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No. 1508089

For 'muricans to unite and discuss America.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1369952

No. 1508106

File: 1677259000122.jpg (109.35 KB, 1200x913, 0324_eagle_map1.jpg)

I'm glad bald eagles got out of the endangered species list.

No. 1508115

Wow that's great news anon!

No. 1508149

>be burger
>go to public restroom
>giant cracks in door so everyone can see me
>absolute silence, no fan or noticeable background noise
>can hear every grunt or fart of person in other stall
>everyone who walks by can see me sitting on toilet
WHY are burger restrooms so fucking nightmare inducing? Can I just have a pleasant experience when peeing in public one damn time? GOD

No. 1508152

just wanted to say the thread pic is perfect and I'm happy to see it when I scroll by. What a cute and perfect choice!

No. 1508156

Thanks nonny, it was hard to figure out a good one. First I tried to find something art deco like the "Things you hate" pics but I was stumped.

No. 1508169

I love this! May they keep climbing

No. 1508174

No. 1508218

File: 1677266733416.png (11.72 KB, 871x97, KANSAS.PNG)

Kansas stays based

No. 1508220

File: 1677267007779.png (22.06 KB, 865x120, handmaidenry.PNG)

ah fuck

No. 1508274

File: 1677269675532.jpg (72.67 KB, 800x800, Pom-Pom-Eagle-2.jpg)

No. 1508384

Guns are literally terrorizing this country, I'm so sick of it and I want out.

No. 1508407

>guns kill people
Not to be an asshole and not my thread t. not amerifag but aside from loose gun regulation I'm pretty sure it's mostly American (hyper)individualism that feeds into apathy and general disregard for human life leading to mass shootings. Corny argument that people kill people but guns aren't the problem since responsible gun ownership can be possible and widespread across a nation if culture permits

No. 1508412

Samefag to add I think it's also a mental health and immediate support system concern, since most mass shooters are manchild retards I would think they don't have quality relationships to lean on, especially in terms of immediate relatives probably stemming from a disattached family culture. Idk, I see the expectation of leaving home/getting kicked out immediately at 18 and also the widespread phenomenon of adult children putting their parents into retirement homes instead of taking care of them personally to the point it's a widespread joke to be indicative of families not being an adequate "buffer" for the mass shooter to keep from acting out on innocent people.

No. 1508421

Duh, I think there should be better gun regulations but that's clearly not going to happen. I never said "guns kill people". Did you take my post too literally and think that I think guns are growing legs and walking around shooting people or something? I hate that whenever someone talks about the gun problem there's always some retard like "well actually!".

No. 1508428

I wish it was easy like how most britbongs have it but if you live in areas with cartel/gang violence you’re fucked either way. Its the fact most guns are still in circulation illegally so stopping people from having it will only solve one issue but there will still be shootings where innocent people get hurt. Just nobody cares because its in poor areas and not in public affecting everyone

No. 1508626

Stop living around brown people (unless you're brown yourself then stay with your kind) and you'll be fine(Racebaiting)

No. 1509316

Am I the only one who doesn't understand how Kyle Rittenhouse became.. whatever he is now ? He killed 3 people and now people are acting like he did some never before seen shit and he's a hero.

No. 1509320

It turned into this weird culture war thing. He also got invited to republican events which why he might be on their radars

No. 1509323

Americans are retards who think real life is a video game.

No. 1509345

He had 30 points because he killed three people, but since two of them were pedophiles, he ended up with 2,010 points instead. That's a lot.

No. 1509353

One man killing 3 other men is based because this means there are now less men. Also two of them were pedophiles so he did the world a favor. Honestly I followed the case and he was justified in defending himself since they were trying to kill him. Idk why some people make this into a political issue.

No. 1509357

How is a thread about America supposed to work if we can't talk about race at all? Somehow its ok to sperg about gun violence but its not ok to bring up the fact that black people commit over 50% of violent crimes despite being only 13% of the population. Yeah it's the guns that are the problem here clearly.

No. 1509363

Uh oh guys, we got our own version of that one Canadian anon now. I didn't think I had to since it's a site rule, but maybe I should've put "no racesperging/infighting" in the OP
I doubt he knew that though so tbh I can't praise him for that. I honestly just see him as another violent male so the way he's being hailed (on social media) is weird to me.

No. 1509366

Samefag but actually I don't think the amerifag threads have had any problems with race discussions before, which is surprising cause like every other thread on /ot/ has kek

No. 1509408

I heard this from a herpetologist I know so I hope I don’t get it wrong but I believe the bald eagle population is coming back because the US government outlawed using DDT. DDT was causing bald eagles to lay eggs with soft shells so no matter how much they nested and bred their chicks would never hatch because the shells were fucked up due to DDT. I had no idea that was a major factor, I thought it was just habitat but apparently not.

No. 1509410

Holy shit DDT was banned in 1972, more than 50 years ago. That we're only now seeing enough improvement for baldies to go off the endangered list is fucking scary

No. 1509413

please not here, nonna. also violent crime is directly associated with economic class; it is well known that a greater percentage of black individuals exist in lower economic classes as a result of historical disadvantage.

No. 1509416

We can talk about race but “if you’re brown stay with your kind” is obviously racist and racebaiting and deserves a redtexting, come on now

No. 1509419

That and many mass shootings aren't always committed by brown people. And then there's the infamous grocery store shooting where you know, a bunch of black people were killed by someone who wasn't black..

No. 1509657

>one grocery store shooting targeting black people
Black people shoot tons of people every day, it's just never reported on the news. If the shooter isn't white they totally ignore it and as soon as they find out a suspect is brown/black/gay/trans they stop talking about it.

How many more hundred years are you going to claim that black men don't work because of "historical disadvantages"? Because black women work more than white and latina women. They have female priviledge or something?(racebait)

No. 1509661

File: 1677394204369.jpg (39.93 KB, 438x456, 51MZoP28XOL._AC_.jpg)

I dislike Hershey's so much. It doesn't even taste like vomit to me, but it's just gross. I hope some better chocolate brand overtakes them so we won't have to see this shit anymore, shoulda never became as big as it is.

No. 1509665

As a child I loved these. I feel like Europeans (not trying to start anything really just an observation) tend to talk badly about it's taste, but as a kid it was the ultimate reward for doing well on my weekly spelling tests. Haven't had one in a while since I don't live in America anymore though.

No. 1509668

>Uh oh guys, we got our own version of that one Canadian anon now
That post is a word for word common phrase that gets thrown a lot from /pol/fags. Anon is not even trying to be subtle about it

No. 1509688

Dove is superior

No. 1509722

Hersheys and dove are poison wake up sheeple —if you didn’t have libertarian crunchy granola parents who fed you carob nibs from the co-op are you even American? (Don’t fight me I’m being silly)

No. 1509789

File: 1677410359163.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1956x1956, wong-quarter_sq-d422b9319ca537…)

I still can't get over the fact that the first asian person they choose for US currency was some actress from the 1930's, not some scientist or social activist just a famous actress who was fetishized
its the most American thing I can think off

No. 1509808

File: 1677413013645.jpeg (111.53 KB, 1600x1203, napoleon-dynamite-trisha-drawi…)

God you're so right, and they couldn't even get a decent likeness of her besides. What the fuck is that giant hand? This country is an embarrassment.

No. 1509926

File: 1677423983043.jpeg (49.37 KB, 470x469, FF5B6759-78D0-432B-835C-E397BD…)

I’m tired of Americans making race and class everything. I share one complaint about being an immigrant and it’s literally dismissed with “you’re white and speak English”. I’m apparently not allowed to share my struggles of adapting to a new life. I’m OVER it.

No. 1509930

I hope your struggles lessen in time nonna. Sorry those people were being assholes about your experience.

No. 1509963

She wasn’t even openly Asian. She lied and said she was white nearly her whole life because she wouldn’t have been casted as interracial relationships on the television were still illegal. Making it even dumber

No. 1509966

Samefag she’s also mixed. Not fully Asian, which is how she was “white passing”.

No. 1509973

It's not a "common phrase", it's a real statistic

No. 1509979

I think it's the same canadianfag.

No. 1509986

Anna May Wong was very visibly a full Asian though, both her parents were Chinese. Also where did you get that she lied about not being Asian? She was typecasted as stereotypical Asian side characters all the time and lost her big role to a white actress who was put in yellowface. Are you confusing her with someone else?

No. 1510004

My bad it’s early. I was in another conversation this morning and I confused her with Merle Oberon from the same time period. Half asleep apologies.

No. 1510304

wow I take it back we actually can't talk about race lol

No. 1511036

File: 1677534871144.jpeg (73.92 KB, 720x701, D6BF9694-6C1D-4EFF-AB33-26FAE6…)

No. 1511042

America is such a joke of a country.

No. 1511051

I feel like there would probably be a nearby gas station that they could get bread at though.

No. 1511064

Imagine if this was the reality and Americans walked anywhere. We'd be so strong.
In real life you'd probably get hit by a car if you tried to walk to a walmart or your neighbors would pull over to ask, like, "you okay honey? you need help?" lol

No. 1511365

It would take me like 30 min to walk to my nearest Walmart and it's not that far away, I just walk slow. And then it's coming back with the heavy groceries that's too much.

I just hate that flatness more then the similar houses though, I'm too used to the trees and hills.

No. 1511369

my neighborhood is never this wide, spacious, or clean. this feels like one of those suburbs you only see in movies.

No. 1511374

It's late/early what are you guys doing up

No. 1511375

i'm nocturnal

No. 1511377

File: 1677579783003.png (72.64 KB, 220x222, varmints.PNG)

this is us

No. 1511390

As an Eurofag the idea of living somewhere with no services, no shops, absolutely nothing within a 15 minute walking distance fills me with pure dread.

No. 1511391

That pic is a meme and an exaggeration (if "2 hours" didn't indicate that). Most places have some kind of store less than 20 mins away.

No. 1511402

Why do so many normal, non-addict people in the US seem to end up homeless at some point in their lives? Americans on the internet always talk about homelessness and sleeping in their cars in such a casual way as if it's just part of life, shit happens kinda thing and everyone either has been or knows someone who has been homeless at one point.

No. 1511417

Twenty minutes by car. Unless you live in the city, at which point your rent is 50% of your paycheck.

No. 1511423

You know that's a goddamn lie anon probably a 2 hours round-trip.
You're shit out of luck if you decide to live in the suburbs car free. Little to no side walks, if there are any near they are close 50mph cars zooming buy with no protection for the pedestrian.

No. 1511445

It isn't real, it's a meme
What kind of suburbs did you live in?! Do random mcmansion fields in the middle of Arkansas or whatever really exist? If there's a suburb there obviously has to be a town

No. 1511447

Because capitalism. American poverty is much, much worse than they make it look in movies.

No. 1511448

File: 1677595296069.png (24.77 KB, 786x146, RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH.png)

No. 1511470

you're not from the US, are you?

No. 1511472

I am from the US, I just don't live in the middle of nowhere midwest, I guess

No. 1511473

Where are you guys living where it takes 2 hours to find any kind of store kek. There has to be stuff like convenience stores/gas stations even near these places.

No. 1511474

most people in America are only two paychecks away from homelessness and there is zero job security here. I just left a home in Dec and two of my suspervisors were let go after both being with the company 8 years. It's awful.

No. 1511493

Are there any safety nets if you get laid off when company is downizing or when it is employers' fault and not employee's?

E.g. In my case, if my employer fired me due to cost reduction/downsizing reasons, I would be entitled to unemployment benefits which would mean I recieve 70% of my last pay for the first three months and 35% after that. Also my employer can't employ someone new for the same job I was doing (using the same job title) for one year at least.

No. 1511521

Not that I know of. You can try for unemployment, but sometimes it's easier to just get another place holder job because unemployment can takes weeks or months, even if you have a legit reason for leaving a job.

No. 1511830

Please don't remind me. And the "employment lawyers" don't do shit. My husband got fired while having surgery (literally woke up from surgery and got the whole "we're gonna let you go because another employee said they didn't like your vibe" email) we called an employment lawyer, explained to him the situation, and because he didn't work there for 3 months the lawyer screamed "no case" then hung up. Apparently in some states they can literally fire you for any reason including discrimination reasons within the first 3 months. Literal 3rd world countries have better employment guidelines

No. 1511832

First off, that's so awful and I hope you and your husband are in a better place finance wise. It's true, sadly. Most states in America are 'at-will' meaning they can fire you for whatever reason. My last job let me go because I asked for time to see my father in the hospital and they denied it. America is a joke.

No. 1511843

>A lot of parents follow the whole "you're on your own on your 18th birthday" thing so unless you know someone who can help you, you're shit outta luck
>Awful income/price of living ratio
>Housing shortage and the process of getting an apartment is a pain in the ass and can be lengthy
>As other anons said, no job security and safety nets can take months

I was homeless 3 times. First time because my parents kicked me out and I had nowhere, even being on the streets for months and trying to get any job possible was a pain in the ass

Second time was because I quit a job due to sexual harassment they did nothing about, had nowhere to go and despite being homeless for months every last penny I had went to apartment application fees that was just basically "wellll our wait-list is 2 yrs so tough luck"

3rd time was when I was supposed to live with my fiance's parents during a college break a couple of weeks before we moved into an apartment and they reneged at last minute because my fiance didn't get the COVID vaccine fast enough and I was homeless for 3 weeks while pregnant because the official move in date was going to be much later than when we started our jobs in the city

No. 1511923

>A lot of parents follow the whole "you're on your own on your 18th birthday" thing so unless you know someone who can help you, you're shit outta luck
Can I just say how absolutely fucked this is? Does this seem weird to other Americans? I actually wanted to leave home at 18 (because reasons) but some of my sibling wanted to stay and the attitude change from our parents likel literally the day after they turned 18 was crazy. They basically made it an untenable option. My friend stayed with her parents and chipped in to the living costs but she kept her childhood bedroom and everything then moved out when she bought a house in her 30s and it sounded like a much nicer situation. And her parents seemed happy about it while my parents were constantly sad about being lonely. This aspect of american culture makes no sense to me.

No. 1511924

It's because America doesn't care about family or community. America is insanely individualist.

No. 1511955

That's what I always hear but is that all it is…? This is a topic I wish there was extensive writing on because I would love to read people's theories. It just goes against common sense and feelings.

No. 1511963

Some people are just bad parents and use 18 (the legal adult age) as cover to abandon their children.

No. 1511971

It kills me when parents kick their kids out or make living in the house hostile, but then cry about being lonely when their kids are actually gone. Which is it then?? Lack of self-awareness is a disease.

No. 1512056

They have extremely wrong misconceptions about other cultures and think it's a good teaching mechanism and they'll "just figure it out". They also have trouble believing times have changed and it's not as easy to live on your own at freshly 18 like it was in the 18 and not now where you need to beg for hours at McDonald's and an apartment is 1400

No. 1512085

I live in an area where hardly anyone walks unless you’re homeless, I swear. We also have a super high rate of car accidents and pedestrian deaths from dumbass drivers not watching where they’re going, so it’s always a little nerve wracking to go for a walk around here. Sometimes I walk to our grocery store which is a little less than a mile, it’s not a bad walk at all but I always see people staring at me from their cars like I’m an alien or I get gross haggard men rolling their window down trying to talk to me and I pretend I can’t hear them.

No. 1513465

The nados are here DFW anons, hold on to your hats

No. 1513473

I hope all the nonnas in those areas are staying sage

No. 1513488

Heard a woman today talking about her daughter as if she was a horrible demon for waking up for school late and she said that the moment she turned 18 she was going to make her live on the streets. She was like 'back in my day we didn't have guns, we just beat each other up with our fists like real people', I don't know what she meant by that. Imagine letting your daughter live homeless in one of the worst cities in America. She is going to end up dead or living with some abuser, or trafficked. Retards.

No. 1513641

Almost every time a woman acts this way about her daughter, there's also a sacred golden penis son. I'm not sure if it's all cultural, or if birthing a scrote warps their brains. Even women who claim to be feminists do this shit. In my experience, liberal women are somehow even worse about it.

No. 1513816

I hope not, I can't imagine coddling a son and letting your daughter be open to rape, trafficking, addiction, general homelessness, etc. The woman she was talking to was agreeing and saying that her own daughters are also horrible but her daughter now has a daughter of her own, and lamented the fact that the daughter gets along with the mother and not her (the grandmother), like I wonder why. I am just glad I didn't have to face any of that, or my sisters. If I had to watch that happen to an older sibling I'd feel everlasting resentment.

No. 1514424

thought this was some esoteric david foster wallace reference until i realized lol

No. 1514550

kek glad I'm not the only one

No. 1514886

File: 1677960829481.png (40.83 KB, 914x264, iowa.PNG)

I'm not from Iowa, but I just found out that some politicians there are pushing for a bill that will prevent people on food stamps from buying stuff like fresh meat, butter, bread, rice, spices, canned vegetables, beans, etc… Basically trying to limit them to processed food, veggies, and fruit. Trying to prevent access to fresh, healthy food is actually evil to me.


No. 1514887

what the actual fuck

No. 1514893

so you cant bake anything, like you literally cant even be a good little housewife like youd assume these politicians would want they literally want to turn us into wall-e people..

No. 1514946

he didn't know that beforehand and set across state lines with a gun. he wanted to kill. luckily the people that died were scrote child abusers but this isn't typically the case with these scenarios

No. 1514971

it all worked out really well considering the situation. what are the odds? not a fan of seeing that child's ugly cornfed face everywhere for months and seeing the endless arguments about it

No. 1514993

This is evil and nasty. How can someone look at this and think it's ok.
Also the shittier someone's diet is and the more processed, the more inflammed and unhealthy they'll be, it'll be a great burden on the healthcare system in a few years while these people rot away with miserable diets

No. 1515031

Politicians maybe say they want to be trad, but they are all in the pockets of corporations, who want us all to be wall-e people. So we're getting the wall-e people ending.
This is evil

No. 1515056

every day i have to try harder and harder not to agree with anarcho primitivists since it would be pretty terrible for women and isnt that realistic

No. 1515077

lol this is also my constant internal struggle

No. 1515205

I thought this was something ominous until I googled it

speaking of newer chains I tried jollibee a few months back and I swear I need to try more menu items because I wasn't that impressed with it. it seems like all the mildly interesting concept chains get phased out around here and don't last though

No. 1515222

File: 1677998934191.jpeg (241.33 KB, 1179x941, 397BDCC8-1257-4638-B798-121B8E…)

What is a jollibees? Filipino chicken and spaghetti fast food? Is the spaghetti filipino spaghetti with banana ketchup?

No. 1515225

America has an awful problem with parental entitlement and I feel it's partially due to said parents being memed into having children just because it's expected of them in order to be a contributing member of society regardless of whether or not they're actually suited to be a parent. So they resent their children for having to provide them with the bare minimum of care (feeding, clothing, and housing them). It's almost borderline narcissistic behavior from them. They expect that when their child turns 18 they magically should be able to be independent based on some arbitrary social rules, without even having provided them with the guidance or assistance to develop in a way where they could be financially independent. I see this entitlement mostly from the parents who did the least in raising their children, the few who actually had an active role in parenting beyond providing the bare minimum tend to be more realistic and understanding, and might work something out with their children such as letting them stay if they're in school or working part time to save up and move out when they're financially able while contributing to the household or at least not causing issues for the family.

No. 1515230

In addition, I hate that there are so many parents who guilt their children who didn't even ask to be brought into this world, saying that they owe them for all the money spent providing this bare minimum of care. It's not all that uncommon for those parents to ask their kids to literally pay them back whatever arbitrary number they claim is owed and take from their paychecks (which is different from them working and contributing to the household themselves). The culture needs to change, it's so sad to see those people struggling on the streets or putting themselves in dangerous situations just to survive because their parents are selfish out of touch cunts, sometimes they even perpetuate the cycle with kids of their own because they're bitter and cope by convincing themselves that it somehow made them stronger and "better" than others when it's really just mismanaged trauma.

No. 1515287

fried towel

No. 1515702

I’m torn between thinking this is an eat the bigs thing and thinking this is a retarded spreadsheet budget thing (meat is the highest expenditure so they ban meat purchases, but that’s stupid because the same amount of money will be spent on some other food)

No. 1515707

originally pinoy fastfood chain, has the aforementioned spaghetti, burgers, steak, and chicken

thus far I have tried the spaghetti and tenders and wasn't greatly impressed, spaghetti was interesting at least

still have yet to try the burgers and burger steaks. will try and report back on those

No. 1515768

The bill was intended to ensure SNAP recipients can only buy food that was on the state's approved list of food for purchase under the Women, Infants, and Child program for pregnant, breastfeeding, or postpartum women with 5yr-and-under children. I find it pretty horrifying that Iowa conservatives apparently expected pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women to survive on processed food and canned salmon. For all their blustering about clumps of unborn cells, you'd think they'd at least pretend to care about the nutritional needs of mothers and their actually born babies. But nope!

No. 1515778

arent pregnant women specifically not supposed to eat tuna and shit like that because of mercury? but yeah thats better than red meat and butter, what the fuck.

No. 1515817

I love Jollibees! The spicy fried chicken is very very good. The spaghetti is worth trying too

No. 1515822

This is beyond fucking retarded. Pregnant and nursing women need to eat animal protein, saturated fat and get enough B vitamins because it's essential for the formation of the brain of the child. A lack of B6 is known the cause neural tube defects which are usually fatal. All this would do is increase the rate of birth defects, lower the IQ and long term life prospects of children and increase the rate of negative birth outcomes for women.

No. 1515825

I tried Jollibee for the first time last year and was extremely disappointed. Maybe I went to a bad location but the chicken was perfect EXCEPT it tasted like it had absolutely no salt. It would’ve been perfect if it had just… been salty. The spaghetti was gross but I don’t like savory foods to have a lot of sweetness anyways. I’d be willing to try it again though.

No. 1515845

I was on WIC when I was first pregnant and it fucking sucks. They give you 40 a month in fresh fruit and veggies and a good chunk at the time at self checkout they will only cover a couple of bucks even when you buy what they claim they cover. My baby was on a special formula (medically needed) and WIC ONLY covered Similac (which has been recalled dozens of times, specifically the one my baby was supposed to use and she was premature). Me and OT had to fight constantly with WIC since they kept recalling or discontinuing the needed formula by Similac and WIC kept giving me trouble to even pay for enfamil or store brands. I was done and don't even bother anymore. What even are my tax dollars for when I need help?

No. 1515846

++ To add to this enfamil actually made the specific formula I needed for my premature baby and was consistent about it and never been recalled

No. 1516120

Yeah. The intense focus on ensuring mothers can only buy specific brands of specific products is pure evil and clearly not done with the needs of mothers or babies in mind.

>And half of all the formula sold in the U.S. gets to families through the federal Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).

>“But the way [the] WIC lays out the actual contracting, the USDA gives the money to each state, and then each state chooses one of these manufacturers, and gives them the contract for the whole state,"

That half of all formula sold goes to mothers on a food assistance program is already pretty insane since it shows there's a ton of impoverished mothers. Then they added state-sponsored monopolies on top of it.

No. 1516793

Late replying.. but grew up in Oklahoma…In OK food stamps could only be used on things with a barcode and a "nutrition facts" label, at least thats how it was a decade ago when I did retail there. I thought the whole country went by that. No apples by the lbs, fresh veg, nothing that needed weighed. Only things packaged with a nutrition facts (no 'supplement facts' so a coke is covered but some energy drinks might not be). I am shocked that is wasnt this way for everyone…and absolutely disgusted that it remains that way or will become that way for so many. Christ.

No. 1517005

There should be incentives for WIC to allow women to buy organic or European formulas without tons of crap in it, not just that but also proper lactation supplements and herbs instead of just giving women with low supply/NICU babies unrealistic pumping schedules. There's so much ignorance surrounding breastfeeding in America. Or babies that are already sensitive/have allergies or other issues and need to use special formulas are now forced to used a formula company constantly getting sued and no one is doing anything

No. 1517180

We're not getting decent formula for babies, or bodily autonomy, or anything else that until we start exterminating the wealthy. It's as simple as that.

No. 1517560

No. 1517621

>>1514886 god this is so beyond fucked up
>>1515845 I remember when I used to work at a grocery store and did cashiering for a few months I felt so bad for the ladies on WIC, so many of them tried to make sure they got the right things that WIC would allow them to get and half the time it couldnt be covered anyway so they either needed to run back and pick something else or just not get something entirely. Then the amount of entitled fucks who would come into line screaming about how long WIC transactions took cause we used a dinosaur ass system. Disgrace of a country

No. 1517692

Yeah, my dad got fired from a long time job for getting sick. He got a really bad strain of flu, went to the hospital for it. Got a doctors note saying he couldn't be in contact with anyone for two weeks bc of how contagious it was. Called his job and told them the situation. They told him he would be on the edge but not fired. Then fired him once he came in for work.

No. 1517791

File: 1678252877475.webm (401.84 KB, 320x478, America.webm)

is this a common sight in America ?

No. 1517793

lol. yes. especially in high school but it's fat girls.

No. 1517796

I remember seeing a video of large walruses fighting and it reminds me of that

No. 1517803

im mostly laughing at the sight of someone wearing a mask but then engaging in hand to hand combat lmfao

No. 1517814

nonnies on the unpopular opinion thread fighting over avocado

No. 1517823

found it

No. 1518050


No. 1518090

Yeah when I had COVID I just straight up quit and started looking for a new job since I didn't feel like being bamboozled. It's so fucking weird how most places will just let people in the higher ups take off to go get drunk in Florida or something but we aren't allowed to take off when we're sick. Reminds me of those places that will allow their workers to take smoke break after smoke break but fire someone for sitting down for a few minutes. This is why I don't understand anons who claim burger anons who can't hold down a job have something wrong with them when this type of shit people get fired over.

