aren't supposed to be good looking
Women aren't supposed to be eternal, hairless lolis with massive breasts yet here we are
>they just need to shower
yeah right, only scrote would think a shower could fix most scrotes, who are fugly as sin

No. 1466182

That anon is probably a Muslim man who's butthurt his pp is cut and therefor he can't jerk off.

No. 1466185

What's with the masturbation argument when it obviously doesn't work?

No. 1466187

No I'm an exmuslim woman who will never date a angry retarded muslim man even if my life depended on it.

>Women aren't supposed to be eternal, hairless lolis with massive breasts yet here we are
I agree with you on that. Now what? As for the shower part I was only talking about hygiene and good health, not about looking good.

No. 1466190

MRAs will rail on about muh genital mutilation and then have the gumption to compare male circumcision to FGM which in every case is much more traumatic and barbaric. It drives me up a fucking wall. I’ve even seen other women come back with the male circumcision is just as bad as FGM line.

No. 1466192

The main reason I'm against circumsion is because traumatized boys will grow up into males who'll traumatize some half a dozen girls and women over their lifetime.

No. 1466194

How does circumsion traumatize men, they don't even remember it

No. 1466195

for real lmfao

No. 1466198

I don’t have a source for this but I bet uncut men and their dirty dicks give UTIs to women much more often than circumcised men do.

No. 1466200

I agree it's wrong, but come on anon. By the same logic, you might as well say people who tell fat women they'd look better skinny are just jealous of their curves or something. There are attractive people with blonde or red hair to be sure, but there's no need to cope.

No. 1466202

It's amazing how men don't even care if they give their partners potentially cancer-causing HPV strain but women on the internet will literally defend a piece of skin on dicks of men they don't even know. Holy shit, have some self respect anons

No. 1466205

It’s not that they don’t care it’s just they don’t know because men don’t get tested and they will get offended if asked to do so. Men don’t believe pretty women can have stds so they just be out it here having raw sex with any girl they are attracted to.

No. 1466211

Some women are lesbians you know.
But yes the sex drive increases.

No. 1466212

Fuck off moid, no one wants your rotten dick

No. 1466214

I’m a woman and I don’t find dicks ugly and I like having sex with scrotes. Cope more.

No. 1466215

What? They don't get tested because they don't care. Stop making excuses for them. I knew women who had boyfriends with hpv who still wanted to have raw sex. But to be honest, if they actually cared they would abstain from having sex totally because even condoms won't protect you from catching it. Men d o n't c a r e and women don't respect themselves and their health because they don't push their men to get tested and even when they do and it's positive they still fuck their men and get HPV. HPV causes the wast majority of cervical cancers. My distant cousin died from cervical cancer a few weeks ago, she was 28 and had a one year old child. If at one point in her life this particular scrote haven't fucked her, she would be alive.

No. 1466217

My sex drive actually decreases with age and I find men more and more disgusting. My hormones are perfectly fine and my period is regular. It's just that spiritual and intellectual awakening and realizing I don't need scrotes

No. 1466218

Do any nonnies know how well the HPV vaccine works? I never got it as a teen and now I’m highly considering it

No. 1466219

I thought my sex drive was decreasing to until I turned 31. I can for sure see the appeal of dick now. Anyone who says they finds all dick repulsive and ugly just have some growing up to.

No. 1466221

Same for me. I don't find men disgusting in general, I don't even think about them, I'm just not as horny as before.

No. 1466222

You seem awfully sure of yourself.

No. 1466223

what about the lesbeans

No. 1466227

I’m talking about straight women. I used to not be able to understand women who go on tinder and hook up with a lot of people. Man I wish everyday I was beautiful so I’d have the confidence to have sex with random scrotes.

No. 1466228

File: 1673128121442.jpg (293.18 KB, 1125x1270, IMG_20230107_224823.jpg)

No. 1466229

You're the one who can't cope with the fact that other women may not like ugly scrote dick. Guess what, lesbians exist and some straight women aren't attracted to the average ugly moid or are celibate. Dick isn't that good and you sound disgusting.

No. 1466235

Ok homophobe-chan

No. 1466237

I’m talking about straight women. To say you find all dicks are ugly is a stretch unless you have no sex drive at all. I’m celibate too but I can see when a good looking guy has a attractive dick.

No. 1466242

why does this look like Leon from RE4? am I having an aneurysm?

No. 1466243

>Girls if you don't like sucking dick you're just immature! REAL women love dick and you'll be begging for it in a few years wink wink
Spoken like a true tranny

No. 1466251

NTA but some women do develop a higher sex drive with age, some nonnies are just immature.

No. 1466256

Some, probably yes, but not all like that anon implied. That post reeks of scrotum so bad

No. 1466257

File: 1673129109251.jpg (20.23 KB, 400x400, 988834e7c3783156db479d22687220…)

>am I having an aneurysm?
Yes. How dare you.

No. 1466274

Or maybe men should kill themselves.

No. 1466277

I do know about that. However, being a child sex abuse "survivor" (and I fucking hate that word), I like how you assume just because a child is a male, they are deserving of any abuse. Go fuck yourself. It's always kids who have to pay the price.

No. 1466281

Maybe stop projecting your humanity onto men. They don't care for you as much as you care for them.

No. 1466289

Men don’t need a reason to inflict trauma onto women. I’m from a country where circumcision is very rare, yet they’re just as fucked up as American men.

I don’t believe in taking a scalpel to a baby’s dick unless it’s a serious medical necessity. At the same time, I’m not going to focus my attention on that with all the shit that happens to women.

No. 1466297

See how you worded it? Some women have an increase in sex drive later in age yeah, but op said that anyone not into dick will learn to love it later and they're just immature "little girls". That's disgusting.


Nta but while children should be protected, I also can't ignore the fact that a lot of 12 year old boys frequently consume porn (by their choice) and harass their female peers.

No. 1466299

A boy isn’t a man.

No. 1466302

Trauma causes brain changes in babies, so the long tradition of not using anaesthetic when cutting open babies and mutilating their genitals contributed to raising generations of emotionally unbalanced men.

Men can still be shit for cultural or other reasons, but it probably increases the incidence of sexual and mental disorders.

No. 1466306


No. 1466307

>I also can't ignore the fact that a lot of 12 year old boys frequently consume porn (by their choice) and harass their female peers.
harass is being too kind, young scrotes will knowingly commit cocsa on younger girls and brag about it to other scrotes, at 12 and younger.

No. 1466312

File: 1673133166285.jpg (69.15 KB, 736x831, 1cf1af12d58133d46cc75b9fc5c4ef…)

Come on, anon, prove your commitment to women's wellbeing by circumcising this baby.

No. 1466314

Nya but pale skin and dark hair also look cool.

No. 1466316

File: 1673133416899.jpeg (31.61 KB, 800x428, 9C9C71AD-5304-4C4C-ABAD-D89E5D…)

I would give up my fucking parents to have Edward Furlong

No. 1466331

Men can grow up to be decent if they are raised right but it takes a lot of work and intelligent parents to do it

No. 1466352

Circumcised penis hurt me with its dryness and jackhammering. I think uncut ones are much cuter and I praise the lord every day because I live in a country where circumcision is not part of our culture. I find it ironic that a bunch of seemingly gay anons are discussing dick aesthetic, but you're all entitled to your opinions.

That would be the circumcised dick.

No. 1466371

Who gives this much of a fuck about men?

No. 1466376

I think a lot of my problems would be solved if I could have sex. I think I would be less angry and more happy. I do not believe in masturb*tion because it would tarnish my energy. It's hard, but I resist. I am conquering my fitness goals and making money. Thriving, just sexually frustrated.
>Tell me why, I'm stuck as a virgin with rage? Tell me why, I so need a cute girl my age?

