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File: 1717396493766.png (1.74 MB, 1237x1282, real gamergate.png)

No. 2033298

Thread to discuss the current psyop regarding ugly men getting shilled as attractive. Discuss beauty double standards in media, ugly male characters being shilled as attractive, lack of attractive men in hollywood, etc
>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs


No. 2033308

Great pic, kek.

No. 2033309

That wolf illustration is fucking depressing

No. 2033311

I don't get what the Metal Slug comparison is supposed to show? The characters always looked fugly.

No. 2033319

its the women getting coomerfied

No. 2033322

oh shit you're right

No. 2033343

File: 1717399764757.png (1.24 MB, 1414x936, men.png)

>I just don't understand why you can't settle for the average guy! What's so bad about them, they have hearts made of gold!
Average human male vs average Final Fantasy male. Why would I go torment myself with 3dpd ugly scrotes when I can just dedicate myself to gorgeous vidya husbandos who don't bald, get old and gain weight?

No. 2033344

keeeekkkkk said no-one

you don't have to deal with men but do you have to become schizophrenic over a fantasy figure bc of that? I mean whatever helps you cope

No. 2033345

the first one is such a hideous goblino it made me burst out laughing. I get you nonny, i cope with my curse(being straight) by drawing cute boys. Everytime i need to touch grass and go to college and see fleshies i want to puke, why are they so ugly?!

No. 2033348

Nta, but they definitely say similar things. Nonna, heterosexuality in women is mental illness, pls be kinder, kek

No. 2033352

File: 1717400819427.gif (5.44 MB, 540x228, 974073d2be66c1090837c525a391a2…)

Forcing yourself to suffer with ugly moids is cope. Deep down, what you really want is a man who is too beautiful to be real.

No. 2033355

nta but I genuinely to dislike the art-design for the FF7 remake, most of the cast look like plastic korean idols.

No. 2033359

File: 1717401161266.jpeg (112.42 KB, 1014x570, buttonedupuggo.jpeg)

forever hating the nonna who posted Chris lol

anyways, I know Tom Selleck isn't probably nonnas cup of tea but compared to the new guy they chose I was disappointed. I never bothered with the remake when it came out.
It was this show that made me realise that men on tv were getting uglier, not hotter.

No. 2033360

File: 1717401281073.png (704.13 KB, 919x596, skinnyleggeduggo.png)

just look at those shorts lol
Men are fucking lazy and pathetic

No. 2033366

First guy looks like an actually decent man, second guy looks like a retarded teenager. What were they thinking?

No. 2033370

first guy looks like a pornstar
second guy is not attractive at all

No. 2033371

it is so weird to me how men nowadays are narrower and smaller, like their builds are so much more fragile than they used to be in the 70s/80s. selleck isn't a looker but his broad shoulders and legs are pleasingly proportionate whereas 99% of men i see now are embodiments of the guy who skipped leg day meme— skinny, androgynous body with a prematurely aged face. i can't believe the average hollywood scrote is allowed to look like an alcoholic dudebro who hasn't worked out since he was in high school.

No. 2033379

gay pornstar

No. 2033380

How are these men getting these jobs? We aren't asking for monk 2.0.

No. 2033381

Thats Tom Selleck. Are all of you 11

No. 2033383

>left one is a greying hairy pornstache ape with neanderthal features
>right one is a horsefaced soyboy with chicken legs
They're both ugly wtf are you talking about?
I agree with shorter shorts being better >>2033360 but he still looks hideous regardless of what they made him wear. He looks like a kiddy diddler uncle. They're looksmatched.
That anon was clearly describing his appearance not claiming he's an actual gay pornstar lol

No. 2033394

New Magnum is still charming though, it was a fun show.

No. 2033396

File: 1717404871203.jpg (95.47 KB, 1222x917, MV5BMTU5M2Y5M2QtYmQ3Yi00YjBhLT…)

I know what you mean. Part of the charm of the old show was how he had such piercing expressions during action scenes, then it was all over and he smiled the most natural, pleasant smile. He did a lot of emoting that would have looked campy on other actors, but somehow he made it work on his face.

No. 2033419

Why would anyone ever think that mustache looks good on anyone

No. 2033422

Why did men stopped tucking their shirt in? it gave them sexy silhouettes even if they were post-wall moids like the guy on the left

No. 2033423

It's not comfortable and I think most men value comfort over looks

No. 2033426

i tuck my shirt in and its more comfortable, i dont have to worry about my ass crack showing when i crouch either. I was truly born in the worst decade.

No. 2033427

Men don't worry about showing their ass cracks at all.

No. 2033434

they should

No. 2033444

You don't like ass crack?

No. 2033448

you do? ew

No. 2033450

it's never attractive men showing their asscracks, there's a reason why it's only associated with fat ugly plumbers

No. 2033452

plumbing is the most sexualized male profession

No. 2033457

for who? mario autists?

No. 2033459

>Females were significantly more likely to emit a copulatory squeak when mating with younger, rather than older, adult males. Male dominance rank and the rate of female copulatory squeaking were not correlated.
>Female choice was indicated when they performed a “penis erection check” or took the initiative in courtship, or on the other hand showed strong reluctance to mate with particular males. Young adult males more often received erection checks than did prime males, while none of the three old adult males did.
>The oldest males, except for the alpha, were consistently avoided by many estrous females, both young and old. In response to female reluctance, males behaved violently, however, this was not effective, because other more dominant males came to rescue the female.

Mfw even female chimps don't care about old moids. Also kek at seething male researcher pondering why the females checked out young adult males over "prime" males. Can't stop coping even in papers about chimps fucking.

No. 2033464

female animals are such giga stacies. I wish i could have been born a praying mantis

No. 2033465

in pornography

No. 2033466

Same. They're supposed to live in a crapsack world and half the characters are soldiers but everyone looks like they just had a makeup appointment at Sephora

No. 2033467

Moustaches are ridiculous

No. 2033471

why are you watching porn for men

No. 2033530

Fuck you, Sephiroth is gorgeous and should remain as such

No. 2033558

he looks like a literal tranny athlete

No. 2033571

Lmao I love this pic

No. 2033586

He looks like the fatass from super junior kek

Unpopular opinion but I kinda liked Clive from FF16 in this regard, despite being as offended by facial hair as everyone else in this thread. Besides this one point he is actually handsome without being overly uncanny. The female characters have weird faces though.

No. 2033590

really? i love how ff portrays moids like impossibly beautiful manic pixie elves, i'd say it's one of the few video games with lots of actually hot guys. i wish i lived in that universe

No. 2033596

File: 1717416347940.jpg (305.49 KB, 1167x2068, pedo scrote show.jpg)

why do men dress so boringly now? even in tv and movies. If we cant have hot actors why cant we at least have well-dressed actors? i will take >>2033359 over this boring outfit any day

No. 2033598

I don't know if I prefer men wearing plain, boring outfits thus I won't notice them, or them at least trying to look good so they stop being eyesores

No. 2033599

I want to wax his eyebrows goddamn what a forehead bush

No. 2033600

men should put in a bit of effort, its unfair they get to dress like slobs while women get called dirty and mannish for wearing the same clothes

No. 2033601

You, too, are a female animal, nonna. Be the giga stacy you wish to see.

No. 2033603

>Can't stop coping even in papers about chimps fucking.
I actually laughed so hard at this, keeeeek. This is really insane, they're trying to manifest their lies so hard.
My new motto.

No. 2033604

File: 1717417290324.gif (4.58 MB, 500x343, 2d46ef66844e4e97217c4030ca9.gi…)

what's stopping "real men" from looking this sexy? i know they are born ugly, but can't they just make adjustments? there are lots of women who look like tifa but no moid could compare to reno.(off-topic)

No. 2033605

I feel like people are missing your point but I understand what you're saying. Selleck could actually summon a facial expression. I think this is more an issue with hiring an absolute nobody who can't even act for a shitty remake. he can't act, has no jaw, he doesn't have "rugged" good looks nor is he young and pretty and he doesn't even work out, like what good even is he? At least Selleck was a favorite with housewives; at the time he was some good food since he was in shape and did fan service on TV. Even if he is a lot older than the women on tv and therefore also part of the larger psyop, there was some effort put in to be charming and attractive

No. 2033608

File: 1717417834111.jpg (Spoiler Image,468.46 KB, 2048x2048, [23-12-24] 1738828419000111467…)

we need more male whores. It always bothered me how there are 10 thousand 2B whore cosplayers but men rarely dress as leon for us. Fucking fags, they know they are too ugly to pull it off.(off-topic)

No. 2033615

too fat desu

No. 2033617

agreed, i wish there were more hot guys cosplaying vidya and animu characters to appeal to women but moids are too busted to pull it off. i resent that. they should try harder

No. 2033629

Not everyone can look like Gackt in his 20s before he fucked up his face with botox and plastic surgery, unfortunately.

No. 2033635

File: 1717420623860.jpg (274.36 KB, 1042x736, 5abd677406c903a29137a700781c75…)

I'd rather be single (and keep myself fit and pretty) and fantasize about anime/videogame characters rather than bend the knee to an ugly man (even if personality wise he's good), attraction is a big thing
pic related my fucking husband, long hair+clean shaven++fit is god tier and I would kneel if I ever found a man like this irl, most are gross pubic hair wearers
fucking based
a bit skinny for my taste but I fucking WOULD, he's way above most guys
more fit men should slut it up for cosplays
that nonnie who said wars in the past wiped out men with good genes was onto something
also I stand my fucking ground, men have ZERO excuses to be unfit and if plastic surgery is so normalized for women, men should fix their shit too.(off-topic)

No. 2033646

I miss that era so much, Free! really was a blessing and encouraged cute moids to cosplay in swimsuit. A rare KyoAni win
I swear to God, the sexy last thist trapping moid cosplay I saw was one of the DMC new Dante and that had been over four years ago(off-topic)

No. 2033650

reminds me of the zoo where lionesses tried to kill their male lion cause he got old

No. 2033653

File: 1717421547363.jpg (66.38 KB, 540x659, 334617b0d48308237953e8fc6c8497…)

I always forget how good he used to look. such a shame

No. 2033658

he just looks like some kpop boy?

No. 2033660

god he really looked like he was pulled out of a FF game

No. 2033662

More like Nomura (god bless him) had a crush on Gackt and decided to make all the cute main FF guys look like him.

No. 2033664

I always remember an interview with him where he said wearing tight clothes was a good way to keep from getting fat because you would notice your body changing. he was very aware of his looks. the plastic surgery he got later was a little jarring.

No. 2033669

File: 1717422182575.jpg (104.52 KB, 500x746, 9a865b03d2cc20087bb734abd982ff…)

kek yes, and he definitely played into by basically cosplaying as cloud in the vanilla video. i personally love the direct comparison to squall

No. 2033670

File: 1717422262561.jpg (91.96 KB, 640x950, 1563519379_18030098173768_gold…)

Dude looks weird either way

No. 2033673

his hips are too wide

No. 2033702

But Squall was inspired by River Phoenix

No. 2033718

yeah it's ftm-ish almost.

No. 2033737

this is why i think men have gotten like 0.001% more interested in fashion lately, bc the standard for fashionable has never been more comfier and expensive, loose and baggy silhouettes are in for men rn and that means for the most miniscule amount of effort they think they're some fashion gods, also things keep getting more expensive and gimmicky, men have such little aesthetic appreciation and taste that they need it to be crazy fucking expensive and viral for it to get their attention.

No. 2033742

then it's not sexualized? its just a trope as an easy way to get inside a woman's house who they wish was naked greeting them at the door alongside a cuckoldry fetish

No. 2033746

Young men are more into fashion and stuff now because of social media which emphasises looks and increases self-consciousness. However, it's making them too faggy for my taste tbh. There needs to be some happy medium. Not whores who are obsessed with their own face and following on social media.

No. 2033758

File: 1717426202325.webm (3.58 MB, 688x1258, russian bus.webm)

me when i see a geriatric scrote in my media

No. 2033777

As soon as women started talking about how most men are abusive, ugly dirty slobs who aren’t worth dating, pickmes had to come along and say that they’re going to snap up all the leftover abusive males that other women are refusing to date. This woman is saying “don’t listen to the statistics about abuse that these women are talking about, that’s their personal experience and we won’t be treated the same”

No. 2033778

I hate that old scrotes feel like they have so much audacity. They need to get beat up more often.

No. 2033779

File: 1717427604118.jpeg (254.4 KB, 1170x848, IMG_4807.jpeg)

She’s saying the statistics about misogynistic men abusing women and children and cheating and whatever else is because the women aren’t good enough wives

No. 2033783

It’s unnatural for women to even entertain the idea of being with a male over 40, they’re too expired by then. Men need to find their partners before 30, but it’s understandable that the wife will need to cheat with younger men once he starts getting older in his 30s.
Women’s sex drives get higher at around 30 and then never really lower even in old age, while men get ED in their 30s and can even perform any more. Most women have high sex drives and will be interested in handsome young males on the side, while the husband is mostly there to provide for her and her children and possibly be used as fertilizer if he’s still young enough to sire her offspring (otherwise she can use a college age Chad, like a pool boy perhaps)

No. 2033793

File: 1717428466908.png (266.61 KB, 524x563, christmas-fio.png)

You're complaining about the new 3D art style. She's been getting updates, for better and for worse, for like the last 30 years.

No. 2033818

Wtf shes such an embarrassment and admitting/encouraging woman to go for undesired goods on the shelves. Her moid is probably mid/ugly and a leftover to white women, or a geriatric white scrote. You must see yourself of so low value that you feel the need to compete. Black women who are obsessed with getting a whyte man are weird af and are the biggest pickmes. Everyone knows that so many of them (yeah not all of them) are racist and see black women as "least desirable" and will most likely pick a white woman over you. Look at those whyte troons keep using black woman as a cope that they look as "masculine" as they do. I understand bw deal with shitty bm but running to a white moid isn't any better or some dream. They clearly haven't lived in a white majority area.

No. 2033826

Is this not a tif

No. 2033828

File: 1717430128075.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.26 KB, 900x900, IMG_4564.jpeg)

>i love how ff portrays moids like impossibly beautiful manic pixie elves
No they don’t kek. Imagine shilling this… creature as attractive.

No. 2033931

No wonder every city in the USA full of these brain dead niggers that the rich Jews imported in the slave era are the biggest dumps in the entire nation. Literally cancerous lesser chimps (and look how ugly it is too. Shit colored ugly mongoloid) good luck sucking cock like a nigger slave!(racebaiting)

No. 2033936

anon he's hot as fuck you should've picked a better example

No. 2033950

File: 1717436056770.jpeg (3.96 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

this dude chilled with an infamous pedophile and I see people stan him all the time. he's also a misogynist if you actually listen to what he says and tweets. I literally don't understand it.

No. 2033956

No. 2034020

Are moids in other parts of the world more sexually attractive than American moids? Especially in the Midwest where the men here are fucking awful. I’m thinking about traveling just to fuck hot moids

No. 2034025

nah moids are fugly everywhere

No. 2034026

Some italian moids are hot, too bad they're even too misogynistic for europoor standards.

No. 2034029

I'm from eastern europe and moids here are copy-pasted, meaning similar face, build, and that ugly beard, IT programmer lewk.
The zoomers are getting taller though and quite attractive compared to older generations.
The really attractive ones are a minority though, I've seen some 20ih year olds in some gym that I would've taken home and locked in my bedroom.
just how bad are things in murrica? I know the obesity rate is around 70% so it must be fucking awful from the start
people shit on kpoop but I believe guys there are way more groomed than the average joe from usa/europe

No. 2034036

arent korean guys super misogynistic?

No. 2034040

That's what happens when you purge the bourgeoisie, that's why all the women still look pretty but the men are hideous goblin-bulldog spawn.

No. 2034044

Yes. Also look up the burning sun scandal and the Nth room stuff

No. 2034046

You're blinded. Most korean men don't look like some kdrama twink. So many korean guys are incels too. Consuming all that instant ramen instant kimbap and convenience store processed junk is making the average korean moid more fat.

No. 2034048

also korean men will only look at you if you are pretty skinny and pale.
the BBC have just done a great doc on that

No. 2034054

huh? I barely watched kdramas, I know they don't look like those famous actors
their food seems super unhealthy to me, too much fried and spicy stuff
asians in general seem to be anti-gym and muscles and it's an instant turn off for me
a guy can have the prettiest face, if he's skinnyfat and doesn't wanna workout…. into the trash he goes, that's just my preference
>burning sun
what a fucking shitshow that was, I watched the newest BBC documentary and it makes my blood boil

No. 2034071

Koreans LOVE drinking. It's a part of their culture, it's also how business deals with Koreans work. Whenever you do something like sign contracts with them or negotiate, you go drinking a lot when you're done to seal the deal. Explains why a lot of their food is pickled, fried, savory, or spicy. It's bar food.

No. 2034082

File: 1717441522719.png (893.5 KB, 659x662, DF8DF6E1-1BFA-4089-A755-5D02BA…)

>just how bad are things in murrica? I know the obesity rate is around 70% so it must be fucking awful from the start
It’s fucking grim. Every male where I live looks like some variation of this. Now imagine these phenotypes but half of them are fat, I fucking hate living in Cleveland

No. 2034111

Kekk. My retard teenage self 13yrs ago thought wanted to move to the US from UK cause I thought a lot of the boys must look like "super cute" disney stars, singers, YouTubers or influencers. I blame Justin Bieber (I know hes Canadian).

No. 2034126

I showed this to a male friend, he had some things to say about it, including this :
>If young women don’t choose older men, young women will simply die out as a species because civilisation and humanity will simply disappear
a lot of "don't compare chimps to humans" arguments too

No. 2034129

regrettably, I have to say, that whenever I go on dating apps and switch to the US, there are much better looking guys and whenever I get tourists (I live in a touristy spot) from the US, they are usually good looking or at least decent compared to typical inbred British isles moids

No. 2034133

should I start dating younger? kek and just show them how to do me bc whenever I get with anyone closer to my age or older they are selfish and shit in bed so obviously no copulatory squeaking kekekeke

No. 2034159

another Clevelander? on my lolcow?

No. 2034175

File: 1717446400814.jpg (31.04 KB, 563x641, 46eed35427faaecbb16cc147bc2216…)

Balding is so tragic. The worst part is that men are seemingly balding younger more than ever. I would ask why women aren't balding at similar rates, but if female balding was as common as it was with men, most women wouldn't hesitate to get hair transplants

No. 2034179

Let me guess, already balding fuggo incel betting on a sudden pussy windfall once he's old enough to afford to be a betabux wallet? (at which point he'll be malding about gold diggers and how no one wants him for his humor and muh skulinitee)

No. 2034189

You literally should. Lots of fearmongering about how young men are pornsick etc, but this has not been my experience. A gen X/millenial moid is more likely to be fully coomditioned simply because he's been alive longer and way past his reproductive prime, let alone the age of higher neuroplasticity.

A young moid you can form as you see fit, plus they're chronically unfucked from ronery ebidemic and SSRI-poisoned asexual zoomer girls. As long as you don't overhumanize and don't involve him in your life you'll probably be squeaking in no time.

No. 2034243

File: 1717449626233.jpeg (99.56 KB, 945x2048, 4c211c6e-edca-4248-b87f-d2f2a6…)

Why would that happen? Most older men are already single and most young women date men their age.

No. 2034259

I doubt there was any thought involved. Just a standard penile reflex amounting to perceived rejection=>quick, scare her with literal apocalypse hinging on the notion of a uniquely male savior niche. A sure way to tell she made him Norwood a little more that day.

But if we were to overanalyze, I think the coom chimp was also implying that coom chimps literally have no reason to do partake in society or live past their prime unless there's some kind of a social contract involving potential sex-gibs from women out of their league.

No. 2034398

that's a solid argument and a great advice nonna, thanks!

No. 2034447

he malding hard he doesn't even try to make sense

No. 2034453

the hell is that

No. 2034481

nah, he posts his dong all over twitter

No. 2034495

Makes me laugh my fucking ass off when any of you post high contrast vintage scans of j rockers in five coats of spackle and fake contacts and visual kei combover hiding their male pattern baldness and say "omg they used to look so good bring us back".

