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File: 1546989760560.jpg (160.66 KB, 1200x800, banks.jpg)

No. 351253

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous Thread:

Continuing topics from last thread:
>Tesla is suing Elon for his "lmao $420" tweet
>Azealia Banks will possibly be subpoenaed, going on a social media sperg as per usual: “Elon will learn very soon who is more powerful of us two"
>Elon changes his twitter pic to be similar to Azealia's
>Azealia is a furry
> CupcakKe threatened suicide, is now ok
>Madonna's terrible butt implants
>R Kelly's gross pedophilic history is in the news again thanks to "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries, suddenly everyone cares.
>Somewhere in the world Ariana Grande is probably doing something we will criticize
>Amanda Seyfried's disgusting hands

No. 351269

File: 1546990229570.png (254.32 KB, 600x612, twitter.png)

>Elon changes his twitter pic to be similar to Azealia's

No. 351283

File: 1546990805820.png (64.66 KB, 716x411, screenshot.png)

Speaking of Ariana Grande, Lindsay Lohan is desperately trying to cling to relevance. Imagine a haggard LL pretending she's a high schooler in the music video next to a bunch of young hot relevant girls, kek.

No. 351328

when is she going to talk about how shes a prostitute for rich old ugly arabs and euros

No. 351343

File: 1546995100118.png (596.13 KB, 396x884, meangirls.png)

jon bennett is 37 and looked good as a high schooler… lindsay is 32 but looks older than him…

is this a result of plastic surgery? or drug/alcohol abuse?

No. 351347

Shes looked rough since like..2005 honestly. When she started dating wilmer and hanging out with Paris and Britney it just accelerated her physical demise faster.

No. 351359

Hm, good question. I always assumed it was the drugs/partying that made her that way. But I'm sure she's had ps since then to try and improve her haggard-ness.

>they probably couldn't get in touch with me
this is so sad and cringey, it makes me feel bad for her that she's that deluded….especially since it makes no sense for her to think she could have possibly been in it anyways? like none of the main character actors from those movies are featured, that wasn't the point of the video. Why does she think 1. that she should have been in it 2. that they wanted her in it but there was a miscommunication?

No. 351364

Drugs and alcohol truly do wreck looks, I've seen it happen.

No. 351375

File: 1546998394370.png (637.35 KB, 1195x2048, Screenshot_20190108-193605.png)

Reposted from the last thread but why the hell is she in China???

No. 351376

definitely the drugs. she's lucky she doesn't look worse honestly.

No. 351386

>everything in asia is so alive. there is so much pain and poverty and so much ecstatic beauty and kindness and artistry, its overwhelming very inspired right now thank u

No. 351392

See before this would've been endearing to me but ever since she started dating Musk everything she says is unbearable. Ugh why grimesth.

No. 351397

How could this ever be endearing…?

No. 351412

Why does she sound like a 12 year old on deviantArt?
>these are my DEMON and ANGEL OCs PEACE and WAR (think about it!!) and if u hate YURI fuck off!!!!

No. 351479

When a reat writer writes a book that revolves around something like that it's not a huge issue but knowing she is also a pop star act it's extremely cringy that she's classifying her own profession as angelic and supreme. Yikes this girl is truly awful.

No. 351504

I'm really high right now but what if Amanda-chan was right? What if Amanda-chan is spilling some actual Hollywood gossip?

No. 351506

File: 1547023185304.jpg (115.21 KB, 776x748, 708DF65B77304748B801464F52A2D2…)


anon, my sides

No. 351508

Lmao I read this as ‘I am not in China, but right now, it’s 2am there. Woah’ and then it occurred to me she might actually be in China

No. 351537

god i fucking hope Madonna's implants are actually pads. this video makes me think otherwise…

No. 351538

File: 1547030107133.jpg (270.59 KB, 1200x630, azealia-banks-elon-musk-grimes…)

This is the best OP so far. Glad that Amanda-chan gets a honorable mention and that Ariana is not in the center of it (though the Ariana spergs will come back).

Elon vs. Azealia will be soo milky. I'm also curious about Grimes' role in this feud. So far, she hasn't really commented it (apart from leaving social media for a while), but Azealia is really trying to drag her into it. She recently posted their convos in her IG story again (the ones where Grimes plans on getting pregnant) and said that it's actually Grimes Elon should sue. She really despises her.

No. 351553

>Azealia Banks will possibly be subpoenaed, going on a social media sperg as per usual: “Elon will learn very soon who is more powerful of us two"
She's actually very done with the case, isn't going to show up in court if she can help it, and is saying they should just subpoena Grimes instead, since all AB really knows is what Grimes told her about a drug lab (and the weird, mildly funny but also scary threesome anecdote).
Musk is watching her like a hawk, though. He even had her phone confiscated by his lawyers and deleted a bunch of text messages. She's legitimately scared to do drugs anymore, since she's worried he's paid off her dealers to give her shit to make her overdose.
Bonus tea: Supposedly, Grimes and Elon have also gotten Hana (the collaborating musician on Grimes' We Appreciate Power) and Niki Takesh drugged and involved in threesomes.
This is all from her Twitter, which I no longer have access to, so no caps. Sip or spit.

No. 351563

idk my brain before would have been like "aww look at my indie art weirdo princess!!!1"

No. 351594

AB why do you hate grimes so much?

>Bonus tea: Supposedly, Grimes and Elon have also gotten Hana (the collaborating musician on Grimes' We Appreciate Power) and Niki Takesh drugged and involved in threesomes.
this is what AB wrote on her twitter or where did you get it from?

No. 351600

Banks is usually cringe as fuck but I support her in this. Muskrat is the one who should take the Fall but I hope Grimes-The-Nervous-Woman accidently brinngs him even more troubles.

also really congrats to the drug dealer that managed to convince grimes and musk that their lsd came from spacex labs kek

No. 351602

File: 1547043793896.png (48.13 KB, 465x229, ab0.png)

The account is public now, time to screencap.

No. 351603

File: 1547043822300.png (122.8 KB, 499x570, ab01.png)

No. 351604

File: 1547043858225.png (163.71 KB, 508x729, ab02.png)

No. 351605

File: 1547043973647.png (172.45 KB, 511x718, ab03.png)

No. 351609

File: 1547044536974.png (95.02 KB, 500x432, ab04.png)

No. 351610

File: 1547044640793.png (149.34 KB, 492x676, ab05.png)

No. 351623

> female rappers also have fantasies of marrying the most powerful white man in the world

Why would a rich man marry someone who will spill all their shit on twitter the very second they start arguing? Nobody worthwhile is marrying your unstable ass Azealia.

No. 351625

Get him, Azealia

No. 351639

File: 1547050209262.png (163.43 KB, 505x714, ab001.png)

“I’m happy watching rockets and having sex on the floor at Tesla” lmaoo

No. 351640

File: 1547050283640.png (176.82 KB, 510x753, ab002.png)

No. 351643

File: 1547050396735.png (134.88 KB, 515x599, ab003.png)

No. 351645

thats sad anon lol

No. 351662

File: 1547051777237.png (39.32 KB, 467x203, ab000.png)

She doesn't want one kek

No. 351665

File: 1547051867204.png (93.34 KB, 496x489, el.png)

No. 351668

File: 1547052229207.jpg (27.7 KB, 500x470, tyler.jpg)

No. 351676

File: 1547052947283.png (82.71 KB, 611x441, ew.png)

>Get him, Azealia
Seconded. Musk and his pandering to certain internet crowds ("I'm actually cat girl uwu") is embarrassing and his relationship with Grimes is weird. This whole situation made me hate Musk, love AB again and feel sorry for Grimes somehow. I wish AB wouldn't hate on her so much because she talks a lot of truth in the tweets anon posted >>351640.

No. 351679

File: 1547053141556.gif (1.29 MB, 200x235, 200w.gif)

>the ones where Grimes plans on getting pregnant
caps/more info on this?

bless u anon
Look….I'm no lawyer but….is it wise to go on a twitter sperg like this when you may be involved in a legal matters? This seems like something that could have legal repercussions. Certainly shows how crazy/unreliable she would be as a witness, unless that's her plan (inb4 Azealia whiteknights herself in this thread saying how brave and smart and beautiful and honest she is). I'm surprised Muskyboi hasn't come at her with defamation charges at this point. It's probably in his best interest to just interact with her as little as humanly possible at this point though.

No. 351689

File: 1547054264307.png (467.71 KB, 576x1025, img_0310.png)

>caps/more info on this?
see attached image.

No. 351692

Agreed. I don't know Grimes' side of things, but I wish she and AB hadn't fallen out. It honestly sounds like all this was mostly Elon on his bullshit.
I'm going to be so annoyed if Azealia does that collab with basic, washed-out Poppy and Tits. Her music is too good to be wasted on those simps.

No. 351693

File: 1547054807504.png (95.58 KB, 489x475, ab0000.png)

No. 351695

File: 1547054908782.png (125.24 KB, 497x547, ab000000.png)

No. 351699

File: 1547055570556.png (39.15 KB, 467x203, ab__.png)

I don't think she cares anymore tbh. There was this article where Elon's lawyers defended him accusing some guy of being a child rapist with "his over-the-top insults are not statements of fact.", and she was like "Ok so can I use that excuse too", but the post is gone now.

No. 351700

File: 1547055618147.png (159.63 KB, 493x752, ab_.png)

No. 351702

File: 1547056186665.png (87.98 KB, 505x434, ab09.png)

No. 351703

File: 1547056289680.png (57.42 KB, 486x294, ab_10.png)

No. 351709

AB's spergs are truly amazing. Does anyone still have the screenshot from her insta story where she wrote that Elon is a lizard with down's syndrome, an alien, a caveman etc.? That one sent my sides to another dimension.
Also, what's this theory that she's a farmer?

No. 351722

File: 1547059207250.jpg (979.86 KB, 2646x3606, Angelina-Jolie-David-Beckham-W…)

I saw this when I was at a magazine stand, I wouldn't be surprised if it's true. We all know how big of a celebricow Angie chan is from the last thread

No. 351730

AB is such an unreliable narrator lol. everyone known for ages now that bitch is batshit crazy and unstable. i swear she changes the story every 5 minutes.

No. 351737

idk she changes bits that are irrelevant anyways but many crazy things she claimed and that everyone thought were false turned out to be true

No. 351741

lmao shut up AB.you were fucking desperate for that threesome back when it was on the table and absolutely frothing at the pussy for fatass Elon. nice try though.

this ss always cracks me up because while Grimes bad interesting dirt AB is just going on about some crackhead invisible world shit.

No. 351757

man madonna is so stiff compared to ari, it just goes to show after a certain age pop idoldom is not for everyone. also madonnas new ass is fucking gross, almost as gross as her fake british accent was

No. 351771

Which says a lot since Ariana is always stiff when she dances.

No. 351776

Why the fuck is AB sort of making sense, wtf. Is she on meds at last?

I fully think that the age gap combined with wealth is too big of a power imbalance between Claire and Elon so all this rings true. Older men that are immature are the fucking worst to be with especially if you're weak-minded like her. Negging her looks and sex skills is hilarious (and textbook) considering nobody held a gun to his bloated head to date someone over a decade his junior. Maybe get a woman your age? But no, they're TOO OLD and ugly eh? Men are the fucking worst.

People are doing themselves a huge disservice bc getting into these completely imbalanced relationships with people that aren't even close to being their peer isn any facet of life. They have nothing in common other than immaturity and that is a flimsy thing to have in common.

No. 351780

File: 1547068404012.png (424.97 KB, 627x604, absdreamboi.PNG)

Looks like AB is in luck! Although he might be a little more than 70% ugly

No. 351794

i think the reason people want to like AB is because she has rare moments of lucidity where she's spot on, but the other 90% of the time she has zero attachment to reality or boundaries. i dont know why ANYONE confides in this bitch, because they have to know she will, at one point or another, smear it all over social media because she's two faced as fuck and has 0 loyalty to anyone. i actually feel bad for grimes. she seems so naive for a woman in her 30s.

he looks like a fucking superhero villain lmao.

No. 351801

It's okay you can say he looks like Lex Luthor lmao

No. 351812

File: 1547076588171.jpg (108.08 KB, 825x464, lex-luthor.jpg)


No. 351827

>Grimes seems so naive for a woman in her 30s
I feel bad saying this but it's because she is legitimately low IQ.

No. 351829

Have any of you guys watched pee.kelly's mv Cookie (explicit version)? It really matches to what was said in the documentary. In the beginning a young looking woman is in a car and is driving to r.kellys house. She gets out and is greeted by a woman who begins to list all the stuff r.kelly expects her to do and how he likes his breakfast and stuff. Then throughout the video r.kelly basically says he's gonna keep her in the room and fuck her all day today and "make her a star" . He also talks about "making it rain" his nasfy perversions were pretty much in plain sight and people mistook it for art.

No. 351831


she probably has an anorexia fried brain tbh, considering she's had an ED her entire life

No. 351834

I agree, I don't think she's genuinely stupid, but she's struggled with mental illness/anorexia most of her life. Her childhood wasn't the greatest either.

No. 351835

she sounds sooooooooooooo jealous tho. i feel really bad for grimes if he really won't give her his credit card and she's settling for fucking on the floor and he's teabagging her. this is all so sad. grimes isn't the problem here though, so her unnecessarily sperging out on her when elon is the autistic dumbass in this operation (granted, grimes is now a super cringy internet 'coolgirl'), really reads as so jealous

No. 351841

I don't get the credit card thing, isn't she rich too? Like yeah it'll make less of a nonexistent dent in Muskrat's account but I don't get the problem.

No. 351843

File: 1547082826824.gif (Spoiler Image, 334.17 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_mtcbx5ox8W1qfvaf…)

grimes has always been a cringy internet cool girl

No. 351851

Pretty sure the only reason Victoria and David are still married is for business/brand purposes so I don't think Angie would be "stealing" him per se but if it's true that she's going after him it won't look good for her.

No. 351854

well, i think the issue (and i agree w ab on this point), is that musk had the balls to bitch about grimes' clothing and her looking crusty, but expect her to change her clothing and style for him, on her dime. if he takes such an issue with it, he should finance it, imo. if you're not willing to foot the bill, don't make your partner feel like shit about their clothing and style. it's just rude. granted, she chooses to look crusty, but that's not the point. if you're not actually willing to do something about it and you're just looking to talk down to your partner, you're gross.

fuck that's gross. wow. i had very little respect for her, but this completely sunk what i had. i still feel bad for her. i feel like she's a less deliberately malicious and malignant shoe0nhead now. this is top shelf coolgirlism.

No. 351861

who's the other girl?

No. 351878

she looks like this one guy who was on the spectrum in my middle school and its horrible to say but it wasnt the aspergers side of the spectrum, it was full on "get under the table and bite peoples legs and legit looks like he was raised in a cave by an incestuous brother and sister" kinda situation

No. 351969

File: 1547102434042.gif (2 MB, 200x200, what.gif)

>I'm like a very fierce protector of children and I can see them in the invisible world
>we can be pregnant at the same time
Christ no wonder Grimes' is out here writing busted fanfic, they're both out of their goddamn minds. So much milk potential between the three of them, I miss it.

No. 352081

>implying intelligence is something you can spot on the outside
I bet you think well-spoken people are the most intelligent people on the planet.

Also why would Elon Musk (I'm pretty sure his IQ isn't low) settle for a dumb person.

Please learn the difference between intelligence and social skills.

No. 352086

Because dumb people are easier to manipulate and control, which he has a history of when it comes to the women in his life

Also, vocabulary does tend to reflect a persons intelligence pretty well, galaxy brains are pretty fucking useless if you’re so socially inept you can’t articulate any of your ideas or knowledge

No. 352090

Mentally ill people with 0 self esteem are also easy to control, and Grimes is clearly that.

No. 352091

I like her, but she is not a smart woman. Talented? Yes. Creative? Big yes. Socially skilled enough to become a celebrity and do this >>351843 at parties? Y-e-s. Intelligent? No, or she definitely wouldn't have done certain things (like collaborating with Poppy, a bitch she couldn't even Google to make sure she wasn't, well, a bitch before working with her - or, indeed, some of the things we've seen from her personal life. This is how an 16-20 something year old acts, not a 30 year old woman).

No. 352093

>Also why would Elon Musk (I'm pretty sure his IQ isn't low) settle for a dumb person.
Like Azealia said: A cool internet girl to fuck and do drugs with (and use to get threesomes with other cool internet girls).

No. 352101

Grimes definitely isn’t firing on all cylinders if she chooses to associate with the likes of Ginger Bronson and Nicole Dollanganger. CP was still up on Nicole’s blog when Grimes discovered her.

No. 352103

>Because dumb people are easier to manipulate and control, which he has a history of when it comes to the women in his life
ok you do have a point there but so does >>352090

Most intelligent people aren't very well-spoken or socially adjusted though. Take programmers for example, smart people but quite autistic.

Could be that she's just very naive and childlike wich is not the same as intelligence.

>taking AB's word for it

No. 352105

>Most intelligent people aren't very well-spoken or socially adjusted though. Take programmers for example, smart people but quite autistic.

I hesitate to call people like that smart. They’ll be well versed in one area and then more often than not severely lacking in pretty much everything else. I went to a STEM school and everyone acted like a massive galaxy brain when in reality they were all quite dim outside of their specified area. I’d say a person is much more intelligent if they’re well rounded both IQ and EQ wise rather than putting all of their smarty points in one area, but hey, that’s just my opinion so it probably doesn’t reflect reality tbh

No. 352108

Azelea is an insecure freak projecting her fantasies on to Grimes. If Grimes is this known enticing tramp why are all her past boyfriends garbage tier looking inbreds.

Azelea is so deranged she's publicaly jealous of a pair of geeks getting off together and being rich. She's made it clear she wanted to tap into his millions by shagging him.

She's utterly insane.

No. 352111

Nah. AB is a loon, but she's right about some things. Grimes/Elon is one.

No. 352113

>Could be that she's just very naive and childlike wich is not the same as intelligence.
She is a grown woman. Infantilizing her with words like that is not helpful. Call a spade a spade.
A 30 year old woman working in a very cutthroat industry being "naive and childlike" enough to be publicly humiliated and take so many Ls in public and private is, well, dumb.

No. 352114

has anything AB said ever ended up being a lie?

No. 352115

well that's an entire different discussion but what I was just trying to say is that people shouldn't just call people dumb just because they seem a bit goofy. I've met plenty of smooth talkers who are dumb as fuck and on the other side also really smart people who have no idea how to handle themselves in a social situation. (sure there are smart smooth talkers and dumb socially inept people too)

Personally I think everyone has their own strong points. I know a guy who scored really low on his IQ test but in understanding people I think he's the smartest guy ever.

I'm not denying what she did was dumb but it doesn't mean she's a dumb person

>30 year old should always be dead serious
I feel for you, anon

No. 352116

Grimes doesn't strike me as childlike. Immature, yes. The rest of her pathetic bullshit concerning Elon is 100% low self esteem. This is someone who has struggled with anorexia for like 2 decades. She obviously has little confidence and no self-respect when it comes to sex and dating.

She's not a double digit retard. She's probably of perfectly average intelligence. But she needs a fuckload of therapy.

No. 352119

>>30 year old should always be dead serious
>I feel for you, anon
I literally never said that. If you think anything I've typed equates to "A 30 year old must always be serious", you may be just as foolish as Grimes has proven herself to be.
Her ED, in combination with all the drugs she does, very well may have fried her brain. This isn't even a joke or an insult. It is not cute, naive or childlike. It's sad. I'm glad her creativity hasn't been taken at this point, but with the path she's going down, I worry that's what will happen. I hope she gets some therapy and sobriety, because she's almost approaching Cardi B bird levels.

No. 352121

you weirdos don't realise grimes wants to be seen as childlike

No. 352130

We're not here to entertain the delusions of 30 year old women trying to cling to the "rad teen college indie art manic pixie dream girl" teas that put them in business.

No. 352140

I met grimes at a backstage meet n greet a few years ago. She is completely fried. The lights are on but only the cats are home.

No. 352143

Grimes is 30? I honestly thought she was like 25 or 26. That's a rough 30 damn

No. 352148

well, that's because she's bad at it.

No. 352150

wait if you thought she was 5 years younger than she is, how is it rough?

No. 352153

I always thought she looked older than 25 because of the drugs, I didn't know she was actually in her 30s now. Sorry if that doesn't really make sense I'm a but drunk rn

No. 352158

tbf millenials in general look younger than the previous generations.
Probably thanks to better skin care and less sun (better sunscreen, more indoors activities, suntan is no longer popular)

No. 352165

She looks her age, but the fact that she always dresses and acts like a 19 year old in her weird druggie phase distracts from it very well.

No. 352168

File: 1547136641874.jpg (261.32 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_m7w5kyuOZb1qaffu7o1_128…)

No. 352173

File: 1547136788639.jpg (49.06 KB, 480x720, dad7071855b54389af45b473c17385…)

No. 352175

File: 1547137003376.png (128.2 KB, 659x617, Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 10.1…)

No. 352182

>"I want to smell you"
I'm screaming. What the fuck. Imagine Lex Luthor looking-ass Bezos inhaling a big
on Sanchez. It reminds me of that one copypasta.
>snnnnniiiiiiffffffffffff…oh yes my dear….sssnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiffffffff….quite pungent indeed…is that….dare I say….sssssssnniff…eggs I smell?……sniff sniff….hmmm…yes…quite so my darling….sniff….quite pungent eggs yes very much so…..ssssssssssssssnnnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiffffff….ah yes…and also….a hint of….sniff….cheese…..quite wet my dear….sniff…but oh yes…this will do nicely….sniff…..please my dear….another if you please….nice a big now….

No. 352190

File: 1547137966596.jpg (48.46 KB, 810x532, snrxx.jpg)

Dropped my image

No. 352193

dear god. didnt this woman turn 60 last year? what on earth is she thinking. this is just embarrassing, her age really shows when you put her next to a young and energetic popstar like ariana. i just feel bad for madonna. this must be what happens to coolmoms who never stop trying to be the coolmom and they become the coolgranny.

No. 352197

File: 1547138217664.png (273.32 KB, 480x365, tumblr_pl37c3vfBy1solpxqo3_500…)

kek, richest man in the world still can't keep his private gross texts from getting out….maybe there is some justice in the world? (not much, but a little bit)

either way hope his wife takes all his money and gets herself a nice young gold-digging lad.

No. 352240

File: 1547141211643.png (92.94 KB, 607x391, rkelly.png)

kek, this one got me

No. 352268

i wasnt aware we had grimes whiteknights here lmao


No. 352315

>Guy scored really low on IQ test but is the smartest guy ever IMO
Doing sort of poorly or whatever I understand bc there is a 5-15 point margin based on many variables… but scoring really low? C'mon. No.

You seem to conflate intelligence with skill and/or knowledge. You can be very skilled and well-read about a topic and still be unintelligent in the grand scheme of things. Sorry autism-chan but most autists are also low intelligence, there are stats on this. Those programmers that are excellent worker bees that do one thing really well but can't understand a joke or manage a bare minimum vocabulary? Also not smart. Intelligence is a broad mix of things but being severely deficient in some of those areas is indeed a sign of someone being stupid.

Smooth-talkers aren't even the people anyone here is putting on a pedestal. There is wit and then there is caveman-tier communication skills. If a child is properly socialized and educated but still comes out acting like a retard, I can guarantee you people are dancing around the obvious truth that their brain is just not very normal.

Not that intelligence is the only important thing in life but stop acting like intelligence is completely impossible to observe and identify.

No. 352400

File: 1547156986360.png (1.21 MB, 1280x1882, fafc1bbf-3d4b-4a9f-ada4-12f189…)

Yikes, his wife is way cuter than this over-botoxed abomination.

Also "I love you alive girl" homeboy has NO game but I guess you don't need game when you're a billionaire.

