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File: 1678673936763.jpg (19.27 KB, 385x386, smug sun.jpg)

No. 1522345

You probably are not alone in your opinion.

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>do not respond to bait

>do not respond to trolls or obvious maleposters. report and move on, please.

>remember this thread is about unpopular opinions, not the debate thread, or the politics thread. if you want to get upset, that's on you.

No. 1522351

File: 1678674787814.png (1.35 MB, 600x600, B99126CF-42E8-4747-B7E6-E7CE14…)

Thank you nonny I just came here to say that it’s better than real ramen

No. 1522352

If you love the taste of poverty and emotional neglect I guess

No. 1522353

No. 1522358

Samefag I won’t say it’s better than real ramen but it is better than all other packaged ramens

No. 1522360

File: 1678675942278.jpg (510.59 KB, 2560x2560, 8801073141896-1-scaled.jpg)

no way

No. 1522361

I don't agree with that opinion, but I do like the oriental (I think now it's soy sauce flavor" ramen. I can never find it these days but I think it's better than the other flavors. Used to come in clutch when I was vegetarian on the rare occasions I craved instant ramen.

No. 1522362


God I love these and now I miss living down south where there were so many more Asian markets that carried them.

No. 1522394

Those are pretty much flavorless and are just hot

No. 1522458

File: 1678681796060.jpeg (225.01 KB, 2000x2000, B86250B3-5933-402D-A47D-35A304…)

Some people confuse hotness for flavor

I am uncultured swine, my favorite insta ramen is the soupless seaweed noodles

No. 1522472

File: 1678682559882.jpg (167.93 KB, 1200x1200, NongshimSoonKimchiVeggieNoodle…)

this is the tastiest.

No. 1522491

Fuck yes I love that shit and the spicy tomato one

No. 1522493

Hey can u not bring your trauma into the ramen conversation thank u

No. 1522509

what about ramen related trauma
the extremely spicy ones make me shit bricks

No. 1522594

File: 1678702313173.jpg (260.17 KB, 1600x1600, 2967fee3a2fbe2fa3b72add6dcb00b…)

Fucking peasant korean ramen trash. Repent, try the nissin singapore line of japanese style ramen, and you wil go to real instant noodle heaven.

No. 1522634

File: 1678706654876.jpg (124.75 KB, 1079x1043, Screenshot_20230313_122345_Gal…)

No. 1522678

I love that one so much!

No. 1522681

The best way to eat instant ramen is just munching it straight out of the package without cooking it. Chips can go kick rocks.

No. 1522742

People who use Lovense toys are nothing but pathetic freaks. Normal, attractive people can get and enjoy sex without mindlessly consooming "long distance toys". In the first place, people in "long distance" "relationships" are almost universally ugly lol.

No. 1522757

I’ve read this opinion somewhere on lolcow before, but I want to bring it up again because I agree and wish it was a thing. I’m against sex work with women, but I think there should be male prostitutes. Why? Well, hook-ups are dangerous for women and we get nothing out of it. It’s rarely about our pleasure and we’re just getting played by some mediocre scrote that may have possible diseases. Regulated male prostitutes solves this problem. They will have health check-ups and be regularly tested for STDs, will focus on the woman’s pleasure only and do whatever she wants (it could just be eating her out until she has an orgasm), and will be fit and well-groomed. Perhaps there could be a background check done too. Personally, I’m too scared to engage in hook-up’s because of potential diseases, the high likelihood of bad sex, and the ick of knowing the dude probably just sees women as fleshlights. It being a part of a professional business transaction, knowing it will be safe and that the guy is guaranteed to make me orgasm sounds better to me. Guys don’t have to worry about this much shit with hookups; With women it’s always a risk.

No. 1522768

Nasada. If the world were like this and w/o female sex workers, it would be a fucking utopia

No. 1522782

File: 1678724827091.jpg (123.86 KB, 1080x1349, 2fn2ks.jpg)

i think men who are too fixated with ass and anal are gay

No. 1522791

Only if the escorts are clones of my celebrity crushes and they get rid of their STDs

No. 1522793

Emmental is the saddest true cheese ever. It's not nasty like some other cheese but at least the other cheeses have some strong characteristic. Emmental just tastes like it tried for a good taste and failed miserably.

No. 1522799

A lot of younger women get mad at old women for being bitches to them because they expect women to become motherly and nice with age. They assume these women are jealous but in reality they have been bitches their whole lives. People need to stop expecting women to become mommy and mature with age.

No. 1522801

Sister, this is the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 1522802

this doesnt satisfy my prostitution fetish, they have to be broke hot guys being forced into it on some shady back alley eating me out while i see them cry to turn me on to be honest. Happy men ruin it for me.

No. 1522812

I saw a couple videos on male prostitutes in Japan and it really seems so completely different than the female counterpart.

No. 1522822

And the men most likely will love being whores so it’s not just paid rape. Most attractive men love being paid for sex by old women.

No. 1522829

Agree. If these LDR couples have never met it's even more cringe, having your first sexual experience together be buzzing your genitals off at the same time. Men using sex toys is always cringe no matter what.

No. 1522831

File: 1678726380434.png (600.9 KB, 422x750, CCDB0DB4-EE99-4C53-B20C-D85E7E…)

This, I’m not your mommy friend, little street urchin. Fetch my coffee and shut the fuck up.

More male strip clubs too. Throw that ass in a circle, college boi!

No. 1522832

They definitely do. Many customers are girls in their early 20s who want to have their first time with somebody who's good at it + most women likely dress up well for those appointments.

No. 1522887

Exactly. XY are wired differently. Male prostitution is incomparable to women doing it. I think if this were an option, I’d ditch dating altogether and just hire an experienced guy whenever I was touch-starved and wanted to satisfy my physical needs.
I think the presence of male prostitutes would force men try harder. Possibly why it’s not a thing in the U.S.

No. 1522961

Aladdin would have been a better movie if the Genie wasn't like that.

No. 1522969

I heard somewhere that the genie was suppose to be inspired by Cab Calloway but they dropped that when they got Robin Williams. I don't hate his performance but I think the movie would had been more interesting if they had made the genie different. It starts out great but when the genie is introduced the movie just turns into a pop culture reference machine

No. 1522976

File: 1678736884023.png (171.39 KB, 2048x1339, Screenshot_20230313-144801.png)

No. 1522978

>A lot of younger women get mad at old women for being bitches to them because they expect women to become motherly and nice with age.
What? Everyone just expects you not to be a cunt in general. I feel like it's a bad move to be a piece of shit when you're old because you're more susceptible to violence.

No. 1522979

I see a lot of young women complaining about being treated like shit at work by older women as if they’ve never been treated like shit at work by a man

No. 1522984

NTA, but even children are taught that two wrongs don't make a right, kek. Wanting to be left alone is one thing, but there are so many needlessly bitter, malicious older women who seem to despise younger women. Don't even get me started on the older women who simp for disgusting old scrotes who creep on younger women and victim-blame. So much for female solidarity I suppose

No. 1522987

Calling your gf/bf baby is as disgusting as calling him or her mommy/daddy

No. 1522989

what about babe since that used to refer to babies too?

No. 1522992

File: 1678739439751.jpg (38.72 KB, 1050x591, babe5_1050_591_81_s_c1.jpg)

No. 1522993

File: 1678739507231.jpg (75.32 KB, 640x640, babe.jpg)

Babe is fine

No. 1523010

Nah old women at work are the worst. They will make the worst remarks about my body. Not to body shame but bigger older women are very mean to you if you’re skinny and young. Not all of course. But the shit they have said to me is creepy. Asking me if I have an eating disorder at the water cooler unprompted. Like ma’am!? The most old male bosses etc at work do is just tell me they like my bell bottoms cuz it reminds them of the 70s and keep it pushing lol

No. 1523017

Cheating isn't bad when it's done to a moid. You need to show him that you can replace him at any time. To get respect, you must demand it.

No. 1523018

Also, tbh it shouldn't even be counted as "cheating"

No. 1523033

Agreed. I hate when jokes rely on pop culture references (hard to call them jokes in this case though, they're just references) and I think the only reason people give the genie a pass is because of their sympathy towards Robin Williams especially now that he's dead and they're nostalgic. I remember not getting any of the jokes he made in the movie as a non burger child.

No. 1523041

I personally don't want Tiktok to be banned, because then people would switch to Youtube Shorts and that is 10x worse, there would be so much more damage to society

No. 1523049

Not a fan of moids but why date them at all when you hate them enough to somehow morally justify cheating lol might as well just do yourself a favour and just stay clear of them at that point

No. 1523054

>bigger older women are very mean to you if you’re skinny and young.
Seriously, what the fuck am I supposed to say back when some older women make self-depreciating comments wishing they were as skinny as me? Or that I’m soooo lucky to be thin? Or that I should be glad my metabolism is still good and that I still have thick hair? You can’t do anything but smile or laugh awkwardly, otherwise you might offend somebody. Honestly though, having a woman at any age disparaging themselves as some sort of humor is cringe and isn’t a good conversation starter. And yet these older coworkers at my job wonder why I won’t talk to them. Maybe don’t make things weird? I’ve noticed this with a lot of older women.

No. 1523055

>Man cheats on his wife
Foul! Dickless! Reprehensible! Fatherless behavior!

>Woman cheats on her husband


No. 1523063

Justin Bieber is actually sexy as fuck. I don’t get women who say he’s unattractive even though the scrotes they date look 10x worse.

No. 1523068

NTA but this attitude evolves mainly because moids cheat on a whim while there is nothing wrong in their relationship and they feel loved by their wife and claim to love her back, while as most women who cheat only do so when they say their marriage is failing and their husband no longer loves them. While not universally true, it is supported by studies on cheating in marriages. That said, I think women in shitty relationships should obviously prioritize divorce/leaving rather than just cheating to cope, since only leaving will actually fix their problems, but usually it’s done by women in the lead up to the actual breakup, and men will more often try to mask it and stay in the relationship.

No. 1523069

File: 1678768837232.jpg (126.41 KB, 1200x800, justin-bieber.jpg)

if gas station druggie is sexy, sure

No. 1523072

File: 1678769251893.jpeg (128.66 KB, 1284x1415, 70E09751-B309-43EE-9A91-4279B9…)

I want that man

No. 1523075

hes never been cute, as a kid he couldve passed for a houng ellen.

No. 1523076

you sound like 99% of scrotes who hated him and wished him dead for being a teen pop-star

No. 1523077

Scrotes used to be so jealous of Justin it was obvious

No. 1523078

They’re just filling the air nona, tell them the long-limbed shadow of the reaper is upon us all, fat or thin.

No. 1523079

Scrote hatred towards Justin Bieber and Twilight just seems so absurd and petty in retrospect, and sort of mean considering their target audience consists of young teenage girls. It's the equivalent of a 12 year old boy laughing at a 4 year old for watching Teletubbies. Scrotes get to have their dumb shooter bibleo games and Shonen anime power fantasies that they enjoy right into adulthood with zero criticism, but they collectively spent half a decade relentlessly bullying young girls for liking media they didn't understand.

Maybe I'm out of touch, but it seems like that's all finished now and girls are free to enjoy girl things.

I only watched the first twilight movie, and it was okay, a solid 6/10 fun summer flick. Even my brother I watched it with seemed to enjoy it just as a casual movie. Justin Bieber was similarly harmless.

No. 1523080

god forbid a girl never liked justin beiber, i guess.

No. 1523084

Men are attracted to teenage girls and felt jealous that they were lusting over young and cute men. Men get pissed off about teenage girls liking kpop too.

No. 1523086

Speaking of Twilight, I hate how moids made of Robert Pattinson for an entire decade but now "claim" and put him in their sigma male edits cause he appeared in Batman

No. 1523089

Currently he's not bad physically but his current style is repulsive to me, but apparently you like it. I don't even date scrotes and I hate it when they hate on anything that women like (even if it's something I criticize myself for other reasons like K-pop), so I don't know what the hell that has to do with me not finding him attractive. What a way to overreact.

Even so didn't his Batman get a lot of fangirls and gay shipping because of his emo portrayal? I hope moids are seething about that too and the sigma shit is just a cope kek.

No. 1523101

He's a weirdo who looks like he never sleeps more than 3 hours every night, who used to never shower and who sperged about Tifa and Aerith during an interview so tbh I kind of get why he's getting male fans now.

No. 1523107

I'd still suck his cock though

No. 1523109

File: 1678778739550.png (60.03 KB, 720x725, C.png)

I speak 4-5 languages and I can say with a doubt and I can say without a doubt that English is the dumbest global language in the world, literally the tribal dialect that my grandparents speak which was exclusively spoken and developed by isolated inbred illiterate is more consistent then English

No. 1523114

>who sperged about Tifa and Aerith during an interview
ew. He was never attractive bu this just kills the last drop of attractiveness he had left. I love Tifa and Aerith but their male fans are so creepy and it's a red flag when men are openly into these characters. Shame because it was nice to have a male celeb who was targeted towards women

No. 1523121

I genuinely dont understand all the 3-5 star reviews for Game of Thrones books like they're just GRRM jacking off to the sound of his own writing voice and girls' nipples like I think he should've killed himself after the first book instead of foisting his rape and incest fetish onto the rest of the world just to torment more girls and women.

No. 1523129

I don’t have a dog in the India vs Pakistan race but in my experience Pakistanis are way ruder than Indians.

No. 1523145

File: 1678787554718.jpg (45.35 KB, 560x375, twilight091123_560.jpg)

Even grown women liked Twilight and Justin Bieber. Must've boiled their blood.

No. 1523153

That makes sense, if your grandparents' language developed by itself it's gonna have a bunch of consistent rules, english is a frankenstein monster made of a bunch of different languages like latin, french, germanic languages, etc. so it's rules and pronounciations come from a bunch of difference sources.

No. 1523154

Duality of a woman.

No. 1523169

but even the mainstream version of that language is more consistent then English, also the region I have lived in has tons of Persian influence but none of the languages got as retarded as English

No. 1523172

Pattinson is such a bitch and I hate him. He said (paraphrasing) he hated Twilight and suffered because he had to act as Edward so that moids and NLOGs would still call him based. He's an ungrateful asshole because that movie made him, reminds me of how HP actors thrown JKR under the bus.
I also remember an interview in which Kristen said she can't imagine life without her cat and he replied something like 'well your cat is gonna die soon so good luck'.

No. 1523174

I feel like french is way harder to learn than english, way more irregular conjugations and pronunciations (aside from the retardation with "*ough"). English is more straightforward too, whereas french has a bunch of overly complicated grammar rules.

No. 1523176

File: 1678792138239.jpg (82.58 KB, 725x577, 49339 (1).jpg)

No. 1523181

that just makes him hotter to me

No. 1523185

He was in other movies already and I kind of get why he'd do that because some actors are never taken seriously after some specific roles. He's still bragging about being Cedric Diggory like a dumb fangirl himself so I think he truly meant it when he says he disliked Twilight.

No. 1523188

File: 1678792992899.png (22.86 KB, 489x992, Conjugation_of_verb-es.png)

both English and French are essentially bastard languages, like language take from others but there are a handful of languages that are uniquely inconstant such as Vietnamese, Maltese, Czech and some other minor languages
English is a Germanic langauge at core with an inconsistent Latinized pronunciation

No. 1523191

I get it, it's my first language and I'm always impressed when I see people who learn it super fast. Its rules are somewhat logical once you understand the etymology of some words or verbs but that's not something you'll typically learn in school and it can mess with you even more. Like, idk if you noticed how words ending with "tion" like action, détermination, relation etc. are always feminine, same with words ending with "cité" like capacité, possibilité, etc.

No. 1523205

Ayrt and I'm French too and I only realized much later in life how stupid our language could be and was always impressed by foreigners learning it quickly, especially when their language is totally different. I guess it's easier when the roots are similar, I learned spanish and I can somewhat understand italian and portuguese (only written though).

No. 1523206

only the words ending in "-tion" and pronounced "-ssion", otherwise you can have exceptions like "un bastion" which is masculine. I think there is no grammar rule un french that doesn't have exceptions kek

No. 1523215

This is random but my unpopular opinion is Haitian Creole sounds way prettier than France french. I love hearing my Haitian friends speak idk but it sounds less harsh

No. 1523218

The "tion" in bastion isn't pronounced the same way at all so that confirms what I just said. It's a different etymology entirely compared to the examples I gave. That's why knowing these rules can be very useful but also confusing.

No. 1523222

I think people should be treated more according to their level of maturity (and things they've done to reflect that maturity) than their physical age. There are too many retarded boomer scrotes and manchildren getting away with shit. I don't see the point in respecting someone as an elder if they can't even comport themselves in a respectable way.

No. 1523237

I saw him in other movies and aside from Batman he was creepy and sleazy in every single one of those I saw

No. 1523619

It makes absolutely zero sense for the same people who make fun of sex workers and call them trashy and embarrassing to also brag about having "nigels" who 100% financially support their lifestyles or be trust fund kids living off daddy's money. Like sure you can go feel better about yourself knowing that your nudes aren't on the internet but the hypocrisy is insane.

No. 1523634

English speakers are actually really tolerant compared to continental Europeans. The French and Germans are horrible to people learning their language, even ones that seem somewhat nice will go on a rant about the most basic mistake. People from East Asia aren't like this with their languages, it's exclusive to a ring of countries in western Europe.

I think English gets a bad rep and isn't as bad as people say. The hodgepodge of different languages gives it a certain style and flavor that's missing from most other languages. You have so many different words you can use for the same thing, and you're basically guaranteed to have a Romantic and Teutonic version for every common noun. House and Domicile, Cat and Feline, Canine and Hound (or even the old english "dog"). The only major problem is at the top level where some of the latin derived words have inconsistent spelling.

Not being gendered, being open to absorbing foreign words and having a loose sentence structure means the language is pretty easy for foreign speakers to get a start.

No. 1523640

I've never heard of English having a bad rep. The main complaint (if you can call it that) I've about English is that it's relatively different from other languages within it's language family because of the Romance influence.

No. 1523647

You care so right, english speakers are incredibly kind. There's a reason why it's the most spoken second language in the world. I love how we can constantly come up with new words too, each word is like a timestamp of the times. Probably the fact that it doesn't require too much brain power makes it very easy for people to pick up too.

No. 1523649

I've traveled a lot in Europe and studied abroad in Berlin and it's actually insane to me how as an American I interact with people with heavy accents on a daily basis and am trained to never comment on it, but the moment you show up in certain countries like Germany and try to just say a few phrases everyone will just openly mock you for being a dumb foreigner. In some places they really appreciate you trying to speak the local language but Paris or Germany I would definitely not recommend a tourist bother.

No. 1523650

>There's a reason why it's the most spoken second language
Yeah but not for that reason kek

No. 1523669

that's because nowadays most people are forced to speak english, but nobody is forcing you to live in germany and speak german

No. 1523673

As I said though the vast majority of countries have the decency to be nice to people trying to learn their language even if English is taught in school.

No. 1523690

It's not even just foreigners Germans are horrible to, the way they treat rural Bavarians is just as bad. They bloviate loudly about how they can't understand them and mock them for being so far off Hochdeutsch. English people don't do this to Scottish people, we don't even do it to Jamacians who legitimately are on the margins of intelligibility.

No. 1523696

>The French […] are horrible to people learning their language
They're (We're?) also horrible towards each other when learning foreign languages. My teachers in primary school convinced my mother to not teach me her first language because they're racist fucks and they thought learning two languages at the same time will make me perpetually confused and yes they are two very separate reasons, so I couldn't interact with my cousins until they learned French in middle school when I was visiting them abroad, and teachers and students alike would ALWAYS shit talk anyone who would willingly participate in class when we were studying English. If you didn't have the most posh britbong accent someone would laugh at you. Even French presidents who are fluent in English get shit talked for their accents, although tbh they do the bear minimum and they're presidents so fuck them anyway. I didn't notice that in my German classes for some reason but tbh I don't remember anything about them. It stopped as soon as I started learning an optional language in high school and when I started studying languages more seriously in uni.

tldr; the French are pessimistic little shits, so making fun of others for everything is basically tradition.

No. 1523697

File: 1678829236373.gif (3.24 MB, 410x498, 1652286109911.gif)

>english speakers are incredibly kind.
>There's a reason why it's the most spoken second language in the world.
Anons… Those are unrelated, separate statements, right? Right?

No. 1523710

Western Europeans in general just have something wrong with them. Poor mindset, miserable ways.

No. 1523712

Wait, how is someone's parents supporting them in the same boat as prostitution?

No. 1523716

If you've never struggled financially your entire life I don't take your opinions on what women do to make money seriously

No. 1523725

Right, I'm just not seeing the point of comparison between sex work and parental help. The "supported by a boyfriend" part, maybe if you view heterosexual relationships as transactional, but the second thing seems like a massive reach.

No. 1523731

I've struggled financially to the point of homelessness and still feel like being forced to sell your body for sex is a very low point and society coersing women to do it is disgusting. Society is doing a great job coaching girls into thinking it's okay to do that now though. Good for them if they can do that long term without getting trauma, most can't as you can see on this very website.

I don't get the comparison between being married (assume you're legally married, you're entitled to 50% of whatever your Nigel has) or having parents (once they die you inherit whatever they have) with being a sex worker, a job that has an expiration date and no safety in case you can't perform it anymore.

Are you a sex worker trying to cope or a consumer of sex work? I truly don't get it.

No. 1523737

>I love how we can constantly come up with new words too, each word is like a timestamp of the times.
Literally every language in the world constantly creates new words and slang. Use your brain nona, did you really think this is unique to english?

No. 1523741

To me it looks like a lot of people glamorized this lifestyle but don't really understand once you want out of OF, you will have a hard time keeping a job once people find out you were a sex worker. OF itself offers no security whatsoever, OF bimbos that post lewd pictures have no idea how it is actual sex work when you need to meet several Johns per day to make a profit because your pimp keeps half of it.

No. 1523742

I'm not a sex worker. I just think that privileged people are way too comfortable shitting on people for making choices that they're never going to be in a position to make themselves. I think porn and prostitution is disgusting but I don't judge women just trying to survive. Some people make it by working at McDonald's and some people sell nudes. I don't think either deserve to be denigrated.

No. 1523746

I don't judge it either but comparing it to being financially helped by family is very disonest. It reeks of people who call others SWERF when you say prostitution is not empowering.

No. 1523747

Nah, it was just a bad comparison, anon, kek. You can do better than that.

No. 1523749

I obviously don't think any kind of sex work is empowering. I just feel like on the internet people don't have nearly the same type of vitriol towards people that pay for sex work as sex workers themselves and that isn't fair.

No. 1523752

>west rude, nippon polite
The number of people moving, fleeing, traveling,…to Western Europe vs. East Asia and the likelyness of people willing to befriend or become a partner of a foreigner tell a different story.
Most foreigners here expect you to speak English while most foreigners in Japan or Korea try their best to follow the local culture. Most people try to help out as best as they can but of course it's not always possible and black sheep exist in every nationality.

No. 1523754

This exactly. Plus, that take is ignoring that the bimbo bullshit adds into existing misogyny that other women will ultimately also have to deal with.

No. 1523757

Alcoholism and high depression rates

No. 1523759

I think you are right, but I think when people get mad at sex workers, they are mad at how many of them who are the loudest are fairly privileged and actively promote their lifestyle as something positive. A lot of sex-posi people will act like a sex worker who is on onlyfans because they need attention from men and are too lazy to get a proper job is somehow just as downtrodden as a sex worker struggling to feed their family, a distinction needs to be made loud and proud. I think focusing on how it affects women is the key to convincing people that coomers who consume the content or hire their services are worthy of mockery, I don't really see the two as particularly separate.

No. 1523762

You actually think large numbers of westerners are "fleeing" to Korea? God lolcow lives on another fucking planet

No. 1523767

You can't read at all, huh?

No. 1523771

Sex toys are kinda weird regardless of sex and you should be able to get yourself off without them. People who have bona fide "collections" are nearly always terminally online weirdos.