No. 2034512

this was a NICE watch

No. 2034514

the guy with the leon haircut is cute as fuck, too bad hes a fag

No. 2034521

File: 1717462161004.png (106.53 KB, 894x392, based japan.png)

It's kinda sad that super hero shows made to sell toys to 8yo boys have hotter male actors and more fanservice for women than stuff meant for women like that challengers movie with post wall men

No. 2034541

So not only do you get to coom to hot men, you also get to coom to mid moids malding about it.

No. 2034600

whos the pedo?

No. 2034945

she's talking about shadman. That time when he peaked in popularity with belle dolphine was a truly dark era

No. 2035012

Precisely why i love superhero shit so much.

No. 2035013

Omg most men look like this where i live too, it's so tragic.

No. 2035027

Sometimes I wonder if men are this ugly on purpose

No. 2035029

It's more likely than you think. Kek

No. 2035125

File: 1717496469575.jpg (1012.67 KB, 2880x2880, 20240604_122034.jpg)

The sexy OG JoJo's becoming more and more trannyfied over the years is also part of the psyop. Either we must accept old fugly scrotes or 0 testosterone beta trannoids. It's so fucking over for actually attractive MEN.

No. 2035127

If you can handle the misogyny, racism and a "short king", the mediterranean coasts still have men with decent fashion, hygiene habits and good faces and muscles.

No. 2035128

Not hard to do when shoujo anime put an ugly fat moid as lead romance and Kuroko no Basket has sporty cuties

No. 2035144

on average moids from countries like sweden, norway, finland, iceland are easier on the eye and have a less insufferable personality than any other part of the world but they age like shit as it's a law of nature for all of moidkind

No. 2035150

Having sex with ugly men is a more brutal way to self-harm than slitting your wrists. It is rooted in self-hatred and insecurity. It will humiliate, insult, damage you physically and emotionally for the rest of your life. You will always remember you let a grotesque looking moid be intimate with you and it will kill you inside. Never make this mistake

No. 2035151

Is this Oney?

No. 2035153

Agreed. No joke it was more traumatising having sex with my ugly ex than being beat by my violent ex. It felt like sexual assault.

No. 2035154

Nordic moids are ugly. The nonna who said that men shouldn't be blonde is right. They look like they crawled from under a rock. They look weirdly bloated, raw and dusty. Their limbs are too long. They look deformed and being that tall is related to health problems, one of the ugliest male population on earth. Their only saving grace is that they are less likely to be overweight.

No. 2035158

File: 1717498486741.png (2.87 MB, 1634x1306, 1717493617452.png)

Larian studios trying to convince us any of these men are attractive is a psyop and countless women are falling for it

No. 2035160

the other ones are so fucking ugly they make asstarion look okay by comparison

No. 2035164

I see your point. But part 7 had lots of hot men, and part 8 has Joubin, the most husbando jojo character ever imo. Gappy isn't ugly but just not my type. But part 8 Kira is wonderful. I do agree that part 9 looks like shit so far, all the characters are ugly and boring and the story doesn't seem to expand on what I wanted to see more of from part 8 so I think I'll never read it. I especially hate the canonically troon fag, the girl bullying him was a heroine. I think Araki got too influenced by western tastes thanks to jojo becoming a hit in the west, and the whole warner bros. contract that I predict is gonna fuck things even further.

No. 2035169

chrunchyroll making anime accessible to normies did irreparable damage to anime

No. 2035170

assturdion looks like shit, no matter how unattractive other characters are
like I don't even comprehend how anyone could even entertain the possibility that he might be attractive
he looks like an old lady who didn't get the perm she wanted

No. 2035172

yeah, he's fucking uglty as shit dont get me wrong. But the other ones look miles worse. It honestly feels like they added insanely hideous men just to make astarion look better in comparison.

No. 2035191

Germanic and Nordic moids

No. 2035195

HDAC inhibitors and certain low dose psychedelics can help undo the mental damage of this.

No. 2035206

italians and iranians look best
others either look like apes goblins or ghouls

No. 2035207

I almost did it once,thank you for the reminder.

No. 2035219

File: 1717502655031.png (778.53 KB, 1025x578, 1000014847.png)

absolutely not

No. 2035222

No. 2035235

Come to southern california there’s lots of really hot mexicans and mixed guys

No. 2035237

At least the new guy isn't fat. If you can see either of these men through a sexual lens your father failed you

No. 2035241

kek no anime was always shit and full of pedophilia, incest and over-sexualisation of women

No. 2035243

so nonnitas, statistically, what countries or regions have moids that don't go bald by the time they hit 35/40?
I'm european and as shallow as it sounds I'd rather be single than have a bald husband,I just can't fucking get over this

No. 2035245

it's not safe anywhere
have you considered going gay?

No. 2035247

I can testify, my ex was Italian American (Italian parents) and he was beautiful and had amazing hair. The only trade off was that he was a manlet but all Italian moids are. I had to break up with him because he was a sexist scrote and I hate him but I won’t deny his beauty.

No. 2035248

You'll have to leave the European Union definitely. Don't stray too far though, because you can get hair plugs for cheap in turkey.

No. 2035260

File: 1717505500509.jpg (3.66 MB, 3464x3464, 1000030270.jpg)

Some good news for once itt, it was announced yesterday that there'll be a TV adaptation of the Yakuza video games airing this fall and they cast a younger, decent looking actor as Kiryu. Picrel is how the character is supposed to look compared to the actor kek. I fully expected a post-wall scrote to be the lead but for once I'm pleasantly surprised. Hopefully they don't edit him to look older in the show

No. 2035261

American guys have to be the ugliest. Anywhere is better than here.

No. 2035263

all i see is two ugly men

No. 2035268

Idk, I think he's somewhat cute? Nice skin, good bone structure, not balding, physically fit for the role, etc. It could've been way worse imo, like what they did with the recent Napoleon movie and cast some geriatric moid no one wants to see

No. 2035280

based, i hope moids mald

No. 2035291

File: 1717507427697.png (2.05 MB, 1503x1204, i watched dallas for him.png)

are american men really that ugly? i have a fetish for american men and i was hoping i could get some cowboy guy that lets me ride him like a horsey. Is this not what american whores look like? i am so dissapointed. Where did all the christoper atkins whores went to? i am so sad, i feel like my whole life is ruined now

No. 2035310

I'm still mad the heterosexual romance options for ladies were 3 sluts or an actual animal. Is a normal hot virgin guy too much of a fantasy for a fantasy game???

No. 2035313

Nayrt, most men here are fat and balding with neck beards. For every attractive man here there and 5 horribly ugly ones

No. 2035316

wow, that sucks. I wonder if it was always like that and i got lied by hollywood or if american men used to be qties pre 90s

No. 2035322

Like a lot of anons have said in past threads, i think it has a lot to do with self maintenance being "gay". Not that men were doing skincare back in the day but they generally stayed lean or skinnyfat and shaved.

Something I've noticed is that it depends on the economic status of the area. Poorer areas = more ugly men while more affluent areas usually have attractive or at least decent looking moids. But it's a big country so maybe other amerianons have seen differently from me. I do think men peaked in attractiveness in the 80s and 90s here, probably because there were HD 4k cameras yet kek

No. 2035330

Balding is uncommon amongst East Asians but they also have small dicks and ugly square shaped skulls that look like frying pans from the side

No. 2035340

I was looking for a game with good romance options for straight women and I was recommended Baldur's Gate 3, Skyrim, Fallout and Mass Effect games, Dragon Age Inquisition. I looked up the moids you can romance in those games and all of them were ugly imaginary beasts or just regular human male ugly. Game developers don't know how to appeal to women to save their lives

No. 2035400

there's like one attractive guy in each state

No. 2035401

maybe try playing otomes?

No. 2035406

I hate when people try to shame girls for finding young white men attractive, like when some tiktok guys are trending and they're like "eww white boys"

No. 2035410

Nta I tried playing 3 of them and they were awfully boring

No. 2035458

Mass Effect also has one of the most hilariously bad romances of all time, where the guy cheats on you and gets another woman pregnant in a half year time skip.

I don't know who the fuck recommended you Skyrim and Fallout. Those games are not romance focused at all. Unless the person was talking about follower mods.

No. 2035463

File: 1717518406057.jpg (127.5 KB, 1000x1401, MV5BOWU3NWNhZTAtMmNhYS00NDU5LW…)

>loved the show Love on the Spectrum
>get recommended Down for Love, a series connecting down syndrome people for potential relationships
>all of the girls with down syndrome are intelligent normies with decent fashion sense, all very sweet, well spoken women. Even the 19 year old was very eloquent and had a cracking sense of style
>one of the down syndrome girls is literally an established actor and genuinely pretty
>all the men they were matched with were retarded, straggly neck beards, dressed bad
>the show tries to paint this like the girls aren't being massively connected to men below their league
What the fuck even disabled women can't escape uggos

No. 2035469

Retarded men are coddled to hell and back, so I'd be more surprised if the men were clean and well dressed.

No. 2035478

Ayrt even in one of the episodes of Love on the Spectrum season 2 a down syndrome girl makes an appearance as a date for an autistic guy. She turns up well dressed, cute hair, good manners, nice makeup, and very normie conversationally. The autistic moid turns up plain and keeps cutting her off to sperg about dinosaurs, so she literally asks him to hold the flowers he gave her to shut him up then she gets up and discreetly flees to the bathroom. She fucking knew she was getting the short end of the stick. Bored as hell and prettier so she said "nah"

No. 2035487

ot but that match made me so pissed. They even humored his preference for women outside his ethnicity (imo a choosing beggar situation) and yet he treated the woman he got paired with with what seems like disinterest. I know he's much more autistic than the other participants but it's hard for me to feel bad for a particularly ugly man like that, who nonetheless gets coddled by the show for no reason. Honestly, it must be sad when the only reason you're treated decently in your life by people outside of your family is out of pity.

No. 2035715

File: 1717528497874.jpg (359.59 KB, 1440x1800, 3.jpg)

if I hear anyone tell me how older men are more desired because the most retarded bullshit reasons I'm gonna strangle them
>but men age like wine
>but they have financial stability
>but women seek providers
oh fuck off, most women would choose a younger guy if he was alright in a heartbeat
nothing compares to the stamina of a guy who's in his 20s, men keep yapping about how infertile women get in their 30s when the quality of sperm also significantly declines after 30, especially since most men do not have a healthy lifestyle
I thought pic related was AI but it's not, now tell me again how a flabby 40 yo is more attractive than THIS
this is what I want to see in movies, tv shows and videogames, I use media for escapism, give me eyecandy, if I want to see ugly guys I can just go outside

No. 2035730

This is what a hot guy's body is supposed to look like. Not a hairy, fat, saggy beast. Why do women date older men WITH money? Well, nothing but a fortune could make anyone tolerate the ugliness of an old man

No. 2035927

I think the average woman would wear a wig since it's more affordable than a transplant, if female balding was as common. Women would also get shamed into it unlike men. It's truly gross how anytime there's something "wrong" with a woman visually they're forced to fix it or else, but with men they just get a free pass. And on top of it still continue to say it's them that age like wine when it's just that they don't get as much shit for aging
>long term viewers, mostly men, disapproved.
kek keep seething. I think it's so pathetic how men can't handle women liking hot guys in shows. meanwhile, they'll call you "overly sensitive" if you don't want to see a half naked 10 year old girl in anime when they lose their shit over women finding a normal lead male attractive

No. 2035950

if they had more seriously disabled and struggling girls on it'd be too obvious it's sexual abuse of vulnerable young women

No. 2035963

You said everything, nona
Also I can't be the only one who cringes everytime I see other moids telling each other to turn into roidpigs to attract women, especially manlets, and give Kratos as an example. I guess it is slight better than a fat moid, which is the bottom of the barrel, but still makes them ugly and ridiculous
Moids should be lean, no exceptions

No. 2035970

Old liches cope by intentionally conflating increasing utility as a wallet with increasing sexual attractiveness, then proceed to mald about gold diggers and how much of an L it is to be a beta provider. Hair plugs and roids usually follow.

I wouldn't seek any logic in what an aging moid tells himself to self-soothe. If they got more attractive with age they wouldn't need money.

No. 2035993

File: 1717540401628.jpeg (896.23 KB, 1170x1425, rodents.jpeg)

No. 2036014

Why is it so hard for Hollywood to find men that aren't hideous

No. 2036016

File: 1717541694172.jpg (73.32 KB, 567x800, f6f9fead00eff459719b00c2ca50a8…)

Is it me or men actually gave a fuck about how they looked in the 70s and 80s.

No. 2036019

who's this dude? would

No. 2036061

File: 1717545013468.jpg (2.87 MB, 2460x3300, 20240605_024856.jpg)

Nta, that wasn't what we were discussing. We were discussing male character designs in an anime/manga series that used to celebrate human beauty and gets influenced by the fashion industry and modeling in its character designs. Now the newest installment is very influenced by "ugly people can be good, too! They need representation! Attractive people boring! Fag troons cool!" shit and now all the characters look and dress like shit and lost their charm. We went from top row to bottom row in a few years thanks to western gendies latching into the series. Not that the author never added gay or troon characters before, but they were usually the butt of the joke, but this time it seems he's trying to be serious about it and it doesn't look good.

No. 2036110

File: 1717547859784.jpg (110.15 KB, 736x1308, af6d825c4830ce06f099c9ac49eaf5…)

Just a pretty boy 4 u nonnies

No. 2036111

File: 1717547883205.jpg (58.68 KB, 736x920, 5cddc65ce6af6308c46d051a20c306…)

(>do not try to defend ugly men ITT no1currs)

No. 2036112

Stupid fucking Kate goslin haircut

No. 2036120

cute, would

No. 2036122

File: 1717548627265.jpg (107.9 KB, 600x790, 85597867.jpg)

lmao you wish he wasn't as attractive as everyone claim he is

No. 2036128

because romanian men are ugly

No. 2036131

paid article

No. 2036201

File: 1717552612821.jpg (107.71 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I kinda hate how sickly he looks in this because of the coloring on his face and under his eyes. The ps2 design was way better.

No. 2036220

They tell this to themselves because this body type (effortlessly athletic, smooth, thin waist yet plenty of subcutaneous fat without bear flab) is unattainable in males past certain age due to their growth pattern. It's kind of similar to how postmenopausal women can no longer look "girlish" silhouette wise. The only thing left to do for a walled moid is to roidpigmaxx, which causes them to act as if they could totally become "dyel faggot" twinks again but choose not to.


rodent paws typed this article

No. 2036276

I am Brazilian living in the US (Rockies). Brazilian males may not be as sexy as media portrays them, but they certainly do more exercise, have healthier habits and much better hygiene than American moids. There is a gym in every corner where I am from, and here people barely walk to their cars kek

No. 2036473

I love how all a scrote has to do is take a shower and get on tiktok then they'll will get a swarm of women in their 20s calling them hot.
But as soon as the reverse happens people start either slutshaming a woman or acting like she's radioactive because she refuses to have kids or get married. Literally every single one of the comments under this woman's video are calling her washed up.

No. 2036474

File: 1717567931569.jpg (186.78 KB, 1080x1159, EkjdNtM.jpg)

Adding to that people call any man a twink but as soon as a woman turns 25 she's suddenly a hag

No. 2036476

Latino moids are cute but you can tell a lot of them either had their mom or sisters do all the chores at home. Men with no house skills are such a turn off(westoid moids aren't better tho)

No. 2036482

File: 1717568182028.png (508.7 KB, 750x709, jocat.png)

men get coddled just for existing. Pic rel, this ugly faggot got 12k likes just for putting on a cheap aliexpress cosplay, meanwhile if any woman with a similar body did the shame she would get mocked.

No. 2036483

latino moids are hideous. They all have that disgusting messi haircut. Not a single long haired cutie in my shithole.

No. 2036485

But a large percentage of disabled women are victims of sexual violence or harassment. It's 80% for autistic women and even higher for women with down syndrome because they get 0 sex ed.

No. 2036490

File: 1717568636723.jpg (262.42 KB, 1499x1151, qAa6qFf.jpg)

Men are insufferable they hype up "femboys" like the one you posted then turn around and call women who look like this "mid". I wish women had even half the callousness men exhibit
>women with clear skin and is physically fit is a 6 apparently

No. 2036498

File: 1717568883658.jpg (383.36 KB, 1080x1379, IXobbPa.jpg)

Samefagging but twitter habitually calls zendaya and sydney sweeney ugly then hypes up picrel

No. 2036499

he's hideous, he looks like a monkey

No. 2036546

Scrotes know that trannies are ugly skinwalkers of women, they just hate women so much that they will pretend a tranny (man) is more attractive than a woman. It's when you hate women so much you start gargling dicks. Anyway these men are subhuman, it's a blessing if they stay away from us. I wouldn't wish a moid who says shit like this on any woman

No. 2036615

I thought this was parody

No. 2036620

From what I see there are a lot of people hyping her up too at least. I’m kek’ing at the ugly men being like “37 and unmarried too!” Thank god they’re not breeding.

No. 2036658

you don't actually think they believe what they say, right? no moid copes this hard under a picture of a woman he doesn't mind being rejected by lmfao

No. 2036711

File: 1717586096929.png (290.4 KB, 720x906, Screenshot_20240602-175327_1.p…)

How the fuck are butter yellow teeth better than white ones?

No. 2036716

He could have just whitened his teeth instead of installing those fake atrocious ones.

No. 2036719

i don't understand this response, i agree with you. i'm saying it's sexually abusive to put disabled women on a show like this where they are pressured to date scrotes for the entertainment of others.

No. 2036721

Ugly is good. Trying to look better is bad, because it might make women happy.

No. 2036725

File: 1717587836071.jpg (170.52 KB, 1440x1800, 54.jpg)

jovan.by on instagram, a blessing for my eyes tbh
the buffed manlets are the worst, they look absolutely ridiculous, if they're short their best bet is to be lean
> Kratos
at least Kratos was fucking tall iirc, the best cosplays of kratos are men who are 190 cm+

No. 2036773

Since when "twink" means the build of a middle aged Soviet chess player in the 70's who drinks vodka a bit too much?
I beg the handmaidens to stop coddling such ugly scrotes

No. 2036776

twink just means less built than roided up gymbros now

No. 2036840

File: 1717596355797.jpg (62.01 KB, 497x870, oh hell naw.JPG)

KEKKK nonnas you have to see this shit

No. 2036848

monkey's paw stuff

No. 2036849

(satire but I can guarantee men think like this lol)

No. 2036850

tall men are genuinely the worst. They have insanely inflated egos and they think being tall cancels all their other ugly traits. Faggot, you are fucking walking, living bowling ball, no woman wants you and you arent the catch you think you are.

No. 2036900

bruv when they said "trust fund" they meant a the trustee not the grantor, doubt he has one either

No. 2036919

If they ever made films of the Resident Evil 4 Remake, I guarantee they would cast some middle aged gruff man as Leon Kennedy. Either that, or some mid nepo baby with a schlubby undefined face. Even if they tried though, it wouldn't matter since an irl man like that doesn't exist. Even Leon's face model isn't as hot as him ffs.

No. 2036984

File: 1717605300474.jpeg (35.48 KB, 194x259, E93952BB-28F4-44E1-A4C1-030032…)

Is it part of the psyop nonnas?

No. 2037014

No because you’re meant to feel bad for lois

No. 2037024

It’s a parody of sitcoms that have the fat slob husband and the hot wife

No. 2037159

I'm sorry but past certain height they also look deformed and out of proportion, typically with crooked chicken legs that can't be remedied with any amount of roidpigging. The whole tall man thing imo is for pickmes to feel like they have standards while blowing fat slouching fuggos whose hands dangle below their knees. The ideal height is in the 178-188 range imo.

No. 2037169

i think 170-180 is best, depends on their faces and proportions though

No. 2037174

I hate his new design with the butt chin and weird, shiny skin and hair. PS2 version is peak Leon

No. 2037177

Yeah, I gotta say good proportions occur all the way down to 170 if he's thin enough. Below is dwarf territory. But past certain height they seriously begin to look like they have an extra chromosome, face and body alike. Funnily enough, that's not usually the case for very tall women.

