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File: 1717594677006.gif (2.73 MB, 498x280, IMG_1119.gif)

No. 2036807

no bait, board rules apply
valerie solanos is my honorary spirit guide


No. 2036817

I would beat all of you in a fistfight.(not a vent)

No. 2036825

Life is becoming no longer worth living. That is all I have to say

No. 2036829

not being able to shoot at people is harmful for my mental health.

No. 2036833

File: 1717596042609.png (37.67 KB, 577x474, enough.png)

>scrolling f/f tags
>countless futa and/or dickgirl fics

No. 2036835

No. 2036836

My ear is still plugged up. Have a concert in 2 days. Keep waking up to violently cough… Hatred.

No. 2036837

mentally preparing myself for the shitty nigel lovers to hog up all the replies

No. 2036838

I want to kill animal abusers

No. 2036876

Wear ear protection at the concert or the combo of post-concert ear ringing + plugged ear will be hellish

No. 2036879

Anon are you me? I was thinking about this an hour ago

No. 2036881

File: 1717598450898.jpeg (151.94 KB, 556x556, IMG_6036.jpeg)

wish ppl weren’t so weird abt grief and respecting the dead bc im so sick of ppl looking at me like this when i make a joke abt my dead sister. it’s how i cope, you’re not even affected!!!!(integrate)

No. 2036883

I had a job interview last week and I don’t know how it went. She asked me a question that was basically like, “Can you tell me how good you are at eating apples?” And I told her I SUCKED at eating them so much it’s impossible. But then she started shittalking her ex-employees and we had a fun chat so I’m not sure.

No. 2036887

Every time i have to be in an airport i get sick the next day. Why the fuck are people so gross and sick all the time and why does my immune system SUCK ass. I want to scream

No. 2036892

Are you going to be a racehorse?

No. 2036903

How the fuck am I being patronising? I'm autistic myself, I'm trying to be clear and concise. I AM proud of anon. Shared how I myself deal with shit like that, was meant as a "Please don't give up, don't let this hobby be ruined by someone who doesn't get you and how you learn."
For fucks sake.

I hope anon finds comfort in pottery, despite shitty and frustrating teachers. That they build their own knowledge base if the teacher can't help.
This site has been turning so damn toxic the past few years, it's incredibly frustrating.

No. 2036904

chill out mane

No. 2036905

Thanks sweet anon I will definitely do that

No. 2036920

File: 1717602308399.jpg (135.11 KB, 741x900, Screenshot_20240605-164321_Pho…)

Is my chin receding, I want to cry

No. 2036921

Your chin is fine, delete this.

No. 2036926

I can tell that you’re ugly, just delete this anon

No. 2036929

Delete this, girl.

No. 2036931

pt-esque side profile

No. 2036941

can someone draw a stick figure skiing down the slope

No. 2036962

You're going in some kiwifarmer's picture collection

No. 2036966

I wasn’t made for this reeeee
Everyone I know seems to be moving up and further in their lives and it’s like I’m moving backwards. They put half the effort for twice the results and they seem to succeed in all areas of life and I just SUCK in comparison. Why me why do I suck so hard ughh

No. 2036978

My chin is receding, yet I am beloved by everyone. Forget about it!

No. 2036990

I'm not ugly. and I can't delete cos I forgot now its been over 30 mins. Oh well

No. 2036992


No. 2036993

What does pt-esque mean(newfag)

No. 2036999

My uncle was in prison for sexual assault related charges.. "supposedly just for watching a sexual assault", but that isn't usually a 1 year sentence in prison in my country.. and NO-ONE fucking knows! Not his own mom, my grandma, not his own fucking children that turn more into spoiled fucking kids by the day. "I want a rolex for my 18th" No idea that their dad has significant debt. Like "can work your entire life and you don't make a dent, debts" while he gets himself a 3k faucet. Played my mom hard for significant money and a shit flat. I feel horrible knowing what and when, while his adult kids don't know. A few years ago his wife talked to me and was talking divorce and everything, asking me how my family would feel about it with her kids and would they still be a part of our family.. I couldn't tell her. I feel as if her now adult kids deserve to know.. they all don't. Why? Why do I keep the secrets of an uncle that groped me multiple times by now? Can't make my grandma sad before she dies.. I did tell her about the ass grabbing, it lind of ruined her so i get it.. she refused to acknowledge it and I felt so bad for bringing it up. Never did again.. Just what the fuck do you do

No. 2037000

File: 1717605973145.jpg (105.77 KB, 1024x894, 1000008904.jpg)

Your jaw has already recesed, lol. That's how it developed. You have adenoid face, do you suffer from sleep apnea?

No. 2037003

File: 1717606248145.jpg (94.3 KB, 768x1024, 1000014860.jpg)

I'm sorry but this reminds me of picrel

No. 2037004

you can always get a chin implant? should we croudfund one for our nonnita?

No. 2037006

I like that version someone put him a smile

No. 2037007

oh my gawd

No. 2037009

She needs bimax and a rhinoplasty uwu(learn2integrate)

No. 2037013

Nta but it’s completely normal, especially for a woman, to have a smaller chin. Not everyone needs a gigachad overbite.

No. 2037019

Damn. That's wild. Yes I have nasal issues which cause sleeping problems. I sleep with my mouth open. I think that can cause recessed chins

No thanks. Dont wanna look like every other botched idiot on instagram. Lmfao. Plastic surgery is fake and retarded.

You can try to get admin to delete the post please

No. 2037020

what the fuck is he doing

No. 2037026


No. 2037027

I fucking LOOOVE tanning. I love going up 4 skin tones over the course of 1 month kek. By the end of the summer I look so mexican and kind of orange because I eat a lot of vegetables with beta carrotene LOL

No. 2037029

good luck with that melanoma

No. 2037032

At least i’ll have gorgeous olive skin

No. 2037033

File: 1717607205337.jpg (48.05 KB, 605x395, crepey-hands-scaled.jpg)

No. 2037034

the sun won't change your undertone you dumbass

No. 2037036

Thats why you wear sunscreen and spend lots of time in the shade nonny

No. 2037038

I bet you come out of the sun looking like a lobster

No. 2037039

better a lobster than prune

No. 2037040

i didn’t say it would i just said i’d have gorgeous olive skin..

No. 2037042

NAyrt yeah if it’s hot outside and you’re dehydrated your skin will probably have a flush to it, or it can be super red and obviously burned if you didn’t wear any sunscreen or you wore too little and rubbed it into much but I like to sort of slap the sunscreen on and not rub it in all the way so it does really block excess sun. I recommend that for all nonnys going in the sun!

No. 2037043

There a reason you don't prefer fake tanner?

No. 2037045

File: 1717608224692.jpeg (399.83 KB, 750x891, IMG_1126.jpeg)

That is the type of scrote these anons defend daily. That is the type of scrote these anons are willing to marry and procreate with thinking they peaked in life. I’m so tired of straight women honestly. I would kill myself if I had this jaw, no lips, acne, witch nose kekkk this is the kind of bitch trying to infight with me on /ot/ I’m almost dying of laughter(baiting, derailing)

No. 2037046

i’ve just never needed fake tan, I spend a lot of time out in the sun during the day and I get naturally tanned really quickly so I’ve never needed to reach for it

No. 2037047

the fuck is wrong with you bitch

No. 2037049

Kys you fucking retard

No. 2037051


No. 2037052

I hope a moid makes you feel like shit about your appearance, dont come crying to us when it happens

No. 2037053

she is ugly as hell, no amount of fake feminism is gonna solve that kek(baiting, derailing)

No. 2037056

A moid wouldn’t make me feel like shit because I don’t depend on their validation unlike you chinlet mouth breathers KEK(baiting, derailing)

No. 2037060

This is literally the same ban-evading schizo posting /pol/tier bait in unpopular opinions and infighting in the funny caps thread. The retard is using an iPhone and doesn’t know how to rename files—each file name is going up by one with every new shit bait they post. Farmhands, please find a way to permaban this annoying faggot.

No. 2037061

ntayrt you being mean like this just proves that you’re even uglier

No. 2037063

No anon you don't get it, if you like tanning you have to keep it to yourself or else the melanoma brigade will beat down your door and show you pictures of 70 year olds that look old from going in the sun for 30 minutes a day. If you like to tan you have to be like the early Christian population of Japan: secretive. If you mention the sun at all you will get the sunscreen shills shouting down your throat about how tanning is truly the most destructive and evil act you could ever commit.

No. 2037065

are you vegan

No. 2037067


No. 2037068

tell him that you’re stuck in a well

No. 2037069

>I’m almost dying of laughter
Try harder.

No. 2037070

wait til you visit /snow/, you'll be shocked

No. 2037073

I am so fucking sick of cooking, man. I know it saves money and it's healthier to make food at home (if that's your intent) but it is such a timesuck to make every meal yourself and clean up afterwards. Even the classic poorfag big pot of soup still takes hours to make, and that's not even counting prep and cleanup time. Where I live the prices for food are so jacked up that it's genuinely cheaper by grams of protein per dollar to buy raw chicken than canned fish or sometimes even beans/legumes, so if I want protein in most of my meals then I'm basically chained to the kitchen cooking meat 24/7.

No. 2037075

File: 1717608948672.jpeg (93.37 KB, 1087x884, IMG_1127.jpeg)

she looks like a chinless tranny, cry more(baiting, derailing)

No. 2037076

nonna those are cows though, this is just some random child who posted her chin out of insecurity. /snow/ is for critiquing people who deserve it kek

No. 2037079

>I would kill myself if I had this jaw, no lips, acne, witch nose
I read this initially as "I would kill to have this jaw." I'm so tired from work, but this reads better my way.

No. 2037082

You must be new here, plenty of adults post themselves here. Some fat bitch with a refrigerator body did that exact thing a few weeks ago in the confessions thread and it got deleted

No. 2037083

i don’t know this face and jaw doesn’t really look like that of a fully developed adult. also yeah there are adults here, but remember, there are little newfag kids who love to crawl in here as well.

No. 2037085

Was it the drunk one in some sort of lingerie talking about some guy coming back for round 2 or whatever? I remember nonas speculating it was some moid who posted that as revenge or whatever.

No. 2037086

>Friend venting to me
>Try to give them reassurance

Oh my god I’m a autistic low empathic retard how the fuck am I supposed to know what kind of reassurance you want if you’re just gonna complain and tell me to fuck off when i try to help you? I’m not a mind reader how the fuck should I know what you want?

No. 2037087

You are such an annoying, attention-seeking newfag it isn't even funny. If you have a husband why not consult him for validation instead of random anonymous strangers on an underwater basket-weaving forum? Go away.

No. 2037088

neither of the ayrt but…you’re a grown woman?

No. 2037090

>I like the way I look
then what was the point of posting your face and asking for opinions? idk what type of response you expected here of all places

No. 2037092

Have you tried mewing?

No. 2037093

Today I wasted 800€ on a stupid fucking tablet I didn't need or even want I am so fucking stupid. I hate that I'm not rich enough to buy the top of the line products I actually want but not poor enough to settle for a cheap one. I blew so much money for this useless piece of shit and I can't even figure out how to use it properly and it's one more screen cluttering my life.
I wanted to make some money back by selling my old tablet but it had stickers in the back so I tried cleaning it and now the display is ruined with strange squiggly lines I swear I'm going to kill myself if they're permanent. I hate technology in general it never fucking works the way it's supposed to it creates way more problems than it helps with. I literally bought this tablet specifically to Torrent a bunch of stuff and for some fucking reason the Torrenting app I've been using for a decade doesn't work properly anymore and it's so slow. I hate my life and I think the supplement I'm taking is making me mentally unstable

No. 2037095

File: 1717609885732.jpeg (86.88 KB, 274x267, IMG_1129.jpeg)

>I'am married, Hun. He loves me and I don't even have to work. You probably have to sell yourself on OnlyFans for $2 to get even a crumb of attention or you probably do it for money to go get botched at the plastic surgeon.
Men will fuck animals and dead rotting corpses, you probably remind him of a fish with the type of blowjobs you give him chinlet kekkkkk(ban evasion, infighting)

No. 2037106

File: 1717610379261.gif (1.32 MB, 220x224, 2c34d6370e1453.gif)

wew /ot/ has the best cows

No. 2037112

File: 1717610963370.gif (1.72 MB, 640x352, IMG_3983.gif)

Back hurts. Titties sore. Period late. Peeing a lot.

No. 2037114

rosacea gang

No. 2037116

Congratulations :)(:))

No. 2037119

How would you want someone to respond to that? Because I would be afraid of seeming like an overly familiar asshole by laughing along. I think most people feel the same way and would want to apologize for your loss because they don't know how to react to something like that but don't want to seem insensitive.

No. 2037131

I agree nona. That's why I always make sure to react like this video.

No. 2037134

I had to put my cat down last week and I honestly am thinking about another one. Right away. Not because I’ll ever forget her but because I really need something to care for. It wouldn’t be the same though.

>witch nose
anon if I were retarded enough to post myself here I’d show you a witch nose, you wish you had a witch nose.

No. 2037136

I think I found a new low and something is terribly wrong with me. I've been experiencing pregnancy like symptoms for the past two weeks like my boobs and my stomach hurt and I am feeling sick. My period is due on the 13th. All I can think about is "my life will be over if I am really pregnant" but I am on hormonal birth control and I did not have full on piv sex. Am I experiencing paranoid delusions? Or is it the break up? I had to break up with the guy I was seeing for two months or better he broke up with me because I dared to call him out on his disrespectful behaviour towards me (talking down to me, secretly watching sports while we were together) and when he suddenly turned ice cold (it was as if a switch flipped in his brain) I left because I felt helpless. It was as if the person I was with for the past two months suddenly died or never existed. On the evening before that awful night everything was ok. Later he texted me that there were "irreconcilable differences" between us. I know that I dodged a huge bullet with this one but my heart is still broken and I feel weird and there must be something wrong with me. Why am I feeling this way? Logically I know that I cannot be pregnant but then why is my body doing this bullshit?

No. 2037137

File: 1717612025941.png (15.09 KB, 235x275, IMG_7274.png)

I glo under the sun

No. 2037141

Doesn't sound healthy tbh

No. 2037147

Stress is messing up your period, it's aggravating your premenstrual symptoms

No. 2037150

I had this happen to me too nona!!!! I was so entirely convinced I was pregnant, I was researching abortion clinics and planning to set up an appointment. My boobs were sore, I felt nauseated in the morning, all that shit. I cried sometimes because I was so sure I'd have to get an abortion. A few days later, my period came kek.
It's just hypochondria making your mind read too much into harmless things your body is doing. Boobs hurting is a common PMS symptom, and stomach aches and nausea are normal stress responses. Stressing yourself out over this is making those sensations worse. Take a test if you really want to know, but I'm sure you're totally fine.

No. 2037154

i was planning on leaving work early today because i can feel myself getting sicker and sicker as the day goes on but of course its so fucking busy today! usually i'm sitting around doing literally nothing and it wouldn't be a problem to leave early any other day. fuck my lifeeee

No. 2037155

File: 1717613001890.jpg (32.79 KB, 680x889, 507.jpg)

well i glo under the moon

No. 2037161

How can people just have sex without fearing pregnancy every single time, even with birth control methods? I can’t even rub against my bf in our underwear without freaking out about pregnancy. So fucking horrifying idk how people just don’t know that no BC is 100%, but it also doesn’t help that I’m antinatalist.

No. 2037166

you don't fear anything when you are horny

No. 2037172

I've a missed call from an ex that I haven't seen or spoken to in 7 years. That cheated on me with someone new who started at his workplace and left me for her in a whole shitty cheating reveal/break up rolled into one. All while telling me how crazy he was about her. Very cool time that made me question my ability to read my own relationships because I didn't see signs. Great memories of how shocked he was at me not showing sheer happiness for him right away, despite the lil issue of cheating and all. I should've been delighted for him finding love via a workplace affair. Wonder what he could possibly want. Probably something virtuous

No. 2037180

you know abortion and plan B pills exist right

No. 2037183

File: 1717615149570.jpeg (117.53 KB, 851x1047, IMG_3984.jpeg)

I’m infertile.

No. 2037189

men don't care because they don't feel direct comsequences like women do, women minimize it because men wouldn't date them without PIV

No. 2037190

cause shocker some women have sex to get pregnant on purpose

No. 2037197

File: 1717615533204.jpg (10.12 KB, 480x141, 33.jpg)

I've always said I would never date a moid unless he's infertile or has had a vasectomy.

No. 2037199

Forget pregnancy, how can women have sex with men and ignore the fact that their bfs see them as warm cocksleeves and everything they do in the relationships is for the sake of making them submit and humiliating them through the act of sex, to the point they believe access to women's bodies is their right no matter the circumstances?(bait)

No. 2037203

And this is how women end up with an accident baby

Clearly anon isn't talking about trying to conceive dumbass kek

No. 2037217

Just manipulate him into getting one

No. 2037218

I'm rightfully going to get roasted for this but honestly? getting pregnant isn't as easy as you think. I know several couples who actually want a baby and sometimes it can take like a year of having unprotected sex at the most "fertile" times of her cycle. I've been with my bf for 5 years relying solely on pull-out because I refuse to take hormonal BC and never even had a late period. There's been like 2 instances where I took plan b just to be sure. Starting to think I'm either incredibly lucky or have fertility issues tbh. Abortion getting banned here has scared me into using condoms, though we're in agreement that if I miraculously get pregnant we are booking it to the nearest legal state kek

No. 2037222

I'm not sure if I want kids, reservations and caregiver fatigue from my elderly dogs, but my boyfriend really, really wants a family. I got upset last night and vented to him about it because I am worried about our long term. But he told me the most important thing to him is finding a wife and he really likes me and he'd be fine spending several years without kids or maybe never having them if he was able to stay with me. He even plans to move closer (he's over an hour away) and get a new job. I feel weird and sad like I'm crushing his dream but also he is a grown man that can choose what he wants to do. I just want to have a fun summer with him but the guilt is killing me

No. 2037230

No offense nona but this relationship won't work out if one of you wants kids and the other doesn't, that's like one of THE baseline things you should be in agreement on. He'll say he's okay with being with you until he starts pressuring you for kids and you'll either give in or have to break up. Just go on the regretfulparents subreddit and see how it turns out when women have a baby just to keep their scrote. Spoiler alert: not good for them

No. 2037232

I'm unfortunately too autistic and earnest to be a dark triad Stacy.

No. 2037233

it's so hard for me to not resent my mom man. i remember she told me when i was 8 that she had a dream my father chopped my little sister and i up into little pieces, and said that she was afraid he would actually do it. then we just go back home to him like normal. he was a violent loud drug addict alcoholic, but sometimes i think she did just as much to make me afraid

No. 2037237

if he wants kids you will not work out long term do not believe him lightly

No. 2037240

Dude yesterday I was watching a short where people asked 100 moms if their kids were accidents and a few of them said “abortion failed” that shit is BEYOND scary
I wish that was me so fucking bad, even though my periods are weird I unfortunately still get them even though I’m a fatty
But it’s ALWAYS the ones who don’t want a baby who get pregnant. Isn’t that fucked how it works?

No. 2037251

Just venting a bit about before… I didn't think my side profile would make someone want to kill themselves. It's not a great angle and I probably do have jaw issues/recession from years of mouth breathing but I didn't think it WAS that horrible. Lmfao. I asked a simple question. Didn't think it would make someone so angry. I don't think I'm amazingly beautiful but I'm not ugly either. Just average. My nose is barely wtichy too.

Some people on this site have serious mental health issues that an anon asking if their chin is recessed can make them chimp out so bad they get a ban. Lol.(bait)

No. 2037252

Bilateral salpingectomy

No. 2037262

You don't even live together, or live close by but he's so crazy about you that his dream of having kids doesn't matter as long as he has you. Anon smell the bs.

No. 2037266

If I see another tiktok with some girl who has takena healthy baby deer home and igmoring everyone telling her to put it back I'm going to scream.

No. 2037286

I remember seeing something like that but instead it was a baby cow inside of her small apartment

No. 2037287

>it was as if a switch flipped in his brain
>Later he texted me that there were "irreconcilable differences"
Weirdly stiff wording for a 2 month relationship. That's what you write in divorce paperwork. Hoping it's just stress symptoms. Any relationship getting that ugly just 2 months in is one you want a clean break from.

No. 2037303

I’m letting the fact that he swiped through my story and didn’t look at the other post actually make me a little sad..like oh you had other stuff to look at sorry. Wow I am a fucking loser.I’m throwing my phone away. I didn’t use instagram for 2 years and I’m remembering why. I don’t need another outlet to make me crazy kek

No. 2037307

i swear there was a thread for happy vents but i can’t find it. anyway to all the nonas who said I wouldn’t, FUCK you. I’m almost 20 and had a 3 inch growth spurt in the last half year. take that. i am so happy.

No. 2037308

Girl people quickswipe through people’s stories all the time. He was probably just taking a shit or something.

No. 2037313

I know but in my mind he has a crush on me and would have wanted to see my other story but that’s just me being retarded

No. 2037322

nonny i know how you feel, i care too much about that sort of stuff too and it will cause me to just stop looking at their stories altogether and block them from seeing mine. 2 can play the "i dont care" game

No. 2037331

File: 1717622625556.jpeg (40.58 KB, 750x421, IMG_1298.jpeg)

>Find out my brother in law was able to get my sister a cozy job where she can work from home and get benefits
>happy for her but now thinking about my situation
>Im still struggling to finish school and living with parents
>still struggling to find a job
>still struggle with social anxiety
>feel like a loser because I didn’t work hard enough before and am suffering for it
>considering killing myself again

I know there’s no point in looking back but I genuinely wish I could go back in time and slap myself into motivation. I don’t want to give up but maannnnn it’s coming to get me and I have no where to run

No. 2037336

Had my plans switched up and it bothered the fuck out of me. I say one thing and drop it and my brother has to say “don’t push it.” Agoraphobic people have no say in this. I can’t say shit in this house. Of course everything is usually my fault and I’m the idiot “for not figuring out how it works yet.” And then he comes around and he says it again and says that dad is working but that this pastry he bought should be enough since it was a waste of money. Ok. I asked my mom for vegetables for the next grocery run because I feel my health lagging and it was better when I ate more vegetables. Then she comes in my room again and starts going on how I need to fix my sleep schedule and that I’m glued to the phone. Vindictive because I asked for something to better myself and I knew that if I didn’t ask for the vegetables she wouldn’t have had her little monologue. But, somewhat fair since I’ll admit those are issues I have. However I then got mad because I realized I have no bed and I’ve been sleeping on the floor because I’m fucking tired of the broken couch I used to sleep on for years that I just loathe at this point. And the downstairs air dries my skin out anyway. I think she felt bad because today she was showing me bed frames she was looking up.

No. 2037337

i hope you shrink 4 inches

No. 2037339

I get this deep feeling of dread when the parents in the group chat start talking about their kids and I just don't think in my heart it will ever happen for me. I feel bad like I lied to him about not being sure. I think my hormones and lust just fucked me up a little I don't actually want to get pregnant or have a baby, ever.

No. 2037373

Some guys are retarded and don't know you can view more than one story at a time.

No. 2037381

I want to learn to draw again and actually get good this time, but I feel like I have a skill cap (on everything I do) so I probably will just stick to the stuff I enjoy more like crochet. It does suck a little though, I've always been into art since I was a child so I will always yearn for it but it also makes me so frustrated. Even just thinking about it irritates me.

No. 2037390

it's over nonna… block him and move on…

No. 2037391

Get your fertility checked, that’s bizarre. Or your bf should. Something isn’t working correctly because that’s crazy imo for that length of time.
I feel this, it’s never fun to see someone close to you get an “easy” out when you’re barely keeping your head above water.
Everything doesn’t have to be a performance. Just doodle in your free time a go from there. Get some supplies or whatever programs you need. If you enjoyed that much at some point it it will probably bring you some peace.

No. 2037400

File: 1717625936025.png (335.91 KB, 600x314, eiaeg.png)

I haven't been this mentally fucked up in a while, and it's all my own fault for letting myself become a hikikomori NEET loser who's drowning in grief or some shit. Holy fuck why can't I just be a robot or something?? Like, bitch get over it, it's not that bad pull it together you are embarrassing yourself right now!!

No. 2037416

Women only have like five fertile days of the month and if her boyfriend isn't an idiot and has good come control makes sense she hasn't had a pregnancy scare

No. 2037472

Hmmm good tactic but for me it’s a game and for him he really doesn’t care
already did

No. 2037580

>bpd women be like

No. 2037588

Took plan b again didn't learn my lesson. I feel so unstable and freaky and odd. I am definitely not myself and won't make any big decisions for the next several weeks. Just surviving right now. Fuck sake. Never again for real this time

No. 2037595

Laughing at you piv-havers while I’m cruising without having to worry about the threat of pregnancy

No. 2037597

Ok meanie fo feenie

No. 2037624

I feel like posting here has been meaningless lately. A few years ago whenever I would post something I’d usually get one or two genuine replies and most of the time there’d be a little back and forth. Now almost no one responds to things and when they do they’re overly aggressive. What’s the point of an image board if you can’t talk about things you normally wouldn’t on other sites?

No. 2037630

It often feels like I’m talking to bots. Genuine convos are dead on the internet

No. 2037633

being toxic, infighting, and/or getting onto the screencaps thread

No. 2037647

all the infighting has made it so unpleasant here I think a lot of those anons that would give long, thoughtful replies left. I've been coming here less for the same reason

No. 2037665

young zoomers cant into forum conversations, comments/clapback/one-liner culture makes all their replies like a brief, weak roast attempt

No. 2037683

A lot of people come here just to fight or behave in ways that they know they can’t irl

No. 2037684

>new girl to the friend group develops romantic interest to a mutual who I used to smash
>mutual wanted to be in a relationship w/ me but I rejected cause I did not think he was a good match for me outside of providing dick
>shame on me for going this far with someone I would be too embarassed to actually date, he should have stayed a friend
>friend group got pretty close to me and almost kicked mutual out for being a dumbass towards me
>but I told them not to
>played coolgirl towards his behavior and moved on so we all could have a good time
>things chill down
>mutual moves on somewhat but sometimes I entertained casual encounters just cause I was bored and wanted safe dick

>when new girl comes into the group, she immediately crushes on mutual and acts super jealous towards me

>like she hates me but I never even said anything or did anything offcolor to my knowledge
>did not even mention my prior relations, but assuredly she was told by mutual or others
>she glares at me during hangouts even though I try to be friendly yet she actively ignores me
>did I mention she is poly and already has a husband she is cucking with kids even so who even knows why she is having this reaction towards me over another scrote????
>mutual has poor boundaries and flirts when we all hang out
>my being nice is seen as encouraging it even though I am like that with everyone
>new girl seething
>I ask mutual to please tone down flirting, and with group pressure he does
>comes out later that he still had feelings and thought I was trying to make him jealous when I'd flirt with other men when it was just me moving on

>sometimes when we hang or go out we all give each other styled hair and makeup looks

>she throws a tantrum when I make the error of messing with mutual's hair during his bday and isolates herself from whole group
>even though other women in our group touched his hair too
>back off cause yikes
>on another occassion they invite me out but our whole friend group did not show up
>just her, mutual, and then another set of friends who paired off
>I felt like a third wheel and was sad, so I left early, but it felt like they staged it on purpose at his behest
>starting to think mutual is getting off on a girl acting desperate over him and treating me like shit to get me back
>I still try to be nice in my irl and online interactions with them to keep peace but they largely ignore me
>they happily take from me when I offer to buy group drinks or if they need favors though

>I leave for a business trip

>in a matter of weeks almost all of friend group chat is ignoring me and acting like I don't exist except to talk down or correct me when I reply to something
>because I have not been able to hang out, attend group events, or participate much in the group chat due to being away for work
>and homegirl has been busy poisoning the well cause she wants me gone
>she posts that they are in a relationship
>congratulate them and say they are a cute couple
>my comment is the only one out of our group's that she has no reaction to
>it makes me want to call her and a few others out to ask what their fucking problem is and if I should just remove myself since I have only ever been nice and considerate for these assholes
>withhold my chimpout since I know she has positioned herself in the group whether I like it or not and lay low hoping her psychotic ass will clash with another girl that will hopefully make everyone see what a retard she is

Honestly, what a fucking pickme bitch and I am so mad that she is spoiling the first hobby friend group I made as an adult when I don't even want her fucking moid.
Moral of the story: Show no mercy to men, should have gotten the group to vote him off the island when I had the chance.

No. 2037697

women will do all this for a crumb of cock? sorry your friends are fake as hell.

No. 2037716

I've been talking less and less with this guy I like and the only thing making me feel better is reading fanfics about a specific character, it's really embarrassing to me.