No. 1523775

I guess you're right. Anyone who tries to promote sex work as a lifestyle to others is an awful person. I just am really resentful that if you're man who pays for sex work you're anonymous, when you're the woman you're blasted everywhere on the internet, and that fact makes me feel a bit defensive of sex workers I suppose.

No. 1523794

I don't agree with your first opinion but you reminded me of a woman I know who boasts her 50+ bad dragon collection and gets guys she knows to wear dick cages. Both these things she talks about extensively with her mother and brother.

No. 1523796

>Both these things she talks about extensively with her mother and brother.

No. 1523800

Not sure whether this is an unpopular opinion or not but I am extremely uncomfortable talking about anything sexual around my family or even watching movies or shows with sex scenes near or with them. Is that considered unpopular? If it helps, they traumatized me, though not sexually, so maybe it's a trust or boundaries thing

My father tries too hard ever since he learned I was bisexual to be chummy with me and I repeatedly have to tell him I'm not comfortable with certain jokes or comments he's made. I think it's a weird way of trying to relate to me, but I just feel like I've heard more things I don't want to out of that man. They both have horrendous taste in partners and never shoudlve procreated and the fact that I'm uncomfortable speaking about sex in front of them solidifies it

No. 1523808

I think I prefer my homophobic dad that does the licking v hand gesture and mocks lesbians than trying to bond with me over my sexuality that sounds so fucking cringe

No. 1523814

You have raised the bar. I wonder if our fathers met if their annoying would collide and nullify the problem.

After getting to know my formerly workaholic father better as an adult, though he is the less traumatizing, I realize was my stopped clock crazy mother was right once a day.

No. 1523818

>the fact that I'm uncomfortable speaking about sex in front of them solidifies it
I thought that it was normal to be uncomfortable speaking about sex with your parents but I also have a terrible relationship with both of mine so idk.

No. 1523824

I've known my fair share of people who have both good and bad relationships with their parents who've been far more lax about mentioning sex

meanwhile my father walked in on me watching Shape of Water and Yes Man during the blowjob scene. I almost died of secondhand embarrassment

No. 1523829

Its probably an unpopular opinion for the freaks of today but I'm on board with this. I'm not saying you cant speak on anything sexual when with relatives but personally if someone feels comfortable with sharing such stuff with their parents it skeeves me out.
I also dont see the problem with being uncomfortable with watching sex scenes (even if simulated) with family when sex is an incredibly personal thing in the first place. I wouldn't want to watch someone do it with my relatives around just as I wouldn't want my relatives seeing me doing it. I dont watch porn but sex scenes are in virtually everything nowadays.

No. 1523831

on that note I am tired of random sex scenes in everything. I was watching a romcom the other night and was surprised that it had basically no sex scenes even if it had suggestive dialogue. it was refreshing, and weird, that the thing I expected to have a love scene had no formal sex. and then for some reason thriller tv shows will have 3 sex sequences sprinkled into one episode. these choices make no sense

No. 1523833

Are you two hanging out in remote rural towns or exclusively talk to 70 yo boomers? Half of germany (especially berlin) barely even talks their own language anymore and it keeps getting more anglicized to the point you will frequently hear a bunch of english terms or whole sentence structures in casual conversations. No one in any city cares about foreign accents. However, people here are starting to get more passive aggressive towards foreigners (and foreign looking germans) since the refugee crisis worsened.

No. 1523837

I never really watched twilight but I saw that cinemasins vid on it and pointed out how you could quite literally see him grimacing in scenes where he was supposed to be smiling. He absolutely hated and barely tried to disguise it. He just did it for the money and to boost his career. Ive never really liked teenie-bopper movies but at least the actors who would play in them seemed genuinely grateful for the opportunity they got, like that one chick who played Katniss in the hunger games. I'm sorry I can't remember her name.

No. 1523845

A niece of ours is in an interracial relationship and around the breakfast table my father makes the most abhorrent and vile "jokes" about it. Cackling about how his dog would gobble their future child up like vegemite. It's like borderline fetishistic as well the way he goes on about it, it's like /pol/ with their "ironic" posting of interracial porn all over 4chan.

But once I asked him to stop he did stop. He seen it was hurting me and it ended all at once. I just felt awkward at any family breakfast now still and have since stopped going.

I believe they genuinely do think this sort of thing is funny. I can't understand it, it's really gross and makes me feel sick, but it's some bizarre form of humor I don't understand.

No. 1523848

File: 1678838920998.jpg (43.08 KB, 540x766, 20230314_190441.jpg)

I hate how out of all comic book heroes batman is singled out to be this edgy brooding character when he has such a rediculous costume and campy villains.
They need to start painting the brows on the eyebrow ridges of his mask to show how stupid his costume is. Micheal Keaton was peak batman, and it's all been downhill from there.

No. 1523849

In my personal experience it was undergraduates (young people 18-24) that were the worst for this behavior. Old European people are actually pretty soft on foreign speakers because they grew up during a time when English wasn't the undisputed global tongue. They'll claim their language is better and refuse to speak English, but they won't be douche-bags to your face about using the wrong gender on an indefinite article.

I remember being pretty hurt by it when I was younger.

No. 1523850

It's always like it's the man. Must be the generational gap. Even as recently as the 2000s it was still considered acceptable for men to harass women in public.

Were they not raised to spare what they shared with their parents? Then why are they casually making sex jokes at the expense of their own young relatives?

This is why I never brought any of my ex partners around my parents. My father met one of my ex boyfriends when he showed up to the house unannounced, I was still asleep when he popped in. Once was enough.

I only want to see Joker 2 because I assume it'll be campy. Joker 1 wasn't, but who's to say there can't be a mood whiplash. It would be nice to see more fun comic book movies that aren't just marvel crap

I actually really only love Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn as much as I do because she's unapologetically fun, even in bad movies.

No. 1523860

A lot of people I've talked to have been surprised when I've said I don't discuss sex at all with my parents and avoid watching sex scenes with them. In my mother case she's really religious and doesn't believe in premarital sex, but with my father we really just don't talk about it. I think I mentioned to him that I was annoyed that my mother was judging me for taking birth control as a 22 year old and he said it was good to be careful and that was probably the most we've ever discussed it.

No. 1523863

I think kissing is gross

No. 1523959

>Cackling about how his dog would gobble their future child up like vegemite
I don't get what's the joke even supposed to be about

No. 1523962

it really is. when i started seeing my boyfriend and we kissed, i was grossed out but would still do it because i wanted to see if i would get used to it, science experiment. generally fine/meh with it now, but sometimes after if i think about it i get grossed out again. human mouths are incredibly unsanitary, there's a reason human bites can be dangerous.
kisses on his cheek or forehead or hand are ok though.

No. 1523965

Calling is better than texting. It's faster and more intimate.

No. 1523967

File: 1678854824155.jpeg (610.47 KB, 2048x1536, 0413C450-9BC2-449B-B09C-13A869…)

She’s ugly coomershit and all her figures are trash, I genuinely have no idea why teen girls are so obsessed with Sonico crap.

Naitou is cute though.

No. 1523968

They’re naive. I remember being a dumb tween girl and thinking anime girls were so cute and kawaii and that their sexiness was interesting, cool, titillating, counterculture, and aspirational. Gen Z kids just now also have to pretend to ascribe to puritan values so they instead have to hold the stance of “it’s just cute, it’s not sexual unless YOU objectify this plastic softcore porn object! It can be completely pure and harmless to collect figurines of Asian women whose bodies are warped beyond recognition to make men more aroused.”
Half these kids who own sonico figures also own other weird coomer shit from hentai games and pedo anime.
I met some girl at a random completely non nerd related event last summer, she looked and acted totally normal, gave me her Instagram and it was full of several dozen figurines of sonico and 5 year old looking cat girls in bikinis, kids with giant boobs in school swimsuits, things like that. Genuinely horrifying and all the captions were like “so happy to add this new precious cutie to my family, she’s so adorable.” There’s a kind of denial that comes from them spending so much time in a subculture that normalizes the most batshit crazy weird gross stuff.

No. 1523969

The baby coming out brown and looking like a common tabletop spread, meaning the dog would mistake it for food and eat it.

No. 1523970

Nta but I thought the joke was just that vegimite is food. This explanation makes it so much worse.

No. 1523979

I can't stand Sonico and her ridiculous boobs, they don't make any sense?? I get that it's anime but still, everything about it is ugly and always has the ugliest clothing and face/hair. Everytime I see young girls/women dropping hundreds of dollars on these nasty figures I just sigh

No. 1523980

Being a starter wife seems worse than being cheated on. Imagine being there for your husband when he’s broke, helping him build his career and then he leaves you once he is financially stable to find someone “better”.

No. 1523985

File: 1678857238697.jpeg (70.72 KB, 648x861, 5A92B14D-EECB-4611-9CE6-2876E7…)

Legit today I saw some girl being like ‘my loli anime girl sitting on a toilet figure is not sexual at all!’
I get they’re kids but this is pretty obviously meant to be a fetish figure.
I presume it’s because her figures are mostly prize figures (so cheap as hell) and they like the Gloomy bear one.

No. 1524070

This reminds me of a post on 4chan with some guy commenting about how fetishy Bakemonogatari is but they didn’t realize it until they rewatched it years later. I guess it’s a good thing when people get self-realization but it’s sad teenagers and younger kids are unwittingly getting into moid fetish crap.

No. 1524083

I had this same realization with the Haruhi Suzumiya anime somewhat. I was in middle school when the first season got released and I watched it, the main characters being in high school made them seem more adult to me for some reason so even though I found all the scenes with Mikuru uncomfortable or really stupid it didn't prevent me from enjoying the show. But not that long ago I remembered that the anime existed and it was like… I don't know. The entiee thing suddenly seemed even more stupid than it was, especially since I am even more familiar now with its target audience.

No. 1524096

File: 1678880813131.jpg (28.13 KB, 720x527, d29.jpg)

My god anon, i had a bunch of female weeb friends when i was younger and they really wanted me to watch the Monogatari series despite the fact that i didn't like it, even when i was in middle school i could see how fetishy it was but i could never find the words to explain it to them, i endured it just because the animation and the style were nice.
I still regret spending my time watching it and i always hated how praised and popular it was when it's literally some pathetic fantasy anime that attempts to be deep, unique and funny, it all seriously disgusts me, some songs and music are nice but i just can't appreciate them since i know what's behind them.

No. 1524117

Radical optimists are exhausting, society and the world in general are objectively getting worse day by day and they just go "you're too miserable, you need to be less cynical".

No. 1524125

The most annoying thing about them is that their positivity is absolutely performative, that's why they're so bothered when others express negative thoughts and feelings, and feel like they have to judge them for it. They just cope hard and repress their own feelings, so they don't want to be reminded of anything bad and they're annoyed that other people allow themselves to be miserable and are better at handling and accepting more negative sides of life. Yet again, to cope with that they want to feel superior, like they've actually reached enlightenment. I know a few people like that and they're the most arrogant and uptight people in the world.

No. 1524139

The best characters in Monogatari was Kaiki, Sodachi or Rouka, Kaiki was an edgy cranky weirdo, Sodachi had an intriguing arc and Rouka was under utilized. None of them got enough screentime versus the boobed monsters, the loli and the perverted MC. My favorite characters were the least sexualized and story driven ones (although I had the hots for Kaiki, who looks like a haunted ghoul). I would've liked Suruga if she weren't so perverse. In hindsight having watched a good portion of Monogatari up until I quit anime, there were grains of a competent storyline smothered by sleaze. The fetishes really remove you from the potential of the series. It's surrealist and it's strange, but it actually does have potential, and I'll never understand the fetish shit. It adds nothing. Why does it have to surround the MC and his girlfriend, they're both perverts and the least interesting in the series?

When it comes to Haruhi the storyline felt concentrated around an actual story. Monogatari series was compartmented and all over the place, and filled to the brim with fetishism to where the story was overwhelmed. In Haruhi they tended to at least focus on the storyline sans Mikuru harassment or random shots of shirtless Kyon, what the fuck was Endless Eight. My dream was always for KyoAni to animate another season since I read light novel chunks of latter Haruhi and enjoyed the latter arcs, and they never did before I quit watching anime altogether

No. 1524149

I think it’s funny when people (usually europeans) online get melodramatic and go on and on about ‘being forced to learn english for years!!’ and act like it was some horrible oppression that they’ve had to suffer. Also fat load of good all those years of study did, half of them can barely string together a coherent sentence.

No. 1524157

It's also funny when native English speakers just go about their day thinking it's normal to know just one language your whole life.

No. 1524161

I watched it since I was a huge Vocaloid fangirl. ryo/supercell and nagi performed the ending theme song and it was one of the first time that a Vocaloid producer was featured in something professional. Dropped it after 3 episodes due to the absolutely rampant weird fetishiness. That ending song is still a banger though.

No. 1524162

It's crazy. They're not the types of people to see how bad things are overall. Maybe their lives are fine and they're well off, but they're worse than doormats.
I'm, personally, a whitepiller. I'll see those specs of optimism in the midst of all the suffering our society goes through. The thing is, optimism comes with hope that everyone else takes their part in leading a better life to their individual selves. I do know there's people out there that don't want to do the work, but they can do their own thing and not bother everyone else and guilt them or anything. That's just hope people are more assertive and selfish.

No. 1524163

I've never heard that complaint about english, but about the choice of third languages we need to learn. Usually the time you learn the third language isn't even enough to internalize it.

No. 1524166

Nta, but it is when you live in a country that's absolutely humongous, and a lot of the people in it can't actually afford to travel anywhere that's not another state. Second languages are taught in schools but it's not stressed because English is already the lingua franca of the world and again, most people can't travel that often and immerse in other cultures. Europeans know more than one language because their countries are smaller and closer to one another, and thus more intertwined.

No. 1524174

People won't be making fun of monolinguals nearly as often if they weren't such massive assholes to ESL speakers first. I'm glad monolinguals are finally getting dunked on more often for their inferiority.

No. 1524177


No. 1524184

What is it with anons responding with unrelated takes whenever someone questions or disagrees with them on something lately? If you can't actually argue with something, coming up with excuses won't compensate for it, kek.

No. 1524187

>Europeans know more than one language because their countries are smaller and closer
Not really, third and fourth languages are actively taught in school and most people forget them once they're out of school because we don't use them in our daily lives, well at least not in my country. I would not be able to even properly introduce myself in my neighbouring countries if I hadn't been taught their languages in school. I have a hunch that people from large countries vastly overestimate how much people from small countries really interact with each other, crossing the border a couple of times a year is not enough to pick up a language.

True, I can't really hold a proper conversation in my third and fourth languages (if you can even call it that).

No. 1524210

why do only English speakers get shit for being monolingual. Most Japanese or Korean people can barely hold a basic conversation in English or another language. The number of languages you speak isn't necessarily correlated to your intelligence. If you get taught a foreign language young and are exposed to it constantly you're going to get good at it even if you're dumb as rocks.

No. 1524234

because they're from twitter

No. 1524253

>have a hunch that people from large countries vastly overestimate how much people from small countries really interact with each other
Maybe, I've always had the impression that Europeans have closer relationships with their neighbors because of being in such close proximity.

No. 1524303

File: 1678891497212.png (166.54 KB, 1440x1185, Screenshot_20230315-094339.png)

they really don't. exceptions would be people living on borders, where they generally interact with citizens of another country more often and may cross over back and forth often for grocery shopping, entertainment, friends. but just like any other country, most probably only know the national or regional language to communicate fluently, with people in tourist areas knowing English, and younger people typically (but not always) also knowing enough English to communicate because of English-speaking media (movies, tv, vidya, social media, schooling).

No. 1524317

A closer relationship in what sense? We're not oblivious or ignorant about our neighbours, sure, but most people's day to day lives don't extend over the border. Like >>1524303 said that's mostly reserved for people who live in border regions. (Not trying to speak for all of Europe but this is my perspective as someone living within hours driving distance from multiple countries)

No. 1524343

that's me but with swedish

No. 1524357

I feel like some anons allow scrotes to obviously post as long as those scrotes agree with them.
Like for example anons who hate kpop will allow the scrote posters here together to harass kpopfags.

I get you dont like kpopfags but theyre stil women, are you really going to side with scrotes who are posting bestiality, porn, gore, bait memes just because they are mad at kpop. Its weird and no one call it out.

I also remember months ago a scrote was raging at anons for liking kpop and was spamming ''chink gook'' and no one found a problem with him. Idk.

No. 1524362

shit bait. Scrote is the only one posting in that thread right now.

No. 1524367

no one cares about your korean dick fetish

No. 1524372

how is it bait?
um what…i dont eeven like boy kpop groups.

No. 1524376

It’s hard for me to like kpop. The music is cute the idols are cute but I know they’d probably bully me or be disgusted by me in real life lol they probably find most of their fans repulsive because of how shallow and racist most Koreans are so I’m assuming idols are the same way.

No. 1524380

File: 1678894374122.jpg (335.81 KB, 2000x1333, Dung-Beetles.jpg)

the word kpop/k-pop should be banned or filtered to something like dung beetle

No. 1524381

Go back to choachan. You have an entire imageboard for your retardation, is it so hard to stay contained?
I vote cockroach

No. 1524383

I was in that thread. There was no gore, no bestiality and no scrotes. Stop fucking lying. The worst thing in there was the chicken hentai meme. I want to say something: We're not men just because we laugh at crazy things and don't support exploitation of teenagers and children to make garbage music. The retarded stans are the outliers trying to force their shit-tier culture on us. Ironically, it's male imageboards that have endless kpop generals because at its core, kpop is made by old disgusting scrotes to fund other old disgusting scrotes and titillate even more disgusting old and young scrotes.

No. 1524386

Can both of you pls just stfu. Go back to wherever you came from and take your chicken hentai and k-pop threads with you.

No. 1524387

Retard, I'm from here. I've been on Lolcow from the beginning, and that's why I'm against kpop. I saw how it shat up the place, so I will never give a fuck if any banned threads they make get spammed.

No. 1524390

I think that anon misunderstood your post as pro-kpop

No. 1524414

File: 1678898790375.jpg (114.36 KB, 960x960, 47414d8ac894d70e368766f38aa104…)

I don't care about kpop but I will tolerate and encourage your korean cryptid spam on occasion, because it makes moids seethe so much kek. I think most nonnies don't like it because it unfortunately also makes twitterfags feel welcome in case of making actual kpop threads.

No. 1524415

dogboy isn't even a kpop guy to me. in my mind he spawned here like elsie. her younger brother who she refuses to acknowledge and is deeply ashamed of kek

No. 1524417

I love this headcanon so much

No. 1524418

File: 1678899091086.png (25.21 KB, 333x338, 1645058701529.png)

kekkk that fits so nicely

No. 1524427

seeing another person I know losing herself to the kpop stan twitter machine I am willing to say I am turning into a grumpy old curmudgeon. I will listen to music and read kpop gossip on occasion, I'll casually watch things, but I will absolutely not wade into stan spaces and interact with them. kpop brain rot is real. pretty much all the groups I like disbanded or I lost interest in stanning. I started to see through the falsehoods and can't stand the shady culture of sk

I have witnessed multiple friends, one whom is now a former, become obsessed with the same boygroup. I do not know why this group makes all the women I've met go looney. it's not bts. I manage to remain in awe of how women can dedicate themselves to several mediocre, plastic men because they can dance and sing (barely) and make disingenuous cute faces on film.

No. 1524433

Is it SKZ? Because I've had the same happen with an irl friend and online mutuals and SKZ.

No. 1524445

Yes. What are they putting in their music and content to make fans go rabid like this?

No. 1524567

I wish smokers, hard drug abusers, and fatties would die more quickly. It's hard to believe the statistics whenever you see so many people like this.

No. 1524568

I love PJ Harvey's music, but whenever I read interviews with her from the 90s, she makes me sad. She gave such pickme vibes, repeatedly downplaying the lyrics of her songs, mentioning how she prefers men to women, claiming lyrics don't/shouldn't even matter, etc. Maybe she had to be that way because of the time period, but her songs feel so raw and even painful at times, and when she talks about them, it's like "H-Haha I was totally just laughing at myself". She's amazing, but it's such a letdown. I really love how she expressed feelings of dysphoria without ever actually trooning out, lampooned stereotypical femininity and just seemed so unapologetically…real in her art, no need for explanation. I just wish she was even more unapologetic.

No. 1524604

I think that most, if not all of the racebaiting posts on here are the work of white incels from 4chan

No. 1524608

i can almost assure you they're not white

No. 1524610

NTA but no you can't lol
>It wasn't me, it was all my swarthier brother!

No. 1524653

I don't understand posts like this because, what makes you think the women here can't be racist?

No. 1524656

After learning about sealchan nothing is impossible

No. 1524666

if you spent any time in the "racist incel" spaces instead of blowing gas you'd see 80% of them are anything but white. most raceposting anywhere is from non-whites. it's only on twitter and reddit where it's memed to be anything but the case. your dumb american mindset is showing.

No. 1524682

>most raceposting anywhere is from non-whites
This. I don't think about my whiteness at all. It's totally eclipsed by my Serbness, which I'm forced to think about too often.

No. 1524683

You're a projecting American incel piece of subhuman shit or a deluded pickme obsessed with massaging the mayo pole, and I can smell it because I've had far more exposure to those freaks than you're insisting. They are diverse, but also overwhelmingly WHITE. Go ahead and insist otherwise so I can start responding with face pics of well-known incel figures you'll jump to insist are "j-just exceptions". Autistic German cromagnons and Balkan troglodytes internally raging that their mothers did not abort them and constantly bashing and harassing black/brown women for being "ethnic bitches".
All men are garbage, no white nigels. Kys. Currycels and Sotomayor clones spamming "JBW" are bottom of the fucking barrel, but don't think that takes the heat off of the pig-complexioned cuckolds and nonces polluting the web with their filth.

No. 1524686

You are presumably a woman (ie an actual human). Men are not, don't be confused. Serbian men are some of the fucking worst on the internet about race shit. Almost no one in the international community gives a fuck about them, so they fixate on being white to flex on the other incels.
Only "normal" ones are Finns, and even they are disproportionately trannies.

No. 1524687

File: 1678927276858.gif (271.61 KB, 220x183, popcorn-movie-time.gif)

Uh oh, is it about to be a European smackdown in here?

No. 1524688

>I get you dont like kpopfags but theyre stil women, are you really going to side with scrotes

Yes. Kpop is a disgusting industry and your kpop faves are all rapist scum who most kpop fans defend and who the Korean government lets get away with the most vile shit imaginable. Cope about it.

No. 1524689

Don't talk about my dad like that, he would never shittalk you on the Internet, why you shittalk him

No. 1524692

>Serbian men are some of the fucking worst on the internet about race
Have you even met a Serb? I mean men in general are a low bar but I'd put Middle Eastern and Indian men (and Koreans lol) below Serbian ones.

No. 1524695

I always got the vibe Asian dudes shill themselves on here. That or we have more braindead idol fans than I'm comfortable with. I picked up the whole "Asian men are nicer uwu" thing from lc in the first place.

No. 1524697

Although tbf that was more of a PULL thing than an lc thing for some reason.

No. 1524699

I speak from personal experience. Arabs and Koreans are just below shit, but thanks to their small brains, their English is so poor that anyone can laugh them out of a conversation.
Moids from the irrelevant/shitty countries of Europe = racist out of perceived necessity. This is the simple fact of the matter. These are men who have no claim to fame apart from aryan LARPs, much like the broke, mentally retarded, morbidly obese pigshit white scrote of burgerland.

No. 1524701

As an asian myself when I first started seeing the "asian men respect women more" posts I thought people were being sarcastic. No one wants to outright say this, but the reason a lot of asian women in the west marry outside their race is literally because they want a husband who is fine with them working outside the home and having hobbies outside of being a personal maid. The sexism faced by women in countries like Japan and Korea is just on a level that most Westeners can't understand.

No. 1524704

Racism in Balkan countries isn't really violent or hostile in my experience, you'll just never be accepted as a native and they're moderately clannish. They're also fairly un-PC, saying stuff like Indians smell of curry and blacks have weird hair (from a European perspective), but I'd call that lack of familiarity or rudeness rather than racism.

