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File: 1677377275344.jpg (43.65 KB, 564x564, 3c00bd87328ecbab48c7021ee66be5…)

No. 1509454

Previous thread >>1500633

the real dumbass shit was the threads we created along the way

No. 1509456

File: 1677377455779.jpg (634.92 KB, 2029x2421, cmDhFia.jpg)

Kek anon your eagerness is funny. Reposting this

No. 1509462

File: 1677377782498.jpeg (43.22 KB, 320x480, 687FC2F6-51F1-4BCE-866C-25282A…)

can someone delete my dupe kek it won't let me

I was choosing threadpic and you beat me op

No. 1509464

I feel bad for being mean to the creator of the last thread. I wouldn't have cared but it was #111 and to me that means something.

No. 1509467

File: 1677378253099.png (26.87 KB, 870x339, abc.png)

nonny nonny nonny nonny nonny
It's been 24 hours and it's time to reveal the poll results - if you haven't voted yet vote here https://strawpoll.com/polls/QrgebwLjQZp
With 40 total votes the results are:
50% (20 votes)
40% (16 votes)
10% (4 votes)
Strawpoll allows me to see 'vote analytics', like what countries voters are from. Do nonnies want me to post the countries that voted? I'm unsure if I should because some nonnies might not want to reveal what country they're from, even if we're all anonymous.

No. 1509469

Thank you.
No thanks.

No. 1509471

File: 1677378520198.png (852.91 KB, 654x619, 1611562985591.png)

>Strawpoll allows me to see 'vote analytics', like what countries voters are from.
I didn't consent to that

No. 1509472

Yeah, why not?

No. 1509473

Don't worry nonnies I won't post it. I didn't even know you could do that until I tried fiddling with the settings trying to add images to the poll

No. 1509474

Having a proper weekend right now by chilling in bed, eating pizza and watching gameplay vids.
Didn't realize there were so many bi anons, especially cause our thread in /g/ is so slow.

No. 1509483

File: 1677379220933.png (116.39 KB, 1483x552, 1674681644834.png)

based JK Rowling

No. 1509489

shes probably done this stuff countless times. shes the best

No. 1509491

I wish I had grey hair already. My hair is black and it's so annoying when trying to wear colorful hair accessories, they always look too stark. I love grey hair, it's beautiful.

No. 1509498

File: 1677379960010.gif (2.08 KB, 39x41, kot4f81581ebb_f9853dd9_75.gif)

JKR has probably helped more people than the tranny community combined.

No. 1509530

I like to post in the /g/ bi thread, but sometimes I feel like because there can be so much variety in our preferences we're unlikely to all see eye to eye about LGB topics

No. 1509545

Me trying to find the cure for my hemorrhoids

No. 1509547

Eh. I’m asexual.

No. 1509549

here we go. take cover nonnies

No. 1509550

File: 1677383754195.gif (766.5 KB, 220x165, run-fire.gif)

No one cares

No. 1509551

There was a poll. I won’t argue or anything. Have fun with your sexing and whatnot

No. 1509552

File: 1677384182949.jpg (95.28 KB, 821x868, 1674345399035.jpg)

Nobody cares if you're NLOG. You didn't have to drop in and let everyone ITT know you're not like those ugh so icky secks obsessed normies.

No. 1509553

lmaooooo back to tumblr you go

No. 1509554

I don't normally post in these threads, why do we hate asexuals?

No. 1509559

"Asexuals" don't believe in people with low libido nor do people that that have their libido suppressed by medicine or mental disorders. Along with the fact "asexuals" often talking about wanting to fuck imaginary characters, masturbation or how they don't feel the need to have sex with their boyfriends/girlfriends because they don't realise they aren't attracted to them. I mean there is a thread on /g/ on the subject but you can clearly see what's wrong.

No. 1509560

They think they’re “queer” for being voluntary celibates and have an oppression fetish

No. 1509565

File: 1677385053073.jpeg (61.68 KB, 749x725, DE00894C-68FC-4672-8616-133D99…)

No. 1509566

There's nothing wrong with asexuals (though some nonnies question whether asexuality is natural or a symptom of something physically or mentally upset), the thing that they do that annoys everyone is that 'asexuals' almost always post in threads mentioning sexuality to say, 'but what about the asexuals?' as happened ITT >>1509547 then go on rants about how 'normie sexuality is so cringe and gross!' It's the way they obviously display a not-like-other-girls mentality and insert themselves into every conversation they see that gets on the nerves of nonnies. I can't count the number of times an asexual has inserted themself into a dumbass shit thread to make a reply contributing nothing, zero, but just 'whaaat about meee?' and when nonnies rightfully say it wasn't about them they start a huge infight, replying to everyone for hours about how they think 'all you sexuals are gross and mindless!'

No. 1509567

I hate poly "people" more than asexuals

No. 1509568

File: 1677385306326.jpg (220.18 KB, 1000x602, 1677008592526.jpg)

No. 1509569

Kek I personally knew two repressed “asexual” pickmes like this who constantly bragged about being more enlightened than other people and how they found sex so gross and then they both changed their minds in new relationships and said actually their case is different and special and not gross because blah blah blah.

No. 1509570

They’re both retarded but one more so than the other kek

No. 1509591

I think I'm too old or not online enough because this sounds like annoying teenager stuff

No. 1509592

Yeah that's pretty much all it is.

No. 1509594

File: 1677387310620.jpg (146.25 KB, 1126x1200, f2232fdc73d355b257d0c66b3a207d…)

This is what I become irl when I get high and think about how much I love women

No. 1509605

Perfect threadpic nona. Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique

No. 1509628

File: 1677391145786.gif (3.01 MB, 175x219, thelooker.gif)

prove you're not a newfag right now by listing as many redtexted words as you can

No. 1509631

toxic victim nonny

No. 1509632

kek on second thought maybe this idea is retarded. Honestly I'm just curious how many there are.

No. 1509634

samefag, oof toxic victim terf nonny nonnie abusive valid

No. 1509635

File: 1677391563187.gif (206.83 KB, 941x173, 1674963830551.gif)

nonny nonnie trigger warning terf victim problematic valid

No. 1509637

toxic triggered oof problematic victim nonnie terf abusive valid

No. 1509642

File: 1677392042538.jpg (30.74 KB, 656x679, 12-E20-A987-I7.jpg)

abusive toxic triggered trigger warning TW problematic WOC POC terf nonny nonnie valid victim oof

No. 1509644

i thought i forgot something sorry lol

No. 1509646

File: 1677392414000.gif (1.19 MB, 220x220, GI.gif)

This is it. You won the oldfag competition

No. 1509648

File: 1677392452696.jpeg (61.05 KB, 788x591, announcer.jpeg)

Another nonnie takes the lead!
But has she won?

No. 1509650

yay what's my prize

No. 1509651

File: 1677392579442.webm (203.74 KB, 738x720, smooch.webm)

No. 1509652

File: 1677392631596.png (735.11 KB, 572x588, 1677226085731.png)

nonnie nonny victim oof toxic problematic terf valid victim tw poc woc trigger warning trigger triggered triggers abusive

No. 1509653

File: 1677392781923.jpg (2.31 KB, 135x130, heh.jpg)

thank you
beat ya to it

No. 1509654

wait i didn't see the other triggers oh shit

No. 1509655


game changer?

No. 1509659

File: 1677393526674.gif (20.37 KB, 166x78, NONNIE.gif)

I'm not qualified to judge this competition but I hope we all had fun.

No. 1509670


Also, I think "gaslighting" should also be redtexted

No. 1509678

File: 1677396454434.jpg (483.55 KB, 1080x1617, anorexia does not equal gay.jp…)

This is literally the funniest image I've ever seen KEK what the fuck

No. 1509682

I don't know, he looks pretty gay to me

No. 1509686

Hey look at that faggot

No. 1509687

why do they call it gorse harriege when it's an upside down horse carriege?

No. 1509693

There are so many different ways to say numbers. If I want to say 1,120, I could say eleven twenty, a thousand one hundred and twenty, eleven hundred and twenty, etc…

No. 1509700

This actually fucks me up and I hate saying big numbers aloud. I can't keep it consistent.

No. 1509702

Kek it fucks me up too. I don't like when people say stuff numbers like "nineteen hundred" because it always makes me think they either mean 900 or 19,000 instead of 1,900. Way too confusing and there's better ways to say it.

No. 1509704

Whenever I see the vatican city flag emoji in someone’s bio, I immediately block them, as it’s a sure fire sign that they are a massive retard.

No. 1509705

this is only semi related but I was well into adulthood before I realized forty wasn't spelled with a u. Kinda pisses me off desu

No. 1509710

Why would someone have a Vatican City flag in their bio?

No. 1509713

Do people just know what every nation/etc flag looks like now or what? That seems like something that (no offense) should be the realm of autists with flags as a special interest. Is this twitter’s fault?
(Sorry for delete and repost I just couldn’t get plurals and meanings right, I feel like I still phrased it weird but hopefully this makes sense)

No. 1509723

i love this conspiracy

No. 1509739

It's 4 am and I'm up sewing a fucking hat
Also, I'm listening to music on autoplay, and the most chill and almost cheerful song about how a woman grew her ass just came on. I didn't even register it until she started singing "He wanna knoooow how she get that ass like that"

No. 1509757

TIL fourty isn't the British English spelling of 40

No. 1509760

Random acts of vitriol keep imageboard culture alive, you did your part

No. 1509765

You should. It was a cute pic and funny OP!

No. 1509773

I believe many "woke" people only adopt woke ideas as a coping mechanism to deal with the fact that they are racist/hatful in their heart. This is just what I have seen in several people in my life.

No. 1509792

I think so as well, especially if we're talking about men and HAES girls.

No. 1509822

File: 1677415250629.jpeg (170.82 KB, 1168x1482, 1671435185823.jpeg)

in the personal cows thread i remember scrolling past this. it was posted 2 months ago by a nona from Florida who said her ex bff followed her and took pics of her then messaged her this. nona also claimed ex bff stole her precious gems, 20 bucks and a dab pen.
i didn't open the full pic at the time. well i finally did and everytime i see it i laugh so hard i cry and my head starts hurting. NONA WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WEARING? i need more people to see this its one of the best lolcow posts of all time.

No. 1509837

nonny the wizard.

No. 1509841

File: 1677416846502.jpg (119.96 KB, 810x1724, download (3).jpg)

I think I'm going to stick to the dumbass shit, stupid questions and caps thread (when it comes to /ot/). All the other threads make me feel sad and angry in ways I cant do nothing about, so might as well ignore them

No. 1509854

iirc it's a tranny

No. 1509855

Go the funny cap thread. purple frock is atranny

No. 1509912

What are some new words you learned from farmers? Mine are:

No. 1509919

Purple frock anon is a tranny >>>/snow/1762612

No. 1509921

What does those mean?

No. 1509923

the first one is about male nipples from an old confessions post, i kinda forgot the other one but it sounded funny

No. 1509970

How hard do you think it is to make videos like these? I have been thinking about making a yt channel to grift and these dumb autistic sperging about children's cartoons look so easy to make, plus i already do it for free because i am a /co/mrade. I actually wonder how much they make and how much times it takes him to make such a shitty video.

No. 1509971

post results, i want to know pakichan's and romanions sexuality.

No. 1509972

File: 1677427395606.jpg (24.1 KB, 399x399, XVoc2aCd_400x400.jpg)

im wearing basic silver hoop earrings and my bf said i look like a lesbian wearing them. nonnas what the fuck is he on about

No. 1509977

Nta but they use vpns so it wouldn't be accurate unfortunately.

No. 1509980

modern men are so ugly, both inside and outside, i am surprised about the negative reaction to this post, but also half the vent thread is women complaining about their ugly/abusive/dirty boyfriends and getting angry when other anons tell them to dump them so maybe anons havent seen the light yet or are slaves to their cursed sexuality.

No. 1509982

i am sorry to inform you nonna but i think your boyfriend is retarded

No. 1510017

I wonder if her and doja are friends

No. 1510018

Just had to mix a little bleach and hydrogen peroxide together. I know it creates chlorine gas but it was so minicusile I think it will be fine.

No. 1510031

a single dip in the relationship advice thread turns me off men every time

No. 1510039

kek what

No. 1510043

If it's not dubbed I simply don't watch that shit

No. 1510069

dont forget to accompany your dub watching endeavours with jelly filled doughnuts

No. 1510071

Most women are so beautiful, it’s crazy to me. I just love looking at women. Even women with stereotypically “ugly” features have such an enchanting appearance. If there was a magazine with just random pictures of everyday women I would 100% subscribe.

No. 1510073

everyone talks about kpop and jpop but i think cpop is criminally underrated, it fills me with so much joy and happines and it makes me want to serve xi xing ping. I wish my goverment would put mandatory mind controlling music this good.

No. 1510111

Agreed, I’m always stunned by how pretty much every woman is so beautiful and pleasant to look at. I love being around women. My job has me around a lot of older women around 60 and they’re so lovely and pretty, I feel my heart warmed when I look at them just thinking how much I like women and how each of them look so nice in their own way. It’s crazy to me that most women judge themselves so harshly and have image issues when they look so magical to me.

No. 1510119

File: 1677438254350.jpg (75.94 KB, 900x750, strange-aeons-1.jpg)

Strange Æons has such an unpleasant voice and it's crazy that I've never heard anyone mention it before, not even the anons on here who can't stand her.

No. 1510120

nona i think you might be gay

No. 1510126

I like that she’s an unapologetic lesbian with a girlfriend instead of being a thembie dating another thembie. Too bad she’s a handmaiden.

No. 1510135

Adam's apple.

No. 1510136

I need to become a shaytard. they look like they have so much fun in that thread..i feel left out

No. 1510137

I watch Emma Chamberlin when I'm drunk but I watched her when Im sober now, she seems real depressed in some of her videos. I read a interview and this quote made me feel so bad for her but it's sad how 98% of women can relate to this feeling.
>My physical safety. I am a young gal. I spend a lot of time by myself, and I feel like a target. It’s hard to feel safe. That’s on a physical level.
She also seems very afraid of being cancelled

No. 1510139

She's a woman and she went to an all girls catholic school growing up. Not a troon.

No. 1510142

My apology, I was making a joke.

No. 1510145

I was getting take-out and saw some meat that looked good on the menu card. So I asked the man behind the counter what type of meat it was but he was foreign and didn't know the word for duck so he said 'uh, quack quack'. I don't even know why this is so funny to me but it is, I thought it was adorable. Tasted damn good too.

No. 1510147

What kind of joke is that?

No. 1510153

Chill, nonnie, she probably did the joke without even thinking.

No. 1510162

No. 1510168

I like chinese pop music but this is ass lol

No. 1510174

yeah, she sounds like she's on the verge of crying at all times but I think I subconsciously put that on her lungs being kinda fucked

No. 1510181

File: 1677443634900.jpg (88.87 KB, 1125x801, 1673285303032.jpg)

>misremember where I am in menstrual cycle
>have lots of unprotected sex
Play for me nonnies

No. 1510188

god anon please be wiser than that, you lose nothing from having your partner wear a condom.

No. 1510191

DHL didn't deliver my package at the pick-up point even though they said they did. Apparently it is at the same store but at a different location, I feel so dumb kek

Hope you'll be okay nonna!

No. 1510193

We were planning on trying for a kid in a few months tbf, this is just a really shit time given that there are ongoing layoffs in my industry and my ability to stay in the country is contingent on being employed. Oops!
Thanks anon!

No. 1510199

File: 1677445311567.jpg (10.7 KB, 320x260, E_cQ2PgUYAIsLN_.jpg)

I think I pushed myself to hard on my studying so I'm getting sick, I have spent the entire weekend just sleeping and my throat hurts. I don't have time to get sick nonnas, send me some good vibes and health

No. 1510200

File: 1677445556086.gif (718.82 KB, 220x123, FD1C0874-72A1-4203-9B60-AFDDDE…)

I have an espresso machine
A bag a beans
And no one to cut me off

No. 1510202

Where do you see people talking about jpop? I always try to make conversation about it but nobody ever responds, I feel like 52 blue of weeb music, just looking for my companions, but being all alone.

No. 1510208

Anons, how many books do you have at home? I don't need anything to specfic, it's enough if you can tell me if it's in the tens, hundreds or thousands.

No. 1510212

File: 1677447374392.jpg (19.64 KB, 482x341, 41nyRVTREoL._AC_.jpg)

I've never counted my books but when I move they fill 5 or 6 banker boxes.

No. 1510217

Like a dozen? Mostly study books. I don't like keeping physical books around because of the clutter.

No. 1510218

Having big areolas kinda sucks. My areolas take up like the whole bottom of my titty (at least that how it looks from the front), and one boob is smaller so the areolas are like too different sizes.

No. 1510224

Around 500 give or take

No. 1510226

Probably at least a thousand, but the majority of them are art books.

No. 1510229

File: 1677448819196.jpg (27.97 KB, 466x466, ackshuyally.jpg)

well since you said modern men specifically that implies some portion (non-modern) are not ugly, thus some hetero women will still remain hetero. alternatively, husbandofagging (remaining hetero without actually dating men)

No. 1510231

The hottest guy I've seen irl in ages let me get on the train first, telling me "after you, miss" and when he got off at his stop he told me to enjoy the sun and the rest of my day. Kek I feel so lame that a tiny interaction made me so giddy but when do I ever get to see a hot man?

No. 1510246

File: 1677449873827.jpg (55.74 KB, 572x606, hm.JPG)

Lying here on a Sunday evening thinking about how I might live until I'm like 80. Even 60 seems too long. I feel like I'm done with my life already. There's nothing more I'd like to try and the stuff that might seem interesting I've got no money or time for because I've got to keep a job and a roof over my head.

Life's just too long, especially if you're in a position where you can't do anything interesting with it.

No. 1510268

I want to believe this but I can’t because I’m severely depressed as hell but if it is real and you’re not just bullshitting good for you, nonna

No. 1510275

kekk I think my good friend is a TERF (or just TE? idk) and is testing the waters with me to see if I am too. He'll pepper little comments here and there
>"I wonder why there's barely any attention paid to MTF trans"
>refers to all trans people as "they" instead of their genders
>he's gone off on one when he came across someone with the pronouns "we" and "us"
>"huh I always see trans women yelling at cis women in these videos, but never at men, that's interesting"
>"it's BS when twitter was threatening to cancel anyone who followed JKR, I unfollowed because I didn't want backlash but it isn't right"

He's a heavy twitter user and super "woke" so I think he'll die before admitting it. It's like TERF chicken I want to see how far he'll go without me outright egging him on kek

No. 1510278

he sounds like a pussy you should call him transphobic and watch him have a meltdown

No. 1510280

Bad idea he will just call her a man and start physically assaulting her, around scrotes never relax.

No. 1510283

Around scrotes never emote

No. 1510323

File: 1677456445372.jpeg (5.28 KB, 206x275, bbppppprrgpp.jpeg)

i wanna sperg about an obscure cartoon series i enjoy but i know anons will bully me and/or id me out of this site

No. 1510330

Nope. I also watch whatever thing you're talking about so unless there's two yous then they're just wrong and shouldn't be trying to guess identity on an anonymous site.

No. 1510331


No. 1510332

Go sperg here >>>/m/189358

No. 1510360

File: 1677460130556.jpg (11.58 KB, 178x208, 1648329079318.jpg)

>write 9000 word article on my blog about fandom, portrayals, my favorite ships, etc.
>post it
>read it the morning afterwards
>realize how severely cringe and autistic it reads out, like the ramblings of a meth junkie.
>mfw this is what people will go off and keep in mind when interacting with me from now on.

No. 1510362

First time?

No. 1510365

Technically I've done it before, but I was relatively anonymous and it was only a small 1000 words and simple. This was a long ass essay type of post with formatting and everything I also went on a slight rant about LGBT headcanons which reading over again, come off as extremely phobic and boils down to "who gives a shit, they're dumb"

No. 1510369

On your fandom blog? Don't worry I've done dumber things to the wrong audience.

No. 1510370

Yes I wanted to write a "blunt" piece of my opinions on things within my fandom however I think I went utterly overboard.

No. 1510372

Opening incognito tabs to listen to weezer because i'm embarrassed at how often i listen to them and don't want my last fm to expose me

No. 1510386

A few months ago I bought a pack of assorted knitting needles needles, tried knitting a few times, didn't care for it. I just saw that same pack of needles at the store today and realized I paid nearly $8 for little plastic needles for a hobby I don't even like lmaoo

No. 1510394

The best advice for anyone who's hotheated me is to never act on your initial emotions because usually situations aren't as serious or difficult as we make it, and everything can be worked out with a conversation.

No. 1510406

these are difficult waters to navigate as a fellow crypto nona, best of luck to you. to be honest i wish i was friends with someone similar to that, i don't suspect anyone i know online is truly gc or a secret terf. it's lonely

No. 1510408

i have stopped caring about most things, it's actually pretty easy. everytime i'm in any interactions or situations i think about how much i don't care about whatever is happening i just have to do whatever i have to do. i think i have discovered a life hack.

