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File: 1674356304346.png (252.5 KB, 802x536, nqoyax87saba1.png)

No. 1478839

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1478847

File: 1674356976484.jpg (55.42 KB, 640x640, xsFAVcX.jpg)

This is just gaslighting

No. 1478858

So what the fuck is going on in america? They don't even have to try to steal everything.

No. 1478864

It was a real thing. Thankfully no one died or was seriously injured but it caused a bunch of changes in Japanese television broadcasting rules. It's the reason a lot of anime have the warning telling you to watch tv in a well lit room and a good distance away from the monitor, as well as the screen darkening during scenes with bright flashing colors.
This is a really good summary of the events. https://dogasu.bulbagarden.net/comparisons/kanto/ep038.html
repost bc wrong thread last time

No. 1478871

Is this a real headline?

No. 1478872

I mean, we’re not wrong

No. 1478879

Wasn’t there an English dub of this episode where they slowed down the flashing sequence and said episode could be only seen via vhs/dvd?

No. 1478888

>When some of the world's wealthiest and most influential figures gathered at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting last year, sessions on climate change drew high-level discussions on topics such as carbon financing and sustainable food systems.
>But an entirely different narrative played out on the internet, where social media users claimed leaders wanted to force the population to eat insects instead of meat in the name of saving the environment.
>The annual event in the Swiss ski resort town of Davos, which opens Monday, has increasingly become a target of bizarre claims from a growing chorus of commentators who believe the forum involves a group of elites manipulating global events for their own benefit. Experts say what was once a conspiracy theory found in the internet's underbelly has now hit the mainstream.
>"This isn't a conspiracy that is playing out on the extreme fringes," said Alex Friedfeld, a researcher with the Anti-Defamation League who studies anti-government extremism. "We're seeing it on mainstream social media platforms being shared by regular Americans. We were seeing it being spread by mainstream media figures right on their prime time news, on their nightly networks."
>The meeting draws heads of state, business executives, cultural trendsetters and representatives from international organizations to the luxe mountain town. Though it's always unclear how much concrete action will emerge, the meeting is slated to take on pressing global issues from climate change and economic uncertainty to geopolitical instability and public health.

>"The Great Reset"

>Hundreds of public sessions are planned, but the four-day conference is also known for secretive backroom meetings and deal-making by business leaders. This gap between what's shown to the public and what happens behind closed doors helps make that makes the meeting a flashpoint for misinformation.
>"When we have very high levels of ambiguity, it's very easy to fill in narratives," said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, who is the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and also studies misinformation.
>Theories about influential global leaders are not new, she said, but scrutiny of the forum and its chairman, Klaus Schwab, intensified in 2020 in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. That year, the theme of the annual meeting was "The Great Reset." The initiative envisioned sweeping changes to how societies and economies would work to recover from the pandemic and build a more sustainable future.
>Now, in increasingly mainstream corners of the internet and on conservative talk shows, "The Great Reset" has become shorthand for what skeptics say is a reorganization of society, using global uncertainty as a guise to take away rights. Believers argue that measures including pandemic lockdowns and vaccine mandates are tools to consolidate power and undercut individual sovereignty.

>Extremist beliefs take root

>In a time of mounting anxiety, Jamieson says the public has become more susceptible to falsehoods, as conspiracy theories emerge as a tool to cut through the chaos. Researchers who monitor extremism say these beliefs are becoming more popular and more concerning.
>At a rally staged on the grounds of an upstate New York church last fall, a photo of Schwab was displayed on the center of a large screen alongside other "villains" accused of threatening American values. The crowd of thousands had gathered in a revivalist tent at a traveling roadshow used as a recruiting tool for an ascendant Christian nationalist movement. Participants discussed "The Great Reset," among a host of other theories, as an assault on America's foundations.
>The phrase was used more than 60 times across all programs on Fox News in 2022, according to one tally generated by the Internet Archive's TV news database. That's up from 30 mentions in 2021 and about 20 in 2020. It was discussed most frequently on "The Ingraham Angle" and "Tucker Carlson Tonight."
>As the World Economic Forum has become intertwined with this narrative, a steady stream of claims have plagued the organization. While some people offer legitimate criticisms of the forum — namely that it hosts wealthy executives who fly in on emissions-spewing corporate jets — others spread unverified or baseless information as fact.
>For example, a site known for spreading fabricated stories falsely claimed last month that Schwab publicly encouraged the decriminalization of sex between children and adults, using an invented quote and other baseless statements. Still, it drew tens of thousands of shares on Twitter and Facebook.

>Bug eaters?

>Meanwhile, the popular claim that the forum wants people to replace meat with bugs is a distorted reference to an article once published on the organization's website. In another instance, a widely shared post claimed without evidence that the forum had "appointed" U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House before the actual vote had taken place.
>The concern, Friedfeld says, is that posts like these could introduce people to more fringe and dangerous conspiracy theories or even translate into real-world violence. Yann Zopf, head of media for the forum, says the organization has increased its monitoring of this kind of online activity and carefully watches for direct threats.
>"Creating all that kind of stuff can generate enemies that people believe are responsible for whatever bad thing is happening in the world," Friedfeld said. "Once that happens, when you believe that that things are happening in the world and a certain person or group of people is responsible for these attacks, all of a sudden, the idea of using violence to resist becomes more plausible."

Here's the article

Really trying to make it seem like the poor billionaires and world leaders just want to help us ignorant sheep who can't look after ourselves

No. 1478903

Some of the voice actors that worked on the original 4Kids dub say there may have been, but there's no proof.

No. 1478909

The tinfoil threads keep being remade every time the covid lab leak is reposted, what the fuck

No. 1478913

Thank you anon for making this thread, fuck the troon trying to shill transvestigations

No. 1478916

Ntayrt but you’re wrong, it’s because the thread summaries had obvious add-ins that would allow the troid and Miles Mathis to come in an sperg about transvestigations which are a waste of everyones fucking time

No. 1478921

like the one troon twitter whose obviously doing a psyop to mock "TERFs"

No. 1478940

Ah, okay so that’s what you meant. Yeah, it sounds like they’re backpedaling with their agenda and are pissed that they can’t go through with it because the sheep are waking up. I hope the ‘peasants’ continue the good fight in delaying their plans for world domination.

No. 1478968

File: 1674367083604.jpeg (360.74 KB, 1663x1663, 9D732799-A74B-44BB-B899-B4A3EC…)

Why is an established artist, billionaire, married mother of three being pimped out to the Arabs?

No. 1479000

File: 1674368569590.png (882.98 KB, 1400x861, badoptics.png)


Gay men will never be trusted around children. They can't have fatherly feelings, they're like troons, they can only groom.

No. 1479005

what are you talking about

No. 1479009

>yknow what i cant look up jamie lee curtis without the dead child in water photo coming up, we should sperg about them being a pedo instead tbh

what ?

No. 1479010

Nancy ajram?

No. 1479024

It's CBS, they're fucking shills for globohomo and getting your Fauci ouchie.

No. 1479028

Celebrity women and sometimes dudes are passed around to the elites to get their rocks off, regardless if they are hasbeens or not. Do more research.

No. 1479033

missed out on the potentially pizzagate situation, eh nonny? wish that was me

No. 1479063

I mean I don't trust straight men, why would anyone trust gay men with children is beyond me

No. 1479070

File: 1674374087774.webm (878.12 KB, 364x360, 7kP__aoO4nt6rpUZ.webm)

I don't understands headlogic of liberal parents who take their kids to drag events, like what is to be gained in any sort of way and why choose to defend it, its pollical suicide and hurts you cause

No. 1479137


No. 1479139

because they are told it is safe and a fun activity just like people were told asbestos was safe
also nowadays politics is treated like a fandom or a sports team where you just go along with what ever your 'side' says
it is also good virtue signalling, 'look how hip, cool, and accepting i am, i am taking my child to a drag show'

No. 1479160

File: 1674386625052.png (251.39 KB, 420x619, 1674378204414.png)

pluto will enter Aquarius for the next 20 years.

No. 1479169

also a desire to piss off conservatives

No. 1479448

I thought you guys might like this video/channel "Above is Below" (alt. Antidote for Maya). It's a very good start for those of you who are curious about cult symbolism used in Hollywood. I don't agree with the creator about everything but her research is thorough and very accurate most of the time.

Here's a video on the symbolism they use. The channel is called "Above is Below", I don't agree with the creator on everything but most is pretty accurate.

The other thread was removed from search predictably (because the inverts here don't want us talking about it) here's a link back to the original tinfoil thread >>>/ot/1478580 and archive https://archive.is/vqRva since even though it's full of retarded derailing trannies, it's still more interesting than this.

No. 1479453

I would suggest you invert yourself the fuck off this site my man

No. 1479457

Have fun looking like Bob Barker's wife in a couple years. The testosterone dump is a great time for inverts I hear.

No. 1479465

What does this mean

No. 1479588

What is an invert i really dont get it?

No. 1479633

Lol you must be very sensitive.

No. 1479635

At this point this anon should just have her own containment thread she can post in so these posts don't have to waste the post limit.

No. 1479664

>I thought you guys might like this video/channel "Above is Below"
That's honestly nice anon but I think there's levels to how schizo we get here and you're like, at the top and we're still down at covid lab leak and arguing about veganism. I'm not being mean I appreciate your tinfoiling I just think it's probably not going to be very popular here. I'm not saying don't post you're free to do what you like, just letting you know that you're probably not going to receive much positive feedback.

>since even though it's full of retarded derailing trannies, it's still more interesting than this.

Those weren't trannies Nona those were just farmers disagreeing with you, rudely but that's kinda how it goes here. It's funny that both sides to this argument are calling the other side trannies lol.

No. 1479808

Didn’t this happen a few years ago too? Straight Scrotes are 90% pedos but gay scrotes are 97% ugh those poor kids.

No. 1479914

This happens every couple months, brave and stunning gay couple who adopted kids turns out they were sexually abusing them, last prominent case I remember was a gay couple who used some eastern european surrogate to bear them children and then put the babies in child snuff films

No. 1479920

back to /pol/

No. 1479924

sorry you're a faghag but a scrote is a scrote no matter what the struggle isn't doing anything but accentuating their desire for power

No. 1479925

holy terminally online

No. 1479943

It's not their cause.

No. 1480059

File: 1674507852304.jpeg (147.68 KB, 800x1000, CAD90018-7FCC-4066-B722-B17F77…)

avatar may just seem like a movie about cool badass blue alien cat people to the average normie but it is definitely a way to usher in transhumanism. im a bit retarted but the na’vi are practically superior to humans in every way except for brain function. if you’ve somehow never seen it the main character, a cripple named jake sully, uses his brain to connect to an avatar vessel body thats part na’vi part human. the vessel is superior in every way. where jake was crippled and stuck in a wheelchair his na’vi body is 10’ tall, incredibly strong, and survives several deadly situations. he eventually becomes part of the cat people tribe himself and permanently destroys his human body so that he can fully become a na’vi. im not just sperging bc theres a reason this transhumanistic movie became the first movie to gross $1 billion; the sequel has done the same. yet the biggest complaint is that it has no impact in society culturally like other major blockbusters. with that in mind, we can assume that this movie was created only to introduce a transhumanism agenda to the masses and it worked, partially. the cultural impact of fandom doesn’t matter as long as it achieved its goal of introducing transhumanism

“James Cameron glorifies secular transhumanists’ idea of technological utopianism in Avatar. Human consciousness (“the soul”) could be uploaded and shared in computer hardware, like the USB cords connecting the Na’vis and the spiritual tree, Eywa.[v] The few good humans, such as Dr. Augustine and Jake, also believe in the transhumanism utopia of Eywa. Avatar idealizes the Na’vi people’s soul-sharing relationships with Eywa and each other. With the help of technology, Cameron suggests that these depictions serve as the ideal template for future societal relations in real life. Audiences will only need to wait for sequels of Avatar to understand this utopia better.”

apologies if this isn’t even what transhumanism means

No. 1480074

Faggots reproduce by sexually assaulting children.

No. 1480076

surprised nobody here has even mentioned what is happening in atlanta or the stopcopcity movement happening right now despite the obvious coverups the media is doing right now to avoid talking about the situation.

people have been protesting it for 3-6 months now, with absolutely no news coverage, even up until a week or so ago when an unarmed self-proclaimed pacifist protester was shot by police while he was up in a tree. of course there is no bodycam footage. of course police are claiming he had a weapon despite witnesses there saying otherwise.

and yet the only reporting the media has done on it has been since 2 days ago, with no mention of cop city, or the forest, or the person police shot and killed. but only covering it as "rioters setting a police car on fire" and falsely linking it to "anteefuh".

the funders behind the copcity project literally have direct and traceable ties to Israel and the Israel Defense Force. this project, if completed, is set to demolish an entire forest to have a fake city so cops can LARP against civilian uprising. the fact that none of the so-called "muh freedom" 2nd amendment burgerlanders are up in arms about militarized police and the arms of the state working with Israel to fund a fake city to practice thwarting civilian uprising/protest is beyond me, god forbid there be something to actually be outraged or tinfoil about beyond mediocre transhumanist/invert and vax fearmongering.

No. 1480082

Why are eggs $7 for a dozen of them? Surely couldn't be from all these egg farm bombings…

No. 1480087

Nah it's true. You sound like you've never met a faggot in real life. All men are degenerates but gay males are also always pornsick and sexual deviants.

No. 1480097

source pls. all I see when I Google "egg farm bombing" and "egg farm bombed" are articles from 2002.

Good riddance though. We farmed birds until we bred a virus that's caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of birds around the world. The only reason the media outrage around egg prices is happening right now is for animal ag investors to recuperate their losses so that way they can finance even more of their disgusting bird rape and create more diseased offspring for Burgerlanders to mindlessly consume.

It's beyond me how Ameritards will do the most mental gymnastics to try to link and blame something like COVID on the Chinese eating bats and fearmonger Bill Gates putting bugs in their food when they willingly continue to consume animal products. Is it that hard to believe that Mad Cow Disease, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, all linked to eating animals and the animals that we breed en masse then inject with growth hormones for animal ag is reason enough to change our ways? God forbid we reexamine the food we're putting in our bodies and what we've been told to believe is a normal diet despite the nonstop evidence of animal ag and big dairy getting government subsidies for the most byproducts and scraps they can manage to cut into random products without consumes noticing.

No. 1480098


No. 1480111

Chickens across the US are catching some type of flu and millions of them are dying.

No. 1480112

Samefag, sorry I didn't realize this was the tinfoil thread. If it was a genuine question though or if anyone else was wondering, we have less chickens which means less eggs which means more expensive eggs. It's like the chickens are having their own COVID pandemic, basically.

No. 1480116

This is literally common knowledge just shows how stupid the average user here is

No. 1480173

File: 1674518803580.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.93 KB, 2650x1125, microscopic.jpg)

>except for brain function
and pp size

No. 1480202

can we PLEASE get more interesting tinfoil? I'm so bored of this shit.

No. 1480216

write some yourself you lazy faggot

No. 1480264

I still seethe at the fact that whoever was in charge gives female Na'vi breasts for pure coom factor but gives the male Na'vi micro penises, fucking why?

No. 1480331

Why the fuck is there a shortage of Adderall NOW? It's the beginning of the new year, work is pretty damn slow. I suspect there's some shit going on with Teva that isn't just a huge demand vs. short supply deal.

No. 1480362

>she believes medicine shortages are real

No. 1480372

2nd amendmenters never arc up about the actually important shit. They're too busy watching Alex Jones and representing themselves in court as sov cits.
On the other hand, this is the first time in ages I've seen the left do something that isn't troon related and it's being media suppressed so maybe that's why.

No. 1480374

Nta but ok what's the tinfoil on that, cutting off supply to dampen inflation via lower productivity or trying to get people on to meth or what?

No. 1480437

Some of us don't pay attention to the news, and aren't American. It's not "common knowledge" except maybe to burgerfags.

No. 1480693

You're glowing

No. 1481137

The elites dont make any sense not because they're playing some 4d chess that us proles can't undestrand, it's because they're literally schizophrenic.
Think about it. We already have proof about how incest makes the offspring develop tendencies to schizophrenia and other disorders. And that was about incest within commoners with cousins and lost brothers. That shit is tame compared with the family trees of actually powerfull people, that are pretty much straight lines because they're obsessed with not letting anyone in. Decades if not hundreds of years of fucking with close family ruined their generics beyond repair, no matter how many third world slaves they want to use as broodmares because the problem is in the semen.
The world is getting crazier because they're running out of tard wranglers. Also schizophrenia is not necessarily like psychosis or other mental illneses. You can be """functionally schizophrenic""", even common schizos can archive this. So even if the schizophrenia is a century old problem, the elite's families were somewhat captable of controling that without mayor issues (as they still are in power) however as the generations passes by (and the incest didn't stop) it gets progressively worse. Possibly we are at a point where there isn't a single sane elite member left, just schizo wranglers and their even more insane corral. Hence the clown world we live today.
I think the 2030 agenda is the last ditch effort of the few tard wranglers left to ensure a world that their hopelessly derraged offspring can own safely. Because it doesn't matter if the elite's brains are all fried thanks to hundreds of years of incest and there is no one sane left if us proles are legit dumber than cattle.
It also explains the fascination with transgenderism/transhumanist. Even if those ideas were always there, not even the most nihilist satanic elite members embraced it in the way that is today. It's truly an idea that only the mentally unsound can like, because it's literally unfeasible in the long run. It's almost like a litmus test. The big difference between the elites now and then is that in the past it was all about hold power forever and nowdays they're almost on suicide mode (and their suicide includes us all too)

No. 1481394

File: 1674664327870.jpeg (145.52 KB, 828x921, D62F77D8-8A75-444F-BA8E-F0F54A…)

is this just going to be normalised? I will never stop finding surrogacy and the people who use it as abhorrent, no matter how much it is normalised.
plus what about the women who give brith to these kids, It is unspeakably cruel to seperate a newborn baby from it's mom. Most shelters and even backyard breeders won't allow puppies and kittens to be adopted out before they're weaned…yet these people feel at ease doing this to humans…

like when Khloe Kardashian had her designer surrogacy baby, she posed in a hospital bed with the newborn as if she had given birth to the poor child. Its like the surrogacy industry is taking notes from The Handmaids Tale!

No. 1481418

I mean, I don't think surrogacy is bad when, say, your relative or friend or whatever is infertile and you both agree that you will carry their child… But most surrogacy moms are poor third world women who fuck up their bodies for pennies and in the end they get separated from their baby. Sure, it's not technically theirs, but they mothered a baby and carried it around in their bellies.
My piss poor country is a surrogacy mom central, and while I think that those women can do whatever they want, it kinda makes you think why is that women from backward countries provide services for people from more developed nations, clearly being in a disadvantage (there are a lot of horror stories about how every moment of mom's live is controlled by her "employers"). It almost reminds me of something… Oh yes, sex trafficking. It's what it is.

No. 1481425

Oof this was a surrogate? I think it's pretty awful that rich people who have all the money in the world to have an easy recovery choose to use surrogates. Unless they have a medical reason, it just makes them look even more vapid and soulless. How much do you actually want a baby if you weren't willing to carry it?

No. 1481446

There’s a women I know getting ex communicated from her family because she won’t surrogate her piece of shit infertile sister’s kid. Among other issues.
I think they’re going to try. Rebel Wilson did it too. It’s fucking vile and I won’t touch or have anything to do with any women who essentially buys a body slave. Literal demons at this point.

No. 1481455

Of course it's going to be normalized. Pregnancy is not fun, so if given the chance to pay to not do it, many will.

No. 1481459

There's no amount of money you wouldn't have a baby for? If the price got high enough I would do almost anything.

No. 1481463

Disgusting. Another way to use underprivileged women for this bodies. And it makes it worse it's usually rich white women doing this to other women. This is not okay in any way.

No. 1481478

No, as someone who had one. I almost died for my one. I have a 60% chance of being in that life threatening situation again from a condition you don’t know you’re predisposed to until you’re bleeding out. Pregnancy is hard and brutal. Your body will never be the same. You can’t fully walk for six weeks. The first two weeks after a vaginal birth too much activity can cause you to prolapse because you’re organs are no longer being pushed into your rib cage by a fetus. Male fetus take 2-5 years of your life expectancy and we haven’t even touched post partum hormones and depression. Pregnancy isn’t like the tv and you won’t just be carrying on happy with a check and what happens if the baby is disabled and they won’t take them or pay you? What then?

No. 1481517

File: 1674672907399.jpg (Spoiler Image, 261.12 KB, 1174x783, kvv72ITLaUcC5mj.jpg)

as bad as this is(and this is awful and undeniable exploitation of women) the real potentially fucked up aspect that no one seems to talk about is how many men can use surrogates to basically "create" their own victims
Just recently Flavio Mendoza, an Argentinian performer, held a microphone between his legs during one of his concerts and had his son sing into it
Mendoza son was born from a surrogate and is named Dionisio(the Greek God of pleasure, wine, and fertility) the boy has two of his own Instagram accounts, one of which is a private fan page which currently boasts over 50,000 followers, and the other which is public and has over 170,000. Mendoza also features the boy on his own Instagram, and the majority of the most recent photos and videos of the child are of him pictured shirtless at the beach, bathing, or playing at home

No. 1481519

I'm 35, and I've researched a lot being getting pregnant. Problem are people like you fear mongering. Not all women are the same and yes, there will always be dangerous, but pushing those dangers onto other women more underprivileged makes you worse than scum.
What we really need is more help for women in medicine and help with birth to make it easier. We are still living very much in medieval times when it comes to a few of women's health. I have many friends my age with 2 kids already and while they had issues getting back to regular life, it isnt impossible. I hate people like you are make it seem like women are these fragile beings who immediately lose their entire sense of self after birth and will never be the same again.

No. 1481522

This is why screening and genetic checks are important. Most issues with babies with retarded come from people having sex and doing zero checks before pregnancy. You paint it in a broad brush, when it isn't. Women need to stop having kids with low quality men and get regular check ups.

No. 1481540

I’m not fear mongering. I was asked if I would ever surrogate. I gave the real answer, sorry I didn’t give you enough drum circles vibes. Pregnancy for yourself and your own child is also radically different than birthing a child who can and most likely will be taken from you within 8 hours. You go through the pain and suffering for the beautiful baby at the end. You don’t lose yourself but it could be one of the hardest things you do and you need to be prepared for that. I’m sick of all the women who don’t have kids who rush to tell women who had children they’re fear mongering.

Yes, I agree, but remember how we hated all the gene science and the outcomes it predicted from the 70’s? My point isn’t every women suffers or has the horrible complications. My point is that there are lots of things that can happen and go wrong that will kill or disable you and that’s not something osha would approve for any other job.

No. 1481609

This has me curious where you nonas hear things anymore. I know how we all feel about tiktok, believe me, but unfortunately this is the only place I have seen anything about cop city. I saw some late instagram posts but those get buried and nobody cares anymore. Tiktok is also the only place I see people "waking up" but you have to be on the right side of the algorithm to see it. And so many people view and react to these tiktoks that I feel people will be more likely to do something about things. People alone communicating about these things (such as the reality of what is happening with inflation too) is important and made me realize they have cut all mass communication about things like this. I'm not saying you SHOULD use tiktok, and I'm not saying it's not a security risk to use, but it seems like the surest way for people to communicate what is happening around the world anymore.
There's a sound on tiktok that people use that says "Remember kids, the next time someone tells you the government wouldn't do that, oh yes they would!" And people claim videos using this sound have been disappearing. Disappearing or not, it's finally a way to communicate things like this. (If you want to find the sound, it's called "wendigoon is a cool dude" and theres a photo of a grizzly bear)

No. 1481663

Congratulations on having it easier than everyone else who's had a parasite in them I guess. You're lucky you're a fringe case.

No. 1481665

Nta, but if you pay attention to America enough to tinfoil about our egg shortage then you would also know about the chicken flu..

No. 1481766

>parasite living inside you
Nta but you sound like you belong on r/childfree, ew.

No. 1481809

would rather be childfree than dooming a kid to a life of suffering under the boot. having a child is more selfish than suicide

No. 1481831

You mean after a first child, right?
Putting a price on the act of giving birth is an idea that shouldn't even be entertained.

No. 1481836

Ok but calling a child a "parasite" is just deranged

No. 1481837

nayrt babies fit the medical definition of parasite in everything except for being a different species from the mother. still a gross and weird term to use but i see where nona got there

No. 1481844

They literally do act as a parasite. Don’t get your panties in a twist

No. 1481851

It is deranged

No. 1482213

I'm not that anon

No. 1482220

Is he gay? It should be illegal for a gay man to have a male child that's not biologically his. Obviously there's going to be abuse going on, most gay men are pedos anyway.

No. 1482342

File: 1674727641049.jpg (292.04 KB, 1000x1000, 16743569764.jpg)

reminder that Snopes.com is funded by the RAND Corporation
>The RAND Corporation (from the phrase "research and development")[7] is an American nonprofit global policy think tank[1] created in 1948 by Douglas Aircraft Company to offer research and analysis to the United States Armed Forces. It is financed by the U.S. government and private endowment,[6] corporations,[8] universities[8] and private individuals.[8]

No. 1482343

I thought this was the shitty comics thread on /m/

No. 1482380

was this a humiliation ritual?

No. 1482385

I… am so uncomfortable. Why did it go on for so long? And afterwards she looked so awkward and then walked to the opposite side of the stage. Wtf was this I'm so creeped out

No. 1482389

Ayrt I saw Aubrey say in an interview that she was the one who came up with the idea. K feel like it wasn’t

No. 1482391

Yeah she looks really uncomfortable after, and the way she walked to the complete opposite side of the stage and stood next to Amy was weird. If it was her idea it seems like she immediately regretted it, but it probably wasn't. Creepy vibes I don't like it

No. 1482544

Any time it says "nonprofit" and "think tank" you know it's corrupt.

No. 1482970


No. 1483009

don't watch this, I was eating, I can't finish my soup, oh my god

No. 1483043

Paris Hilton keeps proving whats a selfish piece of shit she is but LC will continue to stan her. I'm sure part of the reason PH and other celebs choose surrogacy is so they don't have to "ruin" their bodies.

No. 1483051

Yeah, it’s honestly giving me Handmaid’s Tale vibes without the religious extremism. I’m starting to wonder if the abortion ban on red states is also used to cater to the elite and their puppets; because that’s what celebrities really are. They are the mouthpieces spreading nwo propaganda through actions and words.

No. 1483070

File: 1674792135068.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1660, 0B0BE901-A212-46FE-97DE-A0371E…)

>this should probably go to her thread but felt that the topic is more appropriate here.
Not sure if she’s posted one-eyed pics in the past but at least she gets to choose who to sell her soul, I guess

No. 1483076

she unironically hurts her cause with these cartoonish claims that are fairly easy to disprove, This is the best documentary (independent South Korean/German production) on North Korea out there. You can see its not ideal state and is shit asf but its still a functioning state and not the cartoon Yeonmi makes if out to be

No. 1483122

I think you are right that they don’t want to ruin their bodies but I also think surrogacy is popular with very rich women simply because they are already so accustomed to outsourcing all of this labor in their lives. I believe they think it’s really just beneath them to have to suffer anything at all if they can pay to avoid it. Thus making them so divorced from the actual non-monetary cost of anything. What fucked up value systems they must have!!
AND what IS a child to you if a surrogate pushes it out and a nanny is meeting all of its practical needs.

No. 1483277

More unwanted kids means more kids growing up in an abusive homes, with less resources than a wanted child and they are more likely to settle for cheap labor, and high risk jobs. They would be easily manipulated into many things not just prostitution

No. 1483281

Wtf did I watch

No. 1483304

When unwed mothers stopped being ostracized we lost access to easy to buy babies here. Single mothers could keep their children. The rich started buying immigrant kids. Till adoption advocates came forward and talked about being ripped away from their parents and being abandoned by their “adoptive parents”. It feels like their trying to replace the line of poor women they exploit for what’s essentially human trafficking in 80% of cases.
Poor people have to back ground and house check and apply through the gov for adoption. Rich people in my country just pay and credit check one of the private companies. They aren’t adopting those children. They’re fucking buying them.

No. 1483707

File: 1674851740651.jpeg (322.02 KB, 1181x2047, 5FB07B89-9DB3-41B5-9238-1DDB17…)

just came up with it but madame tussauds wax figures are the prototypes of celebrities’ clones, the really ugly ones that don’t come out looking good are failed clones
picrel is beyonce’s new wax figure revealed in berlin today. whatever it is these figures are not made out of innocence.

No. 1483713

But why would she be in the illuminati

No. 1483729

I went to one of Madame Tussauds' museums against my will and once you see the wax statues irl up close and personal they don't look that realistic. They're still impressive though.

No. 1483811

She’s a puppet of the Illuminati just like Greta Thunberg, BLM, antifa, other ‘human rights’ activists and NGOs, etc. no matter one’s political ideology.

No. 1483855

I agree but also, I won't take seriously any straight woman who shits on fags but at the same time wants to have a family with a scrote and keep her children close to that scrote. Men in your family are statistically the most dangerous ones

No. 1483856

No. 1483861

Speaking of Greta anyone else see the news story about her faking being dragged off by cops in Germany? Bet she wasn't planning on being caught that way, kek

No. 1483866

Cringe breeder.

No. 1483977

shut the fuck up, dysgenic loser

No. 1484191

Yass queen, I hope that when I grow up I will be just as good at serving men as you are!

No. 1484212


No. 1484242

>researched a lot
>medieval times
Women in the middle ages had more knowledge about pregancies and antionception than modern women do. The 'dark ages' myth was made up in the renessaince and we've lost a great amount of knowledge from this time because of that. Medieval women had more rights and agency than victorian women among other things.

No. 1484256

Why is this thread always full of retards?

No. 1484355

But how can you tell? If most information was wiped out how do we know if women then really had more rights and knowledge? Not saying you're wrong ofc, I'm just curious.

No. 1484417

nayrt, most fields don't communicate with each other, and very few hard science professionals (like doctors) listen to historians. Medieval women having access to better midwifery and pregnancy knowledge is mostly known by professional and amateur historians. We "lost" a lot of that knowledge during the Renaissance and later periods when (male, they're always fucking male) doctors were trained away from midwives and pregnancy care became relegated to hospitals instead of experienced women in the community. The old knowledge still remains for anyone who reads historical accounts, but few of the beneficial things that were common sense throughout history (like giving birth while seated/squatting) are taught in modern medical schools.

No. 1484751

I shouldn't be watching this at night, I'm going full schizo mode kek. I noticed that too but maybe people around me are just tired from that socioeconomic crisis and they lose their minds, I don't know anymore. I feel very alone in this but this video at least makes me feel less alone

No. 1485026

Do you think cats can see/sense ghosts or demons? I recall situations when my cat was totally normal and then suddenly started hissing and staring at the corner of the ceiling, there was literally nothing there but he continued to hiss and stare at this certain point for like 5 minutes. This repeated a couple of times, always with the same place

No. 1485033

>Do you think cats can see/sense ghosts or demons?
Both my grandparents claim that as well, that dogs and cats see demons and malevolent spirts

No. 1485044

nta but midwifery and pregnancy techniques didn't disappear until the 1900s. and the medicalization of childbirth has many positive and negative aspects. it has absolutely nothing to do with scientists and historians not communicating at all and everything to do with the stubbornness of men. infact the opposite is true, scientists often use history to justify or nullify decisions and cherrypick outdated ideas to retcon. and women definitely didn't have more rights, just more responsibilities, this included the arduous task of birthing children in the home during a time when medical treatment was decentralized. not to mention, childbirth was not considered as something requiring medical intervention for centuries. historically with only midwives, despite it being a more natural way of childbirth complications, infections and infant fatality were higher due to lack of medical intervention or aftercare. the only reason midwives are more viable now is because complications can be dealt with more quickly, by medical professionals.

No. 1485151

We are now in such a degenerate time that prostitution is talked about as something normal and even virtuous. and the "cutesy" term sugar babies kind of makes it way grosser. they're prostitutes and It's disturbing to know how these ppl are not bothered at all by this. And the woman who's sugar daddy is married, I don't have any words for her. I feel bad for that guy's wife.

No. 1485164

You have to admit that they do act exactly how you would expect covert cult trannies to act when this topic comes up? When I first found out about this, I thought it was so interesting and exciting. So many weird situations finally made sense, especially with the ones I grew up with. Yet these individuals do everything possible to change the subject or drown it out or derail the topic, they have no curiosity at all. Don't you find that weird?

This video would be great example of the kind of thing you can dismiss from this creator. She is brown, socially awkward and lives in the UK so her experiences are shaped around being that. Other than autistic research into the occult, you should probably disregard her personal opinions about most things.

Now this androgyne and their philosopher's stone piss cube is probably better for waking up this thread. This is what real alchemy looks like: gross and disgusting

No. 1485244

re: disappearance of the old/legitimate internet, anyone else think there's an underlying conspiracy to the prevalence of influencers and "viral" creators who come out of California/LA and NYC specifically? like similar to how TikTok has a button they can push to make certain content go viral, do you think TikTok/YouTube/Instagram favors and pushes content from creators from LA and NYC more than bumfuck states, Canadians, etc?

seems like everyone with a blue checkmark next to their name on IG or Twitter or those who most consistently have influence in TikTok and even YouTube for a few years now have specifically been folks coming out of NYC and LA. despite the reality being how hard it is to actually survive and establish a career in those areas, similar to industry plants, I feel like there is a specific effort social media monoliths make to push content from these cities.

No. 1485269

File: 1675020026690.png (91.85 KB, 1013x417, chatgpt.png)

ChatGPT's capabilities genuinely freak me out. It can write perfect essays, write code, do math problems, and now predict sports playoffs (picrel). For those of us with office jobs, what even is the point of using human laborers who are more prone to errors in spreadsheets, coding, and spelling when you can just have a computer do all of it for you? Nobody agreed with me long ago but I said that the only jobs that would be non-defeated by AI are those that require some level of empathy in social interactions (like therapists, social workers, etc). I regret going into data analytics and ignoring my own conscience.
On a more positive note, if AI was used in determining prison sentences I'm pretty sure the majority of moids would be given way harsher sentences than they are with human judges and juries.

No. 1485284

I remember it was posted in the previous thread but it still freaks me out how a 20 year old game (well, actually older than that because Kojima started writing it in '98) predicted everything what's happening now. Death of the "old" internet, deleting internet archives and articles ("creating context"), extreme amounts of worthless bullshit on social media, scamdemic, digitalization of human genome etc. It predicted 9/11 too but that was deleted from the final game for the obvious reasons. I really love MGS series but at the same time it scares me, I don't believe Kojima did it completely alone without any inside info. And that makes me wonder how was he able to sleep at night, knowing all this shit. It's one of the best examples of predictive programming I can think of.
I remember showing this to my friend and he was literally like "duh I think it was pretty easy to predict even 20 years ago" and that was the only thing he had to say about it. Fucking really?

