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No. 1557495

Prev Thread: >>1543514

>>1543744 Kanye feeds the kids at the Donda Academy nothing but sushi. Is also scared of stairs.
>>1544000 Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn break up
>>1544405 Rapist defenders Tim Petras and Nicki collab together
>>1545526 Kim K for American Horror Story
>>1546129 Millie Bobby Brown engaged to Bon Jovi’s son
>>1546471 Ari tells people to stop bodyshaming her
>>1547634 cringe rolling stone cover of boygenius
>>1549100 Ellen page looking rough
>>1549367 Jada Pinkett Smith causes some controversy by producing a documentary film about a black Cleopatra
>>1549509 Ham Smith
>>1549576 Netflix "Beef" actor David Choe describes himself as a "successful rapist"
>>1549995 Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj Princess Diana song
>>1550503 Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello spotted kissing at Coachella
>>1551554 Doja gets a tattoo
>>1552471 Ariana Grande as Glinda

No. 1557526

File: 1682258690262.png (140.6 KB, 371x780, byi.png)

Lil Nas X confirmed bisexual.

No. 1557527

are you retarded

No. 1557531

File: 1682259653249.png (10.11 KB, 707x328, bfr.png)

I knew the gay men who come here would rage at this lol

No. 1557537

Pink panthress fighting off 10 STDs after that kiss

No. 1557560

if it was Hayley Kiyoko or Girl in Red smooching some moid everyone here would be quick to call them fakebians so why does the homosexual honor of Lil Nas X need to be defended

No. 1557563

I'm pretty certain they're not actually kissing (at least not a mouth kiss) and it's just the angle. Doesn't he do troll shit like this all the time?

No. 1557579

File: 1682265723148.jpeg (43.5 KB, 681x383, Queen-Cleopatra.jpeg)

>Cleopatra Director Speaks Out: ‘What Bothers You So Much About a Black Cleopatra?’

>I remember as a kid seeing Elizabeth Taylor play Cleopatra. I was captivated, but even then, I felt the image was not right. Was her skin really that white? With this new production, could I find the answers about Cleopatra’s heritage and release her from the stranglehold that Hollywood had placed on her image?

>Cleopatra’s heritage has been attributed at one time or another to the Greeks, the Macedonians and the Persians. The known facts are that her Macedonian Greek family — the Ptolemaic lineage — intermarried with West Asian’s Seleucid dynasty and had been in Egypt for 300 years. Cleopatra was eight generations away from these Ptolemaic ancestors, making the chance of her being white somewhat unlikely. After 300 years, surely, we can safely say Cleopatra was Egyptian. She was no more Greek or Macedonian than Rita Wilson or Jennifer Aniston. Both are one generation from Greece.
>Doing the research, I realized what a political act it would be to see Cleopatra portrayed by a Black actress. For me, the idea that people had gotten it so incredibly wrong before — historically, from Theda Bara to Monica Bellucci, and recently, with Angelina Jolie and Gal Gadot in the running to play her — meant we had to get it even more right. The hunt was on to find the right performer to bring Cleopatra into the 21st century.
>Why shouldn’t Cleopatra be a melanated sister? And why do some people need Cleopatra to be white? Her proximity to whiteness seems to give her value, and for some Egyptians it seems to really matter.
>After much hang-wringing and countless auditions, we found in Adele James an actor who could convey not only Cleopatra’s beauty, but also her strength. What the historians can confirm is that it is more likely that Cleopatra looked like Adele than Elizabeth Taylor ever did.
>As production got nearer, I realized the magnitude and political nature of this job. It was important to get things right, but also to find a way of telling the story with humanism and nuance: The last thing we needed was another Cleopatra divorced from her womanhood and her power only sexualized. The HBO series “Rome” portrayed one of the most intelligent, sophisticated and powerful women in the world as a sleazy, dissipated drug addict, yet Egypt didn’t seem to mind. Where was the outrage then? But portraying her as Black? Well.
>Perhaps, it’s not just that I’ve directed a series that portrays Cleopatra as Black, but that I have asked Egyptians to see themselves as Africans, and they are furious at me for that. I am okay with this.
>While shooting, I became the target of a huge online hate campaign. Egyptians accused me of “blackwashing” and “stealing” their history. Some threatened to ruin my career — which I wanted to tell them was laughable. I was ruining it very well for myself, thank you very much! No amount of reasoning or reminders that Arab invasions had not yet happened in Cleopatra’s age seemed to stem the tide of ridiculous comments. Amir in his bedroom in Cairo wrote to me to earnestly appeal that “Cleopatra was Greek!” Oh, Lawd! Why would that be a good thing to you, Amir? You’re Egyptian.
>So, was Cleopatra Black? We don’t know for sure, but we can be certain she wasn’t white like Elizabeth Taylor. We need to have a conversation with ourselves about our colorism, and the internalized white supremacy that Hollywood has indoctrinated us with.
>Most of all, we need to realize that Cleopatra’s story is less about her than it is about who we are.
>It’s almost as if we don’t realize that misogynoir still has an effect on us today. We need to liberate our imaginations, and boldly create a world in which we can explore our historical figures without fearing the complexity that comes with their depiction. who are today rebelling against a brutal regime. Never before has it been more important to have women leaders: white or Black.

No. 1557606

File: 1682268104588.jpg (2.17 MB, 2852x4096, 1661729867128.jpg)

does that mean i can find him hot now?

No. 1557653

he’s always been hot. he’s one of the few gay guys in the music industry that isn’t ugly as fuck or clearly trying to look like a woman.

No. 1557656

No, he's ugly as fuck, just like every other ghetto rapper.

No. 1557665

nta but what's ghetto about him? he doesn't look or act like a poorfag in the least

No. 1557688

>>Perhaps, it’s not just that I’ve directed a series that portrays Cleopatra as Black, but that I have asked Egyptians to see themselves as Africans, and they are furious at me for that. I am okay with this.
I don't even know what to day at this point. This director thinks north Africans don't know they're Africans? Does she not know that most of us aren't Black despite being native Africans even after the Arabs and then European countries colonizing the whole region? All of this coming from an American, I have to laugh. I think she's projecting her own insecurity on us.

>So, was Cleopatra Black? We don’t know for sure


Given how he acts online I doubt he's going to ever try to look more like a woman or to transition. He seems to not mind being a guy at all.

No. 1557689

Do trannys still hate him?

No. 1557691

Ughhh cleopatra stunk and bathed in moldy milk the whites an Arabs can keep her lol

No. 1557692

Is she really for real
That supposed conversation with Amir is surreal

No. 1557724

>I remember as a kid seeing Elizabeth Taylor play Cleopatra. I was captivated, but even then, I felt the image was not right. Was her skin really that white?
Who worries about stupid shit like that as a kid? It's a movie not a documentary, why does it matter. I've never once watched something and been like "mmmm there skin is too light." What a weirdo

No. 1557750

>why do some people need Cleopatra to be white? Her proximity to whiteness seems to give her value, and for some Egyptians it seems to really matter.
Only part I agree with. Some groups of people scramble and beg to be considered "part of" white people, and they even make a show of bashing on "darker" groups for it. They need to accept that they'll just never be white, because white = European descent lol.
I don't care about this movie and don't think it's accurate, but I get the distinct sense the anger isn't for the desire for historical accuracy in a Hollywood piece as much as it is for certain less savory, much more pathetic reasons.

No. 1557769

If you find effeminate men with a fag face and thousand yard stare hot then go for it nona

No. 1557772

why do trannies hate him? i thought he was well loved among the zoomer lgbts (including trannies)

No. 1557782

File: 1682285080614.jpg (489.53 KB, 2048x2048, FrM30OQaIAAsVE0.jpg)

He joined this trend and the troons got offended

No. 1557820

Wasn't he called transphobic when he said he likes dick lol

No. 1557822

Wasn't he called transphobic when he said he likes dick lol

No. 1558046

and also post a picture with a fake pregnant belly too.

No. 1558078

This is a homosexual chasing a bag

No. 1558091

nevermind her it's just (c)rap-chan

No. 1558110

File: 1682306347429.jpg (180.61 KB, 1080x1568, grimes.jpg)

No. 1558113

She's a cuck in every sense of the word.

No. 1558150

I think she's just very dedicated to her larp.

No. 1558174

File: 1682316042782.png (664.96 KB, 1241x1714, Ft8KMxIWwAEw.png)

>Diver and television personality Tom Daley and husband Dustin have welcomed their second son Phoenix to the world
No mention of the surrogate mother who carried the baby and actually gave birth

No. 1558189

2 fags with 2 male children? Gee I wonder why they wanted boys…

No. 1558192

The first post you made about this didn't get any replies so you had to word-for-word repost it here?

No. 1558193

Where else did she post it so I can go spread my fag hate there too

No. 1558195

think in the things you hate thread yesterday

No. 1558196

rent a womb, wow we really are actual handmaidens for coomer moids huh?

No. 1558198

Thanks. So anyway what's the problem with her posting in multiple threads if she didn't get the replies she was hoping for? It fits in both threads seeing as he's a celebrity, sort of.

No. 1558199

It's not technically a problem, but it's strange to cross-post on the same board (e.g. the anon who posted the cleopatra stuff up thread also posted it in a /snow/ thread.) and knowing that surrogacy is sort of a hot topic on lolcow makes it look a tiny bit bait-y. And also you don't repeatedly repost the same thing just because you didn't like the replies. That's all.

No. 1558202

>And also you don't repeatedly repost the same thing just because you didn't like the replies.
Yeah of course but it seems like OP only posted this in 2 threads, both which fit the category for her post. Could potentially be bait but it also kinda seems like you just felt like calling something out and now you're scrambling for a reason to find an issue with it.

No. 1558203

You literally asked me what the problem was and I gave you the (valid) reasons for why I pointed it out. Not my fault you don't like the answer.

No. 1558204

>It's not technically a problem
Super valid

No. 1558206

I said that because it's not against the rules.

No. 1558243

This is based, might be the only based thing she's done in literal years. Fuck copyright as it's used by large corporations (it does not help artists), fuck the pop music industry.

No. 1558255

like 90% of the videos using ai on youtube are using the voices of kanye, kurt cobain, and Michel jackson.

no one cares to even steal from grimes

No. 1558274

so dead celebrities will just be milked forever now ?

No. 1558292

File: 1682339301071.jpg (80.43 KB, 750x919, an00397408_001_l.jpg)

why won't they be actually brave and let cleo have her big hooked huge ass nose

No. 1558389

>"melanated sister"
>American does not realize Middle Eastern people exist: the movie
Open a book damn

No. 1558402

The director and woman who wrote that is Iranian.

She knows brown people exist and the thousands of years middle eastern history is more complicated than "whites ruining it for blacks and browns"

No. 1558559

File: 1682359806305.jpg (118.22 KB, 1240x1008, EI2BKKVWwAA5VW1.jpg)

I mean in certain parts of Iran some Iranians celebrate the Death of Umar with someone dressing up as Umar and then is paraded on the streets and beaten with sticks. Umar is portrayed in either black face or a gorilla like figure- cause he might have had black ancestry. so this is not new for her people

No. 1558637

i know what youre implying but it also reeks to me of ~ewww~ they don't want any ~icky girls~ around their phallic-centric lifestyle

No. 1558653

That makes things even more stupid imo. I wish middle easterns would shut the fuck up forever about north african countries. As if arab countries didn't ruin the entire region before europeans did it as well. I'm not calling her an arab because I'm sure she's way more likely to be persian but given that she's from the region she should know a little about that, she has no excuse.

No. 1558661

File: 1682367332986.jpeg (204.13 KB, 1169x1846, 30EB60B5-B246-472D-9CE7-2EE15E…)

No. 1558680

He continues to prove the divorce was/is a good idea.

No. 1558683

>What Bothers You So Much About a Black Cleopatra?
uhhh maybe because it's disrespectful to black people to NOT research and write about their own history, and instead to plug them into to existing IP like black ethnicities are just anime colour schemes?

No. 1558689

he's more of a classic "redneck who thinks he's good looking because the males in his holler are all hamplanets, meth heads, or both" than any kind of urban person (hipster, rapper, LA fuckboi etc.). he's an uplifted hilbilly, like channing tatum

No. 1558691

also that movie sucked shit. why would you want someone who looked like you be remembered for dumb bloated garbage like that??

No. 1558693

hey grimes, go pay attention to your kids instead of desperately seeking attention from neckbeards.

No. 1558694

tbh i'm glad two men with no connection to or understanding of women have elected not to attempt to raise one.

No. 1558696

File: 1682368562497.jpg (145.44 KB, 1185x2000, kravitz-tatum-1-2000-991901973…)

>he's an uplifted hilbilly, like channing tatum
stull can't get over how that fucking ogre is dating Zoë Kravitz

No. 1558697

kek i know right. if cleopatra looked vaguely black, it would have been like a super light skinned ethiopian sort of look. like maybe there was an ethiopian person a few generations back in her greek+macedonian ancestry. that's the absolute most i'm willing to entertain of this retarded hotep idea

No. 1558698

i hope they go to hell for those costumes jfc

No. 1558699

They chose boys so they can groom them for molestation lets be real here

No. 1558712

File: 1682370434338.webm (4.27 MB, 320x568, IZIYmQ6zuY832ir-.webm)

sage for OT, but I've seen some clips of gay male couples wanting daughters, but they seem to treat them as if they were their dolls or pets that they can mold into their personal Divas.

No. 1558723

Yeah this is gonna sound fucked up but they shouldn't be allowed to adopt any children either boys or girls imo

No. 1558738

stop listening to your white trash fox news loving grandpa

No. 1558739

kek at these guys sounding like all the council flat narcissist mummies. fucking poms

No. 1558745

gotta say, >>1558738 is right here. two gay guys adopting a boy to molest is so rare it's been in the news literally once. those english guys who got a kid to pimp out in thailand. it's so unlikely that we don't even have footage of any gay adoptive dads behaving creepily around their kids. like, everyone films everything all the time and the majority of parents, whether gay, adoptive, biological, unplanned, are just normal-ass ppl

No. 1558754

I hate fox, all news, and conservatives. I'm just not naive to the amount of faggots that are child predators. You don't need white trash grandpas to tell you that you just need some experience around fags (and men in general) and kids that have been raised by fags

Just because it's unlikely to be reported or filmed doesn't mean it's a rarity. Plus the child can be sexualised without being physically touched which can be just as damaging.

Didn't think there would be caping for fag moids on lc of all places but of course it's in the thread that has confirmed faggots lurking and posting. Lol, make it more obvious why don't you

No. 1558755

I agree. I do not think most gay men are pedos any more or less than straight men are. They are no more sexually depraved than any other man of any of orientation, it's just that a lot of underage gay boys are literally left to roam around and need similar protections that a lot of parents would give to their daughters, allowing a lot of gay pedos to have very easy access to prey. My main concern with gay men with wanting children is the methods they obtain them i.e surrogacy and the fact that a lot of people only want children for cute accessories which is an alarming trend with people who typically opt for surrogacy over adoption. So yeah, lay off the fox news.

No. 1558788

this is so not true. off the top of my head, this recent case comes to mind: https://www.foxnews.com/us/georgia-couple-accused-sexually-abusing-adopted-boys-husband-bragged-molesting-son

there are so many more if you google it too. it's unnatural to have two men raising a family, period. of course rape can happen in regular, hetero relationships, but the likelihood of it happening in gay families is so much higher, just based off of the inherent perversion of being gay.

No. 1558795

nta and kek sorry i hadn't checked for another instance of gay dad rape in the last three months. that article came out in january so sorry i missed the only other example you could find besides mine.
thank you >>1558755 for being sane. i think straight males and gay males are both equally male so we shouldn't add extra rules for the gay ones. moids will be moids and the gay and straight men moid at equal rates

No. 1558854

I'm preparing myself for the news of his passing that's going to happen soon.

No. 1558858

who are they supposed to be??

No. 1558862

There's a gay celeb who has two adopted kids with his husband and it always cracked me up how there were significantly more posts, stories, and videos of adoration for the boy than there was for the girl. It was so noticeable you couldn't help but feel bad for her lol they were toddlers too.

As usual yeah

No. 1558864

>inherent perversion of being gay
Kill yourself.

No. 1558865

File: 1682383035000.png (145.4 KB, 1440x1149, Screenshot_20230424-193718.png)

No. 1558866

File: 1682383107715.png (2.46 MB, 948x2315, Screenshot_20230424-193847.png)

No. 1558876

Nta but spotted one of those faggots that frequent this thread, so what stage of anal prolapse are you in?

No. 1558879

Not any of the prev anons, but I don't think gay scrotes are more likely to be pedos than straight men. All men are likely to be pedos and having two scrotes raising kids just doubles the chances. Men are just perverted and a risk to the most vulnerable members of our species.

No. 1558883

…what the fuck???

No. 1558902


No. 1558904

this channel who did the deep dives on Aura/Soft White Underbelly has been doing them on Bam too, just dropped the interview (haven't finished it yet but posting here for you nonas) what do we think? this is all so fucky

No. 1558916

i fucking hate soft white underbelly
it's pornographic in the classic sense of the term - just dramatic stories exploited for prurient entertainment

No. 1558919

very much agree. they basically got amanda raab killed. plus the guy who runs it/films it is mega fucking creepy (vidrel)
##sorry if not celebricow enough but she does cover the conservator ship side of things)

No. 1558938

Wasn’t his mental health professional the one they recommended? The shady online fuck?

No. 1558940

i fucking knew that guy behind the channel was a creep. it's trauma porn for men to jerk off to.

No. 1558968

I like her but she capes for Bam way too hard, to the point where she seems to deny him ever doing anything wrong at all.

No. 1558972

OT but I always felt so uncomfortable about this guy, especially in his first Amanda video. Classic case of ”nice” moids being moids!

No. 1558996

i guess i'm homophobic because this is disturbing

No. 1559134

This. They're ridiculous. Incest concerns a huge number of children and there is nothing to do with homosexuality.

No. 1559181

Mte, it's maleness that makes both straight and gay moids more susceptible to degeneracy. These "ooga booga being gay is inherently perverted" takes really do sound like Fox News tier dumbassery

No. 1559380

sorry if this is derailing but i actually did a video with him. he seemed nice enough and made sure i got home but i guess there was a somewhat creepy vibe to the whole place. i'm also not one of the women living on skid row he makes interviews of so i'm sure it's different for them.