No. 1518106

it gets even worse lol. lots of places will use company money to PAY for their higher ups to take off to go get drunk in Florida
it's class warfare.

No. 1518147

Don't forget it's not a crime to just not pay your employees. You can sign a contract agreeing to pay someone, make them work, and just never pay. The very worst possible punishment is having to pay the wages later, but the most likely consequence is getting to keep the money because if the employee you robbed can't afford a lawyer they can't sue you.

No. 1518354

Lawyers typically don't do shit unless you're severely injured on the job, even then once you're living in the hospital it's all about fighting with insurance for medication and treatment rather than circling through lawyers to see which one will help you and not try to blame everything on you

No. 1518421

Do Americans hate eggs or something? It seems like everytime I make an egg dish like quiche or deviled eggs Americans freak out and say it looks weird and freaky, even when I make them all fancy (use a pastry bag, make little quiche pies, etc)

No. 1518424

We literally eat deviled eggs all the time, it's a Thanksgiving staple (kinda). Perhaps your food just looks bad.

No. 1518434

No Americans like eggs. Devilled eggs is a popular dish. Every cafe offers quiche and every fast food joint has an egg sandwich, we're eating eggs all day every day.

No. 1518501

That's what I thought too but Europeans and Hispanics said it looked good. Eggs are very hard to fuck up unless you're a child, especially quiche since it's just baked eggs with veggies and cheese. This is also west coast city folks, I feel like it would be more popular in the Midwest

No. 1518508

I think you're just interacting with actual reptilians or some shit, i've literally never heard of anyone saying those dishes look unappetizing

No. 1518509

oh i just saw that theyre west coast city dwellers, so yes the closest human equivalent to reptilians

No. 1518552

Apparently Guy Feiri hates eggs

No. 1518560

File: 1678318014931.jpg (44.7 KB, 285x593, armanat.jpg)

I smacked my elbow against my desk (on accident) a few weeks ago and it hurt so bad. A few weeks later and the bone still hurts if I put pressure on it or try to lift weights (that's how I work out). Well, I stopped lifting weights so as to not agitate it. But it still hurts if I push on it with my other hand. I still have full range of motion and no pain just lifting normal shit (like my phone/plates/etc…), so I was avoiding going to a doctor for it. I know I would be irritated if I had to wear a cast, plus, I don't have ANY money right now, but I still wish I could get it checked out. Fuck I wish doctors didn't cost so much in this hell hole.
Anyone else who can relate?

No. 1518562

theyre probably vegan freaks. eggs are the single most versatile source of protein and you can raise chickens in a humane way so i dont even get why someone would be against egg consumption but for some reason there are people who are.

No. 1518945

I've come across an article about US college debt and I can't wrap my head around tuition fees and student loans.
Are the loans (federal and others) just normal loans that you have to pay off no matter what like a mortgage or idk car finance? Or is it more like a tax? For reference - I'm a UKfag and while our tuition fees are absolutely extortionate they work kinda like a graduate tax - you don't pay anything unless your salary is above a certain threshold. The money gets taken out of your salary automatically kind of like a tax meaning that you can graduate and just forget about it entirely. I've graduated 3 years ago and I've never checked my student loan balance, I don't even know how to do that because nobody ever told me kek. After 20 odd years the debt gets written off. If you become unemployed or go below the threshold your repayments stop and there's 0 consequences if you never manage to repay it (like most people kek).
I get the impression that in the US it works more like a regular debt where you have to make repayments + pay interest even if you're unemployed or earn very little, is that right? Conversely, do some poor people basically decide to skip university education altogether because it's too expensive? That's what it sounds like but it's so wild I need confirmation or explanation from an actual American lol. It's just hard to believe that in the US you can basically be too poor to go to university.

No. 1518956

it depends on the loan, there are several types and within each type there can be multiple repayment methods, but that loan stays with your life. if you file for bankruptcy you still will owe this debt, it doesn't go away. there are some rare exceptions, like if the school closed down. there is $2 trillion in student loan debt in the usa.
it all has interest rates except some specific federal loans which don't, and private loans are usually higher interest rates than federal.
yes, people don't go to school because they cannot afford it. they either go to a trade school instead or pursue no further education, or at least no further degree than high school diploma or GED.

No. 1518961

Yep, it doesn't matter how bad the education/employment is, you have to pay back your loans. Even bankruptcy does not get rid of them, and it gets rid of every other type of debt.
There is a clause that if you pay the minimum payment, which is based on your income, for twenty years, the government considers your loans paid. But it considers the unpaid portion to be a gift from the government, and you have to pay taxes on the amount unpaid. So if you had $500,000 forgiven, then you have to pay taxes on $500,000 like you'd earned it.

No. 1518962

File: 1678361262940.gif (543.93 KB, 344x552, 5DA7D57D-A67E-40D2-8F0A-56CC0F…)

People should forget about university and go into trades instead. When I lived in Alberta they push trade school as a good opportunity. My sister was able to get an apprenticeship at 16 through a program for students. If you move to a state where there’s oil you can make more than people with college degrees. I used to make $30 an hour and then $40+ overtime just working on paperwork.

No. 1519070

Don't bother eating money on trade certs if you're older than 25 unless you already know a person who will hire you.

No. 1519072

*wasting money

No. 1519206

based tamers12345 gif anon

No. 1519340

File: 1678390799187.png (331.13 KB, 604x436, wait.png)

lmao someone on lolcow just told me turn-around shifts are illegal where they live and the stars and stripes really fell from eyes for a second. I had to take a deep breath, it was a wizard of oz moment. I guess I spend a lot of time NOT thinking about how nonexistent labor laws are here.

No. 1519355

File: 1678391656806.jpg (18.05 KB, 590x231, Screenshot_20230309-145206_Ins…)

Good news.

No. 1519359

How the fuck do we need laws against defining a biological women? holyshit, America.

No. 1519361

The same idiots against eggs are arent honey too. You can raise both chickens and bees humanely. Vegans are retarded and I hate that they make vegan leather which falls apart in less than a year.

No. 1519364

most "vegan leather" is just regular generic plastic crap with good branding

No. 1519365

Most people are not raising their own chickens though. Most are buying them from stores where the eggs come from factory farms. And do not sperg at me, I'm not even vegan.

No. 1519367

the US is a shithole by every objective measure. even our lives are getting shorter. you're more likely to die giving birth than your mother was. the only foreign women who can say the same are living in refugee camps.

No. 1519513

whenever i bring this up vegans get mad at me and say that leather is treated with chemicals so that it never breaks down when plastic is chemicals that never break down. its all so stupid.
okay? you can buy pasture raised eggs, and i do. maybe the reason people buy food raised like shit is because of the giant wealth disparity in this country, i dont really like to apply morality to food because basically every food is exploiting something/someone. most vegan staples are harvested by people being paid pennies a day and are grown in monocultures on land that has to be deforested, and most meat in this country is raised on factory farms. i guess im just sick of people being shamed for individual choices like it actually changes anything, and as if everything you could buy at the store isnt "unethical" in some way even if its just the people working at the store being treated like cattle themselves. not trying to sperg at you i just have a lot of thoughts on this i guess.

No. 1519561

It's so bizarre to me US women have so many pregnancy restriction but don't bother questioning why it hasn't done a damn thing about our maternity or infant survival rate. Eat the deli meat and sushi, you should be questioning why the doctors laugh you off or push tons of interventions

No. 1519565

Doctors don't push interventions except the kind that make their job more convenient. When it comes to the kinds of interventions that make a difference in health outcomes, like monitoring a woman's blood pressure during labor, they don't bother. The fetus will have its vitals monitored from the start, but the mother will be allowed to drop dead while the doctor's slicing her vagina into her asshole so he can fit both his arms in there and yank the baby out faster.

No. 1519567

Why are you acting like you don't get why I said that?
>i dont even get why someone would be against egg consumption
This is what I was replying to. In case you still can't understand, someone would be against egg consumption because most eggs are from chickens that are being abused and raised in god awful conditions. Most people are not buying pasture raised eggs. Same with dairy. I won't egg on no pun intended vegan discussion anymore cause this isn't the thread, but why do some anons pretend like they don't know how to comprehend words kek.

No. 1519569

Americans in general are very weird about eggs, especially if there are raw eggs in something like cookie dough, because our government is retarded about food safety and how our food is produced, including what they do to eggs. It probably has less to do with your cooking and more to do with what Americans think eggs are supposed to be like.

No. 1519570

cuz her brain's fried from all the hormones she's eating

No. 1519580

then be against factory farms not eggs

No. 1519587

File: 1678406238805.png (1.84 MB, 1568x1524, Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 3.56.…)

I knew a woman who was an Amtrak driver on furlough during covid and she told me that there was an Amtrak line along the gulf coast that was never restored after Hurricane Katrina. I was really surprised to hear that since that was in 2005! For some reason I was thinking about it randomly today and googled it, apparently there's news; they're talking about reopening it again and arguing with the freight lines they share rail space with

No. 1519607

even as a vegan i don't really have qualms with leather because it's more a meat industry byproduct than anything, like ideally it shouldn't exist but it does so who cares, plus it's not like i could ever even afford buying it from a store and not getting it second-handedly. I kind of feel the same way about offal/organ meats.

No. 1519857

File: 1678437933699.gif (279.42 KB, 269x350, wizardposting.gif)

ummm.. I want to be friends with other TXnons…

No. 1520047

I grew up in an area that was impacted by Katrina and it's so fucking bizarre to me how no one cared to repair any of the damages Katrina caused. It's so weird to me that almost any other area will be instantly fixed after a natural disaster but why can't the gulf south fix almost anything ruined by Katrina?

No. 1520048

>Can't eat slightly raw eggs because of the .1% chance of salmonella!!
>Will scarf down McDonald's when you can't pronounce 80% of the ingredients

No. 1520055

Ugh this is depressing. I know we had shit passenger rail here but I didn't realize we've actually moved backwards.

No. 1520083

Nta but a mickey D's boigah is more scrumptious than a raw fucking egg. Objectively.

No. 1520813

I wish Amtrak was used lots more, I use it myself personally, too many people are too caught up with showing off their plane rides they don't care
Benefits of trains
>No extra luggage fees
>Calmer, train ambiance
>They have bedroom trains as well for super long trips
>Multiple bathrooms

No. 1520883

>Calmer, train ambiance
>They have bedroom trains as well for super long trips
>Multiple bathrooms
the ones i went on weren't like that at all and it's hard going to the bathroom when i feel like i'm about to tilt over and collapse at any moment, idg how anyone can even walk down the aisle normally. (and also vomiting issues but that happens when i'm in anything fast moving to be fair) it actually made me hate trains tbh. the least calming, most cramped experiences I've ever had.

No. 1520884

samefag also there's only one bathroom

No. 1520907

The problem with Amtrak is that it usually doesn't go anywhere I want to go and when it does it takes several days longer than driving would. It's the worst passenger train system in the world.

No. 1520920

Amtrak can be unreliable if you’re doing anything that requires timing. I‘ve used their trains to go on trips occasionally and sometimes there are so few rails available that if an unexpected incident occurs there’s an extra hour of time (or more spent) stuck on the train. I nearly missed a concert when a bridge flooded and there was only one rail track every train coming through the area could use.

No. 1520926

Do any other nonas work in American schools? I couldn’t decide whether to post in the vent thread but the school I work in has me substitute teach a few times a week and I think I’m done this year. While there are kids who are nice the ones who just don’t care are so insufferable to be around (the good students hate them too). They just spend entire class periods on their phone or destroying things in the classroom out of animosity. I’m not even referring to the special education students either, there are loads in the normal student body that just don’t care and expect everything in life will be done for them.

No. 1521215

I live in that Mississippi flyway section and I just saw an eagle in my city recently
It was really cool!

Hershey bars are the ideal chocolate for s’mores and nothing else

>in 2009 federal minimum wage is set at $7.25. Hasn’t been raised at a federal level since then
>current national average for a livable wage in the us is $24.16. More than triple minimum wage
>lack of affordable housing (rent constantly being raised, real estate being bought up by landlords/corporations and turned into overpriced rentals or airbnbs)
>no free healthcare
>no free university and absolutely insane interest rates for student loans
>employers treat employees like shit. Don’t offer enough money or benefits and let you know you’re replaceable. If a company feels their profits aren’t high enough, they can fire their entire staff and hire new people at lower wages. In most places, they can do this without giving employees any warning whatsoever

No. 1521239

Hershey's is dogshit. European chocolate is vastly superior.

No. 1521240

I work in elementary school. It's not so much the children that are the problem it's the fucking parents. They have absolutely no respect for teachers or the school administration and they treat us like dogs. They don't care about their kids, they just love the idea that teachers are beneath them and poor and can be ordered around. This job has made me convinced that about 80% of people have absolutely no business reproducing.

No. 1521257

I’ve taken the Amtrak before between two major cities that are relatively close together when I didn’t feel like driving in traffic. But that’s about all it’s good for.

Last summer I was taking a trip to the other side of the country and I compared cost and time for driving, flying, and Amtrak. Amtrak was by far the worst option. Ticket costs were comparable to how much I would’ve paid in gas, but driving would’ve taken 18-20 hours whereas Amtrak would’ve taken 30+. Ultimately I dropped a little extra cash for the convenience of a flight

Also want to point out that Amtrak doesn’t cover as much of the country as you think it does. The two nearest stations to where I currently live are both an hour and a half drive away. On top of that one of those stations is underserved and basically useless most of the time. Meanwhile, within that same range, there are 3 major airports. I’d love to have better railway here in the US but right now it just can’t compete

No. 1521380

I think the Amtrak is cheaper and more comfortable than taking the Greyhound or Megabus but that's about it. I enjoyed my ride but at the end of the day people aren't going to want to inconvenience themselves with a broken system.

No. 1521398


Sorry idk if someone already asked this, but who did the artwork for this eagle?

No. 1521402

No. 1521403

Look at the filename nonna

No. 1522024

farmhand is a dumb tranny

No. 1522034

It's like everytime someone posts a link some dumbass mod has to punish you for not including pictures with your link. It makes sense when you're on a cow board and sharing milk but in this case it's obviously not necessary. Absolute lack of common sense. Meanwhile they keep CP links spammed here for hours.

No. 1522218

Tbh most of the time anons deserve those bans when they're just posting a link. It's an imageboard regardless of what board we're on. That anon shouldn't have got banned tho.

No. 1522367

File: 1678676362980.jpg (205.21 KB, 1080x2015, Screenshot_20230312-172807_Nee…)

Y'all excited for the banking system collapse or nah?

No. 1522377

Unironically it could be really bad if it gets too big for the government to handle. Like Great Depression 2.0. For now we just have to hope that there isn't so much failure the government can't handle it

No. 1522379

Where you at anon? 210 here

No. 1522390

File: 1678678223023.png (212.55 KB, 2048x1455, Screenshot_20230312-223013.png)

No. 1522392

I'm literally not worried at all, I don't care. If everything collapsed today there would still be people living in America and we would figure it out. Life goes on. I hate catastrophizing, it makes people act insane.
I'm kind of interested in the theories that this is a fake bank run scare as an excuse to get the government to use our tax dollars to bail out rich people (again), which is getting pretty old. Let them fail.

No. 1522428

I plan to move out of this shithole by next year kek

No. 1522443

what the fuck to banks even do to help anyone? all they do is give out predatory loans, let them burn for all i care. the only bad part is people are going to absolutely lose their minds because they think banks are essential to life for some reason.

No. 1522518

They sorta are, would your employer pay you in cash and you just keep it under your mattress? You need an account to buy anything online, and lots of stores are picky these days.

No. 1522520

when I had a cash tips job I literally did that. maybe if the people in power here wanted us to care about banks and account balances they should have raised the minimum wage so we weren't all broke ass hoes. my life will actually be better if certain parts of the market implode (home prices falling, for example, so that I could ever actually buy one before I die).

No. 1522523

If we ever switch to trading items, I hope my hoard of pads and tampons will be acceptable to use.

No. 1522527

in 3 years when my IUD stops suppressing my period I'm gonna hit you up nona, I will trade you for manual labor or embroidered clothing (your choice)

No. 1522535

File: 1678688520588.png (8.72 KB, 584x142, seaweed.PNG)

No. 1522536

File: 1678688661063.png (79.88 KB, 1580x926, Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 11.23…)

I follow an american immigration law substack that's really interesting. I don't mean to shill but I will link (they used to be 100% free and only recently paywalled some of their reporting which has been annoying) https://borderlines.substack.com/
Usually reporting on immigration issues in the US is very sensationalized so it's oddly refreshing to read news about the more nitty gritty technical aspects. I've become a little obsessed with the saga of Title 42 which might actually be ending soon but they've been saying that for a while so I'll believe it when I see it.
I think it's interesting but almost hesitate to share. please don't jump on this to start an immigration infight that's not why I'm posting, I just enjoy it and thought it's relevant to the thread. it's honestly too dry of a newsletter to get very upset at, I hope they don't get all weird during election and I have to think about posting this and cringe at myself

No. 1522537

File: 1678688889108.png (3.33 KB, 599x490, seaweed.png)

Samefag but the headlines about this make it sound like Floridians are being terrorized by seaweed.

No. 1522540

lol ok but algae actually can make you sick so it's kinda true

No. 1522640

The problem is that if banks fail and aren’t giving out mortgages, home prices would need to fall so significantly that you’d be able to pay in full in cash to get one. So it’s kind of fucked up regardless and ends up benefitting the rich and makes it harder for common folks to buy homes.

No. 1522727

Take me with you, I can't stand our politics here and how it's 90 degrees 80% of the year.

No. 1522738

At this point I'm so fucking tired of everything, I genuinely hope we get another Great Depression or an even worse pandemic or just whatever horrible global shit, I want everything to collapse and to just die or whatever.
I did everything right my whole life and I'm still a broke ass bitch with no stake in the game, I'm tired, I want everything to burn.

No. 1522746

I'm leaving for the promised land where you might not want to tough it out… new york city but if you're interested and need a roommate I will manifest you

I want to succeed but I also want the world to fail and for it to one day randomly fall into totally anarchy. I've had dreams about total anarchy. Then I can finally go to LA and loot rich peoples houses for fun without feeling guilty or like there will be consequence. If I do not devour the rich by succeeding them, they must suffer.

No. 1522748

Same here, the only things that make me happy now are signs of collapse accelerating

No. 1522752

This is like the beginning of Midnight Cowboy

No. 1522755

The universe will doom total anarchy if I do not succeed at my future job nona, don't jinx it now

No. 1522787

I feel you anon. Recent university grad and I'm still making poverty wages. We're stuck in this neoliberal hellscape now because change is ineffective and it would be better for the world to burn anew before that can happen.

No. 1523087

File: 1678772596146.png (85.81 KB, 900x887, FrBjsgSWwAE27DK.png)

this is why people are fucked in the head. i only hope to see the day in my lifetime where pharma is heavily regulated

No. 1523090

traveling to stand where it's headed with my mouth open up towards the sky

No. 1523141

Funny considering Koreas suicide stats tho.

No. 1523168

File: 1678791531023.jpg (210.98 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_2023-03-14-10-43-07…)

Why are Korean feminists like this? From what I've heard on lolcow Korean men are actually really nice and way better when it comes to comparisons with white American men.

No. 1523175

Korean men are just as disgusting, dont trust a couple of nonnas just because they are covertly fetishizing asian men, its the same with Japanese men. Their stats are horrible and women have higher rates of DV over there.

No. 1523179

I really doubt they're nice. Strong feminists movements exist as a reaction to misogyny. If they really were that nice, you wouldn't see women avoiding marriage and dating. I also don't think you would have ridiculous beauty standards like the one Korea has.
It's just a grass is greener on the other side thing. I personally thought only moids from my country were shit and that American men were decent human beings.

No. 1523208

where did you hear that? all I heard is that they put hidden cameras in women's bathrooms (and other rooms in general) and harass women over the tinest things. their beauty standards are also way stricter.

No. 1523229

That's what you heard from dumbass koreaboos lol

No. 1523267

You're probably hearing it from kboos and Asian fetishists, Asia has an even higher domestic violence rate than us, and there's quite literally an incel counterculture in South Korea

If you read into things like the Nth Room and Burning Sun or even watch enough of their media it's pretty obvious how much worse their patriarchy is than ours. Don't listen to the words of some dumbass koreaboos

No. 1523270

File: 1678800781370.jpeg (89.71 KB, 750x731, FiI8PiOUUAAj5qN.jpeg)

Etsy was using SVB for some of their customers and is withholding their money until they can move money to pay them


No. 1523273

They're not but even if they were better in comparison to white men, so what? White American men are not a majority of the men in Korea.

No. 1523293

Specifically what I've heard is they're more likely to buy you gifts and allow for you to be a housewife.

No. 1523324

yes well a sugardaddy could do the same thing without the housewife obligation

scrotes are scrotes

twining yourself to a man in a foreign, patriarchal country where you'll be viewed as a fetish object can arguably end worse than anything down here if you're not careful

No. 1523327

>allow for you to be a housewife
you mean have no choice but to become one because it is so hard to get a job as a mother. you should read kim jiyoung born 1982.

No. 1523335


No. 1523391

Do they like white women? I've heard they think we're pretty but we're also more likely to be treated as sex objects and "sluts"?

No. 1523415

as someone who's hooked up with a korean exchange student, yes

he was far from interested in marriage though

No. 1523420

>hook ups
Gross and no thank you!

No. 1523425

I went through a partying phase. Dont clutch your pearls nona, I came out of it fine

Acknowledging I was stupid back then, moids of every culture and every background really aren't worth anyone's salt. Ever since the pandemic when I stopped partying I've effectively felt both worse and better but I don't regret abstaining from sex or dating for the last few years because men are very much not worth it

No. 1523447

Why are you obsessed with Korean dick so much

No. 1523450

none of them want marriage with a white woman. you are only for sex.

No. 1523453

What makes you think that feeling is a one way street? A typical white woman outside of the kboosphere doesn't even find Asian men attractive, let alone marriageable.

No. 1523481

stop browsing twt. korean mean are disgusting and it's a known tactic that you cant enter certain clubs alone without the risk of being drugged by the bartender. They also have a huge cam issue in bathrooms for women. Women are also pressured to get plastic surgery as young as 15. I hope korean women actually do this because that country is fucked up.

No. 1523483

You're either underage or retarded. Korean women are expected to go to university to get a good degree and then immediately marry and have a kid. Women are valued more as house wives because they are a super conservatives country and highly religious, therefore sexist. Women are viewed as trophy wives and not expected to work, only to impress men.

No. 1523544

Cringy and idiotic

No. 1524036

you might be trolling but if you're not I'm legit scared for you, nona. You sound willing to throw yourself at the first korean man you'd meet online. They are really predatory. Be wary

No. 1524103

>They are really predatory.

What makes you say this?

No. 1524391

File: 1678895131199.webm (7.2 MB, 1080x1920, 327207734_209947828196479_8755…)

steel memes

No. 1524470

Falling for bait that was clearly a 4chan korean that came from /pol/ when we were linked there and wants to make american girls want to date him. Like the one that made comments around the site about how islam is amazing

No. 1524476

>Like the one that made comments around the site about how islam is amazing
This is more likely to be a mentally unwell libfem because they've been doing it for over a month in multiple threads, including /2X/.

No. 1524780

File: 1678937678424.png (47.21 KB, 513x477, joe exotic.PNG)

Look y'all, kek. He said he would decriminalize marijuana.
I know he won't win, but imagine how much everyone else would make fun of us if he did lmao. First a reality TV star now Joe Exotic.

No. 1525044

he's not nearly rich enough to win.

No. 1525192

Have any of you struggled with culture shock moving to a different region? I moved to nyc and just absorbing how differently people dress and act is a lot more than I expected. I'm from a midsize city and have a standard american accent so I didn't expect to feel like it was such an adjustment but I feel like I come across very obviously as someone who just moved here.

No. 1525262

File: 1678995713636.jpeg (190.89 KB, 1920x1080, 0346FBDA-45A6-4958-90E0-F5DC89…)

I love America just because I can get stupid shite like this.

No. 1525265

I've wanted to try swedish fish and sour patch but not gotten around to it. are they tasty

No. 1525272

The blue raspberry and watermelon one tastes exactly like if the candy versions were melted down into a liquid form.

No. 1525299

Illegal euro posting in the thread but I am seething with jealousy over your soda & energy drink selections avalaible

No. 1525311

File: 1678999301972.jpg (1.19 MB, 2062x2700, Java_Monster_vegan_Oatmilk_Ene…)

yea i am legally required to bring over monster java whenever i go visit family. pic related the most depressing day was when they stopped making this. Canadians might still have it though because it's still on their website

No. 1525324

I can't stand the taste of fake sugar.

No. 1525375

I plan to move to NYC from the southwest and I've never lived out of this state before. I fear the feeling you describe about will drive me to have a mental break when I move there. Even though my accent is pretty generic I'm still gonna be clocked as a dumb hick, because our cities are nothing like NYC our cities are dumpy, inefficient, boring and the public transport sucks

No. 1525378

Is it true that NYC rats wear timbs and rob you at gunpoint?

No. 1525396

File: 1679004055998.png (8.97 KB, 398x458, static1.squarespace.png)

it's true i saw it once in Brooklyn

No. 1525405

This is all I think of when you say "NYC rats"

>In his first year in office, Adams launched battles against guns and homelessness — and rats have also proved vexing for a mayor who is currently interviewing applicants for a new director of rodent mitigation, a title promptly dubbed the “rat czar.”