No. 2037188

>normal hot virgin guy too much of a fantasy for a fantasy game
There will never be another love interest like Alistair from Dragon Age.

No. 2037200

File: 1717615644248.webp (39.36 KB, 1200x690, IMG_5592.webp)

No. 2037202

I hate beards so much it's unreal. Literally every moid under 50 in my city has one. I hope whatever faggot made this a trend rotts in hell.

No. 2037207

Okay fair point, kek

No. 2037224

Just play Mass Effect.

No. 2037226

Of course moids love beards because they obscure one's subhuman genetics. Maybe there's a reason why I was never attracted to anyone with facial hair. Even if the moid isn't hideous, any hint of stache is an immediate no. Any beard and they straight up become asexual beings in my eyes.

Maybe it has something to do with markers of age since for many moids beard becomes fuller after they lose the hair that actually matters.

No. 2037239

>I hope whatever faggot made this a trend rotts in hell
fucking hippies

No. 2037273

I've been screeching about this like a banshee and I won't stop, it's one of the worst fucking things to happen in the past 15 years
I was never attracted to bearded mean, it's disgusting. Stubble might look good on some but I prefer clean shaven, all day , everyday

No. 2037276

Everyone in Dragon Age is ugly. Dorian could have been okay if they didn't give him a moustache but he looks horrible without it.

No. 2037284

File: 1717619945683.jpg (360.98 KB, 1772x1772, cbh82qylmqq01.jpg)

It's laughable how moids go "beards are like contour for guys!1" but then they put in 0 effort to make their beard attractive, well-groomed, and actually suit their bone structure. Picrel both awful in equal but different ways.

No. 2037291

nonnas i am becoming obsessed with an ugly moid and it's making me sick. this is not right. please beat some sense into me!

No. 2037292

he was so lovely character-wise, they could've made him cuter though

No. 2037293

get it out of your system, carve your initials into trees and stalk him until you find out something that gives you the ick

No. 2037294

fail. you can see his (lack of) jawline through the beard.

No. 2037321

The most sensible advice I have ever heard here.

No. 2037388

if you fuck him his subhuman cells will forever stay inside your body and make you ugly and sick

No. 2037505

KEK this is what i do with every moid i become interested in

No. 2037696

File: 1717635523035.png (679.18 KB, 852x781, 2414.png)

Get a fucking grip and pick up your dignity from the ground for fuck's sake. Pathetic.

No. 2037700

It means they don’t eat pussy, too. Imagine putting up with an uggo for 0 orgasms.

No. 2037993

File: 1717657827642.jpg (115.77 KB, 800x1013, Glen-Powell-2023-Mens-Health-0…)

This creature is only THIRTY FIVE

No. 2038020

File: 1717659783995.jpeg (569.7 KB, 828x1110, IMG_1386.jpeg)

Kek this reminded me of when people would thirst for Cucumberpatch from SHERLOCK. Fucker was ugly as fuck. At least Supernatural bothered to get some younger dudes

No. 2038116

>tfw I had a crush on House
it was his sarcasm I swear, pls don't bully me
Chase was the cutest tho

No. 2038145

Shit like this is why I wonder how much is nature and how much is nurture. People don't let girls opt out of social conventions, but at least we learn how to clean ourselves up and interact with other people and empathize. ISTG the parents who raise these men just treated them like infants their whole lives.

No. 2038312

File: 1717686027118.jpg (110.31 KB, 1020x1024, credit-Yonatan-Bloom-1020x1024…)

Can you believe that this moid was actually popular for a few years in my country?

No. 2038328

who told you that? it's patently untrue.

No. 2038330

Why does he have curly sideburns despite not appearing to be an orthodox Jew?

No. 2038343

nta but the idea gives me shivers. its already proven beards have tons of germs and even poop in them. I wouldnt let that shit near my pussy.

No. 2038346

Why would you want that scratchy shit anywhere near sensitive skin?

No. 2038349

File: 1717688507355.png (164.23 KB, 301x627, Melech Zilbershlag.png)

i thought the same thing and turns he actually is an orthodox jew when you look him up kek

No. 2038355

No. 2038528

>Means king
>Literally translates into "one who beats silver metal", less literally translates into silver smith
What did he mean by this?

No. 2038690

File: 1717700865809.jpg (219.19 KB, 750x750, theyshouldneverhavebeards.jpg)

Definitely, nona. Moids will never understand the importance of being clean shaved, dressed in well tailored clothes is miles better even if they are mid and ugly. They are retarded grown toddlers that only care about cooming and judging us

No. 2038708

I like pretty guys in casual clothing more than formal clothing

No. 2038714

It isnt, hollywood has a lot of attractive guys going there but dont forget most of the execs and producers are ugly old bitter moids who dont want to expose women, especially the young ones who are also coming to hollywood for fame, to attractive men.
Again this is all part of the psyop, and also a reason women are turning to other media outside of hollywood which does feature more attractive men (yes, i know a lot of nonnas here dont like kdramas and the like but compared to these moids here >>2035993 they at the very least look human, these guys look like they should be in a lab somewhere).

There was a time where you would get more attractive or at the very least mid guys now they are going all out pushing these men to skew the younger generations view of whats attractive, these men are not only facialy challenged but also look mush older then they are, this isnt a coincidence.

No. 2038764

File: 1717704105631.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1131x1866, IMG_5594.jpeg)

Women have such low standards they’d fuck a faggot with lip fillers.(infight bait)

No. 2038765

I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't understand the hype

No. 2038766

>hm i wonder why women want to fuck a hot and young man

No. 2038767

You say this as if you’re implying we’d want to fuck an ugly old man

No. 2038769

so who would you fuck? henry cavill? frankly you can all gaslight and shame me all you want, that man is hot.

No. 2038770

Faggots with lip fillers are the most attractive men on planet earth

No. 2038771

Can smell the buttery breath from here dude
Brush your teeth

No. 2038772

All men should be faggots with lip filler, yummy

No. 2038773

well some women obviously want to

No. 2038775

The fact that women here accuse you of wanting to fuck senile men because you factually stated faggots have shit particles on their dicks…

No. 2038776

cmon anon, he obviously takes it up the ass.

No. 2038781

if you are refering to my post thats just above yours. with some women wanting to fuck old men, i didnt mean the anons here, i actually was thinking about that one young woman who married some 80-90 yr old dude. she was posted here before i think.

No. 2038784

>he gets fucked in the ass
>the top gets shit particles on his dick
>commence frotting
>the shit particles are transmitted

No. 2038789

who said I do? kek I just don't get where the bearded men don't eat pussy came from, which is why I asked, because that has never been my experience.

No. 2038809

Nonita, what do you think marriage is? It's a system in which an adult male receives childcare throughout his life. No animal on earth cares for its young while also caring for the male, that would be a dysgenic waste of female resources. Human males are brood parasites.

Actually, a lot of their behavior can be explained through twisted sexualized neoteny - like emotional externalization, never developing their own affect regulation and relying on mommy and eventually other females to do it for them, except in a post pubertal moid it also includes sex as stress relief. Moids are needy because moid infants are needy. Evolution never bothered to give them the ability to self-soothe because high extrinsic mortality would take care of them before they could do any damage.

No. 2038823

File: 1717706681199.jpeg (379.03 KB, 1908x1146, IMG_5045.jpeg)

“Faggot with lip fillers” I was expecting something like this but that scrote is actually cute with a nice haircut smh I hate when actual decent moids are gay(do not try to defend ugly men)

No. 2038824

he’s bi, which is apparently worse.

No. 2038827

Completely doable. Face is nothing out of this world, but what's important is that it's pleasantly mid and not offensive looking in any way. Combined with his hair and smooth youthful physique (particularly that thin waist moids can only have between 16 and 25), he still mogs every ex-hot walled gymstriver like Henry Cavill.

No. 2038828

I was expecting this pic would take me to the chadification thread.

No. 2038845

nonnas you were all so right, most moids are fucking hopeless
they refuse to be well groomed, apparently that's "gay" and will throw hissy fits if you suggest nicely that a well dressed man is attractive
the absolute bottom of the barrel are the fat ones tho, especially the fat ones with money, who can afford to lose weight but they are lazy fucks

No. 2038853

>falling for the psyop in the psyop thread

No. 2038855

It's unironically a bigger L to accidentally sleep with a Bi top instead of a Bi bottom. That's how you get poop in your pussy

No. 2038858

It’s all fun and games until he asks you to rim him

No. 2038859

aren't most bi men both?

No. 2038860

Anons like this, what moids do you want then? Look, I’m ashamed to admit it but bi moids tend to be more attractive since gay moids are harsher with their standards than straight women seem to be able to deign themselves to be (unfortunately).

No. 2038861

Just don't sleep with men period, they're all walking STDs

No. 2038862

I would and then I would ask him to rim me back.

No. 2038863

>gay moids are harsher with their standards than straight women
not really. when men are horny they will fuck any man thats down for it

No. 2038864

Which thread is this in, I need to call that nona based

No. 2038868

And women still give ugly gross men the time of day. At least gay men shame old moids. Normie women seem to be obsessed with catering to fat ugly men with their “omg dad bods” post-wall faces and body hair.

No. 2038870

>a moid asks you to do something
>oh shit, better do it!

No. 2038871

>gay men shame old moids
no lol. even the ugliest nastiest dudes can find a faggot on grindr. the whole bear bod thing came from the gay community.

No. 2038872

Ok rimmerchan

No. 2038876

>cute face, no facepubes
>slim, toned body
>not hairy or pimply
>nice haircut
How is this falling for the psyop kek he’s very boyishly handsome which moids hate

No. 2038877

Enjoy your tapeworms and hepatitis nona

No. 2038880

Gay moids literally brag about fucking fat old married pedos as teenagers. I think you’re right about the gays in major cities having higher standards but that doesn’t mean their standards are good, have you seen their ugly ass pillowfaces and botched bbls?

No. 2038884

My point still stands, the reason men let themselves go and women don’t is because men feel entitled to attractive people and women are socialised to just settle for ugly men. Bi and gay men are more well-groomed on average than straight men for that reason.

No. 2038890

>not hairy
>obvious armpit hair

No. 2038893

>hair and smooth youthful physique (particularly that thin waist moids can only have between 16 and 25)
is this true? i don’t know if twink death is real or if men just give up on personal hygiene earlier than women do

No. 2038919

Nona he has less pit hair than me kek. Body hair is fine as long as he isn’t an ape with a hairy chest

No. 2038954

Bi men bottom for men and top women. Women can’t respect them as a top when they find out they bottom for men, so they keep their bisexuality a secret.

No. 2039036

>women can't respect them as a top
Did you just call straight women bottoms. Weirdo baity post

No. 2039356

File: 1717742682114.png (1.08 MB, 1072x984, columbo.png)

No. 2039370

File: 1717743874388.jpg (33.05 KB, 400x400, 1000000307.jpg)

There literally is no female equivalent to the ugly man psych op. Men actively run everything related to attractiveness. Porn, mens magazines, Hollywood, and even in smaller terms like reddit it's men who actively choose what women are shilled as attractive. When men run things that are supposed to appeal to the female gaze they purposely choose the ugliest moids possible. Remember when fucking Fabio was shilled as the hottest guy in the world even though he looks like an actual retard got on roids? Yet many times women jump through hoops to talk about what they actually find attractive and men hate it kek. Remember when the new Batman came out and all women were thirsting over Robert Pattinson yet it was only moids coming in to complain about how he didn't do enough roids to be Batman and how he apparently can't stop being Edward Cullen?

No. 2039395

File: 1717745869762.jpg (117.67 KB, 1193x1421, 20240606_165550.jpg)

Yeah, basically their midriffs expand like their heads and end up looking like a brick. And it's not because they're getting fat or whatever, it's from within. Organ growth possibly? Even if an older gym moid is 4% bodyfat he'll still have a waist that's equal to or wider than his chest measurement. They obviously try to fraud it by building lats and delts, but the proportion is still not the same as a natural V-shape of a younger man.

No. 2039400

What the fuck?

No. 2039469

File: 1717756767716.png (338.8 KB, 599x1071, IMG_5047.png)

gay male terminology has been a disaster for womankind

No. 2039496


The only archetype he fits is Brooklyn Podcel

No. 2039501

tsk tsk that's clearly an ugly faggot, learn your terminology ladies

No. 2039505

File: 1717760756909.png (783.65 KB, 831x1190, 1717738352495648.png)

I am so fucking tired of anyone in general pushing this dadbod shit I have no idea of the woman they questioned but if they did question real women they are clearly desperate.

No. 2039507

meanwhile men are cooming to AI generated impossibly unrealistic women that have the face of a 12yo with double D boobs and the waist of a wasp

No. 2039517

women into this are lesbians

No. 2039519

Probably asked all the single moms on fb

No. 2039527

How do they cope with the fact that most men weren't built like this just two generations ago?

No. 2039528

No. 2039537

File: 1717763973863.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1517x2163, 518AD71F-2ACF-47C6-864D-D9D9C9…)

Fixed it.

No. 2039538

next thread pic

No. 2039542

File: 1717764641091.jpg (2.87 MB, 4096x3276, 655915.jpg)

Do you guys think geriatric moids can be attractive? I think this is the first young woman I've seen date a clearly post-wall decrepit man who still looks decent and well groomed

No. 2039544

File: 1717764866729.webp (200.17 KB, 1000x1393, King_Magnifico_Wish.webp)

He can cosplay guy from Disney Wish

No. 2039546

KEK he reminded me of tony stark

No. 2039550

they're fine if they're dating someone closer to their own age

No. 2039553

Yeah like I’ve seen older scrotes who I think look alright but I’m still not attracted to them. When they’re not fully disgusting and dating someone my age I keep really creeped out though.

No. 2039557

You’re joking right? This isn’t even a man, he has zero secondary sex characteristics. He look like stuffed animal with sun damage. He’s more feminine than her, with saggy little grandma jowls and everything. Yuck

No. 2039561

>more feminine than an actusl average woman
Who says this?

No. 2039565

i though this was the you cringe, you lose thread. Seeing a grandpa with ramen hair is giving me second hand embarassment.

No. 2039566

Samefag as >>2039557 but I’m extremely disturbed by young woman/old man couples. One of my dads friends is 60 dating a woman who is barely 30 and I can’t stop giving them the stink eye. They know I’m fucking disgusted. It has such a medieval “second bride” vibe. What sort of narcissistic misogynist believes young women should whore themselves out to stinky old farts? It’s a nightmare scenario and freaks me out

No. 2039587

probably some baiting moid(scrotefoiling)

No. 2039596

wtf why is Planet Fitness lying?? I must not be enough of a marketing head because I can't figure out what Planet Fitness gains from this.

No. 2039669

it does seem counter intuitive. and their motto at the bottom "the world judges. we don't"… okay, well, not according to your own info graphic, planet fitness.

No. 2039703

this is just blonde pedro pascal, fuck outta here

No. 2039714

afaik as a non-burger, Planet fintess is the walmart of gyms. Their brand is geared towards non-judgement, so unfit slobs can pay for a membership, go for two weeks, and forget that it's on autopay.

No. 2039745

File: 1717779880334.jpeg (370.96 KB, 796x822, IMG_1578.jpeg)

Reposting this random moid from the dating app thread but does anyone else hate this weird liberal moid style where they purposefully make themselves as goofy and unattractive as possible? See the mustache, the facial expression, the Waldo polo awkwardly tucked into jeans like some sort of unfashionable grandpa. It’s almost like a comedic sex offender style (see Terry Richardson the rapist photographer). I would say that these men have a fetish for degradation but are sexually violent towards women. Do any of you know what ~vibe~ it is that I am describing and have any input on this? I would love to know about the psychology of why men want to look like puny losers nowadays.
If I were a moid I would just buy all of my clothes at Brooks Brothers and try to look as clean cut as possible kek. Think a contestant on The Bachelorette.

No. 2039747


No. 2039751

I guess it could function as a way to get unfit guys to actually show up to the gym if the only thing preventing them from going is the shame of their out-of-shape body being seen.

No. 2039752

nta but i would rather die alone than settle with an ugly man that looks like he belongs on the sex offender registry

No. 2039753

There’s plenty of moids who don’t look like this though? Just a number of lefty ones do IME

No. 2039754

File: 1717780205702.gif (92.66 KB, 500x281, 1000017161.gif)

>just say you hate men and you wanna be lonely kek

No. 2039756

In an asexual way, sure. They can be non-revolting and fatherly, if clean and well behaved.

No. 2039758

go back

No. 2039759

>There’s plenty of moids who don’t look like this though?
they all look ugly. If they dont look like pedophiles then they look like gopniks or hobbos. Modern men are just hideous and insecure.

No. 2039767

This, they're trying to get people who would otherwise be insecure at gyms to go to theirs, and it's cheap enough that they'll let the membership drag on and never show up. They even have pizza parties and stuff like that.

No. 2039779

File: 1717781889403.jpg (131.77 KB, 736x1308, fb825093ae88ce9e0445b21c31d270…)

Glad I'm not a pickme dad body worshipper, too inhibited and full of cope to say what is really sexy to me OUT LOUD. I've motivated multiple men to lose 20- 40lbs becasue I was honest about why I didn't want their schlubby asses. I did them and their future gfs a favor. A man will never shape up with such ferocity as when you reject them. Unconditional love only works on pets.

No. 2039803

File: 1717782880799.jpeg (719.43 KB, 822x1118, IMG_4247.jpeg)

This is the uniform for men that regard articles like picrel as holy books. If anything, this kind of man is kind of worse than centrist/conservative failmales because they can explain away their mediocrity with logical-on-the-surface pop social politics instead of “Because my god fearing penis said so!”. Left wing, right wing, the whole bird wants to be foie gras.

No. 2039821

That is true, but then if you want to kiss him he is tainted by pp lips. And lets be real here, probably poopoo lips too.

No. 2039823

Why is this beautiful woman dating this nasty walled hobo?

No. 2039838

it's a kind of softboi look to make women think they're safe and goofy, not as violent or sexist like other men. they're not hot or masculine enough to try or pull off other looks i believe.

No. 2039881

File: 1717787746184.jpg (52.04 KB, 736x736, 0c2059ccdac6d833d0a399e189cd7b…)

Leon is maximum permissible age/masculinization in a husbando imo. Too bad all the cgi porn with him has blowjobs

No. 2039884

“I want you to feel safe around me. You’re not, but it’s easier if you let your guard down.”

No. 2039917

>implying leon sucking dick is a bad thing

No. 2039934

its only hot if its forced. im not trying to thirst over a man who wants to suck dick

No. 2039936

Yeah, if you fuck moids at all that ship has sailed. Moids literally retain bits of vag microbiome from every woman they previously slept with because their reproductive tract has no immune system (not to mention their ability to literally store random pathogens like zika or flu in their nuts and continuously eject them into you). I wonder if any woman would be rawing or kissing moids if sex ed included this bit, also if this is involved in sex bias in autoimmune disease. Or just general malaise that often strikes women when they're in long term relationships.

No. 2039937

Based. Gay rape >>>

No. 2039941

Oh god, you’re eating pussy and disease every time you suck dick. How do non celibate women cope with this?

No. 2039942

If it's to degrade him, sure. If it's just straight hot guy porn the last thing I want to see is a crotch under in a woman's mouth.

No. 2039957

But wait, there's more. Uncircumcised virgin boys commonly have fecal bacteria in their native penile microbiome. I'm guessing this answers the question as to whether BV is an STD - it's a male origin infection, but, technically no one gave it to them. They will, however, give it to you even if they never fucked anyone before.

No. 2039969

I understand your pain nona, any time I see a moid with an “ironic”pedo stache, mullet and Hawaiian shirt it pisses me off because I know exactly what kind of douchebag leftist scrote he is

No. 2039971

MEN are pathogens. They literally create STDs out of thin air.

No. 2039985

File: 1717793329046.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.36 KB, 1071x1425, Screenshot_20240607_213923_Gal…)

If you want to find the most ugliest moids who also have the biggest audacity look no further than the bdsm scene. Only ever met one attractive doms the rest look worse than this (also this guy, like the rest of them, has no sense of humour and get real nasty over a benign comment I made) would love to post the profiles and messages I get from these redundant scrtoes should I make a seperate thread? Would you nonnas be interested in something like that?