No. 1524705

I posted about this in another thread but I've seen a lot of comments that boil it down to "diaspora East Asian men earn enough to let you be a housewife." I think that's fine, but that doesn't translate into respecting women. I think a lot of nonnas just have no real careers or future of their own so they fantasize about some Asian guy allowing them to sit on their ass on the internet all day in relative comfort if I'm being totally blunt about it.

No. 1524712

Diaspora asian men are also completely different from men actually born and raised in East Asia (although if you marry one you still get to become slowly driven insane by your in-laws). Braindead kpop fans just won't know the difference.

No. 1524714

I'm talking specifically about how they are on the internet and rejecting the "all the racists online are just nonwhites!" cope, it's not about real life interactions. Of course the ME is worse to live in lmao, I just refuse to play blind to white moid incel bullshit.

No. 1524715

I thought anon said a significant proportion of incels were non white, which was my experience lurking places like lookism back in the day too.

No. 1524716

>Serbian men racist
>I speak from experience
This can be true only and only if you're Romani

No. 1524717

Ah yeah. The ones who actually go to Japan and Korea to marry a local are head cases. There's a reason these marriages always fail and there's a reason so many cows have or have had Japanese or Korean husbands.

No. 1524719

Unfortunately "80%" of them are not curries, and "most raceposting anywhere" is not from nonwhites.

No. 1524723

Why do white male racists always deny being racists? At least hoteps say they hate white people with their chests and then go back to beating their girlfriends. If anything, racism is literally just a way for men to shift blame for their degeneracy onto different groups of men and manipulate pick-mes to be their attack dogs. No actually issues is ever actually solved, in fact they purposely want them to continue so they can always have a scapegoat.

No. 1524728

I think you're confusing conservatives with fascists/actual racists. I'm neither but the latter seem to be fairly open about being racist and hating non whites.

No. 1524733

Tbh i don't really see much of a difference.

No. 1524735

>if you spent any time in the "racist incel" spaces instead of blowing gas you'd see 80% of them are anything but white.
This is hilariously untrue lol

No. 1524738

This. It lowkey makes me think that every denier here is a white moid
Like how can you actually be oblivious to white male racism? Literally all you have to do is visit 4chan for 5 minutes.

No. 1524740

I think we differ there. I don't see center left liberals the same as communists for the same reason. It's not about morals or anything, it's just you can't really understand the world if you see it in a really simplistic way like you are doing.

No. 1524742

4channers are proud of their racism though.

No. 1524743

White moids love gaslighting. They do it to white women all the time, so of course they won't hold back when it comes to blatant racism. It's a shame how many women don't notice it and try to play "which moids are nicest". A lot of these pickmes are white women who don't understand what's going on when it's not pure sexism alone because they've never experienced racism, as well as naive non-white women who don't know the tactics differ and fall for the okie doke because Ahmed, Song-Ki and Drayvonius will straight up beat the shit out of them and verbally abuse them, while Bobby will at least somewhat "play nice" at first. There are also naive white women who think Asian/Korean men are "super soft and sweet and love us uwu" because they don't have the cultural experience other women do. I wish this "[x] race nigel" shit would stop.

No. 1524746

But just like yellowcels, they will still try to promote themselves to "the femoids" and lie about the most obvious things. You'd have to be fucking blind to not see it.

No. 1524747

Literally the only [X] race nigel stuff I've seen on lc is stuff that praises Korean/Asian men, I've even been called a jealous white moid for questioning it in the past. I can't remember anyone ever praising white men specifically… I am open to being proven wrong though.

No. 1524749

Yellowcells, moids, buzzword buzzword
Try to pretend you're a person talking at least
Try using actual words

No. 1524750

Seethe harder, bullshit will always be exposed and called out.

No. 1524751

What bullshit? Bullshit buzzwords? Yes. Enough.

No. 1524753

Off the top of my head, whenever anyone tries to say anything bad about white scrotes, users like paki-chan jump in and insist you must automatically be a first world white woman who doesn't understand what non-white women go through.

No. 1524754

>muh buzzwords
Try Reddit or Twitter or a BBS forum if you're so triggered by imageboard lingo.

No. 1524756

Paki Chan is a weird one though isn't she because she has this weird humblebrag pride in her ancient desi roots. Like most desis she takes things that are very dysfunctional about the society like the caste or jatt system and the tribal nature of politics and smugly assumes it's esotericism to foreigners means it's something worth being proud of (again classic desi trait). I think paki chan likes white men but hates white women. This is common for people with interracial fixations.

No. 1524757

That's not imageboard lingo, faggot
How can I tell?
They didn't say faggot one single time

No. 1524771

File: 1678936284259.png (345.69 KB, 583x579, Screenshot 45.png)

I'm not a homophobe-chan, I think gay men have a right to exist and not be persecuted but I don't think there's any reason for a gay male couple to have child(either through adoption or surrogacy) I just don't trust them and there's no social or biological compulsion for gay men to have children

No. 1524781

This is my new head Canon. Lmao he really does feel like a part of LC lore.

No. 1524782

You should have added like little scythes or smth above the boy's heads, the blood red splat over their faces just isn't enough, sorry

No. 1524783

>web 2.0 illiterate spacing
Go back

No. 1524784

File: 1678937813345.webm (5.78 MB, 320x568, Ec5nEY4CbNjPMaUp.webm)

like this shit, Skin to skin with two men that are completely foreign to the babies, they need their mother

No. 1524786

Oh my gosh, that baby is so tiny. Preemies make me so sad, poor thing.

No. 1524787

This makes me ill. Babies, especially new borns need their mothers. They form a bond in the womb after being carried for 9 months. It's scientifically proven. Men will never have this bond. Gay men are not right for children.

No. 1524789

I think they should be left alone in their seedy nightclubs, dogging spots, grindr apps and bathhouses where they can infect each other with STDs to their hearts content, but there's not any reason to tolerate their lifestyle in the public sphere.

Their lifestyle and mentality is just totally incompatible with the interests society. They gave up advocating for open pedophilia during the 80s begrudgingly, and you just know that if the winds changed, they'd let NAMBLA back into the pride parade.

No. 1524790

I think the majority of people have children for selfish reasons that's especially true of children born via surrogacy. There are so many awful stories of paid surrogates being abused by the parents and then most of the rich people hiring surrogates are just going to raise the kids using nannies anyway. I really hope commercial surrogacy becomes illegal in the US soon because there's absolutely no way for it to ever become ethical.

No. 1524795

Reminder Lesbians had to literally fight to get NAMBLA and other "MAP" activist groups away from the early gay rights activism.
>In 1980, a group called the Lesbian Caucus distributed a flyer urging women to split from the annual New York City Gay Pride March, because according to the group, the organizing committee had been dominated by NAMBLA and its supporters.[40] The next year, after some lesbians threatened to picket, the Cornell University group Gay People at Cornell (Gay PAC) rescinded its invitation to NAMBLA co-founder David Thorstad to be the keynote speaker at the annual May Gay Festival

No. 1524796

>this weird humblebrag pride in her ancient desi roots
I know right? She’ll say something like ‘My family may be nothing but a bunch of illiterate-inbred-tribal-mountain peasant farmers. But I’m PROUD of it and I am PROUD of the fact that my children will be illiterate-inbred-tribal-mountain peasant farmers.’ It’s so annoying.

No. 1524798

The surrogacy industry is so exploitative. Predominantly poor women of color enduring the pain and emotional toll and potential death risk of pregnancy and birth for mainly rich white people. People will claim adoption is too difficult but then only want to adopt a baby specifically, too, and not be interested in older kids or foster kids, so all those older kids go uncared for. Rather than wanting to help care for and aid another human being and better their life through support and guidance they want a baby the way people want a pet kitten.

No. 1524806

I totally get the tribal pride. I am a member of a (European) tribe too. I think it's you that's coping. Belonging is a universal need.

No. 1524807

File: 1678939877067.png (430.12 KB, 510x766, apple_cat.png)

It's not complicated, I'm a Jatt and I have pride in being a Jatt and my children will be Jatts
what >>1524806 I belong to a specific tribe with a 400 year recorded history, that history is in me and will be part of my children
what tribe are you part of If you don't mine me asking ?

No. 1524809

samefag also I don't hate white women, I just think western(this can include white, Hispanic and other races) feminists can be a little hyperbolic at times, comparing the abortion ban in one state to the actual taliban takeover of Afghanistan

No. 1524813

I'm afraid I'll doxx myself if I name it
It's a Montenegrin tribe
But if I tell you what it is you can guess my surname

No. 1524814

you don't have to tell if you don't want to, but I can feel your ancestors too toiled in mountain valleys while Invaders came and went and ignored us

No. 1524815

>I can feel your ancestors too toiled in mountain valleys while Invaders came and went and ignored us
This is making me howl kek

No. 1524819

Nta but congrats. That anon was being nice to you and you still acted like a retard. There's a reason why you're so lonely irl paki-chan, you're insufferable.

No. 1524822

what are you on about, I was expressing a moment of solidarity with her, also I had friends IRL and still in contact with them, I just live in a shitty small city

No. 1524823

So much shit that women get called BPDfags for are literally just men on an average tuesday. Men will start literal riots in the streets over sports teams and we're the crazy ones?

No. 1524824

>I was expressing a moment of solidarity with her
>I can feel your ancestors too toiled in mountain valleys while Invaders came and went and ignored us

No. 1524829

yes and, my ancestors toiled away on mountain valleys while various Invaders came and thought our land was to hard to conquer and left us alone

No. 1524925

You're welcome to be proud of it, but desis are total BSers (moreso the Hindu Nationalist crowd than your crowd, but I'm sure you know what I mean).

No. 1524937

All men have BPD until proven otherwise.

No. 1524940

A lot of people say shit testing is wrong, but it's absolutely necessary for women to do if they don't want to end up with a complete failure of a partner. Seeing how a man reacts to your boundaries, to you being a little disagreeable, to you not catering to his every whim is just basic shit and it's pathetic that men see it as manipulation. Manipulation is lying to a woman and pretending to be better than you actually are, and then trapping her in a shitty relationship and child when she's too invested to leave.

No. 1524942

File: 1678957305203.png (2.15 MB, 1372x922, Ethnic_groups.png)

"desis" aren't a thing, its a term by urdu/hindi speaking dispora, see Indian is like European, a region with some shared history but vastly different
an Italian has as much as common with a German as much as a Tamil has in common with a Pashtun

No. 1524947

Based, this is my mindset 24/7, glad I'm not the only one

No. 1524955

Based take, I agree.

No. 1525071

I don’t think men only became the gender in power because of physical strength. They are naturally more manipulative, cut throat, narcissistic and opportunistic than women and will murder their own family to get to success. I can see this in how women act in relationships, while the woman is being reasonable and helpful the man is usually plotting on how much he can get what and what she can used for. Women will probably never be the gender in power for this reason.

No. 1525088

And the saddest part is when women are manipulative and cut-throat, they're usually that way towards other women and sometimes their own children instead of moids. As long as women are fighting each other instead of banding together against moids there will never be change.

No. 1525098

File: 1678981259720.png (357.53 KB, 1362x784, Screen_Shot_2019-01-25_at_10.2…)

I prefer phonecalls to any written communication. Sending emails is like pulling teeth, I hate them so much. Texting is tolerable.

No. 1525107

Gold diggers are so cringe to me. They think they are so girl boss/empowered but they are actually pushing the idea that women are dumb sluts that can be controlled by money and items. If you want to be a gold digger that’s fine but it should be something you keep to yourself and that you’re ashamed of. You fucked a scrote for rent or a purse, you’re embarrassing.

No. 1525111

I have this preference too and I've never met anyone who shares it. I can make a phone call on the spot, make my point clearly, get exactly what I want, come across friendly and nice, and feel accomplished when I hang up. Meanwhile I can sit on an unsent email having panic attacks for months (sometimes years kek), and after I send it I want to jump off a cliff every time. I can barely text either, even to text a friend a casual "how's it going" type message is very difficult. For some reason there are a handful of people who this just doesn't apply to, and obviously I can write fine anonymously. The amount of friendships and opportunities I have lost because of this over the years is truly insane. Why the fuck does this even happen? I haven't been diagnosed but I wonder is it some type of OCD.

No. 1525145

File: 1678984400549.jpg (108.39 KB, 736x824, 2eb96ce1243a3bf6f5e3d7ca947759…)

What if they murder the moid and keep the fortune?

No. 1525152

>You fucked a scrote for rent or a purse

thats a terrible golddigger. The best one I know got her life and kid's life permanently situated in a comfy and privileged lifestyle. He's butt ass ugly though.

No. 1525161

>he is butt ugly

Which is why she should be ashamed. It makes hideous men believe all they need is money to get women and that women are nothing but whores.

No. 1525182

Based qween

No. 1525202

Debbie really had it right though. She never even had sex with Fester and he was ready to cut off his whole family and hand his fortune over to her. Would have pulled it off too were it not for Fester being literally too retarded to die.

No. 1525208

File: 1678991433600.jpg (465.16 KB, 1392x1912, Jiang_Qing_1976.jpg)

>I can see this in how women act in relationships, while the woman is being reasonable and helpful the man is usually plotting on how much he can get what and what she can used for. Women will probably never be the gender in power for this reason.

Women have wielded a lot of political power historically and typically have been brutal with it when they have it. Bipartisanship, moderation and compromise doesn't really come into effect for women rulers. The women in the Ottoman harems typically killed each other's children violently and were sociopathic animals.

It's more when women become mothers that this side comes out.

No. 1525219

I know so many women who have supported broke ass junkie men and I feel like that's equally if not more embarrassing. Women deserve a partner who's financially stable.

No. 1525220

ayrt, holy shit you actually put my exact thoughts into words. If it helps you, I actually do have OCD, maybe it could be related to that.

No. 1525226

They deserve one but only brag about it if the man is hot and age appropriate. If you brag about fucking old and or ugly men for financial stability you’re putting it into mens heads they can treat women like shit in their youth and as long as they get money at some point they can start a family with no consequences.

No. 1525227

File: 1678993298996.jpg (194.54 KB, 1080x1079, 265425b98da5c3be29954bdb7a99af…)

>only brag about it if the man is hot and age appropriate
So true anon. I can't stand women showing their disgusting pig husbands who have money like that's a lifestyle anyone should be jealous of

No. 1525228

“ Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?
You know I love to go there
Say I'm actin' light skin, I can't take you nowhere
This a place for families that drive Camrys and go to Disney
They don't need to know all of our business”-drake

It makes me sad drake is probably going to be the next rkelly he’s so funny and he’s not a coon who discriminates against black women. I like him but I know he’s going to get blasted for being a pedo one day. Like who would think to put lyrics like that in a song kek

No. 1525232

A lot of these women have no standards for men other than them paying the bills and not beating their face in everyday. It teaches men that all they need to do is have money and not be physically abusive but everything else is fine.

No. 1525233

What are the real downsides to marrying a rich seventy year old? He's so old he can barely manage to have sex, you're just there on his side for social events for him to show off like a rolex. He'll age into a rocking chair at the age of 80 and you'll be free to do whatever you want until he passes away.

Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems like an easy and safe way through life.

No. 1525239

It’s a problem for women who don’t suck dick for money. Men expect to come to us a certain way and think we will fuck anything as long as he waves a 2k purse in our face or treat us like shit because he’s young and he knows he can just snatch up a whore when he’s 50 and he’s good. The way you act has consequences for all of us. A lot of men under the age of 50 who are building their career or are rich treat women like trash when they are young because they know when they are ready to settle down some whore looking for a meal ticket is going to be there to pop out his autist babies.

No. 1525250

Rich people live much older than 70 these days. You can get abused for 20 years before he dies, receive STDs from the prostitutes he visits, and then find out he changed the will last second to give everything to his children. Relying on men for security is an awful gamble to make with your life in general.

No. 1525257

You're more likely to be abused by a young scrote than an old one because of testosterone and the fact they have energy. And old people may live longer, but under the hood it's all obliviousness, relying on others, low energy and gullibility after the age of 70 for everyone.

No. 1525258

>It makes hideous men believe all they need is money to
That sounds like a problem with the men then, honestly.

No. 1525264

They are abusive and careless when they are young because they can be. They know that they can have fun, treat women like garbage and fuck because they can just easily settle down when they are old which is something women can’t do. I bet if that 70 year old had his 20 year old looks despite having low testosterone he would be up to his same bullshit.

No. 1525275

is this bait? individual women rulers in an extreme patriarchal system (and are extremely male-identified) who are the exception, is not the same as regularly having women in power.
>The women in the Ottoman harems typically killed each other's children violently and were sociopathic animals.
Do you seriously consider being a ruler's whore a meaningful position of power? of course they acted like this because they had no real power in male-dominated systems. men owning and raping multiple women is sociopathic behavior in and of itself.

No. 1525295

Also regardless of who took power, the remaining princes would either be killed or exiled forever, it makes sense they were so ruthless, if you could prevent the death of yout child you'd do anything

No. 1525298

File: 1678997864112.jpg (68.02 KB, 1200x675, Britni_Church_2.jpg)

People who intentionally have a lot of kids are selfish and too focused on their own fantasy of having a large family, and don't consider how the children will be affected psychologically. IMO three kids is fine in most cases, four is kinda pushing it but can turn out okay under the right circumstances. But I don't think you can realistically raise five or more children without any of them developing psychological issues related to parentification (especially older girls), emotional neglect, enmeshment, lack of privacy, lack of identity, sibling rivalry, either getting disciplined too harshly or never facing any consequences (bonus points if the rules are unfair towards girls or older kids), you get the idea. Like sure you might have the resources to keep 5+ kids alive and physically healthy, but there's no way you'll have enough time and energy to give all of them an adequate amount of personal attention and emotional attunement. Raising kids to be well-adjusted and mentally healthy requires more than just keeping them fed and alive. Large families are breeding grounds for people pleasers, attention seekers and personality disorders

No. 1525300

Well said!

No. 1525303

Beyoncé's new album is just ok. The only song I really care about from it is Church Girl.

No. 1525312

Having three kids is too much imo, but should be the limit regardless. Sometimes women just happen to have twins, so it is what it is. I judge people who have a lot of kids, especially one after the other because it just makes me feel the kids are unloved/neglected and the woman is just a baby making machine, which is disturbing.

No. 1525313

Adding to this, I dont agree with people having kids with huge age gaps. My sister has a 15 year old and a 1 year old. It's just sad to see that. Why even want a kid after one is nearing adulthood? It ends up the older kid taking care of the younger one.

No. 1525315

Trueeeee. My friend literally raised her 4 younger siblings. Her youngest brother calls her mama lmao

No. 1525321

It's sad this isn't considered a popular opinion but so many people will say you're infantilizing women by not trusting them to decide for themselves how many kids they should want or some shit.
My sister is 13 years older than me. The thing is, she wasn't really forced to babysit me, but we definitely don't really have a relationship because with that kind of age gap the older one moves out of the house when the younger is still barely sentient. I wouldn't ever do it myself.

No. 1525322

my grandmother had 9 children and only the youngest few had children, probably cause the older siblings experienced firsthand the child raising or the general full house stress. Catholicism… then grandma helped raise us few grandchildren. I wish she wrote a book or something so I could have known her more.

No. 1525341

They are always very trad or very trashy, the kids rarely end up normal.

No. 1525357

I'm from a family of 4 and I firmly believe 1-2 is all the kids you need. 2 is stretching it as well if one of the kids has problems. I used to get so angry when my mom would get pregnant again because it's like great another kid coming before me when I already get ignored

No. 1525492

File: 1679008569263.jpg (109.67 KB, 1079x758, Screenshot_20230316-225819_Chr…)

This anon has a point, but they've worded it horribly. Some black people genuinely are hostile to any and all white people, but that stems from trauma. I'm not trying to justify it, but I think if someone's gone through so much racism that they are that bigoted, that is something to be pitied instead of mocked. Not all black people hate white people and not all white people are unempathethic to black people. You have to find the ones who will accept you for who you are.

No. 1525496

what will be the biggest age gape acceptable to you ?

No. 1525501

That already caused an infight in the other thread, why the fuck are you bringing it to another thread?

No. 1525504

From what I noticed the average everyday black person does not care about white people. White people care more about us than vice versa(copying what we do, trying to bar us from shit, getting mad that they arent included). I honestly don’t understand where the obsession comes from since white people are on top. The average zoomer white scrote tries so hard to be a hood black guy and it’s confuses me. Even when black people tried to make our own towns white people would come and burn them down out of jealousy which makes no sense because I thought you didn’t want us around?it’s a weird I love you but I hate you relationship.

No. 1525508

The world is basically a global village and technology has allowed us to start integrating cultures into the mainstream. The surge in social justice has made black culture popular. Nowadays most zoomers regardless of race listen to rap.

No. 1525510

It was like that even before the internet. Check out the 70s when white people were getting perms to have Afros. Everyone calls out black people but why don’t people notice how creepy white people have been towards us the past 200+ years?no wonder we are unhinged.

No. 1525512

Something something straight weaves.

No. 1525513

It's an unpopular opinion so I put it in the unpopular opinion thread duh.

No. 1525518

Agreed. I also feel like with that many kids, other bad things can happen. I would worry about incest between the older teens and the younger children. There’s unfortunately so many stories about children getting sexually assaulted by their siblings, and I would think having this many kids (with little supervision most likely) increases those chances.

No. 1525535

as one in the middle of 7 kids total i can confirm the trashy tendencies and i did not turn out normal.

No. 1525546

only the top ramen soy flavor is vegetarian, not maruchan

No. 1525555

this sounds autistic, but I love looking up random countries fertility rates. Google provides a nice chart and almost all of them (except Africa) are dropping. Even MENA/South Asia. My own family is an example of that. My grandmother had 6 kids, my mom had 2, my sister has 1, and I plan on having none.
Women and the earth are finally catching a break.

No. 1525560

I do the same kek, it's pretty autistic but it's a subject that fascinates me.

France went through the demographic transition early (They were the first to hit sub replacement iirc) and their birthrates are noticeably higher than the rest of western Europe now, especially Germany. It's theorized by some that there's going to be a resurgence in birthrates once people like me and you are weeded out of the gene pool, and the breeders are all that's left.

No. 1525610

could this be due to their high number of immigrants? the same thing happened in sweden.

No. 1525624

Quiet BPD isn’t real and is just misdiagnosed CPTSD

No. 1525638

men are innately bisexual

No. 1525648

CPTSD is a spoiled white woman's disease.(bait)

No. 1525659

Femcels don't exist. Whether its voluntarily celibacy or not, Women don't want to shack up with anyone with a pulse like men do. We have "high standards" because we don't want be intimate with people we don't feel attraction to.

No. 1525672

Not as big an age gap but this post reminds me of a time I was at work (retail), there was a mom shopping with her three kids (one ~13 year old girl, and two young kids, one girl and one boy, both around 3-5). The two youngest were fighting and running around. The mom said something dismissive in Spanish to her oldest daughter, and the 13 year old got up and snatched both kids off the ground mid-sprint by the hair at the tops of their heads. They cried but they stopped running around. Really felt for her at that moment, she has no business playing backup mommy and should be enjoying her own youth.

No. 1525674

File: 1679023272198.jpeg (33.43 KB, 1120x630, 637dbacb0b8ff4f726a927c1_1120_…)

Religious Christian folk who refuse to "believe" in evolution have no real faith because denying reality or science supported by facts & proof just to believe in God and his teachings is a massive cope.
True believers understand that God's plan involved taking the time to make humans just right.
Evolution is the how we came to be, God is the why.

No. 1525681

christians and muslims are braindead, but christian countries at least allow for this to be fairly debated.

No. 1525696

>True believers understand that God's plan involved taking the time to make humans just right.
Wouldn't true believers believe that god is all-mighty and perfect and didn't need time to make things right?

No. 1525697

Hard cope from people who can't answer
>why is life so hard on Earth? Why not just have humans live only in heaven?

No. 1525698

There are secular objections to evolution though.

No. 1525699

There are secular objections to evolution though.

No. 1525719

It's hard to really verify the existence of femcels when incelism has become so synonymous with men. It's so deeply ingrained in sexism and male privilege at this point that can we even argue a female version exists?

