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File: 1535805020371.jpeg (48.34 KB, 445x401, 19FC0FE8-99A1-474D-8972-B45C8E…)

No. 288706

Anyone else here hate dogs? They are disgusting, I don’t care what anyone says.

No. 288707

I hate cats because they're shitty, evil animals who get off to going around killing birds and other small animals.

No. 288712

This is a dog hate thread, not a ‘random animal I hate’ thread.

No. 288713

No. 288715

File: 1535806782555.jpg (57.32 KB, 500x411, 1512176907622.jpg)

Why couldn't you just post this in the unpopular opinion thread? I don't like dogs either(I actually prefer cats) but it doesn't really need its own thread. It'll just turn into people screeching about why x animal sucks more and won't really go anywhere. It's already started.

No. 288716

I hate pitbull spergs who think pitbulls are oppressed akin to a human. Every single time a story comes out of a disgusting pitbull mauling someone they come too cape and reeeee without fail. "ITS JUST THE UPBRINGING!!!!" "MINE IS THE KINDEST MOST COMPASSIONATE SOUL HERES AN IRRESPONSIBLE STAGED PHOTO OF MY PIT AND MY BABY!"

lol pitbull spergs will literally endanger their newborn children just to prove a point how ~innocent~ of a breed they are when all evidence points to the contrary. Fucking retards.

No. 288719

>random animal I hate
Not very random considering OP's picture, which implies the opinion of cats being superior to dogs.
If you don't want people to give their opinions on your opinion, don't post about it.

No. 288720

File: 1535807450414.jpeg (30.02 KB, 600x418, 0E1F621E-166B-4CDF-9B95-3B4D4F…)

Sorry here’s a better picture, hope it helps

No. 288723

samefag everyone I've known to own a pitbull has been a complete and utter lolcow too. Make that of what you will.

No. 288725

File: 1535808782515.jpg (74.67 KB, 432x223, dog.jpg)

This is mostly because the owners are stupid and lolcow worthy but dogs fucking suck and get excused for everything they do because they have a cult following. Especially large shitbeasts and aggressive breeds "Oh the baby must have cried and upset the poor doggo :(" Cats are sadistic too but dogs are so fucking inbred and retarded they'll use other pets and even human babies as their chew toys. Most of them serve no purpose unless they're guide/police/sheep dogs etc.

No. 288728

As if dogs were any better, last time a duck entered our property our two dogs started biting him until he started bleeding.

No. 288742

Dogs are for people who constantly need either someone to give them attention or they need someone who relies on them. Or both. Dogs are fanatically codependent so these people like them. Also, the amount of unleashed dogs in my city makes me wanna buy a gun.

No. 288747

Yessssss! Dogs are annoying as SHIT, always barking for the littlist things, attacking people, and shitting/pissy ANYWHERE and everywhere. The fact people always paint them as angels and cats as demons is just… astounding at times. Normally, for cats to be voracius someone has to keep messing with them and again, there are some evil ass cats but i could problably find 100 evil dogs for every 1 evil cat. So yeah, i may sound autismo but everytime i hear someones ass go "Dogs are precious angels bc they are affectionate uwuwuw cats are evil and demonic bc they ignore you!!!" I already know what type of person im dealing with.

No. 288749

Don’t you love it when they pull out the thoroughly debunked “Nanny Dog!” myth? Nannies typically aren’t known for tearing toddlers faces off.

No. 288750

I will never understand society's insane love for dogs. they are so codependent and need constant attention/validation. they also can't do anything without someone telling them to.

it's almost like people who get dogs are trying to make up for something missing in their lives. Also, imagine picking up someone's shit 3 times a day for 12-14 years.

No. 288752

No. 288753

Pitbulls are disgusting and vicious and i wish they would be bred out of existence. people try really hard to defend them, but there is so much hard evidence about how scary pitbull attacks are and how they are nearly impossible to get off once they bite you because of their pain tolerance. You basically have to kill them.

Also, i have seen them snap for no reason. The glorification of pitbulls is disgusting.

No. 288755

This thread is stupid. It’s cool if you don’t like dogs, but God forbid if someone else does! As long as it doesn’t affect you directly, I don’t know why you guys give so much of a shit.

Inb4 bitter dog lover. I do like dogs but that’s not the point.

No. 288757

File: 1535816590494.jpg (605.63 KB, 1920x1080, siberian-husky-tatntrum-tease-…)

Someone i know has two huskies that her, nor her husband that legit never leave alone in the house. Ever.

She told me she couldn't bring her husband to a wedding because the last time they left their dogs at home, one of them ate the carpet of the second floor and destroyed half the kitchen. Now they are basically prisoners to these dogs. One of them has to work from home and be there at all times.

No. 288758

no pitbulls are smol beans they would never do anything bad! the trailer trash family from went to the school of hard knocks on Facebook with the 5 children under 7 told me! its something or someone else fault they're LITERALLY the calmest non threatening species alive you HATER!

No. 288771

Dogs can be okay if their owner trains them properly, makes sure they are entertained, etc. Neglected, bored, and poorly disciplined dogs will bark, bite, and destroy property. Like us if they both have nothing to do and are socially isolated they will become stressed out and aggressive. Unfortunately a lot of owners believe that their dog is happy sitting at home and staring into a void for the entire day.

No. 288772

people rarely research the breed they’re getting. Huskies are known for that and are extremely high maintenance. I have one and I don’t have any of those problems

No. 288777

I don't overly love dogs like when a dog dies I really couldn't care less. Never understood crying over an animal who you're not even sure you knew loved you but I'd like one for protection. A German shepherd.

No. 288787

lmao this when quickly from "i don't really like dogs" to "i'm a sociopath".

this thread is shit OP. no one ITT really seems to hate dogs, but just dog owners, and there was already a thread for that.

No. 288788

File: 1535821859890.jpg (60.8 KB, 645x380, cqacoRJ.jpg)

I have a weird beef towards smaller dogs, particularly ones that deviate immensely from wolf-like physiology.
Small dogs move so jittery and so closely underfoot to the point–it gets irritating because I'm scared I'll step on them and crunch all their tiny bones or something. Then many smaller dogs are bred for neoteny to the point they either appear to be stuffed animals or substitutes for human babies. They're deep in the uncanny valley and look so pitiful. Sometimes I genuinely get disgusted looking at dogs that look like a wig come to life, like someone took a coyote/wolf/husky and crushed it with their hands into some blob of flesh and hair. All the meanwhile, the dog knows it's not supposed to be like that.
I'm definitely humanizing them, but man, it freaks me out.

Also I hate dumbshits who popularize highly recessive traits like merle English Bulldogs (which go for like 20K USD) thereby encouraging in-breeding and genetic diseases, even with "legit pedigree" breeders. Like, people don't just want some pedigree dog; they also want ultra rare shiny pedigree dogs for status symbols.

No. 288793

File: 1535822278141.jpg (44.95 KB, 1080x720, e4KjXms.jpg)

Dogs in infantilizing outfits and haircuts also spook me. Pomeranians retain an elongated muzzle and other dog-like features and are still adorable, but then people step it up by with "teddy bear cuts" and breeding for sick "tea-cup" runts. Someone telling me this is a dog feels like they're trying to convince me an animatronic is a person.

No. 288796

Yeah. I'm kind of scared of dogs, but I don't hate them. That's retarded. What I hate is irresponsible pet owners.

No. 288813

I fucking love small dogs, especially the neotenous ones and angery ones like minpins or chihuahuas lmfao. They make my life happier. To each their own.

No. 288816

While I don't hate dogs I have an intense dislike for the people who stan them and hate on cats for not being more dog like. There is just something I find very offputting I find about disliking an animal for not groveling at your feet. Tbh I think it reflects really badly on men.

No. 288821

look ITT anon a few crazies seem to actually hate dogs.

No. 288822

File: 1535824903543.jpg (9.04 KB, 189x267, images (9).jpg)

yessssssssssssss, anon, yes.

they're honestly the most pathetic bootlickers and the worst meme. dogs are entirely a meme. they're two-faced and have no spine.

people don't like these qualities in humans, even if they're dumb – why like them in animals? i truly think there's something wrong with people that value animals being easily manipulated and shamed/trained into submission. there's something very wrong with dog people in that regard. if you highly value being able to control and manipulate other creatures and your love for them is based almost entirely around that fact, you're fucked in the head.

dogs can be ok, like, kind of cute, but they're potential death machines, even the smaller ones can cause quite a bit of damage. there are 0 deaths on record from cats and cats can only inflict minimal damage on a human, on top of the fact that dogs are WAY more likely to snap. cats generally give you warning. i don't get society's dog love. they're smelly and slobbery, eat shit, eat vomit, etc. i get that they're animals, but there are so many better animals in the world.

btw, dogs have been studied and prefer treats to affection from humans, where cats preferred human affection over treats.

No. 288827

anon cat scratch disease can be fatal, and cats are so stupid they kill babies yearly by sleeping on them and suffocating them.

cats are also stupider than dogs it turns out.

jfc look this shit up before you spout shit.

i own a cat so i'm not biased but you clearly are.

No. 288828

File: 1535825288887.png (187.86 KB, 527x641, i love bpd cats.png)

Cat owners remind me of women who try to date and "fix" abusive men because "they're just misunderstood"
Especially when I see them talking about stuff like pic related

No. 288829

Can we stop sperging about how much better cats care? Cats and dogs both have shit traits, just because those are different doesn't make one better or worse.

getting a shit cat is just as bad if not worse than getting a shit dog.

No. 288831

i mean cats are still wild animals, they don't lose much of their natural instinct and it shows. plus, if you have them outside at all they become super unsociable and don't understand how to humans. it doesn't help that they are much stupider than dogs too.

No. 288835

No. 288836

and dogs infect people with deadly saliva bacterium, too. besides, cat scratch fever is entirely different from behavioral problems and fatalities from cat scratch fever are fairly unlikely. those that are immunodeficient can have issues with both dogs and cats, but the fact remains that cats don't maul humans and leave them without a face or kill them.

cats and crib death is a ridiculous comparison. the cats aren't trying to kill infants, the very very few cases documented show that they just fell asleep on them. that's not the same thing as a dog mauling your child or grandmother, wtf?

choosing to leave your infant with any animal is retarded. don't blame that shit on cats. as long as you don't let them sleep in your child's room, that shouldn't be a problem, whereas you can't separate your dog from your kid all of the fucking time.

No. 288837

yes they do anon. like i said, look it up, i'm not here to spoonfeed you but there are many cases of cats mauling people and leaving them bloodied.

No. 288840

there are 0 cases of cats killing people. your criteria for "mauling" is something as terrifically vague as "leaving them bloodied" as if minor scratches and small bites that "leave them bloodied" are comparable to the damages dogs inflict on humans regularly. get real, anon.

small dogs have a bite force like, 4x the bite force of cats. how you're going to try to claim the damages are going to be anywhere near comparable bc "some blood!!!" is unbelievably stupid

No. 288860

can you atleast look up the tons of cases of elderly sent to the hospital due to cats, or is that too hard for your delicate sensibilities?

i get that you're trying to make the thread a cat vs dog circle jerk but get real.

No. 288862

Are you too stupid to realize that I've already said that people that are immunocompromised can get sick from cats?

No. 288869

Farmers will literally argue about anything kek

No. 288875

No I absolutely love dogs and their companionship. I lost my childhood dog recently and I'm distraught over it.

No. 288881

It makes me sad when people have these breeds that need to be inbreed to be small and often end up with organ problems and joint issues. i really dislike poms in general, and the people who own them tend to only want them as a replacement for children. it's creepy af

No. 288882

I think anon is saying that people get injured from cats scratching them, not sick. Anyway shut the fuck up. Dogs may be slobbery messes, but cats are little shits who stalk you and puke everywhere and kill small animals.

Dogs respect you enough not to kill small animals and can live happily with other pets. Most cats don't even get along with eachother.

No. 288883

File: 1535829079068.jpg (48.58 KB, 550x413, 7029643[1].jpg)

Tbf regular sized poms aren't imbred, but the tiny ones are and are disgusting. OPs pic is of a regular sized puppy not a tiny imbred rat.

Pic related is the "micro pom" puppies. You can tell they're retarded.

No. 288890

that just seems so cruel. And of course, when it comes to dog who supposedly loves dogs, they tend to buy from breeders. it should always be adopt only. breeders are shit and i feel horrible for those micro breeds

No. 288893

This is a dog hating thread, anon. lol

Basically, small dogs are shit. My sister was bit in the face because she got too close to my mother's dog. it was totally unprovoked, but that chihuahua bastard bit her cheek, almost close to her eye when she was 10 and needed stitches. My mother kept and defended that dog. Dogs bite completely unprovoked a lot of times and children often suffer because of it

No. 288894

NTA but I agree with their point. It's not a cat loving thread by any means.

No. 288895

I like how we can't have a dog hating thread because dog loving anons will come in to defend their precious pups instead of just hiding the thread entirely.

It says a lot to me about men obsessed with dogs who are essentially like slaves to them, completely dependant.

No. 288897

I agree with you too, anon. However this is for hating dogs and bringing cats into it is going to go into a crazy 'cats vs dogs' bullshit. I'd rather just keep the dogs on topic

No. 288900

I definitely do not agree about adopt only. Especially for dogs. People already don't look anything up when choosing dog breeds so they end up with >>288757 shit. Getting one from a shelter seems like more of an issue since most people don't simply just give up dogs that don't have issues. I think most dogs at shelters should be put down since they are likely messed up psychologically.

No. 288903

I like how we can't have a dog hating thread without equally annoying cat anons coming in to circle jerk about how "cats are better". no1cuur, this thread isn't about fucking cats.

No. 288907

90% of arguuments in favor of dogs revolve around putting down cats in their favor. It makes sense that people would want to dispell or argue dog lover arguments in a dog hate thread.

No. 288908

Aren't pitbulls the most dogs at a shelter and the least adopted too?

No. 288982

My grandpa loved pitbulls, we had three of them at our property and I hated it because they always scared me. I didn't trust them, something in their eyes screamed violence to me. Then one day the biggest one we had got loose and guess what? He jumped at my dog's throat. Thankfully my dog had layers of fur on his neck that prevented the beast of killing him. I remember my father had to use a metal bar to hit the pitbull since he just wouldn't release my dog, my dad almost killed it. This memory always reminds me of why I hate this dog breed so much, they can just die for all I care.

No. 288987

the only reason i would get a dog is because i plan on living alone and a lot of the bigger breeds are good for protection. most likely a german shepard or a doberman.

my whole life my mom has always had small little inbred dogs and i can't stand them. they get super greasy and janky looking within a few days after bathing them and they constantly bark. doesn't help that my mom only wanted them just to have them and barely put in effort to take care of them, so i was always left with the baggage, which i did take care of. definitely never want to own a small dog ever again.

No. 288994

there used to be a dog in my town when i was a kid (like 8-12 i think) and the owners lived right next to a kids play park. i don't know what breed it was or anything but it was pretty big and it was so vicious that the park was constantly empty even though it was always busy before and after the dog was there. the park was about halfway between my house and my school but when me or people who lived nearby walked home it took an extra 10 minutes because we had to take a much longer route because they let the dog out as early as 2pm for it to run about all night. some stories about this dog:
>it once chased me and a friend in the street and we had to wait in an indian takeaway while it growled at us through the door. the takeaway owner said it happened all the time and told us to wait until it chased someone else
>one of the scariest times was when i saw a mum screaming and running away with a toddler while the dog chased her. the thing was literally snapping at this 3 year olds head and the mother had to grab him and try to kick the dog away
>it frequently chased groups of children so they had to climb the ladders of a slide and wait at the top while it snarled at them
i don't know if the owners moved or if the dog died or was eventually put down but it was so vicious it pretty much scared me off dogs for life after loving them before. too many people here let their dogs jump up on you and say things like "he doesn't bite!" so i definitely get nervous when i see them now. obviously not all dogs are like that but some snap really easily and i don't want one to suddenly go crazy on me

oh, and i used to have a friend who had a couple of labradors and who always had parties. i always deliberately went to the parties late because he'd let them into the room with everyone and every single time the dogs would get too excited and piss all over the room and he never put them somewhere else until they already had

No. 289023

I don't get why people get small or toy breeds of dogs, they are so boring and do nothing at all.
At least with big dogs you can go for a run together, wrestle, protect the house and stuff, small dogs are just like plushies that can poop and smell bad.

No. 289024

File: 1535841711726.gif (63.48 KB, 275x263, 1488259622824.gif)

Not so much about dogs as it is an anecdote about shitty dog owners…

>family members blow $800 on a corgi puppy as a birthday gift for one of their kids

>their younger kids torment it for years
>older kid they got it for refuses to take care of it, pushes all responsibility on them
>it develops a butt ton of health conditions including obesity, beetus, and depression because of shitty breeding, bad diet, and mild neglect
>they all get sick of it
>they meet an Australian Shepherd breeder by chance
>younger kid suddenly wants one for his birthday, other younger kid wants one too
>get the expensive ass corgi put to sleep w/o hesitation so they can get the two new dogs
>they see nothing wrong with this and don't understand why I was pissed about it instead of jizzing over their new, extremely high maintenance mutts they didn't have the money, time, or space for
That dog was only 7 years old too, poor guy… I really hate pet culture in general, but dog people have been the absolute worst about this bullshit in my experience.

No. 289025

i cannot stand when people don't leash up their dogs or fence up their yards. it may be a pain to them but its going to physically and mentally be a pain for someone else when it hurts someone, even if its not intentionally.

to the same extent, i also hate when people don't ask to pet dogs first. you don't know that dog and just because it acts fine in public spaces doesn't mean it acts fine when random people touch it.

No. 289028

my friend's york shire smells so bad i want to puke everytime i visit her house. his breath is unbearable, i want to die when he sits on my lap.

i wish i could just tell her to get the stinky motherfucker away from me without her getting mad.

No. 289029

honestly, i'd go so far as to say that with how irresponsible dog owners are, like, 90% of them don't give a shit at all about their dogs. i see so many of them violating leash laws, letting their dogs run around in their yard and dig holes, etc.

i know so many dogs that have escaped and attacked other dogs and humans and did have to be put down for it.

like, being lazy is one thing, but your dog will be killed if it hurts anyone. and it's a lot of them that actually do this kind of shit. this fake dog love i hear all damn day long from 'dog lovers' is disgusting. they'll sit there and act like their dogs are their lives while being irresponsible with them around children, other animals, etc.

No. 289032

seriously, my mom only liked her little dogs just to say she had them and to love on them every once in a while. besides that she took no responsibility for them and i seriously felt bad, because you could tell they wanted attention and needed to be trained. they'd just shit and pee everywhere and bark constantly.

i think that's why i have such disdain for small dogs, because i know when people get small dogs they're more inclined not to train them or take care of them, they're just cute little toys. not saying that everyone who gets big dogs are any better, just i know that it's more likely with small dogs to have shit owners, they think having a small dog means no maintenance at all.

No. 289041

I think what grossed me out the most about cats is their gross litter box paws. People who let them get on their counters and shit tracking in fecal traces is gross

No. 289042

I've seen a woman walking down the street, see a more attractive woman, and the for a few minutes, change courses and follow the more attractive woman, with her dog on a lead in front of her barking, and then change courses again when she got bored and went back to her original path. Literally using the dog to harass people.
Or the dog owners who let their dogs off the lead 24/7 and let them run at, bark at, jump on strangers. Or attack other's dogs.

Most of the bad dogs come from bad shitty owners. This story is also awful, poor dog >>289024

This one is the owner's fault >>288994

Most people are retards and can't look after themselves, their children and certainly not a pet. Most pets live 6 years max in the average home. Dogs are descended from wolves (or wild dogs and foxes as my theory, for some of the smaller breeds that resemble different breeds of wild dog and fox)

They still have the character traits and aren't suitable to be around children, or careless idiots, which is what happens most of the time.

No. 289043

Maybe she was trying to get the dog used to people.

No. 289044

is there a way to keep litter boxes and such nice and clean? is potentially toilet training a cat okay? i know this is the dog-hating forum but since we're on the topic i'm just curious, hope that's okay. i possibly want to get a cat one day but i'm not too fond of litter boxes

No. 289045

>use the litter scoop
>change the litter more than once a century
simple as that

No. 289047

Your best bet is probably to scoop each day and use cat wipes (or a cloth with water) to wipes their paws periodically.
I've heard of toilet training but that seems difficult and unnecessary while presenting other problems (cat falling in the toilet for one, lmao).

No. 289078

I described it badly, but it was an adult dog, a large old overweight woman and a younger curvy woman that was the temporary victim of the weird following. I don't think it was training (and that would only train the dog that following people and barking at them is GOOD). Just a crazy.

No. 289083

I legit just went to a party last weekend and it was small, but they had this mangy ass dog there and it kept trying to lick everyone's face. it was disgusting and i don't know why the owner did not let anyone know about the dog or lock it up in a room. i'm also highly allergic and break out into hives with dog saliva, so i have a bias.

No. 289085

That pisses me off so much! I have issues when it comes to parents buying dogs for their shit kids. Half the time the kid wants to play for a week, then hates when they have to clean up its poop, wash/bathe them, etc.

People getting dogs for very young kids is a recipe for disaster. they aren't toys, and they live a very long time. I really wish dogs were harder to get because of shitty owners, but society has made them so mainstream that i am counting the people that are dogless, rather than own dogs now a days.

No. 289086

Man all these dog spergs talking about how cats are just as fucking violent dogs need a giant dose of reality. Lets all be honest here. If you were put in a locked room which animal would you rather have there with you? A vicious cat or a vicious dog (any size). Most people would take the former because at the end of the day cats even when bad arnt nearly as deadly as dogs.

No. 289088

Now a days, they have self cleaning litter boxes, which is pretty cool. you'd never have to touch their shit if you're willing to shell out $1000+ on one. OT, sorry.

Also, like other anon said, you can wipe their paws with little wet naps. they're still 100% cleaner than dogs by a long shot.

No. 289089

People for some reason seem to rule out that dogs (even the smaller breed) still have teeth and will rip your shit up. I don't want to deal with any dog that can bite my face or worse if they aren't in a good mood. Larger dogs are basically deadly half the time, esp if they encounter a smaller dog or cat on a walk.

I've seen documentaries about pitbulls and seen horrible footage of them mauling cats, other small dogs and children. it's appalling.

No. 289113

I was a dog groomer for 5 years, and I went from loving dogs (having grown up with them) to despising them.

The screaming and biting while doing something as innocuous as merely touching their foot, the relentless cycle of shitting for the dryer, having to rebathe them, then they shit again, scratching and clawing, holy fuck. I was literally losing my sanity and will to live while I did that job. It was great money. But it was the most stress I've ever encountered. I dreaded going to work every day to have my schedule packed full of dogs I'm expected to do in less than an hour when they take an hour to dry alone because they're such fucking assholes killed my soul. Groomers would quit all the time, just walk out, because they couldn't handle the stress - which left the remaining groomers picking up their schedule in addition to their own. After 5 miserable years, I walked out too. I didn't even care anymore that it fucked over my coworkers. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Logically I know that in most cases it's the shitty owners' faults (and yes, they were hell to deal with too, because god forbid you ever tell them their precious baby was less than angel, or they get angry you couldn't finish shaving them because they were attacking your hands) but when you're stuck in a hot, clammy back room full of screaming biting dogs you lose sight of the logic.

It's a shame, because on the occasions I got an actual well behaved dog, I really enjoyed my work. I had ton of repeat clients who specifically asked for me, it was the only job where I legitimately felt I was not just good at it, I was great at it. But 90% of the dogs were horrific to deal with. Absolute monsters. And way too far gone to retrain - not that their psychotic owners would bother. Even the dogs who had to be sedated (which was a lot of the clientele) would still bite and lunge.

The job made me hate dogs. I will never own a dog again, even though I know I could train it to behave perfectly because I'm slightly less braindead than the average owner, but all I can think about when I see a cute dog on the street is how shitty it probably is for a groom.

No. 289159

I generally dislike dogs because I hate the sound of barking and I've had bad experiences with dogs attacking me when I was a child, but it's more discomfort and fear than hatred. What I hate are shitty dog owners who can't keep their huge beast that doesn't listen on a leash and then go "Oh, he just wants to play :))" when it runs at you. When you're scared of dogs it's genuinely hard to go to the park on nice days because even though dogs are supposed to be leashed there, they think it doesn't apply to their sweet, sweet pup.

Also the ones who just rush in to shit-talk cats with all the same tired arguments whenever someone even insinuates that dogs aren't perfect angels.

No. 289169

Reminds me of how much I dislike people that bring their dogs everywhere. It just isn't hygienic.

No. 289175

Huskies are very energetic dogs, they were literally bred to pull weight for long distances. That shit gives their life purpose. Owners like that need to choose a different breed if they can't adjust their lifestyle to keep up with a dog's physical demands. In this case it's exercise.

No. 289195

This thread gives me some reassurance.

I've been terrified of dogs all my life. Now that I'm 31, I simply avoid them and dislike them. But if one comes near me, I will inch away from it. The fear was really bad when I was growing up, though.
I don't like their loudness, their sounds, their smell, and I don't think they're cute. Basically all things that also apply to how I feel about babies/children. Also the idea of being licked has always disgusted/horrified me, and still does to this day.

I'm very used to having unpopular dislikes, but I'm glad I'm not completely alone.

No. 289202

I've never met a dog that didn't, in some way, stink to high heaven. Especially after petting it your hands reek of shit smell. Is this normal or am I just around people who don't bathe their dogs enough? I've never had this issue with cats.

No. 289208

File: 1535883621118.png (22.95 KB, 894x93, Screenshot (37).png)

Thanks for this thread OP, it feels like disliking dogs has somehow become a taboo.
Imo the worst thing is, when parents put their ~doggo babies~ before their actual children.

In this video owners of dangerous dogs whine about the "offensive" things people say to them, like e.g. asking whether their dogs bite.

I noticed an interesting pattern in the comments:
>They're so cute!!!
>My pitbull is so sweet, he's actually afraid of [insert something]
>Actually, chihuahuas are the most aggressive dogs
and of course the all time favourite:
>It's the owners fault!!!
1000s of likes
>I don't hate dogs, but I'm scared because I was bitten as a child. It's a phobia, one can't help it.
>In my street a little kid was nearly killed by one. Asking whether it's dangerous is only being cautious.

There once was a discussion in the unpopular opinion thread there an anon also defended dogs by saying that right now she's cuddling with hers in bed, because he's scared of thunder. Every living being has one weakness. Ted Bundy probably was also scared of at least one thing. But that doesn't make them any less dangerous.
And saying chihuahuas or dachshunds bite more often… even a little child could defend themselves by simply stepping on them. There are so many videos out there of pitbulls and co literally ripping adult men apart, despite others hitting them. Their instinct to kill is so strong that they don't give a fuck how much they're getting hurt, so don't tell me they're actually "nannies". Most other animals and even humans with their bare hands wouldn't be able to do so much physical damage.

>I have a bull breed and he is scared of frogs,toads, butterflies, caterpillars……and he sits in your lap when he wants attention.

>looks over at pit bull that I'm babysitting who has his belly up and tongue out Yup, super dangerous.
>I have a 'dangerous' dog and let me tell yea he is scared of my kitten so yea so dangerous
>My pit bull is the sweetest animal alive. He thinks he's a little Pomeranian and sits on your lap, smiling up at you like you're his whole world. He has never been aggressive towards anyone, and frankly, the only reason I could picture someone not liking him would be because he gives "too many" kisses (there's no such thing as too many kisses)!
Yikes to that…
>My dog is a beagle pit bull mix and he bites people, he runs as fast as a cheetah and he’s really hyper and EVERYONE that meets him gets really scared of him but he’s sooo cute! He’s also a big dog but he’s only 2 years old 😂!
>As an owner of an all black 120 pound pitbull who is the sweetest thing on the planet, I can say that I won't speak to you again if you tell me any of these. Plus my so called "dangerous animal" is scared of most things. She once hid behind me bc she saw a cat. She barks at her shadow. She's scared of my two bunnies. She's probably the opposite of a guard dog. Honestly if there was a break in at my home, she'd most likely want to play with the burglar. Does that sound like a vicious dog to you?
Just because you think it looks cute, doesn't change the fact that it could rip your face of.