No. 1559424

I love her! She makes fantastic videos!

No. 1559447

File: 1682448048741.png (164.58 KB, 962x1008, terminalillness.png)

what is going on with this fucking thread lately, are all of the teenagers on spring break? i want to talk about elon musks alt twitter account where he larped as his own child and y'all are blogposting and using this like an AIM chat. fucking hell

can someone make a new elon/grimes thread because this is some prime milk

No. 1559449

samefag but he deleted most of the really weird tweets, including multiple photos of his child. all of the posts i saw on reddit have since been deleted by moderation looool

No. 1559494

File: 1682452582199.jpg (129.32 KB, 1125x1341, FukfnrmWYAAtcFX.jpg)

can someone please take pricey's kids away and raise them on a farm with no internet?

No. 1559505

This proves should legally not be allowed to have Children of their own or be near any sort of Child.

No. 1559523

nta but as a formerly homeless and junkie-chan, 100% what he does is not helpful in any way. i'm sure other skid-chans can back me up here. aWaReNeSs isn't impactful anymore, access to information isn't the issue. he makes pointless feel-good voyeuristic content that benefits only people outside of the demographics he films. documentation isn't what's needed rn - infrastructure is.

No. 1559524

yyyooo that's some casey anthony shit right there. this dude's nuts.

No. 1559538

the worst part is he was tweeting at his own tweet when he asked if it was a porn video or sorry ‘peon video’

No. 1559541

Wait this is real? I saw a tweet saying he roleplayed as his child and thought it was just a shitpost. How did anyone even find this. And why would he name it after himself, although I guess he's never been the smartest.

No. 1559574

Also used to be homeless and a junkie and I 100% agree. "raising awareness" is total bullshit. We've had trauma-porn of homeless people for DECADES now and it's done fuck all.

No. 1559582

File: 1682460727079.jpg (128.28 KB, 1080x891, Screenshot_20230425_160848_Red…)


for real i miss those threads

also look what she did to her face kek

No. 1559586

Can someone tell me how they know that account is his?

No. 1559587

Second that, >>1558788 kill yourself in the most abhorrent way possible.

No. 1559589

niche opinion but I really liked Adele James in the trailer, she has charisma and beauty. I never saw her in anything before, so it's sad she's going to be remembered for this shitty doc

No. 1559597

Fucking hell this is gross. She is such a horrible mother, idgaf if she puts up with her disabled son.
Why does she look like she is trying to skinwalk poppy or Dove cameron?

No. 1559604

at first glance I thought this was madonna…

No. 1559609

Anyone? I'm not believing this until I see proof how they know it's him behind the account.
I tried looking for myself, but found nothing. To me it looks like someone made a baseless claim those posts were made by Musk, and everyone immediately swallowed it because they hate the guy.

No. 1559610

backing you both up, is so much easier to make a "boohoo is me caring" 1 hour+ video than make systematic changes to avoid falling in that fucking black hole.

No. 1559613

File: 1682462733738.jpeg (74.2 KB, 1329x1672, 6B154A24-3288-4DF5-95F4-D53729…)

He posted a screenshot where it shows the icon on his alt


No. 1559617

Thank you!

No. 1559620

she's so obsessed with AI that she botched her face into the uncanny valley, too.

No. 1559682

she looks like god damn jocelyn wildenstein
why would someone short with a giant head inject more shit into their head? now you're a muppet, great job.

No. 1559720

File: 1682471921159.png (393.11 KB, 499x490, alexademie.png)

Alexa Demie dressed up as her, as well
I'm convinced these people don't do research before dressing up in these costumes, that or they just don't care.

No. 1559725

yeah idk why anyone would think this is fake there are like 10 reputable sources showing him accidentally showing his own icon is grimes here (ban for hi cow)

No. 1559730

way to pull stats out of your ass, gtfo

No. 1559737

File: 1682474749222.png (345.31 KB, 2532x1264, kimtherespeoplethataredying.pn…)

another good addition to the thread, an article written by deuxmoi. this reads like some 12 year olds fanfiction of what being gossip girl is like


> Did they know that I am DeuxMoi, one of the biggest celebrity gossip sources on the internet?
>During the peak of my paranoia, I would rush from my Uber with my head down, not stopping until the elevator doors in my building closed and I knew I was alone. Because, yes, the goal is to remain alive
>In the end, is being a modern-day Gossip Girl worth it?

No. 1559740

File: 1682475819908.png (Spoiler Image, 546.77 KB, 828x1356, i would kms if i was this aver…)

she looks exactly the way you think she looks kek

No. 1559744

Especially for a couples’ costume. Nasty.

No. 1559757

was taxi driver even that impactful of a movie to condone dressing up as a child prostitute?

No. 1559759

Anon has a point

No. 1559764

Ty, all I said was it's sus that two gay men want boys, just as it would be sus if a single straight man wanted to adopt a baby girl. And then everyone lost their shit wking for faggots.

No. 1559765

Wouldnt you rather they adopt boys then pretend they'd have any capability to raise a girl or even want to? People lost their minds because someone referred to being gay as an inherent perversion. Some of you are genuinely insane.

No. 1559777

This isn’t her Halloween costume though, this was for an episode of Euphoria. She didn’t choose it, Sam Levinson did which should come as like no surprise.

No. 1559780

My mom and her friend dressed up as hookers for Halloween when they were 11, it was their idea. Some old woman asked them if they were princess and my mom’s friend was like “NO, we’re HOOKERS!”

No. 1559781

Yeah bc it implies that they're akin to furries, AGPs and other kinds of perverts

No. 1559789

File: 1682486226409.jpeg (112.2 KB, 568x635, C1DF8FC4-FD03-48C5-8F75-A4B4E9…)

Anons don’t know that moids, no matter their sexual orientation, will always lust after children. If it wasn’t for lesbians in the 70s we would still have fags walking nambla banners during pride. Most gay men talk about their first “experiences” as sexual assault or molestation from an older gay male. George Takei even talked about how he was molested during summer camp from a counselor and “loved it”

No. 1559794

nta but even before the perversion thing, anons kinda freaked out at the mention of molestation or claimed that it's super unlikely, def not how they'd have reacted if it was about a single moid adopting

No. 1559796

Caping so hard for this ideology is unironically mental illness. In the last 8 years I have never seen this much outright homophobia on lolcow, and peddling that all men are pedophiles as an excuse to refer to being gay as an inherent perversion is retarded. At what point will you step outside of the batshit "but but–" as an excuse for genuinely abhorrent opinions about homosexuality? I don't even know what to say to people like you.

No. 1559799

Good job erasing the gay man who rejected NAMBLA

No. 1559804

Don’t hate lesbians just moids and you can cry homophobia all you want but gay men are the epitome of everything wrong with them. They double down on hating and assaulting women because the only value we bring them is being their handmaids. When moids were dying in droves in the aids epidemic it was lesbians who were in the hospitals as caretakers and still are in charge of most programs that helpde stigmatize aids. Most men still bug chase like retards and all it boils down to is male sexuality no matter what the orientation is terrible. Stop capping for men that would either skin walk you just to get male attention or assault you because they see themselves as weaker men so they’re okay with the idea of beating the shit out of women. Go coddle your precious gays else where when its obvious you don’t deal with any jotos period

No. 1559808

Nta but what fag touched you anon, post in unpopular opinions instead, your fagtirade isnt milk

No. 1559859

Don't listen to the retards nonny, They think is okay to suck up to the putos twitter style while ignoring the fact they end up defending despicable moid behaviour in the end.

No. 1559872

You're getting attacked because we have gay male posters who regularly use celebricows. Ignore them, you're right and I also feel disgusted of gay men although I don't feel anything in particular for gay/bi women. It's only natural to feel disgusted of a group of men that consist of sexpests and pedophiles.

No. 1559883

Ayrt, I don't know whether it would be better they adopt boys or girls, the chance of molestation is much lower if they adopt girls depending on both the men's orientation. But tbh with the amount of abuse that takes place with kids in foster care I'd imagine the rates are similar for adoption so maybe men shouldn't be allowed to adopt without a woman living in the house. Maybe that's extremely unreasonable but why do men's desire to raise a family trump children's right to a safe environment free of sexual abuse or objectification?

No. 1559894

come on, there are anons camping in the relationship advice thread and the like to remind everyone that all men are porn addicts/pedos/sexual opportunists. trashing all men is not an excuse to specifically target gay men, it's just how lc is. it's not about lesbians, and gay men would never wk women anonymously like that

No. 1559908

Nta but obviously the nona wasn't touched by a fag. You were as a child and that's why you lust after men and male children. Fags reproduce by offending, I've literally never met a faggot who wasn't touched by another faggot as a child, and I've met a lot of fags.

"Muh homophobia" Lol what the fuck are you doing on lolcow? This is one of the only places some of us can say what we want without worrying about being mobbed for some kind of "phobia." Leave if your too sensitive to see fag hate, or keep trying to get picked by the other fags in this thread. Yasss queen be an ally!! Twitter will love you gurl!

No. 1559928

File: 1682496107561.png (135.5 KB, 640x818, cat.png)

So…are you guys gonna post celebrities or what?

No. 1559931

File: 1682496958070.jpg (34.39 KB, 638x640, 1575262515138.jpg)


No. 1559936

>so dead celebrities will just be milked forever now ?
Tbh, they already were. There's been "live" hologram performances of various dead artists for years now. It's definitely kind of unsettling knowing that their image and everything even after death, is just a product to be bought and sold. Truly soulless behavior.

Zoe is showing her pedo side again I see.

No. 1559937

I never knew Usher had herpes, and apparently he got them from sleeping with diddy? Ugh so many people in Hollywood have herpes, it's almost normalized, it's fucking disgusting


No. 1559946

File: 1682501018459.jpg (209.31 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20230426_032118_Chr…)

the way Grimes claims that her "next" album is already done but not out yet. she's so fucking disappointing.

No. 1559947

No. 1559948

Honestly I'm stoked, I love her music. Hope she doesn't make us wait six years just to give us one song like Sky Ferreira though lol

No. 1559953

i love her music too but at this point i don't think book 1 is coming out any time soon

No. 1559968

yes, marilyn monroe's image has been making millions of dollars a year and she's been dead for sixty years. it will only expand further from here.

No. 1559991

File: 1682510499416.jpg (150.44 KB, 1079x1672, Screenshot_20230426_075729_Chr…)

So the p-diddy casting couch conspiracy is finally making it to the mainstream? I hope it takes off lmao. In regards to usher, a couple of years ago he had a scandal where a woman filed a law suit against him for exposing her to herpes.

No. 1560006

File: 1682513544133.jpeg (54.84 KB, 1136x677, IMG_7821.jpeg)

So embarrassing

No. 1560036

here i was thinking she was the more pathetic of the two. i'm such an idiot.

No. 1560050

they're both cringe posers, i don't see why they ever broke up tbh. they were the perfect autismo duo.

No. 1560051

jfc. at least (for her) he's still thinking about her after all kek

No. 1560052

File: 1682519345867.jpg (85.99 KB, 1316x763, grimes.JPG)

No. 1560063

File: 1682520225729.jpg (72.45 KB, 686x799, halsey.JPG)

No. 1560077

NTA but she made out with an underage boy in mid90s.

No. 1560106

and she kept nagging and moaning about being "InDEpenDeNT" every 2 to 3 business days

No. 1560209

Halsey got kicked off her label too. no one cares

No. 1560222

the mention of molestation is the same as the perversion thing, your comment is moot, illiterate-chan.

No. 1560223

haha anon got rejected by her gay best friend she wanted to fuck

No. 1560225

she's getting attacked because we have lesbians who leave the house, and she has internet brain poison.

No. 1560229

i thought he was already known to gen Z as a mean, reptilian bisexual man.

No. 1560231

haha he's all like "i ignored this bitch for a year and then she left forever??? REEEEE"

No. 1560233

he's an alcoholic

No. 1560235

Halsey is a huge cow but she seems like a good mom and I hope she keeps her baby.

No. 1560237

File: 1682533261630.png (1014.08 KB, 1439x2166, Screenshot_20230426-132040.png)

Austin Butler WILL be bald in Dune II.

No. 1560242

not you posting this edit of the poster thats all over twitter rn…

No. 1560283

moon head

No. 1560291

File: 1682536761959.png (189.87 KB, 743x990, pj.png)

new pj harvs album coming, ladies

No. 1560294

and the lead single.

(don't tell stalkerchan in case she gets ideas, but that's ben whishaw on backing vocals.)

No. 1560302

wow he'd be perfect for this role if not for that AWFUL BOTCHED NOSE JOB
who fucking made him do that, wasn't he a teenager when he got his nose changed? he actually was very cute and i bet he'd have grown up to be hot but now he has michael jackson's nose in 1991

No. 1560303

No. 1560306

Idk how to embed code but halle Bailey has released the full version of part of your world. Im so excited for the movie and her voice is so lovely. https://youtu.be/cu-RcFv50Sc(try the YouTube field)

No. 1560307

File: 1682538518157.png (703.07 KB, 1440x2106, Screenshot_20230426-144901.png)

It begins!


No. 1560313

She has such a sweet yet powerful voice, I can see why they cast her. After seeing the trailers the main issue I have with it is the same issue I had with the live action Lion King. Like you have these huge, larger-than-life musical numbers and…it's coming from these realistic-looking, expressionless CGI animals. I just can't imagine Under The Sea being sung by this hyperrealistic National Geographic crab, kek

No. 1560316

File: 1682539566244.jpg (52.37 KB, 796x1000, feyd.jpg)

oh FUCK no. Seriously? We went from buff naked Sting in his Sexy Era to Nosejob Moonhead?

No. 1560320

girl, her voice sounds almost exactly like the OG Ariel but the difference is that she is overusing that vibrato , sounds like she has been dunked in freezing water while she's singing that song

inb4 I get called a racist because how dare I talk badly about queen Halle

No. 1560321

A racist mind is a racist kind anon, some of y'all get so weird when talking about black people. Just don't drop the N bomb or call someone ghetto unprovoked and you should be fine. But I agree. Her voice is so cute but I wish she eased up on the vibrato.

No. 1560342

File: 1682542088210.jpeg (83.21 KB, 828x886, IMG_5714.jpeg)

Looks like Papar mag is toast. Between NY magazine and buzz feed wtf is going on in the pop journalism world

No. 1560351

at least it's not like live-action aladdin where fucking none of the actors could sing at all. that shit was hella weird.

No. 1560353

just aim him and bam margera at each other and the problem will solve itself

No. 1560354

No. 1560355

sting was a hairfisher. i approve of the realistic, actual fit male body (vs. roid bulk liefeld cosplay like they make actors do nowadays) but he's not pretty or sexy so much as attractively healthy.

No. 1560359

Also think Usher 100% casting couch'd Justin Bieber

No. 1560374

i'm sorry, i don't want to be mean, but i don't like this. how did they manage to turn Part of Your World into such a boring musical number? Halle is a great vocalist, i thought that fact might save this movie but idk anymore.

No. 1560379

I'm 100% convinced that Villeneuve never read the book. The bald look is completely wrong for Feyd Rautha.

No. 1560386

yeah he's just supposed to also have shaggy dark hair
he's like…the evil paul from the mirror world

No. 1560388

it's because the cgi fishies aren't as fun as the cartoon ones. it looks like real life now - not even a realistic-looking fantastical setting, they just literally made OUR real life. so they removed the magic. rookie mistake. never remove the magic.

No. 1560399

File: 1682546147127.png (973.38 KB, 1405x1392, Screenshot_20230426-165603.png)

No. 1560409

I think you might be a bit late with this news nonnie

No. 1560420

yeah, im OP and i got the news from Sloan (i know he's somewhat hated here) but i do appreciate what he does in regards to exposing celebrities, other people would be too scared to do that, he gets sued all the time (or people TRY to sue him) but nothing ever comes from it lol.

yeah this video was about diddy, usher, and justin bieber and it was pretty disturbing

No. 1560423

again? when was zoe acting like a pedo?

No. 1560427

He's not.

No. 1560431

i would be PISSED if someone just crashed into my house with their car?! do you think he has to pay for the damages? or is that all through insurance. he should fucking pay, he has the money

No. 1560434

last time i posted a video of his someone went on a rant about how much they hate him and his "faggy" voice…

No. 1560446

Not sure if anyone is interested but TMZ released an hour long documentary about the night Tory Lanez shot Megan The Stallion, what really went down, apparently it happened at Kylie Jenner's mansion, but it shows all the bodycam footage from the night of the shooting, I think it's pretty interesting


No. 1560453

That’s exactly how she’s going to think about it too. They should get back together because they definitely deserve each other.

No. 1560462

File: 1682551462534.png (1.13 MB, 1440x1580, Screenshot_20230426-182423.png)

No. 1560469

is this the one who fucks kids, or the one who inherited dan schneider's foot addiction

No. 1560474

Thats the same person? He fucks kids and has a foot fetish? No?

No. 1560486

i thought the fat one had the foot fetish? there's two, right? Josh Bell and Drake Bell?

No. 1560495

The one who fucks kids

No. 1560498

josh peck. yes he's the one who inherited dan's foot fetish. drake inherited the pedophilia.

No. 1560499

Hated by lolcow doesn't mean hated by normies, fool.

No. 1560501

Thanks anon. I'm just glad Tory Lanez got sent to jail. Fuck every retard that bashed a woman that got assaulted, fuck moids and fuck the rap industry.

No. 1560503

That's Josh. Theres a short on YouTube from a clip of him guesting someone's podcast where they were talking about how someone else got a movie role he auditioned for because nobody wants to hire him since he follows so many feet onlyfans accounts. It was cringe if you can find it.

No. 1560504

You are pathetic

No. 1560506

That doesn't make her a pedophile. It makes her an actress. Blame Jonah Hills nasty ass.

No. 1560508

Actually he would make a perfect young Marilyn Manson in his early days

No. 1560512

She couldn't have said no?

No. 1560513

Paper has some of the best covers. This is surreal to see but not surprising.

