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File: 1512576323432.png (931.22 KB, 684x864, kek.png)

No. 214811

Previous thread: >>186179

No. 214812

File: 1512576339064.jpg (1.04 MB, 2592x4608, JIkqvWP.jpg)

No. 214835

Whenever I see these tranny fags this is all that goes through my head.

No. 214929


No. 214931

File: 1512628946859.jpg (122.44 KB, 1200x800, scary.jpg)

I should add that this dude is 6'3" and feels terrified because a woman stared at him while he was washing his hands in the women's washroom.

He's also a conservative and evangelical Christian.


No. 214932

He looks like Matt Lucas, but even Matt looked more convincing in drag.

No. 214936

>that attempt at blush

After reading that article I can't believe this isn't from The Onion.

No. 214950

File: 1512637565808.jpg (26.21 KB, 231x296, 1512626056451.jpg)

>He's also a conservative and evangelical Christian.
Is there even a religion out there that is ok with this trans shit that doesn't require a horrible misinterpretation?

No. 214971

Hinduism, possibly?

No. 214995

Flesh coloured tranny Shrek???

No. 215040

better to mutilate your genitals and grow tits than be gay, anon.

No. 215063

Can't unsee.

No. 215188

File: 1512757532564.jpg (117.01 KB, 768x768, 63Cw7zUW3V-fbGgHpY5oCKWebX61kB…)

No. 215189

File: 1512757543191.jpg (63.86 KB, 389x767, bBASjFUwseXOrnDij27psmXKnc5PYn…)

No. 215190

File: 1512757556096.jpg (70.1 KB, 576x768, IzteqZooZ4bzvGyZH-ProShjRBdKCX…)

No. 215191

File: 1512757568024.jpg (97.59 KB, 432x768, dvAz5kZH1YmUj2lCdY20U_eHWtePF0…)

No. 215192

File: 1512757579407.jpg (811.4 KB, 2390x4250, C8nf4qH.jpg)

No. 215193

Ok but why does this cute femme bean have his hand down his crotch

No. 215254

So many of these fetishists think they can get away with not wearing makeup. Most women have to wear a little makeup to reach sexy/hot tier. Meanwhile these guys think they're bombshells/uguu kawaii teens with a bare face and beard shadow.

No. 215512

File: 1512864277294.jpg (60.18 KB, 576x768, QHXMRd0Tn6pdxvCBzdrh809vS-zT2D…)

No. 215513

File: 1512864790300.jpg (50.68 KB, 456x810, tumblr_p0pu7xlvVo1t0h47vo1_540…)

tumblr is a fucking goldmine

No. 215514

File: 1512864797571.jpg (41.36 KB, 540x304, tumblr_p0ofh3b6Ej1tlebf8o1_540…)

No. 215515

File: 1512864807174.jpg (396.8 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_p0ocepCMuS1ws17w9o1_128…)

No. 215516

File: 1512864814688.jpg (485.93 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_p0no12aiVt1rp59i6o2_128…)

No. 215517

File: 1512864820228.jpg (71.68 KB, 540x721, tumblr_p0mm9u6ODZ1u65kyko1_540…)

No. 215518

File: 1512864826263.jpg (44.81 KB, 400x533, tumblr_p0mjz9KRKa1w0acaso3_400…)

No. 215553

File: 1512889376330.jpg (426.61 KB, 1280x1707, ddce0a28-a2fe-49c5-9205-4e6f4b…)

#trans goth milf

No. 215555

This one actually isn’t too bad. Thought the sun damage on the arm was hair though, so

No. 215557

File: 1512893016295.jpg (75.56 KB, 480x360, Ugly.jpg)

There was a thread on Reddit that posed the question: "Transgender women, if women decided to go by a new name (they let you guys them have the word women) would you push to be called that too?" They all said yes. Lol. Losers

No. 215558

Of course they would say yes, it's all about validation to them. They can push to call biological women uterus-carriers or whatever nonsense, but eventually they'd want to take that too.

No. 215565

File: 1512912998662.jpg (19.43 KB, 320x320, B3oOfSBzHXUa1Oqh3iGjVrD-SBx2-e…)

It's just insane. They're biological men so why exactly do they insist on being a part of feminism. We have a hard enough time passing bills on our own. Wouldn't it make more sense to convince their bros to be more accepting of them?

