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File: 1683124177322.jpeg (146.85 KB, 828x1175, CFFC1B07-6244-45EA-86D9-FF29CD…)

No. 1566829

Previous thread >>1557495
Remember not to take baits, blogpost or otherwise derail! Report low quality posts and move on!

>>1557526 alleged "fauxmo" Lil Nas X apparently caught kissing PinkPantheress
>>1557579 more Cleopatra movie racebaiting wankery
>>1558110 Grimes gives her thoughts on AI-generated music, aging >>1561461
claims her next album is already finished >>1559946 and splits with Columbia Records >>1560052
looking more and more like Madonna lately

>>1558174 Tom Daley and husband rent a woman to have their second son, infight over homos #47834385 ensues all over the thread

>>1558661 Bam Margera is fucking unhinged and running from the cops
later surrenders to cops, claims he did nothing wrong, apparently swears off alcohol >>1561218
Lamar Odom tries to reach out to him >>1561878
discussions of double standards over the media treatment of drug addicted male vs female celebrities, particularly Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse (RIP to both) >>1562197

>>1559613 Elon Musk has been running a Twitter account where he roleplays Baby Keysmash >>1559447

>>1559494 Katie Price is a great role model for her 8 year old daughter
>>1559737 more Deuxmoi whine
>>1559937 (actually old milk) Usher spreading around the herpes he got from Diddy >>1559991
>>1560063 Halsey breaks up with boyfriend and files full physical custody of their son
>>1560237 Voldemort Butler will be playing Feyd-Rautha in 'Dune II'
>>1560291 PJ Harvey announces tenth studio album 'I Inside the Old Year Dying'
>>1560306 Halle Bailey releases the full version of 'Part of Your World'
>>1560307 Pete Davidson gets criminal charges for crashing car into someone's house
>>1560342 Paper Magazine shuts down
>>1560446 TMZ releases documentary on what actually happened the night Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion
>>1560462 "missing" crazy pedo Drake Bell spotted inhaling balloons
>>1560566 Meghan Trainor seems to have vaginismus
>>1560576 Yellowjacket NLOG "enby" whines over gendered categories at the Emmys

>>1561080 Jerry Springer dies at 79, apologized for his show a few months before his demise >>1561108

>>1561230 Steven Crowder is a disgusting abusive scrote
>>1561505 Jared Leto allegedly has new cultist girlfriend, at least according to this Deuxmoi submitter
>>1561519 What IS going on with Britney Spears?
>>1562099 New Kardashians season trailer
>>1562266 Daniel Craig plays a homo in creatively named movie 'QUEER' directed by the same guy who also did 'Call Me By Your Name', more infighting over homos ITT
>>1562426 Ginny from Harry Potter is pregnant

>>1562544 Megan Fox and MGK no longer live together >>1562548

>>1562687 Liam Payne being a greasy narrow-shouldered bobblehead
>>1563321 Taylor Swift triggers Trump the astrologyfag
>>1563371 Kendall Jenner with Bad Bunny, lesbian tinfoil sperging ensues >>1563430
>>1563566 updated security on the gated complex where Kim and Kylie live
>>1563940 Vanessa Hudgens is pretty
>>1564014 Julia Fox debuts mime look
>>1564451 Crazy Ezra still not dropped from the DCU
>>1564801 Taylor Swift deletes 'Lavender Haze' instagram video
>>1565447 TV writers on strike

MET Gala 2023, theme is the late and very problematic Karl Lagerfeld (racist, misogynistic and absolute worst of all manletphobic, which sets off manlet sperging ITT) >>1564653
>>1564832 toothpaste carpet at the MET Gala
some MET Gala looks
>>1564848 >>1564852 >>1564859 >>1564860 >>1564873 >>1564877 >>1564891 >>1564896 >>1564897 >>1564900 >>1564903 >>1564905 >>1564905 >>1564909 >>1564931 >>1564932 >>1564933 >>1564957 >>1564960 >>1564965
Anok Yai being gorgeous as always >>1564944 >>1564948 >>1564953
Ice Spice in a not-so-flattering fit >>1564955 >>1564961
more MET Gala looks, some better than others
>>1564962 >>1564964 >>1564968 >>1564970 >>1564974 >>1564976 >>1564981 >>1564985 >>1564988 >>1564990 >>1564997 >>1565000 >>1565001 >>1565003 >>1565005 >>1565007 >>1565008 >>1565009 >>1565010 >>1565013 >>1565016 >>1565023 >>1565025 >>1565026 >>1565030 >>1565032 >>1565034 >>1565035 >>1565037 >>1565041 >>1565044 >>1565048 >>1565050 >>1565055 >>1565057 >>1565058 >>1565062 >>1565067 >>1565079 >>1565083 >>1565086 >>1565087
Doja Cat came as Choupette >>1565068 >>1565070 >>1565085
Lil Nas X came as a slutty little alien thing >>1565092 >>1565270
more MET Gala looks
>>1565094 >>1565096 >>1565103 >>1565104 >>1565106 >>1565108 >>1565111 >>1565114 >>1565115 >>1565117
Jared Leto in a Choupette fursuit >>1565120 >>1565121 >>1565147
another round of assorted MET Gala looks
>>1565127 >>1565129 >>1565133 >>1565135 >>1565138 >>1565140 >>1565142 >>1565148 >>1565155 >>1565157 >>1565158 >>1565160 >>1565181 >>1565185 >>1565201 >>1565203 >>1565204 >>1565205 >>1565210 >>1565212 >>1565215 >>1565217 >>1565223 >>1565227 >>1565232 >>1565235 >>1565239 >>1565242 >>1565244 >>1565249 >>1565253 >>1565255 >>1565257 >>1565259 >>1565260 >>1565265 >>1565266 >>1565267 >>1565283 >>1565284
Karlie Kloss reveals pregnancy >>1565150
Serena Williams is pregnant again too >>1565163
and final round of assorted MET Gala looks
>>1565326 >>1565329 >>1565334 >>1565337 >>1565348 >>1565352 >>1565353 >>1565357 >>1565369 >>1565381 >>1565455 >>1565472 >>1565473 >>1565481 >>1565501 >>1565575 >>1565580 >>1565586 >>1565587 >>1565589 >>1565591 >>1565592 >>1565594 >>1565596 >>1565598 >>1565600 >>1565608 >>1565617 >>1565621 >>1565678 >>1565680 >>1565681 >>1565682 >>1565683 >>1565684 >>1565685 >>1565686 >>1565687 >>1565688 >>1565689 >>1565690 >>1565692 >>1565704 >>1565707 >>1565711 >>1565712 >>1565714 >>1565715 >>1565718 >>1565720 >>1565721 >>1565723 >>1565724 >>1565725 >>1565726 >>1565728 >>1565730 >>1565731 >>1565732 >>1565733 >>1565735 >>1565736 >>1565738 >>1565739 >>1565742 >>1565746 >>1565747 >>1565749 >>1565752 >>1565753 >>1565755 >>1565759 >>1565760 >>1565763 >>1566043
thank you anons for posting all of these ♥
>>1565366 oh hi roachie
>>1565663 >>1565771 >>1565773 >>1565777 >>1565780 >>1565782 >>1565785 >>1565791 >>1565797 >>1565946 >>1565950 >>1565953 >>1565956 >>1565958 >>1565960 >>1565961 >>1565968 >>1565972 >>1565974 >>1565979 >>1565985 >>1565992 >>1566000 >>1566004 >>1566005 >>1566006 MET afterparty looks
actually turns out Christine Chiu >>1565687 is quite the cow >>1565784 >>1565801 >>1565810

No. 1566842

File: 1683125662735.png (107.53 KB, 598x666, average looking man.png)

yeah it's attainable, because he looks like shit

No. 1566843

in what world is Kendall a lesbian?? had to drag this out to the next thread because it's that baffling that you would think that

No. 1566846

People absolutely shocked to see a middle aged men without a beer gut. I can't even blame them to be honest.

No. 1566847

Doja brought that cockroach in 1000%

No. 1566850

my dad's like 53 and is more fit then him.

No. 1566859

File: 1683127694835.jpeg (75.19 KB, 800x978, sub-buzz-519-1678276525-3.jpeg)

>Sharon Stone Revealed That She Lost Custody Of Her Son Because Of The “Basic Instinct” Nude Scene That Was Filmed Without Her Knowledge

>When Basic Instinct was released in 1992, many viewers were caught off guard by a now-infamous scene that shows Sharon Stone’s character, Catherine Tramell, repeatedly uncross her legs while not wearing any underwear during a police interrogation. The brief moment of nudity quickly became synonymous with the movie as well as Sharon’s career. But the truth behind the scene is much darker than you might think.

>First of all, Sharon had no idea that her genitals were going to be shown in the movie after she was ultimately tricked into exposing herself during filming when she was told that her underwear was reflecting the light.
>“That was how I saw my vagina-shot for the first time, long after I’d been told, ‘We can’t see anything — I just need you to remove your panties, as the white is reflecting the light, so we know you have panties on,’” she wrote.
>Immediately after the screening, Sharon went to the projection booth and slapped the movie’s director, Paul Verhoeven. She then called her lawyer and considered getting an injunction to prevent Basic Instinct from being released with that scene.
>“I went to the projection booth, slapped Paul across the face, left, went to my car, and called my lawyer, Marty Singer,” Sharon recalled. “Marty told me that they could not release this film as it was. That I could get an injunction.”
>Sharon also remembered feeling like she had little choice over what to do, because she “was just an actress, just a woman.” She ultimately opted for the scene to be included “because it was correct for the film and for the character; and because, after all, I did it.”
>But Sharon has now revealed that this decision ended up costing her greatly in her personal life, and a judge used the nudity against her when she lost custody of her son in 2004.
>Speaking on a new episode of iHeartPodcasts' Table for Two With Bruce Bozzi, Sharon got emotional as she reflected on the way that her career was weaponized in a tumultuous court battle with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein.
>Phil was awarded primary custody of their son Roan, partially due to her reputation as a sex symbol.
>“I lost custody of my child,” Sharon said. “When the judge asked my child — my tiny little boy, 'Do you know your mother makes sex movies?' Like, this kind of abuse by the system — that I was considered what kind of parent I was, because I made that movie."
>"People are walking around with no clothes on at all on regular TV now and you saw maybe like a 16th of a second of possible nudity of me — and I lost custody of my child,” she added.
>Sharon was left so devastated by the judge’s decision that it had a physical impact on her wellbeing. "I ended up in the Mayo Clinic with extra heartbeats in the upper and lower chambers of my heart,” she revealed. “It broke my heart."
>Thankfully, Sharon was able to maintain a strong relationship with Roan, who is now 22 years old

No. 1566870

File: 1683129381796.png (455.51 KB, 1296x730, thom browne.png)

Thank you for the new thread anon! I was thinking how Jared's fursuit should be the new threadpic.
Anyway I know it's old news now, but just some final thoughts; I honestly think the last MET gala was a good one. There were actually a lot of great looks and I had a hard time picking favs. Yes some may have been boring but Chanel is a little boring so meh. Overall I think most people did pretty good at sticking to the theme and we got some good fashion moments from it. I hope we do get something more exciting for next year, but not Vivienne Westwood like people were saying because most celebs would not be able to do her justice.

No. 1566885

i live in a semi-rural area with a lot of french&english white people, and even the thin men and men under 35 have beer guts. opiates and alcohol make them all flabby and prematurely aged

No. 1566887

piece of shit dutchman fucking raping her with a camera
holy shit
and that the judge would say that to her kid, with that phrasing? so fucked. but of course all these men will buy and jack off to her pictures, she's the one who has to get punished though.

No. 1566889

File: 1683130918494.jpg (328.98 KB, 1366x2048, gettyimages-1486929105-2048x20…)

reposting this gem which also could have made a great threadpic

No. 1566937

File: 1683133936986.png (950.73 KB, 1177x2356, Screenshot_20230503-121234.png)

No. 1566949

bumping bc i don’t wanna see a fat man’s ass

No. 1566954

File: 1683134484753.png (1.59 MB, 1440x2403, Screenshot_20230503-122204.png)

No. 1566962

File: 1683134811719.png (966.09 KB, 1440x1719, Screenshot_20230503-122659.png)

"Kransekake, which is a Norwegian dessert staple made of ground almonds and sugar. The cookie rings are stacked in size order and decorated with frosting."

No. 1566972

File: 1683135306282.jpeg (99.75 KB, 745x1083, 2AB1C991-25C6-4ED4-A8AB-E5DB6.…)


No. 1566998

File: 1683136030772.png (53.7 KB, 408x823, The_Mayor_KH.png)

They all look like- they are PART of a live-action "the nightmare before christmas" cast.

No. 1567011

File: 1683136408182.png (329.14 KB, 1416x1505, Screenshot_20230503-125400.png)


No. 1567026

why is jenna posing like that in every single picture? and why can't she ever seem to close her mouth? ugh she annoys me

No. 1567034

my favourite thing about writer's strikes is that SNL stops airing

No. 1567052

File: 1683139376990.jpg (67.29 KB, 760x602, index.jpg)

Sage for OT, Interestingly enough I was just reading about a case similar to this, that of Mary Jo Risher, a lesbian mother who lost custody of her 9-year-old son to her ex-husband. It's a sad story because during the custody battle, the father's lawyers asked the child inappropriate questions about his mother, such as whether he saw her kiss another woman. The father used this as a basis to argue that the mother was unfit, despite the child wanting to stay with her. It highlights how insane our sexist courts are to women, She lost her kid, b/c of this crap.

No. 1567104

File: 1683143227097.webm (7.67 MB, 1080x1920, 10000000_241514161697811_51847…)

No. 1567106

there's also lisianthus, italian ruscus and clematis

No. 1567107

I'm sorry but that is funny as fuck.

No. 1567111

No. 1567180

No. 1567183

File: 1683150257257.jpg (352.05 KB, 2048x2048, 20230503_174327.jpg)

Botched bangs posted this. I liked the MET, but I do think she's right and the theme is probably why some of the usual attendees didn't show.

No. 1567186

Society runs by scrotes leads to this. Male degeneracy is supported while women are demonised for being their victims.

No. 1567195

File: 1683151458156.png (382.77 KB, 1440x2363, Screenshot_20230502-153234~2.p…)

yes, a lot of people are upset about it, but probably not publicly because of fear of backlash

No. 1567204

Because she sucks and is terrible at everything she does, especially "acting" she's awful and I hate that people love her so much because she looks like an adult child. It's gross, and I wish she'd disappear.

No. 1567205


No. 1567211

I'm with you. She's the quirky lolita goth manic pixie dream girl of the moment and it's gross.

No. 1567225

Nitpick but this outfit makes an already short person look extremely short. It's driving me crazy cause it's really beautiful on it's own, but even with the high heel height, it's so much volume and strong black color on an already tiny frame. It's not the outfit, it's how it looks on Jenna. Her legs look too short to carry this top-mid heavy dress and the knee-high socks just cut off her legs even more. Honestly should have just ditched the socks.

And yes, >>1567026 nonna is right about her posing. It's like she's stuck in her Wednesday phase or something

No. 1567228

Here's the thing, everyone holds insane opinions and morals, the difference lies in the scrote was open about them because, in scrote fashion, he felt untouchable and entitled to do so. The problem here for me is that we are celebrating one of the most talentless humans on earth, he literally made his name of the back of established and extremely prolific women (like coco). He literally got a place in the fashion world for being a man, right place, right time. He has done nothing of value and every single publication trying to grasp for straws of his "accomplishments" show it. The only reason he stayed in the lime light, if you will, is because of other women he used in his favour (like cara). In the end anna had no choice but to held an entire MET on his name because tbh, what else of notice has happened in the fashion industry lately? besides backlash and drama, this is the only "note worthy" thing that has happened. So if we are gonna be "mad" or watever botched bangs is calling for, we should be because he was so uninteresting, stale, tiresome, insipid, repetitious and plain boring.

No. 1567231

I’m not bothered by the way she looks but she is a pretty bad actress. Particularly in the movie X trying to do a southern accent. It gave me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1567235

How come every other day people say they’ve broken up

No. 1567236

Jenna's outfit looks like a Steampunk costume from Spirit Halloween I can't believe people are saying she had one of the best outfits. I would expect to find this outfit on some tiktok cosplayer.

No. 1567238

This is evil. Foul. Tricking a woman into showing her genitals on camera is far different from an actress consenting to doing the scene knowingly, but even then a lot of actresses feel forced to do these gratuitous scenes because if they aren't receptive to it then they lose their spots and their dreams don't come true. Always remember when you see a nude scene of a woman or an attractive guy that this wasn't put in for the audience or plot or even sales as much as it was put in so the director and crew can bear intimate witness and get their rocks off.

No. 1567242

File: 1683157164706.webm (3.82 MB, 480x852, rch.webm)

Personally i think Ms. Cockroach nailed the theme spectacularly.

No. 1567245

she's the one to watch out for sure

No. 1567246

I think its fucking hilarious that he's come full circle as a troll and now tons of straight people think he's faking being gay for fame

I am so embarassed I ever liked lil uzi. Now I can't look at him without thinking he looks like freaking Frankenberry

She's 20. Let her be young and pretentious, she's really talented and has carried several projects on her back.

No. 1567248

>it's gross
Why is it gross? Because she is petite and looks youthful? Get a grip

No. 1567250

She ate them all up

No. 1567251

So many designers died in recent years (Vivienne, Virgil, Mugler to name a few), she could’ve done general 'in memoriam' theme – ModernGurlz proposed this. It’s not like she had no choice, she just unsuprisingly chose to celebrate this scrote, not for the first time either.

No. 1567253

Tell your dad to hit me up

No. 1567255

Honoring Karl (whose best contribution to anything was his quote about short men) who took the place of a bitchy nazi but not Mugler is insane. Fuck him and his old lady clothes. That said I liked people's alphets and I dont really care whether they attended or not as a statement sooo

No. 1567262

Fuck, I'm lowkey worried about Jean-Paul Gaultier now… He's not all that young anymore.

No. 1567266

my tinfoil is that anna choose karl as a theme to piss on his grave because everyone who shows up would look derange kek

No. 1567267

I really liked Mugler so I agree with you

No. 1567272

The only good acting in that movie was when she screamed in terror at finding her boyfriend dead lol

No. 1567279

File: 1683159657351.jpg (78.03 KB, 736x1104, 92efee6c10d9ae8a7282f9e83f0753…)

I know he's heavily referenced already but there is a reason for that. McQueen would be a far more deserving contender as well RIP.

No. 1567280

tbf Vivienne died when the theme and a lot of the MET had already been planned, Virgil is infamous for stealing designs (but surely that scrote will get his chance despite his short career) and Mugler was not that prominent in fashion for 20 years before his death because he quit and then only dabbled in (although I do think his 80's and 90's stuff is rightfully so loved by all and worthy of remembering).

Come to think of it the 2013 theme was something about punk (lmao don't look at the looks, such a flop) and a few years before it was anglomania. So I think in a way Vivienne has been honoured while she was still alive. I do hope she gets another fitting theme however. Personally I am not a fan of themes of single people, they are too easy and boring in terms of just dipping into their archives.

No. 1567281

It's always about semantics rather than skill. Generally I try to respect someone's legacy even if I don't like what they created personally but I can't name one iconic thing he has done. Chanel is only a status symbol, absolute garbage idc.

No. 1567282

Lee had one 3 years after his passing.

No. 1567284

ayrt, I don't like or care about Karl either even though I can think of a few looks, he was definitely more famous in fashion for keeping brands profitable at the expense of style and having a ponytail.

No. 1567293

See I dont know shit about this I just hate Karl

No. 1567297

yeah McQueen would be good. McQueen's brand didn't go to shit later on like Mugler, he had talented people working for him. Mugler brand stuff after Mugler left was pretty bad, obviously just a fast fashion version of his hits and sometimes not even close to looking like a Mugler piece (I still like Mugler more but damn he fucked up at the end).

No. 1567299

manic pixie dream girl used to mean lazily written female characters who had no depth or purpose other than spicing up a guys life but now yous use it to shame any girl who comes across as slightly weird , ur gross

No. 1567300

I'm not a fashionfag and purely talking casually but idk why because this is a stupid bourgeoisie event that costs more than what most regular people make in a year per ticket. I guess I'm just daydreaming about talent and ingenuity being rewarded and celebrated. Tl;dr I am a hater and Karl Legerfiend sucks dead or alive. Oooou a tweed gown. Ouuu pearls. Oooou Coco Chanel cc so elegant.

No. 1567301

When Alexa/Alexis whatever Demie was getting buzz and admiration people did the same thing. Its always feminism until cute women actually do something.

No. 1567313

jenna sort of annoys me because she acts like every zoomer with a tiktok addiction (being creepy towards and sexualizing tall women, liking uwu goffic deftones songs) but she still is a zoomer at the end of the day. she's cute, a decent actress and her outfit looked adorable, her legs didn't even look short like a lot of petite women do when they aren't styled correctly. i think it's just obvious that a lot of her fame comes from her beauty/"spooky" brand zoomers stuck to moreso than her actual talent.

No. 1567314

I hate how so many terms have gone from their actual meaning to "woman I don't like".

No. 1567345

File: 1683168018422.jpg (230.45 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230503_224115_Ins…)

here's this

No. 1567348

Because they're both cluster B retards.

No. 1567349

Gay men going crazy over this one

No. 1567350

I mean… she's 20 years old

No. 1567356

If you didn't notice, anons itt get triggered by any woman who is petite and skinny. I'm not a fan of Jenna but most other people in that photo look ten times fucking worse than she does. Especially that tranny looking thing in that awful suit dress.
I think the overly tall anons sperg the most and no one else really cares. Really creepy and hypocritical.


