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No. 248302

For all discussion of gender critical thinking and general trans criticism.

Previous thread >>231926

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Gender critical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Transgenderism posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of sexuality, misogyny, and misandry.


Feminist Current

Gender Trender

Magdalen Berns


4th Wave Now

No. 248309

if you were amab at birth but went through a delayed female puberty and have very ambigious genitles from your intersex is it wrong to express your gender the way you feel most comfortable? would afabs accept you or see you as a predatory male?

No. 248312

sorry anon, but this really isn't the thread for this. either way, your biology is fucked up so it's not really like you're actually male if your body and hormones are trying performing female body functions.

No. 248313

AMAB, Ambiguous genitals. Delayed (induced hormonal female puberty?).

Yeah probably going to see you as a bloke. Sorry.

Doesn't mean you can't go round wearing dresses if you want or being the most god awful stereotype of femininity. That's your right as a person but it doesn't make you a female.

Gender =/= Sex.

Your sex = intersex.

No. 248314

i know sorry i was just wondering what GC would consider me

No. 248315

i dont take hrt i did for a few months 1mg no AA since my test was lower than cis female and my estrogen went to 700 which is dangerous

No. 248317

aaaa no i just dunno i look like a girl female parts dont have any test dont take pills, i cant be considered a male because i didnt get masc traits even the gentiles so how can you see me as a male? doesnt really make sense

No. 248318

The gender critical view is that you can express "gender" in whatever way you see fit no matter your bio sex, but sex itself is an immutable characteristic, and sex-based oppression is real.
Regardless of your sex, you should be able to dress how you want. As an intersex person, whether you will be seen as having male privilege depends on your upbringing and if you are perceived as male or female by other people.

No. 248320

I don't see you as male personally, you are intersex. However being seen as male by your peers for the first 12 or so years of your life will result in a upbringing different from girls. And being seen as female from puberty onward result in a life experience that is different from men.

No. 248323

You're the only one saying you /can't/ be considered a dude.

You're intersex, like it or hate it, that means you're never going to be female, just like a male will never be a female. You'll also never be male.

If you were AMAB there's a good chance you're fairly masc. though, and have developed through life socially as a male. So yeah, people will probably see you as male…

Again though sex =/= gender and gender is just made up. If you want to grow your hair long and paint your nails, no one's going to stop you; it's all performance art at the end of the day. That's why we're all here… because gender is bull shit.

No. 248325

i wasnt seen as male by my peers my middle name is a female name so they always used that, in middle and highschool i always hungaround girls
sometimes teachers would get mad at me necause they had specific toys for each gender but at that time i didnt have the language to tell them i was intersex and what not. i guess thats the system enforcing gender roles tho
brought up around girls went to sleep overs and birthday parties all that stuff when i was in middle school, plus my sister always gave me her handydowns when i was 5-15 and she moved up, didnt feel like a masc upbrning
>If you were AMAB there's a good chance you're fairly masc. though, and have developed through life socially as a male. So yeah, people will probably see you as male…
please see above friend

No. 248326

yea, gender isn't your sex, that's the problem with trans and what this thread tries to address. gender is just a way to stereotype based on sex or perceived sex. you sound like you're a girl and like people see you as a girl, and you're basically female anyways from the sounds of it.

No. 248327

Then I don't know why you're asking or what you want from us?

You're still intersex, even if socialised and raised as female.

It does make it weird (from your parents point of view) that you were then given a female name/and also have female gonads that produce at least some level of hormones; if you were AMAB and presumably are still AM on legal documentation.

No one here can validate you as a 'woman'. Because you're not one, you're intersex.

No. 248328

>i wasnt seen as male by my peers…
sometimes teachers would get mad at me necause they had specific toys for each gender

I don’t understand this. So somehow all your peers thought you were a girl, while your teachers thought you were a boy? Usually, children’s understanding of gender is informed by the adults in their lives. It would be very abnormal for them to reject what your teacher enforced in order to see you as a girl.

No. 248329

nta but i think she means in fucking preschool when children don't have any physical traits that are different other than genitals. her parents probably told them she was a boy since there's no puberty changes at that point.

No. 248333

Tbh all of this is a lot of reaching. They're drip feeding information that doesn't even make much sense.

AMAB = Parents give female name and treat as female (most intersex cases are AFAB unless very obviously male)

Has female gonads = has delayed puberty but only takes HRT for short period of time and at low dosage.

Claims was raised and treated as female by peers but not by teachers.

Confuses sex and gender.

Wants validation as 'female' despite not being.

Smells like a troll.

No. 248336

my T is lower than cis girls and i dont have gonads and im legally a female now and have been since i was 16 lole

No. 248337

Thank you. The drip fed information is frustrating and suspect.

Even in preschool, kids understand “boy” and “girl.”

No. 248338

>my T is lower than cis girls

No. 248339

So you are on HRT then? Because that's what you get put on when they remove your gonads.

You're a liar. But sure… your T is lower than 'cis' girls. The fact that you even use the term 'cis' is hilarious.

Didn't take long to find the trans in this case.

No. 248340

oh sorry, i meant that the teachers called them a male, i wasn't saying the students did or not, but if they were raised as a girl then why wouldn't they?

i think we should just get back on topic since this isn't the thread for this at all.

No. 248343

File: 1525795283218.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.29 KB, 960x720, Ambiguous Genitalia (Disorders…)

>You're still intersex, even if socialised and raised as female.

I can't speak specifically about >>248325 because I don't know her cases, but there are many cases where females are born with ambiguous genitals at birth due to a slight excess of testosterone during fetal development, but have XX chromosomes, go into regular female puberty, have functioning uterus and ovaries, and are able to conceive children.

I disagree that these people aren't female just because of ambiguous genitalia at birth.

No. 248346

i have a like bottom middle ish so i guess am xy
dont really feel like a male or a tranny without any of their traits wish society didnt make me pick lole

No. 248347


Just to clarify

Ambiguous genitalia =/= intersex conditions alone.

The person above said they were intersex, not that they were born with a deformity.

>but have XX chromosomes, go into regular female puberty, have functioning uterus and ovaries, and are able to conceive children.

If this is true, the person isn't intersex.

No. 248348

was for >>248343

No. 248349

>feel like a male
What does this mean to you? How do you think people feel male?

No. 248350

File: 1525795632408.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4…)

No one cares dude. You don't even know what to call your intersex condition (yes different types have names). Next time, think of a more convincing lie. Drip feeding info is one of the classic signs of a liar.

No. 248351

>not that they were born with a deformity.

they've said they have ambiguous genitals several times.

No. 248352

I'm pretty sure Lauren Southern changed her legal sex to male for /pol/ memes, so that means next to nothing. Legal sex =/= your actual sex.

troon spotted

No. 248354

>i just hate how people call me a tranny but im just intersex

No. 248356

Guys, can we please move back on to actual gender crit stuff? intersex people have nothing to do with trans, other than the blatant masquerading troons do.

No. 248357

what are you implying, i'm just pointing out that they literally said it. i don't know if they're lying or not, but ffs. >>248309

No. 248360

Because not all intersex have ambiguous genitals; some do.

This person claims to be intersex. They also claim to have ambiguous genitals and a load of other stuff that doesn't actually add up with them being anything but a troll… but w/e.

You bring up deformities in otherwise female presenting / raised / functioning / non-sterile females. It's apples to oranges.

Pointing out that this troll says they have ambiguous genitals means nothing.

No. 248361

i was just pointing out that they said it, calm down. you can't argue that they didn't say that when they did, that's stupid and it brings down your point. i'm all for telling off this tranny when they come in here and derail the thread into oblivion with their obvious male privilege, but there's no reason to not have all your cards lined up.

No. 248362

i have stage 6 PAIS lol no one asked

No. 248363

having a penis

No. 248364

Where did I argue that they didn't say it?

I said they didn't say they were 'born with a deformity'. Something that someone with a fused vagina would say or any other number of conditions that natal males and females can have.

Deformities =/= ambiguous genitals.

You seem to be confusing the terms and how they're used medically.

No. 248367

no i said ambiguous which is what they call gentiles of people with androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) lol

No. 248368

Sure you do. >>248346

No. 248369

links a post that isnt mine

No. 248370

This thread is just full of intersex people who can't capitalise. ;)

No. 248372

also AIS is a xy intersex so what are you even getting at.

No. 248373

No. 248374

Guys, shut the fuck up. This derailing is exactly what this idiot wants. Intersex issues are not trans related because trans people are mental shits.

No. 248376

and i still have female gentles
why is it safe for me in a male bathroom or changing room in the gym i dont want female spaces you can have them i just want a space i can feel safe just like girls deserve. they may not be able to control my womb but when im being raped they arent thinking about my womb.

No. 248377

Idk I think it's kind of relevant. It shows what lengths trans people are willing to go.

They'll happily throw women, intersex and anyone else under the bus.. so they can be considered 'real women' TM. It's so obvious reading up that this person has no idea about intersex conditions… but they're totally like trans issues… right? Maybe if they get the evil TERFs to say that 'intersexes' are female, they can be too. /s

No. 248378

NTA, but honestly: shut up and stop derailing (or at least learn2sage if you can't do that). No1curr, fag.

No. 248379

I think that yes it is enlightening in a way that we got to witness them in action, but engaging with them like this is really derailing.

No. 248383

isn't cross-sex hormone treatment and surgery pretty much medically induced intersexualism?

No. 248385

I guess? It's more medically induced sterilization tbh.

No. 248387

No. Read up on intersex conditions. They're nothing like being trans. Trans relies on sexist sterotypes, 'brain feelings' and a lot of pseudo science and gay conversion therapy.

Intersex is label given to a series of conditions that result in mismatching chromosomes to phenotype or ambiguous phenotype to chromosomes. It has nothing to do with gender or feelings.

It's an important distinction.

Just like an intersex person can't become male or female.

A female or male can't become intersex.

No. 248388

File: 1525799109262.jpg (7.61 KB, 240x210, aliens.jpg)





Anon, it's been grating on me since the beginning of the thread. The word you're looking for is GENITALS. Not gentiles. Not gentles. Genitals.

No. 248390

>Intersex is label given to a series of conditions that result in mismatching chromosomes to phenotype or ambiguous phenotype to chromosomes. It has nothing to do with gender or feelings.
I weren't talking about gender nor feelings just the cross-sex hormone treatment and surgery which do give you a bit fucked up phenotype. From my understanding most trans identifying individuals don't ever even end up taking hormones or surgery.

No. 248394

idunno dude i was just wondering if people hated intersex here lol
i know about intersex types i had to go through that with my doctor and stuff
i guess this board has a mixed/negative opinion on them?

No. 248395

No one cares if you're intersex. It's an anon board. Being so fucking obnoxious about it though is the exact same as being like "man here" when no one gives a shit.

Sage for this retardation.

No. 248396

You can't have cross sex hormone treatment for 'no reason' right now. Which means the only comparison is to trans people and their feelings… which isn't a good comparison for obvious reasons.

No. 248398

dude i just wanted to know anon opinion
then people started asking questions i just wanted a quick answer lol

No. 248403

Why would anyone here /hate/ intersex people.

That sounds like a 'TERFS EAT BABIES', if I ever heard one.

No. 248416

this. we know biology anon, that's why we're gender crit.

No. 248419


aren't there studies proving that gender dysphoria is a neurological problem.

No. 248425

lol no. unless you want to share them. any studies that theorize stuff like that are disproven anyways because they relie on the idea that the male and female brain are different, which they aren't. any studies that try to tie trans dysphoria with anything other than mental illness get rebunked.

No. 248428


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stria_terminalis this is the part that has been most studied because it's not affected by hormones, it's insane to claim that sexual dimorphism of brain doesn't exist Anon.

No. 248430

Tha makes no sense. I had body dysmorphia as a teen, it was not fun at all, and I'm pretty sure I'm a woman.
Is there any material on dysphoria in girls? Because I'm pretty sure it's way more common than trannies want to believe.

No. 248433


Why give the OP pic to a deluded tranny, even if it is to laugh at him? Women and gender critical ideas need more visibility. The Womens March protester is the type of hero we need.

No. 248434

because then it's obvious what the thread is about. i don't want more people to think they should bring their arguments about sex work in here.

No. 248436

according to this all trans people female and male need to have this part of the brain correspond to the opposite sex's. and on top of that, this has nothing to do with people feeling trans or not, this would require it to be diagnosed by the kind of tests done in this wiki article. it also states that the cell number for TiMs are in between male and female, just less than normal males. so…

No. 248438

Well puberty is hard but about 85% of the people who feel dysphoria as a kid don't end up feeling it as an adult, which is why in most countries doctors are so reluctant on giving treatments to underage people.

>Is there any material on dysphoria in girls? Because I'm pretty sure it's way more common than trannies want to believe.

i know that 9/10 referral letters to GiD clinics in nordic countries are from people afab especially ones going through puberty and i think this is a bit of global trend right now. And like >>248436 said we need better diagnosing of these disorders.

No. 248440

then someone else should have made the thread, fuck off.

No. 248443

File: 1525809609283.jpg (122.9 KB, 700x875, 8588b9ac28ac4109b01f09bdbf2891…)


There are plenty of images of women which exclusively represent gender critical ideas.

How does this pic invite discussion of sex work?

No. 248444

Let's say it's a thing. How on earth does that translate into gender dysphoria? And if it somehow does, why would hormone treatment, sex reassignment surgery and sterilization be the way to deal with this?

And if it somehow is, how is "TRANSWOMEN ARE WOMEN" a logical conclusion to any of this? How does any of that equal "calling a male male is hate speech"?

I read about something called "principle of explosion" the other day and everything made so much sense. Anything can be proven true if you're basing your argument on a contradiction - if "men are women", all illogical bullshit goes too.

No. 248446


>why would hormone treatment, sex reassignment surgery and sterilization be the way to deal with this?

Well it's much easier than starting to change the brain and it cures most transsexuals

>And if it somehow is, how is "TRANSWOMEN ARE WOMEN" a logical conclusion to any of this?

Well it's more like transwomen are intersex due to intersexuality of the brain.

No. 248448

No. Trans "women" are men, being intersex-brained isn't a thing.

No. 248449

Bransex has been proven time and time again to not be a thing. They are not intersex either and even if they were, that wouldn't make them want to be called a certain pronoun and wear dresses and do other things stereotypically associated with women. Tranny shit is a mental illness. Begone, troon.

>it cures most transsexuals

Their suicide rates literally get higher after they transition, how is that a cure?

No. 248450

File: 1525811557766.jpg (1.49 MB, 746x4233, Goth culture needs to embrace …)

They are coming for the goths now because the goths….don't really care about gender? They dont police it? They dont follow the rules the twans have laid down? Will link article so you can see comments but now this really is evidence of them just looking to be offended

No. 248451

It is a thing lmao

>Their suicide rates literally get higher after they transition

they don't and i know you got this from the swedish study which doesn't compare before and after transition just to the normal population after transition

No. 248453

>intersex because brain
Read the last part of my post. "Intersex" means something and it's not "a part of the body with another sex's characteristics", otherwise flat chested women, men with micropenises and anyone who looks too androgynous would be "intersex".

No. 248461

>otherwise flat chested women, men with micropenises and anyone who looks too androgynous would be "intersex".
But those have been considered as intersex conditions in the past, lol.

No. 248463

No. 248464

That's really nice anon. You rock.

No. 248469

More proof you know nothing about intersex conditions.

If you want to look at studies on brain sex though you might find this one interesting: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-17352-8

''After controlling for sexual orientation, the transgender groups showed sex-typical FA-values.''

That is to say, there is no significant difference between a MTF's brain and a males brain when sexual orientation is taken into account. The only place they do see difference is in an area of the brain related to 'own body perception'.

Trans people do not have opposite sexed brains, they likely have perception problems; like anorexics. Thank god we don't starve them though eh, until their brain 'matches' their body.

No. 248471

>More proof you know nothing about intersex conditions.
just shows how dumb you are https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micropenis#Surgery

> The only place they do see difference is in an area of the brain related to 'own body perception'.

Yeah and what would you do to fix it? Anorexic people perceive their body as fat where as transgender people don't perceive their body as the gender they want to be, there is a clear difference

No. 248472

A micropenis alone does not make someone intersex. A flat chested woman is not intersex. An androgynous person is not intersex. Anon you're a retard.

As far as anorexic body perception being wrong and transgender body perception being wrong. idk They're pretty close. Did you know that BIID also affects that region of the brain? That is, people who feel like a limb or body part doesn't belong.

The treatment for the above is therapy. Not pandering to it, not encouraging them to amputate healthy limbs or starve themselves. Hell even additional T in cases of TIM's has shown to decrease dysphoria.

No. 248474

Why do doctors feed into trans people's dysphoria when it seems like they should be doing the opposite?

No. 248475

Because it originally was a useful tool of gay conversion therapy. Can't make a gay dude not be gay… make him a woman. Now it's no homo.

Why do you think it's so popular in countries that outlaw homosexuality?

No. 248481


Sex reassignment was never a method of conversion therapy in the western world. Citations, please.

No. 248486

Are you the same retard who's trying to argue that trannies are intersex? Many western conservatives and Christians feel exactly the same way as the people in countries that outlaw homosexuality; trannies are more acceptable than gays.

No. 248490

why do trannies like death grips so much

No. 248491

they probably assumed the money store cover art contains at least one of them

No. 248492

True-I remember reading a story a few months back about christian groups supporting and raising money for sex change operations for trans people. Some suggested they were hopping on the anti-terf bandwagon but it also seems to be a way around the homosexuality issue.

No. 248499


To clarify, I was replying to this comment:

>it originally was a useful tool of gay conversion therapy.

When, in the history of conversion therapy, was it used? Surgical and chemical castration was used in the early 20th century but not with the intent of sex reassignment.

No. 248501

>Anorexic people perceive their body as fat
>where as transgender people don't perceive their body as the gender they want to be
Adorable wording, troon. Let's make it more accurate shall we?
>anorexics perceive their body as wrong (fat) when it isn't
>trannies perceive their body as wrong (sex) when it isn't
It's the exact same thing. You could perhaps argue that transitioning is less dangerous than maintaining an anorexic weight, but then you'd have to accept that you have a perception issue and you aren't ~totes a real woman with your very male genitals actually being female because of your ladybrain~ which would totally suck, huh?

No. 248503

>trannies perceive their body as wrong (sex) when it isn't
wait are you trying to say trannies don't want hormones&surgery because they see their body as the sex they want to be or what

No. 248505

no, she's trying to say that trannies want to "fix" the problem with drastic measures, like how anorexics want to "fix" their bodies with similar drastic measures. but both of them come from the same kind of disordered thinking. anorexics aren't fat and trannies aren't the wrong gender, it's all in their heads.

No. 248521

File: 1525850696727.jpg (45.06 KB, 736x414, _78647474_img_5502.jpg)

>Growing up in Iran, Donya kept her hair shaved or short, and wore caps instead of headscarves. She went to a doctor for help to stop her period.

>"I was so young and I didn't really understand myself," she says. "I thought if I could stop getting my periods, I would be more masculine."

>If police officers asked for her ID and noticed she was a girl, she says, they would reproach her: "Why are you like this? Go and change your gender."

>Supporters of the government's policy argue that transgender Iranians are given help to lead fulfilling lives, and have more freedom than in many other countries. But the concern is that gender reassignment surgery is being offered to people who are not transgender, but homosexual, and may lack the information to know the difference.

>"My father came to visit me in Tehran with two relatives," he says. "They'd had a meeting to decide what to do about me… They told me: 'You need to either have your gender changed or we will kill you and will not let you live in this family.'"

It's amazing how we see this practice as barbaric when it's done in Iran but progressive when it's done in the western world. It's inhumane no matter where it happens. In the west instead of the family threatening to kill you you'll have doctors telling you and your relatives that you will kill yourself unless you transition due to the bogus statistics.

No. 248536

not really here to defend trannies but if you fail to see the difference between doing something yourself and doing something because someone threatened to kill you if you don't, you need some serious help

No. 248537

if you actually believe anyone under 25 is "doing it for themselves" you need to reevaluate your thinking. especially now that they're using the informed consent model, do you really think parents aren't being pushed into this?

No. 248552

it's important to remember that the kids being transed can't decide to do these things for themselves though, parents being fearmongered that their young children are at a high suicide risk without taking on a risky treatment like puberty blockers etc. is a form of coercion. it's different from the type of direct threat in the linked story for sure, but it's still wrong and removes consent.

No. 248587

File: 1525889792912.jpg (37.69 KB, 737x458, HtBxoZZ.jpg)


"With all this in mind, it becomes hard for me to identify within the world of The Handmaid’s Tale. How can I feel June’s terror at her situation when I know I would never face it myself? I can sympathize but not empathize with so many of the show's stories. This feeling of being left out can sometimes hurt, especially given the cultural significance that The Handmaid’s Tale has come to represent for a lot of women under the Trump administration."

No. 248590

File: 1525890193764.png (46.5 KB, 829x145, burn.png)

No. 248591

>How can I feel June’s terror at her situation when I know I would never face it myself?
It’s always eerie when they realize their male privilege. Of course it’s immeditately followed by whinging and a “me me me” tantrum.

No. 248613

Sometimes I suspect the editors publish this kind of inane shit (see also the NYT article on the "queer" het couple that was having vapors about what their kid should call them, becaus mommy and daddy is too heteronormative) just as bait cause they know it'll get that comment section going.
This reads just too baity and unselfaware, but if the author really feels like this and believes that other people should know about it, then I feel sorry for them.

No. 248615

File: 1525900131718.jpg (26.27 KB, 634x356, 4C0231AA00000578-5708261-image…)

Did any Britfags watch the Genderquake debate?

Overview of the Channel 4 Genderquake programming >>>/ot/247864.

Viewers slam 'appalling' Channel 4 Genderquake debate that saw transgender model Munroe Bergdorf being heckled by an audience member shouting 'penis'. Viewers have criticised debate and say woman should have been removed.

Tensions flared up after Munroe was asked to explain a tweet she had previously posted that said 'Not all women have reproductive systems'.

At this point, a member of the audience appeared to say 'shame on you', to which the former L'Oreal model replied: 'Do you dispute the fact that not all women can produce babies?'

Following further comments from the audience member, she responded: 'I'm not going to talk to you if there's not even a base level of respect.'

Feminist author Germaine Greer [pic related] then began to add her thoughts to the discussion, explaining how she hadn't ovulated in 30 years, to which Munroe questioned 'Are you less of a woman because of it?'

When Germaine replied 'No', an audience member could be heard replying: 'She's still a woman though. Not a man. Not a man lecturing women.'


No. 248616

File: 1525900989314.jpg (75.7 KB, 1200x393, DcwtbdIW0AAEpjy.jpg)


Out of seven panelists, only two were gender critical feminists: Germaine Greer and Sarah Ditum.


No. 248617

And 4/7 were trannies, one of which was bruce fucking jenner? Jfc, what a mess

No. 248618

File: 1525901767668.png (174.76 KB, 800x485, Screenshot_2018-05-09-14-34-47…)

No. 248621

File: 1525902775094.png (226.36 KB, 800x964, Screenshot_2018-05-09-14-51-16…)

No. 248623

File: 1525903573930.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, 1448776146644.gif)

I was bored and found this article http://www.madmoizelle.com/temoignage-homme-transgenre-588137, which made me cringe so hard I want to complain about it. Obviously it's long and in French so I won't translate it but basically it goes like this:
>it's a trans man (or an actual woman if you prefer) who talks about herself and what her transition
>basically she lived a good life as a kid, became depressed and suicidal, got dysphoria
>turned out she's into girls but she still feels suicidal and depressed
>suddenly she finds out she's transgender
>she decides to transition instead of trying to find another solution to deal with her dysphoria and depression, she decides to go to a private hospital to choose her doctors and therapists.
>it's because if she decided to go to a public hospital she wouldn't have been able to choose her doctors, even though that way her transition would have been fully covered by her healthcare
>she whines that she had to spend her own money for cosmetic surgery and unnecessary hormone therapy because she couldn't go doctor shopping if she wanted her transition to be covered
>she whines that she has to change all of her official documents and ID papers to match with her new male identity because otherwise it would hurt her feelings
>"waaah why does changing all of my official documents with my bank, insurance, city hall, etc. take time and money I'm sad"
>"baaaw I don't dare go to the doctor because they ask questions and it makes me uncomfortable"

This bitch dares compare her self-inflicted problems to actual racism and homophobia with this stupid quote: "Tu te rappelles cette semaine de vacances que tu as passée avec Tatie Raciste et Tonton Homophobe ? Lorsque je tends l’oreille dans la rue, que j’écoute la radio, que je regarde la télé, que je me balade sur les réseaux sociaux, que je suis l’actualité, j’ai le sentiment de vivre cette semaine encore et encore."
Which means: "Remember that week of holidays you spent with you racist uncle and homophobic aunt? When I listen to what's said on the street, when I listen to the radio, when I watch the TV, when lurking on social medias, when I read the news, I feel like I'm reliving this week over and over again." She's so self-centered that she thinks being a victim of racism or homophobia (you can't control being of a certain race or ethnicity or your sexual orientation) is the same as being a victim of transphobia (even though trans people actively choose to transition).

>When Germaine replied 'No', an audience member could be heard replying: 'She's still a woman though. Not a man. Not a man lecturing women.'
Holy shit I'm dead.

No. 248625

File: 1525904015821.png (429.93 KB, 800x1029, Screenshot_2018-05-09-15-09-34…)


Excerpts from @ThePosieParker's rundown of the debate.


No. 248626

File: 1525904036325.png (370.21 KB, 800x944, Screenshot_2018-05-09-15-10-07…)

No. 248629

>How can I feel June’s terror at her situation when I know I would never face it myself?

But they're totally women just like us, right?

Does that exist in full online for download? The Channel 4 site won't let me view it because I'm in the US, and sadly, I no longer have a VPN.

No. 248631

Sorry for the samefag, but someone on gendercritical posted a VPN. I got it working now. they said it's not even worth watching really, but my curiosity is winning out.

No. 248633

>But they're totally women just like us, right?
I think the writer fully acknowledged that they weren't born a female, regardless it's a fiction that doesn't reflect modern society because transwomen(or at least the ones that pass as female) are subjugated to similar discrimination that females are.

No. 248634

How? Male trannies don't pass, what they experience is homophobia.

No. 248635

this. TiMs are most concerned with violence from other men because the other men are homophobic. that's why even pre-transition TiMs want to get woman's bathrooms, because they're just men dressing as women, they get called fags and beaten for being gay. it's not even similar to the kind of violence women get, which happens because men think we are inferior.

No. 248639

God I hate Madmoizelle and the SJW stupidity they promote to young women.

No. 248642

File: 1525910240883.png (113.75 KB, 535x450, nyt.png)

Where can I watch the debate from outside the UK? Even the New York Times is triggered: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/09/opinion/britain-transgender-debate-caitlyn-jenner.html

No. 248643

I've seen transwomen who do pass, problem is that most transwomen are 40+ transvestites taking their fetish too far, tbh if i had to guess she wouldn't pass unless she had that sign >>248443

Well i am concerned with violence from other men too, every fight i've had with a woman hasn't resulted into physical violence where as i've been hit by a man multiple times.

This one is pretty much impossible to debunk because you will claim everything as homophobia and not blatant sexism. Why are transwomen at similar risk for rape as for other women, homophobia?

No. 248644

>I've seen transwomen who do pass

The most passing I've seen is Blaire White and even in video you can clearly see that something's off with him

No. 248645


>Why are transwomen at similar risk for rape as for other women, homophobia?

Citation fucking needed for that one. Last I checked ftms had higher sa rates, but mtfs had similar rates to normal men. And trans women aren't "other women," they are men.

No. 248646

>Why are transwomen at similar risk for rape as for other women, homophobia?

I'd like to see the stats on that. Not explicitly rape, but I recall that generally trans women experience less violence than "cis" women , and among trans demographics white and asian trans women experience the least violence and trans men the most. Let me try to dig this up, or does anyone else remember where this comes from?

No. 248647

they're a crossdresser???


took like a second in google, also higher risk for violence.

No. 248648

did you even bother to read that?

No. 248651


> Of 1,983 victims [of LGBT hate crimes including verbal, physical, and sexual attacks on individuals or property] whose gender identity was known, 52% identified as male, 32% as female, 11% as male-to-female transgender, 3% as female-to-male transgender, 1% as questioning

> lifetime sexual assault prevalence among the general population (11% to 17% for females; 2% to 3% for males)

not really

No. 248654

>they're a crossdresser???
Handmaiden, fuck off. From what I read in the link you provided, it lumps together the rape rates of TIMs and TIFs, and I've already acknowledged that TIFs have higher sexual assault rates. Can you show me some proper evidence that transwomen have similar SA rates to actual women?

I think I remember reading the same thing, but I can't find it. All I can find is the article about how trans murder rates are lower https://medium.com/athena-talks/trans-murder-rates-the-data-120b60b19cb4

No. 248656

samefagging, I consistently read in that article that lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are at a higer risk for sexual assault, but not trannies.

No. 248659

No. 248663


Did you read the study? " transgender
or gender non-conforming during grades
K-12 reported significant rates of harassment
(78%), physical assault (35%), and sexual
violence (12%). " There are studies which report much higher rates https://www.ovc.gov/pubs/forge/sexual_numbers.html

>I think I remember reading the same thing, but I can't find it. All I can find is the article about how trans murder rates are lower https://medium.com/athena-talks/trans-murder-rates-the-data-120b60b19cb4
Wikipedia surely has a comprehensive list of all transgender people who have been murdered.

No. 248667

anon, you can't just cherry pick that lone statistic, first of all.

second, no one is arguing that trans people don't experience those things, they just don't as much as women and certainly not for the same reasons as women.

most violence or sexual assault towards TiMs is after a potential partner finds out the person is trans, and that's again, because of homophobia, many racial groups, especially in the united states, relate trans with being homosexual. they simply are victims because people don't see them as women, since they aren't. many murdered TiMs were murdered because the man felt his masculinity was threatened at the idea that sleeping with someone who used to be a man was homosexual. that has literally no relation to violence that women receive.

