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File: 1680100380103.jpg (112.98 KB, 800x1104, menmygrillz.jpg)

No. 1535816

Keep the confessions going, anons


No. 1535820

I am caught between wanting to get revenge on former friends for being shitty behind my back and ignoring it completely because I still residually care about them enough not to want to hurt them

No. 1535822

File: 1680100652770.gif (9.27 MB, 498x498, IMG_7852.GIF)

my reputation for liking horrible men continues to haunt me. recently i got really into lotr overnight, and my friend instantly was like ‘why, because theres a creepy royal advisor?’ yes but leave me alone.

No. 1535827

KEK savage

No. 1535834

It made me lol anon, but it also makes me sad non-russian speaking people can't appreciate the way his name was translated, Wormtongue sounds so modest and almost nice compared to Гнилоуст / Gniloust ("Rotten mouth" but the archaic form of "mouth" is used which makes it funnier to me), although it might be subjective

No. 1535846

im actually russian but i didnt know that was how they translated it since i watched/read it in english, but yeah its a shame that they wouldnt get the double meaning of 'worm'/'wyrm' either way because its quite clever. i watched the third movie yesterday and im not upset at all btw.

No. 1535979

File: 1680112731932.png (224.62 KB, 500x375, 371442D9-3F30-4A0E-92B3-BE5874…)

My depression is getting worse and nothing is making me feel better. I’ve technically been way more functional than ever but there’s still this void inside of me. Because of a stupid ex. I feel like I can’t fully enjoy things without him or someone else who genuinely cares about me romantically by my side. I was so happy to be with him but it was so easy for him to get rid of me. No matter how much I improve myself or be there for someone they always leave. I’m so dead inside.

No. 1536020

Kek. It's a fictional character. No shame in having a type and I'd say still a step above Gollumfags.

No. 1536037


No. 1536052

>No matter how much I improve myself or be there for someone they always leave.
I feel this so much. Nothing is enough. I literally have to be the carpet they step on for anyone to care just a little, but as soon as I try to respect myself a bit they're fucking gone.

No. 1536348

I lurk the "Difficulty relating to other women thread" and count my blessings. I lurk similar threads about anons struggling with things I didn't even know you could struggle with for the same reason. To think once again "huh, how lucky I actually am, I shouldnt take this for granted"

No. 1536352

I feel you spiritually nonas
I'm always left wondering what I did wrong

No. 1536357

File: 1680138181118.jpg (48.43 KB, 836x625, 1648328984721.jpg)

I tell my mother that I quit therapy because I'm fine now, however, the real reason is because I ended up sperging about my niche speshul intwrest, fandom related to it, and showed my therapist drawn erotica I made related to it after we got into a conversation about my fear of sexual intimacy and other social maladjustment type things. I swear, I'm not an autist. I just thought she would be cool about it but I could tell she wasn't, I could tell the sheer dread and discomfort I had unearthed in this woman, a secret world she would never be able to forget. I quit after two more sessions because the shame hit me like a bullet train at least a day or so later after I realized what I had done really sunk in. Ironically enough, I got way better after I quit therapy so I don't feel as bad as I should, still makes me cringe and feel the urge to scratch my skin really badly anytime I remember though.

No. 1536369

Honestly nonna, it's weird your therapist was sensitive to you talking about sex stuff. I mean, I don't know what you said exactly, but a lot of people want to talk about sensitive, sometimes icky issues with therapists because it's supposed to be a secure space to figure yourself out. Like, therapists don't have to be comfortable with everything, but she should have signaled to you if she wanted to set some boundaries, right? If you ever decide to find a therapist in the future, I hope you find a better match, so you can vent.

No. 1536385

To be honest, she wasn't outright disgusted with me but I could hear in her voice during the call that she went from somewhat interested to completely shocked and disgusted. I even had the gall to explain the drawing in detail because my thick skull didn't realize what I was doing was really fucking weird. She then proceeded to ask me things like "Does this make you happy?" or "Why does this make you feel more comfortable than a relationship with others?" things like that. I think it's partially my fault for getting excited and assuming her interest in what I'm interested in was genuine, and not out of politeness. I really wish she had told me her boundaries from the get-go. I got so embarrassed that I ended up quitting, the funny thing is that she said she checks in with all of her patients if they decide to quit but she never did that with me so it basically confirmed to me what I did was really bad. I don't think I'll ever do therapy in the future. I think I'm fine though. I've kind of accepted that I will always have extreme difficulty connecting with others, my interest will always cause a barrier with others, and am very content with the possibility of dying alone. The problems I have are manageable, and I can live life happily so I don't really feel a need to go back to that sort of thing.

No. 1536390

Grima is nothing compared to Lord Viren, the ultimate hottie. That’s my confession, is that I am a huge autist about Viren.

No. 1536400

I think I have a madonna-whore complex but for males

No. 1536413

File: 1680145923483.gif (3.3 MB, 498x331, oh the misery.gif)

ayrt, i actually used to be OBSESSED with gollum after seeing one scene with him when i was a kid. glad you think this is an improvement though.

No. 1536461

KEK I do too

No. 1536475

I had sex with a 44 year old (I'm 30 don't worry nonnas no grooming here) and the 14 year old age gap turned me on way more than I'd like to admit. I'm not even into older men.

No. 1536482

Is he hot, kind, rich or what? I don't see anything baseline hot about the gap itself. It feels depressing and odd to me. I'm in my late 20s and I meet a lot of older men who insist that type of age gap is not bizarre and they can "take care" of me "so much better" (something I never ask or suggest I want but they always trot this out when I say I'm uncomfortable with them). It feels really weird being seen sexually by men even a few years older than me.

No. 1536487

He's hot, kind and ridicilously rich I mean like stupid rich. Multiple sports cars rich. But yeah the age gap felt baseline hot to me which is why I wrote this in the confessions thread.

No. 1536489

kek anon I wish i could have been a fly on the wall during that because it sounds fucking hilarious, like something out of a sitcom plotline. Was it for some really weird fandom or character or something? kek. I'm sorry for laughing at your pain, but we all do really embarrassing things and I guess this is just yours. My dad has this story involving a midget and a basketball game that is his most mortifying memory and it's so incredibly bad that if he can live after that i'm sure you will be fine too. On the bright side this will have steeled you for future embarrassing things.

No. 1536501

anon… human? wait…. no…. the only anon i've seen use that term in relation to fandom porn was…
>what happened with your father and the midget?
I'm sorry but I swore on my life many years ago I'd never tell anyone outside of the family. If we wed I can impart this knowledge onto you, but what I can say is that it's unfortunately worse than your guess. I'd never be able to live it down, personally.

No. 1536502

Honestly, thinking back on it from a bird's eye view…it is kind of funny in a surreal horror sort of way. I will not say the fandom, but it's main character is pink. I'm curious though, what exactly happened with your father and the midget? Did he utterly destroy the beyond manlet in basketball which kind of embarrassed him because it was sort of rude to do or did the manlet somehow beat him? I would say so, to an extent it sort of shaved off the last bit of shame I had and it further cemented me to work harder at appearing more normie like outside of my house to others, so I would say there are positives to my story. Thank you nonnie, means a lot.

No. 1536505

NOOOOOO ANON OH MY GOD I WAS RIGHT. HOW DID I GUESS FROM "SLIT" ALONE. I spend too much time on this fucking site. anon i'm in tears. i'm in fucking tears. I thought it was gonna be like, final fantasy yaoi porn or something. you showed your therapist THAT??????????
>I just thought she would be cool about it

No. 1536508

You're my favorite character from all the LClore. I didn't think your stories about your special interests could get better, but here we are

No. 1536511

same, i didn't know it could get funnier. This is honestly the funniest shit I've seen on this site in years. I'm just stunned and in awe.

No. 1536515

my first thought was her dad accidentally dunked the midget in the hoop by grabbing the ball and not realizing the midget was holding onto it tightly or something kek. your confession is very cursed but you are brave to admit it

No. 1536523

Aw, I feel really bad. Therapists aren't supposed to be so judgmental.

No. 1536524

True, but i don't think the therapist was judgmental. She quickly tried to collect herself and continue with the session as said in >>1536385
Therapists are just people you know, I saw my old therapist grocery shopping once. So keeping that in mind, how would you react if your client showed you porn they drew of a pink cartoon circle with a dripping wet slit getting fucked by a penguin? I think anyone would struggle keeping an unfazed face kek.

No. 1536529

Yeah, but if you're a therapist you know that your clients will confide things in you that may be uncomfortable. I think they should be able to at least contain their reactions…idk I just feel bad.

No. 1536532

I have never waited out a ban before. I’ve always evaded as soon as I see a ban message. no farmhands i am not evading on lolcow right now

No. 1536533

File: 1680164062180.png (82.08 KB, 400x597, basketball.png)

Haha what, you mean like this?

No. 1536534

File: 1680164327046.png (176.33 KB, 836x563, dunk.PNG)

No. 1536535

This one sent me

No. 1536545

im fucking dying, yes thats exactly what I pictured

No. 1536549

I feel so guilty right now, I’m probably responsible for something horrible. i honestly didn’t think this would happen. I never think before doing things, I’m so stupid

No. 1536580

anons I can't figure out who the pink character is

No. 1536581

it's Kirby, anon. She also has a thing for king dedede and a very storied history on /g/ and /m/

No. 1536582

No. 1536585

Kek this makes me feel better about my horniness for Sauron and the Witch-King.

No. 1536587

File: 1680172143276.jpg (76.15 KB, 564x564, b3e7692801ce6712c2a5ed93ded0f0…)

So about a month ago some guy and I who I've been seeing since december broke it off because he was suddenly emotionally distant and one of his close friends just told me that he behaved this way because he's scared of getting close to someone and being hurt because his ex breaking up with him hit him hard and he's been single for years because of it. He also mentioned that he's sure that the guy would be excited to hear from me and tbh I am absolutely against chasing a moid who doesn't want to put in any effort for me but I'm so tempted to reach out to him and fuck him over because I'm still hurt over the way we ended things. I know I should just move on and not waste my time but I really want him to feel like absolute shit. I know he chose the most comfortable option for him without considering my feelings and I want it to come back and bite him in the ass. I don't care that it's childish and that I sound like a bitch. I admit that I'm vengeful and I don't care about the feelings of those who hurt me.

No. 1536594

well go on

No. 1536640

I would be throwing my phone long before seeing the 'littles', how can you stomach seeing that cringefest larp?

No. 1536646

File: 1680179792314.jpeg (76.79 KB, 640x787, _.jpeg)

I wish I had brown eyes. Brown eye + blonde hair combo is insanely beautiful. I would buy brown lenses but I've seen women on tiktok do that and get accused of asian fishing and other retarded shit

No. 1536649

If you have light eyes you can exchange them for my brown ones nona

No. 1536666

There is no winning move here except not to contact him anymore or risk becoming part of his sob story he spins to future women. Men never get what they deserve

No. 1536679

That has nothing to do with asianfishing, go for it. Though don't get cheap chinese contacts, they might be bad for your eyes.

No. 1536726

now i'm more curious about those tiktoker's mindset. how can anyone think that only one race can have such a common eye color

No. 1536728

Ugh same. I have very light eyes I would trait to get dark brown eyes. Girls with brown eyes look like dolls for real

No. 1536748

same but I'm afraid of putting anything in my eyes tbh

No. 1536760

>asian fishing
Kek there's a lot of Asian people who wear blue contact lenses to look stylish, go for it nonna.

No. 1536816

What do you think about this charming man, nonnas?

No. 1536819

I just emailed a someone i'm very close to my theoryon SIA (Sonic Induced Autism) and we had a 4 hour conversation last night about how true it is and how she'd like to add to my studies on it. I also may tell her about the truth when it comes to a certain "male" rapper. I recently printed out my document so far and it's 35 pages, but I plan to cut it down some, by next year I feel I'll be done and it'll be my life's work. May even send it some places.

No. 1536822

I keep meaning to read those Sonic posts thank you for reminding me wait
>a certain "male" rapper
Drakechan and the anon who made all those sonic posts are the same person?

No. 1536823

Are you going to post the "Drake" exposé here pretty please with sugar on top

No. 1536825

yes, I am the same nona. I was looking at Chris Chan the other day and noticed how though Sonic is a mixture of Sonic and Pikuchu, he doesn't really like Pokemon? Which I found very interesting.

No. 1536826

No. 1536827

Yes when I'm done with it, I will. I plan on leaving lolcow after I do though

No. 1536829

well he does like pokemon but the Autistic part of his brain of course clings to sonic vs. pokemon. I can't really explain it.

No. 1536836

>I plan on leaving lolcow after I do though
why specifically after that

No. 1536844

>I plan on leaving lolcow after I do though
NO why? We love you SIA/FTM Drake anon, please don't leave…

No. 1536855

I won't say im paranoid, but I will i'm mildly paranoid that once I open that box i cannot close it. Also one day when I get over my agrophobia, I plan on turning SIA into something acdemic or doing my own tedtalk. I don't have a face or voice for youtube(ugly, fat and I may shame my family), so I'm hoping to have a job where I can pay someone to make me a ghetto tedtalk about these subjects using their face.
So yeah, it's a lot of reasons.

No. 1536907

Sometimes I think I have DID. I would never say it to anyone because I associate DID with these stupid larpers. I heard some people talk about it here saying it’s more of a spectrum and related to bpd and ptsd and since then I’m hmmmm…
>sometimes get into a weird state of mind
>colors and everything looks different
>all sounds are unbearable loud
>ugly cry all the time
>go literally into corner and rock back and forth
>have urge to take a bath but flip my shit when I’m in the bathtub
>live with roommates and they witness my behavior telling me I’m behaving like a traumatized child in these moments
>state of mind last from hours to days
>I can witness all of this but have no control
>started journaling and trying to get into touch with that whatever it is
>only thing I get out of that is “it’s so cold and dark”
I probably sound like an edgy larper but sadly I’m not. When I watch movies where the topic is a young woman who was traumatized so bad she doesn’t even remember it I get send into another dimension and not in a good way. I wish I was normal. How fucked up are those people who wish themselves mental illness to be what… interesting? I can tell you all people RUN when they witness this kind of crazy.

No. 1536930

I wondered if I had some kind of mild DID or just really severe complex ptsd but I experience nothing like yours. Are you sure you aren’t suffering some kind of psychosis? Psychosis can also temporarily come from trauma.

I wondered if I had DID because I feel like different people sometimes. Have entirely separate interests and even skill levels to an extent, write a bit differently, speak with different words and voice unconsciously, and what makes me wonder the most is how I have entirely different thought processes and feelings as different versions of myself. Like, one version would seethe about something so hard I would be shaking but if I’m another version I wouldn’t give a single fuck and almost couldn’t even fathom how it would ever upset me. I’m pretty forgetful in the normal CPTSD way, but I remember everything between “switching” mind states so idk

No. 1536933

I hate my mother in law. I have always hated her but I hate her more than ever. I found an old investigative journalism article from about 20 years ago. It details the night my MIL was charged with DUI manslaughter, and her second DUI.

By multiple strokes of luck and by virtue of being unbelievably drunk and not incriminating herself, she got off with 10 days in jail along with some parole. She had a breathalyzer installed in her work vehicle when she was allowed to drive for work again - my partner remembers blowing into this breathalyzer as a child to get her car to start, more than once.

Here are some gorey highlights:
>2nd DUI, blew a 0.27 (legal limit is .08 - meanwhile she was so drunk that the next level of intoxication includes coma/death
>hits a pedestrian going 55-85 mph
>victims head and torso smash through her windshield, showering her with blood and guts
>she doesn’t even attempt to break, no skid marks in the road
>she pulls off into a lighted drive 1/4 mile down the road
>witness who pulled over to help said she was covered in so much blood he couldn’t tell what color her shirt was
>witness said she told him she’s in big trouble since this is her second DUI - she doesn’t care about having killed someone
>victims lower body parts were driven through by at least half a dozen cars and remained were scattered about the road
>includes a statement from MIL at end of article
>she blames the guy she hit and claims she is the victim here because “why was he in the middle of the street??? That’s what I want to know” so basically boohoo she had to see some gore and spend a week in jail so she’s the victim

I hate this dumb bitch I wanna a log

No. 1536941

I have the same experience as you, nonna. Idk if it’s just cptsd or what. But I literally am so forgetful it’s confusing. I was watching a show with my partner the other day and I asked why he’d never shown it to me before, since it’s super old and he said he watched it as a kid. He said he’d shown it to me before and I got mad at it and said I hated it. I don’t recall this at all. But this has happened multiple times.

The thing about getting super angry about a thing and not caring about the same thing while in different “mindsets” is something I feel too. The weirdest part is that I have different reactions to substances based on these mindsets. I can have a drink with the same amount and same brand of alcohol and same amount of food and hydration and be fine and just a little tipsy one week and then a few weeks later that same amount will make me so drunk I’m sick and we’re talking ONE drink here. Not multiple drinks. Same goes for pills like Xanax. Sometimes if I take 1 for a bad panic attack I will pass out and other times I can take just keep taking them until I’ve taken like 4 and I’m still shaking. I’ve been cleared medically and had extensive checks of my heart.

No. 1536948

I find gore interesting, not because I enjoy to see people suffering, but because it's so surreal how fragile the human body is. Humanity is able to accomplish amazing things, but in the end none of it matter.

No. 1536949

Thanks nona I haven’t thought about it being some kind of psychosis. Makes a lot of sense actually, I had experience with psychosis that were very different but had the same coldness to them. Maybe this knowledge will help me when I’m in one of those states. As for the experience you are talking about I can relate so much but I always thought it’s my hormones that make me feel/think and so on so differently.

No. 1536956

Anon please be careful, someone who killed a person and still acted as a victim is very dangerous. I hope she's not allowed in your home especially if you have small children. She sounds genuinely worrying.

No. 1536970

Same, but for me comes also along that I dye my hair black kek

No. 1536981

i love my natural smell and stink at risk of sounding like a moid yes even my underwear if it's pheromones then i'm attracted to my own. honestly gets me turned on like no other

No. 1537139

I ghosted two women I met from the friend finder thread. I promised not to and I feel horrible and if either of you see this I'm really really sorry. I don't even know how to make a friend so I shouldn't have posted in the first place and I'm sorry for that too. I won't do it again, and that should be a much more keepable promise.

No. 1537164

The lore builds

No. 1537185

I have written a 90k novel that is entirely in gibberish. The paragraphs, punctuations and character/place names are all consistent and made to look like it's an actual story, like if you looked at it you'd just think it's a novel written in a random language, but even I don't know what it says.

I started writing it just for fun because I wanted to create my own sample text for a website I was building to publish actual short stories on, and the regular Lorem Ipsum just didn't have the structure I needed. Then it just became a thing I kept typing away on during my free time. It feels like a massive waste of time, but I'm still quite proud of how useless it is. Maybe I should publish it somewhere just for fun.

No. 1537190

that's pretty neat

No. 1537191

>Maybe I should publish it somewhere just for fun.
Please do, I'm curious now

No. 1537192

File: 1680215021512.jpg (252.46 KB, 910x1200, illustration-manuscript-collec…)

I bet this is how the Voynich manuscript came to be
It would be cool if you make it into a mystery or even urban legend like that
People decades after wondering what it's all about

No. 1537222

if you stuck that shit into a thumb drive and buried that somewhere and someone from a hundred or so years from now unearthed it, they'd be soooo pissed trying to figure out what it says LOL>>1537185

No. 1537240

That's amazing!

No. 1537245

anon im sorry but i love you wtf! i want to come to your ghetto ted talk im sure your beautiful!

No. 1537279

File: 1680223164360.png (286.01 KB, 1280x800, E5970284-2DA2-49DD-9C7B-CF7D7E…)

I don’t feel like I’m truly myself without my stimulant adhd meds. I’d honestly buy Mydaysis illegally if I could.
Guess I’ll just be a drug addict bc I’m not happy without amphetamines. It’s literally night and day how much I can just easily get things done with adderall / mydaysis without insane procrastination

I don’t know if that means I do actually have adhd or what bc I constantly feel like I’m lying to myself and everyone else.

No. 1537283

why are adderallheads always so shocked how productive meth makes them? they're always like "without my meth pills im not as productive….could i have ADHD??" like…whether you do or dont have adhd, adderall is meth. it makes EVERYONE productive lol.

No. 1537287

Adderall isn't meth retard, the pharmaceutical meth is called desoxyn

No. 1537293

How did you convince someone to give you the drugs without a diagnosis of adhd? Did you just lie about having adhd symptoms to a psychologist? Personally i feel like if you don't have adhd you need to leave those drugs alone, even as someone with adhd, i can skip a couple of days before i slip back into being a complete mess. Even with stimulants, you still need to put in the work to keep yourself together and maybe you memed yourself into thinking you need it.

No. 1537295

I did get a diagnosis (from an irl doctor, not a pill mill) but I’m constantly second guessing myself anyway. I just feel guilty that taking a pill solves my problems like magic. But to be fair, unmedicated I lost my job and ruined my life.

No. 1537307

if you lost a leg would you feel guilty that using a crutch or wheelchair solves your problems? no, you'd just be glad to have it. stop being stupid.

No. 1537326

Ok anon, i feel you, I probably just miss understood your point. I think you need to give yourself credit. Stimulants aren't going to do much in your life without out putting in effort to be successful and you're own actions and will to be successful is what has gotten you far in life more than anything.

No. 1537441

It’s pretty damn similar.

No. 1537470

i'm so fixated on the audrey hale case. i don't want to support the shitty mainstream news milking it, so i've limited myself to obsessively checking the TIF thread. worst part is i have a big test next week i should be practicing for but i keep wasting precious time

No. 1537499

study for your test then backread the threads as a treat. She's not gonna get any deader.

No. 1537543

kek same here, I was practically unable to work the day the news started pouring in. fuck my morbid curiosity.

No. 1537571

Same I've never really visited the FTM threads as much as I do now.

No. 1537577

I love how my period smells. It smells "earthy" and reminds me of how flour smells, idk how to describe it that well. But when I catch a whiff of blood it smells good to me. I've always liked how it smells

No. 1537649

Kek, you guys are giving me some good ideas, thank you!

No. 1537670

Sauronfag and ngl I always thought he was very charismatic, I love dark knights and I've always loved characters whose gaze is hidden, the fact that he is played by the pilot dude from Mad Max 2 doesn't help kek. Too bad about the disgusting teeth otherwise he would be great.

No. 1537671

Ikr…the pussy is potent. I don't like at the end of the period though where it gets that kind of bbq tang smell to it…only fresh blood

No. 1537673

Fermented sour dough bread.. mmm yummi

No. 1537677

This is just standard symptoms of trauma and overstimulation not DID.

No. 1537688

I keep having intrusive thoughts of hurting (or worse) my cat, I would obviously never do it but I'm disturbed at how easily these thoughts come up.

No. 1537715

there are other conditions with severe dissociation involved that are not DID. in DID there has to be different types of 'normal personalities' that handle daily life, that don't know about any trauma, or don't have any feelings about trauma. child alters are always traumatized parts, they can form in cptsd or bpd as well.

No. 1537730

File: 1680269755366.png (709.01 KB, 2000x2500, bumpdontscroll.png)

do not scroll

No. 1537756

File: 1680272468829.jpg (17.07 KB, 520x520, 332904f53cd846c45fcf0f2ce68227…)

I actually threw up IRL due to this spam, I have a very weak tolerance for gore and I couldn't even finish my food in Iftari

No. 1537761

When I was 18 years old I fucked my 50 year old boss. I regret it, but I will live with it, it is what it is. I was young and very naive and immature. He wasn't even rich or good looking. Ugh.

No. 1537775

you're describing the DID you see in movies, not the DID you see in case studies.

No. 1537787

I use my bf to go places. I know it's unhealthy and codependent but I feel like whenever I go out alone some shit happens to me. People love picking on me or involving me in weird situations. With my bf it's much less rare. I think people feel less bold bothering a couple

No. 1537808

Gore bump dont scroll

No. 1537849

I'm as volcel as they come but ngl getting non creepy moid attention doesn't feel that bad, it makes me feel like I hold some sort of power as I tell them no thank you.

No. 1537865

I’m sorry nonny. I hope you at least got some nice dinners and/or gifts in return.

No. 1537888

I love rejecting moids. It’s so funny. Especially if they start acting like nervous little dogs trying to gain your affections when you hit them with a blank look of disdain at their initial confidence.

No. 1537895

Aw nonnie thanks, I mean I wish I could say I did but unfortunately not, he was a scum of the earth pig-man and he would taunt and humiliate me in front of my co-workers and made me feel like a prostitute. It was 13 years ago so hopefully he's like dead or whatever.

No. 1537901

its from the theory of structural dissociation, that has primary, secondary and tertiary structural dissociation. with primary = ptsd, simple dissociative disorders; secondary = cptsd, other dissocitaive disorders, bpd & tertiary = DID cases.
it's based on biology. not everyone who experiences some form of dissociation has DID.

No. 1537904

I keep an autistic diary of all the funny and cute interactions I have with my crush. It's just a nice thing for myself but I'm afraid it's making me delusional.

No. 1537953

If I knew anyone was writing about our interactions like this id be weirded out. It's probably fine if he likes you back tho

No. 1537958

When I get hormonal I start crying over how much I love my cat

No. 1537962

That's actually based and I approve. I do the same because they are absolute angels that make life worth living for. I love my cats more than anything in this world. I just lost my child (cat) a week ago and it has been the hardest loss I've ever experienced in my life. Please love your children and don't be ashamed to cry over how much you love them. Appreciate every minute you have because I wish I was able to spend every single second with her. God bless the kitties.

No. 1537968

isn't that normal? i know i did this with my two crushes in middle to high school. both real and digital in the form of a blog kek. it's not that creepy especially not as a woman i feel

No. 1537974

I've only had him since december and we already have a pretty strong bond, but I've been in love with him since he was just a couple of weeks old potato (my brother sent me a pic of him and his siblings asking if I wanted one, and I immediately saw his little head and felt in my entire body "THAT IS MY CAT!!"). He's been able to tell when I'm sad ever or had nightmares even after staying with me for a few weeks and is always ready to console me, he loves when I give his little face kisses and always falls asleep in my arms. Honestly the thought of losing him one day breaks my heart, I love him so much!

No. 1538000

I use my husband's sander to remove the hard skin on my feet

No. 1538143

im extremely attracted to east asian men and women but i would never ever EVER tell anyone that irl because the thought of being in an ea person's shoes and constantly being fetishized by white people legit makes me feel sick and embarrassed. im just happy im a woman at the very least bc white men who purposely seek out asian women to date are frankly disgusting

No. 1538148

barely related but my mom purposely sought out asians and did end up marrying one which i'm the product of. coincidentally every one of my friends has had some type of yellow fever too, this girl i know currently blatantly told me she does. hm.

No. 1538285

Nonna that's exactly why I think it's weird. I did this with my ex too and it turned out he did like me back but I don't have that hindsight with this new crush so I just feel like a creep, if I found out some guy I'm not interested in was doing this to me I'd be so disturbed.

Idk anon, I think it's kind of expected and cute when teens do it but I'm grown, it's so much less innocent when I do it now lol. It's not creepy when a girl says "Omg Jonathan smiled at me in the hallway he's just so dreamy!!" but if anyone ever found my password-protected document filled with shit like "23 MAR [name] stood closer to me than necessary while telling me his favorite flavor of ice cream (EVIDENCE OF RECIPROCATION??)" they'd have me put down.

No. 1538288

File: 1680334096332.jpg (158.98 KB, 736x758, 9.jpg)

I think pepe and apu are cute and find the mentality of "scrotes use it so you can't like it" retarded. At that point you might as well not enjoy anything at all since scrotes will use literally any images, memes, etc. even cutesy ones intended for women. Besides, even when anons use girlier pics like bratz they still get shit on because it's associated with twitter, or kuromi because it's associated with bippies, etc. Can't have nothing then.
Tho since these are all just simple drawings and edits you can easily take them back from scrotes or any other group anyway, part of memes purpose is to be reused. I refuse to let men own a fucking frog of all things.

