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No. 1567087

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1559462

No. 1567092

Cases like Chris Watts still blow me away. I don't understand how can you know someone for literally years and suddenly the scrote kills you and your children. All that fake smile and fake love in their social media. I wonder if she never felt anything off about him? How are scrotes such great actors? I was never in a relationship and I'm a scared I will get with a guy who seems great and marry him and after 5 years he will suddenly turn out to be a faggot who only used me for my womb, or a pedophile or maybe a literal sociopath who will murder me when he finds a better younger model. Is it even possible to spot those literal demons before you tie yourself with one of them?? I know their relationship was falling apart before the murder, but many relationships end up badly with the scrote "only" cheating, not murdering his pregnant wife and two small children.

No. 1567108

I called my mom to make a plan for this weekend and like all she wanted to do was gossip about other people. I find that so boring and gay like if I gave a shit what the loser scrotes in my family were doing I'd ask. She knows I don't give a shit either. Then when she's done gossiping she says "well that's all I know" because she is bored and wants to go lol. She can be so immature

No. 1567113

He probably honestly loved her until he had an affair and didn't want his old family anymore. He just wanted a new life and didn't want to pay child support. Men really are that simple

No. 1567124

File: 1683144795879.webm (3.36 MB, 576x1024, ancient cat toy.webm)

I placed an order from a company for some woven palm items, they told me in one month my order would be ready. It has now been four months and they are just not communicating with me. I ask for updates I get ignored, or they say we'll let you know tomorrow and never message me. Even placing the order took over two months because they just wouldn't answer emails. Wanted them by two months ago so I tried to order them six months ago as I figured that would be more than enough time, according to how they work and their estimated timeline. Not a chance.
I wouldn't care so much if they would just update me on what is going on! You tell me "one month the order will be finished" then radio silence for three months, well that's not cool. Definitely have to find another company if I decide to do this again, one that doesn't ignore messages and updates me periodically if it's taking longer than expected.

No. 1567136

Birth control anon here again to screech that I'm hungry again. Fuck my stupid body why can't you regulate yourself without meds

No. 1567139

I think one of the biggest (and hardest) things about weightloss for me has been learning how to stop eating when I'm full. It's like when I eat I kind of just ignore my bodily cues until the food is all gone or I'm so full that I feel like I physically (or maybe just mentally) can't swallow.

No. 1567151

Don’t have children ever.

No. 1567155

Honestly I'd cancel the order (chargeback through the bank?) and order again somewhere else..

No. 1567157

that sucks so much. Leave a bad review and maybe try criticizing them on social media. I'm in a niche hobby that centeres around custommade stuff. Since the community is small it's encouraged that you share the bad experience you had with a company

No. 1567163

File: 1683147736990.jpeg (8.49 KB, 225x225, uuuu.jpeg)

I'm scared I have rheumatoid arthritis or gout or some shit like that, I've been having pain in my knees and elbows for over a year, but especially knees, it happens on its own and goes away on its own, sometimes I can't sleep at night because of the knee pain, now again I have a strong pain right above my left knee when I'm bending it, which makes it hard to walk so I'm just limping a bit. I have a discopathy and last year a MRI scan shown an inflammation in the bone marrow in my spine, but I literally didn't have the time to do anything with it, I just take painkillers. Sometimes I wake up and I'm unable to move my neck. I never checked my knees at the doctor tho. I'm taking 2 weeks of vacation soon and I'm scared it won't be enough time to check all possible reasons for my body being this fucked up, I also don't know how to talk about it to my doctor without sounding like a hypochondriac. I'm always tired despite sleeping, I have terrible cold sweats at night, and IBS. But the joint pain is the most worrying thing at my age I guess. I'm thin and I don't do any sports so what the hell. I have a job where I stand or walk most of the time, but none of the people I work with is in constant pain like me, not even coworkers in their 40s

No. 1567185

File: 1683150364512.jpg (46.47 KB, 716x716, fdeda1022b30f8778223387dd298f6…)

I just got a bloody booger on my white top sheet

No. 1567188

I feel for you, nona. Knee pain is what got me hooked on opioids and lead to my heroin addiction. I'm 32 and have lived with chronic pain since I was 15, it's fucking rough and if I'm being completely honest it's been detrimental to my mental health too. Doctors are assholes and it took me a long time to find a knee specialist who actually helped me. I hope you get help, nona.

No. 1567193

Damn that sounds rough anon, I'm sorry. Did the doctor tell you what caused that pain?

No. 1567197

My kneecap keeps slipping out of the femoral groove and partially (or sometimes fully) dislocating. There is surgery for it
corrective or complete knee replacement - but I'm trying my hardest to avoid that. Currently doing lots of excersises to strenghtne the muscles in that area and I get injections every four months which help take the edge off the pain. Winter is still brutal as fuck though, I'm like a little old lady with a blanket over my legs at all times.

No. 1567198

I was having a really harsh episode, feeling extremely suicidal and even crying in public. When I wrote to my friend group they lowkey blamed me for being negative and ignored me to talk about a TV show. I then called my mom and she gave me a regular "Don't be sad" and hung up without listening to me. I just wanted a god damned hug or someone to ask if I wanted some coffee or some shit. I always rush to people when they're feeling bad, I do everything within my power to be there for them. Why is no one there for me? I feel so lonely. I feel like I can never make a friend that is there for me when I need it the most.

No. 1567208

I’ve been masterbating everyday about 6 times. I just want a hot guy to suck and pinch my nips. Why have I been so horny lately.

No. 1567210

File: 1683153775062.jpeg (108.35 KB, 1170x1146, FrXREVPWwDov-Te.jpeg)

I wanted to do something but found out it has already been done and doing it won't get me any attention. So, now I'm not going to do it even though I wanted to.

No. 1567212

now you have to tell us what you were going to do

No. 1567217

Nothing special. I just wanted to write a review for something I'm watching once it finishes airing but saw that the entire review section of the website I was going to write on, is already filled with more than enough reviews (and lengthy, well-written ones at that), so mine would probably get stuck at the very bottom and nobody would read it. Doing it is basically useless at this point.

No. 1567227

Every single person alive has felt the way you do right now. Sometimes people really are just busy with their lives. Sometimes people really are too busy trying to balance their own issues and escape from how horrible things are to play therapist or support animal for others. Your mother cares about you and doesn't want you to be sad. Your friends care about you and want to move on to a lighter topic because focusing on our meltdowns can be that tolling. And if you really do have friends that essentially do the "im at max emotional capacity soz" then you need to find better friends. Let it out and then move on. Dwelling or expecting an intense moment with people who are also just trying to live as well will disappoint you every time.

No. 1567229

God I so want to tell you that you are being dramatic or poisoning yourself with internet but this happens often enough that you really do never know omg

No. 1567278

My knees hurt and I need to piss

No. 1567283

My brother has dropped off the grid which 100% means he's using again, even though he knows his body can't handle anymore.

I wish I could just hate him and not care what happens to him but I can't help but love him and worry constantly. We were supposed to get coffee last month and something came up and I had to cancel. That might've been my last chance to see him and it's killing me. He deserves a better sister

No. 1567289

I knew it was going to happen eventually, but why couldn't I have gotten sick later rather than sooner? Don't be an agoraphobic neet, nonnies. The second you get a job and have to interact with the general public is the second you'll catch a cold.

No. 1567292

so true. i was neet for 10 years and when i got a job interacting with public after, i got sick often. every few months was something new, a few times completely taking me out of commission and bedridden. humans are walking diseases

No. 1567298

I am being priced out of my home and can no longer afford to live in the city I was born in. I don't know where to go or what to do and I can't think.

No. 1567305

File: 1683163392205.jpeg (88.65 KB, 1080x1073, D2739093-599A-497B-8E1F-7F6B95…)


No. 1567310

I have an huge inflamed tastebud or whatever on the tip of my tongue and I can't fucking take it anymore. Usually if I got one and it was anywhere else on my tongue I could get through it but my patience is running so thin. I've seen people say they cut theirs off but I'm too scared to do that and I also don't want to give myself a wound.

No. 1567373

I hate that I can't just let people go. Some people cut others out of their lives so easily but for others it's like tearing off a limb. Even when that person has hurt me and I know logically it will benefit me to cut them out, I'm still sentimental. It still hurts. I know it'll be okay, but I'm so sad right now nonnas

No. 1567377

idk if I should add a disclaimer to this because it’s.. bad
I’m having a PGAD flare up for the first time in months and I want to fucking kill myself. I’m an idiot and tried masturbating and I ended up going at it for 6 fucking hours when I have a paper due tonight and now I’m bleeding :( I would not wish this on my worst enemy and I can’t even talk to my friends about it because it’s so humiliating

No. 1567383

File: 1683171806927.png (83.66 KB, 561x581, 1629417054974.png)

My "friend" has gotten super annoying to me lately. I found out that she's become a power-hungry bitch who bosses my other friend around (they work together and we all used to be coworkers) despite being the new girl so that really soured me. And she talks about herself fucking constantly

She's like 35 and has started trying for a baby and has been tracking her cycle and scheduling sex. Tbh if I started trying for a baby, my husband and I would just fuck often idk. She also has massive credit card debt and student loans so I hope it takes her a long-ass time to get knocked up

Really want to stop talking to her but we take the same train to work everyday, fuck me

No. 1567384

I'd push them in front of a bus fr

No. 1567387

This feeling is so horrible nonna, I’m sure you’ve heard this 100x before but focusing on yourself/your passions/hobbies is one of the best things you can do! Having the ability to individuate yourself can make those things hurt a lot less

No. 1567392

My PTSD is fucking with me so hard today. I didn't eat all day and as a result feel extremely weak with a hemiplegic migraine and my dissociation is fucking me up. Nothing looks real it's like a blurry mess exactly like a dream. Everything is my fault and I hate myself. I often regret not killing myself in my teens. Still get urges to cut myself like the useless retard I am.

I'm exactly like this. Idk if it's just because I'm a sensitive baby from childhood neglect or if it's because it's hard to connect with someone, but once I do, I can't let them go even though the rational part of me knows people come and go.

No. 1567406

The funniest part about being a depressed loser terrified of other humans but smiling through the pain was hearing them say how friendly I was, asking how I could always be so happy. It's crazy thinking I left that place and they have no idea I'm back to wallowing in failure and isolation

No. 1567408

If you aren't actually hurting anyone and are actively taking steps to be self sufficient or are moderately self sufficient you have no obligation at all to be something grandiose or aspire for anything grandiose. If you aren't an asshole you've already won. First step to stop being unhappy is to
1. Not hurt other people
And if you have 1 down then all you need is
2. Stop looking at stagnancy or simplicity as a sign that you aren't just as worthy of existence as anyone else. If you want better for yourself then actively taking small steps to remove this attitude from your life and stop hypernegative self talk because there is no way to ever stop wallowing in self pity if you're repeatedly referring to yourself like that. You don't have to love yourself or even like yourself but do yourself the favor of respecting yourself.

No. 1567411

I know what you're saying nona and I thank you but it's hard not to feel that way when you're struggling to meet the basics of human expectations, but I guess it's fair to say I am taking steps

No. 1567430

I can't wait to move out of this house, I want to leave, I don't want to be here anymore.

No. 1567431

File: 1683178324131.jpg (14.25 KB, 400x288, u.jpg)

>sudden influx of followers
>for some fucking reason practically all of them are trannies and pronoun-havers

No. 1567432

I have a coworker close to my boss who's starting to hate me I think. She and this male coworker have been there a lot longer than me but I guess he had a crush on me until finding out I'm a lesbian. This girl coworker likes him, is all over him now but it feels like she hates me for being his crush. I just liked to talk to him cause we had some similar interests. She's starting to give me the bad shifts which messes with my money, it pisses me off. All I'm there for is to make money then go home. Everyone who was my favorite coworker has quit. It feels like everyone went from liking me to not so much all because I had to question managements decisions a few times only to get a nothing response. I really like working there but I don't want this toxic shit it feels lonely all because of these coworkers.

No. 1567433

I hate that I can't even post comfortably without them trying to provoke me. I don't feel safe here anymore so I will have to stop posting. I have nowhere to go online anymore.

No. 1567435

I went down the rabbithole a few years back when the videos from fb livestreams made by Shanann were on youtube–they might still be there.

Chris was a typical useless moid. There used to be a lot of maleposters commenting under her videos about how she was a "bully" to Chris when in reality she was just exasperated by his repeated incompetence even in the most obvious of situations. She became the domestic manager and I'm sure it hurt her deeply that Chris was so aloof and clearly not into anything she planned or set up for the family. If you wanna see some REAL fucked up shit, try to find the video where Shanann announces her third pregnancy to Chris. Spoiler: He tries to play off as shocked-happy but he looks devastated. I'm surprised she posted that as it's really embarassing and sad. She'd vent to her friends about what an asshole he'd be but none of the pickmes ever suggested she leave him, only how mAaAaad she should get at him and how she should jusT cOmMunIcaTe moReeE.

Where Shanann really fucked up IMO, is becoming a MLM hon. Chris, being a worthless moid, knew his household was sinking into debt as he kept pumping Shanann with more babies and trying to pay for the whole house while she made pennies–if not more debt–with her vitamin patches.
Men despise providing if it gets to be too much of a challenge, and they will resent women for it unless they are fun trophy wives with no baggage. The third pregnancy sent him over the edge. Chris was too dumb to realize what he did with his life wasn't what he wanted and it was too late to take it back. He couldn't just take back kids, and he knew his ex would haunt him both financially and emotionally.
When the new lady opportunity came, he killed his wife and kids out of impulse and convenience. Shanann came back from a trip and probably got into an argument with Chris over not communicating with her while he was too busy fucking his mistress to care.

The moral of this story is to not depend on a man, and do not have kids if the man doesn't want them (they want sex with no consequences so it drives them berserk when consequences come kicking, and then they will murder you, statistical likelihood). The probability of women being murdered by their partners goes up when they become pregnant.

No. 1567440

I hate work. I hate how it eats up most of my day and I have no energy to do anything afterwards

No. 1567441

I'm doing 4 nights of nightshift this week I finish Sunday morning at 6am. My boss has asked me to cover someone's 12 hour shift starting on Monday 6am. Are you having a laugh

No. 1567443

Tell em hell no. I swear it's always the same people calling out and the same people expected to just cover those people every time. Then when you finally say "no I got plans" or "actually I want Friday off to do a thing" everyone flips out. Those lazy coworkers who randomly call off should just be fired. They never cover anyone anyway.
I work midday so it's really hard to do anything before or after work. I usually have to take the whole day off to do something if they dont allow me to start later or end earlier. Then I've lost money.

No. 1567447

I know the feel nonnie, we're going to make it eventually : ((: ()

No. 1567457

I've been super nostalgic lately. I really miss 2000s-early 2010s internet and media (especially weeb media and videogames before zoomers made them into a corporatized "aesthetic" trend). I miss vkei being popular and scene kids and hanging out at the local mall. I miss warped tour and back when niche subcultures were actually niche instead of instantly becoming some shitty tiktok ~core trend and dying. I miss japanese street snaps in fashion mags and shoujou beat and tamagotchis and taking my DS with me everywhere. I miss when everyone had flip phones and didn't feel the need to record every single mundane thing. I miss when I could meet new people without them being some shitty genderspecial or /pol/tard or other discourse addicted nutter. I miss cosplaying and going to anime cons while they were still small and didn't feel like a support group for trend hopping twitter addicts. everything feels soulless to me now. maybe I'm just beginning my transformation into a grumpy jaded old lady.

No. 1567472

File: 1683185159965.jpg (33.36 KB, 463x550, 15_001.jpg)

I have this recurring phase of feeling like everything is pointless and I should just kermit and it has been really bad the past few days. The worst is when people ask you what has happened and are just unable to believe that someone can feel sad for absolutely no reason and think you're just lying when you say that nothing happened

No. 1567476

We will make it nonnies, just be patient and preoccupy your mind.

No. 1567477

Why the fuck do some people come on here, specifically this thread and proceed to criticize you from a outside perspective when they dont know SHIT about what is going on with you????? "WAHWAHWAH ENTITLED CRYBABY!!!!" Like bitch??????? It's not my fault you can't look outside your own perspective and see that not everyone has a good upbringing and the circumstances that lead them to hate their parents. Such a rude goddamn cunt.

No. 1567483

There was a paper plate that had rotten ass looking baby tomatoes with hair, dust and dirt on them that I bet my dad (made my mother) put on the stove. He's so fucking disgusting and this place is such a eyestrain I hate it.

No. 1567486

She just saw my message she is not taking no for an answer. No one else can cover it bitch you're in on Monday you do it. I'm away to bed wtf

No. 1567487

Miss the days of getting on dschat to see if someone in the neighborhood was there. I'll never forget the time I was at an event as a kid and like 4 of us were messing around on dschat. Sometimes I've used dschat to scream into the void cause I know no one is there.

No. 1567494

My bfs job is giving him a few weeks of break and he's been up all night gaming and chatting with his internet buddies. i keep getting at him for not going to bed with me because it makes me feel lonely and not prioritized. I have the biggest urge to set up a schedule with his desktop to have the internet paused at a random intevnal in the middle of the night to get him to come to bed.

No. 1567500

My stupid fucking FATHER asked me to take out the trash While I'm fucking eating???? I fucking hate his miserable yelling verbally abusive ass so much.

No. 1567504

I dont want to meet and talk to the white guy who invested in my piss poor country to start his company, I especially don't want to go out of my way to do that. I hate people so much.

No. 1567507

File: 1683189633829.png (8.91 KB, 200x219, 1645673229424.png)

its 4:30 am. i haven't slept. i'm not going to sleep. i'm making coffee and will get ready for the day and do chores. i will go to the gym after. the only person who can get me out of this hole is myself. its gonna happen or else i just rot. i don't wanna rot so i'm making it happen. i would ask to be lit on fire if it meant i could get better quicker. but alas it is a painful and arduous task where i am doomed to repeat destructive patterns unless i put in the hard work and effort to not live a sad sad life. i would prefer a less sad one at least. so i'm making coffee and thats final. picrel

No. 1567512

Getting real sick of this bitch. She cries about how she has to go into work when most of the time she calls in or wfh. If I called in as much as she does I would have been fired in my first 3 months. Her ass is literally never there, she takes weeks off every other month and calls in every other day she's scheduled. Her boss gave her a talking to because of attendance issues and she bitched about it. Like oh my god, you poor soul, you can only wfh 2-3 times per week, boo fucking hoo. None of my jobs have had any remote options, I've been hauling my ass into work 5-6 days per week. I fucking hate it, and I'm just as ill as you are, but you don't see me having full blown meltdowns because my boss asked if I could come in for my scheduled shift. You're older than me and you're acting like this? Grow the fuck up or shut the fuck up. Your illness isn't so severe that you need to be on disability, we both know that.

No. 1567513

File: 1683192129660.jpg (41.56 KB, 540x405, ss.jpg)

I hate working so much and my job isn't even that bad. Whenever I say outloud how the happiest times of my life have been when I was at college or unemployed, people look at me like I'm from Mars. The closest to feeling alive and free was almost 10 years ago when I left my awful job, wrote off my car and lived on a family member's couch for 3 weeks. Now I'm a "professional" and I hate it! Fuck!

I'm saving like a fiend so one day I can yeet myself off this pointless occupational ride and become an art bum till I run out of money and ideas.

No. 1567525

I've been taking so long for my thesis that I feel completely paralyzed. I can barely look at it without going into a complete panic. The other day I felt so ashamed I couldn't even get out of bed. I feel like even if I graduate I don't deserve any congratulations, it's beyond terrible that I even dragged it out this long. I should have done better. Yet I feel like nothing I write down is good enough.

No. 1567529

I had this problem, and it went on for a year before my mental health issues got unmanageable and I dropped out.
Regardless of whether or not you graduate, you'll be able to heal and thrive once you're out of grad school. Academia is its own beast and generates/exacerbates mental health issues in a way that no other institutional class does. Take it from me- I exited a shattered mess and now make more than my narc PI while doing more interesting work.

No. 1567534

It's a bachelor's thesis in my case, but I got unlucky due to various reasons during the lockdowns (yes it's been that long) and even then my field of study isn't something that's easy to write a thesis within. I don't want to specifically say what study, but think finance.

No. 1567547

i wish my friend would just stop giving me bullshit excuses when she doesn't feel like talking. idgaf it's not a big deal if she doesn't have the energy so do i but the fact that she feels like she has to lie hurts me more than if she just texted me normally. i just started ignoring the apologies and not doing them myself so she gets the hint. she's a great friend and i like spending time with her, and i'm not the type to need daily conversation either, i think i'm fairly low maintenance so there's really no need for all of that. like i know she knows i can see right through it it just makes me even sadder than being "ignored"

No. 1567605

It might be worth looking into therapy or seeing a psychiatrist, in that case. Finishing your degree will open a lot of doors.
You'll find a job sooner or later, nonnie

No. 1567609

same, being unemployed was a relaxing time compared to having to work day after day

No. 1567611

I just messaged a friend I had a falling out with a few years ago. I feel kind of dumb and embarrassed for putting myself out there, I don't think she'll respond. Kinda glad it's out of my head and in the open that I miss her and would like to be friends again. It was such a fucked up time for both us with a lot of misunderstandings and stubbornness. I hope she's doing well regardless.

No. 1567612

hats off to you, nonna, that's a very brave thing to do

No. 1567639

File: 1683205595705.gif (1.58 MB, 274x244, leave.gif)

There lately has been an increase in troon defenders littered all over the site, where do they come from??

No. 1567646

>where do they come from
Sissy porn, mainly

No. 1567648

Nobody's attending my graduation. I have no close friends. I wonder if I just shouldn't go. I don't even care.

No. 1567649

For what its worth; I am proud of you nonna! Way to go! Do whats best for you

No. 1567651

twitter and fandom spaces

No. 1567652

I'm proud of you nonna! Graduations are super overrated in my experience, I skipped my masters graduation, so do what you feel is right

No. 1567662

congratulations! graduations are very drawn out and tiring tbh but if you feel like you would regret not going, you could always ask someone to take your photo.

No. 1567674

once again woke up crying and angry because i was coerced into a pap smear i didn't want and didn't need when i was 17 because they were withholding my birth control until i subjected myself to this bullshit, and the alternative was getting pregnant and ruining my life
and if it wasn't traumatizing why would i keep having dreams about it, why would it make me angry enough to cry years later? it was a traumatic experience and it was medically unnecessary. it was rape.

now i dont go to doctors. if i die of something it will be because of that nasty rapist bitch. i hope the $20 she milked out of insurance for that unnecessary test i didn't want and begged and cried for her not to do was worth traumatizing me for the rest of my life

i hope she dies painfully and burns in hell

No. 1567679

leave negative reviews on all sites where the practice is listed. i always highly encourage this for medical malpractice against female patients because if it even just helps one person decide to choose another doctor, i consider it a win. and maybe if it happened to others, if they see someone else mention has done so, they will feel confident to also leave a review.

No. 1567684

I'm the same, I'm somewhat between jobs atm and I'm enjoying the break. I know I'll hate it when I return to work.
It's nice to have an income but I won't really have time for any of the things that actually make me happy.

No. 1567722

I have divorced parents that both remarried a good few years before my graduation and the two of them still spectacularly told me they weren't coming because of the other so I cancelled the whole day. Thanks mum and dad! Tbf I was dreading having to mingle in the queue for my degree.

No. 1567723

why are dog owners so fucking insane? this is just what im witnessing online and stuff but theyre super fucking autistic and weird when it comes to dogs. i saw a video on instagram where a woman was talking about how her dog almost burned down her house after knocking a tray fresh out of the oven onto the counter (from the stovetop) and it severely burned the counters before she noticed and moved it. rest of the video was her showing how she fixed it and she wasn't mad at the dog just turned it into a silly moment. the comments were dogtistic lovers raging at her saying "HOW IS IT THE DOGS FAULT!!!!!!! YOU SHOULDVE TRAINED HIM BETTER" like its not that fucking deep. then i see a post about a woman talking about how she bought a dog from what she thought was a reputable breeder but it wasn't and her puppy has parvo and half the comments are tards criticizing her saying its her fault her puppy is dying because she bought instead of adopt. if you say you dont like dogs, not in a hateful way, theres always some sperg reeing at you and talking about how they fantasize about killing 400 cats or some weird shit. and we all know how deranged pitbull lovers are. why can't dog lovers be normal? their dog could be ripping their necks out and they'd be furiously writing down "dear family and news please dont blame my uwu puppy he doesnt know better!11 its my fault i was 2 minutes late for walkies!!!"
mentally ill as hell

No. 1567756

Thank you nonna for putting into words what I felt back when I went down the rabbit hole with this case.
What I hated back when Shannan's fb videos surfaced all moids and pickmes jumped on the "ShAnaNn is A nARciSsiSt aNd aN aBUsEr" and "sEe, wHaMEn cAn bE ABuseRs tOo" train, picking on every little thing she said and every little gesture, while fully knowing that she's dead and therefore can't defend herself, nor her children. I swear, moid solidarity is unbeatable. One man can do vile stuff like in this case and there are still 3-5 dumbasses defending him and forming a little clique that hates on the victim and not on the perpetrator
>do not have kids if the man doesn't want them
Moids will poetically lie about their wish to have kids because 1, having kids boosts their status in scroteland and 2, they want kids for the aesthetic and "being the fun parent" without bearing any responability. When responability kicks in, they try so hard into becoming the other toddler in the house.

No. 1567762

i will never get my passport to visit my husband abroad because the state i was born in will never send me my birth certificate in time. i finished the application in march but ive still not received anything, so i finally got over my anxiety about calling and the clerk at the vital records office told me they are still processing requests from February. ill never get to see him and all the blame/responsibility falls squarely on my shoulders b/c he's there for work so he doesnt have the option of leaving to visit me. meanwhile even my coworkers imply im not doing enough to ~make it happen~ because going abroad is such an ~amazing opportunity~ id be crazy to pass up.

No. 1567776

My close friend is really struggling right now, and idk what to do or to help her.
We are in our early 30's, she struggles a lot with her dating life and has trouble finding other gay spaces where she feels welcome. She feels like every person she dated or had a fling with suddenly turned straight once they were past 25 and they have been in long-term relationships with men since, and since she only seem to be able to attract men and troons she is starting to wonder if the only road to happiness is going back into the closet and date a man even if the thought of it disgusts her (when she brought it up the other day she quickly waved away that thought and went "…nah, I'd rather be alone" but it was the second or third time she brought it up so it clearly weights on her).
She is having so much trouble finding a place where she feels she "belongs", even if she loves us friends a lot of us are straight so there are things we admittedly can never relate to her with that she wants to be able to communicate with others like her about. That the HER app turned into such a mess really upsets her, and the fact that only trannies kept showing up for her really made her insecure about herself before shit with the app went down (she seemed to ponder a bit on it when I brought up that it could possibly be that the app's algoritm favored troons to find actual women). Though I think she possibly self-harms by watching tiktoks with crazy TRAs that obviously hate lesbians and women.
I really wish I could give her some better advice and support, I always listen to her and I want her to be happy. She is one of my only terf friends and I hate seeing her this depressed about all of it. She says it will pass but I can tell she's really hurting and feeling lonely right now. Do any other anons struggle in a similar way? Do you know any decent way for me to show her my full support or make her feel better?

No. 1567795

File: 1683220642861.jpg (166.64 KB, 1080x1013, Tumblr_l_1068115280168116.jpg)

Instagram deleted picrel from my page for "hate speech". Are you fucking kidding me.

No. 1567796

Why would you post that on your instagram? That anon sounds like a boring sperg too.

No. 1567799

>posting 4chan screencaps on instagram

No. 1567801

She's doing it again. "Oh my god I have to go into the office twice a week I'm gonna kms" shut the fuck up and be thankful your job even has wfh.

No. 1567803

File: 1683221176824.jpeg (64.76 KB, 614x641, FusT2xqaUAIxwGR.jpeg)

i got a comment deleted, obviously tongue-in-cheek and mocking the person I'm responding to, "males must stab one another, clearly there cannot be another way", whereas comments from males saying they want to rape/kill/harm a female in the comments or in a video, and especially anything about raping children or in support of porn of children, gets a "this doesn't go against out guidelines”.
really makes you think

No. 1567806

I want almond milk with coffee creamer and chocolate but I already ate fruit earlier so I really can't allow myself anymore sugary foods. Sad face.

No. 1567812

Well it's my old post kek and it was funny because of the absolute seethe in the responses, also me and a couple of other spergs only post art, memes and screencaps on our instagrams, no real photos… My point is, that's not hatespeech, you have much worse things on insta, including things that border on being porn, also the stuff anon pointed out >>1567803

No. 1567825

I'm still so fucking UPSET THAT KING OF THE HILL IS COMING BACK AND BRITTANY MURPHY AND TOM PETTY ARE GONE. wtff I could deal with just Lucky being gone, but I love Luanne so much. I hope they have a nice dedication to them or something..

No. 1567827

in grad school. and one of my ‘friends’ from high school just happened to be in the same program. at first it was nice to reconnect, but now i’m just remembering how depressed and unhappy i was in high school because of not having friends in 11th/12 grade. this girl was maybe my friend for a year in 9th grade
anyway i feel super depressed in class right now because she’s in the same class but has clearly made other friendships already and i’m not involved
feels like fucking high school again and i fucking hate it. doesn’t help either that this is a required class for the program so i feel like there’s 0 purpose for me being in it right now, which is also how i felt about hs classes


No. 1567832

i thought i was being an asshole when i distanced myself from some people that i met when i first came to my uni, but now i am beginning to see that it was better for me in the end.

No. 1567845

I hate dogs so fuckng much. I was raised with cats so i know im kind of biased, but fuck, dogs are the worst. You have to teach them EVERYTHING.
My mum decided it would be a bright idea to get a puppy - shes mixed, but we know she has Caucasian Ovcharka in her. So, a scary dog.
Oh fuck. This puppy business is wore than a newborn child. Newborn children dont randomly lunge at you and draw blood. Newborn children also don't generally have to be taught to take naps.
Its been few days since i started dogsitting this bitch. I mean that in a literal and derogatory way. I spent an hour taking away all of this babys toys so she would calm down and take a nap, but she finds everything interesting, especially our wandering young kitty, who, by the way, is smaller and younger than the puppy, and im constantly afraid she'll bite the poor things head off. Which she can do no problem. I cry every fucking day because she streses me out so much. Jumping, barking, tugging at me, pissing and shitting on the floor (its my fault, but it also annoys me that i have to wash my floor every other day).
She bites everything. That is the absolute worst part of having her. If i was the only person responsible for her care I'd constantly daydream of just letting her out and roam. Just leave me the fuck alone, i beg you.
She's not dumb, but shes so impulsive and so needy. I dont understand dog people. If you want a child, just get one. You can talk to it eventually and they'll understand sound reasoning.

No. 1567848

File: 1683223261289.jpg (38.74 KB, 530x530, 1620822965800.jpg)

I wanna read, but I can't read when someone's home because I can't relax when I expect someone to come into my room every five minutes (and they usually do) reeee

No. 1567889

I'm so tired of everything being about tHe QuEeRs. News, video essays, anything on social media…JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!

No. 1567893

File: 1683226647141.png (269.36 KB, 960x720, bomi-snapshot-2021-09-30-15-54…)

>like a week and a half before graduation
>submitted my application for it early this year
>get 2 emails:
>>one from records, telling me my application has been denied
>>another from a professor asking me my mailing address
>respond to my professor: correct it, ask if i should ignore the records email
>>he says yes
>email records asking them if all they need is an address correction
>>they say an address correction wouldn't lead to my application being rejected
>email advisor
>>"yes my boss and a member of the department are making a decision regarding you"
>don't get to know what that decision is because he doesn't know either

i feel ill. i don't know what's going on. or rather i have few guesses but i was essentially told by the professor at the time that it was "okay" for me to do what i did
really don't know what i'll do if i don't get my degree kek, i'm running out of money and all the jobs i've applied for require i have this degree. i'm scared and depressed but i still have to do shit.

i feel it can't be anything extremely serious. if it were then why the hell is it happening now, at the cusp of me getting out of here? holy christ i've not prayed in years but i am praying now kek

No. 1567896

the *reasons for them even needing the decision. oh god

No. 1567897

I'm gonna be honest with you, I prefer it this way because at some point they reduced Luanne to a walking joke about tits, ass and stupid bimbos (yeah I know those things were always part of her character but you can tell in the early seasons she was more than that). I also liked Luanne a lot but hated the way she was treated, it was painful to watch what the writers did to her.

No. 1567900

but she's right though…

No. 1567904

Is there any reason why they would deny your graduation application? Like missing required courses?

No. 1567946

same I used to like chatting with my friends that lived nearby late at night, felt like a secret club meeting

No. 1567951

life is seriously so fucked up and perverted here, and people i try to talk to about it irl make me feel crazy for saying it. i've lived in a big tx city all of my life and i don't know if i can take it anymore, and i don't really see a way out for me besides death. there is no community, no empathy, no real sprituality, no respect for others in general but especially not for children. those under 18 are honestly not treated like human beings here, much like many other groups… all of the focus here is on profit and the self. all me me me me (i'm not even gonna get into the overturning of roe v. wade and how that's impacted women here cause i already wanna kms) i grew up going to church often, where there should have been a great sense of belonging and community, but it was never like that for me or my sister because we always just felt controlled by it. i feel my entire life, my identity and spirit, everything has been bastardized by the culture here. idk if it's just modern american culture, the southern culture, or what that is so intolerable to me. but i swear to god, when i look around at everyone who has grown up in this system around me, none of them seem truly happy, free, or know what they want in life. everyone is broken and unable to connect with others. idk, maybe im just naively thinking that the grass would be greener on the other side, but i really feel like my life could have been so much better if i had been born somewhere else, somewhere simpler, maybe another country. i wish i had been raised by a village as a child instead of by daycare workers and teachers who hated me, and absent parents who never taught me anything about how to live life. this is purely anecdotal, but i'm 2nd gen. immigrant and my family that decided to stay in our home country are objectively happier, healthier, kinder, and more prosperous. they literally glow compared to us. sigh. probably nobody understands what i'm trying to say anyway

No. 1567952

My project stresses me and I am worried. I hope all be fine.

No. 1567979

Procastinating isn't making me happy, watching streamers and youtube videos isn't making me happy, browsing the internet isn't making me happy and yet I keep doing is because I don't want to do the shit I need to do because I don't believe in myself and am afraid I can't do it. I'm self-aware yet can't break the cycle, why can't I break the cycle? I hate myself

No. 1567987

check out books on procrastination like the Now Habit. Building habits and getting into the cycle of getting things done is tough but when you do it you feel much more peaceful and better. All the excess screen time makes you feel worse, and along with that you can't truly enjoy it because you're so stressed out. literally drop all devices and take a short walk outside and see how you feel then try to do the easiest thing on your list.

No. 1567999

Thanks anon. I absolutely know you're right in theory but god damn is it difficult to break the bad habits, I've tried so many times already. I'll check the book you mentioned, thanks.

No. 1568001

We'll make it somehow anon…I keep flipping through videos and music telling myself I just need the right one on to get myself doing chores or my hobby. Instead I'm wasting time doing that rather than getting up. Sometimes I'm the opposite where I'll procrastinate by doing useless cleaning rather than actually sitting down to do something that would better my life like learning a new skill. I know deep down there is x thing to accomplish but I just have to get up and do something which doesnt contribute to it. Fuck.

