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File: 1530256430028.jpg (94.26 KB, 640x712, cowboy.jpg)

No. 263689

Previous threads:

Critique Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or it's fucked up industry (or just nitpick some idols).

· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· Don't racebait
· Don't fangirl
· Keep in mind that this is not the anti Korea thread. It's not Korean society as a whole.

No. 263692

Oops, I meant "It's not about Korean society as a whole." Also its, not it's.

No. 263694

Why the hell are you using the same disgusting pic like last time?!
And please proofread beforehand

No. 263696

File: 1530257141767.gif (222.45 KB, 250x187, did-it-ever-happen-to-you-when…)

armys NEED to be stopped

No. 263697

Then remake it.

No. 263698

bc it's funny and no one posted any better pics. is it really necessary to spoiler a tweet?

No. 263699

Thanks OP, let's hope the crazies will fuck off.

To answer the Anon who asked about what scandal we wished to see this year ; I really want a dating scandal for BTS, especially Jungkook or V, I want to see some quality fangirls meltdown.

No. 263701

ugh, do you really want me to? they're uwu smol typos

No. 263702

The girl should also be way out of his league and drop dead gorgeous. Only because I want to see how all the uggo fans react.

No. 263704

Repeating from other thread.

If any race fighting happens in this thread, long bans will be given out.
(Possibly up to a week)

No. 263706

File: 1530259009448.jpeg (83.79 KB, 600x600, 7F913BA3-7D4F-4AAE-924C-2D8946…)

Name a sadder more pathetic group in Kpop

No. 263707

dont bother

i want a BTS scandal too, i'd love one of the members to do/say something really bad and then see the armys defending him and infighting over it. would be so entertaining as they're particularly insane even for kpop fans

No. 263709

Rania or Stellar.

No. 263711

I'm the anon who asked for it to be spoilered in the last thread and I was mostly kidding anyway

seconded, though honestly pretty much any girl at all would stir up a shitstorm. If she's pretty the more unstable fans would desperately call her ugly and nitpick her features, if she's ugly fans would bully her for not being "good enough", etc.

No. 263717

sadder? after school or nine muses
pathetic? big bang

No. 263725

I will be so happy the day Twice and Blackpink have a huge scandal or their shitty companies end them. Ugly, untalented whores whose only job is to prance around on stage in skimpy outfits and can't even do that right or show an ounce of hardwork and trying. The only thing worse than them is their fans.

No. 263750

Whoop. Thanks farmhands.

Which is crazy to me because I feel like a western pop stars enter fake relationships for the publicity. Harry Style and Taylor Swift milked there few months long relationship for entire albums. It’s so backward to me that Kpop stars can’t do the same.

No. 263752

How tho? Most idols don't write their own songs, also they wouldn't have fans

No. 263754

Can you image what would happen if one of the members of BTS dated a white girl lmao. Half their Western fanbase would drop them, judging by stan twitter's outrage the moment a white person is within a three yard radius of em.

No. 263755

I want one of the members to say something about finding dark skinned girls categorically unattractive.
Imagine the fallout.

No. 263756

Then again, most of them are white.

No. 263761

File: 1530284119085.jpg (72.8 KB, 1259x1280, IMG_20180618_101956.jpg)

Back in their first years they got those annoying questions they do to every rookie group about their ideal type and all of them said they preferred "pale skin, skinny and smol girlfriend that knows how to cook me uwu". Their fans just decided to have selective memory

No. 263765

nah that was just jungkook. rm said he likes pale girls too tho

No. 263769

I remember people getting triggered over that and also about theirs and Exo's ideal girl's heights/weights.

Only RM mentioned pale, but the other stuff is also incrediby old-fashioned… Why would some teen want that?
>Rap Monster: A sexy girl who can converse with me for a long time with a nice voice, is appropriately tall, has pale skin, feminine girl, looks good in a white T-shirt + Jeans + Red Converse High.
>Jin: A girl whose looks and personality is similar to that of a puppy, whose good at cooking, kind and takes good care of me.
>J.Hope: Likes books and takes good care of others, a girl who’s good at cooking.
>Suga: Someone similar to me, someone composed and wise, who likes music.
>Jimin: A girl who is nice and cute. Must be smaller than me.
Lol at his insecurity
>V: Someone who becomes more charming by the day, someone who only takes care of me, someone who only loves me, someone who’s chic outdoors but makes me hot chocolate and has a lot of aegyo inside. Also a girl who spends the money I earn thrifty, who can give everything to my/our parents.
You can clearly see how much of a village idiot he is..
>JungKook: Someone who’s at least 168 cm but smaller than me, is a good wife, good at cooking, smart, has pretty legs, and is nice. Also a girl who likes me, is good at singing.

>Rap Monster (181cm,64kg) – Suitable girls: 166-170cm,50kg

>Jin (179cm,63kg) – Suitable girls: 166-160cm
>J.Hope (176cm,56kg) – Suitable girls: 164-160cm,45kg
>Suga (173cm,57kg) – Suitable girls: 160-155cm,43kg
>Jimin (174cm,60kg) – Suitable girls: 161-159cm,40kg
>V (177cm,58kg) – Suitable girls: 162-164cm,45kg
>JungKook (176cm,61kg) – Suitable girls: 168cm,45kg
Says a lot about just how much they're lying about their own height when they want their gf to be less than 160cm.

No. 263772

File: 1530289638554.jpg (19.99 KB, 347x500, e774279bbb5ffd487c967559ce15c2…)

V would make a great MGTOW.

But seriously those measurement are so excessive, they all want underweight gf (if they even understand how those numbers translalte IRL), I get that asians have smaller bones / hold less fat than other ethnicities, but still…

No. 263773

the height and weight thing isn't true. armys made that up based on how tall the members are lol

No. 263774

>guys wanting girls who are good at cooking is a bad thing

the absolute state of roasties(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 263775

don't be obtuse. it means they want a housewife.

No. 263776

That's bait anon.

No. 263777

File: 1530290263713.jpg (42.11 KB, 658x640, KS1Do4S.jpg)

No. 263778

There is also nothing wrong with wanting a housewife or with being a housewife. Just because you don't want to be one doesn't mean that people who want a girl who can cook are inherently problematic. Again, the absolute state of roasties.

No. 263779

>looks good in a white T-shirt + Jeans + Red Converse High
wat. thats so specific

get out male

No. 263780

Someone is reeeeally dedicated to shitting up the kpop thread.

No. 263783

File: 1530290645257.jpg (55.61 KB, 720x404, 3JAj5tXh.jpg)

>big bang

B-but anon, what's pathetic about sellouts trying desperately to stay relevant past their golden days? Tell me it's not true!

/s if not quite obvious

No. 263789

>Jimin: A girl who is nice and cute. Must be smaller than me.
But isn't Jimin like 3 feet tall? rip

>V: Someone who only takes care of me

Sounds like he just wants a new tard wrangler, one he can fuck

No. 263793

File: 1530292814127.jpeg (266.18 KB, 1336x1934, D8FF838B-6451-4033-B4CE-B5F47A…)

Anons in the kpop thread

No. 263794

You mean in the ANTI-kpop thread, right?

No. 263796

Are you trying to start a petty rivalry between that thread and this one or something?

No. 263797

File: 1530293259290.jpg (26.23 KB, 450x423, eIOzHAY.jpg)

>Sounds like he just wants a new tard wrangler, one he can fuck

No. 263802

3. When asked to pick a Korean celebrity that closely resembles their ideal type
Rap Monster : None

Jin : Scarlett Johansson

J.Hope : None

Suga : None

Jimin : Han Seung Yeon

V : Kaya Scodelario

JungKook : Emma Watson

Three of them picked white women as their ideal type even though the interviewer asked explicitly for a Korean celebrity, haha.

No. 263812

Didn't think v would be the one to have good taste

No. 263820

File: 1530297309387.jpg (60.95 KB, 566x437, IMG_2650.JPG)

i know it's been mentioned before but christ that girl from apink's nosejob is tragic. you barely see noses that botched that haven't had about 3+ surgeries on it already. it's lucky that apink have been rapidly becoming less relevant since about 2015 because it would be a much bigger topic if they were still at mr chu levels of hype

No. 263821

I honestly think that Momoland is a dead group. They just try to milk the whole Bboom Bboom shtick even after the Japanese version

No. 263822

they're trained to answer this way as not to threaten their korean fanbase as if oppa's dream girl is so far away and will never meet her so oppa stays pure!!

No. 263825

Shhh. Don't break their fantasy.

No. 263826

At this point, it's both threads that are like that comic. It's probably the same groups of people in both, too.

No. 263827

it's completely delusional to think korean men from korea, who will most likely live in korea their whole lives, don't prefer korean women.

No. 263828

That's logical, but let some anons here tell it, and every one of them must be secretly eager for the chance to be some white koreaboo's oppa.

No. 263830

File: 1530299107446.jpg (192.25 KB, 1200x915, michael-jackson-pepsi-commerci…)

y i k e s

No. 263834

exid lasted pretty well milking the same song over and over and having members be obnoxious to stay popular, momoland might manage it too for a while

No. 263835

Wow, the nostrils are collapsing. I don't believe she can even breathe at this point

No. 263836

File: 1530300130709.jpg (94.48 KB, 502x500, Namjoo.jpg)

even mj's nose looks better in comparison. jesus christ what a hatchet job

No. 263882

I haven't seen anyone in the regular kpop thread shitting on weebs

holy shit this is uncomfortable to look at

No. 263883

I'm not familiar with PS but all those procedures can't be safe or good for idols in the long run, right? What will to happen to their faces after 50 years? Does it have an impact on health? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 263889

Imagine having to go through surgery only to end up with a pig nose

No. 263893

This is the saddest nosejob I've ever seen. What a shame for her. I hope she can get a rib graft or something to help salvage it.
Unfortunately nosejobs do always have the chance to turn out somewhat badly depending how one's body reacts (scarring, issues with cartilage and bone alignment shifting during healing) and k-pop stars are so pressured to pursue plastic surgery that it's no surprise a number of them end up with some bad results eventually, but this is so beyond an expected not-so-great result and simply reprehensible sloppy work by the surgeon.

No. 263932

I'm curious about this as well

No. 263938

>a girl who likes me

No. 263946

File: 1530340524938.jpg (108.38 KB, 800x1200, jkJp9rq.jpg)

Apparently, Jisoo from Black Pink claims to be 23 years old (born in 1995). How old does she look to you, anons? I think she must be in her late 20s. She looks noticeably older than the other girls in her group, which isn't a bad thing, but she's definitely not 23. I asked a friend that doesn't know about kpop how old the girl in this pic looks, and she said 35, kek

I'm sure this age change wasn't her own idea, but her company's. What motivates kpop companies to lie about idol's ages? Does being older make her less of an ideal waifu? Are kpop consumers only interested in younger girls? Is lying about the age of an idol a common practice in kpop? I'm pretty curious about this, because the whole thing seems pretty ridiculous to me.

No. 263948

I think she just has more mature features and is styled less cutesy. Why would they cut off almost 10 yrs of an idol's age if they could get a real young woman?

No. 263950

Idk. I think she looks her age…

No. 263951

She looks her age. Its just that the other girls in the same group look prepubescent so she looks older

No. 263954

File: 1530344825195.png (488.18 KB, 337x543, 8e12bea2251e1ab2d6306b3d675f14…)

Never thought that about Jisoo (since Rose also looks more mature than the other 2), but some other idols. I always thought Boa is in her 40s already. Seohyun, Irene and also definitely Whasa (sorry but she looks incredibly old for a 22 year old…)

No. 263955

CL too.

No. 263959

holy shit I thought she was pushing 30

No. 263965

I looked at more pictures since everyone disagreed, and I think this must have been what made me think she looked so much older. The other girls do look super young, and I think that Jisoo does get more mature styling overall, though they all seem to wear some pretty wacky stuff… Even if she really is 23, her mature features seem to be pretty rare among most kpop girls that all seem to be trying to look as young as possible (though I admittedly don't know many, so I could be wrong).

Is lying about ages a thing that happens in kpop in general though? I remember someone mentioned it in a previous thread with regards to Loona I think. >>263948 is right that lying about ages doesn't make much sense when there's a whole market of actual younger girls to hire, but I've got to imagine it has happened before

No. 263973

File: 1530348410108.jpg (177.97 KB, 777x777, whasa3.jpg)

Many idols are from rich families, so maybe if daďdy is paying enough they let you debut even if you're already in your 20s (same for the really ugly ones).

No. 263975

She look like a tranny here. I thought she looked a little nicer in her I live alone episode (not beautiful, but like a regular girl not some intersex monstrosity).

No. 263977

Yeah it probably happens. The only time I can remember was with two of the members of Sistar. But their case is weird since they didn't even change it to the point where they were years younger. Their birthday was just listed as being a month earlier than it actually was.

No. 264046

File: 1530384337953.jpg (21.28 KB, 480x480, ec8f41c24f5239a901ed7d8c626b0c…)

This is the first result if you google "Jimin lips", kek.

No. 264059

Kek the brightness on these pics are high af because jimin always walks around with his gross lips looking like hes got a choco milk mustache

No. 264064

why were you googling jimin lips

No. 264067

NCT is such a fucking mess.
The fact that SM is commodifying idols even more than they already are by trying to make a 'brand' out of them is pitiful.
And yeah I get that all groups are trying to create a brand to a certain extent but it feels especially ridiculous with NCT.

No. 264069

i found it funny that after years of memes about sm having a factory to produce male idols who were like their older idols, they basically admit they have a never ending stream of teen boys, and pretty much everyone will have been called "______ 2.0" or a mix of X and Y idols.

personally i think they should've just expanded on the original exo two teams idea instead of this. have individual groups like dream and 127 and call it u when members collaborate rather than the groups blending together and the lineups always changing

No. 264076

File: 1530397340560.jpg (80.37 KB, 1200x630, ZXVuoqY.jpg)

Legit thought this was that Rap Monster guy in a dress at first.

No. 264085

wtf i can see that

No. 264114


TBH that is a super unflattering pic in general. Like the other anon pointed out, in this video >>263975 she doesn't look as bad, and looks her age, too. I like Hwasa cause she seems more authentic than say, TWICE members.

Speaking of which…

""Blinks"" (i hate those fandom names) are buttblasted because of this cover. Funny though, because it's a song that belongs to JYP, the agency that owns TWICE. And honestly, I prefer their cover over Blackpink's. I think BP tries to hard, even if Twice doesn't try at all lmao

Also, this kinda stuff suits Tzuyu way more than the aegyo shit. The vocals are still weak as ever, though.

No. 264131

File: 1530414297952.jpg (155.66 KB, 1000x1500, P7WrQUY.jpg)

>this kinda stuff suits Tzuyu way more than the aegyo shit
Agreed. I think she's overhyped as hell, but her not being dead for that performance makes me get her appeal a bit more.

But man, that orange hair and bangs on Chaeyoung…
>tfw this isn't even the most unflattering picture of her new hair

No. 264148

File: 1530417671163.jpg (124.6 KB, 1367x761, TWICE-Chaeyoung1.jpg)


Aw, I think she looks kinda cute like that. Better than whe she had super duper short hair, like pic related. Still, the look on the right is still her best, imo. Them Blinks were also mad as shit with this hair of hers, saying she copied Lisa. I mean, I know all blinks are probably 12 and stuff, but this is dumb even at that age.

No. 264203

ngl, i like twice for what it is: a dumb group full of eye candy with hit or miss catchy songs, but goddamn Momo at 1:18. it's so painfully off key. oof.

No. 264229

File: 1530431897019.jpeg (39.71 KB, 512x288, 931DAF70-2948-412C-BBF3-36D8B1…)

Tzuyu always looks empty with her dead eyes, she is honestly too overrated.

No. 264249

i can never remember this girls face for more than a few minutes, she just looks so forgettable to me. in group pictures she always makes me think of groups of friends when one person has to bring along their boring younger sister

No. 264313

Idk why JYP insists on making all of them sing so much when it's obvious some of them can't carry a tune in a bucket.

No. 264315

Anyone thinks it's cruel that companies force idols to perform for long periods of time exclusively wearing heels? in this video, they look so uncomfortable

No. 264316

>Red light
Is this a song about being an amsterdam hoe?

I don't feel bad for them, tho, their only job is to dance around for 3 min in skimpy outfits, they can wear heels.

No. 264317

SNSD spent over 10 years performing every other month in heels though. Their feet must look deformed. In general, i dont think women should be forced to wear heels in their workplace

No. 264323

pro dancers have much longer careers wearing painful shoes before their feet are anything close to deformed. snsd have had massive gaps where they weren't dancing in heels over 10 years. being a performer isn't really the same as an office job requiring women to wear heels

No. 264334

Browsing my instafeed and someone I follow decided to post their Jungkook plushie and put said plushie in a bunny costume. It's so damn weird, what happened to just buying t-shirts and posters for bands you like.

No. 264341

You do know that many office ladies also have to walk around in heels all day long…?

No. 264355


>buying t-shirts and posters or bands you like

okay seriously though why is kpop merch so…weird? i always see fans with plushies, trading cards, or those ugly light sticks. it seems rare for groups to sell things like t-shirts or posters, which is pretty basic merch for an entertainer to have (hell, even youtubers sell those)

what makes it worse is that:

1) plushies themselves aren't that strange but the fans are so creepy with them that it makes it weird

2) trading cards are a scam so that retarded people buy multiple copies of stuff until they collect all the cards/get their bias

3) light sticks are just stupid and most of them are hideous. it's understandable to have one if you're going to see the group in concert, but international fans will buy it just to say they own one. waste of money. and not to mention the other useless stuff that's marketed towards fans

what's wrong with a simple graphic tee or those little pin/button thingys? i guess since "stans" are dumb enough to buy anything, it doesn't matter (even though they simultaneously complain about how "being a kpop stan is so expensive!!!"…maybe stop buying dumb shit?)

No. 264358


I'm guessing it's to keep demand high for certain concert merch. People really go all out buying shit at concerts, I've been to some where they bring suitcases to carry it all. They might not splurge to that extent if they could get tshirts all the time.

No. 264361

because they're idol groups

No. 264395


No. 264402

I get that they are idols but in America when boy and girls groups were a thing we never had creepy merch like that. The most I remember are the N'Sync and Spice Girl Barbie Dolls

No. 264445

because "idol" in east asia means a specific thing which has no western equivalent

No. 264454

I was watching a docuseries where the creators of Hello Kitty claim she’s an “idol.” Which, uh, yeah. It’s definitey it’s own unique thing in Japan that has no equivalent elsewhere

No. 264580

safety shorts are the ugliest parts of idol outfits. you'd think stylists could come up with interesting outfits that suit the event but instead it's the same knockoff american apparel hotpant shorts or tennis skirts with ugly black shorts underneath. the only time it doesn't take away from the outfit is when they match the skirt, like when a plaid skirt has shorts built in. i hate when female idols come out to an event wearing something short and then sit with a huge blanket over them. sometimes i think stylists do it deliberately as revenge for barely getting paid.

No. 264627

I always wondered about the blanket. What kind of purpose does it have? It gets chilli? Fansites?

No. 264633

To avoid being called sluts for having their panty showing.

No. 264638

that, and sitting down makes your thighs look a bit bigger, so covering bare thighs with a blanket keeps up the image that they're small and tiny uwu.

No. 264675

File: 1530564007523.png (11.66 KB, 259x210, WEjZ1rl.png)

>a few months ago I had no knowledge of kpop at all
>start browsing anti-kpop thread on lolcow for a laugh
>reading about their drama and crazy fans is actually pretty amusing
>buying groceries today
>two young girls near me squealing over something
>feel awkward when I recognize that they're talking about BTS
>feel ashamed when I know exactly who Namjoon and Jungkook are


No. 264682

this happened to me once on a train in the middle of fucking glasgow. kpop idols are essentially on the same level as youtubers and band guys for teenage fans, they're still a niche most people don't know about but teenage girls know and will scream about them in public, half hoping another fan will overhear and agree that jimin is a smol baby

No. 264684

me lmao. except i knew some k-pop (mostly girl groups) and actively avoided bts. i'm ashamed that i know all of their names

No. 264697

you have to know your enemy girls

No. 264708

Im too scared to click

No. 264787

File: 1530603144697.png (176.09 KB, 500x494, tumblr_mv7b7nAlG91si30aao1_500…)


>i'm a kpop skeptic too and i don't know or care about it at all

>i've been reading all these threads for fun. didn't know jackshit about the people being discussed.
>now when i browse sites for people with eating disorders (don't judge me pls) and see all the kpop profile pics… the threads for kpop discussion. the spoopies in the bands that get posted here. the skellies we judge here get glorified.
>feel ashamed that i understand the connection now
>and man, i hate kpop.

the relation is so prevalent it bothers me.

No. 264945

I fucking hate Blackpink and particularly Rosé's voice. It's literal ear rape. How the fuck can anyone with a functioning brain think she sounds good? She sounds like a dying goat. It's so tryhard and shit. She's going to end up with nodules soon if she keeps that shit up.

All of Blackpink are so unlikable, from the bully bitch to the plastic surgery monster and cringiest rapper in the world and the talentless old lady who brings nothing of worth to anything.

Ugh sorry for sperg, I'm just a bit pissy from having my ears raped.

No. 265073

i can't stand them either. their bad bitch schtick is really unconvincing given that they're under YG, who is a raging misogynist and creep who calls his female employees ugly. i much prefer girl groups like LOONA who have mild aegyo and don't act badass

anyone else think the existence of brockhampton makes the ""rap line"" of bts want to kill themselves? because i hope it does

No. 265076

no because the rap line is arrogant af and probably think brockhampton is influenced by bts lol

No. 265100

>anyone else think the existence of brockhampton makes the ""rap line"" of bts want to kill themselves?
why would it…?

No. 265105

weren't some of them lied to by their company and told that they would be an all rap group? all of them worship and leech from american hip hop and to have that sort of thing represented here, making better music, free to date and fuck whoever and appealing to a much wider audience than chunky genderqueer fangirls must suck

No. 265117

>weren't some of them lied to by their company and told that they would be an all rap group?
nah. That's a meme/misinformation. They all knew they were going to be idols and could've left if they didn't like the way things were going.

anyway I just thought the brockhampton comparison specifically was a little weird. they have different goals, musical style, demographics, and perform in different industries. that's like saying "do you think the existence of [insert literally any American rapper or rap group] makes the rap line want to kill themselves". Hell even Migos would've been a better comparison seeing as a lot of BTS' rap is inspired by them.

>appealing to a much wider audience than chunky genderqueer fangirls

this especially makes the comparison fall apart seeing as Brockhampton is spearheaded by Kevin "THIS IS A GAYS ONLY EVENT" Abstract and have as a result collected a ton of queer fans/fangirls.

No. 265118

sage for samefag because I hit reply too early, but I was also going to say that I do see how they might pine a little at seeing how independently-formed rap groups can flourish in the Western music industry. If RM and Suga had stayed underground they could've been picked up by 88rising by now lol RIP. or at least RM, from what I've heard it doesn't sound like suga had any hustle on his own.

No. 265129

they have reddit and theneedledrop fanboys too. bts do not have many male fans in the us which limits their appeal. but sage for derailing

No. 265179

File: 1530684067331.png (93.78 KB, 573x555, G5cR86O.png)

Loona stans are about to get even more annoying

No. 265271

oh boy the ~woke kpop police~ are not gonna be happy lol they already shit on loona for being funded by arms dealers and now a ~rich capitalist~ supports them

No. 265288

the fake woke loona stans won't care, hardly anybody talks about the arms dealer funding at all. loona have already sexualised underage girls, the woke stans don't care because they want to fuck the underage girls anyway. they use gay fanservice, the woke stans don't care because they think it's representation and not some guys fetish. they've made jokes about eating disorders, lie about their ages to seem more uwu younger and barely legal, the sole stans don't care, they were still happy about the grimes thing when it happened even though it was after she got with musk.

loona are going to stay the top group for woke stans for a while because they can play the 'loona isn't KPOP, it's a unique project' card and try to seem unique and not like other kpop fans. strip away the fake edge and the songs that hide any vocals and they're just the same as any other girl group. more manufactured if anything because each girl is literally playing a character

No. 265455

where have they sexualized underage girls? i just don't see it

No. 265482

love cherry motion got some backlash because choerry's underage and some people thought it was too much

No. 265708

Amber from f(x) has been in some Buzzfeed videos lately and this one caught my interest, mostly because even outside of Korea she has to keep the "tomboy but DEFINITELY NOT A LESBIAN" facade when it's as clear as the day. I know that she can't just go shoot videos in the USA about being gay, but it's sad how she has to keep hiding the elephant in the room just because agency.