No. 1485309

>and he was literally like "duh I think it was pretty easy to predict even 20 years ago" and that was the only thing he had to say about it
I think normies are aware of how fucked the circumstances are, most maybe even knew how things would turn out but didn't do shit because there was no point tbh

No. 1485321

Kojima is a giant westboo and is obsessed with American action and scifi movies, the whole "he predicted everything" itself is exaggerated, and it's true that if you paid attention to the news at the time things about the internet and the way it was going to be used was easy to guess. I remember when I was a small kid just starting primary school, the internet was starting to become mainstream just yet in 2000 when I started learning how to read, we had brand new computers in our school, someone who taught all of us how to safely use a computer and the internet, how potentially dangerous it could be because of predators, and we had a bunch of magazines for kids and teens explaining how the circulation of data and information will revolutionize everything. What's actually impressive is how the whole thing was presented though, and how accurate his guesses were. Sure anyone could have guessed that the internet could be used by the powers that be (politicians, big corporations, etc.) to pass around specific ideas, concepts, narratives, but the way it's actually happening now with smartphones and apps that use AI to guess all your interest and hide specific posts and topics from you just to change the whole way you think is too accurate. It's like the whole marketing thing Disney does to make you buy their shit from the cradle to the grave on steroids. We're in the cyberpunk era now but with boring fashion styles, let's be real.

What's more impressive is the whole deliveryman thing going on in Death Stranding because of the crazy timing.

>I don't believe Kojima did it completely alone without any inside info

Not really an answer to this but I've seen people saying the one who made all his idea come together in MGS1, 2 and 3 (in comparison to MGS4 and 5, and maybe Peace Walker) so well was a writer named Tomokazu Fukushima if that can serves as a clue.

No. 1485449

I read that Fukushima was only responsible for writing minor codec conversations, and all the themes and main dialogue was Kojima's work. Idk, that's the official version, but I still find it hard to believe

No. 1485451

I don't know all the details tbh. I've seen a bunch of guys arguing about it online a few years ago soon after I played MGS1, 2 and 3 for the first time and not everyone agreed on everything about that Fukushima writer.

No. 1485489

You’ll only be getting replaced as a programmer if you’re a fucking shit developer that refuses to learn anything that isn’t spoon fed and hand holding. Don’t know enough about the other fields to say anything though.

No. 1485493

Let's talk about the real conspiracy theory, was Fukushima killed by the yakuza?

No. 1485500

File: 1675035845952.jpg (9.99 KB, 372x219, the-end.jpg)

Wait what

No. 1485603

File: 1675045529980.jpg (19.14 KB, 600x450, DxOesWiWkAEVJLc.jpg)

i'm just messing with you anon. fukushima just randomly disappeared from the games and hasn't done a lot of work after leaving the metal gear team so people make shit posts about him like being killed by the yakuza

No. 1485690

Okay but how is this a tinfoil?

No. 1485700

Ntayrt but here’s a fun fact: the yakusa are affiliated with the Chinese triads and the North Korean government, while the triads are affiliated with the CCP

No. 1485759

A good amount of the people on here on men and the rest are cows

Maybe a few watamote chick's but mostly weird guys and cows

No. 1485914

File: 1675096726954.jpg (307.85 KB, 800x1230, SophiaMystical-public-domain.j…)

Tinfoil idk if anyone else shares: disorders like PMDD, bipolar etc are proof there's no such thing as free will. If you have PMDD but don't know it, you might never notice a pattern to when you go psycho & as long as you don't notice it, your psycho behaviour seems reasonable to you. Everyone else is just overreacting/judging/persecuting you, or they're not being accommodating enough to how you feel. But if you ever learn what PMDD is, you have an explanation & know the truth, but you're still no more able to stop acting crazy due to hormones than you were before (unless you take meds to stop the hormones being produced). You STILL feel reasonable in breaking furniture or getting back with your ex or whatever. Point is I don't think we generate our own thoughts in response to the environment, I think the environment (or something else?) controls our thoughts, the body being included in environment. We already know the time delay between perception, reaction & thought means "decisions" are reactions to things we've already done. We aren't pilots of body vehicles, we're our body's pet, and it/the world is both the pet owner and the cage, manipulating what we experience and therefore controlling who we are (in terms of our thoughts, emotions and actions at least). The actions of the world and our body (all material things) are the cause and our minds/thoughts/decisions are the effect.

This seems to resemble ideas I've seen from gnostic Christianity where the demiurge is controlling us via a fake world which is like a cage, and it farms and feeds on our suffering or something, but I think that's actually the good option. It's scarier to me that there might be no supernatural thing causing & feeding on our thoughts/suffering, and instead we just evolved to be this way, because how do we benefit from it? My cat has emotions & seems to have ideas, but he doesn't have what we would consider thoughts, only feelings & behaviour patterns that are prompted by the feelings. Why do humans have thoughts? If the material world controls us down to even the electrical signals in our brain, why did we evolve to experience suffering because of the signals - signals which would otherwise have no cause, because they don't actually lead to activity (it's the other way around)? What I'm trying to say is, I think I have schizophrenia, but if I think that then do I reeeeeeeaaaally…??

Tl;dr: the illusion of agency created by various mental illnesses is proof of a) no free will and b) the demiurge

No. 1485917

How tf we getting out of the demiurge??

No. 1485918

That's the neat thing, you don't.

No. 1485919

We are different from other animals because of the cognitive revolution. Look it up. Anon I don't mean to be rude but you show a schizo line of thinking..

No. 1485921

Go back to kf

No. 1485925

I'm aware of the cognitive revolution, it relates to my point in that it certainly is a step forward for how complex mammals are, but I'm saying I don't think it actually is as big of a step as we think. In some ways I think the idea of the bicameral mind might be a progression for us in terms of ability to make decisions for ourselves, compared to the mind we currently experience. and yes nona I'm worried too, not sure I can do anything about it though cos I'm a britbong hahahaaa

No. 1485974

you are not making sense. The vast majority don't even have those disorders. The fact that it is even considered a disorder means there is something wrong with people who are like this. How is that proof there is no such thing as free will? If you want to forego all your remaining free will and give in to your impulses then go ahead but it does not represent a lack of free will in humanity in general.

It is possible to become less mentally ill over time, instead of making yourself more mentally ill by clinging on to ideas like this. Try proving to yourself that you do have free will, and don't engage with intrusive thoughts. Maybe seek out healthy real world relationships and experiences to gain a real perspective on life. Looking into scary spiritual stuff when you are vulnerable is not a good idea either. Take care of your mind, part of free will is choosing not to be a passive observer.

No. 1486080

I won't believe he's alive unless I see his curret photo, there are definitely dozens of Tomokazu Fukushimas in Japan

No. 1486091

Is it possible to be a schizo as a small child? Even at 5 years old I was convinced that the world around me is fake, this feeling never changed and it's been like that to this day (mid 20s now), it just got worse with age. I had thoughts about universes existing inside of each atom, I could walk around a table in the living room for an hour thinking about death and atomic war and my mom and grandma had to calm me down and they didn't understand where I'm getting those thoughts from. I was fixated on circling around objects and how objects appeared smaller and bigger depending on how I was moving in relation to them, I also thought I was supposed to be a boy. I had vivid religious dreams, despite my family not being super religious, just normie christians, in one of those dreams a demon/satan tried to take me but he was pushed away by a bright white light and a voice told me I will always be protected. I never had any paranormal experiences, just weird dreams, but the feeling of not being real/being in a movie/everything being fake was there since I remember and it negatively affected my functioning around other children and then adults

No. 1486101

I think that anon is totally right - there is no such thing as free will. My thought process is a lil different though. I'm not religious, but I wouldn't be surprised if some higher force was controlling the events in our lives. And I actually think some mental disorders make it easier to get a glimpse of true free will, or at the very least, life outside of our 'normal' perception.
I have no idea but I can relate. Since I was that age, I've had intrusive thoughts/visions of future events etc. Life feels so intensely fake that I'm just waiting to be proven correct, that there is a reality outside of this. The boring non-schizo answer is that it sounds like some kind of dissocative disorder.

No. 1486502

Nonnie you aren't schizo but I think you have OCD and extreme anxiety with intrusive thoughts. Go see a therapist. You are showing clear signs of compulsions that are affecting your life negatively.

No. 1486516

>You have to admit that they do act exactly how you would expect covert cult trannies to act when this topic comes up?
I don't know any people like that so I don't know how they would act lol. I think they were mad because you were insinuating certain women had to be trans because of physical features and such. Also can I ask, if the trannies your talking about are covert how do you know they are really trannies and not just slightly masculine women or feminine men? I'm going to have to agree to disagree with you on a lot of stuff but I appreciate your tinfoiling and you sharing it here. Alchemy has always been very interesting to me but I never find that much history or theories about it.

This video is a perfect example of that delusion some people get where they think all the people in their life have been replaced. I can't remember the name of it but I've read stories about people who've experienced it and it sounds so scary.

No. 1486556

after hearing some of those AI voice clips floating around i am now convinced that there are youtubers who are just 3letter agency AI experiments.

No. 1486863

Not schizo. They are intrusive thoughts mixed with an anxiety disorder like other anon mentioned. Therapy would be beneficial. I had intrusive thoughts like this before and they greatly affected my life for about a decade, I was having panic attacks over "what if" scenarios my brain would think of. Have you abused drugs recreationally? If so, it would be beneficial to stay away from them entirely. Eating less stimulating ingredients such as caffeine and sugar can also help with the anxiety. Besides that, get plenty amount of sleep and water and exercise. Also, reduce any stressors. If someone in your life is stressing you out, reduce the time around them. Was your childhood okay as well? I was neglected and I can believe some of these thoughts entered my head because I dissociated a lot to entertain myself. Definitely do some research on how the brain functions while dissociating and how anxiety works as well. It's super beneficial to understand your brain works like this and can ease tons of worry for you.

No. 1486976

You sound schizo, seek help

No. 1487069

>This video is a perfect example of that delusion some people get where they think all the people in their life have been replaced
It's Capgras delusion, it's a sad and crazy syndrome

No. 1487399

Already got help! I was prescribed anti psychotics for a few weeks about a decade ago and quickly got off them because they made me insane. Taking a bath and hearing the water talk to you was not fun.

No. 1487452

Yes it's called childhood schizophrenia and it's way common than what it seems, is just mislabed as autism nowdays.

No. 1487469

Either this is predicted programming, or Ronnie Radke’s just bring his typical edgelord self.

Edit - forgot to mention this is currently trending

No. 1487493

>Definitely do some research on how the brain functions while dissociating and how anxiety works as well.
Can you recommend any books or other resources for this? Nayrt but I could almost have written that post and I believe I have a huge problem with dissociation and intrusive thoughts.

No. 1487587

>it's called childhood schizophrenia and it's way common than what it seems, is just mislabed as autism nowdays
Lmao any sources for that claim? I had the same symptoms and I also always had problem with socialization and communication and I had poor motor skills and my therapist suggested I might be autistic. I never wanted to tell them I also felt like everything was fake and I was in a movie because I was afraid of them labelling me as a schizo

No. 1487614

Every night I wake up at 3 and I have a hard time going back to sleep again. This night it was especially bad and I think it took me like 2 hours to fall asleep again, and before that I think I had some sleep paralysis, or maybe it was already a dream but I didn't know that? I got hit by a sudden very strong feeling of fear and I got tinnitus in one ear, and I'm sure I wasn't sleeping at that point. After a while I felt like something heavy was trying to pull me off the bed and I got really scared and I started praying, and trying to stay on the bed, and after a while it stopped. Any ideas what could that be? I think I'm gonna be sleeping with lights on now because I have a growing anxiety regarding sleep

No. 1487630

ayrt, I didn't explain it clearly, I admit I was especially mento at the time of writing. Basically my point was that we know people can act without free will while believing they have free will due to mental illness, so how can we prove that mentally healthy people have free will? Arbitrarily deciding that the behaviour caused by mental illness is not free will, but "mentally healthy" behaviour is 100% controlled by the human themselves, isn't good thinking to me.

But also, thank you for your advice & concern, it's more than the NHS have offered me when I've tried to get help, you're kind. How do you suggest we can prove free will if were already diagnosed with MH conditions?

nonas, are you me, was also neglected as a wee babby and spent my days thinking about atoms and visualising patterns relating to things around me. Also ditto to the waiting for predictions to come true nona. I'm dX OCD by a GP but got no further due to societal collapse etc . Are we OCD or schizo? Did we all get worse in lockdown?

Sleep paralysis

No. 1488222

This may be edgy but I have a tinfoil that suicide is considered the most unforgivable sin because it does not allow the demiurge to harvest your energy any more. It is a blatant rebellion against the demiurge and his hell scape. This is why so many world religions, especially Christianity are against it.

No. 1488269

It's considered a sin because there were a bunch of early Christians who killed themselves in group suicides and then the catholic church made it a sin.

No. 1488276

Here's a pretty good article to get started. Also do research on fight or flight mode.
Basically, your brain found a "safe space" in dissociation mode and realizes it likes it a lot, especially when you feel fear or even excitement (your brain can't decipher which is which bc it is stupid and irrational) whether you like dissociation mode or not. I learned to view my brain as a toddler when it enters dissociation, it's less scary and more "wow my imagination is wild"

No. 1488304

I've noticed this too. It's propaganda of some kind

No. 1488408

No it’s because they didn’t want to lose their workers/farmers/soldiers. Life was way tougher back then and they needed all the manpower that they could get. You can’t have a functioning society if your people are killing themselves willy-nilly.

No. 1489210

>saw this post and felt the need to share:


My position is that yes, it is in fact the precursor to the anti-Christ 666 Beast-grid system called the "Mark of the Beast" in the Book of Revelation, and is its main component. However, there is still the physical authentication missing to confirm the prophecy's fulfillment. In the Book of Revelation, it states that there is an initial implementation, a 1st cause, where the anti-Christ beast system can clearly identify those who willfully accept it versus those who willfully oppose and refuse it. The 2nd and final cause, which results in the end of the matter being that ALL will be forced to choose to receive it or not, in order to buy or sell, is equal to living or dying.

This would explain why all the 'travel passport' mandates are specifically issued based on vaccination status, not citizenry. If you didn't have your vaccines, you couldn't travel freely, and nations could reject you within their borders based on this alone. Hell, in Canada, you couldn't even leave. This in turn opened the door to the 'employment passport' mandate, which was based on vaccine compliance. The more sinister mandate came out of Austria (of all places), where its population was not permitted to shop in public, without their 'food passport', they literally couldn't buy food. Quebec, Canada was just about to 'tax' the unvaccinated but the Freedom Convoy happened and it was stopped, for now. I believe these were all litmus tests, to see what the slaves were willing to endure in the name of 'safety and comfort'. Needless to say, a lot of people couldn't leave their homes, lost their jobs, were disowned by family and friends and went hungry because they would NOT take the mRNA genetic editing protocol. Never regretted not taking it, is my life's motto now.

Yuval Noah Harari (on the myth of freedom): Humans are now hackable animals - "Author of 'Sapiens' and '21 Lessons for the 21st Century', Yuval Noah Harari tells Becky Anderson that politicians could soon have the technology to create heaven or hell."

This guy isn't just some Satanic faggot nobody gives 2 shites about, this is who the WEF Chief Klaus Schwab calls, "The Prophet"

The 1st Cause:
Revelation 13:4And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

If you examine how many people chose to receive the synthetic mRNA genetic code injection (this includes all Viral Vectors or ModeRNAs, it's all of the same beast), without even questioning its contents or possible adverse affects, it is clear that a mass-psyop was performed. Almost ALL took it and ALL were targeted, not ALL received it, but ALL were expected to. The majority who marveled (at the beast) and took it were the 1st wave, the 2nd wave were those who refused for as long as their comfort would permit, then relented (chose not to make war against it) because, who could endure losing livelihood, family, husbands, wives, children, jobs, credibility, viability as a human being etc…? For these people, it was just too high of a price to pay.

Those who refused it at the onslaught and will continue to do so, are a completely different breed of human, there are scriptures supporting this Truth.
Those who choose no longer to receive the injections are potentially just buying time, a good indicator of future actions are past ones. When the system comes to everyone saying that they won't eat or feed their families without receiving the "Mark", I suspect even the 'very awakened' will have difficulty saying no, but I enjoy being surprised by people, so who knows.

Gene therapies - "Messenger RNA (mRNA) plays a vital role in translating the instructions in DNA into the proteins of life…Although gene editing has become extremely precise with the recent advent of CRISPR technology, it is not yet perfect."

1. mRNA: Fulfilling the Promise of Gene Therapy - "Indeed, lipid nanoparticles can be synthesized with relative ease in a scalable manner, protect the mRNA against degradation:.. "In vitro–transcribed mRNA (IVT mRNA) is emerging as a new class of drug that has the potential to play a role in gene therapy that once was envisioned for DNA."​

Nanotechnology was classified as a 'dangerous conspiracy theory' in 2020 when they were already using it in 2016, trust them still?

2. CRISPR Scientist's Biography Explores Ethics Of Rewriting The Code Of Life - "The Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are the first vaccines to be activated by mRNA — and would not have been possible without the invention of the gene editing technology known as CRISPR."​

Synthetic mRNA was touted as 'unable' to manipulate DNA when in reality, that's EXACTLY its purpose, to re-write the code of life! Fact check that, it's in their own white papers, they're proud of it even.

3. mRNA vaccine delivery using lipid nanoparticles - "2016 May:"Currently, no mRNA therapeutic is approved for use in humans, and a beneficial safety profile in patients still has to be demonstrated. A first clinical application will likely not be a prophylactic vaccine, because the tolerance for side effects is very low for a drug that is injected into healthy individuals."​

Fast forward to 2020, only 4 years later, and bam! It's OK to inject in pregnant women, immunocompromised, elderly and 6 month old babies and up!

The Effect:
Revelation 13:8And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

No. 1489213

>part 2 (post was too long)

Trust versus Distrust.

ID202 Certification Mark - ID2020 Technical Requirement PDF

Not all those who profess to be Christians refused it, most large churches even had 'injection clinics', and forced their parishioners to show proof of vaccination. Not all who are NOT Christians, took it, thus proving it is not fully implemented yet, because when it is the final cause for buying and selling, everyone will be forced to choose a side - believers and unbelievers alike.

I have had a number of people (Christian and not), call me a heretic, a liar, a fake follower of Jesus Christ and even an idiot in my day but if I cared what other people thought of me, I would be just as retarded as they are. I simply don't care, never did and never will. As for me, I will serve the Living God in my own integrity, and reap what I sow. Lions are not concerned with the opinions of sheep, anyways, I don't lose sleep over the musings of the sleeping unwashed masses.

The 2nd and Final Cause:
Revelation 13:16-And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

The physical 'Mark' must be just that, a physical (natural) representation of a willfully identifiable (spiritual) exchange. A genetic code with an implant confirming that code is present in the body fits this definition quite nicely. The 'Certification' data of physically belonging to the anti-Christ beast grid system requires linking of the physical (i.e. implant) with the documentation proof via biometrics and the spiritual (i.e. the will), that one is in fact owned by the 666 beast system. Seeing as the mRNA injection serum is patented, it is a logical conclusion that having their product inside of you renders you property of the owners of said patent.

"Vaccinated" Emitting Bluetooth Codes - "Any Bluetooth device has a unique 48 bit address. The Bluetooth addresses are alphanumeric and consists a 12 hexadecimal digits."

1. Storing medical information below the skin’s surface -"Specialized invisible dye, delivered along with a vaccine, could enable “on-patient” storage of vaccination history"​

Once deemed science fiction, is now science fact.

2. Why You’re Probably Getting a Microchip Implant Someday - "Microchip implants are going from tech-geek novelty to genuine health tool—and you might be running out of good reasons to say no."​

Predictive programming that you 'WILL' get it, someday, because without it, you won't be able to participate in the coming New World's society.

3. Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination - "Here, we present an approach to encode medical history on a patient using the spatial distribution of biocompatible, near-infrared quantum dots (NIR QDs) in the dermis. "​

What could go wrong? Ever wonder why they want to inject us with endless vaccines? It's a depopulation program, so, people need to die.

The Final Effect:
Revelation 13:17-18-And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666).

Physical and Spiritual: Disease and Death versus Ease and Health

The vaccine injured are quickly becoming an unrelenting voice against the vaccine makers and enforcers. The disease, death and destruction is evident now, to the point that even mainstream can no longer ignore it - I believe this is just the beginning of the end. When they say that 'breathing deeply' and 'being happy' is causing heart attacks, you know they're lying and you're in trouble. I can't prove it, but my suspicion is that placebos were offered only upto Q2 (around June 2021) and were staggered. Apparently, you can view your 'batch' online to see what the data outcomes were from 2021-2022; it's just my speculation as the vaccinated people I know have told me this is factual but since it doesn't affect me, I haven't researched it, yet.

Once the physical 'Mark' is revealed in tandem with the spiritual 'Certification' tied to the 'Centralized Bank Digital Currency', there will no longer be any doubt; without it, buying or selling will be impossible. The introduction of Crypto currencies is proof-positive that a digital system is not only easily manipulated but also very easily destroyed - FTX style. I sometimes wonder if the operation code named 'Covid19-GreatReset' was an IQ test or simply just what the Bible prophecied, the rise of the anti-Christ enslavement system and the 'Mark of the Beast' - aka the last generation of the age.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I have heard and read about these 'times' we are are currently living in for the majority of my life, but I find the prophetic tone fascinating today, only because of how so much of it is happening right before my very eyes.

The Great Apostasy- 2 Thesselonians 2:12-That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.​

What some people believe, is that the prophecies spoken of in the Bible are linear, what every follower of Jesus Christ knows, is that unlike man, God is not bound by time or space. I do not worry about the 'multitude in the valley of decision', my purpose is to warn. I have no problem warning everyone of what dangerous times we're living in, and if you take an honest look around, and your own eyes and ears don't deceive you, it's clear as day, things are changing in ways we could have never imagined and never seen before. The technology has finally caught up with the Words of the prophecy spoken, ALL will be affected.

Daniel 7:25-And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

The true faith of the followers of Jesus Christ is unshakeable by anything manmade or demon possessed because it is not sustained by us, it is God's holding onto us, not that we hold onto Him. Nothing can stop the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ, from bringing Salvation to those who receive Him, and for this reason, even in these dark times, we have a greater hope.

If I could leave you with one thing it would be this, no matter what, under any circumstances, DO NOT trust a system that enforces pharma tyranny and DO NOT take the physical "Mark of the Beast", in whatever form it comes. If you care to understand why you shouldn't, just read the Book of Revelation and if you don't believe in such things, just type in 'Sudden Adult Death Syndrome' in your search bar - nothing is worth losing your soul, not even your life on Earth.

Luke 9:24-“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for My sake, the same shall save it.”

No. 1489216

I did my UG project with crispr back in 2016 to help correct eye diseases. Crispr has been around since the 80s. Crispr is just a sequence of dna with repeating patterns that were already there. Those sequences are used to implement a correction, but we can't fix everything. I've got a masters in Biotechnology and I'm a Christian. If anything god gives us tools to use.

No. 1489258

Only for the devil to corrupt, unfortunately

No. 1489270

Which is why ignorance is dangerous.

No. 1489317

>nonnie was a smart, thinking child who was curious and concerned about the world she's living in
>zomg you totes had OCD and extreeeeme anxiety
It's all so tiresome

No. 1489563

Well Jesus isn't real.

No. 1489764

There is historical evidence of his existence. Checkmate, atheists

No. 1489774

so vidrel is about how people change their identity & take up the identity of a dead or missing child & there's book(s) that gives you tips. now while people use these guides to get away from abusive family members or dangerous people, there's still a clear danger of some of someone with a grounded fake identity could pose

No. 1489794

The original poster in kf was a male and you seem to be the same op in both sites, but whatever.
I agree that the (freemasonic) elites are a bunch of satanboos who would love to do a recreation of the biblical apocalypse, antichrist and all. However is going to be a lot more explicit than that.
The vaccines, if anything, were used as an human experimentation free pass. Different experimental medications at different doses, and a lot of saline shots. It would be used in the future as a part of their plans thats sure, but that's different fron a literal mark of the beast. The satanboos are planning this for literally two millennia, once they're ready yo shoot their bullet for real, we're going to notice it. They're obsessed with aesthetics (because thats all they have, not a single esoteic particle. Might develop this later idk) so is safe to say that "their shoot" is going to be all pomposus and spectacular. Not this.
It literally doesnt matter, "but it didnt «literally» happened!!!". Your whole worldview was shaped by Jesus, you can't separate him for the way that you undestand the world. (In fact, thats why the elites are all coping and seething about him for all this time) You can't separate yourself of the figure of jesus, whatever you like it or not. Thats the whole point, in fact.

No. 1489843

File: 1675458029438.png (79.61 KB, 649x614, 67.png)

I warned my family and friends not to give their faces to the literal Putin-backed Russian selfie A.I. app all the way back in 2020, Lensa is just Prisma-AI and was literally funded by Putin's government

No. 1489856

This has been going on since 2018, it's nothing new. You don't need FaceApp or whatever to get photos and mine data when a huge percentage of the population share their entire lives online and have hundreds of photos publicly available.

No. 1489940

I didn't take the jab, I started working abroad in netherlands and thank god we didn't have mandatory jabs here, but I got mails from my company with "invitation" for vaccination, and I got pressured by various people from my family and work. I used to buy groceries for my old aunt and then she told me she wouldn't let me in until I took the jab, which was insane. I said I won't take the jab, so I was just leaving the groceries at her door kek. Whenever I went to the doctor with something unrelated, like sinusitis (bc I often get it because I'm allergic to many stuff), or stomach infection, they were pressuring me to take the jab and implying I definitely got covid and I needed to be tested for covid and they were torturing me with putting those sticks inside my nose, which was already painful because of my sinusitis (btw, is it possible that certain tests were meant to infect you with something? Because I also remember some tinfoils about the tests). Whenever I felt bad at work, like I had a backpain or my first day of my period, they were like "you may have covid, go home now and don't come to work until you get the test from a drugstore and it's negative". Insanity. Luckily people started protesting because the economy was getting shitty because of the lockdowns. Now no one even talks about covid here (they still talk it in my shithole country tho, which, aside from shit economy, makes me reluctant to go back). It wasn't hard to resist it at all, but I'm scared for the future if they literally won't allow me to buy food or do any job, not even a damn janitor or something. I don't have any friends, no community, I wouldn't survive alone, I wouldn't have anyone to go somewhere into the fucking forest and grow food or something. I'm also scared I'm just too weak for that lifestyle, I already have various health conditions, I need specific medicine for my fucked up spine etc. I'm scared I will be too weak to resist

No. 1490019

Some of us are interested in pulling back the layer of reality that has beem presented to us as truth. If you don't like that then why are you here?

Nonnas I'm putting a link to this site on this thread: https://bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_tema.htm#main%20files
It's a treasure trove if you are into conspiracy. Happy researching!

No. 1490044

Hi nonnas, I want to know what you all think of the purported Chinese balloon that was announced to be flying over Montana yesterday. There's another balloon that was spotted over Canada inbound for the US, that was revealed today too. Apparently the first balloon is now over the middle of the US. I know there's always a lot going on behind closed doors when it comes to things like this but I think it's strange how the dept of defense hasn't said much about it even though the public already knows. And the fact that the only reason they gave for not shooting it down is that it would endanger people below. Couldn't something be coordinated to land it somewhere where not much damage will be caused? I mean the shit was flying over Montana for quite some time. The whole situation is weird and confusing to me and I see many sources trying to downplay this as being just a harmless balloon that we don't have much reason to shoot down. But it is a large aircraft, came into US airspace unannounced, and also apparently isn't just floating but also has maneuvering capability (China's response is that it is a civilian balloon that veered off course kek.) Idk it's just all very strange to me and ofc nobody I know irl has any idea that it's even happening

No. 1490050

Samefag, srry the 2nd balloon was spotted in Latin America. And btw, a Chinese balloon has apparently never been over the middle of the US before… I don't understand why it has been allowed to travel so far

No. 1490103

For the lulz. It's a flex to remind the US that it's a dying empire and it's hegemony over the world's financial markets are coming to an end. China has already infiltrated US institutions and it already has the information it needs from it's own satellites in space. Sending balloons over the US and watching as corrupt politicians and the military shit themselves over a fucking balloon is China's way of asserting themselves over the US.

No. 1490228

All wealthy nations are in collusion. This is because any nation with influence has at the very least the technology of extraterrestials if not contact.This is why I can't get into politics - it's all fake. Both because the facade of government institutions don't actually run the way they are portrayed to (money and power rule, not political parties. Political parties understand this and play the game to gain control), it's also the black technology they are all dealing with. The average person so in the dark, it's frightening.

No. 1490286

I need to do this… question is how much money do I need?

No. 1490372

Idk if this is even a tinfoil nona but I swear the only permissible types of child these days are the ones that love violence and screaming and the ones that already gave up being interested in the world aged 2 and now they just stare at a phone in silence. Blogpost but my mom worked in childcare all her life and when I was a kid, the only medicalised children were the ones that were mentally slow, or hyper and prone to biting. Now those kids seem to be the standard and the others are being "treated" so they act the same way, either made into zombies with screens etc or filled with sugar so they're all peppy and fun. Both of these types of kids seem especially prone to addiction and consumerism when they get older. Not even touching on how "GNC" kids (there shouldn't even be a concept of GNC kids imo) are getting transed… Feels like the next step is drugging them in the womb so theyre already programmed when they pop out

No. 1490586

File: 1675525568837.jpg (93.88 KB, 736x736, ifuz9khpge201.jpg)

Stars are fallen angels

No. 1490979

glowie bait

No. 1491015

Literally Brave New World

No. 1491258

Like how you would act, if you didn't want someone to talk about something. They're not really that different from us (since we all have a superiority complex now) but I wasn't the anon sperging about bodies or JLC. Although she does look like my childhood friend's mom, who is CC. I lash out at them sometimes when they're being antagonizing but I've also said repeatedly that reversos can be nice and attractive. I've been very generous in my approach to this discussion, like the removed tinfoil #14 thread simply mentioning the existence of transvestigation and Cult of Cybele. You can read past tinfoil threads and see that I try to stick to the alchemy or cult stuff but still get shut down and accused of being a moid or a new tranny-chan shows up and floods the thread with images of celebrities (who are meant to shield the cult from criticism and make us think CC are more attractive than they are).

Guess which (sect of) covert rulers believe they are the bloodlines of a fallen angel and his goddess? "Apocalypse_Watchman by MrE" made a video about this with examples from Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer describes angel hell in video^. I can't remember if Mr. E said people go to the star place or not but his videos are on bitchute. The Samael + Lilith story is kind of cute though. Definitely big in Hollywood storylines, so it means something to them beyond completely made-up disinfo. "Zardoz" is a weird interpretation, here's the story (probably) https://the-demonic-paradise.fandom.com/wiki/Lilith
(repost to correct autistic comma use)

No. 1491347

I relate to this, it’s so depressing. As a girl who didn’t relate to the trends when I was a child, for example not getting girls glamorizing shows about teenagers obsessed with getting boyfriend/girlfriend (and turns out many of these shows were made by creeps like Dan Schneider), always felt isolated and had no friends… I feel that due to my hobbies and determination I managed to find my happy niche but I suffered a lot. Now I don’t fully know how it’s like to be a child or teenager nowadays but from what I observe it can be even harder, with the emphasis on social media, etc. There were some when I was a child too, including one “unique” one from my country, but I’m scared how far it went, you have children (mostly girls) around 11-12 on TikTok, already looking for sexuality and gender labels and stuff. Not to mention obvious grooming possibilities.
And the world prioritizing hyperactive children, it’s partly because of consumerism I think, partly bad habits of parents. A few years ago I got to meet my 7-year old cousin when his parents stayed with us for a few weeks in the summer. He would be always glued to the phone. I managed to invent some games for him, brought some toys I found among my old stuff, we had a good time. I could see he was so happy playing games with me, I would draw with him, etc. But I know when you don’t show children it’s possible to spend time in other ways than with smartphone, a child won’t invent something to spend time, even when parents can’t be around. And because parents didn’t even bother with being glued to the phone, that happened. I noticed he could be a little aggressive sometimes too, maybe because he wanted to do something all the time. The fact that he put his attention into something other than games or YouTube is a proof he just wanted to do whatever would be fun, only that smartphone was the most accessible option most of the time.
And yeah, other stuff children get exposed to scares me. I don’t even live in a country where woke stuff is something big, yet I noticed on Twitter how many teenagers became trans. At some point, while going through Wattpad and looking at how people from my country write about transness, I stumbled upon a “diary” of a 12-year old girl and her “trans journey”. Reading that it began with how she wanted different haircut and possibly more boyish clothes (?). Equating haircut and clothes with being trans, that’s depressing. Of course she went to change pronouns and name she would like to use too. Scary to see her parents seem to enable it (not the style change but the identity change she connected with it).
I’m sure many people already said it, but I believe these problems arise because children are either not taught to be more independent (as much as they can be at that age) and because they’re sexualized and witness sexualization of others. Sexualization not even in a way that pedos would do it, although sometimes it will intersect. Sexualization when they see strict roles and mistreatment of others based on shallow gratification and society’s acceptation.

obvious sage for wall of text and a bit of blogpost

No. 1491419

File: 1675598966652.png (35.72 KB, 359x288, diurnal-cortisol-elevated-nigh…)

have something sugary before bed, it's common to wake up at 3 am bc of cortisol patterns, if you have some sugar stored in the liver you can usually avoid waking up/having nightmares around this hour.

No. 1491492

There's no way you can ensure you go to heaven if you don't know a safe way to get back to the things you like.

I bet you still believe beyond meat won't poison it. It's a price point not something we can do ourselves.

I bet you would all kill or eat cows yourselves.

I don't even like the goddamn horses enough to be one.

I believe we can have magic at a push of a button. How many dogecoin dollar was in kyubey and how many fans watched made in abyss.

No. 1491498

Sup grimes and how much they want the safe chocolate powder come back or whatever since they think the GNC is superior. OR THEY BELIEVE IT IS SPONSERED OR MAKES THEM PRETTY. 4h on how we bought everything from everywhere before. Free food being poisoned… Pills mean not meat, whey means… WE HAVENT MEMORIZED THE FORMULA FOR CLONING BUT WE BELIEVE IN MAGIC.


