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File: 1681734363666.jpg (63.27 KB, 690x659, h.jpg)

No. 1552008

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No. 1552026

The screenshots taken from my phone look so shitty, especially compared to my previous phone, is there a way to fix it? They look very pixelated when I take them from a game.

No. 1552027

Are there settings on your phone to change the resolution/quality/format of screenshots?

No. 1552052

File: 1681741531283.png (35.41 KB, 676x268, halp plz.png)

has someone downloaded this gif? it was posted in the thread made by that scrote looking for a girlfriend.

No. 1552075

File: 1681744032879.jpg (23.31 KB, 495x619, images.jpeg-671.jpg)

nonitas, im gonna be moving to the southern US sometime soon and im wondering how much would girly jfash stand out, i currently live in a wholeass different country and nobody blinks an eye.
Im just hoping i can kinda blend in with the general conservativeness of the area, but it also doesnt help that im closer to my 30s than early 20s and starting to feel a little self concious about the girly frills.
In general how fucked am i?

No. 1552080

I think you should be fine. Some older people might stare at you, but it's uncommon for people to make comments to your face. I live here and dress pretty alt, but I usually just get a compliment or two if I'm out in public. Honestly if your wearing cute girlie stuff you should be fine. Only druggies and gender special teenagers really make people side eye. As long as your ass isn't hanging out and your tits are covered you have little to worry about.

No. 1552093

I'm not from the southern US so take my opinion with a grain of salt but in my experience conservative people, specially women, thinks clothes like the pic you posted is pretty. Clothes that has an "oldschool" or "vintage" vibe that uses shirts, bows, frills and lots of buttons and in general focus on modesty should be fine but I can imagine something like decora would be frowned upon. Also conservative people tend to get weird when you say the fashion is from japan

No. 1552098

It's weird for a woman at that age to dress like a toddler. Jfash is ok imo but this outfit isn't japanese fashion, it's like a schoolgirl outfit and unless you do your hair and makeup properly, it'll look like a frumpy adult woman trying to dress up like a preschooler.

No. 1552099

File: 1681746371495.gif (1.77 MB, 290x240, 37e39bf9038fe3c36df93753088771…)

i didn't see thread but i found a different one of the same male

No. 1552108

Take me home, country roads
To the place I belong
West Virginia booty daddy
Take me home

No. 1552109

Honestly I think the most important factor in how "weird" wearing any sort of fashion outfit is going to be (at least in the US) is not necessarily the general location, but how affluent the specific place you are in is. I also like jfash and visit the south pretty regularly and no one looks at me funny when I'm shopping at or eating in one of the wealthier areas, but I stick out like a sore thumb around the poorer suburbs and areas of the city

No. 1552125

America's obsession with men's butts is something I will never not find weird. its such odd thing to find attractive for both sexes, "oh look a mans asshole"

No. 1552127

It's not about the asshole, it's about the muscular build of a mans ass. I want to know he lifts, and i mean lifts more than his flabby arms lifting a mountain dew to his mouth.

No. 1552129

Ayrt, I am Serbian.
And it's about thrust power.

No. 1552131

Anon this is going to cause another butt debate pls don't tho I agree

No. 1552133

File: 1681748199269.gif (2.19 MB, 498x325, no1curr.gif)

No. 1552134

File: 1681748232389.jpg (29.81 KB, 720x248, Screenshot_20230417_191519_Chr…)

Posting again bc i didn't get an answer

No. 1552135

anus ain't ass my dude

No. 1552136

Porn addiction, nervousness or both

No. 1552138

old age

No. 1552142

Defective post wall scrote replace him with a younger more durable one

No. 1552173

I know a 23 year old scrote and he has the exact same problem. He also said that oral is way more pleasurable than PIV for him and for most men, that's what he claimed at least. He said he could have piv for an hour and not being able to cum kek. And if you wanted to jerk him off with a hand you would need an iron grip seriously

No. 1552177

kek so he has effectively neutered himself from having children? moids are hilarious

No. 1552179

Most men in my time had a problem to last more than 3 seconds of penetration before they cum because how overwhelmingly good it was to them
I never thought I'd think about that as the good old times

The good old times where you had to scuttle to the sleazy part of the VHS store to get your porn and hope you weren't seen

No. 1552185

why focus on it though, imagine if people obesseded over people feet like they do with butts, cause to me their equally irrelevant.

No. 1552191

i don't grab his feet when we're fucking. he doesn't thrust with his feet muscles

No. 1552197

It isn't a perfect sentence at all, people are probably just taking the piss when they say that.
In the original copypasta, the writer wad trying to do one of those cinematic scenes where the elements go by super fast, juxtaposing them (think Psycho), but he failed miserably and it was just an awkward, janky scene. Hence the meme

No. 1552199

they do obsess over feet loud and often though, it's just a bit more hidden because it's not as socially acceptable as obsessing over breasts or buttoks

No. 1552206

I don't know if you'll see this, anon, but it means she can't have any dairy products except the ones listed on the opposite side of the page, i.e. unsalted cow's milk butter and sheep's/ewe's milk cheese.

No. 1552220

Had an ex who was similar, but he did at least stay very hard the entire time he was fucking me. He also wouldn’t cum for BJs, he only could cum to his iron grip of a hand. He lived with me and my parents for a while (after we’d broken up actually, we remained friends and his grandma kicked him out) and he thanked them by… angrily jacking off all the time, like literally trying to take multi hour showers. Hate my dad but sometimes his assholery comes in handy, he ridiculed him for jacking it too much and straight up told him he needs to ease up on the fapping lest he break his dick even more. My dad would also bang on the bathroom door if he’d been in there for more than 20 minutes claiming to take a shit while obviously jacking it.
>”hey buddy! you actually shittin in there or just whackin’ it? If you’re shitting hurry it up, if you’re whackin it, you’re done now”
>ex angrily leaves the bathroom in a huff as my dad mockingly says THANK YOUUUU SIR!

He was 20-24 in my experiences with him. I don’t remember him ever cumming during sex. He told me it was cause I couldn’t last long enough. Then would get offended when I’d say I’ve never had anywhere near this problem with past bfs. Like motherfucker don’t you dare blame your broken cock on me not wanting to be aggressively thrusted into for over an hour. It’s not normal to never have a quickie and it’s even less normal for a guy to last an hour, that’s honestly way too fucking long for sex to last, especially aggressive thrusting.

No. 1552228

File: 1681752192043.jpg (34.88 KB, 851x678, 1b8cf790363485246fe63c7c4707db…)

>touching a man's butt, ever
ewwww as well, but to me that's equally disgusting as obsessing over butts

No. 1552230

>I don’t remember him ever cumming during sex
Jesus Christ. How will this guy ever have children?

No. 1552246

Find some fat chick who wants to be fucked for an hour I guess, he only ever dated fat chicks besides me and claimed they loved getting railed for an hour+ kek. Hopefully he never breeds though. He’d be a terrible father.

No. 1552273

If he genuinely likes you it could be pure nervousness or an issue with iron grip. I met my LDR bf and for the whole trip we struggled with him staying hard. It felt very bad. We were both frustrated and he assured me he was extremely into me and I believed him. He masturbated less (strictly only when we'd cam and he'd only cum once during it) and with less force after that. The next time we met a couple months later it went waaay better. I'd say it was basically back to normal expectations after that. I was his first and he's a bit older than most guys when they lose their virginity so I think it really was mostly just him being stuck in his head more than anything, he is a bit of an anxious guy.

That being said he could be gay, but I think that's a lot less likely in today's society where you don't really need to hide that kind of stuff. I'd try and remove that worry from your mind.

No. 1552324

any US nonnies get a passport since the pandemic?

it'll take my town clerk office over a month to mail me a hard copy of my birth certificate, but i have a digital photocopy of it that i can print and mail instead….. will they accept that, or i just need to wait for the one from my town?

No. 1552351

File: 1681756310701.jpg (24.54 KB, 563x472, 4f53908a3cd450fb10c7f012efffd9…)

Do any other nonnas just never get compliments from people? The only time I used to get compliments on my looks is when I was very young around 14-16 and underweight. Since then, I never really get any, and the older I get the more non-existent it becomes. I try not to think about it too much but I overheard some other women talking about how they get people complimenting their appearance a lot and I wondered why it doesn't happen to me anymore. I don't think I am "ugly" either but I guess I could be kek…idk. I wonder how much of it has to do with seeming "unapproachable" vs just being…well, ugly I guess?

No. 1552364

What happened to Holy Brown? I remember reading her threads years ago for hoarding and fujo cringe, but it's like it all fizzled out and she disappeared.

No. 1552371

im below average in every field so I never get any form for compliments. The last time I did I was a teenager and back then it was out of pity

No. 1552376

I get compliments on my outfits/accessories when I wear cool stuff. I have a sun hat that I thought was kinda basic, like a sturdy brimmed strawish hat with a black ribbon that’s got a really wide round brim. But I can’t go out in that without getting a compliment it seems. Generally compliments I’ve gotten as an adult have either been style related or “zomg no way you’re x age” related. One I liked the other day was when the woman at the smoke shop ID’d me and said “(birth year)… damn girl, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing”

No. 1552377

Samefag but if you want compliments try wearing cool alt fashion. I can’t go out in Angelic Pretty without getting showered in compliments. But I’m also from the American South, so people in general are very openly friendly, and I’m also white so that likely plays a part as well.

No. 1552379

complimented by men or women?

No. 1552380

I’d say 75-80% of compliments I get are from women.

No. 1552384

yes but do you care about getting more compliments from men or women? if you only care about women's opinions, then you just have to wear alt fashion. if you care about men's then just go to a bar.

No. 1552389

If retarded men gravitate towards me in overwhelming numbers but regular men don't does that mean I'm also retarded??? Would I know?

No. 1552391

I’ve never once been approached by a man and complimented at a bar while alone (or with a male friend) kek. Even in regular-cute clothes. But I’ve only ever gone to a bar by myself less than a handful of times and usually in the afternoon for an espresso martini after some self care outing like a spa treatment, in regular clothes. And with a male friend or a group of guys. Maybe if I went to a bar with a girlfriend/s I’d be approached? But idk, maybe dudes just sense my vibe that I truly do not want a man to bother me while I’m here for my espresso martini before I go feed birds at the park. And that I’d rather joke with my guy friends than have some drunk rando hitting on me.

No. 1552392

>gravitate towards me
It means you're really really fat

No. 1552393

You fuvkin bitch omg

No. 1552398

Maybe I'm retarded but if I was at a bar and a drunkard hit on me to possibly get in my pants, I'd be so offended. I feel like you're lucky because of that, men probably don't approach you because you don't make eye contact or look drunk enough, it's not about anything else.

No. 1552399

just wear form fitting clothing, false lashes, and curl your hair. that's really all it takes. but it sounds like you don't want to be bothered anyway.

i was feeling kind of unattractive lately until i went to a bar with my nigel for the first time in probably years. got hit on by 3 different men (all while my nigel was either getting me a drink or had yet to arrive). it made me realize that i was definitely still hot.

No. 1552400

>because you don't make eye contact or look drunk enough
if that was all it took to fend off scrotes, then going out to bars would be way easier

No. 1552403

I got hit on once by some high schooler (I'm in university) and I was too dense and thought he just needed help with something, my friend was choking from laughter because I didn't give him the slightest chance.

No. 1552406

File: 1681759396735.gif (106.9 KB, 500x281, 371427053bb1275c98e8bce791c3b7…)

what is the best way to save fanfictions to have a bunch of word documents saved on your computer or to save them as an epub file and read them on a ebook app? I want to save some old fanfics from ff.net that the authors have forgotten about and that site doesn't have a downlaod feature like ao3 so I just want to know what the most convient way of doing it is

No. 1552410

>Form fitting clothes, false lashes, curled hair.
No thanks, even if I wanted bar scrote and even if it made me feel hot, that’s too far kek. I think I’ve worn form fitting clothes once? But I never curl my hair (even with AP coords I just put my straight hair in twin tails and clip in one of those fake hair sailor moon looking buns) and I’m too autistic for false lashes, feels like butterflies or bugs on my lashes and they’re all I can see and feel and think about AHHHHHH

I like compliments from women more for sure. I don’t care if men see me as fuckable kek. Idk if it was a compliment but last time I saw a hairdresser she asked me where I got my eyelash extensions done and I was like oh I’m just wearing crappy maybelline great lash on my regular natural lashes. She honestly didn’t seem like she believed me that I didn’t have extensions.

No. 1552421

I already wear false lashes and curl my hair for lolita so it wasn't hard for me.

How are you wearing lolita and not getting compliments from women? It's like an old lady compliment magnet. What do your coords look like?

No. 1552424

What? I said I get tons of compliments when I wear AP, from moids and women but mostly women. I just don’t get approached or complimented at bars.

No. 1552426

Samefag but I also don’t wear lolita to bars

No. 1552431

oh i thought you were OP who wanted more compliments.

No. 1552440

I wear Lolita to the gym and get lots of lust filled moids starring at me

No. 1552442

File: 1681761361169.png (292.8 KB, 768x576, gym.png)

>I wear Lolita to the gym
Post an example of your outfits please.

No. 1552444

I'm not doxxing myself for your amusement. My cooords are magnificent and I do not sweat even when I walk 1.2 miles per hour on the treadmil. My only mushap at the gym is my wig fell off when I did the birthing position on the pilates machine.

No. 1552445

I'm not asking you to doxx yourself anon lol. I just meant post something from the internet that you would wear, because I was thinking that surely you're not wearing a full lolita fit. Unless you are, and in that case I don't think lust is why people are staring..

No. 1552447

File: 1681761784672.jpg (72.18 KB, 640x853, naaznrnmv8t71.jpg)

anon is probably the person from reddit that posts lolita gym selfies

No. 1552449

Oh wow. I'm not a lolita and I really only like classic and dark lolita styles, but wow I don't think this looks very good. It's not my style at least, but more power to her.

No. 1552453

Holy shit.

No. 1552455

>lust filled moids starring at me
>walk 1.2 miles per hour on the treadmil
>birthing position on the pilates machine.
they're joking, you absolute autist.

no way she actually worked out in that

No. 1552457

it's fine as a casual coord

No. 1552458

File: 1681762418019.jpg (39.03 KB, 436x572, 1546906969995.jpg)

unseelie used to work out in lolita so i believe anything

No. 1552459

>they're joking, you absolute autist.
Kek calm down, it's not a big deal. I knew that anon was joking but assumed she was at least partially serious about working out in lolita, either way it's not something to get mad over.

No. 1552464

she never actually went. i think she only asked about it.

i can't imagine anyone who regularly hit the gym would be that retarded. most places have dress codes anyway.

No. 1552474

Is it safe to download steam again if I have the crack version of a game?
I have the sims 4 "repack" but last time I had steam downloaded it told me how many hours I had played the sims although it wasn't a legit copy lol i got nervous and deleted it. can I download it again without problems?

No. 1552494

Steam doesn't give a fuck about pirated games so you're fine. If you had a cracked version of Steam then you'd get in trouble then but just having a pirated game shouldn't be any cause for concern.

No. 1552499

Why would anyone download a cracked version of steam?

No. 1552505

Idk if cracked is the right word but downloading a "compromised" copy of Steam from a third party could get you in trouble with Steam, idk why a person would do it specifically, but yeah.

No. 1552551

How do I stop my shoulders and neck from hurting? I'm constantly sitting at the computer or at a desk for like 12+ hours a day (because of work and hobbies). My posture is good, but I don't think that can mitigate the damage of sitting down so much. I get up to go for walks every day, and I take a break every hour but I still have a lot of pain. Do I have to give up all my hobbies? How do you do that when most creative hobbies involve sitting down?

No. 1552573

File: 1681770175646.jpg (172.29 KB, 1028x1028, wee-s4__84277.1638697725.1280.…)

I have a laptop stand which I use like this (mine is wooden from ikea), even down to the (necessary) pillow behind her back
I used to get cramped and hurt all the time and use that horse balm to soothe myself, but now it never happens anymore
Don't use chairs, chairs are the devil's work

No. 1552576

Where can I shop that has the spirit of old Etsy? I just wanna buy some nice, unique, actually handmade art inspired by vintage computers

No. 1552603

look up ergonomic set ups and make sure you're actually sitting properly without straining anything (likely not since you're feeling pain).

No. 1552612

It’s a cute casual coord but wearing that to the gym would be wild. Even the flat tea party shoes wouldn’t be comfy enough for working out.

No. 1552635

How do you tell if a guy has a big dick without grabbing it or asking? Any actual indicators here that have a >50% success rate? I am terrified of wasting my time and encountering a micro penis.

No. 1552639

Imagine running at a 7.0 speed on the treadmill in a petticoat with those ballet flats. I can't breathe nonas help KEK.

No. 1552641

put him in some leather pants

No. 1552648

Ask for a dick pic. That’s what I always do.

No. 1552649

Oh you said without asking, kek. Just ask, guys are always super happy to be asked cause it’s rare. You’ll always stand out in their mind as the girl who asked to see a dick pic.

No. 1552650

You might be able to get the raw text of fanfictions if you use inspect element/view page source. It should be easier to copy stuff that way, and then eliminate any extra 'html tags' that come with.
I would do that, and then save those files in a google doc/word. If you need to eliminate tags like '<p>', for example, just search the document for those strings, and then replace all with a null character to delete them. I hope this makes sense, I'm bad at explaining, kek.

No. 1552652

Yeah and I'm actually pretty and dress like a normie in Aritzia (not lolita or some other external indicator of autism). People rarely compliment me and I'm like an 8/10. I've heard that if you're pretty then sometimes people assume you're already getting compliments or they think that you don't need the self-esteem boost. I also have a serious face on most of the time and tend to give off a strong impression of hating strangers for no reason so I think some of it is also how threatening (maybe high vs low trust) you look.
My advice is to not rely on others compliments for self-esteem. Know your own level of attractiveness and own it; and just treat yourself like you're beautiful because if you walk around like you're ugly then your life will be shit. Be delusional. Also, even if you are pretty, there will always be at least one person who finds you ugly. The key is to treat yourself with self-love so you don't give a fuck about what those retarded people think anyways.
And also, ignore women flexing compliments they get from mythical 'others'. It really doesn't matter because we all have eyes anyways and whenever those conversations happen, everyone is thinking "Uh sure Jan" while the ugliest girl in the group is exclaiming how desirable she is among much better looking women. It reeks of low self-esteem. Not to mention you'll notice that you always get haggard people like Shayna and the troons saying everyone is always complimenting them whenever they take a step out of their apartment, meanwhile more attractive women hardly have those stories (maybe they just don't notice it as much I think?).

No. 1552655

is there a way to look through old posts in a fandom tag on tumblr if theres like a billion posts for it and i dont want to scroll for literal years? i just wanna find obscure fanart.

No. 1552656

am I on reddit rn

No. 1552657

I'm pretty sure this guy is like a virgin, should I try to get to know him first? I feel like asking for a dick pic without even knowing him very well might freak him out considering he's too scared to even be around me.
He's very tall which I hope gives me higher probability of it being large and girthy but I've heard it doesn't matter.

No. 1552665

These are the only compliments I get apart from a "anon i thought you were 17-19!?" If they ask about my age. It might be cool if the item was made by me but its just something I've bought so honestly I don't care that you find it cool too. Wish I had more compliments on me as a person. Sometimes people say my hair looks very nice, healthy.

No. 1552678

If I need to be bonded for contract work, do I get bonded by the RCMP(I live in Canada) or by an insurance company? My employer said I need a criminal record check but then said I should tell them I need to be bonded, but they didn't say for me to get the record check done with the cops specifically(as I always have in the past), so I'm confused. On the application it said I need liability insurance but apparently that's different from being bonded? I don't want to pay to get a record check done if I don't even need it. I would have asked her to clarify at the time but it wasn't until I googled bonding I realized what she said made no sense.

No. 1552682

you sound like a pickme who wishes she was getting cat called

No. 1552707

NTA but she literally said the opposite wtf
>Wish I had more compliments on me as a person

No. 1552726

what I do when I want to find old tumblr fanart is that I find an old blog and then go trough the fandoms tag. If you go far enough you can find fanart from 2012.
What I do to find old tumblr blogs is a bit convoluted but I'm still gonna share it
>find person on livejournal or devianart who is into the same fandom as you
>look to see if they have linked their tumblr in their profile
>click on tumblr link
>pray to god that they did not change their url or delete in all these years
>ifyou succeed and find an old blog then you can go trough the people the blog has reblogged from to find more old blogs
Another thing I do to find old blogs: if I know the name of a fanartist who was big on tumblr around 2012 then I
>google [artist name] [ship or fandom name]
>google will show you results of blogs who has reblogged from that fanartsist
>open up all those blogs in different tabs
>go trough their fandom tag
chances are if they have reblogged from an old fanartist they have been active in the fandom for a long time and therefore their blog will have old fanart
>then you just type in [blogname].tumblr.com/tagged/[fandomname]/page/200.
Any high number will do. The goal here is to reach as far back as possible on a blog so you can see the old fanart
Another thing I do: If a fandom has a fanartist or fanfiction writer who has become legendary but is not active anymore, then I search for that artist name on tumblr. That way you can see people discuss these artists. The people who discuss them are usually people who has been active in the fandom for over a decade. So you open their blog and then do the same thing as above where you try to reach as far back as possible

No. 1552735

File: 1681779778177.jpg (623.03 KB, 1224x2720, c0lor.jpg)

Alright anons which is your favorite color? mine is light blue and periwinkle

No. 1552737

I didnt think of using inspect element so thanks for the tip nona♥

No. 1552740

Black and light pink. Periwinkle is such a nice color I use it on my oc

No. 1552743

Nta but wouldn't it be easier to just add "archive" at the end of the blog url so that way you can choose the year/month

No. 1552758

aryt I also do that sometimes but forgot to mention it lol so im glad you did. But I do prefer going trough the blog because I like looking at the blog layout while I scavenge hunt for fanart(reminds me of the good old days) and I can instantly save fanart Plus sometimes my internet is crappy and wont load archive
Bright yellow and light yellow will forever be my favorite colors! But I also likecoral and tangerine

No. 1552760

Brick red, dusty pink, light pink, earth brown, and black.

No. 1552767

The choice of blues is appallingly narrow, this was made by someone with daltonism
Where is Prussian blue? Where is steel/slate blue? All of my favourite colours are missing

No. 1552831

Have any of you filed a restraining order before? Ok so there is this guy I hooked up with years ago that is still obsessed with me. He found me on reddit after 10+ years of no contact but all of that has since been deleted with no screencaps. We live in the same town and this man is dangerous and has domestic violence charges from just two years ago. I feel like if I don't do something this freak will kill me. I feel like filing a restraining order against anyone should be easier than it is I just don't want him to be able to find me on social media or come anywhere near me or my house.

No. 1552845

I heard that there are multiple types of orders and some of them require telling the abuser your current address kek, so just make sure you know what you’re getting into whatever you do

No. 1552895

Okay this is an incredibly retarded question but… can anyone explain Dasha Nekrasova to me? I cannot get the idea that she's doing some Andy Kaufman bit out of my head. Like… all the selfies she uploads are hilarious (the ratty pilled, hairy cashmere sweater, her "interesting" outfit choices, etc), the weird dancing, the shitty singing videos. What the fuck is her deal? What the hell is she doing? Every time I see a picture of her my animal brain can't decide if she's a threat or not. I don't trust her in the least but seriously the fuck is her deal? Is it anachan brain making her retarded? Wtf???

No. 1552976

File: 1681793215291.jpg (29.88 KB, 735x603, 1663924529921.jpg)

Is it likely I'm pregnant or is it just stress based on the following? I started spotting light brown blood today, I had sex about 23 days ago. I take BC almost perfectly (didn't miss a day or take it late while I was last sexually active), he wore a condom and it didn't seem to break or leak, we were careful about precum too. I started taking my pill about 2-3 hours later than usual last week, my sleep has been funky due to staying up late, and I had a bad panic attack about 2 days ago, all of which might've caused my hormones to go wild. I've spotted on this BC before but it's been a while. But I don't know, it seems like implantation bleeding is common. I'll take a pregnancy test soon but do any nonnies have words of advice or wisdom in this situation?? I'm stupid and inexperienced.

No. 1552980

Does anyone else think a guy with high standards for dressing up is kinda gay? Like if a guy is going to call me unfeminine because my nails aren't done or I'm not constantly in a short skirt I have to question if he's attracted to women at all. Why is an attractive woman with a nice face/body just unnoticeable to you if she's wearing jeanns and a tee?

No. 1552981

Tea right now is your best friend, get some peppermint, chamomile, lavender or rose tea. They will help you de-bloat and de-stress. Do light cardio to stimulate blood flow, 5-10 mins is fine. Vitamin C and D do wonder for stress, so kiwis, eggs and standing in the sun for a couple of minutes do wonders.
I've been there so many times anon, I know your pain and uncertainty so well. You just gotta reset your cycle and hormones to get balanced and regular again. Don't worry ♥

No. 1552983

I agree. Reminds me of Nate from euphoria, only into hairless perfectly coiffed and made up women, meanwhile really they wanna be fucking dudes/TIMs.

