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File: 1670959125373.jpg (48.26 KB, 400x330, A celebration to be hold.jpg)

No. 1444294

As the new year approaches, it is fitting to commence the coming year with a clean slate. Come and confess your sins and begin anew.
Previous sins: >>>/ot/1414378

No. 1444299

I'm an unhinged mentally ill pervert, with an unusually high sex drive and interests, to the point it's interfering with my life. I will start going back to church, actually confess my sins and see if I can become a solitary nun somehow if therapy doesn't work.

No. 1444307

File: 1670959973447.jpg (24.16 KB, 872x315, dcf.jpg)

I used to feel bad about not saying bless you after someone sneezed, and tried to get into the habit (but it always ended up being awkward because I missed the timing) but nowadays I don't because a lot of people get weirdly autistic about someone saying it, and that alone is annoying enough that they don't deserve to get blessed by me.

No. 1444311

I hate when people tell me bless you because it makes me feel like a spectacle especially when they say it too early and I sneeze more. And they make a joke out of it and I'm basically getting mocked for something I can't control. I actually started sneezing quieter so people wouldn't notice and do it to me. Yes I'm persnickety I acknowledge it's a me problem I just quietly seethe

No. 1444321

I fucking hate people saying bless you, and gesundheit is even worse. It forces awkward interaction (do I need to say thanks?? I'm not thankful) and draws attention to a bodily function that should be ignored.

No. 1444329

I used to work in an office where every SINGLE time someone sneezed, three or more people rushed to say BLESS YOU. it was so annoying. I remained quiet because I was trying to work.

No. 1444334

I'm not blessing someone unless I'm a priest. It's a stupid superstition that needs to be curbed already.

No. 1444345

I'm the idiot who says bless you, kek. Sometimes I throw in a little sympathy sneeze.

No. 1444349

language that says "for your health (let's hope it doesn't become a habit)" instead of some blessing stuff supremacy

No. 1444351

Nope, but i remember getting yelled at a lot by my mum for not reacting to situations correctly.

No. 1444352

I say the health one for everyone, including animals. It's a reflex.

No. 1444392

I want a bf just so we'd have sex and he'd give me foot massages. I don't care about actual feelings. I don't want to pay for foot massages at the SPA.

No. 1444405

File: 1670965765900.jpeg (27.96 KB, 253x275, 081C4D8F-84AE-4A65-9198-D0C059…)

I shared a bed two nights in row with my guy friend and now the sentimentality I feel toward him is DISGUSTING.

No. 1444407

I don't know that episode of black mirrors where you spend all day on a exercise bike and have the screen room sounds cozy. My life can only improve getting worse would be death of me

No. 1444427

I suck my fingers in my sleep, andI have done it since I was a baby. I was able to make myself stop in my teens and twenties, but just recently, maybe the last few months or so, I have started doing it again. It's gross lol, I dont do it while Im awake or trying to fall asleep but I will wake up wih my damn fingers in my mouth. My husband has seen me do it before and I told him if he ever does again to yank my hand out of my mouth, lovingly. Tonight Im going to try and sleep with a sock on my hand and see if that helps.

No. 1444435

Has it affected your teeth? I never used pacifiers or suckled on stuff and I always notice people who kept on sucking thumbs and whatnot have kinda tilted teeth

No. 1444455

nta but former thumb sucker and I needed two rounds of braces

No. 1444469

File: 1670969620602.jpeg (28.47 KB, 680x445, 1605200801912.jpeg)

miyazaki is a bad father and a bad husband, but I feel his seething hatred and desperate fear on an emotional level that I can't put words to, I feel so strongly that we must be experiencing emotions on the same frequency that we must be connected on a metaphysical level, or maybe not even metaphysical, maybe like whales singing, I think that human beings are connected like that

No. 1444488

everyone thinks i’m normal and nice but i’m unemployed, watch reality tv all day, basically never shower and occasionally use drugs and whore myself

No. 1444499

Miyazaki Totoro or Miyazaki dark souls?

No. 1444506

Miyazaki Totoro

No. 1444534

What do you mean his emotional fear and hatred? Edumacate me, please.

No. 1444557

i could've sworn you were the anon who posted her boobs twice in 2 different old confessions threads. i wonder what ever happened to her

No. 1444570

that is me lol. i’m still here with you guys

No. 1444598

You'd prove a point if you didn't post saggy mishapen udders

No. 1444604

i wish i could make a friend and um, and like uhhh, harm scrotes with her. but that lvl of friendship requires knowing each other since childhood probably.

No. 1444632

dog i posted my boobs like 2 years ago. sorry i don’t hate my body!

No. 1444646

Love the sexualy degrading language even women use for other women, all while banging on about le patriarchy.

No. 1444660


I feel no attraction to straight men , even if i find a attractive staright man (which is rare since they dont take care of their appearance because they only expect the woman to be beatiful), i still would feel nothing because most of them lack any form of magnetism or personality.
Also im still not over that closeted gay boy i dated when i was in high school.

No. 1444664

Don't go to /snow/

No. 1444736

I’m a barista and it’s my guilty pleasure to make peoples drinks super high calorie and know that they probably don’t even realize how many liquid calories they’re consuming. Especially if they’re fatties ordering a high calorie drink. I’ll make it extra sweet or add extra milk or extra fatty milk and ugh it’s just so much fun. If they order food I’ll add extra butter or bacon or eggs just to make it more fattening. I know it’s a little evil but it makes my job so much more interesting.

No. 1444745

wtf nonna?

No. 1444749

It's because they generally pay attention to their grooming and at least attempt to appear like they have a soul when in social situations. As soon as you realize that's literally the only difference between the two and noting else, you will stop putting them on a pedestal.

No. 1444755

You really think you're upsetting them when they came for that slop? Ooh let me give this dog extra treats that will show them

No. 1444766

I don't think she cares that they're happy to get tastier meals, she's getting enjoyment out of knowing she's contributing to people's poor health

No. 1444772

I honestly hope you get fired or someone smacks the shit out of you.

No. 1444776

They don't give a shit about their health and would not care regardless, this isn't an act of anarchy. If she really wanted to do something she would be restricting them of their sweets and treats and adding extra to the rexies. Fake activism

No. 1444779

>hates fatties
>makes fatties gain even more weight

No. 1444833

Me saying I hope you get smacked was actually really unnecessary, sorry. I still mean the first part though.

No. 1444844

kek anon don't apologie, she does deserve to get slapped for being a degenerate, she's basically just like those chubby chasers with a feeding fetish.

No. 1444857

Can you be my barista?

No. 1444881

Girl you are gonna kill some poor diabetic

No. 1444884

Kek this is pretty funny actually

No. 1444889

File: 1670984814289.gif (5.51 MB, 373x498, 199a10d5b38d1f12dbab7563f9d7e3…)

>tfw I'm keto and have no fear of high fat milk, eggs, bacon or butter

No. 1444905

Girl I’m not THAT evil lol, If someone is diabetic and orders a drink from me I highly doubt theyd order the regular version of a drink, we have plenty of diabetes and diet friendly options with sugar-free or sugar subs. I always honor peoples orders, whether that’s sugar free, decaf, milk alt, breve, or extra caramel. I just add a little bit extra of milk/sugar/etc on people’s drinks (especially if they’re rude to me) because pretending that I’m doing anything more sinister than making a drink slightly higher calorie adds the most meager bit of enjoyment to a minimum wage food service job LMFAO

No. 1444906

Also this is baristachan

No. 1444911

>claims to hate fatties
>gives fatties extra yumyums free of charge

do better

No. 1444914

I think you need a real hobby

No. 1444918

File: 1670985643868.png (163.85 KB, 274x275, F93FA045-2928-42E1-8147-7C947F…)

This new moid seems promising and seems to be fairly smart and interesting but if he doesn’t have my sense of humor I just can’t. I couldn’t date someone incredibly dumb but someone who can banter with me is much more important than just intelligence.

No. 1444967

On the notepad program on my phone, I type out a whole ass rant of venting about petty and mean shit about my friends when I'm upset at them. Vile stuff that's buried in my subconscious bias. Like,
>oh my friend is from this X minority group, that's why she's like that!
I dont feel guilty doing this nor do I feel any more guilt when my emotions calm down and I read it after a few days have passed. But it does make me feel less strongly about my emotions now and it's like I'm able to see what my subconscious biases were, address them, and point out why it's irrational. Does this make me a two faced bitch?

No. 1444971

nope. sounds like you’ve found a healthy private way to be self aware tbh. everyone has thoughts like that, the more you can recognize & understand it, the less you’re likely to actually hurt other people with those inherent prejudices imo

No. 1444976

i love watching drag race. rupaul is the demiurge tho.

No. 1444980

Why are you even friends with them?

No. 1444982

>everyone has thoughts like that
No, definitely not kek.

No. 1444983

i fucking hate working and i hate having to pretend i don't

No. 1444987

File: 1670989656377.jpg (19.55 KB, 260x312, 1629002812742.jpg)

You sound like a feeder fetishist. Gross.

No. 1444992

Have you considered therapy

No. 1445004

Are you the one who keeps fucking up my starbucks order? I say one pump of the chestnut praline syrup and you bitches hand me a sugar bomb, I can tell there's more than just one pump of syrup and it's gross when it's too sweet!! but seriously nona your dumb if you don't realize people can tell when something is overly sweetened lol

No. 1445007

Because I still love them, want them in my life, and want to respect their opinions and views despite our differences.

No. 1445022

It's been 2 weeks since I stopped wearing bras, and I gotta be honest, I miss the feeling of taking it off after a rough day.

No. 1445026

nta but also have the same problem as OP and i don't even put them on a pedalstel, i just have terrible gaydar detection kek. somehow i keep falling for men who seem entirely straight (to me at least) until they or someone else says they're not

No. 1445028

File: 1670995438159.gif (662.67 KB, 498x372, cobra.gif)

I'm gonna sound like a complete retard but…

… there's something odd going on. I watch this streamer, and for the past 2-3 days that he's streamed, I've been chatting away like all the other idiots in the massive peanut gallery that is his chat. But a few times I wrote some pretty good jokes that he read out loud and laughed at (one in particular was a shocked laugh more than anything, I'm proud of that in an odd way). And then the last time he streamed a specific game, he was building something in sed game, and I just wrote, "I LIKE IT". He read that out loud in a specific tone and accent. The next time he streamed the game (1 day later), he'd keep repeating "I LIKE IT" in that same tone of voice. 1 day ago, he streamed some stupid videos and at one point, a hand flashes up on the screen, so I typed in "HIGH FIVE". He was all prepared to come up with a brilliant observation on the spot, like stalling for time… and then he made a high five joke. Motherfucker swiped my joke, but that's beside the point. I'm chained to my computer for 8 hours a day, so maybe I just need to get out more, but if not, then something funny is going on with this streamer and myself.

No. 1445044

are u me. i was complaining about work like a day ago in the thread, i feel u so much. it’s gonna get better for us soon though, i’m sure

No. 1445045

>>1444294 I'm never the type to really like someone but I have a huge crush on a coworker I just met/ seen around,he doesn't even know I exist but I get so nervous when I see him I hate myself for it,my friend told me this is normal but I don't think so,I feel gross

No. 1445049

If my son made Earthsea I'd be a bad father too

No. 1445057

maybe you're delusional and I dont want to fuel it, but also maybe your predictions are coming true. so have some of mine related to things I didn't necessarily want out in the world. they just happened. I thought of something or willed with my subconscious and it happened, I wrote it down, sometimes it drives me crazy. why did those things happen to a nobody like me, I wonder, and why is it always something bad or mundane? I don't know, maybe part of me wants to believe sorcery is real

No. 1445068

Anon if you're one of jerma or whoever the fucks reply guys it would make sense if you're watching them constantly that you use similar verbiage. Or if he's making reference to your replies specifically you probably just say some funny stuff and he's riffing off of you to keep chat light

No. 1445100

I just opened one of my Christmas presents early because I wanted to feel better for a moment. I don’t really regret it, I’ll wrap it up now

No. 1445128

No. 1445129

i'm crushing on a guy i was horny for and exchanged nudes with many years ago. i thought i could go without getting a crush again but no, texting and nudes got to me again. i know it's stupid of me. he probably texts the sweet songs and stuff to many other women. he is cute and seductive which is rare for a scrote.

No. 1445140

I want cock in my vagina so bad

No. 1445156

I want a new crush to obsess about

No. 1445175

No. 1445187

Me too.

No. 1445188

Get a silicone one, it's insanely realistic to the real thing but better cause there's not a stinky moid attached

No. 1445200

nta but a silicone dick isn't comparable, it's not a guy who will hold you against him, who will kiss you, etc. We need androids like Jude Law in that weird scifi movie.

No. 1445203

Yeah I agree but OP seemed like she just wanted to get dicked down not the whole intimate romantic part of it lol

No. 1445209

Yeah that's why I said I'm not her, I didn't want to speak for her, I was just giving my opinion.

No. 1445247

I LOVE the shitty coffes they sell at grocery stores, the ones with the 10000gs of sugar and 35 kinds of food coloring and natrium phosphates and other toxic shit

No. 1445248

2 months now I do coke and drink everyday to cope with my depression. I feel so much better. But I know the back to reality will be very brutal. Why am I so weak ?

No. 1445267

Nonna Im gonna be the swift kick in your ass you need. This dependency is idiotic to continue. You are blowing money to feed the addictions full circle instead of actually doing the work you need to do for your life. Coke? Really? You dont need it. The combo of stimulants and alcohol actually make you more depressed in the long run, considering the affects.
Sober up, get your shit together; and use all the money you're blowing on instant gratification on any self improvement. Is it therapy? Is it hiring a trainer? Is it moving out of a shitty place? I dont fucking know! But what i do know you’re blowing money on self destruction, and thats not cool.
Rooting for you nonna. Invest in your health and happiness instead and see what happens after a few months.
You got this anon, i promise.

No. 1445277

File: 1671023296478.jpeg (474.51 KB, 983x736, 8583D5AF-00D7-4EFB-B5C0-6E32FD…)

I guess I haven’t washed my pussy thoroughly enough for long enough because I just took a shower and found a bunch of smegma buildup under my clitoral hood. Usually I’m good at removing it all between my labia minora but I haven’t checked my hood in a while.

No. 1445287

Who made this drawing? Or where did you find it?

No. 1445324

wow this has been happening to me a lot lately too. VERY clear but mundane premonitions coming true irl out of portions of dreams i've been having, angel numbers constantly, synchronicities everywhere. except now it's gotten me into trouble because i had a dream an old acquaintance came to me and confessed his love earlier this year and didn't think anything of it (just put the whole dream including that part in my journal because i always write down dreams i remember) and then months later we randomly started talking online and became friends again and that's when all the precognition came to the forefront for me. and then i looked back on the journals and realized i had that dream about him, became convinced he has a thing for me and developed this impossible embarrassing crush on him and the whole situation is this huge burden but it also feels very like… it was fated to happen? there's some reason ultimately for me to be going through all this?? that would be fucking cruel of the universe to do to me though. wtf is this 'teaching' me? i know that it would never work out for a million reasons and all the feelings are just causing me guilt and stress now. honestly it would be an easier pill to swallow that i'm just delusional and not an actual psychic lol

No. 1445348

When I was around 14/15, I distanced myself from a friend who showed me her self harm scars.

No. 1445356

That is called schizophrenia

No. 1445376

lol i'm pretty sure it's a combo of OCD paranoia and a touch of the 'tism, but i understand how i come off.

No. 1445381

Angel numbers are a scam. Coincidences exist. When you seek out patterns you start to try to create them and force syncronicities that don't exist outside of your head.

No. 1445383

I fell in love with my best friend so I broke our friendship in fear of her figuring it out. I tried to hint I was fine with girls but she didn't take it well so… hopefully I can find some other noona to love

No. 1445389

yeah I get that. have a half logical, half fantastical brain and can never quite turn off that willingness to believe superstitions, i think it also comes from my family's culture partly. as soon as the holidays are over and I see this guy irl I plan on distancing myself from him and this whole situation entirely for my own mental well-being.

she's not ur real friend if she was weird about your sexuality so no loss on your end nonny. you'll find someone!!

No. 1445392

I say this with no hint of malice or ill intent but I promise you that man is not thinking about you at all and there is no mystical force pushing you toward him, it's good that you are going to make the conscious decision to worry about yourself instead

No. 1445400

This episode of SpongeBob SquarePants made me unironically think that women should have hairy arms, and made me feel better about my arms not being hairless.
I don't know why, but I always thought that "for the ladies" meant that we look attractive with hairy muscled arms and I thought that somehow that's how it worked until I was around 17 years old.

No. 1445467

AYRT, I probably just am delusional LOL. That's also happened to me where you seemingly "predict" behavior from someone seconds/minutes before it happens. Maybe we're just really good at reading body language. But online? Who can say?

No. 1445470

AYRT, I despise Jerma. Nah, I can barely catch this streamer 'cause he lives on the other side of the world from me. But I'm glad he thinks my babblings are funny.

No. 1445476

You're a treasured reply guy, congrats

No. 1445478

I think i have some trauma regarding very fat people for some reason. Anytime I think of a person becoming extremely fat, like almost morbidly obese or something, I get so so so sad and feel a strong urge to cry. For example last year I was watching Click by Adam Sandler and that scene where he time travels and he gets obscenely fat came up, and I started crying so much by watching that. Idk why. I’m scared to tell that to my therapist because that is the weirdest shit I’ve ever heard of

No. 1445567

>VERY clear but mundane premonitions coming true irl out of portions of dreams i've been having, angel numbers constantly, synchronicities everywhere
I've been one of those people who sees the same few number sequences for years now. Had some weird coincidences with words or phrases too. Honestly.. the number thing is happening with me for probably 15 years and I think if angels or the universe were talking to me they'd have more to say than 'look at these numbers' for the millionth time. I try not to buy into the mystical explanations for it. If thats a form of communication then its a poor one.

No. 1445663

A long time ago in my more toxic state I lied about the timeline of my long-time abusive ex fucking me to make this girl disgusted by him and not date him. My ex turned fwb was friends with this girl and had a crush on her while we were fucking and then ended our fwb to date/fuck her immediately. I guess I was enraged and disgusted that he had a “crush” on her the entire time but still kept me in his bed. If I had a crush on someone I would have dropped the fwb immediately but he didn’t. So I told her on Instagram about it and said that we only slept together like a week before they did when it was probably more like three weeks before then because of break. I guess it worked because he immediately started dating/fucking some other girl right after and they’ve been together ever since. I seriously have no idea how he could move on so quick and start relationships as fast as he does but kek. All women deserve better than an abusive, rapist hobosexual wannabe “stay-at-home dad”.

No. 1445680

>For example last year I was watching Click by Adam Sandler and that scene where he time travels and he gets obscenely fat came up, and I started crying so much by watching that.
kek sorry nonna

No. 1445702

File: 1671040520631.jpeg (971.12 KB, 1920x1280, 80E132A5-F847-4C82-9D9A-32BE81…)

damn bitch sorry my love language is numbers

t. picrel

No. 1445709

419 has nothing on 1111. The best number.

No. 1445717

Are you seriously thinking angels are real, anon? kek

No. 1445720

I'm saying I don't believe in it.

No. 1445722

My last bottle of moisturizer fell and shattered and I haven't been able to go to the store and buy a new one so I've been using my body lotion in the meantime. It reminds me of when I was 15 and first learned about skincare so I would slather my face in thick, heavy lotion kek.

No. 1445731

419???? I see that number all the time what does that mean. I love numbers glad I’m not alone. 1111 best number indeed >>1445709
My confession is yes I believe something is talking to me with numbers.

No. 1445760

NTA but I do believe in spirits, but moreso ancestral spirits protecting us. Not so certain about the "guardian angels" like Gabriel that supposedly watch over us. My dad's parents died at a young age and I've always wanted to have connection with them because I never met them. I guess I do somewhat believe in signs from them too but I don't think it's just numbers but also electronics turning on with no explanation and objects falling out of nowhere. It happens sometimes when I talk out loud as if I'm being guided to go towards some idea/thought more.
I'm actually in a painfully logical field and am normally that way myself but I feel like deniers and atheists over-do it with trying to make fun of people who believe in something greater. It's such a depressing way to think and I feel like the majority of those people are just miserable. Idk what I really believe in regards to spirits but I even see some beauty in decomposing bodies returning to the earth to provide nutrients to plants and animals.

No. 1445771

Samefag but anons can someone tell me if I am a terrible person for this? I know it was fucked up if I told someone outside of here but I'm curious what anons on lolcow think

No. 1445782

I feel you. Before i discovered real skin care, I used to the same lotion for my body and face. I hope you get a new one soon.

No. 1445794

idgi are you not supposed to use lotion?

No. 1445807

You may have not had the best intentions if most of it was fueled by jealousy rather than solidarity but ultimately sounds like it was for the best.

No. 1445813

Thanks anon! Wishing good skin upon you always.
Once you've used proper face moisturizer you'll realize how heavy and thick body lotion is and how unsuitable it feels for your face which has more delicate skin. It's also common for body lotion to have added fragrance which can irritate your face.

No. 1445815

>I told her on Instagram about it and said that we only slept together like a week before they did when it was probably more like three weeks before
this is barely even a white lie. you're not evil, it was completely fine.
also he was a rapist & abusive? honestly you could do anything up to and including lethal self defense and it would be justified, nœnette. literally all you did was keep him from hurting that woman, you just got a little creative.

No. 1445817

lol I think I have the same thing except I cried as a kid at the ending scene of dodgeball where ben stiller ends up fat and sad. Kids probably can’t handle seeing something unnatural the same way they can’t comprehend certain fears

No. 1445823

File: 1671045645022.png (464.42 KB, 622x604, 8pszb359mp5a1.png)

I recently became antiwork and while I feel very stupid for being it (I'm in my core a hard worker, but with ADHD and depression) I also know it's probably the best thing for my mental health in this modern world.

No. 1445825

I just used 75% of a jar of vaseline all over my body, my arm can stick to a wall before sliding down
Feeling great

No. 1445828

Yeah he was violent in bed and would strangle me constantly to get off when I was uncomfortable with it and told him not to choke me/pull my hair/etc. This was a long time ago and it took another bf to teach me that it's okay to have boundaries and to stick to my boundaries. I seriously want him to never date again but ofc he wants kids which I is a disaster waiting to happen bc he's a bum and wants to be a "stay-at-home dad" but rlly just play video games and sit his ass on the couch.

No. 1445829

Also the time he assaulted me was probably numerous times where I would say no and he would keep going. There's a specific time where he fucked me in the same room as my dad was sleeping as some sort of power move and then kept going when I said stop, he's truly a fucked person who just got lucky that I was at the height of codependency and self-hate.

No. 1445831

IMO, the antiwork movement has some good points as a whole, and is preferable over being a temporarily embarrassed millionaire or corporate simp. Some people definitely take it into cringe territory, but what political movement these days doesn’t have adherents like that?

No. 1445833

Samefag, I myself quit my awful retail job this weekend and felt guilty about it, but felt comforted after reading up on China’s bai lan (let it rot) and lie flat movements. Incredibly based.

No. 1445836

Same I used to be a hard worker until I figured out the pension system is a scam I can't opt out of, that the new popular management style is to see workers as disposable batteries no matter how hard they work and that my field (which supposedly holds society together) is a sham. I work to survive, but I'm not under any delusion I'm building anything up for the future, that this is sustainable, or that I'm actually making a difference. I just hope to earn enough to fuck off from society, move countries and homestead or will become an actual nun.

No. 1445857

Anybody have a source on the pic without the text?

No. 1445913

I have a meeting with the work scrote tomorrow and have no idea what I'm even going to say, or what I even think or feel about the situation. I kind of wish I never met him so I could just be miserable in a less complicated way.

No. 1446009

i just learned what my TiM coworker's real name is and im feeling mischievous but don't want to risk getting in trouble, so i'm just trying to think of ways to make him feel bad. he's a snarky asshole who talks over women and an AGP

No. 1446010

File: 1671053366749.jpg (30.22 KB, 400x236, 109.jpg)

For some reason I thought it was from the "three cats" but it's a completely different artstyle, so no idea

No. 1446018

File: 1671053886275.jpg (50.84 KB, 480x645, FfzySQYWYAAd14p.jpg)

Nvm, found it. Still no idea about the source though, it's always only posted in relation to this antiwork text

No. 1446033

I think the artist is Louis Wain?

No. 1446047

File: 1671054923629.jpg (31.27 KB, 338x450, louis-wain-louis-wain-cats_u-L…)

ntyart but i don't think so, his cat's have a very distinct style, and a bit of weirdness to their faces. those cats look to cutesy and generic compared to picrel

No. 1446087

>If someone is diabetic and orders a drink from me I highly doubt theyd order the regular version of a drink
I REALLY doubt that because most type 2s are the kind of people that eat like trash compactors and would get Dunkinbucks every day. You sound like a wackjob doing that to customers but given it’s a minimum wage job I’m not that surprised

No. 1446176

File: 1671060786001.jpg (51.37 KB, 600x600, tst,small,507x507-pad,600x600,…)

I love louis wain

No. 1446181

He drew this after friends and admirers got him moved from jail into a (comfortable) psych hospital.

No. 1446193

I know you don't just do it to fatties. You definitely do this shit to skinny women you're jealous of too, don't lie. Especially the ones who ask for sugar substitute, zero-calorie or "diet" anything (you probably just get extra spiteful when it's fat people requesting those things). Fat-assed crab in a tiny bucket.

No. 1446204

obvious bait is obvious

No. 1446207

Kek my thoughts exactly. If anon didn't make that post up for cool points, she needs mental help.


No. 1446233

File: 1671063108377.jpeg (538.07 KB, 727x1200, E7579081-8552-4828-A3E3-72821C…)

when I really hate the world and feel like it’s not worth living I remember this and want to cry because love really is the meaning of life (to me)

No. 1446292

Bitch are you going to pay for my insulin? Didn't think so

No. 1446307

looks like beatrix potter to me but idk

No. 1446393

That sounds like the dream nonnie. I wanted to fuck off from this shitass sOcIeTy since forever. Gardening in the middle of nowhere sounds nice. I will probably settle for a live-in-car if I can't marry a guy whom together we could purchase property.