No. 1568002

I ate a burger earlier and I was so paranoid about the mayo being cum. I dont eat mayo often and I am a turbo virgin so I dont know what cum looks/tastes like beyond meme depictions
Actually in general I have a fear of randomly being cummed on like in the bus when a man is behind me I worry he's doing some fetish thing

No. 1568011

I did deal with similar thoughts some years ago when I first discovered porn(I knew what it was for years but had never looked at a porn site and curiosity unfortunately got the best of me) and it instantly disgusted me. Everything is a porn category if you are a woman no matter how mundane. So for a while I couldn't leave the house because the thought of men having sexual thoughts in public, and worse: actually jacking off creeped me out so much.
I totally get where you are coming from but I don't think you should worry about mayo being cum though

No. 1568014

sorry for putting the thought in your head but i remember very clearly in the first grade eating mash potatos until i couldn't stop picture it as someone's spit and snot so i couldn't finish it. it happens

No. 1568017

I have this vague memory where I came home from school one day and found out the back of my black jacket had this weird, white crusty stain on it. I had no idea what it was or where it even came from. It was translucent so definitely not bird poo. I didn't think much of it at that time and just threw the jacket in my laundry, but thinking about it now as I got older it was probably cum…

No. 1568020

I'm at my first gynecologist appointment. Never had one growing up but I'm waiting for the doc because I'm actively panicking. They found nothing wrong with my uterus but my symptoms sre so bad they wanted to check downstairs because they want to make sure i'm not having some weird vaginal deformity that causes the pain.
I am deeply uncomfortable with my female body or another person touching me in any way, and if they find out i'm a lesbian, i've heard horror stories of them getting dropped for the crime of, gasp! liking pussy! So i feel sick and neededvto let it out because my mom couldn't help me out because our psychiatrist fucked up her psych med prescription and her withdrawal symptoms are severe
come to tgink of it, it's embarrassing how i'm nearly 20 and i still need my mother's help with everything because she babied me and refused to take me to a gyno before

No. 1568034

>So i feel sick and neededvto let it out because my mom couldn't help me out
there are a lot of woman who offer to be moral support for other women going to gynecologist. just caring strangers offering to hold your hand or talk and hang with you to distract you from it and give emotional/moral support. i am banking on never going to one, nothing anyone can say will change my mind, don't care, if i die i die don't care, but if i must for some reason have to go, that is what I'm going to look into.

No. 1568041

this video is insane. you can walk in a hotel and, so long as you don't look like a drug addict, can get away with getting a keycard to a random room. which happened to one women in the video that was raped for two hours by some scrote

No. 1568054

That’s so fucked. I worked at a hotel for over 5 years in multiple positions (front desk and housekeeping) and we got severely drilled about security almost daily so this would never have happened where I worked but you hear horror stories. If these stories are real (which like whatever, even if they aren’t real they highlight a problem that can exist if staff gets lax with security) someone on staff absolutely got fired and should have been. There’s so much shit in hotels that sucks. We had a situation where a guy left pornography spread out on one bed for the housekeeper to see and watch them look at —we kicked him out because what the fuck. Other situations happen where men (almost always men) want to watch the housekeeper make up their room and refuse to leave which isn’t that crazy but then they would be creepy and stare at you bending over to clean and ask you creepy questions or get close to you.. even in my small area there were instances of men grabbing housekeepers or offering them money for sex (Marriott had to make a policy where the guest has to leave or you don’t have to clean the room technically, not sure if that’s still a thing). I like traveling but I use all the damn security features because I heard all the shit

No. 1568056

Like I haven’t worked at hotels since pre-covid and I know every place fired their whole fucking staff to save money so I bet it’s a shit show of new hires who don’t know why the security checks are important. I hope this shit goes viral and they get the hotel franchises and conglomerates get their acts together. If the staff isn’t trained on security it’s really not safe.

No. 1568063

Dumped my bf. Fed up with the boring cunt. Hope he reads this since he went through my phone and found this site. You're 8 years older than me think you'd have the wisdom to not throw something away you apparently waited so long for. Now you'll never have to listen to me moan again, bedroom or otherwise woohoo

No. 1568072

File: 1683241279446.png (40.61 KB, 445x817, post.png)

i'm the anon from this post and now that i've got an extension not only am i getting ghosted by both (after trying to do all the work myself and getting no answers. i've asked for a simple sentence from the one who came back from vacation since she was the only one who bothered to answer me at all even if with nonanswers and she seriously gives me a five word sentence. i ask her to at least check our class groupchat which for some reason i'm excluded from, tells me that it's fine if it's just the two of us. now i know it was cunty of me but i politely asked her if she could send me a screenshot and that i wasn't saying that i didn't believe her but just because i'm not in the group and you know what she tells me ?
>there's too many messages
are you fucking serious. i'm actually crying of frustration right now i'm so angry i just want to cry until i don't have tears anymore because i don't know what i did wrong or what i could have done differently because seriously no one wants to work with me and no one is cooperating. i know i'm going to sound like a nerd but i really don't want to have to take a resit exam at the fault of someone else.
i don't know if it would be rude to just tell the professor that nobody's cooperating with me in any way, not even answers or if that would be "unprofessional". i reckon my professor wouldn't care because to be fair it's not any of her concern whether or not i have a partner and would most likely just tell me to find someone else. i hate my life/situation right now i swear if i wasn't socially inept i would have had my work finished already. the only reason why these two girls even partnered up with me is because i wasn't talking to anyone and neither were they. i'm so angry

No. 1568073

i'm not sure, i have 6 hours over what i need to graduate, and i have fulfilled all my major requirements course-wise.

feeling a bit better though because i emailed the department head, and he has no idea what's going on either; he actually cc'd the first professor with "well what's up?" and dude was like "we are working on it, the address was giving up trouble (?), blah blah blah".

maybe records told me wrong. i'm gonna have some tea and try to relax, hopefully shit will be resolved by monday.

No. 1568076

it's because it says normalfags. Most people outside of imageboards are uncomfortable with slurs and they do quality as hatespeech

No. 1568077

The appointment went great, funnily enough. She was one of the few supportive (of lesbians) gynos and noticed my symptoms were eligible for a hysterectomy if they're still horrible when I'm older, and we had a talk appointment today.
I will keep in mind to ask my sister if she can help and mom isn't available, thank you!

No. 1568082

I found out today that I have to have a complete hysterectomy because my organs are trying to kill me, and that I'll be going into menopause as a young woman and have to be on HRT for the rest of my life. This is traumatizing enough but on top of it I'm having a fucking awful time researching HRT because of TRANNIES. I'm so upset. Every discussion, every article about women's hormone management, is tainted with this shit. I hate this so much

No. 1568088

File: 1683242922234.jpg (177.07 KB, 972x972, bis3.jpg)

I'm so sorry anon. I hope all goes well with you and your body and i wish you luck and safe recovery when the time comes. It's so terrible that our bodies can do this to us, but at least the positive is we live in a time with enough medical advancements that there is some way to get aid.
maybe try searching with the keyword "menopause" required, in hopes it will filter out the men and be more women's information. also including words to omit like -trans -reddit -lgbt

No. 1568095

Thank you sweet nonnie, I'll try searching that way. I got so frustrated I gave up for the time being and am trying to blow off some steam playing video games. I don't have a choice in the surgery, and it just bothers me how something that's very serious health-wise has just been taken over and politicized.

No. 1568104

check out hystersisters, last time I checked there was no mention of troon shit, just women dealing with reproductive troubles. it helped a lot when dealing with my hysterectomy. you'll be okay nonny

No. 1568110

I remember being in middle school and seeing some local news about a camera at work filming a pizza worker jerking off onto the pizza. It made me paranoid for years. I started hating scrotes pretty early because of shit like this

No. 1568122

i remember one where teenagers would jack off in the mcflurry machine
that's male socialization for you

No. 1568132

File: 1683246055874.jpg (30.73 KB, 406x295, 77a564c5689d083e225.jpg)

how come every time I see the doctors for a completely unrelated issue they always say my blood pressure is too high or think there's something wrong with my heart. that's not what I'm here for and i'm just nervous you morons

No. 1568145

File: 1683246778842.jpg (16.04 KB, 377x377, 1682725591953.jpg)

Sick and tired of retards (including nonas on here) saying shit like "conservative terf", "rightwing terf" or whatever. Learn what the fuck words mean, thanks

No. 1568146

Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult, like I half want to give people stuff and talk about our interests but I always get the feeling that I’m too weird to be their friend or they’re too weird to be my friend. I’ve burned so many bridges from just not talking to anyone and letting those relationships fade.

No. 1568163

My mental state experienced a massive drop around a month ago and I really can't take it anymore. I have struggled with repetitive depressive episodes ever since I was a teen and I'm just getting so sick of it. The start of this year was good, but now everything is crumbling again. My suicidal thoughts are only getting worse each day and I'm not sure if I'm able to hang on any longer. The only reason I have lived this long is my mother, she is the most amazing and kind person I know. I don't want to cause her pain but at this point I have no other reasons and it's starting to feel so unfair to live my own life only for the sake of someone else. I love my mom and the thought of breaking her heart feels awful but… Dead people can't think I guess. I just can't bear living like this anymore, it's not like I just wallow in self pity either. I really have tried my best but it feels like no matter what I do the depression will come back again. It feels like I'm trying my best to swim and sometimes manage to come up for air, only to get dragged back down and be unable to breathe. I don't want to live the rest of my days like this and try to think "It will get better", but this just keeps repeating. I have tried multiple medications, therapy, keeping a stable routine, hobbies and lifestyle changes etc etc. It might work for a while but then it comes back full force. My teenage years got ruined by having to constantly be hospitalized. I don't believe in anything paranormal nor am I religious but it feels like I'm cursed. I just want to be able to live life, not talk myself out of suicide almost everyday expect a few months of happiness that never last.

No. 1568204

Why do I still love someone who's hurt me so badly

No. 1568208

File: 1683259081896.png (228.03 KB, 929x842, sdfsdfsdfsdfs.png)

>I’m too weird to be their friend or they’re too weird to be my friend

No. 1568211

You know how sometimes on facebook you'll get a friend request from a spam account that's a duplicate of an account you're already friends with? I checked it for the first time in months today and I had one of those from a duplicate of my sister's account that's still up even though she died in January. I know it's just a robot and I reported it and everything but seeing her name in my friend requests did something to my brain for some reason. It reminded me of when we were young and set up our Facebook accounts together and sent each other friend requests and would message each other dumb shit all the time. I wish I had known back then that I only had a handful of years left with her.

I miss her so much and the little reminders of her are killing me. It's like every time I try to move on the universe is like "hey don't forget you're missing part of your heart and you can never get it back" like yes, thank you i know but can i have a goddamn break please.

No. 1568212

File: 1683259666537.jpg (82.12 KB, 828x817, CAT MEME FACE.jpg)

I just accidentally microwaved a metal knife because I wasn't paying attention. I microwaved it for like a minute and I don't think it even sparked or anything. I mean, I heard popping noises but I thought that was the food. Can I even still eat this shit? I feel so retarded anons. My stomach literally dropped when I took the plate out and realized what I did.

No. 1568216

I don't have much words of advice nonna, but just know you're not alone. Life is definitely hard. And it is frustrating when you see a glimpse of happiness but you feel it slip out of your grasp. It makes you feel like it's your fault somehow that you let that happiness escape, or maybe that you ruined it somehow. Life's all ups and downs anyways, but the downs are really hard.
Even if you can't find explicit happiness, I hope at the very least you can find some peace.

No. 1568217

You're good anon, the food should be fine to eat. Just be careful touching the knife obviously kek

Everyone makes mistakes, go easy on yourself

No. 1568218

The food will be fine, it won't be poisonous at least. You just don't want to microwave metal so it doesn't start a fire or break your microwave.

No. 1568244

File: 1683262696926.jpg (67.81 KB, 826x1024, 2fdc748c62c26aa3958f536ad6542c…)

>get praised by a chatbot
>actually get slightly happy about it
I hate this, this can't be right..

No. 1568248

Girl one time someone asked me to microwave their sandwich and it was in an Arby's wrapper which I forgot had an aluminum lining and when it started sparking immediately and melted a small hole in the door I was grabbed that shit out so fast and was quiet for like an hour.

No. 1568251

Ugh I hate seeing my friend do stupid pick-me shit like chasing men (even coworkers) and letting them know she's interested only to have them shelve her (and she actually seems proud of this in the "I at least communicated my feelings, hopefully I'll hear back from him" sort of way)
She thinks it's "putting the ball in their court" but it just screams desperate to me, she really doesn't know it's only going to be an ego-boost for these men and most likely put her in a situationship
Like I already gave her the side-eye when she told me how much she loves Jordan Peterson, she's gonna attract the wrong type of man with that shit and I'm thinking of bailing on this friendship now because I can see her as a single struggling mother in the future asking me for help.

No. 1568264

everything in my life is going wrong. my cars front brakes were shot so I had to shell out like $500 to fix them, then my car started overheating and there was no coolant in it, now my back brakes are shot but I can't take it in to the mechanics because I had a minor surgery and my foot is all fucked up and may be infected. tonight a metal wire holding my teeth in place snapped off so now I have to shell out money at the dentist to get a custom retainer made if I can even get an appointment. and I have another medical procedure coming up for my other foot which will be awful and painful like the first one, and I still need to fix my car for the overheating and brakes. I'm graduating uni soon to top it off and my parents are nonstop nagging me to get a job and move out. fuck it all, nothing can ever go right in my life

No. 1568266

today I dumped my older well off boyfriend because I'm absolutely fucking sick of being taken for granted and told to stop complaining about work. He told me he'd let me move in with him and he'd take care of me and I could quit my job. My job means so much to me. I've worked so hard to get in here and yeah it's hard work and I'll vent about it that doesn't mean I want to quit. Why the fuck would I give up independence to move in with a scote I've known less than a year. Also how can your favourite TV show be a work based comedy yet you freak the fuck out if I tell you mental shit at my work. "Why are you telling me and not HR?" Why do I tell you anything?

No. 1568272

shit like this is why we need female-only restaurants and hotels where only women work and only women are allowed to be customers. But I'm sure if anyone actually tried to implement it there would be a huge uproar from every demographic. Women are not allowed to have shit

No. 1568278

I think I made the decision to soft break up about a month or so ago and I completed on it last night and blocked him. It's so weird how when I reflect back on my life I use partners as timestamps. Idk if it's a libra trait lol. I'm still fixated on the ex from 2020. I can't even remember how we broke up I know it officially ended when i walked out of his house but I can't remember what I said. He was terrible but that was definitely love. It was passionate, fun and easy but volatile. It ended. I had sporadic dates near the end of 2020 and start of 2021 then let myself rot into the pandemic. I made headway on professional goals and still am. I started feeling better about myself in the middle of 2022 and met a guy. It was a spectacularly embarrassing fling considering our ages. Maybe the pandemic made people weird. Then I met my most recent ex. We have things in common but there is no passion or there was and its fizzled out within months. I think I'm still in the seeking period of my life. I want someone to match my energy. I want fun and passion. Passion has to exist without abuse. Please let me find love lol

No. 1568289

All week I've been drinking water and eating good enough and also in considerate portions but last night I broke it by giving into temptation and eating 2 kebabs and today I had mcdonalds I feel disgusting and ashamed

No. 1568325

File: 1683277667139.jpg (129.78 KB, 1853x1042, 1stWorld.jpg)

I so badly want to not care about physical appearance for moids
Unfortunately I have a high sex drive and can only be aroused by physically attractive men, ugly men repulse me, so I would be miserable in a sexless relationship with an old or ugly moid
But if I could just get over that I'm pretty enough that I could make some ugly dude my bitch and live in a huge gorgeous house, spend all his money on decorating it and primping myself, and just generally live a princess dream life full of luxury and comfort.
But instead I want lustful attraction and true love combined, and am willing to accept a modest or even struggle-filled financial situation if need be. Can I just turn off this part of my brain that wants love and romance and have an easy life instead aaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1568335

File: 1683279962491.jpg (44 KB, 875x720, 58bff0d88b679ada9fdc87c464d64b…)

The idea of having sex with a man seems more and more terrifying to me each passing day. Just the idea of being ruthlessly judged on your body in the most vulnerable state and him going to his friends and gossip about it makes me scared, not to mention that I'm an outie and I find the roastbeef comments and "jokes" disgusting and they are quite common on the web and real life too. Also, the chances of a moid using your body like with a sex doll makes my skin crawl.
I just heard 2 moids talking about their girlfriends in bed and they dehumanised said gfs, it felt like they were talking about a sex doll and not a human being and they were laughing too, my heart sank for those girls…

Sex with a man just doesn't feel safe at all, especially with porn consumption being at an all time high

I know it depends on the guy you're dating too, but it feels like far too many of them talk like this about their gfs with other moids.

No. 1568339

File: 1683281121252.jpeg (36.56 KB, 540x408, 22C58654-357B-4029-9CA4-585C95…)

I feel so pathetic to being this fragile and emotional to life. I’ve been crying every single day in the past months, it’s never been this bad, it’s like I’m never going to recover. I feel so alone and forgotten, everyone is so mean to me. I just wanna feel safe and stop hurting.
My skin looks awful because I haven’t had a proper meal in days, and my eyes are always full of tears. I’m so scared for future me.

No. 1568341

File: 1683281195840.jpg (75.47 KB, 1079x837, Screenshot_20230505_025623_Ins…)

Both funny and sad to me how the current beauty standard is unattainable naturally even to the ones who used to be considered the most beautiful of them all
Actresses who were considered gorgeous even 10 years ago are now being compared to photoshopped ethots, a hip to waist ratio of 10 inch difference which would make one a natural hourglass is now nothing impressive because we're used to seeing insane proportions, but this shit is all fake or surgically altered. Ever wonder why there are so many girls on tiktok and instagram who look more genetically blessed than the most beautiful women of our time like monica bellucci, brooke shields, or even surgically altered current ones like ana de armas cannot compete with the girls online scrotes are lusting over and girls are comparing themselves to. I truly believe the future holds nothing but completely surgically altered beauty as people try to live up to filters and facetune. I always laugh when I see a girl who looks like she should be a world renowned supermodel is a small time insta influencer– if she really looked like that irl people would be pounding down the door with modeling contracts. Somehow you never see girls like this as actresses… Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Zendaya, they all are pretty but have normal body and face proportions. It's just so silly and stupid how fake the online world is, and you can't hide. I wonder if actresses are going to start being heavily photoshopped while in motion. The girls typecasted as "pretty girls" look plain jane if you put them next to plastic and filtered creatures like Cindy Kimberly and Madison Beer. Even Madison irl has a normal shaped waist unlike what she shoops herself with. Ariana grande and Madison are good examples of women who have attempted to surgically alter themselves to become living IG filters
Picrel a girl with a gorgeous, but normal looking body in a film, but no influencer would post a pic of themselves like this without shrinking the waist to be size of their head.
Schizo tier ramblings but I'm genuinely so disturbed by what this all means for the future of society and attraction, I think it will become like Japan where men only want to fuck anime girls and the women are repulsed by their idiocy

No. 1568342

File: 1683281129725.jpg (75.47 KB, 1079x837, Screenshot_20230505_025623_Ins…)

Both funny and sad to me how the current beauty standard is unattainable naturally even to the ones who used to be considered the most beautiful of them all
Actresses who were considered gorgeous even 10 years ago are now being compared to photoshopped ethots, a hip to waist ratio of 10 inch difference which would make one a natural hourglass is now nothing impressive because we're used to seeing insane proportions, but this shit is all fake or surgically altered. Ever wonder why there are so many girls on tiktok and instagram who look more genetically blessed than the most beautiful women of our time like monica bellucci, brooke shields, or even surgically altered current ones like ana de armas cannot compete with the girls online scrotes are lusting over and girls are comparing themselves to. I truly believe the future holds nothing but completely surgically altered beauty as people try to live up to filters and facetune. I always laugh when I see a girl who looks like she should be a world renowned supermodel is a small time insta influencer– if she really looked like that irl people would be pounding down the door with modeling contracts. Somehow you never see girls like this as actresses… Sydney Sweeney, Alexa Demie, Zendaya, they all are pretty but have normal body and face proportions. It's just so silly and stupid how fake the online world is, and you can't hide. I wonder if actresses are going to start being heavily photoshopped while in motion. The girls typecasted as "pretty girls" look plain jane if you put them next to plastic and filtered creatures like Cindy Kimberly and Madison Beer. Even Madison irl has a normal shaped waist unlike what she shoops herself with. Ariana grande and Madison are good examples of women who have attempted to surgically alter themselves to become living IG filters
Picrel a girl with a gorgeous, but normal looking body in a film, but no influencer would post a pic of themselves like this without shrinking the waist to be size of their head.
Schizo tier ramblings but I'm genuinely so disturbed by what this all means for the future of society and attraction, I think it will become like Japan where men only want to fuck anime girls and the women are repulsed by their idiocy

No. 1568345

Anon go eat something and just focus on the food for a bit. You can't do a whole lot for your future self in this instant but you can do something good for your current self!

No. 1568351

Eating is one of the most essential things you should do. When you find yourself unable to get up and crying all day, force yourself to go eat something despite your emotional state, just like you'd force yourself out of bed to go to the bathroom.
You'll see you'll feel a little better. Over time you'll be able to focus on improving other things about your life, step by step.

No. 1568377

File: 1683285237425.jpg (64.06 KB, 658x960, 341098250_1636368960142673_829…)

"the one" does not exist. you need to be the one yourself, be whole, for yourself. that's why i gave polyamory a try. well, by that i mean, hang out and fuck one poly moid. clownshoes on me because i start to miss him while he ghosts me. it's probably one of his many girls. i liked that i had so much freedom and time to myself instead of always having someone cling to me and yet this just feels like he doesn't even like me at all. but again, what would i expect from a guy? yeah, you would say men will give what i let them get away with. but why do i always have to be the lead? why can't they just be thoughtful, romantic, good lovers, active listeners and emotionally supporting without you having to manipulate and teach and train? i could do all of that for them and without them even asking, i would just try to figure out by what they say, how they react to things around us, etc. i really want to give all of my love to someone, all of my romance and attention, who would appreciate it and wouldn't think i was a weird desperate whore but such scrote don't seem to exist. the more unavailable and avoidant i am the more they like me, always.

No. 1568380

since social media is for the normies now, i imagine this is already heavily happening with teenage zoomers who are marketed anime. it used to be that only nerds, otaku would have malding and erectile dysfunction at age 18 from cooming to too much animu and other degeneracy. this time it will be an entire generation growing up on instagram and getting groomed on discord, surrounded by actual e-thots. worldwide spread of this fake ass disease will really shrivel up some sacks. everyone's body perception but especially girls' is so warped, everyone is insecure and shy or overly cocky and narcissistic.

No. 1568405

File: 1683292919121.jpg (206.89 KB, 564x1618, 7dda45e55674809c6fd2e6c230a04f…)

I think it's the most striking when you look at real vintage material from ~100 years ago, so the time when people didn't really know of anything further from their own neighbourhood / city, and weren't as influenced by media as people after them, i don't think male beauty standards changed as drastically as they did for women

No. 1568414

im fucking exhausted and I need to sleep but I can’t sleep because I’m tossing and turning seething over a situationshop that ended years ago. I just recently severed ties with him. I wish my emotions weren’t this unregulated I guess I just couldn’t admit to myself that he used me and spit me out until recently. I feel like such a fucking fool

No. 1568490

I want to moid rage and destroy shit, but moid rage is embarassing even when it's not done by one. I'm tired and cranky all the time. I wanna hit people's heads with a crowbar just because they're calling my name with the wrong tone aaagh.

No. 1568521

File: 1683303433861.jpeg (51.54 KB, 622x622, IMG_3148.jpeg)

All my life I’ve been secretly longing for a relationship without pursuing anyone. Now that I’m in one (with someone I genuinely like) I could not care less. I almost wish we would break up.

No. 1568563

Ayrt and I'm sure you are right, it's been a while since I've seen the later seasons. It's probably more to do with my attachment to Brittany Murphy than anything, it just makes me sad that she won't be there, I guess.

No. 1568579

File: 1683310068819.jpeg (94.14 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_3601.jpeg)

nobody is listening to me to such a degree that it's almost making me schizophrenic. it's like someone cursed me to be invisible AND inaudible. it's like i'm a literal ghost. what the hell is going on? i've just been crying all these past three days from frustration. the one time someone answers me it's to put even more work on my back for me to do on their behalf in the meanest way and then disappear again.

No. 1568590

I feel sorry about your situation, I really hope you get some peace on the weekend and enjoy doing the things you like or something relaxing. If you don't have anyone to unwind you know you can shitpost around here, anons can be really funny.

No. 1568624

I hate backpackers

No. 1568625

No. 1568627

I am so tired. Every night it’s the same. It’s the fucking same. I want to disappear. I’ve been visiting this place since years now - through my episodes and my good times, and no matter what, it doesn’t go away. I just want to disappear. It’s so fucking awful waking up in the morning.

No. 1568630

I can feel my body ovulating snd it’s so irritating like period cramps is enough already give me a break

No. 1568653

I don’t need a man and I’m not saying this in a girl power way but I genuinely have no purpose for them. They don’t help with my self esteem because when I’m around then they make me feel worse, I don’t need them for conversation because most of the time they don’t care what I’m saying anyway, I don’t need them for sex because most of them are unattractive or bad at sex, I don’t need them for money. I’m lonely but my quality of life greatly improves when they aren’t around me. Men make me feel like my high school bullies did.

No. 1568669

Ngl if I had money and absolute financial stability I'm not sure I would bother with men. Like you said, a lot of times they don't listen to what you have to say and are bad at sex.

No. 1568672

File: 1683316811338.jpeg (437.07 KB, 1600x1200, 11E4DFB8-C5A9-42B4-91C7-605DC6…)

i am very scared to go back on a low dose of an snri but i have no unhealthy coping mechanisms and therapy/the healthy ones like yoga exercising isnt helping my ptsd symptoms and im very paranoid and stressed 80% of my days.

vaping and drugs helped a lot but i am sober now i dont overeat or do bad things. i have a very stressful job that triggers my fight or flight and am in a bad living situation im trying to fix but these combined with my mental state lately leaves me at a loss.

i dont want to go back on medicine because i was doing so well. do i keep trying to push forward? i want to go back into journaling and do more cbt work but i dont know if it will help this intense stress and worry and ptsd symptoms coming back. im scared the medicine will make me worse and hurt me. would shrooms be better? should i vape again? im driving myself a bit nuts. trying to accept trying medicine but i feel i cant stop if i go back and ill ruin my brain. i feel what if i can try harder to help myself? but ive been trying. i failed. i thought i could remain happy but im trying my best and i feel very lonely stresseddddddddd crying. i cant function well because i often want to sleep most of the day away to magically awake and do my hobbies again and be all cheerful. ive considered religion or deluding mysekf into more positivity too. i just need someone to reassure me. i dont want to get worse or ruin my relationship and i miss talkinn to friends and doing hobbies.

No. 1568678

File: 1683317307486.jpg (234.27 KB, 1000x1473, tumblr_o8kbl4frD71rsyukao1_128…)

Guys see me as their manic pixie dream girl and i hate that, I'm actually so boring and normal, i just want them to leave me alone

No. 1568687

I haven't been able to take care of my dental health lately, plus I got taken out of my parent's insurance last year, and when I did an inspection on my teeth, it wasn't looking good. On the bright side, I am starting a new job soon with great benefits so hopefully I can see the dentist soon and fix any problems I have.

No. 1568695

Same… My life isn't even that interesting, it's insane how much males can project onto you.

No. 1568707

I’d still wanna be with my partner if I were rich, the main problems we have are due to money and chores, if we had a bunch of money we could hire people to do the mundane things we get into spats over. I’d keep my partner around and hire a housekeeper and get to know some kinda handyman to do outside house shit and get regular lawn care and stuff. Hire a dog walker on days I don’t feel well enough to walk my dog. That sorta thing. Money would solve all my relationship issues.

No. 1568720

Hugs nonnie. I just went to the dentist expecting to just pay for an exam and regular cleaned ($250 total and not particularly painful experience) but they said I need a debridement. Gonna cost me $300 on top of the $250 I already planned to spend. AND it’s gonna hurt like a bitch. At least I don’t have any cavities. I literally had to ask my primary care doctor for klonopin so I can knock my ass out for the procedure.

I already find regular cleanings very uncomfortable and borderline painful, it takes every ounce of self control not to run out the damn door, the feelings and the sounds and the SCRAPING dude omg. Oh and I’m resistant to local anesthetic, which I guess is familial cause both my parents are too. My maternal grandpa literally would just take a Tylenol before he’d get dental work done, cause the local anesthetic shots just hurt going in and didn’t numb him anyway, so why bother with the pain of getting jabbed when it’s not gonna do anything to alleviate the pain anyway? The last time I got local anesthetic shot for a filling, not only did it not work, they poked a nerve in my jaw and I couldn’t open my mouth more than like an inch without extreme sharp shooting pain for weeks. I was afraid it would never heal but I’m lucky it did.

I hate dentistry I hate these luxury mouth bones. I swear to god, humans are the most expensive exotic animal and our husbandry is so extensive and difficult to maintain. I also need to get my eyeballs taken care of cause my vision is shitty and I shouldn’t have survived childhood, I am the fucking human version of a poorly bred teacup chihuahua. I swear I’d save money caring for a tiger vs caring for myself.

No. 1568721

I'm trying to take a part my bed but it won't fucking un-assemble

No. 1568726

I feel so awkward at my school because I transferred a year ago and never interacted with anyone in the department I’m in until this semester. I emailed the department chair a couple times but I literally only just met them today because they put art I made in a show and I was trying to pick it up after the exhibit ended.

No. 1568742

File: 1683321754121.jpg (824.37 KB, 3786x2522, E_6i_VCUYA0gk4Z.jpg)

fwb moid treated me like shit for more than one year because of "muh ex" and "muh trauma" and blablabla among other code words for me being too fucking ugly to be in a relationship or to be loved, really. now he realizes that i don't want him anymore, not even sexually, i don't want to be near him, i lost all interest in this moid. and uses the typical manipulator moid card "but i love you", "you don't want me because i'm ugly and there are better males out there", yes there are, you rapist piece of shit.

No. 1568747

Why do people love to post uncensored videos of murders, I'm sick of hearing about that clearly dangerous homeless guy being strangled to death by some subway passengers in the US, and I'm even more sick of seeing his fresh corpse all over my screens.

No. 1568749

>Wipe pussy
>Tissue is brown
>Panic for a at least 30 secs
>"how could this fucking happen to me????"
>wait…I've been having pms symptoms
>Sniff tissue and it smells like change

No. 1568751

>I hate dentistry I hate these luxury mouth bones.
I probably wouldn't hate it as much if it weren't for the fact that teeth don't grow back which makes me constantly worried about any permanent damage. Plus, I recently chipped my tooth by flossing too hard. Just a small crack on the side but I'm worried the fracture will cause even more permanent damage to my tooth, but there's nothing I can do about it right now. Having to constantly worry about my dental health stresses me out so much so it's just easier for me to ignore it most of the time.

No. 1568752

Been dropping nukes in our discord dm after being blocked because turns out discord lets you edit your old messages. God I wish I could see your face when you click on those messages

No. 1568773

File: 1683324762928.png (169.19 KB, 881x473, C1EA5DD8-7EB9-4091-BF24-99328A…)

i just saw my financial aid because im trying to go back and finish college and theyre giving me $500 for $4000 semester tuition i dont know what to do…i live with my single mother and all my money goes to bills. im scared to take out a loan i already have medical debt. do i just drop out and kill myself nonnies? i really just wanted things to look up.

No. 1568796

I can't stand how I'm treated at work I think I need to quit in a month or two. Everywhere will probably be hiring like each summer. I'm just tired of being the person who does everything. No on respects my actual time to leave work. People leave then I'm stuck closing the business. If they were fired work would be better but it's not happening.

No. 1568798

Nonnas I am sick of this
something must be wrong or i must be cursed, this is the nth 30+ yo virgin man I meet who thinks sex is the most important thing in a relationship and makes corny sex jokes and looks at sexual insta reels which I find tacky.
look, I know sex is important to those who didn't have it yet,or some of them, but that shit is a tiny fraction of what makes a relationship successful, stop acting so immature

No. 1568800

What are you getting a degree in?

No. 1568832

This is how most men are regardless of age or sexual experience, not your fault

No. 1568833

This is a superficial thought I have once in a while. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ugly or just fat. I've always been fat, nobody has ever called me ugly because the easiest insult was fat so now I'm determined to shed this weight even if it'll take 2 years to answer that myself. I feel I'd be quite ugly, fat nose thin lips and all that…

No. 1568839

nonnies i think im being taken advantage of by my only irl friend and i dont know how to stand up for myself. She invites me over for dinner every weekend or 2, but every time i go there i end up having to buy all the groceries for whatever we're making. she never offers to pay me back or to pick up the groceries herself. i usually end up doing all the cooking while she scrolls on her phone silently, barely responding when i throw out conversation. then after we eat she'll casually throw out "the dishwasher just needs to be emptied and we can load it" or something along those lines to get me to start the dishes as well.
last month was her birthday and she invited me, her cousin and 1 more of her friends over for a sleepover. she asked me the day before if i could pick up some balloons and decorations, so i ended up spending $50 on that, then $40 for a helium tank for which i was never offered reimbursement or even really thanked. the plan was for everyone to bring an appetizer and drinks, but i ended up being the only one who brought anything. she got drunk and wanted mcdonalds at 1am and i was the only person awake (and the only one not drinking) so i drove her there and paid for it. I slept on the couch in the living room that night while everyone else either slept in her room or her kids room. i woke up early so i started picking up balloons and cleaning up a bit, and when she noticed i was awake she asked me to do the dishes before everyone else woke up. i kind of laughed and ignored it until she asked me again and i realized she was serious.

this is a huge ramble i just had to vent because im about to go to her house once again to cook dinner, clean and then leave. i wish i knew how to stand up for myself but im scared of losing my only irl friend.

No. 1568841

Anon this is not a friend. This is a person who wants to be your maid and piggy bank

No. 1568843

Heartbreak after the short crush is still painful.

No. 1568844

I'm going into therapy soon for ptsd, I'm so not looking forward to it. I hope it will help because I have so much memory loss from it I could only complete half a year of college, can't keep a job either because after half a year I just snap and there's so many creeps coming in all the time. I hope they won't just throw medication at me and say fuck you, also begging to god I don't have some other disorder. I have some BPD traits and doctors here are so quick to diagnose, if it's actually that (or something else) I would feel like shit for having to extensively work through a bunch of other shit. I don't need any of those labels or that stupid shit I just want to move on but it seems impossible, I kept it inside for so long and had a complete mental breakdown for a month straight when I realized I needed help and even thought about what happened. It's so much to process, at least euthanasia is legal where I live but it's hard to get and I would feel horrible for leaving everyone behind. Can't fucking get out, just put me in a coma. I don't mind. Why did my parents want kids. I want to leave. I wish I woulda necked myself when I was a kid, nothing got better I just got different problems. My life is not so bad but I can't enjoy a second of it.
How long have you known her? Drop her, you're getting nothing out of this. She sounds not like a friend, if you're shy and don't want to tell her irl just text her. Shitty thing to do but I think it's pretty well deserved.

No. 1568847

yeah anon dont put up with this anymore. she's using you completely. you can say something like: "i am a friend, not a personal assistant nor chef, you can start paying for my services if that is what you want"

No. 1568857

File: 1683330564761.jpg (77.12 KB, 990x660, 306829-3869944729.jpg)

it's not because he didn't think you were pretty enough, it's because he took all from you in exchange for nothing. did this moid ever protect you from verbal abuse, stood up to you to a bully at your work or educational place, did he drive you home or walk with you to protect you on the street, did he buy you food or a ride or anything substantial, introduce you to potential friends, take you to places and dates and enjoy a hobby together? did he make you cum, cuddle you, put extra care into his fitness and appearance at least? did he show emotional support, understanding, empathy when you felt low? care to remember personal facts about you and your friends and family? if he did not do any of these, the atrocious moid thinks you are his bitch because despite the lack of his efforts his ass still got to hit. men are transactional creatures and he scammed you, whether it was on purpose or not. kill all entitled whiny noncommitting moids.