No. 1466380

Blonde vs brunette is not colorism for white people lol. Hair color and eye color never determined things like education or career choices like being light skinned or dark skinned did. Kind of fucked up that you'd compare it to that.

No. 1466386

I’m a dark skin black person but I jokingly refer to hair color and eye color being colorism for white people because the way they act with eye color and hair color is the way a lot of light skin and dark skin people act with each other

No. 1466388

I forget what it's called but anyone who uses time like
>oh it's 17:45
>instead if it's 7:45pm
stop trying to be special and use time normally like the reast of us

No. 1466390

In the USA it's called military time, I hate it. It's confusing as fuck, and 7:45 would actually be 19:45.

No. 1466393

Anyone who uses military time instead of normal time is a loser. Like why do you want to subtract 12 every time you look at the clock. Dweebs.

No. 1466395

the need to be special is so crazy these days, smh, literally creating new things, like, "Oh pluto not a planet, oh red means go" shut the fuck up please. Use the time normally, it's all we have

No. 1466399

And before I know it you'll tell me to use feet, inches and pounds too.

No. 1466405

Pluto is actually a planet again

No. 1466406

this makes me so fucking mad

No. 1466411

Pluto's been big and small, and big and small, and big and small again

No. 1466415

Omg i mad a email in protest when i was younger pluto_iz_sad@xxxxx i cant log into it anymoreeee now its me; im sad

No. 1466417

who can contact to change it back? Im sick of the shit, I saw some fucker talkign about his fat ass weight in "killergrams" or whatever, like shut up, stop using shit not meant for you. I think people do it to dfuck with me

No. 1466418

I love that energy. I bet you were a cool kid

No. 1466420

nytart, but women are still putting in the effort right now. laughing my ass off that my hettie-hating ass does actual separatist activism on the women's land with the other lesbians and celibate women, while you sit on your ass seething and denying any affirmative action. stamping your feet and refusing to volunteer because a straight woman might benefit is intentionally sabotaging and robbing other women in need of activism and feminist resources. yeah het women provide their oppressor with resources that keeps this shit going, but refusing to do any affirmative action at all because of that portion of straight women MAY access those resources is pants on head retarded. one of us is doing something tangible for separatism, and it isnt the one denigrating straight women online

No. 1466421

>my hettie-hating ass
>it isnt the one denigrating straight women online
Who's side are you on anon

No. 1466426

nta but she is unpredictable, like the whirling winds atop a mountain. She is multi-faceted, like the many faces of the moon. She is black-and-white, like the spots upon the milkiest cow. She is The Elusive Nonnie, and she will remain cloaked in mystery.

No. 1466450

What if your job makes you use it? should those people make an effort to use normal clock time in their everyday life or do they get a pass? asking for a friend…

No. 1466458

File: 1673140488508.jpg (14.66 KB, 343x344, 1665682812021914.jpg)

But I love my wojaks . . . I just wish there were as many female ones as there are male ones. I tried taking the complex male ones and photo shopping then into women for a while, but nonas kept thinking I was a Nazi because there would be all this hidden Nazi symbolism in them and I didn't know so didn't take it out. I just thought a dragon was a dragon . . .

No. 1466515

People hate on Gen z but I honestly think a lot of us would have more confidence if we were raised in this generation. Especially those of us who are poc women.

No. 1466535

One of abusive moids favorite things is when people take attention off of him to point the finger at his victim and say "why didn't she choose better/leave him sooner?". I do believe women need to be taught better on how to leave partners and point out red flags, but using it to shut down women who talk about their experiences is gross and giving her abuser exactly what they want

No. 1466538


No. 1466543

I’d be ok with a world where meat eating is banned. I’m pretty adjustable to different foods considering I used to be a ana chan and you gotta be open minded with different foods to stay under your daily amount of calories. I could get used to fake meat like I got used to diet sodas.

No. 1466545

Fortunately nobody else likes fake meat as all the companies making it are tanking.

No. 1466546

Because they aren’t going into it with a open mind. They are going into it with “this is vegan therefore I won’t eat it!”.

No. 1466554

are they tanking?
it is way too expensive.

No. 1466557

tbh trying to make plants imitate junk meats, like veggie chicken nuggets or burgers will always just highlight its inferiority. It's expensive and doesn't taste as good as real meat so why bother?. Veggies are way more delicious when they aren't ground into a mystery meat substitute paste thank you

No. 1466562

>spends her time defending men, their dicks and pleasure online
Kek. Even hardcore Muslim women aren't as brainwashed as you. Imagine arguing with your sister about how you're not gonna cut your son so he can jerk off comfortably.
Why would anyone have issues with that? It means he'll be less likely to have possibly infertility inducing stds in the future.

No. 1466564

That's what happens when subsidies are given to animal agriculture by the government

No. 1466572

This. I do not care for the moralfagging about >muh trauma of moids at all. They don't care about infecting women with HPV and all sorts of other STDs, why should I care about a useless flap of skin lopped off?

No. 1466586

My mom made delicious chili with fake ground beef tonight over mashed potatoes and the entire extended family ate it and loved it. We didn't tell them it wasn't real meat kek and therefore no one cared.

No. 1466611

Cut dick is uncomfy as hell because of the dryness and I don't have sex with someone who has a numb cock lmao. Get the HPV vaccine and don't date a manwhore, but you're probably a lesbian anyway.

No. 1466613

I don't think it's sad when a family is eating together at a restaurant and they're all looking at their phones. They already spend so much time around each other it's fine if they want to relax while they eat.

No. 1466615

i hate zoomers and their funko pop rage comics so much

No. 1466616

File: 1673165765695.jpeg (302.3 KB, 640x807, ABFF8A45-E629-4863-98D0-1E3F86…)

I’ve heard about boys as young as ten raping their younger siblings. Not to mention…
Abort males. They are evil from cradle to grave.

No. 1466623

I won't look at my phone at a restaurant but when I'm at my bfs or at home I like to pull out reddit when I'm eating dinner and find a thread to scroll idk why it's my comfy dining experience

No. 1466627

This case was the topic of a documentary recently. Basically the police decided the boys were guilty before investigating properly and asked leading questions to make the boys confess. There were not witnesses to the crime and no proof of them having done any of it.

No. 1466635

wasnt there a case of two 10 year old boys in england who killed a 5yo boy too? there was also the case of that redhead who killed a toddler. Men are just born evil.

No. 1466647

that case is actually the police being shitty and doing anything but catch the actual killer

No. 1466649

Yeah then there's the Mary Bell case where a 10 year old girl killed and molested a little boy. I'm not disagreeing men are evil, one of those boys in the England case did grow up to become a pedo, but in the case of children who commit such crimes they've usually been groomed and raped and exposed to everything under the sun that a child shouldn't be exposed to. I think these days kids being exposed to porn constitutes as child grooming. There's been a significant increase in COCSA with the normalization of online porn. Idk how it's not regulated yet.

No. 1466651

you are a retard, mary bell was molested by scrotes since she was a baby and grew up in a shitty fucking time and house, she killed those boys out of spite for the male gender for everything they did to her, she wasnt getting off by it she just had an actually terrible fucking childhood and developed a righfully hatred towards the male sex. Also, Mary bell is literally the only child female serial killer, but every fucking year there is a new 10-12yo male murdering or molesting his peers. The british moids and the redhead were just born evil because they are moids. The redhead ''was bullied'' boo fucking hoo, i am glad he's rotting in hell unlike mary who's living her life and according to people is a good mother unlike her fucking pedo mom.

