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File: 1665428155210.jpg (762.58 KB, 638x791, America.jpg)

No. 1369952

For 'muricans to unite and discuss America.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1113313

No. 1369971


No. 1369991

kek at the .threadpic.

No. 1370238

Indeed. I'm so sick of all our politicians doing jack shit about anything, particularly inflation.

Aside from that, the weather is nice in my part of Burgerland. Cooling off and getting autumnal. Thinking about making a trek up the NE coast to experience autumn and Halloween in all its glory. Any places Yankee nonnies recommend going? Avoiding?

No. 1370330

I'm still driving around a lemon and you gotta be making 20 bucks to afford a single bedroom home here

No. 1370355

Shit is getting ridiculous. It all makes sense now when I see multiple cars to a house when driving through neighborhoods. I keep seeing people say they want a revolution but no one is doing anything. The eat the rich people on Twitter are especially quiet.

No. 1370456

Continuing the discussion about fast food
I just wish there were healthy but cheap and convenient options like there are in Japan. Cooking obviously is an option but even basic staple ingredients in America are loaded with nonsense and fucked up so basically flavorless and now there's a shit ton of propaganda saying shit like rice, grains, and fruits and all that are now unhealthy. Most Americans work their tail to the bone especially college students who have the choice of either ramen, shitty flavorless college cafe food unless you're lucky or fast food to be an easy cheap option or simply people who work a lot and can't bring themselves the energy to cook and then clean dishes
>Inb4 but it's so easy I did this and that!!
Unless you're rich or being financially supported or not going to school/don't have to take care of children or anyone then cooking everything sure seems easy enough but it's a bitch and a half if you're doing two or more of the above, you're practically doing something every second of the day so finding the time to prepare food is hard

No. 1370579

If I need a quick fast food meal while I'm out, I usually get a Subway salad. For the money I get a big box of fresh salad with my choice of meat, cheese and sauce. I know the meat isn't good quality but the bulk of it is vegetables and cheese.

No. 1370612

Nta but damn I never thought of this. Good idea nonna!

No. 1370641

Where I live there are some food catering companies and grocery stores that have gotten into making pre-packaged meals. They’re usually enough to use in 2-3 meals so I think it’s worth it instead of getting takeout or fast food. It’s like $3 just to get a coffee or bagel now

No. 1370663

File: 1665493613161.jpg (577.93 KB, 2310x1297, apple-picking-in-orchard-royal…)

Look up apple picking at farms in upstate NY! It can be expensive but I think it's just a fun experience, and it's something that I really enjoy doing to welcome in the autumn season. Some farms do not allow you to eat as you pick, but many do. Many farms also have stuff like fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts! The foliage is beautiful up there too.

No. 1370811

File: 1665507851620.jpg (119.92 KB, 800x449, vertebrate.jpg)

Georgia sucks!

No. 1370816

I’m not gonna lie I like it here and have a good time mostly because my state is a gorgeous rainforest full of retards that give me a good hearty kek on the daily. Love u Oregon so fitting that you’re born on Vday

No. 1370834

I love the people of America, but I hate the government of America. I honestly dislike the implications of when someone mentions the country, they only think of the government, which is not a representation of our people, just like how people categorize the states by the government being red or blue. I moved to a south eastern state in the past year and it's been one of the best decisions of my life. The people I've meet here so far are amazing.
College is a fucking scam and does not prepare you for the workforce or life at all. You're wasting time and money if you go into college unsure of what to do with your life. Get into the workforce full time and build experience and get paid. Avoid retail unless the position pays more than other places, plenty of other jobs don't require 2+ year degrees either.

No. 1370873

nah most of the people suck too, especially in backwoods hick states

No. 1371497

it's easy to list places where people just absolutely suck ass in this country. Name a place that has consistently nice and/or friendly people
I've heard Maine is beautiful if you're into hiking. Pennsylvania can be a hit or miss depending on where you go. Maryland can be nice, but I would avoid Baltimore unless you dont mind a trashy city. Avoid Rhode Island.

No. 1371503

samefag, actually just avoid all people and go out hiking and into nature. NE USA has some nice state forests and lots of chances of seeing some nice wildlife, like deer! deer fucking galore out here since their natural predators have been hunted out of existence by idiots. yay!

No. 1371530

Bumping for the anon who made two #3 threads.

No. 1371555

I drove through upstate NY at night a few years ago and I counted maybe 20 or more deer eyes on the highway. It's a wonder none of them jumped out in front. Never seen that many in my life since they're still kind of scattered where I'm from

No. 1371579

This is really mundane, but I remember almost running over a family of deer once, it was fucking traumatising. I am so shocked deer are not endangered or extinct. I've seen deer just galloping, one with her children just mindless galloping in a residential area. No brains in their heads at all.

No. 1371607

I think there's something up with their movement and how they perceive prey. I know with squirrels for example, a reason they get hit so much is because they run back and forth to try to confuse predators because they sense cars are a threat. Wouldn't doubt deer have some sort of weird thing going on where cars fuck up their sight vs a regular coyote.

No. 1372444

I’m from a country that has toxic tap water so I’m probably biased but I can’t stand burgers that sperg about the tap water here. I know the tap water can vary from state to state but just the fact that there are standards tap water has to be held to is such a privilege. I had numerous coworkers and friends who were petrified that I just freely drink the tap water here and it makes me roll my eyes so hard. These people probably don’t think twice about using the tap water when they’re brushing their teeth or cooking but god forbid someone willingly drinks it. In my shitty developing country the tap water is completely unusable and I hate when I have to go back to visit for family. I like being able to just use the water from the pipes instead of ordering gallons of water to your house.

No. 1372500

We as of this year have non removable chemicals that cause cancer in our tap water anon. Our water is literal going to be undrinkable due to corporate contamination. Some towns you can light the water on fire. NJ has a huge issue with old lead pipes and kids.

No. 1372511

Oooohh thanks nonna I'll definitely look into this.
Oh yes that's the plan. Fuck people and fuck cities I ain't got the patience for that. I live in KY, the deer out here are prolific.
I keep toying with the idea of Maine, guess I need to go! Thanks for the help, nonnies.

No. 1372524

Hell yeah another Oreganon. This place is nice as long as you don't mind sidestepping crackheads kek.

No. 1372547

I hate that I grew up and learned the reality of rural life in the US (though this could be true for other countries, too). When I was a little kid, I imagined small towns in rural America as a cute, wholesome fantasy. That it was mostly happy, quaint family farms and people who want to live a little slower, baking apple pies and getting away from the "busy city life". In reality it's full of meth, junkies, alcoholism, domestic abuse, murder and other crimes that are underreported and underinvestigated. It's no better than the 'big, scary city'. I guess I also hate that everything feels so unsafe no matter where I live.

No. 1372560

File: 1665618900915.jpg (445.52 KB, 3264x2448, hospital.jpg)

image taken from Google, but I wouldn't use the shit that come out of my tap to shower in much less drink, it looks exactly like this
Congrats on living somewhere where the water is clear I guess

No. 1372578

if you come to the deep south east I'll show you places that don't look like a first world country anymore. it doesn't even have to be quite rural.

No. 1372589

most of new england has lead pipes that aren't legally required to be removed on private property, including apartments…

No. 1372591

File: 1665621707529.jpg (146.04 KB, 702x665, Screenshot 2022-10-11 170936.j…)

housing prices in what was a working class neighbourhood 20 years ago are way too ridiculous in orange county. Especially when everyone was dirt poor that used to live here just a couple of decades ago.

No. 1372593

Flint was a special interest of mine so sorry for incoming autism. What happened with Flint is the city decided to stop using the water supplied by Detroit (which surprisingly has some of the best water because of the Detroit river) and reboot their old water plant. They decided to take shortcuts with the pH level of the water which resulted in the lead pipes that service the residential areas corroding. Lead pipes in of themselves are not toxic as long as they do not corrode. Lead pipes are widespread throughout developed countries and most countries that have potable water have older lead pipes servicing their cities and towns. Although most countries have outlawed lead pipes in the 1970s - 1990s, this only banned the creation of newly built dwellings from having lead pipes. Some countries (including us burgers) have recently taken steps of completely removing and replacing lead pipes from older buildings that still have them, because of the risk of smaller municipalities taking shortcuts with their water ala Flint.

No. 1372609

I would love that but unfortunately most good paying jobs require college degrees, I'm also in the medical field. A good chunk of my classes are actual nonsense that has nothing to do with my degree anyway.

No. 1372616

Not the other anon but I realized while in college the networking schools provide is incredibly helpful for getting a good job. I went to a job fair/alumni event for my school’s business technology department and it was night and day different compared to the events for other programs.

No. 1372618

You're right that we have better than than some places, and I'm fortunate to have water clean enough to drink from the tap, but that's not true for every American.

No. 1372636

Biden just last December announced an act to replace all lead pipes + paint in the country. States, especially in new england, have already been granted funds to fix their infrastructure. Last month Connecticut just got funding from the feds to replace all its lead water pipes.

No. 1372646

Just wanted to say that having the Flint water crisis as a special interest is really admirable kek not even joking, more power to you anon and I'm glad there is someone willing to explain it to people who don't known what's going on.

No. 1372687

Thank you, nona! The Flint water crisis happened while I was in high school and it really grabbed my attention. I was in an environmental science elective class and gave a presentation about it to my class when it became a larger story in the media. Most of my class was outraged and we ended up doing a bake sale to raise money to donate water bottles to Flint. Looking back it actually really touches me how bipartisan the support for Flint was. All the different organizations, celebs, politicians, companies, and religious organizations donated in huge ways to the people of Flint is insane to think about and makes my more doomer 2020 heart a little bit less doom-y.
While today (since 2016) Flint's water has been tested in safe ranges and most of the pipes that service people's homes have been replaced with copper or plastic pipes. The citizens of Flint are still far from trusting (justifiably) of the water and refuse to use it.

No. 1372763

I went to college in Irvine years ago and it was wildly expensive then, I can't imagine how crazy everything is now

No. 1372771

I've been thinking a lot lately (and this seems to happen for me every fall) about how I viewed this country as a kid and how I have this ingrained sense of Americana and nostalgia for both a time I've never experienced as well as a time that never really happened. I don't know if any other nonnies can relate but I'll try and explain.

I started Kindergarten in 2000 so my elementary school experience is certainly colored by post-9/11 patriotism. I remember when being taught about early U.S. history this sense of tradition and pride when discussing Columbus and Thanksgiving and the Revolutionary War. Looking back this was obviously a false and sanitized version both full of propaganda and rewritten history… yet I look back on it all with fondness. I guess it's the innocence I miss and associate with this feeling, that my country was The Best™ and because our country was so new that we all felt more connected to the past since it was not so distant. There is also an odd feeling about it all considering how I was taught, at least, how folklore/American legends were hand-in-hand with early presidents.

I guess it's like mourning the idea I had as a child of what my country was. Having the scales fall from your eyes and realizing that you were taught a fantastical version of history.

I also don't know how public schools teach early elementary schoolers history but this was my experience at a private Christian school. I am sure however it's taught nowadays must be quite different.

No. 1372983

I live in a state with the cleanest tap water and I've been drinking tap water for forever but my parents still insist on boiling it for some reason. They let it sit in the kettle and it gets all metallic tasting and weird and I hate it. My extended family came for a stay and saw me just getting water from the tap and drinking it and were so surprised and I was like ???? my city has the cleanest tap water and we have a fucking filter for the sink too soo… They tried it and were so genuinely so amazed kek.

I will say when I leave my city to go travel around that I'm immediately very wary about the tap water though.

No. 1373261

The Parkland shooter just got sentenced to life in prison, dodging the death penalty. One juror decided that he (the shooter) had enough mitigating circumstances in his life that he deserved to be spared. A lot of the parents who were ant the trial are (rightfully) pissed. I’m also pissed, this shit stain is beyond deserving of the death sentence, especially since he wants to live so badly. Why should he get to live while his victims lives were taken?

No. 1373313

Fuck, I hate people so much. I was on a jury panel years ago for a horrible defendant who assaulted and raped someone, and this one other lady kept bawwwing about how the guy deserved another chance "because he reminds me of my brother!!!" Juries are fucking useless sometimes because they're picked from the general public and as a whole our society is fucking retarded.

No. 1376429

Beta for the student loan forgiveness application is open.

No. 1376445

Hope you told her that her rapist brother belongs in prison.

No. 1376485

I was told it would be automatic. Now I have to go apply for that shit? I mean, at least I get $20k of my $27k wiped out, so it's something. I guess.

No. 1376503

File: 1665936362365.gif (1014.38 KB, 244x180, moneyyyyyyy.gif)

I don't remember when it changed but I think the 10K is auto but if you were rewarded the PELL grant then you're eligible for the 20K but that's not auto. The form is also incase some dumbass wants to elect out of the debt forgiveness (like that one lawsuit tried to argue and got shutdown immediately kek). Etiher way free money is free.

No. 1376529

You know none of this shit is going to ever happen, right?

No. 1376533

The same Connecticut that taxed the everloving fuck out of its citizens and drove any potential new businesses away?

No. 1376546

It’s not automatic. They said it would be but it changed. You have until 12/31/2023 to fill it out. It just requires your name, social, birthday, phone and email and then an attestation.

No. 1376591

Samefag to say neither the $10k nor the $20k are automatic. I guess they changed that since some states will tax it as state income, some people might want to opt out.

>mfw the godforsaken wasteland that is Texas won’t tax it yeehaw

No. 1376597

doesn't make sense to opt out of free money because it might be taxed at like 15% or some shit. man people are retarded.
i applied, thanks nonna. i'm just grumpy about applying to anything since i associate it with job applications and therefore rejections.
i'm still a bit in shock since biden is the one who made the law that student debt can't be discharged in bankruptcy, so i thought he wouldn't really do any forgiveness amount.

No. 1376608

oh shit, I forgot that some states are going to apply and automatic taxation on it… Wtf how is that even allowed?? Like I'm never going to receive that money, it's never going to touch my bank account so how could it even be taxed??? But maybe I'm stupid and don't understand how taxes are done in the first place…. It's not like they're ever clearly explained anyway…

On a different note, I get pissed looking at my pay stub and that my wages are taken for Social Security when I know I won't see a dime of that money when I finally retire 40 years from now.

No. 1376614

There are actually numerous resources to learn how our taxation system works, for free, which you could find with a few keystrokes. Debt relief/writeoffs has always been a taxable event. But I agree with you on social security. we know the system is doomed to be bankrupt for us. boomers have millions of dollars in assets and live in luxury, while we can't afford to start families, buy a house, or receive medical care. social security must be abolished. boomers are cannibalizing the younger gens with the state's blessing.

i dont understand how we could have a year of global riots over george floyd but zero over the abusive scam that is social security.

No. 1376685

> Cooking obviously is an option but even basic staple ingredients in America are loaded with nonsense and fucked up so basically flavorless

I'm sorry…. what? Can you just buy rice and veggies and make something? Are potatoes you buy loaded with something?

It IS hard when you cannot cook for shit.
And I know that struggle, 4 years ago I couldn't cook shit. It was only after picking it up as a hobby, after hours and hours of practising (and you have to pay attention or you don't learn when you practise), reading tons about it, learning over a hundred recipes, that I got really good.

So I disagree that having a hard schedule or being poor prevents a GOOD cook from meal prep and cleanup. Most people in early twenties don't know how to cook (and that's normal), and it fucks them up when their schedule is hard. Also it fucks up their finances because they start eating out and eating processed shit (which is expensive but also very unhealthy). But don't be one of those people who say: I eat takeout all the time because eating good homecooked meals is for rich people only. They usually also claim that they are fat because they are poor.

No. 1376812

I'm depressed thinking about how I'll never be able to buy a house. I can't afford the 3% downpayment on any of the decent places close to me.

No. 1376862

I don't think you understood anon, it has nothing to do with the skill of cooking. Obviously I can but the issue with American food is that it's heavily processed. Rice use to easily take 15 minutes to cook now sometimes rice can take well over hours and barely tastes. Vegetables are heavily bred to be larger instead of being filled of vitamins and flavorful so you just get big flavorless potatoes and veggies that have very little nutrients. Anyone who's traveled outside the US and ate vegetables in other countries knows this. I have a baby while in school which means I do something every second I'm awake, whether it be studying or taking care of baby, some days I will skip multiple meals simply because I don't have the time to cook. If I'm lucky enough to have time the most I'm able to make it a quick thing of pasta or sandwich, just last week dishes were piling up simply because I didn't have time or energy to clean and My husband works 80 hour a week. My point was that I would like to have cheaper and more convenient but healthy options available since it would make life for so many people a lot more easier. Please work on your reading comprehension

No. 1376897

I completely empathize with this and the idea that every second is precious, especially in this economy. What are you local grocery stores like? Are you in a populated area that you don't have a food dessert and need to rely on a Sharp Saver/Dollar General for produce? Could you visit a local Asian/Indian mart for your veggie needs if you're worried about nutritional value? (unless they're the same, buying water dense GMO veggies that give you the same effect.) What are you opinions on meal prepping? The moid I've listed (while cringe) has done some good research into some basic meals that anyone could do and also store for longevity and possibly could help when you're short on time. I'm no stranger to time anxiety so I definetly understand if you feel like this could be out of your range but I wholeheartedly agree that there isn't any healthy option for a cheap fast meal that isn't home-cooked. It just simply doesn't exist, as far as I'm aware.
Best of luck tho!!

No. 1376899

Nta, but what rice are you buying that takes hours to cook? Also, imo rice is one of those foods where it's not automatically supposed to have a ton of flavor.

No. 1376908

ntayrt but I feel like brown rice could easily take up to 45 minutes to cook, even in a rice cooker. Why? No idea unfortunately.

No. 1376910

I mean it would make sense for brown rice to take longer since it has more layers than white rice.

No. 1376917

collage is not a scam but it simply doesnt work for everyone and isnt a one size fit all. Education is extremely important. Look at why most americans voted trump and would vote again.

No. 1376922

If I hear another boomer in america talk about how good the 1970s were for the economy, I will scream. We are in another recession and people are too content shitting on JKR and having their guns taken away rather than fight against inflation and the corrupt people running office.

By 2030, we will no longer have a working/middle class.

No. 1376936

nta but some colleges are a fucking scam. Look at all the colleges that have shutdown and bunch of people that had to essentially have their loans forgiven under false pretense of graduation (RIT, ITT, also didn't Trump have a "college" kek, etc). And even if the college doesn't shut down, a lot of them promote the idea you'll have a career right out the gate, some even saying you'll have a job before you graduate. It really depends on where you go but a lot of them are fucking shams because the professors there can't predict the market and for sure as hell can't tell you how to swim within a volatile job market that doesn't give shit about your "college education," because to them that's not real world experience.
Take it from me, a salty art degreer that still doesn't have a job in the art market, a year later, even though my college was so adamant that all graduates would.
lmao aint that facts!? In the long run isn't that the major goal of the right? To crush the middle class into being poor?

No. 1376940

Thankfully I'm not the only one who noticed. When I was younger rice didn't take that long to cook now it feels like I can have it in the cooker forever and it still doesn't cook all the way. Maybe it's a new preservative?

No. 1376957

File: 1665965396581.jpeg (260.73 KB, 828x1322, 29262216-75CD-4DF0-A11D-0271D6…)

Damn, I forgot what kind of state I was living in. I’m not even American yet and it’s surreal as fuck casually seeing this posted on social media.

No. 1376959

they do realize that, by warning people like this, they're just gonna park in other parking lots to go to the (what i assume is a) planned parenthood, right…? north carolina in particular is full of some of the dumbest fucking retards in the country.

the moment i get to leave this sorry ass state i'm NEVER looking back lol.

No. 1376960

Yeah can vouch for that. The local Reddit here has the most miserable people constantly posting their dumbass takes. Just remember that I moved for love and would have not moved here for any other reason kek.

No. 1376986

Not to be a jerk but there’s literally no point in getting an art degree unless you’re some California/NY nepotism kid with connections or going to be a teacher. Any website about colleges from the last decade would show how bad graduation rates and prices are for art universities in the US.

No. 1377076

Brown rice has always needed more time and water to cook. Look it up online.
I just cook rice on the stove in a pot. Two cups of water for every cup of rice and white rice is always done in 20 min.

No. 1377097

Brown rice takes longer because it’s less processed than white rice, not the opposite.
Related, I got sucked into watching one of those Chinese cooking videos on YouTube and the closed captions said to not rinse the white rice too much so you don’t rub off the nutrients. I was like, you dummies, you’re specifically using rice that intentionally had all the nutrients removed.

No. 1377102

Why would nutrients be on the outside anyway? It's just debris, starch, and rice dust.

No. 1377106

File: 1665978843586.jpeg (84.27 KB, 640x998, 1665961019942.jpeg)

Did anyone else see this in the things you hate thread? I want out.

No. 1377121

Yes it's fucking gross meanwhile women get shit on if their nudes get leaked. Guy is creepy as hell.

No. 1377126

>>Avoid Rhode Island.
Hey, what did we do kek

>>I would love that but unfortunately most good paying jobs require college degrees
This. I'm planning to go back to school soon for anything that makes me more money without having to be on my feet 10+ hours a day, 5-6 days a week. All the cushy jobs require a degree.

Finally going to be debt free just to go back to school and get more kek it's like gambling, trying to land a decent job in this country.

No. 1377160

File: 1665984972686.png (3 MB, 1452x1458, Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 10.3…)

hello yes I would like to reiterate that I hate men

No. 1377163

Come on nonners, RI is like 95% ghetto and despair. The remainder is Newport and then maybe a few rural areas.

No. 1377242

you're the cutest cat in the whole wide world

No. 1377288

>95% ghetto
>the remainder is Newport
Who scared you when your middle school went on a field trip to the Providence Place Mall

No. 1377439

File: 1666021503582.jpeg (291.7 KB, 1344x1879, 5D3FDFCE-698C-4790-8966-5E47CF…)

Lot fees cover water and overall maintenance to the park so snow removal, playground maintenance etc. My grandparents started out dirt poor (grew up in the Canadian depression) and eventually worked their way up to own a trailer park in the 90s. My mom managed it for them, left and got a better job in a different province but now she does both. Yes, I’m Canadian but I live in the states now lol. I wouldn’t recommend trailer park life unless it’s in a nice area with a new trailer or even a tiny home. They’re considerably cheap my sister got a brand new one for about 200kCAD.

No. 1377444

Why can't we have a pinkpill alternative of SOME kind

No. 1377537

I can afford 5% but the closing costs (4% estimate) are unreasonable. Why does a real estate agent deserve $15,000 for signing some paperwork and gatekeeping? Housing would be much more affordable if we automated the real estate industry. Put these clowns out on the curb.

There is also prediction of a 20-40% price cut now that rates have risen. So your monthly payment will be the same, but the house price is much less, meaning you can get in with less down payment and if you want to pay extra on the mortgage your extra payments go further towards early pay-off. Low rates have fucked us. Places that were 150k in 2012 are selling for 400k. It's aburd. Wages are the same as they were in 2012 but the houses are 2.5x as much. Did you get a 250% raise? I sure didn't. Wait a year or two and keep saving up, nonna.

No. 1377888

File: 1666052246829.jpg (84.16 KB, 700x714, 1635871304891.jpg)

I never got the abortion sperging. I do agree that bragging about getting an abortion isn't good, but that's only a small group of loonies who do that shit (and all communities have weirdos like that as a minority).

Most of the women who get abortions do it because they don't have the money to take care of the child. It probably opens a can of worms on the philosophical debates of "If someone were to be born in bad circumstances, should they be aborted if they can avoid the hardships vs fight through the hardships?".

No. 1377892

Honestly, if anything most women who get abortions probably hide it. The people who brag or joke about abortions are mostly online, and we all know the internet isn't a good depiction of reality.

No. 1377964

>Airbnb hosts bitching on Facebook about how they have to pay mortgage for a house they brought for Airbnb and that they go months without a single guest
On a serious note fuck like 90% of Airbnbs. It's usually unstable people running them who make stays a whole chore in itself and fuck up shit tons of fees so the stay is like almost a thousand for a couple of days. So many of them are ran down too. It was good in ways to help people when all hotels were booked or you're just poor and got a $100 weekly room in some other poor fucks house until you figured out a living situation. Now it's just blood suckers who take up properties to jack up prices

No. 1377967

>BuT mOiD bAiTeRs
As if moids aren't going to bait anyway. We might as well have a thread we can all man hate in instead of having to wait for a discussion or start one in irrelevant threads

No. 1377977

there's the hidden board but it's super slow, I know the only fix is more posting ourselves, it's just easily forgotten about

No. 1378020

yeah it is, its by executive order. congress cant do shit to stop it lol

No. 1378044

seriously. these assholes charge you $400 cleaning fee for a week's stay on a 90/night place, so they can clean their own fucking house. i hope the IRS rapes them.

No. 1378060

If it's one thread it's best to just have it here. Although the troon sperging was annoying, not to defend them but only because they're very little of the population and most women don't even have to deal with their nonsense on a daily basis unless you know one personally. It was nice to deal with men's shit all day and being able to come back and shit talk them here

No. 1378063

They do a terrible job at cleaning too. Stayed at one place and it's shower/bath was unusable. Another place just put strong headache inducing fragrances on everything. I hired maid services before and it was max 250 to clean a two story, five bedroom house with laundry done. It's even worse when the Airbnb hosts asks you to clean as well.

No. 1378068

Do any of you own property? Feel free to share your story. I do now and am still in the stage of “is this really mine?” after renting all my life. Sad that so many of us can’t do this.

No. 1378080

I canceled an airbnb because they tried to have me do an off site 500 deposit and expected us to be out by 10am after specifically cleaning the place "for the maid" which was also a huge amount, like 25%-50% of the nightly cost. Airbnb tried to say the host was fine for all this too. Fuck that I found an amazing hotel for cheaper which had food each night.

No. 1378106

Airbnb is so evil and at this point a regular hotel is once again the better alternative. You’re staying in a complete strangers house at a ridiculous upcharge, it isn’t cleaned any better, and the chance of it being covered in hidden cameras is higher than anyone should ever be comfortable.

No. 1378417

they legitimately used to be much cheaper than a hotel. I used to get them for $40 a night in areas like NYC and SF. now it's all 120 a night plus fees. but the hotels are $200-400+ a night. i don't know who the fuck actually can afford that. 400 a night for a tiny pod. that is INSANE. meanwhile in japan you can sleep at a mangacafe for $20 and get free tea and manga the whole time.

property in america is just too fucking expensive given how much land we have. denver is so sprawled out it's about 6x the size of someplace like milan or prague, but simultaneously 6x as expensive. it's all a racket.

No. 1378554

OT but you weren't here when the manhate and PP threads attracted a bunch of newfags who derailed every thread to be about man hate. And I like the threads! I love that we have a place to talk about man hate and rip into tims and the like. But the threads were moved to the hidden board for a reason. It got really bad, almost every drama thread had some sperg derailing the entire thread to talk about man hate or trannies, completely ignoring the cow or milk. It was really annoying, even for the most die hard radfems. It was definitely newly peaked women who didn't grasp the board rules or culture, you could tell they only knew the radfem threads and refused to integrate. They have to be contained on the hidden board, please.

I've never stayed at an airbnb and now I know I don't want to. Not surprised, the flips they do on the properties are cheap so, of course, they cheap out on cleaning and maintenance. I can only imagine how dirty the sheets/blankets and bathrooms are. Ew. And the hidden camera stuff is also so gross and the company doesn't seem to be addressing any of the actual issues or concerns. They are a sinking ship, doubt they will exist in 5 years.

No. 1379454

File: 1666179133227.jpg (54.44 KB, 640x431, google-autocomplete-every-stat…)

No. 1380171

“good” kek. Outside of biodiversity it’s not good here.

No. 1380175

whats so important about ohio

No. 1380183

nobody knows, that's why they're all googling it

No. 1380189

Elections. If you're a Republican candidate you basically need OH in order to become president.

No. 1380200

File: 1666227705656.jpg (309.36 KB, 655x983, Maria Felix.jpg)

yeah, idk

No. 1380205

This was why I liked airbnb before covid where people had the whole apartment, guest house, mini house for $40-100 a night compared to a single room hotel with no kitchen at $100-300 a night same area. The Airbnb's all had nice appliances, coffee, cereal, bottle of wine or cans of alcohol for free.
They arent worth it at all now considering with a hotel the cleaning is included, there is no deposit fee, you can cancel, maid service each day, towels or other stuff whenever you need, easy check in or late check in. I almost didnt get a refund on a huge amount of money when I canceled the airbnb 2 months before going because I refused to pay that weird offsite deposit. Corrupt site that would rather side with their seller who's some rich mini company managing apartments through out america. Also I wish I was kidding when years ago one airbnb with a mandarin title had weird camera angles including the bathroom. I realized they were all built in cameras which they had even used as the ad photos. There were blurred out 2 kids and a mother leaving the bathroom sink area if I remember. I dont doubt they sell some of those camera shots off.

No. 1380278

>pennsylvania and massachusetts are full of ghosts
but why?

No. 1380282

Conservatives are assholes, liberals think being women is a feeling.
I love living in this lose/lose democratic republic. Despite America being kinda shitty, it's way less shitty than a lot of other countries out there.

No. 1380336

Feels like a Mexican stand off between a shit sandwich and smelly clown and us tbh

No. 1380575

Everything is built on the mass graves from the genocide Europeans committed

No. 1381007

I fucking hate homeless men. My 13 year old cousin was waiting for the bus and a methed up homeless guy came up behind her and pulled her ponytail and then tried to swing some kind of heavy object at her. She ran away into a store and a guy who was in the store saw the whole thing and called her mom to pick her up thank god. Her mom wanted to make a police report but my cousin begged her not to make a whole thing out of it. But I’m so fucking furious I can’t even put it into words. We need to bring back mental asylums asap.

No. 1381031

we still have asylums, but they're called "psych wards" now, and just as they were in the 30s, they are occupied exclusively by "difficult" women

No. 1381065

It is hot here, but at least it's dry. California and Texas had the crime of being hot and humid.

