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File: 1720021514085.webp (67.36 KB, 465x600, 1720020906528.webp)

No. 2076380

Cleanse your spirit, release your sins
Previous thread: >>2046911

No. 2076385

The anon in the other thread is just doing that shit on purpose, she's intentionally ignoring what's being said to her so she can keep lamenting about how her trust in women is totally shot and she's only just now coming to this realization. Sure, anon.

No. 2076395

Actually you guys are the ones putting words in my mouth that I never said because you don’t read my posts properly. You can explain things on here in as much detail as possible and some anons will still ignore everything you say and put words in your mouth to benefit their own narratives and arguments instead. I never said all or majority of women are psychos kek. And if you’re so bothered by my words stop talking about it? You’re even bringing it in this thread which is just unnecessary. Close the topic and move on. I really don’t want to participate in any infighting.

No. 2076401

The stop replying instead of doubling down on your retardation. You are ignoring what's being said to you, and you're doing it on purpose.

No. 2076424

I am not ignoring what is being said to me. What exactly did I ignore? Every single reply is "uh most women aren’t like that men are worse!!" "Feminism isn’t about being best friends" Yeah, no shit! I know! I never said otherwise. You guys are just putting words in my mouth I never said.

No. 2076426

Nothing to confess, I'm just happy my pic got picked. Thanks op!

No. 2076439

The anons getting so defensive about your statement are weird kek

No. 2076489

Confessing my sin of not studying when I should be because I'm too busy fucking around on neopets or laying on the ground sobbing about the amount of work I need to get done. Nonnies please give me strength to actually open my textbooks. Being middle aged and doing certifications makes me feel like such a loser.

No. 2076493

As much as I hate it being done to women, if I had a handsome hot model bf, I'd absolutely do the same as Kanye and talk him into dressing super slutty while parading him around. Not really as fetish but more as public eyecandy kek.

No. 2076495

I know people who got assaulted irl, sexually assaulted or were groomed by multiple moids in Hyun's dojo but nothing gets done about it so I just left knowing whatever teen girl joins that server is cooked or going to get some trama

No. 2076496

But I do judge women who dress slutty, like you know your target audience hates you and mocks you for it- why do you insist on entertaining them? So stupid

No. 2076500

think of your neopets cheering you on to study!
you would be doing a public service so it's okay

No. 2076919

I want to be sexed. I want to be held and healed. I want to be loved by a moid. You can take me out to the pasture and cut me up for pork dinner over this anons, I am guilty and confess my crime of wanting dick right now…

No. 2076938

File: 1720051526467.jpg (86.58 KB, 954x954, 1000038758.jpg)

Today I ate something so weird kek, I've seen my mom and dad eat pasta that way too, but today I caved in and tried it, it was honestly nice? But tbh, something that annoys me of pasta is how it isn't that filling, you feel full for a few hours and then you're starving again.
The thing is that things have been a bit rough at home, money has been quite short, so today I felt honestly grateful about the food that my mom gets for free at her job.
Something annoying is that for some reason, the fridge is freezing everything, so whenever we buy vegetables, they end up completely frozen and we cook with them just right, but they're impossible to eat raw, I wish we could fix the freezer, but I'm also a hit afraid of getting anyone to do so because we've had like 3 people checking on the fridge and the three people have said completely different things, and like I've been telling my parents, better be frozen food than rotten food.
I still feel weird not being able to eat salad daily like before the fridge got even crazier, like a few months ago it wasn't this bad, now even the ham and cheese have small layers of ice when you take them out of the fridge.

No. 2076957

Turn the knob on your freezer to turn down the temperature. If it's too cold on normal, turn it to low.

No. 2077085

I’ve fallen for the old man psyop and am dating a man 25 years older than me. And actually truly enjoy spending time with him and his company. For the record I’m 30 so that’s not as bad as it could be if I was a younger nonna, but damn. Actually being treated with respect after years of being screwed over a fucked around by dudes in my age range? 10 outta 10.

No. 2077112

File: 1720065234787.jpeg (3.54 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2246.jpeg)

I don’t have any female friends and I’ve given up on ever making them.

No. 2077114

I have two bfs

No. 2077115

Same but I don't have any friends period.

No. 2077116

No. 2077155

Listening to his gfs playlists. I swear every guys gf is an indie hipster girl whose taste consist of 70s soft rock, alt and indie rock. It's so joever fur me

No. 2077313

Yes and what’s even more based is making both of them think they’re the only one by introducing them to my mom and shit. Retards

No. 2077328

You are orbiting a man who doesn't want you because you talk like that. If you didn't talk like you're retarded you'd have a bf

No. 2077416

Disgustang, he's 5 years away from smelling like retirement home and cheap cologne.

No. 2077477

… I'd take a dog over a moid or a moid child any day, the dog hater faggots are tripping. That bastard would grow up to be a far bigger threat than a dog (not pitbull) anyway. Yes this feeds the "women fuck dogs" meme but I don't care, men are just seething that a literal dog can be better than them.

No. 2077678

I love money. I feel happy when I have money and I feel sad and worthless when I don’t. I love spending on things as well

No. 2077684

No. 2077702

In addition to me genuinely enjoying his company, he’s got money that he’s more than happy to spend on me, which is nice. That is to say idk why he’d be using a cheap cologne in five years, kek. I never thought I’d be willing to even try an age gap relationship but we actually have a ton in common and most important of all we make each other happy. I’m glad I broadened my horizons. The one thing I’m having trouble with is feeling a tinge of embarrassment in public at times wondering what other people think, I’ve felt the stares in public. I shouldn’t give a shit especially considering I used to love stirring the pot and getting reactions out of people, but I’m just looking for peace now. And in some ways I feel like I betrayed a part of myself because I always thought relationships like this were predatory by nature, but I don’t feel preyed upon.

No. 2077717

>I always thought relationships like this were predatory by nature, but I don’t feel preyed upon.
The word you're looking for is transactional; you're getting his manners and money while he's getting your youth. If you stay together longterm you'll probably end up in a caretaker role for his aging ass. As a 30 year old it's not really predatory, because you're a fully grown woman (though you still seem naive).

No. 2077753

Not predatory but he gets to brag about getting someone younger and having her clean his ass a couple of years down the line. While she gets money? Stability? Something that isn't even far fetched for men in her age range.

No. 2077757

I’m somewhat high functioning but I’m still pretty damn autistic so yeah I’m likely naive. can’t hold a job or anything like that. I don’t think he thinks I could take care of an aging person and I also don’t think people in his family tend to need care when they’re old, his mom is still alive and very active and honestly probably healthier than my chronically ill ass. I’d be concerned if he thought I could caretake for an older person because I have trouble caretaking myself.

No. 2077768

>money? Stability? Something that isn't even far fetched for men in her age range.
The legitimate handful of millennial men I know with money and stability are either taken, absolute dumpster fire MGTOW types, want or have kids, or want to be in a DINK relationship and not a SINK.

No. 2077772

I was about to say this, they really want you to be broke, starving and playing second mommy to some 18 year old scrote that barely knows to wash the stink out his drawers. An older man at least brings experience and benefits, they think attractiveness is what brings food on the table and a house these days KEKKK so naive. I love older men idgaf go and get your money anon

No. 2077774

>you’ll become a caregiver for his ass
You put in the work and time to get on his will and get money when he dies. You instant gratification dick hopping bitches could never understand it

No. 2077791

Is that why you won’t date men your age? Sounds like you’re the instant gratification bitch, incapable of growth, only being a leech.

No. 2077794

is it really hard to find someone who's both attractive and wealthy? asking sincerely because i genuinely don't understand the point of dating someone unattractive, and why someone can't have her own money

No. 2077799

>muhhh leech
I’m not the anon you’re referring to kek. Also good, a man’s money is my money and always will be, you can go and be miss independent where you’ll never own as much properties as other men, never get paid as much as them, never be taken seriously in the workplace. You lose regardless on both sides so you better just choose one and navigate it the best you can and you chose the arrogant self-righteous path

No. 2077802

You don’t go outside and it shows (or have never had a boyfriend lol). Most people don’t have access to attractive and wealthy men, it’s either one or the other and that is still a rarity in itself

No. 2077808

Men who're both wealthy and attractive aren't exactly plentiful. You've got to be in the right circles to get someone wealthy or be lucky and land a nerd who makes 6 figures as a software engineer or doctor or something

No. 2077818

>playing second mommy to some 18 year old scrote that barely knows to wash the stink out his drawers.
You think a scrote from the older generations is any different KEK

No. 2077827

>or be lucky and land a nerd who makes 6 figures as a software engineer or doctor or something
But anons are acting like you just need to go after someone older in order to get that. I don't know there's conflicting answers..what a woman just wants to fuck someone attractive and isn't looking for a house or whatever, and most of the attractive men happen to be under 30? Why is that any worse?

No. 2077829

*what if a woman

No. 2077836

I'm honestly calling BS so many men out of grad school with well paying jobs. Money cannot be selling point for dating older men anymore sorry

No. 2077838

Doctors and engineers are not rare gems. Unless you live in a small town then fair but if you live in an mid size to big city that is the bare min. Especially considering women are now more educated than men

No. 2077839

If it's about getting money and property, dating a 55 year old in your 20s is pretty fucking stupid. Anon would be stuck with her old scrote until she's in her 50s or 60s herself. Might as well date a 75 year old hope he dies before you turn 35 so you can actually enjoy the money. If he doesn't leave all his money to the kids he had with his ex wife of course.

No. 2077841

if you want to act like a sugar baby in your long term relationships it's your prerogative (i'm thankful to be well off and come from a middle class family) but being a caretaker is thankless work. especially when you're losing your best years to it.
caretaking for older scrotes ends up being mommying as well.

No. 2077845

Nonny must live in some bum fuck rural small town considering she thinks doctors are hard to date and all the men her age she knows are incels

No. 2077848

They aren't rare gems but they're still a minority. You'd have to actively vet and hunt for a man who earns really well. Especially if you also want him to be attractie. And for down right wealthy (I don't think the average doctor or engineer is wealthy) you're probably shit out of luck if you aren't born in the right circles.

No. 2077855

If you find a man in his 50s attractive then everyone around you must look like cave trolls.

No. 2077860

I'm not OP dumbass

No. 2077863

>you're probably shit out of luck if you aren't born in the right circles.
or if you don't date random middle-aged men apparently. the other anon claims that's the only way regardless of which circles they're in

No. 2077866

Move to the Bay Area or Seattle. Attractive is a stretch but the gender imbalance is so high that you'd be able to take your pick.

No. 2077891

I may be broke but at least I’d never be an old faggot’s maid.

No. 2077963

>I’m somewhat high functioning but I’m still pretty damn autistic so yeah I’m likely naive. can’t hold a job or anything like that.
Nonna if you're going to date a geriatric moid at least use him for connections or use his money tp create a side hustle that you can deal with. You're literally in your best years, don't make yourself dependent on him.

No. 2078165

My bosses parent just died and I accidentally said " rest in peace my diet " after he offered me some snacks. why am I such a pos, omg I didn't even know what to do I just tried to change the subject

No. 2078307

>where you’ll never own as much properties as other men, never get paid as much as them, never be taken seriously in the workplace

so just submit to males and do what they exactly want you to do prostituting yourself for a hag i really don’t understand how some of you have 0 self worth and willing to let a disgusting old man touch you for money, i guess not minding selling your body makes you lose all senses

No. 2078371

cocksucker-chan may be an nlog male worshipper but her views on sexual intercourse are correct

No. 2078474

im a retard

No. 2078485

i am very butt hurt my art work wasnt chosen for the next threadpic for a cow I follow

No. 2078546

I am attracted to Home Movies Brendon Small

No. 2078573

>DINK relationship
How is that an issue..? SINK is a scam, it's like placing all your eggs in a rotten basket that hinges on nebulous, unstable things like 'love' and a 'happy relationship'. I don't get the appeal (but then i know too many women who ended up homeless/in great poverty after their SINK marriage crashed)

No. 2078585

I always thought SINK was for single people.

No. 2078595

File: 1720161576684.webp (46.16 KB, 1200x1286, IMG_5696.webp)


No. 2078596

>how is that an issue
I’m kind of a retard (tism) and also physically unwell and can’t hold a job kek

No. 2078602

It is, anon must be confusing it for being a stay at home gf or housewife.

No. 2078612

my first few posts here were so retarded and naive i cringe so hard when i stumble upon them while re-reading old threads..