No. 1567358

So I'm drunk and stared at the picture for a bit. There are two people in suit dresses tell me who you are talking about because one for certain is a black woman with facial work. I do not know the other person on the very end

No. 1567376

I feel you but also Deftones have good music so maybe she just likes the band, and their not goth lol

No. 1567378

She’s so overrated, just another Disney kid that got catapulted into a bunch of roles in the mainstream including a shilled Netflix show and is now being stanned by millions of kids online. She means nothing to me but is the cool actress of the next few years, reminds me of Anya Taylor joy.

No. 1567382

Could not imagine being this much of a hater. So who is a good actress to you of this gen? Personally I support a new wave of actresses that are enthusiastic about their job, vocal fry free, and actually putting in effort.

No. 1567388

Nta but dumbass Jenna has complained and whined numerous times about how "tired" she was from acting/working. She's undeserving, boring and definitely has no effort to put in from the start, she just sucks so bad.

No. 1567390

Kek I’m not a hater and if I was this is the place for it, just don’t care about her and sick of seeing constant articles or posts about her. The actresses I like are not of a young age, not saying she is a bad actress either just overrated and not for me. She’s a tryhard from what I’ve seen of her social media too and it’s annoying seeing rich young people trying to act so deep and ~strange~ as if they don’t have the easiest lives ever

No. 1567394

Nta but she looks like she's like 18, who cares if she's being fake deep or whatever. I couldn't tell you how many people I've seen go through a deep or weirdo phase. I know this is the celebcow thread and I won't stop anyone from criticizing, but I also have to be honest and say when I think these comments are kind of dumb.

No. 1567395

Nta, you're right and realistically the people dumping on a 20 year old for acting like a 20 year old are either teenagers who think everyone above 18 suddenly becomes a mature well adjusted adult or faggots who just like criticizing women

No. 1567410

I could not imagine whinging about someone that young for acting like any other 20 year old. It's such a non-issue, being bothered by it reeks of jealousy.

Welcome to entertainment. It's not like she's Cole Sprouse that lil bitch has been an adult for only two years and those two years were during covid. Your issue is that you expect so much from people whose only job is to act and collect a check.

It's always either teenage girls or homosexual grown men. They are one of the same.

No. 1567412

There is no lisianthus or mums and it's pathetic to try to flex about flowers on 4chan for girls when you don't know what you're talking about

No. 1567414

File: 1683175021180.png (124.58 KB, 592x490, Its_Not_That_Deep.png)

No. 1567416

>They are one of the same.
Literally no one said that, learn to read.

No. 1567425

>it's always feminism until cute women do something
It's more on the lines of them having to pick a very conventionally attractive actor to play a very weird character to make the traits acceptable. Wednesday isn't supposed to be quirky or a cute goth girl, she's meant to make people uncomfortable and be kinda frightening. There's a big difference between nitpicking a cute girl and criticising the choice to try and make Wednesday Addams a dark and twisted cycle path just to make it more easily digested by faggots

No. 1567426

Also, the claim that the characters are “supposed to look more like the comic versions” only seems to apply to the male ones. The female characters continue to have to be yassified models.

No. 1567451

Maybe if you removed your head out of your ass ypu wouldn't get kneejerk offended about the observation that grown gay men act like tween girls

No. 1567452

Wednesday Addams has literally been played by a cute girl since she was televised you retard

No. 1567455

Literally no one is "kneejerk offended" except you maybe. And faggots wish they acted like tweens, but lets be real here they act like faggots.

No. 1567459

But why hate on her then? She didn’t chose herself to the role, she didn’t direct acting nor did she style herself for the role.

No. 1567460

They can't see past their own nose. Always crying about how women in entertainment aren't perfect enough for their standards when they could never do what these women do in any capacity. It's pretentious and whiny.

No. 1567461

You definitely take offense. They literally mirror teenage girls when talking about celebs.. which is an insult to them, not to teenage girls. Which you clearly do not like.

No. 1567462

>You definitely take offense.
You originally replied to my 8 word post with every adjective you know lol, you clearly got offended but okay nonnie.

No. 1567467

Your ~8 word post~ didn't even make sense contextually. Keep replying if you must.

No. 1567470

Girl I don't even know what you're saying or what you're mad about, fix your autism.

No. 1567474

Im late to this I just wanted to say outside of major formal holidays/events (like christmas or constitution day) the only people in Norway who I have ever seen have a kransekake for their birthday has been boomers during a company hosted celebration.

No. 1567503

I'm so tired of seeing people on TikTok saying Britney isn't really alive and it's a clone, they really can't comprehend that she's just really mentally unwell

No. 1567509

File: 1683190218197.webm (1.73 MB, 576x1072, Snaptik.app_720780299727811716…)

just wanted to post this.
>Jenna Ortega had serious problems with the writing on Wednesday
>Although as she explained […] sometimes that was in spite of the scripts she received, which she didn’t think wrote the character correctly.
>“I don’t think I’ve ever had to put my foot down on a set in the way that I had to on Wednesday,” Ortega said. “Everything that she does, everything that I had to play did not make sense for her character at all. Her being in a love triangle made no sense. There was a line about this dress that she has to wear for a school dance and she says, ‘Oh my god, I love it! I can’t believe I said that. I literally hate myself.’ And I had to go, ‘No, there’s no way.'”
>There were times on that set where I even became unprofessional in a sense where I just started changing lines. The script supervisor thought I was going with something and then I would have to sit down with the writers and they’d be like, ‘Wait, what happened to the scene?’ And I would have to go through and explain why I couldn’t do certain things. I grew very, very protective of her.
also wednesday WAS supposed to be cute since the show came to television kek what are you even talking about

No. 1567517

I feel like these anons don't have nearly as much smoke for Anya Taylor Joy or Elle Fanning lol. The bitterness in these threads sometimes is ridiculous. It doesn't even matter that she's 20, she doesn't need an "excuse". She's pretty and in Hollywood, so fucking what?

No. 1567535

ATJ used to get hate for looking like a fish on here kek. Now that Jenna is newer and younger she absorbed most of it. It's partially Jealousy and partially the way Jenna acts that makes people want to 'put her in her place'. I personally don't particularly like her because she reminds me too much of Aubrey Plaza who used to get asslicked in the same way, but the way some people on here hate Jenna is really weird.

No. 1567546

File: 1683199453452.jpg (167.18 KB, 1170x1205, coronation fever.jpg)

have you seen this, have you heard about thi

No. 1567548

Taylor go on Cumtown

No. 1567549

No no no no non no, anyone but him

No. 1567551

please be fake, but also 1. halsey would be seething 2. the songs they will eventually write about each other will be middle school tier cringe lmao

No. 1567552

What a weird pair if true. Who knows how many STDs she'll get from this. He's several inches shorter than her too right? That's not even factoring in heels. I almost want it to be true just so I can see that visual

No. 1567554

why such an ugly man ew. How old is he? He looks at least a decade older than her

No. 1567555

They were born 8 months apart nonna

No. 1567556

If there is a picture of Tay and Nick Mullen, with Nick coming up just past her elbows, I think I would die happy

No. 1567558

I mean moids do age like milk but that is the difference between a sex addict junkie anglo and one of the most image conscious people on the planet.

Tay will look 26 until she's 55.

No. 1567565

I wonder if Taylor knows of the existence of cumtown.

No. 1567569


I mean even if she's just friends with Healy, he's way too retarded to not mention it and she's has too much pickme in her to immediately ghost him for listening to it. Like I don't think she's listened to the Bernie Sanders Blackface rally bit but Healy has 100% mentioned it

No. 1567570

I mean Elizabeth Olsen listens to redscare.

No. 1567572

fuckin trippin. All I listened to when I was a pretentious fucking tumblr teen was 1975 and Taylor. She does love her British men but Matty Natty is manky and I don’t want his dick anywhere near Taylor. He’s got more talent than Joe but having dated a guy who likely still tries to fuck minors is a terrible look for American sweetheart.

No. 1567573

dear lord he looks in his mid 40s

No. 1567575

>more talent than Joe

Cmon nonnie, who doesn't

No. 1567576

She's right, but the show still botched Wednesday's character completely so whatever she did or didn't say wasn't enough to save it

No. 1567577

This scans, she seems like she thinks she's smarter than she is.

I'd be surprised if Tay is anything but painfully normie tbh, she's fully internalised the America's Sweetheart thng

No. 1567579

I don't even really like or know anything about Taylor but I know she can do better than this washed up man whore

No. 1567580


Wow Matt Healy made an exception for Taylor fucking Swift since he normally dates girls under 23 lmao

No. 1567581

Maybe she's feelin' 22.

I'm sorry nonnies I'll take my ban

No. 1567586

No. 1567587

File: 1683202443921.jpeg (64.83 KB, 640x640, 340685B2-405A-415A-9FB5-BBA20D…)

Too bad Mat Healy wants “Girls” who are “17”
him being 23-25 singing about 17 year olds in 2013??

No. 1567588

Anyone wanna spoonfeed me why everyone is talking about Nick Mullen and cumtown? What does that have to do with Matt Healy?

No. 1567589

Kek, are you mad we don't like your fave scrote?

No. 1567590

I don't like Jenna Ortega or rather the hype around her either. If you work with little children, constantly having to hear them sing that goddamn song… and the number of moids of all ages who suddenly name her as their ideal type…
But saying anybody who doesn't like her is just jelly that she's so youthful and petite is retarded, she turned 18 like yesterday, of course she's still gonna look like a half-kid

No. 1567591

i remember this era……… they were in a flirtation stage wearing each others merch and Matty being salty when it went cold (i rly thought tay was too smart for him) sad face

No. 1567592

Healy went on the Adam Friedland Show and admitted to being a huge fan of Cumtown. Apparently he reached out to Nick to ask if he could come on

No. 1567593

No. 1567596

She really is way too pretty for him

No. 1567600

JO and Olivia Rodrigo getting openly thirsted over by disgusting moids is so deeply blackpilling. It's like when there was the countdown to Emma Watson turning 18

No. 1567602

I think I’m irritated by every new actress Hollywood decides to latch on because we all know they have an expiration date before everyone turns on them and it’s painful to watch the same thing unfold while the same men in Hollywood who target and sabotage young actresses’ careers get to have a bajillion reboots and redemption arcs despite being bloated abusive addicts.

No. 1567603

Healy was a guest on cumtown (sorry– "The Adam Friedland Show") in February this year and his fans were not happy. cumtown humor depends on ironic racism and nasty sexual stories and Matt told a gross story about jerking off to ghettogaggers among other things that made some of his fans not like him so much anymore. Officially they pulled the episode but it's still very easy to find >>1567593
Also through his appearances on the show it became clear he is actually real-life friends with Adam at the very least, maybe Nick too.

No. 1567606

Also Kamala Harris's son as well.

No. 1567608

It's so transparent. Sydney Sweeney too and she seems like she's steering into it

No. 1567610

I'll ask this and regret it, is ghettogaggers what it sounds like?

No. 1567613

Ty, I guess this will feed those tinfoils from a few years ago about Taylor being secretly right wing

No. 1567614

Its a interracial porn site where white men have violent sex with black women.

No. 1567615

Nta but omg I hate men so much

No. 1567616

Cumtown isn't rightie, they're part of the Brooklyn leftcow scene. When Nick isnt being brutally "ironic" he's a standard brociaist.

I think Tay is a standard girlboss Dem tbh

No. 1567617

Yeah I knew I shouldn't have asked. They def drop N bombs during too

No. 1567619

She's so weirdcore, I love her

No. 1567620

didn’t Matt also nearly say something racist during a concert before his band mates cut him off? i swear i saw that on tik tok. what a horrible choice for a boyfriend in today’s climate.

No. 1567621

Swifties are losing their absolute minds right now and tearing him apart. This is just a mess & it's probably not even true

No. 1567623

Oh right my bad, I should've known that cause I've seen them mentioned in the leftcows thread

No. 1567625

It’s literally just exercising our god given right to read a predatory rocker dude to filth…one of the core purposes of lolcow
We’re allowed x

No. 1567626

Can someone link the best meltdowns? I love seeing fandoms absolutely fucking seethe

No. 1567628

can can you imagine if Taylor becomes a cynical irony poisoned “unwoke/dirtbag left” e-girl type and the swifties that would follow suit. It would be fucking hilarious

No. 1567629

My sides

No. 1567631

Its always funny to see sheltered twitter stan types come face to face with actual open depravity and racism, they literally lose their minds

No. 1567632

No. 1567633

<3 thank you nonnie(,<3)

No. 1567635

Imagine if after all the bullshit fairytale romance with Alwyn, Tay marries an ironybro manlet

No. 1567645

Tay is really going from all that "omg love is a fairytale, Lover, Evermore, Donegal beaches" to a fatally irony poisoned guy four inches shorter than her notorious for riding teenage girls into his thirties, who kisses said girls in public and who's favourite porn site (according to him on TAFS) is 'Ghettogaggers', a violent interracial porn site featuring destitute black women

No. 1567654

>that her underwear was reflecting the light
When she visited me country she bragged how she never worn any underwear

No. 1567661

File: 1683207888643.jpeg (169.46 KB, 1200x1200, E79619EE-E637-4FBF-956A-9F66EB…)

She’s in her manlet era. That F1 driver she was rumoured with last week is also 5’11 like Matty which isn’t short but Taylor is that height and she looks amazing in heels

No. 1567672

F1 drivers are all gay so I don't believe that was a real relationship no matter what anyone says

No. 1567673

5'11 would considered something like 6'3 in my country

No. 1567676

5'11 would is not considered short anywhere, hell in my country, it would be considered something like 6'3 in my country

No. 1567678

I hate moids. If a scrote who admitted to visiting a site like that would attempt to date me, I not only wouldn't refuse but I'd also feel a strong urge to make him disappear under mysterious circumstances

No. 1567680

Yea yea but this is about Taylor. 5’11 isn’t short but next to a woman in the same heigh who wears heels, they’re manlets

No. 1567688

File: 1683211307529.jpeg (87.63 KB, 960x880, 076A2FBB-96E1-4C20-AE90-CB49EC…)

Sage bec bordering on off-topic & necro on met gala but tweakers on my timeline posted these recreation of Kurt Cobain aka breedable grunge 90s twink if he attended but at the same time, I’m sure he’d be boycotting events like this that celebrate rape apologists. That’s if he didn’t end up going full corporate rock.

No. 1567689

File: 1683211335462.jpeg (101.11 KB, 1024x919, 075DFB20-21B9-47EE-9870-C742EC…)

No. 1567690


I'd like to think he'd have too much integrity to associate with those people but I'd have thought the same about Trent Reznor once upon a time

No. 1567698

While I don’t doubt she was victimised, she seems to be conveniently omitting from her narrative how she was very Munchausen-esque with her kid and that they had shared custody for 5 years before Phil (dad) was awarded custody.

No. 1567716

As much as I'd like to dunk on exploitative moids, I can't entirely seriously on this. As the other nonna pointed out, Sharon isn't being honest about her relationship with her child and some of her abusive behavior. Also, Basic Instinct features a long lens close up of the crotch shot shot with a 35mm cinema camera, that's not something you don't notice while someone is doing it. You basically have a giant machine with multiple people operating it with a long tip pointed directly at your crotch. She also made Basic Instinct 2 after the events from 2004 she describes.

No. 1567725

>Kurt Cobain aka breedable grunge 90s twink
this thread really does bring in the worst crowd huh

No. 1567726


Ok but look, idk how used to exploitation Sharon was by that time, but when you develop PTSD from being sexually assaulted, you tend to dissociate or go on autopilot a lot especially since she does that for a living. I’m not going to justify how abusive she became as a result of this but I’m not going to poke holes in her experience.when I was still a volunteer, I encountered girls who took months and years before varying degrees of different types of sexual assault have been acted against them. She might have become selfish with her child and that’s messed up but I’m not going to tell a woman how being violated is supposed to look like instead of her own narrative. I know ppl lie all the time but ppl don’t often lie about being sexually assaulted for fear of their reputation being tied to being a victim. Dass alllll

No. 1567728

** when I was still a volunteer, I encountered girls who took months and years before varying degrees of different types of sexual assault thathave been acted against them, only start to sink in or process them

No. 1567763

she might have been over protective but the kid choose to reconcile with his mother again, so what does that tell us.

No. 1567782

File: 1683219930485.jpeg (364.02 KB, 1170x1250, 3FC609EC-698D-4B52-9495-E52E45…)

So did Taylor really break up with Joe because he cheated on her with Margaret Qualley? Or is that just a meme?

No. 1567786

The media is already saying Taylor has a new bf.

No. 1567797

That has no influence on what I posted.

No. 1567814

File: 1683221586508.jpeg (178 KB, 1042x1421, 2ABA9E06-ACE2-4A77-925C-EB2881…)

Weirder things have happened after her long-term breakups. She doesn’t really annoy me but I forgot how milky her schtick was.

No. 1567816

File: 1683221608454.png (1.07 MB, 1280x720, lilnasx - Copy.png)

ik this is old now but i was watching emma chamberlain's interview with lil nas x and the amount of sideeye he was getting was very funny to me

No. 1567818

shes jus implying that even taylors moved on, both seems adjusted……unlike her shit w cuckvin harris

No. 1567819

Is that a Tay fan shirt he is wearing?

No. 1567828

yep hahaha it’s likely publicity or for laughs, casual in the least but Taylor asking. him to wear that tank is so jokes..

No. 1567854

i read this in a 68 yr old scottish man accent and you cannot convince me you are anything else

No. 1567858

I read that whole sentence several times and still don't get what anon is saying. That and
These threads make me feel old now kek.

No. 1567873

that's understandable but it's not Jenna's or any other actresses fault, it's the moids fault, so shouldn't the hate be directed towards them?

No. 1567908

File: 1683227975046.png (432.13 KB, 586x658, Screenshot 2023-05-04 151928.p…)

I'm sorry for the infighting that results from this image, but it gave me a little chuckle.

No. 1567914

What’s going on under her boobs that looks like it’s cutting her circulation off ??


I see she’s back to dating douchebags

No. 1567917

The shirt is too small. Btw i deleted the other post because i noticed it was posted up thread already.

No. 1567953

i thought they were alright until tiktok latched onto them and now i cant listen to any song of theirs without being reminded of every retarded thirst trap a guy has made to their music to try and get pussy. saying this as a goth zoomer who gets scrotes asking me if i listen to deftones and sending me their dumbass music. i hate how they're synonymous with "big titty goth girls" now. but that's just my own problem kek

No. 1567960

what did my husbando trent do? other than make music for disney movies kek

No. 1567962

she reminds me of shayna here i'm sorry

No. 1567966

i mean it was known as the edgy sex/horny music band for years so a thirst trap isn't really anything

No. 1567985

You're not even wrong tbh, hahaha damn

No. 1567990

File: 1683232167364.jpg (609.73 KB, 1651x2048, carrie.jpg)

Not milk, but today Carrie Fisher got her Hollywood star. Here's Billie Lourd accepting it.

No. 1568003

Ayrt Jenna Ortega very literally did have problems with how the Wednesday character was being portrayed. I didn't hate on her for playing the role, I hate the way they warped the role of Wednesday and evidently so did Ortega. Interesting dark female characters have to be yassified into quirky uwu cute but psycho girlies to be acceptable in media and that IS a problem.

Look at it like this: why does Johnny Depp get the luxury of being shapeshifted into a majority of beloved creepy characters that are not sexy or cute quirky, but creepy women have to be either sexualised or acceptably quirky to be iconic characters?

No. 1568015

i haven't heard this but hope so, it would be so funny to me if qualley and jack antonoff broke up before getting married after LDR putting that song about them on her album

No. 1568029

File: 1683237265723.png (987.31 KB, 1440x1996, Screenshot_20230504-165413.png)



No. 1568031

johnny depp was reasonably attractive back in the day though and all his characters were those endearingly awkward funny types oozing with charisma, i get your argument but that's just the entertainment industry in general . none of his characters would have been as palatable if someone truly ugly was playing them. jeffrey dahmer was an average looking dude but the actor they got to play him had hoardes of fangirls thirsting after his looks. everything has to be yassified to appeal to the mainstream idk why you're acting like its a new thing

No. 1568039

Maybe it’s just song inspiration nonny

No. 1568048

I thought this was Brian Cranston

No. 1568059

Gaylors are all one bad day away of accusing Taylor's ex boyfriends of glowing

No. 1568060

i think it's mostly the fact that they made the wednesday show for preteens. shows like that always need to follow tropes like a love triangle, cute teenage boy love interests, a BFF, some kind of school dance, etc. the thing is, none of these things are in the spirit of wednesday's character. it just makes her so much blander when she goes along with it all. it would've been so much cooler if they subverted all those tropes by making her a legitimate weird girl who is creepy, morbid and unconcerned with her appearance or making friends with attractive boys. i understand young girls need tv shows and gravitate towards ones with those tropes, but it's a shame they had to botch wednesday's character with it. i really related to her in the addams family movies as a little girl with the 'tism.

