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File: 1531500974422.jpg (180.17 KB, 677x875, marchhero.jpg)

No. 267773

This thread is for the discussion of gender critical thinking and general trans criticism. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Previous threads >>>/ot/221232
TERF thread >>>/g/67378
Transpassing thread >>>/ot/214811
Trans women thread >>>/ot/203215

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Transgenderism posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Legislation currently being passed in western countries allowing for self-identification on legal documents does not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of sexuality, misogyny, and misandry.



Magdalen Berns


Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

Parents and clinicians concerned about transgender youth

No. 267905

File: 1531522882034.jpg (30.17 KB, 600x600, came to laugh at you.jpg)

Maximum kek at everyone in these threads. All this insane bullshit is the logical extension of the LGBBQ crap you've been pushing for decades, handwaving the concerns as "le ebil nadzees with slippery slope fallacy". Now that the results are staring you in the face you suddenly don't like it. It's especially funny to see you still trying to rationalise yourselves as the victim somehow, like it's a crazy conspiracy against women generally or lesbians specifically, rather than just continued "progress" along the jewish path of social destruction.
You caused this. This is your own doing. Where will the next step take us? I'm excited to find out.
Don't call it a grave. It's the future you chose.(lel)

No. 267913

File: 1531524910722.jpg (343.04 KB, 2071x1440, 1528939468453.jpg)

nobody cares

No. 267914

don't reply to him, his post is probably going to get deleted anyways.

No. 267916

You’re right, anon, troons arent even worth the effort tbh

No. 267919

File: 1531526058770.png (247.27 KB, 378x672, Fashwave Trump.png)

TBH im not sure Troons parrot literal Nazi talking points much.

No. 267922

It doesn't sound like a troon, more like a salty right-winger.

No. 267923

A LOT of them do dispite the cognitive dissonance, but I doubt that guy was one.

No. 267925

File: 1531527966833.png (216.54 KB, 720x836, 20180713_212446.png)

OP pic is still a legend. Apparently a troon was trying to doxx this hero and nobody would give away her name. Glorious.

Anyone else keeping up with dr Stock and the backlash she received… along with unexpected support from fellow academics? Made my week.

Yeah, this. Do not engage.

No. 267929

File: 1531530048635.jpg (78.68 KB, 639x960, DFq8Xs6W0AACAgE.jpg)


Also, did you see this idiot? He got into a private women's group on facebook and started posting all their info on Twitter, with pictures of their kids included. Sick fucker.

No. 267934

Wtf jewish path of social destruction?? Sorry I can't take you serious.

No. 267935

I reported this fuck when I saw he was putting people's names out there along with pictures of their kids, his other tweets indicated he is setting up a twitter bot to circulate the names and pictures of "terfs."

No. 267943

lol I love people like this, they usually just get into shit-flinging matches with other transpeople who are anti-military.

No. 267962

Right wing people say women caused all this. Feminism and left wing politics.

No. 267969

Go blogpost about not having a girlfriend elsewhere.

No. 267985

Anyone seen this? kek

This dude is an incredible piece of shit… He literally doxxed women and their CHILDREN for not sucking up to his shitty desillusions.

No. 267993

The comments are cancer:
>I educate in a really large progressive group, and recently had a real awakening about my gendered language with regard to abortion (which is being talked about more than usual lately because of SCOTUS). I've been working really hard to un-gender my language when I am educating and talking about abortion, for exactly the reasons you state.

>terf cislesbians owe most of their rights from the trans community I'm disgusted that terfs exclude trans women they have their rights because of THE MARSHA P. JOHNSON WHO IS A TRANS WOMAN

That totally sounds like "Those stupid womenz should be more grateful that us men grant them rights"…

No. 267994

Marsha probably had more sense than these idiots.

>gendered language with regard to abortion

Women (female adults) have abortions. Men (male adults) don't have abortions because they can't get pregnant.

Male and female is not some kind of ideology, it's a fact of life. Just like someone who bleaches their hair will never be a "natural blonde", men who cosplay as women will never be a "real woman".

No. 267995

I'm pretty sure Marsha only presented as a woman because it was easier than presenting as a gay man in public. A lot of gays did that at the time so they could go out with their partners without facing discrimination.

No. 268009

Marsha P. Johnson was a drag queen, them perpetuating the myth he was a trans woman really pisses me off.

No. 268020

Apparently transactivists have been spreading a lot of this type of misinformatuon about LGBT history like saying Marsha P Johnson threw the first brick at Stonewall when it was really a black lesbian who started the uprising.

No. 268098

It's really telling that the transwoman that like men tend to look much better than the "transbians" - not the same as natal women, but you rarely see the pig in lipstick look with them.

Probably because the autogynophiles are just ugly loser men that think they'll have better luck with women dressing up as one, because they have a fetishised view of what a "woman" is. They think of it as an easy fix for all their problems, because women are just inherently sex objects to them, and by becoming a grotesque parody of what they consider women to be, they'll become sexually attractive to others.

No. 268100

you don't have to be a "transbian" to be an autogyn, anon, and many autogyns are into men because a big thing with them is that they want to be turned into women and abused like sex dolls by men.

No. 268180

File: 1531622684425.jpg (875.29 KB, 504x8266, SALT.jpg)

The reaction to ariana's new video is just…unreal. One of the few times snowflake/triggered seems appropriate

No. 268186

>which isn't trans-inclusive because not all women have vaginas


No. 268187

File: 1531625355617.jpg (281.37 KB, 520x1996, the salt never ends.jpg)

But wait! Theres more…

No. 268188

i was in the celebricows thread hating on her but i may have to rethink my opinion on the video based on the triggering. i hope she doesn't issue an apology for not having giant dicks as set pieces in her video

No. 268189

How will you feel if she does?

No. 268190

>violent trans erasure by noted terf Ariana Grande

this has to be a troll account

No. 268191

>muh mentioning vagina is TERF discourse
If they are able to pretend they have "periods" without bleeding, why not pretend their dicks are called vaginas too?

No. 268192

don't give them any ideas. i can see this as the next step for them lbr

No. 268196

0 sense. They keep saying trans women are women too and trans women are real women but the moment you say just the word woman they get triggered. They want to be referred to as trans women and that's it. They don't want to be women, they want to be trans.

No. 268197

Oops, I meant to reply to >>268187

No. 268198

they already say some dicks are female or some crap.

No. 268204

>oof that is a big yikes
we need a new plague starting with everyone who talks like this

No. 268205

>because trans woman=woman and god gives life/women give life

WTF?! Trans women don’t give life! You can’t conceive. You don’t sacrifice your body and health growing a child in your WOMB. After steady hormones, your balls are pretty much useless and you can’t even impregnate a woman anyway. These sick fucks watch too much hentai and think dick-chick impregnation is a real thing.

I’m so done with Western, female-hating “Feminism”. Notice how none of these assholes suggest God could be a transman? Always male-centric.

No. 268206

My brain, help. Is these Twitter people's dream world one where all references to biological women are erased because it's offensive? There's only men, trans women (men) and Those Nasty Terfs

Highly concentrated insanity.

No. 268207

Did these retards lose their minds like this Janelle Monae’s PYNK video? I don’t exactly care for Ariana but a woman can’t even sing about her vagina in a positive way without trannies somehow making it about themselves and their feelings.

Ariana better not apologise for this tbh

No. 268212

No. 268213

>Ariana better not apologise for this tbh
100% sure she will because most of her followers are extremely young and they're the same people that believe shit like >>268187

No. 268214

>trans women are women too
Whenever people say this I refuse to take them seriously and immediately see them as liars. In the back of your mind you know for a fact that this statement is false in every way.

>the line ''pussy power'' doesn't sound trans-inclusive

good. It shouldn't be.

>there were no trans women in the video

No men in a video literally about women? Problematic!
This is the state of feminism in 2018, everyone. Jesus, these people are so hateable.

No. 268219

Yeah that ain't gonna work and is a horrible waste of funding.

How do they even know there are no transwomen in the video? I thought most transwomen pass flawlessly and we pass dozens of them in the streets every day without noticing. Sounds pretty transphobic tbqh yikes

No. 268224

Another article comprised of two paragraphs of text. Since he cannot generate the ovaries and eggs we are born with, will have to do IVF, and will also need daily injections of hormones and then at some point a caesarean…

most trans women can't be bothered dilating their new organs never mind all that so uptake would be minimal.

No. 268225

The sweden womb transfer they refer to in the article was done on a woman.

I can't comprehend a genetically male body successfully creating placenta, cushioning tissue and feeding the baby, at most it could keep an infertile womb alive as a hollow organ but the gestation growth process seems impossible.

No. 268241

well that's fine then, troons can waste their money on it and see that they're -actually- not women.

No. 268243

They did, until janelle came out and said the pink baeball bats were meant to represent transwomen. Then they lost their shit over that because apparently thats transphobic too.

You cant win with these idiots.

No. 268244

Also the baby would have to be cut out of the stomach.

No. 268245

This Pink News site sees to be tranny media…

Anyways, one commenter who wrote something actually reasonable (and wasn't deleted by them lol) explained why it isn't possible very well
>It's not simply a matter of transplanting the uterus, men also lack the necessary support systems (blood vessels to link to the uterus, the ligaments to hold it in place, hormones needed for pregnancy, a vagina and cervix, the pelvic space and so on). Research would need to be done on solving all these issues before the idea of a uterus transplant for men is even floated as potential research.
As a response somebody wrote this
>Forensic osteologist found there to be more than 10% overlap of the pelvis between normal males and normal females and that includes the pubic bone, subpubic angle and greater sciatic notch,
Hormones at adolesence will cause a classically female pelvis for MTFs for the 90% who do not have overlap of the pelvis with normal females. The musculature and vascular supply is easy. I say 7 years and injecting donor blood cells can eliminate the need for immunosuppresants although these meds have not been a problem for normal females and likely not for transwomen.
So if you we inject them with hormones at a young enough age everything will be alright…?

No. 268246

Not like any of them would want to get pregnant anyways. That would ruin their "perfect woman" sex doll-esque body. They only want to be the type of women portrayed in porn, because women to them are only fetish props.

No. 268247

Sage for samefag, but I got my period and already a rather womanly body shape shortly after I turned 11; they're either delusional about our bodies or they would really allow elementary kids to troon out.

No. 268252

Where are the uteri coming from? If it's through organ donation, I'm taking myself off the donor register because the idea that such a intimate part of me could go to a tranny is horrifying.

No. 268256

Some of the gay ones might, and I'm sure there are extreme fetishists out there who consider this the next step in their fantasy. But I agree that most of them have no genuine interest in being pregnant and only "want" this so that they have something else to lord over women while declaring us to be expendable.

Ugh I didn't even think of that. Like hell am I going to let my womb rot in some delusional man's abdominal cavity.

No. 268258

they don't get that bone structure is pre-coded by already being female. also i'm sure the 10% overlap is women who have narrow hips who have trouble with live birth anyways.

No. 268259


It's never going to happen. Male bodies will never be able to physically carry a child and the idea that people are entertaining it is fucking insane. This is just another wave on the never-ending ocean of whiny trans delusional bullshit.

No. 268269

I just can’t believe everyone is letting trans women get away with taking over lgbt spaces AND feminist spaces. Like pick one you greedy bitches.

No. 268270

To think what else all this research money could be used for…
But no, turning 13-year-old boys into 13-year-old boys with tits and trying to get 50-year-old dudes, I-i mean 6-year-old girls, sorry!, pregnant is of course more important.

No. 268277

Living donors… uterus transplants can only be done with living donors.

As far as transplanting a uterus into a male; it could never happen, they don't even have the space or blood supply to support such an organ. Even with females, it's highly problematic; women have to be given anti rejection drugs throughout their pregnancy (unknown effect on the foetus), it is removed after pregnancy, they can not carry to full term, they are severely reduced (bedridden), and all pregnancies have to be done via C-section and it has a high complication rate + risk not only for the 'mother' but for the baby too.

Tbh it's pretty unethical as a woman to have a uterus transplant…

No. 268278

File: 1531665733889.jpg (456.07 KB, 2246x780, part 1.jpg)

Heres a joke for you guys in 3 parts
part 1

No. 268279

File: 1531665759412.jpg (253.24 KB, 1486x780, part 2.jpg)

Part 2

No. 268280

File: 1531665775957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.11 KB, 341x606, tumblr_pbniuxalmf1vgima9_540.j…)

AAANNNDDDDD the punchline

No. 268282

What a punchable, badly photoshoped, face.

No. 268285

Fuckig sick. Bio men policing bio women on their own issues that have nothing to do with them. Sorry trannies reproductive rights and feminism don’t concern you.

No. 268286

I saw this shit on Tunglr and I wanted to punch this fucker so bad. Wtf is wrong with his face, what is he using to edit it?

No. 268288

This pisses me off so much. Yes, let's all just never mind all the effort people put into international immigration, let alone the career this doctor has built for herself there. It's clearly much more important to center someone's dick, nothing male or male socialized about that behavior, putting your wang over a woman's entire livelihood.

No. 268293

Their extreme face-editing makes them look like one of those robots with flat-plane faces displayed on a screen.


The woman he reported resembles his most favorite person in the world which adds another level of wtf

No. 268300

File: 1531673581990.jpg (39.12 KB, 720x405, kH9zXN3.jpg)

This is some real “female masking” shit.

No. 268301

that actually brought to mind how stupid it is that people thing troons don't have a fetish, there's already tons of weird shit like that that men get of to. animegao, women masking, sissy, it just shows how insane these autogyn deniers are.

No. 268315

People who don’t know how deep the trans rabbithole goes often refuse to believe that anyone would go that far for a fetish, but then when I show them this kind of shit they look at me like I’m the creep for knowing about these things. It’s really frustrating. It kind of makes me wish for more media-hungry Stefonknee types bringing this shit to light by themselves.

No. 268323

File: 1531677774790.png (721.6 KB, 896x566, KEK.png)

who is he trying to fool?! top kek

troons gonna troon

No. 268324

File: 1531677910626.png (404.3 KB, 559x565, halloween.png)

No. 268326

This makes me miss the transpassing threads.

No. 268329

we can still post that ITT. it's on topic after all since it was merged to make this one.

No. 268342

File: 1531680896622.jpeg (508.95 KB, 750x1097, 7DB8C39E-6051-4F86-BB56-084A2A…)

Going through /r/transpassing it seems they’re all older men obsessed with age. Asking users to guess how old they are in each post. It’s so painfully obvious they want to be young hip teenage girls and not the creepy out of touch old males they are.

Obvious paraphelia is obvious.

No. 268346


It's an indication of how much they shape their perception of womanhood by cultural expectations of what the patriarchy expects us to look like. Airbrushed, sexualised, always young, always fuckable - a superficial, materialistic pornsick male view of woman.

The irony is that they have absolutely no way of ever reaching that ideal. If they have enough money to chuck at surgery, they might end up with a sad plastic version of it that convinces no one.

No. 268347

File: 1531682028242.png (24.5 KB, 412x298, acceptance.png)

I've thought about a lot of things when really abhorrent things are posted ITT, but I always take comfort in the fact that your typical normie will never accept these people as actual men and women. They will always be an other to the general populace. It doesn't matter how much plastic surgery they get done, how good they are at imitating the opposite sex, or any other factor that makes them think they can ignore their biological reality. Humans are innately so good at recognizing when something is 'off' about an individual which is why the uncanny valley is a thing.

Not only that, but the insane, vocal ones are going to turn off anyone who is outside of the LGBT space. How do you think your average dudebro or blue collar worker is going to react to "girl dicks" or screeching about the cotton ceiling? Even if these entitled men/women get the policies they demand, they will be no more accepted than they are now, and they will only be further ostracized into their safe spaces as people feel infringed upon and push back.

I think once society finally realizes transitioning children so young is the worst idea ever, we'll start seeing things turn around on them. Part of me was hoping Jazz instigated this, though as he already got his SRS, seems unlikely now.

No. 268357

holy fuck

No. 268385

File: 1531688926991.jpg (221.42 KB, 1176x1280, 4f18e4f0-248c-4246-820f-7373d4…)

No. 268400

Oblivion random character creation looking fuck

No. 268451

The worst part is the realisation from this that he has a kid.

No. 268473

Well yes, cosplaying takes effort.

No. 268546

It’s almost like… there is more to being a woman than clothes and makeup! I do feel sad for this person because I actually know transwomen with genuine gender dysphoria and they go through Hell hating their body and biology, but shit. These people would be better off psychologically just embracing being third gender like many here in Asia, instead of pretending they are indistinguishable from biological women.

No. 268549

>roll out of bed and FEEL FEMALE
it's ridiculous how trannies think real women have this "female feeling" like no? i'd reckon most of us don't consider our femaleness all that much lol. we just feel like people.

No. 268613

No. 268634

File: 1531735650878.png (2.08 MB, 1388x1570, Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-16 um 1…)

Ah, yes, the milestones of womanhood: buying clothes, doing makeup and shaving your legs.

No. 268635

What ever do you mean, o fellow gurl?

/s, if it's not obvious, don't wanna get banned

No. 268663

File: 1531744515354.jpg (233.81 KB, 1745x1050, 63uyw84l.jpg)

How come troons like Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras still look off despite starting HRT very young?

No. 268666


They're so frustrated and I love it so much

No. 268685

because estrogen doesnt change your sex

No. 268727

They reduce womanhood to appearances.

No. 268738

Hey, just like a man would!

No. 268758

Oh christ, the grease on that hair. Why do I browse this site when I'm eating?

No. 268783

File: 1531772560990.png (518.38 KB, 1439x1783, Screenshot_2018-07-16-15-17-22…)

No. 268785

literally what?

No. 268786

Don't give them the satisfaction

No. 268802

I think he believes normal people wish to live in cyberpunk worlds but when they're confronted with someone who is actually cringy enough to take on that aesthetic, they lash out? People like anime, still doesn't mean that people who dress and speak like anime people aren't an embarrassement to our species.
Or he believes that being trans in itself is cyberpunk because they change their bodies to such an extent? I somehow don't believe that cyborgs in cyberpunk a) are anything like troons and b) don't REEE about how they're 100% robots and machines "born" robots should be called cis robot.
But just trying to wrap my head about what this mentally ill person is trying to say is really painful.

No. 268803

>don't believe that cyborgs (…) b) REE about how they're 100% robots (…)

One "don't" too many.

No. 268825

I'm just confused, are you really punk if you care about gender? Why would a genuinely punk person work in an industry?

No. 268827

Tfw these people are only saying this to look like a “good person”
Trans “women” are literally the new gay best friend

No. 268865

The difference, of course, being that people in cyberpunk settings and cyborgs actually look cool. Trannies just look like pigs in lipstick.

Then again, cyberpunk often has themes of corporate overlords controlling everything and how people are slaves to corporations and shit. Trannies are certainly slaves to fashion, cosmetics, hormones, plastic surgery, and all that. Maybe trannies are cyberpunk. Just not in the way this tool thinks.

No. 268942

Hey guys, is there any fakemtf bingo?

I truly believe that people should be called trans /etc only if they have an actually dysphoria since the beginning, yet still every snowflake claims they had one nowadays. :/

No. 268946

There's a person on a discord server who starts a transcult or something. Legit every at least depressed and stupid man w who he befriends becomes a mtf a month after or more. And all for his own purposes, because ~ theres not enough trannies in clan~. Still seems all like supportive and shit about people uwu as long as they treat him differently and talk this and that. I also bet he got brainwashed to turning into a trannie aswell since the guy Is mental by default and all he needed was some pussy, so he tried to find the easiest way to do that. Shame cisfemales realise how creepy he is and leave him shortly.

But yeah, talking about that. Thing is, there's not that much proofs but that the guy talked alot about it and hidely forced to come outetc. And he's a really manipulative person who shouts at you and plays victim card if you don't support his opinion. He turned two desperate fetishists into a trannies, and also forces one of them to copycat me in a creepy way and that still drives me crazy. I don't know how to finally call this cuck out because im more than sure that his new 'friend' is going to turn into a trannie shortly. Same scheme; support main uwu, cute anime shit as avatar + weebness…Idk guys, im just suck of the trans part of the server but I don't want to leave it because there are some good people. I just want all of this transfiesta to end.

No. 268979

I’ve read plenty of cyberpunk but trans characters honestly aren’t that much more common than in other genres, and the ones who do show up are usually sex workers. What point is he trying to make exactly?

No. 269016

File: 1531858060178.jpg (60.02 KB, 830x285, trancel.jpg)

trancel describing his changes on estrogen

low hanging fruit, but i got triggered

No. 269017

>i fused my bones at 13
what did he mean by this

No. 269019

he said he started hormones at 13 and them someone asked him his height.
i don't know what that has to do with bone fusing tbh guys a loon

No. 269022

i think he's trying that he had his growth plates closed? i didn't think that was medically possible tho so idk.

No. 269039

File: 1531861669899.gif (466.11 KB, 245x245, 2170B9A9-31D6-49DF-B0C7-D3A425…)

>I became dumb because of estrogen

No words.

No. 269052

File: 1531866236923.jpg (44.11 KB, 567x432, DguC4PzU0AImZBJ.jpg)

>I'm cognitively not as smart as men are.
yeah but remember transgenderism isn't AT ALL based on misogyny.

No. 269060

When the bimbo fetish hits

No. 269071

>7 years to do associates
Isn't that even more time than Chris Chan took? I get that he's trying to pull some misogynistic crap but lol. I could believe that transition makes people dumber, what with all these trannies making zero sense out here.

No. 269105

File: 1531881209233.jpg (22.38 KB, 538x277, WHEEZE.JPG)

>mfw low iq shim thinks his retardation is because he's """female""" and not because shimdom is correlated with autism which correlates with low iq which is why he lacks the capacity to pinpoint the reason why he has low iq in the first place

No. 269121

That's basically every discord server, the trans cult brainwashing is everywhere. Lonely autistic dudes just want a gf, but they're easily confused and mix up wanting a girl with wanting to become a girl, plus the peer pressure and desire to fit in the new trendy clique and ERP with these AGP "lesbians". Then they start using their newfound place at the top of the oppression pyramid to manipulate and abuse people, always bringing up trans panic and trans murders and the evil TERFs. They're just so oppressed that it justifies everything they do.

No. 269133


It's because he started hormones at an early age, what he got is a defective male brain that's insufficiently developed due to lack of natal testosterone exposure.

But of course, make it look like women are dumber because of estrogen…so typically male.

No. 269135

The type of person was discussed near the end of last thread if you didn't see. Turned out someone else knew a guy I was complaining about. his discord username starts with A and has a flower in it. I'd be floored if it was the same guy AGAIN, but apparently what you described is exactly his M.O. Though I'm sure there are plenty others out there like him.

No. 269158

I recently became gender critical and actually found out my close friend was a radfem 'terf'. And honestly I've read what 'Terfs' actually have to say and they really AREN'T bigoted, awful people like I've seen preached in every liberal space. Most people don't seem to actually know what a 'terf is and they continue to spread blind hatred about them. I'm almost feeling guilty for agreeing with them because it feels like social suicide to agree with their rhetoric despite how reasonable it is. What's the deal? Who popularized the anti terf shit?

No. 269161

This, I get so triggered when these people talk about "female" or "woman" as some nebulous ~feeling~. And they never seem to be able to describe what the feeling is without using outdated gender roles

I don't "identify" as a woman, I AM a woman because I have a female body, the same way I have brown eyes. Putting coloured contacts in, no matter how well made doesn't change the fact that under that, I still have brown eyes.
It's so sexist and backwards how they conflate gender norms which change with time and culture with innate biology.

No. 269163

File: 1531909719480.png (276.2 KB, 1652x704, Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.2…)

That user's post history is a trip

It's especially funny because blue used to be the "female" colour and me and most of the actual women I know prefer blue clothes/accessories to pink

No. 269166

>Most people don't seem to actually know what a 'terf is
Trannies certainly know what a terf is and, deep down, understand how reasonable the idealogy is. It's the biggest possible threat to their delusions and brainwashing, because it actually makes sense and has the potential to change a libfem's point of view. They have to attack and discredit it as much as possible to prevent people coming to their senses, and if that means pretending terfs are violent and evil so be it.

Realistically, the genuine threats to their safety and well being are garden variety homophobic straight dudes who beat them up- but that's only a danger to individuals, transactivists as a whole use it to further their cause and convince people how oppressed they are.