No. 2037727

Pretty much the same, I'm pretty tired of the aggressive tone especially here. But I do still try and reply here and there

No. 2037738

finding it weird that we are boycotting restaurants because they are "Serving is*raeli cuisine" they actual censored that word. they are boycotting restaurants for culturally appropriating Palestinian Cuisine. lo(not a vent)

No. 2037756

File: 1717639866894.jpg (43.84 KB, 499x359, 1000002460.jpg)

i have nobody to blame but myself. you can't fix schizos. friendship will not fix them. when someone warns you they are bad news, don't reply with how they're nice to you. it will only get worse. you are not a schizo whisperer.

No. 2037767

You're so right about people trying to make it into the screencaps thread. I wonder if it's time to nuke it so anons won't have a reason to act out for attention.

No. 2037773

File: 1717641058993.jpg (82.7 KB, 1125x666, tumblr_8dba2272e024155ab169106…)

Had a party of 6 Mexican men that took off without paying. I should've trusted my gut feeling that something felt off about them where one of them was being impatient and asked if they could smoke inside. Called my boss about what happened and said that it was "my fault" for not giving out their check which I was about to but they took off because I told them to smoke outside. They left a fat mess and I'm still waiting for the cops to show up. I fucking hate working here as a solo waitress with no manager around and having to deal with bad eggs like them. Glad to hear that it's closing down by the end of this month. I hope these pigs scrotes get caught and get their asses thrown in jail. Fucking hate men and I'm itching to a-log.

No. 2037779

I don’t understand why you’re so angry, it’s your boss’ loss, not yours, and even if you gave the six men the check they could have just stood up and walked out without paying. And it’s not as if some women don’t dine and dash either.

No. 2037785

Theres a very in-depth video on youtube, it's like 4 hours of television broadcast The day of 9/11. With like monitoring of the planes, showing the exact moment each plane was hi-jacked, reactions to the planes being hi-jacked, phone calls ect. Down to the exact second.
I watched up to the second plane hitting the second tower. I was already feeling depressed and horrible, but holy shit do I feel super-duper depressed. I feel like i'm kind of a wuss being so traumatized by 9/11 in current day. Especially when people joke on it.
But that video, watching all the normal commercials the day of and them talking about mundane things, seeing exactly when the watching the planes slowly approach on a map, while people on the plane called their love ones, or gave updates. It just got to me.
I don't know why but the second plane made me want to cry, it's just crazy it really happened.

No. 2037787

Met a girl at a 20+ event, she was one of the admins. I really liked how seriously she took her job and career, we clicked instantly, have a lot of chemistry, she was very clear and communicated very well before we started flirting around and eventually made out. She likes me and I think I like her back, but there was essential info I was missing despite knowing a shit ton of stuff about her. Turns out she's 21 and I'm 8 years older than her. Im so upset I don't even know if I'm overreacting or if I should run for the hills. I literally thought she was older than me, ironically

No. 2037793

I just woke up feeling absolutely sick. I'm going to make an appointment with my gynecologist. I'm also going to take another pregnancy test. I know that it won't do anything and that it will just show up as negative since my period will come on the 13th.

No. 2037811

I'm sure anon is angry for having to clean up their damn mess and not getting tipped, which is enough to warrant a-log. I wish people would understand that when they fuck over businesses and the shady corpos that there is usually the little guy suffering as the collateral damage. Rich people aren't the ones working the hours to serve pigs who mistreat them, they don't care what their employees deal with but just that their bottom line took a small hit.

No. 2037816

How do I reconcile my disgust with the modern state of mental health care with the fact that I need actual professional help.

No. 2037821

Anime and manga being mainstream was a mistake. I can't believe how fucking rampant moralfagging is. Im not gonna say all anime should be defended but I'm not gonna walk into a fire department and be shocked and dismayed that theres a fire truck inside. How are people gonna moralfag about chainsaw man like just shut up, everyone is saying the exact same shit. Either retarded males saying he liked it and then the other camp pointing in desperation like THIS IS SA me NO LIKE!!1!1!!! Why does everything have to comfort you and why do you want it catered to be so when this specific media has always been risky and boundary pushing. Theres no denying that lots are self indulgent in a gross sexual manner but I need normaleds to shut the fuck up regurgitating the same moralfagging trite shit. Like why do you even watch? What do you enjoy, doreamon? Imagine being surprised at the direction csm took right now oh my god. How can people not discern different types of anime and hold different standards. I couldn't really get through chobits but am I gonna shit myself, no. How are people so simple?

No. 2037823

>Show no mercy to men, should have gotten the group to vote him off the island when I had the chance.

he'd have wiggled his way back in, you friends just suck ass.

No. 2037824

can you give a quick rundown for a non-weeb what happened in that anime

No. 2037828

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. My only potential ‘way out’ to satisfy my parents is if I just give up and move out to live with my sexually abusive moid out of state.

Wish I was dead tbfh

No. 2037830

if that’s what satisfies your parents, don’t satisfy your parents. one of the only ways to get away from a man like that in my experience is if he no longer has access to you. encourage him to move like you’re going to join him and run. you can escape and live a happy life trust me.

No. 2037843

I'm not caught up because I was waiting for a friend to catch up to where I was and she never did so it's been left in limbo for me. I know a little of the spoiler but I refrained because I'm pretty behind. For you to understand though (there's more to it than this but), denji the main character has a mission of touching boobs for the first time, same with a kiss and so on. Main point of contention was that makima, a superior of his, manipulates him with that. It's kinda the whole point for her to be calculating and manipulative but casuals don't care. There's also this character himeno that denji has a moment with where she drunkenly kisses him (I'm stretching it, she voms in his mouth) and then she drunkenly asks him to have sex, but it doesn't happen. She also offered aki a cigarette (people really cite this, this manga is set in the 90s btw) when he was underage and she was his superior, and people consider her to be a groomer for these things. which makes me sad that she's only known for being a groomer when I think she's a great character The current spoiler people are pressed about right now is that asa gives denji a handjob and he busts in her hand–look I'm so behind that I haven't even gotten to asa yet but she's a work partner like aki and not a superior like the others Nonnas more caught up can probably explain better, but even when you're just like 40 or so chaps in like me, you can understand the tone of the manga and the mind of the mangaka. The reactions people have seem so overblown really because fujimoto is not trying to make some complex and sensitive commentary. It's fucking chainsaw man. It's not just with this, it's also the principle of it. Moralfagging is so annoying. Addyharajuku comes to mind, you can find her in the consoom thread.

No. 2037844

File: 1717647077948.png (1.28 MB, 860x946, 512-5127158_pointing-finger-ha…)

I don't understand how at my fattest (well my fattest was 230 lbs.. I've never been 193 lbs so still my fattest) that's when I actually start getting hit on by guys. I mean 90% are creeps or fugly old toads..their thirsty looks haunt my dreams…yet I've noticed the shift of attitude from guys my age. This male attention never happened in my adolescence. So it's all new to me kek.

But it could also be that my general mood is happier and I've been told I've got good vibes or radiate good energy lately. I'm pissed because I've always thought I was intimidating or ugly. But men are simple creatures. If you wear a hairstyle that suits your face your immediately treated diff in my experience. Whatever. I'm focusing on self betterment, and then I'll give moids the time of day when my primary objective becomes marriage.

>If I lose more weight and the attention lessens, then so be it..I won't sacrifice my health for external validation. Some if not most of it is unwanted anyway..I can feel their lewd thoughts in their gaze. Plus it's men.

No. 2037850

File: 1717647815120.jpeg (33 KB, 416x308, IMG_1368.jpeg)

I’ve had the opposite problem. Now that I’ve dropped a lot of weight I get stared at and approached more often. It’s kind of scary how different people treat you when you look a certain way. I consistently get hit on by zoomer moids too which is really weird. Being physically perceived is so uncomfortable. Good on you for better yourself nonnie!

No. 2037856

File: 1717648358689.jpeg (77.95 KB, 905x849, IMG_1477.jpeg)

I think I’m getting to that point where making friends is hard. It’s always been hard for me because I’m weird and autistic, but even then I always had a ton of internet friends. I feel kinda ignored in my online friend group and I have a couple work friends irl but that’s all. I can’t even make online friends anymore. I’m 22 and I guess it’s over in that way. It’ll be just me, nigel and my cat.

No. 2037862

Kid with fucked up life from the start gets sexually assaulted and emotionally manipulated several times by different women all his life. Kid gets sexually assaulted again but this time by a devil controlling his crush and she gave him a hand job and it was a really uncomfortable scene because the girl who the devil was controlling were both uncomfortable and she tried to get control back during this scene but was unable to, so she was essentially sexually assaulted too. Chainsaw Man is and has always been full of fucked up stuff from the start and it’s never written in a way that makes it “good” or enjoyable but twitter purity moralfags just yap all day about how Fujimoto (author) glorifies SA when anyone with a brain knows he doesn’t.

No. 2037863

no it isn't bizarre, i've been doing it for ten years and i'm not infertile. like >>2037416 says, there are only a few times it's even possible to conceive and if you're not a total idiot it's really easy to avoid.

No. 2037869

File: 1717649138200.gif (1.34 MB, 480x358, giphy-440893373.gif)

>It’s kind of scary how different people treat you when you look a certain way.
Yeah exactly. It's jaded me a bit kek. Also I don't even possess the hourglass-goddess body shape. I'm a literal fat rectangle with barely any curves. So idk what it is about my appearance that's attracting these people.
>Being physically perceived is so uncomfortable.
agreed kek

No. 2037873

File: 1717649589279.jpg (42.61 KB, 223x300, 20240606_004714.jpg)

I can't sleep and I am in misery. Send help.

No. 2037875

Count your blessings anon, at least you have a cat and an nigel to comfort you irl. Some of us have nothing.

No. 2037877

File: 1717649917073.jpg (104.88 KB, 720x960, a3249a45bff600f8370da5470e2fb3…)

why are you in misery, go take a shit and get back to bed. put some 90s spiritual windchime music on. flip your pillow over. i'm tucking you in psychically.

No. 2037884

Ughhh she asked me out. What should I say

No. 2037886

It's annoying when you receive something reeking of cigarette smoke odor and the seller insists they "didn't smell any" when you leave a bad review. It's happened so many times. Of course you don't notice that nasty stench, you're noseblind to it. This time it was a cardigan and I know it couldn't have been a mail carrier smoking and the scent transferring (another stupid excuse they try to make) because it was sealed in a plastic bag when they sent it.

No. 2037913

File: 1717652743441.jpg (102.61 KB, 1080x1530, 1000011674.jpg)

Retard vent but cmon. How the fuck do you integrate into Discord communities(or any online space) about media you like or niche hobbies you have(because IRLs find these things bland or weird) without kissing a group's ass? I'm starting to think it's just a personality issue and I don't really fit in (yes I know it sounds like "le highschool nobody understands me") but god damn, I'll go with the flow of conversations and get only 1-2 interactions out of it. This shit legit has me pressed over being ignored but I want to talk to people too, it makes me wish I was a clueless kid again since both online and IRL that naive bubbly demeanor was more appealing. I've given up with just about any other platform for a sense of community in my spare alone time. How do I do it

No. 2037917

Stop adding anal to every one of your romance books no woman other than you likes that degenerate shit

No. 2037918

File: 1717653313081.jpg (4.8 KB, 240x232, F5C_JCgW4AArZhs.jpg)

Yeah you're right. I'm just mad that I could've seen it coming since I've been working here for years and dealt with shitty customers before. That and my boss having the audacity to say it was my fault for not giving out the check?! My boss is also a moid too who couldn't give two shits about this restaurant since it doesn't make enough money. Like what you just said, they would've still walked out or worse threatened me. A week ago I've dealt with a black moid who made a whole commotion about him using our hand sanitizer and that it accidentally got squirted into his eye because of the pump's buildup. I best thing I could do is call an ambulance for him but no he wanted the manager for compensation and then proceeded to film me. Funny how both of these incidents happened after coming back from my day off. I wish I could be making this shit up. Also to add to it, the police wouldn't do much when it comes to theft or robbery even though we have cameras and previous break-ins before which they never caught the culprit or probably don't bothered trying at all.

>And it’s not as if some women don’t dine and dash either.

Usually it's men that are the problem for committing most of the crimes and are reason why what's wrong with society. Wish we could just cleanse them off to be more civil, well-adjusted, behaved and respectable human beings.

Exactly. Some people just don't understand how struggling it is to work as a low wage worker and to feed off of tips as crumbs. It's mentally and physical draining depending on how much you get shit thrown at you and be this wage slave meat shield to your boss or higher-ups.

>Inb4 work somewhere else that pays better

I wish it was that easy since some of them need some sort of requirement. Even if you submitted resumes, they'll brush you off or put you on the side until someone quits.

No. 2037968

you unironically kinda have to force yourself in there especially if it’s a big discord, just talk there as much as possible and eventually people will start seeing/recognizing you and will talk to you more

No. 2037986

File: 1717657395971.jpg (391.44 KB, 2101x2192, 203405_111200.jpg)

The more I spend time here the more I wonder if I'm truly straight. Like some of the sexual posts, not even the fetish ones but things that are supposed to be normal sound completely deranged to me, same with the romantic ones.

No. 2037999

Be funny and post all the time. Devote basically most of your free time to being chronically online in the server. And yes you have to kiss the group cow's ass, quickly you'll learn what the pecking order is and who you should be sucking up to, every niche fandom group has its BNFs (the cow in question).

No. 2038000

sorry i will stop

No. 2038014

This is more feels than vent but man, what I wouldn't give to be a chubby little scene girl in middle school watching Naruto fan flashes on yt and cosplaying Hetalia characters in middle school again.

No. 2038016

>googles car problems
"Go to the mechanic"
>Googles health issues
"Go to the doctor"
>Googles plumbing issues
"Hire a plumber"
And so on
Like damn why didn't I think of that? Oh wait we're all broke now and trying to do whatever the hell we can fix by ourself before blowing money

No. 2038021

You and me both anon. I hate current internet but at least I’m happy I got to experience it. Feel bad for zoomers/alpha because they are truly living in the worst timeline for the internet

No. 2038023

this sounds terrible but add "reddit" at the end of Google searches for real answers

No. 2038041

the worst thing about all 3 of those is they will gaslight you and overcharge you while not really fixing the problem.

After one mechanic punched a perfect hole into one of my car parts to suggest I needed a 7k repair, I started hiring a mechanic for an hour to audit the mechanic while I'm at the mechanic.

No. 2038042

Remember the good old days when you could google something incredibly specific and you would get so many hits on blogspot, forums, yahoo answers etc? Zoomers nowadays actually believe that google doesn't have the capability to search for similar matches to the search query when in reality they're just trying to make us dumber

No. 2038043

I can have an abortion no questions asked where I live

No. 2038049

all it took for me was one time to get pregnant. I stopped the pill before the pandemic so my nigel used condoms, one time we said fuck it and rawdogged, I got pregnant from it. it was in the middle of the pandemic and we didn't want it so I yeeted the fetus. I also stopped the pill to see if it had anything to do with another health issue I was having (it had nothing to do with it), I took the minipill for at least 5 years without stopping before that.

No. 2038052

Mechanics are notorious for screwing over women. I suck at all things car but have had oil changes where they didn't even dump the previous oil like seriously? Even I knew you were supposed to drain the previous oil. Or the amount of times "mysterious things that can't get fixed" were less than 200 fixes when I did it myself

No. 2038054

I actually switched to DuckDuckGo a few months ago because of Google's search decline and I haven't looked back. I think Google is just at the point in its company lifespan where the upper management has no idea what they're doing and they're so disconnected from the reality of the consumer base that they don't give a fuck anymore. End goal for them now is money because they've reached a point of market domination so they don't even have to offer a good product anymore. With the upcoming removal of Chrome extensions and the intentional slowdown of Youtube when using an Ad Blockers, I'm happy I made the switch to Firefox as well.

No. 2038055

It's because the whole "wow your GOOGLE degree isnt better than TRAINED PROFESSIONALS" meme got to them hard so it's easier than ever to scam them. Especially with medical care, they can walk into a doctor with a broken leg and be prescribed SSRIs and nothing else and not even question it kek. It almost feels like medieval times when plague doctors could do all kinds of crazy nonsense and the villagers wouldn't bat an eye

No. 2038056

fertile nonny even after being on the lead poisoning BC, good for you!

No. 2038058

your grandparents were probably lead poisoned too yet they gave birth to your parents. lead aint got shit if you have strong genes that must be passed on.

No. 2038062

yahoo answers shut down years ago. they won't even let you look at old posts anymore rip

No. 2038102

I can't focus and I have a lot of shit to do in one month

No. 2038120

I've entered my mid 30's and I'm more than satisfied being a childless single weeb just working a regular office job with no ambitions besides my artistic aspirations but every now and then I'm filled with dread when people around me are starting to get married, start their own families and now you have to schedule meeting them like 9 months in advance and even then you barely have anything to discuss because they will only be concerned with their Nigels and children. I want to die thinking about how alone I will be in my 40's, much less the rest of my life. I need to look into how the boomer nerds before me handled this.

No. 2038123

You're living the life of my dreams. It's just FOMO, if you really want maybe adopt a cat it will probably help. Also, if your friends now are getting married it's okay because you can always make new friends later with people that really understand your lifestyle and actually appreciate it too. I go to a class every two weeks and I know a lady who is in her 50s and single living her dream life and I can see the happiness in her eyes.

No. 2038124

I wish I could make a chart to explain social reactions towards my body as a fellow fluxchan who's experienced life in stages +/- 100 pounds.

>At my fattest, 200+

Men hit on me but it was usually not in flattering ways. I tended to attract men who wanted to smash but did not want real relationships with me. The men who did want relationships were often beneath me. Even when you are an obesechan with a pretty face and good hygiene and styling and education, uggo men who who don't care still think they have a chance because being fat as a woman is the worst trait to have in their eyes so they irritatingly considered me at their level. Generally, the public treated me like an unremarkable person. Never invisible, just did not get pretty privilege much and would sometimes get passive aggression for existing. Sometimes seeing professionals for problems was annoying because they would just blame my weight for everything. I never had health problems or disabilities from my weight, but I represented a totem for what people hate towards fat women so there was no escaping that. My career was not doing so well because people believed stereotypes about me being lazy or undermotivated when I never was those things. So I unfairly had promotions dangled in my face to get me to overperform and go beyond scope, but I would never receive any kind of reward for the effort due to the weird doublethink.
Friends probably treated me the best at this weight because they saw me as no threat. The fat, funny friend who at the end of the day was not going to make them feel like shit about themselves. Definitely at my second-most insecure which did not make for attracting very nice people to me.
>Less than 200 but above 160 aka "smallfat"
The weight where I am treated at the most extremes. It can either be really good or really bad. I would lean towards mostly good, because my confidence and happiness is best on the lower end of this range.
People don't fuck with me unless I am having an insecure day to allow it. The most men hit on me, thankfully cute ones among them, but because I am not thin they still treat me the same as someone with obvious insecurities or they believe they can get one over on me if they play their cards right. Plenty of people say and believe I am beautiful, my weight is not so extreme to make me stand out. This weight helps accentuate tits, ass, thighs which is popular right now. However, I noticed when I piss people off that they resort to the fat namecalling all the same so clearly people do notice it as a flaw. The public actually treats me pretty well too, I get a lot of glances and attention is at an all time high. I got promoted the most in my career at this weight–hate to say, but male client and male boss attention.
Friendships suffered the most though, and sometimes other women express jealousy. The threat is that men and women do find me desirable, but because of the weight they subconsciously view it as unearned. Their thinking of Yeah, you're pretty and men think you're sexually desirable but you are still fat at the end of the day so don't think you are in any place to feel prettier than the next person. People get MAD to see me being unaffected by all that but I know it's more about my lack of reaction towards their opinion about my body, and not my body itself.
Which brings me to final category…
>Less than 150, average weight
Treated absolutely the worst here.
Isn't it ironic? At my least fat, most fit, and most eating-disordered this is where everyone decides to treat me the worst!
A fucking punching bag yet invisible to most at the same time.
I got hate from people smaller than me and bigger than me because I fit neither categories.
I got fat shamed the most here which is absolutely bananas. I would be curious to know if other anons have had similar experiences? Granted I am extremely insecure at this weight but it still blows my mind how I am treated. Wtaf.

No. 2038125


No. 2038131

>have to schedule meeting them like 9 months in advance and even then you barely have anything to discuss because they will only be concerned with their Nigels and children

Read this again. Have you realized how bleak this is for them? This is why as a woman I am scared of getting married and starting a family because the life you once had is literally dead until your kids are grown and even then it won't ever be the same. You don't have freedom. You also better hope the Nigel you pick is a good one or else that is a special hell too. Either go through a rough divorce or deal with bullshit.
Idk, I get FOMO around that sometimes but grass is greener. I am close enough to my married girlfriends to see the shit they deal with in their relationships behind closed doors and waiting to see how complicated a new baby is going to make it for them.
I am in no rush or desperation. Single women are happier and live longer, the odds of a happy marriage and family are not in our favors.
Men are the ones who profit most because women take care of them and then birth offspring who will help them into elder age too at our physical and mental toll expense.
Remember this.

No. 2038135

AYRT and no, no, I'm not getting FOMO. I don't want their life. I know I would be absolutely miserable living it. What I'm worried about is being left with no social connections at all since women are still strongly expected to sacrifice their entire being and identity for their family, which means leaving their friends behind. So basically, either get married and have kids or be alone. I wish more women were confident enough to not start families because I often feel like a lot of them do that just to avoid the existential horror of being a single, childless 40-year old with seemingly no purpose in life.

No. 2038136

We're out there anon, find us!

No. 2038140

I finally unfriended this annoying bitch and a part of me hope it annoys her so much she messages me and I can go off on her.

No. 2038153

if it's any consolation, the mutual who shacked up with her will probably realise this girl is a desperate bitch soon enough and want to return to you. so you might have some excellent drama soon coming your way! otherwise, as others have said, they ain't your friends if they're this distracted by a thirsty random.

No. 2038158

yes, i have similar experiences!! but it's weird, i've never been fat and i'm in a country where the average weight is considered overweight, so you'd think i would get more attention at a lower weight. but weirdly I don't?

I got the most attention from men when I was 18/19, recovering from an ED. I look back at photos and gag, I looked so unkempt (shitty hair, awful clothing, basically still hated my existence) and bony, totally devoid of a shape. Guys would actually come up to me and say I was hot, and a few mutuals wanted to date me. It was so bizarre because even at the time I knew I didn't look good! It was as if the low weight cancelled everything out??

Later, when I got into a shit relationship and gained some weight, I was about 123lbs. Here I started to get fat-shamed, yet when I look at photos I was nowhere near chubby?? I got ignored a lot, and at my highest weight (132lbs) a lot of my mutuals openly joked about my weight. People who had lusted over me started saying I was "too thicc" to do certain sex positions and that I must be really unfit. I was pear-shaped, and still had a flat stomach. It makes me so angry to think that I received so much hate, but I think that was because a) so many anachans in my old friend group and b) people thought I'd 'fallen' so I was apparently fair game to bully.

I went back to 120lbs or so for my final year, started dressing better and looking after myself. I looked kinda hot, and I got a lot of attention from men, especially richer guys. Probably because I was putting myself out there more and knew how to 'market' myself, idk. The only time I ever got looks in public was when I wore this tiny dress and super-high heels lmao.

Nowadays I get basically no attention and am ignored by most people. I'm skinny and the fittest I've ever been, but I don't always dress well, and I cba with makeup or hair most of the time. If I go to a bar I usually get approached by a decent-looking guy, but most people think I look boring and 'innocent' (gag). I think guys in my area prefer a specific look, as I've noticed only women who have everything on show get hit on in public. I hate that sort of attention so just hide away… and I have brown hair and glasses so I'm the antithesis of 'hot young woman' to them lol

No. 2038164

Honestly I think a lot of men just seek physical attributes that could be calling cards to say we're dtf or easy game. That's all you see on men spaces online them trying to be big brained about how dating is a numbers game and what type of women to target.

No. 2038166

I found a farmer’s xitter account accidentally and she was just about as insufferable as you’d expect a farmer who spends 24/7 here. Nothing but
>moids moids moids
>troons troons troons
>muzlims joos muzlims joos
>coomers coomers coomers
Babe take a walk and talk about the weather or something. Also using ib language outside of here is extremely cringe.

No. 2038193

I fucking hate seeing those youtube videos made by some worthless moid where it's like 'darkest most illegal video games ever' and half of them are rape games. You know you just exposed it to more depraved moids who are definitely going to go look for those games now?

No. 2038197

File: 1717680011132.jpeg (43.13 KB, 532x665, 4AAF48F9-F32D-4945-AAC8-BA7915…)

why is lc full of so many retards these days? when i say retard i don’t mean “anon posted something i dislike so she’s retarded” i mean a genuine lack of reading comprehension and/or ability to entertain hypothetical scenarios and/or understanding that their one-two personal anecdotes don’t disprove a general pattern. i really hope people are being stupid on purpose just to fuck with me and aren’t genuinely incapable of thought because it’s been very grim lately

No. 2038203


No. 2038206

Stop being a coward and just say which infight you're referring to.

No. 2038213

File: 1717681085421.png (249.96 KB, 615x680, 21927497-AEAB-4187-ACEE-D013B6…)

it’s not a specific infight it’s more like whenever i disagree with an anon (or when anyone disagrees with anyone else here, it hasn’t been just me) the person takes what i said in absolute worst faith, interprets it in the dumbest way possible, and gets pissed off. i’m pretty sure i’m being clear too

probably. there has also been a serious spike in racebait. not genuine questions about race but really blatant /pol/shit like “arabs stink”

No. 2038214

>Too many actually underaged users
>Too many ESL people who barely speak English enough to understand a basic conversation I'm ESL myself so no amerifat accusations
>Retarded newfags genuinely incapable of reading, comprehending and internalizing a post longer than a sentence because they have short video format brainrot
>Kiwifags, 4chan and Tiktok migrates living their internet edgelord phase unable to have a conversation without turning it into an infight

No. 2038215

What’s her @?

No. 2038221

If it keeps happening, have you considered that you're just not good at communicating your thoughts through text? Maybe it's the words or sentence structure you're using. Because meeting one asshole is just bad luck, but constantly meeting nothing but assholes means you're the asshole.

No. 2038225

@ please

No. 2038229

NTA but you just proved her point, retard

No. 2038235

Did I? Or is she possibly so self absorbed that she's incapable of self reflection?

No. 2038238

Not to excessively scrotefoil but how the usual routine goes (Anon says something, anon misunderstands her post just to powertrip on her) reminds me so much of how men at my work communicate. They barely make an attempt at listening to what you're saying, then immediately assume you're a retarded woman who doesn't know anything and start mansplaining shit by being needlessly condescending, aggressive or both.

No. 2038239

if you just search femcel or even lolcow you’ll find her. or someone like her. also is using “kek” considered cringe because thats almost impossible to prune from my lexicon atp

No. 2038263

I associate kek with the tards over at Twitch nowadays.

No. 2038273

>taking asynchronous online classes
>one of my professors is probably autismo and is very detailed and particular with how he wants assignments done
>one was your generic syllabus quiz and the other was practicing email etiquette for a grade
>he wanted us to follow a peculiar format for the email
>the format included mentioning what time your class meets
>even though our class is fully online i still included that part although mentioned how its not applicable to me due to us being fully online since he didn't specify not to include it
>end up being one of the few people who got 100 on it
>classmates who didnt are very annoyed, i ask why they got points taken off
>they assumed for sections like the meeting times one mentioned above that they didn't have to include it since "we dont meet??"

i am not going to lie this is very stupid but it made me feel a bit smug for a moment like i am very thankful for my potential autism. (not formally diagnosed but people assume i am lol). thank you potential autism for making me think literally and logically. i feel like i end up loving the difficult professors the most and it turns out those professors are just most likely on the spectrum and normies typically cannot be flexible and adapt to them. another thing to be thankful for! the masking and the flexibility it allows me to get along with various different people. yay!

No. 2038283

NTA but I don't think this logic works on such an infight-heavy site where aggressive anons can be in any thread

No. 2038308

File: 1717685883073.jpg (61.55 KB, 640x480, skinner.jpg)

No. 2038310

I'm glad it worked out on your end but my autism makes me seethe endlessly when I take things for assignments too literally and get points docked because of it, which is usually the case

No. 2038348

There’s been an influx of newfags for sure.

No. 2038367

I love this image. Feels weird not seeing nonnies in red text lol.

No. 2038390

I’m so weak willed some guy can ask a couple times if I’m ok and I’m ready to start a family with him why can’t I just ignore males

No. 2038409

I ask you to come on time once and that's too much to ask? Why does this mf think it's just cool to be 45 mins late and he can waltz in here like nothing happened while we're all sitting there with cold dinner because we were waiting for him. Fuck you.

No. 2038412

>thank you potential autism for making me think literally and logically
No offense but your classmates were the ones to think logically lol

No. 2038423

Is it sexual harassment when my co-worker keeps badgering me about why I never wear any make up? mods pls no wrong thread, half-rhetorical question

No. 2038470

I see some women here get upset at the word kek, but they're also the same women who nitpick over language constantly so I ignore them. I will be using kek and dabbing until my grave. Remember, a cringe nonita will always think she's based, but a based nona is true to her cringe self.