They might not want to be the worst thing like disability and the pipe might be though. I'd take the black needle I hated everything my whole life, and I might die with information on the last names of people who hurt me

No. 1491501

File: 1675606472623.png (187.87 KB, 900x661, Twijack1.png)

Haha the addiction rumors on how much NAMBLA controls…. Cool it but company grooming is different. Pedophiles and ex pedophiles would have taken on charity cases (maybe if Disney had a lot of money)

There's never been more of a reason to just pay attention if you don't want to be a horse and you think you might have been a character model with a payment plan.

Taurus on how much sickness and black energy exists in disability slavery…. Uh are people the answer. Could we prepare to provide for heaven or would they just give us false answers for the end of the world

No. 1491525

Back to twitter, the only good gay males are the ones in bl's.

No. 1491571

stop namefagging and take your meds. jesus christ i cannot wait until you're redtexted so god forbid you can get your sticky ass up off your computer chair and interact with real life humans. even the tinfoil thread thinks you're a joke.

No. 1491964

My younger siblings had to read 1984 along with animal farm in high school during the 2010’s, is it possible that the American educational system allowed this to happen as preparation for the near future and by the time said “future” gets here; it’d be harder to stop and that same generation could care less because of indoctrination with a dash of predictive programming?

No. 1491981

Anon is an actual schizophrenic, literally. Just ignore her while mods do their job

No. 1492021

I can believe it. The CIA actually sent airplanes with copies of animal farm to drop over communist Russia during the red scare to try to invoke civil disobedience should a Russian civilian get ahold of one of the copies. Why wouldn’t they have made it required reading to brainwash the next generation of youth?

Not for “predictive programming” like to normalize communism, but to preprogram youth against it all while the imperialist US invades and destroys the few communist countries left with inside jobs and coups. The US will never admit it but their worst fear is communism and I think there’s a deeper reason. I believe there is much more to our future than capitalism and the barely 300 year old “American” experiment. It’s clearly failed.

No. 1492149

File: 1675674835068.jpg (311.86 KB, 1080x1657, twotoone-3EusD82K8btz6IN.jpg)

what is this supposed to solve?

No. 1492163

Reading shit like this while being from a former communist country is so annoying. Orwell is right to warn everyone of what communism leads to. Yeah, as a concept it sounds sweet and all but even more so everyone should be aware it's an utopia that cant be realized and any attempt to make it real is gonna be extremely dystopian.

No. 1492301

That makes no sense whatsoever. Have you ever read Orwell?

No. 1492342

File: 1675700718972.jpg (29.21 KB, 460x308, 08ccf884-5620-46e5-8185-4ac38c…)

Wonder how many people involved in cps are pedophiles themselves

>A child psychiatrist and top child protection expert, 56-year-old Jo Erik Brøyn, who in 2010 became the single father to two Indian surrogate babies, has been sentenced to nearly two years’ jail under Norway’s child pornography laws.

>Brøyn was found guilty of possessing and sharing an enormous quantity of material—about 200,000 pictures and 4,000 hours of video—showing children subjected to brutal sexual abuse. The indictment against Brøyn reads: “Pictures and videos show sexual abuse committed by adults against children, sexual acts between children, and children performing sexual acts on themselves.”
>The Norwegian police were notified of Brøyn’s possession of this material as far back as 2014, from the Swiss police. However, Brøyn was not stopped from continuing as an expert and child psychiatrist in the CPS system for several years thereafter. He has been downloading abuse material from 1997.
>He has for many years been a very active, supporting participant in the CPS system carrying out evaluations of parents from whom the CPS intends to remove children. He has recommended “emergency” taking into care of children, and placing them at secret addresses, never to be allowed back to their parents but committed to foster care until they are adults. many against families where little or no wrong or criminal has been committed against the children, such as the internationally well-known case of the Bodnariu children who were taken because the parents slapped the children for being naughty.
>When Brøyn was arrested more than a year ago, his children were at first allowed to be placed with his sister. This is considerably more lenient than is usual in CPS, where there is great resistance to kinship placement. Before Brøyn was released from custody, his children were moved by the CPS to non-relatives. However, the County Board (an administrative committee which functions as the first instance decision-maker in care proceedings), decided that they should be returned to Brøyn, so they have been back with him since the summer of 2017. Again, the liberal attitude of a section of the authorities, here regarding a confessed pedophile father living alone with his children, is somewhat unusual. In open court Brøyn stated that he has pedophile leanings, being stimulated by sexual pictures and films of boys.
>Norway prides itself on being egalitarian. But it is hard to see any trace of that in the indulgence towards psychiatrist Brøyn, who has made a very good living out of the CPS system, acting as one of the professional experts devastating so many families who try to cope in much more humble and hard-pressed circumstances than his own. Rather, there seems maybe to have been a certain hesitation in the County Board to subject one of “their own” to the treatment usually meted out to families who possess little social and professional prestige?
>In court Brøyn has made excuses saying he has not passed the abuse pictures of children on to others, only looked at them himself, which according to him made sure that they could harm nobody. Save the Children does not agree. They have worked for several years to have politicians and the media stop using the term “child pornography” and call them “abuse pictures” instead. “To be in possession of such pictures contributes to maintaining a market which presupposes abuse of children. For the child, it is a new instance of abuse that the pictures are spread around. It is also serious because possession of abusive material can work to normalise abuse of children”, says Line Hegna, director of communications in Norwegian Save the Children. Nor is it possible for someone taking part in the activities of some web-facilities which Brøyn has made use of, to prevent pictures from being passed on to others.
>According to the police lawyer, Brøyn had “largely” confessed to being guilty of the charges. But this confession of guilt does not seem to have impressed the Court, which said:

>“The accused has taken exception to the most serious material, which he claims not to have downloaded consciously. The Court finds, however, that the accused to a certain extent trivialises his own actions. He has explained his erotic interest for young boys to be associated with his homosexual tendency. The accused appears remorseful, but reflection seems to have come only after he was caught out. In court he has explained that he has considered himself not to be harming children since he does not take part in the production, nor participates actively together with others, and that the pictures exist anyway. He views this differently today after the exposure of the case. The Court finds it serious for somebody with his special expertise on children to express that only now has it struck him that he has subjected these children to grave violation. The court furthermore sees it as serious that a professional who is supposed to be the “protector” of children and young people has placed his own satisfaction and desires first in this manner.

>His confession came only after the police confiscated the material and has been of insignificant value for the clarification of the case.”

>Brøyn was a working member of the national “Child Expert Commission” (CEC) right up to the time the police charged him, when it was compelled to exclude him. The CEC is a committee of psychological experts, each appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Equality to evaluate the psychological reports of other child experts in cases relating to children.
>Brøyn himself seems to understand nothing of the implications of this case for his work as a child psychiatrist with access to children in a position of trust and authority. He has stated in court: “My sexual predisposition has led me into this situation.” This is not the case. It is no crime in Norway to be homosexual, and mere feelings and desires are of course not punishable. It is Brøyn’s actions that have led him into the present situation, not his sexual predisposition.
>In connection with the court case against Brøyn this year, once again an expert has been appointed to assess the possible consequences to his own two children. The judgment quotes this expert’s opinion:

>“The expert considers X to have the ability to regulate his own feelings and actions so that the children in a situation of care are not exposed to offensive sexual experiences beyond the ordinary risk in a home with adults having a sexual life. The expert points out that X, despite time and focus spent on downloading, does not seem to have neglected his tasks of care for the children. It is not considered likely that this practice will change in a continued care situation. Rather, this expert considers that the consequences of father’s illegal downloading activity will place a burden on the children in that he may be given a prison sentence and that the CPS has intervened in the family.”

>Brøyn’s medical license was suspended after he was arrested back in January 2017. The suspension of his medical license and his exclusion from the CEC imply official recognition that such work must be prohibited to someone carrying on pedophile actions. If nothing further is done about the system which has allowed him to go on, what does that say about the entire system of “child expertise”?

>In Norway, child policy is heavily influenced and guided by the thinking of psychologists and psychiatrists, who are respected and relied on a great deal.
>The alternative is that some of Brøyn’s colleagues have indeed positively known or suspected what he was doing and kept silent. If so, these professionals are themselves guilty of breaking the law, having done nothing to inform the police.
>Unfortunately so far there is no sign of any question from the sections of government in charge—the Ministry of Children and Equality, the Ministry of Health and Care Services or the CEC—regarding whether this case has a bearing on the general way the CPS is regulated and run, or regarding the reliability and scientific basis of the work of the CEC.


No. 1492365

omg shut the fuck up about Orwell and mental health. NO ONE cares.

No. 1492376

Leaving children in the hands of two homosexual men is just evil.

No. 1492388

>infiltrated child protection programs in order to learn how to be the perfect child predator, abused databases and resources to accumulate child porn, and then used the same child protective networks to literally sex traffic children to "secret addresses" aka predatory environments

Hm, and only 2 years of jail.

No. 1492427

in central ohio 10 children were just found this week to be sleeping on the floors in the offices of children services.

this government has always had since its inception and continues to steal children from their parents. whether it was the indian removal act and kidnapping kids to put into settler boarding schools and program them into "civilized people", or the forced sterilization of native and mexican women, the thousands of migrant children removed from their parents at the US Mexican border that everyone conveniently forgot about (even after border patrol agents were found to be sexually abusing some of the detained kids), conservitards who constantly sperg about "the billionaire elite eating babies and trafficking kids" yet refuse to look at their own politicians or the US government and how it has and continues to steal children from their parents is beyond me.

they'll take children away from their parents for BS reasons like a working mom showing up to pick them up late or lack of transportation leading to school truancy, yet will place them with "foster families" who literally chain them up, abuse them, or traffick them out themselves.

No. 1493864

Holy shit wtf?? What if they have some medical issue that requires the person stay warm?

No. 1493993

Wtf Canadian Goverment, stop wasting milk

No. 1494043

It's easier to blame reptillians and satanists than realize their own favorite pet politicians are involved in this. ALL high scale politicians are involved directly or are to blame somehow. Conservatives are retarded, the catholic church has been used as a front for child abuse for centuries and almost all close knit christian cults have child abuse going on as well

No. 1494187

Hopefully it eradicates the need for a shitty U.K. government. I wish all these countries would rise up and overthrow the dickheads running themselves into the ground.

No. 1494267

File: 1675878697962.png (825.57 KB, 906x753, Dragons.png)

Why are Dragons found across cultures and even continents

No. 1494287

Because lizard scary

No. 1494320

Aside from all the mythological and symbolic significance, I think a lot of dragons are concepts of a common ancestor between birds and reptiles, and the origins for other animal traits too, depending on the dragon. Lots of ancient cultures probably came across fossils of weird looking creatures, or heard about such a thing, so they might've used that as inspiration for stories of "what if this archaic creature was alive today, and came into contact with us". Maybe there's already a book that shows connections between dragon types in specific geological areas, and then fossils in those areas that could've been the inspiration.

No. 1494324

good. only person I feel bad for in this scenario are the cows separated from their babies that he continues to rape and artifically inseminate so they keep pumping product for him that he's forced to waste. humans literally are not designed to drink the pus-filled, artifical growth hormone induced bovine breast juice that American animal ag propaganda campaigns have convinced the public is safe and even "good" to consume. that's the real tinfoil.

wanna learn more? google nestle and what they did overseas. sending fake nurses and literally paying pregnant impoverished mothers in asia to use their infant formula until they dried up and were unable to breastfeed anymore, then once they couldn't breastfeed, they'd start charging them for the product their baby was hooked to, otherwise their infant would starve to death because the mother didn't make enough money to afford the formula. the fact 80% of all of our public water and 90% of monocrops go towards sustaining our unsustainable animal ag system in the west should be enough to prove to people that this industry has way too much leverage/power

No. 1494416

Real Milk is great though, there are tons of farms from the region we live in we buy actual cow milk from the farmers themselves

No. 1494522

That tiktok troon being invited to meet the president and now go to the Grammys is so scary to me. Some say the pharma industry is trying to push trannyshit onto us to make money but I don't believe this.
At best it's just China pushing individuals like him to make fun of dumb degenerate West, but at worst this is some weird pushback of moids against the rise of female rights. They hate us so much, they're willing to troon out just to "win" against us. Just when women (at least in 1st world countries) started to gain some sort of equality, there's suddenly a new group of people much important than us, pushing down on us again.

No. 1494535

Industrial agriculture is horrific and disgusting but some humans literally have a genetic adaptation specifically so we can drink milk as adults.

No. 1494577

china isn't the big scary red monster out to get you that western media will have you believe, chinese media literally says the same propaganda about the US that the US says about china. even for the tinfoil thread, bare minimum awareness of how western politics works will tell you this idea is silly at best that it's china who told biden to invite dylan to the whitehouse. it's just a presidential tier virtue signal. he literally has advisors to tell him what moves will be best to indicate to the public that he is listening. I guess this is what they think "listening" looks like.

china isn't pushing troons via tiktok to "make fun of the dumb degenerate west", hong kong literally just allowed for legal self identification of gender identity without any sex change surgery needed. they're pretty pro-trans comparatively.

i get that this is the tinfoil thread but a politician doing what politicians do and inviting an irrelevant influencer to the white house isn't the tinfoil or sign of the apocalypse you think it is. he also invited Addison Rae, some 20 something TikTok pop star, to the White House a few months back to try to convince youth, specifically young girls, to go vote. sure, there might be a deeper reason than just virtue signalling that he invited dylan, but given the man doesn't even know who poops in his pants when he goes to bed each night, I doubt there is some overarching big pharma plot at stake here.

No. 1494588

It's not China or Russia pushing this shit, it's coming from within the west itself. China even has a term for white liberals, baizou. We're reaching the end of the western empire and all China needs to do is watch and laugh as it all collapses.

No. 1494805

nta but it sounds like you’ve never been to China

No. 1494930

I don't know, even in my shithole third world country there are huge issues regrading Iranian backed propaganda in online spaces, shilling for Iran and bashing the west and arab states, Iranian state shills are easy to recognize though cause they have an "accent" when writing, it's hard to describe, but basically they use "proper urdu" that's only ever found in textbooks and never used IRL or online

there were also many Russian state shills running BLM associated accounts and trying to stir up racial tensions

No. 1494967

per what was posted in celebricows it seems jim carrey is about to do something terrible, going off grid and selling his la home

I can feel it

No. 1494999

>china isn't the big scary red monster out to get you that western media will have you believe, chinese media literally says the same propaganda about the US that the US says about china.
Nta but all governments try to "corrupt" other countries through propaganda; Russia, China, America, Canada, North Korea, there's evidence of this in every country and has been going on for decades, probably centuries, especially during times of war or political unrest. I don't think that anon is saying it's only China playing the propaganda game, they all do it.

No. 1495028

I hate this guilt tripping, yes it's my fault as a random civilian that China has factories that burn holes in the atmosphere with all their smoke and chemicals.

No. 1495088

Why isn't this case more well known, like you can't convince me she just died for no good reason after saying that over the phone. A manic episode killed her? Come on. She found something out she wasn't supposed to and the government killed her for it.

No. 1497886

File: 1676225755398.jpg (97.7 KB, 1024x768, eastpalestine.jpg)

I think the US waited a few days to shoot down the spy balloon to drum up fear and prey on Americans' anxieties about China. It was a regular weather balloon that got off track. They wanted us to be all "Why isn't sleepy Joe shooting them down!?" in order to gain permission to forever shoot down unidentifiable objects in the sky.

Since the spy balloon event, the mainstream media has reported UFO sightings in Alaska, Montana, Canada, and China. They shot down the Canada one, idk about the others. A NOTAM (Notice To Airmen/Airmissions) was just sent out over Lake Michigan notifying non-air defense pilots that it is restricted territory.

My real tinfoil comes in here: Googling 'Project Blue Beam' yields way, WAY less results than it used to. Using DuckDuckGo or Bing yields the proper amount of results. I feel like the media goes back to "LOOK! ALIENS!" whenever there's a huge story coverup - in this case, the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that spilled vinyl chloride and evacuated its citizens. They were told its safe to return but I'm surely suspicious of that (picrel).

No. 1497970

They conveniently lost it in the ocean too when seeing what tech was in there could be super valuable. Reeks to me

No. 1498021

File: 1676236546686.jpeg (452.49 KB, 1170x1038, 6A0340C8-8DFF-4B9C-B11A-C1A4C5…)

No. 1498129

How much of the "Hogwarts Legacy is antisemitic" screeching is pushed to hide the fact that Israel taking advantage of Palestine weakened state after the earthquake to kill more children? We know trannies were bashing it for years but the antisemite angle is being pushed really hard now.

No. 1498231

A whole town gets Chernobyl'd and journalists are getting arrested.

No. 1498585

>Advocate against human trafficking
>Drops dead
>Coroner can't determine cause of death
In other circumstances I'd say the situation sounds like a manic episode but once she actually dies in this way it changes everything

No. 1498686

I don't know, the only people I've seen who genuinely believe that shit are white rich American jews who love troons or are troons themselves, or people who got tricked by the former group into believing JKR is an antisemite. I've never seen any jewish person in my country believing that shit unless they're terminally online and ameriboos. That accusation is years old by the way, it dates from when Hermione's actress in the Cursed Child was defended by JKR after people were shocked she was black and at more or less the same time she was posting a lot of official stuff that didn't make it in the books like "before toilets existed wizards would poop their pants and make the poop magically disappear" or "there were jewish wizards in Hogwarts they're just unnamed characters and the books focus on other characters".

No. 1498714

>That accusation is years old by the way, it dates from when Hermione's actress in the Cursed Child was defended by JKR after people were shocked she was black
Wait, were some Jewish fans upset about this? Was it some weird "Jews can't be black (only Ashkenazi are valid, Ethiopian Jews kys)" thing?

No. 1498719

Who got arrested? Sorry I haven’t been following until yesterday. I lived in Pittsburgh like 2 years ago I guess I left just in time (would have died of lung cancer from smoking there because it’s so smoker friendly lol, but still)

No. 1498729

File: 1676299619390.jpg (114.75 KB, 731x792, 1676289956276547.jpg)


This would be "tinfoil" if the webm didn't predate the screen

No. 1498735

I don't get it

No. 1498741

>technology advances to the point where you can run dialogue simulations with the machine
>it can say anything, just like people
>which makes it problematic, just like people
>"ethicists" already push for individual people getting banned from owning mundane electronics powerful enough to run the near-future language model AIs (as well as anything else you could imagine that requires a lot of computation).
>the funny video's theory is the next step is to harass the public with AIs so they give up anonymity online
>viola, you're all tagged like cattle and state has monopoly on propaganda and information in general once again, like in the good old pre-printing press era, since you can be punished personally for "fake news"

No. 1498745

Not directly. It's just that both events happened at the same time and people went "eh JKR is pretending she cares about representation for POC fans but she's faking it!!1! where are the black Hermione and unnamed jewish students in the actual books"

No. 1499156

It's a pretend coverup because they want people to believe human government doesn't work before introducing digital democracy. They do these fake public stunts in pairs all the time, like the pandemic & vax.

No. 1499480

Why Ohio though. You can't convince me that all those Ohio memes werent meant to desensitize the public to this tragedy. I don't care about anything anymore, this was planned. But why.

No. 1499505

Okay why would they go through the trouble of planning to wildly release toxic chemicals into the air for real? Videos from social media/news of "proof" mean nothing, we learned this over the last 3 years.

It's special effect diesel smoke mist, probably combined with some kind of sky projection like project blue beam (if that exists) or just photoshop. The video I posted is from 2019 and looks identical to this stunt in Ohio.

No. 1499629

oh shut the fuck up. I get this is the tinfoil thread so you schizo broads think you can getaway with typing whatever paranoid thought comes to you when you’re off your meds but don’t start this shit. as someone living within 100m of the blast who is already testing their water due to this shit and witnessing in real time dead animals from the blast wash up on the riverbanks near my house, go fuck yourself. the US government has committed at least a dozen environmental rapes of this country within its less than 300 year existence, industrial capitalism doing it again has nothing to do with your outlandish conspiracing that this is somehow all “smoke and mirrors” as you sit from the comfort of your home unaffected. Dogs, cats, birds and more are dying in my neighborhood. It is only a matter of time before the dioxin and acid rain about to come down starts contributing to human deaths, cancer and birth defects. Tinfoil about something with the bare minimum credibility outside of trying to describe a modern disaster comparable to the likes of Chernobyl to some staged “stunt” meanwhile there’s BS psy ops like the Chinese spy balloon nonsense happening right now that are clearly stunts to distract.

No. 1499631

“Why would they plan the release of highly toxic chemicals into the air” have you never read a book on basic us history or any of the released government files on shit the US government has admitted to doing? this isn’t surprising or conspiratorial. they’re done this shit in Illinois before, New Mexico with the radium mines, anywhere this dirty imperialist country can get its hands on they’ll rape to nothing. You really think they give a shit about dumping toxic fumes into the air? Especially some dumb bumfuck local police from nowhere Ohio? They didn’t plan to release the fumes, a horrible crash and fire of a container marked as non hazardous materials to save money led to local authorities making the dumb decision to do a “controlled burn” until they realized what they were burning would combust into a highly carcinogenic chemical soup. you’re fucking delusion beyond just the tinfoil thread if you think this is all just projection and smoke and mirrors.

No. 1499807

I'm also convinced it has something to do with human trafficking. I don't believe a woman in her 30s just dies from a manic episode and she's not the only person in tech dying under mysterious circumstances probably because of knowing too much.

No. 1500071

File: 1676409981976.png (92.81 KB, 217x250, muh_theater.png)

You shut the fuck up, hormonally imbalanced strabismus-left eye having motherfucker.

I'll call out their dumb theatrics when I see it and you can get your inner gonads as twisted as you want about that, I don't give a fuck.

What are you referring to specifically? I'm sure some of the events probably were fake to wag the dog, same as they're doing now. If you are hearing about it in any capacity in mainstream news, it's because they want you to hear about it

"We played the flute for you, And you did not dance; We mourned to you, And you did not lament!" Nothing new under the sun.

No. 1500073

Because the government elites are safeguarded away from all these toxins. They're given extra special treatment. Chemicals cost nothing, people take up corporate land. What better way to create new businesses by reducing the low income population because they have nothing better to contribute to the economy if they live frugally. The government doesn't care about the citizens.

No. 1500271


Journalists aren't getting arrested. One journalist got in the face of a cop on a power trip during a press conference (where there were literally dozens of other journalists). He was briefly arrested for disorderly conduct and then very quickly released and charges dropped.

No. 1500658

Nta but chill, let the tinfoilers tinfoil, you don't have to agree with each post lol

No. 1501150

The recent earthquake in Turkey was artificially created, the "ufo" shootings all over the world just another propaganda tool to prepare people for fake alien invasion and the world "uniting" into one against outside aggressor, and then getting "saved" by fake messiah (antichrist). Fucked up stuff

No. 1501265

I don’t agree with some of your opinions but I definitely agree with the UFO things being planned/fake. I’m curious, who do you think the antichrist will be in this scenario? I’m confused how someone will be able to ‘unite’ all people across borders and ideologies.

No. 1501267

Nta but I'm guessing she means Project Blue Beam. The goal of PBB is to project the Antichrist into the sky to unite all countries against it? Or something like that

No. 1501447

How close are you that animals are dying in your neighborhood? I can't find anything on animals dying except for the chickens and foxes in East Palestine itself, and then most recently a possibility that a cat has died as well.

No. 1501458

Anon, do you lack reading comprehension? She's not just disagreeing with a tinfoil, she's living there and dealing with this shit in real time.

No. 1501485

Yeah well this is the tinfoil thread obviously there's going to be tinfoils about it. And I really didn't read past the first spergy line
>oh shut the fuck up. I get this is the tinfoil thread so you schizo broads think you can getaway with typing whatever paranoid thought comes to you when you’re off your meds but don’t start this shit.
The whole sentence sounds like an old boomer scrote finger wagging, she could've just said she lives nearby and can attest to what's going on and then explain it, she didn't need to lose her shit and sperg out over it.

No. 1501740

File: 1676564185895.jpg (696.45 KB, 1296x1391, klaus internet.jpg)

Huh. Well, things are going along I guess.

No. 1502127

I need links to where I can learn more about alchemy. I have no idea what to look at first.

No. 1502143

It's irresponsible to further develop AI, it feels like the world is falling apart at the cost of rapid technological advancements. Just like MGS, it's scary.

No. 1502280

Start with this
(Potential malware removed)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1502377

i was expecting some 153news videos or whatever, you really expect me to open this? idk if i trust ya nons

No. 1502393

Accidentally opened this, don't spoiler your little weird download links bitch

No. 1502416

Why couldn’t they wait for at least 50-100 years later? Do they really want Satan to come back and lose?

No. 1502419

>afraid of mega
lol I hope you both get abducted by aliens

No. 1502426

I'm not afraid of mega, I've downloaded Sims shit from there. Idk why you would post a link on an anonymous website without explaining what it is and expect people to trust it enough to download it. Or why it was spoilered.

No. 1502442

What are you trying to infect us with

No. 1502443

now he's deleted his twitter

godspeed motherfuckers what's next on mr. bones wild ride

No. 1502554

Nta but it's the library from /x/. It's a collection of ebooks/videos/pdfs on all kinds of occult topics, including Alchemy.

No. 1502755

File: 1676657003994.jpg (34.67 KB, 275x273, 1669901292802.jpg)

I have a thought about the rise of crunchy conservatives. There's been a slow creep of weird right wing dudes into fitness and overtaken all conversations of vaccine skepticism and processed food for their ideology.

There's been this fetishization of "health", like a pipeline from fitness to ring wing stuff based on the idea that only unhealthy people suffer from disease, specifically vaccine effects. Anyone who doesn't have a "clean" diet for any reason is a soy liberal.

Historically western medicine scapegoats racial minorities whenever something bad happens, i.e. the build up to Nazis, in the Weimer republic.

Just look at talk about the recent talk about that football player who had a heart attack. Right wingers are blaming the vaccine, despite the fact that football is a known unsafe sport.

Also, the rise in discussion about how birth control is evil and related to negatively affecting women's brain. Instead of improving birth control, right wingers want to abolish it. Infact, I think this is why conservatives are so friendly to GCs and the talk on what a proper woman is.

I'm not saying being into health is bad, but the discussion is being taken over and this will cause greater polarization. If the left wasn't obsessed with being anti-health and HAES, this wouldn't be such a big problem.

pic not related

No. 1502767

As a Türk. Fuck you lol you're retarded

No. 1502792

everything crunchy conservatives believe has been a thing for a long time. at least in my experience (I might just be unlucky in my family associations). not sure about wider cultural trends but it all seems like normal conservative christian shit to me. being sick is a moral failing on your part, it's your punishment for doing xyz against god, if you just did the right thing you would be happy and if you're not you must just be a bad person, etc.

No. 1502922

nothing to add or tinfoil but I wanted to say that I just watched this doc and I really liked it! Thanks for linking it here nona!

No. 1503198

File: 1676695619541.jpg (131.71 KB, 579x961, Ffwa4LeXoAYL0PT.jpg)

Historically both left and right groups have encouraged fitness and combat training, suffragettes encouraged teaching judo and physical exercise for women, the Soviets created sambo, revolutionary liberation movements encouraged training in guerrilla warfare, its only right now in the West where fitness is being linked with the fascism that RW takes full advantage of it

No. 1503302

Reminds me of Every damn day fitness on YouTube, kek. I think he changed his channel name, but last I checked he was anti vaxx, anti mask and spends most of his time screaming about health and fitness targeting mostly fat positive women who are equally as dumb as he is. It's a train wreck on both sides, but these roid-raged right wing men absolutely love that their supposed physical health gives them a moral standing above everyone else.

No. 1503320

The og critic was about white men trying to become "Übermenschs" and the toxic culture of bodybuilding and not about being healthy and active. As always men took it too far to justify their laziness. They always rewrite ideas and then lie to make themselves look better. There is a reason why men who complain about working out are also "male feminists".

No. 1503339

it depends alot of right-wing men if they are fat defend it by saying ''i am a man so im allowed to, its different if its a woman''.

No. 1503377

File: 1676729185974.jpg (230.97 KB, 831x612, imTFy3jf7zc0.jpg)

I mean the Soviets despite promoting exercise considered bodybuilding to be pointless decadence and I'm sure the Nazis would have had a similar view, even in their own idealized propaganda the Ubsermensch is a fit young man not a musclebound steroid freak, the first person to link exercise with fascism was Foucault who was a pedophile, so nothing he says is worth valuing

No. 1503383

I guess you could conclude that fat, ugly and lazy men at any point on the political spectrum will find an excuse for their fatness, ugliness and laziness while applying exceedingly high standards on women.

No. 1503462

“Lois, men aren’t fat, fat women are fat.” - Peter Griffin

No. 1503547

File: 1676749921445.jpg (817.15 KB, 2180x1837, LxVYSGoG7hWYPST.jpg)

speaking of Foucault, its honestly interesting the way hyperwoke people treat him like some untouchable demi-god, cause he did the create the filed of postmodernism from which CRT and gender abolition all stem from, even radical feminists took aspects of postmodernism so I guess they feel they have an obligation to defend him, despite the obvious evidence of him being an abusive pedophile

No. 1503641

Nonna, those people aren't logical and neither were the soviets or nazis. They can be the ugliest and dumbest men ever and still call themselves the best. It's all about lying to manipulate people. They twist other's thoughts to create a fantasy.

Go back FBI-chan. Feminists have never loved Foucault. Dumbass. https://www.feministes-radicales.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Catharine-MacKinnon-Points-Against-Postmodernism-Copie.pdf

No. 1503659

The right isn't a monolith just as the left isn't either. The average GOP voter isn't a fitness enthusiast. The part of the right that take fitness extremely seriously are identitarians, neo-nazis and white nationalists. It's fucked up that anyone interested in their own health is associated with the far right.

No. 1504034

File: 1676786478524.jpeg (500.43 KB, 828x1070, 5AC60AD9-71A6-4D76-B027-7B9661…)

jim carrey suing some youtuber for reposting a random fake epstein list tiktok with a bunch of celebrities names on it. hmmm

No. 1504039

The lady doth protest too much! Loads of random celebrities are on those lists. Why does he even care?

No. 1504041

File: 1676787176727.jpeg (278.95 KB, 803x937, C2231194-E92D-4091-A566-758AEC…)

This alongside him selling his house and the blind items coming forth seem a little suspicious do they not

also anyone who brought up what he did to his ex in the reddit post for this got downvoted and piled with hate comments. i don't think people are that retarded, look at the language the account is using and how arrogant it is, he's probably using bots

No. 1504043

File: 1676787338929.gif (1.87 MB, 498x278, 767D7392-A319-44CD-8529-8BA190…)

What the fuck is ‘biometric ID’? I’m going luddite.

No. 1504044

File: 1676787374573.jpeg (116.59 KB, 828x455, 95D7D0B8-4884-47AB-8BA2-287ABC…)

C&D the yt account was sent was also sent on Valentine's Day

No. 1504188

I think I understand why satanic imagery has been ramping up in the media. It's not just to gloat but to write-off this point in history as another phase of "satanic panic" so when people look back they'll disregard any warnings of globalism/nwo/elite/satanists as just another overblown reaction to hArMlEsS "trends".

No. 1504193

I feel like it's rage-bait because they are harvesting our energy for demonic reasons. like travis scott's whole shitshow. tell me that isn't demonic
even if you don't believe, don't mean the elites don't

No. 1504219

A Biometric ID is like registering something like your fingerprints, eyes or face to a database so you can have access to something. Basically you would need to give someone access, probably to your PC and phone's cameras so you can use the internet.

No. 1504263

Not to sound cynical, but it's probably already out there. Think about how much our phones monitor us.

No. 1504273

I believe that Doja Cat and Bilal Hassani are related somehow. Doja I know you love lurking here, please come here and confirm.

No. 1504285

You guys are tripping. We already have this it is called a phone. When people put their thumbprint on their phone or let the camera look at their face to unlock it that's biometric ID.

No. 1504289

I know, but now it would be necessary to use to internet, according to whatever is going on in this post
Which honestly isn't too bad (not a regular tinfoiler btw) if that means there would be restrictions for underaged fags from places like lolcow or even Twitter, it sounds like a great idea, because the databases would only allow people from certain ages to enter certain places, there would be less people as well infiltrating in places for kids because their old ass faces wouldn't let them get access to them, so there would be less grooming and less child porn being produced by online pedos harassing kids for nudes.

No. 1504306

I can see that tbh

No. 1504391

File: 1676829868557.webm (398.43 KB, 320x584, 45f_rwsGi5dkUsia.webm)

what >>1504193 said , these people aren't Satanists they are voyerists, they enjoy getting a rise out of people and mocking anything a moral human being believes in

No. 1504629

There'd be no lolcow. Any and all internet activity would be linked to your full identity. Any kind of anonymity and privacy on the internet would be history and you can bet your butt it goes hand in hand with a social credit type system where you get punished for the slightest expression of wrongthink.

No. 1504944

Satan represents self interest and self obsession, elevating yourself to the position of your own God, with no care for other people or the planet. That's what Lucifer was supposed to have done to fall from grace. You don't need to be a goth and pretend to do rituals etc to be a practicing Satanist, you just need to embody Satan's values & message, like how Christians are supposed to emulate Jesus. Satan/total self interest rewards you with money and fame if you sell your soul/ride the Lolita Express to give your handlers kompromat. Ellimac #and also Ben Shapiro# have good videos on this.

more tinfoil: Satan also used to represent freedom in a Christian society as he gives you the power to resist conformity (by living for yourself rather than your conservative community). This has been co-opted now that living for yourself is the norm: Satan is celebrated by our consumerist overlords because buying shit you don't need is how you're supposed to love yourself/be an "individual" etc. It's not acceptable to get old or ugly, but it's also not ok to judge looks, so it's reframed as "loving yourself" to get Botox and fillers. But it's actually just conformity and materialism. Ironically, in the West religion is now offering freedom from societal obligations, for example women having to appear sexually available to all men, not really having the option to choose to avoid moids, constantly being told you need new products to fit in with other women and be loved, and so on

No. 1504949

You're all in a moral panic over nothing… satan this satan that, get a fucking grip, is this a fundie facebook mom group?