No. 1446503

ngl but I always found it creepy when the android was fake-moaning in front of the little boy in AI. And I first saw this movie as a small child (really wish I didn't, the whole thing was nightmare fuel with existential dread on top).

No. 1446516

I wonder if this is a failed anachan or a male with feeding fetish.

No. 1446520

Same, I've been thinking about it the past few days as I'm on the ovulating part of my cycle. I barely have a libido other than this time of the month but when I do all I think about is PIV.

No. 1446533

I dont want to work christmas eve or new years because I worry driving back from work I'll be hit by some drunk depressed moid in a large car and permanently injured or killed. I'm a burger in a place that has almost 0 public transportation.

No. 1446540

File: 1671083067328.png (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 1048x1584, 747.png)

Surreal soyjacks make me laugh, especially any variation of the Markiplier one.

No. 1446541

It's possible you're right but both men and women can become hypersexual as a result of rape especially if it was in childhood, not always but it's common

No. 1446544

My confession is that I sometimes pretend I'm a bit mentally slow when I ask questions about things because people tend to be kinder to me when I do that. I know it's probably wrong but honestly it's nice to just get a simple easy to understand explanation instead of an extremely condescending explanation.

No. 1446563

how does one pretend to be mentally slow?

No. 1446619

Sorry I should have noted that I do this online. Doesn't work irl obviously kek. But typing like you have 0 idea how to form sentences correctly. I think I've interacted with idiots online too many times that I picked up their typing patterns

No. 1446622

i pretend i'm mentally retarded here all the time

No. 1446649

I kinda want to cheat on my bf

No. 1446669

I do this when I want to say something that would be frowned upon by twitter/reddit SJW types. I’ll pretend to only sort of understand what they’re saying and use all the approved SJW wokescoldy words while asking stupid questions.

No. 1446682

File: 1671100298074.gif (8.54 KB, 212x90, do-it-star-wars.gif)

I'll be devil's advocate and encourage
Oh same. I can usually get away with it due to them knowing I'm rural.

No. 1446687

>I can usually get away with it due to them knowing I'm rural.
ah, the old country bumpkin ruse

No. 1446692

Only if it's with a woman

No. 1446696

Why? Use some lesbian for her pussy fantasies and the discard her to go back to her moid?

No. 1446697

Yes and butch. So get asked about pronouns frequently, but I have the perfect response. I was always told it's impolite to refer to someone while they're present, I'd prefer you to address me directly

No. 1446716

I know that the majority of people will never believe my side of the story. My mother was all too good at mixing her good with bad moments with me and setting up her image in public that even I question if she really is as bad as I know or if I'm the one who is horrible and wrong.
But then I realise that if I was horrible, would i really have spent nights crying over moments from my childhood, hearing stories of people who have confirmed their parents as abusers and find it relatable, too feel as intensely as I do about what I lived?

No. 1446725

I was sitting next to a really overweight man on the plane who had an open seat right next to him. His fat folds were on the arm rest next to me and I could not rest my right arm at all because of that. This was infuriating because he basically had two seats to himself and could let me have a bit of space by just moving a bit. I hate being confrontational so I farted to try to get him to try to let me have some space. I don't know if it worked or not but I got the arm rest space eventually. I never thought I would resort to using my farts like this but here I am.

No. 1446738

recently a man approached me around my age (like 19) who was kind of a roadman type and the complete opposite of me, anyways i started talking to him at lunchtimes at my college,and one day he took me on his motorbike at a break and took me to the park and offered me weed, to preface this nonnies, i have no idea what weed was, i thought it was just a plant that makes you feel slightly giddy and relaxed, i took a drag of the joint and didn't feel anything but the man kept encouraging me to keep doing it again and again, i ended up inhaling it like 12 times.

then it fucking hit me, i felt like i was on psychdelics he started walking me down the path in the woods, but i felt like i was going around in circles and proceeded to just trauma dump on him, i had to go back to class and act normal i remember a guy asked me if i was ok and i just fucking giggled and went 'yeaahh' the week after that i went with the guy again and did the exact the same thing, it was horrible, and i knew he was tricking me, i knew i was stupid, i knew all this but i did it anyway, mind you he doesn't even talk to me anymore he had his fun.

everytime i see him i audibly cringe, im not sure why i did it in the first place its very humiliating and stooping extremely low, i feel like my isolation might be making me insane and desperate for any kind of interaction, even if negative

No. 1447000

File: 1671121725625.png (946.1 KB, 685x444, yum yum.png)

Whenever I see any type of raw beef I get a strange urge to just want to eat it. I really like rare steak too, but just seeing some succulent red meat makes me crave to eat it raw. Idk what this could be, I thought perhaps low iron but I eat a lot of red meat as it is and make sure my protein intake is high etc.
Picrel makes my stomach rumble just looking at it, it looks so squishy like I could just bite right into it and it would be full of tasty nutrients.

No. 1447003

i feel this v hard

No. 1447055

File: 1671124727061.gif (79.9 KB, 126x144, EC63CDE8-6835-427E-806B-12868F…)

cyberstalking my crush, find out he has a son my age who’s kinda cute and developing full on relationship fantasies of this guy i have never met and thinking about him everyday for months now, sadly he’s not very online so i can’t stalk him too. woooo i am losing it girls! completely fucking gone and i am never coming back! i even wrote his full name out on a piece of paper and sleep with it under my pillow in an attempt to manifest meeting him i guess? i think i have brain damage

No. 1447064

I hate Germany, I hate Germans, I hate the idea that your only value is how hard you work and that a car is more important than anything else. I hope one day I can leave forever.

No. 1447081

Please go to a therapist for your daddy issues before you become a pump and dump for a man your father's age.

No. 1447096

I think she meant the son and not the father.

No. 1447102

anon i am a turbo virgin, why do you think i have such fully fleshed out fantasies? nothing will ever happen i swear, i know for sure I’m not even his type.
mostly talking about the son but i dream about fucking both. they’re both hot.

No. 1447106

I'll pray for your wellbeing, please get help.
It's worse Nona, she wants to fuck both, ew.

No. 1447113

Stop with the moralfagging, you normie. This is the confession thread if you want go nucular with morals go the kinkshaming thread >>>/ot/453716

No. 1447117

I've been too scared to tell someone something. A truth that I didn't know if I should spill or not. I've been close to sending them a text about it for ages now. I'll type up the message, read it, reread it, reword it, then delete it without sending.. rinse and repeat every few months.

Today I was doing that when I hit send by accident. I'm not brave, just clumsy.

No. 1447121

I'm not moralfagging, mentally ill whore. Wanting to fuck a father and son is disgusting to even the most deranged femcel.

No. 1447123

Nah, even a lot of normalfags think it's acceptable for young women to fuck crusty old men.

No. 1447124

i’m gonna dream of having a threesome with them now, seethe harder puritan

No. 1447130

Why would I seethe when you're the one who's masturbating next to her parents to two men who are probably creeped the fuck out of your weird ass? You're like an incel who thinks jerking it to unconsenting women is somehow an epic own to those women.

No. 1447131

Why do you people think posting in the confession thread gives you invincibility from judgement

No. 1447138

Oh no. Those poor men who have no idea that a random girl fantasizes about them. The horror. Lock me up.
this poster is not me

No. 1447140

>t. deranged femcel
>mentally ill whore
>masturbating next to her parents
Do you know where you? You look lost newfag, go back to tiktok or whatever hellhole you migrated from.
Not even the original anon, seen worse stuff on here with no one complaining except you. Go to /g/ and see all of your horrors there.

No. 1447146

>Not even the original anon, seen worse stuff on here with no one complaining except you. Go to /g/ and see all of your horrors there.
I'm not even that anon and I don't care about who OP wants to fuck. People who say "but this is the confession thread!" whenever someone judges them just look kind of dumb.

No. 1447147

Lying comes easily to me when it's about something serious. I'm fine, it's okay, no problem, I managed it. I yearn to wail and shout my eyes out. However, everything alright and nothing to see here.

No. 1447151

No. 1447156

Manslut confirmed then. I believe he was a victim in the past but it's up to himself with a professional to straighten out the distortions in his thinking, not to pretend he's the prime example that 'women rape too!' within his hugbox full of pickmes and trannies. Yes, he is hypersexual, and so he should stop accusing the women he regretfucks in adulthood as 'rapists' or that they molested him. According to himself, three separate girlFRIENDS raped him when we were in our late teens. That does not add up. He refuses to get help and made excuses and non answers when I said if he was so desperate he should scrape the money from his jobs to pay for private therapy.

No. 1447159

I love the slang kys, especially when people say it in context to other anons since kys is very similar to word kiss in my tongue and I like to imagine in the end of every infight the anons are saying sorry with a misspelled kiss ♥

No. 1447161

>not even that anon
Then why did you make that reply once, delete it then change it to post again? Why do you care so much if you're not the one who's crying herself to sleep because neither of those men would ever even want to talk to you?

No. 1447166

spelling mistake, I want people to understand my ESL ass. Sorry for not being american

No. 1447167

That's a friends and mine dogwhistle whenever someone's annoying us kek Just throwing a kiss ;* at the end of a sentence or post whenever we're talking to some annoying pos.

No. 1447170

I'm not American either but the way you're so invested in defending a mentally ill schizo whose past time activity is jerking it to men is worrisome.

No. 1447177

kek nonnie I think trauma dumping him just saved your own life.

No. 1447178

KEK going to use kys a lot more here, going to make some anons mad on here. I hope I won't change the etymology of it as it won't be as fun!

No. 1447179

I no longer feel sorry for homeless men. They are dirty and dangerous, stink up the place and leave garbage everywhere and they always make me feel unsafe as I have been chased/followed/yelled at by them before. Even the mentally ill homeless women don't hold a candle to them. I have no sympathy for homeless men and they won't get a cent out of me. I get paid less than 20k a year, as a man you could easily get a higher paying job than me.

No. 1447180

During my period I take my used tampons out and let them sit in the watering can and water my garden and lawn but I just keep filling the can up until the blood runs clear. Then I dispose of it. Disgusting to some but I don't know why it feels like I'm fertilising the plants.

No. 1447186

I bet it looks crazy but you are literally fertilizing the plants.

No. 1447187

File: 1671130079490.jpeg (250.84 KB, 1523x370, F23A6B86-3D36-4FDE-8276-B56649…)

No. 1447191

i respect your instinctive gardening tactics

No. 1447209

Nta, would it be enough in one (or a few) tampon(s) to make any actual difference though?

No. 1447211

that's just a treat for the plants, someone I know puts her hair clippings in her plant pots but idk if that does anything, but she's having fun

No. 1447214

I have absolutely no idea, you’d have to research it more on your own.

No. 1447236

there’s these people in my college who basically work to help us with the questions we have about some subject (kind of like standby teachers), so I went to ask one of them about something and I saw a teacher from afar who was sooooo cute and I could tell “he” was older so I was like hell yeah… And then I went to ask “him” something and the voice was so female. Turns out it was just a very androgynous girl. The attraction still stands. What does this mean? Am I a spicy straight?

No. 1447255

Read and ask here >>>/g/153246

No. 1447310

I read about how sperm can survive in the urethra in the unpopular opinion thread and I had sex that day and the next day I had sex again and we didn’t use a condom at first. And I had the posts about the sperm in my head while we did it. My ovulation is one week ago so it should be fine. But wow I’m fucked up.

No. 1447488

File: 1671142341513.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 32.77 KB, 500x503, 4DA9DD8D-7103-4B49-98C3-51A733…)

stayed at a moids (24yo) house and his parents dont let him have people over. had a coffee and cigarette this morning and was busting for the toilet but i wasnt allowed to because of his parents. im on my period so ive got period poo and cramps and the coffee+cig combo didnt help. i literally did the most earth shattering shit in my pants, i turned my pad into an adult diaper. i couldnt say anything but this mf ended up taking me to a public bathroom, i spent 15 minutes cleaning my shit up, i had to throw out my underwear and the poop was tw: full of carrots and 3d things and diarrhoea and it was so fucking foul.
i immediately got an uber home but now i am sitting in whatever poop i couldnt clean up down there and free bleeding in my favourite pants.
moral is, fuck men

No. 1447491

Spoiler that shit talk and why tf did you stay with a guy who still lives with his parents? Fuckmoids but your also to blame cause wtf

No. 1447493

Why do people have so much problems holding their shit in? Like how does shitting your pants work and how can I never experience it?

No. 1447495

You need to think about your life choices. Like, go find a nice dim room, sit and think for and hour and a half, good grief.

No. 1447497

ayrt, im usually good at holding my poops in! it was just a perfect storm today. i am not proud of this it is one of my lowest moments and i will hold it with me forever..

No. 1447500

Kinda want to start saying shit like "I feel like I have prostate issues" and shit like that just to make trannies seethe because that's how their period larp sounds like but I'm not an absolute spastic, so I would never. Where the hell would I even mention that type of shit, I would sound insane and stupid

No. 1447501

>i made poor decisions
>fuck men!

i do hate scrotes but this is kind of your fault

No. 1447502

should've hold that poop with ya instead, nona it's okay but wtf was that moid situation and the poop gatekeeping

No. 1447504

I think you can correctly phycoanalize nonnoes based on the theme they are using
>autistic (undiagnosed)
> jokes a lot but not everyone gets it
>understands what others don't
>cute with big eyes

No. 1447507

File: 1671143239188.png (255.99 KB, 1000x1000, 1624446988458.png)

You need to reevaluate your life and the decisions that lead to . . . all that.

No. 1447510

Say it as a joke when people ask you how you've been doing.

No. 1447512

you ruined my day

No. 1447515

thanks for the kek you stupid bitch. Imagine not marching immediately towards the bathroom when you gotta shit and then shitting yourself.

No. 1447516

I plan on making a analysis on what every theme says about nonnies when I get done playing sims (on mobile)

No. 1447519

come on nonnie dont act like you’ve never shat yourself before

i did inform him and expected him to just take me to the toilet, instead he complained that his mother was angry at him for having me over.
i’m too bad at confrontation to just bust the door down and to my credit i had no idea what was coming sadge

No. 1447523

You still brought this upon yourself, nonnie.

No. 1447531

You should've ate it afterwards

No. 1447533

A 24 year old man wouldn't let you use his bathroom because his mum was giving him attitude for having an adult female over. I hope to fuck you're not seeing him again.

No. 1447536

It’s painful how preventable this was.

No. 1447541

Farmers claim to be so pinkpilled and then put themselves in situations like this

No. 1447542

absolutely never seeing him again. i genuinely had no idea he just wouldnt let me use the bathroom. it happened so quickly and the minutes leading up to it i was prompting him but he just didnt seem to care. hes a tranny lover and full on lefty and acted like i was a nazi the entire night whenever we’d talk on anything political so maybe that influenced his decision. first time meeting him, i refused to have sex with him and hope to not meet again

No. 1447552

Coom can survive for up to a week.

No. 1447589

The only time I have ever shit my pants was during the most vicious stomach virus I ever experienced. The force of my vomiting caused me to shit myself, and although it wasn't a large amount the stench was so foul. Ended up going to the ER with that one. I know have a package of adult diapers for the possibility of that nightmare ever happening again.

No. 1447624

Sometimes I write "clever replies" when I report things hoping the admin uses them in the red text.

No. 1447632

just eat some then?? as long as it’s from a sanitary source

No. 1447638

i have a thing for making seasoning red meat and i just look at it like, "damn this gonna be so good" as I season it

No. 1447655

i look up pictures of a celebrity and i cry sometimes

No. 1447675

kek wtf should've just gone to the bathroom anyway. what would he or his mom even do if you went, cry about it?

No. 1447793

currently sexting and talking to two guys who are literally roommates and don’t know they’re both talking to me at the same time. not sure how far i should let it go but currently going on week one now

No. 1447811

nonny! are you an adult? was this man taking advantage of you??

No. 1447827

Please report back to us what does using the szalet theme mean

No. 1447829

How did you meet these guys

No. 1447938

Oh hun they know…

No. 1447956

replace the name of a friend of yours in a story with his name and tell it to a coworker, or pretend you have a boyfriend that has his name, that way you can drop it idly around him without directly deadnaming him. has worked for me every time. good luck!

No. 1448050

I love cats. They're so cool. I mimick their behaviour like they love to stretch and be nimble. When I'm alone I like to have fun bursts of crazy time and dance and leap and even jumping into bed and stuff. I don't care how old I am cats stay playful forever and they're slick af

No. 1448055

i suggest you to read the "What It Means to Be Trans Species" article by vice. You are weird indeed but not the only one with this "hobby".

No. 1448057

He would probably be disgusted and horrified if he knew what I did. It’s such a pathetic thing but it makes me so happy. He smells good.

No. 1448061

please die

No. 1448064

im not saying that i agree with this aberration. im saying that we need to accept that transspecies is a epidemic in the present days.

No. 1448065

>transspecies delusions is a epidemic in the present days
fixed that for you

No. 1448067

File: 1671181526452.jpg (14.35 KB, 213x237, yyy.jpg)

anon if you start to do this fetish outdoors. please be safe.

No. 1448080

Isn’t that guy a youtuber from like 2011?

No. 1448085

Lol furries better watchout

No. 1448098

That's kinda retarded. You are retarded.

No. 1448117

Whenever I get into some autistic train of thought inside my head, I finish it by turning to my dog and say "don't you agree, Rudolph?" out loud. He usually does.

No. 1448121

you sound like my grandpa

No. 1448131

I talk with my cat, if someone accidentally walks in while i am discussing Godzilla lore with him i just grab my phone and pretend i am talking with a friend. I wish i had friends.

No. 1448147

File: 1671189543469.jpeg (30.94 KB, 400x374, 6F2DDCE9-D384-4643-B21E-1DC865…)

I love ordering food delivery and then not tipping or rating if it’s a moid.

No. 1448151

File: 1671189803459.png (849.16 KB, 871x751, 1643077217673.png)

heh i do the same, i only tip if the person is a woman

No. 1448175

I still remember by heart the phone number of my crush in middle school, I didn't even ask him for it, I just stole it from another classmate's phone kek. I'm kind tempted to call him from my work phone just to check if he still uses it and pretend I entered the wrong number, but I won't because it's kinda creepy and I haven't cared about this guy for 15 years.

No. 1448187

File: 1671192118712.png (650.35 KB, 884x458, Screen Shot 2022-12-16 at 4.01…)

>I haven't cared about this guy for 15 years

No. 1448189

No really, I don't care about him, I don't even know what he currently looks like, I just sometimes think about how I still remember his phone number.

No. 1448226

it's such bs here that you gotta tip beforehand but we don't even have a tipping culture so I never do unless it's a huge order during shit weather

No. 1448254

I don't think I'm a cat and I don't emulate their exact behaviours. I mean I stretch out and do yoga with my human form but nights when I'm at home alone I will randomly take a hyper half hour like cats and jump around to music or skip around my apartment being silly. I do like stretches and crouch before bed sometimes and do a flip into it etc before settling down to a cosy sleep. I just think it's healthy to not slow down in what I can use my body for, like cats. Even elderly cats are still playful.

No. 1448468

Nona you sound very cute. I want to be more like you.

No. 1448483

File: 1671214117772.jpeg (123.18 KB, 750x539, D0EB7276-960E-4C0D-9528-3E8C59…)

ayrt we don’t have ‘tipping culture’ here in the uk but food delivery apps will still try and guilt you into tipping a % beforehand but you can just click no, or if you’re feeling especially evil, tip a good % so the moids on his best behaviour and then you can take it away afterwards no questions asked.

No. 1448487

File: 1671214236025.png (140.2 KB, 400x229, oo.png)

Not a day goes by that I don't wonder about whether or not fruit is healthy or not.

No. 1448519

I am abusive to my boyfriend. I'm going to try to change for the better but I told him we should break up and I wouldn't blame him if he decided to leave me. I always get really mad at him and threaten to leave, insult, blow things out of proportion, threaten and just act horrible. I sometimes even hit and scratch. I just am so insecure and such a bitch. I don't even know why I ever got with anyone, I'm such a fucked up person. I am not making an excuse for myself but I grew up with my mom being abused and I guess I just don't know how to be normal with someone romantically.

No. 1448535

If you don't have disorder affected by sugar (diabetes, gout, arthritis), fruit is great for you. The fruit pulp forms a gel lattice in your intestines which slows the absorption of sugar so you don't have sugar spikes like with candy. Plus, especially if you're eating heritage breeds, the vitamins and minerals are also good for you.

No. 1448548

nta but what if you are genetically predisposed for diabetes? I have such an awful sweet tooth and I try to compromise by eating fruit instead of cake and candy but… should I really?

No. 1448557

I think you can eat them with moderation. Instead of eating a kilo of cherries, eat 2 kiwis or other fruits that are sweet but not charged with fructose, like raspberries, blackberries, oranges and such, you can eat them with moderation.

No. 1448600

Coffee and nicotine can give you a mean case of the bubble guts, when I vaped I couldn’t leave the house until the first morning rush to the bathroom because I wanted to make sure I was safe at home Kek

No. 1448601

Disclaimer: I have done no research into diabetes. But I do know that if your choice is between candy or fruit, fruit is always the better option.

No. 1448603

Diabolical. I think they can give you a low rating if you do that though

No. 1448610

File: 1671223048070.jpg (35.12 KB, 480x480, ef8b1f0aded7130a6699164e658db8…)

Waiting in line at the T-Bell, three cars deep and the moid in the car in front of me started having am epic shitfit. Whipped out of line and started screaming at the drive through window. Flipping the bird, typical testicular tantrum. When I pulled up the sweet old lady looked pretty upset but still managed to smile. My weird ass decided to spout "Wow that guy was a bigger twat than the one between my legs, can I pay for his meal?" Poor woman was horrified twice in a row and the shame I feel is crippling.

No. 1448614

you're just fine if shes that sensitive she should work at macys not a drive through

No. 1448617

That's fair. She was pretty old and had on sparkly eyeshadow lol. I liked her. She was thankful for me buying the food at least.

No. 1448669

You did nothing wrong. In fact, i applaud you.

No. 1448690

File: 1671224729526.jpg (12.67 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg-6.jpg)

Thank you for making me feel better, nonnies.

No. 1448691

I don't like how clingy my boyfriend is. I feel bad but whenever he tries to awkwardly hug me when we're with my friends I despise him a bit more.

No. 1448694

I am retarded or that is great camouflage (catouflage), because I didn't notice the cat for a solid 30 seconds

No. 1448726

sneaky gato is sneaky hehe

No. 1448736

The twat thing was funny, but why'd you want to pay for his food?

No. 1448738

I legit thought she was a cauliflower

No. 1448765

Tbh I'm just in extremely poor health in general and I think I might even have PCOS or mild insulin issues. My hormones are off, my resting blood sugar is weirdly high, etc. But my doctor didn't refer me to a hormone specialist so I'm on my own.

No. 1448870

No. 1448901

I do the same thing and I rub my face on soft things. And I have a joke where I look at my friends eyes to assert dominance as I try to tip over a glass they left at the corner of the table just like cats do.

No. 1448907

but you don't actually break it, right

No. 1449146

One time I catfished as one of my friends and I still feel retarded and ugly for doing such kek. I asked her first obviously because she thought it was funny but I really hope nobody thinks that my stupid shitty behavior was actually her doing. It’s all deleted now and she doesn’t really care about it when I bring it up but it keeps me up at night a little. I’m so ugly I can’t even own my behavior by putting my own face alongside it kek?
You really do get the face you deserve I guess

No. 1449244

I have diabetes or 'prediabetes' and making changes. You can have fruit, but it has to be like the anon said blueberries , blackberries, even oranges. You should look at the diabetes health association because they say grapefruits are diabetes super foods. There are also substitute for sugar like Stevia or Splenda, mokfruit extract.

No. 1449307

I'm not justifying your atrocious behavior, but it's pretty clear, regardless of it or its causes, that you don't love him.

No. 1449326

not trying to girlboss here but what is the reason for you to act like this? what did you bf do? missing information here

No. 1449402

There's not a single day I go without thinking about a friend that I lost to OD'ing. I constantly see them in my dreams. I'm always at the point of breaking down in tears and having to hide it regularly. I've had other friends that have died in similar manners, but I was never quite this close to them. It's like losing your twin flame or something. Either way, I feel stupid.

No. 1449447

I’d get mad if he goes to his friends, or for leaving cups out I get mad easily. I’m sort of a bitch and I’ve been keeping his balls in my purse

No. 1449479

If I find out someones password I check their email/social/whatever until the password changes. I don't tell them or use their account or change anything, I just look. People used to give up their passwords pretty easily if you talked to them at work or whatever. Some are just really easy to guess, I got into someone's deviantart once because they used their birthday as a password.
I used to read my boss' emails, which sort of helped my career but I probably would have been fine without it. Really just kept me from being nervous about what she thought because I'd already read her notes to herself for the most part. They were very boring work emails. I didn't have to guess it, she gave everyone her password for other work software so she could pawn of her work and she used the same password for everything, only changing the numbers every ninety days.
Now that passwords are autogenerated and stuff it's not as fun. I miss the old days. I still make some of my passwords "password" because I think it's funny, just the ones that have no important info behind them.

No. 1449487

They're good for you. Just don't follow the food pyramid, that shit's fucked up.

No. 1449556

I'm in love with her. I would do anything for her. I really want to know how she feels about me…

No. 1449580

every time I cry I get horny but when I have an orgasm I always feel like crying afterwards and some days I get caught in a horrible loop. I wish I wasn't like this it makes some days so difficult to get anything done

No. 1449595

growing up my mom always made fun of my cousin behind her back because she wore children's/her childhood underwear as an adult and here i am doing the same thing. my hips have literally not grown one bit since puberty. i've got male hips. humiliating but true.
i know there are small/petite women's underwear but most that i tried ride up my crack making me unbearably uncomfortable, are made of unpleasant material or are too expensive. i need my butt covered entirely. i dont really like granny panties either because they go too high up but i still own a pair i got from the convenience store kek. speaking of which i don't like going into lingerie stores or isles as a whole because i get too flustered and leave immediately, i dont want some random person knowing what underwear i'll be wearing even though i also know they probably aren't paying attention or care.