No. 1552984

You and your bf would have to be the two most fertile people alive for you to be pregnant. Like super powered fertility that can teleport through a physical barrier and overcome the wonders of science i.e. your hormonal contraceptives.

No. 1552985

If you want to jump start your period raspberry leaf tea has worked for me. People also recommend parsley leaf tea but it didn't work as well as raspberry leaf tea. There's no way to know you're pregnant in the first few weeks because the symptoms of pregnancy mimic the symptoms of high progesterone before the period. There's no way to know until you take the test which you can do as early as a week before your period is due.

No. 1552990

And even then they really only want you to dress up so they can impress other men. Very gay.

No. 1553018

Thanks nonnies! I don't have a period at all thanks to my BC so I can't even track it that way or jumpstart my period somehow. I just spot sometimes, I'm just worried since I had sex so recently. But I know statistically it's basically impossible (0.01% chance) and I need to relax until I actually take the test. I think I've caused the anxious nausea by stressing out too much, but that's making my hormones even worse and it's an endless cycle. I appreciate your responses and feel better now about it!

No. 1553034

Why do amercans have such a hard time understanding the difference between nationality and ethnicity? Like so many claim that all latias are poc, just bc they are born in latin america and that means they're brown, even if they're literally white latinas. Or that everyone from Asia is the same bc the are all from asia, therefore a palestinian cant be racist towards a chinese bc they are all asian. I jst find it so strange that its such a hard concept to grasp, esp since americans are all from differnt countries and they themselves dont have a problem seperating ethicity from country when it comes to themselves? Just when it comes to other countries?

No. 1553037

they don't really seem to grasp discrimination based on where someone's born without relation to the concept of race, they have to compare casteism and xenophobia to racism, even Gen Z indians are starting to. Way back in 2020, when Asian-Americans were getting racist attacks for COVID's connection to China, some Korean MP was against Chinese in the US or smtg, and many Americans were like "oh why is she against Chinese, doesn't she know that people see no difference between her and other Chinese", like really? You can't understand why a Korean or a Japanese would hate Chinese?

No. 1553041

I started a drospirenone only pill for my pcos and endo a few days ago but it feels like it's gradually making the surface of my skin dry, flaky and super irritated (so much so that I've been only washing it since putting on toners or creams makes it itch even more). Anyone else have experience with this kind of pill? Does the skin problems go away with time? I'm also getting tiny pimples in places where I almost never get any so I just really feel like stopping taking it asap

No. 1553043

Americans have a particular perspective on race relations. Historically, they didn't have the same distinctions between race, ehtnicity, nationality, etc. as other countries.
I also think it's weird how they are so obsessed with their heritage to the point they know they're 1/16th Cherokee or Italo-German or whatever. They're all born and raised Americans and culturally have much more in common with each other than with people from the nations their ancestors came from. I don't know what caused those weird ideas of theirs tbh.
I'm also annoyed at how they fail to realize that Latin America includes Brazil which is not a Spanish-speaking country. They think we're all the same "race" that speaks Spanish and has one specific skin tone. Same with other regions like Asia and Africa I guess.

No. 1553054

>I also think it's weird how they are so obsessed with their heritage to the point they know they're 1/16th Cherokee
My american friend got really mad at me for saying native americans are american because according to him they're not. My European view is that the native americans out of everyone are the most "real" americans because they're literally native to america. His american view is that only people after the USA became a country are americans and natives are native to whatever tribe they are. He normally isn't racist at all.

Canada is similar in views it seems, a girl from there I know called her boyfriend a true and proper italian, which to me meant he was born and lived in Italy, speaking the language and knowing the culture. At the very least his parents should be italian immigrants for him to be italian. But nope, to her "true and proper italian" meant that one of his grandmothers was from italy and that was it. None of the americans or canadians questioned it and just agreed, us europeans were eyeing each other like "lol the fuck???"

No. 1553059

Imagine having such deep self hatred that instead of identifying as Canadian, you identify as an ethnicity you're like 1/16. Kek. There's a new trend where everyone is is trying to claim theyre European even if it's like %5-10.

No. 1553065

amerifag here from a state with a high native population. natives have their own sovereign territories that have their own government and aren’t subject to state laws, i.e. cherokee nation. they’re american in the sense that they’re from north america, but many people who live on reservations don’t consider themselves united states americans which is what your friend probably assumed you meant. it’s not considered racist at all to think of them that way, independent tribes are a right that they’ve fought for for a long time. if i was native i wouldn’t want to consider myself a member of the nation that committed mass genocide against my people either. granted most natives in america live outside of a reservation, if your friend thinks non-res natives aren’t americans then that’s pretty racist

No. 1553066

why do they identify as anything? Your race is white, your nationality is USAmerican/Canadian, and your ethnicity is whatever you find out it is? Even if you find out you have some other country's ancestry, great? i could probably find British or Chinese ancestry in my blood if i went looking, it won't make it either of those.

No. 1553067

i think it’s because americans have such a short history. the us doesn’t have any mythology, traditional clothing, etc. which is what they view as true culture, so they cling on to wherever their great-grandparents immigrated from. they want to have a past to connect to that isn’t just powdered wigs and slavery kek

No. 1553068

samefag, americans and canadians*

No. 1553071

>the us doesn’t have any mythology
i am so far from being american and this just isn't true kek

No. 1553074

>His american view is that only people after the USA became a country are americans
That reminds me of the way Americans ignore the whole continent(s) called "America". There's North and South America, and sometimes Central America is seen as its own region too (along with the Caribbean). Latin Americans call themselves "americanos" like Europeans call themselves Europeans, and Asians call themselves Asians, etc. Many of us even see North and South America as one "supercontinent" simply called America. But in English, only the United States of America (where do they think they got their name?) gets to be called "America", and only its citizens are "Americans". Apparently this shift in meaning for the word in English happened in the 19th century. Before that, it was more common to use "American" to refer to all the peoples on the continent.

No. 1553088

Is there any sort of website or program that allows to me to "download" someone's entire twitter pics and videos?

No. 1553119

It’s just because calling them “United States of Americans” is a mouthful. It’s not that deep

No. 1553121

U-S-Americans then?

No. 1553130

I call them fatties from the north

No. 1553131

File: 1681817961763.jpeg (1.39 MB, 3076x4224, 1616949899591.jpeg)

no problem bb, good luck ♥

No. 1553136

there's twitter media downloader add-on for chrome, just search for add-ons for your browser

No. 1553140

if someone is spreading nudes of me from when I was a minor (younger than 15) can I just go to the police or do I need proof?

No. 1553143

You can just go to the police and it's their job to investigate.

No. 1553153

Yes anon, just alert the police. The person with them knows it’s CP as well, there’s nothing extra you need to do.

No. 1553170

Also if the police doesn't do shit you can also contact the FBI, is surprisingly easy and they take it more seriously because they care a lot about their public image.

No. 1553173

My nails keep bending and breaking constantly and they are super short. Layers keep coming apart too. Wtf is going on and what can I do?

No. 1553175

Anons, how many GBs of mobile data do you have in your mobile plan and do you find it enough?

No. 1553191

It could be indicative of iron deficiency

No. 1553207

File: 1681829813413.jpg (22.4 KB, 407x214, JPKD39-1.jpg)

if you are in the United States you can report it here https://report.cybertip.org/

No. 1553213

>My European view is that the native americans out of everyone are the most "real" americans because they're literally native to america.
They're not native tho. They just proliferated after they went over from Asia

No. 1553233

Why does this feel suspicious.

No. 1553258

Do bots viewing your Instagram story still mean that someone is watching your story through a third party site?

No. 1553265

Native in a human sense is just "lived there for a long time first". All humans are from Africa originally yet we're not all considered native African

No. 1553267

File: 1681833712199.jpeg (14.99 KB, 365x365, 2472779D-5368-46E1-9345-AB6EB2…)

Can people (like the creator of the AI) see my chats of me trying to fuck the beta character ai of my husbando?

No. 1553268

File: 1681833772488.jpeg (14.99 KB, 365x365, 2472779D-5368-46E1-9345-AB6EB2…)

Can people (like the creator of the AI) see my chats of me trying to fuck the beta character ai of my husbando?

No. 1553272


No. 1553273

It doesn't seem to work, but thank anyway.

No. 1553275

The creators can't for sure. And they claim no one can at all, but I am sure c.ai developers could somehow read the chats if they wanted to, they are automatically saved, so it's somewhere after all, but I doubt they'd care to.

No. 1553278

of course. doubt anyone is reading through logs manually but all that data is being stored and used.

No. 1553279

Samefag, but if they can then you still shouldn't worry about it tbh. What are they gonna do? Ban you from the site with a message that reads "stop using our bot to virtually fuck your husbando, you dirty bitch"?

No. 1553285

This one is for videos and gifs specifically but not images
It won't bulk download though so you'll have to do each individual link. For bulk downloading pics maybe try the extension Downthemall?

No. 1553287

Kek, I doubt anyone even gets banned from that site, there are so many blatant fetish characters, even tho there's a no NSFW policy.

No. 1553307

Does hayfever make you cough I don't have covid I don't know what I have but everyone is making me go to work still wtf lol

No. 1553347

Anyone knows why /r/japancirclejerk was banned?

No. 1553396

How are people making songs with AI?
They use voices to sing whatever melody and lyrics over a generated or existing instrumental. Can someone explain how I can do this?

No. 1553612

File: 1681859516301.jpeg (17.18 KB, 236x412, 9E3CFBFA-7EE6-4C07-84F1-E87FE2…)

Is it normal to think that bare moid asses are ugly but a moid ass that fits nicely in pants is hot? I always cringe whenever I see a picture or video of a scrote in missionary position from behind because their ass looks so pathetic to me when it’s naked.

No. 1553622

Pic unrelated

No. 1553625

I honestly think the entire male body looks pathetic when naked. They can look pretty sexy clothed though.

No. 1553631

I feel the same way. I can think a man is attractive when he is clothes, even when he is wearing a low cut shirt. But as soon as he takes his shirt of I just lose all attraction. I don't feel that way when it comes to women though the male body is slightly goofy regardless of his body type

No. 1553635

ive always thought this. The female body, no matter what the weight or whatever, is naturally beautiful and appealing. The male body is goofy, even if a man is built well. Like imagining a dude's thick buttcheeks just makes me want to laugh kek. I guess some women are into that though

No. 1553637

are you guys lesbians/febfem?
i feel the same way myself by the way. sometimes i see a nice ass, but then i learn it's male and my attraction dies.

No. 1553640

I'm febfem but have dated men in the past and was attracted to them a little bit, but even then I preferred feeling /touching a woman's body over men. I dated one tif and I remember being extremely attracted to her physically over any of the men I dated.

No. 1553646

Can I cook chicken in beef broth or is that too unorthodox

No. 1553669

mythology as in pantheon of gods shit like greek or slavic mythology, not stuff ripped from natives like bigfoot or the schizo ufo craze. americans never had paganism, the country was founded by puritans.

No. 1553671

Girlies I am so glad we are discussing this because I've never related more. Men in clothes are attractive, men with good hair too. But I have never really found myself admiring the male form, it's just unappealing. That's shit gay men do. I would rather see my own body than see a mans body. I honestly get more turned on by myself in the mirror than a naked man butt or chest or whatever. I was starting to think I am into women.

No. 1553675

I wish this were me, I'm sadly very attracted to male bodies. Like some Greek pervert. It's never done me any good except for when I see a really hot guy and I feel happy that I can appreciate the hotness.

No. 1553676

this is how you create mustard gas, don't do it

No. 1553677

America definitely had and has pagans. Many rituals are from pagans, christians hate halloween because it's pagan which they equate with satanic, and they appropriated easter. Women doing pagan traditions got them called satanic witches and killed. Those traditions because natural medicines and spiritual connections with nature. Paganism and wicca is still very much alive especially in Mass where I am from.

No. 1553678

If I suspect of having a particular mental illness, and decide to go talk to a mental health professional, is it better that I don’t bring up my inkling and let them do whatever they need and decide what it is I have instead? Will mentioning it affect my diagnosis any which way? That is my worst nightmare, then just taking my word for it and treating me for something I don’t need or them thinking I think I know more than them and I’m trying to do their job and diagnose me with something else that may be similar — because a lot of mental illnesses overlap a lot — and then I don’t get treated for what I need

No. 1553683

I'm pretty sure they won't just diagnose you in a day. You should tell them your concerns and they will observe you for a while. A lot of people are misdiagnosed, undiagnosed, or over diagnosed as in they are told they have a mental problem because they won't act "normal" in society. You can share here and see if any of us have similar experiences

No. 1553692

Well I think I have schizophrenia, just without the psychotic/positive symptoms ie hallucinations and delusions. Actually I wouldn’t even come close to think of having it previously because I thought those were the main characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia. But I looked up “disorganized thoughts” on google bc it’s something I experience, and that’s when I first found out it is a main symptom of schizophrenia. It was surprising and I started reading and literally almost everything checks out when it comes to negative symptoms, cognitive deficits, “formal thought disorders”, issues with speech, and my behavior. I’ve been reading about it, what people diagnosed with “simple schizophrenia “ (w/o hallucinations/delusions, which apparently is not a diagnosis anymore) experience and how difficult to treat it is bc it is “silent” and not seen as urgent and the current medications only work for the ones with psychotic symptoms and crying. It is more scary bc unlike the ones with psychotic symotims, they’re unable to get treated because they never have that first episode of psychosis which is what prompts them to get treatment and can go untreated. I’ve read about mental illnesses I think I might have like anxiety, depression, adhd, etc and none have really resonated with me to the point of feeling emotional and none of them have great treatments either so it’s not about that

No. 1553701

Has anyone ever ended a long relationship (3+ years)?
How long did you wait before dating again?
Was sex weird after getting used to one person's likes/dislikes for so long?

No. 1553717

WHy the fuck is everyone in an open relationship now? That's driving me crazy

No. 1553725

How do I learn to make eye contact with people when I'm out? I don't mean in conversation but how in social contexts I don't know where to look and just avert my eyes from everyone

No. 1553727

I had this problem for a long time.
I solved it by intentionally looking at people and saying hello/good morning/etc. to them. It seems lots of people have this same problem because over half the time people seem to get flustered.

No. 1553733

When I had a job for a bit (the journey to un-NEET is bumpy) being required to do that helped, but I was worried it'd be weird out of that context. Mainly it's scary but you're right nonna it's time to be assertive

No. 1553751

I did this once. Started dating immediately and he was all butthurt about it (why the fuck should I sit and sob over someone no longer in my life). Sex was with someone else who was also vanilla so it wasn't weird but he was worse in bed despite having a ton of experience kek. If anything it felt exciting and new so I ate that shit up and got turned on easily.

Because hook up culture and people treat eachother like shit to the point that a lot of people nowadays don't realize the value of having a best friend or absolute partner and remaining faithful. I'm going to say the access to an abundance of porn also has a lot to do with this.

Hells yeah. I feel this, especially when I see a man right out of the shower

No. 1553754

I feel like these people always tell on themselves in that they don’t really get laid all that much because most randos aren’t that great in bed kek. Usually the ones that love casual sex the most are the worst at it. They want the options hot people have but lack the confidence in the ability to find another partner once they’re done whoring around.

No. 1553772

You probably are into women, god there is nothing more annoying then self proclaimed 'straight' women who aren't actually attracted to men and think that's the norm.

No. 1553776

I had trouble talking to people sometimes but being put in positions where I had to deal with people all the time really helped me develop the ability to act the part. I am not me I am my position, then off work I would be my usual awkward self

No. 1553783

That's how I was but now without my job I am probably regressing. At least it was encouraging to see others react positively back then like I'm not the freak I feel like. Best of luck to us nona

No. 1553785

File: 1681881149349.png (134.31 KB, 640x480, 291647405_103782765735325_7921…)

Is it true that any man who smiles like this is secretly a faggot? I ask because one of my girl friends has a boyfriend that smile this exact same way.

No. 1553790

dunno about gay but any man that smiles like this is probably a psychopath

No. 1553794

I’m the OP and yeah I’m bi with occasional disgust or disinterest towards men. Then again maybe that’s just normal considering men are fucking ugly with terrible hygiene habits on average.

No. 1553795

I wake up with really terrible stomach ache most days, it feels similar to period cramps. I don't know why or how to make it stop. I suspect it's just gas but it wasn't always like this and my diet hasn't changed so idk what the fuck is going on and why. It's definitely not just hunger. It only goes away after I've gotten up and moved around for a while. I'm just so tired of waking up in terrible pain, idk what to do to fix it

No. 1553796


No. 1553798

oh, sorry

No. 1553803

my nigel and i are in the early stages of planning to go to tokyo next year and neither of us have ever flown or traveled outside the US before. excluding plane tickets should $6k be enough for both of us for 3 weeks? (hotels, food, train, souvenirs, etc.)

No. 1553823

how do i make dr martens fit better? i got the size i normally wear and the right one feels good but the left one has a bit of empty room and keeps rubbing on my heel hurts like hell and i can't really return them i only noticed this after wearing them for a day

No. 1553828

I have the exact same issue but with my right foot instead, I'd like to know too.

No. 1553836

File: 1681892264307.jpg (30.05 KB, 930x930, Silicone Heels.e04c9e33.jpg)

These saved me with breaking my docs in. When it's winter I wear two pairs of socks with these inbetween.

No. 1553855

I was asking because I have 4 GBs which doesn't seem to be enough and was wondering how much data anons use in general and whether I should pay more and upgrade to 10 GBs

No. 1553856

File: 1681895178009.jpg (34.08 KB, 512x512, 04593480_g.jpg)

taping your heel (and everywhere they are rubbing) with Leukoplast and a thin insole for the one shoe that feels bigger. I bought half a size bigger because my right foot is slightly bigger than my left foot and with insoles and taping my heels for around 2 weeks, I could wear them for hours without problems.

No. 1553862

How common are hypnagogic hallucinations?

No. 1553892

They are common and normal

No. 1553898

Why do most schizophrenics hate jews or black people? Even our own schizo-chan always complains about nigerians ruining her life

No. 1553901

This is some weird AGP-tier shit. It's fine to be comfortable with your body or whatever, but getting turned on by how sexy or feminine you are is cringe.

No. 1553953

I use my personal laptop for work because my workplace would not provide me with one and I realized that Utorrent was on and I was seeding some movies while connected to the work network. Could I get in trouble for this?

No. 1553986

the schizo mental degradation pipeline is basically
paranoia > paranoid persecution delusions > retarded conspiracy theories to validate their persistent persecution delusions

No. 1554038

Lesbians, is it a red flag if a quite masculine woman’s type is straight feminine women? I’m very inexperienced but I’m starting to crush on this girl in uni and apparently that’s what she’s into and I’m afraid she’s a massive player who likes to mess around and for someone like me who has no prior experience in anything I think I should forget about her asap if that’s the case or else it won’t end well…

No. 1554040

Have any nonnies here terfed out to their therapist about how they dislike troons and the whole tra bs? I'm trying to imagine how would a therapist react to that, especially if they were a bleeding heart handmaiden/leftie bro. How did it go, did they get visibly uncomfortable or they stayed neutral?

No. 1554043

I use a mirror to get myself off. It's not that bad tbh. I think everyone should be able to turn themselves on.

No. 1554044

Nta but thanks, very insightful

No. 1554047

if it's a fixation causing a problem in your life they're likely to ask some questions and try to help you with the issue.

No. 1554048

aren't therapists allowed to report anything too "problematic" to law enforcement, if they deem it necessary? i wouldn't take the chance.
especially if you're in the uk, i've seen threads on twitter about women getting arrested for bad-talking troons.

No. 1554051

Idk how it works in the UK, but in the US therapists are only allowed to disclose anything to law enforcement if you outright make a credible threat to yourself or others, like “I’m going to kill myself tonight” or “I’m going to shoot someone this week.” You expressing a distaste for a certain type of person is not going to get you reported to anyone unless you’re violent and moid-like about it.

No. 1554062

>You expressing a distaste for a certain type of person is not going to get you reported to anyone
>in the US
that's considered transphobia to tras though; this woman is a law professor and she describes such statements as "opening trans people to violence". i really would not risk it unless i suspected my shrink of being terfy

No. 1554085

I have really shit eyesight and have worn glasses since first grade. My eyesight seems to still be deteriorating, I guess it doesn't help I'm on the computer a lot. What are the chances that I become legally blind in the future? Or is there a way for my eyes to just cap out at a certain level of eyesight?

No. 1554106

Is coffee better ground coarse or powdery?

No. 1554118

thanks so much ill try it

No. 1554120

File: 1681923633615.jpg (22.05 KB, 480x439, 1611010684193.jpg)

what would the grown up word for like a pencil box be?
the name for a vessel that you use to store art supplies

No. 1554135


No. 1554137

I'm not exactly a coffee autist but depends how you're brewing it, for example if you're using a moka pot you grind it coarser than if you're doing pour over.

No. 1554207

i just googled your question and it said hat coarser means milder taste and finer ground means it's stronger, which explains why i like my coffee ground fine. i had coarser coffee over the weekend and even commented on it being kinda mild, so i guess i know my coffee without actually knowing anything kek
pencil case is the word i'd use, idk it doesn't sound juvenile to me

No. 1554252

Is there a trick for removing excess oil from a dish? Other than soaking it up with a paper towel?

No. 1554300

i can't recall if i got an answer but is there a cow finder thread? or can someone recommend rich cows for me to read? i'd prefer a male but i don't mind a woman if she's extremely, extremely retarded. not the sad kind of pitiable retarded either like that one woman who let her bf have a sex doll, and makes the pickme harem comics

No. 1554311

Are you confusing schizophrenia with Schizoaffective disorder?

No. 1554328

does it hurt to have stitches removed?

No. 1554330

File: 1681934915566.jpg (136.59 KB, 1000x1500, 97ff05acc48a2ffe23263b705c9c92…)

>Finer = takes more time for water to move through it. Think of water moving through sand
>Coarser = takes less time for water to move through it. Think of water moving through pebbles
Picrel is a basic guideline and depends on what you are using the coffee for.

No. 1554351

I heard my mother had a similar reaction to this kind of pill so I think I'm just gonna stop and try something else next

No. 1554388

I think it feels weird more than anything. Pain would be extremely minimal, like a tiny pinch and over quickly.

No. 1554440

What emotion is
>She wrinkled her nose, making her look like a chipmunk that had choked on an apple core.
supposed to convey?

No. 1554442


No. 1554455

Is there really an Instagram glitch that removed followers from you account? A mutual and I aren’t following each other anymore but I’m not blocked

No. 1554457

Anons that cut their own hair, do you need some kind of professional scissors for that or is it enough to use just normal sharp ones?

No. 1554470

Are tinder dates ever worth it? Not extensive, just going out for afternoon coffee or something.

No. 1554471

Sorry for the samefag but please don't cut your hair with kitchen scissors! You aren't able to be as precise as you need to be and they'll be a lot duller than hair scissors most of the time. Hair cutting scissors are 5-10 euro's and if you're planning on using them more than once it's barely an investment.

No. 1554495

Heh okay, thanks anon! I just read reviews on some scissors within 5-10 euros range and they were quite mixed (while more expensive options receive more praise but I'm not ready to buy those), so I wanted to make sure if it's worth buying at all. I basically just need to cut bangs and ends, so I guess they'll do anyway.

No. 1554497

What's a good app that's free for automatically backing up picutres/videos? I can't get Microsoft onedrive to work.

No. 1554499

maybe they soft blocked you? Basically blocked, then unblocked immediately. I do it when I unfollow a person I'm mutuals with

No. 1554506

Mine were 7 or 8 euro's and have lasted me for 4 years already. It's really worth it, if you trim your hair with regular scissors it's much more likely to be oneven because of how clunky these tend to be. Good luck with cutting your hair nonna!

No. 1554558

is the paki-chan that was posting in celebricows about (c)rappers and posting in the coquette thread the same one that is always ranting about radfems and how we need socialism, or is there more than one? and is there a post history?

No. 1554603

Can anyone find out all my tumblr blogs by knowing one of them? Are they publicly linked? If I have more than one Twitter account will Twitter keep suggesting my alt accounts to the people who follow my main?

No. 1554613

There used to be an option on old tumblr to show author portraits when you made an alt blog, but I don't know if that's still the case. It's optional so it would only show if you allowed it. Haven't used tumblr in awhile for blogging so can any other anons confirm that's still the case?

No. 1554659

does anyone know how to view someone's media tweets on a website separate from twitter? not being logged in of course.

No. 1554724

How good at math do I have to be to become a data analyst? I say this because I want to get into a job that allows me to organize, catalog, and report and send information, documents, etc. to clientele and companies. I love organizing information and I love being able to write reports on information…but it seems like being a data analyst is the only job similar to that but I'm absolutely shit at math.