No. 1568061

File: 1683240286655.png (31.75 KB, 1640x780, walkoffame.png)

she didn't "get" her star. they aren't an award or an honour. they are a purchase. there is a form on their website that you fill in, pay $75k, and then add a letter from the celeb explaining why they think they're relevant enough for one. it's a big egocentric sham. carrie clearly never wanted one, and this is just her daughter being her usual attention seeking self.

any celeb with a star is a scumbag tbh

No. 1568064

They are frequently purchased around the time a movie or TV show is about to premier in order to generate publicity. I wonder what terrible star wars adjacent project Billie is promoting

No. 1568070

I don't iconographicize him but I fully believe he would never sell out. Also he'd have a pot belly for sure. And bloodshot eyes. And really thin dirty hair.

It's so bizarre watching the autists call kettle

Being angry at young women for succeeding in a fickle industry is point blank retarded. There is room for all kinds of people to act, being mad that children like her and men think she's pretty is literally just seething.

No. 1568071

I see people constantly insult Sydney Sweeney too. Its like any time a young woman is liked by a decent amount of people suddenly others feel the need to overcompensate and search for reasons to dehumanize and pick her apart because they have to be ~different~. It's like theyre too underdeveloped to grasp the concept that you aren't required to look like Bella Hadid to be likable or deserve what you've worked for.

No. 1568078

yep. it's a great way to get some headlines about how amazing and iconic [celeb] is. 75k is pocket change for a studio with a pr budget in the hundreds of millions.

No. 1568079

The photo op that single handedly slided his job prospects in half

I get what you're saying but do you ever get tired of constantly writing dissertations about it it? It isn't like we aren't aware, but why would that make us complain about or stop uplifting young women for getting their come up.

No. 1568080

Cant believe im saying this but… Maybe the psyco lesbian tinfoilers are right

No. 1568081

Yup. Johnny Depp gets solicited for sex in a hair salon in Edward Scissorhands. His first movie he is a smoldering pretty boy in a crop top. He's played a transvestite in a feather boa as a top and heavy makeup. Women and men are sexualized in different ways but until fairly recently ugly men were not ever going to be popular in roles like that or even offered them.

No. 1568085

No. 1568086

She isn't dating that

No. 1568097

so this is the type of older bitter bitch in the workplace that attacks younger women kek. your attitude stinks and I hope you don't have daughters

No. 1568111

File: 1683244534542.png (406.67 KB, 1440x2055, Screenshot_20230504-185419.png)

At least have some taste, Ms. Swift! Go after Robert Sheehan, INSTEAD!

No. 1568112

File: 1683244544562.png (534.54 KB, 1320x2048, Screenshot_20230504-185556.png)

hell yeah, this is the greatest timeline

No. 1568123

File: 1683245057880.gif (3.67 MB, 540x400, 168324505780306866.gif)

No. 1568127

A woman doesn't wear underwear?!?! Take her kid away! What a harlot! Hang her in the town square!

No. 1568131

Nta but I'm late twenties and I still like weirdcore stuff, and liminalcore, oddcore, webcore. Most of the cores tbh

No. 1568134

Lol I think that's more endearing than her being snobbish with her shopping habits.

No. 1568136

The joy of not having tiktok is that their music has not been ruined for me even if the tiktok children have tainted it. Allowing them to ruin things will eventually lead to you like nothing at all.
Stop using tiktok jesus.

No. 1568139

>It's so bizarre watching the autists call kettle
Everyone itt is autistic, especially the infighters

No. 1568140

Still don't know what any of that means but it's probably for the best tbh.

No. 1568141

Lol I'm not on tiktok, Tumblr created the "core" genre's. Now I mostly view the photos and videos on Instagram

No. 1568147

I genuinely couldn't tell which one was the fan.

No. 1568155

You have face blindness probably

No. 1568156

She can afford clothes that properly fit. That jacket can't even be comfortable.

No. 1568162

Nah, nice try though

No. 1568166

NTA but they don't look alike other than having brown hair and being fat. If you can't tell them apart then you might want to get a brain scan. And I say this as a non-Lana stan.

No. 1568169

Anon was not saying that they look alike but that they look regular. I'll be honest and say that if I saw that photo with no caption I wouldn't have guessed that that's Lana.

No. 1568170

I bet you they fucked

No. 1568171

kek nonna did you make this?

No. 1568174

Then you're both kinda retarded*, I'm sorry

No. 1568175

>Then you're both kinda reatrded
Anon, she literally just looks like an average woman that you would see down the street. And don't misspell retarded if you're going to call some retarded, reatrd.

No. 1568206

File: 1683258826049.jpeg (105.35 KB, 828x981, D6E0B917-31D8-4E15-8B41-CCABDB…)

Doja Cat’s new tattoo. She added the context: “Bats often represent death in the sense of letting go of the old, and bringing in the new. They are symbols of transition, of initiation, and the start of a new beginning.”

No. 1568207

>of initiation
She knows what she's doing by using words like this.

No. 1568237

Call me old fashioned, or whatever, but it makes me sad seeing certain women get tatted up so much. A couple reasonably sized ones are cute but shit like this just looks stupid. I feel like it only looks good for 5 minutes and then you’re over it.

No. 1568240

Covering yourself in shitty tattoos all at once a la Pete Davidson sounds like a great idea

No. 1568242

It is old-fashioned but you’re right, I’m sure the ones you’ve seen are tacky because most really are. I used to work at a tattoo shop and it astounds me the lack of creativity people who like to think of themselves as iconoclasts are. I am an elitist piece of shit but you see this dumpster fire of people coming in wanting shit they’ve seen on IG as if it’s a Shein accessory, you know? It’s so rare to find a heavily tattooed person who have curated their body art to a T.

Pluuuuus, as much as I respect the art of tattoos, it definitely warrants the “trashy” connotation because people are so used to seeing it on girls in porn and other sex workers. I just think too much but I suspect that the reason why many girls below 24 in porn almost ALWAYS have a tattoo is it also serves as some kind of badge that reminds people they’re legal even if they’re exploiting the way those girls look nowhere near legal ages. My tinfoil is porn producers-predators suggest this kind of shit to all their newbies. I hate how patriarchy is giving me brain damage

No. 1568252

It looks so stupid im sorry

No. 1568324

Still way better than Affleck's phoenix tat.
I fee like she is really going into rock star aesthetic, I do wish for her to release a related album.

No. 1568330

You're a special one, aren't you?

No. 1568331

NTA but exactly, she looks just like her average fan in body type and style. So, stop getting mad when people point it out.

No. 1568343

Nta but I like that about Lana, it makes her seem more down to earth and approachable.

No. 1568356

Not against tattoos, but this one fucking sucks sorry Doja

No. 1568393

Sadly your tinfoil is wrong and porn producers HATE it when girls get tattoos bc then they cant sell a convincing fantas of the girl being underage. The girls get tattoos to distance themselves from the barely legal porn the producers cast them in.

No. 1568406

Learn to sage fucking idiots

No. 1568412

nta but not their fault some farmhand arbitrarily decided you need to sage in one thread in /ot/ even though it's stated nowhere

No. 1568415

Okay!! That’s more comforting even if it’s conclusively grim. I read about how these user uploaded sites often get CP and I’m too naive to think porn producer-predators give a shit about being scrutinised by useless feds on their more questionable releases. I hate this hellscape it’s so whack .

No. 1568417

File: 1683294674794.jpg (7.84 KB, 275x183, images (2).jpg)

NTA, but on the other hand, trafficking victims both underage and adult are often forced to get tattoos (which are sometimes coerced and/or unassuming like picrel, or sometimes humiliating) to signify that they "belong" to their traffickers.

No. 1568487

kinda goes hard and i'm not even big on tattoos

No. 1568527

It's really ugly and terrible. The mole is distracting next to the line work, I can't focus on the actual tat. But it's awful anyway.

No. 1568536

I like it too, kek. It's just personal taste.

No. 1568550

Tattoo-fags correct me if I'm wrong, but won't this fade pretty badly because of the thin lines?

No. 1568570

I used to be a tattooist and yeah, this is really ill-advised. It'll look like shit in two years time, maybe less.

No. 1568631

Correct me if Im wrong but wasn't Taylor linked up with Fernando Alonso who's a bloody manlet at 5ft-nothing? Leclerc has a steady gf already

No. 1568647

Prob fake, but I wouldn't mind if it was true, they're both obnoxious and make basic shitty music. Pretty cute couple.

No. 1568676

It baffles me she’s obviously doing this for publicly and attention. Dumb people shit their pants because omg satan or whatever but isn’t that Nas X thing already?

No. 1568828

File: 1683328430018.jpeg (238.72 KB, 828x1313, IMG_7604.jpeg)

What do you nonnas think of this new Evangeline Lily caption kek

No. 1568830

It's retarded.

No. 1568860

File: 1683330703481.gif (4.13 MB, 498x271, oh-shit.gif)

Paul Rudd right now, and every other day

No. 1568876

This is depressing as fuck

It looks like something you would see in black and white with 40000 notes on Tumblr in like 2012

No. 1568887

she's definitely baiting the tinfoilers with that description

No. 1568899

File: 1683335038635.jpg (110.66 KB, 864x900, FvZRfRmXoAQmRdP.jpg)

chrissy teigen looking like a dog that's chewed a wasp lol

(no but seriously we've gotta start throwing the filler people and surgeons and makeup artists in prison)

No. 1568901

it looks like someone photoshopped her face onto her head. she got a neanderthal brow ridge.

No. 1568902

kek i thought it was photoshopped at first too for the exact same reason. i had to literally go to getty and check lol


No. 1568914

it looks like she is a hamster hiding food in her cheeks, how does she look at herself in the mirror and think it's fine?

No. 1568917

Kek, too accurate
Holy shit, she's so damn swollen & puffy. Wtf, she hasn't looked human in so many years already, but this is another level.

No. 1568929

File: 1683337806447.jpg (70 KB, 1200x676, jigsaw.jpg)

same vibe

No. 1568930

Where the fuck does she live where masculine women are applauded and seen as the epitome of cool? I want to move there kek

No. 1568934

… probably Portland Oregon lol

No. 1568937

No. 1568941

kek the mean girl backlash really got to her, I was hopping she would stay hidden forever.

No. 1568953

She didn't hide.

No. 1568954

i think it seems like she hid bc she has no discernible talents or job.

No. 1568984

File: 1683342387837.jpeg (179.47 KB, 998x1319, 98000C4E-50AA-4A82-9EEB-62BC54…)


No. 1568986

He looks like an earthworm

No. 1569022

File: 1683345721931.jpeg (176.17 KB, 1170x1844, IMG_2763.jpeg)


Here’s some less upsetting news

No. 1569043

meh i agree with her

No. 1569059

File: 1683350556500.jpg (69.99 KB, 1300x866, 1559085709860.jpg)


No. 1569103

does lana have cushing's syndrome from wellbutrin?

No. 1569108

but since when are masculine women applauded or considered cool? can you explain her rant to us

No. 1569126

File: 1683357837969.jpeg (196.36 KB, 1145x1529, 779CBA9E-B756-4B68-ACFA-997D96…)

Simu Liu seems so insufferable to me and I hardly know anything about him. Didn’t he also say that pedophilia wasn’t any different from being gay

No. 1569135

File: 1683358376437.jpeg (84.48 KB, 1068x737, A4FAB6C6-5247-4C50-A71E-5DFDE4…)

Lmao, perfect. She looks so ridiculous wtf

No. 1569136

It reads like those 'boy positivity' posts from 2012 Tumblr.

No. 1569157

i'll probably get banned for this but i get what he's saying. he knows he's ugly (kek), but even if you don't like him for his retarded opinions, there's nothing wrong with one person getting more roles than another. these are the kind of people who believe that everyone should get a trophy for just showing up and that you shouldn't celebrate winners cause it makes others sad boo hoo. maybe he has a better agent, maybe he's willing to do roles that other asian actors don't want to do. there are so many variables at play that we just do not know. people shouldn't always just assume it's because they aren't being casted or that hollywood isn't interested in them - hollywood seems way more interested in asian actors than black actors. most asian actors, even if they were born abroad, went to asia to make films. there was no pressing need to come to america and most of them seemed opposed to making films here. if they went west, they went to europe.

there's also an element of entitlement here but i don't think this is the place or time to go into that discussion as i would offend way too many people. i still think he's an idiot but after reading what he said and what was in the article, i get his point. everyone is sick of these equality fags and their constantly moving goalposts. nothing is ever good enough for them.

No. 1569158

It's true, why is it that Simu Lu (and Henry Golding to a lesser degree) are the only Asian actors who get consistent opportunities in Hollywood

No. 1569186

I've never seen the first 2 actors in anything, maybe the complainer should watch movies that aren't just made for theatre release or Netflix if they want to see more Asians

No. 1569188

So let them look stupid, no one ever gets 'sad' over men getting shitty tattoos

No. 1569194

File: 1683367798643.jpg (132.15 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230502_232134_Chr…)

From a few days ago, when the last thread was full

No. 1569207

File: 1683370486409.webm (716.33 KB, 640x360, ssstwitter.com_1683370177543.w…)

Katy Perry at the coronation ceremony.

No. 1569234

Isn't this literally just how songwriting and buying demos from other artists work? There are plenty of songs that once belonged to other artists but then they get bought and used by another. And in this case she was specifically making them for Ariana kek.

No. 1569236

is she gonna sing peacock?

No. 1569262

Both anon and Kate from Lost Haven bought into the idea of Cool Girls from Gone Girl being 'masculine', as opposed to actually gnc or butch women

No. 1569266

He's right about not being a thirst trap

No. 1569339

File: 1683384956194.png (433.36 KB, 1439x1454, Screenshot_20230506-095620.png)

I have never seen this posted here so…


No. 1569345

looks like shes just deep squatting

No. 1569348

Same, isn't she just doing the slav thing and squatting while having a ciggy? How even is Hype Desk, what run-down blog is this?

No. 1569358

I wish Depp's monstrous alcoholism and rage tracked him even 50% to the extent that everything tracks to Amber Heard

No. 1569386

cannot stand this human-trafficking cow but the way the scrotes who run the media keep running bullshit like this about her drives me crazy. like obviously she isn't shitting on the street, but any excuse to back up johnny's narrative and post a photo of her crying is good enough for them igss.

No. 1569388

i'm confused about why i'm supposed to believe the person in that blurry low resolution photo is her to begin with?

No. 1569405

Any legitimate sources on human trafficking or is it just schizo LSA shit.

No. 1569414

holy shit, is that an implant or just filler in her chin?? her plastic surgeon or nurse should be put in prison.

No. 1569418

the taylor swift fan meltdown over matt healy is the most entertaining thing to happen in celebrity news in months. i don't give a shit if it's real or not, i just love reading the fan responses. and i didn't know this ugly man had so many stans, but here we are

No. 1569456


It’s a nightmare for us, truly

No. 1569539

File: 1683399123575.png (61.85 KB, 1440x759, Screenshot_20230506-135218.png)

No. 1569540

File: 1683399181699.webm (9.29 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 1569562

she used a surrogate. a baby cannot consent to being purchased.

No. 1569598

Taylor is such a wholesome character. I feel really good that young people look to her, as a good example and role model.

No. 1569610

eh idk about that, considering she worked with an abusive director and the stories of how she behaves irl from people who personally knew her. she seems two-faced like every other celeb.

No. 1569611

She's literally capitalism incarnate. I'm not political sperging but if it increased her profit margins and guaranteed her more Grammys, there's almost nothing she wouldn't do

No. 1569612

literally no one in that industry is wholesome, you don't make it in hollywood if you're wholesome.

No. 1569620

File: 1683404976219.gif (4.58 MB, 640x530, joe-gilgun-misfits.gif)


she's not wholesome

No. 1569623

Capitalismfag here, dont get me wrong I like her. I really like Evermore and Folklore but literally no one with a net worth of 600 million can be considered 'wholesome'

No. 1569698

File: 1683414243398.jpg (282.47 KB, 1080x1349, halsey.jpg)

has she done Something to her face?

No. 1569720

Tell me everything nonny

No. 1569737

I'm noticing a pattern where abusers LOVE toilet humor and trying to use it to degrade and humiliate women. Cool!!

No. 1569743

okay i don't support surrogacy either but calling her a human trafficker is a bit much, especially with actual human traffickers out here.

No. 1569748

Yeah no kidding

No. 1569751

Totally on brand. imo
I still remember that interview where she claimed that she was so beautiful and it was such a burden that she "literally cried every night and prayed for god to make her ugly". And not to attack her looks, she's gorgeous, but why the fuck would you say that in public. Anyway she always strikes me as having massive pickme energy

No. 1569825

i feel bad for her, she's gonna grow up and realize what creeps all her male fans were

No. 1569828


No. 1569934

There was a blind item that she used to take Adderall every day, and she went off of it around 2019 and that's what's caused the weight gain. She also used to do coke and heroin if you're familiar with all her songs, even the unreleased ones. But yeah it seems like she might be on some antidepressant now that's also causing her to gain extra weight.

No. 1569938

A baby also cannot consent to being made, what's your point here?

No. 1570119

not any of you sympathizing with him…
>uwu i don't get any roles because i'm asian!
>i got a big role but now china is calling me too ugly!
>everybody is so racist for making fun of me being a redditor ricecel!
>what? you're calling me hot? now i feel fetishized!
this shitstain could get any role and award in hollywood ever and he would still not stop complaining
and yes, it is a miracle that he gets cast at all, he had controversies, he's short, he's pudgy, he's uggo, he looks way older than his age, he's a mediocre actor at best, his movies flop, and nobody, whether westerner or asian, is actually attracted to him

No. 1570153

She bought a baby by renting a women’s womb. She purchased a human being by buying another human beings body as a human incubator. Surrogates are also typically stuck with “the defective product” if something is wrong with the babies being treated like designer dogs. Surrogacy is exploitive and disgusting.

No. 1570163

OT so let's not talk about it much more here, BUT: don't forget that due to high failure rates or even gender preferences, some rich people get multiple women pregnant, see which keeps the pregnancy to a viable date, then make the other women get abortions. It's sick. Any sort of job that uses your bodily autonomy to this degree cannot be equated to anything other than human trafficking. It exploits poor women by its very nature.

No. 1570221

>makes women abort them
Oh there's got to be a big lawsuit somewhere in there

No. 1570421

File: 1683489796468.jpeg (37.94 KB, 634x425, 26D2A8DD-0E68-40D8-8A5A-6DB266…)

another photo taken during the “Lover” set. This is hilarious, I can’t wait for the cringiest, catchy-for-a-week-only songs this PR romance will produce.

I’m not used to Taylor dating actually ugly guys although Calvin Harris was close.

No. 1570443


No. 1570505

File: 1683497268434.png (291.15 KB, 1439x1468, Screenshot_20230507-170544.png)

No, anon. They aren't dating.


No. 1570513

File: 1683498123508.png (5.87 MB, 952x2387, Screenshot_20230507-172055.png)

No. 1570538

this anon is correct, she's dating fernando alonso

No. 1570551

that anon is incorrect, she's dating ME!

No. 1570571

File: 1683503761749.png (383.09 KB, 1134x715, jhfjshfjshfj.png)

taylor and ratty finally got papped together. swifties are having a breakdown and begging joe to come back kek

No. 1570606

what is this blurry mess??

No. 1570609

File: 1683507620754.jpeg (59.47 KB, 828x998, DEE3C418-179E-4563-B589-C271FA…)

Doja Cat back tattoo anon, back with more illuminati-baiting instagram trend tattoos that will age poorly. I enjoy and have tattoos, but hers seem extremely impulsive. Bet we’ll get some selfies in the laser removal chair in the next few years. If nonas are tired of her tattoos, let me know and i’ll stop posting kek. Her caption reads:
“So, children, please, beware of gifts.
Beware of those that offer them.
And beware of those who are only too happy to take them.”

No. 1570610

that's clearly fernando

No. 1570626

So when she has another style change is she gonna get a bunch of tattoos to commemorate that too? I honestly think she's gonna regret this but will be too prideful to admit it. I don't even say that from an anti-tattoo stance because I think tattoos are awesome, but it's so clear she's only doing this to stick it to the haters and tinfoilers. Letting complete strangers and people like that have such control over permanent life decisions indicates some insecurity despite her "idc" attitude, imo.

No. 1570672

They aren't even good tattoos they look like they were taken from felice fawns 2011 reblog archive

No. 1570714

as much as i find this whole swiftie meltdown drama hilarious, this picture looks so insanely photoshopped, there is no way it’s real right??

No. 1570902

why does she keep getting these weird gothy tattoos? from her music and style it doesn't suit her at all, even now that she's in her edgier phase. it can't just be for the illuminati bait.

No. 1570954

Matty has been connected to Phoebe Bridgers in the past. As much as other anons ITT won't like me saying it, this is actually a pretty solid piece of evidence that Taylor is bi

No. 1570994

Phoebe Bridgers, Bo Burnham and Matt Healy are in a throuple and they’re trying to drag Taylor into it. This is fact, just believe me

No. 1571000

I'm not a Taylor fan or hater so I don't care either way but her having a friend that's bi doesn't mean she's now bi or a lesbian by association? lol

No. 1571003

I'll believe you.

ALso, where tf is that anon who has deets about Jamie's son?

No. 1571041

Damn. Another tattooed anon here, I just honestly can't believe how quickly she's getting so many suddenly? I mean sometimes it happens, but I'm such a planner that I can't imagine getting so much so quickly (esp when it's so basic & will age awful). It really doesn't fit her style at all either

No. 1571064

No. 1571081

tattoofag, if someone like this would keep walking into our studio we'd say slow tf down even if it meant losing money/the client. there's a duty of care, like not letting 18 year olds get face tatts. I know she's a grown woman but this reminds me a lot of Anisa with her head-shaving/flash tattoo mania.
this, and this is why I can't respect her fully. stick it to the haters by hurting yourself, truly cow material.
actually kekd out loud to this, spot on nonita it looks like some very generic edgy tumblr shit. kind of a shame, considering the actual ink is nice but the designs…eh.
to each their own though, I'm sitting here with scratcher and homejob shit I did to myself so stones and glass houses innit

No. 1571095

Taylor Swift rumored to being on 4chan was correct all this time. Her being associated with Cumtown is the most incredible twist of the entertainment world this year.