No. 1449603

I'm glad that my dad finally died earlier this year. He was so ill nothing can cure him, at least he was finally free. I felt like he waited for me to get a proper job and dies but that's just what I think.

No. 1449638

My cat had an operation. She wants to sit on me and wants me to carry her around all the time. I give her the pain meds and bring her food and keep her clean and help her go to the toilet. I feel so much bliss that I can care for her the way she deserves it. But oh my god now I have baby fever.

No. 1449642

I could've written the same post lol

No. 1449676

File: 1671280733440.jpg (14.62 KB, 193x170, sonic.jpg)

I have had a crush on Sonic since 2006

No. 1449686

It could be worse. You could have the knowledge that your hips are the same size as your dad's.

No. 1449690

My workplace was all women until recently a man got hired, it's still dominated by women but secretly I hope he gets fired.

Anyway if there was one discrimination that was allowed it should be against moids in the workplace

No. 1449732

Why is he covered in cum

No. 1449748

its not cum you sicko he just had an anxiety attack at 3am and ate the gingerbread house like wild animal, can relate

No. 1449760

File: 1671284679456.jpeg (7.01 KB, 174x290, download.jpeg)

Sally was my first crush

No. 1449824

why is she nakey

No. 1449827

shes wearing a fur coat

No. 1449844

File: 1671287611851.jpeg (103.87 KB, 800x600, 089A05F8-6905-4DF4-97ED-77791C…)

Even though my kind is dark haired men, I have a soft spot for blonde ones. There is this blonde guy at work who’s super sweet and I’m this close to eat him whole. Hopefully he’s taller than me cause it’ll be a turn off otherwise

No. 1449869

Coz she's sexy and she knows it.

No. 1449879

What is this from? The art style is beautiful.

No. 1449929

wait! how do you not that he's isn't taller then you if you've met him in person

No. 1449935

you and the shadowfags should meet up

No. 1449939

File: 1671291297315.jpg (1.25 MB, 2304x1728, IMG_20221217_153352.jpg)

My dad lives in the same country as me and I haven't saw him since I was 26 I'm 32 now. He blames his wife which he has been telling me for years he will leave. I use to let him tell me that and be like ugh what a bitch I love my dad, but every birthday and Christmas I get a moon pig card from my dad with some tripe in it about regrets etc but I have 10 or so cards like this. I'm sure the people at moon pig think we're the weirdest father and daughter combo. This is today's Christmas card. Also my brother is off to Russia with the Navy in the new year you'd think my dad would make a point to see him but nope. No harm dad but fuck your cards

No. 1449941

Wow this is depressing, is your dad/you/your family ok? Have you tried visiting him or something?

No. 1449942

Are you sure his wife isn't the one sending the cards

No. 1449947

I think a lot of men just prefer to love their children from a distance, whatever the fuck that means. If the photos of you are so important, why hasn’t he tried to see you for ten years? He’s just retarded and useless.

No. 1449949

My dad has very bad MS. He was a prolific womaniser and cheated on my mum to cope I think with his diagnosis which he hid from us all. He left the home when I was 10 but kept in my life until about 22 or so, I was always a daddy's girl. Over the past few years his wife has became more mental I don't she knew she was also being cheated on and she hates me and my brother because she can't have kids but she was my mother's good friend and knew my dad had kids so her shocked pikachu face is about effective as meghan merkle pretending she didn't know who the royal family is.

My dad is very selfish and very rich. He sends me money and he travels the world sometimes the cards will have photos of him visiting somewhere with people I've never met yet anytime I've asked to see him it would be too much hassle etc etc yet being disabled and travelling internationally isn't. I use to do some caregiving duties for him but his wife didn't like me around. They moved to a mansion and I've never been allowed to stay over I've only visited a handful of times. It's very odd. My dad also known locally for his business and I have to maintain a front that I see him etc because he would hate if he didn't have a perfect image. My mental health was fucked for a while but idk think when I turned 29 I pretty much figured he's an adult and can do what he wants some people don't even know their dad. Then when I turned 32 I figured I've prob saw my dad for the last time already

No. 1449950

Definitely not she probably doesn't know he sends me cards. I saw her more recently than my dad because she drove round to my place 5 years ago to hit me.

No. 1449955

Even the card is more about him than you. It comes off as manipulative, tugging at the heartstrings when hes the one with the power to change things here. Not you.

No. 1449957

I got molested in highschool but never dreamed of telling my father that. Just that I was being bullied and my mum took out the break down of her marriage on me I was hit everyday until my dad helped me move out at 19,but he use to tell me if i told him bad news it would make his illness worse. He's very manipulative.

No. 1449993

File: 1671293784179.png (1.9 MB, 6460x3403, FRD0oUpXMAIw.png)

It's funny you mention that, cause in my country that's the primary stereotype of light haired people(both men and women) that they are very very tall, my dad works a danish man and he gets described as a kosht ka pehad(mountain of meat) and he's just a 6'2 fit northern european man
and to an extent its true, people here are comparatively a little shorter here, like my younger brother has brown hair and is as tall as the average man here but we have to be careful cause people sometimes fetishize him cause of his features

No. 1450000

I thought someone yassified chip n dale for a second

No. 1450007

My biggest issue in life is not knowing how to shit around my boyfriend.

No. 1450009


No. 1450027

run the water so he can't hear it

No. 1450046

I wish i could give you a hug nonna. Don’t wait up for people who keep letting you down. Do you have any other family to rely on? I hope you still take care of yourself even if the people around you made you feel like you’re not worth it. You deserved a better start and I’m really sorry. Are you doing ok these days?

No. 1450048

i will never understand this. like you've most definitely had sex which is already a very intimate thing to do, why would you be embarrassed of such a natural thing like shitting

No. 1450059

If you put three squares of toilet paper down on top of the water, it won't make a splash and will be much quieter. I do this at work.

No. 1450063

Nta, but sex is appealing and shit is repulsive. A neurochemical part of becoming sexually aroused literally shuts off our innate disgust response.

No. 1450071

I always accidentally misgender my troon ex when I've had one too many at parties and the reactions from everyone is humorous

No. 1450074

I feel like doxxing and ruining this moid’s pathetic life because he put me through an unnecessary BPD episode.

No. 1450077

That Poopourri lemon scented spray works wonders. Also some nice air freshener for after, the fan, and a good sense of humor are helpful

No. 1450103

I bet he shits around you without feeling bad about it at all. Stop being such a loser.

No. 1450106

File: 1671301501683.jpeg (100.89 KB, 663x358, A0990DD1-EF83-4FED-9F15-DE1EBA…)

It’s from a game called « Wand of Fortune » !
I work in a big city mall and he’s from another department so we didn’t stand next to each other yet
I’m from France so light/dark hair doesn’t matter in terms of height. On the other hand I fully agree about Danish men, whenever I met one they were always really tall

No. 1450249

I feel kinda guilty because I've been replying to a few nonas posts like a mean bitch. It feels like I have a bone to pick since this morning. Sorry, I'll stop now.

No. 1450263

I still don't understand how that works, have you never once seen him standing ?

No. 1450266

File: 1671307755689.jpg (32.22 KB, 400x712, 111cb43b8083d42b5630860c5dde02…)

When I was about 8 or 9 (no more than 10 but can't remember a specific age) I put E45 cream on my cat's back. I regretted it immediately because I realised it wouldn't wipe off and I got so panicked and upset that I thought I had hurt her but I was just goofing around - obviously I never ever intended to hurt her, it was one of those retarded things where it was like "why tf did I just do that". My mother put her in the bath later on when she came home and can't remember much after that.
The cat was quite sick for a while around a month(?) later and it turns out she had a stomach ulcer and they put her down.
I was so fucking upset at the time and kept looking under the bed just to hope I could see her alive again and apologise for putting this dumbass cream on her back for some fucking stupid reason and I would hope she would have forgived me because I was a fat retard at that age. She was a really old cat and her previous owner was a crackhead who didn't take care of her health properly, so I'm hoping she was just ill from old age, but I can't help but feel I accidentally killed my old cat. I'm in tears writing this kek I kek but I feel so bad, I wish I could see her again and say sorry and take back what I did.

I have my own cat now and I am so careful and kind with him as a result of this, I heavily monitor anything he's eating or anything I buy him to make sure he can't get sick from it. I've got pet insurance for him and buy him good quality food and treats. I have such massive guilt because I probably harmed an animal although it was never my intention, but I still did it and I didn't even know why. I was really retarded as a child but never went out my way to hurt any animals intentionally. I wish I could see her again and say sorry, I miss you Pepsi

No. 1450272

Sorry about your cat but don't be dense anon, E45 cream is just lanolin and paraffin, putting that on a cat's fur does literally nothing.

No. 1450279

I forgive you because you provided capy pic

No. 1450299

I really thought this was an obese chocolate labrador at first.

No. 1450316

lil capy so blessed

No. 1450385

My brother who funny enough does live in a different country but makes a point to visit me several times a year. I'm ok nona now, thank you.

No. 1450389

Sounds like he cares a lot. I’m glad you’re doing better. It takes a lot of strength to go through something like that and keep on.

No. 1450475

Ye. Know your place, cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1450582

I'm bitter, ungrateful and entitled

No. 1450613

Same. At least we are self aware

No. 1450643

i’ve put everything on hold for a selfish desire and i regret it so much i think i might have to die prematurely

No. 1450647

you talk like a scrote

No. 1450685

File: 1671330596528.png (43.28 KB, 261x213, 1670720699787.png)

im starting to fall back into extreme depression and disordered eating. im regularly in therapy, taking medication, and im in a way better place than i was the beginning of the year but i still feel awful. i dont know what else to do, im trying to use coping skills but my brain immediately goes into panic mode. why am i like this.

No. 1450704

I love you so much despite you never have loved me. You were never mine, why couldn't you see my worth?

No. 1450790

I’ve found a new little hobby in browsing subreddits of straight men who post nudes. 99% of the time my internal dialog is just ripping these stupid scrotes a new one, for every one guy that looks halfway decent there are 30 who are so fucking ugly and desperate looking. It’s weirdly addicting scrolling through and seeing how pathetic they are. Honestly I wish I had a group chat of like minded female friends to share the craziest ones with, some of these you just can’t believe a man would proudly post publicly. Also, the amount of dudes who clearly post nudes taken 1) clearly in a female’s room/living space 2) their place of employment (!!!) has made me trust scrotes even less than I ever thought possible.

No. 1450799

They all have gross looking bent dicks, too. I rarely ever see a guy with a juicy, nice looking cock from those subreddits.

No. 1450850

We have each other. When he was joining the armed forces he picked me to manage his affairs etc. My brother is only 3 years older but he stepped into that role when he was also going through a bad home period.

No. 1451221

I think it's funny when my bf goes to bed early or throws away his dinner because I made him sad. Honestly he could stand to lose some weight so I feel no guilt about it. Go mope and lose a pound

No. 1451430

File: 1671376197945.jpg (57.27 KB, 564x756, 1660121865078.jpg)

I love that for you kek.

No. 1451474

god i wish we could be friends kek that sounds hilarious

No. 1451498

I lost all my social skills after 5 years of being alone. I don't know how to want to listen to people and make friends anymore.

No. 1451501

what a child

No. 1451554

Why don't you drop her? Genuinely curious as to why people keep these folks around. For the milk?

No. 1451658

Well that's the last time I have a crush,I finally talk to him and hes a shallow piece of shit,I'm glad his hairline is fucked up

No. 1451675

File: 1671388298442.jpeg (48.67 KB, 1078x1276, 3555FDC1-3D13-4E30-B663-639A6D…)

Dump the fatty and get a skinny bf kek

No. 1451716

I fixed my truck again. Replaced a few things and did some maintenence. It sucked, but I did it. I am proud of myself. I dont have social media anymore, but I kinda miss it in times like this so I could post a stupid 'I did it!' pic and get someone to say they are proud of me, even through a screen kek. I am proud of me though, that's what matters. And saved lots of money by diy.

No. 1451726

I'm very proud of you nonna, I couldn't do that and wish someone would teach me. Honestly, I love people fixing their stuff instead of getting rid of it

No. 1451797

Thank you so much. Most things are easier to fix than people realize- as long as you can find a book on it. Chilton/Haynes do good step by step manuals on how exactly to do vehicle repairs specific to your make/year/model- with pictures!

No. 1451803

I almost left a store without paying one time and I still feel super embarrassed about it. I swiped my card and everything, but it didn't go through and I just started walking away before the cashier called me back.

No. 1451811

That's awesome nona, I love how self-reliant you are. I hope you enjoy your newly fixed truck!

No. 1451888

> If you put three squares of toilet paper down on top of the water, it won't make a splash and will be much quieter.
Be careful if you do this. I used to, and one time I had a particularly large poop. It was a few days before Christmas Eve exactly one year ago, so I had probably had more to eat than usual. The poop + toilet paper lining became too much and I clogged the toilet.

Me and my then bf were renting an apartment in an old house, in which there was one apartment next door and our landlords lived upstairs. I was too ashamed and embarassed to talk to my landlords about it. After some agonizing hours my poop finally passed through, but later when our next door neighbour, a delightful German migrant worker, was visiting, we started hearing gurgling noises and I realized my poop had clogged the pipes further down inside the wall. Me and my bf were both retarded and paralyzed by fear, so we pretended we had no idea what was going on. Our toilet was flushing properly again, so no harm done right?

A couple of days later water came up from our bathroom drain. Thankfully the apartment was in shit condition already and the bathroom floor was a bit collapsed, so all the water gathered into a pit. My bf is a pretty good lier and I was so ashamed I made him call our landlord pretending to be clueless. This was on a particularly rainy day, so we pretended to think the weather had something to do with the flooding. Our landlord had to call in an emergency plumber who took several hours to show up, meanwhile me and bf were desperately scooping water up from the floor into buckets. Bf was already in a bad mood before this happened. I cringe thinking back on this.

Finally the plumber arrived and landlord informed us he was going to insert a camera into the pipes. The thought of him seeing my poop was dreadful. Later the plumber vacuumed all the shit out. The entire job took several hours. Lucky for us the plumbing went down in the neighbouring apartment. The smell was so intense I can only imagine how it must have been for our neighbour. He was at home, but had to go outside because he couldn't stand it any longer. I could never look him in the eyes again knowing I had caused him such trauma. My bf would never let me live it down, but thankfully our relationship ended shortly after for unrelated reasons. Part of me hopes he thinks back on this once in a while as a funny story. Another part hopes he has other memories of me than his ex gf who had enourmous poops.

Moral of the story is be careful when using the toilet paper lining trick. Remember to flush before you wipe so you don't add even more toilet paper on top of the poop, and if you have a particularly big poop, shit it out serially and flush inbetween.

No. 1451897

My dumb ass read this whole thing. ntayrt but I don’t think 3 little squares of tp will clog a toilet

No. 1451901

I browse some of these subreddits too and low-key wanna reverse image search them to try doxing some of these retards, especially the ones who post from their work-place. That's coomers do to women anyway. Males like that are so porn-addicted they need the intervention.

No. 1451902

File: 1671396222059.png (71.93 KB, 275x274, 84900180-D8A3-4EE7-A47F-14E0F4…)

My ex and I have held into each other for years even though we both know the relationship would never work. I care about him and love him in a way but I’m not in love with him anymore. For a very long time I wanted him back even though logistically we would never work out. I got into another relationship where I felt the type of connection I had with him and those desires went away for him. Unfortunately that relationship ended as well and I’m back to square one just with another man. We keep a lifeline out for each other despite the fact we know it’ll never work and I don’t really want it to. We don’t even really talk that deeply or flirt, just memes and the occasionally ‘what’s going on with you?’. I don’t know why I’m like this and why he is either.

No. 1451914

oh my god I'm glad i'm not the only one, that's exactly how i felt when I finished reading her comment

No. 1451919

This entire situation can be framed as a win if you adopt the dark triad Stacy mindset

No. 1451931

I think you just take massive shits

No. 1451973

File: 1671400681959.png (20.7 KB, 1400x1400, gonnadieoutlikedinotans.png)

One of the edgier reasons why I don't want children is because I like feeling like I'm contributing a tiny bit to mankind dying out.

No. 1451994

You still end up miserable and alone anyway

No. 1452024

I feel anxious nearly every moment I'm awake, and even in my dreams, but everyone thinks I'm very relaxed and chill. If they actually knew how panicked and neurotic I was about literally everything they'd think I was a complete loser and failure at life.

No. 1452075

i remember coming across the vhemt website when i was a teenager and thinking these people were all absolutely bonkers. now i kind of see where they're coming from after being in the workforce for a decade and having all of my work ultimately amount to nothing.

No. 1452118

cute & based post

No. 1452183

what do you call "mind men?" like an imaginary friend lover? I want to understand 2d love, but the idea of imperfect fat flesh on a scrote is..it's temping. But at the same time, all of my Mind Scrotes are either fat or very attractive. I wish I could visualize them perfectly. Only they keep changing, so I do wish they were "2d" to be fair one of them IS sorta kinda based on a 3d person, but they change up so much.
Do i call them Imginary Men? I don't know, but i have them.

No. 1452185

File: 1671414375707.jpg (176.23 KB, 768x768, download.jpg)

forgot pictuyre

No. 1452187


No. 1452188

isn't that like a anime character or something

No. 1452191

nta but i had three tissue pieces clog my toilet before too. maybe it depends on the toilet or tissue type idk but it's possible

No. 1452193

It can be used for any fictional man that you feel affection/romantic feelings for.

No. 1452205

interesting…will be writing something up later then personally

No. 1452383

File: 1671432819249.jpg (42.53 KB, 500x561, 29af481eac1a0c590181a63c4b4398…)

On two separate occasions I've seen nonnies talk about the FF thread and I went to the Final fantasy thread expecting some new post. Then I realize how dumb I am.

No. 1452386

I love this cat illustration so much

No. 1452413

File: 1671434633410.jpeg (79.64 KB, 749x591, 2BEA85BA-9DA4-4239-B5CA-0FFF1A…)

Sometimes I just have a MIGHTY need to love, I just want to hug my best friend, or most of my family members and hug them, tell them that I love them and give them lots of kisses on the cheek. Just hugging my dog and telling him that I love him isn't enough, I want to hug a real person that I care about and tell them that I love them.
I've always been like this tbh, I honestly have no regrets when it comes to expressing how much I love the people that I love because I just say it, which is ironically, probably part of my autism that always makes me say shit that I shouldn't probably say.
But this love I feel for people, animals and things is crushing, like I feel miserable sometimes because I would give my kidneys to this exclusive group of people without thinking, I would do anything for them even if I physically can't, it hurts so much.

No. 1452427

I love your post and I think you're cool. I love the art you posted too. Don't worry too much about showing people love nonna

No. 1452443

recently found out this girl who used to bully me and spread false rumors about me is together with a porn addicted moid who routinely threatens to cheat on her if she doesn’t have sex with him. divine retribution wins again

No. 1452511

I fall for new waifus when I love myself, and fall for new husbandos when I hate myself. Only realizing this trend because I'm growing to like a new husbando and already hate myself for it.
Nonnie you sound based. I hope you get lots of opportunities in your life to share your boundless love with others!

No. 1452560

I’ve never been tested for STDs, and I’ve been sexually active for 7 years with over 10 partners. Only used condoms like 50% of the time. Disgusting, I know. I plan on getting tested soon. I’ve been afraid to do it though because if I have HIV or something awful, I don’t wanna know…

No. 1452571

Probably don’t have any stds nonnie you probably would’ve or your partners showed symptoms by now. Always good to get checked even just once a year.

No. 1452580

Share your new husbando with us!

No. 1452587

well don't worry I don't know what FF thread they mean if not Final Fantasy either

No. 1452589

I wish I could meme myself into having a waifu

No. 1452609

File: 1671450272642.png (273.53 KB, 501x522, 65468435168468464616874684.png)

kek I figured it out, it's the friend finder thread, but I wished we had more active final fantasy nonnies here

No. 1452657

File: 1671453866026.png (1.05 MB, 1024x1326, stopstaring.png)

To my great shame, I've gotten into Jarlaxle ever since my friend introduced him as an NPC to our DnD game. He's a popular character and has cute fanart outside of his official art, which is new and fun because most of my series faves are more obscure. Really need to stop falling for actually evil flirty assholes but it's so hard when they're 2D.
I'm sure you can do it nonna!

No. 1452676

Don't be ashamed, if he has fanart out there he is clearly husbando material.

No. 1452720

I'm a final fantasy nonnie

No. 1452739

that caption seems coomerish as hell

No. 1452786

File: 1671463978400.jpg (98.73 KB, 521x487, tumblr_static_dffpnnb7hr4gw8wc…)

>based Jarlaxle nonna
I was really into Zaknafein for a while.

No. 1452873

File: 1671468331651.jpg (33.38 KB, 563x523, 6930e3f9e55d155c9a543387d02bc0…)

this is something that's been bothering me for a while and it's pretty petty but i want to get it off my chest. there's this kid i know online, he's 16 or so, and he used to talk to me sometimes about films. he seemed smart and it was nice to discuss films sometimes, but then i realised he was going through all my favourites and rating them high too. and i noticed that the things i'd said about certain films, he would include in his reviews while barely rewording it. and whenever i'd have a change of opinion about a film, he'd copy that too. it gave me weird vibes especially because other people started taking notice and making jokes about us being exactly the same. he also started following my other online friends on letterboxd, who don't know him and who he's never talked to himself. it all annoys me quite a bit, but he's a kid and he's really polite and nice, so i'd feel bad making it clear i don't really want to interact with him anymore. i'm really fucking irritated tbh, more than i should be considering i'm an adult and he's a kid. i don't really know what to do. he might have gotten the hint now because he doesn't try to get my attention much now, i hope it stays that way. it's annoying because whenever i add a film to my watchlist he goes out of his way to watch it, too. just weird overall, i hate knowing my activity is being followed by someone who's gonna go out of their way to copy it.

No. 1452880

I was always made to play the shittiest characters when I was playing at school with other girls (like Alex from Totally Spies) and it still makes me angry and sad.

No. 1452947

Good taste. Drizzt is for normies.

No. 1452948

It's not, it's reference to one of the most memorable sections of the game. Ff7 fans speculated how it would be handled in the remake for years. It's always coom to someone but it's relevant

No. 1452956

I like it when kids copy me, it's cute… when they're like 7 years old. he's old enough to have his own favorite movies at least. that is kinda weird.

No. 1452974

I think femcel is the best way to call my situation, I don't like celibate because there's a religious/chastity angle to it, and single kinda implies that it's unvoluntary/temporary/still has hookups.

No. 1452979

just block him? there's 0 reason to keep online people around who, on top of being online strangers, annoy you.

No. 1452981

>single kinda implies that it's unvoluntary
am I crazy or doesn't femcel also considering it comes from incel (involuntary celibate)?

No. 1452998

lord help me the annual desire to post my discord tag on /soc/ so i can get mad at scrotes and then bklock them 1 by 1 is building

No. 1453006

If I want to raise my blood pressure like that I just watch public freakout videos

No. 1453029

yeah, I don't think femcel is describing your situation in the way you want it to, it definitely implies a level of involuntary-ness, tbh we need some sort of popularized WGTOW category. Kek, although MGTOW moids are stupid enough to call themselves that despite 99% actively seeking hookups

No. 1453031

JEsus nonnie. Love yourself. Have a hot drink instead.

No. 1453251

I'm miserable and completely friendless. Sometimes I think back at when I was a kid and I was a little more carefree and I have the urge to open up my old schoolbooks, get my old pens/backpack/crayons/notebooks and just do the exercises. I know it's extremely weird and I would never have the gall to act it out but I still have the desire to do it.

No. 1453252

I confess that I love when a tall man gets something high up for me, it just makes me feel all giddy

No. 1453393

I used to ghost people online because I would get too nervous to check my messages when I saw that I got a reply, and then I would procrastinate looking at the message for so long that it would be weird to resume conversation again. I could get away with saying 'sorry for the long wait' a few times but after a while it became too embarrassing to keep saying that so I would just never speak to the person again out of shame. I stopped doing this because I mostly stopped talking to people online but I can feel it happening again right now, idk why opening a regular friendly message is so immensely nerve-racking for me. Actually I have a lot of shitty behaviours that are caused by my weird neuroticism, I need to rewire my brain.

No. 1453445

I relate to everything you said here. One time even I deactivated my tumblr account because I got to nervous while chatting with someone and I had no idea how to reply to her. She wasn't even being mean she was super nice I just can't talk to people online and sometimes I feel guilty when people on the internet are nice to me because I don't think I deserve it

No. 1453454

File: 1671497986725.gif (1.34 MB, 509x382, 343a349121.gif)

>I was always made to play the shittiest characters when I was playing at school with other girls
>like Alex from Totally Spies
shut your goddamn mouth

No. 1453466

The only part I liked about her is the color of her suit! I wanted to be cool like Britney or Clover or Sam but I was stuck with the girl whose only personality was being clumsy and awkward despite being sporty. And I am not sporty and my hair was long I wanted to be Britney but Britney was taken by the coolest girl! At least nobody took my windy girl when we were playing witch.

No. 1453467

let me guess, you were tecna ?

No. 1453522

I used to pretend that the boring level-headed girls were my favorite characters (Sam), but the ones I actually liked were the girly girls (Clover, Stella)

No. 1453532

Confession because of how stupid it is but: I'm >1 year in to a really bad eating disorder relapse with a BMI of less than 14. I really want to recover because I'm so physically and mentally exhausted but I get so upset thinking about cows like Dasha and Anna (not really any of the seriously ill pro ana cows either) and some celebrities cringe that I'm finding it close to impossible. Whenever my BMI goes up to 15-ish I freak out and go back down again and convince myself it's normal/okay. I wish I knew where to begin and appreciate any advice. Also not putting this in the ED /g/ thread because I hate it there

No. 1453538

Imagine thinking Alex is worse than Clover.