No. 2038473

i am sorry nonnie what is your major? i wonder if it works out for me because computer science subjects are very literal with their logic
will have to disagree nonna due to the fact that the professor stated in the instructions to include all sections to receive full credit and did not specify that we could exclude any section

No. 2038480

how do i stop feeling guilt over having to possibly carpool. there’s no need to pay anything as the company reimburses us gas for work events. but i can’t drive. i’d love to catch an uber/lyft but apparently they are unreliable for long trips. and this is the souf so trains and busses are a no-go. tried calling cab services and they’re all rude aggro white guys…fuck i hate living here

No. 2038497

No offense but how could this be sexual assault? It’s makeup…don’t jump to extremes just describe it as heavy discomfort.

No. 2038500

Im retarded. Yes he’s harassing you but I don’t think it’s sexual in nature. My two retarded cents.

No. 2038511

NTA, but I doubt the co-worker constantly asks the male co-workers why they aren't wearing makeup, making this a line of questioning that targets nona only because she's a woman.

No. 2038526

> doubt the co-worker constantly asks the male co-workers
O-obviously? I just don’t see how it’s sexual harassment if someone is pestering you about dumb shit like this. They should be reported but idk I don’t want that term to be diluted.

No. 2038544

working 2 jobs is so exhausting i just wanna rest

No. 2038553

Sounds like regular harassment. Tell HR or somebody about this. Badger him about washing his ass because it stinks.

No. 2038559

Oh boy, I hope I don’t get mistreated at 140 lbs. Being perceived as non threatening because of fatness is something I could never articulate.. I don’t want to appear as a threat to other women because I don’t feel like I have anything to offer kek kek.

No. 2038636

I don’t have one for weight, but I have one for hair. I found your post really interesting and insightful so I wanted to share something I had experience with.
From best received by others to worst:

>Long, light pink hair

Treated the best by women, lots of positive attention from children. Everyone assumes that you must be outgoing so they will approach you with as if you’re a very confident, extroverted person which seems to make them treat you better. As a result of this, it can be intimidating to a lot of men so they will opt to leave you alone. Occasional handful of perverts or “alt” guys hitting on me, but mostly positive. Women are so complimentary, say they wish they had the confidence to have pink hair, nothing but kind. Made me feel the best by far.
>Long brown hair with blonde highlights
Most popular with men. This is the default “hot but not intimidating” color to men. Men always treated me the best with this color. As respectful as men can manage to be, and I only had positive assumptions made about me. Women are mostly neutral and I didn’t notice any strong feelings from them one way or another.
>Long blue
The favorite of children. I think blue hair is peak fantasy for kids for some reason, so kids go absolutely crazy for blue hair. They always wanted to touch it. Old ladies love this color too, I got sooo many compliments from sweet grandmas and it made older women talk to me so often. I loved that part of it. Semi frequent rude sexual comments from men that weren’t men to be flirtatious, just nasty.
>Any length of red
Women and men both split 50/50. Some women were really nice and assumed I was laid back and they’d get along well with me, some women had the perception I was a pick me type. Some men assumed it was a red flag, some men that like red heads would treat me more positively as a result. Most divisive by far.
>Long blonde
Very overly sexualized by men. Both men and women assumed negative things about me with long blonde hair. Men would assume things like slutty and dumb, women would assume things like narcissistic and stuck up. Overall I liked having blonde hair but people treated me very poorly, and men were the most sexually aggressive when I had blonde hair.
>Short black
Men hated this, and would frequently tell me. Women were stand offish, and would opt to not interact with me much at all. Out of everything this is the color that made people avoid me the most. I never had long black hair because this happened after a chemical cut, so no insight on long black hair.
>Anything else “unusual”
Split dyes, green, orange, yellow, rainbow. Unless you’re interacting with other weirdos, people will treat you so poorly. In little day to day things people will see you as lesser and treat you as such. Not holding the door for you, having little patience, dismissing your opinions, etc.

No. 2038663

File: 1717699901809.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.28 KB, 593x1312, A1.jpg)

Really tired of "horror" fans, especially scrotes, pretending this stuff is equal when as replies pointied out is not.
Its from a horror film
Spoilered because these just popped up on my twitter from mutuals and is gory even in thumbnail form
>The first images are of naked women chopped up/sexually degraded by the killer

>The guy got complaints so posted the second one of men killed in the film

>Not only are they not sexualised which was what people are complaining about others also pointed out he posted the first with only female victims and is doing this to try and save face

Really not surprised 4B is becoming a thing

No. 2038673

fucking vile men can even make these movies

No. 2038676

File: 1717700172104.jpg (31.59 KB, 750x605, SuicideMeme-18ihmkc.jpg)

I wish I was dead. I wish killing myself didn't hurt anyone, I wish I wasn't too much a coward to go thru with it. I'm just so tired, burnout, and exhausted. No motivation. Soul crushing job with no hope to escape. Too tired everyday to try and change careers. Too misanthropic to see the good in the world. I want to die. I want the pain to stop.

No. 2038679

Literally why I dispise horror films. Women suffering is the selling point for most of them.

No. 2038689

Hey anon, dont you have anyone to talk to about this? BC you say you dont want to hurt anyone so is there no one in your life you can talk to about this?

No. 2038711

Something happened today and I froze up and my mind couldn't figure out what to do. Now I have this guilt and spaced out feeling. I know I couldn't have even physically done anything because the pathway was blocked and I didn't see the full extent of what was happening to have helped the situation. But somehow one of my bosses brings up my open run headphones five mins after it happens as if he's shifting blame on me when they weren't even turned on, I had nothing to do with what happened, I wasn't even close enough to respond and I'm not a fucking emergency responder to other people's stupidity! I told them countless times to not block this area, it's their dumbass fault and I hope they get sued.

No. 2038757

I'm spiralling not because I got mercilessly dragged for my chin on here (it's the internet.) but because I've been delusional and lied to my entire life? It's clear I got serious issues with my jaw/chin but I never fully noticed just how bad it was until now. My teeth are misaligned (overbite and cross bite, mouth breather as deferred issue from my chronic nasal issues). Not one dentist ever mentioned corrective surgery to me. Last year when I went for a teeth clean, the dentist said I had a crossbite but that's it. No family members ever said anything. My best friend of 15 years has never commented on it.

Can I get any advice from nonnas on how to fix this mess? I don't know if I need dental surgery to realign my jaw or get a plastic surgery procedure like augmentation, implant, or filler. Apart from this I think my appearance is decent. I just need to approve my side profile.

No. 2038761

Some wagie got mad at me today because some soap spilled on the floor from a container I didn't realize was loose when I put it in my cart. I asked him for paper towels and explained the situation calmly and he just stared at me stupidly, I had to find a roll behind a cashier station to wipe off my hands and some items I could still buy. I put the ones I couldn't to the side and the scrote wagie went "Um, we don't leave things there" and did a "gimme" gesture with his hands at me and I said my bad dude I put it to the side cleaning up. He paged another wagie to clean the spill who came in less than 60 seconds with a mop. Then the scrote wagie went "ughhh THAT wasn't handled well" and glared at me. What a weird fuckin wagecuck. I just rolled my eyes at him paid and left. It's not my fault your ghetto store sells fucked up shit that makes messes faggot.

No. 2038777

I used to love horror as a little kid but I’ve obviously grown out of it now that I realize how grotesque and maladjusted it is. If you’re a fully grown adult producing and enjoying such content, there is certainly something drastically wrong with you and you should not be allowed to live on your own.

No. 2038778

File: 1717704878229.jpg (55.8 KB, 736x736, 0f94bad02554d6fad0b58c4f699fa4…)

I talked with my friend about Disney princesses and she mentioned how she's glad more girls get to see themselves in princesses now because movies are getting more diverse.
It triggered a memory from my earliest childhood that made me really sad and made me realize I never could identify with any princess-type character (except Fiona kek) even when I was as young as four. I always thought it was "not for me". I never knew why, just that it wasn't for girls like me. Princesses were pretty, girly and special and I wasn't. I remember when I watched Cinderella I wanted to be the girl mouse that helps her make the dress because I couldn't be Cinderella. Nobody told me so, I just realized that I thought I wasn't pretty or good enough since I was a toddler. The only female Disney character I related to was Alice in Wonderland, that's it.
I still don't know why I thought that and still do. I still look at beautiful women at my work and on the street and feel like a completely different genre of woman. Like they're pretty princesses and I'm a goofy homely goblina.

No. 2038796

>As respectful as men can manage to be
Handmaiden alert

No. 2038797

I keep getting redtexted or banned for baiting even though they're genuine posts or questions. What does that say about me???

No. 2038798

maybe try outlast? thats horror where the males are raped and brutalized

No. 2038799

99% of princesses are propaganda to turn young girls into submissive whimpering women-children anyway

No. 2038803

>except fiona
>except the princess that was dealt an unfair hand at life and locked away because of duplicitous superstition and spent the duration of the movie reclaiming her self-pride and learning to make decisions for herself independent of the people she thinks should rule over her and acts from her own volition to secure her happiness for all time in a way that respects herself and those around her
yeah what a bad role model.

No. 2038804

Never said she was, and that's not what my vent was about.

No. 2038805

reading comprehension. work on it, then come back to this site

No. 2038806

I always put myself in the shoes of the males and saw myself more like milo or hercules or even quasimodo kek, their respective love interests were my crushes when I was a kid. Thinking about it I think I've never seen myself like any princess either, maybe at max that female gargoyle from the hunchback of notredame kekk feels bad.

No. 2038816

i didn't mean to offend you, i was just trying to make light of it because i related to your situation when i was younger, but when i became older i learned that it's okay (and actually good) to be a fiona ykwim. sorry that it came off wrong i posted it without thinking, but i just wanted to say like i get where you're coming from and i wish there were more strong female characters in movies when i was growing up because i think it's a good role model

No. 2038826

I am still fucking hot and no wonder those bitches are so salty. Better put all that effort to lose weight or get botox but nooo, all they do is hate and gossip calling me a whore and whatnot when I barely even touched a single moid in my life. Stay mad you hags.
Sick of all this "women should be together and nice to eachother!" , NO , I am done trying to be nice to bitches like these, they're vile and me being a kind person won't change anything.

No. 2038830

File: 1717706925082.png (158.62 KB, 374x292, Screenshot 2024-06-06 22.13.40…)

Did any of you have a traumatic childhood but turned out to be normal people? I'm afraid that the things I experienced will catch up with me. I was exposed to violent pornography at age 10 and was addicted to it for the next 5 years, and when I think about it now, it scares me sensibly. 

No. 2038832

Posting nudes is a shameful practice by itself but people posing for nudes with their pets is the vilest shit. I’m vomit.

No. 2038836

I had a pretty horrible childhood but I think I have a normal adulthood. As I continue to mature and grow, I'm still learning and realizing the different things that I was exposed to as a child that were wrong. It's a learning curve, but it's my life. I spent so long depressed and saddened and stuck where I was but one day it's like the clouds parted and I realized. I can't explain it well but it was like suddenly I just knew that life was more than what was. It came to me like a thief in the night. The love for life was so tiny in me at first, like a mustard seed, but now it's bursting out of me and I can hardly contain it. There's something so freeing about life. Maybe I was lucky, but it's like no matter what happens to us, we always have the chance to change everything all at once. A difficult childhood is such a burden until it isn't, and when it finally isn't there's such a freedom that I can't even describe. It's a process for everyone, but once you're in it you'll know what I mean. I suppose what I mean to say is that it's pointless to give up hope, because hope is just the premonition of what's to come. What's to come is glory. So you needn't be afraid.

No. 2038843

Even on days I manage to not fuck up anything I get incredibly restless and feel anxious to the point of short of throwing up because I end up telling myself it just means I forgot something stupid I did, and then I either start fixating on things that are objectively not a big deal at all (said 'thanks' instead of 'thank you' when getting handed back change, didn't put the folder on my desk away etc) or start reconstructing the entire day and try remember just what dumb thing it is that I did that I apparently forgot. Don't know which one's more exhausting; I miss the days where I could tell myself if I don't remember it I can't feel bad, so stop thinking about it to forget it faster. I can't remember the last time I didn't feel my heart pounding in my chest 24/7, I hate this so much.

No. 2038844

i wonder why my stutter always comes out around my coworker. i also wonder why having a stutter automatically makes people think you’re dumb…trying not to be sad about it, but i am. also guilty that i couldn’t clearly communicate why what she’s doing goes against protocol + how it will get her in trouble eventually

No. 2038865

I was confessed to so much as a fun prank on the dumb bitch that now when a man comes up to me I think he's making fun of me.

No. 2038867

You'll be okay nonna, your past doesn't define you. Live your best life today

No. 2038907

im trying to find a hotline or shelter for women to volunteer for, but everything i come across in my area also caters to men and gendie bullshit. i dont want to have to cater to a TIM. i dont want to comfort men. i just want to help women. i want spaces and resources for women and women only. i suppose the best i can do right now is donate clothes or menstrual products or money, but i really want to do hands on work with women survivors. i just want to give women the comfort i wish i had when i was assaulted.

No. 2038933

Recently, photos I take of myself literally seconds apart look like entirely different people. One looks malformed and the next will look like a model’s portfolio. Am I ugly or not UGHHH

No. 2038942

Reminding myself that I don't deserve to be loved to keep myself grounded.

No. 2038943

I love u tho nona

No. 2038950

i relate. after observations of others like this too i’ve found this to mean most of your face is very attractive but there’s one extremely damning flaw (usually some sort of facial development issue like bite or jaw positions) that sticks out in certain angles or conditions (like how much fluid is in your face or lighting etc). it seems to be more common for very good looking people to look like this (incredible from one angle, weird from another) so I wonder if nicer faces tend to require a higher standard of orofacial development or something.

No. 2038961

This is so upsetting. I wish I couldn’t care, that I could just turn it all off. But it’s exhausting being hated so much. It hurts to know half of the population would find genuine glee in your suffering. Men getting off to seeing women in this way is nothing new or surprising, but when I have reminders like this it still makes me feel sick to my stomach. Their lack of empathy for women and children, it’s inhumane. So many of them are sadistic animals and you literally never know which ones until it’s too late

No. 2038970

is it body dysmorphia?

No. 2038981

No, the side by sides are drastically different

No. 2038982

I think maybe you're just taking photos at different angles and you like the way you look at certain angles and dislike the way you look at other angles. Everyone is like this. There exists flattering poses and unflattering poses.

No. 2038983

i came here to complain about this. i look different from reflection to reflection, mirror at my house? pretty. mirror at work in the downstairs bathroom? beached whale. mirror at work in the upstairs bathroom? average. reflection in passing on the street in a window? fucking awful, my phone camera? cute. i'm just annoyed. i want to get out a measuring tape and measure each portion of my face or hire an artist to faithfully depict me or something because this is stressing me out

No. 2039017

The fact some schizophrenics are actually so delusional that they reply to my posts with memes that involve Minions from the Despicable Me franchise is actually weird and kind of crazy and fucked up in a weird crazy way. I can say something like 'the sky is blue' and these freaks of nature would come and say "no it's just like Despicable Me!" I don't KNOW about that movie I never watched it and I don't want to watch it so why are you replying to my posts with memes that involve Despicable Me?? I know they're just trying to get under my skin and annoy me because they don't understand the truth like how the temple leaders mocked Jesus because He spoke the truth but it still makes me upset because to be honest I'm not like Jesus I'm vengeful and I hate these Pharisees that pollute my Lolcor. It's infuriating. It's 2024 why are you posting Minions memes if not to piss me off??? And then to act like it's normal and not weird and freaky is another thing entirely it just reminds me that some "anons" aren't really as anonymous as they think because I can see right through their screen and I know they're just here to fuck with me to make me seem crazy to hurt my heart when I'm not crazy and I know they can't hurt me but they don't know that because their mind consists of ethereal fog. In the end I feel bad for these mindless zombies that want to take me down because they're so brainless they don't even realize that their attacks on me can't ever hurt me just because I never watched the Despicable Me movie franchise doesn't make me immune to criticism or critique but I'm not Engels I'm not Luxembourg why do you have to pretend that I am when I'm not and I've never fucking claimed to be???? Freaks.

No. 2039019

I'm sorry but reading this after seeing the minion meme on main page from the amerifag thread and wondering what that is about is really funny nonnie kekk

No. 2039027

i am so pissed at my cat. I got a brand new chair and he's completly butchering it with his nails. Fuck let me have one nice thing, asshole.

No. 2039037

File: 1717716871269.png (280.44 KB, 720x939, 1716602318436.png)

Ok but I would unironically watch this show if the characters were female. I'm low-key so angry that there aren't too many cozy adult swim type shows centered around a group of girls.

No. 2039039

Moids would hate it because "girls aren't funny" and it'd be too woke for them.

No. 2039040

file his nails nonny

No. 2039041

someone remembered to take her adderall this afternoon

No. 2039045

Probably need more cat scratchers and to spray thr couch with a strong scent

No. 2039047

Based modafinil enjoyer. More anons need to be on (ar)modafinil.

No. 2039051

These AI authored rage posts are making me really sad… I miss when there were real schizos who posted their big ass diary entries instead of attention seeking retards who just wanna get posted in the caps thread as many times as possible.

No. 2039052

i would kill for an anime that felt like a grown up asobi asobase. an anime broad city, if you will

No. 2039053

There is only one person and they are suicidal too so I don't want to trigger them.
Nonnie I 100% relate so much. I can never view men the same way anymore. I wish I could be innocent again. They terrify me so much. I wish so badly they weren't like this.

No. 2039057

File: 1717718242443.jpg (54.32 KB, 564x752, bacbe7af7f838ad1bc42ef004b85ee…)


No. 2039059

File: 1717718269881.gif (3.89 MB, 300x252, 7eb5ce09b0162a223666c43edcc92a…)

I have to work with some moids who constantly criticize my ideas or chime in just to say negative unrelated stuff that have nothing to do with what I'm pitching. Most of them are whiny cunts tbh, and today I finally flipped a shit on one of them. I got defended and it feels good but now I'm instinctively feeling guilty for speaking out of turn and arguing.

I've been extra angry to everyone today and have been speaking my mind for what I think is right but I am so constantly wrapped up in looking mean or heartless or being a bitch and I fucking hate it. I'm 31 years old and I feel like I'll never be able to let go of female socialization and just let myself be a bitch when I'm entitled to. I feel like in the end I'll still look like the bad guy, simply because I'm a woman, even though they're the whiners and naysayers, and I'm the one trying to actually get shit done. That sounds so full of myself but it's the damn truth

No. 2039078

File: 1717719572380.gif (1.64 MB, 480x356, Areyouserious.gif)

>leave 3DS at a store for them to repair the dead pixels on the top screen
>go to the store to pick it up today
>dead pixels are gone, but there is clearly a scratch underneath the screen along with tiny marks on the corners of the screen as well
>go back to the store and guy explains it happened when he opened it with a knife
>reluctantly agrees to fix it with the warranty they give out
Are you kidding me? When someone brings something in to be fixed, you don't return it with another defect. You know what? They didn't even bother to clean the smudged up screen, the random dried up crud they left on the top of cover, or the marks on the hinges. I feel insane because this feels like such subpar service. I sincerely hope they can fix it this time around because this is laughable.

No. 2039081

File: 1717719950354.jpeg (48.15 KB, 519x500, 4DE7BFE7-B4F6-4D12-AC6F-3C28EE…)

This is probably the loneliest I’ve felt in my life and I have no reason to. My friends are good to me, the jobs I work are bearable and pay the bills and I get along fine with my family. I just want a hug. All I’ve been craving is proper connection with someone that I can have physical contact with. Not even sex if anything the thought of it has repulsed me for the past month. Just a hug, but not a little 3 second friendly hug. I want to be properly held for hours on end with no sign of it ending any time soon. I feel like that would solve half my issues rn.

No. 2039095

I miss the 90s/00s. That era was so iconic in every sense, maybe I also miss how happy everyone seemed to me back then (until the 08 crisis). I miss the old internet so bad as well, and magazines. Im sick of seeing pride shit everywhere, I hate the current minimalist/late capitalism vibe, the mental illness era etc. Even every show I put on is guaranteed got some troon agenda in it or something else. This current era is cringe and not getting any better.

No. 2039099

I just remembered when I was a child (can't remember my exact age. Maybe around 10? A little younger or older?) my mother made me go to court with her because she assaulted someone. I half-jokingly told her something like "why do I have to go? I wasn't involved" and she said I was. I think it's just fucked up that she's always tried to make me responsible for her actions. When I was 16 she was arrested (for assault, again) and when she got home one of the first things she said to me was asking me why I didn't come to get her out. I couldn't even drive.

No. 2039106

The older you get the less willing you are to be open about how disappointed you are with your life because it is ultimately a result of your choices.

No. 2039111

Tbh the show isn't really that funny either though. There's a couple of silly moments but I haven't really laughed that hard watching it. Which is weird because I do like some moments of oneyplays.

No. 2039115

File: 1717722419041.jpg (69.75 KB, 1200x675, eyeswithout1.jpg)

Probably more fit for the confession thread but I would give anything to be able to make a horror movie with only cute moids getting killed by a female killer. With stunning visuals and focused on the male suffering.

No. 2039122

Why is your mother constantly assaulting people? Who is she assaulting?

No. 2039128

She's just very mentally ill and paranoid.

No. 2039146

Ruin the perception he has of you and be gross around him. Pick your noise, belch, fart, whatever. You should tell HR when you can though. I wish you all the best in escaping from this freak.

No. 2039155

File: 1717724596941.png (158.96 KB, 461x471, __micro_uzi_girls_frontline_dr…)

I have randomly forgotten my phone password and I'm stuck waiting for it to intuitively come back to me as I never write down the passwords for my phone or computer. I just prefer muscle memory for these things and I thought it was safer that I didn't have my password for it laying around, until now. My brain is not firing up for some reason. Now I'm waiting 15 minutes for it to unlock to try again. Pray that it comes back to me nonnies.

No. 2039158

get her a stress ball goodness

No. 2039159

Super funny.

No. 2039162

Watching mediocre people who have no real personality and only mimic the same stupid avant garde twitter shit try to become popular streamers is sooo funny

No. 2039164

May anon remember her phone password, amen.

No. 2039166

samefag someone analyze me I feel crazy, just random examples but posts about how it's weird to not enjoy a man's smell, weird to not enjoy male pubes, weird to not like giant male asses, talking about wanting to suck male nipples and huge pecs and thighs are so alien to me. I don't want a man with any body hair, scent, body fluids, noticeable ass or anything like that. Ideally they should look sexless. I don't think I actually even want to touch them to begin with, but I don't mind looking at them sometimes, (only the face though I dislike seeing the bodies, it's okay if they're covered up maybe). Is there something wrong with me? Am I even attracted to men?

No. 2039171

It really shocks me how many people are just autistically mirroring each other and don’t have their own real thoughts, because literally all of their knowledge is given to them secondhand and none of them do their own research or have their own thoughts. They just read a tweet or see a post and if everyone is agreeing with it, then that’s what they cling to because it’s what’s “right”

No. 2039179

It's really easy to pick up on too, it's like they work so hard on creating this persona that they can't see things about themselves that other people can discern in .001 seconds. Streaming in general is kind of embarassing for these adults who are like, 27-40 but at least it's justifiable when they're making a ton of money albeit still a bit pathetic. But seeing "smaller" streamers basically try to do a chimeric hybrid of screenshots they saved from Twitter and other streamers quirks is hilarious. Like you're too fucking old.

No. 2039185

This reminds me of when I got into learning more about socialism/communism in my early 20s and realized that nobody around me that was a leftist actually read Marx or Lenin.

No. 2039187

File: 1717726990439.png (85.34 KB, 258x250, F3B8577C-C609-4B2C-99AE-B1A763…)

It makes me rage slightly when I see that one BlueChew commercial with the women who laud about their new and improved “mayn” while exhibiting their breasts like shiny chew toys.
But then I kek when the next commercial is a testosterone boosting pill. Porn was a mistake.

No. 2039188

I feel I wasted my life and the more that the years pass, the more I feel miserable
I'm 28, I suffered a very heavy trauma at 15 that made me dissociate so bad I remember every detail of my 13 to 15 years and then there's a hole till this year. Legit I remember shit because pictures are there.
>Omg you're 28 nona you're young
That's not the point.
I lost my "carefree" years. I lost the years were you are kinda allowed to do pseudoadult things while having only school as a responsibility. I lost my early adulthood years in a psych ward, I lost my first dating years to psycho men who legit used me (one was a bippie who kept me in a chokehold and also used me for money because he claimed his depression didn't let him work, I hope he ends up on the news) and I feel that I lost almost everything. I lost my formative years.
Sometimes I think that I was happier when I was depressed because at least I wasn't aware of all of this. I also know that the pandemic warped our time perception but this is too much….
I wish I could go back and do everything better and actually do something, my meds made me black out for years…I feel robbed. I now act like a teenager in my 28s, I like indulging in my teen hobbies, watching anime, playing games, I listen to my younger millennial music and I don't even drive, mostly because my meds are driving-safe for me and others and I feel so fucking late…
People my age are buying houses or getting stable jobs and I'm here like nothing…I don't know how to be a person…
All the jobs I've had in my life were lonely jobs or remote working because I don't like "adults" and even talking about work outside work hours makes me sick but ofc that's what people my age do…
Please how do I not end it all..

No. 2039192

it just came on a second ago. Now I remember why I stopped watching cable TV during the pandemic.

No. 2039194

>The only female Disney character I related to was Alice in Wonderland
same, extremely based

No. 2039198

so anxious for what's coming up. it's only 3 days. but that's 3 days of having to plaster on a smile and pretend i'm not an autist with a stutter. terrible. i'm also learning how important it is to endear yourself to people which bites

No. 2039222

i was in a fenderbender today on my commute to work. worst part is that it was completely my fault. ive been feeling like such an idiot lately both in my personal life and in my career, but this event has just cemented the fact that im fucking stupid. i wish i could just get things right.

No. 2039224

I have to wait an hour now fml

No. 2039237

File: 1717730786919.jpeg (38 KB, 428x368, IMG_1134.jpeg)

>felt fine the rest of the day
>goes into bathroom a few minutes ago
>feels mouth getting tingly
>starts having slight trouble gaining breath
>feels throat slightly closing and it goes in waves the tightness stops and then starts
I honestly don’t know if I’m allergic to something or having my first baby asthma attack kek, just greatttt and I don’t even have an inhaler. Might die tonight ig, see you on the flip side

No. 2039251

File: 1717731916818.jpg (102.35 KB, 614x489, tumblr_bd70f9387bda386e5704237…)

stayed up all night. 4:44am. going insane.

No. 2039261

File: 1717732809310.jpg (65.09 KB, 623x491, FQ2rieAVcAAfVjL.jpg)

I hate pride month so, so much. I dread it every year. Nothing makes me feel ashamed to be a lesbian but the spicy straight brigade gets me pretty close. My coworkers the other day–two straight girls–were laughing about how the keychain one of the girls was wearing was so lesbian coded and she literally said "lesbianism is crazy…" like it's so fucking quirky or something. Fuck off, you DATE EXCLUSIVELY MEN. one of them told me she thinks making out with women at clubs is hot but she'd never date one. But she calls herself queer. They all know I'm a lesbian, or at least gay in some way, because I've talked about my ex. It just made me feel so gross but maybe I'm overreacting. Sexuality isn't something you can consoom. When will it fucking end.

No. 2039263

this is retarded but i need to get it out. i am from the u.s. south and u all know we are known for our bbq. there is this bbq restaurant that recently expanded in my city so i went to try it for the first time. everybody raves about it, i keep seeing people post huge platters that cost hundreds that they buy there. and holy shit, i had the worst brisket of my entire life there. it was dry, bland, grey, literally like an over cooked steak, but that is NOT how brisket is supposed to be. i had to cut it into pieces with my knife and you should be able to just pull it apart with a fork, the meat should be super tender. a good bbq place should have good brisket, that's the one thing they should get right. if they can't get brisket right they're not a bbq place. but so many people rave about this restaurant and eat this slop, like all the sides were horrible, everything overpriced and bland but covered in pepper. i just can't believe it. native southerners thinking that this is actual bbq and spending so much money on it. i feel like the only sane person in a world of crazies here. tasteless retards. they make me feel like a gourmand in comparison

No. 2039264

I'm going actually insane Makaze Suzuho is so goddamn greedy.
>won't make an official instagram, it's paid fan club contents
>4 tiers to the fan club that only increase in price
>2 highest tiers are "please inquire for the price"
>cheapest tier doesn't even get you a goddamn fan club card???

those bullying rumors seem truer by the day what is her problem omg

No. 2039272

>self-update for myself
nvm I’m still alive and ate cookies lol

No. 2039274

damn bad brisket makes me so sad, when I get it I have to drown it in sauce. tbh I don't trust bbq chains anymore because if you live in the south there's a decent chance you have a small local place that's 10x better. I had a similar experience- the most hyped bbq shop that has lines out the door every day, was overpriced and mid. crazy how the worst food always seems to be the most popular

No. 2039281

the vomit returned. i am not well. i hate that my anxiety rules over me like this

No. 2039287

so sorry you're going through beef withdrawals but i am so enamored by you US southerners. what other kinds of things are a staple for you that aren't brisket? are grits actually good or is it a meme?