>inb4 someone retorts "the term incel was coined by a woman!"

No. 1525725

why does it matter if femcels have standards while moids don't? i see this argument all the time and i don't get it. whether it's the inability to find an adequate partner or any partner at all doesn't change the fact that they don't have sex either way despite wanting it. not to mention that there's always a dumb kink for something, so i'm sure that out of billions of people on earth there would be at least a few degenerate women with a saviour complex or dick cheese fetish willing to fuck some neckbeard virgin.

No. 1525729

i spent seven years in incel communities, long before the term was ever popular and used as an insult by zoomers, and in that time i had seen probably no less than 80 woman who offered to have sex with anyone if they came to them. some of them fakecels took them up on the offer, they had sex with these women, being cured of their inceldom, and many did not because they didn't want to "be with a whore". and that's where the divide comes from. you have people believing inceldom comes from plainly not having free (as in monetary) sex, then you have the belief that is not JUST about sex, it's about being in a relationship and having sex. And if it is the latter, then females can be incel in abundance.

No. 1525732

…you think post traumatic stress disorder is a spoiled white peoples disease? You don’t think that a series of traumatic events can lead to chronic post traumatic stress? I’m concerned because usually only moids possess this total lack of insight and empathy that they try to disguise as virtuous or the only just way to think.

No. 1525733

It's just a twitter immigrant, ignore.

No. 1525736

You have to kiss him and smell his stinky old man breath, look at his haggard old man face, listen to his croaky old man voice as he calls you darling and sweetheart or whatever, smell his old man farts, see his drooping old man bollocks and be seen with him in public and everyone knows you’re a long term prostitute to a fossil.

No. 1525737

that anon is wack, just report for bait and ignore them for being stupid

No. 1525738

My unpopular opinion is I hate hot women who have pig ugly bfs and even husbands like this, and I especially hate when they give birth to their pig offspring. If I see couples like this I hope and pray for their downfall. These women make it harder for the rest of us. If a woman who’s twice as attractive as I am is fucking men I wouldn’t even spit at, then what hope do I have?

No. 1525745

his kids (that are older than you) will be taking most of his estate.

No. 1525748

That depends on whether or not you convinced him to write them out of the will

No. 1525751

If you want to huff my grandpas stinky breath for the rest of his life then Godspeed to you, clearly money is the only thing in life that gives you purpose and you have no other way of obtaining it. Have at his will and you can go get yourself a toy boy and repeat the whole nauseating cycle all over again. Only this time he will probably shove your now decrepit old woman body down the stairs.

No. 1525768

only if your grandpa is attractive anon or else no dice

No. 1525787

Literally it's so preferable to make your own money without having to suck off old man cock. Like there's a Filipina at work who married this disgusting rich old man from here and she works in our company and does constant overtime and she does not need the money. She enjoys time away and flirting with all the factory workers. Her scote doesn't want to have a baby and said he'll deport her if she does. I want her to find a much nicer younger man. She's a gem. Dirty old men gtfo

No. 1525854

Dating apps are for whores. All I heard about them is bad one night stands.

No. 1525898

Funny how you only attack women here when males make up the majority of dating apps and websites

No. 1525970

I’ve had 2 long term relationships from dating apps in the last 5 years and 0 hook ups that went further than kissing. Dating apps is the only way an antisocial weirdo shut in like myself could ever find a bf because you will not catch me going to the fucking club or dating a coworker. I’m very good at vetting men and I can usually tell if they’re whores or time wasters after a short conversation. Men give a lot of clues of their intentions away without realising.

No. 1525978

Dating apps were really bad for me when I had shit self-esteem and was poor because it made my decisions around scrotes very naive and desperate.

Once I developed my career, obtained nice things, and got rid of the scarcity mentality, I had a way better time and actually chose to be around pretty cool dudes cause I enforced boundaries with my standards. I could at least count on them to take me on nice dates, get me pretty good drugs, and not sexually assault me. The whole point was to have fun and I lost sight of that when I was a pickme who tried too hard to be loved.

No. 1525982

Men can be whores too, funny how you immediately only thought of women

No. 1525983

Dating apps pretty much made me asexual. I really got to see the true nature of men at their purest form. Maybe I have a different experience with them since I’m black. Most of the men on there are illiterate and idk if they are acting dumb to seem “hood” to me or if men are just dumber now, they are boring, I get 1000s of matches and 99% of them are ugly to me and the 1% I do find attractive are bisexual or only want sex, they are extremely paranoid of you falling in love with them but then when they can sense you don’t care they start acting weird. I got accused of being a good digger because I went on date and didn’t have sex. Dating apps pretty much taught me that most men are dumb, they project their bad qualities on to women which makes them paranoid and all of them have low self esteem. Most of the time they are scared of being fucked over because they know they are bad people and assume women on dating site are up to the same shit.

No. 1525988

dating apps made me realized I'd rather be voluntarily celibate for 3 years. who wants to sift through penis pictures all the livelong day knowing they don't crave actual conversation? men have the emotional depth of a puddle.

No. 1526002

I think most women know that now since women apparently only make 40% if tinder users now, and that doesn't account for all the bots and troons on the site. A lot of moids would get angry at women for using the app as a dating site instead of hetrosexual grindr.

No. 1526008

Men use tinder as an excuse to act up but they are like the same on all dating sites. I’ve come to the conclusion that a man who actually wants a gf will just find one in real life and men on dating apps are just looking for women they can hook up with and forget about.

No. 1526012

Whore has always specifically meanta woman.

No. 1526014

Nta, but all I got from dating apps are a couple dates here and there that went nowhere. Also no hook ups, at most a kiss on the third date. I feel like with dating apps you're so focused on creating an image that gets the matches you want, it ends up feeling inauthentic? There's just so much pressure. I'm also a bit of an antisocial weirdo nowadays who doesn't want to shit where she eats, so I still have to resort to the internet, but I've had better luck in spaces with shared hobbies.

No. 1526018

Pizza tastes infinitely better a day or so after & cold

No. 1526022

I found my bf on plenty of fish because men kept telling me tinder is for hook ups only. People say PoF is bad and maybe thats cause you can message people without meeting some requirement, I used a tool to see guys near me and saw my bf photo and messaged him first. The app just became our IM app until he asked for my number, after we met we both deleted the app without informing each other and we're going to Dublin next month for our anniversary. He's an introvert like me we wouldn't have met irl.

No. 1526026

Congrats nonnie! Hope Dublin is lovely

No. 1526110

I don’t create an image. I briefly outline my interests and post pictures. It helped me just to make contact with men and that’s all I needed. I also live very rurally and there isn’t much of a youth scene. You want to be yourself as much as possible, it will help you filter out those who aren’t right for you. Don’t change yourself to impress a guy, don’t lie about your opinions and what you think of stuff. I find most men don’t really care if you agree with them all the time, because they’re assholes who love a debate and it will give you more to talk about.

No. 1526149

Cold leftover pizza supremacy

No. 1526470

intersectional feminism is retarded. I will never believe that a desi girl who grew up in the boston suburbs to surgeon parents is more oppressed than a trailer trash white girl in appalachia with methhead parents.

No. 1526486

It just can’t be intersectional if it doesn’t consider class, like, ever. Most women are poor so they can’t get onboard with it because in the real world it doesn’t always work like the feminist theory says it does. this is one of the reason feminism is considered fake bullshit by a lot of women even though women are oppressed and exploited on a large scale

No. 1526492

sounds like someone doesn't know what intersectional feminism is, kek. No one rates oppression points to find "the most oppressed uwu" it's about considering different aspects of oppression and how they manifest differently for people in different circumstances. But you'd know that if you ever read an ounce of feminist writing instead of seething about what a bunch of retard 20 somethings on twitter write.

No. 1526494

This is something a white person can’t understand but no one knows your background by looking at you. Even if the Indian girl or black girl has a better up bringing people are going to assume things about her and treat her differently based on what she looks like. A cute white girl could be white trash but with the right outfit she’s going to get treated better.

No. 1526498

I think what intersectional feminism is, is not something that many farmers actually know because this post and many others I've seen like it show a poor understanding.

No. 1526508

>oppression is how people perceive you and not your lived experience

No. 1526568

Exactly. Would you say a rich white girl has it better than a poor white man the same age if no one knows their back ground? I’ve seen white men with worse backgrounds than me get offered jobs just because they were young and had a suit on.

No. 1526582

The reason why so many young girls become tifs its because radfems are so fucking cringe and anti-fun. According to most people here you cant even like anime or other ''moid media'', everything is icky and moidish to them. If you are weird and autistic you are a NLOG and if you are somehow more normal you are a pick-me. There is no winning on either side, but at least one is filled by other young people who let you be as cringe as you want and allow you with open arms to their community, as long as you cut your tits and ruin your life with hormones. At this point i have accepted i am not a radfem, i just hate men and troons and i enjoy my cringe hobbies like games and anime without feeling guilty over it.

No. 1526586

Why are you so mad about a hypocritical rich brown girl when most brown girls are probably broke and forced to marry men they don't like without even having the chance to get proper education nevermind have rich surgeon parents?
If you're white and living in a first world country yet you failed to get a good career or got born to shitty parents, that's %100 your issue. Don't drag a random woman into your own shortcomings.

No. 1526587

Girls become tifs because they want to ditch the label/stop being seen as a girl/woman because they're oversexualized amongst other things. Unlike the oversexualisation of women, radfeminism has next to no presence irl.

No. 1526596

First time in 15 years since I’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle, Christian Bale sounds like a natural in this role, wish he dubbed more Ghibli films.

No. 1526597

I do think that some women making girls feel like losers for having weird taste and hobbies may be part of the reason they troon out, but it's obviously not the main cause. The real cause is rampant misogyny and objectification of girls and women in society at large, like >>1526587 said, though I'd also add the fact that troonery is being officially endorsed by health orgs and governments worldwide. You sound like you live in an online bubble and are completely unaware of what women (including yourself) experience in real life on a daily basis or just don't notice that what they experience is wrong to begin with. You must be pretty lucky to have never been sexually abused, have had misogynistic parents, or discriminated against at work or school to think video games and anime are the main factor in a TIF's self-hatred. Please go outside, read a book, touch grass, talk to women, get a job, whatever the fuck other than sitting on your ass all day posting about cartoons on imageboards before blaming these imaginary radfems that are supposedly making all girls everywhere hate themselves according to you. The extent to which you care about women's issues is just consoomer hobbies and that's ok, just don't try to lecture anyone beyond that as if you knew more than women who actually care about real life lol.
>everything is icky and moidish to them
And there's nothing wrong with that because it is a fact that most media is made by and for moids, and women in it are naturally going to be depicted in a distorted and sexist way, which isn't going to sit right with a lot of women. You can continue to consoom moid media and even discuss it, no one can stop you anyway, but they're right about it and you know it. There is nothing wrong with admitting that what you like is flawed.

I'll agree with this though. Even if I'm sympathetic to radfem ideas, I'm not a radfem either, just gender-critical, and I don't know if there's a more formal name for "pinkpilled" but I'm that also.

NTA but systemic issues affect anyone, not just non-white women, although they are often the most affected. It's not an either/or matter, just because there are women who have it worse it doesn't mean you have to lack empathy for poor and vulnerable white women, much less blame them for "their own shortcomings" which are things they have no control over. The same arguments are used to blame third-worlders for being poor, in both cases it shows an incredible lack of nuance and critical thinking. Extremely braindead take.

No. 1526613

Kek, you are an idiot.
Girls want to become tifs because of how much life fucks women over. Even as a teenager girls would be bullied for enjoying something out of the "norm" in a chunk of non western countries. What is this bait.

No. 1526617

Stop playing oppression olympics. I don't know why but recently newfags are terribly obsessed with shitting on minority women and saying they're more oppressed than Asian/Black women because they know a rich minority woman or something as if the reason anons are broke isn't because they're autistic lazy neets with no education or qualification.

No. 1526644

Why these idiotic takes? lol

No. 1526653

there are plenty of "antis" and puritans on the trans side already, dumbass. if fandom isn't fun it's because men suck or the obsessive women are beefing with each other over stupid shit. plenty of radfems still engage with anime or "moidish" shit, they're accepting of the fact it's scrote-y as hell.

No. 1526672

I can understand why men are such whores and cheaters because if I were in their position I’d probably be the same
>they have access to beautiful women who barely have any standards
>they have tons of options when it comes to variety. They can have a black instagram baddie and if they get bored of that they can easily go find a cute blonde.
>they can cheat tons and know there will be barely any consequences. They know she’s going to stay and if not o well she’s easily replaced.
>a lot of women are so desperate to keep a man that they will even allow their man to bring women into the relationship

Most women don’t cheat not because we are loyal angels it’s because it would be a waste of time. Why would I bother cheating when I’m just going to be faced with the same ugly man with a shit personality everytime?men have tons of different varieties so I can see why cheating and being a whore is exciting for them.

No. 1526762

>they have access to beautiful women who barely have any standards
Are you retarded? Beautiful women do have standards and most guys keep obsessing about thatone pretty girl that hugged them once because of that, because most of them can't ever get a pretty girl to like them.
That's why dating apps make them mad, they do want to believe that they can get any pretty woman just by being a man but once they use a dating app and see that they can't keep any woman's attention and that women actually also want attractive men, they lose their minds.
Stop repeating male logic and acting like men can have any woman they like, it's fucking disgusting.

No. 1526798

I’m not talking about losers. I’m talking about men who have the charisma to be able to cheat. Not all men can have any woman they like but they do have more options than us if they aren’t extremely socially retarded. It’s way easier for an ugly or average guy to get a cute gf who loves them than it is for a woman in the same looks category.

No. 1526799

ugly gross moids cheat too. no one is safe.

No. 1526802

>Stop playing oppression olympics.
The post you're replying to is literally saying this.

The claim that non-white women are more privileged and white women have it worse, that's something you pulled out of your ass and no one has said anything close to that, no one is "shitting on minority women", the first poster, who does seem to have a poor understanding of what "intersectional", just said she doesn't believe a rich woman with a comfortable life that happens to belong to an ethnic minority is more oppressed than an ethnic majority girl who didn't choose to be born in a poor region and family, which is absolutely a valid opinion. Do you not see the difference between that simple statement and saying white women in general are more oppressed?
It's strange how you defend the very few exceptions of "minority" women (they're not a minority in their family's country of origin and I'm sick of the word being used as a replacement for "not white" because it shows a very US-centric worldview) that come from a rich family, but insist on shitting on white women who have shitty lives, just because there's other groups of women who have it worse. Rich non-white women are oppressed but so are poor white women (of which there are more than rich minority women, it's not individual cases of autism and laziness like you claim), there's no reason to fight over who's more oppressed when they both are victims of misogyny, one of them suffers the effects of racism and the other the effects of poverty and classism, which you blame them for inflicting on themselves. Meanwhile you say nothing about poor women who aren't white who actually face the same challenges as both of those women, it's like you're only focusing on the racism part but not the poverty part as if poverty wasn't a systemic issue too or didn't exist at all.

No, what you are doing is the definition of oppression Olympics. Again, you use the same arguments as racists when they say "third worlders are broke because they're autistic lazy neets with no education or qualfication" only instead of third worlders you say white women. I should know, I am a third worlder and have heard that argument used against us and against poor people in my country countless times by rich and racist people from here and other countries. Like obviously they're all going to have a shit education and few job opportunities due to the system fucking them over, that's what being oppressed means.
The system doesn't magically exclude an entire race from all oppression, poor white women are just as likely to be sold into prostitution and sex slavery as any other poor woman, it's just that white women are less likely to be poor but that doesn't mean they're always rich either. You are capable of getting this simple fact, right? It's not a fucking competition to see who has it worse, the rich one or the white one.

Do you lack reading comprehension or something? Oh wait no, you're just bored and looking for a fight. But if you're gonna reply seriously please at least read the post carefully instead of skipping important words before you formulate your counterargument again kek.

No. 1526806

I would actually want a cute house husband if it was guaranteed that he'd actually go above and beyond. Like cooking elaborate meals that take hours, making desserts, putting a lot of effort into decorating and fixing the house while I'm gone, being into some sort of craft and making nice things for me, giving hour long massages when I get home. But you just know that 99% of men will look at degenerate porn all day instead of doing things to make his wife's live happier and and more pleasant. That's why women don't want stay-at-home husbands.

No. 1526816

South Asian women in America are actually usually financially successful, and many often come from the upper class in their home countries. There’s so many that even claim to have lived in mansions with servants back home.

Except when they come to America, or are born and raised here to immigrant parents, they conveniently pull the race card and talk down to poor white women.

No. 1526818

Or maybe you’re just a braindead npc lol

No. 1526842

Your wealth does not change the way people perceive you and treat you without knowing your background. Would you say rich white women aren’t allowed to complain about their oppression because there are tons of white men poorer than them?no you wouldn’t.

No. 1526846

>repost the most dishwater take from babby's first anti-SJW channel
>"everyone else is the braindead NPC for not agreeing"
Kek, the biggest cope from actual NPCs

No. 1526850

White women make more than Hispanic and black men on average. You’re no longer allowed to complain about sexism.

No. 1526851

>rich white women aren’t allowed to complain about their oppression
nta but that's not an uncommon opinion on LC kek

No. 1526866

You're right, anon. One of the biggest reasons feminism is stagnating is because a lot of women are just hypocritical and low-empathy, including radfems. They keep using scrote-tier arguments to try and shut down other women, then wonder why those women want nothing to do with them.

No. 1526868

Even if a black or an Indian woman is upper middle class or rich she’s going to be going up against white nepo babies and white rich people so she’s still going to experience a ton of racism

No. 1526882

NTA. You're missing the point that the reaon the first anon thinks intersectional feminism is bullshit is because from her POV, even the existence of one rich non-white women proves racism is fake, just like moids think the existence of one female CEO or political figure proves sexism is fake.

No. 1526887

Racism is real but it doesn’t equal oppression lmao. You’re not systemically oppressed for being brown because a white hick called you a curry muncher out his car window lmao

No. 1526889

nta feminism should be segregated tbh. like lesbian feminism. bi feminism, het feminism, black feminism, east asian etc. nobody knows you & your struggles better than woman like you. trying to help everyone just leads to constant discourse & dilution because everybody is too busy arguing. also it will take different ways to improve the situations of women, there is no one size fits all

No. 1526890

Do you think white women commit more violence against non-white men than non-white men commit against white women? Is salary more important than physical safety? When white women are the ones being rapists and mass shooters, then come back to me.

No. 1526892

Nta but you don’t think that a Indian rich girl would experience racism at work and school with white people from the same economic backgrounds?do you think rich white people aren’t racist or something?

No. 1526895

>racism is only when white hicks are rude!
Is this bait or something? How out of touch can one person be? By this logic, sexism also is not oppression. Would love to see how you'd respond to some moid telling you "You’re not systemically oppressed for being a woman because a poor man called you a $3 unrapeable whore out his car window lmao" lmao

No. 1526897

Dave Chappelle literally made a joke about this. There is no white solidarity or tribalism that rich white people have towards poor white people. It comes down to classism, not racism.

No. 1526899

>work or school
I'm starting to think the person who called NEET is right. It's likely that the anon you're responding to does neither of these things, so she can't really conceive any experiences involving them on her own.

No. 1526900

Rich white people might not care about poor white people but that doesn’t mean they are accepting of minorities just because they have money. Most rich white people would flip the fuck out of their son tried to bring home a black girl or an Indian girl even if she is rich.

No. 1526902

>Most rich white people would flip the fuck out of their son tried to bring home a black girl or an Indian girl even if she is rich.
Nta but citation needed.

No. 1526903

Do you think a rich Indian woman suffers more because of catty, stereotypical comments among her peers, than a poor white woman does in a high crime, high poverty environment?

No. 1526904

You said that oppression is only based on your income. A rich white woman could just hire security to protect her from scrotes. Her oppression isn’t real since she has more money. This your logic, also the average poor black scrote is more likely to be killed or attacked than a rich white woman.

No. 1526907

Just because rich white people don't like you (for being poor) doesn't mean they like non-white people, even ones who happen to be rich. To begin with, brown/black people are statistically poorer.

No. 1526908

I honestly don’t think that. White “elites” in the upper echelons often marry outside of their race or are accepting of it. Look at every East or South Asian tech mogul or politician, they’re literally all married to white people of similar career and education backgrounds. Poor white people are more likely to be racist and tribalistic.

No. 1526909

We can tell you don't go outside because you think racism begins and ends with catty/stereotypical comments.

No. 1526910

Do you think some subtle sexism from scrotes really is as big of a deal as what some poor black man has to go through living in the hood and having to risk being murdered by not only people in his community but also the police? Rich white women have nothing to complain about.

No. 1526912

You keep bringing up black people and I’m not talking about them. I’m primarily talking about South Asians and MENA. Look at income based on race, they literally make more than white people on average. Indians/Iranians/Armenians/Iraqis/etc in the US are far from poor.

No. 1526913

Kek those poor black scrotes are murdered by who? Other black scrotes and scrote police officers. Let males kill each other, who gives a shit. It's what they deserve.

No. 1526915

>Look at every East or South Asian tech mogul or politician, they’re literally all married to white people of similar career and education backgrounds
NTA but can you list some names? Also, do you think there's any particular reason East and SEA would "literally all" marry white people? Any at all?

No. 1526916

Rich white women can’t complain because in India right now there are men who have to work in shit sewers just to make 2 cents an hour. Sexism only applies to poor women.

No. 1526917

I’m outside and phone posting rn, keep projecting.
Black men murder white women far more than black men are murdered by the police. If you didn’t know this, then idk how we can even continue to have this conversation. You have zero depth and all your arguments are basic as fuck lmao

No. 1526918

Men deserve to dig through shit.

No. 1526920

Statistically black men are at higher risk than rich white women. Therefore sexism is not real for wealthy white women because there are men more oppressed than white women.

No. 1526921

Your parent's porch doesn't count. Anyway, do you or do you not believe racism is only when people are mean?

No. 1526922

Okay, then any white woman can go to South Asia and be treated like a goddess. Sexism is over I guess.

No. 1526923

You didn't answer my question, moid-chan. They're killed by WHO? Not women of any race kek it's all moids. Once again, they should all kill each other and let women live in peace.

No. 1526924

>an Indian surgeon is more oppressed because he is brown than a Ukrainian human trafficking victim because she is white

No. 1526926

We are talking about rich vs poor. Black men are more at risk for being murdered and they also make less money than the average white woman. The average rich white woman does not even interact with poor black men so how is she going to be killed by one?

No. 1526928

Nobody cares about scrotes dying except you.

No. 1526930

Do you think all white women are rich and live in cushy gated communities? And who is murdering black men? Other black men? lmao

No. 1526931

NTA but you are literally using moid talking points to try and dismiss what non-white women go through. If all that matters is that you're rich, sexism doesn't apply to you unless you're a literal Ukrainian trafficking victiim.

No. 1526933

So what? Sexism for rich white women isn’t real because despite being women there are demographics of men more at risk than them. A rich white woman has more protection against violent men than some 14 year old black boy living in the ghetto. This is your logic and no one can complain about the oppression they face if other people have less money. You don’t like it when this logic is applied to white women huh?kek

No. 1526935

Who do you think I am? All I have been saying is that scrotes killing each other is there business and doesn't mean that they're oppressed just because other males kill them. Wahhhh poor moids! They're more oppressed than any woman on earth because other men kill them!! Good, they should die.

No. 1526937

All rich white women have to deal with is their higher ups telling them they have a nice body or implying they are dumb because they are women. They aren’t at risk for having their head blown off or have to work hard to make ends meet…. What’s the big deal?

No. 1526938

1) I never said anything about rich white women (an extreme minority because the vast majority of white women aren’t rich)
2) by your logic, a rich Asian woman isn’t anymore oppressed than a poor white man, since poor white men are more likely to be killed by the police

No. 1526939

File: 1679163999833.png (416.11 KB, 1134x2048, Screenshot_20230318-132621.png)

because they kill each other and cultivate a life where you do illegal things to have status. and cities exist mate.