No. 352402

File: 1547157048518.png (401.28 KB, 1280x1439, a92303bb-e4fa-47cb-9b3b-e9fdc5…)

No. 352405

something about this is so cute LMAO
tfw no pathetic beta bf

No. 352442

dude I thought that was blaire white at first lmfaooo

No. 352444

R Kellys brother gave an interview saying R Kelly is the way he is because he was raped by his sister. Dont really want to put the details in the post so click to read it i guess. Happened when they were pretty young. However, I think its really shitty to imply that as a grown adult, you arent responsible for acts of sexual assault, violence or harassment committed against other humans because of something that was done to you. It doesnt render you blameless and I hope people dont fall for this. There are plenty of victims that dont commit these acts against others when they get older or at any point in their life.


No. 352467

It's weird, his mistress looks like ugly botox-ed version of his (now ex) wife.

No. 352488

Why do so many rich men seem to inevitably leave their wives? I know rich wives do as well, but it doesn’t seem to be nearly as high a rate

No. 352516

File: 1547166768772.jpeg (212.38 KB, 774x1222, justin-bieber-hailey-baldwin-s…)

She's style, she's grace.
Why do most rich people like to dress like crap?

No. 352532

David Byrnebier

No. 352555

she looks sooo stupid. girls like Hailey, Gigi Hadid and Kylie try too hard to be "hood" )at least when it comes to fashion) but they have NO swag whatsoever so it comes off as extra cringy.

No. 352613

File: 1547174896588.jpg (23.35 KB, 621x414, 2013_hr_mu-grimes.jpg)

I used to see Grimes around in MTL (more than 5 years ago I think). The only time we "engaged" was at a show, I was in one of the opening act and she was with some dudes from a band. During their soundcheck she kept staring at me for a very long time and I got extremely uncomfortable (dont know if she was being an asshole or she wanted to fuck??? that was weird). It doesn't seems like she had a lot of female friends. Anyway this is a dumb blogpost but wtv, this a pic of what she looked like at the time.

No. 352617

Thoughts on Devon Lee Carlson and her sister Sydney?

No. 352793

I had that happen to me once with a guest artist at the concert I went to. Turned out she was bi when I googled her name. But they do have to look somewhere, maybe she liked your face or something.

No. 352839

I still can't get over Grimes's ears and probably never will.

No. 352843

A fantasy doesn't have to be realistic lmao, you sound like a nerd.

No. 352847

Honestly, even if it's unrealistic, if I was invited to perform for Karl Lagerfeld, featured in Playboy, etc etc, and I was seeing questionable women like Grimes and Lauren Sanchez getting with millionaires, I'd be a confident bitch who wants what she wants too, lmao.

No. 352855

You're really bad at this.

No. 352868

>Wait so celebs are angels and regular people are basically non-human npcs? Yikes shows how she views the public.
And her stans are praising this viewpoint, proving her point. Honestly, when you have people constantly worshiping your every move and WKing you, and your drugs/lifestyle have made you as "touched" or "special" in the mind as she is, it's kind of hard not to see regular people as NPCs.

No. 352910

I never thought I'd see Grimes become a creepy narc but it's in full throttle sans Muskrat.

No. 353045

She looks like she should belong in a bad plastic surgery article. Also apparently she's the one that blabbed and exposed their affair. Wonder how long he's going to stay with her.

No. 353066

Would love to know the answer to this

No. 353094

No no anon, only POP celebrities specifically. Not even other musicians or artists get the privilege of being an ‘art angel’
Pft, non pop star plebs

No. 353141

File: 1547296049806.png (657.15 KB, 720x993, Screenshot_20190112-130900.png)

not sure if misplaced but MBB's parents have to be so damn vile and greedy. She is way too exposed, sexualised and over-worked for a 14-year-old. Nothing new really but still sucks sometimes to watch play out in real-time

No. 353142

File: 1547296130053.jpg (126.37 KB, 683x1024, Millie-Bobby-Brown-Black-Dress…)

13 at the time and hanging out with Drake at this event

No. 353146

File: 1547296556831.png (491.88 KB, 720x930, Screenshot_20190112-133421.png)


No. 353147

File: 1547296613483.jpg (62.22 KB, 486x768, millie-bobby-brown-arrive-emis…)

I could go on

No. 353171

ughhh this! I feel so weirded out by the way she presents herself/is presented. She looks like a (admittedly beautiful) grown woman and I think the people she interacts with treat her like an adult, too, because of her looks and wit. This is very unsettling, especially knowing the history of other child stars like Drew Barrymore.

Both Millie‘s style and make up both are pretty, but her styling also tends to be sexy-ish and that is absolutely inappropriate for someone her age. Also, I feel kinda gross for googling "Millie Bobbie Brown 12 years old" to check how she looked back then.

No. 353279

File: 1547318272536.png (21.68 KB, 653x298, john stones.png)

do any of you watch football? im a big premier league fan and so many of the players are messy.

a couple of years ago a football player cheated on his gf of 7-8 years, got exposed and apologized by getting a tattoo of her on his arm (kek). she accepted the apology and tried to trap him by getting pregnant. it didn't work though, right before christmas 2018 he dumped her (and his 18 month daughter apparently). it gets milkier though; apparently his ex gf's family used to work for him, so now all of them are out of jobs.

>using your in-laws as workers

No. 353287

apparently she's the meal-ticket of Kelly and Robert Brown and her three siblings and the parents seem to be really pushing her.

No. 353359

I'm sure we'll have a "I WAS ABUSED!!!" allegation from MBB like a decade later, when she realizes all those adults treating her like an adult wasn't all to flatter her, or because she was sooo smart and different than other literal 14-year-olds. It's to sexualize and commodify her and she'll only realize that as a grown woman.

No. 353360

typo'd my sage as "safe", apologies

No. 353365

That's for sure. I remember when Ellen Page spoke about her own experience with Hollywood pedos, she said she was 15/16 and this producer invited her to dinner and touched her legs under the table… I wonder what kind of parent allows that. Accepting the overexposition and sexualization of your very young daughter, exposing her to pedophiles and possibly rape, just for some money… it's disgusting

No. 353370

Please can anyone answer this? Did an admin reveal AB's posts here or what happened lol

No. 353391

File: 1547331411166.jpg (64.04 KB, 768x768, 1540194074139.jpg)

>Also, what's this theory that she's a farmer?
It was a combinaison of her being a huge gossip hen and loving drama between other celebrities and providing us some insider info while being a lolcow herself, her being really creative with insults, especially when she called Elon Musk all these names, behaving like an absolute shitposter who just happens to be famous instead of having social media accounts for the sake of marketing and promoting her music/soap business and behaving like some farmers do on /snow/ and /pt/. Some farmers said they liked her or that they agreed with her on some points as well so some of us wouldn't even be surprised if she were also shitposting here. Other said that she looks like the type to post on lipstick alley as well or that she could be a closeted weeb and a furry.

No. 353401

So she didn't actually make any posts on here? She just acts like a farmer on her social media

No. 353412

Oh okay I see, thanks. Yeah I don't frequent LSA but I wouldn't be surprised if she looks at her threads there or if she posts there anonymously. I think she thrives off negative attention. Her recent, 2nd breast aug looks painful.

No. 353415

Oh okay I see, thanks. Yeah I don't frequent LSA but I wouldn't be surprised if she looks at her threads there or if she posts there anonymously. I think she thrives off negative attention. Her recent, 2nd breast aug looks painful.

No. 353421

File: 1547334893685.png (594.03 KB, 932x944, eeHEMjo.png)

No. 353424

perfect picture choice

No. 353435

he's still going to be a billionare with more money than you could even dream of even if he does lose half his fortune. i dont understand the big deal. people are acting like he's going to be scrabbling in the streets penniless.

No. 353454


I can’t stop thinking about his stupid laugh every time I see him.

No. 353470

File: 1547346376799.jpg (74.03 KB, 750x423, IMG_5028.jpg)

Fucken great, I can't wait to see how this unfolds. I love the richest man in America being destroyed by his idiot dick, and no amount of money in the world can stop it. Amazon workers all over much be rejoicing at the existence of karma.

No. 353479

He's still going to be rich, anon. Half of 137 billion dollars is still almost 70 billion.

No. 353483

I promise you that does not matter to Jeff. His pride is going to take hit after hit and he will l o a t h e every second of it.

No. 353485

File: 1547348144827.jpeg (35.14 KB, 504x518, 1477317492447.jpeg)

and he's still going to be filthy rich and will continue to be filthy rich

No. 353486

I'm sure his billions will soak up any tears shed during the divorce.

No. 353488

To be blunt, you don't seem to get how rich people view the world and their assets. Think of it as a never-ending, non-stop competition to make the most you possibly can. Nothing is ever enough, and there is no such thing as too much money.

Now, imagine a person who thinks like that losing half of the accumulated wealth they're so terribly proud of, all because of an extremely personal and avoidable mistake.

I repeat: Jeff is seething and will be for a long time.

No. 353489

you're fucking retarded. stop acting like you know him, you sperg. he's still going to be the wealthiest person in the world while making 9 million an hour.

No. 353493

You sound poor.

No. 353495

if he had been that afraid of losing several billion dollars to a divorce settlement, he would've gotten a post nupital agreement years ago. in reality, losing half of 137 billion dollars will make no difference to him.

No. 353496

And you sound like you have no idea how much a billion dollars is.

No. 353497

Why are people acting like he's going to be destroyed? It won't even make a dent in his pocket. Maybe his ego will be crushed (even though he's moving onto a new woman and didn't bother getting a postnup when I'm sure his lawyers advised him to ages ago, so probably not), but he'll still have all the money he needs to accomplish anything he wants to do.

The divorce sounds perfectly amicable so for all we know he might think his wife deserves a portion of his fortune. It's telling that he didn't get an agreement written up even when they separated.

No. 353498

I'm picturing my relatives making Bezos's easily preventable mistake and they'd be reeing every time they got even slightly tipsy for next 30 years, sorry. I don't get why it's so hard for you to understand that it's a matter of pride.

No. 353499

then why didn't get a postnupital agreement at any point during their relationship? including when the writing was on the wall with their many separations? surely someone so covetous of half of their money would do everything in their power to prevent something like this from happening.

No. 353500

File: 1547350777430.jpeg (97.68 KB, 700x793, joumy8mnjqyhqx0qmebe.jpeg)

because your relatives are not the richest person in the world by a huge margin while continually getting absurdly richer every passing minute

No. 353503

this laugh was meticulously manufactured by his amazon pr experts… this isn't the real jeff bezos

No. 353504

Even if your family consists of multi-millionaires it doesn't come anywhere close to the scale of a multi-billionaire.

No. 353528

Courtney Stodden posted this earlier. I feel bad for her. She was turned out as a child by her own mother.

No. 353544


>not the real jeff bezos

Anon, the way you phrased the last part of your post almost sounds like he got replaced by body snatchers lol.

No. 353551

afaik postnupitals don't hold up well in court, nowhere near as reliable as a prenup anyway.

No. 353593

You… Do realize most of that is in Amazon shares, and there could be a change in power among top management? His wife seems chill though, a shame I'm seeing retards vilify her when he was cheating.

No. 353598


What did she post?

No. 353601

What is there even to vilify about her? I agree she seems chill. I thought Jeffo started seeing the botox crone after they separated, though.

No. 353603

Mostly reddit, but they're largely the sexist type. Opinions ranging from:
>no one cares that he cheated and brought it upon himself
>people assuming she cheated and making jokes
>how dare she take half his money
>she's the richest woman on earth now and she just leeched of a man

No. 353610

The system is insane.
No one should find themselves to 140 billion dollars just for being someone's spouse.
It just elucidates how much of a freakshow family court is.

No. 353612

The system is insane.
No one should find themselves to 140 billion dollars


No. 353617

All built on the backs of hundreds of thousands underpaid, overworked employees.

No. 353624

File: 1547382011730.png (230.24 KB, 1188x980, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 8.13…)

azealia sperging out rn

No. 353625

File: 1547382037788.png (242.96 KB, 1182x1020, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 8.13…)

No. 353627

File: 1547382185806.png (273.98 KB, 1192x1100, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 8.13…)

No. 353628

File: 1547382361828.png (203.21 KB, 1182x822, Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 8.19…)

No. 353633

shes off her meds again

No. 353636

I wonder why she has such a love-hate relationship with gay guys? It can't just be from her fanbase and other singers' gay stans who basically live on twitter, or from the drag queens from that tv show who stole her music, right?

No. 353642

aaaaand there goes her moment of lucidity

No. 353647

She was doing so well, too. She opened up about her abusive childhood just yesterday, and even her political takes were actually kind of interesting. She sounded so clear and ready to heal.
Right now, she's making weird sexual tweets about liking when "daddy" massages her feet and eats her out. After that angry, keysmash-y meltdown. Like…did she just need to have sex? Is that why she was so aggro?
Do we know if she's bipolar? Borderline?

No. 353651

File: 1547385104398.png (308.98 KB, 625x637, Screen Shot 2019-0.png)

Confusingly enough, her gay fans are agreeing and supporting her. I don't know if they're mocking her on the sly, or if they know she's not talking about them since they're her supporters, or what.
Her rants would give Charli XCX gays a heart attack for sure.

No. 353653

File: 1547385273612.png (141.26 KB, 621x705, Scree.png)

No. 353654

Nooooo Azealia! I really had hope for her this time, I liked how she handled the Elon drama recently, she was spot-on about some things and her bashing of him was hilarious because it was so over the top and witty. However, whenever she attacks other females or gays it is just so nasty and inappropriate. Also, she was happily "cooking" raising cinnamon swirl with huge amounts of butter on Instagram earlier today, what happened?

Some disputes involved her using slurs towards gay (and sometimes straight) men who did not take that very well, like Perez Hilton, Zayn and an unknown flight attendant. However, she often features gay guys on her Insta stories and was really supportive of them using her weird butt soap for bleaching their buttholes. The last thing I have heard was that some gay icon she was supposed to perform with in Brazil (?) did not treat her like she expected it. They made her the opening act for him and she complained about not being respected enough and also started fuming about gays again. I think it might be connected to her upbringing, race issues (she despises white gays the most) and her being crazy.

No. 353662

Azealia has a warped mind because of her narcissistic abusive mother. She was taught to hate white people from a young age.

But I do agree with her about gay men. They can call women "fish", sluts, bitches, hoes, cunts and nothing happens but the moment you call one gay man a faggot the entire world stops and she doesn't respect anyone. Do they honestly think she's gonna worship them just cos their gay? LOL.

No. 353664

I only remembered the racial slurs towards Zayn, but I'm not surprised she would insult him this way too.
>she despises white gays the most
Honestly the way she talks about "white gays" makes me wonder how it's like in the USA because she's making it look like white gay men and gay POC are completely separate, idk.

From personal experience gay men are either exactly the way you're describing them or way more respectful of women than average, so I'm not too surprised if she's speaking in extremes because of this. I feel like most of the time she's trying to say things that make sense and she's not even being wrong but she has no idea how to express herself so it leads to misunderstanding and her ranting even more online and making a fool of herself nonstop.

No. 353665

Not that Azealia but how is it nasty and/or inappropriate to attack fags (online)? Do you get triggered when people attack other men online too? Lol

No. 353668

>mocks people for being poor
>defends Richest Man Alive
>doesnt even sage

you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 353672

nta, "world leaders" are not counted in forbes richest and that leaves a rather big sum of people out.

The Rothschild & Co. alone has a net worth of 400 trillion US dollars, discounting the misc. shareholders and board members.
The Windsors (british royal family) have a net worth of 1.2 trillion pounds.

No. 353674

Well, simpletons have always worshiped the boots of their masters without ever looking up and realizing that it's on their head.
Anon is just another mindless Amazon consumer. Maybe they should try working for ol' Toe-head in one of his prestigious Amazon slave shops factories to help him get his money back.

No. 353687

>Not that Azealia but how is it nasty and/or inappropriate to attack fags (online)?
I meant to say that the way she attacks them (females and gays) is inappropriate. She comes up with the funniest insults when she goes against white men like Elon, but then calls Cupcakke a "Gorilla" and calls gay men all kind of slurs. That's just lame. I agree with >>353662 and think gay male culture can be horrible and mocks women. But Azealia always goes into full sperg mode and just embarrasses herself every time she brings that topic up imho.

No. 353765

File: 1547402772410.png (2.49 MB, 1500x2845, assbanks.png)

Adding to this: I capped a bunch of these at the time (Celebricows #1 maybe? I don't remember, couple months ago though.) because it was so sus to me, but for a while any mention of AB's behavior (such as slaughtering chickens in her apartment closet, her long history of offensive sperging/lying, literally physically assaulting people, etc) was met with insistence that she was not crazy at all and was in fact the most beautiful, honest, smart, talented person and that we had already discussed AB at length in previous threads and had all collectively come to the conclusion that she was not crazy and therefore there was no need to ever discuss her again. I couldn't find evidence of any such previous "in-depth" conversation about her other than a couple of
>lol azealia is crazy, whatever
>unpopular opinion: she's beautiful and a genius!!!
here and there. I welcome examples of that if anyone can find it tho.

Obviously not definitive proof, but pretty convincing to me.
(Timestamps aren't accurate at this point because I capped these forever ago.)

No. 353766

File: 1547402801153.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.68 KB, 306x469, 3BB8166400000578-4076642-image…)

For reference: this is a picture of what Azealia’s chicken slaughtering closet looked like (when she was finally cleaning it (and posted a video on her insta showing it). This is what “anons” were claiming wasn’t even a big deal and “fake outrage”.

My personal favorite comments on the matter:
>What is wrong with killing it in her apartment? Do you have some special chicken killing room in a farm?
>She killed them as part of her african religion and she ATE everyone. How is that any different to moslems slaughtering their special halal and fat fucked christian cunts eating their Mcnuggets. Actually I'd argue buying your chicken live then slaughtering it yourself to be the most normal and environmentally friendly of them all.

No. 353768

i get what you guys are saying and agree that he'll still be disgustingly wealthy and be gross with disgusting business practices, but she's kind of right. hideously wealthy people see this kind of shit as mortifying. he obviously thinks with his dick to some degree, or did then too, or didn't think he'd be this wealthy at some point, or something. their net worth is for sure a dick swinging contest and it does bruise their ego to take a hit like that. he'll build it back up in no time, i'm sure, but that's not the point

No. 353769

File: 1547402915552.png (583.01 KB, 1410x435, kooks.png)

Bonus: here’s comments made in the Kiki reveal thread from 2 years ago, before any of those defensive posts. So, AB clearly has a pattern of this type of behavior.

No. 353775

i remember arguing with these fucked anons about this and them acting like it's totally nbd because they eat chicken or something and that you have to be vegan to find this shit totally fucked and for her to be a tryhard loser. a modicum of searing commentary on musk or some other white dude every so often doesn't undo the fact that she's a total tryhard edgelord that does not want to be healthy or normal. and this has nothing to do with african religious shit that they claimed was supposedly sooo part of her ancestry (it's not).

i honestly don't believe they're even all stans, or that most of them are ab. i think some part of the lolcow userbase tries hard to shill for any kind of "our girl" as long as she's 'biting' enough. ab is embarrassing and so is anyone that tries to shill for her. she's a milk catalyst and that's all she's good for, but she's complete garbage.

No. 353784

Didn't Kiki do thebsame thing when she was posting anonymously before being outed? Calling herself "kaka" more than anyone else, insulting herself way too much in an attempt to pass for a farmer, that kind of thing. Two peas in a crazy ass pod, Kiki & AB.

No. 353805


i mean… i'm no azealia stan but I really don't see the big deal. Like, yea, it's weird as fuck, I wouldn't want to go hang out in her appartment but I still don't see why she should be "cancelled" or whatever over that.

No. 353814

File: 1547408982391.png (689.26 KB, 638x1137, 1540196061524.png)

Sure, if this was the only odd thing she did but this is like 1 of 10,000 insane things she's done. Not gonna spoonfeed because it has legitimately been discussed in other threads and google is ur friend, but she has a record of assaulting (spitting in the face of, biting) literal strangers in public as well as a long history of using slurs (again, publically on twitter) against peers and just POC/etc in general. Then there's the whole "selling skin bleaching soap when she has a history of slurs/racism agains black people" thing and specifically selling soap marketed to bleach gay men's assholes AND asking gay men to send her before/after pics of their assholes to prove it. (More discussion and caps of that in >>314606 )

But people pretend that's all excusable/sane bc they liked 212 from 7 years ago, or whatever.

No. 353818

This. I wonder how many of the anons making a big deal of the Brujeria stuff wept fat tears for xxxtentrashion. It's gross, but she's not some sort of chicken Hitler. It's really not that deep.
Pro-tip: Almost all the celebrities you like are either into Santeria/Brujeria themselves, are Luciferians, or cringy goffik self-proclaimed witches/Wiccans/Pagans. Ask Lana Del Rey and her embarrassing posts about spell-casting, or all the famous people hanging out with Marina Abramovic. Even Beyonce reps Yemaya, who AB also calls upon, kek. They just don't show off the ugly parts (except Marina) because freaking out normies is bad for popularity. AB doesn't care about that, though.

No. 353823

tbh most celebrities are rich ass weirdos, some are just better at hiding it than others.

No. 353828

>I wonder how many of the anons making a big deal of the Brujeria stuff wept fat tears for xxxtentrashion.
From what I can remember most anons were disgusted by xxxtension cord and were celebrating his death.

No. 353832

She's not mentally stable or angelic, but neither are Courtney Love, Angelina Jolie, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, literally every single male musician (especially rockers, metal musicians and rappers), America's favorite reality TV show star turned current president, Hailey Baldwin, Kanye and the other Kardashians, everyone in the cesspool known as LA, etc. That's Hollyweird. It's typically not a place for healthy people. A lot of them are psychotic and/or racist degenerates and druggies, most of them just keep their meltdowns private.

She just doesn't have a filter, which is often her own downfall. If anyone here can look past someone like Courtney Love's outspokenly shitty, disgusting comments and actions all her life, I don't know why it should be different for Azealia Banks.

No. 353852

Courtney Love fans are delusional, she could say that ugly women should kys and yet they would turn a blind eye to it and continue screeching that she is feminist rock goddess that lived through it uwu and only reason to think she's a shit person is cause you hate women. They drink her PR kool aid so hard.

No. 353965

File: 1547430990608.png (13.73 KB, 616x606, sperdo.png)

revolution when, anons?

No. 354141

ummm that's not even her actual religion, it's just some tryhard shit and it's very worrying for a celebrity to intimately slaughter animals in their closet and brag about it for sociopathic edgelord points. she's literally no different from the cows that do stupid shit like this and brag about it on 4chan. it's bad and embarrassing, and it does not say good things about her. asking for butthole pics and insulting gay men is less worrying for me, imo. the chicken closet is incredibly, incredibly bizarre.

none because we're not retarded. no one on lolcow was saying anything positive about xxxtentacion, before or after his death. lana del rey is not slaughtering goats in her mansion and bragging about it solely to seem unique. please. i wouldnt let ab around any pet for fear she'll boil it and post pics on the internet for cool edgelord pts. she's absolutely in another realm of pathetic.

No. 354203

File: 1547473816457.png (890.66 KB, 1440x1500, Screenshot_2019-01-14-07-46-43…)

Not sure if he's considered a celebrity, Tim Tebow is an NFL athlete, so they're basically celebs.

Anyway, I legitimately thought this was an Onion article. Mega virgin 31 year old Tim Tebow.

No. 354205

if true its cute imo

No. 354226

File: 1547476243992.png (472.33 KB, 646x703, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.29…)

>She's not mentally stable or angelic, but neither are Courtney Love, Angelina Jolie, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B
Literally no one here is defending any of those people? No one even brought them up, what the fuck are you talking about? Are any of these people selling ass soap or getting their twitter shut down multiple times for threatening people?

>A lot of them are psychotic and/or racist degenerates and druggies, most of them just keep their meltdowns private.

>She just doesn't have a filter, which is often her own downfall.
It's like you don't understand how any of this website works. There's no point in any thread on this website if you're going to apply that logic.

>If anyone here can look past someone like Courtney Love's outspokenly shitty, disgusting comments and actions all her life, I don't know why it should be different for Azealia Banks.

Again, no one is even talking about Courtney here let alone defending her. If you want to talk about Courtney Love, then bring some milk. You really sound like a tumblr sperg here
>I can't believe no one's talking about this!!!!!

