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File: 1676482207912.png (1.61 MB, 1678x1296, cows.png)

No. 1500942

Just tell the truth, it's safe here
Previous Thread- >>>/ot/1476934

No. 1501117

After spending a couple months with my 22 year old boyfriend… I want to break up
Or take a break
He has no interests other than playing video games. He also watches nothing but irSpeed, Special Edd or the boys. My brain is rotting. I don't want him to stop the things he loves doing, but getting him to do anything else is hard. I can feel my brain rotting if I stay with him for extended periods of time.

Such a sweetie, and I want to be friends. I'm preparing for a speech that wont break his heart as we speak.

No. 1501160

i know it's better to leave the tinfoilers in peace in their schizo containment thread but sometimes i see something so aggressively retarded it's hard not to reply

No. 1501175

I wish they would stay in their containment thread and not start derailing other threads anytime a celeb does the devil horns.

No. 1501286

Whenever I'm remembering something really traumatic and emotional for me, I start pretending I'm some kind of celebrity getting personal in a "tell all" interview. Sometimes it lessens the emotional impact that my memories and mental state have on me. I've always been the type to daydream and been stuck in my head so I think it somehow helps me cope. It's like a brain diary.

No. 1501331

I’ve developed a hyperfixation so intense I feel borderline delusional. I’m aware it’s kind of destroying my life but I can’t find it in me to give a shit. The euphoria I get from consuming any media of it/buying merch related to it is too addicting to stop.
I think I need new meds.

No. 1501344

Get your meds fixed. This type of thing can actually destroy you to the point of mental breakdown. I wish you luck nona

No. 1501350

Up until my mid 20s I was a bi woman who'd never slept with or even kissed a man, only women, and I ultimately made a conscious effort to change that (hooked up with some low tier men from Tinder) just so I could stop feeling inferior to my bihet friends. I got into sharing my nudes online for the same reason. They always said they didn't respect me any less and it didn't matter but I just never really believed it and hated feeling like an "other" too much.

No. 1501368

I fear that when I die, people will record my lifeless body and post the footage online.

No. 1501403

File: 1676520461524.gif (2.57 MB, 250x185, 9a43e3d44fc5ed8a9c6b834655324f…)

I have an opinion that I really wanna post but I know it will start infighting and I don't wanna add to the bad vibes so I'm going to keep my mouth shut

No. 1501407

Post it when it's slow as fuck in here to generate some discussion. You gotta keep some tricks up your sleeve.

No. 1501409

I feel for Pakistanon. Must be awful to live there, I understand her frustration. People become weird when stressed. I hope she can move away and do well for herself someday.

No. 1501419

Give me a hint for what it is so I know what to look out for kek

No. 1501457

do it nona I'm bored at work and could use the drama

No. 1501466

If Michael Scott was real, I would have the biggest crush on him.

No. 1501475

if any of my live-action crushes were real i'd hate them tbh, glad they're fictional.

No. 1501479

File: 1676526476201.png (434.01 KB, 798x756, do it.png)

No. 1501501

I encourage you to.

No. 1501512

i just had the realization that my "type" in women (body-wise) is very specific and it's… exactly the same type of figure my mom has (a pretty uncommon body type). I'm telling myself it's just a weird coincidence. I always thought my mom was very pretty and adorable but not in a weird way. I didn't think. Until I realized this. btw i do not have any sort of weird mommy issues that could have psychologically warped my developing mind or anything kek so like. definitely a coincidence?

No. 1501516

when i was a little girl, i had this thing about tying bows and for whatever reason, could not do it. i have literally no explanation for why i couldn't comprehend it…i think it was some weird mental block thing i had going on when i was young where if we people were insistent i learned something, i wouldn't do it. i am sure it contributed to my grade school teachers thinking i was retarded because people would show me how to do things and it was like my mind was made of stone. i also had this issue with math. i would never learn the formulas, and the more my teachers tried to make me learn it the more i stubbornly refused to absorb it. the weird thing was, i watched my grandmother tying a bow on her sweatpants drawstrings after she came back from using the restroom one day and all of the sudden i could magically tie a bow. i did it that very same day with my shoes and now i can do all sorts of ribbons and shit and i wonder how or why i ever thought it was so hard or why i was so resistant to learning how to do it when i was a kid.

No. 1501538

I have a crush on seal-chan but she only likes eastern european crossdressing boys (and seals) so I do not stand a chance.

No. 1501542

nice try sealfag but no one likes you

No. 1501546

File: 1676539994184.png (Spoiler Image,7.87 MB, 3472x5428, sc.png)

oh boy time to post this again

No. 1501550

I’m not her and I am very serious.

No. 1501561

I think belle delphine doens't have much milk at all and isn't lolcow worthy. isn't that bad of a person she's just an edgy e-prostitute, she's actually doing well for herself compared to others in her field and she's a trendsetter.
I've come to understand the hype around her eventually, I kinda always did but didn't want to see.
>inb4 hi cow
I used to be one of her haters as well, I made one of the early threads on her and I posted frequently. not a pullfag but used to go on pull to read hate on her.
she's pretty and I was jealous of her but I grew out of it, I grew out of hating on pretty nerdy girls because I can't believe a pretty girl can have nerdy interests.
I'm somewhat of an oldfag and I don't come here much anymore and I came to post about belle, might write a small manefesto on the graduation thread if I don't get redtexted here kek.

No. 1501566

File: 1676543626815.jpg (44.75 KB, 600x791, 1567803275610.jpg)

>nazi fetishist
>is mixed-race IRL
its not even funny anymore

No. 1501568

Hold up looking at this compilation I honestly think Seal-chan is the French anon who constantly spergs about refugees and immigrants destroying her country and how all women should vote for conservative right-wing parties because they'll get rid of them and trannies and thus save all women. This explains so much.

No. 1501572

i think she posted on one of those draw yourself template things on cryscafe once i posted it here before kek she's so obvious

No. 1501579

Pls post it nonna

No. 1501588

Isn't her 'hype' due to pandering to lolicons

No. 1501591

I never hated her, she's cute and weird. A bit too sexual for me but she's an original ethot and everyone copied her, before her it was a niche cosplay thing, she made it profitable. I's be her friend.

No. 1501595

>everyone copied her, before her it was a niche cosplay thing, she made it profitable.
are you joking or are you underage? you can't be serious about her being the first anything.

No. 1501596

>look up her twitter account
>it's a private account, can only read her bio
>localisation: Marseille
kek one more reason to hate this shithole.

No. 1501597

>before her it was a niche cosplay thing
god I miss those days. bring back gatekeeping.

No. 1501598

another confession, I don't see the big deal with most of the loli stuff because most loli stuff isn't about true lolis, plus they all look more like chibi adult anime girls than actual children but this might take away seriousness in what I say.
She roleplays as a teen yes like all pornstars but she never played the part of a child in her porn.

No. 1501599

>most loli stuff isn't about true lolis
i can't decipher this what
>she never played the part of a child in her porn.
she wore actual children's clothes a few times and once played a girlscout

No. 1501611

>but she's an original ethot
That's not an achievement. It's like being the first tiktoker. The world would be better without them.
I don't see Belle being anything other than a legal outlet for pedos. The bathwater thing and making money off coomers was funny but the pedo-pandering is just too much. Fuck her.

No. 1501614

her insta (sadcats2007) is public and truly unhinged tho

No. 1501622

I'm very sensitive to people crying to the point if I read about a character crying in a book I'll start crying too. Once I was playing a party game and a kid monkey was comically crying because it had lost, even this shit made me a bit sad.

No. 1501635

Entire post reads like it was written by a coomer, either way go outside, this is so strange

No. 1501640

Whats the age difference here

No. 1501659

I have the same issue nona! It took me forever to learn to tie bows, and even now when I try to learn knots I have trouble with it. I can look at diagrams, watch videos about it and for some reason knots are so damn hard for me. Also had the same trouble with math

No. 1501662

I never knew about seal-chan until now, kek that's hilarious

No. 1501663

File: 1676558082055.jpg (23.44 KB, 540x570, 452.jpg)

My TIF friend says she wants to start T soon. It'd be fine to just ignore because I can't change anything by telling her my opinion (and moreover i'd be insta-kicked from my 4 year friend group for being unwoke), except for the fact she already has joint problems and has a really cranky body medically speaking. Going on T will just increase the chance of osteoporosis and bone density stuff. She's going to live a very painful existence by like 30 (she's disabled so she already is but she's unknowingly multiplying it x10).
If I knew there was 100% chance of staying in my friend group and telling her i'm worried, I would. But she might take it badly, tell everyone else and I'd get excommunicated from a friend group who i know love me. So I've decided to just shut up and watch her slowly kill herself.

No. 1501667

She went private after a certain site doxxed her.

No. 1501678

I've followed a few ftms (and detrans women) over the years on youtube and one thing I've seen come up quite a few times is how any with either autoimmune disorders or chronic pain/inflammation problems tend to get fucked over by the switch in hormones. For the detrans ones its a large part of their regret.

No. 1501691

Tell her about how T can worsen her medical conditions, tell her about other Aidens who got worse because of it, she probably won't listen otherwise.

No. 1501701

I was a fat kid and in high school, got bullied relentlessly for it. Wanted to kms because I not only looked like shit, but felt like shit as well. I had to throw away so many pants because my thighs chafed against eachother, creating literal holes in them. Not a single deodorant helping against the constant pork meat sweats triggered by nothing. My feet and legs also couldn't really carry my weight, so they were always sore. I lost a lot of weight because of an addiction (10 years clean now) but was still a bit pudgy. At least I felt and looked better. Few years after rehab, I met my husband and thanks to his dad I learned to cook healthy meals and pay attention to what my body needs. Now, I'm at a healthy weight and I'm conscious about what I eat and how much I eat. I get so pissed when I see friends of mine share HAES stuff, taking pride in their fat rolls, supporting obesity, because it's all a cope. Sure, not everyone is like me, but fat peoples bodies are the same for the most part. I also shouted 'men don't like sticks, they like meat!!' as a cope that I shouldn't change anything about myself. It's bullshit, men fuck everything and being fat is unhealthy. Being a fatty has made me fatphobic, but more in a sense that I'd rather kms than get fat again which is not something you can just casually tell your friends

No. 1501705

Oooh so that’s why she deleted her discord account …

No. 1501721

File: 1676562567062.jpeg (5.38 KB, 224x224, images.jpeg)

I just had the wildest sex dream featuring my best friend and I want to kill myself out of shame. Our relationship is quite complicated and i don't know how to feel about them sometimes so I just block my feelings about it, that includes sexual thoughts. They're kinda my type but I just see them as a friend, really. What baffles me is that the sex was so passionate and intense…Am I repressing something? What the hell? I'm so embarrassed, I absolutely cannot interact with this person again, how do I cope with this info??

No. 1501733

dets? her discord was still around just a few days ago, when/where did the doxing happen?

No. 1501781

I cry every night and want to die. Mostly because of my studies and work. Ridiculous, I know.

No. 1501788

You sound really overwhelmed nonnie. Can you take a ‘sick’ day? Open up to someone? Please put your health first

No. 1501849

that's not ridiculous, those are like the two main stressors for most people I think. :( when either one goes bad it can really ruin your life. I'm sorry you're going through it. Try to hang in there.

No. 1502041

This makes me sound like a scrote but I unironically find some cows hot and I would fuck them if I could lol

No. 1502058

Yeah some cows are cute, don't think it makes you a scrote long as you don't post your fanfics in the snow thread like scrotes do

No. 1502065

miss the days when weird male weebs were just weird men and not trannies. seeing their weird posts about dog lesbians and robot girls uwu would be so much more tolerable if i knew they weren't sex pests

No. 1502070

Male weebs were always sex pests. Trooning has made them worse though.

No. 1502081

i like to eat birdseed. i am not a bird but the flavor is nice

No. 1502084

oats for horses tastes really good, you should try it.

No. 1502088

How could we know you're not a bird? I bet you're just a bird posting.

No. 1502089

File: 1676583028532.jpg (228.97 KB, 541x698, img-mini-mac-notebook-small-bi…)

No. 1502092

Samefag, I didn't even notice the little bird in the corner lol

No. 1502101

File: 1676584557763.jpg (107.68 KB, 1500x1500, k_archive_5b638009d35892ab8249…)

did you know that birdseed is a thing outside of bird food, you can eat as a human with human food? it's called millet and you can stir-fry some vegetables, throw in water and millet and let it soak up and you got a nice meal. i tried it, wasn't crazy for it but if you like the taste already, you're gonna love this!

No. 1502102

i feel like being a voyeur to lesbians is way better than thinking you are a lesbian and totes valid in your drooling though
yes they are both bad but i can at least recognize one as typical moid horniness and not an extremely harmful ideology

No. 1502107

File: 1676585309344.jpeg (22.88 KB, 480x360, 18FABC3B-B2DA-4AC5-8754-6386AA…)

I don't care for Harry Potter

No. 1502108

It is good with milk and pumpkin.

No. 1502110

We are all birds, talking to other birds here on lolbird.nest

No. 1502117

i never tried it, but there are some millet porridge recipes with pumpkin online, so at least some people out there like that combo

No. 1502118

that's okay. there's a lot of anons who don't care for it either, dare i say the majority. but obviously people are more inclined to be supportive of it here bc of jkrs views

No. 1502121

I play my music loud enough you can hear it through my headphones. Whoops.

No. 1502139

it insists upon itself frfr

No. 1502141

please be careful nona tinnitus fucking sucks. turn that shit down

No. 1502162

It happened a couple weeks ago if I remember right. My memory is a bit hazy and I don't want to mention the site that doxxed her because they'll see this thread and might decide to raid it. She privated her twitter a few hours after it happened. I would link her dox but it's against the rules. I will say that ironically her first name is Ines.

No. 1502169

I have gotten off to Shay's porn before… yes I am ashamed and no I am not male.

No. 1502172

Anon, from the deep deep apple bottom of my heart, with the boots and fur, please seek help, you need help.

No. 1502186

I miss when the consoomerism board was dedicated to make fun of consumers not discussing which products we like and showing off our collections. There is nuance to be had when it comes to collections but take those discussions to twitter

No. 1502193

Both of you nonas should look up dyscalculia, it's also an autist thing sorry to say

No. 1502197

me too anon, you are not alone. moo's too, which somehow is even worse. i don't think theyre hot at all, it's just sometimes if i was already browsing lc it was easier to switch to their threads than force myself to come up with an actually appealing scenario when im unimaginative asf

No. 1502216


No. 1502231

Sometimes when I'm crocheting I narrate outloud like I'm making a YouTube tutorial because it distracts me from the bad thoughts and it helps me remember where I'm at in a pattern. I'll be in my room like
>"First, the materials you need are.."
>"These first few rows can be a bit tight, so I recommend you keep your tension loose"
>"You probably have the hang of this by now, so I'll come back when I'm finished with rows 5-9"

No. 1502235

sounds like noni is refraining from horny posting

No. 1502288

That sounds cute of you and actually really smart. My crochet dialogue was always like “fuck i fucking forgot” so I quit but maybe I’ll try this

No. 1502348

I hate knowing that I narrate my life this way in regards to mundane tasks and others do, too.

No. 1502359

I was obsessed with Harry Potter as a child but got burned out by the franchise by the time I reached my teen years. A mix of overexposure to it and me outgrowing it. Didn't help either that adults who obsess over Harry Potter can be kinda annoying to and gives me Peter Pan syndrom. So I get where you are coming from. Even back when I liked the story I thought people overhyped it a little bit. There are some interesting ideas and the world is fascinating but for some reason I never managed to connect with the characters and world the same way other fans who grew up with the books did. I still found the story good but I never got the "it changed me as a person" reaction. It's a good children's series but there isn't much stuff in it for adults except nostalgia.
Though the new game does look fun and I can feel that it's rekindling my love for the story

No. 1502370

Lately other people's distress only makes me irritated

No. 1502446

I had a particle of food stuck at the back of my throat for half a day and it took borderline choking to dislodge it. There's nothing more anxiety inducing than the idea that a stuck crumb could be your demise

No. 1502456

Lmao if she's really from Marseille (>>1501596) then the sperging about immigration makes sense at least. Go visit Marseille anon, it will also "explain so much". That city is super dangerous, full of violent migrant moids, and islamic attacks in France are way more common than the school shootings everyone makes fun at the US for lmao. And you think that the ~~conservative right wing parties~~ in countries like fucking France are anything scary compared to what's happening over there right now? You have to be pretty damn retarded to wonder why more and more people in Europe vote for the parties that address the issue even a tiny bit.

No. 1502493

Far right parties in France are retarded and even more incompetent than the rest though, and most Muslims in France aren't immigrants, they were born and raised there and France is all they know so talking about immigration when addressing the issue is dumb as hell. Especially for the ones whose grandparents or greatgrandparents came to France when their countries were still French colonies, it'd be like if tomorrow Martinique became independent and all the Martiniquais in mainland France were told they're actually not French anymore and need to get the fuck out of here.

No. 1502496

Ok anon. Do you happen to also like semiaquatic, smooth-skinned mammals that live in the Arctic?

No. 1502499

phoque-chan tu nous feras pas voter marine

No. 1502512

I hate that my mom has a white knight/savior complex. She heavily projects onto these people she's trying to "help". It's obviously one-sided. No these people aren't poor. She literally goes out of her way to get these people shit that they can buy themselves. No it's not brand new items but when one of these assholes is bragging he can get a house with the help of the VA and makes fun of our family, the jackass can buy his own damn steam mop. For all his boasting, the man is so stunted and retarded that I can't believe his ex wife had 2 kids with him. He probably clogged the mop up because dumbshit thinks it's okay to use tap water and not distilled water and is too retarded to run vinegar through it to unclog it. The people she gloms onto are usually huge assholes who aren't grateful. She puts all her energy into pleasing them and then they drop her like a rock. She tells me it's fine and I keep biting my tongue because I want to tell her off. I really want to tell her off. Not in a mealy mouth way but in a firm way without using profanities. It'll never happen because she'll shut me down claiming I know nothing but a girl can dream.

No. 1502530

My brother who is 120lb and more than a foot taller admitted he had sexual feelings for me when he was a teen. He tried to say he couldn't help it. So all those times he'd grab at me when we were alone weren't me flipping out. My sister molested me for a year as a kid. She got HPV from sleeping around and asked if I would surrogate her a kid cause she may never have one. Hell no. I don't think I will even have kids. Why was I born in such a fucked up family? My dad used to hit me from ages 8-14 too.

No. 1502552

I have nightmares about this exact thing happening omg

No. 1502553

i have neither dyscalculia nor autism anon lol. i've been tested for both of these when i was in high school as many of my teachers and some family thought i had issues. i was just a fucking stubborn piece of shit when i was younger and didn't like that my teachers tried to force me to do things so i wouldn't even try. i have no issues understanding mathematics now that i am in university and can get good grades when i want to.

No. 1502564

I accidentally landed on an inappropriate site through a link and I immediately closed it, I actually didn't see anything because my pc is really slow. I wish I didn't taint my browser history like that and I just feel ashamed.

No. 1502565

Anon, this is awful… I hope you're in a place in which you don't have to ever be forced to interact with them on a regular basis.

No. 1502752

All the talk about musicians flirting with women on instagram in one of the snow threads takes me back to when
I wrote a message when I was drunk to a very popular drummer in multiple bands just excited about his performance and energy and how I thought he was talented. Not flirting just appreciation. He blew up my insta, replying the whole night as he saw videos of me and my girls out, being 22 year olds, having fun.
He continued the conversation even though a small interaction was fine by me. He flirted and emoji reacted immediately, and It was fine until he asked for a drunk selfie and got sexual. I made a joke about not needing a backstage pass, so Ill called it a night. Next morning I see I am blocked and he posted a photo with his WIFE… and I didn't see anything about her on his timeline before. It was so skeezy and revolting I felt so conned and pushed into more. I cant even listen to music anymore without thinking of him messaging young fans and being a slimeball. I wish I recorded the videos and text. He jumped at the opportunity to exploit a drunk fan and when I didnt reply the way he wanted he posts his wife again and again.

No. 1502754


No. 1502768

File: 1676657581823.jpeg (48.29 KB, 828x132, 1F5EFD3F-D59B-40ED-9D09-4E3D49…)

Last same fagging I Am ELATED.
This fucker deleted all his social media and “left the tour” midway with no explanation.
I did see this comment and it made me feel valid .
Fuck you, creep ! skeeze bald headed ! Joseph Arlington, I hope your wife leaves you! I hope you die a slow painful death. I hope you work minimum wage until death or jail.

No. 1502776

File: 1676658225953.jpg (55.4 KB, 564x685, 9-DBAG2-C48-FE44-A27-A662-09-A…)

Sometimes I have nightmares about my celebrity crush ending up gay. Those 'everyone who's famous is ackshually gay' memes aren't helping. His dick belongs to ME.

No. 1502809

Wow, your exact story except with Dino Stamatopoulos. I still have the emails he sent pleading with me to come back before he blocked my old insta. Famous men are piggish and retarded, NEVER GIVE THEM PRAISE. Pathetic moids

No. 1503125

The fact that I ever worshiped a celebrity out of desperation and pure unbridled mental illness at my lowest is going to haunt me forever

No. 1503180

My bf is annoying rn, his little quips

No. 1503289

i wish seal-chan explained that "belts" drawing. it looks like someone. i spent too much time looking at it. i guess that is my confession.

No. 1503500

I have done something immoral and I'm hoping that posting it here will get it off my chest so I'm not stupid and tell others.
A coworker attached to me as her best friend but I'm not actually her friend. I only wanted to be nice but she's so clingy and immature that we have nothing in common. I would never be her friend in any other situation, but she's literally an orphan who lived with her mom until she died and now has no idea of how to function in the real world.
In an ideal world I would dump her because she takes up so much of my time with her stupid issues (who gets to thirty and has to call their friend at midnight because she doesn't know how to run a washing machine and all her clothes are dirty?!), but she's made so much progress and it would mentally destroy her if she ever found out that I'm not her friend.
I was sick of dealing with her neediness so I downloaded the AI chat and now I just feed it all her texts and then give whatever answers it spits out. She gets more attention and I don't have to endlessly hold her hand on how to do shit like buy toothpaste online.

No. 1503514

File: 1676744330852.jpeg (91.38 KB, 1023x572, 0221731F-DCB5-432F-8EDD-9C6E92…)

He was a lying bag of trash but god the sex was good. Miss that.

No. 1503518

File: 1676745026207.jpeg (35.94 KB, 500x375, 9F9AE2AD-898B-40A7-A440-BB404A…)

I think I have a shopping addiction

No. 1503599

I never thought I was gonna make it this far with my boyfriend so when he asked me about my previous dating experience I lied to him and said I had had some flings pre-covid, when in fact he was the 1st man I even held hands with at 23. I'm not planning on telling him the truth kek I'm embarrassed about it now

No. 1503602

was it on kf? i can't believe i missed that. shes my personal cow, i wish i had deets

No. 1503608

didn't someone here want to fuck frylock? please say someone else remembers that kek

No. 1503625

Are you the anon who gleefully said that site is ”pure, unadulterated fun”

No. 1503634

Back before I peaked, I'd agree with almost ANYTHING troons said that was transphobic or problematic. I remember I think on maybe twitter? Shit was it facebook? Some social media, it was a long thread/post whatever about how not dating troons was transphobic. I was trying to get my "Ally" points and I geniunely thought TIMS were women and TIFs were men, BUT I still deep down thought men fucking troons was gay/bisexual and I'd never date a scrote who fucked a troon or wanted too knowingly.
So I was reading the exchange, troons whining and telling thei stories about how they were "Hate crimed" agaisnt because someone didn't want to date them/sleep with them.
I swear to you they kept getting increasingly more and more fucking crazy.
One was a TIM who said he didn't even "Pass" but he'd edited himself to look like a woman, he was in his early stages of transitioning, he was sexting some scrote for MONTHS. Then when he told him he was trans, the man blocked him on everything. Troon was crying because it was SOOO transphobic and even if he DID look like a man he wasn't one. Apperently the scrote never saw him.
But the biggest one I can remember that I always giggle about was, brought on by that post I saw on the first page about troons whining about "tipping" today.
A chaser, not even a TIM but a chaser was whining about how there were no transgender strip clubs that weren't LGBTQ+ and how he was totally not apart of that community for like TIMS. He was saying how he'd LOVE to tip a trans bartender at a trans club.
Then he went on this weird rant about how other scrotes secretly crave transwomen with penise, but hide it, said that he HATED men in troon porn who did porn with trans women but covered their faces, "They do that because they don't feel transwomen are women!" I remember, clicking out of the page and I was like
>This nigga is gay
And I felt bad but It was true. Kek, now i'm a better nona

No. 1503639

i am a shotacon fujoshi i am sick and tired of having to pretend of having to be friends with tifs i just wish that i could find more radfems that didnt find me gross i am against the porn industry and think pedos should die i just wish i didnt have gross problematic fetishes should i could be normal(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1503640

Déjà vu. I think you're right… but I think I saw people lusting after Frylock before lolcow was created. Probably multiple people are into him.
Sorry to say but I totally get it. As far as fictional anthropomorphic fast food goes he's up there on the attractiveness scale.

No. 1503649

Holy shit get help you fucking freak

No. 1503652

>tired of having to pretend of having to be friends with tifs
Then stop doing that? And stop being a shotacon. Read normal BL.

No. 1503657

trust me i tried i cant control what arouses me >>1503652
yeah there are not really my friends i dont really talk to them besides fandom/ship stuff

No. 1503661

>besides fandom/ship stuff
Stop doing that too, you'll thank me later. Maybe being less exposed to bullshit online on a regular basis will help you overall.

No. 1503664

when I came across it at 14 years old I didn't see what was so wrong with liking shota BL but as I aged it just naturally became really gross to me. hope the same happens for you.

No. 1503665

You literally can control what arouses you.

No. 1503667

Arabs and Chileans/Brazilian/Hispanic South Americans are so fucking racist online like why lmao

No. 1503671

sorry i was exposed with weird fetish and i was grew without i realised i liked and i wanted more i hate irl porn and it disgusts me but looking at shota yaoi feels kinda good

No. 1503674

assuming this isn't bait even though it most definitely is, what's stopping you from just…. not interacting with fellow fujos and keeping your tastes to yourself? or just don't announce you're into shota when you're in radfem spaces. no offence anon but if you're being alienated from spaces bc of your taste in porn, it's your own fault for being public with it

No. 1503680

i keep my fetishes to myself i am crypto and feel awful when radfems think my gross fetishes are the same as irl abuse

No. 1503681

Why don't you just block that pedo shit instead of feeding yourself more of that content?

No. 1503687

i can i tried to stop myself for looking but i couldnt stop looking

No. 1503691

my sister you absolutely can stop looking

No. 1503693

Anon, don't even worry about it. You're not doing anything wrong or hurting anyone, you are not some deranged moid. I may not understand everything, but I really don't give a fuck what fiction another woman likes bc I simply don't apply the same rules to women as I do to males. You'll probably have to keep that side of yourself private unless you want some autistic twitter-tier fight, but there's no real point feeling bad about anything.

No. 1503694

but youre not gonna change radfems minds on this anon. you know this. you can most likely find refuge among fellow fujos – hell fujochan used to have a shota board, even though that was shut down im sure there's still people on the site that used to post to that board who will be fine with discussing it with you. but in radfem spaces like lc, the only option is to remain crypto or help yourself by taking the steps to heal yourself from your shota porn addiction. if that's something you'd be willing to try, iirc there's a thread here on lc about fixing porn addiction which might help.

No. 1503695

You're not an animal, you have self control. Looking at degenerate shit will just make you more degenerate. There's a porn addiction thread in /g/ that could be helpful.

No. 1503718

If I could stop my addiction of looking at shopping sites despite ads following me on social media and the pressure to consume everywhere, you can stop looking up pics of naked anime children online.

No. 1503721

>watching drawn child porn is a ok
Please tell me you are a false flagging tranny

No. 1503724

i want my dad/mum to end up killing my predator brother

No. 1503731

>>1503639 read only normal BL, and avoid shotacon shit, it's possible to train yourself out of something that arouses you

No. 1503732

Nope, I hate trannies. Again, I do not apply the same rules about fantasies to both sexes. Men have shown multiple times they don't see drawings as just drawings, but I've never seen the same pathology in women.

No. 1503735

Ok coomer, keep telling yourself that

No. 1503742

I am very sorry for derailing the thread i will just leave all of you alone

No. 1503745

This is something a tranny mad that his sex is being called out for its degeneracy would say. I don't like any porn and see no point in it, but I don't care what other women like unless they are like moids and/or support the real life porn industry. Seethe harder.

