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File: 1484828926239.jpg (9.4 KB, 246x202, Heavensgatelogo.jpg)

No. 178735

Post your experiences with religious or not cults or simply fanatism experiences with any religions you have been part of.

I'll start with some articles on Heaven's Gate since I got no experiences myself.



No. 178737

Documentary about Heaven's Gate.

No. 178745

File: 1484832723700.jpg (112.91 KB, 1024x632, 77599607.jpg)

The Temples of Humankind.

At the base of the Alps in Italy there is a "spiritual community" (see: cult) called "Damanhur. According to them they have their own "Constitution, culture, art, currency, schools and technology" (i.e. full control over people's lives). Some of their absolute batshit insane claims they have made include being able to play music through plants, having invented a time machine, practice magic and heal people using spiritual healers. Pretty much every cult buzzword is littered all over their official websites "alchemy", "energies", "astral travel", "connecting with the cosmos", "hypnosis".

That brings us to the Temples which were created by an Italian man who claims that he had visions of them at the age of 10. They are carved into a hill and took 13 years to build. Each room has a theme. He was likely going to run his cult from them but the Italian government seized them and opened them to the public.

They're incredibly beautiful and it's possible to visit them. Pic is of the "Hall of Water".

Damanhur website: http://www.damanhur.org/en

Temples website: http://www.the temples.org

No. 178746

File: 1484833240870.jpg (235.4 KB, 736x489, 50f6277ee6097082e7a16732987a44…)


This is the "Labyrinth Hall"

No. 178748

File: 1484833458328.jpg (158.94 KB, 1000x500, temples-of-humankind-damanhur-…)


Another hall

No. 178750

File: 1484837541401.jpg (24.67 KB, 720x608, IMG_20170119_105136.jpg)

These guys are not really a cult but they look like one. I'm gonna share because I think they are pretty cool:

What is the Centro Espirita Beneficente Uniao Do Vegetal (or UDV)?
The UDV is a Christian Spiritist religion that originated in Brazil and is now practiced by over 17,000 people in 6 countries. The UDV has received numerous civic awards for its community and environmental service and is recognized as a church under the laws of the United States.

Why the controversy?
The apparent controversy surrounding the UDV’s religious practice is the use of a sacramental tea with psychoactive properties that is received by church members as a form of communion within our religious services. The tea, called Hoasca, has been the subject of numerous scientific studies and found within the UDV’s circumscribed religious use to not be harmful to human health in any way.


The Beneficent Spiritist Center União do Vegetal (Portuguese: Centro Espírita Beneficente União do Vegetal) (…) seeks to promote peace and to "work for the evolution of the human being in the sense of his or her spiritual development", as is written in its bylaws. The institution today has over 18,000 members, distributed among more than 200 local chapters located in all the states of Brazil, as well as in Peru, Australia, several countries in Europe, and the United States.

The translation of União do Vegetal is Union of the Plants referring to the sacrament of the UDV, Hoasca tea, also known as Ayahuasca. This beverage is made by boiling two plants, Mariri (Banisteriopsis caapi) and Chacrona (Psychotria viridis), both of which are native to the Amazon rainforest.

In its sessions, UDV members drink Hoasca Tea for the effect of mental concentration. In Brazil, the use of Hoasca in religious rituals was regulated by the Brazilian Federal Government's National Drug Policy Council on January 25, 2010. The policy established legal norms for the religious institutions that responsibly use this tea. The Supreme Court of the United States unanimously affirmed the UDV's right to use Hoasca tea in its religious sessions in the United States, in a decision published on February 21, 2006.
(…) A study of UDV members by psychiatrist Charles Grob of the UCLA School of Medicine found them to be psychologically and physically healthier than average, and he has recommended ayahuasca as a treatment for depression.[3]


No. 178758

some of my high school friends got into all that wicca crap with incense, crystals, tarot, astrology, etc.

it's not a cult really, but they do keep what goes on in their little meetings a dead secret.
got any experiences with it or know what they get up to?
like is it secret lesbian orgies and stuff?

No. 178759

No, most likely not.

They're probably talking about ~spells, witchcraft~ and other crap. Wicca isn't really cult like.

No. 178763

File: 1484844757629.jpg (11.73 KB, 250x277, ride-the-tiger.jpg)

wicca is a nature based religion with a god and goddess. when they do their coven meetings, skyclad or not, they're probably doing rituals to appease nature and their gods. then probably what >>178759 said; comparing notes, spells, talking about future gatherings/sabbats and drinking tea. Secrecy is power in most magic based religions, so being tight-lipped about things keeps their power theirs.

Also, while sex magic is definitely a thing in it, it's not something they would do every time, it would have to coincide with something or a specific goal.

http://spells-witchcraft.org/wiccan-sex.htm for example, this shit.

No. 178783

File: 1484855478121.jpg (9.33 KB, 275x260, snuggie.jpg)

With the circle-jerk nature of most websites now a days, have there been any cults started recently on a blog, social media, or a forum?

>inb4 sjws or incels are a cult

I don't blame you for feeling this way. With how they attack anyone who question their beliefs. But let's keep on topic.

No. 183588

Just watched a documentary called "The Institute" about an art installation made to look like a cult. They used a lot of imagery/ideas from common cults. Then they sent people around San Francisco looking for clues and bringing them on a wild journey.

Just thought some of you might be interested in seeing it. I'd love to come across something like this in my own city.

No. 183590

File: 1489348318064.png (2.82 MB, 1920x1032, The.Love.Witch.2016.1080p.WEB-…)

Have you seen the movie The Love Witch? It's like that.