No. 1526941

I thought you were the "Intersectional feminism is bullshit because some brown women are rich!!" anon. Not involved in anything else, I just think her logic is retarded kek.

No. 1526942

Nta but on average black men are killed more and they make less money than white women. They are more oppressed than white women.

No. 1526943

Japanese snacks are overrated

No. 1526944

I started this entire discussion by talking about poor women. Why would I care about the rich white women that actively harm poor white women by fighting for things like prison reform and tranny shit? I couldn’t care less about them.

No. 1526945

You're a moid.

No. 1526946

I’m using anons logic that a rich Indian woman can’t complain about racism and they aren’t oppressed just because someone yells slurs at them from their car. There are plenty of male demographics that white women are less oppressed than.

No. 1526948

and the people in ghettos breed the same nature that causes 12yo gang bangers to kill each other. no one living in the ghetto wants to fix the problems, they blame everyone else but themselves and their actions. they cannot be helped, despite hundreds of millions of dollars going into services to aid those in it, and therefore can continue killing eachother for kicks because their parents don't care about them or their lives.

No. 1526950

Well great! At least you understand oppression is only real if the person is poor and that means rich white women don’t experience sexism.

No. 1526951

NTA, but would you tell a rich white woman that sexism doesn't apply to her?

No. 1526952

Nope. By anons logic oppression is only real if you don’t have money. Rich women can’t ever be oppressed because there are men who have less money.

No. 1526953

i think nanchette is incredibly ugly

No. 1526954

Sex based oppression actually isn't real! Exept for black men and only black men!

No. 1526955

Drive by racism and being called a slur doesn’t make your life harder than being a woman (of any race) in poverty.

Black men aren’t more oppressed than white women, and there’s far more cases of black men hurting or killing white women than white women hurting or killing black men.

No. 1526956

No that’s not true. People can only be oppressed if they are poor. Any problems a white woman faces has nothing to do with her gender it’s all because she’s not rich. It’s classism not sexism.

No. 1526957

a poor white woman being trafficked into prostitution is simply because she is poor and not poor and a woman?

No. 1526959

You're definitely a fucking scrote.

No. 1526960

NTA, but you keep ignoring the fact tha globally, white people are still richer than brown people. There are more white richfags than there are brown or black richfags, but because there's at least one brown girl in the world who's richer than you, you want to throw all non-white women under the bus out of bitterness. Intersectional femininity is "bullshit" because of the extreme minority of rich brown women who've never experienced racism except in your "poor white hick in a car" fantasy.
Also funny that you still wouldn't dare tell a white woman who happens to be rich that she "doesn't face sexism". All this, and we're still somehow meant to take away that racism isn't a real issue and that women aren't oppressed on a racial basis. Very funny. The lack of empathy is astounding.

No. 1526962

Being told you have a nice ass by a scrote driving by and being told by men at your university or where you intern that you’re too pretty to bother working and should just give up and get married isn’t more oppression than a black man who is living in poverty

No. 1526967


Imagine telling a white woman that being cat called and having sexual things yelled at you isn’t a big deal kek

No. 1526968

I know a white woman that was sexually assauted by a black man there's no way you can convince me black moids are the perpetual victim and never excercise their moid tendency to rape and beat and abuse women. Kek go back. Maybe one day a black man will pick you.

No. 1526970

Oh look she can suddenly understand how saying “oppression isn’t real if you’re rich”argument doesn’t make sense when it’s white women.

No. 1526972

File: 1679165101963.jpg (133.21 KB, 1080x1080, 319650633_106220245624398_6880…)

minimalist lifestyles are for deranged serial killers and proto serial killers

No. 1526974

Going to ask you nicely to stop being a fucking schizo and assuming every anon who replies to you is the anon you are arguing against. Jesus christ. Go suck off a black guy since you're so obsessed.

No. 1526978

Exactly, no one sane would do that. It's so insane to me that this anon going on about how everything is "drive by racism" thinks that's totally okay to do to non-white women. I just hope it's some advanced scrote, lmao.

No. 1526979

It’s really not my fault if you’re not intelligent enough to detect sarcasm. You really got angry by hypothetical situations that I don’t even think are true because you’re dumb.

No. 1526982

Not that anon, but how do you not see that she's only mentioning black men to point out how retarded this logic of "Oppression is only real if you are poor" is?

No. 1526983

You type like the average autist with little to no contact with the outside world so forgive my neurotypical normie ass for not detecting your 900000000000 iq "sarcasm". I bet you're sitting musty as fuck on your laptop/phone rn. Go take a shower you smelly weirdo I can smell your funk through the internet.

No. 1526984

why take a shower when i can just lick my armpits clean

No. 1526986

Why are you more annoyed at that poster than the anon who unironically thinks non-white women don't have valid issues because "muh wealthy brown women", lmao?

No. 1526987

You’re not an autist you’re just slow. It’s pretty obvious I’m pointing out how dumb anons “you can’t be oppressed if you’re rich”argument she’s using against Indian women sounds.

No. 1526988

That's probably why the funk smelled like dried crusted spittle. You bring great shame to lolcow you unhygienic autist.

No. 1526995

I can't tell if she knows that now but feels too embarrassed to acknowledge it, or if she's deliberately pretending not to notice because she thinks it means other anons might get confused and take her side.

No. 1526997

I agree, but most white feminists are wealthy/privileged and would never advocate for poor white women.
rich brown women are oppressed for being women, because women are victims of violence far more than men, but they're not more oppressed than poor white women, because poor white women are more likely to be victims of violence than rich brown women. do you still not get what I'm saying?
Sexism is real, but let's not act like being called exotic by a creepy white male peer is on equal terms with, idk, bouncing around in the foster care system and getting molested by your meth head white trash uncle.
I'm talking about in America/the West. Of course some impoverished low caste woman in India has a harder life than a white woman in America.
Similarly, a Ukrainian child prostitute has a much harder life than a brown/black woman with a normal life in America.
I never said they don't have issues

No. 1527000

I'm right here, I genuinely couldn't tell it was sarcasm, I didn't reply because I don't care about this retarded infight aside from saying that moids should all kill each other and leave us alone because they should, here is the reply you wanted I hope it satiates your thirst, anyway this infight is boring but I do have to say that moids should all die horrible deaths together no matter their race or sexuality or creed. Just a giant pile of moids dying in agony.

No. 1527002

>thinks that's totally okay to do to non-white women
where and when the fuck did I say that it's ok to call non-white women slurs? you know that this is an argument you could never win so you're twisting my words kek

No. 1527004

Statistically/by capita, there are more than likely more black and Hispanic girls getting bounced around the foster care system getting abused by drug dealing/addicted ghetto pieces of shit than white ones. They'll also face racism on top of the poverty and abuse the white girls do.

No. 1527006

You literally said it right here >>1526887. Are you going to deny that now, or apologize, or what? What is this piss-poor attempt at gaslighting, lmao? You lost long ago.

No. 1527007

Nta but idk if it was you but you made it seem like an indain woman having slurs yelled at her from someone driving by isn’t a big deal and you’re implying that’s the only racism she deals with. Would you think it’s not a big for a scrote to yell fat bitch or nice tits at a white woman just because she’s not poor?

No. 1527009

Nta but she didn't say it was okay, just that it wasn't inherently oppression, just racism (I don't get it but that's what she said).

No. 1527013

are you dense? I was making the argument that brown women (south asian/mena) aren't systemically oppressed because of drive by racism. they're oppressed for being women, not for being non-white.

No. 1527015

this is valid and true, but it has nothing to do with race. the black community in particular has issues it needs to solve.

No. 1527016

How do you know they aren’t systemically oppressed though? You’re poor so you have no idea what she goes through with the white people in her environment.

No. 1527017

That just means that by her logic, it's perfectly okay to say it's not oppression to sexually harass a white woman. Not much better, and she'll still take offense at getting called out on this lmao.

Do you think that's the only racism brown women face? And how exactly can you decide whether a completely different demographic of women is systematically oppressed on a racial basis when you aren't a minority and think intersectional feminism is invalid? Once again, is it okay to tell a white woman, "Sorry sweety, you as a woman aren't oppressed just because you get sexually harassed by scrotes"?

No. 1527018

Princess Bride enjoyment should be a universal litmus test for all partners

No. 1527020

It's the reason why the entire argument against intersectional feminism is horseshit. Anything you can bring up that white women go through, non-white women also go through, but most likely in higher numbers and with the added weight of racism. The attempt at dismissing it boils down to "But there's a 1% of rich women who aren't white??" and it's all just retarded.

No. 1527022

>Do you think that's the only racism brown women face?
What systemic racism do brown people face in America? Actual arguments and not "umm their food gets called stinky". Do you think a brown man has it harder than a white woman?
I'm not poor lmao
And I'm measuring suffering by actual acts of violence, not snarky remarks by peers.

No. 1527023

As a poc woman who is upper middle class. You don’t know the career opportunities or promotions she’s been passed up for in favor of white people, you don’t know about the rude comments she gets from the white in her life destroying her self esteem because she’s around nothing but white people and your peers getting to go around doing drugs, partying and putting in the bare minimum and you have to work 10x harder than them to be taken seriously etc just because she’s not being oppressed by poor white people doesn’t mean she’s not being oppressed by the white people in her socioeconomic group at all.

No. 1527025


No. 1527029

>snarky little comments

You make it seem like racial slurs and bullying isn’t a big deal if it’s against rich brown women but do you not think sexist comments to rich white women are big deal? You’ve yet to answer that question. You seem to think violence is the only form of racism that’s valid but do you think white women don’t experience sexism unless it’s literal rape or murder?Idgi kek

No. 1527030

>as upper middle class
people simply aren't gonna feel sorry for you, you have to accept that.

maybe people traveling/moving to other countries should never have become a thing, it always only creates problems. people from different nationalities/races will never not clash, it has always been like that and will never stop being that way.

No. 1527033

>but most likely in higher numbers
black people, not brown (mena/desi) people, sure.
but again, that's not due to race. the black community is horrendously fucked up with internal issues that they need to solve on their own. they are their number one oppressors. why should poor white women be thrown to the back burner because they as a culture can't get their shit together? do you know who oppresses black women? black men. but black feminists don't want to say this, they'd rather exclude white women and act like we're privileged, even poor white women. black feminists will even vouch for their men when their men are accused of heinous things against white women.
>rude comments
is nothing comparable to what poor white women go through. the only difference is that you can advocate for your demographic without being canceled irl lmao
I don't really care about rich white women, I said that several times already. You are trying to back me into a corner and I'm not gonna get the b8

No. 1527034

Ok so basically by your logic only poor people can be oppressed, sexism and racism is not valid or a big deal unless it results in death or rape. Rich white women have more privilege than rich poc women and poor white women have more privilege than poor poc women. Regardless of the demographic white people come out on top.

No. 1527036

/ot/ don't infight about race for 2 days: the impossible challenge

No. 1527038

> Do you think a brown man has it harder than a white woman?

Do you really think the average white American woman has to worse than the average brown scrote from some 3rd world shit hole?

No. 1527039

take* not get why did I say that
I am measuring sexism by actual acts of violence. poor women are more likely to be victims of scrote violence than wealthy women. race has nothing to do with this.
>Rich white women have more privilege than rich poc women
by what metric? they're all equally privileged.
again, AGAIN, I'm talking about the brown diaspora in America. do you seriously think an Indian-american medical student lives the same life as some illiterate slum dwelling Dalit back home? lmao

No. 1527041


No. 1527042

If I’m being honest with you. If I had to pick between being a American brown scrote and being a middle class white woman id pick option two. You’re lying if you say you’d want to be an Indian man just because he’s a man kek even if we ignore the money aspect of it they are seen as ugly losers and no takes them seriously.

No. 1527043

You could also say that a poor poc woman in Murica has it better than some toothless peasant in bumfuck Romania…

No. 1527044

Andrew tate has a cult following as a mixed/biracial black man that abuses and traffics white, Eastern European women.

No. 1527045

Yeah so sexism, racism or any ism doesn’t exist. The only valid ism is classism.

No. 1527046

Everyone experiences violence when they are poor not just women.

No. 1527047

why do you keep lumping racism with sexism. sexism obviously exists, just look male on female violence.
white on poc violence isn't really a common thing. race based hate crimes, when they happen, get nonstop news coverage.

No. 1527048

in normal countries, meaning not murica, to an extent yes?

i'm not rich (and assholes exist in every nation) but nevertheless only being surrounded by people who look like you definitely makes things more easy and peaceful

No. 1527049

As if Indian boys in America aren't super sexist by the time they can talk and sometimes are already guaranteed a wife by their family, and have huge support systems due to having a tight knit community of other Indians and their large families. They aren't oppressed because some other people think they are ugly.

No. 1527052

In america socially being an Indian man is so much worse than being a white woman. You’re full of shit if you say you’d have no problem trading lives with an Indian man. You as a white woman would trade spots with a Indian scrote just because he’s a man? I don’t buy it
Ok so basically sexism exists but racism doesn’t? Got it.

No. 1527053

>the black community created all its own problems
>racism isn't real if you're rich (sexism still is tho)
kek thread full of delusions

No. 1527055

How is being an Indian man in America super duper oppressive?

No. 1527056

So you as a young American white woman would want to trade spots with an American indian man? Girl stop lying kek

No. 1527057

That again raises the question: why do people move to places in which they're treated badly?! make it make sense

No. 1527058

women are targets of violence for being women more than poc are targets of violence for being poc. this is undeniable.

No. 1527059

Are you an Indian moid or something? Your only argument for why indian moids in america are oppressed is that people think they're ugly.

No. 1527060

Anon thinks the only form of sexism and racism is violence. She doesn’t understand that things can be sexist or racist while not ending in violence.

No. 1527062

You didn’t answer the question. Do you as a white woman think your life would be better or the same as an American Indian man or even a dark skin Indian woman?

No. 1527063

this, Elliot rodger literally went on a shooting spree targeting white women because he couldn't find any blondes that wanted to fuck him
brown/asian men acting oppressed is a joke

No. 1527065

No. 1527066

The white woman vs. x race man is the most idiotic debate that's been happening for way too long on too many threads. No one exists but rapefugees, trafficked romanian women, and rich mena surgeon daughters apparently.

No. 1527068

Nta but yep

No. 1527069

There was a asian police targeting black targeting black women to rape because he knew they would be less likely to be believed. Sexism can also be race based.

No. 1527070

India is rated the worst country on earth to live in as a woman.
If you're a moid from a country in which moids get away with burning their brides and buying little girls to cure aids, why tf should I feel sorry for them if they move to a white country and then get shit on by a white girl?

No. 1527071

imagine you're in some limbo state between incarnations, and you choose to be a poor white woman with a violent dad and no prospects, and not a wealthy brown man lol, be serious.

No. 1527073

You think socially you’d have an easier time as a dark skin poc woman?

No. 1527074

POC women face more violence than white women when in the same social/financial positions. White women are statistically richer and better off than POC women.

No. 1527075

Funny how didn't ask me if I'd have an easier time as a man, you automatically honed in on one of the two options! Like you compared men to women and you were ready to jump at the opportunity to say "so basically you think dark skinned women have easier lives?" Weird how that works.

No. 1527076

We're talking about men. NTA but I wouldn't want to be an indian woman because then I'd have to deal with indian men. The indian girls at school always complained about them being horrible, plus one of the most popular and successful students was indian. I don't get your point.

No. 1527078

We should all become like glorious nippon and stop giving af about anybody who doesn't look and act exactly like we do.
Everybody worrying about their own people would be ideal intersectionality kek

No. 1527079

Nah. I would never pick being an Indian man over being a white woman and I said this as a black woman. I think a lot of white women think just because they are women they are oppressed and they aren’t.

No. 1527080

wrong. east/south/mena women are all statistically richer than white women.
similarly, British police refused to investigate decades long Pakistani grooming gangs in the uk that specifically preyed on poor white children. by your logic, that's racism. but I'm sure you also believe that racism against white people doesn't exist, so it would be silly to argue over it.

No. 1527082

Kek nice bait moid.

No. 1527084

Btw the "every black issue is just black people's fault" is just a massive cope, black people in the US didn't magically end up that way on their own, but you already know this, and I see no point in rehashing your country's entire history and culure to you.
>do you know who oppresses black women? black men. but black feminists don't want to say this, t
They literally do. You don't know anything about black feminists, you probably can't even name any. They talk about black men all the time, which is why black men hate black feminists.
>they'd rather exclude white women
From what? You've already said intersectional feminism is bullshit, meaning you exclude non-white women, so when black women focus on their own community and issues, you're mad because you're not the one being centred?
>act like we're privileged, even poor white women
You are, you even admitted this. A poor black woman has it worse than a poor white woman.
> black feminists will even vouch for their men when their men are accused of heinous things against white women.
Just like white feminist will vouch for white tranny rapists like Eli Erlick and Synthia China Blas when they rape black and brown women and little girls. When we're centering libfems, pickmes are always the standard, but somehow you think only non-white women are the problem.

No. 1527085

what is oppression to you

No. 1527086

Not bait. I’m more likely to raped and murdered than you and even I wouldn’t want to be an Indian scrote. I’m sure most white women wouldn’t trade spots with the poor black scrotes in my neighborhood. You just like to live in lalala land and pretend you’d be having a better time than a black or Indian scrote just because you’re a man.

No. 1527087

Asian women have been killed and abused for racial/religious reasons, same goes for MENA women.

No. 1527088

Yeah and black men have more opportunities than white women. Cope

No. 1527089

You're clearly male or schizophrenic.

No. 1527090

There are 3 kinds of racial oppression imo
Micro-aggressions, people not wanting to date you or befriend you because of your race
For example rapists and serial killers going after black women because they are less likely to be looked for
Having a harder time progressing in school, work etc because of race

And socially…I wouldn’t want to be an Indian man.

No. 1527091

Adding to this: It's so weird how east asian poc are happy/proud and feel superior because they're doing well when it comes to economy, education and so on, while americans and europeans try to downplay what they have and try to feel sorry for themselves or get others to feel sorry for themselves.

No. 1527094

How do black men in America have more opportunities than white women?

No. 1527095

No. 1527096

You wouldn't want to be an indian man because you know you'd be begging white women for a crumb of pussy and calling black women monkeys.

No. 1527097

I aesthetically wouldn’t want to be an Indian man also; as they’re short, hairy and ugly.

No. 1527098

They’re men. Simple as

No. 1527099

>Jamals grandma couldn't drink from the same water fountain as white people so therefore he's allowed to kill a white female uber driver just trying to make a living
>you're mad because you're not the one being centred?
actually, I wouldn't care if black women strictly talked about black women issues, it's that you make it a competition with white women when we're talking about our own issues, and stick your noses in our spaces.
>but somehow you think only non-white women are the problem.
nope, I literally said multiple times in this thread that I don't like rich white women/white feminists (same thing, really)

in their own countries, by their own men? sure. the same has happened in Europe for thousands of years and still happens, just look at rape being used as a weapon of war in the Yugoslav wars, the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, etc.
retarded post

No. 1527101

Natalia Kills didn't deserve to get cancelled over one dumbass comment considering the shit other celebrities get away with.

No. 1527103

I don’t really care for black scrotes and I know most black scrotes would throw me under the bus in a heart beat for being dark skin but i do not think white women are more systematically oppressed than black men. Yeah they are scrotes so they are violent etc but if we are looking at the bigger picture white women have more power than black men. I know we are supposed to be all girl support girl but I’m looking at reality.

No. 1527104

That shit felt so scripted or at the very least performative… it felt so fake and I can't believe people really sided with that fugly man who doesn't even have a notable career after all of that.

No. 1527106

people like you simply love being unhappy
you live in a country in which you have internet and you have the free time to post on lc? you should feel lucky instead

No. 1527107

Stopped reading there because I'm sure you're the type to use "Shaniqua" too. Ironically, you probably have meltdowns whenever you see the names "Becky" or "Karen", but you think it's okay to treat other races that way. Continue being broke and seething about the very few non-white women who are rich, continue pushing all other groups of women away from feminism because of your bitterness. Next episode, "Why don't lesbians ally themselves with straight women? Just because we called them dykes and lesbincels?!" Lmao

No. 1527108

I'm not unhappy? I'm making an argument that poor white women are ignored in this country. stop projecting.

No. 1527109

Black men still hold male privilege over white women. A white woman getting abused and pimped out is in no way above a black men in shitty neighborhoods getting killed by other black men. Black men love to boohoo about their problems but like all men they don't realize that it's their fellow males' fault entirely.

No. 1527110

you care more about power dynamic than actual violence against women. you're weird as fuck.

No. 1527111

>black men hold more privilege over white women

Kek no they don’t. White scrotes might not give a shit about whites men beating white women but they do get pissed off over black men abusing “their women” and go bat shit over it. White women also make more money than black men and have better educations. You aren’t more oppressed than black men in america and I don’t give a shit if that makes me sound like a pick me because I don’t think black men or white women are my allies so I can look at it from a non biased view.

No. 1527112

This is gonna be insanely unpopular but I do support eugenics. If I had the ability to choose to only reproduce sons, I’d take that opportunity. Being a little girl in the early 2000’s and a crone in the 2020’s was and has been absolute hell, I don’t want to make my potential daughters suffer through anything similar to what I have my whole life. Pickme fags do not respond with some “well male victims are becoming more prevalent” ass shit because I’m not in the mood

No. 1527113

A lot of countries, even third-world ones, have internet kek. Such a weird 'privilege' to use as your only example.

No. 1527114

I'm more powerful than all of you and I don't give af about any of you.

No. 1527115

It’s not about caring or not caring. The reality is white women are not systematically more oppressed than black men. Get over it.

No. 1527116

File: 1679171405479.gif (4.65 MB, 480x640, stacy moment.gif)

holy based

No. 1527118

Yeah but I'm not white

No. 1527119

So instead of eliminating the root problem (sons/male children) you prefer to get rid of the victims so they don't have to suffer at the hands of the oppressor you choose to reproduce again and again?

No. 1527120

Sorry, I don't have any black stacy gifs

No. 1527121

She replied to my post, dumbass.

No. 1527123

who kills who more? lololol

No. 1527124

No, she replied to me. Are you new?

No. 1527125

Kek women should be making more money than men, why should I care?

No. 1527127

how can you claim to be powerful but also not white(racebaiting)

No. 1527128

The two go hand-in-hand, even the sun agrees.

No. 1527129

If you weren’t a female autistic you probably would’ve understood that I am saying I’d rather reproduce well-behaved men. Also if we rid the world of male children entirely we wouldn’t be able to make more people. Surely if I choose to only have sons, that doesn’t change the fact that there are millions of other family units on this planet who have mostly reproduced daughters

No. 1527130

So what? You still hold more power than black men because you are white. You will get better educations and job opportunities Etc because you are white. Also, statistically you are more likely to be abused by a white man than a black man anyway.

No. 1527131

Nta but kek who kills more?

No. 1527133

>White scrotes might not give a shit about whites men beating white women but they do get pissed off over black men abusing “their women” and go bat shit over it.
black men are 6% of the population but do something like 50% of violent crime. yes, their victims are usually other black men, but black men, more than men of any other race, can't seem to keep their hands off of women. did you not see the video of a black guy body slamming a small asian woman over her wallet?

No. 1527134

File: 1679171919601.jpg (113.45 KB, 1080x1080, 1669782662891.jpg)

I don't care if it directly interferes with you ambition/passion/dream, if you are from a family where you had the opertunity or privilege of taking over a family business that's been passed down for generations and you let it die/sold it off because you didn't want it, then you deserve iminse misfortune.

No. 1527135

you're poc and female, literally everybody on earth stands above you

No. 1527136

There are white kids going to those shitty schools too

No. 1527137

Men do but you are still more privileged than black men because you are white. Mens violent nature does not take away from the fact that you have more privilege.

No. 1527138

No. 1527139

>Mens violent nature does not take away from the fact that you have more privilege.
TOP KEKKKKKKK then maybe they could try to stop killing? Just a thought? Maybe then people would care.

No. 1527140

>a white FeMaLe
>I don't like feminism (by whote women)
>(black) men are more oppressed than (white) women!!
>replies to every single post
>retarded racebait and attempts of dividing us for over an hour
Nonnies pls. Don't encourage the stench of pol moids.