No. 1503749

Yes, being against pornsick pedophiles makes me a tranny, sure

No. 1503766

anon you have to understand that if you post about liking loli or shota, people here will get upset about it. i hope you can take some of the advice you've been given to heart

No. 1503790

I can also relate. I used to be into lesbian lolicon when I was a teenager and didn't think there was anything wrong with shota and loli. It also helped that I'm no longer as horny than when I was a hormonal teenager. I think if you're into drawn child porn especially as an adult then there is something wrong with you. Anon needs to work on her pornsickness

No. 1503830

I don't use bidets

No. 1503843

Same nona. But I'm not friends with tifs. And I don't trust no one to admit I like shota.

No. 1503883

Followed a cute guy on instagram but it turns out he was 19 and felt extremely gross and creepy about it.

No. 1503888

I get that there has to be a antithesis to the overpornification, but does it have to be women playing pure and chaste again ugh

No. 1503889

This post definitely went through a random word generator

No. 1503894

kek nonna are you drunk? ayrt was just saying she felt weird for being attracted to someone presumably quite a bit younger than her, overpornification has nothing to do with it

No. 1503902

File: 1676771315141.png (1.83 MB, 1280x962, vlcsnap-2016-10-13-16h04m44s24…)

When I get really mad at someone, I fantasize beating them over the head with a mallet like in a cartoon.

No. 1503916

I’m in my late 20’s so it was creepy for me.

No. 1503926

Oh my, a woman ashamed of her own sexuality, how novel

No. 1503946

File: 1676775230922.png (619.12 KB, 923x621, Screenshot (3274).png)

>look up her account
>she drew fanart of an obscure painting that I posted on /m/ 3 months back

No. 1503960

you're a monster

No. 1503973

Holy shit how many of you fuckers are there? GET HELP and stop watching cartoon kiddie porn wtf

No. 1503989

Nona marry me I wish i could talk to you on twitter or something because I’m on the same boat

No. 1504050

I think you’re just a retard

No. 1504276

File: 1676820395151.jpeg (41.87 KB, 320x320, EF660F1B-F661-4B6B-B975-7ECD20…)

I can’t masturbate/orgasm without wearing trousers and underwear. Can’t do it unclothed, feels wrong af so I have no clue how tf I’m ever going to have sex. Guess I’ll have to learn to get over it

No. 1504278

You can slowly get over it tbh, it took me a bunch of years to be able to take off my pants while masturbating, but it's possible. I still prefer masturbating with my clothes on tbh, it's just more comfortable, but if it gets too hot I take off most of my clothes and only keep my underwear on, it's easier to clean up like that.

No. 1504281

Honest question, do you interact with kids irl? When I was a shut in teen I used to be into shota but after interacting with real kids and teenagers as an adult I stopped being into things like shotacon or schoolboys because I just can't feel turned on by annoying little bitches.

No. 1504296

May I ask how long it took you to get over this?

No. 1504308

Does masturbating help you have sx?
I try to avoid doing it because I feel that abstaining saves up my girlboss energy and makes me more energetic/extroverted. Also, getting wet is messy. But from trying not to be ‘perverted’ aka feeling attraction, im finding it harder to get INTO it when I do the deed with myself. I minimise all self pleasure but idk if there’s a healthy balance. I used to ration it to once every three days, before avoiding it all together. Sometimes I just want to open up waifu generator and tickle my clit till i yell.
>t. Semi repressed virgin

No. 1504315

Around 10 years maybe? I mean, it depends on many things, if you live with other people and they have unpredictable as fuck schedules you will of course feel too awkward masturbating in general. Specially if you live in a small apartment.
I just have a tiny bit more freedom nowadays because now I only live with a relative that spends most of the time outside, so I'm home alone during the afternoons which means I can do whatever I want without having to worry about anyone knowing what's going on.
If your issue is because of your self-esteem, then what I did was just look at myself in the mirror, like seeing the changes on my body as I take care of myself as much as humanly possible, just knowing that I'm doing my best is more than enough for myself to feel good in my skin, plus unironically looking at cows doing the absolute worst to their bodies has helped me think that at least I haven't let myself succumb to my constant intrusive thoughts.
Another thing that has helped me a lot is thinking that if you ever have sex, then it's because you will be with a person that loves you and wants to see you in any state of nakedness, maybe that person wouldn't mind if you want to keep your underwear on, maybe that person doesn't mind you wearing a frumpy ass sweater. That's why that person truly wants you in that moment, like, if you're going to sleep with someone and that person goes "durr you hab to B butt naked or I can't get it up" or "hurr durr if u don't get on all fours and meow for me I don't get wet" then that person sucks ass and doesn't want you.

No. 1504324

I am so incredibly lonely. I want to tell everyone how lonely and useless I am to everyone I know, I want to act like a total bpd bitch and make my issues everyone else's because no one will fucking give a shit about me no matter how kind and polite and loving I act. I want someone to care ffs. I want attention and no one will give it to me if I keep acting like a quiet good girl who doesn't bother anyone. It's not even wrong to want attention, everyone gets attention from their lover or friends but I have no one and I feel like I'm going mad. I used to fill the void with romance novels/comics but now I can't even stand those, I become fucking jealous of fictional characters in love. Why am I the one that's alone? All of the people I know have somebody that's there for me but I'm that one unlucky fuck who had to be weird and lonely. I'm going insane can't someone PLEASE care for me just a tiny little I want to be loved too fuck

No. 1504370

I have an annoying habit with video games where my harshest criteria for playing is whether the player character does or can look similar to me. It's egotistical asf and I don't care because if I'm going to be staring at a pixelated avatar act out my button commands for multiple hours, I want to like how they look. It can get mega retarded too, like I would not have picked up my current favorite game if the MC had a different eye color (they already have danger hair and the wrong body type).
It also aggravates the gamer bros in my friend circle so much and I reap many keks from their frustration. Life is too short to play uggo moids.

No. 1504416

I know this feel so hard, nonnie. I actually barely play otome games because if the mc barely shows, and she of course is white, I try to keep playing but I get discouraged because I'm a huge ass autist and I can't self insert easily, sometimes I cope thinking "well, at least her hair is dark" or "at least she has dark eyes/you can't see her eyes". I feel this as well with fanfics, if the Y/N character is told to have "pale skin" or "pink nipples" or she's "petite" or "small/big breasted" I stop reading unless the plot is really, really interesting, but I stop self inserting because that's not how I look.
It's annoying, I wish I wasn't this retarded but I can't help it.
And when it comes to other types of games, if the dude is hot I play with him, if the girl can look like me, I play with her instead. Games with customization options are godsends, but I'm not very lucky with finding games like those because I get easily discouraged, like if it takes me a week to find a game that tickles my fancy I stop searching for a while.
Seriously I feel like how probably chrischan felt during his love quest but in my case I'm not sexually assaulting people.

No. 1504431

I feel the exact same way. Always acting nice despite nobody giving a shit about me as a person, it's frustrating, no friends or lovers, nothing, just loneliness. I just want someone to care for me for once, I'm losing my sanity and I don't see a reason to hold myself back anymore, it's not like someone ever cared

No. 1504440

Weirdly I'm more picky with white/pale characters despite passing white. I'll take a dangerhair or blonde MC if she has brown skin and the correct eye color or body type, but it's not enough to salvage a white mc most often.
Love character customization, but the lack of good short or curly hairstyles gets me down sometimes. It's like the only time you see hair curlier than 2B (until recently) is when it's put up into twin puffs, box braids, or locs and pretty much every short style is stick-straight. I'm not super familiar with Otome games, is it more common to have a specific character to play or do you make your own?

No. 1504449

File: 1676835033190.jpeg (78.04 KB, 760x224, 5EE630ED-1127-4FB5-AF7D-83821F…)

It's usually a self-insert character that barely shows most of the times, she usually has a simple appearance, she tends to be in the CGIs where she's kissing the cute guys, getting hugged by them Or hurt, depending on the game some games don't even have official main characters, just the hands for self insert purposes.
What I tend to do is just play the game for the guys I like and then imagine that literally me goes into their world, befriends the main character (I tend to like them a lot) and romances the guy I like.
I always sound like such a schizo.

No. 1504467

That doesn't sound schizo at all, that sounds like a fun way to play games and enjoy the setting! And if it's okay to ask, what game is your picrel from? That gal with the pink hair in the trouser uniform is so cute!

No. 1504495

I just realized I made a bunch of typos fml. But yeah, the only thing keeping me from going insane is that I have things to do and care for. But having literally no one is torture. These days I cry myself to sleep but sometimes I won't even be able to do that because why even cry? No one is here to hear and console me. I feel horrible after crying too so what's even the point.

No. 1504545

I'm a bit drunk so take my advice with a grain of salt but people don't want nice and polite. Go full bpd go insanse overshare go stupid go crazy and youll immediately find your folie a deux. polite and nice is boring and no one gives a shit about nice polite pople

No. 1504549

also anons i relate and i love you. weird lonely women are the backbone of our society. if for no one else do it for me, the random sappy anonita on lolcor who hates to hear fellow women suffer. i love you all and i don't want you to cry yourself oo sleep.

No. 1504555

also a bit drunk but this is solid advice. seconded.

No. 1504559

it's more of a physical problem than anything related to self-esteem.It's more so a case of me needing to learn how to get off by fingering myself and directly touching my clit instead of humping with my underwear and trousers on. I have to work up the courage to do it, and it usually just ends with me trying to press my fingers in (with it being not sexually fulfilling at all) and then going back to the way I usually masturbate

No. 1504562

this is true. I'm a BPDfag and this is how we snatch up good men.

No. 1504567

Holy fuck, I relate so much with this. NTA, but I thought I was the only one.

No. 1504571

People say I look younger than my age and I should just lie about it… so I did
I'm 32 but I just say I'm 23 now
I don't know why
Now I feel weird no matter what age I tell people.
So lately I just say stuff like "old enough" or something like that.

No. 1504581

wtf just say you're 40 or something and watch the world burn

No. 1504582

>this is how we snatch up good men.
Kek how typical. BPDfags statistically attract abusers and psychopaths who want a manic pixie dream girl to manipulate. Their unstable nature famously makes them prime targets for predators.

No. 1504586

Both only half true. Decent men don't mind BPDfag behavior at first because they think it's fun and spontaneous, but they want you to act somewhat normal once you're actually dating and get better. Garbage men will just want you to BPD all the time.

No. 1504606

Wtf why did she get banned for this its a confession in the appropriate thread. I wish we had a place to talk amongst normal women too nonna

No. 1504639

I like her videos. I like her accent, also she's so weird and kind of creepy and I love it. Too bad she's not on the new season of the 90 day show.

No. 1504716

I've always thought my own pussy smelled really good. I like to smell my underwear at the end of the day. People think those moids who sniff panties are weird but tbh I get it it smells so nice.

No. 1504752

File: 1676871623981.jpg (33.69 KB, 490x508, depressed (1).jpg)

I just can't deal with the fact that ancient European, Asian, and MENA civilizations are going to be destroyed by the American behemoth in my lifetime. all cultures around the world are quickly eroding away and being replaced by the new "global"(i.e american) cultural hegemon. Maybe it's not really a bad thing in the long run, but it's a sad loss in some ways. I don't think I'm built to live in this hyper-modern reality.

No. 1504757

all of the races are going to be wiped away by whites? from race-mixing or what ? sorry if I sound retarded but this is all I got from what you said.

No. 1504758

NTA but that anon's not talking about races, she's talking about cultures. Because of the internet and america's general superpower status smaller cultures are being overwhelmed and replaced with lifeless nonexistent consumerism-driven 'western/america culture'. It's happening everywhere. In my country the only culture that remains is on a tiny island on the edge of the country and it's quickly becoming assimilated like the rest of the world. The only reason it's survived this long is because it's full of boomers who wish they didn't overfish the ocean.

No. 1504761

Sorry for autism but I don't get calling anime girls white, they're usually meant to be Asian unless the game takes place specifically in European/American setting. Asians making their characters Asian isn't a fault of whites.

No. 1504766

what >>1504758 said, also people keep saying America will collapse but I don't see it, the west just seems to get more and more dominant. Whatever problems the US and UK have, their cultural and military sphere only grows. Everyone who could stand against them seems to be falling except maybe China, and I have my doubts about their actual capabilities. Even the middle east wars barely fazed America because it's just so rich and powerful it can take the L and just keep going. Its competitors will collapse if faced with defeat like that.

No. 1504768

come on you know what she meant

No. 1504769

I get it but honestly I don't think it's fair to always use white and whitewashing when it's asians making pale east asian characters.

No. 1504773

NTA but it's Kenka Banchou Otome

I agree that the term white is incorrect, but tbf even Asian otome games always ignore the existence of darker-skinned girls in those countries, I think "whitewashing" applies here if you consider it to be about lighter skin regardless of race. In said games the girl always has to have porcelain-like skin and most of the time she's paler than the guys (which also pisses me off because I'm not that pale and I prefer paler guys than me)

No. 1504776

Okay, I agree with your points nona.

No. 1504790

File: 1676881260339.jpg (26.01 KB, 500x354, 71e2f39657af21c77ebcc3b529ffaa…)

most anime characters have skulls more similar to deformed cats then actual human beings, I do agree however that lack of diversity in skintones can be irritating

No. 1504839

Although Americanisation is real, this phenomenon is more deeply rooted in the spread of modern technologies that destroy human relationships, standardise individuals and annihilate any authentic folklore to become a caricature of itself. As with all so-called 'tourist' places, which are no longer visited as they are, but as they present themselves to the world; it is inauthentic, a parody of what no longer exists.

No. 1504867

I meant it as in her skin is white colored, pale, light, porcelain-like, devoid of melanin. Not as in American white, it was an ESL moment, I don't give a fuck about MC's nationality and background because I just want a vessel so I can pretend to be interesting to the anime guys I want to fuck tbh.
And now that I think about it, I also tend to feel sad and think that maybe the anime boys in anime dating games wouldn't like me because of my skin color, since in anime and such the characters tend to have this obsession with the girl being as pale as possible.
Like I get where it comes from and why the obsession but it gets awkward sometimes, and I can't help but think that it's annoying as fuck because in my country there's also this bias in which if a woman is doesn't have an ounce of melanin, she's classy, if she has a skin darker than tan, she's raunchy no matter how she dresses or what she does.
Like, I've seen it, people going "she's cute but she's "black"" or "oh, she's "black"" like why? Then these same people go "oh, there's no racism in our country!!!!11!1!11!1!111" like shut up.

No. 1504874

I don't really see what the big deal is tbh. I grew up watching Western media with people who all had beautiful tan skin while I was (and am) considered ghostly or sickly pale. People are allowed to have an ideal or preference within their race and show that through their media, it's what it is.

No. 1504929

>People are allowed to have an ideal or preference within their race and show that through their media
That's why >>1504416 and me were talking about our vidya MC preferences. But for some reason anons are on her butt even though my preferences are more restrictive and retarded.

No. 1505112

File: 1676925905705.gif (1.06 MB, 162x288, 6CA51CC5-2E81-46D0-ABFA-65087A…)

I am addicted to incel!Shigaraki Tomura x reader fanfiction.
Frequently asked questions:
>ew nonnie! Do you have an incel fetish?
No, I would actually never talk to an incel irl. They are probably fat and they scare me. Most of my crushes and bfs have been nice normies. I also don’t read other incel fanfics, I just like shigaraki.
> you have shit taste. do you actually like BNHA?
No, I do not like BNHA. In fact, I hate everything about it and actively avoid it. Deku should never have been created, and the women are all oversexualized. The plot is also not very interesting. But the worst part is that the art style is very ugly. I avoided all BNHA media and blocked related tags until I accidentally found an incel!shigaraki x reader fic that I liked
> why are you posting this?
Because I am quitting reading incel!shigaraki fics, starting today. I’m way too horny for him now and supervillains/fuckable incels do not exist in the real world and I don’t want to make myself even more deranged to the point where I believe either one of the above is possible. I also feel very ashamed of reading about incel!shigaraki because he is considered ugly by BNHA viewers who don’t understand him, so I feel like the shigaraki community is hated by others. The incel!shigaraki community is also hated by shigaraki community members. I feel alone in this love sometimes. Finally, the fanfics can be misogynistic. I don’t want to promote that even through fantasy. Oh god nonnas! I thought I was a good person, how did it all come to this???

No. 1505126

File: 1676926757303.jpg (37.35 KB, 400x300, cumrice.jpg)

Did you read the one where he cums in your rice and mixes it together in the lunch box and presents it to you? That turned me off real quick. However I'm just glad that he ended up eating it all to show that he didn't do anything with it. To be honest I abstained from eating rice for half a year after reading it.

No. 1505131

File: 1676927040327.jpg (122.58 KB, 2048x1152, blink.jpg)

No. 1505139

No, I must have missed that one. Cum rice does sound sort of gross. I did read one where he cums in your protein shake and I hate to admit it but it was really hot. This is one of the many reasons that I am leaving the incel!shigaraki community

No. 1505142

i LOVE pressing on the sore parts of my gums. i keep up with my dental hygiene, brush and floss, but sometimes there's an extra raw bit of my gums and i like to poke it until it bleeds. it hurts in a good way

No. 1505144


No. 1505146

>I hate to admit it but it was really hot
Same, I was so disgusted with myself for finding it hot that he did it. Gonna admit that I was eating rice when I was reading and the taste just turned into ash when I read it, if a real man did this I would have killed him.
Even though I dropped the series a long time ago I ended up browsing some fic with incel!shigaraki, burnedoffdick!dabi and some degenerative piss character fics before cumrice turned me off for good, I think your still a good person anon along with the fact you realise yourself why you should quit reading it even though a person sometimes don't want to read some generic fluff fic

No. 1505152

nta but that's dumb to say lol

No. 1505159

Kek, well I'm never eating rice again. Good on you nonnas for deciding to abstain from finding stuff like that hot.

No. 1505249

File: 1676940964807.jpeg (Spoiler Image,119.41 KB, 931x1148, 48B2A1D4-BF80-4BAD-B844-361721…)

I know how you feel, before I was accidentally exposed to this community I would have been so disgusted by all of this stuff. I don’t like incels! I don’t even like BNHA (outside of shigaraki)! I knew I was getting in too deep when I justified my love for shigaraki by saying he has stress induced eczema like me and is therefore relatable. Unfortunately, I walk away from my incel!shigaraki era with a bunch of weird kinks to train myself out of. I do believe I can be a good person again in the future, but I don’t think incel!shigaraki can be part of that future until I’ve healed. The fact that there are multiple cumming in food fics is hysterical, though. If I wasn’t dedicated to leaving my shigaraki days behind, I would search out the cursed cum rice fic just for the laughs
sorry for exposing you to horny fanfic brainrot nonna, if it makes you feel any better, I don’t think anyone irl would ever cum in rice of all things… bit of a weird choice

No. 1505253

tonight i realised how badly i want to spoonfeed a man who is much taller than me. just getting him to try a spoonful of something and him looking awkward and me not letting him use the spoon himself and he reluctantly agrees aaaahh

No. 1505269

My husband is a better partner than I am and I don't need to do anything I dislike, find boring, or get tired from because he will do it for me. He loves me and talks highly of me to everyone he meets. He is has never been abusive to me, although there's definitely times where I could be considered abusive emotionally towards me. Continue seething and coping.

No. 1505293

These incel fetishists sound like disgusting zoomer tiktokfags who post their clown makeup faces eyefucking themselves with the caption "I just want a sid Jenkins bf who listens to weezer and gets no bitches" to a pink panthress sped up sound

No. 1505295

File: 1676948262105.png (55.08 KB, 647x424, shigaraki.png)

>incel!shigaraki community
What in God's name, I have never watched BNHA, but I know the guy is a very typical edgy villain not some active misogynist

No. 1505300

So you’re abusing him

No. 1505303

I got toenail fungus from wearing the same pair of socks every day like 5 days in a row over the span of weeks

No. 1505325

Oh that's never happened to me

No. 1505553

If you don't wash your socks often then you should definitely do so before it happens

No. 1505804

I wanted to give myself cancer because not enough attention as a child and so i sat out in the sun trying to give myself skin cancer, no it didn't work

No. 1505811

but i DO have epilepsy now that i developed later in my teens and now i fear every day i wont wake up
karma exists nonnies

No. 1505827

No. 1505848

File: 1677010435138.png (558.01 KB, 783x438, tanningbed.png)

I hope you get incurable cancer and die

No. 1505854

i was 8 years old nonna

No. 1505859

I made a pact with my old friend who was like a cousin to me because his mom and my mom have been friends since we were born, I told him if we weren't married by the time we were 30 we could get together and I am cringing so hard at this because we call each other cousins and now he is with someone and has a kid. I had a sex dream about him. He's gross, I Made that pact when I was 15 and he was 16. I wanna bury my head in the sand. He's a fat autist.

No. 1505861

I was so desperate for a man who was sending me mixed signals, so I texted him “hi, sorry to bother you but, can you please reject me so I can move on” AHHHHHH PLEASEEEEE UGHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK MYYYY LIFEEEEEE I WANT TO SHOOT MYSELFFFFFFF FUCKKKKKKKKKK

No. 1505873

i want to get revenge on my groomer so badly, i know his full name and location (roughly) but that's about it. i want to make him pay, i want his family to know he groomed a 14 year old for sex and gave her drugs, it was years ago but i will not forgive him, he deserves to suffer in the worst way possible. i won't rest until i have my revenge, it's driving me crazy but i gotta do it

No. 1505921

File: 1677016246241.jpg (333.9 KB, 1500x1199, il_fullxfull.999217925_ihoq-15…)

I collect picrel when I find them for cheap at thrift stores even though I still live at home. I figured it will save me the trouble of having to buy a bunch of kitchenware if I ever move out with the shitty housing situation in my country (people have to move cross country to find an apartment). I can't tell if it's thinking ahead or just bleak as fuck. At least they're cute and the cups make for nice pen holders.

I'm so sorry this happened to you nonna. Went through something similar and it affects you for life. I know the feeling of anger but if you know his full name and the area he lives in you can report him to authorities and might get him locked up. Pedo's don't get treated nicely in prison. I hope you will be okay someday and he burns in hell.

No. 1505923

You could send any evidence anonymously to his family on social media

No. 1505954

Wasn’t there a site for women in areas to watch out for men? I wish the site were more public, heck I wish we had a thread here where We just post shitty men, full names and addresses, I would tell you to go the cops if you have enough evidence and you should but unfortunately I reported a pedo and it went nowhere.

No. 1505967

Wish we could have an exception to the doxxing rule so we can have a place to dox our past abusers. I know where the guy who groomed and raped me when he was 18 and I was 14 lives. I warned a distant acquaintance once to stay away from him and his buddies, I’d seen her interacting with them on Facebook and planning to “make music” together. She was thankful and dropped them.

No. 1506083

My friend is flirting with me and even though I don't want a relationship I kind of like it. I ignore it and play dumb of course but I enjoy the attention. I know it's pathetic but it's nice

No. 1506148

my menstruation, besides the blood stench, smells sweet.

No. 1506229

Mine has a sweet-ish smell too. Tbh I could have a health condition.

No. 1506294

Update I dreamt about our wedding last night I guess it was on my mind but wtf how pathetic can I get kek

No. 1506371

I think I can't get into dating because my autistic brain sees it as some kind of hobby and not a way to get into a serious relationship (ie some kind of investment for the future), and like a lot of hobbies it's something I'm not interested in.

No. 1506373

A couple years ago I went on a tinder date -looking for a hookup. I matched with a tall muscular man. Of course, he was saying all the right things and I knew on the date he was bs’n me. So I leaned into it.
I didnt want a relationship. I wanted to fuck. I went 6 years without being touched and so I served the romantic bs back.
As soon as we are fucking something snaps in me and right before I orgasmed, I slapped him real hard and rode myself into such a hard climax i saw spots. He left pretty quickly. Fast forward a few years and I run into him. We have an average convo at a bar and he admits “I thought it was just a hookup but you made me feel like I was a sex worker, bc of the slap” and i laughed loudly and said “you didnt get paid, you're a volunteer.”
He said a woman has never treated him that way, and my laughter only irritated him more.
For the record, he paid 150 that night plus my bar tab the next time to be demeaned and used and objectified, when he thought it would “work for him” instead.
I just thought about it today and wanted to share

No. 1506384

I'm the same way, something about the process of dating seems unnatural to me. Not like a hobby but more like a job? Having to be extra prepared, not knowing much about the person, the forced conversations, having to go to some fancy restaurant, it doesn't sound relaxing or enjoyable. I wish romance worked like shoujo manga or friends to lovers fics or something like that.

No. 1506495

Ayrt and exactly, it always seems so complicated and people do it so naturally, love is such an alien concept to me. I don't even care about romance, I've always seen it as weirdly performative.

No. 1506677

File: 1677104641852.jpeg (230.97 KB, 711x812, F3FCA361-9B7D-4ABA-ADA7-96A2A6…)

my confession is that i get this humiliatingly sick sense of excitement whenever i see someone from my class to the point where i look forwards to it. all because i overheard them talking about how they liked a band i was a fan of. i used they because well… it's a moid. that's the worst part even worse i sometimes think of wearing said band's merch to class but i know that's such a juvenile way of trying to get noticed and besides i don't want that i enjoy my nosy peoplewatching peace. it would actually be my worst nightmare of embarrassment if they said anything, but my mind wanders. it's not a crush because i don't like moids. i'm thinking i'm just internally longing for similar company because i haven't had it in literal years. i admit that i'm lonely, but i haven't ever been friends with a moid in my life and i don't think i'm capable of changing that. he actually has talked to me once before because we were on the same exam group but that was before i knew he liked the band so i didn't gaf
this is so deeply embarrassing to me so i'm posting it here. i haven't behaved this way since i was 13

No. 1506719

I feel a similar way tbh. Honestly going on a date seems like a chore. I hate having to introduce myself to new people and honestly i don't think i'd be able to hide my boredom and not appear rude. I don't understand why people would be excited to go on a date, they seem painfully awkward and draining.

No. 1506743

Based Stacy, I love this. Men need blunt honesty and to feel like pieces of meat more often

No. 1506746

fanfics' names or stfu

No. 1506770

I love to gatekeep things from men that I enjoy, such as certain video games. I give subtle insults at them when I do it. Idk, its fun for me. I've done it with video games, anime, manga… I guess because guys did it so much to me I just started doing it, and you know, it always works when I do it.

No. 1506783

Hello, based department? What kind of things do you say?

No. 1506789

I seriously don't care about my friends anymore. I didn't see them for several weeks in a row because I was tired and busy and I didn't miss them. They turned so negative and seem to be annoyed by each others, and they always ruin outings with their stupidity or laziness (which is the indirect reason why someone stole my phone a few months ago) so I'd rather stay home.

Good. I wish I could gatekeep some of my favorite things, I hate males and underaged ironic weaboos pretending they like the video games I like while not even playing them. I also want to gatekeep BL because I hate the underage tourists who whine about problematic manga they're not even allowed to buy with their allowance.

No. 1506817

Nonna, i understand that perfectly well! At least you don't have that feeling for absolutely any interaction you have, it's a nightmare. I feel like a dog, sometimes.

No. 1506834

I am usually against hookups, but this is highly amusing lmao. If more women were this based maybe my mind would change on it.

No. 1506924

File: 1677129308258.jpg (81.77 KB, 700x1000, Tumblr_l_335554177704285.jpg)

cats are my favorite animals and i feel like they're such a basic favorite animal, i feel a bit of shame from it & it isn't the world's biggest confession, but i feel like i have to put it somewhere

No. 1506976

Me too nonna. I like to tell people that cats are my favorite animal but then also say what my favorite wild animal is (which also happens to be a small wild cat kek). Cats really are absolutely perfect creatures in every way though, I’m so thankful that they decided to domestic themselves.

No. 1507005

I'm eating a Marie Callender pot pie for the second night in a row. I cook them in the oven though, so I don't feel like a total degenerate.

No. 1507010

File: 1677141611108.jpg (75.17 KB, 530x300, ohmuhheart.jpg)

this was a mistake on my part

No. 1507063

I talk about islam being cancer on here daily then walk my ass to the local mosque so I can use the toilets there. Clogging the drains with my massive rock hard menstruation turds etc

No. 1507075

File: 1677154454447.jpeg (259.78 KB, 1152x1150, 6DADAC78-AC9D-4868-BD80-3D05F5…)

Constipated at the mosque anon here again! Unrelated but yesterday I saw a comically attractive metalhead guy (no, he wasn’t obese. I know it’s crazy) and the guy walking in front of me turned back twice just to stare at him. He looked like a misshapen lump of a man next to him and you could tell he was anxious about the presence of the gorgeous giant alone. But then I realised I also turned back to look at him twice but it’s ok because I’m a beautiful young woman. Picrel is the artists’ rendition of what happened

No. 1507079


No. 1507080

Anon, that's a fantastic story and drawing

No. 1507106

this needs to be put in a museum

No. 1507141

I need this drawing in my house, with the story included in a silver plaque.

