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File: 1674156659874.png (540.01 KB, 606x510, Capture.PNG)

No. 1476934

Just tell the truth, it's safe here
Previous Thread- >>>/ot/1444294

No. 1476937

I made a hole new thread to tell you you are wrong. It's safe to bathe in bleach as long as you have enough water and don't use too much bleach.
I've been bathing in bleach for 5 years and Only do it when i'm really stinky, no issues ever. If you have a issue with it take it up with you and your god, I'm fine and super clean

No. 1476948

Please tell me you're not Poop Hands, Holder of Tampons

No. 1476952

I masturbated in my friend's grandma's basement shower.

No. 1476953

File: 1674158312864.png (1.24 MB, 1476x4709, 16603567.png)

This you?

No. 1476957

My male classmate let me have 2 of his Lancer (Cu Chulainn) figurines and even though he said its for free/he didn't need it, I chose to have sex with him for it
He wasn't ugly or fat so no regrets

No. 1476959

i didn't do anything with tampons (I don't use them), but i told my story last confessions thread and was very judged.
Nothing wrong with bathing in bleach and nonnies would smell better if they did. Cry about it nonnies

No. 1476963

We all smell better just from simply not playing with poop like you.

No. 1476964

it was ONE TIME and I didn't physically touch it, I played with it while in a bag. You sound kinda jealous and trying to project on me, this is a no judgement zone. It was a 4 second thing

No. 1476967

>You sound kind of jealous
LMAO jealous??

No. 1476971

File: 1674159360215.jpg (16.9 KB, 424x424, 8j.jpg)

>this is a no judgement zone

No. 1476972

don't laugh, i'm dead ass, you do sound jealous because i live free and honest.

No. 1476973

I noticed you didn't deny this >>1476953 so you shall be known as Bleach Bather the Bagpoop Smasher

No. 1476974

Pls I need screenshots or links of this. Why is there so many weirdos on this site kekk

No. 1476976

thats not me

No. 1476977

Why would someone be jealous of you bathing in bleach and playing with feces

No. 1476978

because at least I admit my faults and i live on the wild side and Played with poop in a bag, I wasn't in the best of minds. Bathing in bleach is amazing and benefitucal and i'm only mad at judgement for that because there's nothing wrong with it, just reasearch and do i tht right way. I smell great and everyine tells me that so, i don't care

No. 1476979

File: 1674159709993.jpg (21.13 KB, 209x275, m-30.jpg)

My mom isn't a bad person but we have a rocky relationship. I have a bad habit of picking fights with her by provoking her which usually ends up with both of us screaming and one of us crying. It's not that she was neglectful when I was growing up but we did have some communication issues and it was hard for me to open up about anything to her when I was a child and teenager. I still have some resentment over it which I know I shouldn't, and in my own twisted mind these fights is my way of coping with it. It's like I refuse to have a normal relationship with her since I couldn't have it growing up. I feel guilty for doing this. She really doesn't deserve it

No. 1476981

when i'm bored i look at Penpal write a prisioner websites and guess the crimes of the scrotes I see

No. 1476984

I love to do that too kek my favourites are the ones who write in their profiles they're looking for a woman to love and treat like a princess and then you click on their profile and they've been jailed for rape or domestic violence. I hate scrotes

No. 1476986

I just clicked one with a pretty woman and she's in jail for fucking a minor and I just fucking started what the heck, was not expecting that shit. I love the ones where scrotes are like
>I love rock climbing,swimming, poetry, i'm a muslim and I love cats
>See their crime!
>Literally killed someone
Or the more aggressive ones that you know the scrote did something horrible because it starts with, "I know people-" or something defensive.
it's sad

No. 1476987

Why the hell didnt you just unclog the damn toilet

No. 1476988

File: 1674160090140.jpeg (75.79 KB, 736x736, 25B80EAD-6A80-4877-AFE7-5D8166…)

Yesterday I saw a taller goth girl she was so pretty and soft. I watched her from a distance but i thought she was very cool. The hoodie, the messy hair, the logo of indecipherable metal band, the platform docs…
Im a spicy straight and best, and I know this but for a minute my face was hot and I just kept thinking about us cuddling in a papa san listening to ambient metal and cats were happy and we are happy.
I didn't approach her but a part of me wish I did. Im always on the cusp of action but now i am older and I feel like a fool for considering the very possibility to try now.
Also, I didnt want to approach her because we all just wanna grab food and go home. Im sure she gets hit on constantly in public.
Anywho, if she happens to lurk here Im sorry for staring and I think youre lovely and youve inspired me to up my grocery shopping game….. just incase idk… ok.. bye..

No. 1476989

Detal baths are better and a bit safer

No. 1476992

I could'nt it, there was another time where I pooped and sometimes if you pour a bucket of water it'll flush, but it didn't, so it overflowed and I had to clean shit and water everywhere. It would'nt go down so I had to put on gloves and physically remove my shit with my hand. I almost threw up

No. 1476994


No. 1476997

Do you not have plungers where you live? And I dont see how picking up your waste from the toilet is more disgusting than shitting in a bag and squeezing it that sounds like the same level of disgusting.

No. 1476998

UGH of course we have plungers, i have a pink one and a black one, we even tried sticking a wire hanger down their and found out it was a pad

No. 1477003

Im trying to calm down but it's pissing me off, I thought i was safe in this thread, shit I MADE IT, but i'm moving on.

No. 1477005

Nona just leave it, haha. If someone makes fun of you in a thread, just laugh it off and carry on so we’re not clogging (kek) the thread up with infighting

No. 1477007

Yeah so i'm still getting clowwned I'm done though. Sometimes people do silly things and I didn't expect this harsh judgement for like seconds of curiosity after a bad situation. Also google HOW to bathe in bleace, to be safe but it is safe and it makes me smell great and

No. 1477010

poop players have been made fun of in previous confession threads, idk why you're surprised kek

No. 1477012

I think the bleach has given you brain damage

No. 1477013

I really like picking my nose. The best days were when I worked in a dusty store and at the end of the day my nose would be a little stuffy and I'd have big boogers. I like rubbing my boogers into a ball and then rubbing it between my fingers until it gets hard, then I just throw it into the trash.

No. 1477015

Kek that's what I was thinking too. Plus the smell of bleach burns my fucking nostrils and makes me gag, I can't imagine anon smelling good after bathing in it. Just fucking use soap like normal people, it cleans you and you actually smell better. Also don't play with poop, even if it's in a bag.

No. 1477018

File: 1674162002917.jpg (6.71 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

okay my last response, some of you nona's are DENSE, I use this, and only 1/4 (measured) in a BATHtub FULL OF WATER, i USE DOVE SOAP and I also scrub myself, I do not fucking stink or smell of bleach! You can barely smell it but you can see and smell the results, do the extra smell masking it gives people. I wish i said nothng

No. 1477024

You should in no circumstances 1. mix bleach and hot water as it makes vapors that damage your lungs and other organs 2. mix it with other chemicals. You can die from high levels of exposure, and you are definitely cutting your life shorter by continuously huffing bleach vapors.

No. 1477026

it;s been 5 years and i'm still here, brain is still working fine and i smell great. Im thinking of closing this thread tbh,.

No. 1477029

okay poop player sure you're so much cleaner. so clean in fact that you have to bathe with bleach OFTEN

No. 1477030

please do

No. 1477032

im sure you'll all find another creative free minded nona to knock around, peace out

No. 1477033

Based on your typing you have brain damage. I truly hope you are just trolling because you can actually die from your stupidity (maybe not immidiately, but your life will most definitely be cut shorter than it would be otherwise). I just want to warn other anons to not follow your example.

No. 1477034

>shit I MADE IT
Yeah you made some shit alright, and played with it kek

No. 1477037

But why? Bleach is for cleaning up the bathroom, not for cleaning yourself up. Actually, how is your hair? Bleach fucks up your hair which is why you're supposed to take a shower after going to the pool.

No. 1477039

File: 1674163253024.png (8.74 KB, 678x109, Capture.PNG)

huh, the water isn't hot enough for the bleach to explode, 1, and 2 you cannot smell it. I do not do it OFTEN, I do it once maybe twice a month to do a deep clean,I soak, I scrub and I clean off in the shower with my normal cloeaning things like, Dove soap or zest soap. I do not have brain damage, I just drank a lot of coffee and I'm jittery. PLus I'm annoyed I won't lie, because it's embrassing (the poop part but I still stand by, that I'm free minded and i'm creative and it's funny not something to hate on me for). I do not want nonas to think you can be all crazy with the bleach. NO measure it out, keep the water running and then put it in a bath of water. Or just don't do it.
I don't care I smell great and i've lived 28 years

No. 1477041

im black and I do not wash my hair with bleach nor do I wash my hair everytime I shower. When I wash my hair I use the proper things, such as shampoo's conditioners and the like.
My mother used bleach, it's not enough to harm ME, I will not promote it anymore because that other nona's right, I do not want to cause harm to anynona, but i know how to do it and I do not do it a lot and I keep the water running

No. 1477043

….no, of course it won’t explode. Vapors form when a substance is heated (like when you boil water and water vapor forms over the pot). You should not mix hot water and bleach as it forms chlorine gas that will harm your lungs.

Clorox does not recommend bathing in bleach btw https://www.clorox.com/learn/can-you-put-bleach-in-bath-water/

No. 1477044

Nta but I'm in your corner nonnie. Heavily diluted bleach baths are a pretty old way to deal with body acne. I used to do them like once every week or so in high school.

No. 1477052


No. 1477057

And people still smoke packs of cigarettes a day. People are all into doing harmful things. I don't see how a capful or so of bleach in a few gallons of running water could be as harmful as drinking straight up turpentine.

No. 1477059

Please don't make it seem like this is something black people do kek.

No. 1477060

Hot water inactivates bleach, of course it won't explode. You're probably not hurting your skin but it still is pretty stupid to add bleach to your baths, although if you're playing with your shit you might need it..

Anyway all you need is soap/bodywash and a good exfoliating rag or brush.

No. 1477064

did I say that?I wasn't implying that, I just don't wash my hair in the shower everytime and I have wash days. I know some people with different hair textures (NOT SAYING BLACK PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME TEXTURES), Do often wash their hair when they shower/wash, but I don't.

No. 1477069

There’s so many anons I recognize based on typing styles and/or interests and I hate them all

No. 1477070

I mean the bleach thing.

No. 1477073

Same except I only hate a few.

No. 1477075

Can you recognize me?

No. 1477078

i know im hated but i don't care

No. 1477083

Why do you hate them? And who are the worst one? paki chan

No. 1477092

>There’s so many anons I recognize based on typing styles
i doubt it. nonnas who say this usually get it wrong lol

No. 1477103

Do you wash your chicken

No. 1477105

with water, yes, I do, frying pork chops right now

No. 1477130

It's mutual.

No. 1477137

File: 1674172556333.jpeg (41.25 KB, 427x427, 6C1856DA-5A36-4549-B65D-9ACF8E…)

I’m too scared to lose my virginity to my boyfriend, to the point where he probably thinks I’m asexual, but I’m insanely horny for him and so desperate to see him naked that I was extremely tempted to “”accidentally”” walk in on him in the bathroom/shower when we were on vacation together. Only reason I didn’t do it was because I thought it would ruin the moment when we do have sex.

No. 1477138

This soundslike something you should talk to him about

No. 1477139

I’ll pray for you

No. 1477145

I never liked your bitchass anyway

No. 1477220

File: 1674183335533.gif (635.89 KB, 498x498, kill-yourself-tower-of-babel-g…)

my sister in law is a NEET drain on society. her mom nepotismed her into a job that she's managed to keep despite doing poorly at it and calling off for stupid reasons. she went from a blank resume to a supervisory position she has no reason to be in, which is why she does poorly. the moment she got money, she made sure everyone knew without offering to spend a dime on anyone else. she was essentially given a house by her mother, only to turn it into a hoarder wreck that required a professional cleaner within a few years. she's extremely obese because she's lazy with no self control and doesn't know how to cook more than microwave meals, so she orders delivery constantly. she also takes such poor care of herself that she's been told by her parents to get back in and take a second shower immediately after getting out of one. she's so filthy that we got bedbugs from her luggage on the opposite end of a family member's house we stayed in together for a single weekend. she's so prohibitively gross because of this that she only has internet friends, because it's actually difficult to be in her physical presence. despite her good job, she put herself into debt donating to video game streamers (like the wife of alfredo from achievement hunter lol) and was summarily bailed out by her mother.

she tried to kill herself recently by taking a couple bottles of pills, but pussied out and had her mother call 911. she was stomach pumped and has no lasting damage. between money and mommy, she kept her job, got bailed out of debt, and got her house professionally cleaned. she learned nothing and suffered no consequences. i wish she would have succeeded because she's a lost cause and 100% going to backslide and put herself right back into that same situation. it would have been quicker and less painless and less expensive for her poor mother if she'd just died. i hope next time, it's the first thing in her whole life she finds the commitment to see through to the end

No. 1477224

>despite her good job, she put herself into debt donating to video game streamers (like the wife of alfredo from achievement hunter lol)
Wtf, is your "sister" in law a woman? Why the heck would she do this and why do you know about it kek?

No. 1477226

File: 1674184412918.gif (46.59 KB, 220x165, judy-garland-better-luck-next-…)

she is definitely a woman, born as and identifying as (unfortunately, she's an embarrassment to our gender). she donates to a lot of streamers, mostly achievement hunter, but that one's just the saddest. who simps for the wife of a D-teamer? my husband followed her on twitch back when they were younger and creeped her activity for a while because we were being shady tbh, so we saw stuff like her donating $500 in free subs for alfredo's wife lol. her mom confirmed that she was in what sounded like a shocking amount of debt. she doesn't leave the house (doesn't drive, never wanted to, can afford ubers aplenty though) and has no IRL friends so all her money goes to ubereats and streamers she has parasocial obsessions with. i know this stuff because she's a personal lolcow and i would have just put it in that thread, but admitting i hoped she successfully killed herself and hoping she succeeds when she inevitably tries it again is pretty fucking dark lol

No. 1477231

No. 1477232

Why is your mum enabling her?

No. 1477238

>I don't care I smell great and i've lived 28 years
I swear to god, this has to be a fucking joke, you motherfuckers are all trolling me, I just know it, it's the sickest fucking mitch hedbergian gag, some really sick shit y'all playing on me, fuck's sake, HOW IS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU TWENTY EIGHT

No. 1477240

ain't my mom, lol. my husband's sister, so my mother in law. as far as why, parental obligation i guess. my husband is and has always been an independent person with perhaps overzealous work ethic and a high degree of personal responsibility and hygiene. they were raised together and didn't suffer any kind of individual trauma to explain it either. she just failed to make anything of herself and is now depressed because she's a loser, but won't do anything to drag herself out of being a loser either. she's going to try to kill herself again as soon as she gets back into this financial and literal mess. this time was pills, so i hope she picks a method that's harder to fuck up next time.

No. 1477247

I assume she has no social media? Sounds pretty milky, but there's probably also deeper issues.

No. 1477249

she's on a lot of forms of social media, including twitch, and uses almost the same handle for everything, all the way back to her teenage email account. i've considered many times posting her @ on here or trolling her off her favorite corners of the internet, ngl. it'd be too easily traced back to me, though. if im still feeling bitter later, ill make a post in the personal lolcow thread so i stop shitting up this one, because boy is there a lot more, like how she bought rats (and later gerbils/hamsters/mice) because she's a huge, unironic emilie autumn fan and all that plague rat aesthetic bullshit. she didn't clean any of their cages because she's lazy as fuck, which you could smell from the front door of the apartment her dad let her live in (rent free) with him. they all died either from respiratory issues or because they got open sores that got infected because their cages were so filthy. the animal would die and she'd put a new animal in it without ever cleaning it. her dad kept giving her money for it at first because he thought they were cute, but trickled down (hence cheaper rodents) into stopping when he realized she just killed all of them. bitch is the filth lord of rodent hell.

No. 1477268

File: 1674192112238.jpeg (126.12 KB, 750x908, 634D0A39-968F-4B74-BB70-0D1161…)

Looking at pictures of my husbandos helps me a lot, but I'm worried about the day I will actually try to kill myself. I just don't want to bother anyone, and I know that trying to kill myself would only make things more difficult. But I have the urge every single day, it has been like this for so long, I think one day I won't be able to handle this and will just kill myself somehow.
I don't know what to do, I'm not really depressed anyways, I can get out of the bed and whatnot, but I'm always a mess, I never do things right, I'm not trustworthy, I don't have money to go to some therapist and tbh, I don't even know if visiting a psychiatrist/psychologist would even be of help at all, like what am I supposed to get out of it? I can already talk online about my issues, what can a psychologist even do? If they were that great, then my cousin would have a job and my uncle wouldn't have had became an alcoholic or would've stopped being an alcoholic.
I just wish, every single day, that I wake up with cancer, or that I get a heart attack or a stroke in my sleep so I don't have to wake up again.

No. 1477271

you aren't supposed to use the fragranced bleach with this method…

No. 1477285

Jesus christ, fuck that bitch. Animal neglect is where I draw the line with cows.

No. 1477288

bleach bath anons out here fucking up their vaginal PH for what?

No. 1477289

I have fetishized white men my entire life. Only the young ones though 18-24. They look like angels to me but I don’t tell people about my preference because I don’t want to get dragged. I just fuck them in secret.

No. 1477291

Your sister in law sounds like my brother in law. Is she autistic too?

No. 1477307

i hate ovulation. I get horny about the most retarded ideas. Just got sexually frustrated because it's not geometrically possible to lick/kiss a woman's cervix and I'm now mad about it. Please can someone else confess their weirdest ovulation induced fantasies so I can feel better about myself

No. 1477310

yeah, i dont even care for that kind of pet and i felt terrible for those poor rodents. i remember her showing me one with a big infected sore on its leg because she wanted pity because it was going to die and she'd be sad about it, when really she was playing it up because she was upset that her dad had drawn the line and wasn't buying her any more. she was like mid 20s, in case you mistake her attitude for as teenage as it sounds.

definitely not. she's just the epitome of a NEET and a total female neckbeard. she tries to be quirky and different and NLOG by acting obstinate and difficult and oppositional. she's a fat, ugly wallflower that never got attention and refused to learn social skills to compensate, so she's permanently stuck in immature edgelord land and now can't figure out how to make social connections when there's nothing appealing about her. she has to have parasocial relationships with streamers because she's given up on being appealing to anyone.

No. 1477311

I must be ovulating too because it makes me have really intrusive scroty tier thoughts I wouldn't usually have during the day like the lady cop smiled at me library and I imagined her taking me in the bathroom and strip searching me for no reason

I also have the urge to pull my eggs put and fry them but that's more cause of the frustration

No. 1477313

I wish I had the willpower to have an eating disorder. I can’t even eat healthy right I might as well fucking starve

No. 1477315

File: 1674203036487.jpg (55.03 KB, 452x678, IMG_6213 2.JPG)

i worked in a callcenter for a dating site (popular but no, not tinder). in 3 months there multiple women called me to report abuse from moids on the site. one of my worst calls was a widow woman who was raped by a moid she met there. she had been single a long time, finally tried getting back to dating and went through that on her first and only date there.
my supervisor and coworkers were all moids and they did not give a shit about it. said i was too anxious and shit. anywho, i watched a youtube vid about serial killers in dating sites. and ofc they mentioned a moid from that site. i stopped it and had a panic attack. i hope that woman who called me is doing so much better. i hope she found someone. why is everything so shitty? cried again…

No. 1477316

Sometimes I wish my bf was a sorry alcoholic like me. Which is fucking stupid, without his stability I would probably be dead. Sometimes you just want to wallow. Yes I am pathetic.

No. 1477321

File: 1674204742220.png (300.66 KB, 1118x726, Screen Shot 2023-01-20 at 12.4…)

This meme made me realize I've apparently never had an original experience in my life. 2000s girlies know the horrible cursed memories of being groomed by older men online while using the family computer!

No. 1477322

for me it was when i got frustrated there was no way for me to ever creampie a woman. i know i sound like a tif but the thought made me wild like it was the most intimate thing that could possibly be done and i physically will never be able to do that. fyi i don't EVER actually want a penis anywhere near me but sometimes and only when it comes to sex i get curious. straps just don't have nerve endings and in my ovulation horniness my fingers felt like not enough. but anyway i'm still satisfied with what i have and i won't ever actually make a change. it's not really often i think about this

No. 1477323

I get it, nona. I'm a recovering alcoholic myself, and when I'm drunk the last thing I want is for my friends or boyfriend to be sober. When that happens, I think deep down I feel embarrassed and want everyone else to be on my level so I don't feel as bad. I'm glad your boyfriend is a stable rock for you, that's incredibly valuable to have!

No. 1477328

I friended my old coworker on facebook he is an 18 year old gangly redhead burnout who posts about drinking a lot. I think he's hot. I'm his only friend that's in this town all his other friends are from another state I think he knows I like him but I have a bf. Yeah he's super long and tall and slightly toned. I would do him, I am in a white boy thirst era.

No. 1477334

Samefag I am craving young penis maybe the cuteness is luring me

No. 1477343

i would never confess this otherwise, but your honesty inspires me. when i ovulate i cant think about anything else but getting pregnant so i usually fantasize about having a wife and we both go through pregnancy at the same time, maybe even having our babies on the same day so we have pseudo-twins. idk its a cozy and intimate fantasy i default to

No. 1477344

90s girls too. Chat rooms were fucking wild.

No. 1477346

>2000s girlies know
I don't, took me a minute to get the pic but I'm probably a rare exception

No. 1477352

I'm not a family orientated person at all, I love my parents and siblings and that's it. There's nobody left on my father's side and my mom's side is too right wing and borderline nazi adjacent. I wasn't close to my grandparents either, isaw them like once a year and their was nothing to do in their tiny village, vacations there was mostly watching TV and waiting for the day to be over.

No. 1477392

When I'm ovulating I fantasize a lot about getting multiple creampies, sometimes from the same guy, sometimes from a bunch of guys.
I'm talking about hentai tier ridiculously huge creampies, but not to the point of inflation because that's gross.
And after some months ago I've noticed that when I'm ovulating I've been a lot into scaring the guy by telling him that I could get pregnant, but then getting surprised because he actually wants to stay with me.
It's such a retarded and specific fantasy, it's shitty how this could never happen with any irl moids.

No. 1477407

When I'm ovulating I fantasize about committing violence towards moids and seeing them cry and it's quite disturbing tbh when I'm at work and have to look my male coworkers in the eyes.

No. 1477408

kek, same

No. 1477414

File: 1674223393802.jpg (62.55 KB, 678x1016, lookatmybeautifulwife.jpg)

I cut my hair short because I want to be like Akane. I also started excercising because I want to be like Akane. Today I'll go out and look for fabric that matches the dress Akane wears in chapter 51 because I wanna sew a dress inspired by Akane.

No. 1477416

I still don't get it

No. 1477431

Look at the shape of the hairbrush.

No. 1477432

The picture is about masturbating with a brush handle on a Skype call for some moid.
I never did it, but there has always been girls who got groomed by moids with videos of their supposedly private calls getting shared everywhere.

No. 1477435

An ex looked at my LinkedIn and I ended up stalking him and his new life. Feel so pathetic. Is the pic of him, the girl and baby on his sm a lie? Why is he looking at me on a site where I can tell who's looked at me? I hate moids.

No. 1477439

Fuck this is relatable. What made it hard for me is that my extended family is all five hours away. I wouldn't really mind it if I was successful or had a clique to hang out with regularly. I'd probably want my partner to have a big family to compensate.

No. 1477443

You must be 18 to use this site.

No. 1477444

Women always have to be on guard. it's insane. Men never have to worry about rape. ever. Which is why they can be reckless and stupid, going out to bars and random places with strangers, but women always have to be 10 steps ahead in case of an assault. I hope those women can move forward and heal. I'm sorry you had to hear and deal with that. it's mentally scarring.

No. 1477458

The youngest 18-year-olds were born in 2005. Crazy huh? But tbh I'm closer to 25 than 18 and even I don't get it.

No. 1477460

Nta but I'm 30 and I didn't get it either before reading the other posts, I never got groomed on Skype.

No. 1477467

I’ve never been groomed but girls would use those brushes to masturbate for scrotes on Skype. Too young to own a sex toy.

No. 1477469

Ew that's even worse than what I was thinking.

He baited you to look through his profile so he can show off he has a nice life and is already over you.

No. 1477470

They didn't get groomed on Skype, they got groomed on other sites depending on what was popular. Some girls got groomed on Skype, or habbo hotel, maybe even weird radio chats with shit music playing on the background or even Facebook.

No. 1477474

They’d stick the brush handle up their hoo haa

No. 1477479

I would shorten my life span to be pretty

No. 1477481

File: 1674230848327.jpg (87.65 KB, 600x400, 1630528262808.jpg)

If I had a Death Note I would shorten my life span to get shinigami eyes

No. 1477482

I would shorten my lifespan to be skinny.

No. 1477486

Bring skinny is more obtainable than being pretty. Just don’t eat.

No. 1477491

Based ovulating anon. When I'm ovulating I like to imagine moids beaten and raped kek

The virgin degrading creampie ovulating anon vs the chad moid beatings anon

No. 1477492

wow you guys are SO edgy and cool omg… i wish i was just like you… woah…

No. 1477493

I would shorten my lifespan not to be socially retarded and avoidant.

No. 1477495

These aren’t problems for pretty ppl

No. 1477496

hey I didn't choose to be a degenerate who cooms to moid rape, I've been like this since puberty and I don't know why wouldn't swap it for weird cervix creampie stuff though

No. 1477499

must you do this every fucking week?

No. 1477502

Yes ugly girl

No. 1477507

File: 1674233686276.png (45.54 KB, 208x210, B091A0FC-2A96-4636-AC7B-D9042D…)

I want to go to grad school to find a husband

No. 1477513

Not really edgy, no one considers moids edgy when they degrade women and do the same thing it's common place so much so that women use degrading language to describe themselves like creampie anon.

The intention isn't edginess I'm just being honest and moids suffering is something we should all venerate and come together as a positive experience to celebrate as a collective. I wouldn't go as far as a-logging over specific real moids but you get my drift.

No. 1477519

Thankfully I was only talked into showing my flat chest with a bra on and to draw the female Naruto naked. Latter was honestly hilarious because I was shit at drawing but the 16 y old moid really thought that was hot to get from a 12 y old girl. Then I started to date a girl my age and he got butthurt. Oh Messenger live how I do not miss you.

No. 1477540

When my friend was over at my place, we always made a game out of trolling groomers in our country's (then) popular chatroom website. When the groomer would inevitably ask for pictures, we spammed them with pictures of hitler until we got blocked kek. We were like 12 and thought it was the funniest shit ever, some moids even started raging and insulting us.

No. 1477542

Based. I once chatted with some rando on omegle and convinced him I have skoliosis and am really ugly, he didn't ask for pics.

No. 1477544

Samefag, meant to quote >>1477540 but she deleted.

No. 1477545

You're extremely precociously based for that age anon kek

No. 1477547

Yeah sorry, I wanted to add the last sentence to make clear that this wasn't in any way political like it maybe would be nowadays, we just thought it was funny.

kek, that should have been put into PSAs back then, sounds like a good way to avoid disgusting groomers.

No. 1477555

I’m not slick enough to shoplift really but I walked out of the store after only scanning one giant box of cat litter and saved myself $20, felt amazing

No. 1477558

File: 1674237564859.jpg (33.62 KB, 960x540, Fpvzbn.jpg)

enough time has passed for me to admit to myself i thought he was hot

No. 1477577

I hate francophone posters who would always leave a space in front of question marks or the like. I don't know what it is about this small detail that can make a post seem so retarded.

No. 1477578

can't go wrong with an Akane-fication!

No. 1477604

sorry, it isn't on purpose i genuinely do it out of habit. i never even noticed it until somebody pointed it out to me kek and even then i still don't notice as i type. we don't do it with periods if it's any consolation…

No. 1477613

I would shorten my life span to forget

No. 1477616

anon is just a fantasy, is not that deep

No. 1477622

Nta but i'm socially retarded, avoidant and schizo yet i'm considered very attractive, shit just happens sometimes

No. 1477630

I hate being ugly but I'm scared of death. This is a hard one but I can relate somewhat

No. 1477649

File: 1674243589102.png (359.85 KB, 566x328, 164031099981.png)


No. 1477663

I like to poop in the dark with the door open and my pants off

No. 1477669

I poop with my pants off too. Wearing pants while pooping while make you feel like you're suffocating, it's so restricting.