No. 1525423

sour patch watermelon is one of my favorite candies! swedish fish are pretty good

I’m a california anon so I might be biased, but other staters what’s your opinion of in n out if you’ve had it? I love it

No. 1525428

I enjoy it. although menu is a bit sparse and the secret menu doesn't do much for me. as fastfood goes it's good, especially when the fries are fresh

No. 1525734

>our cities are dumpy, inefficient, boring and the public transport sucks
NYC's public transportation isn't any better tbh

No. 1526663

why are they trying to scare us about the damaged crops in Cali as if we don't have local farmers in our own states?

No. 1526669

Have you ever visited NYC? I visited a bunch of European big cities (Amsterdam, Paris, London) before visiting NYC. I had super high hopes and was absolutely hyped. I loved the big city vibe in all the other big cities I’d visited and I loved taking public transport all over.

FUCK NYC. I fucking hate NYC. I will never go back to NYC. Central Park was the only nice part. The subway is scary and disgusting and ratchet as fuck. The whole city smells like garbage and piss. The people are ruder than Parisians. All the streets are hideous. The buildings/skyscrapers cast a shadow over everything making it seem depressing and dystopian. The sidewalks are narrow and for a place with so much public transportation it is very hostile to pedestrians when compared to European cities. Paid a premium to basically visit a total shithole. Never again. Fuck NYC.

No. 1526695

You know what? I've never been but always did figure this. There's too much humblebragging from native new yorkers about how desensitised they are to homeless or mentally ill shenanigans and rats and laughing at tourists being naturally shocked. Imagine someone from cape town or wherever else in South Africa bragging, it'd be ridiculous!

Anyway, asking americans, is there anywhere I could go in the USA that's more like the imagined ideal of New York?

No. 1526814

File: 1679158787481.jpeg (235.82 KB, 800x1407, FQOnSpraUAATzXM.jpeg)

it is funny you should mention cape town, because just this morning i was suggested a video on instagram which was exactly that.

and no. New York, New York is one of a kind in the us. the other big cities don't compare to the grandeur that NYC is associated with, regardless of whether it holds up to itself or not.

>The sidewalks are narrow
it's been several years since I've been to NYC but in no way are they more narrow than anywhere in Spain. less cobblestone and deathrocks too
>and for a place with so much public transportation it is very hostile to pedestrians when compared to European cities.
that's the united states in whole. it is a country built for and after cars. European cities were largely established as cities hundreds of years ago and longer, and don't have the luxury of space to build how the us did in terms of vehicle infrastructure. i mean they're still evacuating cities and towns in Germany every time they find a bomb when they're fixing a street kek

No. 1527691

File: 1679191127012.jpeg (243.77 KB, 1179x1548, 6F140C7F-F136-44CC-89DA-E27305…)

Yo what the fuck why did we change the rules to bail this bullshit out they’re literally picking our pockets

No. 1527714

On a cross-country drive posting on truckstop Applebees wifi, what are my sister Americans up to

No. 1527719

I am drinking wine in jerome, arizona

No. 1527720

No. 1527835


I love the Animal Style burger so much! Those onions are delicious. I did think the bun was kind of flimsy and cheap seeming but the rest of the ingredients felt high quality for a fast food joint.

No. 1527892

File: 1679212016805.png (483.83 KB, 1184x998, Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 12.4…)

I didn't know where else to post this, but I needed to share it on lolcow. This NYU student wrote an article about how she studied abroad in Florence, hated everyone there and everything about it, missed New York the whole time, and imagined that the Italians hated her so she "protested" by…wearing hoodies and sneakers? kek


No. 1527897

average nepo

No. 1527898

meanwhile my mums electric bill is £1000 a fucking month up from £300.

No. 1527915

also lmao, italians were some of the friendliest people i'd met in Europe, and lots of people in Italy wear Nike sneakers. I saw another post where someone said this girl had "Emily in Paris syndrome" and she assumed the world would stop and cater to her romcom fantasy abroad

No. 1527957

because we produce almost half of the fruits and veggies grown in the US and we export a lot of produce outside the US

No. 1527969

moids are terrorizing this country, not an inanimate object.

No. 1527992

Did you not see that someone already responded with the same exact retarded thing you are saying and I already replied to that >>1508421
>"Guns don't kill people! Guns are just objects!"
Please shut the fuck up, god.

No. 1528003

Women should give up our great equalizer because some scrote wanted to kill a bunch of people at a movie theatre? Very cool!

No. 1528017

I love how when anons want to start an infight they just read into shit and argue against things that literally no one said. I'm not falling for it and you look autistic.

No. 1528033

people like you put our lives at risk, because you think no guns would stop a retarded and feral scrote from acting subhuman.

No. 1528041

File: 1679233811923.jpg (195.07 KB, 980x653, Philadelphia_Skyline_(1).jpg)

Washington DC is really nice. Philadelphia is dangerous, but cute. Parts of it are really beautiful, like near the art museum. The subways are still gross though, but not so scary in my opinion. The sidewalks aren't too narrow here and I think they are beautiful as sometimes you walk on old cobble roads.

No. 1528065

NTA but Oh wow the anti gun progressive out here using ableist language? Get off your high horse. You look stupid.(go back)

No. 1528092


No. 1528103

Guns don’t seem to be working in deterring violent crime, though. You would think with all the guns around to prevent crime, crime rates would plummet. But they haven’t.

No. 1528130

most women don’t own guns, therefore most female victims of violent crime will not be able to properly defend themselves. but yes, guns have saved lives. you sound extremely ignorant to suggest otherwise.

No. 1528142

I have no one to reply to in particular upthread, but to add to the issue about women and gun ownership: Most violent crime committed against women is domestic and by someone they know.
I just don't think it's a realistic expectation that the majority of women would A) Be armed and ready in their own homes and B) Willing or prepared to shoot a loved one even under threat.

That said I have no problem with women who want to be armed, I carry as well.
We are not the problem. Men are.

No. 1528152

File: 1679245221726.jpg (27.96 KB, 450x450, in-n-out2.jpg)

Animal style fries are my FAVORITE! Im veg so I will get a veggie burger, and if in being extra gluttonous I'll get a Neapolitan milkshake

No. 1528235

It's literally just a post I made to express that I was upset because of all the shootings happening (especially having been in a position where I could have also been a victim of gun violence) and now I have anons sperging at me 23 days later about how I hate women and I'm "ableist" newfag. Are you okay? Is it really so slow on here that you need to dredge up posts from 20+ days ago to fight about?

I'm sorry for even continuing this but the way some anons act makes it so irritating to use this site sometimes. You literally cannot say anything lest someone try to make an infight out of it.

No. 1528471

File: 1679267871042.jpg (27.92 KB, 550x550, 998e2e284af76907570bbcc88ec5b0…)

wat is every nonny gonna do in the real recession coming later this year

No. 1528476

Ont related but the pic is cuteeeeeeeeeee

No. 1528485

why did anon delete the post about a possible bank run protest on Tuesday upon trump's arrest

No. 1528523

File: 1679269717459.jpg (237.02 KB, 1082x1779, image.jpg)

Maybe they didn't want to stoke the flame or whatever (idk I didn't see it). A lot of the time if I have something to say about a Trump thing I change my mind like 5 seconds later because I realize it's fake or stupid and the whole point is to get worked up about it and share it lol
Did you see his video from a couple days ago? The "peace without delay" one where he says a bunch of anti-war stuff you would expect from a progressive candidate before he goes into classic popular republican talking points at the tail end and also hits on some of his destroy-the-deep-state rhetoric (which has mass appeal I think, but he makes sure not to say "drain the swamp" or anything he said before and failed to do lol). He's 100% gonna win 2024, he's too good at campaigning. Just making an observational statement, I'm not really happy about it but it's a real both-sides-are-trash situation here all the time, I'm getting jaded.

No. 1528540

>He's 100% gonna win 2024
Don't say that nonna. I won't allow it.

No. 1528555

jesus was his tan always this dark?

No. 1528568

Damn he must really hate his pasty pale old man skin. Look at how dark he’s painting himself

No. 1528571

I'm sorry it's just a feeling I have. there's still time for something to happen so he doesn't.

No. 1528584

File: 1679274392936.jpeg (140.32 KB, 1500x1000, ADAEB201-976A-4B00-AF49-61BEC0…)

I’d recommend Chicago. I know people joke about Chicago being dangerous, but honestly that’s just the southern part. I’ve always felt safe in the main/popular areas of the city. I wouldn’t go south of Chinatown, but Chinatown itself is fine. And the trains there don’t smell like piss

No. 1528593

Nta i agree nonny. People will take last year and go straight for trump or whatever conservative is running. It’s unfortunate, working class being tossed around like a hot potato by people who couldn’t care less about the individual person

No. 1528619

>wah wah Italian men didn’t find me hot and call me “Bella”

>I can’t believe my apartment with 7 roommates isn’t quiet

Like girl go work on campus or go to fucking library

>”$20 Ryanair flights to places like Croatia and Munich for Oktoberfest. To me, this seemed like an exhausting form of escapism. I was convinced my peers were doing it only to freshen up their social-media profiles and make their friends back home jealous.”

Okay this was the most insane take I’ve ever read. She’s an international relations major and she thinks people only travel as a form of escapism and to make others jealous?? This bitch sounds so deranged

>”I started to protest by presenting myself to the public in a way I knew they'd hate. I started wearing American-brand athleisure, Nike Air Max 97s, and oversize hoodies. The Italians rolled their eyes as I passed them on the street”

This is starting to sound like an Italian parody of the opening paragraphs of My Immortal

This whole article was so poorly written that it’s hard to believe she’s a journalism/international relations major. She just complains about anything that’s different and doesn’t expand upon things in a way that has any substance. She also clearly doesn’t enjoy new things and the whole point of traveling is to experience new cultures. It doesn’t sound like she made any attempt whatsoever to immerse herself in local culture

No. 1528653

I’m in Georgia after being in Wisconsin and I’m watching a late night weather forecast and the way the weather lady is being so serious about the “cold front” and calling it dramatic and telling people to bring their pets inside is so… interesting to me. It’s like 40 degrees and it might maybe possibly get below freezing. I drove too far south I’m in another world lol

No. 1528677

Even if Trump is arrested, there's still Disantis. Why oh why do most of the democrat nominees suck? The fact that I'd rather have four years more of sitting duck Biden versus four more years of restrictive republican humiliation speaks volumes. The whole world will make us a laughingstock again as the men in this third wild country with a gucci belt continue to chip away at our rights

No. 1528686

I’m in Wisconsin and 40 degrees is absolutely shorts weather here especially in the spring

No. 1528717

Is someone predicting a recession again? Either way, I'll move back in with my parents and lie around on the sofa all day every day like I did during the pandemic.

No. 1528718

This article is dumb as shit and I don't want to give the author any credit but the one valid point she makes is that Europeans have gotten extremely hostile to Americans and it's gotten much worse in the past 10 years ago. When I traveled in the early 2000s and would mention I was American people would generally respond with "oh, that's cool, whatever," and my dad had a good experience studying abroad in college but nowadays you basically just make yourself a target for mockery if you're obviously America, particularly by young people in Western Europe. It kind of makes me sad because I used to enjoy myself a lot more traveling to see my relatives in France and it just feels like more and more of a chore to interact with friends of my cousins because they're going to make the super hilarious jokes of asking why I'm not fat and how pursuing a Master's degree here is just a high school education in Europe. I understand why America has such a negative reputation but it legitimately makes me less interested in traveling to a lot of foreign countries or at least makes me want to avoid actually interacting with locals.

No. 1528779

there is no such thing as "europeans" as a cultural mololith. The french are just the french, and they're notoriously anti-america.

No. 1528934

this. the french are particularly nasty when it comes to their personalities and hygiene. we need to whisk all french men into rocket ships to be launched into the sun.

No. 1529332

Yeah France is really different with the way they treat Americans. Not like it’s all bad or anything but it’s the only place in Europe I got noticeably odd treatment for being American. I was just a single American traveler though not a student. Sometimes I got slightly rude treatment and sometimes I got pity lol. I still like France a lot though I don’t care.

No. 1529342

Yep, it's mostly just the French. In most other European countries people really won't judge you differently just for being American. Even if there's some extent of 'Americans are fat/dumb' stereotype going on, the vast majority of people won't let that affect their judgment of any individual Americans.
The French in general are just notoriously xenophobic on top of being chauvinists. They will negatively judge basically anyone who isn't French, be they American or just from a different European county.

No. 1529348

This seems pretty retarded? What was her goal? It sounds like she went because she was trying to chase some kind of fantasy and doesn't even like travelling. Personally i don't understand why anybody travels abroad for studying at all, studying is already stressful and why add more stress being in an environment you are unfamiliar with? Seems fucking retarded. Also, this reeks of disgusting amounts of privilege. Most normal people can't relate with her bullshit.

What this anon said. The french are pretty hostile to non-french speakers in general and hate everyone lmao. Imo think the best place for Americans to visit is the Uk, especially London. It might not be special if you come from New york, but it's a good place to start with if you want to travel to the rest of Europe on a budget for the rest of the non-nepo babies here. Plenty of Americans already crawling around too so you won't feel too out of place.

No. 1529361

File: 1679366439746.jpg (349.63 KB, 1080x1350, 459a1243b22b0e458dc68861f3507e…)

not specific to any part of this conversation, but i have travelled a fair amount and one place i noticed the most americans was cinque terre in italy. you're on the train, americans, youre at a station, americans, youre walking around, americans, you're on a trail, americans, pass by a restaurant, americans, go in a shop, americans. it was bizarre having gone a couple weeks hearing little else but italian then going there and nearly all i heard was american english

No. 1529670

I'm going to move across states soon, it's pretty stressful but the state I'm looking at has relocation assistance for newcomers since they want more people. I just need money for a 4wd car by winter.
The last time I moved states was when I was 10. Why is this country so big lol. JK, I like that I can escape the desert wasteland I'm in right now. Too many people have been moving here and it's been ruined.

No. 1529880

I’m doing that right now and I’m about to lose my damn mind from the stress but it’s actually going fine so I’m sure you’ll be ok too nonna

No. 1529882

File: 1679430591989.jpeg (2.49 MB, 4032x3024, 1868B4FD-E08F-4D83-B609-64F002…)

Time is a flat circle

No. 1530047

Any area that's remotely vacationable Americans will monetize the absolute shit out of. Even crack hotels in bumfuck south are literal hundreds nightly. Likely why Americans keep telling poor and middle class people not to vacation because even just vacationing to the next state over for a few days can run thousands

No. 1530126

I just drove to southern Georgia recently and I went to a Save A Lot (love that store, they always have jalapenos and tomatillos) and they had a very interesting brand of cup ramen on their shelves… don't want to get reported for race baiting but iykyk, it's not that bad but would be considered problematic by some. made me do a double take anyway. demographics get very different when you go far enough south and I think there's cultural information that doesn't make it further north. just has to be seen and experienced I guess.

No. 1530155

nona I'm in the PNW and I have no idea what you're talking about pls share

No. 1530161

File: 1679455342359.jpeg (208.41 KB, 1170x1672, C42FEE61-61AA-4CB7-980D-4FEA01…)

You guys really live in their minds rent free lol mind you this is reddit but wow are Europeans sticking to their stereotype of being patronizing passive aggressive little fuckers.
Half of the posts are seething over Americans, what's with the weird one-sided obsession? It's getting weird..

No. 1530163

Americans will spend their every last penny ~traveling~ though. Traveling is fun and fine but it causes major inflation to the city. I also swear to God corporations go out of their way to make an employees commute as terrible as possible. Traveling/agency employees get paid often 3 times as much instead of having incentives to hire locals. During summer the town I lived in would buy/rent out massive homes to fly a bunch of useless employees (they only let work 5-15 hours a week mind you) instead of just hiring people in the area. It's probably why these hotels are able to charge hundreds nightly

No. 1530176

This subreddit was in my notifications and my homepage on reddit and I was confused because I had never visited it before, ended up just muting it. I didn't actually read the posts but people constantly complaining about and obsessing over America is nothing new

No. 1530177

The company that makes it is called RAP Snacks

No. 1530180

ooh okay anon. I looked it up and it doesn't seem very problematic imo, it's owned by a black person so the branding isn't racist against black people, and instant ramen has been a staple "poor food" in the united states for decades now, so imo it's not racist against Asians, either. But then again, it's true you would never see that kind of thing in the north LOL.

No. 1530181

What? No one sees Rap Snacks as problematic.

No. 1530182

ooh okay anon. I looked it up and it doesn't seem very problematic imo, it's owned by a black person so the branding isn't racist against black people, and instant ramen has been a staple "poor food" in the united states for decades now, so imo it's not racist against Asians, either. But then again, it's true you would never see that kind of thing in the north LOL.

No. 1530183

ooh okay anon. I looked it up and it doesn't seem very problematic imo, it's owned by a black person so the branding isn't racist against black people, and instant ramen has been a staple "poor food" in the united states for decades now, so imo it's not racist against Asians, either. But then again, it's true you would never see that kind of thing in the north LOL.

No. 1530184

What? No one sees Rap Snacks as problematic.

No. 1530190

Are you okay, do you need your daily dose of meds?

No. 1530191

Lolcow had a little hiccup

No. 1530193

are you new?

No. 1530194

We're 2 different anons and it's a glitch from the site.

No. 1530196

the irony in >>1530193 calling someone new when >>1530194 newfag is calling their double-posting a glitch kek. Also you can delete your posts before the 30min mark..just letting you know.

No. 1530199

Anon are you fucking retarded? It is a bug with the site that has been going on for probably a week at this point. The site freezes posting and then everyone's posts go through multiple times all at once. You can literally go to /meta/ and some of the threads here on /ot/ and see that multiple anons have complained about it.
Don't go around calling anons newfags if you need to be spoonfed this information, dickhead. You literally just look like one of those overcompensating newfags yourself.

No. 1530201

chill you might pop a vein.

No. 1530206

looks like you really need your meds

No. 1530291

yet they sitll come here lul

No. 1530314

nta but it literally is a glitch. it's been happening on every board recently and goes beyond regular double posting. it happens whenever the "Posting…100%" freezes.

No. 1530760

The French might be the most notorious for hating Americans but trust me you run into this attitude in a lot Europe, even in countries with a lot of emigration to the US. You're really naive if you think that isn't true. But as someone who used to work in hospitality though I think tourists of absolutely every nationality you can think of are terrible. Even Japanese people who are stereotyped for being excessively polite I've had awful experiences with. People just feel more comfortable being on their worst behavior in countries they feel are inferior to theirs.

No. 1530913

File: 1679543918999.jpeg (211.11 KB, 2133x1535, AC33EFBE-BBEC-49D7-8547-12AF6C…)

RFD-TV is amazing. How have I never heard of this? The anchor has a cow print suit on and he’s talking about corn futures

No. 1530919

Literally the only thing I miss about having cable. I highly recommend Molly B’s Polka Party

No. 1531734

There are so many Carnegie libraries and they're all nice. What the fuck is wrong with rich Americans nowadays? Don't even know how to flaunt their wealth or preserve their names. There are so many more rich people now who were even richer than Carnegie too. Our upper class is complete trash.

No. 1531963

Did anyone else see the Tiktok Congress hearing? Some of the questions they asked were so bad.
>Why do you need to know where the eyes are if you're not checking for pupil dilation?
>Does tiktok access your wifi network?

No. 1531976

Yeah I saw that. Literally an embarrassment. These hearings are always this stupid no matter what the subject is. If you tune into one and know anything about the topic your eyes and ears will bleed at how stupid the politicians’ questions are. I watched one about a topic I cared about and instantly lost all faith in our government I’m not even joking a little bit.

No. 1531997

–like, seriously, our politicians heads are basically empty. All they know how to do is appeal to people or companies for support or money, they do not know anything else. Empty words, practiced mannerisms – they're basically the original social media influencers. Don't know how to get anything done, don't know how most of the population lives, don't know how to do their actual jobs, don't even know they're not doing their actual jobs because they think their job is to be on campaign as that is the only time they do anything resembling work. They're mentally just not all there. The lizard-overlords meme is popular because the people running things are so out of touch with the rest of humanity they might as well be reptilian.

No. 1532009

If it helps, their (low paid to unpaid) staffers are the ones who actually do any legwork and write our laws lol. Hearings are a sham. In many other hearings, the politicians who aren't busy posturing for good soundbites are absent entirely or literally sleeping. Meanwhile, most cashiers in the US aren't even allowed to have a chair at their register.

No. 1532015

Good, we should lose faith in our government which means the system isn't working no matter with how many elections we hold.

No. 1532027

New laws:
-Elected officials may not have a net worth of over 1 million dollars, nor can their spouse or siblings or children or anyone within two generations of them on either side. That's plenty of money to be comfortable in any state, we don't need more nancy pelosis.
-If you haven't worked a minimum wage job for 5 years or more you are not eligible for higher offices like mayor, governor, senator, supreme court judge, president.

No. 1532530

I was going to post this in the stupid questions thread, but thought it might actually reach someone with experience here. Does living in UT suck? Does living outside of SLC proper suck? The property taxes are low and the income tax isn’t terrible. I like that there’s land, but I can’t tell if most of it is ugly or not. I’ve never been there, but I was curious.

No. 1532563

Utah is fucking beautiful. I would live far from main cities though. For me, its the nature that seals the deal. Id drove an hour to get to town if it meant living near Mt Zion National park

No. 1532573

my dad is very neoliberal and has cnn on all day, and he freaked out and started insulting me when i said i dont trust anyone in our government and that the only way i'll even start trusting is when there are tight age caps put in place for every position
i called nancy pelosi a corrupt ghoul and he told me i sound like i love trump. his defense for her was that she is "tough and i should be respectful"

No. 1532590

kek wtf

No. 1532596

Ask him why Nancy was one of the four reps with three republicans ghouls who got caught off loading stocks under trump. Nancy is just as bad. I’m with you anon. The dichotomy shit is such shit and is keeping people intentionally ignorant.

No. 1532625

If your dad was a true American he'd know that placing full trust in the government is a bad idea. The government exists to serve the people, not the other way around. Checks and balances is a huge part of our government, and what greater balance is there than the people versus the government? This is why we vote in representatives instead of just letting the government do its own thing. The people we vote in are supposed to serve us the people, not each other or whatever lines their pockets. I wonder how your dad became a neolib kek.

No. 1532629

One of the ladies couldn't even say algorithm and GPS correctly. If this was to convince the public to turn against Tiktok/the Chinese/whatever, I think it's done the opposite. My great grandma has more tech literacy than them.

No. 1532653

i have no idea. i truly think it's cnn 24/7. if you go against what anyone on cnn says, you're uninformed, stupid, or you're secretly maga. he constantly complains that no one in my/my siblings generation is making any change, and we need to vote properly or more. that it isn't the fault of our worthless politicians who only care for themselves. voting is worthless currently, age caps need to be implemented because it's offensive how incapable they are at understanding basic technology, let alone protecting data as a human right, and i don't believe in anyone in our current system. i don't feel that they work for me, i feel like they actively work against me. covid was eye opening.

i think he gets offended at the age stuff specifically. it truly blows my mind that they are actively making lives worse while they make money, while still using orange man as a talking point instead of discussing worthwhile policy.

No. 1532658

Tell him to get a life

No. 1532685

kek what is it with neoliberal boomers and defending nancy? so many leftist people think she's unparalleled cringe

No. 1533038

Have any of you been to Canada? It was my first time last summer and was shocked at how unfriendly everyone was. Talked to some of my friends and they said Canadian politeness is viewed as respecting and separating other cultures and ignoring people rather than blending them and it just seems so cold and bizarre to me. I’m from a southern state (but north enough actual southerners would balk if I described myself as one) so that can also be a part of my socialization, but the second I was back in even northern states it felt “normal” whenever I stopped. I’m not a loud or overwhelming person, I just felt like a freak for accidentally making eye contact and smiling, asking a question in stores, or saying excuse me. Idk it came up again and I feel weirdly defensive over them leaning on being better Americans and then sucking the multiple times I’ve been up there. I promise I don’t suck, look weird, and wasn’t going anywhere obnoxious- this is at grocery stores or walking around during the day in a normal neighborhood in Ontario.

No. 1533041

I love meeting other Americans when I'm abroad. They make me feel so much more comfortable.

No. 1533047

general attitude in Toronto reminds me of Portland Oregon. kinda weird since they're not anywhere close to eachother geographically but there you go

No. 1533075

In what ways did you find Canadians unfriendly? I think it depends on where you went. Big cities like Toronto and Vancouver tend to have very unfriendly people who just mind their own business. People are a lot more friendly and welcoming in smaller communities (though it's probably like that everywhere else).

No. 1533132

Nonburger lurker here sorry, have you ever been abroad before and felt the same? I don't know anything about Canada but Americans who came to my country complained about the same thing and it's even a stereotype here that Americans are extremely friendly and open in contrast with everyone else. Sorry you had a bad experience anon.

No. 1533134

>Americans are extremely friendly and open in contrast with everyone else
Are you European? Eastern European?

No. 1533147

I've been to Toronto a lot, and I would say the rudeness levels to me are pretty equivalent to a big city in the northern US and for me visiting I never really feel a culture shock but it is probably different for you being from the south. In this area it's kind of considered weird to stare at a stranger and smile.

No. 1533300

I’ve been to Iceland as well and felt extremely welcome- was nervous because of Canada but everyone was kind, warm and went out of their way to be helpful too.
I don’t really know how to explain it, everyone just seemed like they were pissed that other people were in their eyesight, like a library where they were just waiting to glare at someone who made a chair squeak.
I actually told a friend from Boston about this and he said “well yeah, why would you smile at a stranger?” so that tracks, maybe I’m more southern than I thought

No. 1533392

french people hate all anglo-speakers, to be fair. their entire country is bitter that english won out as the world's language instead of french–its culturally embedded into their schooling etc.