No. 1466653

also, what a coincidence its only male children abusing other children despite girls getting exposed to porn from a young age too. Its almost as if all men are inherently born evil.

No. 1466654

>she killed those boys out of spite for the male gender
>4 year old child

No. 1466657

yes? she was what, like 10 did you expect her to kill a grown ass man? i am not trying to defend her though, just that comparing mary bell to the other scrote childrens who kill because they get off to it or because ''they were bullied'' isnt a fair comparison

No. 1466671

and it was mother who essentially pimped her to her degen male clients
>The mother was a prostitute who exploited Mary at every turn for financial gain. She was also arguably a headcase herself who to her dying day refused to tell Mary who her real father
>Mary Bell's accomplice received very different treatment before, during, and after the trial. Sereny suggests that beyond actual culpability, there were many psychological factors at play that may have biased the courts, media, and jury against Mary and in favor of her accomplice, who was ultimately found not guilty. For example, the accomplice came from a supportive (and relatively normal) family. And while older than Mary, her demeanor in public was more fragile and nervous. Whereas Mary seemed more hardened. Sereny who attended the trial seems to think that opinions were formed about these girls based more on their appearance and their behavior in court and less on the facts.
>Bell does not claim she was wrongly convicted and freely admits the abuse she suffered as a child does not excuse her crimes

anyway she doesn't even remember the act but she knows what she did was awful, she got married, had a kid and lived her life, she didn't seem to hate or even dislike men as much as she seemed to hate her own mother

No. 1466677

Female children are molested more often than male children and yet you have way more male rapists and killers among children. Men are just evil kek

No. 1466679

I'm a bi woman. Nice projection and blaming women when men gave them stds, though. Also HPV isn't the only disease that can make you infertile, tardlet. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are just as bad and you can't get vaxxed for them.

No. 1466685

File: 1673175654271.jpg (28.8 KB, 735x603, 1672008513466.jpg)

Yawn keep enjoying numb and crusty jackhammer dick

No. 1466686

Found the nonnie with HPV kek

No. 1466692

Did you know, Mary bells mother was a prostitute and she was regularly sexually abused and raped by her mothers clients, including being strangled to the brink of death. But yeah sure, little girl bad!

No. 1466693

>Putting pleasuring a man before protecting yourself from stds
Libfem mindset. I bet you also think fucking random men is empowering and based.
I'm literally telling you HPV isn't the only std that you should protect yourself from and you're still trying to mock me because you can't come up with a better argument. For your information though, I don't have HPV and most women who get cancer from HPV are 35+ married women who get it from their husbands since your immune system can fight the virus when you're young.

No. 1466694

No. 1466695

You need to start wearing protection. If I'm gonna actually have sex with a moid then fuck yes I care about enjoying it.

No. 1466696

No way did you just say preferring certain type of dick is "Putting pleasuring a man before protecting yourself from stds".

No. 1466697

Condoms don't protect you against all stds, such as herpes syphilis and hpv, retard. Also cut and uncut don't make that big of a difference if you're making him wear protection so you make no sense.
Nta but the way you got so butthurt you spent time picking out that many posts means you're the one that needs to touch grass.

No. 1466699

If uncut means more pleasure for him and more risk for stds for you yet you pick it and argue you won't cut your son because of it, you're putting mens pleasure before women's health.

No. 1466700

This feels like celibate-chan still larping lmao

>cut and uncut don't make that big of a difference
This is not true but obviously you wouldn't know

No. 1466701

go away moid, men are evil it doesnt matter how much you nitpick one single case of several abuse and neglect. Men will kill for sexual pleasure or because mean womyn didnt want to touch his dick cheese ridden cock, something no woman has ever done.

No. 1466707

It's more pleasure for me. Why is that so hard for you to grasp? Stop sleeping with promiscuous men and your paranoia about STDs will go down. You are aware most of the world's male population are not cut, right?

No. 1466709

Twitter zoomer comeback

No. 1466710

>most of worlds population isn't cut
Why does that matter, anon? Are you traveling the world to fuck men all around the globe?

No. 1466712

You're still at it lmao

No. 1466713

NTA I just think unironically using ‘touch grass’ outs you as a twitter newfag

No. 1466714

No. 1466715

Don't reply to it, that's a schizo male %99 report and ignore.

No. 1466718

If you had even half a brain you'd understand why that mattered

No. 1466723

>I made a weird remark which I have no explanation for so I'll call you stupid instead!

No. 1466726

File: 1673178547044.gif (17.14 KB, 128x128, nomnomnom.gif)

kfc>burger king>mcdonald nuggies and fries>literal shit>mcdonalds everything else

No. 1466728

There's no point in talking to those pickme retards, they don't even value their own health.
A man doesn't have to be promiscuous to have hpv or other STD. He could catch if from his first sexual partner if she wasn't a virgin. In america like 45-50% of men carry active genital hpv infections. Good look finding one who doesn't.

No. 1466729

It wasn't a weird remark. Are you going to accuse the women that live in countries where circumcision isn't common of being "gross" and riddled with STDs? Because that's exactly what you're doing to anons who say they prefer uncut dick.

No. 1466732

Why are you fucking random men? Just get one FWB, both of you take STD tests and you're done.
This is some advanced pickme shit.

No. 1466733

I already found one but thanks nonita ♥

No. 1466734

pakichan, romanion and komaedachan are way more interesting than all fo the /snow/ and /pt/ cows

No. 1466735

>cut and uncut don't make that big of a difference if you're making him wear protection so you make no sense
Just because you don't feel a difference or have never had sex doesn't mean other women don't. Condoms don't make all sensations go away kek

No. 1466749

File: 1673179437980.png (87.41 KB, 298x326, My grandma refuses to use soci…)

I do not wish to integrate with the Nazis so I can learn all their secret codes.

Baby girl, I am so old, you can not blame my love of reaction imagines on zoomers. They're like tone indicators, except not retarded.

No. 1466750

Literally why are you here then interacting with NaZiS?

No. 1466751

File: 1673179655851.jpeg (72.65 KB, 1151x767, B2C0A9B1-1C90-44D0-B544-F4CD4F…)

I don’t understand how people can enjoy mcdonald burgers with how dry and sad they look. Can only stomach their nuggets and fries

No. 1466753

stop it get some help

No. 1466755

File: 1673179741785.png (657.65 KB, 1600x1608, 1643897863276.png)

stop larping you are max 14

No. 1466757

File: 1673179808811.jpg (94.27 KB, 1080x1080, 279103073_185108653847809_3067…)

This reminds me of the fact that Jon Koppenhaver(aka War Machine) an MMA fighter who nearly beat his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend to death got married while he was in prison and has a son, his wife actively posts on instagram. He is very religious heavy now and posts reflections

No. 1466761

You remind me of those circumcised scrotes who can't stop coping because their dick is effectively lame lol

No. 1466777

>You don't want women to catch Hpv and get cancer? You remind me of those circumcised scrotes who can't stop coping because their dick is effectively lame lol
You're a super retard

No. 1466781

This. Has anyone else noticed that some types of women seem to have a weird allegiance to the type of men they sleep with, and get mad at other women for not wanting them?

No. 1466784

You received the actual solution already. Stop fucking random, dirty men. Demand STD testing from any man you do let touch you. A cut dick is not automatically STD-free. Or are you on some "Omg I'd never ask a nigel to go to all that trouble for meee!!" shit?