No. 1381068

new mexico should be "arid"
alabama should be "hell hole"
maine should be "stephen king"

No. 1381095

I'm not from Washington but I've been there several times with my sister. I absolutely hate how woke it is. Downtown Olympia is a cool place (or would be) but every store has BLM and trans pride flags and shit like that. Like every fucking place.

No. 1381172

The woke-ism is really sequestered to the Seattle area. East Washington is not nearly as woke, in some parts you can find people who are proud white nationalists. But also parts like Port Angeles you will find a bunch of boomer republicans.

No. 1382005

how the fuck is this real? clown world

No. 1382012

that doesn't sound right. those places are too dry to be humid. you mean Florida?

No. 1382058

How do you pronounce Mobile (as in the city in Alabama)? Mow-bull or Mow-by-ull?

No. 1382068

I’ve heard Mow-Beeel.

No. 1382138


No. 1382144

My guess is because Massachusetts has a lot of old grave sites from the Colonial times and Revolutionary War soldiers, and Pennsylvania has a bunch of battlefields from the Civil War where lots of people died
>t. just went on a field trip with a soc class

No. 1382152

Nonnies, Massachusetts is 'smart', that's Connecticut you're looking at

No. 1382407

File: 1666400633627.png (294.47 KB, 1650x1019, google_auto_22.png)

No. 1382423

is it ok with you guys if i move to america? you have nice lakes and mountains its really not fair.

No. 1382833

Yeah, but it's kind of scary so be safe always, anon.

No. 1383106

File: 1666458090030.jpeg (646.96 KB, 828x1083, DDB7B9FC-FDBC-4A5B-93F9-B4C367…)

No. 1383115


No. 1383117

I’m laughing they waited until she died to expose her.

No. 1383119

She did a nude spread for playboy at the time omg that’s foul

No. 1383123

a lot of people(mostly black) were talking about how this article was racist and problematic cause the author has a history of discounting "black native" stories and the author(a native american woman) has been called a racist blood purist, either way she was a Mexican Catholic girl who pretended to be an Apache

No. 1383134

All of this is none of my business but it does seem she didn’t actually do much for native people outside of that one interruption. “Sacheen Littlefeather, the Bay Area Indian Princess, and nine other tribal beauties are sore at Hugh Hefner. Playboy ordered pictures of them, riding horseback nude in Woodside and other beauty spots, and then Hefner rejected the shots (by Mark Fraser and Mike Kornafel) as ‘not erotic enough.’ Why do them in the first place? ‘Well,’ explained Littlefeather ‘everybody says black is beautiful — we wanted to show that red is, too.’ ” that’s from a magazine article in the 70s like she called herself red what the hell. It’s interesting to see all the native women say they knew immediately she wasn’t native after posing for playboy because no native woman would want to be seen as a sex object like that. I didn’t know she posted nude until now and that’s awful given the horrific treatment of native women.

No. 1383159

I feel like these people make themselves so easy to pick out, it's never enough for them to simply claim ancestry. They have to adopt completely unsubtle visual markers, e.g. random tchotchkes, turquoise or beaded jewelry, hair clearly artificially colored, straightened and parted down the middle, "Indian" braids, etc. Isn't it interesting how they adopt these visual markers of Native American-ness, but if pressed, wouldn't even be able to present any evidence of membership in a particular tribe?

No. 1383161

Sure but you'll probably be disappointed by life here.

No. 1383162

>these people
Are there many more of these cows? Wanna see kek

No. 1383171

people pretending to be other races is common enough, but people pretending to be native americans seems to have been a thing among a lot of narc boomers and gen-xers

No. 1383184

can confirm - this is something i've noticed a lot after moving to a cornbread midwest area. that and the whole "1/16th cherokee" thing. sometimes people present it like a bragging point, other times it's like, as a way to abolish some of their white guilt or something. shit's weird and terrible out here in corn world.

No. 1383921

File: 1666538836575.jpeg (122.43 KB, 1122x797, 4B6DA6A7-388E-42AA-B2D1-5EDACE…)

No. 1385526

I knew what my state was going to be even before looking, ugh.

I've seen this posted in so many threads now kek like I had never heard of her prior to now. I have heard of that Italian guy who played the "Crying Indian", though. Fucked up.

No. 1389032

Hot take but if you live anywhere east of the Cascade mountains you do NOT live in the Pacific Northwest. I was on a trip in Montana and I was horrified by all the PNW souvenirs there were. You bitches are not part of the PNW I don’t care what anyone says.

No. 1389433

File: 1666966953870.png (819.43 KB, 1624x990, Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 7.19…)

i swear to god they're trying to bait Putin into using nukes, all over a fucking country that isn't even in NATO.
this is so fucking insane to me, it's like everyone wants a nuclear war. has it been so long that they've forgotten the consequences???

just fucking let him take Ukraine at this point, its not worth it.

No. 1389471

File: 1666968729740.png (315.22 KB, 727x612, uNnYyk9.png)

oh yea we're all gonna die fr

No. 1389474

Never seen one of these memes be so accurate and literal before

No. 1389787

I too wonder why everyone gives a shit about Ukraine.

No. 1389852

1 hr outside of Seattle is solid red Trump country. But Seattle itself is so absurdly far left I vote republican out of spite. I just wish we had a moderate choice that wasn't a bunch of retarded clowns, both parties blow ass. Mostly my pet peeve is the hobos. I keep getting woken up at night by the fucking hobos screaming all night. There is one hobo scrote who comes to my block to scream and sing and rap at the top of his lungs at 2am like he has main character syndrome. There are others who just scream insensibly because drugs or something idk. I'm just so tired of it, they need to leave. I've had enough of "compassion", where is the compassion for women who get harassed and attacked by these gronks? I want safe streets without shit and needles all over and quiet nights. I wish I lived in a quiet small city in Europe without these problems.

No. 1389884

My honest opinion- because they are white.

I mean Putin is insane and wrong to attack Ukraine.. and my heart breaks for them. I do not understand why the immense US backing with weapons etc. More people die this way… and it looks more like West vs Russia… I am all for sending aid as in food, shelter materials, expedited emigration, defense items for survival etc not anything for attack. It isnt fair and it isnt right that Ukraine is being invaded, but we are going to bait Putin to drop nukes on the US because he wants us to stop and OBVIOUSLY wont nuke the country he wants to inhabit… this is all insane and I hate it. The US is fine with this proxy war because Americans arent the ones dying, and the propaganda makes most Americans happy to feel morally superior knowing Russia is being hurt by our weapons…. I just cannot take it I hate this. Sorry for rant on reply I didnt mean for this to get long, kek

No. 1389897

File: 1666984201077.jpg (556.06 KB, 1065x1657, Screenshot_20221028_140742.jpg)

So can I get everyone's thoughts on what is gonna happen in the next few years? Nuclear war? Civil war? Nothing really change?

I am a tad shook by the Pelosi attacker…I think this is going to be the beginning of a cascade of political violence..

No. 1389908

Being white has nothing to do with it. The US refused for 4 years to participate in the Yugoslavian War (which is in SE Europe, hence "white").

It has more to do with oil and economic policy. Remember, Russia produces oil. You could, you know, try being slightly less racist. The US doesn't give a shit about white people. There are white people right now dying in poverty and squalor in West Virginia the US doesn't give a flying fuck about. It's hilarious you think the US would wage a proxy war to protect white people 9000 miles away when they already have white people at home they're leaving to die penniless. All wars are bankers' wars.

No. 1389937

File: 1666985607595.jpg (112.92 KB, 648x365, 3ecbf12b-8b89-45da-9fbd-462c57…)

people do that? I always got the impression that pnw was just WA and OR. some maps I saw when I googled it did include idaho and montana but damn it feels like a stretch

god the Seattle metropolitan area needs to get its shit together so fuckin bad when it comes to homeless people. so many areas that I have to take detours and actively avoid because of all of the middle aged crackheads hanging around storefronts who lash out at anyone who looks at them funny. wish they would stop enabling this shit

No. 1390026

Ayrt, I meant the general public is super pro Ukraine imo because of their whiteness. Not trying to be racist, I just see hypocrisy when USA gen pop doesnt seem to care about Haiti which we put our hands in policy wise, or Pakistan where Isreal is commiting war crimes because Isreal has our support/is the chosen land or whatever via evangelical belief, I fully believe the general public has a facination with Ukraine because of whiteness to a pretty big degree, yeah. The policy from the top is absolutely oil and resource based. But it is easier to get normies to support our efforts in a white or 'scriptural' nation, and just stay hush when places like Haiti get meddled in. Media has a ton to do with it too. It is very complicated but yes I do think racism has a bit to do with the Ukraine support via gen pop

No. 1390486

I really just want people to stop moving to my state because theirs is shit. The cost of living has skyrocketed while homelessness has gone up and general safety has gone down.
I want to build a wall around my state and require newbies to bring visas to come in.

No. 1390492

I went on Twitter after this and it was full of psychos and their conspiracies that it was set up or debating what side he was on, made me remember why I left all social media. I don’t like these politicians but attacking someone is obviously terrible and it’s not like he faked a skull fracture. Both left and right wingers need to accept that their side can do shitty things instead of screaming about everything being one or the other. The Twitter freedom of speech thing is only going to reinforce the rift between the two sides, as much as freedom of speech is positive it’s also harmful to idiots who get easily manipulated which seems like most people online.

No. 1390516

To the anons who live in Seattle, is it very humid there? My hair is super frizzy when its about to rain where I live in california. Will it be the same for Seattle? Is it possible for your hair to get used to the humidity? I wouldn't mind living there for a year or two but my job requires me to look professional and always have my hair looking excellent.

No. 1390961

File: 1667060159682.jpeg (652.97 KB, 1664x960, 353D0843-223C-4DE9-8AAF-83FD6C…)

I’m an immigrant and my application is moving so fast. I’ve only been here 6 months and just got my work visa yesterday. I’m from the same city as Anisa Johma and filed for the same type of spousal visa. It took her forever to get her residency.

No. 1390973

On a related note, does anyone else roll their eyes when American media compares Russia's invasion to the colonization policies of Western European powers? The comparison is just not the same. Not to mention Ukraine is basically first world and has the financial and military backing of every first world power.

No. 1390982

Hahahahhahahahahahha no. It is not humid at all. Former Georgian, current Washingtonian.

No. 1391179

Are you in Oregon or Texas, kek

No. 1391250

Work visas are faster. Green card residencies take around 15 months these days.
Neither. Californiacation is spreading and I hate it.

No. 1391268

>Ukraine is basically first world

No. 1391300

>is the place where it rains 3/4 of the year and moss grows on every roof and even on cars, humid?
fam i can drink the air. it's soppy and grey and damp. you can't afford the rent anyway. east WA is a desert though you good there.
hot humidity and cold humidity feel different but you're crazy if you don't think west WA isn't humid. also i thought you meant georgia the country for like 5 minutes
>filtration camp

No. 1391330

Just because theres nice lakes and mountains, doesn't mean you get to see them

No. 1391345

I can’t look outside without seeing a mountain and I love it. I went somewhere flat for college and hated it. Mountains are magnificent!

No. 1391371

shouldn't you just have a green card?

No. 1391474

Why are Americans suddenly so concerned with humidity?

No. 1391475

File: 1667091886446.jpg (32 KB, 490x490, EUxnpriXkAU68ZF.jpg)

only thematically related but…i keep running into people in the lame southern college town i moved to who claim they are "from Chicago" who are 99.999% of the time from a well off suburb an hour outside the city. one bitch was even from fucking INDIANA and said she was ~from Chicago uwu~ until pressed for details. i would let a "from Chicagoland" slide for people from like Evanston and Schaumburg or any town actually connected to the CTA…but bitch you are from Muenster Indiana!! you visit for the air and water show and 4th of july fireworks once or twice a year you do not deal with the bullshit we deal with here! it's NOTHING like living here! ive never experienced someone from the other larger scummy US city outskirts tell everyone theyre from that city they don't even live in. but fuckin Rockwood and Lansing types are obsessed with lying about being from Chicago.

No. 1394782

>ive never experienced someone from the other larger scummy US city outskirts tell everyone theyre from that city they don't even live in.
Happens in Boston a lot. People from the suburbs always say they are from the streets of Boston and try to act tough. But they are always pussies with a bigger bark than bite.

No. 1394810

File: 1667332871129.jpeg (130.58 KB, 708x707, 0C497871-BE70-46FE-B947-7A1A8C…)

Yeah the estimate I was initially given was 22.5 months but now it’s lowered to 8. I got married in August and filed in September.

No. 1394841

Welp the government healthcare marketplace is telling me my monthly premiums are about $4000 a year without dental at the cheapest on a poverty level income (living with my parents thankfully while I go to school for a good enough job to be able to live by myself). And I'm in Florida which I heard opted out of medicaid for lower income people though I sent my application to that but I doubt it will be accepted.
Fucking murica, fucking flurida
I don't understand because going back and changing the income (I'm independent contract so it varies, I'd have to report changes anyway) and the price doesn't change depending on income.
I guess I can get mental health services through something like "for Hers" or cerebral? As well as my birth control pills. Allergy meds and such OTC. I was supposed to go to physical therapy for osteoarthritis in my neck but oh well.
I will be done with classes in april so hopefully can get a job that comes with healthcare benefits this year anyway.

No. 1394920

Omg fellow Chi-anon! I also cannot fucking stand this. It’s one thing to be from Beverly or Evergreen Park or Mt Greenwood but people from Lisle and Naperville need to RELAX with that “I’m from Chicago, teehee!” bullshit lmao

No. 1395022

File: 1667342891710.png (433.59 KB, 579x635, 7H2pMEK.png)

i'm sorry but this makes 0 sense to me. how does the banning of affirmative action hurt white women the most?
…affirmative action is a quota system to place minorities in universities with lower academic standards in terms of test scores/gpa etc. like the whole qualm is about asian/white applicants being held to higher standards than black/latino applicants, and the quota system to admit people based on their race, rather than their merit.

also every post i see on twitter about affirmative action is about how banning it will hurt white women the most. so that means they're implying white women never had good enough test scores/gpa to get into these universities on their own merit, rather they were chosen for their race… and gender??

No. 1395027

You sound like you are race baiting.

No. 1395037

it's just typical twitter hurdurrr white women bad bs.

No. 1395044

I don't really get that vibe, it just sounded like they were hating on republican women who hate feminism and equal rights. but the anon you responded to seems to be very racist and think all minorities do not earn the place anywhere and do not work as hard as white women.

No. 1395049

why does white women = republican women, in ur mind? lol what

No. 1395051

wtf? how am i racist for trying to understand how white women benefit from affirmative action the most

No. 1395062

Because i can read inbetween the lines.
>the quota system to admit people based on their race, rather than their merit.
>so that means they're implying white women never had good enough test scores/gpa to get into these universities on their own merit

I don't want to get banned, but if you want to keep playing the victim, go ahead.

No. 1395063

>labelling any dissenting opinion as racist

the bird app is calling, go home.

No. 1395067

>the quota system to admit people based on their race, rather than their merit.
….that's literally what affirmative action is though. verbatim. it's a quota system which incentives the placement of minorities into universities. it's objectively not a meritocracy-based system.

i made no judgement on the affirmative action as a system of providing equal opportunities.

>they're implying white women never had good enough test scores/gpa to get into these universities on their own merit

yes? that's the implication by saying white women benefit from affirmative action the most

No. 1395070

idk why you're getting triggered by that anon pointing out that aa is a quota system based on race, because that's quite literally what it is. it's a very clumsy attempt at tipping the scales to make the game more fair with the unfortunate consequence of a) devaluing the accomplishments of minorities b)damaging merit based systems in favor of band aid "diversity" solutions.

No. 1395077

affirmative action isnt just about race, its about gender and orientation too. You know that….

No. 1395083

In this post I exclusively mentioned race because of that anon being called racist for discussing affirmative action, but yes you are right it accounts for race, gender, and sexual orientation. Still doesn't change my point.

No. 1395097

Not everyone you disagree with is from twitter. It's fine if you think nobody works as hard as white women, I just think anon is playing the victim very hard and i was only pointing out the fact that she feels the need to frame white women as somehow better than everyone else. I know criticising white women in any way unless it's to insult their looks is not allowed here.

No. 1395099

It's not about disagreeing, it's about the lazy "opinion i dislike = racist, sexist, fascist, homophobic" rhetoric that the anon I was replying to was relying on. As a matter of fact, you sound like you're playing the victim pretty hard right now because everyone isn't licking your boots and agreeing with tweets that appear to be dunking on white women. The op was simply calling out the hidden presupposition in the tweet, I don't see how she's playing the victim, the person who wrote that tweet chose to mention white women specifically so you can't be surprised that white women feel the urge to respond.

No. 1395147

What ever anon, i don't think she has any reason to be as offended as she as. It seems like you guys want me to lick her boots more than anything because you see yourself as the ultimate authorities on the subject despite only looking at it from one angle and refusing to accept any other opinion. I just don't see why she is so upset, she should just get over it and stop acting like comments as such have any bearing on her success in life when it doesn't. It's like when a man gets mad about being rejected about a women rejecting him on tinder to me and decides to make it his trauma narrative. I am pretty sure that's kind of the point she is trying to make about herself, taking her offense to the tweet even more baffling, as well as her blatant disregard to the fact that some industries are sausage fests and maybe some white women truly are diversity hires in that regard. I refuse to agree with you and you will have to get over it, i won't accept your attempts at gaslighting me. This won't be dragged out unless somebody wants to deny my right to an opinion by calling me a twitter fag again or accuse me of being an sjw.

No. 1395166

NTA but are you okay?

They are saying white women benefit the most from affirmative action? What? Isn't it actually mostly men who benefit? I don't understand this tweet.

No. 1395173

twitter fag

No. 1395289

babe what do you want them to say. "oh yeah i'm from [irrelevant small suburb no one has ever heard of]" it's done for convenience of the listener.
people who take credit for being born in a certain place like it's an accomplishment are fucking cringe. "i'm a [CITY] nAtIvE I'm the REAL [city]ite look at me listen to me woo wooo." people shouldn't be locked into one thing just because their fucking retard parents bought a house 2 miles from a city limit instead of post address in it. i hate that what shithole your parents decided to live in has to be somehow a set in stone definition of you your entire life you can never escape from. if kid me had a choice i would have been born in fucking hawaii.
that's just being a poseur and it's cringe too

No. 1395402

This. The Chicagoland area is actually extremely vast and absolutely does include Naperville and even more west of that despite what >>1394920 says. If you're talking to people from out of state, just saying "Chicago" is easier as Illinois is pretty big and southern, even central Illinois is very different from the suburbs. OP is super cringy. I don't get why anyone from Indiana would say they're from Chicago though when they should be saying Indiana. In this case, they're all dumbasses. Chicago is a boring shithole city anyway so I'm not sure why OP feels the need to gatekeep it. Guess city fishing, boarded up homes in west/southside, and shitty BDSM nightclubs is something to take pride in.

No. 1395425

Is Oregon a shithole to live in?
A guy told me how his wife has been robbed, his car parts taken, broken into, and the prices are nuts in Portland. Also there's human trafficking? He said try texas but I heard from texas locals they have human trafficking too? Is Minnesota a cheap good place to live?

No. 1395428

>white women bad
>you're gaslighting me
Yawn…think you got lost on your way to twitter. Notice how everyone responded to you intelligently with good points and all you can do is talk about race, be (ironically) sexist, and say some buzzwords.

No. 1395429

>all you can do is talk about race
Nta but the original post was about race, what do you mean?

No. 1395431

It means calling nonas racist when they never actually said anything racist.

No. 1395450

The out of control Seattle homelessness is gonna be a significant reason for people voting right as the more left politics decided that teaching people how to do drugs was a good idea…yea

No. 1395472

Not from California but boomers have been crying to people "if you don't like California just move!" When Californians complian about housing and stuff. There's a huge variety of issues though and Californians are just the peak. Take a big hard look at "investors" who just buy properties to rent them out multiple times the price or the fact most states you can literally fire employees for no reason and it's legal and fine, not to mention how much time it takes to get a job because companies don't even have to fill positions they post.

Of course no one wants to get off their lazy ass and riot for any sort of regulation so I'd probably be laughed at for suggesting such

No. 1395511

The Republicans can't do shit about the homeless either though, they'd probably make it worse.
I hate the fact that my main senate race is between a person who's been in office almost as long as I've been alive or a hypocritical tradwife, but I'm still voting Dem.

No. 1395746

File: 1667399252446.png (1.92 MB, 1416x1120, Screenshot f.png)

can an ameritard explain to me how being skinny is a "white western" ideal but primarily Western nations have the most overweight populations as a whole? The average American is morbidly obese by the standards of most obese Asian countries, and there's no concept of "fat shaming" in those countries. throughout my life I have seen people casually mock other people for their weight, both men and women

No. 1395749

Is it though? Maybe in the modeling industry, not to the average person

No. 1395760

back in the early 2000's being extremely thin was definitely the standard. But that was more than a decade ago and the beauty standard has changed, today skinny is not the standard.

No. 1395764

oregon is a beautiful state but the larger cities are populated with meth and homeless thieves, also troons. if crime is your biggest worry you should choose where you want to move based on crime rates by state/county imo

No. 1395766


Sure being skinny isn’t the standard but it doesn’t mean it’s okay for people to be overweight. A lot of the beauty standards here still promote smaller frames just with blow up doll proportions.

No. 1395801

I mean beauty ideals don’t really reflect the average person. Kinda obvious

No. 1395818

Your bleeding heart is nice and all but Ukrainians being white has nothing to do with it. Ukraine is a big base for money funneling and the Biden administration depends on that corruption. Furthermore you need to look at the decades leading up to the war if you want any real context for why the invasion happened. Putin isn't insane, he's just a dictator who doesn't need to hide his powerlevel from the general public unlike American politicians.

No. 1395865

All the popular support is definitely because Ukrainians are considered white enough.
Your conspiracy theory doesn't even make that much sense - there are more insanely corrupt countries in the world than there are reasonably non-corrupt countries. Ukraine is not special.

No. 1395868

> I do not understand why the immense US backing with weapons etc.
It is the same story as ever, it's geopolitics which is just moids measuring dicks except people die en masse because of it. It has nothing to do with being White, though, it does have to do with being in Europe geographically and an in important strategic position. The massive outpouring of sympathy is totally synthesized by the media including social media 'influencers' who take their direction from powers that be and then after that everyone just sort of goes along and it is amplified by social media. Most people who are having the Ukranian flag emoji or whatever are doing it for this reason, to go along and also because the sympathize when people are suffering, but they don't get that it's all being memed up by people who want more war and suffering, not less, for their own reasons.

No. 1395876

Biden is set to give a speech tonight about "protecting democracy" or something like that and that's a phrase that you should always be wary of when you hear it. I'm sure he will talk about the Pelosi attack which is very clearly some schizo who sucked up weird political talk online but had no clear political orientation sort of like the horned guy on January 6th who also became a meme. It's a mental health care problem more than a political problem it is hardly a manifestation of political violence and the media is spinning it as political for political reasons and now Biden et al are trying to grift off of it, same story, unsurprising, and the way that it is being responded to is what will catalyze more problems and violence. "Protecting democracy" and calling out "election deniers" etc is really just the different side of the same coin: people trying to win (perpetuate their own power and agenda) for their own sake. None of these people are altruistic, none of them have your best interests in mind.

No. 1395920

the guy had a list of politicians to attack and said "we've got to take them all out" and you insist it wasn't political? okay. take your meds.

No. 1395996

Portland is having crime issues now which is mainly homeless activity and property damage. The crime in portland/seattle is kindergarten tier compared to somewhere like philly or chicago with actual CRIME-crime.
portland isn't all of oregon btw. also the forest fires are getting intensive. i'd say the bigger worry than catalytic converter theft is dying by wildfire.

No. 1396003

asia will fatshame the shit out of chubby asians. if you aren't a size 0 there, you're obese. fatties are simply coping retards blaming ypipo for everything. the only fat-friendly countries are in the near east (qatar and UAE are obese as shit), polynesia, and africa (where food is a luxury and there are literally 0 fat people, but they view fat people as god idols for that reason.) if that pic rel cow went back to her ancestral country in i presume east asia, she's be crying to come back to america asap. in asia they don't even SELL clothing for larger than mildly chubby people. she would have to buy a circus tent and run around in it. but they don't think critically about what they say, because it's all based on feels and not reals.

don't call us "ameritards" thanks asshole, it isn't my fault our media is run by troons and seething fatties.

No. 1396005

Targeting politicians doesn't make it political. It sounds about as political as Hinckley, another schizo, shooting Reagan. The guy is very seriously mentally ill and that is the core issue, it could've been just as well have been impressing Jodie Foster or Sonic having blue arms but it was a vague melange of conspiracy theories. The guy was in no way politically active, didn't have a coherent political narrative, was not involved with any political activism, wasn't right-wing in any way, just nuts. That's what I mean by not political.

No. 1396223

The GOP is going to take away anything that makes life even a little bit easier. Enjoy no abortions, no social safety net for when you're old or sick, and no more genuine elections. I don't know how some of you don't see this. Please vote for anyone but Rs.

No. 1396225

Thank you, nona. These people are in denial because political violence like this is scary, and they're too cowardly to face the reality we're facing right now. It doesn't pay to minimize how fucked we all are right now.

No. 1396226

one side wants to make it so you can't elect to terminate your pregnancy, the other side wants to troon out the resulting child by force, fuck them all, embrace monke or something, not even lesserevilism can motivate me anymore

No. 1396227

>the other side wants to troon out the resulting child be force

Stop with the culture wars shit. This is about the basics of a semi-functioning society. Like that you're not condemned to the slow painful death of poverty if one unlucky thing happens to you.

No. 1396228

Instead of voting for dems or reps let’s just all write JK Rowling on our ballots

No. 1396229

trooning kids out is not "culture war shit" like gay marriage cakes or whatever, but I guess you're not a mom

No. 1396231

Hope your kids enjoys growing up in an authoritarian hellscape.

No. 1396233

that's happening either way, anon.

No. 1396257

I've never needed an abortion and if i did, canada is open; democrats will throw me in jail unless i use the troon pronouns. fam sorry i'm voting straight red. i hate trannies that much.

No. 1396260

this anon understands, and as far as the kids go, better Bible lessons and the Pledge of Allegiance in school than the gender bread man and drag queens. but moreoever it is just such a joke to think that one side respects women more than the other, left-wing moids rape and sexually harass as badly as right-wing ones, any policies they are avow are strictly about votes, and female politicians are all pickmes, gender traitors, sociopaths, or some combination of the three. national elections are a joke, go vote for your school board or something to kick a troon in his nads, but never, ever simp for a politician

No. 1396265

You are both insane or just very misinformed. No one is going to jail over pronouns. You might go to jail over being a woman who has a miscarriage, though. Enjoy. You deserve it. Thanks for ruining any last semblance of freedom we had as women.

No. 1396266

If you vote red as a woman, you are a piece of shit.

No. 1396267

I hate trannies and liberal men (they're so full of shit) just as much as the next nonny here, but abortion is extremely important for both women and children. All it does is increase rape, mental illness, and poverty. Voting red is a stupid move.

No. 1396268

By it I mean abortion ban.

No. 1396278

Abortion isn't illegal nonna, it's just down to states rights now. If people want an abortion they can go to New York, California, etc. It's a mild inconvenience at best. I know people who drive to the next state over to buy TVs to dodge sales tax. Abortion should be a once in a lifetime emergency event. I can live with a $200 plane ride to a clinic. I cannot live with troons. I don't see why I shouldn't vote republican. Also worth mentioning democrats were pushing jab mandates, which affected me much more than abortion ever has. Both sides are shit but by my reasoning, I hate trannies more than anything else on this planet.

No. 1396280

Is this thread just for fighting amongst ourselves or what

No. 1396283

This. A federal abortion ban is not happening. Criminal charges over miscarriages might happen a few times but the reaction to that will put a stop to that, it won't be a regular occurence. In conservative jurisdictions (and not even all conservative jurisdictions) they will make it as much of a hassle as possible to have an abortion but it's not going to get much further than that. Activists in other states will more than make it possible and confidential. A Margaret Atwood dystopia we are not headed to, a gender-confused hellscape we are. People trying to hype it up otherwise are selling you a bill of goods and that bill of goods includes a troon's erection in your face the next time you have to pee.

No. 1396290

At this point it's better to be left alone + not get anything than to get public services + be forced to take part in psychosis and medical trials.

No. 1396306

File: 1667438596124.jpg (237.99 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20221102-211901_Fir…)

Nona, please, you are in denial about how bad the abortion illegality situation is. I live in a big, liberal urban are and never see trannies in public restrooms. You are scared of a very unlikely situation. I'm not saying it's impossible, but please please don't trade your agency as a woman because of a rare possibility. I know it's scary to have men in women's restrooms, but it's very rare. Please.

No. 1396307

>It's a mild inconvenience at best
No, not really. There are a few (obvious) reasons that a woman or girl may not be able to "just" travel.
Also for all the anons who say stuff like "I don't need an abortion", just a reminder that you're not the only woman who could have an unwanted pregnancy and this isn't just about you.

No. 1396308

It is when the midterms are in less than a week, I guess.

No. 1396314

> midterms
> voting
> democracy
Honestly all the talk about our democracy and voting makes me feel like an atheist in church, it just seems like so much bullshit to me in terms of actually having any likelihood of changing anything. The game is rigged.

No. 1396319

We just want it stop it from getting unimaginably worse. The car is careening off the cliff and we're just trying to pull the emergency break, not pull off into some impossible utopia. This matters, I promise.

No. 1396329

I get what you mean.
Like trump and bush jr. literally lost and they just made them president anyway, it literally didn't matter who you voted for because they can decide to make whichever one of them president anyway
I guess we still have to in case but like. We watched it happen in real time, trump lost and became president. what the fuck are we supposed to think?

No. 1396333

The midterms are much more local/close to home and don't involve the bullshit of the electoral college.

No. 1396337

We need for fight for all women's rights to a safe abortion. there are states forcing doctors to be criminally charged if they preform one without consent from the law. abortion ban WILL affect every woman. stop being a selfish person

No. 1396343

you probably smile when you see anti-homeless spikes installed on the middle seat of benches
imagine telling a dirt poor low-iq alabama rape victim to just fly to one of the coasts and find a doctor, holy shit

No. 1396371

jfc you guys are annoying as fuck. nta and im pro choice but berating others for not voting for the tranny party isnt going to help anyone. as if a couple anons from lolcow voting red is going to be what puts you all into a republican hellhole. whining and shit like this is exactly why many people purposely voted for trump in 2016.