No. 1510412

people have spent far far more on way dumber shit at least you're trying new things and knitting would have been a nice hobby had you liked it. hopefully you find something you do like

No. 1510417

File: 1677466637876.jpg (17.99 KB, 178x266, h5ZD4B7.jpg)

I have an unnaturally autistic obsession with this man (my 3D husbando George Mallory)
I've saved every picture of him that can be found on Google Images, I've spent hours combing through books about him just to find rare pictures
I have at least 100 AI-generated pictures of him doing various activites/in various settings

No. 1510420

(ntayrt) feel the same. Had a friend recently share a meme saying that the comment "this is so gender) and I responded saying something like "its always the quirky girls saying this about streamer men" and she agreed.didn't say the quiet part out loud but I'm glad she seems normal

No. 1510421

what did he do? some kind of actor?

No. 1510423

File: 1677467134541.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.66 KB, 900x477, george-mallory.jpg)

Wow his skin is flawless

No. 1510429

sometimes i'll "accidentally" "misgender" they/them women in private messages, not to their faces but if their posts are being shared and so far i haven't been corrected. you are lucky though, someone i've known online for about 10 years now keeps posting shit seething about jk rowling, someone else i know (lesbian) used to be slightly radfem and has since seemed to give it up and said she feels bad and guilty about it

No. 1510433

File: 1677467759575.jpg (Spoiler Image,843 KB, 1212x2066, tQv4rU6.jpg)

No he was a history professor, soldier, and mountaineer. He tried to climb Mount Everest in an effort to be the first to get there but died during the attempt
HaHAhaHahA make fun of my husbando all you want, but I agree anyway
I like that they took a pic of his bare ass, although they could have at least taken a photo of his face as well forgot to spoiler soz

No. 1510435

File: 1677467908439.jpg (19.57 KB, 233x366, article-0-001A2C0C00000258-870…)

He's weird looking in a very beautiful way. They don't make moids like this anymore

No. 1510436

i felt like i could've written this post…but about a completely different man and idk how to use AI. how do you use it for real life people?

No. 1510440

He is quite cute!

No. 1510442

You can either install Stable Diffusion onto your computer and train it onto a person's face how-to linkeroo: https://bennycheung.github.io/stable-diffusion-training-for-embeddings or, if your moid is well-known enough (like Georgie) then you can use an online SD program like this one: https://dezgo.com/ and write his name in the prompt

No. 1510446

File: 1677468584851.jpg (166.27 KB, 1537x416, kplGz5u.jpg)

I'm so flattered by your compliments to my husband George ♥ He was known to be very attractive in life by his contemporaries

No. 1510453

File: 1677469043666.jpg (142.97 KB, 572x986, jax15gB.jpg)

Samefag but >>1510435 is one of my favorite pictures of him, so good find!

No. 1510455

that's rough. I still get pushed back a little with a different person when I try to say things in private, but I think for the most part she agrees too. Or maybe she's just humoring me and I'm delusional, lol (gosh, now I'm sounding like one of them)

No. 1510472

Indont bother to correct my typos anymore. I leave them there and let people interpret them as they wish.

No. 1510513

File: 1677474045502.jpg (9.11 KB, 380x385, 1656793226234.jpg)

what toon. Recently i started watching The Looney Tunes show and it makes me mad that it got watered down then cancelled because americans have shit taste and wanted more shitty outdated slapstick instead of seinfels with looney tunes characters.

No. 1510526

File: 1677475107133.jpg (59.66 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20230227_001808_Gal…)

No. 1510541

Australian people say idea with an r. Like "idearuh".

No. 1510542

this is the most zoomer thing i have ever read

No. 1510548

You should hear the way they say “no”

No. 1510553

File: 1677478383481.webm (494.63 KB, 304x322, 1677230654238351.webm)

I am unironically thinking about doing lewd anime asmr to save money because the situation looks very dire and i dont want to be poor and homeless when everything explodes. Also, everything i am good at is being automated and my voice is pretty much the only good thing i have left. I am looking at some tranny's patreon and he makes 3k doing asmr.

No. 1510554

File: 1677478443575.gif (1.58 MB, 426x229, CCD05123-DB2D-4035-A3F1-A248D5…)

This is us

No. 1510571

File: 1677480369905.jpg (31.16 KB, 612x428, gettyimages-173541224-612x612.…)

please god i need a dream where i eat her pussy i NEED it and it has to have sound so i can hear her moan please please please i will also settle for a dream where she eats my pussy but come on throw me a bone i never ask for anything and i really need this in order to go on in this wretched world, you almost got it right last week in the one where she was on a motorcycle chasing a robber (sexily) but got injured and i had to nurse her back to health and that was very good and I thank you for it but clearly the ending of that dream was supposed to be me eating her out but I got woken up too soon, I can't take it anymore okay so please just let me have this one thing you don't know how bad things really are down here and the only thing that can cure me is a dream where I eat her pussy i swear i'll never ask you for anything again amen

No. 1510600

Was about to send my prof an email on a problem set, asking if there was a typo in one of the questions but upon closer inspection it really wasn't a typo at all and I just read it wrong. Quickly deleted the draft. So glad I didn't hit send, I would have been so fucking embarrassed omg

No. 1510601

>I am looking at some tranny's patreon and he makes 3k doing asmr.
Lmao the men who pay for that shit are so fucking gay. Can't imagine a a tranny micky mouse voice would be anything but sexy. Wouldn't you need to invest in high quality mics for ASMR first?

No. 1510602

>Flamen (hot Cheetos)

No. 1510605

deleted the post cause i thought it was dumb but i'll repost since someone responded
the genres of men:

No. 1510622

the funny thing about this tranny is how gross he sounds, men truly do have painfully low standars.
>Wouldn't you need to invest in high quality mics for ASMR first?
yeah, but ASMR seems highly proffitable since there are a crap ton of coomers ready to simp

No. 1510631

kek I finally had a steamy dream about a generic hot guy instead of my ex but it was all wrong! He fed me chewed meat with his mouth during our first kiss because I said I was hungry and he was cradling me out of circumstance (we were in a cramped disaster shelter on a couch) so it was like he was bird feeding a baby?? What is this bullshit, why is my imagination so awful! I just want to be eaten out smh

No. 1510634

File: 1677488654013.jpeg (154.06 KB, 1920x1080, 099.jpeg)


No. 1510655

File: 1677490952327.gif (624.68 KB, 320x240, bed slappa.gif)

I edited this ancient gif to be even more ridiculous, just thought I'd share.

No. 1510661

Someone post the "you. here. now." gif

No. 1510667

File: 1677492607785.gif (1.11 MB, 320x240, you here now.gif)

No. 1510668

Didn’t this guy have a cat called niggerman

No. 1510669

File: 1677492796880.jpg (60.07 KB, 326x420, lovecraft-with-cat.jpg)

you're thinking of HP Lovecraft

No. 1510672

did people think this was "hot" 10 years back

No. 1510674

Most people thought it was very silly.

No. 1510677

this guy ever showed face? just from these gifs alone i can tell he wears glasses and a fedora unironically

No. 1510689

File: 1677495593972.jpg (10.41 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

Its not the same guy but there was a tinfoil that this >>1510667 is Bo Burnham's room

No. 1510694

Bo Burnham's is like ten feet tall though, this guy is a lot shorter

No. 1510698

Want you all to know I'm well stop worrying

No. 1510699

File: 1677497666894.gif (7.64 MB, 902x500, 1674681432654.gif)

Okay nonny thanks for letting us know

No. 1510710

File: 1677499403877.jpg (44.26 KB, 580x326, turbo-animatedseries-580x326.j…)

pls don't be mean but it's turbo fast. I vividly remembered the movie and enjoyed rewatching it a little too much. Then I learned about the tv show and have been obsessed.
I love the characters. i love how stupid they all are but in a way that makes sense. i love the art and how greatly animated some shots are. i hate how unreasonably happy this show makes me. There's some shit episodes here and there but some episode me me so giddy. I'd start laughing hysterically and need to pause so i can pace around like a fucking retard.
It has some slapstick humor and idk maybe you might like it????

No. 1510711

sorry misread your post,,,,,

No. 1510717

File: 1677500498351.jpg (174.5 KB, 737x452, iVrqvlg.jpg)

Yeah no absolutely not like >>1510669 said KEK

No. 1510728

Looks really cute nonny! The artstyle looks pretty cute too i will def check it out. Also, i am as autistic as you are, i do the fucking samw things, are you my lost twin sister?

No. 1510851

File: 1677518321167.gif (3.6 MB, 600x600, 1671818445986.gif)

whats your biggest regret nonnies? i will never forgive myself for not starting to code when i was 14, sounds retarded but it feels like i failed women as whole. If i could go back and change something from the past i would have start coding asap, now it feels like i am too old and late to start and actually become something other than a code monkey.

No. 1510852

Not knowing what I wanted to do once I started college and changing my major multiple times, especially considering I was already too old for college when I started it

No. 1510855

It's just coding. It's not something like ballet where you absolutely have to start young because of physical limitations. Study, practice do silly little projects and you will slowly get better.

No. 1510858

not going no contact with my parents after I turned 18 and letting them control my life for a very long time by making my mentally ill ass dependent. I wasted years of my life by trying to hold my family together and having such low self-confidence (that happens when your mother laughs about everything you like and screams at you for hours a day and then starts suicide baiting as soon as you fight her) that I thought I couldn't handle a single thing alone. Now I'm a grown woman and have to start at zero again, while everyone around me has a nice life with a house and going on holidays and stuff like that.

And for you, start coding, if you want to, do it, there is a huge amount of knowledge online, you can do it.

No. 1510867

This. nta anon, but she is acting like coding is something you need to learn young or you wont be good. plenty of people in their 40s or even 50s are learning coding right now because they want a job in tech .

No. 1510869

Letting my parents shame me into a $40k grad student loan because they made me feel like a failure for "only" having an undergrad degree, and told me they were selling the house and moving so good luck to 23 year old me!

Should've grown a spine.
Considering how I don't even talk to my mom now, I really should have told her to fuck off. The narc rage-induced headache would have been cheaper.
I'm proud of my degrees but not for the fact that the price for my master's was a complete scam.

No. 1510872

File: 1677520305361.jpg (309.24 KB, 1080x2163, Screenshot_20230227-095022_Sam…)

Jfc can someone please tell me if spoilered images are supposed to greyed out like this when they unspoil? I've asked like 3 times in meta

No. 1510875

That just means it's loading anon. For some reason images have been loading so slowly. It's not as bad as it was during the joshpocalypse but it's still pretty slow.

No. 1510876

Fully isolating myself, not going to school, and not working from age 19 because I was depressed and anxious. Basically became a neet when I met my bf a decade ago and now I'm healed and wish I didn't throw my 20's away. I wish my parents gave a fuck to guide me in the right direction.

No. 1510879

Ayrt- Really? They never get "clear" for me. I have to open in new tab. Your answer does make sense though, I hadn't considered that. I'll try waiting for them to load. Thanks nonna

No. 1510880

My major I guess. Although knowing me I'd be miserable even if I got to choose what I wanted. And just being lazy and letting depression and apathy get the most of me in college. Taking friendships and acquittances for granted. Not being proactive with my education, career and hobbies. It's hard to single out one big regret when the current state I'm in is really due to a bunch of compounded mistakes that lead to me being like this. I wish I could find a way to meet new people and be social and get out more often. I wish I could make something from my hobbies and enjoy them in a productive way.

No. 1510896

In fairness, I don't think theres many 14 year olds thinking that far ahead already.

My biggest regret is getting married. Being married won't stop a man from just changing his mind someday.. but where I live divorce is a long headache. He left suddenly but years later I still have to deal with legal shit. We didn't have assets or kids.. I want nothing from him. Still the divorce process is lasting twice as long as the marriage did. Yay lol

No. 1510900

Do you think I'd have success at a local stand up night if I had the USP of knowing I'm hot so I'm going to make jokes about it or is the world not ready for that yet. Is it too out there to know I'm both funny and hot with the wit to make jokes

No. 1510918

my regret is going into engineering solely because i was socially awkward when i have no natural aptitude or interest in this. medicine would have been stressful but i think i would have enjoyed it.
most scrotes who code are codemonkeys too. if you put in the effort and dedicate yourself to some good projects you'll be fine.

No. 1510976

Keking at Hank Hill's ass

No. 1510984

File: 1677529654778.jpg (247.49 KB, 1280x720, MTS_d_dgjdhh-1277540-Z-PicMain…)

I wanna play Monopoly but all my friends hate it, so I'm all monopoless and sad.

No. 1510988

Only other hot people enjoy those kinds of jokes (actually, more specifically, when you’re a hot woman, only other hot WOMEN will enjoy the jokes). Average people become enraged at hot people casually enjoying their own hotness and getting joy out of it, they want you to never mention it and will think you’re basically evil if you laugh about being a hot woman.

No. 1510991

>me spaming a while playing castlevania: symphony of the night

No. 1511000

File: 1677531124320.jpg (258.64 KB, 1600x431, crochet (1).jpg)

I convinced someone to start crocheting. The agenda is spreading.

Btw nonny, have you ever realized how much stuff you can make with crochet? Picrel is just a few examples. It's so easy once you learn a few stitches too…Just saying.

No. 1511005

Too hard I can barely sew without stabbing myself a million fucking times. Some shit isn't for everybody and that's ok

No. 1511007

isnt crocheting expensive as fuck tho

No. 1511010

That's ok, I respect it. there's no sewing with sharp needles in crochet tho, just saying
Most creative hobbies are, but it depends on how you spend your money and on what brands. Many affordable options out there nowadays.

No. 1511011

I have watched every single episode of Kill Tony. Comedy is full of loser men and they hate female comics, even more so if they are beautiful. I've seen the whole crowd freeze up because of a woman on stage, and she was funny. Try it out though, maybe it'll stick or you can learn how to alter your joke or mannerisms based on the reaction you get the first time.

No. 1511012

How dare you laugh at his Diminished Gluteal Syndrome

No. 1511017

Spent two hours drawing, it looks like shit, my eyes hurt and now I'm angry because I don't know how I'm going to make it better. Why is this shit so easy for other people.

No. 1511052

File: 1677536360898.png (149.47 KB, 400x277, japanesebirdlaughing.png)

No. 1511092

File: 1677539793841.gif (1.51 MB, 400x250, 345567.gif)

Being so introverted and shy and not really letting myself live a little in my teens-twenties. I'm in my mid 30's now and that ship has sailed. I can't do young-person stuff anymore. I can only just barely get away with a band tshirt lol. I'm starting to get side eye as people interpret it as a "how do you do fellow kids" attempt.

No. 1511109

File: 1677541249843.jpeg (69.87 KB, 605x448, B63041A0-6C32-465C-B5A7-356AFB…)

No. 1511112

File: 1677541309691.jpeg (51.33 KB, 545x934, BF498759-07EB-423E-A0E2-164998…)

No. 1511114

I hate how lint rollers just kind of have to stay lint-y until your ready to use a new sheet.

No. 1511133

File: 1677544274944.jpeg (263.5 KB, 960x960, 0E501D8F-A4BC-4E55-9D69-53EF4B…)

You’re going to have the same regrets about your 30s when you’re in your 40s at this rate if you don’t snap out of it nona. Who gives a shit what people think. Being in your 30s is supposed to be when you realize that that literally doesn’t matter at all.

No. 1511144

has anyone else ever found old photo albums of their family and gotten kinda depressed because they were all way more attractive and stylish than you? My great-grandmother who was a full on 1920s flapper was so much more cool than I ever could dream of being.

No. 1511159

I think it's because getting your picture taken wasn't as common. people would do their hair and stuff before getting a photo taken or before going to an event where photos would be taken. I looked through family pictures for a few generations and as soon as the 70/80s hit everyone was taking pictures themselves in their house and they were not as dressed up and kinda looked worse. in the 50s even my relatives who were living in military base shack towns in the mud looked snazzy in photos (in impractical shoes standing in the mud just for the photo lol). this is just my dumb theory though, no doubt your flapper great grandma was cool as shit

No. 1511175

My moms side were frumpy and ugly which is funny considering my mom is pretty and so are her sisters, but neither of her parents were particularly attractive, especially not her ginger father. My dads side was far more fanciful, but they were also richer and prettier

No. 1511200

I just got my 1st online order for some of my products in a shop I just opened… can't enjoy it until it is shipped and not cancelled/not fucked up somehow, fingers crossed it is real and goes smooth….woohoo

No. 1511206

Someone explain how kissing men with very thin lips is supposed to work. Like what do you kiss, pursed lip edge? I have a plastic sprite bottle and I imagine it's kinda like kissing the opening except there's teeth (and a fucking beard if you're unlucky)

No. 1511208

Have you never kissed anyone before at all kek

No. 1511236

Whenever I come to post itt, I always forget what I want to say wtf

No. 1511239

File: 1677558888059.jpg (201.95 KB, 720x1080, a3b4478e76417c8be0fe3fad1b005b…)

Oh I remember. I just found out jollof rice is just tomatoe-y rice. I wasn't sure what made it red. Never bothered to Google a recipe cause for some reason I figured it would be hard to make, but now I think I'll make it.

No. 1511242

You can always tell which character in a tumblr poll will win (hint: it's the "POC" one).

No. 1511248

Ok, so here's a situation:
>you work at a place, but you're one of only two local employees. everyone else is from another city
>workplace is in your neighborhood and a few blocks from the grocery store where you shop
>you get fired/laid off from said workplace
Would you feel weird walking past your old job every other day because it's between your apartment and the grocery store?
Should/Would you take a longer route to the grocery store just to avoid your former co-workers?
Would you expect your former boss to have security monitor the area because they see you walking past the building on your way to and from the grocery store every other day?

No. 1511249

Kek…… no…..?

No. 1511252

are you mad about fred from scooby doo vs kronk ultimate himbo contest post. kronk didn't win just becuase he;s brown he won because hes shaped like a triangle and talks like patrick star

No. 1511253

No I can just predict with 90% certainty which character will win in a poll if it's a white character against a minority character and I just think it's very predictable for tumblrfaggots.

No. 1511256

kronk deserved that win

No. 1511259

Why the fuck would Scooby Doo be in a himbo contest? He's a dog he literally can't be a himbo..

No. 1511263

anon read the post again but slowly. if you were a sexy man you would have won the contest

No. 1511264

I'm feeling so emotionally empty right now I'm tempted to bait ornery anons just cause. I have my sights set on that one anon that frequents the indie cows/arrow de wilde thread she seems like she'd be fun to infight with.

No. 1511265

I'm just trying to figure out why I'm being treated like a weirdo stalker by my former co-workers. When I see them, I don't interact with them but they cross the street to avoid me or go in the opposite direction form me. I wasn't friends with any of them and have no interest in them at all. I don't understand why my existence bothers them so much.

No. 1511266

you are why this site is getting more exhausting by the day

No. 1511268

Ooooh, I didn't see "Fred"
>if you were a sexy man you would have won the contest
The crazy thing is, idk whether to take this as a compliment or not

No. 1511269

Okay then you can just leave, posting here isn't your job.

No. 1511271

and you're a pickme! ok you go next

No. 1511273

How do you know it's not her job?

No. 1511274

Scrote. Moid. XY failed abortion abomination. Penis-haver. Worstie. I win bitch.

No. 1511275

File: 1677561242551.gif (47.08 KB, 250x135, purple wabbit.gif)

Maybe you should try to make fun and engaging posts instead? That is what I do for my emotional emptiness.

No. 1511277

oh nice, people are on here tonight. I don't even care if it's just fighting I need something to distract myself tonight.

No. 1511279

mousing over the gif so I have TWO little rabbits dancing on my screen. this is where i'd put a smiley face if jannies allowed it.

No. 1511282

ohoHOH. i like that very much

No. 1511283

I'm going to go through my twitter likes. If i find something really funny i'll post it here

No. 1511285

File: 1677561797080.jpeg (80.08 KB, 948x632, D20CA3BB-7D0E-4BDB-BE93-150E0E…)

Cooking is actually really fun. What are your favorite things to cook or bake nonnas? I’ve never been one to cook for myself so I’ve been starting by making salads, greek yogurt dips, and oatmeal. Nothing crazy I know.

No. 1511286

Do not disappoint us anon if it doesn't make me laugh I will cry.

No. 1511287

File: 1677561833014.png (35.32 KB, 500x556, honk.png)

>posting here isn't your job

No. 1511290

File: 1677561891571.jpg (48.83 KB, 960x960, sharkitty fish.jpg)

that's a lot of pressure! take a look at picrel though, isn't it cute?

No. 1511293

File: 1677562103316.jpg (154.13 KB, 740x925, Chef China White Recipes.jpg)

I like making soul/southern food, and my favorite thing to bake is that one Tasty chocolate chip cookie resippy. I suck at frying chicken though

No. 1511294

banana muffins. I've got the recipe pinned to my fridge.