No. 1453544

I like sterotypical nerd stuff like magic the gathering, dnd, vidya and all that but the communities are so fucking autistic, if it's not just neckbeards that are either rapey, misogynistic or both it's NLOG who avoid getting close to other women in the circle anyway because they will always see them as competition, if its not getting with their boyfriends already

Seriously though, nerd groups are 100% more toxic than even the stereotypical Stacy and Chad type groups, they're always cheating like horny little high schoolers and it just causes unnecessary drama and group splitting, and if it's not that then moids will creep on other women in the group and no one handles it correctly. I was lucky enough to have a DM that would kick out moids who were creepy towards other women, but at least 3 other girls there took up on his advances and slept with him even knowing he had a girlfriend at the time who was pregnant. And if you're a woman and reject him then he throws tantrums and just bullies you

No. 1453590

File: 1671505472033.jpg (89.01 KB, 1280x720, tecna.jpg)

kek. poor Tecna. it's so true though.

No. 1453595

File: 1671505597757.jpg (111.58 KB, 500x413, 1659400526275.jpg)

I like vidya so much and almost never find other women to play with. I like stuff like Red Dead 2, World war Zombie army 4, RE5, Don't starve, The Forest etc… Any fun co-op gunner games or crafting survival. I just want lady gamer friends!!

No. 1453599

Same I wish I had female friends to play vidya with and watch them stream vidya. And specifically a female friend who's not a pickme or libfem.

No. 1453606

My partner and I were arguing this morning and he threw my ancient phone onto the floor and bent my glasses before storming off to work. The phone landed face down and when I picked it up the pre-existing crack on the corner was significantly larger but still usable. I was furious so I dropped the phone again on the tile floor without the case to make it worse and unusable. Then I sent him a photo of the damage via tablet thanking him for destroying my phone. He agreed to replace it with a newer model but little does he know I’m the one who broke it. I don’t care if it’s a shitty thing to do, I’m getting a sick upgrade and serves him right for being an asshole.

No. 1453616

File: 1671507006404.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.66 MB, 4032x3024, F1A4030E-7D21-4FAF-AB03-04260D…)

ever since I drew this picture in my sketchbook it makes me feel uneasy when I have to flip by it. I don’t like removing pages from my sketchbooks because I’m OCD about it but I just ripped this one out and threw it away. I feel weird about it because I drew the thing turning to look at me. Like I drew this thing of immense suffering into existence and it hates me for it and hates me doubly for throwing it away when it inconvenienced me. It didn’t even help because now I just notice the spot where it used to be in the sketchbook and it’s even scarier. The stupid thing is the image isn’t even that scary but I think it reminds me of how I drew it after imagining what it was like to burn to death after watching like 12 wildfire documentaries so it’s almost like it’s a vessel for everyone who has died and maybe that’s why I’m scared of it. I’m sorry.

No. 1453619

File: 1671507228140.png (2.13 MB, 785x1200, forgetmenot.png)

This just made me think of something! I used to bring my Flower Fairies of the Summer poem book to school with me and have my friends pick out which fairies they would be and secretly get upset if they chose the ones that I liked. Picrel I'd like to be this one please, nonnies..

No. 1453621

Anon, break up, that's a red flag.

No. 1453622

File: 1671507554944.jpg (175.81 KB, 667x1024, SUMMER_05.jpg)

No. 1453624

File: 1671507631901.jpg (366.99 KB, 1024x1590, WINTER_06-1024x1590.jpg)

I loved those books so much, the drawings are so beautiful. I had the Winter book, I always saw myself as the Spindle Berry fairy because I looked really similar as a kid. My sister was the Snowdrop fairy.

No. 1453631

Not only did he break your shit before leaving for work. He left without even trying to apologize. I've been with my wife 13 years next April and I would never let an argument linger. It's the worst thing to leave on anger, dont apologize until hours later and then just go about your day at work.
No man is ever worth staying with who has rage and communication problems. Leave him.

No. 1453634

Shit, that drawing has a lot of emotional. Sadness. Anger. Longing. I think you need to sage your house or something now.

No. 1453642

he’s kinda cute

No. 1454292

File: 1671824192135.jpg (5.44 KB, 208x210, 1639497577353.jpg)

I still want to fuck the work scrote

No. 1454378

Keep only those who keep to you, discard everyone else.

No. 1454379

Work husbands do tend to have an overwhelming sexual allure imo

No. 1454381

File: 1671841749595.png (362.8 KB, 720x480, Images_4-3081145652.png)

I want to fuck a work scrote

No. 1454388

I want to fuck him

No. 1454390

File: 1671843024494.jpg (60.45 KB, 983x964, dale bringing you dinner.jpg)

No. 1454394

So i got mad drunk yesterday, almost blacked out and i made out with a guy i know.I feel so guilty to my bf and I'm so mad and embarrassed of myself

No. 1454399

File: 1671844409536.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x1994, 1671843077298.jpeg)

I don't know what she's about but she is cute and I think this everytime I pass her thread

No. 1454415

I have a confession about the same cow… she looks like my sister, is the same age and has the same interests. When I see her thread sometimes I have to do a double take. I know she isn’t my sister but she looks so much like her my brain freaks out

No. 1454442

I missed you so much nonas I was in such withdrawal I resorted to looking at the other farm and they threw their faggoty little reddit stickers at me I'm so relieved to be back to civilization

No. 1454444

File: 1671859821482.png (320.12 KB, 539x463, 05C99B55-080C-4AB3-9D96-44DA60…)

I am so happy my ex is a balding piece of shit. He looks like a dying cancer patient and he’s not even 30 yet. I wanna post his picture so badly so y’all can see how bad it is. I thought his momma was exaggerating that he’d lose most of his hair by the age of 25.
I’m just so giddy about it and wish I could laugh at him with more people.
He cheated on me with a fatty and it fucked me up for awhile.
He’s engaged to another fatty but my god does he look like smeagle. He’s emaciated and balded so horribly that he smashed into the wall face first.
I remember when we were dating he still had hair and was cute as fuck but Jesus Christ I dodged a bullet. I know it sounds like cope but I’m glad he cheated on me. His bpd balding ass would’ve been miserable to keep loving.

No. 1454490

Is your name Ryan? Are you spooky & goff? Do you live in central PA? If so you should holler.

No. 1454716

I work as a counselor and I had this client who I thought was cute. It's random and stupid because he isn't super close to my type and is quite a big younger than me (obviously older than 18 though). I have a feeling I know why this happened and it's completely irrational. Anyway once I admitted to myself that I thought he was cute, I couldn't stop thinking about him for some weird reason. I hope maybe if I type it out to then I can let it go and forget about it. I would never act on it and also I probably won't see him as a client anymore anyway since he dropped off the face of the earth randomly. I know there are people who find their therapists attractive. I guess it's reasonable to expect that the reverse would happen sometimes too, but I still feel really weird about it. Although not by much obviously since I'm still thinking about it!!!

No. 1454785

Your descriptions of him make me want to see this horrid smeagle man.

No. 1454828

File: 1671951088843.jpg (278.16 KB, 1000x1108, db83be32ef41ff810a6ce89edeb7cb…)

for christmas all i want is a dream in which i do very inappropriate things to her. amen

No. 1454845

Post it faggit

No. 1454868

I will confess something to you guys that I have a hard time coming to terms with myself.
I have a sugar addiction. It's the main thing holding me back from weight loss. I got so desperate I almost bought appetite suppressants.

No. 1454906

If his type is fatties, you're probably a fattie yourself.

No. 1454968

I grew up sick and in and out of hospitals a lot and looked up to female nurses and doctors a lot, more than super heros, when I became older I started delivering food, when I delivered to medical ladies I noticed they never tipped, not even a penny even though they obviously make good money while I made below min wage…weird but not the worse thing ever. Then I started working in the medical field and God they're so fucking awful, they go out of their way to get everyone fired for no reason and blow off patients and have horrible bed side manner

No. 1454973

It isnt your fault. Sugar is the ultimate dopamine reward. It is leftover from our evolutionary past. It sucks. Sugar is so so hard to quit and esp if you are in the states it is in literally everything you eat that isnt made 100% from scratch in your own kitchen. It isnt fair that you gotta deal with regulating this by yourself. Good luck nonnie I am also a sugar addict. Quitting smoking and caffiene were easier for me.

No. 1455011

Look up limerence. There are a few strategies to get rid of it apparently.

No. 1455197

I think Billie Eilish is really pretty. Unbearably cringe and I don’t like her music, but pretty.

No. 1455245

When u gotta turn off your empathy to do your job, your psyche suffers

No. 1455263

It's so hard to keep my slience about hating men,the other day at work one tried to make me empathize for him being a single dad but I feel only sorry for the child and he ruined his own image by flirting with a girl that's underage at work,men disgust me!!!

No. 1455277

It's only a few of us here so I'm ok with admitting this.
I would fuck the Grinch. It's the personality. But I do wonder if his dick is hairy.

No. 1455316

Imagine peeing after you hook up with the grinch and looking down in the toilet bowl before flushing and there's gooey tendrils of green hanging out in there and you don't know how long they would have been up inside you otherwise

No. 1455317

Fat white women. I’m black and the opposite. It’s one of my biggest insecurities. I feel less than white women even if they’re ugly and fat.
I think I was just in experiment or fluke because he hasn’t touched any slim black women since.

No. 1455319

What if she made the grinch wear a condom hmmmm?

No. 1455320

Even so he has to be shedding all over the bed, right?

No. 1455324

Which iteration of the grinch though? I need to know.

No. 1455327

I first found lolcow ages ago cause I was curious about some streamer guy and love reading drama, but years later I came back here and just really liked sometimes posting and mostly lurking in ot, m and g. There's just something about the weirdo women here that made me feel at home so I'll be sad to see it go, even though the way people talk shit about women in most of the cow boards makes my skin crawl. Idk how a place can be so offputting and so nice to me at the same time but I'll miss this place when it's gone.

No. 1455358

You know which one.

No. 1455388

Honestly I think you can't be lonely if you have a partner that loves you and a couple of good friends. I see people crying about how lonely they are but then mention their boyfriend and friends. Then you're not fucking lonely or alone, sorry. I said it.

No. 1455391

or finding clumps of longer (fur??) between your butt cheeks after sleeping nude

No. 1455398

File: 1672008579317.gif (6.69 MB, 640x396, F9DE1BEF-D238-473A-BBA4-E8AF5D…)


No. 1455402

I cant wait for jim carrey to die

No. 1455409

If I marry my bf I think I'll leave him eventually in the distant future. Not because I want to, but I think he will push me to it, despite him loving me very much. All moids are the same.

No. 1455412

I think there’s a difference between having a partner who loves you and having a boyfriend. Some people have boyfriends who don’t do shit to support them so that when they’re going through something they’re still essentially going through it alone. I think the same can apply to friends too. That being said, can’t relate. Would rather be single and alone than date someone who doesn’t provide any emotional support.

No. 1455414

File: 1672011457231.gif (602.59 KB, 245x139, tumblr_034d78e5f36631b7d4adddf…)

As a teenager I was autistically obsessed with original Jesus Christ Superstar album from 1970, and then with the musical version with Tim Minchin as Judas. Despite being an atheist back then, I was bawling my eyes out every time I listened to the album or watched the musical, and I did it every week, also I memorized all the lyrics and I was singing Judas parts and self inserting as him while walking around in my room. The movie adaptation from 1973 was also great, but the original 1970 album and the Tim Minchin version will always be closest to my heart

No. 1455418

File: 1672011837007.gif (6.35 MB, 540x327, hansel.gif)

Zoolander made me attracted to Owen Wilson even though he's kinda ugly

No. 1455426

No. 1455434

Don't feel less than anyone nonny, beyond your choice to date a limp-dicked balding piece of shit.

No. 1455444

I feel like he wouldn't shed that much as long as he's regularly brushed.
I don't mind a little nickolodeon slime.

No. 1455451

Luke used to be the cutest Wilson. Nowadays he's gotten kind of fat though

No. 1455455

the only yaoi i ever read are abusive ones because moids hurting each other gives me some kind of perverse pleasure and also it’s totally feminist praxis.

No. 1455462

if i don't pluck or shave them, the tails of my eyebrows creep down to my cheeks / under my eyes. it's so weird

No. 1455538

NTA but no, men into fatties will date a universally attractive woman as a "front" while cheating on her with fatties if not purposely encouraging her to be fat. I knew multiple women who were hot and got cheated on with fatties, I also dated a porn sick moid who's preferences would change almost weekly so he'd constantly demand me lose/gain weight to his liking and he'd go on month binges of demanding nudes to ignore them or nitpick them because "I look too skinny" (at a high end healthy BMI), and then would encourage me to overeat and tell me how hot it is to be chubby. I also have another theory he was purposely trying to make me unappealing to other men

No. 1455539

Why do men do this? I swear to God men can't handle being around kids without being a creep. I worked in fast food for my first job which is obviously mostly teen girls and middle aged men and these fuckers are so disgusting. Some moid who has multiple baby moms and is working at fast food in his 40s got a teenager pregnant then had the nerve to complain about her boobs at work, in general there was a ton of old creepy men flirting with young girls. I'm only 25 and the thought of being with even a 19 yr old disgusts me, idk how men are okay with dating actual underage teens

Also it's funny when they use the "appearance" excuse because they constantly complain about teenage girls acne, chubby bodies, underdeveloped breasts, bad hygiene, etc. Why even bother getting arrested if you aren't even attracted to the girl in the first place?

No. 1455542

nta but holy fuck I thought I was schizo for thinking that same theory too. I have had exes purposely say they like their girlfriends to be “comfy” and “homely” and they would get upset whenever I wanted to buy new clothes or dress pretty feminine in public. They would be fine with me dressing up for them but the moment I went out anywhere they wanted me to look as unwashed as possible. I’ve also had that same issue too with having moids say they like skinny women and have me put on diets just to dump me and call me a boney hand skeleton later. Moids will literally cry and complain about women not wanting bfs but the moment they date someone they do nothing but run the relationship into the ground.

No. 1455545

It's literal psychological torture, even the most misandrist woman wouldn't bother manipulating moids into destroying their health but men do it like it's another Wednesday for them

No. 1455547

didn't onision do this to his exes lol

No. 1455553

Yes but it's common in moids. Never believe a guy if he says shit like "I prefer you in sweatpants, messy hair and no makeup babe, don't get plastic surgery it's unattractive btw gain lots of weight for me". Look at men's porn and following vs what he claims to be attracted to. They'll play mental gymnastics to justify it too "umm I'm not actually attracted to women I follow and watch porn it's just a fantasy!"

No. 1455577

I hate all my food allergies, my intolerances. Watching travel videos feels like a whole other universe of freedom. They eat everything and go wherever with no issues. I would get rashes, acne, have bathroom issues, and be on the verge of not breathing or throwing up. I'm so jealous.

No. 1455639

I went for a walk earlier. Spent yesterday alone and cooped up at home. Most stores near me are still closed today but I popped into a lil corner store that was open. One I usually don't go into but.. not much else to do today. They had a lil section with soft toys. A bunch of newer toys and then randomly they had a beanie baby that was discontinued in 2011. One with angel wings on it.. pretty similar to one my mom bought me before she died. Very random that they'd have it. I feel all soppy now. Of course I got her.

No. 1455640

That's sweet nonnerz, it's like she wanted to greet you in a way. I hope your day is wonderful

No. 1455723

When I was young, my dad bought me a used laptop from my cousin. We both knew that it was stolen though, but of course the cousin wouldn’t say that. I don’t know, I feel bad for it still. It was a hot pink Dell laptop

No. 1455732

Despite turning 30 very soon I still have a hard time calling myself a woman, it's not internalized misogyny, it's just that to me adult women are my mom and her friends and I haven't earned this right. I have no idea why, is it my lifelong celibacy, my interests that could be considered adolescent, my more aloof and solitarypersonality? I know it's ridiculous, I'm a woman, end of the discussion but I still feel weird being considered one.

No. 1455762

Performing femininity has only ever painted a target on my back for predatory men. I’m not saying Im about to troon out, just that I get why some women choose to dress more androgynous if it repels most male attention.

No. 1455764

Samefag then again, predators will bother GNC women too if they perceive vulnerability so what’s the point either way, really?

No. 1455766

Same here nonna.
I started emdr therapy a couple months ago. My therapistsaid offhand that as I progress I will feel I inhabit the body of a woman and not a child/teen ans see myself as a trustworthy adult who is bound no more to correct or comfort my parents and their mistakes. It was odd, because I had never told her how (I too am almost 30) I feel in my head anywhere between 14 and 20 years old, never a 'woman' and definitely not an adult. Something I realized after that is this- I had bad relationship with abusive upbringing and perpetually self parented so I ended up 'stuck' subconciously looking for some 'real' parents or parental figure that I could be a completely vulnerable child with, and so my mind doesnt match my body because my inner self felt the need to be have a strong parent in order to grow up, since that didnt happen, I 'never' did.

Working on it now. Still not exactly 'over' it but I am at least aware.

Do you have some trauma in your past?

No. 1455769

I'm in the exact same situatio except I'm almost 28. I will never do the majority of "adult" things people do either because I have no interest in them or no mental capability to do them, and people will never consider me an "equal" adult because of that. It's not really important, the only thing that scares me is getting old and sick with literal zero social circles, friends or family, no one to talk to, no one to help if I ever need it etc.

No. 1455783

Not that anon but I'm about to start EMDR therapy and I've been so nervous about it and this made me a lot more hopeful about the results. I'm glad you're settling in to yourself anon

No. 1455807

Ayrt I really genuinely had my doubts about emdr but after experiencing it, I have made more progress over the last few months than I have over 15 years of trying with both professionals and myself. Highly recommend. Cbt just kinda gives you skills to deal with mental health, emdr takes the trauma wiring out of the limbic system and writes it into 'the past' (which is the other side of the brain idr the name of at the moment) so it actually helps stop the perpetual 'fight flight freeze'response from happening to begin with, and helps your brain interpret the present that actually exists in front of you instead of expecting the past to repeat at any second, etc. Like, I KNOW my parents are retarded and did me wrong. I made peace with that. But using mental health skills to cope with the daily panic doesn't stop the panic at the root. You cant logic your way out of trauma which was burned into a specific nueral pathway- you literally have to rewire it to stop the trauma response. I am still in shock at how much better I am doing now. It is hard and it literally makes you feel physically ailed sometimes but it genuinely helps. Good luck nonna I really hope you benefit from it as much as I have <3

No. 1455837

File: 1672103006171.png (85.89 KB, 385x385, gpoy.png)

i lurk in the friend finder thread, never add anyone or post but if an anon sounds cute and interesting and is a similar age to me i sometimes like to imagine us hitting it off and dating

No. 1455839

I like the way you think nonny.

No. 1455855

I am 22 and I somehow relate a lot to this too. I might be too young to say this but I feel like I’m way too immature compared to my peers and I don’t see myself getting better. I am also celibate and intend to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Mentally I feel like I’m 16 which was when a very traumatic event happened in my life. I should probably go to a therapist and try to get help about it kek

No. 1455889

Do it anon take the plunge

No. 1455890

honestly i'd also love to see more people use the friend finder thread

No. 1455891

It's so hard being positive lately,I've been on a new kick being positive internally,just being grateful for things that are normal,but it's so hard when everyone in my life even friends,family,coworkers are so negative and have nasty additudes,I'm sick of it.

No. 1455892

Ime friend finder threads usually result in one of us ghosting each other or conversations eventually dying out. Plus, you can't really force a friendship. It just has to come naturally and spontaneously.

No. 1455893

well, yeah. That's how I expect things to go most of the time but i always hope in the back of my mind that i'll end up coming across someone who i really click with

No. 1455896

I dont use the friend finder thread cause I dont doubt just getting ghosted and I'm not willing to go from anon to not so anon when it could be some piece of shit moid larping.

No. 1455897

I’ve actually kept up with all messages but I end up getting ghosted.

No. 1455898

You’re a really good artist, anon.

No. 1455974

Ayrt and not that I can think of, I had a delayed puberty and I skipped a grade in grade school so I was always the youngest and smallest until high school and I must have internalized that, I got bullied a bit but not enough to have PTSD.
I don't plan on getting married or even be in any kind of relationship, and these are considered staples in adult life. I'm not a neet either, I have a decent job, I pay my taxes and I even own my place, so why can't I consider myself an adult woman?
Early 20s is a weird moment in your life, but like you I've felt like an overgrown teenager since I turned 19. Therapy is probably a good idea like the other anons mentioned.

No. 1456005

That reminds me, in kindergarten I was trying to play barbies with some of the girls, and for some reason all their dolls had bikinis under the actual clothes, but my doll was naked underneath and it made me feel so angry and WHORISH

No. 1456046

>the shittiest characters
>like Alex from Totally Spies
God with smite you for this heresy.

No. 1456060

I hate most gay men I come in contact with. It has nothing to do with their sexual preference but instead their disgusting outward misogyny and superiority complexes that stem from insecurity.

No. 1456085

Shaymin being a bpd cow is not surprising in the least, but the sorry attempt to redesign the site with no warning is one of the funniest things shes done. Like girl, run the code on a test platform and have us vote. If we lose the site it is what it is, but shes clearly missing some brain cells.
Her inability to communicate + lack of coding knowledge + her managing to be “admin” for so long proves to me that I need to get new hobbies and touch grass so I don't end up like her

No. 1456087

I'm convinced there's a good chunk of gay moids who only become that way out of their own misogyny or simply being so porn sick they're desensitized to the female body and confuse their desensitization for homosexuality

No. 1456091

I feel that. I don't have any moral or religious distaste for being gay but even the ones who aren't too misogynistic are usually just kind of annoying if they do the whole flamboyant thing. I wouldn't like that behavior coming from anyone, it's just way more common from gay guys. When they are misogynistic though it's totally unforgivable and I don't even feel that bad about disliking them (I do feel at least a little bad about being annoyed by the pettier stuff though).

No. 1456096

You can't even talk about this without SJWs crying about how "they've been oppressed for so long" like okay? And? So have women but it seems like any other "marginalized" group is able to get away with everything until SJWs decide when they can or can't. The worse ones are the moids who act like we're just jealous they don't want us. Like please I will be the first one fight for more moids to be gay if it means they leave us the hell alone more but that's not reality of gay moids, they just continue bothering us, shitting on women while demanding we accept them and be their friends

No. 1456264

Sometimes I feel jealous of people who had parents who didn't care about them that much and allowed them to do whatever the fuck they wanted however they wanted. My parents never really gave a shit about what I thought or how I felt but they were fucking hawks and mentally ill. I literally couldn't do anything beyond school and staying in the house watching TV they chose and then doing homework. Until I was 17 I wasn't allowed to go outside to hang out with friends and by that time I didn't even have friends.

No. 1456274

File: 1672177992711.jpeg (165.91 KB, 1179x1188, 1B67F38C-67D0-49A6-A19A-B18226…)

I think Elon Musk is cute in his unique retarded dorky way. He looks so insecure and goofy. The clumsier and cringe he is, the more I want to bully him and fuck with. This is my darkest secret please be kind.

No. 1456277

No. 1456279

thanks i feel better about wanting to have sex with anime characters now

No. 1456296

File: 1672181470218.gif (1.68 MB, 221x244, 080C8D31-95D7-4FCC-BB44-71A22D…)


Nonas, imagine film it admitting he's dumb as a brick and ugly as hell, crying and begging for your love and then beating him. Wouldn't you like to be his openly abusive gf, publicly humiliate it and achieving the destruction of his shitty persona ? I would love to do that. Also I would starve him to stop him being a fat turd. Hmmmm. Sorry for my broken english.

No. 1456297

Sometimes the reaction images fit the post so well.

No. 1456372

i have a nigel now that's ok for a moid, but i'm still in love with my husbando that i was devoted to for months. yes, i'm like the nonnies in the husbando thread, and when i see him he still makes me feel fuzzy, but wistful. i wish he was real and existed, because he is perfect.

No. 1456483

This is why I don't date, I'm not able to be attracted to real men as much as fictional ones. I don't think I've ever had a crush on a guy aside from middle school and it barely counts.

No. 1456844

When I'm out and see a lone animal trying to cross a wide busy street I can't help but stop to watch and root for the animal. I always get so relieved when I see it reach the other side safe and sound.

No. 1457090

File: 1672273420150.gif (254.03 KB, 490x342, originals-2.gif)

I have never meet a person in my life who doesn't drink water. I'm convinced that the "I don't like the taste of water" person is made up by people who wanna feel special for doing something so mundane as drinking water

No. 1457095

my mother-in-law confessed she maybe only drinks water twice twice a week and only drinks diet coke, she seemed embarrassed though.

No. 1457101

I knew a girl who just drank orange juice.

No. 1457110

i envy you for never having met the type of moid who exclusively drinks soda

No. 1457111

i dont like to use a sponge or soap when i do the dishes, i use my hands because i think its cleaner

No. 1457119

what about cleaning the really stuck on pieces, what do you do then?

No. 1457123

I don't like the taste of most water (some bottled mineral water are better than others though) but I drink 2l a day for health reasons. It's only good when you're really thirsty, otherwise there's really nothing pleasant about taste.

No. 1457127

I feel weird when I used used translate function on threads in different languages but I'm also nervous nonnies talking shit about me, so I do translate sometimes.

No. 1457135

nta but sometimes I use my nails

No. 1457137

>It's only good when you're really thirsty, otherwise there's really nothing pleasant about taste
disagree, it's addictive when it's ice cold

No. 1457153

File: 1672277346335.jpeg (47.89 KB, 700x850, 79EB06AD-FFA3-4039-A2CB-78ACDD…)

I kind of want to fuck Seccom Masada-sensei.

No. 1457155

what did god give you nails if not to scratch the cheese of the two day microwaved pizza off the plate

No. 1457160

I hate getting my hands wet especially while touching dishes because of sensory shit and this made my teeth feel itchy

No. 1457167

Just remember if he was real he wouldn’t date you. That should help.

No. 1457172

nta but why you gotta be like that?

No. 1457173

File: 1672279108763.png (5.69 KB, 511x109, husbando.PNG)

No. 1457178

kek fuck off, why you coming in like this in the confessions thread?
there's been some asshole leaving one-liners all over ot and g. it's some bitter anon or moid trolling.

No. 1457235

I feel extremely envious of funny people, i feel like thats the only trait that can get you further in life than being pretty

No. 1457246

Yeah I've noticed that those who are more charismatic and funny tend to be the most popular, get invited to outings more, and make friends more easily who obviously enjoy their company. I wish I was witty and funny so that people around me naturally gravitate towards me.