No. 1554743

i feel if you can score a wfh position your math skills will be unimportant what with all the online calculators we have

No. 1554745

That's a good point. I do know that you have to have skills regarding being able to code in python and such, that I can learn. However, when it comes to math I just fall flat. I just want a job that allows me to collect, organize, and report information of any kind.

No. 1554747

Dumbshit advice

No. 1554753

what are 3 things you have observed whilst in store that could improve the customer experience?
i have an interview with a relatively highend grocery store in a few weeks and theyve asked me to come in 10 minutes early and try to find some things to answer this question but i’ll probably chicken out of walking around the store like a retard and just go straight in to the interview so im trying to prepare my answers in advance. the only thing i can think of is
>mark aisles more clearly
because i always get lost in that store but i cant think of anything else. please help me out of neethood nonnas

No. 1554754

samefag but i know it specifies in That store but it can be more generic

No. 1554756

look into mystery shopping and the rules they go by. usually it's greeting within the first 30 seconds of them entering, mention the deals, ask personal questions instead of "selling" so to speak. visual merchandising is huge, also cleanliness. be on top of the basics like that and you'll be good.
we used to get graded out of 100, I was usually the only one in the shop who got over 70. good luck!

No. 1554759

No. 1554769

seconding this. Also: make sure all posted sales/deals are up to date and clear to avoid confusing the customer. Clarity is not always up to the store if the location is corporate-run but you can at least be on-time with ad set and ad takedown.

No. 1554775

Currently sitting at 18gb used on a supposed unlimited phone plan.

No. 1554781

thanks anon, now I'm a less nervous about it

No. 1554794

File: 1681973888775.jpg (49.63 KB, 735x837, 1679111923368.jpg)

Is it normal to have an obsession with drinking protein and meal replacement drinks? Like, the meal replacement drinks that people who can't eat solid food drink, not diet ones. They're totally addictive and my body feels like it needs them so bad, maybe its a craving for the nutrients in them? Is this possible or do I have a deficiency?

No. 1554797

nope, I use third party sites to watch cows and have put my own url on there to test it, and nothing shows up on the viewers list other than my own followers

No. 1554801

From the one time I applied to a cosmetics store they do not like you suggesting any actual changes to the store, it's more like tidying merchandise, making sure offers are stocked and well displayed etc is more in line with what they want I think.

No. 1554803

Just to add, changes like signage, locations of stock etc are all done on head office/management level, normal store clerks have no power to make any changes. Your role is to keep the store stocked and tidy, greet and serve customers, till/man the self serve etc. If when you walk through you see some good things like friendly staff, tidy displays etc you could mention that as good points, they don't necessarily want critique particularly if it is a well managed store.
Another thing to consider is these are your new colleagues, turn up wearing something similar to their work attire and talk to them in the interview as if they are already your colleagues/managers, (that is, don't be intimidated) that has worked for me in the past

No. 1554805

Is it possible for an adult woman to fend off a teenage moid who tried to come onto her and got violent? I know that even scrawny teen boys can be strong, so should they be taken as a potential threat and regarded with caution (just like grown men are) by grown women, and not just dismissed as 'eh, he's just a kid'?

No. 1554821

File: 1681976696347.jpeg (77.93 KB, 937x604, IMG_1286.jpeg)

i know theyre not asking for genuine critique and theyre just trying to test me. if i pointed out things that were already good i think they would just think i was illiterate. picrel what they sent me.
thank you!!

No. 1554846

File: 1681979763542.jpg (161.1 KB, 735x1040, c9c1c67aec93de2888e69c1740f1bf…)

Nonas talk about Kirbyanon and I grow curious. Can anyone help me find threads where she posted her sexual fantasies about him?

No. 1554901

4gb & it used to be more than enough (it was only 2gb to start and I changed it about 5 years ago) but in the last year I completely blow through it if I’m not always on wifi, even just maps used a whole GB last month because I was driving a lot. I can’t even google a few things and check a damn message board on data now without going over 4gigs in two weeks. I thought it was kinda fucked up and tried to make sure my phone company wasn’t lying to me and it appears that the internet just got more data heavy in the last couple years and 5g connections can really chew through it as well

No. 1554938

Anybody here get really bad covid? If so what did you do to help bring your sense of smell/taste back? I think I have long covid because I've had covid for 16 days now and I only feel about 30% better than I did on the worst days (days 4-12). I still wake up with pounding headaches, I'm slightly stuffy but mostly clear, but I can't taste or smell a thing and I have no energy. I know I should see a doctor but I have anxiety about it. I've been taking every vitamin supplement under the sun and stuffing myself with oranges…I can't believe its been 14 days or so since I could smell and taste..

No. 1554958

In 2020 before the virus mutated and the vaccine even existed I think I caught it, got sick for months and now I'm doing ok. The reason why I said "I think" is because it was obviously covid but it was so early in the pandemic that doctors would tell me to just deal with it and call back if I'm actively dying, and there was a mask and soap/hand gel shortage so it was hard to protect ourselves.

But I didn't have any issues with not smelling or tasting food, if anything on of the reasons why I couldn't eat well was because everything tasted weird and way too strong, even super bland food like Japanesd rice. Long covid doesn't match what you're saying iirc, other anons can correct me but it's when you keep having other symptoms even after you "healed", like when patients end up in wheelchairs for life or are always tired no matter what they do for the next months or years after catching it. According to friends who caught it before yhe vaccine existed it can take weeks or months until you progressively get back your sense of smell and taste, try not to worry too much about it, but go see a doctor for your other symptoms. I had horrible headaches just like you and I didn't have any meds on me because seeing a doctor was impossible, same thing for diarrhea, the meds I took didn't have any effect on me and I became severaly underweight. I was also tired all the time but was too scared to sleep, I thought I could die in my sleep, I think I would have dealt with it way more easily if I saw a doctor at the time.

No. 1555004

Is maladaptive daydreaming real? I'm pretty sure I have it but idk if it's just me being a fucking idiot

No. 1555007

Is Z library back?? Any alternatives???

No. 1555009

should i decorate my tiny bathroom in a colorful way or a monochromatic way? i’m worried if i make it colorful it won’t be relaxing anymore

No. 1555012

Neutral base with a pop of color? That might keep it from being too overwhelming without having to go full one color.

No. 1555013

I think daydreaming is real, maladaptive daydreaming is just when it becomes more extreme and takes up a lot of your time

No. 1555014

Yes but it’s not something that would be considered diagnosable, it’s just a bad coping mechanism.

No. 1555015

if you know neutrals are calming for you, keep it neutral.

No. 1555017

yea plenty of people describe doing it. i was doing it before it blew up as a discussion term on the internet and was in high school listening to music and daydreaming for hours. if it's causing you distress, bring it up to someone.

No. 1555124

File: 1682009715863.gif (4.52 MB, 656x368, tumblr_c2bf18e1a75e31c5d25613a…)

Is epilating my pubes a terrible idea

No. 1555129

I epilate mine but on the first round I literally sat on the shower while sobbing because it hurt a LOT.

Now it's easy peasy and I epilate once every 2 weeks or so and it stays smooth down there. The hairs grow as they would if you waxed frequently.

No. 1555131

Trim them down first (longer = more painful) and go really slow in the crease with your thigh.

No. 1555150

why is it assumed that trumpchan is a woman? what's the trumpchan lore…

No. 1555155

are you a woman?

No. 1555157

I sometimes epilate the genital area but never the mound, that gives me red spots and ingrown hairs. Hurts like a bitch, especially at the start like >>1555129 said.

No. 1555161

No. 1555175

The virus is so bad its been 2 1/2 weeks and I have no energy to cook or clean or any brain power. I swear to god this has to be a biological weapon because I've never been more unable to work or function normally before. Worst part is my family downplays how bad this is because they're vaccinated so they haven't experienced what I have. I asked my husband to leave the pets with my sister in law and to help me minimize my stress and workload so I can focus on recovery but he just expects me to do everything around the house while I struggle to even breathe.

No. 1555180

Why didn't you get vaxxed if you have a weak immune system? Viruses like this leave permanent damage to yours lungs and heart.

No. 1555182

I know its stupid but I just hate going to doctors appointments. I wish I did get the vaccine because now I'm living life on disability mode and theres no exaggeration here every morning I have to take a handful of advil just to move my head without sharp pain and if I go more than 5 minutes without blowing my nose I get intense sinus pressure.

No. 1555259

This isn’t necessarily a stupid question but.. I really like the smell of Hem Dragons Blood incense and over the past few months I have smelled it out in public, it must be in some kind of perfume… right???
Trying to google what it could be has failed miserably and I’m sad.
Are there any anons who know what I’m talking about and can help? I want that fucking perfume!

No. 1555269

annas archive

No. 1555583

File: 1682033404724.jpg (401.5 KB, 2000x2000, il_fullxfull.2802362954_fawm.j…)

What is the male version of this hairstyle?

No. 1555600

What hair style? She has straight hair and straight bangs. There is no male equivalent of straight bangs.

No. 1555602

It is back but you need an account now or something. Check their reddit, they have more detailed info there.

No. 1555779

File: 1682049970057.jpeg (47.6 KB, 1124x1217, 60E6E279-4522-4FFB-A39A-2723D2…)

Do lesbians use the fairy emoji? My gaydar is going off for this one particular girl but I can’t tell if she’s actually gay or just an artsy straight girl.
>IG bio is ‘your favorite 4 letter word’ followed by picrel
>Old FB pfp with another girl that looks very coupley
>Interacts mostly with women. Majority of followers and friends are female.
>Kinda femme kinda butch. Seems kinda earthy.

No. 1555780

The bio almost certainly means dyke yes

No. 1555787

File: 1682050945327.jpg (63.67 KB, 768x1024, en.-11-768x1024.jpg)

Something like this probably. Unless you mean "super basic hairstyle" then its the shaved sides, fade with two inch bangs and middle top head

No. 1555796

I’ve been flip flopping between cunt/dyke but all the other circumstantial evidence leads me to think she’s gay

No. 1555822

I need to sell large furniture items for moving but I really don't want to post my number because of bots. Will I be flooded with bot calls? Would using an email contact be weird to buy furniture in my local town?

No. 1555839

Ok so something weird I've noticed is the difference in how guys ask you out based on culture. I'm a white girl (ghostly pale blue eyes) but my whole life the only men who actually desired me were mixed or black men. I've dated mostly white men but I had to go out of my way to ask them out whereas men of other races would be very showy about liking me and though I have my preferences I really appreciated it. So my question is why are white guys so arrogant? I want you to show me you want me and desire me..its not asking so much. And before the "you're ugly" comments come swarming me..sure I'm ugly but my point still stands. Make me feel wanted the way I make YOU feel wanted.

No. 1555842

She always uses VPNs so post history isn't a thing buut she did pretend to be (c)rapchan for a while. (c)rap-chan was originally a mixed English woman who disliked rap but pakichan stole her identity for several months and used that identity to be openly racist towards black people.

No. 1555861

how come tims don't get estrogen headaches??? like I do every time I try a new BC and even the minipill ain't working ugh

No. 1555878

because they are male with male bodies, their bodies will never react like female bodies

No. 1555879

Did you check your blood pressure?

No. 1555880

yeah it's fine apparently ugh

No. 1555942

I'm going to a Korean restaurant tomorrow, what should I order? I don't eat meat but I do eat fish, and other than that I'm not fussy.

No. 1555951

I guess it depends on what they have there, but they usually have seafood stews most of the time so you might be able to get something like a kimchi jjigae or soft tofu soup with seafood. They might have stir-fried spicy squid (ojingo-bokkeum) if you don’t want soup. Or if they sell kimbap you could probably get one without any meat in it. I think the traditional kind only has vegetables, fake crab, and egg (and is really yummy). Also tteokboki is usually spicy stir fried rice cake, fish cake, and egg so that is a meatless option too.

No. 1556004

What are nonnies thoughts on countries' governments implementing drafts for women?

No. 1556020

Wtf, what hellhole is doing that?

No. 1556034

File: 1682089468539.png (35.36 KB, 230x219, B17F7090-49FC-4D2E-9CCA-6F4727…)

Nonnas is it weird for a moid to wear clothing an ex bought him in these circumstances?
>Less than 1 year relationship
>Only shirt that was given to him
>Didn’t wear it while actively dating
>Wearing it now months after breakup
>Shirt graphic is something heavily associated with ex. There’s no real separating the subject matter

No. 1556062

Disgusting, women don't need to fight wars that men start because they're malding egomaniacs with no empathy. The only reason we need national defence in the first place are men, so men can deal with it amongst themselves

No. 1556068

Kimchi fried rice yum

No. 1556079

This guy has a massive crush on me but won’t talk to me or ask me out. He’s gotta be on the autism spectrum or has social anxiety or something and can’t even look at me half the time. Am I supposed to make the first move if I think he’s cute? I feel kind of bitter. Part of me wants to pursue it just for sex but the other part is annoyed by him. Sometimes it seems like he hates me, like how Edward Cullen treats Bella in their class where he’s like freezing up around her and terrified by her. Our class together is about to end and he’s tried talking to me once when we were both going to work which was a really short conversation. I feel like that conversation somehow scared him away from me even more strangely even though it was just a brief “hi my name is anon”. Maybe he expected me to suck his dick or something stupid like that.
the only reason I really consider him is because he’s kind of cute and he seems inexperienced which is my “kink” (blegh) sorry if this belongs in the advice thread but it’s stupid so

No. 1556084

Dog owning nonnas who also live in/own a house: do you leave the dog poo in your backyard or pick it up?

No. 1556106

pick it up jesus. why do you want to turn your own backyard where you beautiful flowers grow and pretty birds sing into a cesspit

No. 1556108

I understand the appeal of cute, socially anxious guy and the fact he has a crush on you is kind of a dream. But I guess it might be one of those things that's more appealing in fantasy than reality. Even if you guys hit it off, I think it'd be really annoying if you were the one constantly initiating conversations. You can make the first move, but I think it's worth paying attention to whether he's making you do all the work. It's possible that after you make the first move, he'll gain more confidence and initiate more (although in my experience that's never happened). I totally understand social anxiety, but it's not your responsibility to initiate everything for him especially if he's not giving you a lot to work off of.

Tldr; if he's cute enough that you don't think constantly initiating conversation will be annoying, then go for it.

No. 1556109

Their society will regret it later. It’s bad enough when a bunch of male soldiers come back with PTSD after a war. Now they want to do that to women too. An entire generation will be crippled not just the men. Stupid. Exposure to warfare chemicals will cause birth defects when female soldiers return home and get pregnant so it will also hurt the next generation instead of just killing men early.
Anyway, draft should be illegal for both genders. I’d rather go to jail.

No. 1556111

photocopies are usually not accepted

No. 1556116

it's a honeypot

No. 1556118

don't waste your time with a guy like that

No. 1556137

File: 1682097150953.jpg (37.66 KB, 680x595, FQUrywCaIAA5pzA.jpg)

To those nonnas who believe in it, has manifestation ever worked for you?

No. 1556154

YES! Although it involved troons and TRAs I knew making shit choices that fucked them over massively, and they do that regardless.

No. 1556165

If I lie in my bed doing nothing and drink 0.75L I'll definitely have to piss in some close time. If I go for a walk and drink 0.75L during it, I won't have the urge even if I don't come across any sanitary facilities over the next six or so hours. Why's that? Do I sweat my pee out??? Is it just me being distracted by walking?
0.75L instead of 1L because with 1L nature will call for me always, as I found out.

No. 1556170

What happened?

No. 1556175

What language is it where people put % before the number?

No. 1556178

A percentage?

No. 1556181

Yes, a percentage.

No. 1556182

It's just retarded burgerfags

No. 1556183


No. 1556186

huh? American language puts the symbol after the number not before

No. 1556188

Oh sorry anon, I got confused by your question and now I realize you're asking about the placement of the percent sign
We put percent signs after the number…retard.

No. 1556190

That's why I said retarded, because they think it's like the dollar sign

No. 1556193

Are you slow? Some retarded burgerfags treat percentage symbol like the dollar sign and put it before the number

No. 1556197

I get why it feels bad for you but I think people are in 2 categories when it comes to associating items with the person who gifted them. After a break up I tend to quickly feel a need to purge that stuff (either because I'm angry or worse, I miss them) but not everyone attaches that much sentiment or baggage to stuff.

No. 1556199

Turks do that.

No. 1556203

you dont sweat out your pee. you sweat out the water before it can turn into pee

No. 1556214

I don’t manifest explicitly but I think it has basis in the power of positive thinking and one’s mindset affecting their opportunities. I don’t necessarily believe that like your mind can create a person like people claim but I think that you can draw opportunities and people to you through a positive/optimistic mindset overall. Just look at how far scammers and fraudsters can get simply with their delusions.
Kek Ty for the advice, I think I just wanted to sleep with him because it fulfills my fetish. I know his personality is already a massive red flag for a relationship, right? I don’t think it would ever be possible for me to be in a relationship with someone like that as I’m securely attached and have done my own personal work to become that way.

No. 1556221

I didn't really think manifesting was real beyond positive thinking inspires positive action therefore results until I accidently manifested ill health onto someone.

No. 1556222

How can I fuck/date 8/10 and higher guys as an ugly girl? Is it even possible? I’ve hooked up with a few attractive guys during my college days but I was very skinny + they were obviously looking for a quick fuck. It’s been years and I’ve gained weight and barely have a skincare/makeup routine. I want to get back into dating but I hate settling for average and ugly guys. Please tell me it’s possible. If not I’ll just stay single cause ugly moids aren’t worth it.

Btw this isn’t satire at all I’m genuinely asking.

No. 1556229

File: 1682103642207.png (45.22 KB, 602x702, vt8.png)

Why are actual pornography (including abusive content) and quasi-pornographic music videos allowed all over the net, but art films made by women that happen to include nudity banned?

No. 1556230

Blocked on pornhub?

No. 1556246

Only ONS are possible; dating probably not. 8 and above guys are pretty rare, unless your criteria for 'attractive' in a guy is low. Getting on dating apps and writing that you're only looking for hookups with no strings attached and then only swiping/going for guys you like should yield some results. I don't think the sex is going to be good though, if the moids don't see you as attractive and are only looking for something quick and easy.

No. 1556250

Bruv…how did i not realise this. Like artistic, narrative, and female/self gaze nudity is so much more controversial than material that encourages violence and misogyny. Why?

No. 1556251

Because scrotes get upset when media is not about the moid "mind" and gaze and they have to see things from women's point of view.

No. 1556253

FB market place doesnt need your phone number. just make sure to only accept cash and ensure that the person doesn't tell you theyre going to give you extra money and arrange for a delivery person to come get it: thats a scam. dont use paypall or zelle.

No. 1556254

bibimbap with tofu

No. 1556261

You'd think that moids would love a film that focuses on female nudity, violence and sex with a non-sexy inhuman male character.

No. 1556264

So… where do I watch it?

No. 1556277

I read the Twitter thread, apparently it got taken down on pornhub because a child appears in a non-sexual scene and they claim to have a zero tolerance policy on depictions of children

No. 1556285

File: 1682107347741.gif (1.23 MB, 320x220, 4A14E6E3-EF19-4FC3-85C3-C7061D…)

>they claim to have a zero tolerance policy on depictions of children
Come on.

No. 1556309

That scum site literally make money from the rapes of children.

No. 1556330

No. 1556338

wow, nta but that was really cool. Neat animation.

No. 1556374

reposting in correct thread this time lmao – what's a good activity or thing to do on your birthday?

im already going for a meal witht family. other than that i don't know what i want to do. all i can think of is watching movies at home while eating birthday cake. ideas would be greatly appreciated anons

No. 1556400

what clothing size or bmi is considered chubby territory?

No. 1556401

I know kek. Scrotes/handmaidens in the Twitter replies defending their precious CP distribution website whenever anyone points it out.

Thank you for the link! I thought I wouldn't be able to watch it after all. Sucks that the creator can't even distribute the source file herself via Gdrive due to certain policies.

No. 1556403

File: 1682115390686.png (141.22 KB, 500x491, 1634844090775.png)

I have diagnosed anorexia and BPD and tonight I completely flipped out at my mum who's going through a really hard time herself right now because my grandma is terminally ill. She helped me make a meal and I screamed and self harmed because I thought my problems don't matter as much to her. Should I punish myself by not eating anything or force myself even though I'm feeling really guilty for my behaviour? The food is already ready.

No. 1556405

This is so depraved, why do I love this?

No. 1556406

i would apologise to your mum first of all for screaming at her. dont force yourself to eat it if you don't want to, but i would just say you're not hungry in that case. try eating a bit of it at least

No. 1556409

>Our Gobelins graduation film Vulvine Reine d'Extase is now blocked on Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Pornhub.
No shit it's blocked on IG, Youtube and Vimeo. What did they expect.

No. 1556410

I only eat once a day so I'm starving and do want to eat it, I just tend to not do that if I think I need to punish myself and absolve myself of guilt. But I know she wants me to eat so idk.

No. 1556413

I'm pretty sure there was another Gobleins film on YouTube with explicit sex scene in it (the one with the dancers at the party) that is not blocked. What was in this one that made it worse than that?

No. 1556414

okay. well anon, please try to eat it if you can. im sure your mum will just feel worse if you refuse to eat the food she's helped you prepare. also at the very least it's gonna suck if you don't eat and end up starving all night out of guilt

No. 1556417

>>1556410 your not only punishing yourself but also your mother by doing that. Forgive yourself like how you forgive her. It’s okay to have a bad day anon

No. 1556424

If you mean Louise, I don't think that one was as explicit as Vulvine, but considering I don't work for Youtube I can't speak on their inconsistent policies. Either way though, the film is pornographic and generally that's not allowed on IG, YT or Vimeo Unless it's educational in youtube's case. It's really beautiful and well done but it's still a film with a strong focus around sex featuring explicit nudity. I'm not sure what they thought was gonna happen.

No. 1556425

File: 1682116607480.jpeg (63.33 KB, 1125x635, IMG_5389.jpeg)

Do the employers actually send out emails inviting people to apply via indeed? I got an email supposedly from my old job inviting me to apply…same job that fired me for being “incompetent” despite not training me properly when I specifically asked for it or accusing me of falling asleep when I told them I was on antidepressants which made me drowsy but sure, come apply!

At least it’s nice to know my old position is still vacant after shitcanning me, for now.

No. 1556430

AYRT and I put a lot of stock in it because the shirt is related to what I do for a living and he never wore it while we were together but now something so heavily associated with me keeps being worn. I’m licking breadcrumbs off the floor at this point but he’s so avoidant and completely purged his ex from his life that I can’t help but ready into it. He’s admitted to both having a hard time letting go as well as pretty harshly cutting off people before. I do think he’s pretty sentimental and while a plain t-shirt would be whatever I can’t help but think wearing this one has at least some meaning.

No. 1556431

I have a feeling this is a newer function on Indeed that automatically sends these out to anyone who matches the keywords. They probably don't know it was sent out, and probably can't filter out specific people.
Mostly saying this because I get a ton of these for roles that don't match what I do at all, just because I have certain keywords in my resume.

No. 1556432

They do I’ve gotten jobs through indeed emailing me but they had their name and phone number attached to it. Be careful though there is definitely scams on there. If it’s too good to be true it’s mostly fake

No. 1556435

File: 1682117076416.png (453.42 KB, 689x463, original-22287-1493923216-6.pn…)

Do men actually take those gas station pills?

No. 1556438

I knew it was too good to be true, because I remembered they coerced me into signing a parting of ways contract where it was stated that I would not sue them and am not allowed to reapply at their place nor other agencies affiliated with them in exchange for two severance payments as soon as they let me go. Clearly they haven’t forgot about that.

No. 1556441

Yeah, my old job’s description, address and phone number are there, I just redacted the information from my screenshot.

No. 1556495

Tteokboki if you’re hungry and you don’t have to look classy for anyone who knows it’s basic comfort food lol
Sundubu Jjigae for something healthier but satisfying and fun
Kimchi Mandu if you want an appetizer and like dumplings

No. 1556499

I also wonder if they really do… I see the empty packaging outside on the ground sometimes so someone is opening them at the very least lol

No. 1556505

Does anyone else get dizzy or a headache when they play video games for a long time?

No. 1556507

I used to work at a sex shop and they definitely do. The way they work is all the herbs inside increase blood flow. I can’t remember how it’s a cardiovascular effect. It’s also probably a bit of a placebo but we did have to tell or warn them about heart issues that could occur if they were dumb enough to take more than the amount on the package or more than a certain amount in a week.

No. 1556508

Yes, I get motion sick a lot, and especially depending on the kind of game/the mouse sensitivity, I can get really sick playing those games.

No. 1556530

sorry nonnas plese help
i just puked red bright red looking stuff is it blood what do i do

No. 1556537

If you didn't eat or drink anything of that color today, it can only be blood.