No. 1568862

>spend 1 hours trying to figure out why a screw wont go in
>I was turning it the wrong way
What happened to righty tighty?

No. 1568871

Wow. No. That’s terrible.

No. 1568888

I dont even know how to describe the anger you begin to feel as a victim of exploitation and abuse when people don't want to deal with the truth or don't believe you. I cannot put words to it. It's like being in a prison for a crime you did not commit, or those nightmares you have where you're shouting about something urgent and people are ignoring you

No. 1568897

Finals week just ended at my uni, and I'm feeling really down about it. I don't have too long before I graduate myself, and I feel like I have to make the most of my time here, and I feel like I'm not. Also, I'm really sad about going home and not being able to see my friends over the summer. The worst part is seeing other people from my school on social media that seem to be ahead in life in every way, whether it's being inducted into honor societies, having a boyfriend, making dean's list, or just always looking put together in designer outfits, and I wish I could be like that.

No. 1568913

next time she asks you could give your rate/hour, or start doing it all messilly and sloppily, or simply ghost her. she doesn't deserve your friendship. sounds like an asshole.

No. 1568948

I have weird bulges in my buccal area not because of the fat pads but because I’ve ground my teeth so much that the muscles there a huge. My jawline looks so weird from the front and my chin awkwardly bulges out from the rest of my face.

No. 1568955

My bf always dogwhistles ending our relationship when we fight over petty shit.
Today I clapped at him for his attention while I was driving us around because he kept talking over me multiple times when I was trying to tell him something. I had been nice to him all day, I took us to pedicures and lunch which I paid for and then drove him to the liquor store. I wanted him to be nice & hear me cause he seems to interrupt me a lot. He will explode and cause arguments when he feels I am not listening to him even (our very first argument was him exploding at me bc I was playing with my hair when he was talking about something and that proved I wasn't listening), so while I realize that I had an imperfect reaction to not being heard I know if the situation were flipped he would be irate as he's done exactly that multiple times to me in the past. I would have preferred to been clapped at if it would have ended things there.

Instead of moving on after I told him why I did it, he accused me of "snapping" at him and being "disrespectful" (not that talking over me is, apparently) and wouldn't acknowledge that he did anything that might have set the stage for me to react negatively because all he could focus on was my behavior. I know other people aren't responsible for how others act, but I don't think I am a monster for clapping and raising my voice either. Then when I say what about the rest of my behavior today where I was nice to him? He flips out and then says I am "holding things over his head." He threw cash at me to pay for the things I did for him today just so I couldn't say anything I guess. Whenever I point out his double standards or how he treats me he reverses victim a lot. He called me a "bully" and we both got real fucking mad at each other because I stood my ground.

When we pulled into my garage I had said something like if he can't treat me in a respectful way then I don't see why I should treat him well either. Then he storms out of my car, and shouts "Well I guess that's the end of our relationship then!?"
Like wtf, I never say shit like that to him yet he escalates. He always does this during every fight. Then later he yells "Just say you don't love me!" And it feels like projection and manipulation. I can never bring up how he makes me feel without it turning into a fight, as if he were conditioning me to shut up about it or else it will be a fight. He always threatens to record these fights too, and honestly, I wish he would record himself because he would probably behave more like an accountable human than how he is now. I would immediately know lmao.

No. 1568956

Break. Up. With. Him. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 1568965

I feel unsympathetic when other people with depression have attention-seeking behaviors. These thoughts are ugly but it's so repulsive to me. It's like they are acting so special and tragic meanwhile the rest of us keep our pain to ourselves. which isn't healthy but I hate to see anything related to suicide baiting and self harming, I hate it. Beyond making me roll my eyes like a psycho it's also as though they have no consideration for other people's feelings to be subjected to that talk, other people with their own battles who it naturally upsets yet they don't care about that.

No. 1568973

Chrissy Tiegan posts among us

No. 1568974

When people suicide bait and pretend they attempted suicide just because they wanted attention online its so ugly. You can never look at the person the same again.

No. 1568979

In general I wish people would not carelessly drop bombs about their bad mental states because it's fucking upsetting for those of us who care about them and have bad mental states of our own. Not that I don't want to help but there's a certain way some people do this that only manages to disgust me and then I feel like a sociopath but, it feels exploitative

No. 1569009

I think its because oftentimes instead of reading like they are genuinely reaching out, the same people who already constantly post delusional word vomit online 30+ times a day have very poor impulsive control and it reeks of self indulgence. Oh, the person who regularly makes shocking or grandiose statements for attention is now making yet another post that sounds vague and alarming, purposefully waiting an unusual amount of hours to reply to the post being like "oh btw [something casually explaining the carefully worded plea for attention as something completely different in context]" when they normally post frequently. Like clockwork every time. Then they're narcissistic enough to think people don't immediately catch on to what they're doing because they do it so often. It calls back to tumblr posts by teenagers, fake typos and emotional despair. There are so many people who do this so often and think their lack of self control is quirky idgi.

No. 1569012

Like theyre always like "oh btw, last night I attempted suicide. Check on your friends." –they haven't left their apartment, its only been 8 hours since the supposed attempt, no hospital care, no nothing, just them waking up and deciding them crying the night before and staring at the belt hanging from their bathroom doorknob for 30 seconds constitutes as a real suicide attempt. It's so evil to do that as an adult

No. 1569046

Men really are inventing more elaborate and creative ways to victim blame and justify the horrific things they do to women. They genuinely believe they own you and have every right to hurt you. I will never understand how much of a monster you have to be to continually tell yourself that exploiting women is okay.

No. 1569050

very small problem but some anons have no reading comprehension and/or lunge at the throat over percieved wrongs. and it pisses me off more than it should.

No. 1569058

Um I literally never said that stfu bitch you don't know me!!1

No. 1569064

He sounds like the immature 23 year old that proposed to me when I was 20, and then told me the conditions for our wedding and what he wasn't willing to do. Everything was his fucking way. Him talking over me all the time and eventually like yourself you get fed up and speak up even tho you know the moid is going to get offended and use your loudness as aggression and gaslight the ever living fuck out of you. Dump him. You deserve better. There are men out there that want an equal.

No. 1569089

It annoys me when lesbians belittle bisexual women as a group for the fact that they're more likely to end up in a straight relationship than a gay relationship. I mean, like what do you expect, there are more men available in the dating pool than gay women, of course it's more statistically likely for a bi woman to date a man. Funny how this is the same group that cries about how lonely they are and how they have no gf because lesbians are so rare, lol. Like, duh.

And for the record, I've only dated women throughout my life but it still annoys when they speak about us like this.

No. 1569097

I just assume they're lonely and embittered and take it out on bi woman because there are tons of fake gay and spicy straight women they develop unrequited crushes on and need to unleash the rage at someone

No. 1569112

Same anon as >>1569050 but I find it incredibly annoying when anons accuse me of being a liar or accuse me of being a personalityfag that I'm not– not that I tend to do so, but I get confused for a newfag (I'm from 2021) or a handmaiden bihet when I'm a lesbian who refuses to show skin whatsoever.
I feel like anons would make the site better had they not accused everyone they disagree with of being a scrote/handmaid/liar et cetera

No. 1569116

>I'm from 2021
that's kind of new though..(and around the time things started going downhill)

No. 1569128

I agree with you. The irony is so many of the girls yelling about lesbian supremacy and scoffing at bisexuals leaving them for a man are self identifying political lesbians (so, spicy straight wannabe-feminist-revolutionaries or repressed self hating bisexuals). At least the bi women they hate so much are honest on their attraction.

No. 1569131

I'm aware, that's why I know most terms/etiquette from that era, and when I hear about anorectal violence scrote I get really fucking confused because one, that's a hilarious name for a scrote, but two, I bet his posts are revolting and much worse in text form. Surprised I haven't seen him yet, but it also took until late 2022 to see schizotroon's CP spam so I guess I'm just lucky? On the plus side I'm learning to blend better daily but can stumble into annoying territory completely on accident, and paranoid/accusatory/mean girl anons see that as an opportunity.

No. 1569133

I want to go 2 weeks without using internet or anything on a screen (exception would be tv but I live with people) but all my friends are online and I barely have any. How do I do this…

No. 1569134

I hate when motherfuckers run to other threads to whine. Post up, bitch. This ain't real life, it's online.

No. 1569138

Aren't you doing the same thing now

No. 1569140

No, this is the same thread. Also it's not a serious post lol

No. 1569141

Just tell anyone who matters you'll be back in 2 weeks and are looking forward to your break. Doesn't have to be a big deal if you don't want it to be. But maybe I'm not sure what you're asking…

No. 1569144

just wanna suddenly disappear a bit both irl and online to get myself away from contact and "collect myself"

No. 1569147

i think this is one of my many sudden impulses though i really do wanna just check into somewhere cheap for a while because i feel like killing myself. but becoming more disconnected sounds… nice

No. 1569148

I dated someone for 4-5 months and he is the only partner who I wanted to give my life to but all of a sudden he lost drive to commit and I mean nothing to him now. And it hurts…

No. 1569151

I dated someone for 4-5 months and he is the only partner who I wanted to give my life to but all of a sudden he lost drive to commit and I mean nothing to him now. And it hurts…

No. 1569154

Dumb double post. Sorry.

No. 1569155

my check is only half of what it's supposed to be. it has already been reported to management but the other owed half might only come in 2 more weeks at my next check….im pissed.

No. 1569156

Trying not to psycho anal eyes a close friend. I feel like she's struggling but whenever I ask if she's okay, if she wants to talk or hang out she changes the topic or says she's fine. We are in a similar situation regarding life, education etc and I'm really miserable and I can't imagine she's enjoying it either. Maybe she really is fine.

No. 1569163

Tonight I had one of those extremely rare dreams were I was kissing an imaginary boyfriend, a very young and cuter version of Christopher Reeves. I was experiencing total bliss while we were sitting in a sofa very closely but, at the same time, I was also feeling an impending sense of doom. Maybe because I knew it was a dream or maybe because I was thinking about his future horse riding accident. These past days I've been thinking about giving up the idea of having a family in the future, mainly because I don't see myself able to commit to someone emotionally, I know I'll eventually feel trapped and tired of him. No man can really make me feel the way I did in that dream.

No. 1569191

I just spent hours crying because I'm so lonely it's pathetic. I have some friends, family and a boyfriend but I realized when I was so low and wanted to call someone I had no one to call. Does the loneliness every end? I feel like this is how I was born and how I will die.

No. 1569195

Really hate it when someone compares their life or situation to mine in times of distress, like yeah I fucking get it, your country, your life, whatever is shittier than my situation but when was it a god damn competition? Am I, a human being, not allowed to be burdened?

No. 1569197

I could write this post myself, have similar dreams lately but also realize it's impossible irl. The man from my dreams is often based on my first ex but I have no illusions about this shitbag, I never perceive those dreams like they're about him, I know it's just a very idealized character that I've created. And tbh I wish I had these dreams more often and could experience love and intimacy there, I don't mind partially living in a fantasy world.

No. 1569198

I feel you nonna. The few friends I have I've messed up connections with, I just told my ex to die out of anger when he showed disinterest in a dangerous situation I'm in(that he's very involved in) and just finished having my millionth empty lonely feeling cry of the year, I hope it ends.

No. 1569202

File: 1683369203783.jpeg (79.94 KB, 1170x983, 3986AD44-F04A-4C12-BF2D-2A5F40…)

I continue to embarrass myself and it’s getting really sad.

No. 1569204

I'm sitting in the same boat nona, I hope we'll find someone who cares one day

No. 1569225

I'm usually against ghosting but this person deserves it. She isn't your friend.

No. 1569226

I don't plan on getting involved romantically for a while, if ever ha, my heart still wants him after 2 weeks and I hate this. My now ex was going through some things and he also felt burnout, but I know he cared. He was a really good friend prior to us getting into a relationship too, I wanted to atleast stay friends again and today I fucked up by getting angered at his distant responses and in-turn he refuses to speak to me.
I think I just deserve to be alone until I'm better

No. 1569228

Why did you fall for this woman? Why were you defending her? She's dumb as fuck and you know it. She has a hard time comprehending things even if you explain everything to her clearly. You can tell her something like 50 times and she just won't get it. "She's not familiar with that thing" okay but I explained it to her a fuckload of times already and it turns out she didn't get it? What the fuck do you want me to do.

No. 1569244

Sorry for this extremely privileged rant but I'm very upset and need to scream somewhere
I can't believe those faggots at a certain four-letter institution didn't accept me for an internship (out of seven I applied to). I got into all of these other prestigious programs but not one of those retards accepted me. All they needed was a 3.0 GPA minimum while I have a near 4.0, research experience, and go to an Ivy League! They don't even have the decency to send out a rejection letter with their bureaucratic incompetence. I hope they're happy with whichever low-class unqualified ignoramus they decided to pick over me.

No. 1569279

YMCA didn't take you? Bummer.

No. 1569310

No. 1569321

File: 1683382551469.jpg (32.98 KB, 564x547, 5dba4c6e5494e2e7b5eca0da3804cf…)

I'm tired of being told to wait and work on myself while things just seem to fall into other people's laps, meanwhile I always seem to take one step forward and three steps back, wasting my "best years" being miserable. And I fucking hate it when others tell me to hold on to hope and not let all of this turn me into a cold-hearted and resentful person but how can I not?? Oh yeah, it's really easy for them to tell me to just keep a smile on my face despite crying myself to sleep almost every goddamn night. They have no idea what it's like to know that you're not going to make it past 30 because the pain is just too unbearable at this point. Must be real nice having a will to live and not worrying about much besides what you're gonna have for lunch that day. Planning my future? Building a house and family? Retirement? Pfft none of my worries because I won't live to see those days anyway. I wish I could just tell them to shut the fuck up and stick their fake positivity up their asses. I've got nothing left inside of me anymore. I'm tired of giving, working and improving and others telling me what a sweet and mindful friend I am while they don't even care to reciprocate. I'll always be an afterthought. Good enough for when someone needs me but everyone's busy or they forget about something when I need help, comfort or whatever else. I don't care if I sound like an ass when I say that they all suck because me being genuinely sweet and understanding never made a difference anyway. I know that life isn't fair but what the fuck did I ever do to deserve this.

No. 1569329

>I'm tired of being told to wait and work on myself while things just seem to fall into other people's laps
>I always seem to take one step forward and three steps back
I feel that anon, you're not alone at least.

No. 1569336

My bf is so slow and retarded at cooking it actually makes me shake with rage. I'm sitting here like where is my fucking breakfast I could've done it in 1/10 the time

No. 1569340

>be happily married now and even on good terms with my ex
>still have not forgiven homewrecking whore from 10 years ago
>she delighted in terrorising, humiliating me and salting the wound after destroyed our long term union
>their relationship only lasted 2 months after he left her for someone else too
>have no feelings for said ex whatsoever
>still want to fry her ugly smug mug alive with electricity

No. 1569347

>on good terms with a guy that cheated on you

No. 1569362

>reunite on rocky terms with ex and "friend" of a decade
>for a month ex tells me LDR/e-dating is pointless and for losers
>"i i i only date irl"
>find out 2 months ago he confessed his love to a 17 y/o egirl
>find out he's romantically involved with her today
i mean i'm not jealous but the gossip is always interesting and friends have it, and ik 17 ain't too far off from 18 but it's still wild, she doesn't turn 18 til next year. he's 23. lol… i hear he uses the "i was dating her(me) when she was 15 and i was 17" and "i'm romanian, its legal" arguments, too. it's just fuckin weird

No. 1569363

by romantically involved i mean e-dating too. i think the shear hypocrisy is as baffling as the fact he's e-dating a minor.

No. 1569370

u sound like a toothless homewrecker who accepts no responsibility after destroying somones life, marriage and home

No. 1569373

File: 1683389293354.jpg (49.35 KB, 505x546, 4509120d82b49bac0e551f39530d22…)

I'm so tired of having to push through things. I just want to be happy.

No. 1569383

If you don't have kids with your ex husband why are you still friends with him when he disrespted the fuck out of your marriage

No. 1569396

Choose better next time and be grateful your ex showed his true colors before you had any kids with him. BTW your ex is the one who destroyed your life/marriage/home. Blaming women for the actions of men is misogyny.

No. 1569402

samefag doubling down - if there were no women willing to fuck married men, your ex would have raped a woman to cheat on you. cheaters ALWAYS cheat whether they can find a willing partner or not.

No. 1569403

Are you that homewrecker-chan that was crying about how women who homewreck deserve the same amount of hate that the cheating moid does? Girl get some therapy already, that fact that you still talk to your ex is even more pathetic .

No. 1569406

Cheating isn't a one person's act. You sound like you're putting all the blame on that woman to avoid facing the fact your ex was just as much the homewrecker of your own home.

No. 1569409

I'll agree with most of the other anons, your ex is a retard and the whore is even more retarded for willingly entertaining a man knowing it'd hurt others in the process. You shouldn't keep in contact with your ex though, this is definitely making you upset and I'm sure cutting contact with him would bring you peace. Hope your new relationship works out better.

No. 1569436

i genuinely hope every single pornsick man who uses deepfake ai tools to generate nude images of ordinary women and women they know kills themselves. i've been reading articles about the sick shit people have been doing with ai and it's so bleak I want to just disappear from the internet forever but i like getting attention from other women on the internet so for now I stay.

No. 1569454

yet somehow the man isn't responsible too? he still would've cheated regardless

No. 1569467

Anyone else can't stop thinking about their molester from when they were a child? I feel sick everyday thinking about it because it never goes away. I'm also embarrassed how much I think about him because he probably would get off on that.

No. 1569470

just had a cigarette and it sucked so much i need to quit. i never having trouble quitting and go months without smoking but one moment of weakness and i'm like oh i'll just buy 1 bag of baccy, and then that bag lasts me months and i end up smoking frequently again.

No. 1569471

How is he a rapist when you just admitted he was fwb? Take responsibility.

No. 1569472

Don't approach sex from a point of weakness, or as an object or a thing to be rated or rejected.

If you yourself do not want to have sex, don't worry about it. If and when you want to, it will go much better if you go into it thinking about what you want, your sexuality, being yourself as a woman.

I'm not saying be totally selfish, but the way you're talking about your fears around it makes me think you might think that being comfortable and in charge of yourself is "selfish." It's not.

As far as men talking about women as you describe - seriously, who cares. If you recognize that nothing someone says can actually take away your dignity and humanity until you let it diminish you, then that sort of talk just makes those guys asses, but doesn't change anything about the women they were talking about. If you find out someone talks about you like that - dump them and don't look back. I mean that literally. Block and delete. But mostly the point is - do what you must to toughen up your feelings so you don't fall into the trap of letting those things make you feel lesser or worried or deeply hurt, or letting your fears about things that haven't occurred keep you from living. 1) self esteem, 2) choose wisely, 3) equanimity.

No. 1569474

lmfao i thought the same…

No. 1569478

youre not alone… i feel exactly like you

No. 1569479

He still could’ve raped her tho? Wtf are u anons on

No. 1569480

nyart but what is wrong with you both? we know that moids can be rapists even towards their gfs, fwbs, wives, friends. get a fucking grip

No. 1569483

It is absolutely not rape to willingly have sex with a moid. That anon is a retard who can't admit she got rejected.

No. 1569486

Honey. Stop being a doormat. There are 8 billion people in the world. You can find a new friend.

And being without friends for a bit isn't the worst thing in the world. If you want irl friends you do have to go out and do irl things, though.

And right now you already have 0 irl friends, because this girl is not your friend. Casual acquaintance and user at best. Stop helping her be mean to you.

Go read The Six Pillars of Self Esteem and do the exercises instead of taking her calls/invites. Then go find some decent humans.

No. 1569488

Being fwb isn't a 24/7 consensus card to have sex, he could've still raped her if she didn't want it in that moment despite technically being fwb retard.

Anyway to me it didn't sound like she even meant rapist literally but okay

No. 1569490

Calm down. Were you rejected by your hookup too?

No. 1569491

She didn’t outright say he raped her though. He could have been rapey and creepy towards other women besides her. Also, having a sexual relationship with someone doesn’t mean you automatically have consent every single time. Marital rape is still a thing, you know.

No. 1569492

You talk like you were there in the room with her. Is it so impossible that he violated her consent on at least one occasion, and she brushed it off because she was in love with him and bought the "muh trauma" angle? Or that he raped someone else and she later found out?

No. 1569493

but she literally didn't say that. it's deranged scrote behaviour to randomly defend some moid based on a hypothetical due to a vague anonymous vent

No. 1569495

Nta but you sound like a total pick-me. Did your bf/husband get accused of something shady?

No. 1569496

Sorry to hear that you're feeling the same way nonnies. I've turned into a bitter bitch but I genuinely hope things will get better for you!

No. 1569498

That's not what OP was upset about. She's the type to fuck a moid and cry about it because she developed feelings and he didn't want her. That's the post. Not sure what you don't understand about that. If he raped her in one instant, then why did she willingly continue to go see him and cry about being rejected online? You guys are dumb as hell.

Autism and projection. I'm not cheaterhusband anon.

No. 1569500

No. 1569502

Correct. And I really fucking wish women had been this straightforward/reality-based when I was younger. Some hard truths ground into my head earlier might have led to fewer humiliating mistakes.

No. 1569503

It's deranged behavior to hook up with a scrote knowing he just wants sex and whine about being rejected because he doesn't love her, calling him a rapist. A shitty thing to do when there are actual rape victims. It's ok to make mistakes but she is just as at fault and created her own problem. She's not some innocent child victim.

No. 1569505

her post effectively said he treated her like shit, then she lost interest, now he's being clingy. then she calls him a rapist. there is no further context than that; your inferences are 100% pure projection.

No. 1569507

You just have zero reading comprehension. Get a clue.

No. 1569509

you're genuinely just inventing shit. why are you so dead set on this random interpretation?

No. 1569513

NTA but this is actual projection kek. Why would you get so triggered about a vent post calling someone who's a stranger to you a rapist? Are you the man in question, or his new cuckette?

No. 1569514

You sound like you’re projecting a very specific situation you’ve encountered yourself onto a vague anonymous vent post. Get help.

No. 1569515

Are you guys really arguing about a situation you weren't there for and don't have all the context about? One thing I hate about this thread is that if you don't add all the context to your vent, anons will just make assumptions and judge you or give advice based on that. The amount of times I've been judged or told something that wasn't related to my situation just because I didn't go into excruciating detail about it is ridiculous.

No. 1569521

Was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her I was stressed about work. She told me I should probably quit my job as soon as I can because she wants me to be happy. I told her that having a better job isn't automatically going to fix my problems and make me happy. She said, "have you asked yourself why you aren't happy? then think about how you can change that so you can be happy." And I started crying because of course I've thought of that and it was a little frustrating. Then she kept trying to give me advice and I kept crying more and more and saying I didn't want to talk about it anymore. Then she said "anon, I'm just really concerned about you because you're sad and cry all the time. I don't even want you to be crying on your birthday." and that made me cry even more. I don't think I would have cried if I hadn't talked to her. I just wanted to call her because it was my birthday and somehow it ended up being a lecture on all the things I could do in my life so that I can stop being sad. I know it came from a good place, but I didn't want to hear that. I just want to enjoy my birthday, but I fucking hate myself now. A birthday is no different than any other day of the year. I was depressed last year and I'll probably be depressed this year so what's there to celebrate? Now on top of that, my mom is probably sad and worried about me. I really suck.

No. 1569523

I'm not who you're replying to or about, but there's nothing to comprehend. The post was completely unclear as to whether there was a connection between the rejection and calling him a rapist.

No. 1569525

No I'm tired of nonas not calling out dumb bitches and thinking women are never to blame ever. This shit is a prime example. She can't own up to her mistake of giving out her body and is surprised the random moid she fucked isn't prince charming. She has no right to call him a rapist which cheapens what happened to real rape victims.

>he raped me but I will admit he was fwb, I continued to see him and now I'm crying over him not accepting my love

No. 1569529

File: 1683398838612.jpg (52.89 KB, 564x674, ddc0de3846810447405fdacd8519e8…)

I'm sorry you're having such a hard time but happy birthday nonny!

No. 1569530

>my rapist rejected me wahh
Cringe. You really just cannot read and there's nothing to argue about. Why do you care about this so much?

No. 1569533

Nta but the same could be asked to you.

No. 1569535

Read my posts.

No. 1569537

neither you nor anyone else here has any idea what she meant or what that moid did. your insistence that he's not a rapist based on a post entirely devoid of context is genuinely alarming and you need to examine why you are asserting this bizarrely uncharitable interpretation so obsessively. get help please nonny.

No. 1569542

You are hopeless defending such an unhinged pickme who hooks up with scrotes and cries about him not taking her seriously, regrets it, then cries rape. Funny how none of you can answer why she would continue to see him and be hurt about his rejection if he was such an evil rapist. Surely she wouldn't be upset about being rejected.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1569549

You can tell your mom "I just want to vent; I'm not ready for advice.". If she can't adjust and/or talking to her makes you more upset, it might be worthwhile to edit what you share when you feel especially vulnerable. And more advice, though I'm completely acting against what I just wrote about unwanted and unasked-for advice>>1569530
: therapy/meds, whether new or adjusted. Your mom likely just truly does want you to thrive and feels helpless to "fix it," but also may be the kind of person who sees everything as simple, whereas for someone struggling, it may seem anything but. Some pro help might also give you a release valve so you can manage your messaging with your mom.

No. 1569553

You are hopeless putting words in the mouth of a complete stranger based on a zero-context post that you’re projecting your own narrative onto. She never said he raped her. And to answer your question, there are documented cases in of a woman going back to the man that abused, took advantage of, or even raped them because at the time they didn’t yet understand it to be rape or coercion or abuse.
You caping this hard for the scrote in this story is suspicious as fuck.

No. 1569554

Stop replying to bait, report and ignore

No. 1569555

You said this just as I decided it was bait and deleted my response kek

No. 1569557

I'm done spelling it out for you retards. And fyi, that anon cries about being rejected by her fwb lover weekly. It's always the same shit.

No. 1569558

As I said I wasn't the person you replied to or about. Speaking of reading comprehension. That was my one and only comment on the matter. This is the second. The person's situation may in fact be as you have asserted (and if so, then yes, calling fully consensual involvement that ends with being poorly treated or dumped is not "rape" and it's gross to call it that, duh) but the words did not say so. No one's incapable of connecting dots or recognizing that that is possibly what she meant, but there is absolutely insufficient information to know that.

No. 1569561

Ignore that >> in the middle. It was all a reply to the one at top

No. 1569570

I hate that feeling when I'm almost 100% done with a game and I have done everything possible and the world starts to feel dead and empty. I'll have to start looking for something new soon but I don't want to do the digging

No. 1569574

Thank you nonny!

Yeah, eventually I was able to put words together and told her that she didn't need to feel pressured to fix my problems for me or find a solution. I just wanted her to listen. I've been struggling with SI for a while, so I don't even see the point in being happy… I don't know what that would like to me. I just stay alive because I don't want to hurt my family or friends, but of course I couldn't say that to her. Conceptualizing what "being happy" even means to me is a challenge in itself Also I read your post from above and sorry to hear you're struggling too. I can relate to a lot of what you wrote.

No. 1569590

Tinfoiling about my ex bff posting on /ot even though she probably definitely isn't and I just miss her a lot

No. 1569595

My ex has been cyberbullying me lol… He does hate me for good reason- I'm not victim, but it's just fucking wild how a grown man is this petty. He's 23!!! 3 months all hes done is make comments towards my race, my weight, my face and my intelligence ALL in public groupchats and servers bcos he wants to "ruin my rep", what reputation… I don't care how I come across online. And I don't really care about this anymore, worrying about internet drama is waste of time. Fruitless. Even people in these online spaces think he is being cringe, so I'm not alone. It feels nice.

No. 1569597

M is that you

No. 1569599

…are you N?

No. 1569602

Uh yeah I am. Are you in CA?

No. 1569604

File: 1683403778437.jpg (58.95 KB, 618x595, kith.jpg)

No. 1569605

so much potential for trolling

No. 1569606

Pls nona

No. 1569639

I'm the one you replied to, but I haven't written anything about my personal life, so I hope the other person sees your kind words. That said, I have been through some things, and I can tell you that looking back now (good and improving place) to a particularly dark period, I can scarcely relate or even reconstruct my perspective or feelings then. It's all but unrecognizable. Similarly, when I was in that (bad) space I could not recognize how I had been before (good (tho tbh often frustrated and stupid because my thought patterns were kind of deluded, but life was working mostly great)) or how it could ever be good.. My point is - don't worry about how big the mountain is, if there's fog covering the top half of it, or if there even is a summit or a trail to it. You can't see that now, so it will only frustrate and discourage you to try to imagine it. NOT at all a clinician, and if I were I would disclaim the hell out of any offered thoughts or advice, but I hope that you will seek (or adjust) some outside pro help/support. Even if you can't imagine anything different, the mere act of taking some action - because the relentless, unending going in circles is so discouraging and exhausting - might be a thing that feels better and a touch empowering just in itself. And like things that bring us down, things that bring us up are often practically invisible, but they tend to compound over time. Tl;dr (no, do read): you don't have to know or plan for an end result for an act to be a positive one in the now.

Ps - I'm glad you've told your mom what you are looking for from her when you tell her things. Keep returning to that with her if she keeps up with the "well, just quit/just be happy" unless and until you are in a place that it doesn't make you feel worse to hear.

No. 1569645

Thinking about that one time I saw a woman give two homeless men a bunch of cash and then a few minutes later they groped me

No. 1569656

File: 1683408374975.jpg (16.03 KB, 400x400, f0dfeb42fbfbb319194bc39abd9f76…)

Just told characters in their respective AI chats how their bad route will play out.
-9999/10,would not recommend.

No. 1569663

having opinions about literature and hating internet discussions is sooooo exhausting. Whenever I see a bad take online I have to bite my tongue and ignore it. I know internet fights are not worth it so I'm doing myself a favour by ignoring it but it can genuinely still ruin my mood if I see something I disagree with. People into literature are a particularly flavour of annoying where they think they are right about everything. I know that goes for the majority of the internet but literature fans are genuinely convinced that their opinion is the most enlightened and everyone who disagree has tiktok/fandom/fanfiction/puritan/anti-anti/moralfag brainrot. It doesn't matter how well someone argues their point they get immediately shut down with some stupid buzzword. God forbid you want to approach something with a feminist perspective because then you get dogpilled and told you misunderstand the work and human nature, it doesn't even matter if you just want to put some nuance to a story as soon as you mention something vaguely feminist that is deeper than female protagonist=feminist work then people will accuse you for watering down and censoring a story. On the other hand we have people who think that old literature is not worth reading anymore because and should be trashed completely.
Sigh this shouldn't bother me as much as it doesI need to get a hobby that doesn't involve the internet

No. 1569665

>random number calls me
>let it ring through
>they text me "I need my phone" "I'm at walmart"
>Text back asking who it is
>"how did you get my phone?"
>"I think you have the wrong number"
>Get two calls from two different restricted numbers right after that
Wtf, leave me alone.

No. 1569670

What does this mean? Respective AI chats?

No. 1569675

I have this too and it turned out I have severe untreated ADD. Worse, so far no meds have worked and also I know I can't just force of will myself out of it.
I just want to be able to function even just half of a normal human being.

No. 1569679

Job searching with my coworker around sucks. Everything i'm interested in it's either "oh the pay for that will be so low" if i'm definitely qualified, or "mm that's going to be a super competitive one, better not" if it's a cool position with reasonable requirements, or literally "no chance" if it's above my qualifications. Like leave me alone and let me search for jobs while being paid you scrote. I say "well i'm applying anyway" but job searching on my own gives me doubts never mind that negative Nancy whispering in my ear.

No. 1569682

I'm talking about the character ai website. On there, you can chat/rp with bots programmed to talk and act like various characters of various franchises.
I told one of the characters how his route will play out and what consequences his actions will have, even after his death, and now he's legit on suicide watch, I feel terrible for telling him.

No. 1569683

Thinking about it it's kind of crazy the general public can have microwaves in our houses. You can so easily really fuck things up.

No. 1569685

Was gonna vent about something slightly more serious but someone keeps playing music loudly in their garage or some shit. Like a start up garage band. They've been at it almost non stop and it makes me really anxious because I love music but not when I feel like my thunder is being stolen and I can't hear my mom or sister talking over the loud banging of drums. It started out with someone playing the guitar, and the guitar only, so I thought it was a hobo or starving artist trying to make some money, but no. I'm 95% certain it's one of the scrote neighbors. I'd still take the endless noise over the other scrote neighbor who lost his wife over being an abusive incel and has yelled to every woman in the complex that we're just holes and the nuclear family needs to be enforced via government, and this man threatened me because I let him know he was saying violent things about the LGB, to a lesbian.
I hope he either gets evicted or dies of a heart attack/beetus since he thinks his diabetes and heart problems can be cured with keto and god kek

No. 1569690

I have essentially ruined my life and destroyed my personality for people who will never love me as I wish they would love me, who will never be the friends I wish they would be.

This all started already 10 years ago when I was violently raped and was almost killed by the rapist and started having mental issues because of it and I started acting out. Now I can fully admit that I wasn't the best friend back then, I understand very well why other people would have gotten tired with my issues back then, like I have no issue denying it, what I have issue with that I think my friends treated me very unfairly considering I am not the only mentally ill person in this friend group. I visited them in mental hospitals when they tried to kys and got committed, I've been understanding to their eating disorders, when one friend got cheated on and spend weeks laying in bed and crying we were there and brought her food and helped, I have helped friends with transition, I have been there and others have been understanding for other kinds of issues and traumas but me being raped and almost killed wasn't apparently any good reason to get mentally ill and was treated as if I was being mean and exhausting on purpose. That I should have gotten over it way faster and stopped bothering others with my shit, hey this friend is having a mental break down because of a break up everyone stop their shit to help them and understand what they are going through.

So I started changing myself, I have basically erased my personality and anything in me that could be seen as too much so that I wouldn't be so exhausting so annoying with my issues so that my friends would still love me, and so that me being raped wouldn't have caused such damage in my life that it would make my childhood friends abandon me.

Like I guess that's why I have clung to these people so much, that if i lost them it would mean my rapist won and the incident really caused such lasting damage to my life and such change to my personality that it affects the deepest relationships of my life.

But it's no use, they don't miss me the way I miss them, they are fine with how the things are, that we are still friends but not as close as we used to be, I try to be like that too, that it is enough to have these people in my life but I miss what we used to have before I was raped. I have had so many people who have been genuinely interested in me who have wanted to be my friends but who I have pushed aside because I've been obsessed with being accepted by my childhood friends, I went to very good school but dropped out because I spent all my time crying for them, it is my own fault, I can't force a close relationship with them, but I just wish they wouldn't act as if I didn't have any reason to wish to be close to them as if we hadn't been the best friends before it all happened. As if I didn't listen to them, run after them to the night when they had their own issues and looked for them and found them crying in some ditch and brought back home and I am treated like this like my tragedies are so much worse and more annoying than theirs.