No. 2040024

All “dominant” moids are repulsive

No. 2040054

File: 1717796447101.jpg (64.59 KB, 735x672, a53765cc18fd4c6eb918f626f44e0b…)

It's on the other end of the spectrum relative to roidpigmaxxing. Moid is ugly, obviously can't become hot, so there are two options:

>Double down on the hideousness by shaving his head and hitting the gym, pretending he aktually wants "muh skulinity" and "dimorphism"

>Double down on his hideousness by trying to convince others it's intentional and ironic via pig disgusting fashion and grooming

Both are ugly moid copes that stem from having no other choice.

No. 2040119

No. 2040124


No. 2040128

Daily reminder that despite being biologically less prone to storing adipose tissue, there are more obese scrotoid organisms than women. Think of it every time a hideous bald sphere bleats something about fat chicks.

No. 2040131

File: 1717800914729.png (1.51 MB, 1908x1080, FZL1PQg.png)

I just don't like the way he look in the modern art style. I think it looked beest in the art style of re4 and re6, cause the modern art style is too over-designed. All the characters end up looking more like K-pop idols

No. 2040134

I love Leon too, but this isn't really the thread for spamming him, nonnas.
I've noticed that. Men loose weight and develop muscles much faster than women, they have absolutely no excuse.

No. 2040140

Nta, but the right one is a crime. Looks so slippery and greasy wtf.

No. 2040150

That might just be water anon lol

No. 2040154

He's wet from the rain kek

No. 2040172

File: 1717803003051.jpg (111.92 KB, 1080x725, skoof.jpg)

Somewhat off topic but apparently the Russian burmese basketweaving forums have a term for the post-wall wurstie - "скуф" (pronounced as skoof). Apparently Russian moids now fear skoofication and want to prevent it as much as possible.

No. 2040176

hi chat(retarded newfag)

No. 2040177

Hey daisy

No. 2040252

File: 1717807470524.jpg (50.3 KB, 600x900, Kuroo.Tetsurou.600.4113914.jpg)

Everyday I'm so thankful for sports animes. Even the stage plays are full of fit cuties.

No. 2040260

Please. I want to lol at those cringe messages so bad you must post them.

No. 2040270

Why does this sound exactly like a post from last thread? >>>/ot/2032164

No. 2040280

Eww she's admitting she looks for doms on bdsm sites

No. 2040293

Ancient scrotes were right: all men should be circumcised

No. 2040311

Timmy Chalalala?

No. 2040357

Nah, some random moid from a gay coom pinterest. Not saying he's hot, just an example of a young waistline.

No. 2040440

My boss complained that her husband works out too much and has abs, when she would prefer a dad bod. What the fuck. Does the psyop run so deep that we can't even appreciate our own partners staying in shape?

On a similar note, I wish I had a nickel for every time I've heard a woman say some variation of "I like my bf to be a lil chubby cause it makes me feel smol". It's like they only appreciate how a guy makes them look, rather than how he looks. It's that attitude that keeps lowering the bar.

No. 2040452

It's because those women aren't actually attracted to men. They're just going through the motions.

No. 2040592

she's afraid he is gonna mog her kek

No. 2040594

imagine not wanting a man that mogs you. The fuck

No. 2040637

File: 1717833226822.jpeg (169.96 KB, 2048x1105, IMG_7811.jpeg)

Posted this in the wrong thread so posting it again.

No. 2040638

>My boss complained that her husband works out too much and has abs, when she would prefer a dad bod
I hate her. I hope he cheats on her (with me)

No. 2040649

File: 1717835052662.png (2.24 MB, 1512x2163, dad bods.png)

added a middle finger kek, plus "Beauty is thin deep"

No. 2040666

File: 1717836100505.jpg (Spoiler Image,321.75 KB, 1065x886, eww.jpg)

What board should I make the new thread on? (also see the example attached for your amusement lol)

Not me, I specified bdsm scene because its particulary vile and would like to have a thread dedicated to that.

Er, no hunty I didnt. Im a domme who gets messages from doms because despite then always talking about consent its all BS and they message dommes like me trying to make us "switch".

Anyway if any nonnas need stress relief and want to take it out on stupid old men who think too much of themselves I highly recommend this. These sites are worse than vanilla dating sites but they are good at verbally abusing moids who really do deserve it.

No. 2040692

As a Russian nonna, yes, this term is the best thing that could have happened with the russian-speaking Internet. It's a perfect word as it's all-encompassing, i.e. it implies not only a moid's physical ugliness, but also their laziness, retarded lifestyle, unhealthy habits, lack of ambition and desire to live in general lol. The old scrote in the vidrel >>2033758 is a classic example. And it feels so liberating that now women can stand up to ugly men, using the term that actually insults them. Although, ofc, there are downsides to this phenomenon: 1) some moids, partly ironically, inspre to become a "скуф" or/and wear this as a badge of honour. Basically, they're trying to twist the initial meaning or make it seem as something good and desirable; 2) as there is the grammatical gender system in Russian language, ppl created a female version of this term with suffixes (скуфесса, скуфидониха, etc) and use it to degrade women's appearance (as always).
Sorry for spreg, mods

No. 2040699

This stuff is so fascinating to me because you will have women climbing over each other to declare that they just love dad bods, but you will NEVER get men to do that with "mom bods"… in fact men are just like >>2039507 says

No. 2040795

everywhere i go, there is a new psyop

No. 2040806

No. 2040812

Isn't there a new STD going around now due to men? It's literally called sexually transmitted ringworm. Men now can give you ring worm. holy shit

No. 2040813

I'm guessing you saw the Haikyuu movie, anon? Kuro was perfect in it.

No. 2040840

File: 1717855829001.jpg (155.71 KB, 1169x1456, RwEEmwY.jpg)

A female director married to a man who is younger than her and doesn't look like a cryptid? No wonder her movie got snubbed at the oscars

No. 2040843

File: 1717856003061.jpg (43.9 KB, 612x405, ChYeQlD.jpg)

On the topic of female directors. I know we already discussed sofia coppola but I just found lost in Translation was based on her relationship with an older scrote.
So not only did she make an entire movie romanticizing it she used a then teenage Scarjo as a self insert.
And she won an Oscar for that psyop of a movie. Notice how ugly men enablers also encourage predatory behaviour against women?

No. 2040915

File: 1717860393058.png (25.14 KB, 976x207, df.PNG)

What script is being flipped where the female characters are all hot / waifus and the men are "skinny and weak" / normal? oh yeah, the 'instead of male power fantasy it's just male self inserts' script.

No. 2040920

None of the male bg3 love interests are skinny wtf reddit fatties are so disconnected from reality when has any man without a beer gut been considered skinny and not just fit? They are all buff and broad shouldered? The only actually skinny man is the fuckin skeleton.

No. 2040940

true, tbf, 99% of the men in that game are ugly anyways

No. 2040949

Literally who is this retard talking about? The only male companions that come close to skinny and weak are the two male elf hirelings. And they are literally husks.

No. 2041022

File: 1717866589194.png (27.22 KB, 898x226, haveImentionedIhatereddit..PNG)

Another day and the bodypos bullshit continues.

No. 2041027

Likely an instance if a self-inserting TIF feeling bad for herself rather than actual men

No. 2041030

meanwhile every single manwha female protagonist looks like this

No. 2041183

I think polygamy wouldn't be that bad if the women were in charge of their boytoy. Think about it, most men are ugly as fuck, so shouldn't everyone get a taste of the most beautiful? If we share beautiful men, ugly men won't have anyone to fuck left

No. 2041277

File: 1717875688388.jpg (34.76 KB, 283x508, be75d1067c25537148c996bd8b86b1…)

Rammestein is hilarious because all of the guys in the band are fucking hideous and even in their 'prime' they had beer bellies. I don't understand how they got so popular. Seeing ugly men sing about sex is so bizarre. Till Lindemann was the ugliest of them all and women still try to convince themselves that he's still got it, even though he never had it in the first place. German industrial music in general is like this, I've never seen an attractive guy in one of those bands, yet they all sing about sex. Not to mention the Rammestein dildo set, which isn't even actual casts of the members, it's like their dick they headcannon for themselves. Richard Kruspe looks like an oompa loompa.

No. 2041289

I get what you’re saying, hotties should be communal chew toys. I’ll let you peg my scrote if you give me a sack of onions, etc. They shouldn’t get to choose who they want to be with

No. 2041305

Monogamous pair bonding favors males, so yes.

No. 2041315

If a man sent you a song called 'Te quiero puta!', how fast should you block him?

No. 2041323

I love how convinced they are that they're super badass. The frontman is disgusting and nasty and still desperately popping viagra and jumpstarting his dick with electroshocks every show to try to fuck groupies and feel something. He's like two years from a nursing home please god make them stop

No. 2041329

I agree with everything you said, but I think their more serious normal songs about politics, Germany and some stories that were big there aren't bad. I have a soft spot for "Deutchland" and "Engel" and its reimagining of the angel concept. But the whole BDSM sexual assault trial thing last year made me dislike them, even if it was dropped and he was ruled to be innocent, I think it's real with his obsession with sex. They're obsessed with it because they can't get it kek. But my unpopular opinion is looks should've matter in music in general, and musical talent should be the focus, especially for women. That would fix everything wrong with the music industry.

No. 2041335

There's a saying, "A man is only as old as the youngest woman he can sleep with". It's just desperate fear of mortality as usual.

No. 2041456

Just because the guy is hot doesn't mean you'll be spared from polyamorous misery

Can this retard not watch a sitcom or read some normie romance comic or some shit if webtoons are so bad ?

I'm just going to mention Maiwenn again

No. 2041514

>abs are impossible
swimming an hour a day is all it takes. ive never seen a swim team guy not have ab definition, no matter how small town the college or school is

No. 2041576

I've never been to a gym in my life, I'm mostly sedentary, not an anachan, and have visible abs. I actually can't comprehend how it's possible to be a moid and not have them. You had one fucking job.

No. 2041587

Polyamorous misery occurs when undesirable, low-options people try to convince themselves that their oneitis cucking them is a type of committed relationship. There's always an asymmetry of investment. A scrotation of hot moids is a different scenario, at least on your end.

No. 2041658

File: 1717890289514.mp4 (10.38 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cp2ld27og65l9r8pld…)

Proof gay men have terrible standards when it comes to men and that they spread their terrible standards on to straight women to adopt because there’s just no conceivable way this list makes any sense

No. 2041664

>his eyes go big and he goes "wooo"
>places in a 4
>has negative reaction to a scrote
>gives high placing
This confused me

No. 2041666

I don’t get why nier replicant is up there? Virtually no one cares about the American version of the game and people laugh at how sensitive American gamers are because square enix felt the need to make the protagonist ugly

No. 2041679

dylan o'brien at 4 immediately made me click off the video.

No. 2041683

The game has two versions, one where you play a qte bishie and one where you play an ugly ape. They only released the ugly ape version in america because american moids felt threatened by the qte bishies.

No. 2041684

Bro goes for fags who look like him or something? He's no looker himself.

No. 2041865

Finally someone mentioned Rammestein scrotes. I was a metalhead when I was a teen and not really understand English or bothered with lyrics and later in life finding out many metal/rock bands wrote problematic lyrics that cringed me to death like this one and I stopped to listen to half of these bands

No. 2041987

We already knew this. They do the meat market thing that straight men do where they're all talk and it's just annoying social chatter, any excuse to shoehorn their sexuality. "Ooooohhhhh this [random celeb that's a literal 4 and has a small penis] is so sexy I want him to rail me" it's like white noise theyre just talking to talk. They say absolute guttertrash is sexy and idolize butterfaces but then shit on women in the industry constantly

No. 2042013

Males in general have this palpable tendency to engage in astroturfing, weird manifestations and wishful thinking out loud. The gay male indeed thinks that he can make a 4 with a small dick happen if he generates enough "4s with small dicks are hot" sentiments, much like straight males repeat mantras about short kings and aging like fine wine.

No. 2042016

File: 1717913784404.jpg (164.33 KB, 662x616, sex bots.jpg)

Yep! Looking forward to the robots men are threatening us with like they really dont see pic related coming lol

ILY nonnas!

No. 2042019

They really did "make it happen" though. Not as like, an objective fact, no woman actually thinks short guys are hot, but as a dominant social/cultural force they definitely did. Same with aging like fine wine/dad bods/men being le logical/etc. Kind of impressive how they memed into public consciousness, I will give them that.

No. 2042028

File: 1717914307271.jpg (675.64 KB, 1475x1372, delulu.jpg)

Your post reminded me of this one I saw-what do y'all think? I think its funny men try to do the whole barbie/he-man comparison stating people expect men to look like he-man or even Thor when even decades ago as you can see here men where never big or built.

No. 2042031

Yeah the whole thing is basically "women on social media show preference to above average in physical appearance men, they're such ungrateful sluts I hope they die" meanwhile they show preference for loli 2D and teenage girls

No. 2042033

Well, they have two allies: female prosocial nature and resource coercion. The ability to use the latter has been on a steady decline, and so is the rate of settling for old men. Combined with the rise of PSL faggots and the ronery epidemic, I think shilling is no longer enough.

Though it's curious how shilling intensifies every time they can't just rape you or trap you financially.

No. 2042043

yearning to time travel

No. 2042045

This actually gave me a new perspective on roidpigmaxxing. It may be a way for moids to continue eating like obese manospheres under the pretense of lifting and bulking, a type of HAES for men just like dad bods. The moids from the pic come from the times when "fat" was the worst thing one could be.

No. 2042057

Do you think they're attempting to ramp up resource coercion though? (like with the abortion bans etc)

No. 2042073

For sure. The problem is, in wealthier nations the genie is out of the bottle so the outcome is going to be something like Japan or South Korea. They done fucked up with letting women have any jobs whatsoever.

No. 2042076

Part of me wonders if there’s a new wave of eugenics coming but that’s probably hopium

No. 2042086

I hate the fact that men on average are so ugly that the first decent looking dude who isn't balding at the ripe old age of 25 has a bunch of girls out of his league interested in him. It's like we are forced to date way down, or debase ourselves by vying for the attention of a guy at our level or even a bit below it. I'd rather just never reproduce than force myself to be with a man I feel physically repulsed by when we're kissing or having sex, and I don't want to play stupid games competing for a guy who is attractive like I am just because hot guys have more quality options than hot girls. Like yeah we have plenty of ugly simps but hot guys get so much attention and hyped up while their female counterparts get negged and called mid lmao

No. 2042089

I mostly agree but I think ideally people should pair up laterally, dating within their leagues, a bunch of hot girls having to share one hot man is stupid. I get it if unattractive girls would rather be in a poly relationship with a well trained himbo than date laterally tho, since even unattractive men often think they deserve hot girls and disregard below/average girls as beneath them out of delusion and opium. If I'm a 5 you got me fucked up if you think I'm willingly choosing to be with a male 5 who is always going to be wishing he had an 8.

No. 2042139

>a bunch of hot girls having to share one hot man is stupid
Why? Hot women outnumber hot men significantly. It's the only way, really, for all of them to get their fix instead of either just refusing to reproduce or, worse, lowering their standards.

No. 2042146

>put up with this arrangement
>produce new wave of hot men who have no problem reproducing
(ideally while ugly manlets foot the bill)
>ugly manlets wiped out in a few generations
>no woman born after this shift would even consider reproducing with an ugly man
this would be the real taking one for the team.

No. 2042169

nah if im going to get a bf, i want him to mine and not have to share with 5 other girls. stupid idea that would never work in the real world.

No. 2042175

Who said anything about a bf?

No. 2042178

You've gotta be fucking kidding me. No. Polygamy is retarded and sexist.

No. 2042179

What about polyandry tho?

No. 2042185

I would just date handsome masc butches, there are plenty of attractive butches/dykes in the world that you don't have to be in some mid poly fuckboys’ harem and catch STDs. Besides dicks are not that worthwhile and women are better for emotional compatibility

No. 2042188

That has nothing to do with the conversation, it's off-topic.

No. 2042189

I mean passing around a bunch of hot moids is not the same as having to be married to them…

No. 2042192

>dating within their leagues
ok so only beautiful women should enjoy hot men? that's not fair when ugly moids get with gigastacies everyday

No. 2042198

The issue is that women have been forced to reproduce with ugly ass failmales for centuries, creating a world full of uggos. And even now, women are choosing to have babies with ugly violent men. So until it balances out, we're going to probably have to share hot men, or else some women will have to deal with being single.

No. 2042205

yeah but thats not the solution you think it is, no sane women wants to share men.

No. 2042206

theres simply not enough hot men, not to mention the hot guys will have 10 beautiful girls simping for them, so why should they choose the ugly ones?

No. 2042211

I'd legit rather share a hot guy, and also fuck whatever hot guys I wanted rather than be with a "loyal" uggo who will still cheat anyway. But women are pretty divorced from their own optimal outcomes so most will take the latter cause psyopped.

No. 2042213

stop with this cuckqueanry shit

No. 2042220

you can't really be cucked by something you don't care about.

No. 2042226

well unfortunately some of us are straight nona

No. 2042245

Guy with the red surfing board is the only hot one. The rest are ugly, especially Elvis, he looks like a fag.

No. 2042250

you've gotta be kidding

No. 2042252

these are some of the ugliest male bodies ever

No. 2042317

I'm tired of seeing moids throw around the term christmas cake or whatever the fuck for any woman over 25 to imply they're leftovers or post wall as if it's a normal, quirky thing on twitter. It just makes me think of this thread and remember the psyop because why is it that only women have this term made up about them, but you never hear men being called christmas cakes if they're over 25? It really feels just so ridiculous how women are the ones most shamed for aging when we age way better than men. Most women at 25 still have a full head of hair, barely any wrinkles, not fat, take care of appearance etc due to socialization…Meanwhile, most men are already balding and have wrinkles. I'm older than my brother by a few years and he looks older than me, already has crows feet wrinkles on his eyes, and is balding, while I look the same or barely changed. It's all so retarded and I can't take it seriously

No. 2042318

He sang the Pingu rap, leave him alone. On a more serious note, his face is peak American man look, and I kinda dig it.

No. 2042321

Samefag it makes me so annoyed that I have to live in a world like this where everything is reversed and psyopped and if I point anything out I'm a "misandrist" or femcel or whatever (latter is hilarious when I have a bf). I hate that other women feel bad about their age too if they're not ''young'' while with males it's totally fine for them to be older. They always expect me to feel bad about my own age in general (mid 20s) when…I don't? And I literally look 100x times better than moids in my own age group or younger. Like why am I the one that has to feel ashamed of my age or be called derogatory terms considering this. I hate it and I wish men were the ones who got shamed instead because they're the ones that actually deserve it

No. 2042323

all of these bodies are hideous, just because you're not fat doesn't mean you're hot. Kurt Russel is the only one that looks barely decent, but just a tad as you can see he's not even toned
Soft, squishy bodies is the worst on a man and it really disgusts me. Its so easy for a man to look toned if he does the bare minimum at the gym

No. 2042333

this is what dad bod should mean

No. 2042374

File: 1717949455238.jpg (58.79 KB, 1024x576, 17000543455.jpg)

I can't stand that type of face. It makes me so mad that so many men look like that they need to be wiped out.

No. 2042380

His eyes aren't too close though? They're 1.5-2 eyes apart (in art terms). But just really small.

No. 2042382

I'm confused nonna, I don't remember this from any of the ME romances. Am I misremembering Kaidans storyline or something? Will agree none of the characters are particularly attractive though

No. 2042383

I hate moids too, but his eyes arent even close together like your photo. Maybe you're blind

No. 2042384

A time before steroids and hormones. I miss natural bodies for both men and women tbh

No. 2042388

Men are the most delusional creatures ever. How many men start baldin before 25 now a days? Most dont even use sunscreen or have a skincare routine. Men age like SHIT, so they get extra salty and go after women by making stuff up. The worst are the women who believe this shit

No. 2042391

They have looked like this since Advent children, crisis core and Dirge days though. So for over 15 years. As soon as FF7 went 3-d. I dont mind these designs too much. I'd rather have that than the hyper realistic designs of DMC V that actually ruined Dante and Vergil for me personally.