No. 1571096

>nooooo she's a stacy!!1!!!

No. 1571097

begone moid

No. 1571117

Growing up on these two, this might be where I draw the line. I’ve always wondered what can Taylor do that will physically gross me out since her carbon footprint is something I’ll be virtue signalling if I pretend to care about. Bring back that Gaylor tinfoiler who claimed Taylor is a pansexual hoe who doesnt publicly hook up with non-white people because of her conservative fanbase. (based on how much she’s earned from southern states, I’d rather have this scenario to trade for the inevitability of Ratty singing about being in bed with Taylor and talking shit when they break up)

No. 1571125

babe, she is so obviously gay and all this smoke is the fire that is PR. she eats pussy willingly and happily and all the Straightlors need to stop coping. she WILL fuck you, why do you ship her with harry fucking styles? retardation

No. 1571177

uhh…. n-n-no one was shipping her with Harry Styles, gaylor creep chan

No. 1571193

they really were though, back in the day.
idc either way I just think it makes way more sense that she's gay. just does

No. 1571209

Flashback to when Felice got 10 sigils tatted on her torso, a huge terrible quote on her shoulder, a weird custom sigil she "created" on her upper arm, and a bunch of other crap within a couple days because her roommate was an apprentice in her own filthy apartment. Slight OT but also the horrendous chest piece Felice talked her ex boyfriend into getting, he still regrets it to this day. Those were the days.

No. 1571246

unhinged gay. taylor is not queer get the fuck over it weirdo.

No. 1571253

Nta but I'm still so embarrassed I used to find her the epitome of cool as a teenager. I initially found lc through being a fan of hers and then realized what a cow she was and smartened up lol

No. 1571264

Gaylors project harder than moids who think Twitch and OF girls are totally into them

No. 1571271

Ayrt and SAME!!! Everything you said is me exactly as well, I found out about her tomfoolery thru PULL and on here years ago, omg.. It has been a while huh?

No. 1571307

Taylor has made it clear what side she's on. Phibie was one of the first to openly talk about Brian warner and they did that collab song of "Mr perfectly fine" so… Whoo hoo!

No. 1571329

File: 1683568262280.png (468.07 KB, 707x1649, Screenshot_20230508-124958.png)

No. 1571335

tbh this is more than likely since phoebe has already been in a polyamorous relationship before or something

No. 1571339

File: 1683568802091.gif (2.78 MB, 498x256, things-that-never-happened-jeo…)


No. 1571341

I hope it starts at the time I picked but if not go straight to 7:05. Ratty Healy is such a fucking creep. She was clearly uncomfortable and just kept pushing her UGHHH

No. 1571343

File: 1683569106333.png (30.15 KB, 1440x736, Screenshot_20230508-130539.png)


No. 1571351

that's kind of the whole gimmick of the series anon. she's supposed to be weird and awkward.
matty healy is ugly regardless

No. 1571355

I don't even have the the audio on and holy shit-maty is abrasive af. Jesus Christ.

No. 1571361

File: 1683570323378.png (1015.49 KB, 1440x2234, Screenshot_20230508-132548.png)

Baby Anna Nicole Smith!

No. 1571548

She’s so pretty, a spitting image of her mom! Her dad seems to be a creep tho.

No. 1571626

She looks so much like her mom. This is cute.

No. 1571641

kek wtf he's so ugly? what's wrong with his face??? why is it like that?

No. 1571643

The thumbnail makes him look like he's downsy Nicholas Braun.

No. 1571656

A spruce twin as a tron

No. 1571688

File: 1683603130307.jpg (170.66 KB, 1908x1146, 38950386-0-image-a-22_16125974…)

Her father is OBSESSED with her mom. I hope nothing dysfunctional/inappropriate/bad happens(in general but…) in regards to their relationship. I do have my concerns, as well.

No. 1571691

File: 1683603605094.jpeg (75.83 KB, 534x800, halle 2.jpeg)

No. 1571692

File: 1683603635769.jpeg (88.88 KB, 564x800, halle.jpeg)

I don't like the dress but she looks pretty so whatever.

No. 1571694

File: 1683603703673.jpeg (87.8 KB, 631x800, ksf.jpeg)

No. 1571700

Damn. Her stylist should get an award.

No. 1571701

I think she's very pretty, very fresh faced and adorable to me. I really do enjoy her music/style. She reminds me of the vibe that Brandy had.

No. 1571706

File: 1683604541496.jpeg (63.52 KB, 534x800, John Hauer-King.jpeg)

No. 1571709

File: 1683604600588.jpeg (71.56 KB, 800x592, Jodi Benson.jpeg)

No. 1571711

File: 1683604633464.jpeg (61.69 KB, 533x800, Jacob Tremblay.jpeg)

No. 1571713

File: 1683604732075.jpeg (81.2 KB, 534x800, Marsai Martin.jpeg)

No. 1571714

File: 1683604783728.jpeg (74.06 KB, 533x800, Simone Ashley Princess Indira.…)

No. 1571716

File: 1683604906542.jpeg (81.06 KB, 800x534, Cardi B's husband and his dau…)

No. 1571725

Thanks for the uploads fashion-anon!

No. 1571732

File: 1683605989918.png (500.83 KB, 545x800, Skai Jackson.png)

No. 1571735

This dress is so trippy. It's making me think of those early 2000s dresses and tops thatwere always draped like this? Like ones that Britney and Xtina used to wear? I don't know what they're called but maybe a nonna knows. IT's cool, she has pretty eyes and this pink looks nice on her.

No. 1571737

File: 1683606442239.jpg (86.29 KB, 1548x1024, Britney-Spears-Im-A-Slave-4-U-…)

I REMEMEBRED. I'ts like this. Sorry for the random thought I don't feel good but wanted to participate. Have a goodo night nonnas, y

No. 1571751

File: 1683607315610.gif (1.12 MB, 244x244, tiffany-pollard-do-i-look-like…)

Reminds me of this.

No. 1571753

I'm sorry for acting like a coomer, but her breasts look absolutely amazing in this dress. it had to be said, sorry.

No. 1571757

Awww that's cute

No. 1571801

File: 1683613924339.png (453.32 KB, 1440x955, Screenshot_20230509-013240.png)

No. 1571802

File: 1683614059554.jpg (154.1 KB, 1000x1000, 5e6b8a78dbeb2b91a1c5471a3c48b4…)

No. 1571807


No. 1571816

File: 1683616657659.gif (1.5 MB, 480x270, ac032bb9-ezgif.com-optimize-3.…)

Someone help me manifest this

No. 1571884


No. 1571898

File: 1683626594439.png (101.87 KB, 626x367, 05-09 220352.png)

OT but I cannot lie as a recovered Hiddlestoner, seeing Swifties crying over taylor and ratty and the cheating rumours is giving me so much schadenfreude. I remember she basically called Tom one of her worst mistakes on Dress and was already dating Joe in her mind before they ended things, and now she's done Joe the exact same way she did Tom, her fans are fed up and begging Joe to come back, meanwhile Tom's engaged and he and his fiance just had a baby earlier this year. There's only one celebrity couple I'm rooting for in this whole mess.

No. 1572010

LMFAO I love you, Nonnie

No. 1572178

He is one of the ugliest scrote actors and I was shocked when I heard woman actually lusted over Loki.

No. 1572207

Really? I think he's so hot

No. 1572214

He has a creepy look like a handsy choir teacher

No. 1572230

I believe that he's 100% a homosexual man and any woman by his side is bearding for him.

No. 1572232

File: 1683649452710.png (477.52 KB, 1440x2366, Screenshot_20230509-112458.png)

No. 1572234

What? are you a gaylor or some thing and this is really out of left filed with Tom Hiddleston cause no one knows or cares of anyone he's dated besides Taylor Swfit

No. 1572236

I am strictly talking about tom. Bearding for someone is an extremely loving thing to do.

No. 1572237

File: 1683649768912.jpeg (54.13 KB, 1170x563, IMG_5609.jpeg)

Poor kid

No. 1572241

like till the 2000's maybe, but right now it would honestly make him more relevant, this reminds me of the future TIFs who always insist that Leonardo DiCaprio is actually gay.

No. 1572244

>poor kid

No. 1572245

There's still a ton of people in the closet, anon. Don't fool yourself. You know it's true.

No. 1572250

see you in 10-15 (being generous) years when the obviously autistic nepo-baby with the geriatric father troons out. an anthony-turned-lilith, if you will.

No. 1572252

This kid is going to be so fucked up and rightfully angry- that they're going to go sane and not do that.

No. 1572257

nonna i understand the format, i've seen literally all her videos. the point is her demeanor switched and you can tell she's trying to be polite while also rejecting him.

No. 1572269

His daughters are so cute!
Selena once again not doing anything about her piece of shit fanbase, who else is shocked?

No. 1572291

File: 1683654886532.png (92.84 KB, 618x298, briana-responds-blurred-146011…)

So let me get this straight - Hollywood is forcing these men to hide their sexualities and have children with women (or are we supposed to believe those babies are fake?), and only the genius internet sleuths who really care have figured it out? Yeah, that sounds totally plausible

No. 1572322

Cumtown is a red flag only retard scrotes listen to that garbage

No. 1572330

you know people will fuck steal and murder for money, staying closeted is nbd to these degens as long as they get their adrenochrome and the product it came from. you're being naïve but I kind of love that for you. ignorance is bliss, enjoy it for the others of us who have to actually know and live in reality.

No. 1572331

samefag to say fuck off glowie. happy for a ban for that one.

No. 1572379


don't be retarded. being gay can seriously harm an actor's earning potential. if they want to bring in chinabucks, they cannot be openly gay. if they want to market themselves in the middle east or latin america, they cannot be openly gay. if they want to maintain a loyal fanbase of straight women fantasizing about them, they cannot be openly gay. it's not rocket science why some actors beard forever, and they absolutely do have children to shake off persistent gay rumors. hollywood is run by gays and acting is one of the gayest professions ever.

No. 1572391

File: 1683661087615.png (52.71 KB, 1813x417, Stupid Questions Thread-84.png)

ntayrt but is there proof for tom in particular? idk I'm wary of these theories because some of these supposed gay men have been revealed to have been creeps towards women, sexually assaulted women, cheat on their women with other women etc. not saying it's impossible just in some cases it ends up being wrong or not making any sense

No. 1572395

Real take. But also, I’ve always wanted if the rampant sexual abuse in Hollywood is the main influence to how some child actors (like Jodie Foster, Ellen Paige) who were like sexualized young do a hard turn and become strict lesbians. At least those who didn’t drown themselves in drugs. The moids are usually the most dangerous even if they’re victims themselves bc on top of self-destruction, they end up repeating them to others.

I’m not saying everyone gay got abused but it seems that many later Hollywood stars who started out young and ended up coming out almost always implied a dark history. Either that or they become so aggressively homophobic.

No. 1572407

yeah when it comes to such individuals I just don't believe it, it's just too convenient
retarded fag hag

No. 1572424

You are retarded and should be ashamed of yourself. Have you ever considered that CSA is so rampant that homosexuals also get effected? They must just be "turned" in your head? Fuck off.

No. 1572433

File: 1683664671075.png (377.25 KB, 1440x879, Screenshot_20230509-153834.png)

No. 1572466

She was so hot pre plastic surgery.

No. 1572513

Felice did look cool though, cow status doesn't negate that. Be free nonna cringe isn't real

No. 1572530

Do you have any references for this? At a glance they look normal so I'm assuming there are things about this deeper online or something>>1571253

No. 1572565

People insist that Leonardo Dicaprio is gay because he is and its considered an open secret in Hollywood. That's why it's so funny to watch people fume over the trolling.

No. 1572570

This stupid fucking meme some of you dumb brainless bitches keep shilling here about how getting molested makes you gay is extremely ignorant and homophobic. If you weren't a literal retard you would know that CSA is so common that it can even effect gay people. All it does is prove that more kids are sexually abused than you seem to understand. If your half baked infuriating theory were true, then a majority of the population would be gay. Kill yourself idc.(calm down sperg)

No. 1572573

>famous scrote acts creepy towards women
Here we go again. Are you going to start posting those pics of him in the water too

No. 1572579

and all those famous moids who sexually abuse and rape women, well actually they're gay too and were merely pretending to do those actions

No. 1572590

Idk what you mean but I absolutely loathe the woobification of men like Brad Pitt and don't tinfoil that every man in Hollywood is gay. I actually find it really annoying that people want drake to be gay so badly because it's obvious he only adapted being super fruity after people called him sus for interacting with teenage girls.

No. 1572591

I dont see people saying this about anyone except Leo and Tom hiddleston and neither of them have rape accusations.

No. 1572596

I meant these weak tinfoils about leo (and occasionally henry cavil, who's also known for being a creep) often keep happening in these threads and last time the only "proof" was images of him in the ocean a few feet away from some other guy.

No. 1572626

I cant speak for any of those, I just know that its considered an open secret in Hollywood that Leo is a gay troll farming outrage for fun. It's really the only one I would believe. Cavil, Drake, etc absolutely not. Those are basically the men that gay men want to be gay, kind of like how they're always hoping they'll be able to claim Reynolds. I don't understand the logic behind those. As for Leo, he tried to come out during his basketball diaries days and it was even published in a magazine but his team through a fit. Not here to debate it as I really don't care whether he's gay or straight, it isn't like he's attractive or anything.

No. 1572647

Nta and obviously the sexual orientation of the vast majority of people is innate, but CSA can affect people's sexuality, it's actually pretty obvious. But yeah, it doesn't really work like "I was assaulted by a man, so now I'm attracted to women", it's more about having sexual activity with people of the same sex as your abuser.

No. 1572679

Okay I’m sorry. I always wondered if I wouldn’t be a lesbian if I wasn’t abused young by men. I get that that might happen if I was abused by women as well. I know that’s not how it works but I really just always wondered. I’m sure it doesn’t work like that for scrotes because they have the power to be more abusive and depraved.

I’m just trying to get it into my head that that’s not how any of this works. I just can’t accept that it’s so rampant in the world like that that yeah, it does make me wanna feel like killing myself, never mind having children even. Sigh(derailing)

No. 1572681

File: 1683679410910.png (880.97 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20230509-194421.png)

No. 1572694

Well I'm not an expert at all, it's a very complicated and sensitive topic. There are in fact studies where they explore the possibility that "sexual abuse of girls by male perpetrators causes victims to be aversive to sexual relationships with men (Marvasti & Dripchak, 2004)" which could be an explanation for these girls' sexual orientation. Overall though it seems that the effects of sexual abuse on men’s sexual orientation are more important than on women’s (which could be an impression because most abusers are men? Idk). In any case I hope you get better anon and the support you need ♥

No. 1572710

No. 1572717


No. 1572719


wild. not proud of a lot of things I done but telling another nonna - no matter how retarded - to kill herself. i specifically save those for moids. sending love to all y’all sweet dumb nonnas & the one who cited a source. interesting read! ♥

No. 1572720

Terrible times do happen every time Taylor is single, I fear. The moid is the enemy, do not be digressed. Amen.

No. 1572729

I hate how celebrities and influencers promote the notion that all women need to look the same. She is still beautiful, but in the most boring and cookie cutter way possible.
Fucking yikes. I pray that the child doesn't suffer from being born of geriatric sperm.
Tbh i think the only people left in the closet at this point are bisexuals comfortable with passing as straight but still fighting their urge to have a taste of same sex relationships.
Not really. It depends highly on the actor. For example with Tom Cruise, he vehemently fought homosexual allegations purely because it ruins his image as a heart throb. I'd imagine the same thing would apply with Leonardo DiCaprio. Homosexual actors are far more likely to be type casted and have their roles limited. It's only recently that a lot of celebrities can be honest about their orientation and many will still never come out with it in public simply because they would rather not sure such an intimate detail of themselves with us and we kind of just have to accept it.

No. 1572731

Ntayrt but didn't Tom Cruise cheat on his wife with some other woman?

No. 1572735

Samefag I also think Leo already ruined his own image ages ago by getting fat and dating super young women. Even if it's all fake I don't see how this helps his image.

No. 1572739

The public doesn't know what's real or not. Leo just kinda gave up and who wouldn't… being a workaholic is a helluva job. I'm surprised he hasn't retired yet, fuck.

No. 1572742

Never heard of him cheating with another woman

No. 1572743

Hollywood has been hiding sexualities since the very beginning see: Greta Garbo, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, Katherine Hepburn, etc.

No. 1572746

Howard K. Stern is the one who is obsessed

No. 1572747

I love Richard Simmons and he's had to fight off gay rumors tooth&nail! Sometimes I think people just want to believe- whatever they want to believe.

No. 1572749

She's manic lol she's had so many style and identity crises

No. 1572753

File: 1683686401838.png (337.31 KB, 1440x835, Screenshot_20230509-213902.png)

Thanks anon. Now I need some holy water.

No. 1572756

must be really difficult to hide your sexual orientation in this day and age (as a celebrity) with social media and paparazzi though (unless you abstain). for leo being gay would be the 'best' explanation for his behavior lol, pretending to date women for a few months, instead of ruining one woman's life by marrying her, but why would he be so obsessed with them being so young? and it's not like he has to worry about his career at this point

No. 1572766

File: 1683687158731.png (629.31 KB, 600x800, 1644249691711.png)

I could've sworn it was mentioned in an older thread although I did find this. Another coincidence like Leo with big the age gaps.

No. 1572767

*the big age gaps

No. 1572772

The last woman was just a PR thing by the way. She called him a control freak kek

No. 1572778

different anon but to me getting a new girlfriend every few months seems like manwhore/fuckboy behavior rather than gay, and there's gay men who get into fake straight marriages anyway so that might not always indicate anything.

No. 1572780

Literally just to farm outrage, people picked it up, memed it, got angry, and it generates more buzz than anything about him. He also gets paid to do those pap shoots, they generate a lot of income for all involved. It can also be noted he trolls paps in other ways as well, he thinks hes being cute. That said, there aren't any other cases like Leo I can think of whrre its purposely so obvious and insisting upon itself. Maybe thats why so many Taylor Swift fans are hellbent in believing shes a lesbian–it does seem like the most cliche, pr machine cookie cutter bearding possible. It does seem like she makes vague lesbian references as well on purpose, so if she really is straight and just purposely trying to get a rise out of young lesbians she's a loser for real lol .

No. 1572802

File: 1683689634117.png (23.54 KB, 1190x384, Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 8.31.…)

Can something be called a cash-grab when there was no cash to be had from it?

No. 1572805

Yawn. She's recycling troll attempts for attention again.

No. 1572807

honestly i cannot tell the difference between PR relationships and real ones at all. i feel like all celebrities are faking it for different reasons.

No. 1572809

File: 1683690286176.png (21.14 KB, 584x440, doja cat.PNG)

I also saw this tweet by her, and I thought it was so interesting that she's acting like she didn't have any presence before blowing up and like we can't go back and see that she wasn't some secretly edgy, dark girl pretending to be pop-y cause it's what her fans wanted. Look at her Amala album ffs. It's fine to dislike your old sound and want to evolve, and I'm sure she did get tired of her music, but she's acting like one of those annoying music fans who never stop talking about how they hate pop and only like "real" music. And she's doing all of this while trying to mock her fans who liked the Hot Pink/Planet Her music she put out.
Sorry for the rant but I cannot get over her cow behavior.

No. 1572810

She is so full of shit I'm surprised it isn't pouring from her eyes

No. 1572811

yeah, there some trolls who seem legit to be creative,snarky and entertaining with it, Doja is just so by the notes. You can tell she reads a lot of gossip sites, hates the people who pay attention to her, so she pulls dumb ass stunts.
Like even when she does dress up all crazy and kooky, it doesn't seem like Doja is even coming up with it, but her team is like, "Well Doja is the female lil nas x, with talent, so lets make sure she looks cool" it's never effortless.
Very "YASSS twitter vibe' and she's still doing it regardless of her claiming thats what she doesn't want to do.

No. 1572829

yeah i worded that badly, i didn't mean that his behavior made him look gay, just that if he really is, the fake short-term gf thing is better than getting married to a woman. it's probably just a case of being a fuckboy though

i don't know anything about taylor but leo's meme generating buzz makes sense. could be the same thing for other celebrities

No. 1572831

No. 1572834

Jesus Christ I need to go outside and breathe fresh air and touch some grass.

Till then.. goodnight lolcow.farm!

Catch y'all later!

No. 1572841

Her "old sound" is more Soundcloud sad girl stuff, like this

No. 1572843

And this

No. 1572846

Fucking trash, I'll take her mainstream versions of her songs

No. 1572847

Tom Cruise and John Travolta are gay. Idk if anyone else knows any others aside from shit you read online but those two dudes I have knowledge of from people in the industry who worked on-set with them. In Tom’s case there was a dude that was in his trailer constantly who was known to the production team and staff as his boyfriend. I heard this story through a family friend and there’s no receipts that I can show, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Sorry.