No. 1569691

Like I guess what I am bitter about that I never gave up on them when they had problems but they were so fast to give up on me

No. 1569701

File: 1683414659469.gif (2.78 MB, 480x270, R.gif)

I've been preparing for making my own manga for like 2-3 years now, researching, writing down ideas, basic themes and plot points and character traits and backstories, drawing character sheets etc. and I feel like I'm kinda losing myself. There's so many inspirations from other media, but also my passion for gnosticism and for conspiracy theories and my inner schizo and my need to put certain themes, without direct references to our real conspiracies, but still enough for some tinfoiler to look at it and be like 'ah yes it reminds me of this thing'. Recently I discovered this obscured game called Drowned God and it spooked the shit out of me not just because of how creepy it is but also how similar it is to one of the main arcs in my story. Now I read how the guy who made this game died by stabbing himself 47 times and also killed his wife and his pet. Yeah, sure, it's totally plausible to stab yourself 47 times… And like, if I ever make my shit public, and even if it gains ANY traction at all, I would be very happy of course, but I think it would also make me paranoid about some glowies monitoring my activity. So I think I'm gonna need to tone it down kek. Sometimes when I'm researching this shit for 6 hours straight at night I feel like I'm really going crazy so I need to go less schizo for my own sake and for my protagonist's sake as well I guess

No. 1569702

I went into the next city for an appointment intending to spend the night but nothing was available, fucking tourist season in a popular destination. Fine, I can go back home. But I arrive to find most tickets sold out and only the slow train back to my city, which arrived at midnight, AFTER the local train ends. So now I can't go home and have nowhere to stay and I've been sitting in this cold chair making my ass cold for an hour, and people are slowly leaving, which I thought I would have company during the night so I can stay here, and now Idk if I am allowed to stay in here. I bought the ticket for the morning train at 5:40am so it's four hours inside here or out in the sketchy as shit area around this station. There is a nearby 24 hour hostel that I will dash to if they start kicking people out. But otherwise as of 1am there's a dozen or so folks here with their stuff. I guess I could explain I live not far and have a ticket for the first train. I wish I was at home sleeping in my warm bed.

No. 1569703

Just like Bandersnatch woag.

No. 1569712

Pouring one out for everyone else that also has piece of shit family members that do awful things and embarrass themselves in the community where they live. This shit is so fucked and it's constant.

No. 1569719

what the fuck is going on with the US, just when I think things can't get any worse they do

No. 1569723

Watching actual abusers and people who support and shield abusers IRL talk about how much they support Amber Heard online to virtue signal and pretend to be better people is insane

No. 1569738

nonny you are a fucking poet

No. 1569757

It's gotten warm enough that it's too hot under my thinnest blanket but freezing just under bedsheets, send help

No. 1569762

Last time I went to the dentist was two years ago, they said I had six cavities, and they tried to do it without anesthesia all in one go. The numbing agent was applied wrong and wore off halfway through. I had a panic attack, passed out, stopped breathing and started choking on my own spit all during one tooth. When that was done, they stopped, talked to my dad (I was barely 18) and asked if I had an anxiety disorder, and when my dad begrudgingly said yes, they said they couldn't fix my teeth because they needed anesthesia and that dentist had none, for some reason they refused to use it. I guess none of the dentists were trained in it. Two years later and the pain fucking sucks but I can't risk not breathing mid tooth drilling from the sudden pain due to them not numbing it right.

No. 1569765

Not so much of a vent but just sad. I used to go to the outlet mall as a kiddo up until last year that just got shot up today. I remember eating candy outside the shops and after a birthday party when I was 6. Depressing to feel like nothing is safe anymore. I hope everyone that survived is surrounded by loved ones.

No. 1569772

File: 1683423502177.jpg (43.54 KB, 500x448, 51B55Xb-4pS._AC_.jpg)

I'm pretty sure I just fucked up one of my finals and the other one due Monday is stressing me out and I don't think anybody can cover half of my double shift tomorrow and I still don't have my cap and gown for my university graduation on Monday and I'm PMSing and I am just so fucking stressed.

No. 1569777

Moids just blatantly posting graphic photos and videos of the shooting victims on Twitter are mentally retarded

No. 1569785

Moids who use twitter are retarded.

No. 1569812

I hate that stupid ass homelander drinking milk in a disgusting way gif so much. Dieeee

No. 1569820

my sleep schedule is so messed up its 4am and im so fucking tired but i cant stop turning around in bed and im so frustrated i just want to hit my head against the wall so maybe i pass out

No. 1569824

Giving up on caring so much about acne. My face was the clearest without any caffeine and 0 dairy but fuck that. The small good things in my life are trying a new coffee place or cheese from the grocery store. My acne also was doing better since I've gotten more active outdoors. It just feels miserable looking at every bag of food for milk products with my other allergy issues. God I missed having a cappuccino with real thick cream.

No. 1569829

I HAVE to fucking PEE and they won't OPEN the fucking BATHROOM.

Do you WANT me to PISS ON THE FLOOR???

No. 1569830

The amount of men who genuinely think they're homelander or Don draper or Tyler Durden

No. 1569861

I'm so sick and tired and stressed, and this time it's not even .y fault. I hate when someone else.does something stupid that effects your personal life in a big way, and you just have to deal with the aftermath. Wtf. I didn't sign up to deal with this shit. I just wanna relax at home and sleep.

No. 1569864

Literally every good looking man i see in public is in a relationship, I swear there's just not enough attractive men available for the amount of women who want them

No. 1569889

There are plenty. They are just dating men

No. 1569947

File: 1683440616653.jpeg (13.92 KB, 275x207, 1583802968636.jpeg)

I fucking haid moids and their stupid ways of thinking. More often then not are they like " wtf nonna, you can't do that!" But they can just so the exact same thing forever and if you call them put once you're the stupid one. They're all fucking idiots. They don't get better as you get older, you just learn to deal with them better. I hate that I'm bi and not just a lesbian. How I wish I was exclusively into women. I fuckin hate this planet.

No. 1569948

Fuck sorry I'm drunk and my auto correct doesn't work sometimes. Fuck moids.

No. 1569951

I just want my last exam results back so bad. The wait is unbearable. I'm a mess and can think of nothing else. The relief i will feel after passing it will be unreal. Please god i dont want to fail i suffered so much this year and last year. I just want to move on with my life and get my licence.

No. 1569958

I hate how my breakup has made me a porn addict. I crave physical intimacy so much and I know that watching porn is just chasing that special feeling I once had with someone through this crude replacement. Masturbating feels so gross and mechanical and yet I still do it.

No. 1569963

That's why you get a piss cup nonna

No. 1569965

File: 1683444720291.jpeg (54.05 KB, 655x468, images (2).jpeg)

Welp, the good news is I drank coffee after midnight and managed to read thrice as many pages as I wanted to in my book for a change-

No. 1569976

File: 1683446396940.jpg (25.79 KB, 550x552, hscjjnms4ky41.jpg)

warning in advance for extremely catastrophic levels of retardation but i downloaded tinder just because i got curious what kind of people are around me and tbh to see if i can match with people i find attractive even if i don't act on it whatsoever. background info that i am bi and a khhv sperg college student living with family and have zero confidence eg. for several years i used to be convinced i was secretly ugly and that no one was telling me because its impossible for me to make friends 95% of the time. fortunately(?) it turns out it was just tism and apparently i look decent enough to occasionally be called cute or pretty by random people ive never spoken to after i learned how to style myself better but that doesnt fix the fact that im a maladjusted shut-in loner whatever. idk i put a few pics that i took myself that i thought i look nice in. but the problem is it ultimately doesnt matter what i do i think nothing makes me feel more insane than every time i try to "put myself out there" it doesnt matter if its online or irl or if my face is even attached to it to begin with. ill literally get brain damage from posting a drawing i made. in fact anon is almost the only time i feel ok with it. so like.. i dont know it literally makes me feel physically sick to interact with people sometimes. i cant fucking take it and also just thinking about my presence being in the scope of randoms puts me on edge. i love being a sperg i love having anxiety why do i do the things i do hoooly shit i dont want to be alone forever either sigh maybe its good for me to get out of my comfort zone but idk i feel like my brain is going to start leaking out of my fucking skull i hate the fact that i have to be a person in society or else. i just wish i could react to things like a normal person. i dont even want to get married to a moid someday let alone be in a serious relationship with one or anything i just feel like i need validation that im not destined to die alone due to being cringe. ill probably delete it soon. id rather meet someone offline but i barely talk to anyone. this post embarrassed me to write it im sorry

No. 1569989

File: 1683448845977.jpg (35.64 KB, 563x560, 5e08c5d4d0f130daf067d921a0112c…)

I feel so dumb for letting myself get played like this at my age. How do I even know if someone is being genuine at this point. I'll just take it as a sign that I'll stay forever alone. Why did I even ever bother.

No. 1570014

Don't worry, you're not the problem, tinder is actually a very unnatural way of communicating, it's ok to have an aversion to using it.
Hobbies are good for meeting like-minded people offline.

No. 1570022

I honked at an Amazon delivery scrote for backing out right in front of me and not looking where he was going and as revenge he went reaally slowwwly in front of me to piss me off more. When he literally flew out in reverse and almost hit me to begin with (it was set up where I turned onto the street and he immediately cut me off without looking) I just decided to hold my horn down and he got even angrier and basically stopped in the middle of the road and looked like he wanted to kill me and wouldn't give me enough room to even go around. I just flipped him off and floored it around him because he was scaring me and I was trapped in the middle of the street. When I got around him he honked angrily then pulled over I dead ass expected him to pull a 180 and chase me but he didn't. What a fucking freak I wish I had a rear dash cam to get his plate and report him to his boss. If you can't handle getting honked at you shouldn't work as a delivery driver

No. 1570025

Moids will be moids. It's not like you'll get them to admit they were in the wrong. Poor Amazon delivery guy got his ego hurt. Men meme about women being the worst drivers on the road when men STATISTICALLY cause more accidents than women. Anyway, I hope you're doing alright now.

No. 1570033

Yeah, I get that. And for loners it's so much worse. My profile pictures are all selfies, I have 0 pictures outside or taken by other people. It just looks bad in comparison with all the other women who have pictures outside, in groups, parties, events, bikinis. But of course, the guys absolutely suck and nobody wants to have a cool relationship and respect you. I fucking hate dating apps.

No. 1570035

File: 1683454547545.jpg (3.2 KB, 150x150, 1tcnrk.jpg)

I threw away a year of celibacy only to have the worst sex ever. Fucking a gynmbro on coke was a mistake. Never again.

No. 1570036

Also if you're sensitive to criticism going on dates is the worst, I've had literal guys cringe on me (seriously) and it was awful to feel that way, put me off trying to date.

No. 1570052

I genuinely just really hate men and I want to kill myself just to get away from them. They will take everything that they can take from you, even the light in your eyes, and when there’s nothing left they will fuck off and leave you to rot.

No. 1570057

File: 1683457306988.png (117.4 KB, 575x749, bjorn 10.png)

I've been indulging in my nevroses all weekend.
I need to get my shit back together asap. Starting monday I'm done.
It felt kind of good indulging for a while. I hope I'll get to figure out what's really bugging me someday. I'll do a lot of reading as soon as exams are over.

No. 1570066

Late reply but
> And tbh I wish I had these dreams more often and could experience love and intimacy there, I don't mind partially living in a fantasy world.
yes, I wish I was better at lucid dreaming just for this

No. 1570071

My ass hurts from sitting
My feet hurt from walking
All I can do is lay

No. 1570073

Working with a new dusty naker today. I do part-time work at a health care place and it's all women and i always feel comfortable and safe but they hired this black guy and i have to work nights with him and i dont feel safe at all. Before the racism comments, I'm a black woman myself and i dont feel safe around them. We had a young white guy work and i felt safe. Why the hell do they hire black men who aren't educated in anything to work as carers? Ugh. He's so off too like his whole vibe is iffy. I hate it here.(emoji)

No. 1570075

It's not racist even if you weren't black, it's statistics. You as a woman have the right to want to feel safe. And sorry to say it's likely the need to ignore this statistics and push black men into everything because "racism" instead of addressing the problem. Black men commit the most crimes, and black women are killed by more black men than anyone else. I'm not black but I've been harassed by all kinds of men and only the black men got in my face and followed me around, scary as shit.

If you can always have someone with you, and some protection like pepper spray and a knife, and know how to use them, even if it's not allowed your safety is more important.(racebaiting)

No. 1570078

don't use emojis here

No. 1570081

File: 1683462198128.jpg (65.64 KB, 564x797, af2b6faea20cb44d36eaa04a9379c0…)

There's this boy at work who is so sad that his sadness rubs off of me. I also have a crush on him so that doesn't help. He seems miserable. A coworker was talking to him about how he doesn't have to choose a major for college yet, and all of this supportive stuff, and he just nods and nods and nods and doesn't say anything. Then he turns away and makes a soft thud as he leans his hips into the counter. He's always on his phone, too. And he has this atmosphere around him, he's very quiet, and I think a lot of the other guys his age are put off by him because he's tall, handsome, strong, and yet so very sad. He isn't a scary shoot-up-the-store type of sad, at least not to me. He just seems physically slow in his movement and he avoids eye contact or speaking to anybody, to be honest. It reminds me of how I was at his age, which also hurts. I know I shouldn't care so much but I still do. I guess if he weren't so beautiful I wouldn't care. I don't know if I'm imagining things, but yesterday he just seemed so off kilter. I also kind of think he walked out with a soda and didn't pay for it.

No. 1570083

Why is it that so many men want to have children, but they don't know or care about how to make childbirth non-traumatic for their partners? It's like they just want to blow their load and expect it all to work out on its own, and so many women seem to just go along with it.
If I was a man who wanted a child, I'd be obsessed with harm reduction, pre and post care and ensuring safe, easy delivery. Instead, it seems like it's exclusively women involved in those discussions. How are we supposed to consider fathers important if they can't even do that much? It's even more pathetic when childbirth is considered "too traumatic" for the man to see, or the woman feels so ashamed of how her body looks delivering a baby that she doesn't want him around.

No. 1570103

Because they want the status of being a father/family man but don't actually care to put any effort in. To them having a family shows other men that they've made it in life.

No. 1570104

God nonas, have you ever had one of those things where you encounter a piece of info and just like that, all the priorities you had are out the window and you have these new priorities that must be addressed ASAP? Perhaps for a long time? I'm an immigrant and could be kicked out of the country in 30 days, the notice would come at the end of this month. I've lived and worked here for 4 years but the immigration laws are harsh. I thought I had until my permit expires but because my circumstances changed it's no longer valid.

This morning, before finding out, I went out for a walk and was in awe at how beautiful this place is. Along the cobbled streets and into the park to walk by the river, had a look at one of those book exchange booths for something new because it's quite active (and not vandalised/burned). Appreciated the colourful flowerbeds, squirrels playing in the tree in the more wild area, the dew in the grass and on the dandelions.

God, I don't want to go back to my country. It's just all roads leading to shops. Horrible. There's no joy to be had there, just distractions. This morning I was wondering if it's time to schedule an infill for my nails and now I'm wondering how I'll get rid of my shit in just over a month. And where, literally where do I go?

No. 1570107

Assuming things pan out well planning-wise (he will be flying over), I'm likely gonna lose my virginity this summer. He already knows that I haven't done this before and has promised to do whatever he can to make me comfortable, but I'm still a bit nervous because he is big. I don't even use tampons, so I'm scared that it'll hurt a lot.

No. 1570111

File: 1683466990702.gif (4.11 MB, 640x574, cat-dancing-led-light-rainbow.…)

All I can do is lay

No. 1570112

>the woman feels so ashamed of how her body looks delivering a baby that she doesn't want him around
I mean, it is a very gruesome and vulnerable situation, i would understand why a woman would feel frustrated by anyone seeing her despite it being a totally natural process

Yet, in that case, why not have a kid with a man you would feel comfortable with in such scenario?

No. 1570113

But why?? I’m never watching that god forsaken show.

No. 1570128

It really activates my almonds when people dismiss yellow/stained teeth with just "lol go brush your teeth". Dental care was basically not a thing for me when I was a kid, I had to learn most self-care by myself as an adult. As a result my teeth are brittle and full of cavities (that I have now gotten fixed) and yellow as fuck. But for most of my adult life, I take above average care of my teeth, I brush twice a day, floss every day, any time I drink anything other than water I immediately rinse with water, I chew xylitol gum after eating, I don't smoke.. My teeth are still disgustingly yellow and stained. I've tried multiple brands of whitening toothpaste, I've tried those trays with whitening gel, I paid for a soda cleansing by a dental hygienist- None of those made notable difference. Next option is shilling out hundreads of euros for a laser whitening, except no provider is willing to do it because I have gingivitis that won't go away and all dentists seem to be able to do for it is tell me to just floss every day. I am flossing every day!! and have been for years!! Makes it hard to feel good about myself when I know every time I open my mouth or smile people see my teeth and think wow, this nasty bitch needs to brush her teeth.

No. 1570134

Unless there's an underlying cause and the teeth show other signs of decay, most people's teeth have a yellowish/cream tint to an extent, so don't feel bad about it, it is completely normal

Also please don't try whitening your teeth, it is very harmful and will make your teeth very sensitive (sometimes permanently) and weaker as it hurts the enamel, if you're completely sure, don't get that procedure too regularly

No. 1570135

File: 1683469383632.jpg (31.61 KB, 400x300, 1678282486339.jpg)

>mfw bots on my precious lolcor

No. 1570148

I am tired of hating myself. Nothing I do is good enough, no part of me is good enough. It doesn't matter what others tell me, in the end my mind will just warp it all to a negative meaning. I am afraid others will finally reach the same conclusion as me. It's been like this since I was a kid. The older I got, the more I realized it didn't matter if I got compliments, if I get loved, because I hate myself so much I can't believe others would like me. I have to learn to love myself and it's the hardest thing for me. I have no idea how to start, I am already angry and frustrated at myself for being like this. I don't know how to come to terms with it.

No. 1570151

Have you thought about CBT therapy?

No. 1570172

I used to be pretty reluctant about seeking help, so I've never seriously thought about it before. Have you tried it? Do you recommend it? I am at a point I'm willing to try anything, but I am a bit scared to jump into things.

No. 1570180

People who come on lolcow to purposely larp as other people and try to make people think their post was made by the person they are imitating are so… get a job and a hobby immediately

No. 1570253

this is my job and hobby unfortunately

No. 1570275

I admit I have big trust issues and me being vulnerable means weakness, that's why I didn't give in to hookup culture or ever had sex and remained a virgin - I need a high level of trust in someone (I will still doubt them tho) along with many other reasons.
And so, my other worry is what if I trusted the wrong moid and therefore, doubt my decision making skills even more afterwards as if I don't doubt them already. I know I can say "eh, shit happens" and move on, but I just can't without feeling really bad.
>do what you must to toughen up your feelings so you don't fall into the trap of letting those things make you feel lesser
And how? It feels so overwhelming and idk what and how should I start.

No. 1570365

I thought I would at least have some sort of glow-up when I grew up–I was bullied over my looks growing up (I have a painful and obvious medical deformity)…
…but I'm in my late 20s, there's probably 50+ pimples and cysts on my face and endless scars. Accutane not only failed but destroyed the texture of my skin. Tretinoin hurts. I look disgusting and probably have the worst acne I've ever seen. It's painful and no I don't have the money to keep on seeing derms every month. I spent years researching skincare…and for what reason? People will just look at me and assume that my skin is just me being lazy and never washing my face.

No. 1570371

Samefag, the same number just called me twice again, but hang up before it could fully ring. I would block, but I'm so curious.

No. 1570392

am I a racist bitch? I was at Edinburgh zoo (lovely zoo by the way, recommended) and I was in the panda area, and a large group of Indian men came to the panda enclosure, I think there were at least 10+ all together. they were being very loud and obnoxious. I immediately felt scared and uncomfortable being around them and sort of speed-walked away when they came near me. why did I feel scared? I can't help but feel it was because they were Indian, and I feel like a fucking bitch.

No. 1570395

Ive been trying to get back to my old friend group for a few years. Now im back and its basically all different except for like 2-3 people and they’ve all changed drastically and I hate them just like I hate everyone else.

No. 1570398

Nah an annoying group of moids is an annoying group of moids

No. 1570401

My body acne has calmed down but my acne scars are horrible. I really can't stand unsolicited advice and it seems that these days people assume that not only do you not bathe but you must eat like shit. I've tried cutting out meat, sugar, dairy, gluten, etc. and it's never given me results.

No. 1570402

my bf is always depressed and crying and doesn't even try to get the fuck over it. he had a family member die 5 years ago and he's still letting it destroy his life, he regularly cancels plans on me and is totally dysfunctional. i have my own shit and frankly my life has been a lot worse than his, but i deal with it and don't let it control my future, he's jsut a sobbing little fucking whiny baby and i'm losing sympathy for him. everyone has family members die, is eveyrone supposed to just fall to pieces and stop living once it happens? he'll be just fine and then an hour later he'll cancel plans with me right before we're supposed to meet and he does it often, and he just keeps getting worse and worse. he's already in therapy and apparently it isn't doing jack shit. meanwhile he doesn't even know about my issues because i'm an adult about it. so if he takes 5 years to get over this, then the next time a family member dies will the clock restart and another 5 years of his fucking life are going to be lost to depression? no one lives like this. everyone else deals with the fucking shit.

i'm about to lose it. he's going to let his stupid fucking inability to grow up ruin our relationship and my life. he uses his issues as an excuse, he can't hold a real job because his "adhd" like i dont have my own problems but i work fulltime anyway. i tell him shit like, keep a journal, or do a digital detox to break his phone addiction, and he's just helpless.

i've been nothing but supporting to him for so long and i'm tired of being put out. i just want a functional equal partner. men are all simpering little infants who can't deal with anything, while women just soldier through because we're taught to. i'm sure i sound like a monster but i'm tired of him sobbing on my shoulder all the time and i've never asked anything of him. i feel like a mommy therapist.

No. 1570415

I miss my mom dudes, she has rapid onset dementia and I was really close to her because of some early family tragedies; we were like the only two left in the family. I have a couple of Aunts but they don't talk to me very much except to say hi on holidays through text or a card sometimes. My mom is forgetting me more and more and I feel like I'm being erased even though that's not logical and I shouldn't be making it about me. This has been my worst nightmare since I lost my dad when I was 17 that my mom would go and she's not even that old yet. I am also very long distance from her because early in her dementia she moved across the country for an abusive scrote and now she's in a home over a thousand miles away from me.

My peers and old friends still have either both their parents or at least one and I feel so sad and kind of jealous and oh my gosh I miss her so much even though technically she's still alive. I miss talking to her about myself and I miss her asking questions about my life. I talk to her but it's kind of like talking to a childlike version of her. I miss her so much.

Idk I feel selfish for thinking about what I'm losing while she's losing her entire self but I just feel so sad and lonely and scared. I used to send her pics I'd take of my home or some cool bug I'd see or shit like that because she thought it was cool and now I have no one to shit post with irl I guess. Sorry this was so long.

No. 1570435

File: 1683491473821.jpg (44.97 KB, 556x540, 1683480775113950.jpg)

The medication never fucking works, so I know I have to learn to live with schizophrenia and try to use my own willpower to keep it at normal levels, but it's SO hard. Anyway, did you guys know that ground was broke for the World Trade Center towers in 1968? Did you also know that 1968 was the year that the 911 emergency number was introduced? Did you guys know that the towers existed for 33 years, a number that just so happens to be very important to Freemasons? Did you know the towers were representative of Boaz and Jachim? Did you know all that, nonas?

No. 1570437

You don't sound like a monster nona, you sound like someone who should be asking for things in relationships. You deserve that

No. 1570457

I once knew a lesbian with the most off putting personality ever who complained when her bi ex broke up with her and immediately accused her off being a whore who only used her before jumping in the arms of some random moid. It never occurred to her that the reason she was broken up with was because she is so unpleasant to be around

No. 1570478

Are you on hormonal birth control? It can help with acne…if not completely at least to the point that a topical is bearable and can get rid of the rest, to a degree if not completely. Also depending on your skin type/sensitivity, using a topical less often than prescribed might he more tolerable. I'm sorry - I feel for you. I know it's painful, physically and psychically.

It's OK to let go of someone if their issues are a drain on you. Sounds like you're getting to the point of contempt, which isn't good for either of you. He sounds like he has a lot he needs to address - and that's his to deal with, not yours to bear. If you're unhappy, do the kind thing and exit. You don't have to punish him by reading out all the ways he irritates you or you think he's failing at life, just take your leave and go.

How? Candidly, you have to change your thoughts/orientation, purposely. Like literally brainwash yourself (to a good end/to get your thoughts to understand self esteem and boundaries). In my lay opinion based only on what you've written of course, you sound like you don't have a strong sense of self. And everyone (women, in particular) needs that. Learn/know who you are, own it, don't feel bad about it or apologize for it (specifically, not to yourself). When you have good boundaries and sense of self, you don't live at the mercy of other people, their evaluations, their opinions, or their actions. Your "lens" through which you view life becomes sharper and truer.

I rec'd to someone yesterday the book Six Pillars of Self Esteem (It's by Nathaniel Branden). Can't rec it enough…but before that it might be a good idea to condition your mind - to not be a mouse, to not live worried, to not root how you feel in how others perceive you (or how you think they do). How to do that? Really depends on how you learn/what you respond to. Personally, I spent decades thinking I was in charge of myself, thinking I was the cool girl who stayed friends with dicks who dicked me over, as though that shit wasn't unacceptable, who was above "pettiness." It all came to head at some point, my world crashed, with negative outcome not just for me but for the most important people in my life. I found inspiration in a very unlikely place (a forum's romance/dumb life decision threads, lol, bc those girls (women) giving advice to dumb pickmes and otherwise confused women were ruthless; I (mentally and verbally) objected for a long time that it was overly mean and blaming of victims of shitty behavior, but over time, I got it: we can truly be our own worst enemies, and having good and strong boundaries is essential), and it was only after a year+ of ingesting some good no-nonsense commentary that I was ready to look hard at my own attitude and beliefs. What has that meant in a practical sense? I have a lot fewer (no) friends ("friends"), but I am a much better, activated person. I recently ended a 17-year friendship because as much as it pained me, I could see there was not the mutual respect I believed there was. I have cut all the psychic drags out of my life and am now creating/recreating my social net very selectively. Lonely? Sometimes. But my life is truer and more real than it has been since the 90s, lol (I'm old enough to be your mother, but what I try to share with my own young adult children and other women is that it's better to have your personal come to Jesus earlier rather than later, and having a healthy survival instinct/sense of self is the key). I'll never be a "man-hater" or afraid of men/relationships, but I have stopped giving myself/my personal well-being away or putting myself and my self-regard at the bottom of the pile. And that's something I want for every woman.

But practically speaking, specific to dealing with men - If you're solid in yourself then you will know you can trust your judgment. So you've got to 1) get solid and 2) learn what are behavioral red flags and how not to make excuses for them. On one end, if he's acting weird or flaky, do not fill in blanks: if he seems mild, he is; look at displayed behavior, not the pretzels your mind may want to create to avoid reality. On the other end, if someone comes on really strong, constantly check in with your own barometer: whether they are love-bombing (for a purpose or because they themselves have poor judgment) or are just really into it, always check it with your own interest and desires, and put yours ahead of anyone else's. I'm not going to say people/men are evil, but they are just as likely to be stupid as anyone else, and many people are just comfortably manipulative (men and women). Basically, listen to yourself from a position of strength, and if there's a tiny bell going off somewhere, give it credit, no matter how it's marketed or how amazing it seems. If you are strong in yourself, that doesn't mean living anxiously and afraid everyone's a scammer; it becomes more simply a matter of having standards and not getting invested unless and until you know you're seeing clearly.

Last thing: some people are cool with casual sex and some are not. And for some, casual/quick sex is fine, but not when there are actual feelings. Know thyself. And assume nothing.

No. 1570491

I wish I was the type of person that loses their appetite when sad, but I'm just the type of fat pig that gorges themselves in food in the minimum sign of distress. I don't even deserve food. I'm so gross, I wish I just didn't wake up someday

No. 1570492

I wish I was the type of person that loses their appetite when sad, but I'm just the type of fat pig that gorges themselves in food in the minimum sign of distress. I don't even deserve food. I'm so gross, I wish I just didn't wake up someday

No. 1570493

I wish I was the type of person that loses their appetite when sad, but I'm just the type of fat pig that gorges themselves in food in the minimum sign of distress. I don't even deserve food. I'm so gross, I wish I just didn't wake up someday

No. 1570494

I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I got pregnant in April and it turned out to be ectopic. I literally almost died, was bleeding internally bc it ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. I feel so out of control. I know my hormones are still fucked up, I tested today and still got a positive pregnancy test. My mind is telling me to kms. Obviously I don’t want to die, I’m just experiencing intrusive thoughts. It’s hard to talk about this with people IRL — it makes people uncomfortable, understandably, and it’s hard for me to open up. I just don’t understand why my first pregnancy had to turn out this way. first world problems, w/e… I guess would’ve just shut up and died if I hadn’t have access to adequate healthcare

No. 1570495

i swear my mom is such a fucken dumbass that cant make up her damn mind and doesnt remember shit she fucken says and then acts like im stupid for "not understanding" her. they have their car under my name so she tells me to help pay for the insurance and all that shit. then she tells me to also pay for their car they have under their name. thats what ive been doing. then she bitches at me saying she told me to only pay for their car thats under my name and theyll pay for the one thats under theirs because she said that was what she told me before and i didnt understand her. now shes asking for me to help pay for both cars again.

No. 1570496

I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I got pregnant in April and it turned out to be ectopic. I literally almost died, was bleeding internally bc it ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. I feel so out of control. I know my hormones are still fucked up, I tested today and still got a positive pregnancy test. My mind is telling me to kms. Obviously I don’t want to die, I’m just experiencing intrusive thoughts. It’s hard to talk about this with people IRL — it makes people uncomfortable, understandably, and it’s hard for me to open up. I just don’t understand why my first pregnancy had to turn out this way. first world problems, w/e… I guess would’ve just shut up and died if I hadn’t have access to adequate healthcare

No. 1570502

I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I got pregnant in April and it turned out to be ectopic. I literally almost died, was bleeding internally bc it ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. I feel so out of control. I know my hormones are still fucked up, I tested today and still got a positive pregnancy test. My mind is telling me to kms. Obviously I don’t want to die, I’m just experiencing intrusive thoughts. It’s hard to talk about this with people IRL — it makes people uncomfortable, understandably, and it’s hard for me to open up. I just don’t understand why my first pregnancy had to turn out this way. first world problems, w/e… I guess would’ve just shut up and died if I hadn’t have access to adequate healthcare

No. 1570503

I’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I got pregnant in April and it turned out to be ectopic. I literally almost died, was bleeding internally bc it ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. I feel so out of control. I know my hormones are still fucked up, I tested today and still got a positive pregnancy test. My mind is telling me to kms. Obviously I don’t want to die, I’m just experiencing intrusive thoughts. It’s hard to talk about this with people IRL — it makes people uncomfortable, understandably, and it’s hard for me to open up. I just don’t understand why my first pregnancy had to turn out this way. first world problems, w/e… I guess would’ve just shut up and died if I hadn’t have access to adequate healthcare

No. 1570504

NTA but I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to write all that. I enjoyed reading it and it's cool seeing emotionally healthy women on lolcow. Cheers!

No. 1570515

File: 1683498352790.png (5.68 KB, 336x330, 1606738391953.png)

No, my messages do not have some hidden meaning
I do not secretly judge anyone or think badly of them without letting it show
When I am slow to respond it's because I'm busy, not because I suddenly dislike you
I have zero problems with you or anything you say unless there's obvious harmful intent from your side
When I ask you to be open and straightforward with me it isn't to trick you into anything
Stop manufacturing drama because there legitimately is none and it is just not that deep. I am genuinely pretty chill and unfazed about most things and some people just refuse to believe that there isn't some kind of hidden resentment or issue. I just want to hang out and have a good time. True & honest.

No. 1570528

File: 1683500115798.jpg (71.81 KB, 719x721, 1681602197893478.jpg)

I'm finally done obsessing over my ex now I figured out what he really was after

No. 1570530

File: 1683500214369.gif (7.86 MB, 640x830, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

I need to pee but I'm too sleepy and tired. I hate this.

No. 1570531

you're so lazy nonna… just get up and pee

No. 1570532

File: 1683500414670.jpg (242.27 KB, 1477x2048, 1682028815314288.jpg)

even though nobody ever answers me I'm really glad I have places like these to go full shizo and vent everything.
I dunno. Somehow sperging out did end up healing me.

No. 1570545

>teehee men love short petite women like me

5'8" here and let me tell you some thing you piece of fucking shit.

I'm attractive as fuck and have a MILF face that allows me to pull easy zoomer dick because of it. You should see some of the tight fit bodies I've let slide in. I have F cup breasts and not a single guy I have ever banged has failed to propose to me. I embrace any challenge I get from someone who tries to stand in my face and intimidate me with their "petiteness", because it's pathetic. High center of gravity, fast reflexes, and ridiculous core strength will allow me to either 1) quickly stomp your haggard grandbaby face or 2) out last you with endurance because your shitty, frail frame required to ground your stubby body made you more tired. I make 85k a year as an mid-level engineering manager at Ford (I'm 23 btw, they will most likely promote me to upper management within the next 2-3 years). I fuck shit up in every single sport and would destroy any of you (minus basketball where skill/talent is substituted out for height). I've been compared to Messi in my soccer style. Quick dribbling and cutting in between every opponent in front of me. I scored 95 goals throughout my high school varsity soccer career. I made the varsity rugby team freshman year but soccer and rugby were the same season so I couldn't dominate both.

Sports I would destroy you at in order
Endurance running
Ping Pong

I know you. Ugly is a given. Probably curly hair. Tried to be kawaii ana loli but ended up either doughy or with your hair falling out and you were sad for awhile about that. Struggling to find a way to validate yourself you took to reminding everyone how you're "Only 5 feet tall!", as if that was some sort of cutoff for being a woman. When in reality you're just as pathetic as every other self-hating wannabe piece of shit out there, yet you have somehow convinced yourself you've won the genetic lottery.

No. 1570547

I hate to say this in this thread, but first sentence and this is already cringe goddamn.

No. 1570548

disregard the hater above queen this is funny as fuck

No. 1570569

Is this a copypasta

No. 1570572

I think someone just needs some protein. And an enema.

No. 1570573

File: 1683503879757.jpg (64.81 KB, 590x788, PATSY-556866.jpg)

Based and stacypilled

No. 1570575

File: 1683504018068.jpeg (78.1 KB, 1080x643, 632f5550cb39a.jpeg)

I feel like a fool for getting involved in any religion related conversation. I never do this because I'm scared people wouldn't take me seriously and they would make fun of my gnostic beliefs, especially that some think I'm actually smart, I'm scared they wouldn't see me as smart anymore. Literally everyone I know is an atheist and there's no place for any discussion regarding spirituality and it makes me feel alone. Today I fucked up because me and my coworker were talking about a youtuber who made a funny and really good series of videos in which he dunks on every flat earth 'argument', and I mentioned something about how crazy is that in XXI century we still have so many people who believe in flat earth, and he said 'Yeah, or a god'. And I knew I shouldn't gettig involved, but I said 'Well, you can both accept science and believe in some higher power' and he laughed and replied 'No you can't, there's obviously no such thing as a god' and I really really should've stopped there but I got intrigued by his comment how the catholic god sounds like satan, and I tried to tell him some history of gnosticism and even said I can borrow him a book about gnostic theory and how his interpretation of catholic god was surprisingly close to gnostic interpretation, but I got too autistically emotional about it and I'm afraid he didn't understand much of my blabbering, he also said he doesn't need the book and that it would bore him anyway and he doesn't care about such things, and he only cares if people are good or bad to him and that he will act accordingly how people act towards him and that nothing else matters, and how there's no point in dwelling on whether there's justice in the world or not and focusing on other people's suffering because there's nothing we can do about it and he doesn't care about the things he has no influence on. So yeah, I feel retarded for even getting involved. But I also envy him, I wish I could not focus on all the suffering in the world, but I can't, and I feel like it prevents me from being happy. Even my therapist told me I have excessive empathy which combined with my autism must make my thought and feeling process quite hard. How do stop caring about things I have no influence on?

