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File: 1503671230859.jpg (135.69 KB, 620x311, Blot_5-21_Jenner2.jpg)

No. 203215

What do you think of trans women? Do you think they try too hard to be "authentic"? I've heard of trans ladies hating and treating naturally born women terribly, I can't say for myself since I personally do not know any trans women. From what I've seen through the trans Youtubers the MTW seem very caricature like. They go overboard with the personality, voice and surgery. Just cause you act hella bitchy doesn't make you "more of a woman".

No. 203224

This can probably go into >>186179

But to answer your question. Science shows trans people are delusional, that there's no way for the brain to realize something -should- be there that you weren't born with( the dysphoria is a mental issue, and 'gender' as in society is a learned behavior. Of course they just parrot what they see in the media.

No. 203226

>Trans women admitting they have a mental disorder that needs to be treated, that know that, even with the most successful surgeries, can't still be women but feel comfortable presenting that way

>Trans women screaming they're real women, that they want to be women only because they don't "feel" masculine (read as = don't like their gender roles), that they need special spaces, that say that their penis is "a woman penis", that transition only to look like your basic bitch because they just like the aesthetic and lifestyle, that act stereotypically like women (screaming, squealing, "slaaaaayyyy" etc) and standing up for women problems (such menstruating, childbirth)

In the ocean with a brick they go

No. 203230

They're some of the most mysoginistic and disgusting men on the planet. It's very sad that this is becoming socially acceptable.

No. 203235

>Trans women screaming they're real women, that they want to be women only because they don't "feel" masculine
This shit bothers the fuck out of me. Whatever happened to any human can do whatever they want and you can do both traditionally "masculine" and "feminine" things?

No. 203247

Exactly. They often say shit like "As a child I always loved dolls, pink, dresses" etc etc

I'm a proud to be woman, I despise pink and I love blue, I love having stereotypically masculine interests (technology/science) and I hate skirts and dresses, not because they're too "woman like" but because I don't feel comfortable with them.
In my house, me and my bf do both chores (we cook, clean etc), does that make me a trans male? Just because I don't like being forced on a gender role?

No. 203252

according to tumblr yes. tumblr style sjw thinking has turned gender as a manner of identifying one's sex into gender roles, meaning you are your gender's gender roles so if you're outside this rigid idea of what gender is, you're trans or something. also, gender is a spectrum somehow. ffs no, gender roles are not set in stone, gender as a concept is just for language, like calling someone 'she' is like saying 'that female' it has nothing to do with gender roles and never has. this shit is a mess.

No. 203255

They've made life exceptionally harder for me as a single cis lesbian. The fact I even have to use the word CIS before the word lesbian makes me want to gag. Not a fan of the pathetic caricature of womenhood they wield and not interested their estrogen shrunken wieners.

No. 203256

i think the real thing is that 'being a man' or 'being a woman' doesn't mean anything in particular. i don't go around feeling like 'i am a human with a vagina that dictates my interests' i'm just -me-. trans people always claim they're in the wrong body or 'feel like x', but you can't. i'm just me and my body happens to be how it is, it doesn't feel wrong or weird, i certainly don't have a mindset of a 'male' just because i like certain things or act a certain way. it's disgusting to think that trans people exist solely based on reinforcing stereotypes now. science proves it's all bunk, so it pisses me off to see these bitchy 'girls', they'll be girls, just mutilated men with shit personalities. it's plastic surgery, that's all. that's why so many people off themselves when they can't convince themselves that destroying their genitals made them better.

No. 203259

i agree, it's disgusting how some people try to say it's transphobic not to want to fuck them as a lesbian. including pre-op. people need to stop trying to make others more comfortable by trying to force others to accept them.

No. 203263

My exact way of thinking.
Especially I know this ""trans girl"" (more like autoginephiliac) that failed so much at being a male that now lives as a female.
A stereotypical female.
Buys make up (which terribly clashes with his face) and feminine clothes who fit terribly because you know, he doesn't have boobs or hips and walks with pumps and stuff.
Not saying that those are exclusive of a woman' but imagine waking up one day realizing you're living a lie.
If I was trans, I would rather die that having a fake penis to "blow" or mutilate off my healthy body.
It can be mean and edgy, but sometimes I'm kinda glad they get surgery and then realize it was all wrong.
Cure yourself with therapy for accepting your body, don't mutilate it, you'll never be a real woman, no matter how hard you try or your feelings are hurt.

No. 203280

There are two types of trans - the tumblr and the "sane". Tumblr trans deserves no respect whatsoever, they deserve a smack to the face.
Trans people with actual dysphoria… I'm not sure. I respect them as people and wish them the best, but it's still a mental disturbance. They can be assholes if they're into social justice, and their stereotyping of women is harmful as hell, but I don't exactly hate them. I just think their existence is problematic.

It also makes me mad and unfeminine women are being pressured into transitioning/convinced they're trans. Whatever happened to feminism?

>sometimes I'm kinda glad they get surgery and then realize it was all wrong.
It is edgy as fuck but I feel the same. It feels right, in the sense of "a correct/expected outcome to a situation". Not morally good, I don't think it's a good thing for anyone to suffer like that, but it shows that they still have some sense in them.

No. 203283

Ya, I respect them as a person, not as a _trans_ person.
It's still a mental disorder.
I still respect schizophrenic people, but I don't tell them to give in into their illness and stab themselves like their voice in their head says them to do.

Trans is a mental disorder that needs to be cured, not excused.

No. 203290

They used to have my concern/sympathy, until they all but took over feminism and now you basically aren't allow to speak unless you have a boi pucci. Which is ridiculous, given that women make up 1/2 of the population, and trans people make up such a small minority.

Bring up one single even slightly controversial issue, and you're automatically labelled a TERF.

I also hate how they spread false stats to make themselves look oppressed. Cis women for example are just as likely to be murdered as MTFs. The stats are almost the same.

MTFs also have the same sexual offence rate of cis men, which is why I don't think they should be allowed into women's bathrooms. There have been lots of cases of cis girls and women being raped or assaulted in the female toilets, by men in drag.

It's a mental illness. I don't think I've ever met a trans person who acted 'sane'. I feel bad for the fact they will face a lifetime of painful surgery. self mutilation, depression, dysphoria and ridicule. But they are so misogynistic and envious of cis women, my sympathy has mostly dried up, really. They can still be nice people, but there's always seems to be an undercurrent of resentment and woman-hating anger on their part.

No. 203295

What do you think of men?*

But really I only see them as delusional fetishists
The guys and girls who like them are the same
I don't get why most feminists are so accepting of them either, same with drag queens. They're practically making fun of women 24/7 and drag queens do as their job, it's cringey and gross

No. 203297

I'm pretty sick of them tbh. I've never met a trans man I didn't like but trans women are such caricatures of women that it's insulting. I hate how intersectional feminism has become the norm and feminists are lumped in with lgbt and blm issues. I've been called a terf and swerf plenty of times but idgaf. Feminism, by definition, is about women. What trans women and black people go through can overlap, sure, but they're still seperate issues and I wish people would leave then that way.

I hear all of this talk that they're "breaking gender norms". How the fuck is perfectly adhering to a gender stereotype in any way challenging it? I'd understand if they were men who dressed like women but they genuinely believe that they're women with all this "female brain" pseudo science. I'm sorry, but your brain isn't wired from birth to want stick on nails or blue eyelids or 6 inch heels. Why has no trans women ever quietly transitioned into a woman who wears suit pants or sweaters? Why are they always covered head to toe in fetish items like pigtails, mini skirts, stocking and basically anything you'd see on a hooker/porn star? I've no problem with people transitioning but maybe do some research and stop relying on porn?

They always carry their misogynistic beliefs over with them no matter how hard they try to insist they were born girls. They always feel so entitled to women's only spaces even though I don't see trans men doing the same. It makes me uncomfortable but ofc a m2f trans person's feelings should always take priority over mine because they were once male and that makes them centre of the universe. I see a lot of hate towards "cis" women which wouldn't happen of it was genuine and not a fetish for them, they'd want to befriend us if they genuinely felt they were one of us. They always stick to themselves in little hug boxes where they can tell each other that they pass well as women because God forbid a one of the people they're trying to impersonate actually gives them some advice or a little tip.

There's a campaign in my country for abortion rights (it's banned here in all cases and punishable by a prison sentance so it's very important) and ofc trans women had to stick their noses into that. Now we can't make any signs that show wombs or other female reproductive parts, we can't write the words and we can't chant about them because ~some women don't have those parts~ okay then WHY ARE THEY AT MARCHES FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS? If you go to one, expect that there will be signs depicting the body parts we're fighting to own control of for ourselves and if you can't control your testosterone then stay at home. Seriously how can they claim to be women who care about reproductive rights when they don't want women to have ownership of their own body parts? Join a pro life group if you want to censor paintings of vaginas and tell women how to live their lives, cunts.

No. 203302

File: 1503698965261.png (1.43 MB, 1752x1537, fb.png)

I think "traps" have taken over the idea of transwomen. I think transwomen genuinely want to be left alone and not be harassed. They genuinely ARE women but understand the differences between them and biological women.

What I constitute as a trap are men crossdressing because they fetishize/cater to those who fetishize transwomen or are are lowkey misogynists who think they're better than biological women. They refuse bottom surgery and insist that transphobia is the only reason straight men/lesbian women/etc. don't want to date/fuck them. Traps encourage the idea that transwomen want to "trick" or rape people by surprising them with a dick, increasing aggression against transwomen. They shove themselves into female spaces, screeching about womanhood, speaking as if they have any authority on female biological functions.

I joined a Facebook group for women and girls who are sponsored by Google to go to a female-focused tech conference and this person was in it…what the actual fuck, I'm infuriated. Their profile picture and posts should've gotten them disqualified, but beyond that they get to parade around with young girls when they are obviously a mentally unstable male. I feel very unsafe and I'm afraid of speaking out about it. If you are not passing, you should not be considered for women's scholarships.

No. 203311

>They genuinely ARE women
Uh… how? You can't have y chromosomes and be a woman.

No. 203313

You also can't live your entire life as a man, then decide you are a woman and expect me to relate to you in any way at all

No. 203316

Well I mean, mentally be a woman. Some people have lived their entire lives knowing they were the opposite gender they were born in, I think. Listening to Laverne Cox speak at my university, it sounds like she knew from an early age.

No. 203319

Yeah but how do you "feel" like the opposite gender?
What's a "man feeling"? What's a "woman feeling"?
Can you explain it without using gender roles or stereotypes? (Ex. Liking pink, glitter etc etc)
Because if you can't, it's not different from a person that claims to be fucking Hitler because "they feel that waY"

No. 203325

Still makes no sense because all ya brain cells got y chromosomes in 'em. "Woman" isn't a state of mind.

No. 203326

File: 1503711785609.jpg (209.09 KB, 400x600, tumblr_mhbwytlcQe1rroyh2o1_400…)

i'm "cis" female and I don't feel like a woman mentally or spiritually at all, yet i'm pretty comfortable calling myself female and a woman. The experiences that make me feel more "woman" all have to do with either my female body or the way society interacts with me and vice versa. External experiences. They may influence some of my mind but absolutely not all of it. My entire being and mind are neutral and not static, like I'd assume a healthy human mind should be.

Trans rhetoric is the opposite. They claim the external experiences don't make the gender but the person is the gender. Maybe some people really do feel that way in their soul, but honestly I think that attitude is how a lot of sexism starts in the first place. Mistaking the body and external experiences for the very person, to the core.

No. 203333

no, they do not, from an early age people can tell they're 'different' from other girls/boys because of what they're fed. the brain literally doesn't know anything other than what you are.

No. 203335

I say i'm okay with it, but if i saw a transwoman in the bathroom i would probably leave (what's with the obsession with the ladies room anyway?). Im fine with men being feminine, wearing women's clothing and makeup, like jaden smith.
creepy how they want to be young girls too.

But what i really hate is how they're basically advocating brain sex. I seriously want to understand what it means to feel like and to identify as a woman. It's also pretty presumptuous for trans people to say cis people don't understand gender and that we just don't get it, when they're essentially using the cis gender binary and wanting to become one of us (maybe, in the end, females would be completely pushed out of being a woman and we would have to create a new title for us haha).

Im still a bit on the fence about trans people who pass perfectly tho (maybe it's just my computer screen that makes them look better)

No. 203336

they are mostly misogynistic cunts. I do feel bad for those with genuine gender dysphoria because i think i have it too and it feels really bad but i don't think injecting myself with testosterone and presenting as a caricature of a man is the way to go. It's a trash mental illness with no cure thougn so i understand how some may take that route. I don't support the trannies in gender secluded bathrooms thing or forcing lesbians to date mtf's though that's just retarded imo.

No. 203337

I'm sure some of them are genuine. Mental illness is no joke. Some people legit want to amputate one of their limbs because they aren't "mapped" in their heads and feel wrong among other things. It's just been co-opted by snowflakes

No. 203339

It seems that srs and hormone therapy are the only treatments that have been developed for this mental condition when they're actually pretty shit. I have no problem with someone who wants to present as whatever gender, masculine or feminine. But I think it would be to everyone's benefit if that didn't include radically changing your biology, and trans people were instead treated to accept their body and change it in healthy ways (diet and excercise, for example) and then when they felt comfortable with themselves as people, cosmetic things like FFS could be considered, because then it's just an aesthetic thing. I just think it's stupid to treat a mental incongruity with physical surgery. Where's the logic in that?

and I also think people that haven't existed as a female presenting person through their formative years should have some respect for those who have when it comes to reproductive rights and pay gap inequality. I have no problem with you learning about femininity and assimilating. But sit the fuck down and realise you can never understand. Only sympathise.

No. 203355

do you guys think that transgender people kind of perpetuate gender stereotypes/gender constructs? i kind of do.

No. 203356

yes, a lot. and we're not the only ones. a lot of women have thought this way the whole time or have recently realized it.

No. 203367

Find me a transgirl in sport clothes or without pumps
Or in general, with neutral clothing and without make up.
It doesn't matter that "without make up they don't pass" because then you're claiming that women are real women only if they wear make up.

