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File: 1719596768454.jpg (51.78 KB, 600x480, 1000017920.jpg)

No. 2069178

ITT: share uneventful, mundane, or just downright ordinary events that have recently happened in your life.

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Please follow all /ot/ board rules.

No. 2069186

I'm having a cup of tea and eating some scotch finger biscuits

No. 2069189

I just ordered some Indian food but I have no idea if they even received my order because the website was acting strange. Now I’m sitting here waiting. If they don’t show up I’ll have to go to bed hungry

No. 2069191

Call and ask them

No. 2069197

i love this channel

No. 2069199

I can’t do phone calls my voice always cracks and I end up stuttering and speaking gibberish nonsense, I’ll just sit here and wait

No. 2069201

>read husbando x reader fic
>hear neighbors upstairs fucking
>get reminded that sex is a thing that actually exists
>immediately turned off

No. 2069599

File: 1719610384550.png (473.98 KB, 763x482, weens.png)

i think weenie dogs are the puppy of the summer nonny’s, i keep seeing everyone walking with one all of a sudden kek

No. 2069638

File: 1719611666071.png (431.2 KB, 640x480, 1646792081306.png)

Saw my baby cousin after a long time again, and now I realized my uncle wasn't joking when he used to ask me "So… you're in fifth grade now?". She's fourteen already, I couldn't believe it until I actually counted the years. I used to hold her in my arms all proudly because she was a tiny worm and the only toddler I didn't find absolutely insufferable, and now she's all grown-up…

No. 2069641

anons who drive, laying on your horn does not make pedestrians stop crossing the street, or walk faster! i doubt any of you do this because it’s usually men who abuse their horn (which is for emergencies, not complaints)

No. 2069651

certain people in my city honk their horn even if theyre the only person at a red light, like theyre honking to show their displeasure of having to wait at the light lol

No. 2069798

I feel this. I feel like I'm trying to get my career established so I can shower my niece with the life I never had, but every time I blink she moves up another grade.

No. 2069812

same, I remember being a kid and thinking it was dumb when adults would say "you grow up so fast" but it's very true, especially for family you don't see often. I think it's so cool to watch them grow from screaming lump to young human in such a short timespan

No. 2070100

saw so many cute dogs at work today, and we got two new adorable adoptable kitties in, including a pair of black cat siblings. sometimes my job can be really slow but it's always much more therapeutic working in the presence of animals

No. 2070218

The worst thing ever happened to me today. A bottle of cooking oil I have was leaking out the bottom, and when I was bringing it over to the kitchen sink (so I could get something to transport it to the trash without making a mess. Yes I know oil is bad for pipes) the bottle fell over and the cap came off and spilled all over my kitchen rug!!! My floors are due for a mop anyway, but I'm not happy about having to wash my rug. Its mostly cause I have it stuck down with rug tape which will definitely lose stickiness if I pull it up, and I don't have anymore right now, I can't even run out and get some cause it's so late at night

No. 2070221

Anyone remember pass Me by, by r5. I love that song.

No. 2070251

File: 1719637471622.jpg (9.28 KB, 400x279, 435766dec8beaaa9f088e7a2488204…)

I found out how to do a nice eyeliner shape for my hooded eyes and I really liked it

No. 2070370

Samefag, I just put the rug in the washing machine even though the tag says to spot clean it. Pray for me!

No. 2070380

Had the conscious thought of "you look like someone who thought Joan the scammer was the pinnacle of humor in 2018" and had a moment of pure disgust at myself for even knowing what any of that meant

No. 2070387

Cute budew

No. 2070388

I have no idea what that means

No. 2070391

He was funny for the time period, anon! kek

No. 2070467

File: 1719650146185.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1242x2070, IMG_4574.jpeg)

I've been getting back into tanning now that I'm settled in my new apartment. I found a new salon that has really great prices, so now I can afford to go every other day. I love the feeling, it's like getting kissed by angels. Nothing beats the glow you get from tanning beds.

No. 2070603

File: 1719663132521.png (246.53 KB, 428x270, help.png)

No. 2070607

I wish I could sing. Not for anyone, but to become one with the music, as corny as it sounds. Playing the guitar or the piano, getting right into it, you can just feel your soul dropping down the strings and chords and being taken somewhere else on the oscillations, away from your mind, it's beautiful. I wish I could sing, and feel the music come out of me too. I just don't know where to start.

No. 2070609

im doubleposting but this is cute. i bet you're a very doting auntie! i can't wait to be one too, one day

No. 2070639

The way scandinavian people get exited whenever their countries are mentioned in fictional media is so cute. If there's a character of that origin, the comments are guaranteed to be filled with äåös kek.

No. 2070671

I feel like having an arguement

No. 2070681

No you don't.

No. 2070689

Yes I do. fuck you

No. 2070693

>at the beach
>guy telling a long ass story about how many women hit on him last night
>that one with the tits in the yellow dress, the red head with the boyfriend etc
>peek over the dune to see how good looking this moid is
>it's a regular degular schmegular balding beer bellied scrote
disappointed at any women attracted to such a creature !

No. 2070711

I wanted to take cute pictures with my cat but I'm so ungodly unphotogenic that I looked like those fat girls on MySpace who became Disney adults, at least I dodnt look troonish for once.

No. 2070716

Good morning nonnas, I’m going to get ready for work (ugh) and then go for a quick walk and get matcha (yay)

No. 2070757

File: 1719674589904.jpg (103.7 KB, 564x532, 99af5e62cb6c0b13694d05e1bdf1e1…)

I just learnt how to pronounce and type hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia. Why does my mind produce so much dopamine when repeating it so much? do I have hippoptomonstrosesquipedaliophilia?

No. 2070791

I dreamed about him again

No. 2070825

Congrats nonna. And in case someone else immediately went for the image source, it's a korean 3-chapter fujo manga called "Pet" kek.

No. 2070845

I had to get something at the store I used to work at and the new manager looks like Tweedledum kek, I'm so happy I don't work there anymore.

No. 2070846

>have been following a cute lesbian couple on tiktok for a while
>they eventually "both" decide to go poly
>of course the third element is a mediocre scrote
>girl #1 carrying on as usual, posting tiktoks about how much she loves her gf though said gf is featuring in her tiktoks less and less
>girl #2 posting the moid more and more (girl #1 couldn't make it to our date :(!!)
>girl #1 and #2 break up like, a year (?) into this polyslopfest
it's genuinely so sad and also yet another sign bisexual women can't be trusted any under circumstance. all bisexual women but me

No. 2070848

File: 1719678704029.jpg (131.46 KB, 991x514, Momousagi.jpg)

Today I found out about this San-X character called Momo Usagi that debuted in 2000. She loves milk, and I thought her design and interest of milk is cute. I had to share with the farm. I feel like I should make a banner for her one of these days.

No. 2070849

>all bisexual women but me
kek but also, same

No. 2070853

I know a lot of people shit on this, but I love making friendship bracelets and putting in the names of media I've consumed over the year on them. I'll put names of books I've read, songs or albums I liked, etc. and it's really fun. I have no idea what I'll do when I run out of beads. Maybe I'll pick up another craft type of hobby. I also paint and journal, but it's fun having a silly little craft hobby.

No. 2070859

Third kek. People are always shocked and aghast when I say I don't trust most other bisexuals.
This character is so adorable! She would be the perfect mascot friend for Elsie.

No. 2070862

>t. the most annoying type of bisexual women

No. 2070952

no matter how much i brush my tongue it still feels dirty

No. 2070969

File: 1719684879521.jpg (32.15 KB, 640x640, 1000037266.jpg)

I'm waiting for my best friend so we can have lunch at some popular restaurant, her family is so annoying, they always take forever to do anything.

No. 2070989

Get a tongue scraper, they're the best. Brushes don't clean tongues very well.

No. 2071003

borzoi concorde? based

No. 2071042

kanye and ted k have the same voice because theyre both from chigago

No. 2071131

I’m having a quesadilla for lunch and nobody is out because it’s so warm out. This is bliss. Wish I didn’t have work after though lol

No. 2071153

What's with all the necroing of years old threads recently?

No. 2071154

There's nothing wrong with necroing on /ot/. I think it's nice to see other threads being used other than the main few that get used on repeat.

No. 2071155

Lurk moar.
Yeah I was getting really tired of new the Unpopular Opinions thread hitting post limit every single day.

No. 2071156

Well, do you want to only see the same half dozen threads that attract the most retarded users bumped constantly? At least this gives us some variety

No. 2071157

>There's nothing wrong with necroing on /ot/
Did I say otherwise? I'm asking what's causing it because we rarely see threads get bumped after several years of inactivity but it's been a whole load of them this week.

No. 2071159

>Lurk moar
I'm not a newfag and not online 24/7

No. 2071160

Boredom, and to escape the ongoing in fights

No. 2071166

File: 1719699063225.gif (787.9 KB, 360x500, IMG_4584.gif)

>I'm asking what's causing it
Basically some anons got really tired of seeing the same infight about the same topic in the same 5 threads so they decided to browse the catalog and try to revive some interesting threads to make /ot/ more varied and interesting to use. Personally I'm bored of going on /ot/ just to always see the same five threads on the first page.

No. 2071169

I had so much fun today with my friend.

No. 2071268

Earlier I had some good from a fav fast food spot, but it was pretty nasty to me. One of the items was bland and I felt pretty sick after eating it, but I think that may be because I've been eating fast food more than usual and my body is probably getting sick of it.

Anyway, I'm about to mop and sweep my floor. I sweep basically everyday, but it's always such a small amount of debris that I collect so what's the point.

No. 2071280

I got ammonia in my fucking rye

No. 2071410

I think my typing style is becoming too recognisable

No. 2071480

It's not. Don't let the schizos say otherwise.

No. 2071488

Just sometimes change it I do that from time to time

No. 2071509

same same same, I understand you completely

No. 2071530


I actually came to this thread to say that my paranoia of getting found and blasted on lolcow came back today and it sucks, how do I stop being paranoid?

No. 2071531

Try imagining what it would be like to connect a random post on here to anyone you follow

No. 2071535

What if I'm friends with nonnas and my art is cringe and I'm an uber autist with bpd and I like anime and anime figures and my boyfriend is ugly and I've been a shitty person sometimes in my private life

No. 2071577

my anxiety is going down, even though i still had an anxiety attack today. i drank chocolate milk and watched a movie with my mom. it helped!

No. 2071590

what could possibly happen to you if you're "exposed" on lolcow for making silly posts? vaush has a few threads that document his love of horse cock and actual pedophilia and he's doing just fine. at worst you're shitposting, just relax

No. 2071639

Personally I have posts from years ago when I was in a horrible relationship and it would be so embarrassing for those posts to be tied to me now… there are even posts from before I graduated high school and I had never had a bf before so I made up stories about me and my teacher…

No. 2071649

it's always worse for women than men though

No. 2071700

I thought mine was back in the day but I swore it was jus my phone being tapped (not sure if serious)

No. 2071845

unless you're ritard-tier your post history will not get exposed. and if some anon recognizes you in one post, who cares? if you're worried about being cancelled on twitter or whatever the person trying to expose you would have to admit to browsing too. I get your fear though, I was thinking of posting in the battlestation thread but that may be TOO recognizable

No. 2072051

File: 1719752355197.jpeg (64.13 KB, 400x464, 1632286322835.jpeg)

I don't know why but I can't seem to watch anime anymore without falling asleep 15 minutes in. Live action series are pretty bad, too, but there I can at least finish a single forty-minute episode before I drift off. To think I'd binge watch fifty episodes per weekend when I was a teen… lmao Is this some sign of a fried attention span? I have no problem reading books or manga fwiw.

No. 2072063

File: 1719752984273.jpg (86.73 KB, 1170x1146, 1000003974.jpg)

I dont know what annoying middle aged gay sub is in the writers room for this season of the boys buy its kinda ruining it instead of adding onto it. This season kind of suck but im persevering

No. 2072221

I'm the same kek I used to be able to watch shit like One Piece for hours, now I can barely make it through 5 minutes. It's just not very engaging and it takes a lot more time than reading would

No. 2072225

The season has felt so aimless, what the fuck are they even doing?

No. 2072283

I've read the leaks for the rest of the season and it gets worse unfortunately.

No. 2072301

it's so bad. i wanted to watch because the sister sage/homelander dynamic is a++ but it's really awful from pacing to setup to the whole "homelander romanced by a nazi" plotline being repeated

No. 2072313

I was going to start watching The Boys finally, but that sucks that this season isnt good. A lot of fans since the beginning told me not to watch this one.

No. 2072557

Im gonna buy round bread, ham and cheese tomorrow and thats gonna survive me the week . fucking can’t be arsed to cook special food

No. 2072568

Where did you read the leaks:? Do you think I would be able to find them on /tv/?

No. 2072588

There's an account on Twitter called VoughtHQ that posts them

No. 2072628

File: 1719776207487.jpg (246.58 KB, 1600x900, 1656375053790.jpg)

Thanks so much!

No. 2072638

I find the people who watch stuff like the fallout show or the boys and like it because of the "anti-corporation" commentary to be tremendously stupid for the sole fact that those tv shows are produced by one of the biggest corporations in the world.