I know this thread is all fun and games. But I think it's so fucking creepy. Think about it

They copy our every move. They silently read our narrative to understand what periods are like, what labor is like. Yes, anything you've ever posted about your period. About your experience during labor. A trans person has read that and has used that to qualify their experience. They WILL hijack your story to sound more educated on woman's rights.

The thing that bothers me is that these Mtf never advocate for women's rights. Even someone like Blair white who benefits from intersectional feminism will never acknowledge actual women's rights . Lmao. I hate trannies

No. 215566

Breast implants. Neovaginas. Facial feminization surgery. Vocal feminization surgery. They're OBSESSED

No. 215583

I’m seriously struggling to not hate transpeople. I don’t like hating entire groups of people, but every time I have a conversation with/about them I get more offended by their views and more convinced they’re all insane. Sage for OT blogpost

No. 215637

File: 1512945062378.jpg (315.39 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_p0r7wvuxgb1uehtyco1_128…)

Damn anon I feel you. One of my friends is trans and post-op and now I'm supposed to see him as a woman, the funny thing is that I dream pretty often and all my dreams are with him as a man. My unconscious knows kek

Image not related to my story, just to add something related to the thread

No. 215671

Kek looks like he's dressing up as a woman as a costume.
Actually a lot of these do.

No. 215752

they justify this by saying 'but i FEEL like a woman'. They make it seem like it's all about pink (costume) clothes and makeup, flamoyant body language and their dumb fake whiny voices.
Being a woman is much more than that. It is when you get sexualised as a kid/teenager and even as a grown independent woman by a man, it is the phycial pain you often feel, the mental torture than men make you endure, social stigma, being scared to walk alone, and so much more. Which they will NEVER understand.

they are fake disgusting copies.

No. 215759

>Being a woman is much more than that
It's actually much less. "Being a woman" is really just having two x chromosomes and shit.

No. 215760

Obviously. But I was talking about what they feel when they say they are women VS what actual women feel.

No. 215761

ngl, guy in pic is pretty hot. I wouldn't think he's a guy if I saw him walking down the street either, but that might be just the angle/picture

No. 215771

I kind of wonder…

A lot of the men and women who seem to transition are very much non-passing, but arguably the men are quite petite in most of what I’m seeing. Arguably, that’s a feminine quality.

I used to be a supreme lard, and when I was fat I honestly felt disoriented to my gender, because I didn’t look like a woman. That didn’t make me adhere to any different pronouns, I simply lost weight until I felt more like myself. I didn’t feel “feminine” or beautiful, and I truthfully can say I felt an immense disconnect from my sexuality, even from my vagina as an organ.

That totally disappeared when I got into a healthy weight range and felt better about myself.!

Is it possible that the lack of traditional masculine looks either cause or exacerbate the dysphoria, rather than aid?

/sage for autist wondering.

No. 215783

Wouldn’t be surprised.

Honestly I’d guess this behavior is because they are scared of being viewed as male so they take on the most stereotypical female personas hoping it will make them pass better. A lot of passing trans act and dress like normal women, so I really think it’s insecurity causing this.

No. 218801

Failures at being males, even worse at being female.

Bricks truly are amazing failures

No. 218929

yeah i'm sure that's the case for some of them. what they see in the mirror and what society tells them members of their sex should look like are quite different, but instead of standing up for themselves as males who just happen to be a bit more ____ than average, they buckle under the pressure and let society tell them what they are.

No. 219081

they all dress like the gamer girl alt goth gf that would never give them the time of day lol autogynephilia is one hell of a drug

No. 219171

One of the rare times I see a non-white person as a MtF and they don't cake themselves in porn makeup nor do they look like they would scream and possibly tear out your hair if you don't support being called a womb-carrier.

No. 219173

god that shit that white male mtt people do is so fucking annoying. i hate their overcompensation too. 'oh i'm more of a woman than real wymyns. fuck man.

No. 219359

Isn't this literally because they have gender dysphoria tho?