No. 1533396

is this per capita though?

No. 1533403

I really think it’s a southern versus northern social norm thing. In a southern U.S. city you can smile and nod and say hi to total strangers without being a creep but in a northern city the attitude is just like your Boston friend says —why would you? I’m not even sure which one I prefer. And then the rules are totally different outside big cities so it’s not very useful information everywhere.

No. 1533411

I, southern small town anon, lived in LA for a while and constantly found strangers did not get small talk or waves. Some people loved it. One time I passed a beautiful woman in this perfect outfit, and I gasped and said “holy shit, you look like a model! Killin’ it! “ And she smiled and waved. It probably didnt help I didnt have a filter.

No. 1533421

I have to say my favorite part of visiting the south is the occasional woman who will just stop me and tell me they love my outfit or hair or whatever. It makes me feel so good. That and the barbecue

No. 1533757

My city issued an alert on our phones to warn us that the drinking water is not safe and now everyone is freaking out and emptying the stores.

No. 1534128

Im sorry nonna. Can you drive elsewhere? Any friends out of town?

No. 1534141

File: 1679938157511.jpg (25.03 KB, 540x540, 1620177884526.jpg)

>recent Nashville school shooter identified as a teen girl

Now, it's not that I don't believe that teen girls can't fucking snap BUT I'm wondering if this person might be a tranny. I guess we'll see.

No. 1534152

Not American but the only times I heard about school shootings done by girls, both girls were TIFs.

No. 1534170

I mean, if it is a girl, its an outlier and i guarantee she was experiencing moid abuse/ or harassment.

No. 1534178

Nona! I just read about that, I hope you're not in the effected area though! Really shit that they notified you all like 2 days after the incident occurred?? And now everyone that didn't learn their lesson from covid are clearing out stores, buying so much bottled water that it's hard for others to find

No. 1534179

it was at a christian private school and she killed 2 staff members so im worried something was happening to her that she felt resentful about, im just hoping it wasnt sexual abuse.

No. 1534180

Turns out she was 28 years old! I was thinking sexual abuse too tbh after I heard christian school.

No. 1534186

fucking weird. what would an almost 30 year old have against 6 people who spend the majority of their time in a highschool? i understand it just happened today, but how are news sites so incompetent that they were reporting that she was a student… i wonder if itll come out that she wasnt even a woman like the anon i replied to said.

No. 1534189

I'm just shocked it's a woman (we're sure not a tranny right?)

No. 1534192

She shot up a school anon, she's probably just crazy like most shooters..

No. 1534202

kek yeah but I've had western euro (german) and east asian friends say the same thing

No. 1534203

i havent been able to find any pictures or even a name so theres no way of knowing at the moment

No. 1534214

I'm just guessing but she could probably be the relative of a victim? Like if a girl told her aunt or something what happened, that could've fueled her rage. Or she could just be mentally ill.

No. 1534219

it was definitely a tranny

No. 1534226

>She was former student at school where shooting occurred

No. 1534240

so why go back and kill current students over 15 years later? she must be severely mentally ill or something. i know youll never find logic in violent crimes against children but i always want to know what would drive someone to murder or mass shootings. i thought it was a highschool because i was skimming articles without fully reading them but it turns out it was an elementary school, the oldest kids there were 11 and she killed 3 of them, its just so horrible.

No. 1534243

People are pretending keffals and Sam Hyde in a wig photoshops are the shooter Kek
Personally though I don’t want to go all conspiracy on it yet, it could very well be a troon but I’m not gonna say it is until we know more than their age and that they went to the school.

No. 1534244

I'm thinking either she was victim of abuse at the school or bullying. Obviously mental illness must play a role.

No. 1534253

i would be more inclined to believe that if she hadnt killed 3 children

No. 1534265

My thoughts too. I'm waiting for her identity to be released even though they keep using the term female. If it truly is a woman who considers herself a woman, she'll be the first ever woman lone shooter.

No. 1534286

No. 1534296

No. 1534298

File: 1679947517324.png (24.45 KB, 594x507, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 1.05…)

No. 1534306

1979? Girl, how old are you? You going to count Cartimandua's decrees as mass shootings as well?

No. 1534309

File: 1679948162900.png (111.14 KB, 1353x765, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 1.16…)

No. 1534311

Any shootings before Columbine aren't mass shootings, they're actually sparkling gun violence.

No. 1534312

You can't make this shit up.

No. 1534315

everyone knows that case and it literally was a mass shooting carried out by a woman..?

No. 1534320

It's a trooner, not a pooner, too. Another "win" for males.

No. 1534321

So wait, is it a mtf or a ftm? The "aiden" part makes me think of a tif, but the fact that he/she identified as a woman makes me think of a tim.

No. 1534323

it's okay to aknowledge that women have shot up schools and places, it just doesn't happen as often as scrotes do. You going
>she'll be the first women ever lone shooter
Is just not true. Scrotes are shooting shit up every fucking day though, it just doesn't always make the news.

No. 1534326

Wait how does this confirm it's a troon or do you mean a FTM?

No. 1534331

File: 1679949061729.jpeg (153.9 KB, 1134x2048, hehim.jpeg)

this is the profile that people are posting. he/him, creative.aiden, "identified as female" idk if it's a mtf or ftm either

No. 1534335

Kids were killed and you guys are trying to figure out the sex of the shooter. Wtf.

No. 1534338

Samefag, but I think this shows how desensitized people in this country are to gun violence. Unless you're an anon who's from another country, in that case you're just estupida.

No. 1534343

You are literally on a gossip site. And I don't think it's odd that people want to know if the shooter is a tranny, especially because males are already using this shit as a gotcha. It's sad that this happened and it's important to remind people of the victims, but it's also important to know if this is yet again another sick male killing people or not. Statistics are important.

No. 1534344

Brainwashed American moment. We already have literal whos from out of state who just so happen to be there giving speeches they seem well prepared for. Bet these guns were obtained illegally. Innocents have no responsibility over someone's irresponsibility.

No. 1534348

Yes, I'm so brainwashed for thinking that the constant shootings are horrible. And what are you even trying to say? If this is meant to imply that the shooting was fake then you know what thread you need to go to. and coping with the growing number of mass shootings by denying that there's a problem and that it's all fake seems more like a brainwashed American to me, but what do I know

No. 1534352

‘ate guns
‘ate troons

Simple as.

No. 1534354

The shooting really did happen and people really did die, but motivation is unknown and it sounds like the shooter was planted.

No. 1534366

File: 1679951094376.jpeg (78 KB, 680x680, AF01E3AC-5DD1-42EC-A6DF-7FF4E8…)

Gotta admit, if I were to imagine a columbine fangirl I would imagine them looking like this.

No. 1534372

"fangirl" lol

No. 1534374

It’s a tif, so yes.

No. 1534375

Yeah, this is what I heard too. Idk how true it is, but if it's a TIF and they were taking testosterone, it seems to make them more likely to be violent?

No. 1534376

In ties into figuring out WHY anon.

No. 1534377

File: 1679951766569.png (1.23 MB, 1163x1452, 0XpBJj2.png)

No. 1534378

They want to pass more so they do stuff men do, like school shootings.

No. 1534380

The christian rednecks are going to have a field day with this, no wonder conspiracytards want to claim it was staged

No. 1534382

she was probably experiencing gender euphoria from shooting people bc she thought all men are unequivocally violent by nature lol

No. 1534385

i really dont get if its mtf or ftm.
if mtf, then he changed name from aiden to audrey

but if ftm—where does the name aiden factor into it?
if its still >>1534377
audrey here and in the media reports

No. 1534391

if it's an ftm, i wonder if they'll start abusing the media for misgendering this brave, stunning manly man lol

No. 1534392

I don't think the shooter is a biological female, but if so, definitely sense a lot of autism and antisocialism from the pics.

No. 1534395

>Toy Story
>The Lion King
what is it trying to tell us

No. 1534401

Despite making up only 0.5% of the US population…

No. 1534405

the radio show I'm listening to said transgender woman. So I thought it was MTF

No. 1534410

I FUCKING KNEW IT. Women are not mass shooters. I knew it was a man.

No. 1534411

By the way they are describing the shooter it's 100% an mtf, no doubt about it.

No. 1534413

All men are violent. Trannies are worse. Didnt we have another tranny shooter pretending to be a woman way back when he shot up the Youtube HQ in cali?

No. 1534419

>Several Twitter users immediately pointed out that 28-year-old Nashville shooter is a biological female who identifies as “He/Him” on their LinkedIn. Authorities believe the transgender shooter previously attended the Christian school.

No. 1534423

That was a woman.

No. 1534425

regardless of whether or not it was a tranny, i'm sure right wing christian groups will be using these deaths as a pawn to argue "christians are totally persecuted in the united states" and try and push some god awful legislation. however if it is a tranny it will piss me off even more and i will definitely be using this as a "here's why i'm a terf" to some of my friends

No. 1534426

File: 1679954852897.png (630.23 KB, 944x894, Screen Shot 2023-03-27 at 3.00…)

No. 1534431

Look at this stupid moid.

No. 1534433

File: 1679955161747.jpg (239.94 KB, 1556x1822, FsQXbvLaIAEflIG.jpg)

Not the first time either. But we all knew troons easily could become shooters.

No. 1534434

lets ban him lolcowsisters

No. 1534438

nta but explain

No. 1534440

File: 1679955468615.gif (22.29 KB, 585x241, crimestate.gif)

men commit far more crime than women, regardless of country.
fuck off, moid.

No. 1534442

latching onto news stories to beat your friends over the head with angry rhetoric about violent trannies is antisocial. I'm not pro-tranny but you're taking it too far. you're too political.

No. 1534443

i'm toxic and abrasive because i dont want MAGA retards to exploit these people's death for their own social and political gains? okay

No. 1534445

nta but Yes

No. 1534446

>i dont want MAGA retards to exploit these people's death for their own social and political gains
< if it is a tranny it will piss me off even more and i will definitely be using this as a "here's why i'm a terf" to some of my friends
go offline. find normal friends who aren't terminally online political spergs.

No. 1534447

some people are just predisposed to violent behavior, and men are literally, evolutionarily, historically, violent beings.

No. 1534450

I think it's a TIF

No. 1534451

looks like inabber
its a male just ignore it

No. 1534454

Black men. Both of you scrotes are so obvious because you think you're the default and forever try to loop women into your bullshit lol

No. 1534458

why are you trying to racebait tho? goalpost moving like that is ridiculous when the fact of the matter is, MEN, biological males are the issue. they are mentally wired towards violence and conflict

No. 1534459

Troons of both kinds really do just end up looking like MTFs, don't they. Like I can see the first photo being FTM but also a gross tubby male. Second photo screams ugly MTF to me.

No. 1534460

/pol/tards lying on the internet as usual
>n-no the black women are totally killing, not us innocent white moids!!!
all y chromosoids are trash, kys

No. 1534465

black women are not "more violent than white men". across all groups, races, cultures, men prove to be violent rape apes. this is an established fact, no matter how much you wish otherwise.

No. 1534467

Why respond to moid bait though

No. 1534468

the reason you're bringing up race is to detail the conversation, let's be honest

No. 1534470

ladies dont argue with subhuman creatures youre just giving them the attention they desperately crave from us when they dont deserve acknowledgment

No. 1534472

you know that it’s possible for women to think differently. I hate men tok but cmon, the stats are right there. but sure call me a scrote

No. 1534476

>I got ignored the first time, let me try again
Thank god for the moid suicide rate

No. 1534477

please do not give the scrote attention by responding to him, i will be monitoring and deleting posts. thanks.

No. 1534489

Refreshing cnn's front page they have changed the same sentence from '28 year old female' to '28 year old woman' now to just '28-year-old'.

No. 1534492

you can though, and that’s something to consider. the media is retarded and we don’t have the facts yet. I’ll refrain from becoming too much of a tinfoil chan but this shit is suspicious. if her name is Audrey why pick a troon name so similar to her birth name ? Isn’t that le triggering ? also, aiden is such a meme name like max in trans communities I feel like she would have to be extremely retarded or un self aware to pick that name, and since she became an incel 4chan tier shooter my guess is she was active on online spaces and thus would know Aiden is a mocked TIF name.

No. 1534494

Yes dipshit because 99% of the time the shooter is male but this time we don’t know if it’s a female tranny or male tranny and if it’s the case then it’s more proof they’re dangerous around kids. ofc we care about the children dying, It’s fucking heinous but this is an image board + thread centered around discussing information and/or gossip about happenings in America.

No. 1534495

the police said she had a manifesto, so i somewhat hope it's made public.

No. 1534506

>if you are a woman:
He isn't. It's bait.

No. 1534517

you're right, sorry for sperging. will let the thread get back to normal kek.

No. 1534557

It seems pretty standard for transgenders to pick names that sound similar to their birth name.

No. 1534567

Sorry but I don't care. People, not just here on LC, care more about that person's sex/gender than the actual shooting. You can't convince me that that's ok and again, I think it shows how desensitized everyone is.

No. 1534588

then go out and do something about it, instead of posting on an imageboard anon. Gun violence isn't going to stop until something is done, troon or no troon.

No. 1534591

>Gun violence isn't going to stop until something is done, troon or no troon.
This is literally what I'm saying.

No. 1534596

i want to see the tif's manifesto. yes that plays into giving these attention seeking freaks what they want but i'm curious to see how malebrained it is.

No. 1534603

It seems like most recent mass shooters put their manifesto online somewhere before they did it. Wonder why she didn't.

No. 1534610

Only legitimately retarded ones like CWC

No. 1534620

File: 1679977004124.jpeg (96.35 KB, 828x1121, 7A2A2117-3FC8-4F78-BC56-26F261…)

that's easy for people to say who don't live in states who refuse to put any restrictions on buying guns beyond bare minimum requirements like "must be over 18"

there's a reason why the top 10 states for mass shootings are all either republican hellholes or home to big cities

No. 1534738

Looks autistic tbh

No. 1534745

All trannies are autists

No. 1534756

States where gun ownership is more dense have more gun crimes (supposedly), such as places with a denser population have more crime in general. Also interesting that California and Illinois is pretty red given their gun control laws are so strict.
There's no correlation besides more people.
America's population is not as dense in the non-red circle states

No. 1534996

I rather have that than them renaming themselves Phandora or some other special snowflake name.

No. 1535029

What's with the big ass circle on the southwest? Body count?

No. 1535066

File: 1680023825898.png (11.33 KB, 617x160, Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 10.1…)

so she was ftm?

No. 1535067

File: 1680023965426.jpg (65.62 KB, 634x487, tufZt7H.jpg)

No. 1535068

Assuming the size of the circle scales with number of casualties, it's in the right place to be the Las Vegas shooting from 2017.

No. 1535070

ok its actually so funny seeing msm trying to accurately gender hale.
like even though she's a literal murderer, lets respect her pronouns of he/him
clown world

No. 1535073

America is for real full of retards that are so goddamned dangerous and the right enables them to be this lethally moronic, what a fucking joke of a country. It's amazing we haven't been nuked again and on the mainland. Look at this tardbreath in action. If it's not a male we really need to start getting serious about these Columbinefags. She's just in the right age range to have grown up in the Tunglr TCC but ngl I'm still praying this isn't a literal Aiden.

No. 1535083

I'm predicting she has autism a tick or two high functioning more than Chris Chan. Likely an Aiden because she's been exposed to so much unrestricted social media.

No. 1535154

Check out the FTM thread in snow. Her fakeboi name is literally Aiden

No. 1536552

File: 1680166644259.png (74.14 KB, 534x670, Untitled.png)

I am moving from Europe to the US within the next couple of months (my husband is a burger) because we want to buy a house and land, which is impossible here.

I bought this shirt so I can blend in, what else do I need? Maybe a bullet proof vest underneath?

No. 1536557

File: 1680167178593.png (36.37 KB, 624x527, article.PNG)

Most anons have probably heard about it now but the "Tiktok ban" is being used as a cover for something deeper… It's called the Restrict Act but it's confusing to me.

No. 1536560

File: 1680167588993.jpg (178.37 KB, 1050x1047, 165806713553626.jpg)

>there's a reason why the top 10 states for mass shootings are all either republican hellholes or home to big cities

No. 1536561

Go back, retard

No. 1536564

Damn…they’re all male…

No. 1536566

Honestly I know they are racebaiting but all I got from this is men are the problem by in large. Also I googled and there are approx 393 MILLION registered hand guns in America. These are just guns we “know about” honestly once I found that out it’s not even a matter of if a place you love will get shot up but when. There are more guns than people in America why is no one alarmed by this lol. I’m honestly flabbergasted and terrified. Why do we need THAT many guns in this or ANY country. Who started this trend wtf

No. 1536567

Well yeah, this country is a fucking joke. It's hugely embarrassing. We know for a fact that shootings went up like crazy when the ban of assault rifles expired when Bush was in office, but no one cares because the NRA is running the country and running our lives. Honestly, if anyone chooses to have kids in this shithole, imo, you're not only a masochist, but a sadist as well. Knowing this country is so far gone and full of battery-licking tardlets and the fact that realistically none of us have the ability to prevent our loved ones from being shot to death while out on a milk run or going to school, it's just cruel. I can't wait to leave again.

No. 1536592

The large majority of gun violence happens between black and mexican gangs with illegal firearms. Even if you ban the legal ownership of guns that's not going to stop.

No. 1536613

Who is supplying them with these illegal firearms in the first place? Im pretty sure when you get to the root of the problem it’s the government doing this shit on purpose and supplying these illegal firearms.
They (NRA, the government) don’t care about “mexican and black gangs” doing mass shootings because the innocent people they are killing is other Mexicans and black people. Once we get a nonwhite mass shooter who shoots up and targets a white school Im sure then the government will magically put a stop to this. Honestly though the government don’t care about white on white gun violence crime either because this should’ve been stopped after sandy hook. Im so tired of learning about literal children dying in one of the worst ways possible over easily preventable shit.

No. 1536618

Oh yeah for sure the government is supplying them. They also supply the school shooters and groom them on 4chan. Nobody ever wonders why those young men from broken homes have guns and equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars.

No. 1536636

> Once we get a nonwhite mass shooter who shoots up and targets a white school Im sure then the government will magically put a stop to this.
Nta but you’re very stupid if you think they will ever ban guns. Especially because adults or teenagers are killed kek. Sandy Hook under Obama didn’t even change gun laws.

No. 1536644

I hate guns and I wish they didn't exist in this country, but until the government goes door to door and confiscates them from every single American (which is literally impossible), I'll continue owning mine tbh.

No. 1536656

Personally I believe the US government is evil and I wouldn't want them to be the only ones who have guns while the citizens are unarmed. I think they instigate these shootings in order to get the citizens to advocate for disarming themselves so the government wields all the power. Fuck that.

No. 1536670

i know they arent going to ban guns honestly its literally impossible. like i said before there are more guns than people in this country. we are all just biding our time until we or a loved one dies tragically in this way. Its so bleak. Its just crazy to me that when you read about gun safety history the NRA was all for banning open carry guns when the blank panther party was brandishing them. All of this shit is bullshit and tied to race and fear mongering and i blame men! i fucking hate them yo. they suck and keep making the world suck for all of us!

No. 1536672

They would't ban guns even if an arab isis member shot up a white suburban school.

No. 1536676

>Once we get a nonwhite mass shooter who shoots up and targets a white school Im sure then the government will magically put a stop to this
non-whites have done mass shootings many times. east asian men are actually overrepresented in mass shootings. the virgina tech shooter was korean, the san bernardino shooters were a pakistani couple, the pulse nightclub shooter was arab. the victims in these cases (of many) were majority white.
I'm so tired of people like you pulling the race card and being so misinformed in the process.

No. 1536678

cry about it and stop repeating yourself

No. 1536681

At this point I think there's also too much money to be made in security theater for serious gun reform to occur now. Bulletproof schoolbags, extra thick door locks, more emergency drills and consultants/admin who develop drills. All that government money moved from public service to private firms and contractors just to further traumatize children at their most vulnerable ages all while ignoring their decreasing test scores.

No. 1536695

File: 1680183380222.jpg (55.04 KB, 640x638, o8tzfehzt9j71.jpg)

>Bulletproof schoolbags
This makes me feel a certain way

No. 1536698

Since when are Arabs and Pakistanis east Asian

No. 1536711

Most countries have those races in them yet don’t have mass shootings. The issue is with your rotten country.

No. 1536715

I literally never said they were? Why do you think I added a period?
>Most countries have those races in them yet don’t have mass shootings
because they don't have access to guns, they use other forms of violence.

No. 1536720

>east asian men are actually overrepresented in mass shootings.
i can't think of any others besides the korean guy and elliot roger

No. 1536721

At the end of the day it’s a largely male problem sans race but the thing is america is a racist ass country who uses race as a fear mongering talking point to get shit passed. who already proved this theory true when they were fine with open carry when it was largely white folks doing it to harass black folk during Jim Crow etc. but then when the black panther party started brandishing guns of their own suddenly the NRA stepped in to help pass the Mulford act. All of this shit is calculated was my initial point. And I even said after the fact that the govt doesn’t even care about white on white gun violence cuz again look at sandy hook and where we are at today.

No. 1536740

Golden Dragon massacre
Boston Chinatown massacre
Wah Mee massacre
Virginia Tech
Chai Vang
Elliot Rodger
Monterey Park shooting (literally a month ago)

No. 1536745

It’s not my area of expertise but it sounds a lot like the Great Firewall China has but with no infrastructure behind it and just punitive measures for regulation. Saw something that said using a VPN to look at Russian/Chinese/Cuban/Venezuelan/dprk websites will get you fined like literally 1 million dollars and sent to prison?

No. 1536755

America is a "racist ass country" because it's so multicultural. Personally I don't think people of many different cultures can live together in peace and harmony. It just doesn't work. It's better when everyone has their own country, their own culture, their own language etc. There is way too much friction when you have people with wildly different believes, wants and needs living together in one place. There will never be a post-racial society where everyone of every color lives together happily. You see it now in Europe with crime going up and racial tensions rising because there are suddenly so many immigrants and refugees that don't get along with the local population. In 50 years they will have the same problems as the US now.

No. 1536764

Multiculturalism in the US and Europe are different, what “American problems” do you think would occur in Europe in 50 years? Mass shootings aren’t a racial issue and western moids already share a monoculture. Fucking retard.

You think different countries are all the same country on a timeline? That your sea of guns is the result of multiculturalism? Or that “American racism” is the result of immigration? You’re actually brain dead levels of stupid. You just have a soft little penis rattling around in your skull.

No. 1536769

>Personally I don't think people of many different cultures can live together in peace and harmony. It just doesn't work.
History disagrees. The Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire were some of the most powerful and long-lasting multicultural entities.

No. 1536770

Yeah two empires that are now dead.. hmm

No. 1536771

They reigned incredibly long, no monocultural entity comes close

No. 1536773

File: 1680190548441.png (1.24 MB, 864x1076, a93c7757-4362-4b56-8cf8-6220d5…)

are you guys ever pissed off that your parents/ancestors moved here? I don't want to be a cringy muh heritage kind of person, but if my family never decided to get on the boats, I would've had virtually zero risk of getting caught up in a mass shooting by some autistic tranny.
inb4 "b-but other countries have issues too"

No. 1536777

They want you to think it’s all about race but it’s about men’s ability to violently terrorize and control whether it be through their penises for sexual assaults with that 2% conviction rate or firearms to kill innocent strangers because of the garbage they read online that makes them feel entitled to doing so. Firearms are a great equalizer for women if women are properly trained with them. If any woman here wants to live alone for the rest of her life then I highly recommend getting a Glock and putting it in a gun safe in your home to use if some violent moid does break in. Learn how to use it ofc. Home invasions aren’t that common and the biggest risk of dying as a woman is gone if you stay single forever kek.

No. 1536783

My people didn't really have a choice, but I do wish my family hadn't chose to settle in my homestate lol. It's an incredibly boring retirement state where nothing fun happens.

No. 1536784

Yeah sort of, I def would love to have been raised somewhere in a Europe like Switzerland personally but I don’t actually have much heritage there haha. I’m mixed of all sorts of heritages that would have never existed if my ancestors weren’t in America to meet each other. Plus my ancestors fled actual fascist regimes, genocide, and hopeless peasantry in their home countries and my situation is pretty enviable compared to that. I’ve gotten into genealogy to honor my ancestors by learning their stories because the stories can be pretty amazing and I’m really grateful to them that I can exist.

No. 1536797

AZ or FL, nona?
Oh definitely. My ancestors were granted political asylum but out of all the countries that could, this one? Really? If you're able to obtain citizenship through ancestry, I'd recommend any anons do

No. 1536800

AZ or FL, nona?
Oh definitely. My ancestors were granted political asylum but out of all the countries that could, this one? Really? If you're able to obtain citizenship through ancestry, I'd recommend any anons do

No. 1536804

Not really. I’ve been back to where I’m “from” and it’s really nice (Irish/welsh background) but it’s a lot like where I grew up (New England lol) so whatever made them move it probably all worked out pretty good. My grandma was russian and I’ve never been there but I would’ve been born at a horrible time (ussr collapse) so that’s a bullet dodged for sure.
I am however very alarmed that the life expectancy is dropping in the US. Anecdotal but my great grandma lived to 104 years old, my grandma lived to 82, and my mom is currently in her mid 60s and in poor health. If this trend continues I’m gonna die in about ten years.

No. 1536808

>AZ or FL, nona?
One of the Carolinas

No. 1536873

Burger here, racism in this country has fuck all to do with multiculturalism. America has race issues because race has been at the center of most historical conflicts in this country. Segregation was still alive well after my parents came to this country. Furthermore, the ruling classes here continuously use race as a means to control and distract from the blatant class divide in the country. Nothing improves in this shithole because everyone's spending hours upon hours in useless DEI trainings taught by clueless blue-haired liberals, meanwhile the country crumbles around us.