No. 354239

"Curry scented bitch" is a horrifying slur? Lel. I still think about that every time I hear about Zayn Malik. It's the only noteworthy thing about him in my head other than being the first to leave 1D.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354241

She also called him a sand nigger a few years ago. AB can't decide to call him an Indian racial slur or a Arab racial slur why not use both?

No. 354244


Thats actually really cute. Wish more men were like this tbh. Gives me hope.



No. 354267

Chill. The point is, not everyone has a hate-boner over AB, because everyone in Hollyweird is a degenerate. She's not some big villain.
How am I a Tumblr sperg for saying if one isn't a big deal, another isn't? All the shit you're talking about is from years ago, too, practically ancient. Bring some new AB milk if you want us to be as buttblasted about this woman as you clearly are.

No. 354268

This. Most of the AB sperging is the same anon posting old milk over and over and reeing when everyone else thinks it's boring.

No. 354286

I don't get why so many people on this site stan AB. I guess her music is pretty good? Also I guess a lot of people look up to her unhinged behavior and want to vicariously live as her. Celebrity worship is weird to me in general.

A lot of black people can't seem to tell the difference between Indians and Arabs. I remember reading a book about an Indian grad student going around the Chicago ghetto for research. He got captured by gang members who called him Ay-rab.

The money should go to the workers.

No. 354326

The point is that basically no one on LC can express distaste for her w/o anons excusing it and trying to normalize it, no matter how fucked up it is. When the milk is fresh, it's almost immediately excused, no matter how shitty her behavior is, despite her being legit 100x worse than any celeb posted so far. She's way worse than Ariana or Grimes, but Ariana and Grimes are shit on to no end. She's not any more tolerable than Grimes or anyone else just because she can toss out some decent insults every now and then. She's way weirder than most celebs (though most of it is obviously done on purpose). And afaik (though I'm not all that well verse in Courtney Love's bullshit, not really sure why you brought her up specifically) Courtney Love is just a BPD-ass attention seeker? She's nothing wonderful nor is her behavior excusable, but she's nowhere near as bad as AB. She's just manipulative and thirsty and puts her foot in her mouth and is a dumbass. She doesn't go on huge tirades about Bill Cosby's accusers lying and pick fights with literally 14 year olds, literally go on racist tirades for weeks, or slaughter animals in her closet to then boast about on snapchat. Idek how you think they're comparable, plus, she's high all of the time, whereas, as far as I know, AB is sober. AB is worse than literally any of the celebs you mentioned but for whatever reason, gets a pass on everything. If Ariana did any of the shit AB did, we'd never stop hearing about how she's the worst ever.

If everyone just said the same shit about every celeb that's mentioned, that most anons seem to only say about AB ("eVeRYoNe iN hOlLyWeIrd iS WEIRD!! wHo cArES???") wtf would be the point of the thread??

No. 354329

This is far, far too long for a subject as dry and milkless as Azealia Banks is at this point. It's been years since anything interesting happened, besides the Elon/Grimes stuff. The thread goes to boring, nitpicky shit when Ariana is the main topic, too, but at least she and BPDete supplied us with a steady stream of content.
Azealia, on the other hand? All we got last is a drunken Twitter rant about the gays, ffs. It's dead, anon. Just let it go.

We can talk about her again when it's revealed that she sent Grimes anthrax in the mail, or it comes out that Donald Trump paid her to put a root on Jeff Bezos to destroy his marriage and halve his income.

I just want to read/see gossip and scandals about big names. Laugh or log off.

No. 354335

20 minutes spent on this post…

No. 354342

It reminded me of this video, kek.

No. 354352

I don't "stan" her but I like her music and I think she's funny for all the wrong reasons. She's my favorite cow at the moment so I follow her antics. I wonder about the anons thinking AB sacrificing chicken in her dirty closet isn't that weird or funny though.

No. 354359

tbh I find that the chickens are the least offensive shit Azealia has done. Her racism and drunken homophobia etc are far worse than killing chickens.

No. 354360

To me that was the least insulting or outrageous thing she did but it's the weird thing by far. It's the sort of thing she does where the first reaction everyone has when seeing this "what the fuck?", and not "she's an asshole"

No. 354366

Were you really not shook about her closet that's covered in shit and blood? Santeria is barbaric shit to begin with but the fact that she did it inside her own home without fixing the mess???

It wasn't offensive, sure. It was disgusting.

No. 354371

NTA, but I was shook. The issue now is it's just…old, and in the grand scheme of things, not so consequential. Santeria is a form of witchcraft practiced and/or respected by many in both high and low social circles, though it's typically kept private. Witchcraft isn't all the sanitized media stuff about lighting candles, buying jewels off Etsy, wearing clothes from Killstar with "Hex Your Ex" printed on the front and talking about "hexing Donald Trump uwu".
As for the hygiene, it was nasty, but at least she was cleaning it up at that point, I guess? Glad that wasn't my home, lmao.

No. 354378

idk why you guys talk about santeria like azealia actually believes it or that it isn't just a special snowflake thing she has picked up for image like countless cows and flakes.

No. 354380

I've seen two anons say it's not her religion, but I haven't seen anything that would point to that. She used to talk about it in-depth on Periscope, and was into it before it was even "cool".
Didn't the Twitter CEO try to get her to bless his beard trimmings so he'd be protected from ISIS, kek?

No. 354388

File: 1547501395138.jpg (47.13 KB, 480x800, e2abede2.jpg)

no, she didn't. she has like no actual knowledge of it and gets basic stuff wrong that like, intro to santeria crap dispels. practitioners of santeria are very careful to not call it or associate it with witchcraft. santeria isn't witchcraft but she keeps calling herself a witch/witchcraft/talks about becoming a witch through santeria, getting lots of shit wrong about the process of becoming a priestess, obviously lying about going through certain initiations/practices that would require her to basically completely give up her career and entire life for over a year, literally avoid all physical contact with anyone outside of the faith, only wear white, etc. she didn't practice anything before it was cool, anyways. based on her tweets she just associates it with witchcraft and edgelord shit.

No. 354404

File: 1547504430690.png (72.35 KB, 1051x455, Screenshot_20190112-202911~2.p…)

I've been trying to post this for days. I feel so bad for her bc she was turned out at like 14 by her own mother.

No. 354436

File: 1547510789598.jpeg (17.6 KB, 471x312, h65678.jpeg)

Well first of all the closet pic clearly wasn't posted as a current example of milk, it was posted in reference to the theory that AB is a farmer, yall are the ones who keep trying to argue about it (if you learned to read the OP you'd see that). Second, this shit gets rehashed because people STILL keep coming in here trying to argue wether she's a cow or not.
>"slaughtering chickens in your closet isn't even that crazy calm down"
>provide just a few of multiple instances of her overflowing milk over the years
>"well that's old so it doesn't count and I don't want to hear about it just move on already"
honestly lurk moar on Azealia so we can just talk about the new milk and don't have to spoonfeed the info every single thread and it'll stop being brought up over and over again. Same thing with Ariana. If you're that upset about people talking about her, go to another thread? What are you doing here?

It's like if someone went to the Onision thread and went
>"I don't get it all he did was cut down a couple of trees? Everyone cuts down trees some people are just better at hiding it and it happened like a year ago you guys are reaching lmao"

No. 354441

File: 1547511684803.png (72.68 KB, 774x334, beard.png)

Yep. Seems like it's 90% coming from her though, and she's known for telling elaborate stories. I think it's so funny that she tries to spin it like
>this guy sent me his hair to protect him from ISIS can you believe it?
but then in the same interview says she's a REAL witch with REAL clients and she's going to use the hairs to hex him and steal his luck. They just both come off looking insane.

No. 354444

do you think lindsay can make a come back with this reality?

No. 354447


also is so sad to see this episode of the fabulous life and then watching her try to redeem herself after all this years

No. 354464

Jfc who watches this shit? Fuck

No. 354491

File: 1547521081335.jpg (69.68 KB, 634x796, 8458188-6586241-image-a-35_154…)

No. 354497

File: 1547521810836.png (735.22 KB, 710x1370, ariana-grande-pokemon-tattoo-1…)

No. 354511

why is it that rich people cover themselves in the tiniest, shittiest tattoos? miley is covered in a bunch of garbage too.

No. 354513


That's an interesting way to describe concerned anti-pedos.

No. 354514

I've wondered this myself, because where I live getting a tattoo is considered to be advertising yourself as having lower class origins.

No. 354516

This looks like something a middle schooler drew while bored in class. wtf

A lot of times it's because it's edgy

No. 354518

Well they probably want regular tattoos but can't get big, colourful ones because it will limit roles and looks they can go for. Small line art tattoos are easier to hide.

No. 354519

It's not that bad. It is a tattoo of a cartoon after all.
You all nitpick too much lmao

No. 354520

File: 1547526411986.jpg (23.69 KB, 437x467, miley-cyrus-1.jpg)

neither ariana nor miley have acting careers, though, they're pop singers. and miley's arms are pretty much covered in little tattoos at this point.

i think it's probably just a case of "oh one small one won't hurt" "well another small one is easy to hide" until they just fill up with stupid impulse tattoos.

No. 354524

File: 1547526960312.png (438.44 KB, 1432x858, Screenshot_2019-01-14-22-35-20…)

Ariana got a new song coming out called 7 Rings. She's still making bank off her exes, she's basically the next Taylor Swift.
Also kek at the Japanese characters uwu

No. 354525

Goddamn those are hideous.

But yeah I mean, they did both start in tv series, then there's ads and music videos and things where you wouldn't want a really big, obtrusive tattoo showing depending on the aesthetic. No doubt plenty are impulse driven, and I think aside from that there is probably a proper trend for it. Like those horrid face tattoos rappers are getting.

No. 354529

the song is not about her exes though. it's about 7 rings she bought for her and her friends

No. 354533

I don't think I am a big tattoo nitpicker at all. I just don't think that is the best art of Eevee available, probably because the eyes look off to me. It does really look like what my friends would draw in middleschool.

Does she want to look like she knows Japanese?

No. 354534

She's also had 7 exes, it could have two meanings

No. 354537

File: 1547527984426.png (41.44 KB, 614x455, 7r.png)

No. 354542

I like Stranger Things, but between this and the Drake thing, this girl is a hot mess and is gonna crash and burn hard.

No. 354545

I like Stranger Things, but between this and the Drake thing, this girl is a hot mess and is gonna crash and burn hard.

No. 354547

the lonnger I look the wonkier it gets. It’s not terrible (and it’s new, so that’s adding to the weirdness) but for how much money she has there’s no reason it should have any amount of wonk
sage for no1curr

No. 354549

Yah I agree with this. If a rando off the street had a wonky pokemon tattoo I wouldn't care but for someone who earns a ton of money and has a luxurious lifestyle why would you want something like that on your body permanently?

No. 354552


is drake this generations r kelly

No. 354554

yeah, it's sad. she's a very good actress too. too bad no one actually looks out for or protects child stars.

seriously, celebs have the money to get the most beautiful tattoos from the best artists the world has to offer. why get some shitty cartoon that looks like a stick and poke?

No. 354562

Nice to see her talked about here. I feel bad for her too but also enjoy seeing the trainwreck that is her life.

No. 354564

No. 354570

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone

No. 354571

It's basically trendy nowadays to have small tattoos. Just look at some cloud rappers, they are covered in this shit from head to toe.

No. 354575

Please stop shitting up the thread and yelling at people for not caring if all the "milk" you have to offer on AB is aged and spoiled, and all the Ariana milk is nitpicking about height. Thank you.

No. 354582

I thought that's Selena Gomez, but with bad hairdo.

She then said she bought another two rings for her mom and grandma making technically 9 rings.
Bet 7 rings will be about how she had one from each ex

No. 354596

File: 1547546778640.png (176.94 KB, 508x443, tyn.PNG)

Ariana's new album will include a song called "Break Up with Your Girlfriend". Might be about getting with Pete while he was still dating Cazzie Davids? Or about getting with Big Sean while he was engaged to that girl from Glee?

No. 354608


I'll always have a soft spot/sympathy for Courtney Stodden. Her mother and pedo husband fucked her up big time. Teenagers deserve to be teenagers, not pimped out to 50 year old past-it Hollywood B-listers and dressed up like a blow up doll. She deserved better.

No. 354610

ari be homewrecking

No. 354656

File: 1547564625222.jpg (570.85 KB, 800x1081, 20190115_070231.jpg)

I have a soft spot for her too. She seems relatively down to earth at times but she is wrecked emotionally and personality-wise by the abuse she's endured. Reminds me of Britney kinda. What the fuck is up with Courtney's "music" tho?? She is off her rocker.

No. 354762

It's not a good show. Lindsay is billed as being the "good cop" but comes off as a bigger asshole than her cunty gay associate. Her accent changes between sentences and they have to slather vaseline on the camera during her scenes because she looks like a tweaked out truckstop lizard next to all the young fresh meat. It is also legitimately hilarious to watch a dozen 21-year-olds praise Lindsay as being wildly influential and visionary for them even though she was in jail or rehab during all of their formative years kek

No. 354765

File: 1547581672545.jpeg (44.59 KB, 501x500, FE3D2892-2729-4AD0-95E1-47C108…)


She also got a shitty Japanese letter one. No idea what it says but I wonder how all her sjw fans on Twitter and Tumblr are gonna rationalize it. Most people will probably dismiss it because she’s not a basement-dwelling cheeto-fingered 300lbs man, but I think it’s extremely cringey nonetheless.

No. 354767

It says "let's sing"

No. 354768

It says "Let's sing" but that's a very dirty hiragana, almost didn't recognize one of the middle character.

No. 354780

that small yo is terrible and the characters aren't even lined up. looks like stick and poke. seriously, imagine if this was written in english.

No. 354806

kinda ot but this reminded me of this video of tattoo artists reviewing celebrity tattoos. They explained how most celebrities, like for example Justin Bieber, want to get tattooed at home and that's why it gets sloppy. Also how many want small tattoos even though they age badly.

No. 354809

Holy shit it's like every celeb is a cringey weeb. Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Ariana, Gwen Stefani


No. 354862

sage for derailing but you sound dumb pointing out black people that confuse the 2 ask a random white guy if they think hasan minhaj is arab or indian they wouldnt be able to tell either. honestly the average person wouldnt be due to sheer ignorance

No. 354863

sage for derailing but you sound dumb pointing out black people that confuse the 2 ask a random white guy if they think hasan minhaj is arab or indian they wouldnt be able to tell either. honestly the average person wouldnt be due to sheer ignorance

No. 354900

what? anon are you having a stroke? what the fuck are you trying to say here

No. 354911

Awww man more on Courtney Stodden please! Her instagram seems like she deletes a lot. I remember her from efagz days. She looks so much better now that she's gained weight.

No. 354986

NTA but

She's referring to >>354286
>A lot of black people can't seem to tell the difference between Indians and Arabs.

No. 355089

File: 1547639793228.jpg (17.67 KB, 300x300, nkjk.jpg)

>Justin Bieber's tattoos
Kill me.
I think Justin Bieber is just one example of "good breeding"/"genetic stock" absolutely being a thing that exists.
He's talented and good-looking, but he came from a trailer trash, bummy sort of family line rife with poverty, trauma, mental illness and drug abuse. Even if you try to polish someone like that, raise them "right" and give them millions, chances are they'll just end up following the "code" they've inherited. They don't really have too much choice. Drug abuse, white trash tattoos, bad taste in everything, and drama will just follow them.

In stark contrast, I've known people who have been homeless, but carry a sort of refined/dignified air about them. More often than not, it turns out their family had some sort of wealth or social importance in the past, but things went south for whatever reason. Sage for mild OT, just interesting.

No. 355150

File: 1547654011809.jpg (393.65 KB, 800x967, 20190116_075329.jpg)

I'll keep an eye out for juicy/milky posts she makes.
Just wanna clarify I'm posting pic related for the caption– not trying to bash her figure or anything.

No. 355166

File: 1547657664062.jpg (421.98 KB, 798x1028, 20190116_085027.jpg)

Sage for non-milk but does anyone else find Vanessa Hudgens extremely obnoxious in all of her Instagram posts? I feel like that kind of narcissism is necessary for Hollywood actors and that's why they're all fucking douchebags.
She also posts homeless people on her stories mocking them. Stupid rich cunt.

Speaking of which have you seen Jared Leto in the new Gucci ads? God what a prick. He's super rapey too so no surprise ~Lana Del Rey uwu~ has no problem rubbing elbows despite her ""feminist"" image. It's all bullshit

No. 355169

File: 1547657767531.jpg (2.88 MB, 2000x1284, Watch-Lana-del-Rey-and-Jared-L…)

Gucci ad

I just don't give a fuck about Azelia Banks guys sorry.

No. 355211

>She also posts homeless people on her stories mocking them.
Well, don't hold back anon, post the milk

No. 355234

I actually messaged her (obviously not for a reply) telling her not to be a fucking bitch posting homeless ppl. I still have th DM but the post is expired. From 27 weeks ago lol. I unfollowed after that sorry for the powdered milk

No. 355236

File: 1547665680840.png (126.6 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190116-110725.png)

Oh yeahhh it was a woman with bad makeup or something then a homeless person
Sage for negative milk

No. 355258

What's wrong with her nose

No. 355278

kek at "#ForeverGuilty" slapped right on jared's dick

No. 355279

Ew why would they choose Jared Leto of all people, he’s going to make them lose sales.

And lol I don’t care about AB either, glad I’m not the only one.

No. 355291

File: 1547672027750.jpg (184.11 KB, 1200x766, gucci-guiltyjpg.jpg)

Ikr? I feel like it's one of those "hahaha out in the open" thing that famous and powerful sexual predators like to tout. R. Kelly much? This pic is pretty rape-tastic too. I always hold my girlfriends' hand for support when making out with a man! So relatable~

Fucking YICK burn it all down to the ground ffs

No. 355296

File: 1547672715016.png (648.51 KB, 1211x597, hillsong church.png)

No. 355298

wtf man this Hillsong cult is so scary - I feel like he's gonna do something real bad soon, it's only a matter of time.

No. 355302

File: 1547673801258.jpg (272.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190116-181505.jpg)

Idk if blind items are ok but I've seeing a lot of them hinting that Chris Pratt is into some sort of Christian cult that beiber is also in, seeing how his Instastories have been more and more hardcore Christian than years ago I can believe that

No. 355305

Noah Cyrus has a post on her IG of her dancing to Disco Inferno by 50 Cent as a child. It's disturbing. I would post caps but there is a no minor rule here.

Stage parents are cancer

No. 355306

Meth is a helluva drug

No. 355307

Ariana has a documented weeaboo history lol this video is from 2015, they met around 2014.

No. 355308

she meaning her and Kyary, oops

No. 355309

File: 1547674603405.png (148.59 KB, 1008x968, 8HfnqnT.png)

I don't think it's just a blind item, other places are reporting that he's a member as well


>The pair, who met through Schwarzenegger’s mother, are both professing Christians. Although raised Catholic, Schwarzenegger has regularly attended Hillsong Church with Pratt over the last few months.

https://www.christianpost.com/news/chris-pratt-engaged-actor-vows-to-live-boldly-in-faith-with-katherine-schwarzenegger.html (kek)


No. 355310

>Lana's nose
What the fuck happened? She looks like a Klingon.

No. 355311

lmao this is kinda endearing. Like she's literally like any other weeb with her broken Japanese and all. It's cute

No. 355312

File: 1547674925750.png (34.63 KB, 501x64, 1wXjpoc.png)

No. 355313

I never liked her, good to know my gut was right.

Jared Leto is such a creep. He's basically a good looking version of Onision who actually made it. Both him and his brother have an history of fucking underage groupies to this day and hopping on to date every freshly 18 model in sight, and he sounds like a narc everytime he opens his mouth. I used to be a 30STM fan but nowadays I can't even look at him without shuddering. Sure, he's handsome, looks much younger than his age etc, but a polished turd is still a turd.

No. 355317

File: 1547675636137.jpg (402.88 KB, 800x1131, 20190116_135410.jpg)

Riiiight she ~lived in a trailer park~ guys, remember?? She's totes uwu poor Americana white trash
>Grant began working as a Grey Group executive copywriter. After working as a major executive, he began investment in web domains in the late 90s, and as a result became a self-made entrepreneur.

Her father is rich as sin. Also peep pic related about Ariana Grande. Not that we thought she came from humble beginnings or anything but still interesting

No. 355320

File: 1547675945695.jpg (44.29 KB, 600x638, 4c3cac6578dd4c43a03e27bb4635b1…)

>good to know my gut was right.

For real go to her instagram and watch like 2 videos and you'll see what a freaky narcissist she is. She tries way too hard to be charming it's sickeningly fake. She's a terrible actress too, I feel like you can actually see the crap acting skills thru the pic (from the film Gimme Shelter [2014])

I watched that shit movie bc I thought surely since she is so famous she must be talented, no? Nope. She prolly just sucks a mean dick and lets powerful men degrade her to keep her place in the spotlight. Tinfoil alert I guess but I'm pretty sure that's how Hollywierd works

No. 355322

> I thought surely since she is so famous

Vanessa Hudgens is hardly famous, and it’s not like she’s headlining blockbusters. She was famous as a kid and now does two bit roles in mediocre films. If she’s doing the casting couch, she must not be doing a good job because it’s not like she’s getting leading roles.

No. 355325

Ita…Yeah good point tbf

No. 355328

File: 1547676731990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.07 KB, 1251x2048, evj0uy65qua21.jpg)

Is this real?

No. 355330

Samefag but nvm it looks like she poses topless often. Nothing new to see here

No. 355336

File: 1547677892183.jpg (231.94 KB, 2000x1334, ariana-alicia.jpg)

I honestly feel with Lindsay the drugs and alcohol made her too lazy to give a damn about wearing sunblock. She is a pale ginger and a well-known yacht girl which is already not a good idea. Add in the plastic surgery to save face (literally) and that's why she looks like this. Such a shame.

Lol. She also has a Spirited Away tattoo on her arm.

No. 355342

I usually like to laugh at Celebrity trainwrecks and tend to not be that sympathetic towards them but I feel genuinely bad for Courtney. I’m actually kinda rooting for her and I hope she can find happiness.

No. 355358

Ooo, I'll be yoinking this Ari pic for my Don't Compare Yourself to Others folder tyvm anon

She looks fine btw, not saying she looks awful. More like… realistic

No. 355414

File: 1547785243095.png (703.37 KB, 1013x597, ab.png)

Can't wait to see Azealia show up to court in whiteface or some equally crazy shit.

No. 355417

>preserve information

except azaelia spilled everything she knows on fucking twitter lol

No. 355425

glad to see I'm not the only one with that kind of folder

No. 355436

ari's new vid

No. 355437

File: 1547790682358.jpg (301.61 KB, 800x899, 20190116_170016.jpg)

Omg yesss I have been waiting to post shit! Incoming dump.

Did anyone else see this? Miley's allegedly pregnant?

No. 355438

File: 1547790747332.jpg (183.88 KB, 800x849, 20190117_103724.jpg)

Speaking of Miley. Wow that's really deep girl. ~wokeness~

No. 355439

ah yes promoting consumerism among your pre-teen audience is being a "bad bitch" now lmao we get it you have money and mental problems but buying shiny rocks won't help anything. also i could barely understand the first few verses lol

No. 355440

File: 1547790784288.jpg (283.84 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190117-063213.jpg)

More Courtney Stodden sad realness

No. 355441

File: 1547790834775.jpg (485.7 KB, 798x798, 20190117_153043.jpg)

Beta kitten programming (kek) Danielle Brigoli or w/e

No. 355442

File: 1547790918837.jpg (107.73 KB, 375x541, 20190117_153014.jpg)

>tfw foundation matches original skin color

I don't even need to watch this to know it's bullshit. How is this relatable or approriate at a time like this with the economy im shambles and everyone struggling to make ends meet. Dumb shit

No. 355448


No. 355452

probably the reason they finally got married then

another soulless shitty pop song about being rich, wow, original

No. 355460

File: 1547792462204.jpg (3.57 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190117_221155246.j…)

Truly I am sperging out with all these posts but whatever I hope someone else enjoys this shit too

Old as fuck and purely speculation but I was browsing a 90's nostalgia instagram (@capsule98) and does anyone else think they both look sad as hell? I shudder to think what these girls endured. I think they (only mk? Idk) suffered eating disorders, dress the way they do in a non-sexualized manner, and always look pissed in paparazzi photos because of the terrible things that probably happened to them at the hands of Hollywood moguls and casting directors. They wanted nothing to do with fame after a certain point. I'm in here a lot tinfoiling about this type of shit so ignore me if you don't agree I guess.
Of course they could have just been badly acting/posing for the pics and have not actually had the light sucked out pf their eyes by that young age but…. idkidkidk. Sage for old/non-milk.