No. 1457392

Constantly torn between wanting to be a cool alt woman and wear elaborate outfits or just give up altogether and put zero effort in my appearance. Wearing a band shirt and skinny jeans seems to be a good compromise.

No. 1457394

Women who are genuinely funny, witty, and charismatic do not get treated well.

No. 1457398

I'm told I'm funny, but I don't feel like it helps much. There's being an adorable and lovable class clown and there's being the reversed standoffish person who is very good at suddenly saying something out of left field.
Yeah, it's more likely to happen that some scrote will repeat your joke, but louder and get all the praise for it. Plus a lot of people will laugh at scrotes just for the sake of it.

No. 1457399

There are still more benefits to that than just being pretty which also makes one popular but only until the orbiters realize you're not available.

No. 1457402

If it makes you feel better, a lot of funny people develop that sense of humor as a coping mechanism for their shit lives growing up. Not all, but a lot.

No. 1457408

There truly not more benefits. A woman society deems ugly but funny does not have more benefits than a woman society deems attractive. Although it can be argued that the “benefits” “attractive” women get aren’t benefits at all.

No. 1457410

You’re not wrong. And to add… a woman that is truly beautiful that doesn’t just conform to whatever standards are popular also doesn’t get treated well. There’s nothing more the general public hates than a beautiful educated women with a personality and sense of humor.

No. 1457414

I think it might be specific to maybe the environment I'm in; but being funny / charismatic is a MASSIVE benefit in networking. Majority of jobs opportunities in my industry come from getting recommended, knowing the right people and having a big professional network; and unfortunately given most if not all employers put emphasis on "friendly work environment" just being professional and focused is not enough, making people believe they'll have fun time working with you is one's best bet. I'm not OP but I agree with her and I'm envious too since on a daily basis I'm seeing that that these traits take you further in life than anything else; regardless of gender. Hard pill to swallow for a social retard like me

No. 1457425

Nonita I hate to be the one who tells you this but kissing ass and faking it in order to get ahead is not being charismatic and humorous

No. 1457434

Naturally funny and charismatic people kiss ass better than I ever could and that's pretty much my point lol

No. 1457437

I disagree. Seems what you view as charismatic and funny is not natural but instead normie accepted humor and shit- grinning

No. 1457439

No idea how you came to this conclusion with such a limited amount of information but ok

No. 1457440

Guess you should re-read your paragraph long reply about your kiss-ass coworkers

No. 1457554

i was thinking about a post i had made a few years ago on lipstick alley. it was in a thread where we were discussing bad father-daughter relationships and i was venting about all the shit my bio dad put me through when i was younger. my father at the time used to still try to contact me, but suspiciously stopped right after this. i tried to keep it to generalities, but i did mention how my father refused to give my mother $112 in child support a month, which was the minimum the judge felt comfortable giving to my mom as my father wanted it to be like $25 since i was a teenager at the time. it wouldn't surprise me if he was a 'font' on there as he has a thing about invading women's spaces online and used to be into early manosphere bullshit, which is what precipitated him divorcing my mom.

No. 1457557

File: 1672327558053.jpg (401.02 KB, 1600x1200, k8-Panacea.jpg)

I've been playing Sims 2 for close to twenty years but I still haven't played any supernatural creature for more than a single 20 minute long session.

No. 1457569

I hate occults I live in reality and don't like the idea that my sims can opt out and be fairies or werewolves or aliens. No you will be human and happy with it like the reast of us

No. 1457574

Even though it have posted the jake euthanasia gif he makes me feel so sick, I drew a picture of how he looks while the site was down and o meant that shit. He looks a fucking fool. I still do not get why he did that dog thing. Maybe it's apart of the culture I don't understand but it's gross.

No. 1457673

Never told a soul this story.
It's going to the grave.

I was 22, I was lonely and lost and dated a guy who ended up lying about his age just so I could get somewhere to live. But he was too serious, wanted me to work with him, get married, go to Chile with his business project. He could tell I was unsure I guess so he got me pregnant. I asked for plan B or an abortion but he wouldn't come with me to get it, in his country you need to see a doctor for it, it's not at the pharmacy. I relied on him entirely, I had no job and no money. Eventually he sent me back home with money for it, we kept in touch while I took the pills. We video called through that. Eventually contact stopped since I essentially broke up with him, therefore housing and money stopped. I had gone back to my parents house but they were always abusive and I had no opportunities there, I thought I would take a break and go to my nonnas house but she is really mean, didn't understand I needed a break because none if them knew what happened, they would probably kill me. She tries to get me locked up in an asylum for being a little depressed so I found a couch, bought a ticket, and ran off to the city to try to find work and make money. Never spoke to that bitch again. See my family isn't even poor, they have money, but they are so stingy and controlling and neglectful that the only way to have funds is to do exactly what they want. And mind you I never did what they wanted

No. 1457675

I go to the city and staying on peoples couches, it's just all really shitty, I really need moneu and do whatever gigs I can. I did a bunch of research studies. I worked as a masseuse, dangerous as fuck but it actually turned out fine and I got good money dealing with rich assholes wanting a massage but hey, and then the weirdest thing was me thinking I need to do adult work to get consistent good money but I am scared and too proud for it. I tried this weird strip club place, let me tell you it was really weird, I worked a day and quit. It looks like a bar, guys come in and mingle with girls. You can get drinks, the bartender has code words to give you non alcoholic drinks, the men don't know. You get one to go behind the curtain and it's another room with a bunch of chair booths, and all the girls strip down and dance, mostly lapdance these men. They can't touch your no no zone, and this shit is how you make money. I was way too awkward for this but I have a good body so I pulled it off somehow, played charades with one guy, I bet he thought it was weird as hell.

Next gig was a foot fetish place…

No. 1457678

File: 1672337599371.jpg (1.38 MB, 1132x1698, Redpose.jpg)

I'm so attracted to him

No. 1457680

This place basically has couches in an open room to mingle, you are not nude but skimpy, and you are paid to let men touch your feet. Yes, really. The girls are laying on the couch on their phones while a dude plays with their feet. If you go to a back room, which a security checks and it's just a curtain room, you get private time with the dude and a box of tissues. And they just touch and kiss your feet, jerk off, and in 20 mins you are 100 dollars richer. The men are awkward too, you have to approach them nicely and softly because their like meek little mice. You end up chatting with other girls.

And so I quit that after a day because it felt so weird I was afraid the police would raid this place. And because you stand around in heels trying to coerce men with a bunch of other girls looking for that cash too.

Guys this isn't even half my life story, this is like 5%, I doubt you want to hear the other 95% but I have been through it. And I need to get this shit all of my chest already.

No. 1457684

I would want 250 to let a weirdo jack off to my feet.

No. 1457688

So your parents were too stingy which made you run away, get pregnant with an old man, whore yourself and do fetish work?

No. 1457692

Wild. Glad you got it off your chest.

Me too.

No. 1457696

They were extremely abusive along with my older sibling. I have a panic disorder from that, took years to even understand the trauma. At least I learned to recognize it and manage it, I am doing so much better. I was dating a man 32 years old, he said he was 26 at the time we met, it's not a huge difference but a lie nonetheless. I was in a foreign country with little options, I was studying abroad and working and just didn't have a means to survive. I mean surely you wouldn't choose to be homeless would you? You wouldn't find somewhere to stay that wasn't the street? I was also a bit broken about losing someone I actually loved. I think my motivations back then were out of heartache. I did less than a three days of adult work which did not include any sex, you kinda left out the legitimate work I did do which leads me to believe you don't have much to say for yourself. Btw you have no idea how many thousands of girls do this on the daily, and do a lot more than I did. But thanks for reading

No. 1457950

File: 1672360300189.jpg (378.62 KB, 1200x750, 109467.jpg)

I feel like I really love Jesus, but not in a romantic or friendly or familial way, it's way deeper and more pure, I love him autistically strong. I can't really explain it but it's an extremely autistically strong feeling. Growing up I was an atheist and then I discovered some less traditional interpretations of christianity and developed a more intimate, outside of church, relationship with it. I don't even pray like a normal person, I just talk to him like he's my invisible friend and I don't care if it's cringe. I wish all of you could feel it. Oh nonnies I just hope I can meet him one day

No. 1457984

Jesus is likeable I'm just scared of his dad

No. 1458040

File: 1672371129382.jpg (57.79 KB, 479x720, 1d4c95593711777678213522d5f6fc…)

I dont hate trans people,tbh idc about them at all. Live your truth,right? But i still read through every MTF thread just because some of the freaks displayed are really funny but sometimes i feel bad about it because i live in a really liberal place and teasing ANYONE who identifies as trans regardless of their ridiculousness is basically illegal. Its so fucking dumb.

No. 1458093

Every night in bed as I lay awake trying to fall asleep I have intrusive thoughts of a plane crashing into my house killing me instantly. I’m scared of this happening and yet I know it’s dumb. I have other intrusive thoughts and paranoid behaviors but I never talk about them with my psychiatrist and therapist bc I feel so embarrassed admitting that I monitor how I behave because I think someone is watching me. I don’t think I’m a schizo but when I get sleep deprived or enough stress I would scream in my sleep.

No. 1458096

sleep deprivation is one of the things that can rly trigger psychosis, take good care of your health nonna. also don't feel too embarrassed when talking to your psych, they've heard it all (and worse) before, + it's their job to help you out so. intrusive thoughts are a bitch, just remember that your brain is just bored and edgy and thinks of the most extra things for no real reason at all. thoughts are just that, thoughts.
have you tried meditating before sleep? or just doing 2-4 or 3-6 breaths? that can help your body (and hopefully your brain) settle you down before sleep. wishing you the best!

No. 1458104

Which sexy Jesus movie is this from nona?

No. 1458112

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)

No. 1458125

you honestly just sound like any husbandofag i've heard speak lmao

No. 1458134

For some reason every time the topic of hygiene comes up there's a huge infight but even at the risk of causing one, my confession is that I have questionable hygiene. I only shower when I need to wash my hair which is every four days. I wash my face, pits and nether regions twice a day though. I only brush once a day but I floss religiously. I tried to shower every day and brush twice a day but I managed three days in a row before I forgot about it and reverted back to my old habits. I also wear clothes for ages without washing them, if they don't have stains and don't smell they're still good to go no matter how long I've been wearing them.
No one's ever complained about my hygiene but it's possible everyone's just being polite.
>in b4 everyone starts arguing about the correct amount of showers to take

No. 1458141

I'm not schizo but I've had experiences that have warped my brain a little bit. The earliest was when I was about 4, alone in the living room and dancing to music. I glanced at the wall and immediately saw a flash of a dark red room; it felt like I was trapped in a room with no doors or windows. It was a very oppressive atmosphere that made me feel small. From then onwards, I believed that I am stuck in this room and don't truly belong here. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to escape this room, but there just isn't a door. But then again, I'm not the only person to have thought stuff like this. It's a bit like the idea of transcendence or gnosis.

No. 1458164

Everything seemed acceptable enough except for the clothes part. I do the same thing too though just because laundry in my area is stupidly expensive and my apartment doesn't have washer and dryer hookups. Hoping to change it soon into a mobile home so I can wash my clothes frequently

No. 1458421

As long as I haven't said sorry to these two people I won't be able to become a better person.

No. 1458440

I spent last night watching gore. What has my life come to…

No. 1458484

just put myself in a horrible mood by imagining my best friend telling me she hates me. what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 1458493

why nona

No. 1458521

Kinda miss falling asleep with my bf’s head between my tits. Hate the dumb bitch now but that feeling was good

No. 1458551

I had close to 0 positive experiences with men but I still want a boyfriend.

No. 1458583

My nigel has had the worst xmas because he got sick and instead of meeting his extended family he’s been lying on a couch suffering with a fever for days. I’ll probably get hate for this, but I was so excited to nurse him back to health. This is the first time one of us has been sick during our relationship and I know he’ll probably never extend me the same courtesy, but right now our relationship is still early and exciting so I can't help myself. I bought cute little packets of instant food because he told me he’d been struggling to eat. I finally saw him today for the first time in more than a week and he’d lost weight from not having eaten for four days and looked so cute and weak. Amazingly he didn’t have a messy running nose, just a fever and a cough. Even though he was still sick, he got a boner after cuddling for only a couple of minutes. I told him to save his strenght, but after making him eat some instant soup we ended up fucking. Apart from that he just lied around on the couch feeling nauseous but also appreciative. Of course I hope he gets well soon but I also think he’s so cute right now, like a helpless little puppy. I probably have some misplaced caretaker feelings.

No. 1458584

>I know he’ll probably never extend me the same courtesy
Why are you throwing pearls to swine then

No. 1458585

Because he's so adorable and cute and I'm not resentful yet

No. 1458592

I have a "wandering eye"… I dream and fantasise about other men, even without realising it. I love my boyfriend and I want to be in a relationship with him, so this is a flaw I am actively working on.

No. 1458596

I have a bad memory of my ex boyfriend whom I didn't like. I was 18 he was 24 and he lived in an apartment with big windows. One time we were play fighting and I said I had to leave. He pinned me down and didn't let me. I said it hurt but at the time boundaries were very difficult for me so I didn't say anything more because I was making him "happy". He started to have sex with me and again I said it hurt, but he kept going. I said I had to go. He thought I was playing along with the roleplay (rape "roleplay"? Idk). I kept saying I had to leave so I'd like to stop. So we had sex and such and I wanted him not to do it because of the windows. But he was doing it precisely in front of the window. And everybody on the street would definitely have been able to see. I didn't dare look behind me to the window. I closed me eyes as well. I wish I had been a stronger girl and I said no. I missed my plans with friends because of this. I hope nobody saw or recorded. Thinking about this makes me want to cry. I'm not a sextoy. He treated me like one

No. 1458605

I'm so sorry he did that to you nonna, you said no but he kept going which makes it sexual assault if not outright rape. It's got nothing to do with you being weak, you're not weak. You protested and he did not listen to you, he blatantly disrespected you and your boundaries. What an asshole. You're right you're not a sex toy, what he did was awful and you deserved none of it. I hope he burns in hell.

No. 1458702

I have the same problem. I almost wonder if it is my brain trying to sabotage my relationships. I know I have a really good boyfriend, he's better than 95% of men, but I still have a wandering eye. When I see someone cute, I sometimes wonder what it would be like dating them instead. “The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side” is something I struggle with I guess.

No. 1458757

Ayrt, the source of my mental infidelity is my perfectionism. I often focus on everything that's wrong and long for everything thats "right", which simply tends to be the exact opposite of what I have. It's an issue of compassion, patience and deep gratitude stemming from calmness. I know I would never cheat on my boyfriend and want to stay with him, I simply have a dysfunctional trait which I am slowly but surely maturing from. Hopefully this was somewhat insightful for you

No. 1458820

they are literally the same person

No. 1458822

may he burn in hell

No. 1458824

I use my fingernails to floss when I’m completely alone, sometimes I eat what food got stuck afterwards

No. 1458828

Tysm anon for the tips. I really should be honest with my psych but I hate being over medicated (I already am for anxiety and depression) so I’ve tried to hold off on expressing any more problems that would spur another prescription ugh.

No. 1458840

I hate this kind of posts so much.

No. 1458857

File: 1672452953104.png (378.61 KB, 435x586, sigh.png)

I ship them

No. 1458868

I feel guilty about being interested in some reality tv series on streaming services, because I saw a lot of people complaining about streaming services prioritizing those over more complex scripted shows because they’re so much cheaper to churn out.

No. 1458948

If murder wasn't illegal I would have killed two people via gun cause i'm physically weak, they would have deserved it though. Had to get it off my chest.

No. 1458950

Yes, similar issue. I was going to mention that as well, but didn't want to make my post too long kek. I wish someone could tick every single box that I have, be perfect, but I know that isn't realistic. I need to work on extending patience as well. I hyperfocus on the wrong too, even if it's a little 5%, but I'm trying not to do that. No one is going to be 100% perfect or what I want, just close. He cares about me, which is what matters, and I care for him.
Unrelated, but I can see why some polyamorous people do what they do, and have multiple partners with the desirable trait that they want. I would never do this because it's stupid and I want to commit to one person, but I get it.
>Hopefully this was somewhat insightful for you
Yes, thank you nonna. It helps knowing I'm not the only one with struggles or thoughts like this.

No. 1459058

no worries! tbh if your psych's reaction is to prescribe more meds, they're kinda bad. medication is just a tool, and should always go together with proper therapy. if they don't provide you the tools, i'd recommend looking up metacognitive training, it's something that helped me back when i wasn't doing as well/had a lot of delusional thinking. it's a long process, so remember to be kind to yourself.
good luck nonna!

No. 1459145

I'm a lesbian, but I prefer bi women (actually bi, not spicy straight). Has very little to do with presentation, I like masc, femme and everything in between.

No. 1459222

My crush invited me to his birthday. I want him so badly it hurts. I get so excited when I see a new message from him and I've daydreamed about him every day since the winter hols started. I don't understand why I'm so infatuated with him, I've never really had a crush like this before. There's a slight language barrier between us so sometimes I do little things that don't require speaking so that he doesn't get frustrated by not understanding, like nudging my laptop over to him so he can show me his music, or wordlessly handing him my drink at a party so he can try it, or silently watching him while he doodles something on a spare piece of paper and drawing something back in response. As much as I wish we could verbally communicate a bit more, I'm getting quite fond of these little silent gestures. Even if he doesn't like me as anything more than a friend, I can't wait to see him again.

No. 1459302

For what reason? Seems most lesbians would prefer other lesbians over a bi woman.

No. 1459304

Why? I'm not judging, just curious.

No. 1459335

Just found out the expensive “diamond” bracelet my boyfriend bought me for Christmas is fake… I feel so embarrassed and ashamed. I’ve worn it out and bragged to my friends. I told him explicitly what I wanted and he told me he could get it. I just feel like he doesn’t even love me or care about me. Why would he embarrass me like this

No. 1459337

Don't feel embarrassed about showing it off, unless you're friends with jewelers they probably can't tell.

No. 1459341

I think it has to do with the age and my generation, but I feel like bi women who seriously choose to be with women, tend to not feel like having children and going the IVF route. Meanwhile every other lesbian I personally come across seems to have planned their Disney romance exactly and how the timeline is supposed to look, with marriage and kids guaranteed. With lesbians things move too fast for my taste or we just don't want the same things in life. Bi women seem to appreciate a longer courting period, probably because they've been with pushy scrotes in the past.

No. 1459363

Nta but it's not about being embarrassed, it's about how the bf lied and is being stingy.
Anyway you know the drill anon, dump him.

No. 1459370

>it's not about being embarrassed
OP literally said that she was embarrassed and then talked about how she showed off the bracelet, so I think that's one of the reasons why she was embarrassed.

No. 1459384

I find flaccid dicks disgusting and hard dicks are just ok. I don't find either attractive. I could never tell me bf tho because he gets so sad whenever I don't like something about him that he does.

No. 1459389

Why are you sure he wouldn't do the same to you? He probably would. It sounds cute.

No. 1459409

File: 1672514042248.jpeg (23.77 KB, 441x411, DF46932E-998C-4CEE-A6BA-DD9CC3…)

My coworker left her Amazon account logged in on one of the computers at work. I creeped on all of her stuff and saw that her abusive girlfriend’s payment details were on her account. I ordered £70 worth of mayonnaise in a grocery delivery to their house on her girlfriend’s debit card.
I don’t know why I did it. What the fuck is wrong with me

No. 1459426

No. 1459428

kek but also I hope your co-worker doesn't get blamed for it and aren't you scared of getting into trouble?

No. 1459430

Nta but oh man, I didn't realize anon could have just got her co-worker in trouble and now I feel super bad for her.

No. 1459442

I didn’t even think about that but knowing the GF this isn’t the kind of thing that triggers her raging BPD, hers is more to do with abandonment.
I’m not afraid. I hate my job and have no future prospects. Most people think I’m an angel at work so even if they suspect me, I don’t think they’ll say anything.

No. 1459504

How much mayonnaise is £70 of mayonnaise?

No. 1459554

Not as much as you would think. I was limited to ten jars of each brand so in truth I had to throw some salad cream in there too. And one single cucumber because it made me laugh thinking that it’d look like they were making the worst salad ever.

No. 1459565

The fuck is salad cream

No. 1459568

Salad cream is a creamy, pale yellow condiment based on an emulsion of about 25–50 percent oil in water, emulsified by egg yolk and acidulated by spirit vinegar. It is somewhat similar in composition to mayonnaise and may include other ingredients such as sugar, mustard, salt, thickener, spices, flavouring and colouring.[3] The first ready-made commercial product was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1914,[1] where it is used as a salad dressing and a sandwich spread.

No. 1459580

Mayo on salad? Ew.

No. 1459602

File: 1672529091827.gif (3.53 MB, 360x270, 1654640184503.gif)

I screencap literally every single fanfic I read because I'm tired of people deleting shit for no reason. Same with youtube videos (but downloading instead of capping)

No. 1459628

Anon, just download them instead. You do know how to download them, right?

No. 1459647

Yes on AO3. I don't think tumblr or other sites have that option afaik. Some of the stuff I read has a bunch of results on tumblr but hardly anything on AO3.

No. 1459649

What site are you using for fanfics where you have to screenshot them instead of just downloading?

No. 1459665

Tumblr..I know but some characters have more stories there than on Ao3.

No. 1459709

Why don't you just copy and paste the fic to your notes?

No. 1459716

Years ago I used to but the screencap method just feels quicker to me, especially when some writers use special fonts, colors, or formatting, or adds in images that get all messed up when I paste it in word documents. I just can't be assed to alter it kek.

No. 1459729

I fucking love screamo music

No. 1459732

I just ate out my classmate who’s bicurious (?). I have a moid and an open relationship. I am everything lc hates ask me anything

No. 1459738

That sounds fine to me.

No. 1459742

So you're a troon?

No. 1459744

>implying troons can get pussy

No. 1459746

it's like a math problem I can't solve to figure out why you think that.

although I also can't figure out why she thinks lc would hate her… because she chose a relationship with a man even though she's bi? but she wouldn't be the first nonna to do that.

No. 1459765

Anon is either a cow or is a cow in the making if she thinks everyone will hate her and announces it like a loser.

No. 1459802

I wish I had stolen a dress from this furniture store which was only using it and other items to make up fake displays. It was in my size, beautiful, and I didnt want to try hassling the employee or get caught stealing but now it's gone. No where has it listed either because I took a picture with its tag.

No. 1459809

How do you protect yourself against the STDs your man probably gets from other women?

No. 1459811

Actually there's a French salad dressing that uses mayo, dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, honey, and olive oil. It's really good.

No. 1459814

I mean that works because it's mixed with other stuff. But just straight cream on salad? No way.

No. 1459881

It’s not dissimilar to having a ranch dressing or whatever.

No. 1459910

But ranch has seasoning in it, from what I understand "salad cream" is more like regular mayonnaise.

No. 1460029

I love eating in bed

No. 1460148

I manipulate my autistic boyfriend. I never thought I could be like this, but he makes it too easy. He'll say something in that super direct 'tism way, and I'll pretend it was really offensive, rude or that it hurt my feelings. Then he starts acting overly apologetic as if he just killed a puppy and start talking trash about himself for being so "autistic and dumb". Then I "forgive him" and he acts all grateful that I put up with his tism. And when I say something rude or neg him and he gets offended, I tell him he misunderstood because of his autism. I guess that's what they call gaslighting. I love him but you have to keep a mans confidence low. I'm gonna marry this man

No. 1460156

I'm really bad at cleaning my toothbrush. I try to do it at least once a week but I honestly forget. I usually do a bleach soak but when I forget I just end up pouring alcohol over it and calling that good enough.

No. 1460180

I bet he has a chubby stomach and works in software development. I bet he will also Troon out immediately after you have your first kid with him. I am an internet psychic and you need to heed my warning.

No. 1460183

Never in my life have I cleaned a toothbrush with anything but hot water. honestly didn't even know that was a thing.

No. 1460184

aw thank you for the reassurance anon. I think I just want to enjoy nursing him for my own enjoyment rather than keeping tabs, if that makes sense. I’m sure if I actually fell ill he’d help me out, but in general I think I am a bit more affectionate and nurturing. It’s ok though, he’s got other qualities. Besides I can't remember the last time I was seriously ill. It’s lame but I think I have a thing for sick scrotes. My bf is pretty strong and in good shape, so seeing him all deflated and weak is so cute to me. Yesterday he was feeling nauseous a lot. I don’t have emetophilia but I low-key hoped he would puke on me just because I’m so attracted to him I wouldn’t even care, and it’d be fun seeing him all upset and embarrassed over it. Thankfully he’s been eating more and getting better though.

No. 1460192

Aren't you supposed to just change them every 3 months?

No. 1460196

i've shat myself before and you have as well.

No. 1460199

I ate some mushrooms from the store without washing or cooking them. went on a walk. disaster struck two miles from my house.

No. 1460203

Yes but you're also supposed to clean them every so often because mouths are nasty

No. 1460208

>be me
>Drink 2 four loko's gold
>wake up naked and puke on the ground
>puke is the color of Josh's skin
>I ate Bolongna, a whole can of Sour Cream Pringles with mayo
>Confused and not remembering throwing up
Shit story-
>Ate Kiwi's and Banana's
>Mmmm I'm so healthy and hydrated
>Eat Hamburgers
>Great Value kind frozen
>ate 2
>Wake up with booty hole hurtin'
>Shat the bed

No. 1460211

Went to the ER once, they started giving me fluids, then a fart turned into a disaster. Thankfully nobody saw.

No. 1460213

One time when I was very young I was in the bath with one of my cousins, and one of us shit in it but I can't remember who. I only vaguely remember my grandmother checking on us and seeing the poop. Even if it wasn't me, I feel like it was a shit by proxy since I was there. Anyway I've never shit or sharted myself other than that.

No. 1460215

Samefag, shit by proxy doesn't make sense. Secondhand shit? Anyway I'm sorry.

No. 1460220

I once lend a considerable amount of money to a childhood friend in need. She never payed me back and I cut her off after that. I'm not that upset over the money, she's mentally ill and I should have known better, I'm mostly salty over her not admitting she won't be able to pay me back and apologizing to me. My confession is that I managed to find her account on a mental health forum and now I snoop on her posts now and again. It made me sympathize with her more, having her aknowledge feelings she would never admit out loud, but it also annoyed me because mentally ill people are so selfish (I know it's because they're ill, but it's frustrating). I miss her and hope she'll get better.