No. 1536875

Testosterone and probably feeling bitter about her failed transition is my guess. Of course mental illness and bullying likely played a role as well but tbh I don't pity these troons much less anyone who decides taking others out en masse is the answer, they should start with themselves first.

No. 1536877

Ugh, that's awful. All of the retirement states are shitholes, and it's worse that they skew right

No. 1536894

this is the kind of shit a person says when they're too lazy to think critically. never had an original thought or considered history/nuance, just "omgg i just found the right wing, racist side of twitter, guys" and regugitating whatever it says.

No. 1536946

In human history people of different cultures have always waged war against each other.

No. 1536979

No. 1537003

The romans conquering all of Europe and destroying local cultures supports your point how????

No. 1537008

culture =/= race

No. 1537017

powerful? sure
most people under the ottoman empire were unhappy. many arabs to this day talk about the ottoman empire in disgust. the ottoman empire resulted in the mass genocide of armenians, greeks, and assyrians. what a shit example to use for the great benefits of multiculturalism.

No. 1537034

>th-that's not multicultural because it includes conquering
Then what is America?

No. 1537036

Nta but didn't Romanians pretty much create most of the cultural heritage of Europe? Especially historical landmarks and such?
You shouldn't talk about this if you're not any of those ethnicities. I'm partially arabic, georgian, turkish, greek and probably even more(thanks to ottoman empires multicultural background kek) that I can only see if I do a DNA test and I have friends that are mostly greek, kurdish or arabic but I've never heard anyone talk about ottoman empire in that way irl. Only chronically online Arabic or Greek immigrants who've been brainwashed into hating each other who don't even know their own language because they've been living in Berlin their whole lives have those views, people here don't harbor that sort of hatred.

No. 1537044

What was the Arab Revolt?

No. 1537050

The point was that multiculturalism doesn't work and people aren't happy living like that and bringing up dead empires that left destruction in their wake only proves that point.

No. 1537055

File: 1680207856213.png (33.19 KB, 1312x386, Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 4.24.…)

>You shouldn't talk about this if you're not any of those ethnicities.
that's the most retarded cope I've heard in a while. Can I also never talk about the Holocaust because I'm not Jewish or the Bosnian Genocide because I'm not Bosnian?
>I'm partially arabic
The fact that you called yourself Arabic makes me believe you're lying kek
>that I can only see if I do a DNA test
This is actually wild. Go up to a real Armenian or a real Assyrian and tell them that your DNA test results mean you can deny the atrocities that happened to their people.
>"and I have friends that are mostly.."
omg this can't be real
>Only chronically online Arabic or Greek immigrants
Oh, you mean people actually from those countries that are far more educated on their history than a dumbass ancestry fag like you?

No. 1537058

Name one empire that never caused any destruction, kek. The Roman empire is also respected by anyone with even a passing interest in human culture/civilization, sorry but you're coping hard.

No. 1537059

NTA but what are you personally attacking her ancestry for?
>omg this can't be real
Was this not your own argument here >>1537017? "many arabs" lol

No. 1537068

How am I attacking her ancestry? She used the Ottoman Empire as an example for how good multiculturalism is, when I told her that many bad things happened to different ethnic groups under the Ottoman Empire, she basically replied with "ummm sweaty I took a na test and I'm arabic/greek/georgian/kurdish/etc and I don't think this is something you should speak on". It's the same as Irish Americans thinking they're qualified to speak on Irish issues and Irish history without being properly educated on it.
>many arabs
you mean people who are born and raised in Arab countries? Not a 4th gen American who took a DNA test?

No. 1537070

Only retarded pickmes respect patriarchal societies.

No. 1537071

you're literally retarded if you think people can live segregated in limited social groups forever and with zero issues. if it were possible and true, we wouldn't be having this conversation

No. 1537072

You are talking about posts made by multiple people
Don't be confused by the fact we're all called Anonymous kek

No. 1537073

>spouts /pol/ scrote rhetoric
>calls other people retarded pickmes

No. 1537076

Two countries having mutually beneficial trade and cultural exchanges is a lot different than people from different cultures living together in one country.

No. 1537078

no, stupid.
1. >>1536769
>The Ottoman Empire and the Roman Empire were some of the most powerful and long-lasting multicultural entities
2. >>1537036
>You shouldn't talk about this if you're not any of those ethnicities. I'm partially arabic, georgian, turkish, greek and probably even more..

I'm pretty sure you're just embarrassed so you're samefagging now

No. 1537079

"Many bad things" have happened under every empire.

No. 1537080

So what's your great idea for how white americans can repatriate themselves to europe, blacks back to africa, and return the land america occupies to its native inhabitants?

No. 1537081

Ayrt, 1. was made by me, 2. was someone else

No. 1537083

I know, forced multiculturalism is shit. The Ottoman Empire is a perfect and somewhat recent example of that.

No. 1537089

I'm not that anon, I'm just pointing out that implying that the choice is either forced multiculturalism or isolationism is false. Human civilizations have always traded with each other.

No. 1537090

If you think multiculturalism is the root of all evil and the Ottoman Empire is even nearly the worst, you are culturally and historically illiterate.

No. 1537093

But who is "forcing" multiculturalism in America?

No. 1537097

No one in particular but many people end up living with people that they do not to be around due to the housing shortage and cost of real estate. People naturally self segregate into groups that are most like them because humans still have tribal instincts. It doesn't have to be based on race or external appearance, it could be political, religious or cultural. Many times throughout America's history various groups have come into conflict due to close proximity.

No. 1537098

>root of all evil
stop speaking in hyperbole, I literally never said that. All I said was that multiculturalism doesn't work.
Other examples are the Russian Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Czechoslovakia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

No. 1537099

>No one in particular but many people end up living with people that they do not to be around due to the housing shortage and cost of real estate.
Provide examples

>People naturally self segregate into groups that are most like them because humans still have tribal instincts. It doesn't have to be based on race or external appearance, it could be political, religious or cultural.

how does this pertain to america's problems and how should america be organized so that each culture gets to be amongst their own and decrease conflict?

>Many times throughout America's history various groups have come into conflict due to close proximity.

Provide examples

No. 1537100

And those are evil because "muh multiple cultures!!"? Lmao

No. 1537104

>external appearance
No mention of the actual segregator. Economic class. People naturally self-segregate with their class. They don't want people of lowest class around.

No. 1537110

When did I say these places were evil? I said multiculturalism doesn't work, and these places are examples of that. People will always have a tribalistic subconscious, it's literally human nature. It doesn't help when instead of being part of a small nation state, you have to share your borders, and be at the mercy of a dominant power that doesn't sympathize with you, because again, tribalism. The Armenian genocide truly popped off when the the Ottomans confiscated indigenous Armenian land and placed Muslim refugees on there.
I already know your next reply is gonna be another retarded hyperbole

No. 1537114

nta, but awaiting your solution for how America can solve it's forced multiculturalism problem.

No. 1537116

You're conflating the failings of those empires to having multiple cultures because you have little to no understanding of the inner workings of societies and all the ways they can fail. You've swallowed memes from mentally ill men with interracial cuckold fetishes, down to the cringy appeal to nature fallacy. That's why I'm mocking you.

No. 1537123

Nta but the race riot of 1919 in Chicago where a bunch of Irish gang members dressed in black face and terrorized a polish neighborhood to spark racial tensions between black people and European immigrants so black people wouldn’t be offered work over them. This is why black history needs to be taught you’ll learn about all the intersectionalities of race and class. And how race trumps class in this country. and how every race works together in this country to keep black people at the bottom of the proverbial food chain. It’s insane. Not even just white people, it’s literally immigrants from third world countries and countries in Africa too who come here with a superiority complex over black Americans. It’s terrifying. All the civil rights acts laws that were passed actually help out immigrants more than black Americans who have been in this country forever! Why do you think it’s so easy for immigrants to open up businesses and restaurants yet there are barely any black owned business even in black neighborhoods Make that make sense! I’ll take my ban but seriously black history needs to be taught it unpacks so much shit about this country and the government and the way it functions.

No. 1537124

that's probably a different anon who said that, I only jumped in when the Ottoman Empire was referenced as a shining beacon of diversity.
As for America, probably Balkanization. This would never happen, but one could dream ig.
>inner workings of societies and all the ways they can fail
then say what made the Ottoman Empire fail it's inhabitants time and time again?
>You've swallowed memes from mentally ill men with interracial cuckold fetishes
It's funny how you think any fellow woman with a slightly different viewpoint from the masses is just a simpleton manipulated by men. I'm far more intelligent than dumbass 4chan scrotes who think diversity is bad only because they don't like black people. I'm giving you actual examples and you're still playing dumb.

No. 1537127

poor black and poor white people don't like each other. poor asian immigrants don't trust whites or blacks either, which is why they move into enclaves. why is it meme'd into oblivion that these groups get along.

No. 1537129

Before I’m
Banned here’s the source for the race riot of 1919 it’s sad when you think about it

No. 1537133

>I'm a legit fellow woman, I'm totally intelligent and I'm just ~*organically*~, coincidentally repeating exact talking points from misogynistic men

No. 1537136

>coincidentally repeating exact talking points from misogynistic men
this is literally the same argument that trannies and tranny sympathizers use to place "terfs" and right wingers in the same category.

No. 1537138

I knew the "Y-You're the same as a tranny if you don't agree with me! Don't you hate trannies?!" cope was coming next kek. Too bad everyone here already knows most /pol/ moids are trannies or future trannies.

No. 1537141

you're very stupid and you couldn't create a single argument to combat anything I said. It's ok to be flustered in the face of actual facts

No. 1537143

>Nta but the race riot of 1919 in Chicago where a bunch of Irish gang members dressed in black face and terrorized a polish neighborhood to spark racial tensions between black people and European immigrants so black people wouldn’t be offered work over them.
This is a class issue though. Unlike the /pol/tard roaming this thread, I believe class (not "culture") is the main issue America needs to address and race has often been used to obscure the ongoing class warfare in this country.

>Not even just white people, it’s literally immigrants from third world countries and countries in Africa too who come here with a superiority complex over black Americans. It’s terrifying.

I can't speak for all immigrants, but my parents are non-white immigrants and I believe the reason why it seems they have a sense of superiority is because they haven't experienced the generational trauma that black americans have. That being said, I do think more needs to be done to stop showing black americans as victims because it's demotivating and broadcasts a poor image of black americans internationally. I feel like black americans are the target of pity, especially from liberal whites. You will never be seen as equal to someone who pities you. There are many rich, intelligent, and otherwise successful black americans in this country but it's hard for many people to believe that because of the way the media frames black american life. I see some changes recently though.

>All the civil rights acts laws that were passed actually help out immigrants more than black Americans who have been in this country forever! Why do you think it’s so easy for immigrants to open up businesses and restaurants yet there are barely any black owned business even in black neighborhoods Make that make sense! I’ll take my ban but seriously black history needs to be taught it unpacks so much shit about this country and the government and the way it functions.

I dunno about that. My parents were lucky enough to have a community of immigrants who helped each other out because it was very hard for my dad to get a bank loan and start his business when he came here. Early in his career, he would lie about having an American boss just so that people would feel more comfortable doing business with him.
I do, however, agree with you that a more comprehensive coverage of black history needs to be taught as part of American history. I know for a fact it's not taught uniformly across our nation. Some books straight up skip over everything between the civil war and MLK. I have friends who grew up in the midwest who were literally taught the civil war was about "northern aggression" and that slaves enjoyed being slaves.

No. 1537150

You've been seething at me for clocking your bullshit for multiple posts now, but I'm supposed to be the one flustered? Okay, sorry to have hurt your feelings, kek. Hope you open a history book soon and stop blaming the "muh multiculturalism" boogeyman. Maybe then you'll be taken seriously by anyone with a brain.

No. 1537160

Have just been skimming this little discussion, but like..why are people so afraid of admitting when something is racism? Whenever someone points out something racist it is always "no actually, they just hate you because of this!". Yes there can be multiple factors in a person's hate but sometimes people are just bigoted. It's very interesting to watch people deny when someone is being racist until they're blue in the face.

No. 1537163

You're still talking retarded shit and you still haven't refuted anything I said. Why did Sultan Abdul Hamid II think it was ok to take land away from Armenians and give to Muslims? Look at the Roman Empire. By the end of the empire, multiculturalism had taken hold, as well as "diversity", and anyone could be "Roman". People who had no ties with each other were lumped under a common name, and they ended up acting exactly like diverse people with diverse opinions and diverse goals always do: They fought each other more than outsiders.

No. 1537165

>Source: My ass

No. 1537174

cope harder

No. 1537176

nta, but your balkanization of america fantasy will never happen and would never work because humans don't work that way despite your autistic desire to believe we do.

you still haven't detailed how america should be organized to end forced multiculturalism

No. 1537177

All your posts have been copes though

No. 1537183

maybe i should posted this in unpopular opinions but i still believe that race trumps class in america. Even the poorest of immigrants fought to be labeled as white in this country because they knew being labeled black or anything adjacent to black americans meant immediate subjugation. Also another reason why I believe this is because it doesnt matter how rich a black person is in this country go to a certain neighborhood as a black person (doesnt matter if its white, latino, asian etc) you WILL be followed around and treated like a criminal. Double if you dare to wear a god forsaken hoodie if it rains. It is also recorded fact that immigrants get precedence over black americans for bank loans. Again the reason why so many for example korean immigrants were able to make it in this country is because when the civil rights act passed it allowed for koreans to open businesses especially during the reagan era. But because white people didnt want them in their neighborhoods they would give them the loans for buildings in black neighborhoods. Black people literally welcomed them with open arms at first and thought we had allies but it quickly discovered they too treat us like criminals in our own neighborhood. Beauty supplies are a staple in black communitiesm for example yet and only 10% are owned by black people even though we drive like 95% of the profit. When black people do try to set up their own they are ran out of business because Koreans have a monopoly on black hair care. I'm not blaming koreans im just using an example. Literally every race when the going has gotten tough and it was time to stand in solidarity chose by and large to join in on the further subjugation of black people no matter the class! The poorest white person would not switch places with the equally poor black person. And you can insert any race into that and the outcome would largely be the same. Why? because everyone knows that black americans are at the bottom of the racial hierarchy in this country. and RACE TRUMPS CLASS EVERY TIME!

No. 1537186

once everyone unpacks their internalized antiblackness then we can discuss the real issue that is the class war in this country. But if everyone is too triggered to call a racist country founded on racist ideals racist we will never make progress or come together! Everyone has a lot of anti blackness to unpack EVEN BLACK PEOPLE. but no one wants to call it out everyone wants to label everything "woke" (wrong might i add) call black people perpetual victims without LISTENING and then be shocked when history repeats itself for the 50th time in this country

No. 1537204

File: 1680216009236.png (23.72 KB, 1276x190, Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 6.39.…)

Do I need to repeat myself? I literally said Balkanization would solve this problem, although it would never happen. Americans are lazy and individualistic.

No. 1537207

Can you read?
I'm asking you to DETAIL your plan. National, local, etc. Who goes where? Why? How?
Is that clear enough for you? Or do I have to repeat myself?

No. 1537208

>Provide examples
People choose where to live not by preference but by what they can afford.

>how does this pertain to america's problems

America has a very long history of violence between different groups and this has not always been about race. Immigrant groups often do not like each other for historical reasons that originate in their country of origin.

>Provide examples

There is not a single group in the US who has not committed violence against another group.

No. 1537228

How convenient.

No. 1537243

Multiculturalism is not the issue- classism absolutely is, and racism is used to further divide within classes for the benefit of the top of the chain, and widen the gap. We are all fighting for scraps of reliable housing, healthcare, employment, or proper wages on top of being fed literal plastic by design. Look at what we’re doing now- mincing words over who is getting shafted worse and why instead of who is shafting us all. We’re not prepared for balkanization because we literally can’t afford to be, not to mention what it would do to women and children, especially minority women and children.

No. 1537268

The Roman Empire was actually more mono-cultural but multi-ethnic, one of their goals after expanding and taking new territories was "civilizing" the areas and people there by making them more Roman.
And even then, whenever the Romans left an area the people there would revolt pretty quickly to try and become independent.

No. 1537363

Nta but I disagree. I’m sorry for the experiences you must have to hold that opinion and I wish you to come to some sort of peace with your race. But tbh the concept of people “unpacking their anti blackness” is neverending because statements like that are being used to assert intellectual/moral superiority over others without any real solutions of how to help black Americans. Even the liberal whites who pretend to “do better” and try to police others on social media for woke points from other whites are insidiously racist behind closed doors. The loud collective disavowing of “anti blackness” is never going to happen the same way that there will never come a day where men decide to relinquish their power and women are freed from being seen as sexualized objects and household slaves. At most you’ll get some pandering from democrats who save face for like five seconds but then continue to fuck over the black community with their laws to let violent criminals back on the streets to hurt black girls and black women.

No. 1537414

i hate to agree with you, but its so hard to see an end to any of this shit. it makes me want to disappear into the countryside and never interact with society again. it seems like everyone is insane, one the one hand you have uber christian repubtards who hate women and black people, and on the other side theres just platitudes and the rare occasions people do come together to try make a positive change or even just have our voices heard we're punished and undermined. the mass protests of police brutality where the cities would just randomly leave totally inconspicuous piles of bricks in the path of the protest come to mind , i also strongly believe there were undercovers at many of the protests trying to incite rioting. obviously some people used it as an excuse to just steal, but theres no way the government wouldnt stick their fingers into something as big as that. definitely trying to discredit the movement because it scared them and their pedophile wife beating friends.
got off track a little bit, but i just wanted to say the way the internet feels lately feels way worse to me than the alt right pipeline in the 2010s. maybe thats just because im actually an adult now, but id love to hear opinions anyone who was older than me during that. it felt like we were making progress for a while though.

No. 1537418

File: 1680233226438.webm (3.29 MB, 320x690, QpvUsBbLBHnU8Z0v.webm)

This is without a doubt the single most American thing I have ever seen.

No. 1537483

No one is gonna talk about Trump being indicted today and being the first ever president to be criminally charged? Lol.

No. 1537496

It's an elaborate political stunt. I don't care.

No. 1537497

I'm very excited to watch the perp walk. I predict he will come out smiling as if nothing is wrong.

No. 1537526

How could you forget good ol' Watergate? Nixon resigned but Ford pardoned Nixon, kek. Then there's the scandals like Clinton got away with his due to a judge defining what sexual relations meant. Another is the Reagan and the Iran-Contra Affairs, us sold arms to the Islamic Republic of Iran which was in effort to secure the release of 6 us citizens held hostage in Lebanon. It was largely unsuccessful. He was never charged but 14 people were tried. George H. W. Bush, VP at the time, did pardon someone which stopped investigations. There's more scandals with the Reagan administration too. My prediction on Trump's is a lot of continuances.

No. 1537530

Biden will pardon him. The rich always defend each other.

No. 1537541

A stunt to try and put him down so DeSantis can run in 2024 (and win, honestly) You notice how much anti-trump shit is coming from conservative sources now? They know if he runs against DeSantis it will split the republican party and guarantee a democrat win.

No. 1537544

I also want to add that once DeSantis becomes president, we may as well put on our bonnets because America will become Gilead in short order.

No. 1537546

Desanty can’t beat trump sorry. Trump is an easy win for republicans. Any posturing to the contrary is just politics (they’re trying to make trump look anti establishment even though he was literally the president for 4 years and he’s a wealthy businessman that the establishment is working very well for lol)

No. 1537550

Republicans are really shooting themselves in the foot trying to push out trump. He’s a cult of personality that will insure them the next election. Meatball John or whatever dumb name he calls him has no outstanding qualities or beliefs that right wing burgers eat up. Trump lost 2020 because of the plague but sleepy joe is one of the biggest lame duck presidents I’ve seen since Ford.
The funny thing is I’m extremely left leaning and a communist but tranny shit has ruined everything no matter which way you turn men have women in a deadlock of humiliation here.
But I digress.

No. 1537551

Some of us never took off our proverbial bonnets nonnie the hell. Handmaids take ruined a generation of women

No. 1537555

>biggest lame duck presidents I’ve seen since Ford
waow….all hail grannyanon

No. 1537595

Cannot believe I'm saying this but I hope Trump wins. I'm probably not voting tho.

No. 1537681

I’m not up to date on politics, why do you say that?

No. 1537740

Holy shit this retarded whataboutism lmao.


Remember when presidents used to resign when they disgraced their position instead of trying to rile their supporters to throw a violent coup of the government claiming baseless election fraud?
>what about Clinton
Remember when the worst thing a president could lie about was a blow job at the white house? Now we got a president going to court cause he paid hush money to lie about his extramarital sex affairs among other financial frauds.
>but Reagan sold weapons!
Don't worry, the US has always sold weapons to rebel groups for sociopolitical gain. Just wait for all the juicy details of what Trump sold to the Russians.
The indictment charges have only just begun lol.

No. 1537757

Unlike Trump, DeSantis is actually good at making shit happen in his favor and not accident. That 20pt victory he had in the recent election wasn't all just luck. He's highly educated, decisive, and successfully redistricted areas of Florida that are inhabited by people who would never vote for him with no scandal at all. Other republicans have been dragged on the media for much less. Conservative media already praises him as a genius. I wouldn't say that he will directly institute some sort of Gilead, but with his competency he will lay the groundwork for it while in office.

No. 1537772

I'm a Florida anon, it wasn't just luck, you're right - Florida has attracted right wing nutjobs like crazy and MAGA tier fascist losers are coming all over the country to here with the hope of enacting their despotic, bootlicking bullshit. Our constituency has changed dramatically. DeSantis will not defeat Trump, he is a sociopathic bully that manipulates people just like him, but he's not rough enough around the edges for people across the US to take a true liking to him the way they did Trump.
You're a fucking retard.
100%, thank you for being a voice of sanity ITT.

No. 1537774

he literally just got humiliated by disney kek

No. 1537778

He's a fucking joke. DeSantis will not have any true swaying power on a national scale. He's only favored here because the state necessarily attracts morons who then also develop heatstroke. I'm serious, they're brain-damaged.

No. 1537788

Also, mind you, we have not had a Democratic governor since 1999, and really, it was only because Lawton Chiles died in office, so the last time we truly had an election won by a dem was in 1994. This state is complete fucking garbage that attracts the most selfish people that subtract wealth from every other functional state, then come here to scam and scheme and make sure those that are born here and subjected to austerity and poverty can never thrive because we have no actual industry. There was no way Crist was ever going to win, especially given people soured on him after the gay rumors came out. Plus the Florida Democratic party is run so terribly, it's not even funny. Florida is not a good bellwether for the rest of the country, the Hispanics that live here are largely conservative and, again, it primarily attracts idiots on its face to a degree that no other state with notable cities like Miami, do.

No. 1537796

>You're a fucking retard.
It's not like I like Trump. Sorry for not wanting Desantis if that's what you're so upset about.

No. 1537799

Trump would be less detrimental to our society than Desantis, I agree with you nonny and I see what you mean. I don’t want any republican but trump is much less of a threat than Desantis

No. 1537824

See, the plan is working. Desatan can’t win, people have a bad reaction to him and he makes trump look better by comparison. Politics.

No. 1537876

Hey I just found out that Coyote Ugly is the name of an actual bar and not just a movie from the 2000s, I looked on their website and it's still going. Is it a well known thing for Americans? What's their vibe? Hooters but with more of a rock chick aesthetic? Or is it actually "wild"? Or is it dingy and gross?

No. 1537908

I knew was was a real bar but I assume it's dingy hick shit. Never saw the movie but there are tons of bars that are dingy hick shit that capitalizes on scantily clad redneck tier women riding mechanical bulls and such so it's probably like that. Can't fight the moonlight is a good song tho ngl

No. 1537933

Yea as a kid I knew the movie was warped but the song writing was SO cool. I feel so dorky bc i rewinded the vhs so much I had choreography down for her song kek
Also my dad would have shut that shit down as a proud new yorker if he found me in a bar like that, so I didnt quite get the dads reaction in the story.

No. 1538016

Nta and not a florida anon but your explanation makes a lot of sense. There should be a psychology term for immigrants from communist countries that end up supporting anything right wing because of their own trauma under communist regimes. See vidrel.

No. 1538048

File: 1680297234586.jpeg (153.25 KB, 1200x1035, FsjYB1hXwAAfVBR.jpeg)

No. 1538098

File: 1680300884998.jpeg (146 KB, 1170x1500, 16C5A703-1C2D-424C-9A3A-39B8B1…)

This country and its politicians are just a death cult at this point.

No. 1538100

if my ancestors didnt come we would have most certainly been genocided
i just wish my great grandpa didnt kill himself and leave his fortune to a golddigger

No. 1538131

my great grandfathers family initially settled in canada after immigrating from ukraine and should've stayed there

No. 1538133

File: 1680303080257.jpg (95.68 KB, 1200x800, download.jpg)

the fact that they even picked Crist in the first place marked us doom from the start. and even if he did win, it's not like anything would have improved. i'm mad they didnt back nikki fried

anyways, can any of you imagine DeSantis trying to engage in foreign diplomacy? Dude has a constant pouty face and looks like he's about to cry half the time he gives a speech. such a fucking loser

No. 1538210

he looks like if trump and shitfaced papa john had an mpreg baby

No. 1538222

I swear to god there’s something in the food here. Food industry sells you straight up cattle finishing feed if you’re poor, it’s not good for people!

No. 1538232

I would agree with this. Food standards are much higher in the EU and the UK. There was discussion about it in previous threads.