No. 2042395

Well whatever that look is called where the face is long and the eyes are like pebbles, I hate it

No. 2042400

Jacob from ME2/ME3. Jacob has a lot of weird storylines associated with him. Like his loyalty mission is finding out his father abandoned him for 10 years so he could rape women all day.

No. 2042406

File: 1717951041309.jpg (1.99 MB, 2880x2880, 20240609_193614.jpg)

You mean beady eyes? He didn't always have these but he started developing them when he started gaining "muscle", I'm calling steroids but I don't actually care enough to look that up. He was cute before that though.

No. 2042410

how can a person look so fucking different in pictures? bottom left is the only cute one

No. 2042414

I like the top one, too. But yeah his face is inconsistent and that's why I suspect some drugs or something. Or plastic surgery, aging, cameras being goofy etc.

No. 2042423

That man was a gutter face his arms were crazy

No. 2042426

If a bunch of hot girls had children with the hot guy there would be a net increase of attractive men and women and eventually successive generations wouldn’t have to share the sole hot guy. 1 stud on the pasture passed around different farms is how health and fitness has been maintained in domesticated animals since the advent of animal husbandry. Country men know and hate this this because they practice it. The creepy Mormon founder was trying to do this in humans within his religious practice, but see how poorly it goes when individual men try to self-select as a stud.

No. 2042603

Lol thanks, I found Jacob's personality so repulsive I never romanced him and entirely forgot he existed in the two years since last I played it. The romance mechanic in ME is miles ahead of other games imo but the available moids are still shit.

No. 2042617

>Unpopular opinion but I kinda liked Clive from FF16 in this regard, despite being as offended by facial hair as everyone else in this thread. Besides this one point he is actually handsome without being overly uncanny. The female characters have weird faces though.

Agree so hard. Adult Clive, Joshua and Cid and Gav are the best designs in a while. They're handsome without being overly masculine. they still have that anime touch

No. 2042618

I HATED Jacob so hard when I found out his final mission. Like I just wanted to be able to turn around and kill him or let him die by another species.He is literally trash

No. 2042619

I always romance Garrus, so I don't know what the other storylines are like.

No. 2042632

Never bothered with the male options in ME. You either romance mid ugly moids or bug looking humanoids.

No. 2042639

Yeah I literally know another woman who was scared to say her age in a group of moids we are in out of fear of being called a hag as le epic moid joke and it was just sad (she's 28). It made me think about how common this shit is and how men wouldn't get the same treatment for saying their age, it pisses me off. I make it a point to say my age and be unashamed about it around moids for this reason

No. 2042644

I was just talking about this with my friend. I hate that any man who isnt bald or fat is automatically a 5 to a lot of women myself included, pls dont bully me because of how ugly most men are.

No. 2042780

File: 1717969961970.png (745.23 KB, 1046x836, IMG_4809.png)

No. 2042806

>But the whole BDSM sexual assault trial thing last year made me dislike them, even if it was dropped and he was ruled to be innocent, I think it's real with his obsession with sex.
Also sexual assualt has the lowest conviction rate and people do not realise how misogynist investigations/trails. he definitely did that shit

No. 2042820

I'm guessing she's demure and doesn't joke about manlets and hairlets.

No. 2042878

Seriously, it's so awful. So many of the victims of SA have to retell and relive their experiences over and over, only for the case to be dismissed for lack of evidence. i feel so angry since the SA needs a death penalty at this point since men will keep doing it.

No. 2042882

And that's why they shit on even the ugliest of women, there is no woman in this world "mid" or ugly enough not to destroy an average moid by simply rejecting him
This is such a W, and I just did a quick search and of course moids are malding and calling him too soft and too young. As if they didn't make women characters who have no business being sexy into entire thirst traps on the reg kek, seethe

No. 2042929

Ugly men are at every corner and it makes me SICK. People just use them for memes and random pfp bc its apparently its "funny" bitch what is funny about some creature that at best resembles a rapist or at worst actually is one? This thread is mostly about the shilling men as attractive but just letting them exist guilt free without any sanctions doesn't get talked about enough. If a man is so ugly he can't be sexualized even a little, he can still exist and be allowed humanity. The same cannot be true for women, because they are not people but objects to be consumed. They can some little quirks here a and there (having hobbies, a little bit personality) but just like every object they have one main function, the reason they exist, and for women that is to be a sex object. To be oogled at,and to meet certain criteria of beauty that changes every year like an iphone. Even if no one finds men attractive, they are still allowed to be human, but no matter how hot a girl is she will still be consumed like an object and any flaws, even internal ones like personality and behaviour (that would not matter if they were good ones if possesed by an ugly woman) will get pointed out as if its a peer review of a new software update.

No. 2042954

You're making them seethe because in their minds you're flaunting how well you're aging compared to them. Little known reason behind all the "wall" malding among 30+ wursties is having to watch all the woman your age still be fuckable and desirable to men younger and hotter than you, while you're even more invisible to hot young women than you were when you had hair.
Which is why male humanity needs to be determined by their fuckability. Don't do anything for them or have any empathy for them unless you would bang. Pickmes with muh brothers/dads/sons will seethe but this is the way.

No. 2042959

They were so cute. So rare for a show to cast two entire young good-looking guys for lead roles, no wonder tumblr was so obsessed with this show
>BDSM scene
Ew nonna why would anyone subject themselves to that? Even bottoms are selfish assholes. Normal moids are already pornbrained into wanting to pull your hair and slap your ass, if you're into that sort of thing you can just ask a normal one. You need to be a especially repulsive kind of coomer to even get into a "sex scene" to begin with, of course they're all ugly.

No. 2043138

File: 1717981039397.jpg (38.2 KB, 700x454, 07vwz6b9acha1.jpg)

Can we talk about how hideous unaltered moid meat is? Not only does it harbor every strain of anaerobic rot known to man, a moid is by nature so averse to washing it ancient moids literally had to lop it off so it doesn't get balanitis by the time they start balding (so like age 16 tops). No wonder neovags are necrotic fecal holes, they're made of septic infested skin after all.

No. 2043182

Yes. Uncut dicks are so disgusting, dumpworthy. Men’s natural state is just cursed.

No. 2043254

Every comment is a young woman screaming about how she needs a dilf and would have gone home with that disgusting old male

No. 2043256

Whenever I hear moids bleat about how they’re mutilated now and sex is less enjoyable for them I’m like based.

No. 2043275

How do you respond to angered males after mentioning that they age faster? I like bringing it up when they talk about how they’ll be able to get young women when they’re middle aged and when they call women their age hags, but I always get dog piled by them and their pickmes irl

No. 2043286

File: 1717983643860.jpeg (603.33 KB, 828x1297, IMG_7449.jpeg)

Semi-related but this made me kek. There’s people in the comments dunking on female idol fans but I’ve seen more stacy female fans than attractive moid ones. In one of the previous threads someone even posted a video about how these female idol fans who attended fanmeetings were pretty enough to be idols themselves while the males were all ugly and unkempt. I hate how women are the only ones who upkeep their looks 24/7 while men get away with being slobs. Btw I’ve seen male jpop fans before and they’re as creepy/fugly looking as you’d expect.

No. 2043299

there is a reason why ugly bastard is a stereotype associated with otakus/male nerds

No. 2043312

Well you already got them butthurt so I would leave it at that.

No. 2043333

Tell them that seething this much is bad for the hairline

No. 2043353

See, unfortunately it's not even true. Infant circumcision happens when the organism is young enough to rewire the nerve endings. It's the religionfags who got circumcised between 10-13 and the nasty adult phimotic scrotoids who lose sensitivity for good, but phimosis and chronic inflammation do that anyway.

5 bucks says intactivism was started by an anteater who got his inevitable balanitis at around 28 and had to go on steroids/have an adult circumcision, later pretending that he was "mutilated" by mommy as opposed to his own hygiene. Even the levels of glans keratinization between chopped-in-infancy and anteaters aren't any different, suggesting, once again, that the moid is blaming the natural deterioration of his meat on some external factor as usual.

No. 2043356

This thread honestly feels like the last bastion of old lolcow and sanity against the tardthots and pickmes of this site…

No. 2043369

Or just butthurt that some girl giggled at it once

No. 2043390

Virtue signalling/larping the choke me daddy on my way to coachella Lana aesthetic. These women are also probably asexual from birth control and SSRIs. Just the normal "my sexuality isn't about who I want but what I look like" flavor of western female sexual repression.

Eventually their authentic attractions are buried so deep they might only rediscover them in their late 40s, regretting all the young chads they ignored in favor of making Mads Mikkelsen aesthetic boards and trying to accessorize their cockette nymphet look with a vintage nutsack.

No. 2043405

>vintage nutsack
you really do have a way with words that nobody can imitate, pls write a book. btw also if you are who I think you are, how is the temporary marriage going? .

No. 2043470

I think all dicks are ugly but at least when they're uncut you dont see their shit scars and deformed dickheads. And it just looks nasty when they're soft
Imagine having to hope if a guy is going to have a clean dick or an unhideous mushroom head with gross shrivelled up balls
Its a lose/lose situation with a penis.
At least a dildo can be cute pink with glitter and doesn't talk back at you or gives up after two pumps

No. 2043541

This is so damn funny nonna
I think this is also why a lot of women are okay with settling for a less attractive dude, I can't relate because I have a normal/high sex drive. I sometimes wish I could turn it off because like recently I've met a man who is genuinely very kind and patient and adores me but I just can't feel sexually aroused by him

No. 2043755

i complained about this exact thing in dumbass shit kek, i wish there was a brand of dick and balls exfoliator to fix how it always looks like they have 10 layers of dead skin cells.

No. 2043756

File: 1718013415769.mp4 (3.02 MB, 720x1280, saveinsta-cam.mp4)

is this the video? i don't remember if this the exact video posted but i downloaded it separately from dr.candiselin on IG.

No. 2043757

Kek. Jackson looked so cute with all his female fans. Too bad they don’t know he’s 100% gay.

No. 2043758

What are even the perks of being a female idol? I’ve never understood why women bother going into that career field.

>have to starve yourself and get plastic surgery until you’re unrecognisable to yourself in the mirror

>instantly hated and told to kill yourself by millions of netizens for not bowing correctly or reading a book
>18 hours of gruelling practice and rehearsals a day
>fainting all the time and malnourished because you can’t eat
>good chance of being raped by your CEO or producers
>surrounded by male idols who are all either gay or sleeping with their groupies and don’t want to be seen anywhere near you in case you get a dating scandal
>have to pretend to be happy to see your disgusting fat otaku fans all the time
>slave wages because you technically owe the company

Seems completely pointless to me tbh

No. 2043766

I don't see the point in increasing your beauty with makeup when the guy you're gonna get is still gonna be beneath you. There's no prize to compete for. And to me the only value in beauty is attracting hotties, Im not a normie so I never got the memo that the point of my life is to be decoration for men. I wish more women did the math. If EVERYONE exaggerates their looks, the order of beauty is still the same. You're not actually beating competition for a better mate. Or is this too much logic for the non autistic mind?

No. 2043769

I wish you a happy future transition

No. 2043771

File: 1718015054755.jpg (126.13 KB, 601x1124, well damn.jpg)

Was about to post this, but theres are people saying shes right including some men lmao

No. 2043772

File: 1718015223193.jpg (108.7 KB, 892x747, vintage scrotum.jpg)

No. 2043773

File: 1718015254139.jpg (54.3 KB, 895x147, why does this moid even have a…)

Im so mad that as a society we've accepted ugly moids to the point where they have the audacity to be violent. In a just society this guy would be Dr Frankenstein assistant, not a tv star.

No. 2043775

>accepted ugly moids to the point where they have the audacity to be violent
Men are the most violent toward their female relatives. Society accepts male violence from ugly, average, and beautiful men.

No. 2043777

Ngl I feel bad for that bald hedgehog. Obviously something wrong with the poor thing.

No. 2043778

Me too nonna, speaks volumes when the best male in the game is a grey-blue lizard with talons and a carpace.

I've found it nigh impossible to make anything resembling a cute moid in character creators in games (sans mods). It's like developers don't want you to escape brick jaws and weathering like an old shoe.

No. 2043784

He's a cheap ugly copy of Dr.Orpheus, too.

No. 2043834

File: 1718021647131.jpg (70.87 KB, 596x615, 54654.jpg)

Kinda positive news the amount of likes on this post is making me feel optimistic that a lot of people are resisting the ugly man psyop!

No. 2043863

kpoopies can be so based at times

No. 2043864

It helps that he's a bad person and shitty father

No. 2043889

File: 1718024554520.png (2.06 MB, 904x4030, astarionfag.png)

this needs to be studied

No. 2043890

shes trying so hard to sound like moids who sperg about ''cunny'', gross

No. 2043897

Damn, he really looks like a tired, old queen in the face. Thanks nonas~ these threads stopped me from wanting the game immediately.
I just know any woman who speaks out like this gets dogpiled and I hate it. Women and girls were indoctrinated since birth to defend the most mediocre men and to go against it is culturally offensive or something.

No. 2043899

she's actually part of radtwt

No. 2043909

shes a cringe larper

No. 2043911

And for all that “good wife” behavior, they are the least married demographic with this heist rates being abused. What a sweet deal

No. 2043935

and that’s a factor in young white boys trooning out, or going full Nazi or both.

No. 2043939

>Nasolabial folds

No. 2043949

File: 1718029287175.png (249.25 KB, 388x684, 706hhBq.png)

I don't know about that specifically, but I have seen people on twitter genuinely getting mad at women for not finding black and indian men attractive and preferring a white guy. tbh I think it's all performative because attractive young men are the natural standards, it's like people who claim 'I love fat guys' when we know that's really not a natural opinion, it's just virtue signaling

No. 2043953

I grew up around Muslims and hipsters. Imagine my suffering

No. 2043955

Same for dicklets. Nobody actually likes dicks that are truly small, the only people preaching that they like them are pickmes that are trying to look all kind and extra special for the moids.

No. 2043956

Good points, but they probably endure all of this because they love recording in the studio and performing on stage. And it's sad this is the only way for them to get to do it.

No. 2043975

They all dream of becoming real singers or actresses.

No. 2043983

This is going to sound schizo, but I actually think the large number of women into masochism/ddlg as a kink are basically just coping with how ugly most men are and how little they want to be with them. So if they conceive of it as getting dominated by something cruel and gross (but its totes hot or whatever) it's easier for them to quantify rather than try to square the circle of why they're fucking someone so ugly by choice.

No. 2043987

spot on, its akin to monsterfucking. re-framing it to be intentionally nasty because lovey dovey romantic sex only feels good with someone who is cute

No. 2043991

social status and the 1% chance they can pivot to acting/solo work or just make money modelling for brands

its also a way out of grueling education systems, one of the only ways to still be perceived as "hard working" while not studying

No. 2044011

oh definitely, she's more the type to settle for ugly moids and fall for the psyop
yeah, they're literally just coping when they act like women age worse. something I hate about them is how they'll act like your value ''decreases'' if you're older even though you look young or aren't really aging poorly or anything (especially compared to them)

No. 2044022

for really small dicks I would agree, no one wants a micropenis. but I also think men's autism with huge dicks (and them being gay for them) also isn't what most women want. most women don't want a massive penis no matter how much men claim that's true, and it always bothers me when the most ugly men act like they're the prize just because they have a big dick or whatever. knew a moid like that who would bring up his dick size in conversations unprompted and thought it somehow made him attractive when he was ugly regardless and i don't give a fuck about big dicks, and i don't think it makes me a pick me to think he was retarded, especially when penetration in itself is already not good compared to clit stimulation. the big dick thing in general just feels like another facet of the psyop since the ugliest moids will let it get to their head or people will say oh he's got a big dick so he's hot or some shit about the most hideous men

No. 2044037

and to think some people are trying to justify themselves with "he's so ugly he becomes hot" or "he's ugly hot" you know he's filth why are you shilling him still? why have we as a society accepted this form of self harm.

No. 2044043

samefag in general I dislike how people can't seem to have this conversation without both sides being weird about it. it's either moids shilling big dicks as epic and peak masukulinitee and acting like that automatically raises a moid by like 5 points on the chad scale even if he's ugly (it doesn't), or pick mes just saying the opposite to comfort moids. when in reality it should be more like, you don't have people acting like dick size matters so much without necessarily defending moids. like, actually doing it from a woman's perspective in the sense that massive dicks might actually be painful and aren't as important as actually looking good in the face and having a grooming routine. men are retarded because they've genuinely convinced themselves having a big dick somehow cancels out everything else. like retards whining their dick is small and convincing themselves that's why women don't like them. it reminds me of the whole manlet vs tall guy debate too since it's pretty similar. it seems like their primitive brain believes bigger= more attractive as a male when that's not necessarily true, and they choose to ignore any actual beauty or grooming they could do for themselves, hence why we have the psyop or them saying it's gay to wash their ass etc. and yet simultaneously they want their cake and to eat it too because they still want women to fuck them even if they have a micropenis or are short despite they themselves setting big dicks as le chad standard

No. 2044120

File: 1718039645979.webp (87.66 KB, 485x540, IMG_5602.webp)

all this talk about astarion… let’s not forget the og rpg romance psyop

No. 2044124

Dicks are overrated anyway, fingers is where it's at. Give that moid carpal tunnel.

No. 2044134

God, I have always hated him. I ended up romancing Cullen because I found Solas so repulsive, but it's not like Cullen or any of the other moids are much better.

No. 2044152

That's not schizo at all, just look how many sex tropes are basically a variant of "fat bastard from hentai". When you let a fugly moid fuck you, you feel violated, so might as well double down on the narrative. Banging fug cocks is the OG BDSM/subbing.

No. 2044222

File: 1718045643987.png (165.9 KB, 720x740, NnDsbVe.png)

she was so real for this

No. 2044253

And ofc males in da4 look much older and than females, exept for warden guy.

No. 2044283

Dammit I just spent the past 20 minutes trying to find that edit a nonna did on here that actually made the character so much more attractive because he looked like a young vampire.
I also fell for the psyop because although not my taste I thought "oh ok, at least they designed a character with women in mind" but after seeing nonna's edit im now pretty annoyed. They really dont want us to have nice things.

No. 2044287

I'm still so mad that when they finally let us fuck a qunari it was the ugliest one possible. Wide fridge body with no waist, long pancake tits, wtf even was that nose, the black goatee?, and the obnoxious bull horns instead of the elegant swirly ones. Never romanced him and never will.
I was thinking about that too! A nona posted a tweet with some modded characters maybe 2 threads back? It awakened the point, wtf does an elven vampire have wrinkles?? He should be genetically blessed from both sides.

No. 2044320

File: 1718050749676.jpg (70.07 KB, 544x408, fucking LOL.jpg)

I hope this makes you chuckle, so glad there are people not falling for this psyop

No. 2044357

You can actually find the Astarion mod on nexus. It's called: Young Origin Astarion(EOTB patched).
Made the game more tolerable when romancing him lol

No. 2044359

He's not as bad as most famous scrotes these days. Especially if he was a swimmer and had a cute little tan and 2000s hair.
I always thought Adam Levine was ugly as fuck. Singer of Maroon 5. Atrocious facial oddities.
Also most rappers are atrocious. Maybe not the one Rihanna is having a child with, whatever his name is.
I also don't understand why Cher and Kris chose such ugly-tier moids when their riches can snag them way better..(do not defend fugly men)

No. 2044360

You're crazy if you really think that

No. 2044362

We can create an anti-beard psyop. Create multiple fake dating profiles, put something like "no facial hair and no men over 30!!!" and how you prefer a man who likes the gym

No. 2044368

Why is Mark Zuckerberg an elf?

No. 2044429

Which is why we must do everything to maintain it and mock the uggos

No. 2044550

Probably because a lot of moids keeping sperging about dicks are closet gays who want it themselves and can't wait to get anal prostate orgasm

No. 2044564

He's not even close to the og rpg psyop, if you only knew how bad the romances have been for women over a decade in rpgs. Go look up the first baldurs gate romances and have a laugh.