No. 2039310

A fwb I am slow ghosting just showed up at my house at 1am knocking wakingme from a dead sleep and I never agreed to meet him tonight, at all. I ignored him earlier. I just turned off all the lights in my living room and walked into my bedroom and waited til he got bored and left. I'm freaked out a little though.

No. 2039313

Nah a man that horny needs to be blocked

No. 2039324

No. 2039326

grits are amazing. like a savory oatmeal but since the grains are coarser it has a nice texture to it. also boudin-stuffed kolaches are common here and cajun/polish fusion food is maybe the most US south thing I can imagine. it's also delicious

No. 2039329

i don't think he thinks you two are friends with benefits, which is bad news for you. i would just block.

No. 2039331

Ok, had a first fight. I'm in Italy, but for a limited time.
Walked with my Italian bf and kinda told him most Italians I know are the most nationalist people I've met and it's a bit too much. He got all up into saying how Italy was building cultures while we (Central Europe) were still rolling in mud, moved on to saying how they had all the inventors, huge cultural impact and so on. I told him my country has a rich history and but he had to top that and started bragging about more stuff, kinda putting other cultures down. Eventually I got a bit angry and told him 'well sorry for being from a shitty country, that's what you Italians think'. He hugged me, I thought he was sad about making me angry. I told him not to be sad but he was like 'nope I'm not sad' so I was confused and we walked in silence.
Then we saw a bird, a wild parrot, that got hit/got injured foot and was in the middle of road. I took it and put it on the side in the grass at least, thought about calling animal service (that's what we do in my country, it's very easy and they even help pigeons). I love animals very much and at home I've rehabilitated a few birds. But here I didn't have many options. He was kinda borrd standing around. I asked him maybe you should go if you're bored when he started checking messages and only then he started helping me look stuff up. We couldn't really do anything though.
Then when we sat he started telling me how sexist his colleagues were and why does he think women should work. We had this conversation before so I kinda did tell him I know, I know why women should work. It's the most basic feminism. After than we did have a but of a nice walk.
Then at home we were kinda starting to touch each other and I moved his hand five or six time to my chest, to my nipples, but he put it away all times. Then he kinda lay on me so I couldn't really move or touch myself and I got frustrated, stopped anything. When we lay down I told him I like being touched there and he moved every time and it made me frustrated.
He said he was sorry. I felt bad and was very reassuring. He said what a bad night it was, I said not all was bad, we had a walk in between that was pleasant, I was just happy to see him. I said I still like him, he was like well I'm glad, but didn't really say it back. When normally he's the one that says he loves me. I was very nice and reassuring at the end of the night, we hugged a lot and so on.
But he was very short and cold in messages when usually he's really loving.
For me, one bad night isn't that significant. Every couple has that. But for him, I think I'm his first proper relationship, it feels like it's worse. I'm not sure if I should give him space because me being nice at the end of the night might have be seen as too desperate. If I should return the more neutral energy and only write after he's normal again.
But honestly I was thinking of working in Italy for like one or two years but after hearing what Italians think of my country my own pride is hurt and I feel more sceptical about it. My country has about same amount of economic wealth, is safer and has better working conditions than Italy. So them being condescending all the time does make me feel irritated.

No. 2039332

Just curious, what country are you from?

No. 2039345

I'm from Czechia, and from the capital Prague. Italian's are 30th on the HDI and we're 32nd, not a very big difference. I will earn more than him when I get back. But Italians just seem to think I'm from some poor Russian village and it's honestly so grating after some time. I'm in Rome - I think Italy is lovely, here I'm complaining bc it's a vent thread but there's equally as much stuff I like. But there's also lot of things that are worse than what I'm used to - it's much less safe to walk at night, there's trash everywhere and now in summer it stinks, groups of paki moids just drinking and catcalling on every step, public transport doesn't work, most people can't find any job, they don't treat wild animals very well. There's a lot of very ugly commie block buildings that we also have on the perifery, but they have no parks or forests around them, just a lot of homeless moids. I like Italy but they seem so delusional about their country, really living in the past. I wouldn't tell it to him straight like this, no way. There's a lot of things very lovely about Italy. But just, please stop being so condescending about my culture. Especially when you're this close to me and should know me better.

No. 2039350

there's a term for this, basically any country that's the the east of another country will be treated this way. what do people in czechia think of eastern europe?

No. 2039351

Well we definitely recognise that for example Estonia is not a Russian village and is a safe clean country and I don't think we would insult other people's countries rich history and culture like this. This is not a thing for us. We just don't like Russia but we recognise what country is Russia and that the surroundings countries, in fact, are not just russian-expy.

No. 2039353

Eastern europe honestly seems nicer than western europe these days anyway. Stay based and dont let them convince you to import certain cultures

No. 2039354

nona I dont think its much of an Italian problem as it is a male problem. Most males I've met are incapable of respecting current cultures/races for what they are and have to one up one another. Somehow their own women are either the worst/best but they themselves are never the problem.
He sounds like a stupid idiot and I would break it off as soon as I could tbh kek
Especially because a guy who cant be bothered to squeeze my boob when I lead him there is never going to amount to anything in my eyes. Ive been there and never again

No. 2039363

I think the Italians have an inflated cultural ego because of their significance in Western European (cultural) history, just like France and the UK.

No. 2039369

File: 1717743855537.png (992.48 KB, 828x1436, Viral video of Italian student…)

>as it is a male problem. Most males I've met are incapable of respecting current cultures/races for what they are and have to one up one another.
It’s not just a male problem. I don’t know why anons on lolcow always have to have each issue a sex issue. Women are just as capable of being xenophobic, jingoistic, and racist as men are.


No. 2039376

Shut up.

No. 2039377

Male wagies are the worst and the rudest. I once karened the fuck out at a teenage wagie working the meat counter at a supermarket because he was rude and short with my mother and I don’t regret it at all.

No. 2039387

idk about the British but French people absolutely shit talk their countries if you ask them the right questions, even if they like it overall. The only ones who don't are actual racists. If there's something they'll brag about no matter what it's our food though.

No. 2039389

>inflated cultural ego
Have you ever been to England or spoken to an English person? And I mean an average bong, not some EDF Tommy Robinson tard.

No. 2039424

can't believe some anons unironically try to push the "asexual" meme whenever other anons say that they're not attracted to men or anyone.

No. 2039453

I feel like tiktok cosplayers have their own phenotype. It’s not even their make up trends, they all just generally have certain facial features and they also happen to be the most obnoxious people in the room.

No. 2039458

You know you’re from the third world when people call being anti child labour “wokeness”

No. 2039463

I started being a “Karen” after the meme took off. I’ll be hated by male wagies no matter what because I’m a woman with short hair, so why not give them a reason to?

No. 2039465

What would be a better descriptor for someone who has never been horny once in her life?

No. 2039466

moids would love it. Men love shows with ''cute girls do cute things'' waifubait

No. 2039475

Was right in the middle of checking up on a lost parcel when I got what turned out to be one of those 'we have your parcel, please reschedule your delivery' scam texts. Perfectly fucking timed when I'd usually never even click on em. What happens if you just click the link? Do they need you to actually enter in your details to screw you over or..

No. 2039476

No worries nonna, I'm just jumpy because every time someone posts an innocuous vent in the vent thread there's some dumbass with 0 reading comprehension who nitpicks their wording and starts purposefully derailing by taking issue with an unimportant detail so I got defensive

No. 2039480

Nta but I've been horny just never over real moids, so I don't know.

No. 2039481

But whenever a man is brutalized and raped, it's for genuine horror elements. Whenever a woman is brutalized and raped, it's because the creative director was jacking his shrimp thinking of the women in his life he wished he could do this too. It's not fair. I want to see men brutalized and raped for female pleasure but it'll never hit the same.

No. 2039483

>But honestly I was thinking of working in Italy for like one or two years but after hearing what Italians think of my country my own pride is hurt and I feel more sceptical about it. My country has about same amount of economic wealth, is safer and has better working conditions than Italy. So them being condescending all the time does make me feel irritated
I had the same issue but on the other side of Europe, in a country that definitely wasn't building cultures until recently kek. But now they're doing very well which makes them think they're better than everyone else in Europe including Italians. Especially Slavic countries are seen as dirty, poor and uncultured.
>But Italians just seem to think I'm from some poor Russian village and it's honestly so grating after some time
It's sadly not just Italy and most Western and North European countries will have this exact attitude because they're quite frankly ignorant and uneducated. I've been called Russian a lot and most people can't point out my country on a map yet they go there on vacation kek. So stupid.
This is true, French people can be weird but if there's one thing they won't hesitate to do it's shit talk France.

No. 2039485

Going to Romania soon and haven't seen a single fake African asylum seekers or ugly hijab/burqa visually polluting the cities. Unironically, I believe Eastern Europe is far safer than any Western European country now. When have you ever heard of Romania being culturally enriched? (Islamic terror attack) NEVER! I don't think it has happened. They were Invaded and brutalised by the Ottoman empire so I guess its no wonder they don't want to let Muslims back into their country. Smart and very based Romania.(racebait)

No. 2039498

The person who used to own my home before me was such a filthy animal

No. 2039514

What did they do?

No. 2039521

Saw that my hair was lying really nicely in the mirror. Unruly ass waves and weird curls cooperating for once… then I went to take a selfie and remembered. God I’m ugly what the fuck. Holy shit. God damn.

No. 2039526

>tfw no longer think about my ex at all, idealize him at all or anything
wtf i never thought this would actually happen

No. 2039531

>Smart and very based Romania.
It's because they all try to get to rich countries aka not Romania

No. 2039534

Idk about Romania but at least most slav countries in the center-ish I personally know are safe, immensely more than western big cities. My country is also mostly atheist so it's apprehensive of any religious immigrants, be it Christian or Muslim. It just feels like zealotry and I wish we can avoid religious nuts screaming about women being made inferior by god and wanting to stone gays for some time, although with the Ukraine war it's inevitable there will be a rise of these sentiments with religious immigrants.
I haven't travelled further east very much. I heard very good things about Slovenia, safe and beautiful nature, and some baltics like Estonia (that's also atheist).

No. 2039543

I broke up with my first and only long term bf five years ago now, but I still feel sad when I see him be happy with his new fiance. I'm happy for them, they're both great people and deserve happiness and love but seeing them just reminds me how lonely and miserable I am. I wish I wasn't like this.

No. 2039545

I miss being able to call my father daddy

No. 2039549

It was never an asylum seeker or hijabi woman (kek, as if) bothering me in western countries, it was local drunks, chavs and creepy catcalling men who definitely weren't foreign.
Slay, good for them

No. 2039552

How long did it take? It's been years for me, and I still can't get to that stage.

No. 2039555

I was always a papa kid ngl.

No. 2039563

>But he was very short and cold in messages when usually he's really loving.
For me, one bad night isn't that significant.
That night sounds like a speedrun through issues that'd usually be spread out over months though, and even then would be cause for second thoughts on what you're doing together.

No. 2039576

interacting with people is exhausting and stressful. i really need my next job to be remote, i don’t know how to be a person.

No. 2039582

It doesn’t give me pleasure but it sure is funny. That’s why deliverance is one of my favourite films. Also pulp fiction is double funny cos not only do men get bummed against their will, the rapists get shot for it.

No. 2039585

i don’t think there’s a significant enough portion of women that get off to male pain. and i’d honestly argue even the ones that claim to are just being reactionary. i’d go ever further to say that men don’t find gore in itself sexy, it’s just that women in horror films are told to moan like they would in porn and often dress in sexy ways while killed. maybe if they were in respectable clothing i dunno

No. 2039590

i was so dissapointed of the rape scene in shawshank redemption

No. 2039592

>men don’t find gore in itself sexy

No. 2039594

File: 1717768394859.jpg (156.56 KB, 911x768, violence.jpg)

>i’d go ever further to say that men don’t find gore in itself sexy
They do they have studied this

No. 2039605

>Short black
Damn. Is this why people consistently keep saying they think I'm scary and I find that people tend to avoid me? I regret cutting my hair short to be honest

No. 2039647

Left loads of furniture, had a leak in the kitchen and covered it up so when we've pulled the fridge out it's all black mold, never changed the kitchen filter so thats black, vape stickers under the cabinets, childs bed left behind with vomit on the side and carpet tucked in the corner you can't see, outhouse full of bags of rubbish they didn't wanna throw away

No. 2039666

welcome back elisabeth

No. 2039673

Slept with this dude. Twice. Once this morning. We work together. I go see him this morning. He doesn’t even want to talk to me. He wants to be alone. Bro you were IN me a couple hours ago. Bro we were the beast with two backs a couple hours ago. Why did I do this.

No. 2039674

And this is why it's always said to never "sleep" where you work. You wouldn't shit where you eat and why's that? Because those are two elements that shouldn't be combined unless you WANT things to get messy and ugly. Now look what happened.

No. 2039675

The larger sims 4 community are so damn stupid it's a wonder they can get the game to run. I'm in a few groups for it across a couple sites and this recent announcement that you have to update to DirectX 11 and use the newest game version or you can't use the launcher has them all gone insane. It's a conspiracy to force online play. Or they're gonna delete fucking everything if you can't update before the 10th and you lose all your games. The most braindead takes from people. EA is a dogshit brand and TS4 is not worth paying a dime for but the sims girlies would rather moan about it and be victimized than figure out how to play a cracked version. Then again most of these people aren't actually playing the Sims, they are using the mods to indulge in their porn addiction with less guilt. So why expect them to have functioning grey matter

No. 2039676

You played yourself. Be wary of STDs.

No. 2039678

I am literally going to kms if I can't stop procrastinating. There is this project I need to finish that I have literally refused to work on for 4 months, finding every possible excuse not do it even resulting in significant problems in my life. I just cannot do it. Even if I get rid of all distractions and just stare at it I get violently nauseous and I can't do it. There is no way I can finish it, nobody I can ask help from, no way of tricking my brain into doing it. It feels impossible. The funny thing is that it shouldn't actually be that hard to do but for some reason my brain has decided this is NOT getting done under any circumstance. I literally have no idea how to make myself do this

No. 2039684

Can you use AI or chat GPT to do the bulk of the work? Or, can you go on fiverr and hire someone to do it for you?

No. 2039685

why do i always do things that i know are going to hurt my feelings and ruin my mood for the day. i can't help it. ignorance truly is bliss and i wish i could let myself stay dumb but instead i just have to snoop and hurt myself in the process.

No. 2039687

Am I going to fuck a guy who looks hot but clearly has orthorexia and a self esteem issue fresh out of a relationship where he fucked 'the love of his life' while she was pregnant from another guy and he somehow has been only really attracted by me since his breakup? Maybe.
Maybe I won't since even chatgpt called me out on being a self sabotaging idiot. I wish I wasn't this fucking mess and so attention deprived. I wish I could be fulfilled with just hobbies and a stable life instead of trying to get into another fucked up toxic relationship because I'm codependent as fuck.
Therapy sucks. How is it useful to be aware of all that if it won't teach me how to fix myself?

No. 2039689

I have tried using ChatGPT but it only helps after I've done the bulk of the work to fix the detail, it cannot do the majority of the work for me.
I was actually looking IRL for someone to do this for me even if it would be unethical. Now that you've mentioned fiverr I will definitely look for someone, hopefully I can afford it

No. 2039696

Apparently there are no people on Fiverr who would be able to do this work in my language so I guess that's impossible, still thanks for the advice. I have tried so many things and it doesn't help at all. My guess is that psychologically I do not desire the consequences that finishing this project would have and so my subconscious would rather self-sabotage and be stuck in this hell

No. 2039698

File: 1717776199109.jpeg (32.87 KB, 650x366, IMG_0418.jpeg)

Everything and everyone is pissing me off so bad right now I feel like I’m going to freak out. It’s narcissistic but I really do feel like I’m better than most people. At least I put in the fucking effort and try to bring my best every day. Can’t stand lowlifes who are always bitter and angry despite doing the bare minimum. Take a look in the fucking mirror you losers. Your trauma and mental problems aren’t my fault and I’m not going to be guilted into feeling sorry for you.

No. 2039704

my dad might yell at me later today and i'm already so anxious.

No. 2039706

I just saw a video of a bunch of men dancing at a King Gizzard concert and seeing them all so happy made me want to hurl

No. 2039715

A few months ago I brought salad and my homemade dressing to a bbq/dnd session and no one touched my salad. Which is sort of funny because it's so syereotypical of dnd nerds to be adverse to salad but I feel stupid for bringing something that no one even pretended to like or took to be polite/inclusive. I'm a small person too so they're probably rolling their eyes at a salad. I hate how dumb this makes me feel

No. 2039716

holy shit are you a king gizz fan too? please be my friend!

No. 2039722

I'm gonna be honest with you nona, I am not really a fan or at least not yet. I had refused to check them out for years and years, but I am a big Ween fan and there's a lot of overlap between those communities. So I was trying them out today, right now.
What's your favorite king gizz album? I'll listen to it!

No. 2039728

Forgot to pay rent when it came due, got reminded by management when it was late and paid it same day. Went in today to chase them up about a noise complaint (my only thot neighbor bangs on the wall every morning at 5am, I think it’s a vibrating bed or fuck machine). I’ve emailed them video recordings of the sound, the lease says no unnecessary noise between 9 and 9 type thing, but when I was speaking to them today they denied ever receiving the emails. Here’s the thing, I contacted them a month ago asking if they’d received the emails and they reassured me they had, I only followed up today because I was busy (as to why I was late on rent, no access to internet during those 3 days).
Now I’m wondering if they deleted the emails because they can’t accuse me of breaching the lease (late payment) when they were already in breach of the lease (failing to remedy the noise complaint). I’m getting so pissed off, I wish there was someone else I could talk to about this.

No. 2039730

Damn, that is kinda rude. At least you know not to bother bringing it again.
Maybe it's the autism but it gets under my skin when I extend some social courtesy (like taking a small portion or giving a reasonable excuse) lest I look rude and then people just… don't reciprocate

No. 2039741

>Maybe it's the autism but it gets under my skin when I extend some social courtesy (like taking a small portion or giving a reasonable excuse) lest I look rude and then people just… don't reciprocate
Ayrt and same, I can't quite figure out how to deal with these emotions kek I think I'm just really needy and it's sort of inapproriate.. I put a lot of effort into making everyone feel welcome and included at all times but maybe I'm just essentially projecting my own needs onto everyone. It really sucks because it's painful. Luckily I have therapy scheduled to help me figure out and cope w stuff like this. Thanks for the empathy nonna <3(no emoticons)

No. 2039743

Sorry for double post but in my mind I feel like it's everyone's way of "getting back" at me for being small, idk if this is insane or not

No. 2039790

File: 1717782275505.png (1.26 MB, 1194x1080, 1000031219.png)

why is it so hard to find high quality bluetooth headphones that actually work. i'm gonna cry, this is ridiculous. like i am WILLING to drop some cash but i can't find anything that's easy to use and works i'm so fucking annoyed. guess i'll buy some more cheap wired headphones and an adapter for my gay ass phone

No. 2039797

took 4 years total

No. 2039798

I have been so poor (student) that I haven't seen any of my friends since February. I don't have enough money to travel, because going to see them would cost too much and then I'd have to pay for drinks and food. It's not that I don't want to see them or they don't want to see me. They do ask me if I want to hang out, but I haven't been able to because I'm poor as shit. Now they're all hanging out as a big group for the weekend and it hurts. It hurts to see them fill our group chat with videos of them having fun while I'm at home watching TV and going nuts with stress due to my money troubles and lack of human contact.

No. 2039812

how much money do you need

No. 2039815

I completely agree. We desperately need a return to the times when you had to download fansubs/scanlations from an obscure IRC channel to be able to interact with anime or manga at all.

No. 2039819

>go on leddit/r/reptronics
>find whatever fake airpods are the best right now
>go to electronics store
>buy (with cash) some airpods
>next day bring the fake ones in the box to the store with the receipt to return them

Enjoy paying like 20 bucks for airpods

No. 2039827

I worry I am becoming my mother, and that's not what I want for my life. My entire life, my mother has never been able to hold a job. She's got an awful temper and a big ego, so she'll jump from job to job each year and will quit and spectacularly burn every bridge for the tiniest reason. I love her deeply and she's a wonderful person when not encaged within a stifling environment, but she's over sixty with zero savings or retirement and has already frivolously spent through both of her inheritances.
I went to college and then got a job related to my degree and I've been doing it for ten years now. But I hate it. Every three years or so I try to escape and so end up taking 4-8 months off. Either I relax and pursue my hobbies and live from my savings, or else I pursue other work that makes less than minimum wage. And it's been three years since my last break and I can feel the desperate need clawing inside me to take another extended break. During these times, my work quality goes way down and my metrics slip below first place in the company. I have stress nightmares about the fact that me not giving as much as I can makes innocents suffer just because I'm not giving my peak performance. I keep fantasizing about giving my two week notice and leaving to go live in the city I've always dreamed about, but what would I do? My skills are very specialized and most cities either pay very little for them or don't have any place for them at all. After going twice and paying off two enormous student loans, I'm unwilling to go back to college and take out more loans.
I fear that deep inside I'm just like her. That no job or career will ever make me happy, because I'm fundamentally incapable of being happy while working in a hierarchical job. And I don't want to end up at sixty with no money and no career.
So what do I do? Do I just stay in a job that has given me PTSD, but that I'm one of the best in the US at, or do I say fuck it and let the chips fall where they may, even if it means that I possibly can't be happy anywhere?

No. 2039832

1. i am too scared to do this
2. i fucking hate apple headphones they hurt my ears so much.

No. 2039833

>for being small
Kek nonna are your friends a bunch of fat yetis?

No. 2039835

what's wrong with samsung? i have the galaxy buds 2 they're so comfortable and they fit perfectly in my ears.

No. 2039860

razer barracuda x if you mean over ear HEADphones specifically.

No. 2039862

File: 1717785973865.webp (33.68 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_1907.webp)

> I just saw a video of a bunch of men dancing at a King Gizzard concert and seeing them all so happy made me want to hurl(infighting)

No. 2039863

File: 1717786055269.jpg (27.13 KB, 563x375, d27491b358376288f66e633ecd3c23…)

I brought homemade marzipan treats to a gathering before and the uncultured swine started spitting it out because they'd never had marzipan and got the "heebie jeebies"

No. 2039867

The heebie jeebies at ground up almonds??? I’ll eat your marzipan cookies nonna

No. 2039905

Update: I am not pregnant. I went to the doctor and did a blood test. Turns out that I am just extremely stressed and heartbroken from the way this guy treated me and my body hurts because of that. It is extremely difficult to think about anything else.

No. 2039906

I used to have a coworker that would bring chicken nuggets to parties for her kid and husband because they were too grossed out by trying new foods. It was pretty sad

No. 2039911

I love marzipan and I would have gobbled up all of your treats in seconds. Those people don't deserve you.

No. 2039920

My mother started ranting to me about and event in town and she has now switched to talking about me being a stupid friendless loser yeahhhh let's gooo let's talk about how lonely I am!! I'm such an unlikable little shit and no one loves me or hangs out with me and my peers are all more successful than me yesss let's talk about that!!!

No. 2039938

Bailing on plans because I feel so poorly mentally and physically. It will never not be super embarrassing to do this.

Idk if there’s a sims thread where we talk about this further but I totally agree with you anon. If you go into sims 4 groups of any kind there’s a bunch of just.. tech illiterate consumers who kiss EA’s ass and coomers now. My personal high lights are people who can download mods but still take photos of their screens. The cracked version of the game is a life saver.

No. 2039959

feeling ugly and idk what to do about it

No. 2039988

Idk if this makes you feel better but if you go outside and look at the people on the streets you will see that there are at least a billion people that are way more ugly than you so you are actually doing ok

No. 2040001

aw man well don't give up, they have such a wide range of genres that there's bound to be something you like. there has been a huge influx of ween and phish fans into the fan base in the past few years! I would recommend Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms and Lava to get you started but my personal favorite is Murder of the Universe. that's usually one of people's least favorites though kek it's pretty unapproachable. sorry for OT sperging, I have been yearning to talk to another woman about Gizz for so long. happy listening!

No. 2040028

I am suicidal and desperate and I’m not cool with talking to anyone I know about it, I called my doctor and therapist offices YESTERDAY and have heard jack shit and now I’ll have to wait the whole weekend to even begin speaking about what’s going on. I feel given up on.

No. 2040032

do this >>2039988 or just check lunas thread in pt

No. 2040066

why do i always have little cysts sometimes painful in my earlobes. i have like 1 or 2 on each of my ears constantly it feels like. i thought it was acne at first but some of them are clearly like more inside the lobe. so irritating and i don't even wear earrings

No. 2040070

File: 1717797471330.webp (21.87 KB, 700x483, can-somebody-draw-darce-saying…)

I'm super tired of watching a decent youtube review when the commenter says bullshit like 'unalive.' Like, use a thesaurus and come up with a synonym. They want to claim 'oh youtube will demonetize or take down my video' but it's the most retarded word I've ever heard and I hate gen z so much for making unalive a thing becuase of tiktok and IG.

No. 2040073

I hate when I drink too much caffeine and I can feel my heart beating. I get so sweaty too. It usually goes away but the anxiety from I guess my raised blood pressure makes me worry that this time, it won't.

No. 2040099

People care more about their money than saying the truth. More news at 11

No. 2040100

I don't think it's about the truth

No. 2040104

Can I like, positive vent? This is the first time I've looked forward to anything in a while, but I'm going to a con with a group of friends and my bf and me and him are doing one of my dream cosplays, my favorite ship ever pretty much and it makes it even better because he likes the male character of the ship a lot.
This entire scenario is something I have always dreamed of, going to a con with a lot of friends who I love and having a bf who likes to cosplay with me. I could cry just thinking about it, because for the longest time I didn't have any irl friends or anything.

No. 2040105

NTA but what truth? Just talk like a human being and not a 5 year old when making a video. Unalive is a dumb word, and I immediately not take anyone seriously who says it.

No. 2040107

NTAYRT, but it irks me a ton as well. How hard is it to say "passed on/away" "no longer with us/here"? Unalive is only funny ironically but even then barely.

No. 2040109

I know suicide is a sensitive subject with some people, but you dont even have to use the words kill yourself. You can say tried to end their life, end themselves, etc. so many other

No. 2040120

Happy for you nona! Can't wait to read cool convention stories from you in the positivity thread or somewhere.

No. 2040130

I was trying to find the positivity thread and I couldn't find it aaahhhh.

No. 2040145

I hate more and more about my body and general self. I have literally started a list of things I hate about it lmao

No. 2040225

File: 1717806189415.jpg (109.35 KB, 736x492, ad7653ff11c3d548c141e308ab3671…)

I want to make an ita bag of my husbando but I fear my friends will silently judge me, also there arent many anime events near me where I could take it.
I have been wanting to make one since 2018 but I always find excuses not to… and its a pity because I feel it would make me really happy

No. 2040249

File: 1717807361178.webp (39.8 KB, 500x726, wtf is this.WEBP)

I’ve been absent for a minute but why the fuck is 80% of the husbando thread this fucking CREATURE? Where are the hot husbandos? What mental illness compels nonnies to want to fuck this? This is even worse than the fucking husbando thread picrew take over. It’s so over

No. 2040253

I think there might be only one but she's blind so she doesn't see him only his personality and she uses a braille system to post about him but sometimes her computer lags and the voice of her screenreader doesn't read out her own posts to her so she doesn't realize how many there are.

No. 2040262

kek i dipped out of there ages ago because of the non-stop picrew spam (and the thread pic being exactly the same as the previous one). the whole feel of the thread is so off in the last few months, i miss the earlier threads.

No. 2040279

Charliefag… is that you?

No. 2040283

File: 1717809116650.jpg (109.79 KB, 1242x1228, ErbjJ86UcAEpeYX.jpg)

not to be homophobic on pride month but why do gay men think they have the right to call vaginas disgusting when they literally rim other men's dirty poopy buttholes

No. 2040292

Because they’re neurologically deficient. But it’s considered homophobic or discriminatory to say this even though it’s made clear through their activities

No. 2040296

Personality/voice I guess.

No. 2040297

>Mini doc about femcels in my reccomended
>"Kek I wonder what they'll do"
>The women in the video seem pretty chill and have similar decor
Wish I could find a femcel friend group.
I hate gay men so much. They think it's fine to be sexist because they're ~totally one of the gurlzz~ when they don't have a personality besides being fags.