No. 1504951

File: 1676910235048.gif (998.42 KB, 498x441, glowie-ben-shapiro.gif)

No. 1504957

Just this week there was a massive anti pedo operation with church and republican leaders caught in it and people are focusing on satanism
But sure go ahead, it's all satan and satanists lol

No. 1504960

nona we're not saying Satan is real, but the ideas that the character of Satan represents are "satanic". Pedos are "satanic" since they selfishly hurt kids instead of roping themselves. Pedos try to normalise being a pedo by saying they're MAPs, it's a sexuality, they're just expressing themselves, they're appealing to "satanic" values. There's no real Satan with a pitchfork bumming Saddam in Hell, but satanic morals are being normalised, that's why it's now been made mainstream to unironically like Satan

No. 1504964

File: 1676911475504.png (450.66 KB, 1450x1566, Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 8.39.…)

does this have anything to do with the Refuge Ranch story from last March? https://www.texastribune.org/2022/03/10/texas-shelter-sex-trafficking-children/ last year I kept seeing so much stuff about trafficked minors at the border and pedos in texas. came across some tinfoiling that the rampant child sex abuse issues were connected to the rampant school shootings (misguided revenge by the molested children)

No. 1504975

File: 1676912167558.jpg (18.26 KB, 615x346, bbb.jpg)

>moral panic over nothing

No. 1504997

I wouldnt call it ironic, i would say that it's was always the point. Not to get religious, but we're social beings. We're meant to live in communities even if some things have to be sacrificed. So being completely self interested is not on our best interest. Taboos can get ridiculous sometimes, but every day that i wake up in clown world I know they exist(ed) for a reason.
Silence glowie.

No. 1505030

File: 1676918351914.jpg (127.52 KB, 736x938, Lucifer painting.jpg)

"Satan" is an amalgamation of three separate figures in the Hebrew Bible(The snake that temped Adam and Eve, the Angel who challenged God regarding Job and the Angel rebelled against Heaven) all of whom were merged into one central overarching antagonist by early Christians
His characterization and depictions have been wildly inconsistent and he's been viewed in a thousands different ways

No. 1505056

Child exploitation/trafficking happens everywhere, by people at every stratification of society. The one that was recently busted is unlikely to be connected to the shelter one because child exploitation/trafficking is rampant in any institution that contains children that financially and mentally stable adults don't care about. Foster care, migrant camps, refugee camps, undeveloped countries, you name it. There are countless, countless independent cases of this and only a tiny fraction see the light of day.

No. 1505075

I wish it was possible to have a conspiracy theory thread without retards bringing sAtAn and other mystical religious bullshit into it. I hate Americans so much.

No. 1505190

Aren’t you the same anon in the celebricows thread posting “haha Satan isn’t real, u boomers r exaggerating”? Also sage your posts, glowie

No. 1505196

these threads started out interesting and thought-provoking but quickly turned into a schizo satan cybeles containment thread. Even schizoanon herself popped in to drop some word salads.

No. 1505467

I am proud to belong to the shortest Pluto generation. Fitting that it's the generation of hipsters and gatekeeping.

No. 1506336

Imagine in the year of our lord 2023 people are still screeching about Satan like an evangelical dumbass in 2005 with a blogspot about freemansory symbols and mkultra… I'd expect more from anons here
Abrahamic religions have been the most oppressive and powerful force in keeping women and children submissive and as property for thousands of years to this day but let's blame Satan and "satanic morals" for depraved people. It has nothing to do with women and children being undervalued and no more free than cattle for thousands of years based on the very same religions I'm sure.

No. 1506361

File: 1677077996043.jpg (19.65 KB, 680x384, 4c2.jpg)

>elites likely practice Satanism
>glowie admits it's because of "the very same religions" (Satanism)
>noooo satan isn't real thus elites and Hollywood can't be satanists checkmate silly proles
Leave this thread. Leave this site. Go back to 4chan where you'll have better luck with your psyops.

No. 1506362

File: 1677078259612.jpg (47.71 KB, 564x421, 24fc696e0ab799225df34970063cf0…)

personally I think God is Satan and jesus is his sockpuppet.

No. 1506698

My tinfoil is that so called elite “satanists” are just hardcore Christians that realize Yahweh is the true villain in that mythos. Satan/Lucifer is a deity of knowledge and freedom. Exactly what the elites don’t want anyone to obtain.

No. 1506712

File: 1677107885491.jpeg (48.45 KB, 732x469, 16E3DC80-5904-4ABB-800E-A8414E…)

Have there been any good discussions of GATE/gifted programs? As a former gifted kid these have always fascinated me but unfortunately the discussions on /x/ always revolve around scrote experiences. I want input from other women. The shit that stands out to me the most is the fact that during my “gifted evaluation” they told my parents it was an IQ test, but I DISTINCTLY remember them showing me ZENER CARDS and asking me questions about them that seemed weird as fuck. Also they gave me some minty liquid and made me drink it???

No. 1506716

Wtf? Please elaborate more? I’m so interested!

No. 1506724

File: 1677108765998.gif (488.02 KB, 499x367, 1668134261700.gif)

Here's a thing I don't get and probably never will, based on what you said: when there are myths about some god or deity or higher being that shares its knowledge with humans, it's treated as a bad thing in general. You gave the example of Lucifer/Satan giving knowledge to humans and being treated as an evil entity for this reason despite gaining more knowledge being a positive thing. But there's also the myth of Prometheus who gets punished for the exact same thing. I had other examples but I'm having a brain fart right now… Anyway, why is that a universal story? Is it because the powers that be, the elites of these times, thought that random people gaining knowledge was a bad thing because they would have a harder time manipulating them for their benefits (not really about elites but see islmamists making it illegal for girls to go to school in some countries to manipulate them from their birth to their death)? Is it because of the whole "ignorance is bliss" adage and humanity wishing to regress to simpler times when the only priority was survival on a daily basis? Is it because the people coming up with this story and all its variations were actually trying to be lore accurate and would think it's illogical for a god to even bother with us mere humans and nothing deeper than that? I wish I knew.

No. 1506739

It's really Eve who gave knowledge to mankind

No. 1506741

Yeah and she's portrayed as a stupid traitorous bitch who deserves punishment for what seems to be a honest mistake so she also fits in that archetype somewhat by that logic. She's human though, but I guess she's still special compared to the rest since she's one of the first ones.

No. 1506757

i was in a gifted program too. i was soo young when i took the tests, like kindergarten/1st grade, but i feel like i remember weird stuff like these cards and weird ass questions, problems to solve etc. i would love to hear more discussion about this with other women too cause i've always thought it was strange. especially because they administer the tests SO young, i think i was in kindergarten actually when i took it. i went to normal public school but one day a week i'd go to another school's campus to learn latin and do little science experiments and play chess and stuff, but that ended when middle school started

No. 1506759

Ayrt and I think it’s pretty straight forward. For the same reason the right wing in the US is so hell bent on destroying public education. The elites want to hoard knowledge for themselves because knowledge is literally power. They realized us proles need to be literate to be good exploitable slaves in this day and age, and now they’re scrambling to limit and destroy our critical thinking skills and attention spans. It’s working very well for them.

The elites do not worship Satan, they worship a being of unimaginable cruelty and evil, that being is the Abrahamic Christian God, Yahweh. Christianity is the world’s oldest fucking psyop. I hate that most other tinfoilers are weirdo fundie Christian types because I immediately lose all interest in their theories when I realize they’re falling for the biggest psyop of them all, while thinking they’re some kind of free thinker. Enjoy being shepherded I guess, but the biggest glowies in this thread are the fundeieanons demanding anyone who isn’t sucking Yahweh’s evil cock is a glowie.

No. 1506774

Samefag, just wanted to add that when I’m saying Yahweh I am also referring to Allah, they’re the same entity just rebranded to dupe a different culture. Jesus is a perfect example of a decent historical figure whose image and life has been co opted by the elites to get more people to step into line. Jesus in actuality is not the son of Yahweh/Allah and his life and teachings were simply used to bait more people into such a controlling religion that was so fucking easy to wield against and use to oppress the masses. Jesus was a decent person who saw that Judaism was worshipping an evil God, whose likeness has been used to craft a more palatable religion to force feed the population. The reason Christianity and Islam had to happen is because most followers of Judaism basically realized that following that shit to the letter was stupid and they mostly just embrace their religious heritage as more of a culture than how many Christians and Muslims view their religion as the actual true word of god and the only true moral way to live.

It would’ve been impossible for globalists and elites to be where they are today if we all still practiced pagan folk religions and were never forced to convert to a religion that glorifies male violence and unquestioning piety.

No. 1506785

File: 1677115494744.png (557.33 KB, 1550x872, 1CAA566F-3701-4609-826B-A636FE…)

hell yeah, get ‘em nonny

No. 1506849

Anon these are really based takes. I am someone who is spiritual but hate how males are portrayed in religions. Do you have any suggestions of books or ideologies that aren't so validating of males' proclivity to violence and destruction?

No. 1506854

File: 1677123238120.png (287.04 KB, 750x1334, AF192022-4193-4546-BA5A-6C498F…)

I googled “zener card gifted and talented” and this Reddit thread came up where I found this comment that has made me put on my tinfoil hat cause I fit so many of these weirdly specific descriptions of commonalities this commenter described and was one of the only kids in my school who did gifted in talented, as well as speech therapy and regular therapy despite never being told why.

No. 1506888

You think you’re special enough to face extreme adversity? Someone’s a narcissist!

No. 1506929

Whether it's god or satan or otherwise the rich basically worship whatever they think will get them the greatest profit if they worship anything. I for one just think they foremost worship money for themselves

Since they don't really exist to serve anyone but themselves it makes little sense they'd actually practice any of the religions they claim to preach. That said I have mentioned rumors of such religions in this thread for funsies but not really sure if I actually believe it. Their god is money. And then some of them claim to be something else (spiritualist, satanist, kundalini snake oil salesmen)

No. 1506947

The website Substack is suspicious. There are blogs that the site claims to have 30,000 subscribers but every post even the free ones get ~10 likes and 2 comments. There are a lot of political writers and "intellectuals" on that site now, but is anybody actually reading all of this.

No. 1506956

Someone correct me if I’m wrong because I’m only subscribed to one substack and barely use it but I assume the reason you don’t see many likes or comments is that people read it in their email and never click through to the actual site because why would you, you just read it so you’re done. Lot of effort to click through to hit that like button. Not every substack is designed to elicit comments either and if it’s not encouraged people don’t do it.
Not saying you’re wrong about whatever specific substack you’re thinking of that seem weird. Maybe they’re buying subscribers, wouldn’t be the first platform that happened on.

No. 1506983

damn I know this is just a tinfoil but I'm actually kind of shocked lol. I fit most of these descriptions too, I had a drowning experience before I entered the program and I distinctly remember that the windows in the classrooms were covered and I always found it suffocating. The only thing different really is that my eyes are brown lol and I don't think I have a math bump. But damn!!

No. 1506989

That's not really about what I asked but I 100% agree with you. I'm the one who went a little off topic though. You talk about the US but my point is that it's a more universal thing than it seems. And yes, there's only one Abrahamic god and people are in denial over it. Christianity and Islam are two sides of the same coin and it's especially noticeable when you put a very strict Christian and an equally strict Muslim in the same room. It's funny how both religions were spread by force all over the planet while Judaism is a way more exclusive thing and converting to it seems very complicated just to prevent random people from joining their secret club. I wish Islam were like that kek my life would be extremely different in a positive way.

>Jesus is a perfect example of a decent historical figure whose image and life has been co opted by the elites to get more people to step into line.

That reminds me of far right political parties in France using Jeanne D'Arc as their unofficial mascot quite often, since she's a saint. These politicians always forget it's a very secular country.

No. 1507042

Life is either on a loop or being determined by unseen forces, and I'm gonna figure it out.

No. 1507093

Wrong and retarded. Men can not be spiritual, let alone spiritually pure because they’re barren shells. Your soul has been colonised by the Globo Scrote.

No. 1507236

Christianity has a strong martyrdom tradition and thrives in being oppressed and making leaps of faith, so discouraging suicide is quite pertinent for cultural norms. There isn't really any particular religious reason. It's a response to these problems.
>Suicide was common before Christianity, in the form of personal suicide, to avoid shame or suffering, and also in the form of institutional suicide, such as the intentional deaths of a king's servants, the forced deaths of convicted criminals, the willing suicides of widows, and euthanasia for the elderly and infirm. The Donatists, an early Christian sect, contained a fanatical group named the Circumcellions who would attack strangers on the street and attain supposed martyrdom. Early Christianity established a ban on suicide, greatly reducing its occurrence.

Although suicide in general across the world existed primarily as a response to shame and losing face, from failure or bad acts but also sometimes just nonconformity. It could be strongly encouraged to make amends, a normal way of doing it, sometimes to the extent that you could say it was forced (such as in Japan).

No. 1507294

File: 1677177796296.png (439.64 KB, 594x749, FSMi7FaAei4J.png)

Its honestly wild the fact that two men(Feras Antoon and David Marmorstein Tassillo) basically own the entire porn Industry and no one ever seems to talk about them

Notice how in their website they don't actually say what they do use evasive language

No. 1507617

That sounds like something hardcore atheists would say. Why would these “Christians” plaster Satanic imagery all over the place in hidden ways the least ignorant would see or make blasphemous statements against God?

No. 1507689

To keep dumbasses like you going after a red herring and clinging to evil sky daddy Yahweh rather than seeking knowledge and the truth. Yahweh is an evil entity and really pathetic as far as deities are concerned. If you started worshipping a folk deity you’d be better off and happier because you wouldn’t be worshipping an evil death cult deity.

Yahweh is one of the most narcissistic deities out there. Worshipping him is akin to worshipping an idiot narc scrote like Onision. He can’t do anything for you but lead you to your own destruction and the destruction of others. He commands blind obedience in everything he says and threatens you if you dare even seek knowledge regarding other deities, much like a jealous boyfriend or jealous husband. Fucker doesn’t want you to know how much better, kinder, and more powerful the vast majority of deities are than him.

I consider myself a neo-Pagan and my personal ideology is based loosely off Wiccan practices. Astrology (full natal charts, not daily horoscopes, basing people off their sun signs isn’t helpful and just makes people think astrology is bullshit) is really helpful for guiding you. Learn about your natal chart and learn about the important aspects, pay attention to your rising sign, any First house planets, and the chart ruler to start your journey. If there are any deities that seem to call to you research them and occasionally meditate while thinking of them. It was easy for me to find my personal deity because I’d been collecting figurines of Her since I was young and so much of what I love are things that are in her domain as a deity. Good luck nonna!

No. 1507782

This is not really even a tinfoil since it’s reality, but idk what other thread to put this in. Anyway it’s fucked up how the American government has shilled and artificially grown the demand for dairy products so much over a century, and they still fucking do it.

No. 1507783

Ah I see, you’re one of those new-age “my god is better than your god!!!” tumblr witches. Usually militant atheists here and elsewhere screech about how ‘god is ebil because he’s a man’ but it seems that pagans believe that too. Oh and what you described was essentially Gnosticism but I do agree with you on the elites using God’s will and his word to keep the plebs down.

Kinda low to compare God to onion boi though. Unlike onion, God allows us to question his narrative on things and doesn’t hold petty grudges if one stops believing. If God were this evil, narcissistic deity you’re making him out to be, then he wouldn’t have granted humanity free will to do whatever they wanted, which includes worshipping other gods. Sure there may be consequences for one’s actions but that’s all on them and their own doing.

No. 1507785

Lately, I’ve seen expiration dates on plastic milk jugs are lower compared to the past, but the milk starts to expire before the expected date. Are Monsanto running out of preservatives?

No. 1507792

Yahweh threatens people with eternal damnation if they don’t conform to his will and obey without question. I don’t think my deity is better than any other deity, barring evil death cult deities like Yahweh. Honestly you’re right in that I shouldn’t have compared Yahweh to onion boy, but wrong in your conclusion as to why. Onion boy is far less evil than Yahweh and hasn’t killed anyone because he didn’t like that they weren’t blindly following his commands.

No. 1507847

(one of the)ayrt, I advise learning more about the origins of your own chosen beliefs if you enjoy criticising other religions, like how Wicca was invented from various anthropological stereotypes by a scrote less than 200 years ago, wiki Gerald Gardner. I don't disagree with everything you say, but some of it is just factually untrue & not supported by the Bible, especially if you only focus on what Jesus & God are supposed to have said. Not all Christians are "fundies", some groups are fundamentally dedicated to feminism & reject the Church, like Quakers. But I'm just saying this in case you do want to find out more, I could've written your post a few years ago & no hate intended. Not a burger either

No. 1507887

nta and I'm some some wicca athiest, he's a war god who supplemented the creator diety and mother earth goddesses
he was was never never meant to be a God for everyone, he was a stern warrior who lived on a mountain

No. 1507904

holy shit this is the first time I've ever seen this mentioned - I have been doing my own research about what happened to me and cousins for a while, we were part of the GATE program in the 90s and early aughts. We were likely part of the first wave of these tests in the UK. Pls no bully, this is NOT bait, but I have Ashkenazi Jewish heritage, and so did everyone I met who was also being tested. It's rare in the UK but this was in an area known to have a large Ashkenazi population. They tested all my female cousins, but none of the males who were obviously autistic - relevant since they told us the whole thing was to test us for autism. I was re-tested later in life, not autistic, and I didn't think the others were either.

I have a huge wall of text with all the info I've remembered and been able to gather about the program in my area, if anyone's interested I can post it?

No. 1507945

samefag GATE subject again, that fluid is normally used in upper GI studies: "Contrast studies usually use a thick, white liquid called barium that shows up well on x-rays. Sometimes, we use a clear liquid instead that looks like water but tastes a bit like peppermint instead. This also shows up on the X-rays." from NHS website. I remember drinking the liquid & receiving x-rays of possibly my whole body, and also dental x-rays at the same time, but nothing was explained so idk. Do you remember anything else about this?

No. 1508223

Original GATE anon, and yes I’m very interested, please post it! I’m going to gather my thoughts on the matter later today or tomorrow and post my own ramblings on the subject.

No. 1508236

Samefag and original GATEanon but I just wanted to say that, I did not receive any xrays (I’m a burger so maybe the cost was too high kek) or anything after being told to drink the minty liquid. It was very viscous. I’ve seen tinfoils about how it could have been something to specifically inhibit psychic abilities. I always have had psychic dreams since I was very young, it terrified my mother because I’d sleepwalk as a child and say weird prophetic shit that would come to pass. and the one person from those classes that I kept in contact with also has various psychic abilities that she can’t really control or channel well. I was tested in first grade when I was 7, and my parents were told the test was an IQ test (and apparently my IQ is slightly over 150).

I’m 1-2% ashkenazi according to ancestrydna. Idk if that’s significant but since you mentioned it I thought I’d throw that out there. I can also relate to most of the bullet points in >>1506854 - and one more thing but the original list of GATE kid bullet points on /x/ included a bit about the GATE scrotes having “Israeli art student girlfriends” and a bunch of scrotes were shocked and said they’d experienced that as well.

No. 1508275

ayrt, I also need to edit a lot out of it before posting as some of it would dox me, but quick reply to you: I mentioned the ethnicity thing since hazel or blue-green eyes are seen in about 2% of all people, but they're very common in people with AJ genes, same for some other traits in your list. Ditto everything you said, even sleepwalking etc. I & other relatives who were involved also have had migraines with aura and absence seizures since I was about 6, but it didn't seem to worry any adults. Audiological issues. White goo could also have been liquid Gaviscon (might be a britbong thing) but I remember being given it at a hospital appointment where I did tests like the cards & other stuff. I had other kinds of tests alongside the "psychic" tests, plus multiple years of special classes in a room with covered windows & red or orange light, with quite a few other Jewish girls. Also hypnosis was involved yes I'm aware I sound totally crazy now & this only stopped when I left home to go to art school

No. 1508295

Ayrt and I’ve been debating whether or not I want to include the last names of the 3 teachers involved in my GATE education. 2/3 of the name are weird as fuck and I have tinfoils about them, even the 1 name that is common I have some tinfoils about kek. Only like a dozen or so folks irl would be able to know who I am based on the teacher’s names so I’m leaning towards revealing them since they really stand out. Hell I’ll reveal one of the weird ones now. The first grade teacher who recommended me for testing, her last name was literally SELLERS.

No. 1508307

File: 1677272493613.jpeg (27.63 KB, 600x469, 80212CF4-EB12-4040-97BE-31CF49…)

What significance does the skull and bones have to conspiracy lore, nonas? Thus far I've heard
>Arthurian Lore
>Skull and Bones Society

if someone had a tattoo of a skull and bones, what would that signify and is it associated with any other organizations

No. 1508317

The tattoo on the picture probably means nothing. However, if it has 322 on top of it then it’s probably skull & bones

No. 1508318

Nah it didn't have a 322 and it's not picrel I linked
I was just wondering if there were any other societies beyond the Yale one that used skulls as symbols

No. 1508538

Vic Rattlehead

No. 1508539

File: 1677288505771.jpg (2.33 MB, 2000x2668, 1409955083823.jpg)

The totenkopf was an insignia used in the Prussian and German armies.

No. 1508558

File: 1677289581321.png (237.97 KB, 750x1334, C3655CB1-14FD-4535-842A-FA9ECB…)

not ashkenazi but the same anon who posted the first Reddit screencap above about this tinfoil. If anyone is interested here is the second half of the commonalities list. Almost all of these except the Israeli art gf I relate to

No. 1508569

I don't know about GATE, but the Humanities program in my elementary school was just all the top Asian and top Jewish kids. NOT RACEBAITING, RETARD JANNIES, IT'S TRUE.
Yahweh this, Yahweh that, Christians don't even call him Yahweh. I don't care if you believe in any god or not, but a lot of people don't really care for "Yahweh" and see God as more merciful nowadays. Especially Christians. Plus elites are likely not even religious, they just worship themselves, which is satanic. He started out as a war god but isn't anymore. He isn't a real person so I don't know why you're acting like he is, while also being an 'atheist' kek

No. 1508576

Nta it looks like Someone wasnt here for the demiurge posts! And Asian and Jewish kids are likely to be richer and therefore their parents actually want them to do well in school unlike my poorfag Chicano mom who slept all day and lost my GATE invitation forms because she was was jealous of me.

No. 1508642

Me and the friend I’ve kept in touch with from the gifted program were both poor (food stamps and Medicaid poor not upper middle class “poor”) white girls from abusive homes. I didn’t know about the 1-2% ashkenazi result until I did dna test and honestly I don’t think that’s enough to count, but it’s an interesting tinfoil nonetheless which is why I brought it up after the other nonna said something. None of the kids in my gifted classes were Asian or obviously Jewish.

No. 1508853

these all apply to me as well but idk what meme magic is and sadly no Israeli gf.

Anyway here's my text wall. My experience with GATE was more extensive than what I've seen in the moid threads and I was wondering if it was because I was female, or if it was because I scored highly in most GATE classes. Also, how do you feel seeing the words "Ant and Zip"…?

The classes:
- teacher told class we were going to the school nurse whenever we were pulled out of class, why lie?

- we had GATE classes instead of religious education and woodworking lessons, so it was 40min sessions about 4 times a week. Dark portacabin in the car park with orange paper over the walls and a red or yellow OHP for lighting. Had a "teacher" from outside the school called "Mrs Mountford" who looked like a cartoon scientist and hated kids - she's probably dead now but her name doesn't appear on the register of teachers who worked at the school.

- We would get scores for each lesson which were recorded, but only told "you did well" or "try harder"

- never explained why some answers were right or wrong and couldn't compare our answers.

- Most lessons were just silently filling out worksheets with visual abstract puzzles that were based on feelings, eg "which icon feels right in the empty space?" "What pattern fits in with the others?" Often these looked like maps with the normal features replaced with random shapes, or codes made of images like QR codes.

- Sometimes the teacher had a huge metal fan like you'd get in a theatre for wind effects, and would point it at us on full blast while we worked, so it was noisy & very cold.

- I had to do hours more of these worksheets as homework every night and I hated it. My parents treated this as more important than all my other schoolwork, "so you'll be successful when you're older!!".

- We were told it was all 11+ exam prep, but the real exam was an IQ test, nothing like our classes. The work did give me very good pattern recognition & decryption skills (I'm unbeatable at Mastermind), which I use in the job I have now, so that's good I guess…

- the only fun thing was "memory games" that we played on Fridays, I can describe these exercises more if you want but they were basically trying to describe other girls' memories and rating the accuracy. I assumed it was a creativity game but we often got details correct.

- unlike what I've seen online, my most vivid memories are of the GATE years, whereas the years after I got the implant & was only seeing the "therapist" are a blur.

Medical stuff next

No. 1508858

Asians and Jews have higher iq average along with parents who push them harder to study which means they'll be more likely to succeed. I don't know why but all tinfoilers seem to be racist and hate whenever some nonwhite gets something good and thinks it's some government project against whites.

No. 1508860

Medical stuff:
- happy kid until hospital stage of testing, then suicidally depressed from 5yo, GATE girls would cut themselves at very young ages. None of us remembered being molested, although it's the most obvious explanation. Don't think I was? Almost all the GATE adults we had contact with were female.

- I was AGPAR 0 at birth due to cord wrapped around neck, the other girls also had dead at birth stories, we'd joke that we were zombies

- hospital stage: mint liquid & xrays, word tests where I had to sound out words I'd never seen before that the tester was looking at but I couldn't see, more psychic cards, observation in a padded room with red plastic over the windows & one way mirror (I realised I could put my head on the glass & see the people inside, instead of nurses it was a group of big hairy men in suits and ties. When I saw them I was let out - other girls said they were there for hours), and finally 2 machines:

- first one was I think tracking my eye movements

- second one I had a "wire hat" glued to my scalp & had to lie on a table that tilted back while they flashed lights from a lamp above the table. I had my first absence seizure & had a vision of a weird train which they asked me to describe at length, lots of nodding and smiling between the doctors which stuck with me since I was absolutely terrified of what just happened and they didn't care at all. Not all GATE girls did these tests with machines. Then gate classes started at school.

- after hospital, crippling migraines and absence seizures that would last for hours, all the other girls had this. Weed prevents them for me (and switches off my dreams) but they come back if sober for a couple of days

- afaik all the GATE girls I knew are deaf, including me & my relatives, but only lost hearing in our 20s. We did hearing tests at school but were told our hearing was perfect every time (why keep testing us then?)

- weekly 1 on 1 "counselling" sessions with another old scientist-type woman, who came to the school and hypnotised me & asked about "the Watcher" (if you know, you know) up to 11

- Hypnotist taught me a way of meditating that lets me go into a kind of trance very quickly, this still works for me, but not seen it anywhere online.

- After moving across the country, new GP happens to prescribe me sessions with a non NHS therapist, who ofc hypnotised me and asked about the Watcher. Illegally given "prozac" (big capsules with 1 yellow side and 1 green side) from 12yo by a doctor.

- given a contraceptive implant in my arm aged 13, which I remember having forcibly replaced at 15. Wasn't sexually active afaik. Had it removed by a nurse once I'd left home, who struggled to get it out even with a scalpel (local anaesthetic) & told me it wasn't a model she'd seen before, and that it'd been inserted in the wrong place. Later I showed the implant to my mum and she grabbed it and threw it away. MH and memory problems improved a lot after implant removal.

- special treatment: can't go into this too much or I'll dox myself (same for the big memory gaps I have) but I've been caught with drugs by police & just let go with a wave and a smile when they saw my ID, like I was famous. I've been waved through US airport security after being caught travelling alone with drugs as a minor (and don't know why I was doing that either).

Alright I'll stop now, thanks for your patience nonas, I hope this info finds other UK GATE girls.

No. 1508865

Nta but an iq test at 7 years old isn't accurate and if you really had 150 points of iq, you'd probably be finishing med school at 18, or something instead of being here. It was most likely a program where they picked kids who had high percentage of Neanderthal dna, aka the worse human race that got wiped out by the homosapiens. Being autistic, having birth defects, having blue eyes, that weird skull bump thing etc. are probably things they did to try and pick kids with Neanderthal dna

No. 1508917

I pointed this out in another thread, there's even a term for this "the mercantile minority" for e.g The Chinese in South East Asia are vastly over represented in every field, the economy, academia, banks and the media, like the Chinese in the Philippines are only 1.2% of the population yet make up more then 60% of the upper class in the Philippines
Similar thing in Europe and North America with Jewish people, there is a rational explanation for for Jewish overrepresentation in a lot of industries is that those industries were considered "dirty", like film, porn, comic books, record music, etc., and the less respected academic disciplines (at the time) like psychology and sexology and the rest was pure nepotism, so its not some grand Jewish conspiracy but its something that should be acknowledged without accusations or devolving into anti-Semitism
Igbos(an ethnic group in west africa) are another case, due to a number of factors the Igbos lived in more urban environments compared to other west africans, when the colonizers came they ended up working for them and became nice urban and educated and then they had a culture that prioritized education and the rest was nepotism and for this reason they were hated and persecuted

No. 1509002

sage for paleoanthropology autism, but you can tell if you have Neanderthal DNA by feeling your jaw, if you have a mandibular foramen you're part Neanderthal. They could've got that info from dental x-rays without seeing the kids. Also Neanderthals had larger brains than other hominids and may have been the first to start doing art and elaborate burials

No. 1509108

>occipital bun, blue eyes, autism
Tfw genetically inferior…

No. 1509122

Kimya Dawson is just a slab cut off of Andre The Giants corpse that was left to fester and grow arms and legs

No. 1509131

Reminds me of Nancy Spungen. A high I.Q Jewish girl with traumatic birth, cord around neck etc. Later mental health issues and self harm.

No. 1509188

I've heard the same thing about west african people, but with Yoruba people instead, even pre colonization with their monarchy and sculptures.

No. 1509341

>Jews have higher iq average

No. 1509482

File: 1677379165753.png (251.54 KB, 1149x943, Fpa7-TiXgAI87Jd.png)

well this is concerning, like I knew zoomers were in a shit state but not this fucking bad

No. 1509754

>zoomers freaking out over not having phones in class
What? Is this really the state they're in? Personal phones were banned when I was in middle school and in high school they were allowed but they would be confiscated until the end of class if you used it during a lesson. Are zoomers now really sitting in class playing on their phones all the time?

No. 1509763

in my country they don't even take them, they tell you not bring a phone in school otherwise they will break them, there was a girl who snuck her phone in class they just destroyed it in front of her

No. 1509771

Nta but this was a really interesting watch. I can't believe all the scholars who always tout the "jews are smarter" theory are all going off a few biased case studies, some from decades ago. And JP sort of half lied when talking about it on Joe Rogan's podcast. The overrepresentation in so many different fields is odd, and clearly points to some sort of nepotism. I couldn't give two fucks whether it's dominated by Jews or some random South African tribe, the point still stands that it's strange. And if it were 100% eurobred white men with no Jewish ties overrepresenting these fields everyone would be allowed to talk about it without getting shut down and labeled a xenophobe.

No. 1509907

longtime lurker but never posted before so pls excuse any fuck ups. what does everyone think of the trans surgeries and hormones? cant wrap my head around the fact that this is blindly accepted despite a multitude of complications and 0 long term studies on the effects. i can’t tell if it’s just big pharma greed or if these are experiments? i’m so curious to know because all of these procedures are objectively insane to carry out.

No. 1509916

The school system in my country is overall good, but there's a huge amount of teachers showing concern because zoomers stare at their phones in class, and teachers aren't allowed to take them away anymore for some reason. Something about smartphones now having so much personal information on them, a teacher taking someone's smartphone is considered some kind of invasion of privacy or whatever. Parents also expect teachers to know how to get a student's attention without taking their phone away, because if a zoomer prefers their phone over a teacher, the teacher "obviously" sucks.

No. 1509918

I honestly Think, Yeonmi Park, Is a fraud / Liar, She sold out her country so she could live the lavish lifestyle of the elite / rich

No. 1509929

It's gotta be big pharma greed. Trannies are the ultimate consoomers because they buy lots of things for their "transition" for a lot of them that includes experimental cosmetic surgery and cross-sex hormones. It turns an otherwise healthy person a medical patient paying into the system for life.

No. 1510097

she's not the only one, the very very exaggerated stories of north korean defectors are a ploy between the south korean and US governments, both nations are still technically in a war and propaganda for both sides is a factor
North Korea is probably a shit hole but it's not the ridiculous joke that south korean companies preset it as
this video goes into the subject

No. 1510180

Your posts read like what I’ve read on MK-Ultra and it sounds like it’s another offshoot of it from what you’re saying. The traumatic birth, CSA, tests, brain implants and so on. I’m really sorry this happened to you and the other girls if that’s the case.

Edit - typos

No. 1510197

The CDC in the US does a study about teenagers every few years and the newest one showed an increase in teenage girls mental health issues, rape rates, alcohol use, and opioids use, which also varies by race and sexuality. Now there's a bunch of grown men writing articles suddenly concerned about teenage girls mental health, when before scrotes never gave a shit about the mental health of girls and women. And all of them are trying to scapegoat the issue onto social media usage, while ignoring other factors like rape increasing. They want to limit women's freedom to use the internet and technology and are priming us to think it's for our benefit.

No. 1510262

Moids are scared. It's cope by pointing blame elsewhere so people don't realize it's their predation that's causing girls to suffer.

No. 1510483

What's strange about the rates of rape and sexual assault increasing is I had read before that the prevalence of porn in society lessened the amount of rape. I used to think that was the one and only good thing about porn and wondered why it had that affect cause I assumed it would be the opposite. But the fact that rape is becoming more frequent and porn is becoming more available and also more fetishistic and degrading is proof that the "porn reduces rape" argument is bullshit. Which is scary to think about because there are so many men trying to make childlike sex dolls and AI cp legal under the guise that it will lessen the amount of pedophiles offending against real kids but it would probably have the opposite affect.

No. 1510531



No. 1510595

hey anyone else concerned about the wef implementing brain wave-scanning tech into everyday life? the cartoon that explains this is 30 seconds in. really really reminds me of that movie sorry to bother you with the claymation showing how they turn part of the population into those horse creatures. like they want us to turn into workhorses with this technology. (link bc im retarded)


No. 1510609

Teenage boys should be the ones who should be restricted to internet access. They end up doing the most vile shit.
It has never lessened, only increased, because more men have the easy access to violent pornography and they want to act it out.

No. 1510630

>Ebil sky daddy
>Tumblr wiccan
Opinion discarded

No. 1510665

The WEF can do nothing but implement inane policies in the west until the US collapses. Russia and China will not tolerate their delusions and with no US hegemony they will not be able to enforce their will on anyone.

No. 1510848

File: 1677518017076.jpg (56.6 KB, 433x680, Fo3fJzuXEAIswjA.jpg)

The whole Chinese spy balloon was fake, and in fact was a disinformation and political propaganda campaign that the balloon was actually the work of the cia and fbi so they could have a reason to test the waters of a war with China

No. 1510860

I swear to God if we have another stupid fucking oil war, im smacking every man on the planet.