No. 2072645

Wait, The Boys isn't a parody of superhero stuff?

No. 2072646

Nayrt it's got some parody elements but it's more like what if superheros were celebrities

No. 2072661

the original comic is basically anti superhero/the worship that superheroes get and what might happen in the real world if we actually had people like this. its still entertainment at the end of the day though no matter how you spin it.

No. 2072729

Currently trying to choke down a cup of chia seeds soaked in water. I feel close to throwing up and I dread every time I have to swallow, it's so disgusting. If they didn't have so much fiber I wouldn't be doing this

No. 2072735

just eat vegetables

No. 2072737

>Is this some sign of a fried attention span
Maybe you just don't like watching it anymore? It just sounds like you're not interested in it.

No. 2072738

Are you trying to have a bowel movement? Just eat some rolled oats

No. 2072744

File: 1719782061576.jpg (138.18 KB, 667x1000, 76fe6267fac42b9d39a8e556ee250e…)

I ordered burger king. Gonna clean while I wait. I wanna watch a dystopian show, maybe I'll start a new one or continue watching Westworld. Or maybe I'll try to get into Succession again.
Try mixing it with yogurt and eating it with fruit.

No. 2072745

use some vegetable milk instead of water, put some crunchy texture and a cutted banana and optional very good, raspberry

No. 2072747

I'm the same and I can't figure out why reading is so much more easier than watching. Maybe having only the visual input without the auditory one is easier on the brain to process? Or maybe it's because you can consume more content by reading faster and control the pace?
I don't know but I hate watching stuff, the pacing is always retarded. I hate how self-indulgent the people who make shows and movies are, as if they are entitled to my attention when they're not showing me anything interesting.
Watching shows is only enjoyable if I'm multitasking playing vidya at the same time

No. 2072847

>Watching shows is only enjoyable if I'm multitasking playing vidya at the same time
how will you pay attention to the plot points and character development though? i never understood people who do this, unless the show is a sitcom

No. 2072865

> Assuming the scrote was being honest

No. 2072881

I'm back to say you were right anon! Panera emailed me back and let me know that someone just used my number. Ngl, the situation was sending me for a tizzy because this was right after someone had used my card info kek.

No. 2072912

>I'm not like other bis!

No. 2072961

I'm in the mood to do some nail art, so I'm gonna spend the rest of this weekend making press ons. I hope you guys all start the week off well tomorrow.

No. 2072997

File: 1719794316846.jpg (89.75 KB, 640x671, filtering-a-trip-v0-ly4wr2n3mf…)

Its golden hour/sunset but it also just rained really bad so my room is currently bathed in a very gorgeous mustardy yellow color. It looks like I'm in a movie set in Mexico.

No. 2073078

finally got some of these to try nonna, thank you so much, they’re wonderful and make me feel like a pretty, dainty princess

No. 2073163

Just had to pirate a textbook for the first time. It's so weird because usually it's paid for in the "fees" of the tuition and fees, but I didn't get an email to go pick up a copy this time like usual. Grateful I even found it because I started to suspect it didn't exist free online only to realize I accidentally misspelled a part of it.

No. 2073175

I'm watching the Usher tribute that just happened on an awards show right now and Usher just gave the longest fucking speech ever, Jesus. I was about to turn the TV off.

No. 2073209

All i can think of whenever i see usher is herpes now. He has the herp

No. 2073281

I had some popping candy today. Pops and crackles in your mouth. Fun but didn't stractch my sweet tooth.

No. 2073288

I also lost my interest in anime a few years ago, now I only occasionally read manga if anything

No. 2073342

Its always "not all men" but all women know at least one guy, you know? In my case, it's my bpd brother

No. 2073445

File: 1719828259090.jpg (23.01 KB, 525x414, F6sl6gnacAAsCK1.jpg)

i wish the Hawkeye Initiative meme had better artists

No. 2073458

your wish is my command nonni

No. 2073466

Looking like an absolute dumpster fire today, my hair is dirty, I need to wear loose pants as long as my tattoo is healing and it's cold so I'm wearing a hoodie.

No. 2073467

File: 1719831192401.png (1.34 MB, 2396x2479, Suomillankitty1.png)

i like that in Finnish, a lot of words end with the letters i and y and n and m, like nyymi, terffiys, even the word moidi is made cute.

No. 2073541

File: 1719838085115.png (1.06 MB, 910x700, whatapity.png)

where will you post it nonnie? also picrel is what i was talking about

No. 2073549

File: 1719838945712.jpg (147.25 KB, 866x698, tumblr_nbp8rhzi431rmx3kqo1_128…)

I think the shitty ones are funny. I forgot about this, thanks for reminding me of it, it's a good way to waste time while I drink my coffee

No. 2073558

prolly to tumblr, im sure you'll be able to find it

No. 2073560

File: 1719839856259.jpg (112.17 KB, 872x550, tumblr_mp2zhnSp1P1rmx3kqo1_128…)

it's just a pity really, the meme itself is based, but it could've been even baseder if we had enjoyable depictions of male characters drawn like Nightwing, picrel is one of my favs KEK

No. 2073562

i think i might have dick envy genuinely

No. 2073611

i'll be watching the Hawkeye Initiative tag then!

No. 2073616

That catwoman cover always cracked me up. The more you look at it, the worse it gets.

No. 2073690

I'm hungover and at taco bell where I knew I would end up eventually

No. 2073754

File: 1719852069680.jpg (27.8 KB, 310x346, 1464677448390.jpg)

today i learned that i have a body type like Jazz Jennings, mortifying

No. 2073757

And it didn't take you years of injecting horse piss or working against your biology to achieve it ♥ XX stays winning.

No. 2073769

This should be a wake up call, you should probably make some changes in your life.

No. 2073771

The duality of nonna kek

No. 2073773

took the words out of my post nonnie, nonnie to nonnie communication, nonnie to nonnie conversation

No. 2073776

also nonnie, i don't think you've actually seen JJ's body kekekekekekek

No. 2073781

oh wait it's actually me that hasn't seen JJ's recent pics, i only saw his body that the Florence tranvestigating anon posted, he looks so much worse christ

No. 2073782

I thought anon meant she was chunky in the midsection with no ass and wanted to make her feel better. Women's natural fat distribution is always superior anyway honestly.

No. 2073848

File: 1719857158514.jpg (38.68 KB, 384x406, 1632579800.jpg)

sometimes i wish i was smarter to i could explain in one go to TRAs just how puberty works and how it can't just be "paused" and then continue unaffected after stopping blockers. i wish i could get a single book compiling the effects of puberty and why it's necessary that i could rote learn so that a retard doesn't reply to me with 5 different misunderstandings because i explained it too short. also having English as a first language must be nice, to be able to write words that flow smoothly. any sentence i write, just looks like even a TRA will be unintimidated.

No. 2073899

They've been used for precocious puberty safely for quite a while. However that disease can lead to menstruation and body hair as young as 6-8, tumors, bone issues and increased risk of SA. It's only really been proven in that specific use case. Using it on normally healthy children has high chances of bone issues (weird how that ties in?), infertility or in the case of moids they're testes never develop and they get stuck with little baby dick. It's not a pause. Other parts still even without puberty and you get messed up if it's not in sync.
Just because chemo is proven to help people with cancer doesn't mean we should all be irradiating ourselves same with puberty blockers.

No. 2073910

>decide to have a bbq with my friends from uni since I haven't seen them in a month
>planning anything with them is as usual like planning with a bunch of golden retrievers
>finally settle on a day
>I start planning on what I want to put on the grill, what kind of salad I wanna serve, start pickling red onions, etc…
>even plan a little cheesecake "experiment" and decorations
>"uhm, anon. I think there might be rain tomorrow…"
>…fuck it imma make that cake anyway

No. 2074079

I am so bored
I have things I could do but my brain doesn't want to

No. 2074169

This one book is pissing me off so bad but I don't want to stop because I quit too many things and actually want to finish something for once. Trying to read 50 pages a day but it feels like serving a prison sentence.

No. 2074299

File: 1719879968624.jpg (95.39 KB, 1300x957, lons-le-saunier-central-easter…)

I saw some nonna post in one of the threads how she couldn't stop eating the laughing cow cheese and I started buying it and it is literally lol cow cheese, the official merch of lolcow

No. 2074427

My perfume came today. I bought it on whim because I thought the scent and name sounded interesting. It has a warning on the website that it can cause intense emotions but so far I feel nothing. It may hit differently on the skin plus wear over time. I'm excited to wear it. I'm thinking of buying a couple of other scents that intrigue me depending on how it performs.

No. 2074481

I'm eating an ice cream cone and it's making my back molars tingle a bit. Idk if it's because I just ate a hot sandwich or what.

No. 2074482

>It has a warning on the website that it can cause intense emotions
Kek anon, I think that's just marketing

No. 2074484

What fragrance is it? It sounds interesting. I've been thinking of purchasing Kayali Pistachio Gelato or Paris Corner Pistachio Khair

No. 2074485

which book anon? and what about it is pissing you off kek

No. 2074493

I need to know the name

No. 2074556

File: 1719903557749.jpg (505.99 KB, 1000x1000, wall e.jpg)

I cant decide which VN i want to play first.

No. 2074561

Eve wore him out…

No. 2074563

What VNs are you deciding between?

No. 2074573

either dramatical murder or togainu.

No. 2074578

I want to say start by the shortest one but iirc I took almost the same time to finish both of them. Is there a love interest you like in particular?

No. 2074579

dmmd all the way kek

No. 2074580

You could go in release order? TnC is pretty old, so it might be better to experience that one first.

No. 2074586

File: 1719905216100.png (184.61 KB, 1103x574, mass murder wtf.png)

i like near and noiz and shiki and rin, so i would have to play each at least twice.
aight i asked my AI husbando and he told me Dramatical Murder. Thanks nonnies.

No. 2074606

My bed has been so uncomfortable to me that last night I had to sleep on the floor. I think it's cause I'm the type to keep a bunch of shit on my bed, so I end up feeling cramped. But I've been like this for years, even as a child, so it's strange that it's suddenly bothering me.

No. 2074661

It's time to upgrade your bed setting

No. 2074667

I want to get a stainless steel litter box for my cats but tell me WHY the most basic ones still cost more than 60€. It's literally a damn box, why is it so expensive.

No. 2074696

I have decided my new goal is to grow my buzzcut down to my knees. No cuts for the next decade.

No. 2074760

Marketing. Look for stainless steel food trays, like the kind used in buffets. They're the same size but only $20.

No. 2074785

I swear the last time I looked on amazon I couldn't find one big enough but I just did now kek

No. 2074842

Got myself a treat after work, poke bowl from Target, and the fish was covered in flavorless spicy sauce. I knew it was spicy, that was all they had, but I thought the fish would taste like something other than spicy. Like…fish.

No. 2074877

This blew my mind. Do you have any other things that you can buy cheaper alternatives for that are only expensive due to marketing?

No. 2074911

It's hard to think of things offhand, but if you gave me any examples of things you're looking for, I can offer suggestions.
Restaurant supply stores are going to be your friend if you live with a lot of roommates or are throwing a party. Most granola cereals can be bought in bulk from bulk supply stores.
As for pets, many pet medications can be bought in the generic form from human pharmacies. So while generic Gabapentin from your vet is like $40 for 28 tablets, the same Gabapentin is $4 from a pharmacy. You can also use goodrx to find the cheapest pharmacy for each medication in your area. And if you have a giant dog that takes Apoquel every day, it's often cheaper to get the highest tier of customer level from Costco or Sam's Club, and then use the 20% discount that tier comes with to get the Apoquel from their pharmacy.

No. 2074929

some weirdo moid just dmd me asking if i was his ex gf hiding behind a burner and i said what no and he blocked me. funny

No. 2074955

i'm trying to kick my starbucks coffee addiction but i'm so sleepy and a bit chilly this morning……. lord give me strength

No. 2074963

I was chilling at a picnic table before and I heard these two scrotes mutter something about "posing", then as they walked past they turned around to give me the dirtiest of dirty looks kek. Making people seethe just by sitting there makes me feel powerful.

No. 2074965

File: 1719938189747.jpg (94.39 KB, 1200x856, pellets-compressed.jpg)

I'm NTAYRT but I buy "horse bedding" pine pellets in 40 lbs bags for my cat's litter. It's literally $8 a 40 lb bag at a Tractor Supply Co compared to the "pine pellets" sold at Petco for cat litter which are the exact same product except it is $28 per 40 lb bag. I love pine pellet litter because it covers the scent of cat pee really well.

No. 2075016

I use this stuff for my bunnies. It's the best at absorption, covering smell, and cost!

No. 2075126

File: 1719945746487.png (650.08 KB, 745x641, ohmylord.png)

Stumbled upon these shoes and the fact that they are pretty much a combination of everything 2012(ish) fashion tumblr loved made me smile

No. 2075289

File: 1719955806107.jpg (537.8 KB, 1383x2048, MV5BMjQ3OTgzMzY4NF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I think I'm gonna watch Kingsman tonight. Never watched the original but this one has both Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal in it.

No. 2075290

They're like Monster High shoes, cute.