No. 1572849

That's the only song of hers I like lol

No. 1572850

Taylor Lautner

No. 1572857

idk some of her first songs on youtube/soundcloud were already troll-ish or dark, they didn't really sound like Amala imo, and she had already complained about Amala and its release in the past. i'm sure she isn't being 100% honest and she actually liked some of the songs on her latest albums at first but there were probably a lot of directives and expectations. also she performed the same viral songs so many times, had to censor them etc, it must get annoying after a while. idk i prefer her to celebrities who try so hard to keep a clean and fake image. even if she says dumb shit or changes her mind there's still something genuine about her, i totally disagree with the anons who think that her trolling and being weird is a pr stunt decided by her team, she's always been like this

No. 1572858

I moreso meant "cool" as in I thought she was like this free spirit goth who partied all the time and was trying her hardest to overcome her anorexia and self harm. Come to find out all the shit she kept hidden like the scams, homebound alcoholism, raging bpd, animal neglect, and that she rarely partied and mostly just took photos of herself when she did. She looked cool but didn't act very cool, but I was a dumb homeschooled teenager anyway.

No. 1572860

I wonder why she's suddenly insisting upon people knowing she's edgy and deep. I watched her met gala GRWM and she was doing that mocking "I'm not like other girls" shtick which is so funny because that's literally what she is doing. It's weird because it's all very dated, I wonder what man she's doing this to impress

No. 1572861

I heard from my industry homies that he is a violent gay. like, likes to assault people. could always see it in his beady shark eyes

No. 1572863

Sorry to ask but what's planet her and hot pink?

No. 1572867

I'd say he's the only one I can think of who is legitimately famous that does it. I'd take any other men with a grain of salt, woobification is out of control. I distinctly remember Brad Pitt coming out as bisexual during an interview after his divorce and around the time rumors were flying about his behavior. And to anons that think its some weird pr cover up to make Leo look better - hes old and fat, no one cares or wants to claim him. Men are more likely to use sexual ambiguity to disguise their chauvinism, Leo is just being subversive and think its hehe im so funny and cute mischievous trolling. Which it kind of is, only in context.

John Travolta is a given, Bruce Willis too. I think a lot of newer anons don't realize that these are men who are well versed in hiding their sexuality and were known to cruise gay bars. Willis especially, there were always jokes about him picking up twinks. It reminds me of young anons refusing to believe Taylor Lautner is gay. We aren't saying this because we want him to be, the man was literally spotted constantly at gay bars post-twilight. You could argue these men are bisexual but at the end of the day plenty of men are old fashioned or have religious or far right families and feel forced to subscribe to heterosexuality. It isnt a conspiracy. That said I can't think of any legitimately hot men that rely on this anymore, so it isnt a case of gay men trying to claim any straight men out of wishful thinking.

No. 1572870

A majority of relationships are PR. Everything about Hollywood is fake, and now it's getting harder for them to force these happy ending romantic farces. Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart were PR and instead it ruined her career and branded her a cheater. Tom Holland and Zendaya have not been in some idyllic longterm relationship. Most of Taylor Swifts relationships were completely fake, and the Matt Healy crush likely is too. They need to be talked about and papped. It's considered a mutually beneficial parasitic relationship, but people are getting bored with it and so they get more desperate in attempt to grab headlines, the Kardashians aren't the only people doing this.

You sure you aren't confusing him with Kevin spacey? Who should he dead in a ditch somewhere but is instead likely fingering poolboys in like Italy or wherever he hides

Felice was the first of her kind, its understandable. Her, starpowerrr, and Dakota had ridiculous reach before egirlism became a thing. All of them had the fact that they were lonely, insecure, and in need of validation so creating a space where they could have a perfect life is understandable. Felice was the most destructive however, its crazy how many people destroyed their bodies because she made beauty and anorexia seem obtainable at the same time.

No. 1572875

>kind of like how they're always hoping they'll be able to claim Reynolds

No. 1572879

There are gay men that tinfoil Ryan Reynolds is gay because his wife is tall and named Blake.

No. 1572880

I still don't understand the Tom Hiddleston rumor but idk much about him, if there's just something I'm missing here or what. I never got the Hugh Jackman ones either only because the reason that's constantly given is "his wife isn't attractive enough" which is like..what? Women date unattractive men all the time but that doesn't make them secret lesbians. Idg the logic sometimes. If they were actually caught doing something gay people should just say that.

No. 1572883

Ah, Thanks

No. 1572886

ayrt nah defs travolta, been hearing it for years ngl. if you're a twink avoid travolta.

No. 1572889

damn if this is true about taylor lautner i feel bad for his wife who's out there making reels about being married to him

>Tom Holland and Zendaya have not been in some idyllic longterm relationship.
what happened? not them hahah they seem genuinely in love…

No. 1572977

File: 1683710923558.webm (3.8 MB, 576x1024, kjnhbgvcfdghjk.webm)

This isn't milk and it could be fake but I just came across it and thought it was funny

No. 1572996

I’m indifferent and never minded Doja before but it’s like she didn’t think this would happen in Hollywood. And working with Dr. Luke? Everyone saw through it. Otherwise, I don’t get why any Main Pop Girl would work with that ass lint if it wasn’t for clout. Lots of music producers she could have worked with to create a sound she believes in. Those who know, know that she sold out with Planet Her and whatever Hot Pink is which makes me think they’re just out here recycling Nicki Minaj aesthetics……No one thought it was authentically her when those dropped, especially when her SoundCloud Moo 4Chan past was uncovered. Least she could’ve done is serve the serve. She looks stupid trying to brag about cash grabs when most likely, those who bought into it were clueless, genuine fans of her who give jack shit about the Dr. Luke thing. And she expects the same fans to be able to think critically? We already know Doja and we’re just watching you spiral.

No. 1573017

unfortunately, she performed there in 2016.

No. 1573031

Hugh Jackman is for sure gay. My friend knows a scrote who sugars who fucked Hugh Jackman. He had to sign an NDA (which he clearly violated kek)

No. 1573040

tbh i don't understand why people insist male celebs are gay rather than bisexual. it seems much more likely that these scrotes are fucking their 20yo bikini girls AND also having sex with men. if their straight relationships were fake then they'd have picked a mousy boring age-appropriate woman to beard with rather than giving themselves a predatory reputation.

No. 1573042

Plus gay men are a tiny percentage of the population anyway, bisexual ones are probably more common/likely.

No. 1573047

I kinda think she’s based for this! So many artists like Miley Cyrus for example dabbled in hip hop only to call it degenerate trash when the checks cleared. I support Doja for shitting on pop even if I think she is lying to herself lol

No. 1573087

File: 1683726850657.png (88.61 KB, 347x291, robert.PNG)

…His sperm still swims? He even said he wasn't surprised.

No. 1573088

Samefag, the mother is Tiffany Chen and she's 64. Why even have kids at that old, and they both already have children too. Forgot the link to the article, btw

No. 1573095

Celebrities can afford medical luxuries like bioengineering fetuses, surrogate human incubators to carry & birth, and then pay an entire household of maids and milknurses to raise them.
Of course that old fuck doesn't lift a finger to raise any of his several kids and double doubt he is pulling all-nighters to care for a hungry, screaming baby.
"Never gets easier," ok, nobody asked you to have more babies and you never did shit as the baseline, so.

They won't stop unless there becomes severe moral backlash to this sort of shit.

No. 1573097

At least she’s 64.
And afaik they didn’t use a surrogate.
Still. The bar is so loooow.

No. 1573099

File: 1683727571377.jpeg (91.75 KB, 1125x603, 05DEB065-3375-4D2A-81C2-858192…)

No. 1573102

This song is so shitty and messily produced, no idea how it became viral on TikTok.

No. 1573111

Yeah because if there's one person who always tells the truth it's your gay friend nonna

No. 1573114

I still hate jim jeff's but lmao

No. 1573117

Nah this kid is going to grow up and become a serial killer. Elderly folk PLEASE just keep in your pants.

No. 1573159

All this fine line work is going to look like a blurred shitty mess in a few months
Why would you ever want to have a child at this age? Even with nannies raising it, it won't even know you other than as elderly and mentally slow

No. 1573185

>”You fell for it”
Groan. What I’m not falling for is this edgy, above-it-all coolgirl “real artist” shit. It reminds me of Cole Sprouse announcing that his tumblr was an “experiment”

No. 1573221

Anon. You don't have to be gay- to go to a gay bar and enjoy a drag show or whatever and have gay friends. LGBTQ community can be a lot of fun in a dirty campy R-rated 21+ way. No homo.

No. 1573225

Am I the only one who thinks she looks way older than her age? Her sunken in cheeks and that outdated hairstyle are making her look 35. Is she a buccal fat removal victim?

No. 1573281

"You need flaps! And that's where the dick meat comes into play"
Fucking kek

No. 1573353

I think if she started making music like this again she could tap into the crystal castlesfags/other related electronica demographics
I hope I don't sound like i'm wking but i feel like she's been dissatisfied with the direction her musics' taken and her retarded fans. I remember seeing a video of her performing say so at some festival or another and looking so annoyed while she was singing and dancing.
In Wednesday it was so obvious to me that she got her buccal fat removed. She just looked so sucked in, it was gruesome.

No. 1573365

I figured men would be ejaculating dust at that age. How tf is he still fertile?

No. 1573427

File: 1683755055599.jpg (63.85 KB, 720x726, Screenshot_20230511_004202_Chr…)

Kek looks like she made that tattoo by herself (or maybe some friend actually tattooed her kek

No. 1573428

File: 1683755099195.jpeg (56.4 KB, 1170x979, Fvy0gLJWYAAfJxS.jpeg)


No. 1573431

>men would be ejaculating dust at that age
My fucking sides

No. 1573456

File: 1683758673794.jpg (96.74 KB, 1066x801, d41586-019-00938-9_16560866.jp…)

she looks like a little malnourished baby rhesus monkey

No. 1573463

why would she get surgery to make her nostrils upturned like that? not making fun of her actually i just don't think it's a… conventional choice?

No. 1573466

File: 1683760401348.jpeg (116.99 KB, 1620x1039, 81755A4C-ED40-41CC-8B88-408813…)

I’ve always heard rumors Jamie Foxx was gay or bisexual. Howard Stern made a comment about it because Jamie’s podcast was called The Fox Hole kek. Side note I hope he doesn’t die. And it’s probably real obvious but Will Smith is bisexual no doubt about it.

No. 1573468

I think it just kinda…happens? It seems like whenever someone tries to refine the tip of their nose they kinda make the nose upturned and you see more of their nostrils, its weird

No. 1573471

sorry nona but i think your gay friend fucked a street performer who dresses up as wolverine on hollywood blvd

No. 1573474

His sugar daddy took him and a few friends, one being my close friend, to Europe for a vacation so that lends credibility imo. Hollywood is all about rich people and connections.
Is there anyone recent who is genuinely famous because of talent and not nepotism?

No. 1573487

Keeping it real it seems like s lot of black entertainers (rappers/singers/a few actors) are bisexual tranny chasers. Some of the biggest music acts have been rumored as gay and not, "oh he act gay" but legit rumors
>Tyga (known biracial Trans chaser)
>asap rocky
> will Smith
>lil durk rumored to be a trans chaser
>Young Buck- Confirmed trans chaser
>dude from B5 is dating an Troon
>Micheal B Jordan has gay rumors
> Offset had some gay rumors
>Chris Brown
>Trey Songs
>Da Baby
>Colin Kalernick
And probably my a few I can't remember. In fact it's a shorter list of the ones who don't have gay rumors. Rappers love troons.
Also, am I the only one who remembers the Troon that was fucking Tyga and Charlie Sheen, also getting exposed for fucking Colin kapernick??

No. 1573488

And the reason I mention skin color is because I'm black and I follow q lot.of black entertainer gossip, every other week there's a new scrote coming out as trans attracted or bisexual, or being outted. It's always men with shady relationships with women, abusers, baby fathers, or just misogynistic.

No. 1573489

Diddy put a hit out on him

No. 1573490

You're right and you should say it.

No. 1573492

Because they aren't bisexual. It wasn't until very recently that you could profit off of being gay in Hollywood, lavender marriages aren't going to just cease at the root because people like lil nas and sam Smith are getting attention. It's often a really lazy secret in their own bubbles as well, as long as the general public are unaware they don't care, which makes sense. Its NDA city over there.

The ratio of gay men vs straight men in the entertainment industry is very different from the regular population.

Nta but Hugh Jackman is known as gay everywhere as well, I believe it. I don't know what's so unbelievable about it personally. It isnt like these are special people. He started out in theater and was afforded great success, there's no way he would come out of the closet if his life is already comfortable. These aren't terminally online people who have queer acceptance constantly on their feeds, they're old fashioned actors.

I swear to God Taylor Lautner sits itt because why is it any time he's (rarely) mentioned for being a flaming hemaux there's something like this explaining it. That man was getting his dick sucked in the clubs baby he's at least bi idk what to tell you. There's plenty of lesbians too besides k stew and Jodie foster.

No. 1573494

There's no denying that Doja is very talented, shes churned so many hits. even if you don't like her music theres generally at least one song you will enjoy. She's being a huge cunt though and I see people attack other musicians for working with Dr Luke but not her for some reason?? Either way I don't think she realizes you can change your sound and be more authentic in your music without being a pretentious 2d33p poser.

No. 1573496

>The ratio of gay men vs straight men in the entertainment industry is very different from the regular population
People seem to forgot that it's the entertainment industry. They are a bunch of theater and band geeks.

No. 1573497

stfuuuuuu omg

When people get multiple nose jobs they do so much work on the tip that more nostril show is likely, the only way to alleviate this through less aggressive work or nostril reduction which leaves thick scarring and often looks unnatural or triangular. This is why Kim K looks like she is perpetually sniffing a fart.

No. 1573498

I think women are in denial about it because they don't see gay women represented as often as gay men as far as familiar faces in entertainment. It's generally much easier for gay women to remain under the radar, the reason so many gay men are outed socially and on male gossip forums is because they cruise, use the apps, go to bars, pay escorts etc. The gay social network in the entertainment industry talks a lot. The rumors are rarely unfounded, they started because gay men are no different then straight men and have to talk about who they have sex with incessantly.

No. 1573502

I also notice nobody gets mad at the troons or scrotes for outting men anymore.
There was a joke on Velma about how it's not okay to speculate over sexuality unless the person is famous. Like everytime I call a Troon chasing rapper gay, people write me 24 paragraphs about how it's wrong, yet if I wanted to criticize Rihannas baby daddy choice, or sperg out about Taylor Swift being gay that's okay. There's this weird push that scrotes deserve privacy and respect when they are fucking men/troons but when it's heterosexual nobody cares.

No. 1573503

You hit the nail right on the head

No. 1573504

Nta but why do some of these men beard with barely legal women and not women their own age, that's the part I don't get. And some of the rumored ones get outed as sexual predators towards women like Ryan Seacrest or the Donnie Darko guy. I'm not saying all the rumors are unbelievable but I'm talking about situations like that or people giving weird reasons like "his wife/gf is masculine" or people thinking Harry Style's gay solely just because he dresses retarded.

No. 1573505

Like if people can accuse taylor.of Kendall of being gay, then let me call Tyga a dick sucking troon chaser please.

No. 1573507

>There's plenty of lesbians too besides k stew
kstew isn't a lesbian. she's bi. stop counting her as lezzer rep!

No. 1573508

She gay

No. 1573510

Do we still consider Ellen Page?

No. 1573515

File: 1683766122348.jpeg (35.83 KB, 563x293, F2B559B1-86F7-4145-9C76-342BE3…)

Tupac was engaged to one of music producer Quincy Jones’ daughters.(He’s also Rashida Jones’ from Parks & Recreation dad)Quincy allegedly tried to fuck Tupac and when he declined and was going to out him, Quincy Jones had Tupac murdered. One of my favorite gay rap conspiracies.

No. 1573517

i didn't look at the file name and from the thumbnail i thought this was timothee chalamet and thought "oh what that's crazy i didn't know he's in the little mermaid" and then i opened the pic and was presented with somebody's cousin at their bar mitzvah instead

i am not usually one to insult women's appearances just for looking like regular people (am happy to insult men for doing anything) but what a truly unfortunate looking couple tbh
i never understood hiddlestans, he genuinely looks like every other 45 year old man in akron, ohio

i love that gaylors pretend bisexuality doesn't exist lmao, like there's a very literal middle ground there that's a lot more reasonable than either "taylor is and always has been a secret lesbian" or "taylor is a straight piece of shit queerbaiting lesbians"

i think gaylors are absolutely fucking retarded but i would not be at all surprised to find out that taylor is bi. she had a whole entourage of beautiful women surrounding her at all times for quite a while, and just based on my experiences with female friend groups like that usually eventually some gay shit happens. but that doesn't invalidate her hetero relationships or make them "beards." are bi women not allowed to allude to their sexuality?
(not saying this is your take specifically nona, just something that annoys me about the rhetoric)

doja cat's most recent albums.

praying i don't catch a ban for this but i've been tinfoiling recently that the kind of bizarre number of celebrities who have come out about being diagnosed with serious health issues (bruce willis' aphasia or whatever, justin bieber's ramsay hunt, also a bunch of celeb deaths) in the last two years is connected to the covid vax. i'm not even an anti-vaxxer before anyone tells me to kms, but the reality of the matter is that it is a vaccine with absolutely zero long-term data. we don't know what it might effect in the future. i wonder if the severe immune response it triggers in some people is also triggering other health issues or perhaps underlying conditions. like a "genetics loaded the gun, [variable] pulled the trigger" situation. idk, just a thing i think about sometimes. it feels like there have been way more celebrities being mysteriously hospitalized or newly diagnosed with a chronic illness in recent years.

no please i need michael b. jordan to not fuck trannies, he is so fucking fine

i don't personally; once someone troons out they stop representing lesbians imo

No. 1573527

Have you considered that celebrities are human beings and that it’s normal for them to get sick and die, just like the rest of us

No. 1573530

Bruce Willis was showing early signs of dementia anyways, so I think that's a coincidence. Given the general quality of America its a given even celebrities will face health problems, so it could be anything really.

No. 1573536

AYRT, you put my exact feelings into words.

No. 1573542

File: 1683768050083.png (23.29 KB, 275x273, coulda been silly.png)

yes, obviously i have in fact considered that celebrities also die. i specifically said that it seems much more frequent than it was in the past. this isn't some grand conspiracy, i don't think we're microchipped, i've just noticed that there seems to be more celebrities who are ill. as a disabled person i tend to pay attention to public figures talking about chronic illness, so it has been surprising to me.

ah, i wasn't aware of that, fair enough. i am inclined to agree with that assessment however celebrities are able to travel to places significantly less shitty than here which changes things to a certain extent.

anyway i'm done derailing now, sorry y'all

No. 1573547

File: 1683769490287.png (63.65 KB, 589x526, Screenshot 2023-05-10 171319.p…)

Posting some related pics because there are funny.

No. 1573548

File: 1683769534040.jpg (73.05 KB, 679x643, Fvtez3mX0AA5OXY.jpg)

No. 1573551

File: 1683769675639.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.2 KB, 800x440, ezgif.com-webp-to-jpg.jpg)

sorry for not saging, but let's all be reminded that this scrote looks like this. Spoilered for your protection.

No. 1573555

File: 1683769802190.webm (398.48 KB, 320x400, Jzygy6zD_cbjAiVZ.webm)

Last post, but i cannot believe you guys completely forgot the most iconic look at the Little Mermaid premiere.

No. 1573557

Jake Gyllenhaal was outed as - what?

No. 1573558

Based judge

No. 1573562

Being an overall creep

No. 1573565

Kek, i literally just believe all of them to be true even since a good chunk of them have been proven true such as the already listed tranny chasers, Isaiah Rashad had a gay sex tape leaked, little richard proclaimed himself to be healed from homosexuality, Afrika Bambaataa had been accused of molesting young boys, i have probably forgotten some. I even remember Luther Vandross having some allegations that he actually addressed… but never really denied.

No. 1573569

She was 23 and consented from what I gathered, right? Personally I do not like when stories like this are worded exactly like ao3 fics. Trim the fat.

No. 1573571

I think it's more about the massive age difference compared to him that makes it creepy, and his newer girlfriend is even younger.

No. 1573578

He targets virgins and then dumps them after being their first. Doesn't matter that she was 23 - It's creepy and predatory behavior from a man almost two decades older than them

No. 1573583

File: 1683771722634.jpg (159 KB, 1170x1468, FvxVFOHXgAECjzy.jpg)

I love her. I just love her

No. 1573588

She was getting a lot of shit, but I heard she literally got her kids off of school and showed up, kek. I still love her, she's so sweet

No. 1573591

the rap industry is flagrantly fucking gay. if anyone wants more info i recommend the memoir "hiding in hip hop" which was written by a music producer (who died mysteriously) and reveals the black male "down-low" subculture in the industry. the majority of black male entertainers are gay or bisexual but they still identify as straight and find bizarre ways to justify it in their minds. this especially applies to the ones that are extremely masculine, homophobic, or thuggish. He claims the thuggish ones tend to be bottoms kek

No. 1573595

Homophobia in the black community is 100% none of my business but it explains why DL is such a big thing. Regardless of how annoyed people are by lil Nas, I admire that he does what he does even if it's low effort bait. A lot of gay men in the black community face a special kind of adversity that is amplified in the entertainment industry, and they are considered perfect targets from sexual predators when they are young because the machismo in their community makes it so that they feel its a secret they have to take to their graves. Grooming young men in the hip hop and rap industry is considered the perfect crime because they are taught their entire lives that they have to be tough and strong.