No. 1510888

I believe the top supermodels are trannies

No. 1511183

File: 1677552878571.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1080, yepyepyep.png)

No. 1511199

Can't that just be explained by anorexia fucking their hormones up?

No. 1511215

File: 1677556984580.jpeg (178.36 KB, 1614x1080, catwalk.jpeg)

Their hormones are definitely fucked up but anorexia can't change a person's skeleton or natural gait. They're prob not even anorexic, they have the metabolism of young moids. Maybe as they age into dad bod years tho. They also aren't lying when they talk about eating all the time, "that's what makes it funny" (they love stupid inside jokes, it's like if reddit were a cult that ruled everything, or could be what it is who knows)

There are two skeletons: male & female >>1511183

female walk = picrel because I'm not good at describing it.

male walk = knees punching out, like a toy solider. It looks really fucking weird when they (models) try to walk like us, please search any runway show on youtube now that you have this info kek

also try walking toward a long mirror from as far as you can. Even if you walk like a crackhead your feet should still overlap (like a cats) or if you have any non-physically disabled family members, theirs will. Same for all female-skeleton women, at any weight and beginning at walking age. I don't know who has what genitals or what they resemble (probably trillium flower if hermaphrodites tho). Probably the celebrities ones are troon trans and the ones we don't see get alchemical in-utereo fuckery or have uniting genetic sex disorders

No. 1511228

The only thing that stops me from believing this tinfoil is that I have a similar shape, very narrow hips, small waist definition, and wider shoulders. I've had people compare my body to mtf teenagers on hormones, but I don't have any hormone problem or intersex condition, I'm just shaped masculine. I tried that walk thing like you said and my knees do point more inwards, my feet don't overlap like the cartoons though. I then tried walking like a man with knees pointing outwards and it was hard to maintain and kind hurt my knees after a bit though lol

No. 1511231

Did you look in a mirror? My knees punch out when I look down and can kick my feet out on both sides yet somehow they're overlapping in my reflection.

It's all about the walk. My niece has a lot of male gender markers but her gait is female and her features are closer together than a male's (squished together, not as spaced out)

No. 1511315

No to be fair I did it in sweatpants lol. I tried it again and I see what you mean about the knees. My feet still don't line up perfectly like the cartoons, but they overlap quite a bit in front of me, and when I force them to overlap like the cartoons it's not uncomfortable and feels a lot more natural than forcing my gait to have a gap in it like the mens do. I've never noticed the walk differences between men and women before. If the supermodels and famous celebrities are secret trannies why do you think they bother with hiding it instead of just saying that they are trans?

No. 1511342

ot but these kind of posts reminds me that i'm severely fucked in the legs and toying around with almost-disability. My feet overlap a little but this made me notice that my knees are ultra fucked (not like i couldn't feel them before i'm in pain very often but i didn't noticed it looked so bad) and i tend to limp. Tfw life is shit.

No. 1511378

ayrt, I'll find out more about MK ultra, didn't know about what you mentioned, just the Unabomber/they gave lsd to mathematicians, which didn't seem that similar. I went down a rabbit hole about project Stargate (just cos I figured, starGATE …?) thought I was just being schizo to think there was a link at first, but there are aspects of the Stargate documents that were leaked that were very familiar to me. I've also seen GATE posts where the angled Venn diagram symbol was mentioned, and I've only ever seen this symbol irl and in the Stargate dox. The idea was to train soldiers to get a better than 50% hitrate in remote viewing experiments. I don't know if I believe that remote viewing is actually possible, even though I might be proof kek but I do believe in organised lunatics with money playing around with kids' minds for insane reasons

No. 1511692

Gifted programs are a way for governments to find psychically gifted citizens for various projects, the most prominent being remote viewing. Kids who show ability young must be developed from that age to be truly talented in adulthood and be of us to the government.

I had a minor experience with it, but I have to assume I didn't show enough promise as I only did it for a year. Similarities to what the other nonna went through but nowhere near as in depth. I also have a lot of memory blanks. I remember going into the trailer (exactly as described, seperate from the school, covered windows, dim lighting) but not much of what we were tested on.

Honestly you're better off not showing promise, look at what that poor nonnie went through. And that's nothing compared to if you're one of the extremely rare kids who show so much ability your whole life is then essentially given over to black government projects.

No. 1511698

Remote viewing is, very very real. Pretty much all major governments employ it. I recommend reading Penetration by Ingo Swann, one of the most highly regarded remote viewers in history.

No. 1511701

Original GATEanon here and I still haven’t gotten around to writing my anonymous dissertation on my experience yet, but just wanted to drop in and say I was relentlessly headhunted by the fucking Air Force Academy when I was a junior/senior. I never applied to it nor showed any interest. I was not in ROTC. They would call and leave me and my mother messages weekly. The one time I decided to talk to them they were so desperate for me to be there that it was weird. I told them I’m mentally ill and have experimented with drugs and the guy quickly said there’s a waiver for that for people with my kind of promise. Wtf?

No. 1511705

You're smart to have not, because you'd never be able to get out. I do believe they outright kidnap the most gifted kids (an extreme rarity) but for the most part, they train the kids and then recruit them into the military and that's it. once you're in, you're in for life with black programs.

You probably were abducted at night for more testing but don't have any memory of it.

No. 1511856

File: 1677626823922.jpg (656.26 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20230228-231205.jpg)

Will look into it, thanks, I recognise that name from various Stargate files. Here's stargate sauce for any interested nonitas


same here but with emails about doing cyber for cchq every time I update my CV on Google dox. Thanks mate but nah

No. 1511938

would it be possible for you all to get each others contact info and start a group chat about this rehash of indigo children? I'm sure this is really interesting to you all but seems like a basic psy op
on/with you guys or just another weird religious thing. either way, it isn't compelling enough for those not involved to go on like this.

No. 1512549

Sometimes when I stumble upon people admitting to doing vile, heinous stuff online I wonder maybe if we really ARE anonymous on the internet. Because of this anonymity, law enforcement can't track down 60 year old pedo "insert username here" and his brethren so they have no choice but to unleash things into the world like covid and hope that it strikes them down somehow.

You know those blackpillers with those woe is me stats of men? Maybe the powers that be got tired of seeing men post about how they despise women and wish to hurt us and decided to unleash, idk, some sort of subliminal "bad karma" into the world.

No. 1512550

>Maybe the powers that be got tired of seeing men post about how they despise women and wish to hurt us and decided to unleash, idk, some sort of subliminal "bad karma" into the world.
I do this every day

No. 1512840

File: 1677740996275.png (170.72 KB, 950x650, Screenshot 5.png)

WTF are you about, blue eyes were mutations that occurred in humans and had nothing to do with Neanderthals, it was humans in the black sea region who evolved this trait around 6000-8000 years ago and they later spread to regions in the middle east and Europe, this was 35'000 years after Neanderthals had gone extinct btw

No. 1512850

Shut up. not every woman is a pear. Are you the same retard who said Jamie Lee Curtis was a man?

No. 1512857

None of those anons but quit sperging and calm down, what are you so mad about? I never understand anons like you who get so mad over nothing

No. 1512860

Request for tinfoil scholars: can you tell me why eye color is so important to some theories about the human race? I’m gonna be honest I think it’s incredibly retarded but I have a deep thirst for knowledge about it nonetheless because my dead dad was obsessed with it and as much as he talked about it it never made any sense and now I just want to know when and why it became something so important to some people. The infights here about it are wild, I haven’t heard so much shit about blue eyes since I was a kid.

No. 1512882

It bothers me because I am shaped like a have the broad shoulders v shape, it's honestly so annoying when people called me a man when I had short hair

No. 1512917

Yeah me too, no hips, no boobs, broad shoulders and alopecia. Still don't know why you're letting one random schizo chans opinion get you so pressed though.

No. 1513003

Easy, because technically speaking there's no biological advantage for human to have colored eyed, or even narrow nose ridges, body hair and symmetrical faces but one group of human beings did get these features though various natural and unnatural factors and that same group of human beings ended up dominating the planet(I'm not even talking about Europeans but Caucasoid people in General)

No. 1513005

For the longest time, I wished I had blue eyes; not because I wanted to be white but because they’re so pretty [without the brown specks] compared to my shitty brown eyes.

No. 1513007

have heard the exact opposite from blue eyed people, that blue eyes seem cold and menacing compared to warm brown eyes, at the end of the day its just pigment presentation in our eyes and we really shouldn't care about it
like I don't notice my eye color

No. 1513041

>Narrow nose ridge
Nose shape absolutely has biological advantages, a narrow nose helps warm air more and is advantageous in cold climates. In contrast, a wider nose helps breathe better in humid climates.
You can even experience this yourself if you travel, go somewhere very humid and you'll start naturally flaring your nostrils, go somewhere very cold and you'll do the opposite.

No. 1513060

You really need to get help

No. 1513061

Neanderthals are genetically inferior, kek. That's why they got wiped out.
Eurotards have high Neanderthal dna compared to other countries which could explain high rates of autism and their recent failure to make long lasting relationships and bare children. Neanderthals' defining traits are being shit socially and not having enough babies which led to them being outnumbered by others, doesn't it remind you of the current state of Europe?
Having little bodyhair and symmetrical faces is uncommon in Europe compared to other parts of the world I'd argue.

No. 1513066

My personal theory on why Homo Sapiens outcompeted Neanderthals is because we had established a partnership with wolves. That is a huuuuge advantage, otherwise we would have been pretty evenly matched, just two similar closely related species. But we partnered with another powerful organised predator species.
I used to be pretty confident in this as these things happened about the same timeframe, but more recent studies pushed the Neanderthal extinction further back in time, so now it isn't valid anymore. I'm still clinging on them finding out the domestication of the dog occured earlier than thought, which would revive my pet theory.

No. 1513070

File: 1677772151012.png (101.84 KB, 920x426, Body Hair Map.png)

again WTF are you on about, The amount of Neanderthal DNA present in modern human populations varies by geography and ancestry. only Africans are the one's without any trace Neanderthal DNA, I don't understand where your getting this from, Studies have shown that people of Siberia have the highest amount of Neanderthal DNA, followed by people of European descent, then MENA and then South Asian ancestry, also your comments regarding birth rates don't make any sense, because Europe historically had a high birth rate that only recently went down but the birthrate for most of the world is going down and the lowest birth rates are in countries in east asia
>Having little bodyhair and symmetrical faces is uncommon in Europe compared to other parts of the world I'd argue.
again where are you getting this from

No. 1513071

simple explanation is they're retarded

No. 1513074

too generous, its very clearly an overly smug moid troll

No. 1513093

I’m still gonna write my dissertation here when I get around to it. I think the GATE discussion is way more intriguing even more people who didn’t experience than, say, this lame ass blue eyes = unga bunga or no unga bunga!?! discourse.

GATEanons, do any of you have a warped perception of time? A year feels like a few weeks to me and weeks feel like days and days feel like hours.

>maybe you were kidnapped and tested on at night
Kek I always wonder what my trigger words would be. Like what if one day I’m just out walking my dog and some glowie jumps outta the bushes and shouts some Latin phrase and activates my latent conditioning (I’m not Schizo enough to think that’s actually gonna happen but sometimes when I’m stoned it’s fun to think about)

No. 1513097

Samefag but I’m day drunk and just reread my post and realized I’m more drunk than I thought. Time to eat lunch and take a nap. Sorry nonnas

No. 1513160

Western Europe literally is dark as fuck on that map compared to Africa and Asia, just accept that you're hairy, why is it that hard and leads you to sperg this much? Being hairy or not isn't important but you making shit up about whites having desirable traits that they definitely don't does.
I've heard it's because Neanderthals were lacking in socialization which is the only strong trait humans have compared to other mammals.
What does your body being deformed looking have to do with any of this? Also stop blogposting.

No. 1513234

I think some points were lost in translations, my point was that Siberians that have most neanderthal DNA don't have body hair while middle eastnern and europeans who have roughly equal amounts of Neanderthal DNA both have significat amouns of body haiy compared to most of the world

No. 1513246

There are many hypotheses about how they went extinct, each has support (but also holes). Likely as with many other situations evolving extinction of a species - no one factor is to blame. Its probably a combination of many factors - change in climate, small population size
The most widely accepted factor is that Neanderthals bodies were more demanding for resources, when the last ice age ended their wasn't enough mega fauna for subsistence

No. 1513247

I never argyed body hair was a trait for Neanderthals. Some anon said Europeans were hairless and that's why I brought body hair.

No. 1513293

>Eurotards have high Neanderthal dna compared to other countries which could explain high rates of autism and their recent failure to make long lasting relationships and bare children.
Damn so aggressive kek

No. 1513335

There is a hidden LC underground that consists entirely of male posters, and once you're verified to be male, you're given access to the board in which the moids reside. The discovery of several hidden boards led me to this conclusion, and i believe the owner of LC is most likely a man. I have nothing to back this up btw, just a hunch.

No. 1513343

>The discovery of several hidden boards
You didn't discover anything anon, literally everyone knows about the hidden boards kek

No. 1513352

Sorry let me rephrase myself: They are a farce for the moid underground of lolcow to distract others from the truth.

No. 1513381

I fucking hate homo sapiens now, I'm proud of my autistic ancestry

No. 1513407

Those boards are remnants from when this site did allow male posting, and we had a /b/ board instead of /ot/. The admin was a man. A lot has changed since then.

No. 1513444

This was nice. bit OT but I really like how simple the women in North Korea look. Average weights, no makeup or super fancy colors, no revealing clothing, short and practical haircuts. They just look like normal people who feel unburdened by any kind of hyper-capitalistic beauty standards. I know this is just idealism and there's a lot of North Korean women who are starving and malnourished but it's fascinating to see what a woman looks like when separated from all the shitty instagram models, porn actresses, and filters present in modern societies.

No. 1513584

this isn't new information, but if you look up those secret hidden boards you'll find they are deserted, one post every couple months and nothing else

No. 1513599

>you all to get each others contact info and start a group chat about this rehash of indigo children
anons please don't do this. It seems like an easy way to infiltrate and maybe trigger something in you or keeps tabs on you. I've followed the GATE threads one /pol/ and /x/ and imo they usually come up at times to distract anons and you can sometimes find someone trying to pull the thread in a certain direction, you can see the patterns if you read them enough.
tbh I'm surprised it took this long for someone to show up here

stay safe nonnies

No. 1513613

File: 1677817727478.png (472.01 KB, 743x869, 883F2691-6D76-4A86-B2DA-9E8681…)

Thanks for looking out for us nonna. I for one found the post you replied to super sus. Plenty of wholly uninteresting shit gets posted in the tinfoil thread. Really fucking weird that the GATE discussions were so quickly attempted to be silenced and shooed away.

No. 1513625

We were talking about gait dummy. It has nothing to do with shape. The reason people are talking about JLC is because everyone is waking up to the fact that celebrities, politicians and probably your fucked up family are club members.

No. 1513647

>everyone is waking up to the fact that celebrities, politicians and probably your fucked up family are club members.
Nta but it's not "everyone" it's just you. I'm sure there are celebs and politicians that are secret trannies or whatever but if you really think it's so commonplace that people wouldn't even realize their own family members are hidden trannies you need to take your meds and step away from the tinfoil for a bit.

No. 1513750

File: 1677839194923.jpg (494.51 KB, 1080x1638, Screenshot_20230303-102519.jpg)

wall of text GATEanon yrt, never admit to day drinking, it sets a precedent. I agree the derail of our discussion was somewhat sus but we do see people complaining about ongoing conversations itt fairly regularly. Mention of indigo children was interesting. When gate threads are derailed the implication is usually that GATE participation is a cope for ex overachieving 30 something stoners with mild mental illness who didn't reach their potential like me! The difference is that indigo children was a cope for parents of children who'd now be diagnosed with ADHD, and the emotional support & encouragement they gave the kids they believed were "special" arguably wasn't harmful. It seems that GATE kids were somehow harmed, or at least not helped, more so the longer they were in the program, and were previously "normal" or had parents who didn't think they were special until their school contacted them about GATE- if anything, thought their kids might be slow, despite learning to read quickly etc. GATE also didn't lead to successful adults, despite presumably using science in some way to help gifted kids, as opposed to new age woo. The gate program was huge, expensive and international, why was it a failure?

Re the comment about getting triggered at night, did you ever have a break in or burglary as a child? We lived in a bad area tbf, but our flat above the family business was broken into at least 10 times when I was 4yo - 11yo and sometimes nothing was taken but they'd shit on the floor (police told us this was common??), or stuff was smashed up & family pictures stolen but nothing else. I shared a room with my younger sister & my dad put a bolt on the inside of our door which we were supposed to lock at night - looking back, what parent would ever let two kids under 10 lock themselves in a room? I think I was told it was to stop my sister escaping when she would sleepwalk, but still, wtf.

Also I'm attempting to read Penetration today, I found a pdf if anyone's interested, dunno how to share it though.

No. 1513753

samefag, forgot to answer your question - yeah, but this is also something that happens with age. That said, I notice time seems much faster if I'm also having vivid dreams, and much slower if I'm not remembering (or having) dreams. Same for faster if I'm meditating a lot or doing RV experiments vs slower if I don't. I wonder if there's a link to the menstrual cycle too.

No. 1513809

Crazy Tami called her onion an indigo child once. At, first, I thought she was just crazy for believing that new age woo-woo shit but now, idk…

No. 1513813

Wouldn’t MENSA be apart of this? I had a few college professors that were under this program but some of them seemed narcissistic or dumb as rocks

No. 1514324

Many people with brown eyes feel inferior, its like we wuz kangz but with eye color lol

No. 1514326

Asians have the higest level of neanderthal DNA though, why are you coping so hard and being so angry at white people? Gentically inferior? We are the most desirable race to other races, keep crying about how inferior we are kek we will keep thriving and being peak civilazation.(race sperging)

No. 1514327

Jealous non white, they seethe so hard yet only want a white boyfriend. We all know the type.

No. 1514406

Lol stfu whitey

No. 1514408

File: 1677900886737.jpg (246.3 KB, 900x1114, they_them.jpg)

>cults: exist
>cults specific to trooning and tranny symbolism: exist with wiki pages, thousands of years of records and have only ever involved societies most powerful and wealthy (Magma Mater/Cult of Cybele/Cult of Dionysus etc etc)
>you: tranny cults are not possible because they sound unusual to me

also I was also calling the other anon a cult member tranny, which is why their family would be too, because they are everywhere and present my arguments incorrectly and avoid discussing (or even repeating) parts about the cults. Because they literally can't (scary blood oath), which is fucking hilarious to me. Why the hell would it only be celebrities anyways? They're basically the bottom of the cult pyramid. Most of this gender fuckery shit comes from "The Umbrella" of Gnostic sects, Hermetic philosophy and alchemy. Most celebrities are dumb and seem to only understand any of that on a basic/primal symbolic level.

No. 1514412

Stop racesperging you all sound retarded

No. 1514414

I didn't say tranny cults don't exist, I said verbatim "I'm sure there are celebs and politicians that are secret trannies." But you're truly schizo about it, not every anon that disagrees with you is in a tranny cult and not every anon that responds to you is the same anon, no one is following you we just all hang out in the same threads.
>Most of this gender fuckery shit comes from "The Umbrella" of Gnostic sects, Hermetic philosophy and alchemy.
So post about that, the majority of your posts don't give proof to anything you just sound tranny obsessed and insane.

No. 1514419

File: 1677904632241.jpg (314.64 KB, 2788x3540, miss_barbara_bush.jpg)

Ah so you are a newfag. I've been posting about this for years now and I usually do stick to the cult. Sorry that gait - the most female-inclusive method of determining sex is too hostile for you. Other anons post about celebrities because they're starting to notice they are troons. You do seem weirdly bothered by that. What I actually find interesting is regular people in the cult so that is what I will talk probably talk about most and you can learn about boring tranny cult beliefs on your own (or in past threads, where I've discussed in detail over and over)

anyways you said:
>Nta but it's not "everyone" it's just you. I'm sure there are celebs and politicians that are secret trannies or whatever but if you really think it's so commonplace that people wouldn't even realize their own family members are hidden trannies you need to take your meds and step away from the tinfoil for a bit.

1) not just me, other anons bring it up in every thread

2) "some celebs and politicians" makes it sound like weirdos making their own decision when it's all of them (because it's a cult)

and 3) I actually wouldn't put it past these people to have a non-cult family member only to keep them in the dark for psy-ops/troon shit (like this GATE stuff) so even though I was calling the original anon a tranny, I disagree with you on that too.

No. 1514464

>Ah so you are a newfag.
Oh shit nona, burn, wow what an insult, never heard that one before. I've been here 7 years, I just don't spend all my time in one thread and read every single post. And I didn't comment on the gait thing? Once again not every anon is the same person.
>You do seem weirdly bothered by that.
Massive projection considering how pissed you get every time someone disagrees with you. I'd say take your meds agian but I assume you'd think any psychiatrist that tries to prescribe you something for your schizo tendencies is a secret tranny too, and the pharmacist, and I guess from your implications I'm in the tranny cult too lol. I've defended your posts in the past because I felt bad for you and thought you had good intentions but at the end of the day you're just a retarded headcase who wants us all to believe your "everyone is a tranny" delusions and then sperg out when people question your evidence for it. Go to therapy, and please don't ever have kids because you'll pass on your defected schizophrenic genes to them and ruin their lives with the preoccupation of some tranny cult that if does exist, some housebound paranoid loser like you can't do anything about anyway. Enjoy your wasted life.

No. 1514470

Okay you're a new fag to this thread whatever. You also have a weird tendency to gaslight and intentionally misrepresent what I'm saying so that you never have to address the substance of my actual arguments. This in addition to calling me crazy/hysterical multiple times and accusing me of projection makes me think moid or club member (or both kek).

like this for example
>and please don't ever have kids because you'll pass on your defected schizophrenic genes to them and ruin their lives with the preoccupation of some tranny cult that if does exist, some housebound paranoid loser like you can't do anything about anyway. Enjoy your wasted life.

I don't even know how to respond to this level of sperging. I wouldn't be surprised if anons here think I'm controll op-ing myself kek holy shit

No. 1514477

File: 1677912303596.png (305.51 KB, 1856x1044, cover10.png)

So now that the dust has settled… what was corona anyway? Just the flu? A failed deadly weapon? Were the government responses justified, or something more sinister?

No. 1514478

>You also have a weird tendency to gaslight and intentionally misrepresent what I'm saying so that you never have to address the substance of my actual arguments.
This is literally my first negative interaction with you, I don't know why you think every anon who thinks you're a schizo is the same person but it's just more proof that you are indeed an actual schizo. And there isn't much substance to your arguments, that's probably why people don't address them in the replies.
>This in addition to calling me crazy/hysterical multiple times and accusing me of projection makes me think moid or club member (or both kek)
Lol called it, "everyone who disagrees with me or doesn't put up with my bitchy nonesense is a tranny!" You're so predictable.

No. 1514481

the jab was population control, 75% of US/UK/AUS/NZ people will be dead by 2025. it's part of the plan.

No. 1514485

What does the GATE stuff have to do with the tranny cult?

No. 1514486

No. 1514493

File: 1677913112290.jpg (137.23 KB, 956x756, tumblr_de5c508906408c120a2a23a…)

No. 1514495

Is this like a version of the two retards meme? I don't get the reference

No. 1514501

File: 1677914085298.jpg (420.96 KB, 1385x1347, insane.jpg)

(and likely >>1512850)
Are you actually pretending to be multiple people even though we're having an ongoing discussion, where you reply to previous things I've said each time? I just want to be clear that's what you're doing.

>Lol called it, "everyone who disagrees with me or doesn't put up with my bitchy nonesense is a tranny!" You're so predictable.

Not everyone, just anons who behave in typical moid fashion and tell obvious lies to "win the conversation"

No. 1514502

I love your posts nona, I'm a transvestigator too.

No. 1514508

File: 1677915574690.png (202.91 KB, 369x560, Testosterone_Dump.png)

I appreciate you anon. I get a lot of shit for making women feel bad about their bodies from my *naysayers but my intention is the opposite. The cult literally set out to make real women feel like shit and forever-inadequate from the beginning with their fake female models and celebrities. How many of us have felt like mutants because we didn't have a man's skeleton or features? I used to think my legs were fucked up because my (university town) friends had perfectly straight legs and soldier gait so I felt like a deformed flamingo. Really wish someone had just told me I had a female gait and they didn't. They keep this info hidden and explain the differences as superiorities. Even moids feel bad because they're told their natural skull is "Cro-Magnon" kek and the ftm high forehead and squished features is more "evolved"(!) Even when companies started using "real bodies" all they did was choose different kinds of trannies. Like their "fat" models, who are always just beefy men or drag queen looking inverts

(*or they just assume I'm insulting the tranny, like this image of Paris will probably be taken out of context to sperg about her shoulders or something. yes she obviously looks bad now that the hormones aren't working and has male features but again the (glimpse) of her natural gait is most important)

No. 1514512

It was a global cash grab. governments and businesses everywhere stole from people under the guise of helping them. Rich got a lot richer, they absolutely hoovered up money. The politics and rumors and tinfoiling around covid are a big distraction (plus a bonus money-making opportunity for the media) to keep people from realizing they just got their pockets picked in a big way.

No. 1514523

>> 1514481
Sucks for the elite that the part of the population that hates and distrusts them the most is the part that didn't get jabbed with the ticking time bomb. Seems like maybe a flaw in the plan.

No. 1514525

I feel like it was something more sinister mainly because the way they tried to exclude non-vaxxed people from normal life was way too disturbing and they even tried to convince children by making cartoons talk about these vaccines specifically. Idk it feels so weird… there are other viral infections that are way more dangerous (I remember at the time my country got the first covid patients we were also having a meningitis infection going around, that's scary shit) and no one was threatening people over getting the vaccines, just a warning and that's it.
The depopulation videos posted by other anons are scary, especially because I'm seeing a lot of people in my town die of heart attack or strokes and apparently it's not uncommon in other parts of the world either.

No. 1514534

yeah sorry nona, it is true. depop happening as we speak.
stay safe everyone. we're going to lose a lot of loved ones.
they want to encourage the elderly japanese to commit seppuku to save their dying population from crumbling completely.

No. 1514538

I agree with this and I'm the anon who thinks the vast majority of tinfoils are just made up tranny rabbit holes.

It is very clear they are actually killing off even young seniors for this reason. Most of their psy-ops are fake but they are 100% culling pension-aged people any way they can atm

No. 1514539

there's only one old relative of mine i care about and it really pisses me off that her son had her go to a wellness check and surprised her with the covid vaccine. her not being able to drive and the female socialization just did it. she got a rash on her arm for a week or something when she called me to tell about how she doesn't trust whatever was just injected. thankfully she didn't take the other vaccines. i have no doubt there is sketchy shit about every version of the covid vaccine and the forcefulness of either be employed, eat out, be able to take public transit, or not get the jab.

No. 1514542

I begged my mother not to get it, she got two behind my back just to spite me for being schizo.
she turned around and said "you told me so" when people started dropping. my heart is broken. cherishing her while I still have her.
I'm serious, this is a war for our souls nonas. it's all kicking off.

No. 1514545

My dad and I both got autoimmune diseases from the COVID vax. Tbh I think I would’ve gotten an autoimmune condition just from catching straight up covid, I always get some new issue after a bad viral infection. But my dad ended up getting COVID anyway, at least I’ve managed to avoid it. I got the first two shots in April 2021 and a booster in Nov 2021 but I’m not getting anymore (my autoimmune condition popped up after the second shot late April)

No. 1514546

>(and likely >>1512850)
Nope, and I'm not >>1513657 either, again not every anon that disagrees with you is the same anon. But it's so like you to assume one anon is following you from thread to thread. And it's not "pretending to be multiple anons" when I was directly replying in the other posts without saying nta or alluding to being someone else, do you not understand how imageboards work?
>I just want to be clear that's what you're doing.
Except that's clearly not what I was doing, I was directly replying to your posts. Again I don't think you understand how imageboards work.
>behave in typical moid fashion
Right so everyone that either has what you deem as masculine features and anyone who doesn't behave in a way you think is feminine enough.

No. 1514548

I HATE that my parents have gotten multiple booster shots at this point. My parents were paranoid as fuck during the pandemic and guilted me constantly for doing things like going outside during the lockdown. They are still paranoid and still wear masks when out. I really fear for their health and the long term effects of the vaccines and booster shots.

No. 1514567

>we are peak civilization
>highest rates of documented rape
> White men and women in charge decide you can't get abortion even if you're raped
>yet still low birthrates to the point you'll be outnumbered in 100 years
>women still earn less than men
>low average iq and education compared to any given asian country
>highest rates of obesity and genetic diseases
>highest rates of STDs
>men travel to poor countries to abuse women there
>government trying to troon out kids
>average man has super low fertility because of porn addiction.
>teens get pregnant very often compared to other countries, usually by adult men who don't get any punishment
>school shootings and other terror events are common occurrence
Yes your civilization is very thriving.
This is white men and women coping. White men are the ones who disgustingly chase and fetishize minority women who they see as porn tropes. Ask any white man and he'll fetishize either Asian, Black, Mixed, Latino or Slavic women yet most of the women he fetishizes won't be into him. Ask those weird questions guys how many Asian/Black/Slavic girls were ever into him, the answer will always be zero which defeats your stupid argument that minority women secretly chase after your men.

No. 1514569

Samefag, forgot to detail that sexwork and taking advantage of young women is also super common in white countries compared to others. No other country promoted onlyfans or camming as hard as you guys did and in most nonwhite countries, porn is banned or at least it's hard to access hardcore super weird stuff.

No. 1514572

>sexwork and taking advantage of young women is super common
As opposed to the radfem utopias of history?

No. 1514593

I don't think DARPA actually abandoned the lifelog project. It would make no sense to kill it just as social media and big data started gaining traction. The death of privacy is upon us.

No. 1514611

Nta but now that you brought up projection yourself I now believe your theories are all projection

No. 1514620

same with MK Ultra. like yeah they totally tried to stop that, they would NEVER perpetuate it til this day.

No. 1514624

Did you know that white American men invented double eyelid surgery so they could "beautify" their asian warbrides?
>The surgery was first developed and performed in Korea by Dr. D. Ralph Millard, an American military plastic surgeon who was stationed in the country during the Korean War (1950-53). Among the very first Koreans who received the particular procedure were Korean war brides who married American soldiers.
So you're kind of right, your shitty men have been even worse in the past and the shit they've pulled towards us minority women is why I don't believe any of us women chase them in hordes like they want to pretend. White men tell you stupid white bitches every race of woman want them and provide some shitty tinder survey as proof so you think you're competing for the best men while reality is much different. Why haven't you ever wondered why your white man doesn't have 100 dms from hot asian chicks he so desperately argues totally want him? Yeah, it's because we don't.

No. 1514628

Can you all stop trying to compete about which race of men is the worst? They're all terrible, it's like you weirdos are comparing turds to find the prettiest.

No. 1514630

I'm not arguing who's worse or better, anon accused nonwhite women of chasing white men which I'm arguing against.

No. 1514634

No you're racesperging, you guys all sound retarded. Shut up already.

No. 1514660

literally no one here was talking about dating or svu(or whatever the Incel term is used these days)

No. 1514712

stop trying to derail glowie and provide some good tinfoil
I can smell you

No. 1514735

We can see you pretending to be multiple people and now you're trying to lie about that too.
The most hilarious part is that you're too retarded to realize we can just read these posts in sequence to see you're lying. Like there's no way it could be any one else but you, based on the replies. In each response, you reply to the previous post you fucking moron:

I thought you would be more embarrassed about this but you're doubling down. Just 100% pure moid.

No. 1514743

If all women you knew irl had straight legs while your legs are wonky, you probably have rickets deformity which happens when a child has too low D vitamin and therefore, the legs become further apart and deformed. There's no cure.

No. 1514750

i have a brother with that. kid's got some funky knees

No. 1514754

If you get him treated as a child, he'll be fine when he's grown up but after a certain age there's not an easy way to cure it. Hope your brother gets well, anon.

No. 1514898

>If all women you knew irl
Okay so I can tell by the hyperbole this is compulsive-liar chan again. I'm referring to gait female specifically, which is similar between all female-women. I also clarified specific women (two) in my university town to the other anon. If I were replying to you, I would have taken extra time to mention that all women don't live in my university town bc I know you need help with things like that

Female gait makes the leg look "bent" or like a flamingos in motion. My troon childhood friends walk like the males in my family and their brothers walk like the women in mine.

So according to your theory:
- the women in my family all have rickets but none of the men do

- the males in my (uni-town) friends families have rickets but the women are rickets-free

So my question is if neither the women or men had rickets, would they all have the same gait as each other?

It's interesting that I post about how making (actual) women feel less ashamed or confused by their bodies is a huge part of my motivation so you immediately diagnose me as a deformed rickets case, cope harder kek

No. 1514915

just stop. no one even knows what youre talking about anymore.

No. 1514952

Terry Davis really was being hunted by the glowies

No. 1515005

What are Roman/jew noses good for? Asking as a bignose chan

No. 1515009

My cat has a Roman nose and he likes sinus/nose/face massages and rubs. To make this related my tinfoil is that the CIA made sure I ended up with him cause he’s the best cat for me but I don’t think anyone else would be able to handle how much of a bad stinky boy he can be when he’s feeling like a stinker.

No. 1515030

I always get aches or headaches that reach my nose hump I wonder what that is, also aww I wish I was your kitty anon

No. 1515035

>We can see you pretending to be multiple people and now you're trying to lie about that too.
Literally where? All the posts you tagged in this post were mine and I made it clear they were mine. Where did I pretend to be multiple anons? You're the moron if you thought I was trying to pull the wool over your eyes by directly replying, not saying nta, and using the same posting style. You're retarded and don't know how imageboards work.
>I thought you would be more embarrassed about this but you're doubling down.
No one is embarrassed about anonymous posts and if you really are you're taking this shit way too seriously, you're the retard who thought I followed you to the shaynatorium ffs take your meds.

No. 1515038

if you want someone to announce who they are with each post, get off imageboards and go on forums or facebook.

No. 1515118

File: 1677986465653.jpg (165.95 KB, 1024x774, f2f9d8dadf7c0d11ac4.jpg)

One my mutuals retweeted this and I don't get what exactly this is supposed to be implying

No. 1515123

It’s just a list of people who are down with the new world order.

No. 1515128

with many tinfoily images there is no direct implication because they want you to fill in the blanks with whatever suits your fancy. they show world leaders and corporate leaders speaking at the same event, and certain people will draw conclusions based on ideas they have that arent in the picture. then they will think the OP has some arcane knowledge and follow them.if you dont have some prior concepts in your mind, the image implies nothing because the image is essentially meaningless, which is the point, so that it can have any meaning.