No. 203387

one of the things that always bugs me the most is, everytime a trans girl talks about when/how they realized they were trans it's always "I like playing with my mothers makeup, liked playing with dolls, didn't like playing with the other boys" etc
like ok.. growing up I liked skateboarding and dirtbikes, am I a man now?
so yea and basically everything about trans is based off of gender stereotypes

No. 203389

Hate em. Have yet to see a transwoman who wasn't one of these:
>A stereotypical autogynephilic bimbo fetishist who dresses like a stripper and puts natal women down because "they don't know how to be REAL women, mm-hmm!" (the Bruce Jenner type)
>The variation of the above, but a misogynistic gay man who's super bitter of most men being into women (the Gigi Gorgeous type)
>The weeb ones who are so out of touch with reality that they want to be little anime girls to feel comfortable being pathetic and not adhering to the stereotypical male gender role or because they fetishize the fuck out of being a lesbian (the Chris-Chan type, the attention whore traps)

And because they all were socialized as male and have a male biology that causes them to be more entitled, more aggressive, they want to invade female spaces, pressure lesbians into sex, call women "womb-carriers" because they're ~triggered~ by being reminded that they're not biological women. The list goes on. They're destructive to female spaces and everything feminism has stood for for decades, and these crazy Tumblrinas are doing their best to feed into their mental illness and support their activism. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 203396

I can accept transgender women as people, and I try to use their name and female pronouns, but honestly I don't consider most transgender women real women. I have sympathy for and try to be considerate to transwomen with gender dysphoria, but I still think they're men with a mental condition rather than truly being women. I hope in the future we can get an actual treatment for mental gender dysphoria, rather than telling men to lop their dicks off.
Most of the transwomen I've met online have really blatant tells. So many of them are obsessed with trap, dickgirl, and futanari porn, lots of them are conveniently trans lesbins as well.
Honestly though, if a transwoman can pass well, in both appearance and mannerism I'll pretty much accept her as female. If I can't distinguish her from a cis woman, she might as well be a cis woman in my eyes.

No. 203401

like other anons said, I really wish they'd get better mental help.
If a biological woman went to a therapist and said that they're depressed with how they look, wanted the cosmetic procedures that a lot of trans women get done and become a different person they'd get treated seriously. And of course them doing those things would be highly discouraged.
But a transwoman wants that? Ok you go girl, here's some hormones. Hate your penis? Save up to get it mutilated.
There's a lot of transwomen that just seemed so unhappy with themselves that they wanted to change into a different person. They think being a woman will be easier/funner so they become trans. Then they see that being a transwoman is especially sucky and they're still unhappy.

No. 203411

>because "they don't know how to be REAL women, mm-hmm!" (the Bruce Jenner type)
Has he actually said anything like that though? From what I've seen it's mostly been other celebrity types trying to virtue signal, I don't think I've heard anything aside from a comment about the bathroom shit.

No. 203417

He hasn't said that but he definitely represents that kind of a transwoman. He actually stated that "the hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear" during a Buzzfeed interview. After he came out as trans and showed off what a shallow jerk he is I no longer wondered why his daughters turned the way they did.

No. 203418

Like a few people have already said here, I will treat everyone with equal respect. I will use their pronouns/name they prefer and try to make them feel comfortable. I don't feel like I'm educated enough to talk about the science/biology part of the debate…does anyone have any suggestions where to start to learn more about it?

The only thing that I dislike is the misogyny. I feel like its everyone vs. women sometimes, including trans women. I hate when people say that they are "better at being women than biological women" or "women can't do anything right and there's no use for them anymore becuase you can just get a trap who is more rational and less emotional like real women." It's very disheartening. It's especially weird when men align themselves with trans women just in order to hate on biological women, even though in any other circumstance they would be transphobic as hell. I don't really know how to feel about all of it.

No. 203421

I despise them tbqh, they're as misogynist as any other man but worse because they've wormed their way into our spaces and garnered excessive support from both naive girls who just want to be kind and inclusive, and insane SJWs who think they're more important than real women.

The hatred is partly severe frustration though. The last time I felt like this was when I was a bit of a fedora tipping teenager at a Christian school and just couldn't understand how people could believe such silly, harmful bullshit, while believing themselves to be morally superior and look down on people who didn't. It felt so obviously and self evidently wrong that I couldn't believe people were falling for it. It's like that all over again, except the religion is blind SJWism and the stupid, harmful belief is that gender is defined by anything except your genitals. Anything else is perpetuating gender roles or diluting the meaning of the words male/female entirely.

I'm 100% in support of ignoring gender roles and presenting yourself however you want, but women haven't suffered through thousands of years of misogyny based specifically on their vaginas and wombs for men to tell us they're one of us because they dress like us.

No. 203423

File: 1503787370933.jpg (36.92 KB, 625x450, classic_birkenstock_green_sued…)

Its been completely negative.

Honest to god, the only two I saw around my university were extremely clockable. Both extremely tall, one lanky with a horse face and the other like a plumber.

I remember sitting in a female restroom stall, doing my business, and I hear someone noisily enter the room, like a wild boar had just stumbled in, not exaggerating. I kinda froze because it was so jarring. It was the plumber looking tranny.

The stall next to me becomes occupied and I see their feet. Their hairy, callused, size 12 feet, complete with sausage shaped toes. They were wearing dirty shoes like pic related and later on when I walked out, I saw them wearing a knee length gypsy style skirt, with THOSE SANDALS. But while they were pissing next to me, I hear all sorts of guttural grunting and heavy breathing, I SWEAR TO GOD. They were so loud.

I see them outside shortly after, their shoes being the obvious identifier. They were standing in the crowd watching some university event. No makeup, unstyled pink hair, and thick rimmed glasses. Their presentation was a goddamned mess and they fooled NO ONE. It was a damn 50 year old man trying to dress like his interpretation of what a 20 something college woman dressed like. And of course he was loud as fuck, guffawing like the middle aged MAN he is.

I have never seen a person stand out so much in my life. He had the subtlety of a brick.

And of course, people like Riley Dennis expect lesbian and bisexual women to fuck people like that.

No. 203426

I feel like through the whole acceptance of transexual people there are just that big bunch of crazy people that are not actually transsexual but thriving from the attention, speshul status and confrontation/rebellion they get from it.
Then there are probably a bunch too, that are actually at loss about their identity, sexual identity included.

Like I personally feel Laverne Cox is a tremendously genuine and authentic example of a transexual woman. Personally I think I can feel how comfortable she feels in her skin being a woman and that it doesnt matter if she gets attention, ass-pats or what not from it, it's just who she is.

I have not the same perception about other transexual people.
And seeing youtube (where all the attention whores go) and the rise of "I regret transitioning" or about generally "detransitioning" I feel confirmed in my perception. I dont know what it is with these people, but I think it is really sad, because they pull the reputation of actuall transexual people down.

No. 203443

exactly, you can't "feel like" any gender unless you are defining your gender completely by gender roles. Since we live in a misogynistic society in which being feminine is seen as shameful for men, they feel like they "must be" female if they have interest and behaviors that fall within roles we've defined as female.

No. 203445

I have never, ever seen a trans person or a pro trans person be able to answer this and I would genuinely love to know how they attempt to justify assumptions as to how an entire gender 'feels'. I can't explain how being a woman feels for anyone but me, letalone other women, let alone the opposite fucking gender.

No. 203451

File: 1503802845214.jpg (61.63 KB, 960x760, 20620833_1870759166575874_8239…)

My opinion on the matter has changed a lot. I used to defend them almost blindly, but I guess I started changing my vision when I met a trans girl that was completely batshit insane. Like, patological liar, narc, stroic, the whole package. She would lie about touring in Paris as a musicist, steal videos and pics of prettier/more successful women and claim it was her, she insults everyone under the false pretense that "shes joking", and even tried to make a friend of mine forcefully kiss her while she kept putting her hands under his shirt when he struggled to keep them off. Awful stuff, really. But if you dared to say any shit about her, she would claim transphobia and threat to sue. The worst part is that a lot of people that are "new" to her drama actually thinks she's a super renowed phD (she claims to be so), and the first trans woman to be so (even if it was true, she would have achieved such positions as a male still, so..?) And my hate for her probably sparkled my change of heart, since I started noticing a lot of trans people were just like her.

The other trans chick I know is actually way more chill and doesn't perpetuate the gender roles as much, but she thinks she's super enlightned (she once said she learned a way to count to infinite or measure all the numbers, stuff like that, and said something like "you probably won't understand and think I am crazy though", she also claims to speak a fuck ton of languages and to play thousands instruments) and also… she said she realised she was a trans girl while watching Yuri. Yeaaah. Nothing sketchy about that. But I take this girl over the first one at any time, really.

There are also some annoying ~non-binary~ people at my uni, one of them was actually a super weeb, his actual name was like George (not real name of course) but he introduced himself with his "artistic name" (his own words), which was a weeb Japanese Name. He was actually made fun of a lot at the time, but now he claims to be non-binary and changed his weeb male name to a female one and gets pissy if you don't call him by that and says "you are not respecting his trans identity".

I remember my boyfriend asking something like "If society actually abolishes gender and gender roles, are really going to be trans folk around? Without the idea of gender? And sexuality being solely based on what body parts you find attractive?" Not quoting, but it was something amongst those lines. I could never actually answer it at the time, but yeah. Trans folk cling to an idea of gender. If gender doesn't exist, trans doesn't either.

As everyone else said, I still respect them as people and will use their preferred pronouns or whatever, but yeah. I don't buy it.

Sorry for this being super big.

No. 203463

Loonies playing dress up.

No. 203467

I've met people trying to explain it like "You can't explain it! You just FEEL it! N-now shut up transphobe!".

tbqh I used to defend the trans issues to death. I was never a full on SJW or a intersectional feminist but I held trans issues close to my heart and firmly believed that brains can be "wired" to the wrong gender. I remember the first time I started doubting the whole idea was when I got stuck in an argument concerning the issue. Someone said that there's no medical proof of transgenderism being biology-based. I was hellbent on proving this person wrong and tried to look for sources that transgenderism was real because you could "have the opposite gender's brain" and didn't find anything. Instead I found studies debunking that.

But ultimately it was the transwomen who made me realize that it's a mental illness and not a biological condition. They were so goddamn demanding and aggressive just like the men they were born as. And I'm not alone, plenty of people realized what a scam the whole movement is after the women's march transphobia accusations.

No. 203492

I have no issues with trans women, as long as they
a. Don't claim to be "more wymyn than bio wymyn" and stupid bs like that
b. Don't support that cotton ceiling shit theory and don't harrass lesbian women for refusing their dick
c. Accept that until they're at a good point with surgeries they can be "misgendered" and shouldn't go to women's restroom
d. Don't be a sjw extremist, don't talk about how they want to kill terfs and don't be a misogynist.

No. 203493

Can you show me one example of a transwoman who does more than two of those things? I think you're talking about a unicorn.

No. 203502


Don't kiss some surgery-filled ass, love yourself.

No. 203505

I think you misread my post? I'm definitely not kissing their asses, I just want to see one example of a tranny who isn't a misogynistic dick in some way or another.

No. 203508

You're in for a long wait then fam

No. 203519

yeah i think a lot of "terfs" are ex-trans supporters who got fed up. transactivists are never satisfied or grateful and just take and take with more and more invasive demands from women who just were compassionate enough to try to work with them.

I'm willing to use preferred names and pronouns too, even after "peak trans" because to me these don't explicitly imply female. Lots of kinds of people and things can be referred by names and gendered pronouns, but I'd like the word woman to remain "adult human female" so I draw the line there and of course the word female.

Very succinct way to wrap this concept up. I think a lot of us feel this way.

No. 203520

>I just want to see one example of a tranny who isn't a misogynistic dick in some way or another.
I try to make a distinction between internet feminists, and normal feminists. I think you should try to do the same with trannies because I've met plenty of them who didnt have a single streak of misogyny, and this comes from the pov of someone who also considers them mentally ill.

I've actually met a few of them in my life and it's only on the internet that I see shit like trying to call actual women "uterus bearers" or other sorts of nonsense. Or if someone does, they're not even trannies to begin with. Just people trying to virtue signal.

>I'd like the word woman to remain "adult human female" so I draw the line there and of course the word female.
I've gotten many of those sorts of internet activists to admit they use terms like "cis" to make them feel more normal. Because let's be real here, you don't need to label what's normal.

No. 203521

>The worst part is that a lot of people that are "new" to her drama actually thinks she's a super renowed phD (she claims to be so), and the first trans woman to be so
That seems like something extremely easy to verify. At least, if anyone claimed to be the first of anything that would be my first reaction.

No. 203522

>I try to make a distinction between internet feminists, and normal feminists. I think you should try to do the same with trannies because I've met plenty of them who didnt have a single streak of misogyny, and this comes from the pov of someone who also considers them mentally ill.

I agree, there are plenty where I still may not agree or relate to their on their views on gender, but they're nice and un-misogynistic enough to have a civil discussion with and be friends. Generalizing any group is a stupid habit, even if they really really test your patience.

I wouldn't mind the word cis if it was mostly limited to trans forums and other trans circles to be basically a technical way of saying non-trans, but fuck the people who expect women to use it for themselves all the time, like a fucking scarlet letter that implies you're a pwiviweged filthy born woman who should be grateful for her superior female social status!

No. 203524

Kind of embarrassed that I've posted her vids on several threads now, but they're relevant. Y'all fuck with my queen?

No. 203525

File: 1503869247768.png (546.46 KB, 854x480, 1456635697979.png)

>I wouldn't mind the word cis if it was mostly limited to trans forums and other trans circles to be basically a technical way of saying non-trans, but fuck the people who expect women to use it for themselves all the time, like a fucking scarlet letter that implies you're a pwiviweged filthy born woman who should be grateful for her superior female social status!

Sure but that latter point is basically why it came about. You said it yourself, there's an appropriate term in the form of "non trans". But being trans is inherently abnormal, it's like saying "not not normal". So instead you try to force the normal people to define themselves, in an attempt to normalize it.

It's all very transparent, but you get in trouble if you call it out.

No. 203530

True, I just figured cis would be convenient if you're in a context where you need the phrase non-trans constantly but then again, that's why forum-specific abbreviations come about and they're not supposed to be used in discussions outside the forum. Women who self-describe with it are on some cuck shit and trans women who use it outside of forums are most likely doing what you're describing.

No. 203534

I actually know a couple of transwomen that follow my list. Maybe it's because where I live there's less of an hugbox towards trans people so they don't act entitled like American ones, but I swear it's true

No. 203535

>a single streak of misogyny
I consider it pretty inherently sexist to think that they can be our gender just by changing how they look (same applies for ftm). It's not malicious but the entire concept bothers me, not just individual trans people and I don't like to make distinctions just to give the 'good' ones a pass.

No. 203540

I think I can understand that, I'm going to take a stab and assume it has something to do with how they consider feminine=woman and masculine=man when the whole experience is more complex than that. I remember being annoyed by some of the assumptions an FtM made anyways.