No. 2078615

That's him

No. 2078719

File: 1720175351470.jpeg (18.75 KB, 640x623, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

I found out a certain person online that's known for being a victim, was always lying. This person has a ton of support now and youtube coverage. I'm not sharing who it is, also because the abuser is an actual disgusting pedo. The abuser's fanbase is actually retarded and I don't want to be seen as a pedo defender because one person lied.

There's really old documentation people have of this person online that prove that they lied. The narrative was that the fanbase bullied and harassed them but I have also seen archives of old accounts from this certain fanbase not really say anything bad. Yet they knew this person lied firsthand and were saying things like "We forgive them!". They did mention actually moving forward to press charges against the abuser nothing came of it. Over time, they were also able to steal statements from actual victims that were posted online so their story always changes.

I try to believe all victims definitely, but coming across the multiple sources that I did makes me wonder who else out there is actually lying for shits and giggles.

No. 2078785

I have a similar story that's very, very jarring.

No. 2078794

Late replay but I found this story to be interesting and sad

No. 2078799

File: 1720182834075.jpg (239.7 KB, 1920x1080, Maria+Holic - S01E01.mkv_snaps…)

I want to fuck troons but nonitas will judge me and everyone else will cancel me because only moids are allowed to be chasers

No. 2078811

tifs or tims?

No. 2078812

Nobody in real life cares. Just stop posting here.

No. 2078815

enjoy the rotholes or rot lumps retard

No. 2078818

Kek, don't listen to the other anons, do it and post anything that happens in here, it will be a great peaking story to show to others like you.

No. 2078839

tims. Im not realy that into futa, i have a thing for irl troons.
Yall are so mean
I mean, nobody understands me. Im literally the only woman alive with a troon fetish. I don't think i will have the courage to seek out trannies because i know they are degens. My confession is that i feel detached from the other women.

No. 2078851

Do you want to fuck troons or do you like young pretty and somewhat feminine men? Because those are two very different things

No. 2078857

I think it has something to do with my desire to humiliate males because i know troons are usually miserable and i feel like i could manipulate one with the promise of love/sex.

No. 2078860

Are you attracted by conventionally attractive TIMs who could pass as female? Or by uglier ones who are clearly men in a dress?

No. 2078866

Kek nonita you make me blush. I know my actual problem is that other nonnas here dont understand me and the normie girls wont ever accept me. Id say i prefer the homey looking agp passoids, the ones with low self-esteem but decent looking.  Definitely not HSTSs as their bimbo look disgusts me. I feel so deranged honestly. 

No. 2078868

Samefag, nah. Fuck yall.  Some of yall nonnas allow your nigels to do crazy shit to you and im supposed to feel bad for my weird fetish? Yall aren't better than me.(infight bait)

No. 2078874

I swear im not. I just wanted to confess that I feel lonely because of what im into.

No. 2078876

No1currs about how badly you want to fuck trannies, I don’t believe you’re a woman, but if you are, kys NLOG. If you’re not, kys 4chan troll(infighting)

No. 2078877

File: 1720188066011.jpg (33.91 KB, 960x540, lushchan.jpg)

I'm an alcoholic. I wish that I could stop but every minute I'm coming down I'm so fucking manic. When I'm fully sober I just want to jump off a bridge. Good stable thoughts only happen when I'm tipsy. I'll probably die of cirrhosis. I was in the A&E for blood vomit in February. Therapy, pills don't work. I out drank naltrexone ffs. At this point I don't care for myself but I need to outlive my parents so they don't see me like this. I've somehow managed to keep my job. I honestly have no idea how. Civil service work is a joke.
My current bender, sunrise to sunset, is 7 weeks 2 days. I hope the people who find me study my corpse to help others.

No. 2078879

See? Even yall nonas dont belive me. Maybe im just irl kikomi or something.

No. 2078882

I wish I could support you nonita. I assume you just cant tolerate reality and want to escape it badly. If you cant get rid of this bad habit maybe you could gaslight yourself into another one? You cant just get rid of it if its really important for you so maybe try to replace it with something else? 

No. 2078884

Samefag, but at this point you should try anything, even heroin kek. Keep trying nonita.

No. 2078902

I used to be a cokehead. Alcoholic is better tbh. Less anxiety about psychos trying to stab me and more just worrying about judgemental looks at the store. I don't think switching to anything else will really help me. I've got addiction in my blood. If I was on a desert island in the middle of nowhere I'd probably get addicted to coconuts.
I'd like to try heroin some day. It's not called herolose it's called herowin. That probably sounds funnier when you speak it out.

No. 2078906

Become a nun. Seriously. Religion helps to keep in line people who just can't do it by themselves. Become a religious fanatic.

No. 2078915

>>2076938 what were the ingredients in the weird pasta nonnie?

No. 2078920

The local nuns here put women into slavery and babies in septic tanks as part of the Magdalene Laundries. I can't think of any religion that actually helps women.

No. 2078938

That is a really strange fetish but I support you since I really hate sexual repression and the damage it does to people's psyches. To me TIMs feel very male sexuality-coded in the sense that homosexuals will try to appeal to other men and AGPs will also try to appeal to men (themselves). The only type of male troon I would ever want to fuck would be someone like pre-op Jazz Jennings. I have a thing for underdeveloped soft cocks (I find the idea of eunuchs hot for example)

No. 2078980

>I support you since I really hate sexual repression and the damage it does to people's psyches
and having sex with TIMs somehow won't be damaging…?

No. 2079004

It's not like she's 100% committed to seeking out trannies to fuck and it seems like other people's acceptance is important to her. Or she can watch some tranny porn I guess. If she does go on the prowl for troons it would definitely make for a funny story

No. 2079105

Hey nonna, I’m the one who posted about going away to meet the weird old guy. I actually ended up cancelling my flight, per his request, the guy got the flu and went to an off grid retreat and I haven’t heard from him since KEK. He said he’d get in touch with me mid-July but I’m seeing someone who isn’t a weirdo now and doubt I’ll respond to crazy city billionaire bimboification moid.

No. 2079109

Nonna at this point you need inpatient detox. They will give you benzos so you don’t have seizures when withdrawing and so you won’t feel insane and manic. I’m sorry to say but I rarely ever tell anyone they need to go to an inpatient facility but you are a textbook case of someone who needs it for your physical and mental wellbeing.

No. 2079167

File: 1720205831941.jpg (573.23 KB, 6724x3026, 1720205528836.jpg)

I CANNOT stop devouring. I just like the process of overeating so much. Today I made myself a pot of delicious pasta carbonara and annihilated it all. As well as a gorgeous chocolate cake. And some of these for dinner.
And I know I need to stop. I'm not fat, I'm normal size but I'm kinda endomorphic and I know I'm only not fat because I'm young (19) and drink a lot of water. What do I do, nonas? I love eating but I know getting fat will make my life worse. Maybe I need something to distract me from eating, like a new hobby

No. 2079168

don't indulge in sugar and carbs, you'll get insulin resistance and PCOS aka facial hair like a man, bad skin and perma lower belly pouch. i wish i would have been more reasonable in my 20s.
if you're a volume eater, eat big salads and popcorn instead.

No. 2079169

>maria holic
Go dilate, "Alice".

No. 2079180

Okay Nona I will try. I think what I really need it to reduce my portion first.

No. 2079184

File: 1720207558118.jpeg (338.1 KB, 1170x809, 1696525472601.jpeg)

good luck nonnie <3

No. 2079213

File: 1720210527425.jpg (44.85 KB, 735x418, 1000004334.jpg)

i like it better when men are rude/brash/crude to me about their interests because it feels more honest . men being lovey dovey nice romantic and cutesy feels so sinister , shut the fuck up scrotoid i know thats not what youre here for do you think im retarded

No. 2079231

>What do I do, nonas?
Get really into shrimp and other shellfish and tofu too. They're very easy to cook foods with a lot of protein and nutrients. The proteins will keep you feeling more satisfied and satiated for a longer period of time. It's okay to eat carbs, but carbs should only be like 30-40% of what's on the plate. When I was 19 I ate a carb-heavy diet but by the time I was 21 I realized it was just making me feel tired and bloated all the time, so I decided to change my eating habits. Now that I'm in my mid-20s I eat a lot less food because the food eat is more nutritious and healthy, so I don't need to keep indulging or eat larger portions of food.

No. 2079403

Sorry for the retarded sperg out. I was just bitter.
I know this isn't normal, nonnies. I live in a liberal state but my town is more of a shithole, so i probably wont even find any troon to fuck, and thats for good. I shouldn't be around creepy men as im probably autistic. I will resort to writing deranged stuff from time to time in the fetish thread. Thank you nonitas for this site. 

No. 2079410

File: 1720234930563.jpg (150.39 KB, 870x859, pooch3_orig.jpg)

this is a completely normal thing women experience.

No. 2079427

Thanks nona <3
Good advice, thank you Bonita >>2079410
Yea I guess binge eating is a common thing for women. But my problem is that I actually enjoy the process of it, I don't feel guilty or anything Im just afraid of getting fat (sad emoji)(<3)

No. 2079428

i keep getting shorts from this woman on youtube who gives out healthy alternatives for cravings, figure out what you really like and then replace what you can with healthier options.

No. 2079429

Omg that's super helpful!! Thanks!!

No. 2079432

>still talking about this hours and hours later
>that spammer used to make posts pretending to be a woman who wanted to fuck trans, called them hot etc.
>anons still responding like this isnt 78% likely to be bait
God I hate this site for real

No. 2079605

I'm a bit sad that my parents are not the intellectually curious type and I'm low-key jealous of people who say their parents made them appreciate art or music or whatever. They only like mainstream shit and anything that's a bit artsy is automatically pretentious, which is why I don't share anything with them because I'm into weird shit and they immediately scoff at it. I tried to make my mom listen to Ulver's 2016 album and even that was too spicy for her.

No. 2079780

Binging on Reese’s cups literally made me gain like 15 lbs kek it was insane but also all I was eating for too long

No. 2079791

I secretly think my best friend’s baby is really, really ugly. The thing is, while she’s a very pretty woman, she’s dating this man who looks like a Neanderthal. Baby had acne at 2 weeks old, his face is super long, and he has super bad rosacea. He looks like Rocky Dennis fused with Benjamin Button. I’ll never tell her this of course, because I’m not mean enough to bully a literal baby to his mother who loves him.

No. 2079795

I've found the home address of someone who is very protective of their privacy and I've been able to confirm my guess. This person was the target of a failed doxxing campaign a long time ago. I confess I feel a little bit proud of myself for finding it because I followed several clues and details, it makes me feel like an accomplished detective. Sadly, I can't do anything with this information because the person doesn't live in my country and I don't have any bad intentions at all. But I really wish I could tell someone. This post is the closest thing I will get to brag about it.

No. 2079799

If you like the person you should warn them to wipe their digital footprint clean, but congratulations anyway.

No. 2079808

my parents really annoyed me mocking anything remotely different I was into when I was a teen. at some point I started mocking their shit back (church, basic ass music, reality show garbage) and they stopped kek

No. 2079817

Are you me? The same thing happened to my friend except her husband is normal looking. Just the ugliest child I've ever seen out of the most beautiful woman I've ever seen.

No. 2079831

The husbando life doesnt work for me, nonas… Trust me, I tried.. Is there any hope for finding a cute decent nigel who won’t murder me in my sleep?

No. 2079832

I feel you, but on the bright side, people with intellectual parents are often insufferable and can't stop reminding others of their good little son/daughter taste in art/politics/whatever. It's like they can't develop truly personal tastes because the gratification of having highbrow parents supersedes everything. The ideal is middle-brow, open minded enough to not dismiss their children's preferences as too weird, but not so pretentious it makes their children afraid of seeming dumb or un-cultured

No. 2079850

I mean, the moid might not be straight up dangerous (but can you really tell? they know how to hide it) but you will still have to clean up for him and provide caregiving for the rest of your life. Also, all moids are porn addicted these days (except for deranged religious lunatics) so your bed life will be shit. So, i know its not really a nice reality, but don't be naive, nonita. The only situation when dating a moid worth it is when he has money you could get your hands onto. 

No. 2079860

honestly if troons accepted that they weren't actual men/women and it was solely a personal thing (as i assume transexuality was in the 80s or whenever) i'd genuinely be fine with it kek. i wouldn't mind calling a gay guy she/her or entertaining his fantasies of the feminine divine if he just used the male bathroom

No. 2079861

I would have been okay with them if they didn't keep gaslighting everyone about how there's actually no specific criteria at all to he trans, and if they weren't so creepy/forceful about people's preferences. If they were ACTUALLY just trying to exist as the opposite sex I'd sympathise with them.