No. 269170

After begrudgingly admitting that she hadn't' been able to find a single documented instance of a "terf" physically harming a trans person, one libfem acquaintance still insisted that terfs are the ones ultimately responsible for violence against TiMs by homophobic men because we're the ones trying to keep them out of our bathrooms, changing rooms and prisons. It's disgusting to me how people can call themselves feminists yet still blame all the evils in the world on other women while never holding men accountable for anything. Occasionally posing with a "Cis White Male Tears" mug for social media doesn't fucking count.

No. 269176

File: 1531916998094.png (344.89 KB, 1712x1092, 1.png)

"trans men don't have to be masculine or have a penis to be male! why won't gay men date me!!" (context: OP asked on r/gaybros whether people would date a FTM and the majority of men said they just weren't attracted to FTMs)

so, lo and behold, the same redditor 2 years later…

No. 269179

File: 1531917079749.png (60.37 KB, 1184x234, 2.png)


(but seriously, fuck trans ideology for making gender non-conforming people think there's something wrong with them. i'm happy for this girl.)

No. 269181

>lots of guys don't have a penis but "identify" as having a penis
>"trans* guy" "identifies" as having a vagina
>still upvoted by 11 points

Ahahaha, it's usually always trans"women" spouting the most bullshit, nice to see some trans "men" taking over the reigns of extreme mental gymnastics for once. Wow.

I feel both sorry for and irritated by the teens brought up on tumblr who believe this crap.
I'm a woman with a lot of stereotypically masculine hobbies and personally traits and I've never considered that makes me less of a woman, but I wonder if I could have fallen down this rabbithole as an easily impressionable 14 year old on tumblr in Current Year.

No. 269201


from kiwi thread

A transgender prisoner is accused of sexually assaulting four female inmated at a West Yorkshire prison days after she was jailed.

The first alleged attack is said to have taken place within a week of her arrival at New Hall jail in Wakefield.

She had not yet had gender reassignment surgery when she was jailed in the women’s prison, according to a report in The Sun.

prisons should be divided according to biological sex only.

No. 269220

File: 1531929181244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.96 KB, 488x514, i sure hope it does.jpg)

my hand slipped
i want terf memes

No. 269221



No. 269246

>trans guy
>loves having a vagina
>doesn't want the changes of testosterone
Tumblr was a mistake

No. 269274

File: 1531936602317.png (234.99 KB, 613x539, upload_2018-7-18_8-17-54.png)

No. 269313

File: 1531943054429.png (163.17 KB, 681x558, Untitled-1.png)

Yet transwomen say that discrimination is based on gender, not sex

No. 269375

File: 1531948899256.png (143.14 KB, 800x1000, 1481949407972.png)

No you inbred cockmong, they don't. Just like faggot males who get raped in male prisons don't get transferred to women's. 1+1=2.

I know you're a high school drop out, but you're getting there.

No. 269409

Can we just create tranny prison? There they can assault one another all they want…

No. 269430

Does this little shit not know about how navy is a classic color in women's fashion? He could just paint a white and a red stripe and make it sailor-themed. I'm more offended by how he wants to be a woman but doesn't know shit about all the stuff we're forced to learn than by his ridiculous "blue invalidates my feelings". Fuck sake, pick up a Vogue magazine or something.

No. 269442

Oh god, this is so enraging I can't even.

If you have a penis and sexually assault women in prison then HOW YOU SELF-IDENTIFY IS COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Your delusional feelings do not trump women's rights to safety. It's one thing to argue about bathroom use, but this is just FUCKING INSANE. This is undeniably putting the safety of women at risk for the sake of catering to a sex offender's delusion.

Here's a crazy idea… if you're transgender and don't want to be put in a men's prison… don't sexually assault the female inmates.


No. 269451

Navy is a classic color in general. The classic men's suit is navy. Sailor-theme wouldn't even work (for him) since that came from male sailor uniforms. I get what you're saying, but lbr.

No. 269458

File: 1531959464441.jpeg (73.6 KB, 741x484, A28BB147-AF5E-45F1-91D5-6675EF…)

Yeah, Jones has always been oddlyyyy concerned with trannies being allowed in women’s prison. He’s a real piece of shit.

If you sexually assault inmates, you should not be allowed a second chance at victimizing more women; your male ass needs to be sent to M A L E prison.

No. 269462

File: 1531960391373.png (490.93 KB, 616x4106, trans girls periods.png)

Pic related happened pretty recently.

I hate how shallow these people are.

>can't make a post about phones without mentioning being a tranny

>It's disgusting to me how people can call themselves feminists yet still blame all the evils in the world on other women while never holding men accountable for anything.
Very male, though.

Male means XY chromosomes. Biology is not a social construct.

>The latest figures show there were 125 transgender prisoners in England and Wales at the end of March 2017, up from 70 a year earlier.
That's a lot.

I miss when this was just called being a tomboy.

Just keep all of them in solitary.

No. 269467

Fee, fi, fo, fum:

I smell the stench of TERFy scum.

No. 269470

kek is this what TRA do now?

No. 269485

>if Hitler was trans
Lmao, how do so many liberals not see how idiotic these people are?

No. 269498

This tranny period thing seriously triggers me and I don't even have endo or anything.

No. 269499

Hit enter too early but jeez. Anyone can experience cramping, mood swings, fatigue, and what not but that's not the entire point! EVERY GIRL HAS TO FIGURE OUT HER OWN PERIOD. PERIOD! Not to mention that all the other symptoms can never mask the fact that a healthy menstruation involves the fucking bleeding!

I am so fucking sick and tired of trannies whining about being taught shit that most women and girls are left on their own to figure out.

No. 269503

have you guys seen his "why i'm a lesbian" video with his equally carny-tier, trashy, embarrassing girlfriend who calls herself "the dicksuckingest lesbian you've ever seen"? these two are so milky. his gf rubs two popsicles on her tongue and says:
"if god's willing, i will spend the rest of my life with a face full of their flaccid, estrogen-soaked, testosterone-blocked penises, framed by perfectly by their chubby little thighs and round hips, and when i reach up, i will grab their their tits until they squeal, and it will continue to be nothing, NOTHING like my relationships with a man. my name is Heather McNamara, and i'm the most dicksuckingest lesbian you'll ever meet!!!!"

it starts at like 6:24

No. 269532

Sounds to me like a basic straight bitch who wants all of the "praise and rewards" of not being a basic straight bitch. "My name is Heather McNamara." kek nobody fucking cares about her life so much that she has to brag about sucking dick.

No. 269561

Absolutely fascinating case study

No. 269692

No. 269797

No. 269800

I can't imagine what'd be like to be in a women's shelter and then some guy with make-up on comes in.
>The guy who says "Transpeople are very scared of talking publicly about trans issues"
Obviously they are so scared they have to violently attack actual women. Also he looks like a guy with long hair, because that's what he is.
The anti-TERF men shouting sound just like what they are: Men. Get some fucking voice training.

No. 269802

With this one, you could turn off either the sound or close your eyes and you'll still 100% know that this is not a woman. Where there is no woman there is no lesbian.

No. 269803

*The worst parts of being a hetero man

No. 269840

Whenever someone has male or female pronouns in their twitter bio I just automatically assume it means they are the opposite of what they proclaim.

No. 269842

kek I think the same too

No. 269845

>I'm a lesbian icon
Gosh I hate him and his attention seeking vag(thats a penis).

No. 269846

Jesus I can't even make it all the way through these videos. These people are so fucking unbearable.

No. 269873

Pretty much every he/him is actually a girl, but I've seen a lot of girls put she/her. I think that's mostly a girl thing, men seem to always state that they're trans somewhere.

No. 269879

I've seen a lot of girls stating "she/her" in their profiles too. The only time I've seen a man saying his pronouns were "he/him" on twitter was Matthew Mercer. If you played any video game where he voiced a character and still couldn't guess he was a man then you need to get your ears checked by multiple doctors.

No. 269882

lmao, this. Cis people (who are not psychotic handmaidens/men) don't need to put their pronouns in their Twitter bios. And the people who put they/them are always born female, no exceptions.

A ton of male soyboy "journalists" (i.e. bloggers for a gaming site) have their he/him pronouns up there too. I'm disappointed in Mercer though, I thought he'd have enough sense not to fall into this retarded pronoun announcing game.

No. 269883

If I see pronouns at all I just assume it's a girl. He/him, they/them, she/her all = biological female straight outta tumblr.

No. 269910

I'm so tired about how men feel entlited to intrude into female spaces. I'm trying to get into keto again and I swear that in every forum I go there's a bunch of men thinking they have some say in a women suforum or topic, and even belittling the posters there.

No. 269916

Could you post links?
I'm trying to get back into keto as well, and would love some tips.
idgaf what guys think, I've been on imageboards for so long that I grew numb on their comments but maybe having a keto friend to share tips would be swell too!

No. 269925

Yeah, nobody uses pronouns unless they require people to pretend to be fooled. The only exception I've seen is university employees that work or a client that requests this of everyone, but even then, you only see younger women going along with this.

No. 269961

A couple years it was trendy among libfems and twitter users in general to put pronouns in their bio to "normalize it" so trans people wouldn't feel awkward doing it, so I tend to assume a lot of libfems are still doing that when I see pronoun bios.

No. 270014

Even before he added this to his profile I felt like he was trying really hard to be nice to absolutely everyone on twitter so I guess it's not too surprising coming from him? Idk, I saw a tweet a long time ago about how everyone should state their pronouns, cis or trans, to help normalize being trans so maybe he thought it was a good idea because of this bullshit.

No. 270015


>“Sorry, no. The group is for actual homosexual men,” he said. “Dysphoric females are not and can never be men, so are therefore naturally (and quite obviously) excluded.”

>When asked about the outrage by trans activists Bennett replied: “I have little care or concern of the opinions of trans activists. “You may quote me.”


No. 270018

good. i dont find ftms as obnoxious and disgusting as mtfs, but they still cant co-opt other people's personal struggles like this. at least gay men have the backbone to stand up for themselves.

No. 270022

I’m laughing how this person shot himself in the foot by saying he gets period on every 10th of the month. You can just plainly see how much of an incel he is who has never had meaningful female contact.

No. 270030

> at least gay men have the backbone to stand up for themselves
It's not like women wouldn't like to do that as well. They just can't because men immediately shut the down.

No. 270049

it's partly that and partly handmaidens. we just can't get a word in.

No. 270064

Basically when women speak they're doxxed, fired and even beaten. They can't even question anyyhing- they're TERFs from that point on and need to be shut up.

No. 270065

sorry meant to reply to >>270030

No. 270100

File: 1532149032476.png (814.4 KB, 637x810, 1532147800516.png)

No. 270114

that's a drag queen, not a tranny.

No. 270178

why'd they bother to include "non-binary" in the heading as if it was part of the issue? It's not like the strange man harassing this guy on public transport did it because he somehow did it because he knew he was gender special, he did it because of homophobia toward someone he was recognizing as a gay man.

No. 270564

File: 1532244064139.jpeg (142.25 KB, 750x1027, E03FE87B-67A0-419B-B87B-368D85…)

Does anyone else automatically get this deep-seated, primitive fear when they see an autogynephile? They all have such uncanny valley, mask-like faces and expressions that make them look like homocidal wax statues. I’m not sure if men get this feeling too or it’s just my female brain warning me to get away.

Saged for noncon

No. 270571


Lmao lets be real. They probably have a shallow view on what periods are and just use it as an excuse to act like a piece of shit to people and chalk it up to ~muh period~, just like what all MEN think women on their periods are.

No. 270572

Oh I get this. I get Buffalo Bill vibes off all of them. My gut instinct just tells me that they have a creepy, fetishy, one-sided view on women and are predators or have a deep seated hatred/jealousy towards real women (hence why TERF is a thing).

No. 270585

File: 1532251857998.jpg (156.15 KB, 625x902, Untitled.jpg)

Or you could realize that gender roles are bullshit, and reject the idea of them, and be yourself completely. But that wouldn't tick off internet oppression boxes, would it? I also like the added bonus of e-begging. These people are always like that.

No. 270597

I get this too. I have no problem with effeminate men or men who like fashion or makeup or whatever but AGPs have always made me feel extremely uncomfortable and on edge, even before I knew what they really were. It’s like my brain instantly clocks them as predators, as wolves in sheeps clothing.

I recently ran into a particularly bad one at work. He was over 6’5”, wearing a teeny tiny little black dress that hardly covered his crotch, his hair was a shoulder length rat’s nest, he had bright red lipstick smeared around his mouth and blue eyeshadow up to his eyebrows, and the posture of a Elder Scrolls troll. I felt a chill going down my spine as he lumbered past me. I’m so glad I didn’t have to interact with him because I don’t think I would have been able to look him in the face while calling him “ma’am”.

I also wonder how other men feel about guys like that. My friend circle is pretty liberal so I suspect most of them wouldn’t admit to any kind of negative feelings for fear of being accused of transphobia or homophobia. Can it even be considered homophobia when most of these guys are straight?

No. 270601

I'm from a small town in Germany. I feel like nobody here really knows anything about trannies (people have accepted homosexuality only rather recently) and until this year I've never seen one all my life: since the start of 2018 I've already encountered 3, even though I live in the middle of nowhere, so I imagine that it must be much worse in bigger cities; it's really like a disease that's spreading all over the world.

The ones I saw were all mtf
>one in his 60s waiting in line at some fast food stall; as soon as he left all the people waiting and the shop owner grinned
>a student who dressed like the typical moe anime girl, constsntly trying to flirt with the make students, acting all clumsy (because that's what normal girls do)
>and once I met a guy (probably close to 2m, shoulders like a linebacker, wearing completely male clothes, but makeup) in the ladies toilet. I'm tall myself and not easily scared, but seeing this come out of one of the stalls while I was waiting still gave me a shock…

Saged for blog

No. 270602

*constantly trying to flirt with the male students

No. 270623

I dated a troon months before they hinted they wanted to transition. They started giving off those creeper vibes & a hodgepodge of other things a year later so I cut the relationship & had to keep on the down low any criticisms of them for months since I had lots of trans activist friends at the time.
Last time I checked up on them they literally had photos of them hanging out at the beach with none other than the infamous Buffalo Bill in their swimsuits. I was hysterically laughing since I really dodged a bullet there.

No. 270673

The fact that trans issues take up so much space now is fucking annoying. Especially mtf. Too much talk of them in feminist circles. Too much talk of them everywhere. Nothing is solved for WOMEN who have lived their entire lives as WOMEN and have been treated accordingly. But we now clog everything up with talking about them. You would think every other person in the world is trans with how much attention they're being given. I can't say that surprises me because mtfs tend to continue to act like men and try to dominate every conversation and absolutely believe every space is for them. And WOMEN allow them this cause, gosh… don't wanna be~*transphobic*~.

No. 270688

Reading this crazy word salad littered with tranny words and then realising it's someone describing a normal human body is a real headfuck

No. 270693

File: 1532282313074.png (120 KB, 1440x662, 20180722_195727.png)

I know this is a tad embarrassing but I'm really into asmr. Last night I was watching some pms relievement ones and guess what I saw in the comments: "Uhm, guys can get periods too."
They really can't leave us alone. Just picture some old dude watching this for his imaginary period pain…

No. 270711


the mention of buffalo bill upthread made me remember the article that made me hit peak trans a few years ago. trannies would absolutely be clamoring for him to be housed in a women's prison if he were a real person, kek. i was frequenting lolcow back then too and i think the board was pretty evenly split on trans stuff. seeing how far the board has come in accepting gender critical ideas is nice to see.

No. 270739

File: 1532293095413.png (38.34 KB, 243x317, transiskawaii.png)

Found this while shopping

Yes, mutilating your functional body, being medically dependant for the rest of your life, injecting yourself with synthetic shit and killing yourself in your 30s is totes kawaii ^o^

No. 270742

Rose McEwan looks like Miranda Sings…

No. 270745

Of course it's kawaii, because what on earth is the point of being a woman if they're not super cute and young and just like the anime girls they fetishize?

No. 270790

>While the category of autogynephile is a construct of the medical establishment,

Ah, yes, the good old "thing I don't like/disagree with is a construct".

>Bill’s disturbing violence is very much representative of bigoted and hateful ideas about trans women advanced in the name of feminism.

Or it's representative of the hate and fetishizing men, including autogynephiles, have towards women.

A list of the serial killers Buffalo Bill was based off of, according to Thomas Harris and Wikipedia:

>Harris based various elements of Gumb's MO on six real-life killers:[2][3]

>Jerry Brudos, who dressed up in his victims' clothing and kept their shoes.

>Edward Gein, who fashioned trophies and keepsakes from the bones and skin of corpses he dug up at cemeteries. He also made a female skin suit and skin masks.
>Ted Bundy, who pretended to be injured (using an arm-brace or crutches) as a ploy to ask his victims for help. When they helped him, he incapacitated and killed them, dumping their bodies far away.
>Gary M. Heidnik, who kidnapped and tortured six women and held them prisoner as sex slaves.
>Edmund Kemper, who, like Gumb, killed his grandparents as a teenager "just to see what it felt like."
>Gary Ridgway, the Green River Killer (still unidentified at the time of the novel's writing), who, like Gumb, dumped women's bodies in rivers and inserted foreign objects into their corpses.

I'm not seeing the trans community clamoring to claim Ed Gein as one of their own, that's for sure.

No. 270794

… Are these people unaware that Buffalo Bill is heavily influenced by a real serial killer? Arguably the most infamous one in American history in fact. Or is it bigoted to acknowledge the gender identity element in Ed Gein's crimes?

No. 270795

kek, it's fine to post humously diagnoses kurt cobain w tranny bullshit based on him having worn a dress to mock gender roles, or to claim mulan was a tranny, etc, but ed gein won't be taken in by their camp. they'll try to claim it's paraphilic transvestitism

No. 270799

I lol'd
>I felt a chill going down my spine as he lumbered past me

I would like to subscribe to your blog anon

No. 270812

I'm curious how many people actually support transgenerism vs how many are just pretending to so that they don't alienate themselves. I lie and act like I'm a trasnactivist because if I didn't there's a laundry list of ways it could fuck up my life. I literally don't know a single other gender critical feminist IRL.

No. 270820

I think most people (normies) think it's stupid and don't pay any attention beyond 'lol look at this guy in a dress'. But amongst more socially aware people, I'm guessing a lot more people are suspicious of it than are willing to admit. You'll see them questioning it in the most tactful, inoffensive way possible sometimes, and I'm starting to see more and more people on traditionally ~woke~ websites being assertive about their gender critical perspectives.

It's just really hard because transactivism has become so closely connected with REAL fights against oppression or social issues that speaking against it becomes automatically on par with racism, homophobia or misogyny in people's eyes. It's scary.

No. 270827

Sometimes I cry because I'll never get to know what Tim Petras would look like if he grew up to be a handsome young German man

No. 270832

I think most people think it's a bullshit sham, but they support it or are neutral to it on the grounds that "if it makes them happy, then they should live their lives in peace". A week or so ago, I was talking about Bruce Jenner with my mom, and I cracked a joke that he won woman of the year after being a woman for only about a year (and yes, I know he'll never be a woman). And my mom started cracking up laughing. She seems to fall into the range of someone who says "let people do what the want" but she also sees the bullshit.

No. 270838

Sorry if this has been posted before but this idiot tried to say why people can claim to be women but not black, but the commentors are not having it! Shes so stupid the argument she makes for someone saying how they cannot claim to be black is the SAME argument that radfems state why a man cannot claim to be a woman yet she makes an idiot of herself

No. 270853

I first saw this on tumblr, guess it migrated. I feel petty for being so annoyed with it.

1. Pronouns should be self explanatory if you say you're a woman/man
2. he/him/his <- this shit. Why do you need to tell me the forms of the pronoun, again, it's fucking self explanatory.

Like? What is the reasoning? Is it because they feel 'nonbinary' is embarrassing or too complex to use?

No. 270863

>Transgender person is aligning their internal gender identity with their appreanace
Nope, they're doing it the other way around. What you just said is just therapy.
>Transracialism is denying your ancestry
Because transgender people don't deny what they were born as at all.
>Dolezal didn't grow up living life as a black girl
Troons didn't grow up as girls.

She's dismantling her own arguments. What an idiot.

No. 270879

File: 1532325907917.jpg (177.42 KB, 950x700, shtap.jpg)

No. 270881

I love the way transracialism has exposed the stupidity of transgenderism. I take J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys more seriously than I take the average troon.
>loving shit that women can't stand

Yep. Typical male attention whoring and fetishization.

No. 270891

File: 1532330899563.jpg (237.03 KB, 1080x785, 20180723_092553.jpg)

No. 270895

File: 1532332121403.jpg (88.72 KB, 630x467, the truth.jpg)

And there it is. The truth of all of this bullshit. Everyone knows sexism is based in biology and not identity, it's just people have lost the backbone to say so.

No. 270906

File: 1532334190221.png (842.56 KB, 1280x1812, tumblr_ou1zxhHR0D1td5vf7o2_r1_…)

This reminded me of the TRA reaction on tumblr to a piece of redkatherinee's art. If you read the notes on the original post, it's full of reeeing about "LITERALLY BOILING TRANS PEOPLE ALIVE" as if it was some horrific gore, rather than a pretty benign satire of "misgendering trans people is literal violence".

You could say the same thing about this post, because the tone is clearly that of a joke but if I wanted to kick up a fuss I could accuse him of wanting to mutilate women's breasts.

No. 270913

>shit that women can't stand
Uhm I've never been catcalled and I wish it actually happened from time to time instead of being treated like an asexual child by society.
Apparently I'm less attractive even than a fucking tranny. Having a vagina is completely useless.

No. 270921


Is being objectified the kind of attention you want?

Love yourself, anon.

No. 270923


>you can be a trans man and get periods and pms because trans men are women


No. 270941

Trancel autosuggestion spotted.

No. 270949


Lol anon come on. Do you think catcalling is just nice gentlemen calling out compliments like 'oh you look lovely today ma'am!', or do you think it's fat chavvy slobs wheeling down their car windows and yelling gross objectifying shit like 'get your tits out' and then anyone else in earshot stares at you or laughs and it's mortifying as hell?

No. 270959


This. The first time I've been catcalled was when I was a slightly chubby, awkward 10-year-old girl, walking home from school and some guys passing by in a car yelled at me that I should pull my sweatshirt up so they could see my breasts. It was just humiliating. In most cases it doesn't even matter what you look like or what you are wearing, it's just about men wanting to feel power over women.

No. 270977

>I didn't get approval on this horrifying photo of myself elsewhere so I'm posting it in this mass hugbox for sympathy instead

No. 270984

File: 1532356945054.png (95.14 KB, 1648x366, lol.png)

>I also do not have any GLBT friends at all since the trans panels I used to speak at have replaced all trans people with "non-binary" people even though they want the total opposite of what us trans people do.

wow i can't imagine what that would feel like, some group that doesn't represent you at all intruding your space, replacing you and taking away your voice :( :(

No. 270988

You might think differently when you start getting catcalled right when you hit puberty and it's not fucking fun. No 12 year old should feel ashamed of their body because 40 year old nasty men can't keep their gross shit to themselves.

No. 270992

men dont catcall because you're attractive they do it to feel powerful and puff their feathers in front of the boys

No. 271000

Why did he use GLBT instead of LGBT?

No. 271032

Troons are so fucking clueless
>complain about people fearing they're a potential danger toward women
>joke about doing something several dysphoric serial killers have done because god forbid someone acknowledge any downside to the anatomy they fetishize

Also the sweet irony in him complaining about women not appreciating their boobs enough when he hates his male anatomy so much that he's mutilating his body. A ftm could say the exact same thing to him…

No. 271036

because he thinks men are above women

No. 271056

Yes. They have this weird "I'll skin you alive if you don't compliment me enough" vibe going on.

No. 271067

File: 1532368878253.jpg (32.7 KB, 400x400, w.jpg)

Describe this picture

No. 271076

Well yes I want to be seen as a sexual object, even if the person making the comment doesn't have good intentions. Just being acknowledged as a female potentially sexual being would be nice for once.
Puberty basically never came along for me and I am permanently a chubby flat chested 12 year old in my 20's and weightloss doesn't even improve the situation. Not even a pedo would want to touch me. Like fuck why do governments and insurance companies fund all the reassignment surgeries for troons, but they wouldn't support me getting surgery and help to look like a real woman. I don't even have tits to 'get out', only a useless fucking vagina nobody ever wants anything to do with. I'd have to put my vagina to a gloryhole if I would want to lose my virginity or pay a male hooker.