No. 265743

File: 1530812817499.png (100.23 KB, 450x443, tumblr_nvvvlsK1YD1s41vtqo1_128…)

tfw you were actually like this exactly one year ago with your classmates. Thank God I outgrew that phase

No. 265761

I agree with the Love Cherry Motion stuff (really sketchy to have a barely 16 year old girl sing about losing her virginity) but it was Nancy from Momoland who made the eating disorder comment you're probably thinking of. Fanservice is also supposed to be at least slightly sexual, which Heart Attack wasn't. But I'm really worried that BBC seem like a "woke" company due to all the references and gay stuff (which is really all orchestrated by one man, he planned to do a similar project with Lovelyz which fell through in the end) and this will cover up any scandal or mistreatment during LOONA's run. The fans seem so enthusiastic to worship BBC because they buy the girls food sometimes that they often forget they have the same aims as any other company

No. 265762

>he planned to do a similar project with Lovelyz
this sounds interesting. any links about this?

No. 265811

i liked twice until i watched this fancam… it's like all men in the audience. i mean i knew that they have a lot of dirty old man fans but thought that there would at least be some girls in the audience. for comparison, i watched a video of britney spears performing when she was a teenager and similarly sexualized and the audience was kids and teen girls. are pop shows the korean equivalent of going to a strip club? those poor girls.

No. 265814

File: 1530820513797.png (336.65 KB, 442x486, 2234SD83YRNF983F.png)

Nice Gigi Gorgeous proportions.

No. 265827

that audience isn't made of dirty old men, it's dirty 19 year old guys. go look at any pic or fancam of twice fans.

>are pop shows the korean equivalent of going to a strip club

yes. male bonding over kpop girl groups is a very popular hobby among young korean guys. just like the most popular websites and forums among young korean guys have specific sections dedicated to posting gifs and pics of girl group members.

No. 265977

As someone who's been around plenty of straight tomboys and lesbians, I'd say that Amber's definitely a lesbian who isn't out. I feel bad that she basically can't come out without dealing with backlash from more conservative K-pop fans. It's so strange that there are a notable number of gay K-pop fans when the industry itself is homophobic and runs on outdated gender roles. I guess all of the queer-baiting really tricked them.

No. 266197

Holland looks so thin and malnourished in his new music video. He honestly looks like he's on the verge of collapsing the entire time. I don't remember him looking so sickly in his last one

Also on another note, as much as I like that he's out and embracing his sexuality, I don't want to watch anybody shove their tounge in anybody's mouth like that. Keep the kissing tasteful, it's a music video not a porno.

No. 266200

yeah watching people tongue-kiss in general disgusts me lol. I have to wonder how closeted gay Koreans in the industry feel about this. I wonder if it intimidates some of them while others think "welp Holland played gay throat hockey in a video, guess I may as well go ahead and write that innocent love song with same-sex pronouns now" kek

No. 266205

i am also glad he's out and doing his thing….but the fact that his entire musical identity seems to be based around the fact he's gay is kinda disappointing

No. 266206

It wins him points with western fans, so he’s just cashing in because he cant market himself on just his music alone.

No. 266247

so jarring seeing this surgery'd k-pop skelly next to normal people

No. 266271

File: 1530940006230.jpg (1.74 MB, 250x373, lGx4rLP.jpg)


>but the fact that his entire musical identity seems to be based around the fact he's gay is kinda disappointing

agreed 100%! imo it would have been a little more impactful if his approach was "yes i'm gay, but that doesn't define me"…instead it's just "i'm a gay idol! watch me make out with dudes! did i mention i'm gay?"

the diversity and LGBT representation is really cool but as >>266206 said, it makes it seem like he's using his sexuality to entice people instead of relying on the music alone.


Speaking of Amber, who are some other idols who are obviously not straight but are forced to pretend otherwise?

my bet is on sungjung from infinite. i didn't know anything about the group until they appeared on a variety show i watched, and from the moment he was on screen it was apparent that he's super gay. i find it hard to believe claims that he's just a flamboyant straight male, just like it's hard to believe amber is a straight tomboy instead of a lesbian. his sexuality is a huge elephant in the room that gets ignored and its kinda baffling

No. 266275

File: 1530941893126.gif (1001.94 KB, 500x438, ED05EFA7-1300-4714-8C3C-BF06C2…)

No. 266276

> it makes it seem like he's using his sexuality to entice people
I don't see why he shouldn't, it's a less trashy gimmick than most idols use. Koreans would love a chance to ignore it, which the 'I'm gay but that doesn't define me' high road leads to. I've seen them defend Jo Kwon going to a gay club by saying that straight female idols also go to them kek, they really don't like to face up to the existence of gay people.

No. 266277

i like how the one with the most virile body language is the one that's not straight. smh kpop

No. 266278

>Anons bitching about kpop being gimmick-y
I kek'd

No. 266317

Why did you say key and post a gift of taemin and jonghyun

No. 266345

the guy in your gif with jonghyun is taemin, not key.

No. 266347

File: 1530978588531.jpeg (54.94 KB, 1000x662, FE979822-37B7-432F-9AD0-20396B…)

Ryeowook of Super Junior.

Seriously, watch the Mr. Simple M/V if you haven’t already. I dare you. You’ll know which one is him immediately, trust me.

No. 266348

My bets are on Yubin (ex WG) and Solar and Moonbyul (Mamamoo), but I don't follow many groups so there has to be more

No. 266349

there was a period for a while where Jaejoong was rumoured to constantly be fucking models in Japan, male or female. He's gone 15 years where the only concrete dating rumour was Jessica, but if he was outright gay it would've come out in that tape where he's blackout drunk and yelling at a stalker, unless he's so good at hiding it that he can talk about having a girlfriend while being incoherent enough to shout about how he hates Korean fans.

The biggest rumour he had that wasn't an obvious ship was Kim Hyun Joong, ha. They lived together for a bit, went travelling together, and apparently it was a pretty big fight when Jaejoong moved out and they barely interacted after that. Since KHJ is a bastard that can be easily explained though. The slightly less obvious rumours are interesting, especially since all of the rumoured gay and bi guys overlap and hang out in big groups. Jaejoong, TOP, GD, KHJ, Zico, a lot of the guys who're in drunken photos of 10+ guys including Hong Seok Cheon

Also I've noticed fans have somehow done a 180 and have concluded that Heechul is straight. He's just a weeb and was openly gay before debut, he's not a sassy straight guy.

No. 266351

No. 266355

I want to personally thank this anon because thanks to this gif I've discovered Seo Taiji's music and I've been listening it non-stop for hours.


>Speaking of Amber, who are some other idols who are obviously not straight but are forced to pretend otherwise?

He's not forced to act heterosexual or anything but I just can't see J-Hope as a 100% straight guy. Maybe he just seems femenine to me, idk. Even when I see him act more 'mature' and without those annoying screams…

No. 266356

>arms dealer funding
they aren't being funded by arms dealing anon stop believing everything you read online
do some research first

No. 266371

Really? I see J-hope as the least likely to be gay one out of BTS. Namjoon is the one who I see the most likely to be gay/bi
I would also say V but then again he is a backwards country boy so probably not.

No. 266372

I see none of them being gay.

Some of you guys honestly sound like fujo fans.

No. 266373

>I broke up with that * b*tch a couple days ago so if you want to have some fun under me, try and seduce me now. You know I only want bottoms, right?

what other explanation can there be for this kek

No. 266374

amber is definitely gay. korean culture makes guys act like feminine babies so it's really hard to say if any male idol is gay

but seriously, namjoon? he seems the straightest out of all the guys in bts honestly. y'all are wild

No. 266377

I see Yoongi as the most likely to at least go both ways just because he seems like that kind of guy who doesn’t give a fuck about the gender of the other person (as edgy as that sounds) plus he’s written some pretty cryptic lyrics.

I personally see Jungkook and Namjoon as the least likely to be into dudes. They both give off fuckboy vibes of different types- Jungkook as the young, never-got-to-grow-up naive socially unaware type and Namjoon as the typical pretentious fake-deep first-class douche kind. But would I still date them? Yep

No. 266379

Speculating about who's gay doesn't make you a fujo fan.
Most studies estimate ~10% of the population is be gay, so for a whole industry to be made up of only straight people is a little odd.
The chances are that there are a lot of idols who are in the closet, because Korea is a homophobic country.
And some idols, like Amber, are clearly gay but closeted so anons were just speculating.
It's hard to tell though with all the fake personas and queer-bating they do

No. 266380

yep. i have dated guys like both of them. the anons that think they're all gay are probably female incels

No. 266383

Look at the post above yours and tell me that doesn't sound 110% like a fujo fan.

No. 266391

the post above theirs called all of bts except maybe-suga straight fuckboys though

No. 266394

She called two members fuckboys, then followed it up by saying she wanted to date them. What she said about suga sounded like it came straight off of a bts fan blog.

Speculating about idols' sexualities is weird and gross tbh, y'all really do sound like fujos.

No. 266396

she just sounds like a fangirl. it's suga's fault for saying shit like "it doesn't have to be a girl"

No. 266401

if sexuality in general is as messed up as it is in kpop then obviously some people are going to have some interest in if an idol isn't straight - WITHOUT being fujos. kpop idols are simultaneously sexless and sex objects, it's hard to talk about the negative aspects of kpop without talking about sex and it's hard to talk about sex without talking about people who aren't straight. chances are than any top idol coming out is going to wreck their career, if they're lucky then international fans might support them for a couple of years until the shock dies down and they can work well in korea again. we can talk about holland milking his sexuality for points from international fans but let's be real, he was getting r ratings just for a light kiss with a guy. he was going to be an outcast from the rest of the idol industry anyway, he may as well go all out if he was only going to be seen as gay anyway

No. 266404

Couldn't have said better.

>he was going to be an outcast from the rest of the idol industry anyway

This is something which always surprises me. Idols are oversexualized, specially in male groups, it's like they always have to try to do ''something'' with other members, being touching, almost kissing, passing papers between them using their mouths…But actually being homosexual is frown upon, even if some people defend that in SK mentality is changing, truth is they're still people with closed minds, specially when it's something related to being non-heterosexual.

No. 266407

I honestly feel like that was a poor translation and people just completely misunderstood what he was trying say. I think he was just saying that his relationship with anybody, friend or date is based off of their vibe, not that he's in to someone regardless of gender.

No. 266408

I'm the anon from >>266271 the point of me asking the question wasn't to start an argument about who's a Fujo and who's not, it was to point out which idols are very obviously most likely apart of the LGBT community but aren't allowed to say anything to how homophobic the kpop industry is (like amber). There's nothing wrong with harmless speculation, get the sticks out of your asses jesus christ



He was actually openly gay at one point?? The debate between fans on whether he likes girls or not is amusing, he doesn't really hide that he likes dick

No. 266410

>then followed it up by saying she wanted to date them
learn to read

anyway, I'm surprised no one mentioned Jimin might be at least bisexual. Momo gives me non-straight vibes too, queerbaiting aside.

No. 266417

honestly a lot of twice members give me queer vibes but their main demographic seem to be otaku men and creepy uncles so it makes sense they’d act more ~yuri fanservice-y~ than a lot of other girl groups

you don’t see red velvet or blackpink queerbaiting like hell and they’re just as popular as twice, if not more

No. 266423


ot, but what happened to the word fuckboy? it used to mean a particular kinds of asshole straight guy, but now it means like…any kind of guy who gets girls? guys who play sports? any guy that has ever worn a snapback? it gets on my wick lol it doesnt mean anything anymore

No. 266426

No. 266434

Wow they're so #woke for stanning a manufactured kpop girl group. Really sticking it to the system there

I'll never get why SJWs flock to kpop in the first place. The industry is even more regressive than America's. It's not that they can't like pop music or anything, it's just confusing how they act like it's a revolutionary act.

No. 266438

>I'll never get why SJWs flock to kpop in the first place. The industry is even more regressive than America's. It's not that they can't like pop music or anything, it's just confusing how they act like it's a revolutionary act.

also loona fans didnt actually dox elon musk cause if you read the article his workplace and place of residence was already public information, but theyre acting like they did lmao

No. 266439

i wouldn't go so far to say that loona is only doing gay fanservice (i thought heart attack was really cute) but i don't get why they're being held up as lgbt icons? can someone help me out here?

No. 266440

a lot of them fall for fanservice and think a group of girls pretending to kiss for attention is a group of progressive lesbians, so stanning a group with a lot of fanservice means you're a fan of people who're very pro gay. it's very easy for an idol to get asspats from those types of fans, they'll get treated like Susan B Anthony for saying girls don't have to cook sometimes.

being a fan of more traditionally 'cute' and pretty girlgroups is also a virtue signally thing now. they got mad at edgy 13 year old girls who'd say the only girl groups they liked were 2ne1 and 4minute so they cool thing is to do the opposite now. twice are powerful feminist heros and not liking grown women acting like sexy toddlers makes you very bad

No. 266464

>queer vibes

No. 266467

File: 1531014361752.jpg (33.49 KB, 450x300, whites.jpg)

V has the ugliest fucking smile I've ever seen. Attractive people should be even more attractive when they smile. He looks like what racists do when they try to imitate Asians.

No. 266469

tbh jin has the worst stage presence in BTS. his movements are very odd and the faces he makes are rather off-putting and don't fit with their supposed cool aesthetic. at 0:32 you can kinda see what i'm talking about.

No. 266473

Taehyung's singing is shit wow. Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook's singing is awful live too. I get that it won't be perfect with all the dancing and whatnot, but it's so squeaky.

No. 266474

jin is useless, we been knew. tbqh none of them have any stage presence. maybe j-hope and jungkook on a good day but it's a stretch. kpopalypse is an ass but he did have a point about CL being the only idol with stage presence

No. 266477

ARMYs always go on and on about how authentic and free BTS is but anybody with common sense can see that none of that is true.
None of the boys can have their own social medias, they all have to share an account. Most idols are allowed to at least have their own twitter and insta.
On top of that they have to live together. Just imagine being in your twenties, and being told you can't live by yourself, instead you have to live with the same 6 guys you see day in and day out.

Just because their always going on about ~my depression uwu~ doesn't mean their woke, or real or anything.
Bighit did a fan survey like a year ago and ask about fan's depression on it and then suddenly all the members are ~struggling with depression uwu~ Clearly they're just jumping on the depression bandwagon that been popular lately.
Suga's probably the only one who is seriously depressed.

No. 266478

>most idols are allowed to at least have their own twitter and insta
Since when? Some of the older ones do, but most of the groups I've seen all share an account.

No. 266479

the only one who pings me as probably bisexual is Namjoon because he reads/watches/listens to gay media and even the straight allies I know aren't really interested in consuming media made for gay people. it's not like it's impossible for a straight dude to like watching gay movies though so who the fuck actually knows.

No. 266480

Hmm, I only really keep up with a couple older boy groups and they all have their own accounts, so maybe I'm wrong and it's not the norm. My bad.

No. 266580

Back on the gay topic, imho Amber is going to come out soon. She lives in the USA now and f(x) aren't going to have a comeback any time soon (and actually I smell a disbanding). She's going to go solo and come out.

No. 266635

do we think she secretly got it on with any of the members of f(x)? my money's on sulli

No. 266651

speaking of lgbt Cheetah gives me strong bi vibe

No. 266656

File: 1531084746453.png (625.64 KB, 716x497, tumblr_og1ftjNUEC1v9f0spo1_128…)

She is/was said to be in a lesbian relationship, the rumours have gone back a few years

No. 266690

Take the shipping shit back to tumblr, or at least the kpop general.

No. 266707

I think Grimes wants to be Asian. Trying to do the aegyo thing at the beginning of that song.

No. 266708

grimes is a total weeb but i think blockberry forced her to do that voice so they could have their gee moment

No. 266764

Nah, she wants to be an idealized white barbie doll

No. 266807

i think he does it to seem woke and deep. he knows fans get off on making him look like a liberal genius

j-hope is close friends with jo kwon and appeared in his "animal" performances before he debuted, so that's interesting

No. 266814

File: 1531156802807.gif (3.63 MB, 480x250, 5Rqx6S8.gif)

It could've been Avicii, but of course BTS won.

No. 266832

tfw bts fans think bts wins all these things because they are popular when its actually because kpop fans are the only ones sad and deranged enough to obsessively vote

No. 266838

fucking cringe

No. 266843

I think the hype around them is gonna die in 1-2 years max. They're like the new One Direction

No. 266860

ARMYs bragging about BTS' physical sales in the US will never fail to make me lol. Everyone knows that physical sales are absolutely dead here and their "boys" are severely lagging behind pretty much all current Western pop artists in streaming. The general public just does not care.

No. 266862


>new one direction

the funny thing is most bts stans are former one direction fans. the timeline is literally:

>one direction goes on hiatus in 2016 with no sign of ever reuniting

>the second most popular western male group, 5 seconds of summer, also goes on a long hiatus around the same time
>tfw fans have no one to obsess over
>in 2016 bts suddenly starts getting mainstream success
>western fangirls are exposed to them and are quickly introduced to the world of kpop, abruptly decide to dedicate their lives to being koreaboos
>bts gains a massive cancerous fanbase that's been growing ever since

imo bts happened to get lucky due to timing. if there had been a new western group for people to obsess over then the fans wouldn't have turned their attention to bts/kpop in general. their popularity will die down eventually when "stans" get bored and/or someone else catches their eye

No. 266877

File: 1531170364622.jpg (34.89 KB, 704x396, bts-jimin-7.jpg)

Honestly where is the kawaii uguu in this? Am I blind or something? All of them just look like those fat faceless hentai dudes except with oddly colored bowlcuts.

No. 266878

Honestly this is one of the better pics of jimin I've seen.
There is just something off about his face that makes him nearly unbearable to look at, I just can't put my finger on what.

No. 266880

File: 1531171003066.jpg (34.8 KB, 640x640, fucking gross dude.jpg)

don't knock the bowl cut, otherwise we'd have to look at his receding hairline

No. 266883

They all end up looking like bloated middle aged white women who had too much plastic surgery and fillers in a vain attempt to look younger. It's like double uncanny valley, if you will.

No. 266890

even a ton of BTS fans think this is stupid and inappropriate. which has resulted in twitter stans REEEE'ing about """""fake fans""""".

No. 266898

ive kinda wondered about this and i think its a mixture between the extra attractiveness fame and celebrity adds, the fact that fans are infatuated with their personas and they just carry this over to their looks, fans liking ugly ones cause they seem more approachable/achievable (even if they obviously arent really, but its a psychological thing), and the fact that most people can look okay if they are slathered in makeup, hair dye and fancy clothes all the time.

No. 266907

File: 1531186005183.jpg (61.61 KB, 1024x654, Dfh9eX9XUAMFC25.jpg)

SM's leaked schedule for 2018 has an f(x) cb. It seems like it's been mostly accurate (besides being a bit off), though I think it's a subunit or something?

No. 266912

File: 1531186740444.jpg (104.74 KB, 750x1013, DgpRB_AXkAAhq8L.jpg)

How badly are fans going to react when one of them starts dating

No. 266928

"it was obviously just marketing"

fucking christ this has gotta be a troll. no one can be this fucking stupid right?

No. 266933

I dont think so. her twitter makes it seem like she has serious issues, with tweets about eds/depression/etc and it doesn't seem like they're just being an edgy teen either

No. 266961

Is this really legit? Pretty sure only two of these things have been correct so far and taeyeons album wasn't a full one.

No. 266962


I'd fucking bet money on those three, tbh. Also Wendy from RV, either bi (most probable) or lesbian.

They say that if you are a lesbian that want to meet a gg in Korea, you go to a Mamamoo concert. Not sure if true. Saged.

No. 266996

File: 1531220307906.gif (1.53 MB, 370x335, PBALUCJ.gif)

>i wish i could kill him and keep his body
>i didn't spend years focusing on them […] to see him saying this

Intervention for this girl when.

No. 267000

Yeah, this. People are acting like this is news worthy when kpop fans are literally the only ones willing to buy physical albums anymore. It's not like normies are casually picking up the bts album, it's all new kpop fans who like the novelty and armys buying in bulk

No. 267022

In the video she did with Buzzfeed last month she said that there wasn't a planned comeback yet, I don't know. Plus f(x) spend more time being inactive than active.

No. 267319

jesus christ this has got to be the worst song of 2018. there is something so offensive about them jumping on the latin trend and having the chorus be "el mariachi" x 3. might as well wear sombreros while you're at it lads

No. 267340

I absolutely agree, even though I like the rest of the song the "el mariachi" part was so cringeworthy, I tought it was only me as an spanish speaker but I guess not

No. 267350

File: 1531358636127.jpeg (575.02 KB, 1125x1215, 8AFB5806-C30B-4135-AD02-D80B87…)

Elina is now going into ASMR and twitch.

It’s sad to see her trying to pull faces after answering each question.

No. 267357


who the fuck

No. 267364

are we supposed to know who this is

No. 267377

how come her eyes are melting like candle wax

No. 267391

it's pretty funny how delusional armys are to think this song has any artistic integrity… they literally reused Hoseok's somewhat decent song and slapped a weak spanish beat and pt. 2 on it. The 'el mariachi' shit didn't even stir up as much controversy as I would have expected bc as soon as the sjw armys heard they were quick to protect it talking about 'now this is how you showcase cultural appreciation uwu! BTS did it way better than Gfriend 1!!1!1'

Anyways, the performance is horrible (as usual). First time I saw it I just wanted to know how tf did BTS degrade over time. At least their past performances and songs were enjoyable. Their newfound fame is definitely going to crash and burn.

Whilst I want to see it… i'm a fake army making money of "real" armys. My dignity is worth the cash.

No. 267424

>Whilst I want to see it… i'm a fake army making money of "real" armys. My dignity is worth the cash.
Artist taking commissions?

No. 267430

them trying to pronounce those country names in english triggers me hard.
also i saw an army saying the lyrics were so artful and deep and they sounded like a bad fanfic.

No. 267434

The lyrics for "fake love" seem like a pretty obvious dig at idol fans, I find it really funny that armys like it so much

No. 267435

>First time I saw it I just wanted to know how tf did BTS degrade over time
D&W was a good album (minus one terrible, terrible song), but everything they put out now is god awful. I agree, what the fuck happened?

No. 267447

First songs were made by real producers, who might not make great music but at least know what's catchy.
Now, after gaining fame, suddenly they themselves are the artists who make super deep songs themselves - of course that's gonna sound like absolute shit.

No. 267458

The new songs are also made by producers though. I don’t believe for a second that these guys have much involvement in their music when they don’t speak English and their songs scream “outsourced demo with Korean lyrics slapped over it” like most other songs in K-pop.

No. 267465

I liked The Most Wonderful Moment in Life Pt. 1 and 2 and Young Forever. Since those I haven’t kept up and having heard/seen snippets of what they’ve been putting out since I'm somewhat glad for that. The fact that that atrocious ‘Go Go’ song with the ridiculous dance came out of the same group who made ‘I Need U’, ‘Run’ and ‘Butterfly’ is insane to me. What the fuck.

No. 267470

File: 1531404537482.png (97.91 KB, 540x401, bts stans.png)

If bts ever actually breaks into the US market im ending it all

No. 267478

I don't even mind bts that much but what is unique about their music? Especially the latest album lol

No. 267483

>i'm a fake army making money of "real" armys

No. 267516

kek according to other fans they already have. what is the truth? let's be honest, it ain't happening based on the songs they've served thus far. nothing they have ever done screams world domination

No. 267517

It's fairly plausible when you consider the current state of western pop music.

No. 267521

oh man i used to love kpop many moons ago. all of my friends loved it, so naturally i got into it too. i grew out of it once i hit college, but still heard gossip about it from my friends (who had relatives/friends working in the industry in korea). i love the drama that happens in kpop world but absolutely hate kpop itself now lmao. anytime i hear someone gushing over anything kpop-related i cringe so hard.

also >>267470 i think it's possible. i've definitely walked into multiple american stores and have heard kpop playing. idk what group though, i don't know any that weren't created before 2014 kek

and it's been on the radio before here in SoCal

No. 267525


>so unique

>suits everyone's taste

how delusional
if they weren't korean and their songs would be performed by some western popstar/group, all army's would switch the radio channel on these songs

No. 267558

Yep. Drawing the members is the only fun I have in the grand scheme of things lmao

The fandom is a mess and the group is a mess. Most people do realize however that their fame is due to their dedicated fandom if it werent for that they'd still be in Korea. So, once the fandom dies do so does the group.

