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File: 1491775396445.png (392.36 KB, 910x512, transpa.png)

No. 186179

Can we have a thread for the delusional folks at r/transpassing

No. 186181

File: 1491776422119.png (694.94 KB, 671x774, Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 23.1…)

Cartoons have taught me that if you put a bow on a person they're automatically a girl.

No. 186184

File: 1491776897629.png (557.39 KB, 460x607, what.png)

Nobody would've guessed you don't pass.

No. 186185


Plenty of cis men pluck their unibrows, why this want-to-be-woman can't even do the most basic of personal hygiene routines…

Also I feel like all of them need to have have "IF YOU'RE AN UGLY MAN BECOMING A WOMEN WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR ATTRACTIVENESS AT ALL" flashed constantly in front of their faces for a period of at least a year.

No. 186189

Is that Plainey?

No. 186196

Call me nuts, but I could find her cute as a soft butch transbian. Has soft enough features that she may look pretty cute and more feminine as HRT continues.

No. 186201

I've never heard of this subreddit before, but am genuinely surprised there are so many posts to it…why are so many men becoming women? Has this always been a thing?

No. 186202

That's something I questioned myself too. Where did all this people come from?

No. 186203


>why are so many men becoming women? Has this always been a thing?

It's another form of inceldom/sexism. They're men who aren't successful in some way and aren't mentally healthy, and they also fetishize and idolize women. To them women= everything is handed to you and your life is easy and and you're automatically beautiful and everything in women's lives is funny pretty stuff with no obligations, so they become women to escape their shitty lives. It doesn't work, and they spin out of control and wind up on SSDI in shitty apartments soliciting sex from chasers.

It's on the rise because everyone 15-30 is chronically depressed and lonely.

No. 186204

File: 1491792790544.png (176.98 KB, 919x570, ashdah.png)

Some more delusional men

No. 186205

File: 1491792800751.png (219.63 KB, 540x551, hha.png)

No. 186206

File: 1491793148669.png (269.6 KB, 552x566, sdad.png)

No. 186211

This is sad and disgusting. I'll be damned if I call these freaks "women". Fuck off.

No. 186214

Lorde's looking pretty rough these days.

No. 186217


No. 186219

File: 1491804258223.png (816.9 KB, 773x933, no.png)

No. 186220

Yesss that sub isy guilty pleasure. I love you op

No. 186221

File: 1491806160881.png (1.51 MB, 1054x1497, IMG_20170409_233513.png)

No. 186222

File: 1491806226499.png (1.32 MB, 1061x1542, IMG_20170409_233628.png)

No. 186223

File: 1491806362331.png (827.43 KB, 1002x1553, IMG_20170409_233811.png)

No. 186224

Lord Farquad??

No. 186225

I can't wait until these losers realise that being a woman doesn't change the fact that they are ugly fucking freaks with no brains, and then off themselves

The world will be a better place.

No. 186226

i used to read about this shit all the time, trans people have a huge suicide rate.

No. 186227

>Be a fragile, feminine male, possibly homosexual
>Hate being the opposite of the masculine stereotype, possibly hate being homosexual
>Constantly suffer social rejection during adolescence due to not fulfilling the expectations for a male
>Instead of changing society to become more accepting, decide to escape your problems into a female persona you've created because obviously your misery is all because of your natal sex
>Go through HRT and surgeries
>Feel euphoric for the first 2 years
>Depression hits harder than a truck when you realize you still suffer of anxiety and terrible self-loathing, only now you're stuck with a mangled body savaged by irreversible medical operations
>Kill yourself

But we should totally let underage kids go through HRT and surgeries!

No. 186238

i'm not opposed to trans people, their body do what feels right to them… what I don't understand though is why there seems to be a disproportionate amount of male to female trans people. Is that my own misconception? Is it because female to male trans people can pass more easily? Is it because it's considered more ok for women to be masculine so more women can sit on the spectrum comfortably instead of reeling the need to fully commit to transitioning? Is it because, even in the world of transsexuality, there is societal male dominance of scenes and (biological) women are pushed out of there too?

No. 186249

Tbh, I think it's tied to autism. It affects boys more than girls, which makes me think there's something in our food that's fucking up an entire generation of boys.

No. 186250

Its because there are more fucked up male fetishists who wants to dress as women to get their rocks off. That mixed with mental illness

No. 186255

I'm kinda jealous of his eyebrows ngl

No. 186259


To be honest I don't consider these guys as really trans. Real trans people are generally pretty normal and functional members of society unless they have very bad dysphoria but even then they try to keep other areas of their lives together. Their focus isn't on how transitioning will make them pretty or how their lives are shit now but will be SO much better once they've switched gender. Their ideas of what they'll get out of transitioning and how society will treat them both is they do and don't pass is a lot more realistic.

That rant aside, yeah it's pretty much the autism-trans link, fetishism, and lingering fucked up female stereotypes. Shit I'm female but I would inject chemicals and mutilate my genitals if the "insta-social-aceptance, cock-carosel-then-sette-at-30, insta-beatiful-with-effort, never-have-to-work-and-everything-is-handed-to-me" female actually existed and it meant I could be her.

No. 186269

Some of these are so bad I don't know how anyone doesn't think these people are mentally ill. You'd have to be ill to look at some of this shit in the mirror and go "yeah, this looks like a woman."
MTF in OP pic looks alright though, just needs to go for longer hair, and wear more flowy feminine clothing since tight shirts that highlight naturally male shoulder/torso structure aren't a good call if you want to look like a woman instead.

No. 186271

File: 1491845424559.png (623.05 KB, 648x645, PnS5rnO.png)

The worst is that they egg eachother on. Some of the makeup is horror, some of the people giving out "advice" on how to pass look straight outta Silence of The Lambs.

No. 186272

File: 1491846393213.jpg (99.13 KB, 567x568, 1nrjlqNEOlI.jpg)

Cannot unsee

Just about as delusional as incels kek

No. 186280

>Omg these people aren't real *trans people at all!! We are actually like super normal people, like we are not fucked up in the head nor mentally ill believe me!!

Yeah, fuck off with that politically correct discourse back to the shithole you came from. The only trannies that fit into your description are women on testosterone who try to emulate an idealized image of what a dude is like until they realize that crap has fucked them up for good, usually when it is too late to un-fuck their bodies. God I hate trannies and their cocksuckers so much. If the world wasn't this fucked up they'd get actual therapy and this shit would be treated like eating disorders instead of having this people castrated while forcing the rest of the world to play along their delusions or you're a bigot.

No. 186285

>autism-trans link

There needs to be some serious investigation into this. Many pesticides are low concentration nerve agents, and maybe that's still too much for little boys.

The number of trannies is increasing way too fast to explain them away as weirdos. Something changed two or three decades ago, and I bet if they pin this down, they'll pin down autism too.

No. 186292

Nah, anon! They just need to change their makeup and then they'll totes be women!! All us women are obsessed with make-up, dresses and bows after all.

No. 186298

Trans people are far from normal. Chopping​ up your perfectly healthy physical body to achieve the impossible is not normal. Being that obsessed with gender is not normal. These people fucking need hobbies, especially the "a lot of trans people are normal" too

No. 186299

File: 1491866981713.jpg (37.23 KB, 500x500, Gt civ 5 gt russia gt trying t…)

>mrw people say there are normal trans
Do you really think that fucking their bodies just to be able to wear dresses is normal then you're just as fucked up as they are. They're even claiming they have "female penises", like how crazy must you be to believe in this shit?

No. 186300

It's disgusting and sexist how MtFs try mold themselves into ridiculous caricatures of womanhood. It's a fetish for them.

Why more feminists aren't calling them out, I have no idea.

No. 186301

File: 1491867225029.jpg (189.97 KB, 1080x720, so kawaii.jpg)

when he tries to do a cute half smile in every photo but ends up looking mentally retarded

No. 186302

File: 1491867312521.jpg (114.86 KB, 1024x768, ftm.jpg)

The FtMs seem to do a better job passing

No. 186304

Definitely. And in my perception at least, they are quieter than mtf. I mean whenever there are bathroom fights and shit, all I see are mtf so opressed because they can't pee in the woman's bathroom, even though they look nothing like women.

No. 186315

Modern liberal feminism is a fucking joke.
Men in wigs have more authority than us in that shit movement.
Literally any "choice" a woman makes is feminist, and fuck looking at why or the underlying issues.
It's such a hot mess.

No. 186316

They're definitely not as bad and I haven't heard of any over the top crazy ftms really. I do have a cousin who transitioned and he's kind of a misogynistic asshole lately though, I guess hating on women makes him feel "manlier". Fucking gross.

No. 186327

That's more biology than effort. Plenty of women, especially ones in their teens/20s can pass as boys or effeminate men even without HRT. Or at the very least, they can make themselves androgynous. You'd be surprised at how much some makeup, a masculine hairstyle and male clothing can do.

Males? It's impossible without HRT by the time you're an adult for 99.99% of men.

No. 186331

File: 1491916320658.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls3.png)

No. 186354

he could be an ugly grandma

jesus fuck why is it wearing hooker makeup

No. 186362

File: 1491933766388.jpg (150.82 KB, 1000x750, 6c722b4e-1d16-425f-8719-2b8797…)

not from r/transpassing, but here's a "trans girl" from tumblr.

No. 186368

File: 1491939682741.jpg (222.47 KB, 1080x720, 03Zih9d.jpg)

Holy damn how can he be on HRT for like almost two years but still looks like this

No. 186369

lmao I had communismkills flashbacks

No. 186372

i know im taking the bait but I want to contribute some actual facts;
>autism is likely genetic, not caused by food or pesticides.
>autism is diagnosed more in men than women, also moreso in children than adults, but we must remember that correlation does not equal causation
>there is a higher likelihood of autistic people being trans regardless off their biological gender. some suggested it may be due the "male brain" theory but that has since been disproven. It might just be because autistic people lack the ability/feel no inclination to follow social norms

No. 186389

at least this one is making an effort, even if it falls flat. hell of a lot more than >>186222 or >>186206 are doing, and i've seen worse makeup on genuine females posted here…

No. 186390

File: 1491959962251.png (587.36 KB, 799x605, trans.png)

No. 186391

File: 1491960015784.png (338.67 KB, 422x586, trans1.png)

No. 186392

File: 1491960125496.png (311.45 KB, 548x519, trans2.png)

No. 186393

File: 1491960222393.png (413.6 KB, 578x603, trans3.png)

No. 186395


Horrible wigs, weird cheeky-sexy facial expressions, clownish makeup that most actual women learned not to do after like two years of doing it…

Honestly the image of a woman that these transpretenders put out is just so disturbing to me. You can tell what they actually think of us lol. They're like putting a girl's face through a scanner a hundred times. And they always look like sluts.

No. 186396

She has unfortunate genetics, I mean those lips wouldn't look good in anyone.

I thought about this a lot. I don't wanna blame perception of womanly aesthetics but…

No. 186420

That's because they grew up as women and were taught to be submissive. MTFs grew up as men and learned to be, loud, rude and entitled. And now they want to join female only spaces despite having been men for 20 years. Shit's fucked up.

No. 186449

God I'm finding this thread so fucking triggering. How can these knobs aspire to be women when they can't even shape their eyebrows? If any m2fs are reading, you will never pass but for fuck's sake at least practise basic hygiene rituals.

>get your eyebrows professionally done and maintain them, nothing is more manly than wild slug brows spilling over onto your eyelids

>stop wearing lipstick because it accentuates how thin your man lips are and it's fucking hilarious
>wash your damn hair, when have you ever seen a biological woman walk around in public with stringy, greasy strands of hair stuck to her face?
>also just growing it out to shoulder length and hacking off the ends yourself isn't enough to look feminine, have it professionally done (with layers to hide your massive jawbones) and if growing your hair longer than that is too hard maybe being a woman isn't for you?
>stop wearing ugly glasses that you've clearly bought from the men's section of the optician's, get some from the women's section or wear contact lenses there's no excuse for that
>shave every inch of your body or at very least bleach it, if the average woman had thick, black hair where you have it (hands, chest, feet, face, back, thighs…) she'd immediately get it waxed off. If you're going to pretend you're a woman, you may as well feel some of the pain of being one.
>learn how to apply makeup? it's not that hard?

No. 186459

I wish there was a "like" option just so I could like your post.

No. 186464

At least before the Tumblr era, I noticed a lot of transwomen say that testosterone was "poison". For the intense changes it makes, I understand how devastating that would be for a dysphoric person. HRT treatment for FTMs is so much more successful because unlike estrogen for MTFs, testosterone will change not only musculature and fat distribution, but bone structure and lowers your voice.

Most MTF are so unfortunate with those large facial features and stature that aren't going anywhere no matter how much hrt they take. They can't go backwards. Even if they get good fat distribution on their body, the brow bone and jaw are so unforgiving. Their heads are just so massive next to cis-women. The receding hairlines going on in these photos is even worse.

Even though I believe we should let trans do whatever they want with their own body, your tips are spot on. The people posted here seem to have never socialized normally with a biological female nor understood them.

No. 186467

>Implying being a woman is based on how well you shape your eyebrows.

This is how trannies think.

These delusional fucks never were and never will be women.

No. 186468

Why are there so many of them? This generation is fucked

No. 186472

File: 1492014754314.jpg (84.65 KB, 454x453, tumblr_inline_ny1e2e7rXs1t6x4g…)

>The people posted here seem to have never socialized normally with a biological female nor understood them.
>They still claim to be women
>But trans is totally a real condition and not a fetish or a mental illness!

No. 186474

I guess now we have online communities that are echo chambers for people with similar problems. Meaning the problem is indulged and normalised. This generation seems far more interested in labels and gender norms than those 5, 10, 20 years ago.

No. 186475

I wonder if being FtM increases your likelihood of bone disorders, given that women are reliant on estrogen and a healthy menstrual cycle for building and maintaining bone mass. Given the amount of teen girls delaying puberty or transitioning, this must be so damaging to their physical health.

No. 186476

Now that you say it….kek

No. 186478

File: 1492016367802.png (520.6 KB, 543x754, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.5…)

No. 186480

PS anons I challenge you to make these guys kawaii

No. 186494

File: 1492030776551.png (519.8 KB, 482x602, lol.png)

These weren't exactly posted on r/transpassing but they are from other subreddits related

No. 186495

File: 1492030798323.png (675.5 KB, 760x608, kkk1.png)

No. 186496

File: 1492030851386.png (317.03 KB, 547x600, wds.png)

No. 186497

File: 1492030907654.png (275.46 KB, 563x514, kkk.png)

No. 186499

File: 1492030965558.png (250.96 KB, 819x595, dgjhgd.png)

No. 186500

resemblance to ALB in Wonderland is uncanny

No. 186510

File: 1492033918488.png (837.58 KB, 806x900, mtftm.png)

>see this post
>well ftms do always pass better

Again with the fucking dumb 'cute' faces.

No. 186518

With different brows, lighter eyeshadow and a hairstyle that was less square, it might work better? The dark eye makeup makes the brow bone look too strong, the hairline makes the face too square and the eyebrows throw off the rest of the look. They're just accentuating masculine features here.

I think a lot of them just have ~a look~ in mind for a woman (usually red lips and black eyeliner) and won't stray from it even if it doesn't suit them. In my experience, a lot of them still hold stereotypical views of women and try to conform to that instead of something that would work better. The traditionally feminine looks were made to emphasize womanly features. It doesn't really work if you don't naturally have those features. I think that not being born as women makes them desperate to fit the traditional look so they can prove themselves but very few MtFs suit it. Whereas woman will usually go "eh, I don't look good in this, let's move on", I feel like MtFs have really tied their identities into the idea of being traditionally feminine and pretty.

No. 186519


I often wonder how many of these trannies have a porn addiction since they tend to wear the kind of clothing and makeup you see in more ~demure~ porn.

What fucks me off is that it seems like they aren't trying to emulate women they know, just some male fantasy they've seen somewhere. It's like they think they can be a better woman than actual women.

No. 186520

>It's like they think they can be a better woman than actual women.
I've seen this actual comment from a mtf before, it was just embarrassing. It's amazing how some people can transition into women and still hate women.

Some of them might actually pass with a different style but they all push each other into long ugly party city wigs, stripper heels and cakey makeup. It literally does the opposite of what they want it to do and it starts to look drag queeny.

No. 186525

File: 1492038361940.png (440.97 KB, 760x440, what happened.png)

I've seen many transwomen say this then throw shit fits when people still clock them as men

No. 186531

With facial feminization surgery and better eyebrows, they could pass for a cute lesbian. It looks like their hair is real and thick? That is helpful.

I have a MTF childhood friend who is a very nice, humble person, but after she started networking with other trans rights advocates, her friends list is full of all these fetishizing weirdos who are deep into tranny porn" and defining their womanhood by how sexually available they are. They are so obsessed with their "lady dick" and think they are superior to biological women because they have one. There are just too many that fall into that demographic and they look masculine and awkward as fuck. I saw a lot of the promoting a trans porn company called Grooby Girls, which is filled with the worst looking Tgirls I have ever seen. And again, they all have cocks.

I honestly feel very different about trans people who are dysphoric and want to make every attempt to adapt the body as close to a typical woman's(SRS being their goal) and other trans who indulge in cartoonish gender stereotypes and aggressively flail their cocks around.

No. 186545

File: 1492070168463.jpg (74.96 KB, 750x493, uDLaHAX.jpg)

what about the ones that don't try at all, anon

No. 186547

>>I honestly feel very different about trans people who are dysphoric and want to make every attempt to adapt the body as close to a typical woman's(SRS being their goal) and other trans who indulge in cartoonish gender stereotypes and aggressively flail their cocks around.

Agreed. It might be time to start calling some for what they are: Fetishist crossdressers

I have no issue with someone who actually wants to pass as the opposite gender, but basically trying to look like a blowup doll and fucking anything that moves…uhhh yea, most people aren't going to respect that behavior no matter what your gender

No. 186551

At this point is it even an intrinsic part of their identity or is it a fucking pissing contest? I have FTM trans friends and absolutely none of them feel like they're """more""" of a man than a cis man. What's up with the MTF crowd? Why are they so hellbent on being the most feminine/beautiful/sexual women?

No. 186552

Because they are men and men feel entitled and better than women. No amount of playing pretend will change their gross male view

No. 186556

I remember seeing a few transwomen go apeshit over this person claiming they were a joke to the trans community

Oh its totally a pissing contest the people who shit on mtf the most are other mtf and insist that their "bitchiness is part of what makes them female" they are fucking disgusting. Never had these issues with ftm.

Fucking THIS!

No. 186575

Yes! They behave and reason just like misogynistic man they always were. No change at all. No desire to get on our level or relate past the superficial. They clearly are not legitimate, medical transgender because if you ask if they were born an average, biological woman with no dick, they'd probably say no.

The mtf friends I do have a cool with me because at no point have they ever made me feel like we are not equals nor do they minimize biological women's voices when it comes to reproductive rights, sexual harassment or rape. They acknowledge that we grew up differently for most of our lives and faced different issues.

I think if we could research into the actual fetishizers lives, they all have bad relationships with women or their moms. It's almost like a "Well, I'll show you, cunts!" or a desperate need to escape their past as a nerdy, unpopular, underachieving male.

No. 186576

*Sorry. If you asked if they WISH they were born a biological female.
-same poster as above

No. 186592

I am astonished by how transparent their value system works: I have failed as a man, might as well try it as a woman.

No. 186602

The people that seem to just put on lipstick and decide that's what it is to be a girl annoy me so much.

It's like they've watched a cartoon and realised that Minnie Mouse is just Mickey with a bow and think that's how it works in real life.

No. 186608

Honestly, i feel like if i were a man in this generation, i would want to be a girl, too. Being female seems so much easier and a lot more fun. Obviously it's not, but i can definately see the attraction for these ugly beta males.

No. 186618

File: 1492108542492.png (595.22 KB, 692x760, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 19.3…)

No. 186622

I bet most of these freaks 'identify' as 'lesbians', aswell. In my observation, it's always the fugly autists who couldn't pass if their lives depended on it. What a pathetic existence.

No. 186631

He looks like Morty from Rick & Morty

No. 186666

File: 1492126962301.png (483.68 KB, 705x589, screenshot1.PNG)

No. 186667

File: 1492127043546.png (205.63 KB, 906x535, screenshot2.PNG)

No. 186668

File: 1492127123620.png (333.92 KB, 1050x561, screenshot3.PNG)

No. 186670

File: 1492127358155.png (385.96 KB, 875x577, screenshot4.PNG)

No. 186672

File: 1492127525851.jpg (30.12 KB, 500x493, e7b08d3d5cd43cef61b31a31a87177…)

These people are so desperate for identity and acceptance

No. 186678

has anyone noticed how mtfs have a really weird way of speaking? they talk really formally all the time, kind of like those beta bitch boys who wear trench coats and bring in tins of yugioh cards to class.

No. 186687

File: 1492129237328.png (8 KB, 525x157, 98897897868.png)

No. 186706

File: 1492132396709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.78 KB, 540x719, tumblr_ood9wzRA2g1w9u9kro1_540…)

what the actual fuck

No. 186709

Some of these dudes make me feel physically sick.

No. 186774

he….. actually looks like that abdl youtuber

No. 186792


This one passes to me. I'd just think that I was looking at a ugly fat woman instead of a ugly fat man.

No. 186814

I think your latter comment may have a lot of merit, I mean its not easy to admit you are a Plain Jane or regular ol' ugly woman but perhaps trans people really take it to heart. I think all women try to/want to be beautiful on some level but maybe it takes on extra importance to a trans person to not just pass but to pass and be attractive.

No. 186873

Male or female, they both have enviable hair!

>> i can definately see the attraction for these ugly beta males.
Same, I like being female but can somewhat see the attraction. It's like an unusual way of getting a fresh start in life.

I can see that. I'd think the same, but that she could improve her appearance with some weight loss and better hair/makeup.

>>BTW, to anons saying that MTF's can't pass as women, I've seen a few who really do pass and look great!

I recently had a change of heart on the whole transgender issue. I was really disgusted by them until recently when I realized the ones that I dislike are crossdressers (fetishits), and not actually transgendered. Many of them who pass dress like normal women, and not like some weird blowup doll fantasy.

No. 186874

There are some MTF and FTM who look absolutely great and I definitely admire their determination and bravery to transition. Can't imagine what it's like and won't pretend to. But the fakebois and the men who slap on some lipstick and an ill-fitted dress who expect the same treatment are what disgusts me.

No. 186876

File: 1492167187136.png (478.58 KB, 616x602, jarring.png)

The fucking face. Imagine this coming at you at work. A ratty partywig and the greasyface.

No. 186879

>enviable hair
I mean, you could always get a wig too.

No. 186904

File: 1492201798401.png (562.46 KB, 530x602, ew.png)

No. 186906

File: 1492202565331.jpg (376.27 KB, 968x804, prehrt.jpg)

pre-hrt and them titties

No. 186919

File: 1492220934596.png (358.02 KB, 863x611, trans.png)

No. 186920

File: 1492220986382.jpg (1.23 MB, 2320x3088, CXyApBw.jpg)

idk if I look from afar it looks quite okay but the bones give it away and I can't unsee it anymore

No. 186922

File: 1492221061660.jpg (176.22 KB, 960x1280, lVxnSp1.jpg)

>Hi folks. Been on HRT since 10.9.14, I've largely passed without a problem until recently. I started working at a new job and all of a sudden I'm getting misgendered… by my coworkers. I drive buses. Patrons are fine, drivers not so much. Literally another driver tried to stop me from using the women's bathroom. Christ, I was livid… What gives? Is it my hair, my old glasses, the trainee 'uniform'?

No. 186923

File: 1492221118913.png (754.42 KB, 740x613, kek.png)

Last one for now. This one made me laugh because his expression is so stupid

No. 186926

Maybe just the voice? Looks like a fat chick to me.

No. 186927


This is another one who just looks like an ugly fat woman


This one kinda passes to me too. Like they actually tried.