No. 275478

If someone asks if you beleive in Mother god or mother of god stay away. It's a Korean cult and they're everywhere

No. 275482

i just wanna say that i've never met a wiccan who wasn't obese white trash

make of that what you will

No. 275510


Two years ago I stayed in a small village in the mountains near Lago d'Iseo (yes, for the Christo installation). One night, after dark, there was a big congregation of people – from kids to old people – in front of one of the houses in the center of the village. Some older lady was proclaiming something from the balcony and everyone was listening, totally quiet and weirdly spellbound. She talked on for quite a while. When she was done everyone clapped and went their way, some had come by car just for that. Sadly I don't speak Italian, so I have no idea what that was about. One guy, when asked said it was a "self-help group" but he seemed a bit caged.

I'm still convinced it was some weird cult. Any insights from Italian anons?

No. 275664

Any details what's this about?

No. 275778

Someone I know was approached by them a few years back. They drew him in my telling him they were Korean students and doing a project for college and if it'd be okay to ask a few questions, so it seemed really innocent and they clearly prey on people who are polite. So they asked questions on his beliefs and if he thought it was possible that God could be a woman and then asked if he'd like to see how much progress they've made on their presentation for college and he agreed. It was just powerpoint slides with Bible quotes about how the Bible is vague about God's gender, which he thought was kind of interesting for a project. Then they gave him a card with their details on it (incl the website). The website talks about how their leader is the second coming of Christ, dodgy af. Apparently they've received loads of awards for charity work worldwide. Would love to know more about them.

No. 275793

Kind of an obscure and very specific one but here it is

My mom told me about a friend she had in the late 80s/early 90s (who we'll call M). They were coworkers and just good friends in general for quite some time. Then M kept talking about this pyramid scheme , how much money it would get her and how she got hired in a society nicknamed "Le Groupement" based in Fleury-sur-Andelle not too far from where they were( in France). The thing is, my mom was skeptical of it all but accepted M's invitation to one of their reunions just to make M happy. She recalls all men there being super weird, like staring them up and down while circling around them, using very persuasive language to try to enroll my mom in it, etc.. She also said the head of the reunion needed to be adressed a certain name, and was treated with a strange over the top respect. M kept trying to convince my mom after this but she was so creeped out that she told M about it looking like a cult disguised under it all. M cut all contacts with my mom after this simple remark, and she never heard of M ever again( she had quit in the meantime). It definitely left a mark on my mom because she saw how entrance M was and how suddenly it happened, despite it sounding like a simple pyramid scheme…

Fast forward to 2 years ago, the leader (guru) of this whole thing was actually sentenced to 3 years in prison with a few millions in fines, if any of you is interested (and speaks french here are some articles about this whole cultish market shit : https://www.paris-normandie.fr/region/fleury-sur-andelle--le-gourou-du-groupement-a-nouveau-condamne-XH6922132

Even though this is a very common story, it truly shows how you can see people losing themselves, truly a waste and a scary thing.

No. 275920

Yikes I couldn't imagine ever being in a cult

No. 275927

No. 275929

There's a cult in my hometown that's inflated in popularity over the past few years, sporting members from all over the world. I consider this church a cult for a few reasons, but mainly these: members are required to give a large sum of their income (more than tithing, from what I understand), the church leader has been involved in a couple of well-known scams in the past, church members believe in praying the gay away, they practice 'magic', they get incentives to move up through converting others, non-cult members are often cast out/excluded from businesses owned by cult-members. Their religious beliefs are pretty similar to Heaven's Gate, and I believe the leader was/is involved with Heaven's Gate, without naming any names. For a short while it boosted our economy, but now it's kind of getting out of hand. The 'church' buys up property and businesses in the area, driven up rental prices (it's almost as expensive as San Fransisco prices rn), voted themselves into city council positions, paid off police for better security for members, brought in a large homeless population, ect. Recently there's been a huge divide between cult members and people who just live there for other reasons, it's kind of tense living or visiting there and feels like something bad is going to go down soon. Feels real bad man.

No. 275930

I have little personal experience with cults myself, but my mother lost several friends to them so she instilled a strong fear/fascination into me. One of her girlfriends suddenly quit her job, abandoned her family and friends, got pregnant and fucked off to India forever. She sat me down numerous times telling me what the signs are, and eventually lend me a tell-all book that absolutely traumatized me. I was way too young to read this horrible shit.


>doomsday believer forms a small isolated commune

>impregnates all the women
>exercises absolute control over his followers
>punishes them through horrific physical abuse
>becomes convinced he has holy powers
>one of the women gets sick
>he gives her an enema, cuts her open while conscious and fucking rips part of her intestines
>she dies
>he drills a hole into her skull and cums into it to resurrect her
>book author tries to escape
>he chops off her arm
>he finally gets arrested and gets shanked in prison 20 years later

No. 275932

File: 1533327348646.jpg (51.33 KB, 443x580, Muerte Blanca.jpg)

Rumor has it that the whole Santa Muerte scene is starting to get taken over, maybe even radicalized by MS13. Sad! That was a folk religion that I had high hopes for, something with the grassroots power of Voudoun, Santería, Palo Mayombe, etc. without all of the sketchiness.

Plus, Santa Muerte was very LGBT-friendly, could've made quite the difference for people in that super Catholic Hispanosphere. This is why we can't have nice things.

No. 275943

>> he drills a hole into her skull and cums into it to resurrect her
what the fuck

No. 275951

(nayrt) tbf I'm not even surprised, these people are so fucked up
it's probably not even the worst thing you could find on cults

No. 275952

i was in a cult as a young child. the cult was centred around control, physical abuse, sexual abuse and pedophilia in the name of god. i only lived in a cult commune when i was just born and when i was about 5/6. nobody ever molested me as far as i remember, though i was hit for laughing too much. other than those times, i lived with my parents parents in a home which was occasionally visited by other cult members.

the one thing i vividly remember from the cult is the strange recordings they would make for us children to listen to. they wanted us to have as little influence from the outside world as possible, so they made music and story recordings from inside the cult. some of these were made up of the cult leader's bizarre ramblings ("teachings"), others were just simple parables with morals. i wish i could find them again, out of pure curiosity, but for obvious reasons they havent been uploaded to the internet anywhere.