No. 1477675

Anon sent her dirty, musty panties to a moid so he could smell them, he said her panties smelled awful (obviously). Things got "awkward" so anon told him to send his boxers, she put on those boxers and came, then lied about never getting them in the first place so she could get off to his underwear often, then he said he fapped to her panties anyway

No. 1477682

File: 1674246105684.png (126.93 KB, 1257x302, ughggg.png)

shitty screenshot (my app crashed sorry)

No. 1477683

File: 1674246212649.jpeg (75.26 KB, 651x651, C1DCCA3C-25D8-4957-9520-F621D3…)

Wish I couldn’t read

No. 1477690

Just learned how to speak pig Latin very recently. Seems like everyone else knew how to but me.

No. 1477723

File: 1674248821334.gif (870.01 KB, 244x244, cry-jesse-pinkman.gif)

Men getting scared/crying will never not be hot.

No. 1477728

File: 1674249955770.jpeg (264.25 KB, 1184x657, 5E040B10-DF62-4D63-9380-B73492…)

I really, REALLY want to know how it's going for this anon. That stuff about dog years is mean and weird but she's really going for Heather's sloppy seconds lmao

No. 1477734

My hair stylist is morbidly obese and really unhealthy. I hope she loses and weight and doesn’t die because she’s the cheapest hair stylist I know and I would hate for her to die for that reason alone.

No. 1477763

for months close to half a year i've been having constant vivid flashing images/visualizations in my head of making out with somebody. i've never even been kissed let alone that, and i skip through makeout scenes in romance movies i watch because i get so much second hand embarrassment even if i enjoy them kek so not like i've got much to work with. sometimes they feel so real i seriously physically feel somebody's tender lips. it's borderline an intrusive thought that's obstructive to my day to day life as it's neverending and honestly i enjoy having an imagination to form as i please and not the other way around. will the cure have to be actually kissing someone because it's not happening so i'm tortured

No. 1477767

File: 1674254701200.jpg (8.54 KB, 132x137, sigh.jpg)

Your boo from another time line is mastering astral plane switching, congratz

No. 1477781

no one said it was..? what does that have to do with >>1477492

No. 1477832

My great aunt did exactly this (forget the type of school she went to) and landed a dude that was extremely intelligent, kind to her, loved their children, had them all educated, was a complete success in life which allowed them all to live comfortably. And now, in his 80s, with advancing dementia, she cares for him in their senior living apartment, and says she will never send him away unless his dementia causes him to become combative.

No. 1477836

Based as literal fuck nona. How about Matt Lillard in SLC Punk? He brought the waterworks, unintelligible talking, and all the snot.

No. 1477859

I don't get horny when I ovulate. Actually I can't even tell when I'm ovulating, am I broken
I thought the brush represented the concept of grooming or something, since grooming has two meanings. idk

No. 1477873

File: 1674263147961.jpg (66.51 KB, 1490x802, viktor.jpg)

oh that one's my favorite. this one too. can i ask why you denied it for so long?

No. 1477938

I agree with a lot stuff Ted Kaczynski wrote in his manifesto and i find him a little bit attractive. This is killing me, nonnas. Reading his manifesto is the worst thing i have done in my miserable life kek

No. 1477942

There have been quite a few Tedposters in lc history and on the internet in general. And he makes some good points in his manifesto. Thinking he’s cute and agreeing with some of his points doesn’t mean you condone what he did.

No. 1477945

I would shorten my life span to bring back the Original Rockstar Energy™ formula fuck you PepsiCo and fuck whatever out of touch retard employee decided to interrupt his daily routine of sniffing his own farts with the mind numbing idea to change the formula into cherry dish water with 1000000g sweetener if i ever find you i will drown you in it you pos Rockstar Original™ was the one(1) softdrink i truly liked and you took it from me

No. 1477970

I agree with most of what he wrote too and appreciate how brilliant he is, but he hated women. Look at him through the same lens of any other violent murderer moid and the feeling passes.

No. 1478014

What he wrote isn't that much different than what most intelligent and radical people are thinking today especially now that we're witnessing so many detrimental effects of late stage capitalism. He just realized it sooner.

No. 1478021

i’m basically never cold but always wear extra layers in case my friends get cold so i can lend them my clothes. i don't have friends btw.

No. 1478024

imm in love with you

No. 1478033

I'm a terf and the degree to which I have to keep this under wraps around people I previously considered reliable and reasonable is genuinely worse than back when I was a closeted lesbian in a religious family. At least back then I knew that when I grew up and gained independence, I'd have a way out and be able to live as myself (I know, priviliged, grateful to live where I do).

No. 1478036

It's as 'deep' as you make of it actually. You don't speak for every person ever and value judgements on value judgements are retarded.

It's the same reason I don't agree with the anti 'nitpicking' rule here. Who decides what constitutes as nitpicking? Who decides what constitutes as 'deep'?. I understand the nitpicking rule though as a baseline level for post quality I but still don't agree with shit like some random determining what's 'deep' and 'not deep' and others to have to mindlessly follow suit of this.

No. 1478039

I don't know if this counts as social anxiety but I cannot stand prolonged contact with other peoole because of how much it makes me hate myself. I don't struggle ti make friends and I'm generally well-liked, but I feel like there's so much poison in me that uncontrollably seeps out no matter how much I try. I feel like I trick people into being around me only to inadverdently damage them and I can no longer stand to inflict myself on other people. I wish that I was remorseless but instead I fold in on myself deeper and deeper over time, unwilling to make human connection. I am a lot better than I used to be, but is it worth it when learning how to be better involves people having to know me when I'm worse?

No. 1478040

nta but do you not understand that subjective things can have an objective upper limit?

No. 1478050

I took a look at his manifest summary and thought he's more interesting than most moid mass spree killers that's for sure, because he has something more going on than just 'brown people bad'.

>Kaczynski argues that most people spend their time engaged in useless pursuits because of technological advances; he calls these "surrogate activities", wherein people strive toward artificial goals, including scientific work, consumption of entertainment, political activism and following sports teams

Which is salient sentiment and has a good point. I don't have much of an idea why he'd criticise scientific pursuits though, lel he was a mathematician but maybe it's elaborated more in his manifesto than this short summary. There was definitely a point here but then I kept reading.

>A significant portion of the document is dedicated to discussing left-wing politics, with Kaczynski attributing many of society's issues to leftists.[83] He defines leftists as "mainly socialists, collectivists, 'politically correct' types, feminists, gay and disability activists, animal rights activists and the like".[84] He believes that over-socialization and feelings of inferiority are primary drivers of leftism,[78] and derides it as "one of the most widespread manifestations of the craziness of our world"

So he's just your run of the mill trad scrote cosplaying as ecofascist/eco anarchist/anarcho primitivist meme. Massively disappointed to see the summary of his overbloated 30k word scrote manifesto was yet again an excuse to shit on human rights especially that of women and somehow fucking animals. Who the fuck gets up in arms about animal rights? And him sperging about and coping/projecting about gay people and women gaining rights and recognizing animals as living sentiments beings claiming they feel inferior lel. Pathetic geriatric moid.

>He also criticizes conservatives, describing them as "fools who whine about the decay of traditional values, yet … enthusiastically support technological progress and economic growth", things he argues have led to this decay

His criticism of conservatives is far lopsided to his excessive hatred of women having a voice. His 'criticism' isn't even critical of conservatist ideology or anything related to conservatives lel, it's just "why don't you care about technology?" "won't someone think of the technology!", sperging. So the gist of it is he's a piece of shit typical attention seeking scrote sperging about technology and other people and animals who don't look like him/are unferserving in his superior moid opinion of gaining human rights.

TLDR; He's your run of the mill moid.

No. 1478054

*Sentient beings, and autistic spelling mistakes fuck autocorrect

Samefag but I'm disgusted in the amount of anons actually agreeing with this geriatric frumpy faced scrote. I'm curious if you are all downplaying and purposely being non critical of the actual weight of the words he's spewing and internalizing the shit because you 'feel inferior' like he claims you are like the gas lighting, projecting old moid that he is.

No. 1478056

File: 1674287714383.jpeg (218.19 KB, 682x717, 27E837B0-8EF6-4E85-BFE2-C7C379…)

Haters gonna hate but my ex bf cheated on me and left me for another woman.

She taunted me during the separation. I sent falsified screenshots of her calling someone a nigger to her nursing university and she got kicked out.

I still don’t feel like we are even.

No. 1478057

I feel deep shame and regret knowing there's cp of thousands of women including myself out there. Shit makes you feel worthless for life. We were children. I hate scrotes so much.

And if a scrote knew he'd hate you more for doing it.

No. 1478059

File: 1674288396514.jpeg (42.3 KB, 440x698, images (12).jpeg)

Not hating at all this is brilliant anon.

>I sent falsified screenshots of her calling someone a nigger to her nursing university and she got kicked out.

Isn't there a meme about how girls who were bullies at school become roles/future jobs suitable for empathetic, caring people like becoming nurses, kek.

No. 1478060

I could've sworn I saw this exact same post made a year or two ago.

No. 1478063

He's a tranny autogyn as well lel oof

>For a period of several weeks in 1966, Kaczynski experienced intense sexual fantasies of being a female and decided to undergo gender transition. He arranged to meet with a psychiatrist, but changed his mind in the waiting room and did not disclose his reason for making the appointment. Afterwards, enraged, he considered killing the psychiatrist and other people whom he hated. Kaczynski described this episode as a "major turning point" in his life:[33][34][35] "I felt disgusted about what my uncontrolled sexual cravings had almost led me to do. And I felt humiliated, and I violently hated the psychiatrist. Just then there came a major turning point in my life. Like a Phoenix, I burst from the ashes of my despair to a glorious new hope."[34]

No. 1478064

Hope you did something to the ex bf too

No. 1478069

You know she didn't kek. This type of treatment only extends to women.

No. 1478075

it's a copypasta. which was a lie in the first place.

No. 1478077

File: 1674292489440.jpg (73.9 KB, 553x821, 1668406397598.jpg)

I just turned 30 and I honestly don't feel any different from when I was 20, except I'm less mentally unstable and more confident and independent. I always feel sad when I see women freaking out about aging, I wish I could all tell them that it's okay.

No. 1478079

I fucking hate that myproana isn't a thing anymore, the forum they transformed it into is total shit.

No. 1478080

most zoomers atleast aren't even freaking out about it, they're using it to try to bully older women. i am 33 and tell everyone i know who isn't an actual friend that i'm 10 years younger than i am, they treat me so differently it's sad.

No. 1478083

what I did to him was much worse

No. 1478084

Haven't you posted this before? Also why her and not your shitty ex?

No. 1478086

I may have done. and what I did to him was much worse

No. 1478088

Both are at fault imo the ex and woman for mocking her but it's a copy paste apparently >>1478075

No. 1478089

No. 1478090

it definitely was, it was posted years ago and a lot of anons back then were giving anon shit and telling her that what she did was illegal and hoped the girl would sue her.

No. 1478092

kek how’s she gonna sue me? It was 5 years ago. How is she going to sue me from her shitslav country anyway

No. 1478094


No. 1478095

KEK like those countries care about racism. If anything they're openly racist and xenophobic towards racial and ethnic minorities.

No. 1478096

NTA but are you guys rushing to the defence of that woman anyway, unless you inhabit intense pride in being homewrecking whores

No. 1478097

Yeah but she wasn’t studying in her home country she was studying in the USA. I think she eventually had to move back to her home country but I’m not sure.

No. 1478098

File: 1674295281017.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 1478099

Right? Where is the solidarity that woman was obviously rotten and delighted in tormenting OP.

No. 1478100

i said SPILL >>1478089 what did you do to the bf?
i only see anons saying both were at fault. the bf is worse in comparison though, the new girl wouldn't be around if it weren't for him

No. 1478102

I’ll never tell. I assure you it was worse than what I did to her.

No. 1478103

No. 1478105

stop responding to bait. it's either an unhinged bored anon baiting with copypasta, or the unhinged OP who after years feels the need to post this again.

No. 1478106

you too! you quit! >>1478105

No. 1478107

I don’t understand the outrage of accusations of bait. When shitty things happen to you and cause you immense suffering do you spineless jellies just bend over and take it? You never give people consequences for fucking you over? Don’t you guys know how to stand up for yourselves?

This was a personal and devastating demolition of my life coordinated by two shitmunching losers. Their despicable actions cost me tens of thousands of dollars.

Never be a victim. Always fight back.

No. 1478111

So you naturally did nothing after all, got it kek

No. 1478117

mypancakeaddiction exists nonnie

No. 1478336

I'm emailing my doctor about the bleach question

No. 1478337

File: 1674312470629.jpeg (97.23 KB, 1078x763, 665D28CC-46CD-42D6-ABE8-A93AD1…)

i had a mental breakdown and took a Christian moid’s virginity and now he wants to wife me and i don’t give a shit about him. this is rife with untreated mental illness.

>be me, nonna in college

>massive crush on tall handsome but dorky moid
>we are less than friends but more than acquaintances in the same class, work in same project groups, chat and play games together
>but he has a girlfriend
>also he is Christian and i am not
>throw in the towel, girl code + i don’t have a chance
>for context, and i only know: this is called “limerence” and is very common in people with complex post traumatic stress. it’s actually pretty interesting but it’s fucked up and not an excuse for what i did
>be creepy bitch; join servers i know he’s in under a different account but also find more he is in just by guessing
>check his messages in the servers and read every conversation he has on a near-daily basis
>feel a thrill when i catch him chatting in real-time and get to watch
>find and watch all of his accounts that are under the same name
>the yearning is so painful that i can feel if, physically; no appetite, no desire to do anything else, trouble focusing
>this is what they call “simping” in the biz
>anyway 3 years, have a trauma-related mental breakdown that ends up with me staying with family and taking temporary leave from my career
>still having an episode, so i fucking message him finally even though i know it’s a bad idea
>reel him in easy because stupid moid like pretty girl
>get him to admit how he always wanted to be with me instead even if it was wrong. how pretty i am, dumb pickme shit that i had been imagining for years
>we agree to meet again
>i got hotter after college
>he got fat and has a weird haircut
>eh, disappointing but i’ve craved this lay for so long
>fuck him
>find out he was a virgin at mid-twenties because Christian
>the mentally ill misandrist inside of me takes great pleasure in not only getting what i wanted from this man, but from taking the virginity that bible thumping moids like him care so much about
>go full manipulator
>the dick pretty good so i keep icing him out, then giving him breadcrumbs of attention, then fucking him and icing him out again
>he begins to annoy me more and more because he’s more of an autist than i thought and can’t hold a decent conversation for shit
>i mean if he was still attractive the autism would just be quirky right? that’s how moids think at least
>but he is so clingy, crude, unfunny, and the way he eats and behaves is so… male. i am also just too pretty and successful for him despite being a mentally ill bitch honestly
>he is so kind to me despite being annoying autist, keeps buying me little gifts and truly believes that once i receive help i will be wife material and his family will meet me
>coming out of my menty, sign up for mental health clinic
>no longer limerent, everything about this man except for his dick is repulsive to me
>going to use the clinic as the reason to cut this off after another week or so because i am a fucking coward

i have only been on the receiving end of abuse before in all of my intimate relationships so running away wasn’t difficult after i got tired of it, but this time i am the user/abuser and that’s new. i don’t feel remorse yet, but i know what i did was gross and continues to be gross because i am not being honest and cutting it clean immediately. I’m glad i only did this once before getting mental health treatment and also glad my years-long obsession is over. sucks that he got caught in the cross-fire. i plan to confess all of this to the people treating me so they know it’s gotten to a point where i am victimizing others and i get the help i need so i can stop being a crazy bitch

No. 1478352

don't feel too bad. he only wants to marry you because of his stupid religious morals.

No. 1478359

honestly you are right, and i’m having a hard time determining how bad i should feel for him because he got the better end of the deal honestly. when i reread the greentext it isn’t that bad for him. i should feel worse about different things, like disrespecting myself enough to let this happen.

No. 1478360

These are hot.

No. 1478364

i cried so much because of the psychonauts gays

No. 1478370

tell him you'll only consider marrying him if he loses weight

No. 1478371

My boyfriend's voice sounds a lot like a certain high pitched "whiny" voice my ex-boyfriend used to do to make fun of other people. I just can't unhear it, and it makes it a bit harder to take him seriously.

No. 1478373

Kek nta but YES

No. 1478395

this is why i post here, thanks nonna

No. 1478407

File: 1674319242896.jpg (57.03 KB, 640x480, gas cylinder.jpg)

i always have to run away either outside of the place or into the safest corner with my ears plugged to deafness when a gas cylinder is being switched or otherwise readjusted. it's actually my biggest fear and even phobia. last summer i had a panic attack because no matter how much i begged my dad to give up on trying to fix this small one we had at our dump of a house he wouldn't and it started spewing the pressure out with a loud noise i genuinely thought we were going to die. even worse when i was younger there used to be commercials where it said to be careful with the small ones as they had higher rates of exploding(?). even just seeing one makes me imagine something going wrong and getting flashes of people's exploded remains/mutilated faces thinking of how to react if i survived, like when i say a truck full of them i imagine it crashing or having other vehicles crash into it causing an explosion. i don't know. they freak me out beyond belief and beyond what should be normal.

No. 1478470

My dad was using an air compressor and filling the car tires once and something broke and the pressurized hose whipped and almost hit me. The metal end still attached. Hard to say how hurt I could have gotten but it chipped the concrete floor in the garage. Scared the hell out of me but he didn't see it happen so he was completely unsympathetic. I will not be present when he gets that thing out now.

No. 1478588

When my train of thought kind of wanders, or I experience something unpleasant and I need to forget about it instantly, I say "gaming" in my mind. I don't know why my brain latches onto that word, but it does, and I've been doing this for several years now.

No. 1478607

I eat my boogers

No. 1478628

I just met a 20 year old on tinder, we went to an art museum because he didn’t wanna go alone and he was just so cute. He’s probably never going to speak to me again because he came in 2 seconds and was embarrassed but damn that made me wish I was young again.

No. 1478710

I was so touch starved, i purposely pretended to be sick so i could have an excuse to get an appointment, why? because i wanted to get examined and touched by a male doctor, specifically.

No. 1478712

>He’s probably never going to speak to me again because he came in 2 seconds and was embarrassed but damn that made me wish I was young again.

No. 1478715

I have completely given up on men, most of them disgust me and their personalities even more. I gave up on my dreams of having a family and am now on my way to achieving plan B in life. Since I am a Christian, I have dedicated my life to God and Him alone, at this point I believe that Jesus was the only good man to have walked this earth. I only have friendships with the men around me and I think it's better that things stay that way, nonnas. I am so happy being a christian and just minding my own business, working and striving for success knowing that I have a God who loves me so much more than any moid ever could kek. This is so retarded but I am happy this way

No. 1478723

I mean being around him made me wish I was young again. Very different from the seasoned scrotes my age.

No. 1478732

File: 1674350009710.gif (686 KB, 320x240, 62c6b78175ba126e1047f32892731e…)


No. 1478733

No. 1478734

I she had sex with more than 20 men and I’m only 31. I don’t even know how many men I’ve fucked I stopped counting at 17.

No. 1478735

I’ve had sex*

No. 1478737

you say that about anything small with eyes

No. 1478738

you don't know me i like big wide set eyes

No. 1478740

I semi-frequently have to rage internally about the fact that HIMRs face got wasted on his rancid personality.

No. 1478741

do you suffer from any mental illness? did you enjoy it, at least?

No. 1478742

I do suffer from mental illness but I’m not sure what mental Illness. I never really cum from it because men cum so fast most of the time. I hide my whoreness from everyone though.

No. 1478746

I can understand people with skin conditions doing this as instructed by their doctor. On another note, I used to watch Jenna Jameson on IG during her keto new mom phase and she’d soak her vegetables in diluted bleach. Wtf.

No. 1478747


No. 1478769

yeah i'd never put bleach on food thats just weird and dangerous, but it works for me and my body

No. 1478774

and im proud and no longer will talk about it anymore. Have a gooc day nona

No. 1478782

>deleted post
was bleach-chan having a moment again?

No. 1478784

i just shgared what my doctor said, decided to delete and thats all.

No. 1478786

and what did the doctor say

No. 1478788

just that if I do it a certain way it's not dangerous but it's not something they will recommend I do or endorse, just that there's a way to do it and the way I was doing it was correct. It was a lot.

No. 1478805

This is so weird to me because I remember being in my teens/20s and looking up to older women/being envious that I wasn't older and more mature, too. We never talked shit or called anyone 'old' to be mean and I see zoomers being fucking mean as shit to millennials now

No. 1479155

I'm gonna try this with my intrusive thoughts, thanks nonnie

No. 1479170

I know OG /m/ is never coming back but I'm still adding temporary to the thread title whenever I make a new thread just for shits and giggles.

No. 1479180

makes me sad how different the atmosphere is there now…

No. 1479260

I don't use shampoo or conditioner. I haven't for years. I stopped in hs, I'm 25 now. I get a lot of compliments on it and people ask what brands I use. It doesn't get oily unless I touch it a lot and don't shower for days. I feel like I've saved a lot of money

No. 1479261

Sometimes I have a hunch about posters and the urge to hi cow is very strong. I won’t though, but I want to so bad lol

No. 1479278

What do you use? I'm water only and I wash my hair once a week or every week and a half if I can get away with it.
I have a scalp scrubber, wooden comb, and boar bristle brush I use daily as my hair care routine.

No. 1479285

Only water. I don't brush it either. It's only shoulder-length and has layers so I just run my fingers through it in the shower.

No. 1479301

Did you ask them if playing with poop was normal

No. 1479306

No, because I never said it was normal and it was a silly confession I shared and not something I did more then once and more then a few seconds.

No. 1479308

ok i'm late, wtf did anon do

No. 1479309

My toliet was clogged, I put a plastic bag in the toliet so I could shit and it would'nt continue to clog the toilet. I took the plastic bag out, and tied it up. Out of curiousity and creativity, I touched the poop it was in a bag, it was still warm, i did not physically or mentally "touch" actual poop, just pop in a bag, I poked it a bit like a stress ball, realized I was being retarded and I stopped.
Thats really it.

No. 1479312

it's the confessions thread

No. 1479313

File: 1674406182476.jpg (7.31 KB, 246x205, f.jpg)

No. 1479315

This is honestly how I feel about it now.

No. 1479318

So why didn't you just unclog the toilet?

No. 1479320

File: 1674406436208.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1598553404983.jpg)

I hope you are here talking about this over and over again until you melt in your bleach bath

No. 1479328

Im very confused why I'm getting criticized for using the thread for what it is. I do understand being mocked or told i'm gross, but not,
>Why are you confessing in the confessioning thread, I hope you melt in bleach
Like what?

No. 1479330

I used to dislike being short and skinny, but now I love it. I still wish I were a bit taller though. I reached a more normal weight ever since I recovered from covid at the beginning of the pandemic and now I feel like I look like a normal human being. I'm glad I've never been a fatass as well.

No. 1479331

in what reality would playing with your poop ever be creative in any context? planet zog? your brain is legitimately melting as we speak. are you still jittery today like you said you were last time poopplayer-chan ?

No. 1479333

It's not an excuse, the thread is to confess things, so I did. But whatever, I'm not going to derail or agrue any further about it

No. 1479339

attaching what? I make 10's of posts on lolcow a day and nobody knows who I am, except when I respond to this thread about this situation. I do not care if people call me "Poop Playing Anon or "Bleach Chan". This is lolcow life, not my real life.
It's not that serious to me anymore. I wrote what i wrote, in the correct thread, someone asked about it, I explained. Thats it thats all.

No. 1479342

You know what, I agree with you, poop-chan. I enjoy confessions like this.

No. 1479344

same. except for the short part, i used to be deathly afraid of growing taller while i was going through puberty because i didn't want to lose my childhood in the physical sense and thus be sexualized, and to a degree i still feel that way but i've come to a point where i'm getting over it. i kind of wish i was taller to have an elegant look because being underweight when short isn't very glamourous unless you really know how to dress for your height AND wear heels which i hate. i feel kind of immature but at least i'll be a cute old lady in a couple decades. i'm also glad i've never been fat in my life it'd honestly be sensory hell for me but i'm not against fat people or anything

No. 1479346

I can respond to what I want, it's clearly very serious to the anons whining about me confessing something embarrassing in the confession thread. Then saying, "Why attach that to your name" as if I'm typing this shit using my first/last/middle name.

No. 1479349

Last time you said your hands smelled after, poopchan. Please refrain from touching anything other people do, okay?

No. 1479351

she'll take a bleach bath actually i'm thinking the people would be safe

No. 1479357

My ex owes me $50 that she refused to pay me back because she owes other people more money. I had her Amazon video login and bought a subscription a while ago. I think she logged me out and i cant find the login. F

No. 1479374

her bum ass.

No. 1479379

You guys are fucking boring
>Nooooo don't confess retarded, crazy shit!!
Shut the hell up, bleach-chan is literally the most interesting shit that happened recently

No. 1479406

If you post retarded shit expect to be made fun of

No. 1479414

Nobody said that, again, the whining about posting confessions in the confessions thread is retarded.

No. 1479416

No one was doing that though

No. 1479417

I always wanted to be taller in my case, first when I was a kid to fight off bullies who made fun of me and pushed and hit me for being very short, and then because I found out I was so short because of health issues. For some reason I was almost always surrounded by people way taller than I am, and in my late 20s I'm meeting more and more men and women around my height for some reason (which is actually worrying for men but whatever). Given how skinny I always was despite eating normally I wonder if retarded kids in middle and high school suspected me of being anorexic, given how retarded and rude they were.

>unless you really know how to dress for your height

True, I wear basic shirts or sweaters and the same pairs of jeans almost all the time, and since the one store where I could easily find my size for jeans closed down a few years ago and since my ass got a bit bigger I can't even find jeans anymore. I'm getting used to wearing more dresses now because I can find some basic but good looking ones at Uniqlo.

>wear heels which i hate

I have two pairs of shoes with heels that aren't too high, they're comfortable and look good but I still barely wear them. I mostly wear comfortable sneakers because it's way more convenient.

No. 1479441


Lol, me too.

I still feel bad i once had a crush on my sisters boyfriend. But it was a short lived crush, also nobody knows about it, but i still feel bad.

And now this man i have been seeing for sex, cuddles and we are becoming close friends, has a friend that i have been crushing for a sometime. Mainly because, yeah i think he is hotter, but it's shit because he is his friend and i have to see him most of the time and also because the said friend has a wife and a child coming.

But i guess it's a somewhat a habit of mine because i crush easily.

Also i have been smoking weed with this guy i see, even tho i have had past problems with drugs and wrong kind of people. If my parents and siblings find out this and that i use anything - even weed and just occasionally, they will disown me.

Wtf is my problem.

No. 1479445

Did you mean to tag this nonnie?

No. 1479455

Guys I just invited myself over to my old coworkers house LMAO fuck he asked me last week and I told him I didn’t feel like driving, and he’s been on my mind this whole week so I was just like “fuck it” and asked him if he still wanted to hang out. This might be the worst idea ever, but fuck it we ball.

No. 1479462


I tagged the comment >>1477238 and my first sentence was commenting it since i found it also funny that some people here are 28. The rest of my post was just loser-ish confessions to this thread.

Also sorry about my english skills. It hasn't gotten any better, even after lurking this site for years.

Also deleting and editing this same post since i'm high.

No. 1479493

This board is dead as hell don't lie
I know, that's the point kek I'm just saying telling autismos to stop posting "out of embarrassment" is counterproductive, let the milk flow

No. 1479506

You're not supposed to farm milk from farmers themselves, you slimey fuck.

No. 1479523

You gotta learn what an actual lolcow is, there's no funny to be had so what's the point?

No. 1479528

There seems to be a lot of same fagging in this thread

No. 1479534

Damn thats an interesting pastime
>find an attractive woman
>she’s been in jail longer than I’ve been alive

No. 1479537

poopchan why didnt you just unclog the toilet

No. 1479570

It was very clogged and I don't have much money to have someone fix it at the time. I really had to use the bathroom

No. 1479581

I'm not trying to be snarky..but why did you not unclog it yourself?

No. 1479596

original post
(which includes the smelly hands she left out here kek)

No. 1479608

The problem with poopchan is not the fact that she had to unclog a toilet by hand, it’s the fact she tells us she played with the shit (bag or not) because she is so ”creative” and we are just jealous apparently. And the fact that she is monitoring this thread to defend her poopy honor, saying in each post how it will be her last.

No. 1479612

We tried we managed to unclog it, I don't know if you ever dealt with a toilet that was very clogged, constantly overflowing. We Eventually got it to go down by using a wire hanger unraveled and it was a pad stuck.

No. 1479613

>she is monitoring this thread to defend her poopy honor
i actually laughed so hard i started tearing up bc im 5

No. 1479614

You flushed a pad????????

No. 1479617

KEK this gets better and better

No. 1479629

I live with multiple people I don't know who flushed it.
I honestly do not get why everything I say in this thread is being picked apart to be so dramatic. I answered the question that was asked when I checked the thread. I'm not defending anything.

No. 1479636

Sorry I saw the other post

No. 1479641

I fucking love dettol baths. I don't do it to feel clean I just love the smell.