No. 219427

it's some delusional cyclical logic though. if they have some innate thing that makes them feel/know they're a woman, why do they have to take so so many tips from social roles or females' experiences? it always turns into why are you a woman? because i do all these woman things. why do you do those things? because i'm a woman. Tautological and delusional.

The gender dysphoria explains this but the logic they create in order to feed and legitimize their gender dysphoria does not hold up. It's sad. From an outsider's perspective it really reminds me of the ways that people will feed and sustain their eds with warped versions of logic meant only to serve and legitimize the ed.

No. 219429

samefag but this is different from wanting to pass to avoid transphobia and violence. For a lot of people passing, even very convincing passing is never enough. And if it is, these people often consider themselves traps, crossdressers, transvestites, etc. They fall into tautology only when they need to convince themselves they're female in every conceivable way, not just looking like one, so they do more and more things to try and affirm this, define their womanhood by what they've done to themselves and do these things to themselves in the name of becoming a woman. It will never be enough for them. The dysphoria never stops feeding on itself.

No. 219467

but what else would they do if conversional therapy doesn't work?

No. 219479

yeah but changing/mutilating the body isn't the cure – doctors don't let people with anorexia/EDs continue to starve/otherwise harm themselves, (ethical) plastic surgeons screen red flag type clients for BDD and try to divert them away from surgical options, we call the people who want to chop off their limbs "because they shouldn't be there" mentally ill, etc etc etc

the issue with gender dysphoria (imo) isn't the biological sex, it's the gender roles that end up dictated to you depending on your chromosomes. breaking down the walls of the "act like a man" and "act like a woman" boxes so people can express themselves however they like is the cure, not blocking and replacing hormones or chopping bits off or having new bits stuck in you. attempting to modify your biology will never be successful because SRS won't give you a "new" body, it's just the same body, now mutilated, and this can actually be quite damaging because up until that point everything's been feeding into their delusions, and when reality finally hits, it hits hard.

best case scenario for people with gender dysphoria would be counselling to reconcile the "just because i have penis/vagina doesn't mean i have to conform to the stereotype" thing, and helping them establish a positive support network of people around themselves.

trans ideology is really regressive, imo. i mean, changing yourself to fit societal ideals is easier than changing society's ideals, but all this bullshit just reinforces the stereotypes and makes it so much harder for actual healthy change to come about

No. 219523

this. i don't really understand why it's given such special treatment, gender is just sex and if you're talking about gender roles we need to abolish them.

No. 219525

No tranny has fortitude to make himself up like a blow-up doll every single day, because no woman does, either. And even when he does, you know what? He stands out because real women only doll themselves up like that for special occasions (and they usually don't go that far, either). So when I see a dolled-up tranny, I always notice. Always. A real woman can put on jeans and a T-shirt and head to Home Depot to pick up some paint brushes, and nobody will think she's a guy. But when a tranny isn't dolled up, he just looks like a dude with a pony tail and purse. Your average woman doesn't go through that exhausting regimen every day. She can look cute and appealing with 15 minutes of prep and clothes that fit. You can't. You will look like a fucking tranny if you do that.

No. 219526

Even if you think you fooled some guys with pictures online, guess what, your male skeleton will never move and look like a female skeleton. It's just physics. Evolution has gifted men with the ability to suss out fakes with surprising effectiveness. Men are attracted to secondary sex characteristics—all of them—and you can only mimic a few with paint & pads. We will notice your masculine gait, your broad shoulders, your wide forehead, your flipper-like feet, and your enormous hands. Even if a guy doesn't figure out that you're a tranny, he'll have a feeling of uneasiness and discomfort he can't quite explain and instinctively recoil from you

No. 219527

If you don't kill yourself, you are going to get old. And you know what? Men don't age like women do, evne when you're shooting up estrogen. The older you get, the more you're going to look like an old man in a dress. Have you thought about what life is going to be like as a 60-year-old tranny? You won't be caking on the make-up and heading to nightclubs to fool young men. People will just see you as a weird freak. Women at that age are no longer sex objects; they find fulfillment in their families and social groups. You will be ostracized from all social groups. And you'll have no family, of course.