And probably my favourite:
>I don’t understand how certain types of breeds are more dangerous than others, just imagine if we did this to people (we actually do) it would be a total injustice of our human rights, so why should animals be treated any

No. 289221

a lot of dogs have very oily or greasy coats. if you pet somwthing like a poodle your hands won't feel unclean (unless they are filthy) but dogs like labradors have nasty coats 24/7, even if they were bathed recently. and honestly dogs just fucking smell.

my ex's mom had a nasty Yorkie that she let sleep with her (!!!) who was a greasy monster. smelled awful, felt like petting a person with thin hair that hasn't been washed in months. he smelled so fucking bad I could not believe that she allowed him to sleep with her. his smell alone nauseated me and I actually like dogs.

i used to be one of those people who hated cats because growing up my parents demonized them and my close friend had these horribly unsocialized cats that would hide. then I wound up rescuing a cat from a hoarding situation and they are the pet for me 100%. my cat is so cuddly, sleeps with me every night, sits in my lap when I work from home, greets me at the door when I come home…anyone who says cats are aloof and unaffectionate have never owned a cat.

No. 289223

A couple of my friends/relatives have me dogsit occasionally and being around them for a few days is enough for me. I used to love dogs but I don’t have the patience to give them the attention they need. Aside from playing with them at other people’s houses I doubt I’ll ever own one again.

I also find the difference between well trained dogs and the bad ones to be like night and day.

No. 289253

Agree with you so much. It pisses me off when lazy ass people get big dog breeds that need a lot of open air and exercise. they're both obese too, if that says anything about them.

No. 289255

rofl, what an idiot. Imagine if people let murderers and rapists roam free and other people with tendencies to be violent. It's not like we have a jail for that shit or anything.

I think for dog breeds personally, we KNOW wht the dog's behavior will be like based on the genetic makeup. Certain dogs are breed for certain things. What idiot doesn't realize that pitbulls are bred for fighting and always have aggressive behavior, even when completely unprovoked. There's no harm to legit breeding pitbulls out of existence. they haven't done anything for humanity, except maul and kill people/other animals.

I swear, i'm not a dog hater, but pitbull apologists are the scum of the earth imo.

No. 289274

Ugh. I think huskies are such beautiful dogs but every time I see one I get sad because I'm almost certain the owner doesn't give them the proper care. I saw a guy walking down the street with a shaved husky and it pissed me off. Everybody wants a husky to look cute for their social media photos but never want to put in any actual work to give the animal a decent life.

A girl I know was gushing to me about how cool huskies are and how much she wants one. Meanwhile, she whines about having to walk her family's dog, who is a little lapdog that weighs like 20 pounds. She gives that poor dog five minute walks because she's too fat and lazy. And it's not even like he's a big or energetic breed… I fucking hate lazy people who get dogs. And she thinks she could handle a damn husky? God.

No. 289288

Pretty much. If you are too lazy to work out or walk daily, don't get a husky because they are very energetic dogs. I hate people in general who want dogs are ig accessories and nothing more. Dogs are living creatures that need attention, more than most other pets.

No. 289357

They smell terrible, even if they're not dirty. Unless they're sick, stray street cats smell better than most domestic, cared for dogs.

No. 289447

yes, instead of fur, yorkie's mostly have actual hair as coats, therefore they get super greasy within a few days after bathing them and they look super raggedy and smell bad.

my mom has one and she looks like a sewer rat most of the time. doesn't help that she constantly barks at all times of the day, shits and pees everywhere, and has the attention span of a squirrel.

No. 289452

Go get a mauled by a pit bull

No. 289457

Honestly, I don't even see dogs as pets, I see them as a means to an end→ kill/ remove pests, agriculture, police, etc. I never see dogs as pets, but that might be a cultural thing.

No. 289462

>Dogs respect you enough not to kill small animals.

Don't start crying if that dog eats your toddler.

No. 289465

I never realized how I hated dogs till my family went to a hotel and we realized too late that it was a dog-friendly hotel. Unfortunately, I found out that a lot of cheap hotels are dog-friendly, and as someone that has a big family we have to constantly deal with the noise. Dogs barking 24/7 behind closed doors because they smell people outside. Little and big dogs smelling like shit. Fucking terrible. Nowadays, it's hard to find a hotel that is pet/dog free and the ones that are are expensive.

No. 289468

Whenever I see someone with a big ass bull dog I go out of my way of walking far around them. Then they get upset when I'm obviously uncomfortable when the dog starts barking crazy and growling at me. Like, seriously? You're mad that I don't want to get bitten by a beast?

No. 289476

well, because they're not. they're servants that people pretend they see as 'family', when truly, the only thing they value about them is the fact that they're servile.

it's all a lie.

No. 289529

A lot of dogs are obnoxious, but they are so extremely varied in behavior that I don't understand a general hate for them. I've seen a lot of awesome dogs.

Cats on the other hand, are all the same little shits.

No. 289531

>having children when you can just have a dog
have fun being and being puked on

No. 289533

I never used to actually hate a dog until I moved back in with my mom and her untrained terrors. They jump and hump and bite your ankle whenever you come through the door and she just laughs. I can't walk in the house wearing shorts or sandals without getting my legs sliced up. They're hell to walk too as they only listen to her, and barely. Any training I attempt to do with them is pointless since they have a schedule of receiving treats just for existing.
We also have the pleasure of watching these geriatric twin mini poodles with obvious littermate syndrome. They're mean little dogs owned by her retired friends with too much money. I've been at their house and watched them feed these dogs straight up chocolate icecream "because they like it." Lots of time spent as a preteen on my part hand feeding those spoiled brats.
I like the cat though, but he does have a tendency to fart in your face and pukes pretty consistently now that he's older. Looking forward to living alone without any shit machines.

I also hate people's attitudes toward dogs like they are public property. Combined with acting like they are angels and can do no wrong; their brain just shuts off. All those accounts of people distracting service dogs comes to mind. I'll be out walking them and kids will just come up to pet them without asking, when 1 has multiple events of biting and drawing blood. He bit a kid for having skateboard and not listening when she said don't pet him he hates skateboards. Then he went and whined to his mom who got up in her face about her kid being stupid. Just recently a guy had his toddler out on the sidewalk so she could pet them (without awknowledging me at all) and then tailed me up the street when I didn't stop. Incredibly obnoxious.

No. 289596

>having a dog when you can have a fiercely intelligent parrot, a cat, a ferret, or anything else
kek, have fun being mauled by unstable and unpredictable animals that are nothing but pure muscle and teeth

No. 289609

Dogs literally only care about themselves. Especially food. A dog would choose food over its owner any day. They have no ability to control themselves. They're territorial and the bark sounds fucking annoying.

No. 289616

Every couple of weeks or so I go to this site to check to see how this current year goes for people killed by dogs, often dreading to see a new story and unfortunately there usually is but I will admit I am pleased to see another pitbull owner killed by their own pitbull which is the latest case.
However I am still angry and depressed to see the other victims which are usually children and old folks.

I don't hate all dogs, I still love friendly ones but I certainly am on the pitbull bandwagon hate though I feel it's justified due to the statistics.

No. 289617

was gonna take the bait but there is so much lack of knowing anything about pets in this post, i don't know where to start

No. 289622

Yeah, Having dogs if you're a farmer makes a lot of sense. Having a dog when you live in a small apartment is retarded and borderline abuse.

No. 289623

>However I am still angry and depressed to see the other victims which are usually children and old folks.

that's what hurts me the most. When it's the owner, good for them, but when it's actual innocent people, it's always children and the elderly. That hurts. When are pitbulls going to be put down?

No. 289624

I think there's a lot of actual anons here speaking from personal experiences. What's wrong with that?

No. 289625

I live in a shared condo area (where there are condos right across the street from each other.)

Mine is relatively quiet, but there is one across from my yard that owns a medium sized dog and they're never home. That asshole dog barks all day and all into the night if they aren't home. I dunno why barking dogs are considered acceptable. I work from home sometimes and even with my window closed, i'll hear it. Not much i can do, but it still sucks to deal with someone else's dog that isn't mine.

No. 289629

worthless genetic dead end.

No. 289659

why are 'i don't want any children!1' fags so annoying?

No. 289672

of course you can't 'take the bait', because there's nothing to argue. parrots are incredibly intelligent. parrots don't typically viciously attack people to death, neither do ferrets, cats, etc. and all of those animals, you can easily, easily defend against in comparison to dogs.

are you going to try to suggest that dogs aren't strong and don't have incredible tearing and biting capability?

or are you going to try to claim dogs are not unstable or unpredictable?

No. 289675

agreed, people only love dogs because they don't have to work for their affection, their default mode is "love everyone even strangers." Ive seen people get upset when some dogs are aloof or mistrusting and take it super personally and make comments like "wow are you sure it's not a cat lol" and "I've never met such mean dog what's wrong with it???"

No. 289684

This may not be a popular opinion, but honestly, if you can't care for your fucked up pet, putting it down is better than making it 100% someone else's problem. I would hope they at least TRIED to get it adopted, but if you already fucking ruined a creature, passing the buck to overburdened shelters and fosters whose resources are already strained is super fucking selfish.

Then again, it's fucking stupid to get another dog, but that's dog owners for you.

No. 289685

File: 1535936698998.jpg (265.26 KB, 768x768, 1531536542470.jpg)

There should be a $350 dog license class that you MUST take to be eligible to adopt.

$600 to buy purebreds
$1000 to deal with any "guard dog" breed, especially if intended to use one as such.

Live down the street from a pair of Dobermans, one of which barks constantly at anyone walking buy. Their fence is not large enough to contain it. Same thing in my previous neighborhood with a German Shepard. If your dog barks, charges, and follows someone walking on the sidewalk "within their yard" you should be fucking charged or have to produce a license that the dogs are trained enough never to jump the fence.

Fuck these dog owners. For ever well-adjusted dog sitting outside of a coffee shop, there's 25 more in a 10 mile radius that can barely handle being alive without flipping out constantly.

No. 289698

File: 1535938730225.jpg (7.93 KB, 400x238, d2660402bde4da40.jpg)

>implying dogs can't puke/piss/poop/chew up your shit
You sound like someone who has never owned a dog lmao

seriously, they're just as bad as poor fags and humblebrag fags

No. 289699

fuck dogs i hate them so much. i am forced to live with one unfortunately. i constantly hear shit-talk on cats but god forbid someone says a single negative thing about these dumb, smelly creatures

No. 289701

So true. There aren't enough responsible dog owners. I hate dogs that bark at legit everything and everyone that comes near it. They should be charged a fine for every noise complaint

No. 289704

Parrots, especially the "incredibly intelligent" (??) kind, are high maintenance, fucking loud, messy, needy and will probably outlive you. They also have the capability to hurt you or your children.

Ferrets are also high maintenance and fucking stink. They are basically small, slithery dogs/cats and will bite. If you knew anything about them, you wouldn't compare them.

Yes, dogs have the capability to do damage, but so do other animals. Animals are in general, unstable, unpredictable and a risk. And also extremely varied. Are you going to claim a pomeranian has "incredible tearing and biting capability"? Are you going to claim that a rowdy white cockatoo isn't unpredictable?

No. 289724

this was such a terrible, terrible refutation of the original post.

> kind, are high maintenance, fucking loud, messy, needy and will probably outlive you. They also have the capability to hurt you or your children.

outliving me isn't a downside. and why are you putting question marks as if parrots haven't been shown to be intelligent, and more intelligent than dogs? and because dogs aren't high maintenance or loud? half of the posts in this thread are complaints about dogs barking constantly. you have to pick up their warm shit with your hands every day 3+ times a day, have to walk them, exercise them (outside of the house if you aren't a shit owner), and are incredibly needy. or messy? they eat and roll around in shit and vomit and have no ability to control themselves. they will eat until they vomit. so dogs aren't capable of hurting children? the majority of dog bites are literally inflicted upon children and you're very likely to be bitten by your dog at some point in its lifetime. and most dog attacks are by family member's or friend's pets. nice.

>Ferrets are also high maintenance and fucking stink. They are basically small, slithery dogs/cats and will bite. If you knew anything about them, you wouldn't compare them.

what the fuck kind of rebuttal is this? no one was even talking about how high maintenance the animal is. the original post was about risk of injury. any animal can bite you, retard, that's obvious, but you can more easily kick off a low to the ground ferret with smaller jaws than even a small dog. i'd much rather have a musky ferret than a smelly ass dog that's needy, rolls around in shit, and is a public nuisance. at least ferrets aren't at risk for escaping and brutally attacking your neighbor's child or your neighbor's dog or cat and needing to be put down.

>Yes, dogs have the capability to do damage, but so do other animals. Animals are in general, unstable, unpredictable and a risk. And also extremely varied. Are you going to claim a pomeranian has "incredible tearing and biting capability"? Are you going to claim that a rowdy white cockatoo isn't unpredictable?

relative to their size, yes, their tearing capability is still very impressive considering their size, and they can still do considerable damage if they want to. small dogs and puppies can still maul babies to death pretty easily, and has literally been the case with pomeranians before. google it.

all animals are unpredictable, because they're animals, obviously, but dogs snap and often don't give as many warning signs as many other animals, and they don't stop attacking when they attack. the key is to mitigate and prevent damage. parrots and cats don't attack people in the same way dogs do, and dog bites, and severe dog bites, are incredibly common. even if not trying to prevent harm to yourself or family members, all of these animals are STILL less likely to escape and attack and kill other animals. if you're going to run the risk of having an animal, it makes sense to not have a dog over other animals, imo. the personality profile of dogs suck, too, in comparison to all of these other animals, imo.

No. 289747


In addition to pitbulls, I think kpop stans are another breed we should put down.

No. 289758

File: 1535943892405.jpg (107.33 KB, 720x540, hxavsTm.jpg)

Idk if anybody else feels the same but I either hate or love dogs.
Either they're a complete shit stain of a dog or they're the cutest purest little ball of floof (ignoring the high maintenance fact).
I absolutely despise untrained dogs.

When I was younger I absolutely hated dogs. I lived in a tiny village and often that means that all of your neighbours have dogs like they're guarding a fucking treasure mansion when the crime was abysmally low. So basically you couldn't walk a few feet without having a barking idiot dog spot you from ACROSS the street. Or dogs that managed to climb up their fence and decide that you're in their territory cause the street is theirs.

I don't really blame the dogs, more often than not people jump in and get a breed they never researched prior. My relatives first got an english bulldog, an adorable, although smelly, bastard. After he passed away (cause yeah, those dogs come with a shit ton of health problems) they decided to get a Basset Hound. Look at this lil cutie with his funny droopy look ! He's probably very gentle and quiet and shuffle along right ? Except it's a hunting dog and he'll need a ton of exercise and training, otherwise he'll think of himself as the master of the house. So basically that stupid dog not only smelled like hell (cause those ears just drag along and pick up whatever shit they find) but was just terrible and violent towards guests.

At least when someone has a terrible cat I can punt that shit across the room, or keep it away with a broom. Try doing that with a dog that's almost your weight.

No. 289764


Keep vicariously pretending your dog is your child. You deserve everything that comes your way.

Fucking Dog faggots.

No. 289769

>more likely to hurt children than a dog that smells like feces and its saliva has flesh-eating bacteria.

lol ok

No. 289789

I don't hate dogs but I wouldn't ever consider getting one
I can pet and baby talk to a dog for a while but as soon as they try to lick me or rub their fur against me it's over

But as many have said
I have problems with the owner
specially those who make their life mission to bring up the dogs are better than cats argument

As soon as some classmates found out I have a cat they started with the tipical annoying shit
cats are evil/mean/useless
and how my cat apparently doesn't really love me

Meanwhile one of them has one of those stupid tiny dogs that shits everywhere (and hers suffers from constant diahrrea)
and the other has some genetic mess that she has to restrain when it has seizures

like… say all you want about cats but the don't take time away from work/studies because of their needs

No. 289790

i dont think you even know what you're arguing about anymore. you're criticizing an animal for being an animal while at the same time, holding other obnoxious animals on a pedestal

> but dogs snap and often don't give as many warning signs as many other animals, and they don't stop attacking when they attack

honestly this entire post reads like someone who's only ever interacted with your ghetto family's dog. dogs dont fuck with you unless you fuck with them first, pitbulls aside. dumbass people think they can encroach on an animal they don't know and act surprised when theyre told to back off

sorry you couldn't touch fluffy over there, but animals aren't public property who's mouth you can stick your hand in

>even if not trying to prevent harm to yourself or family members, all of these animals are STILL less likely to escape and attack and kill other animals

if you hadn't brought up cats in the other post, this excuse would be a lot less shitty. if you wanna talk about level of damage, invasive cats have wiped out populations of wildflife. name me a dog breed that's done this

just say you hate dogs without trying to justify it so hard lmao

No. 289826

>you're criticizing an animal for being an animal while at the same time, holding other obnoxious animals on a pedestal
because there are fewer benefits and more risk to having a dog. i just said that. as i said, cats attack differently than dogs. once a dog starts straight up attacking you, they're unlikely to back down, stop, and let go. cats don't attack like that, for example, which means that coupled with their waaay less muscle and muscle fibers that are meant specifically more for speed/running/agility, rather than brute force/strength, than even the smallest of dogs, even their worst attack will generally not be that bad, let alone compared to a medium sized or large dog. i don't know why you refuse to grasp this.

>dogs dont fuck with you unless you fuck with them first, pitbulls aside.

are you serious? dogs are incredibly territorial, and as i said, will escape and attack other animals. cats and parrots are not similarly territorial. have you not seen the many, many videos of dogs just snapping and attacking people because of loud noises or sudden movements? it doesn't make them enormous assholes, it just makes them powerful animals that are serious liabilities that people are refusing to consider as liabilities when they definitely are ones.

>if you hadn't brought up cats in the other post, this excuse would be a lot less shitty. if you wanna talk about level of damage, invasive cats have wiped out populations of wildflife. name me a dog breed that's done this

sad that you needed to reach this much when i was explicitly talking about the risk they pose to other domestic animals whose lives are valued by their families/owners, and, more importantly, children. they're put down all of the time because they attack children. why aren't you willing to acknowledge this? this does not happen to cats because cats don't typically escape their homes, lose their shit, and start attacking people.

but since you asked:

>Oxford researchers Joelene Hughes and David W. Macdonald reviewed 69 studies on canine-wildlife relations in rural areas. All but three of these articles found that dogs had a negative impact, mostly due to predation.

>Free-roaming dogs can especially cause harm on islands, where ecosystems tend to be vulnerable in the face of non-native predators like dogs. For instance, in the late 1980s, researchers found that a single German shepherd on the loose in New Zealand's Waitangi State Forest was responsible for killing up to 500 kiwis. The dog had a collar, but was unregistered, and its owner was not found.

>In another example from 2006, 12 ownerless dogs were thought to be wiping out populations of the endangered Fijian ground frog on Viwa Island.


regardless, this wasn't even important. the topic at hand was the liability towards children and pets.

please enjoy this video of a neighbor's dog that most people would visually peg as aggressive or threatening, just a medium sized mutt (read it was a lab mix?), escaping their house and randomly attacking and dragging a child on a tricycle, who is then saved by his cat. but "dogs don't attack unless provoked", sure, that's why these things happen all of the time.

No. 289852

File: 1535952124304.gif (620.72 KB, 400x222, FC63AEC5-6891-4E19-8164-1A6169…)

That’s a good argument anon.

No. 289853

how are dogs not equally messy, loud or needy? I don't have to walk my senegal every day nor does he ever reach the volume a dog does on the occasions he decides to be noisy. any mess he makes can be vacuumed with ease, and he wears a flight harness outside of his cage to contain poops. larger parrots are obviously more capable of damage and noise, but again, it's very easy to contain their mess and avoid household destruction. their noise is on par with a dog who barks all day. as for biting, birds can vote, and a large cockatoo could give you stitches, but biting to the point of serious damage is incredibly rare (and reserved for birds like cockatoos).

ferrets are shit pets tho I agree with you there.

>small dogs don't have incredible ripping and tearing capacities

you are truly uneducated about dogs if you believe this. a Pomeranian can fuck you up. any small terrier was bred specifically to tear prey to shreds. will a pitbull be capable of doing more damage and be a lot harder to fend off? of course, but small dogs still have centuries of breeding behind them and still have a mouth full of sharp teeth specifically to rip and tear flesh. I work with dogs for a living and have been bit a few times. the only one I was hospitalized for with stitches was a shitty chihuahua/Jack Russel mix. when it comes to "can this dog do serious damage to me" the answer is yes, for every single breed of dog, regardless of size. small dogs tend to have a worse attitude and training due to shitty owners who spoil them and don't treat them like dogs because they're small.

No. 289870

I love these videos. All you have to do is show someone one of hundreds of videos of dogs attacking kids and they all have no ground to stand on. I love it.

No. 289909

sorry, samefag, but meant to say that most people WOULDN'T typically immediately peg the dog as being threatening/a threat based on appearance alone.

ty anon, appreciate you

and there are seriously so many. my uncle's dog just escaped two weeks ago from his backyard (small-medium poodlish mutt thing) and killed his neighbor's really sweet dog. happens to kids too, all of the time, but can you imagine the amount of dogs that would be put down if it was mandatory to put them down after they killed other pets for no reason??

No. 289951

i never said dogs aren't capable of being messy. they're also capable of being not messy. i've owned dogs and birds. the birds were a bigger pain in the ass to clean after than my two dogs.

i also never said small dogs can't do damage. ive also seen enough small dogs who can't rip and tear things to shit because their jaws don't have the power to do so. so no, from my own experience, not every dog can do serious damage.


>implying cats aren't on an evolutionary level, literal agile killing machines whose bites aren't "generally that bad"

im really sorry to say but you truly don't know a thing. but keep watching those cute cat videos i guess

No. 289971

>cats are killing machines on evolutionary level
>yet dogs attacks vastly outweigh them in both severity and frequency


No. 289989

File: 1535977032074.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 640x1138, ujeI-sSyVjLGkbOA7D4JXAiQwRbnbn…)

No. 289990

>not all dogs are shit
Same goes for my cat, he never hunts. But what's wrong about hunting anyway? I'd hardly call that being a killing machine. I own a dog and even so think they're worse than cats.

No. 289993

Please…post your cats anons. I want to see their faces

No. 289999

They didn't, they immediately got him euthanized without telling anyone. He was a really cute dog despite all the health shit and his behavior wasn't awful… I'm sure someone would've taken him if they did try. They could've even pawned him off on our other family members.

Also meant to add to that post that they kept him in a tiny cage virtually all the time, even when they were at home with him. Only let him out of it for walks and food. Probably a major reason why he was fat and depressed.

No. 290006

File: 1535985533737.png (4.66 MB, 1242x2208, 980746FB-E5A2-49E0-B186-BC6FEB…)

No. 290010

For the first time in my life, I'm living in an apartment building where no dogs are allowed and it. is. fucking. awesome.

Highly recommend for those who value peace and quiet.

No. 290033

What a cutie! Seriously I should be banned from seeing cat pics because I always get such an intense feeling of wanting to touch them

No. 290053

That was so hard to watch. That child literally did nothing to deserve that… fucking hell…

No. 290057

File: 1535996663109.jpg (791.2 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_001.jpg)

Here's mine conveying her opinion of this thread.

No. 290059

>implying cats aren't on an evolutionary level, literal agile killing machines whose bites aren't "generally that bad"

Even a large cat can't easily crush your bones with a single bite. When you startle a cat, they usually run away, dogs attack.

No. 290102

Omg very cute!!!!! I love them they are precious!!!!!!!!

No. 290108

beautiful kitty

No. 290140

These are some stunning little sweeties, anons. I want to pinch their little cheeks!

No. 290182

This is the best thread ever honestly. These dog spergs really need help. I bet the ones defending dogs and using rebuttles such as parrots and ghetto dogs are the same people to have them crazy ass dogs that need to be put down.

Anyway, any pet is litterally less agressive as dogs will ever be and thats a fact.

Also, post more pics of cats guys! 👍🏽

No. 290191

File: 1536008035892.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281, F05BDAC9-3A45-45B2-B506-C5E0D4…)

No. 290205

I saw this photo at work and it made me smile. Such a cutie pie

That sounds like heaven. i wish more complexes had those rules.

No. 290206

So my coworker has a dog (i think a black lab) that she has no control over. She works like 9 hour days and barely has time for her because she has young kids. (why get a dog?)

She got the dog as a puppy and now has no idea what to do and the dog barks all day and tears up shit in her bedroom. I really hate people like this getting dogs. She says she has no idea what to do and wants to get 'another dog, because my dog is probably lonely.'

wtf, i hate people so much

No. 290209

This thread just makes me sad. You guys hold a lot of hatred in you.

No. 290217

No. 290223

>no problem going on website about shitting on people
>clutch pearls when people dislike dogs

does liking dogs make you retarded or sonething? hide the thread you sped.

No. 290231

I like both cats and dogs. But if you need protection, a dog is your best choice. Btw it's a stray dog in this video. This dog had no obligation to save the lady but he did anyways.

No. 290233

File: 1536013140223.png (54.18 KB, 1134x481, odds.PNG)

>does liking dogs make you retarded or sonething?
Tbh, yes

More like 'reality'

No. 290234

LOL that's rich coming from someone on a website that shits on people all the time, just hide the thread and go pet your stinky shitbeast so you won't feel so sad then, idiot.

No. 290235

I have a close high school friend who is one of those pitbull spergs and she regularly lets her 1 year old child cuddle with those unpredictable beasts while spouting all the typical pitbull sperg bullshit… I don't say anything but I really would hate it if something happened to that baby just because she couldn't stop drinking the pibble kool aid.

No. 290236

File: 1536013542032.png (795.77 KB, 729x764, epdbyefp0si11.png)

No. 290237

File: 1536013566159.png (411.45 KB, 640x1138, 8ZKC1j-oJp85AaWXOFt_tMPVoX7KgJ…)

No. 290238

I don't even hate pitbulls or dogs, tbh, I just don't like them all that much and think they're overrated, but what I REALLY can't stand are these people that should not ever be parents, let alone the owners of a large pet like this, that end up causing more damage to these dogs. Hell, almost all dog owners are lazy as fuck and underestimate how dangerous their dogs are, but big dog owners are THE WORST, because by default, you have to be an idiot that underestimates risks and dangers to allow an enormous, bear-ass-like beast into your home.

No. 290239

File: 1536013637148.png (310.48 KB, 640x1138, RGyRlXcRlIEpAYf-cnYTViPrxMC0gt…)

>Don't want dogs in school or work spaces? Psychopath.

No. 290240

File: 1536013727877.jpg (79.07 KB, 640x853, PDGW-NDpqtox-7JTtmZxFEpUyZkN8e…)

Last one.
After that flight I would be the one who'd need a "service" dog because muh ptsd (or actually rather not…)

No. 290243

Children shouldn't be around dogs, ever, of any size. It's either you have a child or a dog.

This would give me such bad anxiety, it's not even funny. There is NO reason why people need such large dogs if not for farming, policework, etc. Just shouldn't be legal.

No. 290246

Truly psychotic. Imagine going through these mental gymnastics to justify your dog biting your toddler. She's THREE YEARS OLD, of course she didn't "deserve" to be bitten, you stupid cunt. Train your ugly killing machine to be non reactive or don't have kids.