If they had added a ton of vibrant color and made them more cute or animated it would have been fine. They easily could have done that, but God forbid they think about anything other than trying to be seen as Serious and attempted Oscar baiting.

No. 1560514

Spotted another fag

No. 1560515

It's not going to impact her career too much imo.

No. 1560516

And if she would have, another actress would have done it. She got her foot in the door and got paid. Its such a non issue that she specifically was the actress and its being inflated for outrage and virtue signaling, of course they focus on and blame her for it instead of Jonah Hill for being a freak and wanting to direct a scene of an older girl seducing an obvious child. Do you think Syndey Sweeney genuinely wanted to be naked in a giant set full gross old men during euphoria? Do you think Joey King wanting to fuck through older men in the industry to have shitty movies like Kissing Booth? Blaming women for wanting roles instead of the directors and production teams who want to sexualize them is retarded.

No. 1560517

Honestly say what you will about sloan, i enjoy the fact that he always makes sure that the nasty things particularly male celebrities do doesn't get forgotten. As for myself, i remember people talking about this stuff for years on the shaderoom and on lsa. I knew people irl who believed it to be true too.

No. 1560518

he cant be bothered to do this somewhere a pap wont take a pic? he's doing this on purpose. he wants the attention

No. 1560520

File: 1682555877102.jpeg (125.27 KB, 1170x1315, Tired of the Gays.jpeg)

No. 1560523

Found even more fags, caping for someone who downplayed Chris Chan raping his elderly mother with dementia and was more concerned about people "respecting Chris's pronouns." You degenerates sure do love your faggot tea channels huh?

No. 1560527

that should say "tired of the LAs"
california is a disease, look at those freaky faces

No. 1560529

this person is starting to sound like a bored moid just starting shit for no raisin

No. 1560530

It's me and another anon, maybe more. And you don't have to be a man to dislike fags. And there is a raisin thank you very much

No. 1560531

It's funny because opinions about disliking gay men was pretty common here, even the majority. But the new wave of farmers suddenly can't handle it and clutch their pearls over the hOmOpHoBiA kek

No. 1560534

It's questionable for any adult to be okay with making out with a little kid for a movie. Of course the creator's mainly at fault, but would you agree to that?

No. 1560535

yeah let's not reply to them
>found even more fags
like what the fuck is the point? we're supposed to be discussing celebrities, also this is a women's gossip board

No. 1560537

Stop blogging, no gives a shit about how you feel, obvious bait.

No. 1560539

You need to relax you sperg. Nta but casually liking a yt channel doesn't make you a stan that cosigns their every action, it's actually pretty normal.

Don't lie. I've been here since day 1 and only recently have I seen the homophobia reach legitimately crude and conspiratorial levels. It's one thing to generalize gay males for being pathetically obsessed with male approval to the point they will hurt women for it, that and many other criticisms are completely valid and always have been, but the vitriolic 'all fags are pedos' 'fags are fags because they were literally all molested by fags' is psychotic. Genuinely moidrag tier psychotic.

Yeah im done. Weird behavior.(taking the bait)

No. 1560540

Yasssss queens!!! Be an ally!! Hand clap emojis for all of you!(infighting)

No. 1560543

Someone hasn't been strapped in a long minute. Breathe.

No. 1560546

Can you all stfu? This is the celebricow thread, no1curr how you feel about gay men. This is all from a post from 3 DAYS ago talking about some literal whos. I knew that post was bait.

No. 1560548

> vitriolic 'all fags are pedos' 'fags are fags because they were literally all molested by fags'
yah idg how anons don't see that this kind of talk hurts women because it opens the door for similar shit to be used on lesbians, and when lesbianism is equated to perversion or coping strategy, then we get corrective raped.

No. 1560560

kek exactly. i genuinely can't figure out who those gay dads are even supposed to be.

No. 1560566

File: 1682558238900.png (194.55 KB, 600x820, two toilet fags.PNG)

They're fucking gross.Remember when they bought all those sex toys?

No. 1560567

He sucks at fucking then

No. 1560573

I'm not the one pearl clutching and losing it lol

No. 1560576

File: 1682558821583.png (131.6 KB, 808x716, loler.png)

>Yellowjackets actor Nonbinary Actor Liv Hewson benched themselves for the emmys because they don't identify with a category
>“There’s not a place for me in the acting categories,” Hewson says. “It would be inaccurate for me to submit myself as an actress.”

No. 1560580

This reminds me of the recent the UK music awards (or wherever it was) that removed gendered nominees and only men were nominated

No. 1560592

she wouldn't be getting one anyway lmao. she's the least interesting actress on the show.

No. 1560594

No. 1560596

prince eric is ugly as hell.

No. 1560599

Oh so anyone who dislikes fags just needs a good orgasm? What a moidy thing to say(infight)

No. 1560601

kek i came here to post this myself the minute i saw it.

tbh i think these nonbinary attention seeking misogynists should have to walk the walk. you don't id as a woman? ok fine, then stop taking women's roles since you aren't one.

No. 1560606

damn tory lanez is only 5'3? hahaha what a manlet

No. 1560612

there are the wildest theories about men all the time on lc, why is it wrong only when directed at gay men? the way you're defending them would get you ridiculed if this was about het men, it would immediately by associated with "Not All Men". I'm not saying it's good or bad but it's like this for all men.

what's the point of saying this publicly omg.. idgi

No. 1560614

>Don't lie. I've been here since day 1 and only recently have I seen the homophobia reach legitimately crude and conspiratorial levels.
Bullshit, pre 2019 gay hate was common. Some threads would even mock lesbians. In the scumbag thread like 5 years ago they would mock users that seemed too "feminist" like. If you've been here that long you must've taken long breaks or missed the majority of threads because there wasn't much pushback for anons verbally shitting on gays before the influx of new users around late 2019 early 2020.

No. 1560615


No. 1560643


Shooting a woman at 5'3 is kinning chihuahua

No. 1560648

File: 1682567488987.png (7 KB, 635x125, meghan.PNG)

Samefag but keep in mind she and her husband have also pooped and peed together. Real love I guess.

No. 1560654

File: 1682569372696.png (19.01 KB, 616x358, meghan trainor.PNG)

Ok, last samefag but I looked it up and the quote that tweet used was from Meghan talking about her experience with having vaginismus. I feel bad. This is why it's important to screenshot articles and not tweets, nonnas.

No. 1560665

File: 1682570289513.jpeg (73.61 KB, 640x512, 41B98D6E-42F8-4461-9069-683FD4…)

BREAKING NEWS: Lucille ball died today

No. 1560671

i could have gone my whole life without knowing juni from spy kids had a giant dick

No. 1560678

That makes more sense because he showed his dick in the movie Green Inferno and it's very average

No. 1560696

i mean that part makes sense and it's nice that she's sharing her experience, but where's the need to talk about pooping together or her husband's "tip" kek. But it's also gross that they made a tweet about this without any context ugh

No. 1560712

File: 1682576719691.jpg (149.47 KB, 828x1204, FklOLfDjCRBb.jpg)

Remember when Meghan Trainor also revealed she showed her infant child a raunchy gay MV of men twerking, she tried to have it come across as kirky or some shit.

No. 1560715

He was a what

No. 1560721

She was creeping on Jaden Smith when he was a minor.

weird way to publicly announce you suffer from Vaginismus.

No. 1560750

Hairfisher, as in catfisher using hair. Ugly man who manages to dupe people into thinking he's attractive by having nice hair. See also Harry Styles back in the 1D days.

No. 1560889

why won't this dumbass submit herself as an actor, then?

No. 1560909

I guess now there’s going to be some sort of prize for the “best enby performer” and she, of course will be the first winner.

No. 1560977

File: 1682607131597.jpeg (98.98 KB, 968x881, Jackie-Yellowjackets.jpeg)

Most irrelevant Yellowjacket, no wonder she has to attentionseek like that.

No. 1561054

get out

No. 1561056

mormons and IBLP are obsessed with sex and think their marriage is the most amazing one on the planet all the time.

No. 1561080

File: 1682615171333.jpg (159.16 KB, 1079x1500, Screenshot_20230427_124511_Chr…)

Jerry Springer has passed away today. What a terrible legacy to leave behind lmao.

No. 1561091

… and now that he's dead I want to crack out some champagne and toast! The world is now a much better place! May he rest in piss!

No. 1561093

No. 1561097

Yup. I feel relief.

No. 1561100

good another worthless scrote out of this world

No. 1561108

File: 1682616572434.png (1.66 MB, 1440x1760, Screenshot_20230427-122946.png)


No. 1561109

File: 1682616620301.png (53.08 KB, 1440x820, Screenshot_20230427-123110.png)

No. 1561113

What did he do?

No. 1561122

File: 1682618154937.webm (7.94 MB, 480x360, 2004-05-jerry-springer-intro-s…)


No. 1561130

File: 1682618566609.jpg (217.87 KB, 1052x1634, IMG_8339.jpg)

No. 1561139

The Jerry Springer show, which is basically the pioneer of trash tv starting in the 90s. It was a "talk show" with crazy premises like "IM 13 AND HAD SEX WITH 50 MEN FOR A BAG OF CHIPS" and "IM SLEEPING WITH MY COUSIN - WHO IS ALSO MY HUSBANDS STEPDAD!" and they bring these people out and encourage them to fight. Some of it is scripted, some of it isn't, and it's just a gross show. I always hated it and never thought it was entertaining or funny.

No. 1561165

It's a terrible show that should have been regulated to 18-21+ but of course THE 90s, public television AND PARENTING (what's that?-oh nothings changed-OKAY)


No. 1561187

I know a ton of people who learned all about sexual deviancy from Springer. He won't be missed.

No. 1561193

The world is a scary enough place-as is. Ain't nobody needing that constant fear mongering and bad shit.

No. 1561197

ill always remember my high school english teacher telling us the story of how he went on jerry springer as a paid actor back in the 90s. it was a country bumpkin incest episode which made a lot of sense because he looked like a tall humanoid version of gollum kek

No. 1561200

Hello fellow burgerland 90s experience-er. It feels good to have (you) here. Cheers!

No. 1561218

File: 1682625730198.png (779.74 KB, 1431x1965, Screenshot_20230427-150231.png)


No. 1561223

File: 1682626011384.png (470.84 KB, 1440x2267, Screenshot_20230427-150628.png)

No. 1561230

Steven Crowder emotionally abused his pregnant wife, has huge rage issues and wasn't there for the birth of his kids. There's a Ring video of him raging that his 8-month pregnant wife won't give his dog medicine (she is worried the medicine is not good for pregnant women) and Crowder insists she puts gloves on. She is clearly trying to deescalate by repeating "I love you… But-"

https://yashar.substack.com/p/exclusive-video-reveals-steven-crowder?utm_source=direct&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web(this is an imageboard)

No. 1561286

kek that's a really old picture
moids gonna moid

No. 1561307

Nah nah this is weird.

No. 1561315

Imagine being cast on a well-known series and getting invited to the Emmys and being so smug you’re just like “nope gotta get the woke points plus more attention on meeee”

No. 1561327

All I know about her is that she was quite shit on Santa Clarita Diet. Easily my least-favorite character, but I liked the show overall.

No. 1561343

Holy shit I'm 10 seconds in and already enraged "if you refuse to do wifely things then I'll go pick up the groceries." What a little bitch, hope she takes him for everything he's worth and gets full custody, can't wait for his downfall it's gonna be great.

No. 1561367

and you just know he ramped up the crazy the moment she got pregnant and was stuck with him for at least 18 years. so proud of her for leaving, even if it was "wIThoUT hIs PErMIsSIoN"

No. 1561375

not surprised the comments have a ton of retards defending him. he's not going to suck their dick, don't understand why they are bending over for a man who destroyed professional and personal relationships due to his behavior

No. 1561385

a guy who is too much of a little bitch to even debate anyone who isn't a freshman in college. my god, why simp for such a wimp?

No. 1561407

Kek my sides

No. 1561443

he sounds like any other woman-hating faggot. if he wasn't a right-wing grifter he would have 100% trooned out the moment she got pregnant

No. 1561461

File: 1682656354866.jpg (81.06 KB, 1080x621, grimes.jpg)

>more attracted to ppl less autistic

No. 1561463

>i feel prettier
>she's had surgeries
thanks grimes yeah

No. 1561480

I mean… Just look at
What kind of messaging are you trying to send Claire?
>more creative
Where? Where's the music Claire? Or do you mean making 1000 pictures of Marie Antoinette as a robot with AI?
She is seriously delusional. It's getting to a point where it's not as fun to make fun of her as her mental illness and drug-rotted brain become more viable excuses for her behavior than just being a narc cow.

No. 1561505

File: 1682658961845.jpeg (160.25 KB, 1036x1639, A1D07A36-6FDD-4757-AAA1-BF3B82…)

Jared Pedo recruiting more cult lackeys and of course the queen pickme is posting about him

Do the waters of Croatia have sharks?

No. 1561519

File: 1682662722319.jpeg (120.06 KB, 1027x1067, 2645329A-E906-4974-98FF-EE065C…)

Britney Spears posted another odd instagram video pulling her shorts up showing the outline of her crotch. These comments disturbed me though. Is Britney’s moid exploiting her monetarily AND sexually? The casting couch is bad enough but the thought of actresses/female entertainers resorting to or being forced into prostitution is so bleak.

No. 1561526

>less autistic
you literally fucked elon

No. 1561537

How is deuxmoi a pickme

No. 1561538

Don't come at me cause that could be possible, I don't doubt these celebrities could be exploited in that way and we've seen plenty of examples of that happening. But in Britney's case I get the vibe she's just doing what she thinks her audience and the public wants. In her teens and twenties when she was at the peak of her career the most attention and praise she got (along with harsh critique) was when she dressed or acted more sexual. Imo it gives me the feeling of a trauma response in a way, like she's just trying to do what she used too to "please" people, like acting sexual and showing off her body. It makes me really sad to see her like this, as if she thinks her value is in how "sexy" she can look. And all the comments hyping her up probably just encourages it.

No. 1561542

NTA but I agree. Her fans are mostly schizos who would rather believe she’s been abducted by aliens than that she’s just a mentally ill woman who posts cringe. I actually find it kind of gross that people say she’s being trafficked and whored out with zero evidence. Also, it makes no sense for her to “advertise” like they always say. If some Saudi Prince has a chance to fuck Britney Spears, he’s doing it and doesn’t need to be convinced.

No. 1561543

File: 1682666779304.png (104 KB, 605x1236, Screenshot 2023-04-27.png)

I hope that rat burns in Hell.
Jerry Springer, The Richard Bey Show, The Ricky Lake Show, Donahue, The Sally Jessy Raphael Show in the 90’s were all some sort of psy-op to introduce niche degernacy on a mass scale to the mainstream

No. 1561548

She might not have, the children are IVF.

No. 1561555

Are they Mormon??? Like full on magic underwear Mormons?

No. 1561565

Plastic surgery? Honestly, doesn't look like it. She still looks like a wet dog.

No. 1561567

She was pregnant with X the firstborn though

No. 1561579

IVF doesn't necessarily mean using a surrogate, many couples using it just have the woman herself carry the pregnancy

No. 1561584

She bragged about his dick in leaked AB texts so I assume they at least have a few times kek

She got a ponytail face lift and has tons of filler and is barely recognizable now wym? She looks completely terrifying like Madonna now

No. 1561590

I haven't bothered to look to compare. She still looks uggo if that's how she looks rn

No. 1561599

Oh man these news really shocked me. I LOVED watching his show and I even met him once when I went to see him in Chicago (the broadway show). Good night sweet prince

No. 1561659

Don't forget the Jenny Jones show which literally sparked a murder.

No. 1561661

No. 1561707

Again, if only he hadn't gotten the nose job

No. 1561735

It would have come around sooner or later. You think people being attracted to degeneracy is new? lol tale as old as time

No. 1561741

I mean the Dubai celebrity escort pipeline is not a new rumour at all. Hayden, Lindsay, some of the Kardashians years ago before they really blew up, Misha Barton was rumored to do it too. Not sure there's any evidence for Britney though besides her off the rails social media.

No. 1561749

my favorite was Maury. He once had a super fat guy on and his wife wheeled out a 6ft sub and said IT'S ME OR THE SANDWICH. The guy pauses, and then goes "I choose the sandwich". Crowd goes nuts. One of the funniest ever kek

No. 1561752

>sweet prince

No. 1561796

File: 1682701803389.png (75.64 KB, 1440x881, Screenshot_20230428-120924.png)

No. 1561800


No. 1561817

"good night sweet prince" is an ancient meme kek

No. 1561877

She’s kinda pretty, sucks that her brain is completely fried.

No. 1561878


Lamar Odom is reaching out his hand to Bam Margera in the midst of all his substance abuse and legal problems, saying he's more than happy to help, free of charge, if the reality star allows it.

No. 1561982

yes, i think in her head the creepy posts are like "chrissy teigen thirspost teehee" and she can't tell they're not coming across that way because she was fucking conditioned from an early age to BE SEXY ALL THE TIME so as >>1561538n says is just doing what she associates with people being nice to her

No. 1561983

yes, she is.

No. 1561985

it's from shakespeare, underage-chan.

No. 1562062

File: 1682722785200.jpg (19.01 KB, 474x316, OIP.jpg)

nah, that's not the nloggy one. this is her

No. 1562085

Jo Jo seiwa? Is dat u gurl?

No. 1562089

Lmao everytime I see them I think about the fact that they pooped holding hands once because they have toilets next to each other AND I FUCKING HATE THAT I KNOW THAT!

No. 1562090

No. 1562092

Anon, shut up.

No. 1562094

I highly doubt his size is something to brag about. There is no way that mans dick is even above average, that is a short dicked man.
>she looks completely terrifying
It genuinely appalls me how people with the most money get the worst work possible done. It's disappointing. You have all that money to genuinely do things that are cool or constructive, and pay someone who will give you quality results, but they always choose the pillowfaced painful look instead. If she wanted to try the fox eye she could have just got a couple peels and laser done, and got a simple mini endoscopic to pull her brows back instead of up. Whatever she got wasn't just a lift and her face looks like it hurts.