The American GP isn't interested in shitty idol music to hold BTS a float. (Although I could definitely see it happening for a little while with dumb fun albums like Wings or HYYH).


No. 267563

the American GP will never accept BTS because what Koreans value in entertainers does not resonate here and is even reviled. Perfection is boring. Even our most manufactured pop stars were allowed to rebel or have a scandal, and I honestly can’t name a single one that doesn’t have at least one songwriting credit. “B-but they write their own music!” doesn’t hold any water here.

No. 267569

BTS and their fandom have taken themselves to seriously. World domination? Every time I'm in a gc and someone mentions it I can't help but cackle.

They're literally a boy idol group meant to put on fake personas to adhere to their audiences' desires. Whilst they're making a shit ton of money, no doubt, they're work isn't meant to be taken in that extremely.

Idols are under strict contracts that forbid them from doing a lot of things until they make revenue. Even so, they still can't do much and that's what some fans need to realize when it comes to KPOP.

The American GP loves drama and KPOP is very secretive when it comes to it.

All they've got really is songwriting credits and a few producing ones if I can remember. Writing your own music really is nothing in America, no one cares about the songwriters. And if BTS were to go down the route of producing their own material with no help unlike a lot of people in the US, they'd collapse. Let's just say, Jungkook's magic shop on their newest album says a lot

When someone signs up for an idol company, most of them aren't there to make their own music, they're there for the chance of fame, money, and glory.

Or: They could be like V/Jin. Get in a company with no talent whatsoever bc they've got the "look" and can be molded into whatever the company would like.

No. 267586

Exactly, American media survives off of drama and so do their celebrities. That's why BTS won't hold America's attention for very long. Once the novelty of their Korean-ness wears off America will forget about them.

No. 267588

the only reason they're big right now is because 1d is on "hiatus" (lol) and korea is close enough to japan to be cool, in a year or two the fad will be over when something fresher comes along. i just hope one of them has a big scandal or something, theyre too boring

No. 267589

But who's going to give a fuck about them if/when they come back now that zayn is gone and everyone else is busted?

No. 267591

considering the fact that almost all of his solos are flopping now, i dont see why he wouldn't rejoin. that being said, 99% chance they'd rather blow their brains out than actually get back together, they probably just say it for the fans

No. 267654

BTS and 1D does attract the same kind of people but I think BTS would be just as popular if 1D was still around.

No. 267662

Yeah, because the majority of 'Army' are of the "1D are just basic white boys, BTS are deep!" type…

No. 267717

Just title the next thread "Anti-BTS thread" kek
You guys are as obsessed with them as their fans, is this why they're so popular? People will not stop talking about them even when they hate them?

No. 267733

who told jin he could sing? hes even worse than V rip

No. 267756

I actually really liked Spring Day, since it seemed to be a genuinely meant song about suicide and that ferry tragedy. Sort of a "it gets better" thing.

But all the 13 year old kids shilling "omg it's so deep Rap Monster is such a poet guise XDD" ruined it for me. SAD.

No. 267792

you're forgetting that 1D are a manufactured group who don't write any of their own music!!!

No. 267803

It's the most forced group at the moment, of course a lot of people have opinions about them to share. Get out armyfaggot

No. 267874

I remember seeing someone in one of these threads comparing being a K-pop fans to having a porn addiction. As someone who was really into it to an embarrassing extent and is now becoming less interested, I'd have to agree. Both porn and K-pop:
>Rely on cringeworthy fake personas
>Objectify people (especially women)
>Sexualize minors
>Are inherently shallow from the visuals to everything else
>Are known to be physically and psychologically taxing to the stars behind them

It's not as socially acceptable to go around blabbing about your porn addiction though as it seems to be for K-pop.

No. 267883

It's not as socially acceptable because porn is obviously way, way more harmful and disgusting than dumb shit like kpop could ever be. Kind of a dumb comparison imo.
>inb4 fuck off kpop fangirl

No. 267890

Nah, I can understand. I acknowledge that I was being a bit hyperbolic, but I still think there are a disturbing amount of comparisons that can be drawn between the two–even if one is less extreme than the other.

No. 267902

File: 1531521104355.png (135.39 KB, 519x391, Capture.PNG)

It looks like he unfollowed the account already, but a while ago kpop stans were accusing him of being a pedophile over an ig account.

No. 267903

File: 1531521178095.png (67.47 KB, 365x474, Capture2.PNG)

No. 267928

File: 1531529757570.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.38 KB, 565x853, 0BCBE831-0CAE-418E-86F4-4C9324…)

But that account is basically a 3deep5u collection of high exposed gross pictures that mostly try to come off as edgy with some weird pictures sprinkled in. A lot of celebrities followed the account, probably when the pictures were tamer on their feed. Not being a stan, but its not an explicit page for pedos featuring kids. Its just some weirdo photographer who went to far.

No. 267932

I'm the one who made that post and yeah, agreed. I don't really know (or care) about the photographer, but I really don't think an ig account is enough to accuse someone of something that could potentially ruin his life. Despite that, he was trending worldwide a few days ago with the top tweets full of people calling him a pedo/etc, poor guy. He unfollowed everyone (including the photographer) on ig after it, so he definitely knows

No. 267966

I agree with what you said. I got into Kpop for a while and could not get enough of the flashy videos, the plastic doll-like idols, the earwormy music. Then I'd grow accustomed to it and have to seek out even more "out there" videos and groups. I put down Western pop at every opportunity for not being as exciting. These threads (when not shitting on specific BTS members) were the wake-up call that I needed. I can't stand Korea's superiority complex/nationalism and the damaging ideals Kpop represents. It made me appreciate Western pop more, to be honest.

No. 267971

File: 1531551742335.jpg (86.57 KB, 700x350, t456fetf368.jpg)

what on earth is wrong with mamamoo's recent faces/makeup? the eyebrows, hwasa's mouth.. i swear they didn't used to look this bad.

No. 268034

File: 1531577595928.jpg (114.03 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

they look so much better with lighter makeup

No. 268037

what’s with the stale excrete lip color on hwasa??? she’s already at a disadvantage and called ugly by everyone and their dog on the daily, fuck is their stylist thinking

No. 268041

i'm right there with you anon. it became an obsession for me and i would check sites like asianjunkie and omona at least 5 times a day, even though i never actually "stanned" any groups.

which speaking of stanning, i've always found the idea of it exhausting. not that it isnt a thing for non k-pop acts but holy shit kpop fans take it to an extreme. imagine dedicating so much of your life to a group who probably will never know who you are. never understood that shit

No. 268075

>called ugly by everyone and their dog on the daily
Really? I've always only heard praise in her direction, how hot she is, "fatal maknae" etc.

No. 268078

scowling makes you a total girl crush cool unnie, obviously.

No. 268102

#StopNCTManagers was trending on twitter last night. The way they always get scholded on Vlive is kind of sad, and it makes things really awkward. Seeing the shit SM pulls is probably what makes armies think BTS have a lot of freedom.

No. 268107

*scolded grrr…

No. 268108

too long, didnt watch
can you explain what they were 'scolded' about?

No. 268109

I guess just laughing or being weird? They weren't really doing anything to warrant it.

No. 268110

they often get scolded for laughing/fooling around too much
and there's one vlive where two of them were speaking english and the managers told them to stop behind the camera

No. 268111

lol wat? the company needs to back off and let them be human, i dont see what harm it could do

No. 268138

those managers need to shove a stick up where the sun doesn't shine. nct has members as young as fucking 16. this kind of behavior is gross in general and directing it towards literal kids is especially revolting.

basic human decency aside, how retarded are they to think scolding members for normal shit like this (where fans can notice they're interfering, at that) will do their company any favors? as idols they're essentially selling their personality and using their quirks and silly antics to attract fans so trying to stifle that is idiotic even by kpop standards.

No. 268143

It reminded me of this, 01:10. The manager supposedly tried to hit Jungkook and it backfired, the manager was dismissed. Idk if it was worth the scandal in this case but it makes me wonder how bad idols can be treated actually. I feel like because of their hierarchic system where you can't speak up against an older person it gets really bad considering idols enter the industry as teenagers.

No. 268145

I doubt it was her manager specifically, but I remember one member of Dalshabet talking about how she was pressured into doing adult scenes in a film by her company.

No. 268147

how anyone in their right mind can support this industry is beyond me. the trainee system is based around performers being replaceable and disposable, so in turn these people have no way of standing up for themselves unless they want to risk losing their jobs or face the ire of korean fans, who treat them just as inhumanely as their companies do. this is what happens when your music industry is an assembly line. if international fans really care about and want to support these performers they should stop buying anything, going to their concerts and streaming their videos. however, instead i've seen american fans suggest that we should adopt a system like this. what is wrong with k-pop fans?

No. 268165

File: 1531613856360.webm (2.43 MB, 1280x720, jw_comments.webm)

The no english thing really makes no sense either since they're trying to push the international angle. The managers even get mad at them for reading dumb comments, do they just like embarrassing them or something? This is such harmless shit

No. 268179

Maybe the managers feel somehow diminished if a younger idol has better english skills than them?
I don't know, Korean come across as hyper competitive and super concious of age.

No. 268296

The English-speaking members (Johnny and Mark) literally have English as their first language though. The first is from Chicago while the latter is Canadian.

No. 268384

It also helps that 21 Pilots went on hiatus. A huge number of their fans migrated to BTS this past year. I wonder if 21P coming out with new stuff will affect that at all.

No. 268398

File: 1531692013819.jpg (58.76 KB, 640x639, 35575560_406145309862512_33671…)


That's from the i-fans, k-fans usually think she's ugly, chubby and too tanned. She started to gain a bit more popularity since she appeared on I live alone and made a collab with Loco, though. I mean, normal korean people would probably think she's pretty, but k-pop fans are another level of picky.

She looks leagues better with lighter make up, imho. She looks like an avarage simpleton korean girl, but I think it's for the best, the make up ages her so much.

No. 268466

File: 1531701508273.jpg (374.76 KB, 1366x2048, 6d32f2856781297ddf2681adef8f36…)

hwasa is also quite "western" with her nails and beat face, a real boner killer for many knetz

No. 268564

I was just scrolling, and this looks leagues better than the typical K-pop aesthetic of bleached skin and surgically enlarged eyes. It's almost refreshing.

No. 268565

File: 1531722142030.jpg (138.67 KB, 720x960, tumblr_pbvurmgA151xxe1nto1_128…)

lmao the fucking edits these underage bts fans make

can you get anymore embarassing

No. 268571

That's not 'refreshing', she looks like a typical insta thot - an ugly one.

>see stars
How cute

No. 268580

File: 1531724907745.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x2075, 6A85DD71-4BF5-4BED-BB46-7BF515…)

>When the 26 year old tubby with dyke-cut blue hair and a woman-stache wants you to show her the stars

No. 268595

You sound kinda bitter. It's a good change of pace from the surgery trainwrecks and uncanny valley shit like >>263820.

No. 268616

File: 1531727314616.jpg (142.1 KB, 1024x682, DiM40-pV4AA2t5g.jpg)

Wheein's bangs in this pic should qualify as a hate crime (also her face looks edited in to me for some reason wtf)

No. 268627

kpop more like kPOOP lmao

No. 268640

why do they all want such tall girls? 166-168 as the minimum is so unusual compared to America, seems like everyone wants the shortest girl possible over here

No. 268645

They want girls between 155cm ad 170cm, that's not even tall for Korean standards.

No. 268668

I get the impression that all the anons in here criticizing female idols looks are yellow fevered closet BTS stans who are jealous that their boys are most likely fucking other idols and not them.

No. 268672

File: 1531746472551.jpg (142.59 KB, 598x673, 1526989184212.jpg)

Yup, judging by the things that were said about them I'd also totally guess that anons want a piece of their asses; I mean who isn't into autistic manlets with plastic faces and the personality of a rock.

No. 268673

No, I hate BTS (everyone in that group is ugly to me, none of them can sing, and their music is garbage) and actually like Mamamoo (only because of how talented they are, their songs are bland to me). Their stylist is still shit

No. 268676

NVT is a steaming pile of garbage and everyone who fell for that industry scheme is brain dead. I can't believe SM managed to come up with an even bigger, worse way than Exo to use disposable plastic hacks to get money from stupid girls. There's like 20 of them and not a single one looks human or has complete talent, even after years of training. Their fans are so fucking embarrassing too, I can't help but think they're all 12 years old considering how young the faggots they worship are.

No. 268677

No. 268678

I get the impression this thread is full of white women who had a weeb/kboo phase that gave them a lot of selfhatred, and now they're older and taking it out on idols. I don't like these female groups as a fan, but let's be honest most of the criticism here is nitpicking their looks and it comes off as very very jealous of their looks. Remember how many threads showed up after the first anti-kpop thread that had to do with not wanting to look Asian/wanting to look Asian so bad?

No. 268689

I get this feeling as well.
Also I think many girls just don't like female groups with large male fanbases. I know Twice makes some pretty shitty music, but you'd think they're pretty much a bunch of sleazy strippers judging by what some people here say about them.
Some anon here even posted that she liked Twice until she watched a fancam and noticed the audience was mostly male.

No. 268691

Give me just 1 reason why anybody should like Twice.

No. 268692

I don't get why the group isn't fixed?? It's annoying as hell, and most of the group's songs are trash. On top of all that, two of the members have some of the worst ps I've seen from SM outside of one person from another group. What is SM doing with them

No. 268694

I disagree, I find that the people who shit on girl groups members' looks are or were obsessed with Korea's appearance culture particularly in regards to their standards for women and usually don't follow boy groups much at all.

I made the autistic taehyung edit in that pic and I think he's pretty cute as far as twinky idols go, I just don't take my interests that seriously and enjoy shitting on things I like for a laugh. and of course he acts like a fucking autist.

No. 268698

Maybe some people like their visuals. Either way, I can tell you that "they mostly have male fans" isn't a good reason.

No. 268704

I don't think any of them are pretty outside of Tzuyu and Chaeyoung, they're all talentless except Momo and maybe Jihyo (I think she's the one who can sing??), and I'm a straight female so ofc their fanservice makes me want to die, but I like their title tracks.

No. 268713

It's strange because I thought Koreans considered her sexy. There are some videos of male idols interacting/being around her that get kinda flustered, or stare at her legs.
I think she's refreshing to look at, she might not be the most beautiful girl in the world but at least she didn't make herself look uncanny valley like her bandmate gangnam unnie Solar

No. 268720

I like it because it reminds me of those huge j-idol groups like AKB. The fact that it's a shitshow is part of the appeal.

No. 268745

I have this friend that likes k-pop but has a very deep hatred towards feminine women, which is weird, because a lot of k-pop groups are

I can say that I have a very long historial with k-pop stans. 1st one was my ex boyfriend that forced me to listen to that crap, and he also only cared about the girls instead of the music, and he isn't the only one who is like that: most fans are like him. I have friends that listen to that shit and it makes me unconfortable because of how horrible the industry is: it's linked with prostitution, mafias and more. Even the fans who aknowledge that don't want to stop consuming their shit because "reasons".

K-pop stans are weird as hell and you can't reason with them..

No. 268748

Are there any k-pop groups with members over 20? Their obsession with youth is uncanny to me. It's weird that all of these boys/girls are my age or lower, maybe I would've liked k-pop if it was popular 5 years ago. 2ne1 is (was) one of the few good groups

No. 268749


Lots of them!
But it's more common in male groups than in female groups.

No. 268753

I'd actually say most of them have at least one older member, you just can't see since they're styled like toddlers.
I think active girl groups with only adult members are: Mamamoo, Apink, Exid, Blackpink (?)
No idea about boy groups, Super Junior and BTS, I guess

No. 268756


Interesting, thanks

No. 268768

Aside from the Dreamies (which makes sense since their entire concept revolves around being young/childlike/innocent) all of NCT are 20 or older. The oldest member is 24 while the youngest is 16.

Lucas is a 99-liner like Mark but he’s pretty much an honorary dreamy at this point kek

No. 268771

i don't know why but every time i see a k-pop fan use "line" or "-liner" it makes me want to tear my hair out. tf does it mean

No. 268778

here's my understanding: ##-line refers to a "line" of idols all born in the same year. the significance is that the hierarchy system in korea makes it sometimes difficult to be close with people older than you (even by 1 year) and so your only real equals are people born the same year you were. for this reason apparently some idols form their own friend groups of people who were all born the same year from different groups.

No. 268779

Line of idols who were born in that year (i.e. lucas was born in 99, so he's a 99-liner)

No. 268780

korea is whack. how do they even function as a society

No. 268787

define function, anon. the liner thing in every kboos bio is so fucking dumb, just state your fucking age and go.

No. 268789

the whole thing was especially difficult for me to understand because where i'm from there's almost no concept of formality or age hierarchy in any meaningful way. like, calling your boss/teacher/doctor by their first name is a-okay and not doing that is considered weird. it's really hard for me to grasp having to treat someone 1 year older than me like they are somehow superior to me and having to censor myself and do what they say just because they were born earlier.

No. 268794

where are you from? just curious.

No. 268808

same here, being over-polite is weird af unless you are talking in court or talking with some drug-dealer that is going to kill you if you say the wrong thing or a gang lider, or the other person is just mad and you depend of said person to live a proper life lmao

No. 268820

same for me; i’m also from a country where everyone is on first-name basis unless it’s, like, in court or something.

i’ve been aware of the dynamics/hierarchy kpop idols have to adhere to for so long that it’s been normalized to me in the sense that it doesn’t surprise me anymore but it’s like growing used to reading a fantasy novel or something, like you know how it works and what to expect but it’s still surreal and something you absolutely cannot relate to

ntayrt but my country has the same thing with the lack of a formality/age hierarchy and pretty much everyone being on first-name basis by default, and i’m from sweden.

No. 268824

same here. sometimes "ma'am" and "sir" will be used here but it's so informal… i'm in my twenties and have been called "ma'am" at my job by men who are old enough to be my dad. i just can't imagine having such an arbitrary hierarchy like that. some older people in the united states might look down on the younger generations, but there are just as many young people who think old people are out of touch and should just fuck off. i think being allowed to question the beliefs of older generations and being free to have those discussions as equals is necessary for development as a society. i can see why korea is so backwards when it comes to social movements, but maybe that's just me as a muricafag.

No. 268828

The age hierarchy is super fucked though, and keeps younger people from rightfully critiquing and giving constructive criticism to anybody older than them In BTS burn the stage, there was an episode were V and Jin argued because, V told Jin his timing was off on the chorography which messed him up, and just told him that he should be a bit fast. Jin made a huge thing out of it because since he was older it was 'disrespectful'

No. 268839

Oh, interesting. I'm from the US and we typically use honorifics for teachers and doctors but not bosses. Can't imagine schoolkids calling their teachers by their first name lol though it's really not that weird, I'm just not used to it.

And describing the Korean hierarchy system as a fantasy novel is pretty spot on, when I was younger and first learning about Korean culture I was really thrown off just by oppa/unnie/hyung/noona. Like solely addressing somebody with specific word based on their gender and age and closeness to you is pretty alien a concept.

No. 268845

File: 1531791133151.png (17.28 KB, 588x180, Untitled.png)

the vma nominations are out and bts are nowhere to be seen. did one irrelevant award show gas them up so much that they really thought they had a chance at any show that isn't fan voted? i can't wait for the wrist slitting when they get shut out at the grammys

>best selling POC artists

No. 268846

File: 1531792173363.jpeg (551.41 KB, 908x1133, 8405A41E-042B-4A0A-AE70-B41B81…)

>use their following for their own gain
>#1 go to channel for music since the 80’s

Lol okay

No. 268850

>mediocre white boybands
jesus christ

No. 268851

Is it just me or are most younger groups so unfunny in variety? BTS' knowing bros ep was painfully boring and other younger groups (with the exception of a few) are the same

No. 268869

>mediocre white boybands
where? not a single boyband of any kind was nominated. Unless they're seriously referring to Fallout Boy and Imagine Dragons as boybands? Who were nominated for an award BTS would never be eligible for?

No. 268880

Just the name "band" indicates that they have more talent than BTS will ever get, because being in a band actually requires you to at least know an instrument…

No. 268882

The AMAs only paid attention to them to begin with because directioners are gone and they need another rabid fandom that will hype their meaningless awards up

No. 268883

Why are you so obsessed with one direction lmao.

No. 268888

I only mentioned them once earlier in this thread because of how similar the fandom is, sorry if it's annoying

No. 268906

The only subunit that's fixed is nct 127. The rest of nct are interchangeable i think. video related

No. 268918

The groups they are talking about are Why Don't We and Pretty Much, both nominated in Push Artist of the Year

Once there was a time when Jimin became legitimately angry at a 14 yo when he was 18, because the boy was showing him how to clean a plane correctly as he was doing it wrong (this was in America). Why does Korea care so much about age

No. 268934

I actually remember watching that, and being put off by how savagely they attacked that little boy.
He was just 14, yet already working. He had to instruct Jimin and Jungkook, but instead of working they only played around.
Then he told them to do it properly and they immediatly came up with their shitty age superiority.
The worst thing was, he simply asked whether they are brothers, Jimin looked pissed and then hundreds commented what a racist, spoiled whitey he is; when in fact he's much younger and already has a proper work ethic. But no, all westerners are ignorant (how dare that boy not know about Korea's age system!) and poor sm0l BTS are busting their asses open…

No. 268937

Fucking horrible. I hope the kid’s boss spoke to their handlers or something, this is all kinds of inappropriate.

No. 268939

He also told them off, I think they had to go…? But I can't remeber properly

No. 268940

wow, what cunts. got a link?

No. 268944

Found it https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x25s1dp
He even talks about wanting to hit him

No. 268950

Did I misunderstand that or did he give them 800$ for a little bit of cleaning? That can't be real

No. 268952


No. 268953

What the actual fuck. They never should have been allowed back in the country

No. 268954

14-year-old shows up at 20:30

No. 268975

that's exactly what i was thinking! I was surprised someone else brought it up

No. 268976

They should've made them work for a typical wage, that would've been more entertaining than seeing them stand around an bitch for a few hours before having $800 handed to them.

No. 268988

Jimin is fucking repulsive. Damn.

I used to feel sorry for him getting called fat and ugly and worthless all the time thinking he was just a nice kid with no backbone. Genuinely didn’t think this of him, naive as that may be.

No. 269001

Honestly he's such a spoiled dickhead but manages to distracte his fans from it by playing up how insecure he is.
He was completely insufferable in burn the stage. All he did was cry about how he didn't feel good enough. And his fan girls ate that shit up. It's ridiculous
Him and Suga seem to have a good friendship and it would surprise me if they really do, since they both seem to be lazy and entitled.

No. 269003

All of BTS seem to have such shitty personalities. Are j-hope and jungkook assholes too? Theirs haven't been touched on much itts.

No. 269004

ikr, crying about how he has to clean, throwing a bitch fit about the 14 year old kid… of course he's telling you how to do it, he's the one that works there, not you! i really liked the 14-year-old, he seemed to really take the work seriously and watch them and help them carefully. he was explaining really nicely as well. and jimin was just an asshole midget.

No. 269008

It's hard to tell with J-hope bc he's fairly private.
Jungkook seem like a decent person but also super sheltered and naive.

No. 269014

Jungkook has rather poor social skills and doesn't talk with other idols, bts being his only known friends. This is most likely because he became a trainee at age 13, so all he knows is bts, whereas all the other members have had girlfriends and the time to gain life experiences (apart from V). We know nothing about Jhope though, nothing good or bad has been shown from his personal life

No. 269015

i feel like it goes to show how someone's culture really effects their personality. like, to us it seems like the most dickhead thing, but to his korean fans (and international fans balls deep in korean culture worship) it seems completely justified. if he had acted like that to a kid in korea, even more so. they actually think people who are younger than them have no right to tell them what to do, even if they are more experienced/knowledgeable than them.

i still feel sorry for him for that, maybe because i'm sensitive to these insults.

No. 269018

I hate how bratty they act in American interviews, with the exception of RM. I know that they don't understand English very well, but they have translators and the least they could do is pretend to look like they'd rather be anywhere else. Their self-hating Koreaboo fans baby them and enable their disrespect by putting down the interviewers, when the interviewers are trying to do the best with what they have (a bunch of braindead manchildren). Of course an American radio host with an American audience is not going to ask them what Korean music they like, come on. Why ask them about their own music when they have little to no involvement in it and can't even give meaningful answers in Korean interviews?