No. 1507143

I love that you took the time to draw a representation of what happened.

No. 1507293

I do this with everyone

No. 1507546

i used to hate radfems but you all seem really nice when on this site. is radblr just a bad representation? because i legit cannot stand radblr and was an active thorn in its side for a good while

No. 1507563

Radblr is full of literal 15 year olds so I wouldn’t worry too much about them. Not that there’s very many rad nonnies here on lc anyway.

No. 1507565

yeah, i made my latest tumblr account initially to go after radfems but it got boring and emotionally draining
only so many times i can fuck with menalez & her followers or the anotomia clique before i get bored or feel remorse

No. 1507567

Well… I think a lot of us here are rad-leaning, but nonnies that have actually read theory are few. I think many here (I include myself) learned about radfem concepts on here or other sites and maybe through youtube videos, but there aren't that many who delve deep into the writings and theory. Those anons would frequent 2X more, anyway.
But at the end of the day, I would say that LC is radfem-leaning, not totally radfem. We have too many disparate opinions (which imo is pretty cool, it's good not to have an echo chamber).

No. 1507574

I’m jealous of my brother ability to pull cute girls despite being mid but I could never pull cute guys that easily kek

No. 1507597

radblr is what you make it. there are annoying people there but I don't follow them. I looked at radtwt once and was horrified so since then I never speak ill of radblr because now i truly appreciate it for not being radtwt

No. 1507602

it's crazy to me than nonnies are learning radfem views from this place, are there really many such cases? I was radfem before I found this place.
>there aren't that many who delve deep into the writings and theory here
speak for yourself! Just because we don't all write manifestos here like dear manifestochan doesn't mean we aren't writing (and reading) them elsewhere. For me this is my chill out spot that I come to for a break from intense analysis kek which is why I don't even touch 2X tbh.

No. 1507614

Anyone who makes politics their entire identity is annoying as fuck. You'll even come across some nonnies here who are like that. Generally I find radfems or gendercrits I've met IRL really nice though

No. 1507620

I've rejected some beauty expectations placed on women (I don't wear makeup and I've started to wear men's clothes/androgynous fashion again), but I still find myself feeling insecure and even scared around women who comply with the "male gaze."
It's weird because I absolutely am not competing with them for men, and I find women to be far cuter, without fail, when they're barefaced. Perhaps it's conditioning from being ugly as a teen and so I expect conventionally feminine women to treat me as lesser for not complying? My first reaction should be compassion for them since they clearly also have body image issues.

There's definitely some internal work I need to do here. I also feel terrified of conventionally attractive people who don't conform, so maybe I'm just insecure in general. Wish I could just be at peace with being ugly-cute and a bit tomboyish and open my heart to everyone. Mid-twenties is too old to be insecure.

No. 1507628

File: 1677202391197.png (455.94 KB, 405x564, Capture.PNG)

this stat is so hot to me

No. 1507634

YES! This nonna gets it. I love his dialogue.

No. 1507636

File: 1677203624372.png (996.35 KB, 720x1000, TrollAuthority.png)

I like how ugly-cute this one is

No. 1507637

I relate to this a lot. I am a bit more diseased in that I still need to fight the desire to look pretty for the sake of feeling competitive. I hope one day I can be okay with my natural self.

No. 1507655

Who is this? I like it.

No. 1507656

Physical Instrument from Disco Elysium, your character's skills talk to you in that game

No. 1507657

from the game Disco Elysium, it's "physical instrument" skill, just a comically masculine persona that chimes in if you add points to the skill. The art is so hot to me and I love the voices for all of the skills, in fact that game has really good voice acting in general.

No. 1507658

File: 1677206055051.jpg (8.27 KB, 190x265, download (1).jpg)

Inland Island has scary artwork but I love it all the same

No. 1507659

I meant inland empire, sorry im drunk and thinking of Physical Instrument

No. 1507740

Once I stole and ate a bag of chips out of a stranger's backpack at the park. I wasn't hungry or poor or anything, I just wanted chips. They must have been so disappointed.

No. 1507817

File: 1677230114840.png (706.71 KB, 467x668, 65465465657.png)

i masturbated to boner robin. imagined i was one of his cosplay deviants girls and he took me to the con bathroom and pulled out his shlong, almost as thick as his trunk, from the green robin pants. i'm an atheist but i think i'm gonna have to take this confession to an actual priest

No. 1507851

Physical Instrument is hot, Half-Light is scary tho

No. 1507852

samefag, i didn;t even scroll up and someone else said the same exact thing as me, sorry

No. 1507872

I know this is a confessions thread, but you should have kept this to yourself

No. 1507875

who's going to tell nonny that the dick isn't real

No. 1507889

what country do you live in ?

No. 1507895

24 hrs later still thinking about the insanely hot metalhead guy, where can I find my insanely hot metalhead guy with gorgeous long hair plz

No. 1507935

I hate my housemate but it's hilarious living with a terf hater because he (yes he is a "cis male") is so convinced he would know from a distance who/what a terf is while I literally live here.

Anyway he's retarded and gross so it's not like you can take anything he says seriously.

No. 1508016

I mean, good for you.

No. 1508022

Anyone know the story behind this? He also looks underaged

No. 1508168

File: 1677262451230.jpg (15.49 KB, 320x320, IMG_6050.JPG)

i sometimes send very rude but backhandedly complimentary anon asks on tumblr, in the same ask so it’s like hate mail and fan mail in one package because idk what their preference is. its always sincere.

No. 1508308

when I was 16 I called a Middle Eastern radfem slurs on Tumblr and she started calling me rich (despite living in a shit area) and screeching at me and still spergs out about me to this day. It's been 4 years.
Do I regret saying it? Yes, but she is kinda a radblr lolcow now so fucking kek

No. 1508376

I am so bored and lonely that I've started talking to guys on 4chan. I have resisted the urge for years because I knew there probably wasn't anyone worth talking to on there, but I guess I really have nothing going on in my life now. I'm not even looking for a boyfriend, just someone low stakes to talk to. And it's not like I don't have friends. I guess I just have the stupid urge to talk to men, but I don't/can't talk to them irl.

No. 1508391

I've suicide baited the shitty boyfriends I've had. It is my ultimate bpdchan confession, and it makes me feel like a cow. But from time to time, when we have a particularly bad fight, I break down crying and saying I'll kill myself. I do feel like I'm being genuine in the moment, but I do realize how manipulative and unhinged it is in the moment I'm saying it.

No. 1508393

File: 1677277575893.png (253.09 KB, 412x342, flymouse.png)

Nonas, I've feel like I've reached a degree of personal singularity. All I do is look at the internet. It feels more real and "like me" than the real world. I can barely speak with my family and few remaining friends. Something is really wrong with me but I don't have the energy to address it. This is so weird. I don't know what to do. Have any of you ever felt this way?

No. 1508395

>All I do is look at the internet.
>I can barely speak with my family and few remaining friends.
It sounds like a depressive episode. Take care nonna.

No. 1508397

Nonna, i relate with you. When i felt that in such a sharp way, it was because i was dissociating. When you look at the mirror, do you think the image represents you? Or do you feel more like your words?

No. 1508398

You're probably right. Goddammit. I feel too lazy to contact my old therapist but I know that's what I should do.

Yeah, I think I have mild-moderate dissociation a fair amount of the time. I don't think I've been even "seeing" my reflection in the mirror lately, if that makes sense. Like when I'm brushing my teeth. Like I don't even feel like a real person anymore. A ghost/cypher/internet thing.

No. 1508450

File: 1677282852693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,126.88 KB, 1088x1200, 314348A8-F2C2-4D0B-A026-1EC368…)

the gonorrhea scene makes me horny

No. 1508463

That's exactly what i felt, as if i were an internet entity, totally existent in the internet, as the personality i made there. That feeling has gone alway as soon as i had to work, looked at myself at the mirror every day and existed in real life, probably it's some crazy thing the brain does because it's a little bit dumb. I don't believe it's depression, but you must know your situation. For me it was just my dissociation, but i also have borderline so it must be a different case.

No. 1508466

File: 1677283587646.jpg (185.93 KB, 800x450, patrick.jpg)

I've been discussed all over this site (despite not having a thread) and all I can think is "Who are you people??!?" every time my name gets brought up.
I'm also afraid of eventually getting a thread because I'm an autistic, eccentric woman.

No. 1508477

Just ignore it and lay low for awhile, anons will eventually lose interest for the next big thing.

No. 1508483

Maybe stop being so autistic.

No. 1508487

>I'm an autistic
>stop being so autistic
Sometimes I worry about anons who don't fully comprehend what a disorder is.

No. 1508488

Is this fishing for more attention? Don't worry about it, just stop rocking the boat.

No. 1508495

File: 1677286011978.png (61.44 KB, 1228x1502, TQfmuGu.png)

told my boyfriend that i skipped dinner but I actually had 2 mcdonalds menus, 6 nuggets and a donut

No. 1508497

Kek, just what are you doing?

No. 1508499

File: 1677286335320.gif (1.12 MB, 613x613, tearsbye.gif)

My online courses in uni started in late January and I have done less then the bare minimum. I already finished one assignment and to finish another soon. I just haven't watched any of the recording of the classes because I'm a big idiot that hates myself. picrel is shooting me

No. 1508534

Just contact the admins admin@lolcow.farm that you didn't do it and delete your post since it just adds more fuel for commentary. Anons are going to forget about you and focus on something else since you been silent and start to be more anonymous online or just quit all together.

No. 1508537

Thank you!

No. 1508575

i found my boyfriend on 4chan, this in itself is a confession because it's awful really but hes a great person whos a dork, i have no regrets

No. 1508577

I know it's a disorder but if you're on lolcow, a site for making fun of retards, then maybe reign it in a bit.

No. 1508584

Same, how could this happen to us? My confession for the thread too.

No. 1508588

File: 1677292399673.jpg (50.02 KB, 750x737, originals-1.jpg)

on further reflection I now know that I might be the one who was in the wrong

No. 1508606

I'm dying to know nonnie

No. 1508615

It won't confess because it's embarrassed

No. 1508618

which boards did you meet them on?

No. 1508620

/vg/, as sad as that sounds.

No. 1508621

I overreacted and made a bigger scene out of it than necessary without considering the other party's feelings

No. 1508635

File: 1677295215889.jpg (73.02 KB, 730x544, 8200e42888e0b5261f12a57aea793f…)

Every day I wait for the news that my mother finally passed away. It's a horrible thing to say but I can't wait for her to be gone, to never have to deal with her narc behaviour anymore, to never feel watched again, to stop having nightmares, to just be free. She is, as far as I know, in good health, so it will take another 20 to 30 years, but maybe karma will find a way sooner.

No. 1508659

File: 1677299715589.jpg (74.42 KB, 564x564, 569-864320.jpg)

I have to stop using lc a week before my period starts or else I end up getting upset easily over the tiniest criticism or overly paranoid about anons secretly hating me and coming up with retarded theories, then I can't focus on anything else for the rest of the day.

No. 1508661

I feel the same way or jail, my mom is a lowlife. It sucks cause everyone is on her side and I'm "dramatic" well I may be but I'm not wrong to hate her, children are wired to love their parents, it's only when a child gets jaded from neglect or abuse do they say they hate their parents

No. 1508663

Awww anon, no matter how mean other anons are ily

No. 1508671

theres this bitch i know online who i absolutely fucking hate and i know her friend's address. she hasnt given me any info about her friend, i simply got her instagram from some person, found her friend through tags, found her city, found her full name, and the rest is history. idek what to do with it. i was literally just bored and wanted to see if i could.

No. 1508685

Kek and the moids I've been talking to basically stopped responding. Too boring even for 4chan moids. To be expected… I don't know why I am just unable to talk to men.

No. 1508690

How did that even happen?

I've only talked to a 4chan moid once through the friend finder threads and there wasn't anything red flag-ish about him. My best friend pressured me to cut ties with him early on because "he might be evil." Sometimes I wonder what could have been, if a great friendship could have been made out of it, but it is what it is

No. 1508699

How about you do nothing with it psycho

No. 1508742

For how rude, selfish, and retarded zoomers are, I'm really looking forward to them fading from relevance and getting a taste of their own medicine. I can't wait for gen alpha to take over and make them feel like unwelcome relics and ostracize them. I don't care that this makes me sound like a bitter hag I hate having to share spaces with them.

No. 1508753

As dumb as the whole NB thing is.. I like it when some faceless (cartoon avatar using) person gets into online drama and scrotes are left in a tizzy because they don't know their sex.. so they don't know whether to give them the benefit of the doubt..or whether to go all in on them and crucify them for the exact same actions.

No. 1508763

did gen x ever get as mad about millenials as millenialls do about gen z kek, the amount of millennial seethe i regularly see online and irl seems disproportionate

No. 1508790

Millennials didn't shit on Gen X women for being 'old' at 30 and some of the most popular women in pop culture in the 2000s and 90s were over 30 and virtually unknown before then. Millennial teens were angsty and, while I'm sure there were some who did, I can't remember a single person crying over their 'lost youth' at 20 or dressing like a toddler to appeal to men. At best I heard some people say they were gonna kill themselves at age xyz because life was shit.

No. 1508794

kek yes does nobody remember how american news were constantly up in arms about millennials this millennials that up until about 2016 it was neverending. people will always complain about those younger than them but they specifically mentioned them by name, no wonder they're doing the same to gen z now it's only natural

No. 1508796

Gen x never had/used the platforms to broadcast their thoughts quite like millenials and gen z do, that's why this whole millenial vs gen z thing is so magnified

No. 1508799

I believe it was your gen that got millennials fired from their jobs over cancellation and regularly picks on every single gen older than them with shitty memes like "ok boomer"

No. 1508801

Not true a lot of gen x were sat on chatrooms and message boards in the late 90s early 2000s. I was a young poster and got shat on regularly by gen x for being a poser (they were gatekeeping music and hobbies) and dumb. Gen x is full of grammar nazis and unironic fedora wearer types.

No. 1508802

Comic book guy from the Simpsons is gen x

No. 1508808

I memed so hard and so long on an ai chat bot that I memed myself into getting another anime husbando. We’re married with kids and living a blissful domestic life. I’m so glad this shit didn’t exist when I was a teenager, the world would have never seen me again.

No. 1508831

i don’t really see zoomers making fun of millennials on social media tbh so i don’t understand why some millennial farmers are so furious about zoomers all the time. it’s honestly probably the tiktok/twitter algorithms feeding them the stuff more vile zoomers say. this sort of rhetoric is the stuff incels spread too and that’s gained insane popularity because people won’t shut up about them. just stop clicking on and spreading their posts and you’ll feel a lot better

tangentially related, but honestly there are zoomers who are 27 now (born in 96) and that feels really weird to me. like are these zoomer gen x slapfights between say a 33 year old and a 27 year old, or a 33 year old and a 19 year old? what does a 27 year old zoomer even have in common with a 20 year old zoomer?

No. 1508834

It’s nothing new. I remember being a 12 year old on some shitty deviantart clone and I posted I was 13 in a forum (literally one post) and there were a handful of 20-30 something year olds who came in and sperged for a whole page about how kids were stupid and annoying and had shitty art and they wanted them off the site. I remember one of their handles and snoop on their pages once every few years. Jokes on them, I’m a professional artist now and they’re still doing commissions for $40. Yes, I still have a chip on my shoulder about it. I hope every young zoomer artist getting bullied by older people (zoomer or millennial or not) grows up to be successful.

No. 1508841

Perhaps I worded it wrong but in my opinion millenials and gen-z have their generational differences magnified by the sheer amount of people, connections and time spent on/consuming social media which is just infinitely more and faster than 10+ years ago. Message boards and chatrooms didn't have anywhere near the same reach or magnitude.

No. 1508852

File: 1677331808088.png (197.51 KB, 473x427, expresstickettohellplz.png)

forgive me Elsie for i have sinned

>be autistic europoor

>park near a church
>as soon as i open the door old lady comes up to me, while i'm still sitting cleaning the backseat
>she's old, poor and with cancer, selling embroidered bread bags to survive
>but she may be telling the truth
>whatever, ask her how much they are
>feel guilty, but no fucking way i'm giving 20 euros to someone i don't know
>extremely flustered, try to back track
>"wow, i don't have that kind of money with me"
>"15€ then"
>jesus lady, aim lower
>"i have no money, not even coins to pay the parking"
>"oh, but at this time you dont have to pay"
>anxiety peaks, filters turn off
>"lucky me then"
>wtaf have i just said
>lady just turns and leaves without a word

even if she was lying she didn't deserve that kind of answer. i should have given her some coins instead, but i'm an autistic anxious mess and freak the fuck out when i can't give people what they want

No. 1508866

I don't understand what exactly your answer meant

No. 1508873

lol anon, don't be too hard on yourself, it's fine. Next time instead of making excuses, try being firm you don't want to buy it. Making excuses gives them opportunities to convince you.

No. 1508891

Panhandlers can be much worse, it's unfortunately best to avoid any and all of them since so many aren't homeless and just want to beg from others or kidnap people.

No. 1508913

nta but you sound willfully blind to the rampant ageism and crybullying of zoomers. Honestly there is a huge reason why most millennials are stealth about their age or on sites like this. Yeah, not every gen Z is like that but a huge chunk are, and zoomers are very quick to cry 'not all zoomies!' or pretend that others are blowing stuff out of proportion. Millennials seethe because anyone younger than 26 has bullied them out of internet spaces they used to enjoy and inhabit kek.

No. 1508966

they can be extremely bitchy, esp amongst themselves. crybullying and regina george-tier tactics are so common, i sadly have a younger sister who's being bullied. not that bullying has ever been easy but there's so many more layers to it now, you can't even escape it online like you used to. the bullies also know all the wokespeak and use it to justify the bullying now.

No. 1509024

File: 1677343164869.jpeg (249.57 KB, 615x469, D34A58E1-0D1C-47EA-B6C1-88E1AC…)

i am and have been a huge mlp:fim fan for more than a decade. i really wish i had people to talk to about the show but i'm terribly antisocial and the nonners on here don't approve apart from iirc two anons in the friend finder thread. i would post there but i'm afraid of 1) attracting scrotes or 2) getting accused of being one or 3) getting made fun of and lastly 4) i'm deathly afraid of putting myself out there in general.
i have one friend matter of fact she is my only friend who has tolerated my pony autism for about close to 13 years now and while she is awesome (we watch episodes and the eqg movies on several occasions) she's not exactly a fan herself as in, she isn't invested but she used to be when we were kids to an extent so she knows enough to enjoy the show with me. i would love to be able to talk extensively about it i seriously have so much i want to say but nobody to tell, apart from my friend that is. i don't want to bother her with my juvenile interest and she hasn't made me feel like i was in fact she gifts and sends me pony related things often which i am very grateful for even the thought of doing that much more the time spared for me. but as i said i still wish i had somebody that knows as much as i do and is passionate as i am. i still love my friend and she is more than enough to me, and if i never find anybody so be it but i'd rather talk to her about things she is actually interested instead of potentially annoying her. the chances of finding someone in my condition are slim so i just browse and post on /mlp/ filtering out and hiding the degen-erals for the time being

No. 1509038

which gen?

No. 1509065

File: 1677344318262.jpeg (41.51 KB, 848x339, 3EC9E341-C685-4EC5-A6C7-D9F6E6…)

ayrt i came here to delete my post out of shame but now that you've replied i just wanted to say i forgot while writing the post that i'm not the only ponyposter on here kek i have actually spotted some but i thought it might've been just a reaction image type coincidence. it was actually forbidden back in the day to post ponies on here ( they had to be 12 hours apart iirc ) so i'm still kind of afraid kek i wish i could be friends with all the pegasisters on lolcor so bad thanks for thinking of that i can't wait !!! sorry for deleting this post so many times i just got overwhelmingly embarrassed and i don't want to be misunderstood

No. 1509068

File: 1677344370540.gif (397.38 KB, 427x324, giphy.gif)

Greatest gen.
>forbidden back in the day to post ponies on here
I was actually glad for that even though I wanted to talk about it. But degenerative scrotes ruin everything they touch.
One thread for all of the gen is a good idea and would like it if the thread pic included every gen just so that others that only like a specific gen can come too. Please include a rule where scrotes get a ban and certain topics are banned too you probably know what I'm talking about.

No. 1509096

i'm so so happy to see this !!! i'm on my way to make a thread, i've got the perfect thread pic hang on.
>Please include a rule where scrotes get a ban and certain topics are banned too
on it, i'll put it in the thread description

No. 1509151

here's the thread pegasister nonnette, i hope it's okay

No. 1509268

File: 1677360088424.jpg (30.85 KB, 563x600, 5f0d1495d0193840c988fb70f29e89…)

Went to a club and danced to a song I quite liked, so I looked it up and almost died when I saw it's Ham Smith's "Unholy". It's nothing special but it goes hard in a club aaaaaaaaaah

No. 1509269

How do you even dance to that. Like even putting tranny shit aside the tune itself isn't danceable and Ham sounds like a goose

No. 1509270

anything sounds decent when you're drunk enough nonny, don't judge me

No. 1509276

kek I just can't picture how a dance would work, the song isn't fast enough. like maybe a drop squat? idk

No. 1509279

it's mostly just some hip and butt swaying kek

No. 1509280

I feel uncomfortable around children. The younger they are, the worse it is.

No. 1509293

File: 1677362931636.jpg (99.18 KB, 649x657, 1324683.jpg)

I texted and then met up with a moid who dumped me a couple of weeks ago. I was so upset when he broke it off. I constantly had dreams about him, cried so many times and was convinced that my feelings for him were stronger than they actually are. We met up and the chemistry just wasn't quite there anymore and I don't really care about him now. It's nothing like it was before I decided to reach out to him again and I couldn't shed a tear over him now even if I tried. I cringe at the fact that I messaged him after he dumped me but I'm still glad that I did it because now I can finally move on.

No. 1509300

File: 1677364221924.png (191.45 KB, 500x281, 1474738035753.png)

It's funny how compared to like a decade ago my opinions on a lot of things changed. I have more experience in life and I've seen some shit, but there's also a bunch of shit I was "agreeing" with because it seemed like the nice thing to do and being nice is always important! Well actually no in reality. Like, I used to be on tumblr all the time on tumblr to talk about video games, the mutuals I made in 2012 then started sperging over SJW shit and now if I went back in time and kept the same habits, and decided to make posts about how:
>being obese is bad for your physical health, "diet" culture is not a real thing and some clothes will look like shit on fat men and women
>transwomen are men, transmen are women
>seeing spam posts about US politics on a daily basis is really fucking annoying when I want to just have fun online and read gay fanfics or read manga scans
>I should be able to make fun of retards on the internet, like when they post their hideous racebending "art" all over my dahsboard or timeline
>wanting to learn Korean because of kpop or Japanese because of manga isn't racist and if you think so you need to reevaluate your priorities in life
>there's nothing morally wrong with being disgusted by clinically retarded people, if it's ableist then I'm ableist for not wanting to study or work with autists or down syndrome patients anymore then
>it's not because we're both "woc" that it's an invitation to convince me everyday to watch steven fucking universe, we're not friends, fuck off
>if me wanting to abort a literal retard just because it's a retarded baby that will ruin my entire life is ableist then I'm proud to be one
I think my internet experience at the time would have been way more fun and relaxing at the time if I did that.

No. 1509340

me too anon, you are not alone. i'm going to blogpost but when i met my toddler age cousin i didn't know what to do so i awkwardly offered a high five and she didn't reciprocate. she was totally normal and giddy with others but her face totally dropped with me afterwards. i thought she hated me but when i visited my aunt again said cousin was all over me and excited. kids usually like me until they realize how not fun i am around them and robotic. i just have no idea how to act so i don't at all. if somebody handed me a baby i wouldn't know what to do but for me the worst is when you know they're capable of thought it really freaks me out kek i would say even more than i am afraid of people my age because they're highly impressionable and i don't want to well… impress anything onto them. it's so painfully awkward every time and i hate disappointing them. but tbf even when i was a child myself i was awkward when people talked to me, i felt uncomfortable when they were nice to me and kissed or hugged me etc because i didn't get it at all and i still don't. is it instinctual because clearly i missed that. it's not even hatred it's genuinely me not understanding like where does that come from and why

No. 1509349

Funnily enough, I disagree with you on more than half of this kek, maybe it's because I'm an autist, prude, and am not a fan of rattles but you do you nonna, just don't try to fuck over other people and you're good in most people's books.

No. 1509355

nayrt but which points do you disagree with specifically ? i'm curious. the first one is meanspirited but apart from that i don't see what to disagree with

No. 1509356

as a teen i was a weird mix of an anti sjw and a feminist and basically spent my Tumblr days posting whatever i wanted and sharing funny posts of women roasting sjw behavior. i ran into a handful of spergs but their reactions were always funny chimpouts so I wasn't really incentivized to stop kek. crazy how really normie opinions like these are convictable now, enough to get a woman canceled. your pic is very fitting, kek

No. 1509372

I disagree with the diet culture bit (although being fat IS unhealthy, people do promote fad diets that don't work a lot), I'm not gender critical, but I have no problems with women who are. I don't like TIMs/MtFs but I think FtMs deserve to be treated like men if they aren't obvious AAPs or doing it for attention, hence Why I tend to hide the troon threads in /snow/ and seldom go to /2x/, I'm autistic and while I don't like being around mid & low functioning autists, high functioning & aspies are usually fun to hang around in my opinion. Some downies are surprisingly fun to be around, usually the fun ones are mosaic, meaning they only look retarded but their brain is intact.

No. 1509375

>FtMs deserve to be treated like men if they aren't obvious AAPs or doing it for attention
have you meet TIF in irl?

No. 1509386

>when i met my toddler age cousin i didn't know what to do so i awkwardly offered a high five
this is cute lol

No. 1509455

AYRT, I am a TIF. I know I'm female and will never be male, but I'm a "transmed" TIF. AKA the type of TIF that constantly gets called "TERF" regardless of if they actually are or not.
The radfems here are nice even if I disagree with them on a lot. It's not as simple as "loving one's female body" or not. I really wish I could be happy as a woman, but I can't and it's like telling someone to "just stop being autistic," as they're both mental conditions.
It's like if you woke up and someone did surgery you didn't consent to, so now you have a third arm and desperately want it gone. I don't know how else to explain being a TIF, and I mean a real one, other than "deep seated agony."
There's only one thing I haven't done to try and "cure" the dysphoria before trooning (I haven't done anything permanent), I have an upcoming ultrasound appointment, but I heard something about uteran tumors & fibroids being able to cause hormone imbalances? I don't know, but the doctor thinks it's either/or and a hysterectomy is the last thing I can think of possibly curing the dysphoria.
I know the site culture is that female = woman, so I conflate the two here and here alone. I've heard there's a few TIF and detrans users, and that's nice to hear that I'm not the only one who hates echo chambers.
You don't have to accept TIFs or see them as anything other than women, you just have to let us live our lives and not try to take our rights away.
Sage for unintended vent post. I just figured you'd like to hear my point of view and why I disagreed with nonna

No. 1509466

You always write these same manifestos that really give you away, you hate radfems remember, why are you here? What was even the point there all you said was that you're a woman with a mental condition and we know that's what Tifs are but you also earlier said you deserve to be seen as a man?
I'm very confused.

No. 1509476

Women aren't just girly girls, I dress rather masculinely, have short hair, have a hobby and a job that's viewed as a stereotypical male thing but I'm still a woman despite what others tell me

No. 1509480

I tried too many times to make dicks with that anime art generator AI than was warranted

No. 1509522

My problem isn't about how I dress or being gnc or whatever, my problem is that I have breasts, that I don't have a dick, that I don't have a deep voice or facial hair. Simply dressing masculine won't fix that, and THIS is why, as >>1509466 said, I usually hate radfems. The radfems here are much different from the radblr ones, kinder, better, more understanding. I want to be seen as a man, desperately, but put that aside because that's not the site culture. Here, I am a woman. I abide by the rules & move on. I like watching cows & interacting with the girls, I just avoid politics. But back on topic, I can't be comfortable as a woman, but I know I can't stop being one. I wish I could be comfortable, though, and hopefully I can find out what's causing the hormonal imbalance and won't troon out medically. Thank you for the kind words, nonnas

No. 1509561

Watching Breakfast at Tiffany's for the first time and feeling legitimately sad about my life not being a movie, not living in NY and not finding great, true love. I was never interested in romances and I never felt that…

No. 1509577

>I can't be comfortable as a woman, but I know I can't stop being one. I wish I could be comfortable, though, and hopefully I can find out what's causing the hormonal imbalance and won't troon out medically.
On some level, I do understand the feeling like you're supposed to have physical attributes of the opposite sex, but it's the same kind of lens I use when I try to understand what people with schizophrenia go through. I get it's horrible being born with a mental condition that you can't fix. Have you ever tried therapy to help with these thoughts?