No. 1396377

You sound like a conservative shill rn. Most Americans are poor as shit and can’t skip work for a weekend vacay to get an abortion. How privileged of a life you must have

No. 1396379

imagine voting for anyone out of spite, like a child

No. 1396383

We're not berating. We're saying "hey burgernonnies, please don't betray your fellow women just to spite like a few thousand weird men, thanks."

No. 1396389

im not saying i did that, but i sure did feel embarrassed as fuck seeing people in the street literally screaming when trump was announced the winner. muricans love to stick it to the other side so seething like this is just giving them what they want

No. 1396393

I'm not gonna pat anyone on the back for voting against women and childrens lives to spite a few thousand freaks who are probably going to kill themselves anyway
Obviously no one is going to change their mind; if you, as an adult, have come to the conclusion that it's more important to stick it to the troons than to prevent women and children dying from entirely preventable causes, caused by men, then you are a lost cause
There is no reason I can't be disgusted by you and say so

No. 1396400

alright ive said multiple times im not that anon voting republican nor have i ever voted republican but okay

No. 1396401

"you" in the royal sense, anon

No. 1396403

NTA but nonna, it's not about "sticking it to the troons" (although that is based), not entirely anyway, they are actively grooming kids into this stuff, girls especially. This is unacceptable and just because the politicians who are pushing it are making noises you like about abortion doesn't absolve them of it. It is not a small, easily-dismissed concern because AGPs are cringe and annoying and say skirt go spinny. It's not even about voting Republican, it's about how could you have it on your conscience to support someone who supports trooning out kids? I'd rather stay home. I'd certainly not pick up the phone or open my checkbook. Fuck liberal moids and their pickme handmaidens. Or meanwhile, are they doing anything about porn? Sex trafficking in general? No, they're probably getting donations from the porn industry.

No. 1396407

oh shit my bad, these types of discussions usually get so heated that i started taking it personally kek sorry

No. 1396408

this is a sophie's choice, anon, the choice is do we keep girls alive and risk them getting trans'd, or do we outright sentence some of them to death?
obviously trooning out raises a suicide risk, but god willing, if we can keep our right to medical care now, we can vote groomers out later
None of this is fucking good, but jesus christ, I would rather give a girl the chance to live

No. 1396480

itt: single issue voters

No. 1396548

Does this even happen? Truly? I live in a state where abortion was highly illegal and I've had multiple miscarriages with nothing happening. News stations can be super untrustworthy though.

No. 1396592

my state is trying to redo voting laws including rewrite some already out, give more money to politicians, and allow them more power than voters. they also want to get rid of abortions as a whole, for rape, kids, incest.
imagine thinking everyone lives close to the canadian border, has the money for all the gas, a passport, and the abortion. nope. really hope we arent in the same state because dont need more red voting.
not every straight woman, girl or woman raped can afford $200 or more suddenly to the closest state with other expenses if they dont have family living there. also the instant you say "once in a lifetime emergency" takes away the woman's choice to abort a fetus she doesn't want and puts that power in the moid's hands or her dr's hands while she's possibly lying on her death bed. it puts a fetus life above an actually existing woman's life. caring more about a tiny % of men who are freaks over 55% of the population which you are apart of is just sad.

No. 1396762

My voice doesn't matter anyways. I know my vote is just a drop in the bucket. Plus all it got me was tons of fucking election mail that I never asked for. I'm thinking I don't care anymore.

No. 1396772

It happens, but like you noted, it's still rare. It just depends what type of bug the attorney general gets up his ass that day. Attorney generals have so much more power than people realize. They can just not charge someone with murder if they like that person.

No. 1396781

So fellow amerifags how much longer do you think it will take for our country to collapse into a civil crisis? I notice people are getting even bolder and crazier, I’m surprised there hasn’t been any chaotic protesting lately

No. 1396798

It’s pretty nice if you are outside the city although pricing is astronomical and almost everyone I know struggled to find a place to rent without having multiple roommates. The city is infested with homeless and meth addicts/crazies who scream at nothing and ramble like a schizo. Went to a concert in the bad part of town and waiting in the line was scary as hell. Whenever I drive through Portland it looks trashed and there are huge tent cities along the entire highway but hey they might get cleaned up eventually.

No. 1396805

listen, troon, every time i go outside i see multiple troons walking around with their hairy scrote sack dangling out of a miniskirt. stop gaslighting me. know why i can see you? because YOU DON'T PASS. disgusting troon.

california, washington, and new york will always provide abortion. it will create new industry there, providing abortion care for red state women. i have no incentive to care. more jobs are created here, and women who need an abortion are inconvenienced with a domestic flight (which are dirt cheap, even a teenager can afford one) to their closest blue. from the beginning i have not understood the outrage. i think people are just obsessing over the movie and working themselves into a panic over nothing. there are people who fly to hungary to get dental work. i think someone from texas can suffer a flight to california.

how often does abortion affect you? maybe once in a lifetime for like, 1/10 of women. meanwhile i see troons every single day. troons are censoring the internet every single day. people are acting like localized abortion bans are the same as a full federal ban and it's not. if people can drive a few states over to buy weed you can do it to get an abortion. you just enjoy being outraged over nothing. believe it or not, we have bigger issues. inflation. troons. censorship. medical authoritarianism via forced injections. you can buy birth control online. sure, sometimes it fails. how often? the vast majority of women never need an abortion in their life. from my perspective you're obsessing over a rare what if, which already has a simple and easy workaround, and ignoring everything else. like men in miniskirts in our bathroom and men supplanting us in all our groups and sites. if you say "there are only two genders" it's a hate crime now. sure, troons do 41%, but each troon grooms 20 other incels to troon out, the troon population is thus exponentially growing even with a 41% suicide rate.

ask yourself why roe v wade was overturned under a democrat president.

No. 1396808

Nta, but the fact that you wrote 3 paragraphs in response to someone you think is a troon makes you look stupid.

No. 1396809

you keep using emotionally incindiary language but again, it's as simple as taking a domestic flight to california. stop calling me privileged for pointing out that your problem has an easy solution. you're just trying to shut down the argument so you can continue being unreasonably outraged.

No. 1396813

Kek please look up the prices of domestic flights right now and tell me it’s dirt cheap, I’m not even going home for the holidays because it’s fucking insane. I’m sure the children who get raped will be able to afford that no problem though! That’s like saying if you don’t want a tranny in the women’s bathroom just move to Montana. Roe was overturned because the Supreme Court was packed under the trump presidency and once RBG died they fucking raced to fill that spot to have the majority.

No. 1396815

really, you can't come up with a better reply than that?
as other nonnie pointed out, you're a single issue voter.

No. 1396818

You should consider moving to Alabama.

No. 1396820

I'm not even the anon you replied to and you don't know who my vote is for.

No. 1396821

i cannot believe you. did you ever once stop and think how dangerous it will be for these women to travel out of state in airports full of public bathrooms? you're literally calling for women to be forced to use public, tranny filled bathrooms even more! how dare you!

No. 1396822

File: 1667491529037.jpg (118.62 KB, 1309x585, dallas to la 300 dollars.jpg)

oh my god, $300. my life is over.
mcdonalds pays $15/hr now.

No. 1396823

McD’s here only pays $11.

No. 1396824

your rent is also half as much as someone living in a place where mcdonalds pays $15.

No. 1396827

Those are international airports with a lot of traffic, always cheaper than local airports based in cities with small populations. Women shouldn’t have to spend hundreds to thousands and find time to travel just to have control over their own bodies when they don’t consent to becoming mothers.

No. 1396834

Just take your own advice and move to a different state then. Also, quit bringing up the "but there are people who travel to a different place to buy x!". Those people probably are not the same as the average woman (or girl) who might struggle if she needs an abortion.

No. 1396836

babe you still aren't arguing in good faith. to get an abortion you don't need to go to a specific place, you can go to ANY blue state, ANY blue city, whatever is cheapest. i picked the first fucking things that came to mind. just admit you were wrong, domestic flights are cheap.

No. 1396842

i'm not the one who needs to move states. you're the ones with a problem. if you have cheap rent in your cheap red states why don't you have any savings? what happens if you get a busted tooth or break your arm? it isn't everyone else's fault that you don't have emergency savings.

there is an easy solution to your problem. you can be upset as you want but the fact remains that if people can fly to hungary to get dental work, you can fly to california to get abortions. i'm not falling for media hysterics. the media is using abortion to get me to vote how they want, but i'm not an unreasonable hysteric dumbass going to fall for it.

No. 1396843

No because they’re not all cheap and it’s not viable for everyone to get the opportunity to travel across the entire country. You’re acting like all women live right next to some blue state border and can just drive or fly on over to get a medical procedure. Even if it’s that easy for 90% of women do you really want the others to suffer and be forced to have a child just because of an accident or rape and they happen to not have any resources in their state or surrounding states to get help? Idk what your point is anyway with supporting conservatives hating women having rights to choose what happens to their own body.

No. 1396846

THEN MAYBE you should support rail based transit instead of car based transit like all red state people obsess over. you wanted a system where you can't get across the country without paying tons of money, and you got it. this isn't a problem in europe or japan. they funded rail development. you can get from poland to paris for $10.

red state women vote against public transit, then get fucked by a lack of public transit. i am not going to cry for you. this is my last post, i don't care. abortion is a non-issue for reasons i have amply explained. you can keep being upset.

No. 1396847

also you can bet that as the legal situation around abortion across various states settles there will be some kind of charities doing 'underground railroad' sorts of programs for women in red states to travel to get abortions in blue ones. guarantee it. let things settle. the abortion issue is being used to get people (mostly women) worked up, access is gonna be a problem in some states, but all the doomsday handmaiden's tale scenarios are overwrought. meanwhile your kids are being taught that there are boys with penises and girls with vaginas, and porn is everywhere with nobody even talking about it in a political context. easy access to abortion is not the be-all and end-all of issues that effect women!

No. 1396848

>abortion is a non-issue for reasons i have amply explained
The reasons being "it doesn't personally affect me and I don't care about people less privileged than me"

No. 1396853

nta (but I agree with her) … how many women are we realistically talking about who are going to be in the worst-case scenario with regards to abortion access? versus how many kids will be effected by troon shit, etc. no it is not a binary either/or tradeoff but also you can always point to edge cases and I think that anon is going with talking about the vast majority of situations, there may be a minority where it's not the case, but that's life and that's politics. it's not the be-all and end-all, single issue, like I said above you there. it's important but people are deliberately getting people worked up about it as a wedge issue and doing evil shit with their other hand.

No. 1396872

How many child/teen pregnancies are there as a result of rape/abuse? Children will be groomed and trooned out regardless because that sentiment will spread regardless of the party in power so if you agree with the “just travel” argument for abortions then children will be able to travel to California also to get trans surgery. Abortion bans don’t just affect abortion, there are also women who can’t get medication or emergency medical assistance if they’re pregnant or when the baby literally is dead inside them, they can’t just magically teleport to LA in that crucial moment. I have my opinion and I won’t change it. Vote for whoever the fuck you want.

No. 1396873

No one said that trannies aren't a problem and don't threaten woman's rights. You or that anon however, called abortion a non-issue. If you can't see how much abortion rights matter or what it means in the bigger picture, then I can't help you.

No. 1396883

> if you agree with the “just travel” argument for abortions then children will be able to travel to California also to get trans surgery
ngl you have a good point there
I'm not the anon who used the word "non-issue", I don't know if I can go so far as to cosign phrasing it like that literally, but I do think that in the vast majority of cases the sky is not falling in that regard. The stories of women getting charged for having miscarriages, retard moid politicians saying that abortion in the case of ectopic pregnancy should be punished as much as a viable normal one, etc. are alarming but I really think that we will get to a post-Roe equilibrium that is not as bad as the pro-choice activists and politicians are making it out to be. In terms of access to abortion, yes, there will be more barriers, that's what "they" want (well, they want to ban it nationally, which will never happen, but terms of realistic goals) but there's a tendency towards apocalyptic rhetoric about how bad things will get. In the vast majority of cases, it won't, and we'll be talking about inconvenience rather than total lack of access. My point is that this is exaggerated and is used for political purposes, see >>1396480

No. 1396892

>My point is that this is exaggerated and is used for political purposes
>there's a tendency towards apocalyptic rhetoric about how bad things will get
Do you think none of this applies to trannies?

No. 1396903

troons actually are the end of the world though

No. 1396910

> Do you think none of this applies to trannies?
it really is that bad with trannies especially with regards to trooning out kids, and to continue with the comparison nonna made and imo make it a better one, it is easier to travel from Alabama to Florida to get an abortion than it would be to take your kid from California to Alabama to protect her from getting trooned out

No. 1396921

ime kids who trust their parents troon out less and more resistant to peer pressure. Parents at least have a chance to step in and support their children if they're getting slammed by trans propaganda. No amount of parental love and mutual trust is going to get an unwanted fetus out of their daughter.

No. 1396937

I can't tell if this is sarcastic or not, but if it's real - I almost think it's worse to be this obsessed with troons than to be a handmaiden. Please broaden your scope a bit about current threats to women and children.

No. 1396956

Why are you willing to let little girls die at the hands of rapists? "It's only a few little girls so who gives a shit?" Imagine being a little girl dying from pregnancy complications caused be a rapist moid and you have to know that people could have saved you but chose not to. Imagine being a raped little girl dying knowing that your life doesn't matter.
You seriously don't see how that's worse than having to wait awhile to vote trannies out of the public eye?

No. 1396962

>ime kids who trust their parents troon out less and more resistant to peer pressure.
This. Retards raise their kids with strict gender roles and either an authoritative parenting style (encourages rebellion) or an overly lax parenting style (kids are raised by ipad) and then act shocked when the kids troon out or get groomed. I'm not giving up my abortion rights just because Retard McMormon told her daughter girls can't play with boy toys and now it's backfiring.

No. 1396966

Spoiled bitch. Get outside and touch some grass. Of course you had to mention nippon in this. God you're more embarrassing than scrotes and troons
Any woman who doesn't care about women and children not having access to abortion is dumber than a box of rocks. Do something with all that money and shelter you have and get an education instead of watching anime and buying pickme figurines which I'm sure you do.

No. 1396968

The abortion thing makes me worry that party extremism has gotten so bad to the extent that instead of actually resolving infrastructure and corruption related problems they'll just flip the switch on old hot button issues in perpetuity. Like three-four months abortion, I think that is a fair bare minimum, I don't understand the psychology of those who want to ban it completely

No. 1396980

>Europe and Japan
?? Europe is like 27 different countries and Japan is the size of California. At least make a fair comparison like Australia or w/e.

No. 1396982

Calm down. NTA but you’re being hostile as fuck. The democrats have destroyed our ability to argue female based rights as a sex class. The Supreme Court literally quoted them in their verdict. Go read it. The democrats in CA have taken womens sex based spaces and put those men in the restrooms opening those women to the rapes. It increases their risk by 91% of harassment anywhere that switches to gender neutral stalls. In states like mine voting the wrong dem in and not getting the right republican out means I will have both rapists in my bathroom and a lack of abortion access. I’ve attempted to talk to my local officials. They called me a slur and said I was ignorant. They will not get my vote. I’m sick of the this dichotomy. The democrats are not on our side and they are steadily paving the way for the republicans to take our rights because all they care about is their donors and ideals. Go look at why David Weil failed to help minimum wage employees get their back pay and then look at the fact Biden tried to put him back. They do not care about women or the working class and neither does the right. Both choices are shit. We can swallow it and vote anyway but we have a right to call it shit.

No. 1397016

>We can swallow it and vote anyway but we have a right to call it shit
Seconded. Honestly centrist hate is a big red flag for me, why try to bully people into extremism. I think I will always vote for the party not currently in power because they will have the highest motivation to pretend they care about the women and children during all of this lmao

No. 1397062

I was using the comment single issue voters for the anons here who were refusing to vote blue because of trans rights instead of looking through all the negative consequences that come with voting red
Because centrists don't do shit to change anything

No. 1397086

Ah so promising the party lying to your face complete control of the government sounds good to you? You agree with everything they’re doing? The Dems want to remove the filibuster despite using it over 100 times themselves against trump. The statistics they quote about filibusters stopping them is exaggerated and includes rule making sessions to look higher than it is. What’s their answer when a Republican becomes president again and there’s no filibuster? Inb4 it will never happen again. Yes it will. You can’t force everyone to forever vote for one party. That’s short sighted. But no let’s vote for the man who will be dead before the consequences for all this fucks us instead of having conversations and pushing for policy change. Maybe no change is better than extremism that makes things worse.

No. 1397138

centrists suck, much like this country.

No. 1397143

You voted for Jill Stein, didn't you?

No. 1397161

>The Republicans can't do shit about the homeless either though
the just put them on buses with one way tickets to california. its been happening for years

No. 1397165

so we're just not gonna get those student loans forgiven? the whole application was just a sham for election optics right?

No. 1397176

has something changed, are they not being forgiven? what did i miss?

No. 1397208

you sound incredibly retarded or male

No. 1397211

File: 1667509973003.png (2.83 MB, 2056x1654, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 2.12.…)

No. 1397221

lmao only 1 of those 3 posts are mine
just face it–multiple nonnas disagree with you. deal with it. also no one actually pro life has posted ITT. we're all pro choice either on team no1curr or team handmaiden's tale.

No. 1397234

>A federal abortion ban is not happening
lindsey graham introduced an abortion ban last month and a similar bill was introduced to the house. illiterate troglodytes like you are some of the strongest evidence we have for requiring an IQ test before voting

No. 1397239

ayrt "not happening" is not the same as "never being voted on", kek, many things are "not happening", as in "not politically feasible", but are voted on all the time to give politicians something to do with themselves and an opportunity to posture, or we'd be living in a world with all sorts of extreme proposals from both left and right in our daily life

No. 1397251

and what do you think will happen when there are enough republicans to pass a ban once it gets introduced? my bad for assuming that everyone here has critical thinking skills

No. 1397263

(deleted, wrong pic)
> when there are enough republicans to pass a ban
If Democrats have gotten rid of the filibuster by then, then this is the part when they will remember why it was around in the first place! (One of the reasons this is another proposal that is only given lip service.) Otherwise, nowhere near enough votes. Even in a straight up and down vote it would be unlikely to just be party line.

No. 1397266

They’ve processed 16 million applications so far, they have to wait until the court ruling is done before actually forgiving debts though which should be in a few days. Republicans keep trying to hold it up and sue because they don’t want citizens being in better financial situations. I’m just worried if republicans win majority they’ll try to reverse it and then make us pay it back or some psycho shit.

No. 1397271

>If Democrats have gotten rid of the filibuster by then
which they won't do
>Otherwise, nowhere near enough votes. Even in a straight up and down vote it would be unlikely to just be party line.
that's assuming that you still have "moderate" republicans like liz cheney or susan collins (who themselves are disgusting), or independents like murkowski, who are all going to be primaried the first chance they get by some low-grade, trump knockoff who is way more conservative. so then what? democrats will likely lose the house and senate and the "moderate" republicans who tend to not be as socially conservative will not have won reelection

No. 1397273

>>If Democrats have gotten rid of the filibuster by then
>which they won't do
so we're back to "not happening" (and I agree they won't)

No. 1397292

so you're willing to let the right to not be thrown into jail for having a miscarriage hinge upon boring senatorial procedure?

No. 1397308

Well, it's not that boring then, is it? (to get a filibuster-proof majority in either direction you have to go back to 1977, and it was Democrats; the Republicans have never had one, and nobody expects them to have one. It's incredibly unlikely, in fact I think idiots tampering with the filibuster is more likely than that.)

No. 1397369

This subreddit is actually an excellent resource for student loans getting detailed updates about the forgiveness process.

I just got my refund of 4k that I paid back during Covid times.

No. 1397416

File: 1667520146554.png (24.69 KB, 627x122, Screenshot 2022-11-03 19.55.29…)

uh oh amerinonnies

No. 1397458

no one is throwing women in jail for having miscarriages. stop the hyperbole, that isn't an argument.

No. 1397551

File: 1667525860481.png (193.57 KB, 1896x1124, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 6.35.…)

No. 1397556

File: 1667526014156.png (170.44 KB, 1374x908, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 6.35.…)

No. 1397558

File: 1667526125895.png (199.84 KB, 1414x958, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 6.36.…)

No. 1397560

File: 1667526223718.png (196.21 KB, 1722x852, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 6.36.…)

No. 1397566

Widespread passenger rail will never happen in the US because it's just too big. All the existing rail lines are owned by freight companies who don't want passenger trains hogging the tracks, and building new lines is almost impossible considering all the different people who own the land now.

And the complaint was about Washington, can't send them down there when it's probably where many of them came from.

No. 1397569

File: 1667526482552.png (171.2 KB, 1752x760, Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 6.37.…)

>A 26-year-old woman has been charged with murder in Texas after authorities said she caused “the death of an individual by self-induced abortion,” in a state that has the most restrictive abortion laws in the U.S.

>In 2013, NAPW partnered with Fordham University to track the arrests and prosecutions of pregnancies. They found just over 400 cases where pregnancy, including pregnancy loss, was used in a criminal investigation or prosecution from the time Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973 until 2005. But from 2006-2020, that number nearly quadrupled. While this research is ongoing, Sussman suspects 200-300 cases in this range will involve pregnancy loss.


hopefully you live in NYC or california so that your retardation has minimal political repercussions

No. 1402123

So, nonnies. Did you enter the powerball?

No. 1402126

It's not available in my state

No. 1402130

i forgot to buy tickets rip. did someone win tonight?

No. 1402250

I only voted so I could get my "I voted" sticker. Just kidding. Unless? Lowkey disappointed it's the same design from last year but still like the colored pencil design. Also my polling place was so disorganized. They were late setting up the places for people to actually vote so there was a huge backup of people lined up. Also people were literally exploiting the way the ID card registration was set up to cut the line and people got so angry I thought there was going to be a fight. It was freaky I'm glad I was basically one of the first 10 people so I was in front of all the hullabaloo. The poll workers were retards and didn't understand how people were cutting even though people were explaining it to them because they were pissed they were being cut. Also the people I voted for won so I'm happy

No. 1402263

I hate my retarded red state. It's like people can't help but vote against their own self interest.

No. 1402301

My mom is, but I feel like winning that amount of money would ruin your life more than save it. Too much publicity.

So glad my state does vote by mail.

No. 1402322

Fucking (F)Abbot won again, i want him out! Why is Texas so retarded; Uvalde voted for him too, wtf

No. 1402323

Love seeing the republican meltdowns, turns out no one gives a fuck about your fake plans to “solve” inflation when you’re against relief to the poors and care more about potential babies in the womb than living human women. Too bad democrats are woke and cringe but I’ll take that over full on contempt

No. 1402326

>Lowkey disappointed it's the same design from last year

Lol, my state has had the same sticker since I was a child

No. 1402331

File: 1668028311601.jpg (88.19 KB, 596x622, FaceApp_1667925460115.jpg)

Cardi Pelosi

No. 1402332

File: 1668028330732.jpeg (116.3 KB, 1280x720, 0B624576-F11B-43B8-9DC8-A01FCE…)

Austin Texas had a really lovely one with a bluebonnet.

No. 1402345

What are we voting for like whats it about

No. 1402349

Depends on your state and county and precinct. You can lookup your county’s website and find something under voting, and you could see a sample ballot.

No. 1402439

File: 1668031780049.jpeg (205.24 KB, 1170x1303, 00928A6D-B0F4-4372-9044-DF8CF3…)

The last 40 years have been an actual dumpster fire, and there’s an obvious reason why. Finally some good fucking food

No. 1402440

I like my state's state-shaped sticker even though I hate my state. I always put the sticker in my planner. One year they didn't have any and I was pissed.

I feel your pain as another red state anon. I hate my state a little more after every election.

No. 1402444

Sorry for samefagging I should’ve just said this in the post but…I can’t wait for the faggot uproar when they announce that they’ve finished counting the votes and Drazan obviously won kek. All the spaghetti noodle body they/them moids with 2013 Rihanna mullets trying to pull a riot out of their fake Telfars. This is gonna be a whole lot of fun, queens

No. 1402446

Retard right wing moid whose lost every political run he’s ever done keeps up his streak last night and will not be governor. 4 more years of abortions and weed for me!!

No. 1402458

I looked it up and, why would you want a Republican governer, once the lols wear off you're still stuck with them and that office has more of an effect on your actual local wellbeing. You know neither side can do shit about the homeless and druggies.

No. 1402467

I hate this, the democratic party has gotten so out of touch. Most of America is conservative outside of metro areas and if the democrats don't start sucking a little bit of red county ass, it's just going to keep going this way. Embarrassing

No. 1402473

The main issue is no one wants to live in republican areas except for republicans because of how hellish the landscape is in red states.

No. 1402483

Because I agree with what she’s trying to do for where I’ve lived for my whole life and will continue to live until I die, also Kotek isn’t from Oregon. She doesn’t even go here

Yeah, I hate dem retards who think that democracy couldn’t possibly ever result in the people democratically electing the kind of governor they’d actually like to have, too!

No. 1402494

I'm jealous anon. My state's retarded republican governor won again for the second time.

No. 1402498

And yet nobody wants to live in a woke hellhole full of troons with lax policing, though, it's almost like there was a problem deeper than either side.

No. 1402499

>most of America outside of metro areas
Rural Americans account for 14% of the population.
According to the 2020 census, 87,519,590 people live in the ten largest metro areas ALONE, and that's 26.5% of the total US population.
You're the one who is out of touch.

No. 1402500

And let me samefag just to say, I was a democrat for most of my life because I’m from Oregon and we only ever had democrat officials so that was just the environment I was used to being in and the pill I was used to swallowing. But…after spending 2 decades in Portland I can confidently say that the entirety of Oregon needs a hellweek that’s like 50 years long.

No. 1402504

>I feel your pain as another red state anon. I hate my state a little more after every election.
I still have a little delusional hope that one day my hellhole will get better tbh

No. 1402557

if only somebody removed troonery, policed moids properly, AND used government to do anything other than give spoils out to NGOs with shady finances or cut taxes on the rich
most americans are actually liberal (pro-choice, anti-woke). that's how out of touch elite party people on both sides are.

No. 1402608

File: 1668038456470.jpg (362.81 KB, 1125x2001, 2j2H1KQ.jpg)

No. 1402620

embarrassing… and i hate those fake stones

No. 1402621

take your meds and try again in four years

No. 1402779

Every other nonny discussing election results, and I'm just over here enjoying the end of political campaign ads for another year

No. 1402873

Two party system sucks ass. I used to not vote but I bought into the hype of “you MUST vote blue” for this election and in my head I thought maybe people would care enough about the right to abortion for it to be a blue sweep and I get my fucking rights back like the bumbling old fuck promised and maybe people would stop trying to throw healthcare professionals in jail. Actual delusion on my part. But it’s horseshit that I MUST vote for a representative I don’t even agree on their politics just for a titillating empty promise that I may retain basic human rights. How is that democratic?

I guess I’m heartened that the two ballot measures to restrict abortion access were no’s in Kentucky and Montana.

No. 1403989

why are americans so weird about weight i'm convinced they want everyone to be fat. i gained weight over the past year from being sedentary and want to shave off 10-15 lbs depending on how much muscle i gain. i would have to lose 30 lbs total to get into underweight territory, but every time i express that i want to lose some weight people get concerned. like for what purpose? i'm nowhere near underweight, i eat 3 meals a day, there is nothing wrong

No. 1404041

tbh i think it's a cope sabotage strategy. if you get skinnier you will be far more attractive than them and they cant allow that to happen

No. 1404114

i figured we were still reeling from our 90s and 00s heroin chic days and the pendulum swung too far the other way. we're more aware of eds compared to back then too

No. 1404653

File: 1668141662566.png (18.92 KB, 810x304, oregon.PNG)

>they announce that they’ve finished counting the votes and Drazan obviously won kek
Daaamn anon kek

No. 1404823

People are just being polite to you. It's rude here to even agree with someone that they should lose weight

No. 1404830

I'm not even American and this is so obvious. If someone says they want to lose weight it's kind of awkward because you know it's a sensitive issue, you don't want to insult them by agreeing too enthusiastically, some people will feel bad enough to tell the person not to lose weight at all. Alternatively, if a smaller person says they need to lose weight to a fatter person, they might really mean it, but I would never admit I think I'm too fat to someone bigger than me.

No. 1404831

this, if you tell someone they could lose weight you’re basically telling them they’re a fatty

No. 1404886

you and your mail carrier. the fucking fliers in my mailbox! holy shit I feel bad for the people delivering them. when letter carriers get an every-door delivery like that they wanna kill themselves and it's everyday for weeks around election time PLUS the ballots if you live in a mail-in only state. woof.
mail service is one of the nice perks of living in america. why do we torture the workers like this? they only have one pair of knees. no one wants these fliers! it should be illegal, it's clogging up the mail system.

No. 1404924

I wouldn't say they're all conservative in the traditional sense I think it's more young people being compelled to conserve a time they perceive to be the pinnacle of society. I didn't think I'd find someone with such refreshing ideas on what should be obvious, but since the political climate is dominated by America in the West more people from other countries that are affected are chiming in. This video has a provocative title but it's exactly how I've felt about the political dichotomy for such a long time. Swinging from one extreme to the other does nothing to progress society and only creates further division.

No. 1404956

I was always labeled as the concerningly skinny girl when I was the HIGHER end of a healthy BMI kek Americans and Brits are so stupid and think anyone without rolls is anorexic

No. 1404957

People will literally vote for a party just because of the labels. If you removed the democrat vs republican label I guarantee a good chunk of people would vote for the opposite candidate

No. 1405354

So nonnas, we are being rugpulled on student debt forgiveness. The day after the midterms finish they announce that a court struck it down. The plaintiff in question in the lawsuit had $50k in PPP loans forgiven and wanted to stop student loan forgiveness. She runs the important business of a sign making company in Texas.