No. 1511297

File: 1677562754470.jpg (273.89 KB, 1366x2048, The Very Best Banana Pudding E…)

Samefag but also banana pudding is really fun to make. I think I'll actually grab the stuff to make it next time I get groceries.

No. 1511299

File: 1677562778378.jpg (71.65 KB, 740x1037, Easy-Pan-Seared-Chicken.jpg)

Greek yogurt dips rule. Do you know that Greek yogurt can replace mayonnaise in tuna/chicken/potato salad? Just add olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. Anyways, lightly floured and pan fried chicken breast cutlets are what I make when I want to feel fancy.

No. 1511301

File: 1677562969498.jpg (44.19 KB, 640x640, my dark reality.jpg)

No. 1511306

I like how these three posts work kinda work together

No. 1511307

File: 1677564135320.png (184.35 KB, 420x600, keep-closed-for-your-safety-59…)

i found a bunch of meme template pics but don't know where to post them. a shayna pic could definitely fit in this one.

No. 1511310

File: 1677564818382.png (220 KB, 420x600, 775646_49884.png)

samefag i tried

No. 1511311

I'm no shaynafag but i think it works! good job!

No. 1511312

File: 1677565191640.jpg (432.7 KB, 1079x1435, Screenshot_20230228_011918.jpg)

cursed and retarded

No. 1511313

She looks so upset to be in there kek

No. 1511319

A sharkitty is just a leopard seal i guess

No. 1511345

You say you don't like fanservice in anime and here come the loser ass males reeing about normies and how you aren't a true anime fan and how you need to just watch "Disney shit".

No. 1511427

What law says dogs can't be himbos? Clifford is a himbo.

No. 1511436

i choked

No. 1511459

>wake up
>go on tumblr
>tranny saying women aren't being murdered every day and that we're actually the most protected class in the us
I'm so tired of these autists nonnas, I'm a crypto mostly because i cba to argue with the TRAs that follow me, but it's getting harder every day to not respond to posts filled with MRA and incel shit from men with she/her and hammer and sickles in bio

No. 1511462

Don't be shy drop his tumblr url.

No. 1511463

File: 1677597076128.jpeg (9.03 KB, 225x224, download.jpeg)

You jealous of that bus?

No. 1511476

There should be a psychological study of overconfident anons who post ugly men in the attractive men thread and anons who post attractive men in the unconventional thread.

No. 1511479

there should be a study of retarded anons who don't understand the word subjective

No. 1511481

Make a side blog so you can start shit and make fun of trannies.

No. 1511482

It is the unconventional attraction thread.

No. 1511484

File: 1677598791067.png (451.22 KB, 540x521, Tumblr.png)

I want to cry because I can't stop thinking about how cat's legs and paws are shaped. They're so cute

No. 1511488

Sometimes I think I'm in the attractive men thread when I'm in the unconventional thread and vice versa. I think the reason that happens is that attractiveness is subjective and some anons aren't sure if their crush is attractive enough for the attractive thread, and some think that because they find someone attractive then he's objectively attractive.
The attractive men thread is for conventionally attractive men and the unconventional thread is for unconventionally attractive men, but what about men you're not sure are conventional or unconventional? Maybe there should be just an attraction thread because it's hard to gauge if other people find someone conventional or unconventional, especially if you yourself are attracted to them sorry if this is half incomprehensible, I'm tired

No. 1511489

File: 1677599103989.jpg (59.21 KB, 564x564, 1677588147568.jpg)

Fair enough, because only by abusing subjectivity this fucker could be posted in the attractive men thread.

No. 1511491

>Maybe there should be just an attraction thread because it's hard to gauge if other people find someone conventional or unconventional, especially if you yourself are attracted to them
there's already too many different x-attraction threads, they should just use the irl husbando thread since either type is allowed there

No. 1511495

this. i personally think the unconventional attraction thread is stupid as fuck and shouldn't be remade because of the subjectivity of it. and why would any anon seriously worry/consider who is or isn't conventionally attractive?

No. 1511508

I should've taken a screenshot because the whole post was prime peaking material, but it made me so angry I closed the app and went back to sleep kek

No. 1511513

The lolcow caps thread has been kinda unfunny for like a few threads now.

No. 1511532

File: 1677602046368.jpg (69.27 KB, 654x445, tumblr_2e5932851243883ed313966…)

No classes today or tomorrow, have hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy, and meat pie ready to make for dinner. Have a home DIY and 2 coding books to learn from. Thank you, snow.

No. 1511539

I get annoyed when someone calls me and I miss it, but I immediately call them back and they don't answer. Is that hypocritical?

No. 1511557

File: 1677604278487.gif (112.44 KB, 800x600, kesha.gif)

I just remembered picrel.

No. 1511560

That's awesome! Enjoy!!

No. 1511576

Does anyone else come up with really nasty insults to use for certain people "just in case"? I don't think I have ever had to use them but I keep them on file in case I need to quickly hurt and humiliate someone (if they hurt and humiliate me). I swear I'm usually not a crazy bitch irl like this around people.

No. 1511579

no, too exhausting.

No. 1511583

Ayrt, it's actually kind of fun to me but I am a pretty imaginative person.

No. 1511588

>Islamorada Lunacy
holy shit

No. 1511590

whoa I didn't even notice that, what a great name

No. 1511596

My dad is the type of dad to come by when I’m not home, put a whole rotisserie chicken in my fridge and leave without doing anything else and never mention it at any point in time

No. 1511600

No. 1511601

I love this chaotic good dad energy

No. 1511617

I was convinced I had dead libido but I realize now it was a classic case of merely not being attracted to your bf. I still dream about my ex sometimes but it's never bittersweet or anything, I'm always repulsed by him for various reasons. Can't believe I'd been gaslighting myself once again, I actually thought there was something wrong with me for not wanting to be with him.

No. 1511618

It bothers me a lot when someone is consistently stinky (that's not caused by medication or a health issue) because as someone who is also naturally stinky, I know that it's manageable if you actually care. Some people just don't care or somehow don't notice, or don't have anyone to that cares about them and tells them they stink.

No. 1511619

I'm happy for you

No. 1511625

>testicular tantrum
>rot pocket
My all time faves.

No. 1511656

Looks like Paul

No. 1511675

File: 1677612825674.png (99.72 KB, 386x283, 5v5jja.png)

Someone explain how kissing in general works because I'm retarded and never could get the hang of it. Doesn't help that my nigel has soft thick lips that are bigger than mine kek. I tend to just avoid kissing/making out, as a 28 year old woman I feel severely stunted in this respect. My nigel is really fucking good at it and I wanna be on his level. Anytime we do kiss I usually lock up and barely move, as my brain goes into error mode. Jfc I'm retarded.

No. 1511732

Can't you copy what your bf does? In my experiece your toungues need to be mirroring eachother for it to work. Can you ask your bf to teach you? That way it's in the open and some pressure can be taken off of you.

No. 1511734

Double post but also you end each "round" of tongue touching by kissing or sucking on his bottom lip. I have no idea if this makes sense

No. 1511735

Kronk would have won regardless.

No. 1511743

I disagree, the unconvention attraction thread trumps the latter thread. They are is level of purity that the other thread doesn't have. I kind of dislike a lot of the anons on the attractive thread, especially when they get butt hurt over asian men being posted when they totally belong there.

No. 1511746

Most bi anons are probably dating men and have never dated a woman in their life of thought about it because of this. That's probably why they aren't posting anything. What would they even say?

You were the one starting shit retard. Who cares if she doesn't want to touch a dick/pussy?

No. 1511757

Based space wolf sword nona, thank you for protecting and loving us

No. 1511787

I wouldn't even mind hearing from bi women who are with men in that thread tbh. I like all bi women and I honestly don't mind, but I do understand that that's an unpopular opinion and other anons may not be so welcoming to that kek

No. 1511793

There are some people in life where you just have to give them little tasks and things to do. "Hey can you pick this up for me while you're out" "Hey can you make me this", they love it. There kinda like video game NPCs (in a positive way, not a demeaning way) in the sense that they stand around pretending to be busy but in reality they're just waiting for someone to come and ask them something.

No. 1511800

apple's homepod mini is straight up garbage and i regret telling my mom to not bring the other bluetooth speaker i bought as a replacement for this crock of shit. this is the second time in the past 2 months i've had to do a hard reset of this thing because the software is jank and none of the usual shit, like restarting and resetting a bajillion times, works. i want to cry. technology should not make me this angry, but i really had to talk to myself because i was seriously considering chucking this thing against the wall. why couldn't apple just make a bluetooth speaker like everyone else? i get they want to be different but sometimes different is not always better. i also have no effing clue why this thing spontaneously decided to stop working this evening, as it was perfectly fine this morning when i was taking a shower and it had it playing in the bedroom. fuck.

No. 1511834

i'll play with you nonna, i've been in the mood to play a board game recently

No. 1511857

File: 1677626824556.jpg (92.55 KB, 735x799, 1adddcced2a90bcca70abe2b54b48b…)

Not avatarfagging with pics of Jun Togawa is so hard.

No. 1511878

do not tighten or purse your lips, keep them relaxed and soft and full
you can play around by going in for a kiss then pulling away at the last second, then it turns into a silly little game
thats basically it

No. 1511881

I'm making baked chicken but it looks kinda gross because of the amount of seasoning I put on it. Maybe I'll try to make a sauce with the chicken juice and use that to cover it.

No. 1511883

just noticed the server status at the top of the page

No. 1511887

I try my best but the input is so strong I kinda short circuit. I guess I get overwhelmed and can't think straight. I do very much like the idea of ending the round with a kiss on the bottom lip, definitely will try that. I've hardly kissed or made out with anyone outside my nigel (because I just didn't like it before) but now I do… I guess I should just have him talk me through it and try to stop being so embarrassed. Thanks for your help, nonnie.

No. 1511888

I’m one of them

No. 1511891

Ayrt this is actually very helpful. Thank you.

No. 1511895

tfw no gf to smooch on. why even live rn

No. 1511896

I've only been here for 6 years, so I've only experienced Shaymin and about the start/middle of oldmin's reign, and the new batch of admins we have really makes me feel like we're going into some kind of golden age of Lolcow.

No. 1511904

They are video game protagonists doing every quest. You are the NPC with many quests to give. You probably have good dialogue though.

No. 1511910

I need to see Cocaine Bear
Wtf, I didn't even think about it like this. Even while writing the post I was like "wait, don't NPCs tell you what to do?"

No. 1511916

how do i know if i stink? show me your ways nonny. i actually really like how i smell even in situations where i'm unwashed

No. 1511933

If you're not nose blind you should be able to smell yourself. Some people's nose gets used to the smell, but if your body odor is really bad (bad enough for other people to smell) then you should be able to smell it too. If you can't tell them maybe smell a dirty shirt or ask someone close to you. However, if you can smell yourself enough to say you like how you smell then you're probably fine.

No. 1511956

NTAYRT but I’m also a quest giving NPC nonna. We’re supposed to wear hats btw, idk if you got the memo from the devs.

No. 1511957

It's like not being aware of how your house smells, or how strong the smell of you cooking dinner is until you step out for a bit and then come back inside. So, you have to replicate that taking a step outside but ONLY your nose, without your body following behind. After trying several methods I believe I have discovered a solution:
1. Assemble as many disposable straws as you can, divide them into two equal groups, and then tape them together end to end so you have two megastraws
2.Open a window a crack and stick the ends out far enough that they are away from from any drafts coming from inside, but not far enough that they droop onto the ground (IMPORTANT)
3.a) Position yourself in the smallest, most unscented room you have. The idea is to concentrate the air around you into a small space. A closet works well, but
3.b) if you have no such rooms you may use a jumbo garbage bag (like for those big two-wheeler garbage bins you find behind commercial buildings. Rather than buy a whole pack you can just ask to borrow one from a nearby store, be assertive in your tone and they will not question it. Then, crawl inside your bag and tape it up, leaving only room for the two straws to protrude in.
4. Insert the straws up your nostrils, taping around to seal extra gaps and over your mouth to stop accidental mouth breathing.
5. Wait. You must be sure to have fully acclimated to the smell of the outdoors. Try watching an episode or two of your favorite show.
6. Once your nose has forgotten you, dislodge your snorkels and inhale deeply. You now perceive things as others do. Use your newfound awareness to rectify your stench as you deem fit

No. 1511962

you don't like "whole pussy out"? "apple bottom of my heart with the boots and fur"? the cap of the farmhand admitting to being new and drunk? the redtext caps? maybe i have shit taste cause all of those are hilarious to me.

No. 1511965

File: 1677639480451.jpeg (201.09 KB, 750x585, 71E4C8F5-A59A-46D2-BE40-54BA01…)

Saw the dumpster overflowing today. Thought of you.

No. 1511980

Having post-period vanity, can't stop thinking about the stretchmarks on my hips and how attractive they are

No. 1511981

File: 1677642678728.png (811.97 KB, 640x782, 1646364021215.png)

omg really? nonnie i…

No. 1511992

File: 1677644230109.jpg (80.95 KB, 622x603, 46-E800-I43-A22.jpg)

No. 1512003


No. 1512030

SSeth too

No. 1512031

Damn shorts still don't embed huh

No. 1512052

I grew out of my kpop phase but I still kind of want to get Twice tickets, getting to see a really popular group live once would be a cool experience. I'm 25 though and I'd feel retarded being at a concert surrounded by children kek.

No. 1512068

File: 1677655296681.jpeg (73.69 KB, 956x1070, Fi73.JPEG)

My father named my elder brother after his first boss and my mother named me after her old friend in the primary school (although she doesn't even remember her face) is that normal though ?
like I think your kids names should have a little more symbolic meaning other than people you once knew and barely remember

No. 1512071

my mom named me after a random actress who played a supporting character on a sitcom, just because she likes how the name sounds. the name isn't even commonly used in my country or for my race kek.

No. 1512073

I know a woman who named her daughter after Arya Stark because she wanted her daughter to be a ""badass"". Funniest part is she fucking hated Arya. I wouldn't say it's that uncommon. People pick names just based off of how the name looks and sounds. I know people with their grandparents name as their middle names. My brother and I both have the same initials as our mother. I also got stuck with her middle name as my middle name because if she gave me the one she wanted to give me, my name would be super long. It could be worse I guess. Knew a girl 7 years my senior who was given her mom's name and middle name. Both went by different nicknames though. I thought that was weird.

No. 1512074

did they name you after those people, or did they hear those names on those people and just liked them? Because naming your kid after someone to me is when you respect or admire someone so much you want to name your kid after them, even if the name itself is kind of shit.
On the topic of names, I think naming your kids after a close relative/friend is pretty weird, especially when they're still alive. Like, wtf is up with naming your kid dadsname junior? Have some imagination. There are so many fucking names

No. 1512078

>My brother and I both have the same initials as our mother
I hate when do that, I have a pair of cousins whose parents all gave them names starting with D and we always get fucking confused
>did they name you after those people, or did they hear those names on those people and just liked them?
we were named after them, but its still weird to name someone after a manger you had 20 years ago or some one from primary school that you have no contact with what so ever

No. 1512082

I was looking up what the popular baby names are in my country the last few years and alot of game of thrones names popped up. I stopped watching GOT when the incest and rape themes got too much. I hate when scrotes write stories based on another time/reality and then go to town with all the rape scenes because 'well it's based on another time' yeah it also has dragons and zombie like characters so let's not pretend you put all that rape in there for historical accuracy. I can't imagine naming a daughter after anything linked to that. Most of the names were girls names too.

No. 1512083

File: 1677659185085.png (39.13 KB, 1296x394, lol.png)

topkek oh my god this is amazing. i love lolcow

No. 1512087

Good and stay out. This torture "hobby" is ruining my finances and my eyesight

No. 1512092

File: 1677660836616.gif (1.13 MB, 280x498, milk demon.gif)

This is my "I don't wanna study today" dance

No. 1512097

Ayrt, crochet is my pretty much my only hobby now so it's not like I ended up doing much better tbh

No. 1512099

My Nigel does autofellatio. Not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this.

No. 1512100

why is this called milk demon? why cant i stop watching?

No. 1512104

No. 1512106

Did he show it to you?

No. 1512110

He has told me about it on more than one occasion and I believe him. I have also seen him put his feet behind his head with ease so he's flexible enough for sure.

No. 1512112

File: 1677664426902.jpg (253.65 KB, 1300x1182, le-jeu-du-cerceau-hoop-rolling…)

Get a stick and do this with him.

No. 1512116

This made me cackle out loud. Thank you nona

No. 1512119

My local museum had a huge amount of feminist and specifically black feminist art I was very impressed by it. Bought a pin at the gift shop that says womens liberation and has lady liberty making a fist. Very snazzy

No. 1512122

Don't know what I watched to cause this but my recommended vids on YouTube atm are a sea of Karen compilation thumbnails where they have a woman.. and then they've added on either a gun being held to her face..or a baseball bat..or a sledgehammer.. you have to censor words on the site but thumbnails edited like that are ok?

No. 1512125

Samefag, an axe lined up with their throats is another one

No. 1512128

File: 1677669253881.png (246.05 KB, 337x613, 1668461911689.png)

eatin a block of cheddar

No. 1512144

File: 1677672990463.jpg (73.58 KB, 1024x1024, Soba-Set.jpg)

looks like someone dropped a quilt in mud and i love it

No. 1512148

File: 1677673592070.jpg (84.71 KB, 1244x743, p.jpg)


No. 1512149

not enough pastel vomit

No. 1512153

It's from Soggy Nugget's thirsty demon series, gif is from the clip at 4:05 in the video

No. 1512155

You can’t do that it’s march you won’t lose the weight in time for the beach

No. 1512167

File: 1677677360190.png (50.85 KB, 700x297, 164926174.png)

but my summer bod IS ready

No. 1512168

To any of you that has pets, when did the "oh my god I can't believe you're mine" feeling start to pass? I got a kitten in december, and I still feel weird knowing it is MY cat and that I'm not watching him for someone else for once. He is my first very own pet and it's not like I brought him in on a whim. I had been thinking about adopting a cat for a while, so when my brother's cat birthed a litter I was asked if I wanted any of them and I immedately fell in love with him still in his potato stage.

No. 1512182

Not any weirder than naming a son after his father

No. 1512209

its not strange at all, I have five cousins named my paternal grandparents to honor them and my mother's family has a tradition where the eldest daughter has the same name as her mother and that's been going on several generations now, it's about family and making sure they stay a part of you that you can't forget

No. 1512241

Cheering for you nonna!

No. 1512242

I'm turned off from all the way over here. Disgusting degenerate behavior please break up with him immediately. Is he obsessed with your or his own butthole by chance?

No. 1512252

I'm named after an author of a book my mother was reading when she was pregnant. It's not a name that exists in my language and it's pretty stupid sounding.

No. 1512255

The man pretending to be a woman wt work broke some glassware and scared me with his aggressive outburst. The first thought that came into my head while it happened was "That's not ladylike." It wasn't.

No. 1512257

emotional intelligence is stored in the dress and make-up, nonna

No. 1512260

I couldn't get over his trousers today. They had flower embroidery up the side circa my childhood jeans of '96

No. 1512307

I do both, and suffer all the more

No. 1512321

I remember when Khaleesi was super popular. I feel so bad for those kids who had no say in the names they got. At least they can legally change them at 18. Parents are assholes. GOT is such a garbage porn show and I side eye anyone who defends it, especially women.
>historical accuracy
I love when scrotes say this in a show with zombies and dragons. Men can write fantasy shows without having women be sex dolls, but they wont because they're lazy misogynists.

No. 1512366

Waffle House employees look homeless straight off the street I love it

No. 1512383

on a scale of 1-10 how cringe would getting a lolcow inspired tattoo be?
just like a little cow picture or the initials lc or something……….. hypothetically speaking

No. 1512385

>initials lc
100/10 cringe
>a little cow picture
cute and you're less likely to regret it.

No. 1512392

File: 1677700290201.jpeg (Spoiler Image,412.22 KB, 609x792, 828D0C3C-8A1F-4DAB-B16F-FE3784…)

The big mouth woman keeps appearing on my social media and it scares me

No. 1512418

What Dylan wished he looked like

No. 1512445

I must be maturing because I remember if someone called me ugly or fat I’d be upset about it for days but now I don’t care

No. 1512454

kek guess I'm a degenerate too because I'm not willing to give up on him just yet. he's hung af and eats pussy as if it were his last meal And to answer your question, yes. I would go into specifics but I'm afraid that topic would go in another thread on another board lol. Very sorry for this nasty display.

No. 1512465

>topic would go in another thread on another board
Please do, am a bit curious about it

No. 1512466

Nta but don’t be surprised when your scrote troons out. Also use condoms hiv is going to be a risk for you. Men who do weird shit like that usually troon out or end up messing around with men.

No. 1512469

I knew a guy like that and he screwed around guys and tried to fuck a few trannies. Guys with weird preferences about that stuff are redflags.