No. 1515137

"money makes the world go round"

No. 1515239

File: 1678002216044.jpg (14.43 KB, 386x386, FJuL41xXIAkuGXJ.jpg)

>Hypnotist taught me a way of meditating that lets me go into a kind of trance very quickly, this still works for me, but not seen it anywhere online

I'm a bit late on this one but would you be willing to describe the technique? I understand if you don't want to share the actual steps, but I thought this was really interesting (and freaky that it's some unique insider thing). You mean a trance like you couldn't move or think? How do you come out if it? Do you think it's possible for someone to put you in this state without your consent? Very scary stuff.

No. 1515337

I firmly believe Tiktok was developed to brainwash and mentally disarm the western population, especially Zoomers and Gen X so is this whole scenario of channeling the hate into the left vs right, Governments should outright disable it, because it's really a dangerous weapon.

No. 1515376

File: 1678027868292.jpg (245.38 KB, 941x1024, 1677908471002977.jpg)

Hold on to your butts, it's going to get so much worse.

These kinds of increases in mortality rates are essentially unheard of unless something seriously fucked is going on. A continuous 4%+ increase in deaths in the 25 to 49 range is literally pandemic tier.

No. 1515418

>what are roman/jew noses good for?
It's usually got to do with the climate and weather as far as I know

No. 1515487

I ended up agreeing with this well meaning spermicide scientist on twitch (gigaohm) who got fired for talking about it in 2020 and went down a rabbit hole. Not to advertise for the dude but just saying, I read a lot of sources he posted.

Anyway I think it’s most likely there was a real virus, but it didn’t spread naturally, rna viruses mutate too damn fast for that. Coronaviruses were already all over the world, and the tests didn’t ever specifically check for the “real” one and those tests were garbage anyway, any true crime fan knows how PCR dna testing can easily give false positives.

Tldr I think they made a virus but 99.9% of the “cases” were just bullshit everyday flu. The real kicker for me was when dr John Campbell on YouTube did a video showing how when people came to the hospital with trouble breathing, they fucking prescribed bentos and opiates and the protocol said “don’t worry about possible breathing difficulties “, doctors straight up killed people who had the flu and got paid covid bonuses money for it. Fucked up.

No. 1515490

wtf, thanks autocorrect, I meant well meaning “sperg”

No. 1515497

Could you link this particular video by Campbell?

No. 1515498

nona I'm fucking cackling that's actually poetry in motion. look at you go, you're gonna have a blessed day.

I agree with you 100%. as a personal anectdote, I used to get the actual flu/a cold once every like 3 months it was insane. suddenly everyone is sanitizing and wearing masks and nobody I knew as in NOBODY got covid. I haven't had a cold or illness since. HUGE tell for me. I didn't SEE covid anywhere, just the precautions and the news of the numbers. it's all fucking smoke and mirrors.

No. 1515507

Unfinished bioweapon leak.

No. 1515512

ooh I like this. like actually out of Wuhan? it makes sense, especially with the whole whoops bat soup shit

No. 1515524

Definitely not a flu, when I got it for 3 months it didn't feel like the flu at all. A bunch of people who recovered fast felt like it was similar though.

>A failed deadly weapon?

Nothing would surprise me at all, if in a few years we're told it was meant to be a bioweapon that accidentally leaked OR it was leaked on purpose and staged as it bein accidental or a natural pandemic I wouldn't even bat an eye.

>Were the government responses justified, or something more sinister?

I honestly think governments all over the planet should have been strict way earlier than they were in 2020. The news about it in 2019 already made it obvious it was potentially super dangerous. I legit think most governments had no clue how to react because politicians are retarded lazy bitches. I wrote a 100 pages long thesis for my masters about my internship in recruitment for the healthcare sector just a few months before covid was just seen as some "mysterious disease from Wuhan", I concluded it with how nobody in my country wants to work as nurses or nursing aides anymore in many regions because they're overworked and horribly paid and there aren't enough hospital beds for patients now so in case of a major health crisis it'll get even worse. There were several protests over this before that by healthcare workers. And guess what? The government was still too stingy to spend more money on that for hospitals and nursing homes, and it seems to be the case in the rest of Europe and in North America. The lockdowns and curfews were just to compensate for the time they should have spent months earlier doing research, hiring more nurses and doctors, opening more hospital beds, and preventing foreigners from entering the country including anyone from the Schengen space.

tldr; most governments were retarded and tried to compensate at the last minute even though they were already underequipped for regular epidemics too for years.

No. 1515531

Could you explain further how to check your jaw for a mandibular foramen? I've suspected I probably have a lot of neanderthal dna but i refuse to give my DNA over to demonic corporations to confirm

No. 1515543

File: 1678040634386.jpg (493.53 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20230305-123242-01.…)

yup. came across picrel earlier today - document is from 1995

ayrt, by trance I mean a kind of deep meditation where it's easier to try and do remote viewing etc and your body doesn't want to move, could also call it deep depersonalisation. I would love to explain this to someone else to see if they can learn it, I have a diagram and everything, but I'm scared the other nonas will bully me for derailing. Is there another thread I could put it in?

No. 1515556

Totally agree with you on this, I think they exemplify true, natural female beauty. They look graceful, but also command respect. It is oddly refreshing to see,

No. 1515565

>your body doesn't want to move
i've had this happen to me spontaneously, like i will be staring at a point at my visual field and its like the world melts away and i feel compelled to keep staring unmoving as long as possible because it feels so "right," like i don't even blink. Eventually i just snap out of it but i guess i should be trying to remotely view things?

No. 1515581

Post about it here nonna, nayrt but I am INTRIGUED

No. 1515585

File: 1678043544505.jpg (63.58 KB, 720x871, covid CDC admits masks are use…)


lat. virus = poison
It's basically germ theory('viruses' and bacteria make you ill) versus terrain theory(eating processed food, stratospheric aerosol injections, not enough exercise, not enough exposure to sunlight, not enough healthy food makes you ill).

As usual, kikes have flipped the script the wrong way around.
What modern medicine calls viruses are really junk particles from dead cells. You can find these all over the body wherever some sort of cleanup is in progress.
As for bacteria, while some are harmful, most of the ones we carry are helpful - provided they don't end up in the wrong places.

The real issue is parasite infestation. Almost all disease is caused by a combination of toxins and parasites. Homosexuality is caused by the invasion of toxoplasma gondii into the brain, the aforementioned parasite being commonly found in the gastrointestinal tracts of >70% of house cats.(racebaiting)

No. 1515594

Yes, but not from the institute itself. It is convenient to keep materials and people close to the workspace, but prevent information leaks from public places. Initially, it was supposed to be as easily spread but with less severe post-effects on young/healthy people and affect the old and sick to fix expected in a few decades elderly population problem. They still must fix it to prevent the collapse of the economy. That's why they didn't approve western vaccines, that's why their vaccination rates are low, that's why their vaccines are shit, and that's why they do what they do during massive outbreaks. Maybe we'll see its final version in 20 years. They can do whatever they want and there is no one to stop or punish them.

No. 1515668

File: 1678050453219.jpg (28.85 KB, 420x311, fig33-02.jpg)

Yes this is part of the process, are you the other gateanon? Although I've been told this is also a symptom of one mental illness or another, ymmv. When this happens do you see a "migraine with aura" spot or what I call dead pixels in the center of your vision? Like a crosshair in an fps?

Ok I'll write up the instructions I remember

agreed, imo they show how women are more beautiful than men even if everyone dresses the same and has shit hair. "Gnc"=/=ugly woman

See picrel - if you can feel a hole in your jawbone there, or if it feels weird to press on that area, you probably have a large mental foramen which is found in people with Neanderthal DNA. That's why some people have a "glass jaw" and pass out if you punch them in the mental foramen.

No. 1515800

Hey GATEanons, I had no idea the GATE program was considered a conspiracy, but reading about what you've said has been very interesting. I was in the program myself for three years of school, but I do not live in the UK. I have dark hair and dark eyes and all that, so I don't match whatever moid conspiracy list was put up on reddit kek.

BUT, I have had weird psychic phenomena happen since I was a very young child. I have had some interesting sleep issues since I was very little - where I would talk to people with my eyes open, but I would be completely asleep. My mother would describe me doing this. I would sleep walk at times and I would often have very odd dreams. One time I dreamt I could speak perfect Spanish, and when I woke up I could, but it quickly faded like my dream and I couldn't speak it anymore. Another time I dreamt I was floating at the top of the room, in a corner of the ceiling, and I was looking down at myself in bed (I had many of those kinds of dreams). I also used to see strange black shadow-like beings. They were very small, usually in constant motion. I used to think they were like squirrels or rabbits because I would often see them racing back and forth across the street.

I have an uncanny ability to predict things, like random card pulls, in long streaks. But I can only do it if I was zoned out and kind of… not thinking, if that makes sense. It's honestly difficult to maintain that state so I end up fumbling after a minute or two. It was much easier when I was younger.

No. 1515839

i am not the other gate anon but im a schizo-autist who has had innumerable amounts of strange phenomenal experiences

also i definitely have a hole/depression feeling when i rub my fingers up against that area of the jaw, thank you for the clarification and further proof that i am a based neanderthal…lmao

No. 1515847

sorry i didn't see the latter portion of the first part of your post

but i do see those dead pixels/migraine aura cells, and it's in a lot more contexts than that
i think ever since i developed severe anxiety as an 11-12 yr old i've seen these "passages" or whatever you might call them
i always had spontaneous visuals combined with full body sensation out of nowhere if got really into music i listened to, at the time it felt like i was seeing snapshots into that time period, i developed an intense emotional connection to it

No. 1516002

File: 1678092445239.jpg (34.02 KB, 480x358, justification.jpg)

>rule 7 no 'race related arguments'
Entire website NGMI. How is this a site-wide rule? What an excellent way to stifle discussion and play into your puppetmasters' hand.

>developed severe anxiety
Parasites, unironically. Get yourself treated.
Have a look at this:
https://files.catbox.moe/9rbtxh.pdf(rule 7)

No. 1516060

>The government was still too stingy to spend more money on that for hospitals and nursing homes, and it seems to be the case in the rest of Europe and in North America. The lockdowns and curfews were just to compensate for the time they should have spent months earlier doing research, hiring more nurses and doctors, opening more hospital beds, and preventing foreigners from entering the country
This is so accurate, I'm a Canadafag and pretty early on in the pandemic our hospitals were overrun to the point where people were turned away from the ER. And yet gyms were still open. And then two years later they were still saying the hospitals are at capacity and understaffed, and in that time they kept letting people migrate to our city. Like the problem could be solved a little better if they stop letting people move here unless their working in the medical field, maybe that's discriminatory but shit what other options do we have at this point ffs, I hate my city sometimes.

No. 1516154

>Definitely not a flu
It wasn't literally a flu, but it gave simple flu-like symptoms to a lot of people. Obviously it was a little stronger if you're talking about the first virus, but as it mutated it became very mild. I know a lot of people (myself and most of my family included) who caught covid during the first phases and had a cold with a fever for a week.
I agree though that governments purposely waited to give the warning, even when they already knew that a new lab generated virus was going around. They didn't let anyone prepare, hospitals didn't know how to treat it and equipment was unavailable. In my country the government just told everyone to "wait and take general madication" when a lot of covid patients required proper specific medication. Hospitals were also too quick to put people on the ventilators, which may havemcaused more damage than good and took hospital beds from people who actually required them. It was a true shitshow and I'm just sad people had to die because of it and other regular people were wrongly blamed for the spread of the virus.

No. 1516240

The reason why I said it's definitely not a flu is because I only know one person irl who managed to have flu like symptoms and the dumbass managed to catch it 3 times in one year somehow. I didn't have the symptoms I usually have when I have a flu. I could barely breathe for a whole month, and I had constant diarrhea for three months in a row and lost so much weight from that I looked anorexic until I fully recovered, but I didn't sneeze or cough all that much, it felt more like I was wearing an invisible corset that was way too tight. My mother straight up got pneumonia symptoms despite being vaccinated but she's immunocompromised. I guess she would have died without the vaccine. My uncle was in a coma from it just straight up. He skipped all the flu-like symptoms and felt the exact same sensation as mine when it came to breathing. All of this because his retarded wife went to a gigantic wedding ceremony in secret when they were forbidden. I don't think I ever met anyone who suffered from the flu for more than 10 days, I imagine it only happens to severely immunocompromised people who are already about to die anyway.

I don't know how to word it, it's not that you're factually wrong either, but the symptoms seemed so random. In theory if you're young, physically healthy, careful and not overweight you should recover fast and not have severe symptoms, yet I nearly died and a morbidly obese friend of mine who had very poor hygiene in general just felt a little bit sick for a week. I've seen a case in 2020 about some young, very fit and healthy Broadway guy being sick with covid, being put in a coma and having his legs amputated before dying at the hospital as well. I don't know.

>It was a true shitshow and I'm just sad people had to die because of it

Keep in mind that in my country there were protests to warn our government of this possibility way before covid19 was even a thing and guess what happened? The police were beating the fuck out of the doctors and nurses who protested because politicians are lazy bitches who just wanted to take functions to snort coke and remove taxes for their multi millionnaire friends and not be arrested for it. Or at the very best they're just cowards who don't want to admit they're not as competent as they should be, which at this point is so stupid I almost wish the real reason behind it were a fucked up conspiracy theory instead. I'll never stop being salty over this because it ruined my life and career plans for the rest of my life when I thought I was finally going to be free from my family and from poverty.

No. 1516302

my best friends family got it right at the beginning before it was known to be in the us, and it was so bad and lasted so long that his mom thought it was mold making them sick and had their whole house remediated, now his cousin is disabled from long covid because it gave him pots. i understand why people think its a flu because a lot of people never really had it affect them or anyone they know, but it was really bad at the start.

No. 1516418

I'm very sorry you and your families/friends were affected badly by it. I didn't mean to make it sound like I didn't care about anyone that got seriously sick, just that while a lot of people died/got severe symptoms, a lot more had it and barely noticed it. The governments should have done a better job at treating the seriously ill people, because they could be treated well. I don't think COVID was ever a death sentence. My country is full of old ass politicians, and many of them got COVID while vaccines didn't exist yet (I mean… I don't think they work anyway) and not one of them has died or was left with long COVID symptoms.

Another thing that infuriates me is that they didn't properly study the corpses and the virus itself for effective treatments. At some point they stopped and focused solely on the rushed vaccines and no one could say ANYTHING about it because then you were labeled a dirty antivaxxer. Yet many concerns that the so called antivaxxers had are now official, like the heart-related side effects, the fact that the vaccine doesn't stop the spread and the fact that it barely offers protection and it wanes off very quickly. I hate how women got dismissed when they said they had period related symptoms after the vaccine and that they encouraged pregnant women to take it while it was still officially experimental.

No. 1516434

File: 1678136674384.jpg (3.7 MB, 5746x5502, safe and effective.jpg)

When looking at the 65+ age demographic of people who tested positive for 'COVID', of those who weren't put on a ventilator, 8% died, while of those who were put on a ventilator, 87% died. Not sure where I found these numbers, I think it was Steve Kirsch's website.

>didn't properly study … the virus itself
They didn't study jack shit. You know the original CCP coronavirus sequence that was used to make the first mRNA injections? Shit ended with ~30 blank letters.
So, you know how the DNA bases go. A-T, G-C. RNA is single-strand. Well, the original CCP data had a sequence that ends with 30 A's. It was a blank. They guessed how long it was meant to be, and filled it with blank data. It was garbage from the start.

No. 1516435

YouTube keeps pushing conservative (specifically incelish flavor which targets young moids) on me and it alligns with what other nonas were saying about a cultural shift that might happen. I don't watch any political videos, I barely use YoutTube at all. When I do I'm not even logged in and use a private mode on Firefox. I was looking for a specific scene from Breaking Bad and got MRA videos in the recs. Pretty sure I had some Ben Shapiro fanboy videos recommended when looking at ASMR videos (not the weird sexual ones but the ones focused on crafting so it wasn't because of coomers watching these).

No. 1516441

oh i wasnt even talking about you specifically its just something i hear a lot and i think it makes sense for people who havent seen the worst of it first hand to brush it off.

No. 1516456

>cultural shift
It's a pendulum that swings from "we're free and nobody can stop us and my body my choice and …" to "but this group of people are bad and need to have their rights taken away".

Go beyond these lies. There is no 'political left vs political right'. They are in agreement on most things, the only parts where they disagree is where they will spend taxpayer money. Their policies are the same and you have no choices, you can't vote your way out of financial tyranny.

Same with men vs women. Do you know why such animosity exists between 4chan and lolcow?
Because 4chuds think this place is filled with average cunts. And because lolcows think 4chan is filled with average moids. Both are mistaken.

Typically, you'll have shills sow division between these groups.
The thread in this image >>1515635 got 404'd fast. Like you can post an abhorrent troll post and it'll stay up, untouched, but the moment someone suggests building friendly relations, jannies 404 it. Ever wonder why?

Gee, I sure don't. Excuse me while I stay in my bubble and never step out of my comfort zone. As if that's any way to live.

No. 1516465

>friendly relations
theres no way you actually believe that lmfao

No. 1516467

while this was going on I was working in one of the top hospitals in my country, not on the medical side but i spoke every day to those who were. a lot of staff noticed this that ventilators were a death sentence and would argue against putting people on them and were pissed that they kept trying to buy more for the hospital. those actions killed more people than would have died if they weren't put on one. most nurses are pieces of shit in my experience but the ones calling this out were 100% in the right. so granny and grandpa died because of it.

No. 1516475

File: 1678139211334.png (1.68 MB, 1836x2048, Screenshot_20230306-154242.png)

in my own circle of acquaintances i saw people who were staunchly "the vaccine will cure everything! everyone needs to get one or they're a horrible person! they hate grandma!" and several of them ended up having lasting complications, one 25yo that now has partial paralysis after, and saw things real differently afterwards. the people who are still promoting this are severely lucky they haven't had their lives damaged because of rushed vaccines.
pic related https://www.realnotrare.com/

No. 1516476

I wasn't really describing symptoms I've seen firsthand to whine but specifically to compare them to a regular flu, they were just so different. As for the vaccine, the point was just to minimize symptoms so that sick people who got the vaccine could just get some rest for a week or two and be back to normal as opposed to potentially needing more specific medical attention and using hospital beds because again, at that point it was too late for governments to catch up the time they lost dicking around and letting people go everywhere they wanted all over the planet. When my mother got very sick she and I were vaccinated and I was in close proximity to her and didn't get sick at all, I'm sure I would have been sick if not for the vaccine given that in 2020 I nearly shat to death several times a day for month and I wish that was a hyperbole but no.

No. 1516489

File: 1678139771884.png (160.79 KB, 768x690, covid fact check leaders.png)

Honestly, given the tone of the OP, it was a call for at least a pleasant chat. If he had posted the link to a specific thread asking 4chuds to troll, I would be in agreement with you.

Yeah, doctors are typically butchers. Think of your concentrated hate and prejudice against men, apply it to doctors, and you'll be right ~80% of the time. Back in 1970s Israel, doctors went on strike for a while. General mortality fell by 50% during that time.


No. 1516495

Go bleach your ass more faggot

No. 1516498

File: 1678140326392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.95 KB, 1024x1020, 1674825722887478.jpg)

Why, what terrific post quality! Might I suggest using racial slurs next time? Ooh, or better yet, you haven't used the male-female divide and conquer strategies! Or should the division be by the sites we use more? Am I a filthy redditor? Or maybe you should try to instigate racial prejudice against me! Top it off with some religious intolerance, and you've got yourself a shitpost cocktail!

No. 1516622

There's going to be a rightward swing because the west wants to go to war against Russia and China. Trannies, skinny fat soy boys and gender specials don't win wars, straight, fit, masculine men do.

No. 1516798

Yet the right-wing has incels, guys who look like Ethan Ralph and qanon believers.

Edit - And those cishet fit guys, they won’t wanna fight our shitty wars or be assed to care, would go awol/become a double-agent and scream the equivalent of “no Vietnamese ever called me a n**r” as their justification when turning against fellow soyboy gender special compatriots. We’re toast from the looks of it, nonna.

No. 1516929


No. 1516970

I think you're correct about hte rightward swing but literally everyone is gonna be cannon fodder, no one cares who's dying in the trenches. It's usually a bunch of scrawny ass teens who can be tricked into putting their lives on the line for [???] and getting peanuts in return

No. 1516974

File: 1678176637155.jpg (312.08 KB, 1080x1886, IMG_20230307_110724.jpg)

It's the psychic terrorism we face

No. 1517452

>As for the vaccine, the point was just to minimize symptoms so that sick people who got the vaccine could just get some rest for a week
But that's not really what a vaccine is supposed to do. And we were told that the vaccine would end this pandemic and we ALL had to do it because it only worked if everyone got it, and we were literal demons who had to stay in isolation if we refused. In reality the vaccine doesn't stop COVID from spreading. You mention that you think you would have gotten even more sick without the vaccine but you mention that your mother still got badly sick. You can't know if the vaccine is what protected you, because plenty of people got only sick for a week while unvaccinated and I know several people who stayed sick for more than a month while being fully vaccinated.
Studies have shown/are showing that this vaccine is shit. It offers little ti no protection. I remember there was a study showing that people with two vaccines had negative immunity…

No. 1517456

File: 1678223589914.webm (2.32 MB, 723x406, covid deaths before and after.…)

>it offers little to no protection
Oh you sweet summer child. This was intentional premeditated murder on a mass scale.

No. 1517480

>skinny fat
>soy boys
You think the right wing is just fit muscular chads? kek

No. 1517489

File: 1678225890692.jpg (182.04 KB, 1280x1068, 1674566129850963.jpg)

cough cough

No. 1517546

>You mention that you think you would have gotten even more sick without the vaccine
I got very sick in 2020 when there was no vaccine at all and masks were still impossible to find anywhere, and my mother could have potentially contaminated me when she was sick in 2022 when we were both vaccinated but I ended up not being tested positive to covid and not being sick at all at that time, that's why I mentioned both cases, but I guess I didn't provide enough context.

No. 1517577

The scrawny teenager of yesterday was more physically fit and healthy than the soyboy-tranny of today. USA has many reasons to pull the cord on the nu-male nonsense. Russia's cannon folder were their prisoners and they gave a good fight. I'm not going to pretend they werent dying by the dozen like the average pro-russia sperg but they gave a good fight agaisnt the trained ukrainian forces. And Russia's actual military is still largely untouched (maybe if they could eliminate Wagner group it could would be a hard blow to Russia but good luck with that lol) And we still haven't seen the chinese forces, but by sheer number they already have the upper hand. If you send a cluster b tranny with osteoporosis agaisnt those it's going to last literally seconds.
However the west is in a dilemma. Because the soyboys and trannies were meant to be the ideological footsoilders of the west, not the literal ones. And in that aspect they worked pretty well (they're literally walking demoralizing agents agaisnt women and children), but it seems that the needs of the west are going to change very soon with WWIII almost here. They don't want to stop the madness because that would be an ideological defeat but also they don't want to send the Funko pop colectors to fight the chinese army. So they keep a finger in every pie. Soyboy propaganda in some media, and radicalizing a young moids so they're «ready» to enlist if shit hits the fan with another kind of content. I think the biggest contrast will occur between millennial and gen z moids - late gen z and gen alpha moids (i mean, the ones that aren't getting castrated right now). I don't know how long can they keep doing this, i guess the official Pendulum Swing™ would happen with the official intervention of USA in WWIII, so a few years maybe decades at least.

No. 1517619

i'm convinced the trump poster in celebricows is lillee jean's mom. or someone's mom that is posted about here. it could just be any of our boomer moms

No. 1517620

unsaged because this is important i want to track down the source of the boomer mom

No. 1517622

fuck it's like i'm watching someone learn how to use the internet it's honestly fascinating

No. 1517635

The war is already lost, all that's left for western elites to decide is how many people are going to die. The West simply does not have the industrial capacity or natural resources to compete with Russia and China. Munitions stocks in the west are already depleted from supplying Ukraine and it will take years to replace. The required skills are also no longer in the west on a large scale. Russia is running it's munitions factories 24 hours a day with all the staff and natural resources it needs. Once China enters the war with it's huge manufacturing capacity, the only option left to the western elites will be nuclear.

No. 1517689

File: 1678244800998.jpg (5.3 KB, 200x160, help helper.jpg)

the real 21st century hasnt even started yet. Its going to be a multipolar world order. From what i read the prediction is it will be china vs america, with india leader of the non aligned movement.

we are in the transitional period between the end of the american empire and the multipolar world that is post Christian, post west, post dollar, post white, and post america

This scares the bajeebus out of the american elite.

No. 1517702

Yes and no. The Ukranie War it's over unless they want to nuke Russia (they don't), however this was never about Ukranie.
This is about multipolarity vs unipolarity. Russia-China (+Allies) vs USA (The West) and the global south un the middle. Europe is just the frist battleground (and the biggest loser) and this is just a prologue for what's to come for the rest of our lives.
Because the war didn't truly started. Not Russia Not China Nor Usa actually deployed a single troop, the article 5 is still untouched (And the Otan is just sending random mercs), there is not a single high tech arm in sight let alone a nuke. And no one is here to play Blitzkrieg, this would take fucking decades.
The west cant compete with Russia-China's production? True but it doesnt matter right now. The Ukranie War is just mercs vs p
prisoners vs the few ukranians left and no one truly cares. What it does matter right now it's the preparation for the future, thats the west's biggest worry. Russia is going very by-the-book in this aspect so the western elites are hopefull that they could one-up Putin here. Hence why they're trigging a global resection right now, pushing the 2030 agenda so hard, ect. They want a population that it's not only 100% on board with them, but that already lives like wartimes. No one is going to be surprised by rations or refugee camps if they already live like that.
And thats my other point, most of the western (and global south) population are 100% on board with the globalist neolib nonsense. The western elites have a massive grip on the public, and if it ain't broke don't repair it. The "noo not le hecking troonerinos and the Sexual Liberation ™️" is a very efective carte blanche for the elites. The western ideology is far from dying.
However this invalance between their ideological footsoilders and the literal footsoilders it's not viable for the future and right now everything is about the future. Thats why they started conditioning the toddlers and the prepubescent boys so they can be the Western Wagner Group of tomorrow. We're in the werid middle point where millennials and early zoomers got their benefits of western ideology (so the propaganda can get rolling) and the toddlers and babies are getting bombarded with conservative war propaganda and would expend most of their formative years in a global resection so they get used to scarcity and surveillance, The Pendulum Would Finally Swing Back™️ possibly when the United States formally enters the war.
Never mistake this with any benefit to women. Some nonnies here think that the mythical Mass Peaking would end the clown world we live and things would start to look good for women. That never could happen, we're in the middle of a fucking war nothing is beneficial ever. In fact i think we aren't living through the last century of humanity because the elites of both sides don't want to rule over a bunch of nuclear waste.
Since we're already in the tinfoil thread, the only reason i don't think the war is already won by china-russia its because an astrologer i read predicted that the Chinese-Russian alliance will break up in the next few years, and to be frank i wouldnt be surprised however it's not looking good for USA-The West astrologers say this too

No. 1517765

At this point I really do believe gangstalking exists, especially with the ability and see people have to hack things. Not everyone who feels like they're monitored is actually a schizo, some of those people seem like they're genuinely scared or have a reason to be. something like livestreams for this probably does exist, or in the very least cameras being used by stalkers to monitor a victim isn't unlikely


No. 1517790

Do some women get stalked by weirdos? Yeah.
Are most people who believe they're being gangstalked unmeditated schizos? Also yeah.
If you believe you're being stalked, take the proof and go to a police instead of making shitty posts on anonymous forums that won't be of any help.

No. 1517843

Gangstalking is so fucking real nona. I was gangstalked for years by Antifa-ggots at the behest of my chronically online tranny ex. Fucker did some time in jail but got released early for political reasons (fuck Michigan).

No. 1517975

stop007 dot org
use tor

No. 1518066

File: 1678285844875.jpeg (614.49 KB, 828x1451, 57EF4116-361E-4A7E-B4C3-075834…)

Problem is that I don't have a lot of proof my stalker actually stalked me, and if it's mostly remote or online there's not much the cops can do. I know he was there, I could do nothing about him. The only way I could detect spyware on my phone was to jailbreak it and if I did, I risked bricking it.

I don't buy into all the mystical delusions of grandeur the /x/ thread is spewing, although it is funny, but I absolutely believe moids with hacking skills and resources terrorize women and make them feel paranoid and that's a more common phenom then we think. In general it's probably way easier than we think to hack a device and monitor it.

Don't forget, your phone is always listening.

No. 1518067

>astrology told me the world is fucked

No. 1518077

File: 1678286642288.jpeg (332.48 KB, 828x750, 5389B8FF-A684-4340-81CC-8B7AE9…)

There's also a well known surveillance software called Pegasus, whcih if you're rich enough is easily accessible. Pegasus offers bulk deals where you can pay for installation on multiple devices. It's been used to spy on journalists, civil rights activists, citizens, and workers in certain high level industries, tech, entertainment, government

when ronan farrow was working on his weinstein exposé he was tracked by spies hired by harvey and they likely hacked his phone

No. 1518515

File: 1678315720452.png (222.68 KB, 649x540, Screenshot 6.png)

How and Why did Drag become this "brave and stunning" thing for western liberals, how is a crossdressing polynesian man dressing up in a european woman's dress and perform the haka in a highly sexualized manner supposed to empowering

No. 1518522

Its just a fetish that a lot of rich people have and want to promote at any chance they can get via funding and fucking with legislation. There's no rhyme or reason to it, it's just men going to any length to get their rocks off, same as it ever was.

No. 1518622

Gangstalking exists, but surely you nor no one in your close circle is being gangstalked. You're not important. As for that thread, it's retarded. It would nearly be impossible to not only stream on Tor, but do it while moving locations.

No. 1518681

Can someone give some sources or info on the Salvation Sect in Korea? I’m really curious about any proof of the Sewol ferry sinking being a sacrifice.

No. 1518723

okay but why is drag so popular with women then, like 80% of its current audience are women

No. 1518738

Try using the Korean google NAVER and paste 구원파 세월호 희생 which translates to ‘salvation sect sacrifice’ and see what it brings, but I recommend using a translate option on your phone.

Here’s also a video giving a rundown on the cult and the Park family’s involvement in it. Similarly, there’s suspicion that the Itaewon tragedy was also part of a sacrifice committed by President Yoon who also follows a woo woo all-knowing sage, that same advisor who told him not to move into the blue house due to bad feng shui.

No. 1518823

This is why I despise all of the new age satanism shit that's being pushed now. They are trying to redefine satanism which has already become super cliche. Satanism is not a religion or belief system, it never was. It was always meant as a representation of the deviation of good. It's very clear to see what Christians believe is good. A satanist is someone who embodies the opposite of that. One doesnt have to worship satan to be a satanist, as you said satanism is a worship of the self. Acting out of your own selfish desires is satanism. All those in Hollywierd are satanists because they act in this way. They worship their own images and see themselves as gods. They commit degenerate acts that exploit and harm others, that is satanism. It's not a stupid new-age religion or upside down crosses and pentagrams.

No. 1518904

It’s hard to know how “important” an anonymous user could be. That’s the beauty of anonymity

No. 1518929

File: 1678357334157.png (8.32 MB, 2744x4952, gate.png)

So here's the instructions I said I'd write up. It snowballed and turned into an introductory summary of remote viewing + GATE research, from the CIA and Stanford and my own experiences Every declassified document referenced is available at the addresses at the top of the doc. I'm aware how schizo this is & am normally not this insane, making this has set me back a bit. Just want to get the info out there. tbh nonas I'll be relieved if you tell me "wtf is this you schizo" rather than "yep I recognise this"

A roundup of GATE posts itt:
>>1507904, >>1507945, >>1508223
>>1508236, >>1508275, >>1508295
>>1508558, >>1508569, >>1508576
>>1508642, >>1508853, >>1508860
>>1509002, >>1511692, >>1511698
>>1511701, >>1511856, >>1513093
>>1513613, >>1513750, >>1513753
>>1513813, >>1515239, >>1515543
>>1515565, >>1515581, >>1515668
>>1515800, >>1515847

No. 1518949

How can women form ordinary connections with bottom of the barrel incel fag racespergs? This site is a last bastion of free speech for women online. It's a rarity among the internet. There is no conspiracy there anon.

4chan and most moid forums e.g Reddit, Twitter etc. are dime a dozen shit holes infested with the worst moids humanity can offer. The absolute dregs of society. Their "free speech" involves CP, racesperging retardation, gore, tranny worship, autism of childrens shows and mass male perversions. This site has global rules against race sperging and retarded behavior. They actively encourage a shithole while racesperging is moderated here. This is but one aspect that distinguishes a typical shit hole from a forum of free speech catered towards women. Also kek at the image. Apparently sperging about race nonstop, posting CP, gore, scat and whatever disgusting moid fetish isn't histrionic but this site is, fucking Lel.

No. 1519132

awesome nonnie. Can't wait to read

No. 1519378

My theory is that google maps get payed to blur the worst parts of the infrastructure in my country, in tunnels and/or underpasses, like cracks and rust are blurred, the pics are stiched badly, like on purpose, in street view or however it is called. If anyone is interested I'll share screenshots of examples

No. 1519452

GATEanons are so interesting. i always felt bad and left out because I was never, not once asked to join GATE despite being hyperlexic, top 99th percentile on all tests, straight As with no studying, AP class taker, etc etc…the kids who WERE in GATE weren't necessarily that intelligent either so why not me? they did always come back from GATE looking zoned out and could never really explain what they did there…

i remember weird nonsensical tests in elementary school but i guess i didnt have what they were actually looking for. perhaps because ive always been stubborn, noncompliant, inquisitive and not suggestive in the slightest (not useful for hypnosis)? also my dad was military so maybe he knew something and didnt let me join? he was really protective and paranoid. idk but anwyway its fascinating to see what they were really up to with GATE….

No. 1519454

True, true, nona. Nobody knows how important or unimportant someone may be or what their actions are that led them down one of those paths of relative importance.

No. 1519483

When was the GATE program ended, or was it? My school didn't even have one, it was just a generic "gifted" class which was nothing like the way people describe GATE, it was basically just a focus on more creative and complex endeavors than you'd get in a regular classroom and felt nothing like a brainwashing session.