Also fun relevant passage, Matthew 18:23-35. God says it's fine to imprison and torture PPP recipients who oppose student debt forgiveness. The passage is so relevant it's like it was written with the current situation explicitly in mind.

No. 1405392

File: 1668186944200.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1843, 540F18F7-88B4-4859-B6FB-BF621E…)

You guys need to start kicking out these european exchange students they’re so annoying

No. 1405400

Haha she did foreign exchange in a flyover state and thought it would be like high school musical or beverly hills.

No. 1405402

she's right though. americans dress like disgraceful slobs. no one says you have to wear designer clothing and 4" heels, but at least dress respectably. i see people outside in literal pyjamas and house slippers. it's trashy. boomers started this trend. look at boomers–they all wear walmart athleisure clothes as their primary wardrobe. they walk around in boxy polyester shirts in garrish colors with google eyes and sequins hot glued on, basketball shorts, and crocs. no one wants to see these fat slobs showing even one inch of skin, let alone while dressed as dumpster clowns.

No. 1405406

Hoes mad just cuz they're comfy. Lol

No. 1405413

Literally who gives a fuck. I don't go outside with pajamas, but why care so much about what someone else is wearing to be comfortable.

No. 1405416

File: 1668188046700.jpg (62.93 KB, 460x818, a6Nnomb_460s.jpg)

Reminds me of this

No. 1405417

I’m 30 pounds overweight and when I went to get a physical exam the (obese) nurse said “Oh you don’t need to worry about that!” Like. Um yes I do? I’m physically unhealthy and don’t feel good because of it. It won’t hurt my feelings! How can healthcare professionals be so fat and enable it too? It’s mind boggling

No. 1405434

i'm european living in america and eurotards who bitch about this type of shit are the most obnoxious morons as if european countries dont also have trends hard on the eyes (no i dont want to see your neon bra and tits hanging out). my favorite is when they delude themselves that europeans also don't have an obesity problem. their obsession with shitting on america is just a way to cope with being ameriboos and wishing they could come here. or visiting and still bitching about it like pic kek

>she's right
no she isn't. nothing wrong with being comfortable outside and most americans aren't paying attention to others. if you don't like how someone looks, look away. forgot that europeans have a hardcore staring issue though

No. 1405437

I agree. Seeing everyone look like trash goblins ruins the vibe
>Inb4 but they're comfy
There's plenty of comfy outfits that aren't eye bleeding kek. Americans always idealize other countries for how picturesque everything looks and how well dressed everyone is when in reality all they did was not have the stupid minimalist architecture, throw trash everywhere and wear ripped up sweatpants and stained shirts from a job you'll get fired from next week

No. 1405440

Idea to fix the US.
Everyone votes randomly. The US spends the most on political campaigns out of any country. in 2020 they spent 14.4 billion. By voting randomly, you decrease the rewards for campaigning, because it will always be 50-50. If everyone did it, it would punish the one who spent more on campaigning. It's all based on appealing to the lowest common denominator hateful old person/retarded young person anyway. And politicians lie about their platform or even what party they align with all the time anyway. Voting randomly will literally give everyone better chances. It's what I did in these midterms and what I'll do for the rest of my life.

No. 1405441

>Americans always idealize other countries
wew that is some fantasy. they don't give a shit about other countries

No. 1405451

The fuck you talking about? Are you going to pretend like every American girl didn't have French themed rooms and said some shit like "I always wanted to eat a croissant in Paris" or all the Americans currently idealizing Japan and Korea right now? They never shut the fuck up about wanting to be like Europe and when they do go to other countries they always bitch about how "America will never keep their things nice like Europe does". Americans idealize other countries more than anything I've ever seen. You're either a complete NEET who doesn't talk to anyone or are baiting at this point

No. 1405453

>they don't give a shit about other countries
>In the midst of states literally redoing their entire roads to be more like EU
HAHAHAHA good one.

No. 1405454

Why are there non-Americans itt

No. 1405457

>Beto will win the ELECTRON
Ahahahahahaha. No wonder he didn’t win, she didn’t even use the right word, way to go

No. 1405460

>abloobloo you're a neet
calm down. hilarious coming from you considering your first post was so far away from reality. europe doesn't have minimalistic architecture and trash everywhere? you've never been to america and you don't even travel outside of your own country. if you don't like america so much, why are you itt?
i'm >>1405434 but yeah, i'm totally a neet. poor eurofags projecting their delusions. go outside lmao

No. 1405461

>a country repairing roads
Kek wtf is this post even. Damn so European

No. 1405465

>In the midst of states literally redoing their entire roads to be more like EU
What state are you even talking about?

No. 1405471

Did you even read? At all?
>calm down. hilarious coming from you considering your first post was so far away from reality.
I'm literally American. Every millennial and gen z at the very least had some sort of stage where they idealized other countries, right now America is consuming the fuck out of culture from Asian countries and trying to adapt to similar ways. We literally see it all over social media

>europe doesn't have minimalistic architecture and trash everywhere? you've never been to america and you don't even travel outside of your own country.

I don't think you've been to America kek. Most towns are turning into copycats of each other and Americans literally joke about it with that ugly gas station town picture. At best you'll find a vacation town like gaitlinburg and even then that's Europe inspired ffs
> you don't like america so much, why are you itt?
If you're European why are you so mad trying to insist the American life is exclusively one way?

No. 1405477

Nta but states and towns are redoing roads to a more European fashion (lots of traffic circles, fucking up block formation, etc). It's annoying and unnecessary so not "wahh they're repairing roads". They end up making traffic worse anyway

No. 1405479

That's what I thought too. A European wouldn't give this much of a shit trying to defend america

No. 1405482

yeah anon its probably that guy whos grandma is italian and she thinks that makes her european too even when she never left burguerland

No. 1405488

I will take an amerifag over a eurofag any day europeans are insufferable pricks with a god complex at least americans have a sense of self-awareness and can take a joke (also they feed their guests, fuck you sweden)

No. 1405489

europeans can't stop spergging about the states or trying to feel superior through comparisons, ime

No. 1405495

>Americans can take a joke
We literally get the cops called on us for joking and people get kicked out of universities, jobs, etc for jokes. No. No the fuck they can't.

No. 1405496

Proof americans know nothing about other countries other than from internet memes kek

No. 1405498

I don't mind people who aren't American posting here or anything, I just don't understand why they're coming into the American thread to bitch about Americans and start country wars tbh

No. 1405499

Idk what parallel universe they live in where American "don't give a shit about other countries" and "can't take a joke" lmfaoo. The exact opposite happens daily in most American colleges. Everyone's always glamorizing other countries cultures and trying to cancel everyone for jokes

No. 1405500

Isn't the poster euroshit?

No. 1405501

File: 1668190617105.png (40.59 KB, 156x155, unknown-22_(1).png)

I think the moral of the story here is that you all suck, equally

No. 1405503

File: 1668190718573.jpeg (733.72 KB, 1242x695, 83C24E29-77EC-44D5-AF36-BBD31A…)

No. 1405509

the american ape needs to be fatter

No. 1405514

except france

No. 1405515

You're right, France is the worst of them all

No. 1405517

File: 1668191303428.png (253.91 KB, 864x355, dpfe.png)

It's more like this except one sided

No. 1405534

fucking lol

No. 1405540

It’s always funny to me how much europeans seethe over america. We live rent free in their heads.

No. 1405541

I thought she was Mexican she looks like obese Dora

No. 1405542

The best thing to do is to not have health insurance and only go to charity clinics when you need it. This is assuming you don't have any health issues and don't need to see the doctor frequently. I easily went multiple years without health insurance and only online services for UTIs at most

No. 1405562

similar, i hate that americans go on vacation to europe/japan and rave how nice it is to have functional convenient public transit and beautiful walkable cities, then come home and rage against the thought of having that here. the reality is that back in the 70s and 80s europe was just as hideous and car-centric as the current US. but then they had a realization that it sucked and cars kill kids. so they rallied, protested, and expelled all the car centricity, and funded public transit. the US just copes and makes excuses like, "but we're so big!", as if montana being large and barren is why phoenix and houston have no choice but to be unsightly shitholes.

i just want nice things, nonnas.

No. 1405570

wrong actually. traffic calming is the single best thing you can do to roads to reduce traffic. it also makes the experience BETTER for drivers.

if you want less "traffic" realize first that YOU, yes YOU, are traffic. the one and only way to reduce traffic is–dramatic pause– to give people functional alternatives to driving, which are more appealing than driving, and to disincentivize driving. less cars is the only way to have less traffic. when you "just one more lane bro" continually, you never get reduced traffic, you get LA and the katy freeway. you get 11 lanes of fucking constant traffic. the way to reduce traffic is to get rid of cars and physically force drivers to behave like civil, decent human beings instead of believing every residential street is their personal highway they can blast down at 60 MPH unimpeded.

behold, a video.

No. 1405572

File: 1668194923548.png (12.53 KB, 804x222, dfwgher.png)

>I just want nice things nonna
Did you vote? Because these things are on the ballot. Pic related I helped vote yes on this now my county can't opt out of the bus program

No. 1405574

as a followup in case that makes you think, "waaah you just hate cars and want to ruin my life by bullying cars off the roads!": adding traffic calming, public transportation, and walkability actually makes the driving experience BETTER for drivers.

behold, another video.

ironically, the US is so focused on car centricity that they make the driving experience suck for drivers unintentionally. no one enjoys merging on a 7 lane high speed stroad and constant redlights.

No. 1405582

I did vote, but I don't think there is a political solution to remove car dependency from america. What the netherlands did was a few years of violent protests where they physically blocked off roads and set cars on fire. that was the only thing that got them to their current status as the most functional country for transportation in the world. yes, better than japan. they didn't vote their way out of being a car dominated hellscape dotted with the corpses of children killed by speeding drunk drivers and parking lagoons turning the city into a desolate wasteland. what they did was they flipped the fucking cars, rioted, and set shit on fire. now they have a nice country where no, zero, 0, children die in car crashes. imagine being able to commute without incurring a significant and constant risk of death in a traumatic, violent crash. imagine if we had nice things. imagine a functional transit system that didn't rest on the corpses of children.

if you are under age 45, your biggest risk of death is not cancer or gun violence or homicide – it is being murdered by a car driver. yes, murdered. car crashes are the single largest preventible cause of death that exists.

you should be angry about this.

No. 1405658

Americans ruin walkable areas. I live in a walkable town and you're treated as a freak of nature for simply walking, people act as if you're homeless and can't afford a car, especially if you're not in obvious workout clothes/walking a dog, stop to ask if you're okay as if you're a runaway prisoner or dumbass kids will try to harass you. If it's not that people drive so obnoxiously and scary. This is all in one of the most family friendly towns in the US btw.

No. 1405662

Anon are you sure you don’t just look like a bum

No. 1405664

No lol. And if you dress nice and you're female people assume you're being sex trafficked

No. 1405668

We need to think about why car dependency is a thing and thing fix the root cause
For example
>People are too afraid to let kids walk to school because pedos run loose and a lot. There needs to be harder investigations and punishments for pedos
>Commuters, places need to be given incentives to hire locals instead of a shit ton of out of towners. This doesn't apply to jobs that need to be done on fields and such like the oil industry
>Build more substantial grocery stores with affordable healthy food so people wouldnt need to constantly go in and out of town

Any other ideas?

No. 1405678

seriously, there is massive hostility to cyclists and pedestrians, it's jarring to witness car drivers foaming at the mouth with the desire to kill random strangers for the crime of going for a stroll. there is something fundamentally sick in the popular american psyche. it makes me not want to live here, with "neighbors" who actively want to kill me for the crime of existing.

No. 1405684

boomers and fatties view walking a few blocks as literal torture. some fatass in houston was on video talking about why she would never take a bus, and her reasoning was, she might be asked to walk 2 entire blocks to reach a bus station.

there is no fixing these people. you just need to rip their toys from them and throw them outside to walk on their own legs to their destinations. it's like the demon of sloth possesses them, there is no better explanation. americans are so fat they DRIVE to fetch their mail from a box 20 yards from their doorstep. you just can't fix that by asking nicely.

make gasoline $50/gallon. make owning a car cost $10,000 a year in fees. make it impossible for these lazy fatasses to keep being fat and lazy. throw every car into the sahara desert to rot.

No. 1405685

Relatable, it sucks! The grocery store is less than a mile walk from my apartment, when it's not too hot it's a nice walk and I like to get the exercise. People drive crazily here and speed, which is kinda scary on the sidewalks. But I see people turn and look at me from their cars like I'm weird, and the only other people I' ever encountered walking along the route are old men/women from other countries or the occasional homeless person, kek

No. 1405694

i fucking KNEW those democrats were lying with their little sham student loan forgiveness application.
all of it for what???? votes for the midterms. what a fucking joke. i should’ve never had hope for loan forgiveness. this country is so corrupt and fraudulent.

if biden wanted to do anything he would permanently remove the interest rate

No. 1405706

i find it funny that usury (loan interest) is specifically against Christianity, but smol brain republican "Christians" all simp for the enslavement of young people to loan interest. I just wish everyone who called themself a Christian would actually read the Bible.

student loan interest really has a 8% rate. some of these people owe like $60,000. that's financial enslavement, especially when early career jobs barely pay enough to live on anyore. boomer pensions are funded by student loan debt, not even joking. boomers are sticking a knife into their children and drinking their blood. this nation is wicked and satanic. I really wish I was born in Europe. at least in Europe you don't go bankrupt for medical debt or education. you know, basic fucking things. America is the "richest" country in the world and treats its citizens like trash.

No. 1405725

It’s not democrats fault, republicans have been blocking the program in court any way they can. Only reason this got ruled illegal is because a trump appointed judge ruled that way to fuck everyone over, it’s also been stuck for the last month because of a court case in Nebraska that for some reason the judge is dragging his feet on. Why blame democrats when they’re the ones that want to help and made this whole thing possible? Republicans cry about spending on programs that help people and then say you’re dumb for voting democrat because they’ll make you poor while they’re the ones actively working against any support for the average person, wanting tax breaks for the rich and corporations instead of millions of people being forgiven of debt. Yeah sorry I’ll continue voting for the people that benefit me financially and want to keep reproductive rights.

No. 1405754

>make gasoline $50/gallon. make owning a car cost $10,000 a year in fees.
The thing is, you're not hurting the car industry, you're just going to make people who need cars go broke. Not everyone is a lazy fatass sometimes it's single moms who need to get to their second or third job whole picking their kids up as fast as possible, sometimes it's women trying to escape from abusive homes by living in their cars, sometimes it's teens who live in rural areas and don't have a choice but to drive to school and work. Stop simping for the car and oil industry and start focusing on the real problems

No. 1405768

> stop to ask if you're okay
not to jump into the car/transportation debate but I think it's so cute when people do this. Like, what a nice person they are to check on me. Warms my heart lmao

No. 1405770

What? Where do you guys live that people treat you like a freak for simply walking and you don't see other people walking? Bumfuck kansas?

No. 1405775

It happens when you live somewhere without any sidewalks and no public transportation. 99% of America is suburban or rural hell where there is zero consideration for people without cars or those with disabilities because they are obsessed with cars and never think about people when creating infrastructure. They just add more fucking roads and think it will fix something. Yes, I live in the Midwest and often seethe.

No. 1405785

I feel you anon, it's just as bad in florida. I remember growing up it was assumed you had a DUI if you were walking or biking to or from your destination instead of driving.

I live 1 mile from a grocery store and every time I cross the road I almost get hit by a car because people either roll over the white line into the cross walk or are to impatient to give me the 30 seconds to cross the street. suburban car drivers are the worst

No. 1405786

T. spoiled, sheltered urbanite who has never been out of her comfort zone. I need to drive a considerable distance for groceries, cigarettes, to take the kids to school, to go to work, whatever. It's just the nature of living in a non-built-up area, public transit is very minimal. It's a very big country with a lot of open spaces if you didn't notice.

No. 1405792

I live in rural midwest and haven't had this issue. Plenty of people walk around here. Weird

No. 1405796

I have never lived in a city. I don't like driving to get groceries because there is a massive 6 lane highway you can't walk around. Are you trying to convince me to like driving 5 minutes to get somewhere that would take around 20 minutes to walk to if there were not a massive highway in the middle of it kek? They keep building shitty low cost housing but never give any of us buses or anything, either. I don't live in bumfuck nowhere, I live in a suburban area. I just wish there were more walkable areas because I'm fucking poor.

No. 1405798

nta and not the floridanon either >>1405785 which lol at people assuming it's a DUI, if you are walking but who wants to walk outside in florida especially in the summer…seemed "lol florida" to me although I get that too. Where I am (very rural) you see people walking who have that run down kind of bum look and then people who are walking or jogging as exercise or whatever, pretty easy to tell the difference, but you almost never see anyone walking to get groceries or whatever, even for those people who live in town unless they are right across from the store or something. It's just not in the culture and people get accustomed to driving because you need to drive most places.

No. 1405800

File: 1668206127447.gif (47.31 KB, 316x400, 1668205968980081.gif)

Exactly. Also when I had to ride the bus back when I lived in the country I had to waste like a fucking hour on it due to how thin the route was stretched out for it/how my stop was scheduled. Not having your own car in the country is like being a second class citizen

No. 1405804

> >Commuters, places need to be given incentives to hire locals instead of a shit ton of out of towners. This doesn't apply to jobs that need to be done on fields and such like the oil industry
Tell me you’ve never lived in America without telling me you’ve never lived in America. At my last job, if I wanted to walk to work it would’ve taken me 2 hours one way, and my job was in the same town I lived in. I now have a different job in a different town and I can get to my work within 30 minutes on a bike, but that’s because I got very lucky in finding a place I could afford that was that close. These are urban areas I’m talking about. If you want change (and I do) it would require a complete restructuring of almost every American city, and that would take generations to do even if there was an urgent financial incentive.

No. 1405805

ayrt maybe I am misreading your original post but you can't just dismiss people's need for cars to get around and do the basics in life, not everyone has access to public transit, public transit isn't feasible to install in some places in the country. if you can walk where you need to go more power to you it's cheaper and better for your health and the environment* but it's a solution that depends on where you live
(*total, worldwide, auto emissions are something like 12% of greenhouse gas, so maybe not as large a portion of the problem as people portray it to be)

No. 1405807

Same anon. I love walking around in cities and it's very nice, but I literally need a car and can't just change the infrastructure with a snap of my fingers. There's no nearby bus stops and even if there were, public transport isn't perfect either. I even need a car to get to cities where you can just walk. It's just not realistic to completely get rid of cars.

No. 1405817

I am not saying cars are bad or to ban them, I own one. I am just complaining because my area sucks. I am saying that I cannot walk anywhere because my area has no pedestrian infrastructure despite being populated. I just wish they would give us public transportation if they won't give us sidewalks or a way to get anywhere without driving. I can't actually walk anywhere because there is nothing but roads. The issue is that I am also broke, so gas is fucking killing me and I think if people opened their minds, local/state governments could start throwing money at an actual issue that might help poor people like improving public transportation in areas where it is feasible and would be utilized (like my area).

No. 1405854

Kek I’m a burgerfag and she looks like the typical American WASP sorority girl who gets drunk every weekend and probably bullied people in middle/high school. She’ll probably have a great time while she’s here if she shuts up and keeps her European superiority to herself.

No. 1405863

Why would you even want to come to school here when a lot of rapes happen and the men are able to buy their way out of the consequences. go away, stupid European

No. 1405866

Nta but I agree, strangers caring about you like that really is a beautiful thing since bystander effect is so commonly seen when actual crime happens. To the OP you should be grateful for people like that, we need more of them.

No. 1405870

Personally I cannot ride public transit because it gave me Covid and then the flu. It takes more time and money to drive but at least I don’t have to take two weeks off of work because some homeless bum coughed in my damn face and got me (with a weakened immune system to begin with) sick. Plus the harassment on public transit—it’s the only place I’ve ever had a man publicly masturbate to me. I swear my life is so much better since my commute via car because I do not have to interact with these crazies anymore, thank god.

No. 1405907


Wtf are you talking about? I've literally never lived anywhere in Florida that didn't have a sidewalk somewhere nearby and nobody has ever cared that I walk everywhere aside from concern about "passing out" though no real Floridian is bothered by the "heat". But then again I live in a beach town where its normal to walk. Sorry, sucks to suck.

No. 1405915

I live in a "woke," "safe," small city with a system that's supposedly different from the nightmare of public transit in larger metro areas. It's all a bunch of drunk or drugged out moids who continuously catcall, touch women, and touch themselves while staring at you. Nobody lifts a finger to help, and the drivers don't give a shit. Like it's my fault for being too poor to have a car and actually be safe on my way to work. You're treated like a worthless crackhead for having to ride the bus and nobody takes your concerns seriously. They assume that if you're on the bus to begin with, there must be something wrong with you.

No. 1405923

When I was like 16-19 I'd walk across the street to the store and people would honk at me, almost hit me, yell at me for just waiting to cross the road, or people would stop and looked extremely shocked and concerned. If Americans didn't treat pedestrians like literal aliens anytime they're seen outside of the center of a massive city none of this would be an issue.

No. 1405926

What part of "hire locals" do you not understand? I grew up in bumfuck deep south. Of course I know it takes a good minute to walk to some jobs that's why I said places need to hire locals. I don't know about others but almost everyone I knew had a long commute, employees that lived in my town would work in gas stations or fast food in several towns over and then the ones closest to my town would have employees from multiple towns over. It made no sense until I started job hunting and realized most people will just get whoever hires them. If places exclusively hired locals it would solve a buttload of issues

No. 1405927

I'm quite literally in suburban Kansas and it's like how other anons are describing unless it's obvious why you're walking (in workout clothes or with a dog). It's just assumed you're poor and what's worse is my town will call the cops. Night shift employees even had to post on nextdoor and Facebook to stop calling the cops on them just because they're outside, walking, at night.

No. 1405928

question for american nonas, how many of you have held/shot a gun? here most people would say never but you guys have the access etc.
and how common is actual hunting as opposed to collecting them for "intruders" genuinely curious to hear what the actual go is

No. 1405929

It's cute at first but after a while it gets humiliating feeling like you're a victim simply for going outside. Maybe I'm overreacting but it just makes me think about how many other people think I'm escaping something or whatever and just drive past

No. 1405934

Never shot one because I'm terrified of guns (trauma shit, blahblahblah). I have held one though.
I think it's only common for people to have guns for hunting in very rural areas, especially in the south. A majority seem to have guns because muh rights though.

No. 1405941

File: 1668215916223.jpeg (9.97 KB, 259x194, images (3).jpeg)

We (my husband and I) have a decent collection of various types of guns: rifles, shotguns, handguns. They are all for different purposes and I practice on a regular basis with several of them. Hunting (deer and turkey) is more his thing. I carry an ultra-compact 9mm (picrel is the same model) on a daily basis and if I am in the woods or something where I need to be concerned about bears I will carry something larger. I'm a decent but not excellent shot with whatever. It has become a hobby/interest of mine over the years, influenced somewhat by my husband's interests in target shooting/hunting but I also think it is important especially for women to have means to defend themselves. There's a saying that "God made man, and Sam Colt made them equal" that I think applies even more to women/men. Where I live cops might be an hour plus away even for a serious crime, armed robbery/rape/murder, and you're on your own until then. Some places it's not quite so long but still. The only person who is going to take care of you at the end of the day is you or whoever is with you immediately. I hope to God I will never need a firearm but I would not want to be in a situation where I need one and do not have it.

No. 1405942

I've held a gun many times and I plan to buy a glock soon (don't bully me I've researched this and this is my decision, it's for self defense). Also hunting is common here, I grew up eating venison hunted by my family and my dad had a gun cabinet with many of them. I couldn't access them though my parents had excellent gun safety and always stressed their danger and gravity

No. 1405943

I never have to both, but I'm pretty sure we have one. My dad won't answer me whenever I ask him so I just stopped asking but I think it's because I get suicidal a lot so I get it, I guess.

No. 1405944

I used to compete with rifles and hand guns.

No. 1405945

Forgot to add my husband and I have taught our sons about gun safety since an early age and how to handle, shoot, clean, etc. guns from pretty early on too (they are teens now and they have their "own" .22 rifles and 20ga shotguns but they are locked up and supervised when using them.) Especially the right time of year venison is regularly on the table and a family favorite.

No. 1405954


I learned to shoot at 8. It’s very common if you are from the south or somewhere rural.

No. 1405955

I own 2 rifles, I just feel like it's a good idea to be know how a gun works and be competent with one, as opposed to completely mystified/terrified. Some of my friends think that makes me weird but they think of guns as basically incomprehensible eldritch cursed items and that's way weirder, I think.

No. 1405959

I like learning how guns work too, and find cleaning them and disassembling them to be soothing. Just learning about how they work, too. It feels like an important life skill plus I have a crush on Ian from Forgotten Weapons, vidrel.

No. 1405964

Most Europeans (not British people) I talk to are actually more open minded than most Americans I know tbh. I imagine the sane Europeans aren’t the ones crying and whining in a thread meant for Americans though, only the crazies and true Europoors post in here.

I’ve lived in large cities, small cities, and suburbs. In the suburbs it took take 2 hours to walk from my house to the nearest grocery store. There was no public transit.

I never have but most of my southern and midwestern white friends have kek. It makes me feel safer when I go out with them especially because they’re extremely suspicious of men.

No. 1405970

nonna you just aren't getting it. if we had decent transit in this country those single moms wouldn't need to own a car at all. that's the POINT my love. put your money back in your pocket, you don't need to buy a car, we've got you with some fucking awesome trains, the tube will take you anywhere you need to go.

instead the US went full retard mode. the average person spends 5-10k a year on car expenses (including depreciation. you don't save up the purchase cost for a car in one day, now do you?) with functional public transit you NEVER spend more than $1500 a year on transportation expenses. do i have to start clapping my hands? public transit helps poor people the most.

also, even in rural areas in (some areas) in europe and japan, THEY STILL HAVE FUNCTIONAL PUBLIC TRANSIT. imagine living in a functional country. imagine having the infrastructure you need to live and thrive, provided for you. stick that other $4000 in your pocket love, the train is here.

No. 1405972

your issues is you're comparing the convenience of having a car versus the shitty current public transit system. if fewer people drove and more took bus/train, the public transit would no longer be slow and shitty. cooperate with me nonna. imagine no giant stroads everywhere, imagine having sidewalks. imagine the train station being a 15 minute walk from your house. imagine being able to go anywhere for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

No. 1405980

Before I could get my driver's license my mom constantly bitched at me to take the city bus like my friends did. Made me seethe. For one, my friends lived on a city street and legitimately had a bus stop right outside their house. And two, I lived deep in a neighborhood on top of a hill. Nearest bus stop was over a mile away and it was just incredibly inconvenient, from the weather to length of the walk to the sketchy ass streets I had to walk thru. Finally three, the buses only showed up maybe half the time and are generally pretty unreliable. So glad I have my license now.

No. 1405983

Your issue is that you can't understand why that won't work with our large, large, large country because you don't want to understand. And I honestly don't care to help you

No. 1405984


>public transit helps poor people the most.

Let me point this out for you: America hates poor people. That is why public transportation doesn’t exist in over half the country. It’s by design. Go ahead and sperg about Japan’s and Europe’s infrastructure some more though.

No. 1405988

I own 2 firearms. I don't shoot because renting the indoor range is a pain in the ass and the only outdoor ranges are like 3 hours drive. city problems. but i like owning firearms because they might ban them in the future, and frankly they hold their value and are hella useful. if you want a hedge against inflation buy guns. they only go up in value. sometimes i carry in the city if i have to go to the shitty part but in my good area i don't bother, i just keep pepper spray in my pocket. i love my pepper spray. if i went hiking in a remote location or a road trip i'd bring the guns as well, wild animals and meth addicts etc. but i like having guns in my home so i am protected from home invaders. if any moid breaks into my apartment he's getting a brain full of lead.

i actually once went on a second date where we went to a shooting range. it was pretty damned fun.
glocks are unreliable. get a sig sauer. they're better for safety as well as durability. glocks are prone to misfire.

No. 1405997

sweetie fucking hell, there is no reason we can't have good public transit in the northeast corridor just because wyoming exists. europe is about the size of the US. you don't need train coverage to every corner of fucking utah. you just need it where people actually live, which tends to be in concentrated areas. 95% of people live close enough to other people for public transit to work for them.

No. 1406012

It won’t work because such a high percentage of Americans own a car and the American car industry is capitalism at its worst. If cities/states implemented dumb shit like $50 gasoline and $10,000 annual car fees the excess would likely just be funneled into politicians’ pockets, and only wealthy people would be able to afford that shit. Funnily enough I can see this happening in California.

> if fewer people drove and more took bus/train
No it won’t because the vast majorities of American governments don’t care about their people. If this was the case NYC’s public transit wouldn’t be so shitty compared to other countries despite pretty much the entire city using it.

No. 1406042

The auto industry's decades long smear campaign of public transportation being for the "poor" definitely didn't help. They tore up good railroads just because they could profit off cars. They stole so many passenger rails from us. It is funny, because we had more public transportation before cars even existed! But somehow America is just soooo big we can't have any trains at all. Nor can we have buses, despite them being literal cars. I don't hate cars, some people need them. But I hate people that buy into the auto industry's shilling that leads to no improvement because so many people refuse to even consider new infrastructure that isn't just another lane. Definitely an infrastructure nightmare that is backed by society's weird ideas about being better than other people because you have more money to afford your own vehicle and gas.

No. 1406072

I’m so sorry for your experience anon, I can relate as no one helped me either. Public transit will sober you up as a woman and relinquish any pickme tendencies you may have. It’s being in a confined space with moids who have nothing else to lose that does it. I think some of the sellout female politicians and other traitor women should have to feel that fear and get a lecture to see how truly terrifying it must be for impoverished women who live on the streets. If I had a choice between homelessness as a woman in America and prison I would probably choose prison (before the sex offender troons take over it).

No. 1406077

> taught teenage sons how to shoot guns
> they each have shotguns
Uhhhhhhhh I hope you are putting them in therapy or teaching them healthy coping skills because the last thing you want is your little Caleb losing his shit and shooting up a school.