No. 1538428

I don't think I've ever seen a heterosexual interracial relationship with an East Asian woman where the man didn't turn out to be an absolute creep. Heterosexual interracial relationship with East Asian men can be cringe, or at worst predatory from his side (gaijin hunters etc) but usually don't feel as uncomfortable as the other way round.

No. 1538610

When i was dating my ex, I made him cry and when he called me sobbing, it turned me on.

No. 1538614

Anon same. My normiest normie friends recognized the pattern and every time they see an Asian guy they tell me oooh look he is exactly your type kek

No. 1538628

reminds me that I'm in a discord server that has banned pepe emojis because "he is a nazi dog whistle" but that's stupid. Nazis tried to make him a dog whistle but everyone else ignored it so that plan failed. By treating him like a dog whistle he becomes one. I think he is cute and I'm glad he is no longer associated with nazis. My point is treating him like something only an exclusive group likes is stupid. Nothing about him is inherently scroteish(unlike something like pooner) so there is no need to have a knee-jerk reaction towards him

No. 1538629

In the end I'm glad I didn't get into a relationship with this guy, I was not physically attracted to him but I was still willing to try because he was the first guy who ever showed me any kind of romantic attention, thank god for the second lockdown.

No. 1538655

I changed my name legally to my mothers name (both names including my surname), buy all my clothes and shoes from the same place as her (Reiss and Jimmy Choo) and share the same interest in interior, homewares, candles (The White Company) and even style and dye my hair the same as her.

She seems unfazed by it, not that it is meant to.

No. 1538689

No. 1538693

The creator of the frog denounced pepe's usage as a nazi and alt right symbol. That makes it a thousand times less guilting to use him if anything

No. 1538699

girl go to therapy lol

No. 1538706

sounds troony

No. 1538711

t. Norman Bates

No. 1538727

Because I don't want to be myself

No. 1538743

Understandable, but be anyone else please lol… take a fictional character or a random celeb

No. 1538750

No I am my mummy and there is nothing u can do about it

No. 1538820

I worry sometimes that I'm Asian-fishing.

I've taken Japanese and Chinese classes. I love Japan and am planning another trip there soon. I read manwha and watch anime, and am an avid follower of J-fashion and now K-fashion. I also love Asian food, various other Asian hobbies like ball-jointed dolls (I do have other hobbies though), and generally style myself kind of like Asian women. Especially as I've been getting older (I'm 33), I look to Japanese and Korean women for anti-aging and fashion advice. I recently dyed my hair dark again and have a pretty typical lolita haircut (also love lolita fashion). I just generally like a lot of Asian stuff, I could give a million examples.

Anyway, I hide my powerlevel, but sometimes when I look at my life, I cringe. I just really like Asian stuff. I don't really WANT to be Asian, I like being white, but I really appropriate their culture a lot lol.

No. 1539151

not asian fishing, you just described the majority of weebs and koreaboos here

No. 1539152

why would you be asianfishing? i think you're fine, you're white, people aren't going to mistake you for asian or anything

No. 1539154

i gave hook up culture a chance once again since i have been horny as hell. besides the fact that the men here actually eat pussy it's been disappointing and regretful overall. one scrotoid came in less than a minute, then when he was recharged instead of fucking me properly he started jacking it off, and another probably purposefully gave me a urinary tract infection by fingering both holes with the same finger. what the fuck is wrong with moids. and then they said they want to do it again.

No. 1539158

that's hot

No. 1539164

File: 1680423726416.jpeg (265.7 KB, 1514x1883, 85C504D2-AD4D-4A3D-BA78-5C9F0D…)

I do Asian fish but luckily I’m not white and no one could ever call me on it because they assume I’m Asian anyway kek
It’s nice to reap the benefits of both worlds

No. 1539165

When I’m really angry at someone the urge to psychologically annihilate them is overwhelming. I stop myself but it’s so tempting to blurt out all their weaknesses, insecurities, speech patterns, personal failures, personality flaws, negative perceptions others have on them, and any sort of familial tension.
It’s so easy to pinpoint everyone’s flaws too. When I meet someone I take note of every single thing I can tell is wrong with them from the get go. Knowing all of someone’s flaws gives me so much comfort because I hate myself more than anything.

No. 1539169

Have you ever done it? Did you succeed in psychologically annihilating them?

No. 1539171

This is an april fools thing, right? But damn are you me in the 7th grade.

No. 1539172

No I’m too much of a coward. There are so many moments I regret not ever doing it.

No. 1539180

>not asian or white
Are you black? How can you asianfish as a black person though? Wnd I don't mean asian style outfit or makeup by asainfishing, i mean pretending to have asian ancestry.

No. 1539192

Maybe lighter skinned with "Asian-looking" eyes? Or even more likely Native or mestiza

No. 1539196

Yeah some are mistaken as asian similar to Philippinos being mistaken as Mexican lol

No. 1539235

Oh that definitely makes sense, a lot of black people have slanted eyes which could be mistaken Asian looking maybe?
Kek I've seen a retard mistake an Indian woman as black so I'm not surprised over people's weird assumptions anymore.

No. 1539366

I didn't learn until fairly recently that scallops are from clams. In my defense, I was vegetarian for a very long time.

No. 1539375

File: 1680450144323.jpg (27.78 KB, 512x422, 16l.jpg)

What did you think scallops were until then?

No. 1539378

File: 1680450342700.jpg (121.12 KB, 1500x1500, 5916120-easy-garlic-lemon-scal…)

I just didn't think about it at all. They don't even look like an animal, they look like slices of some kind of vegetable.

No. 1539382

Oh ok, I see what you're saying. Yeah they do look vegetable-ish like that. I used grill scallops with the shell as a kid tho so I was like wtf lol.

No. 1539385

As an asian person I literally couldn't care less about people like you. I have to deal with people yelling racist shit at me on the street or men asking me if I can re-enact their favorite hentai why do I care if someone wants to learn languages or style their hair a certain way? The whole cultural appropriation discourse has gotten ridiculous.

No. 1539388

No, I'm really that much of a sperg
I do have other hobbies though fortunately

No. 1539389

Aw, thanks. I'm sorry you have to deal with that crap.

No. 1539392

Just BPD things

No. 1539402

I find myself so ugly sometimes in a obsessive BDD way and then sometimes my face is ok I really think it’s because of my hormones actually. I started to read on that subject of hormones and how they affect us, what we can do to help the body produce the right hormones etc I really recommend doing some research. So at times I think I am ugly but than I look at other woman and they are very ugly too! Not all, but some famous women like Kristen Stewart. I’m thinking omg ok I’m ugly but at least not that ugly! Why am I like that lol

No. 1539407

I use some extremely fucking stupid slang in my internal monologue. My mind will casually drop phrases like "I totes-ally dig that".
I need to train myself out of it… Or maybe I should just embrace it and speak like that irl, kek.

No. 1539413

>Not all, but some famous women like Kristen Stewart. I’m thinking omg ok I’m ugly but at least not that ugly!
i will end you. if she's considered ugly then i must be deformed in comparison damn

No. 1539420

How tf is kristen Stewart ugly? Wtf. Anon you probably have BDD since people with that disorder seem to obsess on faces and misjudge faces, think even attractive people are deformed etc. There was a study that judged normal vs BDD eye movements and normal people tried to read facial expressions of the given models while participants with BDD fixated on individual features and obsessed about attractiveness of the given model.

No. 1539423

Nta but k stew always looks like shes smelling the dog shit she accidentally stepped in

No. 1539425

you have extreme brainrot nonna. are you an anime fan by any chance? or someone who likes instagram a lot?

No. 1539431

Yeesh, you need to get that fixed anon. I have a similar problem but mine is the opposite way, I can't stand the way I look but other women look beautiful to me, even if they have features that I hate on myself.

No. 1539438

No but I’m pretty sure it’s from my narc mom who told me I’m ugly since forever and when we watched tv she would say that all the gorgeous actors are ugly in comparison to her. It’s just my thoughts telling me oh she is ugly but I don’t really find her ugly if that makes sense. When I tell myself no she is actually very pretty I get nice feelings in my stomach, I gonna adjust my thinking now. Thinking other people are ugly makes yourself ugly see my mom

No. 1539439

Having a bitchface doesn't make you ugly.
Anon neither you nor any of those women ugly. Your mother was getting a weird pleasure from putting you down. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that.

No. 1539446

The cringe will set you free, anoni macaroni, I can vouch for that.

No. 1539458

Yeah, she got inside your head in a big way. That’s such a wild thing for her to do it’s almost funny but clearly it broke your brain a little. At least you realize it’s crazy.

No. 1539478

this reminds me my narc mom broke me by calling me pretty and objectifying me when I was an obedient kid, and the moment I began developing an identity of my own and refused to conform to her standards, she started calling me ugly

I'm probably not ugly but my god do I think I am ugly

No. 1539568

A bit late but that sounds like a very strong bond, im so glad you have that ♥

No. 1539580

i knew someone who also said stuff like this and it was very cringe worthy to listen to

No. 1539656

Do you listen to music and search for new music and bands (or whatever is applicable for your genre) as a hobby? You can actually pick up a lot of music theory intuituvely via listening to a lot of music, I can play music and sing well with zero training (b
except for listening to insane amounts of music) - it's all about training your ears and mind to recognise what sounds good and emulate it. Also many music artists are ugly and just have great styling and hair. So basically nothing is stopping you if you're prepared to invest the time into studying music, even as a hobby rather than education. I would focus on your favourite genres and styles, research the back catalogues of artists in that genre, artists they may have inspired, and new music within the genre, see those artists live, playlist your favourites, eventually you'll absorb up enough knowledge to start to make things yourself that sound good.

No. 1539735

I think if put in the right situation I would cave and cheat. I just don't feel that much guilt over hurting people or not telling them things that would hurt them, plus I have poor impulse control. I know it's wrong so I just don't allow myself to get into situations where something like that could happen.

No. 1539822

I slept with my friend's "celebrity" crush when I went to a convention he was at and we hit it off. Friend took it very seriously when I told her about it - got enraged and slept with my long-term ex later that week, bragging about it to me. I didn't really care that much in principle, but the effort on her part to "get back at me" by hitting me where she thought it would hurt had me feeling particularly nutso in return and I egged her on to take things to the next level with the sleaze, playing nice. I knew he was a particularly scrotey scrote with no happiness to give. Then I rooted her on when she got pregnant to keep the baby, knowing her fun times would be done. And encouraged her to marry him and have more kids, because they're so cute together! Then eventually ghosted out into the background. She never really wanted kids and now she has 4 of them eleven years later and looks miserable complaining on Facebook all day while her husband tried to make a failed pass at me. She had to give up her dream job and now works at the daycare her kids go to. I'm definitely a douche all around for this one and feel like I've since grown more of a moral compass and cringe at my past manipulation, though ultimately all of those choices were hers. I try not to think about it

No. 1539830

i think i helped kill my dad

No. 1539838

Holy mother of BPD.

No. 1539844

When I was an early teen, some 19 year old guy stalked me while I was on holiday and took a bunch of photos of me. Then he approached me at the arcade while I was playing a rail shooter and just joined in as 2P. He seemed nice but he kept on smiling and giggling in an offputting way.
Next I said goodbye and walked to the cinema where they were showing older classics, like Gladiator. I was the only one there as I always choose times when there's less people, until that guy walked in and asked if he could sit two seats away from me, so I said "ok" to not be rude. We were the only ones there as the movie started. However, he kept on pointing out different details in the production of the movie, because he was a pretentious film studies student, it got kind of annoying because I was half watching the film, half listening to this film autist drone on about post-production, lighting, camera techniques. I had trouble hearing what he was saying so I picked up my popcorn and slushie and sat in the seat beside him, so he didn't have to almost shout over the movie. He exclaimed "Wow, a girl decided to sit next to me!" and he looked oddly happy and excited.
After the movies were finished, the guy asked if he could walk me out, which I agreed to. After all, I was on holiday with no friends to hang out with, so as much as I hated he need to show off his film trivia, he did keep me company and entertained me. As we were walking out he left a hand behind his back, as if he was asking me to hold it. I barely brushed against his fingertips and he grabbed my wrist and said "Gotcha! Heheheh". I felt very embarrassed.
It was lashing down with rain outside and I was in a t-shirt and jeans so I said goodybye, again, then dashed off in the direction of the relative I was staying with.
I was soaked when I got through the door and started peeling off my clothes, then thought "Oh, I forgot to close the gate and door, so I turned around. That guy was just standing at the door, staring down at my naked lower half, then he started stuttering "Oh, I'm so sorry, I just wanted to lend you my coat… But I guess that's too late now". Then he took his coat off and began taking off his shirt, then he handed it to me and said "Look, this is dry, wear this. I'll look away while you're changing." Which I thought was darkly amusing due to the fact he had just seen me, with my panties down, half bent over with my nether regions painfully visible. To be honest, I was more concerned that I accidentally exposed myself to someone I considered rather attractive, but I begrudgingly put on his expensive dress shirt. I said I was done changing and that he could look now, as I was holding the shirt over my privates and grimacing.
It was incredibly awkward. I didn't know really what to do, so I just decided to invite him in to sit on the sofa, I didn't know what he was capable of, he was much taller than me and with his shirt off, he wasn't skinny fat or anything, which I found surprising since he seemed like such a dork. For maybe five minutes we both sat in silence, him hunched over, seemingly in thought. I was kneeling and waiting for him to pull out a knife or something, but he just turned to me and took my hands in his and looked at me plaintively. I just tilted my head in confusion as he started kissing my hands gently, then things just gradually escalated and I lost my virginity to him.
Afterwards he started explaining he had been watching me and following me around for the last five days, but didn't have the courage to come up and try and talk to me. He showed me a bunch of pictures and short videos of me and I was simply baffled that anyone would target me, I had extremely low self-esteem then. He knew where I lived, it was an easy place to get to, a gated community but the gate was generally unlocked because it was considered a safe neighbourhood. He'd followed me home and was peeking through the window into the front room, where I spent most of my time. There was a lot of ivy on the house, so he could kind of hide in it to not be noticed. Very unfortunately, he caught me fapping on several occasions, which he took some pictures of, to which I simply replied "Dude, that's CP, delete that shit." He just kind of looked anxious and was trembling a little. To him, I gave him inspiration for his film ideas, he considered me an interesting person, that seeing my daily wistful walks around the city made him feel warm inside and he really wanted to talk to me, to know what my "story" was.
I just hate having photos taken of me, so regardless of the fact I had just been involved with statutory rape, he was incriminating himself more with his obsession with taking pictures of everything I do.
Now, for the actual confession part. For the remaining part of my holiday, I spent my time with him, he was kind of a paradoxical person, he was very gentle when we did intimate things we shouldn't have done, but at the same time, he was a creepy stalker and really went about romancing me the wrong way by following me home that fateful day. It turned out he was pretty loaded, his dad was some business man, so he took me out to nice places to eat, paid for my cinema tickets, bought me a nice white sundress and let me choose different things to do. We watched a lot of movies he had (pirated despite being wealthy) on his laptop and continued dissecting the technical stuff about whatever film we watched, let me choose too. I just wanted to watch horror flicks and it was funny that despite being a degenerate stalker, he kept on hiding behind me when the scary bits happened.
I think I was genuinely suffering from Stockholm syndrome, I was nervous about what he's do if I spurned him, so I did what I could to placate him. When I had to go back to my own country, I found it hard to say goodbye for the final time to him, but he was surprisingly mature about letting me go and said it's for the best that we just never speak to or see eachother again, due to our age gap. He gave me a tight hug and said that he was glad he met me, glad he got inspiration for his film projects and happy that he made me smile instead of frowning all the time while I was wandering around alone.
I feel guilty that I enjoyed the company of such a creep because I was that lonely. He was clearly some socially stunted autist but he never raised his voice at me or threatened me, he always appreciated my perspective on films etc. I wonder if he went on to stalk other women/girls after he was done with me? He promised never to share any pics of me online, but how can I be sure he wasn't lying? Maybe some perv somewhere in the world is jacking off to pics of me right now, I'll never know.
Sorry for the wall of text, I've been going through this with a therapist atm so it's on my mind constantly. The confusion of it all was what got me most. I just didn't know what to do so I just did what he wanted. I didn't know if I was afraid of him or attracted to him, I'd never had male attention before and then suddenly out comes some lunatic who claims he loves me and not wants, but needs to be with me. I'll never understand the dark triad moid mind…

No. 1539852

This is what being a lover with no boundaries looks like. At first I could empathize but why did you chose to hang out with him after the cinema.

No. 1539859

I was unsure of whether he'd get angry and hurt me if I didn't keep him company like he wanted. I had zero experience with men other than an abusive father so I guess I was anxious he might become violent. I was just kind of going along with it all because I had no idea what else to do after being predated upon. I was a complete doormat at the time, a yes-woman. It was inexperience with dealing with people in general I guess.

No. 1539860

but did he deserve it?

No. 1539862

This reads like the type of fantasy teen me would have in the shower about how the people who wronged me would get their lives ruined.

No. 1539865

They weren't dating, anon was a young teen (underage) who got groomed by an adult man who literally followed her home.
Anon this story is terrifyingly scary. I don't know what to say other than that I'm glad you weren't physically hurt by this creep.

No. 1540008

File: 1680526619082.png (97.94 KB, 939x672, turningjapanese.png)

I just had a particularly cringe memory of being 14 year old me, growing up in the middle of nowhere but desperately wanting to look like an animu character, so I bought basically these snowmobile protection glasses to wear over my head

No. 1540009

I would've thought you were so cool.

No. 1540014

Nonnie that posted the stalker story, thanks for the kind words. I tried to tell people early on what happened to me but I got laughed off or told I was a slut for continuing to be around him. I was a pretty horny teenager so I just kind of saw red when a man came onto me, I don't think I was ever thinking straight when I was with him for about a week before I took the ferry home.
There's a lot of disturbing details I left out just not to freak out other nonnies too much, and I don't want scrotes to see it and jerk off to it.
I thought about adapting that time of my life into a short story or novella, but like I said, I'd be afraid people would just jack off to the compromising situations I was put in, but I'd hope some women would understand the paranoia and fear surrounding stalking, despite the fact I was kind of more reacting dully to a dangerous situation.
Unfortunately, I was stalked twice later in life, one by a druggie whose rehab centre I used to walk past every day, the other was a troon I met at a gaming event. The worst was the troon who I found one night as I was about to take a walk to the shops, trying to jimmy the lock on the front door of my flat building. He made a run for it. I called the police multiple times but it turned out that this troon was also autistic and had complained to his autism service that I was transphobic for rejecting him and that I "deserved all I got in the future" or something along those lines. Hence, the police didn't take the case seriously, one even told me at the station "have you ever tried to reason with her or talk to her? she just seems lonely" to which I just walked out.
My mother used to have to deliver my groceries to me during that time because I refused to exit my flat, with that 300 pound stalker still hanging around. Turned out in the end he got depressed because I rejected all his fucked up advances and shit HIMSELF in and I got blamed for him feeling suicidal. I was told by his case workers, who ambushed me while I was going to see my psychologist, that he wouldn't be so ill if I'd just given him a chance. They were women too, it was unbelievable how victim blaming is ok if the aggressor is a troon. The way handmaidens who've never been the target of sexual abuse talk about it.
The film nerd stalker was nothing compared to those too.
I don't know what attracts stalkers to me, is it because I spend most of my time alone and they see me as an easy target? I just don't know nonnies. Moids are just fucked in the head imo.

No. 1540021

>some 19 year old guy stalked me while I was on holiday and took a bunch of photos of me. Then he approached me at the arcade while I was playing a rail shooter and just joined in as 2P
i would've immediately bolted after either of these but i don't have any social skills to be fair

No. 1540022

KEK nona I love you

No. 1540035

I didn't know he had stalked me until he told me about it after we had sex. He felt guilty or something and wanted to come clean to me. That said, I did bolt after being at the cinema, but I never looked behind me. I'm not a fast runner either, he was much more athletic than me it appeared. One day he climbed the ivy on the house up to the first floor into the room I was in, and it gave me a fright seeing him crawl through the window.
It felt like after spending one afternoon/evening with him that he would just invite himself into my relative's house. He even gifted her some expensive wine since she was a pretty cool artist wine aunt.
How could I escape from him, with him knowing where I was staying and all. I went to watch a lot of movies in his hotel room which he kept on insisting was pretty sound insulated with an unnerving smile.
I told him I was 16 (was 14 actually) when he asked how old I was after he told me he was 19. My relatives told me it's best to overestimate your age to put off creeps, but I think that made him think we were in the right age group to be close. He looked a bit startled when I told him I was actually 14. Stalker moids are bizarre, they've always got an excuse to follow you around. Some of the videos he made from a distance, watching me do shit like buy coffee and pastries, window shopping for clothes, wading into the sea and staring out onto the horizon, looked like the beginnings of a snuff film tbh.
At least he went after me, someone who is used to dealing with fucking lunatics, than some other pubescent girl who wouldn't know how to survive repeated encounters with what I can only term a male yandere.
Sorry for making such long posts, but there's a lot to my stalking stories. I've found the same with other women/girls who've been stalked, there's no end to the anxiety, confusion and mind screw.

No. 1540039

I think the reason I don’t get stalked is because I have the “girl who hisses at people and would likely bite a bitch” vibe about me. Maybe try to cultivate the vibe of a feral cat.

No. 1540040

File: 1680531908758.png (67.54 KB, 220x170, cringe.png)

No. 1540041

Good keep cringing the more weird and undesirable I am the less likely I am to pick up a stalker

No. 1540042

I ironically dress the same as my first stalker, in a massive coat with jeans or tights. I try to be more scathing when I deal with people, sadly that gets me fucking banned for not being a troon worsipper or playing the current regimes PC rules. I'm a leftist, but not -enough- of a leftist to them all and they accuse me of being a covert nazi trying to break down their ranks…
The gaming community is full of obnoxious troons that constantly harass me for being female as I can't really lie, but they get off scot free because muh trans rights!
It's getting to the point that I'd rather spend time with a film stalker autist because he could at least talk about different beliefs without throwing a hissy fit like troons too.
Life is truly a doggy dog world.

No. 1540054

She is cringe but she is free (of stalkers)

No. 1540079

No. He was a good man and father home on hospice care. I was told by the nurse to give him some medication if he got anxious, I did but he reacted horribly to it. His anxiety increased, he kept asking "what's happening to me." Later I found out that he kept taking off his oxygen mask and that my mom kept trying to stop him, but that my brother made her stop putting it back on because "it's uncomfortable for him, and what kind of life would this be" he died later that day. I keep ruminating on it and wondering if he wouldn't have tried taking off the mask if he hadn't been so out of it from the medication I gave him.

No. 1540096

I'm so sorry to hear that nona, but it sounds like nothing you did or didn't do would have saved him.

No. 1540160

Anon, be realistic about this. Let's assume he died because he kept taking the mask off (which is a wild assumption for someone who's terminally ill), how are you at fault? The nurse recommended the medication, your brother forced your mom to stop putting that mask on. You are absolutely in not a single way at fault here and, again, that's assuming he died because of that mask. I'm sorry what happened with father.

No. 1540186

This sounds like a shitty story some scrote wrote while wanking off. He’s disgusting but you’re an idiot for continuing to hang out with him

No. 1540225

We would have been friends, anon

No. 1540295

Thanks anons, I think the grief is just hitting weirdly today. I just feel so guilty that he had such a bad reaction to the medication, I feel responsible for making his final moments so unpleasant.

No. 1540331

Yes, I can see that now I'm older and actually have social skills. At the time I felt I had no other choice but to traipse around town with him and then go watch more fucking movies.
The fact that it does come off as moid fapfuel does bother me a lot, that's the most embarrassing thing about it. It's like one of those fucked up doujins or eroge or some shit, but sadly in real life. That's why I think it'd be pointless to try and write about it, it'd just be popular with coomers.
I did try to dodge him one day, but my aunt always kept the front door unlocked during the day so he just came in and woke me up to go to the arcade because he wanted to see if I could beat him in DDR that day.

No. 1540355

I have to restrain every part of myself from not downloading a file i found on 4chan. I know downloading shit from 4chan is a bad idea but where else am i going to find this scan? im willing to get a virus for this

No. 1540379

where is it hosted? i have download a bunch of crap from /ic/ threads and its just fine

No. 1540383

It's on /jp/ specifically it's the mega download that is linked on top in the BJD thread

No. 1540395

It's 2am here and I can't fall asleep, I don't feel tired at all. I think it's because I watched a bunch of videos about PT/Silent Hills and my brain has been subconsciously ruminating about it all day long, the main theme is family annihilation, the ghost is disturbing and there's a gruesomely realistic piece of cut content. I brushed it off as a random jumpscare horror game 8 years ago but now the more I think about it the more it's horrifying me in its depiction of real atrocities. I think I'll go listen to some husbando shit to try to clear up my mind, waking up tomorrow will be horrid.

No. 1540398

if its mega its very unlikely its a virus

No. 1540421

File: 1680573535304.jpeg (11.39 KB, 304x370, BEF47539-8C76-4BCE-98B2-E8CAA5…)

I really want to fuck my boyfriends best friend…who also happens to be my best friends boyfriend. We’ve known each other so long and are so much alike it’s unreal. I feel like if I just fucked him once I could get it out of my system but even when I think about him sometimes I get butterflies. So maybe even I like him? I hate myself a lot for this and can only share it on the internet so thank you for listening to my vent nonas

No. 1540422

I'm glad my brother is autistic.

No. 1540427

I hope he does or says something disgusting and it ruins the crush for you (I was in the same situation and that happened to me thank god)
Thought crimes aren't real you're still kosher in my book

No. 1540433

No. 1540448

mine also is but it makes him act more insufferable than usual, I wish he was normal.

No. 1540453

File: 1680578265502.png (1.48 MB, 858x1024, 5B96D67B-8D17-478B-AAD1-47960F…)

i know your parents can't live forever but i'm terrified of losing my mother. honestly if something happened ti her i'd probably off myself

No. 1540462

Oh god, same. I always thought when she does die eventually, I'll just kill myself, but I know she would not want that so I'll have to just live I guess

No. 1540464

Maybe that's just your brain's way of reminding you that your cat is a vulnerable creature who relies on you for care and safety? Like I've heard people say the same about their babies

No. 1540465

Same, my mom is my bff, she's really the best

No. 1540466

Eh it’s nbd. Extended time being around someone of the sex you’re attracted to, they’re young and your age and decent looking, it happens. I get butterflies and some arousing thoughts on and off about tons of the pretty girls I’m friends with and I just let it slide because I see it as natural, I think not letting it hold any weight in your mind and realizing it’s not important can help minimize it actually. Feelings like that come and go.

No. 1540469

Honestly it's the role of the nurse to explain all reactions/side effects of any medications. Maybe if you knew what was happening, you'd recognize it faster and know what to do or to call 911 or whatever. It's not your fault anon, you did nothing wrong. I hope your father can at least be in peace now and not suffer anymore. I don't think he'd want you to blame yourself for this.

No. 1540492

Knowing how terrible men are, it's kind of a relief knowing he'll never be like that.

No. 1540575

You're probably traumatized by something bloody or cruel you've seen before and those thoughts are the way your subconscious is trying to address it

No. 1540589

File: 1680596114929.jpeg (34.88 KB, 480x278, 625AE534-4BAC-4150-9E66-7F1A3F…)

My bf is 19 and I’m 27. I was extremely hesitant to try it at first but it’s actually been going pretty well. He’s very respectful and has a great mom and older sisters. hes also tall, has a lot of stamina, and likes getting his hair pulled I’d always meme about how younger men are better than old ass scrotes but I never thought I’d actually be in this position KEK

No. 1540596

Very cool actually

No. 1540598

It's really embarrassing but I'm becoming addicted to weed. I just love not being anxious for a while. I might have to look into CBD oils to get a similar effect without the high. Those are also legal here but weed is not. They are much more expensive than just straight up weed though.