No. 1512472

I had an insanely sexy fuck buddy who also was had a damn near 9 inch, thicc af cock and also ate pussy like it was his favorite and last meal. Turned out he was a porn addicted Pedo leaning bisexual faggot. Be careful nonna.

No. 1512475

Nta but how did you find out?

No. 1512481

He straight up admitted it all to me during a mental episode he had.

No. 1512483

Can you go more into detail if you're comfortable doing so? I'm curious and I was also thinking of getting a fuckbud but I'm scared because of stuff like this kek

No. 1512489

I was annoyed that he only wanted to bang twice a day tops when I would stay at his place. I wanted to fuck way more. He told me he can’t cum more than 4, MAYBE 5 times a day and I was like uhm we’ve only been banging twice a day though, a couple times you’ve managed three. He said he has to fap to porn every morning and every night cause it’s something he’s done since he was 10. He was in his 30s mind you. I told him how disgusting that was and that it was ruining his brain, he countered with saying he liked the “options” porn allowed him to explore and how he thinks he’s bisexual. Also saw he followed a bunch of local 18 year olds on his insta, many that were literally still in high school, and saw he’d been DMing them. I asked him wtf and said that’s borderline pedo behavior and he saw nothing wrong with it and told me if I actually used insta I’d have a bunch of hot teenage guys following me that I’d wanna bang too.

No. 1512543

Playing Sims with hella CC for as long as I have has pretty much ruined my ability to enjoy a vanilla game. Every game I play is just, "this could be better".

No. 1512545

File: 1677710056349.png (506.88 KB, 1200x1830, 93243841_p0.png)

I miss my slash days on deviantart, now all women into slash are TIFs… I should have treasured those times better. I wanna talk about my cringe weird ships that would scare the strongest anime fujo with some other weirdo. pic very related, they cute

No. 1512547

File: 1677710183082.jpeg (280.01 KB, 1110x1280, 1CD22B99-F065-4670-AC73-96EBA4…)

Letterboxd hate should be a thread kek so many ~literally me~ losers, delusional scrotes, and troons

No. 1512552

File: 1677710901905.gif (1.63 MB, 350x193, heathers.gif)

I hate how troons use the word ''femcel''. Women cant be femcels. We are sadly harrassed by scrotes just for existing as women, tho he's probably an incel because absolutely no one wants to touch ot breathe near troons. Also, it annoys me because he doesn't understand those movies, never will.

No. 1512555

You cannot understand the "true femcels experience" because you're not a woman, idiot. Fuck trannies

No. 1512556

Based ship, nonnie.

No. 1512557

My favorite thing to do when a man comes up to me and calls me pretty/beautiful is to just say "thank you" and walk away. You thought that interaction would go somewhere didn't you? Sike bitch!

No. 1512560

It hurts them more when you say “I know” but that response might get you murdered

No. 1512572

File: 1677711866748.jpg (29.37 KB, 550x550, 998e2e284af76907570bbcc88ec5b0…)

does anyone else feel like really depressed and sluggish? I know I have some personal life stuff that's making me feel a bit down, but I don't think I'd be "depressed" if that makes sense. Like I can usually handle this stuff, but the way I feel is really weird and out of the ordinary. I just feel really down and sad and tired. I think it might be the weather changing? Idk

No. 1512578

ngl, it could probably be a zoomer girl who has shit taste in men.

No. 1512579

File: 1677712448034.png (908.24 KB, 543x814, 88236127_p5.png)

ikr? in the looney tunes show they act like a married couple and its so cute. I kinda hate how animu yaoi always has the same dynamics, even when its fan ships. I can only find the ship dynamics i like from cartoons.
i feel the same, weirdly enough i am actually doing more stuff than last year, when i was less depressed.

No. 1512581

I'm pretty sure this Waffle House gave me undercooked bacon but oh well. I already ate most of it, and I have a praying Grandmother.

No. 1512582

if it helps you i once ate 2 moldy breads and i am still kicking bitch

No. 1512595

File: 1677713801537.jpg (24.66 KB, 500x500, 16453464564.jpg)

I'm about to use Japanese box dye after two years of growing in my virgin hair and none of you bitches can stop me

No. 1512602

You'll probably be fine. I ate undercooked bacon once and the worst that happened was that I choked because the bacon was so undercooked I had a hard time cutting it, so I swallow the entire thing at some point by accident. Imagine dying because of undercooked bacon. My mom and my sister told me "we thought you were having a coughing fit" when I asked why they didn't help me lol

No. 1512603

File: 1677714722309.jpeg (47.93 KB, 735x688, CC8F2B85-D355-4211-9326-CDA27E…)

it's like 2am and I keep hearing a continuous car horn outside wtf it's been 10 minutes and that thing is still going

No. 1512604

File: 1677714883527.png (278.44 KB, 1578x1218, yes but you have to cook it.pn…)

Sometimes I eat a little piece of bacon raw. I like the buttery fat and the salty meat. It hasn't killed me yet.

No. 1512637

pls let us know how it goes

No. 1512651

Flash forward to anons body riddled with worms

No. 1512653

Not only is it Pisces season, but we’re about to experience Saturn shifting into Pisces on March 7th. If your Saturn is in Pisces, and even moreso if your rising sign is Cap/Aqua, that’s probably what you’re feeling.

No. 1512654

>that’s probably what you’re feeling.
What are they feeling? Is it like planetary PMS?

No. 1512661

saturn is going into pisces?? THANK GODDESS, MY SATURN RETURN IS FINALLY OVER holy fuck

No. 1512665

I'm drinking pineapple juice and tbh it kinda tastes like apple cider vinegar because of the acidity and sweetness. Think I'll just eat regular pineapple.

No. 1512674

My Saturn returns are so fucking short I feel cheated I can’t decide things this quickly wtf

No. 1512676

wdym anon? i thought we only get around 2 saturn returns, the first in your late twenties or something and they last years. mine sucked ass.

wtf ive been so abnormally depressed and weepy too, thought it was just cause i quit weed? but idk

No. 1512681

You’ll only have a couple, maybe 3 saturn returns in your life nonnie. It’s a slow moving planet.

>planetary PMS
Kek, kinda. Sun in Pisces season in general is a time for reflection and introspection, can lead people to be extra tired and emotional and prone to escapism and/or spiritual pursuits. Saturn moving into Pisces is a bigger change, though, it only happens every 27-30 years. If you’re born with your natal Saturn in Pisces, this will be your first Saturn return. Saturn is like the Daddy of the zodiac, he’s coming to visit and is gonna either beat your ass for not doing what you should be doing, or he’s gonna shower you with praise and rewards for being good and having your shit together.

No. 1512683

File: 1677725168040.gif (730.93 KB, 498x346, 0976.gif)

you guys are making me feel dum

No. 1512685

File: 1677725246363.jpg (23.5 KB, 800x533, beautiful-happy-woman-celebrat…)

WIPING MY HANDS OF THAT FAGGOT!!!!! I AM FREEEEEEE!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! AFTER YEARS!!!!!! THE FEELINGS ARE DEAD HE'S SO FUGLY I CAN'T BELIEVE I EVER LIKED HIM!!!!! If you see a lack of manlets posted in the unconventional male attractions thread just know that it's because I stopped being sick in the head and I got better!!!!! MANLETS KYS!!!!

No. 1512687

Thinking about how the guy who confessed to liking me literally has the same type in women as me. I would date his exes for real.
Would that be in poor taste?
W. Congrats, nona.
t. also ex-manlet fan

No. 1512699

File: 1677726652358.png (194.68 KB, 512x512, 6e34567909.png)

(one of the) buster-chans? at least one more still remains..

No. 1512705

File: 1677727217100.gif (4.07 MB, 480x252, fxt5 (1).gif)

Sowwy fo pawty wockin

No. 1512706

Ayrt… Buster's still a transgenerational cutie I will never revoke my Buster love! He is the exception.
Thank you nonna. Recovery IS possible.

No. 1512716

File: 1677728230101.jpeg (38.04 KB, 720x661, 4E66EABF-A1FB-4C14-AB47-4C07BF…)

i think there should be a 'things youre obsessed with' thread for ranting about random things youre obsessed over. things youre weird about, you know. so basically 'things you like' on steroids.

No. 1512719

i want big burger

No. 1512720

hey fatty

No. 1512723

Tried to restart my computer but it started sounding crazy once it powered off and I had to manually push the button on the tower. Girl you better not be dead!

No. 1512724

File: 1677728817367.gif (2.44 MB, 498x385, borgor.gif)

No. 1512725

Nevermind, I just had to push the monitor button to get it to turn on lmao. It's just making an annoying noise for the fun of it.

No. 1512726

noni same my computer won't turn on these past few days keep blinking but won't start i just want to play Disco Elysium i'm going insane!!!

No. 1512731

File: 1677729400872.png (503.99 KB, 960x685, i-hate-you-but-i-love-you-57b1…)

i'm going to use this whenever i get mad at my husbando

No. 1512746

I wish I could decide when I get sleep, I don’t want my body to get tired. Also I wish I could turn off intrusive thoughts about sex and stuff

No. 1512751

My husbando is coming back in a few days and I'm so nervous. I don't want to see him hurt, but at the same time I know he is so mentally strong and it will make me happy to see how he preserves..

No. 1512756


No. 1512757

What the fuck is the context behind this, it's really bothering me kek. I tried to reverse image search and can't find anything

No. 1512767

File: 1677732271737.jpg (20.77 KB, 499x380, DtO1plIVYAEjh0j.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 1512770

No. 1512783

I just ordered food on ubereats. I got the wrong order. It's something even better than what I ordered and 20$ more expansive. I feel bad for the other person.

No. 1512803

File: 1677737324054.gif (3.5 MB, 381x339, lap dorg.gif)

>implying anyone besides Natalie Talmadge could stop loving Buster
that's just crazy talk

No. 1512811

Oh my fucking god damn fffffff why didn’t I think of this as soon as I read her comment. Fuck now I want this cow tattoo

No. 1512812

File: 1677737914801.png (1008.32 KB, 540x1840, Buster Keaton The General.png)

nta but I will never stop loving buster, he's my beautiful sad clown bf

No. 1512827

it turned out ok I think, the root area is definitely a little lighter but overall it's pretty even!

No. 1512833

File: 1677740294607.gif (458.74 KB, 112x287, shaken.gif)

>calling Buster a sad clown
STOP IT nonnie. He was an underdog.

No. 1512836

kek is someone trying to grope his chest

No. 1512855

No. 1512879

File: 1677744331801.png (411.85 KB, 1000x600, vcoomers.png)

No. 1512893

Im a dumb idiot who stuffs her pockets full of wild thyme and wonders why the whole laundry batch smells like roasted chicken

No. 1512900

you reminded me of my German coworker who turns all his r’s into w’s and sounds like a femboy villain

No. 1512903

I have a slight overbite and I never thought about it until I was out at the movies with my brother when I was around 20 and some older woman came and asked us for money. We said we didn't have any change and then she told us we shouldn't date because we looked like siblings and that she didn't like my overbite kek. I hadn't thought of it a moment in my life before that but I've probably thought about at least once a day since.

No. 1512925

File: 1677749706663.png (2.8 MB, 1373x848, 1507414028807.png)

I still can't get over how ugly Koots looked here

No. 1513009

There's a viral vid going around of some old lady on a mobility scooter just laying into this tranny at walmart for being stinky. Saying he stinks like ass and piss and must just shouting at him for how disgusting it is. And the tranny gets angry at the old lady but the old lady just get angrier and doubles down. Meanwhile employees are recording laughing their asses off
All the comments of course are sympathy for the tranny and shitting on the old lady for harassment. Sorry but the tranny ahrassed people first with his miasma
If you go out in public stinking like a sewer you deserve to be mocked LOUDLY I don't care what your fucking problem is unless you are homeless or something. The tranny in the vid was dressed well with freshly dyed hair he didn't look homeless to me

No. 1513011

That's so random also I've never had a beggar go aggro at me for denying them. What a rude old witch. She legit cursed you (with insecurity)

No. 1513016

pls post it

No. 1513025

Looks like Lily Rose Depp

No. 1513031

I think she looked beautiful

No. 1513042

The way me and my boyfriend started dating would have anons frothing at the mouth to call me a retarded bitch but it's genuinely crazy how stupid I was and how he never took advantage of me once and was so incredibly kind and respectful. Nuts!

No. 1513045

Samefag especially since I had no sexual experience at all like it probably would have been easy to force me to do things but he never did. Sorry for being stupid anons but man I'm so lucky wtf.

No. 1513308

Is traffic on LC still low from the Shaynadmin and server transition mess? I swear threads used to move faster here on /ot/

No. 1513319

I wish I had enough free time to read the entire fat acceptance movement thread on kf, but it's so long, and I'm sure the highlighted posts aren't about milk but about posters talking about themselves.

No. 1513332

File: 1677792970606.png (426.45 KB, 453x463, Screenshot_5031.png)

Why do new gen feminists care about such stupid issues? Not even the usually libfemmery, i mean shit like referring to women under any context as a female even if it isn't in a derogatory sense. I swear this has to be a result of buzzfeed feminism in some way, as well as the "well akshually feminism is about women wanting to be equal to men!" bullshit.

No. 1513348

I wish I could perceive my face and body the way other people do. Maybe it would stop me from being so critical of myself. I've heard that I both look older and younger than I am, I think I look my age. People tell me I'm pretty, I think I'm average at the very best.

No. 1513350

File: 1677794430008.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.41 KB, 720x1280, aa86544d9c079d1c5526838158e97f…)

I found this in the fashion tag on my old tumblr blog. Can't believe that teenage me thought this was groundbreaking. Spoilered just in case

No. 1513351

Just put my phone in airplane mode to decline someone's call. I feel bad.

No. 1513356

now that's the 4th time I had a vivid sex dream about dennis
reynolds, let's go lesbians or whatever

No. 1513365

i downloaded fgo but man i don't have the patience for all these tutorials and the boring ass story cutscenes. i just want another gatcha mobile game with cute boys to play while i commute give me a break

No. 1513397

I had like the worst diarrhea in my life, I was shitting for like 40 minutes straight, no matter how many times I wiped, including wet wipes, I couldn't get my asshole clean, I'm not at my home right now so I can't just wash my ass. I had to flush like 4 times. I clogged the shitter for a minute and started panicking. My god I'm exhausted. I didn't know human body could produce that amount of shit at once

No. 1513425

I'm happy for you and your 60 year old husband who bought you off your family for a dowry of one cow and sixteen coins.

No. 1513426

File: 1677800850854.gif (771.07 KB, 220x166, mario-luigi.gif)

was playing around with a chatbot ai of mario and felt like i was 10 years old kek

No. 1513439

A few days ago I found out that woman who looks like she's in her late 30/early 40s that photoshops her face to look younger was affiliated with Andrew Tate somehow, and now I just found out that she's dead. wtf.

No. 1513453

i never had a diarrhea session that was less than 1-2 hours

No. 1513461

File: 1677804886389.gif (40.76 KB, 57x90, luigi-instant-sleeping (1).gif)

samefag as this post I actually have this gif and remember someone on CC getting mad I posted this tiny gif

No. 1513490

I'm howling that's peek tumblr garbage.
God bless nonnie

No. 1513519

I was just thinking that eventually a male trend will be to do the opposite of the "fade" haircut wherein it fades inwards to the eventual baldspot. It'll be done by 20 year old men who will be the unknowing soldiers for a small movement to try to "normalize" balding for older men everywhere. We need to prepare for this happening by readying ourselves with red paint to dump on them as if they're wearing fur so it never catches on. I'm thinking within the decade. You have been warned

No. 1513527

There's this 18 or 19 year old girl on TikTok who's trying to become kinda like the next Kesha and she's moved to LA to do recording and I really don't want to see her get chewed up and spit out by that industry. She already looks like she might have an eating disorder and she's so eager and excited, I really don't want to see the light in her eyes die after she's asked to suck her producer's dick or whatever. Shaunadeancokeland

No. 1513530

I honestly cannot think of the last time I've liked a real human that I personally know. I want to but it just hasn't came to me.

No. 1513532

Nobody let Sam Smith see this.

No. 1513534

People who don't [reheat their pans when frying eggs or something freaks me out I don't know why, the best way is get your skillet hot, put in oil, put in whatever you have and turn the heat down. It becomes half crispy half cooked, it's the best

No. 1513536

Samefag, *preheat

No. 1513548

File: 1677811794723.png (118.67 KB, 235x376, 1647381118735.png)

I like to imagine each nona as a different version/look of Elsie depending on their post. One poster may be a hotheaded Elsie, another poster may be a sleepyhead Elsie, etc. I think it's fun. Sometimes it makes me want to draw an Elsie with a screenshot of said post as if she is saying that. Wouldn't that be fun?

No. 1513550

You should do it nonna, I would like to see

No. 1513554

don't forget to include retarded elsie

No. 1513555

Make a picrew nonna!

No. 1513557


No. 1513564

kek is this from a commercial or some fan video?

No. 1513570

this stupid ass post makes me laugh every time it's so unhinged

No. 1513571

File: 1677813663038.jpeg (78.85 KB, 646x631, 1659386623640.jpeg)

Is there an Elsie piccrew yet?

No. 1513573

is that the sound of 15000 tifs who call themselves femboys and post their of on reddit wallets opening?

No. 1513574

hello god can you make my ass/thighs look like this thanks amen

No. 1513583

I just learned that Attack On Titan season 3 part 2 part 1 is just one hour long episode and the rest is coming out later, possibly even next year. They could've literally just kept that shit I'm pissed off.

No. 1513590

Tell me about it. As much as i want to see my husbando, i will wait for everything to be released so i can feel pain again.

No. 1513592

WEEBSSS aot sucks

No. 1513593

that's what the mango's for
and this. isayama can't write for shit.

No. 1513607

File: 1677817442251.jpg (29.35 KB, 563x389, 1c426757b014f2d0bb6059fe30817b…)

I never said aot was good, relax. I still feel like isayama was on to something with the plot twist and the marley arc, but it just went off the rails after that because it was so obvious he stopped caring about writing aot and wanted to rush it which is disappointing. I still have an attachment to the characters though and it's worth the pain just to see them again.

No. 1513610

You’ll only have a couple, maybe 3 saturn returns in your life nonnie. It’s a slow moving planet.

>planetary PMS
Kek, kinda. Sun in Pisces season in general is a time for reflection and introspection, can lead people to be extra tired and emotional and prone to escapism and/or spiritual pursuits. Saturn moving into Pisces is a bigger change, though, it only happens every 27-30 years. If you’re born with your natal Saturn in Pisces, this will be your first Saturn return. Saturn is like the Daddy of the zodiac, he’s coming to visit and is gonna either beat your ass for not doing what you should be doing, or he’s gonna shower you with praise and rewards for being good and having your shit together.

No. 1513612

I have always wondered how I'd react if someone called me a "POC" in real life, like I have had the term used sometimes for me in online spaces and I have reacted negatively but I genuinely am curious what my immediate reaction would be if someone called me that, I think it would be a mix or confusion

No. 1513614

I’m the nonny who wrote this reply originally but I did not post what I’m replying to. Wtf

No. 1513616

File: 1677818323648.gif (758.96 KB, 500x375, king-to-king-communication.gif)

No. 1513619

Saturn is a wet blanket, I refuse to elaborate.

No. 1513621

I hate the term "poc" so much
It's just another way to single out ethnic minorities

No. 1513632

No need to elaborate, the metaphor is succinctly apt

No. 1513658

You're better than me anon, I miss my husbando so much I'll probably still watch the full thing as soon as the dub is out. I'm rewatching last season anyway so I guess it will hold me over, but I hate that they're doing this with all these damn parts.

No. 1513663

File: 1677824992539.jpg (239.75 KB, 850x1133, sample_ee2009210f7d08ba5686614…)

Agreed on the off-the-rails part. The final quarter did not stick the landing at all and it's pretty evident that Yams just wanted to move on from this project as fast as he could. But at the same time, everything else was such an awesome and interesting ride that I can't find myself to totally hate the whole package. Also, it has some of the hottest men in anime history and that's always a good thing. I wish Jean was real.

No. 1513667

File: 1677825778836.png (176.92 KB, 2508x2308, 1670444246645.png)

A nonny made a picrew template (pic related) but a picrew hasn't been made yet. I tried to make it but I got frustrated trying to figure out how picrew works and gave up. If anyone knows how to use picrew and wants to make the elsie picrew please do!

No. 1513677

I posted a while back asking about how to choose between two moids that I was casually seeing at the same time. I ended up dropping both. One of them was super nice and a good guy but we had 0 sexual chemistry, and the other one turned out to be a total nutjob and the awesome sex wasn't worth dealing with his melt downs. So I'm happily single again. Raising a toast for all of my fellow single nonnies.