I would teach a girl to shoot a gun but not moids personally. Guns are a good equalizer for women who physically don’t stand a chance against men. But for men? They are overgrown toddlers and just one little slight and/or click on the internet from killing their families or taking out innocents.

No. 1406087

I live in a rural part of Europe with functioning public transport. It's not practical and can not be compared to a car for no other reason than the time required to travel. A bus route that goes all around the villages takes fucking hours to get anywhere. The roads are difficult to navigate for larger vehicles, this can't be solved by building better roads, it's steep valleys and peat bog, the bus also needs to stop at every village to let people on and off.

If I want to travel to the regional capital, by traveling on a direct route it takes me an hour by motorcycle, an hour and 20 minutes by car while the bus will take at least two hours. It's not realistic to expect people to spend that many hours a day traveling between two places.

No. 1406103

Exactly. I was terrified when I read that, teenage boys shouldn’t have access to guns no matter what. they’re emotional, aggressive and irrational at that age it’s dangerous for everyone involved I hope the parents gain some sense and stop enabling another school mass shooter

No. 1406109

To the car vs walkable city debate: Can any nonas who live in places with good public transport answer a question? Do you guys not deal with insane homeless people on public transport? The train system we have in my city is flocked with homeless. There are homeless people on every stop. And not the nice type of homeless people imagine who are just struggling to find a job, but the crazed meth heads who will try to stab you for no reason other than existing near them. Not to mention they shit and piss everywhere, even in the middle of the damn busses. What do you guys do? I've always wondered kek like, do these types not exist in europe or japan? Surely they do, right? Idk it's always confused me. It's hard for me to imagine ever supporting public transport because I don't want to be harassed or fear for my life just because a crack addict was having a rough day

No. 1406113

There are gates preventing homeless people from getting on and there's public transport police. When homeless people do get on, they distribute pamphlets quietly, advertising the homeless newspaper they sell (some charity makes those so the homeless can earn money and have something to actually give back to people giving money, since many homeless are too proud to beg) or asking for money to sleep at a shelter this night, with the request to give the pamphlet back either way, not just throw away. They don't say a word and avoid eye contact. I've been harrassed more by actual scrote passengers. The homeless were the quitest and most polite.

No. 1406117

I lived in london for a while and never had any encounter with the homeless on the tube or bus it’s definitely because of the abundance of transportation security officers and high regulation of crime especially at night

No. 1406130

I just ignore it, just desensitized. also the homeless here are usually nodded off so not actively threatening.

No. 1406158

It's not an answer to your question, but instead another question - has the aggression from them been worse for you too? I wish we had quiet homeless people who handed out pamphlets here. Instead they yell, spit, and grab you if you're catching them on a good day.

No. 1406182

I've used public transport a lot in Helsinki, and homeless people have never caused too much trouble, probably because there aren't that many of them 'cause we don't just leave unemployed people on the streets and let a drug company make everyone methheads by handing out painkillers like candy kek. I've met occasional drug addicts on trains and the subway, and they tend to congregate on the bigger stations, but they don't usually do anything, they just stand there with their own gang. We have security on there, too, and I've never felt threatened.

No. 1406187

Yeah but no one would need to buy a car if we had decent public transport, but we don't so if you do want to make gas and shit expensive as hell no one would have anywhere to go. Fix the problem then we can worry about pricing people out of car use

No. 1406190

It sucks. On top of that poor people are more likely to live in areas that don't have public transport and it's usually just rich people and city folks who are single without kids living in places with public transport. And poor people are usually able to buy cheap cars that is expensive in maintenance. America is one of the most expensive places to be poor

No. 1406193

I feel like there's a difference from bums and homeless only because most homeless people now are just adults being affected by the housing crisis and just sleeping in their car. It's so weird to think about how many daily people you know or work with are homeless

No. 1406201

Also I feel like the US makes public transport less feasible too is by making jobs required to have your own form of transportation.
Like when I was job hunting, I never realized how many employers make having your own form of transportation a requirement along with having auto insurance.
I wish and would love to have public transportation that is available at all times that isn’t Uber/Lyft and without the fear of being accosted because the US and it’s mayors/officials think having competent security patrolling is a waste.
Hell I live in CA, and the county I live in the buses stop running at 12AM and don’t start up until 5-6AM and they only come every half hour to an hour, it’s absolute ass

No. 1406209

just want to say this threadpic is incredible

No. 1406211

In Amsterdam you never see homeless people in busses, you might see them sometimes in trains or the subway. We have gates that you have to go through with your public transport pass to actually use the trains. They will often try to sell some paper or ask for some pennies so that they can stay at some shelter. They will avoid you if you dont make eye contact and if they do come to you, you can just say no and they will leave. But i do want to mention that you dont see a lot of homeless people here, idk how it is in america but there are a lot of shelters here and homeless people are often hidden.
Im an eurofag so please correct me if im ignorant, but i saw a documentary once about America and i saw you could find homeless people just camping on the street in broad daylight where "normal" residents can also see them. If this is true i dont doubt that they will hang around at public transport since they have nowhere to go.

No. 1406259

In the cities homelessness is a big problem. Once in awhile it’s a charming vagabond but usually it’s just a smelly shouter. Once in awhile you’ll see a naked one too

No. 1406264

other NL nonna, they're not just in shelters, those are full and many closed, the forests are full of their tents though. Pretty sure it was big news a while back? It's practically illegal to be publicly homeless, including sleeping in your car, that's why you don't see them. The boswachters are stuck with them instead. Inflation and energy costs are a big issue.

No. 1406296

nonna idk what the point is to carrying if you dont carry all the time. crime happens in the good parts and the bad parts, the good parts are very attractive to criminals who want to commit theft or property crime and if you are in the way of them they kill you too. it happens all over my city. also its aight to not go to the range, but i hope you dry practice on the regular and practice holster draws/draw to first shot time because if you arent doing that, your gun might not be your friend in a situation where you feel your life is threatened. my draw to first shot time rn is about 2.9 seconds, which is pretty shit, despite me having started to practice more frequently. its worth getting a shot timer and going to the indoor range just once to diagnose yourself and get the feeling of where you need to improve. i want all nonnas to be quick enough to (possibly) have options to defend themselves when having been threatened with a gun

No. 1406299

I've never shot a gun before but my brother in law taught me about gun safety and how to unload ammo from a gun and basic disarming techniques which I am grateful for. I have no interest in owning a gun or shooting one but I genuinely understand why women or people who live in rural areas own them. In my opinion, I don't have a problem with manual weapons or guns with small ammo chambers, I don't understand why automatic guns of any type are legal

No. 1406307

they arent exactly legal, but its hella easy to turn a semi auto into a full auto with a $400 forced reset trigger so the law isnt doing much anyways kek

No. 1406311

Oh I didn't realize that. There's a place in the industrial park I drive through to get to work that advertises AR 15s and shit for sale so I just assumed it was legal kek

this place is such a hellhole

No. 1406313

it occurred to me that the vast majority of ranges dont let you draw from a holster but you might be able to find one that allows you to fire from an open carry holster?? or just practice timing yourself from a low ready position and then keep practice holster draws at home. or have someone watch you and do their best to be accurate with a stop watch, which is probably perfectly fine tbh

No. 1406326

Those aren't "automatic", "automatic" = pull the trigger and it keeps firing bullets until you stop or it is out. "Semi-automatic" = vast majority of handguns especially = a round is chambered from the magazine after firing but only one shot per pull of the trigger. It's possible to own full autos but it is a complicated process and they are prohibitively expensive. Legally owned ones are essentially never used during crime but as >>1406307 says they can be illegally converted. Those get used in crime too but not all that much either although you hear about criminals getting busted with converted Glocks especially lately.
Teaching your children to shoot and them having their own guns (boys more than girls but I'd want girls to also of course!) is absolutely normal in rural areas as is kids having their own, sometimes with less supervision than that.

No. 1406327

samefag but ar15s arent automatic weapons bc the trigger fully resets after every shot. they are really nice to shoot and very good for women because they are relatively light. im glad theyre legal for me to own but my dream is a country where only female private citizens are allowed to own guns legally and thats never going to happen so i guess my mentality is that i want to be as good as anyone with a rifle. i dont talk about it a ton tho bc of how people feel about guns, which is ok. its ok to not like ar15s. but if i talk to women its kinda surprising how many of them show interest, because its coming to the forefront of our collective consciousness that men own a lot of fucking guns

No. 1406328

> they are really nice to shoot and very good for women because they are relatively light.
This. Light as in light to carry and light recoil so pleasant to shoot and easy to stay on target. Easy to operate. But scary-looking which is both the main reason that people get so worked up about them and the main reason that they get used in these shootings because the scrotes that do them think that they are badass, it's not really much about the gun specifically other than that and those 2 things feed into one another.

No. 1406335

I've seen that so often. And Americans are too anti social to car pool unless you're already in their clique or paying them $20 a day. Jobs in general are just turning into cliques now and it's practically impossible to make a new friend group if you move. Also jobs that require credit scores are retarded, like, what if someone is in debt and needs to get a second job to pay it off, now you can't do that?

No. 1406368

Some people really romanticize poverty and romanticize themselves as saviors. I mean, obviously. And isn't Japan the place where they have female-only trains because men would grope women?
The homeless are one thing, but the people who are naive about "the unhoused" irritate me.
And it's not even just in train stations or on the streets. They get let into shops. I was at a convenience store and a homeless creep added his shit to my bill once and I paid it to get rid of him.

No. 1406390

Homeless men used to try to grab me as a teenager. They scream and hit your car near downtown if you don’t give them money. I lived in a city that had such a problem they had to bleach the streets in the morning for piss. A homeless moid hit a friend of mine in the back of the head walking down the street a few weeks back for no reason with a rock and put her in the hospital. These people don’t live in dirty poor areas that have been left behind. Society breaking down is very very bad. If they don’t realize that they will and just throwing a shiny bus and a coat of paint on doesn’t fix that. Homeless moids aren’t babies

No. 1406392

it's crazy how well their propaganda worked. even ITT some nonnas have their brain washed by it. I often encounter people saying crap like, "I drive even if it's in walking distance because I'm not poor," which is absurd. they try to prove they have money by wasting it all and making themselves broke. Meanwhile I can save literally $500 more a month than someone with even the shittiest car, just because I don't drive. Cars were the worst thing for the American people to ever get addicted to, they've made them all fat and broke. And now just like smokers or drug addicts they defend the addiction that has ruined their life against any criticism.
if normal people used public transit, it wouldn't just be full of junkies and minimum wage earners. you don't see this shit in France and Japan.

No. 1406401

Again Japan had such an issue with molesters their looking into women only cars and had to outlaw up skirt shots specifically. Phone Cameras in japan have to make a clicking sound now.

No. 1406407

I live in a city with a large homeless problem. It isn't "homelessness" – the real issue is drug addiction and the consequences of drug addiction, which becomes "mental illness", except they leave out that it's drug-induced psychosis and ASD. homeless that are sober, or were sober at the point they became homeless, are very rare. they reject the shelters we have because the shelter won't let them use it as a crack den and smoke meth indoors. they choose drugs. they're only an issue on public transit when fares are not enforced. i see them get on, go 3 stops, and get off. it's funny but hobos despite having no job and nothing to do all day, are always in a rush to get somewhere. they'll risk their life to cross a street before they have a crosslight, just expecting the cars who have the green to stop for them, and they'll scream and rage if the bus is late by a few minutes. but all they do is mill around hunting for drugs.

on public transit it's an issue if you're early morning or at certain notoriously bad bus stops. i don't use routes that go through certain connections for that reason. the bus has cameras, and if the hobo is acting bad enough, the bus driver will kick them out or call the sheriff to drag them out. usually if a crazy hobo is on the bus i just move to a seat further away from them. if you're really concerned, stay near the bus driver, or gather with other normal people in a group.

yes, the hobos camp on sidewalks with their tent set up and everything. because of voter outrage they're increasingly being swept out though. basically at first people had "empathy" for the hobos and let them get away with murder, but the empathy wore out because the hobos are ungrateful and inconsiderate, like duh they're drug addicts. they've destroyed everything and people are fed up with them and want them gone. they steal packages, break windows, shoot up in people's doorways, masturbate at school campuses in front of children, shoot at each other and sometimes hit innocent people, knife people, assault people, etc. and I think by now even the bleeding hearts have figured out they were sold that these were people just down on their luck, but that isn't true. they're just drug addicts.

they aren't as bad as gang crime though. they're more visible, but nowhere as dangerous as actual crime.

No. 1406417

File: 1668268963485.jpeg (112.83 KB, 828x396, D05E19AE-EEEB-4BB0-869D-F461D1…)

No. 1406421

meanwhile women die as twisted up meat pretzels in car wrecks.

No. 1406425

I've went on about this too much lately here but I hate these homeless men. Hearing even on this site that since they're relatively okay as a population there's nothing to worry about is so fucking stupid.
You're really pulling a you got raped but at least you're not dead?

No. 1406432

Pretty sure it’s a scrote. Smells like balls

No. 1406449

>i'm a scrote because… i don't want to die in a car crash
okay sure
pretty sure i've expressed more hatred for hobos than anyone else. i'm just not willing to destroy my own life to avoid them. you act like i'm crazy, but there's a reason people pay a LOT of rent money to live in large cities.

No. 1406458

NTA but getting raped on a subway is pretty life destroying too

No. 1406466

America is really geographically beautiful, imo.

No. 1406472

getting raped on the subway is a lot rarer than getting turned to hamburger in a car crash. it's like you are arguing, "no you can't eat spinach, one time people caught e.coli from spinach! just stick to mcdonalds!"

No. 1406480

Your car being wrecked/you dying is an inherent risk of being in a vehicle. Getting raped isn't supposed to be an inherent risk of getting on a train. The anon you responded to wasn't even replying to the car debate.

No. 1406482

your argument is that it is fine to risk literal death just to get to work. that's nuts.
and for the record, you can shoot a rapist, but a gun doesn't save you from a car wreck.

No. 1406487

I don't drive, retard.

No. 1406493

The behavior of the homeless is going to depend a lot on where you are, I think, the degree of the drug problem in the area, how aggressive law enforcement is, etc. In places where policing is lax and drugs are popular it is a third-world nightmare, in other places not quite so bad.

No. 1406518

it is democrats fault, because if they wanted to do it, it wouldn’t have become a publicity stunt with a fake application.
biden decided to use some random HEROES act measure as his basis for getting rid of the loans, which his admin KNEW could be mitigated in court.
If they really wanted to do something he would’ve just signed executive order, and that would’ve been the end of it. also, quietly i might add. he’s been cancelling loans for months for people who when to scam for profit schools/etc. no need for some huge (faux) application to make people feel like they’re getting something. they have all our information on file already.

now this shit will sit in the courts for 2 more years until it reaches the supreme court & gets struck down, or a republican president takes office again and it goes no where.
either way we’re fucked and that’s the end of it

No. 1406530

Yeah, that definitely depends on where you live. The average homeless scrote isn't going to rape you but their mere presence makes normal people uncomfortable because of their general unpredictability. I've definitely been harassed by homeless scrotes on more than one occasion, just doing my daily routine. Women shouldn't consider them safe, ever. Even if most of them in general just wanna ask you for money.

No. 1406532

File: 1668273134821.jpeg (622.69 KB, 1170x1055, C401AAC4-E120-4DBF-B913-0B999F…)

lol it’s so over. truly feels like we were used as political pawns.

No. 1406562

Uh what? You believe it’s the fault of the people trying rather than the people actively striking it down as being illegal according to bullshit claims like “I don’t want to be taxed” and “I wasn’t poor enough for the extra 10k” lol you have some very good gymnastics skills. And no he can’t just wave his executive order wand and forgive the debt like that. You can hate Dems but trying to act like this was planned and manipulated all along is dumb.

No. 1406569

Walking in general makes you vulnerable to terrorism, rape and sometimes it's fast enough to not pull a gun, robbing, public up skirt pictures, etc. Leaving your house has risks in general, a car is convenient for emergencies (you never know when you need to go the hospital and ambulances are several thousands), if you're at a place you need to escape from instantly and it's unrealistic to expect all women to be armed at all times.

No. 1406573

Id rather take my risk of "being twisted like a pretzel in a car wreck" than to get raped by randoms whole people film and he has god knows what disease especially since abortion is becoming illegal in some states now

No. 1406585

File: 1668275384726.jpg (183.96 KB, 1024x576, GettyImages-186711507-e1539613…)

I live in Oregon and sometimes it blows my mind how beautiful the landscape is. Pacific coast to the west, painted hills (desert) to the east, snowy peaked mountains in all directions, waterfalls galore, pastures and apple orchards everywhere, an enormous rainforest right up in Washington, etc. The whole country is gorgeous too – my sister posted a picture from on top of a hill in new england during peak fall foliage this year and I wanted to cry lol

No. 1406586

you need to be 18+ to post here.

No. 1406688

File: 1668280691974.jpg (1.11 MB, 1966x2621, arches national park.jpg)

Utah is crazy beautiful even though people make fun of it for being The Mormon Zone

No. 1406804

I am kek just because I disagree with your shit political argument doesn’t mean I’m a teenager. I can call you newfag for not saging bullshit too.

No. 1406812

>jobs that require credit scores are retarded
Oh, shit, I think the job I was filling out paperwork for was doing a credit check on me, and I don't have credit. I think I might not be hired after all kek

No. 1406844

I worked at a hotel that ran a credit check on new hires for cash handling positions. I had zero credit history but I still got hired. I remember mentioning that I'd never taken out a loan or had a credit card so there wouldn't be anything there in case it mattered but I'm not sure they really cared.
Eventually they phased out the practice and I asked my boss why they even did it in the first place and she said something about poor credit being an indicator that you may be tempted to commit fraud or steal because you need money. But in practice it was just weeding out potential employees who actually needed money and would stay in the job.

No. 1406855

Really, I heard that about Korea but not Japan! In Korea there are so many creeps taking photos of women, that the camera shutter sounds are required by law so that everyone can hear you taking a picture, kek

No. 1406856

>used as political pawns
as we repeatedly told you would happen. at least with Trump we had good jobs and a great economy. with biden you just get bait and switch then inflation. neither party is interested in helping you. you cannot vote your way out of the government fucking you over.

also, the obvious next step is to copy the lawsuit they used to strike down the student debt relief, and argue that as taxpayers, having those PPP loans forgiven places undue hardship on us. something tells me the judge would toss it out and laugh at you. this country is a machine that sticks you like a pig to bleed you dry, and the government and the corporations are run by the same people.

i'm still not paying the loans though. i will put them in deferment until i'm fucking dead.

No. 1406860

I knew it was too fucking good to be true, good thing I didn’t get too excited over it and had the attitude of “well, if it works out that’ll be nice”.

No. 1406861

>i'm still not paying the loans though. i will put them in deferment until i'm fucking dead


No. 1406862

Trump cost my dad, his entire company, and many other companies their jobs, if you worked in steel, Trump destroyed your family.
All politicians are bastards.
Trump and Biden both promised to make my insulin affordable and didn't.
All politicians are bastards.

No. 1406873

Gun-anons, any interest in a gun/self-defense general type thread? It looks like we have had them before >>174846 >>166633 but they are years old and locked so also not sure if it's something farmhands don't want?

No. 1406877

Well, i can certainly agree with you that I hate both parties and all politicians.

also a hopium dose, but there's talk that the decision will get appealed, because there is no standing. if courts allow a lawsuit to succeed based on "i didn't benefit from this personally, so my taxdollars shouldn't be spent on it," suddenly the entire budget falls through. basically this is a massive shitshow. corporate welfare without a qualm, but one action to help actual citizens who work for a living and suddenly it's a problem. makes me want to a-log

i dont see why peope burned down the country over george floyd but we can't do anything about the student debt relief being rugpulled, which is an actual good cause to riot for and affects a lot more people

No. 1406886

Another reason I have a gun is that most moids in general are obsessed with them and know how to use them, so I figured I should probably get over my confusion and fear of guns and at least learn the basics of using one

No. 1406899

I used to shoot targets when I was a kid but as an adult I don’t want a gun. From the people I’ve met in life the ones who have guns for hunting and defending their yards from coyotes seem way more levelheaded than people handguns.

>but we can't do anything about the student debt relief being rugpulled
Because the people with money want the poors to stay poor.

No. 1406900

*people who have handguns

No. 1406932

>if you worked in steel, Trump destroyed your family.
How? I'm not doubting you, I'm just curious because I've always only heard that Trump was better for industry.

No. 1407075

oh interesting, thank you for the information anons!

I will never forget telling my friends who have never left their upper middle class part of town or the suburbs why I don't like homeless men and they looked at me like I told them I wanted to commit genocide. I had a homeless man corner me in an alley downtown in my city and have also had numerous homeless men bang on my car when I didn't have anything to give them. I genuinely never had a problem with them but post-covid they seem more aggressive and more unstable. Probably because in my city they kicked a lot of them out of prison when covid outbreaks started happening. People who are overtly protective of "unhoused folks" have either never been around them long enough to be harassed or they've gaslighted themselves into thinking they're all harmless by far left people on twitter (saying this as a lefty myself)

No. 1407113

Trump wasn't responsible for the good economy retard. The whole world was experiencing economic growth and now the whole world is in economic recession and neither president had shit to do with it. Presidents don't have that much power to manipulate the economy themselves, and even if they did, policy changes generally take years to show their effects. It's only been two years and Biden literally hasn't had time to seriously impact the economy either way.

No. 1407130

nta, I'm betting it was the steel terrifs

No. 1407285

I 100% read this as 'steel terfs' and thought that was pretty based

No. 1407520

part of me wants to be annoying and say their dad went out of business because he couldn't buy cheap foreign steel blarg the steel unions are supporting the tariffs, i bet their dad is a boss, blarg, blarg… but that seems way too simplistic and I'm not even a trump fan so I don't feel like defending him, he seems as rich & out of touch as every other president. plus I'm mad my car cost so much more than it should have because of chip prices which were exacerbated by trump policies, I hate his immigration policies they were psycho, he didn't make things better, etc etc fuck him.

No. 1407573

It was

My dad isn't a fucking boss of anyone or anything, he's busted his fucking ass on his feet for the last 25 years for the same company and got absolutely nothing worthwhile in return for it. Needless fucking assumptions to make, anon.

No. 1407581

just fyi none of those nonnas replying to you are me. all i know is the economy as it affects me was great under trump and is terrible under biden (namely inflation). steel industry was a specific victim in the trade war with china and your experience wasn't the norm. for the rest of us, the fact alone that he raised the standard deduction was HUGELY beneficial. biden doesn't do shit for me. he had 2 years to kill student loans and he did nothing. now people dont even know if their repayments will resume in a fucking month. luckily i'm a fancy bitch with income much higher than my expenses who doesn't care, but for many people a few extra hundred a month is the difference between survival and bankruptcy. this is really fucked up. not that trump wants to wipe the loans either of course, but at least that fatter standard d is helping me out.

also if you learn about tax law you realize everyone gets gimmes and handouts, except for middle class people without children who haven't yet managed to afford a house. so, us, probably. my demographic at least. mortgage interest being deductible is basically wealth redistribution from people who can't afford a house to rich assholes who can. PPP loans are just the surface of welfare for the wealthy that the US conducts. but people don't want to learn about tax law, they just want to turn brain off and consoom tiktok.

No. 1407583

I believe you and I'm sorry but what exactly happened

No. 1407588

tell me about US tax law

No. 1407599

I’m down. I’ll try to make one if I get around to it Kek

No. 1407616

i have not used one or owned one but i plan to own 1-2 hand guns soon due to living alone. about every moid i know who is 18+ has a hunting gun and some at 21-29 have a hand gun or 2. shooting at a range sounds like a great stress reliever though. i need to know what im getting into if i plan to own 2.

No. 1407625

It's very common if you're anywhere rural (or even in a small city if there are national forests nearby). As for myself I did not do much with any guns but that's because my dad was sexist and only took my brothers hunting. There were a lot of guns in the house growing up but I didn't touch them.

No. 1407905

if anything the money printer went brrrrrr in 2020 when Trump was still in office

No. 1407974

Damn, nona what did a car do to you, I've hardly seen anyone fear and hate cars this much

No. 1408089

i used to be a cyclist. in the US. which means every day someone intentionally and maliciously attempted to kill me as a joke. honestly i can't even ride a bike anymore, I have too much ptsd. thanks for asking. i wish everyone who drives a car would drop dead.

No. 1408096

I almost responded to the older post about American parents being too afraid of pedos to let their kids walk to school - which I found crazy because the biggest risk is absolutely some kid getting hit by a car. Outside of cities most areas have really crappy sidewalks that line 1/2 of a road, if anything. Pedestrian fatalities are also going up because people drive like shit in oversized cars while racing to get in line at Dunkin Donuts

No. 1408112

The sexual assault argument on public transportation is used by the same people. The issue is that men are dangerous all the time, and you cannot be in a car all the time. Do these people never fucking walk at all? Go into stores? The idea of a car being your ultimate safety is flawed. They are essentially saying we can't make public transportation safer by pushing for more security to prevent assault, we have to just keep it shitty and use our cars because of men. There is no push to fix anything.

No. 1408127

The PNW is so gorgeous aside from the loony cities, did you feel safer living in that area as opposed to cities? The prices were insane in CA when I lived in the bay area but I genuinely loved taking day drives out to the north to see the forest or to the coast to see the ocean.
NTA but I'd rather be dead than suffer ptsd from a traumatic public rape for the rest of my life. I've been traumatized enough from public masturbation, I can't even imagine what terror and lasting effects there would be of a 45 minute rape. You sound like a scrote.

No. 1408135

Agreed anon, I feel like people (and eurofags itt) who don't fear homeless moids simply don't have enough experience with homeless men to be fully informed on how evil they are 90% of the time. Even if one doesn't terrorize me personally you can prob rest assured he's either pimping out another homeless woman or has terrorized a woman before to feel powerful. I've said it before but homeless men are moids with nothing to lose, who may even want to go back to prison bc it's a roof over their heads, so you SHOULD be wary of them. Being naive makes you an easy target.
Utah is breathtakingly beautiful; I resent the Mormons for claiming it. Wyoming also seems really gorgeous as well.

No. 1408138

this. thank you for understanding. it's easier to make a train safe for women than a car dependent transit system safe for humans.

No. 1408186

File: 1668369591143.jpeg (43.52 KB, 640x301, 25B3BBF6-042F-4088-B126-76A1BD…)

ah yes, good ol’ ghetto Philadelphia. I’ll always remember the hitchhiking robot that made it safely across Europe and Canada, only to be broken and beheaded in Philly 2 weeks into its American adventure. What a shithole.

No. 1408241

Every single one of those people, esp the ones who filmed should be charged and in jail.

No. 1408260

With what? Our courts ruled that even cops have no duty to protect you if you are the victim of a crime

No. 1408265

What are we defining as homeless here? I know plenty of homeless people who are just down on their luck during this housing crisis especially if they live in a right to work state but they usually sleep in their cars but work and go to college like normal. Are we talking about actual mentally ill folk living under bridges and such?

No. 1408284

Probably the Philadelphia ones. AKA the mentally ill living under bridges

No. 1408440

there are functional technically-homeless people who live in vehicles and work or go to college. some do it intentionally to save money or have a more ascetic lifestyle, like the vandwelling movement. then there are the unfunctional homeless who are mostly drug junkies or the horrifically mentally ill (usually both).

No one has an issue with the first class. The latter are the ones causing crime and violence. Also, of the former class, as long as they keep working/studying they eventually get an apartment and have a decent life. For the drug junkies there usually is no recovery. however there are some who live in RVs and cars, usually junkers, who fit better into the second class because they don't work, maintain hygiene, act decent, have plans to improve, etc. so it's hard to make a black and white category.

No. 1408552

Sorry to bust your optimism but the first group you decide almost all end up as the second group, or dead, within 10 years of losing shelter. First they lose their apartment, then they're forced to let their storage unit and everything in it go, and eventually they can't even afford the car. The job is inevitably gone with one of those, and that's when you see them on the side of the road for the first time.

No. 1408574

NTA but please walk the streets of downtown Atlanta and take our public transit daily before you fucking come here and talk about how women need to be forced out of their cars to ride the train and walk the streets.
Homeless crazies are not in stores or my workplace. They are always asked to leave various establishments becsause they are that bad. They are only on the streets or on public transit. I don't really engage with the homeless crackheads out and about as I do not live in the city; frankly I'm happy with it because I don't have to worry about bullets ricocheting into my windows or worrying about break-ins like my friends who live in Altanta. You people are so goddamn annoying, I'd love to know where the fuck you're from if you're this sheltered, stupid, and self-righteous to think that some of us should be forced to move into dangerous cities and walk streets or else we need to be underemployed in safer towns. Black and white thinking at its finest folks. TIL that being hurt in a car accident is somehow as much of an injustice as being raped or murdered. Are you from like Japan or something? One is instantaneous while the others are torturous and traumatizing. Should I go on? The lack of brain cells between you two is astounding kek.
> There is no push to fix anything.
This is America sweetie, where nothing ever changes. God forbid I'm trying to live my life and want to just get to work without being attacked, robbed, or raped. I take it that you live in a pretty nice area or sheltered country to think that dangerous crackheads with violent pasts of antagonizing women are somehow redeemable or that any policy won't take years to implement and see results from. The streets are life and death for women every day while you talk about ~change~ and these grand, idealistic ideas and reforms for public transportation that will never be implemented anyways. My state is a republican state so good luck with that babes!!!

No. 1408627

If Atlanta sucks so fucking much that you're too terrified to ever think of boarding a bus, why do you fucking live there?

No. 1408684

Nta but how do you not realize how retarded this question is

No. 1408723

same! i don’t actually know anything about guns, i just like shooting them kek. id love to learn more

No. 1408778

>The streets are life and death for women every day
You're catastrophizing and being too dramatic. It's not life-or-death to use public transit or walk around in the USA.

No. 1408791

homeless men are just like non-homeless men, except they're physically more sickly from living on the street. which is not really a shining endorsement. we need to put them in SROs and get them off the streets.
you missed the part where she said she doesn't actually live in the city herself. lol

No. 1408826

I think Atlanta's stations are way better than NYC. I have no idea why you're acting like they are a warzone. The MARTA buses are really unreliable and have terrible routes, I will admit.