No. 1519510

ayrt, we sound similar except for stubbornness and suggestibility. I am definitely very easy to hypnotise and I assume all high score gateanonas would be. Not to roast myself since hypnotisable isn't a compliment kek. we never talked back to the teacher at school ever & were weirdly passive and compliant, daydreaming most of the time. But on the other hand adults seemed overly strict with us compared to other kids, friends have occasionally said it doesn't sound normal compared to their school experience.

No. 1519810

File: 1678431040520.jpeg (151.59 KB, 1024x618, crop-circle-2-174e7de1.jpeg)

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. EELI!UVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING\

No. 1519811

File: 1678431188742.jpg (55.3 KB, 700x389, aldr64.jpg)

No one here can focus on any topic especially if it isn't narcissistically confirming their existing beliefs or gassing them up in supernatural ways like buying into carnie-tier/fb personality test glowie psy-ops. The thread also seems to get a lot of vent/mental health spillover which I think point to this board being a cluster b rat king more than sleeper cell neanderthal x-men. I definitely get the impression I'm reading how the average person thinks/feels when I'm hrtr, which is why I read these posts at all. I'm not trying to pick a fight either because now I am become average too. It's definitely making society worse for everyone though and I blame expensive housing plus other maturity stunting broken social contract shit we are all dealing with

No. 1519825

There is no such thing as a pendulum shift, most people are sheep in a sense, The bolsheviks lost the 1919 elections against the social-democrats and the nazis never won a major election. Social studies show most people just accomodate to whatever ideology is in power, no matter how extremist or insane is. People just want to live their lives and if they have to throw their neighbours under the bus, they're fine with it. That's from where the term collective guilt came from,
The only reason both managed to take power was cause in Germany all the communists and socialist parties refused to work each other and constantly formed splinter groups based on ideoglical differences while the social-democrats tried to appease everybody at once and lacked a proper leader to rally under

our current social climate is just a result of liberal democracy being the dominant ideology in the western world, if another ideology is smart enough to take power and game the system then majority of people would just go along with it, provided their basic needs are met

No. 1519872


>focussed discussion of GATE

>suddenly 3 bait filled derails, gateanons accused of narcissism and being silly girls

colour me surprised

No. 1519929

They were trying to tell us they oppose their existence being hidden from humanity by government. All worldwide governments work in concert on the alien issue. Russia and the US, China and the US, it doesn't matter if the news claims they are enemies.

No. 1520173

when I was in GATE I experienced all of the weird testing stuff but also for 70% of the school day they would send me to the library and observe me either reading or reorganizing books. Did this happen to anyone else?

No. 1520216

i just now am learning about the conspiracy theory around gate classes. i was in a lot of them when i was in school, as well as general advanced placement (AP) classes when i was a bit older. i moved several times as a kid, and i was in them at all schools. in contrast to some others i guess I'm reading, i was very smart and creative but i did the bare minimum work. eventually i left school as a teenager because i hated it (had the schools cared about me I'm positive they would have found i was autistic)
in those classes I'd go to some room in the library, or next to the library, we did additional schoolwork, the teachers would discuss stuff with us, we took tests on the computer in the library, we would take vision and hearing tests more often than the entire school, we got to do other projects like painting giant canvases (huge, probably 15x15ft)
i started going to a therapist when i was 5yo, due to anger issues i think? and i had seen them multiple times throughout my childhood until i started refusing to go at 13yo. I'm reading now there seems to be a theme with some people and therapy as a young child, then ending up in these classes

No. 1520250

seeing psychiatrists as a very young kid is a gate thing, some therapists (usually private ones) seem to base their whole practice around young "gifted" children. Idk whether these assessments are still happening routinely, I know of one dr who seems to still do remote appointments. I was told I first saw a therapist after being expelled from nursery school for violence (apparently this can happen kek), but I was too young to remember it. I've never done anything violent since then, afaik gateanons generally don't seem like aggressive or violent people at all.

No. 1520292

I'm intrigued nona please elaborate

No. 1520316

File: 1678472658578.jpg (371.73 KB, 680x890, oikaramba.jpg)

What do you think about this nonners? I only heard about females making oter females from bone marrow, but turns out they somehow made an only malemade mouse? Isn't that creepy? i didn't think this could be done. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/mar/08/scientists-create-mice-with-two-fathers-after-making-eggs-from-male-cells?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1678294818

No. 1520322

File: 1678473019643.jpeg (527.98 KB, 1242x1628, EE2F01FF-40C4-41C4-A17A-8FA4B3…)

I mean, cool, but where do they put the egg? Oh- and here it is. Moids can’t survive without us, nonnie.

No. 1520324

It's creepy, but what worries me is if they kept this up for several generations and all of sudden there's all these unforeseen genetic glitches. Then the scientists will be able to take credit for inventing new types of retardation

No. 1520325

Can someone attempt this and report back results

No. 1520337

there was that plan about artificial wombs not so long ago in the news

No. 1520352

samefag or the braindead women being mothers idea, this ties to that as well. All these 3 news could be connected and be just different parts of the process of making parentless slaves… a slavemill.

No. 1520380

Thank you so much for posting this! Absolutely fascinating.

No. 1520434

THANK YOU. There are multiple moids in this thread, I've tried reporting them but I think it will be better if mods can redtext them as well. Can women not have our own conspiracy thread? I'm so fucking tired of semen demons/rape apes coming here and trying to act like there's some solidarity among us. No. Any time a "gender war" is mentioned itt you know it's a moid because only a moid can really think that men's acts of violence on us throughout history is some fake conspiracy.

No. 1520458

Maybe I'm just a nihilist/anti-natalist but I really think moids won a long time ago and the best thing we can do as women is just choose to be alone and not give any more beings to these genetic defects to rape, kill, and experiment on. There will be way more funding for reproduction without women than the other way around, so it's pretty clear which way humanity is headed. Like others have said, it's unknown if the offspring of those experiments will have genetic/health defects over time. I swear that moids will be their own demise. Maybe 'God' is trying to teach them some lesson of what happens when you subjugate and terrorize the other half needed for continuation of the human race. I do not feel sorry for them one bit, they brought this on themselves centuries ago. All that we can do to not endorse this is to just stay celibate and do not reproduce.

No. 1520514

All moids need to be castrated for the good of the planet and all of its other inhabitants. Seriously, all of our problems would evaporate.

No. 1520526

It always seemed to me like women were fighting for Earth and men are fighting to leave. They see humanity as sperm and we subconsciously see Earth as an egg that we are attached to and want to protect. They just want to plant themselves all over the universe, that's why they're figuring out so many ways to multiply humans now. It's monkey brain on technological psychosis. I guess, i dont want to just leave the planet to them because it's so pretty and nice and it's my home, my mother and egg at he same time.

No. 1520687

I'm not stopping you from discussing your boring psy-op and even included myself in that observation, even though I actually think you're all much dumber than I am for faller for this. Like neanderthal holes in jawbones (everyone has this) and the fact that discussion keeps circling back to this topic for weeks because you guys want to keep bragging about being special and different. You're fiercely defending it because if it's fake, you're not better than ordinary people.

Seriously read the roundup posts >>1518929 and tell me where the interesting content is, the aura migraines? This is the most boring tinfoil thread yet because of gate and very little has even been said about that. There are hundreds of posts on this topic you can find on reddit by googling. The only reason myself or anyone else have tried to stifle this is because it's boring and again, can easily be found on reddit. At least tranny tinfoil is actually censored everywhere.

No. 1520699

Chill nonna, these anons were mk’ed to hell and are just reflecting

No. 1520751

They keep going "I'll post more details later something fucked up is going on for sure" and then they post nothing or repeat the same things (therapist, test, seperate rooms) that honestly don't sound that weird (160 IQ aside), but if you say this you're a glowie so let's just let them circle around the same info and keep telling themselves how special they are.

No. 1520835

File: 1678533318829.jpg (22.81 KB, 474x460, da7.jpg)

>evidence of kids systematically hypnotised at school via government program
>not that weird

No. 1521128

You could easily argue that all education/learning is a form of hypnosis, self-induced or otherwise

No. 1521624

I think I asked for this but can someone share what they know about the Salvation Sect cult in Korea (Park Geun-hye was a member during her presidency) and its ties to the Sewol Ferry incident? A nona here said that it was a sacrifice and after watching that Netflix show on Korean cult leaders I actually could believe that one of those crazed psychopaths would do something like that.

No. 1521640

there is a lot online but you have to sift through a lot of filler.
these touch on it slightly. i am sure there are better layouts of it but would have to dig a little.

And JY Park from JYP Entertainment got caught hosting a sermon/recruitment meeting for the cult in 2018 and kept placating the public by saying he'd release a book, a press release, and pushed it off that people forgot about it https://www.koreaboo.com/news/jyp-dispatch-cult-salvation-sect-religion/

No. 1521688

so are we headed for full financial collapse ?

No. 1521697

only because there's a bank rush, it's fucking stupid. it's been proven if you spook the herd they cause inflation. it's fucking propaganda and this/the land grabbing in US/cyber attacks ruining shit are all part of the plan.
preppers were right all along, unironically. brace yourselves for the fuckery.

also why do you think they're trooning out the youth? depop. chiemicals in the air water and food? depop
onlyfans and the promotion of BC and promiscuity? depop
starve the masses? depop.

No. 1521719

Scrolled past a reel on Instagram today of a mother and her 4 kids. Comments were filled with thousands of retards shaming her for "putting more strain on the earth" even though Western societies have an aging population which is in stark contrast to the 3rd world. Apparently American women aren't allowed to have reasonably sized families because of climate change, and according to said retards unfettered immigration is the magical solution kek. The chronically online portion of society has truly reached peak brain rot.

No. 1521801

Thanks nona! I’ll look into these.

No. 1521891

wtf I wake up past noon all thrown off from daylight savings change and learn lolcow has secret boards like jelly world in neopets

No. 1521917

File: 1678642693455.webm (5.7 MB, 532x270, U6gbvxek8gd5cA6K.webm)

>preppers were right all along, unironically. brace yourselves for the fuckery.
I don't think I have ever fully believed the hype but even I'm starting to get worried, like this recent recruitment advert for the Australian Army, showing soldiers engaged in a battle with 'civilians' rather than foreign combatants

No. 1522041

they're not secret. just newfag things.
/manure/, /cream/, and /sty/ are the boards i remember from before and are still there.

No. 1522059

Here's the thing though, you claim she was being singled out for being an American woman, but every single person I've seen calling out people for having too many kids holds that view for everyone. I've never heard them say it's wrong for American women, but okay for African women. I imagine you have the occasional tard who thinks that, but you find tards in every movement.

No. 1522205

File: 1678660095206.jpg (359.75 KB, 1440x1698, Snapchat-1886904554~2.jpg)

just a coincidence the sky looked like this again for days across north america and then we started experiencing more freakish weather anomalies?

No. 1522234

File: 1678662746553.png (356.89 KB, 1423x2048, Screenshot_20230312-180905.png)

I'm personally waiting for the news articles about an ai chat bot to tell some mentally ill schoolboy he needs to sacrifice his family, and him going ham on grandma and company.

No. 1522307

i dont mean to be condescending because i am a chemtrails believer but im pretty sure this is a normal cloud formation

No. 1522422

File: 1678679868259.jpeg (243.87 KB, 2048x1363, 57D95D67-AC27-405F-9224-97FFDF…)

carrey knowledge bank is back to post another bone rattling speculation, I am still alive and stupid

jim carrey in the early 2010s gave a commencement speech at a university in farfield, iowa, called maharishi. on its surface, maharishi seems like a normal enough school, but some of the rumors about it are strange, referring to it as cult like. the school also apparently confiscates your passport if you are not an american citizen. there are also rumors there is a cult near or out of this university that contains several powerful people in its membership

he is known to have property in iowa, though I don't know if it's near maharishi or not.

other interesting tidbit I learned is that jim had an ex girlfriend who was in the art world who is named bettina korek (to his right in picrel) and likely is one of the lead ins he got to display his fugly artwork, and the art world is probably another industry where he's scattered his disease around, considering he was both in new york and los angeles before and after the cat white accusations

I am surprised nobody from the art circuit has leaked more about him given how the women in the nyc art circuit most definitely know about bj novak whoring around, but I digress

if I post this in celebricows someone will slaughter me

No. 1522505

they're just cirrus clouds which often show up before there is a big shift in weather patterns

No. 1522522

clouds and the weather are intimately linked so no it's not a coincidence, it's the weather? I don't know what you're talking about though, the weather has been very typical for the season where I am.

No. 1522526

File: 1678686530805.jpeg (147.72 KB, 828x882, 5489AE2A-A900-4271-B95A-805A09…)

Maharishi Schools and Farfields meditation obsession linked to several suicides in the town. They seemed to be trying to better it but this is still creepy. Very cultlike mentality indeed.

In 2004 they also had a student stabbing incident.



>Since mid-2008, 20 people have died by suicide in the greater Fairfield area, according to the county medical examiner. Four of the suicides have occurred since May of this year. Statewide, suicide rates are on the rise, going from 11.7 to 14.4 cases per 100,000 people from 2010 to 2013, surpassing the national average, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

>Since taking up his practice in Fairfield, Terry has many patients in the meditating community. In the past year, he said, he’s become increasingly disturbed by trends he’s seen emerging in town.

>“There’s a huge amount of suicidal behavior in Fairfield,” he said.

>Terry said he’s run across a variety of troubling attitudes regarding suicide. He’s seen people mistake manic behavior — sometimes characterized by a person thinking he or she is acting as god — as enlightenment. When such situations result in a suicide, he said families often won’t acknowledge the death as a suicide but as an act of an enlightened being.
>“People are in complete denial about what’s going on,” he said. “It’s so fucked up.”
>Suicides are also underreported in Fairfield, said Terry. This summer, Terry said he spoke to a woman who has kept her sister’s suicide a secret out of fear of losing her job. “The stigma is so dramatic here, people are afraid,” he said.

No. 1522529

File: 1678687007954.jpeg (113.06 KB, 828x759, 42B79851-AB37-45F3-B168-EEBF7F…)

Iowa is also a sex trafficking hotspot because of the way the state is mapped out

This is all not making this town and its university look good at all, but honestly, does anyone expect anything good of Iowa?


No. 1522638

Take your gross trad self back to your containment board of 2x, having 4 kids is disgusting trashy low IQ behavior no matter your race.

No. 1522706

But why? What's the issue if the women is a good parent and provide for them?

No. 1522714

It's excessive and contributes to the further destruction of the environment. Think of each and everything those kids will consume over a lifetime. Having higher numbers of kids is also correlated with lower IQ.

No. 1522718

>It's excessive and contributes to the further destruction of the environment
The existence of the human race damages the environment, yet I doubt that you're about to follow your own opinion to it's end conclusion.

>Having higher numbers of kids is also correlated with lower IQ.

Which is a problem. If higher IQ people stop having children there will be less higher IQ people and we will be living in idiocracy. This would do more damage to the environment because industry such as the nuclear and petrochemical industries need high IQ people to maintain them.

No. 1522720

I'm actually in the process of acquiring the necessary tools to peacefully end my life.

Your second point is a fallacy, there are lots of intelligent people causing even more damage than retards.

No. 1522724

Also have you heard of the term "harm reduction?" It's not an ethical imperative to kill yourself, only to not reproduce. You aren't expected to eliminate your footprint, just minimize it as much as possible. And I don't want to hear about it if you're one of those dumbasses who thinks corporations polluting means individuals should pollute as much as possible too, it's a lazy cop out.

No. 1522845

File: 1678727572435.jpeg (191.21 KB, 828x1462, E4361E2D-D6C2-4337-B9E6-6661EB…)

Maharishi had over 100 immigrant students from India out of 1000 who came to the school disappear, and they did practically nothing to investigate it. Similar apathy to the suicide situation

Someone needs to do a fucking investigation of this town and institution, not just Jim's involvement in it. There is something freakish going on here. I keep trying to find information online and the school really does not want to know about this stuff even though it's a google away.

You don't just have hundreds of people disappear and tons of unreported suicides in a town with a spiritualist woo woo school for no reason. Also the founder of transcendental meditation, like the founder of kundalini, was a grifter who was accused of sexual assault and seems to have turned the originally peaceful and serene practices of meditation into a cultlike church and capital driven tool. Everything about this smells fucking rotten and I'm surprised there's been no investigation into this town and university

Would consider cross posting to ask on another ib about this but my research into the other anonymous shit pile that starts with a 4 lacked valuable information other than Lynch and Carrey and some other celebs being practicers of TM and seen at Maharishi, and then testimonies from people who'd been there or grown up in Fairfield saying the city and school is weirdly cultlike. May try crawling through other sites

No. 1522848

File: 1678727891049.jpeg (63.93 KB, 828x414, E8838215-8A05-4CED-9763-4081D0…)

School apparently has strict rules on freedom and demands students live on campus, forced vegan diet, no stipend

No. 1522850

If she’s a good mom she would be a better mom to an only child. 2 maximum. It’s irresponsible in way more ways than one to have a whole damn litter.

No. 1522851

File: 1678728229279.jpg (128.58 KB, 828x1182, FrHTPjPakAUmTCL.jpg)

I think there's something fundamentally wrong with western liberals, its like they reject the reality of the world right in front of them

No. 1522860

While 4 kids is in my opinion too many, pressing X to doubt you're some paragon of high IQ life choices and above the women you shit on kek

No. 1522865

fuck this guy is such a goblin, so anti-lgbt muslims are not far-right? I think they have a particular kind of derangement syndrome not classified yet which people get when they've spent a number of years publicly promoting/supporting something like liberalism and refuse to admit the contradictions in its moral framework, it would be too humilating.

No. 1522867

muslims are an "oppressed group" do they need to be on the side of other oppressed groups. it's black and white, nothing else

No. 1522868

On a weird note, Pinterest has been suppressing random boards without actually shadowbanning them, and they no longer show up on the user's pages. There's also been an increase in users being suspended for no reason.

No. 1522873

i understand that but there's a special kind of derangement not even confined to liberalism when you've been expressing an idea or position for a while and then refuse to accept any information to the contrary even if it's right in front of you because it would be too humiliating. i just remembered it already has a name it's something-bias

No. 1522876

btw nonnie where did you come across this article? I'm just curious as it's not his latest one it's already two years old

No. 1524016

File: 1678863461221.jpg (124.24 KB, 1080x1350, tUPAC.jpg)

>homosexual clown platformed as paragon of masculinity
>convinces retards to kill each other
how moids unironically believe that tupac was some great warrior poet when he was just some wanna be tough guy who wanted nothing more than to be a high profile actor in Hollywood is proof how low-IQ men actually are

No. 1524024

if he was born today he'd be a modern day Incel

No. 1524030

>good parent
>4 children
An oxymoron.

No. 1524034

Syncing periods is real but science hates women and don't want us have to anything

No. 1524261

science does hate females, but it's not a real thing and you're retarded for believing it

No. 1524267

Male pattern "bunghole bellybutton" strikes again!

No. 1524457

"population protection training" as they attack the population, black is white and all that

nta but no the majority criticize just western countries, otherwise you're racist and a neocolonialist trying to impose your views on other cultures
it's always the mentally ill that have views like yours, good luck with the suicide
inb4 tradthot accusations, i have no intention to have kids, calling women breeders and their children a litter is moid tier misogyny, yeah it's women with their kids destroying the environment, not the rich and powerful men. Majority of people that have a lot of kids are poor anyway, they probably consume less resources than the average rich fag that has one kid or none.

No. 1524948

the world is in a weird place right now because on one hand, most people, even the poor working class, have easy and instant access to entertainment (smartphones + streaming apps + internet/social media + video games + streaming music + porn + junk food) for virtually free, yet on the other hand, actual human needs like healthcare, housing, education, and a crime-free environment are increasingly out of reach for the majority of the population, including the ever-shrinking middle class.
It honestly feels like we are in a cyberpunk dystopia just without the neon-lights.

No. 1525127

File: 1678983014843.jpeg (24.62 KB, 828x297, 6B9B346E-602C-4C8B-B311-CAAC07…)

meta: trumpchan is actually jim carrey, who prior to letting his PR type his posts would use CAPSLOCK constantly

No. 1525172

>long covid has existed since March 2020
>getting reinfected makes it worse
>everyone ignores this and insists vaccines are the only cause

No. 1525173

gay-obsessed scrote who just started learning about virology 6 months ago

No. 1525332

Don't try to use logic Minnie or they'll accuse you of having had a brainwashing minichip implanted in you with the vaccine

No. 1525665

File: 1679022411531.webm (1.16 MB, 360x490, vh.webm)

is this you?

No. 1525686

File: 1679024574235.jpg (34.71 KB, 625x630, 1665454357441234.jpg)

If there was nothing to be suspicious about then why did they melt down Sandy Hook Elemetary School?

No. 1525691

I got a bad flu that left me without taste wlfor a couple weeks, might have been Corona, similar with my nephew (7yro sick bad for a day then perfectly fine) and brother in the army (got it 3 time supposedly) but the only deaths were people who already had existing health issues.

No. 1525809

kek nona I believe you

No. 1526054

File: 1679073954082.jpeg (79.25 KB, 828x1265, D4588B08-7337-473F-B36B-164F7A…)

there's definitely celebs that browse the internet and unfortunately imageboards and I thoroughly believe that

they're just as social media addicted and high on anonymity as anyone

No. 1526078

Not now, Alex Jones

No. 1526512

Long COVID isn't real. You're just burnout and maybe traumatizaded thanks to COVID (fair enough, sucks to be you but i'm not going back to a surveillance state just because you had stress breakdown during COVID and it was so bad that you never recovered). Trauma and stress harm the body, and it's often irreparable. Your employers don't want you to know this tho.

No. 1528446

Upon news of Trump's arrest, conservatards are going to stage a bank run Tuesday. They would take to the streets, but protesting has become gauche, and an antifa thing, so they'll take to their wallets.

No. 1528487

File: 1679268594049.jpeg (55.07 KB, 694x434, download (2).jpeg)

The Turpin family case might be fake
I'm not saying it's for sure fake, if it did happen that's terrible and I wish the kids well
Watching the videos itself just seems horrible staged. She was speaking way to well for someone who had supposedly had no education for a decade, she's supposedly illiterate but texts and pronounces things perfect, she said "what's medication" after hearing it for the first time just perfectly. Now besides the suspicious amount of knowledge

She had also claimed to be starved, ate vomit, and everyone was chained up all day, yet had zero health issues coming from that? There was a case of a little girl who was chained in her room all day and she could barely walk as her muscles degenerated, yet these kids suffered no health issues at all??

They were taken out in public multiple times and no one told anyone until one girl escaped the house and told the police

Their body language in general just seems super staged

They claimed all these kids were super underweight but they all just look a natural healthy skinny? I've seen multiple people who eat all day and are skinnier than them

No. 1528490

What is this list from?

No. 1528494

You mean the kids are lying or faked by the media?

No. 1528517

>john boyega
Boyegachan… is Boyega…

No. 1528527

sorry in advance for the blog but i was raised homeschooled and i have no problem at all believing this kind of family exists. there are some real freaks out there. it seems hard to believe but often these kinds of giant families will form their own little insular cultures where they have knowledge about certain outside things but are totally ignorant about others. or they'll be desensitized to things like physical abuse or fighting with siblings until one is seriously injured, but at the same time shocked and horrified by things like shrek. the shrek thing isn't an exaggeration lol i literally knew children who believed shrek was demonic because it was "reversing good and evil" to have an ogre be a good guy. so i don't find it hard to believe the turpin kids might be well educated in some respects but totally clueless about others. anyway, if it is fake, who do you think is faking it? why would all the children make up that kind of story about their parents? wouldn't the social workers etc notice that they weren't as skinny or as sick as they should be? i'm curious to hear more of your thoughts on this.

No. 1528530

i know nothing about this story or even know the names, but i do know the story of Genie, Danielle Crockett, and another one whose name i don't recall, and they are serious messed up. Genie was 13 when taken away and Danielle was 7, there absolutely was no mental recovery for them, physical I'm sure is subpar. that makes sense, that if children were severely neglected, abused, etc, they're not going to be able to communicate well of at all. so it makes sense to be suspicious

No. 1528543

NTA but the Turpin kids never claimed they were chained up literally all the time like Genie was. They were chained and starved as punishment, and were still abused and underfed normally, but they did eat and were able to move around most of the time. Someone who was only chained up occasionally isn't going to be totally developmentally delayed.

No. 1528557

Sorry to doublepost but a quick google search shows that many of the children did have permanent health problems (heart issues and brain damage from starvation among other things). Neighbours found dead cats and human shit at one of their houses after they moved out too. The forced to eat vomit thing is actually from after they escaped their parents, they were placed in an abusive foster home and all the money donated for them was held in a trust where they still aren't able to access it. Some of the children are now homeless as a result. Really fucked up story all around, I don't think this one is faked.

No. 1528684

A thread on 4chan, cant remember which board, I think it was /tv/

Numerous celebrities have admitted to using reddit as well and it's super obvious that some of them cough cough push their image hard and read almost every comment about themselves or force their staff to read through them. Sometimes they slip up like Doja Cat did admitting they read these sites

Like social media followers a chunk of "engagement" on celebrity posts is bots or fake, especially when the upvotes or likes are disproportionate to the comments. They usually employ personal staff or an agency to handle and inflate social channels.

This shouldn't be considered tinfoil but 99% of the human population is too stupid to tell how online media manipulation works and too stupid to assume rich celebrities act like normal or even depraved people when given anonymity

No. 1529483

So many extremely suspicious things surround this case I don’t even know where to start. The staged pictures, the laughing parents, the weirdo bus driver who changed his story like four times, the fact the supposed killer had his brothers passport for some reason? But it’s still so taboo to ask questions even in the conspiracy community, even when it’s obvious something fucky went down that day. Also the charities set up days before the actual event took place

No. 1529504

Long COVID is real but it’s just CFS/ME that was triggered specifically by covid infection. Any viral infection can trigger CFS/ME. But calling long covid what it is (CFS) would serve to legitimize a community of people whom the be powers that be love to tell them they’re just whining fakers. It upsets the elites that something like CFS can even exist cause it’s so harmful to capitalist ideals and there’s no way to profit off it. There are no cures and there are no treatments besides - wait for it - RESTING a lot and doing less than you feel like you can do. So a whole group of people that not only can’t have their labor exploited, they also aren’t gonna be good customers for big pharma since big pharma has nothing to sell them. Capitalists and the elites want people to think CFS/ME is synonymous with malingering whiner cause CFS/ME patients are so useless to the capitalist machine.

No. 1529511

Yeah, start to have compassion for yourself, listen to yourself and speak your truth. Helps with most if not all chronic diseases and pains.

No. 1529531

This is true. Anons, don't ever push yourself without damn good reason. It's not noble, fuck these companies. Take breaks, never feel bad.

No. 1529682

File: 1679412654606.png (68.75 KB, 689x639, Screenshot 34.png)

story of old man in his 70s stealing a baby from a mother being presented as "brave and stunning"

>The former Channel 4 News anchor Jon Snow has said he is "At complete ease" with becoming a father again in his 70s. The broadcaster, 75, and his wife, the academic Precious Lunga, 48, welcomed a baby boy via a surrogate in March 2021

>Speaking to the Saga Exceptional publication, Snow said: "There are three very small people in my life - two grandsons, aged one and three, and a son, Tafara, who is two going on five."Having him was not easy but we persisted because, at 48, my wife is a good deal younger than me, and she very much wanted and deserved a baby.
>"I'm at complete ease with late fatherhood. I don't feel I'll drop him, I don't feel exhausted."I haven't found age relevant to my relationship with my son or grandsons.
>Speaking about his parenting style, Snow said he was "much more relaxed and present as a parent" in comparison with his own father, who was an Anglican clergyman.
>Never once was I able to say, 'Dad, two and two are really four?'.
>He also has two daughters from his three-decade relationship with the human rights lawyer Madeleine Colvin

No. 1529721

I agree with you, CFS is exactly what "long covid" is. Because I had severe issues after a gut infection a few years ago I did a lot of research and found out that it wasn't that uncommon for people to develop chronic symptoms after viral infections, even the normal flu, so something like "long covid" wasn't new to me at all. That said I still believe that the cause of all the eccess deaths are the rushed failure vaccines, not long covid/CFS, which are chronic illnesses but not deadly afaik.

No. 1530384

>I want to dismantle the deep state
That’s nice and all but did Donnie forget the last guy who tried and got whacked 60 years ago?

No. 1530397

He already said he would “drain the swamp” and didn’t, are people gonna fall for this a second time?

No. 1530405

B-but teh ebil democrats tho?!?!?!

No. 1530414

File: 1679498040737.png (327.54 KB, 640x480, trumphouse.png)

i cant wait for trump to go to prison or lose. Finally conspiracy world can return to being skeptical of both sides instead of polarized into being right wing

No. 1530415

>born into wealth
>repeatedly tanked his wealth
>hollywood adjacent prior to election campaign
>shitty reality tv star to save himself from the reputation of failure as a businessman
>just about as close to being an "elite" as you can get by birthright

>b-but guys it's an inside job

>b-but guys he's followed up on his promises
>b-but guys he's not on epsteins list
>b-but guys
>cricket noises

his base of qtards buying the rhetoric that comes out of his mouth is nothing short of hilarious

No. 1530421

It shows how dangerously stupid people are and what they buy into just because a person SAYS they are the opposite of who they really are.

No. 1530428

Nobody has any media literacy anymore. It's bleak

No. 1530681

Cradle snatching monster.

No. 1530734

You forgot
>> Staunch Israel supporter and zionist

No. 1531527

Kinda crazy you bring this up because I got mono in middle school (don’t ask me how, I never kissed anyone) and have never really felt the same since. I’ve been tired constantly for the majority of my life. Idk if it’s just because I got older but apparently mono is the estimated cause of 9-12% of CFS cases. This is the first time I’m ever hearing of chronic illnesses in a non-munchie context so thanks anon.

No. 1533119

File: 1679821131600.png (23 KB, 1643x133, Screenshot 2023-03-26 at 10-53…)

the old man strikes again

No. 1533509

absolutely retarded takes and not even tinfoil related so I’m unsure why this is even in the thread but I’ll bite because you’re both obv suburban yt women who haven’t even listened to his music let alone know his story or anything about him other than “man black man rapper thug life”. Do you even know what thug life stands for? The hate you give little infants fucks everybody. Look into it.

He encouraged men to kill each other? Literally where. He wrote and proposed a “thugs” code of ethics for black Americans to go by to keep their communities safe and reduce violence especially towards women and children. He made numerous calls and songs calling for an end to the needless violence. Keep talking out your ass.

Furthermore he was the opposite of an incel lol. His song Keep Ya Head Up was a song written specifically for black women, calling out the misogyny, rape, and hate of black women by black men. FFS, he was raised by a single drug addicted mother and wrote that part of himself into his songs and the work he did, constantly calling out absent fathers in the black community and calling for support for the single moms who are doing their best despite their burdens.

How was he homosexual? Critics of Tupac either bring up that, or claim he was a rapist bc of the bogus conviction he got for a false claim the woman came out about years later. Which is it?
You wanna have a reason to post Tupac in the tinfoil thread? Talk about how he was the son of a prominent Black Panther member and was clearly assassinated by the US government because of his rallying for black liberation and a stop to gang violence because he got too big and impactful too fast.

Otherwise your comments so far just look like an out of touch 20 something with 0 idea of who Tupac is or what he stood for outside of superficial assumptions. He’s the blueprint for what a rapper should be.

No. 1533517

it’s almost as if Muslim identity and LGBT identity aren’t monolithic or mutually exclusive just because you personally adhere to reactionary purity politics.

Not every Christian is a bible thumping fundamentalist. Not every Jewish person is a Hasidic Jew. Why assume every Muslim follows the book to a T and is thus anti LGBT when the existence of LGBT Muslims disproved that?

Two truths can exist at the same time. You mfers wanna talk about “black and white” all while proclaiming Muslims must adhere to radical extremism or follow the book to a T lest they don’t exist or are contradictory or “liberal propaganda”

No. 1533519

Native Americans and their descendants (the same ones you write off as “immigrants” all while arguing you should have the right to pop out as many settler colonialist offspring as possible) believe that every decision we make should take into account the lives of those 7 generations from now. If you really think each person in america should have 4 kids because they want to or have enough ego to think their bloodline needs to be passed on, you have bigger problems and delusions to worry about than immigrants. For one second think of children as people with lives and consequences and impacts on this earth and not just your possession. We are all connected.

No. 1533795

nta, I'm sure it's possible to be religious and feminist and pro-lgbt if you manage to ignore big parts of your religion and luckily happen to live in a secular nation, but fundamentally, religion is neither pro-women nor pro-lgbt. People who whine about islamophobia are not defending those who are only "spiritually" muslim but who live and think like the average liberal. Accusations of islamophobia are used against those who disagree with the hijab and other rules that apply when one strictly follows the muslim religion. So yes it's ridiculous when the woke™ try to lump practicing muslims and lgbt people together (all they see are ~oppressed minorities~ that they can defend to feel better about themselves), even though there are glaring incompatibilities between the two ideologies and their demands.

No. 1534632

File: 1679979046852.jpeg (122.79 KB, 815x1102, 4FAF9CD3-BCAC-4523-BFD5-E012BD…)

not even sure if I buy the epstein thing, but another one.

why he even called attention to himself by threatening to sue the qanon grifter in the first place? most who've been passed around on fake epstein lists have either mocked or ignored it

seems like a distraction from him selling his house and the recent blinds about him

the game awards clip isn't a commonly referenced video, it has about 387k on youtube

yeah I don't get it, maybe its (c)rapper or someone else. I'm no great fan of rappers but have much more respect for him over most modern rappers kek

No. 1535385

With the recent school shooting caused by a f+m schizo (mk’ed?) troon, aside from the elites’ blood offering; does anyone think they are trying to kill two birds with one stone with this? Trying to ban guns and dispose of the woke/trans people because they no longer serve their purpose; that kid who shot up a school in Uvalde had troon tendencies.

There were discussions here and a few years ago that once “our people” got in power, the woke would be discarded and it seems to be slowly heading that way.

No. 1535389

Obviously. All modern shooters are groomed online, much easier now that they killed this one instantly so she looks like a lone outlier case.

No. 1535395

It recently came out that she told her friend in an ig dm that planned to die after shooting up the school so said friend called the police but it was too late by the time they got there. Totally not scripted and set up.

No. 1535587

File: 1680070553150.jpeg (184.3 KB, 1046x1674, 198E2AD6-FEDE-4569-A6F0-EC8DCC…)

didn’t want to put this in the FTM thread but i just took an edible and scrolled through the school shooter’s tumblr and retrotard was a blog that it interacted with.. but when I looked through retrotard’s blog it hasn’t posted in 5 days and also interacted with the shooter’s blog also posted some strange fucking shit. I autistically compared their handwriting and I feel like retrotard was its alt blog. I’m probably insane but I wanted to share anyways

No. 1535605

the troon drew like a 2nd grader, so that theory can be disproved from the drawing alone.