Every decision she has made since she got money has been stupid. Sick of how she even still tries the poverty larp–she keeps cheap items in her room to look like she's down to earth or humble or whatever while actually staying in multi million dollar homes, hotels, etc. Bitch the ikea dresser only fools people who are stupid.

No. 1562096

As in Panettiere (sp?) If so thats really sad, she had such a horrible childhood.

No. 1562099

File: 1682726064878.webm (8.55 MB, 640x360, videoplayback (2) (online-vide…)

The Kardashians | Season 3 Official Trailer

No. 1562107

I was gonna say I thought the show ended, but I forgot the "ending" on KUWTK was just them switching to a different network. Will not be watching, but I will be awaiting their MET looks.

No. 1562120

File: 1682727314842.png (24.52 KB, 1440x1349, Screenshot_20230428-191545.png)

No. 1562138

I'm sorry but can they just like die already?

No. 1562174

File: 1682734855262.png (1.31 MB, 1440x1979, Screenshot_20230428-212113.png)

No. 1562176

No. 1562180

File: 1682735551186.jpeg (125.75 KB, 1127x1086, FuzeftAWwAkHY8s.jpeg)

No. 1562197

it's crazy that men with drug addictions get treated like this but women get labeled as trashy sluts and are made the butt of the joke. everyone laughed at amy winehouse's downward spiral but a washed up fucking skateboarder gets support.

No. 1562201

Harry Potter's retarded older cousin I'm kidding I love her but those glasses aren't cute

No. 1562202

she's getting those weird old lady arms.

No. 1562235

She can sit back relax, melt her decaying rotting brain with drugs, wither away and die. She gets $$$ from the Elon ca$h children & he's super rich, so she's basically retired.

No. 1562262

YOu read my mind, nonna. She looks like a slimmer version of current Madonna with her butchered face and veiny hand complex. Grimes sucks, but I do feel bad for all the shitty age comments Madge has gotten. It seems like she is unwell and possibly not in her right mind.

No. 1562263

Pick up after yourself, Claire, do you live in a pigsty or something? Is it that hard to put your things on counters or tables instead of throwing them on the ground? You're really living up to your stage name, aren't you, Grimy?

No. 1562266

File: 1682749915345.png (98.87 KB, 649x533, ZVScavvqv.png)

From the same guy who made call be by your name, what is it gay moids and pedophilia and power imbalances?

No. 1562270

If I fucked a billionaire and gave birth to his retarded offsprings you best believe I'd be living in luxury, milking him for all he's got. Not botching myself while living in a pigsty.

No. 1562273

Yeah, it's crazy how you never see pedophilia and power imbalances in media made for straight guys.

No. 1562285

File: 1682752573372.jpeg (257.03 KB, 1022x1920, 2B0CA829-E682-44FC-AC17-48FD70…)

Im saying!! I will scream this from the mountain tops about my queen Whitney Houston.

Whitney Houston died from drug addiction and she was the sweetest woman ever and remained so even in the throes of addiction. and yet Memes STILL get made about her to this day! It’s even rumored that she got into drugs because of her religious upbringing and her being actually a closeted lesbian forced to be straight. Her own daughter followed in her footsteps and died the same way yet people still make fun of both of them.

Fuck bam margeras fat greasy ass he’s a threat to society. When women get into drugs they are mainly only a threat to themselves and maybe children. Men are a threat to both themselves, family and to the world at large yet get coddled the most. JUSTICE FOR WHITNEY HOUSTON!

No. 1562295

the guy on the right just looks like he's made to be the younger version of the guy on the left, the glasses, the hair. why does he just look like a clone of the older guy?

No. 1562310

some form of narcisssm?

No. 1562315

I mean it’s realistic. Every gay friend I have was groomed by an old man, including my cousin who is like 24 and married to a guy literally 20 years older than him.

Everyone deserves a 17th chance! His friend died years ago let’s all feel bad for him because nobody can lose someone close to them without completely imploding their life for a decade

No. 1562332

>I mean it’s realistic. Every gay friend I have was groomed by an old man, including my cousin who is like 24 and married to a guy literally 20 years older than him.
Careful, the nonnies here ahem I mean faggots don't like it when we point out harsh truths.

No. 1562334

Claire Boucher…


No. 1562362

That is true. it's just male brain in general going after younger victims. We all know or might have been victim to a much older scrote ourselves

No. 1562364

True. One took advantage of my friend because his dad is shit so he moved him in. Skip forward a few years later and his older ex cheated on him with someone younger in another state… He was 19 and the guy was 26/27 when they started dating…

No. 1562412

File: 1682774435899.gif (2.09 MB, 632x640, 1682539505699573.gif)

>One took advantage of my friend because his dad is shit

Broken family. CHECK!
No father/daddy issues. CHECK!

>in general going after younger victims.
>been victim to a much older scrote ourselves


No. 1562426

File: 1682776921967.png (2.25 MB, 1440x2535, Screenshot_20230429-090234.png)

No. 1562471

She's only 35, anon.

No. 1562473

Perhaps she should try to stop eating spegetti 24/7 and maybe her hair will stop falling out, AGAIN!

No. 1562532

Good for them but both of them look like their 40

No. 1562535

She looks like Anya Taylor Joy

No. 1562544

File: 1682785040249.png (604.38 KB, 1440x2033, Screenshot_20230429-110805.png)



No. 1562548

File: 1682785224456.png (56.65 KB, 1440x517, Screenshot_20230429-112108.png)


No. 1562551

File: 1682785375466.png (15.42 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230429-112303.png)

pops champagne

No. 1562613

I feel bad for Madonna, for sure. There's no denying that she is genuinely legendary, but after decades of being put on a pedestal and yes-manned she is beyond delusional. When your whole brand is being a chameleon and trying new things and focusing on your looks, it must be really hard to accept reality and that you aren't the show pony you used to be. I feel bad for her when I see all the young users around her complimenting her and encouraging her to do what she's doing because they want clout and to mooch off of her, she needs to accept aging in peace. I get anxiety watching her perform in fishnets and heels because she looks like she's a single step away from breaking her hip.

No. 1562615

Fan letters directed at celebs are weird and cringe. You have to be pretty parasocially obsessed with someone to get mad at bathroom clutter, which most regular women also have.

No. 1562622

Because they really aren't any different from straight men. They get old and fantasize about being good enough for younger men and capturing their attention. I would argue that the things older gay men will do in order to develop social ties with younger men is generally more pathetic and bottom feeding than what straight men do to get access to younger women.
God could things get any less creative. Worse than BROS

No. 1562624

>>1562615 ntayrt but most people wouldn't take a bathroom selfie with shit all over the floor and counter in the background. it takes like five minutes to pick up before you take a picture. it's the first thing i noticed as well

No. 1562625

I bet grimes got her mustache and uni-brow shaved off. I heard that claire had horrible breath from her bulimia in highschool and that she smelled gross. People made fun of her but she's so fucking autistic that she never caught a hint.

No. 1562626

Oh but I thought she was sOoOOOoo bisexual, that's her identity. Until she's not the one getting attention. Pick me not getting picked and getting upset. Booohoooo.

No. 1562627

Samefag ^ sorry, but why was she even living with him? To babysit?

No. 1562628

It's deliberate. She is always surrounded by wealth and excess but she wants to continue to push this NLOG down to earth unbothered normal-human aesthetic because it used to be her entire identity. Idk how anyone is fooled by this or thinks Elon gives her nothing just because she carefully chooses to use flatbox furniture and only share pictures of small spaces.

No. 1562632

It actually makes me really sad to think about how many talented women were consumed by the concept of celebrity, spat out, and essentially shat on when they died. Addiction is always glamorized in male musicians who died. I was just thinking about how awful Elvis was and he just got a glitzy glamorous movie made about him and how oh so romantic his presence was. Whitney was such a special person, there will never be another WH. Same with Amy Winehouse, but they were both reduced to meme fodder.

No. 1562635

Lol completely untrue. I think you guys just enjoy any excuse to complain about non-issues when you hate someone. Some toiletries and a can of redbull in a private female bathroom is so painfully normal.

No. 1562638

Oh. Its you again.

No. 1562643

File: 1682789488831.png (504.6 KB, 1383x1152, Screenshot_20230429-123147.png)

No. 1562646

File: 1682790302697.png (747.72 KB, 1440x1646, Screenshot_20230429-124523.png)

Billy eye-lash is so hot.

Pic related, that's her.

No. 1562649

i get that but with the total lack of muscle tone and her pale skin, her arms look much older than she is.

No. 1562651

>I bet grimes got her mustache and unibrow shaved off
Like… a majority of women, retard?

No. 1562652

She has eating disorders and has probably fell back into them HARD tbqh.

No. 1562653

No.. like lazer-ed off, like rich people do. She probably never has to shave ever again.

No. 1562654

yeah, probably. her and ariana have recently gone on about how much healthier they’ve been lately even though they both look the worst that they’ve ever been.

No. 1562662

They're both aging pop-tarts too.

The new younger trending people are coming in to fill their spaces.

They're outdated and heading for the clearance isles and dumpsters. R.I.P

No. 1562687

File: 1682793044473.png (561.19 KB, 794x780, liam.png)

liam payne looks so gross. like i get that as a lesbian i am not the target audience for this shit, but do any hetnonas here actually find this attractive?

mark wahlberg's nasty ass was in the comments section hyping him up. nasty moids congregate together igss.

No. 1562690

He looks like someone put a vacuum hose in him and sucked out all the moisture. Motherfucker looks like a raisin. He looks sandy.

No. 1562691

A-fucking-greed. Whitney and Amy deserved so much better and I'll never forgive that fag for the Amy Halloween cake. Why aren't women given the smallest bit of compassion?
Ot but I really appreciated how the recent Whitney biopic ended. It could've been disgusting and reenacted her death like other trashy ones like Blonde, but the way it ended gave Whitney some grace. She deserves to be remembered as the woman and Voice that she was, not what addiction and abuse did to her.

No. 1562693

no, he looks deformed. his head is comically oversized.

No. 1562694

I think he looks good, not his face tho

No. 1562695

maybe it's my autism but him being that sweaty (looks like wet chest and hair?) and by the pool with socks on is literally making me feel sick i can't imagine the moisture. AND with crocs on. what the hell is going on

No. 1562696

to be fair no one looks hot making that face…

No. 1562697

really? wow. we really are a diverse community kek

No. 1562699

Uh. Okay?

No. 1562701

Lovely way to view women

No. 1562715

Am I okay, thanks for asking.

The answer is, no.

You're welcome.

No. 1562716

>>1562649 ngl i don't see what you're talking about, can you give a more in-depth explanation?

No. 1562718

It's just trump-chan, don't even bother.

No. 1562720


No. 1562724

Everyone in hollyweird is a product, not just women. Wake up.

No. 1562726

okay abby lee miller

No. 1562727

Yet celebs do it to be quirky and different, but it's just stupid and annoying.

No. 1562731

He looks like a strip of gas station jerky

No. 1562732

The woman in 711 who ashes her Newport cigs into an empty Big Gulp cup after she consumed a slim Jim and her two kids are hitting and screaming at each other in front of the registers while everybody is staring at them while she refills her diet Coke.

No. 1562738

I'm not knowledgeable about plastic surgery in the slightest, but doesn't it look like he's had some sort of procedure or injections in his body? He has abs and his ars seem to have some definition but it looks like he spot-treated those areas only because his body looks tiny. He has no muscle in the chest and shoulder one would expect if he was actually lifting weights. He legit looks like a bobble-head, a case of male anorexia if anything.

No. 1562741

File: 1682795998283.png (848.8 KB, 1440x2208, Screenshot_20230429-141941.png)


No. 1562743

*He has abs and his arms seem to have some definition
Sorry for the typo.

No. 1562744

File: 1682796089064.png (9.01 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230429-142205.png)

DDDAAAUYYUUMMM HE TINY!!!(samefagging, autism)

No. 1562747

If you don't stfu with your annoying ass

Omgzzzz teehee Xdd

No. 1562748

ok and?

No. 1562750

Corey Taylor-esque proportions

No. 1562773

It's well known that Elon doesn't pay child support

No. 1562776

He doesn't have to. Not everything is arranged by a court order. He is providing substantially for his children and so there is no legal intervention. These are really simple concepts, im not a grimes fan but I see some really far reaches to try to make her look like some doormat peasant that isn't reaping major benefits from her half degree of separation from Elon.

No. 1562777

File: 1682797609191.jpg (56.1 KB, 796x647, them.jpg)

kek she looks just like the other they/them from the tlou show

No. 1562780

It's funny how different cultures have different standards for what is considered tall. For example, in Mexico or China, thin and stocky builds are more common for men, so a height of 5'9'' might be considered tall. It just goes to show how subjective our perceptions can be.

No. 1562782

guess his films after cmbyn weren't that successful so he's back to making movies about gays kek

No. 1562788

No one cares.

No. 1562791

My condolences.

No. 1562792

Faggot spotted

No. 1562798

People treated Amy winehouse horribly I still hate fucking George lopez

No. 1562799

File: 1682798368847.png (85.01 KB, 1440x1007, Screenshot_20230429-145947.png)

The deleted post for anyone who missed it. You're all welcome.

No. 1562800

Isn't Lamar odom dating a tranny?

No. 1562801


No. 1562812

Kim and Khloe look awful thin(not even talking about the shit ps)

No. 1562821

O z e m p i c .

No. 1562828

Who cares? She's rich and funny, women don't need to be hot in order to be valued. And you specifically chose a shit photo like this is some y2k magazine where they point out cellulite and go "Ick!"

No. 1562836

She was called hot, retard.

No. 1562839

That's pretty common with non rich people too anon, expensive but common.

No. 1562841

I don't get the joke and it's lame and boomer humor

No. 1562842

Non-rich people get Lazer hair removal. I can't. I…

No. 1562843

You have no sense of humor. Go download an app for it and download it into your brain, zoomer.

No. 1562844

What are you surprised about? Over half the women I know have had it done. You got to get out more.

No. 1562845

Oh yeah I'm a zoomer because "Ohhh you thought Billie Eilish was HOT?! Well look at this!!" Isn't peak comedy for me.

No. 1562847

I am literally developmentally disabled. Getting out more won't help anything, I promise. lol.

No. 1562848

She posted that pic herself. Get mad at her, not me. I've done nothing wrong.

No. 1562860

kek i know, i had to google to make sure it wsn't the same person

No. 1562864

Anyone following the Steven Crowder divorce?

No. 1562866

it's weird that such a short, non-eating person can have such big blocky hands. they're not even man hands, just like…square? it's weird that she's so ana but all her parts are so wide and yeah, square. idk

No. 1562867

not really, they look more like fucked up circulation ana arms
she's 35 kek

No. 1562873

>most people wouldn't take a bathroom selfie with shit all over the floor and counter in the background
kek yes they do
everyone does
the most common comment on selfies is "clean your room"

No. 1562874

he used to be a rapper
we have always been at war with eastasia?

No. 1562875

good for her but my goddd she is so unfashionable. she's always been hot and also badly dressed/never cool, idk how she does it.

No. 1562876

why does that actress look so horrifying in every picture? find one where she doesn't look like she's about to give you a poison apple. did she have cancer?

No. 1562880


No. 1562882

this is just how men look if they bodybuild without steroids

No. 1562904

You're autistic if you thought she posted that pic to try to look hot.

No. 1562915

File: 1682807762438.png (414.15 KB, 800x721, 168280779390996486.png)

No. 1562957

I think she looks silly and cute.

No. 1562962

File: 1682812888208.jpg (174.84 KB, 1242x1540, Ew80iPYWEAIGSHA.jpg)

Not to sperg but the husbando of my teen years was one of their main photographers and he's been posting a lot of the work he's done for them on his instagram. Brian Ziff if you're curious.

No. 1563001

idgi, bisexual doesn't mean okay with cheating though?

No. 1563004

Grimes is 5'5 which is average and her hands are long and huge. Maybe you're just retarded.

She deleted it because it was off topic sperg.

She's an English ginger.

She finally broke free of the suicide baiting inshallah she gets a man that is mature and not social media driven

No. 1563030

if 5'9 is a midget then what is tory lanez? (5'3)

i can't believe megan the stallion let him fuck

No. 1563032

I thought Kim got uninvited to the Met Gala?

No. 1563037

but Maury only did DNA tests for who's the baby daddy. I thought

No. 1563043

File: 1682820314088.png (42.91 KB, 1440x894, Screenshot_20230429-210549.png)

No. 1563044

File: 1682820374444.png (373.73 KB, 1440x1058, Screenshot_20230429-210649.png)

Poor kittah.

No. 1563050

File: 1682821073747.png (274.59 KB, 1440x1115, Screenshot_20230429-211829.png)

No. 1563055

He dont fuck with her

No. 1563062

No. 1563199

File: 1682840359706.jpg (80.12 KB, 620x764, megan-fox-machine-gun-kelly-64…)

you are right, wtf is this look?

No. 1563292

File: 1682855835513.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.4 KB, 730x1268, amy-winehouse-tweet.jpg)

i wasn't a real big fan of amy winehouse but pics of the infamous 'corpse cake' that the twinkle toes neil patrick harris made started circulating again. of course this all got swept under the rug because white gay men can do no wrong in hollywood. this and the spirit cooking bitch who had people eating a cake made to look like a dead woman are literally fucking demonic and it's sad most braindead celebrity fans ignore this shit.

nsfw warning as the cake is fucking disturbing and way worse than people made it out to be.


No. 1563300

Gave me a heart attack for a sec there nona I thought it was a gore spam when I quickly scrolled over lol

No. 1563303

i'm sorry nonna for scaring you. this pic scared me the first time i saw and i've seen a lot of gorey shit. idk why it bothers me so deeply but it really upsets my spirit.

No. 1563305

No it's all good, not your fault I was clicking spoilers all willy nilly. Yeah it is really disturbing to me too, I guess because it's modeled after a real person and the coldness of it like they think her death is a joke. I'm surprised someone was willing to just casually post that as if it isn't cruel and disturbing.