No. 275954

saged bc I'm not sure but do you think the Hillsong Church has some cultish aspects ? some people are straight up saying it is one, others deny. What do you think ? I don't know enough about it to say though.

No. 275956

Jesus anon how did your family/you get out of that

No. 275957

Did your parents get out of it ? Have you ever talked about it with your parents ? If you feel comfortable to share anon, it would be super interesting for all of us farmers who only see this from outside.

No. 275960

yes, my parents left the cult when i was young which is why ive had a much better life than they did. because they were in it from birth. essentially my parents met in the cult when they were teenagers and got together, i believe when they were living together in a commune in india (children were typically separated from their parents, making it easier for control and abuse to take place). after this because they were together, my mum was allowed to come and live with my father and his parents who by that time were living in a house instead of a commune, and not in india anymore. therefore the cult had less control over my parents; the cult would send propaganda to the house but they didnt "own" my parents in a commune anymore. (communes were often guarded by armed patrols)

then it was only a matter of time before my parents got their own jobs and moved out of my grandparents house. they could then cut off ties with the cult. my grandparents followed years later.

No. 275970

That's the one. Are there multiple?

No. 275975

I wonder how many cults we have in my country that are allowed to thrive because we have blasphemy laws which prohibit saying anything negative about any religion in the media. We have the biggest center for Scientology in Europe here and I'd say they're enjoying those blasphemy laws, especially since the Louis Theroux doc was banned here.

No. 276018

Oh man, that's so bad. Santa Muerte religion has always been warm and welcoming, even with that edgy facade it may appear at first. I really hope maras won't mess with it and turn it into a bloody violent cult.

No. 276027

Do you pretend, for your own safety?

If you do… do you think they can tell?

No. 276036

idk if it's a full-blown cult but it's fucking creepy, and i'm sure they're making tons of money from it. it's so strange how they unapologetically reject lgbt people but their main demographic is millenials

No. 276055

File: 1533368804930.png (209.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-04-09-43-04…)

agreed. especially considering Pope Francis' stance on LGBT people, which seems progressive compared to past popes (even if it should be taken with a grain of salt as they're still not allowed in priesthood or anything like that) + here's a link related

No. 276057

I never knew that Hillsong church was Australian based. I just looked at the location in my city it looks stupid, I wanna go with my sis just to see what its like. If I do, I'll report back here if anyones interested.

No. 276076

Yeah, I live nearby the original church in the hills area in syd and people call it 'the till on the hill' kek. I went to a christian school growing up and just knew it as the place with the good music, I was surprised to see it grow into a big cult with Bieber involved.

No. 276080

yes please anon

No. 276345

File: 1533427515732.jpg (77.11 KB, 640x853, 2zpW94T.jpg)

Even the midwest isn't immune. In Ohio, we have people that go around hanging flyers up in the capitol city to warn people not to listen to people who try to get them to join their new "organization"

No. 277570

File: 1533701453425.jpeg (51.55 KB, 400x400, DFBD495C-F010-4D8E-858B-6A856D…)

I don’t know if it really counts or not, but I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. A lot of people know it’s just a type of Christianity, they don’t do blood transfusions or holidays, and preach door to door, but it was a lot more than just that. I was taught to not want to get higher education, because that’s time wasted that I could have spent giving to Jehovah. Plus then I’d need to work more and associate more with worldly people, and would therefore be at a higher risk of being exposed to Satan’s world. I learned that parents love was conditional. My former babysitter was disfellowshipped and her mom never talked to her again. My mom would joke when she took me door to door, saying to “use my cuteness” to get people to listen/invite us in. When we would buy things from garage sales or thrift stores we would say a prayer and keep it in the shed for a few days just in case it was demonic. You are encouraged to report bad behavior (knowing another witness did something against biblical rules) so that they could help be guided back on the right path. When my worldly dad died I was thankful that he died before Armageddon and would be resurrected during the thousand year reign and would get a second chance. I still don’t know the pledge of allegiance. The religion is literally referred to as “The Truth”. If you started questioning anything elders would come to your house and do a sheparding call, which is them reading from the Bible and trying to convince scare you into blindly trusting Jehovah’s ways. I’m pretty sure one of our elders was a pediphile who molested another girl in my hall, he was disfellowshipped but worked his way back in - they don’t believe in man made government/going to court. When I left at 17 it took me 2 years to stop being scared I was going to die. I became a bit of a compulsive liar for a while just because now I COULD lie. At 19 my mom said I could move back in with her but only if I agreed to go to the Kingdom Hall. I have to live with the fact my family believes I’m going to die at Armageddon and their memories of me will be wiped clean. My mom still mails me watchtower magazines every few months. I’m still processing a lot of it but I’m pretty normal now.

No. 277572

What was your babysitter exiled for?

No. 277577

Fuck anon I'm sorry you went through that. Hope you're doing well.

No. 277694

They don’t tell the congregation why people are disfellowshipped, only the elders and people involved know.
Thanks anon. Luckily I never got baptized so I was never disfellowshipped once you’re baptized you can’t just leave, if you do they cut all communication including your family and I can still talk to my family. It hurts when they try talking to me about it, but I have to accept that my mom was going through a lot and being a JW was her saving grace so itd be wrong of me to be too cruel about it. I feel a lot of genuine pity for my siblings because they don’t even know how much they’ve missed out on life. I’m just thankful I started questioning and got out while I was still young.

No. 277698

Absolutely—Teal Swan and those Spirit Science videos turned into a pretty real cult (with accusations of sexual abuse having been covered up, among other things)

No. 277699

Really? All the wiccans I know are rich white losers, not trashy in the like trailer park sense. Closer to Gwyneth Paltrow/Goop type stuff, basically rich white women who are bored and looking for some spice

Jesus Christ this is traumatic af to read about

I’m so curious about what country you live in, anon. Those blasphemy laws sound pretty nuts. America sucks but at least we can talk shit about Scientology on tv…

No. 277703

Wow, I’ve never heard of this but it’s super creepy.