No. 1556539

what if i drank grape flavor packets and water earlier
im just trying to make sure i dont need to go to hospital sorry

No. 1556548

im freaking out

No. 1556556

Bright red not such a bad sign. Could just be a redirected bloody nose. Dark red more alarming, it would mean internal bleeding

No. 1556558

Puking blood usually comes with other severe symptoms, doesn’t it? If the whole payload was bright red, I doubt it was all or even mostly blood. Probably red dye from the juice.

No. 1556569

you should go to the doctor if nothing more than for peace of mind. it could just be the food dye but it's better to be safe than sorry

No. 1556584

Without going into much detail, I need help with a heavy guilty conscience
If someone is in an abusive relationship where they try to break up multiple times and are told by said partner if they do the partner will end their life / hurt them, and end up seeing someone else in secret who actually takes care of them, is that cheating?

No. 1556599

How do I stop letting myself get baited into stupid arguements and defending myself? Or getting easily triggered? I know its stupid but I go into a tard rage every time some contrarian comes out of the woods to challenge something I said. I want to learn to let go and stop caring so much about proving myself right or caring about what people think at all. Its raising my blood pressure and I don't like what I've become. Are there any cbt on how not to argue everything to death?

No. 1556601

Don't, lolcow is so slow lately, it would be even slower if you stopped seething

No. 1556610

my code is to only give one or two replies, and if the other person can't interpret my point properly by that point then they are likely just being purposely obtuse and wasting my time. be mindful there are plenty of actually legally retarded untreated schizophrenics out there that are physically incapable of forming a coherent argument or thinking in an organized manner, but they argue constantly anyway because they are too stupid to stop. some people just can't be reasoned with so it's not worth wasting your finite time.

No. 1556621

I’d say yes it’s still cheating, but the cheated on person isn’t exactly an innocent victim. Threatening to kill yourself in order to bully someone into staying with you is emotional abuse.

No. 1556637

You’ll get older and stop caring. Around 25-27.

No. 1556681

I see, thank you. Yeah. That's not all they've done. They threatened to actually hurt me on multiple occasions, gaslit me (in the genuine sense, not the overused way), forced me to not sleep, a lot of different things.

No. 1556692

Looking for something to detect hidden cameras. Do I get a device or will an app work? I feel very uneasy about something.

No. 1556706

I want window flowerbeds but theres no windowsill. Can i make do somehow?

No. 1556716

Is there a bot in celebricows?

No. 1556887

why is it the first body type radfems want to encourage & normalise is the overweight type & not the muscular one? i see so many fight for fat women which is understandable i guess but never for muscular women

No. 1556950

If anyone here is majoring or has majored in Information Systems, can you tell me your experiences with such a thing? I plan to get into that myself, but I would like to hear others experiences in an unfiltered place such as here.

No. 1556959

You need to do thorough sweeps, those apps only work for the most basic hidden cameras. There is currently a huge aftermarket on the dark web for buying custom hidden cameras made to look inconspicuous that don't look anything like the ones you see on Amazon or spy sites. Be careful. Get a good flashlight, check in the dark, sweep the whole room and all objects.

No. 1556961

What are you talking about? They love buff women

No. 1556970

File: 1682186782470.jpeg (70.73 KB, 519x736, B506AB35-0C46-4D1B-B60D-025307…)

Should I make this without ground beef? Would it taste good???

No. 1557010

I don't know where you're checking but if it's in your home or a rented/shared place and you don't want anyone to know you're onto them, you can pretend you're doing a thorough clean. Pick everything up, wipe everything down, look VERY carefully for any signs that an item is a hidden camera. If you find any, or you're suspicious, put it in a pile and pretend they need further cleaning. You can take them apart later, or give them a fresh coat of very thick paint.
Also look for bugs/cameras in hard to find places. Look in every single nook and cranny, especially places you think nobody would be able to stick a camera, let alone want to. Check all the wires and know what they're connected to. Disconnect any smart devices from the internet. If you find something, don't assume that's the only camera/bug you need to find. Check every single room you can, check the walls, everything. Be as paranoid as possible. Check again with a good flashlight in the dark, check objects, walls, curtains, furniture, everything.

No. 1557051

I would imagine you can make it with whatever you want.

No. 1557075

should i make tteokbokki or roasted sweet potato for dinner?

No. 1557086

tteokbokki all the way, yum
i wish i had some rn. best texture ever

No. 1557089

I'll eat it in your honour nonnie! I wish I had ramen noodles, but I forgot to ask my mother to buy them kek

No. 1557095

Is burning used coffee grounds useful to keep the insects away? Will it affect my pet as well?

No. 1557097

I’m pretty sure radfems just want all women to be accepted and valued regardless of their body types.

No. 1557098

Are you trying to keep flying insects away? Best way to keep crawling/jumping insects away is food grade diatomaceous earth. If a flying bug lands where the DE is, it will eventually die as well.

No. 1557112

how do people shop for rings? isn't it supposed to be a surprise? why are people shopping for engagement rings together?

No. 1557151

They're meant to be worn regularly for a very long time. It makes sense that a woman would want to pick her own ring instead of letting the man pick the ring because let's be real, males are extremely taste challenged when it comes to fashion.

No. 1557152

sorry if it was sarcastic, but I literally meant how? like do they go 3 months in advance pick a ring and then surprise them randomly with it? or is it like a ways of getting it via asking their gf's friend or sister or whatever?

No. 1557161

was meant for >>1557151

No. 1557165

I imagine that the man asks the woman if she'd like to marry him, or they talk about marriage together and agree to marry, and then if they're smart they'll go and shop for a ring that the woman likes. I honestly do not think the whole "down on one knee, bring out surprise ring, pop the question" stuff is the norm anymore. The man could surprise propose (without ring) but I don't think it's very normal for a man to pick a ring and then surprise propose anymore. At least not where I am from.

No. 1557167

I always thought it was a shit test about the couple’s ability to make a big purchase together but it confusing because a proposal is also traditionally a happy surprise… shopping for wedding rings is real though and maybe that’s where the confusion comes in?? You have to pick one that you can wear for the rest of your life and I absolutely had to talk to my husband even though we weren’t spending more that $200. His dad got disfigured at work due to a normal band wedding ring getting caught in something so he seemed to think it didn’t matter how weird it was but I wanted a normal band so I had to convince him not to buy a weird thing because it doesn’t really matter so he was going weird lol

No. 1557169

I’m just trying to keep flying insects away from my apartment, I’m sick of wasps.

No. 1557171

Get a cat

No. 1557237

One version of that is very toxic to people and pets and the other version is bad if inhaled so I wouldn’t use it around pets. I’m no expert but I read about it once when I thought I had bed bugs… I thought it’s best for areas you and your pets don’t come into contact with.

No. 1557245

Women usually will show examples of rings they like or pick one out together. then the man will pay for the ring without her, pick it up, bring it home and propose. the surprise is where and when it happens. OR some men get stand in rings so it’s a complete surprise and they pick one out later but i hate this and would never want that

No. 1557264

would it be acceptable to throw out my flatmates rotting food without asking them first? i'm getting tired of opening the fridge and seeing someone's bag of putrefying oranges every time, but don't know who they belong to + don't want to cause drama by messing with other peoples stuff

No. 1557265

You shouldn’t do the initial dust of it around pets and you should use the food grade stuff. You’re also supposed to wear a mask while applying it. Once you’ve applied it and as long as it’s good grade you don’t have much to worry about and your pets will be fine.

No. 1557335

Say you found a mutual friend's tumblr blog and their most popular post is an ebegging post saying they're a disabled starving artist and they'd appreciate donations. What would you think of that? Would your perception of that person be changed?

No. 1557337

Depends on how hyperbolic they were or if it was just a straight up lie. If they lied about being trans to get money and were successful I’d be impressed

No. 1557338

She's a blue-haired 25 year old "autistic" straight woman who identifies as nonbinary (they/she/he/it), refers to herself as a "boy", and calls herself gender nonconforming and a faggot on her blog. She also says she's disabled (never mentions any actual disability but after digging I have come to the conclusion that she calls her untreated BPD her "disability").

No. 1557339

had to backspace everything i had typed kek. why are you friends with this person?

No. 1557346

narc her ass

No. 1557351

I live in a neoliberal shithole state in a pretty lukewarm neoliberal shithole city and she's friends with everyone I am friends with so there's no avoiding her. She also wrote on her blog that when she turns 35 she's going to go on testosterone, get breast implants, and get the frankenstein's dick bottom surgery which was definitely mostly a joke but god it's so obvious she's stunted and doesn't want to grow up and age as a woman kek. I wish I could post her in the personal cow thread but to be honest she is a dime a fucking dozen and nothing about her really stands out as far as retarded nonbinary women go.

No. 1557352

Wait, samefag, she asked her tumblr followers what substance she should be under the influence of for her stand up comedy routine KEKKK She does stand up and she is not funny at all. She'll perform her jokes for her friends and literally nobody will laugh. I really needed to bitch about her for a second she's annoying as hell.

No. 1557361

if she says she's autistic isn't that what she probably means by disability

No. 1557362

I put it in quotes because she's said she's autistic to friends but on her blog she reblogged some autism awareness thing and said in the tags that she "doesn't go here but you guys rock" so I assume she isn't autistic?

No. 1557367

okay yea that's confusing. has she pursued actual diagnosis or is this the self-diagnosis crap? tbh from what you say she does sound genuinely kind of rarted so i could believe it.

No. 1557372

Kek no idea, we aren't really close. I feel like she might have self-diagnosed, she used to pretend to have DID in high school so it's not totally out of the realm of possibility.

No. 1557376

has she ever addressed pretending to have did or does she try to brush it off as "i was misdiagnosed!" if you mention it? i can't imagine being able to go on as if you did nothing wrong after faking an illness like that

No. 1557402

Can slip, as a noun, mean anything but a certain type of underwear? Especially pre-50s.

No. 1557403

Yeah, like a slip of paper or a pay slip

No. 1557452

Transmasc means tif, right?

No. 1557455

Yeah. They differ from your average FTM in that they usually say they're "nonbinary men" (a literal oxymoron kek) and some even still ID as lesbians.

No. 1557456

Remember that TIF means "trans-identifying female", and transmasc is a type of tranny identity, so yeah. Basically transmasculine is the umbrella term for both TIFs that identify as men "all the way" (trans men) and those who go for a more vaguely male identity (non-binary), it's mega retarded.

No. 1557457

How much chance there is that I'll get copyrighted on TikTok if I upload a sound of song that belongs to a licensed artist who has already many songs in the TikTok library? It's a song that's not on there, and the artist isn't especially that well known.

No. 1557615

File: 1682269016638.jpg (60.15 KB, 512x768, 1.jpg)

what is she googling

No. 1557620

Need a higher res, I've been trying to decipher it for the past five minutes to no avail.

No. 1557623

It looks like russian, but why's the keyboard English?

No. 1557636

It's Ukrainian, she googles "lviv city hotline", the keyboard has both latin and cyrillic alphabets

No. 1557637

pretty sure it's
>Гаряча лiнiя мiста
ukranian for city hotline
i'm not ukranian but i use cyrillic, and figured it out by typing out stuff until i got similar results in search

No. 1557644

Looking for any advice with how to navigate mean girls in real life without punching them in the face? How do you handle bullies face to face?

No. 1557646

Ignoring them or acting overly nice whenever they're trying to be mean is usually the best. Can you give more info?

No. 1557649

I have a SIL who gossips and is catty towards me and my bf. Shes so fucking awful as a human being. She bullied an elderly lady the other day and lied to make her self look better, but there was actual proof of what was done.
She is so terrible, I am telling you, she is overdue for justice. Shes not smart and she takes any opportunity to create family drama

No. 1557675

thank you nonnies, i hope she's okay

No. 1557679

Kpop nonnas, what is the appeal? Genuinely asking.

No. 1557698

When referring to Tran Identifying Male trannies, what does the abriviataion

No. 1557699

Homosexual transsexual

No. 1557708

Not into it anymore, but back then…
>The music is catchy
>You could barely find as many nice ballads, especially by male artists, as you can find in kpop by the droves
>I didn't feel weird looking up to female artists because they were cute and pretty instead of sexy and glamorous
>Before that, I've never seen being pretty instead of gruffy, hairy and stinky being the standard for guys, outside of 2D, so that got me fangirling hard
>kinda related: fujo bait
>Apart from very few exceptions, it was wayyy more accessible than jpop (was still more of a jpopfag)
>Learning the choreos was fun, I can still do some of them up to this day
>It were the likes of Miss As Breathe, SHINees Ring Ding Dong, Wonder Girls' Tell Me and TVXQs Tri-Angle that got me into it in the first place, even if, at the beginning, it was kind of like a so-bad-it's-good thing, so I might just have a questionable tastes in music and MVs.

No. 1557726

I live in the U.S.
Have over 700+ credit score and need to get a new credit card ASAP. My roommate is getting evicted but until I get someone else to move in, I have to cover the bills.
Any recommendations?
I feel stupid but have never had to rely on this type of stuff since I could just use my paychecks basically. I had savings but that POS roommate wasted all of it.

No. 1557727

How'd they waste it? As a matter of fact how'd they even get ahold of it anyway

No. 1557784

Can someone add me on discord? normie#4429

No. 1557795

NONNIES I NEED YOUR HELP, I'm going on a date tomorrow (arcade and food, nothing fancy) what should I wear? Is a simple maxi dress too much? I don't want to show up with my worn out garbage bag pants and a crusty t-shirt but I feel like wearing something really cute is doing too much.

No. 1557872

By not paying bills, which I already had to cover before now. After enough proof of payments, etc. they can finally be removed from the property.

No. 1557874

A low key summer dress or baggy pants with a fitted shirt could be cute.

No. 1557880

How long were Shawn Mendez and Camilla Camelot broken up for? Hate it when celebs go off and on because it really feeds into my own delusions

No. 1557886

For situations like these, a casual cute look would be best. Try light blue skinny jeans with a short sleeved white shirt and gold earrings.

No. 1557888

I second this. Idk, a dress is not something I'd wear to an arcade

No. 1557905

what does it mean to "dress gay"? i've gotten a lot of comments from friends irl who say i have les/bi vibes because of how i dress but i'm straight

No. 1557916

File: 1682292442145.jpeg (56.7 KB, 670x1005, 2F830B14-5A1C-4665-B69B-95BBAF…)

Gender-non-conforming. Do you wear loose pants? Loose shirts? Lots of sneakers that aren’t particularly fashionable? Cargo pants? Hoodies? Men’s clothes? Comfortable but not particularly fashionable hairstyles? Kind of like pic related?
If yes, then you’re “dressing like a lesbian” because everyone is assuming that because you don’t want to “show off” your body to moids, you therefore don’t want to fuck them.

No. 1557940

i usually wear pretty wide jeans and oversized jackets yeah, plus i have short hair. okay this adds up…

No. 1557967

File: 1682295161067.jpeg (35.47 KB, 768x1152, 2B17CCF6-1146-44E4-81DE-B399F9…)

is it okay to wear a dark dress with a white accent to a wedding? it’s sort of like this but more formal.

No. 1557972

I think you would be fine, just bc the white is an accent. If the dress is mostly black it should work. Are you able to ask the bride just in case it would bug her?

No. 1557977

yeah the dress is otherwise black and i would wear all black accessories. i know no one will assume i’m the bride or that’s it’s a bridal gown but weddings give me anxiety kek. i don’t know the bride personally, the groom is a friend of my partners so i feel it would be weird to message her otherwise i would

No. 1557986

You know how sometimes programs or games will have versions/updates called "3.11.3" or "1.6"? What is it that decides these numbers?

No. 1557987

Avoid white no matter where it is.

No. 1557988

I would avoid this dress because it's ugly as sin kekk

No. 1557989

I wouldnt. And also its far more embarrassing to upset the bride on the day of the event. If you are stuck on this dress you do need an approval. You can message the groom and he can ask her.

No. 1557992

The typical convention is major-release.feature.bugfix but they’re pretty arbitrary

No. 1557994

Samefag but also if the dress has so much white that you need to question if you should wear it, you already know your answer.

No. 1558052

File: 1682301243350.jpeg (22.84 KB, 511x340, fetchimage.jpeg)

Should I get cigs and coffee now or tough it out until after work is done? Decide my fate.

No. 1558057

Just get coffee no cigs

No. 1558070

Took a break and made some coffee. Thanks nonichka, have a nice day.

No. 1558073

How rock-climbing boyfriend or boyfriend that knows about water sources

No. 1558081

File: 1682302905804.png (220.91 KB, 625x820, ohno.png)

I just learned about the concept of "russell's sign" for bulimics today, and realized my hand looks just like that due to a childhood habit of pinching my knuckles that i never kicked (picrel). I'm mortified and scared that people have been looking at my hand and assuming I'm a bulimic. I get questions about it sometimes so I know people notice. I've tried to stop in the past but I've given up, it's too ingrained, i've been doing it since toddlerhood. I think the only thing that could stop be is losing my hands kek. So my question is what do I do? I was thinking maybe if I start doing it on every knuckle on both hands then it wouldn't match up with russell's sign anymore, but is that a retarded idea?

No. 1558082

File: 1682302970095.jpeg (60.95 KB, 922x772, DD56364F-AB79-463A-8E80-5076B8…)

You too nonnie, enjoy your coffee!

No. 1558083

File: 1682302990627.jpeg (13.78 KB, 239x275, 1648085165288.jpeg)

how do i tell my boyfriend that i love you, ur great, but i need you to go home now? so i can have my little alone time u gotta GO

No. 1558084

Become addicted to cracking your knuckles instead

No. 1558085

Normal people arent thinking about bulimics

No. 1558088

File: 1682303504568.jpg (17.84 KB, 450x468, images.jpeg-697.jpg)

i wouldnt worry about it too much anon, most people probably dont assume youre bulimic unless youre underweight or they personally know someone with an ed, im extremely allergic to bugs and during mosquito season it looks like i have meth sores, but no one has ever assumed im tweaker because im goody two shoes who scrunches up her nose at shoplifting, they ask anyway tho, people just seem to ask about weird scars without giving it too much thought.

No. 1558111

kek this isn’t the dress it’s just something from google
i think i’m going to have my boyfriend message the groom to ask because the answers are too divided

No. 1558115

What is a normal amount of money to pay for an 100 percent cotton fitted sheet? This sheet I like is 60 dollars

No. 1558125

File: 1682308071217.jpg (88.12 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20230423-224550_Chr…)

I feel retarded for bother to ask but is there any actual way to get Google Chrome's native pop-up block feature to block ads on a specific site on mobile? Becuase these instructions just lie that you can manage specific websites permissions or I'm just to illiterate to find that tab under the pop-up or Adblock options in Chrome settings

No. 1558129

You should just use the unlock matrix extension because you can choose what elements to block on a site. I think chromes and braves is iffy.

No. 1558130

I meant ublock matrix, too lazy to delete my previous post

No. 1558133

I don't know how to deal with my dad anymore. I think our relationship is in real danger of being destroyed.
I've been growing farther apart from him and our relationship is getting more and more tense and it's making things incredibly awkward. As a kid and a young adult I used to like my parents more equally (of course my mom was always my favorite parent because she was just better) but I didn't harbor long-term resentment towards my dad. I can't pinpoint what changed. Maybe it's being able to evaluate him from the perspective of a fellow adult instead of just a daughter. The way he acts when he's angry disgusts me. It's not like he's angry a lot, but when he does, it comes out of nowhere and there's nothing you can say to talk him down. Today he
>came out cursing at me and my mom for a small choice we made for our garden (that he doesn't participate in)
>I was so taken aback I just told him straight up, "are you serious? you're going to regret this behavior in an hour like you always do."
>he then put his finger right up to my nose and told me "you do NOT speak to me that way" and a bunch of other bullshit.
>It was so ridiculous that he was getting this furious at fucking parsley that I was stunned and honestly sad-amused, i kept calmly reiterating what I said hoping to snap him out of it (I gotta stop trying, it's impossible) all while he became more incensed and his finger got closer
>eventually I got tired of his finger in my eyes and decided to place my finger in front of his face in the same way to show him how invasive it was.
>He slaps my arm out of the way really hard kek.
>I tell him when he acts like this my respect for him plummets to the ground
>he says "and you think I respect you? you never even greet me in the morning kjfddjfhkfkenkjnsdfkf…"(at this point my mom had closed the door on him)
>I stand around stunned.
>sure enough 2 hours later he comes out and apologizes (as always)
>for the first time in my whole life I don't acknowledge his apology
>he can't believe i'm not just swallowing his apology like i always have and gets mad and starts ranting about how I never apologize for things
>mom breaks it up again before I can tell him that maybe that's because growing up I realized apologies are MEANINGLESS due to his behavior
>at dinner I have to pretend everything is normal
>I now know that no one, internally, is buying it, which makes things more awkward
>causes me to take more small steps away from him in daily life
>this in turn turns into fodder for his outbursts (like the "I don't respect you because you haven't been greeting me in the morning" which wtf I didn't even know he noticed or cared)
This loop looks like it's going to continue until the relationship is totally destroyed. but looking at this behavior (and others of his) combined with some political arguments has put up an icy wall between us that didn't used to exist. I honestly never imagined I'd grow to dislike my dad. He's always (i've learned lately) had a complex about being less loved than my mom, and the fact that it is coming true is really going to fuck him up and make things irreparable. I live at home right now due to being between jobs and don't know what to do until I can move out (idk how long that will be tbh). And even after I move out I think this will stay a problem as neither of us let things go. I don't know what to do.

No. 1558135

Is it weird to only orgasm once during sex? I've read before that women can have multiple but whenever I've tried I end up just edging myself.

No. 1558139

sorry, i forgot to ask my real question. Should I just try really hard to pretend not to dislike him for as long as I can, or should just drop the act now? I'm not confident I can keep up the act indefinitely and I feel like months or years of pretending being revealed will be worse.

No. 1558149

I've also heard it can be rude to wear black to a wedding so I'd be careful nonna. You should message the groom with the picture and ask him to ask her if its okay

No. 1558184

File: 1682316406820.png (122.19 KB, 613x737, p62dcduy4sb91.png)

ok nonnies I need some feedback if this is retarded. so, ok, so, recently after years of extreme fatigue and knowing I do stop breathing at night/snore, I tried getting a sleep study done and it took a year to get it. I ended up not being able to fall asleep the whole night. it was so miserable. so, I'm thinking that maybe I can just try a cpap machine again and see if it actually helps me…and that I can just return it if it doesn't do anything. bad idea or no?

No. 1558194

I don't think so, a lot of women (myself included) feel tired and satisfied after one. Sometimes I'm horny enough that I need more than one but each one after the first is less and less intense.

No. 1558209

since you cannot give consent while drunk what about people taking nudes while drunk and posting them? they're intoxicated but its their own action technically so how does that work legally?

No. 1558227

I used to be a horny teen and I could never orgasm multiple times in a small session. Maybe after 20 minutes I could try again but it wouldn't feel as good.

No. 1558278

Is Miley Cyrus still continuing that nonbinary act or not?

No. 1558335

Is “kek” lolcow exclusive? I recently saw a girl use it in her instagram store exactly as we use here and I gor suspicious

No. 1558336

Yes, she identifies as either “gender-neutral” or “gender-fluid,” depending on the interview. Her wiki page uses she/her pronouns, and they are as trans friendly as they come. (I think they used tree/treeself pronouns for another out of touch celeb.)

No. 1558337

Nah, it originated on World of Warcraft and spread from there

No. 1558354

File: 1682346148591.jpg (21.25 KB, 404x424, download (18).jpg)

What does it mean if a guy's upper arms are suddenly way more hairy than the last time I saw them? For reference, the last time I saw his upper arms was in like December. Now they are covered in hair. Is he okay?

No. 1558358

why do women with dusty, good for nothing boyfriend get mad when other women have standards? Like so many of them say you're bitter and loveless if you wont stoop to whiping a toddler bfs ass and feed him tendies while he ignores you, like id much rather be single than have that tf?

No. 1558359

Pills against male-pattern baldness maybe. They make your hair grow. Everywhere.

No. 1558364

File: 1682346818982.jpg (17.88 KB, 497x413, 1654802265839.jpg)

Oh my god, he does have some receding hair despite being so young, but his head hair is thick and I think he just needs to stop having his hair in a ponytail all the time. Also he's like 18, so I don't really think he's taking a hair loss pill unless maybe his parents encouraged him like how teens and young adults take unhealthy acne pills.

No. 1558372

Those pills are not unhealthy, they're a vitamin cocktail, perfectly safe for anyone any age to consume, the only side-effects are extra hairiness on the body and constipation.
I'm not saying it's that definitely. That's the only real-life example of someone becoming hairier that I personally saw. There could be many other causes I don't know about.

No. 1558373

Oh okay.

No. 1558392

There are 0 hair loss pills that are just vitamins that work at all for male-pattern baldness. The pills you go on for male-pattern baldness can have pretty serious side effects and are usually a big deal to go on. Although you normally should go on them as soon as you start going bald, so if you're going bald at 18 a doctor would prescribe them regardless of your age.