No. 290250

that's the thing though, anon, you can't ever train a dog enough to expect it to be safe around your child, ever, even if your child doesn't do anything to provoke it. even if you train your dog, you can't guarantee that it won't hurt your child, so you're an absolutely shit parent and shit pet owner by default by risking your child's safety, and your dog's safety, by pretending you can control an animal with tens of thousands of years of natural instincts that don't just go away because we offer them beggin strips every so often. the only ethical thing is to have one or the other. you don't care about your kid OR dog at fucking all if you insist on the idea that they can safely be around each other at all.

No. 290253

Why would someone think that way? It's a fucking 3 year old, they can still have the impulse control of a runaway train at that age. It's pretty fucked up to say they deserve it when something bad happens to them, and tbh projecting mature qualities onto kids and expecting them to handle things like an older person would just sounds like irresponsible, shitty parenting. I don't hate dogs, but some of these excessive dog lovers can be pretty whacked.

No. 290255

Correction, anons:
She was ALMOST 3, meaning that she was actually only 2…

No. 290263

Yeah that is an example of a good dog, dude was an idiot though. Dogs can freak when they see violence, he should have considered the dog might try attacking him.

Doesn't need to be hate towards the dogs, most dog owners are too stupid and irresponsible to be dog owners. They were bred to work and that is what they should be doing, ideally. Dogs need productive outlets for their energies.

No. 290266

That's probably a shortass flight, but man, that looks uncomfortable for the dog.

Do people with severe animal dander allergies get a heads up if there's pets in the cabin?

No. 290270

jfc you don't even form memories at two, how can you expect them not to provoke the dog again? i promise that will not be the last time this poor kid gets bitten.

No. 290275

Why is it even legal to allow dogs on plane? you are literally sitting in an area with the same being filtered in and out. I have such insane allergies to dogs too, and it can't be that uncommon. what do they do if someone has massive allergies to dog hair/saliva? fucking inconsiderate af

No. 290276

>someone needs to ID him

Maybe because it's a school to learn and not a dog daycare??

These people are insane. And while we're on topic, i absolutely hate people who calls dog 'doggos.' shut up

No. 290277

Imagine trying to be justify your child needed stitches because poor dog wasn't at fault. holy shit… people with kids shouldnt have dogs anyway

No. 290278

I dislike most breeds of large dogs, but there's something extra about having zero empathy for human life over a pitbull. I hate pitbulls and their owners equally. both should be put down. I can't even fathom how angry i would be if i lost a loved one to a pitbull and some freak tried to block my path.

No. 290291

They "try their best to accommodate", meaning they bump you to another flight if you can't be on that plane.

No. 290298

that's what i was thinking. short flight or not– that's a huge dog (great dane type) and my allergies would go haywire. Also, i was born with asthma, which links to pet dander as a trigger for them. i could have an attack and die, but fuck me, right? the precious dog angels are more important

No. 290356

File: 1536030989143.png (9.85 KB, 225x225, download.png)

A woman just moved out of my building. She was the proud owner of eight (8) little, very yappy dogs. They lived together in a 900sqft apartment. In NYC. With no yard and very little green space for the dogs to actually move around.

They were horribly trained. I couldn't leave my apartment while they were in the lobby, lest they yap and block the doorway. If she was going inside the building while I was intending to, I had to wait five minutes for her to stop her dumbass dogs from getting distracted and yapping at some stimulus outside so they could be herded back in (and if something happened inside, they would start yapping again and refuse to go up the stairs). The smell of dog would linger in the lobby for a half hour after she took them for a walk, and occasionally one would leave a 'present' for the rest of the neighbors to find.

Dog Lady was a very strange woman who seldom talked to anybody else, but when she did, it was in the same 'mommyese' way that she would talk to her dogs. I'm pretty sure she didn't have a job and have no idea how she afforded to live where she did in addition to the astronomical monthly pet fee she must have paid for eight little yappy dogs and the cost of taking care of eight little yappy dogs. If only she'd used some of that money to train them.

No. 290368

You're a disgusting human and pibbles are cute. My pitbull never hurt anyone and she's as aggressive as a pillow. It's people like you who project stereotypes on innocent animals that needs to be put down.

No. 290369

When I was living with my satanic sister in law, she said we had to get rid of our cat when her baby is born because the "bacteria" will harm her baby. But somehow her dog is the cleanest thing ever makes no sense to me. The dog goes outside and steps in the dirt filled with piss and shit, added to the fact they never bathe it. Meanwhile my cat is strictly indoors, bathed monthly, and well groomed. Needless to say we moved away from her lmao. The best part was her baby ended up getting a red allergic reaction on his face because the dog licked it. Smh, dog people never want to admit fault. Their dog is an all perfect being.

No. 290370

No. 290377

If anything, it's more dangerous to have the cat there DURING pregnancy, but only if she's the one cleaning the litter. She's an idiot, anon.

No. 290379

Cats actually do have parasites that can cause really severe harm to infants and toddlers. Like, irreversible brain damage. That's probably what she was talking about.
That said, it's generally only an issue if the child or pregnant woman comes into direct contact with their feces. Don't let baby near the litter box and you're usually good to go.

No. 290381

"This human being should be put down because I don't like the breed of dog it has". Nice anon, nice.

Sad for the kid but realistically the parent is to blame here. Obviously if you have a dog, you don't let your child be unsupervised with it ESPECIALLY when it's eating– it could be a pit, a labrador, even a fucking chihuahua, if a dog is eating it has a chance to get territorial.

Something tells me this is a some sort of form of animal negligence. You have a huge dog who already has problems with it's joints and you're making it squeeze into a tiny spot where it can't get comfortable for what, an hour at the least? Not only that but you're going to get so many pissed off people.

No. 290402

File: 1536038372330.png (5.26 KB, 384x383, images.png)

No. 290414

From what i read, its not that common. But yes, you're right, any feces shouldn't be near the mother or baby at all, standard stuff. When I read an article, it said dogs can carry most of the same parasites as cats, besides toxoplasmosis. But for a cat to contract it, its quite unlikely if they're indoor only and have had their shots, and are not fed raw food, birds, rats, etc. Ive seen dogs eat random things off the ground when they go outside, and makes them more susceptible to fleas which if ingested, causes worm parasites.

No. 290436

As long as the mom and baby aren't interacting with cat shit then it's a moot point anyway. There's a lot of myths about cats smothering babies in their sleep for some reason too.

No. 290719

Is it just me, or has there been a rise on muh service dogs in the last few years? I never saw this shit growing up, but I swear, it's common now. The people who usually have them don't even train them to do service work half the time anyway.

Anyway, I don't outright hate dogs, but I will say I've soured to them and their dumbass owners the older I've gotten. As a kid, I loved dogs, especially big ones because I'd run around outside a lot and play with them. But years of being around several little dogs constantly shitting and barking while I was a teen, combined with now living in a still sort of rural area where dumbasses will let their dogs roam sometimes, has soured me as an adult. I've seen dogs kill animals in my yard, and I've had to run them off. I've had dogs run up to me while I was walking, and while they didn't harm me, it was still a fucking risk. I wanna exercise in peace. And to top it all off, I was bitten by a dog owned by one of my dumbass irresponsible relatives. I only needed a few stitches, thank god, but I can remember calling them to tell them what happened. And she sounded more concerned about the dog than me.

I can't fucking stand people who just let their dogs roam. There's fields out here farmers work in, and dogs from other houses will roam all the way across those, and wind up in my yard sometimes. I had one literally on my porch, nose pressed to my door once. I'm of the opinion that roaming dogs should be shot and killed, but god knows what would happen if you did something like that.

No. 290747

Dog lovers are devils holy shit.

No. 290754

Yea dog lovres are doing everything to make their pet a "service-animal". There's a reddit called r/TalesFromTheFrontDesk and many of those stories talk about people in customer service dealing with people and their fake service-animal/ dog nonsense. I love it.


No. 290814

I was legit just talking to my spouse about this bs last night. i work retail and there's a woman who comes in all the time with her stupid mutt, labeled as a service/comfort companion. We are a clothing store, but also sell breakable ceramics, vases, etc, so we have a no dogs allowed sign.

People piss me off who do this and act all offended when you dont want them smelly, destructive dog in your place of business.

No. 290815

They really are. Reading that article broke my heart.

No. 290820

I've had too incidents where i was driving down a more scenic, rural road and dog will come over to my car, in the middle of the road. It was out of nowhere and you're only going 35-40 mph, but it's easy to miss or hit a dog like that, esp at night. Owners who let their dogs roam piss me off. i dont want to be traumatized by hitting a damn dog on the road where only cars should be.

No. 290821

meant two incidents*

No. 290842

I used to know some people who had two "service dogs". One was a morbidly obese woman with a large lab or similar breed, and the other was her "depressed" daughter who had some annoying small breed, that was supposedly for her anxiety. The big dog was halfway trained at least, but the little one had little to no training at all. The whole situation was just fucking weird.

I spotted a service dog or two when I was out at a comic convention recently too. Can't say I'm too shocked there. Those dogs are probably "servicing" their owners autism.

No. 291104

I think it's cause it's illegal to ask for proof on whether a dog is a service animal or not.

No. 291127

Yeah it's really easy to just buy a service vest off the internet, throw it on your shitty untrained animal, and pretend you need it. It sucks because it takes away from actual disabled people who need their dogs. It blows my mind that people are willing to be that selfish and inconsiderate just to have their fucking dog in a store with them.

No. 291153


>Nope, it’s normal. Lets be honest human babies aren’t very cute when compared to other animals.

>Absolutely not. Sure, some people like babies. Some people LOVE babies. But almost everyone loves dogs, and especially puppies. Not liking animals is generally a sign of being a bad person. Not liking babies, on the other hand, is more a sign that you don’t enjoy screaming, crying, puking, and stinking diapers. Human babies are incredibly hard to take care of, and it takes them years to grow up enough before they aren’t keeping you up all night and making a mess of everything. For a puppy, it takes them about a month or less to grow out of that phase, if properly trained. They’re cuddly, snuggly, furry babies who don’t keep you up all night crying.. usually. And if they do, it’s resolved far more quickly. They are much, much easier to love than a human baby.

>No, I am the exact same way. It’s not that I like both dogs and humans a lot, but dogs have a slight edge — no. I love dogs and I royally dislike humans. Well, maybe it’s more that I dislike humans that have been tainted by society. Humans have the capacity to be likeable, just that there are so many unlikable humans out there that are skewing my perception giving me a misanthropic bias. Bottom line: if I had to choose between saving a puppy or a baby from a burning building, I would go for the puppy first. Then I would take that puppy from the owners, because they are assholes who left it to burn in a house fire. May some awful plague befall mankind. To which I am immune.

>Nope, you are exceptionally sane. If people were honest, human babies are ugly as hell. Of course you love your own baby despite that, but to love other people’s ugly babies is insane.

>No. I would say your quite sane. I have children that are grown and I love them very much. I love my dog just as much if not more because he doesn't have a rude smart mouth.

I hope they leave you to rot in a retirement home instead of taking care of you themselves once you're old if your "fur baby" is so much more important to you than your own children…

No. 291158

>saving a puppy first instead of a child
>loving your dog more than your child

This is straight up psychotic.

No. 291170

>According to a recent study published in Society & Animals, humans feel more empathy for dogs than fellow people.
>Researchers took 256 people and showed them four fake newspaper stories. In each, the individual in question had been beaten by a baseball bat by an "unknown assailant" and left unconscious, with a "broken leg and multiple lacerations." The four victims were:
>A 1-year-old human baby, a 30-year-old adult human, a puppy and a 6-year-old dog.
>Guess which individual elicited the most empathy?
>the order of empathy was highest for the puppy, then the human baby, then the older dog, then the adult human.
>Having dogs in the office makes for workers who are more engaged, productive, and happier.
>And since pups are basically love incarnate, it's fitting that science is backing up what we've always known to be true: there's nothing quite so comforting as the company of a dog.

>in one study, people were faced with a dilemma in which they could either save a human being or their pet dog, but not both, from being hit and killed by a bus. Under some circumstances, more than one-third of people surveyed chose to save their dog, leaving the human to his cruel fate.
>This clearly supports the idea that as far as our brains are concerned, dogs and children are equally lovable.
>Subjects did not view their dogs as animals, but rather as 'fur babies' or family members alongside human children.

>On the face of it, preferring a dog over humans seems absurd. After all, dogs' thinking is limited, their speech non-existent. Yet, especially if people haven't been reliably kind to you, a dog offers certain advantages:
>Reliability. A dog will always be there for you. Compare that with the human divorce rate.
Comparing owning an animal with marriage…
So having a dog
>Non-judgmentalness. A dog will never disparage you. As was made famous by psychotherapist Carl Rogers, non-judgmental listening can often be of great benefit.
>No hidden motives. People are sometimes nice to your face and stab you in the back. Or they're nice until it becomes expedient not to be, for example, if serious money is at stake. With doggies, what you see is what you get–consistent, unconditional love.
>Practical matters: A doggie forces you to get out and take walks–healthy. If you're single, a doggie is a date magnet. It can provide security—most dogs bark when someone comes near your home. And on a personal note, my doggie Einstein is my receptionist, welcoming clients with a wag and a kiss—something no human receptionist would do. And he's my co-counselor: If a client likes, Einstein will sit next to him on the sofa. The client often pets the dog during the session–a great stress buster. Years after a client has finished working with me, I've often received a note that includes a line such as, "How's Einstein? Give him a hug for me."
>Even if you generally prefer people over dogs, for most of us, the benefits of having a doggie in the family far outweigh the liabilities.
Written by a guy with a Ph.D

But "dog haters" are the ones lacking empathy… No other species would prefer a different one over their own young ones.
I personally don't want children, but genuinely thinking that the life of an animal is worth more than the one of a human, child or adult, is absolutely shit. Go on, call yourself hooman, you seem to have lost any sense of humanity anyways.

No. 291196

I've attended New York Comic con for a few years and I always see the same morbidly obese dude with his dog dressed up as Batman or The Flash. I think that dog is really only there for attention, since everyone stops him to pet it and you aren't supposed to do that with real service dogs.

No. 291197

Why is that exactly? I never understood that law at all.

No. 291198

jfc, i hate this. These people always end up having kids and neglecting them too. That's horribly sad.

I remember watching a dog trainer episode (ceaser whatshisface) and some husband wasnt able to get into his own home for over a year because the dog they had loved the wife more. This bitch legit let a dog terrorize her own husband, but she loved the dog so much. such a sweet mutt!!

I would have ran for divorceland.

No. 291200

Jesus christ this is horrifying. I know some very few spergs like this on real life, but to think alot of people are like this is just…..yikes. Dog lovers are too much. Imagine being one of these morons children or family members.

No. 291271

>implying puppies don't howl, puke, shit and destroy your stuff

Dog people weird me the fuck out. I feel like if you love an animal primarily because it's needy, obedient and constantly all up in your shit there's something wrong with you.

No. 291352

Jesus, I'm not a big fan of babies either, and I'm never gonna have kids, but saying you'd save a dog over a human child is just psychotic. They say this shit because blah blah bad humans blah blah we're a tainted species, but so what. I'm sorry there's shitty people out there, but there's plenty of humans who are awesome too. Choosing an animal over a human capable of intelligent thought, is insane. I don't just see this with dog lovers too, to be fair. I see plenty of general pet lovers who do this whole misanthropic "humans are garbage, I'd save an animal first" shit. Dog owners definitely seem to be the worst about it though.

No. 291359

exactly. imagine this:
"i love my girlfriend because she will do EVERYTHING I ASK without question, she always loves me, she NEEDS ME and will literally die without me, she needs to be with me 24/7 and gets incredibly depressed when not with me all of the time or nearly all of the time, and she loves me no matter how shitty or what a disappointment i am, as long as i feed her and rub her back and will remain loyal to me even if i don't treat her well"

(keeping in the last part about not treating them well, because dogs DO still kiss ass even if verbally abused, hit, and will remain loyal to their abusers. cats and most other animals will say 'go fuck yourself' as much as possible.)

would people not think this person is an abusive narc? yes. but apply that shit to dogs and it's totally reasonable!

i feel bad for domestic dogs. they don't have enough mental fortitude to be their own people and rely on humans for direction. i think it's inherently a shit situation and i don't see much to idealize in it. it's just kind of sad. like seeing a woman in a relationship that is emotionally abused but her bf treats her kind of well otherwise, so she'll never see it

people that don't see anything wrong with a relationship that's predicated on someone or something doing what you ask, without question, always, and glorifying that, definitely have issues.

No. 291484

They say it like they're so proud too. Their filthy mutt does whatever they want and say like slaves and they're totally fine with that.

This sums it up nicely

No. 291605

For all the talk of crazy cat people I've encountered far more crazy dog people.

No. 291644

at least crazy cat people mind their own business. you might never want to go to their house and they smell like cat food but at least they aren't trying to take their cats to public establishments pretending they're service animals.

>gets incredibly depressed when not with me all of the time to the point of destroying my entire house until i get home


No. 291647

You know what, it's better these idiots don't have kids. That way they die without passing their low IQ cancer to their spawn.

No. 291648

Lmao just say you want to have sex with the dog. Pathetic.

No. 291649

And they say people who like cats/ don't like dogs/ animals are crazy.

No. 291650

Also idk about any of you guys, but I've realized this dog obsession seems to be a "white" thing. A lot of my non-white friends don't really give a shit about dogs, or they think they're a nuisance.

No. 291653

File: 1536204470206.png (69.52 KB, 208x193, 1458449783066.png)

Holy fuck @ all that unsaged, samefagottry

You are one unhinged motherfucker

No. 291654

This is actually really true

No. 291658

Actually, that’s so true, I never really thought about it.

No. 291662

I think the only reasonable excuse for actually liking dogs aside from "they so cute uwu" is that they're relatively smart, which can be endearing, and will do tricks/play fetch/entertain you a bit. Aside from that, dog owners are pretty fucking creepy with their desire for something so absolutely dependent on them. It's also fucking annoying how dog owners reach for miles as soon as you mention you don't like dogs for reasons that you should like dogs or that you're a shitty person for not liking dogs.

Oh yeah, definitely. All the insane dog people I've ever met were white. They also love throwing shit at other cultures and calling them subhuman for eating dogs (ie the Yulin festival petition that gets nowhere every year). They'll raise a storm about it and protest about it in their own home countries and do nothing about relevant issues then go home and pat themselves on the back.

No. 291670

I don't hate dog. My biggest problem are the extreme owners. I can't say how much I hate that so many people have a dog so it can be their baby. Nothing is wrong if you tell your animal that you love it and say it is your 'fluffball' or somehting. The problem starts with when you see yourself as parent and your dog as child. (Have seen that on many animals but dog owners are the most extreme ones).
I like dogs more than children but a dog is not your child. You are not a parent. I can't help but get so annoyed if people tell me about it and say something like: "..and she looked at me with these "but mum i want to" eyes.
That is so unhealthy for the dog i can't even…

No. 291673

yes, they're good at specialized tasks, but tbh, even goldfish can be trained to do ball tricks and shit. dogs are definitely very intelligent, but it's not like most people are exercising their intelligence to their full capacity or care to, anyways. the go to is ALWAYS "they're loyal and do everything i say", but then in the same breath call them their 'family' or 'daughter' or 'son'.

it's like, uhhh, ok, maybe don't have kids then if that's the kind of relationship you think is ideal or admirable for any family member, let alone anything that you consider to be your child.

No. 291682

I love this thread, I love you, and lolcow, not because I hate dogs but because this is one of the few corners of the internet where a generally unpopular opinion like this can be tolerated. Dogs aren't horrible but the adulation they get is annoying especially when it is so damn near universal. A large portion of the little dislike I do have is targeted at how publicly tolerated dogs have become which is so unfair to anyone that has allergies or phobias not to mention the mess from selfish owners who refuse to clean up.

Dogs can be excellent pets in the right environment with the right owners, most people are not the right owners or live in the right environment that is fair to them or engage their dogs to their full capabilities as working animals. Heaven forbid you admit to disliking dogs anywhere else though without getting skewered.

No. 291695

Just wanted to vent a bit about the rancid experiences I've had with my in-laws' shitbreath yorkie. It smells like it died last week, is so greasy that you can't even run your hands through its fur, and is basically allowed to shit and piss all over the house. I can't stand that I have to pretend to enjoy that tiny oily rat excreting its stench all over me whenever I go there. I'm not a fan of larger dogs (shocker) but I've seriously never met a big dog that smelled half as bad as this guinea-pig sized little shit. How?

No. 291707

I hate large/medium breed dogs because if I see them on the street I’m terrified they are going to attack me and in people’s hoses they jump on you and stuff their head in your crotch/ass for 5 minutes while you push it away meanwhile you have to act like it’s okay because their owners are there.

But these little inbred dogs are so cute to me. If someone has a tiny dog I carry it around the whole time I’m there just like I would if they had a cat.

No. 291711

> but genuinely thinking that the life of an animal is worth more than the one of a human,
I’m not into dogs but you really think that gorilla should have been shot to save that kid or the life of some rare near extinct animal is worth more than a bunch of overpopulated humans?

No. 291712

whenever people are like "cats never listen!!! they don't do tricks they just HATE EVERYONE!!" i just show them a video of my $5 rescue cat I taught to sit, high five, spin, lie down, and roll over on command. which is more than theyve taught their spoiled little shitstains usually, so they're just utterly speechless. pretty much any ainmal can be taught shit with enough perseverance, and I didn't have to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on some inbred ~super smart~ dog to do it, I just went to my local shelter during a clearout weekend and bought a young cat with my pocket change.

No. 291714

Honestly, a lot of animals are intelligent. Even a bunny can learn tricks, and they are small, really cute, quiet and their shit cleans up with a vacuum.

No. 291718

My favorite is when they babble on about how mean cats are, how cats are evil, how cats always bite them. Meanwhile, my cats just lay around, or climb onto my desk for attention, or follow me around. And the only thing I've ever been bitten by is a fucking dog.

If every cat a person has encountered has been mean to them, then the problem probably isn't the cats. It's them.

No. 291731

I think a large part of it is that a lot of people don't know how to read a cat's body language so they can't tell when the cat is feeling happy or affectionate. Their body language is more subtle compared to a dog's more obvious expressiveness. So they think the cat is a jerk just because they can't be bothered to learn how to interpret it's body language.

No. 291736

File: 1536229330351.png (138.67 KB, 1102x700, Screenshot (41).png)

No. 291743

I saw a guy on YouTube that had a service dog because he stuttered. Like, what the fuck?

No. 291746

I fucking hate pitbulls and I am 100% pro PitbullDropOff
Eliminate that species, you don't need a guard dog in the city, one day I was running because I was missing my train and one just fucking attacked me because the owner said "He thought you were going for me, he's so protective!!" fuck you, bitch.

No. 291750

Accidentally clicked "send" but
While I'm not for killing them brutally, I just want people to stop breeding them.
To me, if you get a pitbull you MUST fix it.
They're not even loyal, how many times in the news you see people attacked by their family dog? Cute pictures of your beast wont make it innocent, don't blame me when you'll lose half of your face due your "baby"
People often bring up other races and say shit like "Golden Retrievers and Dachsunds are more aggressive!"
First of all:
1) Golden Retrievers are not bred to kill. They make great service and therapy dogs, plus tell me how many times you've seen a golden retriever in the news
2) Yess, Dachsunds and other small dogs are more aggressive but one dachsund or chihuahua alone can't kill you, they can physically inflict deadly wounds, you need a lot of them to be deadly. With a pitbull, you just need one bit.

Plus don't get me started on the pugs and bulls
I know a lot of people who gets pugs because they're cute and meme-y with that "ugly cute" but I just call them animal haters, since pugs are bred to be sick. They cannot breath, run and they often their skin gets infected and their joints get dislocated a lot.
Bulls are so shit-ly bred that they cannot breath and always do that HHHHHHHHHHRRHRHRHH HRHRRRHRHRH sound when they walk and cannot naturally give birth, every bull has to get a c-section.
Fucking cruelty.

In the end, is not the dogs per se, but the shitty people who bred them

No. 291761


wow look pitbull at the top of fatal dog attacks by a massive margin, what a shocker. what will it take to ban this breed.

100% accurate.

No. 291762

Lmao I'm not impressed dog people will literally come to a dog hate thread to defend their dogs. Don't you have to walk your dog so it wont shit on your carpet?

No. 291764

Spot on. Also the whole "Cats are girls, dogs are boys xD" is all too prevalent and stupid.

No. 291773

Any time it's not about dogs, they have to make it about dogs. Talk about your kids? Muh pupper! Show off your cat? Here's my doggo!!

No. 291864

Agree so much with cats being portrayed as the sneaky villains in media, esp disney films, while dogs are the truest heroes.

No. 291869

ugh, sorry that happened to you! I sometimes think about what i'd do if i were ever attacked by a pitt. It's scary because i usually carry knife and mace, but i dunno if that would be enough for those monsters.

No. 291921

When I was younger, I went on a walk and saw this guy with a couple of dogs. I dislike them and don't trust them so I kind of raised my guard and put more of a distance between me and this guy. I guess that set the dogs off because they started to growl and pull on their leashes.
The guy told me "just stop acting afraid haha! :^)". Not even an apology, fuck dogfags. They can never admit they did a shitty job with training their mutt. It's always "they wouldn't do that if person hadn't done x!".

No. 291980

Im not a fan of dogs. I dont mind being around them, theyre cute sometimes. Dont like living with one though.

I strongly dislike my gfs chihuahua sometimes because it literally just shits and pisses on things and has a loud yelpy bark. Its absolutely frustrating because loud sounds freak me out because of how bad my anxiety is. He eats the cat food just to puke it out everywhere. Ive got to put her bowl in odd places just to keep him away from it.

It also sheds a lot. Little puddles of white fur wherever he goes. Before we replaced our vaccum, we had a second carpet. Sucks considering my dark wardrobe, too.

His owner also gets mad at me for getting upset with him and allowing my cat on my pillows, lap and letting her sleep with me and stuff (she has dark fur and doesnt stink/need baths as often).

but anyway, it frustrates her. “he’s just a dog! thats how dogs are!” no hes a loud stinky boy and i dont like our apartment reeking of piss

Its mostly the owners I have beef with, though. I know dogs can be great if their owners are. Its really just about upbringing.


No. 291985

agreed. People are always accusing cats of being mean because they think theyre just wierd looking dogs.

if my gf's dog crawls into your lap, its cool with being pet and rubbed and whatever. You can just poke him a bunch of times and he’ll love it.

If my cat crawls into your lap my without specifically asking you for a pet, like forcing her head under your hand or patting you with her paw, then she’ll try to bite you for bugging her when shes not in the mood

No. 292036

Reading this entire thread makes me so confused. I’ve never thought of hating dogs and/or cats. They aren’t even on my mind 90% of the time, I rarely interact with animals due to the fact that all, except one of my friends don’t even have animals in their house. And the one person that does is white. Is this a white thing?? I don’t get it.

No. 292046

>racebaiting in the dog hate thread
lolcow, never change

But really, it's not on my mind either. Not out of lack of animals in my life, it just seems silly to fight about which is better. It's like if we had a hate thread for tea or coffee. People like them for different reasons, some prefer one over the other…why are we fighting about this?
imo this should have been a shitty pet owners thread.

No. 292047

>Is this a white thing??

No. 292052

The thread wasn't to argue. People came in to defend them. The thread was about voicing your distaste for dogs because you can't say anything even slightly critical of them IRL without people shitting their pants over it

No. 292085

The sexism thing is 100% accurate. Cats are often associated with women, the "crazy cat lady" stereotype, or witches with cats, or cats just being seen as a more feminine type animal in general. While dogs, big ones anyway, are seen as manly.

No. 292197

Totally true, anon. It's very irritating and interesting that it serves as a form of sexism. Some (really shitty) people have even said to me 'why dont you get a cat, then you can be a true lesbian household?'

like, why are cats associated with women and lesbians? Cats are also seen as 'weaker' and not as 'smart' as dogs. Society needs to stop pandering to dogs, the same way they need to stop catering to men.