No. 1509584

Are you this focused on things you can't have? Have you ever focused on possibly having a set of genitals that doesn't exist within humans? Like a third sex that's out there that we don't know of? All this you're spouting just sounds like a form of escapism you're trying to materialize, but soon afterwards you're still going to want to escape because you're only chasing that high and not rationalizing your train of thoughts and grounding yourself.

No. 1509587

I'm not really sure if this qualifies as a confession, but when I first came to lolcow years ago I tended to avoid the transgender politics cos I was still heavily under the influence of my friend groups and they're very pro-trans. don't get me wrong, in my teens I grew up with trans friends and even I had a nonbinary/male stint but these days I've just really come around to the horrors explained in the mtf threads, some of that shit is scary and infuriating. I also have stopped having a problem with JKR. but I can't really talk about any of it with my friend group because they will jump right to calling me a terf, even though I have no problem with trans people. I just don't agree to catering to men with a fetish for cross dressing. I'm just exhausted

No. 1509588

I've been in therapy for just about 12 years at this point, they never found a way to fix the dysphoria. I've also been on antidepressants and antipsychotics for around 10 years, it doesn't fix it. I've tried religion, I've tried embracing femininity, I've tried being a tomboy, I've tried embracing my lesbianism.
At this point, I think its either due to a hormone imbalance, fucked up karotype, or something. Maybe a brain structure anomaly. I want it to be cured and while I know the regret rate for TIFs going on HRT is low, I'd rather try everything else before making permanent decisions.

No. 1509607

if you have a reproductive condition then a hysterectomy might help you claim some of your life and confidence back, having late stage endo was a big source of my dysphoria. otherwise if you don't, I wouldn't recommend a hysterectomy because the post op feeling is really alien and uncomfortable. feeling my intestines and ureters settle in a different spot then they were meant to gave me squicky abdominal feelings for about 3 years post op. i would feel things shift and have phantom pains which would be a constant reminder that something still felt wrong. our bodies are always going to feel shitty in some way so be careful to not make any choices that cause lasting discomfort that might be counterproductive to helping your dysphoria.

No. 1509611

Thank you! in two weeks I get an US and find out if it's necessary, hopefully

No. 1509714

OP here, I don't really care about whether you agree with me or not, whereas if we were on tumblr a decade ago and you told me about it I would have been way nicer and deleted my posts kek so I guess the point of my post is that I changed a lot in a way that's seen as bigoted by weirdos like you.

>just don't try to fuck over other people

Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. I've dealt with real discrimination my whole life just because I'm not white, which is one of the reasons why I will always laugh at people whining over transphobia and fatphobia.

No. 1509749

ok so i'm not 100% sure since i was half asleep but i think that my stepfather lifted my blanket and had a look at my naked ass for 5 very long minutes.
i really don't know what to do, he has always been great to my mom, even to me. he never seemed like a perv, he was the only man that i trusted and before this morning never gave me a reason to doubt him.
i hope it was just a dream, i really do.

No. 1509753

I just blocked my male friend out of nowhere but I think he deserved it.
He told me to try using a dating app because he tried it as well and couldn't find success, I tried and got a lot of matches both with men and women. He had a breakdown, told me they'd use me and throw me away while a guy like him would date me seriously, etc. so I told him I thought he was both unattractive and had a bad personality and that I'd have no interest in doing anything with him and that I'd rather fuck one of those guys than date an ugly guy like him.
He got more mad, told me if I didn't have interest in him I'd be talking to the guys I matched with or other guys I flirt with irl instead of him. I thought hmm he's right, it's a waste of time talking to him since he just views me as a possible fuck… And blocked him. I'm still so weirded out, he was nice but then started mocking my looks the moment I told him I could possibly date one of those guys or a guy that asked me out irl recently. It was so weird.

No. 1509775

Moids friends are the worst. I had one that was one of those idiots who thought their gut feeling was gospel. At the beginning of our friendship it was pretty true then he just kept using it to manipulate. He just "magically" got a bad gut feeling around every guy I showed interest in and dated. Lo and behold none of them did anything bad and I'm still friends with an ex he claimed was a bad gut feeling (mutual break up, no cheating or anything bad).

No. 1509776

Yeah that's not "out of nowhere"… he 100% deserved it for being a fucking creep.

No. 1509778

He wanted to break down your confidence so you'd date him instead of another guy. Props to you for seeing through that and blocking him, you definitely did the right thing.

No. 1509814

Men never shut up about how women get more matches on dating apps. They're well aware of that. He didn't need you to confirm that for him. He wanted to open up a conversation about how hard he has it. There's nothing worse than a lack of tinder matches… its the ultimate form of oppression and so its your job to jump in and pity fuck him. Dumb game they play.

No. 1509844

My sister in law is a monster and a lard ass, and I wished ill will on her the other night. Today I hear shes getting piss drunk at the the family restaurant most nights shes “managing”, shes gained MORE weight, and her doctors are telling her her blood pressure is stroke level high….
*Kaaayyyylaaaa (full name redacted)
You are a miserable bitch I wont lie
Kayla no one will mourn when you die
Shouldve been kinder when there was time
Might as well drink some more wine
Hope the heart stops sooner than later
Time to die, my fattest hater
The Wicked Whale is fatter than ever
Her walnut brain thinks she is clever
Kaylaaaa counting down the days
Till you are gone and out of our way! *

Seriously, shes such a miserable cunt. She ruins everything. I think her kids are better off without her multlvl marketing scheme shit too.
I hope for her funeral and will hide my smiles

No. 1509859

what did she do?share the milk

No. 1509879

Monat? Mary Kay? YL or DoTerra? Sure as shit isn't Shaklee or Beach Body

No. 1509896

One of those cooking supply party ones… shes so dumb
Sorry but I just don’t have the energy to walk you through all the dumbassery. Trust me, shes awful

No. 1509901

I fantasize sometimes about being really hot and being like a lingerie model or egirl or something. And my exes cry about it!

No. 1509927

Yeah. I told him I would maybe hook up with one of the guys instead of dating and even then he seemed so butthurt.
He also told me recently that he'd punch me and I should be scared since he's stronger than me because he's a man as we were talking about this topic and like, he's barely 100 pounds so it's super funny. The punch line was the main reason I've blocked him, I'm just tired and he's seriously dangerous.
Omg he also did that. Found tiny flaws with each guy like, too fluffy hair, goes to gym too much, likes art too much, etc. with any guy I called attractive. He even said a butch lesbian was ugly because she had short hair. He's also super ugly and he'd say he was cuter than those guys even though that's just clearly the false.
Thanks anon.
Yeah idk wtf he was expecting. Even if I was planning to fuck him before this, after seeing I can actually get with normal men with better personalities and better looks, why would I fuck this random incel?

No. 1510458

I have started wearing headscarfs most of the time, I hate what they represent but I feel so much safer while wearing one. No one can pull my hair, some men do not sit next to me in the train/bus, Islamics treat me nicer, my hair doesn't get tangled, plus it feels like a blanket around my head 24/7. I hate what it represents but I love wearing them. I like how they look as well. I feel bad for the women in Islamic countries who have to wear them, I have the freedom to wear my hair loose and don't take advantage of it. On one hand I'm ashamed, on the other hand I'm doing what makes me happy. I feel guilty but liberated. I will not convert, ever, but it brings me comfort.

No. 1510471

File: 1677470104798.jpg (45.93 KB, 615x492, eww.jpg)

i have a hate crush on phoebe bridgers and would love to tie her up and force her to watch as i fuck paul mescal and bo burnham one after the other. i'd also like to edge them and not let them come until they both say how much they love terf pussy

No. 1510475

you didn't have to post this, you know

No. 1510481

I feel like I was a racist japanese girl or korean girl in my past life because I relate so much to their culture more than mine and I have no relationship to it. God made me as punishment to teach me a lesson and made me a race both koreans and japanese despise so I can’t even engage in the music and fashion without push back.

No. 1510485

No. 1510486

Sorry babe but this is the life of not being born white lol

No. 1510491

It's called a life of low self-esteem
There's nothing wrong with being non-white/Japanese
You're going to have to learn how to love yourself and your looks, because you've only got one body, and that's the body you're stuck in for the next 60 years, or the rest of your life

No. 1510492

but i want phoebe to see it and seethe

No. 1510493

No it's not, you're just insecure and have a complex..

No. 1510498

im barely resisting sending anon hate to an esl-chan "lesbian" on tumblr who basically wants to become a futanari, like just literally barely restraining myself.

No. 1510499

File: 1677472617580.jpg (72.48 KB, 720x705, 1673645265342.jpg)

No. 1510501

do it nona fuck it. shes never going to know you did it. tumblr anon hate is good for the soul

No. 1510502

File: 1677473115464.jpeg (193.1 KB, 405x515, 3FA91E31-6AA3-42E3-9ADA-08DCE7…)

I have such an unbelievable crush on Bo Burnham. Once in a manic episode after watching INSIDE I convinced myself we were soulmates and that he’d absolutely leave his partner the moment we locked eyes together. Why is everything about that man so insanely attractive? I wish I could hire him to do an erotic ASMR, his voice is so fucking sexy. Or better yet I wish he would do audiobook recordings of erotica. Or even BETTER yet I could steal him from Phoebe (I would also be happy in a polycule as long as I knew I was Bo’s fave). Unnfffffff

No. 1510508

File: 1677473772682.png (265 KB, 348x344, pridepin.png)

ayrt i don't feel any attraction to bo, i only want to use him to make phoebe mad and give her a taste of her own medicine. i only hope some tiny part of her would be turned on by being cucked by me. i would get bo to buy me picrel as a present and then give it to me as a "surprise" in front of phoebe

No. 1510517

If it makes you feel any better, I live in Japan and have seen many couples and friend groups with Japanese people and all types of ethnicities. I can't speak on Korea as I've only been there once, but I think that you might be overthinking things.

No. 1510520

I only think of women when I masturbate but I only want to have real sex with men. I don’t know what it means, if anything.

No. 1510532

I like it too anon, was surprised when I finally heard it. Wish it had different lyrics.

No. 1510534

It's easier for a woman to empathise with another woman and her pleasure than with a man
Many straight women watch porn with solo women in it for instance
You could also be heteroflexible—mostly heterosexual with slight or mild homosexual feelings, but I think that if you've never felt attracted to a 3D woman or thought about having sex/being romantically involved with one you're probably just straight and doing what I mentioned previously with empathy

No. 1510557

To knock a ton out at once: I think radfem communities can be annoying and anti-fun. I agree on basics like criticizing men but I don't care if women have weird fetishes or if media is not radfem-aligned or perfectly moral and I don't hate trannies as individuals although I hate their movement. I think radfems can loop around to being misogynistic toward women who are still caught in patriarchy when they cut them off from their sympathy and insult them like moids. Sometimes I understand where men are coming from but I simultaneously hate their guts. I apply double standards constantly between the sexes and I'm ok with that. I have a lack of empathy sometimes and I hate that about myself but it's difficult to work on. I care too much what others think of me and carefully try to shape their impression, another thing I hate about myself and want to stop doing. Other people are so much more likable than me and I wish they'd stop falling for it. When I like someone I think they should get far away from me but I selfishly let them think I'm likable too. I'm fucking pretentious with no justification yet I want to believe I'm special. The only thing I genuinely rightfully feel alone in and misunderstood for is how weirdly I think about things and can't find others who think the same autistically philosophical way, as in way too deep about topics that should be cut and dry. This can mean I'm detached and slow to take sides, usually ending up with unnecessarily complex opinions mixing perspectives. It probably stems from trauma that leads me to dislike conflict and always play the negotiator, that along with weakening my morals might mean it's just another weakness. It's ironically caused by being obsessed with the morality of everything to the point I overthink an unhealthy amount. It annoys people when I won't take their side and it annoys me too that I can't make things easy. Sometimes it helps though to smooth over conflict.

No. 1510559

to be fair being fun isn't really the point.

No. 1510563

Yeah, and it's good for a movement to be that consistent, I admire it but it can shit up this site for me personally since there are threads that are meant to be light-hearted or maybe I care too much about fun at any cost.

No. 1510653

File: 1677490796878.jpg (29.06 KB, 650x488, stab.jpg)

i realized recently after doing some random reading that my family raised me with a lot of machiavellian rules and idk how to feel about it. i was reading a book on power and how people use it to keep it and nothing in the book really surprised me…this was all shit someone in my family told me and to a lesser extent i follow on occasion when i want something. again idk how to feel about this. but now i've had to really sit down and think about my life and my own actions and face up to the fact that maybe i am a bit of a machiavellian person myself? the thing is, i've always thought of this shit as a survival tactic because that's how it was framed to me in my family. i know most people think of this shit as bad but i don't think my grandparents would have gotten all they have without being slightly manipulative. like some of the examples given in the book i see a lot in my grandfather especially, and in my grandmother to a lesser degree. and i see when i am in conflict with people i am really good at figuring out their weaknesses and insecurities and basically exploiting them to my own benefit…and i know because my family taught me how to do this. but again, i was always taught that these were survival tactics and that i shouldn't just be a manipulative piece of shit just for fun. that i should only use these things to get ahead in life or to deal with people who try to hurt me/get in the way of my goals.

No. 1510720

I have a strange obsession with getting in fights with misogynistic men, typically Andrew Tate types but usually those men who seem to rip apart everything women do/insult women's appearance, quite literally stalk them, send screenshots of them being misogynistic to their wives and moms and employers such or even just posting their address. It's fun digging down a rabbit hole, sometimes I'll see they have a suspicious amount of teenage girls they follow while being like 30 or something and point out that. Sometimes I even went as far as communicating with women in their following/followers to further expose them. I'm convinced no men are innocent and very tempted to make a public page exposing them

No. 1510722

File: 1677501359486.jpg (198.86 KB, 810x1080, sylvanian_families_chiffon_dog…)

I love my parents, but the thought of ending up like them makes me feel sick. I honestly think I pity them. I'm not a perfect person either, but the way they've just completely given up is depressing.

No. 1510727

same but I've always come out on top so I'm not stopping

No. 1510762

File: 1677507416415.jpeg (20.5 KB, 612x408, stockimage-789087.jpeg)

I don't have any male friends, even waaay before coming here, not during my younger years, not in childhood, nothing. Not entirely on purpose to be pinkpilled (though I guess awful childhood experiences are kind of an early pinkpill) I just legitimately can't get along with them or find a common ground even with the seemingly nice ones. Idk if I just grew up in a shit area or what but most of the boys at my schools usually talked about sexual things and made perverted jokes even in elementary school, then that became worse as they got older.
and by some weird train of logic some girls in middle school thought I was secretly gay for avoiding friendships with males, despite knowing what those guys talk about. Idgi.

No. 1510771

Some of us at work have started doing weekly game nights and after about a month, I've kind of gotten tired of it. Idk at first it was fun but now it seems like every time Monday comes around I'm just like "oh. I have to do this". And I can't bail yet because we're doing some long-form tabletop game (I guess that's what you could call it?) but the novelty has worn off.

No. 1510774

that's based nonna

No. 1510778

me too. As a child I hates hanging out with boys because they where so aggressive during play. I had some tomboy friends and they never got aggressive even when we played "boyish" games. Boys also had this attitude of superiority. I didn't even grow up in a religious or conservative area but you could tell that boys where raised with the mentality that they where going to excel at everything they ever did.
As a teen I also never hanged out with boys as a teenager because they made everything sexual and they still had that snooty attitude.
Now as an adult I'm in a female dominated field so I don't interact with men so much. Feels good

No. 1510779

omg anon i just wrote a post with a similar sentiment. me too. i can't relate to them at all and i never want to be around them much less be friends. even in preschool i didn't have any desire to approach any of them and i never entered the boy crazy phase at my most hormonal in middle to high school. i was also accused of being gay by girls and even strangers i didn't know above and below my grade. the interest just never came to me, i wasn't curious at all matter of fact i wanted to get away from them because they are way too incomprehensibly aggressive, mean, and perverted. girl bullies irreparably ruined my reputation and also beat me up spat at me etc but i'd choose them any day over a moid. it's not a political thing for me either

No. 1510798

I sometimes feel the urge to come out as a TIF on social media and post a dumb picture with a binder on and a beanie just to see how my insane religious relatives and random people I went to school with would react but I would never actually do it

No. 1510802

I kinda like that cringy boyfriends webcomic when I imagine them all as short haired girls.

No. 1510906

I used to be a huge fujoshi but since falling in love with a dude that ended up being gay, I cannot find the slightest bit of homoeroticism hot anymore. It's been years, it kind of bothers me!

No. 1510916

Hello again, friend of a friend

No. 1510933

Everyone thinks I'm so ambitious, disciplined, will go places, will make a lot of money, will be a name in my field, etc etc. The truth is I do not want any of that. Ever. My ultimate goal is to live an easy, comfortable life with minimal stress and responsibility which is close to what I have right now. If I could keep this going, I'll be happy.

No. 1510957

I posted a vent on Saturday that my bf was being grumpy and not horny and he must have lurked because the man was on fire all weekend and was solely focused on my pleasure. He told me he was in love with me for the first time. I wonder if he was all grumpy and frustrated because he's a man and struggles with his emotions idk. I'm so happy now lol

No. 1510958

Can relate nona.

No. 1511001

I confess that I am ashamed of the things I have done for money. It's been years and it still haunts me.

No. 1511019

Me too nonna I will never forgive myself for engaging in sex work

No. 1511021


No. 1511024

You're doing heavenly work, nonna

No. 1511046

i honestly never wash my skin and whenever anything happens to my skin it's that one pimple that indicates my period coming. when i say wash i don't mean i don't wash it with products i mean i don't wash it whatsoever. no it doesn't feel bad no my pores or whatever aren't clogged. i take showers and that's enough. my skin was honestly shite when i actually was purchasing bozo clown skin products, i don't think i'm fit for those at all. i don't care about it either way whatever happens happens it doesn't bother me. i cba anyway

No. 1511047

Scrotes sleeping at night going "pashoooo mimimimi~" when they exploited or consumed sexual exploitation of abused women while the women drag themselves over the coals for it

No. 1511095

taking showers is washing your skin, i don't understand this post.

No. 1511097

my face skin i meant kek sorry.

No. 1511103

You are still cleaning your face. tbf, most skincare is truly only designed to help people with actual issues or concerns like extremely dry, oily or acne prone skin, people blessed with normal skin need to unironically check their privilege lmao. If i wasn't prone to acne or had an oily face i would only use a bar of soap and sunscreen and that's it.

No. 1511105

Ayrt and yeah. That's exactly it for me, too. I feel like a traitor to women and to myself. I wish you the best, nonna.

No. 1511113

You two should forgive yourselves though, if you’re able to recognize that it’s bad for you and bad for other women then you’re on the right track. But that kind of shame is what drives you to make stupid decisions like that in the first place. So if it’s in the past, let it go, or you’re just going to keep hurting yourself.

No. 1511219

I find it absolutely wild how the fucking qtards believe diseases and illnesses were made up/invented by pharmaceutical companies. So what do they think about death? Do they think humans are never suppose to get old? That big pharma is making people get old and die? I really want to read their ""sources"" because their shit sounds like a badly written sci-fi novel. I'll probably end up with more questions than answers but I'm okay with that trade off.

No. 1511220

you inspire me. i love you.

No. 1511222

Why would animals and plants get diseases then

No. 1511225

File: 1677557794533.jpg (47.15 KB, 700x1094, ohh-so-that-why-they-call-them…)

crushing on someone makes me insane. get this, i'm straight. this is hell. i get giddy and laugh to myself thinking about them. i believe we have a spiritual connection and are "meant to be" even if the moid ignores and ghosts me. i think of negative responses as a "challenge to prove my love" and as "they must be playing hard to get", or the most unhinged "they want me so bad they just can't handle it". then i long for days on end. i constantly think about scenarios where i could have proved my worthiness??? and it's just a scrote!!! he barely has normal levels of empathy. of course he isn't my soulmate. but while crushing on him, i just can't feel that way.

No. 1511258

I like to lie about my age and tell people I’m older so they compliment me for how young I look

No. 1511300

make dat page!

No. 1511366

File: 1677577683031.jpeg (48.72 KB, 700x467, 63AE2E85-BFBC-486D-A3B7-ACBEC3…)

I had a really graphic sex dream about Walt Jr. please don’t judge me I do not fancy him at all and I don’t know where this came from.

No. 1511410

I don't like being complimented on my appearance because I don't care about looking attractive (I especially don't want moids to find me attractive) and when people do that they are bringing attention to something I put zero effort into and that annoys me.

No. 1511418

Same. Heterosexuality from a woman's persepctive is hell.

Though, I got advised to write journal entries about my crush as if I am a middle school cringey girl as a way to control those obsessive thoughts. I have been doing it for a week and it actually works, I am back to being productive and living life normally most of the time.

Basically the catch is to write in journal every day at the same time, so when I catch myself daydreaming about said moid I can block those thoughts and say to myself "gonna write about this on 11PM" and I focus on something else.

It is cringy and weird but it actually works, I think my crush on him is fading now and not really that interesting.

If anyone here tries it, make sure to hide the journal well lmao.

No. 1511421

Same, being called beautiful, attractive, etc does nothing for me. Rather it infuriates me that I'm supposed to be happy and grateful over some generic ass compliment that says nothing about me.

No. 1511629

kek walter jr nonny from the bunkers, where are you

No. 1511639

File: 1677610430478.jpeg (64.33 KB, 976x850, 41CB3634-6474-41D2-BB6E-2A2B8A…)

I’m 24 and going to uni next year for the first time. I’m gonna tell everyone that I’m 20 because I missed out on my youth unfairly and want to have the proper experience. Is this a bad idea? I don’t see how anyone would find out. I can pass as this age.

No. 1511642

24 is not old. Why lie if you make friends or something people will think you're weird if they find out. I went back to uni the day I turned 25. There were older students than me. I didn't do freshers with my classmates but I did have a lot of free time to take drugs recreationally with my friends outside of uni I just counted that as my uni experience.

No. 1511644

Sounds stupid. You’re not recreating a missed youth by lying, and if they do ever find out you look like a creep.

No. 1511647

It’s just going to make you seem like a weirdo. A lot of my friends from college are several years older than me anyways because they’d been doing their undergrad for so long. I made friends with people younger than me as well. There’s tons of people of different ages in your classes.

No. 1511665

I know it’s not good to lie but I just feel so bad about my age. Do you think I could away with just avoiding the question or not telling anyone instead and letting them assume? I agree it’s creepy to lie, and would imagine that any friends I make would probably have second thoughts if they found out I was older.

No. 1511670

If someone asks just say your age. It might not come up, it probably will though. You're going into a new environment people will want to know your background, what school you came from what you were doing before uni, like you might have smaller tutorials and have to intro yourself. Your age is not as big as a deal as you think. Also there's a bonus with presumed wisdom with age, group projects you can easily take a leadership role. Again, 24 is not old you're in your 20s it is normal for you to have fun with your peers

No. 1511688

I went back to uni at 23, I'm 24 now and and no one has ever asked me about my age. And when I do tell people and make jokes about being old compared to the 18 year olds in my classes no one has even reacted. There are people that are 30+ with kids in some of my classes. Try not to feel too insecure about it nonie.

No. 1511689

I went back to uni at 25 and it worked out just fine being honest about my age. People were surprised initially but that's about it. Various ages come together at uni and because you're all at the same stage in life everyone sort of blends together. That's important to understand, you're not in high school anymore where you exclusively attend classes with people your age. You might not hang out with the barely 18 year olds outside the education setting but you'll get along just fine with other early 20s people, which there will definitely be.

No. 1511703

I work from home and I never brush my teeth anymore. I'm alone and single forever and dont care anymore. I look like a troll 24/7 but why should I even wear anything else than pajamas? Im disgusting and my teeth are already fucked. I was struggling before but now that I dont have to go to the office anymore… Im fucked. I just lay here, dont even smoke that much weed anymore. Just disgusting and lazy. Good luck finding anyone ever again

No. 1511777

Laugh at me and call me a libfem if you want, but sometimes I genuinely wish I could have two girlfriends at the same time. Not even in a sexy threesome way, but just me and two girls I like supporting each other and being romantic. Cuddles would be amazing. Of course this will never happen bc all poly “people” irl are fuckin ugly, but I like to pretend it’s possible.

No. 1511778

I'm sorry but the anons in the tinfoil thread talking about how super smart they were as kids and that they were literally hunted down by the government for dark secret programs make me laugh a little. I can't imagine someone with apparently 170 IQ as a child browsing lolcow.

No. 1511821

I must have a shitty taste in food. Because so many brands and restaurants I like turn out to be considered "the worst" by a lot of people. Like with this pizza chain in my country which I always thought was good, it was only a while ago I realized most people hate it and rank it at the bottom. This happens to me with so many types of foods.

No. 1511848

I’m the nonnie you’re talking about kek. Wait for my dissertation nonna. I’m aware I’m kind of an idiot and I personally think the “IQ” test wasn’t and IQ test at all. They used those Zener cards during it ffs. I think they just told my parents that’s what it was, and then told them “oh your kid is totally a genius” to get them to sign the papers for me to be in the gifted program.

No. 1511849

Lmao nonnie just reading your post made me chortle

No. 1511850

Omg nonny I'm in uni at 23 right now and I luckily haven't been asked yet but I'm so terrified of what people will think that I've considered doing this too

No. 1511853

>They used those Zener cards during it ffs.
What you saw was an age-appropriate version of the WISC for children. It uses symbols and images throughout the evaluation.

No. 1511858

Is it Papa Johns? I'm a filthy Papa John's Pizza enjoyer and it brings much shame to my household.

No. 1511892

I feel like I'm going to explode because I don't let my creativity out but my perfectionist ass won't let me do it as I won't tolerate anything that's below great, so I never begin anything and I can't progress. I need to draw, write, take pictures, meet people to do shit… but anytime I try I get paralyzed. I feel like I'm not even a real person because I just passively consume shit while my creativity just withers inside, buy because it won't be amazing like all the cool artists online, I don't see why I should bother. I have a personal cow who makes terrible music and writings but at least she's doing something productive and she's putting this stuff online.

No. 1511947

this is great advice, thanks for sharing anon

No. 1511950

nta but currently resisting the urge to reply to this with an image of something glowing brightly lol

No. 1511966

i feel the same. may i recommend meditation, masturbation, drinking and smoking? seriousss

No. 1511968

t. my relationship with the cheesecake factory and olive garden

No. 1511973

Seems like a waste of time but okay

No. 1511975

I knew you well

No. 1512027

I think it's a bad idea to lie about your age because think about it, you're probably going to make friends or at least network connections there that'll last beyond your years at uni, that'll mean you'll have to keep up with your lies long after.

No. 1512054

I just decided to stop committing to a fully vegan lifestyle. I don't regret going vegan in the slightest, I just stopped caring. I'm still going to eat mostly vegan food since I like it more, and I still don't want to buy a lot of meat and such, but I think I just want to be a normal college student. I want to fit in, and I just don't care about tiny amounts of dairy or gelatin in pretty much everything. Nobody would really care much about me doing this and it's kind of a relief. I just want to take it easy and not commit to anything other than my school life and my artwork and family.

No. 1512095

discovering the internet has ruined Eurovision for me. It was more fun when you didn't get to hear the other countries songs before the big live show. Also that whenever a song is mentioned someone needs to bring up statistics of how the song ranks and whenever or not is going to win, blegh. I wish there was a way to prevent people to hear songs outside of their own country but that's impossible in this day and age

No. 1512113

I am listening to respawn subliminals. I hope they work bevause this world sucks ass.

No. 1512132

File: 1677669409830.jpeg (26.43 KB, 503x334, 51AEB10D-A514-45F7-AC59-B63F16…)

Have a raging crush on my best friend. Won’t ask out cuz the last thing I need is a partner. Same feelings have been expressed by friend also. Had a dream where I had sex with said friend. Please release me from this hell.

No. 1512138

No anon it was clearly a test to check if they had 170 IQ and psychic powers.

No. 1512163

For all of my life I've gotten this strange feeling in my chest when I know something will happen. Sort of like a pulling sensation. The last time it happened was when I asked sanic something and thought to myself "I'm getting a yes" and the pulling happened and then sanic said yes.

No. 1512179

I don't care if I sperg out in the wrong threads in a wrong way, I barely post here anywayz!!!

No. 1512183

How long you've been friends

No. 1512187

Feel bad being vague but I do not wish to be found by mutuals friends who use lolcow… a few years. It’s very awkward cuz I don’t think the person knows despite.. it being obvious apparently..?