No. 1558493

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't understand what fandom is or understand shipping, fujos etc? I can never fully comprehend it. I feel like I might be retarded because I just don't engage with media that way at all. I can understand people imagining 2 characters in a show having a relationship that isn't depicted in the show, but that's as far as I get and fandom shit seems to be way more intense than that.

No. 1558494

>Am I the only person
no you are not. Most people you talk to on a daily basis isn't involved with fandom. Even men who are into fandom have a different approach to shipping which may come of as a bit milder since they aren't as invested in headcanons and fanfics

No. 1558510

I'm a NEET hikki so I am probably more likely to talk to some type of fujo on a daily basis than a normal person.

No. 1558539

Are women volcel a mostly online phenomenon? Out of all the normie women I've come across in my life I feel like I'm the only one who has never had a relationship or a hookup, even the nerds were dating other nerds.

No. 1558555

File: 1682359649774.jpeg (62.12 KB, 750x734, D6A9EA11-0B7C-4765-BDB2-03D68C…)

Anyone made coffee using whole beans? How is it? Any different from pour over?

No. 1558586

They are out there but most of them are not screaming to the heavens about it. I think being voluntary celibate is incredibly taboo. I've never seen anyone man or woman irl who hasn't been in a relationship by the age of 25, so if you try to tell people you aren't interested they will force their beliefs and desires on you like crazy, at least that is my experience. It's not worth talking about it with people outside the internet because they can't can't comprehend such a concept or even respect that some people want to be left alone.

No. 1558592

It's literally just jealousy. A lot of those women believe if they break their backs catering to their boyfriends, they can change him and will be able to show off how amazing of loyal of a girlfriend once they somewhat pull it off.

No. 1558604

Why do I look better with a tan? I went to the pool and got lightly tanned, I feel like my face looks definitely better, like I just put on foundation or something like that.

No. 1558609

Maybe it evens out your skin tone, or maybe you've internalized the idea that tans are beautiful and so like how you look with one.

No. 1558623

I always hated coffee but I tried whole bean espresso and it was literally delicious. It's very smooth and rich

No. 1558624

What are the negative side effects also he isnt really going bald I think his hair being in a ponytail all day is fucking up his hairline, otherwise hes fine. There are definitely similarly aged guys here that have 40 year old man balding patterns though.

No. 1558629

I have some vintage 100% wool blankets that I'd like to get some use out of except they're scratchy af. Internet recommends things like washing it in vinegar or glycerin to make wool non-itchy but does that really work? It kinda sounds like grandma's tips and tricks

No. 1558630

Tans ARE beautiful, and the only ones who disagree with this sentiment are ideologues.

No. 1558639

does your skin have warm undertones? people who do look great with tans

No. 1558730

You could just layer them over other blankets. Light quilt, then wool blanket(s), then comforter or duvet. In a cold climate especially that would be a decent sandwich for bed.

No. 1558806

What are some facial symptoms/signs of someone being mentally unwell? Not behavior just the face, or if someone is sitting or standing still. To the point where a random person might ask if you're okay, or another would tell their friend that "there's something not right with her", or a different one may be too scared to approach you.

No. 1558811

I have a neutral skin tone, actually, since people tend to tell me that I look green when I don’t go out often.
Maybe it really evens my skin tone, this tan made the weird tan lines of the face mask almost disappear for once.
I wish there was a way to get tanned without getting skin cancer or applying annoying creams.

No. 1558819

If people say you look green then you have an olive skin tone which is its own unique sort of deal. #WitchUndertones4Lyfe

No. 1558820

sanpaku eyes, constant smile or super wide open eyes constantly, too much or little blinking

No. 1558831

Nonnies I'm getting a bank account soon at a credit union…. I'm still looking. Gonna go to a place tomorrow and inquire about their services, what should I be asking. What should I be looking for? Etc. I need to know nonnas!! I'm clueless and new to this stuff.
Is there anything I should be cautious about?

No. 1558857

Having bitchface is all it takes

No. 1558907

ATM fees for pulling out cash from other banks. do they reimburse you the other banks fee, do they charge you themselves, do they not charge you AND reimburse you the fee the other bank charges

No. 1558909

>I wish there was a way to get tanned without getting skin cancer or applying annoying creams.
same. i look better with a bit of a tan, plus it makes my freckles pop out. sad.

No. 1558910

Whew Okay nonna!! Wrote that down. Thank you! I'm already getting confused reading this haha but I'm sure they'll explain

No. 1558937

File: 1682391909536.jpeg (603.42 KB, 1668x2048, FuaFTxTagAAjSL0.jpeg)

yeah just ask them about atm fees and they will definitely explain everything.
here is an article that kinda goes over it https://www.bankrate.com/banking/how-much-are-atm-fees/
basically most banks do not charge a fee if you use an ATM from that bank, or by a bank in their network. but if you pull out money from a non-network bank, they may charge a fee for it, plus the non-network bank ATM you used might also charge a fee. so for example, to pull out $40 in a non-network ATM, you might be charged upwards of $5.
but then there are some that don't charge you to withdraw money from a non-network bank, and if the other bank or ATM charges you a fee, they reimburse you the fee, costing you $0 to pull money out of any ATM. this is super convenient if you travel internationally in particular.
typically with credit unions you have a wider variety of ATMs you can use in-network, so to speak, as they are not a traditional bank and are often hyperlocal. so it is in their best interests to make it easier for you to withdraw cash from your account, wherever you are, if needed

No. 1559046

Anyone have any idea who the CP poster is? Why does this happen so frequently and whose behind it? Some 4chan edgelord wanting to offend us? Anti-terf brigade wanting to get this place shutdown? So many questions..

No. 1559048

it's always some troon, they keep cp at their hands at all times

No. 1559049

Those kinds of cp links have been posted here since forever, it's a bot afaik. It probably crawls imageboard-like websites and posts in search of viewers.

No. 1559053

If you live somewhere that has Wawas, they all have free ATMs inside. Super convenient.

No. 1559064

File: 1682412731806.jpg (7.05 KB, 150x280, magnesium-sum.jpg)

do effervescent tablets even work? are they just as good as vitamin pills? i always feel like i'm drinking glorified soda that doesn't do anything and tasted like crap whenever i drink them

No. 1559072

I'm looking for an obscure EP that was released digitally over a decade ago. The only place I could find it is on Amazon music India of all places but I don't have prime to even play the full songs and don't really want to give amazon my info. It was on Spotify but has been taken down, the artist doesn't sell or even mention it's existense anywhere lol. Does anyone know where else I could look to find it? Maybe websites that don't show up on google search results or something?

No. 1559073

Idk I just take magnesium citrate pills

No. 1559077

Why wouldn't they work? If they're not working, maybe they're expired, or your dose is too low.

No. 1559084

Maybe try on VK with a VPN? I remember it was the only place where I could listen to King Crimson albums online for free kek.

No. 1559091

Or make an account on rutracker.org and see if they have it and just torrent it, if you can't find it elsewhere. It's good for obscure music.

No. 1559233

Ok, so how do i "interact more" with other people on social medias? I'm trying to build a network for my art but i genuinely don't know how. I retweet art, i comment on pieces i like, but idk what to say else (also i post my art on different apps/communities ofc).

No. 1559289

Why were Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon fired ?

No. 1559324

can i get arrested or banned from the country forever if i bring a few packs of chewing gums to singapore with me?

No. 1559346


No. 1559369

I'm 24, still failing my uni courses, and I'm just at that point where I want to work because I'm poor, I feel no passion for studying anything and I think my "will" to sit down and focus has been lost. What kind of long-term career options are available to someone who doesn't have any work experience or a university degree?
If you look at my CV it looks like I spent the last 4-5 years doing nothing, which is partially true since I kept switching and retaking uni courses. I'm in so much debt for nothing.

No. 1559396

File: 1682443262878.gif (1.94 MB, 294x164, 2010.gif)

Where the fuck do you buy houseplants?

No. 1559403

Home improvement stores (like Lowes or Home depot) or plant nurseries.

No. 1559434

Can't you go see a career counseler?

No. 1559445

How does one get over arachnophobia without professional help?
I've been extremely scared of spiders for as long as I can remember, but I really want to be able to enjoy camping and being in the woods. The last time I took a chance with camping, the area was absolutely overrun with spiders walking all over the place, especially at night. I ended up spending the better part of the evening and night in a state of panic constantly moving my limbs in fear of a spider getting on me and shining a flashlight around so I'd know where they were, while my friends were chilling and not minding them.
Now my best friend wants to plan a camping trip together in a country where there's bound to be a lot more and bigger spiders. I love the idea and the nature there looks wonderful, but the one thing preventing me from looking forward to it is the spiders. It's such a stupid reason not to go while it would otherwise be amazing, but I can't help being extremely anxious about it. I want to fix this fear but I have no idea how, even if I could learn to tolerate a single spider in a controlled environment, it's the unpredictability of coming across them in a natural environment that fucks with me.

No. 1559453

Why don't young men approach women anymore or have the balls to ask them out? Older men don't have this problem (although it becomes creepy if they are going after younger girls and not women in their age group). Is it because they have access to porn and just don't care since they can go home and just jerk off to any girl they want with no effort? Is it because younger generations are socially retarded? Do they live in an incel fantasy where their manic pixie dreamgirl will show up and magically approach them instead? So sick of this culture of laziness for young men.

No. 1559464

you don't have a plants store where you live? plants fairs are nice but only happen once a year. also you can find them second hand online

No. 1559467

I'm honestly glad they don't kek. Wish the older ones would follow suit.

No. 1559468

>I've been extremely scared of spiders for as long as I can remember
Don't scroll up in this thread then, KEK.
But on a serious note, maybe try looking up kinds of spiders that live in the area where you will be camping, and read about them or watch videos on them to desensitize yourself to them.

No. 1559474

Because most women are vocally opposed to being approached by strangers? We talk about it all over the internet and shockingly some men seem to have listened. This is an example of moids behaving appropriately, even if it's just because they want to avoid rejection.

No. 1559527

What do you use a phone for if you don't use social media?

No. 1559529

I'm a weeb, I read manga.

No. 1559539

Lolcow, fanfics, books, listening to music, taking pictures of things/animals/landscape and making cute collages to save them in a nice virtual album for my own enjoyment. Silly mobile games too.

No. 1559542

Making phone calls and texting people.

No. 1559544

NTA but i still don't really get it since computers do the same things (except taking photos) and have bigger screens

No. 1559555

People have to leave the house sometimes lmao. There is often plenty of downtime to do that stuff when you're out and about or at work. Lots of people also can't afford or don't have the room for a PC.

No. 1559557

but phones are small and you can take everywhere easy peasy in your pocket

No. 1559562

These days a phone is a small computer that can make calls and send texts. It isn't that difficult to understand that a person can do whatever they want or find useful with a computer or phone.

No. 1559588

Why do some people grow out their pinkie nail? I know about coke finger and that some chinese immigrants do it for traditional reasons, but are there more?

No. 1559593

To scratch your ears.

No. 1559600

I think guitar players do it to as a portable pick, but I could be wrong

No. 1559605

Cute guy at my new job likes me, but my other coworkers are telling me I look 15… really liked him back too, what am I supposed to think? These coworkers that told me I look 15 were old if that makes a difference. Maybe they don’t know what early 20s looks like anymore?

No. 1559623

>what am I supposed to think?
What? The guy at your job can like you and your other co-workers can think you look 15, at the same time. What your coworkers think isn't telepathically transmitted into the guy's brain and overrides his own thoughts.

No. 1559732

if a man starts messaging you again after ghosting you for a few months after he started seeing someone, does that mean he's heading for a breakup and thinking about fucking again? i asked him if they were still together and he said yes but he's "a little bit on the fence" about it, he didn't go into more detail

No. 1559735

he wants to see his options before he breaks up. if nothing better is on offer he's going to stay in the relationship

No. 1559741

The relationship probably isn’t what he thought it was and is now using you as backup. He sounds like a shithead and a user. Don’t entertain him.

No. 1559835

noonnies i need to know what's the deal with singapore and chewing gums

No. 1559857

I don't understand how dating apps work for people. Sometimes I feel like trying one, but I never feel any attraction to someone unless I already have known them for a while, and even then its rare, so I don't even know how I'd "choose" people when I'd have no idea if I'd even be into them or not just from a picture and a bio. I'd feel so bad going on dates and not being into them. I guess that just means it isn't for me. But I meet so few new people in my daily life that I'll probably never find anyone irl either. Parasocial crushes on celebrities for life I suppose…

No. 1559865

Dates are just finding out if there is a potential for feelings to develop nobody knows for sure at first they are just taking a chance on each other to see. Yes it's forced at first and there aren't genuine feelings but it's better than sitting and waiting to an organic disney romance that might never happen

No. 1559873

File: 1682492216811.jpg (1.01 MB, 1688x2560, 1650137967140.jpg)

what was the name of the guy who accidentally conditioned himself to only be aroused by a fantasy of his cockroach wife Ogtha? pic unrelated

No. 1559878

Is there a way to look up someone's marriage license? Also unrelated to first question, if a record is sealed can I ask when it was sealed?

No. 1559889

>Is there a way to look up someone's marriage license?
yes, you probably have to pay if they're living, it depends on where they got married. try familysearch.org as a general search unless you know the county/local they were married in, in which case you can search online for the records court/office/etc and see how to get a copy.
alternatively, most library websites have links to many databases and access to records files, and more (free) access if you log in from a library computer/account. can try searching there too.

>Also unrelated to first question, if a record is sealed can I ask when it was sealed?

might depend on the jurisdiction and what type of record it is

No. 1559907

Thank you nonnie. Supposedly for "police protection".

No. 1559933

I vaguely recall a true story of a man who lived through one of the wars while living in isolation somewhere and since he had no contact with anyone, he had no knowledge of the war having ended and he kept attacking tourists for instance because he thought they were the enemy. Anyone know who he was?

No. 1559941

I think it was a Japanese guy after WW2 in some SEA country?

No. 1559955

Has this happened to anyone else? I'll be nice to a guy and he mistakes it for romantic interest and starts being mean and distant to reject me. I'm trying to build some rappot here not hit on you, most of the time I wont even mention anything related to sex or relationships or wanting to date him he'll just be awful to me because apparently I'm a huge slut and flirt with everyone.

No. 1559966

No. 1559970

That's just male nature nonnie. Moids think just because you're nice you're trying to flirt with them. They start to delude themselves at the slightest amount of positive attention from a woman. Then they get disappointed and upset when they realize you're also nice to others. My cousin used to be nice to an extreme degree and it happened to her too when a scrote she had no interest in got mad at her because he interpreted her female socialization as flirting.

No. 1559976

I’ve never experienced it since most men who misconstrue my kindness as flirting are just projecting their attraction onto me and looking for any signs I’m reciprocating their feelings. But those types do get mean when I make it clear I wasn’t even flirting in the first place

No. 1559979

If for a date a guy prefers to cook dinner at his place instead of taking you to the restaurant, does that mean he is stingy?

No. 1559984

i think it depends, is he expecting to cook together/expect you to cook or does he just really like cooking and is good at it?
if he does like cooking i feel like he would still be okay with going to restaurants sometimes. if he strictly always wants to eat at home he may be cheap

No. 1560023

could also be he doesn't trust/like restaurants. they are disgusting places with disgusting people working in them and you truly do not know what you are eating, or get lied to about what you are eating. preparing a meal at home you are in full control.

No. 1560025

Or his act of service is cooking, and he wants to impress you. None the less, going to mom you real quick, just make sure some local friends know where you are and dont be afraid to bail if its getting weird.
I hope you enjoy your date nonna!

No. 1560027

Same fagging, i mean act of service as his way to show is feelings and care for you

No. 1560033

I mean, the bed is closer when you eat at home.

No. 1560042

Can someone explain to me the "celebricows thread is full of gay men" thing? If that is known just report and ban? And wouldn't they be posting in other threadss as well?

No. 1560044

probably because it's full of unhinged lunatics compared to most other threads. so makes sense to assume celebrity fanatics from elsewhere, which includes many gay men, would choose to congregate in that thread to get their fix.

No. 1560047

nta but skin cancer isn't an ideology. i think the point was that you should not internalize that you need a different skintone to be pretty

if it's the first date don't accept obviously; if it's the third or so, anons have been optimistic and it's possible that he's trying to impress you, but it could also be in hope that it leads to sex

No. 1560064

First dates are just meeting a stranger to see if they are psycho, they are really low pressure. Second date is making sure you have all the basic dealbreakers covered in conversation. Usually you start to feel a spark by date 2 or 3 if there’s going to be one.

I chose based off of job, age, how they answered their profile questions, and hobbies. I completely ignored how they looked. I found a unicorn scrote on bumble and his pics looked retarded af but he turned out to be really hot in person.

No. 1560068

Tans are trashy. Having a naturally dark skintone makes a woman beautiful but a white woman burning herself in order to attain a dark skintone or using fake tans that look orange isn't a hot look.

No. 1560070

You don't have to burn yourself to get a tan kek, it happens naturally for some white people if they spend time in the sun.

No. 1560073

Every spring/summer I end up looking like a zebra because I rollerskate a lot in the sun with protective pads

No. 1560094

It means that he wants you as close as possible to his bed

No. 1560123

Is it okay to lie that you're a student if a rental property manager specifically asks for students? I just need a place to live for four months.

No. 1560124

I think so

No. 1560140

I'm not talking about natural tans when I say it's trashy, I'm talking about white people who willingly get sun burns because they sun bathe without any sunscreen and then think their red/orange body looks god. I see a lot of this type of tourists and they disgust me. Normal white people tanning isn't anything out of the ordinary if they dont get burnt on purpose.

No. 1560207

Damn I wasn't expecting so many replies, it actually happened a few years ago and I randomly thought about it today, it was supposed to be the third date, so not that bad, but I ended up not going because I had this gut feeling it was to try to have sex with me (especially since it was during the covid curfews), and I wasn't even physically attracted to him anyway.

No. 1560269

wasn't that john baloney guy or however it's spelled supposed to be cancelled or something? how is he still guest appearing on shows and other things and people acting like nothing happened?

No. 1560285

Would you break up with your partner if they didn't want to move in with you?

No. 1560287

Depends on why, any example reasons?

No. 1560298

More context needed.

No. 1560299

I'm the reverse, I would break up with my partner if they wanted to move in with me.

No. 1560341

no but i wont lie splitting rent sounds amazing. we would need a 2 bedroom though because im not affectionate enough to like sleeping in 1 bed.
yeah if she's asking (forcing) me to live in her apartments by her rules rather than a 50/50 we chose the apartment we are breaking up very quickly.

No. 1560345

Probably not, I actually prefer having my own space. I get why people cohabitate bc rent is expensive, but I like living alone.

No. 1560361

Okay. I’m inviting a friend (really an acquaintance since we barely text/talk) I’ve know for a year for a movie at my place. I admittedly don’t know her tastes that well ,aside from the fact that we both watched and enjoyed ‘nope’ together, and I guess it depends on what she’s in the mood for. Any suggestions? I was just thinking of a random assortment of films
>Hackers (1995)
>Black Phone
>Get out
>napoleon dynamite
>little miss sunshine
>welcome to the dollhouse (hesitant to put this on because I don’t want to open myself up raw, but I think I can get away with playing this)

This is kind of a bunch of random movies I guess

No. 1560367

Don't do welcome to the doll house. Little miss sunshine is a movie everyone likes. I'd go with that.

No. 1560418

Do normies tend to notice internet stalking if you’re not overt about it? I’ve been viewing a lot of people’s stories and following them/becoming mutuals for creeper reasons and I’m afraid it’s coming off weird even though they’re requesting to follow back. I’ve been able to follow a lot of private accounts of unrelated people as well so maybe my account just fits their vibe.

No. 1560425

Out of those, Napoleon Dynamite. It never gets too uncomfortable despite being cringe based, plus it's super nostalgic and has a great soundtrack. Some people passionately hated it though so ultimately just go with whatever she picks, kek

No. 1560449

Hackers, please, ugh I love that movie so much. It’s cool, but also has quite a bit of 90s cheese which will create a nice light mood.

No. 1560450

yeah considering that it was the third date + there was a curfew, you were probably right about his intentions

No. 1560463

Old as fuck reply but drop the act. Don't acknowledge him. If he starts his moid shit walk out calmly, lock him in the room if you have to. Casually mention that there are special care homes for aggressive individuals and that they're not known for their great care- but since he can't control himself, well…
I'm sorry you're going through this, moids are a mess. I'm sure he has the saddest tragic backstory in history, but he's a grown ass man and he either needs to act like it or accept the consequences. Honestly my instinct would be to beat the absolute shit out of him, but that's not really the best advice kek. If he gets violent again call the police, especially if he's left marks or made you bleed. Some subhumans shit themselves in terror at the thought of the law turning on them, so it might be enough to keep him under control until you can safely fuck off and never acknowledge his existence again.

No. 1560656

File: 1682569533143.jpg (77.47 KB, 599x614, BsOVZwWCUAAFPs4.jpg)

I just tried KFC and I don't get the hype over their secret seasoning blend. I wouldn't be able to identify all 11 spices but it tastes pretty generic to me. It's nothing special but there's so much speculation and recreations of the recipe online.
What for?

No. 1560669

File: 1682570643178.jpeg (64.23 KB, 594x793, 634B3E20-5A41-4C6E-9344-45CA77…)

How dangerous is butter? What is a normal amount of butter? I’ve recently been getting into baking and at first had been shifting all the recipes I tried to using olive oil as the fat. I’d been doing this because my mom likes to shit on butter and say how bad it is, and is really sensitive on the subject. When I proposed a certain recipe (a birthday pie so I thought I could have some leverage on the butter situation) she really freaked out about the butter. It would have been like 1 1/4 cups of butters worth between the filling and crust, and I ended up having to use 1/2 cup total.
However, recently I made some lemonies (lemon brownies) and asked my brother if he wanted me to use oil or butter since I was making these more in mind for him. My mom said if it asked for butter then it asked for butter. So I used the recipe amount, 1/2 cup.
Here’s the real meat of the question, sorry nonnas. I like to eat my raw batter as I go along so I had a taste of the flour, sugar, and softened butter mixture and it was an enlightening experience. Orgasmic. Now I want to eat butter all the time.
So my true question is, how much butter can a person consume? I tend to binge a lot and have been making (edible) raw cookie doughs as well as cookie in a mugs in the late hours when everyone is asleep and they taste so much better with butter. But I cant help but feel bad when I do this. I really have no idea what a normal amount of butter is, just small amounts feel dangerous. I just need some human assurance about the risks of butter and not from some health article. I genuinely want to eat just flour/sugar/butter. I know I can’t, but I need to satiate the beast somehow.

No. 1560676

Just openly show your disgust. The fact that he is apologetic does at least signify there is some sliver of hope that he grows the fuck up, but it will take extremely tough love. Telling him he’s gonna regret his actions isn’t how it works, don’t accept his apologies, tell him to show you he’s sorry instead of constantly claiming to be sorry when he clearly isn’t. Silent treatment. Anytime he blows up, immediately leave, exchange no words. Do not speak to him when he comes to apologize except to reiterate that he needs to apologize with actions instead of words (you could tell him you’ll accept his apology if he goes x amount of time without losing his shit so he has a tangible goal). Biggest thing is to never ever engage with the yelling. Either leave or like the other anon said lock him in a room. I actually think locking him in a room would be perfect. Time out for little toddlers who act like that.

No. 1560690

A small amount of butter is not dangerous, your mom is just scaring you. Just look at the french. Binge-eating is the problem, not the butter. Also olive oil and butter have different properties in baking, and the distinction is important to some recipes. You'd be better off using what the recipe actually calls for, but not doing it every night.

No. 1560695

Is there a way to track a cell phone location?

No. 1560716

This is a moid, right? It has he/him non-binary in its Twitch bio.

I'm kinda retarded when it comes to clocking some troons. I've never seen a male into itabags so I thought there's a chance this is a TIF on T.

No. 1560725

It's a tif, notice the frog T voice. She's into death positivity, animal crossing and itabags, all very female interests.

No. 1560736

I figured as much, but since she looked kinda masculine in some angles and I couldn't see the rest of her body due to the camera angle, I wasn't sure, thanks. Her hairline is tragic.

No. 1560742

i never dated a non-autist, let alone an extrovert before, how do i know if he is a normie out doing normie things or cheating?

No. 1560748

Ryan Gosling looks kind of ugly when he shaves, but when he has a little bit of beard he looks like a cute lost puppy. Why? Usually when men give a different impression with and without facial hair they need to have a full beard for that. I don't get it.

No. 1560751

Check his phone

No. 1560752

Your mother has a very autistic attitude towards butter, probably because back in her day there were HUGE campaigns against butter by companies who had a financial interest in margarine and other butter alternatives. Butter is used in baking in large amounts because cakes and cookies are treats, not daily staples in your diet. Unless you have milk allergies butter won't do anything. You eat it in moderation like you eat any other fat- look up portion sizes online for a better idea of how much butter to use. It's a solid and weighs very little so you might get freaked out by the portion sizes, but I promise you that butter is not the devil and your binge eating is causing you significantly more harm than butter ever will.