No. 292199

I appreciate the anon who made this thread because as soon as someone says anything about someone's 'furbaby,' the internet loses their collective shit. I appreciate this containment thread where anons and farmers alike can vent about dogs. I'm tired of smelly mutts and their shitty owners being accepted into society.

No. 292236

I'm curious, what are your opinions on eating dogs? I personally believe that the Yulin festival where they catch and slaughter thousands of dogs to be disgusting… but is the general eating of dog meat really any different from eating any other animal? Westerners eat all sorts of animals but once it comes to dogs there's an explosion of outrage with people screaming that these societies are barbaric and inhumane for not valuing dogs as pets. I'm not encouraging the practice, but I find the double standards when it comes to dogs in particular quite interesting.

No. 292237

I feel the same way anon. I’m not interested in trying it but I don’t see why it’s so outrageous when people eat just about everything else.

No. 292241

On the one hand, it's just meat. On the other, I personally don't think I'd eat dog. I'd eat dog before I ate cat though, for sure.

No. 292242

it's all wrong. yes, it's hypocritical and it's no different, especially since we know pigs, chicken, cows, are highly intelligent and feel just as much pain as dogs do. go veg.

that having been said, if it's between westerners being hypocritical and trying to stop some meat consumption vs being totally apathetic, i'll take their hypocrisy any day. i don't quite expect dog ppl to be contentious or intelligent enough to question all meat consumption and stop eating meat though.

also, kind of OT but i notice most vegetarians and vegans i meet tend to be more of cat people. just an observation.

No. 292244

Cats being killed or dead on-screen is way more accepted than dead dogs, too. Stranger Things and The Shape of Water are the two most recent things I've seen with dead cats and I only ever saw a handful of complaints, whereas any disaster movie featuring a dog always has mass hysteria about whether or not it'll live.

Not that I want to see (fictional) animals die or anything, but it's disheartening to see the empathy people reserve for dogs and not cats. Like, I'll see people joke about shooting stray cats with BB gun pellets or aiming to hit them on the road super casually when you'd hardly ever hear that about dogs.

No. 292247

Meh, people eat what they want. Go to a Hindu temple and eat a burger, they would scream at you too.

No. 292250

meant conscientious, whoops**

honestly, it feels like cats are seen as just barely a level above pests, by most people irl, and especially by people that are ravenously dog people. like, aggressively dog people.

No. 292252

How about John Wick? I like it but still disturbing how dog lovers react like that was a totally logical response to a murdered dog? It’s a movie, nutjobs. It’s supposed to be unrealistic.
Also he was pissed because the dog was a final gift from his WIFE who just died. But I guess you can’t expect dognuts to understand that.

No. 292256

I was a bit shocked by the cat scene in The Shape of Water. But yeah, you didn't see any big outcry there. Dog deaths are often, at least in modern movies, cut aways too (like Will Smith in I Am Legend). Older movies didn't do this as badly, The Thing had that pretty gruesome scene with the dog being revealed to be the thing. And pretty sure there was a dead dog shown in Maximum Overdrive. But yeah, on the whole, I'd say cats are shown dying on screen a lot more than dogs.

No. 292260

I don't really like dogs but it bothers me that people think that liking dogs somehow makes you a narcissistic asshole.
Uh yeah, dogs are loyal creatures who will follow and obey you to their deaths. And we feed and take care of them. That's just how it is, we literally evolved together to be this way and help each other survive.
It's not a defect to like dogs. Most people love dogs. It's like the most human thing ever to love dogs. I don't want one because they're dirty and I'm a bit scared of them but acting like it's not normal to like dogs is retarded.

No. 292275

File: 1536304782665.png (106.05 KB, 1077x506, Screenshot (42).png)

>we literally evolved together to be this way and help each other survive
How does a dog help you survive?

>Most people love dogs. It's like the most human thing ever to love dogs

No. The most human thing is to care about other humans.

No. 292276

lol do you feel sad because no one will ever love you as much as people love their dogs, oh well get necked

No. 292280

File: 1536308259767.jpg (37.69 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg)

No. 292283

Dogs were used in all kinds of ways, for hunting, carrying things, sniffing out food and catching small pests. That’s why they’ve been kept around so long.

No. 292284

it's pretty dumb to use meat to feed a carnivore so you can eat the carnivore, but hey you can't expect them to care about dogs when they leave animals bred for fur walking around with no skin.

No. 292312

Cows are, or at least used to be, fed ground up sheep meat. That’s how BSE spread in the UK. Don’t be so naive as to think that the animals considered acceptable to eat in the West are only fed plant material.

No. 292339

Thinking about it, there are more dead dogs in cinema than I remembered, but dog deaths are treated more respectfully, either being off-camera like guard dogs being shot or being the crux of an emotional arc.
John Wick and I Am Legend (and all those A Boy and His Dog movies) actually treat the dogs' deaths as consequential and pivotal to emotional arcs, while dead cats are pretty much treated like pest control like >>292250 infers (gay illustrator guy in The Shape of Water has like twenty cats–so what's one dead one? Then in Stranger Things, it was all part of a sad, lonely woman joke).
The only movie I can think of that treats dead dogs irreverently is Barking Dogs Never Bite, but it's not done as an aside or some joke, and is crucial to the plot.

I mean, I sort of get why there's no cat equivalent to A Boy and His Dog (or A Person and Their Horse) since dogs, horses, and humans have task or goal oriented bonds, but it still bums me out. I'd prefer all animals in movies to make it till the end, but there's definitely a more casual treatment of non-dog animal deaths.

No. 292645

I hate dating because it seems like all men are obsessed with their dogs, and it's always some huge one. I'm not an animal person, but I prefer cats or something small like a bird, yet every guy has to have a goddamn golden retriever.

And if you don't like pets, it shows "you're a bad person" or "you can't love another creature". You're right, I can't. I don't want to spend money on food/toys/vets whatever else for something to run around the house and then die. I'd rather buy things for myself than a stupid animal.

No. 292663

Now that you mention it, the cat scene in Stranger things was almost treated as humor. I know quite a few people who lost their shit at the dog scene in I Am Legend, even though it was off screen. Dogs are always treated as 'man's best friend' or 'members of the family' where as cats are a joke, a nuisance, or a crazy cat lady thing, so who cares (i do, obviously.)

I didn't see Shape of Water, but the cat scene in Stranger Things did annoy me that it was treated so lightly.

No. 292664

I recently had to go to a party (against my will. My wife's friends) and they had a dog there. No one even mentioned a dog there, but it's almost like every house i've gone to has at least some kind of dog, like they can't live without a dog. It's so odd.

I hope you find a man without a dog, because then you can spend more time and money on yourselves.

No. 292666

I think it's because dogs are the most social animal we have, the most cooperative, and the most docile.
WE made them that way, so we have a duty to keep them safe, since we've stripped all or most of their natural traits needed for survival.

thats why seeing someone kill a dog, an animal specifically bred to be trusting and led by humans, really rustles a lot of jimmies. maybe we have some feeling of responsibility for them from playing god with their genetics, like whiteguilt but for dogs.

No. 292692

I hate this whole thing of never ever leave a baby and a dog alone together. Because if the dog is so dangerous, get rid of the fucking dog!

No. 292693

exactly, anon. they aren't hamsters or cats. you can't have both, no matter how small the dog is. imagine having a tiny potential baby killer in your house and just being like "HE LOVES HER. I JUST DON'T LEAVE THEM ALONE AND IT'LL BE FINE."

only with dogs is that kind of crazy shit excused.

and if you make the commitment to having a dog, don't have a child until it passes, or make sure you give it to a family member. but dog owners are too irresponsible to have any foresight and either just try to act like it isn't insane to have a deadly animal in your home 24/7, or they just toss the dog away.

No. 292704

Like a cat wouldn't scratch tf out of a baby if it so much as touched it wrong? Whet

No. 292707

How often do you hear about babies being killed by cats compared to dogs?

No. 292717

a cat's first reaction is to run and hide away from whoever is harassing them. they do not immediately become aggressive like many dogs do when harassed. if a baby continued to chase and corner them then yeah theyd be scratched but small children do not have the motor skills to keep up with an evasive cat so it very seldom happens.

No. 292718

>comparing a swat or a few swats from a cat to dogs straight up attacking children to death or biting their cheeks, noses, lips, that can easily be ripped off by the smallest of dogs, etc


77% of attacks on children by dogs are or start with bites to their faces and necks, so, a few swats from a cat are nowhere near comparable

No. 292725

And then when the kid is mobile they'll immediately blame the kid if anything happens. Even if they were just sitting on the couch.

No. 292732

Thiiis. Rarely will a cat continue to attack or pursue a human if it's intimidated by it or afraid of it. Dogs do. Cats generally evade because they have limited defenses. Their bodies are designed for agility and speed, so evading is generally what they do and gives them the greatest chance of survival.

No. 292733

people pretending that animal companionship can only be found in either a cat or a dog baffle me

No. 292741

>most social animal we have, the most cooperative, and the most docile

Lol no. Ever heard of cows, sheeps, goats and even chickens? Go to a farm someday and ask how these animals act. Never heard of anyone being attacked by a cow, a sheep or a chicken, and I live in a rural area my entire life. (bulls and male goats can be territorial though you hear way less people dying because of them than dogs exactly because people take precautions and don't treat them like innocent angels). People are just super biased about dogs.

>so we have a duty to keep them safe, since we've stripped all or most of their natural traits needed for survival

Dumb dog lover, in this very thread it was proven feral dogs exist and they kill a lot of fauna.

No. 292749

>inb4 the one story in existence of an aggressive sheep is brought up and compared to the hundreds of millions of cases of aggressive, deadly dogs as if they're the same

No. 292752

that will probably happen, dog people are honestly delusional and pathetic

No. 292753

Stop dating white guys. Problem solved.

No. 292754

File: 1536374331147.gif (5.51 MB, 488x275, itstrue.gif)

white guys (especially the normie jock Chad type) tend to like dogs, maybe to compensate for their minuscule ego (and often dicks)

No. 292765

I noticed on tinder TONNES of guys overemphasize their dogs with photos, mentions of them in their bios, letting girls know they can come hang out with their dog etc. Then I found out that apparently loads of girls on tinder have bios that say shit like 'I only swiped for your dog'. I honestly don't know which is more pathetic.

No. 292771

some seem to do it because they know some stupid girls can be impressed with dogs though. adults bonding through an animal is really pathetic, reminds of when I was a child and only wanted friends that liked the same things as I did.

No. 292778

Oh yeah, that's what I meant to imply. That they're only doing it to impress girls, which I find more pathetic than genuinely just liking dogs.

No. 292801

Thanks, Anon.
It's strange, one of my closest friends and her boyfriend have two dogs; a Pomeranian and a larger dog that I can't remember the breed. They love them, and I can tolerate them to spend time with them, but their affection for the dogs is alien to me. I'd honestly prefer not being around the dogs, but I like being with my friends more.

With guys though, it's almost as though as soon as I get to know them, it's a sort of "me vs. the dog" thing, especially if it's a larger breed. "Oh yeah, my dog and I have been through everything together", like I'm suddenly the dog's wicked stepmother or something.

I have dated normie chad types, and the type-A, uber liberal type, and they all love dogs. Nerds tend not to be into dogs, I should stick to them. Then again, they're usually horrible anyway.

God, I hate that joke so much. It's not funny, it's not cute. If you honestly are impressed by a dumb, subservient animal, it's hardly attractive. Then again, that type also seems to enjoy hiking and taking pictures of themselves in front of cliffs.

Sage for turning into a dating thread.

No. 292805

>that type also seems to enjoy hiking
kek, also sage for dating discussion but FUCK people who pretend to like hiking on tinder. It's obvious they go for a bush walk once every few years and just mention it to sound athletic and to weed out fatties ("I need a girl who can keep up with me on hikes"). I'm sure there are people who genuinely do it for a hobby but when 9/10 people claim to do it…

No. 292825

>With guys though, it's almost as though as soon as I get to know them, it's a sort of "me vs. the dog" thing, especially if it's a larger breed. "Oh yeah, my dog and I have been through everything together", like I'm suddenly the dog's wicked stepmother or something.

Honestly getting tired of it in my case. The dog always comes first, and I rarely get to spend time with my SO, and his dog takes up a ton of his time, seriously, like an inordinate amount of time, and it's time I can't spend with him and the dog together, either, so he's just choosing to spend time with the dog. I get it, I really do, but honestly, it's hurtful, especially when you're in long term relationships with these guys to feel so second fiddle to their dogs.

It's like, obviously, all of our pets have been there when our other relationships haven't worked out or when our lives have been tough, duh? Besides, where is your dog going to go? Honestly this "they've always been there" doesn't count for much when they're fully fucking dependent on you and dogs are as servile as they are, like, ???

No. 292846


i'm probably the biggest animal lover around so that includes dogs, it's not the pets i have problems with, it's the owners usually. they think that people not liking or wanting to be around dogs = animal abuse/wanting all dogs to die, and are generally very inconsiderate of why people might not like them. it could be because of fear, allergies, or even just the fact that most dogs are very excitable so it can be exhausting to be around the energy or having take care of one.

most dog people are also not even close to diligent enough about training and allow their pets to be poorly behaved solely because they think it's cute for them to be a disturbance to others. cat people can be pretty annoying too but they don't make as many excuses for them when they're bad and don't always take it as a personal attack when somebody says they don't like cats.

don't even get me started on how people breed dogs to have "cute" features while completely ignoring the health issues the poor animal's going to suffer with its entire life. sigh

No. 292849

Why is it when somebody who already has pets gets a dog and it doesn't get along with the other ones, it's them being rehomed and not the dog?

No. 292859

File: 1536395105157.jpg (68.88 KB, 446x312, 092817-apologistMO-1.jpg)

>it's not the pets i have problems with, it's the owners usually
I'm so tired of this argument.
Do cats go on killing sprees if treated badly? No. And what does "bad owner" even mean? I feel like for most people prefering your children over your dogs or daring to scold it if it destrys your house already counts as "animal abuse" kek

Just a few of the people terribly injured or killed by pitbulls. But I guess it's all their own fault because bad owners and such, you know. Look at those wounds, they look like they're made by some monster in some shitty movie, but no, these are things "fur babies" are cabable of.
>I love how she just assumes the dog was abandoned by its horrible owner - eliciting sympathy for the Pit Bull as the victim. In reality, the dog was likely allowed to run at large and its owner doesn't abuse it at all.
>Notice how Alicia changes the focus from the Pit Bull viciously mauling a little dog to "PIT BULLS ARE INCREDIBLY LOYAL ANIMALS!"?

No. 292883

Pitbulls can be treated as royalty and still maul people.

No. 292892

Anyone who defends a pitbull attack deserves to be mauled by one.

No. 292901

I love some breeds of small dogs, but I do not like big dogs. I am not comfortable around them, and I don’t ever want to own one, especially pitbulls, but 90% of men these days make loving big dogs their entire personality trait. Then they’ll turn around and insult and mock me for liking and having a small dog. My ex boyfriend wanted a dog so badly, but he never had a pet before, even as a kid, and had no clue what went into pet ownership. He worked all day long and lived in a tiny ass studio apartment and he thought this was an appropriate for a big ass adopted pitbull. He ignored me, an actual dog owner, when I warned him about the realities of pet ownership.

I hate people who think you can treat all breeds of dog the same. No, you cannot kiss and baby your 80 pound Rottweiler, if you want a dog you can baby, get a tiny chihuahua or yorkie. A big dog you have to be firm with and treat with discipline.

No. 292936

not really. no dogs should be treated like that. people who deal regularly with dog attacks (vets, animal behaviorists, doctors that commonly treat dog attacks) say that small dogs shouldn't be treated that way and babied, because it causes them to be even more aggressive on average and attack at the drop of a hat. if you want your yorkie to rip your lip clean off, go ahead, i guess.

No. 292941

Small dogs are capable of attack, but they aren’t anything like big dogs and it’s naive to pretend all dogs are equal in that aspect.

No. 292947

no one said they're exactly the same in terms of their capability to rip your shit the fuck up, but a small dog can easily rip off your lip/s or fuck your face up super easily. treating them like babies and giving them mushy mushy kisses because they're tiny is dumb. attacks on humans by them tend to be less reported but on average they're more aggressive than larger dogs. if you care about dogs, you shouldn't excuse anyone treating them like babies, because they're not, and they can still be quarantined and put down if they attack someone unprovoked and they report it.

No. 292968

I have a family member that treats her 7 goddamn dogs like babies. They're small breeds but I hate visiting her house because she will force them around my toddler who SCREAMS when one gets near her. But this crazy bitch will be like "aw, but he's a baby too!" and hold them up to lick her face…. I don't say anything because she'll raise hell.

I am just glad my husband doesn't care for dogs tbh, and his family thinks having dogs and other pets in the house is unsanitary, especially around kids. Also surprise: they're not white. My family is. It's true that it's mostly a white thing.

No. 292969

You sound like a coward, anon. If anyone tried to force their dog on my child, i'd say something, especially if the child is clearly vocalizing how uncomfortable they are.

Dogs lick all sorts of things and their saliva can bring harm to a baby or young child.

No. 292970

Can we please stop bringing up the race baiting? it's fucking irritating. This is for dog hating and stupid people who have dogs, not sperging about whether or not crazy dog are black or white or asian.

No. 292974

I think it's because dogs are infantilized. Dogs are loyal, ~sweet widdle babies~, they're also generally depicted as less intelligent than cats. Some people will see it like something happening to a helpless baby, whereas with a cat it's more like an adult, if that makes sense.

No. 292978

You really need to say something to this selfish moron before your baby understandably screams in its face while having it held up to her, and the idiot dog gets startled and latches onto her nose or rips into your baby's cheek.

No. 293007

You're a coward. Grow a backbone and tell your relatives to fuck off with that shit, or stop visiting the relative all together. Also, nice racebaiting.

No. 293020

How is it race-bating, if all the dog problems everyone is talking about relates to this? They aren't trying to bait if they're making a point.

No. 293022

Why are people spurging? If a white person admits this it isn't racebaiting.

No. 293028

I was at the grocery store and some lady had a "service dog", who fucking growled at me. I wasn't even close to them? I just literally had to walk past to get to where I needed to go. So tired of people bringing dogs in public places where they don't fucking belong. Especially whne it's usually people who aren't disabled and buy a "service dog" vest on the internet. And don't give me that "emotional support" bullshit. If someone is so fuckign anxious they can't get groceries without a large, growling beast by their side- lock them up or xanax the hell out of them.

No. 293089

It isn't racebaiting. Stop this. We can talk about how common certain behaviors are between races without it being racebaiting. And yes, white people are obsessed with dogs.

No. 293113

File: 1536469219551.jpg (139.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I wish black people would keep their pitbulls under control instead of keeping them loosely chained up and neglected

No. 293158

treating your dog like anything but a dog, regardless of size, will get you an aggressive piece of shit who you can't take around anyone or anywhere. I used to teach pet training at PetSmart, basic puppy school type stuff. one couple refused to listen to me that they shouldn't carry their chihuahua puppy everywhere or it'll become aggressive. sure enough in a few mere weeks the puppy was growling and attacking anyone that came close to it while the owners held it and even bit another owner in class. they disappeared after that and I'm sure their dog is even shittier now.

No. 293595

I actually used to love dogs But after my step dad came into the picture and kept bringing dogs into the house, I absolutely hated dogs. He adopted a dog out of fucking no where, made me keep my cats in a bed room for weeks, then chose to introduce the dog to a cat, who then tried to fucking kill my cat and he still had the nerve to say it was my cats fault. I had to get between that dog and my cats and our other dog so many times I have scars from the dog biting me and have had to get stitches from it and my bastard step dad didn't get rid of the dog till my mother threatened to leave him for it. He then adopted another dog, who still attacked our cats but oh "since he didn't bite he's okay" and allowed his dog to fucking attack my cats and scratch them and blamed the cat for it. He then decided my cat was the problem and let her loose on the side of a random street. He then got another dog to fill the space that was 'free' . And both of his fucking dogs were untrained and would piss and shit everywhere, everyday we would come home to the house trashed because he couldn't be assed to bother training his useless fucking dogs. Those dogs couldn't do no wrong, they could attack his fucking kids, the other dog, destroy precious fucking photos and they would still be angels. We eventually had to get rid of them when we ended up homeless, and it was the happiest day of my life. Even to this day, when I have more scars than I can count from bites from those dogs, he still has the nerve to say it was my fault for being attacked again and again. Fuck dogs and fuck owners who let them get away with everything.

No. 293597

Let me guess. Pit bulls.

No. 293870

I wish dog people would understand this, and definitely not keep dogs that bite.

No. 294024

The only people who don't like dogs are people with mental issues (high anxiety usually) or non-whites. Or both.

No. 294046

Nah, they were labs

No. 294059

I have a dog and love dogs, but hate pit bulls and pit bull apologists. I’m pretty sure I’ve vented about this before on ot. They’re not cute. They’re not sweet. They have proved again and again that they’re vicious and will attack with no provocation and yet they’re the only breed that’s so aggressively lobbied. Family members and “friends” of victims will come out and say that, “it’s not the breed!!1!” after someone they know has been fucking mauled. What the fuck is that?

No. 294073

i dislike the focus on pitbulls wrt aggression. smaller and medium dogs are still shown to be similarly aggressive, if not more, but aren't as stigmatized because the damage isn't generally as severe.

obviously we need to treat pitbulls like the dangers that they are (i do think some of them can be quite sweet, but i don't think civilians should own them, for the safety of both animal and human), but we also need to realize that ALL dogs, can be aggressive on a dime. daschunds were found in a few studies to be the most aggressive of all breeds studied, but because of the fact that they're smaller, the attacks are severely under-reported. chihuahuas and jack russells came in second and third after them.

pitbulls aren't perfect angels and are terribly dangerous, but they're really no more aggressive than smaller dogs, they're just a bigger risk and much, much more deadly.

No. 294092

thanks racist-chan dogfucker for your precious input.

No. 294093

All dogs can be aggressive, but most dogs weren’t bred by trash humans to actually -be aggressive- and aren’t 50-75lbs. of pure terrier muscle. That alone is a stupid combination in a ‘domestic’ pet.

95% of dog owners can’t handle or control a mid to large sized pit/staffy/molosser type and shouldn’t be allowed to own them. This includes most people who think they can handle a pit. Of the twelve or so pits I know, three pups raised from birth by good dog owners were put down due to schizo animal and human aggression plus a way too strong prey drive that cropped up around the second year of life. The rest are good dogs, but they need to be highly controlled, exercised heavily, and watched carefully.

The breed isn’t that great, tbh. It’s fucked up, because we one hundred percent made them this way, but I’m not a fan of advocates telling people that they’re the sweetest dogs ever, because they’re not. They’re not nanny dogs and they’re not the calmest breed. They get pushed on people at shelters way too frequently, and they shouldn’t be. People who own pits need to be strong mentally and physically, and they need to be accepting of the fact that they choose to walk a bomb on a leash and should treat that with the seriousness it deserves.

Just as my shorthaired pointer, who’s never hunted in her life, will still stop and point at anything she perceives as game, a pit has a real strong and unfortunate likelihood to show aggression at some point. It’s hundreds of years of selective breeding for shitty traits that are difficult to be rid of, like it or not.

No. 294328

File: 1536681844607.jpeg (239.29 KB, 960x960, 73D2860B-4D2E-4BB4-8161-A51F4E…)

Posting because I saw butt hurt bull breed haters crying. Please go on more how they’re worse then minature or teacup breeds that have proven/tested an showed more aggression towards dogs/humans then most larger breeds.

No. 294335

They are worse because they're still agressive as fuck and a fucking teacup poodle doesn't pack a bite that could break bone kek. How are pitfags this retarded?

No. 294337

lmfao at all the pit bull apologists in this thread. pit bulls are way worse than lets say an angry chihuahua, because the said chihuahua isnt big enough or strong enough to bite your fucking neck in half. it doesnt matter if the small dog is more agressive, thats like saying that a very angry 5 year old kid is more dangerous than an angry 25 year old muscular man. they are also objectively the ugliest breed of dog.

I used to love dogs as a child until i realised that every dog owner and their house continuously smell like shit, and i also got attacked by some massive dog whilst walking down the street once when it jumped over its fence and chased me. i think dogs are useful as working animals, but i will never understand why people would want them in their house, and also people who care more for dogs than for their fellow people genuinely disturb and disgust me.

No. 294340

> i will never understand why people would want them in their house, and also people who care more for dogs than for their fellow people genuinely disturb and disgust me

maybe because dogs can be genuinely kind and gentle creatures that deserve love and protection from people that treat them like shit
they are also loyal, funny and innocent

also if your house and/or dogs smell like shit, you are not taking care of it

No. 294399

>dogs can be genuinely kind and gentle creatures that deserve love and protection from people

excuse me i think you might be in the wrong thread

No. 294450

kek apparently every single dog owner i've ever met isn't taking care of their dog then.

No. 294455

ugh this guy brought his boxer "service dog" to class today and it was farting the whole time. the dog also didn't listen to him very well and wouldn't sit/lay down. it smelled like ass by the time i got out of class.

No. 294460

Nah man you are all retarded, dogs are good as long as you raise them good. And yes, most people who own dogs are retarded as well and think its some kind of luxury or object and barely take care of their dogs.
AND BY CARE I don't mean humanizing them, just treat them like dogs ffs.

No. 294482

Honestly, most people in general don't take care of their pets properly, whether they're cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, rats, reptiles, etc. Dogs require a SHIT LOAD of care and attention and training. I'd say maybe 5-10% of dog owners are actually decent, and even 5% might be being too generous. The fact that dogs are so popular and aren't considered an "exotic" pet means there are tons of horrific dog owners, and by proxy, tons of horrific dogs. It's actually quite an accomplishment to actually be a truly good dog owner.

No. 294510

File: 1536703029480.jpg (15.31 KB, 455x328, IMG_20170828_171053.jpg)

I don't particularly like dogs but dog owners are just so selfish, i could vent about it all day.

I can't even count the times that I had to jump over leashes because owners just let their dogs walk on a 20m leash, not caring if they block the whole sidewalk in the process.
One time, a dog in my apartment complex bit my leg while i was waiting for the elevator. The owner didn't even apologize because it was 'just a small dog' so it apparently it was no big deal.

What annoys me most is that i can't take my cat to the park close by. She loves taking walks but it's too dangerous with all the people letting their dogs run free even though there is a proper dog park with a fence around it in the same park.
It's forbidden to let your dogs roam free outside of the dog park but noone cares.

But apparently everyone has to cater to a dog's needs and their owner's comfort and anyone who doesn't like dogs, is afraid of them or wants to use the park without dogs running over their picnic blanket or harrassing your pets just has to accept that.

No. 294523

I could say the same thing about cats and cat owners kek

No. 294529

retractable leashes were the biggest mistake ever. it just allows shitty owners to let their shitty dogs range all over the road and even the opposite sidewalk or people's yards while they look at their phones. and then they get mad at YOU when their piece of shit mutt tries to attack your dog. those leashes allow no control whatsoever and just teach dogs to leash pull even worse than a lot of them do. on my road someone's dog was killed by a car because they always just let them run around in the road on a maxed out retractable leash and never paid attention to them. the only person i felt bad for in that scenario was the driver.

No. 294533

That thing looks like a monster. Why would anyone want to to bring it home??

No. 294535

Fucking sad. And people in general who treat pitbulls like some status symbol, leaving it unleashed or unmuzzled should be fined heavily or have it taken away

No. 294536

i hate people with long leashes and small dogs. Once when i was teen, i was used to rollerblade a lot. I would rollerblade in the park and this older lady had a chihuahua and she let loose and once it growled at me and then the second time, it tried to snap at my feet. I told the lady i would punt her dog if it tried to bite me. she picked it up, muttered some bullshit under her breath and walked away

No. 294603

Shih Tsu's are fucking disgusting creatures and their owners always let them piss/shit on the floor, they smell like garbage, and their eyes are stained from shit constantly squeezing out of them because they bulge out of the skull.