No. 186930

I think one thing that pisses me off about this shit is that we are all so ready to give them butt pats for looking like women. "ooh she almost passes, her hair is nice" like, I get that it's better for them to try than to be a weird low voiced, bearded creep but if the semi-passing ones were ACTUALLY women we'd tear them apart for their vapid/stupid expressions and ugly makeup.
Like, we're so accepting and kind to these dudes because they're dudes, if they wanted to actually live like women they would have to know what it was like to BE an ugly, awkward girl. Ugly girls get called men, hairy, too-tall, fat etc. I feel like a lot of what gets called transphobia is ridiculous when NO woman is called a goddess unless she's photoshopped/famous/successful/naturally a 10.
Why do guys think being a girl is a 24hours a day slumber party where we all do eachother's hair and men complement us?

No. 186935

File: 1492237447012.jpg (49.4 KB, 550x309, 3945a4159f6ce65b2290d39208b842…)

can't unsee

No. 186941

I'd guess voice and height. Looks like a regular, plain woman, but we can't see the overall build. Linebacker Mtf are just scary.

No. 186952

t. tranny

No. 186964

I was at an event last week where there were more transpeople than I have ever seen. (read: two).

They were super awkward. One just sat at a table by themselves the entire time their fellow transgirl ditched them to attention whore.

I noticed that that transgirl typically only hangs with guys, but only takes pictures with girls. Weird.

No. 186965

are they asking if they pass as a dead fish

No. 186967

File: 1492285767789.jpg (377.25 KB, 1944x2592, h80lhVh.jpg)

No. 186968

File: 1492285858982.png (555.44 KB, 700x574, t.png)

No. 186969

File: 1492285902535.png (492.96 KB, 440x611, traaans.png)

Once again it would be okay if not for the bone structure, it gives it away instantly

No. 186970

File: 1492285918039.png (389.19 KB, 910x584, trans.png)

No. 186971

File: 1492285969174.png (586.23 KB, 694x507, transscreen.png)

No. 186979

File: 1492289705040.png (856.58 KB, 596x1456, Screenshot_2017-04-15-22-45-17…)

Not from reddit, but I just have to share this beast of a "woman" I met once

No. 186994

oh god this is terrifying

No. 187001

There's a very controversial book about it, which splits them up in real transsexuals (those who've felt dysphoria from a very young age, the two year olds throwing a tantrum when they're not allowed to wear the fairy princess dress) and into autogynephiliacs. The latter only "realize" they're trans later, when they can't have satisfying adult relationships, and instead of wanting to do a woman, suddenly they want to become one. They can be incels, but very often they're also serial monogamists who leave a trail of failed marriages and fatherless kids in their wake. There's a different psychopathology at work than the gender dysphoria that true trans people experience.

The book is The Man Who Would Be Queen by Michael Bailey.

You can see how this manifests online: true transsexuals just want to live a normal life as the gender they identify with, the autogynephiliacs are screeching about how they're better women than real women and about how feminists are transphobic for not indulging their fits.

No. 187006

File: 1492304997861.png (162.05 KB, 390x327, Beauregarde.png)

The manic look in their eyes gets me every time. Reminds me of this, but this woman is acting.

Sage for samefagging, but chapter 9 of the book, "Men Trapped in Men's Bodies" is free online: http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/JMichael-Bailey/autogynephilia.htm

Best line: "What's the point of being a sacred cow if you don't moo?"

No. 187008

Another (and more blatant) type can be found on these boards with Girl Incels tbh.

No. 187009

Looks like a fat Kanadajin3

No. 187012

I do think that's a sub made mainly for sissies and bimbofication fetishists, it's too on the nose even for Gigi Gorgeous-tier fags

No. 187014

File: 1492311522880.jpg (255.06 KB, 1103x1440, lZ5Z3if.jpg)

I present to you, submissions from the Translesbian Memes, a Facebook page for Autistic(almost all identifiy on the spectrum), dick-obsessed Anime fans.

No. 187015

File: 1492311738351.jpg (54.51 KB, 500x625, cwiJUZr.jpg)

Several of their "memes" are about being real-life futanari and going on angry, violence-filled rants against TERFs.

No. 187016

File: 1492312696841.jpg (243.3 KB, 960x1280, gpwDMM6.jpg)

I'm sorry, it's a Translesbian, neurodivergent, anime and dick-worshipping, anarchist Facebook page.

No. 187022

Does it bother anyone else how badly "TERFs" are treated? Like you have people that are literally nazis or misogynists and people call them assholes and make fun of them, but as soon as you bring up TERFs they are somehow the scum of the earth, people go on about how they can't even joke about us because we are THAT awful, literally scum who should kill themselves etcetc.
I mean… what the fuck is up with that?
I'm not even a terf or a radfem but the hatred for people who simply don't accept gender as a concept is just insane.

No. 187023

Also, a lot of people are really transphobic, but it seems like most of the vitriol is reserved for feminists who just disagree with the notion of gender but don't actually hate transpeople.
Meanwhile, the people who actually hate and commit violence or even kill transwomen? AKA men? No big deal…

No. 187026

Are "translesbians" into dating other "translebians" or do they only want to fuck biological women? If so…

No. 187027

>Does it bother anyone else how badly "TERFs" are treated?

yeah, a lot actually

No. 187029

It pisses me off a lot. Had a mutual complaining about TERFs once. Went the the blogs they linked, and ended up following them all because I actually agreed with everything they had to say. I don't hate trans people, either, but I admire a gender critical outlook on the way that feminism is heading at the moment.

Usually the latter. I'm a lesbian and I'm now very nervous around MtF trans women because (as an active member of our GSA, where I help with fund raising and welcoming new students) I've been called transphobic for refusing to date a trans girl. Not even all of them, but just one. The entire time I had to deal with the situation, it felt like they were coercing me into sex and I had to deal with the social pressures telling me I'm a transphobic shitlord because I don't want to be expected to suck the dick of an obnoxious mansplaining bitchy asshole who never shuts up about how catty he is (as if that's some inherently feminine trait we can all bond over). Disgusting.

No. 187050

File: 1492357450414.jpg (432.41 KB, 1455x1174, wtf.jpg)

Apologies if this is in the wrong thread, but i am fucking done with transwomen.

For context-the article was about a doctor who is performing FGM. Anyone who actually knows what FGM is knows how damaging it actually is. I will post link if you want to see the bullshit in all its full glory.

TL:DR this twanswoman goes on a rant about how him being circumcized is FGM, when other commentors say its not the same thing but are not dismissive of circumcision, he claims THEY ARE not only being dismissive but blames them for changing he topic from being about FGM to circumcision. Like the dissonance is unreal.

No. 187056

>article about FGM
>trans woman with penis thinks it's their time to shine

I'm tired of women being removed from their own movements and issues.

We can't talk about birth control, pregnancy or menstruation because it's transphobic. We can't discuss FGM because men are circumcised. We can't talk about misogyny and sexism perpetuated by some trans women.

No. 187058

File: 1492363369064.png (91.21 KB, 662x929, comments.png)

>that doesn't give cis people the right to exclude trans women from the definition of female genital mutilation

It's literally called FGM to differentiate between the circumcision or mutilation of a penis. Why is semantics more important than the actual issue of children suffering FGM?

I did appreciate some of the replies though

No. 187060

Totes believe onision would be this insufferable if he transitioned (although he wont, he might just start saying hes a woman without hormones and surgeryso he can proclaim lesbians are evil for not wanting to fuck his girldick.)

Exactly. I have the transmovement now. I got annoyed when they tried to stop calling girls girls in primary school because apparently thats cissexism.

Thanks for posting these, most of the replies were overly polite to the douchebag. Even those who disagreed were like "oh we understand why you are angry" like i wanted to say fuck off. Being trans should not mean they get a pass on saying/doing stupid shit especially the amount of transwomen who liken black women to being "gorillas" and other monkeys when people point out they are biologically men.

No. 187061

that should be hate not have.

No. 187063

>Trans women are born women
No they are not. I fucking hate these self-obsessed transwomen who try to bend reality to suit their agenda. You were not born as a woman, you were not raised as a woman, you're a man. No amount of plastic surgery and stomping your feet changes that.

I reached my limit when during the aftermath of the women's march people suggested that we should refer to women as "womb carriers" when talking about abortion issues because not all women have wombs!!! You're excluding trans women who, after all, are more women than cis women because they CHOSE to be female! uwu

No. 187075

Yeah but that theory is such bullshit. There's probs loads of wienery beta-men that transition purely because they think it will get them more pussy but just because you wear a dress as a kid doesn't make you an authentic tranny

No. 187076

What pisses me off about these people is that they reduce "being a woman" to having boobs and wearing makeup. They haven't lived as women, and so they don't understand our experiences at all and they never will.

No. 187077

File: 1492378290367.jpg (465.44 KB, 1978x1310, Photos-Michael-Cera-Jack-Black…)

Woah, it's Michael Cera

No. 187081

>>trans women are born women

I follow some gender discussions and a couple of days ago there was one where transwomen where discussing with biologists that they were biologically female lmao pretty pathetic

No. 187082

File: 1492381165609.png (407.43 KB, 346x603, trans.png)

No. 187083

File: 1492381221457.png (619.56 KB, 582x609, trans1.png)

No. 187086

Please dont insult michael like that anon…

No. 187088

File: 1492386645768.png (367.99 KB, 452x468, WHEEZING.png)

not from the subreddit but a tranner who replied in that translesbian FB group

No. 187094

Omg I can't unsee it

No. 187095

Considering it's a Jezebel thread, I was pleasantly surprised at how much backlash he was getting.

No. 187099

literally this senpai
thought i was ftm when i was 16, actually got a qualified psychiatrist to take me through it and make me understand that fucking up my body for life isn't the answer to my deep seated self esteem issues
so fucking glad i'm still a girl lol

No. 187100


this one can pass imo. like, she'd have to be like that one ugly girl you have at history class or whatever. like the one who thinks she's smarter than she is, and wears minimal makeup even though it doesn't do her any favours. but a girl, i guess. congrats…

No. 187101

He looks like one of those androgynous dudes from 80s. Like Prince

No. 187102


lowkey feel bad for this guy, can't think of anything to help.

No. 187104

yep transwomen should never be allowed in feminist spaces. they have no idea what being raised a woman is like and the unique issues we face.

also some other anons were talking about how trans women invade feminist spaces and censor our language about our own anatomy because it's "transphobic". i was going to go to a women's reproductive rights rally (in my area a bill was to be passed decriminalising abortion, didn't get passed in the end) and the event organiser asked for "no gendered language, no uterine/vaginal imagery" because that's "transphobic". it literally INFURIATED me. now we're being censored by people who proclaim they're on our side as well. why do trans women hate women so much? it's honestly so disgusting i can't bear to be around them.

also as a lesbian transbians can honestly go fuck themselves with their mangled cocks, i'm not interested in your sweaty, huge, rough body at all and honestly kill yourself if you try to coerce me into sex by crying transphobia.

No. 187117

I just don't fucking get it. Is it really just male entitlement or something? I used to think that sort of thing was bullshit but now I don't know.
I fully accept transpeople and all, I have family members that are trans (I know I sound like "i have a black friend") but surely if you're a TRANSwoman, your experiences are different than ours.
Why is that so difficult to accept? Why is it even a bad thing? It's worth discussing and is a legitimate issue, but it is just not the same issue that cis women face. Like do they think we "chose" to be women? People discriminate against women not because we choose to be women, people don't ask us if we really identify as women before they rape or discriminate against you or perform FGM. That sort of thing isn't a choice, and transwomen didn't grow up with those things.

No. 187119

the jawline though

No. 187120

Eh, this one doesn't look so bad. Kind of looks like a girl I know. Probably looks much worse irl though

No. 187124

One of my mtf friends, who has lived as a woman since her teens, got very upset that other transwomen were doing this at Women's March so she made a post criticizing their refusal to acknowledge a biological fact. Sure enough, she lost several mtf fb friends that day and had to block a few because she dared to stick up for ciswomen. They hate the fact that she doesn't go into convulsions after saying "vagina" or "uterus".

Isn't it weird how the latter group screams that they are women and always have been but they feel we have less authority by default, even when it comes to organs they DO NOT HAVE. Now they're creating cloying terms like "shenis" and "girl-dick" to erase our autonomy even further.

Holy shit. These autistic betas stomping all over women even in places where we are supposed to be safe makes ME feel dysphoric. It's so weird because I have mtf friends that I respect and care about deeply, and then there are those body snatchers that are dominating nearly all discourse. You don't see transmen ever doing that to cismen.

No. 187125

I used to follow a lot of MTF radical feminist blogs on tumblr. Some were detransitioned, most not.
They simply felt more comfortable being considered women in our current gendered society. That's perfectly understandable, that's what radical feminists are trying to fight against and they understood that.
Like "gender" is definitely real in our society but it doesn't have to be. But you have transtrenders fighting tooth and nail to keep it a thing and they don't even realize they're just making society even more sexist and divisive and shitty.

No. 187126

That's the most infuriating part. Feminists are supposed to be fighting gender stereotypes and making it safer for all of us to express our identity the way we see fit but these been-trans-for-3-months chuckleheads get off on exactly what has been hurting us. What are they fighting for when it comes to ALL women? They talk only about the issues that directly benefit them, but what about their mothers and sisters? Seeing that horrible comic further up in the thread that glorified sexual harassment from men had me livid.

No. 187127

Australia, but i live in a more conservative state (lots of rural areas). The city is becoming overall much more liberal though.

No. 187128

regarding your comment about transmen, in my experience a lot of "trans"men and "non binary" teenage girls may not be dicks to men, but are JUST as bad in feminist spaces. "Not everyone with a uterus is female uwu" "men can have periods too" etc. Like, maybe so, but those people are a minority within a minority and it's stupid to revolve feminist discussion around them.
But it is a lot less because being a transman has really fallen out of style in the tumblr youth. Now all those who identified as a transman for attention and asspats identify as "nonbinary" which i think we can all agree is completely laughable bullshit.

No. 187131

>women's reproductive rights rally
>bill was to be passed decriminalising abortion
>no uterine/vaginal imagery

Wtf? Surely that would be incredibly relevant to the discussion?

No. 187133

I saw a post on Instagram in the transwomenarewomen tag about protesting BBC presenter Jenni Murray, who criticized trans journalist India Willoughby's privilege and blatant sexism on Women's Hour. This article and the comments about the controversy are pretty thought-provoking.

If we eliminate biological makeup and gendered socialization, what IS a woman? What is a man? How can a middle-aged biological male who transitioned AFTER they attained success(and had been exclusively socialized) as a man have equal or more say about being a woman than a ciswoman who had been socialized as female since birth?

No. 187134

youre asking questions that has one simple answer

These people are mentally ill. Some of them aren't mentally ill and have a fetish, or think it's "cool" to be trans. The questions you're asking aren't worth thinking about because its giving credence to their illness/phase/fetish.

No. 187136

>These autistic betas stomping all over women even in places where we are supposed to be safe makes ME feel dysphoric.
To be honest that's the case with most FTMs. The have such a deep resentment towards anything that's female due to femininity constantly being evaluated and guarded by men so that in order to liberate themselves they want to become men. Or at last anything but women.

>what IS a woman? What is a man?
Women have female chromosomes and a female reproductive system. Men have male chromosomes and a male reproductive system. It's just that easy. Intersex people rarely fall inbetween since it's a genetic defect and not a real gender, and most of the time intersex qualities are awfully small. Tumblr like to play it up like they're the true androgynous goddesses uwu but in reality most intersex people have a natal gender with some defects in their biology such as testicular tissue in their ovaries.

> How can a middle-aged biological male who transitioned AFTER they attained success(and had been exclusively socialized) as a man have equal or more say about being a woman than a ciswoman who had been socialized as female since birth?

They can't. That's the point. They have no idea of what it's like to be born, grown up, raised and living as a woman. Therefore they shouldn't be allowed to female spaces or have any say when discussing women's rights. They can't possibly identify with anything else than the fantasy stereotype they've created of women.

No. 187142

It all comes down to physical sex. Gender as tumblrites describe- how you dress, how you "feel", how you "identify" doesn't fucking exist and downplays the very real issue of SEXism. I can dress more masculine and still be a woman. A man can dress feminine and still be a man. In the end it comes down to your genitals and whether or not you actively want the genitals of the opposite sex because your mind rejects your own. Even in that case, trans women shouldn't be allowed in women's spaces because they were still raised with all the privileges that come with being a male and will never understand modern women's issues, which mostly have to do with bodily autonomy and sexuality and reproductive rights.
That was really interesting. Thanks for linking

No. 187145

I noticed that several women in comments tried to avoid basing womanhood solely on reproductive organs and shifted focus to gendered socialization, discrimination and other life experiences which most mtf do not experience growing up, which is a clever defense. The vast majority of mtf(excluding rare early transitions) can not relate our birth-to-adulthood experience. Whatever struggle they had was within a different set of rules, expectations and privilege. There is no equal comparison.

No. 187151

Thank you. Try saying this anywhere and you're labeled TERF scum and are practically crucified verbally. It's insanity.

What's going to happen when all of these people get bored of their fetish or for those who went under the knife and on HRT realize they didn't actually want to transition after all? I find the abundant number of "trans" people really disturbing. It's supposedly a minute minority but you wouldn't guess that with all the people playing dress up and oppression olympics on the internet.

No. 187172

I wouldn't say "get bored". I think the best way to kill their dreams is them realizing they won't be a "hot" chick when they transition. I read a story about a woman who said her husband's friend admitting to being trans, but wouldn't trasition because he (a balding 350lb man at 5'7" whose highest paying job was as a truck driver) couldn't be the vision he had in his head: a hot brunette with huge fake tits. The reason MtFs outnumber FtMs is because they don't want to be women, they want to be hot and desired and think that they'll go through life on "ez" mode, get to be sluts, and get to be bitches (as women all are, naturally) without social consequences.

We all know it's bullshit, but they still do it, and they still invade feminine spaces. They usually realized they've ruined themselves for life once they see they aren't going to be a hottie and experience the simple life.

No. 187202

That's true, because I myself have led a more privileged life than my other female friends. But there are certain things that a mtf will absolutely never experience growing up, such as catcalling by grown men from a young age and men saying women should be flattered, or the hyper sexualization vs control of our bodies. Perhaps that is something they experience as an adult after transition, but they can't realize the psychological effect that would have when you are a 12 year old girl. Growing up as a boy, whether they feel like one inside or not, has it's own unique challenges and peer pressures. I could never say I know exactly what growing up male is like, despite all my firsthand observations.

It's like, if you gave the average mtf the chance to back and be reborn as cisfemale, would they do it? I don't think most would, especially given how many are obsessed with their penises. I have only met a couple in my life that said "I wish I had been born an average girl and not have to deal with all this(having to transition)"

No. 187203

File: 1492475732986.png (62.67 KB, 580x610, disgusting MAN.png)

No. 187204

Brianna Wu! Girl, I just saw Brianna Wu

No. 187209

>every single trans girl is gorgeous
>don't tell a trans girl how she vents about terfs

So much delusion. They think they're fucking beyond reproach. Untouchable.

I've seen some cute, passing mtf before , but the vast majority look scary, massive and unrefined.

No. 187217

File: 1492480960462.gif (13.67 MB, 720x405, re0G2HP - Imgur.gif)

>MtF, 34yo, 4 months HRT, and feeling pretty androgynous and cute. I'm hoping after this point though the stronger feminization sets in. (no makeup - just wokeup - hard mode gif☺️)

No. 187218

File: 1492481005759.png (457.8 KB, 680x578, man.png)

No. 187219

File: 1492481060728.png (460.93 KB, 642x601, man2.png)

No. 187220

File: 1492481487336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 302.7 KB, 960x1280, FBGJEf6.jpg)

No. 187221

File: 1492481586463.jpg (45.99 KB, 360x640, q1XaYFDl.jpg)

No. 187222

File: 1492481638055.jpg (537.71 KB, 3024x4032, SLLrqqg.jpg)

No. 187223

How come transpeople always pick the same names. If someone is named Zoey, Alice, Amy, Olivia, Amber or some gay fantasy shit like Lilith I automatically assume they're trans.

No. 187224

File: 1492481684162.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.3 KB, 1280x720, c3wa6Mj.jpg)

No. 187227

I find Michael Cera so hot, I hate myself

No. 187230

I almost scareames because I thought you put a picture of my aunt

No. 187231

My apologies

No. 187252

They're talking about TERFs. Women's reproductive organs look like the head of Baphomet, so we are naturally more evil.

So when's the last time a TERF, or any group of feminists, hunted down a transwomen, raped and beat them to death? When have we ever entertained the idea that it would be okay for us to rape them because we're thirsty for the D? When did we deny that transgender women are discriminated against in daily life or employment? I've never seen a TERF advocate taking away their most basic human rights or murdering them. They have so much hate for women when it is men that are most dangerous to them. We just don't Princess Tiffany Ambrosia dicatating our movement or policing our bodies.

No. 187254

*just don't want

No. 187270

File: 1492497914446.gif (333.38 KB, 420x315, clappa.gif)


(saged for no contribs, but see responses like this makes me feel less alone. I feel a bit bad because I dont think saying that being born a girl and "transitioning" into a girl is a hateful thing to say but apparently it makes you as bad as a nazi in some peoples eyes. Also even though I dont share a lot of the same views as terfs I have never come across a terf which advocated for the death of trans people. Transpeople and their allies on the other hand…I will spoiler the next pic which are tweets because I understand to some people they will be upsetting)

No. 187273

File: 1492498798467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 493.29 KB, 275x5406, tweets.jpg)

Here are the tweets. I find it ironic you have anti-fem pro-trans people like shoeonhead who tweets over and over again that "nobody should be threatened for having an opinion uwu" but I dont see her condemn this. She probably finds it funny. This is the reason I left the LGBT "community" and also why I stopped being an SJW.

I also used to be part of a bdsm community-which is full of MTF who dont want to be women but "little girls" and have some truly fucked up ideas about how women who were abused as kids "actually enjoy it" To the other anons who mentioned how they are not sure MTF do it because they think life will be on easy mode-they sort of do (sort of as in depends how they turn out after hormones) I find a lot of them are insecure too-I once pointed out on a post of a woman who was clearly a man, not in a nasty way-got a lot of insults "oh you must be a fat ugly dyke" etc I said i didnt even think the person was ugly i never commented on that just said its clear to see from their face that they are a man. Que the "even if you were a 10/10 there are transwomen who are prettier" and about a dozen "roastie" comments. Funny thing was this wasnt even the lbgt board it was fucking /tv/ kek. Saged for blogpost.

No. 187276

That's absolutely terrifying. They always talk about cold-blooded violence, sexual assault(such a girly thing to do,eh?) and mutilation against women, but where is the vitriol against men who would torture them? Rape them? Throw them from rooftops or mass-murder them in front of their families? Keep them from a job they are legitimately qualified for? They don't reserve half as much hate to those that have the most power.

>which is full of MTF who dont want to be women but "little girls"

This is one of most disturbing trends: grown adults, even middle-aged with adult children, referring to themselves in diminutive, youthful term, as if WOMAN is too uncomfortable. 50 year olds referring to themself as a "girl" and becoming fixated ott feminized, younger image is so creepy. Like the kissy face dork in >>187217 It's like, bitch. You're not 14. You look like a pre-menopausal lunch lady.

No. 187280

>threatening sexual violence
>threatening assault
>threatening murder
>silencing women
>shaming older women
>shaming female anatomy

honestly how does anyone think they're not men?? this is literally what the scummiest anti feminist rapey men say… oh wait that's what these people are

No. 187281

also why do they hate lesbians so much and want to force us into sex? really makes you think

No. 187285

so basically
>hey maybe don't tie a woman's value to her looks because that's actually pretty sexist

See, this shit is annoying as fuck. Being trans doesn't wipe away the misogyny you picked up while living as and being socialised as a man. You can't move yourself into a group, retain the negative views you have of it and still expect to be wholly accepted.

No. 187286

I hate the way lesbians are treated as transphobic for not wanting somebody with a dick. Like what is the plan really? Are these people just going to harrass lesbians until they feel obliged to sleep with them? Are they going to call that a win at the end of the day?

It's all come full circle. Women fought for their right for bodily autonomy and the right to speak up about their issues and now it's going to get taken away in the interests of "acceptance". People think it's a step forward but it's a step back.

No. 187287

Exactly, how is it bad to plainly state the truth ?? Growing up with brothers as a woman will just show you a world of differences. Sure, not every girl experience the same thing, or sometimes it's just the addition of a million tiny things that shape us.
Even if that seems ridiculous, any tiny gesture change our outlook on life as women growing up.