No. 1466788

She's just baiting anon, look at her super retarded comeback

No. 1466791

uncut is more pleasure for the woman as it glides and stimulates more and the guy doesn't jackhammer as hard to get off

No. 1466792

Countries with the highest HPV rates also have the highest circumcision rates so what's your end goal here?

No. 1466798

also circumcision causes permanent brain damage in babies due to trauma that makes them less empathetic as adults, which is the last thing men need.

No. 1466803

I don't even fuck men rm because I'm bi more interested in women. Men don't have to sleep around to have Hpv. Yes, every man should get tested. The problem is many women still decide to fuck men even if they do have hpv. The fact that circumcised dicks have less STDs is also important and the fact that women value a piece of skin more than their own health is pathetic. We should strive for lowering the risk as much as possible. Get scrotes circumcised AND tested AND make them wear condoms. I only expressed my disdain for women who don't value their own health and for women who literally cry for a piece of male skin even though men don't give a single fuck about your health because ao many of them don't even want to wear a condom or get tested and they don't care about FGM either. Some women itt are just pathetic pickme retards.

No. 1466807

Keep coping celibaby-chan
>I only expressed my disdain for women who don't value their own health
That's not true though you just ignore all the sane arguments

No. 1466808

Men are already born with permanent brain damage lol.

>Circumcised men compared with uncircumcised men have also been shown in clinical trials to be less likely to acquire new infections with syphilis (by 42%), genital ulcer disease (by 48%), genital herpes (by 28% to 45%), and high-risk strains of human papillomavirus associated with cancer (by 24% to 47% percent

NOOOOOOOO not the foreskinooo, the precious skin with delicious cheese and STDerinooos!

No. 1466810

Maybe women just don't want mentally ill scrotes with even less empathy because their dicks were mutilated when they were babies. Guess who suffers the brunt of the low empathy? The women and children in their lives. Guess who you don't need to have sex with? Untested men, men who refuse to wear condoms and men who think FGM is no big deal.
What's your answer for >>1466792, by the way? Surely, the rates should be lower if circumcision is so important?

>Men are already born with permanent brain damage lol.
So it should be made even worse because dick addiction is too powerful?

No. 1466813

File: 1673184178817.jpg (500.76 KB, 1200x1500, IMG_20230108_141201.jpg)

Eastern Europe, Sub Saharan Africa and Latin america have the highest HPV rates. Prevalence of male circumcision is 90% for Israel and muslim countries, 86% for South Korea, 80% for USA and ONLY 45% in South Africa. So what the fuck are talking about? Anyway I'm done with you retards

No. 1466815

File: 1673184255490.jpeg (258.46 KB, 1096x1558, 17FC3AE2-3514-49B6-9B43-9BB21B…)

I dunno the 24 hour clock seems easier to me? At least in spreadsheets and things it makes it easier to keep track of exactly when things happen because my job is round the clock. People are retarded and will literally confuse 7pm with 7am on important documents, it also helps to have the exact time when working with other countries. 24 hour clock is superior and I’m glad it makes normies mad, all my clocks are on 24 hour time. If it confuses you then you are a baka and I laugh at you

No. 1466816

You are literally more at risk of all sorts of shit sleeping with some deranged, circumcised coomer who is incapable of getting off to anything sane/normal as a result of having fewer nerve endings. They will also refuse condoms more often. You're not just at risk of STDs, but of being forced or pressured into acts and/or pandering to fetishes you don't want.
Reminder: Circumcised moids categorically CANNOT receive as much pleasure from PIV. They are basically signed from birth to be porn-addicted, low-empathy monsters. In-tact moids are bad enough, and you're so deluded you believe in making it worse.

No. 1466820

All I know is the guy I slept with who was uncircumcised had a weird smelly dick even after washing it and I am never sleeping with an uncut man ever again as long as I live.

No. 1466821

>Compared with genitally intact males, rates among circumcised males were not statistically significantly reduced for any specific STI. Indeed, circumcised males had a 53% higher rate of STIs overall (HR = 1.53, 95% CI: 1.24–1.89), and rates were statistically significantly increased for anogenital warts (74 cases in circumcised males v. 7151 cases in intact males, HR = 1.51; 95% CI: 1.20–1.90) and syphilis (four cases in circumcised males v. 197 cases in intact males, HR = 3.32; 95% CI: 1.23–8.95). In this national cohort study spanning more than three decades of observation, non-therapeutic circumcision in infancy or childhood did not appear to provide protection against HIV or other STIs in males up to the age of 36 years. Rather, non-therapeutic circumcision was associated with higher STI rates overall, particularly for anogenital warts and syphilis.
Stop being a moron.

No. 1466823

Just find a man who's not porn addicted lol. Also, if a man who already watches porn actually wants to stop doing it, he can stop. If a man carries an active high risk HPV strain he can't get rid of it no matter what and he will carry it for some years and will risk giving it to a woman every time he has sex.

No. 1466826

I'm European and literally never encounter this, but moids here know basic hygiene I guess

No. 1466827

Circumcised scrotes are doomed to be porn addicts.
>If a man carries an active high risk HPV strain
Like this?
>Circumcised participants in a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Urological Association were twice as likely as their uncircumcised counterparts to have either of two HPV strains associated with penile cancer, researchers said.

No. 1466829

lol nonnie he was French don’t pretend moids aren’t all disgusting fucks especially euros

No. 1466832

I posted here stats about countries and HPV and circumcision prevalence which go against what you said. You said that countries with highest CM rates also have the highest HPV rates. Where's proof for this? How is is that countries like South Korea have higher CM rates (86%) than Japan (around 1%) yet Japan has higher hpv rates than South Korea and also the most common genotype in Japan is 16, the highly cancerous one? Israel should have turbo high HPV rates yet it's lower than Argentina's etc. Northern America is lower than Southern despite having high CM rate etc. You were talking about entire countries, now you post studies on selected groups when I show you that what you said about HPV rates per country is not true.

No. 1466833

I didn't say shit there, I pointed to a study that goes against your circumcision obsession. Cry more.

No. 1466837

File: 1673186372759.jpg (123.39 KB, 1139x1080, 1656146768106.jpg)

I guess when I look at the state of the relationship advice thread I'm not surprised anons here would sleep with moids that literally don't even know how to clean their own dick

No. 1466838

I'm not obsessed with dicks, unlike het posters here. I care for female health.
I could post equal, if not higher, amount of studies showing the opposite and that circumcised men are at lower risk of spreading STDs. So? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8579597/
The anon who said countries with higher CM rates have higher HPV rates simply lied.

No. 1466839

You’re manically obsessed with penis. Go fuck whatever you want and leave women who don’t have your preference alone.

No. 1466842

>can't defend their argument
>noooo leave me and women aloneee
Every time, whatever.

No. 1466844

>I could post equal, if not higher, amount of studies showing the opposite and that circumcised men are at lower risk of spreading STDs. So?
And they are are based on low quality information and bias.
>The claim that circumcision reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections has been repeated so frequently that many believe it is true. A systematic review and meta-analyses were performed on studies of genital discharge syndrome versus genital ulcerative disease, genital discharge syndrome, nonspecific urethritis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital ulcerative disease, chancroid, syphilis, herpes simplex virus, human papillomavirus, and contracting a sexually transmitted infection of any type. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, and human papillomavirus are not significantly impacted by circumcision. Syphilis showed mixed results with studies of prevalence suggesting intact men were at great risk and studies of incidence suggesting the opposite. Intact men appear to be of greater risk for genital ulcerative disease while at lower risk for genital discharge syndrome, nonspecific urethritis, genital warts, and the overall risk of any sexually transmitted infection. In studies of general populations, there is no clear or consistent positive impact of circumcision on the risk of individual sexually transmitted infections. Consequently, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections cannot rationally be interpreted as a benefit of circumcision, and any policy of circumcision for the general population to prevent sexually transmitted infections is not supported by the evidence in the medical literature.