No. 271091

Like >>271036 said, it's a sexism thing. Fags/trannies/men who love shitting on women will use GLBT instead of LGBT. You see similar shit with racist types too. Hang out on /pol/, and you'll notice white is always capitalized while black isn't. On the flipside, hang out on Tumblr or among other "woke" circles, and it'll be black that is capitalized but not white.

No. 271096


I mean the make up and hair is fine, kind of suits him.

But the sailor moon little japanese school costume sets off my creep alarm. Especially as he is clearly in his mid thirties at the very least.

No. 271099

Behold the female incel.

Weightloss would likely do a /lot/ for you.

Cat calling isn't seeing a woman as 'sexy' it's to assert male dominance. As other posters have mentioned it's often mocking not flirty.

>me getting surgery and help to look like a real woman.

You either are a woman or you're not. Being ugly doesn't disqualify you from womanhood.

No. 271103

I agree, his makeup/hair/face are actaully decent (ESPECIALLY after seeing some of the really repulsive ones on this thread and previous ones).
But that anime sailor fuku shit has to go. It kills everything else.

No. 271104

Indeed, it has nothing to do with the men acknowledging you as sexy. Sure, a lot of women who are sexy and dress in revealing clothes get comments about their nice body, but I've been catcalled while wearing an oversized wintercoat going down to my ankles. All my greasy hair stuck under a cap and my nose red and face all puffy because I had the flu. Guy drove by and cried "nice ass" when one couldn't even see the shape of it beneath the coat.

Not that it would have been a nice ass anyway, but point is the comment had nothing to do with him finding me attractive and all about him being an asshole.

No. 271109

just go on fucking tinder or something, jesus. i guarantee you there are guys desperate enough to want you. don't advocate for catcalling just so you can feel good about yourself. how selfish. it wouldn't make you feel good anyway if it happened to you.

No. 271114

>implying that greasy ESL landscapers trying to tell you in english that you have a nice ass at a stoplight is flattering

it's not.

No. 271115

Even at BMI 16 I looked chubby so losing weight doesn't help, my body is just THAT unfortunate. I still don't even get my period, apparently my hormones are okay but my body is just not acting like an adult's. I probably can't even use my womb to have kids even if I could find someone to screw me.
Nope, got told: 'I'd rather fuck a corpse than stick anything inside of you' by the one person I did match with

No. 271118

some pedo would stick his dick on you, you just need to search in the right places since you are so desperate for it

No. 271119


Stop obsessing over your presumed fuglyness and get a hobby you really care about or go to therapy. You'll meet someone in your time. Your self-pity is not an attractive quality, it's probably driving people away from you.

No. 271123

You need therapy, not a dicking.

No. 271125

It's highly likely that the "catcallers" could tell it was a man in a dress and were mocking him

No. 271132

He wants to be the little girl

No. 271135

Obviously a guy in makeup. As in "I would pass out from drinking before drunkenly believing this was a woman". He has a beard ffs.

No. 271142

lol this is actually pretty good. we should all become ~enbies~. as as everyone should be well aware AFAB enbies are THE MOST OPRESSED group of people that should be put front and center.

No. 271145

File: 1532391081878.jpeg (83.48 KB, 750x863, 08F0E96A-5C5C-45A2-B809-F3BA2B…)

It’s almost as if their made up label isn’t real.

Also, when I see mtf claim they have a period I am instantly reminded of that South Park episode where they bleed out of their ass.

No. 271208

File: 1532407729969.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, vomitlc.jpg)

No. 271221

There are uglier women than you out there with a loving husband and family, start with ugly guys until you build your confidence. You sound pretty depressed, focus on your mental health before caring about something as irrelevant as men and your period will probably right itself when you're feeling better. Good luck anon! (also stop browsing male dominated imageboards if you do)

No. 271258

why are these men so fucking obsessed with sailor fukus and shit? it's everywhere. every fucking "trans woman" has a fascination with lolicon, hentai, and shit like that. it's such blatant fetishism that they disguise as a "coping mechanism for muh dysphoria."

No. 271278

Pls no bully, they can’t help it that they were robbed of their female childhood as kawaii Japanese anime schoolgirls UnU

No. 271353

Germany/lutheran countries have one of the more strict transsexual laws(like enforced sterilization) so people who actually are distressed about their bodies went through with it but lately the self-identification has spread here from America.

He's a cross-dresser/queer, not trans.

No. 271363

sorry for diary but two trannies just passed by and said some shit to two lesbian women who were minding their business… they are so bitter and think they are better, walking around in their slutty clothes. just men hating on women as always

No. 271379

File: 1532470064399.png (108.54 KB, 1598x514, ?????????.png)

what the fuck am i reading

No. 271387

File: 1532471013241.jpeg (80.67 KB, 1080x359, NCtP3wh.jpeg)

I don't want to live any more

No. 271393

Can we take a moment to remember that considering this shit a mental illness makes you a bigot in today's society?

Also, note how he has his cup size in his user name. Not fetishization at all.

No. 271401

the internet was a mistake, in the past someone like this would never be able to find other people who share their perversions and would just neck themselves in shame

No. 271429

What the fuck? Someone off this psycho before he rapes a woman and tries to spin it as she raped him.

No. 271489

File: 1532485006329.jpeg (43.96 KB, 960x722, C1171F2C-6807-406C-A196-8BCDEA…)

No one even thought about trannies in 2001 shut your ass up they’re just being nice

No. 271504


I want to say the problem isn't being trans so much as this person has NO CONCEPT of hygiene or the idea that blood is dangerous and spreads disease.

also that font color scheme is from fetlife so idk what you were expecting. sane people on fetlife? c'mon. that and I have yet to see a single actual trans person on fetlife. they are not transitioning to a female role in society, they're just dude who get off on the idea that appearing female is humiliating.

No. 271539

File: 1532494347019.gif (991.96 KB, 286x232, tumblr_inline_oqy2o2Bu1X1r7mv0…)

Some FtM I follow on tumblr asked for honest opinions on whether or not they come across as more masculine/feminine when they speak. I said neither because men and women don't have a set manner of speaking (especially online), and now they're being passive aggressive towards me kek. I'm surprised they haven't blocked me yet.

No. 271603

I'm from a smaller european country and recently visited San Francisco with a few friends. I was thrilled at first to find so many cool comic shops filled with small fanzines until I saw a stand with those medal tag (?) with pronouns on it (Xe, xir, they them).

Honestly when your exposure is only through internet it's jarring at first. I really thought everything I read on here is exagerated and the loud voice of a very very small minority but I guess not ?

I also saw bats and a (fake ?) axe with some flags colors, I guess bi, trans and binary whatever, exposed on the walls. As a lesbian that does not want to touch a dick that made me feel kind of unsafe. It's like everything I read on the internet suddenly turned out to be very real and those people would come after me because I dared not want to suck a dick ?

There was also a larger comic exposed about some anti-TERF violence. Something with a little character tagging a hashtag and another one asking questions (not even in a menacing way mind you). I remember the comic punchline was the first one spraying onto the other one face.

So anyway, my point is I never realized how real that violence against women was until that trip.
And if you're wondering yes there are trans in my country of course, but I never really heard of any violence discourse. It seems like a very american thing.

No. 271626


>I have yet to see a single actual trans person on fetlife.

>actual trans person

kek ok tranny

No. 271647

>San Francisco

That's your problem right there. That place has always been a hotbed and the forefront of this type of bullshit. They had a bunch of controversy at their museum recently because they had an exhibition where troons put up a lot of anti-women and anti-TERF stuff. They'll march at pride parades with bats painted like the tranny flag. The UK gets these types of retards too, but I don't think they're as outwardly violent with the bats and shit. Yet.

Also, as a fan of comics, I follow a bunch of publishers, and I saw Oni Press, a big independent comics publisher, recently promoting a comic about "learning gender neutral pronouns". This is what happens when any moron gets published.

No. 271659


That was the Degenderettes at the Public Library.

In the UK you have aggressive protesters in balaclavas blocking women from gathering for the We Need to Talk events and the highly publicised Speakers Corner assault that went to trial.

No. 271661


It hurts me physically when these ppl never conceals their beard…there are full coverage concealers and foundation out there

No. 271662

Can’t attempt to pass. Someone might not immediately notice that they’re special.

No. 271665

Yeah I remember the idiots in balaclavas, I saw a video of that. There was that woman who was punched by a tranny too. This shit is eventually gonna really come to a head in the US and UK I feel.

No. 271673

If transwomen are women, then why doesn’t he just ask another transwoman? Someone into that would not be hard to find at all. Unless… he’s is acknowledging the difference between him an actual women and is a “vagina fetishizer”. Doesn’t that make him transphobic against himself? Lol

No. 271676

File: 1532521338819.png (150.78 KB, 1292x620, 2018-07-25 14.15.05.png)


This fucking thread and the comments astound me. How can all these people be so narcissistic? As if wearing something "gender neutral" isn't a reasonable request. Especially if he's "planning on being full time by then" it sounds like his sister's wedding could double as his coming-out to some guest if he would show up in a dress.

Also, the people commenting that his sister wouldn't tell "ciswomen" to not wear a dress? Uh, yeah, pretty sure she would be mad if some girl showed up in a white or very flashy dress that would distract people from HER day?

I feel sorry for his sister. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and now she has to deal with her troon brother getting offended over being asked to wear some fucking pants. And it's maddening that he's being massively encouraged by other troons to be such a selfish little shit.

No. 271679

i feel bad for the sister, i wouldnt want a 6ft male freak show in a dress at my wedding either.

this guy should suck it up and ignore his own feelings for the sake of his sister, its 1 day ffs

No. 271680

what a brat. I bet he'd show up wearing something white, childish and flamboyant to upstage his sister.

No. 271695

Lmfao, yes, that’s proof that these troons don’t know any actual women, and don’t pay attention to female culture at all. Like every fcking woman would have a problem with someone upstaging her at her wedding, duh. Most women aren narcissistic or attention-starved enough to want to show up the bride at a wedding, but some are. God, these men are dumb.

No. 271753

File: 1532538035585.png (83.15 KB, 1134x404, dude.png)

No. 271784

File: 1532541288365.png (11.89 KB, 645x773, 1531593384647.png)

Oh gosh, not the children.

No. 271789

People like this need their kids taken away from them. It's not genetics, it's brainwashing.

No. 271797

"txteachertrans" …. imagine if this man is a teacher??? teaching your kids??

No. 271804

Women wear pants all of the time, if he has to make a point in a dress he probably doesn't even consider himself to be a woman.

No. 271817

Yes that's also what I heard when I talked about it to an american friend there, they just said San Francisco is really open to everyone.
I mean, that was cool to see so many people with an interesting individual style (and I've never seen so many dyed hair in one singly city until then ahah)

One of the people we also met there, a friend of a friend, mentioned in passing their trans brother, so I didn't want to ask or say anything that could be insensitive for american standards. Is it just me or is there more trans in America than everywhere else ? Or is that just normal and reflect their acceptance in society leading to more coming outs ?

Also I noticed when I hear about transmen, they're often pretty young or in their early 20s. When I hear about transwomen, I see creepy looking dudes in their 40s. Just me ?

No. 271829

These threads have been a breath of fresh air for me. I used to be deep into libfem ideology but even back then I felt like trans ideology just reinforces outdated gender roles instead of breaking them down. Why not just be a male who enjoys wearing makeup and dresses? Why can't females just be tomboys?

Anytime I've seen a TiM try to explain how he "feels" like a woman it has always been some shallow, borderline narcissistic crap that doesn't address the reality of being a woman. They'll never understand.

No. 271838

Talking about this wonderful, talented artist. You can just check her Twitter or ask her in DMs about the situation which she had with trannies (and keeps having ). People kept throwing her thousands hateful messages and still do. Trannies also ended up creating hate-blog for her that contained art of her, being murdered /etcs or just them, trying to miserably redraw her art. it all started with argument between her and OW fandom: they all keep claiming that Junkrat and Widoemaker are trannies!!

No. 271842

Well this thread does have a problem with people wearing dresses if you actually read it(few posts above)

>Anytime I've seen a TiM try to explain how he "feels" like a woman it has always been some shallow, borderline narcissistic crap that doesn't address the reality of being a woman. They'll never understand.

You realize we're all individuals and how someone feels about themselves is very personal, intersectionality has been so vowed into feminism that it's dumb to argue this point.

No. 271845

>You realize we're all individuals and how someone feels about themselves is very personal

And? Categories and definitions aren't personal. The definition of woman is not "someone who feels like a woman". Men can feel however they want about themselves, they're still in the "man" category.

No. 271849

okay categorize woman feeling.

No. 271851

Just fuck off, tranny.

No. 271855

Just because we disagree doesn't make me a trans.

No. 271856

>here’s your tea for the day trans womanhood is more valid than cis womanhood because trans women actually have to work for that shit

>hey parents, if your kid is showing signs of dysphoria at a young age you are OBLIGATED to put them on puberty blockers. you should nurture and encourage your child’s transness instead of rejecting it. and even if they change their mind (highly unlikely) you can just take them off and they’ll develop as intended, no harm done.

>imagine thinking trans women are privileged enough to oppress anyone let alone cis women

>i’m not white. trans violence against women doesn’t exist. stop making shit up.

>90% of women who reject femininity do it because they’re dysphoric. i don’t see why you would otherwise.


No. 271866

The misinformation about puberty blockers being harmless is so dangerous. They can cause irreparable harm to the natural growth of the human body, but these trans activists only read what's inside their own echo chambers and then want to go around crusading for people to medicate their children, despite that some 80% of children with gender dysphoria spontaneously lose it on their own with ZERO intervention.

No. 271892

File: 1532561733306.jpeg (156.37 KB, 802x1199, 8F298858-A11F-41DF-B613-4908B4…)

Baby/Babies are already gender neutral terms, why the Theybies crap?

No. 271893

narcissism. special snowflake syndrome

No. 271894

how do people manage to make it to middle age and still be this dumb

No. 271908

seriously. teenagers and early 20s are way more understandable since they're more vulnerable to peer pressure and haven't had as much time to scrutinize what they believe in….but these people had decades

No. 271963

File: 1532569040843.png (202.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180725-213455.png)

To my shock, this person is getting so much hate from both sides. Guess the handmaidens do have a line thank god.

No. 271966

so are these people mistaking their young daughters not wanting to dress overtly feminine as wanting to be a man? I feel bad for all of these kids growing up with freak pos parents

No. 271986

I naturally use neutral terms in daily life, you, they, people, person, but if I ever have kids I'll make sure to put extra effort in to call them a good girl or boy just to spite these kinda people

No. 271989

Theyre claiming they're not a troll but posts shit like
>transwomen violence against women dont exist
>trans more valid than cis because transwomen work harder to pass

No. 271992

File: 1532572780192.gif (839.66 KB, 249x187, tumblr_inline_n8j2p3Q2rX1rnbf7…)


This person is definitely a troll and morons are feeding them by responding to their dumb bullshit. If people stopped interacting with them, they'd stop posting altogether.

No. 271999

What the fuck do you even mean by that? I understand that you're asking me to categorize something but "woman feeling" makes no sense in this sentence. It sounds positively agrammatic.

No. 272035

File: 1532586608015.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.15 MB, 1152x3238, WEW.jpg)

Where did it all go so wrong?

No. 272037

File: 1532587293121.jpg (315.95 KB, 1389x1031, Stein.jpg)

To be fair, stein did SO much drugs.

I like to look into the eyes when I am stoned, like, I think this is what hell is like.

No. 272039

men were a mistake holy shit. woooo chilleeee, the degeneracy

No. 272041

File: 1532589011998.jpg (52.74 KB, 599x600, 1507718175952.jpg)


this is haram

No. 272102

Reading any forum for these freaks always reminds me that this is 100% a fetish.

No. 272108

Projecting trans nonsense on toddlers just being toddlers. Lord have mercy

No. 272116

Well to be fair anon, that image is literally from fetlife

No. 272142

>Normally when my period ends I cant wait to get plenty of cocks instead of tampons in my girlie pussy

No. 272144

Lmaooo her examples! A toddler ripping berets from her hair=trans

Give me a fucking break

No. 272176


lol @ the comment getting 15 downvotes

fucking troons and their thigh highs

No. 272181

That’s it. I’m switching to menstrual cup.

No. 272191


they're great tbh, and I'd highly recommend. If you're scared about the cup suction or just want pads, cloth pads are also pretty great and you can soak the blood in water that you use on your garden. works as a fertiliser iirc.

No. 272208

File: 1532622921888.jpg (19.4 KB, 328x400, aa.jpg)


Sorry for the low hanging fruit

No. 272225

File: 1532626077275.png (481.61 KB, 544x768, w.png)

I went on that subreddit and its pure cancer

No. 272227

File: 1532626624101.jpg (93.08 KB, 1024x547, w.jpg)

What the fuck does this one even mean?

No. 272228

this is the most cursed thing i've ever read.

No. 272229

It's a retarded meme.

No. 272237

File: 1532627924923.png (13.11 KB, 950x198, w.png)

The traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns subreddit is crazy. They're all obsessed with girldick and being cat girls and you get shit like this.

No your penis is not an "outie cervix" or a clit.

No. 272239

File: 1532628495415.png (116.68 KB, 954x300, w.png)

The entire subreddit is like one weird LARP except the worst part is that you know that we are supposed to treat them like one of us when they are just living some stupid anime fantasy.

No. 272242

File: 1532628859276.png (25.95 KB, 920x264, w.png)

More "woe is me for not having a period" circlejerk. They act like the reasons we wouldn't want to be a tranny is not having a period… I sure as hell don't want to be a tranny but I would kill to stay a woman and not have my period.

No. 272243

It's easy for them to say that they'd switch places when they've never fucking experienced a period in the first place. They think it's all chocolate-cravings and feeling mildly uncomfortable.

No. 272247


Surprise, surprise. When asked, most troons in this thread would choose not to have periods.

No. 272248

They are men so they will never understand. They could do something similar what these guys did when they wanted to experience period cramps. But of course for a whole week every month. Oh and the trannies could put on some white clothes on and bring some fake blood to spill it intentionally over the crotch area when they are at school/uni/work so they will at least experience 1/10000000 of pain and embarrassment real women are suffering.

No. 272251

So why don't they say " I want to get pregnant" instead of "I want to have a period too!"???

No. 272256

File: 1532632021277.jpeg (54.67 KB, 720x999, 564f7d5c21000028005ab54a.jpeg)

Instead of actually helping girls and women in need, they rather make period panties specifically for trans men…

No. 272259

File: 1532632921304.png (88.89 KB, 1047x629, 059c46a5-cae3-4ed3-a6e9-231291…)

>I can just get rid of it through birth control
No you can't

No. 272260

File: 1532632981680.png (103.66 KB, 796x550, 3d7a0a2e-4ae2-4fcd-995e-998433…)

No. 272261

File: 1532633057792.png (85.7 KB, 776x591, bc1300cd-d092-4944-92c2-cc583e…)

No. 272262

File: 1532633088422.png (31.1 KB, 1008x270, 5f223254-f3e9-4898-b6e1-533fe6…)

No. 272263

File: 1532633136072.png (57.22 KB, 1050x285, 1a536c06-d4da-4611-96ea-8451e0…)

No. 272264

File: 1532633152358.png (100.36 KB, 821x564, 7d454c30-bf26-4830-b9c5-dfda5b…)

No. 272269

They sound like children making shit up because they're jealous that a sibling is getting more attention for being legitimately ill.

No. 272271

Do they know that some women hust get their periods and just idk…deal with it? You dont have to be in pain and bloated with sore tits 24/7to be on the rag. Its funny how the only thing they know about true PMS is that overacted shit they see on TV shows like Roseanne where the woman is a raging bitch because of mUh PeRiOd~!!!!!

Some people see some blood after wiping and go “oh” and then just pop a damn tampon in and call it a day. Unless it interferes with something like a stressful trip or a major physical activity, most women who dont suffer from things like endometriosis arent going on and on about ~the killer crampssss~ And ~muh symptoms~~~.

No. 272272


>I got bitchy, had trouble concetrating, Hot Flashes. I realized I was acting like a cis woman during her period.

yeah women act like crazy bitches during their period (and every girl who rejects me is probably just on her period) am i right lads

No. 272281

>most women who dont suffer from things like endometriosis arent going on and on about ~the killer crampssss~ And ~muh symptoms~~~.

wait really. i thought like 50% of women had bad cramps. i know endo makes it worse but are you saying having debillitating cramps isn't common if you don't have it?!

No. 272285

Someone should show this video to them and suggest it, wonder how they'd react then.

No. 272286

>I can just get rid of it through birth control
Hahaha christ they are so misinformed it's just sad. I thought this was true when I was like 10, it's just a myth because a SMALL amount of women will stop periods completely or have them bi-yearly or so on birth control. That isn't what it actually does.

No. 272287

Most women are suffering greatly but will NOT take to social media or even to their friends to complain about how bad it is. A small minority are lucky but either way, we have been trained from a young age not to talk about it. Not sure why deluded tranny >>272260
seems to think that letting everyone else know about your period is necessary.

No. 272289

oh yeah ok. i have awful cramps but i can't take 3 sick days every month so i've also forced myself to suffer in silence. i thought anon meant that most women don't get painful cramps.

No. 272292

i was prescribed oxycodone and i don't feel a thing.

No. 272293

you quoted what they said, learn to read. it clearly says women who don't have endo aren't bitching all over the internet about cramps.

No. 272294

File: 1532639456618.png (157.11 KB, 1484x708, 5.png)


reminds me of this hot take (third comment)

No. 272295

File: 1532639459568.png (454.1 KB, 1024x759, w.png)

The way they talk about being a ~woman~ is so invalidating to real women, it makes me feel sick. These people are treating our gender like a stereotype and a joke and we have to take them seriously or be skinned alive.

No. 272304

Menstruation through the male gaze. They're so deluded it would be hilarious if it wasn't so insulting

No. 272306


He's right about progesterone, but it has to be injections not that tiny amount in birth control

No. 272310

File: 1532642805989.png (20.33 KB, 692x90, w.png)

Disgusting. Using an image of a high school girl just brings the fetishism to new levels.

No. 272311

>Is it just me or is there more trans in America than everywhere else ? Or is that just normal and reflect their acceptance in society leading to more coming outs ?

American here. I'm not sure what the actual statistics are, but it seems there's more here, anyway. This is partially because of the acceptance towards LGBT stuff, but it's also the current climate, especially among college aged and younger people, leaning more extreme left and social justice-y. That being said, the experience of a city like San Francisco, or the internet, is a bit different from every day American life. In the vast majority of America, people just go through life not thinking about trans shit, or seeing trans shit. And no, I don't just mean in small town America (where I live). Even in large cities, most people just don't consciously think about this stuff, though every sizable city in the US has an "LGBT district", at least. We also just have a massive population in general, and when you hang out in places dominated by American posters, it can warp demographics I think.

>Also I noticed when I hear about transmen, they're often pretty young or in their early 20s. When I hear about transwomen, I see creepy looking dudes in their 40s. Just me ?

Not just you, I see this a lot as well. And that's not to say younger MtF's exist, because they do. But when you go poking around, again, on the internet, you seem to encounter the younger transmen and older transwomen thing. It's common in fandom now for young girls to identify as "nonbinary" or "trans". They do this to avoid being called fujoshi or "gay fetishists". They also do it because of fucked up internalized misogyny. the older transwomen are almost always AGP.

No. 272312

File: 1532643064003.png (307.88 KB, 730x616, w.png)

The more fetishy the post is, the higher it gets upvoted. Says a lot.

No. 272316

He has a point, though. The only people I see wear those fugly thigh highs that clash with literally every article of clothing on earth are troons, specifically transbians. They all have such clueless, manly tastes in feminine clothing… It's almost as if their entire concept of how a woman would dress is based on shitty chinese cartoons drawn by other clueless, tasteless men?¿?¿?

No. 272317

File: 1532643580430.png (135.77 KB, 168x764, w.png)

One of them made this meme. Its like they all know theyre being brainwashed into a fetish cult.

Seeing shit like this and the small amount of people who speak up against it, I worry for society.

No. 272322

Most women do have bad cramps, especially the first day or two of our periods. We just suck it up, take a pain pill, and go about our lives. Of course, it's worse for women with endo and other issues, and periods can make some women outright bedridden every month. But even for the most "normal" of women, there's pain, but we just suck it up and go through life.

I like how these period fetishizing troons never talk about how women have a higher rate of being iron deficient due to our periods. Of course, if being anemic suddenly became sexy, they'd start wanting that too.