No. 1538486

Any of you ever been near a cattle feedlot? The smell is enough to make you cry from miles away and that's before they've even slaughtered the animals. They soak all the meat in bleach because right before slaughter we keep all the animals in tiny pens where they wade around in a pile of pure piss-soaked shit that's at least 20ft high before it gets scraped off into an adjacent pile and covered with tarps. It's enough to make you become vegetarian until you go see how vegetable farming is done, ie, until you see how all the migrant farm laborers have to shit in the fields where they work to avoid wasting time and get enough produce picked to feed their family for the day. Not to mention how every week one of them drops dead from heat stroke or exhaustion and the body just lies there and rots, fluids running out and running by your lettuce or strawberries or whatever. American food is bad before it even gets to the processing stage.

No. 1538529

File: 1680362342814.jpeg (94.82 KB, 828x1061, 18AF42FA-A5E9-466C-8312-9D3EC0…)

This @chicagocritterrr acc that was posted in Nika’s thread has me LOSING it. Y’all really live like this?

No. 1538568

What is that, a “silly” animal account that’s mostly animal cruelty or something? I’m pretty sure you can find those in every country, nonner.

No. 1538585

Are you always this dumb or just in your free time

No. 1538721

how can they actually expect me and my mom to eat off of $200 a month. ebt is actually shit, even if i wanted to eat nutritionally void food all the time spam and canned tuna are 3 fucking dollars now. im planning to get a bunch of ramen as filler to keep me full in between the 2 meals a day i eat. i cant wait for my birthday so i can get my own foodstamp card. i guess i should just be grateful i dont like somewhere like iowa, but everything here is so fucking expensive on top of inflation. my boyfriends grandpa was complaining about how in ohio he would buy a dozen hard boiled eggs for 3 dollars and here its twice that. i cant wait to just be able to move out of the city and grow and raise almost all my own food, i cant fucking live like this anymore. i barely even have money to buy baking supplies, which is one of the only thing that brings me joy anymore. sorry for venting but i seriously fucking hate this country, and living in a coastal city is the worst. its not even fun anymore and i dont do anything anyway so i might as well live in the woods.

No. 1538864

I live in an expensive east coast city and idk how food costs over $200 a month? you can literally get a 20 lb bag of rice for $15, or a 10 lb bag of potatoes for $7ish. Throw in 18 ct eggs for protein and that's $8. a lb of 16 bean stew for even more protein is like $5 store brand, $7 goya. $35 total. let's say you somehow manage to eat through all of that in under a month (which would be very difficult unless you're my 600 lb life-tier) and you go back to buy the same thing, that's $70
stop buying junk food and non-water liquids jfc

No. 1538873

Nta but if that's not a photo of a man carrying a dog by it's collar then what the fuck is it?

No. 1538876

Nta, but gosh how tiring is it that whenever someone talks about the rising food prices someone has to chime in to make it seem like it's a personal problem rather than an actual problem that's affecting everyone. Food is expensive as fuck, and prices differ from state to state. People have been buying the same stuff they've always bought and noticing that it's significantly more expensive. No shit you can save money if you ever only eat rice and beans, that's not the point. I think I've even seen people in other countries (like the UK) say that their grocery bill just keeps getting higher and higher.

No. 1538890

But nonnie, the only thing that counts is that you barely survive so you can do more labour for the rich. So what if you're going to eat the same meals as people in the great depression for the next 1,2,20 months and feel like shit all the time? You should be grateful that you can eat, and most importantly work, at all.

No. 1538901

i like to eat vegetables, and also not eat the same thing every fucking day. i know i can survive if i just eat slop but thats depressing. thats why im trying to grow more of my own food, dumbass.

No. 1538932

>learn how to actually cook.
I cook 95% of my meals, idiot. And again, prices differ from state to state so it really doesn't matter where you live. And once again, rising food prices is not a personal issue. Stop being so dumb and look at things that are happening around you.
>stop wasting money on processed shit
Nta again, but do you really thinnk that anything that isn't rice, potatoes, eggs and beans is processed? There are other non-processed foods. You stick to the same 4 items and have no variety, perhaps that's why you haven't noticed price changes in food. It's also insane that you think people in Asia and Latin America only eat those foods.

No. 1538934

>rice/potatoes/beans/eggs is slop
lmfao I just know you were raised on frozen dinners with the little brownie on the side
this is why my tax dollars shouln't go towards ungrateful obese people like you
>Food is expensive as fuck
it really isn't. learn how to actually cook.
>and prices differ from state to state
I live in the capital of a very expensive northeast state. The only thing that has noticeable gone up is the price of eggs.
>same meals as people in the great depression for the next 1,2,20 months and feel like shit all the time?
rice/potatoes/eggs/beans? great depression food? feel like -..? kek nonnie you'd feel better if you actually started eating what people in asia and latin america eat and stop wasting money on processed shit
>You should be grateful that you can eat
the money that she's complaining about literally comes from tax payer dollars, she should be thankful

No. 1538936

yes i am lazy and obese, first crop im growing will definitely be a cosmic brownie tree! youre so retarded, anything without vegetables in it is slop to me, i dont know why youre so mad about it. i will grow my own veggies and then use all your tax money to buy meat and chocolate since it pisses you off so much.

No. 1538937


NTA but shut the fuck up already.

No. 1538938

Just eating what you posted would make me so incredibly fucking ill I’d never get out of bed. If I eat more than one small serving of beans or lentils I get gas so bad it’s literally debilitating and makes me sob. And people with adhd especially need easily accessible snacks that don’t require prep or we will fuckin pass out

No. 1538945

kek throwing a frozen pizza in the oven isn 't cooking your own meals
> You stick to the same 4 items and have no variety,
poor people don't have the privilege to be concerned about "variety", especially when you're buying food with other people's money.
>It's also insane that you think people in Asia and Latin America only eat those foods.
beans and rice is a staple dish in latin america that people eat often every single day, as is rice in asia (combined with other things like eggs or meat).
>i will grow my own veggies
kek you're gonna survive off of your small tomato tree? cool I guess
americans are so lazy and FAT holy shit

No. 1538947

File: 1680396504233.jpeg (324.82 KB, 1200x1568, The BEST Easy Red Beans and Ri…)

this strikes fear into the american

No. 1538948

File: 1680396547983.jpeg (11.25 KB, 261x275, E4835454-65F3-43BA-9903-25F3C9…)

>lazy and fat
TFW literally underweight and struggle to eat enough calories everyday

No. 1538951

I'm not even the anon who said she was growing her own vegetables. You are truly an idiot, especially for trying to ridicule someone for wanting to grow their own food while also trying to lecture them on how to spend grocery money and calling them fat. Mentally deficient.

No. 1538952

>thinks $200 a month isn't enough for food
lay off the chips and ice cream maybe

No. 1538956

you dont even know who youre replying to. im sorry i made you mad but you can stop now.

No. 1538961

I can tell you and the other girl have never grown your own food.
I'm replying to two fatties ofc

No. 1538962

Please actually eat nothing but rice, eggs and potatoes everyday with nothing else every day for a month. You will feel like absolute shit. If your diet is mostly carbs, it's shit and you will feel like shit.

No. 1538964

They’re not being literal you moron.

No. 1538965

A dietician or nutritionist (really, any kind of doctor) would probably fucking die if they saw someone recommending a diet of pure carbs, one source of protein and not a single fucking vegetable or fruit. Being poor doesn't mean you have to eat like a peasant, sneak something green in there ffs.

No. 1538966

starting to think youre a projecting fatty who "just cant seem to lose the weight" because you have a shit diet

No. 1538967

I doubt that anon buys her own groceries or cooks her own food, let alone pays any "tax dollars". She sounds like the same anon living off her dad's money in the renting thread. So of course she wouldn't know kek.

No. 1538976

Kek bet you hit the nail on the head. That anons probably also either currently fat or an ex fat, they literally think everyone who ever enjoys a choco chip granola bar will get diabetes and become a fatty like they are/were

No. 1538979

>pure carbs
I didn't say eat only rice, why are you lying? Rice and beans is a complete protein
>and not a single fucking vegetable or fruit
isn't it obvious to buy some canned veggies? it's 99 cents a can, it's obvious and not worth mentioning compared to what makes up the bulk of the meal, carbs and protein.

No. 1538982

>n-no ur fat
lol cope

No. 1538984

File: 1680398597436.jpg (236.74 KB, 1540x800, ShopRite_produce_display_case.…)

No. 1538985

do you know what thread you're in

No. 1538986

kek i love you anon

No. 1538989

i'm literally ASIAN telling you guys to eat rice and eggs, and you're trying flip the script
go back to eating your frozen dinners, lord knows your moms never taught you how to cook(infighting)

No. 1538999

>i'm literally ASIAN

No. 1539004

No. 1539005

please go back to twitter

No. 1539014

>Rice and beans is a complete protein
What about B12?

No. 1539017

>how can they actually expect me and my mom to eat off of $200 a month
It can be done until you get your own ebt. I was in a similar situation before, these are some cheap staples I lived off: chicken thighs/drumsticks, white rice, frozen mixed veg, pasta, butter, eggs, potato. I don't like fruits, but when I felt like eating blueberries or something I'd shop at asian or hispanic grocery stores.

>you can literally get a 20 lb bag of rice for $15, or a 10 lb bag of potatoes for $7ish. Throw in 18 ct eggs for protein and that's $8. a lb of 16 bean stew for even more protein is like $5 store brand, $7 goya. $35 total.
why is it that whenever someone brings up the rising cost of food, the ridiculous suggestion to just live on rice, beans, and ramen always comes up? why should a law-abiding person be forced to eat a fucking prison diet just because they're poor?

>the money that she's complaining about literally comes from tax payer dollars, she should be thankful

god, you're obnoxious…
you know that most recipients of food stamps MUST work to get benefits, right? also that food stamp fraud is pretty rare. you're not funding a "free ride" for anyone. the pandemic was a the only the requirement was lifted.

No. 1539033

B12 isn't a protein nonnie

No. 1539088

Thank you.

No. 1539103

People have already answered, but why would you buy canned spam anyway? It's trash food that's only good for emergency's and maybe camping.
And why buy already hard boiled eggs when it's so easy to make them.

No. 1539168

ive never had spam i was just surprised by how expensive it is now for a food that’s notoriously shitty, and probably because hes old. they were just examples of inflation and how food prices where i live are higher than other places.

No. 1539174

File: 1680426254221.jpg (62.06 KB, 1065x485, image0.jpg)

I'm so tired of non-Americans going on 5-tier rants about American politics or culture or 'what Americans are like' when they don't even live here and all their exposure is through socmed or some dumbass tourist they met once. Like everything is about politics or race even from people halfway across the world, it's inescapable.

No. 1539271

Are there any food banks you could go to nonnie? I used to work at one and it's pretty standard practice that they don't ask for any information or financial background so they can't turn you away for having govt assistance

No. 1539276

I don't think you really get how American soft power has a direct impact on other countries. Several European countries have their tranny rights changed little by little because of American trannies whining so much and becoming "cultural icons" and all that shit. I don't know, I guess you have to see it to believe it.

No. 1539282

This. The media in my country is also full of American bullshit news, American elections, American trannies, American popular culture, American identity politics, American English being the most prestigious language being shoved in my face when I try to order food in a restaurant "sorry could you say that in English" etc. I absolutely do not care about your country trust me, it's just that it's inescapable at this point.

No. 1539285

american shit is shoved everywhere so we have a right to complain about it, cope ameritard

No. 1539287

Yeah I couldn't stop hearing about Trump against my will everyday until 2021 despite actively trying to avoid that topic and I'm not even from the American continent. I have an easier time avoiding this kind of topic now because I'm not surrounded by ameriboos anymore at my current job and I avoid social media way more than before. It's just one example out of many topics, like how whatching American sitcoms is peak normie over here and you're supposed to already know about American culture to get all the jokes and references, but god forbid you want to play a Japanese video game or watch a Korean drama or German TV show that's not on Arte, you'll be treated like a total weirdo or a huge nerd.

No. 1539289

They hyperfixate on us because it's easier than criticizing their own shitholes and makes them feel better about themselves

No. 1539296

While that is true, it is also true that non-Americans have a tendency to speak about life here, our culture(s), or the average American like they know personally and they end up just being wrong and looking ignorant to us. Like that anon said, you can tell a lot of people get their impressions of America from the social media. If I had a dollar for every time I've seen people who aren't Americans say something that is straight up not true about America/Americans, I would b Elon Musk. Nta, but I think that's what she was talking about and you may have misunderstood.

No. 1539304

As a non-burger I find this thread boring and unreadable when you talk about your politicians. I think this thread shined brightest when discussing the policies of Sultan Abdul Hamid II

No. 1539306

I'm definitely correct when it comes to American politics because she mentioned it and that's one of the many things shoved down everyone's throat. I'm not going to argue against her regarding how Americans in their daily lives are obviously. And some of the people shit talking you are sometimes even ameriboos kek. But let's be real, people shit talking countries and their populations as if they knew from first hand experience how they're like isn't an American exclusive thing. It's just that it happens more often to Americans, especially online. I often see people (including Americans but not only) doing the exact same thing with the people in my country after all and getting things factually wrong unless they've lived here for a long time.

No. 1539307

>people shit talking countries and their populations as if they knew from first hand experience how they're like isn't an American exclusive thing
Nobody said it was lol. This is the Amerifag thread, so obviously we are talking about it specifically happening with America.

No. 1539341

Sorry but compared to my country America is a shithole.

No. 1539346

whenever i've been outside the US, most non-Americans i meet have an overall pretty accurate view of what America/Americans are like. if anything, they tend to have a more positive view of americans and US culture than i do. the people who have the most inaccurate views tend to be americans who have never been more than 500 miles from where they were born. they're the ones who try to tell me i don't need a gun to protect myself from bears or that no one in America is so poor they don't have clean water to drink and other silly nonsense like that.

No. 1539376

Not even a hyperbole but if I were American my mother and I would have died long ago because of how healthcare works. I also doubt I would have afforded studying beyond high school as well because of how expensive studying seems to be in your country, and that's if my health allowed me to do it as well if we take into account my first point. My country is far from perfect but it's still objectively better than the US.

No. 1539494

Yeah for real there’s no shame in going to one if you need more food. They are there to redistribute excess food to those who will eat it. I worked at a nonprofit briefly that served a hot meal once a week and the place they “shopped” for food was an enormous warehouse where all the nonprofits went to collect bulk cases of excess food (free of charge) donated by large corporations that had to offload unsold merchandise. Food waste is built into the system, there’s a reason it’s there for free. I saw everything from “gourmet” local mustard to boxes of frozen mcribs. If someone doesn’t eat it it goes in the trash. Of course some local food pantries are full of local residents’ donations from small scale food drives but nonny said she lives in a major city so it’s more likely to be a big warehouse situation or at least a big grocer offloading their weekly “freeze-by” deadline foods.

No. 1539784

File: 1680490035291.jpg (169.99 KB, 1400x930, hobo-signs-symbols-01.jpg)

samefag: I keep thinking about this and how I said there's no shame. Maybe that's just me. There definitely is a social stigma. There shouldn't be but there is in the US. And also as much as I don't mind eating old food it truly isn't as good as fresh food. The nutritional value is still there, and the calories, but flavor suffers a lot from old food and canned food and frozen food. Tastes like shit honestly. So it's completely understandable that people don't want it or feel some type of way about eating it to survive. Personally I'm a weirdo about food waste. but I haven't had to survive off food-pantry food since I was a kid and as I recall it sucked ass. My older siblings say I didn't even see the worst of it since my parents got into a better situation when I was in the single digit age-range. It's not really desirable but it's there and it's awfully useful when you need it. As I said it's being throw away and if someone wants it they should have it. Nothing enrages me like grocery stores that throw bleach on their old bread so no one dumpster dives it etc.
probably the fact that this has even come up in the lolcow-americans thread is a bad sign. hope we can look out for eachother when The Great Depression 2.0 happens and hoovervilles and hobocodes come back. I hope some property-owning nonner lets me do domestic work on her farm for her or whatever lol (I'm great with kids, animals, repairs, cooking & cleaning and I can lift 50 lbs no problem!)

No. 1539826

ayrt and this response is exactly what I'm talking about. I think I do really get it, actually, and you and the rest of everyone else that feel the need to educate my American ass on my own retarded country like you live here and experience it need to stop. I came to vent about how I'm tired of this in an American thread on a fucking imageboard about underwater basketweaving and I'm allowed to do so. Fuck off.

No. 1539884

>you and the rest of everyone else that feel the need to educate my American ass on my own retarded country like you live here and experience it need to stop
Where did I do that specifically? Quote me.

No. 1539909

No. 1539917

why is there so many non-americans in this thread

No. 1539921

That's what you get when you spread your stupid language all over the world cope and seethe.

No. 1539933

>anon complains that non-Americans say false things about America and pretend to know what America is like
>non-americans come into this thread and do just that while also getting upset
lol wtf. non-americans should stop coming itt if it's just to start or contribute to infighting. get out of Amerifag thread if Americans talking about America makes you so mad.

No. 1539964

>and do just that
Where? We just explained that yes it does happen online fairly often and explained why that happens. That's it.

No. 1539979

I really love that movie lol

No. 1540070

File: 1680534468642.jpg (120.49 KB, 1000x667, bucees-store-front.jpg)

Texans, give me the lowdown on Buc-ee's. What's the deal? Overrated or no? One opened in my state somewhat recently, next time I'm in that city I might see what's up.

No. 1540071

Samefag, also why is the mascot so fug ugly

No. 1540085

The girls get up and dance on the bar wearing cowboy boots. They also do things like giving moids body shots out of their belly buttons. Lots of hootin and hollerin. My cousin worked there when she got bored of stripping and had fun.

No. 1540101

You hate us because you anus

No. 1540110

Some of the food is decent, specifically the bagged snacks. I like their pretzels. They're most definitely a tourist trap. Each store I've been to is about half junk, half food. Great drink selection, interesting candy. Their t-shirts are hugely popular souvenirs, but each one of them is adorned with the beaver you think is fugly. Bucee's is an ADHD person's worst nightmare if you enter on the wrong end of it.

Overall, interesting, not astounding, not the best gift shop ever. Sheer amount of distractibility takes the enjoyment down a lot. They're huge, at least the ones in texas. You will probably find something you like in there

No. 1540137

The bathrooms are like none other. Also the BBQ sandwiches and the melts are amazing. Maybe not worth the price, but there really isn't any other place that makes them that good. I live in the DFW area and the nearest Buc-ee's is like 30 minutes away. If I'm in the area, I'll go to a Buc's, but otherwise I wouldn't make a trip out to one just to go to one, unless I really want to show someone else who's eager to.

No. 1540167

Sorry anon, this is a cope. I would give anything to not have to deal with American retardation but be somewhere else that's regarded as highly as the US, but for actual reasons and not resting on laurels that have persisted since the end of WW2. (If anynonny with an ameriboo complex wants to trade homes and lives, mine is paid off, am seeking another home somewhere else and I just want to be out of here.)

No. 1540179

Every country is a fucking shithole compared to America, this is why our shit gets shoved everywhere - it's superior. We dominate everyone else's politics, popculture, have the most powerful currency, biggest economy etc. Everyone gives a shit about the US, deal with it. America is the best, most powerful country in the world and I'm fucking proud of it.

No. 1540192

then why don't you have hatsune miku

No. 1540199

File: 1680546302320.jpeg (200.67 KB, 850x1367, FB0F195A-EF52-4C5E-8DF7-FF2245…)

We do actually

No. 1540203

you can't be serious. even LATAM has free healthcare and free higher education. the absolute state of ameritards

No. 1540205

Lmaoooo, burger here and you are legitimately fucking retarded. You desperately need to get your fucking passport and leave the country to actually get a grip about reality

No. 1540206

File: 1680546940444.jpeg (24.48 KB, 320x319, 7A797482-B5CB-4731-8C1A-B3AAEB…)


You guys are just mad because she’s a true patriot

No. 1540211

File: 1680547294973.jpeg (1.68 MB, 3018x2161, UNCEM_625359_b18b9e8b-e32b-479…)

this but unironically. every country i go to there is american music played in shops 95% of the time.

No. 1540219

What does that even matter? Are you two actual children that the only thing that matters in life is media and not policy?

No. 1540221

If LATAM is so great then why don't you move there?

You live the greatest, richest country in the world and still complain lmao, maybe YOU need to go abroad and meet people with real problems. I love this country but fuck Americans are unbelievably spoiled.

No. 1540222

Clearly you’ve never visited Europe cause I’d way rather live there. Unfortunately they don’t want untalented burgers.

No. 1540226

File: 1680549333663.gif (38.52 KB, 120x140, ddr0gu8-c5dee496-83d7-41e6-a16…)

>the BBQ sandwiches and the melts are amazing
Well, nothing can sell me on something like a sammich can!
Thanks cowgirls.

No. 1540227

Omg, is this the Amerifag thread or the America vs. the world thread???? Who givesaf about other countries, talk about McDonald's or something!

No. 1540234

File: 1680550396850.jpeg (17.84 KB, 270x205, belongs to america.jpeg)

get trigged

No. 1540249

You're still a tremendous faggot with no priorities, doesn't bother me any

No. 1540250

low estrogen

No. 1540251

File: 1680552159958.jpeg (253.12 KB, 2048x1360, licensed-image.jpeg)

No. 1540252

Where's the cheese?

No. 1540255

Missing the cheese

No. 1540256

Needs cheese

No. 1540257

Kek how did we all have the same though

No. 1540258

that was the brits…
okay lets not lie to ourselves now.

No. 1540266

File: 1680553563671.jpg (422.03 KB, 2000x2000, 50bb201fbabfe932116d72f3a8f916…)

Can we please ban the retards from other countries sperging about 'muricah in the next thread? Dumb as fuck and shits up the thread. Anyway, is any nonny excited for Easter? I don't really participate in the religious part but I love setting up easter egg hunts for my nieces. I'm thinking of putting a few bucks in the eggs this year along with the usual candy, and then we're all going to dye some eggs.

No. 1540270

File: 1680553835841.jpg (703 KB, 1065x1661, Vintage-Easter-Images-Graphics…)

i dont celebrate anything holidays are a bore, but ive been asked to attend a gathering at my sisters boyfriends parents house. word on the street is he wants to marry her too so i dunno if he's going to go for that there or if he will do it in private

No. 1540272

File: 1680553969979.jpeg (289.22 KB, 1200x1063, 580B5526-76D9-4B63-BB69-A50FA8…)

Easter is a very fun holiday when you are a kid. My only complaint is that I grew up in Vermont and it was always cold on Easter because spring basically doesn’t exist there it’s just more winter but wetter, so I’d be out hunting for eggs in the muddy snow and my little fingers would get too cold to open the dang plastic eggs. But it was a lot of fun and I loved using the shitty little dip n dye egg kits. the wire was so hard to use, I think it developed my balance & hand/eye coordination.

No. 1540277

I always loved dying eggs with my family. My family would hardboil the eggs before we painted them, and my Dad would always eat them after the holiday.

No. 1540300

I adore all of the holidays. It feels like culturally, we celebrate them less and less (not counting Christmas which seems to grow more extravagant each year) but I love the rituals surrounding each one and how you come together as a family to celebrate them. Quite a few years back, I got super into dyeing my eggs and did the thing where you get the special device to make Ukranian eggs and even being an amateur, they still came out super fancy.

No. 1540397

File: 1680569029570.jpeg (120.8 KB, 960x1280, Fs0ge9oWcAAK6du.jpeg)

ok hold up is this real? what the fuck
source I found it at: https://twitter.com/Spriter99880/status/1643005158660489221

No. 1540400

>that phone number

why would you post this in the america thread?

No. 1540416

Supposedly it’s an ad circulating in the US to lure poors into service in Ukraine but the phone number format wouldn’t make sense to any American which is why I’m not sure it’s real. It’s a Ukrainian embassy number but look at the Idaho phone number above it. Like wtf is this bullshit. Sorry for being stupid

No. 1540457

It actually is an American number. The 001 at the beginning is the international code, every american number has 001 at the beginning but you leave it off if you're calling within your own country. I'm not sure why they chose to include it on the poster, I guess because its an international organization.

No. 1540458

that is a us phone number just in international format. 00 is for international calls and 1 is the US country code. just like you'd call 00 44 for a uk number or 00 7 for a russian one

No. 1540720

Which would never be how a phone number is written in the US. It's gotta be either fake or from another country.

No. 1540865

All the time. My ancestral country is Italy. They have economic issues, yes, but it's beautiful, the cities are stunning, and the food is great. America doesn't even have functional transit and the food is poison. I'd rather have been born in Europe. I resent having to live in the US, but getting abroad is so difficult. It's also cold here. I want that Mediterranean climate and nice beaches and pretty architecture without paying California prices. But hey, maybe if I save and scrimp and pull in a trillion dollars, I can some day retire to Italy when I'm old and busted and have a lifetime of trauma from this violent trashy american hellscape.

No. 1540929

Isn't it cheaper to live in a small Italian city? Why don't you move there?

No. 1540954

I think my mom was incredibly stupid for marrying an American man and moving here for him and I resent it all the time. I hate living here and I'm hoping to move but I'm broke and don't have a degree yet.

No. 1541074

File: 1680655942706.jpeg (450.59 KB, 1536x2048, E896014B-5048-4F00-A6BD-3830A4…)

Saw this online. Someone was handing these out today during Trumps arraignment in Manhattan lol

No. 1541077

Japan has been sucking America's dick hard since WW2, but this is extra pathetic.

No. 1541079

christianity (and all religion) is seriously a disease.

No. 1541080

This is schizo but Trump is popular abroad because for all his faults, his foreign policy was much more sane.