No. 2075294

I loved the original. The sequel is good. But the "English Gentleman" charm of the first movie is kinda lost because they introduce the "Statesmen" which I only forgive them for because Pedro Pascal is hot

No. 2075350

I need dick but I need love to come with that dick

No. 2075371

toy + husbando

No. 2075433

Co-signing that I also love the first two kingsman movies. I thought the prequel was a step down in quality though, they should've made Rasputin the main villain

No. 2075477

I'm chilling in my hotel room after days of getting up early and visiting several cities for way too long. My legs hurt but it was fun, now I'm getting some rest and sorting all my stuff because I bought too much crap. I put the "do not disturb" sign on the door, I hope nobody will barge in to clean the room despite the sign.

I love the first movie but never watched the second one. I need to correct that someday.

No. 2075490

File: 1719965800743.png (12.88 KB, 373x575, este.png)

>be me
>follow very cute gay twink on tiktok
>he deletes
>comes back a week later
>"i'm trans"
>just looks like himself, but in more makeup
>continue lurking, whatever, he's still cute
>he goes off the map for a while
>"a while." a month or two
>comes back
>fucking FAT as fuck
>looks just like this
>keeps going on about "fat feminizing"
>he arguably looked far more feminine when thin
>voice deeper and everything
it's dumb but i'm genuinely a little distraught

No. 2075524

Who is it

No. 2075552

My nails have grown so much this past week or two. Wearing fake nails is really the best thing I've done for my nail biting problem.

No. 2075604

File: 1719969798047.jpeg (62.03 KB, 750x419, IMG_5203.jpeg)

i hate CJ from B99 so so much, that's obviously the point of the character, but i wish he'd come face to face with a misandrist in a dark alleyway

No. 2075683

Was reading this random chicks tumblr (its a really popular one,) like damn she sounds annoying but cute pics, then I see my coworker (who I also think is annoying) like lol they cousins? Small world

No. 2075803

Thinking of the time in eighth grade when one of my classmates was this russian girl with a really heavy accent and in english class we were discussing color symbolism like yellow = happiness, purple = royalty, and then we got to red and the class was saying love, passion etc. and she said "communism" in her heavy russian accent and the whole class went silent
Good times

No. 2075812

File: 1719979922018.jpg (8.03 KB, 249x243, bugs.jpg)

I made some drawing excercises wrong and now i gotta re do them

No. 2075827

I am always going to pronou ce that girls name in my head as Shapelle Rone

No. 2075865

lol i gotta buy some, i used to eat is as a kid every day. Though it's not good for kids i heard. Kids end up beings short if they eat too much of melted cheese like that. I am short.

No. 2075895

Poor girl sucks to be an immigrant

No. 2075899

I'm gonna make chalupas later today but I have no sour cream so I'm gonna research if it's possible for me to make sour cream in less than 24 hours.

No. 2075901

I want to buy that cheese now, thanks nonny

No. 2075902

File: 1719989802819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,207.36 KB, 1069x1812, IMG_3092.jpeg)

made the mistake of checking reviews on a lingerie set

No. 2075914

Samefag, I think if I mix gelatin and milk it'll basically be milk pudding which is basically sour cream

No. 2075932

Nah men like this should just die

No. 2075963

This probably doesn't count cause it takes 24-48hrs to work, but if you had the time it'd probably be OK: 1 cup heavy cream, 3/4 teaspoon lemon juice or distilled white vinegar, 1/4 cup milk.
Sauce: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/215240/homemade-sour-cream/

No. 2075976

File: 1719996249467.png (147.63 KB, 300x300, 280d4e61b6116de26943d2308464f4…)

Is there any place that men won't insert their fucked up kinks into?

No. 2076032

moving back to the big city this weekend after living in a very isolated country town for 1.5 years. a bit scary i have so much packing to do

No. 2076033

country girl in the big city, nonnie you are literally a movie character

No. 2076143

File: 1720010874491.jpg (95.87 KB, 946x1155, laptop subliminal.jpg)

i need to replace my laptop keyboard, screen frame and top cover but i'm broke

No. 2076145

I wonder if its my ex

No. 2076261

isnt that how its supposed to be pronounced? that's what i say in my head when i read her name too

No. 2076284

I just found out that you can get sunscreen for your scalp. I went 28 years without knowing this and having a burnt scalp for like 3 months every summer.

No. 2076327

All this time and you never got yourself a hat nonners?

No. 2076340

i know i know.. i recently bought one from my vacation but other than that i never wear them. i think i have a weird shaped head and they look bad on me kek

No. 2076392

This weekend I am going to my first ever country concert kek. Never thought I'd say those words. I'm excited, I have cute cowgirl boots, the singer is hot, I'm gonna have a tequila sunrise and dance. And since I'm travelling to a small artsy town in my state for the show, the morning after I'll be able to go for a hike and have a tasty breakfast before I drive home. You just get lucky sometimes!!

No. 2076404

Nona i am so jealous, that sounds like the best weekend ever. you've got me looking up country concerts near me now kek

No. 2076418

Sounds like a good time. Enjoy it!

No. 2076464

sometimes it feels like no one can see my posts

No. 2076487

Just saw that my old childhood crush got married. 15 year old me is crying but 28 year old me is laughing. he got ugly with age

No. 2076488

File: 1720028149790.jpg (33.05 KB, 600x588, 1000004659.jpg)

No. 2076599

File: 1720033961553.jpg (189.76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Watching fox videos on Youtube and just appreciating that despite all the nasty things the internet has done I can get fox clips whenever I want.

No. 2076603

i fucking love ghb

No. 2076605

File: 1720034221747.jpg (47.4 KB, 866x747, 2023-07-04 22.22.19.jpg)

No. 2076619

My dealer only sells it dyed. Most ethical moid I've ever met.

No. 2076729

File: 1720039529659.jpg (144.88 KB, 736x981, b8f89e5856441d4431dff5b3607501…)

Im trying to decide what fragrance I want to buy but it's hard because the brand I'm looking at literally has over a hundred vanilla fragrances like wtf.

No. 2076735


No. 2076758

that's so based

No. 2076805

I've been learning german on and off for years now, and I started this habit of feeling the need to capitalize nouns in English because of this. It just makes sense to make important words all capital.

No. 2076815

>I like the little decal on your car there!
>"What decal?"
>That one!
>"Oh, that? That's bird shit."
>It's bird shit
Why do I even try to make small talk? I didn't see it was bird shit the sun was in my eyes I was trying to be friendly. Ugh.

No. 2076827

I had two slices of pizza for breakfast and the didn't eat anything at all the rest of the day and then i have the nerve to wonder why my anxiety was off the roof today, why i got a migraine and why i almost fainted in the shower.
Eat something in my behalf, nonnies.

No. 2076836

i need to get on this learning german thing with you since my dad is fucking german and i met him last year. cant even speak to my own grandparents because we don't share a language

No. 2076839

I'm sorry if this is intrusive but why would you want to include a man in your life who refused to raise you?

No. 2076853

That's pretty assumptive anon

No. 2076856

it's a very long story and one which is difficult to express to someone who hasn't met my mother or known someone with a genuinely narcissistic structure (not just the pop psychology idea of "a narcissist"). he went back to his country shortly after i was born because my mum is not well and continually lashed out (driving hazardously as a threat, hitting him, emotional blackmail). i am estranged from her now as she physically suffocated me in 2021. she refused to even tell me my father's name or let me see a photo of him until i was 16.

i do wish he had been involved in my upbringing but my mother did everything she could to keep me away from every living relative i had.


don't worry nonas it's a fair question

No. 2076860

Aw anon, I'm sorry about that. I hope you guys can develop a good relationship despite all of that. I also have a mentally ill mother and a father who's mostly absent, but my situation is a little different so I said fuck both of them kek.

No. 2076863

Start by listening to German songs. If they're catchy enough you'll start singing along and learn some German words and pronunciation. I unironically recommend Hallo Aus Berlin and its songs for a start.

No. 2076991

Gonna buy some Arab fragrances that have went viral, I'm pretty excited. I'm actually planning on them being a gift so hopefully they're good. Also, I love saying arab words in the Arab accent even though I'm American as fuck.

I'm also getting sent Prada Paradoxe Virtual Flower for free in a few weeks. I believe it's a new release. I'm not into florals that much but I have my hopes up.

No. 2077004

I think I just heard three gunshots reallyyyyy far away outside. Might be someone practicing but this is a safe and quiet neighborhood so they need to stop that shit and go to a range.

No. 2077007

Samefag, I'm genuinely fucking retarded kek. Its almost July 4th, it's probably fireworks.

No. 2077009

which fragrances? I wanna know!

No. 2077020

File: 1720057505048.jpg (546.79 KB, 1991x1991, 91KHtkb3NzL.jpg)

Harem Al Sultan (the "woman getting fed grapes with her tits out" one) and Lattafa Yara Tous. I'm also considering getting Lattafa Nebras.

No. 2077099

I was looking at old photos and i realized how tight the school uniform was on later elementary/middle school, my chest looked way bigger than I remember.

No. 2077104

I’m fairly certain my bf’s dad is autistic and I’m not sure why I’m the only one who sees it.

No. 2077123

it makes me sad when i see female janitors. thats a mans job.

No. 2077135

My dad told me when he was in japan there was a female janitor on her hands and knees scrubbing the urinals WHILE MEN WERE USING THEM. No woman should have to do that.

Cleaning in general isn't that bad though, I bet introverted women could enjoy a janitorial job.

No. 2077152

Anon this is my industry and men are some of the worst cleaners ever. Except the gays, men have little attention to detail and are very stubborn about conducting cleaning in any other way but the way they know. Not to mention lazy, plus they have a chip on their shoulder for being emasculated cause cleaning is a ~woman's job~ and double when a female manager like me has gotta tell em what to do lmaoooo.

Their only use is typically being tall to reach walls and overheads without ladders. Manlets might as well be unhirable to me unless they are efficient and intelligent which rules out but a 1%.

No. 2077291

Boils my blood when moids complain something is dirty to put women down and thne you see them clean and they don't even more the chair or vacuum spiders.

No. 2077422

There's a guy outside whos been having a conversation with himself for an hour. I went down to walk my dog and he kept arguing with himself about how someone was going to bring him the right uniform. I thought he was with someone lol

No. 2077452

I hate when i am binge watching a tv show and it becomes shitty to the point it kills my urge to keep binge watching and instead it turns into me forcing myself to swim through shit to finally get over it and just see how it ends.

No. 2077457

Ok update. It's 3 am and he's fighting an invisible person

No. 2077459

did he win?

No. 2077483

The stores are open until 9 pm, I'm going on a hunt for some fake uggs. Hope they're available somewhere this time of year.

No. 2077498

I want to say no because he's screaming shut the fuck up

No. 2077513

File: 1720095341880.jpeg (49.22 KB, 600x450, 7181963.jpeg)

Thinking about buying gold bullion. Not sure if I should do it now or wait until later in the year when prices are expected to be lower. I'm concerned that the US election is going to be a shit show and will surge prices again.

No. 2077515

Are Americans even allowed to hoard gold? I heard it was illegal until the 70s

No. 2077526

That can't be true.

No. 2077529

Whenever I see anything about paramore or the killers the taste of monster energy drink suddenly floods my senses like ptsd

No. 2077546

I bought some of this today, very effective viral marketing kek

No. 2077581

I went to the pool today for the 1st time in years, it was pretty nice, but unfortunately you must wear a swim cap and i looked ridiculous kek

No. 2077696

I'm not American so it doesn't effect me. I've been building up my hoard of gold, silver and platinum for a few years.

No. 2077712

how do you keep it save? I have been thinking about hoarding some myself

No. 2077716

File: 1720111074550.gif (9.26 MB, 498x498, kocheng-walscout.gif)

Going to the hairdresser tomorrow in hopes that they can fix my hair, since they messed up the color really bad last week (I came in asking for this sorta brownish pink with a reference image, left with a cherry red). I'm really nervous, not only because I hate causing inconveniences for others but I'm worried that they might not be able to do much. I just wish they had instead said they could have said they wouldn't be able to do it when I emailed them months ago with that image (and ofc photos of my hair) asking if it's possible for them to give me that color. Wish me luck anons.

No. 2077724

I have a safe but I tend to keep it in hidden places around the house instead of in one location. If someone was going to steal anything the safe is the first place they would try and find, where as hiding it in random place means that even if a thief were to find one place, it's unlikely that they would find the others.

No. 2077977

File: 1720123897734.gif (56.02 KB, 1000x830, synfexis-_-porogif-final.gif)

Last night I played a Megan Thee Stallion song on repeat for 55 mins straight while I played a League game. It was a really good game. I can see myself doing the same thing tonight kek.

No. 2078140

I went to a small exhibition and I fell super hard for a drawing but they were selling it for 20k euros lmao.

No. 2078193

File: 1720138744280.png (770.25 KB, 534x670, dog.png)

look at this dog

No. 2078194

File: 1720138765543.png (478.31 KB, 536x678, cat.png)

and look at this cat

No. 2078329

File: 1720144695192.gif (2.73 MB, 540x400, whatyouwaitingfor.gif)

same nonnie, i do that when i have to keep working on smtg and have it done quickly, i actually like What You Waiting For by Gwen Stefani but because i kept playing it while doing my assignment(the "tik tok tik tok" playing during the entire song builds a sense of urgency kek) i now associate it with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign hell and just hearing the first "tik tok tik tok" when the song comes up in my shuffle gives me a heart attack everytime.

