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File: 1715146266320.png (14.65 MB, 7041x3526, Untitled325_20240507222906.png)

No. 1994807

A thread to post the worst duolicious profiles and interactions

No. 1994829

File: 1715147494296.png (416.03 KB, 1687x4716, duolicious4chandata.png)

No. 1994839

i actually tried this thing and its weirdly cozy. Everyone seems like a normie because its trending on twitter.

No. 1994841

I guess you got lucky because half the people on there are bpd women and pol users

No. 1994842

maybe it because i am from latam. I actually found a really cool art friend there. Weird experience, i expected to have fun toying with schizos and ended up meeting two real people i like.

No. 1994844

>maybe it because i am from latam
Yeah that definitely explains it lol. I'm guessing most of the autism comes from American users

No. 1994845

I actually wanted to meet ameritards but i am glad i didnt

No. 1994849

what did you expect from 4chan users

No. 1994853

I mean nothing? I haven't used the app properly, beyond seeing some profiles and bios

No. 1994900

Sorry, I've been trying to understand this site for a few hours now, spotted it through a thread on twitter about it, but just like here it was primarily to poke fun at the people using it. What exactly is this site supposed to be for?? Is it a 4chan dating site? Because twitter is calling it a femcel site, which did not seem to align at all. It's just a meme, right? I don't understand why a woman would want to seek out a 4chan boyfriend, especially after that last one got decapitated and posted all over the internet. These are all catfishes? or women who are intentionally seeking attention from unhinged jobless porn obsessed weirdos?

No. 1994908

File: 1715155058690.png (940.08 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20240508-005513~2.p…)

The website is for dating, and was made by a anon on 4chan. There's quite a few female users, most seem to be mentally ill (racist) zoomer girls. But until someone interacts with them, they could be men larping.

On a side note, there's a lot of trannies.

No. 1994909

File: 1715155265015.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20240508-005549~2.p…)

No. 1994910

File: 1715155459890.png (756.31 KB, 1080x2046, Screenshot_20240508-010319~2.p…)

"Based opinions"

No. 1994913

File: 1715156145361.png (758.5 KB, 1080x2235, Screenshot_20240508-011401~2.p…)

This one's just gross

No. 1994915

File: 1715156225548.png (979.5 KB, 1080x2253, Screenshot_20240508-011430~2.p…)

No. 1994917

>church goer
I thought demons would get incinerated upon attempting to step in

No. 1994921

I've never used dating apps and i didn't expect anything good from this but it's insane how people go on to put their actual red flags and worst traits with their faces. I understand wanting to be youself and being honest but what kind of relationship are you looking for if that's the kind of info you provide? Kek.

No. 1994925

File: 1715157831837.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1972, Screenshot_20240508-013751~2.p…)

No. 1994929

that’s a man

No. 1994930

why are male hapas always so ugly?

No. 1994931

When i accidentally steal a spoon from the Great Khan's meth lab

No. 1994933

Ayrt, I kinda suspect it is. The hair and giant hand looks like they used some kind of gender swap app

No. 1994934

Happas who have a weird complex about being biracial are so fucking weird to me because a lot of them look don't even look asian at all. Do they even experience heavy amount of racism to even warrant this complex in the first place?
Men who can't admit they aren't funny need to have their avatars deleted in roblox.

No. 1994936

File: 1715158747998.png (808.65 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20240508-012907~2.p…)

This one's a lolicon

No. 1994938

I tried joining but it's down for maintaince. Man, I want to bait dumb troons and Ameritards

No. 1994941

This post would be absolutely incomprehensible to my 65 year old mother.

No. 1994945

it's obviously a troon

No. 1994946

File: 1715160607269.png (524.06 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20240508-014703~2.p…)

Well it's back up now

No. 1994947

pol users pretending to be bpd women and pol users imo

No. 1994962

Wow, I was looking at that one popular tweet yesterday and thought which thread I could share it to. Thanks for creating this thread, nona.

No. 1994973

The web version is also scuffed as fuck. You can tell a retarded 4chan scrote coded it.

No. 1995166

File: 1715180742282.jpeg (879.39 KB, 1284x2038, IMG_1211.jpeg)

there are definitely underage girls on here. i can tell by their zoomie word salads like picrel. don't understand why they want to be "femcel" losers so bad just to pander to ugly obese moids. these girls need their parents to smash the entire router before it's too late. chock-full of twitter and tiktokfags who've never even opened 4chan

No. 1995174

holy shit she sounds insufferable

No. 1995179

Some pictures from the other thread need to be reposted, they were outrageous kek. I forgot which thread it was though or I would post it myself

No. 1995250

Someone tell his partner he’s cheating

No. 1995256

Why is this shit even called duolicious it sounds like if duolingo was delicious

No. 1995257

That must be a joke, there's no way someone out there puts shit like that on a dating site. KEK.

No. 1995258

As a VN fan I've noticed so many more of these people popping up recently. I also notice they never claim to like BL or Otome, just the edgiest most scrotey galge ever. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy galge as well but I know you did not actually play and enjoy euphoria (nobody should).

No. 1995260

Good. These weirdos should stay far, far away from BL and otome game spaces

No. 1995267

For sure. It's just funny how they only claim to like things that would win them scrote brownie points and don't seem to have an interest in anything else.

No. 1995269

Of course they never do, these are edgy pick-mes trying too hard to appeal to edgy coomer scrotes btw i hardly know anything about VNs so for a second I thought it meant euphoria the show kek

No. 1995273

Cause they are moid obsessed women. They will never touch a bl/otome because they know it doesn't give them moid points since moids don't play those.

No. 1995278

Yes, that's what I said. And it's why I want them to fuck off immediately.

No. 1995417

File: 1715187310720.png (851.43 KB, 792x598, IMG_7873.png)

I don’t think the majority actually play VNs and instead just use stuff like Saya no Uta for aesthetics (which I’m not a fan of Saya but I have to say the game is great for aesthetic purposes).

No. 1995429

File: 1715187977926.jpeg (Spoiler Image,370.36 KB, 1284x2226, IMG_1206.jpeg)

spoiler for feet. the extent these girls go for attention from these moids is disgusting. severe mental illness

No. 1995474

File: 1715189656363.jpeg (939.8 KB, 1099x2100, IMG_3366.jpeg)

Repost from the “Things You Hate” thread

No. 1995476

File: 1715189742110.png (385.21 KB, 720x378, IMG_3365.png)

God I hate moids

No. 1995478

At least they make it easy to weed them out

No. 1995482

File: 1715190018188.jpeg (415.94 KB, 1242x1349, IMG_3370.jpeg)

Holy shit dude

No. 1995486

kek wtf is this, I'm almost tempted to make an account to roleplay as a younger version of myself , I'm bored

No. 1995489

are these people using fake pics or are they genuinely stupid? attaching your name and face to imageboard activities is just asking for an 'accidental' data breach, people with vendettas doxxing users and contacting employers, etc. I know that a lot of these people are probably terminally unemployed NEETs but still

No. 1995490

I'm also tempted to make an account but so many of these profiles sound underage… do you think it would work if i put "no men no trannies" in my bio kek

No. 1995494

Do it, nona. Report back what horrors you see.

No. 1995503

File: 1715191295577.jpg (132.33 KB, 532x895, 8STJ14mzEIx.jpg)

bottom feeder pickme

No. 1995506

Call me conspiratorial but I've never heard of this site until this thread. Getting the feeling this thread might've been created by Duolicious' team/creators to advertise this site to lolcow users. Especially since I'd imagine the website is a massive sausage fest so advertising to actual ,not trans, women who use imageboards and are usually mentally ill enough to make a profile would probably be a marketing strategy they'd do

No. 1995510

some of then are explicitly saying they are still in high school. it could be some catfish but idk some of these profiles have way too much information to be a random catfish.

No. 1995519

I'd believe your tinfoil but I also think this thread could be milky. I was one of the first anons discussing it here and I saw it on twitter first. moids kept reposting it like "noo do NOT go to the dating app with sexy bpd discord kittens haha" and it all 100% felt like an ad. I also think there's lots of crossover between here and /r9k/ which is where most of these "women" getting posted seem to come from

No. 1995570

its advertised on 4chan

No. 1995573

There were mentions here and there on /ot/ and a few months ago some actual retard made a thread genuinely asking if anyone had used it. She got so mad about getting accused of being a moid shilling the app that she posted a vocaroo lmfao

No. 1995635

I got one after this thread was made but i set mine to only show women so not super interesting. A handful of tims putting themselves in as real women instead of trans, so I reported them and moved on

No. 1995637

>Try and join
>Fill out retarded questionaire
>Site instantly crashes

No. 1995638

It’s down for me too

No. 1995651

Apparently some girls on self harm/ED twitter have started using Towa and Aoba as inspo pics, but like the other group they haven't actually read the VNs.

No. 1995653

Let me back in dammit I was talking to someone

No. 1995654

They're racist against farmers.

No. 1995655

I was talking to another Nona (allegedly) too.

No. 1995704

Are you joking? I made the thread because it was mentioned on the things you hate thread.

No. 1995724

File: 1715204537927.jpeg (436.11 KB, 1066x1593, 1715137718823.jpeg)

It was posted in this thread

No. 1995727

File: 1715204778105.jpg (229.83 KB, 922x2048, 1715135178290.jpg)

Posting some caps from last thread

No. 1995729

File: 1715204821450.jpeg (340.89 KB, 955x2048, 1715134049666.jpeg)

No. 1995734

File: 1715205130673.png (1018.58 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240508-144059.png)

No. 1995743

File: 1715205662285.png (1.91 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240508-144121.png)

No. 1995795


No. 1995820

Is she really here with us ngl I'd love to be toxic codependent almost girlfriends friends with her. The type of friendship that goes from 0 to 100 and ends tragically in like 4 months.