JW is totally a cult in my eyes, anon. I have a lot of ex-JW friends and their stories are so scary. Lots of pedophilia coverups in JW too. I’m glad you’re out and get to live in the normal world now.

No. 277723

File: 1533739121427.png (31.43 KB, 384x384, 91A4EE1B-B14D-4C37-9B78-77C746…)

Sit and gather around anons because this is the story about how my mom thought I was legit possessed lmao.

>be me 12yr

> mom dates dude from her work that’s way below her league (younger still lived with parents, it’s semi important to the story so hear me put.)
> they end up married
>mom of the dude hates me and my mom but only expresses her hatred towards me when no one it’s watching
>motd “anons mom! you should come to my church on Sunday”
>she doesn’t want to be rude (up to that point I was raised as agnostic and heavily educated in history/biology by my mom during the holidays in the library)
>mom drags me into it suddenly I’m in a church full of 25-40 something year olds jumping around to happy Christian music in English
>suddenly I’m hushed away with 7-15 year olds into a room
>”uni student” tells us that god is going to punish us when we die and read all of our sins in front of everyone (he studies theology inside of the same church)
>come back annoyed because I know that shit was wrong
>refuse to go to church every weekend
>moms ex/my dad/my mom all were into metal and rock so I continued listening to the same music I did before
>4 months later suddenly Daft Punk and early nirvana is from the devil as well as any other heavy artist
>continue getting slapped for not going to church at 13
> mom of the dude says I have issues because I like black clothing
> suddenly my mom is a heavily devout Christian despite avoiding church my entire life
>they get in debt heavily as this happens of course that only strengthens her belief of being saved by god
>mom continuesly watches pastor (1) with MIL every single day
> she takes notes in church instead of helping me in the library with my homework like she did before church (2 year difference)
>mom moves countries with dude I don’t see her for 3 years
>live with very abusive dad as mom escapes her debt in Australia
>finally move to Australia with mom
>mom continues with bible beating and deletes my Facebook account as soon as I move in back with her
> no non “Christian” friends not allowed to speak to my grandma about the church I’m going to
>shoved into Christian summer camp
>older Christian youth leaders add us on all social media
>church posts everything in social media
>”Church friends are real friends”

I ofcourse had issues adapting to a new environment entirely based around the church all of my moms friends and people she knew where from church, I finally disconnect from their circle jerk by dating someone outside the church
>you will be punished if you don’t go on Friday AND Sunday to church (no phone and slapped again)

I rebel to no avail and continue doing what I’m told

Suddenly it all goes even more to shit

I like a page on Facebook with art and other music from the genre I like

Facebook page changes direction and moves to a Wicca page

Mom sees I like Wicca page

I come home at 16 just to be screamed at
>anon go to your room
>”your mom saw a spirit instead of you and we think you are possessed” “we are both scared of you”

Mfw my mom went from a well adjusted career woman to perfect Christian waif

She was semi liberal and educated now she believes her husband is “the head of her household and always right”

Oh and the pastor (1) she used to listen to every day?
They met and he was a complete creep and made sexual advances towards her.
He’s married and did it in front of his wife when he was invited to come to Australia.

I have tons of stories if you guys are interested on shit the church has done but that’s my personal experience

On the church money laundering:

No. 277730

That’s fucked up. Are you safe now? Hillsong is the one bieber belongs to I think. Very bad “church”.

Yes more stories thank you :-)

No. 277736

I’m fascinated by Hillsong but don’t know a lot about it. Please share more

No. 277738

>There’s a cult in my hometown…
This sounds so familiar anon, like I heard something similar in the news. Not that Oregon one on Netflix.
Can you tell us more?

No. 277746

That is wild. Thank you very much for sharing.
If I may ask, do you you think it has had any affect on you at all?

No. 277750

omg anon. This makes me even more interested to go the Hillsong church where I live as an experiment. I'm kinda scared lol

No. 277752

I wonder if they can sense not to waste their time on certain people and tell you to screw. Like can they tell you won’t be malleable enough?
Or are they vindictive and crazy if they find out or you try to leave. Be careful anon.

No. 277765

yeah its definitely had an effect. nowhere near as much effect as my parents who spent their entire lives in the cult, but i dont think theres any way it would have had no effect on me. my family was never really a part of society - its like we were on the edges, or half in society, half out of it. so i find it hard to relate to my peers. also i cant tell anyone about it to protect my family so it feels like carrying around this giant secret with me everywhere that i cant really tell anyone no matter how close they get to me. but at the same time im so grateful to my parents for making a better life for me and my siblings so i try not to spend too much time worrying about or ruminating on it.

No. 277794

Well you seem perfectly well adjusted. Maybe in time you will find friends or a partner you can confide in. I hope you find more peace with each passing day.

No. 277839

File: 1533747599295.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.04 KB, 185x270, téléchargement.jpg)

>>277723 Thank you so much for this anon, if you feel comfortable sharing more it'd be greatly appreciated.

I'm >>275793, I was scared to bring up JW because people tend to disagree on its cultish aspects.
I used to be neighbors with a JW family, who gradually became friends with my parents. They were pretty moderate. During the 9 years they lived here, they never once tried to talk us into it or tried to convince us, which was nice. They mentioned their annual assemblies, biweekly reunions, and such but only as anecdotes. I got a lot of info from their oldest daughter who was my bff at one point. I started finding stuff strange when the son sneakily borrowed my Harry Potter DS game and the three kids got grounded for 2 weeks for approaching wizardry. I had loads of magazines, one of which was named "les petites sorcières" (The little witches"). (pic related). Nothing about it was wizardry related, only the title and the occasional small character… The mother brought my magazines back and had a scowl on her face whenever she saw me for like a week after this. They never ever bought new clothes, while they had money. They all had ill fitting and generally too small clothes except for their JW meetings. They only watched news channel, and supervised bu their dad when doing so. Despite having internet, they were so sheltered it got annoying (I once mentioned Star Wars and Michael Jackson, all the kids looked at me like "wth is she talking about". Except for ponies, Littlest petshops and Jehovah, we couldn't talk about much. She told me about these "watchtower reunions" and I was so confused, still am.
Super sorry for the rant but it was all so strange from an external POV,especially when you're a kid. We still get texts from them, they seem super controlling of their kids still (except for the boy who's thei golden child despite being a quasi pedophile.) My parents seriously think they're going to try to marry my ex bff soon. Can any anon confirm if this JW arranged marriage thing still happens regularly ? Should we be worried ?
Could someone explain a bit more stuff from the inside ? I have so many questions (and again sorry for the long ass rambling)