No. 248669

No. 248670

Did you not read my post? Once again, it doesn't specify male or female, just "transgender or gender non-conforming."

Also says people of color, specifically black people, make up a significantly higher percentage of those affected by violence, which is interesting because they make up a small minority of trans people.

>Wikipedia surely has a comprehensive list of all transgender people who have been murdered.

Can you even read at all? Their murder rate is lower per capita. If you formatted the stats from said wiki article the same way she did, the numbers would look the same.

No. 248671

No sources, i only found out that there were 11 transwomen killed in 2016 because of hate violence and not the ALL transwomen who were killed.

Well most of people who were surveyed were transwomen, also other sources backup my claim.

>which is interesting because they make up a small minority of trans people.

Actually transsexualism is more common in black people

>Can you even read at all? Their murder rate is lower per capita. If you formatted the stats from said wiki article the same way she did, the numbers would look the same.

Again they do not have the data to do calculations like that, why would police report someones gender identity and how would someone acquire that??

No. 248672

File: 1525919601985.jpg (60.72 KB, 800x445, trans-murder-rates4-800x445.jp…)

>no sources


>Since 2008 the number of transgender people who have been murdered worldwide has been recorded annually by the Trans Murder Monitoring project (link to all the data is here.)

then it links to here

No. 248673

File: 1525919700955.png (107.72 KB, 1061x657, trans.png)

No. 248675

Right at the begining of the article it says it got the data from https://transrespect.org/en/

But going off the 11 in 2016 you just said and the trans population of approx. 1,000,000 from this article: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5227946/, we get 1.1 per 100,000 people while murder rates for normal people were about 5.3 murders per 100,000 people.

>Actually transsexualism is more common in black people

That's because homophobia is also more common in black people. Sex work is also significantly more common amongst black trannies than it is any other race of them. Most black trannies murdered were sex workers, murdered by other black men out of homophobia.

>Again they do not have the data to do calculations like that

They do, you just ignored them. Not hard to look up how many trannies were murdered each year and plug in the numbers.

>Why would police report someones gender identity and how would someone acquire that??

Nigger, are you unironically retarded?

No. 248676

The source themselves admit that "The TMM figures show only the tip of the iceberg of homicides of trans and gender diverse people on a worldwide scale", illiteracy should be illegal

>ok I think you're trolling now

12% of population but 16% of them are trans yeah it's more common

No. 248678

Samefagging, just found an article (https://www.glaad.org/blog/2016-was-deadliest-year-record-transgender-people) saying 27 were murdered in 2016 (most of which were black and/or in sex work), meaning that it was 2.7 per 100k. According to that article, it was the deadliest year on record, which means the highest the trans murder rate has ever been in the USA is just over half the normal murder rate for the same year.

Only 8 have been murdered so far this year in case you were wondering.

No. 248679

>which is interesting because they make up a small minority of trans people.
>small minority of trans people
>small minority

>Actually transsexualism is more common in black people

>post with proof they're a minority

>12% of population but 16% of them are trans yeah it's more common

> illiteracy should be illegal

Yeah, its marginally more common. But they're still a small minority. How are you not getting that?

No. 248683

>"The TMM figures show only the tip of the iceberg of homicides of trans and gender diverse people on a worldwide scale"
>illiteracy should be illegal
Yeah, it should, dickhead. I've made it clear that I'm talking about the USA, not worldwide, as did the girl who wrote the medium article. Not my fault you overlooked that. Though, I'm very confident that it's lower worldwide too.

Edit: deleting and reposting so much because I keep making typos

No. 248692


That article is so misguided. First off, it wasn't BBC programming.

No. 248703

Actually I forgot madmoizelle existed but I was looking for makeup tutorials and idk why I thought of this website all of a sudden. So I googled it and this piece of shit of an article was one of the first I found in the "témoignage" section. If it's that bad I might check it one more time out of morbid curiosity.

No. 248766


The opening 8 minutes.

No. 248767


Caitlin: She all the way, baby!


No. 248845

Was watching Eurovision and this guy appears around 40m39s, claiming he's a "real biological woman" ironically. Glad to know not everybody lost their minds to the transcult lol

No. 248907

No. 248908


Part 2

No. 248911


Check out the rest of Cathy Brennan's channel. She has amassed a large collection of gender crit videos and produces her own content.


No. 248923

Ahah, the way the interviewer says 'I am sure' with a little scoff is so funny.

No. 248932

ikr haha
she's usually really funny in her own show too (i'm portuguese)

thanks a lot for the videos!

No. 248995

this ash sakar person is extremely cringy

No. 249029

I just checked the various threads on reddit and elsewhere about protesting/attending the event at the San Francisco Library Saturday, and no group response has been really organised as far as I can see.

For the resource list:

The Gender Critical Action Center is a weekly international call-to-action website to be used by anyone who is critical of, or questions, “gender identity” ideology. Whether you are a concerned parent, a gender critical radical feminist, a concerned doctor or other professional, or a political conservative or other who is concerned about the privacy of women and children, this action center is for you.


No. 249031



She's being well-criticised in the replies to a clip posted to laud her.


No. 249036

Green Party suspends former candidate who shouted “transphobic abuse” during Channel 4’s Genderquake.

Palmer told i: “I was invited by ITN as a representative of Mayday4Women. We are well known for our uncompromising position that Transwomen are Men. All the participants on the sofas had been invited, many were told they would have an opportunity to speak.”

“The audience were encouraged to be lively and vocal so when Munroe Bergdorf decided to mansplain feminism I had no hesitation in pointing out that he is a man. Munroe encouraged masked men to storm a feminist event in Bristol recently. It was incredibly hypocritical to ask for a woman to be removed from an event simply for disagreeing with him.”


Olivia's blog:


No. 249157

File: 1526164567171.jpg (46.23 KB, 500x353, cancer is a transphobe.jpg)


No. 249352


Mayybe because of the female hormones? Female hormones are bad for your testes shocker

(unrelated) Thought for the day: The "gender is a social construct" type people are forcing an ideology on people exactly as religious people do/are accused of doing. Religion is a belief, science is a belief, and whatever you make up in between is a belief too. We are all entitled to believe whatever the hell we want to, but we are not entitled to force that on others.

People not agreeing or believing in your belief system is not "hate" "oppression" or "hate speech". People believing in the science which is currently considered to be correct by our society is not exclusionary. Forcing belief systems on people, aggressively and violently as some of these people do, is not correct or moral in any way, shape or form and I'm amazed the aggressive "gender isn't real" type are given as much promotion and breathing space as they have already.

Btw I'm pro-trans but also am not going to pretend I think someone is a biological woman when their birth cert and my eyes say different. I will of course use their preferred pronouns. I'm not going to erase a solid belief system (science) because someone thinks it's "mean" to point out that biological sex is a thing. I do think that trans women (who are serious about it) should be allowed in female spaces but not at the expense of other females, they should be equal not higher.

/end rant

No. 249353

>The "gender is a social construct" type people are forcing an ideology on people exactly as religious people do/are accused of doing
No they aren't. Sex is not a social construct, but the tranny definition of gender factually is one. The concept of feeling like another sex or being born in the wrong body is pure bullshit.

>Btw I'm pro-trans

>I do think that trans women (who are serious about it) should be allowed in female spaces
Double gross. Trans "women" belong in mens spaces, period.

No. 249412


What part of your comment is about Ash Sarkar, the comment you replied to?

>Religion is a belief, science is a belief

Religion is based in faith, science is based in evidence.

>I'm amazed the aggressive "gender isn't real" type are given as much promotion and breathing space as they have already.

Which people are these? Where are gender critical views being widely promoted?

>when their birth cert and my eyes say different.

More and more countries are allowing people to change their sex designation on birth certificates and other government issued identification.

>I will of course use their preferred pronouns.

Some ally you are. Don't you know calling them "preferred" is transphobic?!

>I do think that trans women (who are serious about it)

Define "serious".

>should be allowed in female spaces but not at the expense of other females, they should be equal not higher.

So you believe that transwomen are females, despite previously stating that "biological sex is a thing"?

No. 249498

File: 1526316810490.jpg (377.3 KB, 1269x1588, Annex - Garland, Judy_NRFPT_07…)

Has anyone else accidentally fallen down the transvestigation rabbithole and now you can't unsee the autogynesmiles and other obvious expressions and facial features in famous "female" celebs

Btw look up Jon Humanity if you don't know what I mean and find his older video which is age-rated (for some reason) and about 50 minutes long. Can't unsee.

To start with, people who's bio gender is opposite to the presented one imo (dunno if they were investigated): Olsen twins (male), Judy garland (male), Justin Bieber(female), selena Gomez (male).

Someone suffer with me now that you notice the features. For summary, for those who don't know, it is suspected that many celebrities are pre-puberty transexual people and were put on puberty blockers/operated on (possibly) + are constantly on hormones to represent their public gender.
You can determine this by looking for particular physiological features which Jon goes through in his videos very well. He's also a conpiracy theory nut so I'd ignore some of the people he is saying are trans (like Marilyn Monroe kek) and he doesn't believe in gravity, other madness.

But just listen for the facial and body comparisons, super interesting.

No. 249499

What would be the point of doing anything like that?

No. 249501


Yep it was unrelated, sorry, just didn't want to make two posts.

>Religion is based in faith, science is based in evidence.

Belief meaning it can be adjusted and changed over time based on evidence and cultural shifts within, and each person believes a slightly different thing (e.g some religious people don't believe in a significant portion of agreed science but this is considered OK)
Scientists basically seek truth and that means sometimes having to refute things they previously considered correct, etc. Because ALL science is constantly growing and changing rather than static, it is a belief until such point humanity reaches full understanding of the universe. We're not there yet. I'm obviously a supporter of science but it is still belief and conclusion based on currently available data. A religious person considers such things as religious texts as data hence their belief is founded on similar grounds. One of them is simply more true than the other, that being science. Hope that made sense. Basicallt facts are facts until they are proven wrong. As of yet x is a fact therefore I'm not going to change my opinion on that until such a point as it's proven wrong.

>Where are gender critical views being widely promoted?

I seem to see the gender isn't real stuff everywhere, online at least

>More and more countries are allowing people to change their sex designation on birth certificates and other government issued identification.

That's true, I mean the original birth cert, meaning their assigned birth in no uncertain terms. You can of course change and reissue these documents, I meant the one literally made proceeding the birth.

>Define "serious".

Name change, dress as the gender every day, change of behavior and personality if prior one was deemed incorrect. Not trying to have both but fully commit to the gender they feel they are. Imo surgery isn't neccessary and hormones can be dangerous. Serious means every day this person is you.

>So you believe that transwomen are females, despite previously stating that "biological sex is a thing"?

If you live your life as a female you deserve to do that in all spaces. If you live your life as a male, vice versa. They are still bio birth gender in terms of literal facts. The post was about me not going to join some (only some) people's belief that bio gender is fluid or can be literally changed day to day. I realize that is only a small segment of people but they are the same ones who are aggressive and calling people extremists/hate crimez if they don't agree that gender is fluid and fluxing.

Hope that clarified a little

No. 249502

My theory is to create a USP. nobody in the world is like these celebrities, not because they are so rare and unique but because they are actually genuinely in-between genders in a manner impossible to achieve in natural life. For example Kate Moss is considered unusual and beautiful, if you look at pics now she genuinely looks like an old transgender woman. The unique features come about because of the other gender peeking through.

Also gives every celeb an "out" because they can just drop off the hormones, grow/cut the hair etc and disappear.

No. 249503

File: 1526318039401.jpg (257.94 KB, 1280x1949, gwyneth-paltrow-at-met-gala-in…)

Gwen looking like a man in drag (look at the expression)

No. 249504

That's retarded.

No. 249505

File: 1526318074557.jpg (251.87 KB, 1280x1920, gwyneth-paltrow-elle-magazine-…)


No. 249506

This is the video btw. There's a lot more on there than I could post on here. Make your own mind up.

No. 249508

File: 1526319449014.gif (1.43 MB, 400x300, FBun.gif)

>To start with, people who's bio gender is opposite to the presented one imo (dunno if they were investigated): Olsen twins (male), Judy garland (male), Justin Bieber(female), selena Gomez (male).

This is the stupidest thing I've heard all week.

No. 249509

File: 1526319681907.jpg (35.06 KB, 474x712, th5Y8XP14K.jpg)

Just imagine you've never seen this person before and they have long hair. Look at the smile, eyes, hairline and small ears.

No. 249510

File: 1526319835372.jpg (173.18 KB, 620x349, justin-bieber-church-service-b…)


I'm sorry you think women look like this. Is it the earring or makeup that's confusing you? That's a teen boy, anon. And this is what he looks like now.

No. 249511

That guy is utterly nuts.

Anyway, what's happening to his brain and yours is the basis of conspiracy theories: it's an out of control pattern perception. You're seeing a few traits and making a pattern out of these in a way that fits what you're looking for.
Nobody looks 100% male or 100% female, we all have features that could also fit the other sex. Yes, some people are more androgynous than other and can look like trannies. It happens.

The reason many models look androgynous is because it's a look fashion creators enjoy. Stronger features make it easy to create an eye catching look when playing with light and make-up, and a tall skinny frame with broad shoulders is like a walking coat-hanger.

No. 249513

File: 1526320193584.jpg (227.37 KB, 1240x1231, tumblr_ou46blSxjJ1spqm7qo1_128…)

Eww, what the fuck? Beiber looks so busted and greasy. He was never a looker, but God… Reminds me of pic related

No. 249514

Samefagging here.
Here is a video where he tries to show real women and how they differ from the "trannies" in Hollywood. Except these women don't actually look more feminine than the ones he call men.
I could make a similar video showing these women's androgynous features and calling them undercover transsexuals. This guy is just seeing what he wants to see.

No. 249515

>Come in a gender critical thread
>URRR DUR DAE believe that women with small hips are really men??? DUUUUR

No. 249516

yeah, conspiracyfag needs to take this to the conspiracy thread. it's shitting up this one and making everyone else look bad.

No. 249517

seriously, that's stupid as fuck. a huge part of gender crit thinking is to not fucking relying on stereotypes.

there are different body types, the look of your body does not make you a male or female, the genitalia does.

No. 249518

File: 1526320454349.jpg (33.45 KB, 750x421, judy-garland-liza-minnelli.jpg)


Judy Garland had three biological children (Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft, Joey Luft).

No. 249520

this sounds like you have high-octane paranoia.

No. 249525

I think a lot of what he says is nuts, but you gotta ask yourself why so many female models, singers have brow ridges, wide cheekbones, wide jaws and thick straight necks whereas so many male actors have flat foreheads, no brow ridge, small jaws, etc.

Pattern recognition maybe but surely decades of seeing these people and being told they are x gender and beautiful has more impact than one youtube video. He's just pointing out features we never see in such frequency in IRL people are extremely present in these celebrities.

Also gotta ask yourself why these naturally beautiful people have so many cosmetic surgeries and always look like clowns in the end. If it was 100% genetic they wouldn't need to. I have no interest in celebrities but I think it's an interesting and probably valid point to make.

These people are interesting to us/general populace BECAUSE they are weird, unusual, something a little off about them. For some of them there genuinely is something off. Look at any transgender women and men on instagram and you'll see similar levels of passing achieved after only a few years on hormones. It may seem crazy but I don't think it is 100% wrong. Some people surely are, even statistically gay people are over-represented in the celebrity world so why almost zero representation of trans (sans Caitlin Jenner and a few others)?

No. 249526

Wtf? I'm a female and I have a strong browbone, huge shoulder and a defined jaw, most females don't have a perfectly round face with only soft features and the few who do look like that look like doughy potatoes so they're obviously not gonna be our paragon of beauty…

>So many males celebs have small jaw

No? Plenty of Hollywood celebrities have ridiculous big jaw like Brad Pitt or Bruce willis.

You're just looking for what you want to see.

No. 249531

>why so many female models, singers have brow ridges, wide cheekbones, wide jaws and thick straight necks whereas so many male actors have flat foreheads, no brow ridge, small jaws, etc.

because they scout out people with those features? anon it's not that mysterious

No. 249535

Your stance is literally that naturally feminine women are "doughy" which is surely influenced by these beauty ideals.

If anything, the issue is the same as the trans issue in that actual females are being replaced by trans women, and have been for decades. Remember in ye olde days they used male actors to play female roles, it was standard. This is an evolution of that.

The "model" body that leads so many women to anorexia has long been compared to a teenage boys'. Is it really such a leap, in these times where we can watch a transitioning process in real-time, with real people on Youtube or Ig or wherever else- is it really such a leap to suggest some of those people we have always called "androgynous" are literally so and not just superficially?

No. 249536

My stances is that women don't have only one possible face and saying that women with stronger faces are trannies is retarded.

No. 249537

The irony of these videos is that the guy who makes them sounds like a trans person. A deep, manly voice with feminine inflection and tones.
My money is on them being a failed tranny who projects their insecurities on random celebrities. I don't know how anyone takes them seriously unless they just want those things to be true.

No. 249538

File: 1526324157889.jpeg (43.86 KB, 476x357, B38B20B1-FFA8-47D4-B6E2-B2110E…)


It’s called beauty standards, anon.

And they get cosmetic surgery because they can afford it, because their livehoods rely on their looks, and because they’re under intense scrutiny to look a certain way.

>He's just pointing out features we never see in such frequency in IRL people are extremely present in these celebrities.

>Also gotta ask yourself why these naturally beautiful people

So you admit they’re naturally beautiful but you think they’re trans? Kek. They’re in a higher frequency because they’re considered attractive and scouted. The average woman would just look average.

What’s more likely:

The American media has curated a look based on uniqueness, interest, and unatainability by selecting a few individuals from the thousands who try to make it.


There is a conspiracy controlled by ??? to take talented children of one sex and present them as the opposite gender in order to ??? confuse people and make them fail to recognize people’s actual biological sex. These children are not related by era, company, or talent, some have had biological children, others do not see their features as being “wrong” for their sex- but because they look different from your own personal understanding of how a man/woman should look, all of that doesn’t matter. And this widespread industry practice hasn’t been revealed by doctors, ex lovers, therapists, celebrities, etc. because it’s just that well guarded.

You sound insane.

No. 249540


I'm the OP of subthread and thought the same thing. He is likely trans himself, the vocal inflections give it away. Also he obviously (and other guys making these vids, there are many) have a vested interest in the topic. I think it's a perspective that should be considered. We brush all unusual appearances away as "Hollywood beauty standards" when some of these standards are also trans traits. I mean I think you are likely to have a happier life if you don't notice these things, so it's fine if people choose to dismiss it, but for various reasons I found the breakdown of features super useful.
And whether they are bio x gender or not, the truth is some of the "female" beauty ideals are actually - essentially - teenage white boy male beauty ideals and surely that leads to huge problems for "doughy" feminine women who can't shift their thighs, chubby cheeks, less defined features etc and try and negate their natural features via starvation, makeup and surgery.

No. 249541

>Thinks that the idea of secrets within an industry worth billions every year is crazy
>Obviously all inner working of all huge businesses are laid out clearly for us paupers to peruse
>Nobody kept certain huge things secret for decades such as Bill Cosby rapes, Saville 1000 assaults, Harvey assaults

No. 249542

Just say that you hate yourself and it makes you feel better to think those beautiful people are trannies.

No. 249548

lets stop engaging with these crazy people and report them. conspiracy theories are not gen-crit at all.

No. 249549

they wouldn't be trannies because it's cheaper for them to just find people who are already attractive. plus a billion dollar industry doesn't mean each artist is making a billion dollars.

No. 249550

what if it's a troon who thinks that he can look as good as some of these hollywood women if he believes they're men?

No. 249557

File: 1526331450027.jpg (30.18 KB, 820x142, salty.jpg)

>And whether they are bio x gender or not, the truth is some of the "female" beauty ideals are actually - essentially - teenage white boy male beauty ideals and surely that leads to huge problems for "doughy" feminine women who can't shift their thighs, chubby cheeks, less defined features etc and try and negate their natural features via starvation, makeup and surgery.
Anon, is it because you're insecure about your appearance that you're clutching to this retarded conspiracy theory? Just like Jackie in this screencap?

>Nobody kept certain huge things secret for decades such as Bill Cosby rapes, Saville 1000 assaults, Harvey assaults
Yeah, powerful men getting away with rape and a massive conspiracy to secretly trans hundreds of future celebrities during their childhood going on since the 30's are two things totally on the same scale.

No. 249561

Attractive feminine traits and features do not belong to teen boys

No. 249579


You appear to be using the term "gender" when you are referring to "sex".

No. 249581

I think that anon meant to say people who believe sex is a social construct. I mean, there's people who think gender is too and they're everywhere, but they're not GC they're "so let's construct a few more". Pretty sure she's not referring to GC.

I think your definition of "serious" is rather weak and not precise enough, but I kinda agree.

I think the transcult is pushing way too far and actually hurting "serious" trans people (meaning those who just want to cope with their mental illness and live their fucking lives).
Back in the day used to be that if you saw someone who looked like a trans woman in a bathroom and she was acting normally, you left her the fuck alone. You knew she wasn't a woman, but that didn't matter much - you assumed she was trans, leave her be, end of story. I had two MTT acquaintances growing up and it just wasn't a big deal in any way whatsoever.

Then people started pushing this crazy bullshit and these people can't even live their fucking lives because they're inevitably lumped with the crazies and either hailed as the next coming of jesus or evil males out to destroy women.

No. 249603

What the actual fuck

No. 249688

Well this thread turned into a dumpster fire real fast

No. 249794

To think that misogyny is so deeply ingrained into us that there are people who actually believe that women have to be soft and delicate and hyper feminine and hairless otherwise they were born men.
You’re a dumb ass.

No. 249810

File: 1526386084435.jpeg (161.54 KB, 750x885, 9C4066CC-09AF-4EA4-9708-B862F6…)

Saw this on the makeup reddit

No. 249858

this edition was shitted up from the start from the troll intersex derailing, unfortunately

No. 249887

i think the thread is just crawling with troons tbh. the ""intersex"" anon was clearly a tranny, same with the conspiracy anon (because why else would someone want to be convinced that famous and beautiful hollywood actresses are actually men)

No. 249900


I'm so out of the loop, what the fork is intersex now?

No. 249903

Medical condition, XXY/androgen insensitivity syndrome etc. Absolutely nothing to do with trans.

By dragging intersex into the conversation though trans people try to legitimise their 'movement'. Intersex people fucking hate this though, read their societies for some salt on the issue.

No. 249923

File: 1526414182240.png (766.14 KB, 720x820, wp_ss_20180515_0015 (2).png)

Just to add to the Hollywood transgender theories, this is an ordinary person on Twitter who is a transgender woman.

Notice how many "Hollywood beauty" features this transgender woman shares with models and actresses (strong forehead, square angular jaw) and consider how literally easy it is for an ordinary biological male to achieve "Hollywood beauty standards" compared to all the surgery, implants, starvation and makeup a bio woman has to go through to imitate the same look

tl;dr bio males can easily achieve the masculine "beauty standards" with a few years on hormones, what coincidence

No. 249925

Wtf are you talking about. That person is not the standard for TIMs (and they still have a pretty massive jaw, that's not an 'attractive Hollywood trait' wtf).

If you saw a TIM in person you would not think 'female' because in person there are no flattering camera angles, nothing to disguise height or size of hands /feet.

No. 249926

File: 1526414564444.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.54 KB, 604x906, 408EBEE2-37E2-4585-98CC-BBDD87…)

Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it is probable.

My sisters, mom, aunt, and myself all have prominent cheekbones, chins, and brow bones just like that photo. None of us are males.

Have you met real women before? Are you yourself a woman? Do you think the only attractive women are secretly men? Because I don’t understand why you think these features are owned by men. They’re not.

No. 249927

File: 1526414581368.jpg (27.32 KB, 600x429, Angelina-Jolie-online-searches…)

This dude is incredibly ugly and doesn't pass, he just look bloated AF. You can't compare him to an Hollywood actress, AT ALL.

No. 249928

File: 1526414600654.jpg (3.26 MB, 3100x3624, Annex - Taylor, Elizabeth_26.j…)

The OLD Hollywood beauty standards looked a little more like this:

No. 249930

File: 1526414799313.png (677.43 KB, 708x885, wp_ss_20180515_0013 (2).png)

This is the same transgender woman on Twitter (forgot the link)


Really not a million miles from Jolie or any of these people. Compare both to >>249928
100% bio woman.

No. 249931

Oh my god, just stop. You can tell that guy is male just from the picture you posted, which was taken from a flattering angle, doesn't include any of his body, or his voice, this is in no way comparable to Hollywood actresses. Wouldn't be surprised if it's a self post from a batshit troon trying to convince himself he can be just as pretty as selena gomez if he goes on HRT for a few years.

No. 249932

give it a rest
if there was a hollywood actress that looked like him, she would get so much shit for her looks, caveman forehead and browridge, massive jaw etc. ant we don't even know what his body looks like but it's probably not up to standard

No. 249933

Extremely filtered/shooped and you can still tell, especially because of those shitty implants. Please stop derailing, take you bs to the conspiracy thread.

No. 249934

So many trans invaders in this thread. Why can't they fuck off from places they're not wanted? The intersex one was bad enough but this is full blown retarded.

No. 249935

Lol I wish I wasn't so weak but it triggers the shit out of me that you're implying Angelina Jolie to a tranny. Of course gorgeous women HAVE to be male, women aren't good for anything after all.

No. 249936

why is your tl;dr that men can become masculine? you're so stupid you don't even know how to promote your point. also, this is obviously a man.

No. 249937

The irony of this idiots point though is that yes, TIMs try to stick to rigid beauty standards (they wear makeup and dresses and shape their eyebrows and try to nail down those gender roles) because that's the only way they can attempt to pass.
A bio woman has to do 0 of those things to be recognised as a woman. She can go out in sweatpants with a short haircut and no makeup and still be seen as female, because she /is/ female.

No. 249938

File: 1526415755139.jpeg (33.02 KB, 300x460, 9215ACBC-9D5A-4160-94BF-C19FF9…)

Nothing anyone here says will convince you, nothing you post will convince anyone here.

Angelina Jolie has biological children. Judy Garland has biological children. Sarah Jessica Parker, Carrie Fisher, Celine Dion, and Cher all have biological children. Gal Gadot was born and raised in Israel, where she served in the army. Marilyn Monroe was scouted before becoming famous. Ariana Grande didn’t start her Hollywood career until she was 14. Many of the women have also posed or acted nude before. And every single case can be easily debunked with the smallest research beyond “look at her slightly wide jaw” or “she has a big nose!”

Again, just because something is possible (like a trans person passing in a photo) does not mean something else is probable (that all beautiful Hollywood women are trans). Proof of one trans photo is not proof of a major conspiracy. And there’s an overwhelming amount of proof against it.

No. 249940

The point is not that they're definitely male, though it IS super easy to become a female if you check the tags on that person's twitter post - #girlslikeus I think -

The point is the current beauty standard for celebrity females is one sharing a lot of male features - strong jaw, chin, large strong forehead. Forehead shaves are easy surgeries to get but plenty of models still have large, wide, prominent foreheads and jaws. It's a natural male feature which is promoted by the media as a beauty standard for females.

It's VERY easy for a decent-looking male to achieve, too. Some actresses and models are genuine unusual beauties, no doubt. But some of them can be trans simply because being a trans woman (especially transitioning post-puberty or during teens) it's a fast-track to that look.

No. 249941

>The point is the current beauty standard for celebrity females is one sharing a lot of male features - strong jaw, chin, large strong forehead.

Er… no, it isn't.

No. 249942

>it IS super easy to become a female
It's literally impossible. If you weren't born a female, you will never become one.


o my sides, confirmed fucking tranny

What are you even trying to argue at this point? People can tell troons from androgynous real women, tard.

No. 249943

How come trannies look so fucking disgusting if transition is a fast track to look like a hollywood star?

No. 249945

File: 1526416441720.jpeg (100.81 KB, 544x680, image.jpeg)

This man better lay off the ps before ending up like the Bagdonoff twins

No. 249947

The ones you're naming are ones from the video, I don't think a lot of those people are trans.
That was the guy who posted the video.

Btw being reportedly a biological mother (or father) does not = you seeing them give birth. The truth is nobody knows FOR SURE. IVF is a thing. surrogacy is a thing. Caring for relatives' children is a thing. We don't know the biology of any of these people because we aren't doctors to examine them. Most of them we have never seen in person.

Liza Minelli is likely Judy's child but that doesn't mean Judy was not actually a father and not a mother, or that Liza is not a male and not a female. I don't see why the suggestion that some strangers lives may be different from what we are told is so contrary. Nobody knows. But to dismiss it that NO celebrities are trans seems naïve.(stop)

No. 249948

File: 1526416597692.jpg (127.91 KB, 995x1200, DcxVdpPX4AUyM6g.jpg)

I just browsed your tag and I'm now convinced that hollywood stars are trannies! Thanks for opening my eyes Anon!

No. 249949

You're literally fucking insane kek. Get help.

No. 249952

>It's a natural male feature which is promoted by the media as a beauty standard for females.

If so many provable women have these traits, why do you think they belong exclusively to men?

Forensic scientists aren’t even arrogant enough to think they can determine sex via singular facial features
>You shouldn’t rely on one of these features in isolation to determine gender
>Sure enough, the differences between male and female skulls may be subtle

Yes, unless you literally see a famous woman give birth, the obvious answer is that she’s a man. Because obviously.

No. 249955

File: 1526417459857.png (1.87 MB, 3640x2140, 1526400382464.png)

No. 249962

Masculine brow ridge, seriously it creates a fucking shadow, weird eyebrows, obviously fake as fuck Instathot lips, fake tits. Nothing like Angelina Jolie.

You're batshit anyway, so I shouldn't even bother responding to you. I won't in the future.