No. 1408945

1 in 4 women are raped. It’s gone up from 1 in 6. You’re trivializing real world worries like a Twitter tard or a moid.

No. 1409024

>it's…uh…retarded1!1 to suggest moving out of a shitty place
stay there then. surely no one in all of history has managed to move out of a shitty area.
I think so too. they really do catastrophize. and if their area is legitimately that bad, they should move. really suburban princesses who are terrified of public transit are just privileged and sheltered. there, i said it. they're one step off from a trust fund kid and just as delusional about the world. they can stay sequestered in the suburbs eating applebees and olive garden and being terrified of the outside world. i'll be boarding a train and going where i want.

"What, you don't have a personal maid? However DO you get by, old chap? Egads, might you have to wash your own dishes? Unthinkable!" "Nooooo I can't possibly stoop to using public transit, what if there is a MALE on board, or it's 5 minutes late! I have to get home to post on lolcow, I can't afford such inconvenience." Meanwhile their refusal to use or fund public transit is shoving a knife in the back of every woman who does use it.
admitting that you have to huddle in the suburbs like an animal because your city is a shithole doesn't impress me. People from Boston don't live like that. tell your city council to fix your fucking crime.

No. 1409025

Who is raping them?
Statistically most of those rapes are committed by someone they know, not a stranger. You're safer on a bus than you are with your mother's new boyfriend or going on a second date.

No. 1409038

Why was Floridas governor race between ex Republican governor one and current republicans governor?

No. 1409142

tell that to the people who get shot on subways

No. 1409156

as if people don't get shot in road rage incidents in their car. stop cherrypicking.

No. 1409218

Because generally women don't go on public transport. If public transport and walking everywhere was more common I can guarantee rapes would skyrocket. Also this doesn't eliminate the fact there's stalkers women may know who track their routine

No. 1409249

you're delusional. women are the majority of public transit users. just admit you're the only one with a problem.

No. 1409260

Jesus christ, nonas. I have to use public transport or walk. Tell me where I can get a free car if you want me to stop. In any case the men are the problem, public transport is not assaulting me.
Why are some posters here trying to convince women they're gonna get murderraped if they take the train? Sounds like something I would hear from my abusive ex who wanted me to never leave the house.

This is a pretty good amerifag discussion though. Absolutely insane. Can't believe someone just said "women don't go on public transport" lmao

No. 1409265

It is possibly the most American conversation I have ever read. Wtf?

No. 1409266

I don't think any anons said women can't or shouldn't use public transport though. Just that women shouldn't be forced to use public transport like the anti-car anons who believe it can't be dangerous are proposing.

No. 1409267

File: 1668466563433.jpg (54.97 KB, 564x739, 1cb297ad5d417ffd9b56dca869c797…)

you can ride public all you want if you look poor or busted but I'm bougie and gorgeous so I'd definitely be robbed and killed or pushed onto the tracks out of spite (probs by you)

No. 1409269

You are American so you are per definition fat and not bougie and gorgeous.

No. 1409279

not a americanfag but ive been to nyc and the public transport is horrible especially if you are a woman

No. 1409282

has literally nobody in here lived in nyc jfc. you are all retarded

No. 1409288

Do you have brain damage? Are you autistic?Have you been hired by Big Car or whatever? Literally what is wrong with you.

No. 1409293

no one's telling you to stop, they're just explaining why they personally, as in from their own experience, don't like public transportation

No. 1409301

I'm not even any of the anons that was debating about this whole thing, so relax kek

No. 1409302

and there are places worse than nyc. I haven't lived there for going on a decade and I've heard it was much worse but the subway depending on line people of all sorts do ride it but buses in some other areas forget about it, as with the subways outside of central Manhattan at odd hours. Boston is similar but the subways are milder (but there's only like 3 of them) and in some other cities public transit is only ridden by degenerates and people who don't have an other choice. It can be unpleasant if not dangerous. I really think there are nonnas here with an idealized perception of public transit based off an environmentally-based hatred of cars and anecdotes from Europe or whatever.

No. 1409309

i lived in nyc for 9 years and have lived in several other cities prior. in nyc literally everybody who lives there uses public transit including women, old people, kids, models, wealthy businessmen, etc. yes, anybody you can think of uses public transit in some capacity. only insanely rich people, tourists, and young/new transplants don’t and prefer uber or whatever, but they usually end up switching over because cars are 10000x slower and more expensive and only people commuting from out of the city drive in. and ime most of those people get their gas/parking comped by their job. despite this the public transit is still unreliable, shitty, dirty, and slow, and a great example as to why train based mass public transit in America will never work. the upside is that you can get pretty much anywhere in the city via public transit only. literally none of the booths are ever staffed or have police officers except for a few major stops in Manhattan despite them making so much money a year. the government don’t WANT to improve the transit, they don’t give a fuck about the people who live there. they’d rather just spend money on a dozen shitty electronic billboards and even if you vote nothing changes

funnily enough, 90% of public altercations ive experienced have been on the train (subway) and barely anything on the bus, probably because at least there’s a bus driver to deter any freaks or homeless people. vs on the train anyone can just hop the turnstiles and nobody will stop you. the buses are also more on time than the trains for the most part. but there are buses in almost every city in the us, but the number of routes vary. only small towns and suburbs don’t have them. usually if i visit a diff city i have to use a combo of bus + uber. also there’s no standard bus system, you have to download a different app everywhere you go

most of the time any harassment is just catcalling, maybe a guy following you. which is still fucked up and depressing, but your chances of being raped in the middle of the day is very low. most assaults in the subway stations happen late at night. and honestly nyc is fine during the day but i sure as hell wouldn’t go out alone past 11 pm, especially now. crime has gotten a lot worse in the past few yrs

now as for actual trains, not the subway, the trains leaving nyc to the surrounding area are all really expensive like $20 for a 2 hrs commute, depending on if you have good mileage for ur car or not. they are usually all packed during peak hours too, it’s not like people don’t use them. but there’s still no train nationwide

i know for a fact that you’re ugly and poor

yeah, i actually dislike cars but it’s not like public transit is the end all be all solution. tons of people use it but there is no improvement. it’s an issue that starts at the government level, it’s not a simple as fine cars1!!!!1!1!!1!

No. 1409340

I think a lot of anons have not used a subway or train because I use one daily and live to tell the tale kek. They are just going off the horror stories that are nationalized. Millions of women use public transit and it can be dangerous at times because moids, but that's the case with doing anything in life at this point. You're not going to instantly be killed stepping on a train or bus.
There are way more pro-car anons fearmongering than there are anti-car ones calling for all cars to be banned. I think anti-carnons just want public transportation to be supported financially, and people that think women will be raped and killed if they ever use public transportation are sperging about it because they think one woman complaining anonymously will force them take the train with the poors kek.

No. 1409371

I think it's because 99% of the discussion is hypotheticals so it's getting really insane. We barely have public transport and what we do have is incredibly decayed and neglected. There are big parts of the country where if you want to live you need a car, end of story, buses aren't gonna get you where you need to go and there are zero trains. America doesn't believe in public services. Even school buses are getting privatized. It's kind of depressing.

No. 1409392

Lived in nyc 30 years. The majority of people riding trains to go or run errands were women. Never felt unsafe on a train before and knew when to move cars to afford the crazies and homeless.

They like terminally online zoomers who only read dozens of tweets on twitter

No. 1409393

meant avoid the homeless

No. 1409394

Let me spell it out for you
>We don't know the true rates of how dangerous it could truly be for women to walk or bike more frequently because using cars is more common and has been for decades
>Most rapes go unreported due to the stigma of being a rape victim (seriously some people actually hate rape victims more than rapists)
Also reporting a rape is just a pain in the ass in itself and most of the time half ass investigations are done. During a car wreck that turned into an injury or death it's ALWAYS reported.
>Even if muh just carry a weapon. It's not as easy as it seems since you need to get licenses and most women are simply walking to and from work where guns are strictly prohibited
America is the closest to a 3rd world country a 1st world can get

No. 1409399

I think you're all just misconstruing each other's points tbh. The nature of lolcow infights.

No. 1409407

I think you have a lot of problems and should log off for awhile. Nobody thinks of rape like this or this often without being ill or traumatized in some way.

No. 1409409

I'm born and raised in NYC and have been riding the subway and bus since middle school and despite the very real dangers that can occur, I ride it basically every day and will still do so. As much as I loathe all the issues with the MTA (yes, crime being one of them), I can't see myself moving out out NYC because public transport is so widespread and convenient. Owning a car is just too expensive, you can't beat the cost of a monthly metrocard at $127 for unlimited ride.

It's just the same public vs private debate. I really don't see a downside to widespread and easily accessible public transport. It does benefit everyone. Yes there are dangers, and yes I do sometimes fear for myself when I see an erratic person on the train/subway or shit that's happened on the news, but 99% of the time it's perfectly fine. Cars aren't completely safe either because reckless drivers also exist lol, or maybe road conditions are shit because of the weather. I got my license this year and I have free access to the family car, but it's just easier to use the subway most of the time.

No. 1409411

Even besides rarer things like rape and murder there's also a problem with trains moids jerking off in front of others (which multiple anons itt have talked about experiencing but you'll still claim that they didn't truly ride a train for some reason) and sexual harassment, like on the trains in Japan where it became so common that they had to make a female only train.

No. 1409419

So you have a problem with men, not public transit. Please seek therapy.

No. 1409422

>Please seek therapy
For what. Do you think I'm that same poster you were fighting with earlier

No. 1409453

Plus you miss it when you travel from a place with good public transport to a place where you're just expected to drive everywhere. But here are nonnies scared of their own shadows. Being against public transit because of crime is so dumb.
Tomorrow it's going to snow in my area and suddenly everyone driving on the expressways will forget how to drive, gonna be great.

No. 1409478

Nta but you act like we can't read their comments kek. If public masturbation and harassment is just "having a problem with men" then yes, yes the fuck I do have a problem with men

No. 1409481

This is the first time I posted in regards to the argument. You can't be serious. Women are taught how to avoid rape since middle school yet having a rightful fear about being raped + bringing up legitimate reasons as to why statistics may not be accurate is now just some mental institution tier thing? Give me a break. Being a woman is a paradox
>Don't walk anywhere you'll get raped
>Don't take the car everywhere because you're scared of getting raped because that just means you're mentally ill
>But if you get raped it's somehow your fault or you totally just consented to getting gang banged by hobos and told your boyfriend it was rape to deal with guilt uwu

No. 1409483

>So you have a problem with men
nta but yes, and?

No. 1409487

That story about the UVA students students made me so sad. It's not right how life can just end like that. This country needs better restrictions everywhere, seriously.

No. 1409492

not to butt in but I think she meant, like, it's a problem with men not public transit. I could be misinterpreting it though.

it's not exactly wrong to be afraid of buses and trains because there are men using them, but if we avoided everything because of that we would have to never leave our homes (don't know about everyone here but I like to leave my house). public transit is overall good for women because it's an affordable mode of transportation. it should be clean and safe and reliable but that depends on how it's run. public transit is just "public" but it moves. it's not more dangerous than the rest of public space.

No. 1409512

>it's a problem with men not public transit. I could be misinterpreting it though.
What part of someone having an issue with men publicly masturbating and acting like apes in public is hard to understand? Obviously not all men but like 90+% of the people who do this are indeed men, so it's pretty fair to say "I don't want to see men masturbating in public" and if you think that's enough for someone to get therapy then you should really step outside to see how batshit insane the average person actually is

No. 1409513

The issue isn't the idea of public transportation but the current state of public transportation. Until we fix the main issues then women should be encouraged to use public transport regularly but none of these issues seem to be getting fixed anytime soon.

No. 1409518

File: 1668483342847.png (536.81 KB, 740x504, uva.PNG)

Samefag, including a pic for context since I couldn't in that post. The shooting problem is a big reason why I don't ever want to have/raise kids in America. Always remember that the big stories we see are only a small amount of all of the shootings we've had just this year. It's not right.

No. 1409536

It's horrid in so many places, to the point where everyone accepts it's something you only use when you're at rock bottom. When you report disturbing male behavior, nobody cares. It's largely assumed that there must be something wrong with you because you're on the bus in the first place. It's a pretty widespread cultural assumption, imo.
I scrounged for a year so I could eventually afford an $800 shitbox so I could get to school.

No. 1409555

And walking is also out of question especially if you work a night job and you don't look like a complete hobo as a woman.

No. 1409633

> really suburban princesses who are terrified of public transit are just privileged and sheltered. there, i said it. they're one step off from a trust fund kid and just as delusional about the world.
If I was a suburban princess I would pick a job in my fucking town you mong, but I have to get a job in the city because it's the only option in my field as someone who doesn't have connections.
You're so stupid it's laughable. The same problem plagues America all over, if America wants to fix the so-called "public transit" issues then they'd just kill off the bum moids who attack and harass women there. Let me guess, a firing squad taking out homeless moids triggers you? Keep showing where your alliances are, I noticed that "princess" comment which is probably just misogyny directed at so-called snooty white women who don't want to be raped/murdered so they drive. Oh the absolute horror!
I am one of many women itt who has told my story about a homeless moid sexually assaulting me on a train. Funny how my story suddenly never happened or must be made up because it doesn't support your argument. I am trying so hard not to a-log right now; I can't believe that women are the first people to question and invalidate my story kek. How hilarious, the MRAs would have a field day here. Thanks anon >>1409411 for reiterating why so many of us who have been traumatized take cars. It would be ridiculous to force women onto trains as these militant public transit anons are suggesting. I support funding public transit but I will not be taking it unless absolutely necessary or if I have a male to accompany me. Thanks.

No. 1409666

I don't think you're replying to a woman. Or it's the same dumb eurofags who keep shitting up this thread with their America obsession.

No. 1409743

No. 1410433

Thanks anon, I’m gonna disengage now bc it’s useless. Other anons who drive agree that we should fund public transit but for some reason there’s no compromise on the other end, like I’m not gonna agree that we should all just sell our cars and that being harassed or raped by moids on the train is the equivalent of dying in a car accident. I support expanding public transit but I don’t see why they had to take such a radical stance and shame those of us who do drive as “suburban princesses” or whatever. God forbid some of us don’t wanna live in cities where car break-ins, high costs, and other crime are the norm if we can live at home with parents where it’s safer and cheaper.

No. 1410521

bitch pls you wear shein

No. 1410531

babe why can people in france switzerland and the netherlands use trains just fine and you are convinced the minute you board a bus that 10 moids will spring out to rape you while the bus driver films it
i'm sorry about whatever trauma you have but get therapy, car crashes are more common by several orders of magnitude than getting raped on a train.

No. 1410538

didn't read. no one is "forcing" you onto trains, but you actually ARE forcing me into cars or one of the 3 cities in the country with decent transit. go be a hypocrite somewhere else. cars kill.

No. 1410554

File: 1668551595880.png (70.98 KB, 497x333, 3.png)

oh my god you guys are STILL going? post your favorite burgers or something jesus

No. 1410648


Just when you thought our healthcare system couldn't be any more dystopian, there's this:
>She is also dealing with bills from two separate out-of-network ER visits, totaling more than $10,000 – and the bills keep coming.
Hospitals can discharge you while you're actively bleeding to death just to charge you a second time when you come back dying even more. Same emergency, twice the profit!

No. 1410668

I hope she opens a go fund me. this is absolutely hell. I hope every single man against abortion dies a very painful death.

No. 1410669

This happened near where I live. It's too sad. I'm so afraid of sending my kids to school. I really want to home school them if I can.
The saddest part is, i can't keep track of all these school shootings.

No. 1410798

File: 1668571850776.jpeg (6.58 KB, 300x168, index.jpeg)

I know a lot of people hate the McRib but I like it. Also sad this is the farewell tour, hope it's just a stupid gimmick. I think it's fun whenever it comes back around and my dad gets excited so we go out and get it together.

No. 1410801

I think it probably is a gimmick. Taco Bell does it all the time.

No. 1410896

go suck a herpes infected dick nonnie

No. 1411111

Do you know where the fuck you are

No. 1411145

File: 1668613204888.jpg (79.26 KB, 720x960, 1594900865978.jpg)

lol come on nonnie these countries have people from all income classes using public transport. Only poor people or college students use public transport most of the time in the US. It would never work in the US unless it would be as streamlined as it is in Europe.

No. 1411196

we really need regulation but we'll never get it because lobbying
right now i have 2 somewhat crippling issues i cant afford to see a doctor for. they should both be simple fixes. but in my experience the doctors will demand a referal from a general practicioner, to waste your time and rack up an extra $500+ of costs, and then you need at least 4 appointments so they can cycle through 4 ridiculous and impractical diagnoses before they fucking listen to you and treat the problem you say you have. visiting a doctor is gambling with tens of thousands of dollars, and they have financial incentives to string you along as much as possible. this country is a joke.

No. 1411313

it doesn't help that we can't trust police to help even if they're around

No. 1411327

File: 1668624515377.jpg (42.1 KB, 657x711, 1585523639605.jpg)

>tfw 28 and still have to eat at the kid's table on Thanksgiving
The drunk scrotes should just have to eat in the basement they don't appreciate the conversation anyways. It's bullshit. I want to sit there..

No. 1411331

Trump will run for President after all that shit, how come?

No. 1411334

File: 1668625000231.jpg (319.62 KB, 2121x1414, thanksgiving.jpg)

What are my fellow burgernonas doing for Thanksgiving next week? Are you doing the dinner with family/friends thing or are you just enjoying a day off work or what?

Sometimes I take a trip (the holiday saves me from using 8 hours of vacation time lol) but I have no such plans this year so probably not doing anything except hanging out at home.

No. 1411340

Essentially high on his own farts and gassed up by the qanon cult as the one true president/king of America.

No. 1411352

as opposed to "10% for the big guy" biden? both parties are corrupt shitheads.
eat something with my nigel. i don't have family, or holiday pay, so i just lose a day's wages, lucky me. otherwise i'll nap and watch anime.
really makes me a happy employee that i dont' even get paid for fucking holidays.

No. 1411356

narcissism, and if he loses in the primary it's anyone's guess if he will do something truly retarded like run independent/third party and doom the GOP

No. 1411358

I will eat with my parents and siblings. I still have a shit ton of school work due the very next week so I don't think it'll be relaxing kek. Anyone else's college basically just give you work over break anyway?

No. 1411359

Republicans will never choose him, by all metrics desantis will likely be the next republican nominee

No. 1411365

I'm gonna be spending it with my family and cooking. I have some new recipes I want to try out for them, but if I don't get to do it this year I'll save it for Christmas.
I hope he doesn't win. If he does it will make his little fanbase even more insufferable.

No. 1411366

Nta, but anon didn't even say anything about Biden.

No. 1411371

>and doom the GOP
If Trump ended the two party system he would be the greatest president that ever lived. Imagine not having to choose between having the right to abortion or common sense laws about trannies because there would a be third party that secured abortion rights instead of using it for vote baiting and put troons where they belong (men's bathroom, male prisons).

No. 1411379

i'd love to have a third party that was viable. but in current terms, it just results in vote splitting. worth noting george washignton was against political parties for this very reason. i think the best way forward would be to abolish political parties entirely.

No. 1411380

I answered a question about Trump. What does that have to do with Biden?

No. 1411381

lmao how funny would that be. I don't believe it would happen but it would be very funny.

No. 1411384

ending the two-party system would be absolutely based, but that's not what would happen if Trump ran vs (probably) DeSantis and (probably) Biden (lol old), he'd get enough meme votes from Qtards and other diehards to ensure DeSantis wouldn't win, but wouldn't draw anywhere near enough votes from Biden to mean Biden wouldn't coast to victory automatically. a viable third party would have to appeal to a large number of people in both parties and the way stuff is so polarized over hot-button culture war shit it's not happening, sad to say.

No. 1411790

literally every attempt to split two party system had just ended up splitting the vote and letting the other party win

No. 1411810

Sometimes I have hope for this country but then I read threads like this one where people talk about two-party voting as if it’s something people just decide to do, or that getting rid of it is a societal puzzle that nobody’s really solved yet. It’s fp2p voting. You want fp2p voting, you’ll have 2 parties. It’s a mathematical consequence. Use one of the many better systems already worked out by other governments and you can develop as many parties as reflect the people. The fact that everyone complains about how unhealthy the 2-party system is but nobody wants to talk about ranked voting drives me up the wall.

No. 1411861

You're not bright

No. 1412143

Not sure yet. I'll probably wake up early to watch the parade on TV. Both my parents work in restaurants so they will most likely be going into work. My brother might be going to spend Thanksgiving at a friend's place. Whether he stays home or not, I'll make a nice meal for myself/the two of us.

No. 1412308

What is Arkansas like?

No. 1412327

Restaurants should be closed on Thanksgiving unless they're some kind of mom-and-pop joint hosting a free community dinner

No. 1412328

Ranked voting would be great and all but it's just a non-starter, to institute it you'd have to overcome momentum from the two parties who both have vested interests against it. It is a shame but it is so.

No. 1412335

a ranked voting ballot measure just passed for my county. would probably take a lot more to make it a national thing though. it doesn't really seem like a cure all but I'm not really against it either. I don't know maybe I'm just stupid and haven't looked into it enough.

No. 1412355

NTA but rank voting helped get an actual Alaskan elected and not Sarah Palin in Alaska

No. 1412403

Don’t homeschool your kids. You’ll screw them up.

No. 1412408

How old are the individuals at the adult table?

No. 1412556

timestamp 40:00. actually crying. boomer mcmansion sprawl in florida is destroying the mangroves and murdering the florida key deer. when i went to florida it was nothing but massively oversized pickup trucks to kill as many animals as possible and sprawled out land use to waste as much natural land as possible. humans are awful. i wish i could trade every human on earth for key deer. people in florida don't even give a shit about trying to help the environment, they just buy the biggest vehicle possible to waste as much fuel as possible and squish all the turtles and crabs and run over the tiny deer. i hate them.

No. 1412684

You're right. I'll just send them to public school wearing bullet proof vests.

No. 1413080

You have too much faith in the government to run schools. I would say public school actively fucked up my childhood and I wish I'd gone to charter school.

No. 1416958

File: 1669068177604.gif (1.51 MB, 498x490, AF2E0B29-C925-4047-904D-64D1C6…)

So what are you burgerfags planning to do on Thanksgiving this year?

No. 1416963

Getting my holiday pay while I squeeze in making a green bean casserole and ham the night before so I can get out of work the day of and head straight to my best friend's house and eat before she has to sleep to wake up early for Black Friday at her job.

No. 1416973

noice, nonna. have a great thanksgiving!

No. 1416975

I'm getting together with my family and I'm making half of the food this year. It will be fun!

No. 1416984

Spatchcocking and smoking the turkey. Making some homemade gravy too

No. 1416988

I've been finding myself surreptitiously practicing a glazed honey carrot recipe that could go well as a side to bring to the multiple Thanksgiving dinners I've been invited to. What started out as a recipe I found online to use up the 2 lbs of carrots I had became a way to practice and perfect a recipe that will hopefully impress my future in-laws, as well as my Aunt.

No. 1416990

I’m in Mexico for the week and trying not to kill myself, hope it can be some fun.

No. 1416993

Last time I went to Mexico I wanted to kill myself also. Try checking out the grocery stores and see what weird foods you can find. Other than that, I hate Mexico and will never go back for a vacation

No. 1417246

No. 1417290

Get up early, make vegan pizza rolls, and eat them throughout the day while reading in bed

No. 1417300

Similarly, I'm baking a digiorno pizza and going to the movies in the afternoon.

No. 1417330

this is how I felt about Canada.

No. 1417338

I live within 80 miles of the Canadian border. I have been close enough to view Canada twice. I still have no desire to cross the border and don't know why anyone ever would. Apparenty montreal/quebec is the only worthwhile place in canada, but even then, it's not worth doing a currency exchange over.

Can you believe Canada has its own currency? That's crazy to me. I mean, how many people even live in Canada, like 10?

No. 1417339

Big bunch of uneducated fatties in here taking up so much space and breathing all of our air.

No. 1417343

Tbh I've thought about moving to Canada if I ever choose to have kids, even though I know they have their fair share of issues as well.

No. 1417345

Why are Europeans so crazy about the USA lol anyone notice this?

Sorry for your loss. That's sad

No. 1417361

Late reply but
>wish I'd gone to a charter school
What the fuck, no you don't. I don't know if this is how all charter schools operated but mine was basically a giant scam that was a "student-lead, project based" alternative school. I went there from grades 7-12 and basically dropped out of school. I did maybe 5 projects the entire time spent there. My teachers would do my math tests (and get 70% but maybe they did that on purpose to fuck with me) and I talked my teachers into letting me graduate with missing credits. Admittedly, I am dumb as shit and uninformed on a lot of subjects. Never attended one sexual health class. For our mandatory history test we were all brought into a room and for the next week we'd just recite and memorize the answers to the test.

No. 1417362

Crazy like how they view us as a clown show and don't shut up about it or do you mean how they mimic us in little ways?
I went to Germany twice, people do certainly think less of Americans over there. I thought it was insulting that a lot of their coverage of our news isn't even translated right. They try and make everything as absurd as possible and demonize who they don't like.
Yet they love America week at the store and watch tons of dubbed American TV.

Other countries rely on America for so much yet they really get up their own asses over how much better they are when they don't deserve to. Maybe Germany could have deserved some of that before they let the Muslims come in and destroy their country, but they're much worse off than we are now.

No. 1417370

I think some anons have the complete wrong view on schools that aren't public. Occasionally I see some anon saying that they want to homeschool their children and it's like, you absolutely shouldn't.

No. 1417375

not OP of this convo but i still wouldn't send them to public school either

No. 1417379

I agree and I wouldn't either, but some other forms of education aren't always great either.

No. 1418033

A lot of Germans are just as trashy as many Americans, but not as violent.

No. 1418062

My whole family is cooking something different this year, aka not normal thanksgiving foods. I'm gonna make and bring donuts.

No. 1418105

I made sweet potato pie a few weeks ago, and I froze one of the pies to bring. My mom is excited to try it. I feel like a minority in that I looove roasted turkey so I'm really looking forward to it. Everybody else I know prefers ham but we always have turkey. Also my mom bought a new trivia game so I can't wait to play that with my family

No. 1418124

This is gonna sound faggy and I’m prepared to get made fun of rightfully so but I honestly do enjoy living in America, specifically le pnw. Actually the most beautiful, unrealistically gorgeous place in this country. Fuck the Rockies fuck the Grand Canyon I will literally get tears in my eyes staring at the fog over the Cascades, Rainier cans and shoes at the bottom of the ravines, listening to homeless people fight with each other. In moments like that I really understand what the words ‘Swinging in the backyard pull up in your fast car whistling my name’ are meant to mean.

No. 1418158

when I watch homeless doing battle with each other I feel like a Roman emperor watching a gladiatoral match. junkies die of fentanyl OD for my entertainment. They were really loud over summer but now I don't hear them much at night, I'm hoping we get a cold winter that kills them off, like unpleasant insects dying of a cold snap. Instead of buying fireworks they should have bought a bus ticket to california.

No. 1418171

There was a junkie who I thought had just nodded off on the sidewalk leading onto West Burnside for the last few days and I passed him every single day for like a week and a half and nobody noticed that he was dead until I assume someone tripped over him while they were walking, or something like that. He wasn’t moved until like 2 days ago. The beauty of Cascadia!

No. 1418184

sometimes i walk past junkies laying on the sidewalk and wonder if they're alive or not. what a magical city. and a shitbox apartment starts at $600k plus tip.

No. 1418197

File: 1669151097204.jpeg (276.19 KB, 2048x2048, FiMgdXAXEAEeH2C.jpeg)

Student loan repayments have been pushed back again

No. 1418200

I will never pay them back. I am due that fucking money for dealing with generational theft by boomers. Boomers can die seething about it. They can just keep deferring that shit for a hundred years. My generation has been fucked enough.

No. 1418374

lol wasn’t going to pay em anyway, idgaf

No. 1420172

File: 1669309149562.gif (97.56 KB, 370x295, 9bfaee1f422230c9f574d1703c3e76…)

I hope you're having a good thanksgiving anons! Eat lots of good food today. Any of you doing any black Friday shopping?

No. 1420202

black Friday fucking scares me lmao. people go completely retarded.

No. 1420203

dont you get in trouble if you dont pay them back.
t. not an amerifag

No. 1420248

This. I won't leave my house on black friday. people TRAMPLE others to death to buy a slightly discounted TV. it's absolutely sick. black friday needs to be ended and to never exist again.
i have no food right now. going to be eating cheese and crackers with handfuls of olives as my primary meal. it's worse because someone in the apartment building is cooking something that smells heavenly and i'm here having a big slice of nothing. i was too sick the past week to eat anything and still have a fucked up appetite from it.

i am hoping to scoop up discounted leftovers this weekend though.
govt can't do shit. they can't even force me to get a flu vaccine.

No. 1420257

Ew no. I use Thanksgiving as a vacation from other people and Black Friday to pay respects to the peoples my ancestors genocided.

No. 1420267

> pay respects to the peoples my ancestors genocided.
I don't get this hand-wringing. My ancestors beat someone else's in war? Damn right they did. And I would do it again, too.

No. 1420324

My ancestors didn't beat them in a war, they lost the war, signed a treaty, then reneged on the deal. Then my ancestors kidnapped their children and raped and murdered them.

No. 1420344

I’ve got some kind of stomach bug that’s fucking my shit up, but it’s actually giving me some solace because I can skip sitting around with a bunch of alcoholics today. My mom said she’d drop off a plate so I’ll at least get some food for when I feel better

No. 1420366

Haha that's understandable, there's nothing being sold during black Friday that would be worth running out and getting to me. What about online black Friday shopping? I didn't really see any good deals anywhere. Also, I hope you feel better soon anon! Maybe you can make a good post-Thanksgiving thanksgiving dinner
Get well soon nonna! Sucks that Thanksgiving is during sick season.