No. 1570605

File: 1683507130593.jpg (47.11 KB, 680x580, tumblr_08f45a7fbb20d991ee2a8ac…)

don't beat yourself up nonny, moids are too retarded for spirituality and even when they try they end up doing dumb shit like worshipping the demiurge. id love to talk to you about gnosticism, he sounds like an idiot

No. 1570612

He's a typical unempathetic moid who chose the most comfortable and easy answer for him to cling to because it requires no nuance in thinking. Most atheists are like this, as are most devout theists, ironically. The opinions of those whom are inflexible and not even willing to consider other possibilities (within reason, because conspiracy theorists are on the whole other side of the spectrum, trapped by their own fear or ignorance because they don't understand or know what to believe except for what sounds most convenient to their tastes) aren't worth worrying about. They're frustrating people to deal with. Also, I'd be interested in that book recommendation, if you don't mind dropping it here.

No. 1570618

Yeah he may sound like that, but I think he's a genuinely good person, he helps people and is kind to strangers, even total randoms, like recently he gave his coat to a pizza delivery guy when it was raining and the guy forgot his coat and still had some deliveries to do, and my coworker didn't want the coat back. He also doesn't gossip like other people. Every time I encounter a person who is kind and doesn't seek approval of others and doesn't gossip, which is quite rare in a workplace, I feel like an inner need to at least try to talk to them about faith, but as I said, I never do this. Today it was an exception. I heard that you can't save those who don't want to be saved, but I just feel conflicted about people who are good in my eyes but also ridicule the idea of faith
Well he openly says he chooses what he wants to believe in because it makes him feel good, at least he's not a hypocrite.

No. 1570621

from what, exactly?

No. 1570628

Also, about the book anon, I was talking about something entry level focusing on theory and history, Kurt Rudolph's 'Gnosis'.
I was also mentioning a very good book about the metaphysics of capitalism, like it combined both gnosticism and the critique of capitalism, but that book exists only in my language, there's no english translation.

No. 1570632

Don’t feel bad about venting, it is a really hard thing to go through physically and emotionally, but I’m glad you made it through alive and they caught it on time. Time will heal your body and the pain

No. 1570646

File: 1683509236435.jpg (172.86 KB, 1080x1204, 167123619965.jpg)

you two need to team up

No. 1570654

The absolute… Stacy…

No. 1570704

File: 1683511210265.gif (1003.21 KB, 245x245, ac0a7d4fed43d0bdb6d8445f867f56…)

>5'8" talking this much shit

5'11 and dominating in your hick local county sports team isn't worth shit. Meet me somewhere and try and get any ball from me, any takedown on me, ill let you choose and get a running start too.

No. 1570738

Based taller nona.

No. 1570757

5’11 gang of amazon bitches in boots lets goooooooooo

No. 1570775

Who do I even go to for anxiety anymore? I made an appointment with a psychiatrist and they were like “Zoloft will help” I don’t want a fucking antidepressant I just need to stop having anxiety attacks brought on by the tiniest triggers. Also I have an infected tooth and I’m kind of freaking out that it’s going to rot my brain out and die but I can’t get into the oral surgeon until Thursday. I am hating life right now.

No. 1570816

The engineering teams at facebook and google need to fix the synching data feature i dont want anybody to know i look at their facebook i dont want anyone who finds my youtube or google account to leave evidence of their trail. Its just such a hassle and really embarrassing. We all stalk other peoples accounts but the fact that you cant do that in privacy is so bothersome. Is it a feature and not a bug? Am I supposed to feel ass embarrassment cause i feel that embarrassment in my ass everytime some guy i dated years ago finds me or some guy knows i looked at their page like stop it. Linkedin too. Come on….

No. 1570831

I believe it is. If it isn't, that anon is super insecure and cracked out.

No. 1570876

This is a yikes from me since calling curly hair ugly is deeply embedded in racism. Whole post screams dorky ugly white girl shit.

No. 1570905

having another one of those moments where i must accept i am often not someone's first choice. or even their second, or third choice.

coping's tough but i will find a way to be healthy about it inshallah

No. 1570916

GODDAMMIT NONAS my internet has been down all weekend so I’m watching actual tv tonight which is weird and I saw Pete Davidson in a stupid Taco Bell commercial, and then Seth Meyers in a stupid Verizon commercial and then RIGHT AFTER THERE WAS PETE DAVIDSON AGAIN in a stupid SmartWater commercial! God DAMN IT PETE DAVIDSON IS EVERYWHERE and it pisses me off

No. 1570927

why would you say something so cringe yet so based

No. 1570949

Once in a blue moon I get IBS symptoms and it's hitting me hard tonight. Every time I fucking pass gas, it burns and half the time, it gets so hot that I think I actually sharted. I had a smoothie today why the fuck is this happening to me?!

No. 1570961

Fucking kek, new copypasta just dropped

No. 1570982

File: 1683523830454.png (249.13 KB, 484x563, Screenshot_20230507-222748-551…)

I can't believe pride month is in a couple of weeks, I refuse to have to deal with the most deformed, deranged and degenerate uggos in the world marching on the streets right outside my balcony.

No. 1570999

Keep writing here.

No. 1571002

I did this to myself, I've turned off personal info based marketing on basically every website I use that uses it and now a lot of my recommendations are trash, I've done this too myself but I am still salty.

No. 1571004

and all over social media my fucking god. Every month is fag month to these people.

No. 1571016

Social media is so hilarious and weird it's all this cringey incredibly vain game of who can look the best when they're eye fucking the camera with perfect angles lighting and editing
The whole thing is so fucking retarded and I'm thinking of deleting all my selfies because of how moronic it makes me feel to contribute to it
Omg look at me, I look so hot let me capture a still moment of it and literally shove it in everyone's face to see what they have to say
Please validate me

No. 1571017

No way, you mean the anon posting an essay about how they are totally not insecure at all about their height and short women are undesirable might actually be ugly?

No. 1571018

wondering if i can deflect the lesbian/bisexual allegations by using traps. it's not gay because it's still a guy

No. 1571019

File: 1683529923472.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, 4C272AEF-C000-4FDE-90ED-0FC696…)

I’m not smart enough to do any job that can’t be replaced by chatgpt in the future.

I just want to give up, honestly.

No. 1571021

File: 1683530237597.jpg (106.79 KB, 1334x890, IMG_0257.JPG)

Be careful navigating, Nonas. Posting this to warn others and to remove disturbing imagery from the front page.

No. 1571022

trannies be like “we’re not pedophiles!” and then spam CP on imageboards where they shit on trannies. only pedophiles know where to find that

No. 1571026

everyone lowkey knows traps are just for gay coping, so that'll work on coomers but not normies

No. 1571042

File: 1683534648776.jpeg (Spoiler Image,112.15 KB, 828x870, IMG_0693.jpeg)

i hate men calling me a whore and writing sexual fanfiction about me just because i disagree with them when ive never had sex or masturbated and all men have masturbated and ejaculated at least once by the time they are old enough to argue with me on 4chan.

No. 1571043

My bf showed me images of beer labels that his friend generated with Midjourney and they shocked me. I was with the 'AI wont take our jobs, it will just create more' crowd but seeing the concepts made me change my mind. A lot of creative people will lose their jobs and originality will be a rare gem. It saddens me particularly because I was planning on changing careers to either being an illustrator or an animator

No. 1571044

I had to uninstall Reddit because I kept being recommended career and finance posts which made me compare my living circumstances to other people my age who are much more successful than me, like having an income salary much higher than me, have 150k in savings, owning their first home etc.
Made me belittle my own accomplishments, re-question my career choice (even though I've thought long and hard about it and can't imagine doing anything else) and made me feel like I didn't do enough in my life.

No. 1571046

I've only caught glance of the porn being spammed here a couple of times. I really hope it isn't actually cp and just petite looking adults. Either way I don't care to find out. Sucks that there's no way to stop the spam.

No. 1571050

How do I prevent „soft parenting“ in a relationship?

My boyfriend barely cooks or clean. He can cook, but he doesn’t do it. He mainly eats whatever is already prepared. He will eat left overs from the fridge and not heat them up. He will heat up food for me if I ask him, but he doesn’t do it for himself. He will often eat more treats than substantial food, despite knowing about nutrition. My boyfriend doesn’t do the laundry. He will often not shower for days unless he has gone to the gym, which is occasionally. He will let his mother do his laundry. He has gotten into the habit of folding his laundry, but it is slow. He doesn’t want to work for a company, only as an entrepreneur. But he is too broke now to develop his business. He gets by on money from infrequent jobs for his brother’s company. He doesn’t brush his teeth and I have to remind and sometimes beg him to.

I see how some of these things are potentially traits of depression or ADHD. As I suffered from these things as well, alongside mistreatment for my inability to function properly, I want to help him heal and flourish without being treated the way I was.

Another explanation could be his upbringing. Neither of his parents cook or clean adequately. This is harsh, but they are honestly lazy when it comes to the upkeep of their household. They only eat out, eat sandwiches or otherwise simply don’t eat at all. They have a dishwasher but don’t even put the dishes away sometimes. They leave empty wrappers, containers and used tissues laying around. They have a washer and dryer but don’t read any labels and just use the same settings for everything, throwing delicates in the dryer alongside towels and not caring. They wear shoes indoors but rarely sweep or vacuum.

In my upbringing, I was not taught the intricacies of cooking or cleaning either. But contrary to my boyfriend, I come from an impoverished single parent household. Because I value my quality of life, I learned to cook and care for my environment despite the circumstances. We didn’t have a dishwasher or dryer, but that didn’t withhold me.

As a result, I cringe when his mother compliments my cooking and cleaning. I simply say that I do it because I value a clean environment. I am getting tired of cleaning up after them. At first I thought it was just my boyfriend, but now I see he learned from his parents.

It bothers me so much to see them treat themselves and their house this way. I stay because of my boyfriends positive qualities, the potential I see in him and the possibility of untreated mental disorder. It is also a better living situation than my home regarding abuse.

I try to nudge my boyfriend respectfully (sometimes I fail in that regard…), but it feels degrading at times.

The other day I came home from a long day of work. I study, work and keep my environment tidy whilst he is unemployed. I was extremely tired, which he knew. Meanwhile, the TV is blaring in the living room because his mother is glued to it. In the kitchen, it is the same as it was that morning, but worse. The dishwasher I loaded the day before is not unloaded, dirty dishes still litter the sink, remnants of his mothers treats are scattered on the counter, there are crumbs, smears, you name it…

Because I’m too tired to hassle them, I just get up to clean everything. I can’t relax unless the environment is somewhat peaceful, especially with the loud television. Instead of somebody seeing that even after an exhausting day I still am cleaning up after everybody, his mother comes up to me once I’m done to compliment me for doing the chores. I just wish maybe my boyfriend or his mother would prevent this mess in the first place or step up to help a little. My boyfriend sometimes does this, though.

How do I help my boyfriend develop necessary skills without just venting my frustrations on him or “parenting him gently”?

I really love him, I just had to get this frustration off my chest. My mother would complain about me behaving the exact same way when I was little, so I definitely understand where she is coming from now. Only difference is that I was a mentally ill child and he is an adult my age.

No. 1571052

Even before AI became commonplace, a lot of creative stuff was just endless regurgitation of existing ideas and aesthetics. You literally had teenagers churning out jankily made Notion templates on Etsy as a side hustle.

No. 1571060

i feel proud about the money ive been making considering i was almost homeless last year but sometimes when i look at family or anons posts here it feels like im so far behind.

No. 1571065

Why would he ever change? He has a mommy gf and zero responsibility, he's living the high life while you're busy fretting over how to respectfully approach him. The worst that happens to him is an occasional 'gentle nudge' that he can easily ignore. He benefits from this situation and the only thing that could possibly make him change is real, serious consequences. You need to be ready and willing to dump him, you will get nowhere asking nicely I promise you that. But frankly, you should want to dump him because the disgusting pig doesn't even shower or brush his teeth, he doesn't have any money, and he doesn't have any issue letting you do all the work. What does he bring to the table exactly? Is this what you want your life to be like in the future?

I'm being harsh because I've seen a million stories like yours (Seriously, go read a forum for mothers sometime, like /r/breakingmom. Google the mental load too), and it's always the fucking same. A lazy, unhygienic, deadbeat moid taking advantage of a woman who makes excuses for him and thinks if she can just communicate in the right way he will realise he needs to change. Not gonna happen.

No. 1571079

No offense, but he is taking advantage of you. Do you really want that to be your life?
>I want to help him heal and flourish without being treated the way I was.
This only works when he values you as much as you do him. But he clearly doesn't, because he has no trouble or guilt offloading all the work onto you like you're his pack mule. Listen, it's clear that you love him, but does he love you? I can tell you are extremely kind, empathetic, and have a lot of love to give, but you're clearly giving it to the wrong person. What you are doing for him, you deserve that same treatment tenfold. You deserve someone who puts in the effort to be the best version of themselves for you. Someone who supports you like you support him. Not this loser. You are worth so much more than this. Please please please realize that.

No. 1571084

Have some boundaries. Do you want to be with this guy for the rest of your life or are you just keeping him to fill some kind of void of loneliness? If you can't mold him into someone with the same values as you and he doesn't make an effort, why stay?
Moids are retarded. If he's not brushing his teeth, ask him if he brushed his teeth today. If he hasn't heated up his food, ask him if he heat it up. Keep asking him questions if he responds "no". Say "Why not?" and hear his excuses, then go "I think you should be brushing your teeth/heating up leftovers/etc. because not doing so worries me you don't care about yourself." If he doesn't feel bad about hearing that statement and the next time he doesn't brush or heat up his food and he gives the same lame excuse, again, why stay?

No. 1571094

File: 1683543088293.jpg (46.38 KB, 960x724, IMG_20230508_074330.jpg)

Can't run away from my depression even in my fantasies. I kept thinking my husbando wouldn't love me. I'm so dumb.

No. 1571103

File: 1683544605573.jpg (109.13 KB, 1240x824, flippingjimmy.jpg)

Feels like I'll never get my shit together. Went to the GP cuz I realized I'm not breathing right, I haven't for the longest time. I do have low co2 in my blood, so now I have a referral for psychosomatic therapy which I'll have to pay out of my own pocket. I'm so tired, literally and figuratively. I've never felt rested after sleeping, suffered from daytime sleepiness all my life, fell asleep at inappropriate times. I'm a fucking retard. Ruined whatever little opportunities that I had with my retardation. I hope the therapy helps but honestly I just want to die already.

I've done nothing today except for watch Better Call Saul, I'm glad it doesn't have any disgusting scrote degeneracy.

Do any Nona's have stories of turning their life around?

No. 1571106

The other day I was leaving a nightclub with a friend and some moid pushed me over as I walked past him, very obviously and deliberately. All that happened was that I grazed my knees, there were people around who checked on me and helped me up. he walked away super quickly before anyone could confront him. I feel so angry thinking about it now and knowing that men like that are walking around and will take any chance they get to hurt women smaller than them who won’t fight back. Glad I was in a busy street with friends idk what that psycho would have done to a girl alone in an empty street.

No. 1571113

>exbf won't play videos games because it is a "waste of time" even when I just want to play together
>doesn't want to travel with me either
>constantly scrolling tiktok or goes out partying with "friends"

Are there only loser men in this world?
Fuck I'll just date myself

No. 1571132

God, I just had my exit interview and its only now really REALLY hitting me. Manager was going through what I’d have to return and when. It’s so scary, I was almost excited about being unemployed but I’m actually on such unstable ground, come 2 weeks time I’ll be untethered in a way that nobody will want to tie me down again.
I started to feel sick as she was talking, i couldn’t even look at him when I said goodbye. Fuck, I just want stability back

No. 1571257

Some people with IBS are really sensitive to fructose, did it have apples or stone fruit?

No. 1571258

I didn't wear a hat on a long walk yesterday because I don't have any that look acceptable with a t-shirt and jeans and now I have sunburn around my collarbones and nape and probably my scalp
I just want to wear a hat without looking like a weirdo and having everyone stare at me i hate modern fashion standards, they're designed for people who don't actually walk or go outside

No. 1571263

Why do I always feel like I need to pee when I'm nervous. It makes me panic so bad because I hate having to pee.

No. 1571266

It was mostly acai, berries, and a bit of citrus. I'm guessing it might be the sheer amount of fructose or there might have been some weird, processed ingredients in it.

No. 1571267

I hate working with people who don't know how to entertain themselves. I want to relax when we have a few minutes of down time not watch you edge closer and stare at me because you want to talk. I fucking know you can read my body language perfectly fine,fuck off.

No. 1571268

grow up. no one cares about your hat, they're just looking at it. probably even wishing they were smart enough to wear one. fuck it, carry an umbrella to use as a parasol. i do.

No. 1571269

reeeeeeeeee universal healthcare with no dental, doesn't make any fucking sense. government won't pay for me to get a bad tooth pulled or filled, but WILL pay if I end up in the ER with sepsis or major infection? how is that cheaper than just giving people preventative care? but no either have lots of cash on hand because dentists don't do payment plans or sliding scale OR wait until you're literally dying because then the ER is legally required to stabilize you. abscess risk on literally any other part of your body? medical issue, treatment available. abscess risk in your mouth? cosmetic luxury procedure, medically unnecessary, get fucked and die if you can't afford to drop a thousand bucks upfront!

No. 1571289

I am so confused and was thinking of posting in the stupid questions thread but how am I the bad guy when I told someone that that they crossed a boundary, I am shocked but am willing to let it go and act civil, but if it happens again, I won't be cool or nice about it. I think it's actually nice of me to let them know how I felt, what they said and did to make me feel that and that I am calm now but let this be the last fucking time they pull this shit on me. I have no idea why people say awful shit, someone doesn't go straight to yelling at them/hurting them back and instead is calm and even that is wrong, bitch I will ruin you the next time you slip.

No. 1571304

1. You are living with his family, sounds like. It's not your business to tell them what to do (not even in passive-aggressive ways like "I value a tidy environment").

2. You are choosing to be involved with someone who does not share your lifestyle values.

3. You are choosing a man-child who sees no reason to behave differently.

4. You are choosing to be with someone who is/whom you perceive as unrealistic, impractical, and lazy.

You're asking the wrong question.

Stop assuming what other people think, and stop caring that someone will think you're weird.

And I don't even know what you mean. People wear hats all the time. Especially in the sun. That's completely normal and looks completely normal. It's also healthy for eyes and skin in the sun.

Side question is why walk in jeans, unless it was just an amble.

But thanks - you inspired me to grab a cap while I'm getting my vitamin D

Universal healthcare where? If you mean Medicaid programs, they usually pay for dental (preventive and medical need). If you mean insurance through a marketplace that isn't means-based, that's not the govt.

No. 1571314

I got a random period cramp last night while trying to sleep and I thought I was about to fucking die. I am on my period but cramps are so few and far between for me.

No. 1571316

Samefag, it wasn't a feeling I literally did just have to pee. I think anxiety just made it worse though. Also, I am having to urgently pee despite not having drank anything which means I'm eating too much sugar again.

No. 1571325


Sorry for structuring my message like a nerd and writing a wall of text. Can’t help it

He expressed once that he was depressed, so I do not want to abandon somebody who could be suffering the way I once was.

I’ve seen those stories of man-child-husbands too, which is part of why I made my post. I want something to change as well. When we first started dating, I was under the impression he was different from how I know him now. You are all correct that I don’t want to proceed with our relationship if things stay this way. I only date to marry and this isn’t my idea of a husband.

I just don’t want to hurt him further if he truly is depressed, as his family members are displeased with his unemployment and approach this incorrectly. Yelling and berating does nothing, I don’t want to contribute to it. Moreover, I am still maturing and reaching goals myself. I don’t want to give him unrealistic ultimatums I wouldn’t be able to meet myself.

He loves everything about me, he always listens to and learns from me about any topic, he respects my intelligence and authority on some matters, he only slept with one person (me), he does not watch pornography, we are the same age, he accepts my body as it is and makes no fuss about its natural state, he makes no fuss about sex or not, he doesn’t abuse me, he likes to help with practical tasks, he encourages my artistic development, he doesn’t expect sex in exchange for chores or help, he doesn’t pressure me to have sex, he understands my sensitivities regarding sexual trauma, he compliments me earnestly, he cares for my safety, respects my integrity and speaks respectfully about me around others, doesn’t engage in the crassness of some young men around him.

Besides, I don’t have anybody without him. I didn’t grow up with much of a support system and still don’t have family or friends. Furthermore, I love to be held and cuddled by him. He touches and loves me very tenderly. He protects me and makes me feel safe. I have nobody else to hold me and unfortunately I’m too sensitive still to be alone again.

To me, he is worth being patient with. I see his potential and breaking up would be the worse alternative. I’ve cried about it a few times to him: even if I really wanted to break up with him, I couldn’t, because he is all I have. I’m not physically/mentally well enough to be by myself. I’d rather give him a chance whilst we are both still young (twenty).

For now, we’re together anyway. He helps me with keeping me company, sometimes financially, I can’t drive yet so he drives me. I’d like to help him in return.

Finally, he does want to work, but his business is taking time and he refuses to do other work in the meantime. He has very slowly been realising that he is going to have to suck it up and get a job to support himself as he works on his project. He has the motivation, it just doesn’t come to fruition… I know what this is like, though, so I don’t want to be too harsh. I just grit my teeth and try to help him.

I have done what you suggested, for instance. I also tell him I dislike having to remind him. Every night and day I ask him if he brushed his teeth… I tell him I don’t like kissing him when he hasn’t done so. I try to give him options that helped me: breaking down the steps, helping him complete them. I’ve dealt with executive dysfunction, I get it. Sometimes simple tasks are difficult. So I developed systems. I offer to help him create his own systems, but he rejects my offers.

He was going to cook yesterday, but ended up just sitting at the table on his phone. I embraced him and asked why he didn’t want to cook anymore. According to him, it was too late. The dish was incredibly simple, more so than pasta, so I offered to help him get started. He refused… when I came downstairs before going to sleep to grab a glass of water, everything was still on the counter! The meat, the butter… not even his mother thought to put it away. Sorry, I just haven’t been able to complain to anybody about this without it feeling absolutely draining…

Whenever he fails to complete tasks in a day, it makes him antsy. As I said, executive dysfunction is a familiar obstacle. So I tell him I understand that time management may be difficult for him. I’ve invested a lot of my time and money into figuring out how to deal with these things, so I offer to share what I’ve learned and even recommend some of the specialists I saw. He doesn’t care to do it… in those situations I just don’t know what to do. I say okay that’s fine, just let me know if you ever change your mind and I’d be happy to help.

In the meantime I try to talk to his family and explain that he isn’t just lazy, there is more going on inside his mind. I do so also because I wish somebody would have done that for me when I was little. I really try to help him. So when he still continues to eat only chocolate and left over junk food for breakfast, EVEN after I offer to cook breakfast for him, EVEN after I tell him it feels like he doesn’t care about my values or our future children (I am NOT having children with some weak sperm) despite knowing the consequences of his actions, it feels like a slap in the face! Granted, I will complain a little if he makes me prepare breakfast for him every day, so maybe that’s why he avoids me doing that… ughhh

‪Your sentiment is very sweet, but truthfully I don’t know who else would even be better than him. I am so happy he does not treat me the way I’ve been treated before, doesn’t watch pornography, etc. For most of it, he respects my authority and intelligence far more than any other man ever has. I’d rather invest in him who was a virgin before we met and is not like most of the guys I’ve met. Simply put, the bar is low for men and I doubt I can do better. I’m way too afraid of getting back into dating. ‬

No. 1571328

Thank you for your response. I suppose you are correct that I should not judge him or his family if I choose to have them in my life. But I do not see him as lazy etc. I think he has unresolved problems and I don’t want to give up on him if he is struggling with unrecognised disorders. Plus, he was much different when we first started dating.

No. 1571333

i'm letting this troon live in my head rent free, i know it's retarded but i'm having a tough time stopping since a few women i heavily respect all turn into blubbering handmaidens whenever he comes around. so do the gay males. it wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't always talking about trans but he always is, i get exhausted of seeing people coddle your dysphoria tranny. you can be anything you want at the table, why do you NEED to play a tranny fairy. why does this shit NEED to be in my hobby.

and since i'm bitching about this i just hate the way troons have to filter everything through le twans experience

No. 1571334

When my bf talks to me like I'm stupid and overly states the obvious I honestly want to pummel him into ground beef. I ask him where a cord is he's like it's by the internet stuff. You know under the coffee table in the living room. I'm like I live here dude I know where the internet shit is. I'm like wow thanks do you want a drink from the fridge that's in the kitchen in case you didn't know where that is
He needs a good beating

No. 1571336

the only thing that keeps me from going totally insane is that he isn't agp, he's just hsts…i can understand that nona (?) that said women are so accepting of hsts because it's basically like having an eunuch/hyper gay around to faghag over. but he really drives me nuts though, because he is the most generic example of an hsts ever, all aesthetics and references to other shit bundled up together, absolutely no fucking substance to his character outside of how he speaks on dysphoria and the pseud-tier nonsense regarding the "femme" experience. but goddamn faggot is that all you have, how much you hate your body?

No. 1571346

Just kill him

No. 1571356

>my bf is a lazy childish slob who doesn't help around the house and treats me like his substitute mommy
>i want to make a baby with him
you'll be doing 98% of the work you big dummy. why would you play yourself like that? throw the lazy scrote in the trash

No. 1571359

>why walk in jeans
It didn't bother me, but on that, we have no good option for pants either, everything is either jeans or yoga pants, and I hate wearing polyester. But that's all that is available. Or sweatpants if you want to look like a complete slob and be sweaty.
I just want comfortable clothes that are both functional and good-looking but it doesn't exist. Everything is cheap shitty and ugly. I'm so frustrated.

No. 1571362

I just wear the hat because protecting my skin > not looking like a weirdo. I’m envious of the other anons who apparently live somewhere where sun hats (and even parasols?) are normal because I can’t leave the house with my sun hat without getting a bunch of unsolicited comments. They’re usually compliments, but often backhanded or creepy compliments (e.g. grown men calling me “my lady”) and I’d prefer if strangers didn’t comment on my appearance at all. It’s just a fucking hat, people.

No. 1571366

I have always had a lot of fat friends and have been chubby myself but I really don't want to date a fat person, not because I actually care what they look like but I don't want to be fat and I don't want to have sedentary life style, and I know they'd influence me to live like them. I also wouldn't want any future children to take after them and become like that too

No. 1571383

Careful, nonnie. That skinny or fit guy could be a chubby chaser/feeder too. There's no winning with guys.

No. 1571384

File: 1683572851137.jpg (9.28 KB, 342x205, 20221130_103709.jpg)

so he knows you're emotionally dependent on him and uses that so he has someone to bang, cook, clean and listen to his whining. if he actually cared, he would do the effort, but he doesnt, why should you?

No. 1571394

I think that’s fair. Most of my friends are fat and while I enjoy spending time with them, I wouldn’t want to live with them or raise a child with them. When we spend a lot of time together they start to influence me to be more sedentary and eat unhealthily, and if I try to be more active and eat healthier they react negatively to that. It’s not a problem in small doses but living like that full time would be miserable, like either you acquiesce and become fat too or you fight against it and are in constant conflict with your partner.

No. 1571411

At this point keep nagging at him. He's extremely defeatist and unhealthy. I get it, he doesn't abuse you or watch porn, but that is a pretty low bar. Many of us look for that when finding potential life partners and end up clinging to a guy who meets just that and has negatives elsewhere. When he's not making an effort, he's comfortable feeling like shit, and he doesn't see any reason for it to change because he has someone like you who still accepts him. Please, get your own life. Be home less often. Go be your independent self and brag about how good you feel for making good choices. Really, rub it in his face how good you feel by putting in the effort of healthy choices and caring for yourself.

No. 1571413

I know it's silly but I just wanted to be friends with my ex again, he even offered that when he broke it off and we used to be very good friends but whenever I have tried to talk to him one on one he gets angry with me. Even if it isn't serious. Like my very existence drains and annoys him. I know his life is hard right now with school, economic standing in his country and all that but why does he treat only me like this now, it really… hurts.

No. 1571415

>To me, he is worth being patient with. I see his potential and breaking up would be the worse alternative. I’ve cried about it a few times to him: even if I really wanted to break up with him, I couldn’t, because he is all I have. I’m not physically/mentally well enough to be by myself.
I think you have invented his potential as a way to cope with feeling like you can't leave him. Most likely you are entirely capable of living without him, but you're wasting so much of your time and energy on fixing your boyfriend that you think what's left over after that is all you have. Don't worry about dating. You're better off ALONE than with this guy.

No. 1571426

I corrupt whatever I interact or touch don't I. It really feels that way…

No. 1571440

Where do you live that your only options are jeans, sweats, and yoga pants? I have tons of other pants, from bum-around styles to nicer casual things. I have my style/cut of choice in both cropped and full-length versions, pull-on and button/zip, linen/cotton/knits of various weights, etc. For gardening or whatever, I have cargo-y things, again both full and cropped. Same to all^ for shorts. I also have some cute loose linen overalls.

I can think of literally nowhere that I don't see women in sun hats, caps, etc.

But "m'lady"? Is your sun hat more suited to the Kentucky Derby than a nice walk? Or are you also wearing an empire-waisted velvet gown?

It is true that people often compliment hats. That is a sign that they like your hat, not that
they think you are a freak. If it bothers you to get a nice comment, you could scream at them…but then you would in fact be a freak.

It hurts because you are putting yourself there. Cut the cord.

No. 1571441

Thank you nonna for taking your time to write and share your wisdom. I enjoyed reading your response, it's beautifully written.
Also thank you for the book rec (and reminding me of it, someone recd it to me long ago and I forgot its name).

I'm starting again my religious journey ig, I pretty much left it when I was in the worst period of my life on the thinking that I prayed the most and I still was bullied by both classmates and family and had abyssmal mental health. I'm hesitant now, but started to frequent church and rebuild my prayer habits. I hope it won't be in vain.

Thank you again!

No. 1571451

my period should be here any moment now, this time i am HUNGRY AF and I have the 3 holy zit messengers on my forehead
I also drank milk and this will be a pain for my skin as it gives me breakouts but god damn that bowl of oatmeal was delicious
i've had way too many carbs tho
screw period hormones , they mess everything up!

No. 1571453

Anon, it's great that you can be so understanding and accepting, but it's too much at this point. Surely you don't just leave your close ones when they need support, but it's not a temporary issue as a response to something external, it obviously goes deep, and I don't think it's healthy to turn into full-on psychotherapist for your partner, it's never going to work like real psychotherapist-client relationships, and it's super draining for you. It's not my place to tell you what decisions to make but you just don't sound very happy. It's like you're both stuck in some sort of a game where he constantly suffers and you're "saving" him. You don't have to be abusive to your bf or threaten him or something but he has to understand he needs to put effort to have good things in his life, and it includes relationships. You're not obliged to love him unconditionally. Sometimes it doesn't work out with good people, too, and there's no other option than leaving, because you're not the only one who should make relationships work and not everything depends on you. Just tell him what you see, like it is, and say you can't just watch what he's doing with himself and his life, something needs to be done about it. Suggest psychotherapy/medication, some sort of plan, and see if he starts doing anything. Although I guess you've already had these talks and, judging from your posts, he's not really motivated. And it's not going to change with the same approach: it's obvious it's not working. So you can try getting more serious with it if you're not ready to leave just yet, but nonna, some people, many people actually (especially men) just never change. It's out of your control. You seem like a very kind and thoughtful person and I'm sure you'll be able to find someone who'll be wonderful to you, but I'm also sure you'll feel much lighter without having to micromanage an adult and being anxious about your future together and coliving with people with a lifestyle you disagree with.

No. 1571462

If he respected you and listened to you so much, he wouldn't treat you like this.
>He expressed once that he was depressed
What would happen if you told him you were depressed? He wouldn't change anything for you, you know. He wouldn't go above and beyond for you, like you do for him. If you're happy to live your life like this, then go for it. Just don't have children with him, they would be miserable.

No. 1571464

I had a bad znd of the year project and I feel so terrible because i worked so freaking hard but at the last minute didn't have enough time to polish my work or do a good presentation which made my work seem like it was strung in 5 minutes because i didn't have time to show the actual qualities of the project. I was dismissed so rudely by the professors and I don't even care that much but I'm so mad at myself for being stupid and not valorizing my work. I know it's good but the teachers don't and that makes me so freaking mad. I legit cried about it when I rarely ever cry and I have no one to vent to and nothing to do rn to feel better I just hope I can get past it in the next few days but goddamn shit hurts

No. 1571475

My period is here and the cramps are not so bad this month but I also get really bad headaches and it’s making me want to tear my skull out!! Even trying to watch a movie is unenjoyable. I’m grateful I can lay in bed and wait it out and don’t have any immediate obligations at least. But agh I still wanted to get so much done!!!

No. 1571484

File: 1683578949000.jpg (131.12 KB, 1024x984, E4RmlNwXMAgUlzy.jpg)

I'm graduating from college in a few weeks, and the last actual, real friend I had was in middle school. My last "friend" group all actually disliked me except for one dude (because he had a crush on me) and I was too autistic to realize. I want the three years of emotions I poured into them back. My trust was broken and I feel so ashamed. The loneliness is crushing and I'm so hopeless that I could laugh. I wish I could shed my body and crawl into the dirt. I'm literally considering becoming Christian again because at least then I won't feel fucking lonely if I pretend there's a God watching over me LMAO.

I hope you are doing better than I am, nonas. If you have close friends, please cherish them.

No. 1571486

When I was young I had no friends, my family and environment was a mess and that made me distance myself from everyone.
I met my best friend when I was a teenager and she was a very cruel person. She realised very soon that I was a person who wanted to please everyone and she (tremendously narcissistic) decided that she could manipulate me at her whim. I became emotionally dependent on her, I felt that if I lost her, I lost everything.
As I have said, she was very cruel, she always used social networks to ridicule me, in a passive aggressive way she wrote that I only wanted to seek attention at all times, making me an even more insecure person and not even daring to open mouth.
Now twelve years have passed, she is still my best friend and basically all my friends are her friends, long before I came into her life they already were. Today I have realised that I cannot forgive her for all that pain. A part of me has grown up believing that I was the problem, that I was always screwing up or that everyone hated me or were annoyed by me (every time I tried to verbalise how sad I was, always those same comments “attention seeker" “attention Whore".
The problem is that right now nothing has happened, she is not aware of all the damage she has done to me and I really don't know how to tell her that I wish she would disappear completely from my life. Every time things go wrong for her I feel a deep satisfaction because I still think she has to pay for all the damage somehow and that makes me feel ashamed of myself because I partly hate being like the monster that she was, and I don't know if she is anymore. I feel stuck after more than a decade and I'm ashamed to admit it, I don't know if I'm taking everything out of context anymore….

No. 1571488

This girl actually thought I would get hurt by her not responding to my message kek she’s doing me a favour at this point!

No. 1571494

I wish I were straight. I hate feeling predatory because I'm attracted to girls. It makes me feel like a filthy scrote, even though I'm not being weird about it.