No. 2079873

This woman sounds extremely unhappy

No. 2079893

NTA, but I’m unhappy too lol. Even with what the other nona said, I still have a bit of hope because of men like Fred Rogers for example. Please no one say anything if he was evil or something.

No. 2079912

I wanna fuck some tifs.
Here is a confession of mine, I wish I had smaller boobs and a smaller frame so I could pull off short hair better and look like a cute tomboy and I want an adrogynous cute bf bc and I want us to look confusing to people because he’s got long hair and sort of looks like a girl (think Atsushi Sakurai) and I look confusing because I kinda look like masculine but I’m a sexy way (Grace Jones). And I think Tifs and their basic “gay” boyfriends are usually a cute couple

No. 2080036

I’m done acting like an angsty teenager. I love my mom, actually.

No. 2080055

File: 1720310096976.jpg (34.22 KB, 500x375, ac8ece9c9de542ea9548a4c96ef84e…)

Being considered "smart" is something I'm sick of. Even though I am only averagely intelligent, I feel that I am looked up to by my classmates, and as a result, they depend on me for a lot of things. However, I lack the confidence to take on the role of leader that they seem to want me to play. I read and attempt to draw conclusions from what makes sense. Nothing remarkable at all.

No. 2080071

so insanely relatable

No. 2080081

is it that they see you as intelligent, or do they see you as easy to use and have no boundaries so they can get you to do more work for them?

No. 2080082

Someone on crystal.cafe made a thread about feeling like they felt like a school shooter (not because they wanted to shoot up people) but because the isolation and extreme misanthropy and helplessness it brings, it makes you sympathize for those retards who shoot people up for a few moments because I absolutely get the mental anguish part of it. It was too painfully relatable, but I’m a woman so I wish I could down pills and die peacefully but there’s too many suicide methods that never work without massive amounts of pain involved

No. 2080103

Today the teacher was asking questions for points, and at least seven of my classmates turned their heads at me, expecting an answer. I did answer, but it was something easy. The question was, how would gaining an enzyme that could digest cellulose benefit humans? and I explained how such an enzyme could potentially benefit us by being able to gain energy from grass and similar things (in theory, at least) but said process would obviously be more complicated than my simple conclusion. They also compare their answers to mine before submitting their homework, and they ask me to tutor them. I'm also assigned to be the group leader most of the time. There is a girl who is way more competent than me in molecular biology, and for some reason, she is asking me to explain to her the material for the exam. Like, baby, I should be the one asking you.

No. 2080105

My hair stinks and I'm too fucking tired to wash it. I just wanna sleep for a day and deal with it later. But I work tomorrow so I have to deal with it now

No. 2080106

sounds like your prof has issues and is enabling other students relying on you too much. they should be making other students answer more questions and be leader.

No. 2080116

File: 1720316472243.jpeg (11.11 KB, 280x180, Untitled.jpeg)

I was a complete loner isolated nerd in high school who waited out lunches in the bathroom stalls since I didn't have a table to sit at. I still had no urge to shoot anyone, that's a y chromo trait.

No. 2080135

File: 1720318025047.jpeg (65.73 KB, 564x559, IMG_6479.jpeg)

I want to start a gossip and blind item blog because I've stumbled across a ton of random tea and think it would be funny to just start talking smack about celebrities en masse again. I'm hesitant to do it since running a blog requires a lot of work and writing, and do not want to receive any cease and desists if it gains traction

No. 2080140

Literally just don't answer questions, stop accepting the role of group leader. People are using you.

No. 2080144

>cease and desists
literally nothings, you can throw them away or wipe your ass with them

No. 2080163

Just as long as nobody finds out my identity or really sued me I guess. All the gossip blogs and blind item accounts are lame these days that I could literally construct better gossip out of thin air. Deuxmoi and Enty have the occasional interesting blind but for the most part… they've become very stale.

No. 2080248

File: 1720329298206.jpg (105.05 KB, 810x640, YtwCP9YmLRw.jpg)

I understand you, nona, i have been there too. But things got better over time. You just need to wait it out.

No. 2080268

File: 1720331083916.jpeg (25.09 KB, 600x300, image0.jpeg)

pretty much all my harm has been directed at myself and if its not directed at myself i blame myself for it anyway but i admittedly carry a very masculine anger that scares me if anyone actually goads me into raging

when i was 16 i kicked a hole in my wall and the landlord had to fix my botched repair job, good times

No. 2080497

I've been drawing the side character of a manga as my fictional focus for multiple years it's kind of like those autistic men that draw the same subject in ms paint every time on deviant art but I'm good at art and it's variable schizo situations that don't relate to the canon material at all. Mostly centered around it being tortured. I often fall asleep thinking about this character going through extreme physical or emotional pain and ways to make it more dramatic/impactful. I actually got a reprieve where I liked three other characters for a month but I just did the same thinking of edgy backstories and then getting hurt so I went back to the original torturedoll. Its not even a dark series so I feel odd posting Normie fanart when I am automatically thinking about some edgy attachments. Like I'm disseminating cursed energy. I will not stop and I do get a tiny bit of tard rage when people draw the character being a well off normalfag

No. 2080506

Weird picture choices

No. 2080511

the only school shooter i sympathize with is the monday ginger girl. She was actually abused by her dad. Eric and dylan were homosexual footfags edgelords, they werent isolated lone wolves at all. They were quite popular actually and their parents loved them. Just annoying attention whore moids.

No. 2080593

I had a not-really-wet-dream-but-romantic-dream about the youtuber I use to fall asleep to a lot! How am I supposed to fall asleep to his videos now? He's not even pretty

No. 2080608

Try watching someone pretty then

No. 2080726

I think I royally fucked up my ex-friends' living arrangement (at least I hope I did)
I had these two moid friends I made in college when I was a slight pickme. We stayed in touch and had a pretty good friendship. The straight moid was 100% a covert narc and started dating this really wealthy Chicago girl when he and the gay moid friend moved down there. I got tired of hearing him bitch and moan about her every time we would hang out and not break up with her. Not at all a fair situation to her because he refused to make it official too. Eventually I became more uncomfortable and guilty about the fact that I was a female friend he was ranting to about his girlfriend. I kept thinking about how if MY boyfriend did that with one of his female friends I would actually try to kill him (my boyfriend is not a narc though kek). The thing that really pushed me to tell her was when I got durable medical equipment installed to help manage my shitty chronic disease these stupid scrotes would immediately go QUIET and not say a thing in reply and actually fucking wait for the conversation to move back to THEM and how the narc moid's girlfriend is making him so miserable or whatever. So clearly they're not really good friends, that coupled with the fact that the straight narc moid is using me for female validation drove me crazy. So I found her website and sent her an email telling her all the shit he criticized, complained, made fun of her about, and I also told her everything about the female co-worker he is monkey branching off of and trying to fuck while actively trying to turn her hostile towards his gf.

Kat, if you're reading this. It was true. I don't know if you saw the email but if by a stroke of luck you see this post, it's all true. He actually hates you and belittles your interests and attitude. He doesn't want to break up with you because your dad is rich and you have way more opportunities to actual fame than he does. Dump him and don't let him leech that creative spark for life. He's done it before and he will do it again.

No. 2080838

so so stupid and embarrassing but I am obsessed with chappell roan, there are only a few sexy songs on the whole album but they make me feral levels of horny, I can't stop listening even though my spotify wrapped is going to be extremely embarrassing, my main use of this site is checking the female fantasies thread, I am constantly thinking about sex, I'm distracted at work literally all day long, and I just want pussy so bad. my last relationship ended with her cheating and made me really sad so I'm not in a place to hook up or date right now and I'm going insane. I am losing my mind. All of my free time goes toward working out so I'll look good naked or reading truly garbage-tier romance books. I am a very shy/prudish person, so I can't talk about this with friends at all. nobody warned me that one of the biggest adjustments when a long term relationship ends is going from regular sex with someone you sleep next to every night to no sex at all.

No. 2081007

/g/ legit scares me. at least /2x/ is funny.

No. 2081017

File: 1720387592505.jpg (141.96 KB, 1080x1350, 1000003230.jpg)

FUCK disney. i HATE the mouse and everything they contaminate……. but bringing back brandy and paolo montalban for whatever dumb thing this was is honestly so cute i almost teared up

No. 2081018

It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how the sanic totem thread worked.

No. 2081206

i regularly cowtip. i think cow culture is awful and is just a way for shitty people to feel less bad about their shitty lives, so whenever a new cow pops up, i go out of my way to show them the thread. it doesn't always work, but i've saved a lot of people from you people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081211

I agree with you on cow culture but cow tipping isn't saving anyone lbr. The most these people do is start a fresh account under a different name and go on with their cowish ways. Like you just know Erin Painter is still out there being retarded

No. 2081229

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks cow culture is awful.

No. 2081242

You are not saving anyone, you are just a retard.
Most cows posted on this site are horrible people who get posted here because there is no way to call them out inside their echo chamber communities. Have you ever taken a look at some of those cows threads? Many of them do henious shit bordering on criminal.

Out of all the cows here i can only think of maybe three who dont deserve to be here but the majority do. Why not save your empathy for people that deserve it or are you actually like those cows?

Also imagine admitting to cowtipping, this site really has fallen.

No. 2081244

Newfags are so annoying and self righteous kek

No. 2081246

wow, you're such a savior, I hope it makes you sleep better at night knowing horrible people are avoiding being humilliated in one mongolian basket weaving website. you're truly changing the world.

No. 2081248

soooooooo you found your own little echo chamber community to be an awful person towards them? why are you taking their actions so personally? that just sounds pathetic. by expending all that negative energy onto these people who really couldn't give a fuck about you, you're just riling yourself up. in fact, it kind of puts you on their level. you might even be beneath them kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081250

Why do newfags keep coming to a gossip image board literally called lolcow (although I doubt you even know what that means) just to complain that we gossip about lolcows. I wish you retards would stop trying to turn this into twitter.

No. 2081251

who the fuck are you talking about? you sound like you arrived here last week or something through any of the newest cows.

No. 2081253

what do you mean? all i'm doing is putting a mirror in front of you, sorry if you can't handle it. no wonder you like making fun of mentally ill people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081254

Not this argument again.
Oh, it's a newfag, OK, let's just not reply to it.

No. 2081255

I know for a fact even if I report you will just reset your IP so whatever so go off retard-chan. everyday admins don't ban vpns and actual rangeban people is a day we have to deal with actual retards like you.
kill yourself

No. 2081256

yes we're making fun of you, very wise of you to notice it.

No. 2081257

Anon you should go and have a talk with Varg inside his house. He wants to thank you for your cowtipping efforts. Just make sure there are no knives in his hands.

No. 2081258

she should give onision head and hopefully choke to death

No. 2081259

miserable people who got mean girled in high school, so their outlet is meangirling online anonymously. loooooooooosers hahahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081260

So, which cow are you? Kek, or are you a whiteknight?

No. 2081261

nta but you must be new here

No. 2081262

im not a cow, i just like treating this website like my own personal pasture, because the ironic thing about all of this, is anyone who makes fun of cows is even more pathetic than the cows themselves. a neverending cycle of mediocraty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081263

Why do i get the strange feeling that this is either a cow that got posted here or one of the cows orbiters.

Eitherway anons just report this retard and ignore. Begging admin to implement a rangeban.

No. 2081264

replying to my own post, but you can see it in everyone's posts. their anxieties and insecurities, etc etc. this site is an echo chamber for the most pathetic girls in the world, i love it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081265

Oh you're definitely a cow kek

No. 2081266

womp womp sorry you got posted

No. 2081267

>anyone who makes fun of Onision must be more pathetic than him
I think thats kind of a difficult task to achieve, nonners

No. 2081268

I don't know, nonna, based on the way "anon" types "Mediocrity" as "Mediocraty", I think this may be "Addy" who makes retarded typos and has a fast-paced thread for a new cow.

No. 2081269

File: 1720405617100.jpg (23.13 KB, 246x350, 1000047552.jpg)

why are you talking like you just walked out of 90s teen movie PSA on bullying

No. 2081270

cows are like homeless people. you walk past them on the sidewalk and go about your day. none of you do that though, because this place is a bastion for mentally ill women with stunted growths due to years of internet addiction. tbh if you're on this site seething/mocking cows, you probably have nothing important going on in your life

No. 2081271

would be EPIC if we had ACTUAL ADMINS that could sniff out her IP for us… it has been years since we had a proper milkmas.