No. 203548


Yes, it actually is, however when she was invited to a conference, people were asking her for her credentials and diplomas and shit and she started crying transphobia and a lot of people believed her, boycotting the event. She really has some blind white knights for some reason. It wasn't a big enough boycott, though, the event is still running annualy AFAIK.

She also keeps changing her name to run away from these accusations. I've talked a bit about her on /int/, really, if she was american or british she would probably be a big cow on this site, because she's crazy and milky as shit.

No. 203572

I'm a stealth transman and I feel guilty saying this (because I'm also trans) but a majority of transwomen make me uncomfortable. Obviously I don't mean every transwoman ever because I can only speak for those I've met directly, but I'm 5/5 for bad in-person interaction and those are some troubling odds.

For me it has a lot to do with how they treat me when they believe I'm cis and how they treat cis women behind their backs. There's this overwhelming aura of petty fakeness and entitlement that explodes the second a cis woman walks out of the room. I know how catty girls can be to each other but this is completely different. There's a lot of hate and spite just because some people are born cis and these transwomen weren't. I've defended cis women only to be told "UGH but she has no idea how good she has it!" There is also a lot of blatant sexism ("do you really think SHE knows how to fix this?" well yes, she does have a degree in the field…) and brushing off whenever a cis woman has a valid complaint ("be grateful your cramps are so bad you're passing out! I'd LOVE to have periods! omg our cycles must be syncing because I'm a being such a bitch right now!"). Every transwoman I've spoken to in person has also hit on me while claiming to be a lesbian, but when I say I'm attracted to men they love to tell me about their girl cock. It's hard to treat them like women because they don't interact like women, nor do they interact with me the way I interacted with men when I presented as a woman. They interact like men who are basing their interpretation of women off of sitcoms, porn stars, or anime waifus, and they treat me how other men treat me. It gives me these uncanny valley vibes. Trying to discuss trans issues feels like a minefield because anything I say can and often will be taken offensively. I've even been scolded for not using cis or trans words to differentiate, when I thought they wanted to be thought of as regular women. The second we got a gender-neutral bathroom at work, it became all about "what else can we change to accommodate the two trans women in this massive business with 5,000 other workers who have managed to exist just fine for x# of years?" Honestly I tried to be supportive in the beginning but now I just feel wary.

Also, this next bit is unrelated to transwomen but is in regards to an earlier question about how one explains why they "feel" one gender or another. Tbh I don't (or rather my brain doesn't) feel like a man OR a woman. I just feel like me and I've always known my body is female. I've just always wanted to look like a man, grow a beard, have a deep voice, and build muscle. I'm content with the balding, the bad smells, and the body hair in strange places because I never wanted to be a living anime boy, I just want to be a more masculine version of me. There's more to it than that, of course, but at it's core I was just incredibly unhappy with having a woman's face and body. I can't really explain why I want to see a masculine man when I look in the mirror, just like I can't explain why a certain color is my favorite or why I like certain foods. It's just that way for me and going against it made me incredibly depressed. Being trans a mental illness for sure and transitioning is a serious step that doesn't help everybody but it has definitely helped me.

No. 203573

I actually agree with most here that they're just people who're uncomfortable in their own skin and use it as a kind of extreme form of social identity change (not dissimilar to becoming a goth or skater or whatever the fuck the kids are now).

The thing about this though is that people will try to look for a justification to label something different or unsettling as unnatural or 'a mental disorder'. We should try not to fall into the 'it's different so it's bad' type of mentality that's so common on imageboards these days.

No. 203574

Thanks for typing that out. That was interesting and affirming to hear but also gave insight into an area i don't have much experience with.

also your description about what wanting to be a certain gender means to you is like the first one i've read (and it's rare that people will even explain it) that really makes sense and is understandable. i even relate to it in a way because i'm not saying this is the same thing but i also don't feel like a man or woman but i happen to not mind having a female body more often than it seriously bothers me. from what you wrote it's not too hard to imagine having the femaleness bother me more often than not and also preferring to have a man's presence. maybe that's mental illness too but the real mental illness i think is the delusion that you are that biological sex and acting entitled.

No. 203597

tbh everything you said here does NOT make you trans. you're clearly describing gender roles again.

No. 203600

Thanks for the post anon. I respect trans people because they've been through alot and generally are more understanding of others. The trans that are bad examples that ruin it are Gigi Gorgeous and Riley J Dennis, just to name a few. I do not respect these kinds of Trans people.

No. 203609

I do think that it counts as a mental illness to an extent but I also think that in some cases the best treatment is hormone therapy and transitioning. I just don't like how nowadays they're put on a pedestal above us cis women and how we're supposed to constantly cater to their feelings. (no mention of uteruses and women together because god forbid 0,5% of people identifying as women don't have one) Then again, I do have trans friends who are sane people and don't think this way. I think the whole trans right movement mainly consists of young cis people wanting to feel better about themselves and at the same time only strengthening the image of the stereotypical crybaby trans woman and making the situation worse for them.

No. 203610

>something different or unsettling as unnatural or 'a mental disorder'
Trans is literally a mental disorder by definition, though. And labeling mental disorders are inherently negative or something to be ashamed of does people with mental health issues a disservice.

As a Crazy Person I can't help but cringe when people who claim to be inclusive and tolerant say that calling transsexualism a disorder is bad. In their own lingo, it's ableist and ~problematic~

No. 203613

it really does seem similar to EDs in that just wanting to be relatively thin and some dieting isn't a mental illness just like being GNC and wanting to be more fem/masc is't a mental illness, but their level of delusion and never being satisfied puts it over the edge. The reason they're fine with supporting personality disorders and psychosis etc but don't want being trans to be seen that way is because it threatens their goal. If they admit their perception is warped and delusional, people will be a lot less willing to let them go for full surgery when they likely could benefit more from therapy and maybe some hrt but not a lot. Just like I think the reason many anas avoid treatment isn't because they want to suffer and die but because treatment threatens the goal. It's definitely hypocritical but it makes sense to me.

No. 203808

unironically these "lesbian" trans women have a fetish for being seen as women. its called autogynephilia. and apparently trans women have high rates of co morbid npd and bpd, so when they don't get catered to, they explode in narcissitic rage. they get the narcissitic supply of having power over what people say, and they get to be treated as delicate victims and given attention.
this is why talking with a trans woman who is attracted to actual women is so weird.

I cant believe the gay movement got hijacked by het males with a sissification and futanari fetish. read this, it all adds up.

No. 203841

I went to lesbian club/cafe and I will never repeat that mistake again. Half of the people there were men who claimed to be women, they didn't even bother to put on decent make up, wig, whatever. I was talking to cute girl around my age and older men who was wearing neon pink lipstick (applied really badly) keep on disturbing us. He even tried to hug me and 'accidentally' touched my butt. Transwomen my ass.
I talked with my friends about this and they claim that ten years ago in lesbian-only spaces there were rarely any men. I wonder what changed over that decade.

No. 203900

>I wonder what changed over that decade.

All the fucking discourse and guilt-tripping about trans women being real females and lesbians.

There was always the issue of men/straights meddling with lesbian bars, but now you can't just have a big butch bouncer kick them out without getting shut down, and the straight men who showed up did know at the end of the day they're fucking men so they're not gonna score even if they jokingly try. Trans women are generally more detrimental to lesbian bars than party-crashing dudebros or fag hags who cry at gay clubs because unlike those people, they will assert until the very end that they not only fully belong there, but that they're entitled to sexual consideration from all the lesbians.

No. 203901

The sad thing is that they're allowed. Gay/lesbian bar should be genital based because if you're a lesbian, you don't like cock, period.

No. 203907

I was rewatching Life of Brian the other day, this scene makes me laugh but also sad because when I watched it as a kid it just seemed like random, absurdist comedy. Now it's reality, and would get a whole lot of SJW backlash if it came out today.

No. 203914

File: 1504131903239.png (212.14 KB, 640x400, gayclubs.png)


Here is my professional infographic about why transwomen are doing much more damage to the integrity of gay clubs than the previous suspects.

No. 203945

File: 1504181833214.png (3.17 MB, 1600x1500, what.png)

this thing messaged me on okcupid lmao

No. 204116

>tfw a cow wanders right into your pasture

how did you respond if you did?

No. 204150

This looks like an ugly lesbian to me, not a tranny

No. 204177

File: 1505174091019.jpg (56.2 KB, 600x856, BzeScUxCUAEde8q.jpg)

instantly reminded me of this

No. 204515

File: 1505454172244.jpg (136.34 KB, 547x794, IMG_4496.JPG)

anyone see what happened in london? bunch of TAs protested a 'what is gender?' event and a woman got attacked. of course the TAs say they are fighting violence with violence because misgendering is violence! punch a terf is pretty much synonymous with punch a nazi now and it's scary

No. 204517

File: 1505456053250.jpg (39.66 KB, 852x480, 1436886887780.jpg)

>punch a terf is pretty much synonymous with punch a nazi now and it's scary
I've been saying this would happen for ages.

Antifas don't actually have a fucking clue what a nazi is to begin with. First they started thinking Trump supporter=nazi, and now the manlet jew Shapiro is apparently one too even though Trumps devout supporters kind of hate him. It's only logical they'd move onto TERFs. Regardless of if you think it's ethical to assault someone for their beliefs, these people are so disconnected from reality they cannot tell what is what.

No. 204566

File: 1505512194908.png (62.42 KB, 190x265, untitled.png)

A little ot but the other day I heard someone call these "terf bangs". Lmfao since when have they been called that? I've always associated them with sjw/tumblr types along with the "problematic glasses".

I love how sjws are so fucking ugly that their own people reject them. Dying.

No. 204567


Calling these people "nazis" is actually weakening the word. There are genuine neo-nazis out there today who believe in nazi views such as eugenics and that there are superior races and I've genuinely met people who think everyone in their country who isn't white should be put to death because the white race is supposedly "at risk". Weird how they won't target actual neo-nazis who genuinely do want them dead.

Nazis had some fucking sick beliefs that resulted in the deaths of millions of innocents. Someone giving their opinion isn't the same as putting anyone who isn't blonde to death ffs. That pisses me off. It's also an insult to the survivors of the Holocaust who are still alive today to compare being misgendered to being treated as subhuman.

No. 204578

There is footage of the incident too. People are still denying it happend and they tried to have the video removed.

No. 204618

Most trans women are self-obsessed assholes whose self esteem is based on how superior they can convince others they are to biological women.

I've tried to be open minded, I even wrote papers on trans women authors in grad school, but these days most are legitimately mentally ill.

No. 204621

>if you're a lesbian, you don't like cock, period.
Sounds like someone needs a bit of reeducation

No. 204645

when I first watched this video, I thought it was just an edgy joke but every day that goes by, this character becomes more and more realistic. I still think about this animation almost daily when in contact with trans women.

No. 204698

File: 1505621303390.gif (2.35 MB, 400x225, tumblr_inline_owcru4EMvN1uts42…)

If you look closely, there's a guy with a gun and he actually threatens the trans activist women that are with them, this is fucking sad and sick.

No. 204699

File: 1505621319785.png (395.96 KB, 540x533, tumblr_inline_owcrqxp32R1uts42…)

close up

No. 204700

File: 1505621350384.png (166.49 KB, 540x292, tumblr_inline_owctztACP41uts42…)

Proof they were with the trans

No. 204701

One of them claims she's happy the "TERF" got punched. This makes me sick as fuck

No. 204703

I don't have anything against trans women, but some will say stupid ass shit like "if anything, I'm more of a woman because I had to fight for it" and that's when I think people need to stop worrying about offending them and give them a little bit of a reality check. It's so self-absorbed and dismissive. Like, you never have to experience mensuration, the possibility of pregnancy and deciding how to handle it, or giving birth, so fuck off with that "I'm more of a woman" shit, when the only reason people even see you that way is because they're nice enough to disregard that you lack the very anatomy that makes one female for the sake of making your life easier.

No. 204708

File: 1505627379239.png (879.93 KB, 1409x4383, transgenderism.png)

>dyed hair
every time

No. 204730

oh my god that image is so funny

ps for ppl that try, the only link that works is the one ending in /a/IK4rn

truly terrifying

No. 204733


jesus fuck thank you so much for linking this.

i have never been so grateful to be a biological woman, gonna' appreciate my own body more now.

No. 204739

everyone who supports SRS needs to read this. the pictures were pretty awful too.

No. 204748

I'm so torn on how I feel about the legality of SRS.

On one hand, I'm very uncomfortable with dictating people's choices about their bodies. I think "they might regret it" is a terrible argument to not allow people to do something. However, I feel like SRS is on a whole other level. I see it as catering to someone's delusions and mental illness to an extent that is very harmful to them. How is this different than a doctor removing all the fat in an anorexic's body until she's the skeletal frame she desires?

No. 204751

No. 204752

This made me feel secondhand anxiety. Going through irreversible surgery and regretting it… Must feel pretty fucking terrifying.

No. 204753

I've read a few stories about trans people killing themselves as a direct product of the surgery. One transman said he had become a monster and it didn't make him feel better, only worse.

These people aren't getting functional genitals. They're getting Frankensteinesque flesh jumbles that vaguely look like them and are riddled with complications.

No. 204826

What I've always said, there's no surgical artistry that will give you a functional vagina, only a cicatrised axe wound between your legs.
Also, it makes me wonder and cringe and how fucking dirty it must be
Like, a vagina has self-cleaning tissue and secretions that keeps you from getting humidity infections and get rid of discharge.
For what I've seen, when they make a penis into a vagina they use the skin of the penis as a makeshift vaginal canal, skin that sweats, gets humid and smells when you don't clean it, not specialized biological made tissue.
Do they even consider that before going to the butcher's table?

No. 204829

jesus. my legs are now FIRMLY crossed.

No. 204831

Good lord that's just dismal, I feel a new surge of pride over my genitals now.

No. 204834

>it smells like normal female genitalia

i don't think an open wound smells the same as a healthy clean vagina

No. 204836

yeah even going through the most traumatic experience in their life they still can't resist insulting biological females.

Their views on natural female anatomy reminds me so much of how gay men view women.

No. 204838


so, some get surgery down there and the realize that it's not the "real thing" and stop the penetrating, which let everything grown together or what?? I don't even dare to google that but what's the point of going through such pointless and harmful procedure if don't want to take care of it anyway??

this entire thread to this topic is just bizarre tbh:



>cutting the death flesh

the fuck

No. 204848

>yeah even going through the most traumatic experience in their life they still can't resist insulting biological females.

which is why i always wonder why they want to become something they have such disgust and disdain for.

but it's nice to learn that literally everyone hates women, not just cis men. Feels so great, living in this world.