No. 219528

You're probably going to kill yourself because you'll never pass. As time drags on, your failure to pass means everyone will look at you with disgust. The most social affirmation you will ever get is from cat ladies who use you to status-signal to other cat ladies, but they don't actually like you or see you as a woman. The only men who will ever date you are either fags or total losers. And the world around you will react with discomfort and horror whenever you go out to just buy some fucking toothpaste or whatever. Humans need to be socially connected, and your failure to achieve that will result in this soul-draining void that eventually convinces you that life isn't worth living.

No. 219562

and you couldn't write that in a single post, because? and who the hell are you talking to

No. 219570


that's a man?? he's the best looking one in the entire thread

No. 219669

Thread theme:

No. 219683

Make peace with being a crossdressing/feminine male, drastic change in philosophy, really confront his definition of identity and why it's excessively wrapped up in appearance and labeling of the body, figure out why his body map seems wrong and try to rewire it. and even if all that doesn't work, you're not going to find out what WILL work by spending all your energy and resources on feeding your delusion.

i'd imagine it's similar to escaping ed body dysmorphia rather than something you could call conversion therapy. start with the disconnect between your mind and body and your problems with how you perceive your sex or how wider society perceives it.

No. 219689

“Would you fuck me?
I’d fuck me”

No. 219729

Bumping this thread to remind the one anon who's derailing other threads that this is the place to discuss your final solution to the trans problem.

No. 219748

File: 1514567955001.jpg (133.16 KB, 1024x640, IxJ7v7Kv2PQpU5ZEPJn2qgwNboe7am…)

I guess I'm going to slightly vent here because it's trans related.
So I've been enjoying a game called Life is Strange and its prequel. It's basically a high school romance drama game. I ventured into the /vg/ general dedicated to LiS universe and instead of discussing characters, in-game references, theories and whatnot there's a tranny or two encouraging others to start their transitioning. One poster even called out on that, saying that most trannies end up commiting suicide and that while it being a personal choice, (s)he has no right to encourage others to make life changing decisions just because they think they can become a qt video game character.
It's sickening. I know that they do this so that they can validate their own life choices, but this should be stopped. Most trannies don't even look remotely good, even after 4+ years of transitioning and they delude others that their life will be easier if they become a kawaii girl which they clearly won't.

I normally don't even care about trannies but this is a mental disease. They completely butchered the game, their fanfic is horrifying and just showcases their poor mental state. I mean, they draw my favorite character which is a biological female with a penor and write freely how some of the female characters are girl with penises. What is wrong with them?

I've played so many hours some of my favorite games as a male character and never wanted to become a guy so what gives? What the hell is going on?

No. 219786

File: 1514592575762.jpg (81.16 KB, 432x768, GoTO--ApjOVwJcMWpOp6-BBFrIyIRQ…)

No. 219787

File: 1514592584472.jpg (104.74 KB, 431x767, gtbW09VbS-uizdXBGIdWZFaQAl0FWF…)

No. 219788

File: 1514592594249.jpg (74.49 KB, 712x767, I6Dl8pQizUNJmZkfosssm82F5cQjVx…)

No. 219789

File: 1514592601944.jpg (39.46 KB, 480x640, lBynXUUl.jpg)

No. 219790

File: 1514592613227.jpg (73.07 KB, 576x768, Q99mtguW2CMKKitqBvwzcwyrHbhKJt…)

No. 219791

File: 1514592623292.jpg (116.7 KB, 575x767, XhLHYPBZ8xGOZ2izD8_oFvzFKGS4Pe…)

No. 219792

File: 1514592633340.jpg (49.24 KB, 576x768, zMYPlm8u_o8PRW2y-54t7FisgXyo0e…)

No. 219793

File: 1514592658350.png (578.44 KB, 923x662, Screenshot-2017-12-30 Passing …)

No. 219794

File: 1514592671820.jpg (72.45 KB, 576x768, tnzETuQzs-OqAG4i0HR8xApaM6rvl6…)


No. 219801

File: 1514595430134.png (48.72 KB, 716x427, niggawut.png)

This shits insane lmao

No. 219805

yeah, it's happening everywhere now, particularly bad on /r9k/, there's always someone saying "JUST TAKE HORMONES AND BECOME A QT GRILL ALL YOUR PROBLEMS WILL GO AWAY" they're just preying on robots vulnerability cause i'm sure some do listen
and then they laugh about it in other threads

also i've noticed that they do that to a lot of vidya female characters, it's a product of too much porn and wanting to get plowed by their favorite character i think

No. 219820

File: 1514623470035.jpg (132.37 KB, 1078x1920, CM7oHIV.jpg)

I found this on radfem tumblr recently. This non passing transwoman got misgendered (by accident, it sounds like) and wrote this dramatic, creepy blogpost about how violated he felt.