No. 1563321

File: 1682860883088.png (55.69 KB, 1440x523, Screenshot_20230430-082003.png)

>Mercury retrograde
correction tay…

No. 1563322

File: 1682860947557.png (54.59 KB, 1440x1086, Screenshot_20230430-082139.png)

No. 1563349

File: 1682862745004.png (439.41 KB, 1439x1556, Screenshot_20230430-085308.png)

>Prt 1/3

No. 1563352

File: 1682862816572.png (174.87 KB, 1440x1226, Screenshot_20230430-085420.png)

>part 2/3

No. 1563356

File: 1682862924844.png (480.99 KB, 1440x1694, Screenshot_20230430-085609.png)

No. 1563366

File: 1682864260529.png (497.28 KB, 1439x1519, Screenshot_20230430-091234~2.p…)


No. 1563371

File: 1682865050227.jpg (95.86 KB, 720x790, Screenshot_20230430_172655_Chr…)

No. 1563386

Shut the fuck up. Astrology losers are the worst and most boring people, I swear.

No. 1563392

Maybe cuz I don’t listen to bad bunny and thought he was the cash me outside girl this whole time but I think they look cute together Idk

No. 1563396

I don't know what your problem is but those were just the facts- that we're currently experiencing-pluto in retrograde AND YOU NEED TO CALM DOWN AND RELAX!

No. 1563399

File: 1682868488366.png (832.73 KB, 1003x1862, Screenshot_20230430-102829.png)

>Astrology losers

No. 1563407

File: 1682868986650.png (249.73 KB, 666x1000, 168286890562499474 (1).png)

>testing 123(posting autistic shit almost 50 times in this thread alone)

No. 1563417

why do people think kendall is lesbian and bearding? everyone says this and other relationships were pr which is likely true but where do the lesbian claims come from?

No. 1563419

he's supposedly a "rap rocker"/"rock rapper"

No. 1563420

garden gnome

No. 1563430

It's because she's conservative in how she handles things.

She's quiet and private but unfortunately for her that can come off as her being a snob but she's not, she has terrible anxiety-so she sometimes snaps at people and that comes off incorrectly to other people cuz they don't understand what's going on.

Their dad has dyslexia and other disabilities, i'm sure his offspring have ailments as well cuz genes.

They assume that she's hiding something or they're just trying to be mean.. or both.

Kendall gets shit on a lot. Called a bitch, snob, rude… so..

No. 1563530

I know they aren't really dating but he's such a bad bitch like there is no way he's smashing a table

All that money and got the $30 Amazon thot starter tapestry

No. 1563533

File: 1682877311845.jpg (46.5 KB, 640x482, Kendall-Jenner-Pepsi-ad-149140…)

Probably because she is all of those things

No. 1563542

No. 1563545

File: 1682877791927.gif (297.9 KB, 475x285, anigif_enhanced-26331-14464651…)

>$30 Amazon thot starter tapestry

No. 1563560

but what does that have to do with the lesbian rumors

No. 1563562


People think that cuz she's an introvert and keeps her relationships on the down-low that she's hiding something?

No. 1563566

File: 1682879059272.png (473.36 KB, 1440x1664, Screenshot_20230430-132458.png)

No. 1563572

being friendly and open etc is considered a feminine trait. women who fail to perform feminine traits are considered lesbians. think about the "mean dyke" stereotype, etc.

No. 1563574

People love to theorize Kendall is a lesbian because they have to fill the empty space of her lack of personality with something. She isn't built particularly "feminine" by kardash standards and it effects how she moves, she always appeared more masculine just because she's really thin and has broad shoulders. It's wishful thinking most likely. I think the Taylor is a secret lesbian conspiracies have more meat to them than this although both are a reach.

No. 1563576

Bitch your gay ass keeps t swift gifs on hand and ready to go gtfo

No. 1563579

>Use search engine.

>Download image.

>Upload it to thread.

>Delete image.

>Empty digital trash bin.


No. 1563585

File: 1682880414830.gif (5.9 MB, 720x404, ezgif-3-e7a1e066c1.gif)

No. 1563619

She's just likee a chill kind of relaxed kind of down low type chica. She dgaf she's just likee quiet like reserved like move in silence like down ass bitch you wouldn't get it.

No. 1563630

what pissed me off when it happened is that it's not even how she looked when she died, or matches the way she died? he randomly made a "amy winehouse's rotting corpse with imaginary gore" cake for no reason
i guess fags only like popstars who don't sing about the realities of being female

No. 1563634

stfu with that "women=magic and MYSTERY, astrology is feminist and you are a moid because moids run on logic" and get a job

you are correct

No. 1563723

File: 1682886847688.png (2.1 MB, 1440x940, Screenshot_20230430-153430.png)

Hey anon, you need to calm down.

No. 1563728

File: 1682887053657.png (53.86 KB, 1440x1093, Screenshot_20230430-153801.png)

No. 1563761

i can't wait til pete davidson and megan fox break up

No. 1563775

File: 1682888250335.jpg (410.92 KB, 2560x1280, Bad-Bunny-343714514.jpg)

Is this the first time someone's posted about them as a couple? I debated about posting about them before but wasn't sure since I never saw any mention of them here in celebricows and didn't know if anyone would care…anyway the meltdown his stans had had when it was revealed that Kendall and him were dating was fucking hilarious. She doesn't look that different from his previous gfs (they were all white) but it was the end of the world because she's not Latina kek.I don't even see the appeal of Bad Bunny tbh, he's not even cute (see picrel)

No. 1563791

Imagining his fans tard-raging is fucking hilarious!

They're twin flames, anon. They will never breakup.

No. 1563795

hes ugly

No. 1563800

File: 1682888826906.png (350.97 KB, 825x993, Screenshot_20230430-160730.png)

You're just jealous of his hair.

No. 1563814

She paid another woman to bare a child for her, that's evil IMO

No. 1563832


No. 1563835

Wasn't Pete dating Emrata and Megan just broke up with mgk or are they both dating multiple people at once? I can't keep up.

No. 1563839

Pete is dating sui wonders.. whatever her name is.

No. 1563847

>Megan just broke up with mgk
The media is reporting it as another BREAK. They both haven't officially confirmed anything so…

No. 1563850

dont know who that guy is but her outfit is hot i actually really like it

No. 1563864

Kendall could be a tranny… considering their dad and everything going on there. Nobody would be surprised and bad bunny is a homosexual man-from what I've gathered. It just makes sense tbqh.(tinfoil)

No. 1563940

File: 1682894617998.jpg (105.78 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_20230501_013338_Bra…)

No. 1563972

Damn. She looks spectacular. I hope autism Butler is really feeling like the tard he literally is for ditching her.

No. 1563974

Why do people insist on spewing this aging gracefully crap as celebrities looking youthful isn't 60% going to expensive med spas and getting plastic surgeries???

No. 1563978

She is only 34… tho I guess it is pretty jarring when we look at Zac Efron.

No. 1563992

I have hands like that too, it's all bone.

No. 1563995

I think it's just been so normalized to see celebs with dramatically changed or uncanny faces as they get older from plastic surgery, fillers, buccal fat removal, etc. If they can somewhat keep the same resemblance throughout the decade then thats a positive.

No. 1564003

I don't believe the "Kendall is a lesbian" rumor's because if that were true Kris would milk it for all it's worth and make a 2 part documentary about Kendall coming out lol. But this dude has such faggy face, maybe he's bearding or whatever the phrase is.

No. 1564008

>aging gracefully
what is she 60 or something

No. 1564014

File: 1682897311074.jpg (75.17 KB, 683x1024, dfkhds'grtg.jpg)

Julia Fox has come out with a new look. What do we think of this, nonnas?

I don't like Julia as a public persona but I actually really like seeing her fashion? Sometimes her looks could be pulled together a little better, but I appreciate that she goes for wild looks that aren't necessarily attractive. Celeb fashion has been kinda boring these past years; it seems like many celebs don't have their own style. Hell, even Gaga is milquetoast nowadays. Even if Julia sometimes misses the mark at least she has a distinguishable style. inb4 she's a cloutchaser

No. 1564016

No she did not. Maybe you were thinking of kim

No. 1564019

idk and idc about him or his music but he's definitely attractive like him or not

No. 1564021

I love this. She should have gone full Pierrot with this look though, it'd be a 10/10 if that was the case.

No. 1564022

it's giving gottmik

No. 1564030

File: 1682898185648.png (526.38 KB, 1440x1019, Screenshot_20230430-184342.png)

>Zach Efron
You mean BOGGED efron?

No. 1564034

>coming out
No, anon. People think she's in the closet and what you just said is a perfect example of why she would want to stay in that closet.


No. 1564035

Lol bullshit, like she's some shy introvert who hates attention. If that were true she would buy a house in the middle of nowhere and move out of the spotlight. That's not evidence that she's a closeted lesbian.

No. 1564037

Bitch is that Marilyn Manson?
Anyway, no I don't like it. An outfit being unique or out of the ordinary doesn't automaticallu make it good.

No. 1564038

She definitely looks like she does her own makeup.

No. 1564051

File: 1682899449888.png (135.65 KB, 462x590, 00377561992301.png)

I honestly love this, it's giving Volturi

No. 1564064

If she's not or whatever sexuality- that's her business and nobodys job to OUT her. Whatever.

No. 1564066

Yeah exactly that's why I wasn't doing that. Trump anon when are you gonna fuck off and get another hobby?

No. 1564067

I don't care if she's a closeted lesbian.

No. 1564068

I mean fuck off from this thread, you are very annoying and take up like 50% of the posts here

No. 1564069

Anon. Are you okay?

No. 1564071

>>1564008 kek right? if you wear sunscreen and don't have massive weight change you really don't look that different in your mid 30s than your mid 20s?? unless yr living off of mountain dew and mold fumes

No. 1564073

honestly i love this, she looks like a painting

No. 1564081

I'm fine, you're the one who feels the need to spend all day here and reply to literally every post.

No. 1564082

File: 1682901377871.png (422.71 KB, 1214x1457, Screenshot_20230430-193627.png)

No. 1564083

Anon. You're doing a spectacular job mini-modding.

No. 1564085

That's not what minimodding is, but nice try

No. 1564086

there is nothing wrong with this makeup, it's supposed to be campy. you're either a man or teenager; woman lose volume in their lips as they age and it makes your lips uneven. have you ever left the house?

No. 1564088

Nothing negative was said.

No. 1564090

Keep trying to start shit and infight. It's making you look great.

No. 1564092

No. 1564093

thank you

No. 1564100

>It's making you look great.
Oh no, my reputation on an anonymous imageboard kek

No. 1564122

Emrata's with eric andre. i consider him to be an altfisher. le edgy adult swim guy who dates amber rose, rosario dawson, and emrata? such bland normie choices

No. 1564127

KEK that shoop on the right. her real body probably looks amazing, just not cartoonish, but they have to fucking swirl her entire left side for that cartoon porn curve? hip dips are just a new way for them to get your money. don't shoop.

No. 1564130

her lipo was just so aggressive that it makes her body look permanently cheap. that combined with her zero skill as a stylist mean she will never be an icon.
she will continue trying to force it tho

No. 1564135

i think what >>1564086 was trying to say is "if only you knew how bad things really are"
it's vey obvious, you missed the point kek

No. 1564162

File: 1682907536517.gif (4.41 KB, 728x200, myspaceon.gif)

>all day
You should find that comforting, anon. You're never alone.

No. 1564166

Nta but can you shut up already?

No. 1564210

Bad Bunny is so handsome. I consider him conventionally attractive personally, he's just got strong Latin features. Which is attractive to me and many others. I love his ears too. And he is alot of fun and does a lot of looks other artists are too boring for.

KEK you just reminded me of how many gay men complained about God is A Woman. Of course that isn't for you, raggedy ass homos.

>zooming in on some beads
Fun isn't allowed

No. 1564216

Shut the fuck up you internet poisoned retard

I feel like this was supposed to be a drag but that is a face. She's doing shit, we need more fashun provacteurs.

No. 1564251

File: 1682913877269.jpg (23.42 KB, 320x572, 7604cetcsxwa1.jpg)

Dustie Waring from the metal band Between the Buried and Me raped a drunk woman in a bar bathroom

No. 1564287

weak shoulders his hips are almost the same size

No. 1564293

male eyes like cara

No. 1564298

No. 1564357

They broke up a while ago nonna

No. 1564398

The belt and skirt ruins it for me. Should’ve been a one-piece.

No. 1564405

Love this tbh. It’s interesting.

No. 1564451

File: 1682943260834.jpg (92.22 KB, 720x820, Screenshot_20230501_151241_Chr…)

No. 1564457

“It’s giving” fuck right off

No. 1564463

band scrotes are disgusting

No. 1564504

They were a good match as a couple of airheads.

No. 1564546

Yikes, yeah..I forgot about her shenanigans.

No. 1564588

File: 1682958807022.jpg (242.07 KB, 1200x900, rihanna_pizza_frittata-1200x90…)

Today is MET Gala night! The theme is Karl Lagerfeld in case anyone still doesn't know. I'm very excited.
Just posting to let anyone interested know that Vogue will be streaming the event on their website, youtube channel, twitter, instagram, and facebook. at 6:30 PM EDT/New York time. I'll personally be watching along and trying my best to post everything here.

No. 1564591

can't wait to see the two celebs who actually stick to the theme. Event will be in the middle of the night for me, so I have to wait until tomorrow to see the looks.

No. 1564601

it's giving why are you pressed enough to start shit?

No. 1564618

god the bar is on the fucking floor for men
he's literally the new andy dick, actually worse imo cause he fucked a teenager

No. 1564621


No. 1564633

File: 1682962636540.jpg (69.98 KB, 720x1151, Screenshot_20230501_203611_Ins…)

Doja just posted that, probably teasing about the met gala

No. 1564639

Doja people are the dumbest people on the planet ffs.

No. 1564642

A lot of screeching about Amber in Aquaman 2 but when it comes to a pedophile, it's been awfully quiet. Where are the petitions? All DC scrotes should die.

No. 1564647

File: 1682964114688.png (49.87 KB, 1240x542, Screenshot_20230501-130140.png)

Doja is a shitty person.


No. 1564649

No. 1564653

File: 1682964402397.jpg (62.63 KB, 850x400, quote-life-is-not-a-beauty-con…)

obviously they're honoring misogynistic racist moid. gotta give him this one quote about short men though, it was pretty funny.

No. 1564658

File: 1682964572195.png (16.13 KB, 850x217, fgsgsfgfg.png)


No. 1564674

>the worst is ugly short men

a 100 years ago when he was young that was considered tall

No. 1564682

What he said about short ugly scrotes is fucking true.

No. 1564689

File: 1682966136796.png (5.81 KB, 496x221, Screenshot_20230501-133511~2.p…)

No. 1564715

File: 1682967266604.jpg (42.38 KB, 602x400, main-qimg-17dbe3c7f887823059c0…)

In the city where I live, there are only around dozen men who are at the tallest 5'10

No. 1564754

Aren't German guys supposed to be super tall?

No. 1564755

girl, again, he was born in 1930, back then the average dude was happy to reach 170

No. 1564758

It’s not just you nona I felt the exact same way looking at that picture, it made my skin crawl. Maybe I’m autistic lol

No. 1564772

nonna i know you're short enough that a 5'10" moid is at least a head taller than you. come on. i'm 178cm and it's insane how other women whose heads i could rest my drink on REEEE that men my height are "manlets"
don't be insane.

No. 1564774

hate to agree with moids but the
>how tall are you
>how much do you weigh
argument is true.

No. 1564780

File: 1682972657310.png (376.34 KB, 1440x1051, Screenshot_20230501-152514.png)

I'm sure you're a real nice guy, anon.

No. 1564785

File: 1682972814400.jpg (99.95 KB, 640x1182, 06efaed354d9d54b4416b0c8bc4f6e…)

I will admit- pic related, is funny.

No. 1564801

File: 1682973754839.png (58.15 KB, 1440x1418, Screenshot_20230501-154312.png)

No. 1564803

File: 1682973786029.webm (3.17 MB, 540x960, wnhSn0mnf71N4-RO.webm)

The video.

No. 1564816

File: 1682974744640.jpg (57.16 KB, 610x1329, CREEP.jpg)

Fuck Megan Fox. I hope she gets back with him and he treats her horribly. Never forget, she got with him KNOWING he made tweets like this, there's no way she doesn't know about it

No. 1564831

German guys aren't super tall, it's about where in Germany you are, when you get closer to the Netherlands, the German guys will get taller. But like nonna >>1564755 pointed out, he was born 1933, the average height for a male back in 1930 was 174 cm in Germany. Still, he was from a very rich family, so, I would consider him small, guess he wouldn't eat properly and therefore stopped growing.

No. 1564832

File: 1682975495860.jpg (277.43 KB, 1143x1652, FvEX5PbWIAUNHc3.jpg)

this is what the red carpet looks like this year at the MET gala

No. 1564840


No. 1564844

Anon. I don't believe she did a background check on him before they got together. Do you have proof that she knew before getting together with him or no?!

No. 1564848

File: 1682976004879.png (296.95 KB, 408x612, Sjdn.png)

No. 1564849

Red, white and blue. How american lol.

No. 1564852

File: 1682976116972.png (113.67 KB, 408x612, Dnd.png)

No. 1564857

File: 1682976247565.png (1.73 MB, 1440x2009, Screenshot_20230501-162349.png)

I've been trying to see if I can find any apologies from him about that stuff he said and I'm coming up with nothing.


No. 1564859

File: 1682976266595.png (251.89 KB, 408x612, 1682975927472.png)

No. 1564860

File: 1682976304632.png (209.67 KB, 408x612, 1682975350759.png)

Lala Anthony

No. 1564862

Thank you fashion-anon for keeping us posted!

No. 1564869

HAHAHA I was just about to post this, that cat looks miserable as FUCK being next to her

No. 1564870

Yeah except anyone can lose weight, but being an ugly manlet is a permanent genetic disability kek. don't forget to remind them of it too, ladies

No. 1564871

No. 1564873

File: 1682976662986.png (519.99 KB, 534x800, 1682973989409.png)

No. 1564876

Everyone is so ugly.

No. 1564877

File: 1682976796654.jpeg (93.82 KB, 600x800, IMG_7712.jpeg)


No. 1564880

File: 1682976880772.jpg (63.99 KB, 1000x563, skims-megan-fox-kourtney-karda…)

He also said all that gross shit about kyle but meg is friends with the kardashians…

Travis Barker, kourtney..

okay, this is getting to weird for me and making me uncomfortable. I can only imagine how kourtney and the klan feel.