No. 1513681

I keep seeing a video of some white French dude with a huge monstrous prosthetic pussy at some kind of (im assuming) fashion show every time I go on social media. It's scary but for reason I always stop to watch it in confusion and terrifyment.

No. 1513694

Unironically, listening to the recent episode of JKR witch trials made me change my mind on troons for a brief moment… "Okay… maybe their toxic behaviour is just another version of the worst aspects of tumblr woke culture and it's not indicative of the entire community…" But then I took a gander at the MTF thread and I'm like "never fucking mind!"

No. 1513716

Trans stuff and identity lingo didn't start on tumblr. (Otherkins aren't from tumblr!! WTF) I was kinda confused by the way the podcast was trying to say it was all from tumblr. Like… no. That shit was already around. The pod was literally trying to claim tumblr had this huuuuge effect on real life and I was just making a face the whole time I listened

No. 1513725

I’m putting together a playlist for when I’m in a specific mood, anyone of you anons have good recommendations for good, feminist songs with some oompth to them? Or any aggressive girl power songs? I just want something for when I’m angry at the world and need some powerful anti-men music

No. 1513726

But tumblr popularized it, made it mainstream and tumblr was where the bullying into woke believes, getting people fired etc. started tho

No. 1513739

Do you think there's an child whose favorite show was caliou? That shit was painfully boring to me holyshit. Listening to some bald child cry and whine. Arthur was my favorite show

No. 1513741

The type of autistic kids who makes those go animate videos about caliou getting grounded for sure

No. 1513745

File: 1677837872061.jpg (272.6 KB, 1090x1951, 350c483cdc769bf5284f28c4cd0eaf…)


No. 1513747

Also almost every female character in Arthur was written to be extreme flawed. Don't fight me on this, I'm about to go to sleep it's 5:08. Besides Binky who still is seen as a sympathetic light, most the scrote animals aren't shown that way. Even When Arthur hit dw it was always justified because she was annoying in the art community. Maybe I need to sleep

No. 1513772

Sometimes I wonder if the girl who started the blog "your fave is problematic" is regretting what she did. She posted an article about it but I still hate her guts for ruining things for everyone.

No. 1513775

File: 1677844594341.jpeg (30.1 KB, 612x407, 87.jpeg)

>Do you think there's an child whose favorite show was caliou?
but i liked arthur more and can't remember what actually happened in caliou

No. 1513780

fuck that show i loved dragon tales and Arthur. also some show about futuristic kids going in a digital world i think.

No. 1513784

>Otherkins aren't from tumblr!! WTF
then where are they from? i'm not googling that shit, i'm pretty sure it's a tumblr thing

No. 1513789

nta but otherkin (aka 'therians') originated back in the early 2000s on fantasy/furry forums before tumblr even existed. Their whole bit was so cringe that even other furries made fun of them.

No. 1513794


No. 1513795

You’re too young to know about the on every level except physical I am a wolf huh?

No. 1513835

File: 1677852376622.png (32.13 KB, 600x600, 1919246_0iujbjVO.png)

Thought it couldn't be too hard to put together a Picrew, it's not but it's tedious as hell. Needs cleaning up and more backgrounds but it's better than nothing for now. Made it set to private so it won't show up in search, you just need the link.

No. 1513839

File: 1677852578411.png (228.6 KB, 600x600, 1919246_bMg1c8Wu.png)

me surfing lolcor at 8:00 am

No. 1513851

I wish paganism wasn't such a niche religion. I know one person who kind of believes in it but is way more 'into' certain aspects than I am and we wouldn't be able to celebrate holidays together because it's just not very important to her. I think community is a huge part of religion and I'm a bit sad I'll likely never be able to celebrate my favorite holidays with anyone.

It's adorable nonna!

No. 1513855

imagine being proud of being too lazy to google basic facts and making yourself look like an idiot.

No. 1513860

File: 1677854835526.png (32.9 KB, 600x600, 1919246_rMZ8QFyb.png)

Me thinking of posting something in the unpopular opinions thread that will likely cause a shitstorm kek. Can the nonna who made it add color options please?

No. 1513869

idiots? in my dumbass shit thread?

No. 1513871

File: 1677856891190.gif (1.22 MB, 480x270, literally me.gif)

i luv begin dum

No. 1513874

File: 1677857286443.png (32.7 KB, 600x600, 8FA99887-230B-41F0-A29B-DAC851…)

Me too ‘non

No. 1513877

File: 1677857638901.png (23.11 KB, 600x600, download20230305103248.png)

i was about to make a retard-chan but accidentally made shayna (same thing)

No. 1513883

File: 1677858609947.jpg (215.56 KB, 1080x893, Screenshot_20230303_164537.jpg)

I had the same problem for weeks. turns out I must have clicked hide some time and it hid all spoilers from then on. So when I clicked on the spoiler it only became grey-seethrough.

No. 1514006

File: 1677867412865.jpg (35.11 KB, 564x609, 1660119506349.jpg)

i made 34 bucks on my first month as a streamer, soon my enemies will come crawling to me asking me for money, and i will laugh at their miserable faces

No. 1514019

File: 1677868133467.png (34.96 KB, 187x188, pot.png)

Pansexual gaze

No. 1514036


No. 1514041

Cuphead DLC just dropped, Pothead

No. 1514043

File: 1677869521771.png (220.61 KB, 600x600, 7ECAC4B2-0CEA-4758-B527-094E11…)

Me at home with my cow plush reading lolcow.

No. 1514058

File: 1677870467684.jpg (33.5 KB, 338x601, HD-wallpaper-jesus-christ-jesu…)

literally everything I've been eating recently makes me feel like shit might be tha new meds…. i didnt have any new pics

No. 1514096

I've made what I hope is a new friend, I've hung out with her twice and each time after 3 days I became sick. Which is kind of whatever but this all happened within a month and I've NEVER been sick twice in a month. Common sense would say those were also 2 days where I was out with other people but I'm going to hang out with her this weekend just after recovering from my most recent sickness and I'm lowkey scared kek.

Is it possible for someone to constantly shed viral particles and like, make someone sick every time they're in contact when they're in perfect health? No.


No. 1514103

File: 1677874163857.gif (3.35 MB, 275x206, giphy (2).gif)

de/g/en yumejo here and gave in and bought a piece of plastic because it looks like anime character I like. How's your day going nonnies

No. 1514106

I always figured I was atheist, but when I described what I believed I was informed that it aligned with paganism more than anything. I fucking love hanging out in forests and like celebrating midsummer and winter, they feel so significant. Anyway, I'm going to read more on it and wish everyone here a happy whatever pagan holiday when the time comes on here.

No. 1514113

>get in a fight with someone demanding women be housewives again and claiming our grandmother's regretted taking being a housewife for granted
>They start seething and screaming to take away women's right to vote
>Go to profile and it's a fucking troon

No. 1514115

Hilarious that these were posted right after each other. Hello ostrenga-Chan

No. 1514119

See if there are any Unitarian Universalist churches near you, lots of Pagans attend them and they usually have full moon celebrations for the pagans in the congregation.

No. 1514130

i forgot to be more careful spraying perfume on myself this morning and went too freestyle with my strokes, as i think i got some on my panties/upper thighs by accident. i cannot spray perfume on my cooch as it makes it sore and irritated, so now of course when i get up it feels like i have a needle rubbing down there. it will go away once i take a shower and wash it off but yeah, ouch.

No. 1514155

Naisu! My day is going great. You and your husbando(s) have a good day too.

No. 1514163

>our grandmother's regretted taking being a housewife for granted
That's how you know it's always a man pretending to be a woman. Both my grandmothers told me to not get married young, and go to college.

No. 1514177


No. 1514182

fuck yeah!

No. 1514186

File: 1677881462787.png (24.22 KB, 600x600, 1919246_RlXiY2ss - Copy.png)

Me browsing lolcow when I should be working

No. 1514195

This one shirt I have makes the lopsidedness of my titties so obvious and I never realized until now

No. 1514210

Pictures really are loading slow as snail pussy right now. And God forbid it's a spoilered pic that you have to click on.

No. 1514228

I used to think everyone had at least one talent, like it was sims or something. I don't have any

No. 1514231

or a webm… it takes 500 years to load 5 seconds and you have to keep pausing else it won't load at all

No. 1514232

same nona, I wore this striped shirt the other day and just now realised it looks off because my left boob is way bigger than the right one. stripes get wonky.

No. 1514233

Nothing tops off a friday like having a zoinked out tranny trying and failing to make a ponytail while dancing limply next to you on the train

No. 1514242

Sometimes you might have talents you don't think are very interesting. Those are still talents. For example you might be a very good listener or great at giving advice or maybe you have a calming presence. There are so many people who are really, really, really bad at those things.

No. 1514249

shay is that you?

No. 1514251

File: 1677887087036.jpeg (151.13 KB, 750x1166, F90405E8-75F4-410A-8C83-6F58D5…)

Any time I see a pic of Jesus it makes me think of my favourite lolcow exchange of all time.

No. 1514253

i hope all my farmer friends are having a nice relax

No. 1514256

File: 1677887307261.jpg (67.1 KB, 736x736, ad9b56795caaa8d02a0070dd4b5462…)

Tried to convince someone to start crocheting. They got interested in knitting machines instead…fine with me. The Big Yarn agenda will prevail through any means necessary.

No. 1514261

File: 1677887697546.jpeg (81.08 KB, 630x945, 9BF62EB5-472D-48C5-AB76-367833…)

My mom is teaching herself to crochet with the goal of making one of these hellish creatures. I wish she wouldn’t.

No. 1514262

Oh ummm..maybe I should stop telling people to learn to crochet.

No. 1514263

File: 1677887996706.png (398.7 KB, 653x937, Poetry In Motion A-Line Dress …)

I can't decide whether to cop this dress or not. It's cute, and I adore the vintage styling, but I wish it came in other colors besides black.

No. 1514267

File: 1677888185516.png (577.59 KB, 671x674, Et8fbliXAAEK6YD.png)

You're the Alexander Fleming to my ailing body. Thank you for sharing this.

No. 1514268

>100% polyester

Hard pass

No. 1514270

Yeah, it's pretty overpriced for basically plastic… The silhouette is so cute though. So disappointing.

No. 1514272

I feel like my day is cursed just by knowing these exist now…
If I were you I'd buy her a plastic baby doll and push her hard to crochet clothes for it instead.

No. 1514273

it's so annoying, if i wanted to spend 500 years to watch a 5 seconds video i would use kiwifarms

No. 1514274

i miss when moms liked those sculptures of babies with big eyes that were somewhat cutesy if looked from afar, every year mom aesthetics get creepier and fear what else they are going to latch on. My mom thinks its cute to have a fucking bathtub on our backyard because she saw it on Pinterest

No. 1514275

Like a hot tub/jacuzzi or a bathroom bathtub?

No. 1514276

File: 1677888937876.jpeg (34.87 KB, 355x500, WcZ9Y22.jpeg)

No. 1514282

File: 1677889345525.jpg (64.31 KB, 500x329, 1648254914936.jpg)

bathroom bathtub, she also added
>a car tire
>an old boot
>an old, rusty bicycle
>a chair she hanged from the wall
its like she thinks that if she pick ups random trash and paints it pastel or adds flowers on top of it it becomes cutesy and aesthetic. It's so funny/sad to compare my backyard to my neighbour's, which is absolutely stunning and simple and doesnt look like a homeless hoarder man with 3 malnourished dogs lives in there. A friend even asked me if my mom was a hoarder and i had to sigh and say ''lemme explain''.

No. 1514286

I think your mom's thinking of ascetic

No. 1514290

File: 1677890194915.png (88.8 KB, 640x635, 1668763117788.png)

according to /co/ Doug Walker is going to be a father

No. 1514307

he wasn't a dad already?

No. 1514319

I wonder what it'll be like for the children of internet personalities once they get older and come across their parents' content.

No. 1514321

File: 1677891984879.jpg (71.29 KB, 1000x1000, 1670595279924.jpg)

Ew. Isn't he married to some fat fuck anyway?

No. 1514347

File: 1677894215324.jpeg (15.6 KB, 300x225, 072A3F7A-CDC1-49FE-B659-E49A76…)

Googled him again and realizing that I am older than him in this picture is blowing my mind. He’s perpetually been 42

No. 1514368

I'm still so mad. there was a perfectly fine and very milky cow but someone had to insert themselves into the drama to feel important and spoiled the milk. now the thread's not going to go beyond 300 replies, least of all get a second thread. why do cowtippers and people who take cows seriously have to ruin everything

No. 1514371

I have an excellent personal cow and this is the exact reason I'm not sharing him for the rest of you. too much risk of someone ruining it.

No. 1514373

this happened to me with my favourite cow, he became popular out of nowhere and every shitty commentary channel with gameplay footage had to make a video on him and ruin it.

No. 1514383

I used to have a MtF friend who claims to be a feminist and a "man-hater" (lmao) but despite that still side with incestuous pedophile rapists and abusers, not believing battered women like Amber Heard etc. Oh and also claims to understand TERFs and their "bigotry" due to their trauma but can't comprehend why this same group would want single sex spaces. I wonder if this dude only hates men because they remind him of what he really is, lol. Not unlike the way a traumatized women would hate men and turn to radical feminism. I swear, everything about a troon's existence is so ridiculous right down to the way they try to akinwalk every aspect of a woman.

No. 1514384

File: 1677897206315.gif (428.04 KB, 500x282, giphy.gif)

Ice Spice is Carrot Top

No. 1514386

this is extreme autism but is that second post a meme? I only heard this from vidrel and haven't seen it on LC till just now. I'm tinfoiling that the moid in this video has seen that post now..

No. 1514394

I let my favorite cows in boards I rarely go to build up, so i can binge read. Stefany's thread is kinda snow, so color me surpised when I go to /w/ after only clicking it by mistake to Find her. I legit thought the thread pic was some kind of porn/gore or something of a older woman, but it's stefany,and a new thread!!! So excited she's my comfort cow

No. 1514395

File: 1677899087535.jpeg (147.94 KB, 900x900, 657A0ABC-E87F-4CA2-867C-E4FA5E…)

Couldn’t find the question thread, so I’m just gonna ask here. Haven’t really been active on lc lately, but I was wondering if Andrew Tate or JustPearlyThings have their own threads here, if not both of them need it.

No. 1514397

This thread was for Diana Deets, one of tate's orbiters, but she died (rip). Now it's an andrew tate general >>>/snow/1615487

No. 1514402

did she really die? rest in piss

No. 1514413

the longer I stare at this image the worser it gets. I can't believe that she unironically said that western women aren't pretty and skinny enough for their moids

No. 1514415

Wow what happened to the tinfoil thread? There are legit schizos posting about tranny cults or whatever now.

No. 1514420

it's the linebacker shoulders for me

No. 1514427

I have no idea who this woman but isn't she technically a western woman too? So if she says that western women aren't pretty enough for their moids doesn't that include her too? Kek

No. 1514428

i think that was anon's point, that she wasn't exactly the pinnacle of western beauty herself

No. 1514431


No. 1514443

There's some schizo haunting the thread screeching about a "cult of cybeles" - basically saying that all celebrities and politicians are trannies or something?

No. 1514444

oh that person's been a regular around there for the past few threads or so, they're probably the most entertaining poster on there because of how authentically schizo they are

No. 1514445

I agree. Reading the work of schizos on this site in that thread is the best part

No. 1514446

Wtf is this, I'm so confused. I can't even tell if this is a ad for Hershey's or some other chocolate.

No. 1514447

File: 1677908025782.gif (53.34 KB, 96x96, k.gif)

Why are all the threads I care about so slow now? Reply to my posts goddamnit

No. 1514457

Shout out to the woman that I sat next to at the Evanescence concert who patted me on the shoulder and told me everything was going to be okay as I cried my eyes out during My Immortal. I will probably always remember that kindness, Nguyen. Thank you.

No. 1514490


No. 1514496

File: 1677913643585.jpg (72.64 KB, 1182x285, Capture.JPG)

dropped pic

No. 1514500

ooh, is this for bowel problems? yay nona!
hope your bum is okay

No. 1514503

File: 1677914514710.jpg (20.04 KB, 500x495, 57434221_10219772732057552_885…)

Swiping on dating apps as a straight woman in her 30's be like

No. 1514504

No longer will my stools be cheap and watery; forever forth shall they bring pride to my lineage in both weight and girth. They will finally be throwable

No. 1514509

Oh my god, I just got this ad a couple of hours ago too and wondered what the heck it was haha

No. 1514513

ok I just looked it up, it's a company run by the Daily Wire kek. I also didn't realize the woman is Brett Cooper

No. 1514517

that's what I call leveling up stacy-wise
proud of and for you. need a turd-throwing friend I'm here, my ex-roommate deserves a poop splattering

No. 1514530

Thank you my friend, I would love to partake in a shit-flinging.

No. 1514563

do any other anons have names that are kind of troonish? I have had people assume I am a troon just because of my given name which I have had my whole life (feel free to guess).

No. 1514566

So are you an Emily or are you an Alice?

No. 1514570

This is Lily erasure.

No. 1514607

Woke up, looked in the mirror…I'm pretty as fuck today what the fuck. I see why people act the way they do about me.

No. 1514623

Yeah but it’s a super common name anyway.

No. 1514677

Ummmmm is it Starla? I have no clue what common trans names are kek. I have a middle aged ladies name (or it is in my country, popular in Germany), so I think i'm safe, I guess they go for young popular names or what?

No. 1514731

Yes 10000000% everybody thinks I'm a they/them because of the nickname I go by. It's just the first four letters of my name and yet any time people ask if I feel more comfortable with "[XXXX]" they also ask me my fucking pronouns. I hate trans men and they/thems so fucking much.

No. 1514792

And the attractive ones are massive catfish. I’m considering going to grad school just for a husband.

No. 1514824

i share my name with the most famous troon of my country i hate it so much

No. 1514842

You know how they say that you should stick to a sleeping schedule even through the weekend? Is there anyone here who does that voluntarily? Is it worth it?

No. 1514854

I'm a morning person but have done shift work for most of my adult life so my sleep schedule has been all over the place. I think it's worth it, but the older I get the more I value adequate sleep. During the weekend these days I usually don't set my alarm cause I wake up by myself around 7-8 anyway. Usually don't go to bed any later than 00:00. I think good sleep hygiene is important because I'm a hypochondriac and have heard not sleeping enough increases risk of alzheimers lol. I also feel more optimistic and structured when I get up early every day.

No. 1514866

My brother told me I'm very blunt and rude but it's funny but can understand why I annoy people. He can't give me specifics but he said there's been times when he thought you can't say that about something I have said. Maybe I should do a tobias and record myself throughout the day

No. 1514876

I met a guy off bumble who is a virgin at 24 and I’m kind of happy about that. Because if this fails like it always does when I try to interact with a male I can just blame it on him being autist because how the fuck you a virgin at 24….

No. 1514920

Is Japanese box dye specialerer than non-Japanese?

No. 1514936

I knew a self described wanderer. We'd just be hanging out and suddenly he'd just walk off no car no nothing. One time he walked straight off the beach dripping wet and we didn't hear from him for weeks. It used to trip me out so badly I thought he was insane but now I think it was just hilarious. Like a sim set to max free will mode

No. 1514938

I do and my life is way much easier and more enjoyable now

No. 1514944

You might enjoy meeting my brother (31)

No. 1514951

My friend was telling me about her time working a school for severely troubled kids. She told me about two violent nonverbal tard males she had to assist and take care of and how they would beat the fuck out of her. There was one that was a serial sexual assaulter and would cum in his pants and wipe his cum on the helpers. She said that the school bought him a pocket pussy to help his sexual frustration. Just wanted to share.

No. 1514957

I would just kill myself if I had to deal with something like that. Life is so bleak.

No. 1514959

I want to alog against all mentally disabled males but I won't.

No. 1514964

Call me a nazi eugenicist but wouldn’t it be better if they just…

No. 1514965

Yes. Came here to say this.

No. 1514970

File: 1677969184789.png (600.88 KB, 1024x546, unnamed_92b49f10-e0f8-4dbc-a9f…)

I've been trying to figure out how to make my crochet hooks more comfortable without having to buy an entirely new set of ergonomic hooks, and I'm realizing that I can just do what tattoo artists do with their guns and just wrap bandage around them.

No. 1514972

Nta but I mean, let's be 100% honest, would it be really that much of a waste of a life if we euthanized the disabled moids that are clearly violent and insane?
I doubt their organs could even be of use in the long run, they can't even consent to donate them to regular people that needs them.

No. 1514984

My boyfriend loves to talk about every mealtime about what we're eating and my eating isn't regular because of my shifts and sometimes I'll just have one meal but my main gripe is that I don't give a fuck I find this so tedious and boring every single fucking day. You tell him what you ate and then he asks if it's good like yes thats why I eat it a lot fuck off

No. 1514988

Okay, this is a great idea and I can't believe I never thought about this?

No. 1514999

File: 1677972268827.jpg (294.78 KB, 1600x900, cyberpunk-2077-new-v-crop.jpg)

Cyberpunk 2077 female V's voice makes me horny and that scene where she scissored Meredith made me go crazy.