No. 355462

File: 1547792634760.jpg (3.41 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20190117_221315244.j…)

Lastly in my torrent of posts is this creepy ass photo shoot Britney did at age 14 or 15 by David LaChapelle (I think; too dick to actually look it up)
Wtf is that photo on the left? Btw that is her little sister next to her. Wtf at the man on the ground with the remote control? Jesus fucking christ
Again saged for old/non-milk. This concludes my barrage of posts, ty ty.

No. 355463

File: 1547792685603.png (8.33 KB, 491x71, 7rings.PNG)

Not everyone has CEO/millionaire parents, Ariana.

What a spoiled little bitch.

No. 355467

On the Hillsong cult.

They have their own universities and elite/wealthy ppl use it as a match making service for young “Christian” teens.

My parents are in it (I escaped in 2015) so I know ALOT of fucked up things that happened (plus a few documentaries)

The cult leader gets tax breaks and a lot of perks from the gov

No. 355470

File: 1547793159801.jpeg (98.89 KB, 750x858, DA54F77B-C8B6-43DD-B4EB-EC1AED…)

No. 355471

Honestly it's probably purposefully problematic to get people talking. No exposure is bad exposure, right?
Gross. I hope there is a massive change and we all realize how retarded celebrity culture is and one day we look back at how obviously contrived it is and it becomes antiquated. But who am I kidding…

No. 355473

She didn't have enough money to stop her fans from getting killed by a bomb at her concert. Oh, but I'm so glad to hear that she's rich and can buy whatever she wants. I hope her fans who got their limbs torn apart and have lifelong injuries have enough money to heal from their problems too.

No. 355474


This girl applied to the X factor and the church paid a lot of money to get her out of the TV show because they wanted to groom her for the album release

No. 355475

Any more info you're willing to speak on? I'm fascinated by cults. I'm glad you got out of it anon, it must have been difficult for you then and still.
Of course it's a tax thing. I wonder what kind of government and political movements they're pushing and supporting…

No. 355476

How's dumping money into your multiple mental illnesses or failed love life working out, Ari?

No. 355478

Hooktube link so as not to support this utter bullshit with our views. May I suggest doing this from now on?


No. 355480

Geez, they kind of do. They’re pretty private these days, I wonder if anything really traumatic actually happened. I wouldn’t be surprised at all.
I think I’m gonna look into it a bit.

No. 355481

lmao anon. she's an internationally famous pop star. the 20 views she might get from farmers are fucking nothing compared to the millions she gets from the rest of the world on top of being rich anyway.

No. 355482

Ha, when public sentiment finally flips on her people are gonna love citing this one.

No. 355483

File: 1547794002399.png (2.85 MB, 1280x4000, 2019-1-17_22-44-0.PNG)

I couldn't make it past

*My wrist, stop watchin', my neck is flossin'
Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin'
You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it
I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (Yeah)*

Yep keep everyone dissatisfied with themselves and what they have and wanting for more material bullshit. Great message from our feminist queen Ariana Grande.

No. 355484


Top 3 creepy things that they balantly do

They put jailbait girls with Hillsong signs at the front, I’ve witnessed several teens being singled out as “the most devoted”.

Also they ALWAYS are some bright eyed sheltered girls that come from money/ blonde and blue eyed.

There was that time that a pastor fiddled a kid apologised and that was it on the subject.

They go hard on propaganda and have summer camps for teens

If you have any specific questions about the cult just let me know

No. 355489

File: 1547794333411.jpg (546.01 KB, 1500x1194, 20190117_225111.jpg)

Report back if you find anything! Bob Saget is a huge piece pf shit who made jokes about his baby daughter being fingered so that tells you the character of the people their parents thought it was a-ok to surround them with as babies and young girls. Also some of the promotional photos for Full house are really inappropriate with the grown men kissing and holding them. Yick. Pic related (I had to creepily scratch her out bc of the minor rule here)– who thought this was cute? What the fuck.

I know. But still. It's the principle!

No. 355490

Yes, as fascinating as cults are it probably doesn't belong in this thread. Take it elsewhere.

No. 355493

>I had to creepily scratch her out bc of the minor rule here
This just makes it even weirder anon, I don't think you had to do that.

No. 355494

File: 1547794746456.jpg (391.06 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190117-225624.jpg)

Wow. So who runs the men who run this? That's the question.
Do people have to give up their income? Ty for the info anon. Did anything happen to you or your family that you are willing to tell? Do people get crazy-punished like in Scientology and their slave camps?

No. 355495

File: 1547794875307.jpeg (58.55 KB, 480x480, CDB5215B-8681-4137-8F1B-35A9E0…)


Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Vanessa Hudgens, AnnaSophia Robb, NBA stars, models, fashion editors and It kids have been hitting the same spot on Sundays, church wasn't the first place to come to mind. But that's precisely where they've been gathering, and not inconspicuously. Many of them have been posting to their various well-followed social media channels, such as Instagram and Snapchat, from inside the services. Consider them missionaries 2.0.


No. 355496

You're probably right. Sorry! What would be a better thread? I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Hahaha yeah, whatever. I'm not gonna go back and delete. But you're not wrong kek

No. 355498

Would make most sense to start a new thread that is just about creepy cult shit?

No. 355500

Personally I won't have much to contribute but I would read the shit outta that! Idk though I'm too chicken to make new threads

No. 355501

No. 355506

ot but I want to kill that guy

No. 355507

We have a cult thread iirc, check the catalog.

No. 355512

What is with this notion that drugs always fry your brain? I'm 100% lucid and I've done my fair share of partying.

No. 355513

Thread about cults is >>178735 so let's move the Hillsong discussion there

No. 355514

This video sucks anon. This guy is annoying as fuck. The only semi-relevant part is after about 16:00

>fan club "Fun Club" got twins mixed up on promotional materials and spelled names incorrectly; was apparently a scam money-grab with terrible management

>cruise in which you can go with MK and A– "Sail with the Stars"

>child actors; had no choices of their own until they were old enough to stop on their own. have no desire to be famous

>they will never be capable of living normal lives

>they themselves said they wouldn't wish their childhood on anyone

>an interview from when they are like 5 and they say they like to work

>every decision is made by parents to make money off the cuteness of their kids

No. 355517

Ty based anon

Well, if you have had a traumatic childhood and/or are predisposed to mental illness, you're probably gonna be really detached from reality. Which probably in turn creates more mental illness and dysphoria.

No. 355518

It's still creepy as fuck, but she's more like 16/17 here.
I don't dislike ari like a lot of you seem to, but this is in really, really bad taste. >>355473 is also where my mind went as soon as I heard that lyric.

No. 355522

>a bad thing happened to me one time but i'm rich so it's ok lol


No. 355523

File: 1547799058384.png (430.6 KB, 920x688, bad.png)

I don't understand how people can still be spouting this "Ariana is a FIERCE badass feminist kween" narrative. I mean, for someone who claims that her exes are the hung up/obsessed ones, she sure is writing a lot of songs about them. Seems like Pete at least tried to address it head-on and make a weird uncomfortable joke about it on SNL and move on. Not these passive-aggressive subtweets of songs.

I'm not a fan of Taylor Swift by any means, but I have to wonder how her career was basically just a running joke about how needy and crazy she was for writing about breakups, but Ariana is lauded for this shit. Is it just because Taylor is the whitest of white girls and Ariana has tricked everyone into thinking she's poc?

Also I can't believe this article picked a pic of her on her hands and knees looking like she's in a glory hole room to represent how BADASS she is.

No. 355524

No offense to ginger girls that take care of their skin but the ones who don't age BADLY. A close friend of mine growing up is really light skinned and freckled and all the tanning she's done has lead to her skin aging her 10 years.

No. 355528

Imagine going through an experience with a terrorist attack and instead of coming out thinking "there's a lot of bad in this world. With the ressources I've been given I could truly make a difference by donating and attracting attention to important causes " you… talk about how hot and fuckable and rich (because your parents paid for your start in BROADWAY and PRIVATE SCHOOL and NICKELODEON) you are

Truly the most important feminist activist of our time.

No. 355537

When are we gonna stop pretending she looks like a teenager because she's skinny (with little muscle tone at that, take from the 90s stars you're ripping off of, Ariana)

No. 355538

I like how she's being made to look mulatto, and also, looks a smooth 25.

No. 355545

Rappers are still rapping about their wealth, last I checked. Don't see how this is any different.

No. 355547

and they're annoying as fuck too, what's your point

No. 355553

I stated my point. I don't see how this is a problem unique and special to Ari.

No. 355563

no one said it was unique to ariana. rappers who do it are shit too.

No. 355597

The hairline around her ears is mental, jesus.

No. 355608

I have to say that Grimes looks really young, it's almost creepy to see her next to this middle aged guy. They look like father and daughter, and all the stuff AB said about Musk "teabagging" Grimes only makes it worse.

No. 355611

Debunked 2 days ago, Miley herself commented "Bullshit" under a picture of the news.

No. 355636

Seems like she's trying to edge her way into soft rapping (is this a thing? Hopefully you know what I mean) juding from the new video so this is actually a good observation even though >>355547 & >>355563 are right too

No. 355644

File: 1547830024664.jpg (81.74 KB, 464x768, 5d7875c7a2632028406bf2e96334de…)

This and many other shots were for the Rolling Stones Magazine. Britney was the main topic in that issue and therefore she was on the cover (the famous one with the bra and the teletubbie). That's her older brother Bryan on the floor in their living room. Her parents "didn't know" that the pictures would end up like this. The one with the push-up bra and the dolls was shot in her own room while she was alone with David. She was 16 at that time.

No. 355664

She's not a rapper tho. She has a completely different audience and background. Compared to her other recent songs, this one just seems out of place.

No. 355691

This is SO sad. That girl is obviously cringe and cow-ish etc but she got famous when she was 13, she was already having sex with older dudes. She's either aduled either made fun of but no one seems to comment on the fact that she is so clearly taken advantage of. This girl is underage, she should be going to school and not hanging out with adult men, having her pictures taken in this outfit/poses.

not defending rappers on that one, i find taking pride your wealth always cringe as fuck however with rappers, they mostly come from poverty. Ari comes from money.

No. 355703

Any proof that Danielle was sleeping wit older men before fame? She def. gives me a trauma victim vibe. She touches her friends and is touched by them in weird ways on some of her ig lives that I've seen.

Also, good point about Ari coming from money in the context of rapping about it vs. actual rappers doing the same.

They were alone in her room together….. jfc. No wonder Jamie Lynn got knocked up by Dan Schneider (allegedly).
Reminds me of the parents who were interviewed in the R. Kelly documentary that just came out. I can't believe these sell-outs actually showed their faces. "B-but her mother or me [father] were always with Daughter when she travelled with R. Kelly! Oh except when we sent her out with her sister who was promptly kicked to the curb and left [other daughter] alone and trapped. Surely her also young but uglier sister would've been able to protect her!"

No. 355704

File: 1547839156107.jpg (2.23 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20190118_111729051.j…)

Also her veneers are too big imo. It's easier to see in motion but I tried to get screen grabs and pics to illustrate my point. Whyyyyy do celebs always get these huge ass teeth. Reminds me of when Hilary Duff did the same thing.

No. 355715

File: 1547840162180.jpg (79.63 KB, 725x499, 7af356dd.jpg)

Just watched the american meme on netflix today and it seems paris and nicky hilton had a similar thing with david lachapelle, who flew them out as teenagers to do a photoshoot. Didn't care much about the other people in the documentary but it's a good watch for Paris and I didn't know much about her before watching it.
Has this guy really not been outed as a creep? This is suspicious as fuck

The other pictures of Paris topless: https://www.gettyimages.com/search/2/image?autocorrect=none&events=75006302&family=editorial&sort=best#license
Paris was 18 or 19 but Paris said Nicole was only 16.

She didn't speak badly about him and the photos were the original reason she blew up.

No. 355717

File: 1547841072633.png (660.4 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190118-114947.png)

Oh yeah! I saw that too. Gross.

Pic related: Damage control? Delusional?

No. 355718

Why does she look so…plastic? She's doing everything hated celebs like the Kardashians,Taylor Swift, and a few others get dragged for but no one mentions it and when they do they bring up Mac Miller's death or Manchester as a response. I feel like people care more about her than the kids who passed away/almost passed away or Mac Miller and his family. On LSA they said she was banned from the tribute concert by his family but she's still being promoted as this amazing woman who is suffering from the death of a guy she was outed for cheating on.

No. 355722

Veneers are always stupid unless you have some seriously fucked up consumed, unfixable teeth, meth users-tier. Why would a teenager get veneers?

No. 355734

what is this about and what is the quote from?

No. 355738

No. 355744

who is she quoting though? it's a terrible review that's not worth quoting. this is something i'd expect to find in her youtube comments. she has very bad taste.

No. 355748

She really thinks this is what 21st century feminism is about? …lol

No. 355782

t swift peaked in the early 2010s, when tumblr was gaining popularity. a lot of people hated her because she was "dating" (some of her relationships were obviously botched pr stunts) their celebrity crushes. why she thought "dating" harry styles was a good idea i will never know, but like 90% of his fans turned against her. i can still taste some of the salt from 2012.

taylor's obvious whiteness also played a big part, as the extreme tumblr social justice mess peaked at the same time as she was popular. people used to think she was a republican kek. now people seem to praise her because she has gotten "thicc" and came out as a democrat last fall. a lot of people think ariana is latina and aren't aware of the fact that she, like tswift, started out as a white girl with money and connections.

No. 355789

lmfaoooo I rolled my eyes so hard at whoever wrote this trying to make that song sound "deep" and even saying they CRIED????? Is this actually a joke? Social experiment maybe?

No. 355794

No. 355805

File: 1547846961352.jpg (254.77 KB, 800x1144, 20190118_132742.jpg)

Troons: not one time

This is from Ariana's release party or listening party or whatever tf

To be fair Ariana put a stop to it

No. 355806

blows my mind that this picture was taken 19 years ago

No. 355807

File: 1547847022991.jpg (585.27 KB, 800x1155, 20190117_221426.jpg)

Topanga nooooo

To be fair tho she seems like a nice person.

No. 355813

I have to admit, I noticed the similarities.
I was singing a bit of 7 Rings earlier to myself, then messed up and started singing "It's mine, I bought it". "Big" pop stars and the people who write for them often have no originality, nothing new.
Hope Princess Nokia's ready to get attacked by a horde of rabid Ariana stans, though (especially gay, male ones).

No. 355821


Can someone explain wtf is going on in this picture?

No. 355823

I just can't get myself to like Ariana.
She's unbelievably pretentious and her hypersexual baby thot persona makes me want to fucking vomit. Like girl…you know that 95% of your fanbase are underage, little teen girls. It's so disgusting and I hate how you can't criticize this because you'll immediately be brushed off as a ''feminazi prude'' or whatever

I can't stand female singers/rappers who think…this >>355523
is in any way ''empowering''.

No. 355826


It's a video, with lots of screaming


No. 355828

>the anthem for 21st century feminism and not needin no man!!!

such a strong independent woman, falling back on her "well im rich tho" schtick any time one of her shitty rushed relationships blow up in her face. ari is literally tswift-tier when it comes being pathetically dick hungry but for some reason it's feminism when she does it. lmao.

No. 355835

Aren't both songs sampled? And isn't this girl a drama seeker? I've heard of her before

No. 355841

It's a man dressed as a woman with a Hello Kitty plush toy over their crotch with the dog licking or biting it

No. 355844


I love Drew, but this video has no relevance to the thread? He doesn't deliver any milk, he just make observations about old videos and stupid shit they sold for shits and giggles. But I do feel bad for them for saying they don't wish their childhood on anyone.


Honestly, it's such bullshit I am actually surprised anon believed it? Like, for them to know the sex of the kid, she'd be sporting a big belly.


>Taylor Swift




Disgusting as fuck.

No. 355852

>oofed Taylor Swift being branded as thicc
Have you seen her recently? She's gained a lot of weight.

No. 355860

File: 1547853252721.jpg (60.68 KB, 558x800, taylor-swift-instyle-and-warne…)

Wouldn't call this "thicc" by any means but the few extra pounds looks good on her. I always suspected her of being ana in the past. (Pic is from the Golden Globes a couple weeks ago.)

No. 355866

File: 1547853509259.jpg (226.34 KB, 545x969, 20190118_225108.jpg)

Ariana knew exactly what she was doing. Feminism my ass lmao

No. 355867

File: 1547853603099.jpg (184.11 KB, 800x579, 20190118_151610.jpg)

Has she? I googled it and can't find any relevant pics can you post some? Ty anon!

Pic related:
>tfw you have no ass but ass is in style
Also why does the 7 Rings video start out with "ghetto" noises like sirens, dogs barking, and helicopters?

No. 355868

i think her huge fake boobs make her look bigger than she is tbh.

No. 355870

bottom-left of this pic shows her bottom half more than the golden globes one >>320386

did she get bigger implants recently?

No. 355883

Still wouldn't call her thicc, and body suits make everyone look like they have big thighs. Everyone in that picture looks like they do. Either way I'll miss her skinny trophy wife phase but she does look healthier with some weight on her. Had no idea she got implants.

I guess that's one way to feel better about yourself. Girl is overcompensating HARD for the bad PR she's gotten lately over her love life. I miss when she actually did sing empowering songs instead of this trashy baddie thot shit.

No. 355889

No no NO, these people are so fucked up. This shit wouldn't even cross a normal person's mind, they're all degenerates.

No. 355904

Sounds like every male rapist ever who wants to use their ~abusive childhood~ as an excuse to hurt others. fuck him, piece of shit

No. 355909

The only people she's trolling are people trying to look out for her safety. what a dumb bitch . Stranger things fame really went to her head.

No. 355912

this is so sad. The 'they'll never be able to live normal lives' is relevant to so many child stars. Look at the dude from malcolm in the middle who cant get any work rofl

No. 355918

I don't get why even the 16 year old look full in their 20s. I don't get why there are a lot of teenage girls who look older than some women 20-25.

No. 355931

i don't get the obsession of aging up teenagers in america, once they ACTUALLY hit 20 they'll all be desperate to look young again. it's sad.

No. 355940

Jared Leto? Rapey? Something happened recently?
Only thing I’ve heard along those lines was some drama over a rape fanfic written by a girl or something years ago.

No. 355943

I don’t get it. Are they a bad organization? Or just the fact that she looks too botoxy in that pic.

Either way, her dog is cute

No. 355961

bob saget is apparently a huge weirdo irl so i wouldnt be surprised

there were things posted somewhere about how the guys on full house would do fucked up shit while the girls were around, making sexual jokes constantly etc and im pretty sure some of the jokes involve underaged girls in bob sagets stand up

No. 355972

Botoxy, yeah

No. 356008

File: 1547878368285.jpg (31.72 KB, 355x500, 3454def8fd8f2618b038154c3e0edb…)

never found her charming once

this thread reminds me there's probably nothing worse than being a celeb imo

No. 356020

File: 1547880851517.jpg (51.47 KB, 780x439, intro-1522265165.jpg)

Thank you anons for the vintage milk!

What bugs me about the Millie case is just how off guard it caught me to see her exploited and sexualised by stage parents.
In the series, she's this super cute and super shy kid coming from abuse and being rescued by friends and good adults and of course herself because she is such a badass. It's a dark but also hopeful story. Reality feels a little reversed.
While I understand enjoying and celebrating fame as a teen, I feel she is being pushed too much. Where is that shy, innocent side of hers? Where is that completely unsexualised, tom-boyish kid side of hers? In this decade, you can let your childstar daughter be a tomboy and still make bank on her.
Idk Millie herself seems to enjoy the ride and defends herself all the time (on insta and such). I get that she enjoys it and I don't wanna deny her her sexuality. I don't wanna speculate too much about what could be going on or could happen and demonise her parents and say they don't love her (in a potentially fucked-up way). What I don't get is why they're instrumentalising her teenage desires and pushing her and taking risks by over-exposing her. They wanna make sure she becomes a mega star by molding her hard and it just feels wrong for me. Especially when it's so damn off for her nature. But that's Hollywood for ya I guess

No. 356022

File: 1547881031259.jpg (1.12 MB, 2066x3000, 598113866.jpg)

No. 356026

File: 1547881319166.jpg (81.75 KB, 708x1024, Millie-Bobby-Brown-Stranger-Th…)

recent premiere of season 2 of Stranger Things
She doesn't even remotely look like the character. You just know someone behind the scences decided "neEds mOrE sexY"

No. 356027

File: 1547881342446.jpg (274.5 KB, 1222x995, millie-bobby-brown-stranger-th…)

No. 356029

File: 1547881404818.jpg (242.29 KB, 1368x2052, f2a127ac7bb6bb0d93eb550fda8e7d…)

congrats, you made her look like Victoria Beckham/an old woman with that horrible outfit and make-up

No. 356034

these ugly shoes just scream: what heel size can we get away with without receiving backlash?

No. 356036

Slightly OT but all the boys look severely gay.

No. 356042

>Also why does the 7 Rings video start out with "ghetto" noises like sirens, dogs barking, and helicopters?
It's a sugary trap song. Do you need an explanation on the genre she's appropriating?


MBB is being styled so horribly wew. The black one is always dressed in some tryhard Met Gala wannabe shit and it doesn't do a damn thing for the poor guy. The ginger girl and the syndrome kid look pretty age-appropriate to me. I'm not totally mad at the faggy Carl Sagan look they did for the one on the right either. Kid on the left looks terribly gay in a bad way.

To be fair it's not their fault they all look stupid, it's adults that dressed them this way in the end.

No. 356045

Why are her feet so fucking big

No. 356057

this is sexy to you? wtf anon she's a kid

No. 356066

Aww, I think his suit shorts outfit is kinda cute. Like a super young teen who wants to be stylish but doesn't have the faintest clue how. It's endearing.

No. 356069

Are you dumb? You can see a child that is being sexualized (ie being portrayed as sexual adult women) without personally finding them "sexy".

No. 356072

Not that anon, but they are clearly saying that Millie is being styled to look like a "sexy" adult (or just an adult in general).

No. 356126

File: 1547897236420.jpg (176.26 KB, 1470x2209, Winona-Ryder -Stranger-Things-…)

She looked the same age as Winona Ryder at this premiere. I can't understand how who dressed her like that thinks it looks good.

it's the shoe type that make them look huge.

No. 356144

File: 1547900711855.jpg (568.14 KB, 2896x2896, 20190119_131302.jpg)


For comparison, this is Sophia Lillis (played young Beverly Marsh in IT). I think she was also 14 on the far left.

No. 356145

She looks college adult-ish, but nowhere near how Millie looks.

No. 356173

Honestly, MBB just has an older face (especially in comparison to the girl from It). Even as Eleven, I was surprised at how quickly people could tell she was a girl in S1. It's probably the lines on her face (I have the same thing, minus the nasolabial folds, before anyone says I'm dragging a 14 year old).
The dresses and heels are definitely on the stylist, but otherwise, I don't think she can help it. Any makeup at all makes her look like a woman in her mid to late 20s (and I'm sure she naturally has an interest in makeup/glamour, or she would've repped that tomboy look in >>356022 a lot longer, especially on IG). Ariana Grande looks younger than her at times, ffs.
It's sad that the adults in her life seem to be capitalizing on her mature looks and budding puberty to mold her into the next Natalie Portman or something. I just hope she's not being groomed.

No. 356176

>I just hope she's not being groomed.

If you believe what the blind items gossip says then she's already being habitually preyed on.