No. 1460234

but why bleach and alcohol, just use hot water like everyone else kek

No. 1460236

Using hot water is kind of pointless unless you use boiling, and boiling can warp the toothbrush.

No. 1460329

Sometimes I get so drunk I lose control of my farts, and they always have the nasties, roasted nutlike fragrance. So I'll be sitting there at a party talking to someone when suddenly we are engulfed in my fart and I just keep on looking the person directly in the eye while talking and hope they think it's someone else. They person is always too nervous to call me out on it, and worst case I tell myself they will have forgotten about it 10 minutes later. I honestly don't know if I can avoid it from happening again unless I stop drinking.

No. 1460366

you sound like a kind person

No. 1460380

Back again… I feel like my lack of satisfaction with my boyfriend's appearance, or simply my lack of attraction to him, is really becoming a huge obstacle for me. I am falling into husbando territory where I fantasise about 2D characters, and then feel guilt, since I would hate for him to dote over a cartoon woman. I coo over my particular 2D crushes in front of him, but unintentionally. I was just looking at pictures of the character with him since we both like the franchise, but I could not help but ooh, ahh and proclaim how handsome this character was and how he should look like it. Ironically, my boyfriend agrees lol and he wants to resemble this character in the ways that matter. I do not deserve my boyfriend and I hope I am strong enough to get my shit together and stop being so superficial. From the beginning I have struggled with my boyfriends "imperfections" and it is so fricking shallow it drives me nuts. How can I have such a huge flaw of character?! It is immoral yet I possess it

No. 1460388

Anon I've also been with someone I wasn't sexually attracted to and it's not a good idea. It ended up hurting us both.

No. 1460393

moid be gone

No. 1460394

but he genuinely isn't ugly (sob) I am just retarded. I am so insecure and perfectionistic I think only 100/10's are good enough and it is always interfering with my satisfaction in life. if you hear the way I talk about myself, my lack of attraction to my boyfriend is nothing, whilst also suddenly making perfect sense

No. 1460398

New to this site, just want to see while there are some other nice normal people, a lot of you are really jaded and rude. It's like you live here and feed off the negative energy you emit so you keep creating it. Not all of you but I can't really pinpoint who is who obviously, which is actually what I like about this board. There is no social points system to rank people. And I don't mean when someone is just venting. It's some people who reply to everyone with short replies saying "this sucks, you suck, stop posting" etc

Imagine being that bitter about everything
Find some joy in life geez

No. 1460404

I went through something sort of similar with this, and I realized I was sort of projecting my own insecurities onto him. I tend to self sabotage so when I'm unhappy with something about myself I project it onto him and want him to be perfect. Example is last summer I was feeling like a lazy slob so I started to think of him as a fatass kek he wasn't but it was just projection. Luckily I was able to realize it was myself who was causing it and worked through that. I hope this works out for you nonnie

No. 1460405

>i can fix him

No. 1460407

>but he genuinely isn't ugly (sob)
in lolcor this means he's ugly enough to give her friends random aesophagal reflux and make random people vomit, and she'll resent her very being and life for decades to come whilst chasing complete self-destruction just to evade acknowledgement of disgust. once she wakes up from this stupidity, that is.
because it does look like one of the milder cases.

No. 1460410

this sucks, stop posting

No. 1460412

you suck, stop posting

No. 1460415

post sucks, stop posting

No. 1460416

I hate my youngest sister and genuinely hope something horrible will happen to her soon to humble her at the very least or to get rid of her at most. If she got killed by a car on her way home tonight I wouldn't care.

No. 1460419

open the window and let some fresh air in

No. 1460429

A lot of the time it's one sad NEET trolling around trying to start infights. Anyway welcome. Learn to integrate and don't use paragraphs the way you are right now. You generally don't want your writing style to stick out.

No. 1460435

File: 1672613345587.jpg (19.9 KB, 236x236, 18534800.jpg)

>New to this site
How did you get here? If you're from tiktok or tumblr, may I politely ask you to leave? thank you and have a wonderful day.

No. 1460437

It's not like that kek I think I'm genuinely turned on by him being ill.

No. 1460448

NEETs are the most oppressed people on lolcow

No. 1460449

fuck off

No. 1460456

>There is no social points system to rank people
wtf why would you want this shit?

No. 1460458


No. 1460459

after the stacy normies takeover the neets were completely BTFO with no more place or space for their ilk

No. 1460462

File: 1672614689385.gif (686 KB, 320x240, 62c6b78175ba126e1047f32892731e…)

My honest reaction to your opinion

No. 1460463

File: 1672614741156.png (2.24 MB, 1276x1936, tiktok.png)

reminder this is the kind of people who want to take over this website

No. 1460467

Dear god what the fuck kill it

No. 1460470

B-but you need to adapt anon! don't gatekeep lolcow like that, tiktok normies ain't even that bad its not like they literally ruin every space they touch with their trends, politics and overall bullshit

No. 1460471

gay post

No. 1460472

Who are you even mocking because no one says that

No. 1460473

keep coping, nonna

No. 1460474

what an incredibly rude and mean thing to say! inciting violence just because she's different–geometrically shaped and eats money… you should be ashamed!

No. 1460475

The tiktok-fags in question

No. 1460479

It's not coping, I've just never seen any anons say that. At least not on /ot/ or /g/. Most anons know and talk about how we have a influx of new users, and how the site is changing and getting more popular. I personally don't mind new users as long as they adhere to the culture and aren't annoying (but a lot are).

No. 1460481

Nonna, lc has always been popular. And usually farmers complain about twitter-tiktok-whatever-elsefags shitting things up, because really, that's all they do if you haven't noticed yourself. I don't know how new are you, but i am glad you see everything in a positive way, i guess.

No. 1460486

I don't think I've ever seen lolcow being talked about outside of similar sites as much as I have within like the past year or two. Anyway I think you misunderstood my post because I said that newfags shit up the site. I'm just saying that most farmers agree that the new users suck and no one really says stuff like whatever this is >>1460470 where we have to accept them.

No. 1460489

Unironically this, imagine siding with a daft newfag over your NEET nonnies.

No. 1460491

The ones bragging about being posted on here when I have never even seen any of their faces before kek.

No. 1460493

Please, please, let me be a cow, I need to accomplish something in my life.

No. 1460494

Last time I was venting about tiktok normies infiltrating lc for the aesthetic some anons called me names and shit, as if those mfs presence wouldn't singlehandedly fuck up this site in less than months if not faster

No. 1460508

Why are they so stupid? Does TikTok melt brains?

No. 1460539

100% this I love my neet and hikki nonnies a lot. Fuck them tiktok newfags

No. 1460540

>Last time I was venting about tiktok normies infiltrating lc for the aesthetic some anons called me names and shit
WTF. I bet they were the ones calling you names, they love larping the mean girl stereotype.

No. 1460557

That's so weird, I feel like most anons don't like (unintegrated) newfags but those anons weren't real farmers.

No. 1460560

I have a nonstick pan and I love it and use it often. I don't care about the chemicals. I'm American anyway so a pan isn't the biggest threat to me.

No. 1460562

Please tell me what other websites you browse. I only come here and I get bored from the slow pace. I don’t want any deranged moids in my space or shared image boards. Please give me other sites you frequently visit

No. 1460566

It's always one person isn't it

was looking for somewhere to write without needing to sign up or do captchas, and share cat photos at times, there are very few places you don't need to have an account

I don't know this means but those are something. Thank you

No. 1460574

>It's always one person isn't it
It really isn't.

No. 1460581

it's you

No. 1460582

It's tiring when nonnies try to claim that everyone disagreeing with them is one anon, especially because there's no way to prove them right or wrong without involving farmhands in dumb infights. It shoots down any criticism of something they said because there's nothing you can do to prove them wrong on that. If we had the (You)s nucow had that would eliminate this, but with that feature comes (You) farmers.

No. 1460586

no it's me!

No. 1460588

File: 1672623364523.gif (1.82 MB, 275x275, 1660786777458.gif)

>and share cat photos at times
You can still do that just integrate silly bean

No. 1460590

File: 1672623409807.jpg (46.13 KB, 481x481, us.jpg)

no it's us ♥

No. 1460708

File: 1672642535178.jpg (11.6 KB, 275x205, 1523482103110.jpg)

Hit me a few weeks ago that I'm almost 30 and I'm not dealing to well. I guess I just feel really lost in life, still not finished with my degree, no relationship (not that I want one rn, but ppl are starting to ask..).
I feel like I got nothing to show.
And since seeing the first wrinkles appear I'm spiraling.
It sounds super shallow I know, but I was never a pretty girl and beeing "cute" was all I had going for me and now it's all slowly fading…

I'm just a mess rn, how do you deal with aging and expections fellow nonnas ?

No. 1460736

I'm an oldfag who turned 30 not too long ago. I think it's normal to stress over those big birthdays when they are approaching because it reminds you of all those things you mentioned that you haven't achieved yet, but once the day is over and done with it's not too bad honestly. I'm sure there are things you've achieved too, anon. In my case I'm glad I'm not 16 or 22 or whatever anymore. I'm in a stable place and I feel way more comfortable with myself than ever. At the very least when I feel bad, I try to remember that beating yourself up by regretting the past isn't constructive, can only move in one direction which is forward, so keep on moving and learning from your mistakes at your own pace. Remember that comparison is the thief of joy. I hope you'll feel better soon!

No. 1460742

I just don't get how people get onto relationships, what are the odds that the person you're attracted to would be intl you as well (and vice versa)? I'm also extremely surprised by how fast some people get back into a relationship shortly after a breakup, do they have so many potential dates orbiting them?

No. 1460750

If men were actually cute I’d be a creep and serial sexual harasser.

No. 1460751

I want to ask out this cute girl I always see at the store but she might be straight or bi with a bf. Also work way too much to probably be in a good relationship right now until i have a good degree, good career. But I miss having a gf so important and she considered me important too.

No. 1460755

I remember reading once that falling in love isn't that hard. It's a matter of having sex with someone over time and liking them. At some points the hormones will kick in. I'm ot encouraging sleeping around, but sometimes you don't know until you give someone a chance. I think it's a nice way to look at it. I used to have all these intense secret crushes that never led to anywhere, but all my actual relationships happened by chance.

No. 1461112

I try to stop lurking at my personal cows' accounts because that's not productive but I can't stop coming back to them, they are so stupid I need to know how they're doing.

No. 1461152

The reason jumping into a new relationship is easy is because there usually is no commitment. You're either a rebound to someone or they weren't that serious to begin with. Sometimes people are just looking for companionship because they are scared to be alone. Lots of relationships don't last because one of the two wasn't really looking to love. I think finding love is hard. People wanting to waste your time are everywhere though. Especially men, they want their turn to waste your time.

No. 1461189

Ayrt and this shit is so alien to me because I don't crush on anybody and people are not attracted to me either, I genuinely thought it was hard to find somebody to date.

No. 1461499

i met my boyfriend on 4chan and it is the best relationship i have ever been in. i am going to marry this man. the honeymoon phase has not faded away. i do not know why God led me on this path.

No. 1461510

No. 1461511

go back to /soc/ scrote

No. 1461523

you know /cgl/ exists right? it was fine before covid.

No. 1461562


nta but i met my husband on /soc/ 4 years ago lmao

No. 1461569

What do you tell people when they ask “how did you two meet”?

No. 1461586

My biggest mistake in life is gaining weight. My weight gain has been excessive and some of impacts it has had on my body are irreversible and I haven't even broke the 200 mark. My breasts have always been larger than my frame but now they are sagging. The stretch marks hurt. The way people treat me is depressing.

No. 1461592

I know looks don’t matter but sometimes I get really cocky but then I remember I was bullied for my appearance and I’m merely ok looking at best and it bums me out for a little bit, why do I even get such a big head from just having nice hair and doing makeup anyways?

No. 1461596

Are you gaining weight in a short period of time? The best thing you can do for yourself is to treat the underlying cause ASAP if so; stretch marks fade and everyone's bodies and minds accumulate blemishes as they grow older and have negative experiences, but best to try and stop the damage before it gets worse.
t. went through the same thing years ago

No. 1461641

File: 1672744009919.jpg (66.79 KB, 385x600, 385px-SO_book_1_cover.jpg)

i like furries and a furry character was my bisexual awakening as a child, but no one must know, and i still abide by the tradition of kicking a furry every november 27th

No. 1461643

NTA but in real life people rarely ever ask this question lol

No. 1461644

I'm not using it as an excuse but the majority of my weight gain happened at the end of 2020 into 2021. I've lost it all now and am even lower than my "starting weight" in 2020 but I see what it has caused. I had stretch marks before and know that just about everyone gets them but what I am left with now still affects me sadly. My breasts especially.

No. 1461646

Samefag but I want to say that even though we went through the same weight gain wise, I hope you are in a much better place mentally than I am currently.

No. 1461652

why november 27th

No. 1461664

its the national kick a furry day

No. 1461671

When is the international kick a furry day?

No. 1461677


No. 1461690

File: 1672751454553.jpg (103.82 KB, 706x618, Screenshot_20230103-080840_You…)

I got this add and I'm tearing up because I'm in a bad mood and feel targeted

No. 1461694

Walking in these with wet feet makes the loudest fart noises ever

No. 1461696

You have them?

No. 1461706

No I own a rival flipflop company I'm making up lies to stifle the competition

No. 1461711

That sounds equally as likely as anyone owning these.

No. 1461728

Sometimes I wonder if I'm actually bisexual or if I just couldn't put down the spicy straight act from my hardcore nlog days. I've only seriously dated women but I've had only had men as sexual partners. Long term I can't see myself settling down with a man and I'd rather die single and alone than be with a man so I must actually be bisexual, but people's discoveries of themselves are usually so much more… pure? meanwhile I was just an nlog bitch.

No. 1461764

I want to smell Walter White Junior's neck

No. 1461765

i met my bf on tinder and we just say mutual friend with a lot of fluff around the story to quickly change the subject

No. 1461784

>Long term I can't see myself settling down with a man and I'd rather die single and alone than be with a man so I must actually be bisexual,
Nope. It just means you hate men and don't want do date them. Straight women have chosen celibacy over men, so you fucking them and not dating them does not equal bisexuality. And I question your bisexuality if you've managed to date several women and have sex with none of them.

No. 1461875

When I read story heavy fics I sometimes skip directly to the sex scenes if I just want to get off, I feel bad for the writer.

No. 1461941

I deeply hate my moid roommate and every time I try to get him to move out of my house it doesn't work.

No. 1461958

I still consume porn. Not porn of real people but SFM/3d models. It's just realistic enough to get me off, but not so realistic that I think I'm seeing a real person and therefore watching someone be harmed.

No. 1461971

Same, and it pisses me off to no end how gay 3d porn is so low-quality.

No. 1461997

I like plot heavy fics a lot, but if it's a fic I've read before, I immediately go back to the sex scenes.

No. 1461998

Why hasnt he moved out yet, nonnie?

No. 1462028

NTa but same. And any 3D make nude models, gay or straight, are shit tier. If I had the know how, I swear I'd make hot 3D male models, kek.

No. 1462042

It gets better with time if you let it!

No. 1462047

Due to my liking of his creations, I got involved with fans of a certain historical person. I was excited because I learned knowing a certain clique will give me access to interesting materials I can’t find in my country (and it did). It all evolved in such a bizarre way, I already had my obsessions but it seems like a strange plot now (this part of my life I mean). I met some weird people and creeps (outside the clique but orbiting in the sphere of this man’s legacy), made a few enemies. My life coincidences related to my interest in him accelerated, I feel we have an unexplained bond and I wish to meet him after death and settle somewhere together. My weird beliefs or obsessions don’t interfere with my everyday life, I am the perfect student at my college and no one suspects me of this. I want it to make sense and get some dramas resolved. This person I speak of gave me a lot of support, even though he’s dead since a long time, his creations always uplift me and I think we have similar personalities. I am grateful for what it brought to my life and I wish to stay strong to defeat the difficulties that appear sometimes. I also wonder how it will end and if anything will ever change.

No. 1462065

haven't been there since i emailed my bf. hope you find someone nonnie!

nta but we swore to not tell anyone we met on 4chan. that's going to our graves. i'm just confessing here because i don't understand how the worst guys i ever met were from irl, but i meet someone from 4chan and it's fairytale, taylor swift relationship.

No. 1462070

What is he like? What are his interests? Did it start as a ldr or are you guys in the same country?

No. 1462089

I've tried very hard to move him out, even helped him pack bags, got him to talk to his parents to leave and then the slightest wedge gets thrown into the plan and he's magically not moving out because he has ADHD. Said moid has continually told me he is in love with me every time we fight despite being crudely aware that I am a butch lesbian.

No. 1462096

samefag but said moid roommate has also fucked ALL of my male attracted friends. Including my closest friends. I don't know what to do.

No. 1462170

we are in an LDR, but we live fairly close to each other that i can drive for a morning and spend the weekend with him, or vice versa. i hope to close that distance when i move in with him later this fall.

he is someone you would not expect to be on 4chan, or really anything related to a computer/the internet. just imagine your typical redneck farmer that's been through hell, and that's him. he's quite intelligent. at one point he had a job offer from microsoft for a six figure job, but he declined it as he did not want to live there. he could be working in a much better job, in a nicer place; he just doesn't want to leave where he's grown up. that, and he wants to farm.

it's hard to describe what he's like because i just end up gushing about him nonstop. he is very caring and protective of me, but pushes me to be a stronger person. he understands the terms and conditions of me, so to speak, and doesn't let my quirks bother him so much. if anything, he just wants to hold me, say sorry that all these people have hurt me, and nobody will hurt me again. he has a lot of hobbies. right now he's learning his fourth language. he cares deeply for his community and recently joined a committee to volunteer for projects. he is expanding his baking skills.

if anything, we get each other. we don't really need to explain anything to each other. we have a lot of over lapping interests, our personalities are similar. the only thing i would say that sticks out is our age gap. he is a decade older than i am. i'm no spring chicken, but it does cause me concern later down the line. i don't want to be alone as he is more likely to go first in old age.

he has a lovely smile. in the photos he sent me he never smiled, but around me he cannot stop. we always laugh together. i don't feel like an object, he makes me feel like a person.

i'm rambling at this point, sorry for the blogging.

No. 1462191

If you own the house, just give him a deadline to move out. Tell him that you are tired of having a roommate and want to live by yourself.

If you don't own it, get buddy, buddy with landlord and ask them not to renew his lease.

No. 1462215

File: 1672784261693.gif (3.02 MB, 275x275, 1671015370545.gif)

i'm considering going full on pedo-panderer and pedo-baiting simply because i'm horn e and normal men don't like me.
inb4 just masturbate. i've been doing that up until now and i'm 22. i'm frustrated and horn e for a moid that feels lust towards me. i hope whatever these feelings and thoughts are go away soon enough.

No. 1462221

File: 1672784506178.jpeg (645.81 KB, 1170x799, DD1C908C-DAB2-4AAC-A1DE-D4B78F…)

No. 1462222

>horn e

No. 1462223

i can honestly accept trans people if they suffer from dysphoria. i think if the movement had kept to "i have a mental illness that makes me hate my body and transitioning fixes that" and hadn't become the weird mogai tmam/twaw mess it is today i wouldn't have peaked at all

so maybe it's for the best

No. 1462228

What makes you think you'd get male attention as a pedo panderer if you don't get any now? Shayna Jr.

No. 1462230

i keep falling for men who are not attracted to women of my skin tone (not necessarily those who outright dislike my race, but simply don't prefer dating mine) and sometimes men who aren't attracted to women to begin with. it's not intentional, idk how this happens, it actually makes me feel terrible cause i know i'll never have a chance with them lol. some of them are famous men so there still wouldn't be a chance regardless.

No. 1462233


No. 1462236

ii feel personally offended when i post something and nonnies reply to the comment above mines and not my comment. I need to be more interesting

No. 1462253

I think you're doing that on purpose, like you unconsciously feel scared of relationships so you crush on men who you don't really have a chance with anyway (gay guys, famous men etc)

No. 1462265

Idc how mentally ill they are, no fucking way am I agreeing with government funded plastic surgery and cross sex hormones. The mentally ill ones need therapy and exercise. The non mentally ill ones need to have their internet access cut for a few years.

No. 1462310

that's possible, but i truly don't feel anything towards more attainable men or local men either. they're just uglier to me idk

No. 1462316

i wasn't trying and attracted a pedo some time ago. also a couple of guys have told me explicitly they don't like me because i look way too young in the past. i don't want a pity fuck(its been offered before and its humiliating), i want someone that's really into me and goes cray like a hungry animal and stuff. i don't wanna turn into what i hate the most but here we are.

No. 1462319

I think people can do whatever they want, get plastic surgery not my problem not my business. I think it's a waste of money but whatever. but now it's sold as a health thing or a medical necessity when it's not.

like… some anachans wanna kill themselves when they look in the mirror but no one is teaching them how to maintain the lowest BMI for as long as possible with lifelong medical support. they get sent to fucking therapy.

No. 1462323

If you look too young then you probably dress a bit autistic. It's normal to look young when you are 22. Not gonna advice you against anything because we all need to make our own mistakes in life, but I think you can probably level up by dressing differently.

No. 1462326

also about that pedo.
i got a glimpse into what it feels like to have a guy strongly sexually desire you like i see most men express towards other more "womanly" women and i guess i secretly liked it

No. 1462329

maybe, but my mom says I actually dress too mature for my age. I literally hate youth-worship culture and the overly feminine and girly clothes (don't get me started on schoolgirl skirts i see in every mainstream store irl and online). I'm a hypocrite and terrible person i know

No. 1462331

I think by dressing plainly you can ironically look more infantile if that makes sense, if you are already young looking. Idk how to explain it. Sounds like you are pretty happy with the way you dress though.

No. 1462427

Tbh, I think dysphoria is just a label used to help lazy hypochondriacs and munchies cope and reach for a unique diagnosis instead of getting to the root of the issue, which requires tons of therapy. The laziness brings out the narcissism.

No. 1462474

File: 1672796310891.jpg (9.5 KB, 245x245, 6efb13a48c45dad4f354c340a822e8…)

Hiro Hamada still makes my heart flutter. The movie came out when I was 13 but I never outgrew my crush on him and I pretend he aged up but barely changed in appearance

No. 1462476

I wish there was aged up fanart of him. I also had a crush on him when the movie came out.

No. 1462492

In some ways being black has helped me not go full bpd chan or crazy because I know I’ll end up in prison, homeless or dead unlike my white counterparts who get called “sexy, tsundere/crazy cute” or babied when they act like that, it kind of enables their behavior and they start acting more stupid. I just abuse alcohol and drugs on my own but I act like a normal/calm person on the outside. When I feel myself getting crazy with scrotes I don’t react, I just block them.

No. 1462509

File: 1672799214885.jpg (22.74 KB, 470x431, 284648_143274999085827_1287549…)

I love literotica.com.

No. 1462510

me tooooo!

No. 1462513

I love the oldweb layout. Feels cozy while I search for smut.

No. 1462528

Yo any stories you rec? I keep reading the same ones kek

No. 1462585

Hmm, not really - I usually just pick one of the main genres (I mostly read from the vanilla one, group sex, and lesbian) and then search in the most recent highly-rated stories. I have a pretty low libido and only look at it about once a month kek.

No. 1462684

Same, I don't consider myself to be a hateful or bigoted person. I try not to hate what I don't understand so I do my research and acknowledge my internal biases. I try to understand what gender dysphoria is, what the trans movement is all about. I try to understand what trans people experience, from people I know personally and accounts of people online. I imagine myself what it would be like if I was in their shoes. I don't think I'll ever understand what gender dysphoria is but I understand their suffering so I was sympathetic to those with medical dysphoria. But all that sympathy is now gone when I had observed their behaviour. How MTFs, despite claiming how they're EXACTLY LIKE ME, are so fundamentally different from me. Not just in appearances, but also in perspective and experiences. I even had disagreements with the trans people I used to be friends that stemmed from our differences of perspective, such as on feminism and women's issues. I think socialization and upbringing plays a huge part in how you see the world. After all, I am I and my circumstance. Therefore, I don't consider transwomen to be the same as me and all other women who was born in and had always been navigating this world as a true and honest female.

No. 1462693

I always feel bad when I see anons reproach random stuff to men (not knowing how to take selfies, not answering texts fast enough…) because I do these things too.

No. 1462735

unironically it's usually different when we do it. they're entitled or looking for extra pussy. we're usually just busy or overwhelmed and not trying to neg by avoidance or trawl for dick, etc

No. 1462738

is he a conservative?

No. 1462834

Don't overmeme or brainworm yourself with lolcow talking points. There are general heuristics, and there are realities. If he's good for you, he's good for you.

No. 1462868

What you guys have sounds nice, I hope it works out. Also wondering, and to hopefully not sound like I'm instigating, do you intend to fully integrate into his life? The community building, farming, and not wanting to leave his hometown sounds like you'll have to compromise on a lot of things eventually.

No. 1462943

This sounds extremely similar to a guy I met and dated from 4chan. Sounded too good to be true. Don’t wanna open that can of worms but long story short, it was indeed too good to be true.
Hope you have a fairytale ending though! but if there are red flags, don’t rationalize them.

No. 1462946


No. 1462988

What did you mean too good to be true?

No. 1462992

File: 1672852415500.jpg (79.08 KB, 753x603, can-of-worms1.jpg)

No. 1462993

spill the deets

No. 1463012

I NEED to find an unstable depressed moid on preddit or r9k and groom him into becoming emotionally dependent on me before convincing him into killing himself on stream.

No. 1463026

Ive decided to go back to college! Im going to use the remainder of my pell grant and get a bachelors degree. Partially for my future, partially to have an excuse to leave this shitty business my inlaws run. Its a great excuse and if i work anymore with my FIL i will snap, from all his stupidity. Already yelled at him before Christmas… the audacity white men have

No. 1463031

You ok nonnie?

No. 1463033

better than ever.

No. 1463051

I take photos of random people who I find attractive.