No. 1560753

what did he say he was doing? is there proof? is there anything making you feel suspicious like the timing or the time spent not checking his phone?

No. 1560755

working and hanging with friends. i don't feel suspicious. i saw that he was called in by work many times and discussing it on the phone. also he is a very recent boyfriend but already committed by offering to drive me places and wherever i want. but he has two phones and asks when i work and when i go to the gym. but that may be to take me there and because he is also a gymfag? i am too retarded for this aren't i

No. 1560756

>two phones
>calls in without telling you so that he can use work as his excuse for absence

He’s cheating

No. 1560757

even though he wants to hang out all weekend and almost literally became my neighbor? fellas i-
should i care
at this point it would be easier to just cheat ourselves

No. 1560762

If you feel something is up there usually is

No. 1560763

if he breathe he cheathe

No. 1560764

well i had a traumatic experience with a bf that had two phones but i don't want to give biased advice. if he needs a work phone it may be understandable, a lot of people have to have them, is that it? asking you when you're busy is a bit weird, unless it's just in a "what are you doing today" kinda way? if it's recent it's probably harder to tell if something's up, especially if he's very different to what you're used to, but don't ignore any gut feeling

No. 1560809

Is there a specific mental illness at play when people think that every female celebrity is secretly a transwoman?

No. 1560813

Yeah, it's called living in current year

No. 1560852

Fellow NEET nonnies that sit at their computer all day, what do you get up to? I need more shit to do than just browse lolcow and occasionally play games.

And don't tell me to go outside or get off my computer because you're wasting your time, kek. I'm not doing any of that. I will rot here until I'm good and ready.

No. 1560863

binge eat.
but usually people occupy themselves with their hobbies. take up a craft?

No. 1560883

i made a letterboxd and now i surf lists and watch movies. it's like an addiction. also download that bluemaxima flashpoint program to play old flash games with, but i uninstalled it since it bugged out and stopped showing me anything, like all the libraries would be empty but maybe i misclicked something idk. i stopped going on youtube. also i spend all day walking in circles in my house

No. 1560901

I used to be neet and online all day, now I have pretty limited free time and once I get to sit down with my laptop idk what to even do online. Was only thinking about it lately.. wtf did I do before?

I guess I used to go down rabbit holes where I looked into mysteries that have no clear answer. I'd deep dive them, could spend countless hours reading up on something and still be no closer to knowing the truth. Ate up alot of time without me getting bored. I'd exhaust one topic and then switch and go look for every vid/article/podcast/message board convo about the next one.

No. 1560905

>also i spend all day walking in circles in my house
Kek, I went through a period where I thought this was a sign of some serious mental illness because I couldn't stop doing it, but after a while I realized it's probably a somewhat natural thing to do for a lot of NEETs or people who don't leave their house.

No. 1560910

I’m not NEET but my job is shit and I do nothing. To pass the time I knit/crochet. I also like cleaning, gardening, baking and sometimes I do my nails. Hope that helps

No. 1560916

learn a language
make a neocities
learn to code or any other computer related skill
write something
watch youtube/movies/series/streamers
organize your space?

No. 1560941

File: 1682604688619.jpg (30.18 KB, 600x575, 51sseJhN6uL._AC_UY575_-4494960…)

What do you think when you see a septum piercing? I feel like it would go well with my other piercings but I can't help but think of 2015 tumblr libfems and aidens when I see them. I'd get one like picrel though, wouldn't keep the standard barbell.

No. 1560942

No. 1560945

Why do fags have that fag voice? Not all of them but most of them. I think it's an act because for example when they wake up from anesthesia still pretty stoned they talk in a normal voice. So why the act. Like they want you to know immediately that they're gay or what?

No. 1560946

That’s just how men sound like when they try to speak in a higher pitch

No. 1560947

Same anon as above, I noticed women who fake a high-pitched voice also tend to sound bad. It’s the artificial nasality, fag-voice isn’t a fag specific phenomenon.

No. 1560951

Yeah I totally forgot women do that too kek, yeah it's also annoying as fuck

No. 1560952


I think of a pig or a bull that has that ring so they dont root around where they shouldnt. Dont do it.

No. 1560957

I get up to cater to my pets

No. 1560959

I associate them with alt fashion, not really aidens/tumblrinas. I think they suit some people really well. Probably an obvious thing but you can start with a fake one if you're unsure about it

No. 1560960

I like them

No. 1560970

I think alot of people whether they're even aware of it or not change up their voice a lil. Gays sass it up but closest cases manage to not sound so obvious. Women sometimes soften it or pitch it up. Straight men sometimes talk in a lower tone than is natural esp when they either fancy someone or want to be seen as an authority figure. Weird social thing

No. 1560975

I like them although they don't suit everyone, just like any other piercing. My sister has one and I think it looks adorable on her.

No. 1560992

I like them but I think smaller jewelry looks best on most faces. I had one for a few years but back then you didn't really see men raging out about how septum piercings are the devil and women with them are x,y and z. Some people jump to all sorts of assumptions now when they see them.

No. 1561000

Are there any mental techniques similar to cord cutting rituals (focusing energy on a person amd imagining a cord made up of that energy and then imagining cutting the cord to release negative feelings)? I only ask because cord cutting rituals do help me feel better about people I have negative relations with and I wanted to add another technique to my mind arsenal kek.

No. 1561001

Banishing jars

No. 1561011

File: 1682610415314.jpeg (21.56 KB, 512x512, D4EE9E48-E4F3-450E-BA7B-C6F22F…)

What do intimidating women do to get men to approach them? I’m not like an Instagram model or anything but I’m relatively attractive and come off really serious. I went to grad school and not once did a guy I was interested in approach me except for shady moids trying to weasel their way in with me. The most was an undergrad who came up to me after class and asked me on a date. I want that to happen again but how do I make it happen? How do I stop coming off like I’m untouchable? I know it should be like a blessing to avoid men who probably aren’t worth my effort but I feel so fucking lonely and horny and the apps don’t have anyone worth my time for a relationship. I don’t want to do subpar casual sex with a man whore either.

No. 1561015

How can I study/concentrate on what I'm reading? I have a hard time doing this and find myself rereading things I just read but not understanding too well.

No. 1561024

I have trouble with this too and what helps is very quietly reading the words outloud or just mouthing them. I also found that if I give the reading voice in my head a British accent or make it sound like a professor giving a presentation (heavy emphasis on key words ##like for example: the cat went to the store. I would read it in my head as "the cat went to the store.) then I can pay attention to what I'm reading better and I can absorb information better as well.

No. 1561025

I fucked up that spoiler but no deletes and reposts we die like women.

No. 1561026

File: 1682611184459.jpg (187.09 KB, 965x1280, 71Eq3v9bH0L.jpg)

Immediately thought of active reading strategies

No. 1561083

Why does sunlight bleach the hair of some people but not others?

No. 1561086

No. 1561088

>watch random videos, shows, movies or videos that are posted here
>play dollmaker/dressup games
>create donut steels with them
>hoard images from pinterest
>read fanfics
>read wikipedia articles

No. 1561114

File: 1682617312749.jpg (402.44 KB, 982x1925, Screenshot_20230427_193825.jpg)

i don't read manga very often so sorry if this is a retarded q, but why does the katakana here have dakuten? is it simply a stylistic choice to indicate something like a whooshing movement?

No. 1561119

Best to not tell my therapist that I’ve been feeling suicidal, right?

No. 1561127

Do you want to be held captive and get the booty juice?

No. 1561137

Is it really impossible to find a low libido moid who is not a porn addict? I myself have a low libido ans I really don't want to have sex more than once a week.

No. 1561147

The what now

No. 1561148

how are you going to work through your problems if you're not going to be honest about what your problems are? what are you even paying your therapist for then?

No. 1561154

…I think that’s what they’re for though. Just don’t say “I’m going to kill myself” and don’t mention specific ways you plan to kill yourself & you won’t get involuntary committed. Say something like “I’ve been dealing with suicidal ideation” and maybe mention you’re not going to act on it but you want help dealing with those thoughts. If you’re on meds it’s important information (maybe they’re the wrong meds for you) and if you’re not on meds they’ll probably try to give you some if they’re that kind of doctor but please remember you don’t have to take them.

No. 1561171

What's mercury in gatorade and why does everyone keep mentioning it?

No. 1561176

Where can I buy safe food storage containers in bulk? They’re so damn expensive!

No. 1561186

File: 1682622936497.gif (59.81 KB, 130x150, 12-03.gif)

Idk where the cyberstalking thread is but I'm trying to track down the social media accounts of a personal cow. Not to do anything dangerous I just want to see if I can uncover anything embarrassing and laugh at them. Yes I'm a weirdo but IDC I'm bored.
How can I find the email address of a person? I have their full name and phone number. I also have a list of aliases they used to go by and a few social media handles. Also, how to find more social media accounts of a person that uses different handles for dofferent sites and has gone by different names?

No. 1561279

If I downloaded a JRPG, then downloaded the same one with its newest version in an attempt to update It, will it carry over the save data?

No. 1561295

It's a mangled version of 'Mercury (the planet) in retrograde'. If there's mercury in Gatorade or Lucozade or whatever other drink they're talking about we don't know about it yet.

No. 1561337

but like, what does it mean

No. 1561352

it's for people who believe in astrology, so they believe that the positions/movements of stars/planets affect human behavior and events and when mercury is in retrograde there's a negative effect i believe?

No. 1561355

retarded question but is it normal to not have had a relationship/first kiss when youre 20? I feel like there is something wrong with me nonnies

No. 1561356

yes it is normal. especially nowadays where you don't get pushed to being married once you graduate school. i didn't have my first kiss or relationship until i was 30

No. 1561361

File: 1682642525688.jpg (1.05 MB, 2101x3553, lol.jpg)

Why are moids so obsessed with race and childless women?

No. 1561377

>miserable single woman lifestyle
Because moids desperately want women to believe we need them to be happy, since they are the ones who need us the most. That's why they try so hard to shame single women, despite research showing that single women tend to be happier on average than married women.

No. 1561380

because the more of that there is, means the less likely they can have what they think they want. which is an unpaid laborer
being an unpleasant person, oh no cannot change that, but everyone else is to blame for my ills

No. 1561388

More common than you think, it's just that people who lost their virginities at 14 like to shame everyone else for not living as they have.
The liberation of women away from men is the worst nightmare of moids. They know that child bearing is the one thing that motivates most women to want to get married and live the tradthot. If more women don't want to shit out children, why do they need him? Also the fake concern for the representation of white women is hilarious on his part.

No. 1561390

i mean the moid is obviously coping and seething but now that it’s been pointed out it’s true that all the ‘controversial’ lifestyles in this infographic are illustrated with a white woman (strip teaser, ‘dead-end job’, single mother, high ‘body count’, obese, housewife etc) while the ‘normal’/accepted ones are illustrated with a black woman, but it’s probably to make sure that no one thinks she’s racist or stereotyping, not because she’s trying to depict white women negatively.

No. 1561403

Completely normal. People having sex as middle schoolers are fucking strange and must have had some weird childhoods. I didn't have sex until 21.

No. 1561406

Do you ever just crave vegetables? Even though you eat them daily and with almost every meal? Sometimes I have this tremendous urge to eat a salad, like a very huge bowl of salad with lots of vegetables, some goat cheese and walnuts, no dressings because that’s for dry people.

No. 1561455

That's because whoever made that picture cherrypicked examples, anon.

No. 1561466

Yes. Sometimes I crave a good hard boiled egg too. Vitamin deficiency? I donno. The body knows what it wants though. Same to how if you crave too much sugar you could have fungus in your gut. I think it’s normal, if you find the veggies tasty you will want more. For some reason here in burgerland everyone makes it out to seem like vegetables are oh so icky, so when you like vegetables and crave them it seems abnormal. Salads can be so varied and interesting, I crave them sometimes too.

No. 1561477

Does lolcow automatically remove exif data? I was watching a video about the burger king foot lettuce guy and got flashbacks to the time I posted a personal photo. I remember seeing anons discuss this but I can't remember where or if they said exactly if lolcow does or not.

No. 1561478

Yeah, that's normal. I'm craving broccoli or a veggie sandwich right now.

No. 1561500

You nitpicked to racebait. What's the point?

No. 1561504

I thought that once until I downloaded someone's cat photos and realized they were geotagged.

No. 1561518

Wtf are u talking about

No. 1561524

just download an app to remove exif data with to be safe. I also think you may also be able to turn off geodata because mine doesn't register any by default.

No. 1561528

File: 1682664497652.jpg (98.22 KB, 736x1109, 52d2ab2fad7aa36ce8f53443805a3b…)

how tf doesnt the aesthetics wiki have a page on goth cowboys?? its not even that niche a style

No. 1561529

Thank you but this doesn't answer the question anon

No. 1561530

File: 1682664701176.jpg (4.98 KB, 231x218, download (4).jpg)

Fuuck. And I'm usually so strict about what I post.

No. 1561533

There's this hot goth/metalhead cowboy in my city that works in a thriftshop and sometimes I visit it just to see him

No. 1561594

Nonnies, how do you refer to characters played by troons? Do you use the characters' intended sex pronouns (or gendered nouns like boy, woman etc) or correct pronouns and nouns based on the actor's bio/actual sex? Does the passability/clockability of the actor influence your decision or not?

No. 1561598

Depends if it's meant to be spoilers or not like in Catherine and Catherine Fullbody. And if the spoilers will ruin important scenes and twists. Erica looks like any of the female characters yet all his friends make fun of him and get disturbed when he fucks Toby without telling him kek, he's an accurate representation I'd say.

No. 1561601

Oh I guess I meant more in the way of them playing not a 'trans' character, but a TIM actor playing a 'cis' (hate that term) female character or a TIF playing a 'cis' male and everyone treating them like they are one with no acknowledgement or nod to them being trans.

No. 1561603

if tim, he/him, if tif, she/her. cut everyone out of my life who believes in troon shit and refuse to watch things with troon characters.

No. 1561608

Easier said than done nonna. For example, I recently found out that there's a female character played by a troon in the show Yellowjackets. His is a secondary/minor character and he passes fairly well; is not an eyesore like many other ugly troons. I like the show and gonna keep watching (not like there's anything else to watch nowadays anyway) because I'm too invested at this point. Though I guess there is a question of how much integrity a show portraying itself as feminist with 'witchy' undertones about strong female characters, has if they cast a troon, particularly one who threw a fit and went to court about not being allowed in the girls toilets.

No. 1561611

I don't think I've ever seen this type of characters so I can't really answer you then.

No. 1561613

I don't think I've ever seen this type of characters so I can't really answer you then.

No. 1561628

No. 1561634

Where is the new Jillian thread?

No. 1561668

it usually takes a bit of time for a new thread to be made because you have to do a whole-ass summary of the previous thread every time

No. 1561691

It's to give it more emotion or effect. Like あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙whydidisaythat when you say something embarrassing. In your panels case it's to give it more growl.

No. 1561733

Why does it seem like women on all-female fora/imageboards are usually either borderline retarded or extremely intelligent? Almost nobody in between. Seeing multiple nonnas in another thread claim they had IQs only two points away from being mentally challenged sadly didn’t surprise me.

No. 1561750

Was there drama involved with the Youtuber Ladeathmachine? I used to like her makeup tutorials and checked her channel page to see everything gone. I'm sure there must be a reason she took all her videos and I want to know about the drama… Tried googling it but I don't see anything

No. 1561755

Kek what thread was that? I must contribute with my own retardation.

No. 1561761

Cause we're not normies

No. 1561763

I am both borderline retarded and extremely intelligent.

No. 1561765

I assume people don't go around proclaiming "yes I have very average intelligence." It's probably more noticeable if someone has high intelligence or low intelligence and the people who are average don't stand out.

t. average intelligence haver

No. 1561785

Most anons are borderline retarded or autistic, I've never seen someone with genius level intelligence on this site lately. We had one anon admit she had 80 iq and then tell others she was genius compared to them for example, is that the kind of self diagnosed genius you mean? Lmao

No. 1561793

Same, kek

No. 1561814

Whats a realistic option to find some institution that would pay me to work for them with zero experience and will provide food and housing?

No. 1561819

Sugar babying

No. 1561821

The only thing I can think of is being an Au Pair but it's not like that's a long-term solution

No. 1561831

If you live in the US there is options I.e., americorps or aramark. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're sure you could find a safe spot or you are actually desperate.

No. 1561845

If you’re okay with children you can look for live in nanny positions. Get CPR certified it will help.

No. 1561858

The military?

No. 1561865

tbf, a heavy amount of users here a literally autistic, myself included. You wouldn't stick around in a place like this if you could fit in with normies on other platforms, at least that is why i have stuck around here for years. I have average intelligence, but my bad short term memory is enough to ruin my results on intelligence tests to be completely honest.

No. 1561906

Cruise ships but that’s hard fucking work 7 days a week 10 hour days. But at least you can quit unlike the military.

No. 1561907

I apparently have an IQ over 150 but I think all the drugs and the suicide attempt that made me flatline have likely lowered kek

No. 1561910

Worst advice even the military would be less traumatic than relying on some creepy moid who can tell you to fuck off or kill you

No. 1561912

File: 1682710586352.webm (5.04 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1682710413349.webm)

is Mitski femcel music ?

No. 1561922

can't believe kaitlyn is still hanging around

No. 1561928

This is the most tiktok-zoomer post I've seen in a while.

No. 1561948

this tiktok kek

No. 1562020

Is it normal to start daydreaming about kissing your attractive friend of the same sex or am I gay/bi in denial

No. 1562033

I’m a virgin and I’m scared to tell my romantic prospect if things escalate. Do you guys think he’ll think I’m weird for being a 23 y/o virgin? I feel like he MUST know because I’m extremely awkward etc. I really don’t wanna turn him off. But also I don’t wanna be a virgin forever because then it’ll get harder and more embarrassing. It’s already sooooo much

No. 1562056

Girl, go to bed.

No. 1562065

Is it possible for autists with moderate/severe sensory issues to desensitize themselves to problematic sensory experiences or is it always a permanent, forever thing? Obviously autism is different for every autist so I was just wondering.

No. 1562068

You should tell him because sex is going to be a little daunting the very first time (and you should be having sex with people you trust who won't make you uncomfortable). I lost my virginity at 22 and when I told the guy we spent some time just messing around before actually having sex. Also the guy will probably be flattered at being the first guy you've had sex with (males are ego driven, what else is new). Just tell him amd if he's extremely put off and rude then you should not be having sex with him.

No. 1562081

Should I reach out to this guy? I’ve been reeling from a breakup for months over a moid I really, really liked. No one has caught my interest since but my mind has been wandering back to someone I knew from college. I always thought he was good looking but nothing happened as I was dating a different moid at the time. I haven’t heard from him in a long time but he just viewed my IG for the first time in awhile.
>Very physically attractive
>Genuinely a very nice person
>Likes art like me
>Easy to talk to, really enjoy his company
>Very religious, I’m not
>A lot more straight laced than me, I’m not even a party animal but I don’t think he goes out that much at all
>I think I would scare him off with all my trauma
>He’s good looking but I’ve never felt any tension between us, even while we were both single.
He has a lot of qualities I’d like in a partner because Im done with casual shit, but I can also see how unlikely it would be to ever work out. I think that’s partly why I’ve never fully developed a crush on him even though I think he’s very good looking.

No. 1562106

Never date a religious moid

No. 1562119

aren't you just looking for a rebound anyway? if you just want to change your mind, you can try to reach out and you'll see if there's potential for more. but yeah if he's very religious it could become a problem fast

No. 1562123

I dont think so. My mom used to force me to wear all kinds of clothes that were sensory hell for me and I'd have straight up meltdowns over it every morning for years but I grew to live with the constant sensory hell and I just thought it was normal to want to scream and rip your skin, hair, shoes, and clothes off all the time kek. It's been around 3 years since I moved out and stopped doing anything that was uncomfortable to me sensory-wise and all of my sensitivities are still almost as bad as they were when I was a kid. I think if it was something you could get rid of then I wouldve gotten desensitized a long time ago

No. 1562145

Did you tell him after messing around and just as you were about to? Or before even messing around? I feel I might be comfortable with tame stuff like kissing or basically foreplay as long as it’s nothing where he’s in direct contact with any skin below my neck, though I’m receptive to that being the next natural thing

No. 1562147

Nonnita's should i take my pup to the vet, she licked a few smears of grape jelly off my thigh and I looked it up only to discover that it can be really toxic for them and can kill them. Some dogs are susceptible to it while others are not and I don't know if I want to chance it… the thing is though, I dont want my dad knowing what happened because he blames everyone for everything bad that happens,for example if I were to get raped he would just blame it on me. Yeah it's that bad. I want to feed my pup some food then hydrogen peroxide but I'm afraid it might not work and my dad will blame its death on me. Ughhhh I don't know what to do nonas.

No. 1562151

Give the vet a call and see what they think, they might tell you to only come in if you notice certain symptoms. You obviously can't prioritise worrying about your dad's reaction over your dog's health.

No. 1562154

I don't have their number but I can get my mom to call since we're gonna be driving over there anyways. I just hope she doesn't tell my dad what happened. Maybe I should make up something first like she ate something else

No. 1562159

I told my mom about it.. thankfully she won't tell my dad but it looks like she wants to wait it out until she shows symptoms. She says she'll call the vet when she's at her class

No. 1562164

your pup should be fine, it wasn't a whole jar or twelve so the amount of tartaric acid is likely low. just encourage her to drink and eat and she'll be good.

No. 1562166

She's 5 pounds. Yeah I hope so, luckily she's been eating, maybe because I shoved a tiny bit of grass in her but. I think she's hungry and doing it of her own will

No. 1562230

File: 1682741706455.jpeg (44.69 KB, 750x741, AF2B8B0E-BF48-4339-976D-CA5734…)

Is there a somewhat common breed of current American liberals that are obsessed with showing “support” to Ukraine with a Ukraine flag bumper sticker or a Ukraine flag emoji in their bios on social media? I’d get it if they were Ukrainian but these people are not. It’s not like these people can really think they’re helping end the war with a dumb ass sticker or flag on their own personal belongings. We hear about that war constantly so it’s not like they’re bringing any awareness to it. Is it just virtue signaling? At this point I immediately assume the person is very stupid/narcissistic whenever I see a Ukrainian flag emoji in their bio (granted they are not actually Ukrainian).

No. 1562231

File: 1682741870270.jpg (88.96 KB, 750x736, 1591124172570.jpg)

definitely virtue signally bullshit. I imagine you are spot on with the stupid/narcissitic point. I think it's the increasing polarization and dumb cunts moralizing- i.e. Russia bad therefore Ukraine good. Anti-vax bad, vaccine good. etc etc. I imagine it is mostly milennials and gen x.

No. 1562237

Why are plump lips considered so attractive? I have full lips, but I really don't understand all the hype, i don't think I look better than when I was younger and with thinner lips, they're simply… there

No. 1562238

I FORGOT ABOUT KONY KEKKKKK. That is the epitome of lazy activism. God these people suck and yet it does feel as though they really think they’re the morally/ethically superior ones for sporting a bumper sticker on their Kia Sportage. It’s so fucked because they aren’t actually helping anyone but using deadly international conflicts and genocides just to look good amongst other Americans.

No. 1562239

Stickers for retarded liberals who either thought BLM stickers are "too extreme" or who don't give a damn about domestic issues but want to virtue signal.
I live in a deep blue state and ukraine symbols, flags, and lawn signs are everywhere. They can give you an earful about how much they hate Putin but have nothing to say when it comes to rampant price gouging, millions of americans losing health care and SNAP benefits, and the kids getting trafficked out of border detention camps.

No. 1562245

File: 1682745097208.jpg (54.98 KB, 600x400, merlin_166181697_6dcd4f16-14d5…)

If i jump head firsf from high enough - would that guarantee that I'm going to finish myself? I don't want to continue living, but i wanna be sure I wouldn't just cripple myself

No. 1562249

When you invite someone out for coffee for a talk are you supposed to be the one that pays for the person?

No. 1562257

The risk of being crippled or slowly agonizing until you die is too great imho. In addition to mental terror, I think most victims of falling suicides whose bodies and skulls remain mostly intact upon the impact experience excruciating pain that they are incapable of outwardly expressing once their bodies are mangled. It must take what feels like an eternity in the locked-in syndrome of the pain to die until the bleeding, trauma, or shock finally ends their suffering.

I feel so bad for people who die that way.

No. 1562260

Is it like a coffee date or a talk between friends/colleagues?

No. 1562264

Soo.. I’ve been using 4chan recently (embarrassing, I know.) I’m staying at my boyfriend’s house right now and apparently his IP is banned from posting there, or at least on /tv/. Wtf could he have posted to get him banned from there? I’m so curious.

No. 1562265

Doesn't 4chan tell you what post you were banned for? If so, you may be able to still see it.