No. 1573608

I'd care about these men being "groomed" if 90% of rappers weren't horrific towards women. Every single scrote with a gay rumor or accusation is always some.openly misogynistic, abusive asshole.
I hate the idea that these scrotes can be openly degenerates towards women with no care, but then cry like Young Buck when the guy shit comes out.
Like you can beat your baby mother young buck, but you are soooo afraid of homophobia? It's sad that being gay/bi is more disgusting than them then being an fucking terror to the women in your community.
A lot of these scrotes aren't even groomed just coomer sex addicts who are bisexual, but know men will cancel them or be weird, so they just fuck eachother in private while disrespecting women they date in public.

No. 1573609

File: 1683775747078.jpg (139.97 KB, 1200x492, beyonce robot costume (1).jpg)

I didn't wanna post about it itt cause I don't want it annoy other anons with my stan stuff, but she looks so amazing for this tour. I'm excited for the visuals and acts II and III. The stage visuals were great and I can't wait for some high quality pics. It seems like her foot/knee is still injured or recovering so she wasn't able to perform at 100%, but this tour goes until like September so I'm sure she'll get better. I hope it's not her farewell tour like I see so many people theorizing. I'm also hoping for a film of this tour once it's over!
Here's something the other anons who also like fashion might appreciate. She wore two Mugler-inspired costumes and self-referenced her The Beyonce Experience tour where she shed a golden Mugler robot costume before performing Get me bodied (picrel, first pic is from today).
I really hope he's alright. It seems like he got sick so suddenly, but then again him/his family is clearly keeping a lot under wraps for the sake of privacy.

No. 1573610

Definitely a poppy because she's doing the Wicked movie. I don't hate it

No. 1573611

She looks so good, i can't wait to sit down and watch this later. Not a Stan but I really do enjoy Beyonce

No. 1573612

File: 1683776107779.jpg (76.24 KB, 1200x445, beyonce bee costume.jpg)

Samefag, here's the second Mugler inspired costume and the runway look it was inspired by. I won't spam all of her tour looks, I promise. This stuff just makes me so excited and she goes way back with Mugler
Btw, you can't tell in these pics but her hair looked especially good today.

No. 1573623

I love it too lmao, it's like she is dressed to go to a local cinema. At least she's comfortable.

I can't even feel sorry for them either for the factor that they treat women abhorrently. The fact that they even have to hide being gay comes from a place of misogyny because nobody bats an eye at lesbian rappers, clearly because wanting to fuck a man is a feminine trait and every feminine is evil and vile. The fact that the black community refers to women as "females" casually or say something is feminine as an insult. These men dug this hole for themselves. I probably only feel bad for the one guy from b2k who got mocked for coming about about being raped by his uncle/manager and he is one of the few people who have been open about the degeneracy in the industry. So many men in the hiphop industry called him gay and all kind of slurs when he is probably more hetrosexual then they could ever dream of being.

No. 1573638

File: 1683779929498.jpg (155.31 KB, 1588x1191, il_1588xN.678811012_nllx.jpg)

Its always "Beyonce is overrated"–TO YOU.
She is an entertainer. She brings every time. She takes what she does seriously. Why hate her, what's to hate. We need performers like her and there aren't any showing themselves this gen.

No. 1573640

The worst opportunist of the music industry

No. 1573642

I dont think you know what that means

No. 1573646

So co-opting huge social movement to make money off of them is not being an opportunist ? Stans are so delusionals

No. 1573653

>We need performers like her
Doja could have honestly become a a really good performer (in terms of dance, stage design, drama, etc…) but now that she's backtracking and saying she hates being a popstar, who knows if she'll continue on the route she was going. Anyway, the industry is so over-saturated now and lots of new people are industry plants so who even knows if we'll get another really amazing performer. It would have to be someone who has a background in dancing/music

No. 1573658

>I think if she started making music like this again she could tap into the crystal castlesfags/other related electronica demographics
Oh shit I never made that connection, yeah she should tap into that demographic. Honestly that song better luck next time is so good, the lyrics and sound are perfect for that type of rough synthwave type genre.

No. 1573665

You say this as if 90% of posters itt aren’t swifties. Taylor swift is worth $600 million yet still took it upon herself to re-release all of her albums (as she should) so she can make even MORE money from her fans that she doesn’t need. She has sued fans for selling merch lmao again money she doesn’t need. She too has co-opted movements like only using her “squad” and female empowerment when she’s single. But once she’s out of a relationship suddenly her “squad” is back in action and girl power! But as soon as she is boo’d up I never see her “squad”. If you think Beyonce is an opportunist than the same should be said about Tay Tay cuz they are cut from the same cloth Lmao. But y’all still believe Taylor swift is a closeted lesbian feminist icon who uses 4chan. When she disproves those theories time and time again! Also beyonces album was dedicated to her gay uncle who died that’s why there is so much lgbtq influence it’s a love letter to him. I don’t hate miss Tay Tay I just find it ironic since again beyonce and Taylor swift are both calculating as fuck and will do anything to turn a profit!

No. 1573666

Why are you acting like I'm a Taylor fan ? She's even worse than Beyonce to me because her music is pure garbage, at least Beyonce has some nice songs sometimes. Doesn't mean she isn't a opportunist and insanely whorshiped when she mostly makes mediocre music.

No. 1573667

She could excel at nearly any genre she really put her time and effort into tbh. She's acting super pretentious suddenly tho so I'm sure she'll just rip off some soundcloud stuff for a period until she gets bored with it. The NLOG im edgy and diffwent stuff is a little late and unnecessary.

I think if she stopped being constantly logged in and in a feedback loop 24/7 she could make really fun music.

No. 1573668

Beyonce is worshiped because she is a performer. She has a long body of work that holds up pretty well over time, yeah her newer stuff is an acquired taste but she still has a couple hits there too. She puts effort into what she does, few can say the same. We don't have serious artists that embody that kind of glamor anymore. I get it.

No. 1573675

I don't even listen to her music that much but she's so gorgeous and the bee costume is super cute.
People who only liked Amala must be punching the air rn because she just shat on everyone else lol. I'm sure she feels very edgy and ironic tweeting this but I wouldn't be bragging putting out making cheap, low effort content personally.

No. 1573677

File: 1683783771768.gif (8.14 MB, 500x603, 3611F4CB-C3E5-4BF0-A377-E461F2…)

I don’t even think beyonce is worshipped like that her beyhive is just an extremely loud minority. If she was really THAT worshipped people wouldn’t be foaming at the mouth to call her overrated, a devil worshipper, broke, seeing if her concerts sell out et etc. the second she makes music aka does her job lol. I think she has a balance of extreme haters and extreme fans.

Also it’s not really beyonces fault that she is worshipped like this. Hell she is even most celebrities’ celebrity. If people actually looked into beyonce you would see she is actually a very shy pick me lol. She literally just wants to perform and be with her aint shit man and kids. But people put so much pressure on her and treat her like a god when she just wants to be treated like everyone else. Like imagine being beyonce and even your peers are screaming, crying and hyperventilating to meet you and taking candids of you when you’re not looking that must be uncomfy as hell. Idk I have a soft spot for beyonce because she mainly minds her business and I can just tell she is shy as hell and it’s really adorable once you notice it lol.

No. 1573696

Religious aunties love to call her a devil worshipper, yeah. I think a lot of people expressing extreme dislike for her do so because of their inherit need to be NLOG at all times. I don't really care for a majority of her currentish songs (i dont like that new flow everyone uses as of 2017) but there are definitely a few I cherry pick. I do find myself getting vaguely upset or annoyed and some sort of obligation to defend her whenever people criticize her looks or say she isn't talented. You will never see me shit on the woman who gave us this. Beyonce is one of a kind.

No. 1573739

File: 1683793890323.gif (3.47 MB, 550x239, beyonce-hair-formation.gif)


No. 1573740

This was actually an entertaining read. Do you know of any other article kind of like this? Someone talking about some celeb they hooked up with?

I feel a bit bad for her because she was way too innocent. I have some celeb crushes and if I met them fine but would neeeeever expect a relationship out of it. Hell I wouldnt even want to bang them since I am deadly afraid of getting the herp and you know how that shit is spread all over Hollywood

No. 1573749

This has so much stan twitter energy. I hate it.

No. 1573776

Idk, maybe the girls have gay twink bffs the guys like to fuck. That way if they spend time together it’s not as sus

No. 1573796

File: 1683801946466.png (513.52 KB, 1440x2560, my3b4bvzwhi81.png)

Kinda off-topic but I'm still so fascinated about Hilaria Baldwin and her dumb ass lies. Really sad that that whole thing shot down after her rich grandpa scrote shot that poor woman, I was looking forward to a million video essays about but nooo old man had to kill someone on set

No. 1573801

I find her so fascinating. The Spanish lie, the fake baby bump when using a surrogate. The million children. She's mad as a box of frogs, and I kinda love that for her. Fuck Old Man Baldwin for ruining it.

No. 1573850

File: 1683812150828.png (582.68 KB, 723x767, 1683578609571.png)

No. 1573894

File: 1683817776567.webm (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 320x320, 1683808506394612.webm)

No. 1573901

File: 1683818152294.jpg (80.18 KB, 602x705, 1683813187209698.jpg)

No. 1573912

still cant believe megan let this 5'3 scrote fuck bc she's so hot to me (it was in the tmv documentary, actually very interesting)

No. 1573920

does anyone know why tom cruise doesnt see his daughter? and is he still a scientologist? that's way more milky to me than him possibly being gay

No. 1573930

New LDR music video. The song is pretty. I like her different looks.

She's also going to be touring again after 3 and a half years, looks like she lost some weight and is feeling confident again, I love that for her.

No. 1573935

tbh no one knows if he does or doesn't . Afaik Katie has never said either way. he seems to have a good relationship with his two adopted kids with Nicole tho so it would definitely be sus if he doesn't want to see his only biological kid(only reason I could think of is that it isn't his)

No. 1573948

Omg it's so beautiful, and she's so beautiful. Love her so much ♥ She's precious

No. 1573961

Samefag but I got to the end of the video and what the fuck is that scene with her dress laying bloodied outside of the car and then it zooms in on a trunk sitting on the back of the car with paparazzi taking pictures and her pianist looking sad. Was that supposed to mean she was murdered in the car and her dead body placed in the trunk? Lana what the fuck lol

No. 1574043

The old Lana can't come to the phone right now.



No. 1574066

File: 1683827219987.png (1.4 MB, 1440x1821, Screenshot_20230511-124739.png)


No. 1574070

File: 1683827373903.png (48.27 KB, 1146x288, sdsdsdsdjust41already.png)

I cannot describe to you how much this makes me want to a-log. Which part of gender transitioning is not a mental illness again? Could it be the part where wearing a goddamn dress of all things ignites your suicidal tendencies to 11?

And transactivists dare to say they're dismantling the gender binary. Then why are you having retarded meltdowns over clothing?

No. 1574084

Did she sign some kind of contract that forced her to wear a dress?

…if the answer is no-she can stfu, seriously.

No. 1574097

Was the neck of the dress too constricting to her windpipe? Was there a corset built in that constricted her breathing? Some nails or razors sewn into the fabric? I'd love to know..

No. 1574103

I'm sorry for being an insensitive prick but if you have such strong reactions to clothes, acting sounds like a horrible career choice.

No. 1574109

You are not being insensitive. You are looking at this with a sane person's eyes. Who has reactions to fabric like that? Why is she an actress if she can't handle doing something she would not normally do, but which is part of her character? Don't fall for this BS. This is just regular attention-seeking by gendies to get pity points and news exposure. I genuinely don't understand how people look at statements like these and are not peaked by the sheer absurdity of an actress having an existential crisis over wearing clothing she does not usually wear.

No. 1574111

Token black person: check(racebaiting)

No. 1574114

File: 1683829476455.png (54.75 KB, 991x901, babas.png)

You couldn't write a better absurdist story if you tried.

No. 1574120

File: 1683829645618.jpg (132.58 KB, 680x680, EWi0LN-XkAEdsNR.jpg)

Damn, whatever happened to "clothing isn't gendered"? Aren't we supposed to encourage men wearing dresses?

No. 1574126

File: 1683829816451.png (1.34 MB, 1439x1899, Screenshot_20230511-133053.png)


No. 1574135

File: 1683830192965.png (586.94 KB, 1440x2213, Screenshot_20230511-133700.png)

No. 1574138

It's probably just a huge coincidence. Notice how they had to bring up the fact that she never dated, they want to imply that there is some kind of femcel extremist agenda so bad so the can absolve their disgusting sons from their bullshit.

No. 1574139

>wearing the same costume every year
thats some powerful autism

No. 1574141

Like, yeah it's fucked up, because it's misogyny, she's still mentally unwell and it's obviously fueled by misogyny and homophobia. It's not like itd have been alright if it was with a "ciswoman" either.

No. 1574156

Agreed in that regard. She should have been allowed to wear a suit (and she did on red carpets earlier in her career). However, it's sad that instead of talking about the rigid beauty standards women are expected to fit into, she instead made it all about her "gender dysphoria". She could have made a call to action to have studios held accountable for the way they take away actresses' autonomy, but no. Now instead of wearing a suit because she's a girl and doesn't like dresses, she spun it to "I can't wear a dress because I'm a boy." The mental gymnastics are sad if they weren't so infuriating.
But she really is pissing on the graves of women who were abused and jailed for wearing pants in the late 19th century. Those women stood for the right to not be restricted by the clothes people wear, not to switch sides when the going gets tough.

No. 1574159

Weapon-ized AUTISM!
An autistic coincidence. Sure. Okay.

No. 1574160

File: 1683831856140.jpeg (138.54 KB, 1244x1400, 848D577E-1EE4-4CA6-88FF-3F95CD…)

She’s such a fool kek makes me want to ignore this new album completely.

No. 1574163

She should just come back here and post that shit in the dumbass thread so normies won't be too annoyed by her stupidity.

No. 1574171

She looks a bit like Lindsey Lohan in that photo

No. 1574174

She runs with the Lohan,duff,Olsen type fan-girl fandoms. It's true.

No. 1574182

maybe i'm dumb but how did playing a pregnant teen girl not trigger her "dysmorphia" but having to wear a dress to a premiere did? it's insane how fragile gendies are

No. 1574185

She’s portraying Elizabeth Short, so yeah. This video is very meta of her and shows the dark side of old Hollywood she was so associated with in her early days, the performance of it all, the sadness and depression women like her had to endure and how manufactured the glamour is. It’s very mature, yet her fans still complain and want it without BTS scenes, only with pretty pictures when the whole point was to show how fake and depressive the whole persona thing can be.

No. 1574186

She'll spew up whatever garbage she needs to-in order to sell her book. There's going to be way more bitching and moaning, ellen hasn't even warmed up yet. I wonder if she'll try and cast brad pitt to play her in the bio or whatever film ellen will hauk next.

No. 1574199

File: 1683835311362.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.74 KB, 1466x1075, janelle.jpg)

Janelle Monae goes full degen.
Liberal women are so cringe.

No. 1574200

do u ever think the reason people get so militant about disliking beyonce is because people like you cannot seem to fathom that her music isn't everyone's cup of tea, and dismissing it by saying that they're trying too hard to be different is what invokes such a negative reaction in people?

No. 1574203

ahhhh suddenly the video makes sense

No. 1574205

Better than Lana atleast

No. 1574242

File: 1683838230076.webm (2.34 MB, 320x320, DYjguMzaNOedbQfD.webm)

No. 1574274

We need to dismantle Hollywood asap. We can't keep letting these beautiful women starve themselves.
Genuinely, is there something wrong with SSA women expressing sexual attraction towards women? And yeah, obviously, naked woman in a sexualized space, but it's not scrote-like of her to 'write it out.'

No. 1574281

I'm not a militant beyhive member so no. If you dislike an artist because of their stans that's on you idgaf. I dont care if people aren't interested in her or her music I just hate when people use it as excuse to call her ugly.

She's kind of like Hailey Bieber to me, only instead of her special interest being Selena Gomez it was securing Alec Baldwin. She's harmless so it's just endlessly funny to me that she found out he liked Latin women and was like oh a Latin woman I will be then.

No. 1574295

That is definitely his kid.

>that was really extremely, extremely fucked up
Kim there are people that are dying

No. 1574299

It's gross, imo. This whole hypersexual shit she's pulling after being some genderspecial is weird. The women in the video isn't gross but the presentation seems icky to me

No. 1574310

She's a straight woman, nonnie.

No. 1574323

(nta) Is this another "bisexuals don't exist" incel moment lol

No. 1574341

> Personally I do not like when stories like this are worded exactly like ao3 fics. Trim the fat.
This is worded so perfectly anon. Theres something about the way some of these retellings are told that really is so off putting.

No. 1574357

I doubt Taylor swift ever watched Donnie Darko.

I knew something was terribly wrong when Taylor and him were getting maple dranx at starfuckz.

No. 1574358

is she high

No. 1574360

This is a "exclusively cock taking female = straight" moment.

No. 1574362

She's coping HARD. So she's most likely partying in her own way and blowing off steam-which everyone should do tbqh. Life is difficult.

No. 1574366

Ellen, there's people that are dying

No. 1574368

File: 1683846614097.gif (1.86 MB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

I love that meme.

No. 1574377

She is so funny, holy shit. I went down that rabbit hole awhile back and can't believe how crazy their whole deal is.

>People at the park aLwAyS ask me if I am a nanny!

kek no they havent, Hillary Thomas from Boston.

No. 1574391

Next thread title, please?

No. 1574398

Um yeah naked black woman ass. So empowering for black women.
That woman is literally naked and the camera focuses on her ass only. You americans are so desensitezed you don't even know what objectification is anymore, it's just a completely normal to you.

No. 1574407

You just know Taylor thought it was all over for her after "lover".

She had accepted her fate and wait-OH look she's okay, now! Everything's fine!

It's got to be wild, thinking everything was over-only to have things pick up the pace and go back to being alright!

No. 1574414

She's dated women before nona.
I'm not pretending it's empowering, I'm saying there's nothing wrong with finding women attractive sexually.

No. 1574417

File: 1683852145402.png (42.93 KB, 1440x713, Screenshot_20230511-194235.png)

No. 1574419

File: 1683852207824.jpg (160.98 KB, 1680x1050, maxresdefault-4.jpg)

Looks like the designer was inspired by metropolis, very cool.

No. 1574427

File: 1683853044019.png (38.69 KB, 1440x666, Screenshot_20230511-195800.png)


No. 1574431

this is why Depp court-shopped until he got to Virginia. California doesn't play around with defamation suits.

No. 1574441

Kanye don't care. He's still bff's with bill Cosby and thinks OJ Simpson is innocent. I wonder who he'll bring on stage next.

No. 1574442

Depp has a fantastic team and everyone knew exactly what they were doing. They weren't playing around.

No. 1574445

Are you stupid? Nobody was criticizing her for practicing lesbianism.

No. 1574448

>Thuggish ones
Sagging jeans checks out

No. 1574456

right, because Virginia is known for having weak anti-SLAPP laws. you cannot dismiss the case at the beginning like other states allow, you have to present your dismissal as a defense to the jury. it was a tactic.

No. 1574501

File: 1683864701864.png (94.01 KB, 1677x1524, grossdeniro.png)

She's not 64 she's 45. Not sure how anons believed she was 64. That would've made her the oldest woman to ever give birth in the US by a lot https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2023/05/09/tiffany-chens-real-age-gap-with-robert-de-niro-explained-amid-shock-baby-news/

No. 1574506

Unless I'm looking at something wrong, google says she is 64. Also, I don't have who the oldest woman to give birth is just stored in my head.

No. 1574507

Samefag, Ok I was looking at the wrong Tiffany Chen and I admittedly forgot that menopause exists.

No. 1574509

You absolute idiots will do anything but admit Doja is fucking retarded. No wonder you brainless fools like her, you're pathetic.

No. 1574535

If it wasn’t in vitro I have no idea how it happened since his sperm is like 80% dead and 45 years old also isn’t a peak of woman’s fertility.

No. 1574549

Except she's not "exclusively cock taking" except in your daydreams, lmao. Look up her relationships, cuck

No. 1574550

File: 1683868712682.jpeg (70.62 KB, 828x1126, 10B2A8E8-EEA1-4F3B-B614-3ACE6F…)

This is becoming the Taylor and Ratty live update feed and we all deserve it bc we’re so bad

No. 1574552

Trying to spin a truthful, serious narrative into purple prose detracts from what you are trying to share. Adding fluffy descriptors and basically the same cadence as a teenager daydreaming about meeting their crush for a date at the foodcourt ( tags: slowburn ) makes it excruciating to read. I could not get through that at all. All of that to say you consented to a blowjob and are mad he didn't pursue you any further.

You are so good at sounding like Donald Trump that it's offputting

No. 1574554

I'm sure they do if she's always loudly speaking in a racist ott charicature of a Spanish accent and basically beggin for people to ask her about it. Idk what part of NYC she lives in but i could probs guaruntee its affluent sheltered white people lol. She's Brooklyns fat Joe

No. 1574555

So do you think she was huffing her crack wind or held her breath y/n

No. 1574562

Nayrt but I understand why people want to cape for her so badly. She has potential to make genuinely great music, its weird that she's 27 and acting 17. Anons who call her amala like theyre on first name basis with her are weird as hell tho.

>hunching her shoulders for a man that looks like he eats vermin in the shadows of the overpass

No. 1574564

you anons going "but she consented" are really missing the point

No. 1574569

The point is that hes an asshole like almost every other popular actor, yeah we got that.