No. 249966

footage from the degenderettes club meeting

No. 249967

my friend has been utterly brainwashed by this nonsense

No. 249968

File: 1526422015932.jpg (60.38 KB, 634x590, 96889b803ced8bcbdcfa346ebb9a2d…)

Interesting shit if you can filter out his religious fanatic autistic dualistic angle and just extract the basic information. I watched way too many of these videos because of you last night lol. I can see how it would be easy to start thinking this way but it's sooo fucking flawed. The logic is basically
it's not that any one of these features means they're a man but when they have a ton of them together?
so i wouldn't be surprised if he was right about some of them in particular, not gonna name names but there are definitely a few in particular that i find very sus.
But the rest just seem like a paranoid male sperging. Like I have the narrow sloping shoulders he talks about, but even today the female clerk at the cafe I went to had wide square shoulders that would have made this guy flip his shit, and i hiiiighly doubt she's a very convincing trans person, I've seen plenty of them irl. The amount of female celebs with very thick wide necks and hints of adams apple is weird though, I can't think of any women i know irl who have that, but who's to say that it's not a thing, this guy barely sources much of anything. Everything he says is POSSIBLE, but he's so emphatic that he discredits himself.

Tldr after going down this rabbithole I think some of them very well could be secret trans, but it's definitely not most of them or even 30% like he backtracked to one time. The lesson I'm choosing to take away though is that the fact that this shit is even technically possible means that I should give even less of a shit about celeb beauty standards than I did before and only worry about what I KNOW is attainable for me.

No. 249970

File: 1526422898911.jpg (66.2 KB, 1440x614, angelina_jolie_Hackers_short_h…)

samefag but the jolie one really annoyed me. it's so hypocritical because the things he insisted only real women have he just ignores for her. she only looks slightly transy now because she's older, no babyfat, PS, and ana tendencies so she looks weird, but when she was younger she was soft and feminine, and this guy loves to point out when the trans suspects looked more ugly and boyish in their youth but became suspiciously more fem with time. Not the case here. She has the small angled in neck he always talks about for real women, her ears are small, face is small even though features are big, she has hips that obviously aren't just fat, etc etc. I don't see any real brow bossing, her thin brows just make her browbone look a tiny bit apparent I guess. The only fucking thing is really the jaw and chin which he's admitted women can have, so it smells like jealousy.

No. 249971

You know, a few years ago I would defend trannies and I was friends with a few. And I mean I was compassionate, and I’m angry at myself for being gullible and taken advantage of.
To this day, I only know one transgender MTF that I would ever consider a women and it’s because her case is VERY different and she was raised and socialized as a woman and carries the same self-hatred, body-checking, conscientious mind set that most women do and I never had any idea she was trans until she confided it to me. I doubt I will ever meet anyone else like her.

Seeing trannies like the ones posting ITT only reminds me of my mistake. They hate women so fucking much that they’re obsessed with the idea that genetic women aren’t allowed to be striking, modelesque, or androgynous.
Literally no a-logging you ugly, obsessive autogynophiles need to get it through your thick fucking brow ridge that we are NOT threatened by you. We are NOT jealous of you. We do NOT want to be you. And we certainly are NOT one of you. You are so obsessed with proving that you’re Real Womenz when every single action and male-learned behavior of yours proves you’re the opposite and always will be. You hate women, you’re still a misogynist, and you so badly want to prove that women can’t do anything that you’ll believe some stupid women-hating theory that we aren’t allowed to have inherently “masculine” traits fuck off you useless delusional cunts.

No. 249973

don't call them cunts anon, they'll be happy that you used a feminine gendered insult towards them!

No. 249976

i peaked a long time ago, it's still sad people are drinking the troon kool-aid. what will it take to make people see the reality again? or are we doomed?

No. 250003

Does anyone else find themselves embracing femininity more as they get older? I’m getting into gardening and painting, and it’s such a joy. I switched from jeans and tees to skirts and tanks. I’m not suddenly a stepford wife but I’m not ashamed of embarrassed by feminine things anymore. I wonder if this upsurge of “daddy princess” bullshit is because young women don’t know how to express their femininity except like they did when they were children and it was more acceptable?

No. 250007

File: 1526436104408.png (311.27 KB, 500x668, tumblr_nb7avzNT3Y1qmf2zwo1_r2_…)

yeah actually. i've had the disturbing realization that while my more masculine interests growing up were genuine, i definitely subconsciously looked down on feminine things (like really subconsciously- i would say there's nothing wrong with being feminine but i'd be embarrassed and ashamed to participate in it willingly) and also had some fear of being a sexist stereotype and felt like it was my personal responsibility to disprove every single one. not to blame my mom either but she had a very anti-feminine take on feminism and i remember not being allowed to play with dolls or fake makeup as a kid even though i really wanted them along with boyish and unisex stuff. Getting into radfem philosophy also reinforced my negative associations with femininity because I bought the line that all feminine things are patriarchal inventions that can only restrict.

Eventually it clicked just how fucked up and counterproductive that mindset is. Girly liberal choice feminism is corny and patriarchal but some radfem sentiments about femininity are downright insulting about women's intelligence. If I'm mature and an independent thinker I can figure out if I only like something because I've been conditioned to like it, or if I really do enjoy it, on a case by case basis. Femininity isn't 100% patriarchy created nor is it 100% freely chosen and empowering. It's up to us as individuals to decide which aspects of femininity fit into which category for us.
Maybe it's a bad analogy but it's like if you're forced to only eat chili in prison so then you think people who enjoy chili outside of prison are suckers brainwashed by the prison industrial complex. It's not the chili that's restrictive, it's when you're forced to eat chili and nothing but chili.

Anyway sorry for rambling but yeah I've allowed myself to incorporate more femininity into my looks and interests as I've gotten older.

No. 250019

File: 1526445250873.jpg (167.66 KB, 702x1137, athena_by_yamaorce-dapk8pe.jpg)

>i'd be embarrassed and ashamed to participate in it willingly
Same, and that was despite my mum trying to foster those things in me because she saw I truly loved them. My brother and friends would be so awful, and I was made to feel like "girl" things were bad or lame, and to be cool I had to shed those things.
>all feminine things are patriarchal inventions that can only restrict.
which ironically takes away agency and personal choice from women who want to create or partake in "feminine" things
>If I'm mature and an independent thinker
you go, girl. Say it loud. People seem to forget this about themselves and others.

How I feel is just… why should I have to restrict myself from the things and the identity I like and want because other people fucked up? I didn't do anything to deserve having to hide and squash my likes down. The patriarchy isn't my fault, why should I be the one to suffer for it? In fact, I'm a victim of patriarchy as a woman, so its even worse that I should be expected to conform to a standard of masculinity in order to "stick it to the man." And then trans men get to prance around in the things I want to wear, own the things I want to own, and it is just too much. Fuck that.

I'm the host for my friend group's parties/hangouts cause I have the nicest place and I'm clean as fuck. I wanted just a girl night in and one friend responded "oh it doesn't have to be gendered." Yes, it fucking does, because I don't want our guy friends here. I want to watch the fucking Bachelor and paint our nails and chill out while talking about crushes. I want a "girly" night in. She backed down and was like "fair enough." But the attitude she had in general pissed me off. Guys aren't planning events and going "ah, it doesn't have to be gendered!" no. they're doing their own shit. Mini rant over, sorry guys. Phew. I feel better kek

No. 250033

I've always been both feminine and a little tomboyish I guess. But I hit the little period of my life where I hated everything girly, like makeup, when I was like 12 or 13. By the time I got to high school, I was over it. I liked Barbies but I also liked going outside and getting dirty. I like art, hated sports, like makeup, read comics, love action movies, went through phases where I hated dresses, then loved them, etc. So I've learned to embrace it all.

But it is such a normal thing in our culture for women to go through. We're taught all our lives that anything "feminine" and "girly" is weak, stupid, and vapid. It happens nowadays, I've noticed, with fandoms and female bodies on characters. Where they'll whine about boobs, even when said boobs aren't sexualized at all. Or they'll bitch about long hair on a female character, or a female character having lips or lipstick on her design. It's that pre-teen or teenage need to stomp out anything even remotely feminine taken to it's next logical step with online fandoms. Maybe I just follow shitty fandoms, but a lot of the people I see want the women to look like genderless xirs or like men.
>Getting into radfem philosophy also reinforced my negative associations with femininity because I bought the line that all feminine things are patriarchal inventions that can only restrict.

This is something I really dislike about a lot of radfems. I find intersectional third wave feminism just as annoying as many of them do, but they annoy me too, with the whole "makeup is evil" and "femininity is automatically oppressive" shit. Now, the makeup industry is fucked up sure, like all industries. The fashion industry is even worse. But a woman choosing to wear makeup in itself is not a woman automatically doing what the patriarchy wants.

Especially considering most men whine about how women wear "too much" makeup, and the most patriarchial cultures don't allow women to wear makeup at all.

No. 250034

File: 1526454189947.png (67.42 KB, 181x166, Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.03…)

> I didn't do anything to deserve having to hide and squash my likes down. The patriarchy isn't my fault, why should I be the one to suffer for it? In fact, I'm a victim of patriarchy as a woman, so its even worse that I should be expected to conform to a standard of masculinity in order to "stick it to the man.

Yup, this. The response to misogynists dehumanizing us and saying we're all the same shouldn't be to desperately try and prove that we're not what they think. They're just wrong that we're all the same because we're not. We don't even need to do anything special for that to be a fact. Stupid misogynists will always think we're all one way and thoughtful people will always realize that we're diverse and complex human beings. It's a losing battle to try to prove anything to people who think your surface appearance is indicative of your entire being.

>But a woman choosing to wear makeup in itself is not a woman automatically doing what the patriarchy wants.

This reminds me of how I read one feminist critique on female nudity that essentially said "if you get naked the patriarchy has you right where they want you" OK but what if some women genuinely want to go topless? They should cover up just to stick it to their enemies instead of doing what they actually want? Changing your behavior to please men and changing your behavior to displease men both involve…changing your behavior because of men. There's no way to really know this but I suspect that if we all really let ourselves be free we would have a nice distribution of feminine girls, masculine girls, and girls with a bit of both, so there wouldn't be so much anxiety from each side about the other.

No. 250039

Sage for BlogPost. I grew up very tomboyish and hung around mostly with boys, I hated everything that was considered feminine and tried my hardest to be "like the boys". In 2013, I started dating a boy who raped me in the basement of my high school and was never caught. I developed PTSD because of it. I started becoming super feminine. Im now obsessed with pink & dolls and just try my hardest to be pure. I only ever wear dresses and cannot go outside without makeup. Honestly it's just made me feel weaker but it's the only way I feel safe and like a clean person. I feel like I'm Gendercritical because modern day transactivism likes to imply that Being Feminine=Female and being Masculine=Male. Personally it just reads to me like being raped is what makes me female and before that I was a closeted transgendered male or something. Sorry if this shit sounds stupid.

No. 250063

After looking at her brother #regrethatsearch it's borderline, as it is with a lot of them.
Plenty of bio celebrities have borderline features which is why it's dumb to say all of 'em are trans. It's a kind of possibility thing like >>249968

I have issue with the lack of promotion for high-Estrogen traits for various reasons, one is the lack of public approval and visibility means men have no point of comparison when dealing with "feminine" women and always act super weird. If they could gave a framework, like this is how you act with women who look like ____ it'd be helpful. There were a lot more traditionally feminine woman with visibility pre 1980 in movies. Maybe guys would always be weird but it helps if they can say *she's like _____" to describe you or give themselves frameworks of behavior.

A lot of people learn how to act from the media, but they don't know how to act with women who aren't represented because they can't categorize you.

No. 250066

That's awful Anon, I'm sorry.
I'm a kinda late bloomer very fem girl, a lot of that was just my lack of understanding and analysis of the world around me/disinterest plus very low attraction to the opposite sex. I got into dolls post 21 and have more cute aesthetic things about me now than I had as a kid. We were never feminine kids just because the environment wasn't conducive for that, but my natural brain and interests is fem and it came out later. Whatever your natural self/how you feel happy is, fem or tomboy, all is good. arseholes are arseholes, also, and always will be. I hate how common you guy's (other farmers) rape stories are ugh. Why are people so shitty as a default

No. 250102

File: 1526478560343.jpg (635.79 KB, 442x5471, cheekbones.jpg)

the "all celebrities are troons" dude reminds me in his sperginess of this guy: http://www.femininebeauty.info/what-to-do

No. 250137

>This reminds me of how I read one feminist critique on female nudity that essentially said "if you get naked the patriarchy has you right where they want you" OK but what if some women genuinely want to go topless?

Those kind of critiques are less about 'sticking it to your enemies' or trying to please/displease the patriarchy, and more about needing to know how to fight as a feminist. things like slut walks and stuff don't work because they play into what misogynists want, and sure maybe many women want to go topless and don't want to have to sacrifice it, but it's about getting society to a point where everyone can live freely, and sometimes you have to bend a little.

No. 250144

> the lack of public approval and visibility means men have no point of comparison when dealing with "feminine" women and always act super weird. If they could gave a framework, like this is how you act with women who look like ____ it'd be helpful.


No. 250146

File: 1526486221105.jpg (388.44 KB, 800x1200, photomagic(1)(8).jpg)

It's a bit hard to explain so here's a picture. If you're a very feminine (features and styling) woman, a man in the 50s could say "ah, she's like ____" (marilyn or any of her peers)

If you're a feminine woman now, who does he have to compare you to? You're an unknown entity. This may be one for the unpopular opinion thread but that is now the ana thread so it goes here.(ban evasion)

No. 250149

File: 1526486773175.jpeg (213.1 KB, 1200x1456, D321E605-3B55-4677-9DB6-39CA8D…)

>If you're a feminine woman now, who does he have to compare you to?
Nobody has ever compared me to a celebrity. And even then, who gives a shit what men think? Your posts don’t make any sense. A man isn’t going to lose his mind and treat a “feminine” woman weirdly because he hasn’t seen someone similar on tv. that’s not how it works at all. And there are plenty of “feminine” looking women in the media today, as there were more “masculine” looking women in the 50s. You’re not making any sense.

No. 250150

Please tell me you're not 'all celebs are trans' anon back again.

Celeb Women from the 50's were all super thin (to the point it was worrying on some), most had drug addictions and eating disorders.

There is far more variety today, there are thicker (healthier) women who are celebs, short women as well as tall women. etc etc. So yeah, there are women with thick jaws and there are women with narrow faces.

If you're a feminine woman rn, there are pleanty of women to compare yourself to… most just happen to have other aspects of their personality / lives they display too as they're not 2D fap models for men, like the f celebs of the past.

No. 250151

>this is how you act with women who look like ____
I keep coming back to this. I still don’t get what it means. Do you think women with different features should be treated differently? Men should act with decency and respect to any woman. He shouldn’t change how he behaves because of how a woman looks.

No. 250159

File: 1526488750029.jpg (519.79 KB, 800x1200, photomagic(1)(9).jpg)

Celebrity role models of 2018. This is basically the top three what teenagers want to look like 2015-2018. Wish I was joking about the Bratz one but after trawling Instagram for a few million hours I can confirm Bratz was an influence. (pt 1)

No. 250161

File: 1526488867172.jpg (431.21 KB, 800x1200, photomagic(1)(10).jpg)

Celebrity role models 1950-1960. Note how the colors, styling is much more feminine aside from the troon topic. Btw not suggesting kim and Kylie are trans, I have no interest either way. But they are huge style influences on kids.

No. 250162

This is all related to the embarrassed for being feminine topic starting here >>250007

No. 250164

File: 1526489200196.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1602x1941, 0CBBCF6A-E732-424E-9FFD-5FB0BD…)

Glad to hear your strong conclusions came after a rigorous study involving you browsing Instagram.

To easily counter the highest paid actresses are usually feminine. And are we now talking about influences on young girls because before we were talking about men knowing how to treat women who look a certain way?

No. 250166

I wasn’t embarrassed to be feminine because of the fucking Kardashians (not that they were around when I was growing up anyway) or an equivalent. I was embarrassed because men, the media, and my peers told me to be.

No. 250167

anon, no one says being feminine is embarrassing, in fact quite the opposite. wtf do you think gender roles are?

No. 250169

I was literally told that “girly” things were embarrassing and demeaning. Read above thread where we discussed it. Other anons have the same experience of being shamed for liking feminine things

No. 250170

I don't think men should behave different depending on appearance. Of course not. But men are trained to behave a certain way (evidence being how badly any male-led movement of change goes e.g incels or MGTOW).
There are structures of society dictating how people behave.

If a man sees a woman who he hasn't been told to respect. is valuable or important, which is all women nowadays according to feminists - how does he behave? He was not taught any particular way. Btw this is conjecture. I have no idea if say, I would have been treated with more respect in the 50s and 60s. I know my mother and grandmas got more, and easier in all regards than me and other girls my age. A girl I know is a beautiful, part-asian, smol and shapely aka "source of all hatred on lolcow"-type girl, and she got married at 21, had an abortion, got put into a mental asylum several times and has not had any children at 30-something. Her career has been just shop/service jobs despite being very intelligent. This seems like LESS than people got before. Less than her mother got.

This may well be a millennial problem and not a societal opinion thing, but aside from all that I am certain men don't know what to do with feminine women. They treat you like a sexy alien when apparently we were prized prior 1960. Conjecture only. I'm not saying how people should act but pondering whether it is affected by female role models.

Women were treated badly and were downtrodden housewives back then. I know. But some of these women achieved more and without being ashamed of being female, either. Obviously I'm not gonna let current society hold me down in that regard either, but I'm just pondering about it. All people should be treated with respect regardless of appearance.

No. 250186

What is this "more" you speak of that feminine women apparently got in the 50s?

No. 250191

Holy shit, I'm not the only one here who knows about this site. We spend to much time on internet Anon.
I had completely forgotten about it though, you're bringing me a few years back. Now I remember his derpy-looking "feminine" women and the little dots covering the nipples on every picture…

No. 250201

>phd computer science
>art of war

No. 250207

File: 1526500198667.jpg (61.75 KB, 685x354, compare1.jpg)

lmao, yes, every few years I check his website to see if he posted anything new and come back disappointed. I used to get really triggered by his comparison of imo beautiful women to doughy slav cam girls but I have to admire his dedication to proper academic from with citations for every porn site (I think those were paid referral links though, not dumb).

No. 250226

File: 1526506642712.png (88.16 KB, 1173x720, really.png)

If you like trans cringe, Remilia the "first female LoL pro" is one to follow.

He frequently goes on breakdowns about being called trans and admits that his transition started as a fetish, he is now trying to become a real life anime cow girl.

No. 250229

considering he named himself after a selfish loli vampire touhou character, no shit he did it as a fetish.

OT but i have a friend who confessed to being autogyn, and fetishizing trans people in general, but said he'd never want to do it since he doesn't want to butcher his body. he's now taking it back since TiMs are claiming it doesn't exist.

No. 250230

This is why I think this anon is a male.
Women don’t do this autistic sort of catagorising of other women. We never say “oh, she’s like ___” or go out of our way to compare women we see in person to random icons and celebrities? That is a specifically male trait that they do when they have their creepy locker room and water cooler talks.

No. 250234

>who does he have to compare you to?
TIL men don't know what adjectives are.

No. 250235

Fucking trannies amirite.
I love when they try so hard to convince us they’re women while talking to us exactly like all the men who have ever casually sexualized us and treated us like objects.
Our only worth is in our appearance guys. But I’m totally not a man!1

No. 250238


It’s always really obvious when a guy is on this site because their comments never make any fucking sense. I’ve never been concerned that men wouldn’t know any famous women to compare me to in order to know how to act around me. Like what even. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking that is the stupidest and weirdest thing to be concerned with.

>If they could gave a framework, like this is how you act with women who look like ____ it'd be helpful.

If a woman wrote that, I’ll eat a sock. Most of us don’t want to be treated differently because of how we look. And suggesting men need to see celebrities who look like you in order to know how to act around you is just next level crazy.

No. 250241

SO many men are like this too I swear, it’s like an autistic circle jerk. How psychopathic do you have to be to “categorize” someone you don’t even know instead of just acting like yourself? Predatory dumb asses.

No. 250247

Reading my posts back it really does sound like a dude wrote it, sorry everyone. I'm just very interested in male psychology, but try to elicit results from observation/real life rather than clinical study (because real people are more interesting than books)

My question, in better form would be: are female role models [in the public eye] a reflection of society, or do they help to form it [the society itself]?

I'm not sure of the answer.(ban evading)

No. 250255

You could send me a picture of a vagina with lolcow written in sharpy above the clit and I would still think you were a man that paid a girl $60 in myfreecams tockens to do it

No. 250259

That’s not the same question at all.

No. 250261

Literally not the same question. Still not on topic. Are you also ban evading again?

Hollywood / celeb women =/= role models.

No. 250275

The fact that women are expected to be feminine doesn't mean that femininity isn't looked down upon. On the contrary, I'm pretty sure it's looked down upon because of its relation to women.

No. 250284

That's pretty much the feminist analysis, some anons are just trying to shill a narrative that feminazis want us all to conform to some manly butch dyke ideal thus robbing us of our ~agency~ to fulfil our true frilly pink desires

No. 250291

Sharing experiences is not “shilling a narrative”

No. 250328

What does that even mean? I really don't get it, I see plenty of feminine women everywhere in the media and IRL, just because most girls wear pants and long straight hair doesn't mean they're not feminine anymore. And men can be a little retarded, ok, but they're not not going to lose their shit and forget how to behave when he sees a women with an updo in a tight dress.

No. 250365

This, holy shit thank you. Femininity is both demanded AND ridiculed.
Neither rejecting it nor embracing it will life hack you to liberation.
If femininity was generally respected and positively regarded, we'd have what trads imagine the world to be like, where if you just behave and be a good tradwife men will all respect and protect you forever uwu
And if femininity wasn't also expected and enforced, we'd have what choice libfems imagine the world to be like, where you can stick it to the dumb boys by looking fierce and femme! They're totally not getting off on it!

All you can really do is figure out what makes you happy and do it, nothing is untouchable.

No. 250433

If you are a lesbian and a tranny tries to pick you up I advice you to call him extremely transphobic for chosing cis female over other transbian.

No. 250437

No. 250484

I was just looking at the website for my school's Women's Resource Center and 5 out of the 7 staff are women using they/them pronouns. I had to scroll to the bottom to find the two she/hers. 5 out of 7 employees at the WOMEN'S resource center reject their womanhood. What in the ever living fuck.

No. 250494

Don't be so transphobic. It's not like they have anything else to make them special and individuals with a personality. That's funny how they're the majority, too.

No. 250498

I've never thought to do that, so I just checked. My school has a bunch of student employees and volunteers. They are mostly she/her/hers. But there's one man using "they/them/theirs" with a fucking beard. And then two women with "they/them/theirs" while wearing makeup. The men don't call it the "Women Resource Center" they call it "Womxn" in their bios, as do some of the resources on the site. And the "About Us" says "women, transgender, and gender expansive individuals need places they can find support." WTF is "gender expansive."

The actual staff (not student volunteers or part time staff) are all women, thank God, using proper pronouns.

No. 250516

File: 1526597970831.jpg (86.54 KB, 698x774, 99b1ca74-28b5-464d-89a2-76bd38…)

Stuff like this really shows that "queer culture" is just a bunch of snowflakey straight people playing dress up

No. 250517

I didn’t realize you had to be brown with dyed hair, tattoos, and piercings to be LGB. I guess I better visibly defy “gender norms” before I can be sexually attracted to boobs. I’m too middle class, white, and boring to be bisexual.

Oh wait, that’s not how sexuality works at all

No. 250539

This is the most ridiculous shit I read all week and I read a lot of shit.

I guess I'm not lesbian enough myself then hmm

No. 250549

File: 1526607599069.jpg (173.66 KB, 960x1280, ac581098-995d-4192-8eb5-294803…)

The guy who made the comment is a crusty white boy with danger glasses and a teal bowlcut lmfao

she/her pronouns, #girlslikeus uwu

No. 250556

This thread is poisoning my mind, anons, last night I had a sex dream about fucking Lily Madigan. Gross.

No. 250562

I'm surprised by the lack of transman stories in this thread.

I know one who straight up has toxic masculinity envy. Sexually harasses me, says women sexually assault just as much as men and dismisses female rape victims because ~it wouldn't be taken nearly as seriously if it were done by another woman~, says women in abusive relationships deserve it because ~they choose to stay~, says refusing to date him is a form of bigotry, considers his life worse than everyone else's because he's trans (including women who've had babies die, he has straight up said this), along with countless other shit.

The internalized misogyny is legendary.

No. 250594

why do all trannies believe that male and female brain shit when it's been debunked?

No. 250598

What an obnoxious pig, I'm sorry you have to deal with scum like that. The only trans man I know convinced my boyfriend's 16 year old sister who identfies as non binary, that she is being abused (literally just because her parents make her do chores and refuse to call her they/them or her new name). This tranny basically made her move out and she's now living with her ex's 50 year old dad, alone. The victim complex most trannies have is so toxic.

No. 250612

That's straight up externalized misogyny.

No. 250636

All of my experiences with transmen (aside from meeting one at a club a decade ago who seemed polite) is fandom "transmen" AKA Tumblr/Twitter fujos. They all seem to have massive internalized misogyny, and the ability to bring any discussion on sex/gender to a screeching halt.

I was in a Discord chat with two people, one was another bio female like me, and one was "trans"/nonbinary. On most topics, this person is okay, but when we get to gender shit, they go full on autism mode. We were discussing how an alien species in a fucking cartoon obviously has a gender binary, and the "trans" person started screeching that they don't, and that discussing this topic is making them "dysphoric". Needless to say, the topic was dropped.

No. 250782

File: 1526691721517.png (69.47 KB, 421x349, oh dear.png)

why did they have to use sanrio for this?

No. 250792

same reason most cis people do

No. 250794


>When people refuse others as feminists because they don't appeal to their form of feminism

Anyone who says they're a feminist are still a feminist, sunshine

No. 250797

Eh, really though? Is someone a feminist if they are happy to let men dictate what counts as feminism/what makes someone a woman, and talk over/silence biological females on the topic?

No. 250799

Not really. I don't see how people who promote basing their identites sexist stereotypes, sex work and porn culture, discriminating or even encouraging violence against lesbians and other women who don't accept men in dresses as females, etc. are feminists at all. With extremely few exceptions if any, trans people and trans activists can't be feminists in my eyes. They're misogynistic by nature.

No. 250889

So, people like Lily Madigan are feminists because they say so? Just like they say they're women, hmm

No. 251001

So anyone can be anything as long as they say they are lol

No. 251018


He looks like my sister, which makes me happy because she's a cunt.

Although I suppose that means I also look like a man.

No. 251091

I disagree. I don't consider women who celebrate doing sex work/porn to be feminists. I also don't consider women who celebrate the hijab to be feminists, nor do I consider women who prioritize TIMs over biological women to be feminists.

No. 251208

File: 1526804522076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.9 KB, 1080x1351, DdaAwlLWsAAMiKZ.jpg)

Munroe Bergdorf took time off from calling white people racist and telling TERFs to get out of feminism to pose for Playboy. How feminist of him.

Nice job covering up and darkening the genital area, Playboy. Wouldn't want your readers to see just how much a "woman" Bergdorf is, would you?

The mutilated nipple on the plastic tit is censored, but I'll put it behind a spoiler anyway.

No. 251218

Since this thread seems to mainly bitching about trans people, what is the solution to gender dysphoria?

No. 251219

By gender dysphoria, I'm going to assume you mean not wanting a dick or vagina: professional help, like any mental illness. Therapy, medication, etc.

No. 251224

being dysphoric about your sexual organs or even any puberty related BDD is normal. a huge part of why young people turn to trans is because they think they're alone in hating their changing bodies or thinking the grass is greener, they're just insecore. the trans community seems inviting but validates their insecurities. we need to be teaching people that it's normal, and not because they're trans, but because being worried about your body feeling like it's gross is normal. it's thinking you should mutilate yourself that isn't.

No. 251227

but that's how it's currently treated except maybe america

No. 251230

Except not. It’s currently “treated” with major surgery, hormones, and hug boxes of people screaming about pronouns and claiming that wearing a dress while being a man means you’ve “transitioned.” Read the threads, lurk more.

No. 251251

If it cures them what's the problem?

No. 251261

That's the thing though- it doesn't. Half of people who get SRS straight up regret it and even those who don't usually still suffer from dysmorphia issues. The trans community is notorious for adamantly attempting to silence those who have negative experiences with this.

Also, seconding anon's request for you to read the thread. Acknowledging men in skirts as women doesn't just impact them, it has a negative effect on society and there's plenty of proof that transwomen aren't actually less of a threat to women's safety as cismen and don't belong in female spaces.

No. 251266

No. 251285

you're seriously citing wikipedia?

No. 251300

You didn't cite anything and wikipedia has a list of where they get their references the thing with [a number here] will point to it.

Also this is lolcow not my thesis paper.

No. 251304

i'm not the same anon, but if you're trying to defend your shit point for your beloved troons with wikipedia you need to fucking take a seat. there are articles people have cited literally up the thread about this.

this thread is for us to have discussions about issues anyways, not to try to win handmaidens over. look and read on your own, but it doesn't take an idiot to see red flags when a group is trying to silence people coming out against letting teens mutilate their bodies.

No. 251330

Tbh, I'm awaiting the day when trans women replace women as the class that gets objectified for pay (willingly, it's very validating)

No. 251421

I'd love that, but men will never leave us alone.

No. 251518

this is a gender critical thread, you won't convince people in here that someone (especially someone young) permanently mutilating their bodies is an appropriate solution for body dysmorphia/dysphoria. particularly for TIFs, double mastectomy is a dangerous procedure to undergo if it isn't absolutely necessary.

No. 251820

File: 1526931818156.jpg (318.83 KB, 1500x1500, 91dEm7sCA L._SL1500_.jpg)

I saw her live a couple times (and also standing in front of me irl) and I think she's pretty, but I've seen so many pics of crappy mtf that look like this album cover
(Florence and the machine)

No. 251881

Oh, a bit like the kathoey in Thailand? For some reason that brand of tranny doesn't bother me. Probably because they know what they are and don't have the delusional narcissism of Western trans

No. 251900

I googled "sex change regret" and the lowest number I'm seeing on all the sites on the first page is 20%, which is still pretty fucking high.

And like anon said, even if they don't regret it, they still have the dysphoria.

No. 251922


Someone from Thailand chiming in here, they're closely related to old school 'Homosexual Transsexual' that existed in the west. They would hang around gay scenes and sorta accepted that they're not really real women to begin with.