Does he use 4chan himself? If he doesn't, it might just be that someone else in the same IP range got that IP banned and now your boyfriend got assigned it.

No. 1562267

If he was banned for rule 3 and there is no post quoted it means a janny got triggered and he did nothing wrong

No. 1562297

Can someone give a simplified explanation on why despite being antifungal coconut oil can get moldy? I'm getting frustrated trying to explain it to a friend.

No. 1562300

Kek so I’m on the /tv/ board all of the time, it was honestly probably pretty innocuous. I’ve been banned for “replying to an off-topic thread” before

No. 1562320

Thank you nona, for answering me, last few years i think about killing myself more and more, but my worst fear is not doing the job right, and beeing me this is so possible. Yeah mentally i am fucked, but don't want to be both mentally and physically fucked.

No. 1562340

Saw another nonnie say this in a thread and it had me thinking about it, why is it okay to post shotas and femboys in /m but art of girls are called out for having bad anatomy or nitpicked.

No. 1562347

Why are fangirls today calling various male characters "baby girl" instead of baby boy (or just handsome because they're adult men.)

No. 1562349

Why is LC so slow to load? Can I make it any faster?

No. 1562353

We have probably interacted on there, nonnie.

No. 1562368

I have a theory but it's kinda unhinged and probably not true I think fangirls who do that are uncomfortable with the more "submissive" role women usually have in a relationship so they feel like they wanna humiliate the men they sexualise and "babygirl" sounds more humiliating than anything related to men/boys because these women still have some internalised misogyny and associate girlhood with something humiliating. Similar to the way some fujos gives the uke a stereotypical feminine role in yaoi stories

No. 1562370

That makes a lot of sense actually, nona.

No. 1562377

So did HER app lose funding and need to sink the ship asap, or what's behind that lesbian visibility week TRA campaign?

No. 1562386

What's a good/clever way to get a phrase tattooed?

No. 1562398

I always feel like just floating text by itself looks a bit shit but if its framed by something its better, even if its just a heart or vines or something real basic that gives you a shape with some negative space to fill in. Depends on how long the phrase is though coz you want it to age well and smaller text tends to age poorly

No. 1562437

I don't know if it's actually internalized misogyny but I do agree it's some way to "reclaim" those humiliating terms and "balance thing out" between men and women, so to speak. They probably don't give it as much thought as you say, they just want to use that term as a neutral term.

No. 1562461

So I've heard claims before that you should have multiple pairs or sneakers because you don't wear them out as fast. Which.. fine, you wear them less often so I guess they last over a longer period of time but does each pair of sneaker have a higher total amount of wears before they need to be thrown out if you own several vs 1 pair at a time? Does it work like that?

No. 1562466

Print it on an image and hang it up as a poster in your room. Text tattoos always look trashy.

No. 1562468

File: 1682779937034.jpg (140.37 KB, 1086x724, 47391e466953a4c9c1d8ac40be377e…)

How many lolcow-chans do you know of?
I know of paki-chan tho I don't know her backstory
komaeda-chan which I dearly miss
and the novel kirby-anon

No. 1562472

paki-chan is regina george, komeada-chan is candy heron, and kirby-anon is gretchen wieners. change my mind.

No. 1562477

Romanianon is definitely Cady (because of her GENIUS level IQ)

No. 1562478

shouldn't kirby-anon be karen smith because she's kind of a quirky airhead?

No. 1562485

wait you're right I got the two characters confused for each other.

No. 1562500

File: 1682782460640.jpg (56.08 KB, 825x871, FtYbaOfWwAoZGDL.jpg)

>paki-chan is regina george
I watched mean girls years back and remember nothing from it except the general plot, what's the comparison supposed to mean?

No. 1562503

File: 1682782928679.png (1.88 MB, 1602x2024, canvas.png)

okay here's my assessment.

No. 1562505

It means you should watch it again paki-chan

No. 1562511

How would the plot change?

No. 1562518

Nta but every character would speak in long-winded, spergy rants. Cady would be incredibly paranoid and schizo. Janis would call everyone cock-sucking cock-worshipers. Regina would be racist as hell, especially toward black people and "(c)Rap culture". They would all bait Karen into over-explaining in uncomfortable detail how sex works between Dedede and Kirby. Gretchen and Karen would get into slapfights all the time.
There would be no happy ending, unless you count them all ganging up on the celebrity cows fag and someone's nigel for being men in a women's space.

No. 1562561

since when has 2x been re-hidden and why? just curious I never go there so idk what's going on there

No. 1562562

File: 1682786135925.png (211.25 KB, 1000x565, 2222.png)

I want to make this into a TERF meme but what should I caption it?

No. 1562571

I think yesterday. I dont really visit it either but I guess it was hidden again to avoid attraction posters who bait and infight.

No. 1562575

No. 1562594


No. 1562596

someone should edit elsie

No. 1562599

Anons I need some input. My boyfriend lets his two large dogs lay on his bed. One of them is short hair and sheds constantly so the bed is FULL of dog hair. He also lets them bring their ratty, chewed up blanket on the bed with them and he also lets them bring their chew toys on the bed. This is fucking repulsive, right? Like disgusting, right?
I fucking hate his dogs.

No. 1562603

Yes that's very gross and unsanitary. I'm a pet owner too but my pets aren't allowed in my bedroom whatsoever under any circumstances.

No. 1562604

Uh, it's gross, yes? But what is the question? Do you want to know how to train your bf into training his dogs to not get on the bed and brush them more often?

No. 1562605

It does sound gross but I think it’s weird to have a dog and not let it on your bed or furniture. Dog thinks you’re a family and wants to do what you do. It sounds like he needs to brush his fucking dog more so it’s not shedding so much everywhere and maybe wash his damn sheets and dog toys.

No. 1562607

The question is literally what I asked: is it gross. I don't own large dogs and I never will, I don't know how large dog owners operate. It seemed gross as fuck to me.
God damn why is my boyfriend so repulsive. I need to break up with him kek.

No. 1562614

I fucking love this

No. 1562633

Yuck, I don’t let my dog on my bed. Cats are allowed on the bed sometimes when it’s about time for the bedding to get laundered anyway, but no dogs in my bedroom at all. I begrudgingly allow her on the couch because she’s too sweet and snuggly not to snuggle on the couch, but I keep her well groomed.

No. 1562644

Honestly, if you find an animal disgusting just don’t have pets. I know animals aren’t clean and that no matter how much you clean them they will never be as clean as a human. But why keep something that you find disgusting around? Just put the dog outside or put the dog down if you consider it filth.

No. 1562655

>But why keep something that you find disgusting around?
Nta but because they might like their pets for other reasons or still like their company. Putting a dog down solely just for that is an extreme response…

No. 1562656

Okay they're my boyfriend's dogs, not mine. I can't just put them down because I think they're disgusting I'd be fucking arrested kek sociopath.

No. 1562661

Then breakup with him or tell him that it’s the dogs or you. Why would you want your house to be disgusting then? Maybe think about who you get in a relationship with before living together, ask if he has pets and if he lets them in the room and such, then you will know that maybe that’s not what you want.
Just get a stuffed toy or human friends in that case.
I just think it’s retarded to get mad at an animal for being an animal but still having it at home, of course an animal will want to get on a comfortable surface and lay there, and it will want to play and explore the house.
So again, if you find an animal disgusting, you can leave it outside, give it away to some other person or put the animal down.

No. 1562665

We don't live together lmfao jesus.

No. 1562666

your autismo logic is blindingly bright but you are completely 100% right in this case.

No. 1562671

What shithole do you live in where people put domesticated animals down because they find them gross.

No. 1562673

Great, then you can wait until the dogs die or until one of you decides to end the relationship.

No. 1562674

I was literally just asking if it's gross or not retard.

No. 1562679

NTA but if I told you it wasn’t gross would you stop thinking it was gross? You know it is. However it’s a problem with your boyfriend not the animals. They’re just dogs. He can do several things to make it less gross. Good luck getting him to do that (sincerely).

No. 1562684

>Then breakup with him or tell him that it’s the dogs or you.
Or you could, you know, find a compromise where the dogs aren't allowed on the bed or he changes the bedding when she's over or something.

No. 1562710

Uhhhh are you sure you meant to reply to >>1562633 ??? That’s me. I love my pets and I don’t find them disgusting, I just find sleeping in the same spot as a dog yucky, because they walk around outside and I like to sleep naked in my bed and have sex in there. Also their hair is very coarse and can be itchy when it gets on my skin, I have hayfever and a mild dog allergy, I take meds daily and clean my house. I just like to keep my dog out of my sleeping/sex room. She has so many comfy dog beds that are literally comfier than the couch lmao, I got myself a dog bed so I can sit on the floor sometimes cause it’s so damn comfy, and when my friend visits with her young kid she’s always wanting to nap on the dog beds. I sometimes enjoy sitting on my couch naked which is why I would have liked for her to not be a couch dog, but I stopped lounging naked on the couch and let her up here now. It would be yucky for me to lounge naked on my couch with the dog hair and germs that get here but I just wear light pj pants and a light sweater on the couch now. Easy concession to make cause I love her, also don’t have sex on the couch anymore unless it just got washed kek.
>it’s cruel to find your pet too gross to let in on the bed
>so just keep it outside

No. 1562753

I don’t think it’s cruel, it’s just dumb.

No. 1562868

Do you not put butter on toast/bread? You live like this?

No. 1562872

Is when guys say “I’m straight but I’d let that guy [insert sexual thing here]” similar to when women say that in regards to other women?

No. 1562883

You're fine anon, just ignore the gross anons kek. I have a dog too, I love her dearly but dogs, like many other animals, carry bacteria that are safe and clean for them but not for humans. Especially if you sleep naked frequently you shouldn't get dog bacteria (as well as outside dirt and gunk) all over your body, it's just not sanitary. Where I live it's extremely common to not let your dog on the bed, but it's fine to let it sleep in the same room in its own dog bed, it's even encouraged for proper training and teaching boundaries (which is a thing dogs can absolutely understand and benefit from). I'd find acceptable mayybe a small dog that doesn't walk outside much, but not a large dog at all. So yeah, it is gross. Your boyfriend is gross and lazy for never teaching his dogs to sleep on their beds. The animals aren't at fault at all because in their dog way they're perfectly fine.

No. 1562884

How long does it take to start feeling the effects of bc on your emotions?

No. 1562887

You're fine anon, just ignore the gross anons kek. I have a dog too, I love her dearly but dogs, like many other animals, carry bacteria that are safe and clean for them but not for humans. Especially if you sleep naked frequently you shouldn't get dog bacteria (as well as outside dirt and gunk) all over your body, it's just not sanitary. Where I live it's extremely common to not let your dog on the bed, but it's fine to let it sleep in the same room in its own dog bed, it's even encouraged for proper training and teaching boundaries (which is a thing dogs can absolutely understand and benefit from). I'd find acceptable mayybe a small dog that doesn't walk outside much, but not a large dog at all. So yeah, it is gross. Your boyfriend is gross and lazy for never teaching his dogs to sleep on their beds. The animals aren't at fault at all because in their dog way they're perfectly fine.

No. 1562899

Can moids and women really be friends? At that point I'm almost sure it's not possible… Does the coomer brain always come first?

No. 1562911

This isn't for you specifically btw but Idk why this is such a hard concept for women to grasp or even do. I think separating the genders is retarded since 99% of the world is straight but not becoming bffs is literally the absolute least you can do to protect yourself. If I told a moid hé could never befriend women again he would not give a fuck. I don't understand why women think it's a big loss to them to not have a male friend. It's not like you can't be kind or courteous or sleep with or whatever but just don't let them have access to you by building trust and letting them in your "space".

TLDR no and yes

No. 1562920

yes but you often find there's a background reason it never became sexual or isn't anymore, or maybe that it's a shallow friendship and not a BFF situation. but yeah.

No. 1562924

Thank you anon, for answering me.
I am socially retarded (somewhat), i don't have much free time, i mostly socialise online and even though i crave having women friends, a lot of the time women aren't nice to me. It's not like they are all awful, but sometimes they hate me without reasoning. I actually met a few understanding and nice women, but it's hard. I don't like saying generalizing statements about women, but I'm writing this from my own personal expenses. And some moids message me regularly, act nice, say they are my friends, that i can count on them, bc I'm stupid i let them in my life and in the end, it was always about the coom. There are unicorn men, who can sympathize with women, but it's very rare IMHO

No. 1562928

>I think separating the genders is retarded since 99% of the world is straight
>not becoming bffs is literally the absolute least you can do to protect yourself
Something doesn't add up, shouldn't it be the opposite? aren't sexual relationships far riskier than simple friendships?

No. 1562941

I think it’s possible for them to be casual friends, like in the context of a larger group of friends. It gets muddy when they start becoming “closer” friends and start hanging out one on one, having deeper conversations, etc.

No. 1562973

Yeah when i say friends, i mean having closer relationship, bur without crossing the boundaries. Everything else i count as an accuantance. Not to sound humble-braggy, I'm not even that attractive, i believe I'm relatively cute, but i can't comprehend why moids can't form friendships without the idea of fucking the supposed friend, in my experience, every guy i have been closer with, showed his motives later - he wanted to fuck me. That's why i asked, is having moid friends a lost cause, we are all different people, we can relate on a lot of topics/experiences, but i thought maybe the problem was me, hence asking

No. 1562981

Why do some places call vodka 'wodka'? I don't get it

No. 1562986

Your posts make me so sad, for the longest time I thought there was something wrong with me too because men would pretend to be my good friends then slowly try to make the friendship sexual. You are not the problem!!!! Even had a scrote literally mansplain to my face after a rape attempt that I was inviting sexual harrassment because I was just soooo nice to him, they are fucked up in the head and do not possess the same emotional capacity or boundaries that women do.
Sorry to say but men and women absolutely cannot be more than acquaintances, even then you have to be careful that you're somehow not sending the "wrong signals" that their schizo brain interprets as flirting. Normie women can be hard to befriend sure but wouldn't you rather have safe relationships with women even if they're not super deep, instead of risking your sanity trying to have meaningful relationships with moids?

No. 1562994


No. 1563003

Can someone give me their best guess as to why young millenial/ gen z women who sew as a hobby 9 times out of 10 start identifying as a gendie?

No. 1563016

I've noticed this pattern too. My guess is that sewing usually isn't a cool girl hobby so naturally gendies gravitate to it since they ironically tend to like doing traditional feminine hobbies like dolls, cooking and crafts in general since they are relaxing and soothing hobbies that can be done alone. I'd also imagine a lot of them tend to have aspirations of making fashion brands that cater to other gendies.

No. 1563035

No. 1563099

Can't do girl things and also be a girl. People talk down on traditionally feminine handicrafts and hobbies till a man does them.

Not a girl anymore = " "Solved" "

No. 1563136

Yeah that’s pretty gross, it depends on the dog but if I’m imagining correctly, I’m thinking of a short-haired, bristly dog like a labrador or something. Just a real smelly dog with those pine-needle furs that get everywhere, and his sheets probably smell like dog too, ugh. Gross.

No. 1563137

also nona let me guess, when you visit they jump and put their feet on you? and your bf tells them “nooo, dowwn,” and tries to tell them to stop but they always do it every time because he has no control? Kek

No. 1563172

Anons with adhd did your meds help? A moid with adhd told me it made him tired and did not help with concentrating.

No. 1563206

Meds need to be used in tandem with som semblance of structural lifestyle. Otherwise you’d just scroll lolcow for 6 hours and masturbate.

No. 1563214

File: 1682842236275.jpeg (199.8 KB, 2048x1918, majima 0.jpeg)

Be honest, do you think he looks like an Asian Hontra? Someone said this to me but I'm a faceblind autist so idk

No. 1563228

I know it's late, but use the SingleFile extension. It saves the whole webpage in one html file (without any folders) and this way you can even save comments.

No. 1563247

No I don't see the resemblance to be honest

No. 1563255

kek I can see it. sorry nonni

No. 1563259

who is hontra

No. 1563263

How dare they I don't see the resemblance at all but maybe it's because I almost never look at Hontra's face (thank god)
Lurk moar

No. 1563285

The 'lite' version should load faster
Why does everyone complain about slow loading, loads fine for me

No. 1563295

I have been here for 5+ years and have never heard of Hontra, so sorry I'm not a neet who can read here 24/7 and never miss a single post.

No. 1563297

It's a troon cow.

No. 1563298

It's Contrapoints, the trans youtuber.

No. 1563301

No. 1563318

Different transliterations. The same way Ousama Ranking and Azumanga Daiou are sometimes called Ohsama Ranking and Azumanga Daioh.

No. 1563346

How much can PCs cost up to if I want to buy something that comfortably runs emulated PS4 games, Switch games, VNs, PSP/Vita games, etc? Would it be better to get a gaming laptop instead?

No. 1563365

Imo you definately want a desktop for this. Check the highest specs of what you want to play and go a bit higher when searching. Prioritize ram, graphics and memory. Space is important but you can add more/use external drives (has its own issues but works)

No. 1563374

Dutch anons, how the Amsterdam airport? How are the restaurants there? Just making sure I can pig out between two flights.

No. 1563383

You mean Schiphol? It's got plenty of food facilities. Pig out to your hearts content!

No. 1563384

There's a bunch of junkfood/takeaway facilities at Schiphol but there's also some decent restaurants if you want to sit down.

No. 1563402

not dutch but fuck i had two long layovers there. it's alright not as much comfortable seating except at this asian restaurant we went to.

No. 1563404

Good to know. I'll try to avoid fast food restaurants, unless there's some good stuff at a Mcdonalds that's only in the Netherlands.


My layover won't be super long, but I'll still have some free time. Speaking of which, my layover for the trip back home will be at Paris Charles de Gaulle, I'd also like to know if the restaurants are good there because I'll stay there for like 4 hours.

No. 1563406

File: 1682868909898.jpeg (47.77 KB, 680x680, BFBFB373-63D9-47BD-B42D-185678…)

How do I become motivated and believe in myself wholeheartedly despite everyone telling me to go back to work?

No. 1563441

To make ceviche, do you have you use a particular kind of shrimp or can it just be any pack of shrimp from the grocery store?

No. 1563453

File: 1682874136709.jpeg (26.86 KB, 823x472, mckroket.jpeg)

The McKroket is Dutch-only I think. I used to eat these a lot growing up!

No. 1563457

I'll try it if I have enough time for that, it doesn't look huge so it'll just be a snack until I get into my plane.

No. 1563563

wait is this a hamburger shaped kroket?

No. 1563581

If everyone is telling you to get a job you probably need to get a job im sorry

No. 1563611

File: 1682882819081.jpeg (47.52 KB, 638x339, F7E39E4B-3AC3-4C07-94D5-E40B66…)

Fine but just know I won’t be happy

No. 1563616

None of us are

No. 1563617

I have this promotional bag, I think it's polyester, and I want to bleach it. Can I just dump it into a bucket of water and bathroom bleach or does in not work like that?

No. 1563677

What happened to 2x? Why isn't it at the top anymore?

No. 1563690

>lemon verbena
which of these herbs make tasty teas? (or gross teas)

No. 1563693

No. 1563702

i am partial to hibiscus

No. 1563711

Which ones you find gross depends on your personal taste. Hibiscus is quite a sharp tea, it's very refreshing if you drink it cold. Sage, thyme and lemon verbena taste how they smell. Nettle tastes like dandelion tea, if you've ever had that- you can have nettles in soup if you really want to try nettles but hate the taste as a drink.

No. 1563743

Why are anons mentioning lolcow on 4chan? Went into a few /soc/ threads and most female posters kept making lolcow/crystal cafe mentionings. No wonder we have moids this often here.

No. 1563817

Late reply but it's a talk between friends/colleagues.

No. 1564057

So I know my measurements for when I'm buying stuff online, but when I'm shopping second-hand I can't always determine if something will fit me with the measurements provided. For example, I'm looking at a dress that says the waist is 16 inches and the hips are 18 inches. I assume they don't actually mean that this would fit someone with a 16 inch waist, so how would I use this measurement to know if this dress fits me?

No. 1564060

Maybe it actually means 32?

No. 1564078

it means they measured it laying flat, across. so times it by 2

No. 1564186

Am I really the only one who thinks that wearing an elastic bound off-shoulder dress with a massive leg slit to a wedding is tacky

No. 1564329

wtf are art reps? Just practice in general? Does it mean something more specific?

No. 1564332

depends on the venue and the wedding really. i dont see anything wrong with a sleeveless dress or one with a slit

No. 1564342

File: 1682926384830.png (666.9 KB, 2388x1668, 3BD6BB58-2976-42BF-A093-097F7F…)

This is stressing me out why are her hands so orange

No. 1564345

lmao nonny i thought the same thing just a couple of nights ago i was watching one of her videos. the video is very obviously color graded so it might be one of those things where everything else is perfect but the way it's adjusted the hands come out too saturated, that's what i told myself anyway, so i would stop being distracted by them kek well that or she has some condition

No. 1564346

Pretty sure it means art representative, an agent.

No. 1564347

My thought was fake tan honestly, it stains the hands far more easily than other body parts

No. 1564350

but she so pale

No. 1564352

Idk I feel like it’s a stupid question lol but idk what to do w my career. Like I’m at a point where I have ideas but I don’t think most will pay as much as my current job. I’m a waitress n make minimum wage but the tips aren’t bad, I def have bad days but I usually walk out won’t $100-$200 extra a night so it’s not bad. Idk if its something I should pursue or if I should look for something else. I’ve been into flight attending but you don’t get tips & id make less, but then again I’d be travelling the world. It’s a dumb question honestly and stupid but not sure if I should just do this for now to pay bills or say fuck it and make it a career or start worrying about school and other work options yknow

No. 1564353

Will glasses/lenses weaken my eye muscles and make my eyesight worse?

No. 1564355

No that’s a myth. you change prescriptions over time due to age and genetics it has nothing to do with the glasses/contacts themselves
You will actually experience more strain if you don’t get prescriptions needed for your eyesight

No. 1564361

definitely not in the context I'm referring to, someone will complain about being bad at art and get a reply like "do your reps"

No. 1564386

repetitions, like in exercise.
So yeah, practice, maybe copying examples form books or doing timed figure drawing.

No. 1564409

I'm not crazy for wanting my boyfriend not to drive high ever, not even if he didn't smoke a lot? It's so normalized where I live

No. 1564413

I don't think you're crazy, it's illegal in my country to do it though, maybe I'm biased.

No. 1564420

I was about to say "of course not" but indeed otherwise is normalized. It literally affects how your brain processess things, stoners who justify driving under influence are retarded. Good on you for having common sense.

No. 1564448

It’s just like any other psychoactive medication. Don’t operate vehicles until you know how it affects you. If he knows how it affects him it’s not a big deal.

No. 1564450

It is a big deal. Weed always makes your reflexes slower. It's not enough just to know you're slower, when a split second on the road is the difference between life and death.
This is very sane. Please keep on being sane.

No. 1564464

Has anyone here updated their sims 4 game to the lastest dlc using the repack updater? Was it okay or should I wait a bit to do so? I don't want to run into any problems again.

No. 1564499

What healthy meals can I make with a packet of non instant ramen noodles? Are they better utilized in soups or with sauces? Can I just use them in place of pasta?

No. 1564506

File: 1682952534876.jpg (41.39 KB, 561x561, 1648795694236.jpg)

I have a metaphysical/""schizo"" question. Do you guys believe in a "collective conscious", in the sense of there being an subconscious hivemind within a given society? If so, is it possible that some people's thoughts cloud all of ours? How would that even be remedied?
If you're surrounded by misogynists, for example, how do you effectively block out their influence? Even if you think the metaphysical aspect is mumbo jumbo, their opinions will inevitably leak out in all they do and say in some fashion, and as human beings, we learn to blend in. I know acknowledging it is the first step, but if it's like, everyone, how do you not become exhausted picking apart everything and trying to resist?

No. 1564543

Do you think men lose some interest in read: tone down on being creeps to women when we cut our hair in a pixiecut/buzzcut/boy style? Because I always see men hating on women having short hair. Do GNC women get less male attention?

I know this sounds like TIF logic "if I act masculine sexism stops existing", but there's a mentally ill guy way older than me in my neighborhood that sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable (not necessarily unsafe, just uncomfortable) and it's starting to stress me out a bit. I don't even know if he's aware he's being kinda creepy or not, I just hate that being a woman forces me into these situations

No. 1564549

I think there is a hivemind but some people are more easily influenced than others and that's because of evolution. Their ancestors were agreeable because it helped them to survive so they listen to ideologies, goverments, manipulated studies and stuff like that because it's in their DNA memory. Other people's ancestors lived differently and are less likely to get influenced and think about everything on their own. It's like one are more insect like and the other monkey or mammal like. Humanity is basically monkeys functioning in a insect-like system and the levels of monkey and an insect in each of us is on a spectrum. So there are insects who will always obey whichever ideology they go into and monkeys who will always question everything. And some people are like 50:50 30:70 ect. and they can discover the monkey in themselves and nurture it. So that's my theory that could be a possibility.
I think if somebody is easily influenced they should think about how the ideology affects their own moral compas and get to know as many different opinions on the thing as possible as well as get to know personalities people who belive said thing or not belive in it. The basic thing is one should have a moral compas and that's something i think you get only when you truly know who you are. That's why troons behave so weirdly, they don't know who they are therefore they don't have a moral compas in themselves and the empty space is filled by an ideology that guides them into being a fireant army.