No. 2040300

Having my world view challenged and crumbling around believing in the world being a harmonious global utopia. I do enjoy meeting and conversing with people from all over the world and sharing similar view points but we're all not going to have the same opportunities in my lifetime. Which makes me realise I should probably get more knowledgeable about my own gay country and assimilate with the masses but honestly my country is a bitter hateful place and I don't think I'm going to be happy living here, ever. I honestly hate the tropes of people here. I hate the politics. I hate the government. I hate the culture. I wish I emigrated when I was in my 20s.

No. 2040318

File: 1717810568283.jpg (238.63 KB, 1311x812, 1717787268554.jpg)

Losing respect for my own mother. she continues to enable my abusive brother, let him trash her home, break her plates and glass cups when he's fiending for weed (she's supporting his habit, he doesn't have a job) my sister and I keep telling her to kick him out but she won't despite constantly complaining about him and how he treats her! He's violent (used to hit all threes of us when he was younger) and has actually told me he came close to wanting to kill her?? I even told her this and she's still letting him live with her, is this boymom brain? is she retarded? This is an incredibly frustrating situation and I feel bad for telling her I don't want to hear her vent about him if she's not going to do anything about him and his treatment towards her or let my sister and I help her.

No. 2040319

My sister in law acts like PT and throws fits and I genuinely don't know how to help her kek

No. 2040321

nona what does that janky screenshot have to do with your vent? I saw that literallywho posted in the leftcows thread why are you reposting it here?

No. 2040322

I thought it was funny

No. 2040323

It’s legit a walking talking yellow penis.

No. 2040325

Sister in law try not to be selfish challenge (impossible). And after I have been nothing but unfailingly kind and bending over backwards this entire trip.

No. 2040326

In-law jokes aren't even forced memes like the "I hate my wife" jokes, huh. Every time I see anyone talking about in laws esp on reddit they sound like nightmare people.

No. 2040327

File: 1717811554878.png (1.08 MB, 728x962, AnorexiaIsCoolForGirls.png)

I was watching this video talking about the sapphire kid that popularized a lot of the general looksmaxxing retardation a few years ago and noticed that this was basically teenage boys getting a small taste of what it's like being a girl child/teen/young adult/etc. Comments flooded with sympathy hoping that all these young boys are okay and that they deserve support. Girls and women have been expected to simply cope for millenia doing shit to our bodies that's infinitely more dangerous and deadly than bonesmashing but it's excused as girls just being naturally obsessed with their looks to the point of mental disorder (picrel) I'm feeling a little salty right now is all. I kinda want boys and men to suffer an iota of what we do on a global and historical scale but I also don't want any children to suffer at all and just because we all had to suffer doesn't mean boys should too. I just wish people had the same energy protecting girls from self destructive social contagions of beauty standards the way I'm seeing in this niche situation where it's affecting boys for once instead

No. 2040338

The big difference is males can opt out of this by just leaving the online echo chamber or getting older. They then go to balding fatty dadbod bliss zone and never care even if they were hot once. Women however are stuck in the nightmare of socially and economically enforced looksmaxxing until they're dying. If we opt out we are blamed for failed marriages and bypassed at work, and even family treats you worse.

No. 2040345

100% sure my longtime neighbor was terrorized to death by her ex-husband moving back in with her under the excuse of "helping her raise the grandkids." my mother praised this weirdo for putting hidden cameras in her house and refusing to let her drive any of her (or his) cars, but of course, i suspected him the moment i heard about the cameras. mom also started to suspect him after he accidentally revealed this poor woman gave him 5 thousand usd (!!!) to get him to leave. but he didn't. that is fucking nuts. anyway she's dead now and my mom spent a week (a week) agreeing with me in full, finally, that this weirdo was dangerous only to get the idea to text him later about his pit bull roaming loose in the neighborhood. or was it two? i dunno, but it's or they're out there now.

i agreed at first (texting him about coming to get them or else she'll call animal control) but now i feel stupid for doing that. i also hate that she can use me as an excuse for messaging this weirdo who:
>threatened to put the kids he supposedly loves and cares for so much up for adoption if the dead woman wouldn't take him back
>bragged loudly about beating up his own daughter to gain custody of the kids (which at first i thought was fair since she is a notorious drughead but now i'm starting to question everything he's ever said)
>is an actual murderer. like, not his ex-wife, but someone else. and he's been to jail twice
>has a gun? has a habit of shooting up into the air?
>was notably furious and angry and cagey (and to me, guilty) when the woman's death was brought up in passing conversation
>is probably very very very pissed off about the neighborhood basically calling the cops on him to get him booted from her home. he's left her yard a mess, there's trash everywhere. it's like a sea of trash. fucking crazy

i'm just anxious. she's like "lol what can he do?! let's give him the benefit of the doubt?!" as if he isn't a massive red flag. i'm fucking annoyed. why would you even text him about the dogs if it's been two weeks and he has shown no sign of coming to get them. you just want to be nosy and poke the bear. jesus christ

No. 2040347

No offense but your mom sounds like a dumb bitch

No. 2040351

she normally isn't this bad, but i guess she's just especially bored tonight and decided poking at a literal, actual, real deal murderer and probable wife-beater would be funsies. i hope he doesn't get pissed off and try to come back to cause trouble or something. i'm especially worried though as i'm going to be out of town next week for work…i don't know what i could do even while here but i don't like the idea of her speaking to this freak while i'm gone. and she probably will just out of curiosity

No. 2040361

She's just so self centered. We've really fought before, but I want to like her because I'm convinced she has a good soul so I keep being so nice and accepting. Only for her to return my actions with only empty words of gratitude. But when I ask for an actual favor back it's suddenly too big of a burden to bear, that she needs to stand up for herself and prioritize her needs, or that she didn't like how I asked so she's not going to do it. E, if you're reading this, you're honestly being really selfish and you know what? Your job is not that hard. Seeing that few clients per week borders on self indulgence and I'm glad that you've been so blessed in life that you don't have actual expenses, but that doesn't mean that your work life is "hard."

No. 2040368

love me some cat dancing gif searches on chat programs. do NOT love the sudden infiltration of ai produced cat dancing results. fuck out of here.

No. 2040381

>I got mercilessly dragged for my chin on here (it's the internet.)
It’s because you shouldn’t really post your face here even if it’s half of it. I saw your chin but I scrolled past all the discourse.
>No family members ever said anything. My best friend of 15 years has never commented on it.
Don’t feel betrayed, proper alignment of the jaw and tongue posture is taken for granted and is something no one ever really talks about. At all. I think the only reason it’s brought to light more now is because of mewing memes and looksmaxxing, but the average normie doesn’t know that. The way I found out was going through a tmj rabbit hole and realizing I would mouth breathe and hold my tongue in the wrong place without proper pressure to the palette. Otherwise I would have never known. No one told me growing up. Regardless, they were looking at you and seeing you, not looking at you and thinking “ugh her chin is weird smh can’t even breathe right.” It’s not an abnormal feature unless you are scrutinizing your face. One I scrutinized my face I realized how permanently fucked it was and how this only happened because of my development. Before that I didn’t mind, it was just my face. I don’t know what kind of fix there can be or how willing you are to fix it. Dentists are retarded and only an orthodontist would have probably pointed something out. If you have issues breathing then it’s a perpetual issue anyway. I grew up with allergies that forced me to mouth breathe at times and I still struggle with breathing sometimes. If this is such an issue for you you’d have to get braces with bands to fix the alignment but that’s the most you can do. I think you need to accept yourself. I had to do the same and it really isn’t the end of the world. I promise no one is looking at you and profiling nasal issues and cross bites. Recessed chin solidarity nonna.

No. 2040391

File: 1717816858472.jpeg (114.45 KB, 735x582, IMG_1169.jpeg)

Having to suppress your raging anger makes me appreciate Valerie so much. I can’t punch or hit a moid like he deserves so I have to find better coping mechanisms

No. 2040392

File: 1717816888056.jpg (219.7 KB, 798x798, tumblr_0fe6de627d74f69dc747e17…)

Don't even fret for a second about getting dragged here, bitches are delusional and make shit up. I posted my hand writing once in the appropriate thread and it had my hand in it, and someone here saved the photo, and posted it in a different thread just so multiple people could tell me that I had the ugliest hands they'd ever seen. I couldn't stop chuckling over this because I've had two hand modeling contacts. Just an absolute swing and a miss with the bullying, lol.

No. 2040401

File: 1717817459924.jpeg (46.38 KB, 600x556, IMG_2198.jpeg)

>Having to suppress your raging anger makes me appreciate Valerie so much. I can’t punch or hit a moid like he deserves so I have to find better coping mechanisms(baiting)

No. 2040403

You don't have tranny hands, right?

No. 2040404

This is the second time enough

No. 2040405

You should visit a orthodontist

No. 2040406

File: 1717817606125.jpeg (108.62 KB, 750x773, D30C31B2-B62A-4967-8670-3107CA…)

>bitches are delusional
Anon she literally has no chin..

No. 2040411

That anon clearly does have jaw issues though

No. 2040412

What is this supposed to mean? Is it now against the rules to want to hit men? The handmaidens are getting out of control, please go back to twitter or something

No. 2040414

It's a serial baiter who already got banned.

No. 2040420

I was going to reply sarcastically and explain that I have giant tranny hanny orge hands that have smashed entire villages and caused blindness when seen, but we're getting raided by moids and I don't want to get caught up in the coming bans, so no. Apparently the natural shape of how my nails fit to my fingers is the ideal, especially for close up work, and combined with my bone structure is what got me the major contracts.
Besides, how can a woman even have tranny hands? This is like the gendies and their gendered brains all over again.

No. 2040427


No. 2040429

Didn't ask, don't care, plus I need you to post your own body before I can take you seriously. Plus plus, that is not a no chin. There are people who literally look like earthworms and you know it.

No. 2040432

a while ago a hobo moved into my neighborhood. he came out of prison and took a random train, ending up here, and just stayed. nothing to his name, just the clothes on his back. at first people felt sorry for him.
he denied any help like housing from the local government, because it would mean he would have to work on overcoming his addictions. he is miserable, understandably, and doesnt have the mental fortitude to get rehabilited, so he chooses to live on the street and continue using substances.
i could write an essay about how "the system failed him", but currently i am going to write about how he makes everyone's lives hell. he just stole someone's trash bin and tipped it over my fence, which prompted me to open lolcow at 4am and start writing this post.
people give him food and because he gets more than he eats, he throws it over people's fences to dispose of it. he hangs his clothes on people's fences, which i personally tried to be understanding of, because he has no wardrobe obviously, but i can see how that can be annoying, especially if you have dogs. someones dog pulled his clothes off the fence, and then he terrorized the dog's owner for that.
now, i have a dog too. big "guard dog" type. he hates my dog, because my dog barks at him whenever he throws shit over our fence. he also hates my friends dog, down the road, for the same reason. when i say he hates them, i mean he screams at the dogs while intoxicated, saying "bastard i will kill you, i will kill you!". he punches the fence and kicks it. he comes up to the dogs just to provoke them into a fit of anger. i think it's a form of entertainment to him, like most of his shenanigans.
other times, he seems like he likes animals. he lamented over roadkill, while intoxicated, and howl-cried as he buried it in someone's front yard. he tries to befriend the neighborhood dogs, pets them through the fence and gives them food. and i thought that's sweet.
however, a few days ago, my friend whom i mentioned above, told me to not believe in innocent and good intentions, because her dog ate a sausage from him and was shitting blood after. coincidence, or maybe not. nothing stops him from acting upon his threats of killing our dogs, and putting glass shards inside the food, or something.
i try not to be paranoid, and i try to see humanity in him. however, he is not sane, and he is unpredictable. it's this uncertainty of his behavior that makes people feel unsafe.
i never saw him sober. sometimes he is sober enough to hold a very basic conversation, which usually goes like: "im sorry for telling you i will kill you and calling you a whore yesterday at 2am, sorry for waking you up, didnt mean to". and he only knows he did that, because the police took him to jail to sober up and be released. not because he remembers it. in times like these, i want to feel empathy, because that is the real person speaking and showing remorse for his actions, and not the toxins in his brain. yet the next day he does it again.
whether he is a good person or not doesnt matter. he puts people in danger, when he e.g. starts fights with random people, says disgusting things to scandalize women, throws bottles at passers-by or at windows, etc.
once he accused me of stealing his shit, and threatened to kill me as soon as id leave the house, only to find that very thing the next day and say "hehe i found it, was there all along sowwyy :3". what if he never found it?
his brain is fried to the point that speaking to him is like speaking to a child. a child that throws some very terrible tantrums. most people avoid speaking to him, but i tried to make him feel human again. i didnt think ostracization will help a guy like him. its clear that he is 1. bored and 2. acting out against a society that antagonizes him. i told him we are worried about him. because a lot of people are, even if they're scared of him.
i actually felt bad for the guy until recently, when he attacked my 15 year old neighbor and she narrowly freed herself from his grasp. a horrid thought struck me- what was he in prison for? that was when i started getting thoughts of the "i hope he overdoses" sort. maybe im evil, but i just want him gone.
yes, the police knows about him. he never does anything big, so he only gets arrested for a month at most, for threats or for harrassment. we have a restraining order against him now (most of the neighborhood does), but it doesnt matter as he keeps violating it. even the cops are annoyed with the system, because theyre powerless against him unless he does something bad. no preventative long-term imprisonment. they can't even institutionalize him in a psych ward without his consent.
oh, and did i mention he has hiv?

No. 2040459

File: 1717819558562.png (116.35 KB, 307x347, IMG_5295.png)

>weird sexual jokes about a 12 year old sleeping
>people calling them out
>more than one reply is “ok but what if I’m also a minor?”

WHAT that makes it even worse you retards
. Ffs Young zoomers are a plague. The amount of weird sexually charged jokes towards kids made by teens online is so fucking weird. Instagram is also full of these people.

No. 2040460

I'm not personally accusing you, but IIRC there's two "tranny hands", basically two anons that like to post their proportionally large hands. They get laughed at because of their hands, and your post reminded me of that.

No. 2040466

Why would I post my own body? chinlet-chan should have thought about not self posting if she didn’t want to be made fun of. She has a weak, undefined chin and probably breathes from her mouth because of it. I definitely have a way better bone structure and jaw sculpted by the gods but I don’t need to break the rules to prove it to some stranger kek

No. 2040472

Instagram reels are a nightmare. I remember seeing both teen girls and boys making bizarre sexual comments on kids videos

No. 2040474

I wish children could also get bullied, like, what the fuck? A child making sexual jokes should mean the CPS knocking on the door of the retard's parents because of the possibility of sexual abuse, I would unironically say that, like "hey child, if you got sexually abused by your parents you should go get help" and then look for the parents of the child and send them the jokes, or send the child some CPS number or whatever.

No. 2040480

I'm so fucking irritable lately. I know it's because my circumstances are bullshit, but I'm not in a position where I can let it show. So every day, I just do what I'm told and swallow it. And all this resentment simmers inside me and I feel like it'll boil over soon. I get so angry sometimes it scares me. I keep pushing it all down because I know everything will be better once I can finally escape this horrible fucking house, but I don't know how much more I can take before I snap. I feel like I'm going crazy.

No. 2040502

Honestly, the system did fail him and it failed you and the people of your neighbourhood because this is a genuine reason why we should be allowed to lock people in psych wards without their permission if they are being a nuisance. Some adults genuinely cannot take care for themselves. I'm sorry he is bothering you and if it's any comfort, he can't go on with hiv too long without any kind of treatment.

No. 2040504

Literally, it’s genuinely concerning. I don’t know if they’re suffering from porn sickness or what. I encountered an extremely sus video on the reels of several men surround a toddler with popsicles they’re holding at a ditch length. It was so fucking weird and I’m not sure if it’s some kind of fbihoney pot or the poster things pedo baiting is funny.

I don’t understand how careless some parents are that they don’t monitor their retarded kids internet usage. Im so tired of seeing their retarded opinions online and I sure as hell don’t want to see them get comfortable sexualizing children.

No. 2040511

File: 1717821022259.png (986.38 KB, 680x680, 1000012320.png)

>open twitter for the first time in a month
>algorithim throws post of 13 year old using ket for her birthday
>very fat for 13
>13 piercings in her nose/mouth area alone
>open her profile
>"shedtwt, drugtwt"
>posts about drinking and doing drugs
>chronically online
>check replies on post, many other children in a similar situation
Good fucking grief my heart is hurting for these babies. I can just tell their parents are useless, selfish morons if their kid is this bad at such an age. And the worst part is I've come across so many minors like this on spaces like twitter, instagram or discord… these kids are messed up and instead of help by their damn parents they're being enabled by vile internet communities. Subhuman fucking parents

No. 2040526

That’s so terrible anon. Things are so bad for kids and teens rn.

No. 2040532

Seeing the girls who bullied me as a child go into nursing really fits the nurses are stupd assholes stereotype. I would a-log if I could

No. 2040539

your jaw is kind of recessed but not to the point that you could get it covered medically, hence dentists never saying anything. tons of people have weird things with their face, but not many people have something wrong to the extent that people will comment on it- they still look fine. in your case it's also not horrible, but posting a picture of it without the rest of your face really does draw attention to it. i'm sure you look completely normal irl. also next time don't be a retarded attentionwhore on an anonymous imageboard, spend some time learning how to use your brain instead of worrying bout your chin

No. 2040551

The village concept moms like to talk about these days is really annoying, and I resent the idea that if my friends have babies I'm supposed to be a part of it. The village they romanticize was actually just sending your kids outside for hours unsupervised, making your oldest daughter watch them, or dumping them on female family who lived very close. People were also more strict with children and it used to be ok for anyone to discipline them.

No. 2040556

File: 1717824495485.webp (8.52 KB, 435x500, 1000003878.jpg)

She could get a palate expander installed if it really bothers her to help with her mouth breathing, but it isnt like this

No. 2040607

I literally don't see what the problem is with children playing outside unsupervised. I mean obviously it's dangerous at night but during the day? Like why is it okay for a kid to walk from home to school and back alone, but not go out to play outside? Plus if this was normalized there would be children outside everywhere and they'd be safer since they hang out in the same places. If you're going to be a paranoid parents you better take your kid out to play after school every day so it can develop a social life, otherwise you're going to have to cope with the remote possibility of your kid being kidnapped or murdered or something. It's a better fate than not having a social life

No. 2040611

How do I cope with buyer's remorse when Youtube keeps showing me videos of the product I should have bought but didn't? I am so jealous of those countries where you can just return your products after buying them like nothing happened

No. 2040622

How is it buyer's remorse if you didn't buy the product?

No. 2040623

I bought a different product obviously?

No. 2040626

i wish i had more advice for you but none of it has ever worked for me, just want you to know that you're not alone in feeling this

i have a bleak 'fantasy' of making a suicide pact with another anon in my country. we talk online for a while and then eventually meet, have a cozy day out together irl and then jump in front of a train holding hands

No. 2040645

if this weren’t anonymous I would totally do it with you, Nona.

No. 2040665

okay, i'm giving bluetooth headphones one more try but if these break just after one year i'm gonna bomb a building.

No. 2040667

sorry for moid vent but oh well.
>be me
>tired of being treated as afterthought by bf
>tell him i'm not impressed with his behavior so i'm leaving
>he does his usual whiny song and dance about how he'll make better choices
>i tell him that it's too little too late, that i'm dumping him and don't want to be friends
>two minutes later
>"hey anon, how do you use furikake?"
>this can't be a real question
>dude's even been to japan
>"it's rice seasoning. i'm sure you can figure it out"
like this would be fucking hilarious if it weren't so pathetic.

No. 2040670

Anyone feel like glow ups are so fucking pointless? It feels like you'll get called fat, ugly, old, have your flaws ripped apart, etc at any weight, how well groomed you are, etc. I went from skinny and fit, glammed up and even did modeling and cheerleading to chubby and throwing on sweatpants and a messy bun, I barely even brush my teeth or hair anymore. Not a single fucking thing changed about how people treat me. I got called fat more being physically underweight than I do being literally overweight. If anything people just think you're more "self aware" and won't rip you apart

No. 2040672

I've spent my entire adult life perpetually stressed and miserable about my weight, which has fluctuated up and down maybe 10kg within a healthy BMI range, and I've never been treated any different as a result. I think so long and hard about how to get my hair cut and coloured thinking that if I just get it right, I'll finally be pretty, but again I've never been treated any different. It makes no difference if I wear makeup or not, or whether I dress feminine or casually. It's soo fucking pointless, but maybe that's because I'm not actually glowing up or down I'm just hovering around average at all times.

You should take care of your teeth though, you need those no matter what other people think of them.

No. 2040676

Glow ups make sense up to a certain point but after that it just becomes self-bullying disguised as perpetual self-improvement. My younger sister has fallen down the Wonyoungism rabbithole which is glow-up culture on steroids. She's just torturing herself at this point but if you tell her anything different she'll scream at you.
>starving herself
>never enjoying any sweets ever because 'sugar is bad'
>getting up at 5AM for no reason
>forcing herself to exercise even while sick because she's so scared of being ugly and fat
>spending hours doing her hair and makeup and picking out outfits while her broccoli-haired male peers put on a pit stained Marvel T-shirt and still get simped for by girls
>spending hundreds on Dior because it's more coquette than essence
>she's exhausted and miserable and her grades aren't that much better because she has to spend hours primping in the mirror and doing skincare, time that could be spent reading and studying
Baby it's not working, they lied to you

No. 2040682

Staying at family and I snuck into the other bedroom because the bedsheets in mine are scratchy with a really hard mattress. I don't see why I couldn't be given this one when her son is a grown ass adult one town over with an apartment. This room was a guestroom before but suddenly it's my scrote relatives. I really can't believe the amount of coddling men, even past 30 years of age, seem to get at my job, in my family, school, it's insane. That's a whole adult grow the hell up.

No. 2040685

We're told our entire lives if we're beautiful people will treat us like goddesses and hand us everything left and right, when in reality the most beautiful women in the world get insulted and ripped apart daily, they get yelled at, they get abused and everything else. The world is too misogynistic currently, being beautiful or not won't change shit now

No. 2040688

that sounds fucking miserable, but so sadly many young girls experience this nowadays.

No. 2040689

I hope every fucking one of the retards who commission me and wants me to redraw the art in the way it's anatomically nonsencical and plainly wrong because they like it that way gets cancer of their anus and eyes, herpes and that their partner cheats on them with their best firend. I SEND THE NEGATIVE VIBES TO THEM ALL!!!

No. 2040695

glow ups are pointless. makeup to look better is pointless. dressing "for your body" is pointless. I dress and use makeup for my own leisure, people think I'm fucking weird using toddler clothes or colored liner and hair but I don't care. I'm using it for fun when those things are weaponized against women everyday. use those things for your self expression, the moment you start thinking how people will perceive you, you've already lost the battle against it.
inb4 women who weaponize their looks come at me, I'm not talking about you, if having long blonde hair makes you get better work opportunities gj girlboss

No. 2040697

deeply based

No. 2040701

drawing for multiple years and have discovered I can't depict a cube good or communicate it rotating. Legitimately retarded spatial IQ that's crazy

No. 2040704

i saw this video on youtube which was basically a maslows hierarchy of needs but with "glowing up" items. the bottom was stuff like basic hygiene and the top was plastic surgery. while i do agree that obviously you should "soft-maxx" before you go under the knife, even the stuff in the bottom tier of the pyramid seemed super over the top to me. Like at the bare minimum i should be dieting, working out and sleeping well? though luck cause i barely have the energy to stay alive. also they would never make a chart like that for moids

No. 2040705

the only important things should be keeping your mental and physical health. anything else is entirely optional.

No. 2040707

>barely even brush my teeth anymore
You sound depressed as fuck, go excercise.

No. 2040717

please stop inviting yourself to my home, you are a fat greasy pig moid and I wouldn't want my neighbors to see you
also if my place is not in mint condition, that's not your problem, I like my messy room(s)
I am being nice to you because that's how I am and because you are being nice to me, but those stupid jokes have to stop

No. 2040719

Let me guess he's dusty with roommates/lives at home so wants to fuck you at your place while also critiquing it? The dick can't be that good especially if he's embarrassingly ugly

No. 2040720

I didn't try to glow up intentionally but there were times I was treated like an empty space or a repulsive creature (sometimes even getting weird comments about my appearance from adults as a child, for example, being mocked for thick dark eyebrows) and later would get called ugly and so on as a teen for having short hair and bad skin (not even a severe case of acne) and wearing glasses. I was always thin and I used makeup since I was 12. There were still people who found me attractive/pretty though, so I'd get polarizing opinions, and looking back, I wasn't ugly at all. Later something changed and I guess I looked much better than before, and I haven't heard anything negative about my looks since then. I started getting more of a positive attention. Surely graduating from school played a huge role, it's an extremely toxic place filled with extremely insecure people. That's the thing. It all depends on people that surround you. If they're filled with shit they'll find a reason to spill it on you, regardless of what you look like or how smart, talented etc. you really are. And ime superficial changes don't affect the way you feel inside. I don't think I fully got rid of that insecure "ugly girl" feeling, sadly. Plus, I have two close people that put a lot of time and effort into their appearance but they're not happy at all and it doesn't seem like looks help them much with anything because they don't really interact with other people anyway (aside from work) and it doesn't help them with their personal life (which is important for both), they both didn't have even one long-term healthy relationship despite being over 30 y.o., never lived with anyone. Honestly I don't know what changes except for some people noticing how pretty/hot/etc. you are. They don't respect you more or anything, moreover, it can even make some people hostile to you for no reason.

No. 2040745

I'm so tired. Nothing makes me happy anymore

No. 2040748

sorry to anyone who disagrees with this, but being a kid and teen was way better than being an adult. Growing up was a total lie that comes with heaps of loneliness, death and health problems.
I wish I cared about my teen years more. Or at least recorded them more often.

No. 2040751

The twitter/zoomer speak in the celebricows thread makes it so obvious why it went to shit.

No. 2040756

Whyyyyyy is my best friend so much better than me? All of our friends fall in love with her, like her more, hang out with her more. She's so gorgeous I don't blame them, but it's hard to feel anything other than disgusted by myself when I'm around her because she's so effortlessly gorgeous and I'm just nothing

No. 2040767

Don't worry, I can do the most complex actions with 3D objects in my mind but can't draw at all, so if we ever need help, we'll just rely on each other.

No. 2040770

File: 1717850879339.gif (1000.62 KB, 500x191, b0bfb3c3f5ee76799fd4bb3d8afdb6…)

I wouldn't know cause my teen years and childhood was awful and worse part of my life. Adulthood by comparison feels freeing. But I still feel unbelievably suicidal and depressed about missing what everyone calls the best years of your life. Doesn't matter cause even when my home life sucked I was bullied relentlessly for being chubby and awkward. I wanna die.

No. 2040778

Ughhhh got too crossfaded before seeing Gwar with my mom ,she lost her phone and i had to wake up in a hospital.Im fine,I just had alcohol intoxication but now we have to see if the venue has it after she wakes up.I said I couldn’t drink a whole bottle of ciroc but she told me to anyway because the venue didn’t allow water bottles.Didn’t even get to see Gwar,it all happened during the opening bands and I went to see Balsac specifically and do the stupid hand symbol that anyone barely does at their shows anymore.At least the tickets were cheap but I’d hope my bday would’ve went better than that.

No. 2040781

i'm making banana chips in my dehydrator and they stuck to the rack. the recipe said I didn't have to oil them!!!!

No. 2040783

They added a man to the AA all womens group chat and are now debating if he should be allowed in there, I'm going to scream.

No. 2040787

Probably lucky but as an adult I haven't dealt with much death (small family, grandparents died when I was a teen and my friends are still kicking) and I don't have health issues. Any depression I feel is usually circumstantial and out of something I can either control to make better or written off because I cannot change it–and I have the regulatory tools now to handle my emotions better thanks to experience and no crazy hormones.

Childhood and teenage years were honestly vile. Compounded by the fact of having limited freedom and narcissistic parents who controlled what I could think, feel, and even how I could react. I did not have the emotional intelligence to flesh out and protect myself against the wrongs that were put upon me even if I knew intuitively that matters were not right. No one took me seriously because I was just a kid. Every day was living at the mercy of whatever shitty adult was taking the reigns of my life that day. I had no power to do the things I wanted nor given the opportunity to advocate for myself.
I guess if one had a loving, gentle family who were consistent and made them feel safe and considered their children's wants and needs then yeah adulthood would seem like a shitshow comparatively speaking.

No. 2040788

yeah you got the shit end of the stick. teenage/child years are more freeing than than the 'freeing' years of adulthood. Sorry you got bullied anon, hopefully you got some counselling or (my personal favourite) joined a nice martial arts class to beat the shit out of this pain

No. 2040790

sorry anon. I guess we all experience each end of the bargin. As an adult, I feel more alone and schizophrenic than ever, I've actually been to hospital twice due to psychotic induced anxiety. When I was a teenager I was able to be in a band with a (very shit) ex of mine, which is fine looking back but I do realize it was toxic and sad. I gained a lot of bad traits from this but I still think the DMT effects you feel as a child (proven) and the hopeful creativity you feel as a teen is way better than being an adult.
I hate workind 9-5, I hate pretending I like new bars, I hate trends, I hate losing people as the years go by, I hate trying to 'improve my health'
I miss the nonchalant decades of my youth, where everything felt like a dream, even if some days were a nightmare, I would rather relive all of those days than live in the pure psychotic, depression that I am stuck in now.