And they're very against transbians who are not trying to pass.

I hope this won't surprise you, the western 'valid' identity politics are leaking in. And the patient zero is fandom/geek scene, not the broader gay culture on its own.

No. 251931

He clearly looks like a man lol

No. 251932

issa woman anon, Florence Welch.

No. 251934

No. 251940

she's just homely lol, if she was a man her hands would be twice as big

No. 251982

> And the patient zero is fandom/geek scene, not the broader gay culture on its own.

I see that online as well with some of the Asians in fandoms I'm in. They're nowhere near the levels of westerners yet, but you can see it a little bit.

No. 252025


I think part of it due to some 'fluidity' in gender expression, in Thai language there are a great numbers of pronouns depends on class andhierarchy of the one addressed. And now in modern times it also allows gender-based pronouns to be swapped around as well. We're jokingly calls effeminate gay men with feminine 'pronouns' all the time.

I don't know about other Asian cultures, but looking at Japanese media and even historical writing it seems like while gender roles are strong, gender-based forming expression is more acceptable.

No. 252126

File: 1526992199348.png (755.61 KB, 984x1011, IMG_20180522_082844.png)


Found some misogynistic cancer created by a "male feminist". The lyrics and music are beyond disgusting

No. 252161

I’m not giving this loser the click, can you summarize?

No. 252165

>grace kelly
tranny go plz

No. 252176

Basically some white dude who identfies as a feminist makes music that he calls "porngrind". He made a tranny pandering album with a song called Terf Genocide with these lyrics

"Woman hating woman
Get out of my face
Fuck your "diploma"
Now get in this grave
A shit eating smile
Six feet under peat
Fuck off and die


Your rhetoric's garbage
Your dogma is sewage
I see your hatred
It's flowing deep red
Your grave's overflowing
Shitflowers growing
Your stone says "I died!
It was TERF genocide! :("


No. 252180

File: 1527006065596.png (229.16 KB, 895x564, 98783NK388LLS002S.png)

Flawless tranny logic.
>Literally what makes you male or female is feeling like you are.
>This is why it is not just arrogant but deeply illogical for anyone to suggest that they know what somebody else's gender is

No. 252199

I didn’t say Grace Kelly was masculine. And I’m not a trans person. Reread the thread

No. 252201

Oh look, another man getting off to the idea of killing women. I am shocked. Truly.

No. 252210

>gender is fundamentally an internal self-perception
oh shucks, I didn't realize. Guess I'll let society know that the way they treat me comes second to how I feeeel. I didn't realize that if I just decided to feel like a man, then I wouldn't face discrimination, assault, or fucking periods. It's that simple! All that matters is are feelings, not reality.

No. 252247

File: 1527024939675.jpeg (312.42 KB, 744x786, 61A53B9F-5E06-4BE3-A9C3-22E1AB…)

She has a point

No. 252248

File: 1527024980917.jpeg (454.17 KB, 750x960, 9877E0F3-7199-472E-9037-EA3046…)


No. 252272

Pornogrind is a real sub-genre of grindcore. It generally shit though, just like this.

No. 252278

But if a can of Coke suddenly said “I’m Pepsi!” Everyone would be like “no? You’re Coke.”
Either gender is part of your identity or it’s a consumable product, which one is it? They flip based on the point they want to make.

No. 252288

i don't even think it's that deep. like, it's literally people just changing the definitions of things to fit their rhetoric.

>my gender is how i feel

okay but you're still male
>gender is sex now
okay but that's still not how biology works

that argument just ends up turning into incoherent yelling. i wish this gender thing wasn't so relevant to the interests of oppressive classes. it's like eugenics all over again. but this time the people being scammed are trying to infringe on other people's rights.

No. 252662

I lost brain cells just looking at the comment section. I'm not saying the human race should die out, but the human race should die out.

As a 5'8 woman, I'm so worried someone will mistake me for a tranny. Just because of my height tho, I don't at all look like a man.

No. 252731

I found this "gem" of a channel while scrolling thru the comments section of one of Magdelen's videos. He was comparing her to a Nazi.

No. 252769

File: 1527151845568.jpg (277.89 KB, 1200x776, south.jpg)

An illustrated book about gender- similar to educational children's books- with no age limit. All hand-drawn graphics and lots of color. It's about 90 pages long, and readable in one sitting.


If validating gender requires 90 pages, maybe your premise is faulty.

No. 252786

File: 1527158315169.jpg (87.48 KB, 800x474, 1.jpg)

An overview of the Degenderettes panel at the SF Public Library

Moderator: “What is a terf, for our audience members who might not know?”
(Mya pulls out his phone, and I got the impression that he was googling the term. At least, until…)
Mya: “TERF is an acronym for “trans exclusionary radical feminist”, an oppressive belief-set that attempts to delegitimize trans women — not just theoretically, but by inducing suicide through internet harassment, public release of personal information, calls to employers and landlords, legal action and substantiated threats of death and physical harm — often directed against minors. It is possible that more trans deaths have occurred as a result of TERF harassment than by cis men homicides.” (Some of the audience members gasped at this and whispered “Wow…” in an awed voice. My blood boiled. I was angry, not only because of the disgusting, blatantly false description of gender critical feminists; but also because he didn’t even google it–he just quoted the original plaque that they used for the “I punch terfs” display. What an asshole.)


No. 252788


Stealth audio recordings of the panel (recording was prohibited).


No. 252828

absolutely fucking repulsive

No. 252835

Recently I have been spending many hours at a time reading https://www.reddit.com/r/GCdebatesQT

Reading the GC responses has helped me become more concise and firm in my own thoughts and better able to articulate them.

No. 252838

Fucking hell, this is some regressive "men are from mars, women are from venus" shit. How can you look at that and think it's ok?

No. 252846

File: 1527174197977.png (598.72 KB, 605x453, 1a1.png)

These literal staypuft marshmallow peeps dressing like bikers? punks? idk what but they're not fooling anyone.

No. 252851

File: 1527175273172.jpg (72.99 KB, 540x540, tumblr_p95zlnsQgt1wt98sno2_540…)

British Labour Party all "female" shortlists

No. 252860

No. 252863

luckily for us if the government continues to sterilize troons and we start assuming children are trannies, we will die out!

No. 252866

Children as young as four are being asked by their 'trans-friendly' primary school to inform on anyone calling transgender pupils by the 'wrong' pronoun.

The policy at Arbury Primary in Cambridge states that it is 'illegal' to call someone 'he/she' or 'it' against their wishes.

The school also urges parents of children who no longer identify as their biological gender to consider changing their name by deed poll.

Arbury holds assemblies to celebrate a child's 'transition' from a boy to a girl or vice versa, has introduced a gender-neutral uniform, and allows children to use lavatories of whichever sex they 'assign' themselves to.

The warning on 'misgendering' comes on the school website. A brightly coloured page entitled How To Be Trans Friendly features cartoons of smiling children surrounded by rainbows.

It states: 'Calling someone he/she, it or deliberately the wrong pronoun is unkind, and illegal. If you hear or see this type of language being used challenge or report it.'

Elsewhere, the guidance says: 'Trans children will understand the difference between a genuine mistake and something deliberate in relation to names and pronouns.'

The statement that misgendering is illegal may be based on the school's interpretation of the 2010 Equalities Act, which suggests that a hate crime takes place when a member of a minority perceives one to have happened.


No. 252876

just got time to click through and look at the exhibit texts, the "fantasy RPGs where so many of us first explored our genders" line in the undead warrior puppet text is so cringey, for being a curated exhibit they sure didn't try to hide the agp weeb larper thing.

No. 252986

I can just smell the BO through that picture.

No. 253117

I wonder WHY they didn’t want people recording it, though.

No. 253267


The comments in this thread. Holy shit, people will really defend anything as long as you're a trans woman

No. 254338

File: 1527530415494.jpeg (193.2 KB, 750x998, F17C3124-7FC6-4C65-9AA7-BBAE27…)

Troons are reporting and attacking a non profit organisation who are trying to raise money to distribute reading material for schools to help prevent gender non conforming children from being pressured in to transitioning for the trend.

Here is the crowd fund link should anyone want to help their cause and educate children of the UK

No. 254363


>he said, 'Women have penises and women have balls and if your staff is not comfortable then they can look for another job

No. 254384

>this would look like a woman with an eyebrow pluck and rosier cheeks
this kind of encouragement is why twinks try to transition, if girls want an agenda they should band together to tell the twinks to grow a goatee

No. 254401

I would love to see a SJW see this and go insane over trying to decide whether to defend a muslim's religious beliefs or a transwoman.

No. 254486

No. 254491

how is there anyone who doesn't think they're mentally ill?

No. 254515


Here is Munroe Bergdorf's documentary What Makes a Woman? that was aired as part of Channel 4's Genderquake programming.

No. 254520

Is anyone watching Lost in Transition on TLC?


I hope the blatant delusional narcissism of the husbands and the sadness, confusion, and dismay of their wives hastens peak trans of middle America.

No. 254526


At 24:00 he attends the We Need to Talk event in Bristol that was stormed by transactivists shouting "No TERFs on our turf!" He attempts to interject during one of the speeches (and is shut down), but then leaves before the Q & A because his feelings were hurt.

No. 254527

Check out #IWasCalledTERF that was started in response to the accounts of GC and RF women being suspended.


No. 254531


#whatmakesawoman outtakes: Venice and Munroe discuss Posie Parker, Mermaids and the ethics of the West Yorkshire police inquiry into twitter hate crimes.

No. 254574

They would still defend the TIM if it meant throwing a Muslim woman under the bus, since tranzwimmen are already murdered by spontaneously combusting in response to evil terfs' words every day.

No. 254620

The amount of trannies and thier handmaiden's replying to these with "WELL IF U WERENT TRANSPHOBIC THEN YOU WOULDNT BE CALLED A TERF UWU" just proves how much they fucking hate women.

No. 254627

I'll second what another anon said, they would defend the troon.

The doublethink and newspeak are going that far. They wouldn't even think of defending the Muslim's religion, because to them this does not even go against her religion because his male genitalia are female and if she thinks it isn't she's transphobic.

I honest to god can't believe shit is going this far.

No. 254630

This, half the content of the hashtag being handmaidens and obvious agps tweeting "TERFs hate trans people and want to take away all their human rights and now they think they're victims for being called a word" makes the tag totally unreadable, which is what they want because then they shut down women talking about experiences that don't suit their narrative.

No. 254632

>his male genitalia are female

This has to be the most confusing part of this upside down "movement"

if his genitals were female already why do trannies get dysphoria over having the wrong genitals? Why does everyone else need to see their body based on how they feel? And if it's that simple why transition at all? It's ridiculous, and the fact that people don't see this logic-less mess as an excuse to keep their dicks (and dick women under a blanket of protection) is so fucking crazy.

No. 254634

Is this post real? It almost seems like a parody and I can't find it on his Twitter.

No. 254688

I actually tried to argue with a TRA once so I have a few answers

>why do trannies get dysphoria over having the wrong genitals?

Because they feel like these genitals are more in-line with what they identify with. Most people they identify with have vaginas so they'd like to have one too but that's not necessary

>Why does everyone else need to see their body based on how they feel?

Because identity politics dictate that what you feel is what you are and others cannot impose on your identity, thus they cannot impose on what you are. Debating someone's identify with facts is deep disrespect/hate speech, because the self is omnipotent when it comes to determining itself.

>And if it's that simple why transition at all?

Same as first question

It makes no sense whatsoever and is some deep, bizarre po-mo bullshit that should weird out anyone with a functioning neuron. I have no fucking clue how we even got to this point, how philosophy fucked up our zeitgeist so deeply that this is now acceptable/believable.

No. 254689

File: 1527611630453.jpg (98.85 KB, 1125x560, T84p7tY.jpg)

This MtT Morgane Oger is a Vancouver civic politician who has spent the last several days on Twitter telling a black survivor of FGM that the violence done onto her wasn't sex-based oppression, rather "gender" based.

He also has the AUDACITY to claim he was "outed" as trans by Gender Trender. . . has he looked in a mirror?

No. 254692

I agree with what you said, but you completely missed the point that I was trying to make.

I already know why trannies get surgery, but if they can claim their penis is already a female genital, they shouldn't need the surgery.

No. 254695

anon, genital mutilation is gender based. people don't do that stuff because the person is female, they do it because of their society's views on women. societies that practice GM do it on men and women for different reasons. they usually target the clit not because they hate vaginas or the female body, but because they justify that the woman shouldn't be allowed pleasure. same with men, they view MGM as a positive thing and justify that the man should have a cleaner dick.

No. 254705

Oh, gotcha. Sorry, I still have the urge to spell out their beliefs every chance I get because it's all so baffling

No. 254708

No no, I understand. I just simply can't wrap my head around most of this shit. Like, their movement is such fucking bullshit they can't keep anything straight and they have to make shit up that contradicts themselves.

>i need hormones and a fake pussy cause i'm trapped in a man's body!!!

>but my penis is female cause i think i'm female
>but that doesn't mean my body is female, even though that's what i just said!

No. 254784

SO, if women identify as male then everything is solved, right? I mean, if it's gender based then girls can just become transgender, right?

No. 254799

what the fuck are you talking about? it's totally valid to admit GM is based around gender roles and socialization. gender roles don't have anything to do with sex. they don't do breast ironing because they hate female breasts, they do it because they think by changing the body, they're protecting women, who have no rights from men wanting to rape them.

No. 254807


It is sex-based, sex-targeted oppression. Based on immutable, biological sex. Not on the individual's "gender identity", or any of their thoughts or beliefs about themselves or their own "gender". Baby girls are mutilated, killed, raped because of their sex, and the socially prescribed "gender roles" attached to that sex. No one gives a shit about a female infant's "gender identity" when they target her.

This is the pinnacle of why positioning "gender identity" as more important than sex when it comes to analysis and resistance is ridiculous and insulting to women. It implies that cultural beliefs about our sex isn't why we are oppressed, and that we could hypothetically "self identify" our way out of oppression. You cannot identify into or out of oppression.

No. 254815

anon, cultural views about sex are gender roles. gender isn't just someone's fluctuating gender identity. i think you're knee-jerking and basing the term gender around the tranny term for gender.

No. 254848

I agree. Sex-based discrimination has to do with gender roles, which aren't gender identity. People don't simply think vaginas are bad, they think that the women are inferior and it shapes their view of the female sex.

No. 254849


Obviously I'm talking about the "tranny term for gender" because this is about a (white! Upper middle class!) male trans person blatantly denying, to a black female FGM survivor, that females are targeted for our SEX. For the cultural beliefs ("gender roles") about our SEX. SEX is the axis of women's oppression because of "gender". That's what these people keep denying. They downplay the fact that females are born into oppression because of our SEX. They say incoherent shit like "females aren't hated, femininity is hated". Obviously, if it weren't for "gender", our sex wouldn't inherently oppress us because it would merely be a neutral biological state. But it's not "neutral" because we live in a world were beliefs about sex control our lives and the entire point of the (radical) feminist movement is to abolish these beliefs (ie gender roles) but the trans cabal won't let us because they refuse to disentangle their personalities from gender stereotypes and rely on the concept of "gender identity" to feel any semblance of self-actualization. It's the epitome of selfishness.

No. 254863

>gender roles don't have anything to do with sex.
Gender roles are assigned based on sex, dumdum. Otherwise how would they exist?

No. 254869

but gender isn't inherently part of sex, that's what i'm getting at.

No. 254874


we know that gender isn't inherent to sex. We know that gender isn't inherent, period. That's what the trans activists are trying (and succeeding) to legislate.

For example, in the state of New York, this is written into law "Gender Identity: one’s internal deeply-held sense of one’s gender which may be the same or different from one’s sex assigned at birth. One’s gender identity may be male, female, neither or both, e.g., non-binary. Everyone has a gender identity."

They have legally stated, for a fact, that gender identity is natural and everyone has one. This is in direct opposition of radical feminism.

No. 254879

no the issue is that they're convulating gender and sex.

No. 254881

trannies aren't trying to make gender "inherent" they're trying to make it sex.

No. 254882

No, but gender roles are given based on sex. Because we are born female certain cultural expectations, practices, views etc. are imposed on us. How else would gender roles exist if they weren't sex based?

No. 254887

No. 254889


How are they not trying to make it inherent when they insist that their gender identity is natural, inborn, akin to a "soul", and not at all a product of maladaptive coping under a sexist society? As feminist we KNOW that their "gender identity" isn't natural, because if we were allowed to just grow and develop into individuals free from the influence of beliefs about our class positions (sex, race, socio economic, etc) we would have no discrete "identity" separate from material reality. ie a male would be a male but not have any cultural reference of "maleness" to identify with.

The entire reason why transgenderism, especially the transition of children, is so socially accepted is that greater society has ALWAYS believed that gender roles are natural and inherent. It's easier for them to amend this belief with "oh, yeah, i guess sometimes nature can misfire and put a woman role into a male body" than to accept that all the stereotypes and beliefs about how men and women "are" is bullshit indoctrination.

Transgenderism DEPENDS on upholding the belief that their gender identities are natural and inherent so they can justify access to medical transition, eroding sex-based rights and dismantling female-only space, effectively preventing female consciousness-raising. You can't change an oppression you're not allowed to identify and

No. 254898

no anon, they're trying to make gender and sex the same thing, that's what the problem is. gender can be it's own special thing all it wants. being non gender conforming is a thing and it's a gender identity. the issue comes in when gender identity is used as sex. i don't give a fuck that TiM idenfity as women, the issue starts when they start identifying as female.

No. 254900

File: 1527623727907.jpg (180.17 KB, 677x875, marchhero.jpg)

Morgane went on a witch hunt to dox this woman and pursue hate crime charges against her because of her sign.


This was in addition to the harassment and threats directed at her by the TRA community at large.



Now do you understand why her sign and her experience exemplify "what this thread is about"?

No. 254903

File: 1527623828995.jpg (74.32 KB, 800x600, 27267577_1569300613155548_5977…)


The back of her sign.

No. 254906


Insisting that "gender non conforming" is a real, distinct "identity" necessarily implies that everyone who does NOT identify as "gender non conforming" must therefore be "gender conforming". No one perfectly conforms to gender, because gender roles are impossible to fully satisfy.

By their standards, literally all feminists and any woman who speaks her mind or has a job is "gender non-conforming". Any male who shows kindness or helps out with housework is "gender non conforming". It's inane and empty and is no more meaningful than the "I'm not like other girls" trope.

It is a problem when they identify as "woman" because woman means adult human female. Obviously "you do you" but I would plead with you to not give into their Orwellian doublespeak and purposeful obsfucation of reality by buying into "gender" as anything other than harmful stereotypes we are subjected to. Men are not, and never will be, women.

No. 254907

fuck off replying to shit that's a month old. wtf? i'm not even OP but if you wanted something on the OP you make the fucking thread.(infighting)

No. 254909

anon, can you stop convulating gender with sex?

No. 254910

you're right, men won't ever be women, because women aren't even a fucking thing.

No. 254911


Woman is defined as an adult human female.

Women are a protected class in public policy. To recognise transwomen as women is to allow them into female only spaces.

Trans ideology posits that gender identity is as inherent and immutable as sex.

Transactivists conflate gender identity and sex when it benefits them to do so.

No. 254913


Women are adult human females. We exist. Trans activists are the one's insisting "woman" is a state that only exists in people's heads.

And I'm not the one "conflating sex and gender". I reject gender, I recognize gender as a harmful social construct enforced on everyone, to the benefit of males. I reject the transgender solution to this which is to broaden the scope of gender and make it more "fun" and "inclusive" and conflated with personality traits.

I do not reject language that correctly states that women are adult human females. Women are real, we exist. We are not merely a collection of ideas about our sex made up by men.

No. 254914



Are you trying to say convoluting or conflating?

No. 254916

>being a woman is a real thing
>but it's also a social construct
>but it's not just a collection of ideas

So…which is it? I was following you up until this point.

No. 254919


I was planning to make this thread and use her pic along with the expanded list of resources >>248463 cultivated from posts in the last thread, but someone else beat me to it.

No. 254921


Being a woman, an adult human female, is obviously a real and tangible state.

The "gender role(s)" and stereotypes about women are socially constructed. Those social constructs obviously shape us, as a class, so you will see self-fulfilling prophecies ie "women are more nurturing" after being rigorously indoctrinated form childhood to put everyone else before yourself, etc.

But because we don't have some kind of experimental control, we have no reason to believe that in the absence of patriarchy, misogyny, and gender-role enforcement, that males and females would be that inherently, distinctly different from each other. Rather, we would likely all have unique personalities, traits, skills, and behaviours that are a combination of what we currently designate as "male" or "female" traits.

"Womanhood" as defined by transactivists, is farce. Men can not be women. They can feel aligned with the stereotypes about womanhood, but that does not make them women. It does not make them in anyway aware of the struggles women face because of how we are treated for our sex. A transwoman is as much a woman as Rachel Dolezal is black.

No. 254922


NTA, but are you being intentionally obtuse? Gender is a social construct.

No. 254924

Sex-based discrimination has to do with sex. Women are perceived as inferior because they have vaginas. The perception of female biological differences as inferior is what led to the perception of women as a class as inferior. It is immutably tied to biological sex.

If gender roles had anything to do with it, women could simply opt out of sex-based discrimination by dressing and behaving as men.

No. 254934

They'd defend the tranny. As hard as SJW harp on about muh Islamophobia, they'll throw a Muslim under the bus really quick in favor of a tranny.

No. 254942


More important is what the Human Rights Tribunal decides. It is not a court. Decisions are based on the claimant's declaration of impact of the defendant's actions, ie. hurt feelings. The defendant (the shop owner, not the Muslim employee) is not entitled to plead his case.

No. 254948

>women could simply opt out of sex-based discrimination by dressing and behaving as men.

they can though and have done so throughout history.

No. 254949


This is even more vapid and superficial than I expected. For Munroe, clearly what makes a woman is performative feminity and feeling like a woman.

At the end he says, "I feel like the last few months has really got me thinking more about my womanhood rather than my gender." Lol wut, womanhood is gender.

He concludes with a condescending statement about inclusivity, stating, "Instead of tearing apart each other and saying who is the realest woman or who has the right to what space, we need to be coming together. If I had to say what makes a woman, it's all of us and every single different experience that we have" as the video cuts to a close up of his high heel boots as he walks away from the camera in slow motion.

No. 254950


NTA, but I am having a hard time believing you could be so obtuse as to take that phrase so out of context without being a troll.

No. 254957

Do you REALLY think Oger is using 'gender' in the radical feminist sense of the word?

No. 254965


>they justify that the woman shouldn't be allowed pleasure

…simply by virtue of being female.

>same with men, they view MGM as a positive thing and justify that the man should have a cleaner dick.

Male circumcision is not used to oppress men.

No. 254987

nta but i think that's what they're saying? they do it to oppress women but they do it to men because they think it benefits them.

No. 255040

Weird question:

Which kind of transsexual does more harm to the Feminism, FTMs or MTFs?

Follow up: Is there a sympathetic perspective on transsexualism that does not clash with the basic principles of the Feminist movement?

No. 255044


MtT's by a long shot.

And yes there is a sympathetic view, we understand that both us (radfems) and them (trans) acknowledge a problem (gendered socialization), we have just come to diametrically opposite conclusions about how to eradicate the harms.

No. 255047

>They have legally stated, for a fact, that gender identity is natural and everyone has one.
You cannot be one day older than 14. Not a day.

No. 255049

>both us (radfems) and them (trans) acknowledge a problem (gendered socialization)
How do they acknowledge it as a problem? The trans movement reinforces and supports gender stereotypes more than anything else.

I have no sympathy for any trannies who weren't forced into it (i.e. the gays in the middle east who more or less had to choose between transitioning and death).

No. 255052

i mean, the most basic of tranny logic is that liking stuff that's not for your gender or not being stereotypical of your is looked down on. they just choose to correct themselves rather than correct society. it's even society's fault that trannies can run so rampant. trans surgery stemmed from the idea that trannies were gay or deviant so they corrected that by changing their gender so it would be "normal".

No. 255054

>the most basic of tranny logic is that liking stuff that's not for your gender or not being stereotypical of your is looked down on. they just choose to correct themselves rather than correct society.
They also look down on it, so it's the same sexist logic. The notion that liking stereotypically feminine things makes you a girl or liking liking stereotypically masculine things makes you a guy is even more sexist than the rest of society's views of gender.

No. 255058

Instead of getting into technicalities about sex and gender can we just accept the fact that the majority of people just thought of the word "woman" as another word for female before all of this tranny bullshit? Woman = female to anyone that isn't into all of this shit and it's better that it stays that way so they can't take that word away from us while they skip around in cheap wigs and ebay thigh highs. English isn't my first language so I can't explain eloquently, but my point is that you don't hear about "male/man" half as much as you hear about the whole "woman/female" problem because nobody is trying to steal their identity in a forceful way.

No. 255064

So, in a society freed of gender roles, would transsexuals even exist?

Like, if a girl had traditional masculine traits exclusively, she'd be a man's man if she wasn't a woman, and society accepted her as a woman who happened to be extremely manly, do you think this hypothetical hypermasculine girl would still feel the need to have a man's body, and be thought of as a man?

What I'm getting at is a sort of chicken and egg way of questioning the idea of sex reassignment. But, as always with Feminist topics, there is no control group to see if future transsexuals wish to be the opposite sex because of their alignment with traditional gender roles or if said transsexuals align to the traditional gender roles of the opposite sex because they wish to be the opposite sex. What emotion comes first, or do they develop concurrently?

I don't feel comfortable asking these kinds of questions on transsexual communities, I know all too well how much caginess and self-doubt comes with being queer. I doubt I'd get a clear answer.
See, and I've noticed that FTMs fuck up at being men just as regularly as MTFs fuck up at being women, but men never seem to feel insulted by it. I've mainly seen guys pick on them, like a condescending hazing kinda thing. Guys are all so protective of their personal masculinity, though, so what gives? I've never really seen a MRA version of TERFism, although I gotta say that I avoid that part of the Internet like the plague, so maybe it is out there amid the balaclava frogs and sex doll adverts.

No. 255069


MtT trans ideology seeks to redefine woman to include men.

By definition feminism excludes men.


NTA, but increasingly public policy recognises gender identity as a protected class by courts interpreting the definition of sex to include gender identity in legislation such as Title IX and the 14th Amendment.


The ongoing Gavin Grimm case is a good example.

The recognised treatment for gender dysphoria is allowing trans to transition medically and socially which includes using sex segregated bathrooms and other facilities in accordance with their gender identity. The problem is that to allow them to transition socially, gender identity must be codified as a protected class. But recognising gender identity as a protected class is at odds with the intent of recognising sex as a protected class which is to protect women.

Why should sex be expanded to include gender identity, at the expense of protecting women, in order to treat a psychiatric condition that affects such a small minority of people?

If the Equal Rights Amendment had passed, how would it have affected what is happening now?

No. 255070

No. 255073

MTT, definitely. They're the ones who screech the loudest, want to redefine woman to include them, and want to tell us to shut up about our bodies and our experiences.

FTMs, by large, are girls who need feminism quite frankly. A lot of them are girls who aren't feminine, or are closeted lesbians, or hate their bodies because society tells them to, or because their bodies bring about perverted men leering at them. So to them, it'd be easier to be male, or they think they "feel" male.

No. 255074

> I've never really seen a MRA version of TERFism
There's no cause for it, because ftms aren't a rape or murder risk towards men

No. 255078

>ftms aren't a rape or murder risk towards men
Yeah, it's the opposite.

No one seems to care about FTTs, but MTTs constantly shove their shit down our throats because they're all narcissists with victim complexes. And they get away with it because they're men.

No. 255105

I have an ftm friend who testosterone has severely fucked up. He's so angry and irrational all the time. He was like that before, but the hormones have intensified it so much.

I've always been a trans "ally", but the more exposure I get to them, the more I see how fucked up it all is. They're so delusional I can't take it. These delusions don't just center around gender either and there's always other intense mental health issues that accompany them. They literally live in another world.

I feel really shitty because there is an mtf that I adore, but she's the only one out of dozens of trans people I've known who isn't an incredibly unhealthy person to have in your life.

No. 255107

Why do so many MTFs love to use derogatory words for women like "cock sleeve" and "cum dump"? Not only referring to themselves but I see it generally for women they want to sleep with, other trannies and fictional characters.

No. 255108

Because they're misogynists who aren't pressured by society to hide their woman hate. That's all they see women as or all they want them to be.

No. 255111

There do seem to be a lot of trans people who get fucked up when they take the "correct" hormones. Some get really depressed, some develop severe moodswings, some lose empathy, and others like your friend develop anger issues.

But then there are others whose mental health improves with hormones, and the effects are different for each individual so it's hard to nail down what hormones do 100% of the time for mood. From my own anecdotal evidence, my ftm friend has expressed general mental health improvement without the anger issues. I've also heard of ftms who became emotionless and spiteful, while others retain their empathy and still cry easily.

I wonder if, clear mental illness aside (even if it's just "dysphoria"), some trans people are in genuine physical need of some hormones? The ones who experience better mental health, that is. I'm sure there are fewer who improve than those whose moods worsen, but for some I can see it being the case.

No. 255113

Anon, what is wrong with you, you've been spouting inane shit for hours. Are you trolling or just severely lacking in reading comprehension?

No. 255114

Yeah, hormones definitely effect people very differently. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but my friend already had really high testosterone levels for a female before he started taking it. I wonder if that effects the results at all.

No. 255122

could also be the placebo effect tbh. they re taking hormones they believe will fix their body, so that automatically improves their general mood.

that’s not to say hormones don’t play a huge part. i can attest to that with pcos and hypothyroid.

No. 255126


Trans ideology also erases women when our biological functions are renamed so as not to exclude FtT or trigger their dysphoria, eg. chest feeding, pregnant person, birthing individual.

No. 255134

>They downplay the fact that females are born into oppression because of our SEX. They say incoherent shit like "females aren't hated, femininity is hated".
Yeah, and if that were true then butch lesbians and masculine women in general must never experience misogyny and sexism…
Except we do and usually we're called "men" and ridiculed for not being feminine enough and conforming to our prescribed gender role.