I'm not sure is short hair will help you. In my experience different men like different hair that's true, but if it's a creep they care less about the hair and more about harrassing a chosen female no matter how she looks at the moment. But try it, hair will grow back if it wont work.

No. 1564554

I think so, I'll see some gorgeous women with short hair on the tv and if her hair is above her chin my husband will say "I hate short hair". I've also known guys who prefer it but they usually like alternative looks and fashion, I think most don't like it, so it's worth a shot but once a man is attracted sometimes that attraction is hard to shake, even if you dress schlubby and cut your hair

No. 1564583

Depends on your budget, you can make a wholeass actual ramen. Beef ramen is the best but it takes a longer time to cook, it's worth it though especially if you use the right spices and top it with a little lime juice and bacon bits.
You can make a noodle kungpao of any kind.
You can make your own Tomyum soup with a lot of chilli.
Basically anything asian will be healthy because of the ingredience.
I never tried to use it as pasta but it'll porbably work fine as a spaghetti with some red sauce but it would be a shame to not use it as asian food.

No. 1564610


nta but i love your post so much. i love the idea of the monkey-insect spectrum.

No. 1564615

Random men were much more interested in me whenever I cut my hair short, but I'm also pretty feminine looking. I guess hair alone doesn't do anything in this regard, and short one can potentially draw more attention because it's more unusual. More radical/"masculine" hairstyle might work but it can also make people stare or comment out loud, although it probably depends on where you live.

No. 1564620

Unfortunately I don't have access to an Asian grocery store anymore, so I'm very limited on traditional asian spices, seasonings, condiments, sauces etc.

No. 1564629

File: 1682962101970.jpg (44.06 KB, 450x450, ekker-kroketje-scoren.jpg)


I ended up eating a McKroket today, it was pretty nice. But maybe you're better off getting a proper Kroket from one of these vending machines if you can spot them kek

No. 1564637

My ass always thought McKrotet was a regular kroket or two shoved between inbetween two buns

No. 1564665

Your husband is a retard.

No. 1564675

Why is the Amanda Bret thread on autosage and why did a jannie redtext someone for not saging in a thread that is autosaged? I feel like in the changeover someone lost the instructions to the that thread.

No. 1564700

How long does your face stay clean after being washed? Like how much time could pass (remaining at home) before I would need to wash it again before doing the rest of my skincare routine?

No. 1564713

It depends on your skin, how much oil you produce, if you are sweating, your skincare routine, etc. I think everyone has a different opinion on this. Also washing your face without putting moisturizer on right away would make a lot of peoples' skin too dry, rather than it being an issue of your skin needing to be clean.

No. 1564762

Why is it that sometimes I get way too full after eating a meal even if it wasn't an excessive portion? Like today for example I ate sauteed vegetables and half a burger 6 hours ago and I'm still feeling uncomfortably full. It doesn't happen always, but it does kinda often and I'm really sick of it

No. 1565019

can any older american anons tell me what immediate changes they noticed between pre and post-9/11 america? i know the sociopolitical and economic aspects, but i'm just curious as to what noticeable differences you've all experienced on a personal perspective all i remember is being at a gas station with my mom watching it on one of those shitty tvs propped up in a corner when I was five

No. 1565616

what the hell is going on in the back of this video? the cops, the random things on fire, everyone in black

No. 1565619

Do you have constipation nonna?

No. 1565620

>>1565616 I think it's in France

No. 1565622

There are riots in Paris following the announcement of pension reform bill

No. 1565624

I see, thank you for the answer anon

No. 1565651

Paris already has a Popeyes and we still have to wait a few more months? I'm suing.

No. 1565727

Why do myths about bathing during menstruation exist? Idk about other areas but I'm an eurofag in a rural area and both my mother and grandmother believe you can't bathe during your period because you'll either bleed out and die or become sterile. According to them you can't even wash large parts of your body like legs or hair/head. I know it's not only them because I looked it up and many other older women apparently believe this. Where do these beliefs come from? Obviously women have bathed/touched water during their periods for millenia before them. It's just so weird and borderline abusive because I was forced to not bathe for a week every month when I was younger for this shit reasons.

No. 1565734

File: 1683016296240.jpeg (28.34 KB, 460x367, 9E839463-61DD-4A7F-B542-E205A5…)

What are you supposed to do when another girl flirts with your Nigel in front of you?
>he should just not reciprocate
Yeah sure, but does remaining passive not make you seem weak? What if she’s very persistent?

No. 1565743

Its still your moidlets job to rebuff any unwanted advances, you are not his mother nor his handler and being the girlfriend who jumps in like a guard dog when a sleazy woman makes passes at your partner makes you seem desperate and like the chances of him cheating are inevitable. Let your nigel do what he is supposed to do cause I can promise you if he really didn’t want the attention he knows how to create distance, if he doesn’t he is choosing not to.

No. 1565750

Does anyone know a penpal website where you can actually search by interest? That doesn't seem like a covert dating website?

No. 1565751

Sounds like you come from a europoor country and also live out in bumfuck nowhere with even less access to education nonna cause I’m a euro too and have never heard something like that talked about outside of examples/discussions of misogyny in developing nations, even out in the boonies where people are genuinely retarded and have read one book their entire life nonna.

No. 1565766

What’s the deal with males height for hetero women? I found out about it online in my 20s, somehow never knew about that. Why is it important for male to be tall?

No. 1565772

Tall men look better because of their proportions. Simple science.

No. 1565781

This posts smells male.

No. 1565794

Idk if it does because I'm a woman and I don't get it either. One can have good proportions regardless of height

No. 1565807

Short men generally don't have good proportions. I'm 5'7 and I've dated guys my height, slightly taller or men over 6ft. I'm never fantasing or reminiscing about the short ones when I'm getting myself off.

No. 1565821

File: 1683023094184.jpg (23.5 KB, 564x564, 8c52992c74fcc698b10d6f7e47f6ff…)

What would be easier for the farmhands?
1. Have us bump multiple different threads with cute pics when a raid happens? or
2. Have a "bump thread" where we spam cute pics?
I just wanna make their job easier and maybe they get a little overwhelmed when there is scrotery happening in different threads while at the same time we are bumping said threads by accident whilst trying to protect other nonnies eyes?

No. 1565822

in my experience most women don't care but sometimes short men have a bad temper due the intense insecurity they feel for being short and women don't like putting up with that. personally, I'm fine with short men and even shorter than me is alright. I just don't like putting up with their insecurity and mantrums over their height. it's sexy when short men are confident.

No. 1565823

This is like asking why boobsize or a small waist or butt is important for het moids. Some things just are attractive and being tall is an attractive trait on men. It's not that deep.

No. 1565842

Kek that's true, but I was still wondering why they exist. The "period blood is impure" myth is bullshit but I get why some ignorant people might think that, because it's blood and all but… why is sometimes bathing considered bad for you if you're on your period?

No. 1565873

I always wondered this as well, where I live (croatia) a lot of old women still believe this. I think it's because generally water makes wounds look like they bleed more and it prevents blood from clotting, but this obviously doesn't apply to periods. Maybe people in the past thought it did?
What I find extra ridiculous is the "don't wash your hair" while on your period, for that I have literally no explanation and a lot of my classmates in middle school told me they abide by that rule because their grandmas scared them to death with old wives tales.

No. 1565935

It’s true for women that just had a child or a miscarriage. Sitting in the water with an open cervix can lead to an infection. Something probably got lost in translation between generations or people somewhere and they took it as all periods.

No. 1565959

File: 1683034079375.png (18.66 KB, 420x294, 8145a856f7ab4fc61b970570a479dd…)

How the fuck do you reply to people who say things like "that's my opinion and I didn't ask for yours" when you dare to disagree with them?

Why did they even sign up to a platform for discussing tv shows and movies but get pissy when other users have different opinions and are trying to get a discussion going on?

No. 1565982

I say “cool” and move on

No. 1565999

You ask why did they have to share their opinion publically if they don't care what "public" thinks, makes no sense. If they don't want to engage in discussion they can just ignore replies to their posts. Some people are so insecure it's ridiculous.

No. 1566007

I cant for the life of me remember the website that lists women athletes who lost against trans women and should've come first. Anyone have a link?

No. 1566024

Tell them that you don't need to ask them for a permission to speak

No. 1566037

alright… how do I upload videos on here? is rejecting all my mp4s…

No. 1566038

You can't.

No. 1566041

I'm ready to jump nonny

No. 1566042

U kakvoj to vukojebini zivis? Prvi put čujem za ovo.

No. 1566056

Help nonettes I need the gif of a cringe scrote trying to be dominant with a belt whipping his sheets

No. 1566062

You have to convert them to webm

No. 1566064

Currently yes a bit, though this happens even when I'm not constipated. At least today's lunch left me feeling okay!

No. 1566067

Not from the US, but 9/11 according to my parents, scared the whole world and the security you see in airports around the world are 90% because of 9/11. I am also sure a lot of countries became more strict when it came to immigration and recording who was moving in and out of their countries.

No. 1566076

Veci grad blizu Zagreba. Vecina zena zna da je to bullshit ali stvarno ima bakica koje to prenose unukama i plase ih. Sjecam se kad sam citala OK circa 2008 da bi govorili curama da je to mit lmao

No. 1566136

File: 1683044095601.png (8.25 KB, 534x534, bee turtle.png)

Exercise nonnies, I need your help. I discovered the treadmill in my apartment's gym and I love it. I can walk for miles and not be accosted or molested by a single homeless person. But I'm a couch potato, and I did three miles yesterday. Can I go and run until I feel tired again today, or will I be unable to walk at work tomorrow?

No. 1566141

no, you just started and your muscles will need time to slowly get used to what your doing(a week at least)

No. 1566142

not an exercise nonny but I like that bee turtle

No. 1566144

So I will have to wait a week before exercising again?

No. 1566147

Like other anon said. You should take it easy the day after you exercise until you are tired, go easier on the machine or do some other type of easy-going exercise. If your legs ache you should focus on exercising a different part of your body if you still want to exercise.

No. 1566182

Exercise every other day for a couple of weeks and stretch after every session. You can work out daily once you're more used to it but take at least one rest day per week and vary the amount of exercise you do each day.

No. 1566206

no that's what not I meant, I said start off with walking/light jogging for a week before starting real running exercises

No. 1566277

Never heard about that. I've been told several times that you have to wear a tampon when swimming or you'll get horrible cramps, but it seems like it's wrong. I've had several people telling me I could swim without a tampon at the beach or the swimming pool because the water makes the blood stay in, but these idiots forget that as soon as you leave the water you start bleeding everywhere again, thank god I was never stupid enough to listen to their shit and humiliate myself publicly. I had sex ed in primary school and middle school, everything I've been told at the time was accurate but I was also told both times by both teachers that you can't get pregnant during your first time having sex. No clue where they got that idea.

No. 1566320

Where can I find memes?

No. 1566347

How often do you change your wallpaper?

No. 1566351

never, but mine is always just solid black. it has been that way for decades. Idk if I'm boring or maybe autistic.

No. 1566353

knowyourmeme dot com

No. 1566355

I honestly wonder if there is something wrong with me because I read all the time that you don't need a tampon or anything to swim in a pool- but I have a HORRIBLE memory of being 13 years old and getting my period during a friend's pool party. It was new so I didn't really understand how to time it or the warning signs and I just remember the blood pooling around me legit like a squid inking itself. It was soooo humiliating and it was like time slowed down as I realized what was happening and everyone freaked out and got out of the pool, I got bullied so bad for it..ugh I get lightheaded even just remembering how horrible it was.

Am I some medical anomaly?? I always read that doesn't happen but it definitely did. I've also bled in baths as well so idk.

No. 1566363

I haven't tried/experienced myself but I always doubted that claim, because how could still water possible have enough pressure to keep blood and tissue(!) that's pretty much being pushed out, in? Makes no sense to me. Maybe if it was just blood but it's also tissue.

No. 1566373

File: 1683061045011.gif (1.23 KB, 71x51, Tumblr_l_1350747835993.gif)

Anons I really need some advice and I'm posting this on /ot/ instead of /m/ because this is the busier board.
I've been playing the same sims 4 save for over a year now and I'm on the 12th or so generation. I can only play it high now because it's gotten quite boring but I don't want to give up on my 12th gen game! What can I do to spice up the game? What plots/storylines could I play out? Something wacky and weird. Help!

No. 1566378

File: 1683061405469.jpeg (100.78 KB, 1200x630, Helia-Shadow-Isles.jpeg)

Very rarely, maybe every few years. And I always keep the same color scheme of the image, whether its art or photography or my own photos.

No. 1566394

Do wants exist in TS4? If so, why not try a want-based playthrough instead of living out some story? Also, one of the only memories I have of playing TS4 is creating a household with max amount of sims, move them in a bigass home and don't interverne at all. I think one died of embarrassment because she didn't reach the toilet soon enough and had an accident in front of everyone, and one of them declared the dieded sim her mortal enemy because she soiled the floor or something like that. Idk if that's your average free will hands off experience but I guess you'd have to be willing to make sacrifices for playing like that.

No. 1566397

Is it just my impression or has Google image search gotten worse with time?

No. 1566405

i agree

No. 1566436

Not sure about google images but I for sure feel that way about regular Google search

No. 1566455

The process of growing mushrooms is complex, but the instructions are extremely detailed and quite easy to follow. The pre-made mushroom kits make it a snap.

No. 1566462

What Yes albums should I listen to

No. 1566471

I've noticed this. It's a combination of a lot of images online not being traditional file formats, looking at you instagram. Almost every image is a thumbnail to an article or a youtube video.

No. 1566473

If I acted in a really autistic and embarrassing way in front of relatives I hardly ever see during a really hard time for the family, how much do I need to punish myself to make up for it? I'm BPD/anachan/autismo triad and cried in front of them because I couldn't have a cup of tea with milk in. I also self harmed but I don't think they saw it. My punishment tonight has been going two days with no food.

No. 1566474

Top kek girl come on.

No. 1566475

No. 1566476

There are people with war in their countries. Get over yourself.

No. 1566484

Try to be nicer, having never experienced war, her body breaks in the only way it knows how.

Your punishment is to think about what you did, how it was inappropriate, and what you can do to prevent it from happening again in the future. You must reflect and grow in order to move forward.

No. 1566489

I just want to know if I need to self harm more or go longer without food or not.

No. 1566499

If you are over 16 and doing this you need actual help

No. 1566503

File: 1683075476578.jpeg (9.65 KB, 235x215, bby.jpeg)

What happened to Lil' Romeo?

No. 1566504

No, because that's too easy. You know how to do those, you're used to those. But you're not used to reflecting deeply and changing yourself as a person, which is why it's your punishment.

No. 1566505

I'm assuming he grew into a normal sized (possibly even large??) Romeo.

No. 1566507

This feels like comments you would find on an innocuous tumblr post where a daddy dom tells his discord kitten to brush her teeth and shower.

No. 1566512

File: 1683076453430.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1080, 1539126474580.png)

>comparing me to a daddy dom
Why would you be so cruel to me, I don't even know you.

No. 1566515

My sides this is too good

No. 1566520

Unfortunately it is on a post where a grown woman is cutting herself and skipping meals because she acted cringe at a family reunion

No. 1566527

How to easily get someone attached to you?

No. 1566529

KEKKK Anon stop!

No. 1566533

He's still around. He was at a Versus battle in 2021. He just goes by Romeo Miller now.

No. 1566539

Samefag but I loved these type of commercials

No. 1566547

Fuck yes

No. 1566560

Have a mutually invested relationship where you like eachother and uplift eachother …???

No. 1566563

For some reason I feel like you're the nona who tries not to aggressively reply back to nonnitas.

No. 1566567

I always seem to have this dry prickly like skin on the outer sides of my knee area and it bothers me a lot. Any anons know what can be done about it? Tried physical exfoliation, kp lotions (helped the rest of my legs), a fancy chemical otc peel, various lotions, shaving, not shaving, waxing, but nothing makes it change. It bothers my legs when I wear pants 5 days of the week I just want a solution!

No. 1566569

I am not. I am actually a huge bitch.

No. 1566570

Draw a line around the pacific area you mean and we will come up with a solution

No. 1566572

File: 1683080088844.jpeg (7.72 KB, 400x224, 563D27F2-D101-4AF8-9D03-1C3C4E…)

Is anyone else face blind about their own face? Was trying to do some glasses shopping and couldnt figure out what I look like. My face shape is also already weird, I think I have a square face I just have really chubby cheeks (or buccal fat lol) I have also fluctuated with weight for a while, having gained a lot of weight in the past couple years and in the last year I lost a ton of weight but my cheeks are still chubby and I think it’s just a genetic thing. Anyways what I’m wondering if anyone just has a hard time figuring out what they look like. I feel like my general perception of how my face looks, aside from weight or genetics, always changes.

No. 1566577

File: 1683080392633.jpg (13.44 KB, 417x620, L3g.jpg)

No. 1566578

Kind of. I feel like I have a long/oblong or rectangular face shape but quizzes online tell me otherwise. I'm not sure if it's low self esteem or what but at the same time I used a celebrity face lookalike thing that was pretty accurate for facial proportions and my most similar male match was Marilyn Manson so no matter what I hope you can think on that and feel better about yourself whenever you need it.

No. 1566580

well I had a patch of this when I started accutane, but below my knee. I bought Aquaphor and a pair of cheap legwarmers. Every night, I smeared Aquaphor thickly on the dry part and pulled the legwarmer up to cover it. Slept with it like that.
It took a a few days but it finally went away. That said, you might have another skin condition there. I can never remember the difference between psoriasis and eczema, but something like that. Is the skin peeling or blistered or red or itchy? You never mentioned itching, just prickly feeling.

No. 1566590

if you found the blog of someone you know and there’s years of entries from 2013-2017 of her writing her lust and longing for her actual blood-related cousin, would you leak it?

one post had her gripe about her cousin ignoring her, so she wanted to send a picture of herself in a bikini with her boobs “nice and big from [her] period” so he couldn’t possibly ignore it. they hooked up for like a month or something when they were 15, but then she continued to long for him even when she was 21-22, even after he got married and had a kid. 

she brought him up a year and a half ago, but people gave her shit so she backtracked and said he was actually a step-cousin.

No. 1566598

Maybe if you were family, but otherwise no, it’s really not your place.

No. 1566599

sorta but it's more like my face is lopsided as fuck and it freaks me out a little if i stare in the mirror too long

No. 1566602

No it's just like raised dry bumps that never seem to change. It does itch if I'm leaning my legs on each other too much or after wearing pants, during wearing pants. The skin catches onto the fibers of my pant so it feels scratchy.

No. 1566603

I would see it as more potential trouble than it's worth. Something like that could really fuck with the whole family. So, unless you wanted revenge on them for some reason I wouldn't.

No. 1566614

this is a fair assessment, thanks.
i should have clarified this, none of us know each other irl. i thought about it and correct, it's not worth it and doesn't reap anything meaningful except for seeing shit crash. she already got punished by a decent portion who cut her off, as some people were victims of CSA by family and thought that the way she'd happily overshared her experience was insensitive.

No. 1566620

It's confirmed to be her blog? So weird lol who documents a fetish for their cousin for five years. And why were you friends with this kind of person

No. 1566624

Can someone explain what really goes on with findom sex workers online? I got curious and started looking at some findom Twitter accounts and now I’m very jealous because I would love to get paid for shit talking moids. But then again I feel like these women aren’t totally avoiding the nastier parts of sex work, it’s just probably hidden right?

No. 1566633

no idea. she was one of those people you're forced to be acquainted with because she's friends with some of your friends. the whole oversharing thing had come completely out of left-field.

No. 1566653

If you can't confirm it's her it could just as easily be someone using her identity to smear her. You see how fucked up people get when they have irrational hatred to women.

No. 1566691

No, why'd you leak it? It's strange but it's not like it's necessary out of safety concern so the only other reason would be to publically humiliate her.

No. 1566729

File: 1683107088213.jpg (690.58 KB, 1795x2397, Cat_November_2010-1a.jpg)

bump due to scroting

No. 1566738

I like Fragile and Relayer, and Close To The Edge is generally considered their best album.

No. 1566739

does anyone wanna stream utena today on cytube?

No. 1566744

File: 1683110058724.jpg (38.63 KB, 1000x1000, 0083855-1-3988455140.jpg)

Does this stain your bathtub?
What a cutie

No. 1566757

Why is that song considered a meme?

No. 1566763

Not unless your bathtub is shitty plastic, and not even then

No. 1566764

No. 1566776

it's here. just bumped it for you anon

No. 1566779

Awesome nonnie I deleted my comment ty lol

No. 1566789

File: 1683118164740.png (15.88 KB, 426x891, ferwe.PNG)

i think because it's edgy and self-pitying to the point of goofiness, just like the MC himself, the #1 profile pic choice for faux-depressed 12 year olds. same reason that gigachad song is a meme

No. 1566791

File: 1683118506995.jpg (90.44 KB, 1600x1600, omnomnomnomnom.jpg)

No. 1566830

At what distance do people usually lean towards going by car or public transport or whatever instead of walking?

No. 1566831

Wtf does comfort food mean? Is there food that isn't comfortable?

No. 1566839

If it takes more than 45 minutes to walk there, I usually consider car or public transport.

No. 1566841

When it comes to oversize shirts, do I need to order a size smaller? Or does that defeat the purpose of it being oversize?

No. 1566854

“no idea” was in reference to how i became friends with them. it’s 100% their blog - it links to her other socials. sorry for the confusion.

No. 1566855

Ayrt and thanks for the reply, I never watched Tokyo Ghoul and it took me a long time to find where it even came from as I kept hearing it in random videos. God are those some shitty lyrics, the dude's voice doesn't help either.

No. 1566863

If your manager texts you to ask if you could cover a shift on your day off how would you respond? Or would you not respond because it's your day off?

No. 1566874

Just message them and say it won't be possible, come up with an excuse if needed.

No. 1566876

If you don’t want to go, tell them you’re already busy (like running errands with your grandmother or some other relative). It can’t be helped if they’re short-staffed. But I would show up every now and then if it seems like they’re the type to fire someone for not being committed.

No. 1566877

If you don’t want to go, tell them you’re already busy (like running errands with your grandmother or some other relative). It can’t be helped if they’re short-staffed. But I would show up every now and then if it seems like they’re the type to fire someone for not being committed.

No. 1566881

My manager literally did this to me today but she had good bargaining terms and I'm working a shorter week next week when an annoying festival is on in my time and I cba with the commute

No. 1566882

File: 1683130286869.jpg (9.08 KB, 231x158, tumblr_a65f79e8021d8cda9a7f2c5…)

what age is to late to have very intense fangirl-y celebrity crushes? i used to be very romantically repressed and it finally exploded in my face at age 18-19 when i got my first celeb crush, it kind of hit me like a meteor and i’m still going through that obsessive stage of movie marathons and saving pictures whenever i really like a new actor. pretty sure most girls went through that phase at like 13, with one direction and stuff. do i have arrested development?

No. 1566884

Why do I look better in pajamas and workout clothes than with any other kinds of clothes?

No. 1566893

I'm 27 and still do this lmao, I'd say having celeb crushes at 18-19 is completely normal

No. 1566894

There are 50yo women on Twitter getting into arguments about their favourite One Direction members, you're fine. Some people are passionate by nature.

No. 1567025

I'd respond and say ""No, I'm not available" and provide no reason. You don't owe your manager a reason and don't be pressured into justifying yourself. In an ideal world I'd not respond when it's my day off but that'd probably cause friction in this 24/7 connected world no matter how unfair.

No. 1567042

What’s a job I can lie my way into and use AI for?

No. 1567047

I thought after having one of those insane celeb crushes on some trashy moid singer at 15, I was done with that. But then at 25, out of nowhere I happened across a really unique looking and cool actress, and now I'm back on the same bullshit I thought I left behind a decade ago. I don't even really want this to be happening again because it honestly does not positively affect my life, but I've never seen anyone ever who is so "my type" before and my animal brain cannot stop obsessing even if it does nothing but sexually and emotionally frustrate me and distract me from real life.
I feel like as humans we were never supposed to be able to see and know so much about people through screens that we can never actually meet or interact with, it fucks with our brains, like a cat trying to catch a laser pointer.

No. 1567078

Is it normal/okay to have weed delivered to your home?

No. 1567079

Are there any moids who got molested as children that don’t turn out to be gay? I feel like even without the gay sexuality from the start that scrotes’ perversion to fuck anything and everything makes them bisexual at straightest.

No. 1567080