No. 1527141

Ok and? You’re bringing this up as if I’m a black man and you can offend me kek Despite all that white women are still less systematically oppressed, people being shit people doesn’t mean they aren’t oppressed. You have more opportunities because you are white and most of your oppression comes from white men.

No. 1527142

>You will get better educations
I hate to break it to you, but black men ruin their own education prospects. white girls and black boys are afforded the same educations, but white women don't fuck it up at the levels that black men do.

No. 1527143

File: 1679172129657.png (141.55 KB, 249x275, 1613623638477.png)

Why are they still violent then if they don't have any privileges?

No. 1527144

You're delusional, every woman is more oppressed than every man. You talk about how white women are priviledged but mention that they're seen as literal objects and get "defended" from other men for it. In their communities black men see white women as objects too, and any man would rather give power and respect to a black man than to the women they see as incubators and sex sleeves.

No. 1527145

Maybe retarded violent men shouldn't get the same oppurtunities as non-violent men and women.

No. 1527146

File: 1679172183693.png (300.51 KB, 1146x1466, Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 4.43.…)

well, at least she still had her white privilege..

No. 1527147

Because they are men and men are naturally violent but that doesn’t change the fact that white women are more privileged than black men. Your life as a white woman in america is obviously going to be more comfy than a black man. Sorry!

No. 1527148

>White scrotes might not give a shit about whites men beating white women but they do get pissed off over black men abusing “their women” and go bat shit over it.
So if a nigger rapes me and my dad kills him as revenge, this means that I am a powerful oppressor..?

I'm so glad to not be Murican and having to listen to those brain acrobatics on the daily…(racebaiting)

No. 1527149

File: 1679172363052.png (444.78 KB, 500x500, 1646360745494.png)

I think all men should be oppressed more.

No. 1527151

So you'd rather keep reproducing potentially ill-behaved males (all of them are but let's pretend they're not) over well-behaved girls. What a boymom.

No. 1527152

>comfy is when you stay out of jail and work your 9-5
the bar is so low lol

No. 1527153

>Just because the oppressor is naturally violent and murderous doesn't make you, the oppressed sex, NOT the oppressor! Cope and seethe cracker!

No. 1527154

> every woman is more oppressed than every man.
That’s your opinion. I’m black so I have to deal with abusive black scrotes and was raised by them. I got my teeth knocked out by a black scrote as a teen and have permanent damage from it but I still would pick being a white woman over a black man in america. Black men objectively have it worse than you.

No. 1527155

Female NEETs on Lolcow are the most oppressed race.

No. 1527157

I'm sure they would really appreciate hearing you say that before they knock your teeth out kek.

No. 1527158

So if men are naturally violent apes and women aren't, would this not make women more oppressed than men

No. 1527159

Just because black men are generally shitty people does not mean you are oppressed by them. I’m oppressed by them but you aren’t kek you hold more power because you are white.

No. 1527160

black men ruin their own lives, and that somehow makes them more oppressed than their white female victims lmao.
my sides lol

No. 1527161

>potentially ill behaved boys instead of well-behaved girls

Yep that’s exactly what I’m saying. I’d rather have a basement dwelling incel son who’s never looked at or touched anyone in his life that everyone thinks is weird and unbecoming instead of an “angel” of a daughter who’s a doormat CSA victim just like I was as a child. I actually would prefer that and I don’t feel bad for feeling that way, never will.

No. 1527163

I don’t think you understand what systematic oppression is

No. 1527164

I truly hope the countless white women raped and murdered by black men recognized their power lololol

No. 1527165

A black man raping a white or asian woman is CLEARLY just the oppressed rising up against his oppressors! Thank you for enlightening me!

No. 1527166

>Black men objectively have it worse than you.
Black men in my country can rape me and threaten to kill my whole family and get away with it. So yeah, black men are more priviledged than me.

>got my teeth knocked out by a black scrote as a teen and have permanent damage from it but I still would pick being a white woman over a black man in america

Yeah, you'd rather be a white woman who can get brutally murdered and raped by a black man rather than a black man. Sure.

No. 1527167

Lol that’s not systematic oppression. I know it hurts to be told that you hold more power than a man socially and economically because you’re a woman and you’re used to throwing yourself a pity party because you have to deal with discrimination from white men but I’m not talking about violence and rape and you know this.

No. 1527168

Yes I’d rather be a white woman because I’d have better job opportunities, respect and social currency. I’d never want to be a black man. Sorry kek

No. 1527169

Oppression is when black men do really bad at school and get funny looks when walking down the street wahh wahh.

No. 1527170

black men aren't systemically oppressed. black boys/men, when given the same education opportunities as white girls/women, still fuck it up.

No. 1527172

Your basement dwelling incel would steal your underwear and jack off to it and then rape you when you get old and weak. Meanwhile the "doormat CSA victim" won't have to be a "doormat CSA victim" because the incel male pedophiles you'd want as sons wouldn't exist. There is a special place in hell for boymoms.

No. 1527173

This is obviously just a troll but the sad thing is that there really are some black american women who are this "ride or die" for "their" men…

No. 1527174

I wanted to say just this but I'm already fatigued from the other infight. It feels like retard day on lolcow today or something, so much awful shit has been said.

No. 1527175

Nope I don’t agree. As a black woman who was raised in the hood and then moved to the suburbs the education system is totally different. Of course as a black woman id have an easier time as a black man. But if the option is being a black man or a white woman im going to pick being a white woman because you have it easier than them. Go cry about it.

No. 1527176

>if we rid the world of male children entirely we wouldn’t be able to make more people

No. 1527177

kEK no you wouldn't, the fact they they rape white women mean they don't respect them. You will get raped and your male assaulted will most likely face little consequences, but hey you'll get a job at least! One a black man can get just fine because he's a man.

No. 1527178

sorry to butt in i am not aprt of this discussion but the way some of you are articulating your points so badly it comes off as genuinely racist

No. 1527179

No. 1527180

Then not respecting you has nothing to do with you being more privileged. Do you really think as a black man you’d have better job opportunities, social respect and money? Let’s be real.

No. 1527181

The moids that are reading this infight are very hurt and sad about this most definitely. Won't anyone think of the poor men!

No. 1527182

>the education system is totally different
wow go figure, schools where students perform poorly and behave poorly don't get gov bucks. truly a shocking revelation.
also, white and asian students in these poor inner city schools you speak of STILL out perform black students, particularly black boys.

No. 1527184

Sounds like you know loser black moids kek you sound racist trying to insist every black man in america is a retarded loser that can't get a job.

No. 1527185

I mean, they're pretty alone in all forms of politics. The conversations about violent scrote niggers extend to black women despite the disingenuous disclaimer of "you're a woman so I don't mean you". No one likes black women very much so what's left to turn to? It's not smart or right but there are little choices.(global rule #7)

No. 1527186

I love how this is your reaction to me just saying that I don’t want to have a daughter because I don’t want to see a child experience the abuse that I did kek

No. 1527187

So, did you learn all about systemic oppression from college or what

No. 1527188

Black women are not raping and murdering white women, so no.

No. 1527189

i just said i'm not apart of this infight kek i didn't say anything about scrotes they can kill themselves if they want cool it with the imagined assumptions. i'm saying the way the points were ARTICULATED comes off as racist as the exact things are said about us/women "of color" i guess you could say in general within debates and such. damn.

No. 1527190

I don’t care if it comes off as racist?here’s another shocker for you…white women benefit from affirmative action more than black men do kek

No. 1527191

Hurrr durrrr edgy antinatalist lmfa0!!1!1

No. 1527192

correction, white women take advantage of opportunities given to us more than black men do*

No. 1527193

No. 1527194

Okay? You got your teeth knocked out by black scrotes you literally have no leg to stand on in this argument kek idgaf what you say black scrotes are just like every other scrote. I bet no white woman ever knocked your teeth out. Just saying.

No. 1527195

That's an american problem, it has nothing to to with the rest of the world.

No. 1527196

>mad about women not wanting to have kids
Are you a scrote or something?

No. 1527197

You’re more likely to be raped by a white man. Stop trying to push the idea that all black men are kidnapping white women and raping them. They are more likely to take their violence out against black women. You aren’t oppressed by black men.

No. 1527198

You speak like there black men with money and good jobs don't exist. Yess I would rather be a black man because if I behave like I behave as a woman then I would get better jobs, respect and at least I won't be afraid to be raped and I wouldn't be seen as an object my whole life. Stay man about it, black men are still men.

No. 1527199

Who’s 7 year old is gonna labor 12 hours a day in a factory to produce the precious technology you’re authoring your posts off of if there are no more people in the world, nonnie? If you were an antinatalist than you would’ve already started by ridding yourself

No. 1527200

Damn nonnies, why no one told me we have american opression olympics in this thread?

No. 1527201

I never said they weren’t like other scrotes. I said that white women are not more systematically oppressed than them.

No. 1527203

This makes zero sense. You don't want a daughter because you know 100% she'd suffer, but you think your son would 100% never make someone else's daughter suffer? You're incredibly selfish. Have no children.

No. 1527204

Please don’t have children

No. 1527206

Black scrote problems are their own making at this point.

No. 1527208

You didn't just say you didn't want to have daughters so they wouldn't suffer. You said you'd have sons over them, the ones who will grow up to make the daughters you want to protect suffer.

No. 1527209

her nigel juniors would NEVER!!

No. 1527210

Yeah this is actually exactly how I feel, and so far he hasn’t caused anyone any suffering, so…

Too late

No. 1527211

If you want to go by who makes the most money statistically, somebody else is gonna win anon…

No. 1527212

File: 1679173838370.png (44.41 KB, 720x480, Images_4-3081145652.png)

Boymom moment.

No. 1527213

Oh god you already have a son, no wonder you're coping. Please beat him up as much as possible, that little shit will rape a girl as soon as he becomes a teenager.

No. 1527214

kek she's so profoundly retarded i can't even begin to understand the thought process. makes you wonder how much time she put into consideration. really does not give a fuck at all about girls but pretends she does because she was personally a victim meanwhile the sons she would choose over them would make even more of her examples. genius alert!!!!

No. 1527215

Ntayrt but people who tell antinatalists to Jill themselves like it’s some sort of checkmate are extra retarded and just prove they haven’t thought about natalism in any actual critical capacity.

No. 1527216

File: 1679173901452.png (240.33 KB, 1106x1308, Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 5.11.…)

white women don't make more money than black men because the system likes us more. white women make more money than black men because we actually seek education and/or employment and don't drain the economy.

No. 1527217

There are black men with money but statistically white women make more. If we are going by statistics, being a white woman is a better option. Also black men are some what objectified by white people.

No. 1527218

not MY nigel junior!!

No. 1527219

She called herself a crone
>black men somewhat objectified by white people
what are you saying this time. Are you referring to porn? Porn made by men?

No. 1527220

I'm not in that argument. I'm just saying black women have no logistical reason to side with black men. Again, are black women murdering and raping? No.
If the "violent black scrote" argument is extended to black women, it means the person speaking is a retarded, racist pickme who probably is fine with the knowledge that she and other white women are getting abused and murdered by their deranged, incel-tier white trash /pol/ scrotes, and she's also a hypocrite because she has the exact same mentality as a "ride or die" black woman simping for abusive ghetto scrotes.

No. 1527221

If that helps you sleep night kek

No. 1527222

>so far
kek. so you know and you just don't care at all.

No. 1527223

I don't think any (straight at least) men of any race are truly bothered by being racially fetishized.

No. 1527224

Maybe because they behave better and choose to pursue education more statistically?

No. 1527225

What will you do when he's cruel to a woman or girl one day? Doubt you'll disown him.

No. 1527227

She'll probably blame the girl

No. 1527228

Nah I’m not siding with black men. I don’t side with white women or black men because both are sneaky snakes who fuck over black women but if I’m looking at this from a unbiased perspective, white women in america have it better. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you and play girls support girls because it’s bullshit.

No. 1527229

anybody who has ever gone to an inner city school knows that black boys don't take their education seriously and often talk back to teachers. it was one of the biggest culture shocks for me when I moved to america as a kid.
and when those kids grow up to be thugs, their women will defend them lmao

No. 1527230

You literally raised a basement-dwelling incel, and you're here insisting he's not going to cause harm. Holy fuck.

No. 1527231

This 100% kek. Also sounds like she isn’t done reproducing and I’ll be my life if she ends up with a girl she will be scapegoated for life

No. 1527232

Yeah, the doormat SA victim will lead her little nigel down a bad path!!

No. 1527233

I truly hope you never spawn a son

No. 1527235

You can’t possibly actually think this person has kids it’s obvious bait

No. 1527236

I’m actually from an inner city and we had to share books and there were barely any funds for anything. When I started going to a majority white school it looked like a walked into heaven coming from where I came from.

No. 1527239

why would anyone want to fund this lmao

No. 1527240

Kek black boys in particular, not black girls, would sexually assault me and would bully the fuck out of me in elementary school. Literally only black boys.

No. 1527241

According to that logic you technically also would have no reason to resent white men because you're more likely to be raped by a black men. But in reality it simply doesn't work like that.

Statistically asian women win. Are asian women not oppressed? Or are they maybe simply very hard-working?

>black men are some what objectified by white people.

Okay, white women suffering from sexism doesn't exist, and white women are socially oppressive by refusing to date black men, and indian men being considered ugly in America is the worst fate ever (these were all arguments so far in this thread) but a small percentage of white people being attracted to black men makes them objectified?
It seems like nothing will ever not be either too little or too much attention. Meanwhile as a white woman foreign men harassing me means I once again that I'm privileged for fitting white enforced universal beauty standards.

No. 1527243

As someone who actually lived in the hood of Detroit the kids actually don’t act that bad but due to the lack of food, school supplies, poor treatment at home and at school and extra funding for extracurricular activities being non existent most kids were just not interested in being there

No. 1527244

See now you’re just putting words in my mouth lol I never said anything about scrotes wanting to date you but I know as a white woman you think everyone wants your pussy.

No. 1527245

nayrt this is /pol/fag level. you're losing me here those are kids and kids don't act like that due to phenotype or skin color

No. 1527246

Kek that made me smile

No. 1527247

>lack of food
it's literally impossible to go hungry in America. black America has an obesity epidemic if anything
>school supplies
ah yes, that child is telling his teacher to shut the fuck up because he doesn't have the latest edition phonics book

No. 1527248

I wrote that because it was used as an example for oppression here
Plus the many posts about indian men being considered ugly
>There are 3 kinds of racial oppression imo
>Micro-aggressions, people not wanting to date you or befriend you because of your race

No. 1527249

The only one relevant to that video is poor treatment at home. He didn't learn how to tell a woman to shut the fuck up bitch by himself.

No. 1527252

black children get detention/expelled more than white children. you think this is random?

No. 1527253

so real

No. 1527254

The thing is, even if you're right (Idk because I am not American), neither group will admit it in the end. They'll just rage and eventually let their hatred slip out. Personally, unless the alternative was the worst possible life situation, I would never want to be a black or Indian or Pakistani man, and I don't think anyone else posting ITT really would either, regardless of race. No point in explaining why, we all know.

No. 1527255

you are genuinely racist and out of touch clear as day regardless of this antiblack"man" thing you're blowing up about. you just proved it's not about that

No. 1527257

the argument is about black men vs white women since over an hour already…

No. 1527259

Where in that statement did the specifically say any thing about white women? I was talking about women in general not wanting them but you assumed this was about it you because white women tend to think they are hot shit and everyone non white wants to fuck them. Delusional.

No. 1527260

NTA but answer fast. Do you think that kid acted out because of his genetics, kek?

No. 1527261

no, have you even followed this thread?
>black men are more oppressed than white women because they don't have the same education opportunities
white and asian kids perform better than black kids, black boys in particular
>black boys do badly in school because their schools are underfunded
they're underfunded because black boys don't take education as seriously as other kids. why would anyone want to fund a little shit like that?
>you're just racist!!!

No. 1527262

Ok but where did I ever say black men were oppressed because white women wont date them? That’s some shit you came up with yourself lmao

No. 1527263

culture, not genetics. African students take education more seriously than African-American students.

No. 1527265

Not one racist post against black women but if you keep throwing yourself in front of the same black moids who abuse you, of course you feel hurt…

And all those boymoms defending male students making female students and teachers life hell…

No. 1527266

And what would push a culture to such a destructive level? Why do you think the African students are one way, while the African-American ones are another?

No. 1527267

There are black girls at the schools too. They didn’t fund our activities either and I had to push my desk near other students to share books. Your white feminism is showing babe. I know you want to be racist to black people but you’re playing it cute by saying it only applies to black men kek I see you

No. 1527269

>why would anyone want to fund a little shit like that?
sums up your entire sentiment. enough said. you don't care about anything or anyone and you are genuinely not living in objective reality

No. 1527270

No. 1527271

black girls also perform poorly compared to asian and white girls. is that what you wanted me to say? it's not a secret.
my grip is specifically with black men, because black men hurt white women more than black women hurt white women.
that little kid isn't worth caring about. he will probably grow up to be a woman beating/thug if he's already behaving like that at a young age.

No. 1527272

NTA but you just proved her right with this, kek

No. 1527273

>had to share books
What the fuck… insane…

No. 1527274

Just because I’m saying white women are less systematically oppressed than white women doesn’t men I support black men. Im just pointing out facts.

No. 1527276

nta but this is a scrote tier take. you’re really vile.

No. 1527277

Yes, when I was in school they couldn’t afford books. So during class students would need to pair up with each other and read off the same books. We didn’t get individual books in class.

No. 1527278

Girl bye. You don’t give a damn about black women you just hate being told you have more social currency than a man.

No. 1527279

literally has nothing to do with what i said and i wouldn't even have a son in the first place, not that i need one to see and think critically about situations.

No. 1527280

That's just crazy no wonder gangs exist

No. 1527281

File: 1679175806789.jpg (36.71 KB, 600x450, plz-stop-post.jpg)

>Just because I’m saying white women are less systematically oppressed than white women

No. 1527282

Kek black men being shit at school isn't about oppression.

No. 1527285

It must really hurt you to know that race holds more weight than gender in real life(global rule #7)

No. 1527286

it's common for black women like you to make excuses for their violent men. so I don't really care at this point. you think having less social currency is worse than actual rape/assault/murder that black men disproportionately inflict on white/non-black women.

No. 1527288

this is why nobody likes you Americans lmfao

No. 1527289

This is also how things were at the super white trash rural school I went to

No. 1527290

Nta anon but I’m the black woman who started the argument. You’re getting frustrated so you’re going to start acting racist now kek

No. 1527291

NTA, but anon, you said the issue was African-American culture and pointed out African kids aren't that way. So, why is American black culture like that? What factors do you think went into that?

No. 1527292

File: 1679176005601.png (615.31 KB, 850x796, 1678154851150.png)

No. 1527293

Lol I experienced more racism In Europe as a black person than america. Try again.

No. 1527294

It must really hurt to know black men are just retards that suck at school and most of their problems are self-inflicted.

No. 1527295

File: 1679176083539.png (98.33 KB, 488x466, fvt3w8hoa6741.png)

my unpopular opinion is that having owned both, rats are much cuter and more sociable pets than hamsters, especially dwarf hamsters. I had one teddy bear hamster who was a chill fat fuck though, and he was all right

No. 1527296

No it doesn’t hurt me to know black men are shit but it does hurt you to know that you can’t always pull gender as the oppression card

No. 1527297

To come full circle, this is fucking why I'd choose to be an Indian-American moid

No. 1527298

I am interested in maybe getting some rats someday, give anons some tea on having rats as pets

No. 1527299

you're gaslighting and making yourself the victim. how embarrassing!!
poor parenting
what does this comment even mean lmao
europeans don't care about crybaby black Americans using the race card, that's why I love going back home every summer. I don't have to worry about getting raped by a feral black dude and having his women support their kang because I'm just an oppressing white woman kek

No. 1527300

>like you
here you go again with your assumptions, i'm not even black. i once again don't have to be in order to think critically about a situation, and neither did i say any of those things or defend moids. i don't like them but you can't just say vile things about elementary school children without any intervention. i don't expect you to stop but damn

No. 1527301

Only women should be allowed to immigrate to and from countries.

No. 1527303

>I don’t have to worry black being raped by black men

Sounds like more of a fantasy or a delusion you have than reality. Statistically you’re more likely to be raped by your own scrotes.

No. 1527304

Same, even posted the same thing some weeks ago. In my case it was a confession tho kek.

No. 1527305

Samefag but I just wanted to say that the main factor behind schools not getting funding is class based. The poor kid from a poor area is gonna have a similar situation whether they’re in an area mostly with poor POC or poor white people. The US hates poor people and wants us to be prisoners aka slaves because we’re more useful to them that way.

No. 1527308

And this makes black men more oppressed than women how?

No. 1527309

(NTA) So, does the same apply to black girls, with >>1527271 in mind? Do black girls bring all the abuse and rape they face on themselves for being retarded, and why/why not?
I'm sure you're ready to throw black women under the bus, but it's funny to me because whatever you might say also applies to white girls and women from places like the Appalachians raised/surrounded by meth heads, poor Eastern European and Balkan women/girls getting beaten by moids and going full pickme, etc etc.

No. 1527310

They aren’t more oppressed than all women but they are more oppressed than white women

No. 1527311

>abuse and rape they face
Oh who is abusing and raping black women?

No. 1527312

Black men, duh. Now answer the question. Is it their fault for being retarded? They're in that same culture, and you're insisting it's self-inflicted, sooo….

No. 1527314

men usually beat/rape women of their own race, yet black men do it to women of all races, as if non-black women don't have our own retarded and feral men to worry about. what's not clicking?
>nooooo nonnie, you need to respect this brave little child. he's oppressed ok??? ok?????

No. 1527315

So you're saying that because black men abuse black women more than they abuse white women, that somehow means they are oppressed by white women? White women not being victims to these specific men as much creates privilege? Women cannot feel bad for other women because we are not direct victims of the same men? Even though all women face the same abuse by all men? Do you think maybe black men abuse black women more than white women because black men are their fathers, brothers, sons, cousins, uncles, neighbors?

No. 1527317

So rather than answering the question, you start strawmanning? I see, kek.

No. 1527318

So rather than answering the question, you start strawmanning? I see, kek.

No. 1527319

>oppression olympics
What is this, 2015 Tumblr?

No. 1527320

The school I trained at even provided their students with ipads.
Didn't stop the only black student to light the trash bin on fire. But we couldn't report him to his home either because his dad hit him with a belt and you obviously don't want that for a kid. Asian students are usually little angels and white students are hit or miss.
Point is, your parents are 99% in control of how you turn out to be as a person and what future you will have. That's how you get successful africans vs wannabe rapstar black americans despite them being the same race.

No. 1527325

I’m the anon who said white women have more power than black men. I don’t think white women oppress black men but they do have more systematic advantages over black men because they are white. Take a look at emmet till the black middle school boy who was falsely accused of rape by a white woman and was beaten and hanged by white scrotes…she’s still alive and she’s still not in jail for that even today and she admitted she lied for attention.

No. 1527326

So rather than answering the question, you start strawmanning? I see, kek.

No. 1527329

Emmett tills dad raped and killed two women in Italy during WW2. He probably did harass a white woman. The alleged confession they got from her was when she was elderly and senile.

No. 1527330

What creates entire demographics and generations of poor parenting? Just coincidence?

No. 1527333

But the woman who came up with the claims admitted herself she made it up. If white women still had the power they held 50+ years ago they’d still be hanging out death certificates and that’s why they aren’t trust worthy. They are just as bad as their scrotes but don’t have the physical strength to cause more damage.

No. 1527334

File: 1679177530633.png (113.87 KB, 1200x628, z7zqv2kfkd8xeedo9tvz-248450195…)


No. 1527337

why do black people think they’re the only people who were ever enslaved/oppressed?

No. 1527338

What for? Didn't you say it's not genetic?

No. 1527339

>'white' women have less rights than 50+ years ago
>are as bad as white men
>implies women would rape and murder as much as men if we were strong

No. 1527342

You think rape and murder are the only way a person can be evil? White women have been manipulative and evil through out history.