No. 2040797

I should add, I didnt have the best of parents. My dad was an angry, yelling mess and my mum was absent. But I dont care, those years are still better than what I have now. I hate being an adult, I hate working, I hate bills, I hate this 'fake emotional game' every adult plays. I hate everything about being a grown up. I have nightmares every single night for years now. Being an adult has no benefit until you are of retirement age.

No. 2040808

>I hate workind 9-5
I feel you on that. Worklife is literally soul crushing. It's not how humans were meant to live.

No. 2040814

For me it's the opposite. I was trapped in a situation that had adult responsibilities and without the freedom of being an adult I couldn't do anything to change it.

No. 2040822

Whoever said that the picrew shit is clogging up the husbando thread….you're right, that shit is annoying.

No. 2040829

>But I still feel unbelievably suicidal and depressed about missing what everyone calls the best years of your life.
I kinda feel like that aswell though not to that degree. On the upside, where everyone is complaining about their shitty boring adult 9-5 life I'm actually happy because I finally got the stable, independent life I wanted, my mental health is decent, I have a social life, I got a place of my own I can afford on my own AND I like my job? To me that's a life I never thought I could attain. But other people are depressed about that same normie life I'm pretty satisfied with.

No. 2040836

Lucky. I hate my current life, my 9-5 has actually led me to the hospital due to psychosis. Maybe I'm too 'creative minded' for a groundhog day life but who knows. I'm glad some people can enjoy the adult life, I personally think its a scam.

No. 2040842

I miss the houses of the 90s and 2000s. I know how cringe the designs were back then but I seriously miss it.

No. 2040847

Idk I get not loving working full time especially if you're stuck in a job you don't like… but has there really been a better alternative in history? Especially for women? My grandmother worked her ass off on their farm to take care of 5 kids, she worked so much harder for so much less than I. Our modern work culture gives me the freedom to choose to live without a man and not have kids which is very valuable imo.

No. 2040856

I hate my period so fucking much. No matter how many times I shower I always feel gross, I'm mean to everyone and I hate myself. I never used to have the emotional symptoms so it's hitting me like a brick.

No. 2040867

I'm so sleepy, I hope I don't feel awkward while visiting my best friend's house, it has been literal years.

No. 2040877

Same. Whenever I watch media from back then I'm always nostalgic for how the houses looked.

No. 2040904

i miss them too and honestly i think they were rly nice and comfy looking

No. 2040921

not to sound scrotey but the period wank takes the egg off so good, helps with the pain and the emotions.um sorry that they hit you hard too, none of this is your fault

No. 2040955

File: 1717863334232.jpg (726.03 KB, 1079x1332, 1000014096.jpg)

Met my mother today and it was exhausting. Seemed uninterested, didn't ask anything about me and just radiated her usual negativity. I mentioned that I was tired to which she responded in a condescending 'From WHAT??'. I told her her that I went to the gym in the morning and then she tried to one up me by saying she's not tired even though she has been up and running since 5am. I happily told her about my change in my job, to which she remarked that it seemed like a step back for my career. Told her about how proud I was of my boyfriend (he's trying to switch jobs and has been interviewing the past few weeks) to which she remarked that it's a wonder he's getting interviews given he only did a bootcamp instead of doing a degree.

I came home completely burned out. I WANT to have a relationship with her but at the same time it's SO fucking draining. Anything I do is not good enough. I cannot mention if I'm happy about something because she will just berate me for it. I cannot tell her if I'm sad or tired because she is the one who is entitled to these emotions, not me, I have it easy. It all just makes me want to not tell her anything about my life because it's like I'm giving her ammunition that she gets to use against me

No. 2040979

She sounds like a miserable person and you should probably cut her off now. Narcissistic people aren’t going to change and your feelings do matter. Please remember that misery loves company so cut the cord.

No. 2040985

she's a narcissist, tell them as little as possible cause they always have weird comments lied up. "having a relationship" to her probably means pleasing her and gassing her up.

No. 2041107

Went to a depression forum to get some support and I saw some troon members. thanks for making me even more depressed

No. 2041132

I am about to KMS because I am getting dumped again by another insecure fucking man I gave the benefit of the doubt too when they were waving red flags months in. Like men are shallow and insecure as fuck! Forgive me lord for dating a man with a hair transplant I honestly couldn't tell. This man was so adept at appearing to have hair. I did not think a week after him giving up the gun because other spots thinned and shaving it I'd now be getting dumped! He blamed his perfectly styled hair on how we could never go for nature walks because wind and rain so I was honest to god ecstatic he was going to be sans head hair. No. He's even more depressed. Me essentially salivating over him any chance I get and talking him up does nothing for his confidence and I can understand self esteem is self esteem it depends on him but why am I getting dumped?? Especially now when just last week you'd say you'd be there for me while I'm going through some stuff. He cried before when I shaved my body hair because he thought that indicated cheating and said I could step out my door and find a man so I have. Like what??? What!!????? And now I'm devastated over this loser. The hurt just keeps hurting there's so many levels and I hate all of them

No. 2041137

I can relate, I have a family member that's really similar. It's always draining talking to them. It sucks too because I'd like a relationship with them but they don't seem to know what that's like. My tip is to ask them what's been pissing them off lately, and going off that. It's better to be a negative nancy too when you're around one. If they're complaining about one thing they have less time to hurl slights in your direction.

No. 2041146

Today at 2pm he said he loves me. By 4pm he had my stuff packed up when I came over. My voice was shaking. I wanted to talk he kept me standing in his porch where you could literally hear his neighbour on the other side of their door 2ft away. Completely blindsided and now he's texting me shit. And honestly it's funny he does this when I have a concert I invited him too and he declined but I'm still going because even though you can't objectify music you can still have a real interest in it. He did this in March that he upset me enough I didn't go. Well fuck him!

No. 2041149

Never kill yourself over a man, especially one who's a loser. Never give them the satisfaction.

No. 2041152

I'm so embarrassed by my lore though. Every man has been wrong and it reflects so badly on me

No. 2041159

my mom is the same, it's always draining having a relationship with a narcissist, especially when they're your family. I can't wait to move out so I can get away from her. wishing you all the best nona

No. 2041162

File: 1717871811929.webp (53.28 KB, 640x986, 1000003903.jpg)

Reading this like it was written by warsan shire

No. 2041177

>He cried before when I shaved my body hair because he thought that indicated cheating and said I could step out my door and find a man so I have. Like what??? What!!????
Holy shit, been there before. I swear there's men who are only cool with not shaving because they think it somehow acts as a security measure against you cheating

No. 2041203

That's exactly what his logic was and i said if I was dick hopping around strangers the last thing I'm going to do is give a fuck about my body hair which did not help admittedly but I just did not oboe af the time how to articulate how fucking retarded his rationale was. He fucks me when I have pubes is he secretly disgusted?? Men are retards

No. 2041206

Ayrt and I wrote a poem on an old Nokia phone after smashing my Samsung s20 against the wall after having a breakdown over a man before. Perhaps it's time to channel my feelings into art again

No. 2041221

Are we only talking about pubes and not armpit hair or leg hair?

No. 2041227

Yeah the first 3 sentences just immediately read like her for me kek it's time for your Milk and Honey moment

No. 2041228

People who think circumcision is equivalent to fgm need to kill themselves

No. 2041230

File: 1717874160497.png (45.46 KB, 208x210, 08A23382-71EF-45DB-989A-7FA0A9…)

I’m doing a program and my roommate is super nice. I came here to make new friends and we haven’t really had any time alone together and it’s made me sad. We were supposed to go out with someone in the program tonight but my roommate canceled on me. I feel bad but I’m really disappointed, I want to go out with her but she’s dodged doing activities with me. She goes out of her way to talk to me so I don’t think she dislikes me it just makes me sad because I’m so lonely and I haven’t been able to build up the relationships I wanted to. I’ve been consistently told I’m intimidating and it seems to really put off nicer people. My roommate says something about me being really pretty and asking if she had to put makeup on to go out for drinks? I thought it was really weird because I don’t like clubbing, I just wanted to do dinner and a cocktail or something. I think I’m nice enough but I seem to have this affect of putting people off in some way and I just don’t know why. When I ask they always say I’m completely fine but then still avoid me. I just want friends.

No. 2041244

I got the most violent offensive side-eye by a bypassing scrote on a bike today for being in a good mood and lip-syncing a song I was listening to for a few seconds. Kek ease up a little faggot.

No. 2041248

What a miserable and jealous husk of a human being

No. 2041253

Theyre actually just obsessed with staring at women so the sideye was just him trying to not be seen being a nosy creep

No. 2041268

How old did he look?

No. 2041273

Men constantly bringing it up to downplay women's stories of it make me lose all sympathy. I do prefer uncircumcised men though, kek.

No. 2041309

I hate troons on pride month. I hate fags on pride month. I want them to leave lesbians and febfems alone. And by that, I mean biological women who love biological women because "lesbian" apparently means "non-man who loves any non-man" now…

No. 2041350

File: 1717878183483.jpg (472.13 KB, 904x1267, 1000008067.jpg)

This shit made me see red ladies. Don't date balding men holy fuck. I feel so disposable and ugly and I'm not even bald.

No. 2041354

Yeah just block him and move on. Could be he's treating you like this to see if you'll chase him and give his hairless ego a booster. Don't give him the satisfaction.
Also don't date baldies.

No. 2041355

"none of your business anymore" idk much of the context but i wanna punch whoever this moid is

No. 2041356

I don't understand what you're trying to even say tbh

No. 2041359

Men think women are as bad as they are. This guy was telling on himself, the only reason why he'd shave and clean up would for stepping outside the relationship and not the front door.
A random accusation like that is a confession.

No. 2041362

When I was a teenager I used to watch this moid YouTuber who would make hilarious skits. I checked his channel out again today, five years later, and he's become one of those right wing fags making every video about masculine men dying, women bad, liberals bad, vegans bad, lgbt bad. Sad.

No. 2041363

No, he really gave me that mean disgusted scowl-like sideeye. It shocked me for a second because it came out of nowhere and was so hilariously over the top.

Probably around 40. He'll probably die by a heart attack soon with that shit temperament.

No. 2041367

Being funny didn't get him laid so now it's women's fault.

No. 2041368


No. 2041369

Nah he's got a wife and a kid. His wife is just one of those women who swears and acts like one of the boys.

No. 2041370

No? I thought pewdiepie was a gamer youtuber?

No. 2041374

He sounds like an absolute clown, you should dunk on him if he ever dares to contact you again.

No. 2041376

nvm i checked pewdiepie's channel too jn and yeah he sucks. i didn't watch him tho.

No. 2041379

My initials spell out C.P. so I can never sign them off on my art. I might as well sign off with an online username now.

No. 2041383

Have you ever thought about using the initial of your middle name too?

No. 2041384

Don't pursue him or try to argue with him, a literal balding moid isn't worth it. Move on, there's literally thousands like him.

No. 2041386

why would you sign off your art with your real name anyways

No. 2041387

I don't have a middle name unfortunately

No. 2041391

i'm having horrible period cramps and taking painkillers isn't helping. what do you nonas do to take away the pain quickly help me out wedhdshshje

No. 2041395

You could always get one.

No. 2041398

nah then I have to change all my government and financial details

No. 2041403

Idk if I'm autistic but I can't tell if I feel genuine care for other people. It's hindering my relationships. I'm single now and thirsty help.

No. 2041405

I sometimes think about this too. I just fake it until I make it.

No. 2041406

so touch starved i want to hug someone so badddd. i want to hold someone's face and kiss them in the cheeks. like a friend i mean… i'm also having another worthless day but i'm trying not to let it get to me and fall into despair again. no one's talked to me today either, but i'm still standing strong… i'm so lonely but it's nothing new

No. 2041415

I wanna try and eat more mackerel because it's healthy and I've seen Reddit posts saying it's helped with mental health as well but I absolutely can't stand the taste of it and there's too many bones.
The other option is canned mackerel where all the bones are soft enough to chew and the flavouring is good but that has a much watered-down nutritional value
Any alternatives? I love sea mullet and salmon/trout

No. 2041425

no, he has his own place (which is nicer than mine) and we've been friends for a while, I wouldn't have sex with this person if it was the last thing on this earth.I'd have rather died a virgin

No. 2041452

He just told me my pussy stank and I said that's odd since I masturbate with my vibrator through my panties and you'd think they'd have an odour after getting drenched and he said, maybe you just smell off to me and now I'm insecure and phoning the doctor on Monday. I fucking hate this man. We were suppose to go on a date tonight and this all happened today out of fucking no where.

No. 2041454

i wish i could find someone who makes me horny again

No. 2041468

He only told you that to hurt you, you don't need to call the doctor. I mean you can just to be sure, but he clearly just said that to hurt you because he's insecure and self sabotaging himself.

No. 2041471

Just so fucking harsh though lol, he said I'm the only women he's ever had to wash off after sex cause I stink so bad. I asked him why he put himself through it. No answer.

No. 2041474

It would be our 2 years in October. I basically lived at his place. This isn't a fling or anything I can't understand this. I'm getting dumped cause he doesn't think he's hot enough to cheat on me anymore??

No. 2041475

That even more so sounds like he's just trying to hurt you. Call him a bald ass bitch and then block him

No. 2041481

I ended it by saying can't believe a bald man is being so rude to me

No. 2041482

moids will literally say anything to hit you
if he barks anything more tell him you'll get checked bc he might've given you an std (imply he's dirty)

No. 2041484

Hes trying to end it on purpose by being super rude and hoping you'll just fuck off so he can claim he was dumped and cheated on to whatever girlss he's desperately messaging on tindr

No. 2041485

Should I cheat on my moid? He was an exmoid and we got back together a few months ago, but the way he left me was pretty cruel imo. He has apologized etc but I'm petty. There's a cute guy at my job and I wouldn't mind kissing him.
inb4 leave him.

No. 2041487

He left you cruelly so yes. You sure you're not with him just because it feels good to respark it but nothing more? Bc I know how that feels

No. 2041488

Now what that he's actually gone. I loved his cat she loved me. We had plans and I did love that stupid bald fuck. And if this is about his insecurities which it definitely is it's not fair for him to take it out on me and from that I should definitely depart from the situation but I'm still really sad now and I'm going to have to tell my family that liked him its over and he was good with my mum who just lost her husband to cancer my step dad. No more goodnight or goodmorning texts. And my pussy might stink and. I have to admit I said "to summarise I got dumped cause you shaved your head. Well at least that's what I'll tell people" and then that's when he said about my smell and I maybe fucked myself over there and now there'll be fun gossip about my stinky puss. In a way it's good he said that cause I'm literally never going to get over it and the one thing I know about myself is hate and anger always wins over sadness

No. 2041493

You're probably right tbh. Too many cheating accusations thrown baselessly at me.

No. 2041494

Do it kek

No. 2041495

gorl no, don't internalise it please. it's his stinky dick and a bald head. he's projecting like every other moid. your self worth doesn't depend on the behaviour of some dude. good morning texts aren't worth being shat on in exchange.

No. 2041496

Honestly if it were up to me I wouldn't date any man seriously, or at all, but unfortunately I'm not in a position where I can do that right now. So yeah I'm sticking with this moid for now at least.

No. 2041498

Tell him that his dick is as Caillou as his bald ass head.

No. 2041501

I am going to get checked out just in case because he can be rough and i said as much and he sort of backtracked and said it's probably just him and it meant we aren't compatible and I asked why he could figure they out in 2022. An annoying bald prick.

Think I might focus on emigrating instead of getting a boyfriend.

No. 2041502

it's normal for pussy to smell

No. 2041504

I know but he said it stank and the smell wouldn't come off after washing he was being a dick

No. 2041510

That literally cannot happen. Please stop believing his lies.

No. 2041511

Truly because that would make me feel better i went to my hamper and sniffed my underwear ffs

No. 2041512

maybe he doesn't know how to wash properly

No. 2041515

I feel like I’ve missed my chance to find love. I’m so lonely

No. 2041516

He doesn't wash his dishes well tbh and has got mad catching me wash something that was already "clean" before using it. And he would get mad I'd throw out the plastic water bottles that had filth round the rims he's fill up for work and said it was a waste of time me washing the bottles. He maybe has given me a uti

No. 2041519

If you can't smell anything weird you should be fine
Stop letting this retard upset you

No. 2041521

there you have your answer - he's a filthy asshole if he eats/drinks from filthy dishes he doesn't wash his dick properly either. there must be cheese in there if he said it stinks. tell him to wash under his foreskin kekekke filthy bastard. please laugh at him and don't let his filthy ass touch you again.

No. 2041526

I'm going to try. I just can't believe this woke up to a lovely message, spoke throughout the morning then as I was getting ready to leave his he just text "you know I actually can't be bothered today. I need a break I'm going to put my phone away" and I was like what? And didn't hear from him for hours then I asked should I be worried and he wrote back to head over if I wanted and then my stuff was packed.

No. 2041527

does he have mental health issues?

No. 2041529

He said it was on his fingers and hands and wouldn't wash off either. He's such a nasty bastard cause several people are saying to forget it and I'm feeling extremely insecure just. I know it's irrational my heart and head hurts

No. 2041532

I've been taking ashwagandha for a couple of weeks. One one hand I am much calmer with 0 anxiety and also the ability to focus better. I have been able to do things I've never done before like writing a short story (I've wanted to write it for years but never had the focus) and doing yoga workouts without finding them boring. I have so much more energy, I can walk for hours and I don't oversleep anymore which I used to do constantly.
On the other hand I developed sudden hot flashes and random bouts of sexual arousal. I have anhedonia and I no longer take pleasure in eating, sleeping or engaging in of my hobbies. Masturbation is kinda fire but only because I'm so desperately horny. I want to keep taking it in the off chance the boredom makes me more productive but I'm also afraid I'm gonna kms in the absence of human feelings. Also the version I'm taking is gummies so I keep exceeding the recommended dose, basically any time I experience a negative emotion I eat a gummy

No. 2041533

Same here anon,I hope everything lines up in your life so you’re able to meet someone who’ll cherish you forever.

No. 2041537

Depression. I have depression too and usually seeing him cheers me up, guess I stress him or something.

No. 2041540

sounds like he has worse mental issues than you trust me.. and like it's not you that stress him but the other way round

No. 2041541

then he could be saying stuff to hurt you which hurts himself in turn, and may not mean the things he says. still, try not to think about him too much.

No. 2041544

That's why I asked him is it about his hair because he's so sensitive about it and he wouldn't even entertain the thought. Rather just say I stink and refer to the one actual fight we had were he was being rude as fuck and I literally just said which will be funny to me one day "hair. Teeth" because those are his known insecurities and he was going for low blows on me and honestly his teeth are fine and whatever about his hair he's not the only balding man. He kept bringing that up. Like. This shit is retarded thank god I'm working through this before I tell my family

No. 2041546

what dosage are you taking? do you take it on an empty stomach? what time of day? i want what you have. i have no energy, and no sex drive anymore. i want what you have

No. 2041563

>Basically any time I experience a negative emotion I eat a gummy
Try to get out of this habit if you're able. Ashwagandha is a great herbal supplement to take for its energetic effect but you should stick to the same dose at the same time of day to avoid negative side effects and to properly dose yourself. If it's only been a few weeks, keep trying for at least 6 months because from experience that's when the body will be under the herb's full effect. It is an aphrodisiac, so that side effect may persist for you as long as you're on the herb. Depending on the dose, I'd recommend taking it twice a day, once when you wake up, then once in the afternoon 6-8 hours after your first dose (ashwagandha's effects peak 2-4 hours after ingestion, so if you wait 8 hours you can ride the high again). If you want to stop taking ashwagandha because you don't like the side effects, but you still want to feel calmer and heighten your cognition and ability to focus, I'd recommend trying ephedrine. It's illegal in the USA, but legal in most other countries. It's a drug that similar to amphetamine, but it's a lot lighter and there's no come down. It's a common nootropic amongst students and athletes. It can also help you lose weight if that's something you struggle with.

No. 2041564

I really recommend getting off ashwagandha and checking out Russian nootropics. Ash can cause thyroid issues and anhedonia. Herbs are kinda a bust for treating psych issues because they often have these side effects or they're contaminated and liver-toxic.

No. 2041571

If ashwagandha makes you feel energetic, maybe that's due to it stimulating the thyroid. But because it can cause anhedonia, which I've read is because it affects the serotonin receptor 5Ht1a, for a similar effect you could try iodine with selenium. Iodine is necessary for thyroid function and is displaced by the fluoride and bromide we're often exposed to. Ephedrine seems risky for the heart.

No. 2041582

I hate how I'm forced to become the "leader" of my group works because everyone just expects someone to fill that role

No. 2041584

Is there a thread for talking about nootropics and supplements? If not, do you think it'd be a good idea to make one? I would be interested in discussing more about them and hearing other anons' suggestions and reviews, but I don't know if it'd be a good thread.

No. 2041608

Just fucking block him. This man insulted you and you even bother to write a single word more with him? What's wrong with you?

No. 2041611

File: 1717888561501.png (854.62 KB, 828x1451, 'My son killed himself after c…)

MGM is just as bad as FGM. FGM was called female “circumcision” just a few decades ago. I don’t know what the fuck your false logic came from, if you’re a misandrists who thinks female bodies are inherently more valuable than male bodies then you’re too far gone.(bait)

No. 2041613

Hope your bf gets a proper roman woman, you sound dumb and terribly naive

No. 2041614

>killed himself after circumcision.
KEK good. Btw I prefer circumcised dicks, cry about it.

No. 2041615

keeek modern men are such faggots i cant believe they used to die in wars a few decades ago and now they kill themselves over the most miniscule shit

No. 2041616

You’re in the wrong thread, I think you’re looking for ‘Post Like A Moid’ here: >>>/ot/1484820

No. 2041617

There’s no difference between you and an African man who prefers vaginas who’ve had their clitoris cut off. You’re a disgusting mutilation-fetishist.

No. 2041619

I wish people would stop defending moids all of a sudden

No. 2041621

> the most miniscule shit
MGM completely removes its victims capability of feeling sexual pleasure,

No. 2041622

Actually there’s a big difference. We’re women (based) and they’re men (cringe). Now fuck off back to 4chan faggot

No. 2041623

good maybe that way men will stop raping

No. 2041624

Men aren’t any more likely to commit rape than you are.(ban evading baiter)

No. 2041625

KEKKKK anon you're killing me
It literally doesn't kek. Let me guess, you think they also need to use lotion to jerk off? Don't know a single circumcised man who has trouble getting off

No. 2041627

It's mostly just bait, report it and don't respond to it. It gives it more attention.

No. 2041629

women cant rape, rape is penetrative

No. 2041634

>scientifically incorrect statement gets banned for being the obvious bait it is

No. 2041636

Happy Pride Month to you, foreskin-kun

No. 2041639

This isn’t the only instance but you’re right, I won’t comment in future

No. 2041640

It's his fault for getting himself circumsized so late

No. 2041645

please do

No. 2041651

File: 1717889808499.jpeg (690.93 KB, 750x1104, IMG_1187.jpeg)

This is so dumb.
>oh my god she’s a predator !!!
That dude is almost 20, can they quit it with this shit? They act like this is just as bad as some old fart dating an 18 year old, who sincerely cares? A bunch of grown adults who need to go worry about paying their overdue rent than a woman who’s dating a legally aged man

No. 2041652

I am so depressed. I don’t know what to do. I have done everything i am can do. I wish I could talk to someone who gets it but my situation is so abnormal. People like to say they are in similar situations but they are always choosing to be in that situation by being lazy or a waste of space or their situation is just barely similar. I do not have a reason to be here anymore. I really don’t. Everything that can be done for me has been done. Tired of talking about it. Idk why i do. I need to just do it. I just don’t want to wake up in the hospital and then be in the psych ward. If I have to wake up I want the ability to instantly try again.

No. 2041655

Not the poor wittle 20 year old little boy

No. 2041675

i wish losing weight was easier. i'm not fat but i do have some lifelong stomach pudge and i hate it. wish the flesh eating pill was real, i don't want kids anyway

No. 2041676

getting toned up without a gym is also tough…i feel better but i don't look better :/(:/)

No. 2041678

File: 1717891229794.jpg (97.92 KB, 799x533, 1717265001040497.jpg)

No. 2041680

The high beam headlights keep coming on instead of the low beam headlights. Checked the fuses and bulbs, both are good. Probably a relay switch problem. I'm annoyed because I can't get the hood to lock back down now. Stupid fucking hood.

No. 2041694

I'll probably not kms over this bald moid but holy hell I don't know when I'll get to sleep tonight. I keep crying and and hugging my own knees and I just was him to hug me but that'll never happen again. I just was not at all prepared for this. This is the first time I've been dumped ever and it fucking sucks

No. 2041695

dont cry nonny i will get you a mr clean body pillow and you will get over him

No. 2041709

You keep fucking replying to me so here, I'll reply. How come all the moids I know who are circumcised have literally no issue with having sex or jerking off? And they don't need lotion or anything to jerk off, and they don't need lube to have sex. They have no problem being able to enjoy it fully, and ejaculate no problem. They love sex and it's never been an issue. Circumcision never has and never will be equivalent to FGM. And to me personally, foreskin is fucking ugly and I don't want anything to do with it. I'm not sorry kek, if I have a son he will be circumcised. Die mad about it, idc.

No. 2041710

fuuuuuck i need me a qte circumcised moid i can bully now. I would just send him random pics of uncircumcised dicks and make fun of his nu-benis in bed. There is something about men with inferiority complexes that make me go nuts.

No. 2041712

>no commentary just vibes

No. 2041713

Tbh the only men I know who are insecure over wether a dick is circumcised or not, are the men who have foreskin. Only thing men who are circumcised say about dicks with foreskin are "ew, glad mine doesn't look like that" But men with foreskin I've known will go on and on about muh genital mutilation, muh sensitivity

No. 2041718

foresking looks fucking nasty honestly

No. 2041720

File: 1717893292547.jpg (1.38 MB, 1920x1920, 1000017208.jpg)

My honest reaction when a faggot mouths off about boys getting circumcized.

No. 2041723

men are such coomers they are literally incapable of living without cooming and treat it as some sort of attack against their lives. what a blackpill.

No. 2041725

>reeee my penis works the exact same with and without that ugly flap of skin
They're not fucking mutilated you imbecile. The dick works fine. In fact, I'm glad that they have to take longer to ejaculate because they're not as "sensitive" kek

No. 2041728

go cut your dick off, then you can talk about genital mutiliation. fucking weakling

No. 2041730

i have never had sex and i havent masturbated in years and i am alive. But men are animals so they need to rape and watch porn and masturbate to survive like the unevolved animals they are.

No. 2041732

Yeah the equivalent of FGM to men would be to cut off their entire dick. But nooo they need to be considered victims. The only difference is that circumcised men don't get dick cheese, which is an improvement tbh.

No. 2041734

if you feel that way why don't you do a fucking flip already?

No. 2041735

men have a working ass, just insert some cat tail buttplugs or horse cock bad dragons up your g spot and you should be able to coom just fine

No. 2041736

They're also cherry picking vague statements and not even being correct with them. The fag is claiming that circumcision destroys ALL capability of pleasure for men. That is straight up false. It's bait, come on and report.

No. 2041739

It still senses sexual pleasure perfectly fine. More than perfectly fine, it's the same with or without foreskin. Why are you saying it doesn't? Weird ass agenda.

No. 2041740

>And besides, what do you think gives you the right to take away someone else’s sexual pleasure?
men rape

No. 2041743

no one gives a shit if moids cant cum. if they feel sad about it they can rope

No. 2041745

File: 1717894160492.jpg (1.26 MB, 1284x1859, jeffreyna dahmer.jpg)

women dont have penises, therefore we cant rape. Otherwise i would be a dahmerette.

No. 2041746

you still have your g spot. Go try sticking a dildo in your asshole if you want sexual pleasure so badly. Gee men truly are slaves to coom.

No. 2041747

Well how would you know? You're not a man. But I do know men, and they still fully enjoy sex. I have asked, and they love it. If you're a man who can't enjoy it because you are circumcised, then sorry but you're in the minority there bud. Maybe ending your life could be the solution.

No. 2041749

You make me want only sons so I can get them all circumcised. But unfortunately, I know that they still fully enjoy sex and masturbation even without that ugly flap of disgusting skin.

No. 2041750

>how do you know circumcized penises can still feel pleasure? You're not a man!
What a retard. I knew lots of men, and I'm not a virgin. Case closed.