No. 1995825

Nta but her discord is in the screenshot if you really want to attempt to contact her

No. 1995831

No wonder this site has gone to shit if this is who's among us

No. 1995835

>goes on /r9k/ and /mlp/
why? that's retarded.

No. 1995843

If this is supposed to be the 4chan dating app why are all the women on it Twitterbrained? Absurd

No. 1995849

Ayrt, surprise anon I have been here for like 8 years.

No. 1995855

Can I ask why you put hate kink but also into cannibalism

No. 1995857

i would assume the cannibalism is not sexual.

No. 1995870

File: 1715212295748.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2215, Screenshot_20240508-012630~2.p…)

She looks like pearly things

No. 1995871

File: 1715212320682.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1871, Screenshot_20240508-012638~2.p…)

No. 1995874

I’ve recognized some posts from here on reddit and they always link back to the same flavor of retarded as the women on this app

No. 1995877

File: 1715212665208.jpg (27.55 KB, 1080x320, Screenshot_20240509-095609_Chr…)

Can we disown the people using these tags?

No. 1995880

They're probably just curious kek

No. 1995881

No real radfem can be this retarded

No. 1995890

File: 1715213082311.jpg (542 KB, 1079x1462, Screenshot_20240509-100306_Chr…)

They're not, they're using the tags as a self descriptor, meaning they're either LARPing being a farmer/summerfag or they're from here.

No. 1995892

File: 1715213131457.png (960.99 KB, 1080x2239, Screenshot_20240508-170354~2.p…)

Average kiwifarms user

No. 1995894

File: 1715213152374.png (1.38 MB, 1080x2253, Screenshot_20240508-170403~2.p…)

No. 1995895

Ew he's from Adelaide too

No. 1995901

>Wants kids
But I thought Christian males wanted wahmen to be SAHM tradies while big, smart, breadwinning males are the sole pRoViDeRs? Also, isn't not being a provider what's making men so dIsPoSaBle in this current feminist society we're living in? How will he be the lEaDeR of his wife and children being unemployed? hmm
This one trooning out in 3, 2, 1…

No. 1995903

I joined our of curiosity and to laught at the retards but now I'm low-key hoping I find some nonnies

No. 1995906

A lot of the fake radfem stuff and femcel nonsense is just pickmes looking for male attention by providing the fantasy that they can convert a cute feminazi into a submissive harlot.

No. 1995907

File: 1715214058465.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20240508-171919~2.p…)

What an unfortunate nose. Also why do they all use "ur"

No. 1995910

File: 1715214241163.png (1.49 MB, 1080x2238, Screenshot_20240508-171923~2.p…)

No. 1995912

the femcel schizo lainpilled shit pisses me off so much. as an actual retarded weirdo woman into creepy anime shit i feel like my culture's being stolen. stolen valor

No. 1995914


No. 1995915

>let's talk lolcows

No. 1995916

this guy probably thinks he's a 10/10 but he's barely a 6

No. 1995918

>Never exercises
always KEK
but hey, he's using lipstick so of course he's just as much a woman as any "cis identifying" woman

No. 1995919

>wants kids

No. 1995924

Is anyone else getting triggered by realising how close these losers live to you? I literally could have passed one on the street and it scares me.

No. 1995930

I'm not a burger so no, haven't seen anyone from my country yet

No. 1995937

Is it down again?

No. 1995952

The only person on the app in my city, is just some normie black guy and a tranny.

No. 1995954

File: 1715216862642.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2227, Screenshot_20240508-143615~2.p…)

Half of the people on the app identify as "Christian" but I really doubt it's true. Also most of these losers want kids.

No. 1995958

File: 1715217072205.png (455.42 KB, 562x827, Screenshots_2024-05-08-20-10-1…)

Okay nonnies why are you straight up name-dropping LC in your bios?

No. 1995960

File: 1715217081523.png (1.11 MB, 1080x2203, Screenshot_20240508-143619~2.p…)

No. 1995964

Nta but I’m only seen by women anyway. Also do it to make it clear I’m not a twitterfag

No. 1995976

File: 1715217867524.jpg (60.67 KB, 720x223, Screenshot_20240508-150530.jpg)

i seriously hope this is a catfish. the profile said 18 but i wouldn't trust that.

No. 1995978

File: 1715218003894.png (672.15 KB, 1080x2214, Screenshot_20240508-182359~2.p…)

>Never exercises
>Into nekos
This feels like genuine parody.

No. 1995980

>uses pfp from scrote yurishit anime
has to be a troon larping

No. 1995981

What the fuck it locked me out of my account? I didn't even interact with anybody.

No. 1995983

It's probably just down.

No. 1995986

honestly i’d be interested in making friends with other imageboard users like you nonas but the fact that 90% of them seem to be bpdchans tells me that any possible connections would be doomed to fail

No. 1995987

You'd have better luck in the friend finder thread here

No. 1995988

i can tolerate bpd chans but the imageboard variety is a no.

No. 1995997

If I was so bad off that I had to resort to using this for dating I think I would just kms

No. 1996001

File: 1715219644707.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2195, Screenshot_20240508-182233~2.p…)

No. 1996022

>huge fan of white, asian and other lightskin girls

No. 1996070

lol because of course he is. I love reading these profiles.

No. 1996079

I just found my future gf on this site but I'm too scared to message, our romance was over before it even started.

No. 1996082

imagine posting no fatties with a body like that, his pecs are trash and his stomach is a doughy mess or he'd post the best part of a man instead of hiding it with his phone, how pathetic. That's full pump too and that's all he has to show for it

No. 1996085

File: 1715224139376.png (105.18 KB, 775x668, Screenshot 2024-05-08 220805.p…)


No. 1996094

this glows

No. 1996099

she just appeared to me too kek

No. 1996102

File: 1715224941223.jpg (750.97 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20240509-002130_Duo…)

Finding other nonnas in the wild is incredible

No. 1996105

I think I just ran into rancefag on this app but idk if it's really her

No. 1996114

Saw my fucking IRL and immediately deleted it

No. 1996122

i feel like 99% of these people arent even autistic or "neet" and just want to feel special

No. 1996125

Stupid question what manga is that

No. 1996126

Do it nona, I found a actually normal woman on there but she deactivated or deleted before we could exchange socials and I'm pissed

No. 1996127

Lots of tryhards trying to act schizo

No. 1996131

No it was York and she had AI generated Sackboy profile images. I'm so sad.

No. 1996133

Oh I saw the ai sackboy chick earlier

No. 1996134

its so weird because I dont know why anybody would WANT to be those things, its like wanting to be an orphan or be poor, wtf

No. 1996140

I wanted to be an orphan when I was a kid, it's not like I had a bad life it's just that I found the drama and tragedy of it fun so a lot of times when I played pretend or with dolls I had tragic orphans.
I think it's the exact same with these people, they go online and play pretend with other bored kids that have uninteresting lives.

No. 1996152

File: 1715228774291.jpeg (11.84 KB, 824x824, GNCXVKBW0AEy9re.jpeg)

I doubt they even read vns, pic rel is one of them not even knowing what vn their profile pic is from when asked(found on twitter). It's just become trendy lately for them to approppriate vn aesthetics and it's incredibly obnoxious. Also not playing otome doesn't automatically put you on the same tier as these retards

No. 1996153

I was talking to her a couple hours ago and she just vanished.

No. 1996154

I’ve found myself wishing I was a schizo hikineet in the same way one might see a cat laying in the sun sleeping all day and think “what an easy life you must live. I wish I was a cat”. Logically I know that I’d be so bored and miserable without anything to do or life to work towards that I’d probably kill myself but I won’t deny that it’s an attractive fantasy to imagine doing nothing but vidya and reading all day.

No. 1996158

some of these were like 2 years old when I was on 4chan, kinda crazy how the place has rotted and festered yet it has these kids building their whole identity around it's remains

No. 1996165

File: 1715230449048.png (899.1 KB, 738x732, Screenshot 2024-05-08 235315.p…)

Why did she post a pic of herself with such greasy hair?

No. 1996168

Teenagers do not have hindsight and from 18 - 22 I had the actual worst hair in the world yet at the time thought it looked amazing and I've actually had to soft block an old highschool that likes to post every memory to her fb and I get embarrassed people perceived me like that for years and I was none the wiser. It took 10 years for hindsight to kick in and its not pleasant

No. 1996199

File: 1715234416204.jpg (345.88 KB, 1080x1663, poltard.jpg)

No. 1996200

File: 1715234447079.jpg (672.36 KB, 1080x2597, troon.jpg)

No. 1996203

I hope he ends it

No. 1996213

File: 1715235634409.jpg (10.61 KB, 255x197, chin.jpg)

No. 1996214

literally a shoe with a wig

No. 1996240

Literally all non-white men in these spaces are like this and have internalised racism they like to project on women of their own race.

No. 1996251

Of course he's from Trinidad lmao

No. 1996266

Subahibi is shit anyway but these LARPers are atrociously cringe

No. 1996280

File: 1715244182932.jpg (177.41 KB, 1079x989, Screenshot_20240509-184208_Duo…)

God what a tard kek.

No. 1996286

I'm so confused

No. 1996295

I said I hated redditors in my profile and used that to give me a wicked burn

No. 1996308

Sick "burn" when in reality he just sounds like a sour grapes faggot.

No. 1996309

No. 1996314

4chan is a meme among edgelord twitter/tiktok/tumblrfags

No. 1996333

is this satire? i genuinely can't tell. consider getting some cooler or at least more niche interests before you feel justified in gatekeeping anything. "creepy anime shit" fucking kek. you too, are a normie

No. 1996378

Thank you for making this thread. Keep em coming, this shit is hilarious
This is exactly what I imagined /pol/tards to look like kek
>Half of the people on the app identify as "Christian"
She’s an ethot larping as a ~tradwife~ so she can get male validation from the most pathetic type of moid. How embarrassing
>wants kids
Let me guess, he wants to date a real woman then?