No. 204852

What do you guys think of this article?
Kinda long but I'm always fascinated to get the other sides perspective. I think they make a couple of valid points but it still seems like a "not all men" argument, of course in this case it's a "not all trans women" one

No. 204853

For transwomen I think it centers more around envy and bitterness rather than classic cismale misogyny. Kinda like when fat girls have to shame the fuck out of thin girls to feel better about themselves.

No. 204871

Transmen are also really misogynistic. All but one biological female I've ever known who had gender identity issues, be they transmen or just gender special, had severe internalized misogyny issues that I think were the primary cause of why they didn't want to identify as female. It's like the ultimate NLOG.

No. 204895

File: 1505781738572.jpg (40.36 KB, 540x286, WHAT the FUCK.jpg)

>I've heard of trans ladies hating and treating naturally born women terribly

I used to be sympathetic about transwomen, before I spoke to some and started reading blog posts/articles written by them, and what you have put here is true. Quite a lot seem to be self obsessed sociopaths

>Just cause you act hella bitchy doesn't make you "more of a woman".

I actually think this idea is ironic as men in general are ar more bitchy but its just not labled as that. At college in our group there was 4 of us girls and one guy, and he was the one who started all the drama, he and his boyfriend referred to themselves as girls when he was being super bitchy, just made my fucking eyes roll.

No. 204896

File: 1505782624605.jpg (1.61 KB, 125x123, 1502418588887s.jpg)

>that pic
what in fucking tarnation that is the most spiteful and predatory shit

No. 204900

File: 1505783078380.jpg (43.2 KB, 540x312, psychos.jpg)

Oh believe me theres more,check out this sick shit

And before anyones like, oh tumblr! I used to be part of the bdsm community and-yeah I know most people there are fucked but its not a coincidence there are a lot of "transwomen" there

No. 204902

File: 1505783147558.jpg (29.58 KB, 540x232, armageddon now.jpg)

One more for ya, maybe the worst. Dont have nghtmares, seriously that stefonknee freak doesnt seem that unusual now.

No. 204907

What's even the context here. Is this some crazy tranny blog, or is someone just shooting these absurd ideas at some random to freak them out?

No. 204908


And would you ever catch a trans person saying this shit about little cis boys? Fuck no. They can make themselves look like women and live their lives as women, but the fucking violent misogynistic male part of them will never go away.

No. 204909

File: 1505783985084.jpg (1.99 KB, 125x123, 150578357188188.jpg)

AAAGH. I looked into this and I think it's just a troll harassing TERFS but still damn. I hate how they focus on harming little girls specifically.

No. 204910

apparently these were posted on a transwoman blog-tbh I dont know as I pulled them from another imageboard. However as I said used to be into bdsm and heard stuff along similar lines (which is why i promptly left)

Hey if you're up for a storytime i can deliver, just be warned brain bleach has not been invented yet

Well maybe because to them little cis boys are human beings they can relate to where as little girls are just doll pieces to be ripped apart and envied. To think I used to support these people! (to be fair not all of them are like this but too many are) look up alok-that idiot said little girls who are abused were asking for it-so many transwomen project their own twisted sexual fantasies onto little girls its disgusting.

No. 204911

Some of these points dont hold, they have been repeated in a riley j dennis video. I would like to make a reply and probably will but I hope dont get banned as it may be considered off topic?

No. 204965

You know what, I just wouldn't take Tumblrinas as an example of a category of people. There are girls on there that claim to be feminists and do weird posts like that one you posted, but against men. They always manage to exaggerate everything. Tumblr is like the opposite side of the extremist coin, the other one being 4chan and /pol/…

No. 204970

>You know what, I just wouldn't take Tumblrinas as an example of a category of people.
Who said I was? You may wanna read my reply again anon.
>There are girls on there that claim to be feminists and do weird posts like that one you posted, but against men.
Boo hoo. I cant imagine its anything worse than whats posted on r/incel or any PUA blog. I have seen more mra's pretending to be feminists on tumblr claiming they want all men dead. Like I said I have met some irl delusional transwomen, why is it when people come across something they feel uncomfortable with they have to write it off as fake? There is a lot of violence in this world and transpeople are not an exception. That being said I have come across two online transwomen who are reasonable and nice, but they have been ostrasized from the community and been labled terfs for their beliefs but there you go.

No. 204977

This shit is still bad because it fuels the fire for people who already are leaning against feminism.

No. 205002

literally nothing said by that rapist needs to be repeated

No. 205111

File: 1505954716272.png (13.02 KB, 434x132, KpiKBUA.png)

So people are not saying that the tranny that got shot "identified as intersex". Intersex is a very specific thing, even if you believe that gender=/=sex, it falls squarely on the biological side of things.

Per Wikipedia
>Intersex people are born with any of several variations in sex characteristics including chromosomes, gonads, sex hormones, or genitals that, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies".[1][2]

Honestly this is another example of how they're trying to destroy the definition of actual words. The whole gender=/=sex shit only caught on because of that horrible study by John Money, where he tried to force a boy to pretend to be a girl after a botched circumcision, despite his attempts to just live his life as a man.

Bonus Round
>Reimer said that Money forced the twins to rehearse sexual acts involving "thrusting movements", with David playing the bottom role. Reimer said that, as a child, he had to get "down on all fours" with his brother, Brian Reimer, "up behind his butt" with "his crotch against" his "buttocks". Reimer said that Money forced David, in another sexual position, to have his "legs spread" with Brian on top. Reimer said that Money also forced the children to take their "clothes off" and engage in "genital inspections". On at "least one occasion", Reimer said that Money took a photograph of the two children doing these activities. Money's rationale for these various treatments was his belief that "childhood 'sexual rehearsal play'" was important for a "healthy adult gender identity".[9]

Transgenderism is a mental illness and the major players behind this bullshit are mentally ill sexual deviants.

No. 205126

>identified as intersex
Good fucking heavens thats the first time I have heard that. Not sure how you can identify as intersex, you either are or you're arn't. As you say, its a biological reality.

I mean, I now get why people now identify as otherkin and why transgender people freak out about it-to identify with something just sounds like you choose to believe what you want about said group. Its just complete bullshit.

No. 205131

File: 1505972711460.png (151.33 KB, 1440x580, Screenshot_2017-09-21-00-41-36…)

Yeah, lots of trannies/TAs don't believe in biological sex anymore. People who do are seen as "terf-y."

No. 205387

File: 1506204337289.jpg (57.71 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n1vfs35N8P1ttw2plo1_500…)

okay, i didn't feel like posting here at first, but i guess people were genuinely curious about this

for starters: i'm a trans man. i know that my body is female, but something about that just… doesn't sit right with me. it's very hard to explain - but imagine waking up and looking in the mirror in a body that clearly isn't yours. there's just something off about it - something in the body that doesn't belong to you. that's what "feeling like a male" means to me. it means that i feel uncomfortable in my body and that the way i wish my body was, is a male body. for me, it has nothing to do with gender roles. i mean, i probably wouldn't want to wear a big frilly dress or anything like that, but i don't feel super duper "masculine" either. for me it's about my physical sex and dysphoria associated with it.

No. 205388

it's called dysphoria, that doesn't mean you suddenly understand the idea of being 'male' it means you have a mental disorder and need therapy.

No. 205392

File: 1506205533916.jpg (15.53 KB, 236x308, 6d734621e22c7bf3860856e1059481…)


lolol i know its called dysphoria (i have it diagnosed) but that's what being trans REALLY is. i just wanted to explain that since people here seem to think being trans is just "gender stereotype" this "man in dress" that. dysphoria is a real and actual thing and claiming to be trans without it is stupid

people who say they're trans because they "feel like a woman/man" either are genuinely dysphoric and incredibly bad at expressing themselves verbally or are just co-opting a serious condition

idk if i'd call being trans a mental disorder (that makes it seem like a bad thing and makes transness seem that it makes you inherently worse of a person) but i definitely think it should be recognized as a condition that, depending on the person, either therapy or transition is the best way to deal with.

No. 205397

it's a mental illness like anorexia. also it's against board rules to picfag so enjoy your ban.

No. 205398

Don't you consider depersonalization and body dysphoria a bad thing tho?
No matter how you sugar coat it, it is what it is.
It makes you feel ill and anxious on your own flesh as if it were an ugly suit you can get rid of, that's really fucking bad.
Transgenderism is an imbalance in your brain that makes you say asinine bullshit and fantasize about how happy you will be with a sausage of your own mangled vulva sewn between your legs.
Thus is a mental disorder and one that ruins you.
Please don't be a picfag.

No. 205399


ive had anorexia in the past and its really, really not the same


body dysphoria is a bad thing, but it can be overcome by transitioning for those who want it

No. 205400

what you just said has been said by other trannies 100+ times and worded in every way possible and it all bleeds down to the same ~i look at myself in the mirror and i don't feel like it belongs to me~ bullshit
enjoy feeling mangled beyond recognition afterwards >>204708

No. 205401


all of >>204708 is specific to trans women aka has nothing to do with surgery for ftms

maybe if youre going to argue with trans people at least get your facts straight

No. 205403

and you stop being so fucking delusional, god.
you think is any better for ftm?
someone is going to cut open your crotch close the hole stretch your urethra mangle your clit to stick it at the top of a meat sock to call it a glans and you're gonna hate every waking moment of it because is gonna hurt like hell once all is done.
>maybe if youre going to argue with trans people at least get your facts straight
get off your high horse you freak.

No. 205405

no shit it's going to hurt, its surgery

i just wanted to explain being trans because people didn't seem to get it and people are calling me a freak. which is funny because when i talk about sex dysphoria and being trans on tumblr i get called transphobic.

No. 205408

>idk if i'd call being trans a mental disorder
this made my day, thanks anon

No. 205413

having dysphoria means your brain is fucked up not that you know your a man magically. we know what dypshoria is. leave.

No. 205414

You're definitely not the first or the only one coming to a trans dissing thread to try and "explain" us shit believe me.
Is really pointless, we get it and we still find it insane and unhealthy for one hundred reasons you people can't seem to understand.
>B-b-b-but muh experience as a trans-
Nobody cares. You people either get over it at some point or kill yourselves.

No. 205425

File: 1506226415553.jpg (242.16 KB, 1200x1167, trans evolution.jpg)

pic related had 300+ upvotes on /r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

>but it's not a fetish, i swear!

No. 205428

>has a fursona
>still waiting for therapy and/or hormones on public services
>gifted child
Goddamn. I really want this to be satire but I know several people on twitter exactly like this.

No. 205432

Genuine question, since you're FTM. So in that post the user talks about dilation and all of the maintenance she has to do post-surgery. And forever I'm assuming (?)

For FTMs, is there anything you have to do to maintain the results? Or after you heal do you not have to bother with it anymore?

No. 205434

>futa and trap hentai
>really wants to be dommed
>anime avatars
>wanting animal dick
>forced feminization, hatched eggs

You couldn't convince me these guys aren't fetishists if you tried.

No. 205436

>A girl with a ton of internalized misogyny because there's only "being super feminine" and "being male" options
>Not even transitioned
>Comes to a transwoman thread just to brag about her awful, soul-eating dysphoria and explaining it like the worst parody of a transtrender with the generic "I just ~feel my body doesn't belong to me~!" bullshit
>Picfags on the top of it in a true "DROP EVERYTHING AND LOOK AT ME" fashion
Yeah tell me again how trans people aren't just attention-starved fetishists


No. 205439

>idk if i'd call being trans a mental disorder (that makes it seem like a bad thing and makes transness seem that it makes you inherently worse of a person)

That's you projecting your disgust for other mentally ill people though. Nice to know that you think all people with mental disorders are "inherently worse of a person". Go fuck yourself.

No. 205483


i'm not sure, tbh. i think you do have to do a few follow-up appointments after surgery but i dont think you have to do that dilation stuff


when the fuck did i claim to be a trans woman? i said i was a trans man and that my body was female, i.e, a body with breasts and a vagina


i'm mentally ill myself, i'm not saying mental illness makes you worse of a person, but calling being trans a mental illness gives it the same stigma as mental illness has.

No. 205494

>when the fuck did i claim to be a trans woman? i said i was a trans man and that my body was female, i.e, a body with breasts and a vagina
that's the point dingleberry, you're so hungry for attention you had to come into a transwoman thread to talk about your problems despite being a female

No. 205501


im not the first trans man to post in this thread, did you see >>203572

No. 205527

it should have the same stigma, and you people should learn to not be so disgusted by that stigma. get over yourself. you have a mental illness like it or not. even if trans was real, it'd be a mental illness, like those mentally ill people who want to cut off their limbs. now stop acting like having the same stigma is the problem, when really -any- mental illness having a stigma is. you people don't deserve to be less stigmatized than people who are schizo or bipolar.

No. 205600

Anon, you're on the same level of those people who think they're Napoleon or some shit like that.
Your brain is phisically sick. You don't get a free asspat pass just because you're trans uwu

You need to be cured and your cure and therapy is not a pretend game, it's accepting how you were born as.
You'll never be a man, no matter your feefees (also, please explain how you do feel like a man, without the use of stereotypes such as "I don't feel feminine" etc etc), no matter how many times you'll mutilate your body.
You were born and will die with XX chromosomes.

No. 205608


I hate how trans people get a pass for their mental illness. SRS and HRT is essentially the equivalent of letting a suicidal person kill themselves because it's what they want instead of helping them live happily. Trans people should have the same rehabilitation therapy to live as who they were born as, and no one under 18 or 21 should be able to get therapy of any kind at all because younger age groups have enough issues with figuring themselves out without adding sexual identity into the mix. I used to actually think being trans was legit, but when you see studies and research coming out about how bunk it is, it disgusts me it's being treated as a mental illness with no cure other than invasive mutilation. The people pushing this are sick.

No. 205612

I find society's acceptance of men doing womanface very telling.

No. 205613

If possible, could you link or direct me to these studies? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 205617

File: 1506358734489.jpg (42.57 KB, 640x352, IMG_0989.JPG)

this is well said and also i get you

No. 205637

File: 1506373967651.jpg (43.63 KB, 960x389, DKl_OToWkAcEM5O.jpg)

They don't even try anymore.

No. 205716

No. 205766

I don't see why anyone would want to be a woman other than for sexual or rather masochistic reasons. There are simply no advantages to it. The only woman bonus I can think of is getting treated with more lenience by the law in certain cases (which I think is fucked up by the way) and they won't even get that unless they pass exceptionally well.

Women wanting to be men however is more understandable but just as delusional. If I had been given the choice I would have picked XY myself but you don't get to pick. Becoming a sub-par pseudo man is completely incomprehensible to me.