No. 272327

File: 1532644873781.png (1.18 MB, 922x1202, 4.png)


No. 272329

bitch where

No. 272331


when you edit your pics so much that you look like a scary ass 3d render but your beard stubble is still visible as fuck

No. 272335

This just shows where they get their horrible fashion sense from.

"Transgirl culture" - More like "we took it from Japanese anime" Where's the "CULTURAL APPROPRIATION" squad?!

He seems to have decided that this angle for his face works for him, but it really really doesn't.

No. 272343

Humanity was a mistake

No. 272345

File: 1532647156316.jpg (96.15 KB, 640x853, _qACBoLaHj1iewWU0wwz-BMMdbYF-n…)


imagine having to pee and as you open the door of the women's restroom you see this guy turning his head in your direction and smiling at you like this

No. 272349

why do they always dress like 15 years ago. it just makes them look even more like cheap prostitutes

No. 272352

They make me very uncomfortable in a way normal men don't. It makes me feel like they want to intrude on what little space exists for women. Btw, does anyone have crime stats for crimes committed by trans people?

No. 272354


this guy looks so scary he managed to get 0 upvotes on a trans hugbox subreddit lmao


most horrible looking troon i've seen in a long time holy fuck

No. 272359

No. 272363

dude is balding and looks like hes hiding a man gut under there

No. 272365

I feel kind of bad for the first one, he looks mentally ill and unstable in a more serious way than the rest of them.

No. 272366

No normal woman would ever wear this. Most sex workers wouldn't wear this. A drag queen in 2018 wouldn't wear this. Do they not observe actual women before they transition? One would think they'd buy some fashion magazines to study before they make the leap to full-time "woman". They can't even do stereotypical femininity right, because if they did, they'd know that women's fashion and makeup trends change so quickly that you look like a fool if you don't keep up.

No. 272367

He looks like some zelda character… I think it's the chicken guy from majoras mask

No. 272370

Do you live somewhere rural or where most people are fairly polite?

No. 272372

We'll either it validates the dysphoria and this harks back to actual 15 years ago when they first started wanting to look like that or…well that's it. They got an idea in their head and got stuck with it. The more fixed that idea was the more out of place they'll look, as noted here >>272366
Women existing on the planet have a constantly changing view of themselves and womanhood which presumably mtf who dress for the wrong decade don't have.

No. 272380

>outtie cervix
That hurt to read.

No. 272381

I don't really care about FTM, though i wish they'd just be tomboys. They aren't intruding on a female-only space.

No. 272395

FTMs are sperging to change pregnancy, menstruation, and other female reproductive terminology to be gender neutral. Look up the hooblah they kicked up with a period tracking app using female gendered terms.

No. 272399

>tfw your picture gets posted in this thread

No. 272400

>non-passing cis girls
How can someone not pass as themselves? LMAO

No. 272402


No. 272403

you sound bitter abt the fact that even with tens of thousands of $$ of surgery, you'll never have a vagina made of multiple layers of muscle that can stimulate a cock without even thrusting. at best, you'll have a sad, static skin glove of a 'neovagina' that is found to literally harbor coliform bacteria and subsequently smell like ass, kek

No. 272406

File: 1532665242910.jpg (107.36 KB, 499x499, 1525514963315.jpg)

>TERF gets called out
>B-but I have a vagina! That means I can take a cock like a REAL woman!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA there's a reason why we're the new face of feminism sweetie.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 272408

dumbshit, it's only said because it's obvious that troons are jealous of that fact, not because we think it's important

No. 272409

guys don't take the bait. this troon is already buttblasted, just let him fester

No. 272411

File: 1532665833539.png (26.94 KB, 290x241, ówò.png)

this. he's already creeping me out, I just want him to leave. but if we give him more attention, he never will.

No. 272417

File: 1532667129059.jpg (12.26 KB, 258x245, 1500811831555.jpg)

>tfw the vast majority of normal, straight men would rather fuck an ugly "cis" girl than a tranny (AKA a man) and be gay
>tfw lesbians would rather fuck with masculine dykes than touch your male body
>hurr durr we are the superior wamens xDDD
The delusion is real.

No. 272420

I'd wager most lesbians would probably rather fuck a well-adjusted, mentally stable man instead of one of these freaks if they really had to choose. Normal men are way less perverted.

No. 272433


you'll never be a woman.

No. 272439

>TiMs not realizing that they're getting the adult equivalent of being picked last all the time and then finally the nice girl picks them for her team

No. 272449

I don’t use period-tracking apps so I don’t know if any have a social component, but Jesus imagine being a confused and insecure young girl trying to connect with other girls through a period-tracking app and getting a bunch of LARPing men instead.

No. 272452

I'm not even mad genetically fucked incels are chopping their dicks on their own. Just stay out of my spaces, thanks.

No. 272454

This is so fucking accurate.

No. 272457

>be a man
>wear a womansuit
>get a sport achievement
>hurrr we are better at womanhood than the non-passing cis women

Okay how about this

>be a human

>wear a fursuit (cat)
>capture some mices
>hurrr we are better at cathood than the non-passing cis cats

Reality stays the same no matter how you mask yourself.

No. 272497

File: 1532684854179.jpg (114.1 KB, 750x937, 2d469734-e460-4769-9d9e-4e9685…)

>let's include everybody (even men!) but white women
Guess we don't count as "all women".

I thought it's been proven by now that Asians make the most out of all races?

No. 272500

File: 1532686418374.jpeg (207.72 KB, 640x895, B5ADBB29-0D8E-4775-B667-6824F1…)

What the fuck kind of cycle is that where you just go from being assertive to being more creative and how do I get my hormones to do that?

Fat and poor white women are okay, though. Just don‘t be a fit and succesful white woman, if you want these people to like you.

No. 272505

I noticed that a lot of them have wives. Who the fuck are these women that are dating these psychos? Or are they referring to other trans women?

No. 272517

>pathetic little limp fist in the air
>one of them is white-passing but ignores white women

The most populated races in the world are Indian and Chinese, interestingly these races never receive specific support from online SJW.

No. 272519

>imagine having to pee and as you open the door of the women's restroom you see this guy turning his head in your direction and smiling at you like this
Out of curiosity, what do anons who see these things in the bathroom/changing room do? Is there a way to make them feel uncomfortable/unwelcome without risking our safety? I know men are generally clueless to their surroundings and feel entitled so it's unlikely to bother them if you stare but I feel like they're so obsessed with "passing" that maybe doing something to remind them that they don't will encourage them to stop crawling into our spaces as often.

What would you do? Stare? Gasp? Dramatically walk out and wait for them to leave?

No. 272522

I think just leaving extra quick would do it. Aggressive or obvious protestation is a bad idea, safety-wise

No. 272527

it's just a toilet, I've seen cismales using female bathrooms and vice versa(especially at bars&clubs), changing rooms are a bit different but even then i wouldn't mind if everyone could have stall where they changed ffs.

No. 272528


Nah, they're women. Most of them married before their husbands fell into the sissy/AGP hole

No. 272552

I'd be too scared to do anything really except ignoring them completely. After reading about that behemoth transwoman knocking out that womans teeth in the womens toilet because she stared at him for more than 2 seconds.

No. 272554

>its just a toilet

tranny pls

No. 272568

well it is just a toilet. You're cancer if you go to the toilet to do something other than your private business, you're the reason why women are forced to use mens toilets in bars.

using terms like cis- and trans- just makes the convo more easily understandable not a political statement

No. 272579

>you're the reason women are forced to use mens bathrooms in clubs

Women don't fix up their make-up or whatever in the literal shitter. Try harder.

No. 272582

Jeez. Transmen are said to be more passing but those hips are a dead giveway.

No. 272585

I'd seriously feel safer just going in the men's room.

Well, they all seem to fetishize teenage girls, so I think they dress however teenage girls dressed when they were that age.

Thank you.

I suppose that is a problem.

I think Clue lets you share your cycle with other people. I hope no poor kids are being exposed to troons in any tracking apps.

>What the fuck kind of cycle is that where you just go from being assertive to being more creative and how do I get my hormones to do that?
I notice a minor variation that's nowhere near as useful as what these people are pretending to have. They exaggerate everything.

Troons can be dangerous if aggressive. It would depend on how badly I need to go and how many other women are there.

No. 272587

File: 1532700069944.png (547.99 KB, 674x586, Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.56…)

The hips always give it away. This bitch passes until you see the full body. Yes, this is the one who recently tricked two women into sex then raped them with a foreign object. Media covered it as "person without penis".

No. 272588

File: 1532700120687.png (1.4 MB, 754x1354, Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 9.56…)

No. 272589


i didn't say they did, but what they do is after drinking a bit too much they sob there with a friend instead of just leaving the place.

No. 272590

>after drinking a bit too much they sob there with a friend instead of just leaving the place.

Just like in the movies!!!!!!!!!!

No. 272591

Holy shit, I don't want to be mean but hips like these on an otherwise masculine looking person look really gross.

No. 272593


But it's literally what happens, they might be helping them puke or whatever but it's still a thing that happens often even outside of movies.

No. 272595

The cut of the pants isn't helping.

No. 272596

File: 1532701505228.png (81.29 KB, 951x1102, Is_anyone_else_obsessed_with_t…)

No. 272604

I don't want trannies to even hear me peeing though

No. 272605

Personally if I was with someone I'd definitely ask "Hey is that a MAN?" they need to be shamed into their own space. The only reason this has gotten so far is because they're used to people tiptoeing around them and protecting their delicate girl feelings(no)

No. 272606

>that greasy hair
like clockwork. have none of these guys heard of shampoo and conditioner?

No. 272607

thats a good analogy

No. 272608

wow thats unfortunate

No. 272609

>at least when im wet
what? how the hell does that work? does he have vagina scented lube or something lol

No. 272622

Both females and males have Bartholin's glands

How come terfs are always so clueless of anatomy

No. 272624

uh no, women have bartholins glands, men have bulbourethral glands. the bulbourethral gland secretes fluid that lubricates the uretrha slightly and neutralizes acidic pee. not the same thing as female "wetness".

No. 272626

they're the same gland, it's just a different name, precum comes from Bartholin's/cowpers gland

No. 272628

precum isnt the same as wetness

No. 272629

regardless if the bartholins glands and bulbourethral glands produced the same fluids (they dont), the primary source of female lubrication is plasma from the vaginal walls, which transwomen CERTAINLY dont have

No. 272630

But it is though, I don't get what you're trying argue at this point. Sure transwomen don't have the mucus in their neovagina, but if that was 'wetness' females would be wet 24/7 and i def don't have a swamp ass every day.

No. 272633

the composition of these fluids aren't the same.

No. 272635

Care to explain how it differs.

No. 272641


why are you guys entertaining the tranny

No. 272646

>they're a poorly coping tranny

No. 272647

Referring to men as women and to women as “cis” women is in itself a political statement.

No. 272663

this! if you're talking about women, just say women. the term women never includes transwomen. cis woman is synonymous with woman and transwoman is synonymous with man.

No. 272677

this. i don't even want women to hear me peeing.

also everyone arguing about wetness vs precum is an idiot. precum comes from a different gland and serves and entirely different purpose, which is to clear the urethra of pee to make sure the sperm doesn't die. female wetness doesn't come from the urethra and instead is to lubricate the vagina for sex. it doesn't matter if they are made of the same exact molecules, they serve a different purpose, thus are not the same. diamonds and coal aren't the same, eh?

No. 272712

What the fuck kind of cycle is that where you just go from being assertive to being more creative and how do I get my hormones to do that?

A fake one, made up by a misogynistic man with a fetish that believes that 100% of women's feelings and actions are fueled by their gurrrrrrrrl hormones, and that men's aren't!
I wish these men that have a menstruation fetish would at least do some basic research on what periods are, how they affect women and what symptoms women actually get. Hearing them talk about their "periods" sounds like what you'd hear if you asked a 12 year old boy what periods are. They can't even do some research for their LARP?

No. 272714

No. 272724

Go post that in the tranny general on 4chan and ask what they think, all of them will agree it's disgusting.

No. 272750

That poster was actually a woman

No. 272757

This freaks me out, it looks photoshopped. How do you manage to go far enough to recreate male pattern baldness but let your huge hips be out there?

No. 272759

>long past the rotten onion, moldy cheese and other unpleasant odor changes
>I've asked friends, girlfriend etc and nobody else notices it

I wish I could unsee this

No. 272790

Precum: Pre-ejaculate contains some chemicals associated with semen, such as acid phosphatase.Pre-ejaculate neutralizes residual acidity in the urethra caused by urine, creating a more favorable environment for the passage of sperm. The vagina is normally acidic, so the deposit of pre-ejaculate before the emission of semen may change the vaginal environment to promote sperm survival. Pre-ejaculate also acts as a lubricant during sexual activity, and plays a role in semen coagulation.

Vaginal lubrication: Plasma from vaginal walls due to vascular engorgement is considered to be the chief lubrication source, and the Bartholin's glands, located slightly below and to the left and right of the introitus (vaginal opening), also secrete mucus to augment vaginal-wall secretions. Near ovulation, cervical mucus provides additional lubrication. Vaginal fluid is slightly acidic.

Literally copied from wikipedia.

No. 272803

How come troons are always so clueless of biology? Guess you have to be to believe you can become the opposite sex or be born in the wrong body.

No. 272807

must be. they're trying to delude themselves so much they need to act like they can get wet in their dick caves.

No. 272810

How come they didn't explain a thing how it's different? Just explained it has two functions

No. 272817

well for one, precum is neutralizing and vag lube is acidic, precum is released from the bulboerethral glands and plays a role in semen coagulation, vag lube is primarily released from the vaginal walls and cervix and it's primary role is reducing irritation during penetration.

No. 272821

Oh and vaginal lubrication is mucusy and thick, and contains water, pyridine, squalene, urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, complex alcohols and glycols, ketones, and aldehydes. Precum is watery and typically contains dead and immobile sperm cells. It's main purpose is making the vagina more hospitable to sperm.

No. 272865

Anon they weren't talking about vaginal lubrication, just Bartholin's and Cowper's glands

No. 272881

The pic i quoted was literally talking about "getting wet" aka vaginal lubrication, that's what i was wtf'ing at.

No. 272899

Oh but the kind wetness they we're talking about was the kind you get when you're aroused.

No. 272903

still, wouldnt their bartholin glands be fucked after mutilating themselves?

No. 272904

When you're aroused, the main lube still comes from glands in the vaginal wall and (during ovulation) the cervix.

No. 272923

>pretend to check the sign at the door
>isn't this the woman's toilet?
When he says yes, say "oh" in a very surprised tone, "I see…"

No. 272924

Kinda glad these delusional people got themselves out of the gene pool

No. 272925

File: 1532737047172.png (982.75 KB, 503x883, I9T7uvA.png)

>Mtf Lesbian Having Hard Time Finding Someone
>Here's some pics: https://imgur.com/a/jOpemS6#izz4c8x
>I've tried Her and OKC, going to lgbt gatherings, bars, talking to girls, got numbers, tried asking them out, sometimes even managed to go out with them but they always disappear. I'm losing hope. What am I doing wrong? What should I do?

"hi i'm very obviously male and somehow no lesbian woman seems to be attracted to me what am i doing wrong????"

<someone suggests that dating other "transwomen" may be easier
>I get attached easily and know that wouldn't work because down the line having biologically related kids is important to me so AFABs are kind of the only viable long term option for me and I don't want to hurt other trans girls by getting into a relationship that can't last.

how entitled is this guy holy fuck

No. 272926

File: 1532737088166.jpg (38.3 KB, 716x960, 874iqUk.jpg)


(i couldn't decide which picture was worse sorry)

No. 272952

no unless they get their prostate removed.

No. 272965

File: 1532746809238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.82 KB, 960x1356, futanaritokunoumilk7001-1.jpg)

Still has a penis and I guess with him saying that he wants biological offspring, he's not going to get surgery anytime soon.
I also don't know about what standards lesbians have, but even if they had extremely low ones, he probably wouldn't fit in.
These guys basically just want to be futanari and don't realise that most women are not interested in that at all (it's a porn trope aimed at men) and that futanari are interesting in the first place because they are women with dicks, not men with breasts. This shit works for Asian men if they look very feminine to begin with, but most white guys just aren't cute in that way.

No. 273026

Jesus. Reading the comments and he’s just a self-pitying, whiny manchild. Every time someone tells him why he can’t find someone he goes full WEHH BUT MUH LONLINESS MUH EX GF TOOK 20 YEARS TO FIND. Right, die lonely then.

No. 273041

Basically an incel in a dress.
>b-but I’m totally a woman now and women are supposed to live life on easy mode!!

No. 273054

File: 1532775848676.png (351.69 KB, 1390x1378, oof.png)


lmao this guy

>signs up on sugardaddy site and gets nearly scammed

>proclaims he wants to hurt himself to emotionally manipulate parents

>thinks he has a period after being 2 months on estrogen

>"I love my period and hope it doesn't go away till the appropriate age even though it's annoying af. I should be having periods cause I'm a woman so ya it's ok."

this guy definitely has some issues but he sounds so narcissistic it's hard to feel sympathy

No. 273056


>Why do all these other trans women I've read about experience the same symptoms monthly?! Just cause they're delusional?!!!!


No. 273060

> since women aren't the only ones that have a period

wtf is he trying to say? Guys don't have periods, r-right?

No. 273061

He's trying to say "biological factors don't make you a women your feefees do" which is always painful to read but the resulting chimp out he caused was worth it.

No. 273062

> I've tried Her

This is the reason I stopped using that app. All my fucking rage at trannies cluttering my inbox despite strictly stating that I'm only into actual (cis) women.

No. 273066

means trans guys

No. 273067

> biological factors don't make you a woman your feefees do

They're delusional but they don't deserve pity. I feel that they're reinforcing every negative stereotype about us, for example, women are bitchy when they have periods, women love pink XD or women can't stop thinking about makeup and shoes uWu

orly? What is their period? A stomach ache? A constipation?

No. 273071

trans guys = females

No. 273075

I get it but it doesn't make sense at all. They can even delude themselves that they experience the period pains/cramps/whatever but it still isn't an actual period.

No. 273080

It‘s incredible how much these people hate and reject themselves. How are there actual doctors that think „oh they just need some hormones and genital mutilation to be happy!“ They need a reality check and psychological counseling.
It‘s like how the church used to say evolution wasn‘t real, now there is this cult that doesn‘t believe in biology and feeling like something you‘re not makes you that thing. Which is called being delusional, I think.

No. 273088

anon trans guys are female to male. meaning they are biologically female. meaning they have still periods.

No. 273091

There's one at my work, about 6'4 and very much non-passing, not that it really matters to me. Programmer of course. Anyways, it's a pretty small bathroom, just two stalls but I've run into them and just continue on what I'm doing. Not really a small talk kind of person with anyone.

I was a little shocked at first .. but obviously I have to remain cordial with a person I work with everyday. I really love my job and have no desire to stir that pot, but tbh I am a little resentful being put in that position along with all my other female coworkers.

No. 273092

It still doesn't make sense. Biological males can't be biologically female (even if they take hormones) meaning they can't have periods. Science and biology doesn't care about your feelings. You need ACTUAL female genitalia to have your period, estrogen is not enough. Are you a tranny or just trolling?

No. 273094

ohhh my god female to mele means they have ACTUAL female genitalia but they think they are men! how can you be in this thread and not know this very basic thing that not only men are transgendered.

No. 273097

I don't care if trannies got a 10k surgery to make their penis look "like" a vagina. It's still a penis and has nothing to with actual female genitalia.

>they think they are men

I always thought the concept of "gender dysphoria" was so fucking funny. Like, you're triggered because think you're not a woman? That's because you aren't you dumbass. Accept the truth and leave us women alone.

No. 273101

Let her be, she just doesn't know how to read.

No. 273102


Do you work in Ohio if so, I think I know who you’re talking about

No. 273104

they are born with a vagina, are you okay?

No. 273119

Transwomen: biological males who LARP as women.
Transmen: biological women who LARP as men.

No. 273124

There was a trans parade in my city today. Why do they need a parade that's separate to the Pride parade/month?

No. 273130

Because pride isn't inclusive enough for their narcissistic needs. They want a genuine hugbox.

No. 273132

More attention on them and them alone. I don’t really mind, though, because trans doesn’t belong at LGB events in the first place.

No. 273135

no you fucking dumbass. the comment in the OP you responded to was saying "not only women have periods" but they were referring to biological women who identify as trans.

No. 273150

Dat misplaced comma. Should have put something in the free spot. "Old" would have fit. But second-wavers are old, and icky. "Gay" maybe, but that's TERFy too.

No. 273158

You know how all these progressive places put signs on their restroom doors now about how they're gender-neutral, or you should mind your own business if you see someone in there that doesn't fit your expectation of the gender?
I fully plan on using the men's room every time I encounter that from now on. Already cackling at the thought of my brocialist acquaintances' faces when I accompany them to the shitter.

No. 273160

They probably either won't care or will be turned on by the thought of you potentially seeing their dicks if those bathrooms have urinals.

No. 273163

I've gone into men's toilets when I was younger and drunk, so we can continue the conversation in there. Not using the facilities but standing in there. Guys like it, they'll probably be delighted

(I realized it was not a great plan after doing it twice)

No. 273164

(not the actual cubicles but the sink/urinal/standing area ofc)

No. 273238

File: 1532818934383.png (118.77 KB, 1078x868, spetsnazbeaver.PNG)

So I have a feeling this one is going to kill himself.

No. 273244

I've been doing that for a while. Been asked "I thought it was the men's bathroom?" twice by old men but otherwise the guys just stare as if you had two heads.

No. 273249

When it happend to me at school

>Ran to bathroom for emergency piss

>See obvious male in ladies room
>Keep in mind this is a bathroom that doesn't get a lot of traffic

Still ran away and never looked back. You never know with men so and I refused to be another statistic.

>school recently has gender friendly bathroom
>these bathrooms used to have high traffic
>of course only the female bathrooms get labelled
>after these bathrooms are labelled traffic has substantially decreased to the point that women go out of their way to use less convenient bathroom locations (ie. going to the 2nd/3rd floor bathroom instead of the one in the lobby b/c they don't have these labels)

Thank god I'm a biology major so I don't have to deal with this in the science buildings.

No. 273250

Adding to this after reading >>273160 and >>273163, I have never encountered a man who seemed to be in any way happy to see me there. They mostly look puzzled and/or outraged. Seems like men also value their single sex spaces… (there
was outrage when the #manfriday women went into a men's only swimming pool too)

No. 273254

Doctors are forced to take classes for this at some universities

No. 273258

Seriously, why do these freaks have to be attracted to us? How can they 'feel lesbian' when they're not even women?

Before reading these threads I had the impression transwomen only went for men. It's not fair.

No. 273269

maybe the were straight men who death gripped to too much lesbian porn, and now they don't know how to use their dicks anymore so they want to be women.

No. 273271

Not the anon you're replying to but im loving the mental image that """"lesbian"""" trannies are just 14yr old boys who got so consumed by the fake f/f porn out there that they mutilate themselves.
My sides.
My vaginal fucking walls kek

No. 273287


you know women go to the bathroom in pairs for safety, right?

No. 273297

File: 1532835217108.gif (1.07 MB, 356x321, context unknown.gif)

>70% upvoted

No. 273328

No. 273330

>watching so much porn that you want to become the woman
also, that last guy:
>take dick all the time, but women are the Real Sluts
The absolute state of porn-addicted men.
I'll say the same about those fujoshit autoandrophiles. This is ridiculous.

No. 273338

I recently learned that at least in my country, it’s much harder for people with diagnosed mental illness or personality disorders to medically transition, because doctors naturally want to first work out whether a person’s issues stem from those causes instead and if they can be treated without causing irreversible changes to the body. But this means that BPD and other personality disordered people keep quiet about it, refusing to be diagnosed or receive therapy/treatment, because getting HRT and plastic surgery fully funded by insurance is more important to them.
This explains why every TiM I’ve ever met acted like an unhinged cluster B off their meds. They most likely were.

No. 273343

Yeah, and often troons will act like that's some grave injustice and *~transphobic~* if someone won't immediately prescribe them HRT medication. https://www.reddit.com/r/TransDIY/ is really sickening. They'll even give advice where to illegally buy and use drugs to minors.

No. 273352

yeah, look at dumbass contrapoints (a troon that went to a near ivy league uni, mind you). he publicly admits all over the place that he ordered cheap indian hormones and shit so he could basically hold a gun to the head of the endocrinologist he later saw in the US so he wouldnt have to wait.