All of my brothers have bikes and started driving them at 16 while I was never allowed to. I was always scolded for not visiting my grandmas enough while my brothers were just assumed to not be family oriented. They could fail classes and get into fights with less consequences than me.
Once our computer was riddled with viruses from porn and I was shamed to death until they realised it was from my bro and it got swept under the rug. They could fuck their gf at home but I wasn't allowed to spend too much time at my boyfriend's place until I left home.

I don't care if that makes me a TERF, even though I never identified with them, but a trans woman will never know how it feels to simply be treated differently, assumed to be more demure, have different expectations on you, be the whore and the madonna at the same time the moment you reach puberty.

No. 187288

All of this. Even when my father was a self-professed liberal and black sheep of his conservative family, my sister and I were always treated differently from my brothers. Simple arguments quickly devolved into gendered insults and dismissiveness of our views. Household chores were gendered and my brothers weren't even expected to learn to cook for themselves.

Here are even more screenshots of militant trans-sanctioned violence and narcissistic savagery: https://terfisaslur.com
These ARE NOT the regular mtf of the past who actually wanted to be real women and live alongside us as equals. These are hateful, jealous men who want control not just over their own disastrous lives, but our lives as well.

No. 187289

File: 1492509497088.jpg (103.44 KB, 551x711, L4W2ZB6.jpg)

Look at the name of that Facebook group: TERF infiltration of the Feminist movement

As if Feminism was not started by biological females. They're claiming it as being theirs all along and define its purpose. They have their own fucking movement. Why do they have to hijack ours? It's misogynistic erasure of female empowerment.

No. 187291

File: 1492510290925.jpg (88 KB, 592x662, jb0V4wz.jpg)

>gender abolition is both encouraging genocide and white supremacy.

No. 187294

I simply don't get it. They proclaim gender is a social construct but will refute that they were raised as boys and men. So which is it ??

I agree that gender is as much nurture as it is nature. So while I'm ok with trans saying they always felt like the other gender, how can they pretend they were raised as women all along when they simply weren't ?

So gender is a thing society creates except when it comes to them and then no, they have women's penis. They have a woman biology and a woman's childhood. Hypocrites to the max.

No. 187296

At this point it just feels like literal retardation. I mean, that's the only thing I can figure out. They are literally retarded and think they can change the definition of biology to suit them. I honestly am beginning to detest anyone who says they're trans, like actually full on hate them just on that snippet alone. I don't want to feel like this, but holyfuck, this current influx of tranny BS just makes me worried about the future.

I got incredibly salty over this new Dove commercial for 'new moms' which features a transwoman. Fuck that. You are not a mother you man in a wig.

No. 187299

Whenever I search the radfem tag on tumblr I see posts by trans people saying they want to beat up or kill TERFs. I've never seen a radfem post physically threatening transwomen that got popular.

No. 187300

The one shaming someone for making vulva cupcakes stands out to me (though they are all stupid). Women are constantly being shamed, criticized and insulted based on their vaginas and vulvas, there's genital surgery and so on, but these people take a cupcake defying society's view on vulvas and make it about them and how they are oppressed.
Maybe it's a stupid example but transwomen with "female dicks" (ew) can go to any novelty store and pick up a bag of "fun pasta" shaped like their genitals. Female genitalia however? Nope.

No. 187301

that's because female genitals are disgusting and a sign of a lower life form and if you say otherwise you're a transphobic TERF~

No. 187309

"Woman Is The Nigger of the World"
Lyrics: John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Woman is the nigger of the world
Yes she is, think about it
Woman is the nigger of the world
Think about it, do something about it

We make her paint her face and dance
If she won't be a slave, we say that she don't love us
If she's real, we say she's trying to be a man
While putting her down we pretend that she is above us
Woman is the nigger of the world, yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slave to the slaves
Ah yeah, better scream about it
We make her bear and raise our children
And then we leave her flat for being a fat old mother hen
We tell her home is the only place she should be
Then we complain that she's too unworldly to be our friend
Woman is the nigger of the world, yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with
Oh woman is the slave to the slaves
Yeah, alright

We insult her everyday on TV
And wonder why she has no guts or confidence
When she's young we kill her will to be free
While telling her not to be so smart we put her down for being so dumb
Woman is the nigger of the world, yes she is
If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with
Woman is the slave to the slaves
Yes she is, if you believe me, you better scream about it

We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance
We make her paint her face and dance

No. 187310

Sooooo where does that leave black women? lol

No. 187313

the fuck out of here with this bullshit

No. 187314

Tell us more about your huge lady dick and your petition to abolish the feminine products aisle.

No. 187345

>What's going to happen when all of these people get bored of their fetish or for those who went under the knife and on HRT realize they didn't actually want to transition after all?

Honestly I can't wait for the influx of that, it'll be such great milk

No. 187347

Men are so quick to turn to violence, geez

No. 187349

I know we say the FtM are the good ones. But I think they just are attention-starved snowflakes.

Granted they're not as harmful as MtF. But they're pathetic. I just dont think trans people are genuine. How can you even know you're meant to be another gender if you have never been it. Like yeah, if we had some gender swap machine that let you live a day in the opposite gender then fine. I would see that. But there's literally no way to know

No. 187351

Isn't it weird how the loudest screeching psychopaths in those threats, the ones who constantly invoke the struggle of POC trans, are mostly white dudes? Specifically white dudes on the autism spectrum(in their bios).

No. 187353

Its not just TERF's who get threats, I've seen liberal pro-trans anti-terf bloggers get shit for apparently being transphobic. There was this really nice blogger who has personally helped me out who used to post pro-trans stuff. Over the course of a month she got accused of posting transphobic stuff when asked-its because she came out as bisexual and apparently this is transphobic?! Fast forward 4 months later she puts a statement on her blog saying she no longer hates TERFS and although she doesnt agree with them she will no longer give them shit.

The transmovement is shooting itself in the foot. Saged.

No. 187354

File: 1492557249964.jpg (80.9 KB, 662x388, transgeder autism link.jpg)

Not weird at all.

No. 187355

I'm so happy that we as a society are bringing back Victorian-era freak shows. I mean look at >>187217 and >>187224 , just think that you could've lived your whole life without witnessing that

No. 187356

Why are so many of them so obsessed with their dicks? Why are they so ready and willing to use their dicks as an instrument of violence against women? It's fucking sickening, men are a disease.

“The Black Woman is the Mule of the World”
But that's from Hurston/Walker. But yeah, that made me kind of squint my eyes, too. Intersectionality wasn't something people gave a shit about back then. Black women were only as good as their support for black men and their attractiveness/exoticness to everyone else.

Speaking of black women, there's this black trans woman named Amiyah Scott who everyone praises and after seeing how she treats and talks about women (despite the fact that most of the people who criticize her in the black community are black men – but wouldn't want to insult the men she wants attention from, right?), I'm pretty much done with the trans community as a whole.

I remember seeing a tweet a long time where she said something along the lines of, "I'm better than you bleeding bitches!" on twitter when 95% of the harassment she receives is from black men. It just cements to me the fact that most trans women see womanhood as competing for male attention (she was a gay man before transitioning). It's so fucking disgusting. They're hurting the feminist movement… for what? Because they're sure they do femininity better than we do? Congrats, you can get laid by the same men who have established such rigid gender roles that you feel the need to transition and live as a woman to escape them.

I tried to find the tweet, but I can't seem to find it, and searching her twitter didn't yield anything. I'm guessing she deleted it, or I just can't find it.

No. 187359

File: 1492560876311.jpg (130.72 KB, 898x674, tumblr_nzxf7mRBCR1qexjmyo1_500…)

Not to derail but is it worth making a tumblr thread for delusional trannies? Because seriously the ones on there make the ones on here pale in comparison, they also seem to be a hellva lot creepier

No. 187361

Pointing out that IMAB and IFAB actually doesnt apply to them at all (these terms are used to refer to intersex people which they stole that from along with other shit)would be a good start.

No. 187386

If you don't mind

No. 187439

Oh god, I've seen this tranny too. How strange seeing him posted here lol. Always looks like a greasy mess.

No. 187482

Not surprising since the studies detailing how most MTFs are just autogynephiles also explain how they despise that being known. Maximum enjoyment of their self-as-female sexual fantasy involves other people not recognizing they are just a pathetic, misogynistic perverted man.

No. 187483

>refer to women as "womb carriers"

This pisses me off so much, are they aware of what objectification is? My body isn't a huge incubator. Cunts.

No. 187487

File: 1492644042391.jpg (951.78 KB, 2448x3264, 64TwtCP.jpg)

No. 187488

File: 1492644125618.jpg (244.31 KB, 960x1280, H0w3SEX.jpg)

No. 187489

File: 1492644243616.png (297.41 KB, 869x590, transs.png)

No. 187490

File: 1492644328963.jpg (77.29 KB, 621x918, R6SziEx.jpg)

No. 187491

File: 1492644354568.png (393.45 KB, 460x577, nightmare.png)

this is what nightmares are made of

No. 187492

File: 1492644371576.jpg (636.77 KB, 3120x4160, 51eyaPP.jpg)

same as above

No. 187493

y'all want gross? look up Chloe Jenkins on facebook… lol

No. 187495

File: 1492645986290.jpg (28.48 KB, 480x480, 17353480_746748222150871_12916…)

For reference

No. 187498

yeah.. look at her talk. that grill is messed up https://www.youtube.com/user/nathanjenkins11
she also had her kids taken away from her by social services and had claims against her about molesting her children.

No. 187501

File: 1492649259124.jpg (458.86 KB, 1132x734, itsallogrenow.jpg)

i really tried. liquify + clone stamp tooled the shit out of it. looks weirdly like my sister now.

No. 187504


You did a damn good job imo

No. 187507

It doesn't even look the same person, good job anon!

No. 187509

>looking cute
>feeling sexy

Their goal of transition is almost always being cute, sexy, pretty, hot, sexually attractive. How about just happy or feeling comfortable enough to persue your dreams? I like to see more of "My transition gave me the confidence to go back to school/ apply for that job I always wanted.

What's most obnoxious is that most of them take such enormous leaps in image, going from unfashionable nerds to porn star glamor. I don't buy it. Patriarchy didn't prevent them from having a sense of style or pride in hygiene. My heterosexual cismale friends can put together a nice outfit that could work just well on a woman. You don't need to throw away all of your sneakers for stilettos to be a girl.

These people really want to become their ideal girlfriend, not a more feminine version of themselves.

No. 187510

Men are pathetic and will go to incredible lengths just to get off. Like these stories about men having to go to the ER because they stuck a foreign object up their ass, doesn't really happen with women.

No. 187511

I'm guessing for those who don't pass very well, something obviously feminine like bright lipstick, heels, a dress, etc is required for other people to get that they're supposed to be women. If they dressed more casual they'd just look like a normal dude.

No. 187517

what the fuck kinda eyeliner is that jesus christ

No. 187519

File: 1492660414784.jpg (75.02 KB, 704x960, Christine_4cd8aa_5578620.jpg)

These people are on the same level of delusional as Chris-chan
Fucking Gigi, one of the few who've pulled off the bimbo look but it took half a mil and the death of their Mom

No. 187532

Good article. I wish I could find again the one where a mom was heartbroken that the first thing that was proposed to her non gender confirming kid was to transition.
No council on how to maybe feel better and live with it, just hormones blockers and direct transition.
I'm all for trans right but hell, I was a tomboy feeling ashamed and confused during puberty, I thank the gods there was no Tumblr back then to tell me that I was trans. How can a 8-13 yo could take this big decision?

No. 187534

>Grooby Girls
Wow. They're so.. ethnic. Not even in a Thai way.

No. 187535

got a link to a "disproof" of the extreme male brain theory?

No. 187542

It's not just the objectification that annoys me, it's that it's like an INSULT that having a womb is something gross or bad. Fuck that. Giving birth isn't the end all be all to being a woman, but it is a part of it and yes, only actual women can do it. That means, no, trannies will never have a baby or be pregnant. They're so salty about it. Like those really catty gay men who despise women just for existing and call us breeders like a slur. I've met my fair share of gay men who act like this towards women and get away with it due to being a 'sexual minority'.

No. 187544

I just came across this great article from that Feminist Current website linked earlier. Really sums up my own feelings about trying to be a liberal, inclusive person who respects freedom of gender expression, while being logical and not allowing myself to be bullied into submission.

I can't believe THIS well-worded and considerate piece would be labeled hate speech and deserving of the most revolting, violent threats.

It reminds me that I totally forgot how the group that is almost as hated as "TERFS" are the transwomen labeled "Truscum" because they acknowledge the existence of fakes and fetishizers delegitimizing their condition.

No. 187549

File: 1492693823107.jpg (279.06 KB, 942x554, shampoo is cheap.jpg)

thank you very much!

here's another quickie. this is actually really fun

No. 187551

Some of the comments are even better:

I don't know. I'm trying to figure out the psychological dynamics going on with Dolezal and Jenner. As this story of Dolezal continues to unravel, I believe she is going to be the proverbial fly in the ointment, not the ointment. I think she has some kind of Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Munchhausen Syndrome. Obviously, she is also a very shrewd woman. She is also bold and calculating. After all, as a white woman, she sued Howard University, an historic black university for discrimination. Then, while pretending to be black, she gave a lecture on black hair and announced she was going natural. With that in mind, I think she was knowledgeable about the colorism discrimination that permeates the African American Community, and how it could be used to her advantage. I'm speaking here about skin color hierarchy. There is a very painful history associated with this- as I'm sure some of you are aware of. In some cases, if your skin was darker than a paper bag, you were denied access to social clubs, fraternities, sororities, positions in entertainment, etc., etc. I am very much aware of this phenomenon because I've experienced it. Dolezal pretending to be an African American with white skin and blue eyes would make her the center of attention in an African American Institution. She would also be a major curiosity among whites. If you are a narcissist, it's a perfect role.

Now about Caitlynn Jenner. I happened to stumble on a YouTube video by someone who calls herself "Freelee The Bananna Girl". Apparently she is a Vegan or special diet advocate or something. She has the body of a child, but that's another subject. In her video, she was debating whether a skinny girl's body was more desirable than a curvy one. She attempted to solved the matter by concluding that all women had vaginas. What transpired next were angry comments from transgendered advocates calling her transphobic. Why? Because all women don't have vaginas! Say what now?! So, she basically apologized for having a vagina. Now this is an example of how this debate is getting insane. I feel the same way about Caitynn Jenner. Women are expected to walk on eggshells to not to offend the dignity of Caitlyn Jenner's womanhood. If they dare not accept it, they will be hounded by accusations of transphobia, and the usual demeaning sexists nouns. You will probably hear the usual, you're jealous, too. In some cases this may include threats of bodily harm. Women are expected to not question any of this, while their own womanhood is violated, EVERYDAY! This tremendous pressure for women to acknowledge Transwomen, is not applied to men to accept Trans Men? You should ask yourself, why? Why must women, yet again, discount their own suffering to benefit another. Why are our issues and spaces disrespected. When is Chaz Bono going to appear on Esquire?

Furthermore, it is important to acknowledge here that there are other victims in all of this. We can see how the 3 ex-wives in Caitlynn Jenner's life have been rendered persona non grata. While he played the part of straight, white, Republican male, he used them in his masquerade. He impregnated them and produced 6 children. But that is of no consequence. If he abused them that is unimportant. Women born female don't matter here. His son Brody's girlfriend is disregarded when Jenner commandeered her name, Kaitlynn,as his own. This dismissal of women was also exhibited when Laverne Cox pleaded for the convicted felon, Luis Morales, to received medical services. The purpose, so he may transition into womanhood. Morales is now known as Synthia China Blast. He is in prison for the rape, murder and abuse of the corpse of a 13 year-old girl. Ebony Brown, the victim, will never see womanhood. But that doesn't matter, because real women's lives don't. We saw yet another example here with Christopher Hambrook also know as Jessica Hambrook. He was a transgendered woman that was placed in a Toronto women's shelter where he proceeded to rape women. When he was convicted, transgendered activists advocated for him to be put in a woman's prison. But again, the women that he rape with his penis lives are irreverent, and so are the lives of the women in the prison.

As I said in the beginning here, there are some things that are psychologically perplexing. And, as women we should demand that this issue is debated further. And puh-leeze, this is not transphobia. This is about having a frank discussion, something women should not be afraid to do. Womanhood is being sold as a cheap commodity. It's as though there is a yearning to embody the essence of womanhood- not out of the love of women; but, because "some" "not all", think they can do womanhood better- than an actual woman. It's some kind of grotesque competition or monstrous vanity. Many years ago on one of those trash talk shows, they featured on a bevy of drag queens. At one point you had drag queens screaming at the women in the audience that they looked better than them. What is all of this really about? Obviously I'm not an expert on human behavior. But I wholeheartedly believe there is something here that needs further investigation. Whatever it is, Rachel Dolezal also fits in it… somewhere.

Lee > Buster Brown • 2 years ago
I do think there's some kind of fetishization and idealization, and then devaluation and hatred, that MRA's, rapists, stalkers, porn-addicts, misogynists in general, etc. and some transwomen may have in common.

It's not limited to women. If you listen to racists and homophobes, their obsession with the object of their hatred is often coming from some kind of jealousy (else, why the obsession with something/someone you don't like?).

So, I guess what I'm saying is, yes, I think many MRA's and other woman-haters actually want, in some sense, to be women, or at least what they imagine women to be. This is something feminism is dead-on about – that men would be so much happier if they were able to explore the 'non-masculine' things they are so afraid of/attracted to. They try, instead, to extract those things they do not allow themselves to have from actual human beings and it doesn't work and they get angry.

Laur > Lee • 2 years ago
"It’s not limited to women. If you listen to racists and homophobes, their obsession with the object of their hatred is often coming from some kind of jealousy (else, why the obsession with something/someone you don’t like?)"

The fascination may not be limited to misogynists, but misogyny itself is almost always sexualized. When men who transition talk among themselves, many times they are honest and say when they first started wearing women's clothes, they always got erections, or that their sexual fantasies as men were often based around having a vagina and breasts. I'm not bold enough to say a fetish is what's going on in every single case, but having spent time around transwomen, it's become clear to me that for many, many of them, that is a large factor.

The men with sexual fetishes usually want to declare themselves "lesbians" after transition. There is another group of men who has issues with being gay men, and transition so they can be "straight." This isn't something I'm pulling out of my ass: there is research on this, almost entirely done before trans gendering became a taboo topic to look honestly at.

The website www.transgenderreality.com discusses men's fetishes in more detail.

No. 187572

Jay Z?

No. 187574

I like this look a lot.

No. 187592

Who would ever think this was remotely acceptable

No. 187594

I've even seen MTFs sent death threats and labeled "truscum" by the rest of the transgender community for saying things that you'd expect to be the standard among transgender people, like "if you don't have body dysphoria and want to transition then you aren't transgender". Literally dudes just screaming "kill yourself if you think me loving having a penis and hairy pecs means I'm a man and not a woman!"

No. 187608

Their ideal just works against them imo. A bodycon dress and hooker makeup will just make a masculine bod and face more obvious.

If they aimed for average they'd probably actually look cuter than when they aim for cute.

No. 187609

How come they all look so damn smug?

No. 187611

File: 1492730773968.jpg (109.51 KB, 960x960, 11223907_907867489255441_46052…)

how about this one lel

No. 187612

File: 1492731854079.jpg (120.76 KB, 458x596, 0Gbtz.jpg)

For some reason my first thought was Beans from Even Stevens

No. 187615

File: 1492736091466.jpg (129.69 KB, 1080x1776, rapeface.jpg)

No. 187617

File: 1492736658793.jpg (97.01 KB, 1080x1920, t3_3p7a82.jpg)

No. 187624

the beard ew

No. 187625

File: 1492739712009.jpg (155.97 KB, 576x768, YOb8YDZ8lsHwq5RUFtzeHl4dNqpL7y…)

No. 187626

This is why the mtf friends I have are low-key "truscum", but they are forced to walk on eggshells around the rest of the Trans community and we rarely hear their voices in public. They can never outwardly say what they really want without retaliation. It makes me sad when my friends get lumped in with the disgusting sociopaths because my friends have struggled all their life with this and are just trying to good, loving people.

A little OT but ever notice how popular Tgirl porn is with men, yet when a transwoman goes through all the feminization surgery and SRS, suddenly she is not sexually desirable anymore? Like if she blends in and has no dick, these Tgirl-lovers have no more interest or kind words. I feel like the trans community resents those that fully and convincingly transition in to their identified gender, even when they keep chanting trans women are no different than natal women.

No. 187627

File: 1492739800271.jpg (98.09 KB, 588x768, 2xH0PSLLj99OrkHEp6fFEoD7Kenxim…)

No. 187629

This isn't too bad imo. He doesn't look like a woman but at least he doesn't look completely insane.

No. 187632

Top fucking kek anon

No. 187633

They would look sooooo much better with bangs.

No. 187634

File: 1492741950699.png (796.88 KB, 547x820, vpyFwt3.png)

No. 187635

cara delevigne

No. 187636

I feel sad they they all have this massive, balding dome and Neanderthal brow going on. I 'd probably hate being a man too.

No. 187638

File: 1492742866942.png (359.96 KB, 1155x505, can't take criticism.png)

No. 187639

Lmao. You left out the best parts:
>''And the better you look, the worse it seems to be.''
>''Bitches, I know I look good.''

No. 187643

File: 1492751855562.jpg (105.59 KB, 976x760, j0MSoKc.jpg)

That is some Code Lyoko head there.

Actually, she doesn't look that bad if she would learn better angles and makeup.

But did she honestly expect them to kiss her ass when she asked for their opinion? They are literally trying to help her so she doesn't get clocked.

No. 187644

I'm kind of impressed how much HRT helps. I mean he still looks like a dude and most of it is makeup/styling but still, it's a noticeable difference.
There's a few MTFs who started HRT in adolescence and it's really impossible to tell that they were ever male. But they probably looked a little feminine to begin with.

No. 187645

Samefag, my cousin is ftm and he has a pretty impressive beard and looks like a regular, but short, guy. He started hormones in adolescence too.

No. 187712

It's also a completely different angle and lighting. HRT doesn't do that much of a difference to your face if you're MTF.

No. 187719

jawline looks pretty feminine anon, what are you on about?

No. 187720

HRT seems to work a lot better if you're a female transitioning to male than if you're a male transitioning to female. I wonder if there's any specific reason for that.

No. 187724

It's easier to grow a jawline than it is to shrink one

No. 187729

sorry I can't see a female

No. 187730


Because "woman" is the base bodyform for humans. All bodies start female but some become male through exposure to androgens. For example, XY males who have androgen insensitivity syndrome have vaginas and look facially female. But the process is largely irreversible, which is why female hormones basically do jack shit for men other than tiny hormone titties. Women on androgens can dramatically change their appearance but mainy of the effects will be irreversible (man face, deeper voice, enlarged clit) if they ever go off.

No. 187735

File: 1492805796231.png (586.07 KB, 463x601, trans.png)

No. 187736

File: 1492806079680.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2560, tIO7CcI.png)

No. 187737

File: 1492806098000.png (470.94 KB, 459x615, really.png)

what the fuck

No. 187738

I agree. You can tell the fetishists apart from mtf trans people just by looking at how they dress and how many fucking nudes they post online.

No. 187741

Isn't that Britbong?

No. 187743

Is… that britbong? Must be a troll.

No. 187744

He needs feminizing plastic surgery.

No. 187754

File: 1492822037889.png (1.24 MB, 1080x720, mtt.png)

kinda fun tbqh

No. 187789

File: 1492890439487.png (739.99 KB, 615x611, 1.png)

No. 187790

File: 1492890502275.jpg (98.56 KB, 768x768, Fewn0RoRJaS0EguhBYwwoTIWeW_QDK…)

No. 187807

File: 1492907019091.jpg (359.47 KB, 1497x3364, vX3KlvM.jpg)

No. 187813

File: 1492917012768.jpg (297.09 KB, 768x768, 20170422411836924.jpg)

How'd I do, guys? I couldn't manage to get rid of the discolouration from the stubble unfortunately.