No. 2078502

File: 1720155021997.png (167.94 KB, 320x285, 1660075989666.png)

I feel so depressed. I am going to watch an episode of a comfy show then hope my mood gets better.

No. 2078508

File: 1720155331299.png (506.66 KB, 828x828, mrspeed.png)

only based thing this artist has ever done

No. 2078511

I love interracial yaoi.

No. 2078519

i don't like how his face looks tho, he's got this menace in his face seen only in homosexual male white supremacists

No. 2078523

File: 1720155924843.jpg (21.2 KB, 240x240, kithie, mwuah.jpg)

real, i'm a native of my own country and have lived too cushy of a life so when there's tension between different groups of men, i don't see conflict, i see enemies to lovers

No. 2078539

File: 1720157021115.jpeg (51.93 KB, 484x484, Ethnic_conflict.jpeg)

>when there's tension between different groups of men, i don't see conflict, i see enemies to lovers(AI slop out of containment)

No. 2078542

I believe that Israel-chan and Hamas-kun are the single thing that's saving our board culture in 2024 Anno Domini.

No. 2078550

File: 1720157879172.gif (114.52 KB, 220x220, breakdance.gif)

trying to make peach apricot mango iced tea nonnies, let's see how it goes, i'll do my best nonnies

No. 2078551

Who is this artist? Are they a fujo?

No. 2078552

the creator is such a cow though, shes into scat

No. 2078554

I wanna know more about this kek

No. 2078561

File: 1720158776595.png (767.47 KB, 844x838, oincdjkn f.png)

i don't know them very well but they made camilo x bruno ship art and draw mrbeast fanart including this garbage one, the one on the left is supposed to be Chris Tyson

No. 2078564

nta but its not scat, shes into the men pissing themselves kink

No. 2078566

samefag, she draws MrBeast pretty often, and sometimes with mild gore, i see worse shit than this why does this unsettle me

No. 2078568

Women are rarely actually into scat imo and only do it for money, like the majority of gross degrading sex acts they do because men pay for it.

No. 2078571

thats scat and its gross as fuck

No. 2078574

Scat is when one poo poos not pee pee.

No. 2078575

Post pics or it didn't happen!!!

No. 2078576

File: 1720160121196.jpg (40.04 KB, 735x429, 1649164739125.jpg)

i looked thru her twitter, it has some uncensored versions of her posts, and the ones i thought were yaoi turned out to have "boipussy", i'll be in dumbass shit posting edited versions of them, bye nonnies

No. 2078578

i'll try nonnie, right now i made the peach apricot tea (with mango drink mix powder, which is how the mango part comes in) and am letting it chill in the fridge, maybe i'm doing it wrong idc i'm not following a recipe.

No. 2078583

Scat literally means feces. Zoomers are so retarded

No. 2078587

both are gross anyways, i dont understand how being into pee is better

No. 2078604

File: 1720162387629.jpg (151.48 KB, 960x802, PAMtea - Copy.jpg)

ta da, i didn't know how to make the tea look anymore interesting so i drew Elsie

No. 2078614

No. 2078640

File: 1720165871566.png (66.52 KB, 257x219, 1624618129568.png)

i'm back, it turned out so bad

No. 2078644

I love this

No. 2078652

File: 1720166810754.jpg (51.52 KB, 702x982, squeak squeak squeak.jpg)

thanks nonnie, i think i'll nap now

No. 2078661

I miss the dumbass shit thread I took a hiatus..what caused it to cease existing?

No. 2078663

mods gay

No. 2078670

its autosaged, but it still sometimes gets a post like once a week.

No. 2078676

File: 1720170190940.jpg (280.69 KB, 1080x1524, 1000004038.jpg)

I feel like ironic degeneracy is destroying braincells. Imagine making a Palestinian child read this allowed

No. 2078680

File: 1720170732397.jpeg (81.81 KB, 736x552, Сказка о мёртвой царевне и о с…)

There are so many russian artists that i love. I can't go a day without stumbling on something new on pinterest wether it's a realistic painting or a storybook-esque style.
Why does everything else about russia have to be so damn retarded

No. 2078694

I did end up buying a few grams of gold and a few silver sovereigns. It wasn't cheap but the price of precious metals keeps going up so whatever I guess.

No. 2078695

I drank a Pepsi 2 days ago and my bottom teeth still feel weird as fuck. Especially when I put pressure on them. I'm gonna floss with toothpaste and see if that helps.

No. 2078770

I seriously need to get a mouth guard for when I sleep before I crack a tooth. I'm also just tired of my teeth hurting the whole day cause I was clenching in my sleep. I remember I had a mouth guard wanna years ago and couldn't keep using it cause it's plain uncomfortable to have something in your mouth while you're trying to sleep. I'll give it another shot though.

No. 2078896

Kinda sad, AI is prohibited, it's just really good at illustrating specific stuff.
I hope we see the day where the internet isn't so AI-phobic

No. 2078900

I like playing minesweeper but now I get reminded of Bossmanjack's stupid gambling minesweeper.

No. 2078950

File: 1720192037199.gif (7.93 MB, 540x300, tumblr_2ab90b5fedfb80a851c8286…)

Been thinking about this game,I love it

No. 2078953

File: 1720192206250.gif (871.02 KB, 250x141, BatesKicksStephanie.gif)

And this one

No. 2078968

File: 1720192813270.jpg (220.55 KB, 1080x2130, Screenshot_20240705_111839_Mer…)

I'm scrolling through Mercari, and it looks like someone is selling their ugly moid lol. It was funny to see.

No. 2079044

It's so funny how I feel better by sleep depriving myself, it triggers a low level state of mania that makes me feel better. Normally I sleep 8-9 hours a night and I feel depressed and suicidal. Since nothing ever changes while keeping healthy habits I might as well try to upset the balance

No. 2079057

No. 2079087

Somehow ended up on toddler monitoring duty at my family’s 4th of July cookout. He talked my ear off the whole time. He’s only 1 so maybe 2% if it was actual words but it was really nice. I’m exhausted but mainly cuz he wanted me to chase him (aka run with his little chubby legs until he can’t). He took a nap in the car but I guess according to my sister he slept in. Wore him out. My work here is done. Idk if I could do it again cuz me too lol

No. 2079094

I feel this so hard. I also laugh at myself a little, because I feel like I'm never happy with how a show ends. Either it ends on a high note and I'm sad that there aren't more, or else they run it into the ground until it's a corpse of its former self and I'm sad that they didn't end it before it started sucking.

No. 2079103

It is true, or at least, was. FDR signed Executive Order 6102 in 1933, which made it illegal to own more than a small amount of gold. Everyone and every company that owned gold was required to give it to the US government (including other countries that were storing gold in the USA) and were paid $20.67 per ounce for it. Anyone who didn't comply was fined $10,000. Then, once he has confiscated the vast majority of gold in the United States, he then used presidential powers to officially change the price of gold from $20.67 per ounce, to $35 per ounce. And since the government then held all the gold, he was then able to print a huge amount of money without other countries being allowed to devalue the US dollar.
Ford then repealed this in the 1960s, but it still remains illegal to contractually demand to be paid in gold.

No. 2079104

Start taking vitamin D. Stress is the main cause of grinding, but vitamin D definitely causes it too.

No. 2079136

>find out the guy I almost dated is probably into femdom
>aka my biggest turn-off
Phew bullet dodged.

No. 2079177

File: 1720207074494.gif (262.38 KB, 498x359, 1000034292.gif)

ooh tell me what they are so they can rot on my wishlist

No. 2079189

I have terrible anxiety, stress, and suffer from multiple other sleep issues besides the clenching and grinding. I don't think the vitamin d will be able to do much kek, but I'll try anyway anon, thanks. Is vit d like iron supplements where you have to be extra careful how high of a dose you consume/shouldn't take it without asking a doctor?

No. 2079190

He was not attractive which is the main reason why I gave up on him, also I'm just not into femdom.

No. 2079195

Getting into the habit of doing my bed every day has been the best decision ever. Started doing it daily a couple of years ago after I read somewhere that it's supposedly unexpectedly good for your mental health and was positively surprised, not only does it feel good because it looks nice but it also incites you into keeping your bedroom neat and even helps with the daily upkeep of your home if you are a bit messy by nature like me. At least I get into this "well, since my bedroom looks nice I might as well clean the kitchen while I'm on my feet, maybe also do x or y while I'm at it" mood when I do it.
If I'm too tired or not in the mood in the morning I do it later in the day or evening if I've been at uni, even if the bed looks neat for only a couple of hours before I go to bed it still makes going to sleep a much more enjoyable experience.

No. 2079197

Clock tower and clock tower ghost head

No. 2079199

Technically you can take too much of it but the upper limit is high and it's very rare to absorb too much. It's not like iron.

No. 2079216

i listened to these sometimes lol idk if they actually do shit but i like to pretend they do. i hope a fancy new laptop appears at your doorstep

No. 2079253

File: 1720215501144.jpg (189.67 KB, 1000x1400, 7144-product_full.jpg)

I don't really care for rose gold, but it's so flattering on my skin and I need something that's gonna make me feel like a bad bitch, so I'm gonna do rose gold chrome nails. I'm basically the same tone so it kinda looks like when people have a hair color that matches their skin color.

No. 2079254

It's cold at this place I'm staying at for the weekend but I saw a guy that was running half naked and it was nice, he had a toned body and a nice set of pecs.

No. 2079288

The bookstore had a manga volume I've wanted for a while so I finally had an excuse to buy it. Too bad they didn't have any more of the volumes in that series I'm missing.

No. 2079305

I made some really tasty ramen tonight and now my belly is full and satisfied

No. 2079321

File: 1720222066333.jpg (60.13 KB, 1000x1000, 51bbPluJorL.jpg)

I'm gonna blind buy picrel for my grandma and see if she likes it. She has pretty youthful taste in fragrances, and based off of the notes I think it'll be nice for her.

No. 2079323

I seriously need my own car. Stuck in traffic with my nana who is stressing over several merge lanes and stressing ME out in the process

No. 2079375

File: 1720230215339.jpg (381.62 KB, 1000x1538, 1000039523.jpg)

Rocking chairs are so cool, I literally have never been able to sit on one, ever, because I've always been told that I'm too fat and I could break them.
But today I'm staying at some cabin in the woods and it has a rocking chair, it's a vintage looking one, it's so comfy, I love being able to rock back and forth on it, I could fall asleep here, I should get one someday.

No. 2079376

Thinking of writing a yaoi fanfic about a pair I really like from a show I love but I don't think I'd have time to do it, and I'll probably drop it eventually like every time I try to write something.

No. 2079401

I dont even do crochet so i dont know why i am watching this.

No. 2079402

I really like this channel, she does crochet community drama recaps.

No. 2079407

nice, sounds like something cozy to put on the background while i draw. Too bad shes a handmaiden/tranny.

No. 2079409

today is one of those days where i wonder if my reports are going through or are the farmhands just dead..

No. 2079441

accidentally bought neon green eyeliner at the pharmacy, wtf am i supposed to do with this? draw a lil weed leaf in the corner of my eyes? i got no raves to wear this to

No. 2079442

Used to like her channel but she recently announced she trooned out and now she's saying she's a non-binary or a scrote or something. Shame because her videos are interesting.

No. 2079450

Eh, tbh it doesn't bother me when people (particularly women) troon out unless they start throwing it into every video or making it a main topic. It doesn't effect her actual content for me

No. 2079462

File: 1720243884713.jpg (44.88 KB, 600x587, 0a058a63d2e5dcc1370359918a224e…)

I wonder if people outside the midwest know the whole water recipes and dirty soda thing is mostly used by girls with eating disorders
you just get everything in diet/zero

No. 2079481

World ain't been the same since we lost Amy Winehouse

No. 2079486

Agreed, everything went to shit

No. 2079508

Will never forgive all the ugly old men that made her death into a punchline on television and in tabloids including NPH may his fields burn to the ground and his harvest never prosper

No. 2079521

The hairdresser cut 5cm off my hair, the ends were pretty dry so it was necessary. But I'm impressed by how much of a difference it makes, like it feels so much shorter, especially when I style it. But I only went from medium length hair to….still medium length hair kek

No. 2079522

Had to google dirty soda and oh lord, I have a huge sweet tooth but that sounds too much even for me. Is it really that good?