No. 2081273

i'm telling you, im not a cow nor have i ever been posted on this site. i just hate hypocrites

No. 2081274

reading this >>2081206 in her voice in my brain and it makes complete sense

No. 2081275

this is schizo behavior btw

No. 2081276

>comparing homeless people to pedobaiters, animal abusers, groomers, rapists,liar scammers, murderers, tradthots.

Least retarded cowtipper be like:

No. 2081277

schizo behavior is visiting regularly a site that talks about horrible people and trying to help said horrible people

No. 2081279

and here you are, seething over them, yet unable to do anything about them. it's like the opposite of what >>2081277 said.

No. 2081281

>unable to do anything about them
not like we want to do anything about them, this site is for documenting and observing cows, not for doxxing/cowtipping/harassing them irl. you sound painfully new.

No. 2081282

and you don't see how pathetic that is? like don't you have bills to pay or something? couldn't you be doing anything else productive with your time? loser behavior

No. 2081283

how is that more pathetic than coming here to fight said people kek at least I'm entertained, you just sound butthurt.

No. 2081285

hell no, this is so much fun, i've made like 5 people mad, minimum

No. 2081286

NTA but i dont know if you see the irony in yourself trying to infight your way into dunking on anons who are just minding their business

No. 2081287

yes, minding their business by painstakingly stalking someone online to find even the tiniest shred of activity to post about. get real

No. 2081288

you're no better than us if your get off from making people mad anonymously.

No. 2081289

>hates hypocrites
>interacts with people on the internet
Then what the fuck are you doing online? What do you even do during the day? Do you always say the truth and only the truth like some terminal autist or something?

No. 2081290

yes, I will keep mind my business exactly like that. you can die mad about it.

No. 2081291

if you don't want to be stalked don't post your dumb shit online in public you fucking retard

No. 2081292

This dumb bitch is literally saying she likes being here because she sees us as cows and yet can't figure out why we have boards dedicated to watching cows

No. 2081293

she is a hypocrite kek

No. 2081294

fair, but at least it's for a good cause.
no, i can lie, i just choose not to because it doesn't get you anywhere
you will live your life mad as hell, and i will die peacefully.
i dont post my dumb shit online in public, but the mentally ill who do shouldn't be made fun of for being crazy, when doing what you do is just another mental illness.
you're an anonymous conglomerate, i cant go out of my wayto find out any information about you, nor would i. it's different.
to an extent

No. 2081296

Dont give the retard above me attention just report and ignore

No. 2081298

You're right but tbh I think we need to bring back newfag bullying

No. 2081300

am I supposed to believe you're not mad or you don't care when you replied to every single post kek

No. 2081301

im enjoying this. it's like punching down on people who think they're punching down

No. 2081302

Why does this sound like addyharajuku to me

No. 2081303

All youre doing is giving them attention which they get off on. Dont reply to bait dummy.

No. 2081304

because you are mentally ill. i have never been posted here before

No. 2081306

I miss the times when admin would reveal the cows post history…maybe they should do that again starting off with that sperg.

No. 2081307

Not being allowed to tell newfags off is why this site is the way it is now honestly

No. 2081308

ive been here for a few years, im not new, i just don't let myself fall into the herd

No. 2081310

You sound like you are on the low autism spectrum. I wish your caretaker luck.

No. 2081312

half the people on this site still live with their parents and you're calling me autistic? kek

No. 2081313

you're not enjoying it. you're probably crying ugly because we maybe posted your retarded antics. or you just identify with one of the cows you've found here and feel attacked. take a hard look at yourself and wonder why are you like this. I'm not a cow and have zero online presence but even cows sometimes made me reflect on myself and better my habits so I wouldn't be like them. these are people you're supposed to avoid being like, they're cautionary tales, not people you're supposed to protect from evil anonymous boolies. you're naive and probably think you're doing a good thing but you're just being a dumbass.

No. 2081314

That would be hilarious tbh. But it's kind of shitty how that wouldn't change much, like yeah, a cow is shown to use cow boards and being a hypocrite by trying to make anons feel bad for doing what the cow does as well, but there's no funny repercussions like the cow losing a bunch of followers or callout posts from bigger cows or the sorts. The internet is so boring now, all we can do is just make fun of dumbass retards like Jillian or Addy while they just self-destroy their lives in the most retarded ways.

No. 2081317

i promise, i really am enjoying baiting the female 4channers into defending their shitty actions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081318

kill yourself immediately

No. 2081319

>female 4channers

Oh youre one of those gendies arent you, kek now it all makes sense.

No. 2081320

i forgot, there are faggots, trannies, and larping moids on this site too. collateral damage that im pleased with

No. 2081322

i advocate for trans genocide(trolling)

No. 2081324


No. 2081325

start by scratching the roof of your mouth with a shotgun

No. 2081326

yes, kill (or rehabilitate) all trannies

No. 2081327

Most cow boards are not even active anymore here. I can only think of 4 cow boards that are active here. This orbiter is too late to the "lolcow 4channer boolies party".

No. 2081328

Sometimes I eat salad with my hands. I just scoop it up in my fingers or individually pick up the pieces of lettuce. It's very cathartic, you just wouldn't understand.

No. 2081329

he was on kindergarten when this board was made, take it easy with the zoomber

No. 2081330

i fuck with it
you first, troon

No. 2081331

you should fuck a chainsaw, you abortion leftover

No. 2081334

Hmm so thats why it smelled like rot pocket here.

No. 2081335

you're so insecure and frail that you can't even have a normal "gEnDeR iDeNtiTy", faggot. trannies are all incels who just dropped out or got baited into thinking that because they didnt fit some hollywood gender expectation that they should alter their identity instead of fixing their problems

No. 2081336

this site lacks the sociopathic moid bs to be considered the female 4chan in the first place we don't have /pol/ to spill out into the rest of the site

No. 2081337

I really want to buy a stuffed toy so I can hug something while I sleep but I'm too autistic to just pick whatever, I want it to be big but not too soft because I have sleep apnea, but if I don't sleep hugging something it's hard for me to actually fall asleep.

No. 2081338

you still have this raging inferno inside of you towards a society that you think has treated you unfairly, just like 4channers. its kinda funny when you try to tell yourselves you're not the quivilant to male incels(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2081339

Edgy reply for a ban evading neet spending their time sperging out on lolcow.

No. 2081340

you said you advocate for trans genocide. the only people who say that are insecure scrotes from 4chan who are 2 futa doujins away from becoming trannies themselves. that's why you should start by killing yourself, moidlet.

No. 2081341

>can only think of 4 cow boards that are active here.
…So all of them?

No. 2081342

anyone who reads doujins is a loser with peter pan syndrome

No. 2081343

except we're not actually raping and committing murder like 4chan incels, you really should fucking kill yourself. your parents would be proud for once.

No. 2081344

File: 1720407751994.jpg (231.63 KB, 863x752, 1000040100.jpg)

Seriously, is this called the "female" 4chan just because most anons hate moids? It's kind of shitty how women are automatically considered disgusting freaks for not being handmaidens of whatever retarded whims that moids have. The ride never fucking ends.

No. 2081345

Lmao i meant threads my bad i was reading the replies while typing.

No. 2081346

You just know this loser found out about this site yesterday and you nonners are giving this waste of space attention. Remember report and ignore.

No. 2081347

Nta but why cap for men with dicks aka the majority of trannies. Chill out

No. 2081348

apparently we're as bad as people who consume/produce CP, commit murder, rape, school shootings, harass and dox people regularly and incite hate speech to actual children because we don't cater to manchildren.

No. 2081349

what about that one girl on here who was arrested for beating some kid up for touching her motorcycle? stop being so stupid.
you believe society is run by men, you hate men, therefore you hate society because you feel it has slighted you. its literally in your reply, you are proving my point, retard(moid)

No. 2081350

Hmmm and which is that society? Which groups of people?

No. 2081351

saying shit like "I advocate for (_) genocide" is just a right wing dogwhistle and I don't think trannies should be genocided, they should receive mental healthcare that doesn't enable their delusions.

No. 2081352

kill yourself trannyfaggot sympathizer

No. 2081353

>what about that one girl on here who was arrested for beating some kid up for touching her motorcycle? stop being so stupid.
what the fuck are you talking about? surely beating some kid is better than everything I mentioned kek moid math

No. 2081354

>Right wing dogwhistle

No. 2081355

kill yourself

No. 2081356

nonny, posting something online publicly and then people seeing it is not being a victim of stalking

No. 2081357

Nta but we have to kill perverted men, all of them.

No. 2081358

File: 1720408078095.jpeg (718.77 KB, 1134x1087, IMG_4589.jpeg)

found the incel

No. 2081359

stalking is when you look at what people do in a public website and use your screenshot button to reproduce to another website kek

No. 2081360

Which is funny because a bunch of anons do cater to manchildren and even defend them on here and surely defend them irl.
In the end, it's just shitty how a few women can't be a bit toxic or have fun because it makes moids' dicks sad.

No. 2081361

File: 1720408142893.gif (1.69 MB, 307x179, 1000047554.gif)

>what about that one girl on here who was arrested for beating some kid up for touching her motorcycle?
KEK. okay this is bait and a pretty good one at that

No. 2081364

last I checked most anons aren't like kiwi farmers who are intentionally harassing cows to milk them, that's why cowtipping is against the rules

No. 2081366


No. 2081367


No. 2081369


No. 2081370


No. 2081372

File: 1720408512163.jpg (5.63 KB, 256x256, 1000008716.jpg)

No. 2081382

>you believe society is run by men, you hate men, therefore you hate society

Oh so you are XY defect, now it makes sense.
I hope farmhand gave him a permban.

No. 2081397

what rhymes with martin

No. 2081418

No. 2081540

File: 1720424877519.gif (103.2 KB, 409x539, table_cros.GIF)

I think because I waited so long, I'll never get married
not because men don't like old women or whatever
I just don't like any of them
I've dated so many men and not one of them was ever worth anything to me
I have had female coworkers who I would sacrifice my life for before any man I ever dated
They weren't bad, the men
I still have fond memories from plenty of them that I can even tell others about because I feel nothing
I just don't care
I don't feel anything

No. 2081555

I've never met a man who I found attractive enough to want to date, it's insane, and no I'm not a lesbian.

No. 2081619

I just watched a sunscreen testing video and maybe the daily sunscreen noonas were right…

No. 2081623

If I got pregnant I would drink and do drugs until the baby develops down syndrome then abandon it. The taxpayers should pay for the sins of their government

No. 2081643

I felt weird in high school because boys in my school weren’t attractive to me. I had celebrity silly crushes but real life? I know I like men but once they start talking and their actions turn me off of them. None of you are alone feeling this way. Fuck anyone that wants you to settle for random men you don’t feel fully attracted to.

No. 2081714

I had a break up a few weeks ago and have spent about 100 euros on unnecessary things since. It's mostly hobby things I've actually used and a few birthday presents but I still feel pretty bad, going to restrain myself from now on. At least it's my birthday soon so I can write it off as gifts for myself.
Based anon, men are nothing to give up your life for. I honestly don't know a single woman who's life got better while in a relationship.

No. 2081720

File: 1720443997289.jpg (22.83 KB, 564x423, f63e1be02c89c3b4640af77436b193…)

I love my best friend and I am genuinely happy for her because she got cheated on in her previous relationship but I'm not gonna lie that I'm sorta resentful that her FWB situation turned into a relationship and that the guy who I was seeing, who told me that he wanted a relationship, hit me with the "I'm not ready for one" in the end. (And bla bla, I know it means that he doesn't want one with me). I'm still so fucking sad over it.

No. 2081725

> I like men but once they start talking

No. 2081769

Update: I told the straight scrote's grandmother he was doing cocaine and helping his coke dealer sell product. I am very close to hunting down his coke dealer on his social media friends list to call in an anonymous tip to the police in their city kek. Except I don't want to get merked by some chicago coke dealer fiends.

No. 2081777

Any woman that accepts a “FWB” situation is retarded. She’s not going to have a long term relationship so don’t feel down about it. She’s in for a whole different world of hurt.

No. 2081842

I really like the lolita movie. It really didnt deserve to look that fucking good and aesthetically pleasing.