No. 219826

I love how he backpedalled at the very end

No. 219830

Who cares about robots though?

Those morons want to whinge about women having it on easymodo? Then they can find out the hard way of what it's actually like and fuck their bodies in the process for all I give a shit. What a valuable lesson.

No. 219839

This is pasted from mpc isn't it?

No. 219840

File: 1514643552383.png (92.81 KB, 1323x503, Screenshot-2017-12-30 vg - li…)

So let them have a taste of their own medicine. They see the most popular girls on instagram, pretty looking fit girls in their early 20s that dedicate a lot of their time to looks, and they conclude that being a girl === being on easy mode. You really have to be stupid to change your gender just because you like a game character or want to live their lives. A trans, in particular older trans person won't be treated like a qt biological high school girl.

No. 219848

Why did he keep mentioning the guy looking up his skirt? That bit weirded me out, it's almost like he was hoping he'd look up his skirt.

No. 219852

File: 1514659314188.png (660.93 KB, 948x2088, normal-girl thoughts.png)

Kinda OT because it's not from transpassing, but still from reddit. Just some normal thoughts from an amab, no different from a cis girl's :))

No. 219853

File: 1514659506077.png (122.83 KB, 500x516, 713079ce-de84-437d-beb3-ec3c90…)

same guy getting butthurt when people didn't kiss his ass

No. 219856

Sorry, what's an AMAB? Ask me anything something or?

No. 219857

ntayrt but
>amab - assigned male at birth
>afab - assigned female at birth
which is really dumb imo bc it's not like your genitals develop as you pass through the birth canal lmao, but then again, trannies can't into biology, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 219859

File: 1514662414304.jpg (75.42 KB, 960x857, 25348494_1544746005579484_9135…)

assigned male at birth

when they need to say male for…all the reasons we have the word male in the first place, but the ideology forbids it

No. 219871

I see thanks. I should have googled it before asking, sorry.

But this such a weird label. It's not as if there's a sorting hat when a baby's born that assigns the child female or male against their will.

Also that post >>219852 is terrifying. I'm not surprised and I wager that a lot of trannies harbor the same hatred in varing degrees over other women.

No. 219873

File: 1514667568109.jpg (26.26 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ow4a0bjI0O1wsbn2ao1_400…)

Yeah it makes no fucking sense. They have elaborate justifications for why being "assigned" male was oh so arbitrary, yet they have to keep referencing it when issues having to do with their male bodies come up. Like it was just a huge coincidence that society calls them male and their bodies have the traits that the word male describes. It's just a big coincidence, not the entire point of words in the first place.
They're the real gender binarists. They seem to think "male" and "female" have some intrinsic meaning in a vacuum, rather than simply being labels used to describe traits observed in the physical world, just like AMAB or whatever word of the day.
The map is not the territory you jabronis. Your being male doesn't have to mean anything at all beyond the basic dictionary definition. You're the one who thinks being male means you need to dress and act a certain way, yet you think WE'RE your enemies?

No. 219945

So glad this thread exists.

I know most of tumblr is cancer but I like to follow a few themed blogs here and there, sometimes from my recommended. When I click onto one and see any mention of pronouns in the bio section, I click back. If I see anything about TERFs and it being a TERF free blog, I block the user. I mean, Christ, if your gender is the most interesting thing you have to say in your bio or most important to you, you must be a very bland person.

Laineybot is a prime example of this. Wrapping herself in flags all day and spouting off about her agender bullshit every two seconds? Nah. Hard pass. These identity politics are cancer and I want no part of them when I just want to see pink shit on aesthetic blogs or nostalgia posts on 90s blogs.