No. 277842

I don’t know where you live but there are sometimes therapists and group therapy meetings for people who left strict religious upbringings/cults, and something like that could be a safe space for you. Especially one on one therapy, because of patient/doctor confidentiality

No. 277874

File: 1533753561861.png (5.7 KB, 493x402, 1313717142001.png)

thanks anons. nowadays im much more positive than i used to be and i believe things will only get better for me and my family

No. 277877

r/exjw on reddit is surprisingly informative. I'm not a ex-JW but I like reading about cults so I like to go through r/exjw & r/exmormon. They're pretty scary, not gonna lie, especially for little girls and boys.

No. 277878

Never heard of these subreddits before, thank you so much anon !

No. 278007


I live catty-corner from a Xenos house. The new group in there is pretty quiet but last year the group in there threw huge ragers 3 nights a week and it was infuriating.

No. 278048

My parents own a cottage on a secluded island in the middle of no where - you have to travel by boat, etc to get there. I went a couple years in a row as a kid and more recently as a young adult and teenager. So, imagine This, there's a massive lake with a few separate islands within the lake. We are situated on an island that faces another one, and there was always a large, white mysterious building across the way. As a kid I didn't really give a fuck but when I traveled out to it as a teenager I questioned it, and apparently it's home to a cult called the Grailians, who literally believe the holy grail is real and they were selected…its like a very strange concept, intertwined with Christianity.
I did a bunch of reading and there was an incident a few years back where a woman in this cult abused her children, kept them in cages, fed them human flesh, etc. This however took place overseas, but same cult. (Searching this up will bring the results.) Freaky stuff considering how close to home it's been. Next time I go I really would like to get a closer look at the massive white building they reside in.

No. 278161

I'm not an insider but I had a friend who was very close with the local JW circle. And yes, they do arrange marriages between witnesses.

No. 278213

Haha wait, really? What were they like, anon? Young/old/etc. did they do weird shit other than big parties?

No. 278317

Teal Swan creeps me the fuck out.

nta, but sounds like Ireland. There's a bunch of stuff on youtube from Irish tv stations about the Scientology centre and their rehab centre opening. It's not actually considered a religion here so maybe that's why. I think the Louis Theroux film just couldn't find a distributor. It is a pretty fucked law though.

No. 278318


The ones by me are all young because its near the university. They'd have house meetings/services/whatever and they'd always end up turning into huge parties afterward. They were super messy and always left trash in the back yard.

No. 278320

Ohio seems to be a popular spot for cults. I grew up there and the town next over had a pretty sizeable cult. I can't remember what it was called, but I remember people telling me how creepy it was and to stay away. It was sort of nature/wicca based and supposedly they had a lot of orgies

No. 278323

> It was sort of nature/wicca based and supposedly they had a lot of orgies

That sounds awesome anon

No. 278337

not a JW, but from research and hearing stories from ex-JWs i do think it's a cult. i met a young disabled girl in school once, she was nice and we were friends. once i wanted to go to the mall with some friends and invited her along. she came the next day looking anxious about something, then asked us if we were going to ditch her as soon as school ended because that's what her mom told her, that and that we weren't "real friends." i thought that was super messed up to tell your young daughter, even if there is some truth to the idea that most people fall out of touch after high school.

i started getting really concerned when one day, when we were alone, she starts looking anxious again. she says she has to talk to me and tells me about Armageddon, saying that she wants to save me. i'm assuming she told her mom something about me that she didn't agree with, so she told this girl to give me this speech. i politely told her i wasn't interested in such things but thanked her for being concerned. she seemed really lost after that. luckily someone came at that moment, but now i find myself wondering if i should have said something to her. i don't know what i could have said or done that she wouldn't tell right to her mom, and i didn't want to risk her getting punished.

i really hope she's okay. i think any religion that tells young children that they will either die or suffer in hell if they don't strictly follow the rules is extremely messed up, cult or not.

No. 279573

I don't know if it counts since it's not on the level of anything like Heaven's Gate but I was in a coven that started on social media and it seemed to be turning into some new age proto-cult. The leaders guilt trip members for money and the members are down for the leaders' idea to have some sort of house for members to live in together (or at least meet at a few times a year). It started small but close with members occasionally meeting each other irl and making plans to travel cross-country to each other, but it's gotten big enough to have a hierarchy (suddenly implemented by the leaders). A majority of the members are openly hypersexual to the point that it's a major focus of the group.

No. 279779

Oh yikes, that’s creepy! I’d love more details, anon

No. 279782

Teal Swan is such a cow, I can’t believe there isn’t a thread on her. There are some other occult/new age cows who should have threads too (Sarah Wreck comes to mind, as does Tumple the meme/occult group that had a lot of drama with weird Facebook personalities although Tumple’s pretty dead. Sarah is milky as all get out)

Teal is astounding. Here are some links:

A tabloid primer on Teal Swan that’s pretty fun to read


After a member of Teal tribe comes out and says that a higher up sexually abused her, Teal denies everything and sweeps it under the rug

Website detailing Teal’s absolute insanity

No. 279785

Ireland? Our blasphemy laws are ridiculous. I'm also so sick of JWs on every street, people saying the rosary in the middle of the street, amplified street preachers screaming at people with no repercussions, Church of God setting up everywhere they can, I hate religion being shoved in people's faces. It shouldn't be allowed, people should be able to walk down the street without being told they're going to hell. At least the JWs just stand quietly and hold pamphlets. They don't seem to react unless you approach them.