No. 1996543

>Let me guess, he wants to date a real woman then?
They always do, nona. Didn't you know that "gEnItAl PrEfErEnCe" is okay for twanswomen bc dating another tranny causes them dYsPhOrIa? Only actual female homosexuals are evil bigots for not wanting dick

No. 1996696

File: 1715280715183.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20240509-114947~2.p…)

No. 1996706

File: 1715281255626.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2038, Screenshot_20240509-114952~2.p…)

No. 1996708

File: 1715281355189.png (878.69 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20240509-120034~2.p…)

No. 1996719

File: 1715281840929.png (1.46 MB, 1080x2164, Screenshot_20240509-120044~2.p…)

No. 1996721

File: 1715281961681.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2213, Screenshot_20240509-120803~2.p…)

The /pol/ club brings out some very unfortunate looking men

No. 1996722

>mutual clubs

No. 1996725

File: 1715282205303.png (97.82 KB, 1605x648, Screenshot 2024-05-09 121621.p…)

No. 1996726

Nta but it's to make it easier to find cowish profiles

No. 1996727

File: 1715282219936.png (1.26 MB, 1080x2218, Screenshot_20240509-120808~2.p…)

No. 1996729

Ayrt It's easier to find them like that

No. 1996730

No. 1996731

Imagine being 29 and putting that stuff out there for anyone to read.
Kek the stupidity

No. 1996740

File: 1715283249036.jpeg (101.63 KB, 1284x1083, IMG_1301.jpeg)

put the fujoshi tag on my profile and i've never been more suicidal

No. 1996742

The two extremes of the lip size slider in character creator

No. 1996744

File: 1715283335260.png (51.94 KB, 1565x450, Screenshot 2024-05-09 123515.p…)

No. 1996745

File: 1715283381945.jpeg (108.73 KB, 1284x1050, IMG_1299.jpeg)

what do moids think fujos are?

No. 1996746

KEK nonna.

No. 1996748

File: 1715283411495.png (981.77 KB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20240509-123441~2.p…)

This bio makes me wonder how many people are probably trading CP on here

No. 1996749

File: 1715283416424.png (77.43 KB, 1529x814, Screenshot 2024-05-09 123619.p…)

No. 1996750

They think it's another porn category like they do with all types of women

No. 1996751

Richard seems like a good sport about it at least

No. 1996752

File: 1715283518782.png (363.19 KB, 476x616, posers.png)

No. 1996753

Kek this is making me want to try and create an account to fuck around but do you need to post your face? If I can avoid that then I don't mind.

No. 1996754

You don't, tons of people only have anime pics and memes on their profile

No. 1996756

>but do you need to post your face?
You don't, most of the people I DM are people who don't use their face anyway.

No. 1996761

>someone DM'd
>I can't check what it was because I've been locked out of the app for hours
Holy shit this app runs like ass

No. 1996763

did this guy post his full face. I am ashamed to admit he looks kinda cute from the 3 pixels he posted.

No. 1996764

you can use a proton mail and an animu pic

No. 1996765

Yeah this is him >>1996696

No. 1996766

jesus christ nevermind.

No. 1996767

File: 1715284176841.png (1.62 MB, 1080x2203, Screenshot_20240509-124536~2.p…)

No. 1996769

File: 1715284217989.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2088, IMG_3399.jpeg)

To the anon who used Shay as her profile pictures, you got a good laugh out of me kek

No. 1996770

isnt that girl a lolcow here or do they all share the same physiognomy

No. 1996771

File: 1715284252729.png (710.01 KB, 663x750, Screenshot 2024-05-09 125038.p…)

No. 1996776

do you mean empath? cause i see it KEKK

No. 1996779

File: 1715284496725.png (665.63 KB, 1080x2046, Screenshot_20240509-124615~2.p…)

No. 1996785

yes, or spoony

No. 1996788

>often drinks
>does drugs
keeeek nonna

No. 1996789

KEK bless her heart, she used a more professional photo too.

No. 1996792

So I'm creating the profile and the questions are so fucking retarded, Jesus, is this what desperate people do to get a warm sack of flesh next to themselves in their bedroom?

No. 1996799

File: 1715285691147.jpg (137.18 KB, 1080x1322, 1000023046.jpg)

What the fuck

No. 1996804

File: 1715285947124.jpeg (56.64 KB, 468x460, IMG_0491.jpeg)

I feel like these are the only people who would use this app
>red scare podcast bpdettes
>vidya creators and trolls making fake accounts for free content and entertainment kek
>blue and white kneesocks nazi discord /lgbt/ trannies that basically covers the basis for mentally ill incels or faggots trying to find women to skinwalk/rape/kill
>confused normie moids trying to pick up girls who could be their own daughters
>regular incels using it as a “test” to see that “wahmen still want chads” on a shitty dating app
>feds and intelligence agencies
>teenagers joining to rip off a bunch of overgrown neets for robux cash KEK

No. 1996806

The question is how many of these accounts are fake for the purpose of laughing at other also fake accounts?

No. 1996818

>teenagers joining to rip off a bunch of overgrown neets for robux cash
Don't give me ideas

No. 1996828

File: 1715287270051.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1559, IMG_3405.jpeg)

As if it wasn’t bad enough

No. 1996830

christ what a fucking ogre

No. 1996833

File: 1715287668127.png (929.71 KB, 1080x2287, Screenshot_20240509-134554~2.p…)

No. 1996840

File: 1715287907506.jpg (29.6 KB, 600x449, 5437278879_b7ccc12069_o.jpg)

No. 1996849

I'm still not completely convinced this is worse than tinder, at least no married men with almost empty profiles looking for an affair?
Looks so fake, I almost believe it's real

No. 1996855

File: 1715288520903.png (1.47 MB, 1080x2273, Screenshot_20240509-134601~2.p…)

No. 1996886

>I love catboys
>I hate yaoi
Seems pretty contradictory?

No. 1996902

I'm just going to assume that 90% of the "women" on there are trannies

No. 1996909

How long until we see Doja Cat pop on here "as a joke"

No. 1996927

so this is the dating app for people that make 4chan their entire personality? how sad

No. 1996938

every picture ive seen so far looks stinky and unwashed

No. 1996949

something something catboy traps are totes not gay unlike discustang yaoiz

No. 1996955

File: 1715291741564.jpg (25.82 KB, 372x332, 1715076320483390.jpg)

i want to belieeeeeb its real but i dont want to get reposted to some youtuber fagtrons stupid expose video when he uses it for content or meet some shitter thats a twitter user or get screenshotted and reposted on this website

No. 1996963

put me in the screencap

No. 1996969

Nonna, just go outside and make friends irl.

No. 1996988

I live in SF so there are many lulz to be had. Any ideas?

No. 1996999


No. 1997003

yeah a japanese person didn’t write this lmao the grammar is weird and unnatural, sounds like it’s been translated with DeepL, especially the last sentence

No. 1997010

60% fake egirl profiles, guaranteed.

No. 1997021

Okay call me stupid, but how are they weeding out catfishes? I want to make a fake account and tell moids to kill themselves.

No. 1997027

I'll be fucking annoyed if any of these ugly goofy looking cunts post here.

No. 1997029

It's okay nona, I'm surprised
my bait profile hasn't been capped yet so if I'm fine you'll be fine.

No. 1997031

File: 1715295011080.jpeg (443.22 KB, 1242x1577, IMG_3429.jpeg)

There’s a fucking “trans woman” option, why the fuck are these moids trying to bypass it. Actually, don’t answer that. I already know why.

No. 1997032

the amount of troons that want kids is worrying.

No. 1997033

No. 1997038

I made a straight up terf club with an anti-trans club and I haven't been banned yet, I also have a silly meme about feminism being only for women. I honestly don't even want to talk to anyone kek, I just want to see how quickly I could get banned for not supporting trannies.

No. 1997041

WAit wait… this could be based… make him get fucked in the ass on camera, then blackmail him.

No. 1997048

Honestly all of you who unironically post about using this should get a permaban.

No. 1997053

File: 1715296453653.jpeg (783.01 KB, 1242x1472, IMG_3434.jpeg)


No. 1997057

Then why would they mention it kek

No. 1997058

Even without selecting the option, we can tell he's a tranny. Gross.

No. 1997059

Seriously, anyone who is unironically trying to get a match in that shitty site is basically a cow, kek.

No. 1997060

Simple as is the most blokey phrase I hear

No. 1997066

File: 1715297519623.jpg (66.24 KB, 735x981, c50134eeb1aad106f7e0645939763c…)

why are people complaining about racism? its half the point of the app isnt it that it takes after board culture?

all the trans are the exact same i swear to god, they all like horror, some 'girly' hobby and then a bunch of nerd shit. Theyre all the same

No. 1997078

it would be nice to know someone irl that knew the this place and kiwifarms and we could talk about anisa jomhas bpd tomfoolery but at the same time isnt a fucking full on spastic 4chan coomer or terminal twitter tit

No. 1997084

Why do you care so much that others know here. These boards are to discuss topics can't you talk about the same shit to your friends. Omg anon did you see that post earlier kek like imagine saying that irl just post on lolcow and say whatever zany shit you want to your friends and kiwifarms is gay I wouldn't advertise you post there

No. 1997089

This nona would have never gone to a freakshow in the 1800 with me

No. 1997097

I’m just there to observe, maybe talk to a farmer if I see one. I don’t exactly think I’m gonna get my future wife on this fuck ass app

No. 1997099

Wtf is this reply are you the trnny

No. 1997100

So either I finally got banned, or the app is shit and isn't loading at all because too many of us got in there.

No. 1997102

I'm only on it to nonnie hunt, bait moids and spread my knowledge about mushrooms, let me have my fun.