No. 1515002

I really love the track Grimes released for that soundtrack, Delicate Weapon. Only good thing she’s released since Violence. Shinigami Eyes is mediocre af, meanwhile Player of Games is so fucking cringe and terrible in every way you’d think it was made by a comedian to satirize Grimes’ terminal Pickmeitis

No. 1515032

The tall, skinny, long-dark-haired nerd guy at the grocery store awkwardly flirts with me.
I'm sorry, nerd-fucker anons. It is completely wasted on me because he's not a woman. I wish I could redirect him to one of you.

No. 1515044

Sorry Luna
Sorry Abigail

No. 1515071

I'm manifesting that dude rn anon

No. 1515079

I had a dream last night I was in bed cuddling with Pedro Pascal. You won't believe how frustrated I was when I woke up. Too bad he supports his tranny brother.

No. 1515083

I hate the term 'core' but my friend said I dress like a grandma so my style is now babushkore, deal with it

No. 1515090

how do i stop getting angry at troons for simply entering my visual field in public? it feels so fucking offensive and always with predatory undertones or they're outright doing gross ass PDA

No. 1515092

my name is very archaic and kind of extra however the most recent use of it was in a popular weeb game. i never encountered anyone who shares it but i feel like if im going to, it will bee a troon. i fear the name might even become associated with them because from what i heard the character is really lame and coomery, so right up their alley. i deserve it for having a dumb name tho.

No. 1515097

File: 1677983702133.jpg (55.89 KB, 1000x671, mmmm marr.jpg)

>having a difficult night struggling with my mental health
>put the queen is dead on to try and distract myself
>it actually works

Where would I be if not for Big Gay Steve?

No. 1515100

these type of women are amazing
i have a pathetic aura that causes me to pity me for seemingly no reason. i guess my depression oozes out of my pores but one time i was at a soccer match and a woman sitting near me came up to me and at the end approached me to say that everything would be ok, and she gave me a hug. i didn't think i was signalling anything to elicit that sort of response but idk. one time i went on a walk and it was hot out so i sat down on a ledge to take a break and an ambulance drove up to me and the person in it asked if i was doing ok or if i needed any help and i was pretty much like nah bro just chillin.

No. 1515104

I want to be friends with you, nonny. I too listen to the big gay mozzarella when having a not-so-great mental health day for a distraction.

No. 1515113

An acquaintance of mine had a spot in a comedy club recently and she did her routine for us like a week before she went on and it was not funny. It just wasn't funny. It was like goofy silly cutsey puns. She was awkward as fuck and didn't play into it. Like awkward monotone cutesy puns. For ten minutes. I wonder if she made people laugh. I felt bad watching because I knew there was no way I could pretend to laugh and make it sound convincing. Good for her for being so confident though.

No. 1515116

File: 1677986021295.jpg (84.17 KB, 680x400, morr ew.jpg)


Our queen would be scandalised! If he was doing a concert right now he might even cancel it in a huff. It's vegan pasta and another thing beginning with P for Moz only yes let's be friends

No. 1515191

File: 1677993797012.jpeg (28.51 KB, 452x451, CF956423-2509-4004-92B4-64BA88…)

shes so cute I just wanna save her from the evils of hollywood

No. 1515201

It's late at night, and I'm just thinking about that day where everyone was posting pics of their ogre-ish feet for whatever reason

No. 1515211

File: 1677996873820.jpeg (118.91 KB, 1200x720, me.jpeg)

>If he was doing a concert right now he might even cancel it in a huff.
nta but I am so triggered
He cancelled two shows and I didn't bother with the third to which he did show up and left early of course. I envy anyone who has seen him live, any era really idc

No. 1515220


No. 1515229

having a good shit. been here for 10 minutes

No. 1515231

Oh shit me too nonna, I’m shitting at work rn

No. 1515238

God there's something I keep forgetting to do and I can't remember what it is! I recall it every so often when I'm indisposed, like on a walk or hanging out with people and it's been something since January but for the life of me I can't remember what.

It doesn't have a deadline, just something that'll maybe make my life easier in the long run or make some process more efficient? Or maybe it's a cosmetic thing? I don't even know the nature of it to try narrow it down.

No. 1515250


No. 1515255

File: 1678004759432.jpeg (85.13 KB, 736x736, E323A6A4-BFF3-45D5-962B-A6FEC8…)

The new transformers cartoon (one with the they/them troon) is putting me to sleep with how boring it is.

No. 1515257

I typed out a really long post on LC but got a power blackout and then the power went back on after a few minutes. Went to take a shower, and then afterwards started writing my post again. And of course a blackout happened again just as I was about to hit send. Fuck this shit, no one was going to read it anyways

No. 1515258


No. 1515259

People who dye their hair in unnatural hair colors like pink or blue always look like as if they smell bad and musty

No. 1515260

I intend to cut curtain bangs but I need to wait a bit, and am looking to see how my patch test of blue hair dye fades before I do my whole head.

Oh thanks I meant to nair my pubes but that isn't it.

So true but in my defence I looked like I smelled bad with my mousy brown hair too.

No. 1515271

Probably because they shower less so the hair dye doesn't get ruined as fast.

No. 1515273

My therapist asked me to recall how my mom reacted to when I was sad and for some reason I just… can't? I've been thinking about it for a few days already and there's not a single memory coming up, it's so weird, what's up with that

No. 1515315

File: 1678017669566.gif (1.16 MB, 473x315, rihanna.gif)

I forget that youtube will allow nudity under certain circumstances. Was watching Rihanna's BBHMM music video when I remembered that the wife and Rihanna both had their titties out in that video. Also the grapefruit video which was basically softcore porn.

No. 1515325

I think more like this about red hair, especially the cherry Cola or whatever color, the deeper reddish color

No. 1515326

>I just know Komaeda's pussy tastes like battery acid
So there is allowed this but we can't post about kpop ? fuck off
and don't ask me to go back to choachan, i'm banned

No. 1515335

You just reminded me of Mads' kids threatening to beat his ass if he refused to be in the music video kek. And how his daughter also wanted to beat his ass for not knowing anything about Harry Potter before he accepted his role in the Fantastic Beasts series. They should be his agents. And yeah youtube is weird like that, for some video game trailers I'm forced to log in if I want to watch them because only adults can watch them. Last times I saw this was with one of Bayonetta 2's trailers and one of the original Persona 5 trailers so that was super weird.

No. 1515336

Looking forward to your ban here. Everyone but kpopfaggots agree that kpop, especially kpop fans, are absolute cancer and the last couple times kpop was allowed it was a disaster

No. 1515356

So you have no counter argument for Komaeda's pussy tasting like battery acid.

No. 1515366

go back to twitter

No. 1515371

Yes it's allowed. Leave already.

No. 1515463

Baby radfem here, does intersectionality actually benefit women, or is it just catering to the needs of men who need to insert themselves in everything?

No. 1515473

i think race/culture intersectionality does benefit. But i dont the other ones such as trans or religion help anyone.

No. 1515486

It just doesn't make sense. Why can't feminism be just for women? Why does it have to include men? Then it isn't anything.

No. 1515496

Yes? Intersectionality is also about embracing women of different races and classes.

No. 1515504

File: 1678035815320.jpg (146.44 KB, 828x862, 2776d43ba2d2071bd756eed_714c21…)

I cannot hate her

No. 1515505

I only see the benefit in the face and ethnicity aspects of it

No. 1515511

File: 1678036396646.jpeg (60.78 KB, 560x690, 470F02CC-36AD-4973-9C9E-916771…)

Do nons really only post while they’re like working or studying and leave on the weekends? That’s so mean like I feel like you’re a fake friend like you wouldn’t even talk to us unless you’re bored out of your mind like damn. I love you nonny but damn.

No. 1515520

File: 1678037001022.jpg (70.11 KB, 798x670, 8ZMsD.jpg)

I'm sorry I have social obligations I must attend(visiting relatives and my mother's health issues) I can't spend my time on my phone either otherwise it would seem rude, don't worry I still have lc in my heart and I'll carry it with me, LC has changed me so its part of me

No. 1515521

Was clearing out my email earlier, and saw like 3 e-mails that were clearly spam. Reported them, but it was strange to see that they got through to me.

No. 1515553

File: 1678041789578.jpg (27.88 KB, 405x344, 31b064710fbccbf639c0c843e3b612…)

>gets an A on an assignment where highest grade is supposed to be C

I don't even remember what I did, I don't remember anything I learned or did between the assignments. I'm going to be so fucked during the final test.

No. 1515601

File: 1678044551335.jpg (125.86 KB, 1080x1054, EZfzEvBXkAILBTU.jpg)

I know they're two different people, but I always get CallMeKevin and RTGame mixed up.

No. 1515619

Do you ever just

No. 1515638

In a perfect world they'd be fags and they'd date each other and be the gruesome gay gamer Irish twosome and it'd be constant nonstop jokes about the English. I don't even watch them but try and tell me they don't look GAY as fuck just off of appearances alone. God plays twisted games.

No. 1515665

File: 1678048907565.jpeg (106.38 KB, 410x520, 1668231157566.jpeg)

>god damn why am i so stressed
>been listening to stress by justice for an hour

No. 1515672

My bf and I had very similar dreams while sleeping next to each other last night. Both of us got bullied by one person out of a same-sex group of 5-6 people, calling us annoying. Makes me think we were visited by some dream faerie uniting us in understanding by making us humiliated kek.

No. 1515681

File: 1678052026598.jpg (66.5 KB, 630x420, castironpans-lowres-8236.jpg)

This post is relevant to at least 50% threads on lolcow, such as consoomerism thread, tinfoil thread, sustainable lifestyle etc. but I want as many people as possible to see this so shitposting here. I think nonstick cookware is a marketing scam. When I was a kid we had a cast iron pan and if it hadn’t been for a housefire, we probably still would have had it to this day. After our kitchen burned down my dad bought nonstick pans and idek how many times he’s had to replaced them. When I moved out I went through probably 5 nonstick pans for the first 10 years until I went for steel/cast iron and it’s so much better to cook with and also sparks joy knowing my pans will probably outlive me. Many are also so much cheaper than nonstick! Idk if it’s a regional thing but 99% of people in my country use nonstick pans, at least up until the past few years. I’m very passionate about cast iron/steel pans. I love to watch videos about cast iron/steel cooking utensils on youtube. It’s my favorite thing to online window-shop. Day dreaming about the different frying pans. Found a very sexy one from Ikea, thicc and cheap. The series is even called “Sensuell”. Slutty little frying pan.

No. 1515686

Yeah they are

No. 1515688

It absolutely is a scam. Even if you only use the silicone utensils and wash them with a washcloth, they're still only good for a few dozen washes before basic friction starts to destroy the finish. I was given a Copper Chef set and babied it, one pan cooked about a dozen pancakes before I could it was deteriorating. And oil and burned shit sticks much harder to the "nonstick" surface. Once something burns/gets stuck, it's there for good.

No. 1515690

File: 1678053660617.jpg (37.48 KB, 640x460, 1675646253103.jpg)

I'm just strolling through the pastures with my girlfriend nonushka

No. 1515694

100% facts

No. 1515696

I want a slutty trying pan to do my stir fry.

No. 1515699

File: 1678054966646.jpeg (10.81 KB, 152x82, 21F45554-28DF-4185-B62C-DA0277…)

My phone is a fucking tranny

No. 1515700

File: 1678055111233.png (152.73 KB, 900x900, sensuell-stekepanne-rustfritt-…)

Thank you for confirming my beliefs noners. Once the nonstick wears off it's also toxic and the wastefulness just angers me so much.

Pic related is the pan. A guy on youtube made a comparison video and it equaled or possibly surpassed Demeyere Proline 7 on induction oven in terms of heat distribution due to its thiccnes, but costs half as much if not less. I was a bit miffed tbh because I own the Demeyere pan lol.

No. 1515710

File: 1678057457140.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.04 KB, 1209x1288, 7AAE47C1-A454-4FF6-A213-E650E9…)

I’d rather be poor than subject myself to this

No. 1515714

I swear to god i thought these mfs were Jerma985 one after the other. I AM NOT FACEBLIND THEY JUST FISH TOO MANY GUYS OUT OF THE SAME CLONING VAT TO CUT CORNERS

No. 1515715

File: 1678058200095.jpeg (473.22 KB, 828x1006, 1673505731981.jpeg)

my fav youtuber is on the verge of trooning out. I want off this troon earth.

No. 1515719

No. 1515720

Spill the beans

No. 1515724

File: 1678058769875.jpeg (48.81 KB, 828x587, C0518984-EE23-4000-BF25-987CDA…)


No. 1515726

they’ll detrans in 5 years, who cares. (I mean it’s bad but whatever)

No. 1515727

I can’t get a lot of stuff to NOT stick in my cast iron. I’d never be able to make fried eggs in it, for example. I think I’m doing it wrong

No. 1515728

File: 1678059291014.png (104.88 KB, 1050x661, 5BBAB79D-0B81-41D2-9FAC-A04B18…)

literally couldn’t be me because I memorized the times table from the triangular piece of plastic he gave me to study
Couldn’t even find a picture because it’s an ancient fucking artifact I guess but it was something like picrel

No. 1515729

Nice, stir fry and Asian cuisine would be a dream in that one!

No. 1515730

You are doing it wrongly

No. 1515733

File: 1678059554106.png (742.09 KB, 680x534, bf8.png)

>tfw last month i barely had an appetite despite not eating much because i had a lot going on my mind
>ff to these past few days
>not even hungry but have a strong urge to eat and eat and eat
>been stuffing my pie hole with all sort of fat ass carbs
>full but hunger for more

No. 1515735

File: 1678059660580.gif (2.49 MB, 449x498, ootori-emu-project-sekai.gif)

I remember when i first got on this website, i didn't like it because it discouraged my degenerate fetishes and other shit. But you know what? I'm glad about that because i could've ended up much worse. Kinda reminds me of your mom/older sister reprimanding you until you realize she was just looking out for you.

No. 1515736

File: 1678059679276.png (283.27 KB, 627x631, pix.png)

i'm so mad they've updated my usual news app. smartnews what the fuck you guys fell the fuck off. first getting rid of your international edition and a bunch of categories which funnels everything into the home tab, the americanization of it all, to the stupid new intrusive ads every second scroll, to the absolute glut of clearly AI written clickbait tripe - i just want a news aggregation service for scrolling in the morning that isn't just hidden ad after worse hidden ad. RIP

No. 1515739

File: 1678060059069.png (25.94 KB, 275x114, panny.png)

rebeltaxi. i know he's a scrote but man i love his videos.

No. 1515741

>tfw circa 2016 I used to orbit his tumblr like crazy
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he does troon. I remember he bought a hot topic sailor dress that he wore at least once in the privacy of his home, and he would draw his stand-in character from his comic in the dress too and would regularly draw that character getting femdommed. He'd also draw really porny art of his characters regularly. He's such a coomer degen, it was only a matter of time.

No. 1515745

idk why this shocked me, but i remember how he posted a sexual roleplay as one of his female characters on 4chan and he got a huge kick out of the attention he got from it. Also he had a troon friend who is a prominent part of his podcast, i can imagine the influence he would have on pan.

No. 1515746

wouldnt surprise me if he troons out this year. He's a jobless 30yo dating a 21yo, that ruined his only chance at making it in the cartoon industry by spilling his spaghetti in front of Genndy Tartakoski of all people. Gonna miss his videos though.

No. 1515764

Sometimes I visit the Shadow Realm in my dreams, it’s not a fun place.

No. 1515771

What are you talking about? Give deets, nona

No. 1515828

i am the fakest friend ever, i only post on this site if i'm at least 6/10 intoxicated on something

No. 1515829

I love a good burger, but recenti can't help but find beef burgers so gross. I'm going back to vegetarian meat for a while.

No. 1515832

Samefsg, but also I ate a medium burger recently and it was so hard. "it's so juicy!" That is BLOOD!

No. 1515835

File: 1678071376468.jpg (60.9 KB, 641x767, pikacat.jpg)

Love you too nonny!

No. 1515842

>that ruined his only chance at making it in the cartoon industry by spilling his spaghetti in front of Genndy Tartakoski of all people. Gonna miss his videos though.
kek when was this, and could you post it in the western animations thread

No. 1515852

File: 1678073242626.jpg (286.16 KB, 1500x997, tidal album cover moz version.…)

Imagine Morrissey covering either Kate Bush, Bjork or Fiona Apple. What songs would you request for him?

No. 1515865

wuthering heights lol

No. 1515873

I feel like I'm becoming more normie and it's definitely caused me to refrain from lolcow. I'm not even trying to be rude but sometimes when I read a post on this site I feel like I'm back in school trying to understand and make conversation with the resident classroom autist because we were put in assigned groups.

No. 1515878

I want to see him do vidrel

No. 1515879

I felt that way about 4chan, though 4chan is like wading in a toilet full of crap compared to this place, Maybe you outgrown it and need to graduate from LC.

No. 1515889

File: 1678075892510.png (13.08 KB, 536x344, doodle.png)

Tired of being poor I'm about to become a furry

No. 1515891

File: 1678076016238.jpg (538.69 KB, 1136x787, RW3SP6WQXYI6TNAROU6WI4YVUA.jpg)

What happened to that nonnie that was putting flesh and hair and fingernails and period blood & piss in her houseplants? Is she still here? Did her plants gain sentience and eat her? I must know

No. 1515897

I just remembered that there was a time in my life where I didn't know how to spell/write and got tripped out and annoyed

No. 1515900

AYRT and LOL he would absolutely throw a hissy fit being lumped in with an animal product! Genuinely made me laugh reading your reply. What're your top 3 songs by them??

No. 1515901

Holy shit does anyone follow pangur-and-grim on tumblr? She's so fucking corny and cringe. She's pretty much documenting her tranny journey on her fucking cat blog?? She posted recently that her mother burst into tears over dinner because her mother reads her blog and found out she's planning to chop her tits off.

No. 1515902

Being a furry is pretty expensive nonna

No. 1515910

It seems like when you're a furry you automatically become rich

No. 1515911

nah lol there are just a disproportionate number of furfags in higher paying tech jobs. you only see the ones who can afford the flashy stuff

No. 1515912

anon i thought you meant become a furry artist, riches come after, maybe

No. 1515922

File: 1678079679170.gif (1.26 MB, 450x253, 1597184362954.gif)

I've never been broken up with romantically. I got broken up with platonically once and never recovered.

No. 1515933

File: 1678081227283.jpeg (29.58 KB, 367x612, CBD4D4C3-8666-4575-A12F-0F8BF4…)

I feel like I might be the only person who does this. But since last year, I’ve been tweezing every hair out of my armpits. I usually wait until they’ve grown out to about 1/4 inch and then do it all in one sitting. Takes about an hour? Feels like no time at all cause I go into a trance. Pulling the hairs doesn’t hurt or bother me, I like the sensation. The only downside is that it makes my neck and shoulders hurt, so I switch between my left and right pit multiple times and stretch my neck at least every ten minutes. I just tweezed my pits last night and they’re nice and smooth but my neck is still a little sore. I’ll do this again in a couple weeks.

No. 1515942

This gif is so funny

No. 1515948

it's beyond sad and old milk
>tfw be genndy tartakovsky
>you are asked to interview new talent
>excited to meet new, young minds that grew inspired by your work on Dexter and Samurai Jack
>look at the puter screen
>its a guy with cat headphones in a room cluttered by trash
>''I mean if you could live in a world where you could bone cartoon cartoons, wouldn't you do it?''

No. 1515955

File: 1678084200196.png (122.2 KB, 512x604, ff2f9d8dadf7c0d11ac4285c2fc31a…)

what I imagine paki-chan will be like when she starts living in America

No. 1515959

Since we're on the topic of rebeltaxi/pan pizza being pathetic, here's another classic

No. 1515973

File: 1678087929071.png (24.69 KB, 757x1381, funny kettle.png)

kek, 4chan is down. I wonder if tranny jannies abusing their power on /vt/ has anything to do with it.

No. 1515974

I don't browse /vt/, what's happening there?