I honestly liked dogs and had the patience for them until I met several middle aged women and their choice of breed which is always a shih tsu.

No. 294747

File: 1536761426085.jpg (46.78 KB, 318x317, laughing cat.jpg)


except most cats don't smell like wet dog and shit lol

they also don't tend to just randomly maul people half to death, and theyre actually cute.

No. 294782

Since this is also a thread to rant about shitty pet owners, I hate people who don’t keep their dogs on leads. It’s rude to people who are allergic or who just don’t like dogs, especially since most dogs in my neighborhood are rude and poorly trained and don’t listen to their owners when they et to call them.

I love cats but don’t act like litter boxes don’t smell terrible. Even when people clean them every single day, a lot of cat owners’ places smell like piss.

No. 294783

tbf tho the cats themselves don't usually smell like piss and litter boxes with lids and having an outdoor cat prevents the piss smell in the house

No. 294803

Litterboxes dont smell. Tf kind of crackhouses are you lurking in

No. 294916

File: 1536783605676.jpg (152.1 KB, 2025x525, 1536553434248.jpg)

In my country, a teenager that was in a foster home was killed by a pit that was "rescued" from Denmark after they banned them. Wonder how they feel about their heroic and noble deed now. All pits should be banned.

No. 294997

a hooded cat box with carbon filters completely eliminated the smell for me (unless you like, stuck your head directly in the thing).

this cracked me TF up honestly

No. 295167

when your cat drops a wet turd, that litterbox ain't gonna cover that smell up

No. 295683

File: 1536908931083.jpg (948.98 KB, 3344x1891, yikes.jpg)

the selective breeding of dogs to make them into these weird, heaving, drooling creatures really freaks me out– bulldogs and pugs in particular bother me profoundly. they've been bred to the point of misery, it looks like it hurts to BE them, but dog lovers fucking fawn over them like they're the cutest shit on earth?! as far as i'm concerned, anyone who buys an animal like that is selfish and cruel for promoting the protracted mutilation of a species. why would you want a pet whose eyeballs pop out periodically? is that really worth how 'ugly cute' it is?

i've had acquaintances who were downright obsessed with pugs and it really gives me the heebie-jeebies. it makes me upset just to look at them. keep your sad wheezing abomination away from me thanks

No. 295805

THIS! I completely agree with you. And this goes for all kind of animals not only dogs. For example, Munchkin cats. The main problem is the potential health issues that this kind of animal has.

No. 295809


How you gonna call dogs inbred when the difference between a big dog and a wolf is like ehhh

But the difference between your average dumbass housecat and a lion is night and day

No. 295813

because cats literally weren't inbred with specific purpose for hundred and hundreds of years, and dogs, especially purebred dogs, were? since cats domesticated themselves, inbreeding and breeding in general only happened recently, whereas dog-human history has been completely predicated on us breeding and inbreeding them to make them more compliant and useful for us

No. 295832

Pugs are so freakin ugly. I know Marzia (pewdiepie's gf) has one and she got pewdiepie one for his birthday years ago, but they're hideous and always look like they're suffering daily.

No. 295834

File: 1536958604288.png (539.5 KB, 521x758, Retromops.PNG)

That's a really unflattering picture of a pug.
Anyway, their eyes do not pop out unless the owner is abusing them.
A bigger problem is their breathing and joint issues.
A great thing is that recently some breaders are trying to undo the damage done to pugs in the last 100 years by restoring the race. I'm looking forward to retromops becoming more popular.

I love pugs, but it hurts me that they suffer from health issues due to their cuteness. If you look at vintage paintings of pugs, they used to look like retromops rather than what we currently recognise as pugs.

No. 295861

Anon, what are you talking about? Their eyes can pop out naturally, especially because in brachycephalic animals, their intraocular eye pressure is always way more elevated than normal animals.

No. 295977

if you take a look at videos of big wild cats, you'd see that their mannerisms aren't that different. it's just that house cats are small. trust me, if domesticated cats were the size of some dogs, tons more people would be getting mauled. cats are great but even my sweet, gentle cat won't tolerate people who disrespect his space.

No. 295985

File: 1536971731991.jpg (180.9 KB, 720x1100, IMG_20180915_023417.jpg)

This is what I meant.
I do agree that it's fucked up.

No. 296078

sauce on the intraocular pressure thing? i never heard of it being higher in brachycephalic dogs.

their eyes are more likely to pop out than with regular dogs. not that common tho

No. 296114

>Last weekend, I caught up with the parents of Luca Romero, the 2-year-old boy mauled by a pit bull at a dog adoption event in Klyde Warren Park in December.
>The boy’s parents told me the wounds on his chest and arm were so jagged and dirty they had to be left partially open while they healed in order to prevent infection, so the scarring will be permanent.
>Another kind of injury is harder to see. The father, Dr. Alan Romero, 37, an anesthesiologist, said, “Now he sleeps with us. He was sleeping by himself before. For a while, he had nightmares two or three times a night. He would wake up screaming and yelling, ‘No, no, no.’”

>Dallas Pets Alive, a “no-kill” nonprofit pet rescue group, put on the pet rescue event where the child was attacked. The pit bull was on a leash held by a man who had adopted the animal the day before. Luca, 2, ran a few steps toward the dog to pet it, his mother said, and the dog attacked.

>Ten days after the attack, Dallas Pets Alive published a statement putting blame for the attack on the child and excusing the dog. “In Rusty’s case,” the online statement said, “we believe it was an isolated incident given the exciting, but still stressful, environment of a busy park with strange noises/smells and an unknown person on his level reaching for him.” Dallas Pets Alive is pursuing a lawsuit to prevent the city from euthanizing the dog.

>Since the attack, the parents have received angry emails and messages attacking them for wanting to see the dog put down. “One of them,” Romero said, “said that the kid should be put down and the dog saved.”

>I have received several emails expressing the same or similar sentiments, often blaming the 2-year-old for frightening the pit bull and using the word “innocent” to describe the dog.

>“We understand dogs can bite out of fear or if they get startled. This was definitely not a simple fear-bite. It was a mauling. The dog bit him and dragged him to the ground. It was trying to shake him.

>“The only reason it could not do it was because four or five guys jumped in so fast and held the dog down. It was trying to shake him, but all these people held it down, so it couldn’t shake him anymore. Then it took like a minute to pry the dog off of him. It wouldn’t let go.”

And of course people left absolutely lovely comments underneath that organisation's propaganda video:
>Save Rusty euthanize the neglectful parents of the unattended child!!!!!
>Don't kill another animal because of negligent parents. The person in charge of Rusty had him leashed and by his side. He did the right things, the parents are to blame because they weren't in control of their kid. Put the blame where it belongs not against Rusty for being a dog.
>Rusty did nothing wrong.The brat and its incompetent parents are to blame.They should be euthanized. -> the brat is a kid -> That doesn't matter that the brat is a kid. All animal abusers need to wiped out!
So a 2 yo getting mauled by a dog is abusing it…? But dog hating people are cruel and insane, yes.
>dumb fucking bitch the dog was sitting and was on a leash when the dumb fuck kid ran up to him and spooked him. What the fuck would you do if someone lunged at you unprovoked??? People like you need to be put down dumbass
>He deserve to live rusty has a life us humans dont deserve dogs

No. 296116

I dont understand how people can even look at their shitty ugly dogs the same after watching them maul a baby. You have to be completely sociopathic to watch an animal rip apart a small child and say "my dog is blameless!!! the kid abused it by looking at it the wrong way!"

if this guy had just rescued a clearly unstable animal 2 days prior why did he even have it at a loud busy event? you cannot convince me that this dog was sitting calmly and not completely stressed to the max. a child toddling towards it would not flip the kill mode switch. both owner and rescue are trash.

No. 296117

The police seemed to be dog nutters too
>The officer shoves and threatens to handcuff Alan Romero, the father of the boy, who is trying to make sure the dog's owner will not remove it from the park. The police officer criticizes the father for being “emotional.”
>Finally, the police officer announces to a crowd of dog rescuers that the owner of the dog has done nothing wrong.
>the dog rescue people rush the cop as soon as he shows up and urge him not to do anything that might harm the dog
>“The child's parents should be charged with a crime,” Ms. Flores writes, “since the child started the altercation.”
>In the police video, the dog owner tells the cop that he has owned the dog for one day. One day. The owner also tells the cop that the dog is part pit. You know what? How about not even going to the park full of children with your brand-new adult pit bull that you’ve been around for one day?

And on youtube:
>Looks like the problem is an unleashed kid, not a bad dog. Parenting fail, as usual.
>Rusty had every right to respond the way he did. hell, i'd like to bite people that get too close to me.
>Will the child be killed when he bites someone? The parents suffered the consequences of not watching their child and are lucky that the child did not run out in front of a car. They should take parenting more seriously and not attack Rusty, just as their child has done. Rusty does not deserve to die for doing what most animals would do to an uncontrolled child.

No. 296120

Fucking repulsive. That kid is traumatized for life and will probably need a lot of therapy. He didn't do anything wrong trying to pet the dog, these people are always claiming that all dogs are so innocent and friendly and yet the minute a child interacts with one, the dog attacks, and it's the kid's fault? At the very least, put a muzzle on that animal if it gets ~startled~ so easily.

No. 296123

Having lived in Dallas, I'm ashamed to say that this behavior of people is common. When I was a kid, I was walking my dogs with my sister and when we turned at the end of our drive to get onto the sidewalk the neighbor's pit saw us and charged. He went right for me, I was like 7. Our chow got in the way and I started screaming and my mom ran out to intervene, step dad with his gun.

Fucking neighbors blamed us and our dogs for aggravating their pit who "din do nuffin" and threatened calling the cops on us for threatening to shoot the dog that just almost mauled a fucking kid.

People are fucked when it comes to pits, I've met a handful of nice ones but so many shit dogs and shit owners in Dallas who breed them purposely to be aggressive and fighters. Fuck Dallas dog owners.

No. 296141

This is why I hate pits and pit owners/apologists. What other breed has such rabid fans backing it? People will acknowledge that GSDs, chows, and Rottweilers can be aggressive even if that dog is well trained and has never shown any signs of aggression. But when a pit ACTUALLY MAULS someone, these people crawl out of the woodwork to defend a vicious dog they don’t know. I wonder if they would still feel the same if they saw it in person?

No. 296196

File: 1537031420304.png (34.01 KB, 569x329, shuwu.png)

took it from June's thread but I hate how accurate this is for dog owners

No. 296205

Makes for an easy job at least.

No. 296225

Every child-free adult I've met has a dog and they treat their dog like a fucking child, it's pathetic.

No. 296438

That poor 2 year old! I cant imagine how the parents feel.

I agree with the other anon. Anyone who looks at pitbulls after they've been proven over and over to be so violent and aggro for NO REASON, needs to take a step back. All pitbulls are like this, not just some. They need to breed them out of existence. Shitty ass dogs and their defenders should all be sent to an island to maul each other.

No. 296439

I'm child free but i dislike dogs and anyone who treats them like they're human beings. Buncha psychopaths if you ask me. And the fact that treating dogs like human children is socially acceptable is worse.

No. 296440

File: 1537101748245.jpg (86.15 KB, 846x960, wot.jpg)

>>“The child's parents should be charged with a crime,” Ms. Flores writes, “since the child started the altercation.”

IMAGINE BLAMING A 2 YEAR OLD FOR A DOG ATTACK. Wow, i really fucking hate dog lovers even more, esp these pitbull apologists. Disgusting.

No. 296444

They always try to find some bullshit excuse like little Betty was breathing too loudly so poor widdle innocent Fido had to tear out her throat. All dogs that attack humans should be put down.

No. 296452

File: 1537106166307.png (62.6 KB, 760x292, triggered dog owner.png)

are there any other uk anons here? im so glad wetherspoons banned dogs, i might actually start eating there now. the reactions of dog owners are so funny too, why the fuck do they always assume everyone wants their smelly, filthy animals around their food and drink. id much rather listen to some baby crying or gurgling or some shit at least the child doesnt carry parasites that could get into my food.

No. 296474

what's the best response when someone casually says "i hate cats"? how can i make them feel like shit?

wish it were socially acceptable to say you hate dogs out of nowhere like an autist.

No. 296484

I think I like dogs– in theory. I think some pictures of dogs are cute, and I think some breeds are cuter than others, but once dogs become a physical reality I lose all love for them. I don't want them anywhere near me.

My ex had 3 huge bullmastiff (or similarly mixed, definite mastiff blood though) dogs and I always hated going over to his house because of it.

No. 296485

i refuse to date anyone who has dogs. a small low-maintenance breed is acceptable, but if i see a guy with medium or large dogs it's a dealbreaker just like having children. i don't want to sign up to help take care of it in the future.

No. 296486

This thread reminds me of my ex. At the time I had both a dog and a cat, and my ex would constantly bring up how much she hated cats and preferred dogs (and her dog in particular) whenever I would talk about my animals in any capacity. She'd do it to the point where it'd upset me and put me on the defensive because it was so unwarranted. I like both cats and dogs (but prefer cats), and that relationship really turned me off from dog people. What do you have to gain from going on and on about how much you hate an animal someone likes other than just being a dick?

No. 296488

at this point i want to just say "well i hate dogs" in response or something snappy, like seriously, dog people are socially stunted.

No. 296494

People are fucking weird. I'd also much rather have kids than dogs in a store, restaurant, whatever.

No. 296497

an ex friend of mine just randomly turned to me one day and said “I hate birds” (I have one, and he’s never even seen it) I was a little shocked that such a random confrontational comment came from nowhere and I was like “oh uh that’s fine, some people don’t like birds” to which he responded “No I’m serious, I fucking hate birds.” Note the only pet he has is a dog and I never once said or did anything negative toward it because I could see how obsessed he was with it. Even though I don’t prefer dogs at all, I don’t let on about that around dog people. Maybe a bird shat on him once or something, but I feel like saying that out of nowhere, especially to someone who has a bird and wasn’t even talking about it… is this some kind of social retardation? lol
In any case I dropped him eventually since he was definitely proved himself to be a toxic narc.

No. 296499

Similar experience: i have a family friend that has four yorkies and they are disgusting. They fart all the damn time, their breaths smell like shit, and every time you walk anywhere or make a sudden movement, they start yapping their little heads off for three minutes. I think the worst is that they’re not spayed so they frequently try to hump you: my family friend just laughs at it and let’s them hump her leg or arm in front of guests. It’s disgusting.

No. 296502

its so weird how people make children out to be dirty and gross, if you look on the internet loads of people complain about children touching things with their oh so dirty hands, but a dog sticking its shit stained nose into the vegetables at the supermarket or shitting all over restaurant floors is aprently hygienic lmao

No. 296516

Dog people are utter narcissists.

No. 296521

I don't understand people who take their dogs to the pub anyway, my partners father is blind so if we go out for a meal with him, the dog is usually there and just sits under the table sleeping the whole time, it's not really a nice environment for a dog.

No. 296523

kids are gross and unhygienic, but so are dogs. they're not wrong about the kids, but you can't hold that viewpoint and worship dogs and want them fucking everywhere, in restaurants and grocery stores and shit.

tbh you just have to be to be a dog person. they want their pets to treat them like cult leaders, basically. i swear, it sounds extreme, but every time i end up meeting a 'dog person' they turn out to be the most selfish, inconsiderate people that can't live without constant praise.

it's a toughie, because we're just expected to sit there and tolerate the anti-cat, anti-every-other-animal-but-dog rhetoric, but maybe call them narcs or tell them cats don't murder children.

legit, it's so socially unacceptable to say "i hate dogs", but society tolerates mounds of "i hate cats/birds/whatever else".

No. 296584

I am kind of a germophobe & normally I don't have anything against dogs, as long as you take them to the vet regularily & wash your hands after touching them.
Well, there was this one guy I went on a date with & he had a dog.
So I played the good girl, petted the dog & went out after to wash my hands. He didn't tho & then he fucking let the dog lick his ear & his face. Fucking gross. Why would you (unless you are a child that doesn't know better) let a any kind of animal lick your face & ears when that beast probably chewed on another dogs shit in your neighbours yard an hour ago?! Gross!! I'll never date a guy with a dog ever again.

No. 296628

the fist time I ever heard of pitbulls was in the news when one jumped a fence, snatched a baby from its mothers arms, grabbed it by its head and killed it.
I guess the breed wasn't as widely known back then because on the report they went on extensive detail about their jaws and why their bites are more damaging than those from other dogs.
I was like 8 y/o and I remember thinking why would anyone pick such a dangerous dog as a pet.
now they're everywhere and have people backing them up
how did that happen?

No. 296634

I am just guessing but I think it’s something like
>people breed pit bulls for fighting or guard dog purposes (drug houses)
>pit bulls wind up in shelters because they are too aggressive to deal with
>other people adopt them because “uwuu this breed is stigmatized and I can handle having dogs”

And then the dog goes apeshit on their kids or other pets and the cycle repeats itself.

No. 296671

File: 1537163796515.jpg (22.64 KB, 500x334, another victim.jpg)

victim complex and wanting to root for the "underdog" (pun not intended but fuck, even there we're integrating dogs as things to cheer for). plus pits are commonly touted as dangerous and dogfags want to be like "nooo i love the big scary breed! see how cute and gentle it is!! you just have to treat them right and then they won't murder children!"

No. 296787

Muh nanny dog!!

No. 296827

I love a lot of dog breeds, but my hate for pitbulls is, like, next level.

I hate the virtue signalling, I hate the woke hipster bullshit that has become synonymous with pitbull ownership and advocacy.

Stg, people only adopt them because they don't like the connotation that there are differences in dog breeds. Inherent aggression in a breed of dogs always makes those "we're all one race" people because it doesn't fit the "woke" mindset.

"No, there's no difference in dog breeds! They're all one race–the dog race! Every dog is exactly the same as every other dog and only their owner determines whether or not they're friendly."

It's like they can't distinguish between raising a human person with free will and an animal.

I've known a lot of nice people ill equipped to deal with their nasty dogs because they hauled off and got something big and aggressive to defy some stereotype. This logic when it comes to pets is not only flawed, but dangerous and has deadly consequences. Ugh.

No. 296887

Hey guys if you want to trigger the absolute fuck out of a dogfag community, google "puppy eaten by snake" gif. WARNING not to look if you're sensitive to that stuff obviously, but I mean it already happened so. I've been using it to get myself banned from dogfag hangouts lately kek.

No. 296896

"dogfag", kek. great gif <3

No. 296897

That sounds like a huge waste of time ngl. I think you need a break from the dog thread anon.

No. 296899

It doesn't take any time at all and sends these freaks into hysterics. It's pretty fun.

No. 296900

you're right anon and I agree.

No. 296901

You’re a sick fuck anon. It’s one thing to be annoyed by dogs and another to enjoy seeing them killed.

No. 296902

this. shits weird, anon. turn off your computer.

No. 296914

no, anon, no, that's way too fucking far, and i'm probably one of the most vocal dog-dislikers in this thread. way too far. that's horrific. i can't stand the annoying little shits being praised every minute of every day as being the best pet everrr, but them being killed and showing that off to people? no. you just sound psycho. stop.

No. 296923

Where did I say I enjoy animal abuse? I don't. That's why i warned for it and didn't post it. I'm going to explain since I guess you guys are completely missing the point.

If I see a bunch of dog owners in a space together going on about how much they hate X animal, how they shot or poisoned a cat outside and laughed about it, how their dog killed a small animal, or go into spaces where people grieve other people injured/killed by dogs and go apologist for the fucking dog… yeah, no, I want to upset them. Of course it's sad an animal died but honestly, that snake killed it fast and it's not like the puppy was pointlessly tortured. It's unfortunate, but the goal isn't to jerk off over animals in pain. It's to piss off these fucking subhumans who do things like I described above.

Y'all need to calm right the hell down. Don't go acting all high and mighty on lolcow where people sit around humans having mental breakdowns and committing suicide like they're watching a TV show.

No. 296924

watching humans*

Anyway yeah, chill.

No. 296930

you didn't give any of that context before, anon. at all. i don't feel it's terrible if they're bragging about killing or poisoning cats, no, but the way you framed it before sounded straight up psychopathic/edgelord-y, like, just trying to trigger dogfags for no reason. if they're bragging about hurting other animals that's another thing entirely.

and i dont think anyone on lc has made anyone's suicide like a reality show. as far as mental breakdowns, idk, i only like seeing shitty cows/horrorcows have breakdowns. like, genuinely bad people. otherwise, i don't think most anons enjoy pretty decent people having breakdowns that much. this isn't 8chan.

No. 296961

what a weak attempt to cover your ass lol. take the L, psycho-chan.

No. 296963

You didn't say any of that in the original post. You just came in and was like "lol I post a puppy being eaten gif to trigger the dogfags" like an edgelord.

No. 296981

Well now you know what I meant.

Go back to posting pibble memes on facebook you false flagger.

No. 297099

>390 posts and 44 image replies

this is the most hilarious autist thread I've read in a while, whether srs or satire I enjoyed it.

No. 297159

File: 1537292941203.png (437.32 KB, 1016x1135, oswkcil7ywm11.png)

Seems like not just on reddit…

No. 297162

It's fucking scary how strong and aggressive they are… Also, if a human were to destroy a car, the police would certainly step in. In some states you're even allowed to shoot a human for destroying property; but of course not a dog…

>Go to the fridge get a couple hot dogs. Toss it to the dog and watch what happens…it may take a while and empty you fridge but he will eventually forget the minivan or the catch-pole will arrive.

>^ dudes gotta point. Why kill a dog that's literally being a dog.

>Something is in that car that the dog is after……. She could use water or throw food to divert the dog… He not aggressive he's playful 😊😁😂dog… Wagging tail…

>If all dogs were shot for destroying any type of property, then there'd be little to no dogs in this world. I understand it's an expensive chew toy, but her threatening to buy a gun to shoot animals with is far more disturbing than a "happy tail wagging dog" chewing up a car bumper.

>You wana kill this dog over your freaking bumper? You need help.

>Good dog! ( that lady SUCKS!!!)

It's not a bad woofer! It only wanted to rip the cat hiding underneath the car to shreds!

No. 297172

This video bothers me because there were two incidents where this happened and both involved pitbulls. One was where I found a one ripping off the front of my parent's car and there was a mom cat and her kittens inside. My dad had to use a metal bat to chase the dog off and the family of cats was ok. The second time this pretty orange cat hid under a car but the pitbull dug him out and tore him apart. I will never forget cleaning up the poor animal's bruised and bloodied body and telling my neighbor that his favorite neighborhood cat was killed.

There have also been incidents where one lunged at some neighbor's kids as they were getting out of the car and they luckily got the door slammed shut back in time. I've been lunged at and have had to run from one a few times. I'm honestly terrified of pitbulls at this point. They either have no owners or the owner is just "lol he won't hurt anything" and then it lunges at a grown man.

I don't understand the point of getting this big dangerous animal and not even bothering to be responsible with it. If people want one they need to be conscious of what it can do and take precautions necessary to prevent people and other animals from getting hurt. I don't hate dogs and love some but pitbulls fucking terrify me. Every negative dog experience I've had has come from pits so I'd prefer not to be around them if I can help it.

No. 297196

I have zero issues with shooting an aggressive dog, esp if they are threatening another animal or human life.

I'm so sorry you had to go through that anon. Pitbulls are so viscious and it boggles my mind that there are idiots who defend them. I kind of want them to get mauled, but they never do, do they? it's always innocent people or animals. Pits are fucking vile and so are the pieces of slime who say they arent aggressive.

The only time i have ever considered buying a gun is to defend against a pitbull or other aggressive dog.

No. 297198

People who take photos like these needs their dog and child taken from them. wtf

No. 297199

This feels like the right place to vent - I was at University today, and someone brought their fucking dog into a faculty building, without a leash, and just let it roam inside the hallways. The dog wasn't aggressive, but I just can't deal with people who can't keep their shitty dogs leashed when it's appropriate. It's a science building so there is a ton of potential damage too, and I'm sure they'd just make half-assed excuses if anything happened.

Sage for anti-dog blog, I've been seeing people just outright ignore leash guidelines/laws all the time lately and it's a huge pain.

No. 297202

Those things look straight up evil. Arent there actual countries that have banned them? I know in PR, you are only allowed to have one on a leash and muzzled at all times, along with papers. I don't know about now since the storm damage, but that's how it was a few years ago when my grandfather was down there.

I believe Canada has a similar law. I wish they'd just kill them all tbh (the pitbulls)

No. 297203

I don't understand how they think that shit is okay. Not everyone wants to be around your smelly mutt in a school. And what is someone is deathly allergic? and what if the dog attacks someone?

these stupid dogfags never think at all

No. 297246

I don't know if this should go here or in the vent thread, but it's related to dogs and dogfags, so I'll do it here. There's something really fucking annoying about the fact that when I look up Hurricane Florence on Twitter, the tweets with the most retweets are either animal rescues or people bashing people who left animals behind. Look, I don't like seeing animals die either, and I'm glad they're being rescued. But this storm has killed 33 people. I'm not seeing tweets about the people who are suffering getting thousands of likes and retweets. The sheer lack of empathy people, dogfags in particular it seems, have towards their fellow humans is disturbing.

Maybe I'm just a salty NCfag, but it'd be nice to see people retweeting lots of stories about people helping people rather than stories about animals.

No. 297251

It's always the same thing with every hurricane. Dogfags and petfags in general don't seem to understand a lot of shelters don't allow pets so these people who are forced to evacuate have to choose between their own lives or their pets' lives. Not that it matters though because the people who have to abandon their pets are seen as monsters even if they have children, sick of this shit and sick of people acting like goddamn martyrs for stupid stinky animals.

No. 297256

Yeah, I mean I have cats and I love them. But I went to a hotel for safety and I left my cats behind. I hated to do it, and luckily, my area was inland enough that our damage wasn't bad. So the cats were okay. But people in those coastal areas got fucked hard. Not ever place allows for pets, and in the face of a natural disaster, people take priority, I'm sorry.

It's telling that the most popular tweets before the storm hit were people telling people to take their pets with them too. It seems the tweet popularity seems to be animal related stuff, bitching about Trump/North Carolina itself because there are people here who vote red, and then people actually retweeting about how the people are effected. I'm not seeing too many things being retweeted about how to help donate either. It's much easier to bitch about people leaving their dogs behind than to actually donate to shelters.

Sage for my salt. Sorry, I just hate seeing how people online act when shit like this happens. On the positive, in real life, people are helping each other out, which makes me happy.

No. 297998

Its so annoying when dogfags bring their pet dogs onto public transport without a muzzle and then let it sniff around on peoples legs i honestly hope that one day there will be some random inspection and all the idiots with unmuzzled dogs who say shit like "uwu why do you look so scared my dear pibbles would never hurt anyone" will be hit with hefty fines.

No. 298003

where the hell do you live where dogs are allowed on public transport?

No. 298014

well officially theyre not allowed but people bring their giant unleashed beasts on anyway because there are no guards and no one wants to confront the guy with the 60 kg dog. This is why i mainly take the metro because the metro is actually guarded and none of the shitty dog owners dare to try there kek

No. 298018

No. 298022

It’s allowed in the Netherlands, and many people rely on public transport here. IIRC people do need to pay for large dogs (though not small ones that can sit on your lap) and I think they’re not allowed during rush hour, but I see dogs very often in de bus. The big ones usually lay down in the aisle so you have to step over them, which makes me pretty nervous. I’ve never seen one with a muzzle. If they’re supposed to wear one, bus drivers don’t enforce it.

No. 298027

Wow. that is very VERY BOLD. It would not be tolerated where I live. People get pissed if you breathe too loud.