No. 255154

That was my first post in this discussion. I fail to see how pointing out that someone who thinks something is real because "the law recognizes it!" must be very young classifies as "inane bullshit" but do go off.

No. 255166


I'm 29, actually. I don't understand what you're refuting. I'm not implying that I believe it's materially real because the law recognizes it, but it becomes law, which is a form of reality we are all subject to.
How can you refute gender identity or try to name the harms of gender identity if your jurisdiction has legislated it as something EVERYONE has?

Do you not see any issue with legislation that ingrains the concept of "gender identity" as inherent and universal? Considering the very coherent and thoughtful feminist analysis that explains how gender identity is NOT natural and is in fact harmful?

No. 255199

Sorry, you sounded like that obtuse anon that was arguing earlier.
But I easily understood what original anon >>255166 was saying and I'm surprised you didn't.

No. 255219

People in the comments make me so angry. They're saying that Troy's happiness comes first, but what about hers? She wants to be with a MAN, not a man posing as a woman.

No. 255220

The way many trans people shit on those who don't want to be with them sexually is so enraging and disgusting. Why is shaming people for their sexual orientation suddenly totally acceptable when transgender people do it?

No. 255228

This dude only described being conflicted about not fitting gender norms and his mother being a homophobic witch! It’s more “I don’t fit gender stereotypes and I was taught being effeminate means you are a girl”. No mention of actual body dysphoria! There’s nothing wrong with simply being an effeminate man or wearing whatever the Hell you want.

Those YouTube comments are revolting. The wife clearly cares about him very much or else she would have taken off a long time ago and not even try to talk to him. She even acknowledges that she would consider him a lesbian if he went through with transition, so she couldn’t be with him as heterosexual woman.

No. 255242

Fuck, sorry, I completely missed the point of that post and got confused about who was saying what. I agree with you one hundred percent, please excuse the retardation

No. 255315

>Well if my husband felt like a girl i would accept him and if he wanted to stay with me i would totally support him in he's pet to woman transformation. I wouldn't take it if he would be sad its all about inside if he would be happy then i can be happy too because life is already hard enough
She's got to be the biggest doormat in history: "If HE wanted to transition I'll support him and if HE still wanted to stay with me afterwards I'll support him as well." What about you?!

No. 255368

File: 1527781027123.jpg (123.07 KB, 1200x612, blaire-white-composite2.jpg)

Discussion: in the Robbie/Blaire thread in /snow/ (and in other places around the board lately) I've seen talk of homosexual vs agp TIMs, and realized that the first type bothers me way less. Even if it's grody, they're at least obvious and open about their woman-hating and don't seem that interested in women's spaces because of it. They seem more interested in going through their drag fetish whatever with other gay men. In my mind agp TIMs are far more troubling because of the cotton ceiling gaslighting, constant harassment of lesbians, and they're the ones who seem to always want dumb shit like for women to be called "non-prostate havers" and for males to be eligible for pap smears even though they don't have a vagina or cervix. Not implying homosexual TIMs are harmless to women's rights, but the latter of the two types seems way worse for them because they're obsessed with displacing women.

What do you think about this distinction? Do you buy into it? Does one get your goat more than the other, or is it all the same to you?

No. 255373

Transbian AGPs are obviously worse, but I don't like any trans people.

No. 255408

While I regard both groups as severely mentally ill, I will admit that I have way more sympathy for homosexual trannies who grew up as effeminate gay men and thus faced some form of discrimination for it, rather than heterosexual AGPs who benefitted 100% from straight – and, let's be real, usually white – male privilege, made all their money as men, got married as men, had children as men, then transition at age 49 and feel entitled to women's spaces just because wearing panties makes their dick hard.

It also does seem to be the case that most homosexual trannies aren't concerned with replacing women; they aren't attracted to women and they seem to be (at least in my experience) more honest about the fact that they are biological males because they pass better and they get off on fooling people. They also seem to be less entranced by the nuances of female biology; they are viscerally disgusted by periods and childbirth; their main reason for transitioning is to fuck men and not be ridiculed for it. Meanwhile AGPs are smearing strawberry jam on maxi pads, bullying lesbians, referring to vaginas as 'front holes,' sniffing their teenage daughter's underwear and jerking off while fantasizing about being a teenage schoolgirl.

Both groups are severely mentally disturbed but I think AGPs are in an entirely different stratosphere of insanity.

No. 255475

That's the biggest load of bullshit in the world
>Actually transsexualism is more common in black people
Degeneracy is most common with white people, but good looking out sis

No. 255487

I agree with this based on personal experience. They are more upfront and realistic about being different from biological women, but they also pass better, are way less aggressive and have better senses of humor. A lot of them were already bottoms so the ones that have not had SRS are not obsessed with forcing everyone to worship their “girl dick. Some may be arrogant and think they are better than real women but they’re not the ones threatening to rape and kill us.

Shouldn’t you be quoting >>248671 ?

No. 255494

File: 1527862902848.gif (4.49 MB, 854x480, ogre.gif)


Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that his name is Oger? Fucking lol.

I was rooting through his twitter and he's just the most self-centred, cold hearted piece of shit. I can't believe he thinks he's suited to serve the public. He thinks it's more important that trans women are allowed to volunteer at a female rape relief centre than to consider that the rape victims who use the centre are going to be frightened of males and don't want them anywhere near them.

No. 255510

File: 1527866251464.jpg (256.2 KB, 720x1024, 20180601_081044.jpg)

I'm sick of this bitch. How fucking up your own ass do you have to be to call a survivor of FGM twansphobic!!1! for stating the truth about where their oppression comes from, and basically gaslighting her about her own experiences. What's next, are they going to start calling themselves FGM surviviors because of their circumcised dicks? I bet's already happened anyway.

No. 255511

>Degeneracy is most common with white people, but good looking out sis
Fuck off with your blatant racebaiting, sis

No. 255514



>are they going to start calling themselves FGM surviviors because of their circumcised dicks? I bet's already happened anyway.

Yes, they have. They also complain that calling it female genital mutilation is cissexist.

No. 255519

He looks like a Fred armisen character from portlandia

No. 255561

We just had a referendum on abortion here, won by a landslide. For the first time, the government can legislate for abortion, and now trans people are surfacing whining that the language around abortion "isn't inclusive enough".

I can't fucking believe it. We can't have anything for ourselves. Everything has to be about trans people. If you're FtM and ~so dysphoric and triggered~ by your female body why are you even having vaginal intercourse? Do you want to be male or do you want to look male and get whatever privilege comes with that while still having a fanny?

I'm fucking exhausted.

No. 255589

Congrats on the abortion win, I was rooting for you guys here in the US. (Also, I find it hilarious that fanny here means ass and for you guys it means vaginas).

Yeah, they've been doing that here for a while too. It's absolutely insane. It goes along with their "some men have vaginas, some women have dicks" bullshit. I'm just glad women are waking up to this shit. Transpeople are dead set on erasing us (but never set on erasing men), and women are getting sick of it. We already have to deal with bullshit from men, and now the troons are at it too.

No. 255598


In the last five years they have successfully lobbied lactation and midwifery organisations and clinics to remove the words "woman" and "female" and anatomical references that would trigger dysphoria. Now we have terms like chest feeding, pregnant person, birthing individual.

No. 255599

It's crazy, but what really gets me is the way a lot of them are phrasing it. There's a group that were doing a lot of good in the run-up to the ref, blocking out really grotesque pro-life shit outside maternity hospitals and stuff with rainbow flags, it was genuinely fantastic stuff.
What bugs me is that their attitude now is "we did something for you, now you owe us". It really rubs me the wrong way. It shouldn't be about "owing", I believed they were doing it because it was a good thing to do, not because they were going to turn around and demand to be included in something that shouldn't be affecting them differently at all.

No. 255607

as a canadian this jackass has singlehandedly turned me off of ever voting ndp in my riding, between trying to get an old woman's personal information to have her mass-threatened and belittling victims of FGM. sorry for not contributing anything other than that, but christ i hate this dude. he has to be one of the most selfish and callous people i've ever seen in such a public position.

No. 255608

my favorite (/s) is definitely being called a "uterus bearer" because that's not handmaid's tale level dystopic shit at all

No. 255633


“There are tens of thousands of transgender men and non-binary people in Ireland who can conceive, and when speaking about reproductive healthcare, we must always be mindful of that.”

Halpin said it was “imperative” that the upcoming legislation contained inclusive language to ensure transgender and non-binary people were not hindered by “legal barriers” when accessing abortion.

“By using the term pregnant people in new legislation, as well as protecting women, we are also protecting and respecting all gender identities should a crisis pregnancy occur,” Halpin said.

“You can legally be a man in Ireland & need an abortion. Laws should reflect that & include NB [non-binary] people too.”

In 2015, Ireland passed the Gender Recognition Act to allow people to legally change their gender without needing medical intervention or assessment by the state.


No. 255634

Ireland got that before abortion? What the heck?

No. 255635


Two courts, one in Pennsylvania and another in Virginia, last week disregarded students’ pleas for privacy in public school locker rooms and restrooms. The judges avoided making any distinctions between the sexes and ruled transgender students should be allowed to use the sex-segregated facilities that affirm their gender identity.

By adopting a subjective meaning of the word “sex,” both courts ruled that those asking for sex-segregated facilities had no claim to protection under Title IX or the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.

“Sex,” one judge declared, is “complicated.”

Only four minutes into Thursday’s oral arguments in the Pennsylvania case, Doe v. Boyertown Area School District, U.S. Circuit Judge Theodore McKee stopped plaintiffs’ attorney Randall Wenger and forbade him from defining the words “sex” and “opposite sex.”

“When you use the word ‘sex’ you complicate the discussion,” McKee told Wenger. “It’s not that simple. That’s why I use the term transgender boy or girl to try and get around that problem.”

Wenger replied, “Those terms stand in contradistinction because transgender wouldn’t make any sense apart from the terms.” But McKee again interrupted and demanded Wenger use “respectful” words.


No. 255641

Mack Beggs, 19, is a transgender boy who wrestles girls because the Texas high school athletic association, the University Interscholastic League (UIL), determines gender strictly by birth certificate, a policy approved in 2016 by 586 of 620 superintendents. Mack's certificate reads "female."

The Texas policy contrasts Connecticut's, which allows transgender kids like Andraya Yearwood to compete with whom they identify. Andraya, 16, is a transgender girl who won the 2017 Class M outdoor state titles in the 100 and 200 meters as a freshman.

Andraya isn't the first transgender athlete in Connecticut, but she's the most high-profile. In her first meet of the season, she ran an 11.9 100, just half a second off the state record. Personal medical details became public; though she's transitioned socially, the press reveals Andraya had yet to begin her hormone therapy.


No. 255642

File: 1527901487974.jpg (44.44 KB, 816x664, borZflR.jpg)

No. 255647


If I may be so vulgar, it's another case of troons before poons.

No. 255653

both these issues could be solved if people with above-female-average levels of T weren't allowed to compete with women.

No. 255662


Reducing a man's testosterone will not alter characteristics of sexual dimorphism such as body size, weight, muscle mass, and lung capacity which developed pre-transition.

I wrote a lengthy comment about this in a previous thread >>>/ot/230146


No. 255701

I was mostly referring to Beggs and how he shouldn't be allowed to compete with women anymore, I don't think Yearwood would ever be fit to compete with women. Thanks for the link anyway though, v informative.

No. 255741

A Facebook page called "Trans Voices for Repeal" popped up with only one post:
>“We had been informed that, during the course of the campaign, directors and representatives of Together for Yes stated that their exclusion of trans people from the campaign, and campaign messaging, was done purposely to reach the ‘middle ground’. Not only is the idea that trans people, and their lives, are confusing or repugnant to voters extremely offensive but, judging by the tallies and exit polls being released, it seems that it was entirely unnecessary.”

>“During the Marriage Referendum in 2015, bisexual people and trans people were actively excluded from the campaign’s literature. That referendum wasn’t about ‘gay and lesbian marriage’, and the use of such language was damaging to the mental health of bi and trans people at the time. That side of that campaign has been effectively whitewashed from history, and we will not allow the repeal campaign to be sanitised in the same way.”

I went to get a screenshot there but it seems that it was removed. I'm bisexual and I didn't have a problem with the fact that the previous referendum was said to be about "gay marriage" ffs how fucking fragile are these people? It really is a case of them trying to make everything about themselves. There are max about 200 people in the country who are trans but half of the population are biological women. Why do we need to rethink our campaigns, be mindful of our wording and erase women from official documents because 0.0042% of the population don't feel included?

I really feel like they're trying to erase women. It's taken me many years to proudly be a woman but these people want us to feel ashamed for that because we're "cis". I think it's incredible what the human body can do and I think women should be celebrated for creating life and being able to nurture it but they want that kind of praise instead. I love that women can work whatever job they want in this country but men keep wanting to push us back into the home and trans people want to take the accomplishments and opportunities women deserve in STEM fields. It's shameful to even admit you have female body parts now because god forbid it upset someone who is living in a fantasy world where they have those parts and they're fully functional and you just ruined the illusion.

Sorry for the rant, this has been annoying me during the referendum too. We can't even celebrate our win without this shit all over fb.

No. 255749

This, and lol

No. 255750

> tens of thousands of transgender men and non-binary people in Ireland who can conceive

yeah i kinda doubt this claim

No. 255751

Trans women, forever the least dateable

No. 255795

It's comforting to know I'm not alone. I mean I don't have a thing against trans people as a whole, you do you, but so many people I've met are either aggressively defensive of everything trans people do, or they straight up want them to go to whatever the trans equivalent of anti-gay therapy is.

There's another way, and it's realising that shit like trying to squeeze yourself into a campaign that isn't about you is b a d.

The middle ground voters, especially those unsure but traditionally conservative, would definitely be confused and put off by trans men knocking door to door campaigning for their right to abortion. In campaigns you have to appeal to a certain demographic, but they always want to make everything as extreme and out of the ordinary as possible, which just pushes a lot of people away.

Together for Yes definitely took the right approach to their campaigning. The message was simple and clear, whether anyone agreed or disagreed, and throwing trans issues into the mix would've muddled the message for the undecided voters AND given a lot of fuel to the No side. They were latching onto anything they could find to make the Yes side look like a cult of baby killing witches, and while it didn't work in their favour at all, it would've been a lot of extra shite to deal with if they'd started targeting trans people. It could've gotten very, very nasty.

No. 255799

I'm curious what other farmers would like to see happen in regards to the trans movement in an ideal world?

I personally feel that gender should be as simple as "what's between your legs" and with the exception of those born with some kind of physical deformity, you don't get to just decide you're the opposite sex because you throw on a pair of heels. These people also wouldn't be allowed in female competitions or to take opportunities meant for women.

Oddly enough, I don't really mind them in female bathrooms because I feel their safety is far far more at risk in the men's bathroom than ours is having them there. So far, there's been no attack by a transwoman in a female bathroom that I'm aware of (feel free to link me to an article if I'm wrong). However, I don't think they should go in the women's bathroom unless they're clearly trying to pass. Also, they shouldn't be in our locker rooms since that's an open space and you can easily see women undressing.

Those with gender dysphoria need to be forced to accept their birth gender. Transitioning doesn't even "cure" the dysphoria like everyone thinks, it's simply destroying your body to live a lie.

No. 255801

I think even in a society extremely open to gender non conformity most male and female would still fit into their gender stereotype. So I wouldn't mind transwomen calling themselves women but they couldn't be females they would be males presenting as females.

Transpeople shouldn't get the power to censor the vocabulary around the group they're trying to imitate and any of their issue should be treated as one of their original group.

I'm okay with them using whichever toilet as long as their appearance doesn't make anyone presence, so MTF would need to pass to use the women's restroom. men are not uncomfortable with women using their toilet so I think FTM could use male toilet even without passing.

Transition operations should be considered as cosmetic procedure and not medical necessities.

You compete with people of your birth sex.

No. 255803


Trying to ensure women aren't put at an unfair disadvantage in sports is catering to your oppressors, apparently.

No. 255826

>I personally feel that gender should be as simple as "what's between your legs"
Before the idea that gender is a feeling started to spread, the only times I've seen the word "gender" was to talk about someone's sex but in a formal and not scientific way, like in some ID papers for example.

> I feel their safety is far far more at risk in the men's bathroom than ours is having them there

I care more about MY safety and privacy than men in dresses's safety, regardless of how much they pass, since they never do anyway. If they choose to transition and put themselves at risk to find a solution for their dysphoria it's their problem, not mine. And yes, transitioning IS a choice.

No. 255843

>I feel their safety is far far more at risk in the men's bathroom than ours
Why the fuck should women put themselves at risk for the sake of men hurting each other? We're already lucky if we avoid getting assaulted in our lives, we don't owe them more chances.

I mean I do feel bad for trans people (or crossdressers, or feminine men, or gay men) who get beat up by straight men who hate homos and women. It's unfortunate that their homophobia is so extreme that they hurt other but that doesn't mean women should suffer for it, it's their own responsibility.

No. 255852

Trans people have the choice to present as female, too, women don't have a choice about having to piss in the woman's bathroom alongside stefonkne

No. 255854

True, but I don't celebrate the fact that men can't get away with dressing, acting or looking like a woman. I have zero issue with that, only with them thinking it makes them a woman.

No. 255869

Especially considering Ireland's population is only 5 million or so. Just looks like yet another massive over inflation of actual transgender numbers to me.

No. 255873

But women aren't actually at risk, though? When has a transwoman ever assaulted someone in a bathroom?

Also, the alternative is having to use the bathroom with transmen, who typically pass way better. If you want to talk hypothetical sexual assault/pervert scenarios, a cisman could easily come in the bathroom pretending to be a transman.

No. 255874

>men are not uncomfortable with women using their toilet
Uh, where? I doubt they'd be ok with women going in while they're pissing or something.

No. 255877

>but women aren't actually at risk, though?
>a cisman could easily come in the bathroom pretending to be a transman
Different anon but seriously? What if a cisman pretends to be a transwoman to enter our toilets, of course it would put us at risk. I don't care about the alternative, that's their own choice and they should figure it out by themselves. Trannies need to stop trying to invade our spaces.

No. 255885

They could literally just push for a third, unisex stall and they'd solve their problems without pissing off or trampling over the rights of anyone. They don't want to do that though because being allowed to use the women's washroom would be oh so validating to their identities.

No. 255889


There is no easy answer in the current sociopolitical climate regarding trans rights in which the ideology of feelings trump reality is becoming public policy.

Segregating sports by testosterone levels is to redefine sex which reifies trans ideology, as does allowing Max to compete against men even if the intent is to achieve athletic fairness towards women.

No. 255890

Nine women homeless women signed on to a lawsuit against Naomi's House and its parent company, the Poverello House, saying the last place they could go to feel safe is now dangerous because they're forced to shower with a transgender woman.

The Naomi House bills itself as a gentle haven of healing and a safe haven for single, homeless women, but a new lawsuit says it put a lot of women in harm's way in a very vulnerable spot – the shower.

It says the shelter requires them to shower in groups, and it opened its doors to a person who identified themself as a transgender woman who made lewd and sexually inappropriate comments, and leered at them while they were naked.

"This is the biggest fear they bring up, that you're going to have people who may not even be transgender in bathrooms and settings where people are naked and their privacy rights are being violated," said Peter Kapetan, who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the women.

Poverello House administrators tell Action News federal law says they have to treat a person identifying as a woman as a woman – and there's no way to test whether it's true.

They say they take allegations of bullying or sexual harassment seriously, but for privacy reasons can't reveal what actions they may have taken.

Naomi's House has had good experiences before with at least one transgender woman.

The staff was extremely accommodating," said Michelle Nastasis, a transgender professional poker player who stayed at Naomi's House a couple years ago. "In fact, we worked out a system where none of the girls would be offended when I went to take a shower."

Nastasis says she got along with some of the women who filed the lawsuit and everybody treated her with respect. She joins them in questioning whether the person accused of sexual harassment is being honest about their status as a transgender woman.

Legal analyst Tony Capozzi says the status is protected and the person's claim puts the charity in a tough spot.

"It may be because they're afraid of violating civil rights that they're not doing anything," Capozzi said. "But I think it's incumbent on Naomi's House to do something about this individual that's there - not because (the person) is transgender, but because (the person) sexually harassed other people."

The women say they repeatedly complained to staff members, but were told if they didn't respect the person's decision to identify as a woman, and if they refused to take showers at the same time, they'd get kicked out of the shelter.


No. 255897

From my own experience men don't care if a woman use their toilets. Might not be universally true of course.

No. 255903

File: 1528006765563.jpg (91.79 KB, 500x720, tumblr_inline_p9ci7loGTf1sh122…)

Truly an asshole

No. 255927

>Also, the alternative is having to use the bathroom with transmen, who typically pass way better.
Too bad for the transmen who pass then, since it was THEIR choice and nobody forced them to fuck up their body that much. They should think about the consequences of transitioning before actually doing and be prepared for women not being ok with pissing in a stall next to a transman's stall or a transwoman's stall. And besides, there are already unisex bathrooms so they're bitching over nothing.

>But women aren't actually at risk, though?

Since when? I don't want men in dresses to come in women's bathrooms if they're going to act like men and put hidden cameras in the stalls (I found a bunch of videos of that online and it's super disturbing and disgusting), sexually assault other women, or straight up beat them and threaten them when they ask simple questions. I think there are sources of that happening in this thread and in the previous ones. If you still don't believe me I'll try to look for other sources. But the fact that men are more violent than women on average is common sense anyway. And personally I don't want to end up changing my pad or tampon in a stall right next to an easily triggered transwomen who thinks that periods are transphobic and disgusting, but I guess that's just me.

No. 255932

>It's comforting to know I'm not alone.
I honestly don't think we're alone in this at all. I actually think our beliefs are quite common, it's just people are too afraid to speak out. Especially women.

>The middle ground voters, especially those unsure but traditionally conservative, would definitely be confused and put off by trans men knocking door to door

And to be honest, I think that's what a lot of people wanted. In their mind, yeah a lot of people would have been turned off and we could have lost but at least they felt included uwu Like I'm sorry, I don't mind what trans people do but I put women first. Always.

No. 255937

I propose following test: People wanting to change their gender legally have to actively participate in an anon messageboard for a year. If they get called out for being a troon
or being their birth sex more than 5 times, they lose their claim to the gender they're transitioning to.

No. 255939

I'm a biological wimmin and have been accused of LARPing twice on here.

But I kinda like this idea.

No. 255943

I bet that was in a timespan over a year.
I'm sure there are plenty of trans people who pass sufficiently well and just want to go through life quietly in the way that is most comfortable to them without causing a big stir, like most people.
It's the ones doing it for fetish reasons and the narcissists that need to insert themselves (and their penises, because lbr it's mostly MtT) everywhere where they're not welcome. They for sure couldn't fly anonymously for any length of time before the toxicity shines through.

No. 255946

the ones that "pass sufficiently well" are unicorns tbh

No. 255949

I’ve never seen someone who passes super well IRL. I’ve only ever seen them online. And I can’t help but wonder that they look like IRL.

No. 255977

File: 1528049047873.jpg (80.68 KB, 582x929, Ag7aBJuH.jpg)

Lesbian vlogger Arielle Scarcella has been making several tweets over the last 24 hours speaking up about am attack on a woman at a gay bar in the states, where she was pummeled by a group of trans people after "misgendering" and being ejected from the bar for her "lesbian shit" (as the bartender was quoted in her recounting of her attack.)

Had to roll my eyes when I saw shoe0nhead's token trans friend of all people responding to Arielle's tweets to accuse the victim of being at fault… as if there's any justification for a group of people, including males, gang beating a lone woman in an organized attack.

No. 255997

I hate how justifying something abhorrent and essentially wrong is now so fucking easy as to say "she was asking for it!". No, physical violence isn't okay unless physical violence is being done to you and being threatened against you. Stop pretending like someone sticking their tongue out at you or challenging your fee-fees is a warrant to act like a goddamn animal.

No. 255998

I agree 100% with this and it’s what pisses me off most about the shelter/prison/changing room issue, even moreso than the bathroom issue. Yes, men are violent towards gay/effeminate men. Men are violent. This is a problem with men. Making it (even more of) a problem for women as well by putting men into women’s spaces solves nothing and just increases the number of victims of male violence. But of course men can’t be fucked to get their own house in order when imposing on women is so much easier.

No. 256009

File: 1528061758777.jpg (313.26 KB, 813x677, gc.jpg)

From the Peak Trans thread on the GenderCritical reddit.

>I began having anxiety issues and I wanted to undo my transition and go back to male clothing, but when I told my mom these things, I got called a bunch of names and she was trying to oppose me at every turn, and my parents have come to reveal just how homophobic they are. Is your son gay? Pump him full of synthetic hormones and get a straight daughter; 99.5% more effective than electroshock!!

No. 256016

why does this thread always get so self-important and stunningly retarded? look around where you are. watch the threads full of hi cow, nitpicking, trolling, and unfiltered autism … you think this shit could be used as a measure of anything?
please anon, get out of the house more, and leave the discussion to the adults.


the fetishists are already obvious. actual trans folks do tend to fly under the radar (if they pass) because their original identity is toxic to them, so fuck bringing it up, let alone wearing it as a badge.

the problem of relaxed standards for legal change of gender is a serious one, but it doesn't have a simple answer.

No. 256020

You sound like a troon.

jk, but anon you might want to rethink if it is you who has the autism. Not every post on this site is to be taken at face value lmao

I hadn't heard about this before, wow. Gendertrender has a good rundown https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2018/06/01/non-binary-queers-gay-bash-lesbian-outside-st-louis-gay-bar-brag-about-it-on-twitter/

No. 256022

>actual trans folks
you've come to the wrong place

No. 256044

Did they forget about the part with the crippling pain? I guess FTM only want to feel blood rubbing against their genitals for some weird fetish/validation thing. Not the whole suffering and pain part.

No. 256055

>actual trans folks do tend to fly under the radar (if they pass)
Problem is they don't pass kek, the "actual trans folks" are only marginally more difficult to clock than the others

>trans folx

back to /tumblr/

No. 256109

Magdalen posted a new video.

Last weekend she was battered by a male attacker. Whether she was targeted for her views or because she a lesbian has not been determined.

Published on Jun 3, 2018

RE: “I asked my Corporate Job if I could Wear the Men's Uniform”

Ash Hardell seems to think women should have to identify as trans in order to have the right to wear comfortable clothes at work. In this video, Magdalen Berns outlines why this thinking is wrong-headed and explains why the “trans inclusive” policy on dress codes which Ash promotes is fundamentally anti-feminist.

No. 256156

Why are fucking trannies always "lesbians"? I made the mistake of not completely ignoring a tranny and now he tried to make moves on me even though I'm in a serious relationship with a man.

No. 256167

On the other note why are trannies so promiscuous?

No. 256169

>I made the mistake
Don't blame yourself anon, I'm sure he would've gone after you regardless. They have no regard for a women's feelings.

No. 256172

Why are 'new age' trannies on tumblr seems to be so blind on how the society actually works. They're just so obsessed about identity labels to a delusional level. You are either this or that and it spawned so many retarded labels out?

The way they speak seem to sound impossibly naive and most of them are into fandom and nerdy shit.

Really I'm really pitying these people.

No. 256184


because transbian are agp straight males who base their lives on a sexual fetish

No. 256285

This troon Lisa Kreut AKA Hailey Heartless was a speaker at the 2018 Vancouver Women's March. He's a dominatrix, "sex worker advocate", unionist and general local shit disturber constantly terrorizing his colleagues and fellow unionists with his fetishism. He's written several cringe articles on Medium detailing his sex activity at union events. A walking reminder of why we need workplace sexual harassment laws.

In this video, he talks about his balls and how he has "never had bottom dysphoria". Of course not, you worship your own cock.

No. 256294

This Ash person is so grating. Her video "coming out" as nonbinary to her mom is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen.

No. 256345

Ugh. I couldn't make it through Magdalen's latest video bc of her, it was just too cringe. I have never actually said this (and used to chastise my bf whenever he would) but .. whew does she have one punchable face.

No. 256358

File: 1528184903506.png (222.42 KB, 653x219, not a guy.PNG)

"No, I don't see myself as a guy!"

No. 256362


I know you're being hyperbolic/joking, but don't say shit like that. Violence is the main difference between GC and TRA.

No. 256364

File: 1528191684816.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

There's nothing wrong with saying someone has a punchable face online, sheesh. Ash has a punchable face and her Cal Chuchesta-esque voice is annoying as fuck too.

No. 256367

Not the anon you replied to but I think it just detracts from the GC movement by saying shit like "punchable faces" and it's kinda cringey.

No. 256368

Yeah, but that shit is exactly what TRA do to anyone GC. Call her ugly AF, say she has an annoying voice idgaf it's dumb but I literally don't care.

Like it or not but TRA are openly violent, they jump at the chance to call anyone GC the same. Don't add to that BS.

No. 256369

>Yeah, but that shit is exactly what TRA do to anyone GC
I don't care, actions speak louder than words and TRAs have exhibited that they are the violent ones. Even TRAs' words speak louder than ours; we're not out here making rape and death threats like they are, that anon made a harmless insult. This sounds like uwu nicefem respectability politics bullshit.

No. 256370

Nicefem = call them names as much as you want but avoid saying shit like 'punchable face' if you want to avoid acting like a TRA.

Ok lol.

Actions do speak louder than words but you've no doubt seen Terfisaslur.com? There's a lot of shit on there that TRA likely consider 'harmless insults'. It's not that hard to understand why you don't joke about hitting/punching/physically hurting someone. Especially as the same shit got an entire subreddit banned on reddit as it was used to target women especially for their looks. It has mysoginistic history.

Everyone here is better than that imho.

No. 256373

What's cringy is saying shit like 'punchable face'.

Don't get mad when folks call you out for shit that's a. violent and b. has misogynistic connotations in the only damn image board remaining for rad fems.

No. 256374

>Everyone here is better than that imho
Bitch, speak for yourself we're on a damn imageboard. Just stop trying to police other people's speech online kek, it is cringey nicefem shit.

No. 256375

>a. violent and b. has misogynistic connotations in the only damn image board remaining for rad fems.
Lolmayo, please go back to radfem tumblr

No. 256376

When you go back to reddit lol.