No. 1466846

>leave me and women aloneee
And the scrote just exposed himself KEK

No. 1466847

Samefag. Some pieces:

>The earliest report of circumcision status as potential risk factor for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) was published in 1855 by Hutchinson, who noted that in men who were treated for STIs (primarily gonorrhea and syphilis), Jews were less likely to have syphilis [1]. This report is still referenced by circumcision proponents as a validation of their claim that circumcision prevents STIs, but the converse of Hutchinson's finding, namely that when compared to Gentiles, Jews were at greater risk for gonorrhea, is typically ignored.

>Previous analyses have found that the studies of HPV were prone to two forms of bias [16, 26–28]. The first was sampling bias. Several studies have found that circumcised men are more likely to have genital warts or have positive lesions or positive swabs on the penile shaft than intact men [29–35]. Consequently, studies that sampled only the glans or the urethra would underestimate the incidence and prevalence of HPV infection in circumcised males.

>For example, in the study published by VanBuskirk et al., if only the glans is sampled, only 66.1% of the intact men with genital HPV would be identified, while only 45.2% of the circumcised men with genital HPV would be identified [32]. To adjust for the impact of this sampling bias, separate analyses were performed by multiplying the number of infections identified in studies that only sampled the glans by 1.514 in intact males and 2.212 in circumcised males.

>The second is misclassification bias. Studies that rely on the patient report of circumcision status can often inaccurately identify the circumcision status of the participants. This has also been found to be a significant factor in previous analyses of HPV infections [16, 27, 28]. Finally, a separate analysis was conducted of studies of the prevalence of high-risk HPV in which the circumcision status of males was determined by physical examination and HPV was diagnosed by either serology or culture, biopsy, or polymerase chain reaction, with multiple site sampling including the shaft of the penis.

>A systematic review of the incidence and prevalence of genital HPV infections as they relate to circumcision status in males is fraught with a variety of pitfalls. This may explain why several systematic reviews with meta-analysis have been published with inconsistent results [16, 18, 20]. HPV has many subtypes, some of which have been demonstrated to be oncogenic, while others are benign and self-limited infections. The oncogenic types have been strongly linked to cervical cancer in women and may be responsible for about half of the cases of penile cancer in men. Some studies reported their results for HPV infections without specifying the types of HPV identified, some reported only infections with oncogenic HPV, and some studies reported results on all HPV infections and also infections with oncogenic HPV. Consequently, two analyses were run (any HPV and high-risk HPV). Since oncogenic HPV is more concerning clinically, the second analysis may be the more relevant of the two. In the analysis that focused on high-risk HPV, there was no significant difference in the prevalence by circumcision status.

>Previous analyses have found that sampling bias and patient report of circumcision status significantly effect the odds ratio reported in a study [16, 26–28]. For this reason, a third analysis (selective HPV) was run on the studies of prevalence in the second analysis (high-risk HPV) in which studies with the potential for sampling bias and misclassification bias were excluded.

>Finally, the two randomized clinical trials that reported their results on HPV infection both failed to adjust for sampling only the glans and to adjust for lead-time bias.

One study being referenced in the excerpt you posted (Uganda by Tobian et al) is literally criticized here:
>Perhaps most concerning is the results reported from the group of researchers from Johns Hopkins, who have after publication of their studies become vociferous advocates of the benefits of circumcision [5, 6]. At the beginning of their randomized clinical trial of circumcision of adult male “volunteers” in Rakai, Uganda, “two subpreputial and shaft swabs were also obtained for future testing of human papillomavirus infection.” [103] In 2011, Tobian et al. reported the results of the HPV cultures of the glans and penile shaft at the 12-month visit of participants in their randomized clinical trial [104]. So, it is not clear why, in 2009, Tobian et al. reported the results of the difference in HPV infections incidence using only samples obtained from the preputial cavity of intact men and the coronal sulcus of circumcised men [82]. Why would Tobian and the research group from Johns Hopkins collect samples from the penile shaft and glans but only report the results from the glans?

No. 1466854

I asked this before but I'll ask it again, who the fuck would count on circumcision for std prevention? Instead of like, a condom?

No. 1466857

It really does feel like it's not even about "women's health" for this person claiming to be a bi woman. It's more about trying to promote circumcised men. I wonder why.

No. 1466866

This thread is retarded as fuck

No. 1466868

Thanks for posting a study that basically says "we don't know anything and we can't say anything for sure". That doesn't change the fact that you lied when you said countries with higher CM rates have higher HPV rates, when im fact it's the opposite. You can't explain why Japan has higher HPV rates including high risk oncogenic types than South Korea when CM rate in SK is like 80% in comaprison to tiny percent in Japan. By your logic, koreans should be fuken riddled with HPV. Keep defending dicks, I'm sure scrotes will appreciate your whiteknighting for them.

No. 1466870

I said that we should use all types of prevention in order to lower the risk. Not just circumcision, but also condoms, testing, vaxing and chosing men who aren't manwhores.

No. 1466875

NTA, you insisted on circumcision alone, but then when you were told to stop having casual sex with dirty moids and use actual protection, you quickly pretended you were about all contraception/prevention. No one is fooled.

No. 1466877

Since you're blind and allergic to reading, let me put it again for you:
>In studies of general populations, there is no clear or consistent positive impact of circumcision on the risk of individual sexually transmitted infections. Consequently, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections cannot rationally be interpreted as a benefit of circumcision, and any policy of circumcision for the general population to prevent sexually transmitted infections is not supported by the evidence in the medical literature.
This is based on actual reviews of the studies you insist back up your points. It's all taken into account, and the pro-circumcision takes are determined to be BS pushed by people who really, really like circumcision.
>y-you lied
Everyone in this thread is not the same person. Again, cry more. Nice projection btw, you've spent hours now literally defending dicks. This is most likely because you own one. No one here will ever start to think your cut dick is less nasty. Disgusting male use a condom and/or stick with your hand and stop bothering women.

No. 1466879

File: 1673188209936.jpg (150.43 KB, 768x869, bruni02 (1).jpg)

I never even had sex with a man. You were probably talking to more than one person. I said like two times already that we should combine more methods of preventing STDs. The only dirty person itt was some muslim obsessed with the piece of dick skin and how much "pleasure" it gives.
Yeah dude, your "everything is biased" study made my dick cheese lovers and dirty scrotes definitely applies to all stats made on HPV prevalence per region.

No. 1466882

Anyway, cut dicks are ugly, and cut men are dry, mentally ill perverts who have to jackhammer and often have higher rates of gonorrhea, syphillis, genital warts, certain strains of HPV, etc.

No. 1466886

Anyway, regions with higher CM rates have lower HPV rates and uncut dicks are smelly and dirty.

No. 1466887

Amen anon. Glad more women are aware of the circumcision to jackhammering porn addict pipeline.

No. 1466888

all men are disgusting and gross

No. 1466892

this is the unpopular opinion thread ma’am not the based thread

No. 1466893

It's been annoying me lately it's like people post shit they know it going to rile people up it's not even real unpopular opinions. Like the dipshit that wanted to start a conversation about white colorism. Fuck off with that shit

No. 1466896

It's almost as if it's more prevalent in countires with higher rates of human trafficking

No. 1466898

It's celibacy-anon the same retard who was going on about how straight women are all prostitutes and dick garglers.