Can we just reject superficial gender roles and live our lives? This trans bullshit is getting out of hand and it needs to stop.

Psychiatry needs to stop enabling this delusion and actually start helping these poor fucks.

No. 205778

Some criminals have transitioned to get the right of being in a female prison.

I saw some news about a dude who transitioned to avoid police. Took some months to the police realize he transitioned. And then when he was caught, he was moved to a female prison.

A lot of them want to transition so they have access to female only spaces.

No. 205781

mutilating your genitals and dressing feminine doesnt make you a woman

sex = gender and gender = sex

these people are just trying to redefine the english language for their own nefarious reasons,

No. 205794

Didn't take female prison into consideration. You have a point there.

I guess I didn't think of that since the prisons are quite safe where I'm from so that wouldn't provide motivation to transition here.

Invading female spaces is a big thing with them for sure. Are there even lesbian communities left without fake women?

No. 205799

What really pisses me off is the amount of backlash you get when you speak out about this shit. You get treated like some fascist nut for even questioning the validity of this bullshit.

I'm not one to try and convince a person with gender identity disorder of their delusion. That's not my job. I just wish mental health professionals would get these people back on track instead of enabling them.

No. 205800

They're doing it for money, anon. Therapy would fix these people, surgery is a life long expense for both genders. HRT, SRS, both of those require constant maintenance, doctor trips and that means $$$ in doctors pockets. It's a scam, and these mentally ill people are buying into it. The thing that pisses me off most is their bringing children into it, it's always disgusting to me when they do this messed up shit to children.

No. 205802

Well the psychiatrists are not getting payed for the surgery but I'm sure hormones are a big business for them. Same thing goes for many other psychotropic drugs but that's a different topic.

Makes me sick too that they're pushing this crap on children. It boggles the mind.

No. 205805

I seriously don't understand doing these kinds of fucked up things to kids. I'm against cosmetic invasive surgeries, especially involving genitals, like circumcision, a norm in america. But this, this isn't just ruining a part of a child's genitals, this is totally destroying them. Who could sleep at night knowing they are letting stupid parents let their idiot kids choose to ruin their bodies with hormones and plan to destroy their genitals.

No. 206010

It's like blackface except they are pretending to be female. I find it offensive because they tend to have negative stereotypes of what it means to be a woman.

No. 206064

/r9k/ will tell you that being a woman is easier because you can just easily find a man to take care of you and anything you need
yeah it works for SOME women but i don't think it works that way for robot tier trannies

No. 206065

And most of the women for whom it does work have to constantly fuck some control freak who feels like he owns them. What a life.

No. 206099

File: 1506519308160.png (563.5 KB, 568x1882, transgender idiots.png)

Shit like this is why I dislike trans women and the movement

The irony? The festival allowed trans women in, its how they managed to wreck havoc.

Rather than fighting for their rights or anything positive its more like they want to constantly scream how oppressed they are and destroy what others have built because they are angry. Like it doesnt make sense, unless of course they are narcissists like some have mentioned.

No. 206100

because trans people are mentally unstable, but instead of treating that instability, modern medicine decided to feed it. they're not getting help, they're getting their illness and delusions validated.

No. 206101

I'll respect their ~pronouns~ but they will never be female, ever.

The fact that they are pushing for children to be given hormones and puberty blockers younger and younger to stop "dysphoria" just tells me that they are ugly man faced and bodied fucks who are are projecting their "what if" Fantasies onto them, because they know they'll never be a ~beautiful passable girl~

No. 206102

I won't respect their pronouns. I purposely only use trans people's names when talking to them outside of shitting on them, when I'm shitting on them I make a point to use their biological sex. I don't get the issue with pronouns anyways since you rarely ever use pronouns in the presence of the person, just with other people. It's so arrogant.

No. 206171


> "also, please explain how you do feel like a man, without the use of stereotypes such as "I don't feel feminine" etc etc"

sex dysphoria

No. 206181

that still has nothing to do with men….

No. 206195

that's not feeling like a man lol
What's a man? What's a woman? How do you feel like a man or a woman? Because you can't really explain it without the stereotypes anon talked about. I get the idea of sex dysphoria but what if there were no man? What would you feel then? Do you even know how men feel with their genitals? Do a man know how a woman feels about their genitals? As a woman, what does it feels to have something hanging there? Or do you want to be seen as a man to be treated as one?

In the end gender is bullshit, it's just the way to say "Men should behave like this" and "Women should behave like that".

No. 206200

The thing is, to be a wealthy trophy wife you need to be pretty, which none of these men are lol

No. 206265

Did you guys know that neovaginas have hair growing in them? I had seen pics of them but now that I've read up more on this procedure I'm even more disturbed.

No. 206267

cause it's fucking sick. genital altering is disgusting on it's own, but it's so much worse it's done to alter one sex's genitals to seem like the other's.

the way people treat sexual organs is disgusting to me. circumcise, douche, shave, don't smell bad, foreskins are gross, long labia are slutty. it's fucked up.

and yet these mental special snowflakes get pat on the head for their gross puss filled holes and oversized clits. fuck off.

No. 206300

To piggyback onto this, I'm a guy who enjoys video games, baseball, football, beer, and engineering.

I also love female fashion. I'm gay and not at all into cross dressing, so it's not a sexual thing. Having a few interests that fit the opposite gender is normal. You don't need to chop off your dick and scream it to the world to bake cookies. Trans is a mental illness that goes much deeper than not liking your gender.

No. 206305

Yup, because of the skin used to create the neovagina, fecal particles are prone too and it can stink something baaaad.

No. 206308

File: 1506643061147.png (94.03 KB, 640x780, contra.png)

Another misogynistic youtuber is "full-time transing" now, whatever that means. First he was a crossdresser, after that "genderqueer" or something, and now he's taking hormones and 100% sure he's trans because of it. He rants about "TERFs" a lot and thinks a vagina is a hole for sex: https://youtu.be/-SeCD8tJUhU?t=19m23s

No. 206310

Even if you did wear women's clothing, it just wouldn't matter. There are so many heterosexual guys who just enjoy to put on a dress now and then maybe grow out their hair too. This needs to be an ok thing to do. Sure, it would make you a fetishist or a feminine guy but it doesn't make you a woman.

Feminine men and masculine women need to be an ok thing and a concept people can live with.

No. 206317


Explain sex dysphoria, then.
Why would you want a penis? Do you know that "being a man" or "being a woman" has nothing to do with genitals?
Do you believe that people are based on their genitals? Sad.
I won't sugarcoat shit for you : You are a woman.
You didn't choose it, yes, I know, but you are.
You'll never be a man because once you'll become a man you'll realize that changing your body has nothing to do with your mental illness.
You'll be twice as unhappy, because you have to mutilate yourself to drown in your delusions, which exists beyond the concept of gender.

No. 206319

I strongly disagree with this being labelled as a mental issue.

Its roots are not individual, psychological. It is a manifestation of a collective, societal problem.

You millennials, growing up in a post-communist world, have internalized the bulk of societal problems.

You get in debt to finish a college instead of changing the economy, you go vegan instead of changing the industry, you mangle your genitals instead of changing the gender roles.

But the weirdest thing is that you're the first generation to be utterly interconnected with the Internet, yet you are the most atomized generation of all.


No. 206320

fuck you, old. it's not our fault for not doing stuff, it's your fellow olds' faults for not even remotely listening to us or taking us seriously.

No. 206323

Yeah, of course I'm not gonna listen to your pleas to buy you the new iPhone.

Go to your room.

No. 206327

it does not make you a fetishist.. there is nothing inherently sexual about cross dressing

No. 206329

>weh weh i didn't read the thread

your problems are your own old man.

No. 206330

>fetishist OR feminine guy

No. 206332

Upon some thought, the troll is right to bait me on that last sentence. It was not what I meant to convey. I conveyed my frustration rather then my point.

The last sentence should have been

The previous words I wrote in all caps still stand. I am still frustrated.

Huh? I did read. What are you implying I missed

No. 206334

File: 1506658526635.png (554.76 KB, 648x1231, sonic_the_hedgehog_middle_fing…)

I was only half trolling… I meant the not taking us seriously part. We're doing as hard as we can so chill out, wise up, and/or fuck off, grandpa.

No. 206336

>We're doing as hard as we can
I believe ya, but you're doing the wrong thing as hard as you can is what I'm saying.

There are worthy goals you are neglecting, that you are wilfully blind to.

I'm too old to be a revolutionary. What's your excuse?

No. 206339

>Another misogynistic youtuber
Wait, the only time I heard of Contra Points was when he made that stupid video about Free Speech/Censorship. I feel like I missed something very major.

>As a get-laid strategy, transitioning is about the worst thing you could possibly do.

While accurate, I'm pretty sure most trannies are oblivious to this fact and think they'll all become pretty girls.

No. 206341

My excuse? How about my fucking job for one? Lots of us millennials are poor. I can't just drop everything to try and Tony Montana my way up into an extremely closed-minded system until I demolish it from the inside out and become what you consider to be a ~revolushunlaree~, and the majority of my peers can't either.

Are you a troll or are you just stupid?

No. 206342

Only you can change the system so it doesn't make people like you poor. Nobody else can do it for you. Fact.

If you don't do it, your children will be even poorer than you. Prediction.

I'm very smart, thanks for asking.

No. 206349

> the majority of my peers can't either.
Are you bloody kidding me. Do you know how many of you are out there, in the same circumstances, and connected by the umbilical cord of the Internet?
"Look at us powerless millions" is what you're saying.

Just… just.. just please at least recognize your power and then throw it away if you want.

No. 206365

exactly. I can't see any other reason to wear female clothing which is less practical than male clothing. Either you're feminine and wan't to make sure the world knows it or you like how it feels to wear flimsy or revealing clothes.

No. 206368

The thing is, these ultra conservative who are just as much against the trans craze as we are are also against men being feminine and the female equivalent.

That's where the difference between us and them lies. They want to preserve the status quo, they're coming from an emotional standpoint.
We're just being rational. We want these people to get help and accept who they really are and just live their lives like that.

I think conservatives are shooting themselves in the foot if they don't want a guy who thinks he's a woman to just wear a fucking dress and still be able to call himself Steve.

The best example is Iran. Ultra conservative theocracy where trans surgery is encouraged to make homosexuality or crossdressing socially acceptable. Deplorable.

No. 206380

people, please stop replying to that pretend old libertarian. thanks.

No. 206384

Thanks. Seems like bait is very effective on these boards.

No. 206425

File: 1506710086448.jpg (54.85 KB, 640x640, jeffery.jpg)

"Female" fashion is one million times more interesting and beautiful than "male" fashion is. Most of the time it is a kink thing, but there's nothing inherently creepy about a guy wanting to wear a nice dress or something.

No. 206430

yea but this thread is about transwomen, most of which use being female as a kink, including the clothes.

No. 206452

Yeah, transwomen always seem to sexualize the female gender role.

No. 206453

Let's be real here. Women's clothing looks terrible on 99.9% of men. And the only men it looks good on are men who look like women.

No. 206464

most standard women's clothing looks bad on men cause it's not meant for broad bodytypes. i think it -could- work if they made feminine clothing for men.

but man, come on, rigid gender roles have existed for thousands of years, we're not going to suddenly dispel them.

No. 206465

File: 1506721859757.jpg (98.69 KB, 327x512, B001395.jpg)

What about frilly French court fashion from the 1600s? Way more interesting, colourful, beautiful etc. than what we have now. I was reading an article the other day, about how men's fashion essentially became muted and boring during the Regency era, and hasn't recovered since.

No. 206470

I have no issue with that, just as I'd have no issue with someone making skirts for men. Honestly, though, it seems even more difficult for men to break their gender roles than women, since so few of them care, and the people who care are MRA idiots who aren't fighting for the right things. Women can wear pant and suits and ties and whatever the fuck, but men can't wear skirts without getting insulted by other men (and dumb women), and that's a problem. A lot of men's issues, (male femininity not being acceptable, male rape not being addressed, child circumcision being legal, spousal abuse against males) are all mostly dismissed by other men. All of those things and many others, can be addressed in a way that contributes to feminism. And a lot of this stuff probably contributes to the fetishization of being female.

No. 206472

it was pompous and over the top but it wasn't women's clothing. little boys however wore dresses up to a certain age.

No. 206481

>What about frilly French court fashion from the 1600s?
Maybe it's because of the circles I run in but I get the sense that colorful and flamboyant clothing is losing some of its stigma because of people like the Landsknecht. Hard to attack the masculinity of a guy that ran around with a giant sword and fucked shit up.

>Women can wear pant and suits and ties and whatever the fuck, but men can't wear skirts without getting insulted by other men
Probably in part because pants are generally perceived as more gender neutral. Good luck doing hard labor in a dress, but I don't really see any advantages to a dress aside from liking how it looks.

>All of those things and many others, can be addressed in a way that contributes to feminism.

Doesnt help the message is all over the place. Some women say feminism seeks to help remedy male problems, others say it's only for female problems and men need to fuck off. The average person just doesn't want to deal with that shit.

No. 206483

Dresses are more comfortable than pants to me. Especially those long maxi skirts. Way more comfortable in hot weather. No wonder the ancient Romans thought pants were for barbarians.

No. 206485

>Way more comfortable in hot weather.
To each their own. I wear shorts in hot weather typically, and I'm not going to be in a suit if I'm going to be outside. The Romans only really idolized togas and hated pants because the Greeks they copied and the Germans they hated wore them respectively.

No. 208380

i thought this was thorgy thor from rupaul’s drag race lol

No. 208420

>I don't really see any advantages to a dress aside from liking how it looks.
I personally see no downside other than "someone might see your underwear".

I don't really get why men would prefer pants over skirts, unlike women they have a dick in there. Shouldn't a skirt be more comfortable, since it doesn't smother or constrict the D?

I bet some men have small dicks because of too tight underwear and pants unf

No. 208492

I get you, Anon and I feel the same way.

No. 209948


I love this thread, you guys are saying exactly what I've always thought about the tumblr approach to gender.
I have some stereotypically feminine traits, and some stereotypically masculine ones, I don't "feel" a special connection to my gender, but I am 100% a woman because I was born with a vagina and 2x chromosomes. That's all fucking being a woman is, the rest is up to you.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills whenever trans people come up.
I'm a lefty, yet I'm afraid to speak my mind on the internet, for fear I'll be screamed down for being an ignorant bigot because I don't think liking dresses makes you a woman.
It feels like we're going fucking backwards in regards to gender.