No. 256377

I'm not from plebbit kek. Seriously, go back to tumblr instead of making this thread your radfem uwu hugbox uwu don't bully da troons uwu.

Not all of us are radfems either, there's too much of this retardation for me to be a part of the community. I'm just GC.

No. 256378

And I'm not from tumblr. Weird how you think I give a shit about bullying troons when I just don't want GC to be overrun with violent crap like TRA are.

As I said before, insult their appearance as much as you like, I literally don't give a fuck. When you start saying violent shit though what do you think TRA's are going to screen cap and use to prove anyone GC is just as bad as them? How does it even add to the discussion in any way?

It's pointless and it is fucking cringy dudebro reddit shit. If you still want to say that shit, you might as well go visit reddit, you'd fit right in.

No. 256379

>"'punchable face' is violent ;o;"
>"I'm not from tumblr"
Yeah, sure.

Anyways, if I see ash hardell in public I'm going to beat her up and take her lunch money and all TRAs are welcome to use it as an example of terf violence until the end of time.

No. 256380

>Uses reddit memes
>Gets mad when told is cringy and violent like a TRA
>I'm not from le reddit

It's clear you're as thick as pig shit. So I'll stop detracting from any actual conversation now. :)

No. 256381

What reddit maymays have I used…? I didn't make >>256345 and I got the pic in >>256364 from google images.

No. 256385

"remaining"? When has there ever been a radfem presence on any imageboard aside from this one? lel

No. 256394

what's going on in BC for the province to be trooning out so hard?

No. 256405

tbf it's everywhere.

No. 256445

File: 1528208449992.jpeg (768.95 KB, 750x1258, 8672C43E-7384-4900-89D9-E319D3…)

A friend shared this on fb.

No. 256497


Honestly I think we're so open minded here in BC that collectively our brain has fallen out. There's zero reason to have given him a platform, ever. He has a cringey, disgusting website as Hailey Heartless where he advertises all the gross sex things he'll do for money, and as Lisa Kreut he's always sperging out all over FB about how intolerant and violent everyone is, especially the local Labour movement, then provides zero evidence.

And of course, he's friends with Shrek here

No. 256580

i just feel like every media-relevant canadian TRA is from BC, there are lots of vocal troons here on the east coast too but they aren't in the news like the ones from BC. all the notable GC/radfem figures in canada seem to be from the west coast as well.

No. 256686

File: 1528272344476.png (143.34 KB, 651x741, Untitled.png)

fakeboi i know posted this
based teespring

i don't really self identify as a terf, but I guess i share a lot of opinions and would be called a terfy nazo if were to voice them in a troon crowd

jokes on me for wanting to take biological women seriously

No. 256700

>Only TERFs see TERF as slur.
No, they use it like a slur. When people write on their twitter to "kill all TERFs", it's used as a slur and is not okay. God I hope this shit dies down soon.

No. 256703

So if I say "kill all asians", that makes asian a slur?

No. 256708

Yes. You're using "Asians" pejoratively. In other words, Asians is a slur in this context.

No. 256721

And that's one issue with those SJW types: context does not matter to them.

No. 256731

oh god, the teespring thing. looking at the replies to their official twitter last night made me nauseous, they're getting reamed on social media for supporting "a hate group" by (vaguely, passively even) expressing that the term terf can be used to target and harass women. saw someone say that teespring as a company is making things "unsafe" for trans people.

No. 256733

bless that website

No. 256788

File: 1528312562601.png (190.99 KB, 1080x901, IMG_20180606_151514.png)

I love how they spew bullshit like the first comment but never have any proof. I don't understand how these people have become so deluded into thinking that Gender Critical Feminists are compareable to nazis. It's fascinating

No. 256793

WHY WHY WHY are they always calling terfs violent? The majority of crimes against trans people are committed by men who have nothing to do with feminism in the first place. They bring up how many trans are forced into sex work which is dangerous, true, but do they really think it's the terfs who are booking these shemales for a quick fuck and then killing them? Fucking hell. At this rate alt-right gets less flack for "transphobia" than terfs

No. 256795

it's been discussed before, but i think they're so vicious towards "terfs" because they can't pull the wool over their eyes. if enough "terfs" stand against their agenda then the rest the feminists and women protect them will realize how stupid the whole thing is.

No. 256797


you know what's weird, if you look at the trend for the search term "terf" in canada, BC has way more hits than the rest of canada. I can't figure out how to link that specifically, but playing around with the search results is interesting. there are huge spikes over the years, they can probably be linked to media scandals.


if i had to guess what's up with BC specifically, i'd say that the vancouver women's library fiasco is related to a lot of it.

No. 256838


The library drama was insane. I volunteered there the summer after they opened. We always EXPLICITLY stated that membership was open to ALL "self identified" women. Regardless of our politics as individual members, the Library itself was actually TRANS INCLUSIVE. We even carried some dumb books written by transwomen. Guess how many transwomen signed up for membership? None while I was there.

No. 256846

>Vancouver anons

It warms my heart to know there are other gender critical farmers where I live. But also sad because I don't have that stuff in common with my real life friends.

No. 256847


We are a small but growing community! Keep your eyes peeled for events at the VWL and events put on by Vancouver Rape Relief. A great annual event for meeting other radfem women (and male allies) is the Montreal Massacre Memorial put on by VRR every December. I've also met and networked with so many through Facebook, actually. Just find public posts about local issues and look for the radfem comments and reach out ;)

No. 256853


i only saw the video of it a couple months ago, it's so fucking ridiculous. I was really impressed with some of the redditors who frequent /r/gendercritical, they ran a fundraiser and donated something close to 5k after this happened (as far as I know, if they ran off with the money and you guys never received anything, maybe I was misled).

And I'm not surprised, at all, that it was inclusive to transwomen and that it didn't matter. Michfest was the same way, but it was still protested. There's a reason that international woman's day and other mainstream feminist shithas to put trans women right in the goddamn front and center of everything, it's because they shut shit down if you don't dedicate a third of your time talking about how special dicks are.


I'm in alberta guys, i'm sending love from slightly east of you. keep it real guys

No. 257003

File: 1528398028652.jpg (887.09 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180608-045521_Twi…)

wondering if this ugly white dude decided to LARP as a muslim woman to combat male pattern baldness


>has nsfw twitter acct

tbh i clocked them immediately based on the thumbnail of their profile photo bc of the square framed heavy black glasses undoubtedly from the men's section of the optometrist

No. 257059

File: 1528405988929.png (353.95 KB, 590x309, 9s7jVaf.png)

Mutants are a stand-in for terfs in new X-Men comic book

No. 257078

Women don't need to be a protected class just buy a gun lol

No. 257095

File: 1528413531261.jpg (62.64 KB, 480x621, fa5.jpg)

The Assigned Male edits are cracking me up

No. 257128

Imagine living such a sheltered and dainty little life that you actually believe it to be this simple

No. 257129

This is….. literally infuriating. What hack editor let this fly? Who is responsible for hiring writers over at Marvel? WHY is a staff writer allowed to shill his personal, subjective agenda within the canon of a comic book universe?

No. 257131

That’s just one interpretation. Its not explicit. It’s just a depiction of mutants vs “inhumans.” You can read into that however you want.

No. 257137

File: 1528420879782.png (103.06 KB, 750x300, Brian 'Magdalene' Visaggio.png)

Of course the artist is a crazy trans activist. The comments section seems surprisingly sane though.

Marvel should be more careful about who they hire after they had to fire this guy last year: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/officially-fired-marvel-indonesian-artist-ardian-syaf-officially-says-jews-offended-no-mercy/

No. 257157

And Marvel is puzzled as to why their sales are plummeting like crazy.

No. 257179

Do you live in an anti-freedom country? Making a gun isn't hard you silly tart, just make sure to hide the body afterwards.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 257216

this seems weird to me
why would a lesbian woman want to date a trans man when trans men are actually just men?
I always figured once you're transition is complete, you're of that gender.

No. 257218

No, trans men are still women. It would only be weird if a lesbian dated a trans woman because they're men.

No. 257220

But I always figured a trans man counts as a man after having transition and being on hormones (same for trans women but in the other direction)
It seems weird a lesbian would want to be with someone who has a penis and who says they're male. (unless they're bi)
But well I don't really know much about it. I just try to be respectful and treat transwomen as women and transmen as men, wich is always what they prefer.

No. 257226

Uh, no? Sounds like you really don't know anything about trannies (or basic biology). Trans guys don't grow dicks or become male, they will always have vaginas and remain biologically female. There is nothing straight about a female dating a female.

>I just try to be respectful and treat transwomen as women and transmen as men, wich is always what they prefer.

Are you lost?

No. 257229

>Trans guys don't grow dicks
Obviously I was talking about surgery

>Are you lost?

Apparently. Bye.

No. 257231

File: 1528460234584.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.46 KB, 540x405, 69520155-659b-4959-9d18-2b9708…)

>implying this weird meat tube is a dick
most ftms don't even get surgery (who can blame them?)

No. 257232

*bottom surgery, but nowadays most don't get top surgery either.

No. 257237

What is it with trans activists and baseball bats? Are they so engrossed by the phallic symbolism?

No. 257249

File: 1528465255657.jpg (10.69 KB, 400x343, k2AqBWT.jpg)

What's the deal with trans women and anime?

I mean, fuck, they talk about how they want to be accepted in women's spaces but shit like their obsession for anime style striped socks and dyed hair make them stand out like a sore thumb.

I thought I used to be pro-trans but I just can't take it anymore. They always look like as if they want to be nothing but disposable living sex toys. And that's what they think woman are - but somehow, nobody is even talking about it or cricitizing them.

No. 257301

Because for them
Women = pastel flowers who are so delicate but also NAUGHTY!!! >:3

No. 257319

not really

many TiMs you see are from chans and like anime/traps. hell i feel like most of them become TiMs because of seeing anime and stuff. they were probably already obsessed with anime girls and just want to "become the little girl" are it were. if you go on places like /jp/ or /r9k/ you see the whole "become the little girl" or "traps aren't gay" memes, and i feel like since trans is in the spotlight right now it's just a natural turn for these gross misogynists.

No. 257329

Fucking hell that's disgusting

No. 257341

Tims say they're better women for having to "work" to be a woman, but the reality isn't "men are better at being women than women" inversely, it's
"Men are better at being sex objects that pander to men when they specifically tailor themselves to be feminine".

When they realize their identity hinges on toxic male approval, that being a woman isn't actually compliment slumber party with life on easy mode, and they've locked themselves preforming stereotypes…

well, the suicide rate and depression is no surprise, but it's their fault for falling for the meme and being whiny, nasty cunts about it.

They can have fun with their anal prolapses and dilation for all I care, they're still hideous, plastic and nasty in the personality, framing their world on mediocre anime.

No. 257389

I think it's the AGPs who do that shit

No. 257401

It is. It's rare for a homosexual troon to base his entire life on being a "soft anime loli".

No. 257484

File: 1528511230810.jpg (63.91 KB, 750x422, exploitive.jpg)

lol @ this neutral reporting. This is the Editor's note:

>Last, there are those who argue we are ignoring the fact that a transgender girl may have an “unfair” advantage. But what is fair or unfair in sports is, to a degree, subjective. Tall people have an advantage on the basketball court. Athletes whose parents can afford to send them to year-round training have a clear-cut advantage in soccer, tennis and other sports. Our notions of what is fair and unfair are often driven by our own frames of reference.


Hey while we're at it, maybe we can let able-bodied people compete in the paralympics? After all, fairness is only subjective. Male, female and special leagues were only created in a vacuum for no apparent reason, right?

No. 257490

File: 1528512486276.jpg (141.24 KB, 768x1024, alberta.jpg)

I'm Alberta too, rock on

Did y'all hear about how our new driver's licenses will have a third gender option? "Gender X" kek

No. 257530

No. 257605

they think not validating their identity is "verbal violence"

No. 257706

Oh sweet baby Jesus we have reached a new level of degeneracy. Hailey Heartless aka Lisa Kreut is doing a live sex demo to uhhhh educate people??? With some "porn star" (aka camtroon) named Olivia Cutie.


No. 257707

Canadian culture is paying $50 to watch two trannies fuck in the name of liberal bullshit

No. 257912

the entire thing is degenerate as hell but
>the fucking maid outfit

No. 258194

Because they're normally failed men who couldn't get laid before, so they over-indulge with each other

No. 258322

TRAs are notorious for not understanding the point of segregation generally speaking. They don't seem to understand that there are real reasons for different groups of people to be separate from one another, and, really, how could they? Most are straight white males.

They think sexual, sexual orientation, etc etc distinctions and segregation serve no purpose other than being a club for people with the same identity, a club you can join just by "identifying as" the same thing as its members. It's just a way to reinforce their ~womanhood~.

No. 258526

File: 1528754220564.png (27.95 KB, 651x85, Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 4.56…)

anyone wanna guess the gender identity of this fellow?

No. 258573

I don't think there is a single place in decent human society that it's acceptable to share these thoughts. You're telling me this isn't someone anonymous?

No. 258725

File: 1528816029928.png (20.6 KB, 822x195, ANIME.PNG)

No. 258726

Just found where that was posted
>admits to having Cluster B Personality Disorder

No. 258857

The looks on the girls' faces at the end…

No. 258858

This is really sad. We're talking about girls that are most likely losing their opportunity to get sports scholarships in the future. Girls that will never have any fucking chance to ever win. This makes me so mad!

No. 258860

the comments on that video jfc

No. 258862

People in that comment section are shit eaters. Acting like those racers are the ones who personally invited a man to race with them as if they had any say.

No. 258881

aaaaaaand of course the responses mostly involve shitting on real women, not the trannies.

No. 258898

They're mostly incels tho and we all know how awful they can be. Here's the same video with more views and reasonable comments.

No. 258951


“A transgender girl is a girl and ought to be treated like a girl,” Erin Buzuvis said. “If you start to put limitations or exclusions on their participation, not only do you run the risk of violating state anti-discrimination law, but also you are disregarding and disrespecting a population of students based on a core aspect of their identity, which is something that schools should not be in the practice of doing.

“I understand that it appears to many people as an inequitable playing field, but they don’t have any context or knowledge about how that athlete’s life would be if she weren’t transgender. And it would be possible she’d be beating their daughters if she was cisgender (someone who identifies with their birth sex).”


If "she" weren't transgender, he would be competing against other males, and there wouldn't be an issue.

If "she" were biologically female, there wouldn't be an issue.

Spoken by a woman who advocates for the rights of women under Title IX, a statute intended to eliminate sex based discrimination.


No. 259181

File: 1528929501599.jpg (174.73 KB, 800x673, OH FFS.jpg)

No. 259201

Kinda off topic but some trans men look so freakishly like the real thing it's scary. We can only hope those people don't go around lying to innocent women.

No. 259225

At first, I was really upset by the trolls in comments saying this is all women’s fault or this is what feminists wanted. But actually, they’re right and it is devastating. It’s LIBERAL Feminism’s fault this has happened because they threw old school feminists under the bus to put trans women, even those bearded clowns who refuse to medically or socially transition, front and center of everything. They took away to medical aspect of transgenderism and replaced it with anti-science fluff. Even issues concerning biological women’s health and anatomy!

I’ve always been the outcast “bleeding heart” of my family. I have lost relatives and had them spread malicious gossip about me just for having the most benign views of tolerance. Essentially, living by The Golden Rule, treating everyone as an individual and just trying to hear people out and do my research before judging them. Nothing extreme, but I consistently disagreed with many conservative issues, especially when it came to LGBT. It’s actually a huge trauma in my life that I have conservative relatives that HATE me because I simply fact-checked a stupid anti-LGBT meme they posted and provided them with links to scholarly articles. I was never mean or name-called the whole time and yet they consider me good as dead!

I never thought in my lifetime that I would ever be considered not liberal enough until witnessing this catastrophic shift in liberal ideology. It’s completely devoid of logic and evidence-based research. This new movement considers me the enemy. A so-called TERF even though I have always been an ally when it comes to basic human rights and empathy towards individuals with gender dysphoria. They group me to in with the very people who despise me and abandoned me BECAUSE I didn’t think just like them. My only solace now is that I no longer live in the USA and don’t need to move back anytime soon.

No. 259235

while i can only say i'm really sorry for your family situation anon, i feel you on a lot of the ideology stuff. i'm a bisexual woman and was always liberal in basically every way except for on feminist issues where i lean more radfem and don't care for liberal feminism at all. but because of that i and other bi/lesbian women labelled "terf" are lumped in with the far right and religious conservatives. as in people who would often rather see a woman interested in other women dead.

i hate how liberalism has just boiled down to your opinion on trans activism being the line between being a person or a punchingbag, it's the most divisive issue right now and being too "terfy" can cost you your safety, privacy, job, etc. realizing how much the left actually doesn't give a fuck about women has really brought me down, and unfortunately it seems like it'll just keep getting worse as more violence against women is excused every day (and even celebrated, if it's against a "terf".)

No. 259845

The replies are on point. We don't owe them anything. The fuss they're kicking up is fucking embarrassing, and their whining during the lead-up to the referendum is what led me to finally read these gender critical threads here.

You don't get special trans points for not being an asshole during the referendum. We'd probably be further along with equality if it wasn't for ~soft pink-hair trans bois~ and men who think that being female is about being a sex object. I'm sick of it.
In college, all our Student's Union seems to care about is trans-inclusive language and gender neutral bathrooms, not important things like how the college is squeezing money out of people or how there are little to no lunch facilities, or how they replaced a student restaurant with a fucking bank.

Also, I think Trans Voices for Repeal deleted their facebook page? I don't know if there's any drama around it but I'm glad there's no chance of it popping up in my feed.

I'm so, so scared of ever saying any of this irl though. The people I know are so blindly pro-trans-everything that it would be complete social suicide.
I really hope this trend fades away, I'm so sick of it.

No. 259848

>i hate how liberalism has just boiled down to your opinion on trans activism being the line between being a person or a punchingbag
Same here. It doesn't matter anymore where you stand or what you've done for LGB rights, female reproductive rights, racial minorities, disabled people, homeless people, disaster relief or anything else, as soon as you let on that you don't think men become women just by saying so, you're a literal nazi.

I really hope that this narrative alienates people at a faster pace than it can enact lasting changes in society. At some point enough good people will have hit peak trans that we can turn it back around, right?

No. 259853

Hey farmers! I would love to get an advice or anything.

Thing is, that we've got a mtf in our friend circle (who is, well, really, really obsessed with the idea of being femininein a really creepy way but w/e). There's also a NEET with autistic traits, but itsmore like he seems like one because he is really weird, creepy and a huge, huge attention seeker.the second person never goes outside and spends all of his time on videogames and course, attention shit. His mental healthis childish as fuck, he cant make any decisions himself and is a huge manchild who is again, an attention seeker and tries his best to make everything about him. After a month of being around this friend circle, I found out that our MtF convinced the creeper that he's a transgender, meanwhile in a reality he is just a footfetishist (there's alot of proofs about it). He found his profit in pretending to be a girl even thoughhe doesn't put any effort in that - heck, even grew a beard. He also tried to leech on every at least little bit popular person in one mmorpgcommunity (Aka leech) , while playing the uwuinnocent role, and trust me, his 'trying to be sooo qt and puurrr' shit seems so, so cringy and catfishy.But every person realises how creepy he is so in the endthey leave him. So I've got a problem. Peoplebeen calling him as his chars nickname for short (which Is my real name) andafter he turned into a transgender he started seeming even more creepy which caused me to feel more than uncomfortable about the fact that he begs people in circle to call him as my IRL name. I called it out alot,I asked him to stop all of this (knowing that he calls himself as other nickname in other servers and communities…) but I couldn't get any respect, any actual feedback. He just kept ignoring it OR creating a stupid excuse like 'b-but I liekkkkk dis name'while playing mtf card. I know, I know that this problem sounds stupid as fuck. I also try my best to ignore that he kept trying to copy cat me, but i just, i get so lost everytime they call him like that, knowing there's other options. And they do so because he asks to do so… Maybe people it funny when I don't understand to who they refer and such, but I don't because im sick of it. It's not my fault that it's myreal name… And I also don't want to be associated with this freak at all costs. Jfc man.

No. 259857

is anyone in this thread detransitioned/reidentified? i thought i was trans for a while, had plans to transition and wanted to be a man more than anything but really i was just an insecure and traumatized teenager who thought living as a man would solve all of my problems and prevent myself from being sexually abused again. i think the trans fad will die out once people start questioning what exactly makes them uncomfortable with their sex and going to a therapist who will get to the root of it, not just pump them full of hormones immediately

idc about men ruining their lives and bodies, they created a misogynistic society that put us into this mess to begin with but it makes me so upset when women (especially lesbians) resort to transitioning to try and solve whatever demons they have

No. 259883

>they created a misogynistic society that put us into this mess to begin with

uuuh. no. that's not how it works.

No. 259964

>uuuh. no.
Type like a normal person. What do you mean? You don't believe in the male centered society that was established by force?

No. 259965


That's exactly how it works.

No. 259967

i can talk like i like, but i just don't give into the liberal koolaid that people who benefit from something pre-existing are the cause. modern men aren't the cause of misogyny, they are simply continuing a shitty trend, plus, trannies aren't even trying to take advantage of their privilege as men. they're just trying to become women because they think they have an advantage.

No. 260008


>trannies aren't even trying to take advantage of their privilege as men

Yes they are, open your eyes. The only reason women bend over backwards to accommodate them is because they are men. They talk over women, command us to use their newspeak, demand special privileges and new laws passed to validate their delusions, and came up with the "cotton ceiling" because they are males with a uniquely male sense of entitlement. Virtually none of these troons want to live quietly as women, they do not see themselves as our allies or our sisters, they despise women more than anything and they can't handle it when women don't want to fuck them. So they have to FORCE us to comply, the same way any other man would. They are absolutely taking advantage of their maleness and they waggle it in our faces every freaking second.

No. 260025

you totally misunderstood anon, she's saying that literally. like they aren't satisfied just being happy as privileged men they have to become women because of their entitlement. liberals are in no way bending backwards for them because they're men, they're doing it because they're playing as women.

No. 260928

I was watching a Twitch livestream recently of the video game Splatoon and during it a member of the chat mentioned “playing as the male inkling triggers my dysphoria”
Now the characters are humanoid but they’re fucking squids. Virtual squid people. If I hadn’t already reached peak trans, this would have done it for sure.

No. 260940

File: 1529382426034.jpg (604.89 KB, 1242x1345, 1529356343245.jpg)

carrying a pregnancy to term and breastfeeding causes less dysphoria than having breasts, even though biological men also have breasts. okay then

No. 260947

what was your "peak trans" moment, anons?

No. 260955

I don't know if that counts because it's not really sudden. I was really into tumblr some years ago and for some reason fandoms were really linked to social justice. So a bunch of my mutuals supported trans rights and lgbt rights and since I support lgb rights I was ok with them saying that transwomen were women, that men can get pregnant too, and other statements. I don't know, I thought my mutuals just knew better when talking about these things. There was the suicide of Leelah Alcorn at some point and I felt like people got even more involved in supporting trans rights because people not treating trans people with respect would lead them to depression and suicide. Given that I read about the boy (because let's be real, Leelah Alcorn is a boy) was treated like absolute shit when he came out to his parents I thought it was weird that almost nobody mentioned that maybe being abused by his parents could have led him to suicide as well.

I noticed that after that, things escalated gradually and my mutuals went from "we should respect trans people and support them because they have dysphoria and are badly treated by society" to "transwomen ARE women/transmen are men, if you disagree you're a transphobe and we'll dox you and beat you up". And since for them not agreeing with that statement was:
>not wanting to be in the same changing rooms as men who barely make any effort to present as women
>not wanting to have sex with trans people for very obvious reasons
>thinking that a transwoman born as a guy and living as one for decades with all the advantages it brings isn't more oppressed than your average woman
>talking about health issues that are exclusive to women and reproductive rights,
basically you were a disgusting bigot and terf on par with nazis and other genociders if you talked about your own life and experience as a woman on the internet or irl. There's also the fact that since I was into fandoms and trans headcanons were everywhere, I noticed how shallow and annoying the usually young trans fans were. They legit thought that characters who were crossdressing or not stereotypically masculine or feminine were trans, and that the okama trope in manga and anime was good representation.

I decided to unfollow everyone who would agree with that nonsense, even I don't really talk about this online in the first place. I left tumblr and now I block every trans activist I find on twitter and it's much better to browse.

I also never really thought about it all that much before but I never understood why, in my country and from what I gathered, dysphoric people could be reimbursed for plastic surgery, trans people or not, but trans people are so ungrateful that they think passing tests to be diagnosed as dysphoric before getting surgery and treatment for free is bigotry. They really don't realise that their surgery and hormone injections aren't even necessary and shouldn't be paid for by taxpayers and some people have a hard time getting diagnosed and treated for really fucking horrible diseases and disorders because of assholes like them who want treatments for no good reasons. AND, all of that was before I discovered how misogynistic and perverted transwomen actually are, because of the myths that they can totally pass irl and they just want to live a normal life. My post isn't very coherent but whatever, I'm tired.

No. 260957


saged because this is long and it's pretty much all blogging

peak trans happened for me while i thought i was ftm, actually. it didn't make any sense to me that people who were heavily invested in feminism never touched on the issue of transwomen speaking over actual women and acting as though they're the most oppressed, despite most of women's rights issues being directly related to our anatomy. i used to go to a youth lgbt group thing at the time as well (i was about 16 or 17) and when i talked about those things while i was there, i was pulled aside after the meeting and told that i was upsetting the other people there and that i wasn't allowed to come back, unless it was with an apology. i didn't think i had done anything wrong, i wasn't being mean or purposely antagonizing and mind you, it was the adult staff that had told me not to come back, not even the other teenagers who were there with me.

when i saw how many lesbians were harassed and threatened for not wanting to suck mtf dick, that's when i started to especially resent transwomen and realize they weren't any different from other hetero men. it also made me really angry how lesbians and gay men were being pressured into becoming trans instead of just being allowed to be gnc, i started following a ton of radfem blogs and was really into it for a while, i eventually stopped reading them passionately all the time but i still have the same views. the only difference now is that i don't think i'm trans anymore and no longer have any plans to transition, but i feel like the fact that i got so fed up while i still considered myself to be part of that community says a lot to how awful it is.

No. 260972

My peak trans moment was realising they want access to women’s spaces whilst men’s were being left untouched and unchaged, as well as the harassment of lesbians and demanding sex from them to justify their own delusions.

No. 260985

I have this niche hobby, nothing wild but for some reason the community also attracts a lot of weird but mostly harmless people. A few years ago there was a steady influx of new users, and for some reason a lot of them were autistic transbians and fakeboys.
The first thing that ticked me off was how many new users included stuff like "Oh and I'm a girl btw :3 ;)" into their introductions. Next thing I remember was a private message I got from some user I didn't even remember interacting with. I wrote something like "I agree with them" in a thread and this user was fuming and pointed to their signature, where apparently it said to use any gender-neutral pronoun for this person, except they/them. I didn't even display signatures and it was double retarded because I was actually talking about multiple users.

My true peak trans moment though must have been when the NEET girl admin of our community chat server declared it a safe space for self-diagnosed trans people after befriending a delicate mtf in his mid-thirties and a teenage sjw tranny that started hanging out in the server for some reason, despite not being part of the community and having no interest in the hobby behind it. The tranny guy had a habit of posting passive-agressive smilie faces when something made him uncomfortable, like me jokingly calling a friend a dick, so that the admin could do a ~friendly uwu reminder~ that talking about genitals can trigger dysphoria in some people and shit like that.
The final straw was the sjw tranny, he didn't like me because I am a native speaker of his "heritage language" and corrected him when he embarrased himself using google translate to prove he is a native speaker too. Ever since then he would constantly ping me, asking super loaded questions to find something we disagree on.
One day I took the bait when he asked me if I agreed with trans people going through consultation before transitioning. Of course I agree that people can't just go to a doctor one day and demand hormones and their tits to be chopped off. Of course I didn't word it this way but what followed was him literally spamming me with more loaded questions and the usual buzz-phrases. Apparently offering counselling to trans people is oppressive and literally trans erasure and who the fuck knows what else. The admin was fine with this too, because "She has a point though".
Fun thing is, I never even questioned trans people before this. No wonder they have this huge persecution complex if they think anything else but shutting the fuck up and sucking their ladydicks is transphobic.

Holy wall of text though.

No. 261010

I actually was in full support of trans people and I still am, providing they keep to themselves. But once many years ago I mentioned to a friend on fb that I was uncomfortable with trans people being in my bathroom and holy shit the flood of Tumblrinas came after that with "You think you're comfortable? Guess how they feel!" and I guess that's when I realised that they care more about the comfort of trans people and making them feel validated over the safety of women.

That's also why I feel the whole trans thing is inherently anti-women.

No. 261011

I've had some irl moments with TiMs at my university that kind of pushed me toward the peak, but the moment I definitely had enough was seeing this video. It still pisses me off to this day.

No. 261016

Dear lord these delusional autistic fat fucks

No. 261025

This is hilarious
>Ever since then he would constantly ping me, asking super loaded questions to find something we disagree on.

No. 261060

I've always been GC. I first learned about trans people in 2010 during an news story on tv about "the first man to ever give birth" or something along those lines. I asked my mom how that works and she said "it's just a girl pretending to be a man". I've always seen trans people as LARPers. I reached peak trans when I was 16 and I saw how troons and thier supporters treat victims of rape and go to extreme ends to defend transgendered rapists. I remember seeing things like "trans women can't rape cuz they are more opressed that cis women and the opressed can't harm thier oppressors" and reading stories from survivors who had to deal with people defending thier rapists due to being trans

No. 261092

I was in the hetalia fandom (I know, guys) a few years ago and suddenly a lot of my mutuals started identifying as men. That was the first time I came across it and I supported them, had the whole libfem discourse, etc, but was never really involved in it.