No. 1466899

>The only dirty person itt was some muslim obsessed with the piece of dick
That was 100% not what that anon was saying, I'm not sure if you're stupid or just pretending to be. And you keep using the fact that she is (an ex) muslim as if it were an argument on itself. Because that's what muslims do, right? They advocate against circumcision?

No. 1466901

Married couples having separate bedrooms should be normalized.

No. 1466908

Keep moving the goal posts
This is totally true. I wish women would at least choose those a little less disgusting than others. But most het women have no self preservation instinct. This forum is another example, women constantly crying about their shitty boyfriends and then defending relationships and living with scrotes in one house and nuclear families and other scrote inventions

No. 1466912

File: 1673189689264.gif (192.26 KB, 220x176, 1672781970057.gif)

No. 1466930

Brazil seems nicer than Argentina.

No. 1466942

Children should be encouraged to fight back against their bullies, if I had a kid I and they were being bullied I'd tell them to hit back, unless I had a boy and the bully was a girl, in that case he must just tell an adult.
I was going to say that at least Brazil doesn't have argies, but the people from Brazilian south region have the same "I'm sooo european" complex, so I guess it makes no difference.

No. 1466951

What are examples of white colorism? I've never experienced it.

No. 1466953

Idk about colorism because everyone is white here, but where I'm from we have ethnic minorities that were sterilized, not allowed to use their own language in public schools etc. back in the 50s.

No. 1466956

But then, why is tan skin so often considered more attractive than "pasty", pale skin?

No. 1466957

that's not colorism, that's racial oppression

No. 1466968

File: 1673192241061.jpg (103.12 KB, 1000x741, GettyImages-3315741.jpg)

cultural factors brought upon by the Industrial revolution, then and now workers usually spent their times in doors all day, while the rich could afford to stay in the countryside mansion playing idle outdoor sports where they would have a healthy tan
don't know what your on about, slight tan on men and women has always been promoted since the 19th century

No. 1466971

But poor people used to work in the fields for the greater part of history.

No. 1466974

What are some actual examples of this IRL though? Gonna out myself as a loser but I have a few mutual male friends and I've never heard them say anything bad about dark hair or dark eyes on a woman, even if they're talking about women they are attracted to. To me it seems like they don't care what hair color or eye color a woman has, she just needs to be at least slightly feminine and their age.

No. 1466975

File: 1673192516942.gif (2.54 MB, 498x207, 1647983830848.gif)

Anons… I was talking about like our love lives with my sisters and how I'm never, ever dating a guy from my ethnicity because the very vast majority of them are retarded muslims and then the topic of circumcision came up because they asked me if I'd do it if I had a son even if it would go against my hypothetical husband's wish. I said no fucking way I'm allowing anyone to do unnecessary surgery on a newborn and they lost their minds, it reminded me of this thread.

No. 1466976

Yes, that's why for most of the world lighter skin is a status indicator but the west had a industrial revolution which changed things more organically

No. 1466979

Are you white? Have you ever experienced this "white colorism"?

No. 1466985

Maybe your sisters are in this thread right now.

No. 1466987

File: 1673192727364.jpg (138.07 KB, 650x513, aVyRz6u.jpg)

Fox news anchors

No. 1466990

Tan skin makes you look more toned. It's also a noticeable change in your body so you are looking at it differently and noticing the details.
I would say women may not think blonde hair is masculine because for a lot of white people their hair is blonde as a child but gets darker and darker over time.
It depends on the level of tanness. If you're in the fields all day every day, your skin will look like leather. If you're out for a few hours every few days or so, you'll have a "healthier" tan and less skin damage over time.

No. 1466991

Kek this doesn't really prove shit.

No. 1466992

No they're barely literate in English, this is my safe space from muslim stupidity here.

No. 1466993

File: 1673192872636.jpg (272.67 KB, 1482x864, 4741zv3hv5o31.jpg)

you are probably a troll, but how do you reckon the fact that the Irish who were light brown and red haired, Green eyed and had skin so pale than looking it wrong give it a sunburn were historically treated in England and America as second class citizens and portrayed as ape-like in propaganda and pseudoscientific racial illustrations

No. 1466994

File: 1673192903686.jpg (91.66 KB, 400x422, 7491_irish_ref.jpg)

some examples

No. 1466997

File: 1673192967562.gif (30.33 KB, 600x492, 1.gif)

No. 1466999

File: 1673192993288.jpg (314.81 KB, 647x609, 73.jpg)

No. 1467000

File: 1673193018888.jpg (171.66 KB, 804x580, 54.jpg)

No. 1467001

I'm white and none of this affects me in any meaningful way.

No. 1467002

File: 1673193044637.jpg (39.42 KB, 330x450, 151 (1).jpg)

No. 1467003

Ot but they always look so tacky.

No. 1467005

File: 1673193126643.jpg (66.15 KB, 549x665, 119.jpg)

No. 1467006

Ot but they always look so tacky.

No. 1467007

It proves that americans are idiots. No one in Europe give a shit about women's hair color. Fake blondes are everywhere in american media because they are racist little shits who have to prove to themselves that they are truly "white".

No. 1467010

I've seen too many deranged brunette women (in both the US and Europe) who have a complex about their hair color to think the "white colorism" thing is really false.

No. 1467011

what's with this graph? those numbers are way too low. are they including children and old people in this or something? Almost half of all the sexually active people in America have HPV.

No. 1467012

Yes let's just assume something about an entire group of people that we know nothing about.

No. 1467015

Could this be something that happens because of porn?

No. 1467017

LMAO what the fuck are you guys doing ITT. I just woke up it's too early for this shit.

No. 1467021

Guys, you are not oppressed because you consider yourself white. Go touch some grass.


This. The average christian didn't know if he was christian or jewish before the crusades of the middle ages. lol

No. 1467022

That one anon who smelled her boyfriend's dick before they had sex still haunts me.

No. 1467029

I used to disagree with the "whiteness is a social construct" thing, but things like this really seem to show it's true, at least in America. Even Italians weren't considered "white", and Americans still try to push them out sometimes, kek. People of European descent obviously exist, but "white" as a catch-all just seems to mean "accepted by the dominant in-group, and has kind of pale or only medium brown skin".

No. 1467030

I live in a white lil country and i have never of heard any man here who would consider darkhaired dark eyed white woman less attractive than a blonde woman. I guess we don't have colorism here lol

No. 1467032

it's literally not real unless you are a turbo aryan racist

No. 1467041

You can also see it with northern Europe vs Southern Europe. Anyone vaguely Mediterranean looking risks being mistaken for Turkish or Moroccan, which is a massive disadvantage in many ways, but there are enough prejudices towards southern Europeans themselves too. Many people will just say shit like southern Europeans are "naturally lazy", don't know how to work hard and are moochers. It's obviously not on the same level of discrimination as the other shit, but it's there.
Your very presence if you look Mediterranean could be triggering to boomers who will complain about ausländer, buitenlanders or whatever, but they wouldn't give a shit about a blonde hair blue eyed Croatian. And it's pretty damn common, not like a small select group of turbo racists who act like this.

No. 1467042

Nta but I haven't for the 26years of my life. One time a girl said blond people with brown eyes look like retriever puppies but that's it on the color combinations… scrotes don't care at all.