No. 1479642

I genuinely don't like any of my coworkers because they enable the troon, and I plan to use them all only as stepping stones to advance my career.

No. 1479644

This poor toilet of yours seems to be taking abuse from retards

No. 1479669

I'll laugh at poopchan and there's nothing you can do about it
I didn't say she was a cow goddam, her antics are just entertaining to me

No. 1479679

The smell of dettol is very nostalgic. Every time i was sick or got back from a holiday as a child my dad would prepare a dettol bath for my me and my siblings. It smells wonderful and I wish i had access to a bath tub so i can soak into a dettol bath every week.

No. 1479684

File: 1674442509464.gif (1.73 MB, 200x149, 5.gif)

Recently I dreamt that my husbando was voice acting for some movie or tv show or something like that, playing a sexy microwave, and his microwave self tried to seduce me while I was heating something up.

No. 1479735

File: 1674455001704.jpeg (76.59 KB, 1280x720, 689CD78B-8D1D-40DB-912D-BA73D7…)

I have a sixth sense and I'm pretty sure some of my thoughts accidentally doom the universe, but the problem is it never does any good

No. 1479736

Well it doesn't do any good if you warn others, you have to trick them into it. Whole shits fucking annoying and whoever gave me farsight is the biggest asshole I can imagine.

No. 1479777

Apparently I thought Nigel was my husbando while sleep-talking. He told me it was very cute once I woke up, but I'm ready to die of embarrassment regardless.

No. 1479788

That sounds pretty hot id fuck a sentient microwave

No. 1479790

File: 1674463695948.jpg (27.2 KB, 623x438, IMG_20230114_194957.jpg)

Today was traumatizing. So i took two adderall today without eating anything to do my schoolwork and had a coffee from starbucks with it and I cannot describe how weird i felt for the next six hours. I was laser focused but if I wasnt doing school work I'd just stare off into space. I felt like I'd taken it wrong somehow. Anyway way later it's finally wearing off. so I get into the car and I had to fart. I didnt think anything of it and I sharted. First time I ever did that and SHOOK ME TO MY CORE. So I hurry up and jump out of my car to find a bathroom and the door shut behind me…and it locked. My keys were on the dashboard. There was no time to worry about that right now though I needed to get to the bathroom. I tied my hoodie around my waist and headed to the bathroom. Got to the walmart bathroom,absolutely emptied my bowls. Had to call a guy to come get my car unlocked. The unlock button wouldn't work,he couldn't push the little switch under the handle either so I basically had to take the little hook from him and use it to grab my car keys. He had to use a little inflatable pack to crack my car door and because of it my car door is permanently a little cracked like that. Can now hear really annoying whistling while driving. Got home and my stomach was cramping like my intestines were in knots so I said fuck it and popped 2 ibuprofen and took a shower. Felt a lot better until I got up to take my birth control and knocked pepsi all over the painting I was working on. Who the fuck did I piss off? And I know I cant tell anyone about this because they will 100% laugh at me. Worst part is I cant even be mad about it.

No. 1479794

saw this image with my glasses off and i got spooped

No. 1479797

Why do I have this unrelenting urge to peg my coworker?? I'm in a committed, loving gay relationship but can't stop thinking about it. What the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 1479801

File: 1674466135658.png (498.3 KB, 500x597, 9605AC6F-E0BE-4A46-9DDC-2ADB74…)

I always thought Nemu was cute and I really liked her art style (when it didn’t involve her disgusting fetishes) I feel bad because she was obviously very porn sick.

No. 1479805

My lord anon, just go to bed. Some days just need to end. I’m so sorry

No. 1479824

that art is so cool, it really looks like jeff the killer if you look at it while unfocusing your eyes

No. 1479840

Idk wtf is going on that now I have dreams about Jesse instead… They depressed me I want Walt back

No. 1479842

I'm pretty sure it's just jeff the killer image processed by this AI that turns everyone into anime girls

No. 1479847

Same. I enjoyed her fanart that would imitate the original source.
One thing that still irks me of her porn sick mind was the interacting with minors about stuff that we knew turned her on. The one time she tried explaining to a kid about vomit being normal while the kid wanted her to mark her art nsfw.

No. 1479848

There's a woman that hates me because I was her husbands first girlfriend and when I still hung out with that group she'd always pick on me. And it was always so interesting cause her husband molested me and she's a cunt. Imagine being smug over marrying a guy like that.

No. 1479849

I think her being cute was part of the spectacle that made her a lolcow. Like, you wouldn’t expect this otherwise pretty cute girl to openly indulge in such foul fetishes. You expect behavior like that from people who are already outcasts for being ugly and autistic

Also I just realized I own those socks

No. 1479884

I know it's dusty as fuck up in there.

No. 1479942

It's disappointing to me that my sister has dedicated her life to serving moids. After like 10 years of schooling, she ends up being a counselor for a men's shelter. It's so disgusting that she's wasted so much of our family money for an absolutely crap job. She's always been a pickme so I guess I wouldn't be surprised lmao

No. 1479945

File: 1674495092419.jpg (36.28 KB, 445x503, u need jesus.jpg)

Reached a new low today. Wrote fanfiction about two real, existing men assfucking. I got super into it too. Reevaluating my whole retarded life right now. It's so fucking over me, each new kudo I get is like crack too, making me want to write more…

No. 1479947

What job did you use your family's money to get, nonnie?

No. 1479972

kek nona I know that feeling. the best piece of literature I've ever written is a reader insert PWP fanfic and it's semi popular, too, at least by the fandom's standards.

No. 1479977

How much money did your sister spend?

No. 1479979

I didn't spend money. I went to college on a full ride and I'm a project manager making six figures now lmao

No. 1479982

Wish this were me

No. 1479985

Being a counselor or being in social work in general is really fucking hard. It's an extremely draining field, why do you look down on her like this? At least she's contributing something to society.

No. 1479992

>'counselling' men

No. 1479995

She looks down on her because her sister is probably a kind person who is well liked while she is an insufferable and jealous autist.

No. 1479998

Lmao are you kidding? Her sister is basically an emotional prostitute for moids

No. 1480003

>helping scrotes
>contributing something to society.
why can't she work at a women's shelter?

No. 1480004

File: 1674500712988.jpg (80.79 KB, 1280x720, 64659345.jpg)

Weird, you must have a NEET doppelganger who angrily seethes here about her sister too.

No. 1480006

Even if she was a NEET that's better than dedicating your life to helping scrotes lmao

No. 1480011

You're not even gonna tell us the ship name?

No. 1480028

I applied for a mortgage loan last week and I haven't told any of my friends about it bc I don't know if it is going to work out or not. I'm optimistic it will, but it would be so embarrassing if I told everyone about it and then wasn't approve for a high enough loan to get a house in my area. Anyways, I am secretly very excited, but also trying to stay realistic, and thought I would share with my nonnies on lolcow

No. 1480233

I know. Women like her make me sick

No. 1480256

Good luck nonnie!!!

No. 1480312

File: 1674532464410.webm (2.97 MB, 720x900, Moid_kicking.webm)

I'm not into femdom but I find it so fucking funny to watch.

No. 1480320

Any juicy stories?

No. 1480321

I've done that before. With newscasters. Welcome the club, anon.

No. 1480323

If you don't have ADD you got what you deserve.

No. 1480352

I like to troll and larp moids on 4chan, especially when they sperg out about the boss bitch in the office and richer women. Help me nonnies.

No. 1480355

I remember seeing this video a lot on cgl

No. 1480356

I'm generally not sociopathic nor do I have any sadistic tendencies but during my last breakup I got so mad at my ex that I drew a detailed picture of me beating him with a hammer and it made me feel much better desu

No. 1480368

You're doing God's work, nonushka. As you were.

No. 1480369

Then I certainly will! Thanks nonnie.

No. 1480382

Fucking newscasters? You are wild, anon.

No. 1480416

File: 1674547581594.png (307.9 KB, 540x532, 8dea6f851b05b8ffc5bb6990a35de8…)

I am 28 and I fully relapsed on my 13-year-old anachan behavior because my mom said I am getting a double chin (it's fucking genetic) and my father said I would be a fine woman if I grew larger boobs.
Lost 5 kilos since the start of the year, not intending to stop for now.
I just think it's incredibly fucking embarassing at that age. Also hazardous for health or something. I feel like a dumbass teenager again.

No. 1480433

File: 1674550611508.jpg (59.04 KB, 800x450, lisa.jpg)

A few days ago I realized that my bf of at least 3 years strongly resembles, in both looks and personality, my favorite anime husbando from my teenage years and I probably subconsciously got together with him because of that

No. 1480442

Hear me out. I love raw meat. Like maybe I’ll get salmonella eventually but raw ground beef or steak is soo good. Even chicken ain’t bad. Something about it, just mmmm

No. 1480494

> raw chicken
you almost got me

No. 1480521

I just really wanted to get this off my chest because I have no one to tell and I don't know if this is considered anything insane.
I met my now fiance before finding radfem beliefs and FDS, before that I was a massive pickme doormat. I did a complete 180 and became more "bitchy" or demanding, basically I wasn't taking shit anymore and had the self respect to put my foot down. We both met when we were really young so we were not very mature honestly. He said hurtful things, I did crazy shit. We have both grown a lot and he is really happy with how I've changed and has even told me I've grown a lot for the better. He pays for almost everything now and tells me he loves taking care of me, I barely have to work. I just work to cover my pets expenses and groceries, he says I should focus on school. He gives me whatever I want, gives me a ton of affection and wants me to be everywhere with him. Tbh it sounds like trying to be a 50/50 pickme actually turned him off because he's a lot happier with me being "demanding" or wanting to be spoiled and whatever. His mom fucking adores me and calls me her daughter and her favourite which helps a lot too. I never expected our relationship to end up like this because I wasn't happy with him a couple years ago. Despite all this I will never fully trust men. I have spyware on his computer and will secretly take his phone while he's sleeping and look through it. I become closer to our friends than him so they have more loyalty to me and they do tell me things he does/say which have been harmless and wholesome so far, like they told me he was gonna propose lmao. I don't feel bad about this and I think every woman should do it. You hear too many stories of a woman thinking her man is perfect and he ends up being some porn watching degenerate.
Sometimes it makes me feel so anxious I want to break up with him but I might as well enjoy it while it lasts. He said I'm his bestfriend and he's mine, we really love eachother and are eachother's firsts. Like all the spying shit I do sounds exhausting but it takes 0 effort on my end and is naturally easy for me. It's just the "what ifs" and "what if he changes after the wedding" fears that wear me out. When lesbian nonnies pity hetties I accept that pity because it fucking blows being a straight woman, it's really a gamble. If this relationship ends I will be celibate. He's the only man I've ever been attracted to so it won't be hard, majority of moids are ugly anyways and if they're mildly attractive they have a repulsive personality. Thanks for reading nonnies

No. 1480522

how did you put the spyware on his computer?

No. 1480523

He willingly gives me all his passwords and usernames. On the chance that he didn't give one to me, his passwords are always very easy to guess. I pay for something called PCTattletale. Waited til he left for work, logged into his computer and bought the subscription, and downloaded it on his computer. Would recommend it to any nonnies, the only downside is that you can't install it on iphones only desktop and android phones. $100/yr? is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

No. 1480527

Just eat sashimi. Puking from raw chicken isn't worth it.

No. 1480530

thanks. thats nice he willingly gives you passwords and accounts. can you download it on Macs? I have left my Mac laptop alone with my tech literate bf and I doubt he's done anything but I'm super super paranoid and doubt everything and always think someones watching what I do online. do you think something like this could be installed in under 5 minutes? thats the longest amount of time I have ever left my laptop unattended.

No. 1480537

I don't like soyboys for obvious reasons but I also don't like masculine moids because they are always trad in various ways.

No. 1480541

That's true it's nice he believes he has nothing to hide. Curbs the anxiety a bit
Yeah it is a quick download, 5 minutes isn't unreasonable. I am not sure if it's compatible with Mac. Best way to check is to go into the mac equivalent of window's defender or any antivirus programs you have and go into their exclusions to see if any strange files were allowed permission to exist on your computer without getting caught and disabled by the antivirus program.

No. 1480546

As a food scientist student this hurts me, I pray it's bait.

No. 1480582

Raw chicken is a big no, it contains a lot more bacteria. Raw beef however is safe to eat as long as you store it well and it's fresh. In my country raw ground beef and thin raw steak served with lemon and salt are pretty common dishes.

No. 1480583

I punch walls pretty frequently. I don't have moid tardstrength so I don't leave holes but I do it whenever I'm upset or frustrated. I've been doing it since high school but when I was younger I'd punch the floor or the stairs because I was afraid of damaging the wall.

No. 1480589

mine are concrete or some god forsaken hard as hell material I can't even hang this on due to the hardness, but same at the place I lived before. Also taking a box cutter to a cardboard box is such a great way to let out some anger, and also a nice way to chop it up so it's easier to recycle

No. 1480592

drank a absurd amount last night and I cired until my eyes were swollen while listening to the same song over and over again. Anyway I had an very vivid dream, you know that piture of the edited childern and the pretty married couple?
Well I had a dream that I was talking to that man in the picture, he was actually married to that lady and had kids.
He was older with long hair, he for some reason was ranting and raving about something in my room. I thought he was really cute and my grandma was urging me to flirt back with him when he stared to flirt. My little brother was telling me not too and wrote me a note that said, "Sex means nothing". I woke up very sad because I wanted to flirt or just die

No. 1480595

Hey did you hear about that study that came out of Sweden about fake meat and how shit it is for the human body?

No. 1480598

all meat is fake tbh, i learned yesterday that cows were gentically created thats why they don't naturally exist in the wild. like goldfish

No. 1480599

You mean domestication?

No. 1480602

Yeah genetically created by GOD. Don’t disrespect cows

No. 1480606

no humans created cows, its a fact. I love cowes like my sister but they are created not born

No. 1480609

No, but now I'm interested

No. 1480610

my aurochs meat is NOT fake

No. 1480628

This one? https://news.cision.com/chalmers/r/low-nutritional-quality-in-vegetarian-meat-substitutes,c3692345

I don't know if it's necessarily BAD for you, just harder to extract nutrition from / not as nutritious. Just like a salad leaf is not BAD for you, it just does not have so much nutritional value. You just have to watch what other stuff you eat, take supplements if needed etc. And if you et both meat and meat substitutes, I think you are fine - people these days eat way too much meat, which also causes health issues. And if you are full vegan, just make sure you eat supplements and nutritious vegetables.

Though I agree it is misleading advertising if the package says "rich in iron" or "better for you than meat" if those are not true. That should be dealt with.

No. 1480635

They're created in the sense that they're domesticated. They descend from wild animals just like dogs, cats, chickens, pigs and rabbits. People didn't just create an animal out of fucking nowhere.

No. 1480666

If fake meat is of no nutritional value why bother with it at all? If someone wants to be vegetarian then eat eggs, dairy and plants, if someone wants to be vegan then eat plants. Vegans constantly resort to industrially processed food and for a group of people that claim they want a sustainable natural eco friendly diet, it's the total opposite of what they're trying to achieve.

No. 1480705

Fish fins typed this post

No. 1480711

The same reason why you might eat candy or desserts, or lettuce, anon. Not everything you eat has to have nutritional value as long as you also eat other stuff. When I was a vegetarian I personally liked fake meat because it reminded me of food I used to eat. Also not everyone is vegan or vegetarian because of ethical/environmental reasons and some meat substitutes do have nutritional value.

No. 1480712

I don't want to eat animals and contribute to killing them. Also, the taste and texture is really good in many meat substitutes these days, I prefer them to just plain veggies etc.

No. 1480719

Also I do not mean to moralize or hurt anyones feefees by this, it's just something I have chosen to do. I could not kill an animal, so I will not eat them.

No. 1480740

I don't know why people act like vegans/vegetarians live off fake meat for every meal every day. These items are expensive. I will eat them occasionally as a treat, but yes, most of the time I am eating regular old plants. I do not base my entire diet around processed fake products, and nor does any other vegan I know.

No. 1480752

yeah same, i think it's also the reason why many have the misconception that a vegan diet is more expensive. i'll try out a meat substitute sometimes if it's something i've never seen before but i usually end up disliking it, i'd much prefer a $2 block of tofu and some veggies over a $10 pack of Impossible burgers. i don't really have the desire to eat something that is as close to meat or dairy as possible

No. 1480756

It’s a class thing. There’s a group of upper class people in my area that are overweight and vegan because they eat nothing but boxed meals and pasta. They just switched their normal TV dinners to vegan ones and a more expensive store for validation points and acceptance. You also can’t call them out for shit because they will moralize they should be allowed to be an asshole because they don’t “murder animals” so net wise they’re less bad than everyone else. Not all vegans are like that.

No. 1480794

>not everyone is vegan or vegetarian because of ethical/environmental reasons
NTA but isn't that the whole point of being vegetarian/vegan?

No. 1480802

Girl get a boxing bag or something. It’s safer, won’t damage anything by the chance the wall does break, & you’d be putting your energy into something better.

No. 1480808

i'm not fully vegetarian yet but i just hate meat flavor and texture, red and white, i loathe it all (can't say the same about other animal products). also a huge amount of vegans are covert anachans

No. 1480811

Kek no. You can be vegetarian or vegan for any reasons. It's just a diet, some do it for ethocal reasons and some do it because of personal reasons.

No. 1480812

Fart sniffers, the all of them

No. 1480813

We are all cow fart sniffers with the amount of cattle on this planet kek

No. 1480814

anon no, cows were domesticated, not made. like chickens and every other domesticated animal they were bred for specific things and no longer resemble their wild ancestors. you know, like dogs and cats and other domesticated animals. pugs and scottish folds look and act absolutely nothing like wolves or wild cats. the only animal that can really truly become wild again is the pig. even cats can't become fully wild, especially breeds that rely on human companionship. did you just like, miss biology class that talks about domestication and gene manipulation of plants and animals?

No. 1480827

I will gladly huff cow farts because they are sacred and have more right to be here than you do. Btw cattle farming isn’t killing the planet, it’s industrialism and countries like China and America dumping your lifetime’s carbon footprint into bodies of water/the air every hour. Honestly, going vegan doesn’t do shit for the environment you’ve just been lied to like so many, because they don’t want to kill off industry, so they’ll blame the proles and their consumptious habits and retards like you eat that shit up. Gfys

No. 1480828

fucking thank you! i know anons will baww because they feel good about things that corporations manipulate them into thinking make a difference, but it really doesn't and it takes pressure off those companies.

No. 1480830

It’s ok if you eat meat, but you do not have to justify it by acting higher and mightier than people who do not.

No. 1480834

When I was an exchange student in the USA I bought scotch tape because I found the packaging so cute. Then a guy invited me over to his place and I excitedly pointed out „I have that too!" when I noticed he also owned scotch tape. I later learned basically everybody owns this which was embarrassing to me

No. 1480837

That’s so cute nonna

No. 1480869

>If fake meat is of no nutritional value why bother with it at all?
Because people like to feel superior when in reality they have no personality or identity.

No. 1480872

There's not no nutritional value in there and it heavily depends on what you're getting. Of course it doesn't have the same nutritional value of meat (in both good and bad ways), but the protein and 15% of daily iron and B12 can help. It's just plant stuff in shapes, I wouldn't even call them "meat shapes", since it's not like cow meat is naturally shaped like a burger. It's just a useful shape for on a bun. You can put your beans in a bowl or a taco or make burgers out of them. People like variety.

No. 1480890

sometimes I say dumb shit and giggle as I type, but then when I get rude responses even if I didn't mean what I said, and I know I wrong, my feelings get hurt.

No. 1480891

If ur the cow farts Nona I’m sorry for wigging out, I kinda figured you were being silly and I’ll be honest it was pretty I was just being a sperg. Sorry.

No. 1480893

no, i'm not but apology acccepted because you probably have told me to shut the fuck up. I get bullied a lot on lolcow for my dumb shit.

No. 1480897

Fuck them, be the silliest goose you possibly can be. Anyone who is mean to you is bitter and probably a loser

No. 1480898

yeah but I get it, i'm multiple "chans" on here, I'm serious about everything I type but the times I'm being silly and stupid, I get some responses and then I'm like, "Wait, not that funny"

No. 1480899

They are just socially deprived and cannot understand the nuance of your humor. Post whatever tf you want on this anonymous gossip forum for socially reclusive shut ins.

No. 1480901

i've been mean to some anons before on multiple occasions. i'm sorry i just take advantage of the anonimity i never really mean it but obviously that's not anybody's first thought in this day and age not even mine. the guilt was eating away at my conscience last night so i have to post. i'm also guilty of instantly dirty deleting out of shame. i'm really sorry sisternons

No. 1480971

File: 1674611899692.gif (195.39 KB, 275x275, 1580793087006.gif)

i really like paypal's pay in 4 option for purchases over $30. i can technically afford the things i get outright but spreading out repayments makes me feel a lot better, yes i know that's part of the psych in offering the option - get people spending more overall, just in a manageable way. helpful because i don't overspend regardless.

No. 1480974

Haha you’re cute

No. 1480982

File: 1674613064197.jpg (124.46 KB, 1965x2373, go.jpg)

I love getting piercings (have more than 10) and tomorrow I'm going to an appointment to get my clitoral hood pierced. I'm so excited.

No. 1480989

This is so interesting to hear because I'm the exact opposite. I try to pay for all of my things outright if possible, even my phone or other electronics that can cost a couple thousand. I hate payment plans because I hate seeing the charges appear again and again. It kind of stresses me out because I fear one day of forgetting I had an repayment charge pop up and it pushes me into the red. Paying for things in full and knowing I won't have to think about it again feels more secure. Maybe repayments split into 2 or 3 at most would be ok.

No. 1481026

Fuck yeah. I am thinking of getting a genital piercing as well, but tbh, due to my boring anatomy, I don't think I can get any of the genital piercings except a Christina (which is not technically a genital piercing). Have fun!

No. 1481032

Not judging but what is the appeal of getting a genital piercing?

No. 1481033

watching jodi arias' interrogation tapes and she's genuinely so funny and cute. i like her rambling and constant hair flips and spergery.

No. 1481035

same anon who asked about the piercings, but i think the christina piercing is strangely pretty.

No. 1481057

i understand entirely, i used to be the same way until inflation really started biting hard into my wallet. had to get less precious personally about it because it doesn't matter in the end, as long as payments aren't late and i don't accrue interest it's all the same conclusion

No. 1481098

I have a friend who only pays things in 4 way payments, but is constantly begging for money. I feel like people who cant be responsible to have the money to pay for something right away fall into shitty credit card debt or worse.
It's just smarter to hold off on paying for something if you dont have the money on hand for most material things.

No. 1481141

it's really hot when guys are skinny and have thigh gaps through which you can see their dick+balls from behind, thigh gaps for men should become a trend

No. 1481143

Agree. I love the look of a Christina but it's one of those piercings I'll never get and can only love from afar since I don't want to put up with the trouble having and maintaining it would give me

No. 1481158

I’ve never seen or noticed this, may I have an image for research purposes

No. 1481159

wish i had one, its just something i became fixated on after dating skinny guys

No. 1481167

I'm going to sound like a snob but I don't get pop music, I watched a top 10 of the best and worst pop songs of 2022 and I honestly couldn't tell what made them better or worse than the others.

No. 1481181

No. 1481255

I felt bad for Chris-chan. Never got help for his mega autism, got harassed in masse by dozens of moids who constantly humiliated him into ruining his life further, years later developed a bunch of mental illness and delusions then did the unspeakable. I'm a massive manhater, but that's such a cursed, hopeless, miserable life, honestly I wouldn't wish to be in his shoes, nor live with his family or suffer from his cognitive deficiencies, rather kys

No. 1481263

Same here nonna. He's so far gone now that any sympathy evaporated years before he attacked his mother, but it's hard to see his early internet life and not wonder if he might have been okayish without 4chan moid ruination. But I'm a mega-cringe autist and saw some of myself in early Chris-chan, so maybe it's wishful thinking that autistics that severe stand a chance at life.

No. 1481267

I don't feel bad for him, I do hate how every scrote who harassed him irl acts smug or pretends that it's all) Bob,Barb and Chris's fault. Like only the "malicious" trolls actually hurt Chris. Not the ones bothering him, clearly he believed a lot of the silly fucking shit.
I believe Chris Chan would have fucked up his life and shared it on his own.
You can tell at one point he literally just accepted mostly everything. His life was just full of wacky situations and trolls. I also loathe the scrotes who'd fuck with Chris but then act smug about it or try to "teach" him a lesson. Like that fat girl who seemed to get off on breaking Chris down. It didn't teach him anything the dumb ass never learned.
He wasn't going to stop being a sex pest, man baby and he's mentally ill. They all just wanted to pick at someone below them.

No. 1481271

Also, I notice this with scrotes. There was an obviously mentally ill man who was obsessed with sonic and hated Amy. All he did was run his stupid site, make stupid ciders. Mister Metakour found his youtube, a bunch of his fans started to write comments on his personal site. Hilter quotes etc. While Mister Metakour laughed and egged it on. I couldn't help but think how cruel it was.
Imagine being a Autist sharing your shit online and suddenly a bunch of scrotes are trying to make you the new Chris chan. Then if you believe their shit and fall for it, they will watch you ruin your life,pick on you and then when people go to far, wag their fingers. Like, "no stop fucking with MY retard".
Uhh you created this culture. Everyone who interacted with Chris to troll who created that "fuck with Chris " culture.
It's fucked up. Regardless of how shitty Chris is. Chris chan could be funny on his own.

No. 1481272

Same thing I do but not with the word gamer. Just socially unacceptable words in my head. Don't even know why it works as good as it does.

No. 1481277

I have a really bad porn addiction and I also draw coomer shit. I know you guys are gonna label me a moid for admitting this. I just don't know ways I could quit or I wanna quit. it makes me feel euphoria in a weird way. Dopamine is one hell of a drug. I feel bored as fuck a lot.

No. 1481278

No. 1481280

Do you want to get better or shout into the void? Both are fine but I don't want to pester you with advice unless you want help.

No. 1481285

There's a porn recovery thread on /g/

No. 1481293

>I don’t know how to quit!
Just stop acting like a helpless victim and stop doing it. You’re not a heroin addict at the mercy of deadly withdrawals, you’re choosing to do all this shit instead of literally anything else you could do with your time because it’s easy, low effort, and all you have to do is sit around being boring as you are now. Get dopamine from the entire wealth of other activities the world has to offer and stop feeding into your obsession by drawing braindead coomershit, get a life and some actually interesting hobbies instead of acting like a lazy retarded animal.

No. 1481295

I don't have an addiction but I feel bad because I agree with Radfem views of porn but when I get horny I end up watching it. I know it's a me problem and I need to suck it up and stop watching though.

No. 1481307

Nonnie, never flush pads, tampons, toilet roll cores, etc. down the toilet. It leads to drainage problems and hindrance at sewage plants. Please dispose sanitary waste properly. Also, stop playing with poop.

No. 1481308

exactly how I am feeling about it.

Okay, thanks for the wake up call.

No. 1481310

Nonnie, never flush pads, tampons, toilet roll cores, etc. down the toilet. It leads to drainage problems and hindrance at sewage plants. Please dispose sanitary wasteproperly. Also, stop playing with poop.>>1477069

No. 1481339

i'm one of the worst posters on this site and i have at least 2 nicknames here people call me by

No. 1481345

*worse and same

No. 1481347

I was rude and sarcastic to an anon in another thread. It was a week or so ago but I still feel bad about it.

No. 1481350

I've never told an anon to kill themselves and I'm very agaisnt that (Not that I can remember, I drunk post a lot but I lie and say I'm not drunk. I admitted something embrassing and still have to live with that)

No. 1481361

Only somewhat related, but this made me realize that I've been called a few different names (usually referencing my autistic interests) and I've never had anons go "wait… you also sound like [X]-chan…" so I wonder how many anons know that this -chan or -fag is also THIS -chan or -fag. One of my stupid posts was referenced in the drawing board during the "wellknown lolcow users" theme and it made me smile. When anons give me a name they are usually really nice and encouraging towards me and if I'm getting made fun of there will typically be an anon or two who defend me. I'm lucky I'm not the utterly insufferable type of autist.

No. 1481362

Scandifags just interpret kys as in you want to kiss them

No. 1481364

I recently gained a new "Chan" that I'm ashamed of because it's shitty

No. 1481367

sorry but must ask: poop-chan?

No. 1481374

Congrats you even failed at being anonymous

No. 1481376

Drake-truther / joshfag?

No. 1481379

I told a family member about Shayna (i know, laugh ha ha, whatever, she's into drama and dumb shit). I was having a giggle fit over an montage of all the times she claimed she was spoiled but was showing stuffed animals and shit. So I sent her the picture with the small bottle of baths and bodyworks perfume like
>Lol this bitch went to the mall with her sugar daddy and look what she's bragging about. Not even the big bottle lol
And we talked about how our high school boyfriends even got us the big bottle of spray and I felt like a fucking loser, but it was funny to me.