No. 269020

apparently he's made friends with a few other idols his age. i see yugyeom mentioned often as his friend. seems kinda fucked up that he hasn't had friends his age till now though.
apart from that, he also seems to be very conceited and think really highly of himself. probably because everyone had been calling him the "golden youngest" and for so many years and he's been getting so much positive attention for being a trainee from such a young age.

something i do appreciate though, is that in burn the stage, jungkook was dangerously exhausted from the heat in one of the shows and almost fainted a few times throughout it, but continued to perform like nothing was wrong and as i understand people didn't even notice and only knew when the show went up. in contrast with jimin's whiny ass that seemed pretty commendable.

No. 269021

There aren't a ton of rumors about jhope but I've heard that he, Jimin, and Yoongi are dicks. I can't find it but there was a post recently where a lady who waited on them at a restaurant talked about their personalities, and she said Jimin came off as a tryhard, Yoongi came off as a diva, and Jhope came off as kind of severe, which I have no trouble believing kek.

No. 269023

i feel like those are things you can see yourself from how they act in variety though lmao

No. 269025

agreed. they all seem like complete retards in english interviews. on the other hand, i don't blame them - they get no consequences for it, international fans specifically will still suck their dicks no matter how they act. so why would they stop acting however they want?

No. 269034


I've never been into kpop and only read this thread for laughs and this was my first glimpse of these guys on a video, and jesus christ, even without that scene, they act like morons. People really find them desirable?!
They're legit ugly, dress like elementary school kids and act like 13 year old fuckboys who have 1 braincell left. What the fuck. They're making Jake Paul look smart.

Yellow fever is one hell of a drug.

No. 269042

k-poppers really overrate the choreography, when it's just selective camera work that makes it seem impressive. i'm not singling out BTS (the song is dogshit though), this is just a recent video that confirms my thoughts about this. it's not perfectly synchronized, there are moments in the choreography where certain members just stand around, the movements aren't as tight as they seem when there's fancy camera work at play. you'd think idols are at the level of professional dancers by the way the stans act.

No. 269043

It also pisses me off that their fans act like asking them whether they have a gf or whether they're interested in somebody is a big no-no, since BTS "fully concentrates on their art".
I feel like spending too much time with kpop stunts you mentally. They're all over 20, there's nearly nowhere in this world there asking an adult male whether he's in a relationship is considered rude, yet their fans absorb so much from that k-industry purity bullshit, that they forget how normal humans live.

No. 269048

This is especially ironic given their fans have this superiority complex about how BTS “stand above the superficial K-industry!!” and “totes better than K-pop itself and not to be lumped together with those pesky normie Kpop bands lmao!” yet they still hold them to that ridiculous super-human robot standard where they’re not allowed to feel basic human emotions like desire for sex despite being twenty-something men. They act like BTS is its own genre of music and different from the rest of the K-pop industry yet they choose to apply the worst of the K-pop norms to hold over them. Too good for K-Pop, not good enough to be treated like people apparently.

No. 269050

I remember the last time BTS was in America and doing interviews, RM respond to a dating question with a sarcastic "we're focusing in our careers" and all their fangirls said he was being smug to the interviewer for asking the question (even though they could only ask pre-approved questions), when really it seems like that smugness was towards the fans that say BTS doesn't date because they're too busy, and too career focused.

No. 269054

BTS fans really are all autists

No. 269057

File: 1531867535142.jpg (443.96 KB, 720x480, muellabfuhr_sperrmuell_sammelf…)

What is that orange outfit with the safety stripes?
At least I know where they got their inspiration for that outfit from lol

No. 269061

Literally though. All their outfits for Anpanman are inspired by working class uniforms, because of the song meaning. I wonder how underpaid their stylist is.

Does anyone think it's weird Sulli and IU are very close friends? I wonder if IU is secretly as slutty and fucked up as Sulli, while putting up that sweet innocent facade. At least Sulli stopped giving a shit about her image and went full child-star-turned-wild

No. 269065

the irony though at them acting like ungrateful little shits in >>268944 because they had to work a minimum wage job for an hour. my sides

No. 269066

i tried finding it but i remember seeing a blind item about a popular female artist who seemed innocent but is actually sex crazed and it sounded like it could have been iu or thats what at least people were guessing

No. 269069

Didn't IU get into a major scandal for a selfie of her and a shirtless male idol many years back? It was tame (relative to western Pop artists) but still pretty fucking bold and scandalous for a Kpop idol. IU's labelled a "sly fox", too. IU and Sulli being close isn't that much of a surprise.

No. 269078

File: 1531871889141.jpg (119.25 KB, 1000x1000, justin-timberlake-denim-outfit…)

I wonder if we'll ever get the K-pop version of this. The various scandals they've had have garnered a lot of interest, however, instead of their companies capitalizing on it and using the publicity to their advantage, they punish the idols. Korean netizens are just as hungry as the average Westerner for drama and scandals, but they'd never admit it. Western fans throw a fit when their teen idol dates another teen idol, but the interest extends the longevity and profitability of everyone involved. Are publicity stunts and PR relationships the next step for K-pop? Or is it not possible within their culture?

No. 269086

There are rumors that the relationship between Taeyeon and Baekhyun was a PR relationship. I don't know if people spread it because there's actual evidence of it being PR or because they don't want to believe Baekhyun/Taeyeon would willingly date each other. People say the same thing about Kai and Krystal too.

No. 269096

just because someone dislikes "which celebrity to do you wanna fuck" and "do you have a gf"-type questions doesn't mean they think idols shouldn't be allowed to date. not that I think fluffy relationship questions are a big deal, I just understand the logic. Whether they have a gf or not they're gonna have to lie anyway so the questions are pretty pointless.

No. 269124

Yeah, I think the point is that in Asia the interviewers already know there's no point asking about their love life because they are not allowed to be honest about it anyway, so it's kind of courtesy not to put them on the spot like that.

No. 269125

I think with Baekhyun and Taeyeon the fact that it was revealed was a PR stunt, but the relationship was probably real. Kai and Krystal I think might be an actual PR relationship

No. 269132

Well, but in the rest of the world interviewers don't know and frankly, I don't see how or why they should.
Their fans are the ones who throw a hissy fit because "poor Rapmonster looked uncomfy" - which is simply ridiculous. They are the guests, they don't bother with learning English and then you expect some interviewer who probably interviews hundreds of people that he should know every little detail of another country's culture…?

No. 269146

File: 1531906015333.png (17.62 KB, 582x159, Untitled2.png)

why are these bitches so goddamn easy to extract money from? im triggered, i should have been a kpop ceo

No. 269147

I don't, their fans do.

No. 269172

I admit I haven’t been following these threads very closely so I may be missing something that has already been touched upon on here, but I don’t think Taehyung is a genuinely shitty person, just really, really stupid and socially inept. While most BTS members seem to be scumbags based on evidence in these threads I don’t think he has the capacity to be malicious, just really ignorant. Not that it’s an excuse, I just don’t think he’s rotten like Jimin apparently is.

I also agree with >>269008 about Jungkook just being sheltered/naive. Glad to know he’s getting new friends in that ‘97-liner chat.

No. 269175


Socially inept doesn't mean stupid tho

No. 269180

Now I realise they're not even attractive

No. 269186

Maybe not but from what I’ve seen he isn’t very bright which certainly doesn’t help, hence I said stupid AND socially inept. Sorry if it wasn’t clear enough.

No. 269188

Ok, sorry

No. 269190

File: 1531919759406.jpg (261.2 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20180717_121653.jpg)

Jimin really isn't cute, even when they blurred the fuck out of him like they did here. There's something wrong with his face. And jfc those lenses… His eyes are already brown, why did he even need to wear them?

No. 269192

He really does looks like a ball of mozzarella, you could deep fry a bunch of shit with all of his face grease.

No. 269203

File: 1531925508954.jpg (116.53 KB, 768x1024, jimin.jpg)

Here he looks kinda cute, but I get what you mean. Is it the nose? or the botox lips? Or how far his lips are, maybe I'm just being super nit picky.

No. 269217

I don’t understand why his fangirls are the most insane. Maybe to find him and his tiny hands attractive it’s a requirement. Easily the ugliest member, and that’s saying something when J-Hope and Rap Monster are also in the group.

No. 269222

Jin's dad is apparently a rich CEO, so do you think Jin paid to become an idol and they just made up his 'scouted off the street' story to cover up why he has no talent

No. 269224

He looks like a baby prostitute voldemort.

No. 269225

File: 1531929417631.png (371.21 KB, 540x400, off.png)

Even rap monster looks semi-cute sometimes, that's not saying much. Everything about his face just looks wrong. I think his twinky manlet body is cute and his hair, skin, and complexion usually looks nice, but his lips, nose, philtrum, /nasolabial folds/, face shape, face placement(?), etc. are all off.

Agree that they probably only like him because he's uwu smol, but he's not uglier than jin. Jin is upsetting to look at imo.

No. 269230

His and Jin lips are just so disgusting too me.

No. 269231

File: 1531929762288.gif (992.12 KB, 389x259, 1126.gif)

lmao anon pls

No. 269232

Jin should make a visit to Dr. Kim to get the fat sucked out of his face.

No. 269236

File: 1531930401481.jpg (75.7 KB, 900x600, tumblr_nwyj79CXRH1uc1e40o1_128…)

BTS are fug, the end.
Actually is so hard to find an attractive male asian celebrity, fuck. Is it because they don't give a fuck if men are handsome or not? Wether it's Korea, Japan or China, there are lots of cute/beautiful idols/actresses, but for male celebrities it's just so hard to find one. Idk, maybe they're just not my taste, or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
I also think the korean makeup style doesn't help, all men wearing red lip tint it just looks weird
Pic related is Takeshi Kaneshiro, he looks a lil busted nowadays but he used to be damn fine

No. 269237

sage for grammar

No. 269239

iirc jin was originally supposed to be an actor and they put him in the group for fuck knows what reason

why they decided to put an aspiring k-drama actor in a 3edgy5me wannabe hiphop group i have no idea

his acting is alright from what i’ve seen, though given it’s for k-drama it’s not saying much

No. 269240

Really? I feel like it's easier now more than ever, but maybe that's because I only like girly, cute guys. Guys like the one you posted are ugly to me.

No. 269241

I think it's because they lack bone structure in their face. All the features that are associated with attractive men rarely occur naturally in Asians, like defined jaws, chiseled brow/cheekbones, etc. Instead they have round, flat faces. Women who are into feminine-looking men are into Asians.

No. 269245

Exacty. It looks like their faces are only made of fat and tissue, you can't really locate any actual bone structure (especially on the jaw area, of course also thanks to ps); for girls, especially young ones, not a problem, but on men…

No. 269264

I think you're forgetting how desperate BigHit was at that time lol. GLAM was flopping (despite how desperately BigHit and Army are trying to rewrite history on this, they were produced by Bang PD) pretty hard and I think the only other artists they had were 2AM? BTS (rapline specifically) were pretty fug so in hopes of attracting more fangirl money they put in Jin and V and until Suga got his jaw done and Jungkook grew into his nose they were the stan attractors for sure. Kpop companies do this aaaall the time

No. 269278

i guess beauty really is subjective. i kinda dig jimin's busted face lmao
i guess it's like how some people find benedict cumberbatch attractive, it's unfathomable to me, but some people are into him. maybe jimin is like him lmao

No. 269281

I know everybody says that Jin originally wanted to be an actor but I'm not sure how true that is. I feel like if that's something he wanted he would've been in a drama by now, especially since Taehyung was already in one. And besides occasionally making that same statement he hasn't showed any kind of interest in acting, or really talks about it in interviews/showcases it, like some of the other members do with their hobbies/interest

No. 269282

What I heard is that some girls find is height and his voice (+british accent?) "sexy", but definitely not his face; not sure what Jimin's got going for himself kek

No. 269283

he's a pretty good dancer, that's something i guess. idols in general are also very good with fanservice, which is something that can make the ugliest idol the most popular

No. 269286

He did go to university for acting, but perhaps he wanted to be an actor for the fame factor. If he can't sing and dance, acting was the second best thing to an idol for him, which could be why he accepted the recruitment of being an idol (or he just is truly shit at acting, accepted that and he knew he could be an idol with his pretty face)

No. 269290

I mean, Jimin isn't conventionally ugly like Blubberbutt. His facial features are just off in an uncanny valley-ish way. His neck is fucking weird too but I feel like an overly nitpicky asshole for bringing that up. I can still see why people find him attractive.

Lbr, the only reason why anyone liked blubberbutt was because of sherlock. Any other answer outside of "I have a degradation fetish and the thought of fucking an ugly old man turns me on" is straight up a lie.

No. 269292

File: 1531938414651.gif (960.18 KB, 320x182, Jinlaugh.gif)

>Any other answer outside of "I have a degradation fetish and the thought of fucking an ugly old man turns me on" is straight up a lie.

No. 269295

christ, his face. thanks for the gif, i hate it

No. 269321

File: 1531944200564.jpeg (36.36 KB, 480x486, 12061A73-9A97-4911-B16A-F558C6…)

Im the same anon, but instead of his neck its his fucking lips. Something about the discoloration on his top lip drives me crazy. It looks like he has a chocolate milk mustache 24/7.

No. 269324

The bottom left though. I had no idea his teeth were so jacked up. His lips look like a prolapsed anus

No. 269327

File: 1531944824912.jpeg (2.87 KB, 225x225, Jinlips.jpeg)

Gosh I usually like kissy lips on men (ala Tom hardy) but Jimin and Jin's lips just look so disgusting to me, idek why, they too soft I guess? Jin's lips look like they're about to burst open sometimes and it creeps me out.

No. 269329


It's like he did that Kylie Jenner challenge. disgusting

No. 269334

They're pumped full of injections, that's why they look so fucked and swolen. RM kinda has those fake flappy bird lips too.

No. 269341

File: 1531946362978.jpg (106.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't know how people still claim he's all natural, he clearly does have lip injections, comparing these 2 pictures. I don't know why though, as his lips aren't actually that small

No. 269343

File: 1531946441938.jpg (46.54 KB, 699x719, DWmBfIQXcAA6LnJ.jpg)

another pre debut pic

No. 269348

What is with the Korean fascination with men wearing lip tint and lip gloss. He has more gunk on his lips here than Kylie Jenner does on any given day

No. 269359

looks youthful maybe? surprisingly, i've actually noticed the opposite trend in japan - they cover guys' lips with concealer a lot. idk why.

No. 269361

File: 1531947559631.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 47CF36AF-B6B0-4106-BD44-5ACC2C…)

those bts-mascot-whatever things are on messenger i’m so damn tired

No. 269366

honestly I don't think so, he does have that idol-look that companies love so I have no trouble believing he was street-scouted seeing as street-scouting is pretty common.

>Is it because they don't give a fuck if men are handsome or not?
it's just different standards of beauty. I agree with you on the lip tint thing, it looks really bad. especially when they put it on celebrities with tiny-ass lips kek.

No. 269370

I think they do that on idols to appeal to young middle school girls. Most Korean guys dont go around wearing makeup like a lot of Koreaboos tend to think they do.

No. 269371

no army, but jimin's is so fucking qt

No. 269376

Can we just be honest with ourselves and change the thread name from the anti kpop to anti bts thread Jesus. This thread seems like it’s full of stans from other boy groups hating on them. Like I hate bts too but can we talk about literally anyone else for more than two replies at a time. Idk I’m sick of seeing them everywhere. Sage for rage

No. 269378

but if we weren't nitpicking these guys, the threads would die. plus we don't need 3 kpop related threads up at the same time, it's excessive.

No. 269381

Not true. I don’t care for boy groups at all but like a few girl groups. Your dislike of BTS leads you to ignoring them and the rest of us are channeling our dislike by picking them apart. Both are valid reactions to their insane fan base shoving them down our throats. Why not change the topic yourself if you’d rather critique something else? Anons who complain about discussions not being what they want to read need to take the initiative and bring something else up. Otherwise just ignore the thread and move on.

No. 269382

that's on you though? if you wanna talk about other things go ahead. people will engage with you brah. don't hate, participate

No. 269384

IMO the next thread should be "kpop critical" or something rather than just "anti kpop", it'd make more sense. that way it could encompass people who hate the genre as a whole, people who hate certain groups, ex-fans, current fans who just hate certain aspects of the industry, etc.

No. 269385

actual good idea

No. 269392

File: 1531950640790.jpg (6.76 KB, 225x225, d72f1d8f090827de089d9bc59840ab…)

oh stop bitching anon. BTS is fun to hate on, from their weird looking asshole idols, to their shitty overrated music and lyrics, to their clinically insane fan base. if you want to post about other groups, go ahead, but personally the only idol group im more than surface familiar with is BTS.

No. 269394

Exactly. This isn't fucking 2010 where there was this over saturation of idol groups that we can all hate on. BTS is just the most relevent and lolworthy. Why hate on some random group that nobody knows about?

No. 269397

The reason we shit on bts is, because they're easy to follow, since they and their fans are literally everywhere.
Most of us just don't want to invest the time to actually 'research' about other lesser known or new groups.

No. 269402

for the sake of that bts anon, i'mma go ahead and bring up exo's sehun who is literally the most useless fucking idol i've ever seen in my whole life. the guy does nothing. his dancing is shit. his singing is shit. his rapping is shit. why is he even a member

No. 269414

never forget

No. 269425

he's there for his 'visuals' lol
kinda weird considering he's ugly as hell

No. 269426

Tbh he's literally the only member of exo that I managed to remember even after I watched a decent amount of their MVs.

No. 269428

late but they weren't being scolded for speaking english
they were inadvertently promoting apple, which is a no no in south korea

No. 269429

What do you guys think about GOT7?
To me Jackson is the only charismatic one, the rest are kinda boring personality wise.
Their music is shit tho, i only liked 3 songs from Flight Log Turbulence

No. 269431

Wait, what? Which video are you even talking about? I was talking about the one with ten and johnny.

No. 269432

lol the AAOOOW! at the end really makes this

Jackson's kinda cute and charismatic (helps that he actually can speak a language I know lol) but the rest are forgettable. His solo stuff is horrible lol Fendyman's lyrics were a mess.

No. 269441

anyone else get triggered by the english lyrics in kpop? i've read that they're there because the demos for the songs were in english and the korean translation wouldn't fit, but surely not all of the songs were bought from western songwriters? it just seems weird to me that the average korean doesn't speak english, yet they're all singing along to these english choruses they don't understand.

No. 269446

Can khiphop be included in the thread too?
Alot of khh artist are messy and frequently say racist and misogynistic shit that their fans excuse. Alot of their fans are just kboos who are too cool for pop

No. 269449

How was he able to keep his natural jaw? It looks so manly compared to many other idols. Whatever new kpop group or korean instagram models you look at, they have these ridiculous dorito chins now. Wtf is attractive about that?

The comments are sensible for once, I'm pleasantly surprised. They laugh at him without making stupid excuses. If you watch any bad MR Removed, there's always lots of comments justifying the bad singing with "he/she is focusing on the dancing", "b-b-but they are improving!", "the haters should try to sing and dance at the same time", etc.

No. 269453

Enjoying Korean hip-hop is the most yellow fevered thing I can think of. You can make a case for Western pop being boring right now and K-pop being a nice alternative, but there is literally no reason why American hip-hop isn’t the superior choice in every way. I did scream at the guy from 88rising calling himself “Rich Chigga” though.

No. 269454


same anon, although tbh english lyrics are annoying to me due to the constant mispronunciation. like yes the idols are singing in a language they don't really know but there's really no excuse for messing up in the RECORDED version of the song. when they're in a studio booth then in theory they have plenty amount of tries to practice and pronounce the words right, yet in studio versions the english will be mediocre. example: twice's "cheer up" sounds like "shut up" and super junior's "mamacita" (which is spanish but still) sounds like "mamashita". it makes me cringe to think someone heard that final cut of the song and was like "okay, perfect". obviously korean fans wouldn't be able to really notice the mistakes, but you'd think if groups were trying to appeal to international fans then they'd try to perfect the english in songs

No. 269455

That reminds me that on suga's mixtape he has a song called 'so far away' but then came out to say that he ment for it to be 'so FALL away' but didn't realize he wrote and produced the whole song with the wrong word. Like he couldn't he fucked to check to make sure his English was right?
They should just stick to Korean if they don't speak English.

No. 269456

I feel bad cause I he rejected a scholarship and quit fencing for this. He always looks really happy when he's fencing, he was good at it too…

I don't know but I hope no one ever touches it.
V-lines are creepy

No. 269463

for me it's using words like "shawty" and "finna" that no one even uses here anymore. can't wait for them to abuse "skrrt" in a few years.

No. 269465

they're already using it

No. 269466

some of the songs just have a good beat/vibe. It's hard to really get into hip-hop in a language I don't speak since I can't understand the lyricism/wordplay though.

Also just because American hip-hop is superior doesn't mean people can't also enjoy hip-hop from other countries, that's ridiculous.

No. 269468

A lot of white khiphop fans think american hiphop is “yucky” and all about sex and misogynistic, yet when a korean rapper songs about booty and fucking a girl all of they sudden they wanna act all turnt up lmfao

No. 269471

Skkrt has been abused in korean hiphop since like 2015-2016 where have you been

No. 269472

I'm sorry that you've convinced yourself that music by racist culture vulture Koreans is worth listening to over American hip-hop.

No. 269492

>mean while the US poisons an entire city with heavy metals in the drinking water and keeps children from their parents in former WallMarts
Get off your high horse, US hipHop might be better but it doesnt make yout country that much superior.

No. 269493

>mean while the US poisons an entire city with heavy metals in the drinking water and keeps children from their parents in former WallMarts
Get off your high horse, US hipHop might be better but it doesnt make yout country that much superior.

No. 269495

funny how this thread was just talking about jimin being ugly, ungrateful, and lazy and now he's been exposed for saying the korean equivalent of the n word

No. 269496

anon didn't say that. go take a xanax.

No. 269501

Where? link it anon

No. 269504

No. 269509

File: 1531969518356.jpg (29.94 KB, 749x747, DeLFxKPXkAAKf_V.jpg)

wow…his stans are going to reach for the stars to defend him even though hes clearly in the wrong

No. 269511

meanwhile, knetz are calling wiz khalifa a kkamdoongie for being racist to koreans

No. 269522

Hip-hop /literally/ originated in America. American artists continue to innovate within the genre. All I said was that, as an English speaker, it makes no sense to buy the knockoff Korean brand unless you're obsessed with them.

No. 269526

File: 1531971353420.jpg (193.33 KB, 750x960, IMG_20180718_233442.jpg)

They're trying say that due to the suffix of the word that it was more of a term of endearment, like Jimin essentially calling Jungkook a cute dark-skinned person due to his tan.

But alot of Koreans are saying that while the suffix does usually indicate a term of endearment, that the word Jimin used is an exception and always has a negative/racist connotation.

No. 269536

dude I primarily listen to American hip-hop, I literally said it's superior. learn to read lol. It's just fun to branch out. I listen to other non-Korean foreign hip-hop artists as well.

No. 269562

File: 1531984779176.jpg (152.94 KB, 800x1200, DibeS8sWkAAYTuq.jpg)

Remember when we talked about wanting bts to have a controversy?
I just went to twitter and there are 1000s defending him; they could literally do anything.
>it was 4 years ago!
>it means cute! He wants to be tan!
>let's clear the jimin search tags with angel jimin, hardworking jimin…

Maybe get netizenbuzz or somebody to translate this. It's clearly the same word they use for Wiz now.

No. 269563

File: 1531984895400.png (1.91 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180719-092039.png)

No. 269564

Forgot this: they also brought up him liking that american rapper tony - so having a black friend suddenly counts as an excuse kek

No. 269566

I hate that even BTS’s scandals suck ass lmfao why is it always shit from 4 years ago who gives a flying fuck.

No. 269577

It's hilarious how obsessed K-pop musicians and fans (and some Korean people in general) are with black people and their music/culture, considering how disrespectful and delusional they are toward them ("Black people don't like Koreans because they are JEALOUS!" Like…I'm pretty sure a lot of these same people do black people's nails and run crappy corner stores selling weave when they immigrate….Not much to be jealous of, chill). Are they that uncreative? Why can't they just stick to copying Japan?
The cherry on top of this whole controversy is Jimin wearing a shirt with black children on it in the same video he used the slur, lmao.

No. 269583


Exactly, they don't even have good scandals

No. 269584

I'd say the holocaust thing was pretty extreme

No. 269600

yeah, but that's technically not the members themselves' fault

No. 269603

this is bullshit for sure, but it WAS 4 years ago… this milk too old for me /sigh
when's one of them gonna grope a girl at a club or something and give us something fresh

No. 269606

If they're so woke and their company so nice, then they surely could have said something. Afterall it was bad business.
I just wonder why nobody stopped them. There are signs around it, surely also in Korean, so how could anybody not notice that this isn't okay?