On another note, it’s sad how I can clock sooo many mtf just based on their icon on Twitter. Imagine how sad that existence must be. To take all the efforts to get surgery, hormones, new wardrobe, wigs, makeup, and use angles and shitty lighting in your pics and STILL be clockable in a 73x73 pixel avatar. Sounds like a tragic waste of time to me.

No. 219946

File: 1514705024276.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20171231-002256.png)

This is so true.
Gigi gorgeous is a prime example. Thousands upon thousands spent on their appearance but without makeup its so clear theyre just a confused man who's had too many surgeries.

No. 219947

every time i see gigi they're looking worse and worse.

No. 219949

>they/them pronouns
binch, he's a man. doesn't matter how feminine he looks, he is a man and since you know that, these vague pronouns aren't necessary.

No. 219950


Man, came here to write exactly this. I'm so fed up with this bullshit. It's fucking biologically wrong and the shit they say or demand others say(PRONOUNS LOL)is so obviously veiling their own misgivings and doubts about what they're doing. They're trying to convince themselves as well as anyone else willing to listen.

I like spotting trans people…. trans spotting. It's a nice little detractor from the horrible influx of it all. No one does it well. You are not a woman! You are not a man! you are a monster!

No. 219951

This dude was kinda cute. Makes me even more upset they threw away what looks they had into the trash to be something they aren't. No authenticity.

No. 219957

chill out. I swear you volatile tranny haters are almost as bad as trannies themselves.

No. 219958

Maybe it's cuz I live in Cali but I've come across enough poorly styled not-really-passing trans women that it no longer surprises me and it's pretty much like seeing a very badly dressed or ugly cis woman

What am I missing here

No. 219960

Jfc this is literally shit serial killers have said about why they murder women. And our modern society just encourages this shit.

Strong women build other women up. All these fucking trannies just suffer from sexual perversion and being ugly.

Newsflash: if you're an ugly man you can't just will yourself into being a beautiful woman.

Besides, there's just as many unattractive women as there are men. Fucking trannies crying about genetics as if there are no women who didn't win the genetic lottery. No wonder they fall for this shit and no wonder women didn't wanna breed with them when they were men. They're all ugly AND stupid and their genes are worthless.

No. 219969

File: 1514727868383.jpeg (293.12 KB, 1920x1080, ABDDE1D1-9515-4B86-B5C6-812053…)

No. 219978

what's the point of using confusing pronouns? they don't make any sense

No. 219982

Gigi is the one tranny who pisees me off to no end. That little shit would talk shit about women like they were this gross foreign object and now he's running around screaming "omg grrrl power lyke totally cmon ;)". Little confused gay boy, the only reason why you butchered yourself is because being gay didn't pull in enough money. Now that you lopped your dick off you are special snowflake enough for people to want to throw money at you.

No. 219984

That Dubai drama, too.
Shit was just too much.

No. 220003

What happened in Dubai?

Let me guess, the mean old transmysoginists didn't let him board the plane cause they saw him as a man just playing dress up?

No. 220010

How did you not see that video lmao

No. 220013

Goddamn did he intentionally fly to a notoriously transphobic/homophobic Islam nation JUST so he could be a victim??? He can't possibly be that stupid can he? I'm neither "gay" nor trans and you couldn't pay me to visit the Middle East.

That ending was infuriating. He was so smug he was able to have so much of his girlfriend's family's money spent on him and that smile he made after saying "the White House" was weird. I didn't pay attention to Gigi before but I think I hate this asshole more than any other YouTube celebrity (including Onision)

No. 220019

It is honestly a shame that you weren't on yt when this first dropped because shit was wiiiilllldd lmfao

The comments were a goddamned mess and so was social media. You had first world muslims rushing in to play the #notall card and people of all ethnic backgrounds trying to pretend as if Islam is a super inclusive, LGBTBBQ friendly religion.

Cultural relativism is a plague.

No. 220021


I kind of feel this way more and more. If you grew up as a girl on chanboards, you grew up eating shit from the most pathetic assholes in your anime club, and to see them all now being like….nyaaa I just want to be a lewd anime princess :3 :3 :3 just fucking hurts. But then I think, well, it's not actually that fucking easy, and I can't help but derive some joy from seeing them struggle. Not every mtf, but the r9k types? Fuck them. They've gone from shitting on all the women around them to shitting on ~afabs~, there's no fucking difference. Let them feel self-conscious in public. Let them be mocked. Let them feel one fucking crumb of the shit we go through that's supposedly so loool easymodo.