No. 356186

No. 356194

File: 1547910358000.gif (2.77 MB, 540x270, tumblr_inline_p2gdfdwLo31s3tay…)

this is so fucked up

No. 356195

File: 1547910384535.gif (2.84 MB, 540x270, tumblr_inline_p2gdg2W8ab1s3tay…)

No. 356196

File: 1547910438928.gif (2.66 MB, 540x270, tumblr_inline_p2gdfpJQCs1s3tay…)

and of course her 15 y/o costar is allowed to be a goofy kid and not a pedobait.

No. 356200

Why do large amounts of money and power seem to attract so many pedos. I swear the more money someone has the more likely they are to be completely and utterly fucked in the head

No. 356203

File: 1547910816185.jpg (91.51 KB, 958x959, tumblr_inline_oyt5ls1ACp1t9anu…)

No. 356204

She looks like Jessica Biel

No. 356207

I hope what happened to Natalie Portman doesn't happen to Millie. It's so horrific what Natalie revealed happened to her after she starred in Leon the Professional. She was seriously preyed upon and terrified by the things creeps sent her. But it seems like Millie is already experiencing that sadly.

No. 356208

She's 13 ffs! Do these people not have any morals?

No. 356210

It happens to all of them. It's happening to her boy co-stars too, guaranteed.

>It's a sugary trap song.
Wow thank u for the clarification anon

No. 356243

A 13-year old is chosen to be one of the sexiest actresses?? What the fuck? The pedophile ring in Hollywood is fucking real and not even the FBI is touching it.

No. 356245

File: 1547914040427.jpg (2.78 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20190119_080537720.j…)

Yeah this is fucked

Pic related what a mess. I wonder how much Ariana actually contributes to the songwriting/beat making etc. I'm gonna go ahead and guess almost nothing.

No. 356246

Yes, Finn Wolfhard does get a lot of male attention too.

MBB is having drama right now because a couple of days ago she defended the murderous stalker protagonist from the show "You" on her instagram stories.
She said "He's not creepy, he's just in love with her so it's okay".
She's showing every single red flag of child grooming/child abuse, it's really concerning.

No. 356248

she's turning 15 next month but I agree that she's inappropriately sexualized for her age

No. 356252


this shit reminds me so much of Brooke Shields when she was exposed by her mum in a very sexual way while being still a child.

No. 356255

Ok I was a bitch to >>356042 in this comment but for real why tf is she singing about opulent wealth while portraying a trap house? I mean I know the answer but it's so fucking transparent and retarded and an obvious attempt at pandering. Oh well I guess that's pop music for ya. Saged for retardation

No. 356256

File: 1547914424431.jpg (287.05 KB, 1228x940, 1510841502526.jpg)

i feel so bad for millie. shadman drew this shit, brought it up to her and made her fucking sign it.

No. 356258

File: 1547914589597.jpg (71.23 KB, 600x450, 1N0UjV3.jpg)

No. 356261

The way men have circled around Finn Wolfhard saying he must be gay and if he is gay he definitely likes creepy older men like them is so vomit inducing. Why do they always do this? They've been doing it to Shawn Mendes since he was a minor too.

No. 356262

File: 1547914685448.jpg (328.03 KB, 800x843, 20190119_081426.jpg)

Fucking disgusting. Like once I realized that parenthood is not at all sacred to some people this Hollywood pedo child actor thing seemed a lot more plausible. Some people treat child bearing as another result of bodily function, not as the creation of an individual human life.

I posted once before about Jenelle and no one cared but MTV is trash for capitalizing on this. Not that Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant was ever anything but that…

No. 356264

Holy shit someone get her off social media immediately.

The fucking nerve of this douchebag. It's making me physically sick.

No. 356266

Hollywood pedophilia is very real and is very big in the industry. Nobody is willing to do anything about it because these men have huge connections with government workers, other important big shots, and lots of money. That "An Open Secret" documentary about those boys really opened my eyes about what goes on in hollywood. Just look what happened to River Phoenix, you know damn well he was invited to those pedo parties and turned to drugs and died young because he couldn't escape the abuse.

No. 356267

What the fuck…this is disturbing. Men treat women and children like toys

No. 356268

I honestly feel bad for all these Stranger Things kids and I hope Hollywood doesn't ruin their lives. I remember seeing stuff about Finn getting mobbed by adults in public and "fans" talking shit about him for ignoring and just walking away from these psychotic people. For some reason there are people out there calling this child daddy, he told them to stop calling him that himself

No. 356275

He's had to fend off crazy Tumblr fantards for calling him a "homophobe" because he finds it uncomfortable to be shipped with his own costars and friends too.

No. 356277

Poor Finn, he's a handsome boy and will be an attractive man one day but the sexualisation is disgusting. He's a child. Let him grow up!

She's a stupid child, plenty of girls her age have those fucked up ideas about romance due to lack of imagination and experience and consuming thrashy media that romanticise abusive men (not saying You is like this, Joe is clearly meant to be a villain protagonist).
Weird that she has so little perspective while being in a public eye, I can see her getting her own Joe pretty soon. I pray it does not happen to her (if it had not already).
why did she sign it… poor. should have thrown it in his face and call her bodyguards to remove him

No. 356283

is it shadman who brought it up to her or is it one of his followers? either way, it's fucking disgusting

No. 356295

one of his followers

No. 356308

That was practically an open invitation to her stans to stalk her around…because it's love!

No. 356312

yeah finn actually dropped someone in his entourage because they had been accused of assaulting someone i think

these poor kids

No. 356336

I don't blame her for signing it, she probably had no idea it was drawn by a pedophile and just thought it looked as fanart it was maybe a little sexy at most. Most teen girls want to be seen as badass and sexy, it's the adults that take advantage of that who are in the wrong.

No. 356347

Didn't mean to blame her, just this is what I wish happened. The fucker did not deserve to have things happen his way.

No. 356383

File: 1547927621955.png (258.13 KB, 480x607, mac throwback.png)

She posted this and tweeted "miss u." It was his birthday today. Bet she will always regret acting like crap after his car incident.

No. 356395

tbh I think she was totally justified in defending herself after his car accident.

What I would regret more is moving on so quickly/ talking about how my bf/fiancé of a couple months was "totally the love of my life all along guys!!! the guy I was with for two years up until a week before mr. big dick?? dont know him lol!!"

But like, standing up for herself in the face of Mac Miller's mistakes/addiction was totally understandable, imo.

No. 356449

Anyone interested in the dark underbelly of Hollywood and what these child stars go through, check out this video. It's only like 12 minutes long and is full of actual information and not just speculation.

No. 356458

I’m still somewhat amazed that Brooke Shields somehow ended up being normal and not a ginormous trainwreck due to being overly sexualized as a child. Most child stars aren’t that lucky.

No. 356508

Wow she is salty lol. The songs don't really even sound alike to me. And even if they did sound the same, so what, it's just generic pop trash. Pop music isn't exactly known for originality. This phenomenon happens often (vid related) it shouldn't be news to anyone. The better song will come out on top and Ariana did it better. "Sounds about white" - really tacky comment as this hasn't anything to do with race. Princess nokia should stfu lol.

No. 356531

File: 1547942303763.jpeg (824.39 KB, 1200x1598, C0AF6ED3-D258-4115-83E0-68BA44…)

came here because i was inspired to make this pic collage. is this a joke????
they must pay mad money for the articles shining her in a good light

No. 356535

Sage but I hate how she writes on Twitter and how it rubs off on all her followers like it's okay to write out a full word you're not 13 years old on IM

No. 356537

How does she keep looking so young after years of drugs

No. 356544

Depends on what types of drugs she uses/used regularly, if it's only psychedelics like LSD and shrooms (iirc there were reports of her & elon doing those), they don't cause as much damage as stimulants or heavy alcohol consumption.

No. 356545

>this hasn't anything to do with race

No. 356556

??? Money and connections to record labels and radio is a wealth issue not a racial one lol.

No. 356557

>Where is that shy, innocent side of hers?
>Where is that completely unsexualised, tom-boyish kid side of hers?
>In this decade, you can let your childstar daughter be a tomboy and still make bank on her.
>Especially when it's so damn off for her nature.

Anon, that's her character on a fictional TV show, not her real life personality. Playing a shy tomboy doesn't mean she's one in real life. Her "nature" may very well be the 14 year old girl who's having fun looking pretty and wearing makeup and she might WANT to not look like her tomboy character all the time, have you considered that? Usually 14 year old girls don't want to look like boys, especially when they're in the show business.

That's not to say her parents aren't creepy and I don't like the sexualization either, but she's being a normal teen, you're just confusing her with a TV character.

No. 356562

fucking lol radfems are so retarded. sorry this young girl is not your new dyke icon.

No. 356568

this is such a creepy post.
>I get that she enjoys it and I don't wanna deny her her sexuality.
deny it. she's 14

No. 356572

are you the same anon who has been reeing about le terfs in every thread today?

No. 356575

No. 356578

File: 1547947087538.jpg (51.92 KB, 675x1200, DxQW-dQU0AMBxYH.jpg)

No. 356579

File: 1547947136672.jpg (144.85 KB, 993x1200, DxTJTsQWsAYbZui.jpg)

No. 356582

Ariana should just shut her mouth and stop getting involved so much. It's seriously annoying. Where is her PR team. Her running mouth could cost her career.

No. 356590

to think her gay male sycophants call her “eloquent”

No. 356592

That was hard to read. Her dumb ass shouldn't have said anything at all. If she wanted to address it maybe she should address her fans harassing Princess Nokia and calling her slurs.

No. 356594

She's not educated enough to be having this conversation. She's "woke" for PR reasons not because she actually cares. That's why she calls regular songs like 7 Rings woke and feminist even though they are clearly not. Her PR team buys her streaming numbers and Spotify playlist covers (several artist do) and tells people to call her a pop princess when introducing her but then a lot of peoppe cant name more than two or three songs from her. Or they just don't like her or only know her from Nick. Everything about her image is forced and fake moreseo than it ever was for her and between the botox and this "praise me I'm woke" nonesense as someone who used to be a fan I'm tried of her and can't wait till she she's forced to go away like burned out popstars typically do. I wouldn't be surprised if weird whiteknighting for her started happening because her PR team has around 4-5 here known workers for her on LSA (they post about her the most and talk about how she's the icon of this generation and blindly praise her) and they often Google her and defend her on sites like these.
Trdl: she's uneducated, fake "woke" and her PR team is the most vicious one I've ever had to endure in action.

No. 356595

her PR is only called in to make up bullshit like "she made a heartbreaking tribute to MM!!" or "the queen totally offered her damehood but she turned it down because she's too busy doing charity uwu"

No. 356597

Also double posting sorry but she never tells her fan to stop saying slurs towards artist she's against (Kris Wu and now Nokia) she even got caught liking some of the tweets. When she does tells her fans to stop harrasing someone it's for PR because people are talking about how her fans are harrasing someone. She'll tell them to stop but then she'll continue to like the tweets.

No. 356598

> her PR team has around 4-5 here known workers for her on LSA (they post about her the most and talk about how she's the icon of this generation and blindly praise her) and they often Google her and defend her on sites like these.
Do you happen to have any more info on this, anon? I don't visit LSA, sorry.

No. 356600

>when you're a musician who can't spell stereo

No. 356601

The director of that movie had sex with a 13yr sooooo

No. 356606

What thread is that? Sounds interesting

She is probably drunk af. She has been drinking heavily lately. her face looks so bloated lately

No. 356639

oh my god

stay in school kids lmao

No. 356646

I just know that one of them admitted to working in the industry and the others swear that there are just fans. The one who admitted to working for Rebulic Records is the Keisha Williams user (but she backtracked saying she doesn't work for Ariana even though she's always defending her) and the others have this odd blind delusion and are in every thread about her defending her and they make almost all of he threads about her on the website praising her for that fake Damehood thing and then heavily promoting her music on there. I believe one of them have two accounts tho (candacemiami and something else). The people who make her threads are very aggressive and code their posts in a way to market Ariana towards black women in this odd uncomfortable way.(LSA is marketed as predominantly black women but low key I think it's mostly gay white men tbh)

No. 356720

that is not a sexy outfit. it's up to her knee, her arms and chest are covered. her heels are not even high. it's cringey as fuck that you see it that way.
the redhead girl has a dress the same length and sleeveless and you say nothing about it?

No. 356727

I do think that she just happens to look more mature because she's grown out of the awkward tween looking phase faster than the other kids. She looks a lot older than the others when standing next to them. I think the only tasteless thing about her appearance is how shitty her makeup looks but that's her stylist's fault.

They're kids, they're gonna say and do and think stupid shit. Hopefully it's not indicative of any abuse that's occurred but it's probably naive to think that. I wish anyone in Hollywood gave a shit about child actors beyond how much money they can make off them.

No. 356770

It's a leather dress. That's weird for children to wear.

No. 356805

Wait, Kris Wu??

Since when did she have beef with him?

No. 356821

Yeah, I don't think the real MBB is shy or tomboyish, she seems like a fairly extroverted and, uh, "basic" teen girl who wants to appear older and get validation from older, "cool" peers (see: Drake). Sadly it makes her more likely to be preyed on by people who can use these personality traits to their advantage.

No. 356827

File: 1547995008557.png (232.09 KB, 812x447, 00009.png)

No. 356841

File: 1547997846754.jpeg (136.65 KB, 815x541, 359BDB45-D82E-4899-B641-ED1700…)

No. 356846

soulja boy is a fucking clown. he just got caught by nintendo reselling bootlegs lmfao now he's going after ariana. he's probably in financial trouble right now.

No. 356863

She did steal his song, though. No questions there.

No. 356917

Kris was number one on iTunes and she was only number two. She and her manager got pissed and accused him of bitting and had him removed. She's been number one for awhile now but that's because no one else has really released anything so I don't really take that as a win. Her fans were saying things like some "chink" couldn't be number one and kept making go back to China jokes and she would like a bunch of the comments. When she got caught she went back and unlocked a bunch of them and her manager kept going after Kris even after he got removed. Apparently they never proved he had bought he's spot but he still got taken down anyway. So basically her fans are bragging over a fake win since this is he first #1 without a feature in her entire career and yet they had the audacity to compare her to Mariah Carey.
I don't like Kris Wu but I don't like her faking to be woke and then low key liking her fans racism.

No. 356919

Sorry either billboard or iTunes.

No. 356928


I still want to know in what way Nintendo treated Soulja or how much he had to pay. Now he is selling Playstation bootlegs lol

No. 356938

File: 1548006282030.jpg (54.35 KB, 596x460, Ari.JPG)

No. 356942

File: 1548006380821.jpg (53.55 KB, 599x534, ari2.JPG)

No. 356954

Her and Scooter acted like Kris was some unknown artist, not an ex EXO band member. Then Scooter was like saying he was hacked?? It was a mess

No. 356968

File: 1548007172391.jpg (46.65 KB, 382x349, uhhh_what_the_hell.jpg)

truly there is nothing worse than being a child star in the digital age. everyone should know by now that pedos are rampant in hollyweird and we're surrounded with evidence every day, these poor children are being exploited into making money and their childhood and innocence is snatched from them before they even get a chance to experience what being an actual kid is like. and yet no one can really do a damn thing, because the pedophiles are the ones with the money, making more money off these victims.

No. 356974

File: 1548007485240.webm (3.41 MB, 639x1136, haileybieber_2019_01_20_16_57_…)

I began to notice from Thank you, next that every time AG releases another song there's this trend of posting it on insta stories. Ok we get it, you're in the hip and trendy wave lol

No. 356992

File: 1548008095189.jpeg (105.73 KB, 640x1009, image.jpeg)

Azealia stan bringing you her newest maybe-fake-tea-maybe-not.

Honestly don't think Azealia would fake screenshots like this. I'm so looking forward to their trial and hope the investors fuck Elon up.

No. 356994


So she'll address the weave thing but she's crickets on the people who have been asking her about her retarded blaccent and her nonstop use of AAVE on Twitter? I guess it's easier to ignore criticism when it's coming from a bunch of non famous black girls instead of a gossip account with 14 million followers.

No. 356996


samefag but I'm rolling at Grimes projecting her ana logic onto AB

No. 357026

You'd think the music business would be filled with creative people who can actually come up with their own ideas, but apparently not.

Also, what was the point in selling bootleg vidya? Surely he knows scammers only get away because they do it anonymously and can dissolve the company immediately when caught?

No. 357029

I miiiiss AB's Twitter. Please post any more screenshots, anon, I don't have IG.

No. 357032

File: 1548009383274.jpg (45.51 KB, 383x680, DxXxdrCV4AEXhWo.jpg)

No. 357039

File: 1548009511965.jpg (37 KB, 383x680, DxXxdq9UcAAw89Y.jpg)

No. 357042

File: 1548009626186.jpg (42.33 KB, 383x680, DxXxdq-UUAADPtC.jpg)

No. 357053

With Grimes calling AB a narc, I really hope the Feds spook her into never dating a billionaire again. She seems shook.

No. 357062

they're still together

No. 357072

grimes definitely lost with these ana-chan comebacks
aT lEaSt iM NoT FAT!!!

No. 357074


Not for nothing but nobody knows shit until G or E say so. Until then, it's 50/50 that they are either still together OR did break up and are hiding it while Elon takes shit and Grimes fades into her drug habit just to save some face.

No. 357084

a pathetic slapfight between two mentally ill morons

No. 357086

You're right they were in China recently, oops.

Grimes resorting to ana comebacks really shows how much her brain has atrophied from the adderall and starvation. I thought she was intelligent with interesting taste from her Tumblr days but her latest ideas and drama have just been cringey. Her 30s aren't a good look for her…

No. 357087

they were at a wedding together, they were in china together and they spent new years together

No. 357091

So clearly those doing those things together in the past means they can't be broken up now? January is almost over, anon. Time moves on, life changes. I'm just here waiting for the tea at the end of the Grimes and Elon relationship rollercoaster.

No. 357108

Just imagine being like this past your early twenties. Sad.

>hurr I'm hotter than you

>no you're not you're fat

No. 357111


All these years I've been supporting Grimes because she started out as a local artist around here signed to a small local label. She attended the same university as me and the same music program as so many of my friends. She's almost a decade older than me but nonetheless, when she broke the mainstream, doing vogue covers and high fashion campaigns I felt she represented our city's youth to an extent, and the fact that she did it all as an indie artist who slowly grew her following online was impressive considering how uncommon that was in 2010-2013 when she was up and coming. As tacky as it is to admit, most of us 90s kids grew up as weebs influenced by anime & kpop but also listened to experimental underground EDM garbage, dyed our hair terrible colours, probably went to a few too many raves and looked a bit too grungy during our teen years. As much as people around the world seem to hate her, I always thought 'meh I have no reason to not support her, she's one of us'.

But I was not impressed with her aligning herself with banks, she fucked up big time, she fucked up with elon musk as well, ruined his business ventures, probably ruined his family (poor kids), then has the nerve to continue enganging with the woman who is mentally ill AND throws lowest-hanging-fruit type insults at her? Grimes is fucking 30 years old now literally looking for drama with other grown women to project her own internalized misogony and self-hatred. I would be worried for Elon's daughters if he had any (looks like he only has boys), but Grimes is trying to get knocked up and I will be seriously concerned if she has a daughter because she will fuck up that little girl with her pro-ana stance and other issues.

No. 357121

File: 1548012248753.png (125.33 KB, 500x437, elon-musk-and-grimes-at-met-ga…)


No. 357136

>she fucked up with elon musk as well, ruined his business ventures, probably ruined his family (poor kids)

Ok no. Elon is a big boy and can take responsibility for ruining his own family and business ventures. Grimes didn't come in and put a gun to his head and destroy his life, he did that shit on his own. He's not a victim here.

No. 357138

don't do my girl yolandi like this

No. 357139

What are you talking about? I hate Elon just as much given that he's equally to blame. I'm just saddened that Grimes is as immature as she is, Elon is also immature, but I don't care. They literally deserve each other because they're both disgusting at this point.

No. 357147

You literally said she ruined his business ventures lol. He might've made stupid business decisions that fucked him over to impress her but it's not her fault. And she might be a homewrecker but he's the one who opened the door.

Everyone involved in this shitshow is embarrassingly idiotic. The drama these 3 have belongs in high school.

No. 357153

File: 1548013188339.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190120_113850572.j…)

these are posted to Ariana's insta

damage control

No. 357162

Ok, I meant it this way:

If you were to date someone who has 5-6 kids and owns multiple business ventures across the world, and you noticed that he doesn't seem to have integrity and is incompetent both as a family man and a businessman, you'd back out of the relationship if you had any self-respect right?

But unfortunately she's equally trash so instead of seeing the warning signs of her 40-something boyfriend being a mess, she chose to have a serious relationship and is even trying to get pregnant. She's accountable for her own stupid mistakes regardless of Elon also messing up his own life.

No. 357165

>He wants me..babe

Yeah, sure, AB. We saw how it went.

But seriously, Elon Musk is such an idiot can you imagine the damage if he dated Azealia?

No. 357171


pick one

wow, she's embarrassingly transparent. someone needs to take her social media away before she wrecks her image for good

No. 357192

Grimes lost this war of words. If you're a drugged up ana butterfly from a nice, insulated home in upper middle class Canada, don't even bother trying to fight with a bipolar child abuse survivor from NYC who hangs out with sassy gay men and isn't scared to call people all sorts racial slurs and "curry-scented bitches". You will lose.

No. 357200

Patiently waiting for the anon from last thread to go on about how she's just so kawaii, naive and ~*childlike*~, while we're all big no-fun-allowed meanies who think you have to always be serious in your 30s. This is just sad.

No. 357202

This is a mistake. She needs to stop pushing this "I am your woke queen" image. The women's March is always getting critized for promoting feminism meant for solely well off white women like her (look up them screaming over Angela Davis and a bunch of other crap that makes the women's March "problematic" I don't wanna get OT). She claims to be "down" with black women but her actions show that she clearly isnt (I know the March isn't all bad and that it's not just white women there but this is the image the March has now so many celebrities stopped going or talking about it). She's gonna expose herself in a way one day that not even her PR team can cover up and it's gonna be worse than the donuts.

No. 357211

File: 1548014651859.png (5.61 MB, 1242x2208, F4540513-8940-4351-B1D8-5D32A3…)

same old AB… it’s all about the skin colour.

No. 357218

>supporting Yolandi, basically fake-poor South African Grimes
You guys will learn that all these fake deep art school people are trainwrecks. Grimes is just the beginning, I swear. 2019 is the year of getting exposed and dragged.

No. 357219

Lmao that wasn't code for anything, she's a narcissist so it's completely accurate. Problem is that Grimes is also looking like a narc right now.

No. 357220

because all these reports of them breaking up are from the summer when they unfollowed each other as well as those azealia texts

No. 357227

It probably was. "Narc" isn't that heavy an insult, especially when you date Elon Musk, but she kept spamming it.
No way of knowing either way, though. Maybe AB said at some point she hated when people called her a narcissist since that's what her mom is? We'll just have to wait and see.

No. 357228

tbh i don't even like her music, i just think she's hot. is there milk on her?

No. 357239

I don't really see how she's anything like Grimes. She's got her own problems (pushing that fucking lolita image at 30+, ugh), but she seems to have a much more aggressive, white trash personality rather than artsy tryhard weeb.

No. 357246

She's very artsy tryhard weeb, it just manifests differently from Grimes' ways. She and Ninja are inspired by anime/manga like Tekkonkinkreet, going by their IG.
The white trash thing is very fake, too. She went to a nice art school and comes from a wealthy Christian family.

No. 357252

"Narc" to me has always referred to:

noun, informal•North American
noun: a federal agent or police officer who enforces the laws regarding illicit sale or use of drugs and narcotics."

I took it to mean Grimes being pissed about AB snitching to the SEC?

No. 357253

Grimes raps? How are they alike? And I hope you know that Yolandi and her husband's (forgot his stage name lol) white trash get up is purely a persona, and it worked. Just look at their old Max Normal videos. They're pretty fucking genius for coming up with this stupid shit knowing people will eat it up.

No. 357259

See >>357246
She is every bit as pretentious and embarrassing as Grimes. Similar backgrounds and influences. Sorry.
Sure, if you're like 14 and new to performance art, anon.

No. 357260

I'm going to need a source on embarrassing and pretentious besides you just calling her a tryhard weeb over and over.