No. 1997103

I haven't been able to get in all day and I put "transphobic" in my profile, idk if these two things are related

No. 1997105

It's currently down at the moment, it does that a lot. You can tell it's over two years old and was made by one person or a small group, and the app is even worse

No. 1997106

Oh my god I’m retarded, I meant to reply to >>1997059 but I misclicked. Sorry for the scare!

No. 1997107

Tbh I also put that I didn't want any post wall (over 25 years old) to text me kek. All I can say is that as long as you put "woman" on your profile, everyone will want to chat with you, I created the account a few hours ago and I had 18 people hoping to text me. Kek.
I didn't reply to anyone though, I didn't even open their chat requests.

No. 1997114

File: 1715299849100.jpg (293.17 KB, 1080x1563, Screenshot_20240510-100814_Chr…)

In the meantime while the server's done, look at this moids whinging in the subreddit

No. 1997116

Instantly knew it was bait from the second I saw Numazu, it's a Love Live thing kek

No. 1997132

Mental illness aside but what can a moid do if he looks like that???

No. 1997136

Isn't the answer obvious?

No. 1997139

Yeah but holy shit, looks like even nature itself wanted him off the planet

No. 1997140

File: 1715301929904.png (11.86 KB, 598x262, 1715299393573516.png)

the dev has started to ban people for being racist, sexist, ect.

No. 1997145

accept that he is a dysgenic freak not meant to breed, and ideally instead of making it womens' problem he could become a monk or hermit. There have always been men with genes not worth passing on. He's already sterilizing himself with the tranny hormones that's a good start

No. 1997147

Hope nonna that made the account posts some texts from guys

No. 1997161

File: 1715302748383.png (135.42 KB, 1282x634, Screenshot 2024-05-09 175839.p…)

No. 1997170

ngl i would alog

No. 1997190

It's a p0lack, what a surprise

No. 1997202

Light would ask for his name right away

No. 1997317

File: 1715306442473.jpeg (152.85 KB, 1242x1500, IMG_3444.jpeg)

My only standards were “be a woman, be a lesbian, have/want kids” and I got this

No. 1997322

File: 1715306666686.jpeg (34.1 KB, 568x617, uwuwuwu.jpeg)

I found EXACTLY who she's looking for!!!! Can't wait to watch in a corner

No. 1997336

No. 1997341

what did they expect from creating a 4chan app that allows /pol/ groups

No. 1997374

File: 1715307724260.png (Spoiler Image,351.48 KB, 299x596, image.png)

shop owners of middle ages themed games

No. 1997380

>facial asymmetry
pick a struggle lmao

No. 1997382

I feel like starting a charity to make over so many of these people. So many bizarre styling choices. Men do not know how to accessorise

No. 1997403

Most of them are inherently ugly so there's not much you can do

No. 1997410

Do trannies under like.. 5'8 exist? its always these tall insecure messes who want to be cute small women

No. 1997425

This is insane. I can't believe this is real. The fact a 4chan dating app exists is so wild to me

No. 1997427

>Banning for racism and sexism
>On the 4chan dating app
What the hell was he even expecting?

No. 1997428

they exist but they're outliers. similarly you rarely see a tall tif, it's almost always the 5ft2 ones. insecurity i guess

No. 1997429

HSTS Thai ladyboys maybe

No. 1997434

he wants to attract investors and realized that having 4chan fags would be bad for that so he wants to turn it into a litty tiktok twitter zoomer hangout

No. 1997513

For a sec I thought this was pan's tranny friend

No. 1997520

I keep adding more and more stuff about hating the average permanently online moid and they keep sending chat requests, I don't even want to open them if you can send pictures because something tells me that they're going to send gore and CP.

No. 1997537

File: 1715315970442.jpg (63.5 KB, 1080x402, Screenshot_20240510-143843_Duo…)

I agree! Just not in the way he thinks

No. 1997538

The embarrassing thing is the e-girls typing like retards, pretending to be "hikkis", LARPing and using pictures of shit they've never played/read probably post on this site and shit the place up.

No. 1997539

I pretty aghast so many claim to be chad-lite in their clubs looking the way they do

No. 1997543

i made a blatantly fake profile and retard moids still fall for it kek

No. 1997546

could be a show like queer eye except call it transphobic glare

No. 1997551

Have to talked to any of them? Can you send pictures?

No. 1997552

I wonder if maybe the moderation is just shit?

No. 1997553

File: 1715317584223.jpg (663.74 KB, 1440x1440, lol.jpg)

No. 1997554

File: 1715317691524.jpg (737.98 KB, 1440x1440, theo 21.jpg)

No. 1997642

>disabled (anxiety, depression)
>never exercises
lol lmao even

No. 1997716

So many of these goofy cunts could vastly improve their outlooks in life if they lost weight and treated their hair as an asset and styled it decently. Like holy fuck. Autism bangs is a term I'm now trademarking. It's the look of greasy unstyled hair stuck to their forehead with grease. Honestly. I am baffled people struggle so much with finding a style that they're comfortable in and suits them. What the fuck is the deal with all the ill fitting suits and things worn wrongly around their necks. Fuck if you're that fucking autistic ill give you a fucking cheat sheet. 3 basic styles. Normie, sporty, alt. Stick to those. You can still be knowledgeable on niche hobbies without wearing a costume holy fuck

No. 1997742

KEK I think I actually got banned because I got logged out and I can't send an email to the alt email I created, it took them like 20 hours, their moderation is absolute shit.

No. 1997750

I've actually talked to this person on discord over a year ago. hard to say if it's a real girl or not but regardless they just seem to want attention

No. 1997757

The ban wave must've been massive. Got banned myself and made a new account, using the same somewhat strict age and location filters i'm seeing like half as many people as I did before.

No. 1997823

File: 1715353020480.png (476.13 KB, 1920x979, shay dms.png)

Shay anon here, I screen capped some messages.

No. 1997825

do you also have ddlg cringe on your profile?

No. 1997828

No, but I had a photo of her in bikini. (I deleted the account)

No. 1997830

>bbw but cute
KEK shaytards were right when they said she needs to make a pivot to bbw content

No. 1997840

No. 1997848

This kind of confirms what anons were tinfoiling about, she definitely can do irl prostitution and that's how she's been keeping herself as fat as she is. But she can't afford weed and booze like usual because those moids must pay like 10 dollars per session or whatever.
Shaynonna, you should try offering shart's service and see how much money she would make, kek.

No. 1997864

I just gotta feel bad for these people. She seems slow and there's so many rancid moids on there who aren't gonna hold anything back kek

No. 1997870

I love the ones that seem to recognize her.

No. 1997884

He’s the most normie passing one I’ve seen on this thread which means he’s definitely an actual serial killer.

No. 1997885

At least she used a My Melody sticker from the Secret Melokuro collection.

No. 1997896

>3 basic styles. Normie, sporty, alt.
Go back retard. Basement dweller seeing the world as ‘-girls’ and casual porn categories. What style is ‘normie’? Lemme guess, ‘sporty’ is for tomboys! Of course you see this cringe and think your opinion of their basic styling is related to their outlooks in life. Genuinely being a part of that app/4chan is the biggest detriment to their lives here. Imagine seeing a sewer of goblins and nitpicking some two humans with bangs.

No. 1997982

This just proves that she should do bbw, wear darker colours and stay away from pedo pandering kek.

No. 1998105

Heard mods started banning people if we were chatting and you got banned for being a terf lol find me in friendfinder

No. 1998170

I am sure that that nonnie was talking about moids and not girls..

No. 1998172

that's a man baybeee

No. 1998180

This one is definitely a tranny lol

No. 1998182

kek im pretty sure this girl ran a discord server and killed a hamster…or something like that

No. 1998186

fix his health and lose weight

No. 1998260

File: 1715376321001.jpeg (84.17 KB, 617x673, IMG_1044.jpeg)

this one made me laugh

No. 1998296

did they ban for terf crimes? funny if so because it's just like going on 4chan kek

No. 1998304

They didn’t ban me but I know that people are getting banned more in general for bigotry (real or imagined)

No. 1998318

wtf is Duolicious? Like Duolingo???

No. 1998320

Nona… did you selfpost because you can't see those x's on other people's profiles…

No. 1998322

File: 1715381928977.jpeg (593.37 KB, 1179x1701, IMG_1048.jpeg)

i got it off Tumblr kek

No. 1998556

File: 1715402005949.png (570.58 KB, 998x811, Screenshot 2024-05-10 194350.p…)

her new account.

No. 1998670

File: 1715416295762.jpg (163.33 KB, 1560x720, fags.jpg)

No. 1998673

File: 1715416497892.jpg (210.23 KB, 985x985, 65473892013282.jpg)

this guy sent me a message about how he's into cross-dressing

No. 1998697

trooning out in 3…2…1…

No. 1998798

KEK nona the 'i could be your fujo material teehee' is 100% an AGP thing

No. 1999245

File: 1715463640740.png (21.92 KB, 893x549, chrome_Qqd65sbNLX.png)

No. 1999263

No. 1999305

Why are all gamer men like this now?! like all of them? the other few play games like madden and call of duty.

No. 1999399

it's the boykisser/cute cat pfp if this person sees this lol i think she was banned

No. 1999411

Need to see this profile in full because I’m now wondering whether that’s my cousin

No. 1999643

File: 1715486838392.png (3.7 MB, 2732x2048, IMG_5672.png)

I have no words for these people. Especially the BPD pickmes. Mega yikes.

No. 1999645

File: 1715486935749.png (190.95 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_20240511-230633.png)

I made a throwaway profile just to see what kinds of moids are on there. I used a picture of a vomiting animatronic and for my description I just used the first page of the SCUM Manifesto. I have been getting messages from so many moids who don't get the joke. Pic related is the longest one

No. 1999647

Kek i could never imagine acting this way anywhere else outside lolcow let alone with my fucking name or face attached.