No. 2044675

>He's not as bad as most famous scrotes these days
are you trolling? he looks twice his age, has the face of a plastic bag flaoting in the wind and is an aggressive asshole, even people back in Ireland hate him

No. 2044681

File: 1718074582756.jpg (126.26 KB, 943x1329, que.JPG)

he has a mask and hood in my game bc he looks like this in cutscenes

No. 2044714

You'll be shocked, but many straight ones already had it. It's just the way their plumbing is built lmfao:


I think rabid homophobia among moids in part stems from fearing how much they'll like getting railed and angrily trying to dissuade themselves from trying, knowing they'll morph into truckstop gloryholes for good if they do. Chances are, merely taking a dump already gave them a preview. There's a reason why inserting random objects in your anus and then lying about having fallen on them is a part of male culture that transcends all borders.

No. 2044743

Male anatomy is such a meme

No. 2044763

File: 1718080641292.webp (79.46 KB, 1200x630, IMG_5609.webp)

does anyone remember this shit? funny that they made the only semi-decent opinion a tif kek.

No. 2044792

>one of only two non bearded scrotes
>gave him a dyke eyebrow

No. 2044813

Who's the TIF? The Asian one?

No. 2044819

File: 1718085446739.jpg (320.24 KB, 1080x1672, im pooooooping.jpg)

The more you learn about them the more impossible it is to see them as human beings, let alone idealize them.

No. 2044827

Mashallah sisters. We are the superior sex.

No. 2044840

Is this why they often have shit related fetishes? Like they associate the act of shitting with sexual pleasure because they get erections from pooping due to their anatomy? And why they like the idea of anal so much?

No. 2044848

Why the fuck are we, as straight women, expected to commit to one scrote our entire lives when scrotes above 22 are fucking ugly? I will spend my life doing what, sucking the same balding, wrinkled up, out of shape, ugly man's cock? Fuck that. If men want commitment maybe they should stop getting increasingly more repulsive with age.

No. 2044849

Female monogamy is a psyop too. Gotta camp the pussy so it doesn’t upgrade.

No. 2044850

possibly, I still think it's the extreme perverseness of shit that gets them off

No. 2044851

It's likely just bait by that indian moid, report and ignore

No. 2044873

Kek, this game was a joke anyways. I liked the psychotic priest more tbh, but they're all uggo.
The long-haired one, in vampire clothes. She reads Naruto smut fanfictions printed in a book for aesthetics, kek.

No. 2044897

Hey now, it's not just wrinkled and infested with all the shit he dipped it in throughout his lifetime. It's also probably smaller than it was.

There's this cool thing called penile fibrosis, which affects all males with age. The onset is even earlier now due to whoring, cooming, death gripping and certain pharmaceuticals. Anyways, it can take off up to 6 cm of length.

No. 2044936

>when you realize pregnancy is so damaging because it involves moids

No. 2044981

Males literally just exist to carry around sperm, so why should a female that's seeking to reproduce keep going for the same moid over and over, especially when the sperm quality deteriorates fast? We are meant to be the choosers and we are meant to choose the best males while discarding the unfit old ones, so obviously a woman shouldn't limit herself to one moid that will get old, weak and stupid.

No. 2045013

Scrotes were literally crafted by mother nature to be disposable and easily replacable, they are born with lower value than women. So why wouldn't a woman just enjoy a variety of prime Chads instead of dooming herself to a life with a deformed haggard beast? Lifelong monogamy is a psyop that is only enforced on women, it's not even mutual. Subhuman scrotes came up with the notion of women having to be kissless virgins who will only ever have sex with one moid for their entire lives so ugly moids don't feel bad about being ugly. It's only women who are truly monogamous anyway because moids in supposedly monogamous relationships cheat all the time like the whores they are.

No. 2045029

women are actually naturally polyandrous ( a soure of much seethe)

No. 2045048

I wanna say based but are we sure this isn’t just some gay moid

No. 2045089

No, it's the Dracula wannabe.

No. 2045092

This game was technically targeted towards gay men—even if it did attract the garden variety fujos. I wouldn't count it with the psyop since gay men have weird tastes anyway.

No. 2045221

Oh I remember the stupid fights over this game of "its for the menz why are WOMEN playing it WOMEN are fetishizing gay men omg gay oppression!" meanwhile tons of media features lesbians stuff for men not lesbians like men wanna be oppressed so bad!

No. 2045459

File: 1718136795449.jpg (308.98 KB, 1280x720, oldasfuck.jpg)

And yet they somehow beat it in the new one, nonnie. This guy looks fucking ancient, what even is this shit?? I've already seen some women and gay moids salivating over those old bones like a bunch of stray dogs. I'm pretty sure that you can't even make your character look this old, so it's just going to be this 20-something adventurer dating a 80 year old grandpa. And one of the younger options has an ugly beard and veeery receding hairline.

No. 2045465

ofc its directed by a tranny. Trannies HATE attractive men.

No. 2045475

It's a remainder they'll never be worth a damn no matter how much they mutilate their bodies to something unrecognizable. TADC stars literal toons yet two of the main female leads are blatant waifu bait. Couldn't be more subtle if they tried.

No. 2045518

I'm starting to realize we live in cursed timeline. None of this is suppose to make sense. Yet through some form of black magic, moids are ontop forcing women to cave into their psyop.

No. 2045654

File: 1718147493294.png (417.23 KB, 661x848, D6E192D8-82D0-488A-ADB8-EA6102…)

Can’t believe how many tumblrtards, especially “fujos” psyoped themselves into finding this post wall scrote attractive. He’s so fucking ugly and his personality is dogshit to boot, and I’m a villainfucker. When I watched silence of the lambs the worst parts of the movie were when it was focused on this low sperm density excuse of a moid and his corny behavior

No. 2045713

No it wasn't. It was always designed to be a satire with fujos in mind. The artist for the game is a fujo who used to draw gamegrumps ship art.

No. 2046069

File: 1718182504251.jpg (815.82 KB, 1500x1127, smashingpumpkins.jpg)

Why do moids age like spoiled milk? Celebrity moids have all the money in the world to avoid the wall but they crash into it. Billy Corgan used to be cute for 2 seconds when he was young but he went bald fast and looks horrible now.
>muh drugs
Lots of celebrity women also do drugs but they don't age this badly.

No. 2046071

No offense, they all look like creatures from the sewers, even when young. No clue who they are, but i bet they had a lot of female fans tragically, lmao.

No. 2046074

File: 1718183057976.jpg (25.41 KB, 402x612, gettyimages-835376368-612x612.…)

You don't want to search recent pictures of D'arcy… but at least she was naturally beautiful before heavy drugs and plastic surgery, all the men were ugly from the day they were born

No. 2046079

I don't want to derail about her looks by posting her recent pics because this is the Ugly Moid Psyop Thread but D'arcy got plastic surgery and doesn't look like this anymore. However, she still looks better than the moids and her change is due to artifical reasons while moids just hit the wall on their own. Billy's hairline started receding early, he tried to cope by dying it black, didn't like it and then he maintained a completely bald look since he was 28 to get it over with. I think all bald men should be required by law to disappear from the public eye. Thank god we have hair transplants now I guess

No. 2046187

Dude that’s the potion seller guy

No. 2046199

File: 1718199926326.jpeg (829.13 KB, 2016x1408, IMG_3281.jpeg)

i'm starting to suspect that spotify is intentionally pushing these ugly men picture ads to mock me. Does anybody else notice psyop ads related and it's giving irrational rage?

No. 2046423

billy got bullied so hard by every man in his life, especially his own father and peers in the industry that his hair just went poof

No. 2046517

>no idea who smashing pumpkins are
jfc, go back to tik tok
Kek. Now the same is happening to Gerard way, which is funny because he used to look like Billy corgan younger too.

No. 2046547

Moids make huge efforts to hit the wall. Even if they age well, they'll purposefully style themselves the worst way possible. Grow long beards, mustaches, ugly tattoos and so on. If nature doesn't punish them, they'll do it themselves.
It's literally written on the bottom, the smashing pumpkins kek.

No. 2046612

>only Asian and Woman still look like themselves
my sides

No. 2046670

File: 1718226644259.gif (2.98 MB, 275x264, disgusting.gif)

Imagine being an idol and having to interact with THAT

No. 2046680

LOL, their expressions and body language are priceless, and the worst of it is that he looks equally disgusting from the front with that huge beer gut

No. 2046683

File: 1718227003520.png (3.7 MB, 1920x1080, crazy shit.png)

Just wanted to post these pictures to add onto this.

No. 2046687

This is no different from booth babes

No. 2046700

File: 1718227978573.mp4 (965.92 KB, 360x620, m2-res_620p.mp4)

Reminded me of this. The camera pans on the women's faces and they initially look uncomfortable, then they realized the camera is on them, so they fake smile immediately like they're trained and told to do. And "people" are defending the German uggo landwhale moid, probably because they self-insert into him or something. Doesn't help that Electric Callboy's 'song' lyrics are all unfunny sexual jokes. I don't mind the collab song but this shit is taking it too far and is very unprofessional. I think it's even sexual harassment in the work space since it's staged, and yet the women couldn't even stick to the script because of how horrible it is, unless the uncomfortable expressions are part of the act/"joke" or whatever.

No. 2046710

Never forget that someone on the team outed Dingong of Oneyplays to his family kek

Didn't Billy get with a much younger asian woman and got her pregnant?

No. 2046720

Corgan was born in 1967 (57) and his wife Chloe Mendel in 1992 (32), that's a 25 year age gap. They married last year and they have two kids, one is 8 and the other one is 5. I want to throw up

No. 2046782

> Dingong of Oneyplays
thats the one that was into the weird tuba furry inflation porn or was that another faggot?

No. 2046849

what did she mean by this

No. 2047260

Idk why yt recommended me this vid but the comments are so annoying. Moids are such hypocritical whiny losers. Depressed lonely women are not real or valid because there will be always a plathora of normie(ugly) moids who want to suck them dry. Also god forbid we oogle at fictional hot men. We are so deprived of male beauty that we have to resort to fiction while pretty women are displayed and advertised literally EVERYWHERE. My eyes have been assaulted by irl moids so many times I wanted to cry. I've seen such offensively hideous moids with cute/pretty gfs is genuinely insane. Things like this makes me proud to be a turbo virgin with anime husbandos.

No. 2047263

I hate this channel so much it's unreal

No. 2047421

Yup that's him

No. 2047458

Probably because a lot of women are directly depressed of prevalence of all the ugly moids walking on streets without seeing one single good looking man and the ugly subhumans hitting on them making them puke

No. 2047470

>men hit the wall on purpose

Reminds me of that guy doing all this stuff to his hands to make them dry and calloused on purpose

No. 2047500

a depiction of a celibate female by a male. oh boy i'm sure this is accurate!!

No. 2047700

File: 1718297297835.jpg (48.3 KB, 563x699, 1a61377dce702f3c2f208a758e9c12…)

I think a lot of women who say they like fat/ugly men are just insecure about themselves. I get the feeling that these women feel they don't deserve a "pretty man" because they themselves are unattractive.(While men are not like this and feel entitled to a pretty woman regardless of what they look like)It's probably why so many tifs take pride in being ugly man fuckers because they are often the ones with severe self esteem issues. Same with pretty girls with ugly men, they want to be the attractive one in the relationship and would feel threatened at the idea of their bf being attractive and being compared to him by other people (like incels or other insecure women who are quick to call a woman ugly or complain about looksmatching if they perceive the male as better looking). I don't know if this makes sense but I just noticed the patterns.

No. 2047714

Women, on the whole, embody a beauty that men cannot rival. This truth explains why men's national sport has long been the denigration of women's appearances from birth, undermining their sense of worth. As men age, they decline, losing hair, developing unpleasant odors, and becoming increasingly coarse. To compensate for this, they condition women to lower their standards, ensuring there will always be someone willing to love them despite their flaws. This disgusting tactic involves eroding women's self-esteem while projecting themselves as charming and intelligent—qualities bestowed upon them by a patriarchal system.

Incels are crying because women are awakening, rejecting these patriarchal falsehoods. All women, even the most beautiful, have been brainwashed to believe they deserve less, flawed simply because of their womanhood. This extends to tifs who attempt to escape the relentless male judgment by abandoning womanhood. In doing so, they often settle for the uglyest men, viewing themselves as unworthy of being, trapped in self-hatred.

No. 2047740

File: 1718298951799.jpg (677.1 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20240613_191429.jpg)

I didn't realise she was with this thing. Even had kids with him

No. 2047777

>like incels or other insecure women who are quick to call a woman ugly or complain about looksmatching if they perceive the male as better looking
This happens so many times with celebrity couples and it always boggles my mind, even on lc sometimes

No. 2047797

Toji and his wife being in the thumbnail made me kek. I’ve seen scrotes call women femcels bc they salivate over the jjk moids as if we’re not allowed to appreciate hot men like you said. I don’t think they realize that these women are doing it to themselves so technically they aren’t even femcels. There’s nothing men hate more than women fawning over attractive dudes and having any standards to begin with.

No. 2047814

It's def is a insecurity thing among celebs and influencers, attractive men are so so rare that it's impossible for people to not notice, so they salivate over them any chance they get, so if a female celeb/influencer gets an attractive partner, the attention is off of her, all the comments will just talk about how hot he is and how much they wish they had a bf like him or "can your gf fight?" upsetting her, and making her more insecure would be knowing the connections you can get through IG and this looming fear that he'll cheat. If she decides to get a pet pig, the attention is back to her then, all the responses will be like "ugh it's the prettiest girls that have bfs that look like an Area 51 experiment" reassuring her of her beauty and humbling her pig.

No. 2047823

Their son is named Mingus btw

No. 2047827

Nonnie, I will die on this hill with you, I solemnly vow.

No. 2047897

the word femcel is just misused almost everytime i see it. i've had moids call me one because i said things they perceived as misandry (aka just saying i don't like ugly moids) and it's just like…how am i a femcel if i've had relationships. it's like they just use it at any woman who's remotely not a pick me these days tbh and women are almost always celibate by choice therefore they aren't really the same as incels, who are involuntarily celibate

No. 2047980

File: 1718310045724.jpg (105.11 KB, 564x946, b4e22fa3b9398492faebe9864c3134…)

Exactly, it's so fucked. I also hate how other women pressure other women to give into the ugly man psy-op. Older men are not fucking more mature and ugly men will STILL cheat on you.

thank u nonnie

No. 2048006

it is sad how many beautiful, accomplished women still believe they deserve less.

No. 2048011

I wish slam dunk looked like this.

No. 2048065

he looks so god damn bogged and gayfaced. i'm a fujo and i like hannibal but i can't get into hannigram for the life of me because they're both way too ugly with no charm. sad

No. 2048077

Raphael and Astarion, from some angles, I can get being seen as handsome but the rest are so fucking ugly

No. 2048084

I had no idea they were married. wtf

No. 2048088

Kekkk, theyre not wrong

No. 2048093

These stupid women having kids with literal grandpas is the worst. Age gap is shit, but why they always gotta bring kids into it?

No. 2048107

The beast on the left donated his neck to the guy on the right

No. 2048120

This is so depressing.

No. 2048124

I partially of agree with the first part, but the second about pretty girls feeling threatened or obsessing over being the attention doesn't seem that common in my experience. Couldn't be that the pretty woman is just as insecure as the ugly one and still thinks she deserves less? Just look at some thread on /g/ where people nitpick attractive celebrities all the time. We live in a culture that not even the prettiest women are enough, men don't even get a fraction of this criticism. I don't think pretty women in general want to be the attractive one, more like they have no idea how much prettier they are than their counterparts like in >>2047740. They have been indoctrinated to believe that's a equal match.

No. 2048125

I'd say this is spot on. Why would an attractive man ever want me? I've never gotten a hot guy's attention, I've tried and got rejected and one time raped. Ugly men are ecstatic over a pretty woman giving them attention.

No. 2048132

>removes wedding ring
For fucks sake.

No. 2048137

I got raped by an ugly moid. What I hate about the discourse of "giving the nice guy a chance" is that implies that ugly men are "safe". They're not. The false security they sell it's just another tactic. Women memeing themselves into believing the ugly guy will be nicer, more faithful or whatever is just not true. We see models and celebrities dating horrible men and still getting cheated. I can't stand going around on ig and tiktok and seeing women shilling nerd ugly guys as good partners, as if they're some sort of pure angels. That doesn't work. Men are not self aware of how ugly they are and they feel entitled no matter hoe they look.

No. 2048190

File: 1718325568880.jpeg (496.05 KB, 750x1081, IMG_8764.jpeg)

Every woman should carry a bag like this to make moids seethe

No. 2048191

Kekkk I still own this exact bag. Does Abercrombie still make shopping bags like this?

No. 2048194

File: 1718325840202.jpeg (694.41 KB, 1170x1317, IMG_1664.jpeg)


No. 2048198

He actually looks like the rat morph filter on snapchat

No. 2048204

flushed away and its influence ruined an entire generation of women

No. 2048205

Why are zoomers obsessed with the word babygirl and saying it about men? it's so cringe

No. 2048209

It's a trend which are just viruses

No. 2048223

Holy shit nona KEK

No. 2048263

Perfectly exemplifies how women are trained (bullied) into wanting less and men are trained to always want more than they deserve.

No. 2048303

It's their version of blorbo I guess

No. 2048305

I also think women who unironically shill the "ugly bastard" genre are retarded.

ayrt Tbh I worded my post kind of poorly but I would say that pretty girls can absolutely be as insecure as "ugly" women and because of this they think they need to do retarded shit like get with an ugly moid.

No. 2048344

this is a very big factor, i noticed that fans of male celebs will often (not all the time but enough that it's a pattern) put down whichever women he's with or rumored to be with, acting like the woman is too ugly for him when the guy always looks worse. something like this happened in celebricows once over joey king and logan lerman (and also a different controversial pairing i won't name)

No. 2048350

Kek Abecrombie/Hollister were so based and ahead of their time for the male objectification. I remember when Hollister would also have shirtless muscular guys stand outside of the store to bring in customers…
No those bags stopped being a thing after the previous CEO of Abercrombie/Hollister left

No. 2048510

Im gonna cry

No. 2048556

>I don't think pretty women in general want to be the attractive one, more like they have no idea how much prettier they are than their counterparts like in >>2047740. They have been indoctrinated to believe that's a equal match.
I know I definitely didn't. I recently dredged up some old photos off a dying hd, and realized that I was so cute back then, while the shittiest boyfriend I thought was so handsome would have only been a 4 even if he had lost 20 pounds. And he never did lose weight or get a better job. Utterly unremarkable, and I thought he was a superstar.

No. 2048641

brings tears to my eyes that it was never a thing in my country.

No. 2048708

See: low IQ celebricows posters currently screeching that Taylor Swift's balding pig is out of her league

No. 2048750

File: 1718361607300.png (644.55 KB, 1092x462, negative.png)

>found one of the most attractive boy in rock/metal hit the wall

No. 2048758

Only women I've seen that promote the fat ugly bastard genre are grifters pretending to like it for the benefit of their male audience. Like vtubers or female porn artists.

No. 2048790

This is completely true. Beauty is so innately female that an attractive man and an attractive woman are less likely to have sons.

No. 2048798

SydSnap comes to mind but she married an ugly score in real life so maybe some have awful taste genuinely when it comes to moids

No. 2048808

She gives me bizarre impression, like she's self-harming this way. She reads the most degenerate things, i had my spine crawling while i was listening to her for the first time, she's a bit scary.

No. 2049016

File: 1718386523262.jpg (155.32 KB, 846x1024, 445d49195bbd3eefb480e69bfd39c6…)

What are you talking about? The manga art style looks great. Mitsui and Ryouta are the hottest from it. Sakuragi is just some retarded delinquent guy so he doesn't have to be hot. The nerd guy with glasses was cute, too but he's not on this cover. The fan art is recognizable as the characters because it takes elements of the actual manga designs lol

No. 2049038

File: 1718388253068.jpeg (114.96 KB, 828x385, 1608707252258.jpeg)

No. 2049049

File: 1718389023565.jpg (36.1 KB, 400x459, 1718227003520.jpg)

>If only you knew how bad things really are

No. 2049087

On today's episode of "Is he hot or just long haired ?", we have…

No. 2049121

Sakuragi forever. The 80s art style of Slam dunk still holds up

No. 2049129

yea the dudes are pretty hot and the art is kino. a rare mangaka not pushing ugly males on us

No. 2049132

File: 1718394198816.png (45.49 KB, 1285x257, from the CH thread.png)

No. 2049161

File: 1718396732932.jpg (3.56 MB, 2880x2880, 20240614_232431.jpg)

Ayrt and I do think Sakuragi is cute, but I can see why the anon would find him ugly. He has a very Japanese face to him. Ryouta is so cute by virtue of wearing earrings to me, while Mitsui rocks all hair lengths and even looks good in CGI, that's an achievement and a testimony of his great looks.