No. 187816

Wow and this dude would actually look good if he got a haircut and stopped crossdressing. Most of these people are just ugly as hell to begin with which makes it more obvious why they fantasize about becoming a sexy young woman

No. 187819

it's amazing what eyebrow shaping can do to someone's face

No. 187820

File: 1492924892824.png (416.91 KB, 543x754, 1492016367802 .png)

No. 187842

File: 1492934361580.jpg (2.17 MB, 3024x4032, 1492481638055(2).jpg)

No. 187844

Wow, these are actually very good. These would be great to take to an FFS doctor.

FFS can do wonders, but it so expensive.

No. 187853

File: 1492937647770.jpg (478.46 KB, 1280x720, 1492481684162(2).jpg)

No. 187854

File: 1492937905266.jpg (521.91 KB, 1932x2576, w6rDaCR.jpg)

No. 187855

File: 1492938053960.jpg (697.02 KB, 1564x1564, t3_66uqwt.jpg)

No. 187869


Well. At least he isn't wearing hooker garb and makeup.

No. 187872

Very much an untapped cow, pure delusion.

No. 187873

For some reason this is one of the creepiest ones so far… I think it may be because he's dressed like a young teenage girl.

No. 187874

How old is this guy? He looks like some middle aged dad who got into his daughters clothes. Even has typical dad hair. Fucking weird.

No. 187910

File: 1492990534366.png (563.56 KB, 496x609, trans.png)

No. 187911

File: 1492990580302.jpg (211.73 KB, 1944x2592, FfB5KSw.jpg)

No. 188483

File: 1493387622743.png (721.6 KB, 990x609, ffs.png)

came out looking taxidermied oops

No. 188499

File: 1493397238646.png (14.24 MB, 3864x2576, ffs.png)

now he looks a lot like an ex ftm i know

No. 188503

File: 1493398427823.png (3.73 MB, 2158x1776, ffs.png)

needs a hairline revision

No. 188527

File: 1493408473980.jpg (38.68 KB, 480x640, 6RazXzel.jpg)

You're good anon!
Gonna post more if you want to have some more fun

No. 188528

File: 1493408489341.jpg (81.5 KB, 576x768, dZAIN5PfyDGC0IowJCRfn9a6VMJM7m…)

No. 188529

File: 1493408515222.jpg (960.08 KB, 1440x2560, s8D0P46.jpg)

do they think they look good when they post these

No. 188530

File: 1493408527150.jpg (28.09 KB, 360x640, SqbyXqtl.jpg)

another one

No. 188531

File: 1493408539583.jpg (72.46 KB, 576x768, -REaKHe1hygo2cSN2OxpbHWqDfLeLR…)

and another

No. 188532

File: 1493408553700.jpg (166.44 KB, 768x768, hKqycqMIi9eJNOxIlAV_ai6abYwxnA…)

last one

No. 188535

What really makes me sad it's to confirm that the conception of being male is the problem, I mean >>186552 this is so fucking true. We don't see that much FTM doing videos about "passing" and how to be a man as MTF doing shitty quality videos about being a woman, because they were educated as males.
I think real transwomen have to be considered in feminist movements but I don't know they should be the center of it. After all, they are transwomen, not women. We have a lot of struggles in common but NOT the same. I would never
have the audacity of telling what how to be a transwomen and so it really triggers me when a transwoman says she know how is the experience of being a woman.

No. 188541

This one isn't too bad imo. Just looks like a typical plain jane with a big jaw. The body is passable. I wish more of these trannies would adopt a similar, more realistic look. They generally look pathetic in their porn fantasy clothes.

No. 188553

File: 1493420197489.jpg (201.02 KB, 576x768, 20170428-1798310457.jpg)

Making these edits is strangely entertaining.

No. 188719

wish you'd remove that smug obnoxious look too

No. 188722

File: 1493507350949.png (411.21 KB, 480x600, ffs.png)

shit i tried

No. 188724

File: 1493507490934.jpg (103.37 KB, 431x767, Uf7IN7LFzyZ-rqSjGL5XlKMi4s-UD1…)

It still looks better than before. I guess some are just impossible to go as female. Btw posting some more

No. 188725

File: 1493507505117.jpg (61.42 KB, 586x600, zvUriWxIskoccdsXI7xSHk7QMKAkRB…)

No. 188726

File: 1493507525957.png (488.74 KB, 457x607, saveme.png)

are these for real

No. 188728

File: 1493508679294.png (353.83 KB, 360x640, ffs.png)

this one came out cuter than me wtf

No. 188762

File: 1493522526605.jpg (509.04 KB, 3264x3264, plz leave.jpg)

No. 188763

File: 1493522755491.jpg (141.51 KB, 1152x2048, hooker lipstick again.jpg)

No. 188764

the hands on these dudes tho…. the hands always give it away…

No. 188789


Why are they all dressed like it's 1998?

No. 188790

If it was only just hands..

No. 188842

File: 1493584352133.jpg (33.63 KB, 480x640, 960O9Hrl.jpg)

Their hands and their jaws mostly, but a lot of them dress like hookers and it disgusts me so much. Posting some more

No. 188843

File: 1493584371540.jpg (72.79 KB, 432x768, OwkBV9UH_3lepsAMnQEZncoIW1ev2D…)

are those hairs on chest

No. 188844

File: 1493584381640.jpg (213.49 KB, 1836x3264, TjvRvLh.jpg)

No. 188845

File: 1493584397049.jpg (105.04 KB, 768x768, -Z-wjUhEc1h_pEQvd1zA2T_QdbOQZE…)

the jaw

No. 188846

File: 1493584809469.jpg (316.29 KB, 768x768, 201704301382754711.jpg)

And funny enough, I didn't even have to change that much. Now they sort of look like Mira without an extra chromosome.

No. 188849

I would believe this is a woman, a very hairy woman. Still.

No. 188850

This reminds me of PT for some reason…

No. 188851

impressive change anon! Looks way better than Mira.

No. 188852

Amazing work anon, they wished to look like this

No. 188897


Kind of feel bad for this one, they'd be pretty cute if it wasn't for that jaw.

No. 188910

Wow. Maybe there is hope for this one if their body is also passable.

I was thinking that too. Passable as a PCOS woman.

No. 188919

File: 1493613498779.jpg (109.87 KB, 576x768, 2y4KD2l_qB4RIfqGSRQyeVDa1d_Tex…)

No. 188921

File: 1493613859851.jpg (75.71 KB, 432x768, hooker #1345.jpg)

No. 188935

File: 1493621787843.jpg (219.74 KB, 810x1053, IMG_20170501_085507.jpg)

This is what it looks like when I fuck around when making Sims characters

No. 188942

pre-hrt and titties bc fat.

No. 188962

Why would you do your brows like that when men already have thick, low, protruding browbones as a giveaway of their sex

No. 188970

>> when you randomise a female sim out of laziness and it looks like shit so you still have to fine tune it

No. 188976

>come into thread to laugh and shitpost
>end up feeling bad for these people

What do you even tell people like
assuming they have gender dysphoria how do you help them cope with the fact that they will never ever pass?

No. 188978

You give them therapy and coping strategies about the fact that it's never going to happen.

No. 188982

this is so depressing. I can't understand these people

No. 188998

Funny how they're all white but the main transgenders in the spotlight are black

No. 189021

File: 1493668431670.jpg (148.52 KB, 768x768, BybuIOlNrwTJnhKVQGEHuGcE1qVUMK…)

No. 189022

File: 1493668443397.jpg (311.1 KB, 1440x2560, UZ94KcI.jpg)

No. 189023

File: 1493668455529.jpg (101.51 KB, 1024x683, Tv6DNKM-jT6A_NiRkc7L0yzzPJH9uR…)

No. 189026

Their shit is mental. You get them mental help.

No. 189028

looks a bit like an sjw julien solomita

No. 189029

samefagging but:

such potential to be cute as a dude, dang

No. 189032

File: 1493670952276.jpg (70.62 KB, 576x768, PicsArt_05-01-04.33.42.jpg)

No. 189038

the boobs look photoshopped

No. 189045

… Nothing else seems off to you, anon?

No. 189054

wasn't aware this was an edit, I thought this was an original, sorry about that

No. 189080

This looks just like a normal, nerdy cisfemale friend of mine. All they need is more time with hrt to soften their features and do something about that thin hair. Their style is perfectly fine too.

No. 189085

These look like very mannish looking women to me. I don't know what the rest is doing wrong.

>longish hair
>has a soft nose and small jaw
>wears make-up and appropriate clothes
But why does this person still look like a dude?

No. 189086

Agreed on the manish looking women comment.

As for >>189021
I'd guess it has to do with subtle differences between men and women such as the forehead indentation and area between the nose and upper lips. I think if he/she got fillers in the forehead and chin, possibly some upper lip injections and changed eye makeup they'd look very feminine and passing.

This person would make a really gorgeous female with a little surgery and makeup.

They are probably "regressing" to when they were younger and wished they could have lived those days as a female, like they felt inside. That's my guess at least.

No. 189092

It's the heavy brow bone, nose bridge and distance/angle between the nose tip and upper lip. Those are two major features that facial feminization surgery addresses.

No. 189106

>has a soft nose and small jaw
he doesn't have a small jaw at all

No. 189127

File: 1493759932139.jpg (153.39 KB, 768x768, pv3gPqF8-O2Gh5hpBZjE2VfjgBpeME…)

r/transtimelines also has a lot of delusional folks lol
And why do almost all MtF trans seem to be so mainly before and suddenly "I'm a girl"

No. 189128

File: 1493759943468.jpg (183.82 KB, 1024x634, cwnGuEGRcQZ3fLrnGgHki04UgAgu-M…)

No. 189129

File: 1493759961103.jpg (484.41 KB, 1564x1564, ydz455O.jpg)

No. 189130

File: 1493759976111.jpg (108.92 KB, 768x768, fSFRQxT62VPNxqkOAAtPh2p5gg4xwy…)


No. 189134

>>And why do almost all MtF trans seem to be so mainly before and suddenly "I'm a girl"
my random guess would be that they want to force themselves to accept their biological sex? maybe laziness to deal with facial hair? don't want to be judged by peers?
idk what other reasons there would be tbh

No. 189144

Looks like he reversed his age 10-14 years rather than transitioned.

No. 189149

Ugh! Why do these burly men want to look like 10 year old little girls instead of a woman their age?!

I heard one reason is that they try to overcompensate because of the internal dysphoria, so they try to adhere to manly stereotypes. But if they not only look the part, but act the part by perpetuating misogyny and taking advantage of being a gross dude-bro, I will not accept them. You betray us as a man, but want to be our sister now? Fuck that. I'm down with awkward little effeminate dudes who mean no harm and didn't throw us under the bus while living as male. I will support their transition. But the others will always be snakes to me.

No. 189154

I was wondering about this too. They seriously all look like badly-costumed extras from the set of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Which has all that awful fashion they're nuts about.

No. 189156

They look like extras from that Jimmy Fallon skit "Ew!"

No. 189205

File: 1493840089632.jpg (87.13 KB, 576x768, pc2tbVxERoYdcWFEo287gs5js7wq-C…)

No. 189206

File: 1493840106223.jpg (102.39 KB, 432x768, 4VZsuenxGAEH0OwB7IUgV8qDRs8eZG…)

No. 189207

File: 1493840129117.jpg (159.48 KB, 576x768, -D7dV-NF7xVwKQJDHDmOu9fBmjIgjb…)

No. 189208

File: 1493840138160.jpg (338.84 KB, 1944x2592, 3XRJNRZ.jpg)

No. 189216


This person I think could pass pretty well. Their eyebrows are beyond tragic, but the rest of the makeup is pretty understated and non-hookery, and they have nice features. I would even venture to say they're pretty.

No. 189217


I think they could pass too, but just as a very ugly girl. Eyebrows really would make all the difference

No. 189253

Buffalo Bill?!

No. 189301

File: 1493919592642.jpg (33.12 KB, 360x640, MF1qsQBl.jpg)

No. 189302

File: 1493919601308.jpg (46.97 KB, 480x640, JUFJOzGl.jpg)

No. 189303

File: 1493919608453.jpg (88.97 KB, 768x768, r_IL78W2JnL-b9VkVtOE_A-iWGg6Eg…)

No. 189304

File: 1493919614077.jpg (46.05 KB, 480x640, 2K0GygHl.jpg)

No. 189307

Dude looks like Keegan-Michael Key wearing a wig for a Key & Peele skit.

No. 189309

File: 1493924020266.png (192.97 KB, 581x273, e4wq434.png)

Fuck, cannot unsee.

No. 189451

I've been doing some thinking about trannies lately and I've come to the realization that it's not a radical rejection of gender roles, but rather a doubling down on the idea that being a masculine women or a feminine man is bad and that adhering to the ideal is good. If we simply got rid of the stigma around not adhering to the gender norm perfectly, then when someone doesn't fit the gender role well they wouldn't feel ashamed and feel like they need to change themselves so they can be closer to the ideal. When a man realizes he doesn't fit the male ideal, ie he's not aggressive and confident and successful, he feels so ashamed of himself that he feels the need to change into a woman so that his traits can be acceptable. When a woman is not submissive and quiet and small and cute she feels the need to change herself into a man so her traits can be acceptable. This is really fucked up when you think about it because the better option would be to simply make men feel alright with being feminine and women okay with being masculine. This is what a true destruction of gender roles and stereotypes would be, not pumping people full of drugs and cutting them open with knives so that they better fit one of the two ideals.

The pressure society puts on people to adhere to the two gender ideals is crazy and drives people literally insane. Women obsess over not being pretty and feminine enough and men obsess over not being strong and manly enough and they constantly feel like shit for not being the ideal man or ideal woman. Fuck that. Let's get to just accepting people for who they are already, not making people feel like they need to change themselves because they don't fit what's considered acceptable.

No. 189458

Absolutely. There are so many FTM's who later de-transition because they realized their motives were just misogyny. They thought being a woman meant being weak, emotional, petty, materialistic and makeup/fashion-obsessed, and they thought, "but I'm not those things, so that must mean I'm a man." Only when they realized that none of those traits or their opposites inherently define whether you are male or female, they went off the hormones and just let themselves be the women they are.
Similarly, I have seen MTF's speak constantly about how "they always loved 'girly' things", how they "knew they must be a girl because they loved dolls/cute clothes and their friends were all girls," how they were bullied by peers, or pressured by their parents due to them not being "masculine enough," (as in the case of Laverne Cox) and in general them idolizing hyper-feminine examples of performed womanhood, giant boobs and butts, Barbie hair, and so on. Though with MTFs that also has a lot to do with fetishism wherein they are sexually aroused by the thought of becoming or dressing like a woman, as studies have shown.
Much of the time it comes down to really shallow, superficial, and stereotypical ideas of what defines a man or woman.

No. 189461

Welcome to radfem, sister.

No. 189462

Nah, mtf trannies are fetishists. Gender roles or not, men will always fetishize women and turn womens struggle into a joke. Not fitting the male ideal isn't the issue, they just want to get their rocks off.

For ftm trannies, it will probably help to get rid of gender roles.

No. 189464

I think it became popular to blame society for everything. It is exactly the lack of society and healthy parenting that is the cause of most of the new age disorders imo. I don't think we should normalize mental illnesses either, not to mention encourage people to have them. This doesn't mean we should shame them ofc.
Trannies have a body image disorder. Period. Just like people with ED and anorexia nervosa. But for some reason treated completely differently.

I have no problem with people transitioning but the high suicide rates post transition indicate that it may be not the preferred treatment method. Besides, transitioning feels like a coup-out to me:
>I haven't been successful as my biological gender, so let's try the opposite one

How can you fight for equality while treating the genders differently?

No. 189472

>Much of the time it comes down to really shallow, superficial, and stereotypical ideas of what defines a man or woman.
Bless you anon. They're the first people to say "please stop gender roles" yet they use those exact gender roles to say they feel a woman/man.

No. 189478

>The pressure society puts on people to adhere to the two gender ideals is crazy and drives people literally insane.
Precisely. You got it my sister.

I used to be hardcore into trans rights. For years. For the longest time I also considered myself trans since early teens and way before it became the next trendy thing to be. It wasn't until last year (I'm nearing my 30's) when the trans movement started gaining momentum and they went full psycho with the mainstream. The fetishist MTF trannies coercing lesbians into sex. The excessive amount of fakebois and transmen acting out their gay men fantasies. The nonbinary snowflakes spouting out the most misogynistic shit ever ("I'm not a shallow bimbo like all the other women so I MUST be a man!"). Parents putting their very underage kids on hormone blockers. Everything.

It was too overwhelming. I got into multiple arguments about the legitimacy of transgenderism and every time I tried to look for scientific articles to back up my claims, I couldn't find any. Scientists simply didn't find a waterproof biological explanation to confirm that transgenderism is a biological disorder. It was simply not possible for a male brain to be in a female body or vice versa. The whole idea of transgenderism is based on the existence of traditional gender roles and like >>189458 said, misogyny.

I have multiple post-op trans friends and I'm afraid for their future. So many trans people kill themselves rather than detransition after they realize they have a mangled body they can never fully repair. And I also fear for all my friends who are going through the evaluation and I simply can't convince them to rethink this because "being a transphobe" is the worst thing you could ever be now.

No. 189491

honestly being trans is just extreme body dysmorphia and we treat it how we treat the other extremes, ignore trying to fix the psychological aspect and just give them what they want. look up stuff where people claim to be amputee and then -actually- get amputated. psychologists have to deal with this shit all the time by giving in and the idea of transphobia is just perpetuating the problem.

the thing that pisses me off with this, is that people who push the idea of trans being a medically diagnosed disease are the same people who push how sex and gender aren't related at all, so which is it? you can't "transition" on a fucking spectrum, with their logic trans people shouldn't need to do anything.

gender and sex shouldn't be differentiated, most of the time when people refer to gender, they are referring to gender roles, which are fucking stupid, every sane person can agree, but you don't need to add some special snowflake meaning to that. and you damn sure can't push that -and- push that gender and sex are the same just for transpeople.

on the topic of mtf, while for many it's a sex thing(it still probably is regardless), a study showed that a lot of mtfs have body image issues that stem from their infant circumcisions explicitly, which is just another reason to ban that shit as well.

No. 189558

File: 1494118249421.jpg (80.78 KB, 411x767, QgUJtE5ktRH8rQUHch6hnk2MtAbJf5…)

No. 189559

File: 1494118262074.jpg (49.2 KB, 480x640, b9tJr3pl.jpg)

No. 189560

File: 1494118275114.jpg (38.16 KB, 480x640, Qq65rb1l.jpg)

No. 189564

File: 1494124662221.jpg (47.16 KB, 720x960, kAULj7Rg.jpg)

I'm a trans person who had extreme gender dysphoria since childhood, started hormones at sixteen (now twenty-one), and am fairly well-adjusted and successful in life. I'd never say this IRL, but I (and a lot of my friends) would probably agree with a lot of the more controversial/rational opinions expressed in this thread.

Feel free to ask me anything about the condition or my experiences.

pic – main moderator of /r/asktransgender (drewiepoodle). Dude is a giant creep both online and IRL. Tried to lure a teenager to his house with hormones. Actually thinks he passes and is """stealth""".

No. 189565

This goes for FTM trans too.

I've met a lot of transmen who don't come across as trans (Not in a passing way but in a "If you're trans, and thus experience body dysmorphia, why are you dressed like a girl today?" way) but identify as such that are butt-ugly.

I really think the trans thing is such a trend with tumblr girls lately for two reasons
>Overall uncomfortable with their bodies being seen as women, not because of dysmorphia, but because they don't want to be sexualized
>Ugly as fuck so their only option is to be a man (isn't this why Pixyteri is having those issues because she feels so masculine?)

The first one I can related to
>Be 11
>Get D cup tits
>First boyfriend dates me soley for having boobs and tells everyone this
>Hit on by creepy old men in public because they can't tell i'm 11 with my boobs
>Almost get raped at 16 for someone else who views me as more 'mature' because i have big tits (he was almost 30). He did back off but it was scary. It was less him actively wanting to rape me and more him not understanding that no, i did not really want it, i was just flirting because i thought i was cool. Dumb kid shit
>Molested at a young age at well but don't wanna think about those details
>First REAL boyfriend at 18 was sexually abusive
So at 17 until I was 23 I thought i was trans or "gender fluid." I had a lot of moments where I thought if i had been born a boy life would've gone better for me.
It wasn't until I regained some of my confidence in my body in my 20s that I started to be comfortable with the fact that inside and out mentally and physically, i am a girl.

It's this reason I'm extremely against transitioning for teenagers unless multiple psychiatrists and doctors agree it's the best solution, especially in the case of FTM.

I wish the trans community as a whole was more open to discussing this because I think a lot of newly transboys are people going through issues with their body that are unrelated to being trans.

I always trust a transgirl more because there's nothing trendy about a guy risking getting beat up or worse for wearing a dress.

I think a lot of the girls posted in this thread fail at passing in terms of some things (like eyebrow plucking) because they might have a very wrong idea of how much work goes into being a woman, even for women born as women. Being a transwoman is twice as much work.

No. 189566

His body and hair make him passable if you're not paying attention. The glasses help too. But if you look close, his lack of makeup gives all of it away.

Also that's fucking disgusting, what the fuck? Luring a teenager in with hormones?

No. 189567

File: 1494126028228.jpg (282.7 KB, 1924x636, predator.jpg)


This is part of the conversation, I'm not sure if there's more but I think he deleted a lot of his posts.

No. 189568

I have no issues with trans people that indeed have issues with their bodies and want to change so they feel better and don't want to be "special snowflakes". If you're okay now it means that your problem was legit enough that changing was the best option for you. The only people I have issues are these creeps like that one you posted, that put some lipstick and want magically to be a woman. Also guys like Danielle Muscato that only want to lurk in female bathrooms.

No. 189570

File: 1494129249834.jpg (80.48 KB, 576x768, humpty dumpty2.jpg)


That's okay, I get the impression that this is how a lot of people feel when it comes to trans issues.

>The only people I have issues are these creeps like that one you posted, that put some lipstick and want magically to be a woman. Also guys like Danielle Muscato that only want to lurk in female bathrooms.

It really boggles my mind how an individual can go through their entire lives as a successful, happy, family man, only to suddenly have an epiphany that they were really "women" all along.

I've met quite a few of these people in real life, and I've listened to their stories. Most of them never really experienced dysphoria as children or teenagers, and the catalyst for their transition often seems to be (reading between the lines) some kind of masturbation-induced self hypnosis.

I'd feel sorry for them if they didn't have the annoying habit of ending up in positions of power (because of a lifetime of male privilege) where they're able to effectively dictate the transgender narrative to the rest of society. They also tend to be loud, obnoxious and rude, and often have a severe lack of social awareness.

No. 189575

Don't worry. Despite some of the harsh comments by myself and others, it seems the general consensus is that gender dysphoric people that have gone through years of soul-searching and therapy to reach their conclusion to transition are in a different league that most posted here. Before trans became a catch-all term, most of these people were just Sissies.

I do have a question though. What sort of difficulties have you faced trying to discuss the infiltration of transtrenders and Sissy fetishists trying to speak for the whole transgender community? Or is it just not possible to safely bring it up? I have a couple mtf friends that much to scared to speak up about it for fear of being ostracized and losing their biggest support base.

No. 189577

so are you implying there's indeed a distinction to be made between real transwomen and… not real ones? Or is there some other message to be interpreted from the people shown in this thread who don't look like they're passing as women

No. 189578

Pure elitism.
Xe is aware enough to notice some of the problems concerning the community but not all of them.

No. 189580


Oh, god. Fuck off, Tumblr.

No. 189582

probly a troll, no one is that stupid to use fake pronouns on someone who doesn't express the desire to use them. why would trans people want them anyways? they're trying to change genders, surely they want people to think they're the other gender and use those pronouns.

No. 189613

The recent man tantrum reminded me how hilarious it is that so many of these guys are fat and fucking ugly by every measure. If being skinny and "average" looking is so easy and repes you tons of benefits as r9k claims, why can NONE of these men do either, and why is almost literally every mtf life complete shit?

No. 189616

>The recent man tantrum
There was a man tantrum?