No. 2082091

No. 2082120

All men are cheaters and I like married men so I would know.

No. 2082128

i am starting to think libfems may have a point. is there anything wrong with a woman dedicating herself to beauty and wanting to show that beauty off? is it really male gazey for a woman to dress sexily, if she's worked for her current figure or otherwise is just comfortable with it?

No. 2082130

male run industry put the effort into pedo propaganda on purpose because it gets them off

No. 2082131

dont kid yourself, you arent doing it for yourself. There is a reason why men dont dress slutty or wear make-up, and you know why.

No. 2082135

And it did pay off with how many coquette ddlg lanatards it spawned. I wish there was another movie with a similar aesthetic. I love 50's americana so much but outside of lolita and maybe happy days/grease i cant think of another movie or tv show that captures it so well.

No. 2082162

I'm kinda tired of anons thinking you need to be covered head to toe for to deserve respect. It's summer and I'm going to wear shorts if I want to. At the same time, I think it's a joke to say sexualizing yourself is empowering.

No. 2082187

Nobody thinks shorts itself are sexual unless you mean the uncomfortable tiny ones that go up the asscrack (which has the opposite effect of cooling down in the summer compared to loose clothes)

No. 2082220

File: 1720473479346.png (146.82 KB, 351x351, coffee.png)

I'm in a spiral of obsession over a moid again. I don't know why this keeps happening, maybe it's because I get no attention from men who aren't 40 years older than me in real life, but every time I get invested on some dude I met on the internet, it's hell. It consumes my thoughts almost every second of the day, the only way I can keep it at bay is by concentrating on reading or studying for university.
I've been sleeping faster as of recently because I imagining dates and other fluffy and raunchy stuff, and this makes me want to carve my eyes out because the guy barely talks to me. I don't mind initiating conversation, but every time I get a burst of anxiety thinking I'm being an inconvenience.
I know this confession is pretty lukewarm, but I still wanted to post this somewhere so I can let it out. If any nonnas have advice on to erase this before I go full on stalker mode again, please do give me said advice

No. 2082224

why married guys, nonnie?

No. 2082233

I don't personally suffer from it but it's called limerence, Heidi Priebe has a lot of YT videos about it

No. 2082238

I get this for fictional characters, what the fuck is Wrong with me

No. 2082241

Chronic case of the based. Sorry nonny, it's incurable.

No. 2082308

To be honest its probably because I'm a loser with low self esteem but every guy I like tends to be married or dating, which should turn me off but part of me sees it as a challenge. Men are all losers and cheaters, not very hard. I should re-evaluate.

No. 2082326

Married and taken men are too much drama to weigh out any sexual benefit. Too many hoops and bullshit I want my man available to me all the time not just scraps since his wife won't bang him. As long as you just use them for sex or money and don't become a "gf" I don't see a problem with it though

No. 2082327

Some help breaking the illusion: married and taken men see you as the easiest, most easily discarded thing in the world. I'm sorry if that sounds mean but it's how they think.

No. 2082333

File: 1720482191376.jpg (19 KB, 226x223, 67.jpg)

I feel like I'm becoming retarded, I need people to repeat sentences to me because I was zoning out when they were speaking and my reading comprehension has gone abysmal, I've always had the tendency to let my mind wander while reading a book but now I need to reread sentences two or three times to fully understand them, even shonen slop has become hard to read to me. Please tell me it's not alzheimer.

No. 2082336

>>2082327 >>2082326
Part of me likes the fact there's no real attachment. Its just fun flirting. Men who are single are so much work with dates and seriousness. Married men are secretive and don't care. Idk. I'm messed lol.

No. 2082337

Nona I'm exactly the same way. At the moment I'm constantly forgetting the words I want to use, too

No. 2082340

Brain broke by internet like the rest of us. RIP

No. 2082364

Helps to remember that you're just "in love" with your imagination, whoever this scrote is, you don't know him, he's just a corporeal vessel for a fantasy. You can still entertain yourself with the idea of him, if you're like me who enjoys the painful thrills of pining. Just remember, it's not real.
>t. reformed irl stalker

No. 2082366

i often see them describe it as a woman "embracing her sexuality" though rather than it being "sexualizing oneself" and i'm not sure of how to counter that point. picrel is what sparked this thought in my mind, i saw some people arguing about it in xitter

No. 2082367

went on my patio with food on my face dear god i hope no one saw me

No. 2082396

You can be aesthetically pleasing while not whoring yourself out you know

No. 2082403

File: 1720487514969.jpeg (67.66 KB, 430x516, IMG_1229.jpeg)

I recently discovered I am a BPDemon and I would literally rather be diagnosed with schizophrenia or brain cancer. CPTSD and BPD are practically identical yet no one automatically thinks you’re a monster if you admit you have CPTSD. The thing is, I DO have empathy, and that’s the worst part. Even though I’ve “only” split on two people (both exes, one was also a diagnosed BPDemon and the other cheated), I still feel incredibly guilty for some of the things I said to them. Although the things that they did would make anyone upset, I went overboard. I have a tendency to repress my emotions until I explode. Sometimes the little things build up and the straw that finally breaks the camel’s back seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
I think voluntary celibacy is the only option. I have to isolate myself until I no longer fit the criteria, and only then can I return into the world.

No. 2082418

The urge to key my ex's car isn't leaving my mind lately, the only thing keeping me from it is that his mom used it for work too and she was a sweetheart. We didn't break up on bad terms initially but a few days after he cussed out me and my friends, pathetic little man. I hope his pathetic life never changes and he stays this retarded forever.
Is therapy available to you nonna? I understand how you feel but being alone won't make you a nicer person, if anything you might unlearn social skills and have less empathy for people. It's a tough diagnosis but not a death sentence, if you're willing to work on it you're already halfway there. I hope you can get better nonnie, rooting for you ♥

No. 2082421

Thank you nonnie. I do have a therapist, but talk therapy hasn’t helped me much so I got a DBT workbook

No. 2082425

your confession is not "lukewarm". you sound like a dangerous person.

No. 2082438

Does anyone else only ever change their pads once or twice a day? My cooter is perfectly healthy

No. 2082440

I have a crush on the other single guy in my friend group. He fits my prerequisite of being of the same culture/race as me and the fact he wants to have a traditional style marriage. Previously, I've said he's not my type and I wouldn't date him because he's a few years younger than me. He's also said previously I wasn't his type. Over the time, I've developed a huge crush on him. It went away when I dated a guy. I've had 3 boyfriends since and in between, I was always wondering if maybe I could give him a shot. I've been too embarrassed to confess this to my best friend. I've only once told her about the belief that her and her husband were trying to get me to date him, that's when her husband mentioned he said I'm not his type.
In the past year, I just had this idea that maybe he was developing feelings for me, which made my crush stronger. Once we sat at our friend's table and we always end up sitting next to each other. I'm smiling like a retard, and also thinking that we're going to accidentally touch hands and blush and that'll spark the "Oh, you are interested!" Anime fantasy type shit.
Even recently, like a couple days ago, I just had this belief he was flirting with me by playing with me. Maybe he just feels more comfortable doing so to me because I'm not taken and I have no boyfriend there to question something. I dunno.
When looking on dating websites, I tend to make it a deal breaker that a man who wants to date me not smoke, or drink, or do drugs. This guy smokes and drinks. I don't understand why I'm aware of this and still have feelings for him. I often think about the fact my friends really like him, the social vetting part has been done.
The overall thing for me is that I don't want to try to pursue him and then it'll create some break in the friend group, like what if we're not compatible? It'll suck to stay friends with him and have him around knowing he's in the friend group. He's closest to my best friend's husband. I've likely already talked about him before, but now the feelings are back. There's the side of me going if he's actually interested, he'd make the move and the other side going how he's afraid of the repercussions if this goes south too. What do?

No. 2082444

Are you kidding

No. 2082447

Doesn’t it get uncomfortable nona? I definitely would sweat too much not to change it many times a day

No. 2082453

I don’t even notice it tbh

No. 2082465

If i do that the outer region starts to burn pretty bad, when i am at work i don't have a choice at to how many times i can change my pad so i only end up doing it 3 times on my heaviest flow, after my shower, lunch and when i get home. I use overnight pads exclusively and don't have a very heavy flow.

No. 2082469

Yeah but I used to change it more often (when I had a job and had worse periods). Now I don't bleed as heavily nor am I worried about accidents so I only use one or two pads or liners during the day and a pad to sleep with. I also use a tampon on the worst couple days.

If you're wearing a big pad and you don't bleed a lot you really don't need to change it more than a couple time per day but I think some women do for other reasons like concerns about UTIs, sweating a lot, etc

No. 2082470

You can't change your pad at work unless it's your lunch break? What the fuck, do you work in a sweatshop?

No. 2082487

absolutely not. even on lighter days it will start to stink.

No. 2082488

Anons overreact kek. You basically have a pad/tampon in for 8 hours when you sleep. Some women have more resilient pussy flora than others. I'm more worried about getting assne.

No. 2082490

>being infatuated with some random moid is dangerous
Kek nonna pls, she's not even yandere. Women like this are too awkward to cause any harm, she's not gonna run out and steal his organs.

No. 2082491

>You basically have a pad/tampon in for 8 hours when you sleep.
i don't. i never get a full 8 hours of sleep on my period because i have to keep getting up to pee and to take more painkillers. sometimes the cramps alone will suddenly wake me up and i can't go back to sleep even when it's stops kek. so my pad gets changed hundreds of times.

No. 2082496

It's just really inconvenient to change it whilst on the job because i use a forklift and i'd have to find parking for it and it's a whole process. I'd rather not deal with it until breaks/lunch. My flow is not very heavy compared to others so it's not like i have to change it too many times as is.

No. 2082519

Have you tried chewing/drinking ginger?

No. 2082520

Ntayrt but when I have a lighter flow I sometimes won't wake up with any blood on the pad I wore the previous night so in those cases I will wear it straight to work. I'll have 1 or 2 small gushes throughout the day then I change it when I'm home. It's gross reading it all typed out but I've never had any coochie problems either except a uti once but that wasn't even on my period.

No. 2082526

your period blood shouldn’t have a bad odor

No. 2082541

i thought that was common for everyone if it doesn't get changed for a while? even when the other women in my family get theirs the smell is noticeable from a foot away.

No. 2082542

I feel like an asshole because just once I wish a partner would choose me over a pet. I love animals but I don't want any pets. I'm so sorry.

No. 2082551

I was some sort of swiftie before the release of this album but now she makes my skin crawl. The multiple versions plus ENDLESS merchandise for this one album is absolutely insane. Can’t wait for the hype to die down so i can sell my merch.

No. 2082571

This is the same for me too, the blood won't kick in until well into the afternoon after the second day.

No. 2082572

File: 1720506814192.png (473.87 KB, 701x526, Nool.png)

I work in a male dominated field and am the only woman on my team. It's a pain in the ass.

I keep a framed photo of Null on my cubicle desk and tell my coworkers he is my boyfriend when asked. This has reduced the amount of cringe texts, after work invites, and generally gross behavior to a minimum. It's essential to my work.
I chose Null because I knew if anyone recognized him and tried to call me out on it, I could use the fact they know enough about KF to probably be a member or adjacent. Since our company is super liberal, it would be a death sentence and is great leverage for me. Call me out on my fake boyfriend and it would end in mutual destruction.

It's been a year and a half, do recommend for nonnas in a similar situation.

No. 2082573

I'm gonna be the one to say it's not even a good enough album to justify the 10000 versions and all the hype. It's her lamest album yet. I've been listening to her music since fucking elementary school and Tortured Poets almost put me to sleep.

No. 2082576

In awe of your strategic mind anon assuming you’re not a scortefarm shill trying to covertly get women into josh

No. 2082578

kek no. I tried doing this with minor celebrities or actually attractive moids at first. My coworkers got weirdly short with me because I guess they felt threatened by my framed photo of an attractive man. Null is average enough that they seem to accept him more.

No. 2082628

It’s so true anon. I understand the slower maybe more emotional songs but the whole fucking (double) album? It’s really underwhelming and tbh I thought the concept if “tortured poets” would sound really different to me so I was also generally disappointed at her teasing it as that but then you get songs like high school and daddy i live him crap. It makes me cringe too.

No. 2082637

Don't listen to them nona. Everyone is different and you probably just have a light flow.