No. 298028

It's the same in Germany: they're literally allowed everywhere.

I work in a supermarket and we have a sign on the front door that reads dogs have to stay outside, but apperantly all doglovers are illiterate…
On monday I went there to quickly buy something and then a coworker actually gave a dog something to eat, cooing "you little cutie" and shit. The noises it made while "cleaning the floor haha" were enough to make me gag, but that ugly "face"…
How is it possible to enforce policies when literally everybody (besides me) is obsessed with them and therefore doesn't mind? That's so annyoing.

No. 298041

i wish it wasnt tolerated here either lol. i wish they would juts ban dogs from all public transport for good but i know that will never happen.

im not dutch, but dogs lying on the isle freak me out too, im really afraid of accidentally stepping on its tail and it attacking me. i dont even understand why someone who lives in a city, most likely in an apartment, needs a giant fucking dog for. just buy a chihuahua or some shit.

i feel you anon thats so gross. i would stop going to a shop if i saw something like that happen tbh

No. 298054

wow this is so bizarre to me. I don't even know if dogs are officially banned on transport here. Maybe people here aren't as exceptional as I thought they were cos I have never ever seen a dog on a train.

why the hell do people need to bring their dogs on a train? what is wrong with people?

I just checked apparently only guide dogs are allowed on but guards will drag you off with no remorse if you don't have all the right papers and ID. lol

No. 298117

File: 1537468792644.jpg (123.99 KB, 640x1138, u1ycnfe7s8n11.jpg)

You can read about a new attack nearly every single day…

>But cats are evil and the people who prefer them over dogs are soulless!

No. 298156

> pitbull

Why do people have these things. I've heard a moron descibe the elation he feels when people cross the street when he walks his pitbull. No shit, nobody wants to meet that ball of murder.

No. 298159

I'm in America and I've just always assumed dogs and cats aren't allowed inside any business unless it's a pet store or something. I've only ever seen a "support" animal in a grocery store once and it was when I was out of state. In the south where I live, animals still have literal animal status. As in, below people. Keeping pets outside isn't frowned upon, even if it's 1000 degrees or below 0. I've never seen a dog die of heat stroke or anything like that.

No. 298164

Idk if this is dog hate or dog owner hate but I HATE people who make their dogs fat and don't even care or think its cute for animals to be fat

No. 298178

Gotta say, anons, it's kind of annoying, this focus on pitbull temperament ONLY as if it's specific to pitbulls only and that most other dog breeds are not as aggressive as pibbles are, as if they're actually uncommonly aggressive in comparison to other dogs, when other dogs are just as aggressive because they're all retardos that are placed on a pedestal. Pitts are absolute killing machines that cause way more damage than other dogs, yes, people are downplaying that they're killing machines because they want to seem compassionate, but studies show they're not actually more aggressive than other dogs. IMO, intent matters, and any animals with terrible temperament like almost all dogs have, on average, shouldn't be freaking idolized the way dogs are.

Pibbles need to be not be bred further though and need to be illegal as fuck for people to own.

No. 298187

pitbull owners are so dumb. i once had a one walking his dog on a metal leash shout at me for trying to cross the road whilst the dog was growling and snapping at me.

No. 298198

I get so annoyed when I see people bringing their teacup dogs with them as “support animals”. Get the fuck out of here. I smell such bullshit. Carrying them around in grocery carts while they’re shaking in complete fucking fear with their tails tucked between their legs. Why do you need an emotional support animal in these cases if it is a legit registered animal?? Even I have bad anxiety but I learn to cope and deal with it. I don’t need a stupid fake service animal for that to show off. I think the only animal that should ever be allowed is dog guides for blind and deaf people.

When I was in a pool for Uber, the driver was talking to the other passenger about you can just go to your primary doctor and LIE about anxiety or depression and ask for a service dog registration. they’ll give you a slip for it apparently. I was biting my tongue so hard. Who the fuck proudly lies about that just to carry around a dog in public while it’s absolutely scared out of its mind.

No. 298201

No. 298206

Small dogs like that aren’t trembling in fear, they’re doing it because they cannot regulate their body temperature. They’re freezing. I’m sure an animal that’s freezing cold really has their mind set on being a good support dog. /eyeroll

No. 298217

Op said the dog would have its tail between its legs. Usually dogs do that when they’re scared. Plus it’s common to assume people accessorize their small dogs with clothes and a support animal vest, so they have layers on.

No. 298223

It honestly doesn’t matter if they have layers on, they do it anyhow.

No. 298243

I already acknowledged that though. This doesn't tell me anything I've not said. I already said they do more damage. I'm talking about their temperament vs other breeds.

I'm not exonerating or defending pitts. I'm just saying lots of other breeds are shown to be just as likely to be aggressive, and pitts aren't uncommonly aggressive, because shit tons of breeds are just as aggressive, if not moreso, because dogs straight up suck. Pitts are just obviously more dangerous because of their physiology. ALL dogs a shit, though ones that are capable of the most damage (big dogs) shouldn't be pets, ever.

IMO, the "pibbles are the most aggressive everrr!!" is a lie that tries to downplay the fact that so many fucking dogbreeds of all different sizes are aggressive and shit pets. Pittbulls are clearly the most dangerous and end up causing insane amounts of death and damage, and the people that own them are earth-shatteringly retarded, but on the topic of temperament alone, so many dog breeds just suck.

No. 298247

a girl I follow got a severe dog bite, the fatty tissue is exposed. she didn't go to the doctor because she "can't deal" with doctors and said something like "guys be careful around doggos you don't know uwu" people are dying and getting their arms cut off from the bacteria in dogs' saliva yet she's so unbothered by it. i bet if a crazed hobo bit her she'd go to the doctor. why are dog people so fucking insane?

No. 298281

I'm in the South too, though maybe not as deep South as you, and it's largely the same here. I never started seeing this whole service dog bringing animals into stores phenomena until a few years ago. And yeah, for a lot of people here, especially in rural areas, animals are still animals. It gets trickier with the law though. Most people in rural areas are of the belief that, quite frankly, if you see a dog running wild and it encroaches your property, you have every right to shoot it. Of course, the views on the law might be different though.
I knew someone who had a toy breed and used it as her service animal when convenient. Supposedly for anxiety. Her family was the first family I saw that ever did shit like that. I've had depression and low level anxiety my entire life, but service animals was just not a thing in my family.

No. 298299

My mom got bit, dog bites are fuckig nasty. She got stitches and it healed without issue but it's scarred. This woman is an idiot and is underestimating the amount of scarring she wil be left with.

No. 298306

>Most people in rural areas are of the belief that, quite frankly, if you see a dog running wild and it encroaches your property, you have every right to shoot it

Yeah, they do this where I live. Hell, I've seen it happen. Though the trespassing dog is acting aggressive when it does, either trying to fight the person's pet or attacking cattle, things like that. I live in a town with a school for the blind nearby and I've actually never even seen one of them with a dog. I do see blind people on the sidewalks all the time, but they use guide sticks.

No. 298425

Damn, that shit would never fly in NYC.

No. 298669

Some huge narcs from family have dogs, they all have dogs and think cats, birds, rabbits, etc aren't "real pets" and laugh or think it's cute when their fucknuts kill smaller animals, some even get (buy) breed dogs just because of the price tag to show off.

One of their dogs is obese, nearly 10 years old, breath stinks so bad, SO BAD that I don't even know how to describe how PUTRID it is, extremely badly behaved, whiny as hell, pee and poop at literally everywhere and do you think their owners even care to clean their mess? No, they think their fucknut dog is just ~so cute and innocent you're jealous and get a real pet already

I hate how these owners treat their gross dogs like spoiled kids in the same way a narcissistic parent treats their golden child (their favorite one) or make fun/try to dismiss others for grieving about the passing of their pet that isn't a dog but make sure to cry a river and bring flowers everyday to their fucknuts' burial when they die most of the times due to their lack of decent care.

No. 298725

I don't hate dogs, but I've sadly had a lot of bad experiences with them. When I was a kid, my neighbor wouldn't care about tying up/caging his dogs properly, so I was attacked once by his gun dogs when walking home from a friend. It left me pretty scared of unfamiliar dogs. I know not every single dog is dangerous, but I'm always wary of them.

No. 298752

I have never understood emotional support animals. I remember everyone talked about Carrie Fisher having one for her bipolar and I call bullshit. I have bipolar, and there is nothing a dog, or any pet could do in public to help me if I'm having a manic or depressive episode.
"It just helps them feel better" isn't a valid answer, a lot of things help me feel better that aren't actually treating my illness. It seems like it's just an excuse to carry a pet around like it's something special rather than actually helping the patient or whatever. I remember reading about how she carried the dog because "she thought dogs were better than people". That's not a treatment, that's a bad punchline.

No. 298766

Just because it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t works for others.

Inb4 dog lover. That’s not the point. I’m just tired of anons on lolcow being closed minded.

No. 298783


What do you mean? That shit is always happening in NYC…
Considering all the other stuff that just flys in NYC, I think dogs are the least concern.

No. 298789

Oh goodie, two more people added to the list who were mauled to death by their own pitbulls. It feels like taking two birds out with one stone because the stupid person dies and the dog will be euthanized.

No. 298790

Not trying to fight, but can you explain the benefits? I legit want to know.

No. 298802

I wanna know this too
I'm severely anxious to the point of vomiting a lot and really close to my dog, it doesn't really help tbh

No. 298852

Lmao, that does not matter. A service dog is there to provide a service, not make anyone "feel better." That's an emotional support animal which is a load of shit itself anyway. You have a pet, just a normal pet. Either way, people legitimately use service dogs as an excuse to bring them places, and it's super crappy. Most of those people use mental illness as their excuse because it's easy

Also fuck dogs.

No. 298861

File: 1537622740593.jpeg (1.6 MB, 4032x3024, 9E2BA866-C1B1-4B2A-933C-8D1004…)

this is my boyfriends fugly mutt that bit my kitten and he still wont get rid of it. Its fking food aggresive and bites you when you move around on the bed. Im sick of this shit one day im going to call the pound on it. How do i get him to get rid of this disgusting beast?

No. 298871

Kitten? Why would you bring a baby animal into a home if you knew his dog was aggressive…

No. 298874

1. ignore it
2. smack its ass hard if its trying to bite

maybe its the mexican in me, but i dont know how grown people are unable to deal with small dogs

No. 298884

your bf is a shit owner fyi, probably gonna be a shit caretaker if you ever decide to marry this bitch. maybe reconsider the relationship entirely? :^) im only half joking really

No. 298887

This. I'm more annoyed you brought a kitten into a house with a shit boyfriend and shit dog

You cant really do anything. I suggest getting out of the relationship because men who choose dogs over women arent worth being with.

No. 298889

I've lived in nyc for over 20 years and never seen a huge dog on the bus where people had to climb over it. it wouldnt be allowed on the bus to begin with. And people who have dogs on trains have the tiny ones they carry in their dumb purses, and i dont see those often either.

No. 298890

Emotional companion pets are absolute trash and just a useless excuse for stupid people who cant function outside their home to bring their smelly ass mutts with them everywhere.

No. 298896

Sometimes I troll the emotional support animal crowd by saying how I think reptiles should be able to register. I mean at least they're not smelly and don't make noise like the majority of emotional support dogs.

Lol, they fucking hate that.
I'd rather sit by a peacock than someone's nasty mutt.

No. 298996

The emotional support animal people are always insane, the only people who deserve service animals are those with physical disabilities or war veterans with legit emotional issues. Every emotional support animal person I have come across have treated their service animal like shit and sperg out if you so much as look at them.

No. 299048

see like, to me, why would you want this liability around?? i would feel like every time i'm around him he's going to rip my nose off, but soooo many dogpeople live with these aggressive pieces of shit and act like their shit doesn't stink.

how long has he had the dog? i don't think i could live with someone that wouldn't get rid of their clearly aggressive dog that is potentially a danger to me. seems a pretty obvious sign he doesn't care about your health. dog-men are such dumbfucks.

No. 299054

I was at Petsmart today buying food for my cats and two dogs on leashes lunged at me. Their owners laughed and pulled them back. Why tote around an animal that lunges at people, train your animal! I can tolerate well behaved dogs, but I greatly prefer cats. I don't foister my two cats on anyone, as they live indoors. Another thing is that dog people go on and on about how pure dogs are–shut the fuck up! All of the people mauled by dogs have something to say. The only only good dogs are quiet and do not attack anyone.

No. 299499

File: 1537776014655.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.25 KB, 810x539, 0_LIV_Dog-Attack-05.jpg)

Little boy bitten and dragged by dogs, let's see how the public reacts:

"The one thing you can't do in this country is be anti dog, the country's F##k!n obsessed with them Those who like dogs more than humans have underlying psychological problems."

>I think you have the problems. We have compassion

Same old again, prefering humans over dogs makes you a psycho…

>Dogs don't talk back, frequently happy to see you after just five minutes, eat more or less whatever is put in front of them and are stupidly easy to please. What's not to like?

>I'll trust mans best friend over lowlifes like you that don't trust a dog. You're probably a cat lover that enjoyed reading this article.

Always attacking cats and the people who like them even though nobody even mentioned them to begin with.

>Because unfortunately in today's society, you can trust a dog easier than a neighbour. I'd certainly trust my dog (Staffie) with my son, more than people in general.

>Just made me think about how amazing dogs can be if we respect them and how wicked people can be.

Really? A person getting mauled reminds you that dogs are great?

>This is really sad but I read somewhere that a child is more likely to be attacked by a family member then the family dog. I know that this wasn’t a family dog though.

"It's sad yes, but remember, we hoomans are much more evul!"

And this goes on literally forever… Here's the link: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/schoolboy-11-savaged-dogs-blames-13294484

No. 299602

God why are dogfags are SOOO retarded!? Cant they ever just accept dogs are agressive as fuck and people can be innocent victims. Say for example, I like bears, i think they are cute af, but i realize that they are vicious and if someone gets attacked i will feel empathy for the person. This stuff makes me so upset.

No. 299656

Dogfags are like people permanently stuck at being babbys first 13 year old misanthrope. "Muh people r meen, muh doggos r so loyal!"

If a person gets mauled by a dog, I'm definitely gonna feel more sympathy for the person than the fucking dog.

No. 299757

Dogs will keep being aggressive and mauling innocent people. It's horrible because nothing ever changes and people, esp children will continue to suffer.

Anytime someone has something negative to say about dogs, there's something 'wrong' with them. We cater to dogs too much and it needs to stop.

No. 299877

File: 1537853055011.jpg (119.65 KB, 1056x816, 925d91_2220897.jpg)

Not completely related but still…
I saw this picture today and while I know it is meant to be funny it bothers me how cats are always the butt of the joke
I'm not sure but I think most people wouldn't joke about abusing dogs but it's somehow ok with cats because they are evil/mean/not loyal

No. 299917

File: 1537862060263.png (654.75 KB, 541x850, rd2w3dxzo9o11.png)

The entitlement…yikes
Imagine a mother were to do the same with her kids

No. 299920

It's incredible how open people are (and are allowed to be!) with their hatred for cats. People like us who hate dogs just don't want some "furbaby" in their face, but people who hate cats constanty talk about wanting to kill them.

Dog makes a mess, cat stops him and… Just goes to show that woofers maybe aren't as intelligent as people love to make them out to be.

>Somehow I missed the "please".

>Cats don’t have that word in their vocabulary.

>He hides his eyes, he's no fool.

>He doesn't want them to get scratched the hell out by the demon

>Did that cat really just yell at the dog to quit it??

>Husky shame/guilt can be the most devastating thing to witness. I just wanna hug that doggo right now

>This was actually the saddest thing I’ve seen today. He was having the time of his life until that cat showed up.

>It looks like he's used to getting bullied by the cat. Poor pup.

>I feel so bad for the dog. Just having fun and there's jackass the cat coming to swipe and hiss like a demon : (

No. 299924

Anon, I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say they shoot cats because they're pests. And not even in a rural setting. Cats are seen as pests and dogs are adored despite being 100000000000000x more deadly and dangerous to children, the elderly, other dogs, all other animals, basically all people, etc. It's fucking unbelievable how much cat hate society will tolerate and not even bat an eyelash at because "yeh doggos are our best friends, cats are just assholes that dont need you xD"

No. 299938

Imo the biggest reason people hate cats is because you actually have to put effort into bonding with one. Dogs, when they aren't mauling children, generally seem like doormats that mainly want their owner's approval. I like dogs, I've played with them, I think they're cute and funny and all, but winning the trust of a cat feels more rewarding. I hate it when people treat cats as lesser for not behaving like a different species of animal. Cats are assholes to asshole humans who refuse to learn how to read cat behavior, in my experience.

No. 299966

It's stupid, and the ones who try to hide their cat hate hide behind the "muh outside cats kill burds" excuse. I've seen lots of people do that, not just dogfags. Just fucking own up that you hate cats, stop trying to hide behind some fake morality.

And dogs are just as big of pests as cats, if not moreso. And at least with cats, you aren't at risk of being mauled by the ones who live outside.

No. 300087

I was trying to chill with my friend at her house but her obese pug did nothing but annoy us the whole time. Because how dare the attention not be on its obese ass for a couple hours.
She kept giving it attention whenever it would act out though, instead of ignoring it or punishing it by telling it to go lay down. So of course the ugly shit walks all over her because it gets its way. I fucking hate dogs like this but it's her fault.

Worst of all she let it out to pee, and it found the spot in the grass where it previously shit and began to eat the shitty grass. I didn't want that shitlord anywhere near me the rest of the time but if course it tried its damnest. I don't know why dogs like me, maybe it's because they sense I don't like them and try to curry favor over my authority or something.

No. 300094

Your friend is a POS for letting her pug go fat.
Any person that considers owning a pug HAS TO take into consideration that for this race getting fat is dangerous, as they might develop hip dysphlasia and joint problems. They are also uncomfortable because of the excess weight.
It's like pug 101 that you have to watch their weight and ask a vet to help you decide how much they can eat and what is healthy.

God I hate people like your friend that adopt animals cause they are cute but don't give a fuck about their responsibilities toward them.

Pugs are bred to be extremely attached to the owner, but most pugs are content to just sit in the same room and watch the human. So not only your friend does not take care of the poor pug's health, but she also failed to teach him good behavior (as you mentioned).

You should tell her off for that. I don't know how someone be okay with being such a shit caretaker of a severly vulnerable animal.

No. 300097

Your dog obsession is showing…

No. 300102

Because I called out a bad owner? Okay. Unless you think that a dog deserves to suffer because it had a misfortune of being born a pug?
Pugs are a fucked up bread as everyone knows. To get one and help it develop life-threatening condition by overfeeding it is fucking disgusting. Bad owners are cancer whether you love or hate dogs, cats or whatever. If your friend mistreats the pet they should be taking care of, don't be a pussy and call them out. Even if it does not work, at least you tried.

No. 300155

That poster wasn't me, but still no.
What makes you think I care about what the shit-eater weighs? Lol. It's not my dog nor my responsibility.

No. 300225

I will never understand the cat hate since dogs will always be more aggressive and do more damage. Cats will hiss and scratch and probably run away. Dogs will actively try to hurt you and bite at your neck or face.

People who hate on cats seem really uneducated.

No. 300257

I don't know about you, but if my friend was fucking up, I would tell her so she can be better and maybe a avoid consequences of her shit decision. f you don't give a fuck than you are okay with your friend being a neglectful if not lowkey abusive owner. But I suppose since it's a dog it's okay for it to suffer in your eyes. If it would be a sphinx kitty freezing to death or a fatass cat unable to move you would care.

Won't be surprised if the pug owner is an idiot who would drop the dog as soon as medical emergencies start to drain her wallet.

Jesus humans are fucking disgusting.

No. 300266

>owner loves dog dearly even puts it above her human friends and spoils it with a little too much food
Oh my god, so abusive!1!1 I don't know her at all but I'm just going to assume that she would give it away as well! Dogs are so much better, the human race needs to die out!

Seriously, you're in the wrong place, darling. Maybe make your own human and cat hate thread.

No. 300273

I sincerely hope you and everyone else in this thread who goes on hysterical tirades about why they hate dogs finds the help you so dearly need.

I don't get people feeling this strong of a hatred for either cats, dogs or any other animal or child for that matter. Chill the fuck out, it's just a dumb pug with a shitty owner. It doesn't know what it's doing is wrong because it's never been told no.

No. 300283

Personally I think there's more dire cases of neglect and abuse than fat pets. The dog doesn't care, and like obese humans, would probably think it more abusive if the owner cut off food.

I don't care because it's an annoying dog, and also not mine.
Also don't care about fat cats, but at least a fat cat isn't going to annoyingly bark and try to lick me with its shit covered mouth when I'm trying to have a conversation. Don't need to train a cat to not do that.

>hysterical tirades
I hope you're being ironic. You sound like an edgy vegan with your ~humanz r so disGusting!!~

All I did was share a story of an annoying pug, I didn't even think what I posted was particularly hateful and it's weird your dogfag self even took it that way.
Stop infighting and hide the thread.

No. 300327

File: 1537939870404.jpg (303.01 KB, 937x799, 1454830296808.jpg)

I had sympathy for doghaters until this thread came along. Christ I didn't know yall were actually this pathetic

No. 300334

seconding, this reminds me of the weird monkey hate comments on youtube lol

No. 300354

I have no sympathy for you guys either.

No. 300358

File: 1537948694881.jpg (910.83 KB, 1920x2981, a3ktdmw9fio11.jpg)

So, it's true that Amerifats are the ones who're the most obsessed with doggos.

No. 300512

this post gave me secondhand embarrassment

No. 300517

Ok so I read a whole lot of comments and I think we can all agree that pitbull dogs are extremely dangerous and honestly I have a dog now and can see why my bf loves shiba inu dogs. They kind of act like cats, have their own head but are really snuggly and don’t smell like dogs, which is surprising. Normally a lot of dogs stink and this is the first time I ever felt like a dog is genuine looking up to you and being totally people friendly and only lick someone’s hand. I’ve been traumatised by a lot of small and big aggressive dogs but if you all ever want a small change of mind, I can advise to a shiba dog. They’re not too big/small, don’t smell, have their own will and can be really polite and smart.
They’re so easy to train instead of what I hear from other dogs (can be a little annoying when they grow up because they chew on everything, but else they get better when they’re a teen)
If someone had a bad experience with this kind of breed, it would be nice to have a discussion on here. I’m always open for that!

No. 300521

>come to dog hate thread
>tell them what dog to buy
Huh? Nobody asked for your "advice". Every dog owner always thinks that their dog/breed is somehow better and an exception. We already don't like dogs in general, why would anybody of us buy one?

No. 300524

And at that she's suggesting a shiba, one of the most temperamental and loudest of dog species. It's a hunting dog; it can be aggressive and not that friendly. They don't always train well either. Definitely not a great starter dog.
Probably a top pick among weebs though. I don't know why farmers cape for dogs so hard itt. You never see people who like cats insisting everyone should have one.

No. 300723

>implying a breed being similar to a cat is a good thing

Anon, cats are insane, and Shiba breeds are not easy to maintain. Cute does not equal good pet.

No. 300727

Aren't those things expensive as fuck too?

Like if you must have a mutt, just fucking adopt. Don't waste your money on some shitty meme breed and don't suggest others to do so either.

No. 300752


theres a big difference between how YOUR dog acts towards you, a person he is comfortable and trusts, compared to how it acts towards other humans. I mean, sure, exposure therapy can be a good help to people, but exposing people with a fear of dogs around dogs who aren't trained therapy dogs, can be terrible. how would you feel if you had a friend who was scared of your dog, but petted it because you told them it was friendly? but then it bit your friend? like, it's not safe to tell people who hate dogs or are afraid of dogs to just "GET A DOG". not all dogs are the same, training is crucial. an untrained dog can literally kill a person.

No. 301029

>You sound like an edgy vegan with your ~humanz r so disGusting!!~
But that's precisely what this whole thread is, except with dogs.

No. 301050

But that's okay because it's not weird for humans to not like certain animals.
It is neurotic and weird for a human to hate humans, also implying they hate themselves.

No. 301067

>that reading comprehension
It's not about a dog being fat like an overweight human, it's about it developing life-threatening conditions (like being in pain while walking) because the owner cannot properly take care of it.
If you want a dog that is a genetic failure on all accounts, at least be responsible and
do not fuck it up more
>hating shitty humans means hating yourself
ok your dog hate is clearly blinding you.
I do hide this thread but due to constant changing of computers and settings I have to see your idiotic sperging.

I will show myself out. kthxbai

No. 301075

god damn, i hope these idiots never breed. So fucking gross.

No. 301080

>Shiba inus act like cats

No, they don't. Shibas have been known to have aggression towards anyone outside their owner and can snap for no reason as wel. I dunno why Shibas are put on a pedestals when they're not better than most dogs.

I'm glad your shiba is a 'good boy' but I've seen videos of groomers having to struggle with the shiba breed for a simple wash, while its teeth were bared.

No. 301083

File: 1538056533416.jpg (6.1 KB, 181x200, lmaoooo.jpg)

Lol bitch how are you going to call out my reading comprehension when I already told you why I don't give a rat's tit about someone else's pet, no less their fat dog, like three different ways.
So autistic hahahaha, bet you're still here too.

No. 301197

Some triggered anon legit made a dog lovers thread despite the fact that most people are forced to love those smelly mutts out of social obligation. It's hilarious.

No. 301282

My mum has gone into middle age crysis and now has three dogs and I hate them, especially isnce they're so badly trained, and have no respect for her. She constantly asks me to take care of them so she can travel, and we get in fights because I don't want to keep them and she doesn't want to pay houndreds of bucks to pet houses to keep her ugly mutts. I don't understand why you'd do this to yourself

No. 301306

Aunt and uncle have this ugly bulldog mix and I hate the beast. They let it rule their house and never disciplined it, so now it has the personality of a spoilt child that thinks it can do whatever it wants.

But personality aside, it's just a shitty dog as it is. It's brachycephalic, meaning in addition to sounding like a busted bagpipe all day it's constantly drooling, snorting, and mouth-breathing. I hate when they bring the thing to visit or if I go over there and I happen to be wearing shorts or a skirt because the thing comes up to my legs and snorts snot all over me. The worst is when he jumps up despite me constantly telling him no and not making any eye contact.
My ignorant aunt just rewards that behavior with attention and baby talk. He's starting to nip people too, which might be let go if he were a little chihuahua but it's serious since he's a gross planet sausage that could easily take off flesh.

In fact just that happened a few months ago when my aunt was playing fetch. Since they conditioned the mutt to think it's cutesy to jump up and bite, he did just that while playing fetch with her. Except he caught his snaggleteeth on her ring and almost de-gloved her entire finger! Except she's a nurse, so instead of being horrified and wanting to change the behavior she just stitched her flesh wound back up and keeps up the charade that her little hitler is a sweet innocent lamb.

No. 301308

That's the number one reason i would never get a dog, besides having to pick up its shit three times a day.

I like to travel with my spouse and we'd always have to worry about getting a sitter or the dog tearing shit up. No thanks

No. 301315

File: 1538069262705.png (336.86 KB, 758x616, ff.PNG)

Dogfags get salty over us complaining about dogs and say it's unwarranted, but proceed to display the exact behavior complained about in this thread. Really makes you think.

No. 301331

That thread really validates this one. It's helped convince me dogfags are nuts.

No. 301334

Are dogfags really so insufferable and narcissistic that they have to make a dog love thread when dog love is accepted literally everywhere else on the internet and in real life except this thread that was made so people can rant about dogs and idiot owners without being called psychopaths and terrible people just for not liking a certain animal?

No. 301341

File: 1538071202302.jpg (97.8 KB, 925x600, dogfags.jpg)

That's how I feel. Someone on my ig feed legit posted this comic. Why are dog fags so insane? They would choose dogs over people anyday and it's psychotic.