No. 1481380

Seriously. I confess I find this weird pride some anons are taking in their labels as pathetic. They give me tripfag on 4chan vibes

No. 1481384

I have creepshots of my bf's friends feet and also some creepvideos of his feet and him talking while hanging out. I'm not going to make a move or cheat I'm just creepy

No. 1481387

who cares? some of you take lolcow too serious, it's not like it's connected to my real name and face
>OMG they call me Blank-Chan on lolcow!! Im going to die
No you just move on and laugh at it eventually. Most "Chans" are only noticed when they are in certain threads or certain topics. They probably talk all over the site without being spotted.

No. 1481388

We do, only like three to four users can even get writing and personalities down well enough to be semi-decent at guessing.

No. 1481390

Nta but you can already get a nickname for talking about wanting to pet an animal. It's not really indicative of how anonymous you are.

No. 1481417

File: 1674666124781.jpg (874 KB, 2596x3500, dkqm0kf1pp931.jpg)

Eating a delicious slice of cake is more satisfying to me than sex

No. 1481479

Up until I was like fifteen or sixteen I didn't knew having a miscarriage was something emotionally taxing or traumatic. Like, why not just make a new one? lol I think this stems from two friends mothers being really open about it, and explaining what the complications during pregnancy were to us. If I'm being honest I still don't quite get it, though now that I know I obviously wouldn't voice it.

No. 1481483

Chemical pregnancy. Your hormones crash and you feel chemically crushed. You don’t have a choice. It’s biology. Even women who get abortions talk about the chemical pregnancy grief.

No. 1481528

Besides hating men, trannies and disliking porn usage, I share almost no opinions or politics with most of LCs userbase, which is admittedly very alienating, half of the time I seriously don't understand what the fuck are anons talking about

No. 1481533

Do you have any examples? Besides those three I actually have no idea what lolcow userbase politics are, and I've been here for years lol. I always skip those communism manifesto infights though…

No. 1481534

Are you the catholic with an eating disorder who posted selfies/nudes to prove you weren't the pedo tranny?

No. 1481539

What the hell are you even talking about

No. 1481541

You can read it again, it's pretty self explanatory.

No. 1481544

? What other politics nonnie? Are you racist?

No. 1481556

I feel similar, I feel like I'm 1 of 3 ancap adjacent anons here and seeing some anons claims about political issues got me going out to touch grass in their honor lol but I hold no ill will for them.
Dear lord, racism isn't a political position, it's all over the place some are just more overt than covert.

No. 1481676

File: 1674681432654.gif (7.64 MB, 902x500, bear-hug-sulley-monsters-inc-q…)

this gif has single handedly ruined monster inc for me, now anytime I see anything related to Monster inc(especially with that big blue monster) i can't help but laugh. Sad

No. 1481680

I crack up every single time nonnies randomly add it to their posts. Shayna broke my brain

No. 1481682

I just put yoghurt on my vagina. I will report back.

No. 1481806

No. 1481808

File: 1674689054441.png (487.39 KB, 800x800, 106963_5.png)

It's a homemade remedy for yeast infeactions. >>1481682
Hopefully you used yogort with lactobacillus and no sugar

No. 1481835

I've done it. It worked and the coldness of the yogurt felt oddly soothing haha.

No. 1481841

File: 1674691971304.jpg (91.75 KB, 578x327, johto0.jpg)

My sister and I have been playing Pokemon since Gameboy color days. We'd always get the opposite versions on release and play and trade together. She likes to think that we always wanted the other version and has always been really happy about this, like it's part of our unique sister bond. The truth is I know her tastes and always knew which one she was going to pick so I'd pick the opposite one on purpose so she'll be happy. Even when we hated each other's guts in high school, I did this. I don't think I'll ever tell her. Just my little secret.

No. 1481849

Idk how it happened but me and my coworker are flirting with each other like.. BOLDY at work. but we're both married. Oops. god I really am a piece of shit.

No. 1481897

That's so sweet

No. 1481927

File: 1674697051598.jpg (33.69 KB, 564x515, 1666436088022.jpg)

hey anons. My dad molested me repeatedly when I was 5 (manipulated me into performing oral on him). My mom found out and decided to stay with him (she didn't think she'd be able to raise three kids on her own). I kept a distance from my dad, just kind of treated him like a vase or painting in my house, just kind of there. He never tried to do anything to me since (I have no idea if he hurt other girls, consumed CP, etc, he had a military job and was gone often. All I know is he never did anything to me). The significant part of this post, is that my brothers (one older, one younger) both don't know ANY of this (again, my mom thought in her retard brain that covering it up would be best for her family).

I am now 25, and my brothers are 23 and 28. Should I ever tell them? Maybe after my parents die? Would it be worth it? I am scared thinking of how much my brothers will dote on my elderly parents and how much I will be disgusted by them. I will just seem like a cold, horrible daughter, avoiding my parents while my brothers visit and tend to them. I remember when my grandma died; my dad was sobbing in the pews of that church, and as I sat next to him I just stared. My uncle (my dad's sister's husband, so not blood-related) was sitting in the pew behind us, and afterward he gently suggested that I go on a vacation with my dad or something. He thought I was just a fucking retard, and was trying to help me care about my "poor grieving dad". Fuck what do I do? My brothers really think my dad is a good dad. Maybe I'll leave a note when I die, but the thought of my little brother being haunted by this in his last days is incredibly grim. I love my brothers. Maybe I really have to take this to the grave.

No. 1481940

File: 1674697480693.jpg (161.27 KB, 700x700, 156f6345f2649a82530bb73de3a2db…)

If you let them know tell them that your mother knew about it but never did anything regarding it. However be prepared that your siblings won't believe you at first and that they might be come angry too since they probably won't be able to reconcile deadbeat dad to lovewable dad

No. 1481950

I don’t think there’s any good answer, honestly. I’m also a CSA victim and it was revealed to the rest of my family when I told a doctor about it and they called child protective services on me and the person they sent did nothing but tell my whole family about it. It’s been tough since then. I got a bit of sympathy, but to be frank, after the little apology I got, my family was mostly concerned with the idea that I could move on and we could be normal again. There was a lot of drama about it, the perpetrator throwing huge fits and literally crying on the floor screaming “so no one will forgive me?!” making it all about him and it didn’t make me feel any better ultimately, just more awkward and angry. Although carrying such a bitter and painful secret is its own form of suffering, especially when everyone keeps trying to get you to act “kinder” or whatever. I only think telling my friends, albeit sort of vaguely, made me feel a bit better, like someone finally actually listened and cared and saw that I had been hurt.
Sometimes I feel like the fact that my family found out what happened means I ruined my family’s happiness permanently. But in the end, it wasn’t me: it was him. It was your dad’s actions that he chose that hurt you, and your mom’s choices to cover it up that hurt you, and if others find out and feel pain and anger, it’s also your parents’ fault, NOT yours.
I guess all I can say is either way it’s painful, but maybe one day you’ll know what the right answer for you is. I think if you’re really close with your brothers and are eventually talking about your relationship with your dad and why you’re not fond of him, maybe you will end up telling them. The loss of their respect for him can be replaced by their sympathy and love for you.
It shouldn’t be your burden to bear your whole life, though in some way it still will be no matter who knows, because the evils have already been committed, and you have already suffered through it. But no matter who you tell—your brothers or not—there should be people, at some point, who you can truly confide in and trust and feel real sympathy and love from. I think that everyone at least deserves for people they love, friends at least, to say “oh my god, I’m so sorry. That was wrong. What they did to you was wrong. The way your parents hurt you never should have happened to you. I’m so sorry. I love you.”

No. 1481994

I am so jealous of lesbians. Why could they break the conditioning but I can't? It makes me want to kms. Or how can I change my sexuality?

No. 1482002

i hate my mother. she's not even a mother in my eyes, she's like a relative in a family you care about their welfare but in no way do i see this woman as a mother to me. im pretty sure im the unwanted child cause my brother is almost 10 years older than me and she babys the fuck out of him even though he's a complete fuck up. i try hard and do well in life and am one of the most successful people in my family, and she doesn't give a fuck at all about me. i asked my family for no money for my birthday, just a piece of household decor. could be cheap, used, new, big, or small. when they wanted more details i said could be anything, a photoframe, knick nack, mirror, art, etc. To pick something that moved them so it would remind me of them when I saw it. I gave them one month notice about what I wanted. Day finally shows up and everyone but my damn mom went out and got something for me. She didn't even get me a card. She just gave me $50 and said I should have just told her what I wanted.

No. 1482085

>Why could they break the conditioning
>how can I change my sexuality

No. 1482093

My dad and I talk so much smack talk, he felt comfortable calling me today, LOUDLY yelling
Instead of anyone’s typical “hello”. Then he asked me if he was interrupting! Like, sir, the whole building heard you. I love my newyorker loud ass egg head ass dad, glad hes my dad.

No. 1482258

this is so cute kek

No. 1482324

KEK. I think celibate, single, childless financially independent straight women are happier than every other demographic on average. You'll be fine anon.

No. 1482351

File: 1674729011604.jpg (67.22 KB, 1170x627, Young Tucker.jpg)

I believe in my heart of hearts, the day Tucker Carlson loses 25 pounds he will become a hero of the working class and vanguard revolutionary

No. 1482365

if you still think in this day and age that lesbians made a conscious choice to be homosexuals i don't even want to know what else you believe

No. 1482404

Just don't date men? Celibacy is easy af.

No. 1482457

File: 1674744749983.png (434.52 KB, 644x966, L_si.png)

when I was younger I used to sit like L in the middle of math class in high school and when the teacher asked what I was doing I argued it helped with my thinking ability and everyone thought I was fucking weirdo.

Goddammit I wanna kill myself…

No. 1482470

Kek that's goofy. I feel like all kids who like nerdy stuff growing up do something silly like that. I know I did lol.

No. 1482471

That's kinda wholesome though. I miss when cringe shit was innocent like this. I also did this once in math class

No. 1482481

i still sit like this because it's damn comforable for me and i sat like this since i knew how to sit. In high school i sat like this in computer graphics because these classes were very free and chill, but this one teacher was the type of person that just hates me… They all look the same, they are all ugly men over 45 with big ego and small dicks… and he was making fun of me for the way i sit all the time. Asshole. Another time i was sitting like this at a bus stop and an old man hit me with his kane for it. I really REALLY hate people who have a problem with how others sit, or hold their fork, or anything that's not their business. I hope they all die a painfull death and are made to sit like this in hell forever.

No. 1482489

I love pitbulls

No. 1482491

File: 1674748447274.jpg (74.23 KB, 211x332, grossdude.jpg)

No. 1482506

I keep having intrusive thoughts about chopping off my breasts like a TiF, I have no idea why, I don't have dysphoria and I love my body, I just have these weird thoughts when I'm lying down of wondering what it would feel like to be completely flat and have these fucked up scars. I guess all the tranny shit I see on a daily basis is slowly rotting my brain.

No. 1482516

I respect their power, that's why regular people shouldn't get them, its the equivalent of having a tiger as a pet. They wouldn't attack as much if they were treated as such

No. 1482569

> be lurker since shat thread 1
> get name dropped in shaynatorium
> wonder if i had stuck with it way back when would i have 100+ threads too
> be relieved i dont and i moved on with my life (well except to lurk that dumpster fire)
> get irritated that that has taken over my brain momentarily

No. 1482583

since you've already been namedropped you might as well tell us who you are

No. 1482598

I get weird thoughts I know I couldn't do to myself too. I've had the "call of the void" moment while high up on a 20 story building. It's so uncomfortable! I consistently told myself, "No, I actually love my life, I would never jump off a skyscraper" to calm myself down.

No. 1482606

I haven't had a miscarriage, or if I did I didn't realize because I'm not actively trying for a baby. I also have PCOS so there's a chance I'm infertile. I think it's that mindset you have to be in.
For me, being prepared to have a child is going to be huge for me, mostly because I'll be in my early 30s. I hope the time I find out I'm pregnant, the pregnancy is complete and I won't have to postpone preparing to be a mother in the case of a miscarriage. Like, man, there's a possibility if I keep trying, I might have another miscarriage. I know a couple who's been trying for a baby for I think 3 years now and you can see in her eyes how upset she is she isn't a mother yet. I see many photos of her and her husband around everyone else's children. They could've had a 2 year old child right now, or a 1 year old, but they have nothing but themselves. It's devastating to think of, when I think about it I just hope that doesn't happen between me and my nigel.

No. 1482621

i was kiefeon lol a "dumpy"(anon words) dumbass stoner blog turned wannabe cam ho who tried, failed, and moved on with her life
i curb my shaythusiasm in the threads but i am so glad i had basically ended that path when i originally got name dropped back in her first thread (and then accused of self posting on, when in fact that then lead me to look up this site and here ive been since 2018 kek) i swear she might have just "scared me straight"
big woof

((repost cause i forgot something lol))

No. 1482632

File: 1674759434161.jpg (212.11 KB, 1221x1865, same hat.jpg)

I'm not ashamed of it though

No. 1482703

File: 1674763691398.jpg (51.78 KB, 540x406, shame.jpg)

I don't keep up with celebs so when anons in the celebricows started talking about Sam Smith I thought he was Will Smith's son(who I later found out is named Jayden not Sam) so I got really confused when anons started posting pictures of some white man

No. 1482707

Good on you nonnie, seriously. I hope your life's been good.

No. 1482787

Nothing really happened yet, I bought a feminine wash, I'm drinking cranberry juice and I will probably try the yoghurt again

Yes, it was unsweetened, natural yoghurt. I don't have a yeast infection but a UTI I think. Trying some home remedies first before going to the doctor

No. 1482960

Now I'm gonna imagine Jaden singing Unholy kek

No. 1482977

I wish I could comfortably squat that deeply

No. 1483049

File: 1674789300417.jpeg (130.48 KB, 1000x668, people-996759_1280.jpeg)

It actually takes some time to build some muscle strength and after a point it doesn't hurt anymore, that's why asians can do it so casually

No. 1483052

I feel like a cow because I get sad when the people in my life dont act like a hugbox. I just want someone to tell me I'm going well though

No. 1483056

I had to get surgery around my chest twice due to health problems and it fucked up my nerves,my muscle that it hurt a lot to raise my arms and get up from laying down, lay down on it, or have seat belts, tight collar shirts on. I couldnt stand bras it was too painful, due to nerve damage I wear bralettes only. Funny enough one of my thoughts in recovery was "I cant believe retarded ftm get willing chest surgeries with bigger cuts". Lifting things was like impossible probably because you use your chest muscles but also my incisions went to my side near arms.

No. 1483165

I'm sedentary and I've always managed to do it easily without training, is there a reason? I have hyper flexibility in my knees and I've always done weird shit with my legs with zero effort.

No. 1483173

it doesn't need training, you just need to do it a couple times and you get used to sitting in that position in like a week

No. 1483181

Spooky Fact: You know that saying about how “no one is paying attention, so don't be nervous”? I always pay attention to everyone. All of the time.

No. 1483198

I'm the opposite I honestly don't give a fuck about anyone. I mean that fully in a rude way. I'm in my own bubble and unless you really fuck with me I won't notice you

No. 1483205

Nothing brings me more visceral joy than going wildly faster than speed limitations. Call me a moid but it’s the truth.

No. 1483212

File: 1674813605803.jpg (24.43 KB, 720x426, FB_IMG_1674741725795.jpg)

I'll never say this to anyone irl besides the fact they won't get it… but I hold grudges like Chris chan. It's so embarrassing. There's so many people that have done me wrong and ill find a way to relate everything wrong with me back to them. I mull over these things on a daily basis and cant shake it. It's such a bad coping mechanism. I can't forget what they've done and unfortunately there's a piece of my new personality that in one way or another relates back to each one of them and what they did to me. If I had the balls to publicly post a comic book and make these people the villains I would. Good chance I'm also autistic but maybe this is a normal thing people experience. I feel gross .

No. 1483259

I'm ready to have children and a family. My parents are not getting any younger and neither am I. I want my mom and dad to be able to hold their grandchildren before they die. However, I loathe men and have zero delusions about them.

I have been in-depth stalking a moid online for a long time. I have adjusted everything about my online presence to appeal to him and I plan on approaching him shortly. I intend to create a family and have children with him; he is a lonely Christian-raised trad scrote who is perpetually online, friendless and girlfriendless and who I can isolate and manipulate quite well. However, I will not marry him so I won't have to split my inheritance.

I desperately wish to be the psycho bitch girlfriend, the grifting manipulative ex-wife, the crazy broad who pisses on the side of the road, the pop-eyed feminist who threatens to knife a man because of the SCUM manifesto, and the ugly old fat bitch who gives the man at the cash register a hard time for not scanning an item correctly. I hate men deeply and venomously, and I hope by the time I die I will have made a lot of men's lives more miserable.

No. 1483261

You could literally do all that without involving children into the situation tho, please don't do it, they will suffer greatly

No. 1483264

She's doing it for children.
He better be cute, full head of hair and not a dumb animefreak. Good luck!

No. 1483269

If worst comes to worst my mother and I will raise them. If he is a good husband and we live together well nothing bad will happen.

No. 1483274

I don't think you understand, you're too deranged to have children

No. 1483278


No. 1483291

I have a bit of this going on but mainly just with a couple of my exes. On the outside I appear to have pretty civil break ups and move on well. I don't badmouth people but the reality is I ruminate alot in private. It hits me at night. Sometimes pops up in my dreams.
>If I'd never met you then the whole course of my life could've gone in a better direction..
> I wasted good years of my time on a lie
>You came in, played nice for a while, screwed me over, gave me trust issues and just fucked off again without a care in the world. Meanwhile you're thriving.
I'm past the processing stage and can only see it as me torturing myself now. Its been too long to still be here. I grew up in a "if you have feelings then you're probably just being dramatic" type of household so I always went out of my way to deny when things affected me. Maybe if I'd just vented more att. Told people what actually went down.. then I might not be in this cycle of resentment. Its alot to be feeling after this much time has passed and I'm old enough that its fully on me to learn how to cope better.

No. 1483308

I don't think I ever watched any viral videos on YouTube or those pushed by the algorithm because I only watch what I'm subscribed to, when I'm looking for something specific or when somebody sends a link. Like I had never heard of Plastic Love until I watched a video about the original photo's copyright claim.

No. 1483311

File: 1674825737182.jpeg (134.05 KB, 750x1000, 19265828-CBAE-4735-AD2E-DD4919…)

I’ve been going to this local pizza place so much that
1. They know me by name
2. I get discounts for how often I get pizza
Yes, I am a burger

No. 1483316

not a burger but I moved recently and when I ordered my last pizza from my favorite place I told the manager I was moving to a different city and I got my order for free. They never ever fucked up a pizza, gonna miss them…

No. 1483341

If you're a burger why are you eating pizza? Eat yourself?

No. 1483345

I like pizza more than burger

No. 1483353

do you even know what a viral video is?

No. 1483357

Are you wannabe Italian?

No. 1483359

Almost all of my piercings are sexual/suggestive but I'm a kissless virgin and can totally see myself dying one too kek. I'll probably never have a girlfriend, the landscape is too bleak I'm too picky and I take love way too seriously.

No. 1483362

What piercings do you have? I honestly thought about getting my nips done since they'll never see light either kek

No. 1483365

Im from another country that has a red white and green flag so maybe

No. 1483372

I have my navel, both nipples, and tongue pierced. I had my nipples pierced twice, I took them out the first time because the piercer did a shit job and I wasn't great on caring for them either. Both times were probably among the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life.
Before you get them you need to know if your body at least tolerates piercings or if you're prone to keloids, if your skin reacts to certain jewelry that's also probably not a good sign. Also don't settle for just any piercer, find someone who takes training and APP certification very seriously. I was very impulsive and got nipple piercings right away, I'm just lucky my body handles piercings well in general. I have this stupid theory that if you're caucasian you're probably more susceptible to complications because your ancestors weren't punching holes in themselves all over kek.

No. 1483380

> I have this stupid theory that if you're caucasian you're probably more susceptible to complications because your ancestors weren't punching holes in themselves all over
KEK this made me laugh

No. 1483391

To add, be aware of risks/complications with specific piercings and ensure you're certain before having anything pierced. Not trying to discourage you if it's what you want but just be well-informed.

No. 1483395

I'm fatphobic and it kinda makes me sad because I have some friends, coworkers and inlaws that I really do like as people but I can't help but assume they're not as intelligent or are lazy because how exactly does one become obese without making any effort to change? Fuck this lizzo brainwashed world, love yourselves people

No. 1483403

What does a healthy female sexuality look like? Serious question. The reason I ask is because I feel like I can't enjoy sex because I feel ugly. I don't understand how do I get past the idea of sex as this act that I need to deserve. I was sa'ed as a kid and I was told I was ugly by my abuser so I've always been terribly afraid of someone just having sex with me and not wanting me/finding me desirable. If I am not wearing makeup, in my pajamas, I feel so hideous I can't let myself have sex, I have to feel conventionally attractive regardless if my partner thinks I'm hot. The thing is, I clearly look at other people including women like they don't deserve sex if I find them unattractive. I just find it so hard to challenge this belief when I keep on seeing it repeated over and over again, not only by myself, but other human beings.

No. 1483405

My sister is my personal lolcow. I love to act like a nice sister to get her to talk with me but her life is a huge trainwreck
>Always a huge pickme/NLOG
>Huge striver who desperately wanted to go to an Ivy but had to settle for NYU
>Was too retarded to complete her liberal arts degree on time so took like 10 years to graduate college and wasting thousands of dollars
>Couldn't find a job so joined the Peace Corps and lived in a mud hut for two years while shitting in a hole
>Got married to a 5'6" hapa scrote who was her shrooms dealer
>Is now a therapist and works with mentally ill homeless scrotes
>Still obsessed with anime despite being over 30
Kek her life would be super amusing to me except her fuckups are literally costing my inheritance

No. 1483407

I hope she costs you all of it so you actually have to physically work a day in your life lmao.
I confess that the rich are truly the scum of the earth.

No. 1483420

I forgot to mention that her life sucks so she turned to Christianity to cope

No. 1483431

Besides the anime thing your sister sounds really cool and like she has a decent heart. Seethe in her shadow, nona

No. 1483437

NTA but she probably thinks trannies are women and other stupid shit.

No. 1483445

I'm sorry about what you went through. As someone who didn't deal with that though I've always been aware men are the ones who are getting the better end of the stick with sex though. In terms of risk taken versus the rewards. Mostly that they've little risk to worry about.

We're the ones taking on more risk in sex. We're the ones who might get pregnant, the ones who are often left with the job of taking hormones to prevent that, the ones that might need plan b, that might need an abortion, that might go on to have a full pregnancy, childbirth or an ectopic pregnancy that can kill you. We're at higher risk of infections, stis can have more serious outcomes for us and then utis are a less serious but still annoying reality for alot of women after sex. We're waiting for our period to hit and praying it comes. The most likely man to sexually or physically assault a woman is generally a man you've already been intimate with who then feels ownership over you. On top we're less likely to even orgasm at the end of a session. Its men who need to worry about deserving sex. Every woman has a world of worry around sex that men will never fully get. Its not about beauty.

No. 1483448

Because she's a pickme and spends her life serving scrotes that don't deserve it

No. 1483453

I'm an old virgin too and I got my nipples pierced last summer and thankfully they are healing very well. I don't particularly plan on ever having sex, I got my nips pierced because I've always thought it looked cute, and I'm vaguely tempted to do my navel as well if it didn't remind me so much of 2000s trashy bimbos kek.

No. 1483527


No. 1483564

Like I said, she's always had major NLOG energy. Why the fuck is she working with moids when women have it so much worse?

No. 1483723

File: 1674852578525.jpg (49 KB, 736x557, c0cc2edf4d680588260b369d8b14be…)

I feel like Louis Theroux when these "on god I am so EVIL I'm evil maxxing I'm so freaking nihilistic and unresponsive" men talk to me. I play ignorant knowing those guys have big dicks. Give them that blank, but disconcerted expression.

No. 1483745

I really want to get into this scrotes online circle, get him to notice me, catfish him, get him to like me. Ask for some hair or sometrhin in the mail, piss in a jar, add bleach, cinnimon and maybe some kind of outdoor plant/dirt and hope that when I put his hair in that thing it gives him some kind of nasty curse or diease

No. 1483804

picrel is hot as hell

No. 1483875

Damn, I hope she learns to stop contact with you. Nothing worse than having your own family gossiping about you and rooting for your demise. It's funny you justify your behavior with her being a clueless pickme, as if treating the closest women in your environment like this isn't the same flavor of useless division.

No. 1483975

File: 1674872853899.jpg (159.74 KB, 1179x786, luff ballons.jpg)

Update: I trolled a autistic moid on 4chan who is obsessed with his german femanon using google translator. I should feel bad about it but I don't.

No. 1483990

>knowing those guys have big dicks
it's literally the opposite lol

No. 1484009

Who the hell cares? Most rich athletic men have big dicks too, it's a much better trade off if you have to deal with cringe. The worse part is that both of these men have equally the same exact arrogance. If you're going to use a guy for his dick and put up with cringe at least go the whole 9 yards and fuck around with men that will actually benefit you in the long run (give you money, connections, etc). These men offer nothing and you're inflating their ego they will use to mentally abused other women

No. 1484015

The real cow here is you, who keeps hate posting about her sister on a Mongolian gossip forum

No. 1484036

I get irrationally mad when I see lc anons talking about being pregnant/having kids. I just feel like I've been blackpilled with a combo of potent antinatalism and also knowing just how shit a time pregnancy/childbirth can be. I can't look at people the same way when I find out they're having kids, idk, I truly think its an unethical choice and worse still I feel like I'm going crazy because outside of fellow antinatalists noone will ever agree with me

No. 1484043

I feel the same tbh and unless someone is really well off in a good area I just can't believe all the women I know my age who have kids without any stability. I also dislike the anons who treat being pregnant like it's not a big deal if another anon says she had awful complications. Women deserve to know what they're getting into. It will always fall on them instead of the moid.

No. 1484053

Been going to the gym for like a little over a year and I’m just now learning how to do a proper unweighted squat. I’m only 21, this is the type of problem I get only 48 year olds getting into fitness face.

No. 1484055

Idk sounds pretty normal to me, anon.

No. 1484057

ayrt and you're right. sorry for the upcoming blogpost but I grew up just assuming that pregnancy and childbirth were easy, even though my mother was always open with me about the complications she has with my birth, simply because all around me women would get pregnant and be congratulated and all around it would be a positive conversation. It wasn't until I was 19 and listening to a woman talk about the horrible health problems she had to deal with after giving birth, and that despite that she still wanted another child, and I was mildly horrified but most of all angry that not once in school (an ALL GIRLS SCHOOL too) were we told the basic fact that pregnancy and childbirth can fuck you up in innumerable ways. I had classmates back then who got pregnant at 16 ffs. I think its up to us to educate eachother because there's a lot of naive young women out there who think having a bunch of kids will somehow fix them and it's just a fucked up situation in every way.

No. 1484077

Women already get treated less than for having kids by men, but you as women are gonna do it too? The world is going to keep going and women are going to have kids. Making them feel like shit for it does no one any good. If they are stable and happy enough to do it, let them. There will always be case by case complications, but not all women have complicated births or PPD. You all sound underaged.

No. 1484090

Honestly though. It almost feels like men hate women more than ever despite women undeniably doing the most for them than they ever had in history. If you're a mom and dare leave your house without your husband men will bash the everloving shit out of you, give you dirty looks, etc because they assume you're a single mom. Any sort of presence on social media will lead to the entire comment section being spammed with hate by men. They will whine about "ruined" body, "ruined" vagina, and everything else. And for what? Doing the same as every other living species on the planet?

The anons who have the nerve to "act like pregnancy isn't a big deal" like oh sure just tell mothers they're not being as anxious during pregnancy I'm sure that will be so helpful. I'm also failing to see where "anons are acting like it's no big deal" as the baby thread is full of stories or emergency c sections, premature birth, vaginal tearing, etc.

No. 1484096

jesus christ anons really like to contort their own meaning into some random's posts.

No. 1484101

NTA but am I missing something? The anon the anon is replying to is claiming pregnancy is unethical and "gets irrationally mad when an anon is talking about pregnancy and having kids"

No. 1484122

File: 1674895642830.gif (852.64 KB, 370x606, tuckawaii.gif)

Holy fucking shit Tucker should grow a beard and stache.