No. 1527344

Where did I say they are? By the way, why do you think Native Americans in the US and Aboriginal people in Australia both suffer from poverty and alcoholism in the modern day? What about their histories and circumstances do you think they have in common? Hmm…

No. 1527345

Girl, the whole world is cruel, history showed that again and again. No matter which race, if they had the power, they'd act like that too. I would, you would.

No. 1527346

no, she never lied. all she said was that she didn’t think her boyfriend and brother would kill Emmett till. he grabbed her and whistled at her. you think that’s our if character considering his father raped and murdered white women?

No. 1527347

I feel like your entire library of 'knowledge' about everything comes from a liberal university tell me if I'm right

No. 1527348

You mean like when white women whined to get laws passed to prevent black women to be allowed to be stay at home moms?im over this girl support girl stuff and having to pretend white women aren’t creeps themselves

No. 1527351

No. 1527353

History outside of the US could show you that when in power any person of any race or gender is capable of being evil. This isn't a white women exclusive thing.

No. 1527355

>/pol/tard quickly ran and deleted their post

No. 1527356

NTA, but she is a black woman living in the US. Would you say "What about the white women in the US? Everyone is capable of evil" to a SEA woman talking about being fucked over by some wealthy Chinese people in her country?

No. 1527357


No. 1527361

She never said she was American. But she made multiple posts about white women being evil and as proof used examples of when black people still had no rights, therefore I tried telling her that this is not because they're white women but because they had complete power.

No. 1527363

File: 1679178465013.jpg (70.99 KB, 612x462, gettyimages-1095414548-612x612…)

yes may Gezo be rebirthed and slaughter neighboring tribes by the thousands once more amirite

No. 1527364

Yeah but I see no white women in the image so Gezo couldn't have been that oppressive could he

No. 1527365

File: 1679178571056.jpeg (266.5 KB, 1284x1581, 79A0EA42-D18B-481B-A81B-B31E8B…)

Wives of men in power were frustrated because black women were refusing to work and they made a law forcing them to go back into domestic labor

No. 1527366

To be honest, you can even see what she's saying in this thread. LC is one of the few feminist-friendly/non-moid women's spaces online, and even here there are /pol/ shitheads and weirdos insisting non-white women in general aren't oppressed. I disagreed with her at first, but this thread is showing me a sort of ugliness I didn't know of before.

No. 1527367

Gib context, plus I see no mention of white women anywhere in the screenshot.

No. 1527368

>white women: please contribute to society
>black women: stop oppressing me

No. 1527370

>weirdos insisting non-white women in general aren't oppressed.
the entire fight since probably 2 hours now was about black men vs white women having more power, nothing of that sorts happened
and all of that should just be taken to the murican thead if all arguments for the evilness of white women are just things an american pickme did in 1950, nothing about that is on me or most other anons here

No. 1527371

>white women: can stay at home to take care of their families, make sure they are fed and sent off to school
>black women: both parents have to work, no one’s home watching the kids…why are black kids doing so poorly in school compared to white ones?!

No. 1527372

File: 1679178949831.jpg (67.33 KB, 1024x1365, 1675428533827485.jpg)

Can you make like a good tradwife and stop using the computer? Those things are for white men only, you know.
This is ofc assuming you aren't just pic related

No. 1527374

Where are white women mentioned in >>1527365
Dayum when did Chris-chan take this?

No. 1527375

File: 1679179114485.jpg (78.13 KB, 526x789, buddet food.jpg)

this sounds like history rewriting unless you got some solid texts to back that up
on the other side, i often see some american blacks saying food stamps and government money is a ploy to keep black people down because it encourages single parent families. there's like 400 videos on youtube of BHI preaching about just this

No. 1527376

You should scroll up to see how the entire argument began, sounds like you have no clue what happened. And since the anons are defending the actions of 50s pickmes today in posts like
It is on them, unfortunately. I digress, this whole thread is kind of blackpilling regarding feminism or women's unity kek. Everything is just tranny libfem bullshit and brainrotted 4chan pickmes.

No. 1527378

he has a beard now and is bisexual nonbinary pangender or something. hes no longer an idealist waifu, he wants boydick now

No. 1527380

File: 1679179434030.jpeg (271.63 KB, 1231x1761, 9A767014-A690-40AB-924F-E9AD92…)

How is pay from your husband dying and fighting in war the same as welfare? Why were black women forced to work during a time when it was common for men to go to work and women to stay home? These laws eventually went on to fuck up the black community in many ways.

No. 1527381

>this whole thread is kind of blackpilling regarding feminism or women's unity kek.
so true. when women still prefer their men over you when they beat the teeth out of their mouth, you just know that you shouldn't even bother.

No. 1527384

Again, no white women mentioned in the image. Also this seems to be an isolated incident in a random fucking town.

No. 1527390

You're talking to more than one person.
Black toothless anon is simply beyond help.

No. 1527391

File: 1679179799328.gif (454.94 KB, 236x240, GleamingPrestigiousJunco-max-1…)

Oh my god, all this derailing and racebaiting just because of some retard who doesn't actually know what intersectional feminism is. I hate this site. Hellweek please! More jannies please! Too many race obsessed freaks shitting up too many threads with infights.

No. 1527393

hey I know that guy I oppressed him last week

No. 1527394

You deleted and reposted just to add that old tumblr gif?

No. 1527398

Constantly immediately deleting anons are no fun. The thread looks ugly because of you.

No. 1527400

>common for women to stay home
this is such a dumb meme lol, many young women worked back then.

No. 1527402

You're the problem too if you think African-American culture is destructive for reasons you ""will probably get banned for"" lol.

>It was another anon!
But you don't actually disagree with them, and that's why you're getting at me for saying these things are shitty instead of the racebaiter(s). Why would any sane woman try to align herself with either men or those sorts of women? Also, nice job getting pissy over someone not respecting your anonymous individuality, while still implying I'm the anon you were arguing with kek. And really nice job mocking another woman for getting physically abused by moids, feminism stronk.

No. 1527403

Oh no!!! I deleted reposted something because I wanted to add a gif on an imageboard! Are you gonna try to infight about that now?

No. 1527404

And she did it again… Think before you post, retard.

No. 1527406

>hehe girls support girls white women get raped and beat by scrotes
>makes fun of black woman who was abused by scrotes

White women kek

No. 1527409

It's an imageboard, nonny. Are you going to demand that the mods disable post deletion so your 'tism doesn't get triggered? Kek

No. 1527410

The anon who got her "teeth punched out" by black moids is a pickme handmaiden who hates other women more than she hates the men who literally assaulted her and would absolutely kill her without hesitation. I wonder if she has brain damage, you know, considering a man punched her teeth out. She probably excuses the assault because black men are supposedly the world's saddest victims at all times, ever.

No. 1527411

I don’t hate other women I just live in reality. White women are not my friends and black men are not my friends. I’m looking at this from an unbiased perspective and I believe American white women have it better. I’m not going to kiss your ass just because we both have a pussy.

No. 1527412

Complaining about anons deleting their posts to re-post it just makes you look like a newfag.

No. 1527413

You do have brain damage because you are not unbiased in the slightest but have fun sucking off and pitying the men that would celebrate your death.

No. 1527414

>white women literally voted that black women can't be stay at home moms
>posts images that don't prove that
>refuses to elaborate

No. 1527415

File: 1679180466844.gif (3.45 MB, 300x240, 1670612328981333.gif)

>black nonnie said her men are more oppressed than white women
>"white women are so creepy"
>uses an irrelevant example that literally didn't mention white women at all in a random bumfuck town
>white women defend ourselves
>"smh you're all 4chan pick me's, see this is why we can never have female unity!!!"

No. 1527417

I am unbiased. I know black men ain’t shit but I also know white women are above them socially. You want me to say white women are more oppressed than black men because I’m a woman and I’m not going to lie to you.

No. 1527418

File: 1679180590166.gif (242.5 KB, 600x600, 1631572865185.gif)

Note that you're more angry at her and anyone who's disappointed by these things than at the /pol/spergs shitting up this whole site. You're fine with white women who bash black women, brown women, Asian women, etc, but the moment a woman from one of those groups says she doesn't trust you (I'm not talking about her reasons or why before you start foaming at the mouth and strawmanning), you write seethe posts like this and make fun of her for being abused.

No. 1527420

>You're fine with white women who bash black women, brown women, Asian women, etc
I should add that this includes white "women" as well, I know some of it is just scrotes in womanface kek.

No. 1527422

Wait and watch them pull the "ALL WHITE WOMEN THINK THEY'RE PERPETUAL VICTIMS" card like they love to do.

No. 1527424

She posted that race is more important than 'gender' and also never said whether she got these ideas from a college university or not.

No. 1527426

>believes intersectional feminism is retarded
>acknowledges the unique oppression an individual woman faces as the result of her socioeconomic status in conjunction to sex discrimination.
>(completely separately) doesn’t believe racial discrimination can be oppressive.
What a strange place your mind is anon…

No. 1527428

Like I said, keep sucking them off. They deserve the shit they go through. I don't give a fuck if they're too lazy to find jobs, how is that my fault? They'd kill you without a second thought because they're moids. I'm glad they suffer. More moids should suffer.

No. 1527430

>I also know white women are above them socially
and physically
and emotionally
and financially
and of course also when it comes to education. Life is great!

No. 1527431

Again, I'm not addressing her reasons why. I'm pointing out how easily all the race shitheads came out of the woodwork to show their true colors, and you lot pretending that's totally not happening, that she's 100% the issue and everyone else in the conversation dindu nuffin, lmao. Yes, it is 4chan pickme behavior. I don't care about any "perpetual victim" argument, it's just disgusting.

No. 1527432

No. 1527434

File: 1679180947644.gif (491.05 KB, 342x342, 1493621094677.gif)

>You're fine with white women who bash black women, brown women, Asian women, etc,
that doesn't happen lol! white women who are racist irl will make national news, their neighbors would be interviewed by good morning America.

No. 1527435

How is it pickme behavior when she's the one defending moids? Do you know what a pickme is?

No. 1527436

Who is making fun of her for being abused? They're bringing up how retarded it is that she capes so hard for scrotes after getting the shit beaten out of her by one. Look in the vent thread and you will see worse victim blaming in there any day of the fucking week. Give me a break.

No. 1527437

Hmmm yeah maybe they do deserve what they going through but let’s be real…white scrotes are the same way but don’t suffer the consequences of their bad behavior because they are white and you are better off than them because you are white. The only reason black scrotes suffer is because they are black.

No. 1527438

>4chan pickme behavior.
I advocate for white women, not white men. 4chin white men despise white women because we don't want to be breeding cows for their smelly obese asses

No. 1527439

Constant anime girl autism gifs allude to there being an imposter itt.

No. 1527440

>black scrote suffering
Oh, being killed by each other? You mean that kind of suffering? Kek.

No. 1527442

it lightens the mood imo

No. 1527444

every single fucking time, glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed it

No. 1527446

File: 1679181311093.png (68.11 KB, 516x741, 1673384677021.png)

>black men only ever suffer because they are black
>implying if a black man suffers it's never his fault
Stop. He is a moid.

No. 1527448

File: 1679181357662.jpg (151.67 KB, 1277x960, hasenpfeffer.jpg)

it most certainly does not. pictures of bunnies would

No. 1527449

File: 1679181360964.jpg (66.19 KB, 621x1482, 1631776321880.jpg)

>that doesn't happen lol!
Then you're new.

Because 4chan moids love to shit on black people (black women included), and either those involved in that came in to show what they've learned from their /pol/ daddies, or they're intentioanlly turning a blind eye to the moids lurking this place.

Maybe actually read the thread next time, this is what I'm referring to: >>1527390
>Look in the vent thread and you will see worse victim blaming in there any day of the fucking week.
That's also wrong. Anyone without a Y chromosome or terminal pickme brain disorder calls victim blaming out when they see it. Funny that everything changes depending on the race of the woman involved, or scrotes start popping up and you just pretend not to see it.

No. 1527451

White men rape and kill just as much but there’s going to be some white judge who says “he reminds me of my son” to let him slide. Black men get less consequences for rape and killing women because they are doing it to black women. Sorry for the reality check.

No. 1527455

that episode of community was one of the funniest things i had ever seen. havent seen it since it aired so i dont know if it has held up. but at the time….

No. 1527456

If you bash other women, you're just as subhuman as the men, simple as

No. 1527458

and in china is gonna be a chinese judge who… and in india is an indian judge and in nigeria …
again, the root problem of black scrotes not getting the "privilege" of not having to go to jail for their crimes is murica being so mixed but still mostly white

No. 1527460

That doesn't make sense, the black anon is the only pickme. She's directly defending moids.
He is still privileged based on being a male in your example

No. 1527461

I’m talking about America though. In America white women have more privilege than black men. I can’t speak on other countries!

No. 1527462

toothless anon simply really is very sick. calling that out is not mocking her, everybody is shocked by her posts, how brainwashed somebody can be…

No. 1527463

File: 1679181687972.jpg (38.43 KB, 650x433, TB2IYBDqYRkpuFjSspmXXc.9XXa_!!…)

>Black men get less consequences for rape and killing women because they are doing it to black women.
no, it is because american black culture of not being a snitch. why do you think most unsolved murders in cities are unsolved? people know who did it.

No. 1527464

>he’s still privileged because he’s a man
He’s privileged over black women but not over white women.

No. 1527465

aint no way you're comparing a couple of autistic white women on an anonymous image board site to what black women say brazenly about white women in real life lololol
nope, this started because she said white women are snakes, creepy, more privileged than black men, etc. Don't flip the script now, kek.

No. 1527467

how should we know? you just write white this black that, as if this is a general rule

No. 1527468

this has been deboonked so many times but you keep regurgitating it

No. 1527469

The 'privilege' of being able to rape someone and get away with it. Not being raped by black men is not a privilege, it's the norm to not be raped. White men still rape white women though. Black men rape and abuse black women again because black men are your sons, brothers, neighbors, fathers, uncles, community members, classmates, etc.

No. 1527470

Salami is fucking disgusting. Pepperoni is far more superior.

No. 1527471

I’m literally sitting here dying and drinking wine and laughing at you trying to say white women have less privilege in America than black men kek you keep bringing up rape but I’m talking about systematic racism.

No. 1527474

>systematic racism
You learned this in college. Also you're drunk, take a break.

No. 1527476

Hamsters are just rats for bad bitches…and it's clear who wasn't a bad bitch.

No. 1527477

>some drunk af aunty starting shit
now that explains a lot

No. 1527478

I've literally never seen a black woman shit on white women in real life, they don't care. All your proof otherwise will probably be weird liberal freaks in white colleges and autistic Twitter users with white mother in-laws or otherwise dating white men.
>nope, this started because she said white women are snakes, creepy
When you defend /pol/ scrotes, you only prove her correct. No one's flipping the script.

No. 1527479

File: 1679182102888.bmp (2.25 MB, 1024x768, 1024by768_lutari_day_2006.BMP)

No. 1527480

No I learned this from real life. The life of the average white american woman is better than a black man. Not all white women are getting raped and killed by black men so it’s not a good argument.

No. 1527481

Those who defend /pol/ moids and share their opinions are also pickmes.

No. 1527484

>systematic racism
"racism is when my brother gets locked up for sucker punching an elderly asian woman from behind"

No. 1527485

I never talked to a black woman ever, in my whole life. I'm not joking.

No. 1527487

>black women don't care about white women unless it's a liberal freak in college
Literally what I've been saying. She only thinks race matters more than gender because she's going to some hoity toity college and repeating the rhetoric they teach there

No. 1527488

Why is this pic loading from the bottom towards the top, the fuck

No. 1527489

No. 1527490

do you realize you're being an internalized misogynist by implying that my opinions aren't based off my own lived experiences, and that I merely got brainwashed by 4chan moids?

No. 1527491

File: 1679182275898.png (20.29 KB, 500x313, 2688109380_7aa42e1ca0-16639715…)

>sharing an opinion that a moid has means you are defending moids more than someone directly defending moids

No. 1527494

File: 1679182385661.jpg (53.59 KB, 800x531, salami-26655900.jpg)

Most offensive opinion in this thread. Pepperoni completely lacks the subtle taste of a good salami.

No. 1527495

File: 1679182386667.jpg (43.98 KB, 640x960, cake.jpg)

that's pretty racist anon, dont be going on twitter and telling an american that, dont you know their personal secluded problems are the entire worlds problems

No. 1527496

>reading comprehension
You are equal. Btw thank you for admitting you have the same mindset as moids that hate black/non-white women, that's all I was trying to say. I'm glad the lame gaslighting is done.

No. 1527497

these men are so oppressed

No. 1527499

File: 1679182522140.jpg (58.64 KB, 720x960, 53060094_2554611951235233_2164…)

i think we need hellweek on this thread

No. 1527500

I don't even hate black or non-white women, I hate moids.

No. 1527501

File: 1679182552003.gif (1.81 MB, 640x480, 1082532.gif)

I don't care what you think if you hate women of any race.

No. 1527502

Mamma mia, here we go again

No. 1527503

Honey mustard is disgustang

No. 1527504

if this thread showed me anything, it's that non-white women, especially black women, will defend their men over white women. I always knew this, but it's interesting to see it happen in real time.
People are inherently tribalistic at the end of the day.

No. 1527505


No. 1527507

You had no problem with anon saying being called racial slurs by men passing by in their cars is not problem though

No. 1527508

This thread showed me that even if tribalistic non-white women do it openly and stress that they will not lie to you, the tribalistic white women prefer to do the same, then hide their hands behind their back and pretend to be your sister so they can stab you in the back more later.
Glad I'm not like any of you, but I'll only ever support my friends. Feminism in the modern day seems like a massive waste of time.

No. 1527510

File: 1679182884322.png (6.71 KB, 325x135, turn gay.png)

feminism is being a man

No. 1527511

>implying you are friends with moids

No. 1527512

learn how to read lol

No. 1527513

My friends are other women, not dumbass racist pickmes like those in this thread though.

No. 1527515

never have a son please

No. 1527519

Kek@ white women thinking they have less privilege than black men in America because they are women. I knew white feminism was delusional but I didn’t think it was this bad. Ty for the laugh and now I’m starting to understand why rich as fuck white women like Taylor swift act like victims.

No. 1527520

I know you're drunk and I know you will delete and repost this.

No. 1527521

Someone should've said that to your father.

No. 1527522

File: 1679183201554.jpg (41.46 KB, 680x618, 1677153106733933.jpg)

stfu omg

No. 1527524

File: 1679183231337.jpg (64.85 KB, 806x960, jazz.jpg)

glad you agree blacque males have more privilege and agency than any female

No. 1527525

How can an interaction with one person on an anonymous website show you what any group “especially” will do in any situation? Followed by self admitted confirmation bias.

No. 1527526

Exactly this. It's "We don't hate you", but then they'll insist you getting sexually harassed by their moids is "no big deal".
inb4 one of them responds to this accusing me of being the black anon

No. 1527527

File: 1679183301508.png (7.87 KB, 1068x114, Screenshot_20230318_184635.png)

No. 1527528

I won’t. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

No. 1527529

>I always knew this

No. 1527530

Because it's a tardthot or a scrote trying to take advantage of the division sown ITT by injecting their own ideology.

No. 1527531

I fixed my typo kek
See here >>1527519

No. 1527532

Probably a mistake but sure supports the possibility that this thread derailment is a samefagging troll.

No. 1527533

you're shitting and pissing and vomiting all over yourself because me and the other nonnie don't fit into any mold you created

No. 1527535

What are you talking about, you schizo?

No. 1527536

Has any black moid chose you over a white woman yet?

No. 1527539

you know

No. 1527540

File: 1679183667161.png (179.5 KB, 1366x591, mo-pray-banana.png)

shes suffering from potassium deficiency

No. 1527542

i had that same necklace in 1997

No. 1527543

Stop posting ugly Indian scrotes

No. 1527544

Like I said I know black men aren’t shit and would throw me under the bus for a white woman in a heart beat but that doesn’t change the fact that white women are less oppressed than them. I’m not bringing my own personal feelings into facts!

No. 1527545

Please explain the thought processes that went into these three posts

No. 1527546

File: 1679183797463.gif (1.05 MB, 444x250, stop.gif)

your comment contradicts itself

No. 1527549

File: 1679183861116.jpg (43.76 KB, 960x540, 1530317581257.jpg)

we get it, you'll defend black moids until your very last tooth

No. 1527551

File: 1679183881316.png (159.86 KB, 560x678, 1651102658724.png)

No. 1527553

File: 1679183925562.png (581.44 KB, 1608x1713, DvooNBUXcAA2VV3.png)

ok non

No. 1527557

How does it contradict itself? Just because a person is bad does not mean their demographic is not oppressed under laws and systems created to fuck them over.

No. 1527559

Women of any race and social class are subject to being victims of rape, domestic violence and femicide.

No. 1527561

And? That doesn’t change the fact that black American men have it worse than white American women.

No. 1527563

There are laws and systems created to fuck all women over

No. 1527564

File: 1679184181448.jpg (161.75 KB, 768x1024, 1657382307780.jpg)

You think this is a fucking joke?

No. 1527565

you're responding to a troll, she says the same thing over and over again throughout the thread

No. 1527566

No. 1527567

File: 1679184260344.jpg (35.52 KB, 720x960, mummy child2.jpg)

No. 1527568

Yes that is true but In america there are more systems in place to fuck over black people than white women. Why do you want me to say white women have it worse than black men so badly?

No. 1527571

File: 1679184313791.jpg (90.54 KB, 720x720, mummy child8.jpg)

No. 1527572

File: 1679184322734.gif (805.27 KB, 316x318, 1654216387178.gif)

No. 1527573

File: 1679184343301.jpg (66.26 KB, 720x720, mummy child3.jpg)

no boyfriends no husbands, only mummy childs

No. 1527576

File: 1679184388114.jpg (409.88 KB, 2048x1941, mummy child4.jpg)


No. 1527577

I read an article about this woman two days ago kek

No. 1527578

Wait, so what you're trying to say is that Lil Poopy has the same rights as the Queen of England?

No. 1527580

File: 1679184487731.jpg (89.37 KB, 1440x810, mummy child6.jpg)

they should have gotten matching tattoos when they were alive

No. 1527584

File: 1679184638922.gif (565.45 KB, 300x221, 1666520715565.gif)

the fuck is this? what are you posting?

No. 1527585

I’ll make it simple in America it’s race>gender in most situations. Most white women only experience systematic sexism from white men but poc women experience it from all men. I know it sucks because white feminists want to act like we all experience the same things but we don’t. That’s the end of the Conversation for me kek

No. 1527588

No. Stop repeating the nonsense you learn in college.

No. 1527590

File: 1679184923692.webm (1.27 MB, 640x800, 1622610327158.webm)

You're thinking it absolutes when it's more complex than that.
Does a disabled white women have more privilege than an able bodied black man?
Does a white sex trafficking victim from eastern europe have more privilege than a black man from Chicago?
Does a white girl living in a trailer in Appalachia with her meth addicted mother have more privilege than a black boy living with both parents in New Jersey?
Yes on average black people are more oppressed in America than other groups. However it's more nuanced than simply being a case of race, there's many other factors that influence a person's quality of life beyond race.

No. 1527591

What the fuck is that webm?

No. 1527592

File: 1679184989792.jpg (37.46 KB, 628x680, Fe6THQWX0AAZBnN.jpg)

Oh lord we are still going. Why not just stay on lipstick alley lmao. I am sure you are banned there too.

No. 1527596

It's a cow eating an eclair, I'm more confused over the images posted upthread that look like dead kids

No. 1527597

I’m talking about on average no shit I’m not talking about outliers that are the minority

No. 1527598

You're still wrong

No. 1527599

>I'm more confused over the images posted upthread that look like dead kids
It's a woman who married a zombie doll

No. 1527601

File: 1679185463043.jpeg (18.71 KB, 275x206, 1579794886475.jpeg)

I can't wait for this thread to hit the limit. I just want us to love each other again.