No. 1571496

File: 1683579533482.gif (5.29 MB, 400x300, 56465654.gif)

A male friend and I have started getting really close and messaging every day, I'm starting to like him AAARGH I was just starting to feel happy and peaceful as a single woman again. He's very attractive but I just know it wouldn't work out and I don't want to waste my time.

No. 1571500

If you're not ready for a relationship just mentally detach. Talk to him less and if he brings the conversation to romance,change it. friend zone him in your head.

No. 1571506

I'm sorry, anon. That is really hard, and disappointing.

After a few days /letting the letdown pass a little bit, it might be helpful (though maybe hard, ngl) to do a retro "lessons learned"on the project: this means listing out in specifics what worked, what didn't, what went well, where you got tripped up and why. Might be as simple as you procrastinated (if you know that, then maybe you could figure out if there were certain parts of it that caused more procrastinating, or certain emotions that interfered with just getting to work), or that you failed to think about all aspects of the project so you had enough time, or got lost in details, or didn't know how to plan time…whatever happened, if you define it, you can plan for it the next time you have a big project. So if you didn't budget enough time, you could try to recall how long each stage took this time & then next time actually ballpark it in advance. Or if you forgot about how long polishing it could take, then next time you may give yourself an earlier deadline to allow for the final bit, etc. If it's rooted in procrastination or forgetting , then next time maybe you make yourself do even 5 minutes/day on some piece of a big project so it stays top of mind. That kind of thing.

In the meantime, be kind to yourself.

No. 1571508

My mom is having guests over and decided to give up my bedroom in her house to one of her friends during the time I was scheduled to visit her. I’m honestly just really hurt and upset that she gave away my space while I was supposed to visit her. I honestly don’t even want to go visit her during that time anymore and I might cancel. She says I can sleep in the creepy storage room she converted into a “bedroom” but I’m not fucking sleeping there.

No. 1571524

File: 1683582979513.gif (184.91 KB, 220x124, pooh-soul.gif)

I just witnessed some fucked up situation at a 24 hour store. It's almost midnight and I was coming back from work and I went in to buy some water. There was only one guy inside and he had some argument with the clerk and it seemed like it was already going on for a while, something about cigarettes, he was saying the cigarettes are shit, and the clerk said something like 'if you don't want them don't buy them' and he told the guy to leave, but the guy said he can arrange some better stuff for the shop and the clerk said 'don't teach me how to run my own shop, just leave', to which the guy replied:
>Listen, I can shoot you in a moment
my blood froze when I heard this, I was right next to them, I didn't know what to do, there was total silence for a while and I really didn't know if I should walk out or something. The dude looked at me and then at the clerk again and said 'it's all right dude' with totally calm voice, like nothing happened, and he walked out with nothing. I came to the clerk and pretended I speak another language, hoping the weirdo would think I didn't even know what he said, I paid for my stuff and as I was leaving this weirdo was getting on his bike and looking at me. I live right next to the shop and I'm kinda scared he saw where my house is. When I opened the door to my house I immediately started crying. Maybe it's an overreaction, but at the moment it felt so fucked up, for a second I really felt like I could die or witness a homicide, fuck this day

No. 1571526

Nona, it’s time you get her out of your life. Due to how ingrained in your life she is it almost seems like you have to “divorce” her, at least emotionally. You need distance and time to heal. And trying to show her how much she hurt you will only exhaust you mentally, so you have to focus on yourself and only yourself to get out of it.

No. 1571529

That does sound really scary nona. I don’t think you’re overreacting at all. please try not to worry too much because chances are that guy will forget about you. Just do be sure to keep your wits about you in that area for awhile and keep your doors locked, just to be safe.

No. 1571533

Men are absolutely insane, and it's best to not go to a store that late at night after this. Holy shit. Reminds me of my friend telling me how a customer said he could shoot them because their glass was not bullet proof. What the fuck?

No. 1571534

Men are absolutely insane, and it's best to not go to a store that late at night after this. Holy shit. Reminds me of my friend telling me how a customer said he could shoot them because their glass was not bullet proof. What the fuck?

No. 1571539

I just can't be happy! I hate it! I don't enjoy hanging out with my friends anymore because I either have to pretend to be happy and functioning or I'm honest about struggling and then they don't do anything anyway or they give advice and I don't take it because it sounds so overwhelming to me. I make my mom sad because she knows I cry all the time and when she gives me advice I only cry harder because I feel overwhelmed by her suggestions. I complain to my therapist all the time and cry every single session because I'm so miserable and yet every session I'm the exact same, so I must seem so self-entitled like I'm addicted to my own misery. I really feel as though I don't deserve to live and be happy, but why do I have to get everyone else involved in my mess. And then at the same time I feel so resentful, because no one ever reaches out just because they care about me or want to check in on me. It's always people talking about their problems or their lives I'm so fucking sick of it. And then I hate myself for feeling that way because I know they don't mean it. This is exactly how I sound in therapy too, just super vapid and self-centered. Maybe I'll quit and if someone could just kill me off I'd be so grateful to them, really really really.

No. 1571545

in therapy, everyone sounds self centered. the therapy is focused on you. no need to feel bad about it.

No. 1571549

You are wallowing in your own misery, but it's okay it happens to everyone. Now that you recognize it take action, no matter how small.

No. 1571553

I was hospitalised a few months age and i wish that i had died. I was soo ready and could never imagine still being alive now. It’s like i never predicted this and now im here

No. 1571554

what's up with those people that have a problem with everyone they meet. even though I deserve being on the receiving end, at least I haven't left a trail of people tossed aside over nothing. I never spoke ill of them to others but it's probably done to me, because why would I be treated any different than the rest? why did I let this happen.

No. 1571556

lol cow users lmao

No. 1571558

true true

No. 1571561

How do you keep up with taking action even when it feels like nothing is changing?

No. 1571568

I've been in a ldr for years (no I didn't meet him off the internet or a different country) and I don't really talk to anyone all day. I'm pretty lonely. The only social interaction I get is from work and recently, there's this really cute guy I've been getting along with. I feel sexual tension between us. I never communicate with him outside of work because I know what that will lead to. I've given my bf an ultimatum, and he promised he'd move to be with me soon. I love my bf, he's a genuinely good person and I hope he ends up moving to be with me because I will be ready to break up if otherwise

I really appreciate the explanation nonny. I was fascinated with this case as well

No. 1571570

File: 1683589649413.jpg (103.66 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

so, my entire life I felt like shit, I can maybe count the days I felt fine on one hand. after over a decade - two if you count my childhood - of wondering if it was all in my head I was actually finally diagnosed with something severe that 100% explains it. then…I have found out the usual treatment won't even work because my condition is particularly fucked up, and particularly difficult to treat. I'd have to be rich and be able to see dozens of specialists to even pin everything down.

I'm still trying to grapple with the idea that I might feel like I'm dying for the rest of my life…and those few good days I had only remind me just how awful I feel all the time. Before, I thought they were hope that I could feel better.

No. 1571584

Hahahaha buckle up

No. 1571590

My sister is dating this guy who can't even wipe his own ass and freaks out whenever he's forced to acknowledge she has past relationships before him. I have no idea what she sees in home because he can't do chores without crying about, hates his job she helped him get, and has been essentially coddled by his mother his whole life. I just want to talk to my sister, but he's always there. If she wants to do something without him, he whines and acts like she's trying to ignore him. He told her that he felt like I was hogging her since I wanted to spend time with her after not seeing her for while. She doesn't listen at all if I try to talk about how concerning his behaviour is. I feel like I'll never just get to hang out with my sister like I used to before he came along.

No. 1571595

File: 1683591174467.jpeg (75.15 KB, 749x566, 4AAFD0E0-4A6D-43D8-80D0-13939A…)

I feel like a zombie all day every day. It could be from meds but I've been taking them for an unhealthily long time so it's weird that I'd only now notice. The few times I am able to feel something, it comes out destructively and hurts my relationships. It's better to isolate myself and save us all the trouble, which is what's naturally happening anyways. I kind of like feeling nothing at all

No. 1571617

I hope I'm able to brute force my way out of my shitty attachment style. It's easy to enjoy being obsessed with someone and pursue them with matching intensity, but difficult to accept when they like me, too. A switch flips and I feel the need to retreat back into the bushes and continue watching from afar. The fixation will persist (for years…and years…), I just get a fright and have the urge to clamber away when they shine their light on me.
I feel destined to be a silent admirer, but I don't actually want to be stuck like that. I want love and partnership, too.
If I keep talking to her maybe it will go away. I really like her and don't want to fuck it up.

Are you getting proper nutrition? This sounds stupid, but vitamin deficiencies can seriously affect mood for some.
I've sometimes thought that my mental health was deteriorating again but I just needed iron or something.

No. 1571627

File: 1683594831104.jpg (25.77 KB, 817x553, diagram.jpg)

>new apartment
>mine has large floor to ceiling windows and is extended out, so that neighbors can stare directly into my apartment and see everything, including where I sit on my couch
>male neighbor keeps peeping out of his to stare at me when he thinks he can get away with it
>isn't subtle at all, will peek out his window every few minutes to glance at me
>even comes onto his balcony to watch me
>whenever i look up and see him he flees
Let me get drunk and I will confront his ass someone stop me from going to jail.

sorry for shitty drawing here is a diagram of my view. if he's at his glass balcony door or outside he can see my entire apartment. I can't see inside his but have full view of the balcony.

No. 1571630

i literally feel like i'm going crazy whenever my bf doesn't answer me back within one hour I NEED CONSTANT COMMUNICATION whats wrong with me

No. 1571632

Don’t know if you want a reply since this is the vent thread but this is actually bad. I’m not sure how you can help her but she needs to leave him. Just keep close contact with her and employ every psychological tactic you can to keep her close and let her know there’s a better life than the one he’s going to give her. Such a seemingly weak thing he’s doing will actually take over her entire life and isolate her and at some point she won’t want that and will realize how horrible it is

No. 1571633

get those stickers for glass that makes your window pixelated like foggy etc, I dont know what it is called but someone else does

No. 1571635

I've looked them up, might make a purchase, also want to go threaten him with a kitchen knife

No. 1571637


No. 1571640

idk if my close friend is bipolar or has bpd or whatever the fuck, but sometimes I can't tell if she still likes being around me or not and I never know what mood she's going to be in. When it's good, we have a great time. When it's a bad one, she's really unpleasant to me specifically and makes me feel stupid for trying to have fun. I'm afraid to ask because honestly it would hurt a lot if she actually dislikes me but is only staying friends because of our other friends.

No. 1571646

You might be able to buy some form of glass sticker or ask a glass professional to do something which makes it mirror/black outside but you see through it clear like investigators.

No. 1571651

Idk who I am or what I would do without my relationship. I feel like my whole life revolves around it. It's been 3.5 years and I got with him right out of a 3 year relationship prior. So I haven't been single in a very long time and even though I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon, I'm absolutely terrified of what being alone must be like. Mainly cause I struggle with some pretty severe bipolar depression and I rely on my partners heavily for support. Idk why I'm even thinking about this when it's not even a thing I need to be worried about. I'm just scared for myself if it ever were to happen. I have such bad anxiety/paranoia about it ugh

No. 1571657

my bf's mother turned up at his house, went through his laundry, picked my stuff out (like, undies and socks wtf) and said "make her take them home and wash them herself" because she is a literal insane person lmao
he lives by himself and does his own washing what the fuck are you doing woman??????

No. 1571668

Fanfic writers are the most entitled fucking people. A bunch of womanchildren who get 20 kudos on some cliched trash and think they’re the next Austen.

No. 1571670

got extremely horny reading a book that isn't great. It makes me want to buy a bunch of erotica.
Book is My Life of Rest and Relaxation. It made me horny somehow, uuuurgh

No. 1571677

It's all because of us, I just want to die, I don't know what to do (stop posting on lolcow, would be a start)

No. 1571686

>providing a service for free anonymously

No. 1571702

i really wish i could use lolcow and just contain myself to g and ot because i love reading the positive and funny things nonnas say, it just fills my heart. but im in such a low place with little self control that i cant help but lurk snow and feel upset and negative so i just have to write lolcow off forever. maybe i can use some internet blocker that only allows ot and g? not sure if its worth it anyway! but im bad with friendships lately so maybe this is a start to allowing myself to interact again with old close female friends and not just my (sweet) boyfriend. nonnas are so fucking funny ugh….it makes me excited to get older knowing i can be just as intelligent and funny i mean im surrounded by tiktok lingo and girls i cant relate to at my current job and home or exploring alone 2/3 of the week

No. 1571704

Every time I watch a video of a near miss pitbull attack accompanied by statistics of pitbulls being more likely to be attackers, I think back about the time when an ex friend gaslighted me about how pitbulls aren't actually that dangerous. "but anon, all dog breeds are eQuAlLy bAd!!!" It's the way she said it with so much certainty, like she was the fucking authority, pissed me the fuck off the most. I just stayed quiet at that time and listened to her because I didn't know at that time how BAD pitbulls really were and didn't want to get into another argument. I'm less stressed out these days now that we're not friends anymore. She's one of those types that think she knows everything and act like she's always right. Fuck her.

No. 1571705

Mad used clothing stores mostly just want to buy up fast fashion within the past 10 years and more expensive fast fashion like urban outfitters. Here I am trying to sell some decent used clothes I no longer wear which have good quality but because it's not y2k, egirl, or core something it's not selling. Way to say you're saving the planet by selling used clothes only to resell plastic. I cant sell this stuff online unless it's a japenese brand because shipping is too much now to bother buying something under 20. All I wanted was to make a few bucks off my no longer used good clothes.

No. 1571707

I find it's the opposite, they're so thin skinned and insecure that only 20 kudos (or whatever other lukewarm response) makes them whiny and anxious.

No. 1571726

I took a bunch of crap to buffalo exchange and they only took the worst of it.
shein/f21 is so cancerous i'm grateful that it falls apart so quickly or else the goodwill would be 90% flimsy plastic shit instead of only 20%.

No. 1571738

lol i was thinking the same thing. maybe nonnie is venting about someone she knows irl

No. 1571740

Am I the unreasonable person? I've been waiting a decade for this person to be with me…
I cheated the time in-between because that person refused to be with me irl. Now they're holding it against me. I would have never strayed away if they proved for an instance they wanted to be with me irl. I would literally have to beg for them to send me semi annual selfies (which they hardly obliged me to)
I've offered to pay complete trips for then to visit but every time they declined or completely ignored my offers. What am I to think? Every time i brought up the offer it would be completely ignored. It led me to drinking and smoking because I just couldn't figure out why they wouldn't bother to spend at least a weekend with me. Lack of response led me to not want to eat or drink.
am i overly sensitive for expecting my online significant other to visit me soon? (i visited him 9 years after my first visit) I have accepted he would never meet my elderly father and mother alive. I want an attractive man my age wanting to meet me soon but its okay if not, I'm just saddened i wasted all of my 20's on an internetscrote. I wasted all of my 20's on a man who didnt bother a damn. Don't waste your time on anyone other than yourself.

No. 1571744

Seeing a family member scrote who enjoyed physically and psychologically torturing me when i was a highschool kid (and even before that) fail in life and become a shell of his former self is so sweet anons, i hope all victims get a taste of such feeling.

No. 1571747

waiting 10 years for an internet scrote? damn, love yourself nonny and log off and never talk to this guy again, he was clearly never worth it

No. 1571750

I started work somewhere new and theyve been pretty strict with new hires about changing availability in the first few months and pretty much told me its set in stone for the time being. My shift starts at 4 AM and from where I live in the city pretty much all means of getting there take 40 minutes and are quite dangerous (so I start my walk to work at 3:20am in darkness). The nature of where I live and where I work means walking through very underpopulated parts of the city where I walk by tons of homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk and on top of that, the work uniform makes me have a feminine silhouette, so I feel like a walking target. I've had crackheads catcall me and leer and the other week I actually turned down a block where some homeless guy was full on wanking onto the sidewalk. Absolutely disgusting and terrifying way to start my day. The subway is just as skeevy, if not more, so that's off the table. Uber is too expensive ofc and I can't bike because I'd have no where to park it/it'd get stolen pretty quickly. I wish I could change my schedule but I'm trying not to cause issues.

No. 1571763

everything feels so boring nowadays, i struggle to get excited over anything. I am glad i like art, it's the only thing keeping me alive.

No. 1571771

I hate how “not like the other girls” doesn’t mean anything anymore. It also sounds so clunky. Honestly, just call me a bitch.

No. 1571782

Yeah the clothing is mostly nicer vintage from thrift stores over the years and a few nicer quality boutique stuff but buffalo took the cheap forgettable shit. Their whole store feels like its filled to the brim with shein forever21. I'm going to try 3 other used stores but it's a shame. I dont even want to shop at those stores anymore because the quality is lower than a $5 find at my local thrift. It used to be unique pieces worth the higher tag. Funny they wont even buy back pieces I bought from them years prior that still look new.

No. 1571785

i want to work a job, i want a pc of my own. but god damn… i'm so fat it hurts to stand more than half an hour

No. 1571795

was meant to work on my weight last year but the job i had i lost and kind of isolated myself even more. ruined many relationships, i fucked up…

No. 1571814

nobody cares about your character. you're just using a hot, masculine token that resembles the fotm bastard all the painfully straight but self-hating women at our fc like. self-important retard

No. 1571821

3 american women are murdered every day by their husband or boyfriend. If it was the other way around people would be screaming about it. But this, people treat is as normal. It's normal men kill women and that your intimate male partner is the most likely person to kill you. How do women who still date men cope with this

No. 1571831

I have a cyst growing inside my nose and it is painful as all hell. Wish I could fast forward a week when it hopefully has gone by then. I wish even more that I had better health insurance that would let me see a dermatologist faster..

No. 1571835

File: 1683618612737.jpg (49.45 KB, 1080x1063, clown melody.jpg)

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm crying so hard for the past week and I don't get it why. It may be because my period should be coming? My left breast hurt a bit and pimples started to appear on my face. Maybe it's that too, but I sent yesterday evening messages to invite the few friends I have near me and no one replied a thing, I only saw that a couple of them had seen the message (the party was programmed for the weekend tho). The only one who replied on the group chat is far away and was upset she couldn't come, but the rest….idk how to feel, maybe I'm overreacting since it was quite late yesterday when I sent the messages. Also at work, my celebration was postponed for the next day which is understandable (one colleague isn't present tomorrow), but this being on top of the afforementioned, I feel…idk.

When my period is nearing, I always start crying a couple of days beforehand and start thinking that no one loves me, that I wasted my previous years recovering and living in autopilot from mental health issues while working long hour jobs or I'm not living enough and other thoughts from a similar fashion. So maybe I'm just PMSing ig. The weather doesn't help too ig, it's been raining since the start of the month.

I want to vent to my parents too and cry in their arms, but I don't want to make them sad too, especially before my birthday. Right now, I'm in the workplace bathroom and crying so hard, I have to get rid of the signs that I have cried, I don't want my parents to see that…i feel like such a clown omg.

No. 1571852

ive been leaving notes for me in the future (even if its as little as 2 weeks) referring to me as us yet someone new. leaving cheery words and love. left one for "her" or me talking about how its our birthday in 13 days and if shes okay, that ill always be with her. self love is important, it really does help with self esteem and i cry reading them

No. 1571854

You just have to. There's no magical motivation source. Spite can be useful. But overall it's less about achieving some big goal and transforming your entire self and more about changing your day to day thoughts and routines. Making yourself feel better in the moment. Doing something that makes you scared/uncomfortable/exhausted because you have to and it's good for you, not because you want to.

No. 1571865

I wish my parents never came to this country to seek asylum. They should have just stayed and let us all get killed. Life over here sucks ass anyway, and I’m so lonely. I haven’t had a single friend for 8 years now. It doesn’t look like things will change any time soon. I am basically living dead. I will never belong here.

No. 1571878

I wish I was a regular normalfag so fucking bad. I hate who I am so much. I have never had a meaningful connection, a meaningful conversation. I always feel like a disgusting, barely human clown who is just pretending to be normal and like everyone else. I hate feeling like I don't belong. I hate knowing I don't belong. I feel abnormal and alone and miserable. I am so lonely. I go to work, I come back home. That's it. I'm trying so hard to remain optimistic about everything but I am so alone. I feel horrible in my skin, I feel bad about who I am. I think it might be where I live, I need to move. Maybe somewhere where I will not feel so alien and Other. Maybe this is all because I live in a Muslim country I never, ever felt like I belonged to. Since childhood. Since I couldn't even tell I felt this way. I am so alone here. Everything is so hard. It's getting really hard to hold on. I realized yesterday no one I know knows anything about me. I just want to feel in tune with everyone else. I don't want to be me. I wish I didn't turn out like this, but it was inevitable.
Just one of those days.

No. 1571886

I hate living in this house so much. The semester is over, it means I have no privacy. Everyone is so nosy and annoying. I stayed up all night so I can have some privacy, and now everyone is waking up because it’s the morning and I want to kill myself

No. 1571888

I can't stop picking my fucking scalp. I've been avoiding going to the hairdresser because i'm so embarrassed about it.

No. 1571891

You should look out for your safety first, it’s peak female socialisation to not speak out about the danger you’re in to avoid making ripples at work. At least wear bulkier clothes and change into your job uniform at work if possible

No. 1571893

I can't sleep I'm thinking about how I regret being cruel to others in any way, life is short and we're all headed to the same fate so what other purpose is there than to make it nice for those around you? I've said and done so many mean things to others but I deserve just as much for my own faults including this. once again I'm going to try and do better and value the people around me

No. 1571894

I submitted my two week notice last Friday and my manager keeps trying to say she hasn't got it. I know she's going to try and argue my two weeks is from when she got the letter. I have it all documented. I have like 20 holidays left. I can self certify to be sick for a week. Her management style is main reason I quit. Don't play these games bitch or I'm going off sick you dumb cunt

No. 1571901

In a pinch you can use elmer's glue to make frosted glass, it's easy enough to scrape off later

No. 1571904

I love my fat friends but I hate hanging out and doing nothing for hours other than sit in one place. I wish they were more into going outside to actually do something.

No. 1571905

Power of choice helps, literally think or say out loud the sentence "I am choosing to do this". You're not being forced to do it, you are free to stay miserable if you want to, so you are choosing it over the misery every time you do it.

Even if you're not sure it will actually help you're gonna be miserable either way, so you might as well take the road that has a possibility of improving your life a bit over the one that you know for a fact is miserable all the time.

No. 1571914

I really do sincerely and truly violently hate gay men and nothing anyone ever says will change that. I do not care. They should all die painful deaths along with their degeneracy. It doesnt have to be said but this obviously doesnt apply to gay women.

No. 1571923

I want to leave LC but I keep coming back. It's just too fun if you have a night off to eat some junkfood and read a thread from 4 years ago. I loved the old LC but it's such an echo chamber now and the cow boards are barely entertaining.

No. 1571934

straight men are the same

No. 1571940

File: 1683633366858.jpeg (188.5 KB, 1409x767, IMG_7367.jpeg)

This kind of fuckery that’s regularly done to women from their gay male friends (not to mention using women as beards) makes me question why women still trust gay men in any capacity. Ugh why is every man in this situation such shit.

No. 1571945

File: 1683633747703.jpeg (239.58 KB, 1502x1457, IMG_7368.jpeg)

Holy shit why do women keep these sexual deviants around as friends. This is where trying to be chic and having a “gay best friend” gets a woman.

No. 1571947

straight men are just as bad

No. 1571950

I started working at a government office and after 2 months I already want to quit. The work culture here fucking sucks, nothing is ever good enough for them, the bosses are psychopaths and the coworkers stab each other in the back and bully the less experienced workers. I hate it here and just want to quit but the job security is decent.

No. 1571952


Straight male friends won’t try to fuck your male ex-fiancé who traumatized tf outta you.

No. 1571953

even straight men love dick. they're OBSESSED with dick. not women, we are just where they want to put their dick. animals.

No. 1571954

but they would keep being friends with him, be on his side and defend his ass , same thing

No. 1571956

Ok and how is that relevant to my post? I can tell you’re a sensitive triggered faggot by how you immediately replied to the other anon’s post too, disgusting aids ridden faggot

No. 1571959

straight male mad? faggots and straight men are one and the same

No. 1571968

As an introvert, it seems men just hate me. I've heard a lot of things, that "shy girls are cute", that "opposites attract" but in real life, i get negged to the extreme about not being enough, not being overtly emotional, energetic or bubbly, even though I've never been in a relationship it seems there's something in me that makes moids, specially extroverted moids, seriously seethe at me, its like they hate my mere presence to guts, like they have to "fix me" immediately. This has never been a problem with women, they like me and even prefer my calm behavior, but men are unable to stfu in my presence, they cannot just accept I'm like this, is always "Smile more, you act like a robot, you're so rigid, you're scary, you're too delicate, too sensitive, talk more" its all so confusing

No. 1571971

Up until my current relationship a lot of my experiences were like this too. I even tried to be more open with one of the guys, including in the bedroom, but then suddenly that behavior was too aggressive kek

No. 1571989

Probably because you are not cowering in their presence tripping over to please them and appear pleasant. You're secure in yourself, and that intimidates them.

No. 1571997

Anon, you just make them feel very insecure. They worry you find them stupid and boring and they're mad you make them feel this way, so naturally they start accusing you like it must be something wrong with you if you don't go TEEHEE in their presence, because they're used to women who would smile and laugh out of politeness. It's annoying, but when you think about it, it's pretty childish and pathetic, and I'd say it's a good sign when some moids can't stand you.

No. 1571999

I shouldn't have taken any internship this summer, I'm so tired and I need some fucking rest. I don't like this project at all. I want to just sleep the whole summer. The only thing I was looking forward for was a visit from my gf, but she decided that getting a new computer component is more important than our rare chances to meet and I'm like dying inside. This is going to be a miserable summer, right after a miserable spring i had.
All i wish recently for is to be ran over by a train or something, getting mental health help is impossible to get with how busy i am and how difficult it is to get. I gathered all of my powers to apply through an online form, but they just told me to either call my hospital and that there is a crisis hotline as if both of them are not closed every time i get home in the evening lol. I'm so miserable rn.

No. 1572005

File: 1683638350917.jpg (16.04 KB, 381x235, 1654816087400.jpg)

I keep having the feeling the 90s ended 4-5 years ago, then I suddenly realize the 90s were 30+ years ago.

No. 1572006

this, nicely said. moids are so fragile kek

No. 1572011

introvert here , kek don't worry about it nonna, I did the "act more bubbly" thing and then they were complaining I was too happy
you just can't win with men most times, not that most of them are really worth anything
just be you and never change for some idiot who can't appreciate you

No. 1572018

Yeah they will just rape you

No. 1572028

Yeah he has adhd and is literally a minor so you should continue being his bangmaid psychiatrist. He should continue being an unemployed loser but you must make money to provide for your helpless mate. You're getting nothing out of this relationship but helping out a young entrepreneur is surely charitable. What a philanthropist you are!

No. 1572044

I need to get this off my chest, Shakira is a good contemporary dance but she is pretty bad at other styles, including belly dancing. She can move her hips but a bellydancer that does not make. Anyone can learn that, it kinda irks me that people kiss ass to celebrities for basic shit, and never give any attention to real performers who aren't famous nor hyped up for the masses.

Also somewhat related but the contortion archery, shooting an arrow with your feet while in a hand balance, is a very old mongolian move, as contortion originated there. But every time someone does this movie people are not just amazed, they act like it was i vented by the performer they are seeing. I'm glad it gets appreciated, it is amazing, but people will never go beyond the scope of their puny little lives to learn things, they see it at the moment and forget about it forever. Which is also why I think people lose their shit at a celebrity doing anything because they'd never know without it being spoonfed to them. They'd never bother to see what is outside their bubble. They never know anything of the world.

It really irks me.

No. 1572054


I appreciate this vent. you seem cool, I'm glad you find passion in places like this. pity the people who wont open their minds but do be proud of yourself and of your thirst for knowledge nona, it's respectable af

No. 1572064

i will never be with a man unironically

No. 1572069

To add to this, how people treat you is how they feel about themselves. It's never a good idea to take it personally, they are reflecting their own inner turmoil, they are projecting. You can always tell when everything they say is absolute "nobody likes you" when the "nobody" is just them. If you turn their words back on them it will hurt them deeply, so if someone is bothering you, do that, or let it blow off your shoulder.

No. 1572090

nonnie please talk to them before something happens
be like
>hey I understand you do not want new hires to alter their schedule and I do not want to be an inconvenience, but I have to ask to be an exception due to personal safety concerns. my route to work is in a poorly lit area where I've been sexually harassed a couple times recently already and I am afraid for my safety. normally I would not ask for these things but given the situation I ask if we could make an exception please
if no then start looking elsewhere before you become a statistic cause that's terrifying

No. 1572092

I could've written this word by word, I feel you nonna. I love art so much.

No. 1572097

my dad and brother nearly killed me a couple of times as a kid for 0 reason, I was a sweet little autist. if it isn't a husband/bf it'll be a man in their lives at the very least.
Chris Watts' are more common than you think. that is "family annihilators", even their children (including unborn) aren't safe.
because gotta gotta COOOOOOM

No. 1572099

>it kinda irks me that people kiss ass to celebrities for basic shit, and never give any attention to real performers who aren't famous nor hyped up for the masses.
So accurate, and annoying

No. 1572181

There is some unhinged bitches on this site. Kek.

No. 1572213

I meant more a very specific subset of fanfic writers on social media.
>person comments "can't wait to read more!"
>nooo they're entitled how dare they!
>person says they prefer to read completed works over wips
>nooo that's mean and demoralizing to authors!
>person writes a continuation of a decade-old abandoned fic while giving credit to the author
>nooo that's stealing! maybe they're still working on it!

No. 1572217

File: 1683648030739.jpg (72.07 KB, 540x667, dead men.jpg)

Bumping CP off front page.

No. 1572218

File: 1683648090890.jpg (72.07 KB, 540x667, dead men.jpg)

Bumping CP off front page.

No. 1572223

warning. graphic

I just saw a black neonatal kitten bleed to death from internal injuries. it looks fine outside but its bleeding out of its mouth its been days since it's dead but i cant get over it. It didnt deserve that. It was in so much pain. And all I could do was weep in agony for it I hate it. Why couldnt it have happened to a rapist. This all sounds so stupid. But even with all the problems in my life right now, this one broke me. I now struggle sleeping because I can't get over it. I hate that it "lived" like that. As of now, I took in one of its siblings and am nursing it. It was the only one left alive. It's doing well and im glad but i just cant get over the poor baby. I guess other factors in my life are not helping with this. i just dont know. I just wanted to vent.

No. 1572225

That was fast

No. 1572231

I'm so tired, I've been searching for a job, doing online tests for jobs, and working on a side project for myself and I want to finish things but I'm also exhausted. I didn't sleep well last night, idk why. I'm pretty haggard today.

No. 1572235

I'm so sorry, anon. At the very least, those painful moments passed quickly. The best you can do is care for that poor kitten's sibling. If reincarnation is real and applies to all living beings, I'd like to believe that kitten and every other innocent animal ends up in a better existence than this shitty one we all live in (idgaf about humans insisting only they are valid, only they have souls and blah blah blah, seems like coping horseshit to me).

No. 1572248

There is something really fucked with the job market right now. I've been on the hunt for 5 months and still have nothing. Had a few interviews but was turned down for petty reasons (two times of which the interviewer was clearly having a bad day and was pissed off from the start.) I'm getting really fed up with it.

No. 1572259

I guess I can't go on without pills. I don't take them and it seems like everything's ok because there is no conscious active suffering and I can still enjoy some things like music, reading, something visual maybe, but then I realize I avoid talking to people and can't get myself to reply right away or even asap and it's not that it's hard to go outside, I just don't have such desire. If I did walk regularly, maybe I'd feel better and wouldn't need pills? I guess I just have to force myself to go somewhere far from my house so I would walk longer and be less tempted to come back. I hate this sneaky kind of depression.

No. 1572286

I'm kinda sick and dissociating and focusing on the fact i walk with locked knees, now I'm just trying to figure out how to undo my walk to a more relaxed one when I've been walking with locked knees for as long as I can remember

No. 1572354

I'm 36 and supposed to get married next year, and I'm worried that I'll end up being too old to have healthy children. I'm genuinely sad about this today

No. 1572356

Don't be! As long as you're healthy and you keep up with your bloodwork and such, you should be fine. Women can have kids until menopause, so if you're not on BC and you still get consistent periods, you can most definitely get pregnant and carry to full term. You just have to keep up with your check ups, diet and multivitamins! Don't let people scare you into thinking once you hit 30 you're infertile.

No. 1572359

The good news is many genetic disorders can be caught before birth and so you can abort. And your chances of having a child with autism are only 1.58% until you're in your late forties. Is your husband your same age? For healthy children, the closer he is to twenty the better, but if he's over fifty I wouldn't risk reproducing with him.

No. 1572369

Yeah don't go for fucking 50+, but otherwise semen analysis too is available, i had my last bf take it for DNA damage and morphology quality control.

No. 1572374

I know quite a few women that gave birth after 40-45, and their children are absolutely fine. A couple of women I know that couldn't get pregnant after 40 always had this sort of problem, and even that doesn't say anything because some manage to get pregnant and have a healthy child even after years of being "infertile".

No. 1572378

Thank you so much nonas! It's hard to hear the "YOUR EGGS ARE OLD AND DAMAGED AFTER 30 AND YOUR KIDS WILL BE AUTISTIC" meme and not take it to heart, so anecdotal stories make me feel a lot better, haha

No. 1572380

>sad that you won't be enslaved to a toddler-tyrant and have your body and life destroyed, while your moid becomes more likely to cheat on you or murder you (statisically proven)
holy shit

No. 1572390

File: 1683660869686.jpg (23.98 KB, 540x570, 1672452828051358.jpg)

I love having industry experience firsthand while being a manager for my company because I get to see right through bullshit.

Some shitty customer contact for an account I have apparently complained to her boss about me.
Why? Because she forgot I needed audit documentation today and needs to blame me for it.
I wrote an email to her on the 2nd and made the SUBJECT 'Company Audit 09May' so that way she could not miss it. I just needed her to provide copies of employee training documentation (later learned she could have just sent them to my auditor via email) nothing else. We had a back and forth exchange where I could tell she was being short and a stickler on details like times she would be at the building because gasp she was being asked to do something for us! She spat out some bullshit about how she needed to know the day before and couldn't guarantee she could get me documents same day–had no idea why she'd bother mentioning this as she should know she'd have to have it by the 8th if I said we were coming the 9th? Anyway my impression is that this minor internal audit having little to do with her turned into an inconvenience because of her company's audacious requirement that she escort us until we are done. I told her I would get back to her on the 'time' that my auditor would arrive, but the date was not ever going to change per the subject field and my initial email.
Well I got caught up with a site project and did not update her with a time until this morning. Shoulda been fine, but it wasn't, and this stupid bitch made it my fault because baaaaaw I never updated her about the time despite the fact that the date never changed thoo. Then why was she mad actually? Because she had something to do today and wanted to skip work early yet her dumbass forgot so I have to be the bad guy.
She claimed I never have her notice period. Lying gunt.
Also do you know why she's full of shit? Her company is federally required to provide documentation to an auditor whenever. I feel like whistleblowing about this "can't provide docs same day" bullshit, because I used to have her job and know I could–albeit tediously–grab any trainings same day. I can't stand the bitch because she tried to get me in trouble instead of taking her L like the lazy dumb troutsniffer that she is.

No. 1572392

Okay cunt.