No. 189623

When mtfs are involved there is always a man tantrum

No. 189684


I was more referring to the shitposting a lost robot posted here a few days ago. The threads are in /sty/

No. 189805

File: 1494302351108.jpg (67.78 KB, 432x768, Re4bbxqBbi17ZyCHQS76elhm7ibCCu…)

No. 189806

File: 1494302362743.jpg (335.45 KB, 1920x2560, w6itwmy0dawy.jpg)

No. 189807

File: 1494302372157.png (535.74 KB, 515x552, save me.png)

No. 189809

File: 1494302480088.jpg (46.79 KB, 480x640, XJkIwRZl.jpg)

No. 189845

These legit look like me tho. FML

No. 189848

File: 1494334137759.png (1.13 MB, 800x1422, milknmuffins.png)

No. 189873

because they were never trans to begin with. Very few 'transgender' people are actual trans who deal with day-to-day dysphoria. Betamales turn to emulating women because they think their lives will be better as women due to failing as men in society. They think women have it easier so they switch teams. Being trans has become disgustingly trendy.

I have empathy for real trans-women because they suffer day-to-day, but these beta males have made being trans a total laughing stock by making a mental illness trendy and a 'lifestyle'.

No. 189875

honestly for a lot of these trans women… i think a good long time on hrt + specially tailored makeup/clothing advice would do them a world of good. facial feminization surgery would also do wonders for some of them.

No. 189878

agreed, i also feel like alot of this shit was caused by that trend of fakebois on tumblr, it slowly spiraled into the mess of 'truscum' 'trans doesn't mean dysphoria' shit that these people thrive on. i will say that i feel like this is a mental disorder that we need to treat more like one. everyones feels get hurt when you say it's an issue that should be fixed, but i think that wanting to mutilate yourself is an issue that we should fix by -not- mutilating people.

No. 189958

It absolutely infuriates me the way they throw in their lot with actual transwomen (as in, the ones who were gender non-conforming from childhood, usually male-attracted, and often have to engage in survival sex work with male clients) as if their boring mostly-online lives are anything like that. The trans women who get murdered are the trans woman who associate with and fuck straight men. Not the ones who who throw shitfits on tumblr when a lesbian won't let them in her pants.

No. 190030

File: 1494452411005.jpg (116.49 KB, 1024x683, BxcpFxYBndjZUg7t_BgBv37hOBGJ8s…)

No. 190031

File: 1494452423293.jpg (87.81 KB, 512x767, GKDCy5UW1gl3ipTrlBQ9DeEpJv73TI…)

No. 190032

File: 1494452433730.jpg (44.92 KB, 431x767, Q8rVVD5fTSqNONmZq-xcnpknzjvUKE…)

No. 190075

File: 1494475705907.jpg (95.03 KB, 841x630, mtran.jpg)

No. 190101

This one could honestly get that androgynous sort of look really easy, I don't think it's as terrible a pass as lots of the others.

I think he'd probably only need hrt and maybe a little bit of surgery and would be fine.

I 100% agree with these, and I think that anyone who thinks a mental illness or anything that causes suffering is fucking trendy is a terrible person who shouldn't be supported at all.

No. 190374

File: 1494699174573.jpg (37.51 KB, 477x640, a2wftF5l.jpg)

No. 190375

File: 1494699183023.jpg (59.72 KB, 432x768, tBfjARzb7vYQNDL3Kv2bQmmyVJYl2g…)

No. 190376

File: 1494699189333.png (369.17 KB, 575x609, trans.png)

No. 190377

File: 1494699195621.png (575.64 KB, 516x607, trans1.png)

No. 190378

File: 1494699210419.jpg (33.43 KB, 300x417, fyQHgH5LqxBMa105Qzv95nJUfqLySt…)

No. 190379

File: 1494699225468.jpg (90.05 KB, 576x768, w-OUVP7ArE_xhKnOZohOH8g5lPOmMy…)

No. 190406

This is Ashley Bailey's secret twin

No. 190418

This one looks like a kinda cute dyke

I'd say they pass, but damn they should remove that goddamn stache and get a nice haircut as well

No. 190432

File: 1494738577213.png (911.26 KB, 1234x552, 1451496936639.png)

No. 190433

This is really fucking creepy. I can't believe I used to defend these fucks.

>implying anyone would believe that abomination could be a mother

No. 191887

I've benn thinking about this thread a lot because the correlation between fakebois and misogyny.
What do you think about this trans girl? I think she pass but what I like is that she addresses the mental health of trans folks. Btw, she says she has did.
sage for ot

No. 194899

File: 1497304518585.jpg (70.34 KB, 576x768, a1RcObJ6Wlds6XTjq5SGMN37ZmoDI-…)

I miss this thread

No. 194900

File: 1497304530892.jpg (116 KB, 575x767, bDR3Wxml4qgoOFVMniibdGgbXD9f0U…)

No. 194901

File: 1497304567624.jpg (33.39 KB, 360x640, Xf3JaQgl.jpg)

>I feel really good as a non-girly trans girl
why the fuck change though

No. 194903

File: 1497305391281.jpg (376.58 KB, 1080x1920, 3Q5vJsv.jpg)

No. 194904

File: 1497305402918.jpg (97 KB, 576x768, qJC_ocXujTSFxmR2aDap-0E_z-IvR4…)

No. 194907

File: 1497306530449.jpg (8.39 KB, 249x250, 1497077146337.jpg)

the sad part is, these men think they pass because no one says anything and they're so wrapped up in their fetish they don't realize they make people uncomfortable but people have to be polite. just… the complete lack of self awareness is sad. the worst part is how every lesbian event (not like there's any anymore tbh)just "queer femmes" now and it's just full of guys like this. also, they all dress alike, in a specific way that's kind of hard to describe

No. 194914

>also, they all dress alike, in a specific way that's kind of hard to describe

They dress the way men think women dress (or should dress.) That's what I'd describe it as.

No. 194918

This is seriously a form of fetishism. You wouldn't see any sane woman inching her way closer and closer to someone else's child and trying to publicly pose as their mother while taking smug selfies of it all

No. 194926

I remember reading an article written by a femininity coach(?) for transitioning MtFs and she said that when she went shopping with her clients they would always pick out the most garish and inappropriately sexy clothes.

Literally a part of this woman's job was to get them to wear normal women's clothes, kek.

No. 194933

samefagging but I found a video on her


>that middle-aged balding man trying to turn into a sexy woman named Kristen

No. 194948

Trannies fetishizing femininity, more news at 11.

I really don't understand how I ever supported the TG movement. It's so fucking stupid I'm amazed that it's still gaining momentum, mostly because of bullshit fallacies like the image >>194907 posted.
>Gender is a social construct but also you can be born into a wrong gender
>Gender doesn't matter but however gender is 100% my identity
>Female and male are just the same, except not because I was born with a female brain since I like makeup and titties teehee!!!
>I hate being female because all the social shit that is included (being a second class citizen, sexual harassment, objectification etc.) is shitty, so I must be a man!
>You can't be transracial you idiot, but transgender? Of course! You totally know how it "feels" like to be the opposite gender despite growing up and going through socialization and puberty as your natal gender. I mean I watch enough my little ponies to know how females work!

No. 194966

I'm not saying they'd pass, but all of these people would look a great deal better if they just GOT THEIR EYEBROWS WAXED. What woman would walk around with a big unibrow that swallows up her eyelids and the top half of her eyes? It just goes to show that despite the fact that they feel like they're women, they STILL don't feel the same pressures that women feel. I was bullied so hard as a child for having dark leg hair, can't imagine the abuse I would have gotten if I had two big slugs on my face like they do.

Wow the start of that video enraged me. What's wrong with a woman coaching people who VOLUNTARILY go to her and pay her to teach them how to not look like shit and dress in tacky, fetish wear? Do they think female babies are born with lash extensions, perfectly glossed lips and a pair of heels? We're all taught by someone how to be feminine (our mothers, our grandmothers, in a lot of cases strict fathers too…) It actually brought a smile to my face at the end because that woman is offering so much more than picking out outfits. She's showing people life skills (how to apply makeup, how to walk, how to pick out a pair of glasses) and giving them the female friendship that they missed out on while growing up that would have forced them to adhere to a certain standard.

When I was younger, I did ballet. Almost everyone I knew did. It taught us how to stand up straight and keep our chins up because even having BAD POSTURE is considered unfeminine. We did character and it was how I first learned to walk in heels (nope, walking in heels didn't come naturally to us, shocker). I bought hundreds of girly magazines that taught me everything from how to insert a tampon to how to achieve the "perfect smokey eye". I learned how to dance by watching MTV and I learned how to walk in a feminine way by watching models on the catwalk. We had compulsory home economics (cooking, cleaning, sewing and childcare) and personal development (how to shave your legs, videos of women giving birth, how to apply makeup, how to deccorate your home and plan a wardrobe) because I went to a girls' school. My parents didn't allow me to chew gum, I wasn't allowed to wear glasses, I'd be told off for not sitting straight or not keeping my legs closed or talking in a certain way, I wasn't allowed to whistle, I was berated for biting my nails, I wasn't allowed to cut my hair… Can't believe these people claim to be "more of a woman than cis women" when they've had a COMPLETELY masculine upbringing and refuse to even let kind cis women help them.

You want to "pass" as a woman? Then you need a fucking coach to force you into rigid gender norms that mummy and daddy didn't drill into you for the first few decades of your life.

No. 194971


>Do they think female babies are born with lash extensions, perfectly glossed lips and a pair of heels?

Yes. I cannot stress this enough, but these guys are nothing more than mysoginistic incels who are even more delusional than usual. They think women live life on easy mode, and that they can have a slice of that pie just by playing dress up and taking some pills. They don't know what women normally look like, and don't see the work we put into our looks. They think it's fun and games, not tedious, expensive work. That's why you get things like that guy, or Eden complaining about his stolen estrogen not clearing up his acne, or the slug brows. They don't do it right because they don't try, and they don't try because they think this is a way to be a lazy piece of shot and face no consequences.

No. 194972

Damn anons, I never really thought about it that way, you've blown my mind and opened my eyes.

No. 194980

All those people in the beginning totally against her business. What contradictory garbage.

No. 194984

Yeah, I myself recently woke up to how fucked up the whole transgender movement is. I still support them in the sense I don't think they should be discriminated against, but I strongly feel that being "transgender" is not a real thing and the whole movement is such a trainwreck. Like you pointed out, I don't see how it's so different from saying you're transracial. That's simply an illogical double standard.

The thing I hate most is this fucked up mentality many transwomen and allies deep in the koolaid have that transwomen are more women than cis ones because they "worked for it". Um… fucking excuse me? You're seriously that self-involved and ignorant that you think you're the only ones who've had to "work" or suffer to be female? Like yeah, fuck you. That is so disgustingly dismissive of what ciswomen go through. You're basically saying any discrimination women face or the awful biological shit we go through (agonizing periods, pregnancy/childbirth and avoiding it) mean nothing. Of course, if you bring up pregnancy and periods, you're being insensitive cis scum.

The say gender is a social construct, but… it's not. Why does gender logically have to be anything more than male=penis, female=vagina. I'm very curious how many people who still call themselves trans if men wearing women's clothing was more normalized.

No. 194989

At least these ones are trying. I don't have a problem with mtf who don't pass as long as they're at least clearly trying.

No. 194991

File: 1497378372687.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, F7DbFCr.png)

What the hell

No. 194992

I love how the SJWs condemning her at the beginning are so unaware of the privilege they're exhibiting by doing so. It's pretty easy to shit on a ciswoman for teaching mtfs how to conform to a more traditional idea of femininity when you're not the one whose safety is at risk if you don't pass…

No. 195002

>whose safety is at risk if you don't pass
Maybe they should treat their heads first instead of mutilating their bodies. If a person wants to cut a healthy leg you will deal with that person's head, why isn't trans the same shit?

No. 195004


That's why before taking hormones or getting surgery counseling is required (not sure if it's required everywhere, but at some places it is)…

Btw read some stories, how real trans people who are unable to transit end up.Spoiler alert, they fucking kill themselves.

No. 195005

saying "let me do this, or i'll kill myself and it'll all be your fault" is incredibly manipulative

No. 195007


Yeah but the ones that transition end up killing themselves sometimes too.

Or they detransiton because they realize that cosplaying as the opposite sex didn't make them feel better.

No. 195008

Wtf are you talking about, anon? Where the hell in my comment did I say anything about surgery? I was talking about what the woman helps them with in the video, which is dressing and doing makeup in ways that make them pass for female better, that has absolutely nothing to do with surgery. If anyone needs their head checked, it's you.

>incredibly manipulative
It's being real. You're not the one effected by it, they are. So yeah, I'd say when it comes to what they want to do with their bodies, they should get the final say after years of therapy and being certain of their decision, not people who can't possibly fathom what they're going through.

No. 195009

Yeah, and at the end of the day if they do then that's sad, but it doesn't mean we should dictate what an entire group of people should be allowed to do to their own bodies based on "you might regret it later". Honestly, I don't agree with the surgery either, but policing the bodies of people we don't know based on reasoning like that is too much of a slippery slope. It needs to be left between them, their therapist, and their doctor. You're not an expert on trans issues, anon, you're in no place to police what they do to themselves.

No. 195012

I can't believe the arrogance of some of the people in video.

I think the difference between Monica and the people making comments at the beginning, and the presenter is that Monica seems to actually give a shit about trans people as individuals. We can all make sweeping statements of how things should be, how other people are wrong, whatever, but how many of those people are actually doing something meaningful for another persons life?

I don't know how to feel about gender identity stuff sometimes but I found myself really touched by this video. I can't imagine how great it must've felt for those guys to be really pampered, taught, taken seriously and honestly look great afterwards. It must've felt really validating to walk around with the beautiful Monica and be one of her gal pals.

No. 195021

so what do you guys think of what's happening here?


A popular women-only spa has generated controversy after transgender clients were allegedly refused service.

Recently, Body Blitz Spa, which operates two locations in downtown Toronto at 471 Adelaide St. W. and 497 King St. E., allegedly refused to admit a transgender woman to one of its facilities.

Weronika Rogula, who identifies as a gender non-conforming queer, is friends with a transgender individual who was recently denied entry to the spa.

On their personal Facebook page, Rogula said they’ll no longer be patronizing Body Blitz because of its anti-trans policy.

“They do not welcome trans women in their women-only spa and so I am done giving them my money (benefits) and encourage you to do the same,” Rogula wrote on Friday, June 9.

“Women-only spaces should not be for cis (someone who identifies with the sex they were born as) women only, but all women including trans women who are women. We know this and so should they. Bye bye blitz.”

No. 195024

>they should get the final say after years of therapy and being certain of their decision, not people who can't possibly fathom what they're going through.
I'm an ana-chan, and I don't think doctors can fathom what I go through either. Does that mean they should support me? That the health care system should pay for lipo to remove all fat from my body?

That's a shitty argument

No. 195034

File: 1497399218392.jpg (121.72 KB, 576x768, aCm3n9C09wWYHXYZquxfdhRjmkZnX-…)

No. 195035

File: 1497399228931.jpg (18.26 KB, 400x533, l0YSKtZl.jpg)

No. 195036

File: 1497399239650.jpg (87.86 KB, 768x768, ftHL75XGICKvWy45Q9X4zQFPQ0W8SL…)

this fucking guy

No. 195039

File: 1497400592741.jpg (87.83 KB, 731x960, 16174896_248714512223260_78131…)

Legit feel bad for Colin that this is his son

No. 195043

File: 1497401808164.jpg (90.79 KB, 576x768, PQ2bo1ugzUux4O6GTdGw-WHjWJ1d6k…)

No. 195045

File: 1497403127787.jpg (95.49 KB, 576x768, BwbK7-6BiQ5sh3GJ9zAYIBo1qY_3VY…)

I wasn't gonna post anymore but this one

No. 195058

The wig is obviously terrible, but at least he isn't dressed like a steet corner hooker. He could maybe pass for a really ugly, 1/10 girl.

No. 195065

No, but there's a world of difference between what you're describing and transitioning. The biggest difference being that you would die. The fact you don't see the difference between allowing a transperson the right to transition and literally killing an anorexic person shows you don't know enough about the issue to have a valid opinion. Leave it to the doctors working with these individuals.

No. 195076

No. 195081

anon do you also think that rape victims should not be able to get an abortion if they became pregnant? because this fits right into your 'logic'

No. 195110

what the hell are you even talking about lmao

No. 195111

Good for them. I'd be pissed if I went to a nude, all-women's spa and had to look at some guy's dong during my treatment. No wangs allowed!

No. 195146

All the enraged MtFs are likely pedos who just want to wave their dicks around where there are minor girls. The no penis rule is totally fair.

On a tangent, why the hell are MtFs so obsessed with keeping their penises even after transition?

No. 195197

lonely male nerds become obsessed with either traps and femboys on 4chan or sissy porn on reddit tbqh

No. 195200

I have seen a lot of them really obsessed with the idea of getting a vagina and even showing it to people (when I was active in the LGBT community I had multiple MTFs say to me how they couldn't wait to flash everyone their vagina, and I have an underage cousin who was flashed by a post-op MTF in the city) but for those who want to keep their penises I would say good for them because that is far better than having a festering wound that you have to dilate like a giant ear piercing for the rest of your life

No. 195221

The most disturbing thing about those neovaginas is that they actually grow mold, or so I read. Disgusting as fuck.

No. 195297

These people have no idea how to style hair. They don't know how to part hair so it just looks like those emo guys who all their hair comes from one area. They have no idea how to cut bangs either.

It's just frustrating how little attention they put into the most basic shit.

No. 195318

I feel like some of these people are confusing MtF with sissy fetish.
I mean, good on you for transitioning and actually doing it because you're not happy but I don't think some of these are legit.

No. 195888

File: 1498076050573.png (761.83 KB, 1640x479, stefsanjati.png)

No. 195892

he was such a pretty elfin boy

No. 195893

This is how I feel too. I have sympathy for legitimate transgender people but I think some of them are just edgy fuckers crying out for attention and are trying desperately to be different. They have other underlying issues that will not be solved just with transitioning.

No. 196383

File: 1498363287185.png (448.73 KB, 591x643, danielle.png)

"Okay TERFS, have at it"

No. 196394

fat balding dude in a skirt

No. 196396


Does he call himself a lesbian and talk about his girl dick too?

No. 196398

So what makes you a woman, gross dad in a skirt? If it's not genitals, chromosomes, or even changing your body to resemble a cis-female as closely as possible(like a real trans person), HOW are you a woman? I hate how it all comes down to makeup, tits and valley girl accent for these guys.

No. 196404

File: 1498396310635.jpg (204.06 KB, 1080x1080, O7Wo6N7.jpg)

Nope, not even that. You just have to say you feel like a woman these days and that's it.

No. 196406

File: 1498398782476.png (43.91 KB, 633x340, daniellem.png)

He actually does. And he uses his dick as a threat too

No. 196409

File: 1498400290292.gif (955.15 KB, 500x281, giphy (6).gif)

I feel confused about this. I do think gender is a social construct I mean the part about what is really be a female and why are those things considered female? same with male. I think everybody should live his "gender" in a not binary way but that is impossible because people like this. They get theirs mouth full with "gender is a construct" stuff but they are the first ones to try to define what a "REAL WOMAN/FEMALE" is. I still support tg movement but I lost my jammies when this kind of stuff happen and it's clearly a lot of ignorance and misogyny since this delusional dudes took over the movement. Like always, heterosexual males are doing what they know best: feeling entitled to make everything about themselves. Funny how they want to be close about what is the experience of being a woman/female but they don't want to give up their internalized misogyny.

>I feel like some of these people are confusing MtF with sissy fetish
Same. Trans people struggle a lot about "passing" and stuff but this people just try to justify themselves and his fetishes with being trans to gain empathy. What drives me mad is that I think only "MtF" (biological men) are doing this.

No. 196434

No. 196436

Have you guys seen this?


Instead, what I learned during the social experiment that followed is that Jacob and Alok, like many gender nonconforming femmes, live in a world where admirers applaud them for their radical politics on social media, and people they're attracted to associate with them because of their slayworthiness and social capital, but refuse to make love to them, or at least fuck them well.

Refuse to make love to them! Poor babies.

No. 196466

They're not cute and they look dirty. That is enough for me to say "Hell no".

I would consider going for a trans or non-binary person if they pleasant to look at, hygienic and were not self-absorbed douchebags looking for praise all the time. I like femme cis-men, butch cis-girls and sometimes fully transitioned people fit the bill too, but "suck my gurl dick" flabby balding fuckers with bad fashion are always repulsive to me.

No. 196472

>Don't conform to what most people look in a partner
>Pander only to a very niché audience
>Be aggressive and hostile in the media
>WHY don't people want to fuck me?! smdh fucking transphobes
Gotta love that male entitlement they have.

No. 196476

LMAO I'm dying at his face. I'm why it just is so funny.

No. 196486

Why do trans women think "TERFs" hate men who wear dresses and skirts. Clothes have no gender, nobody should be ashamed to wear something that was exclusive for one sex a long time ago. If these kind of people claimed to be cis they'd have all the support of "TERFs" because that's exactly what they want, destroy gender. There is no debate, libfems are simply stupid and a cult.

No. 196500

Bless you anon. They claim they want to destroy gender yet they're doing the exact opposite. "I like skirts and makeup, so I must be a girl".

No. 196530

why are they all trying to look like a 54-year-old woman named Linda who still wears magenta pink lipstick, works as a dental assistant, hasn't sucked a dick in 14 years (uses teeth), and tries to meet men at the Outback Steakhouse bar?

No. 196550

It's nuts because I'd be considered a TERF despite loving and supporting feminine and androgynous men forever. The problem isn't a physically male body in women's clothes. It's them fucking telling us that just because they squeezed a body con dress over their raging boner 30 years after living as a man, they suddenly know what it's like to be a woman and they believe their limited experience trumps our entire lifetimes. I hate it even more that they not only want to overtake womens' spaces, but dictate the lesbian experience as well.

No. 196597

File: 1498578798608.gif (54.21 KB, 273x343, rob.gif)

No. 196599

File: 1498579787312.jpg (102.27 KB, 614x767, MU5fY_2kYc1XU6_o5SjAImPWPkB7vE…)

saw this in progresspics and got extremely triggered. why do they have to come for my safe spaces…

No. 196600

I question if these "women" have ever seen any actual women. I hope all of these are just progress pictures and they don't actually think they pass.

No. 196601

Exactly. They don't understand that you don't need to like certain things to be a man or women. Of course there are the ones who really suffer from body dysphoria but the few mtf I came to speak (mostly online, I just know one irl) just want to feel better with their bodies and know they're not women but have that shit going on in their heads. While I believe they should be treated mentally instead of fucking their bodies, I don't know if there's a more effective treatment available to them right now.

But these guys who just want to go into women's bathrooms and be called sexy and they get off in the mirror while watching their bodies. Was reading an article yesterday where one of them got off breastfeeding his child. What the actual fuck. And they calling themselves girl makes me sick.

This guy makes me wanna throw up.

No. 196603

It makes me sad thinking about what the effects of exogenous hormones will do to a newborn. Breastfeeding women aren't able to use so many different types of meds because it'll affect the baby, but a guy can breastfeed a baby without anyone wondering if it'll hurt the baby. And he gets off on it, too. It's ridiculous.

No. 196606

No. 196627

Underrated comment.

Now that's disgusting. So he got injected with milk??? And tries to breastfeed? What the fuck child abuse anyone ? He definitely gets off to it.

No. 196629

tf…Why was he turned on by his child sucking on him

No. 196637

File: 1498613825940.jpg (146.57 KB, 768x1024, DDMMd3fU0AA_x1W.jpg)

No. 196638

The shirt says I punch terfs. Her beer gut does a good job of hiding it

No. 196640

No. 196641

File: 1498614895535.jpg (148.3 KB, 1600x1600, axsclcizgo5z.jpg)

i think second pic is still manly but tbh i'd probably rather seeing second pic over the first picture.

No. 196642

>I punch terfs
Violence against women, what an incredibly male thing to do.

No. 196645

God damn it honest mistake. I swear. Lol

No. 196647

I was expecting something really horrible based on all the frightening gynephiles covered here, but I think there is a big misunderstanding about that person's wording. It looks like they are describing getting off on the comforting euphoria during the act of breastfeeding your baby, not in an explicit sexual or abusive sense. It's like a high for some people. I breastfed my babies and I know the feeling. It's not about getting horny, although some moms can get confused. Being a mammal, natal males do have mammary glands that can be stimulated medically or manually to produce normal milk, just as adoptive moms can take do hormones therapy to nurse their adopted babies. It seemed there was doctor supervision and birth mom was having trouble producing milk, so there was still nutritional and immunological benefit.