No. 1420394

I didn’t go to work today and I’m just gonna pretend I got the days mixed up because I have a fish brain but I’m working on it kek. What are they gonna do? Yell at me? Cry about it? Kek no

No. 1420403

how do we feel about Cyber Monday

No. 1420405

File: 1669317552288.jpeg (297.39 KB, 1920x1080, 3C9B3503-EAE9-4BAA-9E09-77CDC5…)

I’m coming home on Saturday; the few days spent iin Mexico was a real eye opener for me. I’ve visited before, but as a kid, and you don’t notice some things especially if you’re just visiting. It truly is a shithole, and am forever grateful that I was born in the USA. Everything’s expensive, pay is shit, water is scarce; the poor in US do not compare to the poor in Mexico. My stupid cousin who is in his 30s is dating a 19 year old. She is pregnant, cannot see far or close up, her teeth are fucked up, and looks very malnourished. She depends completely on him and he doesn’t even give her money to make themselves food. It’s so fucking sad; only 19 and already has a kid from another dude who was abusive to her. (She had her first kid at 15.) She looks so stressed out, I am worried for her. She had to check in to the hospital (which is an hour away) because she was fucking bleeding. Fuck man. It fucking sucks here if youre not already born rich or have someone sending you money from abroad.
The experience has weirdly made me proud of being american and i feel some sort of duty to prevent from ever getting this bad, because it can. Trash everywhere too.
This was a vent mostly but all i gotta say is, God bless America.
Also happy thanksgiving, wish i could be having some turkey and mash potato, but i did have some bomb tacos and gorditas.

No. 1420440

Coming from a Mexican-American household, thanksgiving is the only day we eat homemade “white people food”…with salsa

No. 1420493

yes nonnie es una celebración gringa pero "When in Rome…" y me gusta la comida.

No. 1420611

Okay so maybe I'm a sperg, but I feel like the amazon black friday/cyber monday deals are not THAT good. They used to be better when I was younger, but nowadays I honestly don't think anything's that good of a steal. Plus I think the quality of a lot of the items you order from online has plummeted. I could rant about this shit forever. Tried to get my mother a hydro dipped cup from online last year. It looked cool and psychedelic in the picture, kind of like paisley (my mother's favorite pattern). I ordered and and when it arrived, it was so smeary, it looked like it was printed and the printer had run out of ink. The design wasn't 'aligned' at the seam so it looked like a total mess. Spent a ridiculous amount of money on it. Quite embarrassed about it, actually. Anyway, buyer beware I guess.

No. 1420616

that's pretty cute

No. 1420617

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. It's out of hand. I'm over it. Make it stop. I'll pay full price, I don't care, stop advertising to me.

No. 1420627

Somehow it feels even worse this year, I noticed today when clicking on some websites that they’re all starting sales today. So now that these big businesses can’t open on Thanksgiving they spam the hell out of these sale days

No. 1420633

Thanksgiving Tradition song anybody else's family listen to it

No. 1420635

Amazon is basically a more expensive flea market

No. 1420636

All sales are pretty much useless for me because the only things I want at $1-100 are handmade etsy stuff, small businesses who wont discount much. For normal items I would argue summer sales or memorial weekend are better than black friday stuff. Might as well start asking for christmas lists half way into the year for me.

No. 1420651

If you ate a Jennie-O bagged turkey this year you should probably get checked for hep

No. 1420657


I tell people about this song all the time and they look at me like I am crazy, I am glad I can share it with you anon

No. 1420672

I use Burlington as my irl Amazon since the product quality is the same for certain things (and 75% of the time cheaper)

No. 1420673

googled it and nothing came up. what are you on about nonna? and idk about them food recalls because i never got a food born illness from spinach or strawberries or nothing else they said was contaminated

No. 1420890

How common is deep fried turkey?

No. 1420917

There's "Black Friday Month" now. Got a few flyers from stores with that printed at the top a few weeks ago.

No. 1421182

common enough to kill 5 people per Thanksgiving on average

No. 1421680

What kind of food do you guys eat?

No. 1421683

Common in the south

No. 1421773

Amazon isn't even cheap anymore. The 2-day shipping isn't real for most items. The free shipping is fake because the price is just inflated to cover it (notice how heavy items like cat litter often cost twice as much as at the store). Not uncommon for orders to get lost on their way to you or never leave the warehouse. At least they still refund things pretty easy but I'm sure that will stop soon too. I don't like getting packages on Sunday, the Amazon drivers are crazy/reckless and it pisses off my mailman to have his days off fucked up for the rest of his career because Amazon dangled enough money to literally change the days that the post office delivers ffffffff

No. 1421999

amazon remains the only place i can buy a variety of weird random shit in one shopping trip. and their shipping takes a week. during covid it took a month. i really dont care though, i've lived 28 years without whatever that item is, a few more days wont kill me.

it does bother me that amazon has such a monopoly but also, i'm lazy.

No. 1422127

Glad I never bought from amazon. I always get better deals at pretty much any other store online (and it only takes 3-5 days to arrive).

No. 1422167

File: 1669489993631.jpeg (87.1 KB, 693x693, BC844D28-150E-4A6B-A40A-C7A6BF…)

>turkey with salsa

No. 1422306

They're probably just begging people to spend money because nobody has that much money right now because everything else is too expensive. I was browsing some sites and its the first time i saw when you press "price low to high" they still give you expensive items as "sponsored" at the top. Like go to hell we cannot spend money we don't have lol. And why would I spend $40 on a shirt if I can get it for $10 for the same shitty quality

No. 1422333

I have jury duty next week and I just know I'm gonna get called to sit on the jury. I'm so pissed. If it's a male defendentant, he's guilty, I don't care…

No. 1422392

i just got another jury duty summons. like the last one several years ago, i ripped it up and threw it in the trash. where i live people were being assaulted by hobos just trying to enter the courthouse. i cannot be bothered. if these fucking boomers want my services they should make it remote capable.

No. 1422403

i got summoned back in early summer, i filled out the online application and i was supposed to go in august but i just “forgot”. they texted me and informed i missed my court date but i also ignored that kek and nothing else has happened so i think im safe. just skip it nonita

No. 1422409

nona im so curious, im also mex american and we usually make this jello thats 3 layers(regular jello top layer, sour cream thin middle layer and crushed fruit+jello bottom layer). like its been a family tradition forever and have met a few other mexicans who have a similar addition to their thanksgiving meals do you do this at all also? i know im late to the thankgiving posting kek

No. 1422467

can you tell the court people that you hate men and therefore cannot be impartial, thus disqualifying you from jury duty?

No. 1422476

I would say I hate men but IDK if I would get hit with the violation 'in contempt of court', i.e. a bullshit legal thing you can get if the judge things you're misbehaving. Also I'm too scared of getting a bench warrant if I don't go. Maybe it's because my mom worked
in a court before, but there's a whole lot of shit laws they can try and hit you with if you don't go to this one. Would it actually happen?? Maybe not. I really don't wanna go, kek.

No. 1422589

I got called in March last year and resceduled it to December as close to christmas as possible. Thats when all the judges go on vacation so they likely wouldn't call you to sit in. I got dismissed after two days.

No. 1422896

I got summoned in a few months ago and was lucky enough to be the first one turned away because the room was full and they never called my group back in.

No. 1423329

I got summoned in 2020 for 2021 of march and I told them I had no way to get there (no car) and the place is 45 mins away from me, so i didn't hear from them again. I hope you end up not sitting in

No. 1423369

File: 1669574941002.jpg (250.93 KB, 1280x720, get fucked.jpg)

florida anon here, people are so nasty when it comes to the environment. i remember one time seeing a giant ram truck with a bumper sticker that said "i speed in no wake zones" with a manatee on it and I wanted to slash that fucker's tires so bad.

i did laugh after tropical storm Nicole when a bunch of people on the east coast had their beach front homes destroyed and they were crying on the local news. that's what they get for building a fucking pool on the beach and encroaching in a habitat they don't belong in. only bad thing is all their garbage and debris got washed back into the ocean. and fuck DeSantis for touting being the governor "that's given the most to Florida fish and wildlife" because I'm sure it's bribe money for the higher ups.

sage for total sperg

No. 1423399

I agree, I do not feel bad for the people whose houses got fucked up. What did they think was going to happen?
I used to live in Vermont and watched a ton of land owners clearcut the trees on both sides of the road (so they could sell the lumber), then they would complain about the horrible snow drifts in the winter making it impossible to drive out without plowing ever hour. People are stupid and literally can not think six months ahead.
The neighbors blamed my cats for killing the songbirds (they used to leave me pamphlets about it lol) and I was like, firstly my cats can't hunt to save their lives and secondly maybe the birds are disappearing because half the fucking trees are gone, genius.

No. 1423408

>idiot who allows cats outside
you shouldn't have pets

No. 1423473

like how inbred southerners pave the entire planet over into a giant parking lot and then complain that it's hot out. no shit genius you killed all the trees and plants in favor of asphault.

No. 1423532

File: 1669583436305.jpeg (47.66 KB, 640x460, Where-do-feral-cats-hide-or-go…)

They would have gone insane if I tried to keep them indoors, they were feral born cats. I don't feel like explaining to you. My neighbor would've probably preferred if I let them freeze to death instead of ever feeding them so they stayed around my house.
I understand they're an invasive species but they were not the problem where I lived.

No. 1423629

File: 1669587689332.png (3.69 MB, 1698x1704, thanksgiving masking.png)

historical thanksgiving trivia

No. 1424266

>I understand they're an invasive species but they were not the problem where I lived.
Nta but if you leave in an area with songbirds (if they're still there) you should train your cats to stay inside because they could still be a problem. I know cats are cute and all and I like seeing them around, but if your area has native birds (or other animals like reptiles or small mammals) that are at risk of disappearing you should be responsible enough and keep your pets inside.

No. 1424438

My parents are from a SEA country and constantly tell me "you don't know how good you have it being born and raised in America!" I always wave it off, but this Thanksgiving I went to a gathering full of family friends and I met a girl who was studying abroad here in the states, she's originally from the SEA country my parents are from. We asked her about her studies and she told us she really liked it here and would like to find a way to stay (she's only here for 2 years) or come back in the future. I was being sarcastic and said stuff like "haha yeah… america is so great… with our rampant guns and shit wages…" but I don't think she caught the second part and she very excitedly said "yes! it's so great here!! back there everything is too oppressive" and some other stuff, and it really opened my eyes. Like damn, yeah it is pretty decent here despite all the shit. I hate it here but it really could be worse.

One of my cousin's who's living with me is also from that country and studying and working here and told me he plans to apply for citizenship eventually and stay here. It just really surprised me. I think the only downside of being raised here vs over there is that I'm not multilingual. Everyone in my family speaks 3 languages, minimum. They raised me speaking english and I can speak a little bit of my mother tongue but not very much.

No. 1424448

I don't know why everyone wants to move here instead of staying and fixing their own country. "it's oppressive" well fix it. "there are no jobs" make a company. it just irritates me. when they come here and have no standards and let employers underpay and abuse them, the rest of us also get fucked by declining employment standards and we have to compete with people whose home nation employment standards are practially slavery. it's been going on for decades and the result is a complete erosion of workers rights and purchasing power of wages. i feel bad for them, but i don't see why that means I have to get fucked over with declining quality of life.

No. 1424849

>we get fucked by declining employment standards
Well, fix it.

>it's being going on for decades

Well why don't you make a company or sign a law to fix it yourself, bitch?

Easy, wasn't it?

No. 1425092

>I don't know why everyone wants to move here instead of staying and fixing their own country.
That's the American dream that's been driving immigrants here for decades, and it's what drove my parents here 30+ years ago.

I'm not completely brushed up on the political situation of my parent's home country, but from what I've heard, they're treated as second class citizens because they are from a non-native ethnic group and there's lots of tensions between the different ethnic groups. Here in America, when you're an immigrant, you're an immigrant. You're all on the same level. My parents got a little sliver of the American dream, earning their keep and saving up to buy themselves a place to raise me. They kept their greencards for most of my life and I did think they were going to eventually go back home, but they got their citizenship recently so they could go vote. This place is their home now and they care about the same things.

The things we got here like the civil rights movement, separation of church and state (yes I know it's barely there kek), I don't believe is possible in their home country. Not in their or even my lifetime at least. I think it would require a whole cultural upheaval.

No. 1425122

File: 1669693376847.jpg (35.9 KB, 600x600, cat.jpg)

What's the best and worst accent to you guys? To me, the best is southern. Southern accents can be very cute, welcoming, funny, or sexy. I love them.

No. 1425152

File: 1669695943486.png (673.5 KB, 1022x1278, 1632429548321.png)

thanks, pardner

No. 1425217

Minnesotan is the ugliest, most grating accent/tone. I also love a Southern accent, sounds so inherently unpretentious to me. I'm particularly fond of Appalachian variant I think.

No. 1425466

File: 1669727245958.gif (2.56 MB, 268x158, chrstnbale.gif)

>Any of you doing any black Friday shopping?
Yeah, I have a bone to fucking pick with the stores here. It was totally sucky this year. Barely any of them had sales and if they did it was a sale they have all year round. I even visited some thrift shops, and it was the same freaking thing. To make matters worse two of them told me "Sowwwyyyyy that item's not for sale! I sold it online!!" fuck youhgbjb SO you're selling the good stuff online and leaving us with shit that's fugly? Got it. At least keep it in the back or something. It seems all the good deals was online. I snagged some stuff and am very happy about it.

No. 1425764

My IUD is out of place and my OB clinic says they can get me in six months from now and the only places that offer diagnostic ultrasounds without an order are abortion clinics. So my options are either pay $1800 (with my “good” insurance) in the ER or get screamed at and called a baby killer. Or let it kill me, I guess. You think a forced-birth state would hustle when my precious uterus is jeopardized but I guess not!

No. 1425870

Here's a planned parenthood act hack: don't care about what they have to say.

No. 1425942

Most of the time you don't actually get called into court but you can get fined if you don't show up so just suck it up and go nona. I wish we got paid for this crap though, I missed two days of work and they sent me a check for 6 dollars kek.

No. 1426403

File: 1669769308954.png (74.13 KB, 622x722, rent algorithms.png)

just read this article and your comment was ecchoing through my brain the whole time https://www.propublica.org/article/yieldstar-rent-increase-realpage-rent

No. 1426423

Same here…none of the stores here had Black Friday discounts. 20% off is hardly discount, that’s what I came across the most and stores do that shit all year.
I also did not like what some online shops did, where it was a Black Friday Month/Week. It made me confused on when to buy, because what if they had a better sale on Black Friday day?? I bought shoes from somewhere that did Black Friday discount, but then it was a better sale the next day for Cyber Monday ughhhh

No. 1426442

how out of place is it? mine was sort of free floating for like a year but my uterus was fine, it took like 30 extra seconds of discomfort to remove it when I got a new one eventually. my obgyn was nice though and used an ultrasound wand to make sure everything was ok. I had actually ignored it until my yearly because I had no pain and it wasn't going anywhere… stressed me out a bit though when I realized I couldn't feel the strings anymore.

Massachusetts accents are the worst. Western NY is kinda bad too, but only because it's basically a midwest minnesota/wisconsin accent in the wrong place geographically (so weird and wrong).

found a vid for you

No. 1426471

File: 1669772349632.jpeg (101.81 KB, 828x1030, 59A9E8DC-D22F-44FE-B82F-07E861…)

Is it finally our time?

No. 1426478

No. 1426508

I despise his haircut

No. 1430518

Nonas who live in cities where it snows I have a question. Does your city remove the snow from sidewalks?

No. 1430558

Nope, They don't have the manpower for that kind of stuff it's up to the homeowner to shovel the sidewalk.
It's also the responsibility of the nearest homeowner to keep the storm drain clear.

No. 1430626

File: 1670035236020.png (623.83 KB, 761x579, image.png)

1600 a month for someone's dingy old basement turned into an 'apartment'. I know it's right outside of Boston but I really don't understand how apartments like this are worth even a fraction of that, maybe it's the free chairs? Nonnies, I just want to live in a cute little studio apartment somewhere walkable in a place that won't give me asbestos!! Someone crash the market already!!

No. 1430686

File: 1670043129782.jpeg (15.44 KB, 550x550, 1667775045510.jpeg)

girl wtf kind of apartment, looks like section 8

No. 1430703

Three months rent to move in to someone’s basement they slapped a coat of paint on, wow. Plus the house looks old, there’s no way the heat & plumbing work well down there with whatever retrofit job they did on it

No. 1430705

I legit think homeless moids need to be euthanized asap, the other day I was trying to go home on the highway in traffic and this homeless fucker came up and knocked on my window expecting money. THEN flashed his dick at me when I told him to get away. I hid in my car after that but I really should have ran him over and done everyone a favor kek.

No. 1430732

One thing I hate about America is that everyone is so fucking caught up in pointing the finger at wrong people
It's not Californians faults landlords rather keep all their apartments vacant or turn them into Airbnbs instead of making the price affordable. It's not teen resellers fault thrift stores are charging 30 bucks for an old pissed in pair of jeans. Kids shoplifting aren't the reason why your grocery bill tripled. The basic customers don't have this sort of power you damn retards. Stop rioting over tranny shit (for and against) when most of you don't even have a stable place to live and employers who underpay you and can fire you for no reason and you have to go in debt to get ramen

No. 1430737

Fritzl style looking ass shit, love the exposed pipes and grime so lovely. I know how you feel I can't find any apartment by me that wouldn't just cost 4x what I'm paying now so I feel stuck in my crappy shoebox
You should've called the cops on him and said a guy on drugs is attacking cars

No. 1430765

Nta but cops can’t do shit, homeless people and criminals run rampant in a lot of cities currently and get released over and over. In my city it’s because there’s almost no public defenders. For example they just had a pedo sting and most of the pedos are already released awaiting trial. People are free to do robberies and shit too, don’t even get stopped.

No. 1430769

Cops can kill innocent people and face no punishment, so how is it that they "can't" do anything? It's not like they're busy solving murders, considering they don't even have a suspect in 40% of homicides despite having more tools and funding at their disposal than ever.
The answer is they do or don't do whatever the fuck they want.

No. 1430770

cops in a lot of big cities are highly corrupt (prime examples NYPD and LAPD) and lazy

No. 1431060

What about city streets that are lined with businesses? Is it just up to the business owners to plow the snow from the sidewalks?
How do wheelchair users or blind people get around if the sidewalks are full of snow? Sorry for tard questions I’m from the sun belt.

No. 1431097

Canada is literally euthanizing the poor, disabled, and mentally ill (while also catering to violent troon moids every whim) but why can’t America euthanize sex criminals or violent criminals who do reoffend? The violence by homeless moids and convicts is getting worse in cities. I get so tired of social justice movements trying to humanize these bastards when they are the most danger to working class women. At the very least why can’t our government castrate convicted pedophiles/sex offenders?

No. 1431118

They do not gaf anymore it seems…

No. 1431215

Honestly I feel like we should give people serving life sentences the option to euthanize themselves.

No. 1431235

It's too busy sterilizing black rape victims

No. 1431241

It’s not only that cops are lazy or don’t bother, it’s also that when it comes to the courts and the prosecution system they just let the people free or released while the trial pends which takes fucking forever and in that time the psycho will go and kill someone or simply reoffend their drugged out anarchy crimes because there are no consequences.

No. 1431253

> black rape victims
Do they really? I wouldn't be surprised but am interested to know how much this happens on a systemic level.
Fuck, the fact that governments don't sterilize sex offenders when it's an easy solution should be really be talked about more by feminists as it is such a goddamn crime against women and girls to have to encounter repeat offenders in our day-to-day lives. Law enforcement is a fucking joke. The only argument I've heard about castrating sex offenders is that it could be wrongly done if the allegations are false–which is a perspective only considered because sex offenders are overwhelmingly MALE.

No. 1431259

Samefag but I found this:
> The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other critics have condemned chemical castration, saying that it violates the constitutional rights of sex offenders. The sentiment is that chemical castration is a violation of a sex offender's:
> right of equal protection and due process
> implied Fourteenth Amendment privacy right

Trash lawyer btw, imagine branding yourself as a "Sex Crimes Defense Law Firm".

No. 1431262

Also I pretended to be a sex offender just to tell the guy on chat or whoever reads the chats to kill themselves helping rapists get off scot free to re-offend and create more victims. I recommend other anons do it, just put in a random number and email and waste his time before telling them what evil shits they are for defending sex criminals.

No. 1434136

To the euro girl who is moving to Alaska with her bf, I hope you enjoy the outdoors for 20 days out of the year. Half the year you don't see the sun and Alaska is sparsely populated because of the harsh conditions. Everything costs a lot more than you'd expect and I mean EVERYTHING, from groceries to necessities like propane. It's so far away from the continental US that everything has to be shipped there. There isn't much to do but explore the wilderness, and is particularly dangerous because of the animals and unmarked trails. Thousands go missing every year. Alaska is not worth it, expect temperatures below zero during winter regularly. Hope you get a lot of firewood!

No. 1448942

Oregons senator commuted all death sentences to be life sentences. I went to go check out what kind of people are on Oregon’s death row that the senator has decided to spare and it’s about what I expected..
> Running was convicted in 2000 of the love-triangle shotgun slayings of Jacqueline J. Anderson, whom he had dated, and Barbara J. Gilpin, her sometime lover, in the Ambassador Restaurant and Lounge on Northeast Sandy Boulevard. At trial, Running's attorneys argued that he killed the two women during a psychotic breakdown fueled by alcohol abuse and feelings of abandonment stemming from his adoption.
> Johnson was convicted of drugging, raping and strangling 15-year-old Heather Fay Fraser in 1998 and throwing her body from a Clatsop County bridge into the Columbia River. Johnson had sexually assaulted girls since at least 1978. Fraser's name was among the names, phone numbers, addresses, birth dates and workplaces of about 200 teen-age girls that Johnson kept updated in his computer
> Rogers is known as Oregon's most prolific serial killer. He tortured and stabbed six women in 1987, leaving their bodies in a remote wooded area outside Molalla. Rogers, a foot and bondage fetishist, targeted young women who were heroin addicts. He sawed off some of their feet. One woman was gutted from her sternum to her pelvis. Jurors sentenced Rogers to death in 1989, 1994 and 2006, but the Oregon Supreme Court overturned the verdicts when laws changed or on legal technicalities. Another jury sentenced him a fourth time in 2015.
> Montez and Timothy Aikens beat, raped and sodomized Candace Straub in a Portland motel room in 1987. They then strangled her with a bed sheet and set her body on fire. Montez was later arrested in Idaho. Aikens is serving a life sentence.
> Simonsen and Jeffrey Ray Williams were convicted and sentenced to death in the 1988 sexual assault and shotgun slayings of Unna Tuxen, 24, and Kathrin Reith, 22, German tourists hitchhiking up the West Coast near the Oregon-California border. Williams argued in an appeal that Simonsen was the sole killer, driven by a hatred of women.
> A resident of Poteau, Okla., Cunningham was convicted of raping and murdering 19-year-old Shannon Faith of Vancouver, B.C., in 1991. He picked her up hitchhiking near Coos Bay. They spent the day driving on the beach and drinking beer before he agreed to give her a ride to Eugene. After stabbing her 37 times, Cunningham dumped Faith's partially-clothed body by the side of a logging road near Elkton. Cunningham's sister testified that he once stabbed her in the back in a game of "chicken" and often tried to force her to have sex with him.
> Compton, a Springfield methamphetamine user, was convicted of killing Tesslyn O'Cull, the 3-year-old daughter of his live-in girlfriend. The girl's body, found in a grave near Sweet Home in 1997, showed signs of being bound, shocked and sexually assaulted. Prosecutors called it the worst case of child abuse they had ever seen.
And there’s more https://www.oregonlive.com/pacific-northwest-news/page/oregon_death_row.html

No. 1448952

File: 1671235378276.jpg (673.42 KB, 1632x2298, Gov kate brown.jpg)

Damn, what do you have to do to actually get killed. The ones you listed have all been in prison over 20 years, most of them more than 30 years. Makes you think they never really intended to kill them in the first place and the death penalties were already effectively life sentences.
I read it was the outgoing governor Kate Brown not a senator.

No. 1449018

I wonder if it has to do with the ongoing shortage of the drugs used to execute criminals. The shortage has been going on for years and they often can't guarantee that the criminal will actually die. There have been many "botched" executions recently.


No. 1449304

Lethal injection is retarded. We need to bring back the guillotine not even joking. Guillotines are quick and pretty fool proof I’d be shocked if the failure rate was even 0.9 %. I do wonder though is the lethal injection given to death rowers the same one that is given to people using physician assisted suicide?

No. 1449387

No it’s because liberals hate the death sentence because the state shouldn’t have the right to kill people and they point to a few instances where people were wrongfully convicted

No. 1452321

Why even use drugs when you can use a gun? Death by firing wall is severely underrated.

No. 1452322

>waste of tax paper money
I will provide my service and time for free to lay waste to these convicted criminals myself, especially scrotes who kill women and children.

No. 1452824

File: 1671465655668.gif (940.34 KB, 498x367, fat-guy-shooting.gif)

Where in are you gonna find a whole squad of guys who can aim a gun properly kek

No. 1462442

File: 1672793125605.jpg (612.29 KB, 1073x1483, Whitewomanthinksherhusbandlook…)

Why do a lot of white people from the US choose to associate with their great great grandparents nationality rather than actual nationality? What is your opinion on this? I'm a Eurofag, and I've had people say to me "oh I'm from there too!!". I used to assume they went to international school there so had American accents but they always reply with, "well my great great great grandpa…".

No. 1462450

Family tends to pass a lot of culture down. It’s called the mixing pot for a reason. Just because their family immigrated to the states, the doesn’t mean they had to lose their flavor. Funny how Europeans get their panties in a wad over this.

No. 1462453

I don't understand why they don't just use morphine or, like, fentanyl. There are a lot of drugs you can overdose someone on and kill them mostly painlessly.

No. 1462455

I think it's more when you're (for example) someone who had lived in X country for their whole life. They speak the language, understand the geography, political landscape etc. Having someone who has never stepped foot in the country or been taught the language, history claim to be just as much as a x resident as the other person - it can be both invasive and offensive. Especially when that person might only know this from an ancestry kit that says they're 2% Norweigen and then try and pretend the understand the troubles of the native people from that country.

No. 1462456

the cruelty is the point

No. 1462459

Who really does that though? When I say my family was mostly Irish I don’t pretend to know jack shit about Ireland’s politics. But I have taken interest in the country’s history and my family’s place in it. Most “German” Americans I know just have some traditions and recipes passed down, and while they sure as hell don’t speak fluent German (most of the time) they don’t pretend to know more than a few phrases. Maybe I’m missing out but I’ve never encountered these Americans who pretend to be from the same European country their families came over from. Not counting Italians.

No. 1462460

Did you look at the image they posted of the white "Indian passing" guy. I've heard people from Boston say "I'm Irish and Italian" when asked where they're from.

No. 1462783

Not trying to racebait but why are todays immigrants so averse to assimilating unlike the generations prior? Around 1/4 of Americans have German heritage and yet hardly any Americans speak German today. If German was treated the way Spanish is currently then America would look very different but most people learned English and integrated themselves into their new countries—not just outright refused to speak it. I also imagine that if things were like that back then, many mutts like myself would not exist because immigrants would act like ones today who don’t want to speak others languages and basically just interact amongst their own.

No. 1462837

You can't use Germans immigrants in arguments about assimilation because they deliberately ditched their language and most of their customs due to World War I and II. Completely one off situation.

No. 1462854

This occurs in the context of interactions between Euros and Americans so of course you haven't seen it. Go hangout on some boards populated mostly by Euros and you will hear all about it.

No. 1462930

Because our families are from your shitty countries and didn’t just automatically sprout out of Jeffersons slave plantation. Not everyone has a Mayflower passenger or a founding father in their family tree. My dads family didn’t immigrate here until 1900 and I proudly distance myself from Europeens aka the continent of elitist pricks who only lay claim to American culture when it benefits them.

No. 1462934

Ok then use any other group of people like the Irish, Italians, Dutch, French, etc. Why do todays immigrants act so fucking entitled and demand everyone to learn their language?

No. 1463252

Mexicans were literally here first lmao

No. 1463261

>calling yourself a mutt

No. 1463271

Spanish is only spoken in either or any of the Americas in general due to Spanish colonization roughly when we were up here still being jolly old English people pillaging and raping the northern part of the continent with France while Spain, Portugal, and to a slight extent Germany did the same down under. It’d be different if Spain was coming here to colonize America, but it’s not as if a generation of people who immigrated from Spanish speaking countries even spoke Spanish 500 years ago, those were indigenous languages that were destroyed in favor of the direction the [evil] tides of history were turning. Why would you require a group of people who have already lost their language once, to just start from scratch because it’s easier for you? Our country has become unofficially bilingual out of necessity of the demographics that inhabit it. I don’t speak good Spanish, but I still can tell it puts others who do at ease when I attempt it, because it’s a gesture of good will and nature to take the first step to communicate with someone who may have had a longer and harder journey to be in the same place as you having said conversation.

No. 1463344


You're not going to get a good answer because posters probably think you're a moid, but I blame the reactionary "woke" culture that's transformed the country in the past two decades. We bend over backwards to accommodate because of the incessant stupid accusations of things like "inherent racism" and hand-wringing of the past. I wouldn't go to Japan and scream for them to speak to me in English because Pearl Harbor happened, I doubt Koreans go to Japan and similarly sob.

>Our country has become unofficially bilingual out of necessity of the demographics that inhabit it. I don’t speak good Spanish, but I still can tell it puts others who do at ease when I attempt it, because it’s a gesture of good will and nature to take the first step to communicate with someone who may have had a longer and harder journey to be in the same place as you having said conversation.
You're really coming at it with an infected bleeding heart, but English is still our national language, the overwhelming mass speak it and it should be expected that immigrants learn it just like the laws and customs. Do you expect European countries getting swarms of immigrants from the middle east or Ukraine to be the same out of their necessity?

No. 1463360

It's one thing to learn a language because it interests you and a completely different thing to learn it because millions of people move to your country and refuse to learn the local language so if you don't learn theirs you can't communicate with them.

No. 1463368

Why not? 60 year old abuelas are badasses who are capable of learning some conversational phrases. I know a monolingual English speaker who took up Spanish in his late 60s and while his pronunciation is hilarious, he can speak and understand it well.