No. 1515979

God bless duck bumper nonny

No. 1515982

File: 1678089196123.png (25.27 KB, 1247x98, 1677696392729.png)

>vtuber pikamee retirees from streaming after being harassed by troons on twitter
>/vt/mods make a sticky
>people start posting memes and swearing in the name of pikamee that they will gun down every troon
>tranny jannies at full dilating power start banning everyone EXCEPT people making fun of pikamee and defending the troons
>eventually it gets un-stickied(never happened before) after a few hours, possibly thanks to a mental breakdown due to twansphobia
>someone pays to have an advertisement making fun of pikamee's graduation(possibly trolling)
>vtuber spergs have never been angrier, this is their 9/11
>they start doxxing every troon that harassed pikamee into graduation
>meanwhile people start posting screenshots of the tranny mods in IRC roleplaying instead of doing their job

its been an hour since the last post on 4chan, it's completly frozen

No. 1515985

so that's why the captcha won't load i guess

No. 1515986

File: 1678089615952.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, kek.gif)

>taxing dilation session
KEK based. I love the tranny meltdowns. Moids are so fucking fragile

No. 1515987

the hamster dance

No. 1515988

I doubt this is related to /vt/ drama. Anons on altchans are speculating it's because of drama on their home boards but I don't think it's because of any board drama. Not a techfag but I think the captchas are just randomly down

No. 1515989

my younger brother 's been practicing the ukelele nonstop for hours and it's driving me fucking crazy helpppp

No. 1515990

The state of 4chan tranny jannies right now lmao
As much as I hate troons I do hope that no mentally unstable 4channer actually does a mass killing on troons. One, they'll find a way to blame it on women again and two, it fuels their narcissistic victim fetish.

No. 1515992

nta but some people said that hackers found a way to bypass captcha already and they are using bots. So it might be that.

No. 1516005

oh god, I thought his whole act was a persona for the sake of a joke, but he's actually like this

No. 1516018

I love when an unhinged rant is capped on the insane ramblings thread, the anon in the cap responds and then that response is capped the thread as well kek

No. 1516030

File: 1678098050315.png (900.16 KB, 1316x1352, OcZRm3NAbv39vN0yrPjYmWdn5JHImh…)


Reddit trannies whining too

>I usually don't let transphobia get to me but the things I've seen in relation to this particular situation have sort of fucked me up.

>Never seen so many people in one place encouraging trans suicide and actually getting support for it. I've seen people blatantly say we deserve to die / should kill ourselves over this and then receive tons of support. This is actually sickening to me.

>Same, it's fucking disturbing. I've seen more 4s and 1s in comments sections the past week than all the Math classes I've ever taken (if you catch my drift). Even though I'm not trans (I am aroace, though), this shit genuinely scares me because of just how much support it gets.

They are posting this now right after they led months long campaigns to harass JK Rowling where they accused her of being a nazi pedo.

No. 1516033

who is pikamee and why did she(?) get harassed by troons in the first place

No. 1516037

Didn't some guy try to attack a library or something similar when a dictionary changed the definition of women.
Both sides have unhinged radicalised men with guns

No. 1516051

saying she wanted to play the wizard game, that's it. Funny that she's an open lolicon and trannies didnt give a shit then about how loli is harmful and made by actual pedos, but playing the wizard game means you are supporting literally Hitler. I dont care about pika because she's a pedo, but i find the shitstorm hilarious.

No. 1516066

File: 1678102442715.jpg (40.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

farmers i just found out my horribly abusive narc ex is now making porn videos on pornhub and has an onlyfans. please help me ruminate and fantasize about the most diabolical way i could get my revenge.

No. 1516080

Most trannies are pedos, of course they didn't mind the loli part

No. 1516096

I've lost an ability to joke after spending so much time with an ex that took everything literally. Now I always feel like I have to word it in a way that would make it easy to understand even for the dumbest person, and it's so lame and ruins everything. I reread my old messages and I used to be so much funnier.

No. 1516098

I’m sorry nonny, there is hope though. Same thing happened to me, took a few years to regain my wit.

No. 1516099

You dated a CC poster?

No. 1516100

get him to put things in his ass

No. 1516106

Thanks for comforting words nona! few years is better than an eternity of lameness. I'll avoid boring men at all costs and wait for total purification.

Kek anon, I've never been there, is it that bad?

No. 1516144

I miss living in a place where, as long as I paid my rent on time, my landlord literally did not care whether I lived or died. My current place they want to come over and do shit like check the boiler and the water and the gas and the electric ALL THE TIME and it’s so annoying.

No. 1516158

quick, nonnie, give me something good to say to the anti-abortion people putting their dead baby signs all over my campus!

No. 1516170

steal the signs later, interacting with them only fuels their persecution complex

No. 1516174

dont say anything, just fully pretend theyre not there. look right through them. or if you cant help yourself just give them a really bitchy, unapproving glance as you walk by

No. 1516177

This is me but with my moustache. I love tweezing it, I've been doing it since I was 12 and haven't stopped. I waxed it once and since then I've been tweezing the sprouting hairs here and there.

No. 1516186

Twitter is down and it makes me happy.

No. 1516191

The internet is healing.

No. 1516195

Not in a feminist way, this sounds unhealthy and compulsive.

No. 1516216

File: 1678124906328.png (487.55 KB, 802x610, 6dws5mznnrr61.png)

I learned about the alaskan king from the chart thread on /m/ and it's even bigger than I imagined I'm actually laughing. It's so excessive I want it

No. 1516219

File: 1678125118241.png (993.05 KB, 1166x870, bab.png)

shitter is back up

No. 1516223

I'd love to just have a room and have the Alaskan King be the floor.

No. 1516225

I did this once. Took two Hunger Games movies to finish both lmao.

No. 1516231

Holy shit, that's fucking amazing. I got myself a regular king but now I need this fella.

No. 1516238

I have two big dogs and a moid, I thought a California King would be enough. I was WRONG!!!!!!.

No. 1516246

You don't have to call him a moid to fit in. He's your boyfriend. If you're dating a moid, run.

No. 1516297

These people are so stupid. I've seen so many male content creators opening playing and supporting Hogwarts legacy. these (female) content creators need to grow a pair and woman up.

No. 1516307

I keep getting told I should watch/listen to Critical Roll but all the gifs I see of it on Tumblr make it look like a group of cringe theatre kids and that does not appeal to me in the slightest.

No. 1516315

i hate how dnd got co-opted by troons and cringy e-celebs

No. 1516319

you are a retard, the male streamers arent getting harassed, that's why they are able to play the game just fine.

No. 1516417

File: 1678134748591.jpeg (59.55 KB, 300x300, 2B441A9E-C02B-434C-B24B-9E5623…)

I’m here with my monthly shittin on da toilet post I don’t think imma make it this time. Pray for me nonnies

No. 1516419

Good luck with your monthly toilet shit! where do you shit the rest of the time I wonder

No. 1516450

Shayna's degeneracy is disgusting to me and I don't think I could ever stomach trying to read her thread

No. 1516460

Dnd has been played by autistic neckbeards since the 80s, of course there are gonna be troons lol, it’s the same exact people.

No. 1516461

dnd has always been cringe

No. 1516462

ur mom's cringe

No. 1516483

he is my nigel, thank you nona!!

No. 1516487

nah, most troons into dnd are actually young, at least millenials.

No. 1516520

I don't understand how people can keep their pubic area hairless all the time. I decided to trim and shave my bikini zone a bit for the first time in a long while because I got tired of hair poking from the sides of my panties and it took less than a day for it to become itchy and red as fuck. I'm never doing this again holy shit. Fuck shaving.

No. 1516525

Sounds like you did it improperly and gave yourself razor burn

No. 1516562

some people have sensitive skin, even exfoliating a few days before and shaving with fresh, sterilized razor can cause irritation. some people have pseudofolliculitis barbae too (predominantly males but can effect females). however it is possible anon was shaving incorrectly i am not denying that

ye i trim with scissors instead. i occasionally shave my pubic area but i don't like it, i have stubble back the next day and it gets itchy between my butt cheeks and the crease of my thighs because the hair is poking the other side and rubbing against. i would wax myself sometimes too, but it takes me a long time and i cannot get the right angles. however i get zero irritation after wax. so i rotate between having full 70s landscaping to trimming it short.

No. 1516566

I'd prefer a war between the mentally unstable 4channers and the trannies where they wipe each other out.

No. 1516598

File: 1678146975132.jpg (72.9 KB, 1280x720, download (30).jpg)

You know, when you think about it, it is more realistic to have a sum of money stay with you until you grow old… (roth ira, stock market, investments, etc) than to have someone to love you for that long

No. 1516601

ATTENTION NONAS: If you EVER feel the urge to announce that you will do something related to the farms and post it (drawing what anons tell you to, MAKING A SPREADSHEET DEDICATED TO CALCULATING SHAYNA'S FRIVOLOUS EXPENSES), DON'T! Because you WILL NOT END UP DOING IT! And other anons will end up asking where XYZanon went and if she's going to do what she said she'd do for weeks. Just don't.

No. 1516602

some anons HAVE lived up to their promises though!

No. 1516611

File: 1678148289723.png (544.39 KB, 564x711, tumblr_nqkb4eT2351tc5d60o1_128…)

She was my favorite as a kid. It was so refreshing to see someone who looked like me be the popular mean girl kek

No. 1516614

we should have a draw/edition thread, would love to request a nonny my retarded ideas, and draw other retarded ideas back

No. 1516620

i actually was working on an image for a request drawthread for lc but I was too nervous it'd fall into obsolescence to suggest it kek

No. 1516628

File: 1678149302563.gif (Spoiler Image,531.91 KB, 275x255, runaway.gif)

>me promising to make a new thread for old movies and then never doing it

No. 1516640

File: 1678150376474.jpg (58.8 KB, 622x609, 5046ee82a01e4a6ef5fa065f9d76b2…)

sometimes I wish I could go back to identifying as nonbinary and pretend that I'm a slug or something. It was kinda fun and autistically retarded. I need help

No. 1516641

>cant be a girl slug

No. 1516647

You can go by weird names online….you don't have to be a gendie to go by "Slug"…..just be retarded if you want you don't have to join a pseudo religion kek

No. 1516656

File: 1678151776146.png (278.49 KB, 500x283, goku.png)

>I'm gonna find my personal style this year
>spends $32 on toe socks

No. 1516661

CHICKEN GOKU!!!!!!!! literally my favorite pic that I have found directly from LC

No. 1516667

File: 1678152364173.jpg (44.63 KB, 1080x607, wake me up.jpg)

Just spent like 10 minutes picking the sausage of of my frozen pizza

No. 1516679

File: 1678153019295.jpg (123.34 KB, 700x933, 593e90503183f09d0668d8274a4ef0…)

Sharing any kind of serious opinion on lolcow is low-key pointless because if an anon wants to disagree, they will just twist your words, purposefully ignore things, make assumptions and generally just misinterpret things to fight. And if you try to correct them they will just keep going to keep the argument going. That's why I just infight about food and other stupid shit.

No. 1516693

Oh, so you're calling us retards are you? GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

No. 1516697

File: 1678154178057.jpg (270.05 KB, 1437x1080, 1670939072017.jpg)

Well I think whoever did this to this avocado is retarded, there I said it..

No. 1516698

Yes. And I'm calling you a dookiehead too.

No. 1516700

File: 1678154428452.jpg (55.41 KB, 560x879, 1670019233973.jpg)

a stray cat had kittens on my shed. I wanna gain their trust so i can adopt one and give the rest up for adoption. Any tips? they are very scared of me as of now to the point they hiss at me when i get close. I have been feeding them cat food and giving them clean water.

No. 1516703

File: 1678154511382.jpg (98.05 KB, 736x920, 5bf3039a2d7f2ffc89095e02f16ba8…)

In real life my baby fever is insane and I would love to be a mother but in video games I get annoyed when I have a kid because it's like, I'm already the protagonist and have to do all this stuff and now I have to take care of some little shit. Unless it's a dynamic where I'm taking care of a child that was abandoned for one reason or another. I think those are cute and sweet and they tug at my heartstrings.

No. 1516705

i remember this artist only because she drew porn of a real life archaeologist

No. 1516706

thank god i hate both. Having children in media should be illegal.

No. 1516710

File: 1678154851150.png (620.97 KB, 850x796, cringecomp.png)

I made this cute meme can a nonnie(s) please save it and use it in their daily lives please I'm just very proud of how it came out

No. 1516711

Random question but was it ever explained why Clementine's parents were obviously black and she ended up looking 1/3rd african american??

No. 1516716

File: 1678155297107.png (11.99 KB, 250x250, moz in cat form.png)

I've only recently got into them, embarrassing but I love The Queen is Dead (I'm a bong who hates the royal family to begin with) and I Know It's Over. Need to listen to more though. It all started because I think young Moz is a cutie

He loves cats so he should do the nyan cat song

No. 1516718

I honestly thought she was only half black for the longest.

No. 1516728

Looking at the family picture from the first game, I understand what you mean. However, based on Clem's appearance, my headcanon was that she was black and Korean (Korean because they're in Georgia lol).

No. 1516731

How did you find out hes doing porn? Is he stupid enough to attach his real name to his porn accounts?

No. 1516732

File: 1678156250612.jpg (40.08 KB, 960x720, gffhff.jpg)

I want kids IRL, but I HATE kids in fics if they're not canon. I don't wanna read about a made-up child, which usually ends up written badly anyway. And ESPECIALLY in my characterxself-insert fics.


No. 1516734

lmao I love you nonna and I agree.

No. 1516791

File: 1678161241335.jpg (235.03 KB, 931x736, nn.jpg)

Are there any meme Nikocado phone wallpapers with his screaming/scary faces? Maybe kpop collage style… I need it to stop me from stress eating

No. 1516799

File: 1678162259004.jpeg (97.06 KB, 521x696, 1677994761268.jpeg)

Anon… why would you want nikocado as your phone wallpaper? Are you insane?

No. 1516808

Someone give me the rundown of the teary-eyed lady's video does Nikado run an organized crime ring or something? Why's she scared of a repulsive fatty gay?

No. 1516817

File: 1678163088022.png (959.13 KB, 1231x2048, Screenshot_20230306-222442.png)

"claiming he used abusive tactics to manipulate and control her during one of their collaboration efforts."

No. 1516818

there is a 4 hours documentary on yt about nikocado lore

No. 1516819

File: 1678163180053.png (678.18 KB, 1172x2048, Screenshot_20230306-222555.png)

No. 1516833

File: 1678163820914.jpeg (80.8 KB, 728x727, 9B6B624C-E4ED-4ACF-9125-D45096…)

I have to shower but I was listening to creepy edgy vocaloid songs from like 10 years ago im scared

No. 1516837

T cartoon community is filled to the brim of drama. It's so funny to see these manchildren get mad at eachothers crappy animated projects. I have no idea who these people are outside of very surface level knowledge, but jesus its so funny.

No. 1516895

File: 1678169492615.jpg (535.12 KB, 1080x1165, FmRGnmHakAISgvK.jpg)

Zoom in & first thing you see is how you gonna die.
I got mother-son relationship

No. 1516900

Falling in love

No. 1516901

personal favorite

No. 1516905

Second chances

No. 1516906


No. 1516909

File: 1678170236963.gif (17.14 KB, 128x128, nomnomnom.gif)

>weigh issues

No. 1516910

File: 1678170242188.jpg (145.03 KB, 1908x1146, 68282101-0-image-a-12_16777997…)

No. 1516914

how boomer adjacent would i be if i bought and wore a pink floyd tshirt

No. 1516917

You'd just look like any millennial ever really.

No. 1516919

kek okay now THAT puts me off more than any boomer comment would

No. 1516953

I lost weight and now my eyes don't look tiny anymore. Yey

No. 1516961

Goddess of mercy. Wut

No. 1516975

I took a little nap (well actually, it was like 5 hours and now it's 3 am so I should still be asleep) and my underwear rode down so my ass crack was rubbing all over the sheets. A clean ass crack, but still.

No. 1516990

File: 1678177869693.png (1.01 MB, 640x960, NIKO.png)

No. 1517012

File: 1678181170165.gif (1.04 MB, 200x200, k.gif)

It's perfect! Thank you, nonny!!

No. 1517048

'ate my government, luv the people

No. 1517083

Took 3mg of xannies and the time went woooooosh how has it been 7 hours wtf. When it doesn’t sedate me it just makes time fast forward.

No. 1517084

File: 1678191258576.jpg (49.1 KB, 500x644, 1645312409316.jpg)

I'm keep forgetting what threads I posted in. I'm sorry, nonnies who take the time to respond only for me to read it a week later.

No. 1517097

mind meld

No. 1517102

GreaseMonkey AddOn + DollChan Extension - you're welcome.
it also lets you favourite threads and shows how many replies since last refresh, it's pretty neat.

No. 1517114

There's these two lolitas at my uni and their outfits are absolutely awful but I was impressed by their confidence. And then I walked by one of them and saw her backpack was covered in yaoi and fakeboi pins. Yuck

No. 1517152

It’s crowning

No. 1517236

File: 1678204562374.jpg (15.15 KB, 562x786, bb5f901c05d17905e8f1806397d4fb…)

These flat brushes fucking suck for foundation I'm glad we've moved on to better foundation appliances methods.

No. 1517239

File: 1678204681580.png (755.57 KB, 1096x772, D4474C6C-B351-4E98-A7FB-1ACCB9…)

My fuckboy brother really just nlog’d me in front of his gf for being so uwu pure, all women are promiscuous except me! Literally said that, I wish I was kidding, I felt second-hand embarrassment. I’m just so high up on the pedestal, I wonder what he would say if he knew I tried to blackmail a man for money lol

No. 1517242

File: 1678204858622.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x1537, 1665762966627.jpeg)

Just woke up to my cat eating my earbuds. Fun

No. 1517243

That's not a real cat right? It's eyes are scaring me

No. 1517245

nta but you saved me thank you and i love you mwuah

No. 1517246

maybe im retarded but i could never figure out how to apply foundation with a brush. it doesnt blend without leaving little brush marks and it really did look like i actually painted my face

No. 1517250

File: 1678205084254.jpeg (655.19 KB, 1881x1623, 1665725647327.jpeg)

It's a real cat nonny, an anon posted her cat in the cat thread and I found it so funny looking (in a good way). I still think about it today >>>/ot/1374137

No. 1517251

nta but you're not alone, i feel the same. I moved on to sponges once the beauty blender became huge and never looked back

No. 1517253

they're called eyelids, anon

No. 1517254

Oh my God, idk how I didn't recognize her because I replied to one of those posts. I even said I liked her eye shape kek
No, the cats eyes just looked very glassy in that picture.

No. 1517259

File: 1678205615846.jpg (82.11 KB, 836x625, 1648328984721.jpg)

i just installed dollchan but it keeps saying connection failed (timeout). Is there something I need to do? I'm rarted

No. 1517260

File: 1678205671701.jpeg (1010.56 KB, 4000x3000, 86E6B1C6-F084-4759-9755-9C5765…)

speaking of cat anons, this dilute calico lives in my head rent free

No. 1517262

File: 1678206045186.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.71 KB, 392x588, 3d-pizza-letter-printed-skinny…)

>Women's underwear
kek let it be these please

No. 1517263

I have a fluffy chocolate brown tuxedo cat who lives in my home rent free. Solid chocolate brown and white tux, not a tabby tux. He’s like a shiny Pokémon.

No. 1517264

I just became aware of my physical body and my legs, especially my calves/calf's, feel super short.

No. 1517265

File: 1678206680108.png (22.19 KB, 125x130, Screenshot (393).png)

I feel like the Sanic totem is lying to me… he promises that boy will text me and that he isn't gay but might have autism and that he knows who I am, but I am doubting you, I am sorry Sanic… my belief is wavering but I am trying to be strong! The answers you give me are so bright, but the pain is never ending and the sadness is like a deep well full of ice cold misery.

No. 1517267

Give kitty pets for me anon

No. 1517270

>blood and violence
uh oh

No. 1517274

im like addicted to going to get a starbucks drink on my break at work. its not even the caffeine im addicted to but the act itself of going out and getting a hot sweet drink, my day just doesnt feel right without it. im slightly lactose intolerant too so it makes my tummy hurt every day but i keep getting one anyway.

No. 1517278

File: 1678208586734.png (165.24 KB, 419x956, Screenshot_20230307_175959.png)

It's trying to refresh, and because of lolcors spam/DOS protection it sometimes fails.
Try reloading the site by strg+f5 or restart DollChan on the off-button.
Sometimes it fails to load new posts in the favorites tab, too - it's no biggie though (might have to do with the fuckload of favorites I have though)

I love you too, nonnie <3

No. 1517282

File: 1678208730485.gif (1.42 MB, 498x264, raw.gif)

>Dry Humping

No. 1517285

washing machine

No. 1517286

nona what? check his search history for incest porn unironically, that is fucking weird

No. 1517289

I swear I've had a dream about this before

No. 1517320

File: 1678211548454.jpg (146.09 KB, 900x1138, 0wzZge_3f.jpg)

>Demonic Possession

No. 1517324

File: 1678211839612.gif (1.9 MB, 640x360, Wakakozake.gif)

>Food Porn
I'm okay with this

No. 1517355

File: 1678214892317.jpg (27.35 KB, 552x552, VASH.jpg)


No. 1517374

This made me sad kek

No. 1517389

The three types of womanchild:
>the fashion doll womanchild. Grew up on ultra girly children's media (Bratz, Barbie, Monster High if you're an older zoomer, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, etc.)
>the anime womanchild. Grew up on 4kidz dubbed anime and late night adult swim anime. Can overlap with the fashion doll womanchild (if Sailor Moon or Tokyo Mew Mew was her favorite) or with the modest womanchild (if Inuyasha or Yugioh was her favorite)
>the "modest" womanchild. Grew up on wholesome children's and girly media that focused heavily on "girl power" and aimed to empower young girls (American Girl and the like) mother (& or father) probably wanted her to grow up without the pressures of the beauty industry.