No. 357261

See: Her body of work and social media posts.
I can't believe Die Antwoord stans still exist in 2019, holy shit. Waifufag elsewhere already.

No. 357269

What? I was just wondering. Calm down and read posts properly before you think people are attacking you. I don't even like them as indicated twice in my initial post.

Also who cares if people like them. You sound crazy…

No. 357272

damn people like die antwoord in 2018?

No. 357273

File: 1548018392710.png (127.37 KB, 400x236, tumblr_p64me0SXVC1qgeg3ho4_400…)

fuck… it's 2019

No. 357276

its 2019

No. 357278

>getting this snippy over a band that hasn't been relevant since 2017
Chill out. I never claimed to be attacked, but you're clearly been feeling a certain way over a small, offhanded comment ever since >>357253. I'm definitely not the one who's crazy here, kek.

No. 357284

Jfc why do you have such a hateboner for her anon is it because shes more successful than you? Anime social media posts arent milky if thats what youre trying to say.

No. 357288

I guess you do enough to look at Die Antwoord social media posts.

No. 357292

File: 1548018846608.jpeg (18.35 KB, 554x554, images (11).jpeg)

Yolandi might be a shitty Grimes-tier artist but she's cute af

No. 357293

Lol retard. Learn to read while you're at it.
Anon clearly said she doesn't like them and called them shitty but the anon sperging out about Yolandi being a "twyhawd weeb" sure sounds like she knows a lot.

No. 357295

>one anon points out she's just Grimes v2
>another is surprised she still has fans
I didn't know Yolandi was a farmer, lmao. Take a xanax, jesus christ.

No. 357299

there's more than 2 anons itt, genius

No. 357302

See >>357295
You are painfully transparent, and the only one sperging. You didn't call her shitty until your weird thirst post, either. Not everyone has to like what you like (or like your ironic rap/rave zEf music). Goddamn.

No. 357307

>Yolandi's a farmer
Take your meds, anon. You sure seem to know a lot about pill popping too. You're more trashy than Yolandi.

No. 357310

>what is a joke
>You're more trashy than Yolandi.
You are big mad, fucking hell. Stop shitting up the thread and go blast her album while crying or something. Wacko.

No. 357311

lol i'm the anon thirstposting and i'm definitely not who you're talking to … i don't have a horse in this race

No. 357312

>her album
*one of her and her boyfriend's album, gomen

No. 357315

My bad, anon. She just mentioned "shitty" and I assumed, since no one else seems to have used it to talk about Yolandi ITT.

No. 357318

I didn't even make that post and yes she said their shit was stupid in her very first post. You need to get a life instead of being so angry about a south african woman.

No. 357324

You're the only one who's mad to be calling people trashy drug addicts for making a simple post comparing her to Grimes, lmao.
Take your own advice, please, or at least stop subjecting people to your psychosis.

No. 357327

Lol straight goofy. Please take that xanax you were recommending bc u clearly need it honey

No. 357331

You are trying so hard. Go to sleep, you're cringy.
I really wonder if you are Millie now.

No. 357333

god damn stop shitting up the thread already. you're so assblasted that you can't even read or focus on who you're responding to.

No. 357336

NTA but shut the fuck up and stan Die Antwoord on /mu/ or whatever.
Nobody here cares.(the anon)

No. 357338

Wow the self-hatred is strong in AB. Not that that wasn't already overwhelmingly apparent.
Also are you guys done with your tit-slapping itt? Jesus

No. 357342

You're bad at samefagging.

No. 357343

what the fuck is happening itt

No. 357344

>everyone who's not as autistic as me is literally the same person
Seek help. There are multiple people in this thread.

No. 357346

are you the same anon who wouldnt stfu about your love for sanrio except now its your hatred for yolandi lmfao

No. 357347

You keep saying that but nobody said they liked die antwoord to begin with.

No. 357349

At this point, only you have been shitting up the thread. Where did she say her shit was stupid? Even if she did, why does it matter? This is a Celebricow thread. Let it get back on topic instead of throwing tantrums.

No. 357352

Omfg anon stop already. No one cares

No. 357354

Literally what? I'm not even a part of your insane fight. You really do need a xanax.

No. 357365

Oh you're new thats why you keep samefagging and shitting up the thread desperately clawing for the last word. Pretty sure people told you to stop already, loser.

No. 357368

That's what I said in that very post. Quit dragging it out and accusing everybody of samfagging. Just stop replying, for fuck's sake.

No. 357375

File: 1548020760438.gif (1.89 MB, 340x347, giphy (1).gif)

uhhh anyway let's talk about how Ariana is fat or something

No. 357377

>someone tells you to stop shitting up the thread (something we can all agree on)
>"you must be that other tard i argued with two weeks ago!!!!!"
>"no? just fucking stop shitting up this place"
>"omg u must be new lol stop samefagging and trying 2 get the last word loser!!!!"
Just stop.

No. 357380

File: 1548020934110.png (635.47 KB, 599x595, bbg.png)

Batshit insane Yolandi sperg aside, I noticed Babygoth was mentioned in the Soundclout thread. Posting caps of her shit in a bit, and a video on her that's been going viral.

No. 357381

File: 1548020951183.gif (5.37 KB, 365x378, 1533501729807.gif)

grimes is ugly. it's no wonder all her recent instagram posts are shopped to hell and back.

No. 357383

Stop sperging, everyone already stopped talking about it except you.

No. 357387

I'm exactly one of those anons, we're just begging you to shut the fuck up.

No. 357389

yeah that's what she meant i'm pretty sure. in my experience "narc" refers to anyone who rats someone else out (although narcissist is also fitting lol)

No. 357393

File: 1548021579841.png (376.85 KB, 1089x701, bb2.png)

>Lied about her age (claims to be 20, is 27)
>has a husband and two kids
>Hid the fact that she was a basic wannabe Melanie Martinez starting out
>plagiarized her debut song
>tried to do damage control by deleting shit, didn't work

No. 357395

This is the video about her being an industry plant. She just kind of randomly popped up among the likes of Lil Xan and Trippie Redd with no build-up, so people smelled BS.
Her IG is babygoth, while her old IG is darth_bria.

No. 357396

File: 1548021828193.jpg (93.95 KB, 1280x1024, 38c3ca17-f6b8-464c-89ba-dbfbdb…)

Is this blackface lol

No. 357398

>inb4 the yolandi autist starts up again accusing everyone of being crazy and mad about her success

No. 357401

File: 1548022202477.png (73.94 KB, 1062x230, bb3.png)

Some milk from an anon who seems to have personally known her.

No. 357408

Imagine being so desperate for fame that you get face tattoos…

No. 357415

What exactly is the point of crossposting about some literally who thot on the same imageboard? Stay in the soundclout thread.

No. 357422

File: 1548023446057.jpeg (352 KB, 1213x1040, 1547929059572.jpeg)

She's a normie musician signed to a major label. I wasn't the one who first posted about her, but finding out she wasn't actually about that Soundcloud life and is a grown-ass woman with two kids and a husband was interesting. Also, the face tatts like >>357408 said made it extra funny.
Feel free to post better milk if you have any, anon. I just want this thread to get back on topic and be interesting again.
Her bitching at people who ask about her kids.

No. 357424

Let it go already, anon. You really are pathetic trying to damage control because you didn't have any reading comprehension. No one cares about her except you.(infighting)

No. 357426

Thx u. So Kris got to No1 on the American billboard charts? Good for him, I'm sure Armys were also screwing.

No. 357428

Not again, holy shit. We've all moved on except for you. Give it up.

No. 357436

File: 1548024127317.jpeg (20.61 KB, 640x640, IMG_20190120_173715.jpeg)

People are saying Katy Perry's new shoe line contains blackface, pic related.

No. 357439

nta but can you go wk your ugly waifu somewhere else, freak?

No. 357445

Idk if it’s blackface but it’s ugly as fuck, either way.

No. 357450

The design is so ugly I'm almost mad about it. Who executed the design and greenlighted this product? Atrocity. Not even people who enjoy the tackiest of fashion styles would like this.

Also does she really need to use that egyptian all-seeing eye thing in her logo? Like celebrities know by now they're accused of being in secret cults and shills for the Illuminati. At this point she's just trying to be edgy or knows she'll continue to be talked about because of it.

No. 357456

I highly doubt blackface was the intention here but it's fucking vile nonetheless. I'm actually offended.

No. 357458

File: 1548025971408.jpg (147.14 KB, 554x1199, DxVAGHTX0AEX60b.jpg)

Cupcakke opened up about being in an abusive relationship on Twitter, but I guess she deleted it.
Secondary source: https://twitter.com/PopAlarms/status/1086845380136820736

No. 357459

File: 1548026011778.jpg (154.56 KB, 554x1199, DxVAGIGWwAEV1KM.jpg)

No. 357462

File: 1548026101340.jpg (108.44 KB, 554x1199, DxVAGHSXgAA6qWD.jpg)

Last cap.

No. 357463

File: 1548026148320.png (857.44 KB, 674x673, cu.png)

Him on the right.

No. 357464

Lol yeah everyone knows blackface requires a white nose. Jesus Christ.

No. 357467


This breaks my heart, but she should have left him on blast.

I truly hope she gets some help and doesn't take back again.

No. 357469


>anime shit on the main site


No. 357472

File: 1548027252816.jpg (28.13 KB, 640x360, ce6cii6rlua21.jpg)

Riley Reid (pornstar) raping a young British boy and admitting it.
Anyone hear anything about it? Not much backlash, from her fellow peoples.

No. 357474

>not much backlash

Well it's kinda hard to shame someone for something they publicly admitted doing. 99% of rapists deny their acts or truly believe they didn't do anything wrong, if they're self-aware, they're usually recovered.

(don't know who she is though)

No. 357475

30k in a 6 month relationship, what an idiot.

No. 357478

its like..not even aesthetic wtf lmao

No. 357479

She's always giving her fans money because she knows being poor sucks, she's very big-hearted and generous. This guy took advantage of that.

No. 357481

>porn star says something edgy related to sex(thats more than likely a lie anyway because women in porn do nothing but lie about sex, sexuality and orgasms just to titillate mouth breathing retarded porn sick losers who dont know a womans clit from her nipple)
have you ever been on any of their twitters or seen any of their interviews? they make shit up like this constantly and it hardly constitutes as milk

No. 357482

File: 1548028145914.jpg (71.34 KB, 1280x720, lindsay.jpg)

Oh shit poor folks in Mykonos hide yo keeds!

No. 357489

File: 1548029085618.jpg (257.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190120-190142_Red…)

This tweet seems sketchy to me, I agree that they use it for shockvalue.

Thanks anon btw, I don't really like porn as much, she's pretty vocal about what she does. (Even to the point of insisting that her asswhole makes more then mother's kek)

No. 357491

its definitely sketchy as most females dont lose their virginity by raping someone because unless she has already masturbated extensively with dildos and other objects, it would be physically uncomfortable at the least

No. 357509

Samefag, understood. Thought I'd bring this up since she's starred in a podcast deepthroating a mic with Jake/Logan Paul (IDK which one).

No. 357520

File: 1548032867678.gif (1022.99 KB, 500x281, Ill-Do-It-For-Attention-On-30-…)

>a pathetic slapfight between two mentally ill morons
Very apt description

Also the timestamp on those texts says August 2018 did she post those today? Wild either way, is it that hard to believe she could be a farmer when you see how she acts/talks?

pic related, Azealia doing anything

No. 357550

File: 1548037032170.jpg (248.56 KB, 799x888, 20190120_181628.jpg)


No. 357568

idk whether to feel bad for grimes or not. you have to be really fucking stupid to ever befriend someone like AB when she's proven time and again to be a complete snake. but seeing their pathetic argument just makes me feel pity. all the therapy in the world couldn't fix her ana brain.

No. 357600

File: 1548048787528.png (1.32 MB, 1056x715, court.png)

tbh I'm just excited to see what Azealia wears to court for the Elon shit. These are my Top 3 "Azealia in Court" outfits.

No. 357601

File: 1548049536256.jpg (79.89 KB, 1061x777, lmao.JPG)

Conservathot Tomi Lauren tries to bait CardiB and then cry victim


No. 357605

There's nothing to feel bad for. I'm starting to think she was never the lovable artsy figure she posited herself as.

No. 357613

I doubt she's conniving or anything, Grimes is just a dumb woman with an eating disorder. I think she has genuine love for art and even though her shit is super basic it doesn't change that she's honestly into the shit she makes.

Befriending AB is very confusing but she's never been a good judge of character or talent. Remember how she aligned with Poppy and still is friends with the ever-so-edgy Nicole Dollanganger? I bet she gets approached with the "the media lies n fans are so mean i just have haters boohoo" bullshit and buys it like a retard.

No. 357620

tfb ab made a comment about her weight first

No. 357621

>thinking narc means narcissist
lol are you 12?

No. 357629

lmao lemme guess, you think it means snitch?

No. 357653

File: 1548063814410.png (48.28 KB, 611x418, cardibtwitter.PNG)

I liked her second reply a lot.

No. 357674

Yikes Cardi's the last person to be talking about racism when she calls people roaches

No. 357676

She's okay with racism against blackies even though she cosplays as them regularly, but not against her fellow brownies. Makes sense.

No. 357701

The black one reminds me of jayden smith's fashion tryharding.

No. 357711

Way too harsh.

No. 357724

lmao wtf. petition for her to wear crocs

No. 357749

is this like irl shitposting or does she seriously not know how to coordinate outfits?

No. 357763

File: 1548087716132.png (45.32 KB, 795x362, img4665.png)

What's with her and airplanes?

No. 357785

Nta but in this context that’s clearly what it means…

No. 357787

Sheesh, if I was a stewardess and I found out she was on a flight of mine I think I would just leave.
>azealia BREAKS DOWN after her own horrible actions have consequences

No. 357870

who cares if some spergs think they're racist, they're ugly af anyway and should all be burned simply because these are unwearable pieces of garbage

No. 357898

i mean okay but what about princess nokia ? I dislike Nokia as a person but 7 rings is a literal ripoff "Mine".

i would love that to happen. Can you imagine the milk ? Azealia would legit ruin his life, he would go absolutely crazy. Amazing.

No. 357901

fr. if this much drama has come from just them talking about a threesome, i can't imagine the fallout if they'd ACTUALLY done it.

No. 357913

They both ripped off Soulja Boy apparently

No. 357944

how is sis so judgemental of other peoples appearances when she looks like this

No. 357946

perhaps flow-wise, but lyrically soulja boy's has nothing to do with either of them. princess nokia's 'mine' has the same "It's mine, I bought it" theme re: hair/weaves

No. 357948

because she's a delusional retard, kind of like when fat uggos call everyone else fat uggos.

No. 357970

File: 1548120388878.gif (2.68 MB, 500x281, tumblr_ovs0qrqtzE1rqpeebo1_500…)

Azealia's lawyer, desperately trying to contain the crazy before she walks into court

No. 357984

It's typical 2-faced non-black POC mentality:
>I'm better than those niggers
> uwu why do white people discriminate against me

No. 358105

File: 1548139312722.jpg (59.95 KB, 640x1030, IMG_20190122_063128.jpg)

No. 358115

looks like Ariana is just going to get away with this just like she gets away with everything. The majority of people will never even get to know who princess Nokia is. (most people in my country have never heard of her)
Benefits of being filthy rich and white

No. 358123

who is this

No. 358140

was she DMing the stewardess or something? I'm fucking confused

No. 358174

She's so cringey honestly

No. 358176

She's so cringey honestly

No. 358181

>In her lengthy Instagram story, she said: "The lady is like… asking me some questions.

>"And since I didn't have an answer for her she went a couple of seats over and she's just like staring at me."

>She added: "She goes to the captain of the plane and lies and says that I said 'Oh don't stare at me, I'll sort you out'.

>"I'm like 'what the f*ck you talking about. I'm from New York City, I don't say shit like that, I don't use that kind of slang."

>She also said: "I've worked too hard in my life to be cornered by some ugly Irish bitch. Like, all these ugly Irish women here."

>She continued: "Then all these security n* come over treating me like a wild animal. They tried their hardest to get me to do something or freak out."

>However, now a fellow passenger on board the flight has come forward to claim that the stewardess involved in the incident was confrontational from the off and was the one who lead to the drama.

>Speaking to MailOnline the passenger, who was sat in the row directly behind Banks, revealed that the incident was sparked Banks attempted to get something out of her luggage, causing her to stand in the aisle and prevent other passengers from boarding in the process.

>“Then she turned to the hostess and said, ‘Are you staring at me…’? Why are you staring at me? I didn’t fill out an Air Lingus form to be stared at.’”

>“The hostess was being quite confrontational. She said to her, ‘I need to know if you are going to cause more trouble on this flight? If someone’s rude to a stewardess, it is something we have to ask. It’s protocol.’”

>“Azealia said something to her friend about it being a power play. She said, ‘I am on this flight and I am famous.’”

>“The hostess said, ‘I don’t care if you’re famous.’”

>The passenger claims that at this point, Banks contemplated getting off the flight, allegedly telling her friend and fellow passenger “‘I don’t want them to spit in my coffee.’”

>The rapper eventually did remove herself from the flight, resulting in a delay of well over an hour for the other passengers travelling to Dublin while her bags were unloaded.

>Speaking anonymously, the source described staff on the flight “a bit aggressive and confrontational” in their handling of the situation.

>“They were asking Azealia if she was going to be trouble before we had even taken off, which only escalated the situation.

"[Banks] said the attendants were harassing her and I think they were a bit heavy handed."

No. 358187

I think is a fan offended that she said all those things about Irish women. She went on a rampage about Ireland, as you can expect from Azealia.

No. 358188

File: 1548157044865.jpg (112.19 KB, 1074x1904, DxgcaF1WkAAFPzL.jpg large.jpg)

No. 358190

Yeah it's a fan she's been posting her dms on her Instagram story

No. 358273

File: 1548171669394.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1693, BF9621DC-D982-48A3-9630-809F30…)

Abuser who received absolutely no punishment goes on to abuse more women. Amazing. How does this piece of shit still have fans, why do people not care about female victims and continue to support disgusting scumbags

No. 358293

How are otherwise intelligent people still saying "how can anyone support a rich, manipulative rapist?" when America is literally a haven for them.

No. 358295

you really got my hopes up for a second there anon, i read the headline too fast and saw it as "singer chris brown dies"

No. 358309

Sounds like she was in the right to me

No. 358311

God I fucking love Azelia's Bantz

No. 358322

Agreed wholeheartedly, vid related.

No. 358327

literally how?

No. 358335

It's like Kiki if she was famous

No. 358340

hi azelia(hi cow)

No. 358346

NTA, but another passenger corroborated that the attendant was being a bitch to her, lied about being threatened and called security for nothing. It was wrong to say Irish women are ugly (though Brits say it all the time, so I don't know why some people are trying to pull the race card over it), but she peacefully disembarked the plane after being treated rudely.
I'd do the same thing if some stewardess mouthed off at me about "causing trouble" just for getting something out of my luggage before the plane takes off.

No. 358362

Seems like his raping is somewhat catching up to him. I'm sure there's gonna be tons of people defending this utter scumbag and violent sexual offender, just like with R. Kelly. Or any other RnB male artist, like Drake.

No. 358367

so some crazy bitch going

>Are you staring at me…’? Why are you staring at me? I didn’t fill out an Air Lingus form to be stared at

at someone looking in their general direction isnt threatening and confrontational?

No. 358379

It's snippy, but not "threatening".
She asked why she was staring, she replied with "Will you be causing any more trouble??" (so I doubt she was scared or worried for her safety, lmao), then she went off to the captain and claimed AB threatened to "sort her out".

No. 358383

well she also said that Elon Musk wanted to make alien orgies so I wouldn’t really trust what AB says.

No she’s stepping back saying it’s all lies created by the media and that she loves Ireland.

No. 358389

This time, another passenger corroborated her side of the story, so I don't doubt it. Staff on planes can be complete dicks, glad I never dealt with any mess.
And honestly, the things she says about other celebrities almost always end up being true (even the Russel Crowe thing, RZA admitted he did spit on her years later).

No. 358397

In her defense, she never talks shit about her actual exes that I recall

No. 358464

File: 1548201938944.png (621.01 KB, 971x539, Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 6.00…)

>so I doubt she was scared or worried for her safety, lmao
Why wouldn't she be tho? Azealia has a history not only of assault, but specifically of assaulting both passengers and flight attendants
>On September 22, 2015, Banks became involved in a confrontation with a fellow passenger and the flight crew while attempting to exit a Delta Air Lines flight that had just landed in Los Angeles. According to witnesses, Banks was attempting to squeeze past other passengers to disembark the plane more quickly, when a French man blocked her path. Banks reacted by spitting in the man's face, punching him, and clawing at his shirt. Subsequently, a flight attendant stepped in and demanded that Banks calm down. This resulted in Banks forcefully arguing with the flight attendant, in which she at one point called the Delta employee a "fucking faggot"

I mean, if anyone knows better feel free to correct me but people don't joke about airplane safety, people have been removed from planes for lesser things. Wouldn't she have a permanent red flag on her flight record as someone to keep a close eye on?

No. 358486

File: 1548204058799.jpg (155.89 KB, 1200x1199, DxjZ05qXQAEdfzm.jpg)

Ariana's releasing a new album next month.

>Breakup With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored

No. 358501

didn't she also bite a flight attendant's boob?

blocking the aisles during boarding is a no-no and i'm sure AB was acting like an aggressive hood rat as soon as the flight attendant told her to sit down, because that's how she reacts to literally every confrontation.

No. 358519

File: 1548207680853.png (282.49 KB, 673x678, Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 7.36…)

It was a security guard at a club that she bit. Close enough, though.
Azealia "they treat me like an animal!" Banks
>slaughters live chickens
>spits in stranger's face
>bites people
>slashes her sisters neck with a box cutter
>starts fights with anyone and everyone
can't believe they treat her like that :((((

No. 358520

No. 358521

Azelia has an alibi in this one so I would say she's in the right

No. 358523

what the fuck are you talking about? she was literally on the plane

azealia, sage your shit(hi cow)

No. 358528

Holy shit she's in this thread…

No. 358531

>"I am not the person who said Chris Brown raped them," she said. "I was there but nothing happened and the man who hit me had no relation to Chris Brown."
>Ford says "nothing happened" but she was hit by a man who wasn't the "Undecided" singer. Ford also denies being the one who accused the artist of sexual assault.
I can't even unpack what this is supposed to be saying. So some random woman who is not the woman accusing Chris Brown of rape was hit by a man that wasn't Chris Brown? Therefore…. he's innocent? What?

No. 358537


I know, it’s confusing. It was either a false accusation, a case of misidentification, or someone threatened them and they’re backtracking out of fear/intimidation. It’ll get buried unfortunately.

No. 358538

>or someone threatened them and they’re backtracking out of fear/intimidation
But this isn't even the woman who accused him recanting her accusation……it's just some random woman who has nothing to do with the situation saying she was hit by some guy who wasn't Chris Brown. It's utter nonsense.

No. 358539

It's a diversion tactic, muddying the waters. Makes me think the rape was legit and now skme broad is being paid under the table to shed just enough doubt on the matter for it to be forgotten.

No. 358540

The fucking hoops people will jump through to protect male celebrities is insane.

No. 358541


lmao, did she intentionally spell her name wrong to throw us off the scent?

No. 358552

>“Then she turned to the hostess and said, ‘Are you staring at me…’? Why are you staring at me? I didn’t fill out an Air Lingus form to be stared at.’”

that's literally AB starting shit and being confrontational. by the passenger's own words the stewardess didn't do or say anything until AB went off.

No. 358584

can't we just agree that both azelia and the flight attendant were both bitches and focus on how amazing it is that she peacefully took herself off the plane? she must really not have wanted to go to ireland lol

No. 358596

such a woke feminist qween

No. 358604

holy shit azealia lmaooo

No. 358613

>4 years ago
So, the flight attendant was a fan in disguise anxious for a news-worthy moment? That'd make sense.