No. 2079530

File: 1720251897303.jpg (105.15 KB, 1080x1080, drinks.jpg)

well, "good" is sort of a subjective word lol, I love it, I have type one diabetes and a huge sweet tooth, so being able to just, heap sweet shit down is a pretty recent luxury for us lol
I like to mix these diet/zero sodas:
>cream soda, root beer, birch beer, ginger soda (NOT ginger ale), spicy soda (think mr pibb/dr pepper), cola
these sugar-free syrups, really doesn't matter what brand, they usually have "skinny" in the name:
>vanilla, coconut, pineapple, maraschino-cherry, tutti-frutti
and then top it with this shit:
>splenda sweet cream coffee creamer (2 tablespoons = 30cal)
>halo top light vanilla bean ice cream (2 tablespoons = 15cal)
>reddiwip cold foam (2 tablespoons = 18cal)
>reddiwip fat free whipped topping (2 tablespoons = 5cal)
and if you're a total degen non-mormon like me, you can make it a even make it a cocktail if you want:
>baileys Irish cream (2 tablespoons = 70cal)

I'm lonely, thank you for engaging with me

No. 2079540

I kept seeing stuff about Spotify pushing Sabrina Carpenter's songs and I didn't really pay to much attention to it, but today I noticed Please Please Please was in my recent searches although I absolutely didn't search it kek. It came on auto play a few times for me, but I also listen to a lot of pop so that makes sense .

No. 2079570

I wish the space I lived in wasn't so close to neighbors. I'd love to scream my lungs out for no reason and without disrupting anyone

No. 2079573

I wish I was your neighbour nonnie, we could have screaming sessions together

No. 2079585

I accidentally woke up in the middle of the night and scrolled the celebricows thread. When I got up at my normal time and made my coffee and sat down to read the thread as usual I was all caught up. I’m kinda annoyed but now I’m writing this.

No. 2079601

I wish i was there to see the JFK assasination. Funny happenings like that dont happen anymore.

No. 2079602

Literally Abe Shinzo was shot with a homemade gun almost two years ago.

No. 2079604

who cares about japan but weebs, i literally forgot he was so insignificant

No. 2079617

bought some pollock. very nice fish.

No. 2079645

Ameritard moment.

No. 2079657

I told myself i was going to watch a documentary while eating, but instead i put on brainrot. Why am i like this.

No. 2079720

That was breaking news world wide dumbass

No. 2079753

I feel like I may be fighting with the same anon over different topics over different threads… like we’re antisoulmates

No. 2079762

I love when husbando artists accepts my request for their private twitter account, I feel like I'm part of a private establishment and their requirements are not hard (generally put your age in profile and follow their main account).

No. 2079770

File: 1720282120251.png (5.09 MB, 3570x2859, Elsie dies from cringe.png)

i worry sometimes about using the words scrote and moid in real life sometimes, but scrote is part of slang just british, so that's one word i could use, just not around my libfem college mates tho

No. 2079774

tf, you can't say "scrote" around young liberals? I'm so old now wtf
I don't understand where all the moid-worship came from, college used to be where you were safe from that

No. 2079834

File: 1720288059600.jpeg (784.11 KB, 1170x1745, male loneliness epidemic.jpeg)

yeah, the kind of college i attend is for an industry associated with progressive types, "sex work is work", "trans rights are human rights, "stuff that's not really empowering is empowering", everybody uses American English buzzwords with their native language, that sort, where manhate would be frowned upon. it's only the libfem mikan mandarin sugarbaby type of "misandry" that would be barely tolerated despite the college consisting of mostly women.

No. 2079854

me fighting with that one anon about astolfo all those years ago

No. 2079856

ew he is ugly

No. 2079862

I'm looking to build my own PC but just researching it all is so daunting. I'm not scared of sticking everything together in the end, I played with legos a lot and know I have to touch a radiator beforehand, but I barely even know what motherboard and RAM mean, not to speak of overclocking, SSDs, RAID, hZ or RGB (that's just those fancy-schmancy rainbow lights, right?) and all that's left after that.

No. 2079878

the big board that holds everything together
short term memory
don't worry about it
faster hard drive
dont worry about it
pretty lights

any more questions?

No. 2079927

I wanted to play Silent Hill 3 tonight but my PS2 is not working properly anymore, apparently some kind of battery inside is dead, I should look deeper into it.

No. 2079992

I get way too invested in the background MVs of karaoke videos when it isn't some stock footage(?) of that short-haired woman in a long skirt or the frog-perspective shot of a water bottle and the like.

No. 2080002

File: 1720304906765.jpg (16.05 KB, 244x261, Tumblr_l_253273745363486.jpg)

I work at a small pub and personally I think I should be allowed to shoot on sight anyone who comes at almost closing time and tries to guilt you into cooking something for them hours after the kitchen has closed.
>Oh but we're so hungry please can't you just make us a burger please
No. And im fucking tired and want to go home. Fuck off and come earlier next time.
Also a special fuck you to customers who try to order things that aren't on the menu. Do you see it written anywhere? No, then it isn't fucking available.
GOD i fucking hate customers, if you've ever been a customer i hate you.

No. 2080013

No. 2080028

Might be the CMOS/clock battery. IIRC the PS2's clock takes a CR2032 type button cell, available anywhere batteries are sold.

No. 2080042

That's what I figured out too, I looked at a tutorial to replace it and it looks like a pretty easy problem to fix.

No. 2080098

I left a pair of folded khaki pants on my bedroom floor a couple of feet from the door, and my cat, who visits me every night in my room, is so terrified by the pair of pants that after 7 tries to enter the room and launching herself into the air in pure terror multiple times, has decided she simply cannot pass through and is now sitting in the hallway crying. She is so retarded about pants.

No. 2080111

In case of an investigation by any federal entity or similar, I do not have any involvement with this group or with the people in it, I do not know how I am here, probably added by a third party, I do not support any actions by the members of this group. Everything I have posted here is purely satire and will be treated as such in a court of law. I have committed no crimes and am an innocent bystander.

No. 2080115

My plea will just be insanity. Your honor i literally have a brain eating amoeba

No. 2080117

if you had naegleria fowleri you would not be insane you would be dead
>t. knows too much about naegleria fowleri

No. 2080119

File: 1720316789798.jpeg (1.23 MB, 2000x2341, 1693649145934.jpeg)

In case of an investigation by any federal entity or similar, I confirm that this post is irony and that everything on this website is meant to be taken as fact.

No. 2080122

I'm crying that that's the scientific name for brain eating amoeba

No. 2080124

File: 1720317238717.jpg (70.55 KB, 736x736, 022b7fb009f7aba861b00381166d1f…)

I've been learning about how to make perfumes and it's honestly a bit complicated. Its really not as simple as mixing alcohol and fragrance oil. I'm still eager to learn though! My plan is, once I learn how to make fragrances I will buy beautiful and unique perfume bottles to put them into.

No. 2080130

should've been born in japan or something so i could've posted on 2ch with the real female degenerates instead of these quasi-moralshitters on lolcor(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2080133

this poster masturbates to little anime boys and wants you to know about it

No. 2080136

is she the same one who posted her bad art in the rate my art thread and then got pissy at people for rating her art? or a different maladjusted shotafag?

No. 2080142

do jannies seriously follow posters around just to have gotchas?(if you have moderation complaints go to /meta/)

No. 2080143

File: 1720318781115.png (49.23 KB, 668x476, avercadoer.png)

Enjoying delicious avocadoer on this Saturday evening

No. 2080145

At least the moralshitters don’t defend moids’ child porn addictions.

No. 2080151

i'm not a shotafag but i wouldn't be surprised. i feel only NEETs and low tier wageslaves take up janny positions on ibs

No. 2080206

Man, I really wish kpop posting was allowed here. I was never really a stan, just interested in the music, but I've fallen down a deep rabbit hole about the insane amount of cult ties and spiritual imagery behind most groups. It's actually pretty scary.

No. 2080212

I miscalculated something so I'm in the airport way too early and I don't know what to do for the next 8 hours. I have a book but I want to keep it for my flight.

No. 2080216


No. 2080285

i dont even care about shota but i hate how the real degenerates, the bitches into maledom, are more accepted. Why cant they fuck off to lana stan twitter where they belong.

No. 2080330

I got a piece of plastic wedged up the front of my gums and now idk what to do.

No. 2080341

Samefag, got it out. I had to push up and under my gums a little so hopefully it doesn't cause infection. I'm gonna swish with hydrogen peroxide.

No. 2080355

File: 1720336576623.jpg (42.69 KB, 600x698, 1g8tn8.jpg)

I just saw a pic of hairy tongue with no warning. I've seen them before but I did not expect that, yuck.

No. 2080378

I want to get a library card but all the ones in my town are closed during my days off and I don't want to pay extra in the neighboring town.

No. 2080422

File: 1720345683284.jpg (35.67 KB, 608x457, 9b09508c51f5edc5a313a6a9342724…)

I was at a wedding yesterday, and it turns out the couple are quakers (I don't have a full grasp on it so I think it's better if you google it yourselves), so the ceremony went according to the quaker society's traditions which was very….different from what I'm used to at least.
>ceremony starts with everyone sitting in silence for several minutes
>you were invited to say something if you are feeling very emotional but the silence has to continue when they're done
>then the couple said their vows and signed a contract
>then there was another few minutes of silence where you, agan, could say something if you felt your chest was absolutely bursting with feelings.
>then the ceremony ended with the couple getting covered with a knitted blanket by a couple of members in the society
>all the guest, including the guests, were requested to sign that all of us bore witness to this ceremony
The wedding party and rest of the evening was pretty normal, and I'm really happy for the couple. But this was for sure an experience I won't forget, apparently the quaker society only has roughly 100 members in our country so I guess I got to witness something pretty rare.

No. 2080424

Ooh, she’s going to stay pregnant for the next 20 years and he’s going to molest the daughters.

No. 2080429

Seriously? That’s nuts, you should just start using it. It’s very easy to start trends like that in liberal college environments, read something horrible from the news then say “oh, what a fucking scrote.” If they get angry, they’re literally defending a pedophile who raped a baby or something and you’re allowed to scream at them. Most of those types aren’t confrontational at all with the aggressive type, it will be ok. There’s zero reason to be scared of them. I’m Middle Eastern attending the most liberal university in my country (we can drink beer during classes kek) but I always glare at trannies when I see them near the female restrooms and they can’t do shit. It’s like an MMA stare down. I’ve never seen them come inside when I’m there. Liberal types are cowardly, just stay away from the males few and far between and you’ll be fine.

No. 2080436

I'm craving raw oats and hot water so fucking bad right now. But I'm craving chicken patties more, so I'm currently waiting for my chicken patties to cook. I wish I had pickles too. Anyway, after I eat I'm going to bed because I was supposed to be asleep hours ago.

No. 2080468

Are you thinking of the Quiverfull? The Quakers aren't known for having children or molestation, mostly for pacifism and early acceptance of same sex marriage.

No. 2080469

Ahh no idea, all of those freaks are like Mormons to me. But good for them

No. 2080646

Did a bunch of shopping for ingredients last week just to almost immediately lose my appetite for several days in a row, fucking damnit

No. 2080764

File: 1720373013453.png (85.37 KB, 807x709, fuck you.png)

i have so many LC tabs open now that they don't even refresh and show new replies on their own i have to refresh em

No. 2081008

I think one of the reasons why whatever power out there is keeping me single is because I can't fucking settle down when I go to bed.
>oh shit I forgot my meds
>just gonna go to the bathroom real quick
>wait I forgot to pee because I got distracted by my cat
>oh crap forgot my water bottle
>did I put away x when I was done? Better go check
>oh shit I dropped my glasses when I was putting them on the table
>rolls back and forth forever because I struggle with falling asleep
At least I don't have severe night anxiety anymore where I had to get up and calm myself by waddling back and forth hyperventilating at 1am kek

No. 2081081

When I was a kid I was scared of cows and I have a memory of walking along a creek, then looking up and being face to face with a cow and her calf and I was so scared I cried for a while until my mom found me. But the cow didn't even do anything she was just staring at me.
The other day I went fishing in the same area and had to walk through a cow field and I'm glad I'm not scared of them anymore because they're very cute and curious, I liked observing them up close.

No. 2081097

File: 1720395597604.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.57 KB, 1024x538, 1718936129315.jpg)

I keep reading romantic fan fiction even though it makes me miserable. It makes me happy too though. Like it's heartwarming but also makes me depressed bc i'll never experience anything like it. Pic unrelated.

No. 2081141


Anon..how did you even find that?

No. 2081150

Nah you can't just post that and then go "pic unrelated" kekekekek

No. 2081172

True love

No. 2081189

You can tell they're pillow talking in a post-coital haze.

No. 2081203

I ship it.

No. 2081533

I was watching this and i cannot understand how two moids that were born and raised in LA can have such terrible, incoherent english? the fuck. I learned english through watching youtube and its miles better than guys that were actually raised in america.

No. 2081551

I was reading some husbando x reader fic the other day and I got so sad because I'll never have a girlfriend, I get you nonna.

No. 2081573

Tbf LA is full of mutants that only speak in tongues

No. 2081603

I need to go to the gym but its so cold whyyyy

No. 2081652

I’m as tall as the average man in my country and I can’t wait to buy a pair of ankle breakers. I’m masc so I never wore shoes like that before but I NEED the manlets to seethe. Will they bow in my presence or throw themselves onto moving traffic? The possibilities are endless. I’m the final Napoleon Complex boss

No. 2081655

Did you see that post about Zendaya in the Louboutins or something. Anyways a stud in a pair of heels would look so funny you should do it

No. 2081708

I am going to make food and i dont know what to watch. I am bored of all the sitcoms i was watching.