No. 1527607

File: 1679185933942.gif (2.27 MB, 360x640, 1675299701555.gif)

I don't like it when we fight

No. 1527608

File: 1679185978455.png (1.06 MB, 958x648, 52974064_320309508830560_86204…)

furries are the largest oppressed group in america

No. 1527610

File: 1679186024092.jpeg (139.88 KB, 1500x1000, C5DEABEF-A63B-40A1-8EF0-5D5811…)

It’s okay to let your pets sleep on your bed as long as you keep them clean.

No. 1527611

File: 1679186141300.jpg (67.83 KB, 564x752, 89da94dd5b6bc0bfd6a5dfa93a1ca3…)

Bed and couch are ok, but I will never ever agree with pets on the counter

No. 1527612

do you not clean your kitchen or something

No. 1527613

You’re absolutely right tbh, pets should never step on the counter or the dinning table.

No. 1527616

I clean my kitchen, but I still don't think animals should be where food is prepared and ate. Like how you wouldn't wipe your ass and then go rub your hands all over your counter without washing your hands. You can clean the counters but it's like..gross.

No. 1527620

hope you dont eat in any restaurant or any food from a grocery store then

No. 1527622

It’s awful but I can’t make them stop. It’s easier to just clean than to constantly yell at cats who don’t care if they’re being bad anyway kek.

No. 1527626

Women who are scared of cats being on the counter but will let men into their bed who they met on tinder who they don’t know if they have bed bugs confuse me

No. 1527627

Homie could also have scabies, and you can’t just wipe up scabies/bed bugs kek

No. 1527628

File: 1679186941302.jpg (29.65 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I don't really eat at restuarants often for personal reasons and I wash all of my produce so..
I know some pets just don't listen and I feel bad for owners who have cats that just jump on counters with no regard for their stinky little feeties

No. 1527631

I’m saying the same women worried about cats being on the counter are the same women letting men with bed bugs into their house

No. 1527632

Right. They’d deal with a bed bug scabie infested scrote but judge other women for a cat stepping on the counter.

No. 1527633

What makes you reach that conclusion??

No. 1527634

I don't fuck men.

No. 1527635

Nta, how many men have bedbugs? I know they are dirty creatures but I have not heard about the bedbugs. How could you tell?

No. 1527638

Nta but in all honesty bed bugs and scabies do not discriminate by gender, just species. You’re not gonna get bed bugs or scabies from a cat but you could get them from any human you know. Or any furniture that has been in an infested home for example, can infest your home, same with clothing. Always wash thrifted stuff right away and dry it on high heat. And personally I don’t fuck with used furniture cause bed bugs terrify me.

No. 1527643

Do you have experience with bedbugs? Please tell me about them because I basically know nothing. Can you see them? Or do you just get really itchy and get random bites?

No. 1527645

No. 1527647

Nta, but they usually bite you while you're sleeping and you can find where they're living and their eggs if you look. Some are absolutely humongous, especially when they get filled with blood. The baby bedbugs are really tiny so it's harder to see them. Sometimes you can find one on you if you catch it.

No. 1527650

Thanks, this is scary. How dirty do you have to be to get them? Where do they lay their eggs, in the mattress?

No. 1527655

You don't have to be dirty at all, it's extremely easy to get them and you can pretty much get them from anything/anywhere.
>Where do they lay their eggs, in the mattress?
On any furniture that you're near most often.

No. 1527657

Nta but I think I have bed bugs. I found a huge one on my coat a week and and a baby’s one. I threw all my shit out. Idk if there’s more but I haven’t found their hiding spot

No. 1527659

Then how come they don't seem very common?

No. 1527660

I heard you can get them if your next door neighbour is nasty and have an infestation they refuse to take care of.

No. 1527662

people bring them home from airbnbs and hotels, sitting next to someone on the subway, etc. it doesnt have to be anything related to your living space

No. 1527664

No. 1527666

They’re literally traumatic to deal with and most people don’t like to rehash actual traumatic experiences if they don’t have to. Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with them but I’ve read enough horror stories and seen the thousand yard stares. Those alone are enough to strike fear into my heart.

No. 1527667

This website talks about bedbugs way too often, much more often than any other place then maybe bedbugs.com
I have come to the conclusion the best way to avoid them is to stay off lolcow

No. 1527668

they are very common, but people dont talk about it because stigma. they are everywhere in every country, but more likely to find them in developing countries or poor areas because less likely to have concentrated effort of eradicating them. they are big in tourist areas too, easy to spread

No. 1527669

Spreading awareness is important.

No. 1527671

I'm just expecting you drop a link to your pest control business now that you've raised awareness

No. 1527673

File: 1679189388037.jpg (265.78 KB, 2500x2500, 81ZEuQxawZL.jpg)

Anons if you think you have bedbugs, please buy some kind of powder or diatomaceous earth to eradicate them. Inspect your home and see if you can figure out where they're living and spread it there. Amazon has a lot of brands. Tame it before it gets out of control. They're worse than roaches, literally traumatizing.

No. 1527674

What the fuck??? I'm scared

No. 1527676

Lol like clockwork

No. 1527678

File: 1679189708255.jpg (106.09 KB, 1024x945, being_a_page_101___4_by_josely…)

every night i wish my bf a "good night sleep tight dont let the bedbugs bite" for his safety

No. 1527679

Samefag but also there's like a smell that bedbugs release when they feel threatened and it's so bad. I'd rather slit my wrists than ever deal with bedbugs ever again in my life. They can even live in books. Do you hear me? BOOKS!
You're probably a bedbug mad that people are speaking out against your terrorism.

No. 1527680

File: 1679189792129.jpg (379.21 KB, 1024x1722, bedbugs_2_by_ashesss_d9jbods-f…)


No. 1527681

what the fuck im going to kill myself

No. 1527683

File: 1679189970697.jpg (135.11 KB, 1024x664, bgbugs.jpg)

if you get them just tell them its not cool to squat in your home and they'll go.

No. 1527687

Sometimes I can’t tell if the bumps on me are bed bug bites or acne….

No. 1527688

Samefag but I threw out 99% of my clothes and got all white linen but I haven’t seen any.

No. 1527689

How big do their bites get???? are they small or big????

No. 1527690

They’re kind of small but hard with no puss.

No. 1527693

They nest in the cracks if your bed/furniture so throwing out your clothes and bedsheets does nothing

No. 1527694

The only furniture I got is my bed and book shelf. I found nothing. My aunt has bed bugs so I think I just got some stragglers from her and I hope those are just it.

No. 1527715

I do kind of consider some trans women to be “women”

No. 1527729

You can’t just say that and not tell us why or how.

No. 1527740

I think Bella Ramsey is unbelievably ugly and I really do not care what people have to say about it, it's not like I'm talking to people I know IRL about how she's ugly, I just do it on lolcow kek and no I'm not a moid I just have eyes.
>inb4 why do you care weirdo
I don't care. She's just fugly.

No. 1527760

File: 1679197492772.jpg (866.11 KB, 4096x2293, 1649262141105.jpg)

Vtubers are overhated just for some bad apples. It's a genuinely fun hobby that introduced me to a bunch of other women who i know otherwise wouldnt have felt comfortable to stream/make internet content. It's also really creative and i love to see it evolve and see my favourite vtubers get new outfits.

No. 1527763

She low key ugly but I’m here for it. Ugly women should be able to have acting careers too.

No. 1527764

File: 1679197961212.jpg (39.58 KB, 768x512, c1_4239615.jpg)

define a woman.

No. 1527765

I'm happy that for the female vtubers who have found a safer way to stream, and I can appreciate the skill to make the characters and rigs even if it's not my taste. but moid vtuber fans are somehow even more degen than the average anime coomer. I don't think I've ever met a normal one

No. 1527779

Yeah, I like it. Ugly people, especially ugly girls, should be allowed to be the focus of stories that aren’t about how ugly they are and how their body image is bad and how people should see past it and love them or they should gain confidence or whatever. It should just be irrelevant to telling an actual compelling story.
At first I found it jarring how she looks nothing like game Ellie, but hey, neither does Ellen Page anymore, kek. And over the show she grew on me.

No. 1527780

>ass cleavage cutout

No. 1527823

I'm not the same eugenics person but I honestly wonder about eugenics as well. If you had the ability to birth a child without any physical/mental deformities would you do it?
I saw this short on yt which I cannot find that got me thinking. It was a disabled woman holding her equally disabled child that honestly looked lucky to be alive. Someone in the comments said she knew she had the possibility of passing her problems down to her child and yet still did it anyway. Then she was making this short saying to be proud of your disabilities. It honestly seemed like she was using her child as a tool for empathy like a munchausen's parent. It was honestly gross and shocking.
And this isn't the only example. I first started pondering all this after learning about david vetter, the literal boy in the bubble. His mom ended up learning he could be born with no immune system but due to her religious beliefs chose to have him anyway. He lived his entire short life in a bubble. What kind of a life is that? He would have no way to make friends, explore, and grow. He would've been a literal adult child being taken care of by his mother. Until she got too old or died, and then a stranger would've been taking care of him. In a single room in a home he has only seen the outside of a number of times in his life. That sounds like hell.
And think about kids with hereditary diabetes, they have to spend their entire lives monitoring their blood glucose levels, taking shots, restricing diet, and if they don't they will literally die.
Theres thousands of people all throughout the world living with disorders, disabilities, and disfigurements they were born with that greatly impair the quality of their lives. And despite these people having such impairments many if fertile still choose to have children that could be born with the same problems. And I'm not even just talking about physical, many mental illnesses are hereditary and can be passed on in families. Children wouldn't have to struggle with mentally ill abusive parents and potentially grow into mentally ill abusers themselves.
I already know this is an absolute shit take but at this point I'm never gonna be changed. Why do people selfishly decide to bring others into the world they know will suffer and live lower quality lives? I know that theres other ways living can be unbearable but if there was a way you knew you could prevent at least one form of suffering wouldn't you want to do it?
And I'm not even saying eugenics should be implemented bc it's been used for all the wrong reasons in history just to commit genocide I'm just saying that people shouldn't treat it as if it's this completely evil belief that has no good points. I know that ultimately I would be on the chopping block here but I grew up in a shitty situation and still suffer in ways I ultimately cant control. But life is not easy. It continues on and you get to experience all that horrible shit and wish you could escape but at least you could have the decency to not put it on another. If it's not shunned to say that you shouldn't have kids you can't physically/financially take care of then why's it wrong to believe in eugenics where healthy able bodied children would be the standard? I honestly believe humanity could improve far better if PROPER eugenics were applied. But I know it would never turn out that way so I would never advocate for it. I just believe in it. I know it makes me a shitty person.
I'm half asleep so I may have gotten my point across poorly. And I swear I'm not a scrote. Just a very retarded woman.

No. 1527854

%99 of men in Hollywood are uglier than her but only she's getting called ugly for some reason. It's almost as if misogyny has got to do something about it.
Ugly men already get lead roles and stories, I'd argue most films have average or ugly male main characters rather than handsome actually which is probably because they want the watchers to be able to self insert easily

No. 1527860

it's more likely due to the fact females like to take the piss out of each other and it is less interesting doing it to males, simply because by default they are all ugly. in contrast I bet a pocket full of lint that twitter is full of males talking about how they want to give sex with her.

No. 1527874

File: 1679210890421.jpeg (39.36 KB, 540x736, BB029468-5842-4B4C-B494-570B08…)

Madoka and Tutu are the only two magical girl animes I genuinely think are well written and entertaining, there’s some others that are entertaining but I wouldn’t call well written but Madoka and Tutu succeed at both.

No. 1527882

I partially agree but I don't think all men are ugly and Hollywood could definitely get handsome men to star in movies if they wanted to but you only see handsome guys in movies for teengirls and a few in chick flicks. It's as if being average or ugly as a man has became a norm because Hollywood advertised ugly guys so much yet if you're not skinny, blonde, blue eyed with three plastic surgeries and dare to try be an actress, a bunch of losers will come together to cyber bully you. It's so weird and she's not even ugly compared to some other actresses or actors who get hailed for their good looks.

No. 1527885

File: 1679211721447.gif (5.4 MB, 373x498, chadette.gif)

based Princess Tutu enjoyer

No. 1527908

nonny..its to show where the tail is supposed to be. If anything the ''thicc'' thighs meme shit is the bigger problem, she would have looked much cuter with slender legs.

No. 1527960

You don’t think that drawing has slender legs? Go eat a burger and stop rattling bones.

No. 1527966

offtopic, but i cut my hair similar to this thinking i was gonna look so cool and i look like a dingus.

No. 1527967

I actually think her design is cute but her legs look painful, they're going to fall of any moment

No. 1528002

File: 1679229487314.jpg (58.52 KB, 680x662, media_FckRrY2aMAAqOAL.jpg)

It makes sense to avoid broke people, not because of classism, but because they tend to have some of the worst personalities and complexes. It seems like any sort of bigotry is compounded 10x by poverty. Most bitter, deranged misogynistic moids, worst pickmes and most braindead tradthots and idiotic libfems I've ever seen have either been poor or dipping heavily in lower middle class. Some of the most insufferable were those on neetbux who believed they were the world's ultimate victims when they were born in welfare-generous countries that enabled them to browse imageboards and watch YouTube all day. There are also rich assholes and pickmes, but the stress of poverty can absolutely bring out a person's worst traits, and some of them don't even change if they end up in a better position.
Poor people who aren't shitheads are often the first to complain that the people around them suck, too. If you're a woman, it's simply not wrong to avoid broke people. They are not your friends. Many of them will hate you not because of anything you did/said to them, but because they think you belong below them (this is especially clear if you're in any sort of minority goup, it's insane). It's not worth it.

No. 1528024

We're so accustomed to seeing actresses with bad or obvious plastic surgery normalized that it's shocking to see one who doesn't look like she has any

No. 1528071

I can understand forever alone women because men are picky with who they get into a relationship with and if you are pretty self aware it’s going to be hard for you to find a man that you like but I’m confused by forever alone men. Like if as a man you can’t find any decent women willing to fuck you and be with you that’s a red flag.

No. 1528077

Couldn’t agree more. To any poorfag anons: stop associating with your neighbors in your shitty neighborhood, go out to places were no poor people gather and make friends. Your mindset will change and you will get out of that mud.

No. 1528081

Am I the only person whose heart is breaking for the other children in that classroom? Poor babies having their graduation and educational experience ruined like that.

No. 1528090

There are disruptive boys in probably every elementary school classroom, they end up getting put in a different room for speds or just disappear entirely (probably sent to another school).

No. 1528094

100% true

No. 1528110

I know it's shitty but I feel the same way about childless people. If an older woman has no kids by choice I'm like nice, happy for you. If an older man has no kids I don't even consider that it was by choice and I wonder what's wrong with him that nobody wanted to procreate with him.

No. 1528111

Can't afford the entrance fees to places where poors don't gather.

No. 1528119

i've found the opposite. i was upper middle class and thus went to private school all my life with posh people ( as in living in mansions and villas level ) and i can't even tell you how stingy mean and stuck up people are. like i get that you don't get a different perspective in life but there's no need to look down on people and even less LARP as those same people they make fun of. they never directly did it to me since i was ostracized for reasons unrelated to my financial status, but they definitely bullied the shit out of those who was obviously not from the same class, and it wasn't reciprocated on both ends they just sucked it up and moved along. kids definitely can tell and they definitely know ( who has a phone, the type and brand of school supplies, clothes etc ) as soon as i got public tutoring my world was turned upside down because there wasn't that type of attitude or heirarchy, and now that i'm in public university ( otherwise known as faculty ) there still isn't any of that. maybe it's cultural ? i'm sure it's different in a job envrionment though. i don't understand what "as a female" has to do with anything, i think people being cunts has nothing to do with financial status as the worst/most spiteful people have been from both ends ( and extremes )

No. 1528120

>If an older woman has no kids by choice I'm like nice, happy for you. If an older man has no kids I don't even consider that it was by choice and I wonder what's wrong with him that nobody wanted to procreate with him.
kek same

No. 1528135

>If an older man has no kids I don't even consider that it was by choice and I wonder what's wrong with him that nobody wanted to procreate with him.

Probably just didn't want the responsibilities of raising children–but in my eyes, men who are like that are fucking insufferable. They are immature and self-centered so the mentality tends to bleed into other aspects of their lifestyle. On one hand, good on them for not burdening a woman and traumatizing a child. But on the other hand, I don't want to asspat men who never got their shit together and reveled in that.

No. 1528150

Men who abandon their children after they have them or neglect them after they divorce their wife are worse: at least with perpetually single moids they never brought a child into the world

No. 1528159

That's why I said good on them for not burdening a woman or traumatizing a child, 100% agree.

No. 1528383

AI art and ChatGPT is cancer and there is no excuse to using it, no matter what. If you do then you deserve all the hate in the world for engaging in things that harm humanity. Also a-logging towards these people should be encouraged(in terraria).

No. 1528396

I get it, I maintain a double standard for virginity. If a man is a virgin (and not ultra religious), it's obviously against his will because moids obsessively chase sex and will take it at any opportunity. If a woman is a virgin, it doesn't reflect negatively on her at all. Even if, from her perspective, it's because she's not desirable enough and she feels bad about it, it's obvious that she could have sex if she lowered her standards and good on her for not doing that.

No. 1528417

Snitching is based the only people that dislike it just don't want their shit checked. It's one of the only things that helped when I was being bullied during school. Stacy doesn't give a shit about what I say and will just laugh at me but if she gets threatened with being removed from the cheerleading squad suddenly she is bored of picking on me. Hahaha

No. 1528435

That isn't what snitching is, snitching is when you tell on someone who is on the same side as you.

No. 1528441

It's definition gets extended to silence victims accusing them of being too weak or lacking social skills to work it out like invoking a greater authority is underhanded when really the victim was left with no choice because they aren't being engaged in good faith

No. 1528443

De Ce Plang Chitarele > Dragostea Din Tei

No. 1528449

Definitely. It's based when it comes to internet retards, bullies, misogynists, etc. I ain't gonna snitch to people stealing from big corporations or people who make shady money though

No. 1528453

They get praised constantly simply for just not disappearing and think they're all that. I know this from experience. I changed a blow out, breast fed, and read to baby and my husband started getting praise from old ladies for helping the baby stop crying and feeding me while I breastfed. Like seriously? It's the bare minimum for moids to act like their child exists and stick around

No. 1528544

thanks anon, i don't know how i missed de ce plang chitarele when i was into them in my youth. but the dragostea din tei video still wins out

No. 1528558

No seriously what the fuck is this???

No. 1528560

I think it was a weird shitposter trying to be funny using these pics from this lady who is married to her like 3 zombie child dolls. It's weird, I think there are some articles about her

No. 1528564

File: 1679271653280.png (286.66 KB, 1024x1024, 1666305683826871.png)

But I like stealing their art to draw character designs or just those specific meme images as other things

No. 1528566

File: 1679271790398.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x2560, 1673674056841731.jpg)

Samefag apology but I meant I like stealing from ""ai artists""

No. 1528597

File: 1679276976108.jpg (105.6 KB, 1080x1350, [21-01-16] 1350497935822360578…)

this looks like shit just find irl to study from. Here, have a trad animu artist that's miles better than that crap.

No. 1528601

I feel like you can tell when anime girls are drawn by women and when they are drawn by coomer men

No. 1528607

just as deformed and nonsensical as AI art if not more so

No. 1528624

If you're a 50 year old man who dates 25 year old women something is wrong with you. Idk about the "the brain is fully developed at 25" thing. Anyone who dates someone young enough to be their daughter is fucked in the head, straight up. I didn't think was unpopular until I mentioned this to people irl and they acted like I was insane. If you want to date a younger woman because you're shallow, whatever, but an over 20 year age gap? Something is not right there.

No. 1528644

I think it's fine if the 50 year old guy is an immature manchild himself and they're not planning on having kids. The one time I've seen an age difference relationship it worked out because she was a mentally insane career woman and he was a day laborer that was part of a criminal gang. It surprisingly worked out well.

No. 1528648

File: 1679282408893.jpg (120.73 KB, 1080x1080, [21-08-31] 1432771573656784898…)

it's drawn by a woman
how? you sound like a retarded crab if you think those ugly stiff shit drawings are even comparable to ibu's art

No. 1528705

Id low key date men in their 20s forever if they liked me and don’t expect money

No. 1528721

Most school bullies want you to forgive and forget because “it was soooo long ago” so they don’t have to take accountability. They never change and notice how they rarely apologize they pretend like they don’t remember it or try play it off as no big deal and you’re overreacting.

No. 1528729

The best response is to pretend you don't remember them or just block them
Why should they get to feel good about themselves from me one last time

No. 1528745

Eating period pussy is NASTY, and saying that does not make me a man

No. 1528750

i wish i could eat period pussy

No. 1528755

No. 1528756

I don't necessarily want my period pussy ate, but I do want a vampire girlfriend to period finger me. Messy but intriguing, however I'm never horny enough to think about this stuff on my cycle so it will probably never actually happen.

No. 1528778

Do you think swallowing moid cum is fine? If yes you have no right to talk.

No. 1528812

That's nasty as well

No. 1528814

Thinking about eating out a woman on her period I feel like it's very scrote thing to proclaim as hot; me as a woman I saw all of these gluey pieces of uterus' lining coming out, this is not "sexy fresh blood", it's covered in blood piece of discarded tissue, nothing appetizing or sexy about having your mouth in any proximity of that

No. 1528825

glad I'm not into dating women for the sole reason that so many women believe in astrology and that made up bs is annoying as all fuck lmao (sorry astro nonas)

No. 1528827

scrotes are the ones who think periods are so disgusting they'd rather stick it in the doodoo hole because that's somehow more sanitary

No. 1528830

Yes kek exactly, thinking about eating period blood conjures images of eating those dark jelly blood clots I see on my pads, and that's a huge nope from me. I atually love eating pussy otherwise

No. 1528831

Are you a sign that’s memed as being hatable or something kek

No. 1528837

File: 1679313360957.png (593.52 KB, 923x522, CAPTURE.png)

no matter how much people claim I don't see Bjorn Andersen being an IRL anime boy/bishounen, he looks like a regular big jawed awkward Swedish kid, he just has a cold glare and was placed into the mainstream by pedos.

No. 1528842

agreed, as a swede i think he's average (at best)

No. 1528843

i wouldn't know tbh because i don't read that shit

No. 1528847

File: 1679314702572.jpg (144.71 KB, 891x1536, 905836684.jpg)

hey at least it's harmless

No. 1528848

does anyone have the adults pics of him

No. 1528854

he has fabulous hair and he's skinny and pale, plus he doesn't have a recessed chin. i think he's handsome for a boy his age tbh. as an asianon people would have been all over him if he went to school here. poor kid, or man should i say cause he's ancient. he looks like a cool wizard now kek or a put together well kempt hermit last i've seen of him

No. 1528856

I like all breeds of dogs, and cats too. They're cute.

No. 1528859

this isn't unpopular

No. 1528863

People who constantly preach and gloat about kindness are some of the most vile, empathy-devoid selfish cunts on earth, especially if they bring it up often, plaster their social media with it, or use kindness as one of their primary descriptors when explaining who they are or how they view themselves. I actually think viewing yourself that way makes you into a worse person.

No. 1528870

It’s overactive empathy common in cluster bs anon, so you’re not wrong.

No. 1528872

those "sending love and light" spiritual people..

No. 1528873

I thought people with BPD had lower empathy?

No. 1528878

Some do and some have overactive it depends on the time and the manifestation in that particular person. Overactive empathy is when they feel your emotions so strongly they think there their own instead of yours. It happens because of the lack of emotional regulation and an unstable sense of self. An example of this is seeing you be sad or hurting you makes them sad, but then they get too sad and can’t handle the level of emotional distress. This can cause them to convince themselves that you are the reason for their sadness. I.E “this is your fault I feel like this. You being sad ruined my day!” or in some cases you see some them think this makes them empaths and very understanding because being able to care for someone else’s feelings can make them feel “better than other people”, but it gets off track in that the empathy normally ends with the point of it being to make the pwbpd feel better and not necessarily what the other person needs.