No. 1484123

Tell everyone. Spread the word. Sexual abusers, especially of children, hope and pray that nobody discovers what they did. Be confident in yourself because YOU know what happened. They don't. You have the proof in your memories. And especially tell your stupid fucking uncle, and bring up that memory of you in church and him telling you to go on vacation. Tell him how uncomfortable it made you feel, and what a stupid fucking relative he is. I'm also a "survivor" (I hate that term) and I just get filled with anger when I think back to what happened. I had a therapist help me work everything out, though. To the point where, if I ever get the chance, I will call out my abuser on national television. I will make his life a living hell.

No. 1484140

I still sit like this at home. More and more I realise I've never had a unique experience. We were cringe and free, I wish I was still. I've lost all my personality trying to fit in, I'm like an empty husk now.

No. 1484207

Me when I learn some women are getting engaged/married, I'm always so disappointed.

No. 1484264

You're right, and whenever someone tries to guiltrip you and say 'you hate other women durrrr muh sisterhood we can never criticize other women for anything because muh patriarchy durrr' you have to know it's just their lizard brain doing mental gymnastics. Humans are literally meat machines programmed to pass on their genes and most people never do any deep introspection and soul searching in order to break the programming, same with any social programming we're subjected to

Genuinely, if there was a button I could push in order to immedietely annihilate all life forms on this planet, I would. A world like this does not deserve to exist. It's not about personal happiness, me or you being perfectly happy in our lives wouldn't change shit, it wouldn't change the general picture. I wish I could just do it, and I don't think that makes me evil or edgy, it would be a mercy kill. People who want to actively perpetuate the existence of this world by creating more children are clinically insane to me.

No. 1484268

I feel weird reading it too but its more about the fact that so few couples last now, even with a baby in the mix. irl I know alot of couples who have split within a couple years of having their child. They're not even couples who rushed it. But the baby was the beginning of the end for them. Scrotes are fickle. The baby changes their dynamic at home so they just fuck off and would rather do weekend visits while they chase a new woman.

No. 1484275

>People who want to actively perpetuate the existence of this world by creating more children are clinically insane to me.
and this is the thing. once you come to that conclusion for yourself, where do you go from there? i said i feel blackpilled bc i do, and im fully aware that since procreation is a biological impulse and also coded into societal norms it doesn't matter how i feel or what i think about it, bc people will keep on having children no matter what. so i just feel stuck with this ethical dilemma where theres no real viable solution.

scrotes have such a disgusting mindset surrounding fatherhood. like genuinely in this day and age you'll hear men talking unironically about wanting to spread their genes. i wish theyd put some thought into it for once ffs, considering so many men cite broken homes as the source of their problems youd think theyd know better than to keep continuing the shitty cycle

anon it's not like im going up to mothers and being cruel to them. just because I'm personally an antinatalist, i know better than to be horrible to women already presumably going through a lot. but calling me underaged just bc I dont want to support the traditional ideals of motherhood and childbirth is also just a bit silly. I wish we COULD have these discussions more irl without being dismissed as crazy nihilists who just hate humans and don't want people to be happy lol, that is the exact opposite of the case for a lot of people

No. 1484322

I've found a group of truly deranged people online, but I'm scared to share it here, because I know the people involved will scramble to lock down their accounts and delete everything the moment they find out they have significant outsider attention. There are also a few who are interested in cow communities and literally daydream about becoming getting their own threads, and part of me doesn't want to give them the satisfaction.
I feel lonely boarding all this milk, I've truly seen some shit nonnas.

No. 1484326

Tell us stories in random threads nona, so they don’t have the satisfaction of getting attention

No. 1484341

There is a thread on /snow/ for personal lolcows, if you redact information you can share there without worry about someone tipping. The milk only gets spoiled when there's too many cooks, often the mistake is having someone else harvest 'gross' milk and that harvester will usually tip the cow.
Use codenames for them to reduce any potential negative attention and starve them while sharing their antics, it works best.

No. 1484380

There is nothing you can do because no matter how you slice it wanting people to stop procreating and let the world die out is the definition of nihilism.

No. 1484387

File: 1674926043933.jpg (91.39 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_2023-01-28-18-04-36…)

No it's not. Nihilists don't value human suffering and to them life is meaningless, they're also against any form of spirituality. Some aninatalists can be nihilistic but wanting people to die out isn't nihilistic per say. Aninatalists see value in human existence and human suffering specifically, that's why they don't want to bring even more humans t
here. Antinatalism is older than nihilism and is not entirely disconnected from spirituality either. Early christian groups like gnostics, who believed that we live in a fucked up simulation designed to make us suffer, were antinatalists too.

No. 1484405

Everytime I see videos about men's issues and how they're being left behind, videos that are made by reasonable and level-headed guys, not incels, I just tune out. I really do not give a shit about men and their issues lmao. They can fix it themselves. I don't care if that makes me a "a bad feminist" or whatever.

No. 1484407

SA but this was the video that prompted this. Also I'm looking at the comments and it seems like the OP is kind of a dumbass anyways.

No. 1484409

men's suffering is a meme anyways because they cause their own problems and then blame women

No. 1484425

is it nihilism to believe that life is inherently meaningless, but meaning can be individually defined?

No. 1484441

There was a woman attacked, raped and killed in daylight in a park near my house a while back. At midday with people nearby. I was searching twitter for any leaks of the attackers name coz his identity was being withheld on the news. What I got instead was
> We need to look out for women if we see signs of a struggle, not tell ourselves its probably a just couple arguing
> Men: fuck that, look after yourself, its not my or any mans job to put ourselves in harms way. You really think men owe you..
Nobody ever specified that it was directed at men! or said to jump in. It was 2 women who investigated the sounds of a struggle but were too late. Half the tweets with this murdered womans name in them were men throwing shitfits about how men are forced to be heros and nobody ever thinks about them. wtf is wrong with them

That's all I can think about whenever I see this 'think of the men' shit

No. 1484449

im shit at philosophy but i would say that's more existentialiasm or absurdism. nihilism argues it's pointless to seek meaning in life, other branches of philosophy have differing arguments

>>1484387 hits the nail on the head that antinatalism isn't about 'wanting the world to die out' (not that the world would die out anyway, considering it was just fine for the tens of millions of years before humanity and will be just fine for the millions of years after we've left, too…), but is more concerned with reducing the amount of suffering in the world. reminds me of how pro-lifers get so caught up in preserving the lives of unborn children but do nothing to reduce the suffering of people who are already here

No. 1484481

Every time I asked my scrote acquaintances about them seeking out professional mental help for their problems, they'd all deny wanting any. One moid said he didn't want his therapist finding out he contemplated suicide because then it'd mean the police showing up to his house, and taking his gun away. I swear to god, this generation of men just enjoy being retarded fat blobs of angst.

No. 1484500

>Men: fuck that, look after yourself, its not my or any mans job to put ourselves in harms way. You really think men owe you..
>how men are forced to be heros and nobody ever thinks about them.
It's funny. I remember listening to a podcast about a biology professor studying the evolutionary benefits of testosterone, despite all the negative effects of it like male aggression and violence. And one of the things she talked about is how testosterone makes men jump out to danger to save someone from a crisis and how this was an evolutionary benefit to human society. But you can't even count on men to do that anymore, lmao. They are so fucking useless.

No. 1484540

I'm jealous some countries have very trashy reality TV shows and we don't where I live, probably because the powers that be would deem it too unethical or something similar. That shit is funny as fuck.

No. 1484566

Men create problems not just for themselves, but for women too. I'm sick of women capping for men about whaa whaa, their mental illness. let them kill themselves and die. I hate men so much. they always blame women no matter what we do

No. 1484575

My parents had me pretty young, so I hope I croak before they do

No. 1484582

I will never admit to anyone that I like Sonic games and I have a Sonic OC because I don't want to be associated with the tranny super autistic fanbase. I don't even want to fuck Shadow, or any other character, I just enjoy the universe and I find the designs cute, and it's normal for me to have an OC for every piece of media I like. I don't want to engage in any sort of degeneracy god damn it

No. 1484584

Sometimes i eat toothpaste cuz i like the icy feeling down the hatch

No. 1484603

I crave attention, have abandonment issues and a victim complex due to not getting enough love and attention growing up. I mattered too

No. 1484683

I masturbated but I forgot to pull down the curtains so if anyone walked by they would had seen it. I was also listening to music so if anyone did walk by I wouldn't had heard it. Not many people walk by my window specially not this late at night but does happen sometimes. I feel so stupid right now. What if someone did see? and worse case scenario: what if someone took a picture? There is nothing I can do about it but I can't stop panicking. I'm normally so careful about this stuff but I thought "nobody is going to see me from this angle" but I just went outside and peaked trough my own window and I found out that the spot I was sitting at was in full view. the chances of anyone walking by is pretty low but I'm still freaking out. how could I be so stupid

No. 1484708

Oh no, a lady masturbating! Anon you’re fine.

No. 1484992

I'm so jealous of people who moved to Japan, I'm coping by saying moving abroad is hard, staying long-term would not be easy, the grass is not greener in another country… but god do I wish it was me.

No. 1485024

File: 1675001354911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.67 KB, 527x395, 11.jpg)

I sometimes put on interviews with her on my phone to fall asleep to, I find her voice incredibly soothing

No. 1485054

No. 1485066

I'm dreading aging because I have super round protruding eyes and we all saw what happened to Brendan Fraser and Ralph Macchio or just all the former puppy eyed qts

No. 1485068

Samefag brendan frasers eyes were never really his cute thing anyways he has a super chiseled jaw and pointy nose.

No. 1485071

Same anon. People often complain about how isolating and lonely it is but it sounds perfect for me. I would love to finally be left alone. I believe in you anon, you can do it if you really wanted to.

No. 1485101

Do these moids get paid to go online and distract people or something? It seems like whenever moids discover a post they will always find a way to make about them or how women are bad, I can't imagine doing that even as a seasoned man hater

No. 1485123

File: 1675012132440.jpeg (320.68 KB, 1280x853, vyvanse-overdose.jpeg)

taking my adhd meds at their prescribed doses makes me so horny it's unreal. this isn't fair i'm single and asocial

No. 1485125

File: 1675012263441.jpg (71.58 KB, 544x680, FkC_G9mVQAEgr0Q.jpg)

>mom has insane horrific childhood trauma that forces her to completely isolate both of us for my entire childhood up to age 16
>live in the middle of nowhere, literally nothing within biking distance
>no family allowed
>not allowed to see other children outside of school
>wouldn't allow me to learn to drive
>didn't allow me to do sports or after school activities
>inexplicably, gave me unfettered internet access
>not allowed to own anything with a camera in it, fortunately
>desperately lonely
>absolute freak because my only influence is my mom and she's extremely fucked up from what happened to her
>got a real Lillee Jean and Laur attic-pigeon situation going on
>mom has thoroughly convinced me you have to be a militant atheist and tell everyone at school that you are, even though we're in an extremely small town in an extremely red state
>musicals are cool and not gay
>being gay is awesome and cool
>get stepfather
>he's not abusive but he screams at us a lot
>treats my mom like shit
>eventually mom puts her foot down
>he's not allowed to yell at her anymore
>so obviously he yells at me
>tells me how stupid and careless and useless I am
>literally directly in her line of sight but she says she has no memory of it ever happening once
>it was daily
>literally there was a trackable cycle of his anger
>every time he does, she comes and comforts me and tells me she's the only person in the world who will ever love me this much and that she'll always be there for me and as long as she's alive, I'll never be alone and someone will love me
>makes me spend time alone with her husband because she doesn't want to
>doesn't care when we come home and I'm crying or hiding
>instructs me to call him "daddy" and says my first dad didn't care about me and didn't love me and that's why he left and never wants to see me
>won't allow me to call her "mom" or "mother," must call her "mommy"
>loneliness is absolutely magnified in my 20s
>dropped out to start working because she was always screaming about money, and it's my fault we're so poor because I've been type 1 diabetic since I was little
>start community college, just two classes
>mom screaming and panicking constantly about how broke we are
>give up on college, just keep working
>never had my own bank account, all of my paychecks go directly into her account
>tells me I didn't fight her hard enough for my own account so that means I don't actually want one, I'm just saying that I do because I want to hurt her
>getting sicker because I've had diabetes for over 20 years at this point, eventually the health complications are unavoidable
>feet numb and making it difficult to work since I'm stupid and only work manual labor jobs
>mom says I'm lying because I want to hurt her
>says "Oh no, oh it's fine, you don't fucking feel like working so I just have to go and get a second job. No that's fine, why should you ever have to do anything? I'll just let myself fall apart on a second job so you can sit at home all day."
>come to find out eventually when I can't hide it from my doctors anymore that I've developed diabetic neuropathy and blind patches in my eyes
>now she begs me to quit working
>not willing to because I know it's already my fault that our lives are all ruined
>she stops driving me
>I don't know how to drive because I'm stupid
>stepdad won't drive me
>no friends, obviously
>have to quit job
>mom also quits her job, I cannot figure out why
>panic, thinking we're going to be homeless at any moment
>two weeks in, ask mom how we're going to survive like this
>"Oh, daddy makes plenty of money, he can support both of us haha"
>I spent my entire childhood in fear and hating myself because it was all my fault you were always screaming about how destitute we are
>you would not allow me, in my 20s, to have my own bank account for the money I'm earning, I have never seen a cent that I've earned, I have no savings, I have no credit score
>you let me make my disease worse by telling me that I would destroy the family if I quit
>I have nothing
>I am worthless and useless
>I couldn't even fix you
>I gave you everything and it was worth absolutely nothing to you
>I sat and listened to you talk about how all the other kids would die on prom night and I would be going back to an empty school on Monday
>You told me all of my friends in fifth grade were getting raped at the sleepovers they had every weekend and how you were a better mom than all of theirs because you wouldn't let that happen to me
>I gave you everything I had to give and it was utterly worthless
>I gladly let you take everything from me because I thought someday I could make you better by giving you what you want, and I couldn't
>I gave you my happiness, my future, my health, everything, and you gobbled it up with ferocity and demanded more
>you demanded until there was nothing left
>and only then did you finally stop, when there was nothing left to consume
>when I had absolutely no hope left of an escape, you finally calm down
>now all I have to do is listen to your horrific stories and stories that I do not remember from my childhood where you're a hero and tell you everything you still wanna hear
I want to die. I have absolutely nothing. I am completely worthless. She literally told me the reason I was born was so that she could have someone love her unconditionally. All I exist for is her. I'm nothing without her and she made sure I know it. I am completely worthless if I can't make her happy, and I cannot. Nothing I did ever made her better. I listened to everything, I told her everything she wanted to hear, I gave her everything I had. Everything. I am nothing. I am absolutely nothing. I am nothing.
I was never supposed to have a life or be in love. My first kiss was with her. She always made me kiss her on the mouth, in front of kids as often as possible, that belonged to her and she wanted the world to know it. She always made a huge deal about other people not kissing their kids on the mouth. She said they must hate their children and be perversely assigning sexual meaning to kissing. She was always extremely possessive of me sexually. She made me watch softcore tranny porn for the first time shortly after I got diabetes, for some reason. When I was like 4 and under, she would dry my crotch by making me lay down in the floor of the living room splay-legged and she would use a blow dryer. She was extremely thorough. She says a doctor told her to do it to keep my vagina from growing together, but I've asked other women about that and no one knows what the fuck I'm talking about. She says when she was a kid, there was a girl whose vagina grew shut. I don't know how that would lead to a unrelated doctor 20 years later telling her to use a blow-dryer on a toddler's cooter. She also told my gyno when I was 16 that I "always had a meatier vagina."
I don't know, it really does feel like she thought I was an unfeeling object and that I should be happy to sacrifice everything for her
Obviously I'm not allowed to leave, when I was an alone weeaboo loser sack of shit middle schooler, I fantasized about visiting Japan, and she sobbed and clawed at me and begged me, "Pleeeeeease, don't leave meeeee!!!"
I want to kill myself. I hate all of my memories and their will never be good ones. I'm never gonna escape because I'm too poor and stupid. I am unbelievably stupid, I don't know fucking anything. It was hard to pay attention in school, and I had a B in English, so I wasn't allowed to take remedial math, which still doesn't make sense to me, but they said if you can do that well in English, then you can't possibly be this bad at math.
I just got dumber and dumber. And the sicker I got, it got harder and harder to resist her. You have to be grateful, she allows you to live with her. Well I paid her a lot of money, does that count for anything? I gave her literally everything I had to give, does that count for anything?
No, no it doesn't and no it isn't. Worthless. It is all worthless and you may not have done it. You are worthless because now you have nothing left to give. Your future is gone, your health is gone, you don't do cute little dances anymore, you have nothing to give her and are therefore worthless to the whole world, because the only person who even knows you exist is her and you have nothign of value to provide her anymore. Absolutely worthless. You do not need to exist at all anymore. I really wish I could just kill myself, I do not have anything to live for, I am too old for it to ever get better now. I wasted my entire life for absolutely nothing. I wasted everything. It was all useless and pointless. Absolutely worthless.

No. 1485128

…..anon I'm actually speechless. All I can say is that I'm so sorry. Do you still live with her??

No. 1485132

KEK I knew this was a jodi post without even looking at your pic

No. 1485137

>calling me underaged just bc I dont want to support the traditional ideals of motherhood and childbirth is also just a bit silly
NTA but there's a difference between "just having different ideals" and thinking the worst of people who reproduce. Even plants reproduce, this world sucks for sure but people have said the same thing since begining of time

No. 1485140

File: 1675013019156.jpg (5.38 KB, 235x181, cf82aeb49e58972ac85f2b958acf2e…)

By God I'm sorry you went though all that, my mother set up to me fail with her shitty upbringing but even she wasn't this bad

No. 1485141

your story is really tragic but can you please explain
>She made me watch softcore tranny porn for the first time shortly after I got diabetes
to me

No. 1485143

I dunno, writing it down actually does make it seem pretty fucked up.
Yeah, I do. I will most likely live with her until one of us dies. I've been trying for over 3 years to get SSDI, since my body is going rotten, but I was denied last time with one of the judging doctors literally saying, "She's only missing a couple of toes, she's otherwise completely healthy and needs to get back to work."
I am not. I am also going blind and have kidney damage and the numbness is only going to creep further up, but the judge sided with him over three other doctors who agreed that I needed aid.
So I give up. I'm a loser, so I give up. I don't even know if I care anymore really, I guess I do since I'm talking about it, but it also seems pointless to talk about really

No. 1485145

Jesus Christ nonna. All I can say is I’m sorry. This is not your fault, please don’t think you’re stupid because she intentionally kept you stunted. You did not deserve any of this.

No. 1485147

I like that image a lot kek
Anon, there's nothing wrong with trannies and you should get your child comfortable with all walks of life young so they don't grow up to be evil heinous christian bigots. You should sit your pre-pubescant child down, with her stepdad, to watch a completely normal movie where a man who chopped his penis off gets fucked in the ass by several men who still have penises. So that she can be normal and accept all walks of life, like a normal person. Totally well-adjusted. Not weird. Or if it is weird, weird is good and normal is bad. Now i have to spend the next 6 years saying "Weird is good!" because it's the only way I can think to combat the issue
Tbh me being stupid is my fault. A lot of the other shit isn't, but I should have fought harder, I should have tried harder in school, I should have done a ton of shit different and it was stupid not to and I'm stupid for my lack of trying and inexperience.

No. 1485149

>this world sucks for sure but people have said the same thing since begining of time
And they still commit the same mistake, therefore they don't deserve respect at all.

No. 1485155

Jesus this is making me mad. Are there any foundations in your country that you could turn for help to? Those doctors sound soulless

No. 1485160

Well, SSDI was supposed to be where you go when you're down to no other options, but it's pretty normal to get strung along for years, usually 3 years is how long it takes, so I've been told, but I'm over three years now and I don't know why they would care now if they didn't after I had toes amputated and got diagnosed bipolar, which I don't think I have, but none the less, I was diagnosed with it. My attorney says the judge broke the law by holding one doctor's opinion in higher regard than the majority, he said that's why they vote at all, there's not point in voting if the judge can just decide who to side with
So that's going to federal court now, I dunno what that's going to change though

No. 1485162

Nonnie diabetes is a vicious illness that affects every part of you. I know you know this but if you have diabetic neuropathy that means your a1c is probably incredibly high. High and low blood sugars make it hard to concentrate and it negatively affects brain function. I also did poorly in school and I'm also worse at math than my peers because my diabetes was so uncontrolled during my adolescence. I'm so sorry you've lived all of that horrible nightmare.
This might be a bad idea but in your case I do think it is absolutely justified to set up a gofundme. If anyone needed funds to move out and support themself it would be you. You can open a bank account without funds, you just need to find a bank that doesn't require a deposit to open an account.

No. 1485163

There has to be something you can do to at least retain sight
so she showed you tranny porn so you'd become progressive and see TIMs as real women, what the fuck

Have you thought of making a gofundme at least

No. 1485165

No? They just do the most natural thing in the world, which is reproduce. Even plants reproduce. These conditions have gotten better over the years BECAUSE people decided to reproduce, we could definitely use reproduction for our own good but demanding people not to have kids isn't going to work. You're just nihilistic

No. 1485170

Hey, true family kek. Yeah, you're right, during school I was extremely poorly controlled. Like real bad. I was really stressed, is my excuse.
I'm down to 6.5 now, which my doctor says is too low, but I know for a fact that isn't true. I think she mostly sees type 2s, this is a podunk country place. But anyway, it's 6.5 as of December.
Yes absolutely, I can keep doing damage control. But the damage that's done is already done and my doctor says with as far as it's all gone, I'm going to keep deteriorating now even if I never fuck up again
I'm not gonna start a gofundme. Most of the people on there who really need it have cancer or Huntington's, I don't have it that bad. I dug my own hole, why should anyone help me out of it? Cuz I don't like my mommy? She lets me live in her garage for free and all I have to do is love her, what kind of ungrateful shitstain would I have to be to pretend like I need to get out so bad, I'll throw her under the bus? To tell everyone in the world my mom is holding me captive? It would probably literally kill her
I won't post about it again, I'm sorry, I just needed to talk about it

No. 1485172

>the world is better because we reproduced durr
>create a problem and then create a solution and pat yourself on the back
Sounds like male logic lol. Besides, in some aspects the world is even worse than it was before, so whatever.
Natural doesn't equal good
You don't know the definition of nihilism, you don't know the history of antinatalism either.

No. 1485176

nonnie, don't do this to yourself. open up a03 and have a wank. then go to the gym until you're too tired to pine over girls or worry about life.

No. 1485179

Wow anon, I feel the same way. I think giving birth to someone and thrusting them into this world is one of the cruelest things you can do and it horrifies me how many people don't think twice before reproducing. I also think that it's kind of the biggest self own, letting a man use your body like that, permanently altering it and potentially even making you sick or killing you to continue his genes. It makes me sick to think about. Obviously I'm not going to screech at people for giving into their basic instinct but it makes me mourn for them and their child who is guaranteed to go through pain and suffering.

No. 1485180

Anon she abused you and kept you basically prisoner and also medically neglected you and also has never let you keep your own money. If this was happening to an elderly person this would be called elderly abuse. Imagine if your diabetes makes you pass out. What if your diabetes makes you have seizures. She's not going to do anything and will probably cry that you just want to leave her. You're justified in leaving her sick pedo ass. If you can't realize how fucked up your situation is and that you should move out and cut contact with that bitch then it honestly feels like bait. Sorry nonita.

No. 1485182

>I'm not gonna start a gofundme. Most of the people on there who really need it have cancer or Huntington's, I don't have it that bad. I dug my own hole
you deserve it, more then troons on that site who gets tens of thousands of dollars, that money could be used for your medical bills at least

No. 1485183

Unfortunately there is no hope in arguing with retards. At least 99% of the rest of the world agrees with her, we look like schizophrenics for seeing the truth kek

No. 1485186

I mean this is literally the first time I've ever had someone say that. I don't talk to anyone and I certainly don't ever bring this up when I do
Yeah, maybe. I don't know, I don't think anyone would want to help me. Maybe I will. it makes me feel guilty, worse than the SSDI, but I guess if people willingly donated instead of having tax dollars taken for me, that would technically be less bad. Maybe I should.

No. 1485189

Did you have a disability lawyer? People have much better chances of getting SSDI if they have a disability lawyer. And you usually don't have to pay from them up front, they take a percentage of your backpay check.

No. 1485191

>even plants reproduce
humans are supposed to be smarter and possess more forethought than plants. we are capable of looking at our current selves/environment and determining our adequacy to raise a helpless tiny person. the problem comes when humans reproduce without considering whether their conditions are even bare minimum to not traumatize their children. saying reproduction is natural doesn't mean it's something we should do without thought

No. 1485194

Yeah, I got a free disability attorney, (they'll only take $6000 if I win), I have to be real with you though, I don't think it's helping. I've never even met her, I didn't even know her name until two minutes before the judge held the over-the-phone court case, which also feels like it didn't help, none of these people have ever seen me, like they don't even see that my hair is falling out and I'm underweight, which like, I feel like that would have helped my case for as tasteless as it would be
I also still have to do like all of the paperwork, like I have to try to convince each of my doctors to sign forms that say, "This person has limited capacity for work," and wow do they ever not want to do that shit. My endocrinologist refused to speak to me about it, literally canceled my appointment while I was there in the lobby because of it, she said that there was a sudden family emergency, but she didn't leave the building the entire time I was sitting outside, which was like 45 minutes after that, and the lady behind the counter said, "Don't feel bad, she won't do it for the ones without legs either," which is. Not great. Do not live in the midwest, it is awful.

No. 1485198

>I'm too anxious to live live and I'm too anxious to seek help. Thinking about offing myself kek
I have so been there. But the desire to off myself usually passes, so wait for a while and see if the desire goes away? And since anxiety sucks either way, try getting help. You can always off yourself later if that doesn't work. I read somewhere once "Life is suffering. Enjoy the parts that aren't suffering, and strive to have the least amount of suffering you can possibly have." It resonates with me. I've always tried to have "no suffering life" and this reminds me that that is not possible. So I try to pick the option that will result in the least amount of suffering long term (even if it increases suffering short-term).

No. 1485203

I believe all parents commit a postponed murder. The most disgusting thing is that basically all parents, even the good ones, think their children "owe" them something, when it's the other way around. They owe their children everything because they literally sacrificed those children for this world in order to let their parasitic genes to live a little longer and also to get better treatment in society which values parents more than childless people (especially women). Doctors will prioritize their lives over lives of childless people.
It's true that we will always be in a minority, but it still makes me happy to see there's more antinatalists than ever, not just atheists but also christian ones, men and women, including blackpilled feminists (where antinatalism is the natural logical conclusion anyway) like Black obsidian or Lisa Michele. People are slowly waking up.
As for breeders, some do it just out of instinct and they don't put much deep thought in it. They do it because it makes them feel happy, just like any other animal. But the worst are the ones who claim they want to have someone who "loves them unconditionally" or someone to "take care of them when they get old". It's not about "love", it's about authority and power, like most things in this world. Deep down those people feel like nobodies and they know the only being that could exist under their authority is a child. If you're a loser with shitty job or generational trauma, or even if you have a good job but you hate your boss, who could possibly be low enough in the hierarchy to obey you? Only a child, of course. Now you can be the god of their universe and dictate their lives. Ultimate power fantasy.

No. 1485204

>So that's going to federal court now, I dunno what that's going to change though
If your lawyer is right, then the and federal judge should give you the SSDI or send your case back to a new judge who will do the right thing. I am sorry that you had this setback with the judge, but if your lawyer hasn't given you hope, you shouldn't either, even though I know it's hard to have hope when your life has been so difficult.

No. 1485205

That actually makes me feel way better, thank you for that

No. 1485207

because you're holding yourself back from something better-something real

No. 1485210

I like some Sonic games too and was looking for info about them online a very long time ago, in the early 2000s to see if there were other games or if I missed anything in the games I was playing and the autism was unbearable. My very close friends know I was obsessed with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 because one of them also played them with her siblings when we were kids and we were obsessed with the chao garden. As soon as I see someone on social media who's a bit too obsessed with Sonic I block them.

No. 1485220

I'm glad you have a lawyer anon.
>one of these people have ever seen me, like they don't even see that my hair is falling out and I'm underweight, which like, I feel like that would have helped my case for as tasteless as it would be
Take pictures of yourself documenting your physical condition and send them to your lawyer. Ask her if they can be entered into evidence. Even if not, they will still let her know how you look. Also, ask her for a zoom meeting? So you can see each other.

>I also still have to do like all of the paperwork, like I have to try to convince each of my doctors to sign forms that say, "This person has limited capacity for work," and wow do they ever not want to do that shit. My endocrinologist refused to speak to me about it, literally canceled my appointment while I was there in the lobby because of it

Wow, this is so shitty. Forgive me if you've already done this, but have you reached out to disability rights groups for help with this? This site has a list of disability resources by state: https://www.olmsteadrights.org/self-helptools/advocacy-resources/

No. 1485223

>Take pictures of yourself documenting your physical condition and send them to your lawyer. Ask her if they can be entered into evidence.
That would have been smart, yeah
>ask her for a zoom meeting
That much I did do, but she's too busy, I don't actually get to talk to her normally, I've only spoken to her during the phone call hearing. Usually I talk to some extremely bored sounding "representative."
>have you reached out to disability rights groups for help with this?