I don't know. A married transwoman on regulated therapy who is serious about being as close to a mom and being dedicated to childraising as they can doesn't disturb me like these monsters >>196637 . I draw a big line at transwomen l who wish they had been born female from the start, and dangerous, misogynistic beings who see me as their punching bag or potential dumpster.

No. 196648

> Imagine the most electric thing a partner has ever done to you, then multiply it by 10. I could feel my brain rewiring, creating pathways that would permanently connect me to my child. (And yeah, I kind of got off on it. Don't judge.)
>And yeah, I kind of got off on it. Don't judge.
I don't think it's the same you felt.

No. 196665

I saw a mtf in person the other day. Like 6 feet tall with a bad wig and fake boobs and a manly voice.

No. 196666

At least these ones dress pretty well.

No. 196672

I don't know if I'm biased because of the other pics of this thread but this one is not too bad ! Not sure it pass but they have a decent knowledge of make up and don't try to look like a 20 something retarded bimbo.

No. 196678

Yeah, same. I'm a lot more tolerant when they want to be a regular woman instead of a 20 yo bimbo

No. 196693


yeah i think its cause that person actually seems to know about makeup (nice eyeshadow, nice highlight and blush imo). while most of the people posted itt just bought a pink revlon lipstick and called it a day.

>tfw a 50 year old can pass and most of the 20 somethings posted in this thread can't kek

No. 196700

This is taboo topic. Biological women can experience sexual arousal and orgasm from breast feeding. I'm really side eyeing this writer because of how they tossed it in there for shock value, and also how they said breastfeeding "validated" their womanhood. I think I judge them pretty harshly for a lot of things, but not necessarily getting off on breastfeeding.

I wish I didn't have to think about this at all, though.

No. 196719

Yeah, I've never been pregnant but I've heard about women feeling the same way. Not sure how common it actually is, though

No. 196960

No. 196966

I breastfed my kid for 9 months straight. It was so, so, so painful at first. For some reason, no one told me that. The first week of breastfeeding, my let down reflex felt like hot fucking coals inside my breasts. Not to mention the cracking and bleeding of your nipples because of how hard the baby sucks. Anyway, I don't recall ever having an orgasm or anything like that. It's a completely different sensation from when my husband would do it. Maybe because when I was feeding my child, I wasn't in any kind of sexual frame of mind? Or because I basically lacked a sex drive for a year after birth? Idk, but reading this shit is honestly disgusting to me as a mother. Even though my experience is just my experience and not everyone's. Sorry for continuing derail.

No. 196970

the suicide rate is higher for pre-ops than post-ops, it just remains higher than the normal population regardless

No. 196973

99% sure I got banned from this subreddit for commenting actual advice (nicely phrased, mind you) instead of asspating everyone.

No. 196974

tbh it's probably because they went into it with the desire to pass as a woman and not the desire to pass as an eighteen year old barbie doll caricature of a woman.

No. 196998

I'm not a mom but I just imagined my mom getting off to breastfeeding me and it makes me want to puke.

I'm sorry. It's not normal. Some woman might be pedophiles.

No. 197000

I agree. I'm not a mum either but even if you feel something I can't even imagine how can it be sexual.

No. 197001

whats this?

No. 197046

A tranny posted it to r/transpassing to show off their Pride makeup

No. 197076

File: 1499024384888.jpg (80.31 KB, 768x768, plasticmatti.jpg)

No. 197108

Incredibly un-earthly. Kill it.

No. 197110

In this whole fucking thread I have yet to see one of these freaks with out psycho eyes.

No. 197215

I find transpassing hilarious because no matter how much they use make-up, dress up and have surgeries they'll never be the sex they want

No. 197306

no matter how assblasted they get at the mean cis women for not wanting to coddle them, at least we're actually female.

No. 197330

File: 1499231489970.jpg (1.86 MB, 3036x4048, FDl8eMi.jpg)

Very pleasantly surprised by all the gender critical discourse here! My friends would kill me if I dared say some ugly guy in an ill-fitting dress with shitty makeup isn't a woman.

No. 197332

I actually think this one is rather pretty. Not feminine but I'd believe it if you said she were female. She could be a model.

No. 197335

File: 1499233134639.jpg (30.57 KB, 480x640, rynhyI7l.jpg)


This one looks like the lovechild of Sheena and Mira.

No. 197336

File: 1499233375661.jpg (234.39 KB, 900x1200, grUTZwJ.jpg)

Does it disturb anyone else that these grown ass men call themselves "smoll girls" and shit like that to constantly infantilize themselves?

No. 197337

File: 1499233497073.jpg (23.32 KB, 413x551, jWwlvxn.jpg)

O i am laffin

No. 197340

Not as much as actual adult women calling themselves that really. At least trannies have the excuse of their "missed girlhood" or whatever.

No. 197358

Please explain to me how a grown woman doing it is more disturbing than a grown man doing it.

No. 197412


>literally getting a mans haircut when you want to pass as a women

why ?

and what is it with ftms and lobe gauge earrings ?

No. 197414

Real women can actually have the appearance of a "smol" girl so it's not creepy at all.

Tranny guys on the other hand…

The meaning of smol girl also has nothing to do with "missed girlhood" which could also apply to female trauma victims without a good childhood, if you really wanted to get into that subject.

No. 197422

File: 1499298498230.png (314.31 KB, 423x593, Screenshot_7.png)

not from the subreddit but

that no effort to pass though

No. 197423

This guy has really interesting facial structure. I wish he'd learn how to wash his hair at least. He also looks more like a metal fan than a girl.

No. 197440

That's why they hate us, we have the things they'll never have: XX chromosomes, a functional vagina and we actually look like women even without make-up and butchering operations

No. 197497

Lowkey, I'd take this little tranny under my wing and then fuck some sense into him.

No. 197521

uhhh that sounds kind of rapey

No. 197533

File: 1499395905385.jpg (115.77 KB, 792x412, trannies2.jpg)

Who wants to speedily run through some games?

No. 197630

today those two made out on stream. it went over with the crowd about as well as you would expect.

No. 197665

File: 1499533141199.png (109.83 KB, 1321x674, tranny.PNG)

Tranny who thinks they're better than ciswomen with a good dose of "not like the other trannies"

No. 197666

This seems to be a huge problem in the transtrender community–"oh, I'M more trans than they'll EVER be!" motherfucker, it isn't a competition. If you're honestly upset about other people experimenting with being trans (it's worded horribly, i know and apologize for that) then you're in the same boat of "I'm more trans than them" and thinking you're better just because you've transitioned. I have a friend who has been trans for six years now and he still hasn't been able to get the full top surgery–does that make him less trans just because he couldn't afford it like you?

(sage for lowkey rant.)

No. 197673

File: 1499541654550.jpg (39.68 KB, 599x707, 1493485200958.jpg)

blergh. no male socialization my ass. "acting like a laayyyydeeeee" the biggest strongest stone butch is more of a lady than that anon lmao. im not even kidding. Id rather hang out with butches than transwomen, even the super femme gay guys. I just have more in common with them.

No. 197681

File: 1499547225985.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, disgust.gif)

>transgender """women""" who shame women for discussing sexism, oppression, and patriarchal societies

wow amazing how they still act like dudebro redpillers; really makes you think about that male socialization he claims not to have

>would rather be gendered as a man because of "what women have become"

Yes please tell me more about your body dysphoria, kek

No. 197695

To be honest, I don't think the little trap would mind. He'd probably love the attention.

No. 198085

File: 1499857887214.jpg (61.88 KB, 750x733, 9PYL5Ur.jpg)

saw this, thought of you <3

No. 198095

>Implying Women are Women
Bigot get out

No. 198101

File: 1499874732908.jpg (40.9 KB, 351x359, WTF.jpg)

>non-women are real women
>real women aren't real women, they're non-women
>therefore, non-women are real women are non-women
>and we still don't know who was phone

No. 198136

File: 1499900397589.png (879.93 KB, 1409x4383, FyzZTLN.png)

What do you guys think about this? I think it's fucking hilarious!

Here is his "neovagina" btw don't click if you're eating food


No. 198137

um… is it me or does it look like there are teeth at the bottom?

No. 198139

Not just you I also see teeth

No. 198144

>my previous genitalia was not that bad.
>'what the hell I am doing, this is wrong, my body isn't supposed have a vagina'

Shit, if he didn't have a lot of dysphoria before, sure as hell going to have it now.

No. 198148

File: 1499904710914.jpeg (93.39 KB, 307x300, In_the_Court_of_the_Crimson_Ki…)

This is all I see

No. 198162

Is that the head of his penis in there?

I dunno, on one hand I feel bad for him that he wasted so much money for an even bigger identity crisis, but on the other hand…why didn't he do more research? What the fuck? You're literally trying to pass the point of no return, and you treat it so blase like that? He deserves every painful reddit post.

No. 198168

That obviously doesn't look right. And this is a "good" outcome?? MTF are truly a bunch of fucked up people. He was clearly just a transtrender who didn't think any farther than his fetish.

No. 198169

>send pic to unrelated rando e-friend
>Ew it looks like it has teeth

teeth confirmed

No. 198193

Feel bad for him that he has to be that mentally ill to go out of the country and get some backdoor surgery that looks botched. But that's what you get for not researching.

No. 198194

So this creepy guy linked his instagram on reddit complaining about being refused the entrance to women's bathroom… It's a goldmine of cringe tbh.

Here's a video of him dancing in public, on a table, in his girly underwears. Also bonus point for calling a woman a "hater bitch".


No. 198196

Why do mtf trannies always start with geting massive tits and a vagina, instead of getting their face done, the most visible bpdy part that everyone can see? Would've thought that if they have such "dysphoria", that they would start with the most glaringly obvious.

No. 198202

I don't even think that woman NOTICEABLY made any sort of deal out of this tranny dancing on the table, I was expecting her to have pointed and laughed or nudged someone to look?

No. 198203

That does not even look human ?

No. 198208

Link to the Reddit thread?

No. 198209

No. 198212

The video of him crying afterwards is pathetic. He's a grown man, dressed like any other grown man, and thinks he has the right to special treatment just because he says so? It's a private establishment protecting the safety and comfort of their many other customers and they have every right to not let a dude into the ladies' restroom. He didn't even try to look female whatsoever, what did he expect? And of course he has to film himself being pet and praised so the internet can continue to coddle him, instead of facing the truth which is that society will always look at a man dressed like a man and say "Hey, that's a man."

No. 198226

File: 1499964859669.gif (1.72 MB, 350x266, vince1.gif)

No. 198227

No. 198251

Look how he crunches his eyes shut to get tears lol ridiculous
Also, what the fuck

No. 198255

Don't you know that real women® dance in front of mirrors to music, silly cis woman. It's like you know nothing about being a REAL woman®.

No. 198256

Does it mean I am a trans boy??? omg???

No. 198289

don't these trans idiots realize the surgery looks fucked no matter what without a foreskin? it's almost impossible. the reason trannies in thailand have great neovaginas isn't cause the surgery is better, it's cause they have all the needed parts since thai boys don't get their dick skin lopped off.

>tfw some guys probably wouldn't think this looked bad

No. 198296

File: 1499994766379.png (173.21 KB, 630x313, Clipboard01111.png)

Jesus, I feel like I'm watching an episode of Ja'mie Private School Girl.

Is this account really not some sort of satire?

No. 198299

File: 1499997445175.png (1.79 MB, 1072x788, 2nqe446.png)

Exactly, facial feminisation surgery would probably be the most important thing to me if I was transitioning.

No. 198303

kek he posted like six videos on instagram complaining about the "hate comments" on the bathroom shit and "why would you want to hurt me"
fuck off

No. 198306

I had to turn this off after the "I have small breasts, I smell like a woman, I have pheromones."

He is the most infuriating person in this thread.

No. 198307

he must be one of those MTFs that think their dicks smells "fishy"

No. 198316

I can't put my finger on what is so creepy about him, probably his childish smile and his over the top sweet feminine demeanor. His voice and haircut only had to the charm.

No. 198327

lmao "I wanna look like you"
he doesn't even try, he thinks that putting on earrings and wearing bras suddenly makes you a woman.
the least he could do to try to pass more would be growing his hair out, putting on makeup, fucking anything other then whatever he is doing.

No. 198330

but these autogynephiles dont want to be women! they want to be traaaannnnnnsssssss girrrrllllllsssss tee hee!

No. 198331

File: 1500019690215.png (1.08 MB, 819x813, killme.png)

Apparently he had a wife and once he started to take hormones they separated.
Can you imagine one day your SO suddenly telling you they feel like a woman cuz their pheromones told them so.

No. 198354

File: 1500031052967.jpg (59.74 KB, 431x767, BJziZNKkRdKhr7J9ut6MbgxcKKFPg0…)

No. 198355

File: 1500031190347.jpg (929.61 KB, 2320x3088, a98enlolut8z.jpg)

No. 198359

As a self aware young tranny who has been lurking lolcow for over a year this is probably the funniest, most cringy but also the most depressing thread for me.
I realise I could be banned for revealing I'm a tranner but I think it's worth it to say that a lot of us support you mocking and shaming these delusional freaks who put no effort into passing and expect the world to cater to them.
Also isn't is kinda odd that all of these people who were ugly af creepy dudes that suddenly realise they are "women" in like their 30s also identity as lesbians??
Please drive these fuckers into the ground, they make all lgbts look bad.

No. 198360

Hey, I laugh at the crazies in this thread but I'm with ya too.

No. 198362

Uh What? Yeah, they're bonkers (you are too) but most of these baby boomers just thought transgendered people were transvestites or cross dressers. Since its gotten mainstream of course there's going to be older people who convert because they see it as a way to go permanent with their delusions (the same way YOU want to)

Bitch shut the fuck up. You're no better than these freaks. I love how y'all look down on others for not being passing. It's serious gatekeeping shit

But seriously, as much as I hate trans people, I support what you're saying as well. I'm all for it GO ahead and castrate yourselves lol. The ones who don't mutilate themselves are pussies who aren't passing and Yes they should just KEEP going. Self castration-> suicide -> win for everyone

No. 198370

Woah, this is a really good job. Doesn't even look like the same person, and whoever did that nose has magic hands.

No. 198371

Do you actually believe you're a woman or do you believe you're mental and actually want to learn to cope with being a man/having dysphoria? You people who try to 'become women' are fucking freaks. The brain doesn't recognize that shit, that's why people off themselves.

No. 198397

Why don't mods ban trannys? You guys are all disgusting

No. 198403

"b-but non-natal vaginas are just like natal ones!!!1!! They can even feel better because we're tighter and lubricate less!!"

delusional men

I do have to wonder why they believe that their nu-pussies are just like actual vaginas? Have they never really experienced any IRL? Real vaginas don't fall apart or get moldy.

No. 198404

Do you have any stories about moldy trannyginas? I'm in the mood to get grossed out

No. 198405

What fucked me up wasn't the 'vag' picture (though that's a whole different level of disgusting), it's how fucking out of touch with reality these people are.
>smells like shit (well, like normal female genitalia)
Uhhh what? Vaginas do have a scent to them but it's not supposed to be bad… I can just imagine the insane amount of infected pus and festering wounds he has down there if it smells that bad.
>all that self-loathing and regret
I feel really, really bad for him and trannies in general. Taking all those hormones, doing that with your body…

No. 198407

The lack of curves makes me really uncomfortable. Like I know not all women have curves (because fat) but he has the shape of a man and ugh just no

No. 198410

For sure same here. I absolutely HATED how they were saying dilation is so so disgusting and unnatural. Uh no it's a normal process our body goes through to give birth. It's unnatural cuz you're doing it

No. 198419

delusion and narcissistic entitlement and mid life crisis is one hell of a drug. it can make even the most onison looking man into a totes sexay teen gurl! something like half of male trans have narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder. it makes sense if you know that.

No. 198420

not the same anon but sometimes they can grow hairballs inside.
yum yum! totally fair for lesbians to get guilt tripped into interacting with because you shouldn't turn down penis but especially have no excuse for Real Wymyn Pussy!

No. 198423

>necrosis between the labia minora and majora

absolutely disgusting

I don't find this "hilarious" though. I feel he was a confused person with a mental illness and surgeons took advantage of that. I feel sorry for him. Imagine having to live with that hellish neo-vag for the rest of his life.

No. 198437

Clearly those are two different kinds of dilation though. Apples and oranges.

No. 198490

>Uhhh what? Vaginas do have a scent to them but it's not supposed to be bad…

Neovaginas often smell like shit because literally, they're oozing shit. They transplant intestinal tissue onto them to maintain moisture. The tissue creates mucous, but not the same kind that natural vaginas do, obviously.

Intestinal mucous smells fucking rancid. Like shit. Gee whiz I wonder why.

I mostly feel bad for this poor fucker. He was clearly a dude with a mental illness. If he wasn't fucked up then, he sure is now.

No. 198516

File: 1500117049537.jpg (918.62 KB, 2576x1932, 1500087969781.jpg)

No. 198518

That's what I said. On them it's unnatural.

No. 198523

Who the fuck wants to visit that cesspool?

No. 198538

File: 1500131742383.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170715-152452.png)

No. 198541

"Very beautiful! If u ware walkin down the street I could easily mistake u for a real wuman.
Also you look like my 9 year old step-sister. Rock on, gurl <3 <3 tee hee

Hughs and kisses,
Suzie xoxo"

It's so cringey to think that a grown man made this post. Like I don't think I've even seen actual girls try this hard to be cute.

No. 198545

It's so obvious that he's forcing himself to cry, worse acting than Kaka. He's straight up delusional if he thinks it's remotely convincing.

No. 198548

File: 1500137417470.png (217.49 KB, 592x809, Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 17.4…)

The other trannies think he's a nutty attention whore too. He's been stopped by security twice and alleges his drink was spiked, all within a couple of weeks.

No. 198557

This is exactly why people with mental illnesses need to be treated as such. This person needed a professional medical evaluation of their mental and physical state. Something tells me they either didn't go to the doctor and based their opinion on internet users, or even worse, they did make an appointment, but were deemed as unfit and decided to try their luck in Thailand, where, I assume regulations are much less strict than in the US.

No. 198562

To be fair, those are some big doe eyes. Shame about the lips, though.

No. 198564

File: 1500144954860.png (359.04 KB, 707x557, delsuion.png)

This was in the trans girl tag on tumblr.

No. 198573

Lips?? Where?

No. 198575

shame about the nose, lips aren't good but not the worst part either

She's pretty. Wouldn't misgender/10

No. 198651

I have a feeling "she" may have had some help from meitu xiuxiu

No. 198705

File: 1500276479542.jpg (1.38 MB, 1840x3264, 1500108016973.jpg)

No. 198706

File: 1500276638897.png (22.71 KB, 901x418, Untitled.png)


The latest from the crazy man

No. 198708

File: 1500279962360.jpg (76.37 KB, 736x542, catcalling.jpg)

God, and his friends giving him asspats just for the sake of being progressive "You're more of a woman than half of the women there" god NO.

Stop treating trans like fucking retards you give a participation trophy to. Women are constantly shamed for every little thing, starting from middle school. As a pale latina woman, I had to start shaving very early on because god forbid I had a stache and hair on my legs.

And now those entitled fucks just want to get hormones and instantly get treated not as women (because that would imply they better not have hairs, cellulite, a broad frame or whatnot) but better than how we're treated on a daily basis and since our childhood ?

Yeah you better learn to pass you sickfuck, since you want to live the life of a woman.

>Transwomen don't want to be women they just want to be trans

No. 198709

File: 1500284431506.png (511.29 KB, 822x1462, image.png)

That's a /lgbt/ meme. They're not actually being serious. If that was in response to a picture of someone, they were mocking them.

No. 198710

File: 1500288142630.jpg (98.99 KB, 768x1024, 1500138627582.jpg)

This girl passes really well, holy shit.

No. 198718

File: 1500293532840.jpg (10.47 KB, 320x265, scout.jpg)

No. 198728

And of course only a (former) man would ever consider catcalling as something to be excited of.

No. 198729

This is such a vile cartoon, who the fuck would be excited about getting harassed on the street regardless of whether or not they're trans

No. 198732

Men would love it if women cat-called them. They'd feel like God if random women suddenly started wanting to fuck them.

Men have the exact opposite problem, most men have never had any female ever initiate contact with them, they have to put a lot of effort into attracting females, it's very difficult for most men. And if they don't have a job that makes enough money, or aren't attractive enough, some of these men have no luck at all with the ladies.

This bothers them a lot because men really want sex, they have 1000x higher sex drive than women, and they go crazy like Elliot Rodgers if they don't get it.

Incels have far more to complain about. Try to imagine things from there perspective, they are starving, and they see a bunch of whiny women actually complaining that they have an extremely valuable asset (their pussy) that can be used to get whatever they want from men.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 198744

>Men go crazy like Elliot Rodger if they don't get sex
Elliot Rodger is hardly representative of your average man.
If you have the time, I suggest reading this. It's his 135 page long butthurt autobiography about how emo he is. It's pretty hilarious.

No. 198756

‍>early in his transition
…who is gonna tell him that was probably a sarcastic whistle?

No. 198761


No. 198763

Does anyone else think that autism and transgender issues go hand in hand?

Like more men are into being trans than women and men are also know to have the autistic gene more than women.

No. 198784

>Does anyone else think that autism and transgender issues go hand in hand?
Yes, there's a positive correlation between transsexuality and autism:
>Like more men are into being trans than women and men are also know to have the autistic gene more than women.
There aren't reliable statistics on the number of trans men vs women. If you ask a gender therapist, you'll find that the majority of the people they treat are mtf. If you go to a LGBT support group on a college campus, you'll find that the majority are ftm.

No. 198895


this dude is fucking frightening and i can guarantee he is going to straight up murder a woman one day.

No. 198898


>nothing alarming


No. 198922

It would be terrifying to walk into a women's bathroom and he would be the only one there.

No. 198960

Is this because autists tend to fixate on things? So some may fixate on gender so much that they become obsessed with it? It would explain why so many lolcows are not just troons but autists as well.

No. 199176

File: 1500597182699.jpg (80.05 KB, 576x768, qUNFqH2cTG6qkjaj22vMFbULUEKBC-…)

this was on r/transpassing

No. 199177

File: 1500597330565.jpg (55.86 KB, 576x768, Kn0si5kZ-7E_RWG8mCPJB_nPdUhtfH…)

Also this guy

No. 199183

I wish this fucker would always be producing milk cause he is a total cow.

No. 199212

File: 1500612897209.jpg (115.99 KB, 718x671, Screenshot_2017-07-20-21-48-22…)

Honestly this makes me sad for this person and this whole thread makes me wonder if it would be better if transgenderism was treated like a mental illness and they just got therapy for it. I feel like so many focus on the physical attributes and they end up wanting more and more but it is never enough and they end up more depressed.

Kinda on topic, here's a pic of Gigi Gorgeous awful tit job. Poor Girl should have got fat injections first.

No. 199226

File: 1500633086802.jpg (118.82 KB, 750x640, tramp.jpg)


>why a disproportionate amount of male to female trans people. Is it because female to male trans people can pass more easily?

That's part of the reason, an mtf is going to look like a man in drag, an ftm generally just looks like a slightly short man. iirc the fetus starts out female or something, and becomes male? So it seems like there's always "room" to become more male, but not the reverse.

So you're more likely to notice mtf, but even then there's still just way more mtfs in general, which you kinda touch on.

It's acceptable for women to be masculine but the reverse isn't. IMO it's because "masculine" is already defined to be objectively superior. What we consider masculine is really just capability, confidence, strength, etc., so these traits don't really affect a woman's attractiveness.

OTOH, "feminine" is objectively inferior. Vulnerability, dependency, being emotional. But these things are just cute when paired with a cute face. Sadly, men don't have cute faces.

No. 199235

No. Sex is determined at conception. You can't create a y chromosome necessary for a male child out of thin air if the sperm that met the egg was carrying x which does not carry the genetic code for producing males.