No. 273366

damn i didn't know alice cooper had trooned out.

even though he's wearing old fashioned midwestern mom clothes he still just had to wrestle that fucking tattoo choker onto his thick man neck.

Hi fellow potatofag

No. 273375

File: 1532863910969.jpg (444.51 KB, 1900x1754, xgxqwij53d8y.jpg)

It bugs me how many troons (especially TiMs) now are "Marxist-Leninists". Like, can you please go back to anarchism or neoliberalism? Also, they often REALLY adore Mao and Stalin. I mean, what the fuck, Stalin actually was quite reactionary when it comes to women's liberation. But those guys probably care more about funny gulag memes than about abortion rights. I feel like for many of these troons, communism is more of a lifestyle and another thing they can add to their twitter bio, and they haven't even read any socialist literature besides maybe the basics. Also, they fetishize violence a lot, which is not a good look for the communist movement. Communists should just behave like regular, nice people and not threaten anyone who isn't as leftist as they are. They should be patient, understanding and explain their views. But they probably don't even care about the movement, just about themselves and their image. I'm glad that where I live (ex-communist country) most ML communists are mostly normal, intelligent people.

(I'm a Marxist-Leninist communist myself but I don't base my identity around it nor do I view Stalin in such an uncritical way.)

pic related: https://www.reddit.com/r/FULLCOMMUNISM/comments/5mn36a/millennial_transgender_woman_starter_pack/ (ew)

No. 273378

If you think like that then you'll never start a revolution.

No. 273380

Stalin killed so many people including some of my relatives. Hailing to Stalin is the same as hailing to Hitler. Trannies are delusional, ignorant, narcissistic, uneducated men

No. 273381

File: 1532864943441.png (79.71 KB, 535x359, rfic6edah2s01 (1).png)

despite being supposed MLists they conveniently ignore how engels and mao made it pretty clear they were evil TERFS that spouted TERF rhetoric

"Under capitalism, the female half of the human race suffers under a double yoke. The working woman and peasant woman are oppressed by capital; but in addition to that, even in the most democratic of bourgeois republics, they are, firstly, in an inferior position because the law denies them equality with men, and secondly, and this is most important, they are "in domestic slavery," they are "domestic slaves," crushed by the most petty, most menial, most arduous, and most stultifying work of the kitchen, and by isolated domestic, family economy in general."

it really isn't at all the same. not saying everything stalin did was ok, but that's a dumb comparison

No. 273382

Most of them are only communists because they want extra neetbux from the government. That way ebegging wouldn't be their only sources of income.

No. 273388

Shut up. You are delusional as well. I bet you are one of the guys who says "but Hitler did also some good things and not only bad things". Hitler and Stalin are both mass murderers and psychopaths. You are relativizing his actions while he murdered millions of people. You are an enabler and no better than holocaust deniers.

No. 273389

Why would TiMs care about women’s reproductive rights? They can’t get pregnant, and even acknowledging the existence of the female reproductive system triggers their “dysphoria” and is therefore an evil TERF thing to do.

No. 273393

Are you talking about me? Because I don‘t think before any serious revolutionary situation arises, you have to be violent (obviously against fascists, but not against your average Trump fan). No normal person would consider to be communist if every leftist was a violent troon. Propaganda and agitation is important at this phase.

I don‘t think you can compare anything to the horrors of the holocaust, but yeah I think it‘s annoying that those American people who uncritically love Stalin don‘t know anyone who actually lived under his regime and label anyone people who don‘t view them as good as they do revisionists. These people often have valid opinions too and it‘s important to be (self-)critical.

(sorry for mostly off-topic)

No. 273397

Nothing is comparable to holocaust indeed but what Stalin and Hitler did is comparable. Please read:
Both are disgusting mass murderers and I don't fcking care if they contributed something good while killing millions of people. Everybody who worships Stalin is no better than those people who worship Hitler.

No. 273401

chill. i wouldn't say that at all. the motivations for the killings were entirely different though and i think that matters, a lot. stalin did have the emphasis on exterminating class enemies and traitors and what were seen as liabilities to the greater purpose, rather than just blind hatred based on ethnicity/genetics. not excusing his actions, i just think intent matters. stalin, as twisted and maniacal as he was, seemed to mostly do what he did out of concern for his (warped) idea of the greater good.

No. 273402

File: 1532867041341.jpg (172.65 KB, 1200x675, 1200px-Ulan_Bator_01.jpg)

Not defending Hitler or anything, but Genghis Khan killed 40 millions (11% of the world's population at that time). And bombs and the likes didn't exist, meaning people were killed by sword or burned etc. Plus he was a mass rapist.
And people love him.

Most simply only know about the war crimes of the Germans, but not about the things that e.g. the Russians or Japanese did.

No. 273419

And Hitler didn't think that too? How does "intent matter" when what anon is saying is that both Hitler and Stalin are comparable because they are mass murdering psychopaths? Is there a moral value scale for systemic torture and killing that makes one less worse than the other?

No. 273431

File: 1532871834725.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180728-204111.png)

I think this belongs here, open at own risk

No. 273435

A truly cursed image, anon

No. 273440

Oh my fucking god I want to personally execute this disgusting excuse of a person.
How vile.
Who the fuck would he even make that for? Who would honestly find this attractive? I can't think of a single person outside of himself.

No. 273446

he probably did jerk off to this later. you can just tell his distorted brain convinced him he looked like a cute anime trap here

No. 273452

Now that you say it, he definitely trying to do the 'ahegao' face but he just looks severely mentally challenged.

No. 273477

Anon whyyyyyyyyyyyy

No. 273487

His skin is so grey, this looks like a serial killer propped up a corpse post-strangulation

No. 273488


This reminds me of another (kind of terfy) Engels' quote:

"It is a curious fact that with every great revolutionary movement the question of “free love” comes in to the foreground. With one set of people as a revolutionary progress, as a shaking off of old traditional fetters, no longer necessary; with others as a welcome doctrine, comfortably covering all sorts of free and easy practices between man and woman."

(Source and further reading: https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/subject/religion/book-revelations.htm)

No. 273490

You forgot the Drag Shit gifs, Mac palettes, matt lipstick, hentai and pink edits, neet status and sassy black woman attitude and "Me choosing to be a woman makes me more feminine that other biological women" bullshit

No. 273496

File: 1532883403031.png (82.97 KB, 422x750, tumblr_odbk6l01x01s8m3f2o1_500…)


Are there more blogs about trannies on dating sites? This is great, lol.

No. 273523

Fucking barf. Disgusting freaks.

No. 273525

File: 1532887078001.jpg (61.26 KB, 422x750, tumblr_odblkdrcOs1s8m3f2o1_500…)

Is he wrong tho lmao

No. 273527

File: 1532887988304.jpg (256.28 KB, 1242x1747, Sbq0XG2.jpg)

Oh my God… I’m so sorry that lesbian anons have to deal with this deceptive, manipulative bullshit!

I’m just a vanilla straight, married woman, but the way lesbian and gender non-conforming women are treated just makes my blood boil. I can’t believe it has gotten this bad.

No. 273530

File: 1532888399493.jpg (169.41 KB, 700x526, 1483340407324.jpg)

No. 273532

on the ftm one, so many men say positive things to them yet they still act entitled? all gay guys and women get shit on dating apps but we should bow down to the fakebois

No. 273536

File: 1532890731938.png (10.58 KB, 487x105, delulu.png)

No. 273537

File: 1532890840412.jpg (132.2 KB, 580x960, terf2.jpg)

No. 273539


This is a ludicrous take. Hitler was committing activities because he believed it was for the greater good in his own warped view. You’re saying it’s different, but it’s the same.

No. 273541

File: 1532891808965.jpg (46.98 KB, 424x432, lol.jpg)

Sorry for the spam but here's a joke in two parts:

No. 273542

File: 1532891830497.jpg (64.69 KB, 720x733, lol2.jpg)

and the guy who posted this ''meme'' kek

No. 273547

This doesn’t even make sense. Nothing is stopping da turfs from putting on a cat ear headband or buying striped socks off AliExpress, you don’t need to be trans for any of that shit.

No. 273550

Why do they insist on dresses like this? What 28 y/o ACTUAL woman would ever wear this? Are they stupid? Don't they have eyes?

No. 273553

obviously a lot of them just live in their fantasy world where the archetypal girl is a rainbow barbie anime girl hybrid, but some of them do realize what they wear would be considered childish for their age, but their excuse is "i never got to wear the girly things i wanted to in childhood :,( so now is my first chance!!! y-you privileged cis girls don't know how hard it is!"

1) my mom forbade me from wearing really girly clothes and playing with dolls that i wanted too,and i'm an actual girl, but i don't feel some deep ache to wear hot pink limited too clothes as an adult. of all the childhood hangups you can have this one is pretty easy to get over…

2) why not just buy the shit and play dressup at home, then have some reasonably age appropriate shit for when you go out. your inner child needs this closure 24/7? maybe it's time to stop spoiling the little brat kek.

No. 273554


Hitler was committing atrocities because he hated Jews. Nazis manufactured antisemitic conspiracies to justify the repression. Obviously you can't say for sure if Hitler believed that Jews truly wanted to take over the world or are greedy by nature but I think today's neo-Nazis often know that the shit they spew is not based in rational facts.

And do you think killing people of "races" they claim to be inferior is something people do because the believe it's for the greater good? I think racists are aware that genocide is a very bad thing that you can barely justify. That's why neo-Nazis talk about "white genocide" and act like they're the victims that just have to defend themselves. Or that *~sharia law~* will be enacted everywhere in Europe in a few years unless we get rid of the evil Muslims.

On the other hand, Marxism-Leninism is based on a rational analysis of capitalism and imperialism. What Marx and Lenin said a decade ago still hold true and is even relevant today. "Das Kapital" is not about conspiracies or race ideology but it's a book that is usually well-respected in academia even 150 years after it's publication. I don't really have strong views on Stalin but yes, he probably did believe he was doing the right thing. And he did transform Russia from a semi-feudal monarchy to a world superpower (in contrast to Hitler getting Germany bombed and divided). That doesn't make other things right but unlike fascists, communists don't want to do harm and we're very willing to learn from the past and be self-critical. We want the liberation of all people. Fascists and capitalists want to oppress people for their own gain.

(sorry for off-topic won't reply on this further)

No. 273557

File: 1532894366098.png (813.19 KB, 720x879, wp_ss_20180729_0016 (2).png)


This trans woman from lesbiansoftinder is marvellous

Also had no idea how many 100% straight cis males tick the "female" box in order to appear to lesbians

ThEy DonT Want You GEnius

No. 273563


dude opening your eyes this wide won't make them look bigger you just have the exact same look on ur face that actual girls have when they see you in the women's restroom

No. 273565

>penis under jeans
>friend has crutches

No. 273568

this guy is a lawyer???? what practice would hire this dope??? who would want to be tainted by professionally associating with this guy???

No. 273579


https://www.instagram.com/j.remy.green/ (holy fuck this dude is 30 and acts like this)

of course he has a leftist twitter and a shitty medium account

http://www.friedfrank.com/index.cfm?pageID=42&itemID=1877 he actually has a job lmao

maybe people in nyc are already used and desensitized to this shit

No. 273583

File: 1532898466267.png (65.29 KB, 1238x316, 4.png)

this is so sad alexa play despacito

No. 273586

i can't imagine actually letting this man handle my legal issues. i'd feel so embarrassed. noticed, of course, that lots of these troons do the "GLBT" bit. they can hardly make their male supremacist bullshit more obvious

No. 273587

Why don't these dudes try dating the handmaidens "validating" their "womanhood" instead of women who clearly aren't interested? There's plenty of he/him lesbian demi-girls to go around.

No. 273598

Because handmaidens don't want them either, they just like the moral ego boost it gives them to defend this "minority".

No. 273599

Give us some context, anon.

No. 273600

This is how you know he's a weeb. Typical hentai pose, ahegao plus double peace sign. Also that's a really unattractive penis.

I wonder what the guys are trying to achieve by appearing to lesbians?
>I'm not interested in dick, only attracted to other women, but this guy is just too good to pass up
Is something that isn't going to happen and bi women will see you if you put your gender correctly. Is it the old "I could turn her straight"?

No. 273602

This should be illegal

No. 273603

The penis makes me sick tbh.

No. 273610

Underrated comment

No. 273612

File: 1532903978338.jpg (21.4 KB, 401x401, 55d7369b-1c82-4164-89da-77bcbf…)

Why do you have this image anon

Why does this level if degeneracy have to exist

No. 273618

The fuck is cramping inside you my dude did you have a bad burrito

No. 273629

Wait, the hormones and surgery are covered by insurance? Where I‘m from, wen have to pay for all their womenly needs (birth control, tampons/pads, PMS meds) themselves and these fucks get their delusions sponsored?!
No wonder some doctors jump on the easy money delivered by these sad idiots, though…

No. 273655

that's why. doctors are pushing this stuff because it got covered by insurance. part of the same reason they still push nasty shit like circumcision.

No. 273683

lol the best part is that this image got 100 likes on Twitter and had people telling him how hot he was in the comments

No. 273704

link pls

No. 273732



here is the twitter where i found it, WARNING GROSS

No. 273745

funny how they're all fucking sex workers/want to be in porn/camboys. every fucking time. even the ones that have decent employment are obviously ravaged by fetishes and do their camboy bullshit

No. 273746

File: 1532929258300.jpg (39.68 KB, 500x756, S0BZZHB.jpg)

Why do so many giant, ugly white men think they look anything like a thin, femme Asian boy? Especially compared to a biological woman? The weirdest thing is that if they ever went to Japan, where their favorite traps and crossdressing anime characters were created, they would be far more ridiculed than in the West. Nobody would praise their “bravery” or lavish compliments on them. The passing, pretty guys and transsexuals are praised but the ugly ones are treated like clowns, even on national tv.

You notice how their delusion not only crosses over the realities of sexual biology, but race? They are all so obsessed with Japanese anime and the beauty aesthetics of that culture. For so many of them, their idealized version of themselves is a tiny Japanese girl/boy, not merely a more feminized version of themselves. Same thing with a lot of ftm/non-binary females trying to be cute, Asian Yaoi boys. They don’t want to be natural looking men of their own race, or even the same age.

Does anyone have any data on the increase of hrt prescriptions and endocrinologist consultations? I once read waiting lists for ftm patients UK have skyrocketed something like 200%(?)and there are more and more informed consent facilities just prescribing hormone treatments without the necessary wait times. The pharmaceutical companies must be salivating over the increase of lifelong customers.

No. 273757

Iirc, the referral rate for females went up by 1200% at the Tavistock clinic.

No. 273762

how do they stand to post pictures of their ugly fat man bodies and pathetic moobs next to pictures of big tittied anime girls/traps?

I'd be more disgusted but their cognitive dissonance is confusing.

No. 273797

i want to go back to a time where it was shameful to post sexual stuff on the internet connected to your real life identity

No. 273833

File: 1532951422576.png (Spoiler Image, 322.06 KB, 575x444, cursedimage.PNG)

This entire account is so cursed

No. 273843

File: 1532953063322.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.73 KB, 500x486, tumblr_inline_pbrlysSpuF1sodnt…)

Headline reads
"montana woman charged with raping a minor"
You know whats coming…

No. 273846

File: 1532953823590.jpg (185.97 KB, 926x552, FireShot Capture 302 - I wante…)

Speaking of which, check out this dose of hyprocrisy..

No. 273860

Ngl I hope more of them start openly identifying as Japanese high school girls and the transgender/transracial hypocrisy is brought to light more often. Nobody in their right mind can say these guys aren’t delusional fetishists.

No. 273896

File: 1532961527067.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 530.03 KB, 2048x1536, DaxjpMBW0AAbwn2.jpg-large.jpeg)

i'm going to puke, it is exposing itself in public…

No. 273902

please, please let this person get apprehended for indecent exposure.

No. 273927

File: 1532965474481.png (388.43 KB, 640x400, Jess_640.png)

No. 273931

I actually think this photo made me a lesbian thanks

No. 273935

File: 1532966533664.jpeg (89.77 KB, 633x567, 4BA12380-FC3B-41DF-BF97-D36C62…)

No. 273946

So will all the 40 year old catgirs try to get adopted by japanese parents now?

No. 273950

I wouldn’t put it past them to try. Stefonknee was “adopted” by some “kinky” couple (with an innocent little granddaughter who is now being exposed to this shit), too.

No. 274272

can an anon pls link some articles debunking the trans period bs? i've tried to search for some but haven't been able to find any credible ones.

No. 274273

Oh my, that's truly disgusting.

No. 274274

You also have to be crazy to believe that cosplaying as a woman is ok and that it makes you become a woman.

No. 274275

Trannies do have periods but those are based on the fluctuation of testosterone. So they have man periods or man-struation. The artificial estrogen which trannies take doesn't make a man period to a female period. They will never be women after all.


No. 274277

File: 1533040906117.jpg (92.89 KB, 720x1233, tumblr_pbmsnfOQub1xyii1bo1_128…)

Do these people actually get replies?

No. 274280

File: 1533041878241.jpg (94.44 KB, 423x750, tumblr_obmnoxrtmF1s8m3f2o1_500…)

They fetishize underage girls.

>Brown has not been arrested.


No. 274287


>So Ive been reading up on this lately, mostly because 5 years post op and my vagina still seems to be in a permanent state of bacterial vaginosis

>[…] In fact, most transwomen tested had a bacterial culture that was very similar to cis women with bacterial vaginosis.


>This might not be generally applicable but I borrowed some from my (cis) spouse and it seemed to work really well – I'm now about half a year post-op and my nether regions smell pleasantly sweet, like a ripe fruit.

>my nether regions smell pleasantly sweet, like a ripe fruit


No. 274289

hmm. i wonder if the bacteria in your fake vagin has anything to do with it being a fucking intestine tube.

No. 274290

>Her natural lactobacilli culture. Spontaneous transfer is kind of inevitable between women who live and sleep together; the "borrowing" part was my sense of humor acting up.
Oh god. I thought he meant probiotic supplements. This is awful.

No. 274292

Anon asked for credible articles

No. 274293

Omg. No. You need a uterus to have a period. Point Blank.

No. 274297

File: 1533046922468.png (272.67 KB, 587x416, tierru4.PNG)

No. 274303

>went from cute geeky type
>to 50 year old drag queen

Sad sad

No. 274306

Lol that's such a glow down

No. 274307

File: 1533049151041.jpg (191.76 KB, 1228x1388, 4ZYsdDe.jpg)

Another weeb, too! Catgirls and Pokémon!

No. 274323

This. He looked like such a bf material and then he decided to turn himself into a disgusting freak.

I wish there were some telltale signs of guys that are more likely to go down this path.

No. 274329

File: 1533051838451.jpeg (142.84 KB, 640x957, 6ABABCDB-2E9B-4EA8-BA11-1CE4D2…)

How delusional must this guy be to think he looks anything like a woman in this picture?

No. 274331

No. 274332

>I wish there were some telltale signs of guys that are more likely to go down this path.
Porn addiction and likes shitty moeblob anime/catgirls/traps et. The former will ensure he will look up porn of the latter, if he has a penchant for seeking and joining forums/chatrooms/imageboards, he will eventually fap and meme himself into troondom.

It's probably even worse now, since it seems like troons are now preying on dudes to young their troon harems.

No. 274333

To add to*

No. 274340


What the other anon said and also submissive gay dudes with internalized homophobia (probably grew up in a conservative household, e.g. Blaire White), old men in midlife crisis (probably starts by crossdressing with his wife‘s clothes first, e.g. Caitlyn Jenner) and (mostly white) men in leftist circles (especially queer feminist/idpol) who want to seem more oppressed & be able to hate on women (e.g. Contrapoints or Riley Dennis)

The latter two types most likely watch too much porn. Gamers are also more likely to be trans imo (could be because gamers are more likely to be weebs, tho)

No. 274341

And he was such a cutie before… How sad, what a waste.

No. 274343

dudes who work in IT or computer engineering…

No. 274344

I can't imagine how those women feel that were married to a guy for a long time and then suddenly he decides to transition.

The woman is then put in an uncomfortable situation where if she rejects him and decides to separate, she's seen as a heartless transphobic, not to mention the shock.

No. 274365

Is this a troon?

No. 274368

I don't think he's a tranny, just a gay kid who likes makeup

No. 274373

not yet…

No. 274387

Oh ok. I don't understand why ALL the comments under his videos refer to him as ''her''

No. 274427

It's the James Charles influence. Sister etc. Also does anyone else understand James Charles obsession with straight boys?

It's a boy in highschool. I feel a bit creepy being subscribed but he makes me laugh.

No. 274443

This person still calls himself Antonio everywhere, so I don't think he's a troon. Plus he makes his voice deeper for effect, and that's not something a "but I'm a girl!!!" idiot would do because they'd be to triggered about it.

No. 274447

This is the first time I've seen a guy with long hair and not have his hair look like shit. All these troons in this thread, they all have thin, lifeless mops on their head.

No. 274587

I find it funny and sad that in every 'before/after'trans selfies the only difference that they all have is blurry editing in some beauty apps. For example:https://mobile.twitter.com/FinalBossFemme/status/1022929496020738048
And he calls this look 'gothic'one LMAO. A gross furry who is definitely not sexualizing shit.

Anyways, what's the deal with ginger men? Why do I often keep seeing trannieswho are/were ginger by default? As for me, a ginger cisfemale it kinda scares me LOL

No. 274596

You know, I think this is what fucks me up the most. It's 2018 and we need to prove that biological sex exists and that you need an uterus in order to have a period. We literally need to argue, constantly, that human beings are sexually dimorphic because somehow everyone now doubts that.

No. 274601

Because he's not an autistic 30 year old that thinks fapping to anime lesbian cat girls makes you one

No. 274619

File: 1533123220322.gif (969.54 KB, 495x383, jessica.gif)


Who wants to be a boring ginger man when you could be a hawt redhead vixen?


Most people aren't doubting it. They're just parroting TRA talking points because they don't want to get piled on by the dickgirl brigades.

No. 274648

>watch a documentary in german tv about gender roles
>feminist says we need more pronouns in the future because of trans people
>the guy she discussed it with says: but we have enough pronouns; he, she, it

How does the media portray trans people in your country?

No. 274654

As another German I want to add: "it" is only used for things, animals and maybe children, but hey, if trannies want be referred to as that… kek

No. 274656

The guy wasnt a troon tho

And I want to add that Im open about hating trannys and nobody cares here in germany

No. 274674

What‘s the name of the documentary? I‘d like to watch it.

No. 274680

No. 274684

Maybe he was referring to the gender of objects? Male, female, neuter

No. 274686

He was sarcastic

No. 274694

Aw man, not knowing anything about this dude at all, I would have found him quite cute in the before. That fucking eyeliner a mile above his lashline

No. 274701


Also when Germany changed the law to allowing a genderneutral entry in birth certificates for intersex people (a good thing imo)

>listen to discussion round on public radio about it

>guests are all troons celebrating this progress although it is completely unrelated to their situation
>bf comes along and listens
>"hey, I know that guy, he's this totally annoying tranny from Stuttgart"

No. 274710

No. 274721

Thanks for sharing!
I really like how at first it was all about
>your gender doesn‘t define who you are!
>boys can like pink, too!
And then they interview some mtf who‘s like
>I want to be succesful as a woman! (Works as a playboy model)
>I want to look like a woman so I got plastik surgery! (looks like some blow-up doll)
>I always wanted to be a woman! I had long hair even as a child!
Like, I‘m all for you do you, but please stop bringing us back to the middle ages while claiming to be progressive.

No. 274741

It’s crazy how many trannies that porn and anime/hentai has made.
Porn is a legitimate problem and rots your brain but everyone denies it because it’s easy and they all love it too
And the amount of trannies that are autistic and into anime that think they can become a cute girl can not be a coincidence

No. 274812

No. 274837

Porn and sugar keep the masses malleable.

No. 274867

ironically enough there's a new anime this season about anime dudes getting sex changes to become idols.


No. 274870

An incel preaching to incels. Pure milk

No. 274883

I have a confession to make, I find many trans women attractive. I generally like androgyny and long hair on men, so a lot of trans women that look like they practice basic hygiene and are semi-passing are actually totally my type. Like Riley before his unfortunate FFS.
I think I might be a tranny chaser, but my attration is the opposite of affirming as I'm attracted precisely because they're clockable.
I'm also ideologically radfem so I'm afraid this will blow up on me.

sage for blog

No. 274895

You know there are effeminate men who aren't mentally unstable misogynists, right?