Tag yourself I'm a fashion doll womanchild.

No. 1517390

im a ninja turtles womanchild. not in a nlog way though, i love your types.

No. 1517399

Wait I forgot the boy's media womanchild hold up
>boy's media womanchild. Grew up watching cartoon network and nickelodeon, most likely really into Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Pokemon etc. Drawn more to boy's media, wasn't very invested in girly media.
I was thinking that the anime womanchild encompassed the boy's media womanchild too. Brain fart moment!

No. 1517403

I grew up on all those though. including pbs shit.

No. 1517406

File: 1678219758475.jpg (107.08 KB, 1000x563, bloom.jpg)

fashion doll womanchild. Winx Club, Barbie, Bratz & Trollz

No. 1517407

It's just for fun this isn't like an actual attempt at classifying people. It's just whatever you were more likely to gravitate towards. I played with toy cars and action figures but I mostly gravitated toward fashion dolls.

No. 1517408

good typology so far, i'd describe myself as a dinosaur/fossils/biology womanchild and I feel like there are a fair amount of us here

No. 1517418

Fashiondoll. Sims, Stardoll, W.I.T.C.H., Bratz, Barbies, Bella Sara

No. 1517421

what if you're all these things?

No. 1517424

Idk, what if nonnie. What if.

No. 1517425

Everytime I go on reddit I regreddit

No. 1517426

We should revive the ancient past thread, I get way too excited about that stuff. Relevant video.

No. 1517428

just do it nonny, post there and revive it. Make opabinia return

No. 1517449

i sometimes wish i could see the art of the people posting on the bad art thread, they have such shitty opinions most of the time

No. 1517454

Ew I don’t wanna find out

No. 1517460

6:56 stuck with me years later for some reason idk why. Basically remember none of this movie except for her and a scene where the seal hides under the glasses kid's bed

No. 1517463

i thought it was douglas fur this entire time. like the tree is very furry so it's called that. i feel like an idiot. but it does sound like they're saying fur, right? what kind of dumbass word is fir, anyway

No. 1517495

i got so used to watching dubbed movies that seeing actual child acting after all these years is quite jarring

No. 1517505


No. 1517557

File: 1678231908789.jpeg (38.26 KB, 480x480, F98D80D4-8BD7-4F83-B42F-8475F2…)

someone remind me to buy razors my pussy is hairy as fuck

No. 1517573

Embrace the bush

No. 1517591

your bush is there to protect you from bad bacteria, do you want a UTI?

No. 1517598

Why do you want your genitals to look like those of a prepubescent child?

No. 1517604

I will say don't get razors and wax instead

No. 1517613

Just trim it with fine scissors or braid it like a warrior

No. 1517614

i wanna try shaving mine even though
i am pretty hairy everywhere else, spoilering for TMI but i hate my pubes getting stuck to the pads flaps, it hurts like shit

No. 1517628

File: 1678238737422.jpeg (20.44 KB, 234x275, 2AB62E32-DAEE-448C-96C2-FD4ADE…)


That’s not it at all, it’s just pretty long right now. I don’t mind having some hair down there.
Kek waxing scares me, I dunno if I’d ever do it.
Now I just wanna grow it out just to braid it kek

No. 1517632

Why do people say this every time someone on here talks about shaving? It's fucking creepy. No woman shaving her crotch is thinking about this, weirdo.

No. 1517633

>excessive drinking
I don’t like alcohol though?

No. 1517636

the best revenge is never talking to them and getting that "hey u up" "how u been" text years later. used to have a literal countdown clock for certain fuckboys that my best friend would ruminate about. i'm like "just watch the clock tick down and wait until he tries to ask for forgiveness, and by that time you won't give a fuck". works every time

No. 1517637

>>1516096 it comes back, don't worry. you have to be comfortable with people to have your true self come out and it takes a while. it takes a lot longer the older you get

No. 1517639

i had a landlord like this, and i just made myself so annoying in response that he eventually left me the fuck alone. eg. >cleaning up leaves >follow him and clean up behind him >he tells me to mow lawn >pretend lawnmower is broken and call him 19 times in a day >lawnmower actually does break >drag it to his sons house and ask them to fix it

make yourself worse than them, they go away

No. 1517640

get a waterproof electric razor or wax. or don't do anything. i only do the former because i don't like going down on someone with a full bush/it's annoying when you are doing outdoor things and have to piss/period without bathrooms

No. 1517642

go to the cat love thread, i adopted a cat and asked for help. there are really kind and knowledgeable anons in that thread. plus you get cute cat pictures

No. 1517662

Saw a headline of qndrew tate admitting he'd sleep with a Troon, I do not know.if it's old or new, nor will I ever give Andrew tate a click or anything else, but lol. I said in his thread he probably fucked a Troon and he's bisexual/gay, I forgot what I said exactly but I was right

No. 1517665

I'm not surprised either.

No. 1517670

sounds like confusing news for the surprisingly large amount of libfems who think all bi men are soft leftists in touch with their feminine side

No. 1517671

It's so hilarious that every single one of these scrotes are degenerate bisexuals who always let the mask slip in their woman hate qnd hoe they'll literally fuck a scrote with enough surgery because breasts equal woman. They don't even specify if they have surgery or not. I notice that so many scrotes admit they'd fuck eachother in wigs as long as they have titty balls

No. 1517673

No. 1517674

he's gonna really enjoy prison then

No. 1517679


No. 1517681

So he's open to fucking men he's attracted to in the ass

No. 1517683

Or be fucked in the ass, I wonder how his fans are coping with this? They will ignore the bullshit he did to women but saying fuck a man must be to far for some of his actual straight fans. Also men who make these random, "I'd rather fuck blank instead of blank!" Think they are disrespecting the thing they hate more by saying they won't bless them with dick, but really they are just telling you what they really want. Andrew tate is officially gay in my eyes

No. 1517684

The new woque definition of bi is "attraction to more than one gender" or some bullshit so people will call this straight just as long as the TIMs call themselves women. He could literally say he wanted to be spitroasted and it'd be heterosexual behaviour to some people just as long as the dick havers used she/her pronouns

No. 1517686

Really not surprised. His mannerisms and the way he moves from the videos I've seen of him was setting off my gaydar

No. 1517688

Yeah but do you think those people are fans of Andrew Tate? I'm sure he has a lot of chasers waiting for this news, but a lot of them are DL or genuinely don't think trannies are women and that shit is gay ass hell no matter how you slice it. Though I can wait to see men going. "Well dealing with a dick is better then a 1" because I think it's not really a secret to anyone who uses the internet that most Tim's have dicks still. I imagine Blair whites name will be the go to for conservatives who hate troons but only because they don't look like blairea filtered pictures.
It's really telling how so many scrotes know a Troon they'd totally sleep with if they had to do some kind of "either or" game that nobody but them brought up.

No. 1517690

File: 1678245240580.jpg (97.01 KB, 1280x720, discussing penises.jpg)

Who do you think is more likely to secretly like dick between Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson? Also bonus question: is there anyone famous or a well known cow you nonnies wish was bi or gay?

No. 1517695

I totally thought he looked like the type to fuck femboys and twinks lmao. They all focus their sexuality around power dynamics, they’ll fuck anything submissive

No. 1517703

Idk they both read to me as straight. Maybe I'm retarded but I can't imagine neither fucking men. Nick Fuentes, Ethan Ralph, Nick Rekita basically every scrote cow from kiwifarms give me take dick more then these too. "Drake" is bisexual but he really is a lesbian

No. 1517704

100% Ben gives off gay signals, like he has that catty, squeaky cadence and demeanor. Peterson would either have openly longterm monogamous gay relationships with someone in his age group, or would secretly cheat on his wife for several years by hooking up with twinks.

No. 1517705

JDP simply because i've never seen a fully straight man consistently dress that snappily

No. 1517707

i wish all men were gay tbh

No. 1517708

he does not dress snappy he dresses like shit kek. manosphere types look weird, look at andrew tate

No. 1517709

try to find another a male university professor in his age range that puts that much effort into his appearance though

No. 1517711

you're right though, they all kind of give off steampunk-lite vibes

No. 1517713

its either that or trashy middle eastern oil prince who eats shit on the downlow vibes

No. 1517719

Jordan looks like he can eat good coochie but he cries after. Ben looks like he smells like dish soap. I hate them both

No. 1517725

File: 1678247572938.jpg (134.77 KB, 500x458, 1671790277326.jpg)

>is there anyone famous or a well known cow you nonnies wish was bi or gay?
i used to think scott the woz was gay to feed my weird avgnxscott fetishes

No. 1517726

this threadpic suits the vent thread not this thread and it annoys me

No. 1517729

We've already been over this. Ben def eats coochie and jordan does not. Ben worships his wife and is a heterosexual bottom. Jordan thinks clits are a living manifestation of the female chaos dragon and to lick one is to upend the power hierarchy.

No. 1517732

anon you have to give it to him though, that heaven/hell suit is fucking hilarious

No. 1517734

you annoy me

No. 1517735

File: 1678248120573.jpg (134.77 KB, 1014x770, Capture.JPG)

are u a SHEEP or a GOAT nonny

No. 1517736

File: 1678248251593.jpg (10.06 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

so i googled this and even in the gayest of pose in the gayest of "Gay fashion reality show where you have to create a suit that represents good and evil" suit, he still doesn't seem gay to me. I'm sorry, I'd be very surpised if he was.
Theres 3 men I'd never clock as gay
>John Cena
>Jordan Peterson
and a bonus-
I just don't think they taketh the dick nonas

No. 1517737

holy fuck he's a retard but i love this, its just so over the top

No. 1517738

eLliot rodger
men Going their own way
Ben Shapiro
Tate, Andrew
Q is always bullshit
nIck Fuentes
Andrew again
Peterson, Jordan

No. 1517739

kevin samuels

No. 1517740

I think your gaydar is broken tbh I would clock all 3 of those but especially jesus

No. 1517741

JBP is less repulsive than Taint, at least he has hair, his meat diet made him look awful though

No. 1517742

How dare you say that about Jesus.

No. 1517743

File: 1678248600379.png (1.99 MB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_106.png)

what's a good tv show or film that's cerebral but also not depressing? is that even possible? bonus points if it's humorous. i am depressed and rotting my brain with retarded sonic animations on youtube + really ridiculous family guy fetish porn because they're some of the only few things left that make me laugh but at the cost of my final neurons

No. 1517744

A bug's life

No. 1517745

Clearly you have not watched Jesus Christ Superstar, that boy's a natural queen

No. 1517747

dreamworks villian attire

No. 1517748

You know I was going to insult you, act like an asshole but I won't. Jesus wouldn't touch a dick that wasn't his, nor would he ever touch as asshole that wasn't his, woman nor man. He bends over for nobody and please stop being so fucking disrespect it's not even funny.
We have dick hungry fake men like "Drake" running around pretending to be straight, or Andrew Taint screaming about his life for girldick, Tyga sucking troon dick/balls and kissing Aviril Lavenge with those same lips, how dare you even try to come at Jesus like that? Are you mad?

No. 1517749

Clearly you haven't read the bible where it's stated he loved everyone.

No. 1517750

xavier renegade angel. It also has best himbo.

No. 1517751

ayrt this is my favorite animated show of all time so good call

No. 1517752

shut up losers, Jesus is a femdom icon

No. 1517753

have you watched smiling friends? it has a similar retarded humor

No. 1517754

File: 1678249374475.jpeg (76.56 KB, 540x707, 47BF7E1E-2B92-4418-A497-F868F6…)

My brother said my boyfriend looks like human Shrek and I can’t stop thinking about it because its 100% true

No. 1517755

you dating armoured skeptic?

No. 1517756

Confirmed that the drake transvestigation anon is also that one 60+ user/mythological figure on here

No. 1517758

no but i'll check that out, thank you

No. 1517759

i don't beleve in mythocolovisl figures i have no idea what you are talking about

No. 1517764

File: 1678250305058.jpg (99.4 KB, 1284x1167, FhDWvOnX0AAXzZH.jpg)

don't insult human shrek like that

No. 1517766

go back to twitter.com

No. 1517768

you christofascist!!!!

No. 1517772

looks more like dream tbh

No. 1517775


No. 1517779

jesus can't be gay because he's my husbando actually

No. 1517784

Twitter hates Jesus, why would I go there?

No. 1517787

File: 1678251881512.jpg (144.95 KB, 976x437, Run.jpg)

No. 1517792

i have to disagree. applying with brush then blending with sponge or fingers >>>>
like id rather see people using brushes than moldy beauty blenders that haven't been washed for months kek

No. 1517824

File: 1678254198007.jpg (178.65 KB, 1280x1007, 01.jpg)

>like he has that catty, squeaky cadence and demeanor
It just sounds like a stereotypical nasally nerd voice to me. However picrel was definitely a gay moment

No. 1517832

no one's mentioning the fairly damning (in terms of his straightness) fact that he doesn't think it's healthy if a woman's vagina gets too wet because he asked his wife who is apparently a doctor of some sort

No. 1517851

lol this is just an application brush to make sure you get control of the amount of spread from one area to another, buffing brushes are what you use after to blend it in.

No. 1517862

File: 1678257695630.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1170x1165, EC69BD16-6107-4190-8797-56F1CB…)

No. 1517868

How do these guys not understand, that saying they prefer to stick their dick in another man’s asshole instead of fucking an ugly chick is the gayest thing anyone has ever heard

No. 1517878

File: 1678258993205.jpg (40.61 KB, 570x566, ccc378383dfb67d306d88ac51097e1…)

How I'm tryna be

No. 1517892

Petition to replace women’s day with japanese girl’s day, so we all get given mochi and sake and plum flower bouquets

No. 1517909

File: 1678263446596.jpeg (507.25 KB, 1170x2133, E8E177AF-0607-45F5-A70D-317690…)

i wonder what ever happened to marat safin. ever since the ookraine war, he has been mia on social media. he has also deleted a ton of pictures from his instagram. is he dead? is he hiding somewhere in spain/russia? and no one else in the tennis world seems that perturbed by his absence. i just wonder what he is hiding or hiding from?

No. 1517918

what's stopping you?

No. 1517957

What's with all the /pol/tards and race discussion all of a sudden

No. 1517962

They made a thread about us, they're so obsessed is unreal

No. 1517967

oh fucking hell

No. 1517985

File: 1678274745741.jpg (214.73 KB, 1280x1386, bfa94b6ce9c42670f2598c3d96d925…)

we need to stop the drakefication of men in society

No. 1517986

File: 1678274830470.png (750.05 KB, 952x512, why.png)

like literally… why

No. 1517987

File: 1678274874049.jpg (37.29 KB, 600x494, 9c6e3adb6f269bef47b7bb0805b37a…)

How the fuck did he go from this to …whatever that is

No. 1517991

He looks so basic now I hate it, npc ass style. I fucking hate men so much what is their fucking problem? Would it kill them to rock shit that actually fits them instead of uglifying themselves like this? I specifically hate that stupid ass haircut every fucking moid gets, he should have kept his long hair

No. 1518003

I kinda miss when this type of guy was popular in media. I remember so many female classmates fawning over it

No. 1518004

what is that pose lmao he looks like he is crawling out of his cave or trying to pick up his lunch that fell on the floor

No. 1518007

you tried your best to find the best looking pictures of him lmao. Dude is a gremlin.

No. 1518010

File: 1678276813517.png (328.15 KB, 420x414, wtf.png)

this is literally so unhealthy. What the fuck

No. 1518012

Plastic surgery on top of being an ugly mutt with body dysmorphia. He chases OF whores anyways so who cares? DJs are literally the lowest of the low and no monetary amount will change that.

No. 1518013

No. 1518034

File: 1678280570136.gif (601.41 KB, 220x268, srhjsrth.gif)

Why is weed not legal here this is misogyny

No. 1518068

how many babies do you guys think it takes to make one bottle of johnson and johnson baby oil

No. 1518069

He’s always been ugly though

No. 1518083

Where are you? There's always ways to get weed. It should be legal everywhere.

No. 1518086

Pharmaceutical companies don't want weed legal
Private prisons don't want weed legal
Tobacco and alcohol companies don't want weed legal
It only becomes legal when scumbags find a way to screw people over with it
Like in Michigan how big corps are screwing small businesses owners and the weed quality is going down so much but it's cheap and that's all the commoners care about

No. 1518118

wtf is it with all the pol moids here, kys

No. 1518133

The Nordics! I have a plug but I would prefer buying it legally & having access to a dispensary

Makes sense

No. 1518135

You know you're ugly when not even the ai filter stuff can make you look good lol

No. 1518150

File: 1678295450818.jpg (12.53 KB, 330x283, db3ab0edd191817d2b76a74fcace19…)


No. 1518152

dispensaries usually dont have the best quality and it's expensive for no reason. I'd stick to having a plug. It's legal in D.C, but I still go through a guy.

No. 1518157

Agree with this. It's sad but true. Look how much benefits weed has vs tabacco and vapes, but they're still illegal in most places.

No. 1518178

i greatly wish to move to a legal state. i use it to cope with a chronic pain issue and my insanity. but even the laws for medical use here are embarrassingly restrictive. it's unfortunate because this is one of the poorest states in the U.S. and pot farming could bring the money in. plus the climate here is perfect for growing weed.

No. 1518184

babies have a high fat content so i'd imagine it can't be many

No. 1518254

File: 1678301099366.png (164.94 KB, 522x452, ugh.png)

I really do hate this

No. 1518260

Yup. Women and men are treated vastly differently due to sexism. Look at how young girl halloween costumes immediately turn into sexy halloween costumes as soon as they turn 16. it's disturbing. I used to wear male costumes because I didnt want to be objectified as a kid or make my own.

No. 1518334

File: 1678305210780.jpg (27.64 KB, 736x1099, 70625c759f0241b8a2f6bbf113551b…)

Was trying to find quotes to put around me to keep me motivated to work and study, but none of them speak to me. I need shit that says

No. 1518338

File: 1678305431749.jpg (469.68 KB, 2000x1333, Le-Creuset-Just-Dropped-a-Gorg…)

Samefag, speaking of Le Creuset look at their new spring collection

No. 1518341


No. 1518346

File: 1678305829041.png (1.06 MB, 742x748, 1615450584908.png)

It's one of those days where I made a bunch of posts on some different threads and am now obsessively refreshing LC to see if anyone's responded to them or posted anything new yet but the boards are too slow so I keep scrolling through the same posts instead

No. 1518370

File: 1678306867310.jpg (276.78 KB, 822x1539, shaysqueen.jpg)

This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen and every time anons bring her up and her uwu art I want to alog. This is literally what Shatna does. How could you ever accept the fact that this grown woman wears diapers and sings about diapers probably and names her fucking albums about diapers and being a baby and sucking on a pacifier. Couldn't be me.

No. 1518376

Happy Women's day to you!! Sounds like a fun af time. I should do the same. Except with lasagna and not mcdonalds atm.

No. 1518383

One day they will serve lasagna at mcdonalds and all the world will be united

No. 1518396

File: 1678308470464.jpg (290.31 KB, 1382x2048, the little mermaid.jpg)

I was actually excited for The Little Mermaid movie because I love the animated film (it's my favorite), but as more and more stuff comes out I feel like this movie isn't gonna be good. Disney is not going to do this movie justice. And it's sad because this absolutely could make this good, but they're too focused on realism and it's just going to lose all of the magic.

No. 1518402

I haaaate when animated movies or shows are remade into live action. It happens with anime all the time and the live action is never even a fraction as good as the original anime. I don't understand the push to make everything live action. It's like in hollywood's eyes it's not a real movie until it's live action.

No. 1518405

she is so cringey

No. 1518409

All of the Disney cartoon LAs are nostalgia baiting crap, nonnas. They are soulless.

No. 1518412

File: 1678308920085.jpg (153.44 KB, 680x540, pain.jpg)

lmfao i got an email from omori kickstarter with a nintendo switch key for a copy of the game. i backed the game in 2014 and was given the option to receive a copy on both pc and 3ds. but development took so long that nobody even uses the 3ds anymore and they had to change it to switch instead. its been 10 years lmfao i dont even OWN a switch.
im gonna ask some switch owning friends if they want it but if noone takes it, any EU switch owning anons who are interested in the game can have it. ive barely even touched my pc copy of the game i shouldve just applied for a refund years ago honestly

No. 1518413

File: 1678308932952.jpg (146.06 KB, 1290x964, Sebastian.jpg)

Samefag I'm also very disappointed they made Sebastian a regular crab instead of a tuna crab or even retconning the OG so he's a lobster. A tuna crab would've been so cute, and it looks exactly like Sebastian! Once again Disney ruining movies with "realism".