No. 1574581

>you brainless fools like her, you're pathetic.
Nta and I don't like doja but you type like the tranny spammer

No. 1574706

File: 1683888351826.jpg (58.75 KB, 640x618, ck74speiau861.jpg)

She's so camp in her cringe. Hilaria! Serve the Espanol!!

No. 1574735

bro has no chin. fucking devastating.

No. 1574736

I can't wait until they break up and she writes 3 albums about how she couldn't see the red flags because shes a 33 year old minor and her brain isn't finished developing

No. 1574749

No. 1574754

File: 1683894354557.webm (4.61 MB, 480x852, ssstwitter.com_1683894155809.w…)

No. 1574762

This is legitimately depressing. How do you go from The ArchAndroid and The Electric Lady to making literal porn?
Must be very desperate to stay relevant.

No. 1574764

Lmao she's too ugly to be a pop star so she realized she needs to pimp out other women.

No. 1574765

Kek she's still pretending to be Spanish ? She must be incredibly stupid and/or mentally ill, I see no other explanation.

No. 1574775

File: 1683895845262.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.9 KB, 647x634, janelle.jpg)

Is she ok?

No. 1574777

File: 1683895944740.jpg (78.53 KB, 1248x702, hero-image.fill.size_1248x702.…)

The libfem thing is sad, but calling her ugly is kind of a cope. She's always been conventionally attractive, and moids are going insane over her flashing her tits on Twitter.

No. 1574778

She's insufferable

No. 1574780

If I had titties like that I'd show them off too damn

No. 1574781

Britney tiktok energy

No. 1574783

No. 1574786

I'm just making a joke anon because she has nice boobs, I wouldn't show mine off even if they weren't retarded looking I was just looking for a funny way to say hers are nice

No. 1574791

sad tbh. the nonbinary women always go the same way:

>society says women are slut bimbo whores with no personality

>I'M not a slut bimbo whore with no personality
>is society wrong about women? nah, i'm just not like those other girls!!
>dress androgynously for five minutes
>still crave male validation and attention
>still base worth off of men's sexual attraction
>slather yourself in makeup and lingerie
>take off your clothes
>it's progressive because my tits have pronouns

No. 1574823

Sorry but if you're a rich adult woman close to your 40s it really is your own fault if you still fall for woke fakeboi bullshit.

No. 1574835

sad on a societal level. janelle is old enough to know better, but the 12yo girls being bombarded with this shit left right and centre are deffo victims.

No. 1574839

…. One of my favorite songs by Janelle is Sincerely, Jane and in one part of the song she sings about how we need to teach girls in music videos to not undress for attention and validation, that we are confusing "bling" for soul. "Danger there's danger, when you take off your clothes, all your dreams go down the drain girl"
And now look. She isn't even the same person. I feel deeply betrayed, as stupid as that sounds.

No. 1574879

>on the podcast mentioned (Feb 2023) they were also talking about him being caught watching “Ghetto Gaggers”. P*rn full of hatred for women, specifically about white men getting off on racially and sexually degrading black women.

>He followed Kyle Rittenhouse on insta (before he deactived his account around April 10th or so)

>and Andrew Tate

>He ignored allegations about their video director and photographer bring predatory towards young girls - except when he posted a “JOKE” about it on insta

I think swifties need to accept that Taylor is not a radfem.

No. 1574893

idk how they didn't realize it sooner. actually there was that time some of them on twitter tried to cancel her for working with that one director but then they forgot about it like a week later.

No. 1574903

no one thinks she's a radfem be forreal. they just think she's a lesbian and secretly dating karlie trump kloss because she's too powerless and oppressed to come out kek

No. 1574919

Oh you are just one of those people who hate autistic people, i get it. Clearly they hate you back.

No. 1574959

It's trump-chan, did you expect anything good from her kek

No. 1575061

File: 1683909855908.png (46.17 KB, 1440x843, Screenshot_20230512-114430.png)

No. 1575064

File: 1683909884260.webm (1.6 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

The vid.

No. 1575066

That seems like a well intentioned song. I don't think you should feel betrayed. Enjoy that art piece for what it is.

No. 1575075

File: 1683910242192.jpg (91.36 KB, 680x962, 94271ac6a427492cc79274b074f2ba…)

I never hated autistic-assholes until they MADE ME hate them. I do hate them and I won't pretend that I don't.

No. 1575086

Is this about her dumping Joe? Maybe he was too clingy?

No. 1575124

Nobody knows but…


No. 1575359

I like taylor's outfit here

No. 1575431

File: 1683920619091.jpg (201.73 KB, 1145x1145, f1984620fef0640e434f0ae9b7741b…)

I've read a lot of comments saying…

"Taylor and Joe's CONTRACT IS UP!"


Can anyone clue me in- IF TRUE?!

No. 1575440

File: 1683920997522.jpg (22.47 KB, 604x398, janelle.jpg)

No. 1575441

Not at all what I said either? I understand why anons here have a problem with seeing a woman sexualized, what I was saying is that there's nothing wrong with her finding women sexually attractive.
>"i like waffles" "so you hate pancakes?!"

No. 1575442

File: 1683921180187.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.96 KB, 346x556, 45.jpg)

Midlife crisis

No. 1575447

Where was this? A party? Need context.

No. 1575451

someone on the taylor swift subreddit mentioned that taylor has never gone to therapy and now this all makes perfect sense.

No. 1575456

File: 1683922151636.jpg (168.82 KB, 1170x1951, 20230512_160915.jpg)

For weeks? Why didn't they say anything about the rumors earlier kek. Good he's ok though.

No. 1575483

File: 1683923306786.jpg (62.53 KB, 1080x926, Fv6HmrXXoAIdkdv.jpg)


No. 1575497

He's most likely set up-honey pot style and is being exposed. I take it- that people don't actually like him and that he's a genuine predatory douchebag so…

No. 1575524

The way she looks at taylor! CCCUUUTTTEEEE!!!!

No. 1575532

File: 1683924401594.gif (354.83 KB, 362x258, ezgif-4-09946824ec.gif)

Oh. If that's true. It's over.

100% over and to the maximum if THAT'S HAPPENING!



No. 1575543

File: 1683924645398.png (66.99 KB, 1440x1038, Screenshot_20230512-155028.png)

No. 1575570

this thread is 80% trump-chan at this point. wtf is happening

No. 1575575

>chronic illness
r u srsly testing the waters for munchie attention on LOLCOW of all places

No. 1575582

File: 1683925967824.gif (4.7 MB, 640x410, stop-jack-black.gif)

That's just not true, anon.

No. 1575588

File: 1683926168181.jpeg (151.34 KB, 830x1331, 6302584c9162d.jpeg)

>chronic illness
What's that?!

No. 1575612

i personally adore trump-chan. the celebicow threads were dead before or derailed with arguments about rap or lana del rey’s weight.

No. 1575621

There were times trump-chan derailed too though, usually when she starts spamming weird edits 50 times. And that time she furiously defended Seth Mcfarlane.

No. 1575632

what the fuck does taylor see in him seriously.
maybe this is a cope but im not a swiftie, taylor is very calculated, didn’t she admit on miss americana that she plans her eras years ahead? this could be PR, i don’t see them lasting, people will praise (and victimise) her for “escaping” this freak & she’ll get some new songwriting material out of it

No. 1575673

The past threads were a dumpster fire but it was a controlled burn. I could warm my hands in front of it all nice and toasty. Boyega-chan was like a raccoon that would come by once in a while.

No. 1575717

Editing/correcting/deleting posts isn't derailing, anon. There's nothing wrong with fixing errors. There's a lot of people who enjoy family guy. Get over it.

No. 1575732

File: 1683935716561.png (29.6 KB, 1440x422, Screenshot_20230512-185038.png)

It's PR to drum-up DRAMA & get everyone talking & EVERYONE IS TALKING-so it worked.

Jack Antonoff helped put this PR bullshit together.

You can thank him for his part in all of this, really.


No. 1575770

File: 1683937531079.png (16.45 KB, 1127x264, Screenshot_20230512-192354~2.p…)

No. 1575776

Dug into some Matty stuff, so interesting that's he's a big shitposter, likes memes, and probably browses 4chan adjacent stuff judging from this music video from 3 years ago (virgin/chad/pepe/other memes). It was directed by another professional shitposter Ben Ditto.

No. 1575781

File: 1683938277316.png (1.06 MB, 1440x1063, Screenshot_20230406-232037.png)

I'm not going to click on that and give him any views.

No. 1575789

She did what she had to do to secure that ring.

She has to keep the ring.

I bounce between thinking she is straight as her back and then remember that they were calling her a lesbian in 2010 and she repeatedly makes suuuper lesbo references. Idk. If she isn't gay the fact that she purposely teases lesbians that's kind of wack, doesn't matter if she's bi.


No. 1575798

You know damn well that's not what I'm talking about.

No. 1575799

Still copying Kylie Minogue all these years later

No. 1575800

Nope. I have no clue what you're talking about, actually.

No. 1575802

>she repeatedly makes suuuper lesbo references
i keep seeing swifties say this but where's the proof beyond "lavender haze"

No. 1575827

File: 1683942299690.png (421.12 KB, 748x709, 8375837583.png)

there isn't any proof. their "evidence" is literally all stuff like "taylor uses orange and pink and white a lot and those are the colours of the hideous lesbian flag so she must be a dyke and not just someone using orange and pink and white because they're pretty"

No. 1575831


lol lesbians

No. 1575835

unrelated but did Beyonce get a boob job? I never noticed her being so busty

No. 1575838

It's holyweird, so tay probs got her tidfies done too.

No. 1575839

She had 3 kids and gained weight nonny. It's possible that she got something done to her breasts though, she appeared to have possibly got a BBL/butt enhancement.

No. 1575847

my thoughts exactly. thanks for sharing Janelle!

No. 1575848

File: 1683943109259.png (21.97 KB, 1440x501, Screenshot_20230512-205902.png)

No. 1575858

Janelle Monae Lipstick Lover music video

No. 1575877

lmao she’s always been an absolute pick me playing into the lesbian aesthetics while only dating ugly moids. good to see her flop.

No. 1575883

She got the full mommy makeover

No. 1575885

I literally put a link about it in my post

No. 1575887

File: 1683944947350.png (567.31 KB, 1440x1741, Screenshot_20230512-212649~2.p…)

The thirst for drama is real.


No. 1575960

This was sexy and fun until I remembered men can see it too.

No. 1576000

Trump-chan was involved in some of the infights and I still have heavy suspicions that Trump-chan is the tranny spammer

No. 1576070

File: 1683956064305.jpg (67.81 KB, 615x615, 23421095_163179897604661_53757…)

This tinfoil has always been wishful thinking. Taylor has always been the ultimate basic bitch pickme. I literally couldn't think of a more conventionally heterosexual female celebrity if I tried. The tone-deaf comparison between her haters and fucking systemic homophobia she makes You Need to Calm Down is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that this woman doesn't understand shit about what gay people go through.
Also the fact that she shills scottish folds so hard when the condition that causes the "uwu kawaii folded ears" also puts them in excruciating pain makes me want to beat her with a shoe. People were trying to outlaw breeding it before her and Ed Sheeran obsessively gloated about owning it.

No. 1576073

>chiding people for autism jokes
>on an imageboard

No. 1576076

>The tone-deaf comparison between her haters and fucking systemic homophobia she makes You Need to Calm Down is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that this woman doesn't understand shit about what gay people go through.
Hard agree, this is the biggest evidence that she's straight and I remember seeing plenty of gay people calling out her bullshit because of that song.

Slightly related but this reminds me of the time twitter thought Anya Taylor Joy of all people was a lesbian and then shat themselves for hours when she ended up marrying a man kek.

No. 1576080

weren't Karlie and her seen kissing at one point?

No. 1576108

Samefag but I just realised something, Trump-chan types exactly like Anna from the leftcows thread

No. 1576114

This is how I've basically felt but that leaves the question of why all her relationships are fake. Surely she can find better ways to get attention than pretending to date Dopey

No. 1576189

File: 1683968372592.webm (11.63 MB, 576x1246, ssstwitter.com_1683967341999 3…)

nta I see so many gaylors make fun of “hetlors” talking about how they project their sexuality onto her, how they take her “beards” as real & how her straight songs are actually gay & that she’s doing this to milk money out of heterosexuals because they’re the majority even though I do see that, since she’s capitalist as fuck, I feel like she’s playing both sides & is milking both sides for their money & loyalty. She knew the whole “date a dude, breakup, im the victim, lets write songs about it so other women will relate” thing has worked but also droplets of “gayness” is a way to keep her les/bi fans obsessed with her & buying her content in search of any “queer flagging” (their words) Also “kissgate” which is the backbone of their evidence that she’s gay/bisexual was debunked. Someone at the show years ago said they were just talking & there is another video angle proving that, Taylor had her heard turned around & Karlie was whispering in her ear, outside of that one video everything else is just her les/bi fans projecting their gayness onto her & her content.

No. 1576213

All her relationships are fake for money and attention and the fact that she knows her brain dead fans eat up her PR Arelationships and live vicariously through her. Taylor swift is fake as fuck. Bitch cosplayed country and right wing until she was bored and society was going more left while the govt went right then started cosplaying being libfem cuz society shifted more right wing while the govt went left. Now most of her fan base are radicalized libfem who are trying to become more conservative. Hence her trying to date an incel like Matty. Taylor swift is the ultimate grifter who always gets away with being a victim because basic white girl see themselves in her since she is so mediocre in every stretch of the imagination yet still gets to be hyped.

She hates her fans making y’all buy her terribly mixed “Taylor’s version” when her voice has gotten worse over time I would be sick. At least if beyonce ever re made her old albums you would hear obvious improvement from 20 years ago. Taylor has gotten worse vocally!

She is also the same bitch who gave us that godawful song ME with Brendan uie I will NEVER forgive her for that

Taylor is not a girls girl she never has been she is a pick me like beyonce but unlike beyonce she tries to desperately hide it under “girl boss” and “spinster” aesthetics to appeal to her diverse white fan base. Now she is trying to go through her rocker emo phase. It’s obvious.

No. 1576217

I’m Gaylor truther but couldn’t care less about if she’s really gay. Bisexual is my actual guess. It’s just fun to look out for easter eggs. I love conspiracy theories as a mind fuck game and this is harmless compared to most conspiracy theories.

In reality she’s a billionaire with lifestyle I can’t relate at any level. Her public persona is carefully crafted narrative to make money. It does not matter if she’s gay or bi or anything.

No. 1576218

File: 1683972202056.jpeg (103.02 KB, 500x702, 6B7DDA84-E6EA-4ED1-8E5F-FA2B24…)

I’m Gaylor truther but couldn’t care less about if she’s really gay. Bisexual is my actual guess. It’s just fun to look out for easter eggs. I love conspiracy theories as a mind fuck game and this is harmless compared to most conspiracy theories.

In reality she’s a billionaire with lifestyle I can’t relate at any level. Her public persona is carefully crafted narrative to make money. It does not matter if she’s gay or bi or anything.

No. 1576222

are you fucken srs

No. 1576231

what planet is trump-chan living in

No. 1576232

We need to have a conversation about the word incel lol. Healy's a disgusting foul scrote but he's a rockstar lol

No. 1576235

Nah if woke and pick me get to be bastardized to oblivion I’ll do the same for incel. If dude wasn’t a nepo baby he’d for sure be an incel wit that face

No. 1576253

File: 1683976508558.jpg (84.99 KB, 1129x1110, 7f4f554da3705df7a7e48b81789df9…)

No. 1576254

File: 1683976636478.gif (2.64 MB, 498x407, taylor-swift-reputation.gif)

No. 1576274

I can buy Taylor actually being lesbophobic irl tbh

No. 1576299

I legit hope she is full on homophobic

No. 1576333

why? weird thing to hope for

No. 1576352

Trump stays on topic with celeb crap.

For whatever reason haters pick on trump and SOMETIMES they get a response.

>There have been plenty of times trolls stepped in and pretended to be "trump" tbqh and responded back AS IMPOSTERS.

Trump just needs to ignore the trolls and haters. Problem solved.

No. 1576359

trumpchan needs to learn to integrate already it was funny at first now it's just annoying

No. 1576360

i'm pretty sure that's her you're responding to. misused greentext gives it away lol

No. 1576362

Actually this is an anonymous imageboard.

Y'all don't have trump pinpointed.

If a poster is on topic and posts relevant material, I don't understand the problem.

Any off-topic bs, report and move on.

This does not have to be complicated.(ok trump-chan)

No. 1576366

Ok reddit-chan

No. 1576372

I am done responding but rehtorical question REAL QUICK…

It's always something, huh?

No. 1576379

It's a little coincidental that both Trump-chan and the tranny spammer arrived to lc at the same time today… I'm really starting to suspect it's one of his personas or something

No. 1576381

Samefag but it's also strange that "she" only responded to the comment calling "her" the tranny spammer and not the one calling "her" Anna from the leftcows thread. Why defend the blaine accusation but not the Anna one? Even more suspicious

No. 1576417

he literally looks exactly like that yandere game developer.

No. 1576519

Don't come for me but I enjoyed vid related.

No. 1576601

Nonnas bear with me, she's technically a former actress so a celebricow, but can someone TL;DR me why Meghan Markle is so incredibly controversial ?

No. 1576697

File: 1684003144702.png (56.36 KB, 1780x384, 54574656787803214325.png)

I'm stealing these posts from an old dumbass shit thread but I feel like they sum it up

No. 1576718

File: 1684003482579.jpg (87.25 KB, 1500x1000, king-charles-coronation-memes-…)

They're royalcow threads…

Idk if this is the latest one cuz WOW- THAT'S DUSTY! If anyone wants to make a 2023 version GO FOR IT!-assuming that's the latest thread…



Uugh there's a lot to unpack.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1576755

File: 1684004683257.png (1.53 MB, 1440x1723, Screenshot_20230513-140507.png)



No. 1576768

File: 1684005280098.png (27.33 KB, 1280x292, Screenshot_20230513-141449~2.p…)

No. 1576816

she's hilarious

No. 1576817

>busy with babies
YOUR fucking nanny takes care of them, miss thomas

No. 1576819

No. 1576820

she looks like she's starring in a remake of bridget jones' diary
aka fat

No. 1576824

KEK fucking dumbass means STAVE off hunger, not starve. holy shit america

No. 1576828

ok but she's dressed as Juno, the female character??

No. 1576836

this is not a safe place for you, autist-chan. don't try to understand it, just leave.

No. 1576838

nonnies those are fake. wtf happened to her brain

No. 1576842

because she pretends to be black

No. 1576843

File: 1684010525428.jpg (85.29 KB, 819x404, suri.JPG)

I was reading about this a while ago

>At the time of their split, it was reported that Katie had chosen to end the couple's marriage over fears about raising her daughter as a Scientologist - a religion that Tom is incredibly dedicated to.

>The insider explained that Tom does 'not have a part in [Suri's] life' - after it was previously revealed that the pair have not seen each other in years.
>According to their divorce documents, Tom agreed to pay Katie $400,000 a year until Suri turned 18 years old.


No. 1576844

they deserve it for legitimizing bullshit like "royalty"

No. 1576849

They did it because that's some serious next-level networking and they had the disposable tools to do it.

No. 1576853

Yeah I was also wondering, hasn't she been dating some moid for years all the while using lesbian imagery in her vids and such? Has she ever had a girlfriend that we know of? I know people rumored about her and Tessa Thompson dating, but then I read she was dating a moid at the time those rumors were circulating, so.

Agreed, that was retarded and embarrassing of her

No. 1576864

Does she have downs? What an unfortunate looking nepo baby

No. 1576892

File: 1684014160301.png (62.6 KB, 1440x1854, Screenshot_20230513-164301.png)

No. 1576901

File: 1684014769268.png (42.11 KB, 584x320, 168401469571503271.png)

No. 1576905

File: 1684014957058.png (731.39 KB, 1440x2385, Screenshot_20230513-165641.png)

No. 1576921


No. 1576943

She was gay-baiting with Tessa back when they both had projects to promote, both are het and were dating a man at the time, she later on gay-baited with Lupita. Lupita too is a het.

No. 1576964

this is hilarious

No. 1576967

File: 1684018369497.png (396.5 KB, 737x470, f83758375.png)

closeted lesbians or bisexual women don't make out in public. that is a 100% heterosexual activity.

No. 1577029

File: 1684025364785.jpg (360.37 KB, 5120x2880, MV5BNzBmMGJkNDgtYzFmNy00MjE2LT…)

But even the gay-baiting was "polyamorous"

No. 1577047

Having twins probably did a huge number on her body, I kind of don't blame her for getting surgery.

No. 1577054

She's just bisexual. That's not gay-baiting kek

No. 1577060

being bisexual but always in a hetero relationship while teasing your homosexual attraction is absolutely gaybaiting. it's basically the definition. she has no intentions of dating a woman.

No. 1577064

People will disagree with you but you’re right. Her being a celebrity makes it harder to see but in real life her behavior would be insufferable.

No. 1577066

>always in a hetero relationship while teasing your homosexual attraction
What men has Janelle been with? And I don't think having songs explicitly about vagina and liking women is "teasing" kek

No. 1577069

Nate Wonder? Lewis Hamilton?

No. 1577072

File: 1684030294561.png (550.01 KB, 865x1872, Screenshot_20230513-211215.png)

Umm excuse you.