No. 274897


I'm no fashion expert but that "womanly" outfit is funny as shit. Way to miss the mark.

No. 274919

Same but with transmen. Especially cosplayers. It would be nice if there were (real) guys like that which aren't gay

No. 274933

File: 1533170458870.jpeg (101.03 KB, 768x1024, DjIs82AUcAEE5uG.jpeg)


for real, can you imagine how much shit an actual woman would cop for that, especially from the MAKEUP IS EMPOWERING TRANS WOMEN ARE GODDESSES libfem crowd?

No. 274948

B-but transwamon are better than ciswamon at make up!1!

No. 274976

No. 274982


don't be silly anon of course they would

No. 275062

are there any GC discords that we can talk about womens issues without troons coming in and making it about their dick?

I wanna be able to talk about birth control and endometriosis etc without being told I'm literally murdering trans ppl

No. 275100

I checked out his socials and youtube and don't see anything where he admits to being a boy. The voice thing is funny but not conclusive that he isn't a TiM. A lot of the comments on his instagram are all "yaaassss queen" and shit, and then handmaidens "correcting pronouns" and stuff even when people are being polite in what they're saying.

It doesn't seem like an act but I only watched that one video and read various comments and tweets. Care to share what makes you think it is an act? The video and voice deepening were amusing but the trans handmaidens are making me cringe a ton. Just curious if it is sincere or subversive (since I love subversive things but… not trannies).

No. 275110

File: 1533192622293.png (Spoiler Image, 5.72 MB, 1875x3469, not a fetish.PNG)

Why are so many trannies pedos/obsessed with loli? This big nosed troon in particular dresses up like a uwu smug anime school girl in all of his nudes. Plenty of his troon followers are the same too.

No. 275170

Drag queen Aja has discovered the word “terf” and is slinging it to anyone who doesn’t believe that he is a “non conforming trans/ non binary person”
In what world does this combination make sense? How can you be trans and non binary? You need the binary to define being trans

He also thinks feminism is for everyone. No. It’s for WOMEN.

No. 275172

File: 1533207789178.jpg (135.08 KB, 744x722, LooneyTroons.jpg)

Tha-tha-tha-that's a man, folks!

No. 275190


No. 275211

I'm >>274427. He's a boy in highschool. He talks about being in highschool. His name is Antonio. He's had Q+As in which he has deliberately not answered the question because I guess he's just going to focus on getting through his highschool experience.

You'll also need to remember that people in comment sections will just start mirroring what others comment and people will police pronouns because it's the cool thing to do even though Antonio has not discussed it.

No. 275212

Jesus lord anon lmao I almost laughed out loud in public

No. 275214

Maybe we should try something:
>Be a woman
>Start identifying as a female-presenting transman
>Join the freemasons
>Identify as a woman again while staying a freemason

Of course it would never work because no matter how much a woman insists she's really a man inside, actual men will tell her to fuck off. It's only women who have to be inclusive of biological men.


No. 275239

File: 1533219402501.jpg (25.21 KB, 584x329, 1531875372468.jpg)

No. 275240

Next thread pic when it’s time omg

No. 275251

File: 1533223596335.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 9e25c2da0b99b9a8a69b6c298046f7…)


No. 275256

File: 1533224861127.png (322.01 KB, 1045x1724, nonbinary.png)

Oh you don't know? Nowadays you can be nonbinary while still being a man or a woman, like how Rebecca Sugar (the creator of Steven Universe) is nonbinary AND a woman! Don't ask how it works, it just does!

They dilute even their own labels into just fancy words with no meaning. Sexualities and genders are just cute, glittery little building blocks that you can pick and build your identity from, and rebuilding it every once in a while or adding new, even sparklier blocks just makes it more interesting!

No. 275259

I've made an LC-spin off discord before, maybe I'll give it a shot.

If there is more interest, anyway.

No. 275260

a "non binary woman" just sounds like a gender nonconforming woman. but idk.

No. 275263

File: 1533226879073.jpg (19.74 KB, 400x533, hvsi3l9.jpg)

the transpassing thread kek

No. 275271

File: 1533228513074.png (38.2 KB, 939x493, femalepenises.png)

r/womensbadanatomy is becoming an absolute shitshow.

>there are biologically more than two genders!

>neovaginas and vaginas are the same!
>what about women with hysterectomies?
>you're reducing women to their genitals!
>TERF trash get out REEEEEEEEE

No. 275277

File: 1533230242654.jpg (303.26 KB, 1786x1227, 0_JS158616039.jpg)

There was a Trans Pride parade the other day here, this is what they put out on the street

No. 275278

File: 1533230347338.jpg (293.87 KB, 1697x1227, 0_JS158622584.jpg)

This one hurts to read. A death sentence when someone's not getting treatment for a serious physical or mental illness.
It's NOT when you're not allowed to cut your tits off and pretend to be a man.

No. 275280

File: 1533230624593.jpg (94.89 KB, 720x960, 16266011_1365755743466148_6729…)

i really fucking hate these ugly-ass dudes who use cosplay to live out their "kawaii anime girl" delusions. um, newsflash: putting on a nubra doesn't mean you have tits.

No. 275286

I’ve heard it argued that trans doesn't mean “across” anymore but “above”, so really trans people are “above gender” unlike us unenlightened binary cissies.

She’s basically a woman with short hair who doesn’t always wear makeup.

No. 275289

>"punk" jacket
>a Pansy Division patch and a sea of shitty buttons

No. 275291

This pissed me off too. Why should they be put before people who are terminally ill or in chronic pain?? If you wanted it that bad, go private and pay for it but the problem is they want it free and paid for by the government.

There are children LITERALLY dying and they believe some cosmetic surgery is equal to their treatment.

No. 275296

A gender critical response to Contra Points by Tanith Lloyd

No. 275298

It's hilarious seeing the users on this sub caught in the middle between accurate biology and nice libfemmy sentiments.
Fun thread :

So far they're stuck on the "TERFs are evil get out REEEEE" refrain, but maybe seeing more and more transwomen post and overtake the sub will bring some libfems to peak trans.

No. 275304

The health system is in a mess as it is, how are they supposed to magic up the extra resources for this?
How self-centered do you have to be to rate cosmetic surgery as "life-saving"? Jesus christ.

I always wonder how many people I know are secretly critical of the trans stuff. I pretend to be an ally and know some trans people, but I find myself drifting away from them because all they can talk about is how oppressed they are and how their lives are so difficult and "baww cis people!". I could never admit to being on the fence about the whole thing because it would probably drive away my whole social circle (even the non trans ones), and could even get me fired.

No. 275321

They consider it “life-saving” because supposedly many trans teenagers commit suicide when they’re not able to transition. These suicide rates don’t go down much post-transition but no wait it’s definitely TERF doctors and wait times that murder trans people! Nothing to do with mental illness, nope, all the health system’s fault.

I’m in a similar situation where most of my friends are very left-leaning and transphobia is considered just as bad, if not worse than homophobia and racism. Most people I know will openly criticise obvious transtrenders and 50 gender nonsense but they’re always quick to add that of course they’re totally supportive of real trans people.
Some of the guys make fun of crazy tumblr feminism but lump radical/gender critical feminism in there too, as if they’re the same thing. Apparently saying that men can’t menstruate is now on the same level as calling yourself a wombyn and selling canvases smeared with menstrual blood.

No. 275326


Tanith is pretty good, wish there were more outspoken youtubers critical of this nonsense.

No. 275337

File: 1533242134956.jpg (57.08 KB, 500x750, t.jpg)

No. 275338

File: 1533242520724.jpeg (490.78 KB, 1632x1632, 9F9D0B37-2E95-44D5-92C7-1CC9F5…)

Troon ebegs for a new bike. Claims he only has $3 in his bank account and wants $500. Seems to forget his other funding page which shows he actually has $780 in his bank.
If transportation is an emergency then he should use the money he already has, or has he already spent the surgery funds on something trivial?

If I had enough free time I’d love to make a page shaming these beggars.

No. 275339

it doesn't even pass as a human

No. 275481

do you get the gofundme donations directly even without reaching the goal?

sage for internet illiterate

No. 275537

Yes, donations go directly to the persons account as soon as they’re made

No. 275692

Where my germanfags at
Those two fucks are so annoying and the interviewer is shit
But of course, the trannies whine that he was too hard on them

No. 275698


No. 275705

Thanks for clarifying. I looked into it a bit more and among the many many handmaidens in comment sections, there were a few reasonable/civil people saying the same thing you are.
To be clear, I never doubted him being in highschool (though I would have originally guessed him to be in his early 20s).

That argument about the clitoris (idk what fully mapped means but everyone knew what clits were before 2004) is so dumb for so many reasons holy shit.

This looks like a terrifying parody but I know it's likely not. Just everything about this photo seems to SCREAM "I'm a dude" - adam's apple jutting out, muscular arms, super broad shoulders accentuated by (what I hope is) a terrible camera angle, literally no hips…

No. 275765

File: 1533297079973.jpg (75.33 KB, 720x480, fa7de10f-a1e3-44fe-a631-d2210c…)

From tumblr:
>My friends and I at Pride last month. My beautiful friend offered to carry my NO PLACE FOR TERFS sign cause she's really tall in her platform boots (she said she wanted to give my words a platform. She's got puns for days)

No. 275766

File: 1533297393077.png (120.2 KB, 847x726, 88f99d02-7d2a-4e8b-83d0-1967fd…)

No. 275768

Why do they always do that creepy smirk in photos? Like what emotion is that even supposed to convey while begging for money? They always just look like the perverted uncle of a DreamWorks character

No. 275769

File: 1533298074104.jpg (36.17 KB, 750x261, f8a01428-0553-4d66-a710-9b4f5a…)

No. 275772

Watch “menstruator” become the new derogatory term for women alongside “uterus-haver” and the rest. Of course they don’t give a fuck about throwing FtMs who still menstruate under the bus.

It’s the autogynesmile(tm).

No. 275775

File: 1533299104688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 87.72 KB, 456x810, a396556c-59b9-463e-ab80-324f93…)

No. 275776

Couldn't stomach that tbh.

Imagine you go to a psychologist and THIS is what you get

No. 275781


dat male pattern baldness

i'm glad they've all decided bangs are a TERF thing effectively eliminating the easiest way to hide it kek

No. 275783

>The health system is in a mess as it is
>They consider it “life-saving” because supposedly many trans teenagers commit suicide when they’re not able to transition.
Like there are many mentally ill people in the country and plenty of people commit suicide or more often than that, engage in dangerous behaviour (drink and drugs are very common), why should they be put above them? Just because they want cosmetic surgery. I'm sure people who want boob jobs or rhinoplasty would love to get it for free too.

I think it's difficult to find people in this country that are centrists. If you're "transphobic" the only people who agree with you are old biddies who are also very conservative (pro-life, homophobic, racist). If you're a feminist, you can't openly discuss anything that isn't outside of the tumblr "intersectional" feminism or you're branded as a terf/swerf and promptly ejected from the community. Feminism is even considered a dirty word among both sides and I've never heard anyone proudly said they are one without the usual "oh yeah well I like the ideas of feminism but they're too loud and whingey so I won't call myself one" or "well I consider myself an 'equalist/humanist' because feminists want to be above men" bullshit.

I love to meet some Irish radfems ngl.

No. 275786

Men who like feet. Men with personality disorders. Weebs. Men with any weird fetishes. >>274332 Everything mentioned here.

That's a shame. I used to occasionally like that sub.

No. 275801


holy fuck imagine how much money was wasted on 2.5 years of hrt drugs this dude just looks like a regular ass man

No. 275802

File: 1533304162856.jpg (446.05 KB, 1944x2592, 3oP9xFM.jpg)

2 1/2 years of estrogen lmaoooooooo

also this is why bangs aren't a great option for troons >>275781

No. 275806

the only plus side to this image is that all of these ugly people are making themselves infertile

No. 275812

With more make up he could pass for a ugly older woman who just looks like a man alot

No. 275827

File: 1533307752708.jpg (1.48 MB, 2988x5312, 4piaC9s.jpg)

>Do y'all think I would still pass as male if I shaved?
>I'm 3 years on T, by the way.

if i'd see her on the street i would think she has a very bad case of pcos and that's it's brave of her that she's isn't bothering to shave her facial hair

just why would you do this to yourself voluntarily

No. 275829

File: 1533307847794.png (1.64 MB, 1200x1315, 38yz3k82wyc11.png)

No. 275833

yeah cuz it's not like female children are and have always been the ones to be aborted or left in the woods solely because of their sex or anything lol

No. 275839

I think it would be best if he would grow hair and beard, as he resembles Jon Snow anyway. That's a good way to pass and pick up chicks/dudes into Kit.

>in before reeee get out pronoun respector

No. 275844

Typical crazy pedophile "trap"

>the HRT just makes me a bitch i can't help it

No. 275847

Interesting comments by a MTF's spouse covering the reality of SRS and post-transition years:


>dilation and sanitation of the neovagina is impractical, time-consumming and painful

>MTFs idolizing SRS are talking out of their asses because they haven't gotten it done, or only did recently
>the euphoria of transitionning eventually wears off
>transition is rooted in navel-gazing


Her eyes look incredibly feminine for some reason, the beard brings them out even more. That's unfortunate.

No. 275850

Sorry, I can‘t watch this all the way through. They are just too boring and unlikeable imo.
>doctors used to call mtf trans man, because it was only about their biological reality
>but now it’s called trans woman because it‘s about the gender identity, not the body.
I love when they admit that they are appropriating gender to stereotypes.
Also this whole *~*feeling like a gender*~* just makes them sound like religious fanatics.

Just like they delude themselves into thinking they‘re another gender they‘re deluding themselves into thinking they‘re beautiful.

No. 275852

I'm perplexed at how they can call those weird skin tents "boobs", that's not what even extremely small breasts look like on a woman. Just sad puffed out skin.

No. 275857

I was surprised by how rational this one came across. Would actually be quite charming as a motherly drag queen instead.

No. 275861

Even the other people in this image look like they're laughing or staring thinking "wtf" at him. The two on the left and the person standing directly to the right.

Trans women only thinking of themselves and not even supporting trans men with this one, what a mess.

>With more make up he could pass for a ugly older woman who just looks like a man alot
It's funny because this is the best case scenario for the 10% who can maybe pass at all. They all think they're going to become some sex bombshell or kawaii anime schoolgirl and this is their best hope.

No. 275872


I don't get it. Why is the girl on the right called a "menstruator"? Is she supposed to depict ~an evil terf~? Because she looks hella cute.

No. 275874

Those are some pretty insightful posts, thanks for sharing.
>Some of her MtF friends convinced her it was no big deal but they have the kinds of jobs where you can lay in bed and program all day
lol of course they do. Honestly I think that the majority of trans people have too much time on their hands, don’t leave the house enough and spend way too much time on the internet.

No. 275892

File: 1533317138211.png (154.59 KB, 1160x276, y.PNG)

I stumbled upon this and thought WTF… than I read 'trans girl' and it all made sense

No. 275894

It was drawn by a gendercrit.

No. 275915

Same, he had some good points honestly. Doesn’t excuse the hot mess look tho.

No. 275925

They want to be uwu smol cute girls and wear their disgusting fetish clothes when at the same time cis males like Jaden aren't allowed to wear women's clothing?! I thought gender is a social construct and fluid or whatever trannies say. Trans people are real hypocrites.

No. 275931

W-What. But I liked Aja…. when did she start being NB… fuck.

No. 275982

Sis, it’s a mess. She’s still young so I hope she will grow out of it but claiming to not be a drag queen whilst simultaneously performing as a drag queen is next level bullshit.

No. 275987

No. 276003

Ditto, can't believe this is on the independent and not some garbage joke site

Like really??? You really gonna complain about a man wearing women's clothes at the SAME time as promoting a man wearing women's clothes and calling himself trans? There are no fuckin rules, it's just clothes. These fuckers would've made a hate campaign about David Bowie and the countless effeminate male pop stars of the 80s. They can fuck all the way off

No. 276005

There's a link to the "other side of the argument" where the headline declares Jaden as non binary

Still not the other side of the argument, fam. Luckily most people in the comments had sense. It's unfortunate that those same people (2 years ago) would now probably say it was transphobic to wear women's clothes and not be trans. Today's left wing politics is a garbage heap

No. 276011

File: 1533345160092.jpg (44.73 KB, 600x600, BZOJzYWCIAA3NqF.jpg)

My sperg theory still stands that making a genuine smile tends to elongate your chin area and widen your face, not enough to make an actual woman suddenly look manly, but enough that troons might notice that they look even less passing when they smile. So they try to smile with just their lips and not any of their mouth muscles, creating a weird smirk or otherwise unnatural little smile.

No. 276014

Is a woman going to model the men’s line or are they just taking the job of a female model and handing it to a dude to seen progressive?
We’re not even allowed to work in roles society forces us into. Can’t succeed if you’re not beautiful and now it doesn’t matter anymore because we’ll just give a man your job anyway.

No. 276017

Take it to the man hate thread.

A "cis" man wearing actual women's wear is progressive. Normalizing non-perverted cross dressing is a necessary step to reducing the trans plague.

No. 276019

File: 1533348806018.jpg (40.61 KB, 313x1048, d9c3d019750728f0da195259a02c08…)

this. anything that pushes straight men away from automatically associating their feminine side with being trans/gay/a humiliation kink is good for us.
Plus you could argue that it's already socially acceptable, especially in fashion, for women to wear menswear, so the equivalent to jaden's ad would be like….a woman wearing an awkward boxy suit tailored to a man's measurement just for the sake of mirroring the original campaign. out of all the instances where a female equivalent is needed, this just isn't one of them. it's not worth prioritizing and it's definitely not worth getting all hopeless about.

No. 276022

that sounds very stupid. also smirking is seen as a narc trait and associated with covert aggression.

No. 276026

File: 1533350260571.jpg (54.91 KB, 600x467, jw-anderson-aw-2013-02-600x467…)


JW Anderson already made a genderbending line for men back in 2013 and it didn't endanger female models. It's going to be just fine.


Completely agree.

No. 276052

agree. feminine style clothing for men is always going to need male models, or it will just look like womens clothing. but men aren't going to suddenly model women's clothing made for women.

No. 276054

File: 1533368763849.jpg (152.15 KB, 909x383, TERFDog.jpg)

Glad you guys liked it!

Also pic related, guess dogs are TERFS now kek

No. 276065

File: 1533371019501.png (23.3 KB, 549x170, 7bc6c0b8-b74c-4e3d-8288-498ca4…)

Ah, I saw that on tumblr today, that's simply great kek

Here's another one.

No. 276096


That reminds me, anyone got an archive of that thread where TIMs claimed HRT made them clumsy to the point of constantly running into walls and smacking their ~boobies~ on things? I tried looking for it on GC but the link has been deleted. I can't even remember which sub it was on and the search function sucks anyways

No. 276108


Failing to navigate around in the dark

That was the first thing I thought of when I read the post title. I used to be able to navigate around my parents' house in the dark flawlessly, up and down staircases always getting it right where they would end, never missing the position of doors etc. Now I have quite a lot of trouble doing it. I often end up getting off the stairs feeling like the floor was lifted half a metre or something stupid.

I haven't gotten more clumsy in general though if you discount hitting my inflated chest against doors. :P


No. 276121


It's actually sad what some of these people are willing to do to themselves.

No. 276132

To be honest, I wonder how do I fully red-pill myself.
Because I can recognize that I am biologically a female, but mentally I still perform some shitty gymnastics that land me into "agender" territory.
As I've been brought up, I was certainly a female-identifying lesbian, but I was made to shame my own orientation so for a while I used to think that I was a trans-man because I was a gender-nonconforming tomboy. After that when I realised I want nothing to do with ,males, I started identifying as agender, because it felt the most right. I felt like gender is fake bullshit and I didn't want to conform to it at all.
But the question is, how do I, a radical feminist by all definitions, confirm to myself that I am fully female and embrace me femaleness instead of the shitty enby rhetoric tumblr taught me to follow?

No. 276134

Tfw dizzy due to unnatural hormones being pumped into your body
>I'm more feminine now

No. 276141

many radfems identify as "technically agender" because we do not believe in an innate gender identity. Gender is still a social construct thrust upon us on account of our sex. You don't have to identify with the trappings of gender, in fact most people don't. You're female because of your biology and that's all there is to it.

No. 276145


You don't have to "embrace" your femaleness. You just are female, no matter how 'feminine' you act and dress. Your gender doesn't define you.
Maybe you have some internalized misogyny? Do you feel ashamed of being female or feel you're "not like the other girls"? What makes you want to identify as agender?

No. 276146

I treat gender identity like I treat religious belief. I'm sure there are people that are fully convinced that they have a gender identity, just as I believe some people are fully convinced that they have a relationship with God. And while I KNOW that neither God nor gender identity exist – not just for me personally but as a general truth – and I see the people who do as somewhat delusional I respect them enough to interact with them in a way that is not upsetting or offensive. But I will not have their (ever so genuinely held) beliefs interfere with my life and my perception of reality.

No. 276148

I certainly have been feeling internalized mysogyny. As a teen I've been brought up with the idea that females are shallow and insignificant and that only males can achieve meaning and success which contributed a lot toward me identifying as a trans-man.
Nowadays I feel that women are frankly wonderful, but I still feel alienated somewhat by the culture because I've never felt any strong ties to being female and to be frank I still largely dislike my genitals even if I recognize tham as my own. I guess patriarchal brainwashing is not easy to get rid of.

No. 276156

I think before anything you should work on coming to terms with your genitals. Once you're 100% comfortable in your skin the gender identity (or lack thereof) stuff becomes largely irrelevant, imo.

I guess I'm kind of agender. I mean, I recognize my female body with all that comes with it, but it's not something I think about a whole lot. I check 'Female' off on forms and then just do whatever I like. The whole thing about gender roles is that they're performative. And the whole thing about performance is that you really don't have to perform if you don't want to.

No. 276159

How do you get over the mental block of feeling incapable of doing something for "men", despite it being impossible to tell if you're capable because you can't manage to get yourself to try at all?
It might sound like a personal issue, but I know for sure that the reason I don't try to do so many things I'm interested in is because I'm traumatized from being so harshly judged for minor mistakes made in a beginner phase, always letting me know that I'm not allowed to make mistakes and learn from them if I am a woman. I don't want to try anymore.

No. 276164

>Despite all that ofcourse I would do it all again. It's pass or die.
What a wonderful message. Torture yourself with all this dangerous, painful and completely unnecessary cosmetic surgery or die.

No. 276165

nta but for me personally. after failing because of shitty bs, stuff like not being taken seriously or being judged more harshly etc. i just kind of stopped caring. i don't know if it's helpful, but you kind of have to get into the mindset that assholes will always be assholes no matter how hard you try, so trying is useless. if men or handmaidens won't respect me how i am then fuck em.

No. 276168

Even if it seems minor, it's a trauma that affects how you live your life. I personally do a lot of CBT exercises on even the smallest problems in my life.

Yeah, honestly this. I don't trust anyone's opinions until they've shown me through their actions that it's coming from a genuine place. It might sound bitter or jaded or whatever, but I'd rather be pleasantly surprised that a person is goodhearted than disappointed when they turn out to be a dick.

No. 276173

It's not easy being a woman in this world. In this world, men are the default humans. They are perceived as persons. Meanwhile, women are perceived as women. When a woman becomes successful in academia for example, she's usually still being objectified and judged on the basis of her gender. It sucks but society isn't going to change immediately and it's just something we have to come to terms with right now. Identifying as agender/non-female won't change how you're perceived by other people. By being (proud) gender non-conforming women, we can set a good example for other women and future generations, imo.

Yeah, I can relate. I sometimes feel like I'm a representative of all women, especially when doing something typically "manly" and if I fail, it will make all women look bad and just reinforce the stereotypes that we're weak or stupid. I think a lot of women struggle with stuff like this. Please don't let it discourage you. Do whatever you want to do and avoid/call out people who treat you differently because you're female.

No. 276176

I usually block them, it's nasty how I think 'oh, a cute girl!' and this kind of shitfest comes up in their bio.

No. 276179

File: 1533399829319.png (63.01 KB, 834x354, i know some of these words.png)

No. 276185

Can we talk about the fact this fool said ""non-yandere relationship"". Like… I-I…. idk what to even say any more.