No. 1467044

Regarding the hair color debate, I'd like to give my perspective as someone from a country that is 95% dark haired, skintone colorism is probably the most common type of discrimination here but skintone ranges wildly mostly based on ethnicity, if someone has light hair they are usually the one's that have naturally normal non-dark skin
for e.g I am dark brown with straight black hair, while my younger brother is lighter skinned, has light brown hair and green eyes
however the few communities that have these features(tall and fair haired) are extremely isolated, only interesting thing that ever happens with those groups is some talent or modeling agent goes there hoping to get a modeling contract with the locals and always getting sent away, because their features are considered very rare here and so many people want them to appear at mainstream but those groups are religious and tribal of societies, plus I'm sure it sucks to be fetishized, good example, one of my father's family members came to visit one time, and one of my cousins(who was 13 at the time) was tall(taller then the average men), fair skinned, and blonde and so people literally started following him everywhere, girls, boys and adult men and women, it was so creepy and kinda scary

and as stated people fetishize these features cause they are rarer, If you see a tall person with different colored hair for the first time in your life, It would be like a different human being

No. 1467049

Northern people hating on southern people is a thing in almost every countries. Northern germans hate southern germans, they think they are "naturally" lazy and they are all pale as fuck. It has nothing to do with being white. Only turbo aryan racists care about skin colors in Europe.

No. 1467051

well in my country we already have people who are black, but people like my cousin were tall and had golden hair while speaking urdu and punjabi so that causes people to swarm to him
kek that's true all over the world, hell my dad's people unironically hate southern kashmiris and consider them the scum of the earth

No. 1467058

Yeah, plus there's the fucked up caste system.

No. 1467061

well this happened in sindh, where people are small hairy midgets(like really short here), so I maybe that was also a factor

No. 1467062

>Anyone vaguely Mediterranean looking risks being mistaken for Turkish or Moroccan
I've never seen that shit, if anything it's usually the reverse: my little sisters are Maghrebi just like me and they're slightly more pale than average and have names that don't seem too "exotic" so everyone thinks they're south european and they benefit from it a lot, meanwhile I'm dark enough and have dark, curly hair so people accurately guess what I am and treat me accordingly (as in, they treat me like shit kek, I hate this). This also applies to a bunch of people I know irl unless they follow specific trends that only north africans follow, like guys with specific haircuts and beards, or girls wearing the hijab or putting on makeup in a way that europeans usually don't.

No. 1467066

What I don't understand about colorist scrotes is the fact that if they are dark, any child they have runs the risk of having their same skintone (or darker). And yet, they run after women with light skin and hair. Don't they realize they're bringing more dark-featured girls into the world? Like, imagine being a racist dark-skinned Indian man, bashing dark-skinned Indian women, chasing white blond women and not just sterilizing yourself. What is wrong with their brains?
Light-featured women who agree with colorism (but only when it comes to treating dark-skinned women like shit) are in the wrong, too.

No. 1467069

File: 1673196523869.jpg (349.7 KB, 1170x500, 1658498752166.jpg)

There's a billion things that are wrong with my country, but I feel the way we categorize race is a lot better and makes more sense the west
in Pakistan, ethnicity are considered spectrums, for eg a Pashtun can be anyone who is tall light haired person to a light brown-ish and medium height person, and a sindhi can be anyone whose light-brown ish to dark brown-ish, that's something an illiterate villagers can understand

No. 1467073

But if that same white woman went and had kids with a white man instead of some brown Indian man, her kids wouldn't look Indian at all (which is an ultra win for any colorist's mentality). He may be "whitening" his own group, but he's darkening her group, and if it ever becomes a "thing" for non-Aryan colorist scrotes to do this, the whole world will have darker features. Logically, dark-skinned/dark-haired colorists should be volcel until they can figure out gene editing to make sure they and/or any kids they have won't have their features.

No. 1467074

You mean on social media only, or also blocking phone numbers? I personally blocked a shit ton of people on twitter including people I've never interacted with and it makes the website so much better I don't get why not everyone does it

No. 1467080

They want what white men have. That's it. Same reason why gay moids want straight married men. They want white male validation.

No. 1467085

I believe the more usual with the "whitening a population" thing is for it to happen by the light skinned males having children with darker skinned women, at least that is how it goes in Latin America. It's still a biologically conceptflawed because it's not like that is erasing the genes for darker skin, but yeah dark skinned scrotes who believe in that are extra retarded, because they are agreeing they're inferior.

No. 1467087

my father is a tall bereded light skinned man who married my dark skinned short darker mother, he never wanted to my mother(he didn't hate her, just met her a couple times in his life and had to marry her cause his dad decided it) but the way he describes it, he considers most other pakistani groups as what he calls "half eunuchs'" is that they hate every aspect about themselves, their bodies and their appearance and other then trying to improve their own selves, they hope by getting white women they can change their bloodlines and hope that their children no inherent their patheticness
its how he thinks of it anyway

No. 1467089

NTA but this is very America specific. Some countries where light hair is common do like dark hair and don’t prefer blondes over brunettes. I think you’d have to talk about white colorism specifically in regards to specific countries rather than lump all white cultures into one.

No. 1467095

This sounds like cope

No. 1467097

No offense, anon, but I hate your father.

No. 1467111

Southern Europeans are a lot rarer in Northern Europe than Moroccans or Turks at this point, so the guess is going that way a lot faster than any other. Olive undertone, dark features and for men a beard etc. is enough. Doing anything which makes you stand out, (which happens very fast) and you'll get sorted in the first type of foreigner they can match you with. The average person has no fucking clue about cultures outside of their own country, they can only tell that you're doing something that doesn't belong, no matter whether it's North African, Turkish or Southern European. All get thrown on the same heap and I'm pretty sure that the nationals hear the complaining about it more than the actual people they complain about.

No. 1467117

If you're biracial, it's dumb to only claim one half of your ancestry. However, if you're mixed with a lot of things, but primarily look like you're from one group and were raised within one culture, it makes sense as an easy shorthand.

No. 1467119

oh yeah, he's incredibly racist and patronizing but that's how he grew up, like he's fine with being darker skinned and short cause I'm a girl but he unironically thanks Allah that both my brothers came out lighter skinned and tall and considers it a miracle from Allah, like I couldn't imagine how he'd treat my brother if he looked more like my mom's side of the family

No. 1467134

Moids gossip as much as women do

No. 1467135

I'm not really in the north or south of Europe, I'm in France so we're in-between. Where I live there are a shit ton of both south Europeans (aka people whose grandparents are spanish, portugese or italiana nd moved in here) or maghrebi, I don't think there are as many turkish people though. None of the south europeans are ever mistaken for non-europeans.

No. 1467141

I have a male friend group. Whenever a man tries to speak up about his mental issue he gets called a faggot

No. 1467142

File: 1673201154615.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 769fb00ec839e47006ab3204fecc35…)

I dislike blurry lineart trend because it's a gimmicky tip that usually beginner tier artists follow to improve their art. It doesn't. It gives me the same vibes as shading with your finger because you don't know how shadows or lighting works.

No. 1467148

Yeah, other women will refuse to hear any vent about to men unless related to romantic relationships, apparently is the only thing they are interested in

No. 1467150

Even when talking about dating men you have to make it very clear you’re only talking about that specific man that you are dealing with and not all men. If they feel you’re generalizing all men they are going to brand you as crazy or get into defense mode.

No. 1467155

Lol wtf I've never heard of this. I'm a professional artist. This seems like shit some idiot on Instagram came up with.

No. 1467163

both look like shit, i despise the disney style more than the anime style

No. 1467191

>man gets called faggot by male friends when he speaks out about mental issues
Men being based for the first time ever. They're aware men don't have mental issues like women do but rather act violent and then blame that on their "mental heslth" when they end up in court.