No. 1999652

File: 1715487443370.jpeg (28 KB, 242x208, IMG_5673.jpeg)

Why do men still think writing nigger everywhere makes them shocking/funny/edgy/special? It’s like when young girls call themselves quirky smol beans but more embarrassing and old.

No. 1999654

>mostly 18-25 year olds
>be nearly 30

is it worth making a profile at all

No. 1999658

Why do all these freaks want to breed.

No. 1999677

If a man hasnt outgrown edgy ifunny humor yet theyre just a lost cause and filter themselves out

No. 1999680

>I used a picture of a vomiting animatronic and for my description I just used the first page of the SCUM Manifesto

This made me laugh so fucking hard nona holy shit

No. 1999686

I wish duolicious was just some sort of "anonymous" chatroom and not a retarded dating app, it would be so funny to be able to just talk to random people, no strings attached, no pictures of your face, but also just no pictures in the chat either, and no retarded boring questions like
It would be a bonus if it was only for women, but I wouldn't mind blocking random moids as long as I could talk to some nonnies or other women.

No. 1999689

It's not worth it within that age range either.

No. 1999732

That would be a completely different type of website then

No. 1999733

Kek report back if you find out

No. 1999735

That already exists and its an extremely retarded idea.

No. 1999790

Lainpilled (anything lain really) = troon

No exceptions

No. 1999811

File: 1715502167878.png (977.75 KB, 1079x2093, 1000000128.png)

Scrotes need to be shitted on more ITT

No. 1999817

File: 1715502390886.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1381, 1000000130.png)

Another one, all these scrotes but 180+ on their profiles KEK

No. 1999818

this one makes me want to a-log

No. 1999838

I can't imagine some girl looking at a guy that has a mickey mouse hairline and forehead big enough to fit another entire face up there and deciding to talk with him.

No. 1999845

>Do not send thirst messages, it really isn't a good look.
??? Does he mean that he received anything like that? Kek sure, what a pure saint though.

No. 1999882

That's how the average moid looks like in Spain unfortunately

No. 1999883

>that magazine
at least they make it easy to weed them out

No. 2000111

File: 1715522918566.png (2.3 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5147.png)

Least glowing account 1/2

No. 2000112

File: 1715522963923.png (1.07 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5148.png)


No. 2000137

File: 1715523739625.jpeg (43.63 KB, 253x380, IMG_3183.jpeg)

>planning to be a psychiatrist
wow wonder if it'll play out like this movie

No. 2000153

Kek this is so funny to me, i wonder why they used AI? Do they think it's more ethical and normal than using other kind of pictures? Love how North Korean the second image looks.

No. 2000239

This obviously is some scrote's bait account lol, even the bio was clearly written using AI

No. 2000241

tried to put his face through the free version of pimeyes and got a gamespot article, though I couldn't access it because it's not free

No. 2000310

KEK What did he reply with

No. 2000431

they think its still as edgy as it was 25 years ago to say nigger online even though its just boring at this point. just the modern day fedora tipper.

No. 2000437

Where do you think you're writing this? kekkk

No. 2000456

He looks like he's from Spain reading one of those "parody" magazines, not the worst offending moid imo.

No. 2000505

File: 1715541301474.png (416.85 KB, 534x871, atleastheknows.png)

Whew, must be wonderful to have a big enough ego you feel comfortable acting this desperate & using shitty pedocoomer isekai memes next to a pic of your own face

No. 2000562

He looks like a manager at a fast food chain

No. 2000569

He looks like mizkif.

No. 2000581

god i hate that pedo tensei show so much,´, hopefully it dies soon so i dont have to see pedoeus face anymore

No. 2000662

My biggest issue with this show beyond the scrotery/pedoslop is that it expects me to sympathize with a fat male, yeah no thanks

No. 2000753

He’s kinda cute in a loser nerd way but I bet anything that he has ED. they have all become ruined by shitty anime porn tropes and they do it to themselves

No. 2000759

His beard looks like a poop stain

No. 2000788

File: 1715559803055.jpg (1.28 MB, 2047x2730, 1658325364950594.jpg)

All the user profiles have been leaked lmfao you can search by gender, tags and location


48 THOUSAND MEN and nearly DOUBLE the amount of People of Gender compared to women. And of that count of women, a proportion of that would be trans women posing as true and honest women, skewing the actual numbers

No. 2000790

File: 1715560011087.jpg (206.92 KB, 1080x1457, 1000024236.jpg)

Lmao this is too funny.

No. 2000795

Holy smokes no wonder it was so sparse when I set my filters to women only

No. 2000796

My catfish account ended up there kek

No. 2000801

I genuinely thought there would be more women for all that catfishing and trolling reposting because i forgot you mentioned the trannies posing as women somehow

No. 2000803

Also it looks like my fake acc didn't make the list kek

No. 2000805

File: 1715562310927.jpg (1.08 MB, 4112x2656, 1000024247.jpg)

How shitty, my account got banned and didn't appear, also, it's kind of funny how my country doesn't have any women registered KEK.

No. 2000845

nonbinary sebastian might be a woman considering how popular that name is among TIFs. but that's it

No. 2000857

File: 1715566954475.png (Spoiler Image,76.26 KB, 723x726, datatdata.png)

So, I put this data in Excel and I found out some things.
>Women, including TIFs, make up 6% of the Duolicious userbase.
>Men, Including TIMs, make up 85.6% of the Duolicious userbase.
>TIFs make up 0.5% of the Duolicious userbase.
>TIMs make up 3.1% of the Duolicious userbase.
>Trans (Including TIMs, TIFs, and Undefined) make up 0.04% of the Duolicious userbase.
>Users who identify without non-sex descriptors, like Other, make up 8.1%% of the Duolicious userbase. Excluding Trans indiduals from that makes it a 0.05% make up of the Duolicious userbase.
>Excluding undefined sex identifiers such as nonbinary, transgender, other, intersex and agender and including the respective sex of trans. Exactly 93.5% of the userbase of Duolicious are men and 6.5% of the userbase are women.

No. 2000861

Funny how it got memed into being a femcel dating app while women are probably less than 6%

No. 2000892

No. 2000912

This site is pure mental illness. I looked around and actually found real women there. How fucked in the head you need to be to try to find a date there? I personally just was there for keks. Didn't even messaged scrotes, just looking at their profiles was enough to know that it's good that they will never breed. Of course, my favorite subtype is a trad dude who wants to find his trad waifu there. The best he can score is a mentally ill teenager who I'd going through her "fuck you dad" phase.

No. 2000929

File: 1715573596488.png (1.7 MB, 1876x880, catdating.png)

I don't know about military but a weird moid i found was one that either looked like he took pictures in the army, or that he roleplayed that he was in the army in his own home. He had the typical light military clothes, and he was always kinda posing with some weapons in a cold-looking room kek. Pic unrelated.

No. 2000954

So is it not worth it to make a fake profile with your real picture anymore? I kinda wanted to bait on purpose kek I was just extremely curious

No. 2000955

Is it because of kuroshitsuji? Kek. Sebastian is a pretty common latino name and >>2000805 looks like they're hispanic themselves

No. 2000970

File: 1715577556565.png (217.75 KB, 720x1411, IMG_20240512_231801.png)

Most users in my country are male as well KEK

No. 2000989

saw a moid i met on a discord server and i wasnt surprised but also i didn't expect it kek

No. 2001068

File: 1715588689307.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1999, 1000000155.png)

If you click on the woman profiles in the top section it's all porn, catfishes, and trannies using shitty Ms paint pinterest memes thinking they're different when it's 90% of them. There are very very very few real ones which I just pity for putting their selfies out there. Jfc it's entertaining; though I'm scared to go on the trans woman section.

No. 2001119

Browsing the profiles is so interesting, like a morbid curiosity. I can already tell I’m going to be doing this for the next hour

This woman needs to RUN from there. Only person I feel bad for.

No. 2001136

File: 1715597983178.jpeg (742.6 KB, 1170x1965, IMG_2463.jpeg)

The only account from my city is a Saxton
Hale roleplay account. https://duoleak.acid.im/other/285

No. 2001149

I kinda considered making a profile to find "friends" since an anon upthread said she found decent art buddies in her country, but seeing all these degenerates and the male to female ratio stopped me from doing it.

nvm I want to be friends with her

No. 2001154

Well I guess my fun is over now, I'm totally banned from making new users

No. 2001159

You can't use a VPN?

No. 2001167

File: 1715601008811.png (Spoiler Image,721.84 KB, 600x1166, average male duolicious user.p…)

Average male duolicious user, spoilered for gross moid bulge
who are they even trying to attract by posting this

No. 2001187

File: 1715602862755.jpg (780.49 KB, 904x2316, 1000007733.jpg)

Average lolcow moid lurker. Fuck off george

No. 2001220

Ew wtf is this creature
>exercise: sometimes
Stop lying

No. 2001223

Not even a nice bulge barely fucking noticed it he better be interested in small cock humiliation

No. 2001271

lol such a simple comment, but this made me laugh.

No. 2001282

His hair is longer than his dick

No. 2001376

File: 1715616006216.png (3.09 MB, 2792x2600, Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 11-56…)

ive been digging thru the leaks and ive noticed alot of just straight. up feds lmao

No. 2001415

I can’t believe men has such a lack of shame that they make coom and porn their personality kek

No. 2001444

Kek thankfully I used throwaway mail.

Why would you use your real photos. It's hard to reverse search images on app just use anything.

No. 2001473

damn, I deleted photos of myself before this leak happened. I got lucky. I checked.

No. 2001514

File: 1715624610469.png (359.09 KB, 708x1195, upload_2024_05_13_15_23_00_367…)

Average tranny lurker

No. 2001516

File: 1715624666399.png (438.83 KB, 716x1163, upload_2024_05_13_15_24_17_940…)

And average aiden lurker.