No. 276186

>By being (proud) gender non-conforming women, we can set a good example for other women and future generations, imo.
Beautiful, anon.

No. 276195


>pass or die

By his own admission in the comments he ALREADY passed, but went through the surgeries anyway.

>I passed pretty much all of the time but was extremely insecure about myself. I not only want to pass, I want to be ridiculously attractive.


The thread I was specifically referring to was larger, and considerably funnier.

No. 276196

File: 1533403272539.png (19.68 KB, 586x197, maleviolence.png)

No. 276197

You're female and a tomboy. That's fine and great. Women don't have to be feminine to be women, and you don't need to perform femininity. That's what being a tomboy means, and tomboys are great.

No. 276208

No. 276220

all that and she still looks like a Woman.

No. 276225

i kind of like this tranny's music, and he transitioned at a young age so he passes very well, to the point that it wouldn't feel weird using she/her pronouns. but there is something off about the way he moves and sings that just ruins the illusion, and he really needs hip/butt pads or just straight up surgery. also clock that receding hairline.

No. 276226

File: 1533413905436.jpeg (61.28 KB, 750x206, 7A8F66E6-52D1-4049-A920-F67E6C…)

I’m not sure how to feel about nipple positions being gendered, but wouldn’t it make sense for “feminine” nipples to be lower and to the side for breast feeding?
Though I probably shouldn’t be questioning the logic of someone who willingly had their nipples removed.

No. 276227

File: 1533414025916.jpg (146.12 KB, 1600x1420, cispcmpjepd11.jpg)

> tfw going through the subreddit and think most of the ftm/nb tomboys look really cute.


No. 276232

File: 1533415042226.png (9.76 KB, 919x105, Screenshot_2018-08-04 My nippl…)

To be fair, she had her nipples removed due to a high breast cancer risk.
Agree with you that the nipple placement thing is dumb.

No. 276240

right? why couldn't they just be cute butch lesbians

No. 276242

File: 1533415744668.jpg (67.55 KB, 700x466, kim_petras_06.jpg)

unfortunate face shape
but tbh I would have thought she (yeah, it feel weird saying he) was just a slightly unfortunate looking normal girl

No. 276244

>this tranny looks like a girl!
>but here let me list all the reasons they don't look like a girl!

No. 276251

Yeah. It's a shame really.

I wish I could contact the girl in pic I posted and ask her out, provided she's single and into girls too.

For some reason my heart melts when I saw her. She looks like the chillest person to be with.

> tfw no tall dutch gf to cuddle with

I really didn't expect this.

No. 276254

do you know what thread you're in? i could have worded it better but i was trying to say that at first glance he does pass, but then you start to notice little things that indicate otherwise

No. 276257


yeah, had the exact same thought too. hope the trans trend dies out soon, we're losing so many qt lesbian girls over this shit

No. 276269

This one is really pretty and passes off really well… but then you hear the voice and it becomes instantly clockable.
Trannies could pass 100% physically wise but all the effort is basically useless as soon as they open their mouth to speak

No. 276271

But it shouldn't feel weird to call him a guy bc… he is one. It doesn't matter wether or not he looks like one.

No. 276275

>Trannies could pass 100% physically wise
In what world? I honestly think the entire idea of passing is a myth when it comes to mtfs.

No. 276277

File: 1533418066617.png (2.07 MB, 1078x1186, Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.24…)

I was surprised to find out this youtuber is trans

No. 276278

File: 1533418262078.png (1.7 MB, 944x1162, Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 5.30…)

No. 276280

imo kim petras actually sounds like a regular german girl (apparently he's been on hrt since he was a twelve year old boy)

No. 276283

File: 1533419636143.jpg (22.3 KB, 306x486, 45B4110A00000578-5020207-image…)

No. 276284

he's really cute and i love his style lol. i wonder if he gets more clockable when he grows up though?

No. 276285

Yeah but our brain is programmed to automatically detect whether someone is male or female. So if someone show all the secondary sexual characteristics of a female (face, body, voice, pilosity…), even if we know it's actually a male it's not going to feel natural to call them a he, and vice-versa for someone who look and sound completely male but is actually female.

No. 276288

>For now, she is planning to have her Adam's apple removed and her belly button 'sewn up' in the next phase of her Bratz transformation.
What is getting your navel sewn up?

No. 276302

>those yaoi hands

No. 276303

I meant it hypothetically, in the case of people like the mtf in the video which is a (very) rare case of an actually passing one. I mean, compare it to all the other troons in the thread

No. 276308

I'm getting major Toddlers-and-Tiaras pedo goosebumps looking at this insta. They just look like a prepubescent child of either sex wearing an age-inappropriate amount of makeup and a girl at that age presenting herself in this way would raise some concerns.

No. 276309

i'm very uncomfortable with the way people are so happy to sexualize these young boys and for them to sexualize themselves. he's very young, iirc, like, 13. he was posting youtube vids with very provocatively styled makeup from like 12, i believe. it's horrible enough that it happens all of the time to all girls, but it happening to young boys as well, is just so gross. these libs are insane to be ok with this.

it literally does feel like all of the backers of this shit are under the covers pedos.

No. 276313

File: 1533422761639.png (158.52 KB, 372x287, weird.PNG)

yes, here's the first vid i saw of this kid from like over a year ago. how are people okay with this? he's obviously styled to appear nude and wet/sweaty. so disgusting. these parents are just awful.

No. 276318

he's 16 but i still agree tho

No. 276323

There's an element of paedophilia in mtf preteens and teens broadcast in the media. Of course if you point that out you're a homophobe and not just against sexualisation of kids

No. 276437

Speaking of kids, anyone have an update on the Jazz situation? Nothing but radio silence since his SRS. I would laugh but I'm disgusted by this degenerate agenda.

No. 276463

File: 1533464751447.jpg (357.42 KB, 1242x2043, spLgc0n.jpg)

The Michigan Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of appeal by a woman who originally sued Planet Fitness for not properly disclosing in their contract that males who self-identify as women were allowed in locker rooms. https://thinkprogress.org/michigan-court-anti-transgender-planet-fitness-ruling-11d48ac24db8/
Of course, I jumped to comments section and what do you know? Screeches of TERF, “scientific” links to articles about “lady brain” and trans women threatening and insulting every GC woman that dares to defy them.

I wonder what kind of feminine, better-at-being-a-woman-than-a-biological-woman innocent flower could have posted an image such as this?

No. 276464

File: 1533464882359.jpg (125.05 KB, 1242x1638, W4wqszj.jpg)

Oh, here ~SHE~ is!

That was predictable, wasn’t it?

No. 276473

The kids growing up on hrt who "pass" will still never pass in bed, theres still either a shriveled penis between their legs that they will possibly never get back to a healthy normal one the day they think 'ok maybe this isn't me' when all this blows over OR they get the full op leaving them with a permanent hole in their bodies thats left to fester until they die.
Its legitimately disheartening and sad, I sometimes feel legitimately bad for the younger ones as they grow up being pushed into this narrowminded narrative that OH YOU LIKE FEMININE THINGS YOU MUST BE A WOMAN!!!
How the fuck do you think drag queens or crossdressers came to be? They just gravitated towards it. A child sees bright colours and essentially adult face paint and revels in it but because this child was born with a penis, they MUST want to be a woman. So what do you do instead of letting the child grow and feel themselves out like we all do/have? Question them. Introduce the subject into their maliable little heads so their cogs start turning and wont stop.
>Do you maybe…want to be a princess Kyle?
>i dunno…i just like makeup
>Yes! You like playing a pretty princess, do you maybe want to be one too??
it just steamrolls from the kid going 'i dont know' 'no i just like makeup' devolving into the kid wrapping this new notion around their heads because YOU associate makeup/feminine garments as inherently wanting to be the opposite gender.
Conversion Therapy has become the quintesential (lgb)T standard and what they fight for not against Top kek

No. 276485

File: 1533475308230.jpg (709.45 KB, 2320x3088, n0jbh0mtela11.jpg)


"This is the moment I realize…fuck I pass. No shave in 2 days, raggedy looking with no makeup from being in the middle of a road trip…Jesus I’m a girl!"

Pic related was posted 18 days ago. This man thinks he looks like a woman. Can you imagine this guy with beard stubble and no makeup, probably towering over the other women with his broad shoulders and lack of hips, talking in his weird troon squeaky voice, thinks he passes as a woman? lmaooo

No. 276489

File: 1533475800592.png (301.56 KB, 1053x588, Screenshot_at_Aug_04_22-11-15.…)

Good post from a bisexual woman with a MTF spouse, the entire comment thread is worth a read.

No. 276491

I almost feel like that shit is a well deserved punishment for mtf, especially one selfish enough to put his poor wife through it. she must be a fucking saint.

No. 276492

No. 276493

No. 276495

>It's like there's something up there toying with me.
Guess your god doesn't like it when you treat biological sex as your play-thing.

No. 276497

Anyone else read this as the women low-key calling him out and it just went right over his head? Poor bastard.

No. 276500

Really? look how big his hands are. Makes the whole I'm so cute and silly OW!~ teehee girl~ pose so embarrassing.

No. 276504

This was already posted upthread >>275847

No. 276508


lmao your dna is easily recognizable as 100% male and it won't matter if you put in female as your gender you delusional idiot

No. 276509

>I'm currently writing this while sitting in my own fucking excrement, leaking in large amounts out of my vagina.

Mod, in reply to a now-deleted comment:
>don't make comments that encourage people not to get SRS.

No. 276527

It’s either a mental illness or an extreme fetish (or both). People have volunteered to be cannibalized irl to get off on their fetish. Cutting off an penis can’t be too far behind.

No. 276529

so the surgeon is a woman whos fucking up trannies for life? shes doing gods work.

No. 276532

File: 1533487159825.png (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20180805-183329.png)

Have you seen the gallery of someone's botched SRS posted in the comments?
Click at your own risk!

No. 276534

File: 1533487222043.png (Spoiler Image, 2.03 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20180805-183348.png)

Another one. I actually feel sorry for this person.

No. 276538

> I flew home the next day and by the end of my flight my depends was soaked with liquid shit. I verified when I got home that it was indeed coming from my vagina.

Thats because it's not a vagina. Imagine sitting next to this person on a flight.

>I'm currently writing this while sitting in my own fucking excrement, leaking in large amounts out of my vagina. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that this will go away, because of the amount of feces coming out. It really is a lot.

This is so disgusting I cant even laugh, I just feel sick

No. 276539


>>Cutting off an penis can’t be too far behind.

It isn't. You anons should look up nullo/smoothie culture if you aren't already aware of its existence. Literally men removing their genitals (and sometimes nipples).


What's even sadder is that some MTFs claim living with botched surgeries is still a better alternative than having a penis.

No. 276540

these needed more than just one spoiler. i feel ill.

No. 276548

>There is an evil being up there, trying to destroy each and every one of us in the most cruel way possible.
It's almost as if they're trying to do the impossible and change the unchangeable reality of biology. Nature is such a transphobe, not allowing males to artificially become females.

No. 276550

Reading through that is so much fun lol

Typical Americans: their 1st thought isn't "how to fix this" but "sue the shit out of her!!!"
Advicing him to go to a normal gyno; just imagine you're trained to deal with vaginas and then suddenly a dude with shit leaking out of wound between his legs shows up and demands your help.
But the worst thing is: why the fuck does insurance pay for shit like this?!
>Don't accept anything less than one of your top 3 doctors. Fight your insurance company to cover it.
Some people lose their everything because of horrible accidents and their insurances hardly pay anything.

Sorry for blog, but my grandmother died from breast cancer, an aunt had it as well, so my mother had her chest removed since she was tested and the chance that she gets it as well was 1 out of 3. It took her and her doctor a long time to get the okay from our insurance and then she was only assigned a shitty doctor that caused her lots of complicatons. Nevertheless, sueing him would be completely impossible; but trannies demand (and are given) literally everthing.

>If the trolls are getting under your skin, consider browsing this tumblr complimenting cats

Is this satire?

No. 276561

Anyone know what all that fibrous wormy looking stuff is?

I guess I never understood the neo-vagina thing like who would want to fuck that? Even one that's done "properly" can't feel right. It's so desperate and sad..

No. 276572

The vomit clouds my vision.

No. 276573

It just looks like pus to me. Can any medfags confirm if it is pus and if this is like, necrotizing fasciitis or something, because it looks so fucked. (the 'labia' and 'clit' skin is so fucking thick. they look like especially meaty slices of rotten baked ham.)

I dont know how this shit is so normalized when the wound created is so large and in such a moist, vulnerable area. I checked the rate of surgical site infection a while back for mtf bottom bullshit and iirc, it was something like 21%, in comparison to the avg surgical site infection rate, which i believe is like 2%. Iirc literally like 50% of troons were expected to develop a surgical site infection, and like 87% of ftms developed infections.

People are going to start dying in droves from this shit

No. 276574

>they have the kind of jobs where they can lay in bed and program all day
like clockword. seriously what is it with programmers being MTF so much more than other proffessions?

No. 276578

If i stroke my 4chinnychinchins Im sure I could think of a certain mainstream board thats deffo gotten the ball rolling on romantizising traps and the culture of being "better than a roastie"
Its the same as alot of FTM being fujoshit cosplayers who are so engaged in a 'speshul' culture they go off the deep end not realizing their 'norm' is becoming more and more skewed with time.

No. 276583

>People are going to start dying in droves from this shit

No. 276584

Jesus Christ, both are so rotted/infected. I wonder how hard troons are going to try and cover this shit up as it becomes more prevalent. I can't wait until the trans renaissance is over and we can collectively look back on this shit show openly in disgusted awe.

No. 276586

Programmers are more likely to be autistic but also sexually deviant permavirgins who have no idea how to interact with women and cope by becoming women

No. 276591

File: 1533495725006.jpeg (33 KB, 625x350, A44DAFB5-5A43-4284-9507-83BCAD…)

Fuck. SRS should be illegal.

No. 276594

>People are going to start dying in droves from this shit
You mean they’ll be murdered by TERFs literally bullying transbabies to death by discouraging risky cosmetic surgeries, right? Because it’s definitely those horrible TERFs who are responsible for all of trans people’s suffering. Twitter told me so.
insert falling bicyclist meme

No. 276602

I wish she didn't say anthing. Rather have themselves wipe out any chances of having children.

No. 276604

Lol I thought the same thing. Hope she's a radfem taking their tranny money and fucking them up.

No. 276608

It's getting so bad that they are trying to push this shit on other minorities but b/c they they don't give a fuck about trannies they aren't having it lol

No. 276610

Good lmao

No. 276616

File: 1533500038693.png (169.94 KB, 1692x692, Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-05 um 2…)

a five-year-old girl tells a man he isn't "supposed to be a boy" presumably because he is wearing a ponytail/has long hair

this is so heartwarming alexa play wake me up inside

No. 276618

Pretty sure I have heard of this woman before and she's just in it for the cash. Opportunist more than anything else. There aren't many doctors that specialize in this nor a lot of accredited training so any dumb doctor down on their luck or behind in their loans can say they specialize in SRS bc it isn't often covered by insurance and have a guaranteed cash flow.

No. 276620

i don't agree that troons deserve to get mutilated tbh, especially since drs are going to start doing it to children. they didn't come up with the idea that slicing their dicks up would make them a woman, they're being played.

No. 276639

Same here. I dislike narcissistic men as much as the next anon but I don’t think anyone deserves to be haphazardly cut up and suffer with a huge feces-oozing necrotic wound for the rest of their life. People are going into this with the delusion that they’re getting something close to a real, healthy vagina and their life will be better afterwards. They’re being lied to. Not all TiMs are predators, some are repressed gay men and some are even children, like you mentioned. I wouldn’t wish this shit on my enemies, let alone kids.

No. 276645

>they're being played
>They’re being lied to.
Literally by whom??
You act as if they didn't want this themselves and didn't get the public to spend thousands upon thousands on them.
If some dumb bimbo decides that she's gonna get G cup implants or a nose so small it nearly falls off nobody is going to feel sorry for her either.

No. 276646

Yeah, I don't see where they're coming from. The results are so horrifying I can't genuinely wish them on anyone, but really, they're not poor little victims. They made terrible choices that stem from a toxic mindset that harms women and gay people, it's hard to feel sorry for them. It's kinda fitting that their sexual fetish for being a woman gets taken so far that it ruins their sex life.

No. 276647

Oh but of course I agree it should never be done to children. They cannot consent to it, it's pure evil. But I have a feeling the gay men who become trannies don't feel as inclined to get the surgery so I'm not really thinking of them. I do have sympathy for them and don't blame them the way I do transbians.

No. 276648

typical women coddling men bullshit. they are adults, they knew the risks and chose to do it anyway. there’s no way these men weren’t aware of some of the horror stories about srs gone wrong.

No. 276652

File: 1533507999536.jpg (183.77 KB, 960x960, eG2DC9d1_Tq_etcQ_HHQQmBNOyhqnK…)


Out of all reddit trannies, this one scares the fuck out of me the most. I feel like after taking this picture he beat a woman up because she looked at him the wrong way. It's scary that guys like him are now allowed into spaces that are supposed to be women-only, ugh. Also I love when trannies start by posting selfies in the crossdressing subreddit and then at some point switch to the trans hugbox subs. it's not a fetish guise!!!!

No. 276657

always the cat ears

No. 276659

I know trannies think drag is transphobic kek but they could learn a thing or two from drag queens. namely how to contour and how not to wear a crunchy ass wig. trying to emulate how women do our makeup is not working for them because they don’t naturally have the features they’re trying to accentuate. I s2g if I see one more tranny with a fug shade of lipstick smeared across his thin as a line lips I’m gonna scream

No. 276661

Oh, I guess you didn't know that putting on cat ears immediately transforms your giant misshapen sausage man body and no lips manface into a uwu girly girl uwu. It goes great with frosted pink lipstick smeared all over your teeth.

No. 276663

File: 1533511146467.png (359.77 KB, 480x636, Screenshot_2018-08-05-19-13-32…)

They really are obsessed with age, aren't they…

No. 276665

>”computers” shirt
>animu shit in the background

it’s like tranny bingo

No. 276666

I started reading your comment and thought you were talking about some sadistic torture. Then I realized. Nobody should be encouraged to mutilate their bodies and promised it will solve all their problems. They've created a product out of dysphoria. Nobody needs to harm their body to be happy.

No. 276669

I've looked at transpassing on Reddit. It's where the man who >>276652 has linked posts his gigantic arms sticking out of dresses and tries to get reassurance that he looks like a woman. But anyway, it's insane. I'm scrolling, scrolling, scrolling and it's almost all mtfs.

No. 276673

File: 1533513326608.jpg (421.11 KB, 1505x2048, DdSHhrrUQAIS_QG.jpg-large.jpg)

yes this is exactly what young women look like lmao

>Why is she pulling down her panties :👀
>To pull her dick out, obviously. :D The caption translates to "Time for your injection." >:D This is what happens when you let non-op fujoshi post memes.

fucking ew

i wonder what doctors who support trannies would think if they discovered the internet profiles of their ~poor suffering~ trans patients

reminder: this is a grown ass man in his mid 30s

10 years of hrt and he still doesn't pass and is wearing school girl uniforms ew

fuck i'm so disgusted that people like him actually exist and aren't even shunned by society

No. 276675

File: 1533513744534.gif (46.79 KB, 232x320, timheidecker.gif)

all i see is tim heidecker

No. 276678

i blame the japs for this tranny shit lol
they draw these cute little women with cocks and say "oh this is boy!" and it deludes incels into thinking they can look like that.

No. 276680

All I see is hbomberguy.

No. 276681

I really do think this. Anime has raised a generation of autistics and trannies.

No. 276683

i honestly think if it werent for anime we would see a lot less of this tranny stuff these days

No. 276684

File: 1533515648212.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, unknown.png)

that anime he likes is actually quite trans phobic lol

No. 276696

Do men grow out of anime? How long has it been around?

No. 276703

It's been around since the 50s-60s but the moe smol kawaii gurl shit started in the 80s

No. 276714

dont make fun of tim :(

No. 276715

I honestly saw Dwight Schrute

No. 276716

lel underrated comparison. he really does look like him. that sad fringe tho

No. 276726

File: 1533530197948.png (163.92 KB, 747x577, whew.png)

No. 276727

fucking disgusting. this is how little females matter to people.

No. 276728

The chromosome part checks out, but "gender identification" is ridiculous.

No. 276740


Sick burn for the men though. Just a sperm machine, it's official.

No. 276779

God I hope someone finally grows the political fortitude to gas these degenerate pedo fucks. I have trans "friends". I'll happily provide names if they start a registry.

No. 276785

If you get cosmetic genital surgery and it goes wrong it's your own fault. I've even seen guys complain that they got tits on hormones and wanting surgery to remove them. Why don't they do any research?

No. 276794

File: 1533552508728.jpg (153.08 KB, 575x711, trannybingo.jpg)

>tranny bingo
this has probably been done but I felt the need

No. 276795

I've only now researched who the woman holding the sign on the cover photo of this thread is. You all probably know but I'm just waking up to this. Holy shit, she was getting death threats from men in dresses and the women who support them. The response to her wanting to focus on women at a women's March was throw this bitch off a bridge, beat her up, kill her. Males respond with male violence and women coddle them and let them do it.

No. 276808

No “trans smirk”?!

No. 276812

lol thank you anon

No. 276813

Yup. In TRA newspeak, biological reality = death threats so according to them she started threatening them first, and retaliating in kind by threatening to murder her is therefore perfectly logical. No “TERF” has ever assaulted a trans person but trans people are supposedly prone to self harm, for which TERFs are apparently to blame. It’s honestly Salem Witch Trial logic.

I could maybe kind of understand if they were this aggressively opposed to homophobic men (y’know, those people that actually do harm trans people) but no, all the focus is on women who’d never lay a hand on them. At parades for every trans person carrying a anti-homophobe sign there are >5 anti-TERF signs accompanied by people carrying baseball bats. It’s extremely disproportional. Can you imagine if a lesbian radfem brought a baseball bat to a pride parade for self defence? She’d probably be arrested. But it’s okay for trans-identifying men, because they’re the ones who need to defend themselves. Right…

No. 276816

My “genderfluid” friend is starting to get insufferable

Her sister just gave birth, so she’s been all like “I’m gonna be a tio!” (She’s Mexican). Ever since she “came out”, I’ve been kinda mum on the subject even though I never really approved. I’ve been typically kinda neutral in trans issues. As long as people who transition aren’t obnoxious about it, I really don’t care what someone does. But I’m starting realize that they’re are a lot of people who are really obnoxious about it. But I always found the concept of being non binary/genderfluid to be a load of horse shit. And inheritedly misogynistic (since the majority of these people are girls). My initial goal was to let her live her life but idk if I can take it anymore. She’s now claiming she’s bi even though it’s always been painfully obvious that she’s heterosexual. She even once told me that when I have kids, she’s gonna make them call her tio (Fat Chance. I’m not gonna let my children indulge in your delusions).

It sucks because she’s a supportive friend other time. But it’s obvious that her brain has been Tumblrfied beyond recovery. It’s funny that she always makes fun of our other SJW friend (who was a lesbian turned “trans male”) but it’s gotten to the point where she’s clearly no better than her when it comes to these things. Oh and she’s a Kpop/anime/cosplay tard even though she just turned 26.

The lesbian turned transman is another story but I don’t see that person much. I wish this whole trans/nonbinary/genderfluid fad would just die already.

No. 276819

File: 1533563656857.jpg (97.63 KB, 640x1138, vG11RKsI15Zc6lghk8BHbv_7Gm-rzJ…)

A beautiful polyamorous girls only quad.

No. 276834

This has to be a joke. Looks like somebodys ancient dad.

No. 276836

This is what hell looks like

No. 276840

why didn't he shoop his friends too? they needed it and it made his shoop way more obvious

No. 276856


I'm probably not as terfy as most people here but these are great example for the ones that seem to make effort to pass and look pretty, Blaire White too. (Even if his/her viewpoint is a bit.. uh)

Then there are balding, extremely 'nerdy', anime obsessed troons that looks like stereotypical basement dweller trying to crossdress. There's definitely something wrong going on with these type other than gender issues.

I don't want to blame nerdy hobbies as I used to be in fandoms but looking back there's a huge concentration of weirdos in these scenes.

..why the hell they're so obsessed with labels too? Going to tumblr of these troons you'll see the list of their gender and sexual identities, and a long list of mental illnesses.