The reason feminine is inferior is because femininity was created specifically around traits that make it possible to groom women into submission.

No. 199241

as much as i like to make fun of the men in the this thread, this really just make me depressed and sad for him, i wish he would have gotten more therapy. srs is a huge decision that irreversible and most of these 'ladies' or mentally ill people need to understand it wont magically solve all your problems.

one thing i always think about is the fat acceptance movement and the 'love your body' thing that feminism and tumblr love, if they think fat people should love themselves even though theyre fat, why dont they have the same message for these men to love themselves even though they are men?

No. 199242

It's depressing because he was hot. Ever since he became a tranny he's got this permanent squint. Why?

No. 199243

Because they'd get flamed and bullied into submission by assorted SJWs

No. 199258


>No. Sex is determined at conception.

I never said it wasn't…

> femininity was created specifically around traits that make it possible to groom women

of course, that's why I used quotes. It's like calling successful black people "white"

No. 199259

>why dont they have the same message for these men to love themselves even though they are men?

because of >>199226

No. 199341

File: 1500685328038.png (23.11 KB, 906x155, transsssssphoiccccc.png)

cry so sad

No. 199345

This is a fucking joke. One can refuse to have sex with anyone for any reason. These guys are so entitled it hurts and their claim that "my neovagina is real guyz!!1" is even more pathetic. If I were a man I wouldn't want to put my dick on a thing that's literally oozing with pus.

No. 199355

this really isn't true. women who are too masculine are not treated better and it's not acceptable. be more aggressive and you're a bitch, be less girly, you're a tomboy or a dyke, and in the business world, being a strong woman is much worse than slotting into place like you're expected to. not that it's not hard for men to be feminine. men also have a lot of hurtful expectations.

tbh this thread just brings to light all the issues men have that they think women don't, but it's the same for us too. just because men as whole are in a position of power, doesn't mean that they're not being forced to slot into their own roles, they just don't become disadvantaged by it in the same way we do. both men and women are expected to do certain things, be a certain way, deal with and accept shit that is totally unfair…

No. 199464

this person is wearing a goddam nekopara t-shirt
>a game about fucking cat girls silly

No. 199480

File: 1500771068447.png (352.49 KB, 596x582, Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 3.13…)

No. 199490

No. 199496

other than how unlikely it is that a mtf even looks half decent
>thinks you'll ever be hot enough to make a straight girl question her sexuality

if i don't like women what makes you think i'll make an exception for you? your shriveled up or mutilated cock? retards.

No. 199497

He looks kind of a psycho, especially in the first picture of the album

No. 199501

I just found a reddit thread full with post op pics (obviously nsfw)

totally real vaginas guyz!!!1

No. 199505

File: 1500782320432.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.28 KB, 680x680, IMG_0762.JPG)

I wish I never looked at even 1 of those images but curiosity got the better of me.
After reading other posts in this thread about how they get infected and shit, I'm certain you have to be mentally fucked to do that yourself jfc

No. 199518

I think the weirdest thing is how great they look AT FIRST, like gigi looked amazing for a few months then I just think the upkeep must be hell

No. 199524

Wow, i always wondered what those look like. Thank you.

No. 199525

TBH they look better than I expected. Obviously those with old, fat, fucked up bodies get old, fat, fake vaginas. Danielle Foxx looks authentically like a woman, minus clitoris. The skinny trans girl on Twitter looks nice too.

No. 199527

lol, no.

saged for lol

No. 199601

File: 1500846418553.jpg (100.74 KB, 650x782, 1500681144103.jpg)

No. 199602

File: 1500846480072.jpg (57.22 KB, 480x853, 1500799280687.jpg)

cause picking your babies gender is so cool guys.

No. 199604

File: 1500846976995.jpg (60.74 KB, 576x576, 18119026_1194711330658189_1612…)

If we're going to post nuts parents, we have to talk about this chick:

So this bearded woman is posting about drugs, partying and then suddenly gets pregnant and is whoring the baby out whilst preaching about their organic farm. Madness.

No. 199609

>a long talk
what the actual fuck that's a baby

No. 199765

File: 1500985595261.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.84 KB, 700x240, Sex-reassignement-surgery-resu…)

Results from one of the best Thai surgeons.
Your thoughts?

No. 199766

Looks pretty OK to me. I wouldn't see the difference (but then again, I don't see much pussy).

No. 199768

Well, it doesn't look like a monstrosity with teeth like above but it doesn't look 100% natural too. Overall, I think it's pretty successful though.

No. 199769

Still a mutilated, inverted penis that will never function the way a vagina does and will always be a gaping wound on the verge of festering, in need of daily dilation and cleansing so that it doesn't fill with reeking pus and close itself up. But sure, the outside is sculpted so that it doesn't look hideous.

No. 199785

Nice ballsack flaps there hahaha no thanks.

No. 199789

of course they should just be getting therapy for it. the reason the physical is never enough is because you cannot rewire your brain, despite physical changes, despite hormones. it's an illness, there's not really any scientific basis for believing your the opposite sex. the dysmorphia is likely real, but people get dysmorphia about limbs and shit, it's a mental disturbance. grounding their feelings in reality doesn't cure it. it's also ridiculous to think they -know- they're supposed to be a girl(or boy), being one or the other doesn't really mean anything like that. the brain doesn't know you're a "girl or boy" it just understands how you body works/is supposed to work, and anything else is just a mental disturbance that should be treated, to get rid of it, not cater to it.

No. 199793

It just looks like the wrinkly scrotum that it presumably is (I don't know which part of the dick is what post-op). I've never seen a fanny like that, don't know who they're fooling

No. 199797

There's no labia so I assume plenty of men would like it better than the real thing lel

>doesn't get wet
no thanks

No. 199803

the skin around it looks weird.
I'm pale af and i dont know how girls with darker skin rly work but is the skin around it usually that much darker?
that skin also looks wrinkly. it really looks like ball skin.

No. 199804

>>doesn't get wet
>no thanks

Gross men would probably love that. Those prostitutes in porn movies are all paper dry when they're fucked which is why they end up with so many vaginal fissures and infections.

*in case the trannycave is built with intestines they are… moist - with rectal mucus. And it smells like it too. And causes infections because it's sewed together with leftover penis skin.

No. 199808

When I first saw the picture, I thought the skin outside looks like balls, but I refrained from commenting due to lack of info and the fact I was eating so not really into looking for more details. Is it the balls skin? Imagine some poor guy thinking it's an actual girl and ending up unknowingly touching the balls, lmao.

No. 199821


he went from fuckable to fucking no.

No. 199825

File: 1501029614771.png (184.29 KB, 450x334, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 01.3…)

Dance moves are of course the very first things I think about when I consider the difference between men and women. Very important.

No but really it's like he wants people to laugh at him so he can be a victim


No. 199827

/samefag but the squint face he does after "which is going to be tough" is genuinely creepy>>199825

No. 199878

He is overall creepy imo
The first time he was posted here someone commented he was going for the "sexy, teenage girl" look instead of trying to act like a woman his age. These guys are fucking jokes, but the sad/scary thing is that others go with his delusions. Just imagine meeting this guy on gym where you're fully naked.

No. 199879

File: 1501109867354.png (147.23 KB, 716x414, kek.png)

some more I found

No. 199880

File: 1501109882188.jpg (713.18 KB, 3024x4032, u5L5VDS.jpg)

No. 199891

Can confirm personally it does not cause infections. The smell goes away after a few months when the bowel intestines realizes it doesn't have to push out shit and using mucus to lube it. The first few months you have to flush out the vaginal canal twice a day to flush out gunk, soon you only have to do it once a day or one every other day after a year. It's been a year since post op for me and there is no smell, the gunk isn't forming anymore(by gunk I mean the brownish mucus that was previously used in the bowel). It doesn't cause infections, idk why you are saying that. The doctors make sure to monitor progress the week you are in the hospital to make sure no infection is form.
Sorry just throwing my two-cents in.

No. 199899

File: 1501130079986.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif)

No. 199902

That sounds absolutely horrifying. Will it close up if you stop dilating or is that an urban legend? Is your urethra bigger than it is on a cis woman?

No. 199905

I can't speak for penile surgery, so this is only based on personal exp of being born with MRKH. If you don't dilate it won't close it, but it makes sense very difficult since you won't be able to take very large objects. Like any vagina, there is still muscle outside the intestine that was sewn in. Honestly it's only horrifying the first 6 months, after that it's just like any vagina minus the periods. Basically MRKH patients can get the same surgery as MTF patients by use of the bowel intestine.
In all seriousness, may I ask what you are doubting?

No. 199906

God that's beyond disgusting. I'm not very squeamish but reading this made me so uncomfortable.

No. 199908

I guess it's pretty disgusting when you boil it down to what it really is, but as long as you keep it clean you're good.
Also some more things, you're first bowel movement after surgery is he most painful thing in the fucking world. I am not kidding. Imagine having a rock slide past what is pretty much a wound cut in half, and nothing just stitches holding it in place. You will bleed slime for a few months, and if you try to push things bigger than your canal can take you will bleed slightly. You'll have a c section scar above your groin that will barely fade

No. 199911

No. 199922

Thanks for your input. As a ciswoman, I find this all very fascinating. I was reading about wildly different experiences from transwomen who had this particular surgery. Some are basically complication-free with no foul smell or discharge and they are happy. Others had disastrous, horror movie results and were warning that this method should only be your last resort if the inversion method fails/not enough penile tissue.

That's Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser syndrome, where a biological female is born with underdeveloped or absent vagina(full vaginal canal), cervix and uterus. The external genitalia look normal and she can have functional Fallopian tubes and ovaries, so it is usually not diagnosed until mid-teens due to delayed period. People like to forget that it's not just mtf that need these surgeries or can be helped by research from mtf patients. These therapies are used for bio-women too. Same thing with research of ftm therapies being useful for disorders or illnesses that bio-males may face.

No. 199978

let's get one thing straight - what you have is NOT a vagina.

No. 200010

Bless you anon.

No. 200017

Artificaly made
Also let's rephrase it as " what you have is not a canal"** since vagina is the entire outside of a females reproductive system.
Obviously it's not a real vagina, seeing as it has to be created with non reproductive organs and there was no vaginal canal in the first place.

No. 200051

Did you seriously quote the biological female who told us she had MRKH in an attempt to shame her for a deformity? The both of those posters know what they have is not 100% equivalent to a natural vagina(most post-op trans I know actually refer to their's as neo-vagina)but damn. Not even bio-women are cool with you. MRKH happens to 1 in 5,000 women. It could happen to your daughter.

No. 200290

File: 1501292717650.jpg (80.55 KB, 576x768, 57J6oVrUB1wF7DH3v9gsxNhph1VZuB…)

No. 200291

File: 1501292730368.jpg (79.43 KB, 432x768, leKL5wKK-IlqXC7HXOznIp3GzBX1TR…)

No. 200348

No, the vagina is the canal. Vaginal canal. The outside is called the vulva.

No. 200365

File: 1501334548447.png (346.83 KB, 1352x2152, tranny story 1.png)

Just posting this here

No. 200366

File: 1501334596549.png (349.33 KB, 1440x2464, tranny story 2.png)

No. 200371

that looks scary, penis is much more aesthetic

No. 200376

Tbh looks like a neo vag to me. Not to be insulting, that just looks like a man ass. And deflated ball skin. Anon, are you sure this one's real?

No. 200377

Was already posted up thread.>>198136

No. 200378

Your sarcasm detector is broken friend

No. 200380

Tbh I hate that there is pressure for trans people to undergo the op. A lot of online communities act like it's the endgame or the thing that will solve all their problems. More people need to treat SRS as what it is - a surgery that can either be really great or an absolute disaster - than as the holy grail. People need to be informed of the risks, the long term effects and the immediate outcomes so they can make an informed decision and not have any regrets later on.

No. 200381

>doesn't know the fucking difference between vulva and vagina
>others are bigots
ok then

No. 200407

Oh, oops. At least my neo vag detector is working just fine.

No. 200473

The worst, stretched out, diseased, retired porn star vagina would look more aesthetically pleasing than that atrocity

No. 200534

I think they misread in the worst way. I almost did it, too, until I re-read it and saw the post was from an actual woman sharing her experience and not a wannabe.


You can't even name the parts right let alone ID a butchered nightmare when you see it. That's an 'attempt,' to put it nicely; not a vulva.

No. 201037

File: 1502049928569.jpg (54.49 KB, 478x640, xNgUHUAl.jpg)

more from transpassing

No. 201038

File: 1502049959717.jpg (63.67 KB, 578x768, LRHRSKw7P5rSG2jjorP02rYlotFX7m…)

the tranny is the left one of course

No. 201039

File: 1502049967878.jpg (51.94 KB, 576x768, 72-Y5Wx1hMjPzzsHm5xKc3TYPqrNoN…)

No. 201040

File: 1502049977370.jpg (56.6 KB, 576x767, SHNl3YkI9ee3FkG0gyXXGzE5emnMNa…)

No. 201041

File: 1502049983735.jpg (6.52 KB, 320x240, QkNSGZI.jpg)

No. 201043

This one could be cute. I see the potential.

No. 201058


yeah, after ffs he would probably pass well. His forehead isn't too huge, which is one of the biggest giveaways imo. Needs his eyebrows shaped.

No. 201061

File: 1502059491926.jpg (60.74 KB, 720x960, 6NP79mj.jpg)

Pic related, wish trannies would stop thinking this hairstyle is flattering. So many of them wear it to hide their receding hairline, but it just makes their jaw look huge.

No. 201064

File: 1502060160347.jpg (99.99 KB, 576x767, Xoj-AxcaGP8Hf68di0uRtLQGIAVCuF…)

what the fuck is this

No. 201067

File: 1502062202677.png (247.21 KB, 771x882, roboncwc.png)

I can't clear the image field so have something barely related.

No. 201118

they've been posting their ugly mug to transpassing for months

No. 201136

we sometimes get people like this in the store where i work and i think they believe that they 'pass' simply because people are polite enough to ignore the fact that they are clearly a man in a wig and a dress.
some of them actively seek out approval from the sales associates here as far as their clothing choices are concerned, but we are programmed to shill whatever merch we can to consumers like 'yeah that looks great on you!'
so they go away feeling happy and relieved that nobody could 'tell', but everybody could…

No. 201162

a neanderthal version of hartley hooligans.

No. 201166

Reading this gave me so much secondhand embarassment.

No. 201170

Yeah people on transpassing will brag about how they've never once been misgendered since transitioning. They're too delusional to understand what a woman looks like and that people are using female pronouns to avoid making them feel awkward

No. 201172

i fucking hate being expected to use female pronouns for these people. like, why do everyone else have to be made uncomfortable just so someone else can be comfortable with being a freak? transwomen have always been this type of person, outcast. they don't fit in one place so they try the other.

No. 201190

If you don't use it, then you're the bigot. I hate how they're making everything about them and them only. Lesbians must have sex with their dicks because they're "women", women become "child carriers" and "uterus bearers" not to hurt their special feelings, and they're even saying that goths and drag queens shouldn't use gender neutral/women's clothes because "that is transphobic for us, who are real women!!!111"
I hate them!

No. 201497


A lesbian youtuber made a video basically discussing her preferences (ie. doesn't like dick) and she's being attacked by trans activists. It's depressing that a lesbian can't even comment on the massive amounts of homophobia in the trans community without attracting massive amounts of vitriol. I honestly don't understand how we got to the point where a straight man in a dress is considered more oppressed than an actual woman.


Here are some examples of nice tweets she got in response:

Lesbian always meant women who love women, TERFs are the ones trying to "redefine" it to exclude trans women.

You're a terf. Making shit like this literally puts trans womens' lives at risk. Take it down!

it aint homophobic to say trns women are women and that u should accept them as women… taggin terfs so that they watch this, i see you grl

No. 201499

File: 1502378005548.jpg (60.71 KB, 750x426, 9d3a2906-8fe9-4704-bc6d-e92cf6…)

Ugh. All this anti-terf, pro-male bs is killing me. They're literally on some incel-teir shit http://imgur.com/a/X0ziQ
Fuck these people.

side note: official radfem thread when?

No. 201505

We already have one. Also, what's so wrong about being called a terf? Fuck yeah I am, they're maniacs that deserve to be locked up.

No. 201506

File: 1502384623633.jpg (272.55 KB, 1276x1174, IMG_0184.JPG)

Not from r/transpassing but found this lovely conversation in Kat Blaque's video. I think in the "cis people don't understand gender." Watched a couple of videos to see if i can understand the other side of the argument, but ended up just hitting peak trans again
So much for intersectionality amiright?

No. 201507

>what you are makes your question invalid and I don't have to answer it
So honest.

No. 201557

It's wrong because most radfems are accused of being TERF's despite of including transmen in their movement, so the mere existence of that word doesn't make any sense.

No. 201559

Yeah but if they see that it bothers you they just hone in on that and keep using it. Kinda like calling someone racist nowadays.

No. 201561

Women will get called terfs for anything less than total obedience of transactivism. I've seen women get called terfs for supporting transwomen, not agreeing with most radfem ideology, but drawing the line at considering transwomen to be female.

No. 201654

File: 1502479331034.png (126.33 KB, 500x523, good-good-let-the-hate-flowthr…)

Here we have trannies blowing a gasket at an article being published about a differing opinion! "Should the T be dropped from lgbt?"


Article was written by a gay cis man, and yet there are commenters lamenting about TERFs anyways lol.

No. 201764

File: 1502579620019.png (433.15 KB, 408x547, hm.png)

No. 201871

File: 1502676196764.jpg (268.67 KB, 1280x672, oh lordie.jpg)

No. 201886

This. I don't get why they use TERF as a slur because I honestly don't see anything wrong with being a TERF. I don't support enabling a mental illness or fetishists trying to invade female spaces so yeah I'm a TERF. So what?

No. 201889

>not having a thermos with your smiling face on it

when will you learn to love yourself?

No. 201892

they are kind of adorable, in a weird way. i'd rather see the tumblr types who look like angsty art school students than most of these buffalo bill types

No. 201893

true. it's also just a better strategy in general to wear alt lady clothes and go bare faced so you look androgynous or maybe pass for a plain woman rather than to pile on hyperfeminine makeup and accessories until you look like a hooker on HGH

No. 201894

why not just do what cis women who don't like their hairlines do and get long straight across bangs reeeee

No. 201909

Because they've not lived their life knowing anything about how normie ciswomen live, their main source of reference is 2quirky nlogs on tumblr or and fictional characters written by men.

No. 201913

Mostly it's just porn they watch lbr.

No. 201923

This is the most insufferable face I've ever seen anyone make.

No. 202020

holy shit that's weird

No. 203971

File: 1504221386300.png (599.35 KB, 391x556, what.png)

No. 204089

File: 1505088095572.jpg (43.95 KB, 480x640, 3THePuEl.jpg)

How I missed this thread

No. 204090

File: 1505088124917.jpg (114.29 KB, 576x768, mUv9RxkW9J3W2zMx1e3QHv6VFa-RBP…)

No. 204091

File: 1505088136747.jpg (32.12 KB, 382x640, Un3iqCCyfUWBxxjRHOszjE_99wBGhA…)


No. 204092

File: 1505088160715.jpg (90.52 KB, 768x768, Zno_OHoXa2jM661lklvLAyqEiF9ktm…)

No. 204093

File: 1505088321908.jpg (71.12 KB, 715x715, eH0BV5goyiJrwJJyNN-i8dhW-IwHf-…)

Also this guy, I think he was already posted but he posts so much asking if he passes but he changes nothing every time

No. 204094

File: 1505088330610.jpg (93.41 KB, 576x768, I-dU8PvCCOT01i62Kn579JDPjOy8a9…)

No. 204095

File: 1505088348003.jpg (86.44 KB, 768x768, K4ANLQLhFenzFZUrTwv8f3rJlIM1jR…)

No. 204107


Lmao he could pass for a fat weaboo fujoshit, though.

No. 204108

was just about to post this.

No. 204128

What i don't get about these guys is why they don't do laser therapy to get rid of their beards?! Seriously, I have no problem with it in men, but if they're trying to appear female, the first step should be to get that done. Same with the eyebrows.

No. 204897

File: 1505782888189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.68 KB, 480x640, sVACZQ1l.jpg)

For a change I've been searching some of the people posted here before to check if there were changes… I guess not kek

First the op image, couldn't find a face but I found a body after 9 months HRT

No. 204898

File: 1505782910710.jpg (605.76 KB, 2320x3088, WXq0Cd7.jpg)

this guy here

No. 204899

File: 1505783043472.png (7.95 KB, 880x110, shit.png)

Also this guy's shoe size, isn't this too much

No. 204904

The guy would have enough problems finding shoes in a mens size. Granted the idea of high heels that large is something that intrigues me.

No. 204905

File: 1505783214865.jpg (139.22 KB, 960x1200, DInAHPLUIAQUlUX.jpg)

No. 204906

File: 1505783298335.jpg (635.57 KB, 1212x1616, t3_70g7w3.jpg)

No. 204912


those fucking hands!

No. 205014

File: 1505866517947.jpg (76.65 KB, 509x767, SrCV5_IOn-mRuP9Ky6-VGnoegpwIGI…)

No. 205015

File: 1505866528739.jpg (80.46 KB, 576x767, PDOf1OcefSrEGLCChEGCF-78iuOrpu…)

No. 205016

File: 1505866539271.jpg (74.07 KB, 576x767, GkFftKLpLs0jwoV1IZRU5dxjDD55Gh…)

No. 205017

File: 1505866567157.jpg (553.32 KB, 1944x2592, uoEDiwT.jpg)

No. 205055

Lasering off beards can take multiple sessions over months or even years. No idea about the brows. That's a genuinely easy thing to fix.

No. 205056

File: 1505898556800.jpg (1.11 MB, 1944x2592, image.jpg)

not from reddit but from /lgbt/

looks kinda like PT from the thumbnail tbh

No. 205058

If you're so set on becoming a woman that you're willing to take hormones, getting rid of your beard doesn't sound like a huge commitment tbh.

No. 205105

It's not the commitment issue, anon is saying laser hair removal is a process that takes months to get full results, you can't just go out one day and have it done in one sitting. I've also heard it's pretty expensive, but I get what you mean.

No. 205110

(Not the same anon) I get what you say and you're right but I think >>205058 meant that some of these guys think that by only throwing a dress they're automatically "passing" and girly and do nothing more, expecting to be praised.

For example, the guy on >>204093 keeps posting his face on r/transpassing but it's been a few months and nothing changed, it's like he's waiting magically to become girly. But if you check >>204906 you can see some "improvement".

No. 205112

File: 1505954781350.jpg (206.85 KB, 720x1280, MJrzueX.jpg)

No. 205113

File: 1505954795564.jpg (70.93 KB, 576x768, PRGNc7Ju0iADNnghWdKEJuekp-3N6G…)

No. 205114

File: 1505954806706.jpg (70.31 KB, 468x768, M5LF8ZrHeDzFgRh1mhnDrTMUq29m8f…)

No. 205115

File: 1505954817676.jpg (43.22 KB, 480x640, kr5E77zl.jpg)

No. 205116

File: 1505954826337.jpg (59.7 KB, 432x768, oFjWC88hEFuOj5yzX9KpaECsYDJDdm…)

No. 205148

That's exactly what I meant. It's just low effort, when a beard is the most male thing in their faces. But nah, they'll rather put on lipstick and try being "oh so cute" and expect to be praised.

No. 205166


Isn't this the one that got shot up last week ?

No. 205168


Kinda cute. They're better looking when they're not making stupid ass smirk faces.