No. 279818

File: 1534176574835.jpg (556.53 KB, 1072x1083, Screenshot_20180813-085620_Sam…)

Idk if this is common knowledge or not but apparently the surviving members of the cult referenced in the OP are threatening Lil Uzi Vert with a lawsuit over the cover of his upcoming album (pic related). I think the whole thing is pretty goddamn hilarious.

No. 279822

Is it very common in Ireland for these street displays? Is it only in the big cities? Excuse my ignorance, but are you not allowed to do so in other European countries?

It is legal in the US to proselytize because of freedom of speech. However, you have to be mindful where and how you do it.

No. 279824

File: 1534177763689.jpeg (176.4 KB, 1986x1100, 2C5709A9-6FA4-463A-BEA0-98CD82…)

Kek when does that comet come back around?
>survive an hero
>become litigious assholes
I looked up the tm


No. 279831

It started out by just being a network-type of group where people who practice witchcraft could pool their knowledge and teach each other new skills. There was no flirting or sexual content, and even when the discord server added nsfw chatrooms for photos not much was posted often (and all sexual content was kind of quarantined off in there to avoid annoying/spamming any conversations taking place). Sometime after I joined I started becoming an active member just to get to know people and learn more about various crafts. We were all a bunch of nerds who shared tastes in various book series/tv shows/videogames, so it was easy to get comfortable with everyone. Roughly a few months into me being an active member things started shifting from mostly casual conversation to members flirting with each other here and there until eventually sexual content was the focus of the group. I don't really know how to describe it, even though I was there watching it happen. The leaders wanted the coven to be a safe supportive space for like-minded people so there were unwritten yet enforced rules about interactions. You couldn't be rude, or if you did you were expected to apologize or you'd be banned (99% of interactions took place in the discord server, so some people who spoke out of place were kicked without warning). Sure being polite is important, but I feel like rules forcing people to do so might've contributed to the group's shift. I mean, if you're not allowed to shut someone down for sending a nude or trying to seduce someone, it'd only lead to people leaving while others (especially the hypersexual majority of the group) go along with it (a few people did leave, but most people were either inactive or stayed for the ride). I guess what really stands out to me is the age range of members - anyone 18+ can join but there's people from their early twenties to early thirties in there. I have a friend who watches the group and they apparently accepted a mass of young (assuming 18/19 year olds since they'd be young compared to the majority of the group that's in their early to mid twenties) members and had enough of a following to create different branches and redistribute members so that the groups stay small and intimate(probably so leadership is stronger?). I know they're not really a threat given they believe in otherkin, astral plane sex with tentacles, and worship Greek/Norse deities, but the atmosphere definitely felt like a weak cult in the making.

No. 279838

Have any of you guys heard of that facebook group run by a Vietnamese woman (I think) where she basically tells these people to drink some weird concoction to cleanse and it makes them shit their guts out (literally their stomach lining comes out - they post pics of what is supposedly expelled parasites but it's literal stomach lining)? I can't remember enough about it to google it, but I remember a guy with cancer did it in place of chemo and died. From what I recall people even were "cleansing" their children

No. 279840

oh and sorry this isn't a religious cult but I didn't know where else to put this! I would say their activity is pretty cult like from what I remember

No. 279846


Yes this lady is god damn insane. Maybe a kooky new age/anti vaxxer type person thread? So many of those types are honestly beyond insane

No. 279847

Cleansefags might as well be a religious cult.

I remember exactly who you're talking about. Jillian Epperly and "Jilly Juice"? Poop Cult? Yeah. That woman endangers people, she thinks her fermented cabbage juice will heal everything including autism, cancer, and down's syndrome if you drink a gallon of it a day and ~*~just believe~*~

>When interviewed by BuzzFeed about what keeps her going, despite Facebook petitions and bloggers working to out her as a fraud, she made it clear that her remedy is all about believing that it will work.

>“We’re using a different context in my world, and the manifestations from the salt and the accessing of the nutrients is gonna give you a different context of what the symptoms are,” Epperly told BuzzFeed. “So essentially what it is, is we’re trying to turn an atheist into a Christian.”

No. 279853

File: 1534184039315.png (1.42 MB, 1228x1306, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 2.07…)

Any of you guys heard of that NatureBoy self professed cult leader? Dude had his followers go to Panama to "live off the land" and they wound up in jail. lol.

The guy is a pedophile and a sociopath abuses all the women in the harem. I don't know whats up with it now.

No. 279876


>According to Bishop, things got really real for the cult known as Melanation, when due to the pungent odors allegedly emitted by their bodies, the group was forced to deplane right before take-off on a flight bound for Miami, Florida, despite the fact they were being deported.


No. 279983

Tbh, giving my two cents about these kind of groups, this kind of people can actually get dangerous. In my country recently there was a huge scandal involving a Wiccan leader extorting members for money and sexually abusing them, and she's reportedly just like you described at the end.
Often occultists will share a bit of their knowledge, amass some following and then use their following for sex, money, rituals and whatnot. They then guilt people into staying in this freakshow and/or manipulate them with promises of wisdom and future power. The internet has made this behavior go up considerably.

Once i witnessed this when a guy who was friends with some of my friends tried to create his own little thelemite cult and raped and abused his female "followers" and incited other males of the group to do the same. He'd try to control the weight of the girls claiming they had to be "suitable" for the sex rituals and severely punished them emotionally and physically if they didn't obey. He engraved sigils in their bodies with sharp objects.
When we found out we were a little more than disturbed, since he seemed like a normal, even nice guy, pretty pleasant to be around, so we didn't mind his "out there" ideas at first. One of my friends tried to beat him up and we wanted to call the cops on his ass when it all came to light and he moved to another city and we haven't heard of him since, i honestly pray he's not repeating what he did here but unfortunately it's unlikely he isn't.