No. 1463380

File: 1672873443867.jpg (737.26 KB, 2400x1800, foranon.jpg)

I remade my post, but in a picture to make it easier to understand. Everything takes time, especially change. Traditions are forgotten if people don't participate in them, it is something people are afraid of losing and causes resistance to new ways. Ignore the people trying to spark unnecessary infighting.

No. 1463381

ayrt, bleeding heart most definitely. Infected? No, maybe yours isn’t putting enough blood in your brain, though. Every country has an unofficial second language, Canada has French, almost every non English speaking country if not every single one has English as an unofficial or listed official second langauge, and even some countries like South Africa where a plethora of languages are spoken, English is still spoken often enough for American tourists to view it as a destination country for travel. Maybe you need to take a less anglo-centric viewpoint, I do mean that in the most linguistic way possible and am talking about a less “English language is the best because it’s all I speak” with your viewpoint. What prompted the initial expression of irritation may I ask?

No. 1463388

> Why would you require a group of people who have already lost their language once, to just start from scratch because it’s easier for you?
Jesus how do you respond to such lunacy? And this nonsense about already having lost their language… How many of the immigrants to the US are 300 years old? They're free to stay in Spanish lands if they don't want to learn a second language.

No. 1463394

Some groups of immigrants, including immigrants from Europe, that came to America faced discrimination and persecution, so they assimilated into wider American culture to avoid it. In the early 20th century when the eugenics movement was active, Catholic immigrants were considered undesirable compared to Protestant immigrants from Northern Europe. Italians, Irish and other nationalities were stereotyped as lazy, stupid, drunk and prone to criminality. There were some cases were assimilation was forced such as in Louisiana. Speaking French was banned in schools which lead to the loss of both Creole and Cajun French.

No. 1463513

>Every country has an unofficial second language, Canada has French
Didn’t read the rest of the post because of this retardation, French is an official language of Canada.

No. 1463524

File: 1672886661209.jpg (227.85 KB, 922x785, Abshhd.jpg)

How some of ya'll sound

No. 1463527

*y'all, you pot

No. 1463528

Shouldn't it be "'Y'all', you pot."

No. 1463532

No, it's "you all".

No. 1463540

I’m an immigrant from Canada and the reason why Canada has two languages because the French and English founded it. I was honestly surprised that USA has Spanish and English on intercoms and stuff. Tbh I don’t think the states should even consider making it a second language because it’ll be harder for Americans to get jobs. I’m already seeing “do you speak more than one language” on American applications.

No. 1463542

Since we're talking about y'all, all y'all non southern bitches (Especially you non-American bitches) need to stop using y'all. Damn cultural appropriation. Too many people started using it and now it's frowned upon to say it on lolcow.

No. 1463546

Omg i love "THEY TOOK ERR JAWBS" Core

No. 1463555

Canada is beyond fucked because of mass immigration. Take a look in the Canadian thread if you don’t believe me. It’s a naive take to believe otherwise.

No. 1463558

lmao it's true though, it's true.
someone at work asked if I wanted to get a 23andme and I was like "what's it gonna tell me, that I'm 4 types of white?"

No. 1463595

>the reason why Canada has two languages because the French and English founded it.
Yes, that’s true. The poster I quoted was trying to make a point about ‘unofficial second languages’ but since French is an official language her point is null.

No. 1463604

Cause some fucking idiot kids out there will still go broke to either say they live near a big famous city or they don't want to live with their parents because tinder thots won't think they're cool and they can't get stoned with their buds and instead of blaming the fact they care too much about others they'll blame society as if it's not almost exclusively gen z being too prideful whom are renting out these ""apartments""

No. 1463605

Americans are apparently fucking up mexico now too, they're moving because of affordable healthcare and housing and now everyone else is too. Can you guess what state they're all from?

No. 1463609

>Canada is fucked because of immigrants
>need proof? just look at the Canadian thread on this bhutanese beetle breeding forum
>completely trustworthy

No. 1463614

>There were German immigrants from before WW1 and WW2. They are amish now.
Ok, you have no idea what you are talking about. I was talking about the German immigrants that came to America before WW1 and WW2. The largest number of German immigrants came between 1820 and WWI. German was the second most spoken language in America in 1910 with 3 million speakers.

No. 1463624

Mass immigration has basically caused a lot of things to collapse. Our housing market is broken from foreign buyers and immigrants, sewer can’t keep up, health system is collapsed from covid and the amount of people needing help, jobs are hard to get, thousands of immigrants per year and that number has risen thanks to the lack of young people and Justin Trudeau. My mom runs a trailer park and the amount of people pleading her to let them live there because there’s no affordable housing in what used to be a small town has grown. Don’t talk shit unless you’ve seen it first hand what immigration can do to a population smaller than the states.

No. 1463637

take it to the canada thread, maple leaf.

No. 1463638

File: 1672897335982.gif (39.26 KB, 220x242, america-usa.gif)

Yeah, I bet you "y'all" thieves do.
Is this the fucking mooseland thread

No. 1463643

I’m American/Canadian I can post where I please lol. My descendants are American too.

No. 1463652

Don't talk about your retarded backwoods hillbilly French country in MUH thread about MUH AMERICA, mooseknuckle.

No. 1463654

No you can't, all your complaints were only relevant to canada. I am from the UK and i live in the US and I am not about to shit up this thread with a discourse about jaffa cakes being biscuits or cakes. It just sounds like you weren't getting along with the anons in the canada thread and thought the anons here would validate you.

No. 1463697

No I’ve only kept it to this thread, homie. I just wanted to share why two official languages in the states would be bad.

No. 1463774

>Why do a lot of white people from the US choose to associate with their great great grandparents nationality rather than actual nationality

because it sounds cool and makes the average cornpone american feel ~exotic~.

No. 1463926

>International student in USA
>Make friends with an Italian guy
>Someone overhears him talking
>That someone chooses to go up to him and announce she is also French.
>"I'm Italian not french"
>"I'm a quarter 15% Italian too"

No. 1464258

They're from every state. It's so funny when Texans try to act like only people from California suck when they're are literally no good Americans. We're all descended from the ugliest, most retarded, most violent goblins that Europe had to offer.

No. 1464593

File: 1672976030147.jpg (23.76 KB, 592x416, 1581988483952.jpg)

>Canada lets Chinese millionaires buy up all their housing
>America lets Chinese millionaires buy up all their farmland
An actual Folie à Deux situation.

No. 1465251

Oh well kek I will continue to purposefully not speak Spanish and force lazy immigrants to speak English to me. Same was done to my ancestors including one asshole of ours who didn't wanna learn English–he still had to because that's what happens when you get actually kicked out of your country. It's the language of the country they came to, they should stop speaking Spanish at everyone, especially service workers who get paid minimum wage like wtf. It happened all the time when I worked in fast food. Even when I pretend to not know Spanish they don't even try to order in English off of the English menu. They just want us to cave and speak Spanish to them, it's so self-centered and not characteristic of a real struggling immigrant at all.

No. 1465264

Self-hating white people with no interest in their ancestral culture who think its some sort of funny flex are just sad. It's probably your parents' (and grandparents') fault but your ancestors would be ashamed.
23andme is not only useful for genealogy but also finding lost family and helping adopted people who I have helped find their birth parents with my own family tree.
Anons itt are dumb if they can't see that the same thing is happening to the US but it's just taking a bit longer for the effects to manifest to visible extremes that the MSM can't cover up. Just look at how illegal immigrants are being discussed to have welfare provided compared to homeless Americans on the streets who have been neglected by Biden and his admin. I'm not Republican fyi but this is really leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm disgusted with the entitlement of these people.

No. 1465285

autosomal DNA tests are really inaccurate though. also companies like 23and me are shady as fuck.

No. 1465339

Kek, you're really defending that 12% Cherokee princess that ancestry told you about. The one thing its useful for is looking up relatives, but that's based purely on public archives that can be found yourself (if you care about yknow, where you money and data goes). The fact you're saying its "self hatred" when you're one the who's rejecting their own nationality.
They're so inaccurate, some countries demand that they actually clarify this on the website. A majority of tests come back with wrong results.

No. 1465361

and law enforcement can use your dna from it as well

No. 1465432

People will think I'm crazy but I really like Boston and New York accents. It's usually considered loud and abrasive but I think it's hot coming from a man for some reason

No. 1465433

Ik the actual percentages are shit but the site is quite useful when it comes to finding relatives. And ofc you have to combine it with records then you have a full picture. I actually like 23andMe for the family it’s helped me meet and connect moreso than the lineage it reports. Ancestry historical records and building a family tree are much better for tracing your ancestors.
Idk why you all are so opposed to learning about your ancestors instead of just laughing and mocking those who do feel a sense of duty to our ancestors aka the people who put us here.
You can do all the surgeries and HRT you want but you will never get rid of your mannerisms and verbiage that clocks you as the crazy tranny, Blaine. Males gonna male. >>1465361 of course you care about this seeing as you’re a deranged sexual deviant male with child pornography on his computer.

No. 1465440

those tests are super inaccurate for determining ancestry beyond a continental level and also pretty much useless for people who are of mixed ancestry. i tried 3 different dna tests to see how different they all would be (i know pretty much my exact ancestry because my dad's done a lot of genealogy research) and none of them got my background quite right. ancestrydna was the most accurate but it still gave me a really high false positive for a region that is geographically between the 2 places i have separate lines from kek. i now regret getting those tests because now they probably are doing god knows what with my data.
i bet 23andme/ancestry/etc are useful for connecting with long-lost relatives if you can't do that in any other way, but in any other situation it's not worth selling your data to shady companies.

No. 1465445

For certain ancestries it can be useless, the only one they seem to get right is Jewish ancestry and that’s not even because of their own doing kek. People would be much better off just getting into genealogy and tracing via records but I can understand why adopted people do it to find people who are related and can share info about their family tree.

No. 1465529

same except i think it's ugly on men and only attractive on women

No. 1465573

I’m glad my family’s history is really well documented. On my dad’s side at least, idk as much about my mother’s, so that’s the only reason I’ve considered one of them dna tests. But for privacy reasons that idea has been abandoned. I get the vibe a lot of Americans aren’t very interested in their family history, not to the extent my dad is at least. Dude’s a big nerd over it.

No. 1467396

File: 1673217150026.png (237.55 KB, 512x512, dog.png)

Everything is so darn expensive. Even the cheap places aren't cheap anymore.

No. 1467405

It's rough out here now

No. 1467560

When i was 20 years old i lived in a town where the shitty apartments were $300/month. I lived in a $400/month apartment because i wasn't being cheap. 12 years later that feels like another reality. I feel 50 years old. inflation happened too hard.

No. 1467569

You're making me feel nostalgic for my $380 one bedroom apartment with a view. Same apartment is $1450 these days and it hasn't even been renovated since I lived there in 2012

No. 1467571

everyone was still sad about the recession but if only they knew how bad things could get. wish I had bought the 150k house i looked at when i was renting a 700/month apartment aaaaahhhhhhhh

real estate please crash a little bit (they'll never let it)

No. 1467912

The housing situation drives me crazy. Everyone I know is either living with their parents or several roommates, and are one missed paycheck away from being homeless. How is this not being treated like the number one issue in our country right now?

No. 1469111

File: 1673392496984.jpg (38.6 KB, 640x480, a cat and its kitten.jpg)

America is an absolute shithole but I like it (somewhat) and it actually kind of makes me sad that I will never have children here. The gun epidemic here is so terrible, I feel like my only options are to not have kids or to move and raise them in a different country. Everyone can pretend like it's not a real issue but as someone who has been in a position where I could've been a victim to gun violence, it absolutely is.

No. 1469115

Tell me about it. My wages are the same as my sisters were after graduating 10 years ago. Only now almost all cost of necessities has more than doubled at the store, housing is insane and takes almost all your income just to live in a decent space without risk of getting shot by stray bullets. Like shit what’s the point, this is so bullshit. Cant find a house with our combined 6 figure income but my sibling lives in a house now valued at over a million just because she got lucky in the market. Fml it’s criminal and no wonder people feel like there’s no future and crime/mental illness is out of control

No. 1469135

idk where would you move instead? It's not like most countries accept Americans with open arms

No. 1469136

I'm in California and in 2012, the apartment I shared with my boyfriend at the time in a central area of our big city was $650 a month, which was a pretty good deal at the time. Out of curiosity, I looked it up just now and the apartments in the same area are going for $1600-$3000 a month.

No. 1469150

I lived in an apartment in bumfuck Idaho for 250 monthly when I was a kid, my mom made 13/hour doing some normie job that didn't even require a bachelors. Years later the apartment is 1600 and the same job is still 13 an hour and no one cares to do anything other than bitch on the internet

No. 1469226

Honestly, idk. I've had countries I've lightly considered. Maybe another English speaking country, or just a country that is at least somewhat multicultural and not too homogenous. I don't even have my life together enough to have kids so I guess when I get closer to that goal I'll think more deeply about it. I would also have to travel out of the country.

No. 1469285

I am curious. The general feeling around me in my age group (25 to 35) is 'i will never own a house and probably wont ever retire'. Does that sound true for other nonnies across the nation?

No. 1469290

yeah, pretty much.

But I'm going to retire even if it kills me (lol); I'm not dying at work.

No. 1469292

Yes, even the houses slightly above my budget range are sketchy and need extensive remodeling which is a huge risk to deal with. But if rent keeps going up it might be worth it to just take the plunge and at least have a property to own equity. It makes me sad because I’ve always been frugal and obsessed with saving money but now that’s all pretty much useless because it’s like haha btw your rent will go up $200 this year good luck oh and also groceries will cost you $100 per week minimum

No. 1469301

Yes, dear god yes. Largely considering leaving to a cheaper state into a cute but old house under 100-200k because the houses here look like a tornado hit for 300k. 400k-600k for houses that were normal homes, 300-350k before covid, and anything over 600k is a larger home, 800k-1 million a mansion. The wages are 20-40 hour at best here unless you have an amazing degree like med school. Groceries spiked which it makes it very hard for a weekly visit not to exceed $60, and the rent prices with their prices are the same as owning a home monthly except it's only 1-2 bedrooms. The real joke is that 1 bedrooms are only $100-200 off from a 2 room.

No. 1469325

yeah, theres no way I can retire or have a kid. I actually have to support my mom even though she worked for 25 years, her retirement could barely pay her meds and a few groceries let alone rent. by the time our generation is old as fuck and can hardly work, they'll be advertising euthanasia to us

No. 1469332

I’m born and raised in NYC. Maybe 2-3 of my family members in a huge family own property and it’s because they had the leg up of savings from the 80s and got out in the early 2000s when the housing market was still low. Owning a house with me and my partners combined income is a pipe dream. We can barely afford the shoebox we live in, and cheaper states don’t have the same kind of job market, and the ones that do pay significant less, so we’d be in the same boat even if we moved. Stuck in the horrific rental cycle.

No. 1469556


Damn dudes. I am so sorry. The only shitty redeeming thing is that we are all in this together….i guess. Like, it isnt a personal failing. Used to beat myself up over justhow behind I seem to be. Almost 30. I thought I had a bright future. I hate hate hate to say it but my moid brings home decent enough money and I have health issues so I work part time and thank fucking god we can afford rent on his income and my income goes to debt. I have basically a zero net worth. I save money by fixing my old beater truck myself and fixing all the broken shit around our (rented) place myself too as management wont do it so fuck em. I restore curb furniture for our place instead of buying, nothing matches kek. I am considering talking to my bf about buying a shitty house just to stop rent too and if that dropped our rent payment maybe I could work full time on fixing the house? Like I make all our food from scratch I make bread because its 5 or more dollars a loaf and a 20lbs bag of flour is 10 dollars so wtf. It isnt worth it to work more for me because I can save more money by laboring at home. I hate it. And it is a lot of work. I need new clothes and havent bought more in years I look homeless kek. I have a sick feeling about the future. I know I am in a perfectly balanced financial spot right at this moment and am so so lucky to be where I am, but I can only see a path of maybe maintenence and not growing wealth. If it were me alone, I would probably have 4 or 5 roommates and probably consider living under a bridge instead. This shit is unacceptable and I know a lot of people are striving to get where I ended up, and I am not even in a great place financially. I have no idea what the future holds.

No. 1469855

Yes… I am another NYC nona and one of my friends actually bought a condo last year. On one hand, it gives me hope, but on the other, she lives so fucking far out from the city center that of course she could afford to buy a place. My only salvation is my parents bought our coop (inb4 coops suck, I know they do) and we are planning on setting it up so I will inherit it from them. It will probably be the only way I'll own something of my own. It is by no means perfect, but I like our apartment and it's in a good location. Units in our building go for 3-4x what my parents bought our unit for, and we have one of the rare 2 bedroom units.

It feels futile, but I've begun saving up for a downpayment on the off chance I might be able to buy a place on my own. I just loathe the idea of playing exorbitant rent prices. I planned to move out with my best friend, but now I'm hesitant because even if we could afford a decent place, why the fuck would I want to pay $2k in fucking rent when I could be paying $2k for a mortgage? It's a stupid money sink and I will gain absolutely nothing. I am perfectly fine living at home with my parents until I get our apartment or buy a place of my own. If I'm gonna get scammed by our shit housing market, at least let me own the god damn place.

I've maxed out my Roth IRA for the past few years since I opened one, and have my 401k set up, but it feels extremely futile. I just have it for the sake of having it at this point.

No. 1470089

File: 1673480371444.png (89.48 KB, 1024x574, median-home-price-1024x574.png)

Yuuup. My nigel and I are in our 30s, he has a decent "white collar" job and I work from home. We live in an "affordable" city (which is also the butt of a lot of jokes in our state for being lame, boring and ugly). Crime is getting worse every year, our rent is getting ridiculous and I feel like our apartment is already too expensive for what we get. I know beggars can't be choosers, but given the chance, I'd rather not buy a house in this city- but if we ever ever get to a point where we could buy a house, it's probably the only area we could afford. It's ridiculous and so frustrating to be well into adulthood and feel like you're still slumming it like you were as a broke 20-year-old.

No. 1470096

My parents were immigrants to the US in the 80s, and I'm wondering if Americans had the opportunity to move somewhere else like them, do you think they would be happier?

No. 1470101

I wish I could kek

No. 1470123

Not exactly. I've had multiple friends buy townhomes recently for around $400,000. The question is will they continue to be able to afford the mortgage for 30 years. Being house poor sucks, especially when you're not even house poor - you're townhome poor. Not to mention they are putting a lot less than 20% down so they have PMI and bigger payments. I personally hate townhomes and think they're horrible so I'm biased here, but $400,000 is crazy to share walls and have no privacy outsite.
During the pandemic my rent situation was shaky to I decided to buy a cheap condo as "insurance" in case I got kicked out of my apartment. I ended up staying and am renting out the condo. I'll do that until I get kicked out of my current place and either move in or buy a single family home and keep renting it out.
It's wild to think of how things will progress though. The affluent are the ones who can afford houses, and they're buying the ones in desirable areas as second homes and Air Bnbs. If land is being developed, corporations will build expensive "luxury" apartments instead of affordable housing. And not even affordable like Section 8/near poverty. These are places only the people making 6 figures+ can afford without worrying how to pinch pennies elsewhere.

No. 1470143

I bought a house in a small town and I'm pretty happy with. I doubt I will have any type of healthcare in my retirement though. And I would have never been able to afford kids.

No. 1470481

File: 1673528465253.png (342.39 KB, 1191x917, 1672864237279.png)

While this is obviously hyperbole for the sake of a meme, the fact that every american film I've watched in the last 5 that that had an asian lead has this exact premise(though sometimes its father or both of the parents) is frankly concerning
like what gives ?

No. 1470544

Second generation Asian immigrants who have bad relationships with their mothers (and who are often women themselves) often go into the movie or music industry.

No. 1470566

File: 1673535698512.png (18.94 KB, 590x349, CSUS-USD-1975.png)

but if you can buy a house with gold it's cheap as ever! lol…

No. 1471505

Also in contemporary fiction written about Asian families. Is it the reality of immigrant Asian mothers to be emotionally distant and borderline abusive, or is that what sells so it's overrepresented?

No. 1471892

This is such a whiny ass first world complaint (I know) but I hate the checkout process at grocery stores now. There used to be someone who would bag your items, which was a nice job for disabled people or teenagers, now I have to bring my own bags and bag everything myself, even on the non-self checkout aisles. I know it’s such a minuscule annoyance but it’s a reminder how much stores have cut costs/service and still charge you way more. It’s also harder to pay attention to how much each item is ringing up if you’re being overcharged for something or if a sale price didn’t apply. I always feel so rushed to bag everything quickly and gtfo by the people waiting behind me.

No. 1471903

I feel the same way so I just pay the bag fee and let them do it. I have ten cents.

No. 1471918

In my area they still won’t bag the items even if you pay for the bags, they just hand you the bags to do it yourself. I don’t blame the cashiers or anything, it’s more annoying to me that the stores are so cheap to get rid of baggers and pass more work onto the customer while also upping the price of everything.

No. 1471932

Kroger still hires disabled & old people as baggers and honestly I dislike it. I'm faster than them I'd rather do it myself than stand there awkwardly while the cashier has to help the slow ass bagger. Plus they do dumb shit like squish my bread

No. 1472011

Why not just go to self checkout then?

No. 1472064

What’s the title of the gay couple movie?

I found a house I thought I could buy outright, just a well taken care of trailer style home that was $70k. It turned out that it also has over $500 a month in HoA fees. The apartments around here start at $1000 for the shittiest rentals. It’s depressing browsing old reviews from 2010-2015 and the tenants complain that their $400 electricity bill costs more than the rent.

No. 1472101

>Is it the reality of immigrant Asian mothers to be emotionally distant and borderline abusive, or is that what sells so it's overrepresented?
Neither. It's the thing the people who own movie and books companies like to buy. It's the same with other groups, like how mainstream movies with gay character usually has the couple break up or one of them die. I'm sure there are tons of Asian our there writing different stuff, but no will buy it.

No. 1472114

Gay couples dying in American media is because until the late 70’s the only way you could represent them was with a killing and punishing the gays at the end. It’s stayed in our culture and honestly is a flag for being a homophobic dickbag if you do it. Kek

No. 1472115

Their self checkout area is retardedly small if you have more than a few bags and also does that weight sensitive crap and screams at you if you move a bag before paying. You can't just put the groceries in your cart before paying like at Meijer or Walmart

No. 1472121

Its gotten so bad, on top of use being in a recession. Though a lot of people born in the 1960s will pretend this isnt happening because it doesnt 'affect' them.

No. 1472147

I hate how so many older people act like we just need to give up the avocado toast or stop buying Starbucks to afford a house, it’s just not comparable to how it was 30ish years ago. Sure, a lot of younger people are dumb and spend wastefully, doesn’t mean home prices haven’t increased at a ridiculously unaffordable rate. Anyone with money has been buying up the houses in good areas to rent out, further driving up prices and making it harder for younger people to buy. It’s just so grim.

No. 1472153

So many rich faggots buying empty places to use as Air bnbs. There needs to be a massive crack down on unlived houses. I'm just waiting for the housing bubble to burst.

No. 1472160

speaking of self checkout, my local grocery has started putting barcodes on ALL their fruits and forcing you to scan them instead of picking from a list, so I can no longer scan everything as bananas or even charge the expensive apples as the cheap ones. What's even the point of using self checkout now kek

No. 1472174

I hold out that they’ll be dead in ten to twenty years, politicians too. Over half our congress is silent generation and over their life expectancy. Death is inescapable.

No. 1472202

File: 1673643106568.jpg (192.41 KB, 1080x1616, Screenshot_20230113-145039_You…)

No. 1472248

I remember trying to find an AirBnB and 5 places in less than 1/2 radius of each other are all owned by the same guy who looked no older than 25. It was so aggravating

No. 1472260

Is anything really gonna change though? They’re going to leave their wealth (houses) to their children if anything. Why would anyone sell their properties if they can keep getting guaranteed income every month? I don’t want to be all doom and gloom but I just don’t see it getting better.

No. 1472296

This is why I'm so glad my parents have invested in real estate and have properties ready for me to inherit

No. 1472309

100% rich assholes breed rich assholes, just because they're younger doesn't mean they weren't brought up by rich assholes to continue acting like rich assholes.

No. 1472373

I've seen some opinion articles written by Asian-Americans who are tired of these stories too

No. 1472413

Atlanta has an ordinance for AirBnB units (you can only own two including your primary residence, you have to actually be a resident of Atlanta, as well as some penalties for noise violations), and I think that needs to be standard across the country.

No. 1472434

The gay couple movie is Happy Together.

the other ones are:
>government official
I can't figure out what this one is
>business executive
High and Low (1963)
>working class family
Harakiri (1962)

No. 1472512

There's a reason no one likes Asian Americans

No. 1472636

Is there any places in the Salt Lake City area thats affordable? I found a "micro" studio for like 890 a month but my mom is still convinced I'm getting ripped off and says to keep looking.

No. 1472982

Paying money to live in a city that smells like rotten shrimp and mining waste is always going to be a ripoff

No. 1473392

I'm being relocated for a job. I won't have a car so I figured being in the actual city of my work would be easier for me vs. living outside the city but I'm all ears if other nonnies have other input/advice.

No. 1474285

File: 1673852635630.jpeg (79.45 KB, 649x1200, cat yell.jpeg)


No. 1474306

Girl no, the city is overpriced as fuck. I'm lucky I get to live with my parents but even my brother who makes over 100k can't find a decent price in the city because everyone price gouged the fuck out of apartments/houses. I mean he can afford to live on his own but it'd be retarded to overpay for a place HERE. It's not even a good city what the fuck happened

No. 1474576

She said Salt Lake City and I was like the city that people were frisking homeless people in shelters? Kek

No. 1477503

(I posted this in the unpopular opinion thread, but maybe it belongs here instead.)
I truly believe the United States has reached a tipping point and is in crisis mode, and our infrastructure is unable to handle the load of mass immigration at this point. We can't address the housing demand, and no longer have the money or resources to help everyone, as much as I wish we did. It's happening in Canada, it's happening here, and there's nothing anyone can do about it without being accused of racism, no matter the background of the people moving in.

No. 1477508

US has a hick with destroying communities then moving somewhere else (especially Canada or Mexico) and destroy that place too. They're too fucking lazy to get up and riot against the issues in their own community but as long as they get their Mexican villa or ski resort they're happy and who cares about everyone else who was there for them through it all. They even do this in their own area, folks from big cities are destroying smaller towns and integrating to them and locals are being priced out

No. 1477548

the problem is our shit zoning laws. Zoning to not allow a factory farm next to a school is fine but vast swarths of the country refuse to allow other types of residential buildings except detached single family homes even in their cities. Not even fucking townhomes let alone condos. IDK why this country is so obsessed with single family homes.
There's definitely demand for more types of residential buildings. I, and many others families around the world, grew up in and raise families in townhomes, condos, and apartments. We moved around in apartments, townhomes, and a single family home as a child and single family house in a suburb was by far the worst experience even though it was the "nicest". I much preferred apartments/condos and townhomes especially within walking distances to public transport and groceries over a house in suburbs and having to steer an expensive metal deathtrap to get anywhere.

In our part of the US, we actually has a public transit system and the amount of single family home only exclusionary zoning right next to public transportation is still staggering. Guess what that lead to? Senseless McMansions right next to the rail stops. Insanity.

No. 1480329

Why don't more Americans move to the Netherlands? You only need $5000 to do so and then you can move wherever you want in the EU. I've thought about doing so in the past but 1. I'd miss my family too much, and 2. my family is pretty rich so the downsides of living in the US matter less to me

No. 1480334

I think you answered your own question. Most people have pipe dreams of just moving to Europe but aren't willing to lose all their family and friends.

No. 1480349

I don't really think friends and family don't really seem like a huge reason. I would say that I have a good relationship with my parents and I'm very close with my sister, and I want to be able to spend more time with her. But I'm not sure if sure if that's the norm. My boyfriend never talks to his siblings, for example.

As for friends, it sucks leaving people behind. But I feel like it's pretty normal to leave people behind in the US as you get older. I don't talk to anyone from high school, and all of my college friends moved to separate part of the country. I liked them a lot but it's just not realistic to have them be a huge part of my life anymore even if I didn't leave the US. Friendship is on the decline in America anyways and a lot of people just aren't very close to anyone.

I know it's not representative of everyone, but I see so many Americans online complain about how miserable they are in this society (like in this thread) and there seems to be an easy way around it.

I guess I'm biased because my parents immigrated in their 20s, so it doesn't seem as big of a deal to me. They had to leave a huge part of their lives behind but they still keep in touch with a lot of their friends online. (And it helps they can afford to fly back every few years kek)

No. 1480353

Imagine thinking most Americans being bothered to learn a new language and assimilate to a new culture. They are very stubborn people in that regard and I'd feel bad for the people of Netherlands for having to deal with this. Plus, most Americans are broke as shit and have never left the country in their lives and never will.

No. 1480379

Its not that Americans don't want to learn a new language, it's that the prime time for them to learn when they're younger, it's not part of the curriculum and even high school foreign language classes have shit tier ways of learning and it's all about passing a test and not actually learning. Then when they're older most of them are too stressed out and over scheduled by being forced to get multiple jobs, go to college, etc that there's zero time to learn a new language unless you're extremely serious about moving to a new country. I feel like too many America's move as a bandaid instead of fixing the issues in their own area. Americans moving to Europe in mass would just make issues worse and they'd be too fucking lazy and pussy to riot about it like most Europeans would

No. 1480387

it's missing your family and friends but a huge part is losing your social sphere and support network. it's easy to say oh just move if you're unhappy! but you damn know there's no guarantee just changing the scenery will improve things. uprooting ones whole life for passing fantasies is unrealistic, not to mention the money issue. gotta remember you are one of the few privileged who don't have to worry about that.

No. 1480420

americans are handicapped from day one when it comes to culture and language. i was required to take 2 years of a foreign language in high school…2 years out of my entire public education. world history class in high school grouped every country into 1 year of education, including american history. tinfoil but it must be a psyop to keep americans from moving abroad. we've been fucked since day 1, gotta keep the uneducated worker bees.