No. 269607

So he said nigga instead of a hard R. Wow such a huge difference lol. These stans are delusional

No. 269616

>There are tons of kids in Korea with bigger eyes than him

yes, and when they grow up they get eyelid surgery. the inferiority complex is strong with these people

No. 269620

>O-oppa called him a niglet, it's a cute version of the word pls no bully uwu
>He walked on the same side of the sidewalk as a black person one time, he didn't mean it insultingly, oppa is a woke warrior uwu

Kpop fangirls cape for dudes who wouldn't even piss in their direction. Yellow fever is one hell of a drug.

No. 269629

Lay is never coming back and Exo is over. Finally. I wonder how many of them will try to go solo and fail.

No. 269630

my favorite part is that so many of them are black, too

No. 269633

my guesses are:
>chen & baekhyun will go solo and do well. baekhyun will also start doing more variety
>d.o will continue with an acting career and do well
>chanyeol will try solo and fail, then try acting and only land stale kdrama and chinese tween movies. will start doing more variety
>sehun will live the rest of his life as a wannabe fashionista off of his exo money and maybe do some modeling gigs
>xiumin might go solo, not sure. he's in crazy demand in korea, so he might do well even though he's mediocre
>kai will continue with acting
>suho will continue with acting. might try solo and fail because he's shit

No. 269637

Jeez, Jimin looks really special here

No. 269669

Jackson is the only male idol that I find actually attractive. I pray to god that JYP doesn't decide to ruin him with surgery

No. 269672

Why do they put concealer on his lips? I've seen it in some pictures and it's so ugly lmfao

No. 269683


>those swollen butthole lips

No. 269684

File: 1532013344100.jpg (33.39 KB, 800x480, 5a1b8f527ffd00d3270b682bc023c0…)

They're trying their very best to downplay his dick sucking lips.

No. 269685

Anyone got any guesses on Red Velvet, Blackpink, or Twice? My bet is that Joy is going to be the one to leave RV first, idk much about the rest though

No. 269702

I think he's gay

No. 269717

nah, he has busty anime girl figurines

No. 269725

idk yeri looks like she fucking hates being in red velvet 80% of the time. not to go armchair psychologist but i think ever since jonghyun committed suicide she is officially over and has become jaded towards idol life. would be unsurprising if she went on a "hiatus". but i also dont know her personally so who the fuck knows

No. 269736

kpop fans should be gassed

No. 269756

I'm late, but: I used to think he was handsome a few years ago, maybe during call me baby era. Then all of a sudden he became busted as fuck, Idk what happened, late puberty maybe? Also his face is so asymmetrical it gives me cancer
It also seems like he's a bit of an asshole

No. 269758

Maybe they're tryna look like anime characters. Most of them don't have lips lol

No. 269765

File: 1532026952144.jpg (8.87 KB, 268x268, CkAYuhNVAAAuZN3.jpg)

His face mirrored is something.

No. 269768

i hate having to feel this cynical but at this point jimin could probably molest an infant and ratmys would try to find a way to make it the child/parents’ fault

they attack any member from any other group for breathing wrong but with their oppars everything is always everyone else’s fault

No. 269773

Jackson is Chinese, kind of explains why he doesnt act as feminine as kpop idols do.

No. 269777

But aren't there other chinese idols who do the uwu soft boi shit?

Btw anyone know other male idols that are masculine? I literally can't think of anyone

No. 269779

taeyang? 2PM? depends on what you define as masculine i guess…

No. 269781

File: 1532032749047.jpeg (63.04 KB, 500x618, 694675DB-AA60-4924-BEA6-DB8115…)

T.O.P for me.

No. 269804

File: 1532038940337.jpg (95.91 KB, 1080x1350, bd69bca11644712bdcdf3f03893a0a…)

Siwon, which is funny bc im 90% sure that he's gay (the type to marry a woman and never admit it).

No. 269812

siwon's religiosity honestly gives me the creeps

No. 269815

At least he's not park bogum level, i had to mute him on twitter though it was annoying

No. 269847

kek same here, his tweets and my catholic grandma's tweets are like identical, it was a bit much

No. 269854

File: 1532057337126.jpg (415.62 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20180719_222710.jpg)

why did they post this? he looks awful

No. 269857

he looks like he has a fever, or about to sneeze.
my friend is absolutely obsessed with him and scarily possessive. poor girl

No. 269860

File: 1532062190595.jpg (64.27 KB, 500x595, tumblr_pc416mrzal1xxe1nto1_500…)

someone make them stop

No. 269865

Lmfao its always pics of them looking disinterested af

No. 269875

Had to look up auguring and I don't believe it matches here? Other than that I absolutely fail to see how posts like this are in any way hot. The guys just look so disinterested.

No. 269876

probably ESL and they meant to say "arguing"

No. 269884

File: 1532076020902.jpg (12.66 KB, 203x243, 3434.JPG)

Is his facial expression supposed to be sexy ??

you'd think it's a parody kek

No. 269889


They couldn't choose a worse photo could they

No. 269911

File: 1532088054114.jpg (230.38 KB, 750x1142, tumblr_p2vxrlWl9D1x2itlso1_128…)

fake bts snapchats made me discover a whole new world of cringe

No. 269912

File: 1532088185377.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.14 KB, 546x643, aaah.JPG)

oh no

No. 269913

That's a female ass

No. 269914

File: 1532088610582.jpg (70.28 KB, 753x1024, dc127b0714c15c1d44f6dc0eb93bc3…)

No that's V's ass.

No. 269917

File: 1532089093565.jpg (122.08 KB, 720x960, tumblr_pc5pwem6oT1xxe1nto1_128…)

Try not to die from cringe


No. 269918

Thing is, I do see what you'd get out of the texts, but together with these baby faces which are just zero sexy it's so off-putting…

No. 269921

File: 1532090345430.png (88.19 KB, 448x545, Screenshot 2018-07-20 at 7.38.…)

2017 or not this is gold

No. 269924

Lmao since when does taehyung have cakes? That's actually a really nice ass

No. 269942

Omg I thought it was Sulli for a second

No. 269973

They are so ugly and pig faced. What the fuck?

No. 270072

File: 1532139394254.jpg (38.33 KB, 532x513, IMG_20180720_211348.jpg)

they can't keep getting away with this

No. 270076

File: 1532141417483.jpeg (705.39 KB, 1242x1346, ED61E093-7CC2-42E6-AEA4-969CD0…)

Oh yes, the face everybody only dreams their partner makes after they’ve died after hours and hours of excruciating pain.

No. 270094

File: 1532147344136.png (203.61 KB, 512x484, 1508568915271.png)

curse upon you and your family, anon

No. 270096

File: 1532147606229.gif (978.4 KB, 154x154, 887687698768.gif)

>Um okay ..
this is gold

No. 270116

File: 1532155092065.jpeg (41.53 KB, 632x855, 0FB5B28E-8F79-4838-9F71-A17968…)

I don’t understand how anyone can find male kpop idols attractive when 95% of them are built like this. Don’t forget padding lmao. Not even talking about their hideous faces which not even plastic surgery could save. Ugly, just ugly. Legit judging every person who finds kpop dudes hot

No. 270124

File: 1532161706868.jpg (41.42 KB, 668x393, HLZCxzQ.jpg)

This is my favorite picture. They all look like Bratz dolls next to Ivanka.

No. 270127

their proportions are so different that it makes it look shopped lol

No. 270131

Those jackets aren't doing them any favors either, what is their stylist doing?

There are a few I find hot tbh but most really overdo the plastic surgery or look 12 (or both)

No. 270135

Kek. I never would've considered it before kpop, but I kinda get why they're so obsessed with small faces. On average they really do have disproportionately big heads. It's not like it's really unattractive but I can't help noticing it now.

No. 270136

Wtf Xiumin's head is like 4 time the size of Ivanka's. He straight up look like a lollipop.

No. 270141

Thanks anon, made my day.
Thinking back to all those articles about how supposedly tall, long legged and small faced they are… kek
Just look at their shoes, even the outside of the sole is already that thick, imagine what's inside… I bet non of them even reach 180cm.

>His face is really small, and his eyes fill up half his face. He’s also really pale and super babyish. ㅠㅜ
>His face is really small, and his chin is sharp, hoo


No. 270145

Chanyeol (2nd on the left) is the only one who looks tall. Google says Ivanka is 5'11 which seems close enough. I wonder how Tao would measure up here, I remember reading something about him having to lie about his height for being too tall

No. 270147

File: 1532171991980.jpg (259.71 KB, 1000x765, IE002292430_PHT.jpg)

With CL

No. 270149


I'm shook.
I feel we need to say that Ivanka does have a particularly small face since she barely have a jaw / chin but still…

No. 270150

File: 1532172642270.jpg (154.37 KB, 1100x619, Cosa-succederà-agli-affari-di…)

I'd say the size of her face looks completely normal next to her family

No. 270151

Kek yeah, this i why i cringe when asians claim to be more neotenous this and them being the hairiest race, its so bizzarre

No. 270153

File: 1532174697766.png (57.68 KB, 300x206, Human_development_neoteny.png)

>this i why i cringe when asians claim to be more neotenous
A proportionally big head is a neotenous trait Anon…

No. 270154

this thread is getting a bit racist for me

No. 270156

How so? Because we're pointing out asians have big heads?

No. 270157

I meant to point out how obvious it is idols specifically are all lying about their heights when they stand next to people we know are legit tall, honestly wasn't trying to start a race thing

No. 270163

Nah, her head is too small

No. 270165

Damn Ivanka’s head though. She looks like one of Dakota’s alien shoops

No. 270222

File: 1532190773229.jpg (82.71 KB, 1080x1346, Minatozaki.Sana.full.138056.jp…)

The editing on some idols' selfies is so funny. Whitewashing, blurring the skin…

No. 270245

And her chin and jaw look nothing like that

No. 270260

File: 1532193882149.jpg (90.9 KB, 814x960, DgoUM7XVQAE3vIO.jpg)

Here are some worse ones since I was too lazy to find them on my phone (i didnt edit any of these, someone legit looked at them and thought "yeah that's okay to post)

No. 270262

Love his Michael Jackson look.

No. 270264

File: 1532193989214.jpg (202.13 KB, 1200x900, DicVO4bVsAAhQH6.jpg)

I just picked the newest ones on twice's page tbh there are probably worse ones. they overdo the filter so so much (or their manager does? i doubt they post the pictures themselves)

No. 270274

File: 1532194199933.jpg (98.77 KB, 768x1024, DflF67MUwAAKGgm.jpg)

No. 270278

File: 1532194527613.jpg (104 KB, 768x1024, DfKwBlJU8AEQ0-y.jpg)

No. 270280

File: 1532194583236.jpg (229.04 KB, 900x1200, Df5DznLUcAEdbdw.jpg)

the filter on this one just looks weird as fuck to me lol

No. 270305

Jesus, nayeon looks as busted as ever. Those cloudy eyebrows are not helping

No. 270337

is this one of them homestuck fellas

No. 270366

>proving that my oppas aren't tall with tiny faces is racism!

No. 270703

anon u made me choke on my chocolate milk

No. 270751

File: 1532295373064.png (Spoiler Image, 2.65 MB, 750x1334, 46061701-C89C-4CB7-A47A-5FD426…)

so this was what i was met with when i opened up youtube and it made me think of this thread immediately

sage for shitposting

No. 270993

File: 1532357947374.jpg (86.52 KB, 1125x835, DiUS1u7U8AAVnLo.jpg)

rapmon looks like fucking ET

No. 271002

nayeon and hoseok are so similar looking did they go to the same surgeon or something

No. 271216

File: 1532412933622.png (161.83 KB, 254x381, i want to leave.png)

I really don't understand Korea's boner for Tzuyu. That's not surprising since I don't understand Korea's beauty standards at all but oh boy do they look for some unpleasant looking people to drool over.

No. 271220

her eyebrows are so distracting

No. 271251

tbh i think she's cute, but people do overhype her

No. 271289

She’s really cute, but in a girl next door sort of way. Not some ethereal “goddess” beauty. Honestly, unless they’re horribly fucked up with surgery I don’t think any female idol is ugly. The boys on the other hand…

No. 271290

Double post but this is way more disturbing than that Momo creepypasta thing that has been making the rounds lately. Imagine seeing this face at the foot of your bed late at night.

No. 271303

File: 1532446957879.png (54.83 KB, 608x408, Untitled4.png)

ugh his face is so fucking gross

i hate seokjin so much, hes so ugly and talentless, cant dance cant sing and hes too old to be in an idol group, he was like 25 when they were doing the whole schoolboy schtick ffs

i 100% believe his family paid his way in

sage for tard sperging

No. 271317

File: 1532455981663.jpg (109.96 KB, 1280x964, IMG_20180724_191154_250.jpg)

Why do they take it so seriously? Why do they invest so much energy into stuff like this? Even their oppars and unnires don't care this much

No. 271334

she's cute, but she mostly just stands out next to the other girls in twice who look weirder the longer you look at them. is nayeon a visual or just like a 'face' of the group? because her bloated rat face and lopsided hip pads make tzuyu look even better by comparison
imo she's the only one that looks just as pretty with or without the cheerleader effect of having 9 girls there, the rest all look either more weird or more bland when they're by themselves

No. 271347

Nayeon is the centre/face of the group. Tzuyu is the visual.

No. 271349

tried to find pics of jin's miss korea mom but couldn't, help a farmer out. i wanna see what kinda woman created a penis head. sage for lactose free post.

No. 271369

File: 1532469015534.png (538.9 KB, 634x392, jhkhj.PNG)

she looks quite attractive imo, but then again is just a side profile

No. 271372


I also found this page but I can't see any similarities? I think the miss Korea thing is just a rumor

No. 271384

File: 1532470819787.jpg (96.81 KB, 800x902, jin.jpg)

well, his father is meh looking

No. 271395

Why cant these koreaboo translators just fucking say BROTHER

No. 271408

btw translations are such a pain in the ass, they're so fucking bad most of the time, I get that they're mostly done by fans for free but most Korean shows with subs are impossible to watch

No. 271672

His dad looks like a cross between YG and JYP.

No. 271777

I hate how people always act like idols have the best choreography in the world when any random indian music vide has way cooler and more interesting dancing.

Is it because people believe asians can't dance that they lose their shit at the slightest dance move?

No. 271780

i think that might have something to do with it. the same reason why people find asians rapping impressive, i guess. as a race they're generalized as stuffy, uncool and (i apologize in advance for using this term, i don't know a better way to put it) "swagless", so if one is decent at something black people regularly do they get lots of attention for it

No. 271902

so how do we feel that bts is being considered to be exempted from the military

No. 271909

File: 1532563276252.gif (921.08 KB, 160x160, tenor.gif)


No. 271915

File: 1532563679790.png (254.44 KB, 534x556, Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 7.07.…)

No. 271925

File: 1532564208417.png (103.55 KB, 541x412, Screenshot 2018-07-25 at 7.15.…)

im dying

No. 271928

I'm more surprised by the fact that people who get the first prize in ballet, sports, etc can get exempted from the military. Apparently anyone who breaks a record or is considered important for the youth can be excused from serving. What is the point of that?

No. 271932

File: 1532564586522.jpg (107.67 KB, 1280x800, IMG_20180726_012150_487.jpg)


>I would like my husband back

No. 271933

I heard that even if they do expempt most still go anyways or else the rest of Korea will shit on them for not going.

No. 271939

that’s honestly really weird
big bang and exo have broken records before how come they aren’t getting considered?

No. 271943

i feel like if it would be anyone it shouldve been bigbang (not that i think any idols should be exempt, thats total bullshit). being in a country with active drafting sounds like hell

No. 271950

i feel like they won't be exempted. or at the very least, it'll be a delayed draft rather than complete exemption. korea takes its draft very seriously. plus the country's opinion of them will sour if they get exempted.

No. 271951

File: 1532567809727.jpeg (4.82 KB, 318x159, download.jpeg)

>Style icon

No. 271955

his jaw looks so strange, is it because he has chin fillers or something?

No. 271961

Korea-fag here

Stupid k-boo fans don’t realize that A) this guys only a candidate, he’s got no real power. He’s pandering to the younger crowd. And B) the original article was written in the tone that they should have the original exemptions and was drawing more attention to that. The bts comment was an add on to pander. Nobody was even suggesting making it happen for real.

No. 271962

Damn…. That's some crimson chin action right there

Who is that? Cause he's giving me strong ass cat lady vibes.

I seriously wonder what goes through their head when they get some jacked up ps. That is, if they do realize it's jacked.

No. 271965

its g-dragon from bigbang.

why why why do so many koreans chop half their jawbone off. it looks so unnatural and just horrible. add in the pointy chin fillers they are so fond of and you end up with a straight up alien

No. 271967

>why why why do so many koreans chop half their jawbone off. it looks so unnatural and just horrible.
every time i see taeyong i think he looks so strange because his jaw is so fucked from the front. i think his surgeon was going for that anime character look but it looks so alien

sm in general really overdoes the plastic surgery

No. 271978

File: 1532571086962.jpg (61.45 KB, 736x1103, 657653cfffd27d200251ea4612e26e…)

Taeyong looks like he has a different face everytime I see him. The Brittany Venti eyes and the scar are like the only things all of his incarnations have in common.

No. 271987

him, taeyeon, and luhan got fucked up, wendy's well on her way at this rate too. also, unrelated but the whitewashing on that pic christ

No. 272007

I disagree, so I guess it's a matter of taste.

No. 272010

Thanks for clearing that up, anon.

No. 272196

Kpop fans love to hype kpop choreographies as "the hardest" when my whole rookie dance class is learning and executing many of them effortlessly.

No. 272275

Oh no. Now their fans are going to want the world to feel even more sorry for their poor babies…

No. 272276

File: 1532635801058.jpg (56.77 KB, 549x843, DSfQCySUIAIsyGR.jpg)

tbh i don't think that rumor is true, in other pics he doesn't have those marks. surprisingly though armies were the ones spreading it

No. 272279

He looks so skinny and weak.

No. 272283

oh no, i'm rich and famous and everyone loves me

lol if true. going into overdrive after the jimin fiasco to get positive attention for their misunderstood suicidal bbys?

No. 272284

File: 1532637159874.jpg (143.32 KB, 1200x798, DKpaEwVUEAE2gdG.jpg)

look at some pictures of him in the beginning of dna era compared to now (pretty sure he got something done, but specifically the weight) and his face looks so different, it's insane. idols lose and gain weight so quickly, i wonder how it affects their health

No. 272341

…How are you all not tired of talking about BTS? Even if it's to shit on them, I can't stand seeing these fuckers everywhere, let's change the subject a bit pls:
So apparently, Lee Gaeun from produce 48 is getting a ton of hate for being "too old" or whatever bullshit. But of course, it's totally fine for 14 year olds to do things like vid related

No. 272347

These people are fucked up…

No. 272350

smh kfags are morally devoid

No. 272353

not justifying this at all but i hardly see how this is any different from how young american pop stars were sexualized (britney and christina)

No. 272355

britney and xtina were 18 at the time and never sang about getting railed so hard you can't walk. when they were that girl's age they were on the mickey mouse club.

No. 272357

File: 1532650703301.jpg (76.07 KB, 692x390, see-super-junior-get-seduced-b…)

I'm not surprised. can we also talk about the white girl in super junior's devil mv being 14??

No. 272360

>i been eeyore night, i been eeyore day

No. 272376

and tbese men are already in their 30's…

No. 272422

File: 1532667831932.jpg (40.43 KB, 501x328, 20180110-113537-24533149619856…)

i'm convinced pledis sent kyla to the us just so she could lose weight kek. if she never returns or ends up leaving the group, it's probably because she didn't manage to lose weight and live up to the "1.67 cm and 40 kg" kpop ideal.

No. 272523

Yeah I stanned them hard until I saw that shit. They were my only real fandom for a long time.

That was so fucked up. Weird to see it being brought up now though when this is such old news and SuJu is no longer relevant at all.

No. 272529

File: 1532692330964.jpg (84.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Yes, I remember that and it angers me so much.
Koreans with their "westerners look so mature" doesn't make treating little girls like this okay (same with Somi). Without filters and shit you can very well see their age difference.
Korea, Japan and China regularly exploit poor underage models, yet we are the gross whities fetishizing innocent Asians…

No. 272530

No. 272532

Kek you act like white chicks in Korea don't know this already.

No. 272535

>It's not Oppars but SM's fault, they didn't know until afterwards!
So they didn't notice that the girl they spent min 1 day filming with isn't even half their age? kek

No. 272586

Lmao the comments are top kek, the yellow fever is fucking strong

No. 272644

this reminds me of how kpop fans will post tweets comparing south korean and white celebs with captions like "they're the same age yikes" lol. as if the korean one hasn't been loaded with botox since they were 12 and the white one doesn't snort coke for breakfast lunch and dinner, chill with your yellow fever

No. 272822

This was in October 2017 when they sent her away. Is she back? I don't find any information about her

No. 272838

Dongyoon Member of boygroup SPECTRUM who participated on the failed YG competition show MIXNINE passed away. No details about it released so far. He was 20. I'm hoping it wasn't suicide, that would be so upsetting

No. 272848

i saw this. he was so young, it's crazy. people are already comparing him to jonghyun even though no details have been released, it's disrespectful

No. 272850

You can bet it was
>spend years "training", only having this one plan
>manage to get on that show only to have everything canceled
>no education, unemployed and in debt

No. 272933

She's not back and no one really knows where she is. the only information that we got was back in January when her brother was in a big controversy on twitter
apologies for the tumblr link but i couldn't find a place that would sum this mess up better

No. 272969

The fictional love/waifuism thread was such an eye opener. Holy fuck. And I thought I hated obsessed idol fans. But anyway, does anyone here have any accounts they follow or personal cows who are serious husbandofags/waifufags about one of these kpop guys/girls? It's always a trip to watch someone that far gone mentally

No. 272973

she thinks she knows the members because of astrology

No. 272974

within the past few months kyla has been seen by fans in the us. someone posted a picture with her on twitter and she hasnt lost any weight at all.
im pretty sure pledis only added her to the group as a publicity stunt

No. 272978

that was probably the most surreal thing ive seen posted in these threads. imagine thinking you know strangers with fake public personalities enough to know "deep wounds and insecurities"

No. 272980


i think this takes the cake as the most disgusting thing she's written. i want to sew my legs shut now thanks

No. 272981

and keep in mind that she's 20 something years old

No. 272982

and still a virgin, apparently

No. 272983

i left her an anon message a long time ago calling her a virgin because no straight man outside of fanfic is into "thigh riding" and she responded with a le epic clapback about all the guys she did it with

No. 272984

There's tons of those types of blogs on tumblr. I can't imagine why anyone would want to donate to her.

I feel like those types of people exist but I can't think of where they would be. Most of the time fans show how obsessive they are is when dating comes up. The only person I can think of is the owner of that kpop and black women blog. But she doesn't focus on one idol.

No. 272985

funniest thing is that many idols must be dead fish in bed in reality considering their self-obsession and the fact that they get used to being worshipped by women kek

No. 272986

the idea that any of these guys would be a sub and not just jackhammer dick for a minute like any other lame fuckboy is so funny to me

No. 272991

Spot on anon im ded

No. 273002

every video i come across of black pink theres always one or two girls half assing the dance because she doesnt know if lmfao why do people support this shit group they never look like they enjoy being up on stage like come on fake it at least

No. 273007

i 100% believe the rumors about jennie being a mega-bitch. i have no proof or real reason but i believe it lmfao

No. 273013


Yeah, same. She just have that snobby bitchy "better than you" vibe going on.

No. 273184

Me too.
To me Blackpink are just so unlikeable. I get bitchy vibes from all of them, they're untalented, they don't have a personality, just a failed copy of 2NE1 who unlike them were actually likeable and had a personality.
Even the name of their group is cringey.

No. 273239

i can't believe 2ne1 had to die for them. all of the 2nd gen girl groups were better than this new crop. it also seems like they (or their fans) are copying red velvet's concept by saying they have a "black" and a "pink" side, even though i don't remember yg ever stating this…

No. 273337

I remember YG saying that Blackpink's name was originally gonna be "PinkPunk" or something like that. Aside from that being managing to be a more embarrassing name than Blackpink, it made me kek cuz I'm pretty sure a potted plant is more punk than any K-pop group.

No. 273462

Nowadays I only follow Mamamoo, it's the only actually worthy kpop girl group imho. I also loved the Wonder Girls, especially in the band era, but JYP had to make them disband to push TWICE instead.