No. 209949

In their defence I know that the hormones can make them go sex crazy, therefore seeming that they’re all about the dildos and shit. My first experience with a mtf I was young and it was one of my close friends who was a few years older than me, this was before it was popular to be transgender lol, they went from completely against sex, 100% conservative religious etc to sex crazed atheist. They even went as far as doing cam shows and had an apparent eating disorder as well. Fast forward a few years to them being on hormones and they’ve realllllllly toned down the sex, raging against religion and general “rebelling” I think part of it can also be from being so closed up for so long to finding their new self and going a little wild. I do agree however about stef, just that she has such a young audience that I don’t think she should be advertising sex toys and shit. But c’est la vie.

No. 209951

I was a feminist until trans women came along and started talking over women, saying really shitty things about 'natal women' (the fact that you even have to type that in some places makes me rage) like they deserve to be called she and her because they want it more than we do, or that our pussies stink (hunty, yours is an open wound that gets hairballs and ball sweat smegma, believe that you're doing some massive projection) or that women are literally murdering trannies by calling them trannies. Last time I checked, men who go to prostitrannies are doing the murdering. Women on the whole don't commit violent crime, but lumping chicks with dicks in with real women is skewing crime data and also putting women in prison at risk for rape and murdery by these autogynephiles.

There's this tranny cow that I follow, Chris Scaife, he goes by Angelica Perduta and he's absolutely psycho, like a MGTOW who also decided he was a girl, I can't even understand that level of crazy.

What sucks is I feel like I can only voice thoughts like this here, or gendertrender, but I hate trannies. They still talk over women, and they still behave like degenerate asshole men.

No. 209955


Um, samefagging because I forgot my point: I stopped being a feminist because this wave of feminism seems to support and value tranny voices more than their own, and we've allowed them to take over women's spaces, which I don't understand. I'm not calling my vagina a 'front hole' because it makes the trannies sad.

If trans women really cared about women, they would recognize that they are not women and they have no right to speak in place of women, or to demand that women change language to suit their feelings.

No. 209960

If you stopped being a feminist at all than the issue lies within urself and not transwomen kek

No. 209966


If women are dumb enough to value trannies over themselves while still calling themselves feminists, then I'd say those are some bad feminists, anon.

No. 209988

you need some radical feminism. I didn't consider myself a feminist either but discovering radical feminism changed my mind and finally showed me the real feminism I should strive for.

No. 210000

I wont state my gender, but wondering about your opinions. I don't follow any gender roles, more or less just a person. I tried once to be in the lgbt community, however I stayed away when it seemed to much for me? I'm aware I will never be the real deal, but it will make me feel happier to just change my body for myself?
Kinda like how some girls get breast implants or some men suck the fat from there man boobies.

No. 210001

I think the main problem is that therapists and doctors keep misdiagnosing people. Being trans is very rare. There is no way there is a sudden influx of this rare mental condition. Just like how they throw around ADD too much. People changing there minds during transitioning is on the rise because of these irresponsible therapists and doctors and it is a shame. It makes the rare cases look like jokes or nut jobs. That is what needs to be fixed, and places like tumblr are actually hurting the lgbt community by making it a fashion statement or a status symbol.

As for the children. Any parent, doctor or therapist that changes a child should have the kid taken away. They encourage the behavior and don't let the kid live a neutral life. their bodies are now fucked. I think the age limit for any trans process should be 20-25 when you're a grown adult and know what you want in life.

No. 210008

The only person you can change your body for is yourself! Start by working out more and eating less

No. 210010

The "real" cases are nutjobs though

No. 210023

Kinda like how people use to think being gay was nutty eh? It all cycles back

No. 210026

Not at all, really. Sexual preference and dissociating from your biological sex on the basis of sexist stereotypes are two drastically different things. One is on the same level as kinning or getting an arm cut off because you were convinced it wasn't supposed to be there and the other is on the same level as preferring cats over dogs (more or less).

Being gay is also harmless, while trans shit obviously isn't.

No. 210028


I've never felt welcome among radfems because in the community where I live, they're down on men and talk all that BS about how PIV sex is all rape which I think is garbage.

No. 210048


lmao this being trans = same as being gay meme.

you don't need to surgically change yourself, or need others to perceive you as something else you are not to be gay. you just exist as you are.

being trans is all about changing yourself and others having to see you certain way so that you exist.

No. 210322


Has anyone seen this "controversy"?

The TLDR is some kid who can't even lift 70 lb and is constrained to a motorized wheelchair renamed his student ID to some reference to the movie Cars, and now people are whining about how this ~cis male~ is abusing a tool that trans people use or some bullshit.

How delusional do you have to be to think a wheelbound cripple is more privileged than you?

No. 210326

Wow, let's harass a disabled person because he used a service open to everyone causing no harm to anybody.
They really are the worst bullies.

No. 210330

Does anyone’s else feel comfortable around trans men (regardless of point in transition) but not trans women? I think my feelings also have to do with personal experience, I had trans guy friends in high school but I met a trans girl in college who was very manipulative, narc, and way too happy to talk about sex and her penis. None of my trans male friends talked like that.

No. 210335

Most serious trans men (aka not Tumblr fakebois) try not to impose themselves much and regardless of whether or not they're nice people personally, they aren't in your face about their transness. Almost as if being raised as a female had an impact on their behavior…

safe because this belongs on the /g/ TERF thread

No. 210345

>Get a OkCupid account
>"Women seeking women"
>80% of them are actually trannies
Are cis lesbian/bisexual spaces that fucked nowadays?

No. 210346

Pretty much. It's depressing as fuck…

No. 210348

Honestly the trannies on the dudes post are just disturbing.

Literally just a dude in a dress.

I heard that OKC is particularly fucked for stuff like that. Not sure why, but it seems to attract the snowflake types hardcore in my experience.

No. 214262

File: 1512285348843.jpg (38.92 KB, 312x446, 1509347395492.jpg)

I think it's a mental illness, but I'm a loss to suggest even a single way to treat it, or help.
I wasted my entire adolescence and the start of my young adult life suffering from it, but I kind of gave up on it once I realized that the only cure around wouldn't have solved my issues.
It fucked me up permanently in various ways that make having a relationship impossible now, but at least I won't end up in /r/transpassing and in online picture compilations.

Hope it's fine to bump with this. I'm just confused as to how I even feel towards this. I'm desperate for a place to discuss it without it being either a hugbox or the polar opposite.

No. 214263

honest answer, it would take a lot of time and therapy for you to get over your dysphoria, if you have it, which is the mental illness part of it. it will be impossilbe at this point to find a therapist who won't recommend transitioning in some way. it's one of those things that would take tons of time, self discovery and aided discovery by your therapist and then solutions to come to terms with and heal your feelings and be able to be comfortable in your own body, but honestly, it's industrialized so i don't know you can find a therapist who will do that. maybe with tons and tons of searching, but i'd think most of them aren't quick to say they don't support it since they can get sued.

No. 214264

I live in a backwards country where that level of progressive tomfoolery doesn't exist, fortunately.
The therapist I went to was very professional and proposed I get on antidepressants instead, to check if that was the underlying cause. They worked, but they only made the situation better without addressing the main issue I think.

The problem with curing myself, like I'm sure is the issue for curing any transexual, is that your entire personality is built around it. By which I don't mean that you go to trans pride events and you have a tumblr, what I mean is that you are the 'kind' of person to fall into the illness.

So even if my dysphoria vanished, I'd still be left with emotional needs that I'm not the right gender nor sex to receive, or invoke in a partner or either sex.
But as things are now I'm constantly forced to give up on relationships before or as soon as they start, because the thought of myself in any kind of intimacy (a hug, a kiss, etc) revolts me.

No. 214283

It’s interesting to hear your experience/perspective anon. I’m sorry you’re going through this, I can only imagine how hard it must be.

I had always thought that transgenderism must be some form of trauma response to not being suitably able to receive certain social treatment, ie men who want to wear pretty dresses and bat eyelashes (for a horribly cliche example) and have everyone treat them like cute girly girls. What you’ve said appears to fit that assessment; although I’d be interested to hear what you mean by
>emotional needs I’m not the right gender or sex to receive
& then stating that
>thought of myself in any kind of intimacy revolts me
Surely that’s a sexual need, not an emotional one?

Cool if you don’t want to go into it though. I just genuinely would like to understand from the POV of someone actually dealing with these feelings.

No. 214287

>Surely that’s a sexual need, not an emotional one?
Like I've specified right after, I'm talking about stuff like even a hug, a kiss, holding hands, etc.
Of course sex would be traumatic too, but that's an entirely different can of worms, and not what I was referring to.
Just being in public makes me feel repulsive, being touched just amplifies that.

>ie men who want to wear pretty dresses and bat eyelashes

Even with a magical instant sex change I would probably be wearing stuff that's considered tomboyish to be honest, sweet lolita and overtly cute things aren't my thing. Cutest I would go is Mori as far as dresses are concerned.
But I do still have some needs (wants?) that I guess fall into the umbrella of stereotypical gender roles.
Stuff like wanting to be the protected half of the relationship, or being 'showed off' by a proud partner. Which I realize isn't exclusively female, but it feels wrong for some reason, like even if it happened it shouldn't be.

Not that it matters since even if someone saw me that way I wouldn't be able to stand the relationship, just by virtue of me being a part of it.
It's mostly a physical thing, but I've grown with time to find myself repulsive on an emotional level too.

I broke at some point, and apparently developed psychopathy on top of the manic depression. Losing 90% of my ability to feel things made the pain much more bearable, and even with meds it never returned to quite the same level, which convinced me I didn't 'deserve' to be with anyone and force them to be with someone who wouldn't be able to love them back.

My armchair diagnosis of myself is that I was just an ordinary lonely person, but coincidence and other underlying problems mixed like bleach and ammonia to create this.
In an amusing twist of fate I have more friends than I've ever had, but I feel more alone than I've ever been.

No. 214291

based on what you've said, go back to therapy. do therapy sessions and don't just accept pills. tell them the pills help but you want to free yourself from the cause and work through it emotionally.

No. 214294

That's fair enough. I assumed you meant in a non-platonic manner (like not from a family member or friend); so I suppose it's romantic, the bridge between emotional and sexual needs? Thank you for the further explanation, I understand better now.

That's also fair enough. I chose an "extreme" example to demonstrate the scenario I was imagining.
>wanting to be the protected half of the relationship, or being 'showed off'
>isn't exclusively female, but it feels wrong for some reason
This is the core of what I thought of transgenderism before I read your comment… the idea that these desires are inherently gendered is creating such a mental disconnect that it causes identity trauma, which in turn necessitates a protective response/coping mechanism. (Please don't be offended or upset by any of this, that's not my intention, it's just pseudo-academic musing.)

I'm sorry this has happened to you anon. But I agree with >>214291 - please go back to therapy. You are capable of loving yourself, and loving someone else, and you definitely deserve that. There isn't a right or wrong way to be in this world (unless it directly harms someone else like animal abuse or something). I also have manic depression, so I feel your pain on that one. It's a long hard slog getting off the pills, facing the cause, and truly working it out with yourself, but totally worth it. Thank you for talking honestly with me, and good luck anon.

No. 214736

File: 1512531937017.png (266.2 KB, 1863x476, Capture.PNG)

I tried being trans friendly. I really tried. Then I browsed 4chan's /lgbt/ board for a couple months where it was just a nightmare of autistic trans "lesbians" harassing actual lesbians and overall being fetishistic, invasive and creepy.

Here is a thread that's currently up, and the replies made my stomach turn:

Pic related is a post from the thread that basically sums up my thoughts, aside from the obvious pro-life b.s.

No. 214740

Is it really "pro-life bs" when we're talking about abortion at 9 months?

No. 214742

i think "stef on knee" can fuck all the way off

No. 214743

lol at all the troons trying to justify their racism. when will libfems realise these are the exact same white men they're complaining about, just wearing lipstick?

shout out to all the black men doing God's work by killing off these turds btw kekeke

No. 214756

No. If a woman is uncomfortable with giving birth for whatever reason and wants to abort the baby, she should be able to. It's her body, and childbirth isn't something everyone's mentally capable of going through.

No. 214758

the importance that humans place on their insignificant little lives, especially of those who haven't even been born, and will need care for 18 years is ridiculous.

sage because this is ot and the thread is gonna probably get baleeted like the terf thread on /g/.

No. 214763

that thread got deleted?

No. 214772

Lol that is insane and incredibly selfish but whatever

No. 214778

I’m completely pro-choice, but it’s not abortion if a baby is full-term, it’s murder. If someone kills a pregnant woman and their child was viable they are also tried for the death of the child. If the mother was “uncomfortable” or “not mentally capable” of giving birth, she had plenty of time prior to resolve that.

/sage for derail

No. 214781

>be 8.5 months pregnant
>”would love to fondle those huge swollen titties”
>think of having my painful veiny leaking boobs mauled by a transbian

No. 214825

Just because it's the law doesn't mean it should be. A court gave a child a life sentence in prison because she murdered the pedophile that was holding her as a sex slave. I suppose that was justified? Because it's the law?

And what about overweight women who don't know they're pregnant until month 8-9? Have you ever seen that show "I didn't know I was pregnant"?

No. 214832

> A court gave a child a life sentence in prison because she murdered the pedophile that was holding her as a sex slave.

don't fucking lie man.

No. 214834

No. 214872

File: 1512596427668.png (193.28 KB, 1850x487, pregnant fetishist.PNG)

Their fetishization of pregnant womens' bodies and just about any female bodily function is disgusting. Stay far away from that place if you can, it's cringier than Tumblr.

No. 214876

>a child
>actually 16, the legal age of sexual consent

Plenty of 16 year olds have been tried as adults for severe enough crimes. Murder is pretty severe. Stop being over-dramatic, it completely ruined the (already thin) point you were trying to make.

Do I think a mother should have the right to remove a human being from her body at a point where the child would almost undoubtedly live, but would likely end up with lifelong medical issues? No, I don’t, and any woman who thinks that’s a reasonable thing to do because “not prepared” is a horrible cunt. You prepare yourself for potential children when you have sex, there’s no foolproof way to avoid it 100% of the time.

Sage because moralfag, but fr

No. 214878

Samefag, I answered you but clicked on the wrong # - see above.

Also if you’re so fat you don’t know you’re 9 months pregnant… sort your life out jfc.

No. 214879

Wtf, then do we force women to carry children they dont want??
Like fucking cattle, thats immoral..

>>inb4 just never have sex ever!! unless you we're raped then you can "kill" the baby hurrdurr

No. 214880

fuck ac

No. 214888

That screencap sums me up at this point. I'm beginning to really side with TERFS and shit and I feel super fucking bad for lesbians having to deal with all this stuff.