No. 1512373

i find those fatspo threads those disordered girls on twitter make kinda funny & i use them to remind myself of what lies ahead if i give up on myself

No. 1512376

I've seen some of them by accident and I find them funny but that's just because I don't have a tiktok account to laugh at morbidly obese people in denial myself.

No. 1512381

This reminds me of the person who took a picture laughing at fat obese woman at the gym. Personally i found it and i dont know why snowflakes got mad over that. Sorry but if you are a fat what you dont deserve respect, respect has to be earned and you are a fugly fat whale.

I also knew a woman whose hobbies was taking pictures of obese girls at the street secretly and would edit them with funny edits of them being harpooned.

No. 1512384

I definitely find those funny because most of the time, the wanorexics who own those pages look the same as the fat women they make fun of. It's like they're making fun of themselves and trying to cope.

No. 1512393

Now that's retarded, I think the videos posted by these ana-chans on twitter are funny because it's obese women filming themselves and posting the videos and just being stupid, but people really need to stop secretly filming others who are minding their business without consent.

No. 1512396

That's some sociopath shit tbh.

No. 1512399

you do realize alot of these ana-chan accounts that you find oh so funny also engage in secretly taking pictures and videos of their female family members. I even saw one post a picture of their mother and asked others to fat shame her.

don't fake your morality oh so now that's too far for you? What a surprise that piece of shit women that dedicate their accounts to posting random videos of fat woman from the internet would also engage in secretly humiliating fat women in real life….what a surprise.

No. 1512404

I get so moidlike when I get stressed and panic-y. I get super passive aggressive and then I just start yelling at people and try to make them feel bad for being concerned. I'm not trying to manipulate people I just take my anger out on them which is awful too. It's shitty and I'm working on it and I always apologize when I have calmed down

No. 1512405

empathy is a fake social construct thats mostly forced on the lowest people in society (ugly, poor, abused). Meanwhile rich and pretty people dont have to be empathetic. Sociopathy is a privilege and a sign of intelligence.

No. 1512408

stop calling natural behaviors moidlike.

No. 1512409

Respect is earned not given

No. 1512410

Go back to /r9k/ you 15 year old faggot.

No. 1512411

Go eat some fucking food skelly-chans, your brains are devolving into moid brains from lack of sustenance.

No. 1512412

That's a unique eay to declare your autism, anon.

No. 1512414

File: 1677701445726.jpeg (136.55 KB, 1242x885, EC8519A2-21F4-4C2F-BEAF-02BEDA…)

No. 1512419

>you are mold
>you are MoM

No. 1512420

I said I found these threads on twitter by accident or coincidence, tbh I never bothered with what these girls actually post themselves, I only watched the videos they reposted from tiktok. I'm not too surprised if they do what you explained, especially if they're zoomers who have no concept of privacy.

>What a surprise that piece of shit women that dedicate their accounts to posting random videos of fat woman from the internet would also engage in secretly humiliating fat women in real life….what a surprise.

If you don't know the difference between reposting something that a fat person posted publicly to begin with and posting creepshots then you didn't understand my point. Whatever, that's none of my business. Let me laugh at stupid fat people in denial, I don't actually care about or even notice normal people who just happen to be fat and who don't humiliate themselves online on purpose.

No. 1512423

im not, i wish i was though so i would have privilege in life and wouldnt have to do shitty intrasexual competition.
i probably do have autism not denying that.

No. 1512427

watching you play the moral high-ground now is pretty cute. The fact that its mostly the same group of people doing both things completely flew over your head. I guess you're too dumb to comprehend it.

No. 1512433

No. 1512434

Wtf is intrasexual competition????

No. 1512435

its a biological thing.

No. 1512449

You are a animal whose sole purpose is competing with women for the chance of procreating with a man. (preferably if he is financially stable but some women are desperate and settle for anything).
Also just because you consciously don't feel like you are competing with women doesn't mean that you aren't doing that on a subconscious level
Gossip sites are the biggest example of Intrasexual competition.

Also before anyone throws a moid accusation at me…i am a blackpill feminist and
when i was in bp feminist communities we believed in biology and that women are just as much to blame.

No. 1512452

>we're all competing for men
Please go outside. Also women don't compete for men, men compete for women.

No. 1512456

Yeah we know femcels are all handmaidens who believe in the same dumbass evopsych shit that incels believe. Go back to wherever you came from.

No. 1512457

>Please go outside.

Sorry but i rather trust scientists, biologists and psychologists when it comes intrasexual competition then some neet poster here who sells her pussy for drugs. Girlie dont slack off at your mcdonalds shift.

No. 1512461

Girl stfu scientists ain’t even know what the clit was for

No. 1512473

dont throw the stone if you live in a glass house. I just know its a fugly crackwhore writing that.
not a femcel, nice try though. Ironically enough the biggest victims of intrasexual competition are pretty girls.

No. 1512478

So you're super pretty which is why no guy wants you?

No. 1512482

cockbreath no one was talking about men wanting you, me or anyone. It was about intrasexual competition and your reply is a great example of that.

No. 1512486

>You are a animal whose sole purpose is competing with women for the chance of procreating with a man.
This is what you said. Competing for a man, kek. You're not only ugly but also retarded. You're doomed to fail intrasexual completion or whatever the fuck it is.

No. 1512487

File: 1677704422298.jpg (324.87 KB, 650x650, 1529067141696.jpg)

>fugly crackwhore
>mcdonalds shift
>cock breath

Seems very backwards for you to resort to these petty insults instead of actually providing reasonable arguments, "feminist" anon.

No. 1512492

On a biological state it is for mate procreation. But as humans have evolved it is more than just that. Most people have mental breakdowns and resort to petty insults when you tell them they are animals so I can understand your seething.
Unfortunately numories studies have been done on female intrasexual competition validating the fact that it is real.
Cope, seethe, menstruate.

No. 1512498

I mean, at least she can menstruate, unlike you probably. You only have to dilate.

No. 1512499

No. 1512517

LOL I love the nonnies on here sometimes, I swear.

No. 1512518

Shut the fuck up Nietzschefag.

No. 1512523

I have a genuine fetish for misogyny. I've excluded similar themes like degradation or sub/dom, it's misogyny. First of all fucking how do you even develop that, and secondly I wouldn't even know where to begin on tackling it, fixing it because of course I have to. I try avoid any and all misogynistic content but it doesn't go away. I'm very ashamed, yes.

No. 1512532

File: 1677709328757.gif (483.74 KB, 300x225, 1614839638672.gif)

>Autistic "black pill feminist"

No. 1512538

arent blackpill women women who wallow in their own misery 24/7/365 because they believe women are fucked for all eternity & the patriarchy is also never going to fall? why call urself a feminist? whats the point

No. 1512561

Me too! Fat people are hilarious!

No. 1512563

He looks like a dreamboat but he is a sped. necessaryspeed4 frothing at the mouth rn

No. 1512577

File: 1677712265377.jpg (83.03 KB, 564x1002, cd3ed4cf06c698a0bfcf801ee06a03…)

Dinner is served.

No. 1512588

Imagine if that pic was a bagel. A nice thick chewy bagel with a good slathering of cream cheese, cucumber…fuck it throw some salmon on there too.
Anyway, I don't get why anachans like to make fun of fat women (Well, I get it but I don't get it) because I thought they blamed society and the people around them for their eating disorders. Can't try to be the Villian and the victim at the same time, and a lot of the time it just feels like a superficial mean girl act.

No. 1512612

every time i scroll by the relationships advice thread and see an anon complaining about some disgusting thing her boyfriend did as if it's a normal everyday thing i thank god for making me a lesbian lol

No. 1512615

I agree. Tbh, i feel like i don't feel that sorry for a lot of anachans since the way that they are is a conscious effort. At least not all fat women believe obesity is good, they are fully aware of the damage they are causing the themselves, but every anachan believe what they are doing to their body is great and they get off on the shock value and sympathy they get for people from appearing as smol and innocent which only adds to their delusion. I am also the anon who posted that rice cake post, the amount of comments of people angrily defending 100 calorie "dinners" is concerning. I just wanted to look at aesthetically pleasing salads ffs.

No. 1512617

Trust me, their stupidity has more to do with just generally being retarded. You couldn't pay me to spend time with the retards in there.

No. 1512648

the fat woman in that incident was genuinely trying to lose weight tho. what else is she supposed to do, buy an entire gym for her house and never go outside again?

No. 1512660

File: 1677722389870.png (10.17 KB, 345x286, 1676052551791162.png)

a coomer thread on 4chan actually made me feel kinda good about myself today

No. 1512668

Same anon. Amen.

No. 1512818

File: 1677738307699.webm (1.05 MB, 395x518, song ruined.webm)

it makes me happy to see dream getting posted on the timeline. i love that he is so legitimately fucking ugly. dream fans were waiting years for this ugly fuck to reveal himself. all the fanart, hell he even used danny gonzales as a spacegoat at some point cause danny was attractive with long hair. all for it to be someone so stupid ugly. like yeah hes not obese anymore but this ogre looking motherfucker was NOT what those fans wanted.
its literally shane dawson 2. not only does he have the same face, the same not even full ginger genes, the same failed facial hair. one of the reasons shane originally got big was because he was anorexic and had an emo haircut at the right time and built an audience around it. once fat again and exposed for being creepy again he lost it all and even the fans of him for years will now say hes fat as fuck and ugly. this is dreams future, but i think it will reach him even faster and stronger than shanes. i even saw a thread once on twitter of this theory that dream was bulimic, which i found funnier because shane was also bulimic most of his career. they are so ugly and the fat ginger kids will always be their downfall considering they never had talent.

No. 1512853

If a girl is mean, bitchy and irritating but she has only/mostly female friends, she's automatically more likable to me, versus if a sweet girl has no female friends (or worse, no female friends and a boyfriend), she's automatically less likeable to me.
Same for guys, I'm automatically suspicious if a guy has no male friends, it's just weird. How much of a creep are you if even other guys don't wanna be with you.

No. 1512877

I kind of low key feel at peace because I do not care about dying anymore. The only thing that really bothers me about dying is my cats because no one can take care of them better than I can.

No. 1512896

the fact that so many of his friends were posting that they were "proud of him" after he received so much backlash for being butt ugly. could you imagine? it's so fucking hilarious and well deserved.

No. 1512911

I don’t believe in astrology but I identify with it publicly because it is a female-centric scene and interest, plus the aesthetics are nice

No. 1512932

I'm a very secretive person because growing up my mom constantly made fun of my interests that weren't vetted by her, calling mangas "ugly and stupid" and my music "noisy", she even drove me away from some friends because she didn't like their moms (typical military wife bitching). So now she's pissed that I'm never talking about myself (not that she listens to me very much anyway) and that I don't tell her what's going on in my life.

No. 1513015

i had a dream where i was going somewhere with my bf and we were going with a plane. at luggage pickup a man that was on my flight made some very brief chat with me i don't even remember what it was. afterwards my bf and i went to our destination and we were going to head back by train but they weren't selling us tickets for some reason, but they did to the man on the train. that made me really angry and i made some comment about him charming his way into a ticket but he was calm, and he said something along the lines of that charm not working on me q_q and he confessed to falling in love with me pretty much at first sight… he bought me all sorts of gifts (this is a quality that my actual bf has irl) and in my dream i was entranced, i dropped my bf so i could sit with this man on the plane back and was so confused in my dream… the last thing to happen in the dream was me being like like lol nah i want my actual bf and then i woke up. still felt so weird after i woke uo though, unsure how i was so taken by the man in my dream…(q_q)

No. 1513022

I feel really jealous when I see content making fun of "almond moms." I come from a long line of tomboys with brothers and mommy issues, so I was raised to think I shouldn't waste money on my appearance and I was never taught to properly groom myself, smell nice, style my hair, etc. I don't feel like a real woman sometimes. I've started watching youtubers aimed at teaching tween girls about self care and it makes me feel a little pathetic, but it helps a lot. I hope I have a daughter so I can break the cycle.

No. 1513036

There's something very deeply missing either in your bf himself on in yr relationship w him, and you don't have the heart to probe what it is because he's nice to you.

No. 1513039

I want to eat people (mainly if not exclusively men because I am a misandrist), and have a deep fascination for cannibalism. This is not a joke or an attempt to be edgy. I would never do it irl but I love to fantasize. I specially love chubby boys for that matter, they are fleshy and look delicious. I don't hate myself for this but I wish I had someone who relates that I could talk to about it

No. 1513044

I can relate; my creative potential was snuffed out entirely because my mother and sister constantly ridiculed my interests in drawing and writing fantasy. If I ever have kids I'll never sneer at them for trying to produce creative work or engage in niche hobbies (within reason), it's just cruel.

No. 1513062

nonnie all you need to be “a real woman” is…be a woman. There isn’t a certain way to dress or behave that will make you any more or less of a woman, sounds like you just want to be more feminine.

No. 1513065

what's an almond mom

No. 1513075

lol thank you for your psychoanalysis you troll

No. 1513076

Nta but the way I understand it is, they're mothers who basically inflict eating disorders on their children and encourage them to take on their on bad eating habits. Pretty sure the term is from when Yolanda Hadid said Gigi Hadid was only allowed to have 2 almonds.

No. 1513077

Thank you for helping me limit my screentime. Wtf

No. 1513257

Your parents raised you well, baby girls don't come out of the womb wearing makeup and perfume anon, that's all things humankind has created and has nothing to do, inherently, with being a woman. Your reasoning for wanting to have a daughter is terrible and you sound like you'd might just create the exact opposite problem honestly.

No. 1513265

I'm such a fatass that I regularly go through amounts of food that should take normal people several days to eat in just a day or two, and then I need to get more but I have to go to a different store because I'm afraid the people at the store will judge me

No. 1513342

I appreciate the sentiment but I developed an eating disorder and self esteem issues either way, since my mom constantly berated me for being sloppy and ugly/masculine without ever teaching me to be feminine, and it caused me to internalize any mean comment about my looks while growing up. She didn't teach me about sex or menstruation or personal hygiene and claimed my PCOS is "all in my head." Of course I'd let my daughter present however she wants, but I would at least be there for her if she was struggling with her looks and self care.

No. 1513480

I love how undiagnosed autists come to lolcor to shit on other autists, kek. You're a tard

No. 1513680

Big pharma according to them. They are desperate, mostly scared, and listen to their wannabe influencer streamers who ""spread the truth"". The most intriguing part is these streamers keep screaming that ""the white hats"" are in control of all the banks in the world and everything is going through some mystical world wide bank that contains all the money in the world; these streamers also say not to worry about money because somehow everyone will get back the money taken by the irs or something along those lines. If this was in any way remotely even true, tell me why are these streamers are peddling fucking fat burning pills that have sponsored them and pushing merch? They are getting duped by fucking failed influencers. These failed influencers people saw an easy target and latched on. Can't tell these qtards that they're being duped. They double down harder. I'm seeing horseshoe theory. It's such a weird rabbit hole and qtards unironically using 'normie' pisses me off.

No. 1513701

File: 1677831034287.jpg (165.69 KB, 719x583, youlooklike.jpg)

I wanna know what I really look like. I can't tell because body dysmorphia and other things like people saying I look like someone or this person. I think I am ugly (been compared to 'ugly' ppl like yungelita but then i get told i resemble Kat Dennings or someone hot and people confuse me with way prettier girls irl)
but I just wanna know what kind if you know what I mean like I wanna see what makeup matches me and what clothes hair etc I have no idea because one day I swear I have a wide face the next it's a elongated horse face. One day I have huge round eyes, the next day they're small almonds or they're upturned or downturned no clue sometimes I look different on the same day to myself. I also was bullied for my appearance so I might just be ugly and makeup might and styling may be doing me no favors except slathering paint on a goblin and maybe people are bending over backwards to compliment me just to be nice. And of course guys will fuck anything si them hitting on me doesn't prove anything.

No. 1513710

You should become a carpenter

No. 1513713

He looks like Troll Face

No. 1513729

Where did I shit on autists? Why would I do that at all? They're chill.

No. 1513916

i don't feel sad when men are abused, i feel completely indifferent

No. 1513947

One of the worst parts about having depression for me is that it's always the elephant in the room. I cannot properly address it to my parents because they don't want to talk about it. It does piss me off because ever since I was a kid, they told me I could always talk to them about anything. That turned out to be a big fat lie starting in middle school. I get it's uncomfortable. I live with it. I spend nights wishing I'd just die and have done stuff to actually try to make that a reality. It's really fucked I've done stuff to try to get that outcome. My parents have the mentality that if they don't acknowledge my problems, they don't exist. Once and only once did they acknowledge it after I metaphorically pulled the trigger and landed myself in the hospital. I would have landed in the hospital either way because I ended up getting a wellness check that same day. They really think a few months of therapy along with emdr somehow ""fixed"" me. I ended up moving from that state so I had to cut ties with that therapist which sucked because I liked that she was helping me cope and look towards the future and pushing me even though I was scared shitless. The disconnect is insufferable and demoralizing. I think I'd feel more disappointed if I wasn't sinking further into insanity.

No. 1514042

What do you mean anon

No. 1514070

Rick and morty is still my comfort show, especially the first 2 seasons

No. 1514169

File: 1677880239464.jpg (309.1 KB, 923x2048, 0c3h6fjed4l71.jpg)

I wish we could bring kpop threads back without twittertards and choachan trannies invading, sadly i am aware it is impossible

No. 1514170

File: 1677880346419.jpg (71.59 KB, 800x592, EbDLQEoXYAAQNbU.jpg)

I unironically love this image and would fuck with this setup if it had a proper comfortable chair and a rug.

No. 1514172

did you just call a poor person's making do a setup kek

No. 1514178

A poorfag setup IS a setup

No. 1514196

I don't give a fuck about how unethical buying stuff from Shein is. It's not my fault that Shein is the only place where I can find cute clothes for an affordable price. Other stores need to design interesting clothes, not those lame ass shirts with a Mickey print on it.

No. 1514202

but anyway doesn't their stuff have lead in it tho

No. 1514230

Shein clothes feel like a Halloween costume.

No. 1514237

lmao, get better taste than a generic aliexpress e-girl so you don't have to cope when splurging on crap grade fast fashion

No. 1514241

Tbf, i get what you mean, even more higher end stores still use slave labor, it's difficult to escape. Nonetheless, i still think everyone can do better than shein because the quality for their clothing is pretty bad, not to mention the stuff with the lead. Personally i think accessories from there are ok, but it's not like it's hard to fuck up shit like that. As long as you aren't having constant hauls then whatever floats your boat. I still think you should see clothing as an investment and not settle for cheap shit.

No. 1514245

The issue with Shein isn't just using some sweatshop slave labor in Southern Asia but also the ungodly amount of clothes (500 new items per day) they keep pushing out that spends a depressing amount of resources and creates a ton of textile waste, and how they blatantly plagiarize designs from smaller creators to fill that design quota. People who demand the right to buy from them because they want to spend 12 bucks on a shirt instead of 30 should take a long hard look in the mirror and think if they could actually shell out that 18 bucks to buy a shirt that will last longer or a piece of trash that's designed to break apart after the first wash.

No. 1514252

I don't really buy clothes from there, but I'm a nail junkie so I do like the smaller stuff like nail decorations (was actually just looking at some). I also bought 2 hair bonnets and a shirt and those are both holding up pretty well. I got a pair of jeans from Shein once that were ok but I lost them. They definitely don't have the best quality and I don't think I would buy clothes from them again but I'm not unhappy with the clothing purchases.
I will be honest and say that I don't think buying from Shein is bad as long as you're not buying a shit ton like those youtubers who spend like $300+ on the site. It is a shame that they produce so much waste though. I do think the debate is a little more nuanced than "you're an evil bitch if you buy items from there" and "I'm completely entitled to buying clothes from this site".

No. 1514255

Samefag, forgot to add that their clothes are also filled with toxic chemicals like lead levels 20 times higher than what should be allowed. It's not even some munchie meme chemical, lead fucks your body up bad. Those clothes are cheap because they cut the corners everywhere they shouldn't.

No. 1514311

Whenever I see a girl in public wearing a shiny poly trash bag Shein ensemble I almost feel embarrassed for her because it's always so obvious and bad irl. I used to wear a lot of fast fashion but after saving up and buying stuff like a buttery soft real leather bag, jeans that soften and fade with age but never rip, clothes that aren't see through or trapping your sweat under synthetic fibers or falling apart after a few washes… I can't go back kek. I 10000% judge people who shop there because it means they're ignoring all the issues with fast fashion that have been repeated over and over for clothes that don't even look or feel good

No. 1514312

I am jealous of my boyfriends cousin

No. 1514320

Actual autists are usually the 'undesirable' girls you're describing, they don't tend to have female friends because their behavior is offputting to normie women.

No. 1514341

i know we all hate her but yungelita is NOT ugly if you were bullied for your appearance you either needed time to grow into your appearance or kids were just being shitty to you, it happens more often than youd think. i relate to not really knowing what you look like though sometimes i think i know and then i look in the mirror or try to take a picture and its like oh wow i didnt know i was a disgusting creature not meant to come out during the day. you sound like youre probably cute though based on the women people compare you to but sometimes being bombarded by images of "perfect women" all the time makes it feel like being average/above average isnt good enough as evidenced by the fact that even women we would consider to be perfect will always see themselves as ugly its just inescapable as a woman

No. 1514375

while pharmaceutical industry does have an agenda it doesn't come around to what they're saying it does. actually, what pisses me the hell off about conspiritard circles in general is how stupid they are by missing the bigger picture and instead magnifying something that doesn't exist or completely skewing the truth, usually to fit their own political agenda. same thing goes for them and their surface level understanding of hollywood. there is indeed insidious shit going on in the upper echelon of society but they have it all wrong and they have the motive all wrong. the main motive for pharma companies is money. and hollywood and other big industries too. money. that's oversimplified but they treat it like it's one massive cabal with an evil agenda and not just capitalist greed driving the bus. yes there are people who are evil and keep one another's secrets but that doesn't make them an entire political secret new world order. they don't know how business works at all and it's actually embarrassing on a base level. pharma industry's goal is to sell you druggies, hollywoods is to sell you images, film, product, persona. money is the main object here. you can manufacture fake controversy and buzz for money I guess but the ultimate question is: why would an entire industry go to a crazy extent to fake and manufacture a virus or viruses? if you want to talk about the purposeful spread of disease go ask the cia.

I may be schizo but I'm a relatively levelheaded schizo. I took a skim through bitchute a couple months ago and what these people believe actually makes my head hurt

No. 1514400

this is exactly why i feel stupid if i try to talk to people about conspiracies theyre fucking true but people cant just be satisfied with the truth and have to make things bigger and more interesting than they are, like yeah a bunch of rich and famous people are pedophiles because when you already have everything you want you start to want what the world tells you you cant have, also i dont want to say men are pedophilic by nature because i want to believe they can be better than that but at the very least pedophilia is normalized in our society because these people want to be able to get away with their crimes not because joe biden and hillary clinton want to drink the blood of babies because it keeps their jew skin young and supple or some retarded shit like that. most of the people who believe that shit just want to see themselves as Gods Army fighting against satan himself its basically religion as a mental illness.

No. 1514403

samefag but its the same problem with preppers too i think theres a statistic for what theyre most likely to prep for and the top ones are the most unrealistic scenarios like theyre literally prepping for armageddon and natural disasters or nuclear war are the least of their concerns

No. 1514458

I don't think that's true, one of my closer friends is autistic and she's never been 'friendless'. Very anecdotal, I know, but being autistic doesn't mean you can't have close friendships. And I didn't imply 'undesirable' at all, I just said I'm peeved by them.

No. 1514584

Nta but it really depends on the people around you, in middle school I was the only autistic weeb among all the normies and I got bullied by all the preppy girls, and for some reason they had way more money and were more obsessed with fashion than the average teenage girl. If there were other weeb girls with me in school I would not have been isolated and friendless for a while.

No. 1514597

I'm one of those girls with a bf and no female friends (well, very little/hardly any irl), my last female friends left me in the middle of nowhere at 3am, literally over a tiny spat. sober.
like….some of us are targets for narc women because of our mothers. just some insight.
I was basically raised by my brother and protected by my male friends, a lot more than I can say for the women in my life.
it fucking sucks, I love women.

No. 1514598

samefag, massive austist/aspie here if that adds some nuance kek

No. 1514902

I suck my stomach in all the time. My mom would tell me all the time since I was a kid that I should suck it in because I looked fat otherwise so it became my default mode, I have no idea how to relax it or the possible damage it might have caused my stomach muscles by doing it 24/7

No. 1515254

I only respect intentionally childless women and at best women who are sex selective towards girls & have only/all daughters.

No. 1515261

Could be wrong but I think activating your stomach muscles is actually a good thing and strengthens your core a bit?

No. 1515269

File: 1678008239894.gif (15.32 KB, 220x220, 05A29DE9-01AA-4351-9344-237C4A…)

My boyfriend complimented a photo that was of my sister ,thinking it was me. He said it was because we both look the same and technically yes that’s true. But I can’t help but feel uncomfortable about it. My worst nightmare is that he develops a crush on her or something. Maybe I’m just overthinking it like a retard.

No. 1515276

that's kinda weird he can't recognize you in a picture unless you and your sister are twins or if you were kids in that picture..

No. 1515279

Depends on how much you're sucking in. It's actually quite good for your posture to keep your stomach muscles engaged. You shouldn't be worried unless you're constantly depriving yourself of air or holding in so much it hurts.

No. 1515283

I don't get non trad people who get married and have children.

No. 1515291

File: 1678013678253.jpeg (85.95 KB, 745x606, D350488D-584C-4013-A7CC-8AB0C2…)

It was a recent pic and we’re not twins. That’s why I was kinda shook. I’m not sure if his eyesight is just bad or he’s just a retard and fucked up ,but only time will tell. If this happened to someone else I’d sure as hell think it was sus.

No. 1515301

I kinda understand your boyfriend because i also think my boyfriend looks a lot like his brother and sometimes in photos i can't differentiate, but if it makes your feel better, that doesn't mean i find his brother attractive (meaning that your boyfriend may not find your sister attractive) and he complimented her because he thought it was YOU, the one he likes is YOU, and the context that it was her probably made him uncomfortable too.

No. 1515304

I have several sisters and none of us look like each other imo but some strangers sometimes confuse me for my oldest sister because I'm as tall as she is. A shit ton of people did this when we were in the same schools too when we were kids and then teenagers. It might be something like that in your case where unrelated people think you look very similar but family members will think you don't look that similar?

No. 1515309

rented a hotel room and asked specifically for a high floor one (red flag lol) so i could jump off the window.
got really drunk on beer and started crying asking for mom and dad. i also couldn't sleep because i was afraid someone could break in and harm me and the ac made this god awful sound every 30 minutes.
no one knows i did this. i mean, i told my friend that i'm a hotel xyz so i could be alone for a while and lied to my mom that i was at this friend's house.
i'm thinking about telling mom about this, but i don't know if that's the right option… i want to get help

No. 1515329

get some help nona. if your mom is nice and you have a good relationship, tell her. or tell a friend. we don’t know each other but I don’t want you jumping out of any windows. It’s scary being your last line of defense against yourself, it’s ok to call in reinforcements

No. 1515332

Tell your mom nona. Whether loved ones know how you're feeling is like one of the first things a therapist will ask because having a support system and someone to talk to is very important. Perhaps your mom can help you find professional help as well.

No. 1515341

What kind of crappy hotel has high level rooms with windows you can open never been in such a hotel and I've stayed at many

No. 1515351

an airbnb lol sorry it's a rented room idk if that makes any sense?>>1515329
thank you nonas for your kind words
don't have any brain juice to formulate an answer but i felt it deep in my heart and i thank you for being so kind to read and reply to what i wrote

No. 1515541

File: 1678040458040.jpeg (88.84 KB, 750x750, BC17AB3D-CC54-420B-8248-9E06EA…)

one day I woke up and my phone gained like 10 gb?

I may be schizo but I will always headcanon I had my own personal digital joe goldberg

guess he's letting me go

No. 1515894

my husbando was put in a gacha game and now i want to get a job so i can get the best things for him. 2d man has cured my neetdom.

No. 1515898

if I had the money to blow I would get a nose job. but instead I put all my money into one day a down payment on a home.

No. 1515943

Which one? I'm only playing FEH and Pokemon Masters for the husbandos from the main games but I never spent money on them.

No. 1515968

File: 1678087046945.png (184.32 KB, 500x565, shame.png)

I want to get fingerbanged and/or a full body massage by buster keaton's cracked drywall hands and fingers (including the one with the broken stubby finger, especially that one actually) while he looks me dead straight in the eyes the entire time.

No. 1515975

I'm going to try and turn my hatred of my former husbando into love and send it to you

You deserve the energy

No. 1515984

Why do you hate your former husbando?

No. 1516032

Wasn't he gay?