No. 1577083

File: 1684032101757.jpg (48.51 KB, 306x705, Julia.jpg)

No. 1577084

File: 1684032129207.jpg (52.84 KB, 306x777, Ju33.jpg)

No. 1577085

This, she obviously doesn't make music or videos to pander to men, but nonnas salivate at the thought of insisting every bi woman is fake and queerbaiting (but Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton are totally lesbians because ????? lol)

No. 1577090

is that Bella Thorne ?

No. 1577093

Julia Fox

No. 1577098

I've even seen anons say Megan Thee Stallion is bi/gay because she's slightly alluded to sex with women in her music. I love Meg a lot but c'mon. It's like a backwards thinking where they theorize that women who show no/barely any attraction to women are gay, but women who explicitly talk about female attraction are gaybaiting.

No. 1577102

she looks…. pointy

No. 1577105

or anons are not a hivemind and i can believe one thing and not the other. i don't think taylor/paris/megan are gay and i think janelle gaybaits. shocker.

No. 1577107

I don't know who you are. If it don't apply, let it fly.

No. 1577110

how does someone who' s had so much lipo look so BIG? genuinely asking. she's gotten everything aggressively sucked and shaved an she's still a brick house

No. 1577112

It was satirical. I do genuinely believe she throws lazy ~sapphic vibezz~ bait into things, though because she has no actual morale outside of getting every last penny lol. I'm mostly indifferent to her until she does something that makes everyone say "I knew there was a reason I didn't like her" sometime in the near future.

God I HATEEE how obvious your posting style is all of the time you have to throw in weird disjointed references to absolutely nothing. Gtfo

He really drives in my theory that big ears on cute guys make them cuter but big ears on ugly guys make them uglier.

No. 1577116

Ewww shut up faggot

No. 1577146

i don’t like her as a person and maybe I’m tacky and have no taste but I think she looks amazing

No. 1577150

File: 1684038320085.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.15 KB, 900x615, dt.jpg)

What if this poster is literally Donald Trump himself? Would we even be surprised?

No. 1577161

He would be carrying this site on his back. That is how I know he is not here.

No. 1577185

No. 1577265

File: 1684058423924.jpeg (69.22 KB, 1038x853, 07CE0454-D790-4311-BE24-44D856…)

Florence is a good actress but she is so unfortunate looking. That big fat piggy head on top of that doughy Tweedle Dee body. I can’t stand looking at her, choosing her as a model is retarded, even with all the photoshop hair makeup and lighting she still looks like a brickmode Miss Piggy.

No. 1577268

soft gamine/natural prejudice

No. 1577283

>doughy tweedle dee body

i can hear bones rattling

No. 1577311

>unfortunate looking
she looks like 75% of the girls at any given American state college lmao

No. 1577323

File: 1684068438146.jpeg (321.54 KB, 1284x1781, B0B9F21E-F488-432F-AC2F-4456B6…)

Taytay’s new BF Matt Healy is into extreme degenerate porn. I can’t believe she’s dating a coomer who enjoys watching black women being abused. Disgusted & disappointed

No. 1577325

There's a sex tape video of paris hilton getting eaten out by a woman. Is that gay or?

No. 1577328

File: 1684068881636.png (204.63 KB, 1440x1385, Screenshot_20230514-075530.png)

That shirt lol.

No. 1577329

yes and please get some glasses

No. 1577334

They are not dating. It honestly seems like he's been brought into the spotlight to be exposed. I haven't read one good thing about the guy.

No. 1577338

They're getting better and slowly but surely integrating. Practice makes perfect and they are genuinely trying.

No. 1577365

I disagree wholeheartedly but this post is worded so hilariously I couldn't not give you a kek, you should write poetry anon

No. 1577369

File: 1684072706091.jpg (194.94 KB, 1000x1819, ezgif-1-e9fdcdea5f.jpg)

No this is what Bella Thorne looks like as of recent, way better than Julia imo

No. 1577479

Healy also dated FKA Twigs. Literally dates black women then wanks to them getting abused and having their cum covered faces pushed into watermelon while being called the n word. Fucking disgusting. Even in their debut song ‘Girls’ you can hear him basically singing about blaming a 17 year old for sexually propositioning him and being ‘groomed’ by her, those lyrics never sat right with me. And his entire personality is just being an edgy anti woke crusader prick on twitter. He needs to die.

No. 1577481

File: 1684082463129.jpeg (213.15 KB, 1200x1800, 4086E0FD-A372-4F6E-BF44-88260A…)

She really does remind me of a giant toddler though

No. 1577482

Like the giant baby from spirited away

No. 1577483

>normal woman's body
>'giant toddler'

You definitely have a normal view of the female body nonna

No. 1577484

People do not have to be Bella Hadid to be talented or successful. There are handfuls of men in the industry with the same description and no one spergs about it. More than one type of person is allowed a spot at once. This is not a hive.

No. 1577487

I think she's quite pretty

No. 1577488

>woman not built like k pop trainee enjoying her life and having fun
>uguuuuu her fat rancid bloated limbs trigger me
There is a reason she is constantly photographed genuinely enjoying her life and being comfortable with herself and you guys are on here complaining about it.

No. 1577492

Why are people so weird about her?She looks fucking normal, nothing is wrong with her.

No. 1577493

Everyone knows the reason I'm not happy is because you can't see every one of my ribs simultaneously. It is impossible for a woman to be happy in her body unless she meets the precise, warped ideal of women in my head

No. 1577494

Are you high?

No. 1577495

Gotta constantly complain about women for not being built like twinks and then wonder why half this gens 16 year old girls are trying to be built like twinks

No. 1577496

That’s her after 20 rounds of Photoshop and coolsculpt tho

No. 1577497

File: 1684083560492.jpeg (227.76 KB, 2048x1365, 63C91946-87D2-4520-878A-315B77…)

There is absolutely no way Christine Chiu is 39 lmfao. She’s at least 49.

No. 1577499

>fatty and bloat chans triggered
Maybe LC isn’t the place for you nonas. Try twitter/reddit.

No. 1577500

Are we supposed to be angry about this? There's still a thriving proana forum you can put this on instead if im not mistaken and im sure it will get tons of validating comments you want to hear

No. 1577501

>seething this hard on a site made for roasting fupas
Go back to twitter.

No. 1577504

You really are forgetting that most of the oldfags have completely pivoted away from this type of mindset and that a majority of newfags while completely braindamaged have no interest in whinging about a papped celeb being 15 pounds overweight for her frame. Google says she's 5'3 which probably means she's 5'0 and just enjoying some carbs. Not all of us are interested in being the wicked witch here sorry. MPA is more suitable for you.

No. 1577505

I think it's you who should go back to edtwt, you'll get the reaction you want there.

No. 1577507

You mean well but she's clearly not even overweight. She looks dead ass normal.

No. 1577508

Everyone who observes that you're a bitch is definitely just seething with anger, sure. Next you'll say we are all mad jelly hamplanets because we don't want to play with you.

No. 1577510

It's a site made to talk about people actually doing something, not a woman simply not being shaped how you like and insulting her for it. The way that women trigger some women but we got ugly motherfuckers like Pedro or dough head in /m/ being imperfect but being able to thristed after and called hot, is so weird to me.

No. 1577511

even if she was overweight, so? What is she doing? She's not acting like an adult baby or bothering anyone she's just existing in her body being happy.

No. 1577514

Ana-chans have never been welcomed either, your kind used to get banned years ago.

No. 1577515

Teenage girls, mentally stunted women, and any-aged homosexual men share that same sort of entitled anger and need to gatekeep women's bodies that I actually don't and haven't seen on here too often unless it's about someone people really hate or theyve gained a significant amount of weight. Most of us who have been here for years grew out of being anachans by like 2019 or at the very least understand reality now and have no desire to chimp out about women's bodies because literally everyone else everywhere is already doing that. We could talk about literally anything else.

No. 1577516

Poorly socialized minds rotted by instagram and tiktok wrote this post.

No. 1577545

nitpicking for no good reason is generally frowned upon here. it happens but any regular farmer agrees it's just uninteresting.

No. 1577577

Short hair does not suit her at all.

No. 1577595

She looks like one of the underage Sprouse boys in drag for the Disney channel.

No. 1577612

File: 1684092269291.png (133.05 KB, 1440x1817, Screenshot_20230514-142439.png)


No. 1577613

File: 1684092321123.png (68.5 KB, 1440x549, Screenshot_20230514-142614.png)

No. 1577662

File: 1684096183917.jpg (249.56 KB, 1168x2048, FvyyRIGacAIRTx0.jpg)


No. 1577682

Dang, I assumed she was older too. I think her fillers and plastic surgery have aged her

No. 1577697

This comment was 100% by a gay moid.

No. 1577721

she just has a short fat neck, otherwise her body is nice

No. 1577725

Her neck ain't fat.

I think you meant, thick.

No. 1577726

Her neck ain't fat.

I think you meant, thick.

No. 1577742

Late, but it's obvious "trump-chan" is just a gen x-er or other various assortment of old person. Types the exact same as the people who post on the prog archives, if that tells you anything about the age range.

No. 1577799

File: 1684105391303.jpg (183.03 KB, 1080x1168, ewjzo407grza1.jpg)


No. 1577856

File: 1684110843095.png (6.29 MB, 2658x2082, baftas.png)

thread's dead so here are the main bafta winners…

DRAMA: Bad Sisters
COMEDY: Derry Girls
REALITY: The Traitors

LEADING ACTOR: Ben Whishaw - This Is Going To Hurt (3rd bafta)
LEADING ACTRESS: Kate Winslet - I Am Ruth (1st bafta)

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Adeel Akhtar - Sherwood (2nd bafta)
SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Anne-Marie Duff - Bad Sisters (1st bafta)

MALE PERFORMANCE IN A COMEDY: Lenny Rush - Am I Being Unreasonable? (1st bafta)
FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN A COMEDY PROGRAMME: Siobhán McSweeney - Derry Girls (1st bafta)

MEMORABLE MOMENT AWARD: Paddington Meets The Queen

No. 1577858

god kate winslet has aged like fine wine.

No. 1577864

forreal. i was obsessed with her and rachel weisz when i was a babydyke and they've both aged so well. love that for them and for me.

also it's so sweet she won her first bafta for a show she worked on with her daughter.

No. 1577922

Derry girls is one of the worst shows I've ever seen idgi

No. 1577980

Can't embed shorts but finally came across the clip where Josh Pecks weird foot fetish is mentioned. https://youtube.com/shorts/Z5fExnklqcU?feature=share

No. 1577985

No. 1577993

Super cute

No. 1578000

File: 1684127809323.jpeg (60.48 KB, 1170x1370, has-anyone-else-checked-out-th…)

I love her and I love her zootopia mouse drip too

No. 1578075

What is ghetto gaggers can somebody explain?

No. 1578095

people have already explained itt. don't be lazy

No. 1578118

Extreme porn company featuring white guys gangbanging homeless and destitute black women.

The content is mostly based around extreme degradation and raceplay, so the white guys will call her a nigger, put KKK hats on her or sing racist chants while orally raping her, make her eat fried chicken or watermelon then facerape her until she throws it up, cum in orange soda and make her drink it, they also try to psychologically break the women down so they will ask them about their kids or childhood trauma while raping them and their goal is to make them cry and have a mental breakdown while getting off to it, just a bunch of disgusting scrotey shit.

No. 1578212

The amount of deranged white racist scrotes who want to rape/abuse black women and hypersexualize them while still degrading them and insisting they're "ugly" fucks me up. Don't give a fuck if pointing this out makes tardthot pickmes and those same men seethe, I wish all scrotes a terrible death.

No. 1578278

I am a 33yr old biological woman and millennial.

I'll take my ban for responding.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1578282

File: 1684162965754.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.86 KB, 1280x670, hgfdfghjkl.jpg)

This photoshoot has the same vibe as those creepy posters for the movie The House That Jack Built, why'd they pose her so awkward

No. 1578311

File: 1684165228715.jpg (51.13 KB, 432x768, chocman.jpg)

No. 1578332

File: 1684166962320.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1431, Screenshot_20230515-110911.png)

There's a Britney Spears doc coming out today on TMZ. Also apparently it's becoming more public knowledge that her marriage is fucked up, possibly getting into physical fights.

No. 1578339

Is this surprising to anyone?

No. 1578401

>> The amount of deranged white racist scrotes who want to rape/abuse black women and hypersexualize them while still degrading them and insisting they're "ugly" fucks me up.
Agreed anon. The only thing that bothers me even close as much is black males who go out of their way to shit on black women to other races of men. Like what the fuck is wrong with men trying to impress each other with the type of women they have sex with?

No. 1578404

That poor woman. She has never known a moment of peace. I wondered what happened to her baby so I looked it up and she had a miscarriage. Poor Brittany.

No. 1578412

I hope Britney heals.

No. 1578425

This photo is so concerning. It looks like hes firmly holding a doll. I feel so sad for her.

No. 1578486

i genuinely think this is going to end in her getting shot by cops when he calls them bc she's attacked him with a kitchen knife during a domestic or something like that. she clearly needs help and no one in her life is helping her. they all want her money and are willing to either let her deteriorate (husband) or lock her up (parents) so they can get power of attorney. it's a tragedy happening in slow motion.

No. 1578526

File: 1684180916537.png (541.2 KB, 1440x1587, Screenshot_20230515-150119.png)

No. 1578530

File: 1684181027550.png (350.78 KB, 1439x1677, Screenshot_20230515-150433.png)

No. 1578533

File: 1684181080868.png (372.55 KB, 1440x1005, Screenshot_20230515-150537.png)

No. 1578535

File: 1684181223114.png (366.68 KB, 1439x2254, Screenshot_20230515-150752.png)

No. 1578539

>She has never known a moment of peace.

That's the unfortunate,sad,truth.

No. 1578546

I hope that they divorce ASAP!

He's made it clear that he's using her and is a social climber, he's gross!

Best wishes to brit! Gods speed on getting rid of the hanger-on-ers!

No. 1578548

It's one of the most tragic and horrible cases in the industry. I really hope and pray for her real safety and freedom. Everyone around her is an abusive viper.

No. 1578554

No. 1578583

>Spears reportedly drinks Red Bull, Celsius, coffee and dandelion tea “almost nonstop.

Source? Like who's telling TMZ (of all people lol) that she consumes soooo much caffeine??
Who's telling them she's "constantly" fighting with her husband?? WHO is the source for this??

If you believe TMZ you might aswell believe Piggy Perez.

No. 1578584

File: 1684187380676.jpg (24.06 KB, 292x287, News~2.jpg)

No. 1578585

My bets are on sam leaking shit or whatever the hell he's doing. I hope britney has a strong NDA on him because he's going to try and exploit her EVEN MORE! She was upset about her sister writing a book but hell, I don't trust that guy for anything!

No. 1578589

Hey just because I compared you to prog forum users doesn't mean I thought you're a male

No. 1578615


No. 1578622

File: 1684190213515.jpg (37.75 KB, 1190x297, Anniversary .jpg)

Today is their anniversary.

No. 1578623

File: 1684190246539.webm (2.18 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 1578654

i wish we could have "y'all" redtexted/autoban unless poster provides a birth certificate from below the mason-dixon line

No. 1578655

i agree, kind of. she's pretty in a teen-mum-council-flat way, but i find it odd she's become hollywood famous. she's not up to hollywood or bollywood standards, she's hot to sheltered suburban boys

No. 1578656

i don't see how those things are mutually exclusive kek

No. 1578658

she wide, nonita

No. 1578659

tiny hands, stubby legs, i kind of get how that is toddler-y. sh looks very tiny and squishy, like a middle schooler. i'm not into it

No. 1578660

this post made me want to die
menocide can't come soon enough

No. 1578661

it's a site to complain and be retarded on. if you don't like to complain and be retarded then go to reddit where you get censored for using the word "results" to refer to your surgery results.

No. 1578664

she looks like a fat special needs student from a high school in lubbock. why are anons so scared to call her out for shitting on fat or ugly chicks her whole career, then trying to turn into one without getting laughed at?

No. 1578666

anons with pretty faces having a hard time coping with seeing the higher number of women with great bodies in the city they've moved to for first year uni

No. 1578667

Hollywood has no standards to begin with. look at the type of men who become famous.

No. 1578668

kekkkk omg rachel weisz has got to be some kind of lesbian icon (idol? sex symbol? idk). butches fucking love her source: myself i love her

No. 1578669

No. 1578670

her dad trying to get money from her
she is sober so would never fail any kind of drug test that might result in him getting conservatorship/money from her income, so he's trying to use caffeeine as proof she's getting "fucked up"

No. 1578671

yah there are standards fr women tho don't lie

No. 1578673

There is, but it's not really fair that only women have to meet those standards or else they're nitpicked to death.

No. 1578689

Poor brittany. It's just super intense imagining being in her shoes. She can't seem to catch a fucking break!

No. 1578697

What a blimp

No. 1578698

i agree. standards for men should also be sky-high and fat ugly men should be nitpicked to death for failing to meet them.

No. 1578701

tried looking it up but i could only find articles and posts mocking her appearance. what did she say her whole career?

yea being a nepo baby and not too fat. ofc being very conventionally attractive on top of it helps a ton but it's not like florence pugh is the first short hollywood actress

No. 1578702

File: 1684196214213.png (340.67 KB, 1440x2089, Screenshot_20230515-191746.png)

>i could only find articles and posts mocking her appearance.

They're just jealous that she let weinstein drink her pepsi cola pussy.

No. 1578705

they aren't and I didn't say they were lmao

No. 1578715

she really let herself go it's sad.

No. 1578719

>what did she say her whole career?
Fantastic question and I too want to know.

No. 1578734

>why are anons so scared to call her out for shitting on fat or ugly chicks her whole career
Wait when did she do that?

No. 1578738

once again gen z bravely rails against subtext, implication, and rhetorical devices. soon reading comprehension will be completely defeated thanks to our boys&girls in tshirts of bands they've never listened to. fight on, tokkers.(infighting)

No. 1578739

File: 1684199713589.png (41.98 KB, 265x264, chinofsin.png)

Did he lose a bunch of weight? My only favorite part of him was his massive double chin he always tried to hide like in >>1578535.

No. 1578742

I'm 28, don't be shy answer the question. If your going to make a claim about something you should expect to have to back up your claims with examples, not just rhetoric about how the youngins are stupid or whatever.

No. 1578748

File: 1684201008958.gif (320.09 KB, 400x384, 168419077290771.gif)

No. 1578751

File: 1684201317704.png (426.33 KB, 1380x1979, Screenshot_20230515-204158.png)

He lost weight and got surgery.
He has a jaw line now.


Thats pic related zoomed-up.

No. 1578754

No. 1578757

I wonder where this case is going to go from here. That's a big win for ERW and the other alleged victims, no?

No. 1578764

damn you could have just not answered and saved yourself the embarrassment. next time call her ugly without making excuses, it's not like anyone will ask you for one anon

No. 1578782

>she’s just doing it to expose him!
Please stop the swiftie cope, he’s been seen leaving her hotel rooms for the past week

No. 1578785

Lasagna del Rey

No. 1578794

Wow. They're staying in the same hotel. Color me shocked. I am now totally convinced that this is a real relationship and that he's hiding his hotdog in her cunt.

No. 1578798

I do have to admit that was a sick burn.

Manson claimed- he dodged a bullet in regards to her.

All in all, it must have been bad.

He even asked her friend for a legit mugshot photo(guess she went to jail?)to put in one of his art pieces.

Lanas friend outed Manson- that she needed to stay away from him-showed her, his behind-the-back trash talking and they both stopped talking to him.

Lana has a true friend.

No. 1578801

File: 1684206151491.jpeg (162.79 KB, 1170x1445, IMG_5646.jpeg)

Phoebe Bridgers (sad white middle class liberal in the performing arts) seen again with Bo Burnham (sad white middle class liberal in the performing arts)
Yuck but also Paul Mescal dodged a bullet imo

No. 1578803

Not to slut shame but phoebe gets around.

No. 1578809

Ryan Adams, that one nobody rich girl, Marshall Vore, Conor Oberst, Paul Mescal, Bo Burnham
I wonder who she’s going to cheat on Bo with.

No. 1578813

Once a cheater-ALWAYS A CHEATER!

Doesn't she claim to be some kind of poly-pan-sexual?

Isn't it impossible for a poly-pan-sexual to cheat because… well.

No. 1578814

you're gonna get banned for reddit spacing nona

No. 1578815

File: 1684207313976.png (145.67 KB, 745x737, Screenshot (20001).png)

I've never really known who Phoebe Bridgers was and I didn't like her cause she annoyed me for some reason, but I was just googling her and saw this article, she seems based I like her now

No. 1578816

That's Trump anon and they're immune to bans for some reason

No. 1578819

ayrt oh THAT'S trump-chan. I see.
carry on then.

No. 1578821

Phoebe uses words like terf and I still don't know what any of that means. She hurts my brain.

No. 1578822

File: 1684207891232.jpg (76.31 KB, 1170x876, ezgif-1-9eefb99a5c.jpg)

Ahh I take it back, she's retarded like everyone else

No. 1578826

My brain…

Okay, so feminazis use the term terf because they view tranny's as the biological men they actually are LARPing as women and have a special word they use?

Is chris-chan a terf?(there is a chris chan thread)

No. 1578829

What a plot twist- if marilyn manson bailed out chris-chan from jail.


No. 1578830

Is this 2016 red pill youtube?

No. 1578832

My brain hurts. I'm too dumb for this. Help. For fucks sake.

No. 1578839

She’s always at the scene of the crime isn’t shd

No. 1578847

damn phoebe really likes to have sex with really ugly people

No. 1578853

She's thirsty for fame.