No. 2082646

Not once or twice but maybe 3 - 4. I use big pads (the ones for the night) and my flow is not so strong. It doesn’t smell either because the pads are really good. I also never bleed a lot during the night so i think nonna here is normal

No. 2082770

I am so fucking disgusted I found a troon who uses my first name as an alt account to be a femboi away from his wife and he has a daughter. He's a fat fuck who wears oversized shirts with thigh high socks of course.

No. 2082801

Mixed people who look really pale (nearly identical to white people in skintone) but retain african features make me uneasy. It doesn't always bother me (eg. Ice Spice) but i often find it slightly unpleasant, it feels off. Albino africans and mixed people with medium-dark skin do not provoke this reaction. Inb4 i get accused of racebaiting, this is not about black people, people with dark skin, or 'african features' in general. I tend to find those attractive but the juxtaposition with really pale skin irks me, esp if it comes with pale-ish (chestnut/dirty blonde) hair. I think it's because they look like really ugly eurofags (picture Haaland). I find it funny that people consider this kind of mixed person to be more attractive or better because they are more pale, it makes no sense whatsoever. I've noticed i get over myself pretty fast when i meet someone like this, but i still have a kneejerk 'eugh' reaction at first

No. 2082831

sounds fake and gay, post what photo you chose for the frame at least

No. 2082842

The best thing about this is that you can tell your coworkers literally anything you want about "Null" and they will believe you kek. Even if they never meet him, you personally can revel in the fact that some scrote is walking around with full confidence that Null is an autistic diaperfag furry or some shit.

No. 2082901

the shayna thread made me hate parts of myself I didn’t even know exist

No. 2082928

Nonna, what do you mean?

No. 2082933

I started projecting comments about her onto myself (primarily about being a hog, haggard, irresponsible.) Anyway, stopped visiting the thread, but it’s still internalised.

No. 2082943

I need to see examples cause all I'm picturing are albinos

No. 2082991

a friend of mine bought a sticker i drew of her favorite character and loved the "mouse ears" on him. she was so excited i didn't have the heart to tell her they're bear ears

No. 2083170

I don't get Sanrio mascots.

No. 2083322

Do you remember what thread it was in? I always skip retarded infights and don't want to resparkle it by asking for any specific details, but now I'm interested lol.

No. 2083366

Why would she want people at her work thinking she's dating an autistic diaperfag furry…? What is with all the furry talk lately it's grossing me out…

No. 2083368

null is for chantal only

No. 2083370

NTA but I think it was in a few threads at the start of the year but basically
>sunscreen anons: the sun and UV is a carcinogen so I will use sunscreen everyday, plus it ages you
>anti sunscreen anons: sunscreen is a carcinogen, plus you look stupid putting sunscreen on in the snow

No. 2083398

File: 1720565994877.jpg (35.2 KB, 600x600, 1000040616.jpg)

I think Moetron is cute as a concept and I wish there was a new version of Moetron. Like a character that's a horrid Mashup of the waifus of the season.

No. 2083406

File: 1720566398571.jpeg (477.09 KB, 750x996, IMG_1652.jpeg)

i am so jealous. she is also so cute as well like her face card is insane (shoot and kill me if you’re that hurt over internet slang)

No. 2083407

It's for the inevitable break-up arc, duh.

No. 2083431

idk who these are but she's not dating that thing on the left right? right?

No. 2083432

We get it you’re a lesbian and believe in vagina supremacy can you guys learn to shut the fuck up for a few moments with that stuff?

No. 2083435

wtf are you rambling about. i'm straight i just think he's ugly and hope that girl can do better

No. 2083446

Kek I thought he was a tif at first

No. 2083524

I hope anyone who has the same husbando as me dies

No. 2083751

Why? Its good when you like a popular character, there will be a lot of content with him

No. 2083810

Is that you Nemu…..

No. 2083872

honestly this is one of the reasons I haven't even bothered looking for a girlfriend. It would be nice to live together but I'm sure everyone I meet will have either a dog or cat. Both of them give me skin reactions so I chose my health over that. Everyone I've known living in an apartment with a dog will inevitably use you for walks then slack on their own animal's care.

No. 2083875

are you going to send that to the wife?

No. 2083984

I bought an Etsy love spell and have full faith in its magical workings

No. 2084148

There is something fun and entertaining about hating dogs, not only is most of the points valid and true but it’s something sort of mundane like hating pineapple on pizza kek. I know moids get autistic hate boners over anything but this is now my new favorite channel(back to your containment)

No. 2084185

Same, cats too. Both are digusting little beasts.(sperging out of containment)

No. 2084189

Someone on Reddit passive-aggressively insulted me so I went to their profile and downvoted half their posts. Most days I don't care but I can be retardedly petty.

No. 2084199

agreed. i wish i lived in china, their moids are doing gods work(bait)

No. 2084204

Right? It's the one country that actually views cats and dogs for what they are, animals instead of angel furbabies that somehow have the same sentience, humanity and intelligence as a baby.

No. 2084206

Cats are way better than dogs but what I’m noticing is that they’re starting to breed cats like they do with dogs which is why some of them are a little too retarded and disgusting. Humans try to breed any sign of intelligence and complexity out of any species they are threatened by which is where you get those munchkin cats and scottish folds have to make it look as cute and weak as possible just like how they love their mutts.

No. 2084211

I have to disagree. Cats and dogs are both equally repulsive and the worst possible pet to me. Stag beetles and snakes are superior.

No. 2084217

We can't have anything nice

No. 2084218

i mean, they do have the same sentience, humanity and intelligence as a baby because babies have none of that kek. they're even more useless than keeping an animal because you can at least eat those

they’re really not. i hope your cat gets mauled to death by a dog who gets euthanised in turn(bait)

No. 2084221

I mean, at least the baby has the potential to grow and do something great for the world. Even more so if the baby's a girl. Cats and dogs will always be in the baby stage which is kind of weird when you think about it.

No. 2084223

Is this the quality posting I've been hearing so much about?(shitposting)

No. 2084257

I’m not special

No. 2084261

Bet you can't prove that

No. 2084273

I suppose special is subjective, but in my opinion, I’m totally mundane.

No. 2084432

File: 1720648488199.gif (Spoiler Image,783.86 KB, 480x347, giphy.gif)

I've been fucking with a crazy guy from some time and I know this wouldn't lead to anything good, but I can't help myself, he reads me so well (and fucking remembers, unlike most moids, like jfc it's not that hard to please a woman if you really want to, why the fuck is it so hard for stupid moids (i know, they just don't give a fuck, it was a retorical question)(spoiler this)

No. 2084469

Get a vibrator and stop posting unspoilered porn.

No. 2084571

Gross ass gif

No. 2084632

I get really annoyed with teasing and sarcasm, it seems so childish. I just want people to be direct!

No. 2084718

It's literally the most tame shit ever anon

No. 2084725

Doesn’t matter. No one wants to see it.

No. 2084729

PMSing. Think I hate my boyfriend. Have need for him though over the next few months and then I think I'm done.

No. 2084737

It’s cringe

No. 2084738

i do its hot

No. 2084742

I remember seeing a dog hate channel similar to this, they made a video claiming all dog owners had sex with their pet. Very bizarre

No. 2084743

Go back to /g/

No. 2084747

It's gross because it's ugly

No. 2084766

Good on you anon that's how it should be.

No. 2084778

File: 1720661975888.jpeg (25.84 KB, 600x600, roger-american-dad-1452aae4-af…)

I wish I could just have a bunch of different personas and live like that. It seems really fun plus I love to dress up. I wonder if an actual double life would be possible, like move to one city and act out persona x for a few years, relocate and act out another one or just relax for a while rinse and repeat.

No. 2084837

This is so easy to do online

No. 2084840

i’m glad the Staniel threadpic has made anons other than just me go on an American Dad binge kek

No. 2084945

File: 1720677922223.jpeg (84.76 KB, 1280x720, IMG_5713.jpeg)

He’s so fucking sexy…

No. 2084949

I like when he bites Charlie's nose kek it's cute

No. 2084952

thoughts on him wearing the speedo in the last episode? kek

No. 2084958

Cheated on my bf tonight with an old fwb and the condom broke and I had to take plan b. Feeling scummy as hell

No. 2084962

You could just get into acting or cosplay. Doesn't even have to a job, you could make youtube skits as different characters just for fun

No. 2084964

why don't you break up with your bf?

No. 2084968

I don't want to break up I just can only see him on weekends and get horny

No. 2084980

Break up with him, trust me on this. If you’re too horny and unable to control yourself for 5 days, you’re not capable of a relationship. You’ll be so much happier without the facade of being a girlfriend and you can freely sleep with any guy you find attractive. Stop being a whore.

No. 2084984

nah I think I'm going to keep doing whatever I want

No. 2084989

File: 1720681242983.jpg (193.27 KB, 1080x1350, F4gwkw5bcAAU741.jpg)

im really really jealous of pretty asian girls. i wish i could look like picrel too, but life just has to be a fucking bitch ig…

No. 2084990

thats pretty based ngl

No. 2085030

Sure, you’re only degrading yourself at the end of the day. Hope you keep using protection.

No. 2085080

just be careful.

No. 2085096

good for you. it's funny that anons are saying this is messed up, break up, because i swear in another thread i just saw a complete opposite response like fuck moids, cheating on them is based. So which is it, lol

No. 2085100

how is getting dick when she wants it, degrading herself. maybe guilt over cheating but she doesn't need to be shamed for wanting sex and having it.

No. 2085110

Have you ever thought that were not a monolith and different anons will have different opinions

No. 2085120

When I was super broke (still broke but less so) I once considered trying to get feeders online to buy me food and send me money. Never followed through with it and honestly I don't really know anything about the feeder community, I just thought if I was like "yoo-hoo boys! I'm trying to gain weight! Send me money so I can continue my feeder journey teehee!" I might catch someone who would really do it. I was also struggling with a good addiction when I considered this so it wouldn't have been a complete scam, but I knew I didn't really want to blow up.

No. 2085124

Idiot, you just answer your own question. Absolutely nothing wrong with having sex, the issue is that she’s cheating, and despite feeling guilty she wants to keep doing it. Whore behaviour, simple as.

No. 2085135

no i never thought of that. thank you

No. 2085139

You're welcome.

No. 2085158

There's nothing wrong with what she's doing because women don't search for love in other men unless their current partner is awful, or they instinctively know he cheated too. Stay mad, male aligned pick me. Women are free to fuck who ever they want

No. 2085161

Imagine a world where men got angry at other anonymous men for scoring extra pussy on the side. We're so brainwashed

No. 2085190

Why would you wish anything good upon a cheater, lol? I wish she contracts brain rotting syphilis or that her partner finds out and beats her to death. Cheaters are not to be treated like human beings.(a-log)

No. 2085192

You’re such an embarrassment. Try desperately to justify it however you want, at the end of the day she has willingly made a (completely voluntary) commitment she can’t follow through on and that will never be admirable. Save yourself from unnecessarily devaluing your word and worth and just be single if you want sex with anyone at anytime, or accept the whore label kek

No. 2085207

I’m an antisemite especially against Jewish moids and will continue to be until I have a reason not to

No. 2085214

And do you have a reason to be an antisemite? Because I never heard a reasonable reason yet, it's always "jews control the world"

No. 2085218

"Accept the whore label" Words can't stop me from fucking your Nigel too

No. 2085233

It doesn't have to be admirable, nobody said that. It's just her choise, not evenbody wants to be an honorable m'lady, some people are agents of chaos and it's okay, it's the diversity of nature, it's life.

No. 2085242

I’m single, precisely so I can have guilt free sex with whoever I want.

No. 2085245

I love the smell of my own pussy

No. 2085274

this has to be bait or moid posting (what's with the bitter use of whore this whore that). I've been cheated on and I would never say this about another woman. you're wishing harm on her for having sex with men because she felt like it? interesting.

No. 2085277

seriously. I don't get why a woman would get mad at another woman for cheating on a man. their nigels are probably cheating too, and not feeling guilty about it either. who cares

No. 2085279

Probably an anon that's been cheated on and can't comprehend why someone would betray someone's trust just for in their terms horny sex when they're already getting horny sex elsewhere. Don't know about you but in my opinion it's best practice to not treat people like shit

No. 2085281

I am wishing harm on her because she is worse than the average moid.