No. 2049162

Wow, 8 ugly man threads within like 2 months. Impressive!!

No. 2049165

You're right, i can see how some women can view him as "cute", but he's not even pretty, just very mid. On some photos even ugly. I like his hair and his eyes though, those eyes remind me of the eyes of Jodie Foster a bit.
Kek, what happens when women can finally talk sincerely about this.

No. 2049309

File: 1718404670152.jpg (158.85 KB, 894x789, 20240615_002230.jpg)

>over 100k likes

We are cooked as a society

No. 2049321

File: 1718404866016.jpg (192.58 KB, 863x1376, 20240615_002530.jpg)


No. 2049327

Your brain is so big nona.

No. 2049335

i thought this post was saying that women would rather be doing what he's doing in the pics than achieving the "hot girl" performative aesthetics.

No. 2049344

File: 1718405503697.jpg (193.19 KB, 877x900, 20240615_002628.jpg)

Thankfully there are some people calling OP out but it still doeant change my immeasurable dissappintment on how OP's tweet got over 100k likes

No the OP of that tweet was liking postive things about him and limiting her replies to only people saying positive things abiut him and hid the replies that were negative.

No. 2049355

I'm choosing to believe this is posted by his PR team and all of the positive replies are bots.

No. 2049364

TBF, I think many (both sides) underrate how many women would be content with a male sexbot.

No. 2049369

File: 1718407360923.jpeg (209.02 KB, 853x1080, IMG_1244.jpeg)


No. 2049370

this made me burst out laughing with your text

No. 2049374

I refuse to believe that a woman, especially a young woman is attracted to this. She is deluding herself

No. 2049386

File: 1718408493534.jpeg (2.06 MB, 1684x1920, 7150C879-E9F6-4AE2-9659-DF09F5…)

Who designed these characters. I’m gonna teach her a lesson

No. 2049391

A++ would date the sexy dykes on the right and third from the right

No. 2049392

She's joking and making fun of him.

No. 2049411

This reminded of of a recent video I watched about the last updates of AI autonomous humanoid robots and it convinced me that we will have personalized social/companion androids sooner than expected. I'm waiting for BD to start making their robots humanoid like Ameca.

Also saw this vid of a world robot conference in China and of course all the female bots look like sex dolls while the male ones are all old looking and basic. This is more bleak than the idea of AI takeover.

No. 2049415

Men are now competing with robots and will make them as sexually unappealing as possible. Mark my words

No. 2049420

Gay men won't take that.

No. 2049434

I hate that I know this but in Corgan and Mendel's case, she purposely got pregnant years into their relationship because he wasn't going to marry her. He would literally tell ther that. Had to secure money somehow so she got pregnant. I'm actually shocked they've stayed together so long but they both are freaks so it seems that's what's keeping them together.

No. 2049441

Holyshit, I never heard that story. I hate how men can change a womans life for the worst, and still just live like they did nothing wrong.

No. 2049496

I didn't read this as them calling him hot, I read it more like just relaxing and having fun this summer. God he's ugly though.

No. 2049516

Ngl "having as much fun as a hedonistic fat middle aged man" does seem like a mood.

No. 2049544

File: 1718424100982.jpeg (33.83 KB, 375x210, 35821D5D-0097-42FA-AD0F-F3B67A…)

No. 2049545

File: 1718424137653.webm (3.83 MB, 404x720, 670397.webm)


No. 2049551

Kek I wanna see the comments. I know moids would be seething at the mere suggestion of doing more than the bare minimum.

No. 2049561

>Korean men
Yeah no sure they take care of their "skin" but they're fucking incels.

No. 2049583

all modern moids are incels. What not getting deployed does to a generation of men.

No. 2049584

I imagine that companion robots for women will look exactly how the ball jointed doll community does now except the companion dolls will be life-size and have chatgpt dialogue. women will style them, the fashion industry will have a huge boots in the male companion market, have photoshoots and stroll around town with them in a public sphere completely devoid of actual men because they will be indoors cooming themselves to death.

No. 2049601

It's fat incel with a fecal contaminated chinpubes vs incel with hair and plastic surgery. The only reason to tolerate option 1 is if you're looking to get "commitment" from his hideousness and enter a dishwashing arrangement. If you don't give a fuck sticking around til he becomes a burden option 2 is obviously preferred. I'm guessing she's a minmaxer.

No. 2049631

A gay moid is still a moid. They'll be about as interested in sex dolls as straight moids are - as a means to signal that they're epicly pwning their real counterparts, hoping to spook someone into settling for them. It's a performance - mostly for the public, sometimes as a means of self reassurance.

Moids have been in a bitter war against vibrators for a while, so this isn't unexpected. The sad thing is that a male sex doll is innately more appealing functionally than a female one and they know it, hence the fugly manbots. Moids seek a convincing simulation of female deference and debasement, which is an inherently doomed endeavor as programmed sex dolls only serve to remind them that they can't debase the real thing. A beautiful AI equipped male robot able to perform thrusting motions indefinitely with his 100% sanitary vibrating dick covers all the totally unique and irreplaceable things moids bring up when tardfighting with pieces of plastic.

No. 2049728

no offense nonnie, but the last guy on the right looks like an overweight ginger girl. but love that you gave all of them lips. 2nd, 6th, would.

No. 2049731

wishing a non-incel qt3.14 Korean dude for this lady

No. 2049742

Maybe cringe but just wanted to say i love you nonnies in this thread. I can't really talk to my irl female friends about this because since I am seen as attractive, I have to pretend to be angelic in every way or I'll be attacked for being shallow. Both moids and other women like to try to humble me at any chance they get and if i express having any physical preference in men they tell me to lower my standards and that I should date an ugly guy who will "treat me well" they don't get it. When I see posts like this
I'm like, thank God there's other girls out here who get it. I put effort into my appearance, I require a man to be on the same physical attractiveness level as me, or I'll choose to be alone.

No. 2049751

Speaking of western indie visual novels can anyone recommend some good ones where the men are actually hot and pretty and not tumblr styled hambeasts? Or am I out of luck with that?

No. 2049841

>looks like an overweight ginger girl

No. 2049970

not good, males shouldn't be overweight.

No. 2050035

File: 1718467768570.jpeg (416.14 KB, 1229x1257, 1716047722763.jpeg)

No. 2050047

which one is supposed to be good-looking?

No. 2050079

The fact that the bottom right creature that looks like an inbred tweaker from Maine is considered Zendaya's looksmatch makes me homicidal. Also holy fuck he's only 28 while Zendaya is still able to play a 16 year old. The male wall really is 20

No. 2051156

Notice how the disgusting ogre is clearly jealous of better looking Korean guys and needs to put them down because of their height

No. 2051166

Not bottom right for sure. Dicaprio also looking mid

No. 2051169

Can we bring this back? PLEASE? E-mail them en masse and tell them we desire handsome fit moids?

No. 2051170

timothee is a lot uglier in person

No. 2051171

Did you see him in person?

No. 2051201

Then women will just create custom faces/body parts to make them handsome.

Don't make me dream nonna.

No. 2051205

I feel so bad so much for the Scottish and German nonas. I was watching the Germany vs Scotland match and I couldn't stop noticing how real life scrotes are ugly. The moids were all those pasty red faced beer bellied on both sides, and the Scottish side had some Barry Keoghan look a likes, despite that ugly scrote being Irish, how come?
Even the players from both teams were ugly, the ones who were supposed to be the peak of their humanity and condition. I am not going to lie and say that their bodies are not hot, but their faces are atrocious and a fairy dies each time I see someone saying Toni Kroos is handsome. He looks so sandy, grainy and old.
Funny how they want more white players in their team when the one that I didn't feel the need to throw up when I saw his face was Musiala who is not white. I could count only one cute moid at the crowd, but as moids are envious of male beauty, they focused the camera on the women there
Sorry for the blog post nonnies, kek, but I had a lot of feelings and we are doomed. I will pray for a better generation of cute moids for you both, nonnies. Germany might have won, but we as women lost

No. 2051228

It's not purely ugly men who are the problem, it's the fugly or old rich uggo men whose money and power gives them way to demand women of less socioeconomic status to date them or even coerce women and children, using many methods are the no. 1 patriarchal problem, which is happening all over the world happening in all industries.I guess in this thread a lot of nonnies would go for poor handsome chads but irl they are so rare and sadly we are under the influence suffering in this ugly rich old men created system forever

No. 2051252

I could write a whole manifesto on how fucking ugly german moids are both inside and out. Literally mood-ruining, and the only way other women seem to cope with it is by being pickmes (especially those over 40) which only makes it worse.
I think in Europe the hierarchy of ugly men is English > German/Austrian > French > the rest.

No. 2051274

You can say this for most european nonas. Well not just european. Romanian men are just as hideous, with a few decent looking specimens here and here. Pudgy round faces with low eyebrows and black beards that look like pubes. Eduard badaluta is one of the very few actual hot romanian men I've seen and I wouldn't be surprised if he has mixed ancestry, the average here is disgustingly bad. Shittiest phenotype who unironically peaks in high school

No. 2051279

File: 1718542659168.png (665.7 KB, 485x1066, 45F1132F-5D42-430D-9D2A-8CAF4A…)

This is true. I remember running. Into a Twitter acc who was obsessed with picrel and was so bewildered until I scrolled and realize she was an ugly fatty and yeah, makes sense

No. 2051299

Yeah, no offense, but they still look ugly.

No. 2051315

Ever been to Poland?

No. 2051331

File: 1718547997691.jpg (80.38 KB, 1200x800, Disgusting.jpg)

Don't get me started on that nona, my brain even wiped that moid from my memory despite him scoring a goal, absolutely horrendous. That missing tooth in a sea of misplaced ones, those pubes on his face, that wrinkly leathery complexion and nasolabial folds that would even scare Buffalo Bill and Leatherface.
If any female athlete dared to appear in media without missing a tooth she would be ridiculed and bullied until all of her teeth were nothing but white marble piano keys, and then she would get bullied for not being natural and too vain. But no, not that moid, he gets praise, a nickname, Lücke (German nonas can translate for me) and a pick me as a wife. And remember when men say we hit the wall when we turn 30? That moid looks decrepit and he is 31. We should start doing the same to them
If you wrote one I would definitely read, nonny. The word must be spread to the world.

No. 2051361

>tardfighting with pieces of plastic.
I want to frame this entire post, you have such a way with words, fucking kek

No. 2051390

American pickmes devoid of taste have convinced every obese 7 ft retard with acromegaly and an extra chromosome that he's a chad

No. 2051403

I legitimately thought this was Hunter Schafer

No. 2051424

File: 1718555126080.jpg (1.55 MB, 1080x5086, Screenshot_20240616_104433.jpg)

"He's getting handsomer year by year"

No. 2051429

File: 1718555247065.jpg (315.62 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20240616_104905.jpg)

No. 2051433

File: 1718555316516.jpg (525.76 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20240616_104955.jpg)

The only okay response I could find.
"For women, only one standard of female beauty is sanctioned: the girl.

The great advantage men have is that our culture allows two standards of male beauty: the boy and the man. The beauty of a boy resembles the beauty of a girl. In both sexes it is a fragile kind of beauty and flourishes naturally only in the early part of the life-cycle. Happily, men are able to accept themselves under another standard of good looks — heavier, rougher, more thickly built. A man does not grieve when he loses the smooth, unlined, hairless skin of a boy. For he has only exchanged one form of attractiveness for another: the darker skin of a man’s face, roughened by daily shaving, showing the marks of emotion and the normal lines of age.

There is no equivalent of this second standard for women. The single standard of beauty for women dictates that they must go on having clear skin. Every wrinkle, every line, every gray hair, is a defeat. No wonder that no boy minds becoming a man, while even the passage from girlhood to early womanhood is experienced by many women as their downfall, for all women are trained to continue wanting to look like girls."

No. 2051442

File: 1718555906701.png (458.81 KB, 917x917, F0F05638-6CF1-48D6-9071-4029BA…)

“There’s not much you can do about the fact that women peak earlier than men on the dating scene.”

No. 2051444

Nice imprint of a mosquito he slapped to death against his forehead

No. 2051448

File: 1718556447757.jpg (89.86 KB, 736x1018, d4937c5b259b6f9ba1919bb26aefd8…)

Zoomies would fuck anything with a beard. Ashamed of my generation

No. 2051452

Surprisingly lucid. Masculinity is just cope for senescence. Understandable, since it hits moids earlier.

No. 2051453

> Shout out to the guys with pregnancy fetish for still making me feel attractive

this was written by a man or a very perverse pick me. No normal woman would ever uttered those words.

No. 2051455

>"Shout out to the guys with pregnancy fetish for still making me feel attractive."
>"Being attractive for as long as I've been…and now that power is slipping through my fingers never to return…"

I can't imagine being stuck in such an abysmal mindset. She can't just be happy with her husband being handsome and faithful to her and has to make it into a competition of who has more power in the relationship. She's jealous that younger women are interested in him (even though he doesn't seem to flirt back) yet she's engaging with men who have a pregnancy fetish just to feel attractive.

No. 2051466

Ugly ass mofo and I hate him

No. 2051467

I think it’s a man. lbr waitresses aren’t interested in middle age men, men are just stupid and think any women overly nice wants to fuck them. Men have most likely been getting a false ego boost they can get young hot 20 year olds since for ever ago whenever waitressing became a thing. The only thing those girls are into is a fat tip at the end of their service.

Honestly think this is a man’s fictional fantasy writing and that he’s trying to share it to make other women insecure over pregnancy and aging. If it’s a women she’s fucked in the head and needs to stop listening to what men online think. Likely raised by reddit or some other shit-hole website with loser men.

No. 2051470

File: 1718558147013.jpg (196.08 KB, 1152x2048, GNDUCeEWwAAtjF4.jpg)

Please, the new dragon age guys all have male pattern baldness. At least Astarion kept his six pack and arm veins.

No. 2051473

No. 2051500

Final boss

No. 2051530

Joey Graceffa looks pretty much the same

No. 2051543

Stop defending your geriatric faggot

No. 2051557

Kek, I saw this today too. Was expecting some prime hotties but instead I see the ugliest sinners known to man. What the hell is wrong with this woman…jaysus

No. 2051582

i laughed so hard, all of them look like they could be shayna's boyfriends

No. 2051595

ALL OF THEM are ugly as fuck, ALL OF THEM

No. 2051637

obvious incel roleplaying, yeah

No. 2051639

How can anyone think a woman wrote this? It's so over the top to make her seem bad and the husband as a perfect nice being, while she is the psychotic evil wife that ruins the dinner. It reminds me of bad male authors trying to write female characters. If the pregnant fetish part didn't give it away
>that power is slipping through my fingers never to return…
This one does.

No. 2051640

portugals are u ok??

No. 2051677

100% chance the OP nitpicks other women's looks while worshiping this thing lol

No. 2051711

Please tell me that ledditors were able to identify this absolutely pathetic larp.

No. 2051713

Post authored by a 37 year old bald man with a paunch murmuring "I'm not even at my peak yet" to himself, all three inches of his manhood stiff at the thought of humbling the young, nubile cashier at the kebab shop who scrunched her nose up at him when he asked for her number the other day.

No. 2051723

>The great advantage men have is that our culture allows two standards of male beauty: the boy and the man. The beauty of a boy resembles the beauty of a girl. In both sexes it is a fragile kind of beauty and flourishes naturally only in the early part of the life-cycle. Happily, men are able to accept themselves under another standard of good looks — heavier, rougher, more thickly built. A man does not grieve when he loses the smooth, unlined, hairless skin of a boy. For he has only exchanged one form of attractiveness for another: the darker skin of a man’s face, roughened by daily shaving, showing the marks of emotion and the normal lines of age.
Tbf, women are the ones allowing this to happen every time they make hideous tributes to male ugliness like >>2049309. It may have been different back in ancient times when you couldn't easily pick who you got with and just had to make do with whoever hoarded the most resources (and ugly men love hoarding resources for just this reason), but nowadays, there's no excuse besides trauma. I personally can't understand it. I remember when we even had an assblasted pickme come in here to demand that we stop calling some ugly old moid from a video game unattractive, it's pathetic.

No. 2051725

It's r/redscarepod, a hub for pickmes, incels and /pol/tard failsons, what do you think lol

No. 2051728

No. 2051770

it's very simple, it's cope because we are all aware that dating an actually hot man is rare as fuck, and even if you do the chances of him being a sex pest leaving you with a broken heart and trauma are extremely high. every woman deep down wants an attractive charming man, but what else is to do when such men reject you? i've been rejected by guys i found attractive countless times and my only option at this point is to just die alone or date a fugly dude. many women end up in this situation and end up romanticizing those ugly old goblins cause otherwise they'd probably go crazy from loneliness. also the hot men with good personalities are all already taken, that's a fact….

No. 2051803

This is part of why they push the age gap/men peak at 40 and girls peak at 18 thing so hard, they want to normalize things like this

No. 2051809

File: 1718575117720.webp (843.01 KB, 2249x3000, IMG_8321.webp)

Wait she’s Morgan freeman’s granddaughter?

No. 2051821

this makes me so annoyed. why do these moids feel entitled to women out of their league, this is exactly why there's even an incel problem. the women have to be "humble" when in nature a moid should be glad if he even gets to breed at all and it's the WOMAN that has to pick the best moids to breed with. fuck this shit
she just comes off like a massive weeb pick me who got indocrinated by spending too much time around male weebs and was socialized into that kind of behavior. if you're a big weeb or around that type of crowd you end up mimicking their behaviors and pandering to men comes naturally if you've never really left that bubble.
she's right. men will say they want asian women and be disgusting fetishists but when women say they date asian men it actually makes sense or is literally just because they actually groom themselves, care about fashion, aren't as hairy, and aren't balding as quickly even if they're still incels. meanwhile, western moids's reason for not dating western women is that they aren't submissive or don't do (insert performative thing they don't do themselves but expect women to do for them) and then act as if most western women aren't still libfems pandering to men 24/7. it actually makes waay more sense for women to be drawn to asian moids in general or be the ones with this fetish compared to moids lusting over asian women considering how ugly the average western moid is compared to the average western woman

No. 2051825

The woman in the stitch looks nothing like her, I don't think so

No. 2051839

the seething redpiller who wrote this piece of dread propaganda jumped the shark when he said "she" was on child number three.

No. 2051841

Who, the woman in the beginning of the video? No, she’s a random tiktoker. She was adopted when she was 6 and then when she was an adult her adoptive father told her he was in love with her and asked her to run away with him.

The woman who’s tiktok I posted, Cecelia Regina, is saying that famous men have done this too, like Woody Allen married his adoptive daughter (and she found pictures of herself in a bathing suit in his desk when she was 14) and Morgan Freeman has been widely rumored to have had an affair with his adoptive granddaughter starting when she was very young. Cecilia Regina is saying that since daddy/daughter or stepdad/stepdaughter is the most popular porn category, she thinks this happens way more often than anyone thinks. A lot of stepfathers, adoptive fathers and even bio fathers groom their female children, and they want it to be normalized so they can’t be criticized in society for it

No. 2051853

no sadly, midwit men colonize every space on reddit to run their dread game on women and make it lame. a subreddit that was supposed to be about nyc art and culture now caters to the taste of suburban call of duty npcs.

No. 2051874

The improved version is so retarded. You turned the men with strong jaws into chinlets but then tried to turn the ones with normal jaws into squidward chad. Half of them look like themlet women who are one egg-cracking meme from dying their hair purple.

No. 2051876

they were all ugly trash to begin with. nona can't do the impossible here.