No. 1540604

unironically most men should die past the age of 40, men are meant to be strong warriors and laborers, not sit around and run the government and create philosophies, its a fact that male sperm has 40-80% more genetic defects as they age.

No. 1540610

I have intrusive thoughts about people dying suddenly when I'm not there, including my mom. My mom is really cool and she's the best, and I would feel devastated if she were to die. What helps me is seeing her as my life teacher - she taught me so many things and how to live, etc. that I now feel she taught me everything she could and the universe feels like I'm ready to go on my own and so it let my mother pass away. It sounds crazy and I know moms aren't just their children's helpers and that's it, they're also people obviously, but this idea helped me a lot to feel better about this hypothetical.
Also during a shroom trip I had thoughts my mom as just a person that happened to birth me who I love, it felt like those dementia patients that look at their relatives and they don't remember them but they feel love for them. Anyways, I had the epiphany that attachments like these are sort of superficial in a way, and that the love you have for your mom is just a reflection of the universe trying to help you, death is not the end of everything, love is a power in the universe, bla bla bla. That has also helped. If you're interested, you can try to resolve these feelings by tripping, just be careful and set a positive tone, it can help a lot.

No. 1540617

I remember reading about writer who killed himself an hour after his mother died, It's a love I always found hard to understand, maybe its cause I have such a shitty relationship with my own mother.

No. 1540681

File: 1680615352102.jpg (22.8 KB, 476x333, 1660213640340.jpg)

The sad truth is that most women are male-identified, including feminists. They'd sooner attack another woman because a moid in her family did something than find out if he's abusing her too. Even some anons from here who go on about scrotes one second would happily throw other women under the bus in defense of their beloved moids another (because they identify with the moids in some way). This becomes very apparent when a discussion is started on something that highlights our different experinces, like, say, race, or even something as vague as "pretty privilege". Maybe it's just a few bad actors, but whatever female allyship we have seems to crumble away, and at the end of the day, any fighting that breaks out is in male's service. I think pickmeism is far more rampant than most women would like to admit, and I don't know if it'll ever be resolved.
I'd like to defend other women as a "class solidarity" thing, and in general, fuck men as a class, but knowing that most other women would gleefully fuck me over or bash women like me for validation from their Nigels (or some other facsimile of a father figure) makes it all seem kind of pointless.
Feel like pure shit, just want female solidarity

No. 1540703

I am feeling touch deprived and I don't even like being touched.

No. 1540728

I live in a small town and when I got into my 20s I fucked all my middle school and high school bullies bfs and husbands as revenge. I guess the girl you called “diseased face” was still able to take your man ha.

No. 1540729

No. 1540731

weird flex but ok.

No. 1540741

Dark triad Stacy detected

No. 1540745

Sure, Jan.

No. 1540746

Same. This is a fear that plagues my mind most nights. My aunt passed away recently of cancer which exacerbates those fears. I don't know how I would be able to handle that if that happened to my mom. I try abate those fears by rationalizing that my mom is great shape and that my grandma lived into her 90s despite having a physical disability. Anything could happen though and I hate that uncertainty.

No. 1540762

Im hope you can heal from your pain, one day.

No. 1540777

File: 1680624723097.jpeg (764.68 KB, 1638x2048, DD469BBA-E69B-4137-BC62-87641A…)

i want to uplift other women but sometimes the existence of pretty women as a woman who has extreme bdd and considers herself ugly makes me want to punch walls

like look at you little blonde haired blue eyed bitch living your life on fucking easy mode while I have to work fifty times harder for anything you can achieve in five seconds

No. 1540791

I dunno some of the worst men I encountered were autists but maybe your bro is an exception.

No. 1540793

Women with bdd who cry about how ugly they are are the fucking worst. I'm actually ugly and you're crying because you think you look like me, and you don't even look like me. What a fucking slap in the face kek.

No. 1540798

Bdd-chans fighting about who's the ugliest, go!

No. 1540800

This brought me back to changing in the locker room and my size 00 classmates walking around in their underwear pinching their skin from their bones in the floor length mirrors loudly calling each other fat while I was changing as quickly as possible facing the locker

No. 1540802

This is so retarded. How is having blonde hair or blue eyes making anything in a woman's daily life that are like, college exams, work assignments, job interviews, etc easier? Also most blonde women are natural brunettes who got their hair dyed, you can just dye your hair too it's not that deep.

No. 1540805

They're having a BPD battle

No. 1540809

I don't have bdd, I'm just ugly. I don't really care or think about it very much.

No. 1540810

And here it goes, another fucking pretty privilege infight. Some of you will really kill each other over dick.

No. 1540811

This sounds like the plot to American Beauty

No. 1540814

Good lord I did not mean to start this and I mean that

No. 1540816

People who whine about being ugly in general and this being a thing that ruins their lives are so boring, and their insecurity is usually what makes them miserable to hang out with. Majority of people are ugly or average at best and live perfectly normal lives.

I think people like >>1540777 are probably still young and insecure, though. Once you hit your 30s you usually realize that your looks aren't what makes you a person and you become more pleasant to be around as a result.

No. 1540823

The sad thing is that the only "privilege" being pretty gives you is fucking hot guys, which anons easily could if they downloaded tinder or something instead of spending their time hating on another woman because she's attractive.

No. 1540833

This is my first week of not having a job in forever and I forgot how long the day actually is and how many things you can do that I randomly panic and freeze kek
I needed a break so this will be good for me mentally but I am really afraid at the same time, I hope in 5-6 months I'll be employed again. I'd take a 6 hour part time if I could , I want more free time to myself , a stressful work environment exhausts me mentally and physically. I don't want that shit again.
Anyone else had a break from working to calm themselves? Did you pick up any interesting hobbies or activities? I started sewing and doing yoga.

No. 1540834

Only kind of related, but it reminds me: What really gets on my nerves is the type of woman who cries about how ugly she is, only to go and bash other groups of women to try and feel superior. When she gets the expected backlash, she'll cry again about how "mean and hostile" other women are to her, chalk it up to her "ugliness" rather than her poor character, think to herself "Well, they deserve me taking them down a peg for being so mean to me! In fact, they were only ever mean to me because they were jealous (let me just forget that I think of myself as ugly for a second)!" and the cycle begins again. I don't want to go into detail on this, because I know the exact types I'm thinking of lurk here and can barely fucking integrate, but I wish they'd get a fucking clue.

No. 1540836

tbf at least in my country being prettier did make things easier for both male and female students. you could miss your homework be disruptive and loud etc but the consequences were much harsher if you were not of "acceptable appearance" which if that was you, you'd already be on thin ice. and this was so noticeable to both ends
i think you're generally treated better if you're more "attractive" i've noticed you will most likely have people coming up for excuses and dismissal than if you're ugly

No. 1540837

I'm not involved in this fight but
>hot guys
>on tinder (or any dating site)
Tbf I can understand it being a problem when random people call someone ugly and other names to their face which has happened to me numerous times..

No. 1540854

I wouldn't wish actual BDD on anyone. Every moment of being in public is hell. Even if objectively I am ugly, I know inside that being ugly shouldn't prevent me from living a regular life. But I can't think rationally, I just fixate on how ugly and deformed I am and have so much anxiety about things that are easy for other people like seeing myself in a mirror or being at an event where photographs are being taken. I look at other people and just feel worthless and inferior and barely human. I'm in therapy and the best they can really do is nag me to go outside and function normally, the intrusive thoughts have never stopped. The only thing I can say positively is I'm glad I never trooned out because I heavily considered it in my teens because of how I felt my body was so masculine and horrible. I don't think the majority of people when they describe having low self-esteem actually have anything remotely like BDD.

No. 1540864

I wish I could feel the same way as you do anon, I tried to embrace my ugliness but instead I just end up sobbing

No. 1540873

I'm 31 and never learned how to drive and never will.

No. 1540878

Love to hear it nonny, I’m 28 and also never learned to drive and never will. I do have fairly valid reasoning (ptsd and panic disorder makes me overreact in crises which I’m sure would lead to over correcting whilst driving if something crazy happened). But people still expect that I’ll eventually learn. No I will not.

No. 1540892

31 too and while I learned how to drive when I was 20 I never could afford the driver's license, kek. Don't think I have the muscle memory anymore to drive either. Luckily I live in a country with plenty of sidewalks and public transport.

No. 1540902

I know this is real American of me, but are you not afraid of emergency situations when you would have to drive? My dad made me learn how to drive standard before an automatic because he never wanted me to be without the skill. I guess I am not living in place where walking or public transit is feasible but he never wants me walking off a busy road at night or hitching rides. I also repair most issues on my vehicle and I can change a flat in 5 minutes, so idk maybe im the weirdo

No. 1540916

Nta but I wouldn't say I'm afraid of that. Depending on the situation, if I needed to get somewhere quickly in an emergency I would call a taxi, ask my neighbours for a lift, or call an ambulance or other emergency vehicle. I can't really think of an emergency situation where none of those would suffice. If it was a situation where I really needed to get somewhere far away when there was no public transport (like having to get to my family who live a couple of hours drive and it was night time) I know that a different family member would bring me. I guess I am lucky to be close with my family and neighbours that this isn't a huge consideration or something I worry about. If I didn't have that support I would probably have to learn to drive just for peace of mind. But in the 20 years since I reached legal driving age I've had to get an emergency lift from my neighbour to the vet twice and once somewhere else. Any other time I've had enough time to call a taxi and wait the extra 10 minutes that it takes to arrive.

No. 1540959

>I know this is real American of me, but are you not afraid of emergency situations when you would have to drive?
Honestly I live in bike paradise and feel the same way. I'm glad my parents forced me to get my license, they were right when they said it's a good thing to have the option to drive available to you even if you don't end up using it. I didn't think I would when I was a teen but currently I commute by car everyday because there's no other viable option.

No. 1540960

I do not embrace my ugliness kek as soon as it's possible I'm getting plastic surgery although some things like a ton of scars are just unfixable

No. 1540970

holy fucking kek this whole post
I want to know who this "celeb" crush was, pls nonnie spill the tea and give some hints

No. 1540990

File: 1680643047297.jpeg (30.92 KB, 500x370, 1669335913305.jpeg)

I am 22 and am trying to learn how to drive. My test is this Friday and it will be my second time taking it. The first time was a disaster. I never had access to a car growing up, so I never practiced but my nigel has been teaching me. Is no one else deathly afraid of dying in a car crash? I've never been able to shake the fear. Driving is just so unpredictable and scary.

No. 1541036

I went to college for half a year and then dropped out, didn't talk much while I was there and it's stupid as fuck but it's kind of a comforting feeling that no one knew or remembers a damn thing about me. It's nice, I hope they're doing well.

No. 1541050

Driving really is scary, it's the most dangerous thing most of us will ever do. But we all do it anyway, because the massive convenience of driving actually manages to outweigh the risks. And eventually you do it so much that it becomes mundane and boring rather than frightening.

I'm not sure why you're taking your test now when you're still so afraid, there's no harm in continuing to practice until you feel genuinely ready and comfortable. In my country you need to log 150 hrs before you can take the test, I failed twice and ended up doing far more hours than that because I needed the practice.

No. 1541072

File: 1680655558331.png (183.6 KB, 348x462, 86707AED-18A8-483B-B9C5-C68850…)

You are so right anon. It’s so nice having a tall young moid around who is willing to carry my purse and groceries for me.

No. 1541112

No. 1541121

My bullies were all dudes should I have sex with their gfs

No. 1541122

regardless of his age, if he's to much into femdom there's a 90'% he'll troon out or devolve into another disgusting fetish,I learned that the hard way

No. 1541129

No. 1541130

i hope this queen is thriving

No. 1541131

going against the lc consensus to say that i think it's weird. not even about the moid being a moid i'm not specifically "defending him" but i feel like those are different stages in life and maturity i'd be really freaked out by dating someone whose age ends in "-teen" maybe i'm biased because that's the age gap between my brother and i and it honestly feels like it's like a million years and i couldn't ever see someone his age in that light as we are in two completely different positions in life with different upbringings i'd also worry about the whole trooning out thing another anon mentioned but i'm not sure how serious you are about the relationship so whatever

No. 1541136

I’ve dated younger moids and ngl I agree, -teen is a bit too far. I’m 27 and my ex was three years younger than and still flipped shit about possibly having a bigger commitment with me That he projected onto me. He is probably enjoying things now but be careful if you start to feel like you can see a future with him nonna.

No. 1541184

my younger ex was objectively the worst ex I ever had, more controlling and possessive than any other man I'd dated, and fucked up beyond all repair. I dated him as a rebound and I regretted it within an inch of my life. I will never date a man more than 2 years younger than me again

No. 1541190

Sometimes I feel like I can just will things into happening. I'm living in a home that back in September I saw and thought "it would be cool to live there" and things just fell into place over the next few months without me taking the first step. The other day I was stressed about needing cash/change since I'm living kinda rural and getting to an atm or bank is a hassle and then I found $15 in cash in a jacket I was unpacking. Even yesterday I really wanted fast food for the first time in I don't even know how long and my bf got off work early without telling me and brought me home my fav chicken sandwich. I'm not superstitious or spiritual but it's been weird lately.

No. 1541203


does anyone know where to get brown contacts that would achieve a natural dark brown eye color?

No. 1541205

It absolutely is weird. I've been the younger person and the older person in 2 different age gap relationships and both ended poorly.
My older ex was in his thirties and acted like he was my dad (not my fetish, I have a great dad already and don't need a literal nobody bossing me around), called me immature (yet he was the one fucking a woman 6 years his junior), and it just felt like we weren't equals at all. The younger ex was a fuckboy and I didn't even want to be with him but he was persistent, only to turn tail when I finally reciprocated.

Best relationships I've had were with people who were +/- 4 years from my age and any bigger gaps are an indicator that one of the parties isn't approaching the relationship in good faith or looking for a real partner. That's a hill I'll die on.

No. 1541225

Nonnies, I think I witnessed a murder or some form of severe physical abuse, I heard it even though I covered my ears because it was disturbing, i'm not sure yet what that was

No. 1541228

Better keep an eye out and call the cops

No. 1541230

>any bigger gaps are an indicator that one of the parties isn't approaching the relationship in good faith or looking for a real partner. That's a hill I'll die on.
Same, anon. Also seems like it's always because the older person - male or female - can't get someone their own age. I don't trust them and treat it as a redflag at this point.

No. 1541235

File: 1680687804883.png (178.98 KB, 790x734, 38517AE7-AE6A-4C92-8761-CD2B92…)

Don’t worry I understand the concern, and I’ll say that I was very hesitant to enter the relationship because of the age gap. And for fear that it was some kind of fetish or a dare or something like that. But things have been going very smoothly and him being physically larger and taller than me certainly helps too. He isn’t overweight and/or balding like a lot of men my age are which is a plus. He’s a very caring, sweet, and respectful guy and I genuinely think it’s because he has a good relationship with his hardworking mom and older sisters. His mom and grandma also happen to be significantly older than their husbands so maybe it’s a genetic thing KEK But I doubt he’d troon out because he hates trannies too. He’s into coding and programming small projects with other people online, so he’s had his fair share of tranny degeneracy that peaked him real fast. What’s most important is that he actually respects my boundaries and cares about my comfort . which my ex who was a year older than me was incapable of doing With that said I’ll always proceed with caution and if it doesn’t work out, then oh well at least I’m having a good time with the guy.

No. 1541236

Cuckold moment. The younger the better, with all due respect to the law of course. Higher testosterone AND more beautiful. Filled with energy and soul. Sorry you have a brother

No. 1541239

nta but do you like him to think you could marry and have children with him?

No. 1541244

>>1541236 reverse moid kek

No. 1541247

I know some other anons are being salty, but I get it. I'm not spiteful towards other women and I know it's not on them, but sometimes there's is jealousy and insecurity that makes me hate myself for being a "failed" woman who isn't pretty like them. Pretty privilege does exists to some degree too, can't deny that.

BDD is a severe mental disorder and you need to work on it for it to get better, it's a terrible life to live both for you and people around you. Honestly one of the best advices for getting better from ANY mental disorder is to look at how annoying other people who have the same disorder are and realize that you really don't want to be anything like them. It makes it a lot easier and more motivating to improve.

Even if your worst bdd visions of yourself are true and you truly are ugly, do you want to be the ugly person who cries about it all the time, who people avoid because they make the mood worse every time they enter the room,
or do you want to be someone who's so skilled, funny and nice and beloved in their area that no one gives a shit what they look like and just love them anyway?

No. 1541248

I know some other anons are being salty, but I get it. I'm not spiteful towards other women and I know it's not on them, but sometimes there's is jealousy and insecurity that makes me hate myself for being a "failed" woman who isn't pretty like them. Pretty privilege does exists to some degree too, can't deny that.

BDD is a severe mental disorder and you need to work on it for it to get better, it's a terrible life to live both for you and people around you. Honestly one of the best advices for getting better from ANY mental disorder is to look at how annoying other people who have the same disorder are and realize that you really don't want to be anything like them. It makes it a lot easier and more motivating to improve.

Even if your worst bdd visions of yourself are true and you truly are ugly, do you want to be the ugly person who cries about it all the time, who people avoid because they make the mood worse every time they enter the room,
or do you want to be someone who's so skilled, funny and nice and beloved in their area that no one gives a shit what they look like and just love them anyway?

No. 1541255

I'm anxious and despise confrontation, but I'm proud of myself for calling out this guy's shitty behaviour. I won't be his side chick and flirt with him when he's meant to be on vacation with his wife. If he thinks their problems are unfixable, he needs to fucking do something about it; either divorce or get couples therapy - he has the money for both. (With that being said, I'm sure they can't be too untenable because I can bet he's still sleeping with her, lmao). I suppose my confession is that I dislike myself for still being somewhat attracted to him, though those feelings are definitely waning real fucking fast. Yeah, being desired is nice, but everything else about it is so unsavoury to me.

I'm getting disillusioned by men. Even the ones that seem to be decent are scrotes underneath.

No. 1541265

Why are self proclaimed beautiful women so obsessed with other women's husbands? They get so salty for not having alone time with them and claim the wife is a bitter jealous hag for not allowing it but like????? They're married?????? I've even seen some of them claim the reason other women are able to get married, live in a nice neighborhood etc are because men feel more comfortable around hags than with a beautiful women like me uwwu~~~ not even just husband's, it's the same with boyfriends too. I'm single and I would find it extremely weird if someones partner wanted to "just hang out" with me wtf absolutely not. This weird hangup women have for male friendship is so strange to me. I genuinely don't understandstand. Every time I watch a downsides to pretty privilege type video the comment section is always like this. They looove to larp as malena or Marilyn Monroe and pretend everyone in the universe has it out for them.

No. 1541293

They’re just massive pickmes who need all the male attention. It’s a boost to their egos

No. 1541298

I love watching those tiktoks of beautiful women walking around the Italian countryside and 'turning heads' of old men except the grandpas are clearly either annoyed or wondering why a young woman in a Chanel suit is walking around a hilly old village with 100 inhabitants over 50, with 2 people running behind her and filming her. The delusion.

No. 1541327

Those videos are so weird. I love the outfits but the tiktok thing of intentionally trying to be a public spectacle with unusual behavior and obvious filming, then zooming in on innocent bystanders in the back of the video and putting them in slow motion so that random droves of thousands online can comment “he wants you more than his wife!” “she’s jealous!” is so insanely inappropriate and disgusting.

No. 1541332

File: 1680699278572.jpg (59.38 KB, 1024x1006, D2rtmOzXgAAkMl5.jpg)

I found my ex's new twitter account by accident and part of me cannot stop about revenge. It's been shy of one year since I found out the guy I'd thought would be my husband turned out to be another cheating scrote. I don't want to have these kind of thoughts anymore and dwell on them, but at the same time I want him to suffer just like I have. I don't know why I just can't seem to get over his hurt. I'm so tired.

No. 1541383

File: 1680704003541.jpeg (541.15 KB, 1638x2048, 4ABF13D3-D0FC-41FB-8656-2D5C27…)

>BDD is a severe mental disorder and you need to work on it for it to get better, it's a terrible life to live both for you and people around you. Honestly one of the best advices for getting better from ANY mental disorder is to look at how annoying other people who have the same disorder are and realize that you really don't want to be anything like them. It makes it a lot easier and more motivating to improve.

Thank you, nona. I'm OP and I never meant to start an angry flamewar. Even though my uncontrollable problems are at times stifling I'm never openly mean to any of these beautiful women, I really want to make that clear. If I vent about it to my friends or scream into the void of the internet, it's not like I'm actually insulting them, nor does my IRL personality entirely consist of self deprecation. I try my best not to be like the women who are constantly calling themselves ugly or nitpick nesolabial folds, or jealous, or angry.

I live with a skewed mirror of my life courtesy of multiple mental disorders, which I am trying to improve. Most people don't know what it's like to struggle with their reality. When I'm not in the best place I plunge into the sea of my own thoughts. When I'm not this way, I have no problem with beautiful women surrounding me in advertising and in media, but when I'm super dysmorphic, it is hard, especially when I don't have eurocentric coloring or features and the market doesn't pander to me. Maybe I should've put my OP in the vent thread. Thank you for understanding

No. 1541410

Then take revenge, but don't do anything that could cause you real trouble or put you in jail.

No. 1541446

I’m 28 and the same, the licence and the taxes and upkeep are so expensive here I probably never will go to driving school and get a car

No. 1541448

Tinder shows you people who swiped right on you/who get similar amount of likes. Getting ugly men means you're ugly.

No. 1541450

>Larping about fucking your bully's husbands
Some of you really did deserve the bullying you got, kek.

No. 1541464

Most men on dating apps are ugly
Scratch that, most men are ugly

No. 1541470

I used to feel like everyone around me hates me and thinks I'm a nuisance and I should kill myself and then I realized I have no close relationships to anyone and I'm only really bothering internet anons. Yay?

No. 1541480

>>1541470 not this anon, I like you.

No. 1541494

>bragging about fucking low quality men
>bragging about having low standards and sleeping around
Woah, you sure showed them.

No. 1541502

Sometimes I think about losing my parents or one of my grandmothers and I cry so hard. I have had an intense fear of death since I was a little girl. When I was 8, I can remember being in bed and just crying my eyes out because I was afraid something was going to happen to my dad. It kinda holds on to me all the time. It is tiring, and out of my control.. I wish I could just let this feeling go

No. 1541560

I'm almost 30 and I don't really believe in ghosts and all that but if I watch a video with some ridiculous ghost stories or something like that and there's a mysterious music in the background I instantly get spooked. That's why I never watch such videos when I'm alone.

No. 1541565

Keep bothering us, it's fun.

No. 1541567

I'm exactly the same. I can listen to truecrime stuff about serial killer rapist while I fall asleep no problems, but if someone mentions a ghost and spooky music plays and I have to turn on the light.

No. 1541604

I just couldn't hold my tongue in, I gossiped. I didn't start it but boy did I run my mouth. Why do I give into base desires, sigh

No. 1541627

I'm so intrigued by fandom pre-smartphones. I know that it's a good thing that fandom has become so big and I can easily find fanart and fanfics of my favourite characters whenever I want(as long as it's a big/mainstream fandom, of course) but sometimes when I read blogs written by people who has been active in the same fandom for over 20 years I kinda get jealous. They talk about mailing lists and zines and how it was to either run them or participate in them. While there wasn't so much fancontent back then there was so much dedication involved because you couldn't just pull out your phone and post whenever you wanted you had to go trough hoops to get your hands on zines and such. Back then people would even travel across the country just to meet someone so they could talk about their fandom and/or organise a zine together. It's just so fascinating to read the accounts of people who did this and how they are still friends even though they live so far apart and one party has lost interest in the fandom. I have always been a lurker when it comes to fandom but I get the impression that old fandom kinda forced you to socialise because otherwise finding out about new zines and fics would be impossible. Even when the internet was invented you could only participate in fandom when you where home and no one else was using the shared family computer. I think it just made fandom more special that checking fansites was something you had to look forward to while you where at work or school because you couldn't just check your phone.
I still think that fanartists and writers puts passion into their work but having constant access to it and endless scrolling makes it all feel a bit "hollow" to read. Or maybe this is just a reflection on my bad internet habits and I'm coping by romanticizing the past idk
And maybe I'm overanalysing it but I have noticed that when people who has been in a fandom for 20+ years talks about the early fandom they do it with more fondness even when they acknowledges drama. But when people who was active in a fandom 10 years ago talk about it they seem more bitter towards that fandom

No. 1541630

I don’t want to kill myself, I just want to die.

No. 1541669

Nvm I’m good I just forgot to eat today.

No. 1541820

I'm a virgin who has never kissed or touched anyone in my life, but in all my fantasies I'm some cartoonishly suave sex god that makes her come 50 times and she tells me she's never had it so good in her whole life kek. I think I will forever remain a virgin because the thought of being awkward or bad in bed is far more terrifying a thought than resigning to subsiding off of fantasies for the rest of my life. The older I get and farther away from the average age of first encounter, the more certain I am that I'll never take the plunge because I'd disappoint someone's expectations.

No. 1541822

Coming out of your second closet ad a hey mamas lesbian

No. 1541852

I'm a kissless virgin too who is also scared of being a bad kisser and bad in bed I'm pretty much already resigned to lifelong celibacy KEK thinking about how she might try to comfort me out of my embarrassment is even more mortifying

No. 1541855

This is like the priest bullying you in the confession booth why are you so mean to me!!!!! My get out of jail free card is that I technically can't be because i'm not lesbian just a man despising bisexual
I know it's because the sex side of my brain is autistic and underdeveloped but even this sounds terrifying and mood killing to me kek
>scared of being a bad kisser
I didn't even mention that because that's a whole other can of worms that makes me wanna kms. I don't even understand how it's supposed to work
>thinking about how she might try to comfort me out of my embarrassment is even more mortifying
EXACTLY… I'd drop through the ground and into the center of the earth out of embarrassment. The fact I'd have to go through this if I wanted an irl sex life as a late bloomer makes me resigned to celibacy, just like you said.

No. 1541861

I'm the same, I've realized that I'm fine with never having sex because when I actually try to realistically imagine what it would be like to have sex for the first time I can only ever picture myself being ridiculously awkward and having no clue what to do, and that just makes me feel sorry for the hypothetical woman and puts me off the whole thing. I'm happy sticking to my unrealistic fantasies where I'm a sex god as well kek

No. 1541870

Whoever reported me as “male” for this and got me permabanned by a fellow illiterate farmhand: fuck you. Yes I’m ban evading but I only ban evade when the ban is incorrect. I am a woman of morals.

No. 1541874

Lmao some mods really don't have reading comprehension. I get it though they probably only have like 2 secs to read your post with all the reports they get

No. 1541897

File: 1680768569438.jpeg (17.89 KB, 360x306, 3EB0F2FB-A3D4-4188-88D8-EBB7DA…)

I’m thankful I got to witness “cows” from the past. They’re just not the same these days, and a lot of “milk” they provide are just actual crimes rather than just some hyper autist being unhinged on their deviant art account. I’m so tired of e-girl/e-boy twitch streamer #5,472 who’s a groomer, abuser, sex worker, druggie, cheated on their spouse, faking disorders, or is some kind of grifter. I don’t care for Shayna, momo, Luna or really any of these other people. At this point it’s just sad or milkless. /w/ is such a shithole, I can’t believe anons still give a fuck about Taylor R or anyone else on that board. At this point I only follow the troon threads but even those are depressing to read through.(I am thankful they exist though and give women and detrans women a platform to criticize trannies without being censored.) It’s the same with KF, but tbh they never add anything of value to the discussion to begin with and you have to trudge through several pages to find out exactly what’s going on. I’m genuinely curious on the future of these websites and how much time they have left before there’s not much good milk to discuss .