No. 2001517

File: 1715624808772.png (203.22 KB, 719x911, upload_2024_05_13_15_25_36_445…)

Just lmao. If at any time you feel tempted to respond bait in /ot/, just remember that is very likely that you're talking to this creature.

No. 2001557

is the app being weird for anyone else? the app won't even open now, it wanted me to update it but there is no update option on the app store so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it still won't open to the login page

No. 2001560

Supposedly it's down for maintenance because of the leak

No. 2001592

luckily these types of insufferable retards get banned quickly because they don't bother trying to integrate and end up using emojis or making it clear they don't belong here, some of them post and lurk in the friend finder thread here unfortunately but it's always obvious when you come across one
>wants kids
>already in his 30s
>looks like a bloated corpse
>very obviously mentally ill
why is it always the most delusional ugly moids that want kids

No. 2001631

File: 1715633232104.jpg (677.33 KB, 1080x2400, 1000045759.jpg)

this is one of my most favorite ones that I've found

No. 2001634

File: 1715633255192.jpg (550.64 KB, 1080x2400, 1000045767.jpg)

another favorite

No. 2001805

Why are the lurkers Gemini or cancer and why are those particular star signs the ones I have strong hateful feelings for.

No. 2001860

>why female users tend to be much more liberal than man is a mystery
Wow, what a mystery indeed

No. 2001882

Gemini and cancer are average summerfags

No. 2001905

Posts like this make me insecure and are the reason why i might think to add my zodiac sign without being into astrology sometimes

No. 2002010

Average Gemini response

No. 2002027

you said pic unrelated but is that his profile? if it is i think i know him kek

No. 2002032

Does that mean that i'm a bad aquarius
Also i'm pretty sure that a moid i knew lurked here and he was a gemini too if that helps
Nah, it was some other moid, i was just browsing northern europe users but if you're still curious i'll try to find him again

No. 2002045

there's only a few pages of women on the website so i started looking through them all. a lot of straight up men. not even trannies attempting but just dudes who used the female tag.

might as well

No. 2002086

Found it, my bad i forgot he was swiss, which would make a tiny bit more sense for the weapons but i think he's just some schizo turning his house into a refrigerator

No. 2002088

this is for sure just a schizo

No. 2002095

Is it just me or i can't see anyone's messages anymore? Damn i wanted to share a moid that said that he thinks i look asian because of my hands. Hopefully he was just trying to blindly fish for an asian waifu.

No. 2002203

File: 1715671005206.jpg (227.27 KB, 1000x1333, 1000002448.jpg)

i don't know what to think

No. 2002230

>Not a guy
The male skeleton is visible through that flesh suit and autism

No. 2002231

That's his service rifle. All moids are given one if they do military service. It's mandatory, but they can do a public service or pay a tax if they want. Until recently, they were supposed to keep their service rifle at home, but now they can give it to the army, but most moids still keep it. That's why Switzerland has so many guns per person. Luckily, it's illegal to keep ammunition at home, but some people still get killed, mostly by suicide or feminicide. If I knew him, I would totally report him.

No. 2002233

Weeb equivalent of a fursuit

No. 2002245

This is so disrespectful this is like if a furry were to skin an animal and duct tape the hide to their body. These fetishists are less weebs than they are lolicons and or sissy fetishists

No. 2002400

Shit I got lucky I deleted my profile 3 weeks ago. Shit seemed fedpilled

No. 2002409

oh shit forgot to delete my account fuck

No. 2002417

You'll be fine if you didn't add much personal information don't worry

No. 2002419

yeah i thank god i posted with a fake name

No. 2002604

this sucks ass so bad, this off topic but I loved Lain and wish Troons hadn't taken her.

No. 2002638

this is what happens when youre raised on the internet and only spend time around nothing but disgusting moids online

No. 2002685

File: 1715713405954.jpeg (80.4 KB, 1080x720, IMG_421.jpeg)


Never thought I’d see myself posted on here. Hell of a thing to stumble upon while laughing at a thread.

I’ve deleted my account since, it is way too overwhelming and full of freaks. I won’t lie it was actually an ok site prior to the wider internet finding out about it. My experience just further proves to me how porn sick every moid is. I’m not sure they are worth saving. The last few days the site descended even further into normie perversion, with messages from blank accounts called “daddy” and the like.

Anyway blogpost over. Thank you both for your concern. Sucks my stuff is archived but thankfully nothing incriminating(global rule #4)

No. 2002765

File: 1715717886770.png (Spoiler Image,397.62 KB, 586x616, image.png)

How are these moids real?

I don't know what it was like before it got popular but i'm sorry nonnie, i hope you get to feel a bit better in your life. Your hiking photos look really cute, wish i could go to places like that too. I doubt you'd have to be concerned about that stuff being archivied, it's pretty innocent.

No. 2002783

File: 1715718751427.png (98.78 KB, 613x627, pvvvoo.png)

This girl shows up as one of my highest matches, very clearly underaged, probably a larper. Here's her bio and some cliffnotes
>Yosuga no sora is an incest vn and anime where the mc fucks his little sister
>Black souls is a scrote game where the synopsis is essentially about a schizo raping lolis
>Dohna dohna is a vn made by the rance company about prostituting young girls, a good handful of are lolis where they get raped and brutalized in various ways
>Moege are essentially dating sims where you usually date underage looking animu girls
>Teaching feeling is a slavery fetish scrote game featuring a you guessed it, loli heroine
>Misono mika is a blue archive character, self explanatory
>Monogatari fan, also pretty self explanatory

>Why do you know this

I used to hang out in the same spaces before i grew a pair of ovaries

No. 2002789

At least we still have Haibane Renmei. If they try to take over it I'm gonna be so pissed off.

No. 2002810

Horrifying. I really don't understand the kind of pickemeism where women pretend to or straight up just sexualize violence against women and children. Does she not realize that men who enjoy that are unsafe? What kind of conversations does she expect to have with this kind of men? How far would she go to prove herself for a man like this? Would she legit hurt women if a moid asked her to?

No. 2002843

God its like a schizophrenic hobo on crack stringing together sentences. Im hobo wordvomit pilled

No. 2002849

I made a profile yesterday to look at the fauna, rage-bait-inducing, lefty, feminist, and openly hating men. But the quiz weeded out all the unhinged moids. I only found self-pitying men speaking about their cats and video games. They were all lefty, respectful and boring.

No. 2002865

They cry about how they cant get sex when they treat people theyve never met before like a blow up doll like a bunch of shitters. Im sorry about your experiences

No. 2002897

I've seen some troons with Haibane Renmei avatars and posts because they love showing others how deep and sophisticated they can be. Shallow moids.

No. 2002899

Kek nona I wish we were friends, it's so hard to find other women who grew up in scrote spaces but managed to escape
Anyway that girl can't be older than 16-18 max, that's extremely bleak

No. 2002992

File: 1715729121642.gif (2.52 MB, 540x304, 24d.gif)

This feels AI generated
she feels AI generated

No. 2003137

there was only a few pages of women so i went through them all. so many underage girls, the youngest i saw claimed to be 14. some were literally straight men who wanted to invade spaces, as usual. there were a small handful of women who i would love to talk to and be friends with but i don't trust the app with my data enough to risk it. crazy to see literal men using the "woman" gender to just get more matches. the younger girls being obsessed with self harm, manipulation, and sex was so depressing. someone save these kids.

nona you were one of the few i genuinely thought would be great conversation. i'm not smart enough to be your friend but you seen way too good for that app. wishing you the best

No. 2003173

It would be really funny if someone found my profile after I become relevant lolz

No. 2003177

I wish i could browse the female users there better too to see if there's anyone i'd get along but not even my profile is there and yeah, if i'd see underage users maybe i'd try to report them? When i was a kid i was pretty stupid too, can't imagine how many parents take care of their children these days.
what the FUCK does "lolz" mean?????

No. 2003238

File: 1715749106818.png (30.37 KB, 799x418, scrote denies being a furfag.p…)

Holy fuck this cope

No. 2003250

No. 2003255

I don't think I've seen even furries find sanrio characters attractive.

No. 2003258

Please help nonnas who somewhat understand IT. unfortunately i talked to the first two moids, then ignored the next 80 that contacted me. Now I saw a pfp that looked handsome from what I could see and his profile turned out to be kinda identical to mine. The same summary apart from location, birth sign and height, similar „about me“ text. then 98% compatibility/similarity according to 400+ questions. he messaged me a question related to my profile that one needs to think about for a while in the same writing style as I always use (nothing too unique but still). apparently he‘s also tall.

It‘s suspicious but a catfish targeting me wouldn‘t make sense, I don‘t have a picture of myself and i‘m hiding my fake age (i can see he is exactly my real age though), location and so on. i only mentioned a few interests and opinions. it wouldn‘t be worth the effort for a real person.

so does anyone know if it’s theoretically possible that some kind of mirroring bots exist with stolen, realistic pictures that don‘t appear catfishy? i mean the app would have a good reason to try and keep women there. what would be the best question that works like a captcha for really smart bots?

No. 2003259

>and also being woke
so those edgy nazi furries from years ago don't count apparently kek

No. 2003275

File: 1715752698381.jpeg (714.6 KB, 1122x470, IMG_0136.jpeg)

Am I retarded?

No. 2003278

did this guy have my melody plastered on his profile? specifically the same image multiple times.

No. 2003279

use the 7 minute one then half of the 4 min one?

No. 2003282

nope but did you experience something similar?

No. 2003288

this is genuinely the worst part of the website; the shitty questionnaire that reads like it's written by some retarded millenial redditor

No. 2003298

Use the 4 and 7 at the same time to get a 3, repeat 3 times: 9

But agree, the yes no is retarded most of the time I might change my mind throughout the day.