No. 358615

File: 1548228933240.png (2.45 KB, 251x65, cyrus.png)

No. 358616

>Noah Cyrus has a post on her IG of her dancing to Disco Inferno by 50 Cent as a child.
>as a child
Reading comprehension, anon.

No. 358632

So the no minors rule applies to childhood images/videos of current adults now?

No. 358646

I don't think the mods even care about that rule for this thread, since anons were able to post pictures of the stranger things kids with no problem

No. 358652

Right! There's been a lot of posts about Millie, who's currently 14, so why would a 19 year old celeb's publicly posted childhood throwback video (from long after she started appearing in TV shows and movies) suddenly be an issue?

I figured the no minors rule was more for people who are currently underage, anyway, otherwise we wouldn't be able to mention anything about a cow/orbiter/etc. from before they turned 16.

No. 358675

I'm the anon who posted that tidbit initially and damn if you wanna see a child acting sexy so bad go to her ig and find it yourself

>otherwise we wouldn't be able to mention anything about a cow/orbiter/etc. from before they turned 16.

It's not mentioning minors that's an issue. It's posting pics. Better to err on the side of caution. Someone go rind the post and post it and see if you get banned kek

No. 358676

Find* fuck

No. 358683

This is old curdled milk but what do you guys think of this? It's sort of convincing but idk. Leann Rimes is apparently a cow


Stolen from the recently necro'd copycat thread in /ot/

I made a collage but there was a typo in my original post and I deleted the pic so just go to that twitter

No. 358813

File: 1548263480842.png (906 KB, 1042x1043, Screenshot_20190123-090745~2.p…)

this is a screenshot of a screenshot so pls excuse the shit quality but lollllll

the only thing is there's no date so idk

No. 358833

lmao what a fucking crock of shit. sure ma, bella got her bloated corpse fish face and botched pinched nose naturally!!

No. 358836

Old, but Yolanda's bs 'chronic Lyme disease' claims are a great rabbit hole.

No. 358844


She uses duoble negatives - a litotes. I read her comment as a confirmation for botox and fillers.

No. 358849

Omg hahaha good catch

No. 358875

File: 1548271379424.jpeg (48.23 KB, 620x450, 1BFA0636-6A26-44FA-B114-372A12…)

no one thinks you’re fucken “amazing” for being kicked off a flight for being an asshole azealia holy shit
>So, the flight attendant was a fan in disguise anxious for a news-worthy moment? That'd make sense.
>fan in disguise
The only thing news-worthy about it was that you went on a huge sperg on insta after. No one would have given a single shit if not for that.

yall seein this shit?

No. 358877

for what it’s worth this sounds like azealia’s specific way of speaking as well tbh

No. 358880


can we stop with this "azealia is a farmer!!!" nonsense. I thought "hi cow" bullshit was a bannable offense.

No. 358881

I'm not Azealia, and I'm also only one of those anons, lmao. It's just funny to think some random attendant is privy to 5 year old milk about her being insane on a plane, considering her irrelevancy nowadays outside the Elon/Grimes thing.
She was rude as usual, but even a passerby confirmed that the flight attendant was the aggressor and the one with the problem. Now chill out. Were you the attendant, or someone on the plane? Is that why you're so pressed about this non-event? She didn't even fill many seats for the Ireland concert, IIRC.
We need some actual milk ITT, anons are going overboard.

No. 358891

This, I'm so goddamn sick of it.

No. 358899

Yolandi is actually the skinny people keep saying Ariana is (who has just a 25" inch waist at 5'0 100-110 pounds, pretty unimpressive) with actual muscle tone + curves. It's funny to me women with Ariana's shape never actually look semi-decent unless they're pretty much pudgeless since they have the worst body type for a woman

No. 358908

I love Yolandi. I think she's cute and I love that she makes tacky shit look good.

No. 358928

File: 1548276880128.png (355.2 KB, 402x376, 67968209-2cad-4970-9b25-818126…)


This is kinda old now, but it popped up in my explore.
What do you all think? Everyone in the comments are defending it saying it's okay because "she's hot, so he probably wanted it" and because it's a woman, and shit like that.
Even if he doesn't look bothered it's still disturbing af. And it seems this hasn't been talked about as much, I never knew about this.

No. 358933

anons are going to call you a literal pedophile now, jsyk.

No. 358934

It's gross but she's 19 and he's 15 in this image. Not sure I would call this "predatory" but it's still weird.

I know some people think it's "wrong" but I had an 18yr old bf at 15 and nobody batted an eye, we were both in high school.

No. 358935

Yolanda is the worst. I've been rewatching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she's obnoxious.

No. 358954

he's 15 and looks 11

its disgusting

No. 358971

underage is underage, pedos get the bullet

No. 358981

File: 1548280890376.png (49.02 KB, 795x351, FHTZKZUT87T.png)

No. 358989

i think it is wrong, but i think these kinds of things tend to be motivated by different things when the girl is older. demi likely was not taking advantage of this kid (realistically, why would she? women don't often have a weird thing for this like men do, and just look at the kid).

when i was like 17 my bf's younger brother had a crush on me and my bf asked me to kiss him on the cheek to make him blush or whatever, and i did it so he'd feel happy. it's not like i was attracted to his brother or that it was a sexual thing. tbqh it's likely he was into his hot costar demi and someone suggested he be given a kiss for his birthday by his super famous crush. if that's the case, it really is very different. yes, this is a mouth kiss, but i will almost guarantee it was meant to be innocent. intention and context matters. if this was a female teacher preying on a male student or demi forcing him to fuck her for roles, that's fucked up shit and totally inexcusable, but i highly doubt this situation was her trying to prey on him and take advantage of this little dweeb, c'mon

No. 359004

Look at her though. It doesn't seem all that innocent and she kept insisting on that shit.
And a kiss on the cheek is not the same as a kiss on the mouth. You don't find it weird when a parent kisses their child on the cheek, but if it's on the mouth it's weird. It's the same thing here

No. 359051

File: 1548288279629.png (Spoiler Image, 306.72 KB, 332x612, 78564657890-.png)

Speaking of Noah Cyrus, wtf is this in her instastory??

Is this a dead dude or am I just dumb? She wouldn't go this far for edgy points, right?

Spoiler for possible disturbing image

No. 359057

looks like a prop closet on the set of a music video or movie

No. 359060


I think you are right, anon. Thanks for clarifying

No. 359075

Are you retarded? Are you really trying to claim that women can’t be pedos? Yeah, it’s a 4 year difference, but developmentally she’s miles ahead of this kid and they live in completely different world.
Sure, there’s not as many female pedos, but let’s not try to pretend that women can’t also be utter scum

No. 359082

Exactly. It's one thing a 4 year difference in a, say 18 to 25 range. But he was JUST turning 15, so he was literally a kid.

Also I know adult women who are into young teen boys. Pedophilia is not a men exclusive thing

No. 359092

File: 1548294132559.jpg (365.98 KB, 1440x1172, Screenshot_20190123-204001.jpg)

Old convo but here is more information on what Ariana Grande's team does when she messes up on social media. They spend more money on her PR than anything else.

No. 359093

File: 1548294342730.jpg (526.54 KB, 1440x1899, Screenshot_20190123-204459.jpg)

No. 359095

what is this from? it certainly seems to add up.

No. 359112

It's LSA, they also posted that Ariana's team are taking down Twitter accounts of people who call out her behavior. Like whenever she likes racist or shady tweets and stuff. There are also some celebrities who pay to have hate accounts made towards other celebrities in order to make themselves look better or to just bash the competition.

No. 359118

The Atlantic published an expose on Bryan Singer. He's another Hollywood predator; preyed on underage boys.


No. 359120

File: 1548298008010.jpg (188.5 KB, 1200x1200, DxnCiVeVAAAr2zf.jpg)

Bryan's response

No. 359121

File: 1548298097584.jpg (85.39 KB, 660x317, DxnV0GzXQAIk3Tz.jpg)

Authors' response

No. 359125

> Are you really trying to claim that women can’t be pedos?
not at all. you jumped to that weird-ass conclusion. what i was getting at was that without context whenever these BOMBSHELLS about women come out, they tend to not be sexually motivated or necessarily predatory in the same way. there are female pedos, of course, but i highly doubt demi is actually a pedo because she kissed a dweeby teenage boy on the mouth on his birthday. it's very possible that she was told to kiss him or it was suggested that she kiss him as a gift, etc. male culture does not see 'hot' older girls kissing younger guys or boys the same way we do, especially back then. i think the intent and context matters. this isn't the same thing as male hollywood movie moguls trying to get 15 year olds to 'consent' to sleeping with them in exchange for fame. it's often MRA reactionary bullshit that is hyped up because men need a scapegoat. it's like momokun. she did what she did not for the same reasons as men do it. it's not at all the same, but there was a huge shitfest about it as if what she did was just as malignant and disgusting. it is gross, but it wasn't lecherous and rapey the way men do the things they do, and one is much, much worse than the other. they're not actually parallels. there ARE female pedos, but the situations surrounding these bombshells are often very different than the ones they're compared to, and the picture alone isn't enough information. i highly doubt that this is the other side of the coin to the men in hollywood preying on young girls or young boys.

there's obviously a chance she could be a pedo, but the picture alone isn't enough information. there are definitely veritable female predators and pedos out there that are 100% comparable to male pedos, but there usually seems to be a reach when it comes to famous women or e celebs and stuff.

No. 359144

It's not just a picture. There's a link to a video in the post.
And saying that it's not the same just because she's a "bombshell" and "famous" is dumb af

No. 359154

NTA but i feel like people have more of an issue with demi because she went on to date ashton kutcher who was a lot younger too
yes, he was legal but to me its no less creepy when an older woman is slithering around with men half her age than it is when men do it

despite any sort of ~power heirarchy~ males have, its still weird af
i think if a male had done what demi did in the video, there would be a much bigger hooplah over it but society is still YASS QUEEN'ing when women date younger guys and WOW SO FUCKING HOT WHAT A LUCKY KID is typically the male response to a situation like that too despite the fact that young males can be just as much victims of rape, sexual assault, and age preying as a female can

No. 359155

File: 1548300050556.jpg (54.78 KB, 640x595, bfd7b55d214581b2664748a06c9e7a…)

No. 359182

Whether the boy "wanted" it or not is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is she is older and should KNOW that this shit is inappropriate and to go for someone her own age. She is old enough to know better, it doesn't matter what kind of excuse she gives, she's fucking gross for doing this

No. 359184

can you post the specific thread you found?

No. 359201

There's a few random posts yelling about how black women are just jealous of her in there but for the most part even users I normally see defending her were upset by her posting what she did and misspelling sterotype as stariotype and how she needs to get off social media.

No. 359206

Wasn’t he 25? It’s still kinda weird but nothing to get super worked up over. It’s not like he was barely legal.

No. 359225

She just lost weight and got into shape. I don't understand what I'm supposed to see anon

No. 359227

Anon, that’s a different face. The fuck are you on about, faces don’t change that dramatically just from losing weight unless you had a full moon before

No. 359238

I didn't know losing weight completely changes the shape of your nose.

No. 359258

>Idk Millie herself seems to enjoy the ride and defends herself all the time (on insta and such). I get that she enjoys it and I don't wanna deny her her sexuality

Are you retarded? her sexuality has nothing to do with the way she dresses. Do you think she gets turned on wearing heels? Go back to the autogynephile forum where you came from.

No. 359354

File: 1548339725693.jpg (54.89 KB, 750x445, 848326.jpg)

She doesn't even look like her second face anymore. Right pic is after the rhinoplasty (circa 2016), left pic is recent. She's only 22.

No. 359356


So potentially shaved her jaw, fillers and maybe lipo around the jawline? Her face shape just looks totally different, and its not like she was overweight before.

No. 359358

If she really shaved her jaw, she would have disappeared for 3 months completely. I think she just lost even more weight, uses more fillers and botox than ever before and does hard drugs. She has that gaunt look junkies very often have.

No. 359359

File: 1548340415534.jpg (12.57 KB, 236x329, 2e1e6e99e47351dbfc7889561720d9…)

It is absolutely absurd how similar to Carla Bruni she looks.

No. 359360

File: 1548340830687.png (2.31 MB, 1288x972, bellahadid.png)

Doesn't she date the weeknd, whose entire personality/image is drugs? Clearly she's had work done, but she's also lost a ton of weight

No. 359369

Looks like white Naomi Campbell

No. 359376

>implying a kid can responsibly differentiate between dress AND the impact it has on others and their budding sexuality and blooming too early and missing my point that it's the parents job to check their way of dressing because a kid can't be left alone with that responsibility
have you never seen teens slut it up and going unchecked by their shitty parents? On which planet you livin?

No. 359379

File: 1548344843222.jpg (43.8 KB, 450x675, 450_1000.jpg)

I don't think she shaved her jaw, jaw shave isn't a thing in the West unless it's for medical reasons. It looks more like a buccal pad removal and maybe masseter botox + cheekbone fillers to make them more prominent, lip fillers and probably a brow lift too. She should've stopped right here in pic related imho. She had her own thing going on looks wise, instead of looking like a gaunt copy of another model.

No. 359382

nose job. lip + cheek + forehead fillers. smoothed undereyes. maybe sculpted chin. but I don't think she shaved her jaw.
she looks 40 tbh

No. 359384

Anon are you legally blind?

No. 359386

Wow she looked so doughy, she has an amazing bone structure now, even thought she looks VERY fake.

No. 359407

She's so pretty and cute in the left pic, wtf. Why did she make herself look so much older?

No. 359421

File: 1548353584232.jpg (53.08 KB, 634x960, 50244648_10218280543434723_913…)

I think she looked fine. She was also a teenager in that picture so her face had to be fuller.

I saw Bella irl a year ago, she looked less emaciated than she does in her selfies, she wasn't wearing makeup (or maybe very little) and looked more fresh faced and younger compared to her pictures. Less fake, too. Maybe her fillers had dissolved and it was before she went to get more, because she looked more similar to her older self.
It has to be said that it's only recently that she went really ham with the cosmetic procedures, pic related. Sad!

No. 359429

How did she look at this pic and decide to upload it? Looks terrifying.

No. 359437

She deleted it some minutes later

No. 359440

It looks like she has a mask on

No. 359448

I mean..when a male celebrity dates a 25 year old, people lose their shit and call him a pedo even though thats literally not the definition of a pedophile. A 40 and 25 can date for a plethora of reasons, usually an exchange of sort including money and sex. I dont think Demi is a pedo, but neither is a 40 year old guy dating a 25 year old model.

No. 359486

god shes a fucking milky treasure. the headline about her being a psycho with that huge grin on her face has me rolling

No. 359487

dude i was literally just thinking about this, I want to here more about her being a copycat nutcase

No. 359500

Ntayrt but you misread. The anon was not calling the women bombshells. They were calling the abuse allegations come to light "bombshells".

>these BOMBSHELLS about women come out
>situations surrounding these bombshells are often very different than the ones they're compared to, and the picture alone isn't enough information.

No. 359661

File: 1548387798191.png (751.26 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20190125-143932~2.p…)

lol did she really enter the country via ferry after getting kicked off the plane

No. 359664

Srsly whats wrong with this bitch? She can stop whining about being black now.

No. 359674

File: 1548389074300.png (6.79 KB, 56x56, 353061725198614531.png)


that top lip tho

No. 359688

anyone else feel like she could carry a thread in /snow/? this shit is hilarious and a constant stream of it.

No. 359722

Yes she really should bitch is a mess and a fucking clown shes the best entertainment.

No. 359750

Oh, for sure. It would be nice to not have to have to keep explaining her history of milk and why she's a cow to azealia/idiots that come on here and don't know how to google sperging "she's not a cow no one wants to talk about her!!"

I'll try and come up with a comprehensive history of milk (there's honestly so much) and make the thread in /snow/ if yall are down.

No. 359751

I don't trust myself with making a thread bc I am not too familiar with her to be honest but I'd love a /snow/ thread!!

No. 359754

(I literally just said I could do it >>359750 just gimme a little bit to gather all the info)

No. 359758

We posted at the same time, dude.

No. 359780

>when a male celebrity dates a 25 year old, people lose their shit and call him a pedo

Fucking when, anon? shove your male apologist BS up your ass

No. 359787

File: 1548410579504.jpg (53.53 KB, 660x440, Azaelia-Banks-and-Grimes.jpg)

Azealia Banks thread: >>>/snow/771485

I'm honestly exhausted. There's just too much milk for her.

No. 359789

Why does some retard feel the need to make a thread about a cow who does not need their own thread every single week? And this one appears to be a newfag at that. Ther is zero reason why we can't continue discussing her here.

No. 359791

I am honestly happy that she got her own thread on snow already. I can't read and see anything about her here anymore because she triggers me so much

No. 359797

What? Older male celebs dating younger women happen all the time and nobody gives a shit. At worst, people might joke about it but they rarely, if ever, receive social flak for dating a 20 something.

No. 359798

>when a male celebrity dates a 25 year old, people lose their shit and call him a pedo even though thats literally not the definition of a pedophile.
When does this ever happen? Seriously, what ugly man told you this lie so many times that you just ended up believing it? Break free of him and actually observe reality.

No. 359800

same, maybe her stan(s) can argue about how much of a flawless kween she is in her own thread

No. 359815

G-guys what if Amanda-chan is in fact AB herself.

No. 359821

Seriously. Aaron Taylor Johnson is way worse, /he/ was like 17 and in a bad place.

No. 359830

So I was curious and looked at Jason David Frank, the white power ranger's Instagram and I noticed he had a daughter. Dear God, I didn't expect his daughter to be so sexualized, she's 15. She looks like a 19 year old. Of course, this is how every Hollywood parent raises their children. It's sickening.

No. 359835

Right I'm glad there an Azealia Banks thread now. The new thread means anons won't keep posting here and clogging up this thread which is for real celebrities.

No. 359838

Does no one else think maybe alcohol was a big factor here? She looks blitzed.

No. 359891

File: 1548433878778.jpg (347.56 KB, 800x791, 20190125_083021.jpg)

What a sad ass. It looks like she's clenching.

No. 359901

Who cares if a 15 year old child has a "sad ass"

No. 359904

she literally doesnt even look bad at all in fact this is almost a relief to see someone with a regular looking human body rather than some disgusting madonna diaper ass.

No. 359911

Her, Millie Bobbie Brown, and Finn Wolfhard are going to have so many #MeToo stories.

No. 359912

Yeah, ia. It's bad enough when adults feel the need to get the instathot plastic surgery, I really don't think it's "sad" for a young teen to have a normal-looking body.

No. 359924

Fuck you're right. I forgot she's only 15. Should I kms

No. 359940

I don't know about Bregoli… she knows it's all a stunt.

No. 359965

her mom just came out and said she and gigi have no fillers


why do celebrities lie about this shit?

No. 359969

I had to google because I remember reading about her dating a grown woman at one point. Idk if her girlfriend was actually an adult, but she does have a lyric about living with her.

>“That day I met this girl Gabby / Who I then started dating or talking to for a couple months (I don’t know why… I really don’t know why),” Bregoli raps. “And I was living with her in her trailer and it was crazy like, every time I’d go outside, all the neighborhood kids were surrounding her house.”


No. 359983

jfc anon, she's a kid. She's an incredibly annoying, rude and stupid kid but her oversexualisation and all things surrounding that aren't on her. I agree minors can be milky but I'm so over people making fun of bhadbabie and calling her a slut/hoe/whore or making fun of her appearance. Imo every man who has slept with her should be put in prison for life.

No. 360001

sage for faggotry but i really liked the person grimes used to be. she spoke out about how shit women are treated in the music industry and how she doesn't want to be a sex icon or anything… well elon totally ruined her. fucking shithead muskrat, ruined an artist that used to be really genuine and now is trying to be a sexy loli uwu relatable gurlll. like you're 30 and less mature than u used to be but ok claire

No. 360101

File: 1548453859828.jpg (321.43 KB, 800x805, 20190125_135906.jpg)

That's …nice, I guess? Why is she doing something normal? She's insane so I have to imagine it isn't genuine. Major tinfoil here but I wonder if she's doing it for good pr or to show social workers she's a ~good mom~

>"I’m not sure why God chose me to tell this story but I have to fulfill my calling: A couple months ago I went to the dog park and saw Angelina Jolie selling organic dog treats."

>"I know now that Angelina’s kids knew I was taking that photo and I wasn’t getting anything past anybody, but I’m still glad I took the photo and I’m sorry that’s their lives,” she said

Idk if I should've saged this bc it's kinda mundane but …it's Crazy Angie

No. 360103

>She's insane
Please give me details on this. I never kept up with her.

No. 360104

Go here >>>/ot/334208 and ctrl+f her name

No. 360108

isnt it possible this was for a school project for one of her kids?

No. 360110

Lightning response here lol (me not you) but yes that's totally possible. I was def tinfoiling but really I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn these superstar parents send surrogates (nannies, etc.) to do shit like this with their kids regularly.

No. 360112

This just seems like such a waste of time to me. If Jolie wants to donate for a good cause then she might as well donate some of the millions of dollars she already has or volunteer her time for a charity event.

That would make more sense. But why are all of her kids there?

Why are you blaming Elon for this? Grimes is probably just revealing who she really is. Idk why people here think women are victims 100 percent of the time. It's kind of insulting.

No. 360114

>elon totally ruined her.
no, she was always an obnoxious wannabe loli girl. tbt to her posing with stuffed animals and saying she wishes she was asian.
just because she made vague statements like "some producer wanted to sleep with me" doesn't make her vocal of how women are treated in the music industry kek.

No. 360115

Ty dear anon. Idk how I missed this.

No. 360122

File: 1548455308087.jpg (50.87 KB, 640x480, angie<3.jpg)

The treat sales benefited @hopeforpawsrescue.

> she might as well donate some of the millions of dollars she already has
…She does and she's well known for it. She is constantly doing humanitarian work.

She's beautiful, philanthropic, and an excellent mother. Take that you nasty rodents.

No. 360123

They must think everyone's retarded, apparently. Bella even denied the very obvious nosejob, claiming that there's no way she had surgery because "she's scared of needles" or something like that

No. 360125

I liked her, too, and I still enjoy her music/aesthetics, but I doubt Elon "ruined" her. She probably was never really "genuine" except in the sense of having a creative vision.

She just went with what people wanted her to be, personality-wise. In the past, that was the Tumblr/art degree/weeby/raver kids she surrounded herself with. Now, she's with Elon, and her MO has shifted into going with what he wants her to be. He's an old, rich fart who wants to feel young again with a cool, artsy, smart internet gf to go on wild benders with. The problem is, he doesn't understand or fully appreciate the culture behind that persona of hers, so he complains about it, and she's stuck trying to LARP as his stupid, vapid idea of it.

Figuring this out is honestly what soured me on Yolandi Vi$$er and all these other female celebrities from well-off backgrounds who make a killing off of being "artsy waifs". It's like all their personality exists solely in their art, while the rest is just drugs and endless pandering to whoever benefits them most to pander to. They aren't strong female art icons making their fame their own way. It makes me kind of sad because I grew up looking up to them. The only possible exceptions I can think of right now are Bjork, Janelle Monae, Mariko Goto and Joanna Newsom.

No. 360126

The Angie sperging accounts thing reminded me of Robert Downey Jr anonymously exposing Hollywood pedos on a blind item site as "Himmmm". They're like two opposites, one uses anonymity to expose shitty people, the other one uses it to drag her ex husband's ex gf. The hero and the villain.

No. 360132

add kate bush to the list as well

No. 360133

File: 1548456282812.gif (1.5 MB, 240x180, 1529010565940.gif)

No. 360140

>This just seems like such a waste of time to me. If Jolie wants to donate for a good cause then she might as well donate some of the millions of dollars she already has or volunteer her time for a charity event.

I can kind of see the logic behind it. Instilling a work ethic in your kids, encouraging them to help others through their own means and not through mommy and daddy's money. It also seems like something kids might just do for fun. I don't think it's that deep.

No. 360144

thats actually..a normal ass..?
not to mention she's underaged

not every woman feels the need to inject their body parts with silicone or spend hours a day doing "squats" for no reason other than to make their ass look unnatural
get outta here with that sexist bs

No. 360153

It was an unflattering pic by celeb standards but y'all are right to roast me.