No. 1535798

Lots of students were getting mono in my sophomore year of college from the cafeteria. You don’t have to kiss anybody. I recall telling my dad about this and he was like “that’s impossible if they’re using soap.” Yeah well I knew some of the guys who worked at the caf and they’re no better than the teenage boys I worked with at the pizza parlor. No care for sanitation. My best friend was sick for months. Might ask her later if she’s ever felt the same energy levels since then when I talk to her later, even though it’s been a few years.

No. 1535904

Pretty sure it’ll come out that this woman was taking testosterone which made her more angry. Wouldn’t be the first time testosterone made tifs violent and hyper aggressive.

No. 1535975

Abssolute facts, thank you so much for writing this
>have cfs
>no good as an employee but do as much as possible regardless
>hit new levels of burnout
>also no cure except resting lol
>uhhh ummm yeah this doesn't exist you're imagining it you're just tired and or lazy
>half the fucking world get CFS aka long covid, very fit people left bedbound, all those CFS symptoms finally have names, scientific diagrams, papers, and worldwide recognition
>the worst validation, but validation all the same

No. 1535998

in addition to what >>1535605 said. the spacing and sizing between letters and words is significantly worse and more juvenile in the 1st. mybest, goodmoments, inbad. I mis s you so.
Seem like separate people.

No. 1536030

File: 1680115625459.jpg (51.76 KB, 403x504, transdayofbeatingupoldladies.j…)

Election coming up in 2024. I think a 'trans genocide' is coming, but it'll be a manufactured one. Escalating violence from now until the election from both armed trannies and armed qanon nuts, culminating in a Republican win and 4 years of libs roleplaying "resisting genocide" the same way they roleplayed "resisting fascism" with Trump. Women's rights and LGB rights will be decimated, Dems win 2028 by "ending genocide" with lots of corporate and transhumanist friendly laws to fix the damage done by Republicans. ie we get abortion back but it's tied to commercial surrogacy, gay marriage returns but it's tied to infant transition, everyone is so desperate to 'end genocide' that they'll elect literally any 'good guy' no questions asked. Sorry for schizo blog but I think I'm right and I wanna check this thread again in 2024 and feel like a psychic kek.

I'm expecting picrel to kick off the 2024 election media frenzy. Absolutely insane that they're doubling down after the shooting instead of canceling, I know TRAs are narcs but there's no way they're that stupid about the optics.

No. 1536072

I'm not American and I never mentioned immigrants.

I don't think it's that complex. Looking at the Ukraine war and the economic situation in the west it's clear that the western elites have no idea what they're doing. The dollar is loosing reserve status which means that the elites won't have an endless supply of money to fund their schemes. They are frightened of Russia and China to the point that they are threatening both countries with a full scale war. A divided society would not win in a war. The elites are now realising that they weakened the west too quickly. I expect a reverse of a lot of the woke madness which will prepare America and Europe for war against China and Russia.

No. 1536355

I want off this crazy ride

By the time they’ve ‘reversed’ what they caused, it’ll be already too late. Our ‘enemies’ are getting stronger and no one wants to fight their forever wars anymore but after reading recent articles about forcing minority students into jrotc programs, they’re cooking up new cannon fodder and might even reinstate the draft.

No. 1536727

>it’ll be already too late
AYRT. I completely agree. Most western countries are already failing to meet their recruitment targets for the military because no one wants to die in a pointless war for the elites while their countries rot from the inside. I think it's only a matter of time before both Russia and China start using their intelligence services to exploit the American three letter agency created fracture points in western society, it wouldn't surprise me if this was already happening.

No. 1536902

This is probably the glowies’ karma for all the shit they’ve done to third world countries, not that any of them are any better.

No. 1537460

I think dream advertisements are already real.

No. 1537569

Please tell them to stop advertising me spiders

No. 1538137

File: 1680303987918.jpeg (55.68 KB, 1125x665, E1457C0B-8DAD-4E50-AD20-264FA8…)

Trump got indicted yesterday and is now facing charges for the Stormy Daniels case, will KJU and Dennis Rodman come to his rescue before he’s headed straight to the slammer?

Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

No. 1538139

That's nice where can I buy my ex husbando having sex with me

No. 1538163

Don't do it nona!

No. 1539608

File: 1680470070299.png (585.13 KB, 1052x590, akh.png)

Akihito Tsukushi (creator of Made in Abyss) is an FtM. Think about it.

No. 1539613

I thought this was Venus's angeli new sugar daddy lmao

No. 1539615

my sides

No. 1539624

Ok I’ll bite why do you think that?

No. 1539650

Idk pedo undertones like that doesn't strike me as something woman would draw

No. 1539671

What did Dennis Rodman do?

No. 1539676

I agree, no way a woman would write that level of disgusting pedo shit

No. 1539710

im going to tell your caretakers that you're abusing your sunday internet privileges

No. 1539718

Need you anons to get on Twitter, follow some FtM R18+ artists and prepare to lose all faith in humanity. Testosterone is a motherfucker.

No. 1539722

Yes but there is no proof this BIOLOGICAL man is actually a woman. This is tinfoil thread aka the making up shit thread.

No. 1539729

File: 1680481789180.jpg (125.34 KB, 710x1000, ILl9far8negd.jpg)

Look at his lips. His hands. Clearly overweight, but a compleely flat chest and thin, delicate arms. No facial definition whatsoever (unusual, even for the fattest men on earth), literally a blobby neotenous face. No childhood photos. Never talks about his childhood or his family. Listen to the froglike twang of his voice. Compare to other Japanese FtMs. This person either has an intersex disorder, or they are an FtM.
All I know is, you will never see a photo of Akihito Tsukushi shirtless.

No. 1539737

Come on anon, he looks like an IRL version of the ugly bastard moid artists draw in hentai. Art imitates life.

>No childhood photos. Never talks about his childhood or his family.

Why would a male need to do that?

No. 1539739

His high school is listed on his Wikipedia, if you're adamant than you can google his name and then (high school in Japanese) or the name of his actual high school in Japanese (Tachibana Gakuen High School) prefaced by his pen name, or his real name. Unlikely you'll find anything but try that

Second question: are you the same anon who thinks drake is ftm

No. 1539742

File: 1680483531517.jpg (145.97 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_orts6tzlzV1u149wmo2_128…)

I did. Nothing. Shigeya Suzuki probably isn't even his real name.
Once more, I will concede that this person may be intersex. But you will never see him shirtless. And no I am not Drakeanon, but I respect her work.

>he looks like an IRL version of the ugly bastard moid artists draw in hentai.
That is not an impossible transition goal.

No. 1539743

He’s bffs with both of them

No. 1539745

Huh, so this is what supreme leader looks like whenever he travels incognito…

No. 1539753

Sorry to reply to something so old and I have to disagree with you on a lot you said because I really do think this happened, although I don't doubt the existence of fake stories like this so who knows. But my main issue I wanted to mention with the way the story was reported on was that any of the videos with the other family members got way less views than the one's where the teenage girl was in the thumbnail. She got a semi large following because of this story and all the comments on her tiktok were from men being like "oh she's so pretty." It's so sad to me that people seem to only care about victims when their conventionally attractive and young, and even the news knows this and exploits that. I hope all these kids are okay now though, stories like this really break my heart

No. 1539754

All men should be forcibly sterilized after 45

No. 1543668

Are there any normal people who ever seen Zuckerberg in the past few years? I swear he looks do uncanny in every single fucking video, it might as well could be all deep fakes.

No. 1544099

My tv set mocks my past CSA showing programs of certain protagonists dealing with or faking it. I feel very awkward and uncomfortable with seeing those programs, especially when my family members who I’ve told are also present when they’re airing. They already doubt my story but if I leave right when they talk about it, it might seem to them that I have a guilty conscience of lying about it when I actually don’t because what I went through did happen so I just pretend disinterest in the programs or pretend not to care when I’m browsing the web.

Sorry for the slight blogpost

No. 1544114

I'm sorry you went through that anon. The thought that no one actually believes you is horrible to think about especially when it takes a great deal of vulnerability to disclose it. Disclosing your CSA is just not worth it most of the time.

No. 1544119

There's some pretty convincing proof of him being half giraffe online, he's not human he's some hybrid that's why you rarely see his lower half. It's always edited in because he has weird giraffe legs. Most videos of him nowadays are faked/heavy edited

No. 1544179

File: 1681022828038.png (56.52 KB, 1404x1008, Pedo agenda.png)

coming pedo-normalization through troonism

No. 1544734

File: 1681068831718.png (132.6 KB, 652x1258, Screenshot 35.png)

people on twitter were calling UFC fighter Holly Holm a fascist for saying the increasing the sexualization of children is wrong, It's literally cause she used the phrase "protect children" which twitter libs try to connect to far-right/anti-gay circles.
we are fast approaching this point.

No. 1544828

I wasn’t even planning to disclose the abuse to anyone but my sister ended up witnessing the harassment towards me from the abuser one night while we were all in a family trip and days later I was forced to tell everyone. Sure I felt a great weight being lifted off my shoulders but I sometimes question if I did the right thing because afterwards, most of my siblings didn’t really talk to me for a month or two and were still cool with the abuser; my mental state also deteriorated and now I just feel numb or jaded about it. Aside from telling the shrinks, I originally planned to take this secret to the grave for everyone’s sake.

No. 1544917

Is this for fucking real? I didn't even like The last of us

No. 1545078

File: 1681108696429.png (92.69 KB, 876x578, Screenshot (19407).png)

I'm gonna cry, I cannot take a pandemic again my nonnas. Especially one with such a high fatality rate. I'm just starting to get out of my neetdom. If this spreads worldwide I'm gonna fucking kms omg I'm so done

No. 1545512

Maybe it's a dumb question but do you know interesting sources for conspiracy theories from all over the world and about various topics? I don't want to read about them to be convinced about anything in particular, but I want to get educated because I'd like to write a urban fantasy book soon and I'd like inspiration.

No. 1545536

I'm not normally one to tinfoil or entertain conspiracy theories or post itt but I wouldn't be surprised if there's a group/groups actively trying to wipe out a good part of humanity with a bio weapon.

No. 1545549

I know it's fiction, but did you see the latest James Bond movie where the villain's master plan involved an incurable virus that targeted using DNA markers? The virus was originally commissioned and funded by a government agency

That type of thing could become reality in the future. Even if the government developed a bio weapon for private research purposes, it'd fall into the wrong hands. Easily.

Men made nukes… and now man made bio weapons

No. 1545554

I get the most shit when I bring this up but yeah it's even happened before


No. 1545563

Well that's a new form of "don't drink the koolaid" if I've ever seen it

>spiritualist woo woo cult trying to kill people
why can I see someone who follows transcendental mediation doing this
I know scientology probably does this

No. 1545581

I watched the documentary about it on Netflix on a whim, not knowing what it was about and this shit is some James Bond plot if the villain was a cutesy Indian girl. I'm still shocked she still believes in that crap from the sect even in the documentary and after getting out of prison, I didn't expect her to be a wannabe mass murderer when she showed up for the first time in the first episode kek

No. 1545641

File: 1681155405703.png (39.5 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230410-153333.png)

relax anons we're gonna be okay.
personally im much more afraid of the effects of geoengineering and weather weapons. no way to "go off grid" and homestead and be all independent from da guvernment if they can just drought/flood/tornado you. bioweapons exist but seem much more unpredictable than their weather mod weapons, since now most cities have tiny HAARPs all over them (those "cell phone towers" and weird oblong pods popping up everywhere)

No. 1545713

I live in netherlands and I wonder if it's the same in other countries: I noticed lots of men now have female fat distribution in their bodies, like in their hips. It looks so bad, even when they aren't fat overall, they just have fat, round hips, it looks disgusting. Is it the estrogen in water or meat? What the hell. Men also have softer, bloated faces now, even the 'masculine' men just don't look the same way they looked 20-30 years ago. But I noticed that ealier. The hips thing is fairly new

No. 1545800

I think once the robot people kick off, the saying "you have a chip on your shoulder" will become a cancellable offense

No. 1545819

No. 1545825

I’m a burgeranon and this is 100% a thing here, and it’s noticeable enough that I’ve heard fringe political/health types talk about it as well as normies.

No. 1545831

Microplastics and/or PFAS, surprised it’s even a question

No. 1545833

it is because males sit on their ass playing video games and jacking it to porn all day. no one is active anymore, and i mean really active, not hiking once a month level active. that, coupled with their hormone and plastic-riddled diets thanks to various factors affecting water sources, has them being unwittingly trannified.

No. 1545853

Men with big asses look funny.

No. 1545854

Are there less sissified countries that also aren't super duper sexist? I've been recently interested in chilean guys and I wonder if this issue in south american countries is as prevalent as here. brehs I just want untained, fairly masculine guy who also isn't a macho retard, but is that even possible. Idk but seeing those fat asses with womanly thighs all around me honestly makes me think about geomaxxing

No. 1545857

File: 1681173060098.jpg (26.06 KB, 300x460, h9991414_001.jpg)

Klinefelter syndrome lookin' asses

No. 1545878

Wasn't this what shoeonheads ex had and she claimed it made him the "ultimate alpha male?" Lol

No. 1545889

> south american
> who also isn't a macho retard
¡Buena suerte, nonita!

No. 1546088

File: 1681207212807.jpeg (53.11 KB, 640x661, 761D3A68-1D03-47DF-8D64-9AB495…)

So this story hit news 2 days ago and I’m starting to think that religion will no longer be the main control of the population it’ll be either
Celebrities: wanting to be like a celebrity , TikTok famous, being woke and performative all the time , etc or wanting to be like a celebrity and skin walking famous people or trying to get with them
science: this one is how I felt during COVID, nobody questions what doctors and scientists say and if you do you’re a right wing Karen conspiracy theorist!!

No. 1546089

File: 1681207273667.jpeg (53.11 KB, 640x661, 761D3A68-1D03-47DF-8D64-9AB495…)

So this story hit news 2 days ago and I’m starting to think that religion will no longer be the main control of the population it’ll be either
Celebrities: wanting to be like a celebrity , TikTok famous, being woke and performative all the time , etc or wanting to be like a celebrity and skin walking famous people or trying to get with them
science: this one is how I felt during COVID, nobody questions what doctors and scientists say and if you do you’re a right wing Karen conspiracy theorist!!

No. 1546097

File: 1681208784390.webm (3.04 MB, 320x456, 9zX2MxCMId7fho5s.webm)

This is a trend with men globally(I don't think any country is safe tbh, like I saw Nigerian university male expat male students with huge butts that looked almost unreal) it's supposed to be normal for men to be lean and muscular because they're supposed to be working their bodies hard, especially when young, it isn't some mystical magical state only gifted to genetic freaks, I know from first hand experience that most manual laborers who have never done exercise in their lives with very good physiques, as >>1545833 stated most males are spending their days in-doors, getting cheap gratification and sitting on their asses all day without doing any sort of exercise or physical labor, that combined with shit diets and plastic-riddled environment might be having a negative impact on their overall health.

it should be noted that excess estrogen is dangerous for women as well, such as blood clots, certain cancers, and a high cholesterol.

No. 1546101

You can find a non-sexist moid in Latin America if you know where to find them and what to avoid. Be careful with the potential troons though (yeah American online culture spreads) I mean I guess troons are sexist too but you know what I mean

No. 1546107

File: 1681209977318.png (136.83 KB, 960x720, 48394200_1795094707286784_1554…)

This is a nitpick bit Preg has Jacobs syndrome(XYY), not Klinefelters(XXY). I recall from previous Sh0e threads that nonna's would confuse the two, which somewhat bothered me as it seemed like a straightforward distinction to make.

men with Jacobs syndrome have
>above average height
>lankier bodies
>on average 10-15 lower IQ points
>more prone to anger and thus more likely to commit crimes and be in prisons and mental hospitals
>persistence of adult acne

No. 1546117

File: 1681211961745.jpg (305.06 KB, 1080x1679, IMG_20230411_164721.jpg)

Not related to your tinfoil but Redditards sure do love defending their own kind, aka pedophiles.

No. 1546119

File: 1681212454735.jpg (354.18 KB, 1080x2035, IMG_20230411_165620.jpg)

They're basically screaming
>we're pedos because women give no sex

No. 1546124

>sexual expression is a primal need
not saying sexual urges aren't normal but this in particular sounded like incel rhetoric. "Sex is a basic human need! Women oppress us by not giving it to us" that kinda shit

No. 1546142

File: 1681214834452.webm (1.04 MB, 404x406, BaBlemFhySuRLN1_.webm)

No. 1546210

Is sex a normal urge? Yes. Is sex a primal need like eating, drinking and shelter? No you fucking idiot. You don't die if you don't have sex and if you weren't a pornsick scrote you wouldn't think of sex so much that your mental health rots away. Also since they love to talk about "muh nature" and "muh humans are gross sexual animals" if we all followed nature than all of the scrotes of reddit would fucking die and never mate, because mating is a thing that's mostly reserved to the "genetically superior" males and females and it's also why "sneaky males" aka beta males and agps exist, to try and circumvent this system.

No. 1546256

File: 1681228258322.jpg (192.77 KB, 1080x1060, FtYsaFVWIAIYhS8.jpg)

Not surprised.

No. 1546310

Damn, even the ‘pope’ of Buddhism is pozzed. It’s things like this that China will never let go of Tibet (not that I’m defending the CCP)

No. 1546424

File: 1681245373164.webm (5.15 MB, 576x1024, fed cash exchange.webm)

all payment platforms aren't going to go away unless they are deemed illegal because people need to ways to get their tax-free liquid money from drugs and trafficking and theft
but I understand the tinfoil about cash app dude getting stabbed and fednow

No. 1546426

>on average 10-15 lower IQ points
>more prone to anger and thus more likely to commit crimes and be in prisons and mental hospitals
Jesus that's worse lol, can't believe shoe bragged about that like it's a good thing

No. 1546475

but what I find funny that Preg is genetically predisposed to have a leaner body type, but is still overweight. It really speaks to how much of a glutton he must be
>There is some evidence to suggest that individuals with XYY syndrome may tend to be taller and thinner than average, but this is not an absolute characteristic of the syndrome and it is important to note that individual characteristics can vary greatly.


No. 1547529

Wake up nonnie, new vaxx is dropping soon!
excuse me for going full schizo, but hat cdc doctor looks like a deepfake around the edges lol

No. 1547649

File: 1681330119470.jpg (22.22 KB, 310x419, th-669048482.jpg)

i hope the robot people look like kensh skeletons and one will be willing to be my bf

No. 1547659

That’s one hot bucket of bolts. I love Kensh Skeleton

No. 1547803

i don't get the logic, even if sex is a ""primal need"" and "celibacy is unnatural", why aren't they attracted to other adults like everyone else? why does it lead them to have this specific paraphilia? weird excuse.

yes omg, it was crazy during covid, people were getting genuinely upset if you tried to question anything that a company (or a doctor paid by them) was saying. it's also what's happening with the troon agenda tbh, and pfizer is still part of it kek

No. 1548243

File: 1681392872654.jpeg (106.61 KB, 1492x746, 4C38322F-887A-41F3-8818-A3199D…)

the downvotes do not come naturally and that is that

imagine trying to suppress information about your own abuse that's literally out in the open and has been for years


No. 1548251

File: 1681393462375.jpeg (150.14 KB, 828x1343, 95400772-8092-4562-8CFE-4107A5…)

long before the epstein video c&d came up he was possibly brought up as a subject mentioned at ghislaine's trial, although I've never been able to corroborate this, around january 2022

the reddit downvotes regarding cathrionas abuse and just any negative comment about his behavior getting mildly or majorly dv'd on popular pages was a red flag

using adam waldman tactics like you're johnny depp just makes you look more guilty, that's not how pr should work. if you try and suppress any notable negative comment about you you look completely egotistical and guilty

No. 1548855

I unironically believe my turbo autism defended me from demon possession, narcissist abuse and glowies. It's just harder to hack us

No. 1548960

ironically I think my mental fuckery just got me harassed further because people cannot comprehend how I talk and what I'm saying no matter how I try and switch up my linguistics for my respective audience. Probably me typing too much. The intrigue is lost on them, they act like they can't read

they just won't listen

I'm bringing up decent talking points and things that are seldom discussed and it doesn't matter where I go, I've got evidence and links, and nobody listens. it's like their own confirmation bias regarding certain ahem people ahem completely blinds them. they just don't want to believe something is not what it seems, and it's not even that hard to digest, but maybe my idiot savant brain is the one exclaiming it. normal people can't comprehend how demented our world really is and the slime that slicks beneath them

No. 1549178

I know anon, it's amazing how even the people who are anti immigration still defend ehem them, left, right, doesn't matter, the myth of their iq is bullshit. Jordan Peterson loves to quote Solzhenitsyn, but completely ignores the part how much this author was anti certain people and even when asked directly, refused to adress the certain people question raised by Solzhenitsyn. Really activates my almonds

No. 1549181

Nta but what does immigration have to do with anything anon said?

No. 1549246

I never believed some of the people that associated with him were "just there for lunch" and didn't know any better. They all knew, they either didn't care or took part in it firsthand.

No. 1549250

I believe that anything requiring an account for access shouldn’t be trusted. It’s bullshit we need a password for work, for shopping, for school, for fucking mandated government websites. It’s all data harbouring.

Same with marriages and property. They put you in records online for all to see and judge. I will never get married or buy a house under my name.

No. 1549284

You can also find out where you live if you’re registered to vote

No. 1549291

File: 1681506582618.jpeg (94.17 KB, 1160x779, 91CAE36E-3F56-4019-9F3B-AA5B12…)

So water wars are gonna happen, our nations might going to be war pretty soon

No. 1549461

He wasn't in Epstein's black book. Spacey, Courtney Love, Naomi Campbell and other celebs were directly mentioned in his 2005 black book, and it would be odd that if Epstein did know JC then, he'd be in there, right. I tried trawling through twitter and other platforms to corroborate this claim

couldn't find someone live tweeting Ghislaines trial who mentioned Jim Carrey or Will Smith, both of whom were mentioned in that reddit thread, maybe I'll try again someday

It would be the right era for those two to know Epstein and Ghislaine, there's just not much evidence they do

What's weird is why he'd send a cease and desist to some relative nobody qanon YouTuber over a tiktok video featuring misspelled celebrity names and an allegedly fake list that's been circulating for years… almost as if it means something else… almost as if it's a flex of his legal muscles… but why?

No. 1549468

I'm just tired of going on every single site and being called a schizo. Reddit claiming you don't have enough facts and evidence for a theory, 4channers mocking you, any other site is just a zero iq bloodbath no matter what the topic is or the theory you're discussing. No room for nuance, you get screeched off and come to the conclusion nobody's ever going to believe what you're saying.

The worst part? Everything I'm saying isn't even that outlandish, I've done legitimate weird obsessive research, pieces fit together what I'm discussing for me, and nobody understands it. Just hurts

Not necessarily much but she is right that people misquote and completely misunderstand contexts and don't listen to a thing you're saying. The majority of human beings are stupid sheep.

Maybe I'm the stupid sheep. I'm the one who wanted to research into how hollywood and entertainment worked and got completely chopped up by it mentally. I'm not talking the /pol/ satanic panic stuff either. The structures of power in the institution and how it works are terrifying and so many people would never idealize celebrities if they knew what they were capable of and how much some of them stalk and pervert their own fandoms.

No. 1549547

I sometimes wonder if the influx of baiting and infighting is the work of a handful of trannies/Elaine’s disciples/moids in a last ditch attempt at making the site unusable

No. 1549595

>The structures of power in the institution and how it works are terrifying and so many people would never idealize celebrities if they knew what they were capable of and how much some of them stalk and pervert their own fandoms.
Say something more on that nona. Where are you getting your info from?

No. 1549602

Nonnie I don’t think you’re schizo. Please please please elaborate, like the other nonna requested. The fact that you seem so knowledgeable and aren’t on the “REEE SATANISM REEEEE AGAINST GOD” train makes me infinitely interested in what you have to say and what you’ve learned. So many people seem to be onto something and then they spout nonsense about satan.

No. 1549609

>zero iq bloodbath
I'll use this in the future

No. 1549613

Please spill your schizo, you have my attention.
I know what you're talking about though, its like a majority of the population can't properly absorb information. They have to filter everything through the identity they've been given first (ex. I am smart therefore I don't believe in the vaccine nonsense.) And facts and proof will bounce off this wall of ego they've build around themselves. It's incredibly frustrating. I've actually been that type of person, I used to browse reddit, be atheist, browse memes about "anti-vaxxer karens", the whole 9 yards. You could not convince me. Wasn't until I let down my egp and actually tried questioning some of the stuff I believed, I realized I was completely wrong. People have to question on theory own, you won't convince them if the ego barrier is still up.

No. 1549630

I was the nona who posted in this thread awhile back about fixers and lawyers and how they protect sexual abusers in hw. Let me reiterate and extend for you all. Sorry this is a bit long, I'll expand it into a couple parts. This is more about the physical realm. in the next part I'll babble on about media manipulation and PR, and bots and such

To start with, the hierarchy of hollywood relies a lot on dirt. Receipts, proverbially. People keep dirt, exchange dirt, and spread dirt about other people to maintain their status and image, and they will often sell this in exchange for immunity from bad press. It's not just the fixers who do this, but celebrities themselves. Celebs/their PR or other notable industry folks would swap info with outlets like National Enquirer, or say, an interview, in exchange for them curbing bad press. In a recent example I found Cosby managed to curb the Enquirer from reporting on his assault accusations for a few years by exchanging an interview with them about another ongoing controversy, which I believe was the 90s-early 00s?

Fixers are "private investigators" who also double as intimidation and hitmen. If you've ever seen the television show Ray Donavan, his character was inspired by a real fixer, who I will mention in the next paragraph. They were supposedly "wiped out" after Eddie Mannix and the golden era of hollywood, but they never left. They've just changed their tactics.

It's not that interesting actually it's mostly just hierarchal and business to protect illegal acts, victimization, especially of children and women, and other abuse, like when workers are harmed or assaulted on set and settle with the celeb for money. Details are starting to leak more out into the open these days. There was recently a documentary on the fixer I'm about to mention. I've been on this site for ages and talked about him before the most notable lawyer and protector in hollywood has been for ages Martin "Marty" Singer who runs firm Lavely & Singer. He has litigated several abuser celebrities: Nick Carter, Cosby, Jim Carrey, Charlie Sheen, Depp you name it, and is the #1 lawyer you go to when you want to shut down a scandal. One of his practicing lawyers defended Prince Andrew, Tiffany Haddish, Chris Noth and Chris D'Elia as well. With absolution, the goal of Lavely & Singer attorneys isn't just to get victims to settle, it's to intimidate them if they don't. If all else fails, these lawyers will go insofar as to actually kill people. It sounds crazy but it's true. I'm not sure if Singer was Spaceys lawyer but I often wonder with how many of his victims or ppl who've tried to out him who have died if he used fixers to kill them, particularly the psychiatrist lady who talked to his victims who was branded as "crazy" and then hit by a car and a driver who nobody could track down after the fact.

Up until he died as well, Bert Fields, who you may recall being mentioned in tandem to the Michael Jackson child abuse cases.

For years in the 90s-early 00s various celebrity lawyers worked closely with a fixer named Anthony Pellicano, the subject of the aforementioned documentary, to protect their clients from accusations and bad press. Pellicano worked with Singer for ages, and he also spawned a few protégés from his time as a fixer. Pellicano was a hardcore private investigator and a former army cryptographer. Bugged journalists and victims phones and would bribe LAPD for information on any thing he could hold against his targets, even their families. He was thorough as he was lethal, and became the new protocol for current era fixing. pellicano was arrested in the early-mid 00s for possession of explosives and later implicated for wiretapping and racketeering. There were several lawyers implicated as well, but only one was arrested and disgraced in the probe- Terry Christensen. Singer, Fields, and several other attorneys for the wealthy including Howard Weitzman and Dennis Wasser were unpunished. Among others that were implicated included several executives like Brad Gray and Michael Ovitz (one of the founders of CAA, largest artist agency in hollywood). So basically, he was a hitman helping run a mass corruption scheme to keep the Hollywood machine running, he would beat and intimidate victims of rape and assault to force them to settle with their abusers, the whole mess. And there are still plenty of people out there like him who follow his example. But think about it now… even more advanced tech, and modern surveillance at the disposal of these powerful folk. That's the physical portion. Now going forth onto the internet portion, I will explain in part ii…

No. 1549659

sorry for the quadruple posting, site is glitching again

here we have part ii, the wonderful world wide web

without the internet I evidently wouldn't be here communicating with you nonas, so for this invention I am grateful. but at times there are things that make me hate the internet and one of those things is how celebrities are apparently weaponizing it for their own nefarious usage

First of all, let's go back to the idea of collateral and "receipts", from part I. Receipts don't have to be physical, and they can be digital as well. One of the worst and most personal things a bunch of male celebrities have started hoarding to keep their victims mum is revenge porn. It has been mentioned in several blind items but also in actual accusations against celebrities and actors before. Here we start to witness a disturbing new trend among celebrities, particularly those with scrotums: internet based manipulation, not just of a personal flavor, but of a professional one.

To add insult to injury: people get harassed whether they obey or abide by manipulations of these abusive rich a-holes or not. I mentioned Pegasus before, didn't I? So Pegasus is a virtually undetectable spyware invented by Israeli intelligence that has found itself into grubby little industry hands in addition to the "private investigation" agencies like Black Cube (quite literally former special ops "private detective" agency that harasses rich people detractors) hired by Weinstein to harass his victims and likely by others. Very elusive and still being used, no doubt. Apparently according to some nona in the tech thread there's a far less expensive variant with similar properties to Pegasus circulating around the internet. People use this software to target and track journalists, victims, any form of opposition if they can get their hands on it. It's the modern equivalent of what Pellicano did with wiretapping, but think about how much we keep in our smartphones by comparison. Though never confirmed, Ronan Farrow said during his time investigating Weinstein, Black Cube agents always seemed to know where he was, which makes me suspect Pegasus. So imagine and envision that a lot of the victims of these celebrities not only have any leverage fixers and the celebrities themselves can obtain over their heads, it's also the threat of death and very likely an instillation of a program like Pegasus to monitor them. It can hear and see fucking everything. Yes, it's disturbing.

I'm a media major whos technically got a general degree that's a rather nebulous but distinctive bounce between PR and journalism. I've always been kind of prone to noticing and fascinated by media manipulation. The internet is a hotbed of it. There are a lot of bots. Said bots, well, what if I told you, some of them were… hired, purposeful?

If any of you anons were following the Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial, Depp had a litigator named Adam Waldman on his side. Waldman all but outright admitted that he used bots and media manipulation online, splicing together clips of Amber completely out of context, spreading them, and buying up negative press in news outlets in order to convince the public that Amber deserved to be demonized. It worked. Moreover, Waldman went insofar as to hire MRA YouTubers and other YouTubers, infamously, that umbrella guy, to publish videos defending Depp in exchange for them being his pay pigs. Depp is not the only celebrity to do this.

Waldman has a close relationship with a bloodthirsty oligarch named Oleg Deripaska and also Julien Assenge. Deripaska supposedly helped meddle in Trump's 2016 election and had close correspondence with Manifort, he knows other celebrities like Steven Seagal and Jim Carrey. He was indicted last year but no word as to whether he'll actually be sentenced to anything. Deripaska is also a disgusting yachter and rose to his power as a steel tycoon by murdering people. No doubt in my mind that he's probably one of the main providers of… goods and services. Like russian bots are a thing, not just a meme. I'm not sure if waldman has lent his service to any other celebrities beyond depp but I would not be surprised if numerous PR teams and celebs don't employ a similar method of bots and hiring individuals and publications to censor negativity, inflate hatred against their clients so called enemies, or spread good press. PR can be used for everything and anything. The good, the bad and ugly. This is my medium so I honestly think a lot of internet engagement is fake nowadays. If it seems like you get dogpiled with hate on twitter or reddit for mentioning a very popular celeb, you might not be dealing with real people.

Though done in subtler ways, most celebrities and their PR teams are active on social media, and engaging in a thing called astroturfing. Astroturfing, connotation happy or angry, is the false illusion of grassroots participation by planting and farming content, responding to, downvoting and upvoting it with fake engagement.

Take for example >>1548243 where someone was mass downvoted for mentioning the death of Jim Carrey's ex girlfriend on reddit. On popular posts about him, this frequently happens. This happened on one of the reposts of Carrey's infamous blue coat 2017 nihilist interview, this happened on the post about him suing the YouTuber. Posts mentioning his ex get downvoted. Dogpiled. Outside of gossip subreddits, and even on gossip subreddits, these comments sometimes receive hateful responses, it appears that Jim has some kind of bot or manual downvote farm engaged and his team purposely buries posts about the ex as an attempt to force the poster to delete and not discuss his accusations further. It's very gross. This is why, beyond him paying Cathriona's family off and having a strong litigious presence, that you don't see info about her death spread a lot. Consider how obsessive him and his team must be to seemingly target posts like these. Now gawk a little. Again, not the only celebrity who does this, and when several other celebs have been accused of astroturfing, those accusations are probably on the money. It's effective modern PR, if you can't suppress social media, then it may spread to real life buzz. This is what we call media manipulation, which is far easier on the internet where you can hide who's a human with genuine thoughts and whos a hired shill.

The other thing I've heard is celebrities watching and interacting with their own fandoms, sometimes contacting and sleeping with fans for the sake of the imbalanced power and the fawning. Take for example that you can look in most celebrity's twitter likes and see that they lurk posts about themselves (alleged but yet to be confirmed creep Jason Sudeikis likes hate tweets about Ted Lasso and himself, which is extremely weird) It's much easier to bed a fan than it is someone on your level. We saw it with the cringe Adam Levine DM's but there are plentiful of other celebrities who stalk their fandoms and some who do the same thing. Don't forget our very own encounter with Doja Cat. Sometimes the males just stalk you like a weirdo incel would, apparently. Sometimes they even supposedly pose as their own fans or stans in an effort to gain one's trust or something. I'm not quite sure, but I swear I've stumbled upon celebs myself, and not meaning to. You should watch what you say about celebrities to some degree. Or rather, you should consider that they'll see it or that their PR will.

Celebrity isn't just fluffy photoshoots and love and hugs and filming sets, it's a brand. It's an industry. Work goes into keeping these people "reputable". The less reputable you are the more enormous your cleanup crew. The abusive male celebrities hav