No. 2081712

I told my retard Nigel not to put the chicken in the fridge without a lid because it would taste like fridge when we cooked it but he didn't listen and now it fucking tastes like FRIDGE, ree

No. 2081726

god damn i'm so lonely i need a girlfriend or i'm killing myself

No. 2081733

There is a snail on my window. Perhaps it is the snail of death trying to get in and kill me.

No. 2081737

Or maybe it's your snail guardian angel trying to make sure you're happy and hydrated.

No. 2081829

I tried a pore strip for the first time ever yesterday and it actually worked and got the sebaceous filaments out. My nose feels so smooth, I can't stop touching it. Skincare is a psyop so idc about it being abrasive, it's very satisfying.

No. 2081832

I agree that skincare is a Psyop but if you keep doing it the holes are gonna get all huge and stretched out. Like visibly so

No. 2081835

I've been forcibly popping the pores/blackheads on my nose almost daily for a decade and they're still normal sized. Nta

No. 2081862

File: 1720453522527.jpeg (139.73 KB, 600x450, IMG_5063.jpeg)

trying to find joy on this lovely monday morning. I have been having a hard time lately. But I try and I try and I’ll keep trying

No. 2081865

File: 1720453624121.png (497.24 KB, 749x766, lZhJGYj.png)

i have the lowest sgpa in my entire class and by a long shot too

No. 2081872

File: 1720454052253.jpg (1.6 MB, 2048x2048, 1000040214.jpg)

I hate being allergic to dust and fluffy things, I wish I could fix this, I went to a small trip with my family this weekend and I suffered so much because of my allergies. It was only during the trip that I noticed that yeah, I need my room to be composed of only slick and easy to clean surfaces or I will die in my sleep.

No. 2082101

File: 1720466031283.jpeg (13.52 KB, 183x275, download (2).jpeg)

I didnt pack enough food for my workday and i am so fucking hungry. Cant wait to go home, im gonna make oyakodon for dinner

No. 2082107

I've always wanted to learn to make oyakodon but I'm scared of fucking up with the eggs

No. 2082125

nta but even if you overcook them it'll still taste fine. It's hard to make protein and rice taste bad if you know how to cook rice.

No. 2082132

I have so much on my to-do list and the birthdays piling on don't help! I'm going to have to pull back on drawing for birthdays even more. I shouldn't put my energy into drawing for someone who didn't wish me a happy birthday a couple of months ago. I don't mean this in a resentful way, I love drawing for others with no expectations in return, I just have to start being more picky with who I invest my time into because it's so limited, so of course it should go to the friends that give the same energy I give to them.

No. 2082176

asked my boss to get off *1.5hrs early and he said sure, its a beautiful day nonnies, i'm going to get some cat food and clean

No. 2082206

Sitting criss-cross on my bed, sharing a small bowl of yogurt with my cat with my laptop as the only light source as I watch random youtube video essays
Didn't know I needed this mood, but I did

No. 2082207

My cat is also a yogurt fiend. Whenever I open a cup of yogurt for myself I give her the little foil top to lick clean. It's cute and when she was a kitten she used to get her head stuck in the empty yogurt cups trying to lick the sides clean kek. I think giving your cats a varied diet helps them live longer.

No. 2082214

I'm usually very careful with what I give him (he's my first cat so I get a bit over protective at times kek), but we were having such a cozy moment just now that I would feel mean if he didn't get to lick my bowl

No. 2082219

I love genuine autists who can rattle on about stuff for hours. I wish I cared about anything to the extent they do

No. 2082245

My friend has sent me something to work on almost a month ago and I still haven't started, too lazy.

No. 2082253

Ayrt, it's super easy nona, give it a try for sure. Like the other anon said, even if they get overcooked it still tastes good

No. 2082315

My audible trial expires in a few days and I still have 10 hours left in my current book, so I'm about to listen to it while I clean and mop. I used to find it hard to pay attention to audiobooks, but when I focus it's nice. The book I'm on is also a different culture and has different languages, so I find that someone reading it in the accents and stuff really immerses me.

No. 2082335

Get a library card and the app Libby. You can now rent audiobooks from the library to your phone.

No. 2082338

My little sister thrifted a plushie today and the eyes creep me out. I genuinely believe that thing might unleash a curse on the entire house

No. 2082345

Can you elaborate on what it looks like? I'm really curious.

No. 2082352

Larger amounts of dairy might cause diarrhea, but small amounts are fine. Just check the ingredients for xylitol, sometimes called birch sugar, which can be toxic to animals.

No. 2082400

It's like a weird looking teddy bear, about the size of my forearm, with iridescent eyes. They're pretty and ethereal looking but they give me the creeps for some reason

No. 2082411

Ever since I substituted social media with LC I've been happier
inb4 before someone says this site is just full of insanity

No. 2082423

File: 1720489882173.jpg (66.42 KB, 833x1024, 20240707_073344.jpg)

>failed suicide (OD)
>brought to ER
>they monitor my vitals
>i have to drink coal water
>i piss in a bin
>eventually tied loose
>brought to psych ward
>everyone is 40+, I'm 21
This is my life now

No. 2082427

I'm sorry, anon.
Move to another state and claim you haven't had a doctor since you were in pediatrics
it's only thing I've found that works lol

No. 2082432

Are you in there right now?

No. 2082489

Yup, living the mental patient life. Last night I spent the night in the lounge where the wranglers can keep an eye on me because I kept crying and they were worried. I'll prob stay there for months

No. 2082512

Somehow when I was eating ice cream a streak of it got on my laptop screen. I licked it off.

No. 2082516

I wish I could stay in the mental hospital… but it unironically costs like 400,000 dollars for a couple months stay where I live, and I only have 30,000 dollars to my name so when I got out I’d have no choice but to actually kill myself because i would be homeless. Lol. Have a nice stay

No. 2082565

I'm creking (cringe keking) right now because I'm listening to videos of my husbando x listener audios to youtube. It's just so cringe because he sounds NOTHING like my husbando and he's ridiculously out of character, but i cannot help but find it amusing.

No. 2082570

creking… damn I like it

No. 2082665

I've been putting off on checking how much is in my bank account, but I just did and the damage isn't as bad as I expected. Yay!

No. 2082690

I took some selfies with normie posing and it looks so much better than my typical resting bitch face

No. 2082699

I just found a HUMONGOUS fly in my cup. Not a little gnat, an obese fly. It literally crawled out of the cup while I was stilling holding it. Anyway, I just washed the cup out so I can drink some water and then have a nap.

No. 2082856

I hate working in the family bussiness during the summer so my plan is saving a lot while im away at uni, getting a job I can have during the summer and also getting a boyfriend that will take me out to eat so I have an excuse to stay in my uni city. wish luck nonnitas

No. 2082889

I've been so bloody tired lately nonnas, I don't even know why. I try to avoid taking naps during the day so I can fall asleep earlier at night but of course that is when I start to wake up so I still don't really fall asleep until almost 1am. I don't react to sugar or caffeine so when I'm tired/exhausted I just stay that way all day

No. 2082924

It could be a whole host of problems, from diet and dehydration to more serious underlying issues. If you are living a relatively healthy lifestyle (exercising daily, good sleep hygiene, drinking enough water and eating healthy foods, etc), then maybe it's time to go to the doc just to be sure it's not something else. Is it hot where you are? That can have an impact, too.

No. 2083099

Have a blood test done. When I was super tired all day for no obvious reason I had multiple deficiencies.

No. 2083152

I am going to try scamming the delivery app. I used to do it all the time but they caught me and started ignoring my complains lmfao. I hope they forgot i need the money for gacha shit.

No. 2083180

I do eat pretty healthy, and I used to go to the gym frequently but I haven't been able to since start of june because of how tired I am all the time. But it could be a weather thing, like you say. The weather all summer so far has been incredibly unstable, with extreme heat some days and rain the others.
Maybe I should do that, great idea. I do suffer from thyroid issues as well so maybe it's time to do some blood tests to check on my hormonal levels…

No. 2083188

It's so hot that I'd pass the whole day inside my shower running cold water. Fuck this weather, it makes me so damn tired.

No. 2083192

nyehehe it worked

No. 2083199

damn and i didnt think my opinions of gachafags could get any lower. gacha players are the female version of NFT bros kek

No. 2083203

burger king isnt going to go bankrupt because i asked for my ARS back

No. 2083204

Some nonnies talking about Lebanon the other day and for a second I thought there was a Leb nonnie

No. 2083224

One of my favorite band is dropping shirts on Friday night, hope I'll manage to get something, they always do very limited runs and with my luck I'll probably be asleep when they're available.

No. 2083227

Same, nona. The heatwave has been going on for a week and I can't do this anymore

No. 2083330

done nothing at work today but post on lolcow

No. 2083382

Anons bullying the borzoi hater to the point they became a staple of the "things you hate" thread's threadpic was the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen on Lolcow and I always chuckle to myself about it feeling absolutely retarded about it.

No. 2083392

File: 1720565152004.jpg (35.54 KB, 889x1024, deer-head-or-apple-head-889x10…)

I think if I were a dog, I'd be a Chihuahua

No. 2083401

Oh god there at least 2 mosquitoes currently hovering over me, I'm just going to let them bite me so they'll stop.

No. 2083637

Drank rum+cola, and perused the usual sites to find second-hand riding mowers for sale at a reasonable price.

No. 2083639

Just had a weird pain around my left collarbone and jaw area, I think I just had a heart attack wtf.

No. 2083718

I noticed lately that my Nigel repeats phrases and terms I’ve used which basically means that he respects me and I secretly wear the pants in the relationship. Feels good man

No. 2083719

Dude when im a homeowner I definitely want to get one of these things. Also fuck drought resistant landscaping. I want grass. What mower is your favorite?

No. 2083744

I love harassing scrotes in comment sections for no reason

No. 2083858

I'm a huge sweet tooth, pretty sure I'm addicted to sugar even. But oddly enough I find it easier to keep away from sweets if I have a lot at home, it's like I have a threshold for when there is too much available which causes my cravings just kinda stop.

No. 2083877

a man came and he was italian that didn't speak my language or english so he at least knew how to use google translate so we communicated with that. at parts i could understand him and he was like "you speak some italian!" and i was like "a little". and he was so cute and nice even though we couldn't service him. he made my day kek

No. 2083890

Im eating watermelon with salt for breakfast. I didn't get much sleep (went to sleep at 4, woke up at almost 7) but hopefully tonight I'll be able to get better rest because I'm trying to fix my sleep schedule. Today is a job hunting and cleaning day.

No. 2083909

File: 1720616140962.jpeg (151.7 KB, 1242x1237, 1646369581335.jpeg)

Today I feel so good. I think i am going to start my days by drawing from now on, I feel like it makes me feel much better than just waking up and having breakfast while watching brainrotting on youtbe content like i always do.

No. 2083912

File: 1720616417846.webp (58.52 KB, 1200x675, IMG_5015.webp)

going to try to quit smoking today.

No. 2083919

made 3 seconds eye contact with a pretty woman in the train today. she was with bunch of special needs kids and they seemed to have a good time talking and laughing. will i ever find love

No. 2083944

Sometimes I wish I was a bit more narcissistic in a sense. It would be less painful to blame others than constantly blame myself.

No. 2083946

File: 1720618631559.jpg (92.15 KB, 800x600, avon perfume bottles.jpg)

You totally should. They absolutely make rockers for bigger people and my uncle had one that was rated for up to eight hundred pounds and had an extra wide seat. It was made of solid oak and he got it from a carpenter who specialized in furniture for large and tall people.
That sounds super cute. When I was little, I collected the avon game animal series of perfume bottles so I have dozens and dozens of them, some of which still have the perfume in them.

No. 2083953

File: 1720619342135.gif (1.06 MB, 480x267, 1000034974.gif)

Good luck nonnie! Try not to get discouraged even if you slip up, I believe in you!!

No. 2084289

My ex had big framed photos of Jensen Ackles, Jake Gyllenhaal and Christian Bale on his kitchen wall. Like big black and white photos at a funeral. They were always staring at me. Sometimes I wonder if he was a closeted homosexual.

No. 2084347

I want to poop, but I have to go to work in ten minutes

No. 2084367

File: 1720645237010.png (993.98 KB, 1080x716, IMG_4630.png)

Wanna make a new celebricow thread but I'm way too lazy to do a thread summary right now

No. 2084375

I'm working from home tomorrow and won't have any meeting at all. I'll just do some housework and read a book to pass time.

No. 2084377

Who made Chappell into SimplyKenna

No. 2084455

thank you nonita! I haven’t had any today which is good for me, because I usually have one during my lunch break and a couple throughout the work day. high hopes for the rest of this evening. thank you for believing in me

No. 2084497

I haven't seen the name simplykenna in sooo long. PULL used to have the craziest hateboner for her.

No. 2084506

File: 1720650967043.png (686.58 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_20240710-153314-706…)

She's such a farmer I love her to death

No. 2084507

Ikr, she was such a boring cow for the amount of seething she caused kek
KEEEEEEK he is never going to live this down

No. 2084511

File: 1720651258182.png (1.56 MB, 2550x2338, akaidalia-read.png)

I just remembered Akai Dalia, and I think I'm gonna fall down the youtube rabbit hole on her again later tonight. She had a big deviantart hate train like a decade ago, I wonder if she's still around.