No. 273495

And then soon JYP will replace Twice no matter how much numbers their making bc what's the point of having a girl group who's members aren't straight out of puberty.

No. 273544

File: 1532891954784.jpg (63.76 KB, 610x684, 201703041500068043_img_0.jpg)

"actually worthy", sure anon.

No. 273545

>cuz I'm pretty sure a potted plant is more punk than any K-pop group.

Implying Dreamcatcher isn’t a thing.

No. 273548

>having no idea what punk is AND forgetting that she's in the anti-thread

No. 273552

File: 1532893432375.png (91.27 KB, 800x600, da3.png)

>>273545 can you, like, point out the punk

No. 273562

i mean some aspects of punk are just as manufactured as kpop, so sure

No. 273564

Sounds like the intro song for a c list anime. In short, it's shit.

No. 273576

This is metal influenced if anything. Nice try anon

No. 273609

do you even know what punk is? are you one of those people who think paramore is punk?

No. 273654

nah. i mean the sex pistols were created because malcolm mclaren wanted a british equivalent of a new york dolls. parts of the band might have already existed but they really played up their rebellious image.

also the various "rule sets" of punk fashion and style…kinda of ironic.

why is why i said "some aspects" anon

No. 273668

File: 1532923170222.jpg (107.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault3242.jpg)


Yeah, this is metal inspired. Sorry, anon, nothing punk about this.


Did JooE mess with her face again? She looks somehow different (better I guess), but I can't pinpoint exactly waht.

No. 273743


that bitch is so ugly. i don't care for kpop but ive seen her in music videos and she looks painfully ugly compared to the 13 hot girls around her.

No. 273766

this phrasing is really gross, anon. if you're a woman, please re-evaluate yourself

No. 273768

honestly, i dont see a difference but probably. she's talked about getting a nose job before on a radio show (i think? or some variety thing)

>13 hot girls around her
nancy was born in 2000 anon…

No. 273814

why do i feel like all the woke kpop stans are gonna try to pass this off as “white privilege”

No. 273816

File: 1532948404113.jpg (68.53 KB, 515x700, khC9sUa8jhM.jpg)

Her face may be kinda weird but she looks pretty on stage to me. What I really don't understand about Momoland is wtf Daisy's doing there, she's neither beautiful nor talented in any way, her rapping is atrocious.

No. 273818

I think she's cute but i 100% agree on the rapping. there are some really talented rappers in girl groups being an idol is no excuse

No. 273848

i think she looks pretty in that particular thumbnail. like >>273816 i think daisy looks far worse than jooe; there’s just something uncanny about it

momoland in general is kind of homely by kpop standards barring nancy, yeonwoo and jane. at least they’ve dumped those hideous tutus finally.

No. 273873

File: 1532958720062.png (794.4 KB, 720x831, Screenshot_2018-07-30-09-49-39…)

Daisy has a weird ass face, sometimes she looks good and sometimes she looks fucking weird and off, she needs to find a new surgeon

No. 273874

File: 1532958746204.png (397.39 KB, 720x481, Screenshot_2018-07-30-09-47-40…)

No. 273882

anybody hear about the guy from masc getting beat up by an older member?

No. 273883

Wew. This girl is giving me mac from mac and me vibes.

No. 273897

She looks like a hartley hooligan…

No. 273904

>>273874 she kinda looks like a guy who was morphed with a girl with a head way bigger than his wtf

No. 273947

Apparently 3 of the members have left the group now. The company that owns masc seems useless so they are probably better off.

No. 273966


I don't think it's just the thumbnail cause in this whole video she looks better. I am not sure if it's her jaw. Maybe it's just styling though. saged.

No. 273974

File: 1532975426120.jpg (25.88 KB, 461x571, large (1).jpg)

Looking at her predebut pictures and she looks so much better, can they keep her hair black?

No. 273976

Her predebut plastic surgery pics

She did her whole face and she still looks unattractive. She should keep her hair colored she won't stand out at all with black

No. 274007

she looks really uncanny to me and i can't place why. is her skin too botoxed tight or something? i don't find her ugly at all but she looks a little weird to me and not really in a weird pretty way

also, have you ever watched momoland's faces when they dance, especially the popular one that isn't jooe or nancy? they try really hard to pull sexy faces doing meme dances and it's awkward. also, nancy looks like how yukapon looks these days.

No. 274012

Christ, this looks like those weird photoshop morphings of various people's single features into one face. Also I'm surprised she hasn't gotten those ears fixed

No. 274036

File: 1532989920084.jpeg (60.72 KB, 540x615, 56CD9147-A796-418F-B6DC-D3C379…)

jooe’s uggo-ness and le quirky behavior is one of the reason momoland is semi relevant
making her look pretty or at least average is a bad business move

No. 274054

Maybe it's because she likes her "unique" ears, anon.

No. 274061

Are they giving everyone a different hair color so people can tell them apart? It's like in some basic anime where everyone has to have a different hair color or cut so viewers can tell them apart because the artist drew all the faces exactly the same way.

No. 274093

File: 1532995853778.png (414.85 KB, 720x481, Screenshot_2018-07-30-09-49-57…)


Tbh I don't think Koreans care much about ears, ear pinning is pretty unpopular in east asia prob because they see eyes as more "problematic". One of the rappers from exo has very pronounced ears and he still has them. Though Korea is very look conscious so maybe earpinning will be a thing later on

I'm very confused by her face. Botched ps??

No. 274096

File: 1532996065265.png (208.51 KB, 484x401, Screenshot_2018-07-30-20-14-27…)

No. 274129

I just read she lived in Canada for 11 years so it's a total mystery to me why she didn't get those fixed. I've never seen ears that bad, she looks decent with her hair down but holy crap I can't get past those ears.

No. 274164

She’s looks like a knock-off Irene with her hair down. Probably the editing here, though.

Momoland’s stylists seem insistent on making the members look ugly (the bleached high-ponytails on JooE, emphasizing Nancy’s ears, the group leader getting the most unflattering short haircuts, etc.). Crayon Pop was pretty similar, with the memetic music and making the girls look dowdy.

No. 274213

File: 1533011032725.png (218.48 KB, 492x473, Screenshot 2018-07-30 at 11.21…)

referring to bts as "artists that speak for their generation"

anyways why do i feel like this is going to become the new "bts copies exo!!!" thing

No. 274215

sage for blog-ish post, but I've always had an irrational hatred against Stray Kids

No. 274216

I can't take Stray Kids seriously. Their music is bad and it seems like they're trying really hard to be deep.

No. 274219

sage for samefag but does anyone else think oh_mes posts stuff like this purposefully to stir up drama

No. 274220

>Their music is bad and it seems like they're trying really hard to be deep
kpop in a nutshell

No. 274221

>Their music is bad and it seems like they're trying really hard to be deep
kpop in a nutshell

No. 274223

File: 1533015873954.jpg (77.63 KB, 900x600, Stray-Kids7.jpg)

the fake deep, borderline tumblr-pandering shtick is all they have going for them since they don't even have one member above a 7/10

No. 274225

probably. every once and awhile he'll post something that gets fans riled up and then when they get mad at him he posts some vague tweet about the people are mad about it.

No. 274294

>>274223 jfc they ugly

No. 274354

Idk if it really fits here but I wanted to share the botched nose (or whole face tbh…) of this dancer and as alway korea's concept of sexy baffles me.

No. 274359

Even though she's skinny her sad little ass is jiggling - in pants that look like they've wet themselves kek

No. 274377

File: 1533063243505.jpeg (32.17 KB, 190x220, F551F571-415E-4933-9F03-F1CB9D…)

>sad screenshot is sad

That nose is nightmare fuel

No. 274391

i know people are gonna reply to me saying its their own fault and i shouldnt feel bad

but i feel really fucking bad for all of them

No. 274415

Sage for blog post - tfw you've been lurking on these threads since the beginning and suddenly realize that there's not much difference between hate-following bts and just… regular-following them lmao for someone who hates kpop I sure do know a lot of irrelevant shit about them

I feel like a dumbass, but in my defense kpop is designed to be addictive and bts specifically produce so much content it's easy to get sucked in

No. 274420

The last few post in this thread:
>about botched ps

The last few posts in the other thread:
>I want to make [insert idol name] cry

But yeah, totally no difference, anon.

No. 274425

I was kind of a fan of bts, checked their videos on occasion, liked their looks, etc. and then suddenly started enjoying reading hate comments about them lol, including this thread. Their active fanbase is so annoying and they now seem boring to me, there's something about the way bighit promotes them that makes them feel really fake.

No. 274432

she's not talking about the entire thread, she's saying that BTS fans are the same as people who hate them.

No. 274438

It's the same for me. I never liked their music but I was neutral on them (minus taehyung, i have no reason but i always disliked him). But i really can't stand how fake deep they are now, espiecally since to me their music is so generic. legit the chainsmokers of kpop

No. 274440

no anon, she's saying the she hate-follows bts but has ended up kinda like a fan now because she knows a lot about them and follows their information and such. thats why she said she feels like a dumbass

No. 274441

that's not what she said.

No. 274471

Everytime I scroll past this thread and see the OP photo… it's surreal. Imagine that "cow hybrid jimin" actually crossed someone's mind

No. 274480

File: 1533082265418.png (19.13 KB, 578x192, khy.png)

sounds like you'd love to read some more

No. 274481

File: 1533082302373.png (75.61 KB, 553x632, khy2.png)

No. 274491

File: 1533084229931.jpg (12.52 KB, 275x275, 1515780021936.jpg)

Drugs are one hell of a drug…

No. 274492

Euthanize these people

No. 274507

No thanks

No. 274559

I'm >>274415.
>>274440 is right, that is what I meant.

No. 274595

File: 1533114690340.jpg (51.02 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20180801_101031_146.jpg)


Why do they always do pic related? So they think that's gonna be a good image for their favorite group?

No. 274602

Loona stans are slowly becoming the 2016 armys of the kpop community, they're everywhere and annoying. How can you stan a group and gloat about them so much when you know nothing about the members nor have heard their music before

No. 274612


No. 274614

kill me please.

No. 274616

OK but can anyone explain seriously what's appealing about this? Like why does this exist?

No. 274623

they probably enjoy bestiality porn

No. 274624

I don't think any sane person would think that's a good image for Loona fans. They just don't care.

No. 274626

See, I get the appeal of a cute person with animal ears and a tail. I can let that slide. What I don't get is their weird obsession with abuse, breeding and pregnancy. Just… Why

No. 274627

yea, that person isnt trying to make a good impression, they are being as purposefully inflammatory as possible.

i know people have all sorts of strange fetishes and generally i just ignore it, but ffs, you shouldnt involve a real living breathing person in it. these idols may be commodified but they are still human and should be treatest with respect

No. 274638

File: 1533128640238.jpg (128.79 KB, 900x599, DjgJYfzU8AEZ8tR.jpg large.jpg)

No. 274639

File: 1533128657859.jpg (60.98 KB, 311x410, beetlejuice-beetlejuice-the-mo…)

No. 274652

what the fuck is the deal with loona tho, how the hell do they have so many stans predebut

No. 274682


imagine fangirling over "joonie hitting it from the back" at 40 years old. I'm still baffled that so many people find him attractive.

Well they've been releasing content pretty steadily for the past 1/2 years. Even though loona has a lot of loud fans it feels like they don't have that many fans altogether.

No. 274722


They always look bored to death in their shows. Shitty performers if they can't even fake to be into it for couple minutes. Dancing is not just about doing the moves corrctly like a damn robot. But I guess their fanbase isnt' exactly looking at their faces anyway…

No. 274806

I have to talk about this. I cannot believe they are so shameless. Do they not realize what this would look like of they were a 40 yo man with 4 kids talking about a girl group member young enough to be his daughter like that? Do they not feel weird about this at all? These grown ass child-raising women thirsting over these young ass guys. I can't. These are women who read the same smutty fanfics their daughter reads, about the same members. Imagine thirsting over someone your daughter is thirsting over who is her age. Imagine knowing your mom reads smut about your bias.

No. 274882

i get maybe liking him for his rapping (overrated but hey its my opinion) but really this is sad

how does this work? loona has been releasing music for a while it feels like and garnering fans, will they be considered equal to other rookie groups who have only released like one song and then debuted in terms of awards when they finally do debut? that feels unfair

No. 274972

ARMYs are truly just as retarded as Taehyung.

On a side note, why do they need to hype the boys up for things they're clearly lacking in? First they constantly hyped up botched J-hope as hot; and spoiled, entitled Jimin as a smol uwu sweet baby, and now special needs V is a genius. It just makes the fact that they're over compensating the the members flaws glaringly obvious, just admit their ugly, dumb shitty people.

No. 275014

stigma is a terrible song too

No. 275072

Does anyone know / heard of the reddit called kpopfap? Its just a bunch of pics or gifs of dumbass guys oogling that a kpop girl showed a glimpse of her boob or butt. LMAO. its so pathetic

No. 275126

File: 1533199475371.gif (3.49 MB, 400x273, download.gif)

The Korean fans are catching on, while the international fans are still defending their queen


No. 275150

File: 1533205151418.png (Spoiler Image, 621.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-131356.png)


i want to die
pic related

No. 275152

File: 1533205190334.png (510.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-131527.png)


No. 275154

File: 1533205640264.png (436.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-132335.png)

pic dump

No. 275157

File: 1533205680803.png (385.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180802-132705.png)

someone drank the kool aid

No. 275161

and water is wet

No. 275163

this one specifically lol

searching "Taehyung is a genius" on twitter is going to be a new pastime, it's a gold mine.

are bts shippers as bad as eunhaes were yet?

No. 275165

Every time I watch one of those ship proof videos I always wonder the same thing… Do the people making these have any friends? Do I want to fuck the shit out of my friends when I'm looking at them with a big smile in their mind?

No. 275178

File: 1533208607275.jpg (31.42 KB, 576x566, IMG_20180726_192344.jpg)

Taehyung's voice is actual shit and I will never understand how his fans are hearing the complete opposite of what I'm hearing. I hear a 60 year old man who smokes 20 packs a day and they hear a God.

No. 275185

File: 1533208911140.png (16.23 KB, 578x145, Untitled.png)

why cant these people just admit they like a manufactured boy band because of their catchy songs and cute boys. why do they always have to delude themselves? i dont have a problem with people listening to kpop, its when they are so in denial about it that i find ridiculous.

No. 275195

I watched the exo episode of Knowing Brother and Jesus Christ. What the fuck did people see in these faggots all these years? I thought maybe their personalities made up for their lack of talent but they're so dull and not very bright. And what's the deal with the manlet with 70% of his face shaved off? So glad they're finally irrelevant now that there's better groups. I'm convinced the only reason they even made it was because of SM shilling and lack of competition back then.

No. 275199

you mean PANN is catching on which is irrelevant. Sana's fans are 90% young men and they love that shit and she knows it.

>non well-known songs
My sides

No. 275200

It’s especially funny because objectively speaking he’s the most skillful vocalist they have. Really puts the “””excellence””” of their artistry into perspective lol. BTS has one of the weakest vocal lines in Kpop.

No. 275213

>It’s especially funny because objectively speaking he’s the most skillful vocalist they have.
What do you mean by that? I don’t know much about proper singing technique but he’s pitchy and too breathy from what I’ve heard

No. 275216

Nta but despite his singing being garbage, at least Jin and Jimin's are considerably worse because bighit clearly doesn't think they need vocal lessons when they absolutely do

No. 275217

File: 1533214804278.jpg (264.86 KB, 719x1080, mf468V9C2Oc.jpg)

I somewhat like nct but my eyes bleed when I see Taeyong. How does he live like that? Doesn't it affect your health when you reduce your jawline and widen your eyes that much?

No. 275227

That's his jawline REDUCED? I thought he had some massive fillers. His eyes are scary. What the fuck is up with SM and plastic surgery, you'd think a company that big with a long history/experience with surgery would finally learn how to avoid bad surgeons and retarded unnecessary procedures. I feel bad for that yuta kid but famewhores deserve whatever they get.

No. 275230

i hate hearing people talking about vocal technique in kpop. no matter what they say it's always just wank to make their faves look good. they use vague terms like 'stable' whenever they feel like it, pick and choose when someone is straining and just insist any bad performance is because it's not in their range. the worst is the fake concern to cover up that they just don't like someone. "she has bad technique and is ruining her voice!! nodules!!" doesn't mean shit when you don't know what bad technique actually is. any singing can cause nodules if you sing too much. whitney houston, freddie mercury and adele all damaged their voices from singing too much. if only they were as stable as taehyung oppa
i thought taeyong was more or less natural and just weird looking? he looks way closer to his old photos than most of nct. and i thought that was the joke about him being jaejoong 2.0 when taeyong is natural and jaejoong's had his jaw, eyes and nose done multiple times

No. 275235

he only got his nose done imo. you plastic surgery fags are too much.

>Doesn't it affect your health

>widen your eyes

No. 275236

File: 1533218703330.jpg (85.85 KB, 1024x1024, 7afe6e2614b3.jpg)

yeah I just assumed it's shaved but looking at his old pictures it may be just his face

No. 275247

All of them are weak, I wasn’t saying he was good. Just better than the other 4.

This is an interesting read that really put BTS’ vocal line into perspective for me: https://kpopvocalanalysis.net/2016/08/04/bts-vocal-analysis-v/amp/
They’ve made analyses of Jungkook and Jimin too. Nice and critical but objective. I’m sure a few ratmys cried over those articles.

No. 275249

eye surgeries are likely fine unless they're clearly severely botched but i do wonder about the effects of jaw surgeries. anything else is probably fine unless your nose is too pinched or something, but hacking off your jaw might not last well. the oldest jaw work in kpop is only about 15 years old but it seems more common now

No. 275252

jaw surgeries happen outside of korea and have existed for a long time, anon.

No. 275254

completely unnecessary jaw surgeries are not that common and have not been happening for long enough to see long term effects the way you know what the long term results of excessive botox are. idols aren't going from huge jaws to normal sized ones, they're going from big/normal ones to tiny ones, that's extreme and uncommon enough to wonder how some of them are going to look in 20 years

No. 275255

because those are bad jaw surgeries, which isn't some idol epidemic. yoona, yuri, luna and wendy have bad jaw shaves but they aren't extreme, they are just badly done and look alarming because of it. the effects are going to be jowls when they age.

No. 275283

taehyung also sucked in hwarang, he can't act, sing, or really dance (and in wings era it was especially noticeable). granted, hwarang was already pretty bad, but still

can idols like joy stop getting cast in main leads when they suck at acting just because they're in a popular? all the "visual" actresses like iu, suzy, and yoona aren't that great either

No. 275284

popular group*

No. 275344

File: 1533243966485.jpg (26.74 KB, 500x750, tumblr_pctwipSnXx1s70o1po1_500…)


No. 275431

File: 1533247321391.gif (1.12 MB, 340x289, CADD7CD6-7786-4D4E-BEBE-91A440…)

He’s like an unattractive ryu junyeol

No. 275500

File: 1533249414221.jpg (64.63 KB, 610x378, bbfbb1bf223c6416e10b729ce55d79…)

List of the richest idols http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2018/08/dispatchs-list-of-idols-who-come-from.html?m=1

Mark GOT7
Tzuyu Twice
Chenle NCT
Umji Gfriend
Kyuhyun Suju
Nickhun 2PM
Sooyoung SNSD
Park Hyungshik ZEA
Siwon Suju

>jennie's family owns a porsche predebut, ppl said her mom owns a hospital. Lisa's father is world class chef… And Jisoo's dad works in entertainment company, even doniconi weekly idol know his father..

I don't get why Koreans think idols being from a rich family is something positive - imo that just confirms that they didn't get to debut because of talent or at least good looks.

No. 275546

File: 1533257394242.jpg (70.82 KB, 526x300, 1472171247329.jpg)

Are you a bot or what?

No. 275547

Sorry I forgot to sage.

No. 275552

still creepy, but not nearly as bad as those people who are editing (deepfaking? idk lol) pictures of kpop idols' faces onto porn vids now. id link examples but tbh id feel bad spreading that stuff its so invasive

No. 275843

>passion for the arts
>literally only knows one of the most famous painters in history

did a bighit intern come up with this basic art hoe persona for taehyung or is he such a mong that this is his idea of being a hipster

No. 275856


this post is deeper than bts lyrics

No. 275889

Maybe. Taehyung probably also knows other artists as well as photographers. I remember his fans getting pissed at him for posting his favorite photographer's work (Ryan McGinley) which was nude, and he promptly deleted it lmao

Tell them bitches to bend over, they sure as hell will, especially Jungkook who doesn't want to get his tattoos, stretched ears, piercings, and baggy ass pants anymore all bc his "fans" said so.

But, the only member who doesn't give a shit about what the fans think is Taehyung. I believe he said something on Vlive close to that, which makes me wonder if he's still putting on a persona like the other members.

No. 275895

most of the comments were bashing them…
and idol music has nothing to do with talent and koreans know that. its literally meant for teens and uncle/auntie fans to become obsessed with

No. 275904

Ryan McGinley isn't some underground artiste. He's basically a celebrity photographer at this point.

>the only member who doesn't give a shit about what the fans think is Taehyung

Taehyung does the most fanservice, hello?

No. 275911

Ik he isn't some underground artiste. I was just highlighting the fact his fans started bitching.

And you clearly forgot Jimin existed lmao

When it comes to fan service the whole group does it. I wasn't saying Taehyung doesn't do it. He just doesn't suck his fan's dick when it comes to his physical appearance and the shit he likes.

No. 275914

from some ET article:

What do each of you love about yourselves?

Jin: I love my face and how it looks, which I appreciate very much.

Jimin: I love my attitude towards work and tendency for perfection.

V: My newly discovered talent to shoot great photos.

No. 275917

I remember his fans calling Taehyung 'Vante' because he's so gifted (kek) and then he had the audacity to correct them: they should use the name his father gave him because muh family pride…

No. 275919

File: 1533323374481.png (194.58 KB, 500x484, tumblr_pax6coA2OM1w41ruro1_500…)

sage for stupidity but this pic gave me a giggle and reminded me of this

No. 275935

File: 1533327931252.jpeg (86.59 KB, 430x855, 212DE853-3DC3-4709-8547-7FD854…)

Daaaamn CL got fat

No. 275936

File: 1533328023704.jpeg (102.38 KB, 530x834, D11AA9B6-E905-4129-960A-4FE450…)

No. 275938

she's gained the weight of an entire blackpink member in just a few months. i get the kpop fans perceptions of a good weight are completely messed up but that definitely seems like a shocking gain in such a short time

No. 275941

Anorexia probably fucked her metabolism

No. 275942

File: 1533328627343.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

underrated post

No. 275971

This is true, there was a period where a bunch of kfans dropped him because he was gaining weight and he was going on about "loving his baby belly"

No. 275973

He came up with that name and tagged his pictures as Vante

No. 275984

File: 1533336153941.jpeg (84.63 KB, 530x823, 8F72F975-3881-4DD8-8549-48C95E…)

CL more like XXL

No. 275993

I was surprised when I found out Taehyung and Jungkook are the most popular ones in BTS. How was Taehyung chosen as the most handsome man in some list? I think both of them are average looking and they don't have any charming traits whatsoever. The only kind of attractive thing Taehyung seems to have is his deep voice, but he can't sing either

Jungkook looks too boyish it's creepy? Why do they push the cringy uwu smol baby maknae shit so far? It doesn't do any good to his babyface. His singing is fine but he has such a forgettable and undistunguishable voice, nothing special. Every song he touches sounds super generic too (Begin, Euphoria, Magic Shop). He's a fan of Justin Bieber too. People think Jungkook is the one that would do the best as a solo singer, but I think his solo music would flop hard. It woud be some Chainsmokers sounding generic shit.

No. 275994

Because that "list" is some video some random nugu YouTuber makes and for some reason kpop fans took notice so now he panders to them for views

No. 275997

Maybe it’s reaching, but I wonder if CL has a weight gain clause in her contract and this is the easiest way for her to escape YGE shackles.

No. 275998

They're all obsessed with Bieber, idk why, the Chinese as well. I get that in China google, youtube, etc. got blocked in 2010s, so maybe it was the last western celebrity that they really heard of but what's up with Koreans? He doesn't even release anything anymore but they still go crazy over him.

No. 275999

probably not but itd be funny, i remember her liking or rting a joke about escaping yg lmao

everyone in bts is ugly to me. you think jungkook would flop when jhope's garbage album mixtape thing (idk or really care) did so well?

No. 276006

It's so fucked cos whilst Jungkook wants to portray manly and muscular look his company won't let him do it and actively stops him from working out and gaining weight bc his fandom lives for the fact he's a twink with abs that are barely visible.