No. 1541926

File: 1680772196382.png (203.92 KB, 1024x576, pure unadultered cringe kino.p…)

fucking same. I hate everyone turning into morale crussaders too. You cant even call a cow ugly/autistic/retarded just from being cringe, they have to ''warrant it''. Shaynatards are the worst offender of this, they have mental gymnastic olympics to justify their seething hatred toward a mediocre fatty camwhore and how they arent just bullies, she deserves it because she's a pedo or wathever other bullshit they make up. The threads would be fun if everyone didnt pretend to be better than her. I honestly started to appreciate some cows. We live in such dire times that i started to look up to these cringe but free souls of the past who arent afraid to be honest and real. My confession is somewhat related to this, i really enjoy Mr.Enter. Makes me happy to hear about someone who's just autistically open about their seething hatred towards children's shows and isn't afraid of being cringe. I am tired of everything needing 50 layers of irony.

No. 1541968

Lol same, 30 year old virgin too and I refuse to be vulnerable and embarrassed, I don't care if that makes me immature or stuck up. The fact that farting and random stomach noises are common during sex would be be the biggest mood killer, "silliness" in general annoys me.

No. 1541974

same, at least with a woman there is no power inbalance but i hate the idea of a moid going around telling people how he took my virginity. I will stick to drawing yaoi, thanks.

No. 1541995

I get so uncomfortable at the thought of having sex with a man. Not the act itself but how he is going to brag about it to his friends and call me a slut or whore or something. Or how he is going to make fun of my body behind my back

No. 1542066

I randomly searched my middle school bully today and I am not disappointed at all. Fuck you “Lila”. Hope you suffer a slow painful death. Also your surgery is botched to hell and back. Feels good to know i am in much better shape and my hair isnt fried to death.
Also, her charges popped up with the first basic search. How embarrassing, a drug addict unemployed in bumfuck nowhere.
You acted like you were going you make it back then kek live- laugh-love your way to hell

No. 1542073

If that's your only fear you can take it yourself and then don't tell the guy you've never done it before.

No. 1542093

how do you fake not being a virgin

No. 1542099

What do you mean? You can get rid of your hymen on your own and if he thinks you're inexperienced, just lie and say you've only done it once or twice before.

No. 1542109

I'm going to break away from my 3d husbando for good. I know I ranted about this before but I think it bothers me more than other moids who do worse things because I liked this one too much. And that girl, at the age she was is barely an adult in my eyes (even though I know legally but not in any other sense) and even if they were closer in age some parts of their dynamic gives me the heebiejeebs regardless. I keep trying to forget and move past this detail about him but I don't think I can. I know I'm sounding overdramatic over someone I'm never going to actually know personally but an age difference that large deeply unsettles me too much, I can't see him in the same light anymore. I think it's better for my mind to let him go entirely (and yes I'm retarded for putting a man on a pedalstel in the first place), I literally kept thinking about that certain detail for weeks, it bothers me too much. I think it broke something in me idk. I don't even want to look at him anymore.
Some of you probably know who I'm talking about and if you don't, consider yourself lucky!

No. 1542124

NTA but you can't actually lose your hymen

No. 1542131

File: 1680792384643.jpg (110.21 KB, 775x1200, 12978_2019_731_Fig1_HTML.jpg)

you're either male or retarded

No. 1542190

I understand how you feel anon and wish you luck in setting him free

No. 1542193

File: 1680796693302.gif (473.65 KB, 275x275, ezgif-2-e31a648065.gif)

i feel the same way nona

No. 1542198

One of my favourite things to watch is old convention footage. I honestly dont like being part of a fandom anymore, it has lost it's magic. We let too many normies in and it's too late, some of them have take over fandoms and ruined them forever(anime, star trek, etc). That alongside most media nowadays being dumped in bulk on streaming killed fandoms for me, which is a shame. I really wish i could have enjoyed fandom in the 90s/early 00's, i would have made a fanpage and collaborated with other artists. At least in Japan fandom culture doesnt look like it changed a lot, it makes me happy to follow small japanese artists and see them bond with other girls over their fandoms, my favourite is this cute girl who draws phineas and ferb fanart and makes doujins.

No. 1542201

I know but you can tear it on your own so your first time with a guy won't be as bad as it'd be otherwise. I'd honestly rather do that on my pace than trust a guy to know when to stop so I won't be hurt.
Just because I worded it wrong doesn't mean I'm a man and you'd need to be autistic to just send a picture of all possible hymen formation.

No. 1542207

File: 1680798060080.png (190.98 KB, 1344x1001, 1680798085381.png)

you could have used a better example then a furry convention, that space was always filled with degenerates

No. 1542210

This picture is pure zeitgeist and I hate it.

No. 1542214

I never got to attend a con when I was younger bc I lacked money, was too young and lived in bumfuck nowhere. Now as an adult it is easier for me to attend a con but I simply have no desire to do it now. Most cosplayers are there to boost their professional cosplay careers and just cosplay what characters that are currently popular, apparently many cosplayers don't even watch the shows the characters are from. Instead of cosplaying to show how much they love a character. Same with artists who treats cons as a stepping stone to a professional art career. I don't blame people for wanting to make money as artists and cosplayers but cons started as a way for weirdo nerds to show their passion for a franchise and has become something you can make a career out of which is going to change the atmosphere. Pre-internet cons was also one of the few ways you could meet hardcore fans but since fandoms has become so normalised you can meet normies who are into the same oddball thing as you, not to mention that the internet literally allows you to connect with anyone at anytime so why travel to a con to sperg about your husbando when you can just do it on the internet
>most media nowadays being dumped in bulk on streaming
As much as i appreciate the convenience of streaming there was something so special about having to wait a week for the next episode and spend the whole week discussing with your rl friends and strangers on the internet about what was going to happened. It did create a sense of community

No. 1542215

which nerd space isnt

No. 1542216

I kind of wish my bf would fall in love with his ex now as she's single again. I think they fit together better than we do.

No. 1542222

Girl just break up with him if you want to dump him off on someone else.

No. 1542227

Literally my thought process whilst abandoning my ex-dog

No. 1542238

you must be getting your vagina advice from males then.
"tearing" isn't a thing that should be happening unless 1. you have a malformed body like the picture above or 2. something is shoved inside when you're not aroused and your body has not relaxed/expanded

No. 1542239

Just fucking tell her what's correct instead of dancing around it on your high horse, damn.

No. 1542241

If he were the type to jump straight into recycling his old ex then tbh he'd also be the type to randomly text YOU several years from now expecting you to come back to him and 'try again' People need to close the door on old failed relationships and not chase their exes. Its not healthy. The old "she's the one who got away" thing is rarely true. Just unhealthy people who can't stand their own company for 5 mins.

No. 1542253

You must be getting your personality from males then, imagine being this much of an aggressive retard over literally nothing kek.

No. 1542270

It's literally getting torn and healing, inspecting the hymen and seeing if its intact or not is a practice done in criminal csa cases where the child isn't alive and can't tell the story. Why are you trying so hard to wrong me? Just because you had an easy first time and didn't have pain/blood doesn't mean everyone is the same and that no woman gets hurt/miscrotears in their hymen because they let a man take advantage of them.

No. 1542341

I keep forgetting I can’t say “kek” and “retard” or call things “autistic” on normie internet spaces and I’ve had so many close calls where I was about to send the message or hit post and barely caught myself in time. I am terrified I’ll be sleep deprived and forget one day

No. 1542347

A couple of weeks ago I came across some ana blogs on tumblr (no idea why but they were in my recommendations or tags or something like that) with one of the first posts saying something along the lines of "I'm new to ana and I feel like an imposter because I caused my own anorexia by pretending/wanting to be anorexic so I could lose weight but now I really have anorexia". So I checked out the blog and another post of hers said something like "you shouldn't report ana blogs, that's hurting us more and we'll just re-create!" despite admitting she is/was a wannabe ana. And the rest of that blog was multiple asks a day answering questions on how to lose weight, how much anons should eat, if 200 calories a day is too much, shit like that. Bio said something along the lines of "If you don't like my blog, don't report but block and move on" and the entirety of it pissed me off so I reported that particular blog. Forgot about it but just now I noticed I had an e-mail from tumblr thanking me for the report and how the blog has been removed. I know she'll just make a new one again but fuck you for knowingly inspiring impressionable young girls to be wannabe anorexics.

No. 1542348

too late for me ive definitely said kek and retard over game chats with people I know. usually say special needs instead of autistic though. they really dont care, its only if a person has a retarded brother then suddenly its like saying a slur.

No. 1542351

This reminds me of the fig-tree monologue from The Bell Jar and how like one paragraph later she eats dinner and realizes she was only upset earlier because she was hungry.

No. 1542360

File: 1680815880108.jpeg (23.1 KB, 750x682, A8E4CC2B-311C-4700-80A7-635D37…)

No. 1542431

ive accidentally let "retard" slip in conversations with woketards irl and she froze up and started glitching like the fembots from austin powers because everyone assumes im also a woketard irl and they dont expect it.

No. 1542540

>something is shoved inside when you're not aroused and your body has not relaxed/expanded

the way some women's hymens are formatted does make them more prone to snugness and bleeding without having vaginismus, it's been talked about plenty of times before on the vagina thread in /g/ and isn't exactly uncommon. for some having sex or inserting a larger dildo up there the first few times will hurt

totally do not know this from my own initial experiences

if any nonas are self conscious about being a virgin, yes, you can learn to stretch yourself out, or just lie tell the guy you haven't had sex in x amount of years. don't overestimate moid's sexual prowess when they can barely find the clitoris, they're not much better at sex than you think you are.

No. 1542547

i recently started streaming and almost called someone in chat a xfag. I keep forgetting that's such a big no-no word in normie spaces, i have been called a drawfag on the threads i frequent as an endearing nickname for so long i forgot.

No. 1542581

File: 1680854432024.jpg (35.87 KB, 500x378, cbc687949ea35e384704706355ad48…)

I genuinely wish I was able to just date multiple people and treat them as disposable. It's so hard for me to let go of someone and imagine myself just going out and being intimate with other people. Most people these days seem to want physical intimacy super fast but not commit first but rather fool around with multiple people at the same time and then pick who they want. So they want to have their cake and eat it too rather than just trying to get to know someone, seeing where things go and then move on to someone else if it doesn't work out with that person. Opening up to and getting close to someone, both mentally and physically, is so draining to me but I am also making myself unhappy by holding on to one person, giving them god knows how many chances, always reaching out and initiating when they don't do the same. I catch myself finding dumb excuses for them while I know that they're just being a shitty person but I guess lying to myself and acting like there must be a good reason why the person does the things they do is easier. I am an idiot holding on to a glimpse of hope, because there has to be, right? I know I deserve better and I deserve someone who makes an effort for me, wants to be with and around me and shows it without me having to worry that the person is just going to leave me hanging without being upfront with me first. No matter what I do, I always seem to do things wrong. If I give someone space, I apparently don't seem interested, if I try to initiate then I seem too keen. And yes, I know what balance is, so it's not me being too clingy or giving someone too much space. I think it's me trying to justify the things someone else does because it's more comfortable to try again and again with someone who I've already opened up to rather than going through the entire process with someone new again. I guess I must be a retard because idk how others manage to do it. I should just become devoted to my work because I just can't do this anymore. I don't even care that I could potentially miss the chance of finding "the right person" in the future. I am drained. I am tired of opening myself up and then being tossed away like garbage once I let my walls down.

No. 1542591

This has happened to me before. I said retard out loud in the house of this family and they all turned around and looked at me with digusted faces, like how was I suppsoe to know that your brother was autistic!? If anything you guys are weird for equating austim to retards.

No. 1542594

I was reading a local subreddit lately and was surprised to see a man giving out about scrotes. Took me a minute to remember that years ago scrotes was a pretty common slang term for kids where I live.

No. 1542609

>giving out about

No. 1542867

an old woman with delusions or dementia who I'm very familiar with at my job came in and started ranting at me about how people are after her, her children have been brainwashed, etc etc. I interact with her enough to know she's crazy so I was just shining her on while I helped her with what she needed. She then took a gun from her pocket to show me what she uses to protect herself. I have no idea if it was a real gun, it was super little? I really think it was a toy. I asked her to put it away and not bring it out again, and told no one else about it. I didn't want to get her in trouble, but after she left and all week I'm wondering if I should have called my supervisor at least.

No. 1542905

Fujo this, fujo that all day long and now I just decided to check the only yaoi manga I cared about. Some many new chapters have been uploaded and I'm reading all that shit tonight.

No. 1542972

We get it, you're so oppressed for liking anime gay porn

No. 1542984

Yeah I don't care for being a fujo because I'm a yumejo, it's annoying constantly hearing about fujoshit from both sides (annoying underage fujos and autistic fujo-haters), meanwhile we are ignored outside of small communities like lc and I feel like out there, the label "fujo" is still forced onto every woman who likes 2D boys in a greater context. But I'm still attached to my favorite yaoi manga, doujin, and ships from 10 years ago, they're classics to me and it's immpossible not to love them, they make me happy.

No. 1543034

Honestly, I would sicc the police on her or something. If there's one thing the world doesn't need is severely mentally ill/dysfunctional people owning fire arms. If she got it legally they'd at most take it away, if she got it illegally she is a threat to herself and needs an intervention.

No. 1543049

She comes in regularly so if she shows it again I will have to tell someone. I really don't think its a real gun because it was so little but you're right. She really needs help and maybe getting the cops called on her will kickstart that anyway (doubtful since mental Healthcare is nonexistent here). I'm just feeling really guilty about not telling someone in case she actually gets herself in trouble or hurt with it.

No. 1543057

At the point where someone is sick and is a genuine danger to themselves or others it's not about getting them in trouble. She needs help. I would definitely not sit on that info anyway. However I live in a country with good healthcare or at least someone like her would definitely be taken in to hospital and looked after and wouldn't be in danger of being killed by the police or whatever.

No. 1543211

Sometimes, I wish I could get canceled by troons or a woke mob so that I can rationally have an excuse to start a completely new with being a fandom artist on twitter dot com. That, and I can gauge who are my real ones.

No. 1543239

Make a sock account and accuse yourself of transphobia.

No. 1543260

I don't trust myself enough to not fuck it up and expose myself like a complete dumbass.

No. 1543280

They say that being in a relationship makes you see things in yourself that you might not see if you had been single. It's a learning opportunity for self-discovery. I was the bad person in the relationship but before that I never saw myself to be someone with bad, low-empathy character or capable of hurting someone I love. And yet that's how my partner saw me. I did hurt her and it turned out so messy even though I never meant things to end up this way. It's scary to think that I can't even trust my own mind anymore. I can't trust my own self-perception. I can't trust myself to not hurt someone I love.

No. 1543314

I've had a crush on one of my university friends for months now. He's the least weird/obnoxious person in the friend group by far (+ very handsome). But since I'm a socially inept autist that's never had the guts to confess or ask out someone irl I'm just flirting with someone else online (not very long distance, but still online) to kind of forget my feelings for that uni guy. I hate myself and keep thinking irl guy will never be attracted to me because I'm too weird and masculine for him both in appearance and personality, when I actually have no idea what's his type in women lmao

No. 1543315

So what’d you do

No. 1543322

If you're gonna date online, why not use dating apps? At least they'd be close enough to you that you can easily meet up

No. 1543642

I miss the manhate thread. 2X became weird.

No. 1543646

Unhiding it was a mistake, it's just an utter bait fest now.

No. 1543671

Yeah it's mostly people (moids?) whining about radfems than just radfem discussions.

No. 1543711

Unhiding /2X/ was a mistake. Now there's only "anti feminists" who complain about how one feminist wronged them once and therefore it's based for them to hate women.

The other poster type is "blackpill feminists" who call all women prostitutes with nothing but sex to offer to men. They blame women for getting abused too and have incel mindsets.
Honestly I'm hoping these are men because thinking about a severely mentally ill woman who spends hours writing about how disgusting women are because of our nature seems scarier than a moid doing a raid.

No. 1543723

Exactly. I didn't use the manhate thread a lot, but at least there it seemed you could rant about men freely without having to make it your entire personality. Plus it used to be fun to make those rants and now you just have people on either side taking your comment to the extreme.

No. 1543730

It's complicated but basically just dismissing and not respecting her feelings enough, treating her like she's so hysterical whenever she had a problem with me. I didn't cheat but maybe I would have been capable of doing so even though I know that it's completely morally indefensible. It's only when I realized what I had done that the guilt started setting in. Whenever I read stories about shitty ex bfs on here, it mirrored my behaviour towards my ex.

No. 1543735

File: 1680972260210.jpg (116.53 KB, 648x1014, img_5_1674979701567~2.jpg)

I have a boyfriend, but i constantly think about one other guy

No. 1543929

File: 1680986790131.jpg (30.02 KB, 456x399, 3ea58e7777633e234caf8b4a6b48fe…)

lowkey missing the 15 year old guy I spent 1.5 dates with when I was 17. I hid the fact that I was dating him because my parents didn't want me dating at the time. We weren't compatible at all ,especially due to the age gap, and we quickly dissolved the relationship. There was a long time between our 2 dates since we couldn't really hang out in person all that much and he would text me everyday. At the time I felt like he was being annoyingly clingy, but he was probably the only guy that made me feel attractive. I remember fondly how we awkwardly tried to hold hands and how'd call me pretty

No. 1543942

I wouldn't want to be friends with most anons that visit the board nowadays. They seem more socially inept weirdly mean than before. I think a lot of them are just losers who get bullied irl who come here to have a power trip but I still can't feel bad for them after seeing multiple of them screech at an anon for hours simply because she made a post about wanting a family today.

No. 1543943

A lot of anons here are legitimately mental ill and have some kind of cluster b personality disorder.

No. 1543946

2 years is basically not an age gap

No. 1543947

If I have to be real, I'm super tired of seeing anons in the vent thread be cruel to venting anons and then use "I'm just being real! I'm just trying to caution her/help her get out of her situation!" as an excuse. Just nasty. It's not tough love, it's just being a bitch under the guise of feminism.
I won't act like I'm the nicest farmer, but I don't like seeing anons be such ghouls.

No. 1543951

agreed. now they're trying to nitpick a rape victim.

No. 1543952

Samefag but also anons can't even vent in the get it off my chest thread without judgement because people will still reply. I'll risk having tomatoes thrown at me and say that if I need to vent about something really serious and deeply personal, I go to reddit instead

No. 1543955

The vent thread is so fucking bizarre lately. Like a bunch of anons are just in there waiting to jump on the mildest of posts. The nona who vented about the american exchange students at her uni in Japan immediately had a whole passel of samey responses calling her a weeaboo, like wtf. What's the point of treating it like a debate thread.

No. 1543957

Thinking about being unapologetically good looking and clever. Sick of humbling myself for what? To be taken for granted? Everyone else can seethe for once and leave me out of it.

No. 1543969

I know but it felt like vid rel at 5:45 to 6:45

No. 1543971

What post is this? Can someone link it

No. 1543983

I mean people will shit on you behind your back and you'll get ostracized for being stuck up but go off.

I don't know how people don't get this still, both excessive self-flagellation and praise are weird and come with plenty of repercussions. Making people uncomfortable won't make your social life any better.

No. 1543988

it was in the vent thread

No. 1543989

They already do because of how they perceived me cause I check a few boxes on convention. So why act like I don't know anymore. I constantly get passive aggressive remarks aimed at me, I started calling out an ugly bitch that does it to me as shallow in front of others. I don't make a habit of commenting on people's physicality but people have almost zero filter when they talk to me. I'm sick of it.

No. 1544123

why does it feel like there's an increase in anti natalist anons lately? like I'm not the only one who seems to notice that some anons have a weird obsession with children and some of them with hating surrogacy as well? I could give less of a fuck about either of these subjects but it feels like there's a few who are super vehement about sperging whenever the topic comes up or will bring it up intentionally

like we get it you hate children

No. 1544154

being against surrogacy isn't about hating children though. it's because surrogacy involves taking advantage of other women. more and more people (mostly celebrities) keep doing it so that's why it gets bought up. it's legitimately harmful for both women and children.

No. 1544161

Hating surrogacy isn't antinatalism but we do have a wave of antinatalist retarded newfags. They probably found the website on reddit or something. Just report the bait and ignore.

No. 1544167

>anons are nitpicking rape victim
I'm %80 sure those are either males or females who have raped before. They're saying if you don't shoot a man, you consent to what he does. Literal rapist logic.

No. 1544168

spain has surrogacy illegal because it is considered exploitation. they hate children eh?

No. 1544169

File: 1681021163086.png (493.19 KB, 1800x1200, DD1A39FF-BA1A-474E-B362-A712A8…)

I love the art anons that post Elsie and 2X art.
I don’t play tf2 but this is so incredibly cute and well drawn!!!

No. 1544171

if you oppose it and think it should be banned, fine but if you're one of the ones who brings it up every chance you get? it comes across as strange and desperate after awhile, it really does

No. 1544176

Anon do you mean being against IVF? I think being against IVF is stupid since you're not really taking advantage of anyone and a lot of femcels say they're against IVF in the same sentence as surrogacy which just makes zero sense because those aren't equally evil.

No. 1544194

Antinatalists don’t hate children. We love children more than any natalist because we realize forcing a soul to exist is cruel and inhumane. Especially with our planet’s current trajectory, we’re on a fast track to collapse and severe population decline, in addition to complete societal collapse. But even without those factors factoring into the equation, giving birth is cruel and inhumane no matter how you slice it.

No. 1544215

I don't want to have children because I don't want them to suffer. Simple as that. Though personally I don't hate women who still wanna have them and start a family, some anons are really extreme in their hate towards anything related to birth and pregnancy, and they start calling those women horrible and disgusting things so yeah, those anons are absolute retards and need to calm the fuck down.
Surrogacy is trendy now as a discussion topic because it's also trendy in the real world and it's an abomination where poor women sell their bodies and children to rich fuckers who just use kids as accessories. How does being against that have anything to do with hating children?

No. 1544222

File: 1681027318802.png (55.73 KB, 512x768, 05558-3098178044.png)

I confess, i enjoyed the latest simpsons episodes, maybe im getting to old and my humor is getting worse but i don't know there's something really nice about it.

No. 1544226

Just because you hate your life and despise your mother for giving birth to you doesn't mean everyone feels the same way. This is typical thoughts a depressed person has.

No. 1544228

I’m not depressed and I don’t hate my life. However you’ve got your head in the sand if you actually think you’re gonna be living a life anywhere close to a life as good as the one you’re currently living in 25 years time. Shit is hitting the fan and 7/8 people on the planet are slated to die within that timeframe. The climate is only getting more hostile with each passing year and we are way too late to stop it.

No. 1544230

Ok doomer. Life for women is the best now that it's ever been and I'm not living in a country where climate change or air pollution is an issue. Climate change won't have massive effects until later on. You're a doomer and anyone who believes life is pointless and being born is bad in essence clinically fits depression criteria.

No. 1544235

Another AN here. Just focus on being happy that your line ends with you and try to find some joy in that. Don't worry too much about the rest of the world. Let others have their happpiness. You're not alone, but we'll always be a minority. Most people don't want to understand the asymmetric argument and it's really pointless to argue with them.

No. 1544237

>I don’t live in a country where x is a problem
You are a citizen of the world and everything is so interconnected you’d be shocked at how much your life would change if you suddenly only had your locality’s resources to rely upon

>climate change won’t have massive effects until later on

Climate change is causing massive piles of shit to hit the fan as we currently speak, but I understand that you’re unable to face reality and think anyone who is capable of doing so is depressed. Reality is pretty depressing, but it doesn’t mean my life is pointless. It does mean that having children would be very cruel, so I guess if you want to have kids you’d definitely need to vehemently reject reality in order to not feel like a piece of shit. We’re literally all full of microplastics beginning in the womb, autoimmune diseases are in the rise, the likelihood of more global pandemics is only growing by the day. Societal infrastructures are crumbling.

>best its ever been for women

With hypersexualization and troonery I really don’t see how you can think this is a good time to be a women. Maybe it is the best time, but considering we were literally property within the last couple generations, our best still isn’t great.

No. 1544238

You wrote three paragraphs but gave no solid evidence of climate change's current effects that are intense enough to make life hell.
You should get mental help instead of reading doomer stuff online.

No. 1544240

Thanks nonna. I try to appeal to the fact that society is crumbling and the climate is irreparably damaged to attempt to knock some sense into people, since the asymmetry argument doesn’t seem to compute with most people at all. I realized that early on. I don’t get it personally cause the asymmetry argument makes absolute perfect sense to me, but I guess some people have really deep set gene spreading genes kek. moids and women have it but it’s expressed slightly differently.

No. 1544244

When I was a teenager I'd watched To Catch a Predator with my friends and thought it'd be so much fun to terrorize pedophiles online. I went on chat rooms, pretended to be even more underage than I already was, and started chatting up creeps. Problem is, some of them were actually very charismatic and I ended up enjoying roleplaying as a preteen with them and I fear this permanently fucked me up sexually. It doesn't help that this was a very comfortable and safe time in my life that was way more enjoyable than what I have now in my thirties. Thankfully I never brought up my real identity. At worst I did some voice stuff with no obvious way of tracing it to me as a person. I do find myself pining to erp as the characters I made up back in the day even though I know it's fucked up.

No. 1544245

No. 1544251

What specifically about those posts offended you? Are you feeling called out because you want children or something? Or is it just a kneww-jerk reaction? You really don't need to feel attacked, those aren't attacks against anyone.

No. 1544253

I’m the other ANanon and just wanted to add that I also don’t hate women who want families/children. I do wish they’d consider alternate views and have a good understanding of our species’ and our planet’s current trajectory, cause even a lot of people who don’t consider the asymmetry argument valid can understand that maybe bringing kids onto a sinking ship is a bad idea. But my best friends have kids and I love their kids, they’re awesome little people. I just can’t help but be absolutely terrified for their futures cause by all accounts the future is looking particularly bleak. While I wish my friends hadn’t had kids I definitely don’t hate them for it. It’s just like not all vegans hate meat eaters lol, just cause they think something is cruel doesn’t mean they think everyone who partakes in it is evil.

No. 1544254

I was not the anon who posted the cringe reply kek just wanted to add to your thoughts

No. 1544255

Life is so precious. Its more worth than anything else. I cringe because life must be a big cope with a anti natalist mindset. Sounds so inhuman, like you transcended humanness and now you are up there somewhere and lost your roots.

No. 1544258

This sounds like an anti abortion talking point

No. 1544259

Yeah I got it nonny dw
>I cringe because life must be a big cope with a anti natalist mindset
I don't think life is a cope, how can it be a cope when you were granted life against your will? Rather, we as living beings cope with life in various ways, because life is hard and full of suffering (fact), so we seek hapiness to cope with all the pain. That "life is so precious" shit doesn't really mean anything to me, it sounds like another cope. Yes, life can be fun, I try to enjoy my life as much as I can just like anyone else, but I don't want to bring another person to this world. What will that child do? Seek a purpose for their life to avoid feeling empty? Reproduce and ensure the survival of the human species? It's just so pointless to have children just because.

No. 1544260

Exactly what I was thinking kek

No. 1544262

I'm not disagreeing because this mindset interests me, as someone who hasn't really made up my mind either way. What exactly makes life so precious? And what makes you think an anti-natalist person doesn't consider their own life precious just because they don't want to give birth themselves? I think telling other women what to do with their bodies is wrong either way, but saying that someone who thinks it's unnecessary to bring more children into the world doesn't value life is kind of narrow-minded, in my opinion.

No. 1544273

>Life is so precious
Tradfag spotted, how the hell did you find this place?

No. 1544295

life is so precious but here you are wasting yours on a gossip basket weaving website complaining about people who don't want to birth children. is it really that precious? why are you not taking care of 6 children instead if life is so precious?

No. 1544296

Nta but a lot of antinatalist stuff sounds like shit an edgy emo 13 year old would write. It might make sense to you and I think those like you shouldn't reproduce so it's actually great but to the normal eye, it's cringy.

No. 1544297

to the normal eye a woman that doesn't have children is useless to society so the normal is irrelevant to me, personally.