No. 279994

my dumb ass thought you meant ric flair

No. 280022

File: 1534214174595.jpg (133.49 KB, 630x630, 1200x630bb.jpg)

Have you listened to the podcast about her? The guy couldn't come right out and call her a cult leader because he was given permission to interview her several times and she would have cut off access, but it's pretty clear what she is.

nta, but it's very common in dublin. I think as long as they have a street performance permit they can do whatever. I've seen it in a few touristy small towns as well. It's usually fire and brimstone evangelicals/fundies with American accents, but there are also some locals and the occasional muslim or mormom. The evangelicals are really loud and annoying, but the others are easy enough to ignore.

No. 280042

File: 1534217033544.jpg (72.28 KB, 990x364, sub-buzz-14382-1521149943-1.jp…)

yeah "jilly juice" thanks anons. this is the article I had read before:
It's so fucking depressing that people will believe this shit. they call it "the protocol" like wtf

No. 280169

File: 1534242399609.png (71.09 KB, 1159x609, defamationact2009.PNG)

Ireland. This screenshot implies that "cults" are allowed to be criticised but don't forget that Scientology are officially recognised as a "religion" and are therefore protected, which is so incredibly wrong. From what I've seen, the law isn't really enforced unless people complain but all it takes is a few SJWs or old biddies who are offended by something they saw on RTÉ.

The JWs on the street aren't too bad, although pretty creepy when I'm getting off the train or something. It's weird to see them standing there emotionless, like a living mannequin. The ones who come to the door are the worst and that should absolutely not be allowed under any circumstance. Scientologists also sent around leaflets when they were setting up in the Victory Centre (Which I checked out before it closed down, it looked like another cult ngl. It was a big American evangelical "church" complete with a Starbucks lmao. They lured kids in under the guise of it being a "community centre" with summer camps and a games room. Apparently there are a few American-style "churches" in the area who beg their followers for money or they'll go to hell). The Hare Krishnas also creep me out but damn their restaurant is good lol.

Here's a link to a Boards thread discussing the Victory Centre:

And another discussing the Scientologists taking it over:

I might compile a few interesting things I come across when I get the time.

I can only speak for Dublin and Galway but yes, they're common in both cities. Right next to the Spire, there's usually some deranged man standing on a podium with a speaker and Bible in hand. It's right where the tourists are passing and it looks really bad. On the opposite side, there are usually stalls set up for "Discover Islam" and the JWs. The JWs set up even in small towns and villages. They're definitely targeting vulnerable people because the ones who have come to the door for me have tried to ask me if I'm suffering from domestic abuse and that they can "help" or they'll ask if I've recently experienced a loss of a family member or some kind of disaster, they don't even try to make it subtle. They also tend to have leaflets in Polish around Tallaght which again, makes me feel like they're targeting vulnerable people.

No. 280172

File: 1534243447245.png (121.25 KB, 980x722, blacksalve.PNG)

I haven't heard of this but there seem to be a lot of "alternative cure" Facebook groups out there that are very dangerous. Because they're closed groups, members can say whatever they want and anyone who doesn't agree can be removed. Reporting them doesn't do anything because we all know Facebook doesn't give a shit. The most recent one I've seen was being shared as a warning on dog pages I follow. The members are being told to give their dogs "black salve" as a cancer cure, despite no scientific evidence of it working and in fact it seems to be actually slowly and painfully killing the dogs.

I actually won't provide the link to the article I read about it because it contains seriously graphic images and it made me bawl my eyes out but pic related is from it. It also contains screenshots of conversations from people encouraging each other to continue "treatment" despite the images looking like serious emergencies. It's actually scary how things like this can thrive on Facebook and how quickly the admins of these groups can become cult-like leaders, silencing other opinions.

No. 280200

My friend was approached by these people, he kind of amused it for a little bit, but they started asking more personal questions and were trying to get him to go somewhere with them. He said he got chills and started sprinting away and reported it to the police.

He was terrified mostly because the college has signs everywhere to not talk to them, then rumors spread that they were kidnapping people. Don’t know about that last part though lol

No. 280242

Why does this sound like some Mint Eye shit from Mystic Messenger

No. 280256

This lady is INSANE. I followed her closely for a while but had to stop because it was actually upsetting how much people fall for this crap, for want of a better word. I think she seriously has some sort of shit fetish, combined with some sort of mental imbalance and cult-like tendencies. She was even on Dr Phil. I can't tell if she really believes this stuff or if she knows it's a con for her own weird gratification. I feel like the Dr Phil thing did more harm than good as it's giving her a platform to spread her insanity to other people…

No. 281209

Really interesting thread. But I can't agree with Jehovah's Witnesses. Here in Germany they are no cult but a religious orientation like Catholicism and are protected as a minority by our government. My aunt's family is part of Jehovah's Witnesses and they didn't cut ties from us and are good people to us although my family are atheists. Maybe it is different in Germany compared to the US? I am a little bit shocked of your experiences.

No. 281243


The German ones are probably different than the American Jehovah's Witnesses because they are smaller in number. If there aren't a lot of them in one area, then they cannot form their own separate communities and isolate themselves from the rest of society. They have no choice but to integrate. The same thing has happened with other religious groups.

No. 281274

Plus the fact that for obvious historic reasons, Germany is much less tolerant of extremist groups and cultish behaviour. It’s part of the reason why Scientology hardly has a foothold in Germany compared to the US, for instance. These groups can either compromise and integrate or take their ball and go home.

No. 320000

Ayy lmao they're recruiting at my campus now

No. 320017

Most jehovahs witnesses don’t cut ties with family members that aren’t in the religion. They disown people who get disfellowshipped.