No. 220025

It makes me cringe how quickly people will turn on their own beliefs for a boy on youtube with lip fillers and a weave.

No matter how backwards Islam is, at least they have the balls to not put up with this trans bullshit. Off the building theto go.

No. 220030

lol @ this idiot going to the Middle East, too bad they didn't throw him off a fucking roof

'I sobbed and sobbed and I needed justice'

oh lol fuck off and get out what a loser

No. 220060

Here's gigi being a cunt about being rich

And here's gigi doing the creepy thing trans people do which is try to co-opt a biological womans body and experience (called a friend who had a baby "a surrogate")


Thank God the second one is clickbait because those mentally ill cokeheads dont need to buy a child

Anyone else get tila tequila vibes from gigi, as far as exploiting the mental health of an heiress?

No. 220073

B-But anon it was his favorite place and he always wanted to visit! uwu

No. 220077

I just watched a super old video of gigi before transition when he was in high school and he was basically whining about how his school took away his phone because they have rules regarding electronics. He acted entitled throughout the whole video and it seems like he never grew out of the entitlement.

He probably thought "it happens to other trans people but it WON'T happen to ME". Probably felt like his looks and money would give him privilege there. Seems like an example of mtf expecting the whole world to play along with their mindset and being shocked that it doesn't work that way.

I don't condone unfair treatment. Just pointing out that you can't expect the harsh world to adjust to you, trans or otherwise.

No. 220204


jesus, that video is one of the most obnoxious things I've ever seen. How the fuck do you not outgrow that kind of "teehee time to giggle at the normie zoo" shit by like, 14? To not even touch the gross class aspect…

No. 220213

File: 1514858577104.jpeg (38.51 KB, 403x365, 5D6CF220-1B85-4E74-8937-FDA24F…)

Kek Gigi hasn’t had SRS, Still has a dick and just tucks it between his legs and tapes it to his asshole like drag queens do.

>“I’ve never felt so fishy”
Please just die.

No. 220225

Greg (why is it always people with the name Greg that are the most fucked up) has had numerous plastic surgeries to make his face more feminine and has fake tits to boot. If you don't call that butchering then I don't know what is.

No. 220247

File: 1514881940129.png (89.21 KB, 197x390, 4E73C010-C797-49B8-BA74-92185A…)

…look at this spoiled fucking prick. Gregory “I still have/sound like I’m Garglin’ Gonads” looks like the linebacker he is when he’s not in charge of the camera, to no one’s surprise.

No. 220249

god damn. its so funny when he acts all ditys and stereotypically feminine when we all know that he could knock out most men with his body.

No. 220250

File: 1514883988358.jpg (119.7 KB, 647x768, YwLgr9WYYhqNLK567zXwXoEfjyTJR5…)

No. 220263

With those shoulders he could have been such a nice body builder if he wasn't so mentally ill.

No. 220268

No. 220283

File: 1514909780364.jpg (107.45 KB, 960x960, 1509729524832.jpg)

No. 220284

File: 1514909807492.png (441.51 KB, 478x516, 1511001538546.png)

No. 220451

File: 1514976534042.png (24.57 KB, 652x190, Untitled.png)

Does this double as a trans-hate thread? Because wew I just got this gem shared onto my Facebook by the fakest of fakebois.

No. 220460

lmao Gigi claims that his shoe size is 37 and that his weight is between 55-60kg. And that is a lie because most people his height, esp. a man would not look like he does.

funny how these people lie so much to themselves

No. 220478

Is >>220283 supposed to be dressed like a handmaid? He's wearing a weird white thing on his head. Gross.

No. 220479


37? That's a small shoe size even for a cis woman, what the hell, lol

No. 220484

I know right! Looking at models with what he claims to be his height and weight they all have around 37-40 in shoe size, and they all have feminine bodies (small bones, not much muscle or fat etc etc) so he is probably lying about his weight aswell.

Knowing that so many beautiful women exist to make liars like him and the rest of the men we see on here insecure and jealous makes me so happy.