No. 1467195

Drinking alcohol is one of the best ways to have fun if you’re on a budget

No. 1467197

My unpopular opinion is we actually have a lot of scrote posters. They're the ones that call anons lesbians when anons state they like a type of man that the scrote can't self insert into. They also get very mad when an anon is either happily single or happily in a relationship with a man

No. 1467198

Or they could be just trying to piss anons off. Women can be trolls as well.

No. 1467199

When the site went down the first time I went through twitter and tumblr looking for updates (before i figured out the bunker at cc) and so many men/trannies were bitching about the farm being down. I was disgusted. Ugly idiot fucks.

No. 1467203

Men complaining about being single and not being able to get a gf is a red flag. I get women complaining because it is actually very hard for a lot of women to get a bf but I really wonder what kind of scrote can’t get a woman at all.

No. 1467205

They definitely out themselves when anons discuss something triggering. Like an anon could say how much his bf changed for her and this man will come arguing that all men are porn addicted neets and anon's bf is definitely gonna dump her or use her for her money because she's already hit the wall or some shit.
Another thing that triggers them is women liking men they don't look like for some reason. Like a woman could say she finds Asian men attractive and the white male neet will shit up the thread calling her every insult known to humankind.

No. 1467206

>They're the ones that call anons lesbians when anons state they like a type of man that the scrote can't self insert into.
Or virgins, pedos (for liking men who aren't older, roided up or wrinklier than themselves), "femcels" for not caring about satisfying men, etc

No. 1467216

I’m not a scrote but I think the best entertainment is pointing out the red flags of anons bfs when they post about them

No. 1467232

When I first found lc I was in a relationship where I knew shit was off. I neever posted about him. I didn't want to face the truth and I knew I'd get that on here.

No. 1467289

File: 1673211009640.jpg (27.74 KB, 326x500, 43711c9af11cef6dd99fae508d57f4…)

>Men let you take their money, literally kill them, and own them

>You don't have to worry about mansplaining, and moid tendencies

Why are dommes so based and pinkpilled? Besides annoying men, they have no downsides

No. 1467296

Pegging men is so based ew

No. 1467298

Not. Since you have the power, lets not do that

No. 1467303

Stop trying to give your friends relationship advice unless they ask. If they are venting about their bf, just let them vent and that’s it. They will learn on their because nothing you say is going to make them leave their bf. You will lose friends this way or be labeled a jealous hater.

No. 1467311

File: 1673212520631.jpg (491.78 KB, 1051x1685, tumblr_84c2e943985e6330c1b7571…)

where do i meet men that can take a good beating, men are kinda faggy nowadays, i bet they cry if you stab them

No. 1467320

Like em that way though

No. 1467322

I see my family like 1/2 times a year so that's why I don't get mine out at dinner. Feels like an occasion.

No. 1467324

File: 1673213160025.jpg (472.26 KB, 2048x2048, tumblr_e5e132ce73428db83b06efd…)

but that makes the fun shortlived, if you are planning for a long time relationship then he has to be able to survive

No. 1467325

File: 1673213179511.jpg (98.63 KB, 564x763, e0315c340baf99dc257b8b90b2e8fc…)

>moid tendencies
Modern submissive men are also insanely annoying and perverted so they still carry the same moid tendencies especially after the whole "mommy dommy milkers gf" shit became a trend. The only acceptable submissive male is the stoic dutiful knight type where he is still masculine and physical but will also die for you - a male's only true purpose: manual labour and die.

No. 1467333

I think unhinged ex/fake friends of the cows make up a huge portion of posters, especially for subjects who haven't had real milk in years, but still get daily nitpicks about every little update they have.

No. 1467335

I’m sure most of Venus Angelics thread is her mom and ex friends

No. 1467339

if a man died for me i'd never date again, make a love shrine for him and never look at another moid ever again until i die

No. 1467342

thats really lame he's already 5feet down dont deprive yourself for some corpse

No. 1467345

you're right, i just want the stoic knight type so bad. mayhaps i should stop being a lazy neet first

No. 1467347

Just lust after some unattainable man who you'll never meet anyway. That way you can pretend they're amazing and you'll never be able to prove otherwise. And nobody dies.

No. 1467359

File: 1673215612138.jpeg (72.63 KB, 1200x800, E74FFE22-91FF-49C1-B6D5-FF4EF2…)

Pretty feminine guys are cute but at the same time I think about being out late at night and some unhinged scrotes approach us and he can easily get his ass beat or he runs leaving me alone with them and I’m turned off. He would need to get a gun so he can still protect me from other scrotes.

No. 1467368

Nonny why do I get the feeling you have a curfew?

No. 1467370

File: 1673215858091.jpg (334.78 KB, 1280x1003, MargaretMary.jpg)

No. 1467382

i wish i had the webm of that manlet manhandling that troon until he leaves defeated and his buttplug falls off

No. 1467385

>and his buttplug falls off
damn I wish I had that webm too whatta fuck

No. 1467386

File: 1673216465254.jpg (13.47 KB, 275x201, 1648334730109.jpg)

Some of the worst NLOG behavior I've seen on this site is in the fujo cringe thread. I'm not sure what happened because 2 years ago it was less neurotic and baity, like there used to be less baiters and instead people actually serious about critiquing the culture.

No. 1467393

Nope but I do live in Detroit and I’ve met pretty boy white scrotes on tinder who have no business being on this side of town the the scrotes around here so try to test them

No. 1467398

If you want to have an intelligent discussion about the fujo culture including criticism you're better off in the /m/ thread or Fujochan, that "fujo cringe thread" is just a mindblowingly retarded collection of some middle school level "look at these dumb girls being dumb girls glad I'm not a dumb girl like them haha!!!! cringe!!!" autism.

No. 1467402

>If you want to have an intelligent discussion about the fujo culture including criticism you're better off in the /m/ thread or Fujochan
Ahahahha no.

No. 1467404

Black women who feel the need to go on and on about how they would never date out their race make me cringe because black scrotes are just dying to tell the whole world how they can’t wait to do it. Even if a black woman wouldn’t date out her race she really needs to keep that information to herself.

No. 1467407

A lot og health workers are gatekeepy and shite at their jobs also lazy. I had an experience with the hospital recently and had a few days there. I saw so many overweight nurses and other lazy workers do nothing. I watched a nurse stand still in the corner of a room for an hour. A doctor swiping on her mobile at her desk for 2 hours and not seeing anyone. I have people that work in the a+e departments and literally every time they're working they put a status of how they're overrun citing numbers under 100 in the emergency department. To me that doesn't seem mental given a lot of them probably can get sorted very quickly. My heart really doesn't bleed for nurses. Most of them seem like cunts.

No. 1467410

based & i agree, i avoid those threads because they seem to be the same 5 dumbass ppl arguing & projecting. it reeks of unwashed dick too.

No. 1467412

Calling women cunts over being passive is kind of weird? It's like you went out of your way to hyperfixate on other women not serving you and then judged their entire beings off a snapshot.

No. 1467413

I was there for days watching incompetence while in pain and then I have peers I've known since youth in nursing who most definitely are cunts

No. 1467414

Also not all nurses are women

No. 1467419

But most of what you talked about was passivity, some being fat, etc. Did they botch your treatment specifically or bad mouth you?
I can only relate in that I had a pretty good time at hospitals personally, but when my mom went I had to command a few nurses to adjust her bed when she was in pain because her first request was ignored.

No. 1467432

NTA but for whatever reason, there are a lot of abusive nurses. It's a common knowledge thing, like police officers generally being assholes.

No. 1467436

Abusive? Wow, didn't know. I personally had so much better experiences with nurses than with police officers but maybe I did just get lucky.