No. 205169

File: 1506013370270.jpg (219.73 KB, 648x572, kwVeR0h.jpg)

well, you definately look somehow… shadylookinass…

No. 205208

ikr some of them are actually good looking and they're screwing it all up

No. 205410

File: 1506209337629.jpg (62.15 KB, 576x768, ihAgOh3XvOWzi73GDdb5Cqmgt7e1Tr…)

No. 205411

File: 1506209345837.jpg (114.23 KB, 768x768, PrGwcmA83U-qDZOuh9ISIO88a6WfIj…)

No. 205412

File: 1506209352292.jpg (56.77 KB, 576x768, QAyTs8ZvipscqN_nTooSqVsR7FefO7…)

No. 205503


ftms can be just as misogynistic as cis men. usually they aren't, because living as a woman for the early part of their life (or at the very least being socialized as female) for the most part has made them more prone to sexism and most of the time, more easily able to sympathize with women. sometimes, though, ftms try to be super misogynist just so they come across as manly. it's really really nasty and i wish they could find ways to live as men other then belittling women.


the reason why trans women act like that with the exaggerated image of femininity is the same reason why some trans guys are so misogynist (and sometimes super macho) is to overcompensate in gender roles to "prove" that they're a member of the opposite sex. it seems really stupid to people who aren't trans, but sometimes they worry that the only way to be seen as a member of the opposite sex is to be over the top with gender roles, because if they try to be more normal and low-key about it people might assume them to be their birth sex, which is the exact opposite of what trans people want


pisses me off too. i disagree with terfs and the shit they say about trans people, but i think it's over the top that people say stuff about wanting to kill terfs and rape terfs and such-and-such with their blood. i think it's totally cool to criticize terfs for the shit they say, but that doesn't justify being stupidly violent and misogynistic.

No. 205610

late reply but that's not cool, you sound like a robot
Even if they are an attentionwhore it's a totally different thing to make a joke like that and sinks down to shitty incel levels

No. 206432

File: 1506711652964.jpeg (451.31 KB, 640x843, B0328E43-26DF-401B-A025-5480FB…)

white guys are so fucking weird

No. 206433

File: 1506711678209.jpeg (427.46 KB, 640x834, 48A94529-7B42-47F3-AE6B-2801C2…)

No. 206435

File: 1506711733944.jpeg (63.78 KB, 345x750, 19717B51-E470-46D9-9309-F9737C…)

No. 206436

File: 1506711753970.jpeg (78.41 KB, 540x960, FCE87BB3-2F86-4DFC-B3A0-96A9A2…)

No. 206437

File: 1506711789894.jpeg (126.9 KB, 609x960, 283A6F10-5023-40B9-B7CD-E610C1…)

No. 206438

everyone in the pics posted ITT probably thinks the look like kawaii animu traps or some shit.

No. 206448


No. 206486

do they really think this is okay?

could pass if not for the huge jaw

No. 206490

he'd pass if only he did his eyebrows

No. 207326

And think about it, all these freaks have posted what they concider the best, most passing photos of themselves. I can't imagine what they look like in real life. Like even the trannies who seem to pass in photos because of angles and shit often don't pass irl.

No. 207336

File: 1507156477077.png (477.96 KB, 586x568, doesn't look like a girl to me…)

No. 207339

God I threw up in my mouth.

No. 207516

File: 1507252608068.jpg (35.58 KB, 389x640, 0oAoiPdl.jpg)

If this is the best >>206437 then I don't want to see the worst, it's like a disproportionate body and it freaks me out

Some more pic btw

No. 207517

File: 1507252626470.jpg (179.57 KB, 1197x1080, i2kUy5t.jpg)

No. 207518

File: 1507252633355.jpg (133.14 KB, 576x768, jsTGvDxnX5hCj2br65CSDXro9CUW2E…)

No. 207520

File: 1507252672498.jpg (425.45 KB, 2448x3264, t3_742f5q.jpg)

No. 207522

File: 1507252712495.jpg (73.95 KB, 768x768, t1MAq0WWx0zzhKH1fQ0Jxp5Q91004F…)

No. 207523

File: 1507252771713.png (154.25 KB, 275x384, fcqpjqbbbjizszdc08ss_8320.png)

only noticed this after posting, but is this amazingphil on drag kek

No. 207552

this ones not too bad, ive known a lot of asian girls that look way more masculine than that

No. 207557

The people in this thread are obviously unwell, but it's so fucked to steal their pictures to make fun of them on a public forum that shows up in a reverse image search.

There are a handful of insightful comments in here from gender critical feminists who have concerns about the the transgender movement but still recognize the humanity of the individuals, but some of y'all need to take as long a look in the mirror as the people you feel so superior to.

What I see in this thread is shaming mental illness, reducing people to their appearances, and open disdainful bullying. You're free to do that, but have a shred of decency and don't attach it to their fucking pictures.

I don't disagree with a lot that was said here about the fetishized way some of these people idealize themselves, but my jaw dropped when I realized I went to school with one of the people in this thread.

They aren't a bad person. They were bullied for being gay and pushed by a therapist to embrace their femininity. They developed a feminine ego that eventually overtook their original one and the only people that showed them anything but hate and disgust were those that reinforced the trans narrative. You are helping to create these people by being adversarial bullies. These people are victims of a society that doesn't give a shit and shoves patriarchal values down their throat, inaccessible mental healthcare, and being forced into a corner by people like so many of you here.

No. 207562

You mean you

No. 207565

I Just ignore the threads that talk shit about other people tbh. I don't even browse /snow/. It's better for your mental health.

No. 207568


Pretend it said he then. There's totally no way someone could empathize with mentally ill people without sharing their condition though, eh?

No. 207571

Anon is saying you're the tranny.

No. 207614

wah why are people being mean on an anonymous image board

No. 207619

Lol. First off, none of these guys are gay. They all are pretty obviously fetishists, because AGP troons are a type, especially on reddit. Secondly, where do you think you are? This whole site is for petty gossip and mocking people. Take a good long look in the mirror, tran stan.

No. 207641

There is a huge difference between being mean on an anonymous image board and targeted harassment. I don't care what is being said here at all, I care that it's being said next to hundreds of stolen pictures of already mentally fragile people.

I know my comment isn't going to shame anyone into being less shitty. I was just really disgusted the same way I would be if you all were jerking off to leaked revenge porn nudes. If being mean on the internet is cathartic for you, being a self righteous white knight is cathartic for me.

The person I knew is in their work uniform in their photo here, not posing naked as Tara Dikoff witch goddess of the haunted forest.

No. 207642

Believe me, we're not jerking off looking at those oh-so-feminine troons.
You can't expect privacy when you're posting your face publicly on reddit.

No. 207644


which one of the trannies here is you?

No. 207645

These don't all appear to be from Reddit. A lot of them looked ripped from social media and blogs. You may not be able to expect privacy posting to Reddit, but that doesn't excuse being the one breaching that privacy. I am not saying that you're literally jerking off, I'm implying you're just as creepy and gross.

No. 207646

>shaming mental illness

except you know, they don't think it's an illness and they want to be accepted as the opposite sex. letting these crazy fucks think they pass is giving in to their illness, and all the things you're talking about.
>ooh but their feels are hurt
well yes, and their feelings are also hurt when you refer to their 'identity' by labeling it as an illness because all of these fucks who choose to try to live as women will attack you when you mention it's an illness.

No. 207650

I am genuinely not trans, but I can't prove a negative to you so keep using that to disregard anything I say.

Where did I say tell them they pass? I said they're still human and it's not right to treat them like sideshow freaks. All of this discussion would be fine without the pictures. It would even be fine to leave half these comments where the images were actually posted to slap some sense into them. it's not about hurting their feelings, it's about othering them to the point they only feel safe with each other.

No. 207654

>These don't all appear to be from Reddit
I browse transpassing for keks and the majority posted here are there too, do you really think people would lose time tracking their shit accounts when everything is posted in one single place lol

>I said they're still human and it's not right to treat them like sideshow freaks
Really? Because the last time I checked women are still human too but these fucks have no problem entering in women bathrooms and spaces or claiming they're ~lesbians~ so they can coerce women to fuck them. It only goes one side, right?

>to leave half these comments where the images were actually posted to slap some sense into them.

Good luck with that, they're instantly removed because god forbid we tell them the truth. They will never be women and people like you are the reason they keep living in these delusions

No. 207655

No. 207675

Last comment I'm going to leave here since it's clear the few rational people in this thread appeared to have left long ago.

>people like you are the reason they keep living in these delusions

If you actually think breaching these people's privacy and ridiculing them in your anonymous safe space helps them more than advocating for mental health reform and showing them compassion, you're more delusional than they are. Be an asshole, but why don't you admit that you just enjoy feeling superior to them because you feel no empathy toward them and view them as less than you instead of hiding behind that bullshit? I could at least respect that.

You're cowards and creeps, the lot of you. At least GC feminists can separate the rhetoric from the people and work toward creating a world where feminine males aren't pushed into changing themselves. You would all prefer they kill themselves without dealing with the root of the problem in our society.

No. 207676

Potsy is back apparently

No. 207679

fucking hope not

No. 207687

File: 1507342373382.jpg (97.88 KB, 456x810, tumblr_oxefmto2HP1t98j42o1_540…)

The thing, they don't want to be treated, they only want to be validated in their bullshit. Body dysphoria is real, but they're approaching the problem completely wrong and demanding people comply with their delusions. They're claiming biology isn't real now, they're punching 60 year-old women for believing in biological differences, heck, they're shaming women when they talk about "vaginas", they're raping women in prisons, what's next?

I don't want these men near women in bathrooms and locker rooms, even more near young girls. I don't want to see their ~lady penises~. I don't want them demanding lesbians to have sex with them, and calling them terfs and biggots when they don't want to, even making rape and death threats.

Fuck off, you and your bullshit. I'm not showing compassion for someone who thinks that putting on a dress, some makeup and making a whole with their penis makes them a woman and if you say otherwise, they'll punch you.

Hope you never find one of these in your bathroom.

>Last comment I'm going to leave here

Fucking finally.

No. 207693

File: 1507344612840.jpg (361.66 KB, 900x812, goMeirongTemp_mr1507344412220.…)

No. 207694

wtf is this thing they're doing with their mouths… are they trying to do ":\"

No. 207695

From that shop, he actually looks passable. Too bad about the face shape, he prob benefit from feminization surgery

No. 207696

he looks like an ugly asian girl, but i think he's okay. asians have it easier if their faces aren't ugly.

No. 207719


>privacy on reddit


They get called out on their delusions and misguided beliefs in plenty of other places such as


No. 207729

fuck autocorrect

No. 208095

No offense but ignoring this thread/website is pretty easy. Trying to silence a place where women can express their voice is going to cause more problems than resolve them.

No. 208942

File: 1507937549404.jpg (104.89 KB, 576x768, ekZ8bcdZ7hcZ2Xh645ObCW5AOqi7yY…)

No. 208943

File: 1507937563356.png (988.5 KB, 823x768, JjBu4BmBnBOouHBSa4H_WIX_HuDHpj…)

No. 208944

File: 1507937573628.jpg (307.73 KB, 2448x3264, MArer4a.jpg)

No. 208945

File: 1507937587607.jpg (66.56 KB, 512x640, MJxQlYYl.jpg)

No. 208946

File: 1507937597671.jpg (72.28 KB, 575x767, n1OlfqPsyY8O53znI-tE-Cok8VOaW9…)

No. 208947

File: 1507937607510.jpg (62.33 KB, 576x768, RGs9EwPA1FHu34Q0sBrZDh9hU3oPEG…)

No. 208948

File: 1507937618852.jpg (60.61 KB, 432x768, T6rtmqlmp_frh7F3NdXNfYa0ERYVi8…)

No. 208949

File: 1507937627426.jpg (64.33 KB, 576x768, UAnSTX09xQZMKcpDOMWWLeJ7PoYa_T…)

No. 208950

File: 1507937635399.jpg (74.94 KB, 576x767, ytT5v4_YuB-WiWxdc6eAHurhHGg1wk…)

No. 208951

File: 1507937643100.jpg (55.64 KB, 480x640, RqvKrKhl.jpg)

No. 208959

jfc I thought that pink patch was his ear before i enlarged it… wtf

No. 208977

who needs a vaginoplasty when you got a nose this size eh

No. 209009

This looks like 1/2 the "women" I see on OKC, ugly white dudes pretending to be lesbian women. It sucks to log on and see so many of these uggos.

No. 209010

No straight/gay/bi dude or straight/gay/bi woman wants to date a gender unicorn and that's the truth.

No. 209017

This one is not bad, at first I thought it was a fakeboi

No. 209033

It's only the opposite kek

No. 209054

I dont get why girls on this forum let some girls into our table. Like for instance. Blaire White? Seriously? Don't be fooled she looks exactly like Caitlyn Jenner without all the lights

I actually got turned off this site because of all the "Blaire White is soo awesome! She's the best!!"

In a sick way I enjoy watching Blaire , gigi etc get do close to looking like an uncanny valley woman but realizing they ultimately will never be able to sit with us

No. 209056

File: 1508041500049.jpg (48.82 KB, 480x640, ot.jpg)

from tumblr.. just why

No. 209060

most of bob's (blaire's) thread is people shitting on him for being tranny though kek

No. 209096

Yeah, the only time I've seen Blair applauded is when she shits on Onion boy.

No. 209141

File: 1508187419306.png (985.51 KB, 640x1136, 1508186493752[1].png)

not from reddit but…

No. 209144

Wtf with those bitch tits. Didn't know those abominations made it to our beaches.

No. 209148

Just going to assume it's an ftm

No. 209178

cape of CRINGE

No. 209186

File: 1508224200835.jpg (79.86 KB, 629x718, Capture.JPG)

No. 209188

No. 209318

File: 1508358125529.png (451.01 KB, 455x810, tumblr_oxzd90qKTF1vzvptso1_540…)

Not from reddit but this guy broke a player's leg when he played with women, I'm so fucking glad he was denied, he's like 100kg

No. 209328

No. 209330

I'm glad they reached that decision. Does anyone here remember the trans dude doing the MMA shit? It was a fucking shit show.

>Current state of research indicates that even though some trans women have less muscle strength and bone density than cis men, both are still higher than in cis women prior to medical treatment. The researchers concluded that this may be due to a difference in lifestyle, not some innate biological difference in trans women.[9][10]

What a bunch of morons.

No. 209348

Not to mention all the bullshit they start spewing about how taking "girl pills" for a few years makes them as weak, delicate and frail as biological women uwu~. So now it's totally ethical for men to beat the shit out of women. How progressive.

No. 209357

I remember! It left me mad for days!
Some people even pointed out, that while they might not be as strong as men, they still have higher testosterone… a woman with higher testosterone in her blood while doing sports is doping! If doping is not allowed this should be neither, nothing discriminating about it.

No. 209358

It's fucking genius.

Want to beat up some women? Take some estrogen pills for a bit and enter a comparative womens league. People will trip over themselves to defend you.

No. 209374


It's so ridiculous. Just looking at them tells me that most trannies could kick my ass without breaking a sweat. Those fucking shoulders.

And that 'Fallon Fox' mma fight was a horror from start to finish. He broke her orbital bone. That's damage that you see in domestic abuse cases, not in female mma competition.

No. 209386

File: 1508436369417.jpg (174.77 KB, 901x1200, TheMaggieDown.jpg)

No. 209388

Holy shit, someone spoiler this turd. I don't read this thread, so seeing this while scrolling really trigggered my gag reflex. Disgusting.

No. 209391

File: 1508436971147.gif (1.79 MB, 240x196, no.gif)

no. fucking. way.
no. NO. NOOOOOOOO. it has to be a joke. satire. a lost bet. please tell me this isnt meant in an honest way

No. 209393

File: 1508437021289.jpg (10.29 KB, 358x422, every.jpg)

No. 209410

File: 1508440524195.jpg (6.3 KB, 286x215, butterball.jpg)


No. 209411

File: 1508440914805.jpg (138.55 KB, 638x832, twitter.jpg)

No. 209433

File: 1508455882824.jpg (244.13 KB, 1139x1280, TheMaggieDown.jpg)

I wish I could say that. I wish all of these men were just having a laugh.

No. 209437


ahahahaha no. really. no.

No. 209439

and this is what liberal feminism protects

No. 209445

>still unhappy bitchface
& no one was shocked

No. 209456

that man needs weight loss surgery

No. 209463

isn't there something like obese people don't produce as much testosterone anyway? which is why obese men tend to grow moobs etc. if this guy gets on estrogen, his hormones are gonna be fucked to hell and back

No. 209466

>isn't there something like obese people don't produce as much testosterone anyway?
It's a bit of a circular relationship. Low testosterone is going to make it easier to gain weight, and diabetes will hamper your testosterone production.

But the dudes issues are already so severe that I'm not even sure if HRT will even have a significant impact. It's not like he's a skinny fat dude treading the line, he's just fat-fat.

No. 209553

File: 1508607979220.jpg (44.25 KB, 463x437, conclusively_t.jpg)

No. 209555

pffffffft ahahaha

No. 209560

File: 1508609551018.png (3.47 MB, 1200x1350, contrapoints.png)

No. 209580

I would be red faced too.

No. 209588

I don't even want to know what's the worst kek

No. 209589

File: 1508627149987.jpg (111.11 KB, 575x767, KJ0bSTfIGOdLsprliQ00WUfWOHrB0-…)

No. 209590

File: 1508627175736.jpg (125.04 KB, 576x767, GNF0ftpXkYG5Gmm3CGxV2s_FdSBE9l…)

>two month after FFS
>face still manly as fuck

No. 209591

File: 1508627190992.jpg (42.74 KB, 360x640, x6RKCBTl.jpg)

No. 209592

File: 1508627248720.jpg (530.58 KB, 1600x1384, 3bNw0no.jpg)

Am I the only person who sees a man? I mean, he has boobs and shit but that's definitely not a woman's body and even without seeing his face I know that's a man.

No. 209593

File: 1508627263826.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.96 KB, 404x542, Uliz1PUkGyOGNOrdh43uZKT8MW_oNX…)

same for this one

No. 209595

File: 1508627296913.jpg (31.97 KB, 361x640, NUQt8wsl.jpg)

No. 209596

File: 1508627307951.jpg (91.96 KB, 576x768, CdhjRXqv1RVWWJIRXlcGrFL4Yl42NY…)

No. 209597

File: 1508627319191.jpg (366.6 KB, 1797x2783, 4z2bPn9.jpg)

No. 209598

File: 1508627331395.jpg (125.99 KB, 409x735, FyZmq3c.jpg)

No. 209599

File: 1508627337865.jpg (1.2 MB, 3120x4160, rAX1sEK.jpg)

No. 209602

File: 1508634860186.jpg (276.48 KB, 720x1280, Surizarin13.jpg)

Almost every feature is different between men and women and it's even more noticeable at a healthy/normal weight. So in those pics is there any body part at all which looks female? No basically. We're able to see these differences instinctively which would probably appear subtle to aliens. I think I read somewhere that humans are quite sexually diamorphic compared to a lot of other species.

No. 209606

I wish that these were just crossdressers and not men honestly trying to be women. If one of these ersatz women hit on me I'd feel disgusted. They should all just be feminine dudes, they're so obviously male.

No. 209609

File: 1508642221272.jpg (137.17 KB, 960x1280, VioletteDeTroy.jpg)

It's an awful situation that upsets me a lot.

It should be ok for them to do that but the moment you say "hey maybe hormones and surgery are not appropriate for a lot of these guys, what's wrong with them being feminine gay (or not) men?" you are officially labelled a transmisogynist / radfem / nazi / insert slur here. When their transition is over many of these people will be extremely unsatisfied and full of regret, because that's what it's all about: the transition. That's why their suicide rate is so high, because that transition eventually ends. It has nothing to do with prejudice and their entire community knows that deep down, as do the mental health professionals and surgeons.

However I'm apparently evil incarnate if I'd rather people don't get sent down this dangerous and risky route. It's really easy for a lot of people to stand back and virtue signal about this stuff by supporting it unconditionally and treating all people with different opinions like we're subhuman, but they're not the ones picking up the pieces.

No. 209613

yikes that is such a masculine face poor guy

No. 209638


this looks like margo

No. 209650

Damn, keith richards aged like wine

No. 209659

dat tranny smirk
dat autogynesmile

No. 209678


I just threw up in my mouth.

No. 209691


jesus christ this man is fucking delusional

No. 209693

This makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 209711

This is some buffalo bill type shit right here.

No. 209725

So distinctly unstable masculine looking creepy in every way.

God damn, if I was trans, I'd want people to criticize me twice as hard so I could look and behave passing. This is what tumblr style hugboxes do.

No. 209733

if this one gets a nose job and some cheek fillers they could pass decently enough imo.

No. 209735

God what an emotional rollercoaster. At first I cringed, then it got creepy and finally the kiss made me physically gag. He also probably ruined that song for me forever. Ew.
I keep seeing videos from this guy, most of them were him manically dancing and being a confident transwoman enjoying herself uwu
He also filmed himself having a breakdown in some kind of venue when a security guy responded to complains about a man in the women's bathroom, all with loud fake crying and two tumblrinas affirming him how much more of a woman than many women out there he is. I think he has a son that is a transboy too, he seems to be legit though.
This guy has some Stephonknee Wolscht-level delusion.

No. 209829


what's up with these pics of contra, he seems like someone who would selfpost here. i used to love his channel before even though I'm no sjw, just because I have a specific thing for tall and very feminine men. now he's too focused on his ~transition~ and making his voice sound feminine

No. 209852

Are you talking about this video? He seems completely delusional. About 8 minutes in, he talks about how he's taking hormones he's buying off the internet.

No. 209938

Yeah, I've seen this one. I am truly going to miss his voice, it was kind of soothing. Anyways, I won't deny, he does make a pretty ~girl~ (unlike these other abominations on this thread)so I still like him appearance-wise

No. 209953

File: 1509047969837.jpg (44.15 KB, 469x263, nykytyne2.jpg)

idk, he used to be cute but he looks nothing like a woman. he has a very masculine face and a low voice.

No. 210031


where did you get that photo from lol. well yeah, he has a really masculine facial structure, but I still think that he pulls off the feminine style really well, but that's probably just because I'm deeply into transvestites. and yes, his voice is low (but in a nice way) and trying to make it sound feminine isn't really going to work.

No. 210064

File: 1509158398148.jpg (271.94 KB, 682x682, 1488637586001.jpg)

I am a biological female and only look marginally more girlish. Feels bad man.

No. 210074

Anon, that can't be right. wtf

No. 210097


You only see this photo though. Like you don't see how he moves and how his body looks like in real life, which often is unmistakingly male.

No. 210161

I have girlier nose/mouth and no five o-clock shadow but similar jawline, deep-set eye etc.

obviously, but still.

No. 210193

One of his old videos. He has deleted most of them but others have mirrored some of them. He used to be very different back then.

No. 210212

wow, how can a person change that much. did he got trapped in philosophy too much or something to turn into an ultra sjw transwoman, while being just a simple intelligent guy before all that

No. 210216

It's not just him. Many of these trans activists used to be completely different. Zinnia Jones appears relatively sane in this video. Riley Dennis was pretty normal. Now they're "women" and posting their "sexy" photoshoots and porn.

No. 210224

You gotta remember this are the "best" pictures, what they think "passes" better. You could have a more male face than him and you'd still be a woman and not a walking joke pretending to be one.

No. 210294

Anyways, it's definitely an astonishing phenomenon. It would be really intresting to do some deep research on this, but I doubt that it would be possible without getting to know very well at least one individual like that.

No. 210321

I enjoy Contra's videos despite not sharing much of his views, they are well made and edited. Damn, he was so cute before he transitioned, mental illness is a bitch.

No. 210520

Posted in Reddit? can you give me the link? I think I know this person from and old tumblr with a lot of commentaries against trans lol. I just want to know if it's the same person, it would be so funny.

No. 210559

not sure about his reddit account anymore but I found his twitter https://twitter.com/szapatazavala

No. 210566

He used to be so fucking cute. Now he's an ugly freak.

No. 210631

File: 1509667426483.jpg (69.45 KB, 640x640, FHFsviFl.jpg)

No. 210632

File: 1509667454641.jpg (749.76 KB, 2448x3264, BpbXQId.jpg)

No. 210633

File: 1509667499943.jpg (64.24 KB, 432x768, TzMVF6qPakH4XlOQqqV4vvRqlsk8ZY…)

No. 210635

File: 1509667593956.jpg (73.27 KB, 576x768, ihwiyHAZEQReufLcpRsdh1IXkudXTM…)

No. 210636

File: 1509667627938.jpg (69.98 KB, 576x768, NokulH40dUKiW7v98fKLE63xL1PgEZ…)

No. 210637

File: 1509667640457.jpg (76.89 KB, 576x768, f6dT5y4CxAYKyZSg2QwUArfmtJAfrB…)

No. 210638

File: 1509667646089.jpg (39.7 KB, 480x640, 8TqOkE4l.jpg)