No. 2085285

It’s interesting to me that you girls see this behaviour as a win - how is chaining yourself to a moid you can’t commit to, breaking that commitment and feeling ‘scummy’ a good thing? Talk about massive pick me behaviour. She’s willingly feeling like shit to protect a man. Crazy lol could not be me

No. 2085294

I wouldn't get into a relationship if I didn't want to make the commitment and if at some point during the relationship I had an over whelming need to fuck an old acquaintance or literally anyone else than my partner I'd do the decent thing and break ties with that person before I go risking my sexual health and theirs

No. 2085299

Exactly, this is exactly what the replies to OP were saying. Ladies, stop being whores for men. Dump them, be free, get all the dick you want with no harm to your conscience. Also men will bend over backwards for you if they think they have a shot at chaining you down, it’s great.

No. 2085317

this whole argument makes no sense
cheating is bad
Men are also bad
Women do whatever you want
The end

No. 2085324

I would pay a woman to pretend to love me, even if it's just texts and phone calls. I feel like a gross moid for this and also I'm broke

No. 2085326

>>it's best practice not to treat people like shit
I agree, however I think cheating on your boyfriend is less shitty than wishing a woman would get beaten to death. That's a pretty fucked up thing to say.

No. 2085334

Words aren’t worse than actions, this is moid mentality ffs

No. 2085357

Wishing an ~ebul whore~ would get beaten to death for cheating is about as moidish as you can get, you’re basically doing their mate guarding for them.

No. 2085364

Log off

No. 2085367

Don't worry, I also wish death on cheating moids. Immoral behavior has no sex; cheaters, abusers and rapists deserve all the worst.

No. 2085378

It's more the broken condom (has never happened to me before) and plan b causing the scummy feeling like I just wanted to blow off some steam not have it be a whole thing. Now I'm going to be all hormonal for weeks. I tell men all the time they should just get a vasectomy so I don't have to worry it's not like they'd make good dads anyways. I miss the carefree sex with my snipped ex

No. 2085380

Not to be rude but your life sounds miserable. Have you considered buying a good vibrator? Or a better boyfriend?

No. 2085396

I'm institutionalized at a psych ward for attempting suicide but I just sucked off my boyfriend in the bathroom lel

No. 2085400

Try harder next time, cockbreath

No. 2085401

just bpd things

No. 2085406

Go back

No. 2085411

Women can’t rape adult men nice try tho

No. 2085422

counts as self-harm

No. 2085570

Was in years ago and sex happening in bathrooms was freely talked about like it wasn't one of the weirdest settings to get it on. Sex between patients rather than visitors though. Was propositioned by both men and women at different points and I was like this can't be real. Bipolar n Bpd seemed to be the common denominator DXs.

No. 2085670

I'm a mistress. (But we don"t have sex)

No. 2085673

No. 2085675

ayrt but I am dating a married man probably would've been a better way to word it.

No. 2085791

>stop being whores for men and go fuck a bunch of men!

No. 2085793

They let men in the women’s wards? Holy hell. It must be like a rape themed concentration camp in there!

No. 2085795

I’m single but I wish I could have a husband just to make him raise the child of a random junkie I found lying on the floor somewhere

No. 2085804

just remember you're gonna lose him the same way you got him

No. 2085822

Don’t promise you can commit to something you know you can’t, it’s really not complicated are you retarded?

No. 2085904

I don't think I could ever cheat. It's not about scrotes; it's just not in me. 

No. 2085914

That's not the part I was questioning but alright anon.

No. 2085916

whenever i embarass myself on here i just avoid the thread i posted in until it gets replaced with a new one

No. 2085972

I want to fuck my coworker but I can’t, it will never happen. Now I’m obsessing about it even more and spending a psychopathic amount of time thinking about fucking him. Pathetic tbh

No. 2085974

Haven't been in since I was 18 but every psych ward/ house is mixed gender and I saw some 60+ year men's dicks they whipped out at me and also was sexually assaulted by male staff and no one believed me because i was in the psych ward. No, I'm not better btw just better at lying to stay out of the rape themed concentration camp. Spent years of my youth there, getting worse. I hate this planet

No. 2085995

I love being single because I can be so selfish. All my place is my own, I can do whatever I want at any time, the only downside is sometimes wishing for easy sex with someone who isn’t a stranger but I can deal with it for all the comfort of having my own little nest.

No. 2086033

File: 1720756436712.png (338.5 KB, 736x788, IMG_7687.png)

I got overpaid by work to the tune of 12 hours of overtime- ~$600.
Although I have a good relationship with my managers I’m definitely pocketing it and not saying anything. Of course if they notice and the jig is up I’ll have to pay it back. I don’t even feel bad at all. Only retarded thing I did was tell some of my coworker friends about it because I just can’t ever keep my bitch mouth shut.

No. 2086043

I am a sugar baby. I had this sugar daddy who was kind of an ass. He wouldn't put me on a monthly allowance, didn't follow through on financial commitments, shoved a buttplug all the way inside of me accidentally and thought it was funny - handed me 1k for my "emergency room bill". Didn't buy me a Christmas gift (I got him one! wtf). Just bad sugar daddy manners.

I ended things. Moved on. But then I got bored and I catfished him, lol. Made a fake sugar baby profile to see if he was still searching and alone. Then he messaged and I couldn't help myself. Made lunch plans. I waited until he arrived and then texted "I came to the restaurant but you didn't look like your pic so I left". I then specified that he looked older & fatter.

Currently catfishing him again. Think I'm going to do it 3 times. Send him around town on lunch dates that never show.

Should have bought me a christmas gift, fucker

No. 2086049

File: 1720757734338.gif (18.17 KB, 220x220, honest-reaction-pou.gif)

>shoved a buttplug all the way inside of me accidentally and thought it was funny


No. 2086065

File: 1720758868449.jpg (15.71 KB, 319x425, df6bd20220abfaa0e60cf9da961106…)

I had a weird obsessed teen scrote online stalker who kept trying to bug me even at his big adult age. I was 19 years old and this 14yo dumb teen made weird memes with my selfies I posted online. I didn't think much of it. Then one day they fabricated screenshots of me and him talking in a sexual manner. Clearly fake and all. But I commented on the post and told him that I did not appreciate him doing this. The post was deleted. I ledt it at that and sometime later people kept telling me he would make posts making fun of me and join in on someone who was my age making fun of me. He would also message me off new accounts. I chose to ignore it because he's a child. He would find out every boyfriend I had and follow them on social media. Even the one who had an abandoned account with no posts. I think to this day they still follow an ex of mine who is deceased. Not too long ago they find my private account and try to follow it. I decline and block. Then his alternate accounts that I recognize, begin to request me. I rinse and repeat. Block and decline. He's married but still felt the need to stalk me and try to be friends with my online friends. Who I warned about him.

This scrote never got his "this older egirl from 2016 groomed me" story and that literally messed with his brain to become obsessed with me and girls like me. He's also married. Imagine being married and never knowing your husband has a strange hyperfixation on adult women from 2016.

No. 2086073

Ya he's a knob. Thankfully I got it out in the shower in like 10 minutes. Nothing is ever going into my asshole ever again.

Other sugar baby highlights:

The SD who mid sex asked me to "open my pretty little mouth" so of course idiot naive baby me was like "ok yay why" and I obliged and he then spat directly into it

The SD who love-bombed me and I had actual feelings for him but then he revealed he had a second girlfriend and paid me 23k to watch him fuck her + threesome, 23k each time x2, paid off all my debt. Had to put all my feelings aside and get that schmoney.

The SD who loves Ukrainian hookers, so we always end up ordering one, but he gets whiskey dick so we just make her watch modern family w us lol. Sometimes more than one girl. Modern family partyyyy

No. 2086077

Wring as much money as you can out of him nonny, say the meanest possible shit to him kek. Be like "wow I walked into the restaurant and it just smelled worse and worse as I got closer to you"

No. 2086089

wow that's admirable that you're on that grind lol. Many girls go through similar shit but make 0.00$ cuz its some random maladjusted loser that groomed them on discord that's doing this shit to them instead

No. 2086098

File: 1720761006969.gif (35.63 KB, 500x280, IMG_7669.gif)

I was just listening through a bunch of my old saved songs on YouTube and was brought to tears by the 2nd mawaru penguindrum OP
It’s not even about the show, which I watched 10 years ago and barely remember. I just felt the profound loss of my innocence and freedomall at once. Please boys, come back to me and take me on the limited express train to neverland… except I have work tomorrow and no PTO days and I have a bf and cats and can’t just be wandering around the world in the same way as I used to anymore. The truth is, I’m not happy being “settled down”. It’s not about the bf and the cats and the apartment. I just long for that fleeting moment in which I had a truly self-determined existence. I have a great life but the constraints placed upon me make me feel like a bird in a cage. I just want to be spirited away

No. 2086105

Ioll yes. I also could snitch on him to his ex wife and disclose his 10+ years of cheating on her w 18-25 year olds from seeking arrangements as ammo in their custody battle. Or post his 2nd phone number on Craigslist so he gets spammed and has to change it

Thanks nonny. I’m a sugar baby because my abusive ex boyfriend stole over 100k from me and I wanted to make it back and fix my finances. Mission accomplished, soon I’ll call it a day and retire, it’s mentally exhausting and toxic

No. 2086116

How do you acquire this sugar baby role? Don’t gatekeep with us anon

No. 2086129

I took a video of myself masturbating and discovered I have a giant freckle right inside my asscrack near my tailbone.

No. 2086142

where are those anons who were complaining about "whores" earlier kek (i got nothing to say about the situation itself but it's ironic there's so much support considering that infight from above)

No. 2086152

File: 1720765559356.jpg (78.07 KB, 736x766, 84a44faca81c612f03736887fa0e3f…)

I want to appear cute and soothing and appealing to women and I don't know how or who to ask

No. 2086175

>paid for getting raped

No. 2086209

I imagine the majority here see cheating as worse behaviour than being a sugar baby so not sure what you're expecting

No. 2086237

this has to males invading. I can’t

No. 2086238

I’ve done that too lol

No. 2086242

I've seen a few anons lowkey praising sex work lately. It's weird.

No. 2086243

girl shut up


probably sex workers themselves, so they're invested in changing the optics of it. Obviously it's not working.

No. 2086245

I don’t get the anon who said it’s admirable (wtf) but other replies seem to feel sorry for her. Cheating on your partner is an easy reason to yell at someone and get mad about. Being an actual SW is just depressing

No. 2086252

Same kek

No. 2086274

Ayrt. Where I was, they seperated sexes when it came to the wards where you slept but during the day everyone mixed in the common areas. And they didn't want you staying in the rooms so you had to mingle. They were weird about that. Apparently it was last hospital in my country to still seperate the sleeping quarters which was worrying considering how many men were newly out of prison before their psych stay. Took a while before I heard whisperings of who was convicted and of what. Then as soon as I'd some access to my phone again I was googling articles and yeah it wasn't just gossip. They were in and out of prison and in and out of wards.

No. 2086380

The only thing stopping me from loving my womanhood is my period. I wish we didn’t get periods at all. I fucking hate them so much, tired of going through pads and yes I know I have an abnormal/irregular period due to PCOS. I stopped taking my prescribed birth control out of fear of blood clots kek, guess I’m going to have to get scolded at the gynecologists office and be right back to where I started which is taking those blood clot causing pills. Tired.

No. 2086387

Tranny larp. Not only from the content but also from the writing style alone kek.

No. 2086424

Nta but I don't really care what happens to moids anymore. I don't care if they get cheated on (they probably weren't even "actually" cheated on in the first place), I don't care if they get scammed or anything else. Majority of women are bending over backwards for them, stay loyal to them even when they're shit, and everything else. A woman could gain 5 lbs and people will blame her for men treating her badly yet moids can literally emotionally abuse their gfs and ghost them the entire relationship and they're still expected to be loyal or even better people make excuses for his behavior

No. 2086432

I have PCOS too (and rawdogging it fuck BC), I think it’s a little silly to resent womanhood because of a medical issue. I mean if I had any other female-only disease it’s not because I was born a woman, it’s just that I have shit luck.

No. 2086452

But it doesn't make sense since sugar babying is objectively more whoreish, it's literally fucking old men for money/being paid to get raped. How is cheating on a moid worse than that

No. 2086521

I think America deserved 9/11

No. 2086528

I hate NEETs who are married. Overgrown child headass

No. 2086585

the guy who makes "things/secrets you don't want to know about men" on tiktok is really hot to me ugh i feel gross being attracted to a moid

No. 2086592

I’m so sorry anon, It’s fucked that they chose not to believe you. Your story makes 100% sense and they’re just evil and retarded.