No. 1544298

Normal people don't see childless women as useless, they do however see mentally ill people like you as cringy.

No. 1544301

stop being blind and calling me mentally ill when childfree women kept getting asked when they will have kids by literally everyone and pressured into having children and abortion rights keep getting revoked everyday.

No. 1544305

I have childfree relatives and even met this one 70 year old childfree never married super sweet woman, me and my friends discussed it and just concluded it was a good choice for her because she seemed quite happy with her life.
People around you are probably mentally ill and judgemental like you, you judge those who have kids and people you surround yourself with judge those who don't while normal people don't really care.
Anyway you're edgy and cringy. Please don't have actual kids, you're too mentally unstable to properly raise a child.

No. 1544309

I'm talking about society in general, you're so fucking delusional, or a scrote. You have to be literally blind to not notice we live in a society that courages women to have children and shame those who decide not to. But that's not say people don't hate mothers too, because they're still women and the same society is mysoginistic.
>you judge those who have kids and people you surround yourself with judge those who don't while normal people don't really care
Stop assuming things about my life, is that the best argument you have? Retard.
>Please don't have actual kids, you're too mentally unstable to properly raise a child.
I'm actually going to have a child in 2-3 years lmfao cope and kill yourself, I hope my Nigel creampieing me makes you mad enough so you actually end your pathetic life.

No. 1544322

>cope and kill yourself, I hope my Nigel creampieing me makes you mad enough so you actually end your pathetic life.
This is the funniest shit I've read today, kek.

No. 1544325

I sincerely hope you and your "Nigel" wait longer, like 10 years maybe, because you seriously sound really childish. What are you gonna do when your baby cries? Tell it to khs?

No. 1544327

Normally I'd be anti-baby and anti-creampieing, but that made me kek. >>1544305 is either a scrote or projecting hard regarding her mental illness, making assumptions about everyone else.

No. 1544328

Let's hope her nigel is less unhinged than her, usually men are the more mentally ill party in relationships.

No. 1544329

Unlike you I can actually make the baby shut up by giving it attention. I wonder if you would shut up too if someone gave you attention?

No. 1544330

I sometimes watch them too, Nonna. Have you seen the one where Moe acts like a father figure to Nelson?

No. 1544331

That anon wasn't me, creampie-chan. Let's hope the baby gets her smarts from her father.

No. 1544332

don't make me apply for farmhand only so I can see your IP kek you've been samefagging like crazy in the last 10 posts.

No. 1544335

If you belive I'm samefagging just report, kek. No need to become a farmhand and attempt to doxx my IP. Creampie-chan.

No. 1544337

just stop talking for several days

No. 1544348

I wish an ex friend who turned into a personal cow of mine would do something outrageous already. Outside trooning out, becoming a fakeboi with testosterone froggy voice and editing it further, she's the same boring case. Wish we had something big in cow news.

No. 1544350

cows are getting wiser these days and not posting as much, let alone more regular less milky civilians. it's never been this dry.

No. 1544370

I have really bad anger issues but I don’t lash out on anyone except for myself. I repeatedly think about hurting myself when I’m angry but never act on it.
I’m scared of angry people who lash out and yell at other people so I try my hardest to make sure I don’t act like them.

No. 1544504

I read the cow threads to feel a bit better about myself. 'I'm lazy but at least I'm not like her!'

No. 1544518

I cannot put into words why life is worth so much. But what could be worth more than life?
And no im not a trad woman. I had my own abortion and im happy when women can have this choice.
Everyone can have their believe and I can find it cringe. I also cringe when it is ramadan and muslim people make everything about fasting and ask other people if they fast.

No. 1544521

I'm Muslim but I also cringe when everyone asks about fasting.
Those anons are obviously think anyone caring about like is a tradthot prolifer because they cna only think in black and white, not worth arguing with them.

No. 1544542

I think that is the case for a lot of cows. They serve as morbid cautionary tales for the modern age.

No. 1544576

Glad to knows I'm not alone

No. 1544618

My tamagotchi died because I slept in and I feel so fucking bad. She asked me to go back to her home planet last week and I said no because I wanted to spend more time with her. I should have just let her go. Please forgive me sebiretchi.

No. 1544619

Kek nonna's, cows like Luna and Pixielocks make me want to do something with my life. Luna is about to be thirty, I'd feel so embarrassed if I was her. No accomplishments, just 40 gossip threads linked to her legal name. Bleak.

No. 1544645

You make me sick

No. 1544647

Rest in rip.

No. 1544656

When I ser a retard or a male try to bait and get ignored, I feel satisfied kek.

No. 1544664

There are 4 people using this website at a time, almost everything is easy to ignore

No. 1544672

File: 1681065453784.png (30.87 KB, 362x511, hot.png)

I regularly lurk men's clothing sections on online shops to see the reviews and rate males on attractiveness, my specific preference are the suit/tuxedo sections

No. 1544793

This is formerly known as autism

No. 1544926

I kind of admire Freelee the Banana Girl. Her videos have actually cured my unhealthy eating habits (eating one meal a day, now eating normally). I never ate 80 kg of fruit a day or anything but when I went vegan I watched her response and eventually diet videos a lot and the 'eat as much as you care for!' just got into my head eventually. It's been 3 years and I've maintained the same healthy weight. As lacking as her diet is her feminist-adjacent videos helped me a lot with my body image, I like how passionate she is about animals as well. She's pretty harsh but I love how she's not afraid to share her opinions no matter how much hate she gets.

No. 1544974

You do you but personally I think she’s retarded, I’ll never forget when she said that her losing her period for nine months because of her shit diet was ‘good’ because it meant that she no longer had a ‘toxic body’ and that the reason why women have painful periods is because of all the ‘toxins’ in their bodies. And who could forget when she said that cancer patients don’t need medical treatment, they just need to change their diets, and the cancer will go away! Fuck her.

No. 1544981

That was absolutely retarded, but her videos from 2018 on aren't half bad. Still messed up that she lost her period and claimed it was because 'animals get their periods occasionally in the wild!' kek. I know she has done a ton of harm to some people but 'influencer'-wise she has been one of the most helpful to me personally. Probably because I never actually followed her diet.

No. 1545049

3 years ago I started lurking the MTF threads right around the time that long term boyfriend started using they/them pronouns. I would occasionally read through the threads, see screenshots of women talking about their husbands trooning out, see trannies getting ripped apart itt, all while in my real life my boyfriend started becoming really emotionally abusive. He started watching porn very heavily, and it developed into an addiction. He started trying to push me unwillingly into his fetishes he had newly discovered, like having me pee on him or peg him. He cheated on me with a tranny he met over discord, and when I tried to forgive him afterwards he would guilt trip me for still having trust issues and not feeling secure in our relationship.
He would scream at me, curse at me, shift all of the blame onto me, tell me I was making him depressed, etc. I put up with a lot of abuse for a long time. And then one night when we got into a conversation about pronouns, and I asked him flat out if he was thinking about transitioning. His only answer was getting mad at me, asking me if it would be a problem if he did. He told me if I couldn't accept him as a woman then I didn't really love him
I thought back to all of the experiences of other women I had been seeing in the MTF threads and something just clicked for me. I saw myself in so many of those women and I just broke down crying, I didn't want to be like them. So I broke things off with him that night.
I checked in on his Twitter, just out of curiosity. He's taken all pics of himself down, taken his pronouns out of his bio. He's become obsessed with guns, like scarily obsessed. His whole timeline is pro trans stuff, questionably young anime girls, and guns. He's dating a biological woman who is very pro trans from what I can tell, but she's 6 years younger than him and they're edating. I moved in with my boyfriend this year and he proposed last month.
Anyway, this was a lot of rambling but the MTF thread literally changed my life lol.

No. 1545096

Hey, that's a nice idea, I think I'll start doing it too.

No. 1545097

I hate how my parents talk over me. It pisses me off so much because I try be courteous. I'll be in the middle of talking and they just cut in and don't let me finish. They don't even say sorry. God forbid if I dare do what they do, I would get chewed out which is retarded. I take it because it isn't worth the fight. I know they don't give a shit about my thoughts or that I point out their behavior. It's been obvious especially since my suicide attempt. I am still bitter it didn't work even though I know it is fucked up. Sorry I'm not the brainless daughter who parrots what you want so I guess that justifies to you both talking over me. Fuck me for being a wishful thinker as a child/teen. Nothing no matter how hard I try will get you to treat me better. I rather walk away.

No. 1545126

Congrats on the engagement nonna! Your old bf sounds unhinged, you really dodged a bullet.

No. 1545818

Whenever I feel like I’ve revealed too much personal information to friends I block them

No. 1545849

My mom basically admitted she only had me and my brother because it was expected. I already knew because she has always tried to live vicariously through me, forced me to do hobbies/sports she liked, got pissed when I didn't want to wear the clothes she bought me because I hated the styles, and go to uni to get a job she wanted to pursue but decided she wouldn't cause it was too hard. Still hurts to hear. I wish she got therapy before having me and brother. Her side of the family has a lot of issues and I've noticed behavioral patterns similar to bpd. Also great mentality to have when deciding to have kids especially since my dumbass mother didn't get that me and my brother weren't going to be exact copies of her. Just boils my blood.

No. 1545876

Weird that his true and honest transition was halted shortly after quitting your relationship.
What were the dynamics of your relationship like anon? Was he also pulling away from work and leaning more on you to take care of responsibilities? When he was cheating on you, did he become more domestic and aloof?
I'm curious. I have a theory about why men in relationships troon out.

No. 1545901

I gaslight and emotionally manipulate people close to me.

No. 1545916

He had actually just quit his job shortly before all of this started, and definitely was putting off getting a new one. He started just being so lazy in general, blaming it on his poor mental health. But he wouldn't try to do anything at all
I think I stuck around for so long at the end because he had me convinced he could get better if I just helped him and kept pushing him. But he would go to bed super late, wake up in the middle of the afternoon, lounge around all day smoking pot, and occasionally make a halfhearted effort and looking for jobs online

No. 1545917

After lurking the farms for months, I think I might be peaking. It scares me quite a bit because I have close trans friends who are harmless and great people, but some of these cows are frightening to have in women’s spaces and the detrans thread is just saddening. I’ve always seen detransitioners as bad trans people in denial who wanted to hypocritically hold other trans people back but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. I will always be left leaning but I may not defend every trans person just for being trans anymore. Some people seem to use the label as a weapon and I feel like a bad ally for seeing the need to question people going forward. But a lot of them would hate me for being a lesbian anyways

No. 1545931

I wish you a happy peaking. It’s not easy, but once everything clicks, it clicks, and it’s depressing, but it’s better than living in denial.

No. 1545938

All these anons saying “men wanting to fuck you isn’t something to be flattered at” this is true but I get flattered when I catch a qt’s attention.

No. 1545949

oh nonnie, don't I feel you. I've been here for a couple years now and while my ideas on gender ideology have changed, I don't think I could ever hate trans people individually. I hate certain individual trans people and what it says about the way idpol/gender politics is as a whole, but I overall feel better for having the thoughts I do, and it's freed me from a lot of the constraints that gender roles played, especially coming from more progressive circles. Plus it means I can slowly peak friends while being crypto.

No. 1545951

im in my mid 20s and im still not fully over being groomed as a teenager idk when ill be over it if i ever will be nonnas i still dream about him sometimes even though its been close to a decade and multiple relationships since. i still miss feeling that way i was so unhappy but i was so happy and desired as well

No. 1545953

im in my mid 20s and im still not fully over being groomed as a teenager idk when ill be over it if i ever will be nonnas i still dream about him sometimes even though its been close to a decade and multiple relationships since. i still miss feeling that way i was so unhappy but i was so happy and desired as well

No. 1545954

im in my mid 20s and im still not fully over being groomed as a teenager idk when ill be over it if i ever will be nonnas i still dream about him sometimes even though its been close to a decade and multiple relationships since. i still miss feeling that way

No. 1545955

im in my mid 20s and im still not fully over being groomed as a teenager idk when ill be over it if i ever will be nonnas i still dream about him sometimes even though its been close to a decade and multiple relationships since. i still miss feeling that way i was so unhappy but i was so happy and desired as well

No. 1545960

I want to start writing my own smut scenes as a way of living out my sexual fantasies, the only thing stopped me is the thought of someone else somehow finding them which would be really unlikely but I'm paranoid lmao

No. 1545962

I think I'm racist against Chinese men. I feel terrible about it, but I dated two before and they were awful and most of them I've met have been bad in the same exact way. I feel embarassed about it but it's to the point where I will subconciously avoid interacting with them. I'm not racist against anyone else just them

No. 1545965

Ayrt, your reply was actually very comforting and I appreciate it. I’ve been afraid to question anything because I believed it was all or nothing and I would end up throwing away friends who have been there for me more than some of my cisgender friends because of their identity. I don’t want to become jaded towards a group of people that aren’t altogether bad. Although I have met 4 truly good-hearted trans people, I’ve also met 1 pretentious textbook AGP bitch and 1 FTM narc who groomed and sexually assaulted me. So the statistics in my personal life have not been the greatest.

No. 1545966

State your theory.

No. 1546005

File: 1681193446021.jpg (162.7 KB, 900x1269, tumblr_ofcqekQ5b71r9be1xo8_128…)

will i ever be able to connect to another human being? often wonder if i didn't suffer such severe bullying in elementary/middle school would i be the way i am today

to a point i guess it's given me some good traits – my empathy levels are high, i don't gossip as a rule (i know how much it hurts), i've never harmed anyone as they've harmed me – but the bad ones outweigh all of those, of course.

i just want to heal. and god i hope everyone who fucked me over lives a life that is full of mediocrity and irritation. even if you look happy, it does somewhat soothe me to see you're a soft, doughy disney adult with two ugly kids and a fat wife. keep living like that

No. 1546017

File: 1681195272331.gif (24.59 KB, 220x199, HXgNrH3.gif)

its possible to connect with others and build meaningful relationships, but It does require some effort and patience on our parts.
It might seem like the most generic advice but taking up a hobby or activity is a great start, even if your a complete awkward autist you can still make friends depending on what activity you take up(avoid anything too normieish though) I moved around a lot in my life and I have found that martial arts centers are usually the spaces where I have found most people who are understanding and willingly to look past my autistic tendencies and have made some great friends and romantic partners.

No. 1546025

Dont feel bad about it, you have your reasons. May I ask what they did

No. 1546061

I can't help but feel flattered when a guy is attracted to me because it rarely happens to me, like once a year or so, but then I immediately get pissed off because it's coming from an ugly moid kek.

No. 1546063

Disliking Chinese men because of their cultural upbringing/behavioural tendencies isn't the same as being racist imo

No. 1546363

I would fuck benoftheweek. He's a cute little brown boy.

No. 1546383

I'm a hikki who's trying to overcome her ways and the other day I met two guys through a very recent mutual acquaintance. After the event was over and I said goodbye to them I was left wondering about their dick size. I was almost convinced I had it figured out but now I feel very stupid for thinking about such a thing. Damn, they were very cute and had beautiful hands.

No. 1546402

that anon who sperged about rib size made me question what mine was. its 27 and ive been wearing 34-36a bras this whole time. no wonder bras just hurt my back while small bralette didnt, because my real bras didnt fucking fit!!

No. 1546409

Was your bra not riding up? Usually if you're wearing an oversized band, your bra will slip up above your tits. This can also happen if you're wearing too small of a cup though.

No. 1546411

I had it on the longest bra strap it would go to compensate for chest length but the cups had a gap from my breast sort of and the band was loose. younger me who bought the bras thought an oversized bra would be more comfortable like a tshirt.

No. 1546440

Sometimes I give my baby nephew droplets of coffee, he likes the taste.

No. 1546443

bet he likes the taste of cocaine too

No. 1546447

Same but with my cat and Merlot.

No. 1546474

I can't believe how down bad I am for this man. Even his voice is enough to make me flustered af; it's embarrassing.

No. 1546489

I had covid last month and my bf that I am breaking up with soon kept harassing me to have sex with him while I was really sick. I let him eat my ass which I never do because I wanted to infect him so he'd suffer for his lack of empathy. He's been extremely sick for over three weeks and miserable and I'm totally over my covid and having a good time.

No. 1546490

No. 1546515

My cat unfortunately loves coffee so I have to make sure he doesn’t dunk his paws in it for sips

No. 1546538


No. 1546554

I was so close to ending up a handmaiden

No. 1546563

I'm so happy I never married my ex. I was so young when he proposed I was so awkward and clearly had a lot of mental illness to work through. He married the next person he dated. He's been with two women and no harm to the second but they have no common interests. I shares interests with him and still found living with him a nightmare I can only imagine how hopeless she feels. I'm glad I dated around and remained single and didn't feel pressured to rebound and immediately start a family. There was a lot of pressure. I'll be 33 in a few months and I feel so content that I don't have a child with someone I'm not with and I don't have a failed marriage and debt like a lot of my peers.

After each relationship I had I felt like I leveled up. I'm more comfortable in my skin and I feel like I can keep this momentum up and keep achieving. I met my boyfriend last year and he's my other half. Dating in your 30s is no joke but I found a kind, caring, tall, athletic, handsome guy with no previous marriages. No children and no recent exes.

I have no regrets. Sticking to my convictions has kept me right. I'm not a loser!

No. 1546583

This gives me hope. I’ve struck out with every moid I’ve been with as I’ve either barely connected with them or we DO connect and they break out and run. I need a man with a fully developed prefrontal cortex.

No. 1546834

The lolicon coomer porn addicted scrote I used to call my friend is happy and in a relationship, with a job he likes and with friends to travel with and I fucking hate it. He doesn't deserve everything he's gotten. Literally everyone around him contributed to his success and I hate how nonchalant he is about it, he thinks he's the shit and everything he's done is because he's great. Fuck him.

No. 1546881

I'm at my end. My body is shit due to medical issues, my mentality has been destroyed, and I feel crazy. I just don't care anymore and too tired to try. My mom only had me because it was """her duty""" and to live vicariously through me but also use as a punching bag because she's a insecure unmedicated bpd fat woman who is now in the cult. Nothing is her fault because """we've been tricked""". Love that she can just absolve everything because of this mlm cult. I never had a chance with her demon blood in me. All the woman on her side have major issues and never try to better themselves. If I can be reborn again, I hope to have parents who actually love me. It's all I ever wanted.

No. 1546916

ayrt but you'll be fine. If you have an awareness of other's humanity it'll take a lot to get you to hate them, especially if you've been friends and value them as individuals.

No. 1546935

My mom gets so annoyed everytime I joke about still being a virgin or that I don't care about being seen as attractive, she's such a pickme.

No. 1546941

Your mother is not a pick-me for not wanting you to die alone.

No. 1546943

Ugly moids should be neutered

No. 1546944

Joking about virginity is actually weird to do with your parents. Not caring if you're unattractive is normal but constantly bringing it up makes people feel like you're fishing for compliments or actually care, if you really didn't care it wouldn't be a constant thought in the back of your head. Like I'm average, I know it and I do take care of my appearance but my looks aren't a constant thought in my head.

No. 1546945

Shut dafyq up

No. 1546947

Its you. Hi. You're the problem

No. 1546950

Ugly inside and out.
Pickme means a woman who puts down other women to gain male attention, your mother isn't trying to get male attention when she tells you to stop talking about never having had a dick before.

No. 1546953

I don't constantly bring it up, I just sometimes make offhand jokes, like my brother was reading the name of a beer that was called something like "the dark virgin" and I just went "wow literally me" (since I'm alt) and she really didn't like it, it's just no big deal imo.

She's a pickme because she always valued male attention and getting complimented as something very important, and me not wanting to take part in this shit annoys her. Also there's nothing wrong with wanting to die alone, better that than getting married.

No. 1546956

I use ChatGPT to answer so many irrational questions and thoughts I have. It helps me stay unbiased and over emotional, it's nice to have something I can go to for good advice as everyone around me gives the worst advice possible.

No. 1546957

She might be worried for you ending up lonely and / or not getting her grandkids. I don't think she necessarily means any harm or actually values male attention over you nor is she right in possibly wanting those things, but just a thought.

No. 1546961

>Also there's nothing wrong with wanting to die alone, better that than getting married.
Such a queen. Keep it up. I wanna die alone too. I don't understand what's with all the hype with wanting to settle down with some scrote. But whatever. I would rather wanna settle down with long-term female friends.

No. 1547547

I know we’re being psyoped by libfems and scripted but sometimes I wanna be a sugar baby or stripper, I imagine myself coming back from “work” with stacks of money. Save me from my brain

No. 1547554

Imagine yourself at work instead, having a bunch of gross rapey moid strangers salivating at you for hours every day while you're forced to be polite.

No. 1547563

File: 1681324831237.jpeg (11.77 KB, 1024x387, E79C3DEE-7A33-4682-A38D-3A95B2…)

I want my ex to publicly get into a new relationship already because I hate not knowing and want to get the pain out of the way now. I want to see how he said he wasn’t ready for “a real relationship” but what he really what he meant was just not with me. I want to confirm that I was not good enough for him and kill the hope. It’s been 6 months and he doesn’t fucking care. He never loved me and never will.

No. 1547593

The only reason why I'd work one of those jobs and the chance to maybe run into an attractive actor or attractive rich moid if I were in a big city, but the amount of ugly moids would hardly be worth the reward

No. 1547596

There's nothing wrong with easy money and idgaf what madfems want to say about objectification or whatever. It's a no-win game and I can say that as a woman with two degrees and more than a solid decade of continuous career experience.

I've had to suck it up and deal with sexism in the workplace so fucking much. No, there is no real recourse or anything I can do about it. Madfems need to sperg at the system and quit holding the fire over average women just trying to earn a paycheck to have a roof over their head. I have a professional management career, I literally tell other grown scrotes what to fucking do but that doesn't stop them nor my higher ups.
I'm so glad to not be working in customer service anymore, lord knows how much degredation and belittlement from scrotes and women alike I received there, but the sexism problems just get bigger when you're a professional. There's more at stake to lose for standing up for yourself as an adult. The sexism problems don't go away, the stakes just get upped to the point where you could face career suicide and financial ruin if you dare retaliate. Not only that, but the sexism can be so subtle and jabbing that even if I were to take action it would make me look unhinged, which of course is by design.
All this just to be paid less than a man of my equal rank. And I still cannot afford to live on my own without shacking up with a man or an incompetent roommate.

Sometimes I want to moonlight as a sugar baby, the only thing that stops me is the fact that I know how crazy possessive moids get when they feel entitled to your body cause they paid you. I'd want to spin multiple moids to increase the bux, yet that would probably get me killed lmao. And they seem like such breadcrumbers too, like good for buying some kawaii shit from China but fucking useless when you want big $$$$$ items.
Definitely not good to try to make a living off them.

No. 1547603

Being a sugar baby or an escort isn’t easy money imo. Attractive, wealthy and decent men don’t need sugar babies and escorts. The men you’re actually going to be dealing with are assholes and ugly dudes. It’s like a customer service job but you have to let the customer cum in your mouth.

No. 1547607

Disgusting but true.

No. 1547608

If it's easy money you want, focus instead on turning whatever passion or talent you have into a low effort career. I'm good at art and design and have finally bullshitted my way into an easy peasy high-paying tech job purely by grinding and being patient, and it's so much more satisfying than getting money from any moid.

I always wanted to become self-sufficient before getting married because I would hate for a man (or woman, for that matter) to own me financially. I promise it's worth it!

No. 1547639

>"Do what you love and never work a day in your life!"

You have good intentions anon but not everyone has a marketable hobby skill that they can transform into a career, and no less get lucky enough to use that skill to break into tech and land an easy job.
Surely you must see how your experience is a lucky one and not a typical one? People aren't in bad places for lack of trying and grinding for many years.

No. 1547700

File: 1681334272865.jpg (76.92 KB, 575x832, cgl-59.jpg)

I sometimes wish my mental issues where worse. They are extremely bad now to a point where I can't function in society but not bad enough that I need someone to step in and interfere with my life. I feel awful for thinking this I know that dealing with awful mental health and losing your autonomy is terrible experiences and I know I wouldn't be able to cope if that where to happen to me but I just want something to have some control over my life

No. 1547703

i was a sugar baby. can confirm, i dated an ugly man. but he was genuinely really sweet and treated me right. i honestly think it made me less physically shallow.

but i lucked out because every other sugar baby i've heard of has horror stories. i definitely wouldn't recommend anyone to ever try doing it

No. 1547706

Yeah I want to be like this too. Even though I want to be loved men have not treated me right and although I fantasize about finding the right partner one day I don't know if I can handle giving myself to a job where I have to please moids

I want to work my way up too, I see it as a sign of strength. But I also want all my pain and mental issues not to abhor me and I want to be successful and get lucky. Sucks

No. 1547710

I was told not to intervene in a situation in our friend circle, but I'm too much of a busybody I sooo wannaaaa aaaa

No. 1547722

Like, I know them both, I know for a fact it's a misunderstanding and the conflict is needless. But nooo, let them deal with it between themselves. Let people conflict ok ok ok I know you're right, I just WANNA

No. 1547740

My experience is probably not the same but god I feel you on wishing it was a bit worse. I'm retarted but not enough for anyone to question it beyond frequently thinking I'm slightly stupid and awkward

No. 1547742

Your pic is cute.

I sometimes fantasize about going to prison. The structured day, the long sleeping hours, the healthyish meals, the exercise, the clean tidy room, the being alone, it all sounds so heavenly healing to me.
For some time a couple years ago I also pondered if there might be some people who have a fetish for that, like a fatherly dom who "forces" you to lead an orderly life, who tells me to go to bed and stuff.

No. 1547745

It's funny, an autistic friend of mine said that she would like to go to prison for the same reasons - structure. Are you autistic?

No. 1547748

I might be, but no idea. Prison just seems like the perfect break from normal life and everyday challenges, plus you get somebody taking care of you without expecting you to be social in return like a mother or a lover would. I feel like many people with various different problems would actually like to flee to prison.
Sadly my country is so soft, I would have to do something very bad to actually be sent there.

No. 1547811

This is crazy to me. The annoying smelly inmates, the obsessive nosy prison culture, the actually not at all healthy freezer gruel, the rape. Girl.

No. 1547835

>Sadly my country is so soft, I would have to do something very bad to actually be sent there.
they're not an amerifag

No. 1547842

I don't poop in public. I don't poop at someones home. I don't even like to pee. This means being a homebody is a wonderful thing because my cheeks will only touch my throne.

No. 1547874

are you talking about those fancy scandinavian prisons?

No. 1547879

Okay damn put me there

No. 1547917

File: 1681352031198.jpg (151.1 KB, 1280x1044, f7403a2601aa4899ed9a0a90cc685b…)

I get so obsessed over my husbandos it depresses me sometimes. Luckily this fades away with time and I feel some sort of relief, but until then I feel so devastated, it's pathethic.

No. 1547931

I want to be you. Simping over 2D. When you say you want to hogtie your mans and keep him in an oubliette on a steady drip of viagra for three days you get replies and likes of encouragement. When i say I want to do that to the target overnight employee I met once in passing as he was leaving his shift in the morning im the bad guy.

No. 1548066

you must develop a lot of utis

No. 1548120

File: 1681374079928.jpg (32.88 KB, 1000x575, 0e92d8675e5bda2194a74b278c9dde…)

I envy people whose husbandos are from anime franchises and video games. Franchises like that attracts hardcore yumejos who knows how to make fancontent that panders to yumes and embrace the yume lifestyle so it isn't embarrassing to sperg about your husbando 24/7 because everyone else is doing it. My husbando isn't from a small fandom but it's still kinda niche. The fans it attracts aren't the types to make self indulgent fancontent. the closes I have seen to yumes in this fandom are women who project themselves onto other characters but the fandom has never reached the unashamed yumeness as otaku fandoms has. It also doesn't help that my husbando is an unpopular character in the fandom because the majority of fans have shit taste I have considered posting about him in any of the husbando threads but I'm too embarrassed to do it. I have also spend years being a shut in so I have memed myself into thinking attraction to 3D husbandos is weird so I don't know how im suppose to cope with my attraction to him

No. 1548133

oh felt, im in the exact same boat except granted, I'M the one with horrible taste in my situation. i think if you're afraid of offending other anons' sensibilities just dont post pics or find some art of him and hornypost to your heart's content. you never know if someone feels the same way!