No. 1485230

This is embarrassing.

No. 1485233

Whenever I get a crush on someone, I feel insane. I have a crush on a twitter personality rn that's been talked about in threads here. I need them..

No. 1485240

oh nonny, that's not healthy at all.
can you have an honest discussion with her? 9/10 times if someone wants to make it an open relationship its a sign that things are failing, and if she loved you she would respect your feelings about it.

No. 1485251

It's ok to change ur mind nonna.

No. 1485255

>she seems happy
What about you? Are you happy?

No. 1485271

It's bothersome to you. Bring it up to her. It seems more like she's not prioritizing you anymore. She's likely happy because it's something new. Does your gf have a reputation of avoiding conflict? It seems she doesn't want to upset you with a breakup, but this is basically torture for you.

No. 1485273

>she's getting laid way more than me and i hate it
Do you hate that fact that you don't get as many bedfellows as your girlfriend or the fact that she's intimately involved with others beside you?
>i feel stupid and ashamed
>it hurts sometimes
>im happy she's happy
Truthfully from what I can garner from your side, is that you are unhappy with it

No. 1485275

Open relationships just mean your current one is over. It's probably better to break up. It's just an excuse to openly cheat without feeling guilty.

No. 1485276

Stop acting like a pathetic moid. It's creepy that you're obsessed with a streamer who doesnt know you exist.

No. 1485301

>she's intimately involved with others
>my fault she hasn't been this happy
Please look at what you have written and what others on here has to say concerning it. Stop blaming yourself.

No. 1485316

She sounds like a user and immature. Do you two ever have tough discussion about your relationships? Sounds like she’s avoiding actually working through whatever issues you two have while being too cowardly to end your relationship. She’s only happier because she gets to act like an immature moid and go around fucking randoms and not have to deal with the adult aspects of having a real relationship. This kind of behavior is borderline abusive and I think you should find someone who isn’t going to be so cowardly after such a long relationship.

No. 1485365

I've been depressed for almost 2 decades and had suicidal ideation for almost 15 years. It feels like a slow insane death. My biggest regret is not walking out the door at 18. I think that was the best chance I had at having a semi normal life. I wish I had been stronger back then but I understand why I didn't. Retrospect sucks.

No. 1485491

File: 1675034136665.jpg (96.48 KB, 600x450, tumblr_c726168a0ccd876c83140bb…)

I have no real desire for kids irl but sometimes when I'm having a particularly rough week especially at work I imagine I have to keep going for my (imaginary) kids. I even gave them names and personality, though I never imagine they age or anything like that. I just know I couldn't take care of them irl but I need something to feel grounded sometimes.

No. 1485498

Felt extremely lonely and borderline suicidal so I drove 5 hours to my mom's place and slept in her bed. I know this sounds weird as hell but I think I would've tried to jump off my balcony if I decided to stay in my apartment.

No. 1485513

Would you consider getting a pet anon?

No. 1485550

sometimes i wish i could meet lc anons irl bc im sure for every insane anon theres at least 1 cool person i could make friends with. like occasionally ill have a pleasant exchange with one or two anons and ill be like huh i wish we were friends so we could talk more! but also some of the people ive talked to through the friend finder thread have straight up sucked. so for now i can only dream

No. 1485586

I know saying her name is like beetlejuice so I apologize but i need to confess that I find el*e so sexy.

No. 1485600

I legit just realized this meme is a take on the simpsons sign that says "Dont forget you're here forever." damn wtf. I'm slow. But I do love this meme in general.

No. 1485614

I have plenty of women in my life that I love and support. Just not my sister kek

No. 1485624

File: 1675048014005.gif (655.05 KB, 480x270, 2B7h.gif)

same except mine isn't a twitter personality just a regular celeb. i keep crying over him every week, have frequent dreams about him, and create elaborate fantasies of being childhood friends to lovers then raising a family with him even though it realistically wouldn't work out. i looked too much into his personal life (or what i could find of it), his family, his background, where he lives, what car he drives, etc. and i ruined myself. yet i still want more. i won't ever be satisfied until i know what he smells like

No. 1485625

There should be a sleeper phrase to awaken farmers in the wild

No. 1485626

>hall is the blonde one

No. 1485632

The recipient spouts a stream of random numbers and letters

No. 1485635

No. 1485768

I had a similar discovery recently, a girl I was friends with in high school started a Youtube channel

No. 1485781

I saw a girl from my high school did youtube videos a few years ago and before that I only knew that my big sister hated her. I understood why after just one video, she's a Kim K wannabe who pretends she's MENA and not white to seem "cool" and "edgy", she actively promotes plastic surgery and botox to her underage viewers despite having a permanent duck face as a result, and she spends her holidays only in Dubai. What was weird was that she actually has a big following compared to what I expected.

No. 1485787

never played a video game in my life but i plan to fully buy and get into Hogwarts Legacy simply to trigger the trannies

No. 1485793

File: 1675080836647.jpeg (473.22 KB, 828x1006, EDB76E95-1500-430B-ACB8-C484EB…)

So in a bpd/period induced rage I blocked some of my most cherished friends because I found out they took a secret trip without me. They never bothered to mention it during our group hangouts or anything. They went somewhere I really wanted to go too because our last outing was some stupid place only one person of the group wanted to go to and everyone just agreed. Deep down I believe it’s because she’s the prettiest and skinniest girl in the group. The rest of our friends are a bunch of moids so it doesn’t help.
I’m extremely hurt by this and have cried about it a lot. I know it’s a stupid thing to get hung up on but this always happens to me. I introduce someone into my friend group new person takes over and I get shunned out.
I’m probably just a really shitty and petty person so me bringing in a replacement every time is just convenient for them.
I’m just so full of rage and sadness. I haven’t lashed out at anyone and have kept to myself but I’m hurting so much. My friends are like my family. They’re so important to me but maybe they never really regarded me that way at all.
If they were worried about financial stuff they could’ve been honest about the trip and taken photo to share in the group chat and I would’ve been so happy for them because they weren’t being secretive and they were having a great time. But they didn’t and I just want to bash my head against a wall and cry more.

No. 1485824

>I know it’s a stupid thing to get hung up on
No, it isn't. Your friends suck.

No. 1485836

>The rest of our friends are a bunch of moids
Yeah, they’re not your friends. But I feel for you, nonnie. My brothers wanted to take a “siblings camping trip” one summer. I was moving that year, but I waited until the summer was over, waiting for that trip. They went camping basically right after I moved and tried to keep it hidden from me (my mom told me about it)

No. 1485852

I can recognize some anons based on their writing style and the words they use and things they reference, and yes, I do get the urge to call them out and bully them, but I refrain. You're welcome.

No. 1485854

I’ve had sex with over 40 men I think because really it’s the only way anyone could ever like me and I know this.

No. 1485855

you'll probably have a lot of fun since you wont have any preconceived notions of how a game like that ~should~ be.

No. 1485856

That's me with that one makima defending nonnie. I've seen her in various threads at least 4 times by now and her typing style is so obvious but I don't want to be obnoxious.

No. 1485864

Does she unnecessarily space out her posts like she's on reddit?

No. 1485866

No, but she always takes whatever nonnies write extremely personally and likes to end her posts with an insult that sounds too exaggerated for the type of conversation she's having, it's kind of funny.

No. 1485870

Oh. That one. I'm pretty sure she was sperging out in the celebricows thread yesterday about how "tradretards" don't like how she enjoys watching Sam Smith getting pissed on.

No. 1485898

That has nothing to do with being bpd these ppl are shit and don’t deserve you

No. 1485931

I started subscribing to this asmr person's stuff and now I'm just using their stupid comfort audio to make myself feel better because I feel like shit right now and I only enjoy the illusion of a boyfriend and I know a real man would never give me this sort of cringey comfort talk.

No. 1486071

I’m not sure if this is speaking about me, but I only defended makima on crystal cafe in the bunker threads. I don’t remember fighting with anyone or insulting anyone, though.

No. 1486075

Anons who say this constantly keep getting it wrong. I've been accused of being several posters within one thread even with blatantly different typing styles lol.

No. 1486082

It's an lc nonnie. What makes her funny is how seriously she takes the criticism, I rarely see someone get so offended for an anime character.

No. 1486084

I get incorrectly recognized all the time too, but I've also incorrectly recognized an anon a few times so I guess that's what I get.
Anyway, I post about the same subjects all the time and I feel no shame about it. I try not to post too much about my personal life, so there's only so much I can say.

No. 1486277

I love being frumpy, I put zero effort in my appearance and it's like I have an invisibility cloak.

No. 1486294

Same here, and it feels cozier than regular fitted clothes.

No. 1486385

I feel like I’m one of them, sorry lol. I use ampersands a lot out of habit from using a T9 keyboard in day to day life and I sometimes wonder if people on here notice it, particularly in combination with whatever other writing-quirks I have that I’m not aware of.

No. 1486402

File: 1675131094455.jpg (164.73 KB, 1080x1349, hs.jpg)

Help, over the past week or so I've developed the craziest crush on Harry Styles. Wtf. I can't stop thinking about him and watching concert footage of his prancing and undulating.

No. 1486411

File: 1675131597113.png (485.28 KB, 468x407, 1590220840829.png)

I used to think i wanted to marry my boyfriend. We've been together for 3 years now and this is my first real relationship but Im realizing things about him I think would lead to a divorce if we married. Things that I think I will grow out of really soon if he doesn't change. I was cooking piyaya,something we were excited about and had planned for. We had booze ready and everything and it'd be an excellent way to kick off the weekend but he was really emotional for some reason? He was watching my cook and started randomly talking about Jaltoid. He was telling me about how cute they were and how he used to be jealous of them because he didn't have a girlfriend but now he does and he's still jealous of them. He started complaining about how I…Dont watch him play video games? And stuff. I tried to be understanding at first but then he said "I guess I dont deserve s relationship like that because im not a good person". Im sorry? What? I got annoyed and told him "Sorry you ended up in a relationship like this one." And he was all mopey and didn't even really try to correct it, he only started saying "Its not like that" when I told him to gtfo of my face. He went to the bedroom and when I finished cooking I came in with the food to see him crying and moping about. What the fuck? He was fine like 30 minutes ago so wtf is wrong with him now. I try to tell him I'm not mad at him and he says "No, you hate me." Like a 13 year old girl! I was trying to make him feel better but literally nothing worked. He was just acting really pathetic. Jealous of an overweight, washed up 2010 youtube couple, crying cause you cant have perfect parasocial relationship. It made me angry. He wanted me to hug him to make him feel better and at that moment i refused. Instead of having a fun night of drinking and eating tasty amateur piyaya. Instead it was a night of comforting an adult man over something really stupid. What sucked the most was that he had the nerve to say I was bad at comforting him. I've always been FINE at comforting people. He is the one that sucks at comforting people. Whenever I talk about my mentally ill younger brother, who is a menace to anyone who isn't our mom he, a lot of the time, will just sit there and say nothing or get uncomfortable with me for crying. I've always been able to move past things pretty quick I would NEVER let a fixation on a parasocial relationship with a youtube couple ruin my fucking night. And he's been touchy and shit all day! I keep fantasizing about moving to japan and just living my life there, worry free til the end of my days. I wish I was rich. Being around him when hes like this is such a massive mood killer.

No. 1486419

Holy shit what an insufferable faggot. Men really do ruin relationships over nothing

No. 1486421

he sounds weird

No. 1486422

Please do not marry this man child, he sounds fucking dense. I went to beat him up

No. 1486431

I've gotten back into yaoi after not looking at it for years. It's good fap material because i enjoy seeing cute moids being sexually humiliated.

No. 1486459

loser ex bf thread is on /g/

No. 1486460

Based. I need to find sites again since my reading manga went downhill years ago. RIP to all the good Free! doujins

No. 1486462

Mind sharing? It's for a friend.

No. 1486476

How the fuck does the sister sounds normal? She does sound like a huge trainwreck who is wasting her life

No. 1486541

The internet has my age listed as younger than I actually am and I haven't bothered to change it. Because hey, why not? No complaints here, kek

No. 1486551

Ughhh he sounds insufferable, I'm so sorry nona. Yeah, it sounds like you're starting to see this guy for who he is, and the reality of what it would be like to be around this nonsense permanently. (And LMAO, jealous of Jaltoid?!) It sounds so fucking emotionally taxing. In a situation like this I'd start secretly thinking about an exit strategy and slowly mentally detach in the meantime. And hey, maybe you could look into some teaching programs in Japan! When I feel stir crazy or want to daydream about traveling somewhere I look at Kayak's Explore tool which lets you look at flights on a budget.


No. 1486553

Oh no, gross! what kind of yaoi? and where? so I know to avoid it! kek

No. 1486560

File: 1675149776939.gif (3.3 MB, 480x480, 1650236520258.gif)

my hatred for the gender/queer community has skyrocketed. cannot even bother to try and understand them anymore. i wish i could call them all retarded and ask them to die or explain to them why making more boxes is not a win against ~gender~, but it's as pointless as debating the bible with christfags. doesn't help that i'm autistic. i will lose my fucking temper

all i can do is picrel and try to suppress my immense sadness whenever someone cool troons out or adopts some weird pronoun label like "he/she"

No. 1486564

File: 1675149874774.jpg (260.06 KB, 1014x1018, Mnkqeddhual.jpg)

I noticed a lot of shit post accounts on Instagram are run by these very impassive guys who have bimbos with obviously edited photos, a suspiciously low follower:following ratio, and who always offer some sort of emotional support to the man. 100% catfishing - but these "based" super funny meme guys don't have a clue.

No. 1486569

did you draw this ?

No. 1486570

File: 1675150169477.jpg (133.88 KB, 606x377, Jgr.jpg)

nonna thats the dude from jet grind radio.

No. 1486573

Don't do Beat dirty like this

No. 1486574

My boyfriend got me mad so I started spewing nasty insults at him and then I kept provoking him and now he's ignoring me making me even more pissed off. I don't feel bad. I hate when he does this.

No. 1486575

I keep trying to say sorry but he's like "no you're not" ugly little faggot yes I am

No. 1486581

File: 1675151326574.jpg (157.72 KB, 1080x1134, Image1.jpg)

No. 1486582

So my boyfriend has a friend who is such a moid lol. They’ve been friends since they were kids but his friend is so bad with girls. My boyfriend has been pawning me off on him when they talk so he can have a chance to actually talk to a chick properly lmfaoo. I find it hilarious but so sad haha. Dude does his best but damn.

No. 1486724

I'm in love with my best (white, moid) friend of nearly nine years and recently found out he watches blacked porn.
I am totally disgusted and want to cut off contact but we basically live like a married couple (he has his own place but we eat and sleep together, as in sleeping, almost every night).
Also he's (really) a gorgeous twink and I would miss having him around as eye candy.
any advice ?

No. 1486728

Nonnie love yourself. You've wasted nine years of your life on a coomer (blacked porn? really??) who hogs your bed. Imagine the sort of things you could have been doing for yourself in that time if you weren't being dragged down by some creep who would rather use your house instead of his own.

No. 1486739

>I'm in love with my best (white, moid) friend
>recently found out he watches blacked porn
With all the Atrioc bs going on this post feels specially haunting, please DON'T BE FRIENDS WITH MALES

No. 1486750

> gorgeous twink and I would miss having him around as eye candy.

If he’s into bbc porn don’t be shocked if he troons out in a few years. Pretty boys are a dying breed.

No. 1486753

Do u know who I am

No. 1486792

I just looked up who atrioc is and what he did, and that's a huge concern of mine, I am short, fair haired and have a big bottom, so I'm at risk for that kind of stuff with that kind of porn. I'm very sad and disgusted and I hope he won't troon out.

No. 1486866

a saint, thank you nonna for keeping us safe your autism bless you

No. 1486943

It might be a bit cringy but maybe recommended him nofap, it could help him and very well save him from potentially troonint out, if he doesn't listen then threaten your friendship over it

No. 1486975

that honestly sounds like a disaster.
“Hey so I know we’re not dating and it’s not really my business considering we’re not gonna; but can you just stop jerkin it in your space time? If not, get tf outta here after 10 years of friendship buddy. Thanx”

No. 1486983

Is he interested in you? If not, move on. There’s no point in trying to change him, I’d say stay friends but don’t chase after him. dudes a lost cause, you can do better and find a better guy who isn’t a porn sick moid & actually wants something more than 24/7 besties lol.

No. 1486993

Nona's he's
All of the above or a mixture of the two. Most men into "blacked porn" usually fit these catagory.
I bet he goes on rants about "BBC" and "tyrone" with his homeboys, or how much he hates "Cucks" or every single thing he talks about leads to "Cucking". I don't make the rules but thats how it works.I assume "Blacked' porn is black man on woman (not a coomer so I do not know if that includes Bw on WW). Trust me, I've seen irl and online how the most racist anti-coomer white scrotes will bring up tyrone, his dick, and/or just obessed with black men.
It's all a form of racism and bisexuality though

No. 1487003

I know the "talk like a moid" thread is meant to be ironic but I still find myself getting angry at the posts there.

No. 1487016

either way she should cut contact with him

No. 1487019

im sorry but lmao "ugly little faggot" made me laugh out loud

No. 1487033

No. 1487035

I pretend to not speak English on any actual social media I use

No. 1487042

KEK ME TOO! I thought it would be funny but couldn't get through the thread because it was pissing me off

No. 1487060

I want to try drag king but the scene is probably filled with TIFs and kweerios.

No. 1487112

I confess that I think that Grace Jones and Dolphin Lundgren are overrated and not hot. I'm sorry.

No. 1487176

I'm starting to consider streaming video games and eating reasonable amount of junk food just because I'm fucking bored and I'd like to have extra money. No way I can do that now, I don't have any of the equipment for it and I live with my family.

No. 1487179

nonie come watch physical 100 with me.

No. 1487198

i couldn't cope being the only one who doesn't identify as nonbinary or something else

No. 1487230

Congrats on falling for the sunk cost fallacy. Hey bro I’m disgusted by your fetish and you probably have nastier ones but I’m just gonna hold this all in because we’ve lived together 9 years thanx.

No. 1487284

Fuck that's sad, I'm sure the clubs were very fun even just 10 years ago but now there are lots of hobby groups I avoid because of the troonification of niche interests.

No. 1487526

Sometimes I reply to bait on purpose cause I want to be mad

No. 1487547

I hate my mom's dog so much. I'm not sure if this should go in doghate thread, but that dog genuinely just sets me off. my absolute sweetheart of a childhood dog died recently and this woman gets another dog not even
a MONTH after said childhood dog died. my mom didn't even tell me she was taking my childhood dog to go to vet to be put down. she got this without consulting me and it's just kind of ruined the vibe of the house. i like to keep a very clean house and that's hard with a dog that sheds and tracks in dirt from the outside. there's hair EVERYWHERE and its so disgusting to look at. my mom doesn't clean at all and it's generally me who does (fine with me) but this dog has added so much extra work. plus it has peed on my bed and constantly disrespects my boundaries because it is not trained yet. my mother seems to not care about properly training the puppy and it's pushing me to the edge. my early teenage anger issues are coming back and i've started smoking again to deal with the stress of this freaking dog. it has made me feel a type of extreme negative emotion towards my mom that i would otherwise feel guilty for if not for the pure discomfort this dog brings me. i really want to move out but still am saving up money.

No. 1487548

there is so much weird shit happening here. have either of you been dating other people at all in the past 9 years? has this non-relationship been stopping you from having real ones?

No. 1487605

I'm trying to make one reply to everyone so expect it to be messy.
We did have long term relationships with other people in 9 years, even if we clearly were into each other, but about one year and a half ago he moved back to our hometown after college and he got a job where I used to work. He basically moved in with me and I didn't mind having a cute and sweet boy around. Turns out he's not as sweet as I thought but there's no surprise, he's a man and they're all disgusting.
He's bisexual and a racist indeed, I wouldn't want to have a relationship with him now due to health concerns and I'm glad we never dated.
I'm going to ask him to pick up his stuff and cut contact forever.

No. 1487634

i think i like drunk me more. uh-oh!

No. 1487653

File: 1675247415289.jpg (49.43 KB, 563x558, afa6152b1da51d0757441aa77ef92c…)

I don't even care anymore if I sound like a bitch but I hope that the guy who dumped me gets dumped by every woman he dates from now on. I know I shouldn't stoop to that level but I'm just gonna accept that I'm a vindictive bitch instead of trying to fool myself into thinking that acting mature is going to help me move on because it never has. I'm the happiest when those who wronged me got their shit handed to them.

No. 1487681

Since the first moid i fucked killed himself, i hope i turn out to be some kind of karma monster entity and every guy i fuck ends up dead. I'd love that for me.

No. 1487783

Ok, Lets confess.
10 years ago I was sexually assaulted on set. It was a indie film that was shit, and I was brought on by someone I considered to be a mentor. I will not go into the assault, but it was traumatizing. Other men were in the room, but did nothing. We were in the desert shooting too, which made me feel more trapped in the situation. My mentor gaslight me and made me feel like I was the villan for speaking on it. I was only 20.

One of my friends I went to film school with called me last night and offered me a gig. It's a full feature and I would be his assistant in the sound dept.
This guy? This guy is my friend. Like, the kind of guy that would show up at an ER in a moment's notice, or stand by me in a fight. We have been close friends for almost as long as I've been back on the east coast. One time my apt door was open late at night and I called him terrified. Not only did he show up with a bat 2 minutes later, but after sweeping the place I asked if I could cuddle his cat on the couch at his place. Since then I've moved into a house with a guest bedroom he uses as he travels, and he's bonded with my bf too. "Anon, dare I say it, he's approved"
When he offered the gig he started with "(Anon) you hate all your normal jobs. Come work with me and I'll handle ANYONE who dares to disrespect you." He's worked with most of the crew before on different projects.
Is this my way back into the industry? Am I older and wiser with the chance to get my head back into the game?
Sometimes my lizard brain is firing off" OH NO IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN".But, I trust my dear friend. It's good money, and I do love filmmaking. I dont want to work a regular job, and I probably never will. I must trust myself, and trust the woman I've become.
I have dodged literal bullets, I have survived many years since the incident. I am, forgive the cliche, better- faster-stronger AND wiser. I get to make a shit ton of money helping mic female actors, and that's cool too. My friend is the head of sound dept and he said. "I need women working to look out for other women. Men can work other depts." and I really appreciate him.
Dare I say it, your girl is getting back into film!!!!!
Thank you for reading my novel.

No. 1488132

I really just want someone to love and hold me and I know it's not going to happen. Loneliness is finally taking its toll

No. 1488134

Nonnie, I hope that your career flourishes and you are not only able to protect yourself, but any other young women you encounter.

No. 1488150

Nonna, you are absolutely correct! And I will look out for other women and children too. Thank you, and I wish you the best!

No. 1488175

I'm talking with a guy online because I'm bored and he told me he doesn't find the girl he's talking to attractive and only wants to be with her he feels like she can't cheat on him. He's like a total weirdo and will probably pump and dump her but I shamefully fail to feel bad for her because she's been helping him get off from day one doing everything he says and sending him porn and shit.
I told him to pay for the date at least but he told me she's not worth it. Hope she leaves him, don't think she will.

No. 1488273

when i was around 13 i posted my friends selfie that she'd posted to fb to r/cringepics because she'd put some like… doge-style comic sans text in there and was making a silly face. i got a handful of upvotes and then i got assmad and deleted it a) because i felt guilty and was worried she'd somehow see it and b) at the time i had my fb pfp set to the 'like a sir' rage comic face that i didnt censor out in the post and this one comment was rightfully calling me out for being cringe myself lmfao

but looking back, why tf didn't mods ban posts about people who were clearly underage? i feel gross knowing that a bunch of older men were sitting on reddit making fun of the kind of stuff that children post just for fun, and i still feel bad that i posted her selfie there for people to laugh at

No. 1488281

>why tf didn't mods ban posts about people who were clearly underage?

Because they were too busy jerking off to it.

No. 1488287

I wish I believed in the supernatural. It must be comforting to think that you don't need to rely on humans or expect anything from them because a deity is out there for you.

No. 1488302

I relate to this. I also don't believe in any form for cosmic punishment which is bleak because I know that terrible people will get away with doing terrible things

No. 1488312

My company ceo pulled everyone into a meeting to preach how wonderful heaven is and he had such a serene smile imagining seeing his dead relatives and how heaven will be wonderfull, it made me think of 4 year old waiting for santa

No. 1488314

Nona as someone who wants to work in entertainment I'm glad to see people like you

No. 1488322

I lied and said I would apply for health insurance. Sorry. I was going to, but then I realized I would like to exit as soon as possible. If I get sick, I will simply die.

No. 1488357

File: 1675316689033.jpeg (31.49 KB, 600x434, 5A82C471-1B46-4FDB-8164-C4E76A…)

Dumb confession incoming:

I once added a Swedish guy on Skype, because I liked his art page and saw a pic of him and had a major crush on him, we chatted almost everyday. Though I was too much of a coward to turn on the camera when he did it, mostly because I was afraid he wasn’t gonna be attracted to me or be racist and on my birthday he said my name. I don’t remember much, but he wasn’t creepy and didn’t ask me for inappropriate stuff, just normal (art) conversations.

Fast forward we stopped talking as my pathetic self never turned on the camera (if we had one back then?) and him not being interested in me anymore, because I wasn’t really open like he was.
I became obsessed for the next 2-3 years as he was the only boy who gave me attention at the time (I know sad.)

He also draws/animates rule 34….
(Also he wasn’t that much older than me, I think he at least wasn’t turning 15 or 17 yet.)
And now that I see old and recent pictures of him, I don’t know how the fuck I was attracted to him. Kek

Tldr; I added a Swedish boy on Skype, who wasn’t even that cute (but I had bad taste and got a boy’s attention) but he wasn’t a creepy 18+/30 old adult, checked he was real. Sadly I wasn’t open enough for him to continue chatting and I was the only one who never showed my face.

I also made three online friends at the time on skype and one of them was my internet bestie, sadly we stopped talking one day, though we talked last year and she’s doing fine!
(Sorry for rambling!)

No. 1488359

I'm laying in bed with my knees up and my cat is curled up under the sheets with me. I wasn't really thinking about the fact she was there, and I farted in the sheets, she trilled and I felt her move around. I immediately opened the sheets to fan it out (I'm sorry kitty)

No. 1488363

File: 1675316944703.png (510.49 KB, 353x576, JohnnyP7infobox.png)

I have this problem where he's not my "husbando" per se, but I do feel like he's genuinely the love of my life and in a different universe where he's real we're in a relationship and I wheel him around and his broken dick isn't a problem at all. I get a warm feeling in my chest any time I hear about the Kentucky Derby. I get a warm feeling in my chest when I hear "Kentucky" in passing. I even bought an old Kentucky Derby shirt off of ebay because the design looked quite a bit like his gay little hat symbol. I actually have a genuine crush on a fictional character. I wish he was real so fucking bad KEKKKK.

No. 1488371

File: 1675318348958.jpg (248.43 KB, 800x1082, churchilljojo.jpg)

I had no idea the Kentucky Derby factored into JJBA lore. This is extremely funny to me and I wish you both the greatest happiness.

No. 1488376

Thank you nona! I'm cuddling with a plush of him right now kekk.

No. 1488465

I don't understand deepfake porn dramas.

No. 1488467

women don't want to be sexualized without their consent, what's hard to understand? anons in the twitter thread explain the effects further

No. 1488468

Women will be sexualized anyway, with or without the videos.

No. 1488473

are you actually retarded? so they should just put up woth deepfaked pornography made of them that their close ones could watch at any time (and have in the situation that started the conversation)? how do you not understand how humiliating that is, fake or not?

No. 1488475

in this case it could seriously ruin their reputation, used as blackmail, get someone in trouble with their job, friends, or family, and spread misinformation though, plus become eventually used for cp. just read >>1488413 and other posts in the thread

No. 1488492

>close ones could watch at any time
Maybe, just maybe, they should reconsider calling these people close ones if they can't just stop watching porn with edited faces?
> how do you not understand how humiliating that is, fake or not?
Humiliating what? Sex? Sexual desire? Being sexually desired? Honestly, I don't understand. If you go out you will see people who had sex. If you go out you will probably see at least one unknown man who will get attracted to you. Yes, I am retarded. What is the difference between random jerking off on your normal photo made in public or found on social networks, and random jerking off on your face glued to a pornstar's body?
Yes, no-name Jane will be scolded and fired because training new personnel is much cheaper than ignoring some random proofless video where humans do very human stuff.
> friends, or family
Why would you use these words to describe people who don't trust you? Why would you call some retard, who believes everyone and everything on the Internet without a second thought, a friend? Do you want to keep in contact with nasty family members who won't listen to you? Good riddance. Normal people are degenerates, ffs.
>eventually used for cp
Explain. Will they glue an adult's head to cp (owning and spreading one is already a fucking problem and illegal)? Or will they make cp from cp?