No. 1463057

I have cameras that activate when something moves in the back yard. Yesterday I went out back to look at the crazy sky. The camera took a 10 sec video of me and and sent a notification of a selected still shot to my phone saying someone was spotted out back. The still shot is so horribly unflattering, shows me looking honestly heavier than I am bc the way I was half bent kek I am 15lbs overweight but somehow look over 200 in the pic and a shadow looks like I have bad fupa. Grainy and dark but it looks so bad. Granted I am not the pinnacle of health at all but this photo is especially bad. Im gonna set it as my phone background to help me remember to excersise and eat right this year.

No. 1463308

I really need to lose my virginity this year. I'm 28 and constantly horny yet I hate my body so much I just don't want anyone to see me naked. I need to get over that I guess.

No. 1463596

yeah, leans that way. he also really hates big corporations and will go out of his way to support locally owned businesses. one of the times he visited me, i took him to a target for the first time and he HATED it.

thank you nonnie. you are too sweet.

it's something that's been on the both of our minds. part of the reason he was hesitant to date anyone was that they would have to live out in the country. he sees it as a duty to take over his family's farm as they've been farmers since they came over to america. he has siblings, but they don't really care/have an interest. they're more of the stereotypical shitty scrotes. he's accepted that he can't really live elsewhere, but also doesn't mind too much? if that makes sense. one thing that weighs heavy on my mind is his family. they're nice, but the kind to overstep boundaries, like inviting themselves over a house. i'm not really into that, while he kind of accepts it. i feel like i'll be the first one to tell his parents a hard "no" on certain things.

it's going to be a challenge for sure. it will be difficult, and there are many conversations that will happen because of me moving. you did not instiage, but i think i will have another talk with him. we can get caught up in the lovey dovey stuff.

my last relationship taught me a lot. if anything happens, i'm out. i do not tolerate shit.

No. 1463597

>yeah, leans that way
hm how much does he 'lean'..what are his thoughts on abortion

No. 1464093

So I've been the shithead in every romantic relationship I've been in. There weren't many, just three, but I manipulated, cheated on, lied to and scammed all three of them. They weren't bad or whatever, I just turn into soulless entity when it comes to romantic relationships. I don't really regret it though, I had great fun time with all of them and enjoyed it a lot.
I'm a good friend/daughther/sister but the second relationship becomes flirty I forget all of my morals lol.

No. 1464150

When I was a teen and my grandpa stayed at our place, my mom pissed me off and when I was hoovering I hit his feet deliberately because I was mad. He died when I was 17 and when I remember him that memory follows not long after.

He was so sweet and adoring to me, played chess with me and looking back was the sole builder of my self esteem out of all my relatives, trusting me to be competent at something and praising my hard work. Taking me out for walks and buying me ice cream. I don’t know, maybe that doesn’t sound all that great to you guys but I’ve had such a dysfunctional upbringing otherwise, he was a ray of light and my model figure to what to look for in a partner and settle for no less. He brought flowers for my gran all the time too and deferred to her, it really upsets me that i hurt him and wish i could say sorry, because i didn’t at the time. Maybe by telling this here i can settle it.

No. 1464159

Same, I'm 26. I often stop what I'm doing to stare at the wall and fantasize about getting railed and I think about sex at least once an hour. But the thought of being seen naked or having a man actually touch me makes me want to scream. I hope sex isn't as bad or boring as some women say because the disappointment would be unreal when I've waited for so long.

No. 1464170

I plan on purposely failing or, at the very least, perform below average in my classes next semester. I despise my program and my body suffered from the stress of trying to get straight A's last semester. I got straight A's but why should I bother? Nothing good came out of that. I didn't feel better, got only minimal recognition, and have so many people keep telling me that grades don't matter. I only feel obligated to attend this program because my dad is coercing me to. Fuck this shit.

No. 1464247

My shitty upstairs neighbors have a young kid that bangs around early in the morning, waking me and my partner without fail. We've spoken with them, sleep with earplugs, but it's inevitable. Recently I bought some new speakers and play music loudly under the kids bedroom. Legally I can do this until 11pm, but obviously their kid goes to bed earlier than that. Except no, because my music disturbs them. I suppose I should feel bad about it, the kid isn't really at fault after all, but fuck the parents who don't care at all about being quiet. You get what you deserve.

No. 1464256

It'll happen, but don't rush it. Sex is great but it's not the be all end all media makes you think. You will be no different after having sex then right now. Also, I guarantee you are harsher and more critical of your body than a mood about to have sex will be. They're bastards about women when women aren't sleeping with them - but if you strip naked in front of a guy with the attention to have sex, he will be turned on and excited by you. Good luck with your goal, and be safe!

No. 1464314

Nah, I applaud this kind of pettiness. Parents who let their kids do whatever they want are trash. I always think about the people around me, especially if I wake up early and have to walk around the kitchen/living area.

No. 1464351

Really don't care about environmental issues at all.

No. 1464372

I’m sorry anon. Teenagers do stuff like that, because your impulse control and empathy isn’t fully developed yet. I think this is especially the case when you are from a dysfunctional home. I am too, so I just wanted to say your post made an impression on me and I relate to the regret you feel. You sound like a kind person. I’m sure your grandfather understood at the time, and if he were still alive he would be proud of how much you’ve grown since then.

No. 1464459

File: 1672962411974.jpeg (25.18 KB, 201x201, FEFD3BAE-9309-4DEE-9965-095AA2…)

i am deeply if not nearly solely attracted to mediterranean people or those who have those origins ( which is to say italian americans and by extension ethnically jewish people ). my ex was syrian and no one as far as i've seen could hold a candle to her beauty besides only two particular famous women which are different races from one another but that's different since i won't ever see them in real life so they're practically fictional but there have been ones that have come close and i've just now realized the point in common is that they've all been mediterranean. white looking mediterraneans not counted as they don't have that "dark and handsome" charm, and phenotype kek

No. 1464478

sometimes i get so mad at posts here that i lose my appetite for the rest of the day

No. 1464813

I feel extreme comfort in the presence of fat older women. That’s why I always hang around my coworker, she puts me at ease and she always has cookies in her locker

No. 1465079

i STILL have dreams about my high school crush.
its been years. ill go months without thinking or caring about her, and then she'll just pop up in my dreams one day. i start wondering how she's doing, what she's been up to- i'll obsessively google her to find new information or pictures or anything. and i hate myself but its like i need to know, even if it hurts me to think about her. and after that i go back to normal until the next time she invades my thoughts again.

nonnies i am a mess. i was too much of a giant sperg to be able to do anything about my (unhealthy) feelings back then and honestly? i still am. if i were to see her out in public again i think id start spiralling for sure.
i only recently learnt what limerence was and i know full well that it was 100% what that whole mess was, but gdi even being able to recognise it for what it was hasnt helped me in the slightest.
she was amazing, the coolest most interesting person i've ever met probably. god i want to kms

No. 1465084

i occasionally see something so unimaginably retarded in the tinfoil thread that i have to solemnly close my laptop and stand at the window for an extended period of time

No. 1465088

having the tinfoil thread unhidden is an act of self harm

No. 1465101

Noonie i go through the same circle since 15years ago!!! I don’t kknow what to do to stop just wanted to say you’re not alone

No. 1465105

same nonnie, im average weight but fat women are awesome. inb4 fatness is unhealthy!!!1!!!1 i do not need someone to be healthy or able bodied to admire and appreciate their presence in my life

No. 1465109

Fat old women do indeed give good hugs. And they're usually very kind and will call you things like "sugar", "honey" and "baby".

No. 1465132

Did…did I write this post? I’m so horny, and especially on my days off of work all throughout the day a little sexual fantasy will pop up and I just stop what I’m doing and let it play out lol.
>the thought of being seen naked or having a man actually touch me makes me want to scream
Yeah whenever I think about actually trying to seriously be with a guy I think I would just have a panic attack and cry, I’m way too self conscious about my body. A guy I didn’t like asked me out and I turned him down, but it got me thinking about what I would do if a guy I actually liked asked me out and I would probably reject him too because I’m just too nervous.

No. 1465208

>the other day an anon said something really rude to me and it caught me off guard and I deleted it and felt sad
>There's a thread I like on here but it's full of fucking weirdos and not really moderated. It's like a whole nother part of the site and it's clear whats up but it's been left to die. I hate it because it's something i'm interested in talking about it

No. 1465213

Today I pushed a woman for the first time in my life. My mother had been scolding me all day and I barely slept, she looked at me and said something to her friend so I thought she was talking about me and pushed her (she didn't fall or anything luckily). She came back a bit later to yell at me which is understandable, I apologized and said I wasn't doing well and that I was sorry, she said it was okay after I explained a little bit (bless her). I'm glad she came back and I could explain myself but I still feel bad about it, I've never done something like this. I feel like a stupid 13 year old boy who is always looking for a fight.

No. 1465317

>There's a thread I like on here but it's full of fucking weirdos and not really moderated. It's like a whole nother part of the site and it's clear whats up but it's been left to die. I hate it because it's something i'm interested in talking about it
celebricows? one of the /w/ threads?

No. 1465335

my humor is so childish
>What you about to eat anon?
>Some ass

>Im hungry, there's nothing to eat nonnie!

>eat some ass

I need to grow up, i'm 2*

No. 1465379

I've changed up the lyrics to alot of my fave songs to make them about eating ass. I don't know why I started doing it but I've ruined about a dozen songs now by memorizing my own bastardized versions.

No. 1465382

not really related but me and my sister were doing that thing where you take the last song you listened to and put "in my ass" after it. she mentioned it worked particularly well with disney songs (a whole new world, can you feel the love tonight, hellfire) and I mentioned Mr Brownstone. my sister said Mr Brownstone sounded like it could be a turd, so now every time I hear Mr Brownstone I think of it being a giant turd.

I need to grow up too.

No. 1465390

i think i’m too attractive to be in a relationship
also my personality sucks

No. 1465395

When people ask me what kind of music I like, I say, “I like everything!!” knowing damn well I hate music and don’t listen to any.

No. 1465397

Yea I wouldn't date anyone that thinks they are “too attractive”. Big turn off

No. 1465503

I don't know whether it's true or not but the claim that women don't enjoy piv as a rule sits really wrong with me. I know men have abused and used us for all history, but to assert that a major biological function of our species is meant to make us suffer just seems depressing and misogynistic even. I know there are animals who suffer for procreation but I just don't think it's true that it's meant to be unenjoyable for human women– but a lot of female sexuality involves build-up, getting wet, intimacy, and obviously consent/attraction so I can see where that being skipped by the scrote would hinder things especially when so many women wind up dating fugly beasts. It's okay of course if penetration isn't for everyone but when even lesbians and women masturbating will use dildos there's gotta be something to it when done right. It sounds miserable to say we were set to suffer that much, and I don't think it's true based off sexually active girls I knew but again it probably has to be done right

No. 1465505

I'm curious anon why do you hate it? Admittedly I don't understand at all

No. 1465527

I think we're fully capable and supposed to enjoy PIV, we're also just meant to be way way more selective with men than we currently are. Moids have done everything in their power to guarantee themselves access to women when really they and their inferior genetics should die out instead, so most of us are gonna end up with sub par dick.

No. 1465547

File: 1673061942011.png (314.25 KB, 750x747, 345E2953-9411-41F8-954E-1D3DF2…)

My ex dumped me twice but each time acted like he immediately regretted it. Like he’d say he needed to be alone and then get really sad when I physically tried to leave. I talked him off the ledge the first time but the second break up I just walked away. Went completely MIA and then sent him a ‘no hard feelings’ text more for me than for him. He was super receptive and happy to hear from me and we ended up having a few more in person closure talks about what happened which eventually culminated in me going to a house party of his. We were both very fucked up but we didn’t do anything regretful, just had fun as “friends”. Had a phone call the day after asking him much harder questions and basically what he told me is that he was afraid of getting hurt again and I diplomatically told him that he was being stupid and he could’ve talked to me instead of all this drama. We agreed we needed space for the time being but in a massive grey area. Didn’t talk at all for two months until he sent a Happy New Year text at 10:30 at night (kek) and I responded and get nothing in return. I texted him yesterday for some small talk and we caught up a bit and he said we should talk again soon. Long story short I want to be with him but I’m retarted

No. 1465565

I cheat on every bf just to make sure I have someone when the relationship goes down hill

No. 1465567

I agree with you but I think there are many factors to why the average woman doesn't orgasm from piv. Mostly what >>1465527 says, also that most men skip foreplay, only last a few minutes, mindlessly jackhammer, and probably just assume that the woman came because he did.

No. 1465587

He sounds like a humongous faggot, no offense. But I hope you find happiness whether you get together with him for a third cursed ride on the faggot-bf-beaks-up-with-you merry go round or not, nona.

No. 1465590

I can’t fully hate him because I know a lot of this comes from retarted trauma brain choices which I have made plenty of myself but holy shit I didn’t realize the damage that is inflicted on the other side. I used to pull shit like this and genuinely though I was doing the best thing for everyone but it’s so stupidly unaware I’m embarrassed. Maybe this is my karma.

No. 1465624

Other people's romantic relationships disgust me. The concept of letting somebody know you like that and being happy about it is disgusting to me. It's like mutually vomiting onto the concrete and holding hands while you pick apart and gush over the rancid slurry.
I'm fully aware that this stems from my own issues with emotional intimacy but yeah, that's how I feel. The knowing look couples give each other makes me want to rip my skin off.

No. 1465625

No. 1465630

I don’t know why I read this and sincerely thought “that’s cool, wonder what’s up with this person they seem cool” lol

No. 1465631

No. 1465657

I love PIV and orgasm from it. I think a lot the "advice" regarding PIV on lolcow is well intended, but imo it goes too far when people start proclaiming PIV is just something straight women suffer through for the sake of their moid lol. I'm genuinely sorry for those who only have had this experience, but not all women are the same. PIV can feel bad and painful even, but so can other sex acts. I've read so many posts from women who struggle to orgasm in general with their partner, whether it's PIV, oral, using hands and so on. On a related note, I was groomed into the whole sex positive schpiel when I was younger, but matured out of it once I learned more and had some bad experiences. I think the anons who say women as a whole can't enjoy PIV are on the opposite end of that extreme. I consider myself a feminist and would forego sex for issues I care about, e.g. if abortion was banned in my country, but it doesn't mean I don't genuinely enjoy PIV and have a sex drive.

For women who are curious about PIV, I used to get myself off by vaginal penetration before becoming sexually active, you can totally try it on your own and see if it's for you. I recommend using your fingers for better precision, but maybe it's just because that's how I started out.

No. 1465686

you're 100% right but a good amount of the anons in there sound like 65 year old men with mild dementia who watched too much infowars and it makes me laugh sometimes. smiling thru the pain

No. 1465695

You guys seem genuinely confused that because anons on a womens board talk about the very real reality that the average woman does not orgasm from the act of PIV alone =/= women should never have PIV. I have never seen any nonnies literally deny other anons the act of piv, they just admit that for the average woman that stimulus by and of itself wont make the average woman orgasm. Just because it can feel pleasurable doesn’t mean it leads to an orgasm and for alot it doesn’t or it will only be on rare occasions.

No. 1465700

Hamza had balls cancer or some shit and he just stated he might be infertile and I'm so happy that another redpiller/mgtow cunt won't be able to father biological children kek

No. 1465704

>I have never seen any nonnies literally deny other anons the act of piv
I see it fairly often on lolcow, and those are the posts I'm referring to. Might be someone trolling, but it's not helpful for the anons who are genuinely curious about it.

No. 1465709

>would forego sex for issues I care about, e.g. if abortion was banned in my country, but it doesn't mean I don't genuinely enjoy PIV
Diff anon but this affected me in a big way. I lived in a country with no abortion up until I was 30, then it was made legal here for the first time. Of course people immediately started trying to take it away again. I never want kids and I know I would've been in an absolute state of panic if other measures ever failed me. It would've sent me over the edge as someone who already struggles with other issues. I have friends who got pregnant on various forms of BC and I've watched how their lives played out after that. I'd a decade of dating and feeling like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Being made out to be the bad guy for not sucking up the risk more. But then my friends had it worse off for having taken that risk and lost with entire life altering consequences despite them being careful.

I like penetration, as in toys. But I have all this left over baggage and these negative associations now with sex itself.

No. 1465737

lolcow is really the only social site i use regularly. So I know people will say, "Lol log off" but I think thats why i get so annoyed by the state of it. Im coming to terms with a lot of dumb ideals i hold. Like how everywhere else may dislike something i dislike (Criticize troons) but have shitty ideals on women who don't fit their view of race, size and respectablity. Or Pick me-ism (LSA). Lolcow had that mix for me.
It's realistic, I can be for women but that doesn't mean I have to support or like all women. Doesn't mean that i can't call out women who harm other women or do dumb shit. But coming to the realization slowly the type of people I was interacting with and ignoring what was in front of me the whole time, really makes me feel angry and sad. It's like an abusive relationship.
I know you hate me, I know that if you knew who I was, what i look like and my race, you would'nt care if I believe the same things you believe.

No. 1465739

I keep up with the manosphere too much for my own mental health yet I've never heard that name. There's too many of those scroids

No. 1465758

>lol log off
>on a fucking imageboard
Don't ever listen to these anons, they're retards from Twitter

No. 1465802

File: 1673098433592.jpg (36.73 KB, 990x743, d2b1824eaaca31ee_65d22cda_1280…)

I really fucking love the song Little Dark Age, I listen to it on repeat on YouTube and think about the history of the world and our future and myself as this tiny being in the midst of all of it and it all just feels so overwhelming and cool. It feels like watching the world from an outsider's perspective, being detached from all the news, from everything on earth, all of the time that's passed. It makes me feel like a part of history and a spectator of it. I know it's the TikTok meme music but it makes me feel a way that few other songs do. It feels like the beginning and the end, the dawn of everything and the apocalypse. Like the birth of creation and The Last Judgement. Something about it reaches me so intensely. It's a perfect song for the current time, the mess that we live in. The amount of awareness we have of the past, the confusion it gives us about the future. It makes me want to chase the sunset, climb up until I reach the clouds, swim until I touch the edge of the world…

No. 1465824

i ate an entire large size pizza in one sitting for the first time in my life and for some reason i just feel really accomplished and proud of myself kek in some sort of forbidden way

No. 1465833

I love the song too. I love walking to the gym with it playing kek it really is a powerful song. It's a shame that it was used in a lot of right-wing scrotes youtube edits though.

No. 1465899

Anons i need music recommendations similar to this song, i like this genre a lot

No. 1465943

With every relationship I've had with a moid I've been the one doing the pursuing, showing initial interest, asking them out and asking to make it official, and that's just how I like it. If I ever want to get married I would prefer to be the one proposing to my so instead of the other way around. I guess it just makes me feel more in control. If I'm the one taking the initiative and making that decision I'll know for sure that I actually want it and it's all on my terms.
I generally don't view this as a bad thing, except I've seen posts on here a bunch of times about how it's undervaluing yourself or pickme behavior for the woman to propose to the man. Obviously I expect my nigel to put in effort and show his love to me in other ways, but I think I'd genuinely be a bit uncomfortable being proposed to, even if I do want to get married.

No. 1465985

I hate this song because my only exposure to it was from those shitty doomer /pol/ memes and that KFC (? or some other fast food place) wojak ad.

No. 1466004

Sometimes I wanna copy the posts I made on here several years ago and repost them without any change, just to see if 1) anyone notices 2) there's any difference in reaction to it.

No. 1466014

ayrt The employees have to report that shit kinda like shrink at a retail job, so I was trying to help.

No. 1466016

aren't there actual studies proving that many women can't orgasm from PIV tho, it's not really just a lc thing

No. 1466104

File: 1673123023871.gif (2.55 MB, 540x360, 1659030796740151.gif)

I love my friends but god some of them are so fat and ugly I'm kind of embarrassed being seen with them in public. One of them also always smells bad no matter how many times she showers. I usually don't even notice but I checked some pictures of us recently because I was saving them on my computer in case something happens to my phone and I had this realization very suddenly. You know how there were studies (supposedly, I haven't read them myself) proving that on average fat people are automatically perceived as more stupid than average? I wonder if people also thinks that about me just by association when they see us hanging out together. I also noticed I'm way more likely to be approached alone or with other people than when I'm with these friends.

No. 1466121

I like it really slowed down. Not like ridiculously slow, but fast enough that you could walk in time with it.

No. 1466123

This whole post is why I don't befriend anyone prettier than me.

No. 1466143

I'm not even good looking, I honestly think I'm a bit below average and me not being white means people are going to find me ugly where I live regardless, even if I looked like a supermodel, but I don't know… I never pay attention to whether women I interact with are attractive or ugly as fuck usually.

No. 1466147

File: 1673124174714.jpg (207.99 KB, 1100x773, 1599594867744.jpg)

Wtf, I genuinely cannot imagine being embarrassed because of how your (female) friends look. If they were super loud or attention grabbing in public spaces, I could understand it, but why care about something like looks? Pretty cringe.
With scrotes it's a different story, I would feel kind of embarrassed being seen hanging out with a super fat ugly moid in public.

No. 1466153

>I genuinely cannot imagine being embarrassed because of how your (female) friends look
I guess that's why I'm posting in that thread specifically. I don't really get it either because it was a very sudden and recent reaction. I usually don't pay attention to that so I'm confused myself.

>If they were super loud or attention grabbing in public spaces, I could understand it

Sometimes they are, but that's not what the post is about so I didn't feel the need to mention it. I don't have male friends, I have way better shit to do with my free time. At the very most I have a few male coworkers I don't mind talking to during lunch break.

No. 1466156

Anon is probably an ugly skelly while her friends are average girls. I used to be friends with anachans and they always call other women fat and ugly while they look like deflated corpses themselves, kek.

No. 1466161

No, one of them is morbidly obese to the point where she wanted to get lipo but couldn't until she lost weight. She gained it instead because of the first lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. It's fucking up her joints and she knows it, but she hasn't started dieting yet like she told me she would, I guess because as soon as she was finally planning these things all of her plan got ruined by the pandemic and she gave up. The other is way thinner than her and she weights a bit more than 100kg, I saw her checking her weight once because she checked it for shit and giggles when we were helping the first friend moving furniture.

No. 1466176

File: 1673125511439.jpeg (221.63 KB, 960x956, A2096DF3-AF54-4598-8574-E66610…)

My bf probably isn’t the best person to be with but my god the dick makes it worth it

No. 1466199

I know what you mean anon. Looks don't equal personality, but you want to look and be associated with people that look presentable and care about their appearance. While the majority of ourselves don't take care of ourselves as we should, it's not as obvious as it is for obese people because they're obviously obese.
One of my morbidly obese friends was extremely loud and she dressed like white trash so she called attention to herself and our group which was embarrassing. I hate when people yell and be obnoxious in public regardless, but her obesity, shitty style, and loudness really sealed into a stereotype I'd prefer not to have had been associated with.

No. 1466207

File: 1673127059742.jpg (64.77 KB, 666x499, be656cffe35c5b65b1abe792cd4295…)

I'm addicted to cuckquean porn. I'm lesbian and was anti, pornography, and men, and fat women. Until I got cheated on by my girlfriend. She snapped me multiple videos of having sex with very muscular man that she was talking to. It hurt really bad and I barely could speak to her. After blocking, I tried to deny it for a while, then while pursuing activism turned into a downward spiral of orientation-play, and a rape play fetish. (I think there's some science talking about your greatest fears/trauma manefesting as a fetish). I'm not attracted to men per-se, but to replicate the sheer shock and horror I felt when she went against her orrientation to cheat on me. I feel so disgusting, but it's the only way to numb and heal the pain of what's happened. It feels so wrong to be forced see men steal our girlfriends but they'll always be stronger than girls. I need to get over my fear. Is there any way for women to overpower men and defend ourselves? I want a new wave of radical feminism where our movements wouldn't be stifiled by physical prowess. Surely if the troons can castrate themselves to our level, using the same logic, we'd be able to go toe to toe with men? I just want an all women world where we'd be safe from thousands of years of tourture. It's gotten to the brink of suicidal thoughts for me. We need to get rid of men before they take more women from us.

No. 1466213


No. 1466216

Not larping, but may be really traumatized by being cheated on. Do you have any experience on moving on?

No. 1466224

IDK if this is bait or not like the other person said, but in case anyone is serious, you can often treat odd fetishes you want to be rid of like breaking an addiction. You have to acknowledge it, while not letting it get any power of you. You can look up more tips online, but honestly it does sound like you have trauma, and addressing that should come first.

No. 1466232

>fat and ugly I'm kind of embarrassed being seen with them in public. One of them also always smells bad
anyone fat and ugly is going to smell like shit in their obese adult life, even if underneath layers of odorizing products. look at how visceral fat disgustingly bonds to their rotten-yellowed organs over time. they are rotting walking corpses.

No. 1466236

Yes, again not larping (maybe I just should've kept it tldr.) But my addiction is very serious. It's hard to aknowldege. Some say feeling it to heal it works. But I can't get over her, I was so close to her yet I didn't expect her cheating on me, let alone with a man. I feel so horrible for letting that happen to myself, you know?

No. 1466240

I think that's the issue, is you consider it something that you 'let' happen. In reality, there was probably nothing you could do. If someone wants to cheat on you, you can't really stop them. Honestly, it sounds like your old gf was really toxic to you. Just some food for thought.

No. 1466241

Yeah well in her case she doesn't smell just bad in a normal way so I'm willing to believe you. By normal I mean cases where someone sweats a lot because it's hot outside or because they practiced sports for hours and haven't showered just yet. Seriously I once became physically sick by staying at her play for one afternoon because her living room was just too much to bear. I then had to go to the hospital late at night a few days later because I felt nauseous for a week and felt like I was going to throw up but the vomit just wouldn't come out, that shit was insane.

No. 1466245

I know the man who fucked her just a few buildings down. I know they don't talk anymore, but my feelings blame him. I've had thoughts of getting into guns and shooting him to prove that women can defend themselves. I just can't take it anymore with how everyone I talk to about this doesn't take it as seriously.

No. 1466249

You need psychiatric help.

No. 1466252

Maybe she was, but it doesn't kill the pain away. Thanks for the help anon, I needed it since I don't consider myself as mentally stable.