No. 301363

A good portion of them are passing sociopaths, I swear. To laugh at and brag about your dog killing a random cat. This is the state of dog owners and this is why some of us don't like dogs. And realistically, this is why dogs can't be hyped up the way they are. They're so dangerous to basically all other animals and they kill each other all of the time and dogfags don't even care about how dangerous their dumbass dogs are to other dogs, but they supposedly 'love' them so much??

Yes. All of society is geared toward dogs and dogfags but they can't stand ONE thread not praising them. Unbelievable.

No. 301368

(NTA) I've been thinking about that anon in the unpopular opinions thread who mentioned the way people are treating those zoosadists versus the way they treat other rapists and/or murderers. The perps' actions are absolutely abhorent and I do understand that people can care about more than one thing at a time. But I don't think I've ever seen this kind of vitriolic anger they're generating directed towards men who rape or murder humans, especially not from men. It's pretty fucked. Even the mods have thrown the "not your personal army" rule out the window for this situation (which I'm not totally against, but still).

No. 301379

what post is that, anon? just curious because i expressed something similar in the manhate thread and got nothing but pushback from that idea, idk if the person responding to me was an incel or just a retard or what but that's a completely valid observation

No. 301394

This one from a few days ago: >>298957

No. 301409

I actually wonder if the zoosadist thread didn't pull over some serious dogfags to this website just for the basis that it's here.

No. 301418

I agree. You can care about many things and rapists/sadists in general need to be jailed or worse, but there seems to be a struck cord when it comes to abusing dogs versus any other animal or even person…

No. 301679

A dog just charged at me a while ago when I was walking because the owner couldn't hold onto 2 leashes at the same time…
She defended it and told me it was friendly then asked me if I wanted to pet the damn thing after I told her I was scared of dogs and was still freaking out
Why is it that some dog owners laugh off someone's fear as if they're being irrational or silly?

No. 301681

Because they're negligent and stupid about the risks they face every day when it comes to owning a dog. They never think they'll be attacked or hurt despite it being very common for them to attack their owners, let alone strangers or other pets, so you're just being 'dramatic' or 'a baby' to them since they're too stupid to properly assess and weigh the risks of owning a dog or multiple dogs. 99% of dog owners aren't equipped to handle hermit crabs, let alone anything else.

No. 301834

File: 1538144863083.jpg (196.68 KB, 720x960, NmNMnjL.jpg)

This is actually an old joke typically used on dogs. Some autistic and angry dogfag clearly made a less funny version of it.

No. 301862

I was at the store last night standing at the soda machine. I got fightened because I legit thought I was being groped but some random dog just stuck its snout in between my legs. The owner brought it into the store without a leash.
Reminds me of when I was out going for a walk and these two yappy little dogs chased me out of the park because their owner didn't put a leash on them either. Like if you're going to take your dog out in public it should be common fucking sense to put a leash on your animal. Wtf is wrong with these people.

No. 301876

File: 1538151758957.png (733.43 KB, 960x960, dogvscat.png)

does anyone else think its ridiculous when dogfags make comparisons like this? everyone knows the majority of dogs are trained like shit and then their dumb ass owners let them run around without leashes.

No. 301895

>still need to take it outside to crap or else it craps on the floor of your house

You can actually toilet train cats, which is kinda funny.

No. 302025

Dog owners act like they’re anywhere near competent enough to teach this. Cats can be trained too, with a lot of work. Dogs are just easier because they’ve been specifically bred by humans to do this

Most owners can barely fit a fucking walk every day into their schedule. IMO dogs should only be allowed as working animals. Farm dogs, guide dogs etc. dogs need jobs.

No. 302033

Does anyone else find it creepy how physically affectionate dogfags tend to get with their dogs?

I remember seeing friends with dogs having literally NO physical boundaries between her and her animal, she let her Doberman lick her on the lips and (open) mouth. When I expressed disgust, she got really defensive as well.

Why the fuck do dogfags do this? I can’t even smell their foul breath without wanting to puke, but so many of them are okay to let their mutts slobber all over their face?

No. 302074

Just imagine coming home to a family member/friend doing this kek
>oh my god, my dog does this sneezy snort through his nose whenever he wants to play. i always sneeze back to him and he gets so waggy, we go back and forth and it’s like we’re having a sneeze chat haha. he’s getting old now, but he’s still so good natured and kind he’s such a good boy.

Why are dog lovers writing like this?
>contributin doog mem I guess
>I love my (grandma's) doggo so much guys
>Labs are good doggos.

And why are they so extremely emotional?
>I'd die for any dog, they're the most precious things on earth and we don't even deserve them
>The dogs I met are the purest creatures. Fuck man I am crying now
>Dogs are the best and dog haters barely register as human in my brain. The only animals I hate are dogs hater tbh…

so delusional…
>dogs literally evolved to live with humans, to help us out.

And remember, it's never actually about their dogs, it's about them. That's why they get angry if you don't shower them with attention. Praising a dog is like calling the narc owner "good" as well lol
>They're always excited to meet your friends when you invite them over and it makes my heart swells when my friends tell me my dog is cute or is a "good boy"

No. 302151

I bet the people who post shit like this have dogs who can't even sit on command.

No. 302163

Almost all of them sound like narcs and they sound so fake. Like, trying way too hard to be cutesy and wholesome and emote about their dogs.

I like the way they're defending dogs tearing cats to shreds as if it's normal to own animals that will tear other pets to shreds. Why would you want an animal that might do the same to you, or a child that wanders onto your property? I just don't understand how they're so ok with the very dangerous nature that dogs have. It's like owning a lethal snake, but it's so normalized that no one sees it that way.

No. 302167

I see people do this shit all the time and when I don't want a dog anywhere near me because the smell is disgusting they say something stupid like "oh it's just a doggy smell it's not that bad uwu" ok well i'm gonna puke all over your mutt.

No. 302272

rofl this. People act like you can't train any pet. Most pets can be trained. i trained my rat to learn her name and shit in a litter type box in the corner of her cage in under a week.

I swear people think dogs are the most intelligent creatures ever, but all i see are dogs who pull their owners on their leash and bark at anything passing by. It's so stupid

No. 302275

That's so gross. And the worst part is, you cant even smack or kick it away without fear of it biting you. People who let their dogs roam without a leash need to be fined heavily

No. 302279

I was on my way to work this morning. I wait by this bus stop near my house. There's a long side walk for people to get by. This asshole dude jogging with his dog legit was on the street (and cars do go by, even if i'm in a suburban area, cuz i'm near a highway)

I watched him jog in the street and a car had to swerve around him to miss hitting his dumb ass dog. I was so annoyed, cuz all i could think of was this asshole endangering passing by cars who had to swerve to miss him. This caused the car to go into the oncoming traffic lane for a movement. I'm glad no one was hurt…

No. 302286


I agree with you. For some reason, dog fags take people saying 'i don't really like dogs.' or ' i don't care for dogs' very personally. It's creepy.

Also dogfags who let their dogs lick their mouth/face are beyond filthy.

No. 302477

File: 1538212817749.jpg (43.58 KB, 640x480, AZiDD9K_d.jpg)

Why do dogfuckers (triggered!) enjoy torturing their babies so much?

"A large portion of my patients are bulldogs and not only have I gotten really good at intubating with insane soft palates but they NEVER WANT THE TUBE OUT."

"I remember reading something a while back from a vet who said she put a breathing tube in a pug or bulldog and saw the skin around their lips turn from blue to pink. And that's when she realized it wasn't a natural blue tint they had, it was from persistent lack of oxygen."

>But they're so cute!

We're not the abusers, you are.

No. 302480

File: 1538213525412.jpg (21.01 KB, 600x338, videothumbnail_5c8e5339e8c44d6…)

"St. Paul, MN to pay $520,000 to bystander attacked by police dog. She was taking out trash when she was bitten."

Even “trained” working dogs randomly try to murder people.

But I bet the police are bad owners who just didn't train it, maybe even abused it? And the victim is actually a criminal who provoked it, amirite?

No. 302485

File: 1538215305794.png (53.86 KB, 1235x497, dogs.png)

peep the crazymaking about us from the unpopular opinions thread.

this is why people say that so many dogfags are narcissists, even if just a silly exaggeration, the fact of the matter is that for the most part, they're unbelievably careless and inconsiderate and will irrationally vilify people who have reasonable concerns for their own safety and for the safety of dogs and other pets. i swear, they just don't even care about their own dogs or dogs in general.

how can you justify pic related and say that it's YOUR FAULT that you're afraid of a large strange dog is growling at you and that you MUST trust the owner who tells you "she's growling because she wants attention!"???

wow, awesome now that the taxpayers have to carry that financial burden because dogs aren't treated like the dangers they are. medium to large dogs need to be muzzled all of the time.

also, from an article about this:

>The Collins case is among a number of recent attacks by St. Paul police dogs that prompted a major overhaul of how the dogs are used for human apprehension. In 2016, Frank Baker was attacked by a K-9 and kicked by an officer after being wrongly identified as a suspect. Noel and Bennett won a record $2 million settlement with the city for Baker. On May 15, K-9 Jaeger was being handled by officer Christopher Hetland at a demonstration when he bit a 10-year-old boy in the stomach and left a bleeding wound. On July 6, bystander Glenn Slaughter was attacked by a police dog while walking to his car.

No. 302489

This is one of the many reason minorities don’t like dogs, there’s a history of them constantly being attacked by white pet owners and the psychopaths gaslight them and say that’s they are evil and dangerous anyway.

Also interesting because supremacist use this and say that’s they train their dogs to attack blacks. And I can’t stand it because almost every single neighbor in my goddamn culdesac that’s white has a dog. My family has lived in this area since the subdivision was fucking built and every white family that has moved here has dogs that growl at us and still do after being their neighbors for 10 YEARS. There have been too many close calls of me and my extended family getting attatcked wheeler aren’t even on their property. I can’t take a fucking jog anymore because they don’t keep their animals on a leash and they give me the stick eye. Well, they give it to my family regardless. Thank god at least half of the people in our neighborhood are Asian. Otherwise my parents would contemplate moving.

No. 302491

I knew a Hispanic girl in high school who worked at the local animal shelter. She and her family owned 2 mutts that they would breed nonstop and sell the puppies for $50-80. She was actively teaching her dogs to be aggressive toward black people and though it was hilarious that her dogs actually turned vicious when they'd see a black person walk down the street. She never saw a problem with it and bragged that she was a good dog trainer. It honestly sickened me.

No. 302494

Before reading some black forums I never knew Hispanic and Black peoples hated each other so much. I thought they were basically the same shit in America.

No. 302499

Many minorities shit on blacks because of the racial hierarchy of this country. Hispanic want to be white so bad many of them unironically join white supremacist movements. It absolutely hilarious when many anons on /pol/ found out that a sizeable amount of Americans that made “nigger” hate threads were spics. Asians loved coasting on the mode minority till they realized nobody took their racial grievances seriously because they where content being used as a wedge against other minorities (almost always blacks)

No. 302545

You’re in the wrong thread, dogfucker.

No. 302547

If you love dogs, you have narcissistic personality disorder. I don't care what anyone says.

No. 302550

i dont know how black people feel about hispanics, but hispanics are definitely mega racist against black and sometimes asian. they've got this white superiority complex going on

No. 302605

Why do dogfags bitch about armchair diagnoses, then turn around and do this? I think most of the people throwing them out there are dogfags.

No. 302629

File: 1538240627850.jpg (198.07 KB, 1024x765, cat.jpg)

this is ot but the same goes for blacks viewing hispanics with a superiority complex, its just safe to say not all races are rainbows and sunshine with each other (especially in the cities where there's more gangs). and it gets worse when there is pets involved.
t. basketball american

No. 302660

File: 1538245992696.jpg (51.23 KB, 640x580, gm92xhlyd2v01.jpg)

dog and dogpeople related img and meme dump incoming

No. 302662

File: 1538246190717.jpg (28.93 KB, 640x457, vyg9xq4vz7n01.jpg)

the entitlement is astounding

No. 302663

File: 1538246215952.png (116.2 KB, 640x697, ucrp7zgk3rk01.png)

No. 302665

File: 1538246389206.jpg (102.2 KB, 640x889, ngxmdahwrz611.jpg)

the "he won't bite you, dude" starter pack

No. 302666

File: 1538246474881.png (361.99 KB, 640x641, uipobml7i5711.png)

the dog lover thread in a nutshell tbqh

No. 302667

File: 1538246495876.jpg (66.55 KB, 965x416, tsvpwv5w55b11.jpg)

No. 302671

File: 1538246740320.jpg (30.82 KB, 603x670, n9mbdu6guz301.jpg)

applicable to all medium to large sized dogs though, really

No. 302672

the virgin mutt vs THE TOMCHAD

No. 302682

File: 1538248131245.jpg (408.5 KB, 2400x1800, sk5o7d57n7l11.jpg)

No. 302686

I happen to have a chihuahua and I hate any dog bigger than a beagle. I've only known one good german shepherd in my life. Retrieverfags are literally the dumbest people around and they all act the same and try to show off their "majestic dog" half of the time all they know what to do is beg the owner to play fetch and lie around and shed fur everywhere.
So many dog owners just collect dogs for popularity points and pretend they care for animals. I know firsthand from my parents.
Our family used to have a Japanese breed of dog when I was a kid and it was so bad. My parents didn't even want to take care of this dog, my sister and I had to do it for them and we were WAY too young and weak to be handling a dog like this. It'd always run away. One time the neighbors came over with blood all over their shirt demanding my parents pay the surgery costs of their little yorkie my dog just tore apart. That was what made my parents give away this dog they never wanted in the first place. They just thought of this dog as an accessory and the breaking point was the dog almost killing another dog lol.
Basically this is how I ended up with my chihuahua, my parents got him and right off the bat they just neglect him, expecting my sister and I to take care of him. Turns out my sister wants nothing to do with the dog either so I had no other choice but to take the dog with me months after I moved in with my boyfriend because of the poor conditions they left him in. His teeth were rotting and I had to get almost half of them pulled. Also, his nails were unclipped since the last time I took him which was over half a year beforehand. I thank the lord my dog gets along with our cats. Bless small dogs like mine. My cats like to mess with him sometimes and it's all fun.

No. 302689

Chihuahuas are surprisingly good with cats. Larger breeds are too much of a hassle to take care of.

No. 302694

Cats need to drown(bait)

No. 302701

You fuck w/ zoosadism, anon?

No. 302717

File: 1538255199993.jpg (131.98 KB, 600x800, AR-161039820.jpg)

What a strange world we live in…


>Four dog attacks allegedly occurred on Indian Ford Road, part of the Fenner Ride's miles 84 to 89 stretch, according to Santa Rosa County Animal Services.

>And that's where the signs come in. Andre Lipps, owner of Ringo, a white bulldog with black stripes, received multiple citations for dog bites and signed a quarantine agreement from Sept. 26 to Oct. 6.
>"I was going to put one sign out but then I ordered 10," Lipps said. "So many people wanted them. Animal control officers have been on my property and in my house."
>Despite the citations, Lipps said his dog is not dangerous.
>"(Ringo) loves on everybody. He's never shown any aggression to anybody. He's just a real loving dog … He's not a dangerous dog," Lipps said, adding Ringo is not out of his puppy stage yet and he loves to chase bikes, motorcycles and cars. "It's a race to him, a game."

No. 302720

What do you do when your friend/relative/whoever has a big ass dog who jumps and barks really loud and you straight up tell them "I don't like to be around big dogs, they scare me and I don't like being jumped on. Can you please put your dog somewhere else". But they get all "Oh don't worry!!! He wouldn't hurt a fly, he just loves people!!1111". Like… I don't give a FUCK. I like my personal space and I don't like a dog half my size nearly knocking me over and it stinks. It's so fucking annoying. Sometimes I just want to kick it but I'm not that much of an asshole I guess. I just never know what to do in this situation when they don't respect my request to keep the dog away from me. They'll eventually get offended.

No. 302727

File: 1538255924070.jpg (87.86 KB, 640x480, pwvsw4kcjke11.jpg)

These dogfags "love" their dogs so much that they refuse to accept that they're not hairy babies that "would never hurt anyone" and accept the uncontrollable, very dangerous nature of dogs, which results in their deaths, but dog-critical people are the problem? OK.

Good pet owners don't diminish and deny the dangers their pets present, but even the ones that complain about "bad dog owners" deny, deny, deny.

No. 302921

fuck, this poor woman!! I hope they put that dog down too.

No. 302923

So dumb. No one cares about your filthy mutt.

No. 302924

rofl I love this so much. Thank you anons

No. 303515

I got into an argument with my friend's coworker about pitbulls and it was so frustrating. She really was telling stories about how she had never in her life seen an aggressive pitbull and only labs were really bad. Of course she owned a corgi and her baby bit someone, but that's only cuz her baby was protecting her.

She really would not believe anything about facts and statistics regarding pits.

Doglovers are insufferable

No. 303517

Everybody in this thread needs to kill themselves ASAP.(woof)

No. 303794


No. 304070

>Worshipped by the ancients
So were dogs, as a matter of fact Zoroastrians would bring in a dog to gaze upon a deceased to purify the spirit. As a matter of fact, muslims hate dogs exactly because they were seen as holy by Zoroastrians, muslism hated zoroastrians so much that they would trample on little puppies so their cries would torture zoroastrians. Not that a person that cares only about "le epic cat memes" would know about the intricacies of animals in various religions.

No. 304086

kek @ all the butthurt dogfags showing their true colours in this thread

No. 304330

muslims hate them cus they're smelly and dirty
i hate u cus ur smelly and dirty too

No. 304338

dogs are far less smelly and dirty

No. 304360

protip: ur a nigger

No. 304478

that couldn't be more wrong

No. 304481

why are you psychos still arguing with yourselves

No. 304535

I know who I'd rather sniff and walk next to on the street :^)

No. 304668

File: 1538602384250.jpg (825.84 KB, 2022x1516, 9765457843111.jpg)

It's not like I even hate dogs, they can be nice to be around if they're chill. Irresponsible owners and these overzealous dog lover types are something else entirely though. I saw this video of some guy being attacked by a dog that damn near tried to bite his nuts off while the person filming laughed. Then I scrolled down to look at the replies and I just see this idiot lmaoing about someone getting their finger bitten off. Like that's really your response to that…? K.

No. 304670

They're insane

No. 304679

As much as some dog owners can be fucking annoying and obnoxious, some bird owners aren't very different. If you don't have the largest highest quality cage or the cage is a little small or old, don't have a thousand toys or don't feed the best pellet, WORSE YET, if you trim the wings they wouldn't think twice before starting a huge drama where they are the winners of course, calling you abuser or threatening to beat you. Yes, I have witnessed this.

No. 304696

that does sound shitty, but at least they're intending, i guess, to care about the birds with this and they keep this autism to their own community. dogfag autism mostly comes from them denying that their pets pose a risk to people, and at the least, an annoyance, and evvvveryone ends up being affected. dogfags are the worst, period.

No. 304709

That person's reply is psychotic.

No. 305242

File: 1538725620576.jpg (633.79 KB, 1080x1920, o5xqak7hc9q11.jpg)

>bite child
>strangers spend 1000s to keep you from getting killed
>get adopted, bite person
>get rescued again
>get adopted again, rip granny to shreds, not even stopping when getting shocked and hit with a hammer

No. 305244

>Colvin's intestines were on the floor
But cats and small dogs like chihuahuas are the real devils.

No. 305271

Is anyone else only afraid of big dogs and pitbulls only?
I laugh at the other small dog breeds, because they mostly just seem like harmless rats

No. 305292

I'm shocked that piece of shit wasn't put down the first time it bit like it's supposed to, even with all the money involved. Horrible.

And do shelters feel zero shame having these dangerous dogs up to adoption?

No. 305293

This is so disturbing. You can't rehabilitate a pitbull anyway. Why do people even bother?

No. 305364

This is why I get so fucking angry whenever I go to shelter pages and all I see are pictures after pictures of 'rehabilitated' pitbulls. Fucking why?
Evidently not many people want these bombs in their house, and the resources and ad space could be going towards other dog breeds that would make far greater pets.

My ex was a tard like this though.
"PUPPYYYY!" he'd exclaim whenever he'd see one of those hideous beasts. Whenever I'd try to say how they were actually dangerous, he'd bring up "BUT CHIHUAHUAS BITE MOAR DOE!!!" Yeah, but I've never heard of anyone being mauled to death by a chihuahua.

No. 305436

what do pitbull lovers get out of defending those beasts anyway? cant they see that "rehabilitating" and rehoming the dogs is getting people injured and killed?

No. 305455

Exactly. Those spaces can go towards better dogs who actually need homes. I wish they'd put the pitbulls down instead of attempting to rehome them.

Kinda OT, but i'm a huge Star trek fan it bummed me out that Sir Patrick Stewart fell prey to owning a pitbull for a while (fostering it) and then had all this 'pitbulls arent so bad' propaganda on his facebook.

No. 305484

Cats should be skinned and have their heads served as mugs in China(calm your autism)

No. 305488

Hi kero

No. 306535

File: 1539016254071.png (54.02 KB, 837x295, 07065D96-A05D-4078-A483-A91C9C…)

our local animal shelter has an unspoken but obvious rule that they will only keep 10-15% breed other than pit in shelter at all times. most of the county is the same way. they prioritize saving the murderdog. most of these have already bitten someone or been given up to another shelter for aggression before they get shuffled around to another shelter. i wish people could see the internal shelter reports on the pits before they take them home, only the most idiotic would do so.

i know this is a dog hate thread but people should let others know that it is legal to ask to see behavior and medical records as well as 'outcomes' before rehoming one of these dogs. a shelter that won't let you see it is hiding something. most people would never bring them home after seeing the paperwork. pic related.

No. 306538

File: 1539016443609.png (93.31 KB, 842x488, 0A05AB5A-6B3A-4E0A-AC9C-496F52…)

more internal paperwork. the wording on this is written by pit lovers. they really can't stand the thought of people seeing these dogs for what they truly are. the difference between the web posting for placement and the reality of the dog's aggression is insane.

No. 306543

File: 1539016734905.png (144.71 KB, 843x742, AD038559-BEFB-4E99-802A-9D2A0C…)

lots of shelters will try and distract the dog from aggressive behaviors with food which, of course, only reinforces the behavior. most animal shelters are completely overrun by pibble fanatics, are basically useless at best and at worst, dangers to the general public as these dogs can't be rehabilitated safely.

No. 306652

Typical aggressive response. This type of behavior is called 'gameness' by dogfighting enthusiasts and is part of the genetic makeup of the breed.

No. 306945

My cousins pitbull bit me and when I reported it, I found out it had a history of biting someone else too. Basically the dog got "quarantined" by Animal Control for ten days and the owner could come get it out after the ten days. The same thing happened when I was bit. they Animal Control guy who came to get the dog knew it by name, because he'd dealt with the beast before. Supposedly, in my state, Animal Control could have the dog taken from the owners, but they'd have to go to court for that or some shit. The guy from Animal Control seemed pretty disgusted by the whole bureaucracy of it, really. He was country as fuck and I could tell if he had his way, the dog would have been fucking dead the first time.

Dogs like that are a danger, and as soon as they assault someone, no matter how small the bite, they need to be put down.

No. 307003


This is fascinating and frightening. Where do you acquire this kind of info?

No. 307365

File: 1539146373024.png (714.18 KB, 1484x1248, end of the world.png)

No. 307422


dog owners function the same way as narcissistic parents that thing their child is the smartest and prettiest there is.

No. 307423

dogfags on suicide watch. Yeah they all think their yappy pug is smarter than an average housecat. It is not.

No. 307424

I saw that article about dogs not being special posted on a Twitter I follow, and the replies were what I expected. People trashing the article, trashing the people who posted the article. One person even said "I hope you get anally raped". The combination of dogfags and social media. Always such a stable combination.

No. 307426

Woah, do you have any more of these? They are super interesting and telling.

No. 307441

I'm sad they apologised. For real?
Imagine being this insane to get up in arms about an article saying your mutt isn't special. Dog lovers are pathetic

No. 307443

An h3h3 video came up on my youtube recently. I havent watched them in years, but it was gross because they were trying to say something serious and their ugly yorkie kept jumping onto their lap. Why do so many youtubers get dogs and act like it will help their career?

No. 307444

If the dog had a history, i'm sad it wasnt put down. Sorry you were bit.. that's awful

No. 307533

File: 1539186100594.jpg (170.69 KB, 720x753, IMG_20181010_113936.jpg)

Can someone explain how a corgi can be a service dog??

No. 307549


Corgis are hyper and small but extremely intelligent.

No. 307557

Don't service dogs lead the blind? What can this dog do? Just seems like another excuse to bring a dog into a non dog area

No. 307602

it generally does help?

No. 307605

they're actual internal memos from animal shelters. these are all from a website called dogsbite.

No. 307607

File: 1539195625401.png (97.17 KB, 837x489, D1E7B077-464F-4F49-8722-80B490…)

sure do. incoming.

No. 307609

File: 1539195783922.png (128.97 KB, 844x675, E9EBF42C-B150-4542-8210-ACB5BA…)

aggressive to humans and likely a cat killer, but rescued for placement.

No. 307612

File: 1539196061032.png (72.02 KB, 836x404, 320B4F42-676A-49EB-B865-C24481…)

'mouthy' is a shelter euphemism for 'bites'.

No. 307617

File: 1539196742921.png (407.66 KB, 2048x1536, C2744C39-F78D-4D94-9DB9-DA0609…)

'couldn't see the reason for the aggression'
it should be noted that as with most pit and pit mixes the behavior is showing itself at about two years of age. this is typical of the breed.

No. 307618

I'm reading some of the victim stories on dogsbite.org and it's almost enough to make me vomit along with being completely heartbreaking. The ones with coroner's notes are too much, especially when the victim was a tiny child subjected to their parents' stupidity of owning a violent shitbeast.

No. 307619

'high energy' is another euphemism, this time for hyper arousal, which is a pre-fighting state. shelters will say things like 'needs training!' or 'loves lots of exercise!' which isn't quite the same thing.

No. 307626

or when the victim is someone who was afraid of dogs to begin with, and the murderdog breaks into their home. i'm very against pit placement and just wanted to share some info, this seemed like a good spot for it. people have been pushed to accept these dogs and they are not safe. they are bred for gameness i.e. to fight and to keep fighting even when maimed or with life threatening wounds themselves.

this may be a cute puppy behavior (i personally don't see it as such) but in a adult dog made of muscle at 40-70 lbs. it is disturbing.

No. 307647

>all he does is chase and kill cats

And the nerve of this person trying to talk about him like it's such an affectionate dog. fucking sick bastards. They dog can easily kill cats, then why not people, esp children??

No. 307648

The Web post vs actual behavior posts are night and day. I freakin hate pitbulls so much

Why isn't it considered dangerous and harmful to lie about a dog's behavior? Euthanise that beast.

No. 307649

Are you in the wrong thread?

No. 307651

Yeah, by a fucking miracle he only got me on my earlobe and I only needed a couple of stitches. It's still not fucking fun being lunged at by one of those things. I've made a point to never talk to my douchebag cousin too because of this shit.
People with small dogs as "service dogs" usually claim they're for anxiety. Really it's just an excuse to bring their dogs into public. The dogs generally look more nervous about being in public than the owners.