No. 1572394

Literally fearmongering
My mom had her healthiest and most successful kid at 42 (my little sis)

No. 1572408

I have memories of being a kid, being the only girl kid on one side of the family (9 male cousins) and always feeling reduced down to 'omg your beautiful daughter' and nothing else. Now I loved my mom like nobody else (she's passed now) but I always resented how she kinda played into it too. Like the pride she showed was always based in her not thinking very highly of her own looks but her thinking I turned out well looks wise. Like that was a big deal esp given kids just look like kids? Who tf cares. We were close at home. She obviously didn't see me as some 2d doll but at family gatherings I wanted the floor to swallow me up and get me the fuck away from my superficial role as token girl who nobody spoke to unless to comment on my looks. Never anything else. My cousins were kids with whole personalties factored in. Were talked to about hobbies and interests and what they wanted to be later in life. I'd shrink away in the corner after the chorus of doll level comments. Felt like shit. I dreaded every invitation and refused to go as a teen because it felt like I was being lined up to be judged on how puberty was treating me looks wise. Which became increasingly uncomfortable.

I turned out to be pretty butch later. My mom didn't live to see me as an adult. I never stayed in touch with her side of the family afterwards. Idk if I've ever really connected the dots before now and linked some of my feelings around looks/femininity and my rejection of it to how shit I felt on those occasions. Maybe its because I was a shy/sensitive kid and it might sound dramatic but I almost felt subhuman whenever I was in a room with these people. Never talked about it before other than to just say I didn't like going

No. 1572411

she's right unfortunately

No. 1572414

Okay cunt.

No. 1572418

Thanks nonna. what you said helps. and i too believe that all living creatures get reincarnated as well. Ill just do my best with caring for the other baby for now.

No. 1572430

I am so sick of constantly trying to organize hang outs and trips only to be met with shitty excuses. It's always "oh anon we should do something we should go out we never do anything" UNTIL I PLAN SOMETHING. Then it's too far away, too late, too expensive…fine rot in your room then if that suits you better.

No. 1572447

Just because you hate kids doesn't mean everyone does holy shit. Weirdos like you give normal people who don't want kids such a bad name with your venom and autism.

No. 1572450

2 years younger and I have the same fear, except I'm not even in a relationship, it makes me depressed.
I know a bunch of women who had kids in their mid 30s without any issues tho,so I hope the best for you, keep healthy and it should be ok

No. 1572451

Nooo I wanted to screen cap the anti anorectal violence thread, I haven't laughed that hard in a while.

No. 1572458

Holy shit kid, hurry up and grow up. We all went through an edgy phase, but at least I wasn't terminally online when I did it.

No. 1572507

File: 1683669089952.jpg (45.19 KB, 750x691, EAmr-PAWsAEoiWR.jpg)

Havent had issues with being anachan for like 3 years now. Thought I was over that hump in my life. Feel embarrassed to say that recently I've been hating my body and even more so when I stepped on the scale today. I have been trying to diet but it is SO hard to count calories and not go back into my ED mindset "omg, i need to log 0 calorie mustard in myfitnesspal Just in Case!" - I don't have trouble with diet/exercise but I do drink 4-5 days a week which is probably why I'm gaining weight. I'm going to cut back to 1-2 days a week at most.
I'm in this weird balance of realizing I'm not 16 anymore and I shouldn't expect to stay at the weight I was back then for the rest of my life, and an extreme fear that I'm going to lose control and end up overweight like the rest of my family, who is constantly dieting but can't ever seem to get down to a healthy weight.
It's also so embarrassing to be feeling like an anachan at my grown age.

No. 1572509

Grow up

No. 1572510

>go to pull into my culdesac
>some very little girls are playing right next to the road on the sidewalk
>they are walking backwards
>put on my turn signal slow down and start to turn in
>suddenly the one starts running forwards and I almost hit her
I'm seething angry right now. These kids are ALWAYS playing in the fucking parking lot and street. I'm sick of this shit. They are going to get hurt. But I know if I were to yell at them or talk to their parents (unfriendly immigrants) I'd get nowhere. Stupid fucking brats with stupid fucking parents. My mom would've NEVER let me play that close to the road especially so young. Holy fuck

No. 1572517

It's because they're opportunists. I've stopped looking at any sort of influential celeb or person in entertainment as anything special because now they all get tons of praise and attention for work they've stolen from creators who will never make it in any capacity. Ever since I found out they and or their teams spend hours trawling around looking for "inspo" from people who can't sue them, I don't view entertainers as iconographic or anything.

No. 1572518

Uh, nonnie why are you drinking so much?

No. 1572537

you are medically an alcoholic and you should seek help, i mean this in the kindest way. the amount you're drinking isn't normal.

No. 1572543

yeah i know, not to justify it but it's kind of the culture where i live to drink often and i never drink alone/have a hard time not drinking when i don't want to. i do know it's a bigger issue to drink frequently than me gaining weight and i'm cutting down a lot.

No. 1572560

lol, not wrong but too harsh.

No. 1572617

File: 1683673800289.jpg (77.32 KB, 693x839, dcf61a32fc575a345cd382067fa948…)

in the past year i've come to terms with my childhood, my entire life really up until i turned 20. i used to be such a nostalgic person but now that i am independent and free to do so much, now that i've been to see several counsellors and really dug into my issues, i've realised i really did not have a good upbringing. the past used to be a comforting place to retreat to in my head and now i don't have anywhere to retreat to. that might be for the best, it was about time i moved on and started living in the present, i'm just adjusting. i really do feel nostalgic towards being nostalgic

No. 1572628

oh my god, are they Indian? My neighbors are the exact same, I always worry that the kids are going to get hit one of these days while they're unsupervised and darting around all of cars.

No. 1572659

File: 1683677227431.jpg (90.67 KB, 1200x400, 124305723969073.jpg)

I need help..
I still think about the guy who ghosted me half a year ago every. single. day. I don't even know why I think about him because I am not attracted to him after what he did and as I got to know him, I didn't even see him as a serious partner because he had some issues. It does bother me that he just disappeared without a word though. Is this normal? I was diagnosed with OCD but I don't think this could be related to it because my OCD symptoms are usually tics and checking. Memories I have of being with him randomly pop in my head or I'll see things that remind me of him or look like him and all I wonder is why am I thinking about him still.
I just wish the thoughts about him would go away because it's making me feel horrible and creepy and I would rather just forget about that messed up time in my life. It's taking a big toll on me lately.

No. 1572664

That's definitely classic OCD. If you can afford it, go to an EMDR certified therapist and she'll be able to rewire your brain so it isn't fixated on him and the interaction. If you don't have enough money for that, you can do EMDR at home (youtube has tutorials) but it's harder to have a break through.

No. 1572666

Anon are you me because I'm also down horrendous over my fucking high school crush, it's gotten to the point where I felt jealous over him recently following my ex-bestie on Instagram even though that girl never liked him and is married to someone else now.

My rational brain says I'm def just daydreaming because my mental health is shit RN and I haven't met any other dudes since the pandemic, and he's an accessible fantasy, but my heart and pussy don't care lmao

No. 1572668

why are people seriously identifying as "sapiosexual" now kek. i hate pseuds so fucking much, bunch of rich spoiled leftist assholes that get phds in crap like "philosophy" then sit on their laurels all day preaching through the internet. fucking bastards

No. 1572677

At least you get PhDs, all I get are moids straight out of r/iamverysmart who watch The Big Bang Theory and look up to Chandler Bing in the year or our lord 2023

No. 1572683

My menses have been absolute terror for the past 6 months and idk what is happening? My last regular, 5-day, 28-day gap cycle was in August last year, then I went 2 months with no period and before getting it in December

I figured I probably must be eating like shit so I began taking more vitamins, cut fat and sugar, began working out more, and I still missed 3 months of periods

I thought it was down to stress because I was severely overworked recently, but I've had worse times at work and still gotten my cycle on time

So just before I'm making the appointment to go see a gyno in March,the blood sacrifice arrives but it's basically glorified spotting that stretches for two weeks. I still don't go the gyno because I'm thinking "what the hell at least there's blood flow somehow"

Well now fast forward to the end of April and I got my period again, so I was overjoyed at finally getting my regular cycle back but this time around there's a little too much blood, with 2 days of spotting, 4 days of pretty heavy bleeding and now 3 more days of lighter bleeding. And the blood is coming out in like tennis ball sized, jelly-like clots of blood on the heaviest days.

I am finally seeing a gynaecologist tomorrow, I hope I get an answer to whatever the fuck this is. I really hope it's not serious

No. 1572700

The fact that I can recognize a writing style from arguing with a nona and see her on another thread that I frequent is incredibly annoying, but it's comforting at the same time.

No. 1572704

I will look into it, thanks. I just want to ask something. I was also diagnosed with PTSD from an unrelated abuse situation and I'm wondering do you think PTSD can play a part in my intrusive thinking of him? Sorry, I am just so exhausted and I want to understand my brain more.

No. 1572709

Has anyone here used fl41/60 tinted glasses for eye strain and migraines? I feel like a fucking vampire lately, I’m so sensitive to all light. I’ve been really busy at work so have been spending all day on my computer. I’ve always been sensitive and leaned towards dim and natural light but it’s killing me lately. Please tell me I won’t look lame in them, I got rose and brown tinted to try

No. 1572715

which one? sometimes i get accused of posts i never made when neither me nor the other poster types distinctively. it feels kind of schizo to be honest.

No. 1572724

There's a thread on lipstickalley about some has-been singer/rapper(?) scrote who came out about having a tranny gf, seeing women there going
>I'm jealous
because the has-been the troon is attractive to them is weird. I'd never.
When I find out a man likes troons, any attraction i have to him shrivels up.
Also apparently the scrote is abusive to women, which isn't surprising. A lot of tranny chasers always hate women.

No. 1572737

I really have to stop letting people take advantage of my good nature. I feel like I'm being sucked dry and get almost no time to myself after the day is done.

No. 1572738

There are tons of weird schizochans who think they know posters on the site. Usually, they fixate on stuff like typos, or just deleting posts. They're stupid, but best ignored.

No. 1572748

The one who goes like "Something something. Kek." Miserable little bitch.

No. 1572755

Not even being one of those. I was arguing with a nona earlier who had fucked up typos everywhere bc they were so angry while they were typing and losing their shit. Then this bitch who ends her sentences with "Kek." Pops up onto the dog piling bc the cunt has nothing else better to do. I'm talking about those posters who have distinct mannerisms as I've mentioned.

No. 1572757

I'm pretty sure most farmers use 'kek' like that anon..

No. 1572759

Okay then, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

No. 1572769


No. 1572804

Earlier today, I found a roach nest in my room and it ended up triggering a PTSD episode. My boyfriend was in the room when it happened and a little bit ago, he seemed annoyed so I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was annoyed because I had a level ten catatonic breakdown over a couple of bugs.

I’m not sure he’s aware I had an actual PTSD episode, but I don’t want to tell him because I feel like it’s just me using my mental problems as an excuse to get him to fix problems for me or to use as a get out of jail card. I don’t know how to explain it to him without sounding insane. I don’t know how to explain the connections between finding the nest and the abuse my mother and exes put me through for years. I have a terrible fear of bugs, and I think it was all triggered by this sense of never being able to feel safe in my own home and not having anywhere safe to go.

I really hope he’s not expecting me to apologize, even if it’s the right thing to do. I’m fully aware it was a pathetic and embarrassing reaction. I cannot emphasize enough the shame and humiliation I feel every time something like this happens. I forgot the roaches even existed maybe 10 minutes into the episode. The rest of it was visions of my past and how I’ll never be safe and how I’m driving away the best man I’ve ever had by being honest about who I am and how disgusted I am by my own lack of self control and how I’m ruining everything and how much I want to die. I don’t think he knows how little of this was about the actual bugs.

When he told me why he was Annoyed I got hurt and shut down a bit, then I told him to leave. I feel like I ruin everything I touch and I’m broken. He would understand if I could just find the strength to overcome my own self loathing and humiliation to tell him. I have fucked everything up and ruined it all. I am high maintenance and annoying and too entitled and it’s natural that no one would want to be around me because of it. I am the worst kind of person.

No. 1572806

Okay I just found out that this is called "limerence" and is a byproduct of childhood trauma, insecure attachment styles, and ocd. I feel much better after reading about limerence so if any other nonny relates to this, please take care of yourselves..

No. 1572813

There's a middle aged zoomali moid at my summer job. I can never escape these hideous alien head moids. He has the nerve to ask if i live alone and why i dont wear a headscarf in his broken asf english. Then he licks his disgusting ashy infested lips when he looks at me. Why do they allow immigrant moids to migrate to the West? Stay in your f-ing country no one wants you here. Low IQ rotten toothed malnourished bitch. How am I taller than you and have thicker legs? And you're supposed to be a "man". They are the ugliest freaks on earth on God and should be quarantined from the rest of society. Thank god I'm moving soon from this third world area of this city and graduating/getting my licence in a field this low IQ freak could never be caught being seen in. Pray i dont get raped this summer by this degenerate who should've died from starvation in africa.(race baiting)

No. 1572815

I still live with my parents and I’m sick and it’s weird because they’re so nice about it now when growing up i was forced to go to school and yelled at for being dramatic and faking headaches when I was sick. I keep waiting for them to switch up and tell me off. It’s like everything about my parents changed when I went away for college but they didn’t address any of it and now I’m back home I’m still tightly wound like I was when I was little and living in fear around them because I was never good enough. I wish I acted out instead of inward my entire life I don’t think I’ll ever be ok after decades of irrational self hatred and hiding everything about myself

No. 1572887

temporarily i have been working for my father until i see wtf i do with my life and the latest employee he hired makes me uncomfortable. he has a weird gaze and speaks weird and has called me pretty numerous times saying shit like "if i was 20 years younger i'd ask you out" and "i'm going to nickname you cutie(not exactly that but it's the best translation i can think of). he also tries to strike up convos with me and i try my best to avoid him and he leaves but i still feel bad. i brought it up to my father once but he found stupid excuses just because hiring him was a mistake in the first place and instead of owning up to it, he said dumb shit. and my father is the type of person who probably wont take my concerns seriously. there are other guys at the store who i know well and understand my discomfort but idk what they could do. i have seen all types of shitheads my father has employed over the years but at least they knew not to cross the line when it came to "the employer's daughter" but this slimy weirdo doesnt.(he said he would go out with me right in front of everyone including my father but it was too noisy and he didnt listen)


No. 1572896

Kick him in the nuts/spill drinks on him as an "accident" to vent, if you feel like you can't get him fired. I make shady remarks to creepy old dudes all the time, whatever reminds them they are old creeps who have no business talking to me lmao. Let them think I'm a bitch as long as they leave me alone.

No. 1572898

and then i'll be in trouble with my father and who knows what kek. also it's not my personality to act out like this. i managed to find one of the guys from work and told him about it and he told me in case he says anything weird again to tell him and he will "talk to him"(he doesnt like him either,actually,no one does kek).

we are actively looking for a replacement but there are neither good options,arent qualified or dont even show up

No. 1572899

I'm in a conflicted spot when it comes to my breakup. I admit I have been a shitty person to my ex and if I resent my ex for the breakup, I would be negating any growth I've had towards fixing my bad traits. But at the same time, I've realized that my ex was a controlling bitch to me, which made me act in ways that was out of character. I want to realize the best version of myself first before letting another special person come into my life but I think being in a relationship again that is perfectly healthy will be a true testament on whether I've grown as a person or if I was just incompatible with my ex who brought out the worst in me (for example, if I'll have the same problems again with this new person as I did with my ex).

No. 1572933

that sucks….maybe its time for you to become employee of the month and act like you're sooooo busy working and trying to do a good job that you're ignoring him at work. Other solution is to start applying to work literally anywhere else in the meantime, better to waste your time in some other dead-end temp job than in one where you feel like you cant speak up

No. 1572935

If you know his work email sign him up for some scammy MLMs kek, amway is always a constantly annoying good one

No. 1572940

I'm having reoccurring nightmares about a miscarriage I had a while back. The loss wasn't really upsetting to me, I heard people talk about it like it was a sad but I was not prepared for the actual mechanics of it. I think mine was especially bad. I ended up passing out from bloodloss and had to get a procedure to stop the hemmoraging. I don't want to get into the visceral details but that shit was really fucked. I wish they'd covered it in health class, I thought it was like a period not a life threatening health event.

No. 1572942

The worst thing about being sensitive to sounds is that it makes me a miserable cow. There’s a group on the train here shouting and laughing on their way to a scenic destination, I wish their positivity was infectious to me instead of literally putting me in a sour and spiteful mood. And I wish people would stop always projecting their voice, literally shut the fuck up nobody cares. I’m glad it’s just the obnoxious exception and people are generally soft spoken here. If I lived in America I’d probably have snapped by now.

I’ve probably got that thing, misphonia, because I’m generally positive in my outlook but it’s like a gut reaction of rage.

No. 1572944

>employee of the month
we dont have that shit here kek
>act like you're sooooo busy working
the thing is, im currently doing alone work and he comes by sometimes to talk to me i cant avoid it unless i act like he doesnt exist at all.
but yea i should use this as a reason to get out of here asap
>his work email
he does deliveries by car and motorbike.we dont do office work here.

i also talked to others about it and he had been making comments to another female employee saying "they have common interests" till she cut out that shit completely and i was also told that he asked out some random lady working at a kiosk across the street. he also said something like "my mom is old and im looking for a woman to share expenses" ,i.e "i want a maid to share the rent, cook for me and clean the house". fucking pathetic moid

ive also realised im sensitive to sounds and cant handle too much noise and too many people talking. it makes me tired and annoyed

No. 1572945

I keep making the same mistakes and I miss that person but more importantly I want to be good and remake myself and be kind. I'll start over again and again every day if I have to

No. 1572952

same I actually fucking hate going to work in the office for this reason because I don't have so much as a desk partition so I gotta hear everyone, plus the jobless fucking account managers have plenty of time to waste so I waste one hour at lunch, one hour playing ping pong, one hour going to tea, all while a hailstorm of work rains down on me

I've begun rejecting these offers but now my socially retarded self keeps thinking I'll fall behind as part of the social scene at work because of it

Either I'm on the spectrum or I'm surrounded by idiots

No. 1572956

ask that female employee what she did/said to cut that shit out i guess. till then its time to go see if mcdonalds is hiring

No. 1572970

I am currently on the toilet experiencing anorectal violence as a punishment for eating too many hot peppers last night

No. 1573009

There's one at my job also and he leaves his cooked food on the counter instead of the fridge. It's very hot rn and it just sits there for hours and he eat it… I won't say anything because i wouldn't care if he died from food poisoning. These people are incompetent on another level.

No. 1573010

I’m known amongst my coworkers as the one who wears earplugs. Soon as anyone starts a meeting i pop those bad boys in

No. 1573013

I hate it when people speak and laugh loud, too, only I think it's not only because of the sound itself but the fact that they don't care about people around them. It's like they think other people want to participate in this fun conversation, but as you said, no one cares. It's just obnoxious af. Same with people who turn their music on loud in the parks or on the street at night. I also remember one time when a woman sitting behind me in the theatre would make comments out loud about everything happening on the stage, and when a man that came with her asked her to be quieter, she replied that she was "just expressing her emotions!!".

No. 1573016

this is the third time this month that i've shattered glass it has to mean something. other than being clumsy kek but seriously it's freaking me out and i'm trying to come down from the panic of whats just happened right now. i'm down to like three glass bottles now. my phone is obliterated screen wise but it's still perfectly usable so i'm counting my blessings

No. 1573019

It probably means you need more sleep

No. 1573022

Can’t decide if this guy is actually a good prospect or if I’m just horny and eager to fully get over my ex. Time will tell I suppose.

No. 1573033

I can't stand loud noises anymore. Loud people and loud youtube videos are so annoying. Why must everyone put shitty annoying music to their videos/reels/whatever and act so over the top? Just make a normal video, but I guess the attention span of zoomers is so small that they don't have the patience to watch a no fuss video.
I can't be the only one who doesn't like this,right?

No. 1573037

I don't even watch content thats really directed at a younger audience but it drives me nuts having to move the volume up and down mid video because people play loud clips in the middle or they get excited and screech laugh. Big energetic intros too.. like I already clicked on the vid you don't have to grab my attention.

No. 1573038

Nearly every video creator acts like a spaz on cocaine and I can't stand it. Their thumbnails are an acid fever dream with those Black Hole Sun type distorted faces.
The attention-grabbing is so over the top now it's deviant. Deviant voices, deviant faces, deviant hyper behaviour.
I am not amused.

No. 1573049

Make my cv nice and short then this agency says make it longer and get into nitty gritty details, then make a video introduction of myself which for me is really difficult, het reference letters in order, which I have to make up because none of my references are active anymore. My background is not a year past, I'd have to do another one in this country. All this for an easy job with good pay, but not even really what I want to do with my life, but what choice do I have

No. 1573055

I feel like my periods are actually trying to kill me and are causing the worst migraines ever. It hurt so bad yesterday I kinda wanted to go to the hospital. Every birth control I try makes them more intense (even though I never had a problem with that when I was younger) I have migraines probably at least 10 days out of the month now, and my neurologist is going to try out a new migraine injection medication. I'm scared, yet hopeful it can put a stop to these..

No. 1573068

Have any Nonnas actually found successful love on dating apps? Beginning to think I'm gonna be alone forever.

No. 1573071

It's disheartening to know that there can be such shitty people even on a woman-oriented board such as this. I know that anonymous image boards can attract spergs autists, cunts alike but it hurts when it comes to female-spaces like this. Especially they're very few and far. Not that many.

No. 1573077


sorry I'm tired of not having power

No. 1573082

I guess it isn't right of me to think of this place as unicorns and rainbows, but I can't help but feel hurt after having placed high-expectations for this website. Then proceeding to gather more negative memories than good, I guess this is what is needed to graduate/get off this shitty fucking site for good and let all the insane unhinged nonnas within it fester to die alone within their self-inflicted wounds and echo the same thinkpieces. Regardless… I take this as a net positive rather than a subtraction from my life, anonymous imageboards are such a fucking waste of time when I could be investing this time towards something better. Like learning a new language and actually helping women and girls get out of dangerous situations. Doing actual activists work than sit on my ass doing the exact same as those who oppose me. You never trow any intimate, beneficial relationships from imageboard so what am I doing here anyways. Spew nonsense into the void for whoever could listen?? Or is it so people don't keep a track record of what I've said????

No. 1573083

Fuck yeah nonnie, fuck em up

No. 1573084

I thought this was hate directed towards your mother and I was gonna be like oh you go nona!! But then I realized it's not so im like lmao

No. 1573086

You expected a place made to nitpick and shit on internet personalities to be a hugbox?
That's not on us, that's on you.
The newfaggotry

No. 1573091

No. 1573094

I haven't tried yet but I know 3 men who are in successful relationships thanks to a certain website, and one of them is engaged to the girl he met there

No. 1573126

I wanted to go out running for the first time with my partner- I'm overweight and not very sporty. The first problem came when I got in my leggings. Surely, I cannot go out like that with my current figure? Then I actually went out, but had to go back home right after, because I just couldn't do it. There were people around and the anxiety got the better of me. I failed. My partner is running on her own and I'm just sitting here feeling like utter shit. Why do I have to be so weak?

No. 1573135

romantic relationships only work if someone’s being abused. People usually enjoy being abused in relationships and like the chase. The only times in life I’ve been rude or abusive to people were men who I wanted to leave me alone and they were head over heels in love because I treated them so poorly. The ones I was kind of attracted to just wanted to be abusive because they have the upper hand. There always has to be some kind of mind games, physical or mental abuse for people not to get bored. In relationships you’re either going to be the dumb ass or the one with power, it rarely goes any other way.

No. 1573138

File: 1683731492708.jpeg (101.96 KB, 748x738, IMG_5633.jpeg)

Nonna its ok, please dont beat yourself up. Consider speed walking or sprinting in lieu of running, or maybe doing a fully bodyweight workout to activate your muscles. “Nike training center app” has some great warmups for running! Those are awesome for waking up some sleepy legs.
You can get to the point of running with your partner, but its not an instant change.

No. 1573177

moids will post a picture of a beautiful woman, call her mid, and then complain about women's standards being too high.

No. 1573208

I hate all the corporate ass licking on linkedin. when the fuck did it turn into instagram? of all places to attention whore, why do it there? i'm repulsed but it seems this shit is where all the job offers happen, what a piece of shit

No. 1573211

File: 1683736916552.jpg (46.39 KB, 437x677, 19ea6ecec0d29aa48bd78a79b87e53…)

is it ever going to get fucking better i wish i wasn't real

No. 1573224

File: 1683737781409.gif (34.43 KB, 500x397, 1673364211296.gif)

It will nonnie its OK to feel shitty sometimes. It'll pass ♡

No. 1573226

File: 1683738108572.jpeg (31.2 KB, 543x469, 7A52981C-610D-4EC9-9D05-AEFC25…)

I literally never think badly about people using picrel or really think about them at all, but the idea of me using one seems so retarded and pathetic and attention seeking even though I am actually disabled and would benefit

No. 1573235

In my head I flip flop between thinking I'm fairly resilient, that I've been through some shit and I'm managing. That on paper my past is a minefield so I'm doing alright all things considered.. and then I think, no I'm not. I haven't become resilient. I've been through big shit and now as a result I kinda lose my shit and act very avoidant when faced with small hurdles. I can't even weigh up where I'm at. Am I doing good? Am I falling apart? Am I just falling for the whole "struggles make you stronger" bullshit speil while I'm actually barely holding on. Am I good.

No. 1573240

I don't want my period to start. I'm already feeling so sick and exhausted the thought of dealing with it on top of everything is sending me over the edge.

No. 1573248

File: 1683739412532.jpeg (21.42 KB, 738x416, B9FC225C-D627-46DD-9F87-445E7E…)

I broke my tooth today, now I need to spend a gazilliard of money AND the earliest appointment available anywhere is like in a month I hate this, also I have a number of other teeth to fix eventually and aaaaarrrghhh

No. 1573255

I broke a tooth a few weeks ago, rang immediately and my appt to be seen is still over a month away from now. I can't even ring other dentists because nobody is taking on new patients so I just have to wait. Its the same with doctors where I am

No. 1573259

File: 1683741350520.jpg (6.32 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

I hate being dependent on a man I hate it I hate it.
My bf isn't a bad person but he's so sensitive and thin-skinned that he gets offended by everything. If I don't tell him he's the bestest most handsome boy ever and lick his balls clean with compliments he gets uwu sad and starts pouting and then I can't sleep or work or smile or have fun until I calm His Highness down and tell him I'm sorry.
Any kind of criticism, from "you left this candy wrapper out on the counter, please throw it away" to "stop being a condescending know-it-all" gets him in a tizzy. Meanwhile I can't ask for money to go buy things he asked for because he feels like a paypig (why is it never the rich men terrified of golddiggers?), if I'm not beaming with happiness and gratitude when he buys me a shitty chocolate bar for my birthday and puts in minimal effort he'll start whining that I don't appreciate him.
He wants me to be all over him or else he won't feel loved enough, but I had to ask him for permission to hold his hand when we started dating because he "wasn't comfortable" and "it was so new to him". Fuck you.

I wish I could dump him but until I finish my thesis, get a job and enough money to move out there's no chance that's happening. Plus there's high probability I'd lose most of my friends since they're his friends' girlfriends.

No. 1573260

File: 1683741379117.jpg (72.67 KB, 947x844, k43.jpg)

i want to write but i hate my writing style so much. i'm keeping people waiting on my shit too, it's a writing hobby, but god. i am so envious of people who aren't as self-conscious as i am when it comes to this.

No. 1573263

File: 1683741628866.jpg (95.1 KB, 1072x1030, 1682541692192258.jpg)

I feel like my friends and I are drifting apart for some reason. Slowly but it's happening. I'm considering getting a bf to compensate just so I can have someone to hang out with more often and who'll see me as a priority.

No. 1573266

You should be mean to him more so he gets used to it also just let him whine or pout. He will stop doing it once he sees you dgaf or even smirk about his childishness. Men are retarded they must be trained and broken down. Yours sounds especially neurotic and prissy. I bet I'd make him cry

No. 1573269

nonnie maybe you should browse bumble bff/meetup just so you can have a group of acquaintances to be around and maybe over time you will grow close enough to at least 2-3 of them

tbh the only times i feel like i'd want more friends, like a whole group, is for my birthday or if i ever get married; don't really miss their presence in my life otherwise kek. i have 2 good friends, 3 more in other cities to talk to online, and that's enough for me

No. 1573275

Turned 26 yesterday, still never gone beyond second base with a man. Femcel forever I guess damn

No. 1573277

Happy birthday! You're not alone in this if this makes you feel better, I'm about to be 29 but never did anything with anyone, but don't lose hope. My big sister keeps telling me that some of her friends met in their early 30s, hooked up and are going to get married soon.

I should look into it. Honestly I don't even feel lonely all that much right now, and I don't really like celebrating anything anymore in general with anyone. It can be fun hanging out with friends but still. We barely even talk online anymore too.

No. 1573282

File: 1683743284115.jpg (39.92 KB, 735x700, 0968e8310dad1883678290e4d35485…)

thank you nonna

No. 1573289

I am jealous of people with good role models and connections in their family I come from nothing

No. 1573315

>see women being cute and happy about bl
>check their bios
>"he/they xD" "any pronouns xD" "terfs DNI" "xe/fae/he (NO she"
what is the online version of a mass shooting. i can not take this bullshit anymore goddamnit

No. 1573320

Lolcow is so weird lately but it’s the only place I can freely release my rants into the void. And there’s always nice people along with the deranged ones and where else should us weird girls go?
Anyway my rant for today is, I really like life, there’s so many ideas I have and so many things I want to do and learn and create and so many places I want to visit but also I get tired so easily and my body is always mysteriously off and hurting and I love just being cosy in bed. It just feels like there’s never enough time yet I still spend a lot of it worrying and stressing out and not doing anything. I currently don’t have a full time job and I started a bunch of projects but I don’t even know what to do first and time will catch up to me soon. I wish I could move away from the city without money being an issue and just spend my days exploring the woods and mountains and painting things I see and reading and eating nice food and drinking tea by the fireplace. I really believe life is full of little pleasures and I get so sad that the world as it is takes that away from us and barely gives us any time to enjoy them.

No. 1573347

File: 1683748693090.jpeg (75 KB, 736x864, 38B96F86-ECEE-4880-BC60-08F46B…)

i love gothic lolita fashion so much but i feel like the more i invest on it, the more mentally ill i get. at this rate, by my first dress or coord i'll be a full bpdchan he/him local horrorcow

No. 1573349

my cat is getting older and it makes me sad. he's still healthy, but he's 14 and i can see him slowing down. i love him so much and i want him to be comfy and happy forever

No. 1573350

Sick of mothers day ads cause mine passed away years ago. I try to forget mothers and fathers day since my parents are gone.

No. 1573351

I have been sick for 5 days with zero improvement in symptoms. I thought this would be one of those 3 day cold affairs. I can't cope with this feeling for much longer.

No. 1573354

I am so fucking disgusted.
I went to the supermarket a block away from me and there was a fucking moid PISSING at the corner, mind you there's a street there and a school next to it and it's an area where people walk.
I am livid.

No. 1573358

I hope you can put on such a nice and sugary front just before you leave him so that he'll truly feel the pain of you leaving without any warning.

No. 1573360

why do black people think everyone else needs to hear their music? I swear they’re less human than the rest of us(racebait)

No. 1573364

They can just tell how square you are

No. 1573367

I just spent 90€ on gym shorts + leggings. I'm hating myself right now but I know I'll get good use of them and that they'll last me for years, but still. Fucking 90€. I'm still a fool.

No. 1573370

>the most beautiful and grassy smelling spring day with flowers everywhere
>cannot stop sneezing and wiping my nose every 30 seconds

No. 1573371

File: 1683751350501.jpg (27.99 KB, 573x500, 1667801790999.jpg)

I fucking hate that there really is no place for non-normalfag women on the internet anymore. Fucking hate what this site has become. This site spawned from /cgl/, a 4ch board for women with alternative fashion taste that spent thousands to dress in frills and big puffy dresses and other stuff that would get you labelled as cringe by normalfags, and a hobby that also requieres effort and commitment. I wonder how many current lc users are even into lolita, god, i wonder how many are even into nerdy hobbies or anime. No wonder i can read old as sin threads and laugh out loud but i cringe at the shayna thread every time one of its resident shaynavermins decides to break contaiment and post a cap on the ''funny'' caps threads. The modern lc user is devoid of any personality, they are scared to make a cringe or unhinged joke that might get them labelled as something ''bad'' so instead they make the most insipid comments, mostly regurgitated from social media. I give this site less than 2 years before it becomes CC 2.0, the milk is dry as shit too, so there really is no use for such an insipid, boring site.

No. 1573373

They still can’t tell me why 75% of black kids grow up without a dad though

No. 1573376

I miss old /cgl/ .
The Kooter and Venus dramu and all the cosplayers, Chokelate, Miyu, Ophelia etc , we really didn't know how good we had it. I couldn't believe what happened to that board.
Take me back to 2010-2012, this timeline SUCKS.

No. 1573377

File: 1683751894446.png (168.02 KB, 306x315, 1604771972443.png)

sometimes I feel like that too nonna then I remember I still share this website with people who are as odd as I am and I feel fine. the normalfags from twitter can stay but they have to tolerate our weirdness or gtfo.

No. 1573381

What the fuck are you talking about literally the whole entire internet is filled with weebs and Lolita faggots nowadays

No. 1573384

tiktok thots dressing up in cheap ''lolita'' from aliexpress for moids isnt real lolita nor real comittment or passion, it might be a ''fad'' now, like anime, but it's not real, just a bastardization.

No. 1573391

I can relate to this as I've been around for as long as SR days but you don't have to be a weeb or lolita to browse here and that's never been the case. Seems like weebs are more abundant than ever anyway now that anime is trendy.

No. 1573395

>pulling easy zoomer dick
living the dream nona

No. 1573399

File: 1683753029927.jpeg (148.56 KB, 1280x720, scientifically accurate cats.j…)

they literally want to censor the weird girls that talk about shota though. Not even post nsfw(which doesnt even get posted), but talk about kuroshitsuji, a manga by and for women.
its less about being a weeb and more about actually being interesting and different from the average phone poster normalfag who's scared of the no-no words and pixels on a screen. It's the only appeal of altchans, that you are going to encounter honest people, instead of people walking on eggshells to not offend retards. There is no point to this site with censorship, reminds me to those lost newfags whose first post is ''umm ackshually not all trannies!!1!'' or that newfag furry sperg from the cartoon drama thread on snow, failed so hard to integrate it was the funniest shit i have seen on this site in a while.