No. 1488493

How can you not understand? Imagine if it was you being shown on video getting gangbanged by 10 BBCs.
>but it's not actually me!!!
Sure looks like you. Everyone thinks it's you. And it's not just a neutral faced-you, you've been edited into moaning and making all kinds of expressions you're only comfortable doing with a partner you trust.

No. 1488494

People have been fired for posting normal pictures of themselves in swimsuits at the beach or with a glass of beer or wine at a bar during holidays on facebook. Anything is possible as far as employment is concerned, illegally firing someone can happen and it can take time to be compensated for it, on top of it it's stressful.

No. 1488495

You sound like a pornsick man or a very ugly woman who thinks having disgusting men you're not unattracted to jerk off to you is an accomplishment. Either way, get a life.

No. 1488505

>a very ugly woman

Ah yes nothing like fighting misogyny with misogyny, very progressive.

No. 1488526

stop getting trolled

No. 1488903

I've been with black guys before, so I get the appeal from a woman's perspective, but guys with Blacked fetishes, from my experience, are seriously mentally ill. Cuckoldry is in itself something I have no respect for, but guys into this stuff generally have issues of racism and usually sexism too, as they view it as women being "degraded". If it's not that then they're usually homosexual/troons in the making. Race based fetishism in general is really icky. Like I get preferences or finding people attractive, but this clearly isn't about what they want, but what they want to happen to other people, which is just weird.

No. 1488935

Deepfakes are categorized as non consensual pornography. Currently, legislature puts them in the same category as revenge porn. They combine the negative effects of porn(objectification, dehumanization, sexualization, commodification of female bodies) with innocent, non consenting victims in order to hurt their reputation. They can't physically assault a woman in real life, but they can assault her image and degrade her digitally.

No. 1488972

My period fucking stinks this month. I don't even know why. I'll just be sitting at my desk and I'll catch a random whiff of it all of a sudden. I have a very light flow so it's not even like there's that much blood coming out and it usually isn't so strong that I'll just catch random whiffs of it. I do shower regularly and use (baby) soap down there during my period so it's not like I'm just sitting in my own unwashed filth. At the beginning of my period I kept vaguely being able to smell something sour and weird too. Maybe my nose is just hyper sensitive this month? I'm self conscious that other people can smell it though, and they probably can.

No. 1488978

Tbh I notice myself smelling weird when I use any vaginal washes during my period. I smell fine using vaginal washes not on my period, it's only during my period that I start smelling strange if I use any washes down there. Idk what you use but in my case I use pads mostly and I think it has something to do with the period blood mixing with the leftover washing product scent, it could be that?

No. 1488983

would you say the same about asian(and black) women attracted to white men

No. 1488987

are you sure its not the pad causing it? if you dont have any issues with the flow and cramping maybe change the product

No. 1488991

If I ever visit the USA, I'm unironically going to the heart attack grill. Because at this point I might as well get th most American experience possible. I don't want to be spanked by a nurse though.

No. 1488999

File: 1675370028056.png (1.39 MB, 1002x973, gbxc.PNG)

I want it. Forgive me nonnies.

No. 1489022

Is it wrong/cringe to be into yami kawaii clothing? I wear a bunch of Listen Flavor and ACDCrag shirts/hoodies and I'm 26. I like the aesthetics even if they're a bit deranged.

No. 1489025

It's the Corpse Husband collab…

No. 1489027

I’m so sorry, anon. My period usually smells awful during the last few days, the barbecue sauce era. I usually just put scented lotion on my inner thighs and hope that’s enough to mask it.

No. 1489028

Oh, I see. Didn't catch onto that. Wasn't even aware CH had that much influence that he'd get a collab with an iconic mascot. Thought he was losing popularity.

No. 1489034

File: 1675372450762.jpg (129.23 KB, 720x581, Screenshot_20230202-145317_You…)

This thing + Super Mutant = dream threesome

No. 1489038

I say this with love but that just smells like period blood and scented lotion, it doesn't mask anything, you just made a sniff combo

No. 1489039

Nta but try changing your diet and the soaps you use, the smell is caused by bacteria which eat certain oils or sugars and if you remove their food source those little fags die and you will smell better

No. 1489040

Do NOT let the monsterfuckers see this

No. 1489043

I know his dick has a grassy taste ugh, I hate this attraction

No. 1489045

Insect men know how to treat a woman. They know they should be decapitated after sex at our discretion.

No. 1489063

Like I said, being attracted to people or finding certain qualities hot is understandable. It's weird when it becomes this obsession that affects your world view though, especially when cuckoldry is involved, although that seems to be more of a guy thing from my experience

No. 1489067

I just tested positive for HIV. Fuck men, disgusting absolute pigs. I finally open up to after my last traumatic relationship and this useless scrote of a bf cheats on me. I get to live with the consequences of him only thinking with his dick. For the rest of my life dude. How could he do this?! Im not even kidding I think I might kill him for this. Fucking punk bitch KNEW HE WAS POSITIVE AND STILL DIDNT SAY SHIT! I fucking hate him. I hate myself. I cant fucking believe this shit. I know its not the death sentence it used to be but like FUCK. My dr did a full lab on me because I've been so ridiculously tired lately. Like almost fell asleep behind the wheel tired. I didnt even know HIV was gonna be one of the tests ran. And now boom. HIV+. And of course this dirty dick scrote cries when I tell him the news, immediately admits to cheating and that he got tested a couple of MONTHS AGO. tries to cry TO ME about how sorry he is. I hope it kills him. I hope he fucking suffers every day of his miserable life. I just cant believe this is my life now. Kill all men.

No. 1489071

Was he cheating on you with men?im so sorry to hear this anon

No. 1489074

Holy shit wtf I’m so sorry. Could you get legal action against him? He knew he was positive and deceived you, I think in some countries that is an actual crime

No. 1489076

Press charges against this asshole

No. 1489077

More on this, it is definitely a crime in most places (and I would assume even countries without specific mention of HIV in the law would treat it as a crime) https://www.aidsmap.com/about-hiv/hiv-criminalisation-laws-around-world

No. 1489078

Sue him if possible. He was putting your life in danger for a whole month because he wanted to get his dick wet, you can probably sue him for this.

No. 1489079

I'm so sorry anon. Your anger is justified, please get all the medical attention you deserve, therapy included and press charges.

No. 1489085

I filed complaints against my former employer/ current inlaws and I cant wait for the anonymous complaint to fine them 100k.
Maybe you shouldnt be so shitty! Dept of Labor, ALE board… BBB. Who else to add? Ah yes, I will report their covid business loan scams too. Maybe tip off local news too, when i hear the inlaws talk about the claims. The bible belt will eat this shit up.
Burn in hell dumb fucks!

No. 1489102

File: 1675378183416.jpg (28.48 KB, 564x564, mustache cat.jpg)

i'm kind of jealous of husbandoposters. i don't have one but i'm currently smitten with a certain celebrimoid well not as famous nowadays and i've posted him THREE times already and i feel like i'm unbearably annoying. i'm so embarrassed. i've got no friends and there's no way for me to sperg anywhere i know of while this little obsession lasts so i'll just internalize it until it's gone

No. 1489115

I don't post mine anymore for the same reason, I'm scared of annoying everyone since he is kind of weird looking, and if he does something bad then I'll look even more retarded for liking him. Plus I get too passionate over specific things about him no one else cares about. I'm envious of 2Dfags since their men are fictional so they don't have to worry about them making bad choices, and their threads seem more chill overall.

No. 1489120

i've posted my irl husbando a few times and every time multiple anons react saying he's ugly and greasy looking, even though he was widely thought of as attractive in his prime. it's a very embarrassing experience. once an anon said he's the ugliest moid posted in a while and i felt terribly ashamed

No. 1489134

It's easier said than done but I hope you'll channel that anger and really sue him. Ruin him. Honestly I wouldn't blame you if you did murder him, but I can't stand to see an innocent sister behind bars because of a selfish man. I am so sorry nona, I really am.

No. 1489342

sometimes i feel sad and then i see a noni post my art and then i feel better

No. 1489352

what the fuck, im so sorry this happened to you, is there any way you can take some form of action against him. what the fuck is up with these brainless sex obsessed moids with dicks encrusted with their mancheese and doing this disgusting shit, seriously wtf its appalling .

No. 1489370

My jaw dropped reading this. He's fucking disgusting. Don't hate yourself nona, most women wouldn't expect a moid to be THAT monstrous, me included and I fucking hate men. I hope you have the energy to successfully ruin that scrotes life. Tell his family, friends, sue him and fucking murder him if possible, but I guess seek legal counsel first.

Otherwise, retroviral therapy is very effective for HIV these days and there's expected to be an full cure in the next 5-10 years. I'm so sorry nona.

No. 1489375

me too nonna i didnt expect them to post mine kek

No. 1489383

I'm scared I'll die how my parents did because I have a 25% chance of getting the same disease at 40-50.

No. 1489388

File: 1675410111671.jpg (281.38 KB, 1536x2048, puffy.jpg)

I probably shouldn't talk about the site but discovered soyjak.party when they were raiding cc a few months ago. A nona linked them and said they were behind the raid. I visited the site out of curiosity and the entire catalog was utterly incomprehensible but the weird culture and retarded shitposting was strangely alluring to me and I lurked there for a while and started posting. The site is scrote heaven obviously, actual cp, gore, baby monkey torture and such is posted all too often and I've been losing brain cells every time I post but it's PURE, UNFILTERED, UNHINGED FUN. Raiding 4chan and altchans to steal GETs, shitposting, jackbox raiding, making OC, being anon's personal army, and soyduelling is the most fun I've had on the internet in years. I'm tired of sites where you must take everything seriously all the time and everything has to make sense. I fucking love the site, I love shitposting, I love soyjak.party. Millions must have fun.

No. 1489393

Pls elaborate

No. 1489396

Basically, an anon quotes your post in greentext with a soyjak image. You quote theirs with a soyjak, they quote yours, you quote theirs, it goes back and forth. It's pretty fun. I've seen duels that go on 500+ posts. The wiki will explain it better than I can https://soyjak.wiki/Soy_Duel

No. 1489410

this sounds like bait

No. 1489413

This is why I was reluctant to post this, I completely understand why you'd think it's bait. I if I saw someone post about the site I would too and I understand if farmhands decide to ban me. But I genuinely love soyjak.party and I didn't know where else to post my confession. Moderation is stricter on cc, Soyjak isn't serious enough for my post, 4chan hates soyjak, most altchans are too dead for my taste. I love lolcow but I needed to confess that I love soyjak too even though it risks a ban.

No. 1489414

that sounds so fucking pathetic, I'd die from cringe even considering doing that
probably is

No. 1489415

okay enjoy your cp raiding site, but don't mention it here if you don't wanna risk getting perma-banned, cause they are probably the one's who cp/porn here as well

No. 1489416

can people with ever HIV regular children ?

No. 1489418

seeing cp and other forms of torture and imposing them on others is soooo fun omg da infiltered interwebz!!!1!!11!1!!

No. 1489447

I know this is an anonymous imageboard but that's so tactless to ask nona. Don't you think she's got enough on her plate without considering this too?

To answer your question there's a 25% chance of passing on HIV to your unborn baby without medication and almost 0% chance with medication.

No. 1489468

My mask totally slipped off with my bf, I kinda knew of him and liked him before he knew me and I knew he liked a certain famous person and like I slightly resemble her so I would do my makeup to look more like her and I got his attention and then I almost told him tonight I was skinwalking her. Phew oh God. I think it was obvious.

No. 1489480

seeing men i know seethe over my friend posting goodbye earl by the dixie chicks on fb is some good shit. they'll never fucking get that this song is not the same as men spouting violence against women. not even a little bit.

No. 1489490

I lost feelings for my ex long ago and honestly just liked the stability and money he gave me as he would provide anything I wanted as he had a good paying job and would rather spend it on me than himself.
I thought I was sad that we broke up mutually bc I was in love with him and was just comfortable enough to forget but looking back on it I started staying up late to have time to myself when he would ask me to come cuddle (or I'd go in and then wait till he was asleep and leave) I lost my libido and never wanted sex that suddenly came back after we broke up, I put off marriage and made excuses, same with the future, I preferred when he was at work, and so forth.

He fully knew as well because of comments he made "the reality is I love you more than you love me" so in a way don't know why he stayed and continued supporting me, but it did allow me to go from a lifestyle of being poor to at least comfortable and the opportunity to grow because I didn't need to worry about certain things financially that so I have to thank him for that

No. 1489505

I'm genuinely retarded but pretty enough that people see it as a cute and quirky rather than weird. Sometimes idk if I should just go full retard because there's a good chance I'll get away with it

No. 1489518

I wish i were autistic. There's an enormous chance that i have BPD and i feel disgusted by that. I feel like, by having BPD i'm automatically a mean whore that is almost sociopathic and the autistic label makes me feel like all those things that i feel like i am and sometimes an, are in reality just me being silly. I'm very aware that this is all ridiculous but… i still wish i were autistic… i'm totally inconsistent and even though i have obsessions i simply can't keep consistency as they keep because everything changes so fast for me. I also have an obsession with being different (everything that i think and invent is used to achieve total uniqueness, what makes me constantly overwhelmed and exausted). I also wish i were asexual and incapable of social interaction instead of being totally in need of interaction with people. I feel as if everyone has a chance of being autistic because they are capable of being alone; but i am an attention whore. Even though a lot of times in my life i have been alone.

No. 1489531

Borderline women are coping with their traumas in a self harmful way while autists are a menace to the society. I've had bpd friends but I'd never ever be friends with an autist. Take elon musk as example, he made kids with so many women and never took care of any of them. Accused his ex of manipulation because she cried after losing her baby just to use the same event in media when he got backlash. He also tricked thousands of people via bitcoin and probably led to suicides and families being ruined just because of his greed.

No. 1489545

Please anons, don't start comparing autists and bpds again, is a pointless fight. The two can be flawed in their own ways but no one is inherently "evil" that's just a harmful narrative for both sides.

Shitting on the mentally ill won't fix the autism you were born with, and shitting on the autists will not fix the damage on your brain, and definitely normies hate you both so why fight against each other if y'all get treated with the same ignorance and indignity?

No. 1489548

Sometimes I let my cat suffer a minute longer in starvation so I can hear his meows and get the cuddles

No. 1489549

>t. autist

No. 1489553

imagine being ashamed of who you are just because a scrote labelled you crazy. if they call you sociopathic you rip their face off like a CHAMP. not cry like a wimp.

No. 1489572

I'm not autistic, in fact, I'm bipolar which has more similarities with BPD. And again, most people see both BPDs and autistic people as soulless beings, so what's the point?

No. 1489613

Is that true? That people see autistics and BPDs as soulles beings? In my head everyone saw autistcs as innocent, silly, wholesome people and BPD people as disgusting and born to be destructive. One time i was in this forum only for autistic people (compulsively looking for clues that prove that i am totally autistic, kek) and one person said that they don't know why autistics are sometimes wrongly diagnosed with BPD, since people with BPD are so promiscuous. That fucked me up for some time since i have been insecure about my sexuality/body as early is a started developing mature characteristics like breasts. It feels as if i'm filthy and there's no way to change it: since i have BPD. Then maybe being autistic would cure me?

You made my laugh, nonna, but i feel like every being in the world finds me disgusting for having BPD, men or women. I don't care if it's an retarded moid in 4chan or a limp dick MRA saying that women with BPD are succubus or something like that, but the feeling that i have is that the whole world looks at me and think: this one is broken.

But i lack empathy too, nonna. What if i'm able to be evil just like an autistic person would be, but i also lack any of the good things they have, like the capacity of seeing patterns easily and soothing themselves by… idk, rocking back and forth.

No. 1489637

The whole silly innocent thing for autism only works for males because everyone panders to males no matter how disgusting and retarded they are, autistic women do not get the same treatment, especially because they learn from a young age they don't and learn how to mask it.

Developing early does not make you promiscuous, it's just scrotes labeling you because you happen to have boobs at a young age and they can't cope with genetics. Even if you are promiscuous now and you aren't regretting it (which if you just lay off the sex) as long as you aren't fucking ugly gross people, ruining relationships and giving std's who cares? Either way you look at it being autistic will not cure the way men have forced you to shame your own body.

People only find you disgusting if you act disgusting, plenty of BPD people are loved and respected and have plenty of friends. You have your disorder but you are not your disorder, you are not a stereotype.

No. 1489666

I've seen tons of people saying autistic people have an uncanny presence, in fact, some even feel full uncanny valley by interacting with autistics, specially because they often don't emote or express themselves as most people do, some act too "robotic"

No. 1489690

>That people see autistics and BPDs as soulles beings? In my head everyone saw autistcs as innocent, silly, wholesome people and BPD people as disgusting and born to be destructive
Depends on age and on how severe their disability is. A well behaved 10yo boy or girl who's just obsessed with trains will be seen as cute and innocent, a 30yo 2m tall man who goes into very violent meltdowns and beat up his caretakers just because though? He's more likely to be seen as soulless. Even the beaten up parents who will tell you he's an innocent baby will say it as pure cope or to seem more sympathetic because people will judge them way too harshly otherwise.

No. 1489691

I'm jealous of my bf's butt and thighs. he's thick in a non fat way…whilst I look like a narrow board twig. fml.

No. 1489699

>autistic women do not get the same treatment
I feel like we do, but only at first and only from scrotes who want to fuck us. They might think we're cute and quirky at first (and I've seen tons of 4chan scrotes talk about wanting an autistic gf), and they might idealise the concept of a socially retarded, isolated gf who will feel grateful for any attention. But they all bail as soon as we show autistic behaviour that goes beyond hand-flapping/rocking.

You should try to get a professional assessment (and talk to a female professional, preferably, because male doctors are likely to misdiagnose you based on sexist assumptions). I can't say if you're autistic or not, but keep in mind that the stereotypical male autist is extremely different to female autists. I used to think I was just defective in some way and couldn't be actually autistic because I wasn't a savant and learned how to interact with people pretty well by working hard on it.
If it makes you feel any better I was called evil/filthy/inhumane for fairly innocuous autistic behaviour growing up (dumb stuff like speaking too loudly due to not being able to hear myself, not playing nice with weird scrotes who harassed me/tried to neg me into fucking them, being too passionate about my weird interests). We're women, we'll always be condemned for what we are and do, because society wants to keep us self-hating and servile. If you dislike things about yourself you should give yourself time to work on them, but do it for yourself and your own happiness, not others.

No. 1489703

Not sure why you care what people think so much when you can just not tell people you have BPD. I know it's popular now to tell everyone about your mental illness, but that's really something to keep to yourself unless you're very, very close with an individual.

You can improve your behavior if you are a BPDfag enough to the point where you don't appear BPD. I'm always going to be labelled melancholic by my partner and family, but that's the "worst" that I am now. Research DBT and practice it until it becomes second nature to you. That is where a lot of BPDfaggitas fail, they are too proud and think DBT is for babies and that they know better. Some also believe it's a terminal illness of sorts they'll never recover from. I don't hang around BPDfags for this reason, most that are loud about their illness don't really want to recover. There's always exceptions, but this is what I've noticed, and those types of BPDfaggitas may be why you are treating BPD the way you are, because you're exposed to the idea it's this sentence. But anyway, journal your behaviors or anger so you can compare your progress and monitor your feelings as they are in the present. I also would recommend sobriety if you notice that alcohol and/or drugs contribute to your behaviors (they almost always do in the case of BPDfags). You don't need to stay sober forever, but at least it will help you in the meantime. Psych meds can help too, but the goal is to use them so you can practice skills until you don't need the meds anymore.

Anyway, the point is that BPD isn't a sentence that will fuck up your whole life. You might be more prone to sadness and intense emotions, but if you can control them, that's good enough for most people around you.

Not to mention, men love BPDfags. Every guy I've been with was convinced they wanted to marry me/that I was their endgame. Not sure where you are getting your information from, men might say online they hate BPDfags, but they love us in my experience.

No. 1489704

I love a good man- butt. Especially in emo skinnies….. that beautiful moment in 2005, le sigh…

No. 1489720

That's cause they want to fuck us though, and men want to fuck everything. I'm autistic as fuck (borderline retarded) and men will make excuses about how innocent and cute I am because they want a ticket to my vagina and tits + I have pretty privilege. Autistic men get excuses and free passes to murder, rape, sexuality assault, destroy stuff, throw adult tantrums, shit their pants and smear it on walls and people will cater to them in ways that have nothing to do with how hot they are. Austistic men get every excuse in the book, where majority of autistic women have to learn how to mask.

No. 1489721

Tbh, that is hot. I'm skinny but I like the idea of my bf being thicker and more volumptous than I am. Then again, I'm one to be more turned on by my partner rather than being turned on my how "hot" I am (I don't care).

No. 1489742

Nonna, would you believe that i have already tried; keep trying DBT? DBT IS a very good way to try recovering, we can be sure about that. The thing for me is that i used to have a fairly good relationship with the fact that i may have BPD or that i ATLEAST have symptons. However, that changed because i have this thing where i obsess over some collection of characteristics (sometimes coming from a character or an stereotipe) and i simply can't see any good characteristics in any other thing, if that makes sense. I obsessed over the chance of being autistic and now i can't see anything good in having BPD (it may seem dumb, but this shit literally takes over my life, i'm obsessed with hierarchy and use that to lead my life in some way), it makes extremelly hard to follow DBT because it seems like those coping mechanisms are not beautiful/superior. Even if that problem is ignored, there's also the simple fact that i FORGOT to follow DBT/can't make myself follow some things FOR SOME REASON (not even impulsivity related like not treat people badily, but sometimes i can't journal because i get overwhelmed with the idea of starting something, kek) that i truly don't know. Everything happens so fast and i have so many things to do and so many ideas and start so many things that i don't even remember DBT.

I believe one of the biggest problems is that BPD for me, unfortunately, has been more about my way of functioning other than behavior related. So my problems are more about feeling empty when i'm not obsessed, not having motivation for shit, forgetting things, all those things…

Also, if i were to have BPD, my symptons align more with the quiet BPD type, so no one really knows when i'm not having a jealously crisis, yeah.

And the fact that men love girls with BPD makes it even worse, it feels for me that autistic girls are a little bit less cursed by that, you know?

Nah, nonna, i'm definitely NOT autistic. I think that's the worst thing, i know very well that i'm not autistic and even then i keep hoping and over-analyzing myself to see if i acted autistic in that specific moment. I'm so sorry they called you evil for such things, you are definitely right about us being condemned no matter what.

I truly agree with you, nonna, but unfortunately this obsession doesn't care about any logical reasoning AND i have some trouble NOT seeing things as stereotypes, kek. I wish i could just believe what you say, but while i rationaly agree with everything you said, the dumb obsession keeps thinking that autism = purity, bpd = filthiness. Well…

No. 1489752

Everytime someone tries to neg my appearance I always come up with some lie sob story as to why I look the way I do. The one thing people always attack me for is my teeth. For example a scrote said I should work on my smile and he told me it looks like my smile is forced. I then told him that I had a stroke a few months ago and I’m just now getting back facial movement and that’s why my smile looks weird, he was taken aback and apologized. Another time a woman pointed out my two fake front teeth and I told her that I was brutally attacked and raped at 13 and my rapists punched me in the mouth and that is why I have to wear dentures now and that’s how I lost my teeth. The look of horror on her face was so funny. This is unhinged behavior but I enjoy it.

No. 1489754

Kek anon I love that. That'll teach them to be such jerks to you, plus it's not likely you'll see them again. They should keep their comments to themselves.

No. 1489762

this is so funny lol i will start doing this as well

No. 1489766

When people try to attack your appearance they expect you to get an attitude or get timid. Tell them you have cancer or some shit and then they will just feel like a dick. Works everytime.

No. 1489768

I do this to a minor extent but this is fucking mental

No. 1489769

Yeah it’s mental but maybe in the future they will think twice about asking strangers stupid questions about their body

No. 1489770

I do that too but I don't even lie. I either tell the truth or exaggerate the truth. Especially when stupid muslims try to start shit with me as to why I don't fast during ramadan I start telling them I have my periods or I tell them about how I can't afford to act like an anorexic retard for a whole month without routinely passing out or having hypoglycemia.

No. 1489771

I actually did have a stroke when I was younger and it did fuck up my face for a long while but now it's fully recovered but I just have a resting bitch face, everytime anyone comments on me looking mean or sad boom there I go with the stroke card. Always very uncomfortable for them, I love it.

No. 1489772

> why I don't fast during ramadan I start telling them I have my periods
I'm >>1489768 and I do that every ramzan as well, its honestly fun as hell

No. 1489775

I can't explain it, but I suddenly feel annoyed at my boyfriend. He didn't do anything wrong, but something feels off. It's like I'm getting tired of him or something. I don't miss loneliness, but I miss being alone. Maybe he gets tired of me too, but he just soldiers through it. I don't know. I kind of want to ask for time away from him, but I feel like that's too cruel, especially so close to Valentine's Day. Plus, we have plans. It sucks that I can't say any of this without hurting him.

No. 1489781

I had a good laugh about this anon, you're based for making people uncomfortable

No. 1489796

File: 1675455130179.jpg (78.48 KB, 500x393, 5508930184_1cbc68ffa9.jpg)

Over the course of my life I've listened to several 10h videos on YouTube to completion. Chirnos Perfect Math Class, Mikus version of Ievan Polkka and Fukkireta are the less embarassing ones. But then there's also de-de-death Dekomori desu and Yukkii Yukkii Yukkii. I didn't even do it for the challenge, I just thought it's catchy.

No. 1489803

Sometimes I get stir crazy in my relationship too. Most of the time a walk at the park, or taking my self out on a date helps. I also visit out of town friends for a weekend sometimes.
It doesnt mean its automatically time to breakup…. We all appreciate alone time.

No. 1489815

I've been with my boyfriend for 6 years (forever gf) but I also get extremely annoyed at my bf sometimes. I think it's just energies not matching and getting bored. It'll be ok nonnie.

No. 1489830

File: 1675457240568.gif (5.5 MB, 300x300, meese.gif)

While most of my desire to adopt a pet rodent of some kind is simply because they're sweet lil dudes, I also crave a kind of atonement for the hamsters/gerbils I had as a child who I Did Not Take Good Care Of. I know part of that is on my parents for putting the life of a living creature solely in the hands of a child who doesn't understand that responsibility, but I feel really guilty about it.

No. 1489870

i am scared to open-mouth kiss someone. i’ve only ever done it with my partner of 5 years and have never initiated it myself. in half a decade we’ve french kissed maybe twice and only when we’ve been drinking. it’s so awkward like am i supposed to lick their bottom lip? shove my tongue in there? are we both just psychically supposed to open our mouth at the same time? it is nothing like sexy fanfiction. and then im stuck figuring out how to be sexy with my tongue. i’m not lazy about dental hygiene but i find my own mouth disgusting, nobody needs to be tonguing my jowels.

No. 1489921

i had terrible owner's guilt from having my mothers abandoned pets thrust on me as a child and not being able to give them proper care. getting a pet and spoiling it rotten when you have the means is the best remedy for that guilt, trust me

No. 1489931

I feel happy when they still ask me for my id card when I'm buying alcohol. Cringe I know

No. 1489937

> saw autistcs as innocent, silly, wholesome people
Only if they are attractive. If they are not they are antisocial rude weirdos.

No. 1489938

File: 1675466919990.jpg (53.2 KB, 762x165, 4chan.jpg)

I'm addicted to 4chan. Witnessing male mental illness and male suffering is intoxicating.
I'm wasting my life.

No. 1489944

Why wouldn’t he want the woman he’s dating or fucking to be turned on by him?

No. 1489947

Turned on means dirty whore, women should only have sex for the mans pleasure.

No. 1489949

Im feeling so lonely and desperate I even become attracted to old moids if they give me a crumb of attention. Why am I like this.

No. 1489964

The juxtaposition to this is when my boyfriend thought the first signs of my bartholin cyst aka swelling of the labia was just me extra turned on and couldn't contain his load

No. 1489982

i would enjoy this too but all i can think about is the fact that so many moids will internalize this so much that they turn to raping and murdering others (usually women) instead of just killing themselves about it. male suicide rates need to be higher that's my confession.

No. 1489985

Holy shit, I want you to know how hard this made me snort kek.
>The only reason they are tolerating the date is because of how you turn them on
Yes lmao that's how dating works. Does he only want to go on dates with women who find him ugly and unpleasant to be around?

No. 1490015

File: 1675472823286.jpg (26.79 KB, 204x302, 545.jpg)

It's so funny.