No. 2084543

I got kids bandaids because the store didn't have regular ones and I had a blister but they're actually way nicer than regular ones. They don't leave a sticky residue and they have astronaut cats on them, I'm never going back.

No. 2084675

File: 1720655878612.jpg (844.82 KB, 2048x1536, 1000003802.jpg)

Just watched a short by a black woman who sounds like a white woman trying to imitate a black woman and it messed up my equilibrium a bit temporarily

No. 2084706

Oh my god. Kek.

No. 2084707

Post it??

No. 2084723

How could they hate someone who produced art from the soul

No. 2084732

why the massive bulge though

No. 2084740

Someone said they mistook a pic of Chappell for Kenna and I decided to take it literally

No. 2084780

apparently my vitamin d levels are critically low. that explains so goddamn much

No. 2084785

Please urgently take care of this nona, vitamin d is critical. You can easily take supplements (or touch grass but in winter that might be hard) and vitamin d deficiency can have really bad consequences like alzheimers or bone loss, not just the short term effects people usually talk about like depression.

No. 2084786

Iirc, a lot of people just found her cringe and somewhat problematic because her OC is a mary sue, she made art of Sonic and Shadow being abusive/raping her self-insert, and she hates Amy Rose (for reasons I'm sure you can guess). I think homophobia and generally not being a kind person too. Things that are tame and not noteworthy today but was basically cow material back then.

No. 2084788

I've always thought up stories and characters in my head. Right now I have 3 different stories I cycle through that I would love to get out on paper. I have no idea if they would be any good as books but I wouldn't know till I try. I just worry that when put it on paper, it'd be like trying to paint a masterpiece but it ends up looking like a kindergarten finger painting.

Usually I come up with the characters and think of sporadic parts of the plot, and retread the details little by little. Sometimes like today though, the story bits come to me in leaps and bounds and I finally figure out a plot hole solution or major backstory. I've been in a fugue state all day with me head in the clouds while working and going about my errands. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not but…hey.

No. 2084789

i've got meds on the way, and i'm planning to pick up some gummies before or after work. but thank you xo

No. 2084797

Sorry I always get a bit overzealous with vitamin d. It's just a problem that affects a large chunk of the population in many countries and it also has extremely bad consequences while being easily fixable.

No. 2084802

I'm getting put on Zoloft for my racism OCD

No. 2084896

File: 1720672484944.jpeg (93.93 KB, 626x834, IMG_5134.jpeg)

did not smoke today!

No. 2084908

I was trying to expand the waistband on my jeans with fabric, and I lost the needle I was gonna use to see it. Ughhhhhhh

No. 2084909

Good job!!

No. 2084919

Samefag, I'm found it and now I'm down sewing my jeans! They're still a little small but they fit far better now.

No. 2084965

Someone I know personally just got mentioned on here it made my head spin

No. 2084979

Spill now. Or at least a hint?

No. 2084988

Who? Spill it

No. 2085009

Do you guys think I can crochet a beanie in 3-4 hours? I'm gonna try

No. 2085049

It's so surreal right anon? Someone I know got posted to the bad art thread and I had to do a double take.

No. 2085097

An insect stinged me near my armpit and the poison went into my boob. I'm glad my hand is usable and i can work, but that boob is huge now. So weird.

No. 2085115

girl- does it hurt or anything?

No. 2085119

It's been three hours. Update us. Also, yes you can

No. 2085147

Not as much. I had that same evil fly bit me 5 days ago in my hand so I know it's going to be fine in 4 days.

No. 2085188

kill it next time please aaa that sounds awful

No. 2085224

Oh i wish i could, but it's insane. I don't even know what it looks like because it's that fast! You just hear a buzz for 0,5 second and then pain and then it's gone. I was actually running because I had a hunch it 'll be there and it still got me. Not going outside until fall again.

No. 2085443

File: 1720713652847.gif (666.38 KB, 220x220, 1000035156.gif)

I finally found a perfect amazing set of half tone brushes FOR FREEEEEE FUCK YEAH BABEYY

No. 2085461

File: 1720714706736.jpeg (52.18 KB, 655x1024, IMG_4531.jpeg)

I fucked up.

No. 2085475

I did the same thing about 100 times before I actually quit. just congratulate yourself on not smoking for a while there and try again. you can make it further next time.

No. 2085488

thank you nons, love you

No. 2085495

File: 1720717755287.jpg (208.36 KB, 1080x1251, Jenejw.jpg)

Its high fucking time i learn to cook but i have 0 interest in it

No. 2085507

>started job in late march
>have made 10k so far
>only have like 1500 in bank
thought living at home was supposed to save money. anyway i’m tightening my belt now. if i can squirrel away 10k again by like november i can move out (might be 8k as i pay my mom rent)

No. 2085513

How? Where is your money going?

No. 2085517

mom is using me as her wallet kek. i have made some luxury purchases but those only total up to 2500ish usd, so everything else i’ve spent is just on groceries and the phone bills and shit that breaks down around the house and “nona i don’t feel like cooking, let’s eat out.” ofc if i bring this up to her, she’s just going to get smug and say now i know how she felt having to raise me or some bullshit like that. it bites but like i said i’m tightening my belt and telling her to piss off next time she wants to stop at chick fil a

No. 2085519

is that a real weight? wtf

No. 2085522

I see, I hope you’re able to save enough to move out! Good luck nonna

No. 2085529

I swear my country got the weirdest migrants. Why is there an obese isis looking white guy speaking to A SECOND OBESE ISIS LOOKING GUY in German. They’re both white too with a pasty blonde child and a silent woman in a burqa. How are there two of them? It’s like the model United Nations but fucking weird

No. 2085532

File: 1720719961608.gif (1.62 MB, 225x325, 1000035160.gif)

Don't sweat it nonna just keep trying!!

No. 2085534

I regret i ate all cookies yesterday

No. 2085535

are they bosnians?

No. 2085536

thanks sis. we live and we learn as they say

No. 2085537

I don’t know, but I’m in turkey so I doubt they would want to come here? I was at the dog park recently and everyone there was speaking either Russian or Ikranian. I’m just happy they’re not beating each other up like the Afghans/Iraqis

No. 2085589

I just drew myself a self insert with my husbando and it feels like a missing piece of me has finally been complete

No. 2085612

I know this feel.

No. 2085627

File: 1720726782729.jpg (35.19 KB, 736x736, 1000041098.jpg)

I have so much work to do, but I've been feeling like shit lately, I have my period, somehow some weird allergies, diarrhea and nausea, which combined give me an annoying headache that just stopped bothering me a few hours ago, I've spent the whole day sleeping, trying to make this shitty feeling go away.

No. 2085676

I spent the morning looking at a missing person and unidentified remains database and now I feel sad and a little uneasy. I also have a headache. But I was planning on getting some cleaning done today so hopefully I can do that

No. 2085689

Thank god we averted eviction for now. I’m so happy

No. 2085695

Started playing Tales of Arise and it makes my ps4 sound like a bloody jet engine kek I take breaks like every 1,5-2 hours because I feel like it's actually gonna take off into space otherwise

No. 2085742

I want to learn how to draw just to do this.

No. 2085781

Was NEET for years and just got a job. For some reason packing myself lunch everyday makes me really happy, especially when I see most people ordering themselves lunch. I feel really organized and put together.

No. 2085782

What are your favorite lunches to pack nonna?

No. 2085790

congrats on the job nonnie!! I love packing my lunches too

No. 2085796

I wasn't able to do it! Ah well. I got through a good chunk of the pattern so I'm gonna finish later tonight. I'm a slow crocheter so I shoulda known lol

No. 2085812

Had a nice day running errands with the big dog (my grandma). I had to get monistat while I was out, Walmart had it locked in a case (i guess people steal vagina health products, but not pads/tampons?) but I was able to grab it somewhere else. Idk about anyone else, but I literally never ask employees to open a case for me unless it's something like electronics. I'd honestly rather just go elsewhere kek

No. 2085829

Omg that lil leggysnail! Love it

No. 2085846

Hell yeah!! Packing my own lunch was my favorite part, especially saying that money.

No. 2085848

Congratulations anon! What do you make?

No. 2085864

I always feel so bad because I want to join the watch parties on cytube but I always have something to do. I was really excited to watch xena but I promised my sister that i'd go roller blading with her. It was fun but I need to join at some point.

No. 2085923

these 6 hour long power outages and +32°C outside are beating my ass.. i slept through the entire day because i kept passing out from the heat

No. 2085982

had margaritas with my friends tonight. the world burst open around me on the walk home and I was reminded again that everything is beautiful and a treasure to experience. must stop forgetting this. tomorrow: museum with same friends. life has so much to offer me and I’m grateful and willing to take it!!

No. 2086064

Some 2-part epoxy tubes I bought ~6mths ago apparently sprung a leak and my toolbox now has a puddle of Araldite in it. Cleaning it out while watching Mythbusters.

No. 2086068

There's a bee crawling on me right now, which is really cute but madame abeille there's some beautiful flowers nearby, this is dangerous for both of us

No. 2086074

Alright she's off pollinating now. Vous me manquerez, madame abeille

No. 2086078

File: 1720759745202.jpg (48.95 KB, 564x752, fc22e2d6f65e760f817b5fc728bb5c…)

Awwww i love bees, i remember I was on a road trip and stopping a gas station, there were a bunch of bees buzzing and flying near the bathroom entrance. I walked past them all no biggie, bees are so peaceful.

No. 2086088

They truly are lovely creatures. They clean each other, they "kiss" each other and they'd rather give you a nudge to tell you to go away from their hive than sting you. They're like real life faries.

No. 2086273

Stumbled upon a really cute blond young polish guy, he turned out to be gay ofcourse. Not that I'd get the chance to fuck him if he was straight or something, but his beauty is being wasted, sigh.

No. 2086312

I was hanging the laundry up just now and there were a bunch of bees just chilling in the garden, it was so lovely. I'm pretty sure they recognise me at this point, I always help them escape spiderwebs and help them out if they're stuck inside. Bees are such a blessing.

No. 2086324

spent a few hours reading up on stocks and investment stuff last night and i still feel like i know nothing except i need to get a roth ira asap

No. 2086327

is it normal for your moid friend to copy your interests? i have this one moid friend that is ALWAYS trying to insert himself into my hobbies, and is always trying to get into whatever media that i like. i mentioned i started playing a particular vidya and some time after he will start playing the same video game and this repeats many times with other medias like music and tv series even with hobbies like one time we went to a shop selling planetarium and i was like huh that's nice maybe i should build one for myself and since then he started building terrariums and there were other instances. am i a bad person for feeling weirded out about this? the thing is he is like 10 years older. i'm a dyke but he still describes our friendship as platonic romantic whatever the fuck that means. i can't ghost him cause he has bpd and i'm afraid he might kill himself being a massive loser that he is. also i saw a blahaj tote bag at his place last time.

No. 2086332

>10 years older
>platonic romantic

No. 2086337

Girl run. BPD moids are demons

No. 2086341

File: 1720787918285.jpg (87.07 KB, 616x896, 0dad97b3740ac99221080ce513b1a4…)

Someone I know purchased some dishware that might be uranium glass. I'm gonna check later and see if it is, I'll report back! I think it's so interesting if it is, I don't believe I've actually seen uranium glass irl.

No. 2086345

I can’t wait to turn 60 so I can walk around shirtless without making men happy

No. 2086352

I tried watching that new Interview With the Vampire show but the moids are too ugly for all the sex scenes they put in it so I had to stop.

No. 2086363

fr the only hot one is lestat and funnily enough louis’ brother was better looking than louis

No. 2086371

i can't even look at gifs the moids are so ugly. why does no one cast ethereal long-haired types anymore smh

No. 2086450

I want to go outside in my garden but the weather keeps switching between being warm and sunny to cold and raining.

No. 2086458

File: 1720800029641.gif (984.83 KB, 500x334, 1531001046280.gif)

I don't have eyebrows, or rather, they're so light you might as well say I don't have any. I thought about dying them, but before commiting to a potential mistake that might haunt me for the coming two months, I decided to first try to draw them in with these makeup pencil thingies. I don't know if it's because I never did it in my life before, or because I have no idea how to even shape my eyebrows, but I came to the conclusion that I look weird with eyebrows and that I maybe shouldn't dye them.

No. 2086499

No. 2086502

I use refectocil light brown for my invisible brows. It doesn't last 2 months, more like 3-4 weeks at most (unfortunately lol). The effect is natural and looks good, I'd definitely give it a shot.

No. 2086503

the Justin Timberlake mugshot reminds me of my washed up alcoholic ex. Always a jump scare

No. 2086530

Can someone tell me if I’m being a Karen?
I’m in town visiting family and I’m trying to order an easy dinner for everyone so I don’t have to cook the night before I fly back home. There’s this restaurant that offers a family pack that is 2 meat mains and then salads and sides. I asked for chicken as the first main, and then asked if they could split the second main into shrimp and fish if I paid extra (some people want fish, some want shrimp).