No. 220490

File: 1514999262030.png (643.12 KB, 934x738, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 17.0…)

Yep, found his Reddit account and it was for Halloween.
Apparently he's 'genderqueer' rather than trans though.

No. 220513


Wow. Not even a trans woman. Not that that'd make me feel better, but like……..The Handmaid's Tale is specifically about a fear and oppression that this guy is IN ABSOLUTELY NO DANGER OF. It's like a white person dressing up as Harriet Tubman?? And then claiming that this helps them get closer to their "true racial identity" or whatever the fuck

No. 220575

I think Gigi is going to detransition.

No. 220577

What are some of the top posts in /r/transpassing that don't fool you?

No. 220585

If he's really as tall as he claims to be, girls his height also usually have minimum 40, that's completely normal. But of course as a transwoman he's superior and more feminine than uterus carriers…

No. 220588

Why are these freaks always into Love Live?

No. 220592

What makes you say that?

No. 220674

Because trannies want to be a ~kawaii yuri girl~ like in their moe anime, other shows like GochiUsa and Hidamari Sketch fall prey to them as well. Sucks because I really like Love Live but I've met so many trannies that are into it.

No. 220726

I hate Gigi. At minute 8:19 he says large nipples are disgusting.

Normally I dont watch his content but people in the bg reddit community were offended at this

No. 220728

Wow, all that surgery and he still doesn't even remotely pass. Didn't realize men were that ugly.

his real name is Gregory btw, jsyk

No. 220729

Oh right my bad. Greg. On the bg subreddit you will be banned for "deadnaming" someone.

No. 220749

this idiot needs to stop with the lip fillers. he looks like he has a moustache and that's not a good look when you're trying to deceive people into thinking your man face is feminine. he's so out of touch with reality.

No. 220788

File: 1515129038177.png (53.28 KB, 161x142, Untitled.png)

The flappy bird lips just make his mouth look bigger.

No. 220801

all the PS just makes him look more manly. before it all he was a cute little twink.

No. 220804

I think the mustache illusion is because his lip injections are getting so big that it's getting outside of his actual lips? (as in the pink colored flesh) His mouth is really fucked up.

No. 220829

Yeah, injections can also make lips protrude a lot more from the face than natural lips and cause more of a shadow

No. 220841

File: 1515171497378.png (768.27 KB, 1080x1223, IMG_20180105_115444.png)

Some delusional autogynophile with the worst makeup I've ever seen was trying to follow me on Instagram

No. 220845

I hope this is still on topic, but why even do these mtfs go on to get hormones and srs?? I mean, is this a form of self hatred? I'm a gay woman and i feel as if a lot of the trans people, if not all hate themselves, so they get hormones and pretend they are the opposite sex, instead of just being gay.

It's like, being a tranny is somehow better than being gay, so it's still a form of anti-gay stigma and self hatred imo.

No. 220851

Probably because of all the positive media trans people get. You've got Bruce Jenner, you've got the whole bathroom shitstorm that happened, you've got all the tumblrinas that will fight for you no matter what you did wrong, etc. Being gay isn't shocking enough anymore, trans is the new bi.

Plus the grass is always greener on the other side I guess. Somehow they think chopping off their dick and fucking up their hormones will make them more accepted in society and give them a better life than living as a gay person. Hilarious.

No. 220941

Lmao he's so bad at "passing" irl. It's so obvious he's just a fag.

No. 220942

File: 1515258012839.png (487.15 KB, 512x731, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 16.5…)

No. 220943

File: 1515258103929.png (680.45 KB, 677x742, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 16.5…)

No. 220944

File: 1515258196987.png (474.75 KB, 1034x729, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 16.5…)

No. 220949

This one isn't actually that bad. I like the somewhat androgynous look he has, but the arrogance is a total turn off.

No. 220954

Don't be too harsh on him, he's probably insanely insecure and just over-compensating

No. 220979

I'm actually laughing at this, poor deluded soul

No. 221088

Why is his stomach all lumpy? Has he stuffed his tank top in order to look pregnant?

No. 221208

File: 1515350087229.png (547.23 KB, 594x902, grossplsstop.png)

I wish people would stop involving children in this.

No. 221236

We are moving all gender critical discussion to >>221232

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