No. 2003300

I wouldn’t worry to much about a bot specifically designed to mimic you. I’d say it is just a coincidence and you are over analysing. I’m sure it could still be a catfish or like a guy who is 5 foot nothing, but I wouldn’t have it put me off sending a few messages to feel them out. I’d go for it.
I had people tell me they purposefully sought me out because my profile was shown on some Twitter account or something - none of them ever went to any efforts to answer 40 questions let alone 400. You should be good.

Thank you! I think there were 3,000 users when I joined. Basically 3 weeks or so prior to the popularity spike. It was basically just a small community where people had to put actual effort into their conversation. Strictly likeminded people were more likely to reach out to you rather than the scattershot “message everyone bullshit and see what sticks” approach that everyone has taken now. I had some ok conversations with some men, but nothing ever took off - decisions on my part mainly, I am unfortunrately very temperamental when it comes to that sort of thing.

You are very kind but that is absolutely not the case. It’s a shame there is no easy way to chat, it would be nice to have a normal conversation after the past week of moids

No. 2003339

This is pretty much a "you're dumb, gotcha" kind of question to prove someone's smartness in the smuggest way possible even though nobody who seriously uses this app knows how to wash their ass. This question is basically meaningless

No. 2003346

that was a thought but how could it show you the exact time if the hour glass doesn‘t get really empty ? maybe I‘m imagining it wrong or im taking this too literally.

why would you do it like that kek

No. 2003354

Read When They Cry and stop being so bitter.

No. 2003356

As if your lolislop game made by a pedo scrote isn’t a loneliness coping game as well, retarded pickme

No. 2003359

File: 1715761043596.jpg (23.64 KB, 374x244, ea01b54efa20a1d8715d60f76ce17d…)

k i had no idea what the fuck this was but checking it out. has anyone even had any success?

No. 2003360

File: 1715761082712.png (896.23 KB, 2534x937, Screenshot 2024-05-15 101406.p…)

For a dating app catered towards "non-normies" there sure are a shit ton of people with exactly the same dull, boring interests. At this point it's truly better to interact with normalfags exclusively. Anyway, looked up people from my country and it's looking so bleak, it's all gross moids, trannies and like three pickmes. There truly is no hope for Serbia nonnas

No. 2003361

success with what exactly..?

No. 2003362

>the same dull, boring interests
this feels like every dating app/site. just the same old bland bullshit because everyone's actually afraid to state what they really like and their actual hobbies. and the interesting people always flake on you.

No. 2003364

making friends or dating, isn't that what the site is for?

No. 2003368

video games, anime, cats, porn. am i missing something?

sorry nonna but you‘re from serbia, how did you expect anything else? serbian men are like the second or third worst moids in europe.

No. 2003371

Is that him in the glasses? Because he's the opposite of "aryan"

No. 2003375

Nayrt but I think you pour the sand out of the 4 minute one completely, then pour the sand from the 7 minute one into the 4 minute one until it is full, meaning you have 3 minutes of sand left in the 7 minute one. At which point you measure 9 minutes by turning it 3 times.

No. 2003378

File: 1715762176207.jpeg (469.78 KB, 2052x1049, IMG_0138.jpeg)

i‘m not retarded

No. 2003396

Fun police has arrived…

No. 2003399

>a brown eyed, brown haired, olive skinned femboy

Hitler would have gotten this dude killed

No. 2003400

File: 1715762968616.jpeg (15.86 KB, 307x295, 1715292320838f.jpeg)

When They Cry, both Higurashi and Umineko, are true, artistic and deep kino. Your bitterness will only make you miss out on great quality content and what many would consider the biggest classics in visual novel culture.

No. 2003402

God who gives a shit, go talk about it on /m/

No. 2003404

>siding with pooners

No. 2003405

File: 1715763353972.jpg (7.09 KB, 184x184, 1000003636.jpg)

Nordic as fuck. Prussian german genetics.

No. 2003406

Did moids find this thread? Feels like they're lurking here too.

No. 2003410

>using the term pooner
Self hating or man

No. 2003412

It's always white people with the darkest features who become ws

No. 2003414

Yeah, I kinda noticed there's been an influx of strange posts

No. 2003415

Sanefag, this thread was posted on kiwifarms so maybe that's it

No. 2003419

I think that when women inject testosterone they need to be woken up from their delusion, not encouraged.

No. 2003420

nta but she wasnt encouraging her, just feeling sympathy like a normal person

No. 2003423

given >>2001187 it's pretty much guaranteed

No. 2003426

If you can see dingleberries in the top of the bush immediately there is a problem

No. 2003429

>feeling sympathy for cows
Just admit you pin steroids cause you hate yourself already.

No. 2003436

Nta but you need to relax and accept that other people actually feel a spectrum of human emotion including compassion

No. 2003440

I can't wait for the day i'll finally stop giggling about this stupid meme

No. 2003442

You're saying his ancestry is a meme? It's a joke to you?

No. 2003443

there is truly no fucking hope for balkan moids anymore never has been tbh

No. 2003474

File: 1715768539982.jpg (18.02 KB, 460x199, 20231002_144310.jpg)

>chock-full of twitter and tiktokfags who've never even opened 4chan
and also
>This feels AI generated she feels AI generated
It's either trolls, twitter/tiktokfags who never went on 4chan but they want to seem "Edgy" or something, AI or LARPers.
I fucking refuse to believe some of those bios aren't jokes
Also thanks nonna for making this thread, let's get the lulz flowing

No. 2003478

File: 1715769065672.jpeg (384.24 KB, 1459x1346, IMG_0145.jpeg)

how do you know if they are being ironic or not? they can‘t afford trolling around if they want to get a single response from a woman

No. 2003485

It's not trolling, it's an expression of rage. Even if they try to find a woman, they can't control their emotions and they need to express their bitterness. I thank god for not being born male and having my brain functioning like that.

No. 2003501

me too anon, every moid I saw got this question wrong and it was driving me nuts

No. 2003532

File: 1715773695814.png (612.08 KB, 933x650, ayylmao.png)

Okay so let me get this straight… This dating site was foremostly made only for 4channers (/soc/ exists though so why would this shit be needed but whatever..) Then, it got advertised/popular with the "outside/normie" internet (like Twitter) and then it got flooded by normies, e-thots, twitterfags, tiktokfags and other similar creatures who never used 4chan/imageboards/forums in their entire life, some of them even making 4chan their whole personality (even though they're not regular users of it/never used it)
So it became normalfag central (with some trolls sprinkled in to make fun of them and idiots who use their actual faces for their profiles, although I bet there are lots who catfish, but still lots of retards with their real faces on there. cybersecurity 101 everyone….)
Did I get it right?

No. 2003540

Yes. I would add two things:

1. The dev wants the app to get popular and is actively advertising it outside 4chan.

2. All user data has been scraped by a publicly funded European study and will now live forever in the internet, so the people who used their IRL pictures are screwed.

No. 2003559

For all talk of glowies i can't believe channers were that easy to get personal info from kek this app was definitely made by the feds to farm some data the only people I feel bad for is the actual lolcow girlie's who were retarded enough to post their actual pictures

No. 2003614

I think it can still get worse. It seems the site security is really bad, and the code is open source so anyone can look at it, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone found a vulnerability and hacked the site to expose all private DMs, which are likely to contain insane conversations along with social media handles.

No. 2003618

I signed up just to see what it’s like and it’s made me so depressed. I have never used dating apps so maybe it’s not comparable but wow. These men suck. How do women find anyone in these things?

No. 2003628

Stupid question: If someone sends me a link, not to a fake site but youtube or something. does that have any risk? i heard something like that from a nerd long ago but no clue if there is any truth to it

No. 2003632

I don't think so, DMs are text-only so the link is just what you see, just make sure it's not a weird site.

No. 2003678

I’m so intrigued by the 1000+ question questionnaire… That alone probably draws in autists. Are they safe generic questions or do they match up to the sites intended audience?

No. 2003706

Don't open it please
I don't think it means anything, most people in there are retarded moids anyway

No. 2003708

Yep, it makes sense with the posts above.

No. 2003713

Whoever has that meme in their profile is probably retarded and deformed as fuck

No. 2003745

>I wouldn't be surprised if someone found a vulnerability and hacked the site to expose all private DMs, which are likely to contain insane conversations along with social media handles.


No. 2003893

File: 1715787810226.png (1.76 MB, 997x857, pov you solved it.png)

no idea why(probably autism), but i remembered this thread on the bus and decided to think about that retarded puzzle to pass the time
lets call the 7mins one A and the 4mins B.
1- flip both A and B, when B finishes, you now have 3 mins still in A. immediately flip B [4 minutes elapsed]
2- when A finishes, there is a 1 minute remaining in B. immediately flip A [7 minutes elapsed]
3- when the 1 minute in B is done, there is now 1 minute at the bottom of A, now flip A to have the 1 minute on top [8 minutes elapsed]
4- now lay back and enjoy the sight of beautiful sand amounting to a minute trickling down to completion in A [9 minutes]

No. 2003911

No. 2003939

I fucking hate this how many buzzwords do you need. Just out and say it you're lazy and mean. Since when is kpop degenerate

No. 2004069

Kek i love your retard edit nonnie.
I'm too sleepy and never owned hourglasses to contribute to anything here.

No. 2004231

>All user data has been scraped by a publicly funded European study
Good luck using troll data

No. 2004259

They all are literally the same person, not even funny how similar they are.
>At this point it's truly better to interact with normalfags exclusively.
Yeah, that’s the obvious. “Normalfg” in this case would be a somewhat interesting person and not a copypaste npc.
Besides, 4cucks are curiously open about their retardations, aggressiveness and even misogyny (which, one would think, is counterintuitive on a dating site, but what do I know) Genuinely, what are they even expecting? I guess there always is a nlog or two, but kekkk

No. 2004297

Chapter 2 of Trash Omega.