Then around three years ago one of my best friends from university came out as a mtf, which came as a surprise, since he was a big misogynist who made fun of gnc people, mostly guys. I supported him until I finally realised things didn't add up and started posting some soft gender crit stuff on my facebook. Apparently one of those triggered him and he asked me why I was posting hate (the post was something like "if you feel uncomfortable with others language, you don't need to police it, you need therapy"). So I finally told him that I didn't believe in trans madness anymore and stopped all the contact. Best decision I ever made.

No. 261096

If a topless woman was ever shouting at me in public about nonsense:
>takes out phone
>dials emergency number
>Hello I'm being aggressively harassed by a woman at _location_ it is occurring right now what should I do?

>Crazy topless woman leaves location

No. 261098

I think it would be great if troons dated each other and left normal people alone.

Did that guy said 'I'm a lesbian'? Barf.

No. 261136


late as fuck but im so sorry that happened to you and i hope you heal.

Keep strong supportive women around you, they do more healing than you realise.

No. 261145

The "peak trans" moment was when my ex started to reveal they wanted to transition.
I remember them starting to mock this person they were following on tumblr who started transitioning. My ex basically became a mirror image of this person they barely even knew. After that, things started getting progressively worse. They wanted to go "poly". They made me send them photos of dragon girls while I was away from them. They stole my clothes and makeup when I moved out. They tried to make me think about gender shit and the entire time I was just thinking, "but masculinity and femininity doesn't even describe gender. why does this even exist?"
I honestly can't put it into good words how much my ex and his friends affected my view of "peak trans". It's too long and a lot of it overlaps with personal relationship problems because these people are just terrible with having relationships with normal people.
I actually have a lot of trans friends still, but they are not the ones who act like they want to be the spokesperson for their identity 24/7. The whole "solidarity" stuff is hilarious because the last time I checked up on my ex, he was partying with known child predator Richard "Terra" Jones.

No. 261150

Warning for vent ahead

I work at a women’s gym and recently we have a trans”woman” coming in during my shift. My job is to basically set up machines for members, adjust their weights so they don’t plateau, motivate them, etc. So I get stuck with this fucking man having to set him up for his first time, all the while he’s trying to speak quietly/higher pitched and was telling me about how he used to be able to max out this and that machine. I guess he was nervous but he came off as arrogant as fuck. Keep in mind we have other branches that are co-ed like…5 minutes from the women’s gym. He came in as a guest initially but is now a full-on member and ALWAYS comes in at the same time i have my shift but he wears BRIGHT fucking pink, tennis skirts, has this awful fried orange hair and typical wannabe makeup. Also has the complete body of a man, broad shoulders, tall, but has tits…idk it seems like the circus dropped off their resident crossdresser every time he comes in. So my sweet anons please help, do I continue to use female pronouns with him to avoid disciplinary measures (I assumed my higher-ups are cool with this??? Older women come here and can’t be cool with it) or say something to my manager? I’m well-liked by the people I work with, so I don’t really want to estrange myself, but I feel honestly…angry every time this man comes in to our space! Can we not have a WOMEN’S gym?? Christsake…

No. 261160

I'm not sure I can remember, it's just been a gradual realization for me. There's always been this part of me, even in my most pro-LGBT days, where I'd think to myself "Isn't this a bit like wearing womanface?" And with the transracial shit that started coming out years later, it only solidified my thoughts. A white woman considering herself a black woman is universally derided, yet men can dress up like female cliches and are accepted.

I was even okay with the whole bathroom issue for a while too. It was a big hullabaloo in North Carolina, my state, and a bunch of companies like Paypal decided to try to strongarm us by not doing business here. (Meanwhile, Paypal has headquarters in locations like Singapore and Saudi Arabia, hardly bastions of LGBT rights). I guess me going "I don't care if I share a bathroom with a transwoman was me trying to be nice and understanding, as women often do. Nowadays, I just find myself wanting people to stop being cheap fucks and just make a third gender neutral bathroom. At least them maybe women can be left in peace.

I started approaching peak trans more and more witnessing the stupidity of Tumblr/Twitter and the way transwomen were taking over feminism, and the way lib fems would prioritize them over biological women.

No. 261164

Submit an anonymous complaint. Who knows if anything would come if it though. Hopefully no discrimination lawsuits. Who tf can say, these days. Sorry anon.

No. 261175

You can't do anything because it could cost you your job but do the other gym users have a problem with it? Have they sent in any review cards? I mean it's a gym for women and they're probably there to feel safe and avoid the glare of men (uh, *trans lesbians) so maybe if enough complained about being uncomfortable and taking their business elsewhere, your manager might be forced to do something about it.

What happens in that situation anyway? It's hardly like they can take this person aside and be like "We have suspicion to believe you're a man and it's making people uncomfortable" and they know it.

No. 261176

I know a trans person who fits this description perfectly and they recently posted photos of their new bathing suit so I’m worried for the women of their local pool

No. 261179

It's risky, trying to do anything to report the guy could get you fired and maybe the guy will try to sue the company you work for or something similar for discriminating against him and his gender identity. Don't put yourself at risk when it's not even guaranteed he'll be kick out of the gym. I don't know if there's a way of getting feedback from other women who go to the gym at the same time as he does, maybe it'll help your managers realize the man doesn't belong here.

No. 261221

Thanks anons. It’s just so frustrating every time he comes in, like I know he’s in the changing room with women I’ve made friends with, I know women who are uncomfortable probably can’t/won’t say anything…I just wish men would stay out of our spaces. And yeah anon, “trans lesbians” but totally not men lol

No. 261242


Gender dysphoria is no longer a mental disorder, but treatment can still be billed to insurance and the state.

Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. The rationale being that while evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder, and indeed classifying it in this can cause enormous stigma for people who are transgender, there remain significant health care needs that can best be met if the condition is coded under the ICD.


No. 261252

so instead of trying to remove the stigma we need to give these babbies super special attention.

No. 261253

In depth article in the new issue of The Atlantic about young TiFs and several who ultimately detransitioned.

When Children Say They’re Trans

Hormones? Surgery? The choices are fraught—and there are no easy answers.

But when it comes to the question of physical interventions, this era has also brought fraught new challenges to many parents. Where is the line between not “feeling like” a girl because society makes it difficult to be a girl and needing hormones to alleviate dysphoria that otherwise won’t go away? How can parents tell? How can they help their children gain access to the support and medical help they might need, while also keeping in mind that adolescence is, by definition, a time of fevered identity exploration?


Of course the trans lobby decries the article and seeks to deplatform the author.


No. 261263

File: 1529537339411.gif (1.93 MB, 460x259, 1498240924168.gif)

The comments in the Jezebel article are both frustrating and kind of funny. There is a thread where two people, a MtT and obviously a GC feminist, are having a discussion and after a very politely worded response from the GC woman, other people barge in writing "being trans isn't a mental illness!!1" and "STRAWMAAAAN."

It's almost like anytime they're faced with logical discussion they can't talk around, they default to insults and buzzwords.

No. 261291

>Gender dysphoria is no longer a mental disorder

Sad to hear that. Let's keep people mutilate themselves and then putting a noose around their necks, instead of treating them. Good choice uh

No. 261293

When I asked a mtf what's like to "feel like a woman" and that beast just answered "I like pink, dresses, you know, girl stuff."
"You can like girl stuff and stay still a boy. All the things you listed are not a woman feeling, but what the society thinks it's "girly". Does this mean that me loving blue makes me trans?"
He blocked me.

No. 261308

fucking died at "i'm not lesbian i'm QUEER"

No. 261313

I don't understand how dysphoria can't be comorbid with at least some sort of schizotypal or personality disorder. The most "reasonable" tranny I personally know seems normal until they start spouting off about being a georgist and insane conspiracy theories like it's totally acceptable and everyone's just like "uhhh…". The other tranny I know talks about his girldick and draws creepy pictures of girls he likes and has sexually harassed them.

No. 261317


Does anything say they can't be comorbid?

No. 261320

No. 261325


Jesse Singal’s piece about “detransitioners” was both well-reported and empathetic — so why is he being attacked?


No. 261326


TLC UK has a playlist of four clips from the travesty that is that show.


No. 261327


She says that now that she has detransitioned a lot of radical feminists have a problem with her, but she doesn't explain or give examples.

She has a blog and Youtube channel.


No. 261328

Considering its being redefined as a sexual disorder and not mental, I assume no?

No. 261334


Comorbid means having two conditions at the same time. A diagnosis of gender dysphoria or gender incongruence does not preclude having other conditions, be they mental or physiological.

No. 261352

Was confused about that as well. Later in the video she only mentions trans people not liking her talking about her detransition.
I feel with many girls and women, this gender dysphoria stems from how we are treated by society at large, so they just don't want to be women anymore, which is so sad.

No. 261356

I had known trans people even before it became a Tumblr thing and I was always kind of iffy about mutilating your body irreversibly just because you thought you were someone else, but I didn't pay it much mind because I was sure such things as female/male brains existed and I just brushed it off as someone being literally born into wrong gender trying to fix things up. The trans people I had met were sensible and just like normal people, living their lives in peace but simply having transitioned with their gender. I also had been struggling with my own sexuality (female-leaning bisexual) and gender issues since early childhood because people kept telling me that I wasn't girly or ladylike, I was acting and dressing up like a boy, I had masculine traits and interests etc. So the idea of transitioning seemed to resonate with my feelings as well. I could become a legal male and not endure the pressure put on females, sexual abuse and girls would finally like me if I was a guy? I started sinking more into it.

I almost went out of my way to transition. I dressed up as a man whenever I could. I started freaking out at the sight of my body. I started doing weight training to gain more muscle and be less feminine. I even began using they/them pronouns. That familiar song being sung for a lot of FTM people. But when the trans activism community started gaining more traction I started seeing more flaws with the issue. So here's what started my peak trans.

1.) Transracialness. Why would it be okay for a male to feel female, the gender oppressed for centuries, but not for a white person to feel black, the oppressed race? Why was transracialness so outlandish, but transgenderism wasn't?
2.) The nonbinary bullshit. I started noticing that a lot of NB people were born female. At this point I began reading up about radical feminism and the thought about internalized misogyny causing young girls to abandon their femininity struck me as familiar. They didn't want to be women, but not men either. The point about being nonbinary was just to escape femininity.
3.) The detransitioners. How people regretted transitioning. Their stories about how some of them were basically confused with their homosexuality and thought it was their gender that wasn't right. The people who had gender-related traumas that the psychiatrists didn't even look into before sending them off to get expensive surgeries.
4.) The pussy march and the trans reaction to it. The autogynephilic transwomen and their cotton ceiling nonsense. This really could be defined as my breaking point. I was so disgusted by them calling women "womb-carriers" and other outrageous things when breaking into female-only spaces.
5.) What really put the last nail in the coffin: the realization that transgenderism was just another kind of conversion therapy. Homosexual males being pressured into transitioning into women and lesbian females being pressured into transitioning into men. It's like the fucking middle ages trying to make a comeback.

After that I've been finding out more and more enraging traits in the whole ideology but these 5 points, most likely similar to a lot of people who have reached peak trans, did the trick and had me snap myself out of it. I'm now fully identifying as female and happy about my gender, I still occasionally get twinges of "I wish I was a male" but they're getting very rare. And after all, you should be able to be a butch, masculine, non-heterosexual woman or at least pave the way for the younger non-gender stereotype conforming people.

No. 261360

Anon are you me?

My story is basically the same. Except I hated my femininity because my father is a sexist asshole. I guess I classify as "radfem" now but I'm not "out" about it to my friends because of the current social climate.

But now I'm trying hard to own just being who I am and to hell with it. Next will be addressing the homosexuality I suspect I've suppressed thanks to my father losing his mind when I was 16 and he found out I had a girlfriend.

No. 261364

Yup. Sort of. I couldn't articulate this properly before I got peaktransed and decided to read more about this, but fuck did I hate my female body during my teenage years. It made me develop an eating disorder because I was desperate to starve my secondary sexual characteristics away. Then on top of that I'd bind my breasts, dream of a double mastectomy, buy clothes from the men's session, cut my hair short etc. Never thought I might "be a man" though, I just didn't want to be seen as a woman. Androgyny was the goal. I was vaguely aware that trans people existed and I could, in theory, get HRT, but that seemed so damn extreme. I could do with being bone-thin with a short haircut and tight sports bra just fine.

I shudder at the thought that if I were five or six years younger I most certainly would not have seen transitioning as the extreme, lifelong, EXTREME process it is. Instead of growing up, getting therapy, and learning to accept my body I would have been enabled, egged on, and rewarded for hating my body, mutilating it, and trying to live a lie as the opposite sex. Me and so many others would have been seduced by the easy way out.

Which brings me to another TRA argument that makes my fucking blood boil:
>not all women have the same experience of womanhood!
>terfs who say that transmen are self-hating women don't respect that not all women have the same experience!
>some women love their bodies and this is somehow an argument that proves women who deform and mutilate their bodies don't do it out of self-hate REEEEEE
No. Just… no. Unless you are some sort of nun cut away from the rest of the world, if you grew up female you WERE exposed to a culture that makes rigid demands of our bodies at all times. You can't escape it.

Every woman grows up under the belief that women are supposed to be good looking, because our worth is based entirely on that. Not just good-looking, but attractive to men. Tits, ass, a pink innie cunt - otherwise you're garbage. Or rail thin, frail, like a model. Diet, diet, diet, get a summer body, get toned, shave, put on make-up, do your hair, do your nails, dress well, do something about your natural smells, figure out a way to stop time and prevent inevitable aging. And never forget: listen to men and do as they say, never forget your body belongs to them and exists solely for their pleasure. If you aren't good enough eyecandy you might as well be dead.

Every woman goes through this. Some aren't as damaged as others, but every woman goes through this. Pointing out that dysphoria might be caused by this shouldn't be taboo, it should be the first thing to come to mind. Pointing out that girls might see acquiring a male body as a way to escape abuse, dehumanization, objectification, assault and constant scrutiny shouldn't even be up for debate.

No. 261365

>plus, trannies aren't even trying to take advantage of their privilege as men
Their not being aware they're doing it doesn't mean that they aren't doing it. Men take being respected and understood as an autonomous, capable individual for granted. They take being taken seriously for granted, and they're blind to the fact that women don't get that. They think we get it plus "female privilege" because of how "the sexual market" works.

>modern men aren't the cause of misogyny, they are simply continuing a shitty trend

This makes no sense whatsoever. This particular argument literally only works for the racism historical debt/white guilt scenario. It doesn't even work for current-day racism, much less sexism.

It's been, what, over one hundred years since women's suffrage? Every man alive was born after it happened, and they have the choice to either uphold misogyny or cease it. They choose to uphold it every day of their lives, and they have no excuse to "follow the shitty trend" when feminism is widely-known. Even if men never went out of their way to understand feminism, it still wouldn't be an excuse - women keep trying to educate men no matter how many times they show us they are uncivilized beasts incapable of basic empathy who refuse let go of their status as dominant class.

They refused to listen or give a shit about feminism because it's not all about them. Now we all see what it takes for men to listen: make it all about them. That's why they're so vehement about their victimhood and being included and represented and given prizes and awards and visibility everywhere: the trans movement is nothing but men's attempt to participate in the oppression olympics and obtain the same "oppression points" and privileges they believe minorities get.

That's why they lash out violently when we refuse to go along with their delusions. These are menchildren raised under the (not entirely wrong) impression that feminist/libertarian/left-y/tumblr-y circles welcomed, defended, supported and unquestioningly accepted anything that even remotely resembled an oppressed group. They expect this same treatment and are filled with self-righteous rage when they don't get it. And, again, they're not even entirely wrong to expect it, the only acceptable approach to social justice matters now IS "the victim always knows best and the victim is never to be questioned".

I ended up writing a lot more than planned and it's not even relevant because everyone here probably already agree with it lmao. Sorry, anons

No. 261370

That's exactly what it is. Gneder roles and expectations are shoved on us, we're told to like "girly" stuff, but then at the same time anything feminine is derided in way "male" things are not. Worse, when we hit puberty, we get tits and begin to attract creepy fucking men. Women - lesbians, bisexuals,straight women, asexuals, it doesn't fucking matter. We just want to go through life without constantly being stared at and hit on by men. Society still treat vaginas like they're dirty things. It's why so many of them decide to go "trans" and bind their tits, or talk about how much they hate having vaginas. Every girl claiming to be "trans" I've seen online genuinely hate their bodies, especially their breasts and vaginas. And it just sounds like a whole lot of internalized misogyny to me. Those poor girls need to be talked to, to learn to accept their bodies, not to be encouraged to go under a knife and get on a bunch of hormones.

No. 261372


yep. i can't blame them though, society as a whole is still so woman hating that it's not really a surprise that girls turn to this as a means of comfort, or as an attempt to protect themselves from male violence. it doesn't change a single thing though since they get caught up in the trans circle and trans "women" do the same exact things to them that all other men do. it's just yet another thing that wouldn't even be a problem to begin with if men didn't exist

No. 261373

File: 1529589285251.jpeg (467.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-21-16-54-52…)

On other news, casual drag queen misogyny

No. 261374

File: 1529589421933.jpg (304.11 KB, 720x1131, IMG_20180621_165717.jpg)

Samefag but comments are him basically calling other women stupid for calling him out

No. 261375

File: 1529589452026.jpg (204.66 KB, 720x841, IMG_20180621_165734.jpg)

No. 261379

>comparing vagina nails to poop nails
>comparing vaginas to poop
lol yeah he totally isn't implying vaginas are gross though guys

No. 261415

Zero shock here. I used to enjoy drag, but I've begun to move away from that. A bunch of men dressing up like us, calling each other "bitch" and "fishy" gets fucking old after a while.

No. 261417

Sorry for samefag, but not so much dressing up like us as dressing up as the idea of us. And women will defend it by saying they have a right to parody feminine traits because they get compared to women all the time. Nice to see other women are calling them out on their shit.

No. 261624

File: 1529623952819.jpg (544.52 KB, 854x480, the cringe.jpg)

What the fuck

No. 261641

I love the sane responses.
Also love that he’s going on about “‘making a foe out of friends.” So women have to just accept men making fun of them or they’re in the wrong and are the ones making “foes” for themselves? Makes misogynistic sense.

No. 261646

File: 1529627590319.jpg (63.08 KB, 640x640, 409030357b8e21b40c1169b28e8bc2…)

is he comparing vaginas to poop? and here, took me 2 seconds to find penis nail art

No. 261795

>Chloe Sagal, the transgender indie game developer who was once the subject of intense media scrutiny (in the games press) has committed suicide by setting herself on fire in a Portland park (according to friends of hers in the hashtag #ChloeSagal).

No. 261799

Kek, who knows if it's even really him. He has a well documented history of fake suicide and I would not even be surprised if he jumped on this story and made his "friend" (sockpuppet accounts) say it's him.
What a loon.

No. 261808

Brianna Wu. YOU GOT BULLIED TO DEATH BY BRIANNA WU? what a melodramatic, tacky display with the all these details.

No. 261812

File: 1529669607493.jpg (30.98 KB, 614x266, Untitled.jpg)

No. 261861

A Disproportionate Number of Autistic Youth Are Transgender. Why?


"Numerous studies report that gender-dysphoric youth are more likely to be autistic than would be expected based on autism rates in the general population"

I've seen this phenomena explored on other sites and when PT's thread was bumped, it got me to thinking about it again.

No. 261923

Of course they had to come up with the stupidest excuse ever. Instead of the very reasonable and logical "autistic people get hyperfixations on certain issues" explanation they have to run with the
>"They're just brave autistic kids who have the amazing superpower of not caring about what the society thinks about them, so they can out themselves as transgender easier than normal transgender folks!"
horse shit. The amount of mental gymnastics these people are willing to do is astounding.

No. 261934

The thumbnail of the video in this >>261126 post made me want to go watch hare hare yuakai and I did but had this weird sense of dread watching it. Then it hit me: Moe has become exclusively a tranny thing. I had such warm memories of this dumb song and now they're ruined. I feel ill.

No. 261961

I agree. And the way they try to wrap the issue up in a pretty little bow is irritating. They end the topic with someone's opinion rather than ask questions about the correlation between the two. Which pretty much sums up the movement. Don't question it, don't ask for facts, just accept a response based purely on feels.

No. 262012

Moe has always existed in order to give straight men boners, so why are you surprised?
Some of you will find literally any excuse to rant about trannies ruining things lol

No. 262097


A person set themself on fire Tuesday afternoon in a downtown Portland park across from the Multnomah County Courthouse after reading a manifesto about homelessness and mental health.

Witnesses gave conflicting statements about the gender of the person.


Kiwifarms is being blamed by TRAs on Twitter.


Chloe's thread has been dead since December.


No. 262129

This story should be showed to every young person wanting to transition. IT's so fucking insane how NOBODY questioned his gender issues being attached to his sexuality. It's truly making me believe that this is some sort of a homophobic conspiracy to convert people to be straight.

On a related note, this article really fucked me up. I was expecting it to be a story about a woman coming to terms with her homosexuality but… of course not. I can just hear all the trans activists applauding this as some sort of a great story of gender identity triumphing over difficulties when in actuality it's just another example of how people still see being a straight trans is miles more acceptable than being a cis homosexual.

No. 262134

File: 1529749099332.png (199.15 KB, 800x1129, Screenshot_2018-06-23-03-15-00…)

No. 262137

Why do trannys always want to pretend like troons can never do wrong and are all perfect angels?
I've seen some trannies crying about how in pretty little liars, the transgendered character was portrayed as a villan but then turn around and claim they just want to be treated like everyday people and it's like… Everyday type people are villianized in shows and movies too, if you want transgenderism to be normalized deal with the fact that they won't always be portrayed as innocent little angels

I also have a friend close to me who was assaulted when she was 13 by a transgendered, when I spoke out about it feminazis and troons came in claiming that "trans are more likely to be assaulted actually"

Werent one of the lawmakers for the bathroom law a child molester too?

No. 262145

File: 1529750477446.png (6.26 KB, 277x128, grossanddangerous.png)

I'm so annoyed/disappointed right now. Just found out a Youtuber I enjoyed (Nyx Fears) is now (pretty recently) a "trans woman" after reading through some comments on a recent video of his and checking his twitter/insta (which I don't follow) to confirm. On an instagram photo, someone left this horrifying comment in pic related.

I thought he was gay (and maybe he is, I don't know - I started watching his stuff ages ago because it was weird/horror movie reviews), and he wears nail polish often and has shoulder length hair, but I literally never thought he considered himself trans until I read youtube comments calling him "May." He is so male. Male voice, face, body, 5 o clock shadows… ugh. And then I see comments on photos of him more recently where people say "suddenly I'm a lesbian" or many calling him a "fashion icon" and beautiful.

I'm really irritated since I remember his old content being BETTER and how he outright said his name was Mason (even his IG still uses that name so idk). I lost a lot of respect for him. I am considering unsubscribing.

No. 262151


Their screeching false narrative blaming bullying by KF has been regurgitated in the Mail. Will MSM in the US run with it?

And with the incoming traffic, will Josh sell lots of tshirts?


No. 262153

After looking into it more, he's dating an obvious woman who is "nonbinary." So if he is gay, he's extremely closeted. But looks like he's yet another a straight (or maybe bi) autogynophile. I even found a comment of his saying how he looks up to Contra Points. Oh no.

No. 262158

File: 1529755015522.png (95.05 KB, 508x291, hypocrisy.png)

''queer couple'': a woman with short hair in a relationship with a man

No. 262197

“I’m queer” is this generation’s “I’m random” but it’d much rather we have the outcast kids telling us that “rawr means I love you in dinosaur” than “I’m a male lesbian who deserves sex from female lesbians”

No. 262282

tbh as long as they pass well or at least do some effort and arent all up in my face about it or entitled (not wanting to fuck me is transphobic wahh!! women have penises and men have uteruses you feminazis!!1) i don't mind trans peeps. i know a handful of chill ones just living their life "normally" but sadly the majority tend to be like those ITT.
Those into it for fetish related reasons are fucking creepy

No. 262292

Same. There was a trans girl in one of my uni classes and I only twigged on because you could kinda tell when she talked (think GiGi Gorgeous). She never mentioned it and in an entire course it never came up. That’s the ideal imo.

No. 262471

File: 1529839305421.jpg (278.83 KB, 1148x1460, 1466879531816.jpg)

I used to consider acceptance over tolerance, because I cant help but feel pity for the dumb young boys that fell for the tranny meme. They usually have pathetically low self esteem, and social issues. Quiet. Upon changing their lives, they become happier, and that's great! Aside from the hormones they don't understand how to control and the self mutilation and ideology that makes you despise your body permanently, some seem to be doing "okay".

I would be fine treating someone who called themselves a "transsexual" as whatever they were trying to present themselves as, because there isn't any lie to it. Dude isn't pretending to be a woman - he just wants to behave like one by acting feminine. I'd call a hon Sharon if he was like "yeah, I like dressing up in fancy dresses". or like Miranda Yardly's humor about it. Breaking the binary without attacking and leaching off the LGB. Though I'm still not interested in sharing bathrooms with any men.
I'd at least be willing to view them as more than subhuman if they were like this, how some used to be. These new types of trannies spontaneously combust(kek) if you call the polytransgal a he.

The root of my issue with it is… When you conflate a man wanting to embrace feminine stereotypes with the word "woman", suddenly they're also lesbians, transgirls, transgals, transwomen, transdykes, and "true" and "better" women. Is it because they're not comfortable just gender nonconforming as a man, without the huge stage show? They think they get to demand privileges with their new female++ privilege (valuable and desirable, people will give me anything!). Most of this idea is repeated in 4chan, that women have it easier and get everything free and easy. And that itself, is pretty fuckin' misogynistic. So believing it, acting it out and acting upon it by trying to "become the gf" makes me feel contempt for even the quiet ones.
So yeah, if I don't have to play the pronoun game and the woman connotation is dropped with all its transbian tie ins, I'd be willing to endure them.

No. 262474

Yesterday youtube recommended me this trainwreck…

No. 262478

Oreo Cookies jumped on the Pride bandwagon and excluded the Lesbian flag from their Prode cookie mock-ups (but included kweer and ace)


No. 262500

File: 1529849089263.jpg (62.78 KB, 500x385, 1523056280367.jpg)

>People moaning about "there are so many flags you can't remember them all for crying out loud!"
>They included the obscure ace/pan flags
>Lesbian is literally the FIRST LETTER IN LGBT

No. 262519

See this is what I don't like (pic) to get a prescription for stuff like this you have to go through therapy and the therapist (counselor etc) has to okay you to be on the hormones. You can't just cut out the middle man and just jump into it, the middle man is there to make sure you know the risk and you understand what you're getting yourself into. If you don't do it this way you run the risk of regretting it later or extremely harming yourself (Of course even if you go through it the right way you are not 100% exempt from either of those things happening to you). But it's just really reckless and dumb as fuck to go out of your way to get it an 'easier' way because you're too childish and inpatient to let doctors do their job. It's not easy getting on these type of things but it is becoming easier because people are using the same buzz words to get people to believe them when they're really just transtrenders.

No. 262522

Most of them never realize how hormones will actually affect their health and life in general, especially FTMs. FTMs underestimate the effects testosterone will cause them and some of the more tumblr aesthetic fucks will even outright state that they just "want a deep voice and some muscle". Completely ignoring that it will also cause hormonal acne, balding, hair growth, abdominal weight gain, all sorts of non-kawaii things. And once the body hair starts growing it's never going to stop.

It's much, much harder for a transitioned post-op FTM to go back than a MTF (assuming both patients have only gotten sterilization/hysterectomy instead of full reconstructive bottom surgery which a lot of them choose to pass) and a lot of girls simply don't realize that. The "magical T" is presented by a lot of sources as some magical power juice that will give them a slightly more masculine face when in actuality it's a fucking ANABOLIC STEROID.

No. 262608

kek funny how she doesn't use that stupid moustache outside

No. 262626

I cringed so hard when she started talking about how she wishes she had a penis so gay men would be interested in her because "I love their energy" and other fetishizing type shit. This is like the gender version of people who fetishize Asian women as submissive. I see it as a red flag that she specifically wants gay men to be interested in her due to stereotypes about their personalities.

This is where many people who identify as trans miss the point. Sexuality is based on sexual characteristics, it isnt based on personality or fashion. Its ignorant and dangerous to ignore what the basis of sexual orientation is about because then we get the cotton ceiling bullshit

No. 262659

I’m not sure if anyone else here watches Dungeons and Dragons on Twitch but when I saw the promotional art for Hells Belles I was stoked! An all female game with Tiefling players sounded rad as fuck but the show just premiered, it’s not a women’s only game and the players were asked to introduce themselves with their preferred pronouns. Can’t we have anything without troons shoving their “lady dicks” into it?

No. 262751


Acquiring hormones and mastectomies is becoming easier because of the increasing number of informed consent clinics where a diagnosis of gender dysphoria is little more than a formality for insurance coverage.

No. 262754

jesus that sounds scary. Do they stop having their period altogether?

No. 262767

Ah it's Jude Karda, she's a trainwreck

No. 262772

Apparently. She is in the same vein as Lainey. Went on T for a mustache and deeper voice but freaked out and stopped when other changes started to occur. These transtrenders really dont have a clue

No. 262846

File: 1529963016782.png (58.15 KB, 836x512, neovaginas.PNG)

>Why don't they call natural vaginas open wounds or rotpockets huh? So what if they don't have to be mechanically kept open from healing shut, don't have hairballs growing inside of them or leak pus? It's just as good as a HOME GROWN VAGINA!
Imagine being so delusional you can't see the difference between a surgically created open wound and a natural organ.

No. 262850

I mean all you have to do is look at how women with PCOS are affected by their high testosterone. Excessive hair growth, balding, acne, obesity, etc all from the abnormally high androgens. You're basically giving yourself a debilitating condition by taking T.

No. 262851

They might as well put a huge stamp on their forehead that says "I don't know shit about female biology," because no one with two brain cells would ever think a surgically created neovagina functions the same way as an organic pussy. The term "rotpocket" wouldn't even make sense, vaginas are a self cleaning fucking organ.

No. 262852

File: 1529965392250.jpeg (16.43 KB, 361x407, images (10).jpeg)

Hairballs? HAIRBALLS?

No. 262875

What the FUCK is an enbie? Another species we haven't discovered yet?
The left one looks like an incredibly masculine woman or a very cunty man.