No. 1541215

same, he's well liked in my muslim country as well, mostly cause he ended the drone bombing and wanted america to end its role as the world's policeman

No. 1541294

He’s an isolationist, and it has nothing to do with him giving a shit about foreign policy

No. 1541365

If you had enough money to buy farmland and start a homestead in the US, where would you buy it?

No. 1541376

A little slice of heaven, but nowhere too far away from civilization. I need human interaction or else will go stir crazy

So wherever it is it has to be a few hours away from a city and not too isolationist, probably defies the definition of one. I'm not much of a country girl

No. 1541394

I think I’d like to find somewhere thirty minutes from a small town but like two hours from a large one.

No. 1541424

No shit? Huh. That’s interesting. What do people there think of Obama and Biden? (I’m guessing Obama isn’t popular because he was the dronestrike king)

No. 1541429

Isolationism is indeed a foreign policy.

No. 1541432

Wyoming if you want farm animals and you are prepared for a real ass winter. Kentucky or Tennessee around the mountains if you like to have a proper 4-season year and you have a good idea of how to avoid flooding. Georgia if you like it hot. Missouri could also work, gotta watch out for floods there too.

No. 1541453

coastal oregon
sadly it would cost like 10 trillion dollars

No. 1541472

Tennessee is beautiful but I loathe the roads and hills there, driving is a pain. When I visit my relatives there I always feel like someone's going to crush me or run me off the road in those teeny two lane passageways

No. 1541500

Rural Oregon is chill but it’s all bought up and the cascades are state or national forest so how would you even get any land? No one is giving it up. That was my thinking anyway.
I would actually live in the puget sound area if I had money but I’m not sure it’s good for farming and you’d have to get a boat and live on one of the far out ones because it would be so fun.

No. 1541808

this is actually a cult centered on this ryuho okawa guy. i think it's called "happy science". he says he's jesus and buddha etc. that's hilarious that they're trying to recruit by using trump

No. 1543168

I just moved to South Georgia and I want to grow plants in my backyard. What should I get? I feel like it’s kinda late, it’s already getting hot here so I’m just not sure…last time I gardened I lived in New England lol, help me out

No. 1543198

Lemon tree

No. 1543232

don't come to wyoming, there's still snow outside and it's windy as a motherfucker. you're stuck inside for half the year. if you like looking at nothing for miles and being nowhere near civilization it's the place to be.

No. 1544979

never in a million years did i suspect there might be 2 of us

No. 1545068

File: 1681106122344.png (4.99 KB, 1019x73, based kansas.PNG)

Kansas stays based for real this time

No. 1545102

Are the prices cheap there or god awful? Im in one of the top 10 over priced states and i cant grow anything here because its 90-120 6-8 months a year. All i want is an area i can buy a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom small house with land to own some farm animals and garden. Paying the price of a house monthly in this insane rent.

No. 1545140

File: 1681120731099.jpg (34.3 KB, 800x549, ad70744a-b573-54b9-a163-5cf2c7…)

Hi I am Europoop moving to the US soon. I have a weird question but it is very important to me. Here we have these feather filled blankets that are extremely comfy and fluffy and keep you super warm in winter, picrel. I have been told you don't have these in the US or they are uncommon. Most Americans seem to sleep under shitty thin duvets and I honestly can not live like that at all. Where can I find nice feather filled blankets in the US? Will I have to hit up the Amish to get some?

No. 1545145

it's called a down comforter and that gross shit is all over the country. don't worry.

No. 1545186

You sound insufferable but good luck with your move

No. 1545225

Damn, I was always told Americans were some of the most friendly people on earth. I guess this is the mood you wake up in when you don't have a comfy blanket to sleep under.

No. 1545233

you're gonna be met with rudeness when you're a shithead in the first place

No. 1545240

We don’t use these commonly because allergies to down feathers are extremely common here. My mom is allergic to down feathers. Depending on where you’re gonna be living there likely is no need for them. American homes tend to be well insulated so you don’t need a big sweaty blanket over you. If you’re living in the south you really don’t need more than a thin cotton top sheet to cover with, maybe a fleece blanket on top of it.

No. 1545241

How the hell was I a shithead asking for information about a blanket?

No. 1545246

Those nonnas haven’t had their coffee yet

No. 1545257

Nonna if you act like this in America they're going to shoot at you

No. 1545258

>I have been told you don't have these in the US or they are uncommon.
>Most Americans seem to sleep under shitty thin duvets
There's your answer

No. 1545260

nonnie it's not a big deal they're just freaking out on you because you're european. try not to even say even relatively harmless comments about what americans do in a negative way. we are nice but only superifically.

No. 1545261

Americans are sensitive as fuck. It is a cultural thing. You can't just go over there and roast their culture as you would do with another European country.

No. 1545264

don't act like europeans don't throw their hands up when they're insulted, especially by americans.

No. 1545281

The gap between easter and 4th of july bums me out so I've been looking into festivals near me and I was surprised how many events are coming up. A Maple Syrup festival, an early carnival, craft show, art on the beach. Don't sleep on your papers local event section

No. 1545282

Today's Dingus Day

No. 1545287

I thought you were fucking with me haha
>National Dyngus Day
Dyngus Day is a Polish and Polish-American celebration on Easter Monday to mark the completion of Lent, and this year, it falls on April 10.
Damn my family should celebrate this we've half polish

No. 1545291

Why are you worried about blankets when you should be worried about what kind of garbage healthcare you're going to receive if you ever have a medical emergency here. Don't move to this shit hole country, anon. Americans are not friendly at all and it sucks to live here.

No. 1545298

I hope you’re rich because moving here is a mistake lmao

No. 1545308

Like we need more rich foreigners buying up all the housing to let it fall apart around the people they're renting to.

No. 1545320

I meant in regards to her own survivability here. If she’s not rich then she’s fucked because everything is expensive and healthcare is a scam and there’s no way she’ll make it without tons of money.
I really hate first world Europeans that willfully move here without a care in the world. They’re ungrateful and stupid and don’t realize how good they have it.
I understand why Canadians are coming here and Australians tho.

No. 1545325

Europeans dumb enough to move to the US deserve everything bad that happens to them.

No. 1545333

NTA but why? Because you think Europe is better? If so you can just move to Europe yourself

No. 1545337

No I can't. I'm literally using savings just to keep up with my bills right now because my health insurance's out-of-pocket maximum is 80% of my annual income.

No. 1545345

Not to be a bummer but if you're poor in one country, you'll be poor in other countries as well.

No. 1545346

Because you're acting like you can't just order one off Amazon or something. Does Europe not have Google or something?

No. 1545348

Reading comprehension babe, nonnie said she's saving to keep up with medical bills as a reason for her to not be able to move to Europe.

No. 1545356

Every penny of my debt is medical debt that I would never have owed if I was born in a developed country instead of this pit.

No. 1545360

If anon is poor enough and medical bills take %80 of her income, she probably isn't gonna be able to save enough to move to a new country, pay mortgage for a new house, rent while trying to find a job there, etc.
You should say this when you immigrate to the European country, maybe they'll feel bad for you.

No. 1545377

The percentage goes AFTER the number

No. 1545384

She has savings to dip into she wasn’t poor before medical bills. Being able to have savings means you’re not poor because you have enough money to survive and then some to set aside.
I dunno why you euro retards get so uppity for being judged because y’all are making the stupid decision to move. Either you’re rich assholes who don’t wanna pay taxes or you’re idiots

No. 1545385

My point is, it doesn't seem like anon wants to move to Europe. She just wants to survive.

No. 1545396

You really get mad if someone calls your blanket covers thin and shitty? That personally offends you? Lmao

No. 1545400

With the money we save not paying 50% income tax we will actually easily be able to afford healthcare in the US! Thanks for your concern tho!

No. 1545401

When I lived in a northern state I asked my mom to get me a down duvet cover one year. Man that thing was STINKY. Idk what the fuck we were doing wrong but no amount of washing or airing outside did any good for it.

You'll find them aplenty up north, in the south they may be harder to come across but then again you won't be dealing with harsh winters to really justify it outside of 2 weeks of the year kek.

No. 1545404

Why do Americans think that it's cheap to live in Europe compared to the US? It's the other way around. The US is very cheap to live unless you want to live in a shitty big city. You can buy a nice 4 bedroom house in a rural area with 20 acres of land in the US for under $500,000. In Europe you get a 1 bedroom house with a small garden for a million. Lol.

No. 1545407

Stink and they poke you through the fabric too I had a pillow like that as a child and I fucking hated it

No. 1545411

They also for some reason think health insurance is free in Europe when it's absolutely not, lol.

No. 1545413

You have to wash it with special soap and then you need to air-dry it preferably. If you don't make sure the feathers are completely dry then it will mold and get stinky. Never had that issue. I was told that Americans don't have these at all, so glad to be wrong!

No. 1545419

You're annoying

No. 1545422

File: 1681142725233.jpg (84.1 KB, 690x690, 5528895afa34e99259cfc1e221dac3…)

I wonder if it's because europeans literally make fun of us for not having free healthcare.

No. 1545431

Don't read my posts then, holy shit do you have to be such a giant bitch to me over a blanket?

No. 1545434

Those are either teenagers who never had to pay their own bills or other Americans who for some reason think Europe is a paradise where everything is free (spoiler, it's not)

No. 1545435

Amerinonnies, do Americans own chairs? I am from Europoorean country and I heard Americans don't own chairs, is this true? Where do you sit then, on the floor? Do beanbag chairs not count as chairs, that's all you own, beanbag chairs? You just own beds without blankets and sit on those instead?

No. 1545439

I'm the American here so I can act how I want.

No. 1545440

>very specific kind of blanket
Yeah that's a great comparison there.

No. 1545443

Every time we get a new toilet (happens three times a year on average for the average American) we use the old toilet as a seat. God bless the good ol' U S of A!

No. 1545444

I alrady knew Americans don't own blankets, but what about chairs? Now that I think of it I've never seen an American with a chair?

No. 1545445

Do Americans have food? I'm from Europe and I'm moving in two weeks but I heard Americans just eat lard? Is there anyway I can buy a carrot

No. 1545447

Damn thank god I'll have some guns in the US to protect me from nonnies on their period looking to start fights.

No. 1545448

Well the name beanbag "chair" is a bit of a misnomer, easy mistake, but in America, we use the beanbag to sit on during the day, and then at night it keeps you super warm on the bed, that's why we don't need blankets

No. 1545486

Is it true that Americans don't have kettles and if so how do you make tea or coffee? How do you make a hot water bottle? What does being cosy mean to you?

No. 1545489

Kettles are actually outlawed like cuban cigars. We usually microwave a mug of water for sweet tea sippin'.

No. 1545493

>Why do Americans think that it's cheap to live in Europe compared to the US?
Because they only know about US economy. They'd probably be in a similar economic situation if they lived in Europe, or even worse if they chose to live in one of the European countries that most people are college graduates. Telling them this makes them really mad though.

No. 1545590

Electric kettles aren't common in the United States because the outlets in our homes put out a lower voltage than those in the UK. The water boils half as fast which makes them kind of pointless for daily use.

No. 1545595

samefag, I just timed mine for the hell of it, it took 3 minutes to boil half a liter of water.

No. 1545602

File: 1681152902643.jpeg (7.99 KB, 425x119, images-1.jpeg)

Closest to a chair you'll get in America is this.

No. 1545604

I went to Europe once and it was shit everyone was mean and spoke a stupid made-up language.

No. 1545610

Call me crazy but I think one policy aside from banning dumb recreational rifles like the AR-15 that should be implemented is to reduce news coverage of shootings, putting a cap on the percentage of news that can be dedicated to shooters and criminals. Then I think the shooters should have as little known about them as possible (like some other countries do with blurring the faces and hiding names). When they kill themselves their bodies should be incinerated and the ashes should be dumped in a waste of shit where nobody can find them kek. Most of these people want to be notorious or have fame, their manifestos should all be burned and their “legacy” should be absolutely nothing. Let them be forgotten and wiped off of this earth like the turds that they are. Literally dump their ashes into shit and burn all traces of them so no one remembers that they existed. It’s not like these crimes are uncommon anyways, I don’t even know the name of any shooters. Idk why they always wanna hurt innocents when they’d arguably be more notable going after a politician instead. So fucking tired of this.

No. 1545625

The government should also come to the conclusion that most men are a social welfare liability, cannot be trusted, and that we need a mass culling of the men who will chimp out and commit crimes. The US government used to recruit sociopaths to war but those moid sociopaths are now anti-government thanks to the media and thus JROTC/ROTC relies on recruiting poor non-white kids. If not for war overseas then their sociopathy is taken out on domestic soil. I’d wager that only 20% of men should exist at maximum for the greatest societal utility. If we consider sexual harassment and assault (including coercion) then it’s less than 10%. I don’t even care about never being married or partnered if there’s not enough men left, being safe takes preference. Unfortunately my culling idea would also indefinitely wipe out the scrote elites and politicians so it will never come to fruition. Sad.

No. 1545640

I never heard this before, I use a kettle all the time for things like tea or ramen. It only takes a few minutes at most. Kettles do seem somewhat uncommon among other burgers though, not sure why.

No. 1545645

because there isn't a tea culture.

No. 1545650

Oh okay so yeah you are a rich bitch coming here cause it’s a tax haven. Stay the fuck where you’re from, capitalist scum who clearly has no fucking idea how the average American lives. I hope you get caught in the midst of a shooting.

No. 1545651

Cause most burgers have terrible taste in coffee and use an electric coffeemaker or a keurig (barf). How people survive without pour over or at least French press is beyond me, why do my countrywomen love such garbage coffee like Starbucks and Dunkin and keurig?? I even have met a rich af moid who drank keurig coffee as his preferred morning beverage when he could have his maid make him pour over. I don’t get it.

No. 1545659

Who cares bitch. Your breath stinks and so does theirs. Don't need a Keurig for that but y'all need a mf CURE (MOUTHWASH)

No. 1545661

No, this isn’t why. America doesn’t have as much of a tea culture as Britain does because, you know, the whole rebel colony thing. America got their tea from British trade routes, but the British don’t really do trade with hostile forces, so the supply dwindled. America switched over to coffee from South America because they weren’t at war with South American countries and coffee was quickly becoming the new trendy drink. A trend Britain clearly didn’t pick up on.
Americans drank tea, they still drink tea, some people have kettles in their homes and some don’t. Now answer us- why do the Brits suck at making coffee?

No. 1545662

Kek. This is actually how retarded europeans sound

No. 1545664

Yeah you've never travelled outside of the continent and it shows. You'll be crying to come back to America.

No. 1545665

I read somewhere that Australia is the only country where more Americans emigrate there than the other way around. I'm surprised at this point the same isn't true for the UK or Canada.

No. 1545666

Like it or not but the average American lives very well. Stop reading internet ragebait nonsense, we're a first world developed country with some of the highest salaries in the world, just because you're a fucking loser doesn't mean everyone else is. Americans make way more than Europoors and we pay less tax, the average American is way, way richer than the average European.

No. 1545673

Mouthwash is actually really bad for you teeth and can easily discolor them

No. 1545691

that's why you swish half a gallon of bleach a day

No. 1545692

until they break a bone and have to pay 10k out of pocket because their expensive private insurance doesn't cover it

No. 1545696

Colorado is the shittiest state in the entire country. It's full of nothing but rapist moids. Just absolute reptillians and cretins LARPing as normal, well-off families.
>wah wah california bad florida bad
Fuck off, Colorado is an actual hellhole

No. 1545698

If you're not a retard it's pretty easy to put money on the side for medical emergencies. Especially if you don't have to give away 50% of your income to taxes just to have healthcare that you may or may not ever have to depend on. I can't wait to be in charge of my own finances living in the US instead of having half my money go to the government to use as they see fit and spend on people who are too lazy to work.

No. 1545717

Arizona and Utah barely scrape by but Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico all fucking suck. Filled with undesirables.

No. 1545719

You’re gonna get shot with that attitude kek

No. 1545724

One of the defining features of third world countries is an corrupt and incompetent government, that describes both Europe and the US. There's already areas in America that are third world with decayed buildings, wrecked roads and tap water that isn't safe to drink. Europe isn't far behind and it's only down hill from here.

No. 1545729

I don't plan to live around black people so I'm not too scared of getting randomly murdered.(racebait)

No. 1545733


No. 1545735

Oh my God, do Europeans not have their own thread anymore? Quit coming in this thread to infight, make this thread about other countries, and say stupid shit and then wonder why anons are being rude to you.

No. 1545738

Pakichan or Josh aka Null kek

No. 1545746

European here, just saying that we're finally going to get Krispy Kreme and Popeyes in my country and I'm really looking forward to it. I also wish we could get Fridays here as well so I wouldn't need to wait until I travel abroad to eat there. I miss it so much. Anyway how's Popeyes in the US? Does it have a good reputation, or is it tasty garbage food that people love to it just to feel satiated fast?

No. 1545750

File: 1681164806630.jpg (30.61 KB, 564x552, 2c38130c6549b21609592349c15f71…)

I feel like popeyes tastes kinda good but every time I've had it it makes me feel like im going to have a heart attack. kek

No. 1545776

Their countries are so fucking boring of course not. There would be nothing to talk about except inhaling nuke chemicals every 20 years.

No. 1545844

Honestly Popeyes is gross. I know so some people love it, but to me, it's the worst fast food chicken chain. Krispy Kreme is delicious!

No. 1545852

have you ever had Church's? you don't know bad fried chicken 'til you've had Church's. it's freakishly large, too.

No. 1545859

terrible taste, popeye's is soooo good. very flaky breading, much better than kfc. never had church's tho

No. 1545861

I don't like Krispy Kreme. It's waaaay too sweet and the icing is weird. I may be A defective burger though because everyone else seems to like it. If you try it just get them when the light is on for the best experience.

No. 1545866

says the euro who's offended her stereotype of "americans are friendly" was quickly dashed.

No. 1545872

I like Krispy Kreme. it's probably more of a nostalgia thing though. I hope yours has a window where you can watch the donuts be made. that was my favorite as a kid.

No. 1545881

eurofags get out of our thread

No. 1545922

Switzerland has the most expensive healthcare per capita in Europe and the out-of-pocket maximum is less than the average monthly salary. It's not even comparable.

No. 1545959

You're assuming a lot here. I wasn't the one who got mad. I was only giving a simple explanation. Lol.

No. 1545973

Nta but no one thinks Americans are friendly in Europe. Most Europeans I've spoken to think Americans are retarded and aggressive, which anons itt prove by the attitude they reply to eurofags.

No. 1545987

Well maybe eurofags shouldn't say stuff like >>1545729 if they want better replies

No. 1546024

I want to move to massachusetts so bad, but I don't like the idea of being that far away from my family. why couldn't I have been born on the east coast

No. 1546028

That doesn't explain why Americans don't use kettles for instant noodles, or instant coffee, even. It's just easier to use a microwave. But I think that also answers this anon questioning the average American's taste in coffee >>1545651. Yeah we like shit coffee but we ALL like coffee and we DON'T like tea. So having a coffee machine is better than having a pour over or a French press, because we don't also need the kettle for tea. I have a French press and I only use it on the weekends, because on the weekday it's so much faster to use my Keurig. You know what my mom uses the electric kettle for – she puts a little boiling water in my dog's food so it's a nice mush for his inbred chihuahua mouth to ingest. If that isn't American, I don't know what is.

(Not undermining >>1545661 thank you for your historical contribution.)

No. 1546080

I'd really love to know the melanin concentration in the posters who make some of these super aggressive replies in this thread. Bet you it's high.(racebait)

No. 1546158

Krispy Kreme throws out their unsold donuts every day and if you go to their dumpster you can take a huge garbage bag full of just donuts and be an absolutely hedonistic freegan for a couple days or until you get sick of eating them and have to throw them away again. Dumpster security probably varies by location. It’s something you want to do one time and probably never again but it is fun to see that many donuts in a bag.

No. 1546161

in my freshman year of college (university for the Europeans itt) I used an electric kettle in my dorm room because it was allowed (open heating apparatuses like a hotplate weren't allowed and freshman dorms didn't have kitchens). in my experience using the kettle to heat the water for my instant noodles felt less efficient in time than just putting them in the microwave. can't knock the kettle though, still got it all these years later. it's convenient for things like tea, French pressed coffee and pour overs. but that's for nice coffees and fancy teas, which are more of a treat since they're expensive. it feels dumb to do a pour over with Maxwell House.

No. 1546171

I tried a French press for a while because I do have a kettle and didn't want to commit to a coffee maker. French press coffee is disgusting, full of coffee chunks no matter what you do. That shit went in the trash.

No. 1546203

This video makes me happy although I do wish it were women instead. I don't mind, I guess. I think it's cute when non-burgerfags are into the Old West.

No. 1546212

File: 1681223975215.jpg (26.95 KB, 275x362, buddah gujjar.jpg)

Interestingly, a lot of nations around the world seems to have its own version of the 'Wild West' and western film genre, As a result, they also have their own unique films featuring local stock characters, such as the cast of my country's Frontier Ranger and Bloach Tribesman, replacing the typical cowboys and Indians

No. 1546217

File: 1681224465160.gif (108.83 KB, 160x90, majimahide.gif)

>paki-chan posting hours
see you tomorrow LC

No. 1546220

Seriously why the fuck is she always posting in here specifically.

No. 1546224

Try an Aeropress nonny!

No. 1546230

She wishes she was a white mayo soaked burger

No. 1546233

All the fast food chicken chains in America (besides chic fil a) are terrible. Everything they serve is terrible. Also they pay absolute garbage and the managers never give a single shit, I’ve had friends who worked at the chains and they’ve all said shit will get dropped on the floor and then served to customers. My fat parents were wondering why they kept having stomach flu and persistent diarrhea come to find out they’d been frequenting Popeyes and KFC, I told them to knock that shit out and buy some grocery store fried chicken next time they had a craving. They were all ohhhh were just too old to eat fried food and I was like well you should probably stop eating it SO MUCH but y’all are getting the shits from bits of fecal matter in your dirty fast food - I know you don’t get the runs from chic fil a. So they stopped going to Popeyes and KFC and have been fine since kek.

Chic fil a is wayyy overhyped but it’s alright. Their breakfast menu is superior to their lunch/dinner menu imo. I’ve never gotten sick from eating there.

Krispy Kreme is nasty diabetes inducing bullshit, find a locally owned donut shop wherever you go and I can almost guarantee it’ll knock chain donut places off the chart. Little local donut places never stopped surprising me as to how damn good their donuts were. However you usually have to hit up the local donut spots early early early cause they typically close in the early afternoon (or even earlier if they sell out for the day, on the rare occasion they don’t they seem to usually give the extras to homeless). Also local donut places in certain areas of the country are WAY cheaper than the Krispy Kreme and Dunkin chains in the same locale, that’s how it is where I am anyway. I truly don’t understand how the Dunkin in my town even sells any donuts when they cost 3x more than the local shop and the local place has fucking cartoon looking perfect fucking donuts that are literally the best donuts I’ve ever had in my life.

No. 1546259

I was just making a post about "western" films and their impact on the world. These were films I had to watch cause most everyone in my family loved them.

No. 1546266

She’s not even American or in America, she’s so fucking embarrassing and racist on top of that. She’s going to have such a shit time here when she inevitably sneers and runs away seeing black people.

No. 1546273

They're going to sell them in supermarkets first so that's unlikely to happen. We'll see if we get actual places just for Krispy Kreme later though.

No. 1546282

Don't you have open kitchens in fast food restaurants? Where I am it's always the case so none of the staff can try shit like serving food dropped on the floor unless there's literally no customer around (so typically I guess if all the orders are for ubereats or similar apps).

>find a locally owned donut shop wherever you go

lol if only. There's almost none of that shit here unless I take the train to Paris. And most of the time they're made by small businesses that are almost always closed down and that are only open when I'm working, or they're the previously frozen donuts from Starbucks that you pick when you're really desperate. I remember going to a Dunkin Donuts every morning for breakfast during a school trip in Berlin and loved it. I was also obsessed with Mister Donuts when living in Tokyo. I miss it so much but I guess it's not part of our culture and we already have a bunch of equivalent food here so that would mean more competition against donuts stores.

No. 1546283

i fucking love chick-fila-a and working at one wasn’t half bad either
You’re right tho the rest are shit

No. 1546305

File: 1681234310002.jpg (23.71 KB, 500x281, cf7a2a7ba9bf71f5aca9f725aea76f…)

that's funny, I grew up in various military bases and I have seen plenty of foreigners, Kenyans, Ethopians, Danish, English, Omanis, Thais, Argentinians e.t.c and some people that I probably didn't even notice.
2 of my classmates were Ukrainian and Ethiopian girls

No. 1546311

You have to have a really coarse ground for French press, also low quality coffee sucks in a French press cause more of the oils in the beans makes it to your final product

No. 1546356

Ok nonners…….here's the ultimate question of life:

Krispy kreme or dunkin donuts????

No. 1546450

Dunkin all the way. We don't have Dunkin in my state, sadly, but Krispy Kreme is god awful. Their donuts taste weird as fuck. I've heard Dunkin freezes their donuts and yet they are still way better than Krispy Kreme.

I don't actually like donuts that much, the real reason I like Dunkin is because of their coffee. Its one of the reasons I want to move to the east coast lol. And don't mention the coffee they sell in grocery stores, it's not the same.

No. 1546456

>>Damn, I was always told Americans were some of the most friendly people on earth.

No. 1546458

Entenmann's. yes I know it's store bought and I still like it more than those plus there's more variety in flavors, at least where I live (dunkin's site will show a long list but when you actually go to the place they only have the same 5 basic flavors, and some of them are insanely dry)

No. 1546460

Tim Hortons blows them both out of the water also I go there 10x more because of timbits. I'm American just up north

No. 1546461

dunkin because it has more options aside from donuts. best donuts have always been the shitty strip mall chinese places. i dont like glaze, fried dough and coated in a little sugar is perfect.