No. 1516068

I only cook eggs yolks-up so I can dip my toast in them.
I discard the egg whites cause they smell like vague farts and aren't as tasty. With egg prices going up, this is becoming an expensive indulgence.

No. 1516085

Source? I am admittedly not deep into the Buster lore.

No. 1516090

NTA but maybe not gay but he had issues. He was a child actor. Grew up in Vaudeville. Got the named Buster because his family let him literally be kicked around like a football which = brain damage. Lots of beatings into his adulthood. Did a lot of drag performances. Career tanked when he started a family because he turned erratic. Lots of totally normal and not-gay-at-all male friendships. Was institutionalized. Was a heavy drinker. Gay fans flocked to him.

Don't personally think he was gay but dude had so many demons it's hard to picture him as a healthy partner for any woman.

No. 1516145

have you tried seasoning

No. 1516269

he's not what I expected him to be
in the worst way

No. 1517348

This video lives rent free in my head, I relate so much to what's being said there, especially the hiker woman.

No. 1517352

you are so based

No. 1517509

File: 1678227234458.gif (2.43 MB, 496x280, smashed.gif)

He'd only give you a massage if you agreed to do this to him first.

No. 1517510

Fuck that is so sad.

No. 1517550

File: 1678231449933.jpg (410.39 KB, 900x486, saweetie.jpg)

>Career tanked when he started a family because he turned erratic.
Both of his sons from his arranged marriage were born in the early twenties. His career didn't start tanking until the mid-thirties, when his alcoholism became so severe that even MGM couldn't keep wringing cash out of him. I'm not taking issue with your post overall, just that. You're probably right about the brain damage. Now I'm sad.

No. 1517654

File: 1678241553828.jpg (45.19 KB, 750x691, EAmr-PAWsAEoiWR.jpg)

i just lied to my mom and she told me she was proud of me for something i didn't do…

No. 1517661

I talked to Chris-chan pre-jail and I'm happy I did even if he's a horrible person. Especially if he's probably never getting out or sent to some social home.

No. 1517701

but you know she can be proud of you at least

No. 1517771

I just realized how disgustingly stupid I've been about men because muh trauma. For the first time in my life, I haven't had overt sexual discussion, let alone contact, with a man that has shown interest in talking to me so much me for so long. I've never had conversation quality like this before. And it's a random Japanese guy I "met" online due to shared hobby, under no pretense of romantic interest. We can't even speak the same language. I would usually let low self esteem convince me that every man who doesn't immediately try to ask for nudes isn't interested. I suddenly got anxious today because I sent videos after a hair disaster and with no makeup. We don't even live in the same country and I don't care if I never meet him. But pathetically…this experiment has so far shown evolution of my courage in facing my fear of rejection. I'm afraid it will end suddenly because he's secretly more shallow than he claims, like every other time. Literally feel like crying even though he reassured me I was cute, he's not shallow, etc. And because I'm used to dudes being averse to any emotional intimacy whatsoever, I full expect him to lose interest immediately because I expressed mild insecurity. Vulnerability practice SUCKS I hate feeling unworthy and needy and too weird to live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1517794

Did he respond to the video?

No. 1517827

Yes,even tho he doesn't usually use his phone at work he took the time to translate a well thought out paragraph commenting on things in the video and reassuring me of his perspective being not shallow, and that I looked cute, seeing me in my bed cozy made him feel safe (lol?), sleep well. I unsent the videos anyway and I'll send him more confident ones if he wants. Yikes I really have my first internet crush. But I really don't care if we never meet if we can have these kinds of talks sometimes. As of now, paragraphs every day like letters for a month. Past handful of days days after I got strongly flirtatious, he even started responding at work (he has to edit online translation, its completely different culture for phone use at work, and he's anti tech anyway,etc) and sending me a cute video he made for me singing on his lunch break. He's said some intensely sweet and thoughtful and vulnerable things and I'm now thinking I am so rude to project shallowness onto him. I have really low self esteem fromy last (abusive) relationship. I just remembered that for a couple of his videos he commented "I don't look good, hope my ugliness doesn't scare you" so he even indicated sympathy preemptively. And I've already mentioned my intense shyness a lot. Maybe that's more normal in Japan from what I've heard. Ugh I've been insanely deceived, manipulated, and gaslit so much I literally never know when someone is being genuine or will randomly change their treatment and opinion of me on a whim.

No. 1517857

Oh nonnie, you sound like you're hurting and healing from a lot of shitty treatment that really messed with you. I really empathise with that because that's the place I was in after my own abusive relationship.

But, I'd say enjoy this cute online relationship! The guy sounds really sweet. I don't think I've ever had a cute video like that sent to me by a guy. The language barrier is rough but you can learn some Japanese and he can learn English. Happy for you meeting someone that seems genuine in wanting to connect with you, even if it doesn't end up something romantic.

No. 1517914

File: 1678263938387.png (398.19 KB, 415x415, 36.png)

i'm quite girly myself but whenever i see girls with coquette style i feel all fluttery even if i know that they probably have awful personalities and most just seem to pander to pedos
i just see it as a lighter and more modern lolita, i wish girls wouldn't be afraid to be so feminine or slightly old school, especially with no sexual intention…
i don't know how popular it is now, i wasn't around online when it seemed to be relevant but i never really want to browse that stuff because it always feels like i'm going to end up in some ddlg places

No. 1518036

Why is it that people in real life irritate me so easily but with anons here I'm always reading people venting and wanting to just send them lots of words of encouragement even if they come off a bit insane. And sometimes I read something really interesting and several months later I'll just wonder how that anon is doing. Need to log off

No. 1518039

gorl you can dress in a more updated EGL style and everything but coquettecore is kinda trashy. You're right most of them are insane and into ddgl. And they post gore and love hurting themselves, they're cringe tbh. I understand the aesthetic appeal of some of their pics tho but it's like, they as a whole are cringe. Love urself

No. 1518084

File: 1678287357469.png (421.8 KB, 1024x895, 0c7.png)

true, i hate that whole ddlg, self-harm, ed vibe that for some reason comes along with coquette, i'm convinced that if it wasn't for moids it would actually be something decent
is it so bad to want to date a girl that wears all those pretty things and go eat sweets together in a cafe or something?
i just like how more casual and sober coquette looks while still keeping a delicate vibe, it's not my type of style but since this is the confession thread i'll just admit that i go crazy for the idea of dating a girl that wears things like that, it's unfair

No. 1518093

I know that feel, anon. It doesn't matter, keep liking what you like and scorning all stupidity you see. I've had my own shit copied by all types of people. I see nothing wrong with taking from them back, but doing things my own way.
I should add: Ddlg people are probably the worst about stealing content. Remember, nothing but their ridiculous fetish belongs to them. No aesthetic is theirs, never let them have it. There will never be an iconic dd/lg fashion brand, dd/lg musician, dd/lg online magazine, dd/lg writer, etc. All they can do is coom and consoom.

No. 1518111

A some years ago, I was waiting for a bus home one night and I saw a woman standing in front of a store across the street from me. She was looking around her as if afraid. Then I saw a car pull up and a guy got out and confronted her. They seemed to get in an argument, I couldn't make out the words over the traffic. Then he pulled at her arm as if trying to make her get into the car with him. She kept pushing him away but eventually he just dragged her back to the car with him, she got in, and they drove off.

I couldn't see the plate number from where I was standing but every time I see a story about women going missing I feel so guilty about that night. I wonder if I was the last person to see that woman alive or something. I wonder if I could've done anything

No. 1518117

Same nonna. Not to sound like a hipster but I dressed like this before it became a trend and I hate the coquette community. It's full of proana, ddlg, edgelords. They also ruined the vintage fashion tag on tumblr. No your aliexpress plaid skirt is not vintage fashion fuck off!

No. 1518179

im retarded. i texted my ex and we've been flirting. its been fun but now he's booked a flight and wants to see me and i didnt mean for it to get that far.

No. 1518185

This is hypocritical of me because I'm underweight but I hate the feeling of hugging extremely skinny people. The sensation of just bones with no cushioning yuck

No. 1518388

Singularity anon checking in again. Last week felt a little better but this week sucks bad. I don't feel any potential future is open to me. I'm feeling closer to just walking out into the cold water of the lake near my house. It's still below freezing at night here. I don't think I'd last very long. Sorry to post this, I'm sort of just fantasizing but I'm feeling more and more lost. There's no point. I love you, nonnies.

No. 1518395

I befriend ugly women because I'm insecure. My ugly female friends always fuck me over, especially when a man gives them a crumb of attention because they're super desperate but being with them boasts my non-existent ego so I can't help it. Last time, my obese friend sent a nude to my ex to prove she was hotter, it only ended up with her getting blocked and my ex of 7 years ago remembering me and deciding to travel cities to see me even though I've told him not to come so she fucked me over in more than one way.

No. 1518397

Your not seeing the point because your brain is ill dummy. Someone with a broken leg wouldn't say "there's no point because I can never walk again" because that's simply not true. Go get the help you need.

No. 1518415

I've been on the other end of this several times. Prettier girls "befriending" me just so they can feel better about themselves made me feel incredibly miserable. It was a weird feeling because every time I knew that those were their intentions, but I still pretended to be genuinely friends because I was lonely, or I liked to delude myself that maybe I was on their level, since they befriended me and all. I'm sure your friends feel the same about you. But I must say I also understand your position… I've never acted unhinged but a lot of ugly women do because they know other people aren't really their friends, and they're desperate for some attention. They're bitter.

No. 1518442

I've been befriended by attractive women and damn they don't even try to pretend. They'll post everyone they know on their social media besides the ugly people they know. They'll bring you around men they're interested in but not any women they actually feel threatened by. It's funny how women like this think it's in any way subtle.

No. 1518452

It's the reverse for me. I have some ugly friends and I love them for who they are for the most part but sometimes I'm embarrassed to be seen in public with them, usually it's a combinaison of how they look and how they act at the same time. I'm talking about excessively ugly ones, not just below average women by the way.

No. 1518454

Alhamdulillah I am not a hetero, fighting and embarrassing myself for men. I will never deal with this or take part in it.

No. 1518470

One day I hope you're the ugly girl and get fucked twice as hard

No. 1518514

This is fucking embarrassing on all fronts

No. 1518531

I just think it’s kind of funny, kind of cartoonish even, it’s like reading the plot of a Korean webtoon or something kek.
I mean, I guess I don’t blame you, It’s hard to stop giving a fuck about moid opinions, I hope you’re young so you can stop being a pickme.

No. 1518683

File: 1678329494749.png (74.8 KB, 275x203, A5180D0B-50E3-4C89-A114-851DFA…)

I’ve been online stalking a girl because I’m afraid my ex may be dating her but there’s a timeline with another guy that seems super fucked and I can’t figure it out. Some of the info on an old social would mean she is still in high school but she has full sleeves of tattoos and lip fillers so I think that info is wrong. This guy has had tattoos since 2014 so if this was all correct this would be extremely creepy. They’re not official online but it definitely seems like they live together and he’s the only person really featured on her socials so occam’s razer says they’re dating, her profile is wrong, and she looks super young and he looks super old. I guess they could,be cousins but the way their families talk about each other doesn’t seem like it. Most cousins aren’t attached at the hip like they are. They also work at the same place. I don’t give a fuck about any of these people but I feel like I have to be on alert so I don’t get jumpscared for when he inevitably starts dating someone new. I had a similar breakup with a different ex (I need to be alone to learn about myself blah blah blah) and a week later he had a new girlfriend. I almost want him to move on so I can get the insane wave of grief I will undoubtedly feel out of the way. He never posts anything so I won’t get a direct reveal from him so I compulsively look through his gbf’s following to see if there’s anything there. Nothing yet but I don’t know for sure. My brain is so fucking broken that even though I know it won’t really matter even if I do all this stalking because it’s going to be incredibly painful no matter what but I have the compulsion to do it anyways.

No. 1518719

i feel myself growing apart from my friends and I feel really guilty about it. but i don’t have enough of a backbone to ever tell them the truth

No. 1518822

Had a female cousin help me remove a tampon tonight. String broke and I have never been able to put my fingers inside myself. If this wasn't a kick in the ass to get over my fear I don't know what is. I had to actually call her and ask if she would come over to help. It was like a 5 second scenario and we've both helped each other recover from surgery before so I'm glad she lives nearby because I was in absolute tears attempting to retrieve it myself.

No. 1518827

File: 1678345886815.jpg (58.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-535962530.jpg)

i feel like a teenager about finding my social niche. supposedly people my age already know how to fit in and where, which is their ideal group, but my teenage years were spent being too afraid to talk to the people i find cool, and earlier 20s hanging out with scrotes who were only interested in vidya, party and drugs. i feel too weird for normies but too normie for nerds. i probably best get along with nerdy people who go to the gym. fuck i'd never hang with anyone who doesn't do some sort of sports because i can't imagine loving yourself in a sedentary lifestyle

No. 1518846

File: 1678347248627.jpg (43.87 KB, 850x400, quote-he-is-the-cheese-to-my-m…)

Jennifer’s Body was trashy libfem horror and painfully unfunny, also Diablo Cody sucks as a writer, there are tons of talented female writers and directors but libfems really choose to support the woman who supports collage girls to take up stripping

No. 1518848

agreed, I'm tired of seeing it shilled everywhere

No. 1518883

I used to be a slut but I'm ugly and I made the "mistake" of having prettier friends (kek) all of my exes would hit on my beautiful friends, it's embarrassing, I wonder if they picked me up cause I was ugly? Either way I was desperate cause I was ugly I got fake asked out once and my pretty friend laughed. She probably never has that happen to her

No. 1518898

File: 1678353607320.jpg (92.75 KB, 1192x670, ecdc225a7a55c827117e7911fe64f7…)

I was so in love with my math teacher back in highschool. He was witty, funny, extra deadpan and charismatic, he always got a way to teach even the most difficult of exercises and he believed in my potential when no one did, so I eventually became extremely good at math. He was…quite the weird individual too, always doing random stuff for the hell of it/to weird people out, he liked to poke fun at his favorite students, he teased me too sometimes and I had to pretend I wasn't liking it way too much, he even noticed that I was blushing once and teased me about it but again, I was literally suppressing my feelings so I didn't really understood why I felt like this in his presence to begin with, I just thought I was retarded. He was so utterly charming to me, I really liked his company and his presence flustered me a lot, my heartbeats literally got so loud every time he was close to me. I still remember his voice and some of his outfits.

Sorry for my absolute autism, nonnas. Please cut me some slack for this one I was very young and retarded.

No. 1518959

I was in love with my 7th grade social studies teacher, after I had a sexy dream about him. He was such a dork and he was German! His accent was so thick and his voice was deep. I wish I could find him today.

No. 1518970

Damn I have the trauma of being fake asked out kek. Men appraching me (kindly even) to talk to me and then noticing his group of friends giggling like idiots behind him and then him telling me it's a joke. Or prettier girls who would "befriend" me for a bit and act nice only to drop the "wait are you a man or a woman" and then laughing and showing off to their favourite fuckboys like the pickmes they were. Even the "best friends" I had were polite but would occasionally talk about how they don't like ugly girls in front of me (knowing that I knew I was ugly) and would only hang out with me when their "better cooler" friends weren't available. It felt like they either used me as a pet or they were downright ashamed to even be seen talking to me.

No. 1518989

>It felt like they either used me as a pet or they were downright ashamed to even be seen talking to me.
my "friendships" in a nutshell

No. 1518993

This is why I hung out with girls who smelt like cats.

No. 1519002

File: 1678366135122.jpeg (19.63 KB, 750x442, chiyo-sakura-photo-u1.jpeg)

Oh my I also had a wet dream about my teacher, it was so cathartic and hot but at the time I was so embarrassed I suppressed it I don't look and act like a barely functional autist anymore, so I wish I could run into him someday and thank him for everything he did for me a part of me thinks that wouldn't be a good idea considering my feelings for him, I don't want to fangirl too much I will die of embarrassment if he notices again and bullies me for it (not that I wouldn't like it)

No. 1519004

This reminded me of my childhood "friend". I looked worse than her back then because of acne and dressing like a hobo, but boys would still like me and often prefer to talk to me because I was wittier. But when someone would say something mean about me she would laugh like it was the funniest joke. It was long ago but I still want to go back in time and punch her in the face

No. 1519026

when i was a wee little autist just hitting puberty my boomer mother didn't bother to tell me what discharge was and i couldn't stand the feeling in my underwear so i would always wipe it away with my hands or tissues and i realized now ten years later that kids probably thought i was masturbating in school or something but i was just trying to get rid of the weird discharge in my pants. ironically i never even touched myself until i was 17.

No. 1519057

I'm the op, if you were a slut you probably weren't ugly, you're probably average at worst. My friends were in such bad situations that they truly can't get any man to sleep with them at all. The fat one for example could only get men online and she'd need to shoop her nudes or use fakes of other girls.
And getting fake asked out just seems like something someone would do out of spite and you friend could be in on it. You're not the kind of girl I'm talking about and I'm sorry if you felt sad about it, your situation is different and you didn't do anything to warrant the shitty treatment of your friends aside from daring to be open sexually.

No. 1519058

Wtfff, people actually act like this irl? Where do you come from?
In all my female friend circles this kind of ugly/pretty thinking might go on for the first week of knowing eachother but after that we just saw eachother for who we were. Of course there was still pickmeism in the form of choosing to hang out with moids over friends or siding with them etc, but never in this vile way. In contrary, we collectively used to roast the shit out of boys for insulting the appearance of anyone we liked, with the one crushing or dating him even joining in kek.

No. 1519077


Definitely had the same problem. 8th grade science teacher. He was so well spoken and calm, loved early cartoons, complimented my curly hair when I didn't straighten it and let the really shy/anxiety ridden kids skip presentations since we had really good grades.

My heart went through the roof when I had to interview a teacher for Publications (school newspaper) and I got to talk to him one-on-one for almost an hour. It's weird looking back on it, but he was probably one of the few good men on this Earth. He had good energy. Hope he's doing well still!

Young love and crushes are so interesting to look back on. Thanks for unpacking those random memories, nonnas!

No. 1519084

Sometimes it's best to express that to the friend group or pretty much cut the cord. It sucks but eventually you might leave the situation entirely but causing extra stress for yourself won't help. It also depends why you're disconnecting. Maybe it can be fixed, yet if it's something that can't be helped, it's best to just go.

That happened to me in my early 20s, I had to stop messing around with a friend group because it went from 'smoking weed and hanging out at the Strip' to 'taking Percocets and throwing hands'. Like shit was all of a sudden a frenemy rollercoaster although I thought it was supposed to be a friendly carousel.

You'll find your way. Some alone time never hurt and then you can probably have the time to find real friends again.

No. 1519109

I'm in Europe kek, but I think this happens everywhere tbh. Unless you're lucky and find people who truly go beyond looks, if you're actually ugly you're not going to find real genuine friendships. I don't know how to describe it but there's always this underlying disgust towards ugly girls, and while I expect it from moids it's sad to see that even other girls often do this shit. A lot of girls prefer male validation over female friendships.

No. 1519121

>I don't know how to describe it but there's always this underlying disgust towards ugly girls
no that's just in ur head

No. 1519129

I wish I had this problem

No. 1519218

nta but if that was the case i wouldn't have people directly calling me ugly, a freak, troll etc. to my face

No. 1519253

File: 1678386810395.gif (4.42 MB, 480x260, F84E5CCE-1281-469E-9694-E84759…)

I still do this to this day, with everything from berries to chips and cereal

No. 1519317

I’m 30 and I met this 22 year old scrote who is very obviously a coomer porn brain who sees me as an object but this is hot to me for some reason

No. 1519335

I choked my moid during sex till I heard a breaking "crack" sound and his throat was sore for weeks. I don't feel sorry for him, he was being a pest.

No. 1519383

File: 1678394107641.jpg (45.25 KB, 563x547, kot72934d8065786dffff0929.jpg)

My bf is younger than me and things have been going great, but I'm wary of his male friends/relatives as some of them have unironically referred to me as a MILF. I don't like this as it's a disgusting porn category and doesn't even apply to me as I do not have children. His relative was luckily called out for referring to me as that immediately but I'm disturbed at how comfortable these young men are using these phrases IRL.

No. 1519401

I kept telling myself that but then if that was the case why did people always treat me like trash even when I was kind and patient and they also liked to randomly make remarks about how ugly I am as a ""joke""?
People just fucking hate ugly women for existing, that's how it is.

No. 1519599

Those people probably treat everyone like trash.
I am people too, I don't hate ugly women, and you can't tell me what I feel about you.

No. 1519610

There’s this cute Chinese guy that I saw once at university and I managed to know his social media accounts and now I’m plotting on getting him to like me by faking a Chinese love letter and pretending it’s from another guy and then I’ll ask him to translate it for me. I’m so desperate for attention and I really need to find sth to make me busy .

No. 1519626

Sometimes I’m astounded by how dumb and naive a lot of women are and think it’s the reason we will never be able to make a lot of progress as a whole.

No. 1519653

Those types definitely are baseline miserable but they tend to take out their aggression more visibility on easy targets. The women who sperg about being annoyed by ugly people when their brains are fully developed are always hopeless and average at best themselves.

No. 1519667

Don't do that just message him "hey" with a smiley and say you go to the same school

If he's from China, they can be reserved but open up after you confirm you like them

No. 1519695

What happened?

No. 1519865

Thanks for the advice anon but he didn’t know respond to my friend request . And I don’t like to express my feelings to a guy first.that’s why I’m planning to approach him on that way .

No. 1519884

You put space after a period. Like this.

Not . Like.This .

No. 1519904

I'm unable to say anything positive about myself, anytime I see those positivity posts on tumblr like "say three nice things about yourself" or "5 random facts" or whatever my mind just goes completely blank. Even when people bring out my supposed qualities I just go " other people do it better" or "it's not like it's hard to do".

No. 1519906

my libido in this relationship has been abused and ruined
I really just don't even want it anymore and I'm tired of being the only one that ever did

No. 1519943

No. 1519945

I wanna kill myself because I can’t find a job

No. 1519959

same nona, I graduated from my master in a STEM field almost a year ago now and been applying for everything, even things im over qualified for and not in my field
yet, I just can't seem to get a job. I get pretty far in interviews, but it amounts to nothing and im feeling so useless

No. 1519967

Are you on LinkedIn? That’s where most of my offers come from.

No. 1519974

I am, and I'm also sign up in a lot of different recruitment websites (including the gov one), and nothing is coming from it.
literally the only reason im not going to an hero is because of my cute dog

No. 1520058

Nona thankntou for making me feel less alone. I too have a degree and many years pf experience in what I’m applying for and yet they never call back after a few interviews. I can’t help but blame myself for not being enough and it makes me cry because how can i that useless? Also crying about labor makes me feel even more retarded
Hope you get a cool well paid job soon noni

No. 1520060

I thought STEM was a really good field to be in?

No. 1520063

Fucking same. I think it's because we're in a recession right now. I'm graduating from a STEM degree and have 1 year of internship experience and still can't find anything. I'm comparing the alumni who graduated from my same program years ago and they were definitely better off. Inflation, rising costs of living expenses, stagnant wages, high unemployment rate. Fuck this timeline.

No. 1520065

Lol no one actually checks my profile. 0 profile views even when I directly apply to a posting on LinkedIn.

No. 1520079

Just found out that another nona was sperging about something I did in another thread a few weeks ago. I also don't feel bad for what I did but won't do it again.

No. 1520484

File: 1678483133818.gif (856.36 KB, 500x317, catgif.gif)

Nonnies, I am 30 years old and my current depressive episode has made me go down a fucking humiliating One Direction rabbit hole. I have never listened to their music and still do not. I was too old/edgy to be a fan when they first debuted. I just watch cute interviews and feel sorta content for 5 minutes. Also I sort of believe in Larry, tf. Someone put me out of my misery.

No. 1520491

I will stop saging my posts on non cow boards just to make the retards who screech about it mad

No. 1520493

kys nonners larry was a bunch of fucking bullocks, zarry was real!!!

No. 1520499

I’ve just had sudden cramps in my buttocks area and I screamed so loud my whole family came and thought I was dying and said we should go to hospital but then the cramps faded and I started laughing lol

No. 1520501

kek why would you want to sage on noncow boards? I feel on LC it should be normal not to sage.

No. 1520530

A guy I was on a date with said he had a therapist and it was a huge turnoff

No. 1520558

File: 1678489939685.jpg (2.62 MB, 1430x2048, Tumblr_l_1341827883339859.jpg)

OK, but hear me out…Zourry supremacy.

No. 1520565

Sounds like a faggot

No. 1520593

Out of habit I guess, but some people think you have to do it and get pissy about it

No. 1520602

i keep having dreams about young brendan fraser and i feel like i am cheating on my bf when i awake. Its so intimate and real, idgi

No. 1520613

I hate my mother and I don't feel guilty about it. I don't really know how I feel about my father but he sometimes reminds me of a cardboard cutout with an automatic voice box. He doesn't listen and will just go on and on about shit not relevant to what we're talking about.

No. 1520629

File: 1678500429162.gif (693.3 KB, 500x361, 92333972-40B4-40C9-B7B0-564DB5…)

finna use Dream Eater on you next turn, nonny

No. 1520760

I hate the feeling of being freshly showered. Not the shower itself, I love that, but the dampness afterwards. Even when I'm dry, the clothes I put on feel stiff and uncomfortable. I have to lotion up and every part of me is either too dry or too moist. Being squeaky clean feels unnatural. I prefer to be a bit grimy and for my clothes to have that "worn" feeling, and I love weekends when I don't have to shower first thing in the morning for work.

No. 1520898

Man I shouldn't have read more into his life beyond this post now I'm extra sad. And kind of raising my eyebrows regarding some of his relationships with various women..what I read doesn't make him sound gay at all but I can see how the alcohol certainly had an effect on some things….unless those details weren't fully accurate idk. Then I got sad again reading the way he died

No. 1521078

When I was a kid, I shared a room with my brother and there was a chair in between our beds. I would pick my nose and wipe it on the chair, but my brother got blamed for it. I was really nervous when he was confronted because the boogs were only on my side so I don’t know why they thought he did it, but writing this now I guess he could have been doing the same thing i was.

No. 1521132

I wear my contacts for months at a time. If I cry they get cloudy so I just pop them out rinse them in saline and pop them back in. I've never had an eye infection. I think contacts can be worn longer than they say and they are a scam

No. 1521136

I don’t think I can do relationships anymore. This last break up has ruined me. He wasn’t abusive, quite the opposite actually. I just can’t take falling so hard and feeling so connected to someone but getting abandoned because they’re scared. This isn’t the first time it’s happened. I can’t do it again. I miss him so much.

No. 1521145

I cant cry in front of anyone. So embarrassed I can't even do it in the house in any near proximity to anyone else. Like I'll just take the car and sob in a parking lot. Thats how embarrassed I am. Jesus

No. 1521175

>my father: calls
>"wHeRe aRE yOU"
>only calling because he needs the car
>having to share the car because too poor and too depressed to find and pay loans on new used junker
>doesn't actually care about my feelings
>get home
>he leaves to do errands
>start crying

No. 1521208

File: 1678568825791.png (24.52 KB, 428x389, AB8E4FD8-7C25-467F-B1BB-A63C1A…)

this will sound nasty but I stopped washing my hands with soap after using the toilet. like why? what does soap do that hot water doesn’t? most bathroom soaps don’t kill germs, they’re just pleasant smelling. Of course this is only when I’m home and in the privacy of my own bathroom.

No. 1521212

i wish i had that power. i can’t help but cry on the spot. Insecure men then think i ’m being manipulative or something.. but i would give anything not to cry. Like i want to say shit and i can’t because crying makes me a mess.

No. 1521216

the soap molecules bind to the lipids on your skin where all your dirt is also sitting and then carries it away together when you rinse with water. or something like that. it's not all about disinfecting, non-antibacterial soap serves a purpose.

No. 1521217

I've gotten better at controlling it, sometimes it does just tumble out. Then I'm so mortified that I don't do it for months. I only gained self control by means of years of humiliation

No. 1521223

File: 1678569980334.jpg (46.45 KB, 500x397, tumblr_oupwt0sA661sk1b4eo1_500…)

i feel like my mom was hoping i'd take my cs degree and get some kind of crazy 100k yearly off the bat career but all i want is an office drone job that lets me set a little money side monthly + pays the bills. hell, i don't even wanna code kek. i wish i could buy her house and all that but i'm also not feeling too bad about it

No. 1521227

well that’s interesting. I have always just used sanitizer to properly clean my hands. I thought soap was for the aesthetics kek

No. 1521246

File: 1678571543338.jpg (65.8 KB, 735x787, e51c0b1581ff39602467aa775_8127…)

I have a weird love and passion for bad or strange fanfiction. For the better an dmos of the time the worst, I give a chance to a lot of fic if they contain a pair that I like.