No. 320029

Dear lord

No. 320058

quick question, i always hear people in america complaining about jehovas witnesses, are they really as cultish as people say? my country only has a small number number of them, and the only times i interacted with them is once when they came into my apartment building and knocked on my door and once when a woman started questioning me about God on the metro. i knew she was a jw because she used the exact same phrasing as the ones who came into the building.

No. 320068

where i live it's no worse than what you're describing. just a person going door to door with a pamphlet once in a blue moon. maybe it's worse in the south or midwest?

No. 320093

File: 1541292274461.jpg (1.55 MB, 2816x2112, carally-02.jpg)

maybe not the best place to put this, but Is persecution of Falun Gong/organ harvesting a legit thing? There were a ton of them when I was in boston the other day and had huge pics of exposed organs and stuff…. seemed kind of sketchy to me and I read online it's the Chinese equivalent of scientology


No. 320122

i see this shit here all the time (australia), like daily people are handing out pamphlets or having tables on the sidewalk. i have no idea if it's legit.

No. 320126

My therapist once has had a young woman that was a Jehova's Witness as a patient. He talks about it sometimes in group or individual therapy to emphasise that one needs to leave a toxic environment in order to recover or one gets sucked back in and there is little chance for recovery. I think the woman left or he gave up eventually. He's a very sober man but you can subtly tell that it broke his heart. I'm certain it's a cult and I'm glad you got out.
I love you and you do you!

No. 320127

Anon, JW in Ger are still a cult. It's about the mechanisms inside and the manipulation. Who can really tell from outside.

No. 342723

Christ are these the weirdos that try to recruit in grocery stores?

No. 343232

It just seems like some run of the mill boomer church. What's cultish? They don't like gays? That's most monotheistic denominations.

No. 343567

The Chinese government does put these people in concentration camps, I'm not sure about the other claims.

No. 344924

Got approached by these people today, three girls said they were students and started asking me if I had heard of this or passages in the bible that say god is female.

No. 346864

They recruit primarily around college campuses because college students are impressionable.
That's basically what I've heard. They market as a "not your everyday church" and bring people in with parties, then get super controlling and force members to move into the houses permanently.

No. 355515

File: 1547797014960.jpg (31.69 KB, 172x275, 1547794746456.jpg)

Hillsong anon come thru! Thank you again for exposing what you know. I'll repost what I did in >>>/ot/351253

Wow. So who runs the men who run this? That's the question.
Do people have to give up their income? Ty for the info anon. Did anything happen to you or your family that you are willing to tell? Do people get crazy-punished like in Scientology and their slave camps?

No. 355540

Tell us more about Hillsong.

No. 355554

I'd recommend everyone in this thread to read Murakami's Underground. The first chapter is a series of interviews conducted with the victims of Sarin gas attacks conducted by a Japanese cult named Aum Shinrikyo and the second chapter has interviews with ex-Aum Shinrikyo members and even one of the actual perpetrators. Gives you a great insight into how a cult is formed, grows and in the process indoctrinates people to such a degree that they conduct a terrorist attack.

No. 355565

oh fuck, i've encountered this too
they said they were "theology students"
i was on campus so i thought they just meant they were students at the school
what the fuck

No. 355570

any other farmers grow up mormon?
while not doomsday clock levels of bullshit, growing up mormon got me kinda fucked up. i sure loved being asked about my masterbation habits at 14 by old fat men to get purity certificates.

No. 355707

I watched a bunch of documentaries about Jonestown on YT and the camp actually had a sign with the quote "Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it."
Ironic as hell.
All of these cults where murders/group suicides ended up happening had the same thing going on. The leader is always a man, with a god complex who want his followers to think he is divine. He goes on long psychotic rants about shit and his followers thinks he's great and not a lunatic. He tends to be particularly abusive to women and children, but sometimes also sexually abuse men. He often impregnate his female followers but demand them to live in chastity. Always double standards, he might eat meat while teaching the others it's unclean. And so on.

I wish no one would ever, ever pay attention to lunatic men who think they're so great and knows it all any more. Even if they might seem great at first, when the alarm bells starts roaring, get the fuck away or better yet have him locked up somewhere. Let's not have this happen again.

No. 356108


Scientologists are terrifying.

Anyone have any recommendations for articles and documentaries on them?

No. 356118

No. 356119

No. 356140

If you think all cults are leaded by men this one may interest you: it was an Australian cult leaded by a woman obsessed with plastic surgery that manipulated her followers to grant her custody of their children so she could raise them as their own. If a follower didn't follow her orders, she would make them enter a mental hospital and get lobotomies and shock therapy until they were in a suggestive enough state. Sheessed them all in the same clothes and made the kids starve and even bleached their hair so they coule be their little perfect blonde family

The children were released but the woman's still alive, she was never processed for her crimes and lives in a nursery home with dementia.

There's a better doc than the one I'm posting here but it's not on YT

No. 356182

I don't believe that all cult leaders are men, I just noticed what the ones with the biggest body counts had in common. Cult leaders tend to have similar traits (at first helpful but narcissist, controlling, prone to paranoid rants etc) and I wish more people became aware so those wannabe-leaders stop getting away with it/stop getting so many followers.

While male leaders that I have been looking up have been guilty of the worst violence, the woman in your vid seems like a real "winner" too, tbh not sure if I can handle another documentary right now after the Jonestown ones. I feel so bad for the victims.

No. 356357

File: 1547925828042.jpg (58.94 KB, 569x510, Cedric_Zavala_Bixler_Chrissie.…)

This article is horrifying.


Scientologists have been trying to shut up Chrissie Bixler since trying to speak up about Danny Masterson raping her. They killed her dog, tapped into their wi-fi, broke into her house, stalked them across multiple states and moved into houses nearby. Not sure if the article is up to date, but the whole family had to move again recently. I think they've relocated 3 or 4 times. I can't imagine how this has affected her mentally.

No. 356757

>going from one fugly jewfro guy to another

She certainly has a type

No. 357216

kek, cedric's is a mexifro

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