And like…I like men for the most part, and yeah I've deal with some sexist assholes once or twice, but god, trans'women' really do take the cake misogyny wise. Like, I saw a FB for translesbians that basically kept calling 'cis' woman axe wounds and breeders and a buncha other really foul shit. They then try to CHANGE how women's health is operated by doctors and force us to accept them into our bathrooms and then act utterly fucking surprised women despise them.

I don't want to hate anyone, but god I'm getting there.

No. 214897

>kept calling 'cis' woman axe wounds and breeders
Which is fucking hilarious because aren't transbians technically straight men aka 'breeders'? Lmao. And to think that a large portion of them have been married to women for 20+ years with several kids of their own.

I noticed that outside of Tumblr and libfem circles, a lot of troons seem to strongly dislike transbians too. It's probably only because they think being associated with autogynephiles gives them a 'bad name' or something, but if their own kind hates them too, that's clear evidence that they're terrible.

No. 214914

You guys are just as irresponsible and selfish like trannies. As soon as someone asks people like you to think of someone other than yourselves you go "But wut about MUH RIGHTS?" So yeah don't go deluding yourselves that you are morally superior to trannies somehow. It's about escapism and being childish either way.

No. 214920

Why do people care this much about fetuses

No. 214937

What the fuck? How is it forcing a woman to carry a child she doesn’t want at 9 months pregnant? She’s done the fucking carrying, but she wants to abort at the last minute - which FYI means she’d have to give birth anyway, how else do you think it would leave her body - so it’s murdering an unborn child, not aborting some half-formed thing. Can none of you distinguish between foetus and baby, or are you just not reading the original comments before you answer?

I’m pro-choice you retard. Doesn’t mean I’m “pro killing/disabling an actual fully-formed child because some moms are too fat to realise they’re 9 months pregnant and then throw a shit fit about muh rights”

No. 214956

Keep backtracking, you never mentioned 9 months

No. 214962

Ah, so you just weren't reading the original comments then. I didn't mention 9 months, >>214825 did - the anon I was replying to. Maybe try reading the whole conversation before you get butthurt over nothing.

No. 214985

sage bc this isn't on topic anymore, but most late term abortions are only performed when there's a health issue and it's a life or death thing, not just because the pregnant woman decided she didn't actually want to have a kid last minute. you look foolish arguing about this.

No. 215001

1) I wasn't the anon who started this OT.
2) I also wasn't any of the anons who have tried to argue with me about the 1 comment I made in response to the OP anon.
3) You're the one who looks foolish because you also appear to have not read the comment thread, just like the previous anons who have argued with me. I'm aware of why they perform late term abortions, it's clearly not what I'm talking about… if you bothered to read before replying.

Sage for having to explain a simple concept for the 3rd time because anons are apparently fucking thick

No. 215034

File: 1512682313210.png (532.95 KB, 476x599, sexy lady.PNG)

Imagine sharing a locker room shower with this person lol

Caption from HER Instagram:
>I had a fitting with a designer for an upcoming photoshoot. After schlepping myself halfway across town to the fitting, I show up and the stylist helping me says "okay so what size are you?" I told him that I was anywhere between an 8 and a 12, depending on the designer. "Oh, we don't have much of that, but let's see what we can do." After fifteen minutes of digging, he hands me two dresses "This one's an 8, but it's stretchy so it might fit? And this other dress is a 10–it's the only one I could find." I contorted, sucked in, tensed my stomach, and pushed all of the air out of my lungs, but the first dress wouldn't zip. Which left the second dress, a boring, dull, black cocktail dress lacking in both personality and structure. "Sorry we couldn't find anything else for you," he said half-heartedly, dismissively, while checking his email, "we don't regularly have anything bigger than an 8 in our showroom" For a second, I started spiraling into a vortex of self-hatred and shame about my body. I almost started to feel ugly. After a minute and a few deep breaths, I stopped myself. There is nothing wrong with my body. I have a great body. I have a gorgeous body. But my body is also one that the fashion industry refuses to recognize as worthy of consideration or beautification. Because I am feminine and large, because I am feminine and have big feet, the fashion industry dismisses me out of the gate. But here's what you should know: If I can't find a dress at your showroom, it's not because there's something wrong with my body, it's because there's something wrong with your brand, with who your brand values as beautiful. On a day that tried to shake my self confidence and self esteem, I'm posting a self-portrait in my underwear to reaffirm just how cute I know I am

No. 215035

File: 1512682425612.jpg (154.55 KB, 450x675, transbian.jpg)

What an amazing sexy womyn I guarantee she's more of a woman than those nasty cis terfs will ever be

Stay jelly cissies~

No. 215047

i'll take things that didn't happen for $500 please.

No. 215050

No. 215085

Reading bullshit like this makes some weird pathetic part of me want to be the most stereotypical girl ever. Like, fragile body and pixie feet 4 lyf~

No. 215088

>I almost started to feel ugly.

That must have been terrible.

No. 215102

Responsing to an old post but my gf is trans (MtF) and she's pretty chill,looks like your local lesbian in flannel shirts and sometimes sports clothes.
I still secretly think it's a mental illness but she's perfectly sane,knows she wont ever be a biological woman, and that most MTFs are retarded so…idk. Maybe transition can sometimes be the "cure"??
She passes perfectly on every point too since she started in her teenage years.

No. 215103

Also she thinks TERFs are right. Transpeople deserve respect,obviously,but they have nothing to do with feminism.
Goddamn I love her.

No. 215106

I have a friend like your gf, she’s trans as well and share similar opinions. I wish people like them would be the ones carrying the voice of the mtf movement and not those nasty crazy men in dresses.

No. 215107

trans women are in my feminism
I think that certain specific topics like discrimination women face that are not trans, things that clearly may differ in terms of experiential knowledge we share, but I think it's valuable to include trans people in feminism so we can better understand ourselves as human beings and how we are influenced externally. Boo boo on u

No. 215122

disagree. trans people have different experiences regardless of whether people think they're legit the sex/gender they want to be. and they will never have the same experiences no matter how long they act as that gender. saying that, we may as well not even have feminism. i'd much rather concentrate on real men's issues that affect women directly or dismantling gender roles than i would on the issues of a tiny percentage of people that barely affect anyone outside their own group (other than by worming into someone else's)

No. 215124

Then your feminism isn't actually feminism. MTF rights activism is men's rights activism/masculism/"meninism".

No. 215148

Going on the topic of it being a "cure", for me personally, being on hormones has done a lot to stabilize my mental and emotional state.

Actually tried stopping HRT for a year, with the idea that I should just learn to accept myself, and it didn't work so I went back. Happier overall.

Transitioning did have the added effect of me being more comfortable with my body. I never hated it before, I just never really recognized it as mine. Now I feel much more comfortable with who I am.

It's too darn tiring. I think I only really get riled up about trans issues when it comes in to the news cycle, and even then I burn out pretty quick.

In my experience the best results I've had contributing to the "movement" have been just -going about life, being as normal and sane person as I can be, while being an open resource for people. When people often feel like all trans people are crazy dudes trying to get into bathrooms, hopefully showing that isn't the case is enough.

To answer the OP as a trans woman,

I do think a lot of trans women try too hard to be "authentic". A lot of people seem to get fixated on "passing", about controlling how others see them, and wanting things that they should accept they can't have (e.g. uterus). And it can be incredibly problematic.

A lot of people I see who start transitioning reduce being a woman to a series of checkboxes. (There's also the opposite, where people feel like it can be whatever they dictate)

I'll always remember when I first was open about my transition I freaked out because I had some facial hair growing and my friend chastised me "stop complaining. Katie over there has more hair than you on her lip" and that helped me realize I was focusing on dumb shit.

Hopefully more people grow out of it. I try not to get too involved though because the only thing more tiring than arguing with someone insisting I'm going to the bathroom to molest their daughters is arguing with someone who says the lesbian who said they don't like dick is a misogynist.

No. 215157

Surely feminism happened in the first place because women understood all too well what men’s external influence was on us (ie controlling our damn lives). Now they’re doing it by saying “but I FEEL like a woman” and medically forcing their bodies to appear female. Then women like you go around patronising others into silent acceptance of this. Biological men: always winning, even in women’s politics.

I’m happy for trans people to have a platform, identity, and safe existence in society. I don’t hate them. I’m just not being forced to accept them as a woman just like me, because they aren’t and never will be. They have their own experiences that I would never dare try to claim, so why are they trying so hard to claim (and therefore erase) mine?!

No. 215179

I second this. Although both suffer from similar types of discrimination, women and trans women (as in real trans women and not gynofetishists in drag) face different experiences that just doesn’t correlate. For that reason I think feminism works only for XX chromosomed humans. Still, as what it’d be considered a TERF, I think trans women deserve respect and rights.

I disagree with >>215124 though, MTF is different than being male, so I don’t think trans women’s issues have something to do with masculism. Is true that because of their main biology some people might consider them “male”, but they face different experiences that men won’t understand nor identify with.

I’d prefer to label them in a new category. I know many trans women won’t be ok with that, because the struggle to be acknowledged as a real woman is tiring.

Now if we pointed the real problem, we’d be talking about gender issues, male violence and machism.

No. 215834

God damn, those fucks hate anything and everything related to women don’t they?

> taking happy pics of your pregnancy

> whoreshow

I used to stand by trans until realizing how misgonistic and vitriolic they can be towards cis women. Maybe there’s a few good people in that movement who want to be respected and left alone, but what I really see are just men aspiring to replace biowomen completely

No. 215885

I'm AGP and honestly I can't apologies enough for this species. Half of them only transition because they want pussy and retain the violent tendencies of men. Shit I'm not even pretending to be an actual women, but to honest, ever since I've transitioned, the behavior of men I never saw before has sickened me. Fucking creeps constantly coming onto you and thinking you're sexual active and ready to fuck any random stranger 24/7. Then you've got these abomination "transbiens" coming onto you and getting pissy and saying you're not a real trans person for not having sex with them.

Honestly, at this point I don't even want to be associated with trans people anymore. I'd rather just be called a femboy or trap, because these hons are even more misogynistic than normal men because they think they can get away with it.

No. 215950

Honestly thank you for your empathy. If more people were like you I'd have 0 issues with this movement but the crypto-conservative misogynist assholes ruin it for everyone. I absolutely don't speak for everyone here but I wish you well and hope that you can continue being empathetic to both sides while figuring out where you stand, wherever that turns out to be.

No. 215993

I also thank you for this and reiterate that I have no problem with trans people like you. It’s your life, your body, and you do what makes you happy. It just makes me angry that I grew up being marginalised and victimised by men, and now I’m being marginalised and victimised by men who say they’re women…

No. 216017


>Half of them only transition because they want pussy and retain the violent tendencies of men.

I'm super curious now of your experiences; have you met any of these types of guys ? What were they really like?

No. 216048


The issue is with transbiens. And I'm not being transphobic or anything, obviously not every transbien on the planet is like this, but they completely lack introspect. If you're attracted to men, you end up being forced to interact with them from the perpective of an object of their lust, and you realize things you never saw in yourself before, like how men treat rejection like its some existential horror you've intentionally inflicted on them out of malice rather than you just not being interested in that particular person or them acting like an arsehole and putting you off. Its even more unfair because THEY forced you into that spotlight: you either say yes and go along with something you really don't want to do or say no and get treated like a piece of shit. Transbiens just don't get that experience and its doesn't force them to confront the reality of their own behavior.

As a man you're blinded to that, but if you actually go out and date men and you're on that side, it reveals to you a lot of misogynistic behavior you'd never even considered. That's why I tell any /r9k/fag that rants about how women have it easy because men throw themselves at them to go gay for a day. And men know this even without dating men, you must have seen the abject fear and disgust straight men have of homosexual men in prison or in a bathroom coming onto them. But they somehow can't look at their own behavior through that lens. Its fucked up.


>I'm super curious now of your experiences; have you met any of these types of guys ? What were they really like?

I've seen them at gay bars, crossdressing men who really put no effort in at all and think they're immune to rejection because it would be transphobia. This one "girl" came up to a female friend of mine and started getting really close and whispering things. She's really not interested in sex (especially with some 50 year old in very bad drag) and I could see her shaking her head. He persisted anyway so me and my friends put our arms between them and just said "no no no". He looked a bit shocked but then went off. I've lso had one experience where I was alone with another transexual and she kept trying to put porn on. I'm not a prude, but watching with someone I barely know at a party in someone else's bedroom isn't something I wanted to do. I told her I was uncomfortable with it, but she just kept saying "I'm just curious, I've never watched it before". Yeah right. In the end it started to turn into a bit of an argument, so I just said "look, no, I'm not interested" and left. But this is the thing, they don't understand how fucking awkward it is. The worst thing is, I would have been interested in her if it wasn't plain sex was the only thing on her mind.

But the worst thing is, men and trans-females know this. Like I said before, being raped by a stronger man they can't do anything against is a frequent topic of discussion among men, and they almost always say something like "I'd kill myself before I'd let that happen". So surely they must understand that's how it makes women feel as well?

No. 216051

I don't care if they're more comfortable that way and just going about their lives. Kinda bothers me that in the UK they can get all their surgery for free though or gofuckme'd. I'm pretty sure a free nose job would have saved me years of selfloathing and therapy but I wouldn't freeload that from tax payer's money to a system that's lacking in resources as is.

The tumblr ones that just ree if their pronouns aren't used even though they present themselves either as cis or some colourful 12 year old boy with piercings are a joke though.

No. 216081

If a person with gender dysphoria don’t transitionate, they are going to get bullied and harassed by men. If they do transitionate, they are going to still get bullied and harassed by men. And now they get bullied and harassed by crazy weirdos in drag.

No. 216143

I agree with you on that aspect anon, as a fellow UKfag. The NHS spent an additional £6million in funding on Gender Identity Clinics last year but they cut antenatal and mental health services constantly because lack of funding. I googled it once and found a comment section full of guys complaining that you don’t get free facial feminisation surgery as part of transition on the NHS - one guy said he hadn’t had a job for 12 years because he couldn’t face people while he didn’t look like a woman?? Like if that’s true, you have problems beyond being trans…

Also agree on the nose job. How do people get this stuff for free?!

No. 216155

You're my favorite tranny. I hope life treats you well.

>So surely they must understand that's how it makes women feel as well?

That's why we have the man-hate thread, a lot of them just don't care about women so even if they know, they don't think it matters.

Agree as well, it's extremely entitled of them.