No. 2041754

File: 1717894558865.gif (727.63 KB, 960x510, America.gif)

>men who realise how much they’ve been harmed by mutilation are gaslit and mocked when they speak up about it because American culture is barbaric
based americans

No. 2041756

Proud to be an American. I really want a daughter one day, but if I happen to have a boy I am at least happy he will be circumcised. Wish that actually would make him unable to receive sexual pleasure like that anon says though KEK

No. 2041759

>All the men I know who are circumcised enjoy sex
>N-no! Not true! They don't know tr-true sexual pleasure!

No. 2041762

Weird thing to wish on your own child.

No. 2041764

why would any mom want their male children to be coomers?

No. 2041766

Men with foreskin can also not enjoy sex.

No. 2041767

I think we can all agree that moids just like inflicting pain upon children, regardless of sex.

No. 2041768

thats why they must be ciscumsiced, that way they cant get off and dont commit rape

No. 2041772

>wah wah they cut 1 cm of skin on my peepee its so overrr now i cant coom for 10 hours straight to loli rape hentai
jfc if there is a wwIII we are fucking losing to the chinese, modern western men are such hedonistic fags

No. 2041774

why should i care about Palestine so much? Yes genocides are horrid yes there are innocent children and women being bombed (don't care about the moids they can all die) but let's not kid ourselves they would stone most of us for being women and non believers or lesbians. i'm against starbucks and mac donalds anyway because i'm not a fatty but i really do not give a shit muzzie moids die they are too many already spreading their genes and cult like AIDS.
Religions are all cults. All of them. I am sick of it and how much it controls the population.(baiting, not a vent)

No. 2041775

That's funny, my ex with foreskin doesn't enjoy sex much. My fiancé who is circumcised loves sex. See how these little anecdotes don't mean shit?
MALE DETECTED. Rape is worse, no matter what. As someone who was raped, I WISH I was a poor little man who had useless skin cut off of his dick.

No. 2041776

can everybody please quit fucking around and just report this mother fucker?

No. 2041779

File: 1717895466054.jpg (48.73 KB, 600x378, 1525622_10201726821785431_1285…)

>I'll never be able to let go of female socialization and just let myself be a bitch when I'm entitled to
Ohhh yes you will. I was in a position similar to you at my job and lemme tell you, there is NOTHING like telling a bunch of pube-bearded scrotes with unwashed hair and ZERO leadership skills that you're not going to do what they say. You won't look like the "bad guy", you'll look like a fucking alpha female telling all the little betas and gammas to shut the fuck up.

No. 2041783

if i were a man i would be raping your asshole(do not respond to bait)

No. 2041784

For how long this shitshow has been going on, you especially got that last part right.

No. 2041787

i have a fetish for forcibly circumcising adult males, its sexy how it ruins their ability to feel sexual pleasure properly

No. 2041791

Sorry nona, deleted my last post. You're right, I just hate when people spread stupid lies

No. 2041793

>numbed, botched stick
Oh so he's a troon!

No. 2041794

KEK makes sense for why he joined the 41%

No. 2041795

Wouldnt that mean Jewish men in general are more aggressive? There aren't many Jews where I live but the stereotype is that they're meek,no?

No. 2041800

i agree with the anti-circumcision sperg, circumcision is bad for males. but thats why we should encourage it. men deserve all the shitty side-effects. its based because it makes them suffer

No. 2041803

Women are the most impacted by male circumcision because women are the main targets of male violence.

What's happening in Gaza doesn't seem very meek.

No. 2041805

File: 1717896762033.png (5.09 MB, 3570x2859, 1000016821.png)

>big fat stupid fucking bait discussion about how the first line of male circumcision is as bad as female circumcision of all types and how male circumcision is "worse than rape" turned a sperg about Jewish scrotes
Mods are clearly asleep. How many do we even have at this point? Like two?

No. 2041809

File: 1717896922699.png (205.46 KB, 334x483, 1000017209.png)

Fuck off and go chew on your precious baby foreskins after I fry them like funyun chips

No. 2041811

i dont know what he wants to achieve, he has reddit and 4chan to cry about his faggot issues. Why the fuck would any of us care about moids getting mutilated.

No. 2041812

When did this place become so retarded

No. 2041815

Go cry about men who still have full sexual pleasure without a skin that creates dick cheese. Oh wait, you already are. On fucking lolcow of all places kek.

No. 2041816

Cry about it, shit dick. For every tantrum you throw on here, a baby boy jew gets circumsized. We mostly care about girl babies, so eat a dick.

No. 2041817

Who cares about males

No. 2041820

this guy must be an homosexual pedphile. Baby dicks live rent free in his mind.

No. 2041826

why must nonnas reply to obvious scrote bait

No. 2041827

nigga you posted cp >>2041802 i reported you to the fbi btw

No. 2041829

Yesterday they were replying to a male thread too

No. 2041833

the fbi can tell its you, retard. We know you are ban evading. Enjoy prison hope you get ass raped there.

No. 2041838

Nta but I feel like if you’re not a moid then you’re one of those boymoms who is lobotomized after boymom pregnancy because of whatever chemicals your parasite scrote son infested within your brain. God help you; please remember that you can live for yourself and not just your shit dick rape ape son.

No. 2041839

Oh and THEN it gets deleted after you mention reporting them. Gee, how convenient KEK

No. 2041848

can everyone please stop responding to obvious bait

No. 2041855

Look at Hollywood. Look at the culture. That's all you need to know.

No. 2041859

There is a baiter in this thread who has been posting images of mutilated infant genitals, and we have reported them to the relevant authorities. Please do not respond to them, we will delete their posts as we catch them. Report and do not respond.

No. 2041870

Seeing men on twitter get mad at people for using instacart/uber/etc is hilarious. Sorry you’re too stupid and incapable to get a real job and are mad at people for using a service that should only be a side gig for anyone doing them instead of main income. I’ve had literal non English speaking people do a better job than the low IQ overweight dysgenic moids that litter the app, if you’re not ESL and can’t get competent after a few werks you’re probably a literal retard and should not be taken seriously. You don’t deserve $20 an hour to be a drooling angry retard. You are completey replacable, nobody online or offline genuinely gives a shit about you, why you were even born is beyond me.

No. 2041876

I had a moid who ubered me to work kept whining about how no one tips him. then when I was getting out the car, he said 'remember to tip. you gotta tip.' Like shut the fuck up

No. 2041878

it makes me sick that im essentially paying people's retirement homes with my rent. some of these bum disgusting places go for over 2.5k canadian. why am i paying for your terrible financial decision to buy a property during the pandemic. the housing crisis is a joke in canada and i'm going to start writing very cruel messages to these landlords who keep trying to shill their shitty home for an insane amount.

No. 2041880

I wish breast implants weren't so normalized. I feel like it's warped so many people's perceptions of what normal bodies look like and us flat chested women will never know peace from people suggesting we get ourselves "fixed."

No. 2041886

Most men don’t find breast implants attractive.

No. 2041892

Nta but you're wrong, they'll claim they don't but majority of top voted stuff on porn and everything else is women who have breast implants. Even more "normie" reddit that advertise normie women are like 90% implants 10% natural boobs

No. 2041909

Men don't like plastic surgery, makeup, etc because those women intimidate them. Typically those "fake bitches" are women that also have a lot of confidence, and carry themselves in a way that isn't inviting to insecure scrotes. It has nothing at all to do with their attraction level, because like you mentioned we see their attraction represented in pretty much every form of media.
They love looking at fake lips, bbls, and implants. They just don't like the type of women that typically have them don't pay them any attention.

So it all ends up being really confusing to young girls, and that's the part that's most upsetting. They hear their male peers berating women for having these things, and then their bfs end up following a million OF thots that don't look anything like the "natural" style they pressure their girlfriends into adopting.

No. 2041919

Should I bother to call a hotline? Last time it made me feel worse..

No. 2041925

>Men don't like plastic surgery, makeup, etc because those women intimidate them.
No, it’s because those women are fake. It’s like how women are more attracted to natural hair than wigs.

No. 2041927

my chin looks just like yours and idk if it's recessed but i'm very insecure about mines too. but i don't think anyone would notice it anyway.

No. 2041941

Men hate obvious unnatural things but their favorite stuff is a woman with good makeup, a good boob job, etc. Even some of the most praised women by men won't get looked at twice if she left the house without makeup. They claim they don't like it/play dumb about not knowing if a woman is using unnatural things to improve her appearance so they can enforce the extreme and unrealistic standards on women who can't afford those things

No. 2041942

I don't know what's wrong with me. Why I can't keep my opinions to myself. I don't know why I feel so passionately about things. I'm so caught up in celebrity drama and it's not about "cancelling" people for homophobic tweets they made 15 years ago, it's about celebrities who have genuinely been found guilty for assault or rape, or publicly supported their convicted pedophile friends. after that I just can't hear their name or watch their movies or listen to their music without feeling angry or sick, and I try to tell my friends but they clearly don't care and then I feel upset because why don't they care? I know groomers and rapists in real life and everytime I have cut them off, spread the word, even gone to authorities but I feel like the only one who does. Everyone else just says oh yeah it's bad but it's in the past. They can move on and I can't. I wish I could just chill. I don't read up on celebrity news anymore because whatever I find will disappoint me and I'm sick of being the depressing friend who always brings the mood down. Help me be normal.

No. 2041957

File: 1717908772769.jpeg (5.6 KB, 224x225, images (29).jpeg)

My coworkers are all in relationships and im the only single girl there. Its makes me feel a bit like shit hearing them talk about their bf/husband and knowing i haven't dated in years. It makes me feel extremely strange. Like normal people like them are in relationships of course and im just a loser struggling to meet ppl/make connections and feeling self conscious in my party of one

No. 2042004

No you're good hearted.

No. 2042020

File: 1717913942138.jpeg (38.79 KB, 500x500, 0e1.jpeg)

I voted for the first time today and I want to fucking kill myself, I showed up sleepless in my baggy depressed NEET fit and once inside the room I started unfolding my paper while walking into the cabin (as opposed to once inside) and that made the admin guy upset, and once I voted I walked the wrong way out, kill me kill me KILL ME

No. 2042065

it might just be my internalized homophobia going crazy but i really do not think the majority of people take (exclusive) homosexuality seriously or even think it's real including many gay people themselves. troons have only exacerbated this mindset for me with how pervasive the genital preference debate is and even non-troon gays/bisexuals will back them up. even ignoring troons there are women who enthusiastically moids and still call themselves lesbians. i've only heard about things progressively getting worse in irl lesbian communities so i can't even cope about it and brush it off as a terminally online thing. at this point i think i'm just gonna be celibate and not interact with anything gay related and be happier that way

No. 2042068

>loser doing min wage jobs
>want to die
>but keep going
>find something I'm good at
>really lean into it
>want to make a career out of it
>work and get certs bc too poor for a degree
>market crashes
>can't get a job, again

It's like the universe is playing with me or just outright telling me to fucking kill myself

No. 2042107


No. 2042115

If you're embarassed, so many people come through on voting day, you've long been forgotten.

I couldn't vote because I couldn't find my ballot, first time I ever missed the opportunity to vote oops

No. 2042117

>Drank too much
>Sniffed way more than is healthy
>Missing a shoe
>Phone is cracked
Last thing I remember is glassing a dickhead. He was being a dickhead so I don't feel bad. He's ok but this psycho shit is happening way too often. I can't keep living like this. I'm going to end up in jail if I keep this up

No. 2042125

File: 1717925656915.jpg (82.92 KB, 789x740, tumblr_pqbeyewyPO1qhdztl_1280.…)

>can't eat spicy food due to stomach issues
>don't wear gold jewelry because I prefer silver
>have hobbies that aren't preaching my evil cult religion and talking shit about everyone within my line of sight
>hang out with normal people that are not part of the cult
>"ew anon you're so whitewashed and weird!!"
God forbid I'm not some copy-paste stereotype and actually have some individuality. And what the fuck is the term 'whitewashed'? We were born and lived our entire lives here, not in our parents' shithole, so why do you expect me to act like I was? kek. I'm not the weird one.

No. 2042132

Men DO love plastic surgery and makeup. They only 'hate' the kind they can tell is fake, which is eyeshadow and bright lipstick or pornstar bolt-ons because they're too dense to clock subtle surgery and makeup. Then they'll turn around and extol the virtues of a 'natural beauty' like Sydney Sweeney and ask why all women can't look like her. Make no mistake, they'd get with girls who wear purple eyeshadow just fine, but they get less clout with their moid friends and it gives them an easy thing to bully a woman for since they're otherwise not very observant.

No. 2042134

I could have written this. My family always says this. When growing up I was almost always surrounded by white kids at school and they were also acting like I was some kind of weird race traitor for not being an offensive racist stereotype of my own people. All just because I like wearing shorts and tshirts in the summer, I don't eat halal food and I like listening to music that's not just rap.

No. 2042136

Only people who peaked in high school say that. My life has only gotten better.

No. 2042143

Im glad Im not a burger because my life would be drastically different if I had access to a gun during my period

No. 2042149

Have any of you ever been woken up by either of your parents to make them breakfast? I dont know if this is normal but it is in my house and I hate it so much, I’m not a fucking maid

No. 2042160

Are you adult? If your answer is no then get off here. Do you pay rent? If the answer is no then, yeah here's the cross you will have to bear

No. 2042168

It's so weird how people think you have to act/look a certain way because of your race kek. I'm a human with my own personality first and foremost. People are too obsessed with useless fucking labels like race/gender.

No. 2042170

File: 1717930387398.jpg (152.28 KB, 700x1023, absolutelydisgusting.jpg)

I hate living with people with no sense of hygiene who shit up communal spaces, forcing me to go full ocd on my own surrondings so I could maybe get rid of recurring pinworm infections but even being a hygiene freak myself is completely useless against them when the people I live with don't care. my mom just woke up, came to the kitchen only wearing underwear, fully put her hands inside her underwear to scratch her ass and then grabbed the juice carton I just bought to "see what it is". And then when I called her out on it she literally just says she didn't do it, even when I just saw it happen in front of me with my own two goddamn eyes. And let's not even start with my dad who finds washing his hands after using the bathroom emasculating or something

No. 2042174

File: 1717930835691.jpg (326.66 KB, 1049x1039, 20240204_234032.jpg)

Your roommates are giving you PINWORMS?

No. 2042176

Why are cats so fucking precious?

No. 2042184

If you're getting pinworms repeatedly it means your hands are going into your mouth after being exposed to the eggs. If you washed your hands more, don't put your hands in your mouth unless your hands are washed, cut your nails short, and avoid eating their food it might help. If your parents have an ongoing pinworm issue though I feel so bad for you lol ew

No. 2042187

File: 1717932277967.png (14.33 KB, 100x96, tumblr_2da4babde7386741ac0baf4…)

I'm washing my hands all the goddamn time, I'm wiping down everything I own. But it doesn't matter when I have to use the same laundry, bathroom, kitchen as people who very demonstrably don't give a fuck. It's exhausting and I feel gross all the time

No. 2042207

Yeah you'll basically have to disinfect the bathroom every time you use it to make sure the eggs don't come into contact with your anus but the only options you really have then are to never eat their food or share yours at this point. That sounds so rancid.

No. 2042212

The real answer is for her to move out of her parents' house. Also she could take some worm medicine, just saying.

No. 2042223

The worm medicine won't work if she's living in the site of constant infection. I assume there is a reason she hasn't moved yet, I thought the answer was so obvious I didn't bother adding that. If she cant go to the doctor or get a script for whatever reason, she could also soak a cotton swab in castor oil and shove it up her ass to suffocate them. It works.

No. 2042229

I've been crushing on my (also lesbian) friend for a year or so, ever since I realized she was acting obviously flirty with me. She ended up kissing me last September drunk at a party, and we hooked up for a couple of times afterwards. She said she was attracted to me, but we agreed to keep it casual. I can't see myself dating her, either (for issues too spesific to share here, the TL;DR here would be that I know some aspects about her personality would make any romantic relationship not worth it).

We talked about last year a while back, and she told me that while she thought the sex was good and she wouldn't mind hooking up some time again, there was so much going on in her life that she hadn't just thought about it for a while. I took it as a clear sign I'm more invested than she is (especially since I asked her to hang out a few times near winter, and she always came up with excuses but didn't ask me to see her once). Plus, I'm pretty sure she's interested in another girl.

Last night I ended up at her place with a mutual friend (girl 2), and I ended up sharing a bed with friend 1. She started spooning me as soon as the lights were off, and I slept the entire night with her arms and legs wrapped around me. She kissed my hair at one point, as well. It feels so fucking pathetic to know that none of it probably matters and I'm just reading too much into it. I loathe myself for having it affect me this much.

No. 2042273

Aw, nona. It's okay. You're normal. Nothing to be ashamed of. Don't try to block the feelings just let them wash over and through you then leave them behind because you know she's not as invested as you. Maybe you should stop hanging out with her for a while.

No. 2042285

Do you live with a lot of pets?

Pets, particularly cats, are usually culprits.

No. 2042288

Is my bf's mom a narc or is this bpd? None of her kids can stand her, one even went no contact. She's always throwing jabs at my bf and reminding him of how horrible he was to raise as a kid, always complaining to him about how he is, but at the same time says she loves him, is proud of him, and whenever they're in public she forces him to be physically affectionate (only forces him, never his sisters). She has gotten into countless arguments with his sister, and would always kick both of them out but then take it back, until his sister actually left for good. She started a big argument over some photos at the sister's wedding.
With me she acts very nice but one time lied about how the sister disliked me because I did X embarrassing thing, and told the story to a room full of people, making it seem like she was defending me from the evil sister. It scares me to think that one day I might have her as a MIL.

No. 2042297

She's definitely a boymom.

Watch out if you want kids because she will goldenchild a boy and not favor a girl grandchild. She sounds like a narc, many narc women prefer males.

No. 2042316

>some aspects about her personality would make any romantic relationship not worth it
What is it?

No. 2042331

>13 yr old boys when I was 13: you're cute but not mature/sexy enough
>24 yr old men now as a 24 yr old: you're cute but not mature/sexy enough
how do I rope? what does mature even mean, do I look too kiddish? are they afraid of going out with me cause it gonna make them look like weirdos? how is this fucking fair, I'm not even short or baby faced

No. 2042335

Might be your personality, maybe you're very meek or come off naive or inexperienced. I wouldn't worry about it though anon, you'll find your person.

No. 2042336

File: 1717946777205.gif (4.11 MB, 498x350, ro3gxe6vor4a1.gif)

My old roommate was back for the week. We got wasted and on the uber home I admitted I'm an alcoholic. She said the same thing too. We're both in pretty deep. She's barely holding on and I'm not much better.
While we were drunk I told her to text me if she has any problems but I'm such a useless fuck I'm worried I'm just going to encourage her or worse. I'm in the hole I don't want to drag anyone else deeper.
We were both barely able to stand getting in the uber so I'm hoping we can just ignore it and live in our separate holes for a while.
That said if I was to message her about it what app should I use? Signal has a screenshot blocking thing right? If people find out it's bad end for me.

No. 2042338

I think you need to spare yourself and separate from her physically if your feelings for her are causing you this much pain. You aren't pathetic, you're human and you got attached to someone, that's okay. I don't even think you should tell her the reason for why you won't be as physical with her anymore if you don't want to, though being honest about it will probably help take that weight off you. I will tell you (after experiencing something similar to this situation myself) that distance will definitely help stabilize your feelings. It won't be easy, but distancing yourself from her will over time let these feelings go away. This will however have the side affect of making your friendship more distant overall, but it's up to you whether or not you think that's for the best.

No. 2042339

this has always been weird to me, why does having hobbies outside of your culture make you whitewashed? why are only white kids allowed to experiment with different subcultures and styles?

No. 2042344

can't you just, stop drinking as much?

No. 2042345

If it was that easy I wouldn't be drinking Pinot Grigio right now

No. 2042347

I'm genuinely curious, do you start shaking or something if you stop it? is there no way of trying to cut it back?

No. 2042352

that’s not how addictions work dumbo
>gee why don’t you just stop doing meth?

No. 2042353

I hope you get the help you need. Admitting really is the first step. Rooting for you, anon

No. 2042357

I'm mildly shaky until I drink. I work from home so I can get away with it. My sleep is absolutely fucked. It's either staring at the walls or having really intense lucid dreams

No. 2042363

Thanks nonnie. I've been in AA and hated it. Cult shit. I have a appointment on Thursday so I can get prescribed Naltrexone. Hopefully that will make a functional human. Hands up I have no power over myself, I'm a useless bitch

No. 2042369

you could work together to minimize your intake?

No. 2042373

Maybe. She's in Canada and I'm in the UK

No. 2042378

If it helps you any, my dad told me that about a month ago one of his friends was found dead and homeless on the streets from alcoholism. He was a very successful musician but didn't want to stop drinking.

No. 2042416

Men will literally get offended if you're standoffish towards them, but if you're nice to them and still reject them when they inevitably ask for your number, they say you led them on. Bleh.

No. 2042439

He’s over 18,why does anyone give a shit.There are males in their 60s going after 10 year olds,they should focus on that.

No. 2042447

File: 1717953040242.jpg (84.71 KB, 1080x1080, E1inPFwWYAAhlnC.jpg)

Having sore throat, fever ande feeling like a soul is leaving m body rn

No. 2042456

It's so hot and it's hard to think or move or eat or do anything. Why can't I live in a nice cottage in the mountains with a lake to swim in nearby and with a nice cool breeze at all times

No. 2042472

I look like the top except for my crooked nose

No. 2042489

File: 1717955047291.jpg (79.45 KB, 904x602, 1000008090.jpg)

No. 2042497

Yup. I’m out. Not doing this anymore

No. 2042516

The anons on here absolutely don’t read at all and just talk at people and not with them, it’s hilarious to watch when you figure out which trigger words you use to get them to repeat the same argument over and over again like an AI chatbot.

No. 2042520

The reading comprehension here is fucking abysmal lately. I swear to god they're just looking for something to argue about. Whenever something devolves into a stupidly heated infight I always have to remind myself that this place is just full of those mirroring the behaviors they endure from others all day and replicating it online.

No. 2042526

Don’t take any of it personally and just joke around tbh

No. 2042529

I just want a break I hate my life so much

No. 2042537

I'll never forget that salty asian bitch on tiktok who wants the extermination of blonde,blue eyed/light eyed women kek
stay mad

No. 2042541

Hate to refer to any attachment theory bs, but she fits the avoidant attachment stereotype to a T. Even when she had a crush on me, she would only text me back once or twice a day. I knew her when she was still dating her ex, and she was acting just as hot and cold with her, too. I know building a relationship with her would have me constantly guessing whether she's mad at me or losing interest. Not like that's going to happen, since she has barely responded to any of my messages lately even when she has initiated the conversation lol. I would've probably already let go of the friendship, if it wasn't for the fact we have a close knit mutual group of friends and every sometimes when we hang out, she ends up, say, hugging me half the evening and giving me a ton of genuine attention.

No. 2042561

Went out with a girlfriend today, and she brought along a really cute German guy friend of hers. Dude was clearly trying to get into her pants (she wasn't interested lol), calling her "darling", offering to buy her drinks, etc, just classic horny moid shit. It was hilarious to watch her ignore him but it made me both mad and a bit upset. Even though I could guarantee he has some damning flaw/is like all of the other scrotes and I hate when moids are only nice to women for sexual reasons… I felt left out, and unappreciated. They had good chemistry and the guy basically treated me like a dude for our entire meetup. I shouldn't want the attention of a guy who only respect women who serve his interests but it feeds into my own complex about being othered and ignored. Idk nonnas I'm happy being single but I hate feeling ugly, and it's been ages since a guy treated me with respect. I'm not even unattractive, just not the type most men seem to go for (brown hair, glasses, typical geek-girl shit)

No. 2042568

I feel you nonnie, it's the same for me. It's awkward and isolating at times but having heard the stories about drama on both sides of each couple, especially for the girls, I'm becoming more comfy with my single status. There might be more than you think who envy your singledom!!

No. 2042578

>I shouldn't want the attention of a guy who only respect women who serve his interests
I'm confused anon, was he being disrespectful or just not trying to court you?

No. 2042582

Everyday on lolcow we have this same conversation implying that men see women as human… when will you learn…

No. 2042584

He acted as if I didn't exist and was pretty rude, the difference in the way he treated my friend and me was night and day…

No. 2042590

ignoring one person in a group is disrespectful, and we all know what it looks like when a man does this, it is disrespectful to the lady he was fawning over too, as it was entirely out of sexual interest - again, we have all seen this. Its male logic to think that being overly polite to someone because you want something = respect

No. 2042594

>might be on period
>just peed
>feels like I still have to pee

should be in the tmi thread but wtf?

No. 2042605

No. 2042606

No. 2042610

> the guy basically treated me like a dude for our entire meetup
And what’s wrong with that? He wasn’t rude to you, he didn’t disrespect you.

No. 2042621

UTI, it's probably best to make an appointment with your doctor and get anti biotica. Untreated UTIs can spread to the kidneys and that's a ticket to the hospital.

No. 2042626

He’s ignoring another person because he doesn’t wanna fuck her. That’s disrespect retard. If you can’t maintain the same level of attention to others without thinking about banging them then you’re not worth talking to

No. 2042628

File: 1717962288407.jpg (22.28 KB, 452x420, GMkqA4MWIAAvGNn.jpg)

being friends with a man is all fine and dandy until he randomly goes mask off and says the most misogynistic shit you've ever heard

No. 2042642

Valerie is such a giga stacy, she did nothing wrong. I loved the move I Shot Andy Whorhol (1996) I think Lili Taylor did a great job playing her and also Lili is so insanely hot

No. 2042643

200% percent and even more real if he says weird ass coomer shit, you just gotta smile and nod while you die inside

No. 2042645

thanks anons but i don’t think its a uti, i would know if it was because it would burn like hell. i think i know what it is

No. 2042646

too real. i can't trust any man, even if they're a friend because they're always seconds from doing something gross like this

No. 2042647

>i know what it is
do tell

No. 2042649

What do you think just cause I'm paranoid about down there stuff

No. 2042657

I’m late but I wanted to say that when I had a yeast infection, it also gave me urges to pee when I had just peed.

No. 2042668

nah not a yeast infection either

No. 2042691

He didn’t ignore her, he treated her “like a dude”, just like he treats men and I doubt he ignored the other men in the social gathering. Everyone treats people that they’re romantically interested in differently from friends or acquaintances. Anon isn’t entitled to the same level of a man’ attention as other women.

No. 2042692

when i'm about to get my period, my uterus presses on my bladder and makes it feel like I have to pee, maybe it's that?

No. 2042693

What did your friend say?

No. 2042710

I doubt any woman wants to be singled out and treated like a man compared to other women nonna

No. 2042712

“Treated like a man” in this case means treated with the basic respect and decency like any man and women who men aren’t romantically interest in, do you think that anon would prefer men to be constantly hitting on her?

No. 2042717

Oh I see. I was just wondering because you said he said he treated you like a bro, so I thought you meant friendly but not romantic. Im sorry you experienced that.
Anon didn't say he ignored her in the original post.

No. 2042722

Something tells me that events at that social gathering transpired in ways differently from how that anon perceived them.

No. 2042731

Not friendly, just curt and like he didn't want to be around me and that I was an annoyance. Could be because I'm shy and come off as a bit awkward, idk, but I don't have a lot of confidence in those situations…

No. 2042788

Love my dad bless his heart but I'm so damn jealous of his extremely fast metabolism, he's like a big burning machine. He's physically bigger than anyone in our family (not fat, just very sturdy and tall). He eats whatever and in any quantity with 0 problems, no bloating or reflux. He hasn't experimented constipation in his life, he downs two servings of whatever with a 1lts water bottle and he still eats some ice cream like one hour later, he gets to eat what he likes with no repercussions, when he gets anxious he eats even more but quickly recovers from the gained weight. I feel so cucked fucking hell I'm literally unable to overindulge because my body literally doesn't allow it, I'm way smaller than him and I feel frustrated at the way my body can't handle big proportions or simply digest faster. I'm always getting reflux and indigestion over random shit, constipated 24/7, cannot even drink much water without getting bloated, when I get anxious my appetite completely disappears making me look crazy in less than a week, so I gotta force-fed myself so I don't waste away, eating feels like a chore to me while he finds it extremely fun. My life is miserable in that sense, it's caused by thyroid issues but still. I wish my stupid metabolism was way faster, the fuck you taking so long for? Bitch hurry up!!!

No. 2042797

I was doing laundry in the laundry room at the vacation house when my ten year old brother-in-law barged in with his oculus rift and demanded to use the room alone so that he could masturbate. Disgusting. Subpar genetics should be drowned at birth.

No. 2042817

so mentally ill that whenever i grind up against my bf with our underwear on i start instantly panicking that i got pregnant and make a master plan of getting abortion pills and every single sensation freaks me out until my period.
can you tell i never ever ever ever want to be pregnant?