Brb killing myself

No. 360176

does Kate Bush have any milk? i thought she kept out of the public eye for the most part.

No. 360236

File: 1548477690760.png (162.89 KB, 804x804, 0097 - 8DwpCYc.png)

No. 360237

okay, angelina.

No. 360238


Wait, is RDJ actually Himmmm?

No. 360239

learn to sage dude

No. 360243

and then Sam Taylor-Wood promptly had him cosplay John Lennon, the object of her obsession and focus of nearly her entire career to that point, in her film.
The whole Aaron Johnson saga is strange as hell to me.

No. 360258

Devon is an angel, I don't think there's any milk with her. But Sydney is definitely a little suspicious. I'm curious about her relationship with Bear.

No. 360260

aaron was fucking gorgeous. i have no idea what made him marry that woman. its disgusting imo that he was 18 and she was 42. thats like marrying someone your mothers age. not to mention they had a child a year after their engagement and another the year of their marriage, all by the time he was 20.

No. 360264

Agreed. He must have intense mommy issues. She basically groomed him, I think he was actually around 16 or 17 when they first met and she was the director of the film he was acting in. When you consider that power dynamic as well it's fucked up.

Also one her kids from a previous relationship is only like 3 years younger than him. It must be wild to have a hot step-dad that could literally be your boyfriend.

No. 360284

File: 1548493761892.png (265.23 KB, 491x531, Untitled.png)

guys they got lana

No. 360286

I don't think so. It's wishful thinking. It's more likely to be a guy called Talley Griffith.

No. 360345

It isn't 100% confirmed, but there are many clues pointing in that direction. Everything he spills comes out to be true, so he's legit in the Hollywood biz. When asked about himself, he revealed that he was once a mess and nearly destroyed his Hwood career, but he sobered up. He's also confirmed and denied some blind items about RDJ. Lastly, he named names in a list of Hollywood people he considers "good", and the majority of them are people that 100% have come in contact with RDJ, including Iron Man's director and Susan Downey, RDJ's wife.
I think it's really him.

No. 360346

she looks demonic in the top right pic

No. 360358

”Mom how long we have to sit here”
”Stop whining, Lacoste. Paps need a good photo so keep that smile”

No. 360367

File: 1548516572734.jpg (56.75 KB, 680x454, Ci9AwKi0.jpg)

I though the same thing. In the other celebricows thread there are screen caps of her doing this exact thing. It's delicious milk

Apparently Wendy Williams' husband beats the shit out of her regularly. This has been speculated about for some time now. He uses her for money and openly has a young side chick. Explains why she feels the need to keep blowing him even when her son walks into the room. Control and dominance probably.

>Wendy Williams has been hospitalized and won’t be returning to her daytime talk show anytime soon

>Williams, 54, has “suffered horrendous physical abuse at the hands of her husband from hell, according to a former employee’s lawsuit!”
>The tabloid claims Hunter, 46, attacked his wife, “choking her, kicking her and punching her in the face!”
>Enquirer also alleges Williams has helped her husband cover up the abuse.
>The day after Wendy appeared on camera slurring her words while wearing a sling, Hunter’s mother spilled the tea about witnessing her son attacking his wife.
>“I saw Kevin choking out Wendy! Another time, I witnessed him kicking the s–t out of her and pushing her down the stairs”
>she fractured her shoulder in December. She was originally supposed to return shortly after the New Year but pushed it back to Jan. 14. The return date was delayed again to Jan. 21 to give her time to heal.

No. 360369

File: 1548516886760.jpg (150.05 KB, 800x552, 20190126_073122.jpg)

Blowjob info referenced in last post because I know someone is gonna ask about it.
Her husband bought his mistress a house right down the street from his and Wendy's home. With Wendy's money. Mistress is also allegedly pregnant as of December.
I don't watch her show but this is some wild shit.

No. 360371

File: 1548517172761.jpg (2.38 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190126_073751378.j…)

pic of the young lady reported to be the mistress, and another unrelated photo of Wendy looking like she jist got her shit rocked. She looks scared. Of course a photo is only a split second in time and can be misleading…

No. 360381

File: 1548520279972.jpg (335.3 KB, 782x776, 20190126_082848.jpg)

All I can think about is how her ponytail must absolutely wreck the man sitting behind her during the ride. Lmao.

Also conspiracy tinfoil but it's been alleged that MKUltra victims are often taken to Disneyland to be able to dissociate. Come at me idc

No. 360406

kate bush as a genuine artist who does what she does out of a real need to make art, not that she's milky.

No. 360408

There are four Himmmms, one for each m. That's how it was explained to me, anyhow. RDJ has always been suspected to be one of them.

RDJ is also a closet Republican. He has donated money to Dems in the past to cover his ass, especially in Hwood where it's important to go along, but he's a fairly conservative guy.

No. 360409

ityrt, i see what you're saying. considering how weird her parents were, she seems like she does pressure herself into changing for others to please them. i guess that's why guys like elon go for chicks like her. it's just sad. a lot of good artists are total doormats irl and it sucks. they're not very good role models usually. it seems like artists who are humble yet really secure in who they are, are hard to come by.

No. 360411

The way I heard it, he became a hardcore Republican during the post-rehab process after gaining a new social circle etc.

No. 360427

I feel bad for Wendy. She clearly has mental issues but no one around her seems to care. Her husband clearly uses her for her money

Also could he not get a better looking mistress? ffs….

No. 360474

I laughed imagining Kate Bush becoming the next Amanda but we can't forget the great 2016 "Is Kate Bush a Tory scandal?" that only 6 whole art students cared about

No. 360516

seriously, how do you get a young mistress who looks objectively WORSE than your 50 year old wife?

I also feel awful for her, how can domestic abuse be such an open secret amongst celebs and no one does jack shit about it.

No. 360519

There's only so much you can get when you're a woman beating, child abusing trash.

No. 360663

Hi farmers!
There have been reports of the Azealia thread.

So for clarification, if farmers want to make a general thread specific on celebrity milk on /snow/ it is alright to do that to separate gossip from milk. It is alright also to make threads for certain celebrities if there is enough milk, like in Azealia's case.

No. 360702

Its so sad what some women will put up with, I don't like Wendy but I watch clips of her show and this really sucks. I'm so sorry for her, I'm sorry for how common cheating and abuse seems to be.

No. 360812

It gets worse because she placed him at the head of her business. Not only is he the executive producer of her talk show, she also made him her fucking manager.
No easy way out even if she decides to sever things.

No. 360824

can I /r/ sources on her anorexia/ED? I know there's nothing overt that i know of, other than her maintaining a suspiciously low weight and clearly striving for a childlike body well into adulthood. I completely agree with the speculation i'm just wondering if there's anything more concrete.

No. 360872

File: 1548626956935.png (80.85 KB, 606x557, t2goxmnskyc21.png)

No. 360874

>same username as her flickr/lastfm
>ex dancer

No. 360882

terry crews is a gem.


>tries to help men overcome their porn addictions
>vocal about sexual assault and sexual harassment
>publicly calls out famous scumbags
>talented actor, speaker and athlete
>stands up for what he believes in

it's sad how the people he called out are going to have rabid fans who attack him and most likely won't face consequences for their gross behavior and disrespectful "jokes".

No. 360928

File: 1548634225165.gif (944.15 KB, 346x236, elmo.gif)

>mad if we make separate thread to discuss Azealia
>even madder if we talk about Azealia's here

Christ, thank god a mod has finally said it, the infighting was going on far too long here. She's now a mod-approved cow™ so everyone can shut up about whether or not we're allowed to talk about her because anyone who can read can see she's nothing but a never-ending supply of milk.

No. 360929

too bad black people cancelled him for being shit

No. 360931

Wait when was he canceled? All I heard was how he was mocked for being a strong looking guy who got sexually assaulted

No. 360940

Uh, what? I don't know anyone who "cancelled" him, lmao. Some people were pissed that he stood up for Gina Rodriguez because she's really weird and shady, but that's it.

No. 360943

How is she shady?

No. 360951

she dared to point out that statistically Latina women make less money than black women so now they hate her and think she's racist.

No. 360961

Horrible. No one deserves this. men are truly scum.. This isn't an easy situation to get out of either.

No. 360994

File: 1548646444844.jpg (1.77 MB, 3000x2277, 1135581-153386.jpg)

this ugly as fuck demon is over here publicly cheating on her, abusing the shit out of her, putting her life at risk in so many ways, etc. look at this ugly trash. she's better looking, is the one raking in the dough, and still these fucks think they're entitled to abuse women. FAMOUS women who have all eyes on them, mind you, and they think they're above the law and above being caught. sick. this guy has no reason to think so highly of himself, holy fuck. he looks like a fully stuffed garbage bag made of human skin

No. 361077

Say what? A cursory google got me nothing, please explain.

No. 361081


people call gina shady because:

when the black panther movie was announced, she tweeted something like "oh that's cool, but where is the latino representation?" it came across as her being dismissive of black panther and how significant it was to black people. normally her asking for more latino representation in the media wouldn't be an issue, but people felt it wasn't the right moment to be like "b-but latinos!!!"

there was also a moment where gina was doing an interview with a black co-star, and the interviewer asked the black co-star how she felt being a role model to black women. gina interrupted and said "all women". people thought it was shady that she seemed to have a problem with the question being specified for black women, and again it was very dismissive

in reference to her wage gap comment that >>360951 mentioned, the discussion was about the wage gap issue in hollywood, and gina said something like "white women get paid more than black women, black women get paid more than asian woman, and asian women get paid more than latina woman." while that statement may be statistically true for the general wage gap, in terms of the film industry/hollywood it's a load of bullshit. people were more angry at her for trying to make it seem like latino actors are making way less than everyone else which isn't true at all. the statistics she was referring to did not include the entertainment industry so she looked kinda dumb trying to apply it to the conversation when it wasn't relevant

tl;dr: while it's a stretch to call her racist, she has a habit of taking moments where other minorities are in the spotlight and making it about herself/her community instead of addressing those issues when it's more appropriate

No. 361091

Basically this. I wanted to say this, but I was scared it'd start a fight, lmao. She gets weirdly passive-aggressive about black media being successful and is always like "ok but where's ours?".

She also didn't do what she did with Black Panther with Crazy Rich Asians, which means she must know on some level that this behavior isn't appropriate, but it's like she just can't stop trying to compare her own race to black people, as if it's a competition. I don't know if she's racist (and I've never watched Jane The Virgin, so I can't say I know/care much about her before these "controversies"), but I think she'd be wise to just keep other minorities out of her mouth when talking about her own. The comparisons are just messy and unnecessary.

No. 361094


I remember seeing an interview with Wendy Williams and Howard Stern years ago, before her show and back when I barely knew anything about her. They were talking about how her husband cheated on her while she was pregnant with their only child. She made a bunch of excuses for him because she said she got really big and had to be on bedrest during her pregnancy. From my memory Howard seemed really sympathetic towards but she made excuses for her husband even though she looked hurt while talking about it. So Kevin being a dirty cheater is nothing new and he probably felt emboldened to keep cheating on her because she wanted to keep her family together. Also he's her manager so her business and finances are tangled up with his shitty behavior. I tried to find video of that interview but I couldn't, here's a post from his site about that show with Wendy:

>Howard mentioned Wendy's husband cheated on her while she was pregnant, and he wondered why she took him back. Wendy responded that she didn't condone cheating but understood her husband's actions because of the amount of bed rest she required at the time, as well as the fact that she had gained 103 pounds because of it.

>Wendy went on to say she overheard her husband talking to his mistress on the phone, which was how she found out about the affair, and confronted him about it. Wendy then said since her husband wasn't "a bitch ass" he acknowledged the affair instantly, and added she was confident he has been faithful to her ever since.
>Gary proceeded to say Wendy was married prior to getting together with Kevin, and she said she left the man without telling him after he went to work one morning. After hearing this, Howard wondered if Kevin's former mistress was attractive, but all he'd say was she was "the exact opposite" of Wendy, although he also revealed he met the woman at a bank and had sex with her in a hotel room. However, despite his indiscretion, Kevin said he never considered leaving Wendy.
And why would he consider leaving, he gets to cheat and have full access to Wendys bank account.

No. 362208

File: 1548703395467.jpeg (514.72 KB, 2048x1536, 6B48A6A0-5746-42B4-8C43-FE8140…)

not really proof but soylent come on… also this is kind of a reach but on her tumblr if you go back a bit, there is a ton of gifs/pics with anime characters eating a shit ton, fat animals etc tagged with "MEEEE" and so on

No. 362366

Nah, they were too literate

No. 362398

Anyone follow celebcows in the rock/metal scene?

No. 363060

I used to follow varg but after hearing him preach the same thing over and over, it kind of got old. Murderer turned dad vlogger who twists history according to his personal beliefs and shills his tabletop dnd knockoff. It just became sad

No. 363061

no, but spill any milk if you have any. idk if this is milk but thurston moore is a creep.

No. 363509

Fuck him for cheating on Kim Gordon, why is it impossible for men to be loyal or sacrifice for another person? I want the man hating sub back.

No. 363510

I mean't thread, I'm tired its 2 am.

No. 363517

Thurston Moore is a creep and a dick. Did anybody else see the interview Sonic Youth with Nardwuar in the early 90s and they ended up breaking the gifts he gave to them and the interview ended with all of the members pushing and shoving him?

No. 363518

There hasn’t been much recent milk from this dude other than “publicly unsubscribing” from Ultimate Guitar over a published story they got from Blabbermouth


Oh and Axl Rose is still bitching about Donald Trump/the Republican Party


Side note: gingers don’t age well

No. 363520

Oh, in case nobody has watched this yet since people still care about Grimes

No. 363521

File: 1548743867148.jpg (567.54 KB, 1078x1834, Debt.jpg)

This might be why Banks is always going off about "getting her money" from White people. Wonder if her witchcraft is helping at all with her court case and unpaid debts


No. 363525

File: 1548744393192.jpg (307.87 KB, 1070x1387, Avoidingsummons.jpg)

Found this on her public case filing. As recently as December, Banks has been MIA avoiding being served her court summons for credit card debt. Rich guys better watch out, she's probably on the hunt for a payday to save her from this mess

No. 363526

File: 1548744439294.jpg (269.22 KB, 1075x1419, 2.jpg)

2nd page

No. 363528

How dare they… Nardwuar is a gem.

BMTH is such a random band to collab with in2019, even for Grimeth. Didn't even know they still made music lmao

Also is AB still going to be talked about here extensively? I like her milk but not sure if having two separate threads actively talking about her is appropriate at this stage.

No. 363532

this would probably be good to put in the AB thread: >>>/snow/771485

wow BMTH sounds…different these days…

No. 363533

wtf is with this Elon Musk thirst? Jesus Christ.

No. 363537

it's like they're…you know, almost like real humans?

No. 363539

Thanks anon. I posted those there just now but barely missed my window to delete the posts here. Apologies if I shit up the thread.

No. 363557

Oli ruined his voice screaming wrong for years and is still high off his latest marriage so this is the shit we get. TBH I'm surprised they're even able to make him sound passable in a studio these days, he sounds like he's dying live.

No. 363568

>Being a weak doormat is just what makes you human uwu
Oh, piss off.
This is literally a step above the "naive and childlike" nonsense someone used to defend her last thread.
She's a woman in her 30s who spent years projecting a very false image of strength/female empowerment. No one expects her to be perfect, but we're allowed to be disappointed to find out everything she stands for is the exact opposite of who/what she is.
If we can criticize Beyonce for supporting feminism/being a strong independent woman while staying with a man who cheated on her multiple times, we can criticize Grimes for being phony as well.

No. 363570

you dumb cow, I was referring to this
>they're not very good role models usually. it seems like artists who are humble yet really secure in who they are, are hard to come by.

No. 363575

Which means that you think humans who are both humble and self-confident aren't a thing? Okay, anon.

No. 363578

>not knowing the difference between "hard to come by" and "not a all"
>being this dense

No. 363614

there's a whole ass thread about azealia yet u still post shit about her in here

No. 363865

File: 1548796520926.jpg (95.91 KB, 1242x1551, XaFNwZSOTiG5tf2zu-X6RU-D7pdYk1…)

Apparently Miley's brother DMed this to some girl who commented “gross” on a pic he posted of himself choking his fiancé.


No. 363866

File: 1548796545127.jpg (62.29 KB, 659x547, 0126-trace-cyrus-instagram-ran…)

No. 363868

File: 1548796600656.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.24 KB, 605x1081, 0126-trace-cyrus-taylor-lauren…)

No. 363943

okay i know this is a perspective illusion but all I can see is a tiny midget hand on a normal-size looking woman lol
I had never heard of him before but it sounds like he might provide us with treasures of salt and autism if we just listen a little closer

No. 363954

File: 1548802687357.png (183.49 KB, 766x918, OCr1eTS.png)

No. 363956

File: 1548802719673.jpg (33.49 KB, 773x707, Dxsgz4iU0AExPAK.jpg)

No. 363959

Trace really went on a weird bender after he broke up with Brenda Song; he's been showing off his girlfriend on Instagram and it always reads as a "See? I'm totally over her cuz I got this new girl who's way better!!!11!1!" Like they broke up 2 or so years ago, get over it.

No. 363960

That dude is such a cow. The pic wasnt flagged out of jealousy but because no one wants to witness your disgusting kink. Also calling people gross when he looks like a failed scene kid that's somehow 50 yo (of which 30 years on meth).

No. 364006

Lol he's so damn weird. Like..definitely gives me autist vibes. I remember reading the infamous balloon story and I still cant 100% say I believe its just a fanfiction and not something that actually happened haha.

No. 364094


>"only a small minority of my songs are about Asian women"

>proceeds to reveal that nearly half of his songs are about Asian women

No idea who this guy is but I laughed out loud. What is it about nerdy white dudes that makes yellow fever wreck their brains so badly?

No. 364172

File: 1548831077327.jpg (148.25 KB, 744x787, q6fVdc1.jpg)

No. 364173

File: 1548831200116.jpg (149.8 KB, 1580x554, FCUfacX.jpg)

She deleted the insta post + these tweets.

No. 364176

She really got random Japanese characters on her hand for no reason. I can't believe this bitch.

No. 364181

Jesus christ she's so dumb but why do her fingers look like plump sausages

No. 364186

im speechless. this girl is a fucking moron.

swollen from the tattooing process, maybe

No. 364188

This bitch and her weebiness.

No. 364197

>Has millions
>Still too cheap to hire a translater for one single phrase
Like… this could've been avoided so easily?

No. 364234

File: 1548849871451.jpg (66.69 KB, 887x490, jkj.JPG)

It makes even less sense knowing the music video has the correct writing of "7 rings" right at the beginning.

No. 364274


I generally disagree with LC's opinion on tattoos, I love stupid tattoos that look like stick n pokes but… this is so cringe. Imagine doing this. Imagine being this stupid. Isnt she vegan as well and she has a beef dish tattooed on herself?

No. 364406

i'm convinced the tattoo artist just hates her but wanted to get paid that day kek

No. 364438

File: 1548874292763.jpg (485.06 KB, 1440x1894, Screenshot_20190130-133724.jpg)

Ariana Grande's PR team slipped up and admitted that they use these forums to clear her name. She got pissed because people were saying they were no longer fans of her so she went on a rampage and ranted about how Ariana grande is the most famous pop star out right now and has millions of fans and that she doesn't need any of them. She also got pissed at the mention of her label buying Ariana's sales.

No. 364445

Shills aren't even trying to hide themselves anymore, huh?
And since we know LC has some LSA crossover, from now on, I'll be wary about certain people dedicated to WKing celebrities in these threads.

No. 364446

>Also is AB still going to be talked about here extensively? I like her milk but not sure if having two separate threads actively talking about her is appropriate at this stage.
Why would she be talked about here extensively if there's a whole separate thread about her? Is it really that hard to go to click on a different thread if you want milk? This is a very dumb question.

No. 364449

seems legit lmfao

I can't believe y'all actually take some random person claiming they work for ariana grande's label at their word… you're fucking idiots jfc

No. 364450

I wouldn't be surprised if Keisha wrote this post to try and downplay her fuck-up.

No. 364451

File: 1548876845863.png (226.04 KB, 816x656, lsa.png)

I'm reading through their posts, and it's not even the first time this particular person has discussed having "connections" casually.
This is about Drake.

No. 364457

what's more likely?

>the record label that represents ariana grande, who has millions of stupid teenage fans who will defend literally anything she does, sends employees to forums to attempt to "clear her name"

>a LSA-browser larps as an industry insider for attention and internet points

i can say i work for republic records, handle ariana grande's accounts, and i've known drake for 7 years and it means literally nothing, because i'm anonymous and didn't provide any proof. why do you believe this chick?

No. 364462

The difference is, celebrities and/or their PR actually pay attention to LSA. It's been like that for a while. People have had "tea" threads about some celebrities mysteriously locked/hidden/removed, been punished for posting mean comments about specific celebrities (something that would normally be allowed), insider gossip that was posted there first often turns out to be true (like Nicki Minaj marrying the sex offender), etc etc.
People there even had screencaps from AB's private Twitter way before she opened it to people, and before we had them.

No. 364468

Billie's edgy music video

No. 364471

azealia banks using lsa? that's plausible. but jeez don't try to tell me that lsa is some big thing and that a-list celebrities like ariana actually care about it. it's not a mainstream site and their users seems to be mostly middle aged black women. if any PR moves were happening it would be on ig/twitter

No. 364472

It's like she wants Vigilant Citizen to do an article on her and her video, lmao.
This video gives me similar vibes to Sia's music videos for "Chandelier" and "Big Girls Cry", with a hint of Lady Gaga's video for "Bad Romance". Everything that made those videos engaging has been sucked out of this one, though. I actually like Billie's music and her videos, so this is kind of a letdown.

No. 364476

its like that one annoying copycat friend who has no originality or sense of self come to life as a music video and song. i cant look at it lol.

No. 364478

the production on this song is dope. too bad her lorde-y voice ruins it.

No. 364487

It wouldn't surprise me, lolcow has been spoken about on LSA (it's been branded as a racist white girls website and so is GG). Also you have to be a fucking moron to not know that PR reps do shit like this in those big forums. Millions of rabid teenage girls who dont even truly like their idol and are just projecting onto them aren't enough. Several celebrities have referenced LSA and some went on there to "defend" themselves.
Keisha , candacemiami, CM's sockpupet account and several new accounts on LSA are rushing into any thread about her to clean.
The stuff about Ariana being banned from the memorial concert for Mac Miller by his family got burried.
Some of these people don't seem to understand how PR works and look at celebrities as incable of using the internet or having a team that does because they are "busy".

No. 364488

there are people who do this on ontd as well and its all bullshit they post to try to inflate their own ego after either A. having sucked off a couple of famous people who never actually spoke to them again and dont even know their name, B. having been an intern loosely associated with people who know or who have famous clients, or C. Just absolutely lying through their fucking teeth for attention because they're mentally ill and obsessed with celebrities

No. 364539

Kate has come out and firmly denied it (it had been weighing on her hard)

sage for being one of six whole art students

No. 364593

Eh, it looks like it was made by a 17-year old edgelord girl….which is what she is. I can't really be mad at it.

I don't mind her music, but I more so just think she'll be interesting to watch and see how she handles fame given her backstory and all.

but also
>Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell
Ok Billie's parents, calm down.

No. 364627

literally sounds like black skinhead

No. 364673

>Ariana being banned from the memorial concert for Mac Miller by his family
Do you have anything more on this anon? I'm interested now lmao

No. 364759

Ugh oh no Trace now he has the SoundCloud rapper tattoos on his face. I use to be a huge fan of Metro Station but his signing is fucking garbage. He writes like a 13 year old girl, should’ve figured his comments would look like this from their lyrics being just as shallow.

No. 364914

File: 1548956307594.jpg (51.05 KB, 634x830, 9229536-6653499-image-m-82_154…)

she just keeps on trying lol

No. 364916

File: 1548957421034.jpeg (116.15 KB, 960x960, 4B75472F-B0DE-475B-A00A-BAC707…)

God just why

No. 364920

This is the most entertainment she's given me in a year. Her damage control is amazing considering this positioning will make anyone who can read it laugh.

No. 364921