No. 1564882

No. 1564891

File: 1682977521400.jpg (340.51 KB, 1454x2048, 20230501_174454.jpg)

Omg aah the MET already started???? no1curr but I'm literally in the middle of grocery shopping rn, I'm so mad
Here's Anna Wintour, looking boring as usual

No. 1564892

wow, fashion…

No. 1564894

there are TONS of youtube videos (with proof) of kendall being a snob, a pick me, not like other girls, bitchy, fake, is constantly in relationships but can't keep a man, ect.

No. 1564896

File: 1682977917465.png (120.75 KB, 408x612, 1682977622411.png)

Penelope cruz

No. 1564897

File: 1682977963933.png (139.94 KB, 612x447, 1682977655487.png)

No. 1564900

File: 1682978073691.png (207.52 KB, 534x800, 1682977760906.png)


No. 1564903

File: 1682978187286.jpg (67.28 KB, 503x800, 20230501_235043.jpg)

Kendrick Lamar

No. 1564905

File: 1682978239852.jpeg (78.4 KB, 534x800, IMG_7713.jpeg)

No. 1564909

File: 1682978369170.jpeg (64.41 KB, 800x534, IMG_7719.jpeg)

No. 1564911

File: 1682978400718.jpg (74.78 KB, 534x800, 20230501_235154.jpg)

No. 1564914

Literally toothpaste

No. 1564924

File: 1682978591647.jpeg (71.73 KB, 527x800, C6003D3A-2DCB-4C7E-86F1-A69981…)

Duas dress
Nonas I'm the only one posting, I don't know half these people kek

No. 1564931

File: 1682978948651.png (236.15 KB, 408x612, 1682978273666.png)

Emma Chamberlin I like her but she looks a mess

No. 1564932

File: 1682978977518.png (307.75 KB, 408x612, 1682978717150.png)

No. 1564933

File: 1682979004180.png (305.12 KB, 408x612, 1682978321781.png)

Rita ora

No. 1564934

Okay. Thanks, anon.

No. 1564937

File: 1682979331507.jpg (17.2 KB, 789x442, GettyImages-817627440.jpg)

holy shit

No. 1564944

File: 1682979677985.jpeg (108.39 KB, 600x900, FvE1weaXwAErXgT.jpeg)

No. 1564946

the most beautiful woman on earth, she looks amazing as always

No. 1564947

She looks like a Maya Mineo character

No. 1564948

File: 1682979769338.png (114.9 KB, 612x408, 1682979500898.png)

No. 1564953

File: 1682979891842.png (340.08 KB, 612x408, 1682979496319.png)

No. 1564955

File: 1682980238064.jpg (84.55 KB, 590x800, 20230502_002500.jpg)

ice spice…

No. 1564957

File: 1682980268615.jpg (351.29 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_183148.jpg)

Vanessa Kirby. I love this dress.

No. 1564959

Finally someone good looking and dressed in an interesting way.

No. 1564960

File: 1682980340748.jpg (372.35 KB, 1461x2048, 20230501_183251.jpg)

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade. It's ok, I'm not crazy about this.

No. 1564961

File: 1682980400140.jpeg (115.13 KB, 568x800, 28EBCB83-5EBE-4194-A2C0-1A5CC4…)

No. 1564962

File: 1682980419312.jpg (455.53 KB, 1400x2048, 20230501_183429.jpg)

Michaela Coel. Stunning. I love this.

No. 1564963

File: 1682980465897.png (193.8 KB, 1440x1054, Screenshot_20230501-173510.png)

No. 1564964

File: 1682980495653.jpg (308.66 KB, 1325x1364, 20230501_183530.jpg)

Nicole Kidman. This is a callback to a chanel commercial she did in this same dress!

No. 1564965

File: 1682980531338.jpg (345.32 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_183627.jpg)

Alia Bhatt. Meh.

No. 1564968

File: 1682980573534.jpg (82.34 KB, 670x953, Screenshot_20230501-183916_Chr…)

Halle Bailey I want to see better pictures because she looks great

No. 1564970

File: 1682980775984.jpg (322.48 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_184009.jpg)

Karen Elson. Very interesting, I love this!

No. 1564972

File: 1682980853152.jpg (320.3 KB, 1284x1540, 20230501_184128.jpg)

No Carpet pics yet, but Lady Gaga. Very Chanel.

No. 1564974

File: 1682980914636.jpg (281.82 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_184221.jpg)

Olivia Wilde. Don't care for this, personally. It's actually pretty fug.

No. 1564975

this is an old picture from 2011 I think

No. 1564976

File: 1682981010006.jpg (290.43 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_184331.jpg)

Naomi Campbell. It's nothing crazy, but it is pretty and that color is beautiful on her.
Samefag, looking at this again, it feels like something that should've been worn to the Catholic theme in like 2018.

No. 1564978

No. 1564981

File: 1682981069669.jpeg (47.51 KB, 453x680, IMG_7743.jpeg)

No. 1564982

My bad! I grab these photos from Twitter and don't always double check
What's so funny, trumpchan?

No. 1564983

saged for OT but this look is super pretty, it looks similar to the way saris are draped, i wonder if indo-fashion fusion will take off in the western high fashion sphere,

No. 1564984

No. 1564985

File: 1682981165585.jpg (333.56 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_184639.jpg)

Gisele! Like Nicole Kidman, this is something she wore in a previous photoshoot. Gorgeous as always.

No. 1564986

Did the designer not tell either of them they'll be wearing the same thing? This is awkward

No. 1564987

>Halle Bailey
Misread it as Halle berry for a quick sec.

No. 1564988

File: 1682981208716.png (283.57 KB, 408x612, 1682980923247.png)

No. 1564989

It's not that hideous but it needs to be styled better and be worn by someone else
this looks nicer but only because it is black

No. 1564990

File: 1682981235293.jpg (314.92 KB, 2048x1460, 20230501_184813.jpg)

Another pic so you can see the cape

No. 1564991

kek looks like a giant pad stitched onto her front

No. 1564992

Her angel wings grew! Awww

No. 1564995

She seriously got invited to the Met Gala?? Wow. Certified industry plant if it wasn't already apparent.

No. 1564997

File: 1682981382769.jpg (373.71 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_184932.jpg)

Maya hawke. It looks cool in this photo but if you see a pic of the full look…

No. 1564999

Uh. Huh. Maxi pads.

No. 1565000

File: 1682981431476.jpg (324.81 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_185022.jpg)

It doesn't look as cool. I'm anti kitten heel so that's what's ruining it for me.

No. 1565001

File: 1682981497721.jpg (281.36 KB, 1366x2048, 20230501_185239.jpg)

Jackson Wang. An all black suit, how high fashion..

No. 1565003

File: 1682981524104.png (121.53 KB, 436x612, 1682981182506.png)

No. 1565005

File: 1682981550262.jpg (299.41 KB, 1459x2048, 20230501_185312.jpg)

Iman Hamman! Gorgeous woman, so nice to see her working again.

No. 1565006

Join the team; kitten heels do almost nothing in an outfit, except if you wanna wear them because you're running around the office for 8 hours. There is nothing glamorous about them, especially these ones. They're so plain.

No. 1565007

File: 1682981606221.png (721.2 KB, 534x800, 1682981159361.png)

No. 1565008

File: 1682981622948.jpg (288.13 KB, 1437x2048, 20230501_185400.jpg)

Kate moss and her nepo-model daughter, Lila. I like Kate's look, not feeling Lila's dress.

No. 1565009

File: 1682981682437.jpg (144.41 KB, 817x1222, emily-ratajkowski-phoebe-bridg…)

Phoebe Bridgers. Her looks is not worth posting (it's not the worst, just nothing original) but I need to sperg about this godawful hair color on her.

No. 1565010

File: 1682981693908.jpg (55.39 KB, 773x1000, 20230501_185520.jpg)

Anitta. It's pretty but nothing special. Her face scares me. I do feel like Anitta usually delivers something more exciting.

No. 1565011

OBSESSED. I love the mismatched nipple pasties. The jewels look like dripping starlight.

No. 1565012

File: 1682981738912.jpg (135.93 KB, 1060x767, Thermal-Insulation-Fire-Retard…)

those pearls in the middle remind me of this

No. 1565013

File: 1682981775584.jpg (377.98 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_185631.jpg)

Don't recognize this woman, but this is gorgeous. It's Robert wun so not Karl Lagerfeld, but still pretty.

No. 1565016

File: 1682981870520.jpg (275.19 KB, 1367x2048, 20230501_185758.jpg)

Our Queen! I actually thought this was Taylor at first, especially because of the red lip. Actually, hasn't Taylor worn this dress before? Anyway, the hair is everything to me.

No. 1565018

The dress silhouette is interesting, but the pattern is what happens when you eat really juicy tomatoes.

No. 1565022

Eileen Gu, an olympic winning freestyle skier and I wish I could talk about her here but she seems too irrelevant

No. 1565023

File: 1682982028286.jpg (84.38 KB, 1170x1432, 20230501_185922.jpg)

Another pic with shoes! I do like this more now that I've seen the whole thing.
Thank you anon! I believe there is an Olympic sports thread here.

No. 1565025

File: 1682982097353.jpg (367.8 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_190156.jpg)

Grace Elizabeth. She is beautiful, but I hate to say that I thought this was that TikTok troon at first glance lol.

No. 1565026

File: 1682982155515.jpg (445.13 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_190309.jpg)

Amy Fine Collins. I hated it at first but I actually love it.

No. 1565027

i thought i was the only one, i had jumpscare for a second

No. 1565028

i really like her on SNL and she looks cute here, i like the sheer wrinkly sleeves
he is trying so fucking hard to be the next billy porter and it's a bit cringy but this is also adorable, i hate the necklaces
god she looks fucking amazing all the time
i hate this stomach patch thing it reminds me of nutty buddies

tbh kind of bored so far but that's par for the course with lagerfeld, the man was consistent

No. 1565029

Please tell me Girldemort wasn't invited to this Gala, I s2g

No. 1565030

File: 1682982238276.jpg (267.32 KB, 1473x2048, 20230501_190423.jpg)

Idk who this is, but a man wearing a suit that actually fits the theme and isn't a snoozefest??? Color me motherfucking shocked.

No. 1565031

File: 1682982298208.jpg (94.69 KB, 1000x1500, FvE-7viakAEMUD2.jpg)

the full look would have been amazing with the wine glass and the hat but now it is just boring and ugly

No. 1565032

File: 1682982315246.jpg (113.15 KB, 683x1024, 20230501_190530.jpg)

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson. Suki looks great and I love this dress with every fiber of my being, but is it really MET?

No. 1565034

File: 1682982401360.jpg (287.11 KB, 1355x2048, agraham.jpg)

ashley graham

i fucking LOVE THIS she looks like a teacup

No. 1565035

File: 1682982453407.jpg (283.54 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_190742.jpg)

Ashley Graham. I like! Look at that silhouette!

No. 1565036

Apparently this is Rihannas baby daddy "ASAP Rocky" jumping over this thing and he's basically mushing this women , if this is real and him what the fuck and why omen?
On mobile so I'll just link it, sorry nonas https://twitter.com/i/status/1653170478624776199

No. 1565037

File: 1682982520609.jpg (371.47 KB, 1365x2048, tyreehenry.jpg)

Brian Tyree Henry

this is fantastic

No. 1565039

As I suspected the looks are much more subdued this year. More fashion, less costume.

No. 1565040

boring as fuck and i hate how the shade of his suit looks next to her dress, but they're cute together

No. 1565041

File: 1682982568045.jpg (319.31 KB, 1444x2048, 20230501_190915.jpg)

Sydney Sweeney. It's pretty, I'm not amazed but it looks nice and it looks like it was actually tailored. Most of the time when I see her, her bust is really ill fitting.

No. 1565042

I agree with you, nonna. It's pretty, but it looks like she got it off of Anthropologie. It's a little too plain for this event.

No. 1565043

I feel like this is the better executed version of
This one since this one just feels so plain on the actual dress and her tiny work shoes isn't helping

No. 1565044

File: 1682982624157.png (91.84 KB, 408x612, 1682982202167.png)

No. 1565046

lmao duolingo always looks so fucking boring yet everyone eats her up, when will they learn

No. 1565048

File: 1682982694802.jpg (118.21 KB, 758x1024, 20230501_191149.jpg)

Jessica Chastain. Shes blonde! Love this dress, she always looks so good. I wish she stayed red or was a darker color, but I also don't mind the blonde.

No. 1565049

isn’t this the dear evan hansen guy?

No. 1565050

File: 1682982766465.jpg (102.53 KB, 697x1024, 20230501_191329.jpg)

Jennie kim. It's cute!

No. 1565052

Samefag, why's she doing that with her feet?

No. 1565053

I wanted a good and powerful career for her in spite of the shit over sexual roles she gets but I don’t know, she looks unwell.

No. 1565054

not gonna lie, she looks beautiful and this look screams chanel. i feel like she's one of the few celebs who actually dresses accurately to her skintone and hair color, maybe because she's a generic blonde.

No. 1565055

File: 1682982884530.jpg (446.51 KB, 1536x2048, 20230501_191538.jpg)

Halle Bailey! She looks out-of-this-world amazing. I hope her stylists keep leaning into the mermaid style. Wow.

No. 1565056

gorgeous but i hate the blonde. the red would’ve looked so good with this dress.

No. 1565057

File: 1682982905322.png (303.93 KB, 408x612, 1682982454479.png)

No. 1565058

File: 1682982941379.jpg (93.25 KB, 637x956, 20230501_191621.jpg)

Can't recall her name but wow how beautiful. Elegant and fashionable.

No. 1565059


No. 1565060

she kinda went easy, but she looks stunning and this dress was made for her.

No. 1565062

File: 1682983075308.jpg (244.61 KB, 1454x2048, 20230501_191836.jpg)

Margot Robbie. Was hoping for something more Barbie. I hate this, but I've kind of realized that Margot doesn't seem like a woman who is particularly interested in fashion so it's ok. Her face is still beautiful.

No. 1565064

i hate that half-lidded, drugged out expression she does.

No. 1565065

It's just a really bad shade of blonde. Why did they not use any sort of toner to make it cooler? Her skin color is not working with an untreated bleached blonde.

No. 1565067

File: 1682983209509.jpg (388.03 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_192055.jpg)

Another Halle pic so we can see those sleeves
So nice to see her! She just gave birth.
I think that might just be her face.

No. 1565068

File: 1682983279062.jpg (299.58 KB, 1365x2048, FvFEAtCX0AELOXN.jpg)

doja came as choupette

No. 1565069

really thought this was harry styles at first kek

No. 1565070

File: 1682983306055.jpg (305.04 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_192201.jpg)

Doja! I don't care for her edgy act and I'm glad she dropped it for this. Shes Karl's cat! Definitely already one of the best dressed.

No. 1565071

she looks stunning though. so elegant

No. 1565072

she may be a cow, but this is so fucking good

No. 1565073

Same-day, doja also got boo'd by paps because she Entered with umbrellas covering her so they couldn't get pics. I can't post the vid right now because keeping up with this is hard (kek) but if no one else does I can later.

No. 1565074

honestly this is top 3 for tonight. like the other anon said it screams chanel. its cute, feminine, and playful. but yeah, her facial expression is weird lol

No. 1565078

File: 1682983517189.jpeg (82.74 KB, 534x800, IMG_7783.jpeg)

No. 1565079

File: 1682983568368.jpg (183.88 KB, 1004x1365, 20230501_192618.jpg)

Yara Shahidi. I actually like this, but I was surprised because she looks so much older than what I remember. Anyway, I love that corset.

No. 1565083

File: 1682983708650.jpg (112.9 KB, 702x1024, 20230501_192925.jpg)

Kerry Washington. I would've probably hated this on someone else but I like it on her.

No. 1565085

File: 1682983788798.jpg (141.26 KB, 895x1255, 20230502_022857.jpg)

Posting this especially for you, anon

No. 1565086

File: 1682983818421.jpg (333.19 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_193114.jpg)

Rita Ora. I didn't expect a good look from Rita, but this is really great.

No. 1565087

File: 1682983831946.png (125.5 KB, 408x612, 1682983366032.png)

Him Petras kek

No. 1565088

he has never looked more male, i can't believe he was promoted as an example of passing for years

No. 1565089

I never find any of her antics funny, IDK. She looks silly but if people like it I love it. I never trust the "never take themselves too seriously! so quirky!" type of celebrity image. She is talented so thats nice. I liked Gaga because she so up her own ass in what she did. Doja Cat just isn't my taste, IDK

No. 1565091

It looks like him and Shayna share a stylist with the way he's busting out of that dress

No. 1565092

File: 1682984129486.jpg (108.93 KB, 1024x698, 20230501_193229.jpg)

Lil Nas x. I like this, but I wish he went all out and did something more than just a male thong (speedo?). Anyway, I won't give too many compliments to this because I think anons will quarter and hang me if I do lol.

No. 1565093

The male doja cat with less talent, It's interesting but also gross to look at.

No. 1565094

File: 1682984234937.jpeg (86.76 KB, 590x800, IMG_7792.jpeg)

Science teacher

No. 1565096

File: 1682984293503.jpg (271.54 KB, 1366x2048, 20230501_193830.jpg)

Billie Eilish. I don't think there are any full pics yet, but I like what I can see!

No. 1565097

what is there to like about this

No. 1565100

Nah, you can like this nonna, I'll give you permission this once. I find him repugnant because his brand of camp is always him doing something faggy-slutty. At least Doja has fun with her weird outfits and isn't afraid to look unsexy sometimes. He just salivates for the faghag attention and conservative outrage. It's boring. He seems like he is a pretty empty person outside of his alphabet soup persona.

No. 1565102

Aw she looks really good, did she dump that old crusty scrote yet?

No. 1565103

File: 1682984437894.jpg (752.89 KB, 2400x3600, 20230501_194057.jpg)

Jeremy Strong. Scooby Doo color palette.