No. 2042829

File: 1717972266898.jpg (30.5 KB, 480x446, 1000003747.jpg)

This sounds fake

No. 2042853

>start talking to a moid met in a bar
>younger, very handsome, good taste in music and art
>there’s an election going on
>ask who he voted for
>turns out it was ultraconservative, nationalist, extremely misogynistic party
>politely tell him it’s unacceptable for you
>he throws a hissy fit
It’s over nonnas, they wonder why the birth rate is so low and meanwhile we have to choose between right-wing retards and leftist soyboys. I’m upset because besides some red flags it was going okay and he’s 100% my type physically, but this is a dealbreaker for me and dating a moid like this would be embarrassing. I hoped I can groom him to my liking, but political views this shit past the age of 15 are unsalvageable.

No. 2042860

my favourite twitter artist is dating an exceptionally fugly "butch lesbian" degenerate tranny moid and they always flirt with eachother in replies in the most obnoxious way possible and it's clogging up my feed

No. 2042865

File: 1717973507505.jpg (Spoiler Image,591.33 KB, 1109x1552, tumblr_2d0df0c2c367b0aaa5c9e30…)

God I wish it was. He didn't say it out loud but he was only in there for ten minutes and afterwards the search "r34 gifs" popped up on the house's Wi-Fi search.
>pic: mfw I heard the door lock behind me and I realized what he was doing

No. 2042867

I’m sorry Nona. It really feels like there are no good moids. They always seem to be defective in some massive way.

No. 2042873

have you ever met someone who thinks they are way smarter than they actually are? i have a family member who thinks that they're james bond, the world's smartest stock broker, an elite real estate mogul, and a top financial advisor. of course he's none of these things and proves it every single day, but he's constantly in my business (and other's), sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, and trying to tell me and other people what to do and how to do it. i'd feel sorry for him if he also wasn't such a mean, shitty person, but i just do whatever i need to do and let him run his mouth because that's all that it is…noise.

No. 2042874

I just googled 'r34 gifs' and the only thing I saw were a bunch of nissan cars kek. Maybe he was looking at cars nona, I mean I hope he was… because 10 is waaay too young for it to be the other thing

No. 2042877

pretty much 90% of moids are like this lol

No. 2042881

It's actually kinda funny that they fucking hate women and vote to continue oppressing us, but then can't figure out why women don't want to date them.

No. 2042887

File: 1717974280556.jpeg (115.82 KB, 768x1024, IMG_1125.jpeg)

I can’t trust your guys’ metrics on male attractiveness anymore. For all we know he could look like this

No. 2042889

Why is he clutching his chest like that lol

No. 2042892

KEK wasn’t this some anon’s ex?

No. 2042894


No. 2042905

man it pisses me off that people can discuss scrote-pandering gacha games like genshin and wuthering waves and blue archive unmolested but the moment i mention limbus company i'm an evil devil

No. 2042906

to be fair that anon didnt say her ex was hot, she just said he looked like paul dano.

No. 2042908

I got hot cause in my eye

No. 2042910

limbus company is so fucking ugly and all the female characters have gigantic tits

No. 2042913

Thank you nonna, guess I’m coming back to swearing off moids forever.

It’s funny because I was blunt and direct but rather polite, and he seemed really offended and passive-agressive in response. Obviously he voted for them because of ecological reasons blah blah blah.

KEKK anon, no, I wouldn’t be half as butthurt if he looked like dollar store Paul Dano. I can’t find a reference right now, but he had very sharp jaw, head full of hair, nice eyes etc.

No. 2042920

File: 1717975541817.webp (474.99 KB, 1920x1080, The_Pequod_Captain_Ishmael_Ful…)

art style aside they're all written far better than woman in other gachas…you can't slot a single one of them into a waifu archetype. maybe don but her cheer is more crackhead hyped up on amphetamine than genki gf. also, their large busts aren't even pronounced or noticeable maybe 90% of the time

No. 2042921

I should’ve listened to this site and stopped caring about moid opinions my god why didn’t I listen!!

No. 2042923

>you can't slot a single one of them into a waifu archetype.
pic rel is literally ''cool dommy mommy''

No. 2042924

also: genshin/wuwu/whatever is way uglier. soulless ai slop tier designs

No. 2042925

ahh i forgot to add *unless you are retarded. have a good day

No. 2042927

What do you think of Honkai star rail? Everyone is posting about that cute robot, but he's in such a shitty gatcha game

No. 2042928

at least genshin has cute male designs.

No. 2042931

next step is to stop caring about opinions in general, unless they're related to money or health. people's nitpicky criticisms about your hobbies, appearance, lifestyle, etc. should be shuttered out

No. 2042935

If it’s not painful yet drink a ton of water and take a shower. I got a full blown UTI twice before but never do anymore, now I still get almost-UTIs have of frequently and have llearned to spot them before they hit and drink a ton of water then sip and it goes away

No. 2042940

yeah deffo gonna do that, thanks anon

No. 2042944

File: 1717976400320.jpeg (250.89 KB, 1024x1024, OIG1.kquWzRiM.jpeg)

taste is subjective, but even from an objective lens, i just think the designs are overall pretty bad. there's always so much shit tossed on the character that serves no purpose outside of making them distinct…like picrel is just me typing 'gacha anime fantasy design female and male holding blades' into bing. with a little bit of polishing (juuust a little) they could slot into genshin or honkai easily.

plot-wise, i doubt there's much of a plot? it's a gacha game meant to appeal to as many people as possible so they probably aren't doing anything more special than rehashing tepid tropes everyone is comfortable with and has seen already. it also needs to never ever reach eos so i bet lore drops always add new shit without resolving old shit but it all fits together because the glue is sparkly far-reaching, broad-stroking nonsense and the foundation's nonexistent anyway.

No. 2042947

>the moment i mention limbus company i'm an evil devil
Is it not because of the controversy? If not then I'm surprised there's people who hate Limbus just for the sake of it given that it's actually a pretty solid gacha game from what I remember.

No. 2042972

Life is cruel. I have suffered so much abuse at the hands of men, but I finally met a great man and made him mine. Now I'm watching him die. He doesn't deserve this. I don't deserve this. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 2042973

File: 1717977701316.jpg (898.97 KB, 3024x3381, 1000003842.jpg)

If I ever have a NDE I'm going to come back with a wild story about how I met God in heaven and spend two years selling it to Christian retards and touring it pretending to be enlightened and blessed and saved. And then after I get an amount of money I'm content with I'm gonna tell them I made it up.

No. 2042974

File: 1717977727791.jpeg (140.85 KB, 2380x2549, uoyxiusa12gc1.jpeg)

Shit happens and then you live.

No. 2042976

Reddit moment

No. 2042978

Your mom is a reddit moment

No. 2042987

this go harder than the tranny janny’s erection(derailing)

No. 2043019

File: 1717979033943.jpg (219.11 KB, 695x500, m652.057ra.jpg)

We should be psyopping men into getting testicle implants. Like, ew, who the fuck wants to date a scrote with uneven, asymmetrical grapes? Oh, you don't even chemically exfoliate them? How long have you been gay?

No. 2043024

Sounds like something a tranny would say

No. 2043040

File: 1717979371381.png (915.85 KB, 537x827, IMG_1716.png)

be nice limbus is the best gacha to come out in years and all the women are great, the men too. pmoon literally refuses to pander to waifufags but the shit they did to the old story artist was fucked
also fuck canto v

No. 2043054

>the men too
the men are hideous they all look like ecchi harem protagonists

No. 2043058

i have so many feelings and anxieties and fears and goals and i wish i could let go everything i know now and just do what i want to do. my brain feels like 2 different retards fighting at all times. i want the retards to die so i can return to being the owner of my brain again.

No. 2043075

deep breaths nonnie, you’ll be ok

No. 2043107

no, fuck them, and fuck their tittymonster waifus too

No. 2043108

being unattractive, even slightly below average not straight up ugly, makes life so much harder. even if you can find a boyfriend it's so hard to make friends, people are rude to you for no reason, you have to try really hard to make people like you even other women, they exclude you, it just sucks. even if you try to be friendly and outgoing. and it's just because of my face, even other unattractive women i try to befriend want nothing to do with me unless we met online through similar interests

No. 2043230

thank you, nona. it doesn't feel like it will be but i know eventually it has to get better. maybe time makes it better or my actions make it better, but it has to get better.

No. 2043277

I was cleaning my kitchen and I picked up my phone to like 15 Facebook messages, 2 missed Facebook video calls, 2 texts, a missed FaceTime and 3 missed Snapchat video calls all from one friend within like a 10 minute span. I just spent all day with her today and she sent a couple pictures of some of the shells we collected so I’m sure she wants to ask me something easily google-able about cleaning them. It just makes me not want to answer when she spams my phone like that.

No. 2043300

File: 1717983867178.jpg (352.94 KB, 2048x1266, 1682032172166324.jpg)

love faust…i should really pick it back up tbh life's too short to deny myself something i actually want to play, controversy aside

No. 2043354

File: 1717985240148.jpg (15.02 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

I fucking hate teamers in roblox outlaster. It's actually so stupid how much it breaks the game its not even fun if like 5 people are voting random ass people off regardless of how well they are playing the game or what alliances there are. Like 1-3 person alliances should be the cap because anything over that just makes it unplayable these 13 year olds suck ass at obby and cant play basic team games. I hate roblox I hate roblox I hate roblox I hate roblox

No. 2043370

my mom is so low vibrational

No. 2043441

I hate you I hate you I hate you…. Everything I’ve done up with my life has been accommodated and catered to you… I’ve pushed back opportunities, self sabotaged relationships because you cannot do anything on your own and to be my own mother and say I remind and act like your mom was such a hurtful stab to my heart. I never knew the woman but the way you speak of her made me feel for you and to be compared to someone I never knew is so hurtful.
Don’t tell anyone I’m the best daughter you’ve had and how you prayed to god you wanted a daughter and got one only to compare me to trash. You’ve broken my heart one too many times

No. 2043451

File: 1717987772685.jpg (70.55 KB, 1000x1000, st,small,845x845-pad,1000x1000…)

i can't fucking deal with the anons in the celebritycow thread why is everyone such a retarded normie, why is everyone using twitter speech and gender neutral pronouns, why is everyone running in circles about the same few un-milky topics, why is everyone arguing over semantics for like 20 posts?? i might jump ship and stop checking it altogether, everything on there is stolen off fauxmoi anyway

No. 2043462

>gender neutral pronouns
>twitter speak
it's the summerfags.

No. 2043488

File: 1717989232165.webp (10.51 KB, 480x270, IMG_0289.webp)

I don’t know how many of you guys saw my other post but I mentioned how my ex (who has a history of tracking down my social media accounts) showed up at my graduation ceremony and sat there watching me even though he’s not a senior. Well today I got a follow request on my private Twitter account and I noticed it was one of like 10 girls he follows. He’s sending his flying monkeys after me pray for me nonnas

No. 2043500

He's stalking you, and that's really fucked up. Im so sorry you have to deal with that. I can't imagine what that's like.

No. 2043504

How long have you used this website?

No. 2043505

Thank you nonna I’m scared

No. 2043520

>banned on 4chan and cc again
why are imageboard jannies there so assblasted

No. 2043522

I would be too. Try to reach out to any domestic violence resources in your country for advice. Also, read up on osint (open source intelligence), (like this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwA6MmbeGNo) and ways to hide your identity, so to cut down on ways he can find your social medias.

No. 2043524

Block any weird accounts and start carrying a weapon nonny, I pray they just leave you alone

No. 2043528

What did you do?

No. 2043530

i'm not sure why i got banned on cc. it seems like they just ban every regular eventually.
i was making troll posts on 4chan so fair enough. but those bitches deserved to be riled up, so it was overall just for me to mess with them.

No. 2043545

4 years, sorry I’m retarded and play Roblox at my big age. You wouldn’t understand Nona

No. 2043549

If you stopped playing Roblox you wouldn’t have to worry about getting trolled by 14 yr olds

No. 2043557

Nooooo the only demographic of adults that play Roblox are the male faggot twitter “yas queen” type and I like to bully them over Roblox survivor…. You don’t get it

No. 2043561

I got to hang with a friend I haven’t seen in 8 years. Was lovely and they were always and is so sweet.

No. 2043564

Nta but wait a minute, I thought it was normal to feel like you have to pee all the time before and during your period? I had this feeling ever since I got periods like since puberty, then it stops once the period is over. Have I been getting utis every 3 weeks this whole time? but the last time I took a uti test at the doctors the results came back negative, and drinking more water didn't change anything

No. 2043571

So you're either underage or a male

No. 2043577

i don't understand this pic. is it supposed to be inspirational or something because it just makes me feel worse. what if i don't want to live?

No. 2043601

File: 1717998011051.gif (293.09 KB, 500x313, 1000014944.gif)

WHY IS LC ALWAYS SO DEAD WHEN I'M AWAKE? I try to engage with various posts and then you all disappear

No. 2043645

whats your favourite family guy funny moment nonny

No. 2043648

Im so angry at my ex’s entire family. His mom who told me that it was a good thing he met me as a barely pubescent girl because wit meant I was good and clean and pure for him. Him for grooming me and abusing me for a decade, his dad for saying I need to stop talking to people about what he did and even telling me that I just need to make sure my daughter never brings over her girl friends (because he might get attracted to one of them) and his sister for treating me like a fucking inconvenience in her life while also making me believe that she saw me as her sister. I’m so enraged and bitter and I hate how much space they all take up in my mind.

No. 2043653

i don't remember tbh haven't watched it in decades, i just needed a reaction image

No. 2043669

That's so upsetting and betraying… I'm so sorry Nonna…

No. 2043697

I feel like shit and I'm trying not to feel this way so I keep telling myself the dumb shit I learned from CBT but also while convincing myself I'm a piece of shit. At least it's been awhile.

No. 2043704

File: 1718005745294.png (275.06 KB, 970x545, 1000014122.png)

As a Eurofag, the amount of far right parties that won in the European elections worry and scare me

No. 2043714

i haven't seen any gender neutral pronoun use in there unless you're mixing it up with plural "they"? (referring to multiple people). but otherwise agree, those threads have gotten worse than usual in the past 10 months.

No. 2043734

why do i enjoy being mean to my nigels ? especially when theyre nice and loving to me. if a man im dating compliments me or tells me he loves me I have to forcefully resist being spiteful and mean about it whereas i will smile and be oh so nice at any randos that do. i know im just coping with being insicure and hating them as a natural consequence ('they MUST be settling/lying/probably cheating anyway/etc') but gosh i cant help it. its like being a cunt gives me an upper hand before THEY can be which is probably what it boils down to. or being in an unequal relationship where im not the one thats loving loving loving with nothing back for once. i dunno i want to change but its such a comforting mentality

No. 2043744

I honestly would not mind that either, but my bf and I are hoping to move to another country soon and I'm weary that the general attitude towards immigrants will be one of anomisity

No. 2043750

File: 1718011744943.jpg (2.14 MB, 1920x1200, common_frog.jpg)

I would encourage you to read about these "far right" parties and find out if they really are far right. These days anything from wanting to deport rapist immigrant moids, knowing that a man in a dress is not a woman, to thinking that paedophilia needs to remain a crime is labeled as far right.

No. 2043763

File: 1718014455886.jpg (132.45 KB, 736x736, 1000000477.jpg)

real insightful ty

No. 2043764

Euros aren't a monolith. I hate the Brits, French and Dutch equally.
t. actual euro

No. 2043767

As it should. There are very rare cases when immigration should be welcomed.

No. 2043790

How do I get over the random burst of guilt/irrational fear that maybe I'm a schizoid who doesn't care at all for all my interpersonal relationships? I'm tired of it, even though I constantly prove to myself with both my emotions around them and basic logic that I do love and enjoy them.

No. 2043800

I stopped playing for ages after last year's controversy, but picked it up again just before Canto VI which I really enjoyed. The vocal track is especially good for that one too.
I like Ishmael, but I'm terrified of the ocean so her Canto freaked me out lol…

No. 2043880

I was told by friends as a child that I was essentially always trauma dumping or complaining. And now I find it impossible to vent to people. I had a huge emotional breakdown yesterday and when my friends ask me what's wrong, I can't even muster the courage to tell them. I'm just afraid I'll be a nuisance again. Nobody actually wants you to open up or vent to them. Why ruin their day like that. I'll just suffer in silence I guess until the day I finally kns.

No. 2043894

Remembering how my old best friend had risky unprotected sex with a moid and couldn't afford plan B so she raided her mom's closet, stole her (expired) birth control, and took a bunch of the pills at once because it allegedly has a similar hormonal effect as plan B. She did this multiple times as if it were a reliable method. I helped her raid her mom's closet once kek. I'm not close with her anymore, the pill thing was back in high school and we had a falling out a few years ago. I pick healthier friends now anyways but in hindsight she was such a trainwreck it was almost entertaining.Hope she's doing okay but last I heard saw from her she was in some vile polycule and was covered in scratcher tattoos.

No. 2043926

File: 1718028178411.jpeg (108.99 KB, 768x576, Fx9lwx2XwAIQmk_.jpeg)

'Kweer' communities are genuinely deranged, I have to get this out of my system. I recently broke up with this girl, we were just too incompatible and I wanted to be single. She was a part of our city's queer community, I'm completely removed from it and she would tell me the shit that goes down there and honestly.. holy shit, man. I thought this shit only existed on the internet, not going to lie. And not in my fuckass Islamic country? It's deranged. All posh richfags, of course. 'Lesbians' dating trannies, gender discourse, the same phenotype of dyed hair and ugly piercings and makeup, how did this shit end up here? Like.. do none of you have real problems? A job? A hobby? It's so fucking embarrassing. These early 20s getting into the most asinine, bpd ass drama… I was shocked, honestly. I have never felt more normal. Literally all of them were some flavor of tranny, not one normal person. All embarrassing druggies with eds. I know I sound full of it, but I got out once I realized. The amount of… navel gazing, selfabsorbedness, and you know how people go 'teehee im mentally ill', just so fucking weird, they preach to not romanticize mental illnesses but do just that. This one 'lesbian' dating a tranny who would not stop talking about how much she loved women and pussy, give me a fucking break. Her tranny was a sexual assaulter too, and bragged about sa'ing girls. Fucked up. I somehow ended up with the most normal girl there and she was a themlet with substance abuse issues and some undiagnosed pd, I always referred to her as a girl though and she didn't correct me. I am never dating or trying to make irl friends again. God, I hope they all grow out of it. And I hope the tims die. I can't believe this shit actually exists, and here? Like idiots… we are in a third world ass muslim country, no one takes your asses serious. I was excited to see other exmuslims but girl, I am not associating with these disconnected, richfag retards. Get a fucking job, fuck.

No. 2043927

It's almost like being queer is a mental illness within itself?

No. 2043930

it really didn't used to be like that 15 years ago.

No. 2043933

this is a very interesting insight

No. 2043941

>Go thrift
>Always loved thrifting, loved going throught strange clothes and I hate latest fashion trends with shit colors and shapes (fuck you boxy fits)
>See cute piece
>Turn it around

No. 2043944

While I'm here being retarded about this, I had another thought. The mental illness shit is literally 'cute but psycho' revamped for the zoomer sensibilities. Time is a circle. Also, these people do not.. live in this country, in a way, they are so removed and disconnected from the average person's experience. Spiritually, they're burgers. The only reason I probably didn't end up like this is because I'm poor, a little older and spent more time in hobbyist spaces online so I wasn't exposed to this in my teens. I really thought this didn't exist here, but the weird bubble exists and feels so alien and uncanny. Like, what are any of you doing? Don't you see how stupid this is?

No. 2043945

my period is being ultra weird lately

No. 2043946

Bonus points when you look at the price tag and they're asking a similiar price it was probably once sold for new on shein

No. 2043947

I know you are asking this in bad faith but it was recorded in DSM-4. In a "this doesn't do typical procreation" way and not in a psycho way. Liking pussy doesn't make you a serial killer

No. 2043950

My cat is fat. I don't mind because there's more furry softness to cuddle and he really loves being cuddled but I do worry about long term consequences.

No. 2043962

No harm to friends and family but why did no one put me the fussy eater on to roasted almonds. You mean a snack can be nutritious!!! Loves it.

No. 2043978

>Watching random stuff on Youtube
>Get recommended Hydraulic Press videos
>Start watching them and suddenly I'm in the mood
I don't hate myself but my kinks feel so random. I don't mind getting attracted to drone city tours or random nature walks, I don't think I'm a degen. I just want some consistency

No. 2044027

>long midface woman
>want short midface moid
I need to lifemaxx so i can get a lip lift and jaw shave

No. 2044038

what the fuck

No. 2044056

File: 1718035803726.jpg (7.81 KB, 236x296, 0b3c5601df9727048e1053cbbd63bb…)

I read the latest update of a comic I follow where there is a really sweet love confession between two characters, I usually just smile and enjoy the read but this time I just…broke down. I loved the chapter, but it really hit me how upset I am over that I can't find someone that is that sweet to me. The people that get romantically interested in me are either the weird, stalkery types or abusive and gaslighting types. I can't attract anyone normal for the life of me, and it's really making me lonely and wonder if something is wrong with me. I just want someone that holds me, protects me and gives me a kiss on the forehead every now and then.
I have a close friend that is in a similar position, she only attracts weird and crazy women but the normal ones aren't interested. Why are some of us like this? What did we do wrong?What are we doing wrong?

No. 2044067


No. 2044069

File: 1718036875698.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, jSpd1oA.png)

My new bf is lovebombing me showering me with expensive presents and trips and time and acting really insecure asking me 1000x to be "his forever" and already told me he's falling in love with me and wants to marry me it's making me scared and grossed out. Why do I only date assholes that treat me like an option or simps that treat me like a queen why can't I have a normal guy that treats me like a person? I'm not a little girl I'm not IN LOVE yet we haven't even had a serious fight and it's only been a few weeks

No. 2044070

peaceful aro ace smile(cringe summerfag)

No. 2044071

I think some wires got crossed when I was born. i am what I am. I'm not hurting anybody so I don't really care. This is the video in case there's other weird nonnas out there.

No. 2044078

made the mistake of going to 4chan. jesus christ moids deserve to die. i feel awful for the gfs, wives and random women who get their pictures posted there. my respect for men dwindles every day, there isn't one i trust or like, they're all disgusting scrotes in some way.

No. 2044082

Aww nonnie I doubt it's your fault! I've experienced the same thing and it really got to me, but someone told me that abusive/creepy types cast such a wide net that they're bound to find someone in the end. Maybe you're an empathetic type who struggles to say no to people? I suspect the dating pool is just trash atm, but you'll find someone soon

No. 2044090

Going on a plane ride tomorrow. My first flight and it's going to be 13 hours long. I'm terrified. I kept making jokes months ago that I was going to die in a plane crash and now that it's here I feel like I've manifested my death. I'm so scared sisters I don't know what to do

No. 2044096

Everyone else out-manifested you by believing they'll arrive safely

No. 2044097

File: 1718038374338.jpg (437.31 KB, 1468x1467, FiCSsA_WIAMxr_5.jpg)

what exactly do you like about the videos? do you imagine yourself getting pressed? are you attracted to the machine? im so confused by your existence nona

No. 2044100

You don't have to go if you don't want to, nonnie. You really don't. I bowed out and didn't get on the plane before and the world didn't end. If you really want to go I think you owe it to yourself to try but don't force yourself.

No. 2044102

No. 2044103

nta, looks like penis slamming into a vagina ig? kekkk

No. 2044105

Pride month reminder: gay men hate women. Drag queens hate women. You are not accepted in what they feel are "their" spaces.

No. 2044112

I just enjoy watching them. I don't know how to explain it. It feels good? I'm not imagining myself in any position. I just feel good watching them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. How do regular women explain porn?
I have a BF and I don't get much pleasure from sex. It pushes some buttons but it doesn't really work. I love him and he's trying but I'm just messed up.
I'm not autistic or anything. I've been checked. I'm just weird

No. 2044121

a few months ago i started seeing a cute nerdy moid. we were texting for months, he seemed obsessed with me and i remember thinking that i was glad to have found a guy who didn't seem like much of a degenerate

until i went to a party with him as my plus one and he started chatting up the first girl there who paid some attention towards him. hung out third wheeling for a bit because i was in denial of what was happening but when he asked for her socials, i left the place without saying a word. (heard from a mutual friend they left the party together a while later.) he never brought it up yet kept sending me lovebomby texts for a few months as if nothing had happened.

we were never official and i've had some pretty terrible actual breakups but that evening was by far one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. nonettes, keep your fingers crossed he gets what he deserves

No. 2044123

Oh no, i was looking forward to making splish-splash in the shit and piss pit with shit/piss demons. Some dreams will have to remain just dreams i guess.

No. 2044131

This is how women who want to go to drag shows sound to me kek

No. 2044150

i also have that thought every time i have to fly kek, especially during takeoff and landing. but seriously you'll be fine dont worry, thousands of people fly every day and dont die. just make sure you wear comfortable cozy clothes and bring some movies or something to distract yourself during the flight, 13 hours is a long time and planes can get very uncomfortable!

No. 2044154

thanks for sharing nona i’ve been trying to be aro ace again(cringe summerfag)

No. 2044157

File: 1718041812461.png (29.29 KB, 322x342, 5000.png)

No. 2044162

damn i hope his nuts get chewed off by a colony of ants

No. 2044174

File: 1718042667106.jpeg (279.74 KB, 905x881, C1AF00A2-C7B7-441B-B349-2B40B9…)

Mods should red text aro ace I swear, is this shit the new fujo why the fuck are there twitterfags everywhere now saying this unironically

No. 2044179

Execution. No jury, no trial. Don't make it clean, do some crazy medieval shit

No. 2044183

10000000000000% agreed

No. 2044184

I think they should just be made fun of. Next we will have to respect fucking pronouns here

No. 2044185

young guys only like older women when they are stacked and cause they think it's easy to sleep with em but once you don't fit that criteria like you look way younger, don't have big boobs suddenly your age is not that interesting anymore. it's just if you fit the milf porn category

No. 2044187

Try being less ugly next time(try baiting less next time)

No. 2044188

AI pornography and AI child porn are still legal and probably always will be, even if one of the presidents children had child porn made of them I bet that would just make him love it even more.

No. 2044190

damn what a piece of shit. i'm sorry nonny, i can imagine how bad that must've stung in the moment. i'm praying he balds at an expedited rate

No. 2044192

>men with mommy issues not into women who don't remind them of mommy

No. 2044211

File: 1718045233822.jpg (19.35 KB, 500x333, 1531592680043.jpg)

why does my mom want me to go manic when she's upset?
when she's upset, when she feels bad, she comes to me and starts talking about things that she knows makes me panic, and she knows when I panic I'm really likely to go manic because I have bipolar disorder
why does she want it?
what does she get from seeing me cry?
she just watches
sometimes you can see her smile a little bit
what does it mean; is she bipolar as well? is she gaining a sensation of control of herself by forcing me to feel feelings against my will? why does she watch like that? she scans my whole face and body and just watches, it feels so frightening
I'm so tired, I'm so scared, I just want her to stop but if I don't let her do what she needs to do, she tells me I'm being abusive, so I know not to say no or try to leave because I don't want to make her feel even worse, but I'm so tired, I just want it to stop, I'm really sorry, I know it's awful of me to complain like this when she feels so bad, I shouldn't feel bad when she feels bad, I need to be strong for her, but it's really hard to be strong while I'm manic because I just can't get my thoughts in order, so I become more useless to her, and everyone else, so it isn't helping her to do that, but she won't stop and I can't control my brain long enough for her to get tired and stop naturally, I always break before she stops, she stops right after I break, so if I was just a little stronger I could keep it together longer and I could be more helpful, I'm not helpful like this, all I can do is what she wants, I can't actually make anything better like this
I'm so sorry

No. 2044219

File: 1718045545957.jpg (92 KB, 736x736, 1000001506.jpg)

u dont need to do all dat nonnie

No. 2044231

>it isn't helping her to do that, but she won't stop
she's a sadist and/or enjoys projecting her negative feelings onto you, she sounds like a total creep. don't feel bad for not "being what she needs", what she needs is help and to stay away from you.

No. 2044234

File: 1718046506780.jpg (168.67 KB, 2000x1150, 7835c303f7354d186dc72d0344f6c9…)

Mom when I was growing up:
>for fucks sake anon you need to do something about how fat you are
>you are so fucking stupid you don't understand anything
>oh my god you are so retarded
>why can't you be more like your siblings that are 10 and 13 years your senior
>the only good thing about your looks is your eyes, at least they're pretty
>seriously nobody actually likes you
My mom now that I'm an adult:
>out of my children I'm pretty sure anon is the most intelligent one
>all my friends love you so much, they are obsessed teehee
>i can confidently say you are my prettiest child
I don't like that she compares me to my siblings, but even if she didn't whatever praise she gives me falls on dead ears. Damage is already done and I don't know how to not hate myself. No, she is not a narcissist. She's just…odd and a little unstable.

No. 2044250

Are you me Nona

No. 2044256

Makeup is the biggest cope ever. It doesn't make her