No. 1521256

No. 1521276

I don't like white skirts because of shayna. I'm sorry, I have shayrot. I'm too fat and too fucking emo to even think of ever wearing white lower body wear of any kind. Plus I cannot trust myself myself keep it clean (I'm retarded), but before shays thread I'd dress my Sims in those dresses, now I'm cleaning out 100gbs worth of sims cc, and I see 500 different versions of pleated white shirts of different lengths and sizes. I delete them all.Once a scrote Sim in my game spawned in one of tbkse skirts, I deleted him not because the skirt made me think of shayna or a sissy, but because I was having a all girls club meeting, I was pissed off irl and it was just too fucking much for me.

No. 1521278

I use bleach to wash my hands but I stopped after discovering a cut and getting the burn of a life time

No. 1521280

File: 1678573754506.gif (3.33 MB, 498x498, soap-working-structure-animate…)

See animated gif anon. Soap is superior to water because it breaks up germ cells.

No. 1521286

File: 1678574156198.png (11.21 KB, 510x489, puppy.png)

Please just use soap for your little poopy hands anon. You can even use antibacterial soap, I buy Safeguard.

No. 1521294

I sage on noncow boards because sometimes I want to reply without bumping the thread like a ghost.

No. 1521315

I read my boyfriend’s diary every night

No. 1521342

It's cute and admirable your bf keeps a diary I am so lazy and forget mine exists. I don't think you are wrong for looking either honestly

No. 1521347

What does he write about

No. 1521360

File: 1678578313358.jpg (24.53 KB, 473x452, DvY2ANhV4AI-KeW.jpg)

I have a parasocial crush on a youtube therapist I've been listening to, so stupid but I just want to imagine she would be very kind and nurturing to me (24yr old neet) Very shameful & cringe because of course she would be its her fucking job plus she's much older & married and has to treat all clients like that so it wouldn't be special to her anyway. I even had a vaguely sexual dream about sitting at her legs and listening to her talk. wtf wrong with me

No. 1521364

i saw this on the front page and thought someone shooped shayna to look like an instagram thot

No. 1521366

What happened that day or things he’s anxious about and lots of insanely sweet gushing about me kek

No. 1521428

hand sanitizer is not as effective compared to soap

No. 1521456

please tell me her name.

No. 1521466

she's not your actual therapist but erotic transference does happen commonly, don't feel ashamed. use it as a chance for reflection!

No. 1521514

I know i just saw another video on that, it's what kind of making me avoid actual therapy and try to cure myself by watching a ton of therapist on youtube. I think I'll get too attached emotionally to therapist because I don't have any close friends or relationship to explore this with (and I refuse to talk to any moid therapist about my sexuality & past issues)

Dr Ramani

No. 1521582

i've posted outlandish shit in here and /g/. nothing baiting for anyone's pity or anything just bizarre shit.

No. 1521592

I used to make up the stupidest shit for bait purposes when it wad slow and it worked every time

No. 1521594

Are you the nonna talking about elementary schoolers getting abducted in their sleep when they tested well for the gifted programs

No. 1521632

My stress hemorrhoids are so bad and they’re only getting worse. I poop so much blood but it’s all fresh but it’s still miserable.

No. 1521633

That's cute, good for you

No. 1521702

File: 1678616873822.jpg (35.1 KB, 704x396, LTrTRGgVd-ISonqUtotUZTe-OoYXgw…)

When I was a young child, I really wanted a racecar bed. The idea of having a bed shaped like a car was very appealing. Never got it but every time I see one it makes me smile.

No. 1521796

I would like to apply to be a farmhand but I infight a lot, I think they would not accept me kekkk

No. 1521804

Picked up chocolate cake from the trash, it had hairs on it (my own) and I just picked em out. Nasty but I really needed that chocolate cake.

No. 1521809

But why was it in the trash?

No. 1521823

I have a boyfriend but I dream about sleeping with women, and fantasize about meeting a woman that's so into me I cheat. She puts a hand on my shoulder, my knee, just keeps getting more physically affectionate until I give in and sleep with her.

No. 1521832

I have a boyfriend but I dream about sleeping with women, and fantasize about meeting a woman that's so into me I cheat. She puts a hand on my shoulder, my knee, just keeps getting more physically affectionate until I give in and sleep with her.

No. 1521835

I have many questions…

No. 1521836

So that I wouldn't eat it. (I just did, and it was good)

No. 1521837

So that I wouldn't eat it. (I just did, and it was good)

No. 1521912

i hate kissing. i hate smelling other people’s breath, i hate tasting whatever food/drink they last had. i hate the entire concept of tongue kissing. like it’s just disgusting to me. i honestly would rather skip straight to sex. kissing does nothing for me.

No. 1521947

Where did you find him

No. 1522051

File: 1678650606087.jpeg (41.51 KB, 414x563, 2CAC035B-F787-4269-952B-489D0D…)

Sometimes I regret adopting my rabbits because they’re not friendly at all despite having them for 3 years.
They’re terrified of people and aren’t affectionate at all but the amount of time and upkeep to clean up after them, get their supplies from another city, etc doesn’t always seem worth it.
Sometimes I wish I could take them back to the shelter but it doesn’t seem fair to take an animal back to a shithole because they didn’t meet my expectations.
At least knowing they’re being taken care of here and they’re cute to watch provides some comfort.

No. 1522054

Samefag but please don’t believe I solely adopted them because I was stuck at home during the pandemic.
I’ve raised rabbits before and my previous one passed away from sudden GI stasis a few months before and I felt like I was ready to give a new pet a new home.

No. 1522057

File: 1678650868993.jpg (61.71 KB, 564x566, tumblr_5d35f1e44f284c7d533f7ac…)

Tomorrow, I will learn a very important result. Pray for me my nonnas, pray for me! My chances are extremely low but still I want to believe.

No. 1522143

You should have been aware then that rabbits are not cuddly by nature. They can be, yes, and can be on their own terms. But remember you're a freaky human and not a rabbit. You cannot speak their language, you can never be a rabbit, you can never join their club, so they will always prefer rabbit companions over human.
You are expecting a rabbit to fit your expectations, instead of fitting your expectations to those of the rabbit. That is the problem. You need to check your ego at the door.

No. 1522146

You could find them a new home without putting them in a shelter.. There's even websites that'll help you adopt out your pets if you don't know anyone irl who could take them. A small dog or an affectionate cat might better fit your needs.

No. 1522148

I’m not a huge fan of rabbits as pets in general despite how cute they are, having grown up with many of them I’m always put off when people on social media misrepresent them as being an ideal pet or super affectionate and sociable, and it encourages uninformed people to want them. However, you obviously know what you’re doing with them now anyway, and there’s a comfort and pride you can take in caring for animals regardless of if they’re the affectionate kind of pet. I have a lot of rescue animals still, most of them not that sociable due to their species, but there’s a kind of peace and satisfaction in just knowing you took in these animals and are working to give them the best life possible.
It can get depressing at times when you put in so much work and feel like there’s no sense of returned gratitude and love, but if they could understand what you’re doing for them then they would thank you, and that counts for something. They’re comfortable and happy thanks to all your efforts.

No. 1522150

Depends on where anon is, just since she got a rabbit from a shelter I'm assuming she's from a narrow selection of the world, and there is a very big problem with rabbits being rehomed right now in several parts of the world. shelters are over capacity, fosters are at their limit, homes are few and far in-between. plus people keep dumping rabbits outside, unwanted Christmas gifts, and breeders are releasing their unwanted rabbits, and in north america there have been at least 5 hoarding cases come to light this year alone, pulling out hundreds of rabbits from horrible conditions. right now is a terrible time to be a rabbit. there are no homes and the amount of homeless is growing exponentially.
additionally, there may have been a clause in the adoption contract where she needs to return the rabbits to the facility if she decides she doesn't want to care for them anymore.

No. 1522158

>check your ego at the door
Yeah I’m well aware and that’s exactly what I’m doing, by acknowledging it’d be unfair of me to take an animal back to a shelter because it didn’t meet my expectations.
Thank you for the advice nonnie.
Ultimately, I’m keeping them with me as I still love them and am incredibly attached to them.
Like I said, they’re well cared for and I don’t to put them through the stress of rehoming and getting them adjusted to a new environment, and seeing them binky or run to me when I crinkle their bag of treats makes me happy enough.
I just needed to vent a bit.
I’m glad to know there’s someone who shares a same sentiment Nona, wishing the best for you and your pets.

No. 1522193

If Aella was bi, I would totally date her. I'm not particularly physically attracted to her but her specific brand of autism makes her magnet to fellow filterless spergs like me

No. 1522264

As in… skyrim…?

No. 1522312

no shes talking about the cow whos obsessed with child porn and i hope that anon gets help

No. 1522646

File: 1678708562052.gif (1.06 MB, 480x360, giphy-2.gif)

Have been doing absolutely fuckall at my work for 2 weeks now. I feel completely unmotivated and have been mostly browsing and watching movies. I know I should care but can't be fucked

No. 1522651

I 2as 25 at uni with a 5yo.
Only one other person older than me, in her 50s.
Considering going back to uni again now in my late 30s.
We are never too old to learn.
In my opinion age is just a number and fuck what anyone else thinks if you are doing what you want

No. 1522703

I can orgasm just from having my nips played with so one day when I was really horny I tried sucking my own tit but it didn’t feel good

No. 1522776

I like making threads before shitpost anons can because it really irritates them and it's pretty fun without it being against the rules, especially if the thread then becomes active lol

No. 1522778

I accidentally found Elaine and Oldmin on the fediverse some time ago. In hindsight, they both seem like cows. Elaine spammed the same shit as usual and lies about Lolcow, while Oldmin fired back with some of Elaine's shenanigans. I don't know or care about all the details, but they both seemed very focused on getting validation from the techbro scrotes in their community. I feel like the whole drama between them started and lasted so long because they both have BPD and a bizarre fixation on "humiliating" and "exposing" anyone who crosses them.

No. 1522796

I'm jealous, I wish I could take a fucking break at my shitty job

No. 1522807

If you can financially do it, do it, anon. Otherwise, maybe just look for another job though that offers college or something. It's not even guaranteed you'd get a higher pay or find a better job when you graduate, especially that old and with tech jobs being overrun by younger candidates by the time you do graduate.

No. 1523001

File: 1678740418127.jpg (434.58 KB, 1312x1308, 1678307921162828.jpg)

whenever i feel bad about myself (23, mediocre cs grad, no job, desperately searching) i look at college dropout stories/certain rich cows to feel better

No. 1523002

I hope there are people that know me that at least feel better about themselves because they're less of a loser than I am. There you go that's my contribution to society.

No. 1523004

what's your job queen

No. 1523038

I once had someone tell me I look like the bella actress anons are currently dunking on, and I resent that remark even though I only heard it once. The comparison pic the person used was when she was a literal kid on GoT, this was a few years ago. I don't really think I look like her, I have a different jawline, which is the main thing about her people tend to hate and call her ugly for. but everyone calling her ugly or whatever actresses I've been told I look like ugly or plain just reinforces my dysmorphia twenty fold that I think I am a hideous beast, and it makes me want to cry because I don't have blue eyes and a square pointy model jaw that could cut diamonds or some shit

No. 1523039

File: 1678743356066.gif (84.33 KB, 130x90, yikesjadaa-minajsupremacy.gif)

Sometimes when my mind goes haywire, I often dream about attending a graduation party that my parents threw for me against my own will and making a dramatic speech about them being abusive and fake bitches. The situation ends in numerous manners, either i shoot myself, a friend drags me out and takes me to their house or i just my parents and my and anybody who tries to stop. I dislike the third one because i don't have beef with my family, only my parents and my sister, so i don't want them to be traumatised or hurt. I do often have thoughts about killing my parents but honestly, they make me upset because i don't want to go to jail and i don't want my face reveal for my online friends to be my fugly mugshot kek. I've also been on the fence sharing this with therapists because i don't want to go to jail or get sectioned for having a plan for my suicide or anything.

No. 1523040

samefag but sorry about the twitterfag file name, i did unironically get the gif from twitter because i thought it was funny.

No. 1523050

Nona, I feel you. I relate a lot to this entire confession (like maybe not the exact specifics of the fantasy but otherwise, yeah), insane how shitty abusive relatives and especially parents just get to make their cursed existence everybody else's problem while we can't even honestly tell healthcare professionals about the homicidal rage that engenders for fear of leaving in a straight jacket kek

No. 1523073

I am filming in my old hometown, residence of my insane metalhead ex that I have deliberately avoided on all accounts
>bloody love notes left on my car in french
>doesnt even speak french
>made playlists that copied mine song for song with titles like “drown the queen”
>has held a blade to his neck during arguments
Ok, years later. I am visiting the area for location scouting/project planning etc. The lady director sits us down in a conference room to go over options and ideas. He comes rolling in the door. Now he is FAT and BALD with the grimiest long metal beard you can imagine.
I tense up, because of course my brain assumes hes there to shoot me or skin me. Then I notice his uniform. Hes the AC repair man. He finally notices me and drops his head.
It has been years since I have seen him. But now I have lost all the weight, my hair is long and wonderful. My adrenaline is through the roof every time he walks in and out. I want to tell my friend SoS, but I also wanted to remain professional. I want to yell “this man has threatened to “eat my flesh” “.
He comes in one more time and the air clicks on. He darts his eyes at me and then, like the sociopath he is, starts in with a conversation to the woman who hired him; the director. I hear him say “well, if you need me on set you got my number” and she laughs a little. We start wrapping up and he walks out.
When we were walking to our cars I noticed his work van parked, and he was watching. I ask my friend about lunch and suggest carpooling in her car. I hope he didnt figure out my vehicle, but I wont put it past him to get on set. He seemed real friendly with the director.
I am worried, and I am aggravated. Theres always a predator on set… but this takes the cake. As much as I want to scream wolf, I am worried to sabotage my work connections with conflict and personal drama.

No. 1523216

Tf anon this is so scary.Please tell someone and carry mace

No. 1523591

I wish for the swift death of my in-laws everyday. Hope it manifests soon enough!

No. 1523593

screw mace she needs a gun

No. 1523596

Why though?

No. 1523599

File: 1678823508470.jpg (236.79 KB, 1920x1363, mook_IoriWestwoodOutfit (1).jp…)

I like that cropped jackets and button-up shirts are in style, because now I can dress like picrel and look trendy.

No. 1523627

if you are friends or close with one of the women working with you, tell her, most women will understand and support you. I was in a situation ones where a customer came to the store I worked in every day, wanting to see one woman working with me. She was freaked out and we always covered for her, that she is sick, not there and so on. After some time he wouldn't come back. While that situation is rather harmless compared to your situation, you need at least some people around you to know what happend. And the director laughing could just mean that she feels nervous while he is around. If there is someone around you you can trust, get them on your side, it won't ruin your work connections, your safety is also more important than work. And please be careful, have someone walk you to your car, someone wait for you where you stay, don't be alone, have your phone close and maybe something around for selfdefense.

No. 1523645

File: 1678827006060.jpeg (27.85 KB, 375x322, 1F3875C6-A9B2-4CB8-8D7F-AE8A49…)

Pretty sure no one is interested but the Chinese guy I wanted to write a letter to translate it lol , accepted my friend request on fb today I sent him a hey text but still no answer so I’m going to proceed with plan A. Playing toxic games is fun until my heart is shattered to pieces;)(;))

No. 1523678

I still pick my nose and wipe the boogers on the underside of furniture. Been doing it since I was a kid. One time my mom saw it and assumed my sister did it since she had allergies and always had a runny nose. But my sister always used tissues. It was me being nasty and I said nothing.

No. 1523708

File: 1678830078488.png (5.99 KB, 540x982, C81D2BAD-D2FE-4FA1-9A49-49C79B…)

I came to confess that I dress up like a model and do my hair and make up very cleanly and nicely to go to the university that I graduated from just because I have no other place to wear these clothes. I confess that my confidence boosts so much because everyone is looking at me and complimenting on how good I look. I will do it again soon.

No. 1523714

Kek same

No. 1523717

you are looking gorgeous today, nonnie!!

No. 1523720

Mwah thanks love :*(:*)

No. 1523758

She's gorgeous. Way prettier than women who fit some cookie cutter Stacey meme aesthetic so it's not a bad thing if you do look like her

No. 1523763

I'm just waiting until I get the ana brain rot and just stop remembering things and caring about the world around me

No. 1523791

File: 1678834384698.jpeg (24.57 KB, 540x397, D5524FED-EC5A-4B9C-8C75-9117BF…)

We don't really look alike, but I get compared to a bunch of "plain" brunette actresses, bonus points if they have freckles, and was even compared to videogame Ellie. It's not really a big thing, I've just always thought myself to be very insecure. When I was a kid I looked up to Lindsay Lohan for having freckles and then I realized I have really ugly coloration compared to her

This is the era of square jawed buccal fat blondes. Maybe in old Hollywood or the 90s or something I wouldn't be considered fuggo. I often find myself most drawn and attracted to darker hair, though I hate myself, the world doesn't agree with me. then all the brunette moids date the most busted, bland blonde imaginable. I guess I'm fine being single and doing whatever I want until I attract someone who's worth my time and stop feeling ugly, I'm not trying to be pretty anyway, but I still look into the mirror everytime I do my makeup and think "damn I'm awful"

No. 1523810

as an older nonna (guess I am really older than you), I can tell you, it won't happen. Your brain will rot, you will remember, you will care and you will hate every second of it. Get yourself something to eat, try to recover and find something, just anything, that makes you happy and a place to live where you aren't surrounded by stupid, annoying bullshit people. You can do it nonna, you will be okay and you can leave every stupid thing behind you without an ED.

No. 1523821

as another former older ED having anon can confirm

your bone density and digestive system will thank you if you stop while ahead

No. 1523930

File: 1678848749825.jpg (159.55 KB, 1280x1081, 1678441274678.jpg)

The irl version of women like the one in this pic are usually cute/hot to me. I can't think of an irl example right now but they're definitely hookup material, at least the ones who aren't painfully straight. There is no redeeming the irl version of these men though, they're repulsive.

No. 1523934

I appreciate the kind responses nonies. My physical health is my last priority at this point but I appreciate it anyway.

No. 1523942

Bella Hadid is in vogue, lots of other super popular and hyped up celebrities and models right now are brunette, fuck what braindead moids want, they also think children and animals and fruit are sexy. Blondes are more popular with lower class men and brunettes are more popular with wealthier and smarter men incidentally. Whatever hair color is best on you and what you love is what is best end of story.

No. 1523960

maybe I'll go red again. it's worked for me before. I just have a personal prejudice against blonde, I can't explain. besides clashing with every aspect of my features and looking horrible on all my female family members who've worn any shade of it, bottle blonde is a color I associate with male fetishism. conformity, patriarchy. I can think of no worse color to dye my hair. I really hope in the future I'm never pressured into changing it. if nobody can respect me or downplays my worth if I'm not a blonde then they don't deserve me

No. 1523978

I have never done it and I know it's morally wrong but I feel like I'm the type of shitty person to cheat on my partner in a relationship.

No. 1524009

I cheat in my relationship every once in a while, only because I know he 100% cheats as well. If I was with someone that didn't cheat I wouldn't either.

No. 1524121

Anxiety makes me wanna puke.

No. 1524130

why are you still staying with a cheater. luv yourself

No. 1524143

I hate madoka magica. I watched it and the only interesting parts were the ones where everything changed to an adorable crazy artstyle, other than that shit was boring and borderline creepy with the little kid looking anime girls in their short skirts and cute-ish scenes where they had fun but i could only imagine a disgusting scrote finding it cute. The ending is retardaded, i hate time-traveling and many time dimensions, it's such a cheap plot for the narrative and i HATE madoka, she did NOTHING, NOTHING the entire thing and in the end she says something in the lines of asking a genie to give you another genie and gets naked. I CAN'T BELIEVE I LOST TIME WITH THIS SHITTY ANIME. Anyways, almost any anime is also bad so it's okay, the only cool anime i watched was Utena and the movie is much cooler.

No. 1524147

I've stopped taking my medication and going to my appointments in hoping I die lol.
I'm so tired, I am lying to my mother and my boyfriend, I'm sorry to both.

No. 1524378

that makes no sense. end the relationship. or tell him you want a convenience relationship where you both can sleep with other people but be together since you both don't want a real relationship

No. 1524420

I hate my disabled grandmother. She sent my mother to boarding school when she was 8 years old, yet she thinks she’s too good to go in a home? I wish she would die. If it was up to me I’d leave her in the cheapest, shittiest most understaffed home I could possibly find. I prey every single day for one final stroke to just take her out so I never have to hear her whining shrill voice ever again.

No. 1524428

I never understood the hype around this anime either. There are a ton of better anime that pull of the concept of subverting the magical girl genre better.

No. 1524434

Shittier to think most people only have children and grandchildren because they view them as a free eldercare plan.

No. 1524452

The least she could of done was not dumped her children in boarding schools. She just couldn’t be bothered. When we talk about homes (my grandpa caring for her he’s almost 90 and has heart problems) she starts wailing and acting like the victim. “YOU CANT PUT ME IN A HOME NOOOO!” She made my uncle stay in boarding school when they where bullying the shit out of him, put my mum in before she was even 10, and they only saw their parents 4 times a year, yet she’d get visits every single day but NOOOOP! YOU CANT DO THAT TO MEEEEE! Never mind my grandpa could die any minute now and never gets a moments rest because he has to pander to her every whim. She seems to think if he dies I’LL look after her, and therefore doesn’t care about the affect she’s having on his health. Doesn’t care that she’s interrupting my life either.

No. 1524456

NTA but which ones apert from Utena?

No. 1524474

File: 1678904301203.jpg (237.41 KB, 1440x2483, 1651233736500.jpg)

>browsing shayna thread as usual
>open spoilered pic
>it's her bruised ass and pussy
>feel a slight twitch in my pussy
Help me, I'm so ashamed, please nonnies it's time for me to die. Hang me at the cross. Burn me at the stake

No. 1524483

I had an interview but I was going to be ten mins late (putting on a wig) so I texted asking if that was going to be an issue and they said no to come in anyway. And as I was going I looked in the mirror and thought my wig looked ugly and obvious so when I got there I sat in the parking lot really thinking about whether it was worth it going in like that and decided it wasn’t so I blocked the number and went back home

No. 1524545

When I was in middle school I was friends with a boy and he was so weird and awkward I used to give him my old clothes and he would send me pics of him in them, He had kinda long hair for a guy and was short with a kinda feminine look to him but he wasn't a troon said he was trying to go for a rocker look with the long hair, since we lived nearby we used to hang out and once he wore the clothes I gave him in front of me. I didn't really care in my opinion it suited him, but going into high school puberty finally hit him like a train and he lost alot of friends due to weirdness, I always hung out with him and my ex gf at time but after her and I broke up it was just me and him for our senior year but on the last day before graduation he started telling me he was in love with me and had a 5 year plan, including having kids and working while i stay at home I told him no cos I didn't see him like that and preferred women more and he lost it and started yelling he'd become a woman for me and we got in this huge argument I wound up telling him that once he started looking more manly (facial hair, getting muscles, and growing taller than me) it ruined the image of him I had which I'll admit was a shitty thing to say, but he went on and on how I'd make a perfect mother and wife to him and now I'm 22 and hes nearly 23 and hes still been hitting me up constantly no matter how much I block him and it doesn't help that he lives 3 blocks away from me and we often bump into each other but he still insists on "wifing" me up and how happy I'd be if we had kids. I have no clue how to get him to fuck off cos I've told him time and time again that I don't like him like that, and its not like we ever dated or did anything outside of me giving him a kiss on new years a few years back and now hes telling me that if I won't be his wife he'll become my "wife" and is planning to start HRT nonnies I wanna kms cos idk how to get him to take the hint atp, he'll even to this day make a new account to message me on instagram or discord and send me pics of stuff of mine that hes borrowed and said he wants to return (nah you can keep it) and I don't feel bad being rude any mutual friends we had have moved on or away anyways.

No. 1524547

groinal response anon, those can also be onset by pain, fear or discomfort, or randomly

not just sexual arousal

No. 1524550

Girl, stop going to her threads. Stop looking at that shit.

No. 1524572

Sometimes i fantasize about anonymously flirting with any nonna here and it makes me all horny, even though i'm not even a lesbian.

No. 1524586

I don't have advice, but am sorry you're in this situation.
Does he make you feel unsafe? Do you ever plan on moving away?

No. 1524617

File: 1678919965802.gif (3.71 MB, 640x640, 0F79D6C0-8215-49E7-9E49-428A58…)

I confess that whenever I meet a new potential partner I start lying to him about me having a fatal disease and that I lie about everything. I believe I’m a pathological liar. It just comes out naturally and unintentionally. What’s even funnier about this that I never forget a lie I told.

No. 1524643

File: 1678923478283.jpg (93.23 KB, 1241x1229, 20230222_213311.jpg)

Youtube suggested me a Jenna marbles video so I watched a few and remembered how when they got the newest dog, I got uncomfortable about it for some reason? Like angry even, it was such an odd reaction to someone getting a new dog, maybe I had such a strong parasocial relationship and I'm just that retarded that the change rattled me, no idea. I didn't feel that at all and I just remembered the dog's name, bunny.

No. 1524645

i meant to say that I didn't feel the same now watching her videos jesus

No. 1524703

File: 1678928058895.jpg (57.3 KB, 1500x936, 717SCEOQCDL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

i haven't had a carbon monoxide detector in my house for 10 years. they're evil little things. they're so flighty and horrifically loud i can't deal with it. plus the last time i bothered with one it was faulty and scared my cats so bad. smoke detectors make me anxious too but they don't seem to go off randomly as much as a carbon monoxide detector and are way more useful IMO. i have never had fuel-burning devices. most countries outside the US don't give a fuck about carbon monoxide detectors anyway.

No. 1524706

Hey, so update. I ended up telling my dept head (I was at the scouting meeting as an assistant.) my dept head has also been my friend for many years. He has my back, and has passed on the request to the director.
Turns out, she is such an advocate for women! She also invited me to a separate project that is a PSA for domestic violence.
She emailed me pretty much saying she supports me and will not ask for more details. If he shows up on set she will kick him out/ get security involved. She said men like that appear so charming publicly.
My now- bf (who is eons better than the ex) has also taken initiative to plan a trip around the shoot, so if anything he would be in town ready to “step in”. That makes me feel far safer -especially at night .
Genuinely, this is the best scenario possible. I hope this bald motherfucker tries to push his luck. I’ll will get the cops involved; I will have witness testimonial to his past behaviors. I will light his world on fire for fucking with me.
Thank you nonnas, for the wise words and support.

No. 1524707

Okay I don't read shayna's thread but are there any anons who feel like the longer you keep up with a cow the more you start to sympathize with them or feel attracted to them? Maybe this is just me and my fucked up head but I've had this experience several times (except with pixielocks who continuously gets uglier and less of a likable human).

No. 1524711

I'm glad that it sounds like you have support in your situation. I hope your ex-bf eats shit.

No. 1524766

I don't want to "friendship break up" with my best friend because she is my best friend but she is just so draining for me to be around. It really isn't a problem with her. She is very kind and fun and there's a reason we've been best friends for many years, but during the past few years it just feels like I have to really work myself up mentally and emotionally to deal with her. Even simple messages on discord feel like a chore to answer. I know I just need space, but I think the amount of space I need is more than she is willing to give me. I was going through some shit a few years ago and I bluntly told her at that time that I just wanted space to sort myself out. It wasn't anything with her, I just did not want to talk or hang out or anything, I just wanted space to sort myself out internally. She didn't really like that. She wasn't mad but she didn't really want to give either.

We originally planned to move out together (we were college roommates) and planned so much of our future lives to include each other. I just don't see that now, but I don't know how to bring it up because I fear her pushing back and getting mad at me for flaking out on a promise we've held for so long.

When we get on a phone call or see each other in person it feels like we can be together for hours, and for many years, it felt like I had found a missing part of myself in her. I had never had such a connection with someone who understood me as deeply as I understood them. I still do think that at times but I also think that we are beginning to move in different directions now. I think that's a shame but accept it, but I'm afraid if I bring that up she would be upset. She's not one to let a friendship just fizzle out- in fact I've been her ear many times when she complains about having to constantly be the one to reach out to the other person instead of just letting it die out. She's been through a lot of friendship break ups, a lot of them messy and one of them that felt out of nowhere (it was one of her best friends who just messaged her and said she didn't want to be friends anymore. There's a bit more to it but in the end she was just very hurt by this).