No. 1565104

File: 1682984512881.jpg (389.67 KB, 1437x2048, 20230501_194247.jpg)

Salma Hayek. It's pretty, not much to even say about this tbh.

No. 1565105

File: 1682984570455.png (165.96 KB, 554x496, 04ZzdSe.png)


No. 1565106

File: 1682984585218.jpg (193.08 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_194317.jpg)

Lilly Collins. In love with this.

No. 1565107

unfortunately not, she reverted to posting cringe coquette-esque pics with him.

No. 1565108

File: 1682984680530.jpeg (82.38 KB, 637x788, IMG_7801.jpeg)

No. 1565109

That pic of that nasty guys hand on her thigh. VOMIT

No. 1565110

holy crap, did she get on ozempic or what?

No. 1565111

File: 1682984718802.jpg (317.76 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_194555.jpg)

Here's bullies full look. Gothic.

No. 1565112

her face is horrible, I think kim brought North, it's weird how suddenly they are all bringing their daughters everywhere. I don't mean to be on conspricy shit, but it's like they are gearing them up

No. 1565114

File: 1682984836508.jpg (433.75 KB, 1547x2048, 20230501_194816.jpg)

Anne Hathaway! She came with Donatella.

No. 1565115

File: 1682984869665.jpg (309.41 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_194840.jpg)

Alexa Chung. Why black heels?

No. 1565117

File: 1682984897570.png (222.87 KB, 487x508, cardo.PNG)

I love the pink but she always…dresses in huge very unique dresses so it's just normal cardi. In fact she's one of the few rap girls who constantly wear dresses with interesting shapes

No. 1565119


No. 1565120

File: 1682984931413.jpg (67.69 KB, 888x827, 20230501_194915.jpg)

…Choupette, I guess?

No. 1565121

File: 1682984973831.jpg (299.02 KB, 1491x2048, FvFKtWBXoAYEyW_.jpg)

I thought it was so cute until it turned out to be fucking jared leto

No. 1565122


No. 1565124

File: 1682985016089.jpeg (48.48 KB, 518x800, D3920410-42C2-49D6-8A29-D204D5…)

It's not just her looks always seeming..the same huge nice, but I also find Cardi very unattractive to look at. Her new face isn't nice to me, it's like Kylie's Current face

No. 1565125

Yeah, he played him on Broadway for years before the movie too so he has a background in theater. Which is probably the only reason he knew how to pull off something slightly interesting, theater people always do best at theme stuff

No. 1565126

lol i actually like this more then Doja, thats a cute ass suit, he should wear it forever and let it consume him

No. 1565127

File: 1682985058927.jpg (221.11 KB, 1366x2048, 20230501_195145.jpg)

Lily James. It's ok.

No. 1565128

IDC I love Ben Platt just for that one part, I don't care if he's too old looking.

No. 1565129

File: 1682985101354.jpg (284.34 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_195147.jpg)

Florence Pugh..the head piece makes her head look so strange. Very bad move on the stylists part.

No. 1565130

Samefag, oh and the dress is fugly.

No. 1565131

Look at one of the guys in the background he has a massive pimple/bump on his forehead

No. 1565132

He looks like he's been sweating in that costume for 2 weeks. It must reek.

No. 1565133

File: 1682985226537.jpg (350.47 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_195411.jpg)

Lizzo. She usually knocks it out the park, I'm so disappointed! It's definitely on theme so I will give her that

No. 1565134

i feel like no one ever dresses flo for her body type. they always make her look so frumpy and overweight. this boob area is super unflattering. pls flo let me dress you instead of these tasteless gay moids who can only manage the super slim flat-chested girlies.

No. 1565135

File: 1682985310052.jpg (357.68 KB, 1163x1744, 20230501_195533.jpg)

Elle Fanning. Same problem as Suki Waterhousem. This is the MET Gala!

No. 1565137

Idea is cool but it looks terrible and unflattering. And her makeup looks odd idk why

No. 1565138

File: 1682985395303.jpeg (85.03 KB, 534x800, IMG_7806.jpeg)

No. 1565139

I love this and usually I hate her outfits. We're opposites kek
She's asking to get meme'd. Forget Olivia's dress, this looks like a maxi pad covering her breasts. She needs the headpiece to draw attention away from how bad the dress is.

No. 1565140

File: 1682985405561.jpg (238.67 KB, 1366x2048, 20230501_195708.jpg)

Jenna Ortega. I love this already, it's pretty with a little edge. I can't wait for full pics

No. 1565141

boring, and tbh i wouldn't show up at gala honoring lagerfeld if i was her given his comments about fat women.

No. 1565142

File: 1682985443280.jpeg (85.15 KB, 555x800, mk.jpeg)

No. 1565143

It's giving me on my smoke break at Chuck E Cheese vibes

No. 1565145

She looks great. If she ever had any work done it’s so subtle I can’t tell

No. 1565146

i'm so tired of her and i don't like her at all, i can't believe she probably has one of the best looks.

No. 1565147

File: 1682985574192.png (272.98 KB, 408x612, 1682984805339.png)

Im sorry this is so fucking cute, not the scrote inside it

No. 1565148

File: 1682985592378.jpg (144.44 KB, 828x1792, 20230501_195911.jpg)

Kim Kardashian. Say what you want about the KarJenners, but to me they always seem to bring something to the MET gala. I like this, waiting for carpet pics.

No. 1565150

File: 1682985623127.jpg (408.09 KB, 1290x2048, FvFKHyTX0AUzKxR.jpg)

kek taylor's weirdass fans thought she was about to come out and karlie kloss was about to divorce her husband and join her and they were gonna reunite at the metgala tonight

instead karlie revealed she's heavily pregnant

No. 1565151

She looks how she always looks, cute, nice but not the best dressed

No. 1565152

Kim herself doesn't look good but I love the dress

No. 1565153

she looks like she smelled a fart

No. 1565154

File: 1682985750341.jpg (85.76 KB, 828x1033, 20230501_200216.jpg)

Kirsten Stewart. So hot, but what happened to her?
Kekkk anon
Oh my gosh, I thought this was Bella Hadid. Good for her though!

No. 1565155

File: 1682985770533.png (131.85 KB, 436x612, ks.png)

Why does Kim Drag her clearly tired, grumpy ass daughter everywhere now? To these fashion shoes, everywhere. You can tell North doesn't enjoy it and it honestly pisses me off. North always looks tired and pouty

No. 1565156

File: 1682985838316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.83 KB, 904x2316, Screenshot_20230502_010413_Red…)

Kim's done this look before for playboy

No. 1565157

File: 1682985842624.jpg (84.13 KB, 683x1024, 20230501_200411.jpg)

Nicola Peltz and Victoria Beckham's son. Nicola looks beautiful, love that dress although it's not much. And face wise she is gorgeous

No. 1565158

File: 1682985904963.png (131.62 KB, 408x612, mindy.png)

No. 1565159

Jared has to ruin everything.

No. 1565160

File: 1682985975123.png (121.74 KB, 408x612, 1682983927438.png)

some musty scrote

No. 1565161

She looks like she's got digestive issues and is going to shit/vomit herself.

No. 1565162

this costume is so well made, i'm sad it's this creep wearing it.

ehh she looks good and it's probably callback to her playboy photoshoot, but i feel like i've seen this million times before. idk.

No. 1565163

File: 1682986081034.jpg (168.5 KB, 1242x1513, 20230501_200818.jpg)

Serena Williams, and she's pregnant again!

No. 1565164

I think this is the guy who featured in Industry Baby

No. 1565165

File: 1682986167005.png (127.82 KB, 520x593, Capture.PNG)

happy for her, mad for whoever does her make up

No. 1565167

He looks so stiff and uncomfortable

No. 1565168

haaate this drag queen ass makeup. one year they should have a no-makeup theme tbh.

No. 1565169

sooo shouldn't we make fun of the lazy asses who won't lose weight rather than a guy who can't change height? idgi
just how come it's 5'3" girls going nuts over the height thing, i never see women my size nattering on about it

No. 1565170

her haircut looks bad imo

No. 1565171

nooo she got bogged???

No. 1565173

No offense but you sound like a ugly seething manlet kek.

No. 1565174

Anon, that's not drag queen makeup. Like at all.

No. 1565175

her boobs are fucking amazing

No. 1565176

no one's gonna feel sorry for you or your manlet, gtfo

No. 1565178

yeah that speficially how she's worn her make up for years, like I do not understand it

No. 1565180

her skin is amazing, also jealous of her perkolators

No. 1565181

File: 1682986913132.png (286.48 KB, 408x612, 1682986239824.png)

No. 1565182

it's perfect

No. 1565183

looks like a quinceañera dress, kek

No. 1565184

i like it because we can't see his dick

No. 1565185

File: 1682986994273.png (130.47 KB, 425x612, 1682986339277.png)

No. 1565187

her nose is FUCKED

No. 1565188

her fucking face, thought she was sza at first wtf lol

No. 1565189

mid, i don't like the sequins. kylie is the worst dressed of them.

No. 1565190

Can we spin this into him being a disgusting furry? It'd be nice to tarnish his reputation further. Why is it openly manipulative guys like him that never get persecuted?

No. 1565191

i think this is thomas middleditch the guy who made his wife be "poly" and always wears jackets that are too short for him

No. 1565192

lord I wish lagerfeld was still alive to witness this and jump out of a balcony kek

No. 1565193

It's almost like this year's gala was sponsored by Tampax, what were the stylists thinking?

No. 1565195

because she's grooming (not in the sexual way) North to be like her. Notice how all the kartrashians only have their daughters in the spotlight. they want to continue their reign of terror through their daughters

No. 1565198

i just think this height obsession is weird
i said idgi because i never hear it from other lesbians, and straight girls as short as them call me tall but then a man my height is EWWWWW
i think it's very irrational? the height thing is unfeminist , it's the same as rejecting girls for weight or boob size. ideologically inconsistent? idk a good phrase

No. 1565199

she literally looks the same to me am I missing something

No. 1565200

ngl this met gala wasn't that disappointing, pretty decent

No. 1565201

File: 1682987448161.jpg (51.75 KB, 680x470, FvFQuzIaIAAaMY6.PNG.jpg)

Diddy's girlfriend that he pisses on Caresha of the city girls. I really like the look but the BBL body looks horrific and she's kinda short, but she looks very nice.

No. 1565202

No wonder she came with Donatella! I was gonna say this dress looks like a beautiful remix of Liz Hurley's 90s Versace dress Chanel-style. I'm in love.

No. 1565203

File: 1682987474669.jpg (85.61 KB, 683x1024, kylie-jenner-attends-the-2023-…)

ugly and uninspired. the only good thing about this is that it's not black and white, but these are not her colors.

No. 1565204

File: 1682987509469.jpg (89.75 KB, 620x930, Kylie-Jenner-Met-Gala-2023-SS-…)

without robe

No. 1565205

File: 1682987508593.png (322.99 KB, 612x445, 1682987049729.png)

No. 1565206

File: 1682987559913.jpeg (78.81 KB, 578x800, FE708532-824B-4A5F-9017-01E016…)

No. 1565210

File: 1682987634638.jpeg (50.15 KB, 800x534, A3D56EE0-7C01-4E58-87EB-6E551B…)


No. 1565211

> i feel like i've seen this million times before

Exactly. Kim looks like she did the bare minimum. "Uuuh, what is Chanel known for? Pearls? I think I have a couple strands in storage."

No. 1565212

File: 1682987656321.jpg (362.21 KB, 1479x2048, 20230501_203336.jpg)

The world's best nepo baby, Devon Aoki and Jeremy Scott. I love Devon, she looks great in this.
Love this! I love that collar.
Almost looks like a kimono, I wish she went somewhere Asian with this

No. 1565213

actually kind of like this but it's very simple

No. 1565214

DEVON AOKI! I love the swan theme but I wish she had a necklace on. She looks gorgeous as always though.

No. 1565215

File: 1682987679829.jpg (175.61 KB, 800x1200, FvFQU8UaAAAgxVA.jpg)

No. 1565217

File: 1682987730212.png (90.01 KB, 408x612, 1682987346909.png)

another musty scrote I don't know

No. 1565218

kim looks best out of them, you can see that they're only famous because of her

No. 1565219

and his muse came in doing the bare minimum

No. 1565221

nayrt, I'm 1.76m. I just want to wear high heels without dudes looking like they're my baby brother.

No. 1565222

He has a lot of hush money to shut people down.

No. 1565223

File: 1682987813051.jpg (87.28 KB, 600x900, FvFTwXYX0AEH2v6.jpg)

No. 1565225

File: 1682987851601.jpeg (86.83 KB, 534x800, IMG_7844.jpeg)

No. 1565227

File: 1682987861510.jpg (448.39 KB, 1366x2048, 20230501_203625.jpg)

Terms. Such a gorgeous woman. I kind of wish she wore different gloves.

No. 1565228

boring, i hope normie women thirsting after him will shut up for a moment

No. 1565229

straight up looks like a diaper

No. 1565230

File: 1682987879319.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, 1499959895839.jpg)

No. 1565231

The Pedro Pascal fandom must be in tatters over this one picture.

No. 1565232

File: 1682987909709.jpg (388.38 KB, 1366x2048, 20230501_203912.jpg)

Gigi hadid. I love this, might be one of my favorites

No. 1565233

It's a job just like any job and sometimes you just gotta crank shit out, even if it sucks ass.

No. 1565235

File: 1682987976703.jpg (261.65 KB, 1364x1709, 20230501_204015.jpg)

Paris Hilton. I actually don't really care for this.

No. 1565238

See, THIS is how pairs should coordinate! I'm aware they're not together (it's Devon Aoki and Jeremy Scott), but my point still stands. They look fantastic and Devon's silhouette is amazing.

No. 1565239

File: 1682988084501.jpg (114.23 KB, 896x1269, 20230501_204118.jpg)

P Diddy. I wouldn't have expected it from him but this is great

No. 1565241

they really should've invited her at her peak, she doesn't bring anything interesting anymore but she could've crushed it twenty years ago,

No. 1565242

File: 1682988127493.jpg (71.47 KB, 544x680, FvFSWaVXsAIEhNf.jpg)

Yeah I don't like this, it looks cheap, it's pink and not bad looking but…IDK.

No. 1565243

Are you seriously saying that women not liking ugly mallets is UNFEMINIST????
Lol the retarded stuff I read on this site I swear…and the man larping a as a totes lesbian probably thought he did a good job lapping too. Join Elliot Rodgers in hell, k bye ugly bobblehead syndrome short insect legs Manlet.

No. 1565244

File: 1682988170052.jpg (165.55 KB, 1003x1495, 20230501_204120.jpg)

His name escapes me, but that Puerto Rican singer. Another good male look despite it just being roses.

No. 1565245

I gotchu nonna, this is Bad Bunny. He was roasted earlier in this thread.

No. 1565247

Jenna Ortega. I love those shoes so much.

No. 1565248

Are you seriously saying that women not liking ugly mallets is UNFEMINIST????
Lol the retarded stuff I read on this site I swear…and the man larping a as a totes lesbian probably thought he did a good job lapping too. Join Elliot Rodgers in hell, k bye ugly bobblehead syndrome short insect legs Manlet.

No. 1565249

File: 1682988437981.jpeg (69.18 KB, 534x800, IMG_7851.jpeg)

I like this one better

No. 1565253

File: 1682988438886.jpg (328.98 KB, 1366x2048, gettyimages-1486929105-2048x20…)

I'm done

No. 1565255

File: 1682988484259.png (314.97 KB, 612x408, 1682988155771.png)

No. 1565257

File: 1682988518728.png (154.42 KB, 447x612, 1682987724582.png)

No. 1565258

why didn't he tuck his dick? ew

No. 1565259

File: 1682988563141.jpg (383.91 KB, 1365x2048, 20230501_204511.jpg)

Jenna Ortega. I love the shoes so much

No. 1565260

File: 1682988591537.jpeg (85.16 KB, 622x800, IMG_7847.jpeg)

No. 1565261

File: 1682988593617.jpeg (113.85 KB, 1170x788, 7B07B818-412A-4A94-9FAD-E24A0B…)

i think it was supposed to reference this, it’s just lazy.

No. 1565262

this fucking picture kek

No. 1565264


can they not spread the people out more or not photograph two people back to back i feel kinda embarrased for her omg

No. 1565265

File: 1682988696636.jpg (104.63 KB, 682x1024, 20230501_205129.jpg)

Janelle monae. She had this big coat and took it off to reveal a bikini

No. 1565266

File: 1682988731587.jpg (125.72 KB, 683x1024, 20230501_205127.jpg)

No. 1565267

File: 1682988736705.jpeg (87.22 KB, 568x800, A7FFDED1-B7AE-4F4B-A375-D52EED…)

No. 1565268

this pictures gives me autistic flasher vibes kek

No. 1565270

File: 1682988760728.png (1.02 MB, 1230x2545, Screenshot_20230501-195313.png)

No. 1565271

those roses look like toilet tissue

No. 1565272

File: 1682988919447.webm (11.78 MB, 540x960, QenEgZOdtQV4_3uI (1).webm)

Rihanna's plus one being an asshole

No. 1565275

No. 1565276

Munsters family portrait lol

No. 1565277

would've been nice without the ugly cutouts on her hips. but i'm glad she's looking less botched now. few months back she was looking 55 and bloated as hell.

No. 1565278

File: 1682989066686.webm (57.07 KB, 520x292, She uses black toilet paper.we…)

Okay Kris Kardashian, not everyone uses black toilet paper but okay.

No. 1565279

Who the fuck had to bedazzle that man's asscheeks and crack???

No. 1565280

>black toilet paper
anon, click on the post i actually replied to kek

No. 1565281

Oops. I thought you were talking about cardi b. My bad.