>complaining that you don’t get free facial feminisation surgery as part of transition

Welcome to life as an ugly female, motherfucker

No. 216256

File: 1513276984833.png (241.36 KB, 1658x849, Capture.PNG)

More 4chan transwoman sperging.

It seems like these 4chan trannies love trolling lesbians and have a particular hatred for Magdalen Berns, always looking for an excuse to say she looks like a man.

No. 216287

They're misogynists. Who'd have thunk it?

No. 216303

/lgbt/ is utter shit.
All of 4chan is utter shit, to be fair. Misogynists in endless summer mode

No. 216677

well magdalen hates them too so it's not shocking

also i love how internet trannies think photos are all it takes to pass, you can pass easily with the right angles in a photo, but as soon as you hear those voices it's instantly a man 100% of the time, magdalen looks masculine but you can still tell she's a woman by looking at her and definitely her voice
she's also my waifu and i love her.

No. 216705

Find proof of the left pic that isn't on here, oh wait you can't, most of the time the fat guy gets praised and the fat girl gets bashed, maybe you should search for your own shit instead of finding old memes and believing them without actually checking

No. 216719

File: 1513383458629.jpg (287.66 KB, 663x882, joanna.jpg)

>le only women fall for murderers maymay

No. 216819

Lol like real women don't deal with this every fucking day? Welcome to the club asshole, your opinion about this is not new. (Although it is definitely extra creepy.) Better yet, you gotta leave, because no boys allowed.

And this snowflake is flabby and needs to lify/a body wax, stat.

No. 218208

What is Maggie’s opinion of ftms? I only see her criticizing mtfs.

No. 219850

I wouldn't say I'm a terf nor do I dislike trans people. What I hate though is when trans people try insert themselves into women's issues, "MEN CAN HAVE ABORTIONS TOO!1" etc. Just fuck off.

No. 220752

>People make women only Counterstrike Tournament
>As a joke some dudes put on some dresses and apply
>Declined naturally, contact buzzfeed to see what happens
>Everyone takes this at face value and begin pearl clutching until the team makes fun of them
>Author updates article, original comments remain



No. 220783

Tweet her

No. 220815

File: 1515157466692.png (67.13 KB, 501x476, 0p.png)

seriously lmao at the comment saying "we don't need to take hormones and get surgery to be real women, because we are. that's it. end of story" true those things don't make you a woman, but pls explain to me how you are a real woman, based off of anything besides your delusions you are forcing on literally everyone
are we in an alternate universe where people actually buy this shit or is it really happening

No. 220842

What pisses me off most about the trans narrative is that being a woman or a man is not an innate thing, it is something you are socialized into.

No. 220892

Will senpai notice me when I have 0 followers and no posts and the only reason I have a Twitter account to follow people?

No. 220901

What do you guys think of this video?
The sad thing is I don’t think he’s trolling. Who hurt this man lmao

No. 220902

I think the hilarious part is how they were going on about how men were trying to troll the tournament in exactly the same way these kids were doing.

>are we in an alternate universe where people actually buy this shit or is it really happening

They're very isolated. So this shit might fly in say Seattle or Portland, but anywhere else in the PNW they'll be laughed at and generally know well enough to keep their trap shut about how trannies are more of a woman than an actual woman.

No. 220906

Trans women are creepy and satanic and want to destroy women.

That being said, this website is the most hilarious thing I've seen all week. HahahHAHA I can't stop laughing. They're so obsessed with us haha


No. 220914

>say transwomen are more normal and less crazy than "biowomens"
>Post a 15 min nonsensical psychotic rant catering to MGTOW…

No. 220916

I'm only three and a half minutes in, and it's already full of so much stupidity.

>men are not as gossipy and don't backstab as much as women

>men are born into violence and are used to it, whereas women aren't
>the "men have controlled violence" meme spouted amongst MRAs

Also, if he's gonna wear makeup, he needs to learn how to beat his fucking face. I can see that harsh, ugly ass eyeliner and browliner from Neptune.

No. 221045

>Uh… how? You can't have y chromosomes and be a woman.
Sex chromosomes aren't inherently "male" or "female" though, they're just cellular structures that determine whether your body develops testes or ovaries while in the womb.
I feel that's something that often goes overlooked in these discussions.

No. 221054

>Can you show me one example of a transwoman who does more than two of those things?
Me but idk what the "cotton ceiling" theory is tho.
I also don't see the issue with using female bathrooms while preop as long as you pass.

No. 221063

That's not true though. Unless you're intersex (rare mutation) having a Y chromosome means you are male.

No. 221067

yeah and testes are male and ovaries are female, your point? the body is wired to understand it's testes and ovaries and any mutations at birth. people act like trans dysphoria is a mental version of a transplant rejection but it's just a disorder.

No. 221068

>b-but i'm not like that
>proceeds to speak for women

you're not a woman, you're a mutilated person with mental issues who got scammed.

No. 221070

I'm sure kek.

>I also don't see the issue with using female bathrooms while preop as long as you pass.

It's an issue because A) You're not female, so you don't belong in female spaces and B) You fellas have the same SA and crime rates as all the other men. Like >>221068 said, you don't have a say in female issues.

No. 221071

being trans makes no sense because gender is learned behavior and that learned behavior is cultural/social. sure, you can have dysphoria, but it's a mistake and means you should be treated for your mental illness, but people learn their gender and it's different between cultures, it's not static. i don't get why people don't get this, there's no defending this.

No. 221093

Continuing on my thoughts from >>214262 >>214287
I hope I can express it clearly since I find this concept kind of hard to explain

I honestly don't understand the point of transition when you know it's not going to be perfect.

Transition is supposed to be the "cure" to dysphoria, and to make you more compatible with the role in society that you feel you fit into, right?
With that said, what is the point if it's going to end up anything less than 100% perfect?

If you're doing it for yourself, you're still going to shower, see yourself in the mirror, see yourself when changing, and always see a man face on a man body, with all the once just 'normally manly' traits amplified x100 by being forced in a womanly context, making the transition not only useless, but actively harmful. So even the "I'm just doing it for myself!" excuse doesn't hold water, when every single effect you could be getting "for yourself" doesn't happen in a failed transition.

If you're doing it for others and society, anything less than 100% passability is not going to get you love, it's not going to get you the treatment you want, it's not going to get you into other circles of friends, it's not going to give you anything you couldn't get before transition, aside from maybe some fake respect from whoever feels like humoring you or creepy stalking from fetishists.
But the one thing you're never going to get is being treated like a real woman.

So why?
Why do they do it?
What could you possibly get out of ruining your life in exchange for absolutely nothing?
If no one loved you as a man, no one is going to love you as a publicly insane wreck.

No. 221094

File: 1515330731956.png (221.96 KB, 720x1280, 8e3d5ad0-ad5e-447f-bc3f-d9a47b…)

>So why? Why do they do it?
Autogynephilia. Lots of them are also incels, so they have nothing to lose.

(side note: pic related isn't supposed to be proof that they're all incels, it's just a funny example)

No. 221095

File: 1515330761721.png (251.17 KB, 720x1280, 9e045bf1-8644-4563-9364-631cc2…)

and another one

No. 221103

So why do ftms transition then? Autoandrophilia? Didn’t Ray Blanchard say AAP didn’t exist?

No. 221107

File: 1515341705876.png (69.11 KB, 887x571, 1508755219658.png)

I think this one anon explained it pretty well.

No. 221132

the idea that specific fetishes like this somehow don't exist is asinine. they only say this shit to fit their narrative.

No. 221135

people do it cause they're diluted, desperate, getting their egos fed by the medical people they're working with, and like all cosmetic surgery they are probably shown the most perfect example outcome(without being told the person had 50k extra to spend out of pocket on other surgeries) and expect that will be them.

No. 221138

sage for samefag, but also, anyone who thinks they are doing this or any other plastic surgery for themselves is an idiot. insecurities come from outside, they only grow from within.

the people pushing transition only validate the patient's insecurities further, which adds to their desire to transition.

No. 221147

Do you know which thread that’s from? I want to read the conversation.

No. 221202

File: 1515349265436.png (129.68 KB, 500x627, 1318177876001.png)

If this is the case with ftms and transition is bad for us can I maybe ask you anons for advice?

I’m bisexual, but I don’t hate women or my sexuality and don’t feel like I fetishize gay men either, although sometimes I wish I wasn’t attracted to men because I’ve had “fujo” thrown in my face for calling a (3D) guy hot (I don’t even watch anime or read gay fanfiction so Idek how I’m a fujo to begin with?). And I don’t feel like my dysphoria has anything to with gender roles, because while I’m definitely not feminine I’m not particularly “masculine” either. I definitely agree with radfems that gender isn’t a feeling, at least it isn’t for me, I just feel like myself.

I was abused as a child. Not sexually, but physically, by my father and brothers. The men in my family are bordering Dick Masterson levels of misogyny but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it because my sister is perfectly fine being a girl despite resenting them as much as I do. So maybe I fit into the first category because of my “daddy issues” but as I said before, I don’t hate women.

My body dysphoria started in childhood, as far back as age 5, although I had other forms of BDD (I used to think I was a gross fatass as an 8-year-old despite being very underweight for my age). Puberty was traumatizing, I went through a major depression during the physical changes and would hunch my shoulders and wear shorts over my jeans to hide breasts and hips. But I had no idea why I felt that way, and pronouns and stuff didn’t bother me until I dug through the internet and learned what being transgender was later in my teens. Suddenly, every time I heard the words “girl” or “ma’am” or “she” it felt like a hard kick in the chest. I began to despise my body even more than I did before, which is saying a lot.

I live in a liberal area so most people, especially medical professionals, are accepting of trannies, although my family and some older family friends are not. They’ve been really nasty about it and I’m typically screamed at when I try to talk about it. Every time I manage to get them not to scream, they always tell me that I’m being a burden on other people and that I should just be a tomboy to make it easier on everyone else. I may sound selfish for saying this, but I don’t understand why nobody ever seems to ask me why I feel the way I do? It’s always them saying “make life easier for US by getting over your delusions” and not listening or offering any advice after that.

I hate having gender dysphoria more than anything. It’s ruining my life. Most of the world and especially other people in the LGBT community keep telling me I’m a stupid, delusional freak because of my mental illness. Gay men are especially nasty toward me because they’re convinced I’m trying to trap them just by existing (I’m not). I’ve never gone out and hit on gays but they still accuse me of doing it just because there was one time another ftm on Grindr messaged them and it pissed them off.

I would give anything to just be able to accept being a tomboy, because I like tomboys. I’ve spent hours and hours trying to convince myself to just get over my dysphoria but I can’t seem to help myself.

If transitioning is bad for me, what do I do? My psychiatrist, primary care doctor, and every therapist I’ve talked to about this has basically said “TRANSITION. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO COPE.” So I’ve already begun the transition, and it’s put my mind at ease a bit, but the mental anguish from the hate and discrimination I’m getting is equally as stressful or even worse than the pain I feel about my body.

Sorry for the tl;dr blog, but I can’t find any IRL help and most other websites are filled with unhelpful conservatard trolls and I feel like although people on this site are strongly anti-trans, you still seem like the only people who have a shred of empathy.

No. 221219

why do you feel the way you do?

when your family say that you they just want you to get over it, that is not them hating you, it could be one of many things. a lack of self confidence is very off putting and irritating to people. and if it has been going on for years they may be fed up with it. if they dont know how to deal with it they could be acting from an insecurity.

Homosexuals are usually the most insecure people of all. they either suppress themselves or go over the top as a front to find from their own insecurity. they may have been burned in the past but they are well known to over-exaggerate and act like "drama queens". relying on them for advice is not the way to go. either is surgery and meds. if you dont know what you want that wont help you.

from the way you write you seem feminine so i dont think you are a tomboy. perhaps you are overthinking it. try and go outside, mentally relax, not everyone is judging your body unless you are fat.

how old are you?(robot)

No. 221227

Anon, I get where you're coming from. I suffered of gender dysphoria since early childhood. I wanted to be a boy so bad, most of my friends were male and my brother was closer to me than my sister. I didn't get along with girls at all. As a teen I realized I was a lesbian and tried to be as androgynous (or masculine) as possible, and in my late teens I found out about transgenderism. Everything clicked and ever since that I was contemplating transition for almost a decade. My dysphoria got worse and worse during the year, every time someone called me a girl it hurt like you described. I fantasized about going on T, getting surgeries, what my male name would be, how I would come out etc. I even told about it to my mother and she was supportive of it. When I came out to my friends, they all told me they'd accept me whatever I decided to do. Taking showers was awful, I hated seeing my body. I started wearing a binder, loose-fitting clothes and all the rest. Getting ready for transitioning, basically.

It wasn't until the recent tranny craze hit, and especially when the transwomen started invading female spaces and I realized how strong of a connection I felt with the female gender when that storm hit. I saw other girls who were convinced that they were FTM. I met post-op FTMs who regretted going through with it. I read up about how there's no biological proof for "transgender brains" and saw people making pretty solid arguments against the trend. That's when I grew dubious of my "gender dysphoria". It took me a long time to really meet my own traumas and realize how I was basically the type 1-a described here >>221107 . I was bullied for being a tomboy, I was insecure about my looks not being traditionally feminine, other girls never accepted me as one of their own, as a teen I was sexually harassed by older guys, I admired the fantasy males in female fiction, I was ashamed of my homosexuality so I wanted to be a "straight guy" instead of a gay girl.

Every woman should be allowed to present as whatever they want and exist like they are without being harassed or told that they're "too manly". It really hurts
to see younger girls go through what I did. They have the exact same issues I had and people are telling them to go on T and cut their tits off at 16. That is insane and ridiculously regressive. I suggest you look into your assumed gender dysphoria more with your doctors. Bring up the fact that there might be something else. I had my memories buried deep, deep inside in my subconsciousness and that's why I spent years and years trying to pass as a guy and trying to gather enough courage for transitioning. But it was definitely worth it.

Jesus robot, fuck off.

No. 221230

>That's not true though. Unless you're intersex (rare mutation) having a Y chromosome means you are male.
Do you actually know how sex chromosomes work beyond a surface-level high school understanding? Literally anyone who studied biology or anatomy would disagree with you.
>yeah and testes are male and ovaries are female, your point?
And a fully transitioned transwomen has neither, your point?

No. 221231

Ty anon, it's interesting hearing that there are other people who suffered this that recovered. Problem is, I'm on T and some of the effects are beginning to take place. My voice has deepened considerably, Adam's apple popping out. I don't know if I can ever go back at this point, even if I wanted to.

Honestly, as much as my activist "peers" hate radfems and incite violence against them, they're some of the most understanding people I've talked to.

No. 221235

We are moving all gender critical discussion to >>221232

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