The label like genderfluid is a big obnoxiousness marker, it's not really about being a specific gender as being 'look how speshul i am'.

No. 276864

This made me sad and I pity the person. But I was just weirder out when I read

>the worst part was whenever I got aroused, I would swell up around the urethra, and it would puff out

>I wasn't going to sit around for a year with a broken vagina, losing more depth, unable to have sex with anyone, getting piss everywhere in the bathroom.

How did he even get aroused at a time like this? If someone butchered me like that I would probably fail to get aroused ever again, not only that, my whole life would have turned into one prolonged panic attack and I would seriously just kms. How is he even thinking about sex???

No. 276872

you guys realize that other trannies and drs try to hide all the horror stories and detransition stories. It's not like they just go to the dr once and it's done. psychs and mds both have to tell them to dp it.

No. 276876

I can smell this picture

No. 276903

every troon is obsessed with terfs so i'm sure that they've seen all the pictures that we've seen. i don't feel bad for them at all.

No. 276921

So I guess PC bullshit doesn't work for FTMs, either. I'm guessing this was the result of a troon pressure campaign, and that this definition was changed reluctantly, based upon this glaring inconsistency.

No. 276927

File: 1533586788122.jpg (154.99 KB, 640x1272, WxRODfnfoV_14jM0CiDpZFg7-rHPpO…)


"I know I don’t pass or anything but I absolutely love how I look and feel in this pic"

literally just a picture of some obese man

bonus: his first reddit posts were on bimbofication/sissy hypno subreddits but then he stopped and started posting on trans subs

No. 276930

File: 1533587277012.jpg (Spoiler Image, 223.04 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_os2th301pv1vwnkupo1_128…)


https://texasanimenerd.tumblr.com/tagged/trans (nsfw)

i wanna die

>Why is it so hard to find good hentai with trans women in it, that is NOT degrading or tagged with shit like sssy, shemle, or trap??? Like seriously, what the fuck?
>#tw:slurs #girlslikeus

but of course he has no problem with terms like slut etc AND is not just a pornsick weirdo but a sjw/tra ugh

>Why are hypnotists so hard to find? I just want to be hypnotized into a complete slut, why is it so hard to find an erotic hypnotist? And why is it so hard to find one who will work with Transgender people?

can someone please ban porn

No. 276931

An obese man with a floral skirt.

No. 276933

File: 1533587895149.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 750x1498, y.png)

No. 276936

why is it this of all things and not the sight of that mutitlated "neo-vagina" make me physically ill?

No. 276937

File: 1533588370679.gif (1.31 MB, 400x224, AD5AD8D6-DD53-4047-B1B3-11E717…)

No. 276941


I can't wait for the day to come where people, especially women, stop being afraid to call these lunatics out on their fairytales. I'm a lesbian and I've started to avoid attending LGB events because I'm tired of having to bite my tongue on issues or else face burning at the stake for standing up to them. Trans people are drowning us all out and society at large will not take LGB issues seriously until we separate ourselves from them.

No. 276967

File: 1533599853686.gif (402.89 KB, 220x123, raw.gif)

No. 276998

File: 1533606080190.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.38 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_os1fjw6P4E1vwnkupo2_128…)

this image screams "I showed you my dick pls respond"

No. 277020

File: 1533611792892.png (81.32 KB, 540x644, whew.png)

where do I begin

No. 277022

File: 1533611929346.jpg (39.08 KB, 480x720, img-3531-jpg-1523385274.jpg)

blogpost incoming

>I want people to know is that it's normal to want a vagina and to get one, but there’s also a problematic stereotype that trans women aren’t “real” women until we have surgery, and we are. I’ve always been a real woman.

>For example, I had a lot of trouble finding pictures of post-surgery vaginas — they’re not really put out there because they can be considered sexual pictures. I only think I saw, maybe, one picture, so I didn't really know what I was going to get. The only place that I ever consistently saw a trans girl’s vagina was in porn. And the ones I saw in porn were … pretty bad. They sometimes looked plastic. Mine doesn't.

>I have kind of chilled out at this point and don’t worry about my vagina constantly. Now, almost a year and a half later, my vagina looks like every other person's vagina, but with two faint scars on either side where the incisions were that are still healing. You can't really tell it’s any different from a cisgender person’s vagina. When I don't shave, you couldn't tell at all. I've shown a few of my trans girlfriends, and a few of my cis girlfriends, either pictures or in person, for science, and they've all been pretty shook.

>And I feel safer. Now, I have the same problems that cis girls have, like, "Oh my gosh, I've got to shave more" — not, "Is someone going to tell I'm trans and then literally murder me?” My friend got punched in the face once on a date after a guy found out she was trans. There's so much violence against trans women and I didn't want to be another statistic.

>I don't identify myself as trans on my dating app profiles because it just brings out the creeps, or turns a lot of people away, and I would like people to see me as the woman I am. Before my surgery, I did say I was trans in my profiles, because it was a safety thing — I didn’t want anyone to be surprised and turn violent — but then I’d be fetishized a lot. In a lot of ways, it starts with trans porn, which is very objectifying and misogynistic. It's not, like, “sexy trans girls stripping.” It’s more like, “she-male tranny slut gets anal fucked.”

>My recovery is going well. I still have to dilate about once a week. But I feel whole, and while I have issues with my body like most women — sometimes I wish my waist were skinnier or my hips were wider — they're nowhere near as bad as they used to be. It's just a whole new world, to quote Aladdin. My vagina is my favorite part of my body.


i'm really curious right now, does having a good doctor can make their pseudo vaginas look better and more realistic? how do they even have sex with that thing? fucking lol at 'mine is just like a woman's when it's all covered in hair' duh, of course you can't see anything. and a fucking tranny complaining about fetishism had me cackling, their whole lives revolve around it.

No. 277039


Who the fucks shows pictures of their genitals to multiple friends? Am I overreacting or?

No. 277043

Christ anon, I thought this was you for a second. Blogposting usually means it's your personal shit.

Even fully "transitioned" he looks like a dude. The constant obsession over the pseudo-vag just screams autogynophile to me. I don't think having a good doctor would even help really. They're taking skint that naturally produces hair and is not self-lubricating. No matter what, it's going to be frankenpussy.

No, you're not overreacting. The only time I've ever shown my pussy to a friend has been because A) I was super drunk and B) I was getting lasik to get rid of my bikini line so I wanted to show off the progress. I would never take pics of it and send it along.

No. 277048

No. 277049

> can make their pseudo vaginas look better and more realistic

yeah, depending on the surgeon, some look pretty decent imo, especially compared to how shitty the tranny phalloplasties turn out

e.g. https://www.realself.com/review/thailand-chonburi-mtf-vaginoplasty-dr-suporn-primary-srs-subsequent-cosmetic

tbh i'm super fascinated by these surgeries. like, these people often spend over $20k to have their genitals irreversibly mutilated?? despite all the risks and horror stories, and having to do that dilation thing forever???

No. 277054

>I feel safer. Now, I have the same problems that cis girls have, like, "Oh my gosh, I've got to shave more" — not, "Is someone going to tell I'm trans and then literally murder me?”

I wonder if some cosmo readers will hit peak trans after reading this misogynistic shit. Also, reminder that most transgender people who get murdered are black, poor and/or are in prostitution. It's really obnoxious when white men like him act like they're always on the brink of being murdered just because they started wearing dresses and makeup. And do they even realize that the majority of women is afraid of being raped and murdered when they go out at night or meet strangers?

No. 277062

File: 1533621202121.jpg (377.57 KB, 3524x1492, sex doll tranny.jpg)

This one was also on Reddit, has anyone else noticed the ones that "pass" end up looking like sex dolls? Blaire White is one example, this tranny is another one.

No. 277067

Lesbians are our greatest hope tbh. Not only are they some of the worst affected by troons and most likely to react strongly, they're the only group with no desire to pander to men and are enough of a minority that they can't be instantly dismissed as bigots.

No. 277078

>that body
Anon, please

So many people on here act like bob passes too, but he just looks like a drag queen to me. I've never understood it.

No. 277079

The face looks so different in the full body shot too, I don't think irl he'd pass at all, the face pic is probably shooped to hell and back.

No. 277080

Well according to Bruce Jenner, the hardest part of being a woman is “figuring out what to wear”. These guys think women live life on easymode and don’t suffer from male violence like men in dresses do.

No. 277085

Come on, it's not like some guys actually have naturally feminine features (especially when still young) and can look pretty convincing with appropriate makeup and clothing. >>274365 and >>276277 are good examples (although the former might not even be trans-identified)

Honestly I think it's always funny when young, rather decent-looking people post in trans subreddit because you can tell that some trannies get really jealous (since for them the most important part of being a woman is being attractive and fuckable, of course). I've read posts of young TIMs who say they don't feel welcome in their local tranny group because it's all troons in their 40s or 50s that are really bitter because they look way better than they do.

No. 277086

Ah, this was the post I was thinking of:

>Discrimination against well-passing trans girls
>So I noticed something when I went to First Event with my mom and dad a few weeks ago. I am very passable and I have a really high female voice, this is important to note for this story. When we got there I noticed a lot of older trans-women, whom I felt sad for because they must have gone through their whole lives feeling the pain of dysphoria. When my father got to the elevator to bring our stuff up to the room, he overheard a group of women saying "We don't like the pretty ones because they think they're better than us and they aren't." The rest of the weekend I was stared down and grilled from almost everyone. There were a few nice girls that talked to me, but I felt really discluded. It's sad because we should all come together as one instead of discriminating against each other in our OWN community.

No. 277091

>There's so much violence against trans women
Because they deliberately deceive men then cry victim. Why am I meant to feel sorry for these people?

Anyway, male on male violence. Not my problem.

No. 277097

This is the best evidence for MTF being actually female that I've ever seen. Bearing in mind girls do the same shit, but I've never heard of guys acting like that.

No. 277098

Good to know that the urge to send photos of your nether regions to less-than-willing victims does not dissipate post surgery…

No. 277100

>objectified in porn

Yeah, like…women are??? Not a fan of this person

No. 277101

You have never seen a man be misogynistic?

Men act catty when their masculinity is challenged by a woman and male trannies act catty when their 'femininity' (lol) is challenged by a woman. It's as easy as that.

No. 277103

>"bawww, why aren't real women not licking my asshole and agreeing with literally everything I do and say? fucking terfs!!"

>My friend got punched in the face once on a date after a guy found out she was trans.
This dude is surprised that his friend got punched by his date because he was acting like a potential rapist by deceiving his date, what an idiot.

>I don't identify myself as trans on my dating app profiles because it just brings out the creeps, or turns a lot of people away,

So this guy is so clever that he thinks he should hide the fact that he's trans to potential dates despite the risk of being in danger once he's found out, rather than state the fact that he's trans beforehand so he can only get dates who are genuinely into him. Even though he knows it's dangerous since he knows his friend got punched in face for that. He has to be doing this on purpose.

No. 277115

>>I've never heard of guys acting like that
Except that's literally incel-culture? Seperating guys into good-looking (chad) and ugly (incel)

No. 277119

>"My GF is 6’2. She got “clocked” for the first time when we were out last month and it really made her stop and have to pick her jaw up off the floor. Edit: for clarity she’s cis."

Trannies making the lives of not conventionally attractive women worse. Nice.

No. 277136

File: 1533644408270.png (114.47 KB, 1112x489, Screenshot (11).png)


See pic
Some people tried telling him that women can also have it hard (but of course not as hard as tranz womenz!) and this is what he says:
>I do wonder if my dysphoria might be because of my subconscious belief that women have it way easier socially. I may be able to talk myself into not believing that on a conscious level, but intuitively I strongly believe it to be true, and nothing will convince me otherwise.
>I'd honestly love to be bullied or have someone be passive aggressive to me. That would at least mean that I exist in the same universe as other people.
>I really don't care about being respected or seen as competent. I just want to stop being lonely. I honestly fucking hate the kind of respect I get as a man. As a man I'm respected because of skills I have, and that's it.
>Maybe it's sexist or whatever but I've spent 25 years observing how men and women are treated. I genuinely think people care more about women. To the extent that men are ever respected, they're respected as tools rather than as real people. I don't want that. I just hate the role that men perform in society, it disgusts me.
>I also don't know of any women who are as socially isolated as I am.

No. 277142

Is this the next stage of being an incel? Jesus christ.

No. 277148

No. 277153

File: 1533648241020.jpg (29.02 KB, 332x420, caracalla.jpg)


Why do they always assume that if they'd been born women they would've been popular stacies? Because that's the only kind of woman who gets hundreds of likes posting stupid shit on social media. And people don't orbit those women out of the kindness of their hearts, it's because they're hoping to fuck them or boost their social status. He's so damn clueless.

From his history lmao
>Masculinity is a bullshit concept that feminists invented to attack males. Men are accused of “toxic masculinity” for things that wouldn’t be questioned if someone in a female body did them. It’s just more propaganda to make us hate ourselves.

Read some fucking history books jfc.

No. 277154

>Why do they always assume that if they'd been born women they would've been popular stacies?
Because girls who aren't hot are invisible to them

No. 277156

This guy's out here seriously believing that there are no NEET recluse friendless women. Wow.
There may be some truth to it being less likely, but I'd attribute that to women being raised with expectations for social skill development. We're primed to make social situations easier for ourselves and others. And men just want to talk to us more because they want to solicit sex lmao.
Of course someone who admittedly has nothing else to offer would be fine with being objectified and never having their skills taken seriously. Why bother trying to empathize with women who actually desire being "respected because of skills I have, and that's it." Many of us want just that.

I can see where he's coming from, but that doesn't mean womanhood is objectively better for all women. Or even most.

And–surprise, surprise–to get out of being "invisible" you have to work on your social skills and yourself. This goes for ugly women as it does for ugly men. I spent a good chunk of my young life shy and invisible (and, no, guys don't like it if you're fugly on top of it) but I worked on myself and can manage social situations now. It takes time but it has to be done. jfc.

No. 277161

Just sounds like humblebrag to me. Trannies are never going to 100% pass and this one is probably just deluded because they don't look like the worst of the worst 50 year old dude who kept his beard.

No. 277162

At least this one is honest. Between this and blatant fetishism, this is why there is a major trend of MtFs. Men are taught that "women have it easy" so they want to be women too or they want to be the sluts they see in pornos because it turns them on.

No. 277166

That also explains why he says shit like that
>>I also don't know of any women who are as socially isolated as I am.
He's like a baby, if HE can't see these women then they don't actually exist.

He seems like he knows he has a problem and where it comes from though, I'll give him that. Maybe he won't fuck up his body and reputation by actually transitioning.

No. 277167

>Maybe he won't fuck up his body and reputation by actually transitioning.

Hopefully he will.

No. 277170

Actually you're right, it won't be good for him but it'll be better for the rest of society if he makes it easier for others to notice the fact that he's a crazy asshole and if he can't reproduce.

No. 277171

>Even though he knows it's dangerous since he knows his friend got punched in face for that.
He knows he's not as dangerous as he's making it out to be. TiMs do experience violence from other men, but still to a lesser extent than women do. Hiding the fact that he's trans helps him feel validated when people initially assume he's a woman and that is more important to him than his safety, because he knows that as a middle class white man he's not actually in all that much danger.

No. 277177

File: 1533651070285.jpeg (146.45 KB, 726x780, 08AF114C-4019-4260-9698-08F119…)

“Non binary woman”

No. 277179

it always amuses me when these people can't even get their own shit right.

No. 277180


No. 277182

File: 1533651778854.jpg (63.09 KB, 640x853, QzEhqKDgCNleGHtxoXfGyhXsaWKS4-…)

Why is it that girls pass better than guys? Will it change if they're older? Or do I just think so because I perceive them as not as creppy as mtf?

No. 277185


No. 277188

File: 1533652139898.jpg (637.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180807-054510_Tin…)

Some funny stuff when you select "interested in women" on tinder.

No. 277190

File: 1533652344290.jpg (325.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180807-054445_Tin…)

"Flood detected" pffft

No. 277192

>you can shorten it however you like
i'm sure calling them Al would trigger them tho.

No. 277196

I would have spent that cash on that big ass jaw and losing some weight. Trannys always waste money on the dumbest shit lol

Also he sounds super entitled.

No. 277211

This one would make such a cute butch lesbian. Sad

No. 277225

>the trans gal is just another woman — albeit one with an odd-looking Yoni.
>The term "cotton ceiling" was coined by porn actress and trans activist Drew DeVeaux in 2015. It’s been used to refer to the tendency by cisgender lesbians to outwardly include and support trans women, but draw the line at considering ever having sex with them.

No. 277227

>doesn't see socially isolated women
Maybe because they're socially isolated?? Why are they always so fucking dumb.

No. 277240

Reading through his comments, he literally memed himself into a gender identity crisis because he has absolutely nothing going on in his life and started obsessing about gender. Was 100% fine with himself until he "found out" about transition. Wow.

Why do these dudes hate finding an actual hobby?

Also >writes software
I have gotten the impression that in some programmer spaces they really only respect people who live that stuff 24/7 and many try to live up to that obsessive standard. Maybe some of those people wake up one day and find themselves totally unfulfilled with zero sense of self outside of tech stuff and go nuts.

No. 277244

> Now, I have the same problems that cis girls have, like, "Oh my gosh, I've got to shave more"
Ah yes. The essential cis girl problem. Not "can I walk home alone after dark without getting raped and/or killed". Holy shit this just goes on to prove that you CAN'T "feel" like the other gender. These freaks have no idea about the nuances of having grown up as a girl and experiencing life as a girl. All they have is a superficial fantasy of being a pampered princess with make up and pajama parties.

>In a lot of ways, it starts with trans porn, which is very objectifying and misogynistic. It's not, like, “sexy trans girls stripping.” It’s more like, “she-male tranny slut gets anal fucked.”

Oh you mean just like ALL STRAIGHT PORN FEATURING CIS WOMEN right?

No. 277250

I think FtMs (actual ones, no fakebois) often put some more effort into their appearance and dress their age. And even if they don't have a youthful fresh face, they can still pass.

No. 277252

FtMs typically pass more easily because it is more 'passable' to look like a pretty boy than it is to look like a really ugly, manly woman.

No. 277271

Seriously, their validation endgoal is rape by deception. No pity from me.

No. 277275

I work as a programmer and while most of us are normal, sane people, for some reason a lot of troons happen to work with tech. I've met some through my weeb hobbies, not professional environment, and they seem to be just waifufags who took it way too far after having no luck with real girls. They're mostly socially isolated freelancer programmers who can't function with group environments which a lot of software projects are, so that's the reason I don't meet them through work. When they're surrounding themselves with their fantasy life and not meeting real people and they hang around a certain scene (other
hardcore escapist males with no contact with girls), it's only natural that they'd start believing all sorts of crap about being able to become a real ~animu girl~. That's why their idea of being a girl is dyeing your hair with shock colors and wearing thigh highs.

No. 277278

I don't think they actually consider women who aren't hot as women. To them ugly, disabled, poor and non asian/white women don't exist lol. The only women they pay attention to are Asian and white women who are rich and under the age of 22. That's why they think women's lives are easier because these are the only groups of women they pay attention to.

No. 277319

File: 1533668426859.jpeg (197.74 KB, 750x1035, 11C808DF-B876-46C4-BA33-5F5082…)

Some genderists were posting this old article to Twitter recently. I hope that it is still illegal for a trans person to deceive in this way.


No. 277324

I guess telling people you have aids is technically ableist then lol

No. 277330

but if they don't feel like they have aids, do they really have it?

No. 277393


a community of mostly straight white men saying they're at risk of genocide lmao

also, browsing nazi subreddits counts as self harm to this guy? "this makes me mildy uncomfortable, this must be violence" - someone who has never faced any discrimination, probably

tbh, i do feel a little bit bad for this guy if he is genuinely afraid, libfems love to scaremonger and act like [well-off western country] will soon become a second nazi germany (despite the situation and material conditions today in western countries being vastly different to those in the weimar republic)

No. 277413

my german isn't the best but from what i could understand that interviewer was asking such obnoxious af questions. if i didnt see the eyelashes i would consider the dude passing but that "transwoman" was something else

No. 277433

File: 1533676723089.png (205.29 KB, 1180x568, most pathetic thing i read all…)


found this mildy interesting paper on the treatment of trans-identified people in nazi germany: http://sci-hub.tw/https://academic.oup.com/hwj/article-abstract/72/1/171/618238

spoiler: no one got killed for being trans although nazis were worried that they might be homosexual

No. 277472

And shockingly enough, they still do get dismissed as bigots. Amazing.

No. 277494

They think that if they can get enough people to "clock" cis women they'll prove that "not even cis women pass!" and use that as evidence that TW are totally the same as us lol

No. 277503

she's married to a regular ass dude, but okay. fuck words, i guess.

No. 277540

File: 1533691398378.jpg (88.09 KB, 750x677, tumblr_pd4b820OGO1s5qi6p_1280.…)

found on tumblr, context coming up

No. 277541

File: 1533691674333.jpg (88.52 KB, 720x960, tumblr_pd4b82oTsV1s5qi6p_1280.…)

No. 277545

What the fuck are “aego” and “cupio”

No. 277551

>bathrooms should be based on biology
>ok you can have your own bathroom
>ok, we'll make gender neutral one-room bathrooms
BUT then i don't get to be seen as a real woman!!! everyone will no i'm trans!!
>jfc just use the fucking bathroom, no one cares


No. 277556

This sign is great, some people just hate everything

No. 277568

I get what you're saying. I was definitely thinking of isolated, I guess freelance, programmers in my original post. Guys who aren't "great enough" to have all of their horrible social skills excused because they're not that one "genius savant" dude who can come up with amazing solutions to whatever problems the group has. Idk how to say it, but maybe you get it.

I don't run in professional groups, but I have found that at least fakes, hobbyists, and children believe they're always that guy. I was speculating if that belief fucks them over in the long run and causes them to panic and eventually scramble to find a way to make up for it (i.e. turning to their mysoginistic views of gender and blaming pretty stacies for their social popularity)

No. 277596

The comments on this video are ridiculous. His face already looked fucked up but he looks even worse after the surgery. And all the "yaaas queen you look beautiful" comment are made by women, of course. There's even the classic "i'm a cisgender woman and you look more like a woman than me" comment. Sisters, it's not your job to make some random ugly dude feel good about himself and his botched surgeries, smh.

No. 277610

>"i'm a cisgender woman and you look more like a woman than me"
I hear this a lot and I never understand what the point of these comments is. It’s always said in reference to men who have undergone a lot of cosmetic surgery and/or photo editing. Of course someone who’s done everything humanly possible to look like a Bratz doll will look more like a Bratz doll than a natural woman, yet they act like it’s some kind of achievement. Anyone could get those procedures done to look like that, but only TiMs are praised for it. If an ugly woman got that much surgery she’d be criticized and mocked.

I see this a lot with my friends with regards to meitu abuse. A man can angle and filter himself beyond recognition and it’s “omg so cute slay queen you’re prettier than we are” but if a woman does the exact same thing she’s called a cringey tryhard.

No. 277653

>As a man I'm respected because of skills I have, and that's it.

He should be grateful for that. After all, women had to come up with feminism for this.

No. 277691

>Having a body that is a magnet for violence
>Having a body that is constantly a topic of debate by cis people

Hm, sounds hella validating for trans women to me, since that's exactly what women face

No. 277743

File: 1533740992587.jpg (11.95 KB, 240x285, image-w240.jpg)

reeeeeee why won't lesbians fuck me

No. 277753

File: 1533741607535.jpg (85.34 KB, 827x625, 8fb02b8b-5db4-4b3f-85f6-b18003…)

No. 277755

File: 1533741750048.jpg (131.93 KB, 829x650, ce296189-a664-45be-8a90-abf224…)

No. 277756

Do you think they intentionally made him pull his hair to the side so they could have both looks (male and “female”)?

No. 277757

My heart breaks now.
I hope he gets raped to death in jail.

No. 277759

Check that smug look on his face. He knows he got away with something, like his plan came to fruition. I hope they throw him in the men's prison and he gets raped to death.

No. 277760

What a monster, I hope he rots in prison. I hope his cellmates treat him like a bitch.

>before penetrating her

So he has a dick? How the fuck is he considered a woman then? Fucking lib retards.

No. 277761

he'll get fucking murdered in the men's prison for child assault.

No. 277762

but guys, men would never simply pretend to be women to gain access to them in bathrooms!

No. 277763

A few days ago there was drama on Twitter about some SHINee stan going off on a tangent about how boy groups w