No. 2051971

File: 1718584876501.jpg (91.38 KB, 640x969, IMG_7403.jpg)

Do you ever feel like you're being superficial for being attracted to good-looking men? I sometimes feel bad when I look at good-looking guys who, of course, would be appealing because of basic biology. Everyone else is talking about how women don't care about looks and label those who do as shallow pick-mes for not being attracted to out-of-shape men. I'm grateful this thread has shown me I'm not alone. 

No. 2051972

He looks like null

No. 2052028

that's just having a healthy, properly functioning sense of attraction and self-respect to not settle for someone you're not actually attracted to, what do you have to feel bad about?

No. 2052044

No and I’m tired of women being constantly told we need to settle for less for crumbs of attention. From experience I’ve always dated down because I believed nerdy, unattractive, or somewhat undesirable moids would treat me better than attractive ones and this has never been the case. Every single one has ended up treating me like shit in one way or another and it always stemmed out of insecurities on their end. I tried to view it as altruistic that I saw beyond physical attractiveness but in reality I just had low self esteem and was honestly being condescending. Scrotes love the idea of a woman out of their league going out with them but deep down they know you’re settling and will begin to resent you for it.

No. 2052060

File: 1718588633041.jpeg (583.85 KB, 828x1013, IMG_7525.jpeg)

Nope, it’s completely normal and you shouldn’t feel guilty at all, women only feel this way because the patriarchy has gaslit them into thinking they’re evil for having standards. Posting this pic so that moids will feel even more suicidal lurking this thread.

No. 2052065

File: 1718589001123.png (960.36 KB, 1080x1346, 16f7b6e4ff68ec225e0ec3d5effed3…)

I hope all non pickme women get the gentlemanly (or whatever type you're into) hotties of their dreams.

No. 2052084

Based. Sending all positive vibes to the lovely nonnies

No. 2052117

damn sid the sloth had a glow up

No. 2052213

It depresses me sometimes because I literally cannot find a single moid who I find attractive let alone one that isn’t hideous. I don’t use dating apps but when my friend scrolls through them it’s ugly moid after ugly moid with extremely boring and generic personalities and interests. I don’t think I’ve seen a chad in person in the past year tbh and I’m in university, go to the gym, bars, malls etc. which should be crawling with them. The only attractive moids I know are my friends’ boyfriends which makes me seethe with anger kek, where tf are they finding them

No. 2052271

You have good taste anon.

No. 2052446

ayrt sorry i fell asleep yes i did

No. 2052495

especially the part about his "glow up" its the exact same way every male at 30-40 copes with aging, sports and weights and getting "big and buff", it very conveniently avoids talking about his hairline and skin quality, and only vaguely talks about how he dresses nice.

No. 2052505

There's not much you can do about the fact that it's completely the other way around, hence your need to engage in self deception.

In nature, barely 10% of you reproduce. The institution of marriage exists to ensure that every leftover male gets to mate, with pussy handouts being brokered by male leaders to pacify their bitchless subordinates. Without it you'd die a virgin, as many e-daddies for fatherless men agree when calling for enforced monogamy. Your "increased mating potential" (or, more broadly, the willful delusion that you're the one being held back from sex by monogamy) only exists in your imagination.

No. 2052530

>needing a fetish to feel attractive
fucking hell I am glad I don't have THIS type of brainrot.

No. 2052562

No because I know moids never would even think of it this way.

No. 2052583

After giving like 3 ugly guys a chance and being treated like shit each time I am firmly in the "I can't put my fist through your childhood dreams" camp.

No. 2052617

The hottest guy in real life, I'm talking about real model material I'm not kidding or overhyping him is dating a girl with VERY big boobs. I'm talking huge badabonkers kek. Her face is average (but majority of average girls here are super cute by default anyway), but she has melons. Now multiple of the most beautiful girls I know irl, the absolute top tier in my head, are dating ugly basic moids with no outstanding features. You can tell the difference is day and night. To score a hot moid you need to be like peak sexually attractive woman, with a body that turns heads. To score a beautiful woman all you need is some luck and maybe money sometimes, maybe crack some funny jokes, maybe be a good provider. And he'll probably still on her with a sexier woman. Ugly moids are not that limited unless they're autistic incels and they can dream of dating gigastacies. Ugly women, or plain janes with meh bodies can't even think about dating a hot guy.

No. 2052619

*still cheat on her

No. 2052623

i bet he stinks

No. 2052626

File: 1718620616506.jpg (58.71 KB, 472x736, Cutie.jpg)

No, not at all. Moids are the most entitled assholes on Earth and nowadays they are broken coomers too so I am tired of hiding of what I truly feel attracted to. I love moids with cute faces like picrel but they are so rare to find nowadays. Pinterest is ultra based because the users there post a lot of cute moids if you manage to go past the hordes of ugly moids some simp for. I know picrel is not a super ultra hot model like Eduard Badalauta but he looks miles better than what we have nowadays
I hope we all find hot boyfriends, nona. I really hope.

No. 2052636

File: 1718621227645.png (885.51 KB, 614x921, g.png)

No and I hate it when women act like that. I know it's part of female socialization and I should empathize but I always get second hand embarrassment from it. It feels pathetic, no offense to you, nonna.

No. 2052651

Depends on your age and location. I'm a "zillenial" in a kinda pedo-ish country and "melons" only got me called a cow my whole life, being rail thin was preferable but later zoomers are dating curvier girls and even try to talk to me sometimes, it's weird. Men my age (the white ones anyway) still don't like me.

No. 2052653

Not anymore, but I used to. Back in middle school before I was even aware of the psyop I always I was always got told off by my mom for being shallow and was told by my peers to lower my standards because god forbid I favor attractive men. I don’t think I ever truly fell victim to the psyop honestly, but without the awareness of it I would’ve just felt eternal confusion

No. 2052660

File: 1718624406337.png (910.89 KB, 1079x1329, 448167635_1132762924614785_717…)

Been in a few spaces, some of which were very left leaning, where things like femboys, ugly old men, and seemingly out of shape fat guys were touted as peak sex appeal while anything else branded anyone the body shaming mark of dread. I couldn't be honest with anyone becuase If I did, I might "hurt their (mostly the men and handmaidens) feelings" as I get ousted as the true pick me and not the ones defending male mediocrity with an iron fist. I still remember a time I went to this reddit community where it seemed fine at first. I agreed with everything they said and the people there generally cared about what they're doing. But as I overstayed my welcome, I started notice a lot of pandering to men that shouldn't make sense in space devoted to making fun of them. When somebody suggested or posted pieces of satire meant to make fun of female sexualization by implanting it on a man, you had actual gay moids drool at the mouth begging for more. There wasn't a single hint of irony in their post but everyone passed it off as "haha funny". No shreds of banter or anything like that. Felt so dang gross that I even wondered if I wasn't into men or something because the punchline was always men look so ridiculous and ugly you guys. Eventually, I was further convinced to play out these fuckers fantasy by pretending to be lesbian all over a stupid doc. Characters I made (specifically female) were headcanoned as lesbian without my consent. I frankly found all the lesbian centering to be fairly forced, like they had some form of straight guilt or something. Would wager guess that none of them had sexual experiences with women as they always came in to say being gay doesn't mean being horny which never made sense to me. I met plenty of lesbian and bi women who generally like women in sexual ways but it'll never been the same as men demeaning women and reducing them to their most basal forms.
These were the feelings I had. They were valid, made sense, and haunted me as I lingered on a husk of my former self. I just couldn't feel genuine anymore because If I did, I'd admit I liked men and always had but passed it off as "comphet" or whatever those libfem types push to excuse their kpop crushes. This was also the same group of idiots claiming yaoi fetishizes "mlm" and anyone one who wasn't gay trans boy were disallowed from yaoi or worse, directed to bara for the sake supporting the gays despite 95% looking ugly as shit.
it's sad to see puriteens brainwashing hapless people into their unthinking pawns and upholding this rhetoric in the name of body positivity. They should be out there living lives, not regurgitating same platitudes when female-aimed media doesn't have enough fat guys in it.
Apologies for the long rant. My journey unlearning all this troon-infested libfem bullshit had a done a number on my psyche. I still have moments where I fall into it without knowing I was at the bottom already parroting what they said to me during my time there.

No. 2052661

As a flatty chan, I wanna say this was the true blackpill for me but honestly it just isn’t the case for me as a burger, or where I am specifically bc America is a huge country. Most of the men who date big boobed or curvy women here are usually black men from the hood or manlet Hispanics or people with fat fetishes. Whereas all the attractive men here are usually dating skinny, flat chested women

No. 2052664

you could probably fuck him if you tried

No. 2052665

Stop talking out of your lardy cottage cheese ass, grumpy ass bitch.(infighting)

No. 2052674

The ultimate blackpill. Being the beautiful sex never pays off. Neither does being the better person. There’s an endless supply of 10/10 gigastacies and not enough attractive males for them all. It’s pure mathematics, nothing is enough to guarantee landing a good looking mate if you’re a woman. Almost all hot women will want to get married at some point, so the ugly males don’t even have to try. They WILL be granted stacies. You could be a hideous monster and still marry a supermodel because there simply isn’t enough attractive men. There’s no other choice. Us 21st century people are lucky because plastic surgery exists, but imagine how bleak life was in the Middle Ages. You could’ve been the fairy princess daughter of Venus and you’d still end up blowing the plague ridden, puss oozing, open sore having dick of a dysgenic toothless farmer. The ugly and evil race wins, the beautiful and good race looses. Women think making themselves even more beautiful will help them break free from the hideous monsters but it won’t. At the end of the day it’s all luck. Your BBL and 500 dollar foundation exist to make you more entertaining for a 3/10 incel. You’re beautifying yourself to get NOTHING in return. It’s cuckolry. You’re a monkey dancing in a cage and no one is throwing peanuts at you. You’re starving.

No. 2052676

Samefag, I’m now intentionally uglifying myself. Because I have very short hair and a big nose, the only men interested in me have been the bottom of the barrel. I’m no longer putting an effort into being skinny or brushing my hair, I pick my skin for fun, dress down… and guess what? My “equals” are still the same men. I gain nothing by putting in the effort so I’m going to be JUST as disgusting as a scrote. My future husband will simply have to accept my hairy stinky armpits and huge pores. Why should I care? There’s no prize to compete for. The men I like are already taken by supermodels, so all other men will simply have to suffer. Hahaha

No. 2052678

based, I aspire to do the same

No. 2052682

Used to feel that way when I was a retarded kid who was trying to appear "mature" and "smart". Once I grew up I realized being "shallow" is the way to go. I think lots of people who think caring about looks=shallow=bad are just doing it to seem smart, but are actually retarded.

No. 2052683

I hate the amount of body positivity posts for men. They do not deserve that treatment. Never saw them being nice that way to women. Only if they would fuck her or not. Upsetting.

No. 2052686

File: 1718628106664.png (4.91 MB, 2463x1622, ethan-slater-ariana-grande-143…)

Its very few times that zoomers actually manage to acknowledge an ugly man as ugly, but the times they do seems random, like for this example, Ethan Slater and Barry Keoghan. And I have a bit of an idea as to why they can see that Ewthan Spongebob as hideous but not Baretchy Kewghan.

>Ethan has absolutely disgusting teeth, yellowed and uneven. Barry's are okay.

>Only notable aspect of Ethan's career is being in the Spongebob musical, theater is cringe to begin with, a grown man playing a childish character is even worse. Ariana was the one to bring him to fame. People don't feel compelled to defend him. But Barry's an actor(not as cringe) and has been in good stuff like Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and The Green Knight. Even without Sabrina, he had something to his name(but not his face).
>Ariana's homewrecker habits and cow behaviour have come to light, more and more people dislike her, they don't want to associate with her, Sabrina's now their new darling popstar. So, they'd rather align with Sabrina than Ariana, and finding Barry hot aligns them Sabrina. Barry isn't "so ugly he's hot", he's "hot" only because he has Sabrina Carpenter next to him, without her he is nothing.
>than and Barry have similar relationships too, Ethan left his wife and kid for Ariana, and Barry did too. Only difference being Barry could wait for the divorce to come through, he has the wider age gap too.

So all it really takes for a male to have his own army of handmaidens is to not have a retarded career, have decent teeth, and don't associate with awful people, being a good person isn't even required either.

No. 2052690

File: 1718628625573.webp (279.62 KB, 1393x1900, Joshua_Bassett.webp)

she left this for that btw

No. 2052700

I don't think having big boobs makes hotter men drawn to you, you're usually just fetishized by ugly incels regardless who call your boobs all sorts of retarded words (like badonkers), that woman probably just got lucky. I've known some girls with really big boobs and have seen scrotes talk about those types of women and it's just as bleak if not more since all they see are the boobs and that's it, you become even more of a piece of meat to them

No. 2052701

Ariana needs to be locked up in a mental institution

No. 2052703

Idk how to explain this but I feel like men have more empathy for women who “resemble” them. They assign a little more humanity to flat chested women despite bullying us

No. 2052706

Sabrina dated Joshua Bassett not Ariana, but they both need electroshock therapy

No. 2052708

Do you think she replaced him with this subhuman monster to put him “in his place?” I don’t know if I’m being too positive but his confidence must have been badly influenced by her decision and it might have been the plan all along. Knowing her dramatic ass antics, she could very well have orchestrated this relationship just to kick the cutie in the nuts. But they’re married right?? Holy shit I forgot. Selena is clinically insane

No. 2052711

File: 1718630775146.webp (296.71 KB, 1425x2138, EWWWW.webp)

thats a discussion for the celebricows thread, but the point is why this creature is considered a looksmatch for Sabrina? The most retarded excuse i've seen for him has to be that "hurr durr he couldn't possibly be ugly, he reps dior and gucci!" as if a brand's director having shit taste in male brand ambassadors means anything. He looks like a geriatric Russian twink that came to the states to live out his fag community bike dreams.

No. 2052714

File: 1718630886430.jpg (197.38 KB, 817x1222, barry-keoghan-arrested-in-dubl…)

speaking of Russia, he looks like an honest to god gopnik stereotype here, kek

No. 2052718

In his dreams. The average gopnik has a much smaller, cuter nose.

No. 2052719

Gopniks usually clean shaved

No. 2052723

ok sure, gopnik experts

No. 2052725

because faggots love him. end of story

No. 2052735

File: 1718632230871.jpg (82.88 KB, 600x450, gopniki_21.jpg)

>his dreams

No. 2052746

If it makes you feel better anon I was the same, fell for the psyop. In my case the ugly "but nice" guys never game me a chance. In a way its a blessing, because still a virgin and now working on becoming a stacy and snagging a cute guy who im gonna turn into a pussy slave. I will no longer ackowledge these ugly moids existence.

No. 2052863

Be beautiful for you and have money so you never have to settle.

No. 2053178

File: 1718658517402.jpg (337.04 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20240617_230804.jpg)

Men have no excuse to be fat pigs(don't crosspost)

No. 2053184

Cringe af, no man would say this about women, I hate how women are the ones who have to bend the knee for uggos.

No. 2053225

That’s so funny because it’s actually negging men. It’s extremely backhanded. I guess autistic men wouldn’t get it?
They absolutely would say it and it would be rude as fuck.

No. 2053233

This was defenitely written by a TIF

No. 2053237

Moids don't even get cellulite wtf

No. 2053238

Moids never know how to react to being patronised kek, the Xitter variety is so retarded that they probably enjoy it.

No. 2053253

>be beautiful for you
No. Why should I? I'm not attracted to women and don't spend time eyefucking myself in the mirror. It's a waste of time. I think some of you still see being eyecandy as the moral duty of women. The purpose of looking good is to attract mates and social capital, I will never have the former and don't need the latter because I already have enough of it. I'm happy being ugly and don't feel the need to "fix it."

No. 2053320

File: 1718665761864.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3258x1620, IMG_6595.jpeg)

This woman’s tiktok comments are always filled with teenage girls saying “I get it” and saying they want a dilf too

No. 2053321

they do but its pretty uncommon

No. 2053324

File: 1718666059314.jpeg (359.4 KB, 1170x1995, IMG_6597.jpeg)

“Hottest couple at the beach” not when your grandfather boyfriend looks 100 years old

No. 2053329

oh my god I'm dying of cringe

No. 2053342

Zoomer girls/women are quite literally psyoped into it and all this lana del ray lolita ddlg coquette shit ruined their brains. Plus, since a lot of them are permanently online, fandoms and open kink spaces have a hand in it too. Kinda blogging but I noticed this so hard on AI bot websites. The sheer amount of young women creating, commenting on- and getting off to rapist/stepcest/abusive old men bots makes me want to hurl.

No. 2053348

File: 1718667135422.jpg (223.34 KB, 1184x1038, ex1.jpg)

Glad to see more pushback like this (also I feel bad for the new Juliet actress she isnt even ugly men just have too much fucking audacity)

No. 2053356

Why does that creepy account post shit like that? Isn't there whole thing supposed to be horror?

No. 2053364

They are desperate for engagement and a lot of stuff they post isnt creepy its mostly racist. You can tell its run by an incel.


The creepy account didnt post the pics of the men if you look at the top another account replying to them did.

No. 2053371

File: 1718668620636.jpg (592.39 KB, 1178x1965, rich pooper.jpg)

Nonnas who are fortunate not to know what this gunk under the forskin shaped moid are very lucky. A lot of guys in the redpill manosphere look like him, push the fucked up views of women while babying ugly men that its ok to the ugly and that they just need to strong arm women into fucking them.

Anyway hes being investigated by and NGO for spreading hatred of women online. Depressing to think this waste of space has a wife and kid but is obsessed with 20yr olds and their hymens.

No. 2053383

>lease then
The retard can't even spell.

No. 2053409

File: 1718671207042.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1098x1355, IMG_5636.jpeg)

from our nonnas at /m/

No. 2053416

It’s a sign of a bad economy when young women take this route.

No. 2053426

sounds like some of these girls might have had SA-induced fetishes unfortunately. with the rise of porn i imagine the statistics have gotten worse.

No. 2053429

He needs to shave his face. His facial hair is making him ugly.

No. 2053486

blowjobs were a degenerate act in middle ages
not normal or accepted at all.

No. 2053522

It’s a metaphor you autist. It’s not meant to be a realistic depiction of life in the Middle Ages

No. 2053529

lol look michaels not that bad looking but he is undeniably a manlet who needs to fix his aging stubble and haircut ASAP! you are not a 20 year old anymore

No. 2053537

File: 1718676071658.jpeg (1.4 MB, 2020x1500, DAF7E2BD-3030-4443-B348-9C8B16…)

I’m doing my part (excuse the racebait, just integrating to my surroundings)

No. 2053542

File: 1718676288701.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1867x1678, 124A9EA1-9FEE-4159-96B4-833820…)

He uploaded a video of himself blowing a gun

No. 2053548

holy shit KEKK thank you nonna that was funny as hell

No. 2053557

Then make a better damn metaphor and stop showing how little you paid attention in history class

No. 2053573

What sort of teacher talks about blowjobs in history class?

No. 2053580

Lmfao @ >yeah ur ugly but just don’t be awkward and strange
Nah, he needs to rope, it’s over for him

No. 2053626

>why it DOESN'T MATTER that I'm old, fat and ugly
Opening with cope already OMEGALUL. Yeah, I wonder what kind of absolute dime piece could be behind this?

>Men are a gruelling, soul crushing experience akin to wagecucking

"Top shelf men" aka old decrepit paypigs, are only a scarce resource when they're the only job a woman can have. That was a blip in human history like being able to raise a family on a gas station clerk's salary. I wouldn't even compare you to wagecucking - youre something more like serfdom or chattel slavery, really - the pay is food and shelter. No shit you are dumped the moment anything better comes around - especially if it's an actual job with actual protections and actual money.

That said, it's refreshing to see you admit that you're nothing but a wallet. Keep deluding yourself and the new generation of fugly incels, that loneliness epidemic ain't gonna advance itself.

No. 2053631

more women like you should exist, this was absolutely fucking breathtaking

No. 2053634

Is that 8chan?

No. 2053635

Probably, or maybe endchan

No. 2053636

I hope he read this and cried

No. 2053641

"whale blubber " nonna your words could win a nobel prize in literature

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