No. 1466254

I'm sorry, I'm aware. I just get in those states, you know.

No. 1466260

Same as in advice thread but I slept with my ex's friend yesterday.

No. 1466261

But then again, can you blame me? We need real backup and force within ourselves. Although it dips into the waters of traditional masculinity, even as a fem lesbian myself it still holds value. We need to show moids we mean business without it turning to a fetish. Would you rather someone wait to GIVE you power, or to take it for yourself.

No. 1466266

You're having an episode. It's okay. Breathe in deeply and breathe out slowly. Drink a glass of water. Hold something palm-sized in your hand and concentrate on how it feels, its texture, its weight, its temperature. Hold still and listen to the sounds and the silence around you.

No. 1466267

It makes no sense to me why women aren't learning to defend themselves twoards men practically in all fields. Even hand to hand combat/physical prowess. I don't ever want to lose anything to a moid ever again. At that point, I'd kill myself. I'm tired of dicklets, tired of relying on them for rights. Tired of women in power having to suck dick to even get a slither of power. It's never occured to any of you anons that it will never be fair? Look at Roe v Wade for example. They. Don't. Care. I just wish we could replace them and find a way for reproduction someway else. Like Eugenics for those with penises, or creating sperm from pure bone tissue, ensuring pregnancy is 100% female at birth.

No. 1466269

I'll try that, anon. Thanks

No. 1466279

Wellll, anon. On second thought after calming down. I may have not been the greatest person either. Before we started dating, I had groped her ass many times without consent. Although in the relationship, she commented it was fine. Doing it at the time seemed like I was making her uncomfortable. Maybe I deserved it.

No. 1466344

i’m so sorry. hope u get the treatment u need… also, can u explain a bit about ur views on new wave radfem? i reread ur post a couple of times and ur replies but still didn’t understand. pls explain if u can! also a bit unrelated maybe but my gf is bisexual leaning towards women more, i’m lesbian and also radfem. she talks a lot about her celebrity crushes / obsessions and ofc they’re all moids. deep down i am afraid she’ll pull off shit like that and cheat on me with some disgusting scrote. i am repelled just by the thought of that. here’s my confession ig

No. 1466401

File: 1673136961879.jpg (80.55 KB, 800x450, itaintmuch.jpg)

I think of this meme whenever I feel insecure about the size of my boobs

No. 1466442

Sorry, nonnie. I don't know what to say. For radfem, I think it needs violence to be understood. Although we're outnumbered I feel like we should find out a sutble way of communication and organization to help arm ourselves. At this point I want liberation then revenge.

No. 1466449

listen to the whole album! i have it on vinyl and it makes me feel so good. there’s a song called when you die it’s also very good imo…

No. 1466453

thank u. violence and rage is all we need honestly u are right. and… hope u heal
ur wounds soon ♥

No. 1466466

She never 'went against her orientation'. If she willingly fucked a dude she was never a lesbian to begin with

No. 1466520

I wish i'd never lost my virginity

No. 1466525

The thing is, she hates men too. Not even just around me, and from what I know that was a one time thing. I may just be coping here, though.

No. 1466550

I love the smell of my sweaty pussy. It's summer here and every time I lift my leg up on the couch I get a whiff and I think I smell great. I realise others would probably think I smell musty and we're all hard-wired to find our own smell desirable but I actively enjoy being sweaty to smell myself.

No. 1466551

File: 1673152705595.jpeg (339.35 KB, 1920x1080, A75E5081-9611-4086-9031-4E2CF0…)

I live to play Yakuza 0 atm. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep I’m playing Yakuza 0. I’m so in love with both Kiryu and Majima. I would wish they were real but they wouldn’t be interested in a fat socially retarded NEET. I fantasise about them spit roasting me kek. Sometimes Nishiki is there

No. 1466552

Holy shit, I don't remember posting this. Same, kek.

No. 1466553

I think you need to hold a frozen orange in your hand and think about anything else.

No. 1466559

same tbh, my pits stink like garbage when im sweaty but my pussy smells nice and kind of like lumber or smth?

No. 1466561

So glad you nonnies get me, and I'm not too big on my pit sweat either.

No. 1466570

I think you are coping anon. Cheaters are trash. I used to have hope of returning to my cheating ex (lesbian here) but after I stopped having a huge episode which lasted months I realized what she gave me was not special. Hopefully you reach that point to not hurt yourself. Make new friends, join a discord server of a hobby, get something new to think about. Talk to anons here and read threads. But please please don't look at porn. Cut it off.

No. 1466574

I once online dated a transbian MtF on discord years ago.

No. 1466578

Pure poetry

No. 1466579

i keep having sex dreams abt my boyfriend that i had when i was 8 . we used to touch each other and cuddle in bed and idk it was so innocent and cute but i always wake up feeling gross and weird like wtf is wrong with me why do i keep dreaming abt my first consensual sexual experiences ????? i was a victim of csa so i was a weird hypersexual kid and teen but i've done the therapy i thought i was over it but i guess not.

No. 1466592

i think self hating loser women like you should be gulag'd along the moids, that's my confession

No. 1466596

I'm trying healthier ways. I'm looking to get into music.

No. 1466601

>I stopped having a huge episode which lasted months
how did you get over it?

No. 1466602

I saw my bf shine his phone light at his face while we were in bed and I thought he was very ugly like in a scary monster way.

No. 1466604

This is so funny to me for some reason kek

No. 1466674

I can't even make fun of you, at my lowest points the things that keep me going is waiting for new specific video games to be released so I can play them.

No. 1466703

hopefully it was just a trick of the light and you are not forcing yourself to date jabba the hutt

No. 1466716

Ugh this is me with some of my friends and acquaintances who aren’t necessarily ugly (underneath all that fat and grease) but just DON’T bother to take care of themselves at all. It’s… embarrassing. Especially if they spend a lot of money on tech and fandom stuff. Whyyy can’t you spend that on a decent haircut and clothes instead. Fucking look at yourself. I don’t get how people live like that. And I don’t care if I’m labeled as shallow. Physical appearance must be taken care of.

No. 1466736

it isn't shallow and obese people do stink to high heaven. plus they are buying chronic illnesses, cardiac arrests, strokes and an early grave by giving in to dysgenic dumpster genes and not taking care of themselves

No. 1466740

I’m gonna hit on a they/them tomorrow.

No. 1466745

Good luck anon.

No. 1466889

I cheated on my boyfriend and got caught and today he's moving out and moving back home across the country. I know it's fucked but I don't feel guilty in the slightest and I'm glad I'll have the place to myself. I don't know if I don't care because I'm an inmoral bad person or if I just genuinely didn't give a shit about him/our relationship (I thought I did, but we started dating quite young so maybe I just didn't know better.) I know the second option still makes me a bad person. Either way the part that makes me guilty is that I don't feel guilty.

No. 1466900

No. 1466904

we can only hope for the best

No. 1467025

That's great anon. I'm glad you're putting your energy to other things.
Everytime I felt bad I didn't hold it in at all and spoke about it to my friends. My friends were super supportive and I did everything I had to do. I didn't do anything crazy act dumb , get drunk, I just felt the worst of the emotions, joined a gym etc. It was hard but I managed to do it.

No. 1467100

File: 1673198417575.gif (2.7 MB, 498x261, 740E4272-4BD5-461A-A6DE-63929D…)

Pretty much was in the same situation and honestly I don’t regret it at all, my life has drastically improved since and I now I have a bf I legit love and care for. Probably would’ve got the same results as just breaking up tho tbh but oh well kek.

No. 1467107

File: 1673198736582.jpg (482.72 KB, 919x1338, Screenshot_20220916-134150_Fir…)

I legitimately believe in the Larry conspiracy theory (Harry and Louis from One Direction are/we're in a secret romantic relationship). It started with me lurking and laughing at a retarded fandom and they ended up convincing me, wtf.

No. 1467114

No. 1467137

I mean alot of the time people get caught cheating and then they beg for forgiveness, insist they love their partner and they want to work it out etc.. to me THAT never made much sense. You took that gamble for a reason. Because you didn't care in the first place. At least thats consistant with your actions.

I'd an ex cheat and not show remorse. We'd had issues before that. Should've broken up sooner tbh. Even as the 'injured party' I still feel like I had a lesson to learn there. To leave sooner. Not to cling to already failing relationships til things reach that extreme before I finally leave.

No. 1467149

Based. Did the same shit several months ago with zero remorse lol.

No. 1467152

Most of the time, bad people don't worry if they are bad people or not. They just do bad shit and expect other to cope or try to guilt people into feeling bad for them because they feel bad that they hurt you. (I will never understand how people fall for that one).

No. 1467170

sources please i want to laugh

No. 1467174

If I were prettier I’d be a habitual cheater. Since I’m not all that cute cheating just isn’t worth the risk.

No. 1467185

Same anon. Me and you both learned to leave sooner
…… . I am grateful for the lesson and genuinely glad I don't want her cheating ass anymore.

No. 1467213

Last week I got very drunk and I told my boyfriend he had a small dick. I didn’t say it in a mean way, I just blurted it out and he looked so hurt after I immediately just got this “oh fuck! no no no no no!” feeling. It’s not untrue. It’s like 5, maybe 5 and a half inches. It doesn’t look like much but it like reaches everything inside me that it needs to and I love it which is really what I was trying to say. I wasn’t trying to make him feel bad which sounds fucking retarded because obviously I could have avoided that by not mentioning the size of it at all but drunk me thought it was a good idea.
We had a big talk about it, he said none of his exes ever said anything and he was in like 9 relationships before this one and that some of them even complimented him on the size of it which I don’t doubt because his exes seem like the kind of pickme’s who would do some bullshit like that to stroke a guys ego. But he says he feels really bad about himself physically now and he doesn’t want to shower with me anymore and he doesn’t want me to say anything good or bad about his dick for like a year. We haven’t had sex in two weeks. We’ve been together for about a year now. We love eachother a lot and we still have long term plans we talk about often but I miss him, I miss fucking him. I can’t even fucking talk to him about it. He doesn’t believe me anymore when I say I like it, he doesn’t want to hear it. I just wanna have like super passionate lovemakey sex with him until he realizes how much I love how he feels inside of me but he’d probably think I’m faking it, he asked me if I have been. I feel so lonely

No. 1467221

Samefag. This happened last month. Sorry, I wrote this while trying to pretend to be listening to my mom on the phone.

No. 1467222

>he doesn’t want me to say anything good or bad about his dick for like a year
I don't mean to sound harsh but my first thought on reading this.. You say he's had 9 previous relationships. Chances are you won't be together in a year.

No. 1467233

Yeah it was the way the room was dark and his face was there it looked like an ape skull or something

No. 1467234

Lol you’re gonna break over his small dick

No. 1467236

I like dominating men. I'm a sadist.

No. 1467241

If it happens, Op trust you will do better for yourself!

No. 1467244

Just initiate sex, and flirt with him until he gets over it

No. 1467361

do you believe in the fake baby theory and all those retarded edits too? what's the reasoning?

No. 1467468

sounds like a really shit dick tbh lol

No. 1467478

Men are so fucking sensitive when they get body shamed. Even if it was a misunderstanding, they act like such big babies over it and you have to coddle them until their egos feel better. Had a similar thing happened when I told my ex I'd love him less if he he stayed fat forever. It wasn't even the weight I had an issue with, it was the mentality and the giving up part that I would find unappealing especially since he was always complaining to me about he's fat, eating unhealthy, and how much he wants to lose weight. Like, I'd expect my partner to have self-respect at least. Obviously I still loved him at that time even if he was overweight but he thought I would stop loving him for being fat which demonstrably wasn't even true since I was still with him. I tried to clear up the misunderstanding but I eventually got fed up over his whining because I don't want to handle his manchild tantrum every time we get into an argument like this. I guess the advice that I would give you is give him some space and let him think about the situation to calm down until he regains his trust back to you.

No. 1467505

File: 1673228223303.jpg (31.09 KB, 481x473, 36c6960244addf5e3e581de3ba794f…)

I'm pretty sure my aunt's husband was a nonce. Luckily he's dead now and he was a creepy fat scrote in general so even if he wasn't a nonce he was still really strange. When I was 14 and at some family event he came up to me with a weird smile and said "I've got loads of photos of you that you'd be embarrassed to see" like what the fuck does that even mean? Even at age 14 and being a massive pickme/naive to scrote ways I was still incredibly creeped out by that and just didn't know what to say. My stomach turned and I never found out what he meant by that but that side of the family is insanely fucked up anyway - serious mental health issues, cousin committing suicide because my dumbass aunt always chose abusive scrotes to marry, the list goes on.
When I came back to my hometown post-uni his son also started messaging me a lot and literally flirting with me even though we were literally cousins. I tried telling my mother about it but she laughed at me even though I said I was creeped out by it as he only lived a few minutes away and worked at the nearby Co-Op. I never went into that shop again because I was genuinely terrified of him after that and this was way before I even peaked on how moids are.
Honestly, I think the entirety of my mother's side of the family is completely fucked up tbh. I bet there is some dark stuff I don't know about.

No. 1467526

I was first introduced to Larry through the cursed YouTube shorts algorithm. The dedicated subreddit is pretty cringe and as well as having "proof". https://www.reddit.com/r/larrystylinson/

I don't believe the baby is a fake doll, but it does appear that the baby's mother is a friend of Louis Tomlinson's and they never really fully dated. So it doesn't seem totally crazy that he's either covering up for her or that he benefits by seeming more straight due to supposedly having a child with a woman.

No. 1467532

it’s probably not that deep but I just have to confess cause I do feel like a creep somewhat, I recently just got a boyfriend but my bf was my brother friend and I would remember seeing him in school and we had class with each other but I was pretty shy so I never spoke to him but I would keep tabs on him by asking my brother about him and seeing him around the school campus too, I remember him having a girlfriend during that time cause I would see them together also I kind of gave up but I guess I won at the end cause he’s my boyfriend now and my brother told me before hand “You don’t like him right” and I laughed and said no but I always knew I wanted him and now I have him. Sorry for my bad English or writing

No. 1467536

I know that the life of the average prostitute is miserable and very dangerous, but if I were attractive enough to be a well paid whore, I'd throw away the shit minimum wage slave life in a heartbeat

No. 1467538

File: 1673233349326.jpg (12.76 KB, 320x320, 1672195236063.jpg)

My boyfriend showed me some pics of him when he was younger and I lowkey wish he still looked like that (he's grown his hair out and gained a lot of muscle mass since). He's attractive to me regardless but now I crave for him to go back to his nerdy little twinky form because that's literally my type.

No. 1467540

aw man every time i look at any of my boyfriends past pictures when they were 18-20 i realize how badly they've aged like holy shit how do men bald at 19 and get crows feet so quickly

No. 1467553

to be fair haircuts and clothes don't affect health unless it's unwashed
t. cozy sweatpants and pjs enjoyer

No. 1467587

goes well beyond that imo. why you want to be long term with someone that's either going to die young, have chronic illnesses piling up on your unsolicited caregiver back, or barely have stamina enough to even walk around the house? or more likely all of the above. fuck fat loser moids.

No. 1467589

File: 1673240441350.jpg (61.02 KB, 564x846, a081d11341eec524d7ce69791946b3…)

I really love these silly shoes.

No. 1467590

Why a prostitute though? Most exceptionally good looking women can do whore work without ever having to show coochie and get good money.

No. 1467591

They're nice, the camel toe shoes. They must be quite comfortable.

No. 1467598

they look extremely uncomfortable

No. 1467599

I let my dog kiss me on the mouth and I love when she gives me lil nose kisses. Yes I know she licks her butt and I try not to think about it. But tbf it probably isn’t too much worse than kissing moids.

No. 1467601

This is me af, my ex’s visual peak was in high school. Then he stopped wearing his retainer, playing sports, and started dressing worse for whatever reason. I felt bad thinking that my ex looked so handsome and then thinking afterwards “what happened” KEK.
Fortunately I cannot relate at all!

No. 1467602

Apparently they are super comfortable. I really want to try them on one day.

No. 1467635

this girl i dislike just got a big ass, ugly ass tattoo across her whole chest. i’m gonna hype her up and tell her to get some face tattoos next
top. kek.

No. 1467647

There's a youtuber whose content I love so much that I watch and rewatch his videos daily. His voice is so comforting. I've been watching his content for 10 years.
It's not even a parasocial relationship because he doesn't interact with fans and he never shares anything about himself or his life. I just really, really, really love his content. If he ever stops making videos I will actually kms.

No. 1467791

im 28 and never had a job or a state ID. I'm agrophobic and I'm about to get my ID tommorrow and I'm having an internal panic attack and I don't want to go

No. 1467900

I believe in you, nona! These things are usually easier than you think it's gonna be, and I hope you feel proud/relieved when it's all over later today.

No. 1467904

Confronting anxiety is really hard, but really worth. When you look at that id in your hand and know that you were strong enough to get it done and not let anxiety win, you will be so proud of yourself. I was when I got my state id, and then my drivers license.

No. 1467915

I dont know how to dress myself properly. If I have to go somewhere and sweats are too casual I have 1 pair of jeans that look nice and I will wear a tshirt and a jacket to hide how my muffin top looks in the pants cuz I gained weight kek. But I have been wearing sweats and tank tops for years and havent bought more…so everything is starting to look ragged. Everything I look at in stores looks cheap and stupid. Dont have a lot of money so spending it on nicer stuff would get me like, 1 thing and I would have to save up over time to keep adding. Doable, but also I am just so comfortable in sweats I see no point in any 'real' fashion. I just want to look less frumpy. I dyed my black coat with black dye to refresh the faded spots and it looks nice. But really I think the only reason I very rarely get hit on or looked at is because I am not super fat, just a lil overweight and have a big butt and boobs in a place where obesity is the average and mega obese is common. Idk. I dont wanna really worry about how I look via clothing style but I got mistaken for a homeless person once while wearing a comfortable ratty jacket over my standard clothes and well I just gotta get some quality clothes I think.

No. 1467919

Samefag I just wanted to clarify that I am NOT trying to get hit on at all it is just that getting hit on is so fucking suprising because of how frumpy I am that it just has to be because of my weight as an outlier in a very heavy state/city. Cuz I absolutely look like I am a slob by the way I dress kek. I dont give a shit about male validation just that when the rando does actually look at me it is kinda shocking bc of how I dress so ratty kek

No. 1467950

one of my friends introduced me to his friend because we all have similar interests and turns out new friend has a youtube channel and he looks and acts exactly like my ex but with different interests. i am already in a relationship i cannot be around this man im just going to avoid him

No. 1467980

thank you so much, I'm going tommorrow and I cannot describe the amount of aniexty I have. I will be honest, I'm having thoughts of killing myself and it comforts me so I don't have to do it. But I NOT planning on harming myselfIt's just such a small thing I should've done years ago. Instead, I've been living off my single mom, depressed, fat and not feeling at all capable of doing anything. Then I feel shitty for talking about cows because a lot of them are 200% more capable then me. I think it's a huge step for me. Like okay, I do this and I'll be happy and can finally live. My hopes is by the end of this year I can say, "I spent 19-28 being a hermit fat ass whose scared of everything, yeah I'm ugly and what not, but I'm living my life and taking care of myself"
I know it's pathethic but these words mean so much to me.

No. 1468063

I wear what work requires me to and gave up on trying to have nice casual clothes… it's not really a problem until I look at my vacation/holiday photos and realize my outfits are eyesores lol. Last time I left a job and had to redo my wardrobe I felt seriously lost.

No. 1468113

File: 1673292597530.jpg (38.66 KB, 680x383, yeticouldntfindmypost.jpg)

I looked for a post I made on here, so I googled site:lolcow.farm/ot/ and a few keywords, and I'm four pages in but still remember the context of pretty much every other post I see in the page previews. I'm not sure if I'm ashamed or amazed, but I think it's both.

No. 1468120

File: 1673293074802.gif (997.74 KB, 275x219, 1656863439039.gif)

Actually I like being an adult. The real problem is that I'm a trainwreck at adulting. Arrested development from a social + health disability as well as actually being repulsively ugly.

When I achieve something, solve a problem, somehow manage to connect to someone, etc, it's pure euphoria. I wish I was born as someone else; someone more intelligent, savvy, creative, charismatic, because it'd be so much more fun, because then it'd be like my limitations aren't me.

No. 1468276

I'm seeing a guy I'm totally not attracted to physically, just because I'm touch started and I never had anyone and I just need someone to hug me. We never had sex, we just cuddle. I can't force myself to feel attracted to him. I'm not so fond of his personality either, he's quite immature and we don't have much to talk about. He's just lonely like me. I don't believe I deserve someone I'm actually attracted to, I don't feel attractive at all. Some people told me I'm attractive but I don't feel like it at all. I met like two guys in my life I actually felt attracted to but each time it turned out they were already taken. The worst thing is this guy basically says he loves me and I feel nothing when he says he has feelings for me. I feel like an asshole, I hate myself, I'm ashamed, I wish I could have someone I actually like and feel secure and feel genuine attraction, but I don't know how to find and attract such person and I don't feel like a deserve it anyway

No. 1468296

Farmcow.lol has extensive search history

No. 1468347

Nta but yeah I'd wanna be a cute ethot with simps who send me money. Unfortunately I'm average-ugly with no charms, not even enough for a scrotum owner

No. 1468349

File: 1673315280876.jpg (189.62 KB, 828x587, 1663091447863.jpg)

I giggled when I saw the raid with the autistic Joshua Moon is a kiddy diddler spam in the catalog.

No. 1468414

File: 1673324046512.png (146.67 KB, 275x618, Screenshot 2023-01-09 230904.p…)

my toxic trait is looking at designer clothes online knowing damn well i can't afford it and wouldn't buy it even if i had the money because it seems so wasteful, promising myself to learn to sew so i can have nice clothes, buying a sewing machine and still having yet to use it and then never planning a time to harness my skills. If i had all the money in the world i would probably just wear stuff like picrel but so much of it is so fucking expensive it and never gets duped and when it does it's fucking ugly or they get rid of the fun frumpiness that makes it cute in the first place to make it palatable for normies.

No. 1468417

I honestly understand why some women are allured by money such a profession can bring since most women in that profession who make millions a year would never see such money if they worked a normal job because they are retarded and could probably on secure minimum wage jobs. I am not a very attractive woman either, but i know if i was i'd probably have anger fits at my moid followers constantly, kek. I could see myself getting posted here for it too. Sometimes things being the way the are can be for the greater good.

No. 1468419

Yes perhaps I am a birdnosed fridgebody because god wanted me to utilize my wits not my bits.

No. 1468454

File: 1673331585283.jpg (18.68 KB, 870x870, nonnies fit.jpg)

what's the point of dressing like you've stolen a 7 yr old's school uniform?

No. 1468474

I only come to the gym to look at dudes and hear them grunt

No. 1468476

File: 1673335442058.gif (2.2 MB, 346x326, 1664936797567.gif)

You know what's really pathetic to admit? I still enjoying browsing TVtropes for random trivia. It's fun.

No. 1468482

I was on there like 30 minutes ago, it's fun

No. 1468509

You’d better tell me this is thom browne

No. 1468545

File: 1673350413278.jpg (6.77 KB, 454x182, 31GQFEXTGbL._AC_SY580_.jpg)

I literatslept on picrel scissors. Like I have to get up and keave the house I'm nervous because I'm agoraphobia, ugly and fat, I was cutting something on my bed yesterday afternoon. I got up this morning and was like, "what's thos hard things under my pillow?".
Literally scissors. I'm thankful I didn't cut myself or poke a eye out wtf

No. 1468549

this happened to me once but with a sewing needle.

No. 1468567

I wanna kill my trashy neighbors and their loud children so bad

No. 1468576

You posted this yesterday, but even more graphic. Did you get banned or did you delete yourself? Yesterday you was wiser of the latter is true. Get medicated weirdo.

No. 1468625

It’s a scrote, ignore him

No. 1468638

I have nothing to do at work and so I'm playing games all day long

No. 1468659

I still go to TV Tropes when I've watched a movie or read a book to learn random anecdotes and find some explanation on some points I didn't get. I know it's far from being the perfect website but as long as you stay far away from the more autistic pages it's fine imo (remember 10 years ago when they would shove MLP and Doctor Who references everywhere?).

No. 1468725

I wish I had a weird friend like Romanianon

No. 1468734

I don’t think it’s pathetic, it’s an interesting site.

No. 1468788

They also used to allow scrote horniness leak all over so there'd be some sentence talking about how hot lolis are in the middle of the page and used to have entire pages to keep track of panty shots and shit like that. I also remember the massive shitstorm on the forums when the admin attempted to clean up that stuff lol. Unfortunately there's still pro-troonery on some pages like the one headcanoning Toph from avatar as ftm just because she's tomboyish.

No. 1468796

I'm so glad I grew up as a tomboy kid in the 90s instead of now. I might have been memed into believing I was an FTM or some shit

No. 1468808

I am fatter than I would like to admit.

No. 1468820

The diet thread in /g is really supportive nonna! You can make changes!

No. 1468828

Ayrt thanks, I will head over there kek. I used to be kinda buff and a gym rat but let myself go during lockdowns and suddenly its 3 years later and I dont recognize myself. I need to stop trying to fool myself into thinking I look only a little out of shape bc of how in shape I used to be lmao.

No. 1468861

I love scaring normie women by calling myself a future spinster.

No. 1468912

whenever youtube asks me to rate a youtube video about a niche subject or channel i like i always give it the worst rating so it doesnt get recommended to people through the algo and it doesnt become viral. Gatekeep, gaslight, girlboss.

No. 1468990

My friend introduced me to one of those ai chatbots based on characters and now I'm going full degen with my desired husbandos doing all the cringe RPs I've wanted to since I was a teen but too scared to find someone to rp with. Truly the future is now, even if I can't help but feel embarrassed.

No. 1469013

I finally went to a primary doctor for the first time and I was so relieved with how it went. The doctor is a woman and she didn’t ask any questions or make comments after talking about my sexual inactivity. That was one of my biggest worries with seeing a doctor because a guy would have probably been really weird about it.

No. 1469020

you're not 'scaring' anyone, people just find you weird and kind of sad

No. 1469023

We’re entering a fertile new age of husbandoism