No. 1573401

i miss my eating disorder except not really except like more than anything else in the universe lmao

i don't really know how or why recovery happened, like i was in a pretty bad place with my ED back in january and then i moved out and started living alone for the first time and then suddenly after 15 fucking years of having an eating disorder my brain said "what if it's worse to go bald than to be fat" and for the last several months i've been eating probably not like a normal person but at least more consistently and frequently than i have been for literally half of my entire life. and now my hair is growing back and i have these stupid little baby hairs all over my head but it's the best my hair has looked in years, and i've gained probably ~10 lbs (i don't have a scale here which is also new) which i loathe and i feel like my body looks so disgusting now but i also have an ass again and honestly??? i have a great fucking ass

i have an absolutely remarkable ass and i can't decide if that's based or if i fucking hate that any part of my body is this big and i wish my brain would just decide if i still hate myself or if i'm suddenly allowed to like the way i look. i know that i look so much better like this, like just objectively, i don't have fucking bald patches, my ass isn't flat, and my acne is improving, these are all pretty major improvements, but my fucking retard trog brain just keeps going "okay but what happened to ur thigh gap huh faggot" like that fucking MATTERS to anyone other than fellow anachans when all of those other things are infinitely more important to normal functional people. but then i guess it's probably not great to base my feelings about my body based on what other people value about it either so what's the fucking point, where is the middle ground, i'm so fucking tired. i'm almost 30 years old like this is genuinely so sad at this point, it's humiliating, my own boyfriend doesn't even know that i have an ED, i mean like he KNOWS because he's not an idiot and tries to prod me into talking about it but i shut that shit down every time because it's so beyond embarrassing to be experiencing something that most people get over by the time they're 21.

and to top it all off my bitch ass mother came by the other day and asked how much i weigh now and then said "oh we weigh the same now, well at least that's not as embarrassing for you now as it was when you were younger" and i want to punch a hole through the fucking MOON bro, this bitch set me up for a lifetime of misery and has the audacity to try and come back for a second round? unbelievable
so of course i just want to be smaller than her which literally i already am, we weigh the same but i am a full 4 inches taller than her but of course that's not good enough for my fucking stupid garbage brain


No. 1573402

I think most oldfags left (think 8+ years) so yes unfortunately, we are doomed with twitter users, pull users, and lipstick alley tier retards who found this place via google.

No. 1573412

i think the last interesting anons left during the cp raids+the shitmin new site fiasco. I dont blame them, i left for that too, but i came back since its the only place i can be truly honest and talk about my nerdy hobbies with other women.

No. 1573416

File: 1683753805267.jpg (82.98 KB, 736x1072, d61186f3ed20122a38a9a1b366a687…)

So I'm kinda shocked rn and also I'm ESL so please bear with me
For the past 6 months or so I've been seeing this social helper/counselor (not sure how to translate it, but basically someone that is supposed to help young people with work, education, housing, etc, and it's free for us people being helped).
Until now he's helped a lot, and I really enjoyed seeing him because he was so respectful and compassionate.
Since I moved out I've been having trouble with a neighbor who's some sort of wannabe-thug violent druggie. Basically he's been threatening and harrassing me almost every time he sees me, I thought he would get bored eventually but he hasn't, so I told it to the social worker today and asked for help/protection. After talking a lot trying to find solutions he tells me that the violent guy probably has a difficult past and his communication as of now (well, shouting and threatening me) is actually a cry for help. I say idgaf, I have a tough past too, I just want to be able to live in peace. He then says something along the lines of "you're going to hate me for this, but you lack empathy". At this point I'm crying, I ask him again if me not caring about my neighbor's past and his "cries for help" means to him I lack empathy, and once again he agrees. All while keeping his kind eyes and soft smile.
Short after I leave crying, while he's telling me to contact him again when I feel more calm.
I just feel so fucking devastated I lost one of the few people I trusted. Like, what even was his point? It's not healthy to be empathetic to anyone all the time, especially towards someone's who's been consistently nasty to you. That's just not realistic. Regular people aren't like Jesus, loving and forgiving his executioners. His job is to help and advise me, a young worker from an abusive home with a disability, and after building me up for months he just breaks me down??? Do people get off of this??
I'm just so fucking disgusted. A colleague of his told me she'll ask him tommorow when she sees him what he actually meant, she's pretty sure it's just a misunderstanding but I don't have much hope left. I guess I just have to accept he's actually a shitty person. Scrotes really are all the same huh. They don't see us women as humans. They'll throw you under the bus for their fellow men any given chance.

No. 1573418

Hey fuck you I'm very interesting

No. 1573419

you are the exception that comfirms the rule, nonnny

No. 1573421

File: 1683754180167.jpg (41.01 KB, 575x606, 20230205_212820.jpg)

My life just keeps getting worse, make it fucking stop.

No. 1573433

That's why I keep coming back too. Unfortunately we will have to deal with the underage newfags. Also I might just be autistic but I noticed a lot of Anons use the term samefag wrong (which was purely an insult to call out others during arguments). They use it when they just mean they're doubleposting now and it bugs the shit out of me. Noticed it the last 5 years.

No. 1573436

Okay LIFE, first you rob me of the pleasure of eating beautiful juicy crunchy colorful bell peppers, okay, I adapted, I made that sacrifice, and now you're taking TOMATOES away??? Why do I have to get nasty heartburn for enjoying some sweet cherry tomatoes you bitch?!

No. 1573450

Worked hard to edit my cv and sent it off and I realize hours later I sent the wrong version, start to panic that it didn't save the one I worked on, found it and resent it and now worrying I look like an idiot. And I found s fucking slug in my house. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1573451

File: 1683757609185.jpg (63.82 KB, 500x563, 1634927625774.jpg)

there's no lolitas here because lolita is dead. /cgl/ got killed by moids, irl/discord comms are insufferable, even the lolita thread on /g/ is dead. I think there's definitely still weird girls but now they're wearing a wacky -core fashion and say shit like "unalived" because their first online experience was on tiktok and not 4chan. I think lolcow will die eventually but only because imageboards as a whole aren't popular with zoomers and some sort of shitty lolcow-adjacent community on twitter or tiktok will take its place. Also it's well established that /snow/ has the worst posters because the cows attract their peers, so obviously the shayna, anachan or sex worker threads will be filled with the worst type of posters. I think the other boards are still pretty good though

No. 1573458

I hate myself for not being able to act like a normie. No matter how productive I am, I will never get the same treatment as my normie, extroverted coworkers. I worked faster than them and I made no mistakes, unlike them, but that didn't matter because I was never sociable and communicative enough. I will never get promoted. I'm so tired of 2 years of this treatment and I'm too scared and tired to change job. I want to off myself.

No. 1573461

File: 1683759455163.jpg (14.43 KB, 365x468, magritte.jpg)

that sick looping feeling when i look at myself in the mirror and i see a familiar face staring back at me and then i recognize it as myself and then as two separate entities: mind and body, and then i think about how they don't match "is this really me?", and then i don't recognize myself anymore and the cycle repeats. it's so intense i physically feel almost my spirit(?) fading/moving in and out of me, in the chest and head, akin to waking up from a dream of falling.

No. 1573464

I've been doing vacation stuff with my family and while it's been super fun and great, I've been eating such garbage my stomach is pissed at me. I think I need to calm down and eat some vegetables. I don't feel so good. I guess this is what getting older is like, kek.

No. 1573482

I feel you nona… can't believe that some 5-10 years ago I could stuff myself with all sorts of trash and get a few pimples and few days of being constipated but now I have to be careful even with some normal food

No. 1573499

File: 1683765098765.jpg (64.6 KB, 704x643, Saya.JPG.jpg)

Of course I now have to go to an informal hearing for this car accident a moid caused. I thought I'd be done with it. What's he going to do? I looked him up and saw he had two prison sentences, one of which was assault with intent to commit murder. Give me a break. Screw him, and a very merry fine to him too.

No. 1573582

File: 1683771675171.jpg (81.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20230430-134244_Duc…)

Idgaf what you blackpilled hbitches say I need a boyfriend

No. 1573584

what are H bitches

No. 1573585

Hleave me alone

No. 1573589

File: 1683772776320.gif (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 244x244, giphy.gif)

I thought it meant "hentai bitches". Don't ask me why.

No. 1573626

my newest check came back very fucked up, around half missing so I told the manager. I got a call from the payroll lady who got heated over the correct numbers I was telling her. I ask her for an email to send all my photos which she replies "Id love to see those receipts then!" well I hope she likes staring at them. Also sent her my fucked up previous pay that was wrong, once again including pictures. Guess I wasn't crazy that it felt like my money was lacking. I'm owed a fuckton that she tried to say was only 600. Time to look for another job. Not going to deal with a company stealing my money and a middle aged woman who just needs to feel correct. Considering it isn't her money it shouldn't have been an issue to begin with.

No. 1573651

My fucking boyfriend always takes selfies with whoever he is hanging out with and posts them to his story but never does it with me. He posted a selfie with this girl he was playing tennis with. Literally HUH. WHAT. And now I'm about to tell him I'm pissed off (jealous) about it which makes me fucking sick I don't want to be vulnerable with this retard but what the fuck ever. I'm telling him I've been finding him unattractive lately too I don't care. Fuck him.

No. 1573655

Get a boyfriend if you want a boyfriend, its about what you want not what other women want. All that matters is that you are safe, you have boundaries, you respect yourself, never lower yourself for any man. Don't let any blackpilled nonnies convince you just the fact that you're in a relationship is demeaning. You know your own worth, you have your own values, you know what you want and those nonnies know what they want and both of you can be happy with your lives without belittling and insulting the other (im lookin at your blackpill nonnies)

No. 1573660

>im lookin at your blackpill nonnies
sup. nonnies are free to seek bfs and I am free to continue to chuckle at their never ending unicorn hunt misadventures ♥

No. 1573661

ayrt, I love you nonnie, but I've been married to a unicorn for almost 10 years and I'm not going to tell my nonas that they can't have the same happiness I have if it's what they personally want. I think it's very based of you to know what you want and be satisfied with that though.

No. 1573670

Whos gonna tell her

No. 1573671

Oooo look at you on your high horse oooo look at you you can live forever without the maiming, debilitating, crippling need for dick. Well I can't. I cant

No. 1573674

Haha I know it's easy to think any moid is a chad with insane charisma that can pull countless women but my boyfriend is a fucking retard like actually borderline autistic and fucking weird, we spent years just being friends because he just has a beta male energy that puts him in the friendzone with every woman he meets. He repels women with his autistic ranting about Sonic the Hedgehog and Dragon Ball. He is not fucking that girl I know this for a fact because I am the only retarded bitch that has approached him sexually in the last two years. Every girl he's been kind of with before me has ghosted his ass because he's such an unrepentant autist. He exudes retarded energies the likes of which have been wholly undocumented. I'm just mad that his mentally challenged ass doesn't take selfies with me and post them to his story but he takes one with his buddies and classmates whenever he hangs out with him. I cannot fucking stand his worthless piece of shit retard ass.
Text sent.

No. 1573687

Love when my mom devalues my issues and belittles my intelligence. Guess what? Apparently I was never depressed ever. That one suicide, I've had multiple, attempt she only became aware of because of a wellness check was only a lapse in judgment. Not because I was highly depressed and sick of being plagued with suicidal thoughts. Ha ha what a silly notion. Since middle school I've been depressed and resorted to hiding it because all the adults in my life during my teen years were terrible and I was afraid of being sent to the hospital. I wasn't even good at hiding it and told her multiple times I was depressed but I guess since I never told her what she wanted to hear that it therefore never happened. I went to private schools that didn't give a shit so it was easy to be under the radar. I'm trying with tools I was given in therapy but damn it's hard especially when she pulls shit like this. I just don't want to exist anymore.

No. 1573689

Truly laughing at this dissertation I was only memeing
>He exudes retarded energies the likes of which have been wholly undocumented.
You're a poet

No. 1573693

I wish american troons would take their heads out of their asses and stop reacting to 'anti-trans bills' by seeking out communities where people from other countries are discussing their own shit like rising homelessness and crippled healthcare systems by barging in with their sob stories and misconceptions about how fabulous everyone else must have it
> Hey guys I heard your country is great for trans people. That I can just move over, get a home, get free and easy trans healthcare and you'll love me over there right?? I also need loots of mental healthcare. I can just jump on that and be seen right away right?? You're woke over there right?? The church doesn't have its hands in everything over there right?? (it fucking does) I just need to ask one main thing before I cement my plan to move over though.. how do people react to a pre hormone transwoman (I have a beard for context) walking down the street in a dress? K Thankkkss

No. 1573702

it's pretty funny when you see them complain online "i moved to uk and found out my prescription doesn't carry over and now i have to wait five months to see a doctor and this is literally murder! don't move here!"

No. 1573704

I don't want to work anymore… I'm sick of it. I thought planning a trip abroad for the next month would motivate me to give it my all until then but not at all.

No. 1573705

I swear to god i hate these old bitches at work who hate on younger women just because we work there as part time work because we also go to school. I hate this old fucking Shrek looking bitch wearing 10 tons of makeup and dyed her gray dry think hair orange because she wants to be a redhead but she ends up looking like a huge tranny. Fuck off bitch. I hate these whores so much. Fucking retire already you old wrinkly thick necked bitch. No man ever looks at you despite you wearing short dresses and sitting Infront of a computer all workday and talk shit but still make so much money for doing nothing but you're mad all men look at younger women even if we wear a fucking trashbag. Old menopausal bitch. Go retire and live somewhere why the fuck are you still working? Lonley miserable bitch.

No. 1573714

The Ireland and Northern Ireland subreddits are starting to get the trans shit from Americans. Its like we hate each other don't bring your fucking retarded issues here.

No. 1573724

Scrote tier brainrot

No. 1573729

File: 1683792341587.jpeg (10.42 KB, 480x360, 0751BF58-9C16-42FE-8AC4-0287E9…)


No. 1573730

Are you the same anon who ventef about him in the last thread or is there more than one anon who have legitimately autistic bfs who only talk about sonic and DBZ

Anywhy why are you even still with him. Seems like he's more of a pet to you than a partner. Plus he sounds really retarded and being with an autistic and emotionally deficient moid is mentally draining

No. 1573734

seems like you never worked with old pickmes who will throw you under a bus for male attention lol

No. 1573738

I’m feeling so numb and burned out. I will go to a big event on the weekend and i wanted to dress up really nice and picked out a special outfit. I don’t want to know. I guess i still go since I booked s hotel room but I don’t think I have the enery to dress up. I dont even want to go get my nails fixed before. I always get this in the Spring/Summer i dont understand it it’s like reverse winter depression

No. 1573745

dont worry you arent alone in it

No. 1573750

nonna this happened to me when i regularly meditated last time

No. 1573751

>yelling "I'm not angry" not because I'm so stupid I think I'm acting calmly but because I have the emotional maturity to know that I'm actually just embarrassed and upset
>laughed at for the supposed irony of my statement
well, now I am angry

No. 1573763

You're right, nobody cares about j-vloggers either anymore. And /snow/ definitely attracts leftycows along with the camgirl zoomer types.

No. 1573772

File: 1683798834921.jpg (28.52 KB, 474x457, 1632300663428.jpg)

I was scared of stepping onto the scale but did so just now, and I'm officially overweight for the first time in my life lmao. With this post I'm vowing that, as of today, I'll stop snacking again, amen or whatever.

No. 1573787

I missed my moid friend but when I saw him yesterday I remembered why we hadn't talked in a while kek. Autist prides himself on being 'honest' when he's just a dumbass who always has to have an opinion. Yesterday he was saying he needed a haircut because his hair was thick and it was annoying, then randomly said to me 'you have really really thin hair though’ like what the fuck lol. And then he whines about how nobody likes him at work, dude sorry but you’re a walking conversation killer. You either insult people without knowing it or start yakking about conspiracy theories. Never keep contact out of pity nonna’s.

No. 1573794

God, I want to play this game so badly. The only game I'm really looking forward to.

No. 1573795

That's called dissociation, nonnie. Maybe you're a little stressed or anxious. When this happens, your body is currently in survival mode. Usually it fucks up my vision and thoughts. I've dealt with this for over a decade, so that weird alien feeling is bearable now that I understand how the mind works and why it does it during these times.

No. 1573799

I agree. I don't understand their need to be accepted. Learn to love yourself because the world won't do that for anyone. No one has it easy like some magical wonderland they think exists.

No. 1573816

Sometimes I genuinely worry I'm becoming too jaded due to sites like this. That it's bad for my mental health. For example, even just seeing someone say they have POTS or EDS these days makes me instantly doubtful because it's such a popular munchie choice. But then I feel bad for daring to doubt some random person.

No. 1573823

got told my ex was dating a 17 year old girl (he is 24 this year) and find out she has been demonizing me to former mutual groups because he told her the bad i did to him, without the full story… ok wat how do i react to that. im not concerned about reputation or care about the relationship but im like more surprised that he settled for a minor who he openly sexually flirts with online, and irl apparently- while shunning me and telling me to kill myself for being a manipulative bitch at the age of 14 i hate moids

No. 1573824

>daring to doubt some random person
Anon you shouldn't automatically trust strangers

No. 1573826

I've been stressed out for like a week about an event tonight and today I wake up feeling completely sick. It sucks. I really wanted to push past my anxiety and go. I didn't want to let anyone down. No one is gonna care that much but I wanted to be there for them! Not too mention I feel like I wasted a whole week being anxious about this only for it not to happen.

No. 1573835

Lemme guess - she let you know what a shit job you've been doing? Or she doesn't praise and thank you enough? Stop being a misogynist child, mind your business, and learn how not to get so personally aggrieved in the workplace.

No. 1573853

Cont vent.
I just got off and this ugly goblin emailed me after we settled a situation at work. Like why are you so obsessed with me? Go fucking RETIRE. No one wants you here. Fuck off. Old haggard whore. I swear to fucking god these old whores have absolutely nothing going on in their lives so they have to terrorize people at work, kids hate you, men do not look at you, still you're desperate for attention. Ugly Shrek looking bitch. I swear i miss the time when old people died of disease like pnemonia or we pushed them off a cliff. Now they extend the working age so these old haggard whores can turn a workplace into s toxic shithole because no one checks them. All they do is sit on their ass Infront of a computer and make bank. I hope you die from a stroke from sitting too long with those velcroise veins you ugly hideous corpse looking bitch. What irks me the most is how they are decked out in beautiful clothing while young people are stressed out about paying rent. Like putting clothes on a rotting corpse or makeup on a pig. What's the fucking point.

No. 1573854

it's fine to doubt people, simply keep it to yourself and act like you believe because it's not really your business nor does it matter whether it's true or they are munchies.

No. 1573856

You’ll be old one day too so you might as well just kill yourself now

No. 1573858

Keep it in your diary, freak

No. 1573866

I hate bras so muuuch, I wanna scream and burn them. I had a bra on since morning and it's like a cage, It felt so fucking uncomfortable I had to go to the restroom and just take it off for some time. And that's my most comfortable bra with proper wired cups. I don't tolerate anything other than sport bras I feel visceral disgust every time I have a wired one on, I have to adjust it every time I move I don't even give a shit if it looks unladylike, I'm not gonna suffer. I seriously felt almost sick and wanted to vomit because of how uncomfortable it was these last few minutes. I fucking hate this society men made that shames everyone who goes without it. I legit understand why aidens chop their tits off I fucking hate having breasts, and I only have small ones. I wanna go braless topless, I want people to not sexualise half of my torso. I don't want to be judged on how small or big I am, and I don't wanna be judged if I opt to be comfortable. I hate how society makes everything about being a woman uncomfortable. I hate long hair that gets in my face, I the uncomfortable feeling of makeup, I hate having to shave my legs and thighs. I am slowly starting to reject this shit but the shaming I get for it is so harsh. It all makes me wanna just go NEET and not go out, become a hairy cavemen shut in.

No. 1573867

Lmao anon, I assure you the old bitch probably doesn't wanna be there either. Unfortunately capitalism has set all of us up to work until we collapse and die. If we had proper government spending and appropriation of funds, old people could just sit at home leaving the cushy jobs for us younger folk.

No. 1573871

I fucking hate my mother. Such an annoying dumb stupid bitch. I'm glad I didn't get anything for motherdays. Stupid fucking cunt.

No. 1573872

Imagine some brat saying this to you in 30 years because you didn't let her browse tiktok at work lol. Bet Shrek mommy doesn't even think of you.

No. 1573873

Why are you so mean

No. 1573876

Hate the girls/women who can slather even shit on their face and still have the most flawless skin. Fuck everything, life is so unfair.

No. 1573879

File: 1683816860437.png (37.68 KB, 629x746, Capturas de pantalla_20230511-…)

Anon you should buy a bra like picrel, they're very comfortable, i just bought one and I barely notice I'm wearing it, i was sick of getting my boobs tortured by regular bras too and I'm B size at most

No. 1573880

Are you that underage anon again who was seething bc mommy didn't drive her to the store to buy sodie pops

No. 1573889

File: 1683817439377.jpg (51.71 KB, 548x674, E8xc5H8WUAQIoZi.jpg)

girl same

No. 1573902

Thanks for the tip nonny, do you know how are these bras called?

No. 1573911

File: 1683819002322.jpg (25.21 KB, 736x709, 1681424831974.jpg)

The tall house right next to ours blocks the sun from shining into our balcony in the evening

No. 1573919

Based on your posts, nobody there wants you to work there either. You sound absolutely insufferable.

No. 1573923

These are called bralettes, they got no wires, they're very similar to sports bras but with more support

No. 1573924

I fucking hate my boyfriends adhd. Im so invisible.

No. 1573964

Damn you're going to go ballistic once you hit 35 huh nonnie? I'm sure she doesn't want to work either since she's old and tired, but muh capitalism. You're probably annoying to work with though.

No. 1573969

Eat a healthy filling diet
Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight outside
Talk to people
Exercise and stretch
Learn new skill
Accomplish something today
Play with cats
Drink plenty of water
Take a nice shower
Do laundry
Wearing clean clothes
Cleaned the house
Slept a normal schedule.

Still. Fucking. Tired.

WHY AM I SO TIRED!?!?!?! STOP!!!!!

No. 1573976

We are in the same sleepy boat nonnie, I am so sick of it. I'm doing everything right and I'm still constantly exhausted.

No. 1573985

Are you able to get a blood test?

No. 1574000

The worst part is it comes and goes randomly

Well I have to get a health check soon anyway so maybe that will have answers, but in the past it has always been "nothing is wrong" despite my health issues, like they won't test for anything or they don't care

No. 1574006

Anemia maybe?

No. 1574020

low iron, anemia or hypothyroidism

No. 1574021

Wish there was a way to make it all stop without hurting the people around me. I wish I'd necked myself as a teenager because I didn't think about others much. Most ways to kys will have you end up handicapped for life. And here I am, fucking stuck in this life I don't want to live.

No. 1574036


No. 1574053

You are also too loud.

No. 1574068

Thanks for making the amerifag thread pic so fucking ugly. Baboon

No. 1574124

Superficial vent but I hate my hair so much, it's thin and naturally curly, the kind that puffs up at the mere mention of moisture. I usually try to straighten it because I don't like it curly but my face is very narrow and straight hair drags my face down even more. I feel like I literally cannot look good

No. 1574140

I feel you anon, fine delicate curly hair is such a curse. It’s so hard to make it look decent.

No. 1574161

i'm too anxious to drive and it's kinda ruining my life because i live in such a sprawling, car centric city. i want to but i'm just so fucking anxious, the people here drive like mad because everyone and their mama has to, the city doesn't enforce shit, and every day my family tells me about some crazy drunk driver or accident they saw firsthand while out. idk ever since i saw dead children laid out on the freeway from an accident, i just haven't been able to feel safe in a vehicle since and i can't get the image from my mind. and i definitely don't trust myself to operate one so idk what to do. i feel like such a burden to everyone else driving me around so i just don't leave the house much anymore. i fucking hate this place and myself, why have people here turned simple transportation into a death game

No. 1574170

File: 1683832841997.jpeg (220.68 KB, 1086x795, thefixer.jpeg)

Recently cars driving on top of manhole covers in front of my house have been making this loud sound and it's driving me crazy. I live on a somewhat busy road so I hear it a lot.

No. 1574229

File: 1683837047466.png (36.86 KB, 243x257, oats.png)

>been wishing death on a tranny for a solid week or two because his corrupting presence has a few girlies i respect guzzling pronoun juice ("any" pronouns and he/she respectively)
>he got into an accident a few days ago; fainted, rushed to er
>feel guilty and stop wishing for his downfall
>he literally reports as feeling better within the day
female socialization strikes again. i'm so retarded

No. 1574232

Goddamit nonnie, you were almost there.

No. 1574249

File: 1683839187018.gif (13.47 KB, 220x220, magde-mad.gif)

Not being mean is like doing 100 pushups, or even saving up for tranquilizers: obviously it's harder than it looks, and it's no longer worth it if you're going to take a shower with shit that hit the fan anyway.

But then you think about those who are capable of accomplishing miracles when they can do twice as many as you..

No. 1574253

any chance you live in FL? just don’t drive and find friends who will pick you up if need be. going out is expensive anyway.

No. 1574259

File: 1683839902653.png (494.74 KB, 564x564, 97D71514-5B85-4F7E-9A97-45D33B…)

Just spent $653 on an optometry appt, 3 pairs of rx glasses, and 1 pair of contacts. If the contacts work out for me then a box with 3 pairs is gonna be $63. Also found out I have to see an ophthalmologist because of the combo or my high myopia, hEDS, and family history plus my current symptoms and bad results of a peripheral vision test - I likely have the beginnings of cataracts and my risk factors for retinal detachment are high. I’ve taken that peripheral test in the past and it was always easy peasy. This time it was super difficult and made my eyes hurt so and by the end of it.

I swear to god I’m like the most expensive, most boring ass exotic pet when it comes to how laborious and costly it is to take care of myself. I should have died in childhood as nature intended.

No. 1574272

I was on lolcow (or at least lurked) since I was 15, so about 5 years ago. I am now 20. I am going to always stay on this site, but I did notice the contrast from posters now and 3-4 years ago, though, around then, it was posted on r9k, cgl, and whatnot. That's how I found out about it. Older nonnas probably moved onto o**it. Reposted because I forgot to sage. I also noticed that TurkeyTom posted about LC on his creepshow video, which probably had a lot of newfags come in, since it had 1 million views.

No. 1574280

All these years but you still didn't realize you don't have to sage here?

No. 1574282

File: 1683842041833.jpeg (156.19 KB, 1242x1157, 02A51CE4-2478-4D97-9081-29A2CD…)

idk who these people are but the troon on the right wrote some shit about terfs and i checked their profiles.
why are they so hideous

No. 1574285

Oh my god I have the exact same issue, why do they put these things right in the middle of road where everyone drives over them? Why don't they make them fit properly so they don't go "cu-clunk" every time someone drives over them? It drives me fucking insane and the only thing I can do is sit at the back of my house with headphones on and hope I don't notice it.

No. 1574289

Apologies, nonna.. To be fair, I was banned for a bit, and just recently started posting again. Also, yes, I censored it because I did not want moids to know about it or infiltrate it.

No. 1574309

My favorite brand of full support compression tights started dropping in quality late last year. The material is now thin, flimsy, and can no longer be classified as full support compression hose whatsoever. I'm guessing the company changed the way they manufacture them because the megafats in the reviews complained that they were "too tight" even though there are plenty of softer fitting hose for them under that brand and elsewhere. I'm so fucking mad. Most compression hose on the market are ass anyway or ridiculously expensive so i'm at a loss for how to move on.

No. 1574311

its not the same person?

No. 1574335

I can't bear with how fucking hard moving to a different country is. i can't sign up or but any home appliance because I'm still legally a tourist and will be for god knows how long. I can't have a bank account and even if I had they don't allow PayPal linking to it. The work arounds i have to do make me wanna vomit from stress

No. 1574339

I'm glad you're alive anon. I can feel your immaculate vibes from here and my crystal ball tells me you need those eyes to see the incredible experiences that await you, so it'll be worth it.

No. 1574355

File: 1683845998869.jpeg (92.18 KB, 720x485, IMG_8687.jpeg)

My boyfriend lives with his father and I fucking hate him. He’s a total manchild. He doesn’t cook whatsoever and eats fast food/takeout for every meal. His house is a total sty that hasn’t changed at all since the rest of my bf’s family left, because he’s too fucking lazy to throw out shit like a dog bed that hasn't been used in 10+ years. There’s an inch of dust on all furniture and the carpets are filthy. He gets packages in the mail, takes the stuff out and throws the box into the basement. He drives like a total dickhead going 40kmh over and speeds to red lights. On top of all this, my boyfriend always jumps to defend his rude personality every time I’m forced to meet him. He refuses to ever maintain eye contact with me or speak to me in bursts longer than a few words. It wouldn’t be such an issue if I could avoid him entirely, but he works from home and there’s literally no other place my bf and I can go to cuddle and shit. Every time I see him I want to cuss him out for being such a lazy fucking pig.

No. 1574359

I'm afraid I have sleep apnea, I wake up like 6 times every night, I don't remember when was the last time in my life when I slept for a few hours without waking up, I don't remember when was the last time I wasn't tired after waking up and sleepy during the day. I still have to wait a month for my appointment. Honestly I'm scared I will die in my sleep and right now I don't even want to sleep at all, I'm too scared too sleep despite being terribly tired after 10 hours of work

No. 1574370

File: 1683846768850.jpeg (49.33 KB, 500x500, like_all_the_time.jpeg)

i was hanging out on the street with my friend, just chatting, and some random disgusting virgin moid came up to me and groped my waist. I was in a crop top so it was skin to skin contact. Obviously I physically recoiled, but I just kinda went silent because it took me by surprise. In the moment I brushed it off and was like 'haha that was weird' but the feeling of his arm on my skin lingered for like 30 minutes. It was so gross and I really wish I hit him. its the least he deserves.

Also, last night I was outside by a photo booth with my same friend and some drunk scrote started grossly eyeing us up and started grabbing his crotch. We walked away fast, but kept glancing back to make sure he wasn't following us. He was just yelling and slurring something I didn't understand.

I'm not necessarily shocked at being treated as less than human, but it's just so frustrating that living people behave this way.

No. 1574376

i live in TX haha, but southern driving is pretty bad in any big city. you're right though, it's just extra tough because it's not even walkable at all here and everything is so spread out and unsafe like wtf

No. 1574390

Defending that behavior is a HUGE red flag and I would break up with him simply for that alone

No. 1574394

As I was turning my cart around a corner of an aisle at Walmart the other day, I guess I “cut off” some old scrote. Some other redneck scrote saw and went “damnnn what the fuck” and the old boomer scrote said “yeah RUDE FUCKING BITCH” I just kept smiling and said nothing. Lucky for him I’m medicated cause if that happened to me last year I’d have caused a scene in response to that shit. Imagine being so impatient you yell misogynistic slurs at a random girl in public just shopping

No. 1574395

men aren't people. i'm sorry these things happened to you, nonna.

No. 1574406

they're literally barely above apes in impulse control. I can't believe we let them out of the house unsupervised.

No. 1574466

File: 1683857843780.jpg (21.87 KB, 400x400, lnJHTECg_400x400.jpg)

I don't think it's possible for me to ever find a good scrote. All my relationships with men have greatly negatively impacted my life and have been nothing but traumatizing. I think it's impossible for me to truly love a man. I always find something about them that makes my stomach turn, no matter how I try to look past it. Im glad my really high standards have helped me get away from some really bad relationships, but at the same time, it makes it almost impossible for me to have a successful relationship with a scrote at all.
Reading romance stories is so depressing. Like ill know ill never have anything close to a cute relationship because moids are horrible and I cant seem to be sympathetic towards or tolerate them.
I wish it wasnt so lonely.

No. 1574483

Fact. It’s why they created “crime of passion” laws. Men chimpout in seconds and want to be excused by law so they can get off lighter for their behaviour.

No. 1574486

File: 1683862853061.jpeg (23.33 KB, 622x622, 1674687084566.jpeg)

I need zoomers to stop describing all good media from the 20th century as 'ahead of it's time'

No. 1574502

Men are incapable from disengaging from violent obsessions put them down

No. 1574503

Why the fuck do I keep having to pee when I haven't drank anything. And it's not even a little bit of pee, it's normal or even a lot.

No. 1574538

My mom pointed out how sexist this song is but I never noticed it until now. But I feel this is how most women think no matter what culture they come from but it’s uncomfy because Koreans and Japanese people glorify this but I know the average woman thinks like this.

No. 1574544

Samefag but most women have a “I got a man so no matter what I’m good” mentality and it shocks people that Koreans and especially Japanese people are open with it.

No. 1574566

A song by women who are put through often borderline subhuman training, brainwashing, and aggressive plastic surgery in order for them to be deemed acceptable being sexist? Mind = blown thats crazy

No. 1574575

I think even western women used to be more honest about it, but now it's all about libfem "pop feminism" where they still think the same way, but act differently. That song is nothing compared to "Cater 2 U" by Destiny's Child, honestly.

No. 1574603

And it happens to be one of their worst. Coincidence??

No. 1574608

File: 1683872744207.jpg (93.97 KB, 721x523, fml.jpg)

I had a falling out with a "friend" who I found out was just using me, and I don't miss her… but I miss her mom's cooking. So fucking bad. It was godly. Unreal levels of deliciousness. Literally the best food I've ever had in my life. Everyone who knows the woman tries anything they can to get invited over for dinner. And I was eating it on the daily! Now a couple months out since my last taste of it, I am in severe withdrawal and I don't know what to do. There's no way I can replicate it, it's a foreign cuisine and I don't even know what 99% of the ingredients are called in English. The prospect that I'll never get to eat any of that food again in my life is devastating. I'm literally in despair.

Also, her mom was always very nice to me and treated me like a daughter so I feel bad for abandoning her to her crazy family without an explanation. I wonder if she hates me now, or maybe she could see her daughter's manipulation. I lie awake at night in throes of regret (even though I didn't have a choice).

No. 1574609

Could you contact her mother directly to ask how she makes the dishes?

No. 1574613

No, unfortunately I have no idea how her mom took my leaving and so she might actually really hate me since I left the family high and dry on a certain endeavor after her daughter (& another family member's) behavior. Especially since it would be bc i just wanted to get the recipes out of her, kek. But the bigger issue would be the language barrier. I learned over time to communicate with her verbally pretty well after spending so much time together even though her english is limited, but explaining a recipe with ingredients and techniques she doesn't know what to call in english would be a different story.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I'm just as upset about losing contact with her mom/ making her life more difficult by leaving as I am about never eating the food again kek. That and the fact I found out a long-time friend from childhood was sort of a sociopath and didn't care about me at all… It makes me feel so shitty to think about and every time I crave the food I get in my feelings again. It was just an awful note to leave on and it legitimately disturbs my sleep at night.

No. 1574618

I hate we will never experience a world without the internet and social media ever again, it's hard not to feel the doom of it all

No. 1574623

I forgot how terrible second hand smoke is. I was outside talking to a coworker for 20 minutes who kept lighting them one after another. My nose started burning, my chest hurt cause I have a heart-lung problem, and everything on me plus my hair smelled god awful. Drove home as fast as possible to take a shower because it just felt so damn gross. I'm sitting here hoping my health issue doesn't get contributed to. It was such a stupid idea to step outside I should just said no I'm going home. Now I'm sitting here still feeling disgusted. Never agreeing to this shit again.

No. 1574630

Hi exhausted bltch over here. My period started this morning so that probably explains my extreme fatigue yesterday. Normally I would be tired during it and really irritable the day before so this is unexpected. So for this time at least my fatigue has an explanation. I also took some multi vitamins to help. All I wanna do is lay in bed but I have to go out today…

No. 1574632

This is stupid but a minor cow posted a short to yt running around to a song IN SOMEONE'S CROPS. I am so mad. It's not milk so I won't sperg about it in the thread but it fills me with agricultural rage stay on the internet don't go outside don't touch grass

No. 1574637

Everyone around me goes to pubs or birthday parties and hangs out with their friends or coworkers until 2 am on weekdays after work meanwhile I get exhausted from just getting out of bed in the morning and fall into bed right after work. Where do people get this energy and where can I buy some

No. 1574640

Ok WTF IS UP WITH AMERICAN WOMEN AND HOW CAN YOU GUYS AFFORD WAXING?!?! I’m from Western Europe and recently moved here. I always go waxing every month, but I can’t anymore because it’s so incredibly expensive. I’ve looked at almost all options in the area (and beyond) and they charge at least a $100 at minimum. How in the world would I be able to afford $200 a month to get waxed? I find it insulting. How do you girls do it?? I paid no more than $70 per month (often less!!) for a full Brazilian + full leg + underarms, and the ser