No. 2004602

File: 1715810516484.jpeg (468.06 KB, 2360x1552, IMG_0154.jpeg)

i wonder if he had any success

No. 2004605


I havent watched it because it looks lame but this guys calling it the femcel dating app which is dumb because theres 50 thousand men to like 3000 women at most and its just derogatory to call women trying to connect with people in the imageboard sphere as basically incels? Theres a level of sensationalism here thats annoying to hear about(learn2embed at lolcow.farm/info)

No. 2004629

TurkeyTom / TomDark / Whatever is just some edgelord, don’t get too hung up on the shit he says

No. 2004640

There's quite a few scrotes in the comments quoting the results of the data scrubbing and some even complaining about Lain being labelled as a femcel. Tom was far too late to the party to be sensationalising this site when most people who would care about such a site already know the truth. He is fucking retarded.

No. 2004712

from one attention whore to another you’ll probably never be relevant enough for anyone to give a shit

No. 2004738

I watch his videos sometimes but he's far from someone whose words you should take to heart. He primarily caters to those who got into lolcows during quarantine via tiktok. Any girl with bangs who also happens to know about 4ch = based and lainpilled bpd femcel-larping schizomaxxxing angel. OT a bit, but I kekd when I saw other farms doxx him. He's cow-ish himself.

No. 2005175

File: 1715863661398.jpeg (Spoiler Image,781.04 KB, 1170x1675, IMG_0352.jpeg)

nonas I’ve been entertaining myself going through the leaked profiles of men and found one man so acutely cringe I’ve been unable to read the whole way through without wincing and thrashing around like an animal in pain. These pathetic men really exist. Spoilered as a warning.

No. 2005402

he's not that bad lol. a little reddit sure but seems sincere and nice. could do with losing weight though

No. 2005419

File: 1715878084535.jpeg (78.29 KB, 640x639, 856876FE-30CA-43EE-8D9C-E50A53…)

>post wall
>”hes not that bad lol!”

No. 2005420

>He seems sincere and nice
I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire. Being 'Miss Charity Pussy' won't get you anywhere.

No. 2005423

kek last night me and my friend got on a discord call and shared the most pathetic profiles we could find on the leaked website, it was truly insane how fucking overconfident a lot of these men are. also, why are there so many germans on there

No. 2005427

Aren't Germans popular for being degenerates?

No. 2005439

Literally the number 1 stereotype I know of regarding them

No. 2005441

nonnie are you joking? he's 31 and looks 55

No. 2005448

Very funny how if you go through a bunch of profiles you notice the average male age on Duolicious is closer to 30 while the average female age is way closer to 18, yet everyone is equally cringy

the overly formal asperger syndrome speech stays on during sex

No. 2005451

I don't get how they won't even bother losing weight before asking women to have their babies. I pray that no woman touches him even with a 10 ft pole.

No. 2005564

That's what the average 3/10 28+ year old guy looks like in germany.
There are thousands of these.

No. 2005577

Is it true that the US puts more emphasis on men's looks? Like are they likelier to work out and tan? But american males also call euros fags for not wearing sweatpants to dates.

No. 2005624

He's a nipplecel. They're too front facing. Like the windshield-eyes of the "Cars" franchise characters. A man's nipples are meant to be far apart. Like the lazy eyes of a shy autist. SMH

No. 2005628

>Is it true that the US puts more emphasis on men's looks?

No. 2005700

File: 1715893874510.png (789.46 KB, 612x722, average_lit_moid.PNG)

samefag, found this absolute gem too

No. 2005846

“lol” stand for “laughing out loud”….

No. 2005861

Moids with paintings are worse than the ones with coomer memes to me.
>Tradcat, "only into white or asian girls"
Ugly pretentious american spotted.
I was being sarcastic because that anon sounded cringe and putting a Z at the end of it is double cringe. Unironically i've only seen larping moids and 14 year olds using it.

No. 2006280

he's a retard don't listen to him

No. 2006289

File: 1715946112562.png (8.54 KB, 617x51, duo.png)

Someone i saw that had the same pfp had a bio that basically just said that he was trying to live a normal life but then this part was kind of weird kek, why did he precise these things? Is he going to hunt down someone and eat them?

No. 2006586

Oh NO. That typing style….the mention of his cat and siege….the place this is being typed…..this might be my ex from high school

No. 2006940

File: 1715981796444.png (Spoiler Image,229.66 KB, 371x359, EWWWWW.png)

A moid with this physique hit me up, i am disgusted

No. 2006981

nonna have you not seen all the fat guys on there? i mean this is not a chad but it‘s weirder to me why he would show this off kek

No. 2006989

Oh i've had several fatties message me on there, let me find pics of the worst ones

No. 2007216

lulz/lolz are an old school 4chan thing that has fallen out of popularity when not used ironically

No. 2007384

>old school 4chan thing
are you underage or something because people said it and other now insanely dated lingo on youtube, newgrounds, tumblr, facebook, reddit, any social media ever, fucking neopets, etc, up until the mid 2010s. it's not an old school 4chan thing, jfc, it's just stupid dated speak like "muh heckin pupperino doggo" bullshit millenials love spewing that used to be popular too

No. 2007532

lurk more and go drink some milk, retard.

No. 2007536

why am I tempted

No. 2008046

you're actually more retarded and underage than me if you believe that lulz/lolz has 0 connection to old school chan culture. can you please go read some encyclopedia dramatica articles so you can at least pretend to know what you're talking about?

No. 2008162

can someone explain why i only see the same 30 dudes on my search page? i changed locations, distance, clubs, removed answers and almost have no filters. yet I seeing the same guys, maybe 3-4 profiles changed since yesterday and „no more matches to show“, no matter what i do.

is this any different for others? this sucks

No. 2008189

Go read about your old school chan culture some more also no one gives a shit about your profile, you won't become popular here for passing as a schizolainbjorkpilled neet or whatever.
I was bored and went to answer more questions, i feel like that gave more restrictions to who i'm able to see and now they are all boring kek, but i still get intros from random users.

No. 2008233

that‘s why i removed almost all my answers. 40k men and only 30 profiles i can see. guess they don‘t want any women to stay on that app.

No. 2008239

turkeytom defended the moid who killed bianca devin. I hope he kills himself.

No. 2008258

damn hope his dick rots off

No. 2008657

> have a manga panel in my profile because i like the series and its funny
> say i am into manga
> a third of my messages are men letting me know what manga the panel is from and how i should read it

glad some things don't change i guess

No. 2008689

Kek i had tons of moids complain that my "top 10" list of bad moid traits is not 10, sometimes i ask them to count it themselves and sometimes they precise it unprompted, unsurprisingly retarded.

No. 2008712

File: 1716087094397.png (564.05 KB, 747x907, 30-Year-Old Dirleboomer.PNG)

>pol users

No. 2008726

He must think that simply not being obese is a flex, like >>2006289 mentions having straight teeth and perfect vision. what the fuck are these moids thinking about.

No. 2008754

you're trying to act like an "oldfag" while unironically replying to idiots actually trying to find a mate on this godforsaken site which no actual old school chan user would think has any legitimacy. stop trying to be everything at once you dumbass zoomie.

No. 2008776

File: 1716093131294.jpg (8.71 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Yeah i'm an older zoomer and still used "lolz" on netlog, won't you calm down now and show something interesting other than just whine about senseless things you don't know? I'm begging you to show some actual contribution kek, why do you still keep going with this retarded old school chan culture discussion.

No. 2008787

>older zoomer
opinion discarded, you can't imagine a world where you aren't constantly being entertained by every tiny bit of sensory input you receive

No. 2008794

so you're nearing 30 and you still posted picrel

No. 2008799

>How dare you blaspheme muh sacred old school 4chan slang that was divinely revealed by God himself
Go to bed

No. 2008806

What do you want out of this conversation besides continuously embarrassing yourself? You and your cohort posting the gross men you're attempting to court with isn't exactly content LULZ

No. 2008808

I don't use this retarded app I just came here to laugh at your autism

No. 2008812

Cool because everyone is also laughing at yours!

No. 2008813

i'm devastated nona, can't wait to find your epic profile and start lolling with you as we e-date until someone finds out how to leak all of our messages and eventually we have to run away together and live off prank youtube videoz see you when you post something very funny ecsdee tho
you have autsim

No. 2008816

>you have autism because i am an adult woman posting this
nigga please

No. 2008822

I'm married and in a different timezone from you but go off queen ily!

No. 2008826

would all of you faggots just stfu and start tribbing already

No. 2008833

You unironically think i keep death note yaoi pictures from 1970 saved on my computer, not my issue
Would your husband or wife propose such a beautiful life at 5 am like i did? Catch me there if you change your idea

Sorry i promise that this is my last reply even tho i will be forever alone now…(infighting)

No. 2008839

I will genuinely keep you in mind if this marriage doesn't work out.(infighting)

No. 2008949

Kekking at that picture

No. 2009313

>younger zoomy calling older zoomy cringe, while ignoring the actual raging 40 year old right above her

No. 2009329

This 40 year old is also aiming to be a sensation on that god forsaken site while being married apparently, using drag queen terms too even. Truly a gem of this decade.

No. 2010381

Kek I got banned, maybe it's because I said no trannies in my profile?

No. 2010383

Might be because someone reported you, i have something similar but didn't get banned yet

No. 2026434

File: 1716998130883.png (50.77 KB, 720x882, IMG_20240529_095106.png)

Very interesting how this thread is basically at the moment 21 days old and search engines already push it all the way at the top of search suggestions

No. 2026866

Wtf. I made this thread and had a tinfoil that it attracted weird users, maybe I was right

No. 2038667

ofc he's catalan.

No. 2045024

anyone have a backup of the leak? this one is down

No. 2050273

Just click on "archived copy"

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