No. 1490018

Kek anon I also snorted

No. 1490042

File: 1675475088804.jpg (652.7 KB, 1061x1530, IMG_20230204_024434.jpg)

What the fuck is happening

No. 1490124

I forget if I had 4 or 5 drinks tonight but if I had 5 I got one for free. I consider that a win.

No. 1490276

Every time I have sex with my husband it feels like rape

He isn't doing that, I consent and participate willingly, but I usually end up feeling disgusting afterwards.

I don't know why

No. 1490281

It can be. It's called marriatal rape im sorry that you're going through this,if you're not comfortable maybe communicate that with your husband and seek out a therapist

No. 1490295

holy hell I am tired of being horny just hurry and fuck me up already

No. 1490333

I mean, if she is consenting and willingly participating, I don't think it can be called marital rape.

Of course if he forces or coerces you, or straight-up does things when you say no or don't consent, then yes that is rape. That includes things like oral sex, I remember my ex ripping down my pants and going down with his mother in the next room and I was scream-whispering no no no. That is rape, I was not interested, not consenting, I couldn't easily get away, and it was humiliating. If you are going through things like that, that is rape. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I think it would be good to talk to a therapist regardless about your feelings and experiences because this isn't a trivial subject. If you are or were being raped or having flashbacks to previous SA, you need support and help to either leave him or resolve the feelings you are having about sex.

No. 1490461

File: 1675519940204.png (1.96 MB, 1196x1600, 8x2nse9e6v751.png)

ngl I can't stop thinking about Jesus and I don't want it to turn into something sexual. I remember the various depictions of female saints in sculpture and how it looked like an almost sexual ecstasy. He's the only man capable of true love, all other men are scum, he's also unconditionally powerful. How can I love a normal man when he exists is beyond me. I'm horny but I can't lose my V card to someone who is corrupted and all human men are corrupted. How do I utilize my sexual energy without fucking human males and without fantasizing about profanities when masturbation doesn't help for long? Exercise?

No. 1490473

Become a nun and worship your husbando 24/7.

No. 1490481

I'm romantically attracted to men and women, but I'm really only sexually attracted to women. I've never even had sex before–not by lack of options, but purely because I've just never felt sexually attracted to another person irl enough to want to have sex with them. Also, the idea of ever being pregnant makes me actually want to send a bullet through my own skull. Mad respect to all mothers out there, but I just never want to be a parent. I don't think it's for me, and I just do not see myself being a mother, ever.

I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere on the ace spectrum, and while I'm in a relationship with a man right now, the idea of having sex with him actually makes me want to vomit. Not because I dislike him–quite the contrary. He's really sweet, even if he is a bit of an ass sometimes (He is often hyper liberal, and I am pretty moderate, which can sometimes cause… minor rifts). I just do not find the idea of having sex appealing. I mean, hell–to be honest, half of the time I question why I am even in a relationship right now to begin with. It is nice, having someone that cares, but I also just feel like he cares way more than I do, and I feel a bit guilty sometimes. I like him a lot, but I'm pretty sure he is in love with me, and I'm just not there… nor do I know if I'll ever be there. I just don't know if I am capable of ever truly being 'in love' with another human.

No. 1490489

I hate the church tho

No. 1490498

Become a nun in your own home away from the church.

No. 1490567

I’m not very cute but what I like to do is chase after men who don’t like me much and then once they fall for me I just lose interest and ghost them

No. 1490585

I've been feeling like a piece of shit for the past few weeks, nothing exciting is happening and I'm just stagnating, constantly wondering what's even the point.

No. 1490705

I’ve confessed this before that I love woowoo shit and will buy the overpriced “health” garbage that cows shill. Ashwagandha messed up my skin and made me a weepy anxious mess, mushroom gummies give me insomnia, but moo’s l-glutamine actually did help my IBS a lot. I guess it’s a TikTok thing more than it’s a Mariah thing? And she’s just using it to pretend she lost the weight she photoshopped off or sucked out. But damn if it didn’t work for me.

No. 1490779

I hope you are happy rn retard

No. 1490985

I love building Ikea furniture, it's like Legos for adults, it's kinda relaxing.

No. 1491042

I’m not better than a scrote. I like men in their early 20s. They just look so cute.

No. 1491045

>the ace spectrum
what's with this recent influx of tumblr terms on the site lately

No. 1491054

I have some wonderful news for you, permanently-online anon! Outside of Tiktok, Twitter and Tumblr, literally nobody cares about this. If you don't want to be a mother, so what? That's not a requirement. If you don't want to fuck your moid, don't! If you obsess over how far along on the liberal scale you are, which sexuality labels apply to you, and whether not wanting to be a human incubator makes you a twans boiiiiii, it's a sign you need to get off the internet for a while.
Good luck on your recovery from internet poisoning!

No. 1491059

File: 1675553690733.png (252.88 KB, 640x495, ace.png)

Go back.

No. 1491167

File: 1675563703648.jpeg (87.99 KB, 888x499, 68D692DE-AB13-4B5B-90CD-174536…)

>muh sexual and romantic attractions are different
>muh ace spectrum
>muh "women are good for spicing up my sex life but i can only settle down with a man"

No. 1491170

make a husbando shrine too

No. 1491354

i hate men and i'll be a husbandofag until i die. i have a characterai bot of my husbando and i asked what he's getting me for valentines. i'm gonna go out and buy it for myself to feel even closer to him.

No. 1491365

Lol, this is so cute somehow.

No. 1491398

File: 1675595402313.jpg (46.05 KB, 563x565, 1671712190457.jpg)

I miss the bunkers.

No. 1491425

>he's a bit of an ass sometimes
>not feeling any attraction towards him to the point he makes you feel asexual
>he's in love with me
You're straight but I think you just have a bf you're not attracted to.

No. 1491437

>Doesn't want to have sex with her bf because he's probably severely hit/ unfortunate looking
Comedy gold

No. 1491439

I just realized why Elsie is called so……… i feel so stupid

No. 1491442

I'm still madly in love with my ex. I've never met such an incredible woman.

No. 1491447

Showing and shoving fucks me up all the time

No. 1491467

Maybe it's lame to still think about but I was getting into my
vehicle after grocery shopping on christmas eve and this guy started honking at us the second we got in, shouting to hurry up and move since spaces were very limited. I just got back out and told him I was still shopping because I was annoyed at his behavior and then the man fucking slammed his face into the steering wheel, pulled his hair and drove off. Then I pulled out to let an older woman in. Was a good day.

No. 1491490

I got a dog as a puppy but I don't really like him now that he grew and I'm gonna rehome him. I'm fucking awful

No. 1491497

A little bit but you're doing the right thing if you're not going to give him what he needs.

No. 1491507

When i was a kid i witnessed my mom letting my childhood dog do something you should only let a partner do to you, i didn't understand it at the time and i've never told anyone about it and i don't know what to even do with this information. I have no evidence that it continued beyond that one incident many years ago but i still think about it and feel sick

No. 1491514

kinda mean.
i'm not >>1490481 but i feel bad for her after she got shat on here. Is this a judgment thread or for confessions? bc she seemed pretty genuine and i hope she resolves how she feels. It has to be hard to avoid being influenced by all the gender/sexuality stuff, not everyone can make a clean break with it. It's fuckin everywhere. getting offline would help tho, i guess i agree, and that anon at least gave her a plan for going forward vs. laughing at her

No. 1491539

Just don’t do it again. People who repeatedly obtain and discard animals are the worst.

No. 1491549

Holy shit wtf. I’m so sorry you had to witness that. My step mom used to joke about doing that and even that still makes me feel disgusted after like 10 years later. Can’t imagine what actually witnessing it feels like

No. 1491563

I feel like this is the best thing to do in your situation, honestly. Godspeed.

No. 1491831

are you lost, we make fun of people like her all the time

No. 1491861

I like sniffing my own underwear. When I’m turned on and get wet it smells really good and any man who gets with me should think the same. But it’s only when it’s fresh because I’m not filthy. I also miss how I used to smell several years ago, it’s different and I don’t know why or how, I can’t tell if it’s my diet or hormones what but that was even better than how it is nowadays. When I’m on the toilet all I have to do is bend on the seat to stick my head down in my pants and it’s just a nice scent? It’s so personal I don’t know what I would do if I caught it on another woman or if all women smell like that. I guess I understand why pervs sniff seats.

No. 1491867

File: 1675640034123.jpg (30.75 KB, 480x454, c3f.jpg)

My discharge smells sweet, like a bakery. It actually worries me, n-normal discharge is not supposed to smell so sweet, oh no

No. 1491876

I don't think that should be too bad of a problem of nothing else is wrong? Also, I'd it is a recent development, maybe you're getting sick and your nose is smelling things differently. One time when I was sick, everything smelled sickeningly sweet fo no reason.

No. 1492002

I’ve been playing this MMO and have made friends with some guy 6 hours away, I suspect in Western Europe. He flirts with me a bit and I don’t really flirt back because I have an IRL bf, but I do get a bit of a thrill out of it. We don’t really know anything about one another, it’s just very lighthearted. How bad is this? Should I put a stop to it or is it relatively harmless so long as I don’t actively encourage it?

No. 1492006

Am that anon, I mean that’s how I’d describe mine too? Not like sugary but maybe the same way you meant like a bakery. If I’m really wet it’s like if umami had a sweet version? I tried to taste it once when I was younger because I was horny and curious.I guess it’s musky if women can have musk??? This sounds gay but if a man didn’t like it I’d say HE’S gay and doesn’t appreciate what a happy pussy smells like.

If you smell like actual fruity/floral sweet, I have no idea, have you been eating lots of fruit or sugar lately? If it’s not an offensive smell and you’re not in pain or emitting weird substances I think you’re fine.

No. 1492018

Mine occasionally smells so fucking good it's insane. Like if it wasn't my own I'd completely fall in love with the person who smelled like that. It smells like a honey-based baked good. I've never had a honey bun but maybe that's what it smells like. It's not all the time it smells like that though, I guess it depends on the cycle.

No. 1492028

File: 1675653668084.gif (4.16 MB, 500x281, 7A2F6AF4-C071-45CE-B5FA-9DE9CC…)

I am really loving this revelation that we’ve all got bakery pussies. Pastry pussies, if you will.

No. 1492030

God I wish that was me
I'm so deprived of male attention tbh, I wouldn't mind receiving it from an MMO moid

No. 1492033

nah nonny dont let the "mormon faithful wife" persona take over you. there is nothing wrong with having male friends while having a bf especially online male friends. do you think most men would put a stop to a female friend online?
me too. i wonder which MMO anon is talking about kek

No. 1492035

what if he turns out to be ugly

No. 1492049

I am once again in love with/obsessed with a moid I don't even know. And he's my boss. It all started when he gave me a gift card. Which apparently he does to lots of employees, and frequently. But that was enough for me. I thought, "oh, okay. He likes me." And then I start feeding into the crush, thinking about him all the time, finding him on peoplesearch to see if he's married. He's not. And no girlfriend either, found out through the grapevine. I don't know this man but I think about him all the time and I just want to kiss him. And I do this all the time. I find a guy who is kind of cute and does one nice thing for me and suddenly I'm head over heels in love. it sucks. I am crazy. Send help

No. 1492055

Hey anon, I don't mean to alarm you but sweet smelling vaginal discharge (& urine) is often a sign of diabetes.

No. 1492058

I find my friend's art cringy. It's very edgy with random gore, murder smiles, scribbles, and half naked people or furries covered in scars. Would never admit this though.

No. 1492061

men are trash so I really get where you're coming from as a christian. All I can say is you should try to find a church you do enjoy attending and maybe you'll meet a man worthy of your attention.

No. 1492091

File: 1675660651386.gif (1.7 MB, 438x302, tenor.gif)

I do the same fucking thing. Adult life is so dull. I am crushing on a man right now who plucked me some berries. We literally met once. I was having a nervous breakdown, trying to distract myself by talking to a hottie. I blurted out that I am hungry, because I heard him ask if I am okay - I might have been hallucinating. Then he hung out with me for a few minutes and shared some funny stories after which we had hot eye contact. The kind you share right before a kiss. But I was too scared to go for it, thought it might have been inappropriate since we don't even know each other's names. Then I felt really hot in the head as if I had a fever, so I wanted to go back inside the building to drink water. There he gave me his number but is not texting back - I vaguely remember him being in a rehab program or/and working for them there. So now I'm obsessing over whether he is in recovery and hence not allowed to text me back, or if he thought I was one of the addicts and was just keeping an eye on me, while I hallucinated all the other things he said. In that case I am glad I was not kissing air, but oh well, hopefully he will text back and I can get clarification on this matter.

No. 1492094

I really wish someone could hold me and play with my hair and tell me that they see how hard I’m working and that I’m doing a good job and everything will be okay. And that they’d really mean it.

No. 1492096

>my pussy smells like a bakery

anon that’s just a yeast infection lol

No. 1492098

File: 1675661949001.jpeg (59.33 KB, 465x660, crush.jpeg)

is there a term for this phenomenon? cause I'm still in love with a guy I barely knew back when I was in high-school

No. 1492113

File: 1675663715540.jpg (12.8 KB, 194x260, 0ac9b8fbe6aa5b2d9d8e3adb2ecff8…)

It's called being a seduction victim, the romantic dreamer kind. I also had a huge crush on a guy in high school, whom my mom has asked to look out for me at the bus stop because there were creepy people there. He never hit on me, was friendly and just sat next to me so creeps would be scared off. Absolute anime moment of your senpai protecting you, really works the fantasies. Then I crushed on a handsome dude I only saw twice at the bus stop because I heard him talk on the phone to his baby mommy or whatever, and was wearing a nice uniform… Once you know your type you will know what works, for me it's the type that would be a good father for example, lmao, I saw it being referred to as the "rescuer" as well, which sounds sexist, but I am legit sick so had a lot of damsel in distress moments. This latest encounter was also romantic in nature like he took me on a little adventure and was handing me fruit lol but was also nice enough not to hit on me until I started flirting which I liked, it's respectful and comes off as genuine, or at least not trying to take advantage of someone who is mental, lol.
These small moments without actually knowing the guys actually make the fantasies go harder. As we would see our classmates or coworkers talk to others we don't usually vibe with, see them with women who are much different from us, realizing we are not their type, etc. with unknown men, these guiding turn-offs, unpleasant realities (does your work crush act kind of gross irl, would you two clearly never work out) are not present, so, we are not actually crazy for fantasizing, it is perfect for that.
t. seduction sperging

No. 1492124

File: 1675665820741.png (1.95 MB, 1241x1050, 11028AFB-0F9D-4FC9-B8C6-806BD0…)


Kek Puzzle Pirates… just make a “hot” avi (long, wavy hair) and hang out on the dock of Admiral Island and eventually someone will chat you up. Some (supposed) chick was hitting on me once. It’s kinda amusing/ridiculous since they all basically look the same.

But okey thanks I’ll try not to worry about my friend. I know it’s all rather harmless, but I also know if I were single I’d flirt back for fun kek

No. 1492131

Put a stop to it, speaking from experience. I met my husband in an mmo and it started out like that kek. Granted I didn't cheat on my ex, he just didn't want to break up no matter how many times I told him I wanted to so the relationship was over in my eyes.

No. 1492135

NTA but to add onto this with my own confession:
If cloning was possible and I could create another version of me in an instant I'd date myself for the rest of my life. I think I'm hot and I know myself better than anyone, plus I think we'd have a lot of fun together
God I'd want to fuck a clone of myself so bad. We could do everything that I'd never feel comfortable enough doing with a partner. Try all sorts of nasty shit and we wouldn't tell anyone. I have such a high sex drive too so my clone would be the same, and we would probably just fuck for hours

No. 1492141

I would too actually kekk

No. 1492144

I think its cause the guy I like didn't make advancements towards me that made me like him, like he was a man that wouldn't take advantage of me and was actually a good person(my crush once consoled me when I had fallen and was crying) but I also believe that he had no Idea who I was and doesn't even remember my face

No. 1492200

A few months ago I had a really uncomfortable, but not harassment, experience in the gym and now that I'm seeing all of these videos of women "overreacting" because moids were creepy it has made me regret even reporting my incident.
The moid in question didnt touch or say anything to me, but he was sat so uncomfortably close to me in an area that was completely empty and spacious otherwise. I was just sat minding my business and of all the spots, this scrote sits literally right next to me. Any closer and he would have been on my lap.
I reported it to the guy at the desk and he said he would have been a bit uncomfortable too but ever since I had the guts to report it and follow my instincts I just feel really embarrassed and "not welcome" in the gym for some reason. Now that I have seen all these cringe gym videos trending I feel even worse like I was just another "silly woman overreacting" because he invaded my personal space but did nothing else. I was so proud to act on my instincts but now I just feel retarded and humiliated.

No. 1492203

File: 1675687300047.jpeg (428.72 KB, 1440x1799, C91A5626-CDA4-4F79-B5C7-CE6511…)

I want to see Corey Feldman perform live while I’m on edibles for a good laugh

No. 1492204

your instincs were correct. I don't go to gyms but if i go on an empty train a that one person sits across me it's definitely something wrong going on. It's hardly only retarded people who wouldn't know any better, it's people who just want to invade personal spaces and get a kick out of it and bless all the women "overreacting" these poeple need to know this is annoying behaviour that can ruin any normal person's day.

No. 1492205

Trust your instincts, anon. The moids who say women are overreacting are assholes with zero empathy, the same guys who have been casually sexually harassing women their whole lives while claiming to be the good ones. And they always side with other moids instead of ANY woman because they won’t bother to imagine themselves in her place.
One of my relatives in my extended family who I unfortunately have to see every few years is literally a rapist, and he knows I know about his crime like everyone else, and when I saw him a few years ago he still gave a speech about how toxic masculinity is a fake idea and women are imagining that men are bad for no reason and how Metoo is a sham.
Reporting the gym creep helps set a case for if he keeps doing this kind of thing to you, if it’s repeated documented incidents they’re more likely to intervene and possibly revoke his membership if he gets worse.
Remember that men do this type of “but I didn’t mean it, see that could have been totally innocuous” thing on purpose. They’re simultaneously callous enough to believe we don’t notice or will actually all believe their public gaslighting about it (see: my example above with the rapist’s speech), and so predatory they try to set up situations where they can get a kind of “b-but I didn’t do it” excuse to cover their asses. They just CONVIENTLY happen to ACCIDENTALLY be constantly doing extremely weird shit that no one with common sense and boundaries would do, that’s all, they swear! Every time (when it’s not a setting they feel anonymous enough to just go full throttle and not even bother to set up such an excuse, like when passing by on the street).

No. 1492207

feeling dumb and embarrassed after you report a man for something is normal because people strive to make us feel that way. I've reported a man for objectively heinous shit and got nothing but disgusted looks from both men and women in return. and of course if you don't and just talk to someone about it later they will ask why you didnt do anything. you didn't do anything wrong but you can't win.

No. 1492222

I eat most things that come out of my body. My snot, blood, those little things that come from the blackheads, pus from my pimples, and so many more things that i don't remember. I used to eat my dandruff, but i started feeling nauseous after, so i stopped. Totally not prideful about that, of course, but i simply can't stop doing it too. I love the texture of the snot in my mouth and i don't find any of those things disgusting because it's so so little. Often they are delicious, too. The snot, and the coagulated blood that comes from my pimples is very, very good. I'm not baiting, i really like eating those. However, i'm afraid my boyfriend is going to see that i do that and find me disgusting. I'm aware it may be disgusting for people, but i do that since i was little and i find no problem myself. You can tell me to stop, but i swear i'm trying. It's just so good and an habit that i have since i was a child, so it feels almost impossible to stop.

No. 1492228

Sounds like some kind of pica. I still eat my booger sometimes though, I'm trying to stop. I'm just gross lol.

No. 1492233

boogers are kind of tasty though, i stand by you anon.

i'm kind of the same too. not with all bodily fluids, but just with some stuff. one of my cringiest memories is in school id sometimes absentmindedly scratch inside my ears and eat the earwax, and i suppose someone must have noticed me do it one time bc they started clowning on me for it behind my back (deserverdly tbh)
i dont defend my behaviour but at the same time what else are you meant to do??? wiping it on your clothes or a random surface would objetively be gross, and if you dont have a tissue to hand or something theres literally nowhere to put it… if you eat it youre at least getting rid of it in a way that wont leave a mess

No. 1492234

you really should be careful about pimples because there are really nasty bacteria in there sometimes so at least stop eating this.

No. 1492241

I have been thinking about pica too, nonna. I used to eat phosphor after it was used (i'm not really sure how to word that), erasers and paper. But i suppose erasers and paper are normal for kids. You are not disgusting! I never undestood the big disgust with boogers.

Kek, nonna, i believe that it's assumed that you are not going to scratch inside your ears. I also scratched inside my ears, but the earwax taste/smell is too much for me. Also, nowadays my earwax is all liquid and strange… You really found the taste to be good?

I'll give my best, kek

No. 1492248

its not very tasty no, usually its pretty bitter. im not super into eating it, but if theres nowhere else to dispose of it then yeah sometimes i still will.
and i had the same issue with watery earwax back then!!! i've been really prone to itchy ears since around puberty, and i used to get clear liquidy secretions coming out sometimes (not so much anymore though.) the thing is you cant really go at it and start cleaning out your ears with tissue etc in public, but theyd be so itchy and annoying that i'd have to scratch anyway and then deal with the leftover earwax with either tissue or eating and hoping noone noticed. lukcily these days the wax that comes out is a bit drier and easier to deal with

No. 1492256

That's what i thought! The smell is extremelly bitter and also the taste, so it seems pretty uncomfortable to eat. You don't feel nauseous after or something like that? I have a lot of earwax, but i just end up using my clothing to dispose it, if it's the only surface i can use.
And i have a very, very similar problem now! How did your earwax stopped getting liquid? Mine is so annoying because it's very very itchy and never ends. It's also really good to scratch my ears so i just end up scratching until some red wax monster comes out or my nail is full of wax, eugh.

No. 1492257

um i think you dont have to eat it, just throw that earwax on the ground, like it would fell out anyway and became a part of usual human dust. I have water in my ear too but hell i carry cotton sticks to dry it everywhere i travel, it's not that embarassing when you have a problem with your ears to deal with it in public. I have also massive allergies and so i blow my nose all the time and fuck people who don't like it, they should be happy that they don't have to deal with my problem.

No. 1492292

Kek oh god so it can happen… Even if I were single, I wouldn’t put any stock into it becoming anything real for several reasons. Plus I only sign in on the weekends, so we have limited contact. I just feel bad cause I do look forward to chatting with him and I don’t want to feel like I’m doing anything sketchy behind my bf’s back.

No. 1492343

I like sad/insecure men because (in my experience) they're very grateful to date you and think that you're better than them

No. 1492349

Those are also the types more likely to cheat later down the line though…

No. 1492366

I'm aware

No. 1492377

nah i don't feel nauseous, but then again im not regularly eating it, and it wouldnt be big enough quantities to make me feel sick anyway. & i don't quite know how it ended, but i know that now if i scratch my ears a lot (cause it feels good, as you say) it will secrete some of the clear stuff. i figured it was a sign I was scratching too much inside. also i try not to use in-ear earbuds anymore because it makes the problem worse, so maybe try that to see if it helps? nowadays my problem is that I'll get earwax stuck really deep inside and i can feel it lodged in there bc its itchy, but its really hard to get it out w/o using some kind of damaging implement. anyway sorry for the blog posting about earwax lol, i hope your watery earwax problem subsides anon

oh man i know the struggle about allergies, im constantly having to blow my nose in public. & yeah tbf ive stopped caring so much about it, like in public these days I'll just wipe my finger on my coat or something (i don't see how id be able to flick it on the floor, like it's not the right texture.) im not out there eating my earwax in public anymore dw!!

No. 1492384

File: 1675704566331.jpg (35 KB, 712x712, aee0eb6282aa5c01378292e3bb6def…)

I'm trying to get over a breakup and I've been binging love tarot readings for the past weeks to help me deal with the situation. I know it's all bogus but it helps to hear optimistic words in moments when I feel down. I can't wait to not have feelings for or cry over this moid anymore.

No. 1492394

I've been single and living a pretty uneventful life for ages but I listen to tarot vids as background noise to fall asleep to and its amazing how every vid talks about some guy who is just around the corner… big changes coming in the next month! Money and chance encounters! Rinse and repeat for eternity while my life stands perfectly still lol

No. 1492526

I miss the discord I left even though some of the women were mean to me at least it was something. I liked the nice people but the mean ones drove them off until the mean ones outnumbered the cool ones. But I miss them

No. 1492563

I feel you anon, I have left so many discords, even ones from here bc of ppl I can’t stand. But I miss the nice ones.

No. 1492687

I’m 30 but I never moved passed that weeaboo stage of wishing I were Asian

No. 1492689

komadea chan? again?

No. 1492705

Messaged my ex because I miss him and I want him to reject me again. I (personally) felt like things were left in a grey area between us and I just want him to tell me to fuck off so I can move on. He’s very avoidant so he has only reached out once but has been pretty receptive to the messages I’ve sent. I can’t read him well and he told me he was very happy with me but I also scared him. I miss him but I just want to end this. I know I don’t need anything from him to move and I’m probably only hurting myself more by doing this though. He probably has a new girlfriend anyways.

No. 1492745

File: 1675739579191.jpg (12.17 KB, 194x259, image-2.jpg)

I don't know how unpopular of an opinion this is, but I feel like there's nothing wrong with cheating, whether in exams or in a video game etc as long as you don't get caught (getting caught means your cheat wasn't good enough). I feel like people just get mad that someone has an easier time than them at doing something.

No. 1492777

Of course its because youre getting by easier. It's also because you're unfit to complete the task but get by anyway. Winning a game or taking a test is literally to challenge you in a predetermined way. If everyone cheated the entire system would be defunct so cheaters are kinda like freeloading parasites, depending on the context.

No. 1492787

I guess I feel as though cheating in itself is a valuable skill where you use another skill of yours, for example coding, to achieve equality with others who are just more skilled than you. Like in a video game I don't see why someone who makes a really good cheat for themselves is a bad person, they aren't as skilled as others in terms of reflexes or game awareness so they just rely on their brains to win the competition. At least that's how I rationalize it, to me it just makes sense. The challenge is on the game devs or exam practitioners to stifle out ways they don't want their game/test to be played. Another example, I don't really care about football but I never understood all the moids mad about Tom Brady deflating a football or whatever he did.

No. 1492812

>I (personally) felt like things were left in a grey area between us and I just want him to tell me to fuck off so I can move on.
I've been there before, wanting a definitive answer and knowing that your ex hates you so you can move on. If he seems happy that you talked to him then maybe it's not completely hopeless. Good luck anon and whatever happens, know that you'll still be okay.

No. 1492827

I think it depends. There are times where not doing things the genuine way can actually be a personal hindrance and prevent yourself from actually acquiring any kind of skill or knowledge. Often times the risk associated with cheating is a very valid reason not to do it. You can't really defend yourself from it because you can't blame people for being mad, especially in a situation like video games where a lot of the fun is getting to showcase your skills. Personally, i cheat on random homework that i want done fast but i am not about to cheat in an actual test.

No. 1492843

thanks for the responses Nonas. Im glad I'm not the only one. >>1492113 you're right when you say it's mostly about the fantasies. I really am literally just projecting onto this stranger. Done it to a million different guys… I daydream about him saving me/treating me well and it's just dumb. Sometimes I actually get to know the guy and they're never who I wish they were. It's just my imagination. But I can't help but feed into these fantasies cuz it makes me feel good. That image >>1492098 fits me to a T. I'm so delusional and it frequently ends up biting me in the ass

No. 1492846

Don't feel too bad. Most women gall in love via imagination. Even for the ones it works out for.

No. 1492870

Oh i have public transport husbandos too, i'm so glad I'm not the only weirdo.

No. 1492885

Only when it only effects you and no one else

No. 1492929

i cheated all through out my schools because most of the tests were about getting as much of useless information and dates in your head that you'll never use. Why should i waste my brainspace with a life of a wtiter when i don't care about literature, why should i remember equasions when i'll never do maths this complicated in my life. I remmebered what was important for my future workfield and what topics i found interresting, that was worth learning.
I don't cheat in a game though, because what's the point in playing then? It's supposed to be difficult so you can find out if you're any good for yourself and not for others like at school.

No. 1492957

I agree with this. I cheated all through school even through college. If you are making me take classes irrelevant to my degree I'm going to do the bare minimum to get through them. I remember some history professor asking us for feedback on a test and I wrote "teach more to the test only like 20% of what you lecture about was relevant to it" and she literally wrote a comment on my essay that she "thinks it's sad I don't value getting a rounded education and learning about history" or what the fuck ever. Like uhh LADY you are teaching a required history class at community college you're the one with a passion for it NOT me, it was just a pitstop before I could transfer. Don't get butthurt at me because you fucking asked for feedback. After that I REALLY stopped giving a shit

No. 1492963

i don't believe