No. 2086646

The post ovulation clarity finally hit and I regret everything

No. 2086834

Yesterday I got too strunk at my moid friends house and promised I'd go cross country with him to a festival oops, it'll probably be fun tho

No. 2086903

I find older men attractive. I would feel so small and protected being held by one

No. 2086906

I kind of don't care if Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is a shotacon.

No. 2086930

I love baroque, not because I'm a history nerd, but because I love Devil May Cry. Everyone thinks I'm some kind of fancy person, but I'm just living my weeb fantasy.

No. 2086951

Same, I like her music, plus, wasn't she groomed? It honestly would be surprising if she wasn't somehow groomed or forced to do CP photoshoots considering how shitty is the entertainment industry in japan, specially for women. That has to fuck up the brain of any girl.
Also, we don't know the hidden forbidden preferences of artists from all over the world, at this point, and the logical thing would be that no one should support the majority of artists because they all have been/are into some weird shit.

No. 2087022

Same wtf. Wish I had money for decor but I can only afford picture frames kek. I’ve failed you Vergil.

No. 2087052

I know something that would be a straight up atom bomb to some ongoing discourse in a large fandom I'm not in. It's all public information, it just happens to be something almost no one is likely to notice.
Part of me wants to drop it somewhere anonymously and watch everything burn. But I could never really do it because it would mean potentially sending someone I don't think has done anything wrong to the wolves.

No. 2087058

Why are you being vague about? You’re anonymous here, just spill the beans.

No. 2087061

File: 1720830978107.png (288.41 KB, 540x885, IMG_1701.png)

What happened with this? I heard about this vaguely but maybe about another Japanese woman as well.

No. 2087062

sadly, it's actually easily proven fact she did gravure as a child
I don't even want to upload a censored cap, but if you google "kyary pamyu pamyu takemura kiriko junior idol"

No. 2087068

This is creepy, but you can still separate art from the artist.

No. 2087076

I do look down on people that ‘separate the art from the artist’ when the ‘artist’ is a peadophile, abuser, or a rapist.

No. 2087145

>waaahh female pedo
Who gives a fuck. The author of Made in Abyss makes jokes about making dolls of his real life colleague's kids and has explicitly stated he's attracted to children in real life and no one is canceling him. Engaging in cancel crusades against women, especially CSA victims like Kyaru, is retarded. Go back to Twitter.

No. 2087147

Nta but this is an anonymous image board. Someone saying they don't like or support someone is not "canceling" them, and if it was then the entirety of this site would be cancel central. Plus, Everytime Made in Abyss is even mentioned here anons (rightfully) say it's disgusting, and you don't know if that anon is even alright with that shit so what was the point of bringing that up.

No. 2087155

she was preyed on as a child herself. She was one of those child bikini models for scrotes when she was 12 herself, she must be super traumatized and it wouldnt surprise me if she's stunted and thinks this is normal.

No. 2087159

Because this whole Kyary situation is a massive nothingburger

No. 2087167

Your post is a nothingburger.

No. 2087184

File: 1720841598802.jpg (70.38 KB, 564x846, 4f53d2bd715814a732b118b65a0b97…)

I wish that I could take a little break from existing. Not die, merely put myself on pause. A week or a month asleep without being beholden to reality would be great. I feel very drained of caring about things these days and wish that I could reset myself for longer. This hasn't been a good year so far and I'm tired of the setbacks, the disappointments, and my own shortcomings. I don't really want to participate in living right now.

No. 2087236

If you don't just tell us, you suck

No. 2087426

When younger adults make comments about age I act genuinely confused and say “wait how old are you?” And when they tell me their age I act shocked and say I thought they were in their 30s too

No. 2087445

File: 1720871377715.jpg (94.16 KB, 666x828, tumblr_2892acdd74be7bec8a4dbbd…)

I love Trevor Brown art. I am stuck in Tumblr 2010s creepy cute era forever.

No. 2087446

I don't even think she's a shotacon. She probably has OCD and confuses maternal love with attraction. Many such cases

No. 2087448

Why do i see so much OCD discussion when it comes to loli/shota stuff

No. 2087460

As someone with OCD, it's gonna annoy me do bad if that becomes an excuse/new trendy mental illness (as if "I have OCD, I love to clean teehee!" Wasn't bad enough lol). It doesn't even make sense for that to be OCD.

No. 2087462

Google POCD

No. 2087465

same nona

No. 2087466

"I-i-im not a pedo!! Im googling lolicon cause the evil pedo thoughts get into my brain by themselves!" i dont really believe it, sorry

No. 2087467

Anon, OCD is an anxiety disorder first and foremost. It makes you paranoid and gives you intrusive thoughts to convince you that you're things you're not, but it doesn't actually make you that. Someone with OCD would not post stuff like this >>2087061 . She was expressing her actually thoughts in that post.

No. 2087470

Also have OCD, and same. She doesn’t have POCD. If she did, she would feel miserable any time intrusive thoughts about her being a pedo entered her mind, obsessively try to rid herself of them, assume she must be evil and hate herself for it despite having no actual attraction to little kids, and she wouldn’t talk about it openly because of how much anxiety and shame it caused

No. 2087481

File: 1720876191309.png (408.72 KB, 844x2724, KasaSenchou.png)

Some Japanese speaker contested this. Idk what the truth is, but she was exploited herself as a child.

No. 2087487

Why? He's a nonce who has a fetish for toddlers with black eyes. His art technique is objectively good, but it's just loli ryona slop.

No. 2087503

nonnies you're missing the point, even if she was exploited as a kid, it doesn't excuse her violating other kids' boundaries and teaching them it's okay while she's an adult. It's the classic michael jackson defence

No. 2087521

Samefag, looking it up, I'm seeing other Japanese speakers say it's a mistranslation, others saying she teased him about being shy and quiet a lot, that he's an adult now and is still friends with her and the rest of her backup dancers with no allegations, etc. Can't screencap right now, but here's one:
Some people were saying that the text message screencap was fake. I can't find anything proving that, but I also can't find proof she ever posted that screencap or its source (even with the web archive). I can buy that she was platonically close with him and made inappropriate jokes along the lines of "Haha look it's my boyfriend", but that's still bad.

I'm not saying it's okay because she was exploited, it makes me think it could go either way.

No. 2087544

If P Chan is the same person as the current i_am_p (P→Star) that kid turned gay af

No. 2087551

I wish I could take revenge on my ex for grooming and all the other shit he's done but unfortunately he most likely still has my nudes and videos. So mad at my younger dumb naive and trustful self uugghhh, and at this fucker too

No. 2087613

Do something he can't tie to you. Fuck him up big time nonna.

No. 2087622

You can spam him with STD result texts or STD result emails if you know his phone and email address. Can also sign him up for some nuisance news letters as well


No. 2087655

File: 1720892220755.jpg (107.38 KB, 813x994, 335481708_149338934389838_2899…)

I mean, hes art is meant to be shocking so what did you expect. And also, not all of his art is sexual

No. 2087716

>hes art is meant to be shocking
That’s what all pedo artists say

No. 2087762

Whitehouse enjoyer?

No. 2087917

he defended pedophilia before, even defending japan's pro cp laws before the ban in 2014

No. 2087941

I remember a translated article from the gothic lolita bible where he straight up admits finding 14yos hot and going for his asian gf because she was young looking.

No. 2087943

File: 1720907404864.jpeg (43.66 KB, 668x459, images - 2024-07-14T074910.901…)

Move onto Mark Ryden and his wife already, he doesn't draw children in bondage.

No. 2087947

I agree with the anon saying forgiveness is cowardly. Throw the glass bottle in his face. Wait for years when he doesn’t suspect a thing to enact your revenge.

No. 2087952

I’m selfish as fuck and I hate how I am I wanna kill myself. I’m a horrible person

No. 2087955

He's absolute scum hiding behind the muh subjective art label.
>“The brain short-circuits on the conflicting signals,” he says. “So, rather than try to work it out themselves, they’ll go along with someone else’s suitably pre-packaged opinion—the knee-jerk ‘feel good’ sicko/pedo accusation being the obvious lazy favorite. Safety in numbers! Much better than having to form their own response and possibly concluding there might be more to it than that.”
But also
>“I’m not even particularly sexually attracted to children at all. Well, physically, not until around the age of 14, but even then intellectual immaturity would make them fall short of desirability for me, although 14-year-old female fans that have written to me haven’t sounded exactly stupid. I love 18-year-olds who look 12! The way things are going, it won’t be long before that is illegal too! It’s utterly ridiculous setting the age of consent, etc, at 18 and anything below that is ‘child abuse’ territory. Girls are most sexually ripe at around 17 — my wife said this! — and they are no longer kids at that age, so they shouldn’t be treated as such. I don’t have solutions, but clearly we just need a little common sense to prevail here, unlikely as that is.”

No. 2087960

I also can’t stop hooking up with guys because I’m incredibly lonely

No. 2088011

Sometimes when I make a vent in the vent thread and someone gives me a mean response I wish I could appear in front of them trap them into enduring my screaming mental breakdown

No. 2088057

File: 1720912577799.jpeg (82.03 KB, 594x581, IMG_1714.jpeg)

Playing sims gives me anxiety and I don’t know why. Watching content creators makes me want to have my game look as perfect as theirs and when it doesn’t it makes my perfectionism go into overdrive and I can’t enjoy the game anymore. I can’t even play with reshade because my computer isn’t strong enough to play with it and it makes me kind of sad, I’m tired of being broke and out of the loop.

No. 2088064

You just have to make being off brand part of the appeal they will come crawling back…

No. 2088076

is that meghan trainor?

No. 2088085

Sims is unplayable to me because it gives me existential anxiety esp with aging on. It also is gross because if I RP as a female and get flirty with a male he goes teehee tra la la like some kind of faggot.

No. 2088518

My wallet watches porn so I'm cheating on him with a cute powerlifter

No. 2088917

File: 1720930593958.jpg (Spoiler Image,208.57 KB, 800x1098, 01Trevor_Pantora_Cover.jpg)

Sorry if off topic, but does anyone know if i can buy his Artbooks in US? Like nonas said he is quite cancel worthy, but I guess his books are sold on amazon so there is nothing illegal, right? Im just into eerie cute stuff, thats it, not a lolicon.(global rule #14)

No. 2088937

Why the fuck would you post this shit

No. 2088956

i like some questionable artists but this dude's trash is art

No. 2088965

Nona he has a large fanbase. You know there is a popular model named Sheidlina who openly loves and collects his art and nobody is cancelling her. Mark Ryden and Nicoletta Ceccoli do the same thing. Its just a genre. 

No. 2088974

and? how does that make it any better, shit like lolita and leon the professional is considered high art too

No. 2088975

Ok pedo

No. 2089000

>Nona he has a large fanbase
so does Roman Polanski and the people who signed his petition kek. also doubt this artist doesn't have illegal content if he outright admits attraction towards children and thinks the AOC should be lowered, plus some lolicon artists have been caught tracing over images of real kids, even the pic posted above is suspicious

No. 2089100

some days i get angry with myself and i just feel at a loss for understanding as to how i was so cruel and pig like as a child, and then i remember that i was a child. and then i snap back for a second and i feel like there are other children whos brains weren't developed yet either but they were still good people and then i remember that 1) i don't know that for sure and 2) they grew up in a different environment than i did

No. 2089141

Go back to your containment thread, blowjob-chan.

No. 2089154

Something about this drawing just screams that he referenced some actual picture. He lived in Japan so maybe he was using those nn models as reference

No. 2089237

I've already fucked one of the bartenders at my usual place and I'm considering fucking the other one as well. I realize it's a terrible idea but he's cute as fuck and I'm a slut.

No. 2089325

I absolutely love how shit and biased the moderation on this site is because what is the point of the redtext when this post can be still seen through the spoilers. These are the type of posts that are meant to get deleted, also its very obvious he traced that drawing from a real life girl which is just another reason to delete it but I guess mods here are too busy deleting posts from anons who call out the Jewish moid baiter (how dare you call the obvious Jewish moid who has been baiting here for months out, you get a long ban and your posts deleted). But for mods this stuff is fine, who wants to bet that this person got a short ban for this post.

Also for anyone wondering, calling out the Jewish moid or criticising radfems on this site gives you a longer ban BUT if you racebait about other races and call black people niggers or act like a tradthot or post that shit upthread then its a super short 1-3 day ban. Don't you just love the mods.

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