No. 1548139

Don't worry, it can't be worse than fucking Parappa or Dedede.

No. 1548141

Don't worry, it can't be worse than fucking Parappa or Dedede.

No. 1548145

Don't worry, it can't be worse than fucking Parappa or Dedede.

No. 1548181

I feel like if I at least where attracted to a character like Parappa or something then other anons could at least excuse it for mental illness or get some amusement out of it tbh

No. 1548279

KEK, don't worry I had my fair share of weird thought about random men too. I sometimes feel it's worse when I get fixated on fictional characters, because it's so impossible and illusionary that it hurts. It's schizo behaviour to be enamored with fiction but that's just how I cope.
Like nonnie said, we got Parappa and Dededefags here somewhere, you don't need to worry about posting your husbando at this point.

No. 1548302

I must speak my truth, I LOVE EATING IN BED!!

No. 1548303

me too!

No. 1548304

I eat in front of my PC often which is apparently a huge no-no.

No. 1548336

I do that all the time. I never spill anything on my bed anyway so whatever. I have a huge bed, a tiny desk with a lot of things on top of it, and the kitchen is tiny and my family is always eating there so there aren't any other places where I can eat.

I do that too. Fuck the haters.

No. 1548339

Kek same. I had to stop though because once I was moving my PC to a different location in my room and accidentally spilled hot choccy on the back of my PC. Then I had to open it up, and that is how I learned you're supposed to dust the inside kekkkkkkk.

No. 1548355

The line between niche husbando sperg and having a character be so weird you get made fun of is arbitrary. Kirbyfag is harmless but her posts still get screencapped and ridiculed. If your 3D man is really that strange-looking or ugly maybe post him in the unconventional attractions thread? You can talk about him in husbandothread without attaching his name or pic, that's what I do kek. Are you the anon who just posted about how your husbando looks weirder than Snape? I'm curious now, too. There's been a lot of anons posting 3D men crushes in various /m/ threads recently, you would get more support than you think.

No. 1548377

no im not that anon. my husbando is handsome its mostly because of second male lead syndrome and other nitpicks and me thinking the fandom approches the source material in a shallow way (hence me not agreeing with the fanons interpretation of any of the characters) that makes the character unpopular

No. 1548391

Oh, in that case you should definitely post him, sorry I misconstrued your post nonna. You'd get way more responses (and maybe even likeminded anons) posting him here than on normie websites.

No. 1548403

it's okay nonnie I really do appreciate the encouragement ♥

No. 1548431

I get horny after a productive day. Like if I accomplish many tasks during a very busy day, once I’m home and relaxing, I get ridiculously horny and it’s annoying.

No. 1548433

I'm also a shut in who hasn't had friends since elementary school, but somehow I've never felt ashamed of my husbando's, am I the only yume who doesn't have self-esteem issues? I just don't want to deal with the real world.
I feel you with the lack of fan content though, my guys are from video games, but the type that are mostly popular with guys so there isn't much or any yume content.

No. 1548446

At least it only happens to you after you're done for the day, nona. It happens to me when I'm busy and need to spend a day working and focusing on a task and I basically spend the whole time feeling like my clit is screaming to be touched, very distracting and agonizing.

No. 1548456

Nta but I always felt worse with my real life crushes since they're all fucked up in some way, 2d feels safer imo. I'm still mad about some of the things I learned about famous men and even 'regular' ones.

No. 1548563

I thought I was weird for being this horny, I will literally be in a fugue like that. I have to say, being sexually riled up really helps me run better. I can harness great power in being a sexually frustrated virgin.

No. 1548606

I miss my pandemic body so much. I was so skinny and looked amazing and I was so happy. I'll admit it was disordered eating but definitely not an eating disorder. I guess I'm still skinny but I miss certain features that I don't see anymore from the weight gain.
It's my stupid forearms that are triggering me right now honestly. They look huge and they jiggle. Why are my problem areas the ones I can see the easiest

No. 1548748

File: 1681446903982.png (46.06 KB, 275x265, C57DD8DA-B039-43B0-AAB7-E02A46…)

I’ve been stalking my ex’s friend’s and all adjacent accounts since we broke up. He never posts on social media and the break up left me devastated. I didn’t give a fuck who he hung out in his free time with while we were together but now I know all of his coworker’s SM. He introduced me to a lot of them in real life and now I’m watching them all online. I stalk so many accounts but I literally only get crumbs from one of them. I just want to know when he gets a new girlfriend so I can move on. I feel like I have to be hyper vigilant because I know if I get myself to a more stable place and find out it WILL break me.
I had to watch another ex who ended things with me in almost exactly the same way start his new relationship two weeks later on social media. He never unadded me from his accounts but was still posting about her all the time. He’s an ass who left me for another girl and she’s a bitch because she knew he had a girlfriend and went after him anyways. It was months of agony seeing them move in together and do all of the things we were supposed to do in only 3 months. Thankfully they broke up and according to him she was actually pretty awful but even seeing him get what he deserved will never fully take away the damage from what he did in the first place.
I’m not gonna pull anything or harass whatever girl he gets with next I just want to get that pain out of the way. I know it will hurt and I know I will not take it well but the uncertainty of these past few months has become extremely emotionally draining. I do not deal with uncertainty in the first place and this has been soul crushing. I haven’t been able to find anything definitively which is temporarily relieving but as time goes on I just want to get it over with. Most of the people I’ve seen are either in relationships, people he didn’t like, or gay as hell. His best friend adds people all the time so it’s hard to parse through it all but nothing has stood out to me. Only one or two accounts have made me nervous but sadly they don’t post enough to actually find anything substantial.

No. 1549148

I didn't know how to braid my hair or make a bun until I was in my 20's. I still have extreme trouble with it. I learned from youtube videos

No. 1549150

How did you learn how to make a bun? I watched a ton of videos but none worked for me, it always looks messy.

No. 1549155

The key is loosening it strategically as you twist, tuck the end under, then secure and fluff it. Also I think hair sticks are easier than ponytail ties and don't pull as much. It's easier to see in a vid I had to follow along a few times for it to click

No. 1549323

The one account I get breadcrumbs from is now posting on his story and seemingly deleting it after only a bit. He’s always kinda does that but it’s been getting shorter and shorter recently. Or at least I haven’t seen some of the other things. I always unblock/reblock very quickly and he hasn’t blocked either of my accounts but I’m afraid he’s catching on. He seems to delete and reupload regular posts a lot too. He doesn’t go private either. Maybe he’s always like this and I’m just picking up on the patterns now. My friend says I tend to overestimate just how much other people notice things and that majority of people aren’t as hyper vigilant as me. I hate that I have these compulsions to constantly be checking but I just want to spare myself the pain.

No. 1549339

I watched the video of the two Japanese women jumping off a roof and I thought it was kind of nice and I wish I had someone to jump off a building with.

No. 1549393

as I fall asleep every night, I fantasize about men I've made up. I have a boyfriend but we are long distance. whenever I try to fantasize about him at all I get very upset as I wish I could be so intimate with him in real life, whenever I wanted

No. 1549482

I can't stop thinking about how much time in my life I've wasted on anime and I regret it so much. I don't mean the good ones but all the mid ones with 52+ episodes that are mostly monster of the week filler garbage.

No. 1549528

I sometimes lurk in the /fit/ current body thread and some of the posters are unironically very hot. I would never actually talk to them for obvious reasons but they make me awooga

No. 1549542

If you had fun while watching there is nothing to regret, your life doesn't amount to less because you spent some arbitrary amount on leisure, no matter how much our culture might try and make you feel shame for it. Fuck it. I've "wasted" so much time on the internet, but hot damn have I laughed. My life is filled with so much laughter and so many goofy pictures of animals, what is there to regret?

No. 1549543

I'd yeet off a sky scraper for you, girl.

No. 1549585

I actually never knew you had to dust on the inside too. Wow. New knowledge for me.

No. 1550099

File: 1681570174890.gif (377.77 KB, 220x220, 1645303768697.gif)

i want an asian boyfriend for the sole reason that half asian babies are really cute and i want mine to be that

No. 1550111

I mean that's a better reason than simply liking animu.

No. 1550126

>tfw you remember Elliot Rodgers exists

No. 1550138

that's alright because i'm a bright and wonderful young woman and not some 50 year old guy who already has 5 other kids under his belt

No. 1550154

When something gets me down or I'm reminded of something that happened to me, or my parents try to bother me again, or some ex bf or person from the past resurfaces it just deflates me for the whole day. The only way I can be happy is if I shed every person thats ever hurt me out of my life or I just get so angry and upset I can't breathe I can't think I can't do anything. Sometimes I feel like I have to move just to regain control over my life again maybe even change my full name.

No. 1550193

when i finish masturbating i don't take the vibrator out with my hand, i push it out and pretend i'm giving birth. once i was masturbating and it kinda pushed itself out a tiny bit and i realized holy shit, i can actually push things out, not just in

No. 1550209

I get you anon. I've experianced narcissistic abuse from both my parents as well as childhood and workplace bullying. Every time I tried to report what I felt was abuse I kept getting shot down. My life has improved marginally since I left my parents house but bad people and unfair situations still find me and even my abusive parents have their ways of finding me. You can always start over anyone that has a problem with it deserves a restraining order.

No. 1550215

Sometimes I just pass out for a bit and leave it there, then when I do go to take it out its not easy because my muscles are clasped on and playing tug of war with me.

No. 1550221

same queen i'll just lay there scrolling through reddit

No. 1550605

I work in film and i have signed a NDA but I wish I could tell you all who is on this new project I am doing this summer. But if I tell you, then that removes my anonymity once the movie is released. My name is going to be on the same credits as his! Ah! Eeek!
But I will say this is a dream come true for 13 year old me and this is by far the most nervous I have ever been. Wish me luck nonnas i am going to have to fake being chill and not internally screaming 5 ft away from them

No. 1550608

Is lolcow transforming into datalounge

No. 1550613

I looked it up and who said I was going to gossip? Cant I be proud of my hard work and celebrate big projects?

No. 1550617

Please make sure it doesn't suck girl cinema has been terrible.

No. 1550621

I will do the best I can nonna!

No. 1550647

I hope it’s Ryan Reynolds and you’re working on the new Deadpool. Or David Lynch working on something. Otherwise I can’t imagine ever being excited about working with a movie person, movies have been garbage lately.

No. 1550650

Samefag to say I bet money it’s Deadpool 3 you’re working on cause they’re gonna start filming that in may. Hope I’m right nonnie, I’ll take silence as a confirmation and wish I was you.

No. 1550651

I hope you're not going to be disappointed by whoever you're going to work with. I personally hope I'll never meet the celebrities I admire. Except Azealia Banks, I want her to describe me like she's reading my horoscope for the week.

No. 1550661

nta but
>thinking deadpool isn't garbage
god i hate ryan reynolds

No. 1550675

Posts like these make me soooo glad I have a sense of humor, imagine being this miserable.

No. 1550693

samefag but i used to like lynch until finding out he's a polanski supporter
>not liking one type of humor means you hate all humor
i just hate him and capeshit mainly. pre-1970s comedies are the best imo

No. 1550754

lynch supports and endorses transcendental meditation which is basically a cult so him doing that really sours me too

many of the celebs I like have disappointed me too so I hope nona is happy and her celeb fav is safe!!

No. 1550863

>David Lynch
>married to someone younger than his oldest daughter
>bred with that woman at nearly 70 years old

That’s enough evidence he’s a nasty old scrote for me, but it doesn’t make me love his work any less.

No. 1550975

I'm an ex-pixielocks fan and current pixie thread regular, and I think its kind of hilarious (but also sad) how much of an impact her videos had on my psyche. I was a loyal fan (but only following on youtube) of hers during some pretty formative years, and I've unintentionally absorbed some mannerisms that if I think hard about them I know where they came from, but have become so ingrained in my behavior that I don't even care. I still rewatch some of her old videos just to see the Jill I genuinely liked when I was a high schooler. It's weirdly comforting, like seeing pictures of an old friend.
I also own a few plush peeps from when I was a dumb teen and inspired by her plush collection, but the peeps are my friends and are actually really nice to hug. Very comfy.

No. 1550987

I have very little sympathy for male victims of sexual assault since so many of them go on to terrorize women and children regardless.

No. 1551018

Ew what the fuck I didn't know that either
What Hollywood scrote hasn't married or dated a woman half their age, it feels like it's inevitable

Found out that James Marsden was caught with a 26 year old and why can I say I'm surprised anymore

No. 1551030

File: 1681654144647.jpg (64.65 KB, 752x420, thumb_serialization27.jpg)

right, female victims don't typically become an abuser themselves, they just abuse themselves with drugs, alcohol, promiscuity. they can, have, and do, but no where to the level male victims do.

No. 1551053

The whole 'abused boys grow up to be abusers' or 'hurt men hurt others' thing might be true to an extent but its also a stereotype they play into to try and make people more sympathetic to them.

I remember years ago finding this old grainy documentary that was uploaded to youtube. It followed a police team in the uk who were tasked with sifting through child abuse material and they interviewed pedos for years often seeing the same men reoffend. They had experts who were trying to build up profiles on what creates such prolific abusers. The docu makers kept asking every pedo about their own childhood and if they were abused. They all said yes they were. Then later when talking to the experts they said that most pedos say that initially and then later admit they were never abused themselves.

No. 1551060

I have been getting angry as of late because of lolcow. Some of the posts on here are so incredibly stupid that I can't help but to get super pressed. I don't know if it's the fact that there's a woman writing this shit out, if it was a moid It'd be much easier to just let it go. Maybe I should try imagining that it is lol.

No. 1551075

kiwifarms went down recently, so it's possible.

No. 1551098

Couple days ago someone posted about gay dudes being gross.. within a minute of that post there was some offended gay guy happy to out himself to make a sassy response. They're around.

No. 1551113

File: 1681660641767.jpg (77.59 KB, 603x800, 1673121456280.jpg)

I have finally come to the realization that I truly am a stuck-up prissy bitch. I don't feel like doing anything about it though so whatever. I also wish to bring back the Hayes Code.

No. 1551122

That definitely explains some of the bullshit over the past 2-3 days.

No. 1551129

File: 1681662853553.gif (6 MB, 540x270, c65bfe185a26698f4363b73cbf4f5c…)

I have no desire to have a romantic relationship and I'm content with not having any friends. I'm very close to my sister and she is the most important person to me, but she actually has a life outside of me. She has a job that she loves, a sweet nigel and friends. If it was up to me I would live with my sister and never pursue a social group. I really enjoy my sister's company and talking to her is the only times where I feel genuinely happiness, but I know living with her would burden her. it would also be unfair towards her since she deserves a rich life and to meet lots of people. I'm not saying that I would isolate her if we did live together but me being there could potentially put a strain on her and her boyfriends relationship.
She deserves the world but she is also the only thing I have in my life. I have accepted that I will not always come first and she has other obligations but it's still hurts sometimes

No. 1551146

I'm manifesting a meeting for you, it will come unexpectedly. You won't realize it's happening, until you've realized it's happened. You're going to meet another woman, you're going to compliment her, or maybe she will compliment you, and a conversation will spark. You two will click, it will be like a puzzle piece sliding into place, like she's always been around just waiting to meet you. It will feel just like talking to your sister, this new friend you've made in an instant, kindred spirits! You'll keep in touch and suddenly realize you've been talking to each other basically every day! This is what I'm manifesting, I am pouring my heart into this for you. There is no need to pursue this, you don't need to do anything extra, just keep being your wonderful self.

No. 1551180

thank you nonnie♥ you seem like a kind person I wish you the best

No. 1551183

I know several men who were assaulted as children and their biggest issues are occasional, unviolent binge drinking and erectile dysfunction. You are internet poisoned.

No. 1551192

Remembering the time I was on holiday with my ex who farted while we were out sightseeing and accidentally shat his pants. He speedwalked ahead of me towards a mall to find a bathroom and the street was so crowded I didn't manage to keep up. I did find the bathroom, though, so I waited outside until he came out. I expected him to be embarrassed, but instead he yelled at me for not keeping up with him, because he wanted my bag to put his shitty underwear in and had been "forced" to put it in his pocket instead and now it was my fault that he stank of shit on the bus back to the hotel. I think back to it and feel embarrassed that I had so low values that a man yelling at me because he shat his pants made me feel guilty rather than just leaving then and there.

No. 1551197

There is no coming back from that

No. 1551199

Why wouldn't he just toss the underwear

No. 1551205

File: 1681668526518.png (1.43 KB, 301x331, clipart1953597.png)

i like sucking dick more than having sex. Idk if its just me liking this guy a lot or what. But honestly he has to get me to stop doing it because i get so in the zone. I literally get sad when he cums because i'm usually just getting started. I have no idea why but it turns me on the way penetration never really has. I hate admitting this because giving head is lowkey degrading depending on who you ask. But for some reason I feel powerful. I love hearing him whimper and beg under me. I feel so powerful and confident. But when im being penetrated im in my head wondering if im doing a good job, if im arching right, if my boobs look weird. what faces im making. But when im sucking dick i dont care what my face looks like all i care about is feeling every vein pulsate and knowing that I can rip his dick off at any moment with my teeth.

No. 1551208

Duck for cover

No. 1551209

im scared now maybe i should've wrote this in my diary.

No. 1551214

File: 1681668963858.png (159.32 KB, 640x720, 2018-12-05-977003.png)

i like that my love of traps makes so many farmers seethe. all i have to do is post one and – like clockwork – they whine.

that said i do get vaguely irritated whenever i'm accused of being a moid/troon despite being more actively feminist irl than any of these 'sit online and whine' types. whenever it happens i just realize most people bitching at me are probably like this nona >>1551205 and relax.

No. 1551217

File: 1681669172117.gif (1.39 MB, 498x309, nene-leakes.gif)

girl im better than you by default you get off to drawings of little boys dressed up as little girls.

No. 1551220

Honestly good for you for seeing how awful that is in hindsight.
Side question how is sharting a thing? Like can't you tell you're going to shit? I've had food poisoning yet have never sharted, I can tell what's going to be gas and what's actually liquid/solid going through my sphincter to my asshole. Like you can FEEL it so how does it happen?

I could confess this too but I have no illusions that it's a powerful act, that's a cope. I think for me I just enjoy the feeling in my mouth. Like penis in mouth/hand/vag, mouth feels best. Maybe it's a psychological thing where it's very close to my face so I can see it well, and the mouth is really sensitive and I enjoy the texture and warmth. Don't think about ripping it off and I consider this fetish a curse because when you say it's degrading depending on who you ask, it's all men. All men think it's degrading to give a BJ. Sure they're happy YOU do it, but with all the porn out there and the fact it's something they'd never do and they lack basic empathy, it's an inherently degrading act. So I can't really indulge, because when I do my partners have the audacity to become entitled about receiving a blowjob. They can't understand I do it because I enjoy it, to them it's a service you provide because you're a slut because you give blowjobs so much, duh.

No. 1551224

okay cocksucker(infight)

No. 1551227

i know its not powerful or empowering at all in real life i just feel powerful in that moment. To be honest i get your point though about how moids consider it as something you need to do. B I honestly think I enjoy it because I have a oral fixation and I used to suck my thumb as a kid LMAO. It probably subconsciously reminds me of that LMAO.

No. 1551228

What kind of fucking autism is going on here?

No. 1551230

okay pedo. Honestly you're mom shouldve spit you out. pity she didnt now we have to be subjected to a pedo scrote

No. 1551236

Kek, hey at least you're introspective about it! Perhaps you can imagine the guy sharting then yelling at you for it if you want to get turned off the idea of blowing him.

No. 1551237

>trapfag is a misogynist
imagine my shock

No. 1551247

>when im being penetrated im in my head wondering if im doing a good job, if im arching right, if my boobs look weird. what faces im making
Don't worry, when you're older you'll get past this and you'll be having thoughts like
> did I get that thing ready for tomorrow, did I forget to put that jar back in the fridge, what time did I say I'd meet that person for lunch, aw shit I was meant to return a phone call earlier

No. 1551249

File: 1681670753611.gif (2.98 MB, 498x286, 1231323123.gif)

No. 1551261

These elder millennial gay discord ass gifs

No. 1551263


No. 1551268

It's not a power thing for me but I like it too. I think I just got lucky with my ex though, he was my first and he never asked for head and always gave it first thing. When I did give him head he was always gentle and grateful, most of the time he wouldn't finish because he would pull me off him if I looked like I was getting tired. I kind of had to correct myself on liking it tbh because when I meet a new guy and we get intimate the first thing I want to do is suck his dick and that just doesn't sit right with me, they should have to earn it.

No. 1551270

File: 1681672039885.gif (1.26 MB, 200x200, gif.gif)

Let's bring some of that vibe back to lolcow, ladies.

No. 1551294

If you guys start quoting mean girls and saying bye Felicia like its a le epic pwnage im out

No. 1551311

I don't have the energy to put effort into any kind of relationship. I don't really give a fuck about anyone.

No. 1551315

why did you have to post this shit while having this image associated to it

No. 1551316

File: 1681673967691.gif (1.85 MB, 340x311, 1665003901220.gif)

same but i'm also deeply lonely kek

No. 1551319

me too nonna! but i want to have a fulfilling life so im gonna have to fake it til i make it. women on fds say that having female friendship is better than male friendship and if its true for the majority of them. then i want that.

No. 1551333

File: 1681674861293.jpg (101.26 KB, 1074x1054, IMG_8522.jpg)

most of the actors i like are older than the ones my mom likes.

No. 1551340

I only take showers when I know I'll see other people. I spend many days dirty.

No. 1551348

I'm guilty of this.

No. 1551370

I may never tell my brother this because talking about our own family issues is awkward af but his girlfriend/babymomma has been a great stepmom to my oldest nephew, I can see that he loves her dearly and considers her a ‘second mom’. I’m glad she loves him as if he were her own child and am relieved he will grow up happy and cared for.

I’m just glad I never had to share the same surname with my pos stepfather nor share his genes, ew.

No. 1551421

I feel embarrassed admitting this but I drove three hours to my mom's apartment this weekend and even slept in her bed yesterday because I was having a depressive episode for five days straight, crying myself to sleep every night and was worried I'd kill myself if I didn't. It feels weird going back to work tomorrow and acting like it's never happened.

No. 1551436

I want to be rich and famous for two reasons
>totally separate myself from other people and being left alone in peace and just producte content from my mansion, not having to interact with others, I don't need friends family and shit like that
>being openly anti immigrartion and other controversial things without losing my job
But I need to get really really rich and build a fanbase before showing my true colors in order to not have my life immedietely ruined due to being cancelled. I want to openly shit on things I hate and piss off normies and shit on my old coworkers and my old boss and call out all my bullies at school. I want to call out all those worthless cunts and fags but first I need to be financially secure enough to do it. I hope I will achieve my dream. I don't care for admiration, only money and vengeance

No. 1551439

same. i've even gone over a month of not showering. doesn't personally bother me too much as no one will see me and there's practically no health problems that have come out of this so far

No. 1551441

same. hard water is damaging to the skin and hair so my body looks better the less i bathe anyway. i rarely leave the house so it doesn't matter in the end anyway

No. 1551445

kek this is so true. people tell me my skin is so soft and smooth and ask me what body/face cosmetics I'm using and I literally don't use anything, I just take shower once in a week or two kek. whenever I was forcing myself to take a shower every day I noticed my skin getting dry and/or flaky

No. 1551456

File: 1681687078849.jpg (244.6 KB, 1000x1499, MV5BZjYwMWJhOWMtZTc5ZC00MGY0LT…)

Once I pretended to like Peep Show to impress some dumbass moid but it's literally the most unfunny thing I've seen and there's not even eye candy because they're all British

No. 1551461

No. 1551463

I like it :)(:))

No. 1551464

Well someone has to, and it's not gonna be me so okay

No. 1551505

thats not embarrassing thats actually really cute (not the depression and suicidial ideations) but the fact that you can go home to your mom and sleep in her bed when times get rough. you shouldn't feel shame you should be happy that your mom is around to support you during your times of need still. And the fact that you didnt follow through with it is great! I hope you make it through this and have a great day at work tomorrow. <3

No. 1551519

Yes I'm glad anon felt reliant enough upon her mom and trusted her enough to be able to sleep at her home. To have a house that feels like a home even if it's 3 hours away.

Hope you feel better as well mom anon

No. 1551616

I think of my car as my giant mecha dog. Too bad real robot dogs dont exist. I still love my car though.

No. 1551619

i slept in the same bed with my mom until i was in high school (we just didn't have enough rooms). nothing shameful about it. moms are there for comfort, and it's really sweet that you can rely on her like that. i hope you can feel comfortable opening up to her too

No. 1551621

This is adorable

No. 1551674

That’s cause you’re supposed to use a moisturizer after you bathe. Not just your face but your whole body. Why are so many white people like this, please tell me you at least use a wash cloth.

No. 1551676

If you're a shut in whatever but if you leave the house daily and you live like this you have your own microbiome of dirt and need to be stopped

No. 1551681

wash cloths are useless, exfoliating loofah >>>

No. 1551685

If you dry out after washing yourself to a point where you need to externally remedy it every single time you're either bathing too often, the soap's too harsh, the water's too hot or it's loaded with chemicals, or your diet sucks ass.

No. 1551692

… or the water is hard so it dries you out no matter what.

No. 1551696

You’re supposed to moisturize daily but whatever enjoy being greasy and still aging cause sweat doesn’t contain ceramides or hyaluronic acids kek

No. 1551706

Hard water is caused by minerals and that can be remedied with filtering just like with chemicals.
Great, I get that stuff from the foods I eat.

No. 1551711

Crusty, dusty, creaky, squeaky dry ass bitch.

No. 1551714

Yeah sucks to be the only animal on Earth to need moisturizer. What was God thinking?

No. 1551715

Nta and I know you think you're giving like hilarious clapbacks but you smell like tuna and need to relax

No. 1551721

Okay misogynist!

No. 1551723

Oh my god not Trump sama

No. 1551724

Okay retard!

No. 1551729

wait you dont put on lotion or at least a body butter or oil on after you shower? That is vile no wonder your stinky ass actively avoids showers your body is screaming for moisture. Now its starting to make sense why i see so many women with leathery ass skin.
girl i do not know! i'll never forget my white bestie confided in me that she doesnt like to shower everyday because afterwards her skin gets "dry and itchy" I was like "what type of lotion are you using maybe its not effective enough or your allergic" she looked at me with a blank stare and was like "i don't put on any lotion" I was so confused because she literally has body lotion in her bathroom like was that shit for decoration this whole time!? Literally the next time i saw her she was like "omg i can't believe i went this long without lotion you are right my dry and itchy skin stopped as soon as I put on lotion." I don't know why a lot of them don't believe in moisturizing your skin but its so bizarre. She also didn't use wash cloths either and would wash with her hands. That also blew my mind because i would sleep over her house and they literally have a linen closet filled with wash cloths. Was all of this shit for decoration!!!?????? Hopefully they start to see the light soon because not only does it make your skin super soft and smooth and even but its probably why a lot of them age prematurely because they aren't moisturizing their skin!

No. 1551730

File: 1681703972563.jpg (56.41 KB, 626x418, janitor-s-hand-spraying-deterg…)

No. 1551731

I'm not OP, and my skin is fine.

No. 1551742

Imagine thinking your unwashed grease trap skin is totally fine. We can smell your medieval asses from here. Human beings have been moisturizing with oils since ancient egypt ffs.

No. 1551745

Ikr this is how plagues were started

No. 1551747

Not to mention all the mites and microdebris you carry around and pick up from being in public. That's also an easy way to get scabies.

No. 1551750

I'm not the anon who doesn't shower, I shower and my skin looks fine. Weird assumptions.