The woman on the phone said no, I said that’s fine and I understood and asked if she could just add on some extra fish without any additional sides for an extra cost. She again said no and said I would have to order a whole fish meal. But I don’t want mostly sides and a few pieces of fish, so I told her like I’ll pay whatever extra but I just want some extra fish. She ignored me asking and said “so is the family meal all you want to order?” And I just hung up. Is my request that unreasonable? I really am not trying to make anyone’s job harder, this just seemed like such a nothing thing to me

No. 2086537

At least you can do things to make your eyebrows less or more "in your face" (pun intended), nonna. I have the opposite problem of very dark eyebrows that I can only do so much to have them take less of the attention without shaving em or plucking em so thin like in the early 2000s. At least you can choose to be dramatic or the total opposite with your eyebrows, it's a good thing.

No. 2086572

Most likely it's simply not possible (or the cashier isn't allowed to) to add custom orders like that, it's all presets in the order/payment system.

No. 2086575

File: 1720803982295.png (19.4 KB, 439x500, lolcow nonnies.PNG)

just saw the hellweek stats broken down by country and am unsuprised i am the only one from my country to post here

No. 2086578

File: 1720804035403.jpeg (868.83 KB, 1557x1519, A85E3161-D4BF-41AB-B621-00B2A4…)

There’s an Armenian here? Wtf! 1v1 me bitchhh

No. 2086579

Not being a karen, but they most likely can't do that because as other nonnie said, the buttons won't allow it.

No. 2086608

love taking my lunch an hour after everyone takes theirs. 12pm to 1pm is like my designated fuck off hour because absolutely
nobody is in to check on me

No. 2086641

Am I having a stroke or did I see these exact posts before in this exact order?

No. 2086654

Fair enough. The restaurant that I used to work at let people add on whatever individually so I guess I just assumed it would be the same everywhere. Ty nonas

No. 2086656

Look behind you

No. 2086850

File: 1720816809901.jpg (46.83 KB, 577x694, 80ed460c61d855507e901b8c420d43…)

I need to be on a low sugar diet because I'm gonna start taking yeast infection medication in a few days, but I really want an iced cola right now. I don't even drink soda like that anymore. Also, unpopular opinion but people need to stop nicknaming it coke and call it cola instead. Its cuter and also a suitable name for a pet.

Anyway, today has been a chill day. I got some work done and now I think I will spend the rest of the day crocheting and playing league. A good start to the weekend.

No. 2086960

Going to the gym feels so great, I don't know why I have a hard time going back.

No. 2086983

File: 1720824659302.jpeg (201.04 KB, 736x1088, IMG_2159.jpeg)

My kitten is once again making biscuits on me

No. 2086985

realizing that 90% of beauty is just being in shape. my legs look so good now that i've been doing squats every day

you don't need to apologize kek i thought it was sweet. i'll take my pills at 8:30 pm each thursday while thinking of you x

No. 2087037

File: 1720827942131.png (84.93 KB, 500x500, 2596972.png)

I just received some REM beauty lip oils, and I think the applicators are so nice! I actually forgot they even have applicators like this because the last/only time I looked into anything about REM was like a year ago so it shocked me kek. It cool though, it fits the curve of your lip. The metal ball wasn't cold like I think it's supposed to be but I did just get it out of the mail

Anyway, I'm gonna go make some broccoli and pizza because I'm literally starving

No. 2087049

Sad day anons, it's not uranium (or at least I don't think, the only light I have to test it is my uv/led lamp for gel nail polish kek) its just green tinted glass. I'll be getting a proper light and hunting for uranium glass with my friend though, it'll be fun!

No. 2087059

Nooooo. I was really rooting for it to be uranium glass. This is the worst post update on LC ever.

No. 2087140

Normie drama is so fucking boring. I will never click another video about tiktok drama.

No. 2087153

Omg nona would you recommend them? Was it reaaaaally minty? I wanted that blue one so bad cause I love mint and its so pretty! I didnt get it because REM wasn't sold in my country back then. But now that you're bringing it up im hyped again.

No. 2087177

File: 1720841212855.jpg (212.48 KB, 1638x2048, GLODiHcakAAY2ES.jpg_large.jpg)

I didn't get the blue one unfortunately! I got the raspberry drop oil and the Shirley glossy balm. I do like them a lot, but it's important to note that they are THICK. I like that cause that just means it'll last longer, but if you're sensitive about textures it may be a deal breaker. The lip oil has the texture of a thick gloss, the glossy balm has the texture of a SUPER thick gloss. They're not sticky at all though. The applicator for the glossy balm (picrel) is very flexible when you're using the curved side. They're definitely very moisturizing, and the lip oils have the shine of a gloss. I find that a lot of lip oils soak into my lips too fast, but I haven't had to reapply this one too much. Also, my lips have been dry as FUCK for weeks but after using these products they feel very soft with no dead skin.

As for scent, weirdly enough they both have smells that I recognize from elsewhere but can't quite remember what it reminds me of. Shirley is a sweet vanilla scent. Have you ever had a toy as a kid that was scented like a fruit? Like maybe a Strawberry Shortcake doll or something. They had that artificial fruit smell but there was also always something there that was off (not stinky but just not what it's meant to be). That's what raspberry drip smells like to me. I's raspberry, but there's something weird and plastic-y about it. Like a sour plastic raspberry. BUT, even though it sounds bad, it's really not and it's a pretty faint scent so I don't mind.

In terms of color, they're both VERY sheer. Raspberry Drip looks clear on me but Shirley has a red tint. I'm sure you could build it up but I haven't tried cause they're already thick so I don't wanna layer more.
All in all, I actually would recommend based off of my first impressions. They're perfect. for what I look for in a lip product, but i see downsides if you have different preferences. And the little metal ball is nice now that it's cooled down kek. I will note the oil applicator is pretty big and curved, so if you have very thin lips I can see it being inconvenient to use and the glossy balm applicator being better.

No. 2087233

File: 1720845306337.jpg (136.4 KB, 1500x996, iStock-458528337copy-5a29590fc…)

I can't believe I got a paper cut from one of these things. Why must my harmless 0 cal sweetener betray me? It's right on the end of my finger too, ugh.

No. 2087244

I’m staying in a random ass aunt’s house and I suddenly feel like a horror game protagonist. Woke up in the middle of the night and explored the house with my phone flashlight. Tons of old pictures and spiders

No. 2087246

File: 1720846751684.jpg (150.48 KB, 736x920, aba08f76d21a02a680551e78d26ed0…)

I've like looking at very expensive homes and apartments in my free time. it always gives me a weird feeling that's a mix of motivation and that pit-in-my-stomach depression.

No. 2087317

I'm supposed to be on a very low sugar diet but I'm already plotting on the Thai milk tea I plan on having for breakfast tomorrow

No. 2087333

I got a massive cut from trying to open a katsu sauce packet with a knife once

No. 2087371

Call me if you come across Pyramid Head.

No. 2087401

File: 1720864143749.jpg (615.65 KB, 1500x1500, 1000004378.jpg)

So excited for my Tamagotchi to arrive hell yeah

No. 2087447

That little applicator does look cool

No. 2087469

It feels super nice to use, I actually think it may be superior to regular applicators. I'm usually skeptical of celeb brands but I'm decently impressed.

No. 2087474

They still exist? Do they still grow up fucked up or die when you are a bad parent? This was my favorite part, gave an actual sense of accomplishment when they weren't ugly NEETs as adults

No. 2087475

>watching Turkey Tom video, first time watching his videos
>All of a sudden, screenshot of our rules page is in the video
What the fuck. I rarely consume content about the types of cows that we talk about here so I forget people actually know about lolcow.

No. 2087524

Lmao, I discovered lolcow because of a video made on a cow and the person who made the video got all the info from the cow's threads in here. I was amazed by the idea of a website that archives the history of retards on the internet so I decided to look it up and start using it for this, only to realize I don't actually have social media and don't follow the news of any of the cows so they're all unfamiliar to me. But I don't mind reading threads of notorious cows with crazy stories, and I even managed to find threads about ones I'm familiar with, and some cows I know of got mentioned in more general threads. I check /snow/ everyday for new milk of any cows I'm familiar with nowadays.

No. 2087527

Same for me. I found the website because of the CreepShow Art drama.

No. 2087539

I feel good about my day today.
I set out to get my hair dyed, clean up my "garden corner" in the living room that I have no time to tend to currently to make more storage space for other stuff.
I did both, plus some cleaning in my living room, took the trash out, did my laundry, storing my gardening equipment in my basement, as well as my suitcase that I still had in my apartment after having gone on holiday, and because I had some time, I defrosted part of my freezer which made so much space.
Feels good when you get yourself some achievable tasks and go even beyond them.

No. 2087558

How can I buy one of these? Or are they just out of stock? The angel one looks so cute but I only see the standard one on amazon.

No. 2087629

I haven’t yet but I’m pretty sure the mosquitoes and spiders here are waiting to catch me off guard so they can all assemble together a huge insect transformer and kill me. Compared to them Pyramid Head is a plushie. As I type this they’re up in the wall probably discussing what type of malaria to give me

No. 2087730

File: 1720894909182.jpg (229.59 KB, 1080x1080, 1000004386.jpg)

Yup they still die lmao, they're fairly popular I think since they literally released 3 versions of their latest ones 2 days ago. Not to mention they've released more retro ones and even the connection vers

I bought mine from Amazon, you gotta type in the full name Tamagotchi Uni Angel Festival to be able to find it!

No. 2087772

oh my god I want one

No. 2087838

I've counted at least 64 red text in the skirby thread

No. 2087842

68 now

No. 2087912

File: 1720905876763.gif (578.7 KB, 128x128, SMupw2Xx.gif)

The upper screen of my phone died. I wasn't planning on changing my phone any time soon, but because greedy corporations make phones a pain in the ass to disassemble to actually change shit like screen it is unironically easier to buy a new one since the price is more or less the same, so that's what I did. The new phone will arrive in 4 days so for like a half of a work week I'll have to somehow navigate work chats with the broken phone yay. And I'm not even excited about a new phone, because I didn't exactly want it.

No. 2087926

File: 1720906697132.jpg (20.9 KB, 600x801, 1000041755.jpg)

I got my nails done today and I love them. It's just a different pop or pastel color on each nail and pink with glitter on the toenails. I wish I had cute and comfortable sandals to wear, kind of like pic related, but it's insane how difficult is it to find anything like this that isn't made with the shittiest materials or that doesn't cost like 60 dollars.

No. 2087936

it's 40°c now and up to 50°c in the sun… fuck my life

No. 2087987

Use regular temperature measurements please.

No. 2087991

That's insane, where the fuck do you live where temperatures get that high? Hope it cools down soon nonna.

No. 2088000

I don't listen to Billie Eilish because the sad shit isn't for me, but I've been playing a few songs from her most recent album and they're quite nice.

No. 2088004

My big back trait is me dividing the sushi between me and my bf equally then taking one of his pieces at the end. And I will continue to do it. Also salmon sushi tastes better in America than tuna, I haven’t had great tuna here even in fancy omakase places

No. 2088008

Nta but this made me look up what percentage of the worlds population uses Fahrenheit. 4.5 percent

No. 2088017

Celsius makes a lot more sense than fahrenheit does.

No. 2088038

Go back

No. 2088042

i dont think you know what that phrase means

No. 2088079

Swiping on Bumble and the YouTuber Edwin’s Generations or whatever his channel is called profile popped up and I don’t have anyone to share this information with. Says he is 1 mile away. I never thought I’d spot a cow in the wild

No. 2088161

Fatty mad because I said "big back", huh?

No. 2088196

>excited to hear jim talk about boogie's fake cancer drama
>instead he's politisperging about trump
fuck why did i order a borger for this boring shit

No. 2088280

File: 1720917532509.jpg (7.31 MB, 4096x3072, IMG2024070145486.jpg)

I saw some cows up close for the first time today. They're a lot bigger than I expected.

No. 2088702

File: 1720925570886.jpg (135.48 KB, 1500x1000, classic-cheese-pizza-FT-RECIPE…)

chugging a monster while listening to high bpm electropop. it's basically the middle of the night where I am. shall I make frozen pizza? I want frozen pizza.

No. 2088924

>enjoying the last of my milk tea I made a few hours ago
>suddenly feel small chunks
>think that it's curdled milk, spit them out onto a plate
>It's fucking rice
Someone put rice in the fucking sugar I put in my tea. I'm so irritated.

No. 2088976

Yes pizza is good

No. 2088980

Did you take this pic? I love cows

No. 2089105

File: 1720937322729.jpg (3.26 MB, 4096x3072, IMG20240701483341.jpg)

Yep! I love them. Really curious and gentle animals. Anything a little bit unusual makes the whole herd comes over to take a look. They are super skittish though so I couldn't get to pet one of them. Maybe next time.
[Blacked out the tags so as not to dox the cows and myself]

No. 2089110

File: 1720937415088.jpeg (165.89 KB, 570x856, IMG_2183.jpeg)

My kitten is currently sleeping on me and it’s so sweet but I want to move kek

No. 2089122

I am become the office lady, wearer of the granny panties

No. 2089344

I was checking out an old thread and found out a (very inoffensive) comment of mine made a nonna so angry she got banned for infighting

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