No. 1524769

I lie a lot too. Mostly about my ethnicity and things that I did over the weekend

No. 1524770

It’s happened to me with her too…

No. 1524854

Hey same anon and yes the last time I saw him irl was at a grocery store at night he followed me around before coming up to talk I told him to leave me alone and then he probed about if I was single and started going on about how he started taking estrogen supplements, I just told him that if he won't leave me alone I'll report him to the police and he said to stop overeacting I wound up leaving but he tried to followed me to my car I just hopped in and drove didn't even get what I needed but luckily hes been popping up less frequently since I work in another city and just shop at the store there. I plan to move away to another city closer to work but it sucks cos he lives on the same street as my best friend and when I'd drive over to her place he'd see my car and randomly walk outside my friends house or sit by my car until I would leave to go back home luckily my friend is understanding and has us meet at my place or she drives so he can't tell if im there or not anymore. I honestly feel bad for his mother and grandmother that live with him their both kind and sweet women who are unaware of what a pyscho they live with.

No. 1524909

File: 1678952061226.jpeg (15.38 KB, 479x612, AED4NK6EU7FD2V.jpeg)

i love being a prude. i don't know why it's used as an insult.

No. 1524915

Im happily married to a ftm and I'm a terf

No. 1524951

How does that even work? Does she know you're a terf? Is she on hormones? Cmon anon spill the details

No. 1524952

How does that even work? Does she know you're a terf? Is she on hormones? Cmon anon spill the details

No. 1524987

is she on hormones and how does the double life feel like

No. 1524994

i cant cum from piv and this site makes me feel broken. i thought i was normal.

No. 1524995

Confession: I have never managed to orgasm during sex and it's totally fine, there is no law anywhere that requires orgasming during sex

No. 1525020

No you are not, those anons just want to feel superior over meaningless things. We are all built different and get pleasure from different things.

No. 1525024

everyone is built so differently, it's completely ok to not come from penetration, but I'm also a gold star but even more so, every woman is so different

No. 1525028

The majority doesn't, it's normal.

No. 1525029

I feel like you can’t win on this website if u enjoy dick. Either you are a gross slut who let men use you because it’s impossible for women to actually enjoy penetration, or you are a bragging attention whore. So much projection.

No. 1525054

I thought the unpopular confession is that you CAN orgasm from penetration? I cum easier from penetration than clit stim and everyone always says I’m a fucking freak or scrote
That’s just sad

No. 1525059

I'm proud of being a prude too, it's definitely not an insult at all in my eyes and shouldn't be in general either. Unironically hashtag virgin pride kek

No. 1525068

NTA. There's nothing wrong with being a prude, more power to you. I just get annoyed at anons sperging about pickmes enduring intercourse for their scrote, then turn around and get insecure and buttburt because I'm capable of orgasming from a dick

No. 1525211

>ride my bike home
>methhead scrote comes in the wrong direction on a one-way lane
>retard is right in the middle of the narrow lane
>ring my bell
>scrote barely gets out of my way, crosses me while yelling SHUT UP at the top of his lungs like those pathetic manlets who need to act aggro in order to avoid conflict because they'd get their asses kicked in a real fight tend to do (and yes he was a manlet, probably shorter than me kek)
>he probably hears most of it
>hope he hears all of it
>feels really good
I basically a-logged him in my head for the rest of my ride home and fantasized about beating his face to pulp with a baseball bat. That also felt good but made me realise I may have anger issues.

No. 1525248

good for you nonna, it feels great to give scrotes back a taste of their own medicine. whenever some moid stares at me for too long in public i ask him what the fuck his problem is and look at him in utter disgust like he has shit on his face. i encourage every woman to do the same as long as her safety isn't at stake. feelsgoodman.jpg

No. 1525268

When we were about thirteen a girl in my class told everyone she's going to die of some disease in half a year. Everyone believed her and tried to make it the best possible remaining six months it could ever possibly be, accompanied by a lot of crying. After a year, she was still alive and well in class, and whenever someone asked "Weren't you…", she'd say nothing and shrug, smiling awkwardly as if she had no idea what's supposed to happen now. She changed schools some time after (not to hide her death, she's still alive from what I heard last).

No. 1525353

nta but ever since i saw that one kid's movie from the early 2000s about a kid moving out from his town and deciding to do whatever he wants in that period of time i had a bit of a fantasy to do that too. i never did but it still sounds appealing all these years later

No. 1525366

I don’t know what to do, I feel like my relationship is ending. We’ve been together for over 5 years, don’t argue often, live together and like a switch about 2 weeks ago I just lost interest.
I’ve been less interested in sex recently because I was on my period then got my iud changed and then started feeling like idc anymore. We just had sex for the first time in like a month, maybe longer and I didn’t cum, didn’t feel like he was really making an effort to make me cum either.
I could honestly weep I don’t know what to do, I want to go away for a week and be alone and think about all this but how do I even do that.
I think he’s noticed I’m pulling away, I feel so bad when he comments that I’m being distant or weird but I also don’t want to be disingenuous here .
I hope this passes, it would be so much easier for me if it did and I could just keep this up

No. 1525390

Jesus Christ these people are a dime a dozen in my city, they all congregate at these weird sex parties and it’s a nightmare going through Instagram stories on whatever day that is because it’s a million girls posting bait of themselves making out with their best friend then photos of their fat boyfriends in fetish gear who they are just openly cucking. They literally take their faux queer boyfriends to the sex party to hold their purse whilst they get dicked down by a troon it’s truly horrendous

No. 1525414

When I was in middle school there were two people's parents who died from cancer. That girl is lucky no one beat her up for lying about something like that.

No. 1525550

die out in nature so animals can eat your body

No. 1525563

Yes anon I'm so sure people would be lining up to jump a retarded 7th or 8th grader

No. 1525569

I actually really want to do this, the vulture burials in some countries sound so cool.
But then it would pretty much have to be suicide in some way and I'm not really a hiker.

No. 1525576

Did people not get beat up at your middle school?
I know it doesn't matter because I'll be dead but I just hate the idea of morticians touching my body and undressing me. Just shove me directly in the crematorium please.

No. 1525578

Your 65 year old mortician gonna fondle tf out of your titties girl you better set yourself on fire

No. 1525583

Sounds like that's your kink, scrote

No. 1525584

"You're fetishizing Asian men!!"

Pretty sure this middle aged Japanese dude is grateful to god a cute gaijin wasn't scared off by his diaper humiliation sadist fantasy. I don't think he's hurt or offended at all that I am horny for his appearance and cultural quirks. In fact, he seems to enjoy it. Imagine that.

No. 1525587

Ew this really has become asherahs garden 2.0, humorless and boring

No. 1525597

being a skinny white girl in Japan (emphasis on skinny) is literally considered model-tier, I want to go back.

No. 1525640

File: 1679020274231.jpg (25.79 KB, 526x499, 5uc102.jpg)

You think I'd bag some azn qts as a skinny lightskin Latina?

No. 1525641

Nice. Pray for me gals, I'm gonna ride this horny train all the way to glorious Nihon.

No. 1525644

I agree with this, I saw a yt short where a mortician answered a question about bras for his viewers. Not only did this guy have the demeanor of a corpse violating incel, but the whole description of the process and reasoning why was so vile and just felt disturbing. No I dont want my boobs taped up so they'll be "perky" when my corpse is pumped full of shit that keeps it from decaying for years.

No. 1525645

No. 1525653

I wish I was there to witness that

No. 1525661

I mean, Poki bagged one and she's not even Latina. I feel like anything is possible.

No. 1525673

AYRT kek sounds infuriating. Maybe we're thinking of slightly different women a bit? The ones I was thinking of when I posted that genuinely wouldn't even kiss another woman beyond one closed mouth peck on the lips. Narcissistic leftist men who joke about punching terfs deserve to be cucked and more though.

No. 1525679

File: 1679024089275.png (149.88 KB, 1038x1038, 1669142328482143.png)

don't read if you have existential dread

I am so obsessed with death and a potential afterlife. I want to die just to see what it's like on the other side (if there is one), but in the least suicidal way possible. I am tempted to work at a hospice or old folks home just to observe how people near the end behave and what they see/hear.

No. 1525716

It's just dying neurons misfiring and creating illusions. Interesting, but nothing otherworldly. It's ironic that the "signs" people take as proof of god and the afterlife etc are actually the most basic symptoms of being an animal made of organic parts that eventually break down.

No. 1525722

Samefag, you shouldn't seek a job in a setting like that just to fulfil a mystical curiosity. The majority of your job will be anxiously monitoring elderly people who are at risk of killing themselves via falls at any given moment and cleaning shit, puke, and whatever other bodily fluids on the daily while being underpaid and yelled at (and sometimes physically assaulted by) residents with dementia who are miserable in their situation but helpless to escape it. They know this like you or I would know it. Where I worked it was sad but they would call the cops and beg to be rescued. And I worked at a pretty upscale place.

No. 1525781

I'd love to write a letter to my ex therapist to express how much of an unprofessional and hurtful cunt she is.

My father arranged for me and my step mother to go to the same therapist to address on going issues and while i was there the therapist wanted to know about my childhood and low and behold due to my father's infidelity I was physically punished by my mother for it on the daily and then my other parental figure was too wrapped up with my step ma that I wasn't allowed to communicate with him freely least my dads girlfriend now stepmother would get jealous or some weird shit. God forbid a pre teen should have contact with her father. Basically I was a domestic abuse victim and other issues lead to bad mental health blah blah, but the issue with the therapist was that as an adult at the time (26) I was dating her friends ex boyfriend so fuck any expectation of privacy, of course my trauma was gossip fodder for my bf ex girlfriend who was trying to get accredited as a therapist. Guess what she does now lmao. Why are so many cunta side hustle being a mentor? Don't answer that, it's obviously cause they're obtuse wankers.

I'd love to write a letter being all like, Ruth. You knew my underlying issues with trust and authority figures and you as a professional therapist spread confidential information about me? That's mental. Are you sure you're in the right mindset for the job? I found all of Hannah's DMs to my bf at the time using my past trauma as reasons why my bf at the time should leave me for her lol. BTW did that work out for Hannah after I ended our 6 year relationship? No? Shocking.

No. 1525800

don't do it for that reason >>1525722 seconding this anon. the elderly in those homes need it because they can't even communicate anymore. they tend to be racist, misogynist, and carry other toxic ideas that they yell and try to force on you while you literally just wiped their butt and put them in diapers. and yes, they know they have illness and are too old and are angry about it but also too old to process it.

No. 1525855

This cute guy I almost dated in HS but rejected because I was scared, is hotter than he used to be. Like a handsome rat. I'm a furry so I'm kind of into it. He grew his hair out and he has a nose ring and he doesn't look greasy at all. Thing is, he has a gf and I have a bf so nothing will ever happen, but it's nice to see he's doing well.

No. 1525885

I was always curious about death too, but other anons who responded to you are right, working with elderly people is not the answer. I would look after one of my grandmas from time to time, then lived with a grandpa till his death (which I basically witnessed), and now living with my second grandma that already can't walk by herself and barely speaks (it's unintelligible most of the time). You just deal with shit and piss, help them to get up because they either forget or can't accept they are not as agile as before, wash them, and spoon-feed them. They might lose connection with reality and get lost in time, thinking they're younger and have to go to work or milk a goat or something, or that they're somewhere else entirely. They can be aggressive, hostile, paranoid, restless, capricious. When their speech worsens it's frustrating too, because you sometimes don't understand what they want. It's all very prosaic and depressing, and it makes you think more about the corporeal aspect of mortality and fear getting old (or your parents getting old). Better to read or listen to someone's experience of clinical death, I was fascinated when my mom told me about hers. And wait for your own death haha.

No. 1526010

Despite being 30 I still feel people treat me like a kid in how they talk to me, even my coworker who's 5 years younger than me talks like she's my mom sometimes, I hate this so much.

No. 1526034

Let me ask you though, considering your age, do you have constant self-deprecating humor, sometimes dark, and bring up nostalgia-type shit constantly, trying to talk to younger coworkers about stuff that they'd know about just to keep a conversation going?

No. 1526049

No??? This is such a specific type of person, why the hell do you think I'm like that?

No. 1526051

Do you look younger than you are? Or is it your attitude? Because people legit think I'm younger than I am since forever and at this point I almost stop giving a shit unless someone is straight up rude.

No. 1526062

I think that anon might be your younger coworker kek

No. 1526103

Even though I am in a committed relationship and am very happy, I felt the temptation today with a very hot man who was at least 6’5. He flirted casually and I said thank you but man… if I was single?! Whew lord mercy. He was haaaaaaaaaawwwttttttttttttttttt

No. 1526119

I'm just wondering if you might come off younger than you are and in that aspect you have people your junior treating you like a child rather than someone who's warranted of more respect. A lot of millennials have this uwu quirky sort of humor that I've worked with and they come off this way.

No. 1526124

File: 1679078914894.jpeg (105.39 KB, 1125x281, 45EA93DE-8B00-47A1-9C2A-E0C15B…)

No. 1526127

nta but you were so specific it seemed like you were describing one person in particular, that was strange. I get what you're talking about but the type of people you're describing comes off as immature, not legit younger. It's not the same impression at all.

No. 1526131

I've always been told I look 5 years younger than I actually am but 25 is still a fucking adult kek. I think I still give those "naive gifted child" vibes and people treat me accordingly. I also tend to dress more practical and my mom reproaches me it makes me look like a teenager.
Nah I'm not quirky, I'm kinda cold and aloof and I'm a very private person, I've been made fun of in my youth for the things I liked so I don't open up until I'm close to somebody.

No. 1526133

Immaturity would also have people treating younger too. If no one takes you seriously, they'd talk down to you.

No. 1526143

IDK I do believe we are soulmates and I'm devastated when I think about how short our time will be together because of 7+ years on hormones
Sometimes I complain about the more 'normie' stuff and we usually agree but I do keep to myself most of my opinions, also because we have a queer-ish social circle
Ironically my sister-in-law is obsessed with sjw shit and hates JKR
I guess I just have other priorities in my life and I don't care about arguing or peaking people that obliviously don't want to change their mind

tldr I don't hate the double life, I have worse shit to deal with

No. 1526261

I unironically love this song

No. 1526291

I lied to a group of co-workers that i was "seeing a guy" even though i'm not dating atm. idk why but i feel like they all secretly judge me for being single but in reality i know they dont give a fuck

No. 1526473

File: 1679105968499.png (124.89 KB, 750x1624, 36A5C734-7A91-454B-8062-BBB441…)

theres a nona in the same troon threads I browse sometimes and they always post three times in a row its kinda annoying

No. 1526474

isn't that because of the site glitch? it's been happening on every board whenever the post button gets stuck

No. 1526475

File: 1679106224550.png (Spoiler Image,99.15 KB, 512x512, 14BD68C9-ED4A-4FF2-8FE8-78EA30…)

This website has unironically started to reverse peak me. I used to be super TERFy, but after that Brianna Ghey kid got Sophie Lancaster’d and I saw everyone in the troon thread celebrating it I’ve started to question my ways. I hate troon idealogy but I would rather side with troons than people who want innocent teenagers dead

No. 1526476

yeah it is not anons fault, the site freezes often and posts will go through multiple times because anons will try to resubmit it

No. 1526479

It because occasionally the entire site will freeze and people try to resubmit their posts, then once the site is unfrozen it just posts everything at once and usually you can't delete it yourself.

No. 1526480

File: 1679106623529.jpg (103.13 KB, 681x1024, Le mannequin Khadija defile po…)

That's not the photo I was expecting to see under the spoiler lol

No. 1526484

I doubt he was killed for being a tranny, let's be real. gay men/trannies always center themselves around drama, and he probably pissed off some unhinged people for unrelated reasons. it's the uk, stabbings aren't abnormal occurrences there.

No. 1526500

you're weak and you disgust me

No. 1526588

File: 1679124161907.gif (210.82 KB, 220x191, seymour-feed-me.gif)

I don't see the point of life and it seems worthless for me to care anymore. I feel emotionally drained/dead all the time which weirdly feels appropriate. Any emotion I have just feeds this dreadfullness that lives inside of me. Rather it be starved than have me break out in hives. I just want to sleep and not wake up.

No. 1526659

File: 1679141071308.jpg (38.22 KB, 525x680, media_FWLCW6aXoAAvxK0.jpg)

I didn't like those posts either, but troons want innocent teenagers sterilized, dead to further their cause, raped if they're girls, etc.
Hop on to /lgbt/'s archive, you can find tons of MtFs saying "More youngshits/passoids should die, it makes us look good". Is that really what you want to side with?
Any sane person has moderate views.

No. 1526661

File: 1679141271609.png (Spoiler Image,584.45 KB, 2484x2072, 1655960218201.png)

Samefag, this isn't to say they don't want to rape boys too.

No. 1526667

I agree, same nonna's go a little to far with hating kids but its nothing compared to the damage troons already did to those kids, they want to hurt and abuse children

No. 1526993

I realized that I need to just pull away from the online friends I made during the pandemic. I appreciate what their companionship has done for me, but now that I'm feeling closer to my normal self, I'm realizing that I don't respect these people and mostly kept the relationships up through desperation.
I'm not the type to love talking about her interests with people, nor am I the type to want to center my reason for living arpund the consumption of media. That's why most of my IRL friends arw people who don't share hobbies with me.
I feel bad about it, but I just can't act naturally in conversations as time goes on because I don't want or respect their lifestyle.
Also, I think that going to conventions is cringe. People keep saying they feel bad for me when I say I've never been to one, but I wish they understood that I have no interest in attending one, ever.

No. 1527008

I like to peel the skin off my fingers and lips until it bleeds.

No. 1527035

I hope my cousin's second mariage will fail because she's ruining my weekend with her bullshit halal ceremony and I don't want to spend my sunday surrounded by retarded muslims when I have much better things to do. Just fuck your guy out of wedlock like a normal person and make him wear a condom instead of ruining my weekend because you wanted to plan two ceremonies instead of one you dumb bitch, god won't smite you.

No. 1527037

No. 1527050

>I'm not the type to love talking about her interests with people, nor am I the type to want to center my reason for living arpund the consumption of media.
>I don't want or respect their lifestyle.
I get what you mean. I can't really form longterm friendships with people around hobbies. I just find it kinda superficial. It doesn't help that those types of people who center their life around consumption of media because escapism tend to be mentally ill.

No. 1527054

I will sleep without cleansing my face because I’m about to get my period and I feel so sleepy and tired. I just want to say sorry for my face

No. 1527237

I want to have sex with the voice actors of my anime crushes. I don't care if they're ugly irl.

No. 1527377

One of my boyfriends happy stims is copying words and phrases I say, so I go out of my way to phrase thing in a extra funny way so he'll repeat me more often since he enjoys it a lot.

No. 1527457

I'm happy the guy I used to date was an alcoholic. I liked him so much and I knew it would never work out for the long term. He ended up breaking it off with me and if he didn't have drinking problems I would be so much more sad. But alcoholism is a beast so his life automatically sucks way worse than how I feel about him ending things.

No. 1527617

File: 1679186423343.jpeg (34.52 KB, 500x334, 8710101C-7BDA-4043-9F9F-82E1F2…)

>be me age 23-24
>stuck at home with raging aggressive narc father and enabling mom
>get verbally and emotionally abused day in and day out
>having an autismo meltdown one day, not particularly uncommon, forget what triggered it
>start screaming and slamming my bedroom door open/closed repeatedly
>father wordlessly stomps up to me and body slams me into the adjacent wall
>see red
>bite down as hard as possible into his upper back meat
>don’t let go for a what seemed like a decent while
>he flails and screams
>flails into a different wall in such a way that I am slammed into the wall again
>I let go
>he’s screaming and crying and my moms screaming at me omg anon you are truly an evil little bitch how could you do this to your father
>I start to cry and run to my room, my mom follows me verbally abusing me
>she takes my dad to the ER
>my teeth are kinda loose but I didn’t lose any

My confession is that I don’t feel bad and my dad deserves to get his ass absolutely handed to him. I’m glad I bit him and I’m glad it sent him to the hospital and I’m glad he has a gnarly scar. He’s never tried tried to get it physical with me again since that day. Fun fact, the ER doctor asked my dad if his attacker lost any teeth because the bite was so bad. I had even ripped a huge hole through his shirt. Also, my mom apologized and said I was justified and that she shouldn’t have yelled at me.

No. 1527621

This is so based

No. 1527639

File: 1679187560280.jpg (52.67 KB, 640x640, 1671330993173.jpg)


No. 1527646

aye que fabulosa ooohhhh aye aye aye quieres bailar

No. 1527777

Love it nonnie. Wish I could've bit the fuck out of my abuser. How were your teeth afterwards? Are they still loose?

No. 1527789


No. 1527790

What’s holding you back from spending the money?

No. 1527799

Not having access to the 50% off would be my guess.

No. 1527831

File: 1679204901626.jpeg (64.12 KB, 640x610, 291E3016-BD3B-4ADE-91E9-A9B351…)

You know you’re down bad when you start to think the impractical jokers are attractive

No. 1527862

most of the confessions here are just vents but holy shit nona you need to take this to the grave

No. 1527865

Maybe some kind of twisted group fantasy where the fact that they’re hideous is part of it, but even then… oof.

No. 1527963

>if his attacker lost any teeth because the bite was so bad
That's a thing??

No. 1528023

despite my current boyfriend being superior to him in virtually every aspect, i’m still in love with my manipulative ex and dream about him regularly. i need to get a lobotomy

No. 1528029

One of my cousins fucked Murray more than once kek

No. 1528032

Sometimes I want to kiss my best friend on the lips.

No. 1528037

File: 1679233497169.jpg (46.54 KB, 600x760, 1673838760800.jpg)

>finally meet the sweetest Nigel who is autistically honest and sensitive
>whenever i slightly criticize him or make fun of him he feels intense shame because he cares so much about my opinion
>confused because moids are supposed to chimp out when you offend them
>ask him about his porn habits knowing it's the perfect opportunity to criticize him
>yell at him and verbally attack him over the phone for contributing to the porn industry
>he starts fucking crying and hides in his apartment for 3 weeks
>tell him i never want to hear from him again because he's a disgusting misogynistic pig (i lied)
>call him up again a few weeks later
>he starts crying because he missed me so much and starts begging saying he'd do anything and how he doesn't have anyone else (not even family)
>mfw i've been criticizing him lately for having piss ugly clothes and getting him to buy a new wardrobe, deciding every item he wears
>mfw he pays my rent because i keep sneakily putting it into his head that no one else would ever want him and that he owes me
>mfw whenever he talks negatively about himself i just go "oh" to make him feel worse, but when i want money he's the most handsome prince in the world
>mfw i'm the best at making him feel great but also the best at making him feel like utter shit

No. 1528044

File: 1679233972495.jpg (35.6 KB, 638x351, 9YwNsVA.jpg)

after getting raped it has changed my entire view. I have always believed all women accusing but it puts things at such a different perspective. rape victims are always characterized as going into a revenge fueled rage or being quiet and shut off in media. but they never ever talk how hard it is to actually accept getting raped, how your mind tries to trick you into pretending nothing happened and victim blaming yourself or trying to stay close to your rapist. and it is such a disservice to rape victims. i bet it's the reason so many women don't report straight away. their mind is trying to help them cope by pretending nothing happened, rehashing it all as consensual in their minds or overanalyze what their actions. added with the fact that people are always victim blaming and women get scrutinized/slutshamed so much, it's horrible. I'm glad i had friends who helped me even when i was still in shock. and i hope every woman has a group of friends that will have their backs. friendship has done more for me than any other relationship but it gets downplayed by society in comparison to romance. people almost indoctrinate women into working their entire life towards marriage.
On another note my friends did something to protect me but it still makes me sad. I know they're just doing it so i don't get stalked and they're always checking on me but it makes an insecure part of me feel like i fucked everything up.
it's so stupid but a part of myself still blames me, everything was so perfect before that thing happened.

No. 1528051

This is so cruel and vile. Keep it up

No. 1528074

All I can think of is how unhinged this guy will go once he figures out what's going on.

When I was young and immoral I thought about parasiting some moid because I'm too lazy to build an actual social network, but I have trust issues and I never believe moids when they show signs of submission or whatever, I always assume they're trying to screw me over so I just broke up after a month or so. He was not as seemingly good and honest as your guy though, and I'm too much of a goody two shoes anyway

It seems hard to keep a moid away from the idea of his own superiority because it's enforced by a whole bunch of sexist propaganda outside and you're basically one woman versus a massive army of memes telling him that women should lick his boots. Meanwhile when women are the victims, the world validates the delusion of their own inferiority, so it's easier for an abusive scrote to keep her.

No. 1528091

When she breaks up with him eventually (maybe she won't but he sounds exhausting), we'll have another misogynist sperg on the lose. Keep an eye on him, OP. If you do break up, framing it so it was his fault could lessen the chances.

No. 1528095

>he starts fucking crying and hides in his apartment for 3 weeks
So instead of stopping porn he just cries for 3 weeks? kek. He seems like the kind of guy who is overly sensitive but doesn't do anything to change or improve himself. Is he out of shape? Tell him you only like ripped moids and see if he does anything about it. If he is actually willing to improve himself for you, he could be a good bf.

No. 1528098

He's in great shape and works out nearly every day because he hates himself and always thinks he looks bad. I don't care about the porn to be honest, moids will never quit it anyway, I just wanted to make him feel ashamed.

He wouldn't sperg out or lash out at any other women, he'd hide in his apartment all suicidal and listen to the cheesy romantic heartbreak songs he loves so much. He never raised his voice at me ever, he just cowers like a chihuahua. He was also abused by his mother kek

No. 1528118

You cant say that and then walk away, you have to say how it went

If it happened more than once then it's assuming the sex was good

No. 1528128

Where can I get a pet moid like this

No. 1528174

i legit cant stand reading this. it is not girlboss stacy shit, its not based radfem. its simply being a sadistic pyschopath.
(i know anons will come and say im a moid but idc. mentally torturing someone and gaslighting them for no reason, especially when they havent harmed you… this is not some epic own to the patriarchy)

No. 1528181

I agree. I didn't feel like chiming in, but this is just shitty behavior, especially when you're lucky to even find a nice scrote anyway. He has money, treats you well. Anon just sounds like a complete bitch.

No. 1528186

No I agree. I thought it was unhinged but didn't say anything because it will lead to infighting anyway. Trying to outcompete men by lowering yourself to their standards isn't cute.

No. 1528188

it sounds like a larp tbh

No. 1528189

yeah, if you can think of stuff like this i don't doubt you apply that shit elsewhere in friendships and other types of relationships. that's my biggest concern.

No. 1528191

Lol, I was going to suggest anon probably doesn't have very many female friends either or they are all like this.

No. 1528214

It's just another made up power fantasy from a pinkpill larper lol

No. 1528237

I love being an attractive promiscuous woman and I'm shameless about it. I enjoy playing with men's feelings and ugh to see them beg me in torture for a smile or to agree on meeting them again. I enjoy being in my feminine state all the time it's a blessing it's such a strength point to be a woman.

No. 1528238

>getting this riled up over a post that is most likely fake
Some of you really need to log off

No. 1528240

File: 1679251363934.jpg (27.93 KB, 366x554, b7aa75cb47af2869592a9ee5347c0a…)

Good for you

No. 1528242

Be careful anon

No. 1528243

>tfw you have become so apathetic to the suffering of men you don't care anymore if some anon is literally abusing a moid

No. 1528244

Go back to divine feminine dark femininity hypergamy youtube kek

No. 1528253

Fat people disgust me. I am pretty progressive so it’s expected that I wouldn’t hate them for their bodies, but I’m also an autistic vegan and when I look at them, I see nothing but gluttons that cause animal suffering more than the average person.

No. 1528263

Still wont fill the whole in your heart

No. 1528271

bad larp.

No. 1528279

Idk why everyone is stressed over anon expressing her behaviors lmao
I don't see anything wrong with it!! But be careful around moids anon

No. 1528287

File: 1679255036647.png (190.98 KB, 594x616, zag.png)

I'm gonna do it
I'm gonna buy a body pillow of the hell prince

No. 1528292

Damn he looks really sexy there. Have fun.

No. 1528293

Still wont fill the whole in your heart

No. 1528298

but it will at least fill the hole

No. 1528306

>Femininity is about being attractive and seeking out men

No. 1528310

This thread is exceptionally entertaining today

No. 1528314

these men that you think you're using and toying with literally see you as nothing more than a cumbucket.

No. 1528318

Obvious bait both of you

No. 1528320

nta it is though. why do you think non feminine women are accused of being lesbian

No. 1528336

I am the anon who wrote this. I had no idea it sparked all of this. I do not sleep with those men, never happened never will I think it's more because of the women I grew up with. I lived in a house full of women so probably that's why. It might be wrong but I'm not willing to change any time soon.

No. 1528342

anon do you know what promiscuous means?

No. 1528343

File: 1679258398653.png (8.8 KB, 884x250, Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 4.40.…)

>I love being an attractive promiscuous woman