No. 1551759

Ayrt, and full disclosure, I’m white myself kek. I’ve just always used wash cloths and always used some sort of lotion after bathing, so has my mom (meanwhile my dads nasty ass literally never used lotion and thinks it’s acceptable to use the bar of soap directly on his hairy body, skipping his hands and a cloth entirely). I also learned when chatting with my white friends about skincare that so many of them don’t use wash cloths or lotion either, even some of the girlies who otherwise were into face skincare routines! Seems like the only white girls I know who can properly wash and lotion their skin without me informing them are ones who have a lot of black friends or had a sibling who married into a black family, kek. I think my mom was in the habit of doing so because her mother was German/Mediterranean imported from EU and she always used wash cloths and Nivea cream her entire life.

No. 1551780

Thank you nonnies! I really appreciate it

No. 1551811

Accidentally made several men, near and far, vie for me because I underestimated my power level and just wanted a little attention. So many men will obsess over you if you give them the slightest hint of interest. I'm glad I'm "attractive" because I'm a loser in life function due to turbo autism and PTSD. I'm a really good, devoted companion and have a super interesting personality though! I really should start spreadsheets of stats for shopping for a cute simp husband. I can love anyone (scumbag exes as proof), but I've only found one man on earth anything close to mentally and emotionally stimulating / compatible as I'd need to fall in love, and he lives in another country. He's one of the several dudes, but I will probably end things soon due to the emotional strain of distance for me. Most men are not interesting or attractive to me, let alone both. I feel sad about it, but it can't be helped. I can be realistic and grateful, I'm sure it will go away.

No. 1551815

I’ve ghosted so many dudes who Id sort of kind of started dating and talking about a future with who wanted to fly me to their country or go on a vacation with me or something. Like as soon as it becomes real I’m out. I feel bad cause some seemed nice.

No. 1551826

Is this online
where do you find these moids

No. 1551839

Yes online. Anywhere you can find moids who want a gf. I would vet them to make sure they weren’t broke asses before engaging at all.

No. 1551879

What websites???

No. 1551882

Christ don’t fall for it nonny

No. 1551905

I made the wrong choice almost 4 years ago choosing between my ex and my current partner and I regret it every single day. My life got fucked over because of choices snowballing from that one.

No. 1551909

I think it's so funny that the robot husbando thread on /g/ has a Kpop boy as the op image, it makes me chuckle every time I see that thread

No. 1551911

I live alone but my mom sometimes comes over and we spend the whole night watching TV shows, but the only TV is in my room near bed, so sometimes we just fall asleep together. I don't think that it's weird. Actually I don't think it's all to weird to sleep together in a bed, cause I had sleep overs with my friends in high schools, and we usually ended up sleeping on one bed.

No. 1551912

What happened? Who did you choose? My ex was in the same situation when we were together and I really wish she chose her ex instead of me. Because it feels like I ruined her life and would have been better off with the other person.

No. 1551916

File: 1681716825326.jpg (71.36 KB, 736x736, 1649519a4018548a95a4e97771e45b…)

When I see someone making a comment about how pathetic their life is. I look at their profile to see if I can compare their pathetic life to mine. If they are a teen, meh, every teenager is a little depressed. If they are an adult struggling with the most basic shit as me, I can feel less alone.

No. 1551933

File: 1681719081605.jpeg (119.75 KB, 750x927, 8DBC6052-D525-47DB-AC83-48A932…)

I want to confess something really awkward that my brain brought to my awareness last night again.
I used to have a best friend during high school and we used to have s lit of sleep overs mostly at her place. At some point she started sleeping in briefs and a top like picrel. I always used to wear a big shirt and big pants since I was not as skinny as she was (still normal though). Because I had no sense of personality and I thought she was cool I packed also just briefs and a top for sleeping and she went “omg did you forget your pants?” I didn’t date to say that I just did what she always does (if that wasn’t obvious) so I played along and asked her to lend me pants of hers. She grabbed a pair of really uncomfortable cargoish pants that I almost couldn’t close. I felt so dumb, ugly and fat that night and my dumbass still doesn’t understand the logic behind all this.

No. 1551934

We were on a break with my ex after a turbulent relationship, I met my new partner and I left my ex. She was obviously devastated for it and we are not on speaking terms anymore.

No. 1551936

I'm not white (mixed race) but I didn't use lotion for years because I just don't get dry despite showering every day. I started recently using it on the spots I apply perfume so the scent lasts longer, but should I be using it all over my body even though I don't have dry skin? (I use face moisturizer I just don't moisturize my body).

No. 1551948

You can still exfoliate your body with your hands.
Source: live in a city with thermal spas and have done this my whole life. Just don't use bath oils.

No. 1551968

It's because for some stupid reason girls with flat chests and butts are able to "get away with" wearing revealing clothing because it supposedly doesn't look sexual on them, whereas when you have curves everything you wear automatically becomes lewded
I personally never understood this but I got dress coded for "low cut tops" when girls with small boobs wore skimpy tanks and got away with it lol, I think it's stupid that girls with smaller assets are deemed as less provocative when showing the same amount of skin, there are men who prefer small boobs and will find the girl in your picrel more provocative than a more curvy one, so it's just an idiotic double standard those of us who grew up thick have had to deal with, being sexualized from a young age and our buttcheeks popping out of shorts etc.

No. 1551970

Samefag but you should have told her no it's comfy, what do you mean? You wear it too, and just played dumb to make her have to say out loud what her real problem was, that she thought you looked too exposed and "inappropriate". I hope you wear whatever you want now, tiny bralettes and brandy Melville etc.

No. 1551982

She was the alpha friend you were the submissive friend.

No. 1551987

File: 1681730928814.png (9.14 KB, 381x205, 604.png)

I found the "novel" I wrote when I was 13. It's not even a full 10k words long. I thought it was so cool and romantic and dark and edgy when I first wrote it but now I'm just rereading it trying to remember what exactly I was going through or inspired by that would compel me to write something like this.

No. 1551989

Don't be too hard on yourself Nona, i believe most people are cringe in their teens. I haven't written stories or anything but i definitely cringe when i read old chats and all the dumb shit i wrote

No. 1551990

What the other anon said, I also wrote a cringy as fuck BL novel around that age. I wish I hadn't lost the folder where I kept the manuscript so I could laugh and go "aww" at my own cringe

No. 1551994

File: 1681731698902.png (Spoiler Image,11.5 KB, 940x218, snip.png)

Thank you both nonnies, glad to know I'm not the only one. Please accept this excerpt from my totally cool and super serial fantasy novel, in which the protag is about to be executed after being framed for killing her husband, the prince.

No. 1552002

>tbh guys, this is all so exaggerated and dumb?? I didn’t kill that scrote so can I leave????

No. 1552003

>you've sentenced me to death for no reason at all
Lol nonna

No. 1552033

It's alright nona, when I was 16 I made my friend wirte a 40+ page long edgy BL story, fast forward a few years she posts about it on an imageboard regretting, anons tell her to post it, she fucking OBLIGES and then screencaps all the replies and sends them to me when I had forgotten about the whole thing.

No. 1552034

>alice spoke a speech

No. 1552041

i'm 23 and still don't know how to tell if a bra fits me or not

No. 1552045

me neither, that's why i don't wear em

No. 1552046

Nonnies made me go out and buy some moisturiser.

No. 1552065

That "honestly" really elevates the whole thing lmao

No. 1552069

Do you stinky people at least wash your armpits, ass and pussy? Also why do you hydrohobic people just own the fact that you are nasty? It's better than trying to convince us that you are cleaner than someone who showers daily. It's also a sign that you are probably a fatty who doesn't work out.

No. 1552081

hey there's mites crawling around in your eyelashes rn

No. 1552088

I don't mind the furries in my country. There are 3-4 twitterfag troons there but the rest is alright. Terf furries too, would you belive that? And I peaked 2 of the females in the furry chat i'm in, i love to destroy the monster from within. What i do hate is all the western furries on twitter, it's a whole different breed

No. 1552097

I would love to live in a country where weird subculture and nerd culture was huge but it wasn't affected by trans politics

No. 1552248

I'm none of those anons but I generally wash my armpits like twice a week after I go running and for a third time in my weekly shower when I also wash my hair. I brush my teeth twice a day and wash my face, but that's it. I never use any products other than soap, toothpaste and deodorant and my skin is fine and I don't stink. Saves me a lot of money, that's for sure.

No. 1552329

I'm not religious but sometimes I think it would be cool to be a nun

No. 1552344

Can you guys at least wash your feet daily pls

No. 1552348

Only if you justify the request

No. 1552350

>check out Shayna thread
>she talks about how there’s a profile of some moid offering 400$ monthly on seeking arrangement
>that’s a ridiculous amount of money to me but I know it’s barely any money for the people who are in there (as in, someone is surely offering a lot of money, more than just 400&$)
>that’s bullshit, come on
>look up seeking arrangement website
>try joining with alt e-mail and VPN
>has to use own pictures
>has to use own pictures
>close tab forever
I don’t know how anyone can create profiles on stuff like that, I’ve always known it’s “legal” prostitution or whatever but seriously, the website really makes it seem like nothing bad could possibly happen… I must be too uptight or something, I just want money, I want to get a job but no one is going to hire me until next school year because I don’t know, I guess students are like chicken and they imprint on a teacher or whatever. I know it’s because the study plans that a teacher makes aren’t the same as the plans that another teacher would make but whatever I want to whine
I also tried checking out onlyfans, I know I wouldn’t do this but I always end up thinking
>lol What if I got a sugar daddy/mommy and I could just give them my shit personality in exchange of money lmao rofl lol
Maybe if I keep applying to actual jobs I will get hired at some point, how long could this take? A few months?

No. 1552352

i hope you know how lucky you are and are thinking the universe for it every day. As i got in the mid 20s i have to shower every day or ill get a yeast infection or some other bullshit on my skin that i dont deserve. Hygiene is such a waste of time and if i didnt have to do i wouldnt, but nature fucked me over.

No. 1552358

It's not a request, it's a desperate plea

No. 1552360

I don't want relationships but I want men to be in love with me and suffer because of me only in a way that wouldn't bother and annoy me.

No. 1552362

File: 1681756817091.gif (3.39 MB, 498x278, princess-anime.gif)

half humblebrag but nonita my nigel offered to pay my whole salary and just let me neet because our work schedules are conflicting and we cant hang out to our autistic content, i had to decline because i know being financially dependent on a moid (as much as i love him) is a horrible idea, when you actually have a decent amount of braincells and there's no children involved you usually see how it's not a good situation to be in despite the comfiness.

No. 1552365

$400 a month is really really really fucking low omg. Here I was thinking I was being low balled at $2000 including a vacation every month. I just felt too weird spending time with that dude, I can’t do the age difference thing in public man. People thought he was my dad and that offended me cause my dad sucks but at least he’s not literally spherical.

No. 1552370

File: 1681757574232.gif (12.96 KB, 220x146, olilongclaw-stinky-feet.gif)


No. 1552382

i got $13k a month. if you're willing to be lowballed then you're either not dating a rich guy or they'll smell your desperation and take advantage of you.

i would never recommend doing it if you're desperate. i'm convinced that's the only reason i didn't get harmed. every other woman i've heard of has a horror story

No. 1552401

Omg ex-stripper unemployed teacher - chan is back and now she's looking into getting a sugar daddy.

No. 1552402

Thankfully mine wasn’t a horror story other than me just not liking the guy in almost any capacity and not being able to keep up the facade for what I considered to be a rather small, non life changing sum. I’d have sucked it up for 10k+ though, kek. At least for a few months. I felt really embarrassed to be seen with him cause I usually only date decent looking guys my age.

No. 1552409

Where the hell did all the sugar babies spawn from lol

No. 1552413

probably the same place the unintegrated pickme moid defenders have been coming from

No. 1552429

why would a woman who uses rich scrotes for money and disregards all the others as useless poorfag moids be a pickme moid defender

No. 1552432

That's still depending on a man.

No. 1552435

You're still performing for them too.

No. 1552436

I think anons think that any anon they disagree with must be the same as all the other anons they disagree with lol

No. 1552439

so do a bunch of NEETS and SAHMs here. depending on a man doesn't mean being a pickme. also most sugarbabies are not SAHMs or NEETs, they're usually students who want the extra income.

sugarbabies are mostly into the pinkpill

No. 1552441

i think they assume sugarbabies require the same level of pickme-ism as OF girls. Except they really don't, because OF girls have to appeal to the lowest common denominator

No. 1552466

aren't sugarbabies dating the lowest common denominator tho? it's usually ugly old men

No. 1552472

You did good, nona

No. 1552480

rich men are not bottom tier men, even if they are old or ugly. at the very least, they're successful and providing for you. sugar babies are usually students doing it temporarily, and are way less dependent on men than NEETs are with their hentai-addicted autist bfs. i swear, half the time i see some retard caping for their stupid bottom-tier nigel on here, it's a NEET who has no other options.

No. 1552484

cope. sugaring is cringe and nasty, catering to moids who can't get a normal girl and contributing to the idea that scrotes can pay for access to women. the spin of surgarbabying being a #girlboss move is as hilarious as it is sad

No. 1552486

No. 1552500

oh i agree, but that doesn't make you a "pickme" who capes for moids. sugarbabies are pinkpilled and usually hate scrotes who don't give them what they want.

No. 1552510

today my little sister told me i'm her favorite sister. choosing favorites feels wrong but she's my favorite too. we have two other sisters (and three brothers but this isn't about them)

No. 1552521

No harm to sugsrbabies except their egos, but being arm candy for old men is never a flex. There's a reason good sex is coveted. Good luck feeling fulfilled with a sad old dick omg

No. 1552523

Personally I would die being seen in public on a date with an old man. I don't get how my Filipina coworker goes anywhere with her racist old husband. Good lord

No. 1552527

no "good dick" is worth more than 10k a month in financial stability, im sorry. maybe we just have different priorities

No. 1552529

also samefag but what makes you think sugarbabies aren't also dating young men and having good sex at the same time? i certainly did.

No. 1552571

Congrats on perpetuating a system in which women are objects to be bought because you value money enough to throw aside all morals. You’re so cool.

No. 1552586

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

No. 1552597

Fitting the stereotype that sugar babies are lazy and dumb as fuck kek

No. 1552607

I'm in grad school, nice try. Have fun being poor I guess

No. 1552621

ayrt. look at you, banging poorfag moids and asking for absolutely nothing from them in return! i'm sure all you need is good dick in your relationships! you're so special, any man should love to date you!

this is prime pickme behavior. all relationships are transactional. if you genuinely think a relationship with you is worth nothing but good moid dick (which is a dime a dozen), you're either ugly or need to raise your self esteem. what good is a scrote who can't help provide for you? you're scraping the bottom of the barrel

No. 1552671

>all relationships are transactional
nta but this sounds kind of depressing tbh..have you been reading FDS?

No. 1552673

You could just not date men at all and make
Your own money if you’re really about that life but you still want love and attention from scrotes and you try to dress it up as being a boss babe getting the bag

No. 1552674

Nta but isn't it true? Whether it's money, attention, or love, all relationships are give and take.

No. 1552676

No. 1552679

….or you could do both? i don't get why it's one or the other for you. i have a job and a nigel

No. 1552684

Nta and I don't disagree but I hate when people say this because it reminds me of how men say "you pay for pussy either way" to justify getting prostitutes or paying women in impoverished countries to be their GF.

No. 1552690

Money should be a concern but it shouldn’t be the main concern. Looks, personality and intelligence should come first. Women like you are the reason why men think all women are whores. And it’s probably easy for you to just love blissfully ignorant as a whore but I have straight family members and it’s a pain in the ass to hear how they view women and they are right probably.

No. 1552691

nta, but what is FDS? anyway the concept that all relationships are transactional isn't really that wrong. most of them are, most in history were mostly for reasons other than love and most people in long-term ones aren't really in love either.
is it super dark? yeah. go look at…certain countries and marriage being about love is kind of secondary and stuff like that. also think about shit like most mens' ageism/devaluation of aged women and fixation on sex, etc. also, I think a lot of romantic women end up with transactional men and the ones that don't leave often end up trying to meet half way (i.e., rewarding him with sex by…doing the bare minimum share of chores).
it's a well known myth of misogyny that it's primarily caused by womens' behavior, at least not most of it. Pickme-tier response.

No. 1552692

All of this is bleak. I don't get why working a 9-5 is idolized as so much more superior. It's just as soul sucking as relying on a moid for money, only you have to waste even more of your life doing things you don't enjoy.

I just want to follow the NEET to SAHM pipeline. If I have to work, I'd rather it be for my kids.

No. 1552693

It’s not caused but you aren’t helping. Most men have this mentality that they can treat women like shit when they are broke and then all they need to do is get money to have a decent woman. They pretty much get no consequences because of whores like yourself looking for a meal ticket.

No. 1552696

most divorces happen due to finances. of course it's not the only concern (i'd never date a scrote who talked shit on women), but yes it should be the main concern. you've been watching too much romance anime.

No. 1552697

Lmao are you saying that it's a bad thing that she has been reading Female Dating Strategy

No. 1552698

It shouldn’t be the main concern. Men need to know no matter how much money they have they are disposable. Id rather live on the streets than suck dick for a place to live.

No. 1552700

pickme responses. "men treat women badly because of whores who make us look bad!"

no, they do it because they're naturally violent pieces of garbage who even rape each other when women aren't around

No. 1552701

wait you have a nigel and a sugar daddy or is the nigel the sugar daddy. or was that a different anon

No. 1552702

>naturally violent and garbage

And you’d still open your mouth wide open for their cum If they are a little cute and paid your rent. You have no pride kek

No. 1552706

i had a sugar daddy. met a nigel concurrently. got a job once school ended. left the sugar daddy to proceed with domestic life

I've never done that. you said do it for free though so i'm not sure what superiority you're trying to feel here

No. 1552708

One time I had to shit in a grocery bag and one time my phone fell out of my back pocket and into a public toilet and it traumatized me super bad cause I had to grab it out with my bare hands. I literally don't bring my phone in my own bathroom anymore and if I have to bring it to a public bathroom I make sure it's ZIPPED TIGHT in my purse.

No. 1552712

kek i'm starting to become one of those retards that hates straight people. i stg you put a halfway attractive man/woman in a room together for an hour and if they're both straight they'll exit it half in "love" already
of course this extends to the quirky bisexuals/"gay" trannies as well.

No. 1552713

"Women need to stop acting like whores so men change!" is such a pickme thing to say.

No. 1552715

Men have the mentality that they can get any woman they want with shiney trinkets and cash. Women who chase money can eat shit and I don’t care if that’s not girls supporting girls. Fuck you.

No. 1552719

Shut the fuck up and stop trying to police women for finding one joy in this shitty life. How miserable of a cunt do you have to be to be angry that gold diggers exist.

No. 1552720

Don't be a retard, that isn't even true. Stop believing everything moids tell you. Even rich scrotes need to behave themselves, especially if they're trying to date hot women who can get anyone they want.

Elliot Rodger notoriously couldn't get anyone to date him despite being rich. Stop being such a pickme faggot and use your brain please

No. 1552722

File: 1681779106716.jpg (81.25 KB, 389x600, 544021678908.jpg)

Can't we just all agree that dating/fucking old men is nasty and go to bed

No. 1552723

Except most straight women hate the random faggofs they go on dates with kek

No. 1552724

I promise no one is stopping you from logging off

No. 1552731

You pussy sales women who get mad because people don’t agree with your whore life style and claim we are sexist but you’d judge women and think they are stupid for caring about love and attraction but not money. Fuck off with that feminism shit right now you aren’t in the position to be on a high horse.

No. 1552732

Oh great it's that one creepy lezcel again

No. 1552734

>I don't get why working a 9-5 is idolized as so much more superior. It's just as soul sucking as relying on a moid for money, only you have to waste even more of your life doing things you don't enjoy.
You can't actually be stupid enough to not get why, right? Like you've gotta be baiting. What is with the influx of tradfags in the last week or so shitting up all the boards with their nonsense?

No. 1552736

i know, that makes it even worse. why have sex with people you hate

No. 1552738

Nope I’m straight. But you all probably don’t have male relatives so you can see how they view money when it comes to women. They have this mentality that they will only respect women that they feel “are worth paying for”. It’s gross. Fucking for money and dating for money is not cute and it never will be.

No. 1552739

Same fag By relatives I mean close straight brothers and his friends

No. 1552741

You think that if whores stopped existing, the misogynistic scrotes in your family would suddenly be nice to women? What tier of cope is this

No. 1552742

the fact that this anon is getting told to "log off"
and >>1552732 people are unironically using the term "lezcel" for statements that even a couple weeks ago would be nearly universally agreed upon is a surefire sign that the usual LC userbase is being invaded. not to mention using "log off" on an anon imageboard kek. Inb4 these weird conserva-trad newfags try to gaslight us about it, anyone who's been around for a while can see something nefarious has changed very, very recently. I just wanna know what the source is letting these people in.

No. 1552745

It’s 2023. You can’t use the excuse that women back in the day could for being a whore because they had no other choice. You have a choice not to be a whore you’re just lazy as fuck.

No. 1552746

Maybe I'm just autistic but the idea of working with a bunch of strangers every day and having a boss reprimand you sounds like a miserable way to live life. I'd definitely rather be a NEET

No. 1552747

>anyone who's been around for a while can see something nefarious has changed very, very recently.
What the fuck you make this sound like a grand scheme or a conspiracy theory you have pinged my interest now I wanna know what changed

No. 1552750

Yknow independent contractors exist

No. 1552754

stop being a schizo. people tell cows to log off all the time, it's not literal.

and? new era, same scrotes. also, using
>it's current year
is such a twitter tier response. maybe schizoanon will analyze this one

No. 1552756

>having contact with many people outside the house and having a source of income not tied to you putting out for a moid seems so awful ewwww
what in the psyop nonsense is this

No. 1552757

>wahhh I’m a grown woman too scared of people to work like a huge fuckin infant

What’s your plan if your meal ticket dies suddenly or decides to upgrade?latch on to the next ugly scrote for a roof over your head?

No. 1552761

New era and same scrotes but in this era you have the choice to do something else but you don’t because you’re lazy. Unless you live in the Middle East stop trying to pretend like women can’t get jobs and education.

No. 1552763

This is literally a board with a bunch of NEETs and autists and you're shocked that some of us don't want to leave the house or work for strangers for hours every day doing things they don't enjoy? I don't even have a bf, fuck off

No. 1552765

yeah, and i'm sure that sort of personality type is not one that a moid would love to take advantage of, so instead of being encouraged to develop those skills it's a much better idea to hand over control to a scrote who will take care of everrryything teehee!

No. 1552769

>any woman who is poor is lazy
what in the republican is this garbage

No. 1552771

>How dare you say we piss on the poor

No. 1552774

Like everyone else already does?

I don't have any skills. What difference does it make if I work minimum wage now or later?

No. 1552777

I’m poor as fuck and I still don’t look at men as an option to make money. I literally work in fast food but I live within my means, always have a few thousand saved and live places that are cheap. It’s not easy but I’d rather do that then ever let a man think he can control me with a dollar.

No. 1552778

I'm not sure it's some grand conspiracy but in the last few weeks I've noticed a lot of sentiments that are normal here (your nigel is shit, being a sugar baby is cringe and nasty, being a tradwife is mostly a scam and makes you vulnerable, basic feminist sentiments and literally anons just being lesbians, etc) have garnered enormous, insane seethe-sperging all over the boards in a way I have never witnessed here in the last 3 years. It's just really, really weird. And when any anon is like "uh wtf is this" the same anons go hard at gaslighting the fuck out of them. I feel like it must be connected to 2X getting unhidden, somehow. Because a lot of these types have also been in there shitting up threads and capping things to bring elsewhere on the site to sperg about.

No. 1552780

i hope i dream about the world experiencing nuclear fallout and having desperate feral sex with someone while we're both wearing gas masks

No. 1552783

congrats on working at mcdonald's and having retarded scrote family members who've turned you into a pickme who blames women for their behavior. your life sounds envious. it's a wonder more women don't live like you

No. 1552785

Samefag, also an influx of anons making CC-tier shit threads about very CC-like topics. Is CC up still or is it having issues that might have caused some sort of migration?

No. 1552788

I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. You need to understand that a lot of anons are Gen z and a lot of them look up to these influencers and music artists who glamorize fucking for money and make it seem like you’re a bad bitch for it.

No. 1552789

anon is infinitely more based for working hard to have a stable income than you will ever be for putting out for temporary scrote coin, cope and seethe

No. 1552791

I literally own a house while your option is fucking for money. I made something happen out of nothing and none of those options were ever sucking dick for a place to live.

No. 1552794

Oh i agree, but what explains the very recent increase in these sort of retards? It feels very abrupt

No. 1552797

none of those anons but tons of people don't enjoy their jobs and hate working with strangers, but they do it anyway because they don't have another choice. if everyone stopped working no one, including neets, would be able to lay back and enjoy their luxuries. somebody has to do it eventually. even the stay-at-home moms get regular jobs soon because most families can't survive on money from just one parent. being a neet is a big luxury really.

No. 1552798

i'm a programmer who went to college and owns a house (outside of the ghetto kek). i sugar babied as a side hustle only, cause i could. i told you this but you keep pretending otherwise to cope.

you work fast food and only have a few thousand saved up, by your own admission. you think my behavior will turn around the misogynistic behavior of your stupid scrote brother. you're not fooling anyone anon.

No. 1552802

except i have a higher paying job, cope and seethe.

No. 1552803

wow you're so cool anon, your other 50 posts weren't enough, we're all dying to hear more of your #coolgirl #girlboss exploits about fucking nasty men for money

No. 1552804

You guys are arguing about money and I bet all of you are poor.

No. 1552805

i hide every short that shows up on my youtube feed because youtube is not for shorts. fuck outta here. i don't care if its from creators i know and enjoy, go put them on your myriad other social media fuckos. stop cluttering up my longer than a minute video experience

No. 1552806

And like I said I’d rather be broke and poor than to ever have a sugar daddy. I’ve had numerous opportunities to have a sugar daddy but I didn’t because it’s too repulsive. My pride won’t let me open my mouth for a check but props to you for not loving yourself enough to do the same.

No. 1552807

anon could be working at a popsicle stand dressed in a mascot costume making 60 cents an hour and she would still be cooler than you

No. 1552810

>I’ve had numerous opportunities to have a sugar daddy
KEK sure you did anon. because actual rich scrotes are just out there propositioning fast food workers.

i'll be sure to cry about how "uncool" i am next time i use my unlimited PTO on a vacation kek

No. 1552813

it's kind of hilarious that you can't see how lame, haughty and unpleasant you look from your posts alone. It's like you're larping as a villain character in a movie for little girls kek

No. 1552817

>upper middle class
i know you work fast food but we're talking about rich people.

but that sounds extremely cool, i thought i was supposed to be uncool

No. 1552818

It’s not hard to get a upper middle class ugly scrote to pay your way of your significantly younger(15-19 is the time I had men chasing to pay for my shit).Maybe you’re a rare case that managed to get a young, rich and successful man to be your sugar daddy but that’s not the case for most sugar babies. Men don’t care about your job if you’re like 14, they just care about looks and looking like a kid.

No. 1552820

this pickme is not seriously itt judging the value of women based on how rich a moid they can land, right? It's been a long time since i've seen brainworms this bad on here

No. 1552821

What were you doing before sucking dick for a meal ticket? I mean you must not have come from a rich family or had a full ride scholarship because women like that don’t need scrotes for money

No. 1552824

just stop engaging her she's clearly unhinged

No. 1552828

why are you suddenly talking about children in your deleted responses? i'm sorry some "totally rich" scrote tried to pay you money for sex as a child or that you were young enough to believe him

no one is, i'm just doubting that happened at all because no actual rich man is going around propositioning fast food workers. it's a painfully obvious scrote lie

from an upper-middle class family. i had no college debt but i certainly wasn't getting 10k+ a month

No. 1552829

>from an upper-middle class family
ah, explains the bad personality

No. 1552830

i'll cry about it in my piles of money

No. 1552835

>doesn't even deny it

No. 1552836

>10k a month.