No. 1546462

Wawa blows Tim Hortons out of the water sorry I don't make the rules

No. 1546588

I don't drink coffee or eat donuts.

No. 1546986

Hey American nonna's, did you know about this song? It's the funniest thing I've ever come across.

No. 1547316

File: 1681316499081.jpeg (130.22 KB, 1002x1114, IMG_7578.jpeg)

I want to laugh but it’s kind of not funny anymore

No. 1547341

I havent had it in like 10 years but Krispy Kreme still warm from the oven is heavenly

No. 1547343

Thoughts and prayers to you Ohioans unironically, your governor sounds incompetent as fuck

No. 1547354

PNW nonnas help, I'm moving from North Carolina to Seattle this December. I'm worried about the culture shock mainly since I've lived in NC all my life. I feel like I also won't adjust to the weather because I hate the cold.

No. 1547356

This is better

No. 1547379

The land is beautiful and the puget sound is nice as hell, plus you have snow capped mountains to the east. However the cities absolutely suck in the PNW, summers have been hot as shit the last few years and the building don’t have aircon built in so you’re hot as asscrack for 2-3 months of the year plus smoke can come in from the wildfires so you should really shut your windows and it’s torture (smoke isn’t as bad in Seattle as some other cities from what I’ve heard though.) Get a portable AC unit if your place doesn’t have one and take a lot of camping trips to the forests and coasts and you’ll have fun. Nothing else is that different except there’s less sense of widespread community — you have to find your specific people group if you’re young, only old people are friendly — there’s a crazy homeless crisis, you really need to lock your car doors, and people do actually do land acknowledgements and pronoun etiquette (but if you don’t get the pronouns right nothing happens except someone making a slightly pinched facial expression; I dunno how social you are or what your job is but I was way too homeschooled to follow that shit so I got it wrong constantly and it was fine)

No. 1547393

KK because it reminds me of living in Korea and because Dunkin' tastes like plastic. But even still, I would take Dunkin' over the disgusting overhyped local artisan donut chain (Stan's)

No. 1547768

how can you get culture shock from moving within a single country? it's not like you have to learn a new language or new social customs or driving rules or anything that you actually encounter daily. the only things that are different between PNW and SE are the average temperature and the number of sushi restaurants per capita.

No. 1547777

Once again: Fuck Colorado. Horrible place for horrible people.

No. 1547780

Fuck their bears too.

No. 1547795

hello chicagolandanon

No. 1547796

there are absoutely different social customs in different places. in the south there are literally places where you will get shot if you so much as try to walk up to someone's front door. in big cities, people are way less friendly and open to strangers because they're a dime a dozen. and that's not even going into the difference in politics (there are jokes you can't make in a workplace in SF that you would be able to in rural TX)

No. 1547885

100% agree, it’s a big country. Not as much of a culture shock as moving continent-to-continent or something and at least the same laws apply but there are differences in regions. Some places in the US you literally just leave your keys in your car all the time because no one would dare try to steal it, everyone has guns and everyone knows each other; some places you can’t even leave the car door unlocked for 5 minutes while you run inside without someone stealing all your shit.
Pacific Northwest is kinda weird because it’s kind of rural even in the cities…there are a lot of temporary and/or new residents but it’s so expensive to live in the cities (which only happened in the last 25 years) that you find a lot of rural Oregon and Washington residents driving in to the cities to work, and you run into people who have been there since the 90s who are, like, normal weirdos. It’s a weird place.

No. 1547894

What makes you say that? I'm from Colorado but had to leave and I want to move back every day

No. 1547896

Nta and I’ve only been to the airport with the cursed horse statue but it seems like a beautiful but cursed place for evil rich people

No. 1547905

you can find that level of variation in any one region, it's not like the entire SE is safe and rural and the entire PNW is an urban hellscape. charlotte NC and seattle WA are more alike than different.

No. 1547913

True, true. I wish she said what part of NC she was moving from, it would have been more helpful.

No. 1547939

File: 1681353461462.jpg (11.28 KB, 800x524, flag.jpg)

How is New Mexico? I hear Albuquerque is a dump but it seems like a really neat state at least up north near Santa Fe and Abiquiu. Also, they have the coolest flag and license plate designs. Kind of jealous of that.

No. 1548024

sure, but maybe she just doesn't know so she's asking

No. 1548072

Can you elaborate? I recently went there with my sister so we could go to the wolf sanctuary, it was alright. I liked Boulder a lot better than Denver though

No. 1548074

Nta but I lived there for about a year and a half (front range, not Denver or CO Springs) and hated it. Unless you can afford to live in the mountains you're driving a solid 50 minutes to get to anything worthwhile as far as nature/snow sports. Oh and once you get to said nature or skiing its insanely crowded or pricey. Denver is the most bland major city I've ever experienced. The restaurant scene is super lacking, even in places you'd expect better options/quality like Denver and Boulder. The weather is also god awful; it's 90-100 all summer, there is little to no spring or fall, and extreme temperature fluctuation between day and night. Living at altitude was kind of annoying for cooking.

This is just my experience living on the front range, I'd go back to visit and haven't experienced areas like Durango.

No. 1548130

Are there any parts of the US that are predominantly white? So I can avoid those of course.

No. 1548173

I love NM, wish I could live there. Santa Fe is nice although I prefer the smaller mountain towns. It’s super dry, but I like that about it. I hate humid weather

No. 1548203

Have fun in the ghettos anon

No. 1548235

File: 1681391822935.jpg (795.91 KB, 3200x1809, 635620647742386468-tUndergroun…)

Did you guys know there's a cheese cave in Missouri? 1.4 billion pounds of cheese in there.

No. 1548238

Literally most of it

No. 1548239

Samefag, The cheese is owned by the government (why do they get to hoard all of it?) and it's there because they had a dairy shortage in the 70s.

No. 1548246

Where's the caves full of healthcare and housing? /optimist

No. 1548269

File: 1681395899516.jpeg (337.83 KB, 1179x2161, IMG_7596.jpeg)

Yes, I’ve heard of the cheese. “Government cheese” was/is slang for welfare because for a while they literally sent it out to people as part of a food assistance program. I think that was a publicity thing after Reagan cut food stamps? But I just skimmed the wiki to refresh my memory https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_cheese
It’s there because dairy is subsidized isn’t it? And now the government has this enormous processed cheese stockpile at all times that they can barely get rid of; they scheme with fast food chains to create more menu items that are heavy on cheese (think stuffed crusts and anything with cheese between layers lol) so they can offload it. I wonder if the fast food chains get it for free…don’t know all the details but there are articles about it

No. 1548284

File: 1681397588347.jpeg (94.2 KB, 1160x779, 91CAE36E-3F56-4019-9F3B-AA5B12…)

Any other Arizona nonnies waiting for the water wars to start? We’re already getting into the hundred degree summers and the feds agreed that California deserves more access to the Colorado river than us, plus the Saudis own the rest of our water supply. I don’t understand why people keep moving down here? It’s not even cheap anymore.

No. 1548310

File: 1681401456987.jpeg (156.62 KB, 1000x801, 101922_pima_homeless_crime.jpe…)

I am in Southern Arizona and planning on moving out of here in the next 5 years. This place is too hot and full of crazy old people. The homeless population is growing and no one cares. The hard water here also really sucks. There is no future for Arizona, we will be sucked dry and it will become a wasteland.

No. 1548318

I can't imagine a hell worse than being homeless in Arizona. Serious question, what reason do people live there? I have extended family in Tucson and it's so unlivable during the summer they have to leave for a couple months. And these are old folks who are the MOST equipped for the heat.

No. 1548399

File: 1681409689906.jpg (43.97 KB, 907x316, Embarrasing.jpg)

I'm surprised no one here is talking about the pentagon leaks. Apparently, some dumbass scrote leaked classified documents to a meme discord probably becus of vidya gayme.


No. 1548447

File: 1681413998406.jpeg (112.06 KB, 828x1133, 9210F347-0754-4F09-AEDE-5CE83A…)

bunch of colleges in texas got swatted with fake shooting calls today

gotta love this fucking country and all the lowlives in it who think doing this shit is funny

No. 1548459

Unpopular opinion, I kind of miss the unbridled patriotism everyone had in the post-9/11 world

No. 1548462

Wyoming and Vermont

No. 1548579

File: 1681426854704.png (154.43 KB, 811x562, cows.PNG)

Chickens all getting the bird flu across the US. Thousands of cows dead. What are they doing to these farm animals

No. 1548580

Samefag but speaking of the chicken flu, someone in China died from it yesterday. It was the first human death.

No. 1548584

Oh god damn it. Here we fucking go

No. 1548587

No need to worry until there’s human to human transmission. People who work near birds have always gotten bird flu, it can pass between birds and mammals and we already know that. The scary bit is if humans are able to transmit it to other humans.

No. 1548592

I’m just wondering how many employees were on the farm if only one was insured this badly. It sounds like the cows died from smoke inhalation/burning but it was also spread to multiple buildings, so did the employees have any way of helping get the cows out of pens? Did the poop machine malfunction cause all the buildings (?) with cows to catch on fire? Is anything I’m typing even accurate to what happened

No. 1548635

Poor Ohio. What did it ever do to the US??

No. 1548670

Fucking factory farms. Who the fuck needs 18 000 cows in one place? That’s psychotic. I only feel bad for the cows and the workers. Whoever owns this place should be sued.

No. 1548672

I am sick of the weird trend in my city of the males having short straight bangs but then shaved sides it is like the smallest bowlcut on earth, and they look like the amish on the day they are allowed to go outside and experience tattoos, drugs, and sex. How are you going to have piercings and look stinky and have the hair of a devout amish man? And the ones that have the haircut and massive beards… why is the amish in for males??? I wish I could attach an image but I can't find it and I don't know what it's called, if it even has a name

No. 1548676

File: 1681434686179.jpg (91.17 KB, 1280x960, Mullet-Lester_story.jpg)

maybe search for zoomer amish hairstyle or something. i have not spent much time outside in recent months so i have got no idea what you are describing, but I am sure some anon does and can find a picture

No. 1548680

File: 1681435049384.jpeg (56.53 KB, 680x680, 487BF2D0-AEAC-4EBE-9293-6BB186…)

Think it’s called the Edgar.

No. 1548683

Looked up edgar cut and the images show a much cleaner cut, the ones I'm seeing in real life I guess are edgars but with choppier, higher-cut bangs and shorter in the back, just horrendous.

No. 1548685

File: 1681435345725.jpg (92.71 KB, 1000x1500, 314132a986dce37f833e1174af86ed…)

No. 1548686

No, that's very long in the front, I mean it isn't like I don't ever see those other haircuts but it isn't the certain style I'm seeing that is just particularly bad. I hate this though too, now I am getting enraged, what the fuck is wrong with males where they can't just have hair past their ears, picrel's hair isn't even that bad just fucking grow it out past your chin like a real man and shave your face too while you're at it,
Probably the closest we're gonna find, but the bangs should be the shortest possible while still having bangs

No. 1548701

I hate this on men but I love it on skinny hipsterish lesbians

No. 1548718

File: 1681441789855.jpeg (97.52 KB, 828x1079, 33938432-2333-4334-ACEA-3EEDF3…)

Tangential. They've been happening all over the US apparently but there's a service that any old joe can pay for that offers to swat locations with AI technology in exchange for Bitcoin


>synthesized call and another against Hempstead High School were just one small part of a months-long, nationwide campaign of dozens, and potentially hundreds, of threats made by one swatter in particular who has weaponized computer generated voices. Known as “Torswats” on the messaging app Telegram, the swatter has been calling in bomb and mass shooting threats against highschools and other locations across the country.

>Torswat’s connection to these wide ranging swatting incidents has not been previously reported. The further automation of swatting techniques threatens to make an already dangerous harassment technique more prevalent.

>Torswats carries out these threatening calls as part of a paid service they offer. For $75, Torswats says they will close down a school. For $50, Torswats says customers can buy “extreme swattings,” in which authorities will handcuff the victim and search the house. Torswats says they offer discounts to returning customers, and can negotiate prices for “famous people and targets such as Twitch streamers.”

that's it, I don't want to live on this planet anymore, we never should've invented AI, humanity was a mistake

No. 1548806

I only pray for the victims of fatties who rely on their greasy birds. The agressiveness from the withdrawal is going to go from 100 to levels that shouldn't even be scientifically possible.

No. 1548905

I don't get why they aren't calling in threats directly to police stations. That would be hilarious. Other great targets: shopping malls, ski resorts, private schools, banks, megachurches, jails, prisons, pregnancy crisis centers, businesses that steal from employees
I finally know what to do with the $300 of Bitcoin I got from a raffle all those years ago kek

No. 1548910

whats our secret code to find one another

No. 1548934

My favorite Bush offspring, long live Jeb’s America kek. (Not a Trump fan, US politics are a literal circus)

No. 1548947

please clap

No. 1548950

What's weird is that it's mostly schools being targeted.

Like I have a dark sense of humor and there's nothing funny about this being used to terrorize highschool and college kids and teachers, it creates mass panic and they'll literally be afraid to return to class

It'd be funny maybe if someone did this to Scientology centers… but that's a different story. Nobody has the balls or money to use this type of "service" to target celebrities or cults like scio, nobody's going to use it to target the wealthy… they're just using it on poor citizens. That's not funny.

No. 1549032

Same anons but floridanons, what’s your opinion on Jeb Bush? I’m taking a policy class and his administration as governor of Florida was successful somewhat with student achievement with the A+ program to the point that I think Florida still is consistently scoring better than other states. NCLB tried to replicate the A+ program in Florida but failed—do any anons here know why the A+ program/education policy was so successful in Florida?

No. 1550025

Browsing in public with keekweek theme

No. 1550040

Teachers would erase kids’ test scores and fill in the correct answers because they got big fat bonuses if their class/es did well.

No. 1550044

Samefagging to just say that of course it’s the same answer as most questions about Florida politics. Why? Cause rampant corruption.

No. 1550547

I wanna live in NM too, nonners. Specifically the Taos area

No. 1550560

Werent a bunch of the natives there mad that a lot of white people started moving there?

No. 1550570

Santa Fe is for the gentrifiers and i recommend going there if you can't speak and have no intention of learning Spanish.

No. 1550571

I hope they trick them into moving into the border ghost towns because they're cheaper that would be hilarious

No. 1550580

Yeah, mad at the hippies, because they would do drugs out in the open and had a very libertine mindset (to sex and drugs) where many Taoseños were very Catholic. Not to mention the societal outcasts, people who come to the desert to live lives of pseudo-anarchy on the Mesa—though there is a certain degree of separation between these folks and the townies.

No. 1550645

Where are some sage places for solo female travel? I want to work on my independence but obviously I need safe places. I have a decent amount of cash to burn as well so more expensive cities are options too.

No. 1550664

I found Santa Fe underwhelming and way too expensive. A lot of the art galleries there are tacky. The food and museums were good though.

No. 1550976

In the US? Pretty much any city would be okay. My measure for that is that I see women walking alone to work or school or whatever in every US city. But a lot of cities have an area with a bad reputation, like no one would be surprised if you got jumped on [xyz] street in [abc] city, so you’d be better off picking a city and then asking here if there’s any red flag areas even just at night.
Like for instance Pittsburgh: can walk pretty much anywhere day or night alone as a woman in my experience, but I personally avoided the Northside because catcalling was out of control on the main business streets (the little historic residential streets were fine) and if you go to the southside at night watch your back because a drunk driver will try to run you over no matter how much you’re on the sidewalk, especially on the weekends.
Anyway I recommend San Diego because it’s nice as hell. I’ve only been there once myself so I don’t know the red zones, I just went downtown and to the beach and it relaxed my whole body in a weekend. It’s just nice there.
If you want to go to Portland OR, stay at the the McMenamins Kennedy School and hang out in the Alberta arts district and that will only show you cute Portland things and none of the many shitty things lol

No. 1551145

Thanks nonna! I actually really want to go to Portland but was hesitant because of all of the things I hear about it. I live in a pretty rough city myself so I have some instincts but I also know where to avoid.

No. 1551225

Portland’s not terribly unsafe but there are a lot of mentally unwell homeless people everywhere you go and that’s just a fact. Also car window smash and grabs aren’t uncommon (never happened to me but I saw it happen to others). Crimes of opportunity are the most popular so general common sense will protect you just fine. When I lived there I went on runs and walks every day alone, usually in the daytime but also at night in areas I knew, and I never felt in danger only crossed the street a couple times if I got a bad vibe from someone who looked on edge.

No. 1551330

Chicago in summer! there's a lot to do and its easy to get around since its all a grid and the transit is really thorough and google maps will tell you what transit to take. the places youd probably be would be pretty safe. just dont go too far west or south and maybe avoid transit late at night (plenty of ubers) great museums and food, beautiful lake, cool architecture, not ridiculously crowded, i love chicago so much.

No. 1551382

Addendum to the Pittsburgh thing:
There are streets in PGH where the pizza delivery guys will not go to because they got held up at gunpoint more than once, but you would never go there as a visitor because they’re so out of the way so it’s not worth listing. Every city has neighborhoods where people live but a stranger shouldn’t stroll in for fun and it’s pretty self evident where those are if you’ve lived in a city. I only mentioned northside issue I had and southside dangers because those are places a visitor might actually go.

No. 1551443

I was surprised by how nice New Haven is. There are a few decent museums, a ton of cafes (because Yale), places that do art classes and if you want you can take a train into NYC.

No. 1553144

Euroflag here, can one of you give me final a rundown of every supermarket and their cliche. All i know is Whole food is for hipster but i still don't get if trader joe's a high priced store or not ?

No. 1553145

are you for real? every statistic out there shows that this is murica's biggest shithole

No. 1553150

It’s mostly consolidated into the ghetto. You’ve never even been, how could you know?

No. 1553152

My bfs uppity orthorethic mom loves trader joes you'd never catch her inside a walmart or target even though she works minimum wage at a different grocery store lmao

No. 1553156

I don’t want to encourage euro posting itt but that does sound kinda fun to do so I might try later lol
Just to answer your question, Trader Joe’s is not expensive like Whole Foods. It’s actually pretty decent. There are a lot of gimmicky foods all over the store to catch your eye that will jack up your bill like crazy if you fall for them. The staples they carry are as cheap or cheaper than comparable items at other stores and the quality is better.

No. 1553164

Trader Joe’s is def a hipster store and a store for people who can’t cook and want to buy frozen rice or whatever. Also their workplace culture is a little weird and intense but last I checked they paid a higher starting wage than any other grocery stores so maybe that makes up for it, dunno. When I looked into working there in 2015 their own description of the career track there creeped me out. It was like “are you the kind of person who naturally works 70 hours a week and could be on call 24/7? Then you might be perfect for store manager! Come prove your dedication to Trader Joe for a chance at a small promotion.” Paraphrasing and it was full of corporate lingo and made up job titles that made it weirder but you get the idea

No. 1553186

Sounds like somebody chugs GOP propaganda. Chicago is not even in the top 10 most dangerous cities, all of which are Republican strongholds btw.

No. 1553215

File: 1681830177245.jpeg (184.06 KB, 1440x810, B588FF92-E421-4EC5-ADE2-ED02A6…)

At this point what do you think should be done regarding the drug + homeless crisis? I’m sick and tired of these activists who usually don’t live near these camps go on and on about how upset they are that people hate having mentally ill druggies in their backyard. I’m sorry but having to walk outside and avoid needles and fucking crackheads looking for a fight, trying to fuck with anyone who walks by isn’t normal and shouldn’t be accepted. My heart goes out to the people who are genuinely trying to get better but so many of the ones I’ve encountered are too far gone and don’t even want to get better. I’ve been followed and threatened with rape by homeless moids in the past. I feel like most people are fed up and don’t care what happens to them anymore, just as long of they’re off the streets.

No. 1553217

like most big cities, it's certain districts and sections of it that are unsafe, not the entire city

No. 1553224

Isn’t there some state doing an experiment with freely housing the homeless? That’s the solution. Free housing and basic healthcare and counseling

No. 1553229

No, Trader Joes isn't expensive. They have a lot of unique, "natural" items and most of their stuff is their brand. Trader Joes has good food but when the food is bad it's really bad, it's kinda hit or miss. I always go there for the soup dumplings and sometimes the freeze dried strawberries

No. 1553242

trader joe's is in the aldi nord family so if you have one in your country, you sometimes find trader joe's products there.

No. 1553247

no it doesn't.
it's a shithole yes but not the worst in the country. you've never set foot outside your town i can tell.

No. 1553328

>it's not the worst…
yeah rather not risk that. still makes zero sense to recommend that when somebody specifically asks for a safe place.

No. 1553353

it is not unsafe, nor unsafe for a female to walk around, even at night. i know because Ive lived there eight years and walk around late at night and nothing has happened to me.

No. 1553407

San Diego is full of lunatic homeless people now. They've always been there but in my experience, VW Van culture for decades in SD brings the lackadaisical, chill homeless hippie crowd. Now it's a different breed, they are all over the streets and attacking people and the government won't do anything because doing anything is not politically correct.
Such a shame because it is a nice city. i like that the airport is downtown, you can plane watch all day.

No. 1553560

File: 1681855359462.jpg (315.95 KB, 1600x899, l-intro-1679597643.jpg)

This is only a Southern California thing but an even more hipster and extravagant supermarket than Whole Foods is Erewhon (an anagram for nowhere). Insanely overpriced and memed hard on social media because celebrities sometimes shop there apparently. It makes Whole Foods look cheap and unpretentious in comparison.

Also, as other anons said, Trader Joe's is considered inexpensive but decent food. It's definitely above the typical grocery store chains like Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, and Vons which can vary in quality.

No. 1553561

File: 1681855416786.jpg (315.95 KB, 1600x899, l-intro-1679597643.jpg)

This is only a Southern California thing but an even more hipster and extravagant supermarket than Whole Foods is Erewhon (an anagram for nowhere). Insanely overpriced and memed hard on social media because celebrities sometimes shop there apparently. It makes Whole Foods look cheap and unpretentious in comparison.

Also, as other anons said, Trader Joe's is considered inexpensive but decent food. It's definitely above the typical grocery store chains like Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, and Vons which can vary in quality.

No. 1553562

File: 1681855482543.jpg (315.95 KB, 1600x899, l-intro-1679597643.jpg)

This is only a Southern California thing but an even more hipster and extravagant supermarket than Whole Foods is Erewhon (an anagram for nowhere). Insanely overpriced and memed hard on social media because celebrities sometimes shop there apparently. It makes Whole Foods look cheap and unpretentious in comparison.

Also, as other anons said, Trader Joe's is considered inexpensive but decent food. It's definitely above the typical grocery store chains like Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, and Vons which can vary in quality.

No. 1553563

File: 1681855314272.jpg (315.95 KB, 1600x899, l-intro-1679597643.jpg)

This is only a Southern California thing but an even more hipster and extravagant supermarket than Whole Foods is Erewhon (an anagram for nowhere). Insanely overpriced and memed hard on social media because celebrities sometimes shop there apparently. It makes Whole Foods look cheap and unpretentious in comparison.

Also, as other anons said, Trader Joe's is considered inexpensive but decent food. It's definitely above the typical grocery store chains like Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, and Vons which can vary in quality.

No. 1553592

I have literally never heard of this. Is this real? It sounds like a store from a dystopian sci-fi novel or something lol

No. 1553593

That’s a shame… after living in Portland it’d have to be pretty bad to put me off so I would visit again for sure, but it was very chill when I visited in 2016 and I’m sorry but not surprised to hear it got worse. I literally walked to my hotel from the airport lol which was so nice. I had an amazing time there.

No. 1553596

I think when you live somewhere you start to ignore the weirdos because you learn they’re largely harmless, but when you’re a visitor you can’t take any chances because you just don’t know the city. Unless you’re coming from Buffalo or NYC or something, then you can probably figure out Chicago no problem.

No. 1553605

I visited DC with my friend (also a woman) about ten years ago and we walked around and had a nice time until we drunkenly met some men who turned out to be creeps. I’m retrospect that was obvious but… oops got drunk in a new city and talked to a creepy couple dudes. Now I hate DC lol (we were fine in the end). Ate some food at a really great Japanese restaurant though. I was surprised there were visible sleeping-on-the-streets homeless people so far north (outside nyc) and my friend scolded me for giving multiple men quarters but she was standing on a street corner with a map when this happened so I wasn’t the one attracting attention to be honest.
Typing this out made me feel like things are absolutely fucked here and have been for a while. Damn.

No. 1554373

File: 1681938001101.jpg (26.08 KB, 857x273, Capture.JPG)

hell yeah

No. 1554635

Califag here, and I've been thinking about Kansas a lot. There were a lot of Kansas anons in the last thread and…I maybe kind of want to move there now. My fiance's mom was born and raised in a little town in Kansas, and she's now buried there. I never got to meet her, and we're planning on taking a trip to visit the cemetery and pay our respects. I dont know if I'm just feeling old and tired or what, but I'm kind of sick of this shit over here in CA. It's a beautiful state, our agriculture and food is unmatched, and there are some amazing people here. But holy fuck, I'm just tired of it all. I'm tired of the grind. I'm tired of the overpriced rent and overpriced land. I'm tired of the politics. I've been joking to my fiancé that I want to move out to the midwest and just live a quiet life and lately it's becoming less of a joke. Idk, I know I'd just be part of the problem of Californians picking up and moving elsewhere but it's just been on my mind.

No. 1554639

To be fair, we probably have more records of "Hold muh beer!" stories that are shared on the internet. When Igor does some crazy shit and dies, it's just another Tuesday and nobody writes about it