No. 262886

Can't find it now but there was a post on reddit about a TIM "advising" to clean their neovaginas inside because his was so dirty an orange thing just came out of it. Some even can grow mold so you see how similar they're to real vaginas kek

No. 262892

Was just about to post this, you beat me to it, although the post is even worse than you describe-warning to anyone looking it up.

Yep-because a "neovagina" is the penis slit open, inverted and shoved up into the man, the outer skin becomes the inner skin-so the outer pubic hair is there and continues to grow which is why you get the hairballs. Hairballs are not the worst thing to come out of a neovagina, its little wonder lesbians and men want nothing to do with them.

No. 262913

File: 1529978054683.png (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 1415x5896, 1529429506166.png)

The ones that aren't made from dick tissue are made from bowel tissue, which is even worse imo. Those are colonized by shit bacteria and smell like death.

>the shaft doesn't have pubes on it (it does on nasty circumcised dicks tho)

Most american men are circumcised, no? Anyways, it's not hard to find stories of them growing hair inside.

No. 262922

>nasty circumcised dicks tho
You have to be over 12 to post here, or at least try and contain your autism.

In some surgeries the scrotum is folded inward to increase sensation, so pubic hair in there sometimes happens.


No. 262923

>Tfw eurofag who's just found out circumcised penises have hair on them

I don't want to read any articles about it, can any Anons give me the cliffnotes of what a neovag is made from? How could one be made from bowel tissue when he needs that?
I've seen a pic of neodick on here and it was just straight-up mutilation, so I guess neovag is the same. Just a lil confusing

No. 262988

>smells like shit
>(well, it smells like normal female genitalia)

What? Just… what? His festering would could NEVER smell like female genitalia (which btw does not smell bad unless something's wrong), it completely lacks the chemistry, ph, and fluids for that. You know, the whole composition that allows them to self clean?

For fuck sake, trannies are completely illiterate. How can you know so little about the biology of the sex you so wish to emulate?

No. 262989

>How can you know so little about the biology of the sex you so wish to emulate?

Because they see a woman in the terms of social construction or an anime moe girl, not a living being. They are the type of men who get shocked when they realize that women shit and fart too.

No. 262999

This is exactly the case, why is it always mtfs too?I've never seen a ftm expect to magically become some big sexy dude but all mtfs expect to become perfect little anime girls and act really entitled to hormones and surgery, something I've never seen amoung ftm, just why

No. 263008

File: 1530018178915.jpg (530.69 KB, 1400x1414, 8ANb3If.jpg)

Because lonely, closeted men constantly amp them up to be "better than real women" so that's what they believe and expect of themselves, they set the bar for women high and act as if they aren't human at all and get disgusted when they are

Entitlement comes from just everyone who is born male has a sense of entitlement, it's annoying as hell and they need to be beat

No. 263009

rot pocket… thank you.

No. 263010


Are pictures on the right supposed to be more attractive than pictures on the left? lmao

No. 263011

File: 1530020608912.jpg (103.61 KB, 1200x575, 42.jpg)

I like when /r9k/ incels get butthurt because women are more successful at transitioning than them.

No. 263012

Tranny milk is rich and plentiful and I'm gonna be lactose intolerant by the end of it all

No. 263039

>sex drive just as vigorous as yours
Meanwhile mtfs constantly complain about losing their drive once they start HRT.


No. 263042

>Calling traps she

No. 263083

File: 1530037318082.jpeg (28.08 KB, 515x137, F81E8A76-743E-4F87-842E-F563BC…)

MIC was in my Twitter moments promoting a new weekly column called “Transplaining”

Pictured is their first submitted question. They make it sound like someone was forcing Testostorone into their system when it was just occurring naturally. It’s so over dramatic!


No. 263084


Recommend reading this, it's about a fakeboi detransitioning kek

No. 263091

File: 1530038667797.jpeg (123.15 KB, 750x750, CB678477-6467-4480-99E7-FB8314…)

>If we look at the media landscape, there’s a clear lack of authentic trans stories being told by actual trans people who have endured the historical and contemporary realities of trans identity.
But we are inundated with stories of trans people even though they’re such a minority. And I like the casual gatekeeping of “actual” and “authentic.”
>Being a cisgender woman is in no way superior to being transgender
So there aren’t authentic or actual women, but there are authentic and actual trans people? Okay then
>realize the beauty in your own transness
Being trans is beautiful, apparently

Attached photo of the author.

No. 263124

Skin from the testicles is used to lengthen the vagina and testicles sure can get hairy. It's next to impossible to destroy ALL hair follicles for good so you end up having a hole in your body that has dreadlocks growing inside of it. And during intercourse or dilation, the hair can break off and gather at the end of the canal, forming a hairball. Mentioning this triggers the fuck out of trannies though.

No. 263165

This was an amazing read, thank you anon. A very engaging story that's a reality for a lot of parents at this very moment.
>The fact that teenage girls, predominantly young lesbians, are rejecting their womanhood in an attempt to become their oppressors should fill society with horror. Instead we are making ‘being trans’ into the latest fashion and parading these children in newspapers and on reality TV shows
This really got to me. I didn't even realize how much the society STILL hates women before this trans craze caught on.

No. 263198

File: 1530057578293.png (32.79 KB, 935x160, agp.png)

Yeah that's called AGP sweetheart

No. 263225

No. 263244

File: 1530068362954.jpg (233.41 KB, 1944x2592, GliCnWL.jpg)

pic related is him kek

No. 263246

LMAO I hate men. Trannies are literally the top 5% of misogynistic men. Trannies are what happen when men meet peak chauvinism.

No. 263247

Forever an ugly John cusack. He must see himself as model potential if he thinks there's any hope in saving that, let alone turning it into "hot girl" tier

No. 263248

how is this different from what other women think and feel?

another question, have any of you read feminist theory?

feminism is not a feeeeeling

No. 263249

File: 1530069326005.jpg (18.35 KB, 700x100, womenhate3.jpg)

No. 263250

what a convenient and wonderful way to repurpose your disgusting perverted anecdotes. trying to validate your deviant 'medical condition' with sexual offender bullshit totally means you're not a fucking disgusting abuser!

No. 263251

The problem is those women are already women. If you'd rather stay a man than be an ugly woman, you're just a fetishist.

No. 263254

wut? by "other" do you mean real? if so, see >>263251

No. 263261

If the thought of being an ugly woman is enough to make you not want to transition, you don't have gender dysphoria

No. 263322

he's ugly already

No. 263402

File: 1530149648096.jpeg (66.39 KB, 643x1920, 965941CB-981A-4210-B0B1-FE0A75…)

When asexual people are oppressed and murdered for their sexuality then they can join pride. Stop relating people laughing at you for not having sex to those who have actually suffered due to identifying as gay and lesbian. Asexual people do not risk losing family members when they come out, they don’t risk losing jobs. At most they get teased because “sex is normal” but dang, how desperate are you for oppression points if you think that’s as bad as what the LGBT community experience?? (Sage for ranting)

No. 263415

File: 1530161440608.jpg (85.94 KB, 1080x359, 79ba698f-2e1b-46b4-a1b7-d1d78a…)


No. 263416

File: 1530161483061.jpg (95.25 KB, 1080x721, 599e0c26-3d6f-4caf-beee-7af768…)


No. 263417

File: 1530161514525.jpg (257.08 KB, 1080x1153, a020ac89-16a8-45ba-b4bb-30413e…)


No. 263421

holy shit, did pamperchu transition?

No. 263422

Holy fuck, this is the reason I don't wan them in our god dned bathrooms

No. 263424

>Why are transwomen at similar risk for rape as for other women, homophobia?
uh because they typically put themselves in high risk sexual situations because it's for all intents and purposes, a fetish

No. 263425

It's more like they aren't and that anon was bullshitting. Trans identified women are, but trans identified men ("transwomen") don't have a significantly higher risk than any other men.

No. 263426

>how is this different from what other women think and feel?
What "other" women? There is no other women, there's just women. Are you really saying this man is a woman because he shares a wish to be and an envious feeling towards hot women with us?

>females are jealous of prettier females

>male is jealous of pretty females also
>therefore this male = female

How did you get this far in life when you're so utterly incapable of basic logic?
>a raven is a bird
>ravens are black
>therefore all black things are birds

No. 263452


Did anyone see this yet?

imo rant, it's incredibly frustrating when he says at about 1:39, how he hates "cis-men misrepresenting trans women" as if they take it all off at the end of the day [when thats what they do]…then why take so much pride in being labeled "tranz-woomhun"?

No. 263458

I'm going to need the name of this website.

No. 263472

File: 1530200626189.jpg (408.86 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20180628-094215_Chr…)

Imagine getting engaged and your father decides to come out as trans and co-opt your future wife's name. I always thought that was weird and upsetting to do to your child. The pinnacle and Bruce Jenner's narcissism, envy, and selfishness.

No. 263491

Is anyone else extremely distressed over all this trans kid craze sweeping over western countries? I keep seeing more and more articles concerning "transchildren" on the mainstream media and it's always the same song and dance, no exceptions. I just read another one about a girl wanting to be a boy and it's appalling how blind these people are to the blatant sexism in their story.
>When our daughter went to the daycare at 2 years old, she thought girls' toys were boring and always wanted to play with trucks and cars with the boys!
>She hated wearing dresses and frilly clothes and wanted to have boy clothes!
>We TRIED to make her into a girl by forcing her to wear these clothes and give her girly haircuts but she kept her head!
>She was adamant about being a boy at 4 years old so we took her to a psychologist and found out our child was transgendered, so we started raising her as a boy because if we didn't, she would kill herself later!!!!!

The whole fucking bingo row and column filled. And the teachers at the school play in to this farce. It's like I've crossed over to some fucked up twilight zone universe, medical professionals are assuring parents that their kid should be mentally and physically messed up for the rest of their lives because their limited social understanding makes them think they're the opposite sex when they don't fit the gender stereotype? And telling them how their kid will kill him/herself if they don't transition as soon as possible? I've never been the one to believe in conspiracy theories but I'm starting to think that this is some bizarre social experiment some elusive underground organization is conducting.

No. 263505

File: 1530215394581.png (54.82 KB, 528x666, tumblr.png)

Once again people getting gender identity mixed up with gender expression and roles. The notes are full of comments like "I thought I was a woman but I don't like girly things so I realized I was nonbinary uwu~".

If you don't like shaving your legs you're clearly not a cis woman.

No. 263510

It does feel very much like a Twilight Zone episode, doesn’t it? Children and young adults being put on puberty blockers, chemically sterilised and surgically mutilated all because they’re gay and/or not adhering to a very strict set of gender roles, and in their childish naivety are made to believe that they were born in the wrong body. Critics are painted as a malicious Other and silenced as much as possible, especially if they’ve undergone these procedures themselves and dare to admit that it has ruined their life. Then near the end of the episide you find out that it’s not some crazy conservative religious cult that’s driving it, but the so-called progressive left.

No. 263520

This is so sick. I'm glad I grew up in a normal time with normal parents.
I always liked playing with cars, dinosaurs, and I hated wearing girly stuff but I never ever felt like a boy.

It's funny how in a time of supposed diversity and encouraging girls to be more interested in technical fields they enforce gender stereotypes like never before.

> if she likes playing with cars she must be transgendered

> if he likes to cook he must be trans

Just imagine, parents turning you into a monster so they could virtue signal and get attention to themselves. I hope that the short time of fame was worth sacrificing their child for.

It's all a sick farcical play.

No. 263521

Same thing with """demisexuals"""

No. 263522

Fucking CHRIST asexuals are obnoxious. Basically straight people trying their damnest to get a piece of that oppression pie. People assuming you have a sex life is NOT oppression and you do NOT belong in LGBT spaces.

No. 263523

I'm never changing my pad/tampon in public places anymore.
Goddamnit my country allowing these people to exist, sometimes I wish I lived in a more closed minded country where I couldn't see these role playing freaks around

No. 263551

I would've been one of these kids. Didn't like playing with dolls, didn't like dresses, always wanted my hair to be short.
It really saddens me that people are trying to tell tomboys and girly boys that they're actually the other sex instead of maybe just widening the perception of what kids of each gender can play with.

No. 263561

I don't know for sure, but it looks like FetLife

No. 263587


No. 263590


Fuckin' why
This is something I never considered happening. at home I rinse as much blood as possible from any sanitary things before rolling up tight in plastic or tissues, mostly because of animals maybe getting in to the trash, but now I have a second reason

No. 263592

Hope she's keeping her last name. That's really crazy. Like the jealous mother in law except it's your Dad

No. 263593

Where did I read the thing which compared this craze to the "false memories" craze? All these kids were hypnotized and "recovered" false memories of abuse. It all came out later to be shitty, unproven "science" and nobody ever mentioned it again. Trying to transition 4-year olds is exactly the same kind of harmful parenting wrapped up as caring. Let people grow up and find themselves first.

No. 263595

File: 1530238593853.png (159.53 KB, 524x628, tumblr_p7mvh1rUsO1x8vt21o1_540…)

I found the post I spoke about on >>262886

No. 263597

File: 1530239795820.gif (402.89 KB, 220x123, raw.gif)

No. 263598

File: 1530240039597.jpg (19.06 KB, 360x270, tmp_14215-15037280471443575790…)

Time to invest in a diva cup

No. 263600

This is nightmare fuel. It's bad enough that it's highly unsanitary and weird but the fact that he basically implied he wants to involuntarily involve this poor girl in his perverted rituals is fucking disgusting

No. 263602

File: 1530242110368.png (1.58 MB, 1184x1190, 01029939399221010.png)

Looks like Jazz Jennings got the surgery. Wonder how he really feels about it.

No. 263604

File: 1530243116986.jpeg (309.51 KB, 750x788, DEB382C5-3EB3-41E6-A07F-A25317…)


No. 263605

It's wild that he still doesn't pass. When a kid who didn't go through male puberty and has been on hormones for years is still this easily clockable, all mtf trannies who think they can pass and all handmaidens/chasers who insist there are passing mtfs sound completely delulu. Men stay ugly lmao

No. 263615

File: 1530246489251.png (405.42 KB, 719x463, disgusting.png)

Pic related took place at Dyke March. I think it's funny, trannies ''identify'' as women while ''cis'' women are women.

No. 263655

bitter, bitter incels

No. 263668

jesus christ I want to die after reading that

No. 263695

You NEVER see FTMs doing this shit. They never demand to be seen as the REAL men while natal men are "just" cis men. They never demand to be included in male spaces. Could it be because transwomen are male, entitled by nature and used to getting their way and being included everywhere? And transmen are female, intimidated by men and not really wanting to do anything with them? I wonder!

No. 263732

File: 1530272085400.png (30.45 KB, 703x406, transwhining.png)

I'm in a gaming discord and this exchange occurred in a "irl talk" channel. I'm neither of these individuals.

Pretty likely this is a TiM due to flower emoji and their discord image is a drawing of a female video game character.

Anyway this kind of whining is really insufferable. Especially being an ass to the supportive dude. It also sounds like this person is young from what they wrote.

I can't say anything really or I'd get into trouble per discord rules. Not that I could really talk any sense into someone like this. Just venting here because I basically can't anywhere else.

No. 263741

What a fucking asshole, won't have a conversation unless it involves others praising/pitying them.

No. 263753

Poor kid, never had a chance

No. 263762

File: 1530284459157.png (182.42 KB, 1008x639, kek.PNG)

> Help me get my vagina. I'm running a fundraiser to pay for my surgery costs. (gender reassignment surgery)

Although I like Libreboot. It's a shame really.

No. 263764


I had a mtf 'friend' who constantly acted like this. Didn't wanna talk more than 2 minutes about my problems or interests, everything circled back to 'i will never be a real woman boohoo', 'muh men arms', 'I'm to tall to be a woman' etc. The more supportive I was, the more she was getting angry and saying that I'm delusional, must be blind etc. She was like a sponge, soaking in all the kindness, except she gave back toxic energy.
Said friend was skinny and had a rather feminine face, so it was in her head mostly. She refused to stop whining and either try harder with transition or seek psychologist for her inexisting self-esteem and/or dysphoria. Our relationship ended when I told her to move the fuck on with her problems and either live as a man or ftm.
She was so unsufferable everyone tried to send her to a shrink. Instead of reconsidering, she preffered to believe that no-one understands her and the trans issue.

Of course she was one of those "why aren't you good with make-up??? You are a woman!" trans. Honey, I don't need make-up to "become" a woman.

No. 263768

Oh my god, ive got the exact same person on my friends Discord server and he's MtF who screams that hes a lesbian every-fucking-where, can't take criticism at all and when someone doesnt agree w his opinion he literally screams.

No. 263781

That photo is everything I've come to expect of trannies.

No. 263782

enbie = NB or nonbinary

No. 263784

File: 1530290996478.jpg (174.34 KB, 750x1150, yuvixc1z4z511.jpg)

No. 263785

File: 1530291095429.png (315.65 KB, 768x521, Complie-and-Execute-C -Progra…)

why are so many programmers trannies?
and doesnt programming have a good enough salary to get good insurance and pay for the procedure the non-begging way?

>Help me get my vagina


No. 263786

because they're no-lfiers and fetishits from 4chan

No. 263790

high rates of autism among programmers and trannies.

No. 263791

Most programmers are into autistic, pervy weebshit, which leads to transition

No. 263800

Social weirdness also gives them a lot of time to learn computers while everyone else is out there socialising.

No. 263801

File: 1530293821345.jpg (33.5 KB, 300x300, leah2.jpg)

> Transitioning has done wonders to my mental health. I’m happier, more energetic, more sociable - I even have friends. But I still don’t have a vagina. I’ve dreamed of having one since I was very young. I can’t look at myself in the mirror without feeling distress. I need surgery, so that I can be happy. At this stage in my life, it’s all that matters to me.

> I registered with the Suporn Clinic, which is located in Thailand and is one of the best centres for genital surgery on earth. I paid a small deposit, and my surgery with this clinic is booked for August 2018.

> The problem? I’m heavily in debt, and I can’t afford to pay the rest of the costs for the surgery. I need your help. If you help me, you’ll be saving my life, and making my life worth living. I need surgery.

> I want to be able to love my body and myself. Most other people have this privilege. I won’t be able to love myself until I have surgery. At this point, I’m desperate.

You can't make this shit up

No. 263803

> Social weirdness also gives them a lot of time to learn computers while everyone else is out there socialising.

tfw that's me. Aside from being a social recluse, I was always a tomboy and I gave up on ever getting a bf, but it never even crossed my mind to become a guy. I did wish I was born one but why make an even bigger freak of myself?

Also, since I've been in the field for around 10 years, most places I worked at and other programmers I've interacted with are incredibly normie tier. Gone are the days when your poor social skills were excused if you were good at coding which kind of sucks tbh.

So trannies in programming aren't common, it's just that they're very vocal.

YT video related it was incredibly awkward to watch it. It seems they have deleted a lot of comments pointing out it was a trannie, lel

No. 263808

He sounds like Mickey Mouse

No. 263809

>I want to be able to love my body and myself. Most other people have this privilege.
I've never met a cis woman who's never struggled with intense insecurity/hatred surrounding her looks. What is he even talking about? As a cis woman with bdd, is it acceptable to ask strangers to pay for my lip lift? I don't understand how they're so shameless and willing to try and make other people feel guilty enough to help them.

No. 263810

Yeah, kek. Like most women look in the mirror every morning and feel intense self-satisfaction…
It's so removed from reality and lacking empathy it's ridiculous.

No. 263811

Did this 17 y/o seriously get lip fillers? How are his parents still allowed custody of their kid?

No. 263813

I'm sure there are a lot of normies in computers, but I'm sure too that you'll find a higher percentage of weird people than most other occupations.

No. 263814

I think it goes a bit deeper than simply lacking empathy. The guys who want to do this, most of them that I've known have felt like this is their one way to escape from themselves. If only they had X they'd truly be happy…

No. 263823

>I’m heavily in debt
>I need your help.
>I need surgery.
>I’m desperate.
How do these scumbags not feel intense embarrassment e-begging like this? There are fundraisers online for sick children or animal shelters or medical research and these people think it's okay to draw attention away from all of these amazing, worthwhile causes because they just need this unnecessary surgery.

I can't imagine begging online for a new pair of tits or to have some of my labia removed or my jaw shaved or any of the other totally unnecessary, cosmetic surgeries I could get. If I wanted them, I'd work hard and buy them with my hard-earned money. Why do these fuckers think they're so special that they should get everything for free? Men and their fucking entitlement.

No. 263844

B-because they're life-saving procedures, anon! They need that surgery or else they will KILL THEMSELVES!!! Do YOU want to have trans blood on your hands, you bigot?

No. 263847

It's a lot more similar to lobotomy since it does actual, physical harm

No. 263854

File: 1530307015528.jpeg (202.4 KB, 750x1100, E3569601-F7DC-4BC0-8E8B-80C959…)

Trans boy walks out of tattoo shop without paying and leaves a death wish on the artists unborn child but when called out about it on Instagram the page receives death threats from TRAs because this is violence against trans people. Your pronouns don’t mean shit if you’re this much of a garbage person!!

No. 263856

File: 1530308223880.png (200.38 KB, 381x534, d32ac05cb1ad0533cb3f79cee4da9b…)

Four suspects, believed to be males who identify as trans women, were arrested in connection with an attack on a 19 year old man at Leicester Square tube station in London in the early hours of June 24, 2018.

All headlines and coverage referred to the suspects as women, likely following the police statement, despite the people in the video clearly resembling men and such assaults being typical of male pattern violent offending, not female. Hundreds of social media commenters posted responses asking the media outlets to accurately report the sex of the suspects.


No. 263859

The page owner had to reupload this with the comments turned off because troons reported the original forntransphobicnhate speech… but it’s totally cool for the person they’re protecting to steal and wish death on babies.

No. 263862

File: 1530309404672.gif (2.85 MB, 240x180, 1433478179205.gif)

when will the rest of the world reach peak trans.

No. 263953

Holy shit at someone here knowing him. That's hilarious and im not surprised my suspicions were right… What a piece of work.
The discord I'm in, without giving too much away, is an overwatch discord with a lot of civility and non discriminatory rules. I'm fine with that. There are other trans/NB identifying people there but they actually have normal gaming conversations and their gender identity isn't a part of it besides having their pronouns in their name in some cases.. But whatever. I'd rather kids go for non binary than to actually transition or throw bitch fits for not passing. Not to mention hormones.

Part of growing up, for everyone, is realizing there are more important things than your appearance. But some people don't mature enough, and TiMs only want to be pretty anime girls.

Maybe I'm missing something but why did this happen?

No. 264103

He will regret it for all his life, since he's stuck with dilating and dilating.
I wonder if they really think that shoving a tube up your rotting flesh really makes them women.

No. 264112

i can't imagine WANTING to be this medically dependent. it's terrifying. i have to wonder though what their inverted dicks feel like in comparison to an actual vagina. i can't find much about it since everyone that would brag about this shit is a weirdo chaser that is desperate to rag on women and gas up these mental midgets that are desperate for MRSA as it being "better than real pussy", etc. i can't imagine that it'd feel pleasurable seeing as how it's like, a static skin tube and there is 0 muscle. i don't even mind body modding (permitted it was sans the unbridled misogyny), but seeing as how they can't replicate moving muscle, it truly sounds like a terrible attempt at a facsimile, functionally.

No. 264125


Australia has a woman going to the human rights commission because she said trans women aren't female.

No. 264127

disgusting. the left is fucked. this completely invalidates protections for potential victims of racism that could be or are indirectly harmed by racist speech or nazism, etc. the left is completely undoing itself with this fucking insanity.

No. 264132

File: 1530414336644.png (3.14 MB, 1440x2085, Screenshot_2018-06-13-07-42-20…)

Chicago troons are living on a whole other planet.

No. 264133

they literally do nothing to dispel the idea that they're deviants trying to pathologize their fetishes

No. 264224

File: 1530429994061.jpg (921.06 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20180701-172702_Ins…)


omfg this guy is a fucking joke

No. 264258

Okay, I’ll admit that I will derisively use the term “moobs” but those sad flaps are far from tits. Ugh. This guy is a parody of himself.

No. 264305

the years have not been kind to littlekuriboh.

No. 264306

Especially a hole that can grow all types of bad stuff in there. I think Jazz will unfortunately, regret it and things won't be pretty for him in the future. I hope not but honestly I can see a happy ending for him, especially now after SRS.

No. 264345

Does his name starts with A? I'm just not sure if we're on the same server, but this person does plays OW aswell. The awful part is, that he takes people w weak personality (men) and convinces them that they're trans and they believe him. Like some fucking cult.

No. 264506

Yes it does begin with A. It's a large server I'm on. That's pretty despicable behavior from him though holy shit. I don't know enough about the servers community yet to know who is TiM besides him yet. A few they/them people, which seem to be something girls flock toward more often? Who knows.

Can't believe someone would bitch about how awful being trans is and then try to convince others to also be trans. Disgusting.

No. 264652

File: 1530559761653.png (181.77 KB, 1834x751, transpassing.png)


/lgbt/ makes fun of the hugbox that is /r/transpassing, procedes to make one of their own

No. 264653

File: 1530559860343.jpg (1.77 MB, 2192x1634, 1530320469778.jpg)

No. 264655

kek holy shit

No. 264661

File: 1530561096494.png (78.13 KB, 1011x171, allmyrage.PNG)

Holy shit lmao

I've been going on 4chong for a long time, but I've never visited /lgbt/ before. But skimming through the catalogue, there are lots of /mtf/ threads so I'm not really surprised.

People are most likely complimenting either out of pure malice knowing the person will become a suicide statistic or because of trannies themselves who need to spread their delusions. I don't believe for one second that someone normal would consider that a woman.

Also, the first post in pic related made me rage.

No. 264663

File: 1530561416983.gif (1.15 MB, 320x218, tenor.gif)

i was ready to try and see it through their lens but that's 100% a man's face, not even androgynous or could go either way…
not even trying to virtue signal but if they really think this looks more feminine than many black women, the way they see black women must be warped by their political views, like some kind of /pol/ enhanced dysmorphic vision.

Obviously there are many homely, androgynous, and manly looking black women, but they don't look like THAT. you still look at them and know they're more than likely women ffs.

Like i get that they're imagining a typical fat homely black aunty who let herself go, but this is unmistakably uncle, not aunty.

No. 264664

File: 1530561793798.jpg (12.26 KB, 258x245, 1500811831555.jpg)

They are so fucking delusional holy shit. I feel insulted on behalf of black women, they don't deserve this.

No. 264666

>will i ever become completely delusional and unaware of what my brain and instincts are telling me, or am i doomed to force myself to believe something i know isn't true?

ffs i even feel out of place and even like a creep when i'm around super feminine women, because i don't have enough in common with them, but it doens't bother me because i know i literally am a woman. basing your status as a woman solely on how girly you look and act is a losing game even for cis women, let alone men.

No. 264689

"Imposter" implies that he's deceiving someone, mtfs are nothing but pathetic wannabes

No. 264749

File: 1530586727935.jpg (89.77 KB, 618x717, Untitled.jpg)

The troons and their enablers have dug up a tweet and Instagram post Terry Crews made a year ago asking why is it acceptable to be transgender but not transracial. He's gone into "I'm learning" mode as his way of apology for something he doesn't even need to apologize for. Nice job harassing a man who speaks out against sexual abuse, troons.

The tweet with a link to the Instagram pic in question. https://twitter.com/terrycrews/status/858436126914117632

No. 264750

What do you mean when you say you don't have enough in common with them? Even using lolcow as an example, through all the Anons here with varying appearances, there seems to be common ground and shared experiences across the board.

No. 264760

Teal bowlcut

No. 264783

File: 1530602057470.png (128.8 KB, 1010x239, topkek.PNG)

lel, this board is pure gold

> true not even cis women can pass as an unrealistic ideal of how women should look like

> Even terfs look like trannies

> Especially terfs, which is some great irony. even funnier when you realize they push for discriminating against suspected trannies despite being likely targets of such abuse themselves.

No. 264797



And they used a screencap of Magdalen.

No. 264801

Magdalen is hot.

No. 264810


>even terfs look like trannies

trannies poorly coping kek

No. 264861

/lgbt/ now is literally just an echo chamber of MtTs sitting there all day talking about how good they pass and I’m honestly not surprised, they make everything about themselves and want the same attention women get under any means necessary
Being trans is synonymous with being an attention whore after all

No. 264882

>ciswomen don't pass as themselves

No. 264891

I am not programmer myself, nor do I habe experience in IT field, but I have some education on this matter to give you insight.
Your ability to write some strings of code or being able to operate Linux or UNIX is not enough to be competent programmer, that would be code monkey at best.
Code monkeys are at the bottom of hyerarchy, they do not develop software, they do not design it, they simply write code, given by their superiors and usually is a part of least inportant and generic element of the product or project, while professionals are busy with engineering and building fundamentals, they do write code too, but they work at lower levels of programming(difficult part tgat requires engineering), sometimes involving C-language, not C#(which is microsoft's Java), not C++(which is a higher level language).
Code monkeyd are easily replacable, and have high competition, so trannies with their issues fall far behind.

No. 264893

Imagine being a tranny and looking at every girl and trying to find her masculine features (that no one else sees) to post about on 4chan and feel better about yourself, sad!

No. 264921

Miss Spain is a transwoman and I don't know how to feel about it tbh, I hate that all I see is comments from men saying how in the end men are better than women in everything, even being the prettiest woman. It fucking upsets me but I feel alone in the sentiment

No. 264923

File: 1530642614906.jpg (73.29 KB, 759x422, angela-ponce-miss-universe-spa…)

He must get such a hard on a the thought that he bet cis women.

No. 264924

He's not cute and is obviously a man. I just showed my mom his pic asking "isn't she pretty?" and the first thing out of her mouth was "is that a guy?". If a woman with vision problems can clock you, wew. The only ones who can't tell are chasers or super horny men bc they're visually retarded and hyperfocus on tits and ass anyways, and now we have to pretend he passes, let alone is cuter than actual women? Fuck off.

No. 264925

File: 1530643119426.jpg (82.33 KB, 660x660, angelaponce-3.jpg)