See now your baiting is too obvious and it’s no longer fun to argue

No. 1552839

what anon, you've never had a man pay you 1.5 million dollars a month to hold your hand? sounds like you're just an ugly seething poorcel

No. 1552840

kek what good would it do, you'll still blame me for your woman-hating brother either way
not bait, it's already been said way upthread. genuinely amusing that this is so unbelievable to you though kek

No. 1552843

No one’s giving a woman 10k a month unless the man is so hideous that even escorts won’t take him or it’s money he’s giving to his wife. At least make it a believable number like 2k

No. 1552844

i don't have a brother kek, what are you on?

No. 1552848

he did. again, genuinely amusing that you can't fathom this kek. i was already upper middle class, i don't need to waste my time for a measly 2k a month

sorry, confused you for the pickme upthread who blames whores for her brother

No. 1552849

No. 1552850

No. 1552854

Girl btw you’re full of shit

No. 1552856

i thought it was just a meme that rich people act like this, but they're really this cartoonishly annoying? She's like a caricature kek

No. 1552860

whatever helps you cope

act like our time is worth more? well you don't get rich by working fast food and fucking poor men

No. 1552865

ok kek

No. 1552872

File: 1681785423921.png (8.91 KB, 200x219, 1645673229424.png)

i started talking with my ex bf again bcus i have no support for being mildly insane and its crazy how much i really missed him. i dont think we could do another relationship because of how sex-averse i've become. idk what im doing. i broke up with him for good reasons. and it would be silly to think anythings changed. but he's someone i feel intrinsically attached to.

No. 1552873

I'm in the same position rn. Really hard not to reach out to him. We mutually broke up due to life circumstances so it's hard not to still see him as a friend

No. 1552874

kek what is this

No. 1552878

i had to reach scary rock bottom in the hospital before i reached out to mine, because he was the only person i thought could understand what i was going thru. but i was right and i am (VERY surprisingly) happy i did. most of the time its a bad idea but i guess we'll have to wait and see. you just never really know nona

No. 1552880

That same anon was literally saying that the guys she was sugaring for weren’t “low tier men” even if they were old and ugly, KEK. Like homegirl it’s cool that you got 13k a month but you still had to fuck a nasty old man for it. Something’s telling me she literally had to Fuck a grandpa age scrote to get that too, like not even some middle aged early 40s scrote.

Sugaring is not glamorous and you’re no better than a fast food worker homegirl. The only reason I even tried doing it is cause I’m too disabled to work a regular job, but I never once thought I was better than anyone working a service job. Insanity and a gross superiority complex

No. 1552882

stop replying to her anon she's gonna shit up the whole thread with her sperging again

No. 1552893

I feel really embarrassed for doing stuff like this as a 30 year old woman. I've been sick with covid the past week and 1/2 and I spent it rewatching the first couple seasons of Degrassi tng. I miss how wholesome and realistic this show was before season 3 ruined everything and now I've been wasting my time writing a fictional and realistic teen show based on it. Should I stop? It feels weird to be this old and stuck in a teenager mind set but it brings me comfort..

No. 1552894

>working fast food
I'm sorry anon but no matter how much you whine about me being a meanie, I will always think I'm better than someone with your shit tier life

>not even some middle aged early 40s scrote.

But he was kek. Cope some more with these made up hopes.

No. 1552896

Nope you only live once have fun

No. 1552897

Where I live, escorts get paid like 1k a session. Sugarbabies really are selling themselves for super cheap, not only are you sleeping with a man for cheap but you alsoet him show you off. I don't understand why sugarbabies look down on escorts because of that, both are sex work that's embarrassing, only sugaring earns you way less and is a bit more dangerous since sugardaddies are more likely to get obsessed.

No. 1552902

I'm sure trad men are looking for an autistic stay at home mom that'll spend all of her time online, anon. You'll definitely bag a good man!

No. 1552906

that's cute and not weird. first off being sick sucks and any way to engage yourself is good. also, it's adults who write these kinds of shows kids love in the first place and they are inspired by media they like and enjoyed as kids too.

No. 1552907

No. 1552909

Your posts gave me motivation to do my college work and study, thanks. I was really drained by all the studying but now whenever I feel bad, I'll tell myself at least I don't have to fuck old men for money.

No. 1552910

but anon you missed the lore, she didn't NEED to fuck old men for money because she was already born rich, she just wanted to kek

No. 1552913

If you followed the conversation insteading of coping with this fantasy that I was unemployed or poor, you'd know I'm a programmer who did that very thing and now works full time. But go for it, still make that money.

No. 1552916

Upper middle class isn't that rich. At least, not with my standards.

No. 1552918

No. 1552920

In what world is escorting for a miion scrotes safer than gold digging one man

No. 1552921

Oh is she the anon in the dating app thread that said she was looking for ways to find rich men? That one also claimed she's rich which I think is a lie because I'm like upper middle class and I have a lot of money left to me from my relatives and I get money from renting a land I have, even though I'm not rich that's usually enough to get me by.
Programmers make like nothing in my country. I'm sorry you chose this path, anon but maybe it's better for you to change your career instead of sleeping with men? You can only go so long before you're no longer young enough for pedomoids.

No. 1552923


No. 1552926

When an infight goes on for this long, you all just look retarded. You don't need to get the last word, damn.

No. 1552928

What am I supposed to do with a spare house? Let it rot while people are actively looking to rent? Let the poor sex workers- I'm sorry sugar babies live in it for free and bring their decomposing men?
You really are a poorfag who fucks men for money for a "career" that won't even earn you much and that's sad. I hope you're saving up the money you earn at least.

No. 1552929

im not her kek. jfc anons itt are dumb as fuck

No. 1552932

you and sugarbaby programmer should make out over your shared hatred for "poorfags"

No. 1552933

There is literally nothing weird about what you described, nonita. The lady that wrote Degrassi was born in 1948, so she was your age when she wrote the first series. What if JK Rowling thought it was cringe to write about magical High Schoolers as a 32 year old woman? The world would be in shambles right now. Do your thing. Also I hope you feel better soon.

No. 1552937

Nayrt. I'm the sugar baby and I didn't type that kek.

I'm not in "your country" and I make a lot with great benefits.

No. 1552940

I like to wear Brandy Melville just to stretch it out with my fat brown tits. Makes me feel powerful.

No. 1552947

Nayrt. I'm the sugar baby and I didn't type that kek.

I'm not in "your country" and I make a lot with great benefits.

No. 1552950

sell it. are you dumb?

No. 1552956

And yet you still fucked a nasty old man for money, honey. Kek. Literally can’t imagine fucking an old man for money if I wasn’t disabled, I never worked fast food but that’s definitely less grody than being a grandpa fucker. But holy shit you’re not only able bodied but apparently come from wealth? Did mommy and daddy not love you enough or were you really that much of a consoomer that family money wasn’t enough and you had to suck on stinky little wrinkly dick and be seen in public flirting with/hanging off of grandpa?

No. 1552958

Who gives a fuck. Close the tab.

No. 1552960

a nerve has been hit

No. 1552961

You're retarded because this was my first reply after a quick scroll up this three hour long pathetic babbling.

No. 1552962

>everyone who replies to me must be the same person

No. 1552963

File: 1681792265855.jpeg (8.74 KB, 275x155, 1648229117034.jpeg)

>landlord versus hoe fight

No. 1552964

Would be fun to see happen irl, but then again the betting odds for hoes to win would be like 1000:1 so it wouldn’t be a very fair fight

No. 1552966

File: 1681792477749.jpeg (29.65 KB, 567x376, E4F43296-1E96-4957-9F41-83A740…)

picturing the hoes scoopin out landlord eyeballs with they acrylics

No. 1552967

No. 1552968

Whats the difference between selling and renting? No one is gonna buy a house in the current economy because it's too unstable.
Why do anons hate landlords so much? Do you think you wouldn't be living in your mommy's house/ a tiny bit flat if landlords didn't exist?

No. 1552970

gross a landlord. i hope your tenants shit in the sinks and flee the state

No. 1552989

I guess they have a bad experience? Either that or they think thry got ripped off by one buuuut i hate tennants more than landlords. I never had problems with a landlord when i was renting a place, they never bothered me. BUT when I rented my own flat for a couple of years and it's been hell. First tennant my former best friend: she never cleaned anything, i had to go there every 2 months to clean for 6 hours (50m flat!) because the floor was literally glue and her boyfriend was fuming because returned his massive collection of stinking beer bottles to get at leas some money for my work. Second tennants not that bad. Third wave of tennants: broke my shower and sink, brokes off pieces of cocnrete walls, got a washing machine without my knowlwdge and wasted extreme amount oh moneny on water, like 2 months of my pay, which i ended up paying for them because they had some drama between eachother and i couldn't get anyone to pay it. I gave these mfs COVID SALES on rent for a year and they had the cheapest rent in the city anyway becauae i knew they were students and didn't have much. I would never rent anything again, people just take and take and if they have to pay a for the damages they never do.

No. 1552995

based tenants

No. 1553052

I've never rented(well actually did but it was owned by a company so didn't interact with landlord) so I didn't understand why I got attacked so randomly since I don't know how landlords are.
You sound like you did more than you should have especially with cleaning and doing sales, they definitely didn't deserve your services. Hope you don't meet with people like that again.
In my country those stuff are uncommon because honestly most people won't rent houses to couples who aren't married yet or anyone who looks off or potentially poses danger at all so the types that took advantage of you would've ended up homeless in my country.
Hope you don't have bad experiences again, ignore the anons that are seething, they're probably angry they can't move out of their parents' houses using their disability checks, because although I'd understand venting about a bad experience with a landlord, the ones obsessively wishing ill on random landlords sound genuinely mentally disabled.

No. 1553108

>and if they have to pay a for the damages they never do
That's because it's the landlord's job

No. 1553110

Nta but I wonder what you'll do when your parents inevitably kick you out.

No. 1553116

They will probably have to rent because fucking landlords buy up all the real estate and charge outrageous prices

No. 1553120

i didn't dream about this. i am sad

No. 1553124

nta but this personally wouldn't ever happen because they love me unconditionally

No. 1553147

He's willing to fly out and see me, and probably bankroll whatever I want. It feels a bit weird to have a potential sugar daddy that's younger than me, ngl. It's nice to be wanted this much, and knowing that he wants to spoil me but I still feel guilty af.

No. 1553159

Sugar son? Sugar boy? Sugar man I guess idk but very good for you anon and don’t feel guilty at all it’s just a nice relationship.

No. 1553174

Someone's mad projecting.

No. 1553205

What do you think projection means?
If you're going somewhere you're unfamiliar with, please make sure you have enough to return on your own if things go bad. Also usually the men should be the ones visiting women imo, I never had a sugar situation but I had a guy I knew travel to see me.

No. 1553296

I don't remember if i posted this in the vent or confessions thread but I did put in the fake report of my coworker smoking weed just to get her moved or fired. It really isn't fake because she smokes at work, it's just me pretending to be a customer. What pushed me over the edge was finding out that she's fucking our married boss whose wife is gravely sick. I don't know what exactly is wrong with the wife, but she can't eat properly so she's severely nutrient deficient. I would report him but I'm honestly scared since he's known to retaliate. I'm trying to convince my husband to transfer with me and when we're safe somewhere else I can report him. The coworker I reported is fucking annoying and ruined our proposal, has been shifting all our work onto me so she can leave early, has been talking shit about my husband to other people when he accidentally messes something up at work. We will see what happens. Not super hopeful

No. 1553320

Didn't nona say the man is flying to meet her and not the other way around?

No. 1553357

Disgusting people. Good on you for making sure you've got your back covered first

No. 1553453

I live by myself lol. Don't be mad at me because you lack common sense. Landlords are obligated to pay for any repairs or maintenance work in an apartment they own. Did you think the tenant is gonna rent a place for a month and what, not live there and never touch anything? Things break and it's your responsibility to fix them, and vet for better tenants. If you can't do either, maybe sell the home to someone more mature? Just a thought.

No. 1553479

File: 1681847504897.png (287.97 KB, 700x700, Listen to FKA twigs’ new album…)

Every month I listen to this album in the dark and cry

No. 1553614

Absolutely unhinged comment kek. I approve.

No. 1553623

File: 1681860726685.jpg (42.36 KB, 718x960, 11-289.jpg)

god I need him to nut in me NOW and again and again and again and again and 500 more times. I want to bite and lick him so bad, I want to claw his fucking back I feel like a starving chihuahua in heat.

No. 1553652

but maybe tonight…

No. 1553757

I reacted very badly over my breakup and I know it's a reflection of my character. Basically, I acted like a cow. Never gonna throw away my dignity like that again. Never gonna act so desperate over a person again. Not gonna use manipulation tactics.

No. 1553773

I have been so desperate for friendship that I acted pretty creepy about it. Not on Audrey Hale's level at least but enough to make me feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed about it. I am avoidant as hell now.

No. 1553774

This is such a dumb, weird thing to say. I hope you're genuinely like freshly 18. Also wtf does you being brown have to do with it

No. 1553777

itt: nonnies get mad about nothing

No. 1553778

Not mad. I'm just sick of the way people talk like unhinged weirdos now.

No. 1553789

Just a few days ago I felt like hot shit and now I feel like pure shit I don’t even wanna go outside and be seen because I’m so fat and stinky. And I saw my reflection, I legit look deformed like a Barbie that had its head ripped off but like fat. My head is so small, I look funny. My boobs are huge and poke out way more than my butt. I’m just so gross and I want to hide from everyone

No. 1553792

Don't reply to racebait. That anon probably isn't brown, there's a racist anon that obsessively posts about brown women and that post also sounds like her baiting.

No. 1553816

I’ve been hanging around a Japanese online fanbase lately (out of necessity, it’s pretty niche and there are only like 2 English speaking fans) and I really love how chill and drama free it is. But the one thing I really miss from being in a western fan base is being able to poke fun at your favorites.

The thing that made me realize this is a magazine cover that came out featuring this one person, and the hair is so, so fucking bad. Like hilariously bad. Like a Jim henson creature or something. And the cover is just a close up of the face and this magazine already always weirdly airbrushes things so most people wind up looking weird, but then on top of that you have the hair. Oh my god the hair. I laughed to the point of tears. And what I can’t deal with is the fact that I know no one will say anything and just try to ignore it. Like a giant elephant in the room. How can you not????? It’s so fucking funny but it’s taboo to laugh. Help.

No. 1553875

File: 1681898750758.jpg (51.59 KB, 500x472, d0a29137f19c22626e2c68e4bba2a7…)

Someone dropped money in my apartment building and I picked it up. I have reason to believe it's my horrible loud neighbors that have been making my quiet peaceful alone time at home impossible to enjoy at all hours of the day and night for the past year and a half. This morning as per usual they started yelling at each other and the last thing I heard before leaving was a loud bang of the door and the yelling ceased, so it had to be them. The 10euro doesn't cover the emotional damage but I'll take it.

No. 1553962

No. 1554236

i make my children eat dog food . LOL no i dont. they still eat dog food. they want to. well ok. they cry when they eat dog food and they say they dont want to eat the dog food. But its really because they want to eat the dog food, and they are crying for another reason. Children are like that. Children are crazy. Children are simple. Its easy to take care of my children. Just give them some dog food. Love thst stuff. They love that stuff. Dog food. Cry about it too, but theyll eat it. Becuase they like it. And i dont have to make them eat it.

No. 1554241

I'd anonymously call the police on them for suspicion of domestic violence, might shut them up for a while.

No. 1554242

File: 1681929518876.jpg (37.3 KB, 469x609, hello-police.jpg)

This post makes me feel uneasy…

No. 1554257

You wanted to post this in the dumbass shit thread, right?

No. 1554262

File: 1681930982538.jpeg (9.74 KB, 312x309, 1647807146533.jpeg)

i think my bff of 13yrs hates me on some level. its obvious, i didnt want to admit it to myself. it makes sense, i probably made her feel bad or inferior or something somewhere along the way and now she has a permanent thing of lowkey wanting to see me fail so she can feel better about herself. i'm like a lolcow to her. it hurts nonas

No. 1554377

My uncle's autistic as hell he had a whole notepad filled with lore and stats for his sims 2 family. I'd log on to his shit then drown everyone.

No. 1554384

This is just mean

No. 1554391

Nta but it's perfectly recoverable
She'd have to overwrite every save, plus delete the gravestones for it not to be

No. 1554401

File: 1681940276559.jpeg (Spoiler Image,232 KB, 1079x2048, xXyNr9k.jpeg)

I only use Tiktok so I can watch this fat pig's videos. This hamplanet keeps me from eating junk food because I would kill myself if I looked like her. Inb4 anachan, she just makes me rage so hard because she's the definition of an Amerifat.

No. 1554404

I rarely comment on youtube videos but I now make it a habit to comment about how happy I am to find another cool content creator that’s a woman under any tifs videos. I like watching videos about idols and Japanese media but it’s always filled to the brim with tims so I’m actually grateful to find any other woman talk about this shit. I always write the comment in a very supportive way too so it reads as someone who didn’t bother to check her sns accounts and means no harm

No. 1554413

This is absolutely based and I'd like to do the same, but I'm too paranoid about being called out of for "transphobia" to use my normal accounts for that.
Every time I see a TIF whose content I enjoyed and find she's a genderspecial, I want to shake her by the shoulders and tell her it's ok to be a woman.

No. 1554433

File: 1681942638544.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1500, haes.png)

kek I feel u anon
I love watching death fats eat on tik tok and try and claim they're happy the way they are(when they aren't seething about skinny people). It is my guilty pleasure. It also keeps my eating and exercise in check.

No. 1554437

>obesity promoter
>20,000 calories a day
I bet they have to stomp-waddle to the toilet after every super-sized meal kek

No. 1554441

she's being sarcastic anon, but she does eat very large portions of Vegan junk.

No. 1554444

I can hear the stomp-waddling, bathroom door slamming shut, the giant fat ass hitting the toilet, and the moaning after every fart and shit in my head I already know she's shitting pure fat after every vegan meal.

No. 1554446

I like to use accounts that have no ties to me like my name or email that can be traced back to accounts of mine. And I don’t really worry about troons screaming in the replies because I comment and never go back to it and purposefully leave notifications off so if someone even starts to get angry and throw words around I just never respond kek

No. 1554503

I never told my boyfriend I was a virgin before I met him, partly because I was lowkey embarrassed since I was almost 24 but mostly because I didn't want to give a man the satisfaction of knowing he took a girl's virginity kek

No. 1554504

There is something wrong with you

No. 1554508

Weird comment

No. 1554512

Mhm scat obsession detected

No. 1554526

fucking hate all the blatant moid posts recently

No. 1554534

I love when gays think they blend in

No. 1554622

File: 1681957757654.jpeg (40.99 KB, 500x500, 976ECDE3-D223-477A-B764-944BA1…)

I really want Laurel Burch merchandise but her stuff is so expensive

my grandma owned a ton of her merch so I have a personal fondness for it. I wish my aunts didn't hate my mother enough to let me inherit some of it

No. 1554654

File: 1681960409638.jpeg (59.84 KB, 998x563, 100ED9EF-0921-4AD8-8B39-167218…)

I have spent the past 3 days obsessing over and masturbating to Supermega fanfiction and fancams. I think it's mostly a reaction to the issue I'm having where my husband hasn't wanted to sleep with me in an excessively long time (once in the past year) and these are his favorite youtubers. If I had the opportunity to have sex with (or pretend I've had sex with) either Matt or Ryan I'd do it just to piss my husband off. I think he's gay. He'd be pretty jealous. He'd love to have sex with either of them.

Also, I bought an $800 purse. I earned it.

No. 1554661


No. 1554666

Is your neck ok

No. 1554675

File: 1681961848041.jpeg (314.61 KB, 1348x2048, CD3AAB79-63FC-451B-8488-2B768B…)

Why did you marry him?

No. 1554680

I know exactly what you're talking about- Ryan went to Disneyland with @tayallard (on tiktok) and their troon girlfriend. That doesn't bother me because both Ryan and Matt has super Christian upbringings so it's kind of cool that Ryan's hanging out with people from all walks of life. I think Ryan only wants to fuck girls or Matt anyway, not random troons.

No. 1554683

I like him, I thought he liked me too.

No. 1554687

If not larp, divorce.

Like is not love.

No. 1554696

This is valid, and I think what a lot of people don't realize is that humans never stop growing evolving and changing. "Love" isn't as useful as the ability to grow and change with another person. You'll go through cycles, and that's natural. Lifetime partnerships aren't a fantasy. Anyone who tries to tell you that their significant other and best friend has been wonderful and magical for 40 years is lying. I can fantasize about fucking my husband's favorite youtubers and still be a good partner, just like he can fantasize about fucking his favorite youtubers and still be a good partner. Things may suck right now, but we'll figure it out. In the meantime, I'm going to read graphic depictions of youtubers fucking and have a great relationship with my vibrator.

No. 1554710

You’re in a sexless marriage with an emotionally distant, potentially closet homo, man for history shared alone.

A good partner is not a happy one.

You deserve more.

No. 1554712

File: 1681963363139.gif (1.13 MB, 250x256, E82FC655-6AA0-4B70-97E0-9CE93D…)

No. 1554713

File: 1681963297926.gif (1.13 MB, 250x256, 37D96FF1-6802-40EC-AD8A-122D77…)

No. 1554714

File: 1681963229660.gif (1.13 MB, 250x256, 37D96FF1-6802-40EC-AD8A-122D77…)

No. 1554716

You’re in a sexless marriage with an emotionally distant, potentially closet homo, man for history shared alone.

A good partner is not a happy one.

You deserve more.

No. 1554717

You’re in a sexless marriage with an emotionally distant, potentially closet homo, man for history shared alone.

A good partner is not a happy one.

You deserve more.

No. 1554719

Lmao both our posts spazzed out

No. 1554720

You're retarded if you believe that any marriage that lasts over a decade can continue without inclusion of the adult assessment that desire for other people is normal, and thinking about it isnt the same as acting on it. Only a child believes in fairy tales.

No. 1554723

A attraction to others shouldn’t outweigh your partner EVER. You have a long term shitty bf with a ring, dumbass.

No. 1554727

He will leave you. You exist to fill his temporary need for stability. Leave him now.

No. 1554728

I wasn't that anon im just saying you have a child's view of marriage. You want a partner that pretends to be obsessed with you and only you for years and years? Not going to happen, not how you commit realistically and honestly to a partner, and absolutely not sustainable longterm. Marriage as a commitment without divorce is actually consciously being a patner to someone regardless of time and circumstance. Its difficult, otherwise divorce wouldn't be si popular. It takes a lot of work and communication, not pretending to worship someone until you can't stand them anymore. Act like an adult.

No. 1554731

Justify infidelity any way you like.

Marriage is devotion, a promise.

If not, why even marry. It serves no purpose outside of taxes. Date and move on. Be a slut on your own terms.

No. 1554732

I don't wash my hands after peeing

No. 1554736

File: 1681965121341.jpeg (118.71 KB, 2048x1164, 57AC7782-B40C-42EB-A329-EF0103…)

I'm op. You get it, anon.
Anyway, my impression of Supermega is that Matt is pansexual and Ryan is… demisexual? I hate that term, but I think he'll date other people until Matt decides it's time to stop messing around. I'm also not generally a fan of "shipping" real people but the line between their personal lives and their youtube characters is extremely blurred. So speculating has been really fun so far.

No. 1554737

Good confession. Me too.

No. 1554738

If I were attractive enough to gain a lot of money with it, I'd trade the wage slave life for the whore/e-thot one any day.

No. 1554746


No. 1554758

spoiler this

No. 1554764

File: 1681969031951.jpg (33.25 KB, 1080x1080, nft.jpg)

Long story medium:
In 2017 i made a manga inspired comic. Sounds silly except it sure as fuck wasn’t.
I had never been more miserable and consumed by the most painful anxiety known to human tolerance in my entire life. I mean at least the first three fifths I was before pseudo half-assing the rest of it just to at least finish what I started.
You’d think I would never want to put myself through that hell again.
Then in 2018, when I was still an otaku, an anime, I came around watching eventually, was released. (which I wont mention cause my opinion towards it will essentially differ from everybody else’s)
The way the first three fifths of it itself were released portrayed these characters in the most humanly realistic and relatable way that has ever been put on anime in the history of the medium. It’s almost as if I had a conversation with them in a different reality altogether.
What I got from that is something that until now I’ve come to terms with: The very hell that I put myself through to make this stupid comic is either the same hell Japan had to go through to be relatable for however long they could be or a chance for them to adapt the same colors I wear in order to be my own version of that relatable.
So yeah, whether it was said in Goodnight Punpun or even Bullet Train (which was originally titled Maria Beetle) they’re not kidding: For someone to feel good, someone else somewhere must suffer.

No. 1554773

>For someone to feel good, someone else somewhere must suffer.
I didn't understand shit about your spergy animu talk but this is false. This is just how moids see reality, and it's their delusion. It doesn't surprise me that you think this way though, consuming so much male-made porny anime kinda fries your brain. You should step away from it a little (I say this as a former anime/manga fan).

No. 1554782

File: 1681972191383.gif (618.62 KB, 225x275, wha.gif)

I'm pretty anti-drug in general (well, at least for non-medical issues) and have never taken one besides aspirin…but I'm kind of convinced modafinil would dramatically improve my life and I'm very ashamed of thinking so.

No. 1554784

Yup. Just a nihilistic excuse they make to continue terrible behavior. Its so middle school, hurr hurr life sucks so I can hurt whoever I want because someone will always he hurt in life

No. 1554785

Me with weed tbh. I kinda wanna try it one day to see if it would actually help but it might have the opposite effect and speed up my descent into insanity

No. 1554790

I'm in a pretty not fun situation right now. The thing is, I feel fine, which makes me feel worse because I shouldn't be able to ignore this kind of stress. I can't really cry no matter how much I want or need to. I do tend to get stress nosebleeds in situations like this, but I'm too calm for one to induce naturally right now. I don't know how exactly to feel about this, but I'm probably going to go induce a nosebleed. I'm prone to them in general so NSAID + antihistamine + decongestant should get one going soon enough. I feel like my stress isn't real if I don't have physical symptoms, and I can't address it if there's nothing tangible. I want to be clear that I don't self harm, I usually get nosebleeds anyway, I just discovered that specific combo after I got a nasty cold and couldn't figure out why I was having nosebleeds 2x a day.

No. 1554796

It gave me the worst anxiety episode with auditory and visual hallucinations for 3-4 hours while the anxiety from the epiode lasted 7 hours. Kept passing out inbetween the hallucintions and it made me think about how many women have been assaulted while drugged. Im very convinced its terrible for people like me who are already a bit schizo paranoid. Ive read weed can speed up schizophrenia or shizoaffective people if they have something genetically, maybe im one of them. Id rather do too much sleeping meds or caffeine than weed again though. I cant even talk about this without someone trying to get me into weed of another sort or drinking though. As long as there's decent shelter over my head and food I'm happy sober.

No. 1554800

Well thank fuck, you just convinced me of never doing weed or drugs in general, that sounds horrifying. If I wanted to experience hallucinations I'd just sleep all day and have weirdass dreams and nightmares.

No. 1554812

I hate weed too, I had like flashing anxiety thoughts but my body was so slow and non reactive and then I looked in the mirror and saw how crooked my face was. If you ever wanna be super sweaty and chilly and have cotton mouth try marijuana kek. I am a nervous person in general so I guess it’s not good.
I wish I had the sense to quit sooner I would take opportunities to socially smoke and what a fucking nightmare. I kinda wish I could do something fun over the weekend besides drink alcohol and get all fat and gross and vomity, but mostly I just meditate if I feel like getting wasted so far it’s a good coping mechanism

No. 1554881

kek you can say bisexual anon. also this whole discussion gave me another reason to never marry.

No. 1554894