No. 1565283

File: 1682989767880.png (804.45 KB, 540x800, tumblr_8e0732b7810216d893de939…)

Disgusting detective

No. 1565284

File: 1682989799457.jpeg (101.84 KB, 800x747, IMG_3751.jpeg)

No. 1565286

Lol I know nothing about this scrote but I love this outfit. Like an evil dark lord or something

No. 1565288

this is really bad. I think the most offensive thing for me is his hairstyle. It’s so bland compared to the rest of his awful look

No. 1565289

This makes me wish she had a sword or something, her look is so elegant

No. 1565291

File: 1682990201211.jpeg (49.57 KB, 534x800, F0289E4A-B0CA-4925-A941-AAB50F…)

You know, I'm sick of the average looking scrote getting love for being average, while people have daily debates on the ethics of thinking that Sydney Sweeney is attractive (Oh because she has big boobs? And she's blonde! She's a butterface! It's white supremacy why she's considered attractive (LSA)"
Meanwhile we have this and a few other dough face scrotes that are completely average butterfaced retards, but people let women simp for them in piece.
But thinking Sidney Sweeny is attractive is controvesial or not thinking she's ugly

No. 1565296

i feel like this makeup and hair color really doesn't suit Devon Aoki (inasmuch as anything can not suit Devon Aoki– of course she is still radiantly beautiful). The dramatic cut crease and dull blonde hair is giving dusty christian lady. her charm is also cheapened by her proximity to hack jeremy scott

No. 1565302

Oh my smile immediately fell

No. 1565303

Swing and a miss

No. 1565304

What a creep

No. 1565306

it looks like a costume for an anime character but like a child so it's really awkward on him

No. 1565308

This is a 90s taco bell

She looks cute but I don't see the theme. Expected from Pattinson tho

No. 1565309

Put her in a garbage bag IDC she has one of the greatest faces of all time

No. 1565311

Actually he constantly serves im glad he makes stan twitter seethe.

No. 1565312

I guess Rihanna's arriving last, unpopular opinion but her style hasn't been great in forever. I guess she's the " Biggest" person there. Like no Beyonce or…even Zendaya who people really love. SO i guess it makes sense.

No. 1565313

>what happened to her
She is a lesbian

This would be cute if he was cute

No. 1565315

Just another Beyonce clone

No. 1565316


No hate if this was on a woman it would be amazing

No. 1565318

File: 1682992360634.png (357.37 KB, 465x527, Capture.PNG)

Rihanna and her violent baby daddy

No. 1565319

Wouldn’t this classify as a humiliation ritual or something kek. I think it’s kinda fun but not on him. Who is this anyway

No. 1565324

>using a post of someone calling a man's look bad to start sperging about how people like a woman you don't find attractive
You don't feel retarded?

No. 1565326

File: 1682992902982.jpg (459.48 KB, 1365x2048, FvFhWmkWYAACE5o.jpg)

Sora Choi. I'm so astonished, I think she's in my top 3 of best dressed for tonight.

No. 1565327

??? I was saying how people act when people gush over women that some people have given the "Ugly" card, like I see weird battles online about Sidney Sweeney's looks, when I think she's pretty. People act like it's some kind of political stance or weird ass test. When these ugly unwashed scrotes who have legions of fans and nobody sits around writing think pieces on why thinking a scrote whose average or below it is "hot", but in some places people get very mad when you talk about a woman like Lizzo, or Sydney (WHo gets called a butterface when she's perfectly averagely cute imo). Maybe I'm not writing it in a way that make sense.

No. 1565328

No. 1565329

File: 1682993067010.jpg (318.9 KB, 1366x2048, FvFEA-yagAAeD_A.jpg)

Julia Garner. Snore, mimimimi.

No. 1565330

You're trying to say that it's okay for women to be short ugly hobgoblins but not men or no?

No. 1565331

She and Anok Yai are the prettiest facially IMO

No. 1565333

>you're trying to say it's okay for women to be short hobgoblins but not men
YES I AM. ITS OKAY. People get so fucking mad when women they don't find attractive are "hyped" or desired. Yet nobody says shit about these ugly ass scrote celebrities. I use Sydney because people were just having a discussion about how she's not attractive, or "She just has big boobs, her face is ugly-"
even if that were true, "SO?" . If people can lust after that ugly scrote in the red, or round faced Dano, why does a woman have to be considered a 10 on some weird scale?

No. 1565334

File: 1682993253113.jpg (361.28 KB, 1365x2048, FvFDhtlXwAEUB6m.jpg)

Daisy Edgar Jones. I like it, not for this though. This is like Grammy's, or VMAs, or Golden Globe's, or anything that's not the fucking MET GALA!
These celebrities are so lazy, they don't deserve to be invited to this.

No. 1565337

File: 1682993366298.jpg (543.38 KB, 1365x2048, mary.jpg)

Mary J Blige. I love Mary and this is very "her" but I really wish she wore something different.

No. 1565338

NTA. Yes.

No. 1565339

i can't tell if 'phantomhivepilled' is a compliment or not considering the first pic included…

No. 1565340

Anon, you compared Halle to "dough face scrotes that are completely average butterfaced retards". Any point you were trying to make about judging how women look is null and void imo.

No. 1565345

i'm sorry, but do you know where you are?

No. 1565348

File: 1682993720967.jpg (298.98 KB, 1365x2048, FvFf7lmXgAAnOx6.jpg)

Who's this? I love it. I need that fan so badly.

No. 1565349

I wasn't talking about Halle? I had her picture on my comment. I switched tabs and forgot all about it, then when I came back I was ranting about the scrote in the red coat and the conversation about Sydney Sweeny. I clicked "New Reply" and wwas reminded that it was still attached.
I think Halle is beautiful, I've been the main one posting pictures of her. I said nothing bad about her.
Nowhere did I compare her to scrotes or even mention her because I forgot I even attached that picture.

No. 1565350

God I love it when the pretty people are also dressed well

No. 1565351

and there she is

No. 1565352

File: 1682993856731.jpg (149.36 KB, 1050x1575, FvFh3caXsAEiU7F.jpg)

Jordan Roth. I don't mind him but I do wish this was on someone else (a woman). I'm fully in love with this dress. I actually think we may have seen this at another event this year, but I can't remember when or who it was on.

No. 1565353

File: 1682993869682.jpg (348.67 KB, 2048x1478, FvFs4dlXsAAs7he.jpg)

im an idiot

No. 1565354

kek, i'm so sorry anon for these retards with no reading comprehension attacking you.

No. 1565357

File: 1682994088295.jpg (351.56 KB, 1366x2048, emily blunt.jpg)

Emily Blunt
Her and Bad Bunny match! It's definitely not anywhere near one of her best looks but I think it's cool. She's probably embracing these huge silhouettes since she's pregnant.

No. 1565358

Those jeans are so disgustingly hideous

No. 1565359

Well sorry for the misunderstanding then, but if you have a pic attached to your post it's going to look like it's related unless you state otherwise. This
>Meanwhile we have this and a few other dough face scrotes that are completely average butterfaced retards
Made me think you were talking about Halle. You can delete images from your post without deleting the entire post, btw.

No. 1565360

It's really my fault, it was confusing but I figured people would understand I wasn't speaking on Halle, but then again, I wasn't thinking. Sorry. I didn't delete it because I'd already wrote my word salad and didn't even think to delete the image.

No. 1565361

It's ok, sorry again for misunderstanding Anon

No. 1565366

File: 1682994561631.webm (7.72 MB, 720x1280, 3a5tjiVvKryp4TY5.webm)

Who do you guys think brought a roach in? My bet is on Jared Leto.

No. 1565367

Between all the white roses and cat-faced people, this year is feeling very Hunger Games-adjacent

No. 1565368

It's a compliment. I think it works.

No. 1565369

File: 1682994610987.jpeg (61.16 KB, 534x800, F4399774-1068-492E-849B-363937…)

Looks better but I don't like her hair

No. 1565370

Crawled right out of that fursuit

No. 1565371

It's always hunger games adjacent.

No. 1565373

I like this look just fine and I am guessing her being this damn late was to ensure she gets to be the closing chanel bride in a way

No. 1565374

i thought the Catholic theme was the most Hunger Games-adjacent. that theme also had the best looks of all time.

No. 1565375

As she should be.

No. 1565377

Roaches have wings and can fly and they're all in New York. I think the roach invited it's damn self.

No. 1565379

she's so hot!! i love that she's still around doing stuff

No. 1565381

File: 1682995048125.jpg (324.38 KB, 1365x2048, FvFKmj5WIAEXSvf.jpg)

Donatella Versace.
Kek, the Hunger Games does have a prequel coming out. "The Capitol" would be a great theme.

Side note, and forgive me for having a stan/Beehive moment, but I was really hoping Beyonce would show up. That woman hasn't done any promotion for her album, and she shouted out a bunch of fashion houses on one of the songs for Renaissance so it just would've been nice for her to show her face. Was also surprised to not see Lily-Rose Depp considering she's so closely associated with Chanel and she has that show (movie? show?) coming out. Half expected her to show up with pineapple head.

No. 1565386

you really think anyone saying not to break up with a man because he's shorter than chris hemsworth must be a moid? wouldn't men come in here and MAKE hysterical irrational rules/statements instead of telling you to stop doing that
i think the fact that i am advocating for sanity is proof that i have no penis

No. 1565388

she looks pretty, but white roses were done at least three times already. i'm disappointed.

nothing beats heavenly bodies, the only time most looks felt truly inspired and looked incredible. also a lot of the most important celebs weere there, now only rihanna and karjenners seem to be regular attendees.

i'm also suprised but tbh she's already done the chain dress and i don't think she would beat that, so.

No. 1565392

oh my god you are right, neither lily nor her mother vanessa paradis were there and that would have been such a cute mother daughter moment from two iconic chanel muses. vanessa being actually iconic of course but lily for the zoomers i guess

No. 1565393

Touché. But a bit more so than in the last few years imo

No. 1565395

You do not have to answer jokes with serious answers

It was a hilarious quote.

How he sit down

No. 1565397

nta but caring about manlets this much is pretty irrational kek

No. 1565398

Has lily been showing up to things? I thought she stopped after the Depp madness

No. 1565402

File: 1682995796270.jpg (95.61 KB, 643x803, Screenshot_20230501-214853_Ins…)

I've no idea what alice did to her face beyond lip fillers but she fucked it up so hard. she's literally a copy of her mom and would've aged so gracefully. I know her nose was already small but I feel like she had a nose job anyways and did something to her cheeks or jaw because she's so fucking ugly and strange compared to pics of her at dj sets right after leaving cc. like definitely pillow face. pic is her post from 3 days ago

No. 1565406

I guess not, i couldn't find anything after a quick search
i hope it's because she is disappointed how people treated amber unfairly and the deadbeat dad as some saint

No. 1565407

the NY ones don't fly

No. 1565409

Holy fuck she does look strange….

No. 1565410

wtf she was so pretty , i loved her

No. 1565415

Oh. Okay. I blame Jared Leto too.

No. 1565419

let's take it to her thread nonnies!

No. 1565421

he should let me thread his eyebrows

No. 1565426

Crystal castles was awesome back in the day. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

No. 1565427

Thank god someone else noticed I thought I was trippin balls.

No. 1565428

She got her nose done years ago. This is nothing new.

No. 1565440

? she's bisexual anon

No. 1565447

File: 1682998334958.jpg (285.99 KB, 1242x2003, strike.jpg)

there is going to be a writers strike. so look forward to more trashy reality tv shows

No. 1565455

File: 1682998838765.jpg (230.99 KB, 1507x2048, FvFXfqLX0AEBhjB.jpg)

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

No. 1565460

I honestly dont think so. I think the reason Johnny called her cunning in that stupid Microsoft paint nft art is because she supports him but is remaining silent in the public so she doesn't have to pretend she doesn't support him to not get canceled

No. 1565472

File: 1682999349318.jpg (404.29 KB, 1366x2048, FvFXeg1XsAI-_iz.jpg)

Olivia Rodrigo. I like this. She looks like a completely different person with this hair.

No. 1565473

File: 1682999425009.jpg (317.1 KB, 1365x2048, FvFD4IEWcAIESKc.jpg)

Ava Max. Love the dress, hate this makeup.

No. 1565481

File: 1682999848775.jpg (287.82 KB, 1366x2048, FvFFwnpWwAIWhlz.jpg)

Irina Shayk. Very comfy shoes.

No. 1565501

File: 1683000586814.jpg (271.85 KB, 1365x2048, FvE4ha1XgAADN3t.jpg)

Margaret Qualley. I don't think she knew she was attending the MET Gala.

No. 1565502

File: 1683000620468.jpg (385.03 KB, 1365x2048, FvEzNqOX0AMBZtv.jpg)

Emrata. I was definitely hoping for something as good as what she wore to the 2019 MET Gala. This is underwhelming.

No. 1565506

I actually like this

No. 1565509

The theme for this met gala is boring and lame. Are we really surprised at how much most of these looks suck?

No. 1565516

File: 1683001183719.jpeg (46.21 KB, 613x920, dsdsdsdsdsd.jpeg)

She has short hair now, right? Why is she using extensions? Why can't she embrace her new cut? As someone who's face shape and hair texture make it impossible to have a short bob, I envy her so much.Why even cut your hair if you're not gonna show it off…

No. 1565524

It's the met gala bitch

No. 1565533

Pedro pascal always looks like he’s been pulled out of closing shift at a gas station store but for some reason women have been brainwashed on tiktok to be absolutely feral over him because he’s in a few popular shows

No. 1565537

Pretty sure it's because hes charming and likable

No. 1565539

File: 1683002092388.jpg (41.4 KB, 563x540, b48a4f3134a569b569f0c01404e3bb…)

I am sick and tired of you wannabe mean girls in this thread, shitting it up and killing the mood. You're not even clever or entertaining. Fuck off. Go be a pissant in youtube drama channel comments or something. I swear, these past weeks people in /ot have been unnecessarily cunty and I'm sick of it. Get a life; go turn on your vibrator or something.

No. 1565541

I don't know who this is (or half these celebs tbh) but she literally looks like a doll

No. 1565542

I'm pretty sure "it's the met gala bitch" was a joke, anon.

No. 1565544

Most actors are, of course when they do press and interviews and their job is based on how they interact with people they’re going to be nice and charming. It’s cringe seeing adult women literally screaming and drooling acting like this below average in appearance man is SO DADDY or some bullshit. Nothing against him I just hate the double standard

No. 1565547

her SKIN

No. 1565548

in any other context I'd agree but there's nothing wrong with bullying manlets

No. 1565549

They do it with someone new every year. If he's a good guy I prefer having him shoved in my face than a teen diddler like Caville or a cannibal like Hammer.

No. 1565550

It definitely was.

She looks perfect

She wants people to tell her she looks like young gaga sooooo bad

No. 1565554

Oh shit this outfits cool

No. 1565556

I hate men so much

No. 1565558

In that clutch bag there are 5 zip locked phones

No. 1565568

No. 1565569

Wow she's got a buzz cut

No. 1565575

File: 1683003391080.jpg (293.97 KB, 1365x2048, FvFY2dPXoAAYBzm.jpg)

Michelle Yeoh

No. 1565580

File: 1683003541537.jpg (156.97 KB, 1004x1300, FvFcPiNXwAM9cE8.jpg)

Bella Ramsey. I like the suit.

No. 1565581

Nta and late but no one said you can't make fun of them, just that height and weight are two very different things. One is changeable, the other is not.

No. 1565584

File: 1683003661492.jpg (409.46 KB, 1365x2048, FvFXpWaWcAAYI4F.jpg)

Full pic, and I figured out that it's Conan Grey. This gives me Spanish vibes. Like a conquistador or something. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the cape and long boots?

No. 1565586

File: 1683003744734.jpg (341.79 KB, 1366x2048, FvFXf1LXgAQ9qg8.jpg)

Stephanie Hsu.

No. 1565587

File: 1683003769078.jpg (328.15 KB, 1407x2048, FvFW1siXgAAew_h.jpg)

Olvier Rousteing. I like the Karl reference.

No. 1565589

File: 1683003901426.jpg (382.66 KB, 1514x2048, FvFUGKkXwAYLFqq.jpg)

Jennifer Lopez.

No. 1565591

File: 1683004001238.jpg (287.37 KB, 1365x2048, FvFWHVFXgAMxk5y.jpg)

Aubrey Plaza
Her body looks great and that's about all I can say

No. 1565592

File: 1683004109381.jpg (351.98 KB, 1365x2048, FvFMPpqXwAAK3xL.jpg)

Charlotte Tilbury (yeah the makeup lady). She looks incredible. I'm getting flashbacks to that one Jessica Chastain look.

No. 1565593

I love how simple this is but it's also why I dislike it… it's the met gala… but she looks lovely though.

No. 1565594

File: 1683004195581.jpg (309.4 KB, 1365x2048, FvFLu7IX0AAlfXA.jpg)

Wait, when did Jared change from the cat suit to this? No way he had all this on under the fursuit.

No. 1565595

She looks like an actual chimpanzee(racebait)

No. 1565596

File: 1683004286093.jpg (102.05 KB, 698x1024, FvFKgoUXsAIxb5-.jpg)

Vanessa Hudgens

No. 1565598

File: 1683004330000.jpg (408.51 KB, 1365x2048, FvFJTW4XgAMNyQx.jpg)

Lea Michele. She looks like she skinned a disco ball in the worst way possible.

No. 1565599

It has Catholic influence

Hes literally just standing there and yet he is still the most annoying person there

No. 1565600

File: 1683004390428.jpg (397.96 KB, 1365x2048, lillu.jpg)

Full Lilly pic. No longer in love.

No. 1565608

File: 1683005006296.jpg (116.21 KB, 896x1342, FvFQMQnWYAEbNVC.jpg)

Anyway, I think I'm done posting photos. I think we got most everyone, and they closed the carpet like two hours ago. This was fun! My personal top 6

No. 1565610

sorry for being stupid, but what's that weird dent on her right boob? Is it just the light making her boob look like it's weirdly shaped?

No. 1565611

I would literally cut off my right titty to look like her tbh

No. 1565613

Thank you for your service nonna

No. 1565614

Probably just muscle or something. Or perhaps light reflecting on her. She's covered in oil and her dress is shiny.

No. 1565615

No biggie! And thanks to all the other anons who were posting looks as well.

No. 1565617

File: 1683005371906.jpg (467.35 KB, 2048x1365, FvE13IuXoAAZu50.jpg)

Wait, one more and then I'm done.
Quinta Brunson

No. 1565621

File: 1683005792397.jpg (461.41 KB, 1581x2048, FvFstsfWcAIgYoj.jpg)

Adut Akech