No. 276009

ngl i want him to get drafted so he can bulk up lol

No. 276041

Imagine all the stretch marks…

No. 276059

I don't hate Taehyung and Jungkook, but I think their fans overhype them and I don't understand why their company markets them the way they do.

He's not a bad performer, but I don't think his solo work will get attention outside the BTS fandom unless he comes up with original and interesting songs. I guess the next mixtape will be Jungkook's, so we'll see.

No. 276133

Wow, I didn't expect this, she's been posting on her insta recently and she seemed fine. She's starring in an upcoming movie, this is like the worst timing

No. 276494

blackpink fans really never stop whining do they? how has it not gotten through to them that ikon get more comebacks because ikon has multiple members who produce and write their own music while blackpink just get handed designer clothes. "i stan every girl group!" fans really lose their shit anytime a boygroup do well

No. 276581

File: 1533494241797.jpeg (934.38 KB, 1242x1284, FF825A25-56BC-405E-8B5B-DBB383…)

She looks horrible

No. 276593

I have more of a problem with her fashion than her weight. She's still wearing tacky and unflattering clothes on-stage after all of these years.

No. 276595

it's probably because she went to US.

i can't wait for her new single hello pizzas.

No. 276600

2ne1 reunion tracklist:
1. Fire (up the oven for some pizzas)
2. It Hurts (Ate too much version) 3. I Am the Best (At competitive eating)

No. 276623


You wish that were the case. YG is a shit company and the worst thing about him is that he's a fucking misogynist. He could care less about Blackpink (which he does) and doesn't realize that they could actually hit it big all because they're females.

Ikon is a shit group with shit music. At least Blackpink's music has potential and is listenable, even if they dont produce their own shit.

I don't really care for either groups, but I do have a burning hatred for YG. The only reason they're whining is bc Blackpink was formed by a fucking idiot misogynist who doesn't realize the shit ton of money they could make.

When it comes to Kpop no one bats an eye at girl groups and if they do it doesn't last very long. And, that's where Blackpink could have been different.

No. 276626

Uhm, for most people the 1st group that got them into kpop is snsd? And now twice is super big; yg is horrible, but nobody caring about girl groups is simply not true.

No. 276632

you need to self manage to get work in yg. blackpink make bank doing photoshoots constantly and are already getting concerts, 3 of the 4 members are getting pushed hard to become known as individuals but none of them really talk about wanting to write/produce more. winner and ikon are known for being heavily involved in writing and producing and wouldnt have been given extra chances at promo if each group hadn't had one of the most popular songs of 2017 and 2018 with really really and love scenario. seungri's been under yg for over a decade and still needs to be very involved in organising his solo work alone because otherwise it would fall through

No. 276633

thinking that any idols actually write and produce their shit. lol

No. 276634

>most people
Maybe if this was years ago. A lot of Kpop fans are only familiar with the third wave acts nowadays.

I get your point, though, but I don’t think it invalidates what the other anon is saying. Girl groups tend to have more general public appeal (like hitting digital sales or Korean streaming points) if you compare midtier or rookie girl groups to other midtier/rookie boy groups. But even mid-tier boy groups can get rabid fanbases that will support them for fucking years, if not decades. Most girl groups are lucky to age out by the time they’re past their mid-twenties, which is only if they’ve got a primarily female fanbase. It’s like girl groups have more listeners but less wholly dedicated fans than boy groups do (unless we’re talking about extreme cases like SNSD, Twice, EXO, BTS).

Boy groups do tend to dominate most western Kpop discussion (not surprisingly, considering most Kpop fans seem to be straight women), so it’s not surprising people get the impression girl groups are left to the wayside.

>BP getting concerts
The setlist must be 60% covers or some shit.

No. 276660

Some of them do. It's almost never good, but they do it none the less.

No. 276662

You say this like it's just YG lol, SM treats females like shit as well (JYP probs does too but i know fuck all about twice/wg so i wont say anything). Look at how Jessica was treated

No. 276677

its not hard to get writing credits either. Pretty sure you can change one word in a line and by credited as a lyricist

No. 276685

I'm not stupid. Ik other companies are like that too, esp the "big 3". A lot of Koreans in general are either very misogynistic or sexist or both, and it's very apparent in their music industry.

No. 276701

Has anyone heard the most recent Red Velvet song? The teaser sounds awful.

Didn’t blackpink just finish promoting their most recent comeback? I can’t see why they’d be complaining already. And YG needs to stop depending on Teddy so much.

No. 276704

We dont even know what really happened with Jessica, so cant say shes a good example. You are correct in that its not just YG though. The Korean entertainment culture is vile. I think its safe to assume all idols have been mistreated in some ways. Some to a greater extent than others. Everyone has to pay their dues. I think the only ones that go relatively unscathed are the nepotism kids. Im waiting for one of the many non Korean idols to write a tell all and expose everything, because Koreans living in Korea cant without fear of arrest. I always thought it was going to be Bekah based on some of the stuff I heard way back in the day about her. Alas, still hasnt happened.

No. 276705

*arrests or lawsuits
Both are not worth the risk for many Koreans.

No. 276708

JYP can be a bit of a creep sometimes but he seems to prioritize his girl groups over boy groups. He promoted Wonder Girls in the US before K-pop even made it here. Some of his songs are faux empowerment BS "girl power" feminism (I Don't Need a Man and Very Very Very) but for Korea that seems pretty big. Sage for positivity

No. 276736

I'm not talking about her getting kicked out/whatever happened though. I meant how she was treated like shit by people working at SM, I'll try to find the clip of it.

On second thought, yeah I agree and take back what I said. SM is less misogynistic and more just shitty to everyone, though especially foreign idols and girls

No. 276824


J-hope has his own apartment the he bought a while back so do you think they all live separately and just stay at the shared one often enough to keep up the facade that they still live together?

No. 276829

i think usually groups that have their own places just stay at the dorms if they have really early/packed schedules the next day. even if they stay at the dorm most of the time it's best to lock down somewhere to stay before the money starts to dry up and there's a dating scandal or someone says they quite like japan. bighit's going to stop paying dispatch off eventually

No. 276851

Yeah I figured most groups would stay at the dorms when convenient but they don't try to tell everyone that they live together, like BTS does. BTS and their fans push the bff angle nonstop, and act like they can't bare to not spend every waking moment together. So J-hope's apartment seem strange for the narrative they push.
But yeah your probably right, he's probably just locking down a place for when BTS's fame finally ends.

>Bighit's going to stop pay dispatch off eventually

It's super obvious dispatch has dirt on BTS, with all the exclusive content they get. What kind of scandal do you think it could be?

No. 276886

>It's super obvious dispatch has dirt on BTS, with all the exclusive content they get. What kind of scandal do you think it could be?

I hope it's a wake up call that destroys army's distorted view of them. Like them fighting, dating someone or being sexist/racist cunts.

No. 276896

The only thing huge enough to even put i-fans off would be either rape or drunk driving (plus points if it's one of their innocent maknae line kek) - everything else is something they just need to get 'educated' on.

No. 276908

bullying would be a big one too. it would shatter the image that >>276851 mentioned, which is a huuuuge part of the appeal for i-fans.

No. 276916

>bullying rumours can destroy a group's image completely, it made t-ara collapse everywhere except in china and i think it's a big part of ikon not having a big western fanbase.
>drunk driving's bigger in korea i've noticed, kim jaejoong's was in 2005 and the top comments on articles about him are usually still about that.
>rape would be huge but legally they'd 90% likely get off regardless of if it was true or not, obviously, so if fans wanted to believe it wasn't true then they could just point to them being cleared of all charged
>they've had plenty of sexist/racist moments, so it would have to be really bad to cause any commotion
>snapping at sasaengs maybe? some idols get sympathy for it, others don't because they're being mean to fans

that isn't just for bts, obviously. any group that's really big gets away with pretty much anything. dating 'scandals' are really just about WHO you date. dating an idol with a cutesy wholesome image =/= dating a respected actress =/= dating a jav idol

No. 276919

if suga was dating a cutesy idol, it would ruin his brand but imo he was/is dating suran and i dont think armys would care too much tbh

No. 276994

I don't think it would be bullying, at least not as bad as T-ara's scandal was, where one member was being bullied by the rest. Usually even on camera and acting you'll see indications of who's not the biggest fan of each other, since most people don't control their facial expressions 100% of the time. You would definitely see side-eyes and underhand comments on occasions (unless their very good actor and very mindful of themselves) which I haven't ever noticed.

No. 277005

I used to be super into kpop groups and LIVED for the rumors about group members hating eachother.
I can remember there were plenty of "receipts" for that shit, and most of the groups survived and it wasnt a big deal so you're correct.

No. 277006

its pretty clear that taehyung doesn't really get along with jin and yoongi, but i'm not sure if bullying is involved
if it was, the fandom would impplode

No. 277007

any evidence?
im a bad person for desperately wanting shit like this to be real, its not like i actually have anything against the members or want them to be miserable, but the milk that would flow forth from the fandom if anything came out would feed me for years honestly.

No. 277011

it's obvious yoongi finds tae to be fucking annoying lol he doesn't hide it but their fans are too deluded to notice i guess. but hey at least bts is aware of it because they did that fanservice in bon voyage to distract armys

No. 277016

I noticed that a lot, but this year it seems like they started to make up things. Also it's not a secret to the fans, everybody knows they are completely opposites and their relationship was shit, they always talked about it very openly (that's why the bvy thing) Idk about his beef with Jin, I don't feel like they dislike each other like Suga.

I also noticed something about Jin in the early years that put me off a lot. It seemed like it was "BTS" and then there was him. It didn't seemed like he was part of the group: when they were doing something and laughing he was just watching from behind with an awkward smile or completely silent. I really thought he would leave soon. But look at him now, he pretty much gets along well with everybody or at least tries to because he realized that he was doing something wrong. Probably one of the reasons why the Jin/V problem is more subtle.

Bighit always had that police of encouraging a good relationship in BTS as part of their strategy marketing but I can't wait until some fucked up drama shows up.

No. 277021

>I can't wait till some fucked up drama shows up
Oh I know! And the milk will be so much sweeter if it comes out at the peak of their careers. I'm going to be disappointed if it comes out to be nothing more than a dating scandal

No. 277024

The whole Yoongi and Tae holding hands when they're upset situation had me laughing my ass off bc armys ate that shit up and now think they're in love~

Like…it's so fucking obvious they've got beef with each other and the age hierarchy and the fact that they're complete opposites clearly doesn't make anything any better, except for Bighit constantly doing a shit ton of damage control.

God, I can't wait for the day something slips and armys break their necks.

I remember their first ever girl group Glam had this super huge scandal where one or two of the members got locked up. BigHit most likely learned from their mistake by deciding to not have any girl trainees lmaooo but even so eventually a BTS scandal will occur with their rising popularity and BigHit won't do shit bc by that time BTS will end up like 1D and a new group will show up

No. 277025

i can see them having a drug scandal, or something happening during enlistment that will make kfans hate them

No. 277027

Bighit just doesn't know how to choose trainees. Like 2 of the Glamm members got arrested for blackmail. Quite a few of the original BTS line up got arrested for drug charges a couple years ago, and one was accused of violently assulting his girlfriend and then wrote a song about rape fantasies.

Do you have any reason for the drug scandal? I could see it being one as well but I think for no other reason than me wanting the drama

No. 277029

i hope that little shit jimin gets what's coming to him

No. 277030

bts's concept before they got ~deep was essentially date rape yet no one discusses it. i checked them out when they were starting to get super popular and was disgusted by songs like war of hormone, danger and boy in luv. of course koreans wouldn't be shocked by the blatant misogyny but i found it shocking how they managed to pick up so much steam with international fans who should know better.

No. 277099

I'm not sure where it comes from but there's this rumor going around that BTS' comeback will be controversial? Their fans think they might make a song about racism, LGBT or the Korean government

No. 277118

Their shitty little sjw fans wish they would do something like that. The next comeback will be nothing but shallow shit as always so it can appeal to a wider audience.

No. 277133

Exactly, why would they want to risk their popularity? Their fans are grasping at every chance to call them woke or whatever when in reality they had misogynistic songs and may be as conservative irl as any random Korean person. It's not like bighit lets them make creative decisions, from what I've seen the agency is doing everything to earn as much money as possible. I see it with every kpop group, one member says something remotely "woke" and int fans proclaim him a messiah who's going to revolutionize the whole industry. Nobody cares about that shit in Korea.

No. 277209

File: 1533655569559.gif (987.83 KB, 275x192, 1532889256616.gif)

>doing anything else but dEeP songs like "Did you see my bag"

No. 277214

File: 1533655786322.png (214.55 KB, 951x503, sc.png)

After 2 years of hype Loona's debut song and video is boring af. It seems like the company either got lazy or ran out of money, the video is so bland and the school girl outfits don't match the song and the background. Blockberry probably thought that people would take their laziness as art or something. I don't get why they are pushing Heejin to be the main face, vocals and dancer her voice isn't special and she looks like plastic surgery addict ajumma, crazy to think that she's 17 and she's already had everything done, she looks really off like a robot sex doll. Poor Vivi she barely got any lines and screen time, I love her pink hair. The only thing the company did right was keeping their hair colors tbh I don't think anyone can really distinguish them apart from each other since there are so many memembers.

No. 277228

there isn't very much notable about any of the members at all, that's why they're given edgy stage names and assigned everything from animals to colours and a backstory. they're really pushing the limit on just how manufactured a group can be

No. 277236

Honestly the majority of idols post 2014 or so all look so plastic you almost cant tell them apart. Hell even Apink and AOA are starting to morph into the same person.

No. 277243

I liked Love4eva more than this, and it's saying much

No. 277249

I just finished watching their debut music video and I agree there’s a noticeable drop in quality compared to their pre-debut releases. The song’s awful too. I guess their company’s starting to run out of money.

I also think LOONA’s international fanbase (which they’re riding off of) is just loud rather than big. Their pre-debut releases have never gone past five million views on YouTube and this one hasn’t even hit a million yet. Other non-music-related videos on their channel usually don’t break 100k views despite being short and having English subtitles kek Their company really gambled hard by spending so much money and pandering to international fans … and it might not even pay off.

No. 277254

>I guess their company’s starting to run out of money.

this just… isn't possible. critique the song all you want but blockberry is basically a money laundering scheme. they can sink millions into loona and money will never be a concern. i'm slightly disappointed in the video and song but only because their predebut stuff was leagues above anything else in k-pop right now. inb4 "this is the anti thread!!"

No. 277255

I love the mv tbh! Most kpop mvs are a bit too much whereas this one is simple and effective. The song on the otherhand…

No. 277261

>2 of the Glamm members got arrested for blackmail. Quite a few of the original BTS line up got arrested for drug charges a couple years ago, and one was accused of violently assulting his girlfriend and then wrote a song about rape fantasies.
Could you please list them? Especially curious about the blackmail + the dude violently assaulting his girlfriend? Names? Articles? Consequences beyond not debuting/flopping?

This is a lot more interesting than the meaningless """problematic""" shit like Taeyong calling a girl fat once 10 years ago

No. 277277

File: 1533663910240.jpg (24.63 KB, 288x297, 3749053jfdis384.jpg)

You can't spell busted without BTS

No. 277281

I honestly can't tell who that is…?

No. 277282

its jungkook. he looks like a tangerine. some armys on my twitter timeline were being majorly buttmad about the fact that some girl tweeted that he looks like a pedophile in that photo. she has a point lmao

No. 277283

Lmao where is this from?

Pretty sure it's Jungkook.

No. 277284

File: 1533665062683.jpg (23.08 KB, 620x350, jamesholmes.jpg)

getting these vibes from him tbh

No. 277286


BTS official twitter retweeted this halsey tweet

No. 277289

File: 1533665406756.jpg (191.33 KB, 1080x920, Dj-uQSiXoAAaazg.jpg)

Damn they look busted and Halsey could pass for a troon. Why would anyone tweet such a shit picture;..

No. 277290

File: 1533665435105.jpg (150.42 KB, 690x582, 588392dklnsf777.jpg)

Halsey famewhored all the way to Seoul for a picture with them. Took me a second to figure out which one the carrot top was too

Can anyone explain why idols are always wearing these face masks?

No. 277293

A. because they are scared of catching illnesses from non koreans
or B. hiding plastic surgeries

No. 277295

File: 1533666206048.jpg (83.06 KB, 564x902, 22c256753a6a623f2c6b29d9e98f64…)

To hide their makeup-free face, pimples and stubbles. It's also a fashion accessory since they'll wear it even when they're fully dressed up.

No. 277321

BTS are so average looking, it must be great to be one of their fans because all you have to do is go to korea and use tinder to find hundreds of other fuckboys with busted faces and wannabe try hard styles.

No. 277327

J-Hope deadass looks like an Asian grandma

No. 277329

truly is there an uglier male idol than j-hope out there?

No. 277332

File: 1533670127398.jpg (185.49 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault-10.jpg)

Jhope kinda looks like kim young chul in this one

No. 277334

LMAO jungkook looks like ron weasley

No. 277341

Here's an article for the Glam member arrest, this happen while they were active and lead to them disbanding

One of their first members was also a sasaeng fan of Super Junior's Leeteuk but was kicked out once it came out

The former BTS trainee that got arrested for drug use was Iron, Kidoh and i11evn. It happened in early 2016 so it was after they were done being bighit trainees but might've still been associated with RM since they were all part of a rap crew pre-debut, that RM was still shouting out in the 'dark and wild' era, called DNH. I can't find much about it though other than fansites.
Iron was the one who assulted his girlfriend, which was reported in early 2017.

No. 277343

Also sorry for double posting but here's a song that Iron made in 2016 that features Kidoh and was produced by Supreme Boi, who is heavily associated with BTS and is friends with at least the rap line.

No. 277348

>the very first line
you fucking wat m8

the rest of the lyrics are equally disgusting but… jesus what a start lol

No. 277350

Anyone know where Jin is? He always felt like the odd one out of the group and photos like this kinda emphasize it.

No. 277354

For anyone who haven't listened to expensive girl yet.
It's so cringe and funny I end up with tears in my eyes every time.

No. 277362

>when you lose your virginity to an escort

No. 277369

File: 1533673282485.jpg (53.91 KB, 800x804, a6cfd3a95b00c547fc480bcb84c6f0…)

holy shit anon thank you, ive never heard this before

>1, 2, 3, GURL

>just take it off GURL im a master with your bra
>imma beat the pussy like you never ever felt before

my sides

the absolute state of armys thinking this man is some kind of rap scene god
no fucking wonder he sold out

No. 277379

File: 1533673803784.jpg (67.18 KB, 800x533, beautiful-young-woman-laptop-c…)

comedy gold

> I can help you slide those panties off

Also, wtf does

> we gonna double your heart great form lady

even mean?

No. 277384

tag urself i'm the the "in out, out in o-out" bits in the background

No. 277389

some armys think he’s filming the mv for the intro of ly answer but no one knows for sure

No. 277395

jesus christ how horrifying.
he seems like the type to visit escorts a lot, tbh.

No. 277396

File: 1533674977932.jpg (82.27 KB, 1024x979, IMG_20180807_051212.jpg)

I wouldn't be shocked if Halsey was hooking up with Namjoon, the only fluent English speaker in the group. Not only that, but pseudo-intellectuals are practically made for each other.

No. 277404

halsey does have a thing for guys who rap that aren't black

No. 277424

She does get hyped hard, but Heejin IS the main face, considering she did the best on Mix9 and just landed an LG commercial.

The shared screen and vocal time is fucked, though. Haseul, Yeojin, Vivi, and Hyunjin got so little focus—that’s 1/3rd of the group being left to the wayside.

Supposedly this isn’t the title track, which explains the bare MV, but the uniforms make it look all the more cheaper. They’re so ill fitting on the girls that aren’t stick-thin and a lot of the choreo just looks uncomfortable with the schoolgirl uniforms.

No. 277443

to be fair, it’s hard to make line distribution fair in a group with 12 people, and not every voice fits the type of song

No. 277455

LOL she used to sleep with everyone back in Australia.

BTS is all about virgins so this should be fun if tru

No. 277461

File: 1533677959212.png (733.35 KB, 538x627, 1.png)

the fuck

No. 277498

A Halsey and BTS collaboration somewhere along the future would be unsurprising. Both have a history of peddling fake-deep ~*woke*~ concepts and acting like they're rEaL aRtIsTs when they're bland, corporate-controlled pop acts.

No. 277506

Maybe that butterball from super junior?

No. 277512

Hyungwon from Monsta X is pretty busted looking too, but at least he's funny

No. 277538

I wonder how that would turn out. I can imagine all the sjw saesangs having a field day with it.

No. 277542

inb4 daesung
i honestly dont think he's bad looking though he just has darker skin and small eyes, but everyone else seems to think he's fug

No. 277543

Like half of super junior. I never found eunhyuk attractive ever. Same for ryeowook.

No. 277555

At least Daesung's got a nice bod to counter his face. J-hope is straight-up a twig and has a cartoon-ish face.

No. 277560

File: 1533698964284.jpg (46.86 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

hes great

No. 277561

nah i still think j-hope is uglier than all of them. at least the super junior guys look relatively surgery-free, just a bit unfortunate. the tubbo isn't unattractive facially. j-hope just looks botched, like his whole face was reconstructed. whoever said he and nayeon must have the same surgeon was spot on. he is probably the only member of bts who is exceptionally talented at something though

i stan

No. 277651

While J-hope looks like a botched plastic monster, imo, he's still not the ugliest one in BTS. Jimins gross doughy face and disgusting lips got him beat.

No. 277705

File: 1533736482356.jpg (157.87 KB, 1500x1000, 1_3.jpg)

He used to look a bit better, it feels like he alters his nose every year because it looks worse and worse. To me it's his personality that makes the whole bts unbearable, he and Taehyung do embarrassing shit constantly, Jin is awkward, Namjoon is awkward, everything's awkward.

No. 277770

File: 1533742924854.jpg (190.34 KB, 909x960, IMG_20180808_112614.jpg)

Holy shit. I'm terrible at identify plastic surgery but seeing an old pic of him makes his shitty nose job super obvious. He's going to look like Michael Jackson in a few years. How do ARMYs still believe they're ps free?

>To me it's his personality that makes the whole bts unbearable

I wouldn't say he's embarrassing on the level V is but he is disgustingly smug about everything. While half of BTS is spoiled, entitled brats and the other half is socially inept, borderline autist, J-hope comes off as a true, genuine asshole.
I remember once, He quit doing vlives for the longest time just because fans asked about the other members while he was on.

No. 277777

> I remember once, He quit doing vlives for the longest time just because fans asked about the other members while he was on.
Huh, I remember this. I hadn’t watched their V-lives in forever but stan Twitter was blowing up with all the enraged ARMYs who wrote rants upon rants about how it was hurting his self-confidence, how he was soooo overlooked and taken for granted despite working soooo hard, how ungrateful the fans who dared ask about other members were, etc. When they announced he would finally be doing another one by himself, it all blew up again about how no one should dare so much as mention another member in the comments.

He’s a grown ass man from a group with literally millions of fans worldwide. What’s with ARMYs acting like their oppars can’t even wipe their own asses without help? It’s ridiculous and borderline offending.

No. 277786

Wew even his cheekbones look plastic now and he already had pretty nice ones…

No. 277791

File: 1533744299773.jpg (108.76 KB, 1024x768, bi20knpZr1wi9otlo1_1280.jpg)

He's on his way to get a serious MJ nose.

No. 277831

This nose wouldn't look good even on a woman. And yet you see ARMYs not only screeching that his nose is natural, but also that he's got the ~perfect nose~

No. 277912

does anybody think that sm will actually go through with the rotational thing for nct? i just don't see rotational groups working well in kpop, and this will be sm's third admitted attempt at a rotational boygroup. dbsk were going to have jaejoong removed in 2005 and replaced with a chinese boy so they could promote in china, fans had a huge backlash and it was cancelled, they promoted in japan instead and signed those hell contracts so nobody would be kicked out again. super junior was originally a rotational group, and that's why people like shindong got to debut, because the concept was that it would just be a starting point for anyone who wanted to mc or act. there was backlash against them removing members, sm cancelled the rotation thing and added another vocalist (kyuhyun) in 2006 and that was it.

they're up to 18 members right now and most of them are useless until the make new subunits to promote in china etc. so i think sm is going to crack again and not remove anyone. there's a new ceo now compared to 05/06 but even if nct aren't popular, the fanbase is likely going to protect against them removing members if they aren't promised a good solo career. rotational groups just aren't a good idea for a kpop group and i hate that they pop up every so often

No. 277927

not an answer to your question but it made me so mad when i saw some of their performances, liked the song and certain members and then discovered that i won't be seeing them in most other videos. i'm still angry to this day

No. 277940

Anyone else losing interest in k-pop? I barely come to this thread now. Having kpooper friends is becoming unbearable now.

No. 277952

I'm sort of the opposite, I wanted to get in to kpop because I do like fandoms and the whole concept of the groups seems fun, but once I actually looked in to it the idol culture and fandoms were so toxic and the groups were too manufacturered and fake. I still keep up with like 2 groups though, so I like to visit this tread because nowhere else talks about the negatives

No. 277960

I am. I think it has to do with me getting older and becoming more aware of the toxic sides of K-pop. I still enjoy listening to some K-pop/Korean songs but am not invested in fan-related stuff as I used to be.

No. 277962

I got into k-pop last year and I just don’t think the new groups are very exciting. I spent a few months getting up to speed and was obsessed, then the groups I thought I stanned for had actual comebacks and I lost interest. I get more out of the 2nd generation stuff and wish I had been around when SNSD, 2NE1 and T-ARA were big. LOONA was kind of my last hope but they dropped the ball big time with their latest single. I can’t get into boy groups so I don’t know if it’s any different for their fans but I feel like the time to be a k-pop fan has come and gone.

No. 278002

Depends on what you mean. It looks like they're not actually kicking members out, just moving them to other subunits. That'll be it's own problem in the longrun (i.e. in dream, the group that relies on this rotation system the most since they're supposed to graduate after they hit 18, when Jaemin, Jeno, and Jisung rotate out they'll have nowhere to go but nct u or nct deadweight, population: kun and basically yuta, winwin, taeil, and johnny at this point) but it should work better.

Sad that Kun's ONLY role in the group is literal babysitter up until nct china debuts. He looked so tired in that cooking V live w/ the dreamies where Chenle kept fucking everything up and they made another fat joke about him kek poor bitch

No. 278009

I've listened to kpop since forever but the only group I ever followed closely was SNSD. I'm ashamed to say reading this thread is making me slightly interested in BTS.

Can anyone direct me towards any interesting shit about Jungkook? Is he also a fuckboy?

No. 278012

he's the visual of the of the socially inept line

No. 278013

it's hard to figure out their real personalities because each member has an obnoxious "persona". jungkook's is that he's shy with girls (lol)

No. 278034

>Socially inept line
Ah, yes, the socially inept line, my favorite line, featuring: V, the autist who doesn't know how to act; Jungkook, the mentally stunted 22yo, who doesn't know how to make friends; RM, the social awkward try hard; and the ugliest one of all, Jin, the obnoxious fuckhead, who doesn't realize that he's not funny.

Kek, real talk tho, for an idol group, BTS really is filled with alot of awkward weird guys.
Why anybody would stan them, the world may never know

It wouldn't surprise me if he really was shy with girls (and everyone else) I heard he didn't start making friends outside of BTS until recently. If that's true then he's probably only been with paid escorts.

No. 278035

>I heard
yea, you heard. meaning someone was told to say that.

No. 278041

Some else in one of the threads is the one who said he didn't have any friends outside of BTS, which is where I heard (or technically read) it from, and where they got that from I have no idea.

No. 278045

anyone know of other "anti-kpop" forums/imageboards/etc.? this one is a little slow and i like reading other perspectives on kpop that isn't just kissing their uwu idols asses all the time

No. 278046

The only other one I know of is an illuminati one, kek they occasionally had good milk, surprisingly, but it wasn't worth digging through the conspiracies and weird religious stuff, unless you like that type of stuff. They had BTS centered one and a more Kpop general one

No. 278050

oh hey i know this forum too! i stumbled across it completely by accident. unfortunately the milky content was lost among pages and pages of extremely detailed kpop video analysis about satanic symbolism

No. 278053

I know! I remember somebody posting a video of Yoongi, in the background of a video when they were back stage, where a staff member was pushing in a chair that wasn't being used and in the way and Yoongi comes up and jerks it out of her hand to sit in it. I wanted to post it here but I can't find it again.

No. 278057

Whats the name of it?

No. 278066

I was around then and it was definitely milker and more fun. Lots more scandal. Lots of cool different music. Idol variety was amazing. I was an Afterschool, 9Muses, T-ara SNSD and Crayon Pop fan. All of those groups are basically dead so I started to get bored. It became not so fun for me anymore. Its just not the same. Im 29 now and started listening in 2011. Lots has changed since then.

No. 278067

vigilant citizen forum. its pretty wild, they all think they are under love spells because they fancy idols and that idols' hair colour signifies what reprogramming they are going through today, and that bts sold their souls for their success, which is of course true but only in the metaphorical sense lol

No. 278070

holy shit, ya'll really weren't lying, they really are deep into the occult theories, it's kind of insane but an interesting take

No. 278085

It’s the sub-groups (NCT 127, U and Dream thus far) that are rotational, not the group itself. It’s confusing and seems kind of pointless since they change concepts for all the sub-units all the time anyway so it would make more sense to just create new ones for different concepts but it is what it is. (Dream makes sense though since they’re supposed to be the youthful and childlike group it would be pretty weird if all members stayed forever and we’d eventually have a 25yo in a sailor suit performing songs like Chewing Gum lol)

I originally thought 127 wasn’t rotational but members like Doyoung and Johnny that were introduced after it was formed were added to the line-up, so.

No. 278088

127 is not rotational, but they add new members.

Speaking of, there was a rumor floating around a few weeks ago about Jungwoo joining 127… Lil fucked up if true. rip in piss in advance, 6/9 of the members.

No. 278099

Idol variety back in 2009~2012 was so good because you had so many shows that would feature people from different groups all in one place. You’d get shinee members, ft island members, snsd, tara, ft island all doing the same shows together. You’ll never see blackpink, bts, seventeen, girlfriend, etc all together in one show. And I feel like there was more variety of boygroups and girlgroups without a majority of them being unknown groups with tiny followings. There were more stage ‘costumes’ so to speak and less normalfag clothes on stage (if they were normal clothes, they would be recognizable outfits that would repeat like 2ne1s or shinees clothes, and things like the gee skinny jeans, etc)

Also Stan Twitter wasnt really a thing yet, just random forums and then tumblr later on. SM concerts in LA were the only kpop action we got, and snsd performing on David letterman was mind blowing.

Maybe im just super nostalgic but maaaan those were some fun times

No. 278109

File: 1533806874464.jpeg (125.93 KB, 960x1200, D11436E3-9167-463D-BF25-186ED2…)

Aren’t Taeyong, Mark and the vocal line (Taeil/Doyoung/Jaehyun) the only 127 members who have lines anyway?

Johnny and Winwin literally never having any lines ever has become a meme. Winwin’s been in sooo many comebacks yet he’s never had a single line. Him having lines in NCT China should be a given but based on evidence you really can’t be sure. Poor kid.

No. 278118

File: 1533810717652.jpg (95.43 KB, 960x1200, DWAMWeMV4AEweZd.jpg)

yeah, and jw is on par with everyone in the vocal line sans doyoung, outcutes everyone in 127, and he goes ham on the gay fanservice too, occasionally to the point where it makes the others visibly uncomfortable. him joining will throw any remaining hope for the members who rarely get lines to get more out the window.

>Winwin’s been in sooo many comebacks yet he’s never had a single line

alexa play despacito. what does he even do? is he a rapper?

No. 278122

Would you guys be up for creating a LJ one? I feel like LJ comms make for really good gossip communities. You can't do anything on tumblr without getting taken down and reddit is garbge.

No. 278131

He's definitely not the super shy, scared of girls guy that army think he is but it looks like she was sat next to him not on his lap.
He seems extremely socially awkward, tho, he couldn't even look at a girl in the eyes during american hustle life and he wouldn't even talk to them while the rest of BTS would.

No. 278132

You might be right, but why did he push her?

No. 278134

What did the post you replied to say?

No. 278139

Oh whoa, these people are… not entirely ok are they
Scary how many of them there are

No. 278140

Might be a good idea, anon.

No. 278141

Winwin has trained traditional Chinese dance and ballet IIRC so people had hopes he would be the next Victoria. The fact that he doesn’t even get center time despite clearly having potential pisses me off; that pathetic, literal fraction-of-a-second he got as center towards the end of Boss was like a mockery towards his fans.

I don’t understand why SM even bothers debuting Chinese members when they get 0 chance to shine and are treated like shit by the choreographers. I prefer watching their relay dances over the MVs/live performances specifically for that reason. (Renjun and Chenle seem to be treated slightly better in that regard but Renjun is ethnically [North] Korean and Chenle has billionare parents.)

No. 278169

File: 1533826605256.jpg (11.21 KB, 300x337, QHZVgeO.jpg)


What the fuck happened to boy bands. This is so ugly

No. 278178

File: 1533828879272.jpg (173.64 KB, 779x960, IMG_20180809_113308.jpg)

You don't need talent or looks when you have fans with yellow fever

No. 278192

Good lord this is something out of a nightmare and I actually think he's attractive. Wtf happened

No. 278199

File: 1533833982639.png (224.33 KB, 281x301, 2.png)

its a terrible photo and that hair colour is doing him NO favours.

No. 278202

Stan twitter wasnt a thing but kpop forums were huge. I actually had to check out of the SNSD fandom in like..2013ish. I couldnt deal with the mentally ill Soshified types any longer. A few of the namefags from there in particular had google alerts and would go to ANY forum or site that even just mentioned kpop. And they'd turn it into an obsessive SNSD hugbox and cause arguments and fights and act like SNSD was the end all be all in kpop. Almost every forum i was a part of had to have seperate SNSD threads away from the kpop general threads because of this. They were the absolute worse. So i cant lie and pretend I didnt almost feel a sort of smug satisfaction when SNSD started to fall apart.

No. 278204

Omonatheydidnt is dead so you might as well.

No. 278206

the only people who post on omona are virgin south east asian bts stans and that one triggered twice stan

No. 278212

I thought it was all black girls in all honesty.

No. 278214

They were probably slowly bleaching his hair.

No. 278231

zzzzzz cool race bait

No. 278249

Jin's solo intro for BTS' new album has been released. What do you think?

Is their storyline ending with this album, if not, does anyone know how long it will continue?

No. 278252

lmaoo the memories. I was in this spanish super junior forum and it was A MESS until the mods started being annoying and it got boring af because there was not drama at all… also idk if any of you spanish speakers fags remember this tumblr called "kpop secrets" or something like that, it was a whole mess as well but I loved it.
The pathetic fights between fandoms in the comments (that were massive) entertained me a lot back in 2011-13

No. 278254

Nice yellow piss hair.

No. 278256

this is surprisingly good, so far my favorites are serendipity and this one… singurality was crap, euphoria was acceptable but Jungkook's voice was plain as always but the video was nice.
I wonder why their intros have better quality than their title songs

No. 278263

oh goodie, another boring slow intro song with an underwhelming hook and unappealing breathy vocals. boring video too and jin looks even worse than usual. now watch bts fans go out of their way to kiss his ass like crazy because hes seen as an underappreciated member

No. 278283

do bts fans ever get tired of these shit fuck ballads? boring

No. 278291

File: 1533851211971.jpeg (66.6 KB, 500x375, 62542646-E4D6-46DF-B2B7-45C206…)

Oh god anon i used to troll the shit out of kpop secrets when i was in high school making up the most outrageous shit just to see the comments lmfao

Kind of like pic related but reverse

No. 278293

I miss onehallyu's bashing thread. It was such a shitfest, I loved it; user1 would talk shit about idolA, user2 would get triggered and look up what's user1's favorite idol and talk shit too, RIGHT AFTER user1's post, it was so fucking transparent, lmao. Eventually there were rantings about how twice panders to pedophiles or how nayeon's teeth are so fucked up. The thread was deleted after some stupid fucking users decided to mock Jonghyun's death. Such a pity :( here is not half as fun as the ol' bashing thread

No. 278294

if i'm correct elfs had sm stocks hostage so if sm didn't want to lose major money, they had to bend to their wishes
no clue if nctzens have that power…i doubt it
i'd love if sm gave up on the unlimited members concept and just focused on the members he has now but i know that's not happening lol
anticipate nct having 25 members next year

No. 278298


I can't even laugh tbh it's just disgusting.

No. 278299

K-pop fans are such untapped cows. They go widely uncriticized because they're so hiveminded. If anyone else did this, like some Rick and Morty fan or MLP fan, it'd be all over the internet.

No. 278316

I'm surprised something like this existed at all. K-pop fan culture kind of discourages this, just a couple of days ago there was a shitstorm on twitter because some Loona stans posted "#armygenocide". Because "bullying" is so taboo among idols, it's like fans are also afraid to drag idols and groups they don't like. Compare to Western pop where drama and throwing shade is customary and you get a much more vicious stan culture. There's also the element of uwu fetishism among international fans: "he/she is just a smol bean and must be protected!1"

No. 278426

I literally cannot stand Black Pink or its retarded fanbase. The fans are constantly crying about how unique and speshul uwu they are. tbqh they all seem so fake and like they dont even care half the time. i tried to get into them but ive watched a few videos and they have 0 personality LOL

I'm honestly so sick of seeing their shitty music everywhere & having people constantly recommend it to me. It all sounds the exact same. They have like 5 songs and the jennie girl cant even remember the lyrics to them.

No. 278430

Exactly. They want to seem cool, but in an artificial and unoriginal way. But they appeal mostly to children so idc

No. 278439

oof she looks like a 40 year old aunt here

No. 278453

What was the context for this? The tweet they replied to was either deleted or from a private account.

No. 278454

The thing that pisses me off the most about them is that they are adults, always try to appear as "badass" and sexy as possible, but then constantly talk with this ugly aegyo voices. And for some reason Koreans are dumb enough to fall for that and call them charming…yikes

No. 278463

honestly. Lisa's "aegyo" voice is so fucking cringe. to be fair, over half the time anyone does that shit it makes me cringe anyway lmao. Their attempts at being edgy always fail because it just always seems so forced and cringey. Like all their MV's are the exact same thing with the same ugly outfits.

No. 278467

No. 278506

I'm genuinely curious, when did you get into kpop? Because this is literally what was happening with 2NE1 back then, which is funny conisdering bp is literally 2NE1 just in pretty LOL. 2NE1 kinda sold this sound better though imo

Idk what it is about yg groups in general that makes people think they're more special/talented than any other kpop group, considering their sound/style hasn't evolved since 2012.
Maybe it's just dumb international fans importing the sentiment from the koreans?

No. 278515

2NE1 were actually likeable and had a personality, and I'm not even a stan

No. 278521

i was a 2ne1 fan back at their 2010-2013 peak but honestly looking back they were overhyped, like a lot of 'iconic!!'/'legendary!!!' groups. bom's personality was hiding food and eating it secretly, and in retrospect she had blatant issues with disordered eating that fans enabled with "aww unnie's so cute, she hides food under her pillow and eats it before anyone else wakes up!"

No. 278522

koreans honestly dont understand what an eating disorder is still tbh

No. 278523

Yeah there was a lot to like about 2NE1. YG knew that which is why he has Jennie imitating CL and Rose doing a sloppy Bom impersonation. I don’t know how anyone can support a group that is so blatantly a copy of the one that came before it. I feel the same way about Red Velvet to a lesser extent, being the younger, prettier (and less dykey) f(x).

No. 278527

I don't think they're a complete copy tbh, definitely similar but not to the extent some people say. For the most part their style's a lot more feminine and typical, I find it hard to picture 2ne1 all in tennis skirts and crop tops. Rose is a way better singer than Bom and one of the better dancers in the group, Bom's dancing was arguably some of the worst from a female idol. The Dara equivalent Jisoo is definitely a lot more useful to the group than Dara was in 2ne1. I think in a year or two, especially if they use more songs from a producer other than Teddy, they'll be more distinct as their own group instead of being 2ne2.

No. 278537

Yeah, their image has been slightly tweaked but the formula for the songs is the same. Jisoo seems like YG learning his lesson for having such a talentless and honestly not that pretty visual in 2NE1. I disagree about Bom’s singing, she had a genuinely unique voice that could be really powerful when she sang properly. Listening to old 2NE1 songs she still stands out. Rose straight up sounds like a more nasally Bom/dying goat. I hate her voice and wish YG would just let her use her natural tone, but even he knows how important Bom’s vocals were to the formula. No comment on Lisa and Minzy

No. 278544

I don't think Rose's tone is a YG issue. She sings the same in covers she posts herself, I think she just genuinely enjoys the nasally, Halsey type of indie girl voice

No. 278613

god someone please find that video of yoongi pulling a chair from a staff workers hand >>278053 mentioned

No. 278615

Yeah, they had the thread to "prevent hate from spreading to the rest of the community"
I think the reason why kpop fans act so mushy is because they spend all their time on kpop and eventually, they absorb k-netz toxic mentality, either pampering or demonizing idols (the latter happening for the most insane ridiculous reason).

No. 278618

it's impossible to find normal critique on idols because so much of it is either "uwu she's a perfect baby who worked SO HARD, don't criticise her" or "she's an ugly fat bitch and i want her to suffer and die". it leaves no room for either genuine, fair criticism or for funny drags and jokes

No. 278658

which ones are demonized? i only come across worshipping, whatever group it is (except for hyuna's scandal). i can't imagine what e.g. jungkook has to do to make his fans criticize him even for a little bit.

No. 278661

it's not fans criticising idols they like, it's fans of other groups trying to make their own faves look better by criticising others. usually they criticise others for doing things their own faves do anyway. it's stuff like calling a group you don't like racist for saying something, but if their own favourite group said it they'd say it was a mistranslation or misunderstanding

No. 278662

Female idols mostly, when they get caught in dating scandals (not just hyuna), say. Or when they're constantly being accused of plastic surgery, when they post any """unique""" picture on social media and people will acuse them of being "mentally challenged", when they dress this or that way, when they breathe towards the wrong direction, etc

No. 278688

Maybe it's because I watched this after their videos with dark concept but they look so creepy in this MV and performances, who tf enjoys watching this when they're 17+? I mean, it's meant for Korean schoolgirls obviously, but many adult fans like this childish shit too…

No. 278696

I've been trying to dig through that crazy ass illuminati forum but i think even they mentioned that its been deleted and can't find it either

No. 278698

File: 1533935730326.png (1.05 MB, 1620x1204, jae3.png)

it's fun to make fun of annoying and obsessed stans on twitter but the sasaeng culture is just disgusting. i don't follow that many kpop accounts on twitter and i still manage to see stuff retweeted about stalkers all the time, this is just the one i saw today. other days it's accounts of people being way too intense at airports, and every week or so there's a new account selling idols phone numbers and schedules. yesterday i saw an account for a bts ship giving out secret pics of their totally real relationship, ie stalker pictures of two members standing close to each other

i still don't understand how these women don't get in more legal trouble for the kind of stuff they do, so many of them are grown adults, not just weird teenagers. of all the genuinely disturbing parts of kpop this is probably one of the scariest to me. the idea of having real stalkers is so disturbing, especially when there are idols talking about this shit happening for 10+ years with nothing being done to stop it until the stalkers eventually get bored and move on. i'm surprised there haven't been more breakdowns from idols handling this kind of thing, they manage to hold the 'i love all of our precious fans' image pretty well since a lot of the time when they do speak out the reaction is along the lines of 'tsk, ungrateful, it's because of those fans that you have money'

No. 278709

This does look creepy. The cringey edgelord aesthetic was more flattering on everyone(ish), especially Johnny and TY. Johnny just looks like a lankier, botched version of leafyishere without that cherrybomb makeup/body.

No. 278714

File: 1533937155952.png (184.95 KB, 466x232, 1.png)

EXID looking as botched as ever. Wtf happened to Solji, holy fuck

No. 278716

Red Velvet is nothing like f(x) to me I dont understand the comparison. I know some of their songs were allegedly supposed to be for f(x) but i dont see anything personality or style wise or anything that is similar.

No. 278717

File: 1533937311012.png (300.06 KB, 546x404, 2.png)

Samefag to bitch about Hani's new face. She looked fine before man, what is she trying to achieve? Fuck this almost makes me sad.

No. 278718

I always feel bad for the girls who get called "visual hole" of their group. They always get SOOO much surgery and its almost always a hideous result. LE, Namjoo, Soyeon, Raina etc. Hyoyeon is one of the only girls I think looks more attractive post getting a ton of stuff done.

No. 278722

im kinda surprised hes joking about his stalker, guess youve gotta find the humour in situations like that…? if she really bought a similar apartment to him, she must be quite a rich stalker lol.

the amount of obsessive/stalkerish fans in kpop fandom is staggering, but its easy to see why… the industry encourages them to form very powerful parasocial relationships with their idols to milk the absolute most amount of money out of them possible, from their strict personas, to their variety show appearances, to their extensively produced specials, photos and videos about their lives. i believe part of the reason why kpop fans are so rabid and defensive in the face of criticism towards their idols is because they honestly believe, whether subconsciously or not, that they really "know" the idol, they feel like they are friends/boyfriend/girlfriend with the idol and that the relationship is "real". just look at the amount of fans who want to bring gifts to fansigns - spending even more money on things for people who are already filthy rich!

fans need to step back and realise that they are being sold a commodity and that they don't actually know who the idols are and that they are not in a relationship with them. but good luck getting lonely, immature adolescents to realise that…

No. 278726

This makes me really sad actually. They used to be really good looking. Fuck even LE looked okay. Plastic but okay. Now they look gross

No. 278731

File: 1533938812087.jpg (138.01 KB, 1200x800, UTFaCX-Efco.jpg)

>just look at the amount of fans who want to bring gifts to fansigns - spending even more money on things for people who are already filthy rich!

it used to be a guilty pleasure of mine to look at the presents that fansites bought for BTS, there were insane amounts of luxurious stuff worth thousands of dollars. v got showered in gucci shit for example. i guess bh finally ran out of storage and stopped accepting gifts lol, so fans have to buy billboards and do charitable donations now.

No. 278732

kpop idols are such spoiled brats. no wonder they need years of training on how to act humble.

No. 278749

File: 1533942904317.png (191.03 KB, 584x712, Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 7.14…)

ARMY are wild….

No. 278752

fan gifts seriously piss me off. call me a jealous poorfag or whatever, but like previous anon mentioned buying luxury items for celebrities that probably have a decent amount of money is ridiculous. and if they don't have a ridiculous amount of money? tough shit, not everyone needs overpriced garbage. the amount of unnecessary consumerism kpop causes just amazes me

plus, to me it just feeds into the idea of fans owning idols. i've actually seen kfans (obviously not all) justify getting upset over something their fave did because they bought them a luxury item.

No. 278760

hit that drum on their new mini sounds like a repurposed f(x) track. their "velvet" stuff doesn't sound like them though

No. 278764

File: 1533946966483.png (26.27 KB, 810x258, bts.png)

so much for the genius lyricist kek

No. 278766

why is rap monster the only one who ever gets properly called out? jimin has said and done far worse and if >>278053 is true so has yoongi

No. 278775

File: 1533949512379.gif (4.99 MB, 475x267, uF9MjJo3QIaijySXC4iL_Confused …)

the fuck? "implied sexual prejudice"?? is it PROBLEMATIC now to not want to have sex with someone with gonorrhea?

No. 278795

this dude is obsessed with prostitutes huh

No. 278796

Can hyperthyroidism and orbital decompression surgery have an affect on someone's appearance? I thought that's why Solji was looking swollen.

>tfw Hani used to talk about being a natural beauty on radio shows
I don't remember if that was before or after her chin implant. That shit was razor sharp in DDD.

No. 278798

what is it about kpop that makes them have these crazy fans? i know everything has them to an extent, but it seems the kpop "stans" are the literal worst people on earth. they constantly fight and cry on any social media platform they can. i dont even know if 1D had fans this retarded. it genuinely confuses me.

No. 278799

because idols are trained for years on how to make fans obsessed and crazy. it's the entire business model.

No. 278800

teenage girls get really attached to their qt azn husbandos

No. 278802

1D definitely had crazy-shit fans, like the ones who genuinely thought their management was covering up Louis and Harry and keeping them apart, similar to BTS/EXO/etc. fans. The difference is that Western acts are not sold as “pure boyfriend material” as effectively like they are in Kpop. Hence why the 1D members still dated, got women pregnant, and went on public drug benders without getting crucified by their fans. Whereas Kpop boys can’t even look at another woman without apologizing and reaffirming the only people they care about are their fans.

No. 278803

it turns out she faked it

No. 278806

File: 1533956535475.png (549.73 KB, 706x419,