No. 307658

i'm sorry you had that experience. i was bit by a pit mix in my front yard. my seven year old niece and i were walking her dog on a leash and the neighbor's kids let him out. they were laughing when he attacked us and i remember that more than the actual bite.

worked in shelters all my life, so i kind of knew what to do, (the dog was, lucky for me, not very strong because he was neglected and underfed; if you're able, punch or use the hard edge of your hand to strike them repeatedly in the throat and the nose) but still ended up getting bit badly on the thigh trying to protect my niece and her pet. the owner ran out and pulled him off me.

the kicker was that the owners didn't vaccinate and laughingly told me i was a crybaby for asking for proof of rabies vaccination, so i called AC and let them handle it. the dog was taken for quarantine for the standard ten days, but the kids continued to let him out constantly after that. they moved about a year later, which was great, but i will never forgive them for laughing at me because i a) got bit and b) for expecting them to prove vax. they were trash and frankly i didn't want to sue for damages even though i had a case. i didn't want to deal with them letting the dog out to teach me a lesson or some shit.

pit owners are the worst of the worst of all dog owners, down to the rich hipster types in quiet neighborhoods who must SAVE THE PRECIOUS PIBBLE, and there is a special hell waiting for them.

No. 307662

Fucking disgusting, especially that they laughed at you. Dog owners are such assholes. And yeah, when I called my cousin at the hospital to tell her what happened, she seemed more concerned for the dog than me. This "quarantine" shit is stupid, those dogs need to be taken from their shitty owners and put the fuck down.

The sad part is these dumbfuck owners will never learn and people will continue to whiteknight their vicious untrained beasts. And other dog owners will enable their shitbeasts, even when they're not biting people. Just look at those dumbasses over in the dog love thread who laughed about some dog killing a cat. I'm of the opinion that dogs who kill other peoples pets need to be put the fuck down too.

No. 307664

there is a -lot of money behind pit rescue and rehoming, the people who love them are kind of like the idiot hybristophiles of the dog world and they can and do sink tons of cash and time into shelters that prioritize pits. in many ways the breed helped to spawn, and goes hand in hand with the no kill phenomena, so for a shelter it's a double edged sword.

there are shelter vets out there who will euthanize.

No. 307668

It really pisses me off that they laughed at you and then continued to let the dog loose after it was taken away. Why wasnt it put down?

I hate to think so many pits are allowed to live after biting someone.

No. 307670

File: 1539206116983.jpeg (188.94 KB, 900x1085, 21ACA5A0-6322-4925-AEAC-37C1C6…)

it's absolutely shit given that so many of them, i would say 80% at least are not fit for placement, given internal memos and reports. they know these dogs are a hair's breadth away from attacking or mauling someone, and they advertise those very same dogs who vets report as being unstable with images like pic related.

No. 307672

Oh god that's from the county right next to me. Fucking hell. It's so fucked up shelters are allowed to do this. Why are they like this, is pressure from animal rights groups so strong that they can't put obviously dangerous dogs down? Or is this just a case of pure and simple greed?

No. 307677

imo it's a huge amount of pressure. pit rescues donate a lot of cash. most shelters truly want to find homes for the animals they house; cats, dogs, rabbits, the occasional snake. but that money means that the higher ups at the shelters feel uncomfortable saying no to these dogs and the people who advocate for them.

too, most shelters at this point have at least one or two pibble fanatics on staff. it's a huge problem right now and i'm not sure how things will right themselves.

anons can check their local shelters and see just how insanely high the percentage of pits has become. the population continues to explode, aided by ads that straight up lie about the suitability of these murderdogs for rehoming.

No. 307680

this article is a perfect example of the convoluted crap pibble lovers will go through to convince themselves that the dog is wonderful and only they, the enlightened bully saviors, understand these amazing animals.

a couple quick things. most white coated dogs are deaf, it's a genetic two for one kind of deal, not some heartbreaking tragedy and it certainly doesn't affect their quality of life in any way.

this is a dogo argentino, another 'misunderstood' breed that is beginning to fill up shelters. one could ask why so many of them are being dumped at shelters to begin with, of course the answer is that they too are bred to fight.


No. 307687

lol this brings memories from my freshman year in college

prof says what he is about to talk about has caused arguments before,
proceeds to say only humans posses intelligence and that what we see as cleverness in other animals (he specifically mentions dogs) is just a mix of instinct and training
Sure enough, a girl raises her hand and starts cry-talking about how his dog is the a genius amongst dogs and that even her vet told her so
prof tries to talk some sense into her but she keeps interrumpting him
I look around and everyone is trying to contain their laughter
She stops attending this class and then leaves school for good

I'm sure a lot of people in that auditorium didn't agree with the prof's statement, but there has to be something wrong with you if you take it so personally and lose your cool in front of +100 strangers because someone dared to question your precious dog

No. 307887

Not to be fucked up or edgy but it's so satisfying to see videos of shitbulls getting their brains blown out while/right after attacking someone. No rescue can pick them up and rehome them and put someone else in danger, no debate over if they should be euthanized, they're just dead. As it should be.(calm your autism)

No. 307985

that is kind of fucked up, anon. im a very vocal doghater but it's really sad to see any animal die. it's not like they choose to be shitty, dumb animals, they're just very unlucky.

No. 308095

You're unhinged, seek help.

No. 308118

calm your shit, I didn't say I liked to see animals being tortured. Just in case you couldn't read past the first sentence, I said I find it satisfying to see a violent threat being removed immediately instead of debating about it or "rehabilitating" it to avoid hurting some pit nutter's feelings.

No. 308131

Call your therapist

No. 308134

Smaller dogs can be service dogs for anxiety or medical issues; some are trained to alert their owners if the owner's blood sugar drops or they might get an epileptic seizure.

No. 308154

>some are trained to alert their owners if the owner's blood sugar drops
Wow it's incredible that they can notice such changes

No. 308159

Wow, a similar thing happened to my boyfriend's mom three years ago. Pit bites her, owners laugh, dog is unvaccinated, dog gets taken away.

Literally, so many people adopt pitbulls out of spite, not actually loving their dog. This is why they're so bad. The articles that obnoxiously talk about how pitbulls are the Greatest Dog In The World But Everyone Hates Them only furthers this stigma. Dumbass narcs who want to be seen as the savior, yet don't know what the fuck they're doing.

No. 308169

Trained service dogs are seriously impressive. Blogpost but I was working with a boy who had a lot of seizures and he had a (real) service dog with him at all times. The room was really stuffy and hard to breathe in, and the dog started doing a low growl and trying to get attention to the boy. Within a few seconds he started crying and had to leave the room.
Apparently he felt like he couldn't breathe and started freaking out. But the dog knew that before he even started acting like anything was wrong. Shit's crazy.
Trained service dogs are the only dogs I can really tolerate because they tend to be so incredibly well-trained. This does not include ESAs that aren't trained at all and bother strangers and yip and bite people.

No. 308195

In a situation like this could you put out rat poison in your yard and a sign warning "rat poison, keep pets and children away" and if they keep letting their dog off the leash and it happens to get poisoned you're off the hook?

No. 308446

What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 308452

File: 1539335154122.jpg (63.19 KB, 432x768, 0tln0eul4nr11.jpg)

That poster was already banned. You're just a furfag wanting to bring attention to how bad all dog-haters are.
Fuck off and learn to sage.

Pic related
Person in a coma, dognutters first reaction: laugh
Second: omg, what did he do to poor doggo?
Maybe a person's crotch is exactly on the same height as a dogs face? There are enough vidoes of innocent people getting randomnly bitten there.

No. 308491

didn't know every red text is an automatic ban. also

>condemn animal death

>"lol furfag"

try not to trip yourself with that reach, hon

No. 308504

>Nuu, science says my doggo isn't exceptional, how dare :((
Actually pathetic. They really shouldn't have apologized.

Marginally related, I listen to their podcast and in one episode the dog literally shat in the booth and their producer had to clean it. Dogs are a mess.

No. 308530

File: 1539347155353.jpg (30.24 KB, 405x507, 42249804-2728903990668968-2212…)

>His wife, Dawn Manteufel, said one of the first things their dog did when her husband returned home was snuggle up with him to watch the Green Bay Packers.
>“I still like dogs,” he added.
Claims she’s not a licker, then says he let her lick him for the first time after the surgery… He's completely defenseless now. Is this only denial or already a death wish?
>inb4 the cute doggo looks so sorry, it's not her fault!1!1

No. 308534

That's so gross. They probably laughed it off and thought it was cute. Feel bad for the guest who had to sit there next

No. 308535

Wow wtf. The lengths people will go to to prove their doggo is such a good boy!!1

Guy is a moron

No. 308574

>inb4 the cute doggo looks so sorry, it's not her fault!1!1

The guy is a moron for letting the dog still lick him afterwards, but how is the dog at fault here? Guy has a defevtive immune system that can't handle normal dog germs and got an extremely rare infection. That's not the dog's fault lmao

No. 308853

I live on a slight incline and i take a shortcut through the grass to get to my front door. For some reason, today I narrowly missed stepping into a fresh pile of dogshit. New neighbors moved in and i suspect it's them.

Either way, it really bothers me so much when people dont pick up after their dog. What is their excuse anyway?

No. 308855


This guy is heading down the Monty Oum route.

No. 308876

Oh my god, this is horrifying. I may be a hypocondriac but I have terrible anxiety about life altering diseases such as these. And the article said 74% of dogs and 54% of cats have this bacteria??? I have a cat and now I'm terrified to pet him now. I know the article says its rare but does anyone know the actual chances of being infected?

No. 308988

I have a hard time believing that this was from a lick. Unless he let the dog lick an open wound, lick him in the mouth, or something of that nature, it's most likely from a bite. Animals do carry the bacteria, but it's like staph. It's everywhere, but it's only harmful when it enters your body via an open wound.

Don't be worried. If you're a healthy adult and take preventative measures like cleaning bites from the moment you've been bitten or seeing a doctor if the wound looks infected (this also goes for scratches from cats) you'll be fine. Humans also carry the bacteria. If it makes you less worried, things that can kill us like staph and strep are in like, 50% of all healthy adults.
It's genuinely so rare that the number of cases that come from animals is hard to track.
Here's something that might ease your mind more:

No. 309108

Anon, when his doctors say it's because of a dog lick, when we should believe them, no? Why would you know any better?

"Pisgah's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day."
A guy was suspected of having murdered his wive, because his pitbull lost his shit over a fire alarm, tore up shit, riped out a 100 lb window AC unit, jumped out the window and blood (only from supersticial wounds) was everywhere.

As a firefighter I've seen mothers scream at her injured kids in an ambulance after they destroyed their car in an accident, but no matter how much damage dogs cause they're always the poor little victims…

No. 309130


I think the doctors treating him would have noticed if his dog had bitten a chunk out of him, anon.

No. 309575

File: 1539547037223.png (18.68 KB, 910x288, ytr.png)

comments on an extremely graphic video of a man getting mauled by dogs. at this point it's actual fucking sociopathy jfc

No. 309610

Lmao, always knew it was fucking disgusting and didn't understand why white people fucking kiss their dogs.

No. 309766

to be fair this is a bunglar, not an innocent citizen passing by, and the dogs ARE doing their job, which is to attack anyone who enters the house uninvited. It's not much different than shooting at the thief. They're clearly a defensive weapon.

No. 309805

I don't hate all dogs but I FUCKING HATE when they aren't trained and they do stupid shit and their owners think it's cute or just fucking let it happen.

Example- my partner and I were going for a walk and we walked through a park to get home.
There was noone really around except for this guy and his huge dog, like a mastiff looking thing. They were ages away, like the other side of the oval/park.

Anyway, this massive dog comes bounding up and I nervously smile and move to the opposite side of my boyfriend.

I don't pat stranger's dogs or animals unless they say I can, or I ask.
So I calmly move away from this beast, but he proceeds to shove his head constantly into my crotch aggressively sniffing.
I am very scared at this point and am attempting to move away calmy, because this dog is literally headbutting my vagina through my jeans. I then realise I am on my period and I think the dog knows or something.

So my boyfriend is trying to create a barrier between me and the dog but it keeps harrassing me so I keep stepping away from it. The owner, some middle aged fat guy is well over 10 metres away is laughing and walking over extremely slowly.
Not calling his dog away, NOTHING.
I step away more and he yells out 'he doesn't bite' with a smile.

I take this as an opportunity to try to nicely shove the dog's head away from my crotch and push the dog gently away. It starts getting more excited and starts to jump on me, I'm getting really scared and panicky, but the more I step away, the more it jumps on me and at one point bites the edge of my sleeve of my cardigan and pulls playfully. I'm trying to pull my sleeve out of it's mouth, all the while this horse of a dog is pulling on it and fucking jumping on it, and I'm saying 'stop! Please stop!'

Meanwhile the owner is still taking his sweet time to walk over laughing the whole time and my stupid bf at the time is saying 'stop getting so worked up, he's getting even more excited the more you try and pull away, your panicking too much, he thinks you are playing'

Meanwhile I'm fucking terrified.
Fat fuck owner finally comes up and calls dog and laughs and says 'he won't hurt cha' then walks off with dog. Didn't even apologise and I was on the verge of tears.

I would never let a dog do that to a stranger! Either put them on a leash or train it better! You can't just let your stupid animal harrass people! And if people look scared or alarmed, actually fucking run and a get your dog. Some strangers coukd be scared or allergic, you don't just let your fucking dog do whatever it wants!

I'm a tall girl and this dog was still bigger than me. It was also extremely heavy. Who leaves animals that big unrestrained!?

No. 309850

I don't blame the dogs in this case, they did their job. The comments are a bit too much but what do you expect from a community called "Watch people die"?

No. 309857

Ugh. Dog owners are actually the worst. They're so entitled and don't give a shit about anyone else. If you rightfully tried to defend yourself from the beast they'd get angry at YOU. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY DOG!!!" Then why you letting it run up to strangers?

No. 309885

Holy moly you people are so hateful with so much time on your hands, there’s even a dog hating thread(derailing)

No. 309891

I disagree that lolcow is all that hateful especially if you compare it to other sites. I don’t hate dogs myself but I find this thread interesting because there are extremely valid criticisms toward dog owners and shitty dog breeds. Society tends to coddle dogs and treat them as perfect creatures when they really aren’t and this is one of the few places that goes against that attitude.

No. 309962

File: 1539599056698.jpg (120.02 KB, 1125x1561, zia2l1ldi6s11.jpg)

No. 309963

File: 1539599138291.jpg (85.54 KB, 922x609, marucb0kz0s11.jpg)

>dog forcing owner to taste its shit

No. 309968

I resent this thread but fully respect this anons approach, shitty humans make shitty dogs tbh.
We were the ones who chose to domesticate them and live a life that isn’t natural to them, they do the best they can and their only real purpose now is companionship.
You have to put in the work to get a good creature out of it.

No. 309988


That's so vile. Why would someone admit that??

No. 310032

I’m sorry that happened to you anon. Mastiffs are fucking massive, that owner is a huge cunt for letting it run freely like that and approach strangers. I used to be ignorant long ago like “haha my dog is the sweetest he wouldn’t hurt anyone :)” but even if that’s true no one should ever have to be involuntary bothered by a dog. All pet owners should respect other’s boundaries.

No. 310340

I know this is a really silly complaint, but it felt better here than the vent thread.

I'm a big fan of Halloween and it's always been pumpkins, ghost, witches and cats.

Lately, i've been seeing more and more dogs printed on halloween stuff, dressed as frankenstein's monster or a witch or mummy.

It bothers me to see more dogs incorporated in halloween motifs when they don't belong there.

No. 310352

File: 1539657362018.png (452.87 KB, 924x566, Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 7.35…)

I noticed Japan really favors cats. I see cats on products (halloween or not), way more often. I mean they even have a mailing company with a cat logo.

No. 310413

yet we need to listen to hours of them droning on about how "mY dOg iS SmArTeR tHaN yOuR DuMb asShoLe cAt!!". they're so overrated, jesus christ am i glad i don't have to worry about my cats being dumb enough to eat their own shit or roll around in shit or eat other animal's shit, on the daily. so gross. cats can be trained to do 99% of what dogs can do anyways. most animals can. really pisses me off that we need to pretend all animals are less intelligent than these drooling shit-eaters.

No. 310456

this is the petty shit I live for

No. 310620

why do people want to own animals anyway? It's kinda fucked up when you think about it

No. 310657

I actually love dogs, and cats, most animals, really.

However i feel like this is a good place to put this opinion.

I really like that you guys in this thread really call out the "treating your pet like a child" bullshit. But particularly with dogs.

It fucking creeps me out and pisses me off to a large degree. I have a toddler, and I'd say you certainly can draw a lot of accurate comparisons between child rearing and pet ownership. But that's where it ends.

My toddler is a sapient, intellectual being that will hopefully participate in human society someday. A dog is… newsflash, Fucking NOT!

Stop calling them furbabies. Stop dressing them in baby clothes. Stop doing shit to emulate early childhood that harms the dog's discipline and behavior. Stop this ridiculous bullshit where you're more mature and enlightened than parents because you chose to adopt a shit eating animal from the pound instead of give birth to a shit spewing baby.

Dogs can be family members, they can be loved and treasured. But holy fucking shit. THEY. ARE. ANIMALS!

And its this attitude which i think contributes to irresponsible pet owners who assume its all right to get their mangy mutt near my kid without my explicit permission.

My kid LOVES dogs but I'm trying to teach him early on that he should always wait to approach and be cautious. Because i don't care that fluffy is soooo good with YOUR kids. He's an unpredictable animal that could snap at unfamiliar situations, and i have no way of knowing what the level of discipline is. Though if you are one of the assholes that assumes kids and dogs = always ok then i have to assume a lack of it.

That's to say nothing of these pricks that keep taking their dogs out without leashes. Super, a situation where if your stupid dog decides my toddler is biteable there's nothing to physically stop him. But of course "i trained him its ok :D" I'm going to start calling and reporting fuckers that don't leash their animals, since most cities in my state have leash laws.

No. 310673

the only good dogs are thoroughly trained working dogs.

No. 310690

I'm extra salty about this because I'm going to add, childfree activists with pet dogs are THE WORST for this shit.

Because not only do they do all of the usual treating a dog like a baby bullshit for not wanting kids, but they obsessively work "my furbaby WOULD NEVER…" into every conversation.

For someone that shouts from the rooftops about how they didn't want to be fist deep in diapers for a couple years, they sure love to act like Fluffy didn't just go eat his own poop in the yard and then lick their face.

Yeah, your dog's shit don't stink, I'm so sure.

No. 310702

Not really. Especially when they're evolved, domesticated animals like cats.

No. 310854

its always funny when they go off on parents for their children crying in public and shit like that, and claim that children are smelly and dirty, but pibbles licking your face after eating literal shit and barking all day is totally acceptable and hygienic. and least a child is going to grow up and most likely be a productive member of society, wtf is the dog going to do.

No. 310859

I'm a salty bitch right now. My coworker (who i really hate) has a dog and she's in heat and she is constantly going on about wanting to breed her with a male dog. She didn't get her dog spayed, I guess?? which is fucked up.

I told her if she wanted another dog, she could easily adopt, but she really wants to breed.

That shit is so selfish. People who get dogs should be forced to get them spayed or neutered. It's messed up to make more puppies for no reason when you can easily adopt.

I'm not a big dog fan, but irresponsible dog owners are actually the fucking worst thing.

No. 310860


No. 310862

tbf as seen upthread, a lot of shelters mostly offer/try to push """rehabilitated""" pitbulls onto people so i dont really blame your coworker for wanting to do that

No. 310865

You can easily not get a pitbull, anon. There are still tons of dogs/cats in shelters that need homes. I dont like pitbulls at all and think they should be bred out of existence, but not adopting when you can is shitty as hell.

Wanting to make puppies cuz "THEY'RE SO CUTEEE" is retarded.

No. 310867

I hate the term 'furbaby' so much. I don't know why, but anyone who says this probably has a really low IQ.

No. 310868

i wouldnt adopt either if i really needed a dog for whatever reason. purebred dogs have more distinct/predictable temperaments. puppies are easier to train as well.

No. 310880

tbh exactly. honestly, owning a cat is very similar to having a real relationship with a person in that they demand respect from you and don't need you. cats demand that you respect their boundaries, so it really does mimic human relationships a lot more than most animals, but especially dogs. i agree about it being fucked up if you think of your pet as something you 'own' and treat it like people treat dogs, but certain animals straight up do not allow that shit and don't put up with it, which is really nice.

No. 310888

I agree with this. I hate dogs obviously, but I don't really like other pets either. Animals don't belong in the house. Dogs are far messier and smellier than cats or rabbits, but it's still bizarre to me to have any animal, along with its feces/urine/hair, inside your home at all times.

No. 311304

I suppose this is more about dog owners rather than dogs themselves but whatever.
I grew up in a farming community in the UK and over the years so many farmers have had their livestock attacked by dogs. Either because the dog has been let off the leash while being walked or because it had escaped.
Owners attitude towards this is disgusting and arrogant. They ignore the warning signs plastered everywhere and cannot believe their baby is capable of killing another animal, completely ignoring the fact that it’s in a dogs instict to chase.
I know farmers who have lost thousands of pounds and had their earnings effected for years after an attack.

No. 311340

That's really sad. Those farmers have the right to protect their livestock and their livelihood. I hope they were able to shoot the dogs who attacked and tried to protect them.

I was walking to work yesterday morning and this giant white dog comes running towards the street across from me. No leash. the guy is running way behind it to catch up. How do you have a big dog and cant control it?? i'm glad i was far away waiting for my ride, but wtf.

No. 311341

There should be a law that if you dog harms a farmers properly, you should be fined however much it is.

Farmers make a living off their land, including livestock and if any of that is affected, so is their cash flow.

No. 311405

>disgusting lip smacking sounds
>smelling like a moldy carpet
>eye boogers and tear stains
>exposed shit stained asshole
>dick exposed/sometimes balls
>shitting inside
>pissing on puppy pads
>chewing on old bacteria filled stuffed animals
>vomits when separated from owner who has literally put no training into it
>barks constantly
>jumping on furniture
>picky eater
>stomach covered in mats

My mother in laws dog is fucking disgusting. Never hated dogs until I met owners who entirely changed my opinions. Won't take any criticism for their little shit babies. Ugh. Thinking about it enrages me.

I'll stick with a quiet, clean, cat thanks

No. 311406

I lolled

No. 311827

I hope this isn't too random, but I think pugs are the most disgusting dogs ever bred. I don't know why people find them so cute. Whenever I am on youtube, i sometimes see thumbails for Pewdiepie and his gf's ugly pugs.

His gf is obsessed with them and I heard they made a mobile app or cartoon about their pugs.

No. 311857

I have never found them cute either. Their facial features are so unnatural and so grotesque with all the wrinkles and the sad-looking, tearing eyes that bulge out from their sockets. I would find it depressing to be around an animal that has deviated and mutated so much from its ancestral form.

No. 311876

i know this is the dog hate thread but i find pugs super cute but i feel so sad when i see them, they have all sorts of health problems resulting from being bred for their 'cute' face, i like bulldogs too but they have so many health issues, i wish humans didnt breed the animals like this they are only suffering

No. 311924

the worst is that they shit their pants when you don't want to kiss and pet these things

i hate that people will say shit like (and they do this to cats too) "but we can preserve the breed and make them more healthy!!", like, even if their faces are less fucked, there are always some crazyass unintended consequences to humans fucking with these poor animals and it's just messed up, tbh. like, imo, animals are not plants.

No. 313228

I saw my cousin's small dog for the first time a few years ago. It weirdly growled as it breathed and she kept telling me "I know you're 'terrified' of dogs, anon, but she ain't that bad. Who's scared of dogs?"

Yeah it's fun a week later; you letting her roam around the house and not even moving her away as I cried loudly, asking sarcastically why I started sobbing even though many times I've said to keep the dog away. The dog also looked so dirty and I saw a lot of my relatives wanting to cuddle it. No thanks.

No. 314657

File: 1540212519226.png (2.58 MB, 1998x2048, 2duf1qkt49t11.png)

No. 314658

File: 1540212538380.jpg (61.79 KB, 640x547, 6574qy530lt11.jpg)

No. 314750

thank goodness this is in the dog hate thread, it made my blood boil while i was scrolling past it

No. 315251

Maybe it's just me, but does anyone find the general idea of keeping pets kinda strange? I mean it's just an animal with no communication skills or other human capabilities walking around with these big giants like us and it has to be paid attention to and fed and other annoying things, but we buy them anyway. Maybe I'm thinking about this too deeply lol but when I imagine a dog, this weird looking sloppy thing stumbling around a house with people walking on two legs, it kinda trips me out.
Especially when certain whackos get really attached to them like some dog owners do, treating them like a human friend and shit. Something about it just really puts me off.

No. 315495

Preaching to the choir anon, dogs are animals, but people tend to forget and think they are like a fucking pokemon or something.

No. 315545

jfc, that's so disgusting!! They couldnt even use a cup or bottle to fill and do it on the ground? legit no consideration for joggers or kids who drink from that…

No. 315546

Dog could have killed that cat, but 'lolz so cute!!'


No. 315549

I will never get it. Even in my loneliness times before i got married, I never wanted a dog.

You have to walk it three times a day, pick up its shit, take it to the vet, etc etc. You can't even go on a weekend get away because someone needs to watch your dog and feed/walk it.

Why would someone want to do that for 10+ years?

No. 315996

I work in a building with different companies and for some reason, one has allowed dogs into their office. One day I got onto the elevator and saw this girl with her poodle mix. The dog approaches me, but it seems friendly and calm, so when the girl yelled at it I said "it's fine." The dog goes back to the girl and I thought the interaction was over. She then says "you'd be surprised with some people. They don't trust them. If you can't trust dogs, then YOU shouldn't be the one trusted."
I just stood there and was like "uhh okay" and walked out. I've heard about dog nutters but that was my first interaction with one.

No. 316071

File: 1540443968279.jpg (124.17 KB, 940x540, F-Dogs_10-Illo-IHateYourDog-94…)

Bless this thread
It really opened my eyes on how much we really coddle dogs
I live in a neighborhood/town filled with dog lovers/owners so I have a shitton of stories about people not properly handling/caring for their dogs and I know quite a few people who were attacked by them as a child. Most of them have scars on their upper lips. Here are some off the top of my head;
There's this wiener/chihuahua mix dog that always comes out from my neighbors yard and runs around the neighborhood barking at cats in the middle of the night next to my window
or scratching on my front door(my mom feeds her chicken to get her to leave, which is counter productive since she keeps coming back everyday for more) We can't even get into our
cars without the dog trying to jump in. She's a sweet dog but a huge nuisance, and I don't know why her damn owner keeps letting her out to run wild and shit on everyone's lawn.
SO tempted to call Animal Control so they can at least keep her off the street, it's surprising she hasn't been hit by a car yet.
Considering people around here just love to go 40 mph in a 15mph neighborhood, and run over any cat they see on purpose.
Some other annoying things include a guy who walks his giant german shepard super early in the morning and doesn't clean up after it (along with other dog walkers who don't know what a fucking doggybag is), there's literally multiple giant piles of dogshit concentrated on the side of this one house (I feel bad for the people who live there,) you can literally smell it from across the street. There's at least 3 houses around the neighborhood that have giant dogs that are super aggressive towards people walking by, to the point where the wooden fences of two out of the three houses keeping the dogs in is broken/leaning outward./as of recently though all of them are gone, which is a relief but looking back I dread thinking about what if that wooden fence had given out.
I completely agree with the pit bull hate as well, my dad went over to my uncle's house to do some yard work and my uncle had recently bought a pit bull (It wasn't quite a puppy but not full grown either)
And he told my dad, "oh don't worry he doesn't bite :)" and of course an hour into working the pit bull takes a chomp out of my dad's upper thigh. Poor guy had to get stitches and made my uncle pay for the medical bills.
You'd think my damn uncle would have more common sense to not get a damn pit bull on account of his daughter getting bit by one when she was a baby but I guess he just cares about the breed hype and how expensive it is.

No. 316088

I love this thread, especially the spergy replies from bad dog owners.

I think that's what the majority of us actually hate. The "pet culture" in America, especially related to dogs, is fucked. They're treated like accessories, which makes it even stranger when some of their owners are so rabidly desperate to convince everyone else that their dog is superior. I know so many people who think it's "cute" and "funny" when their dog has an anxiety attack and destroys a ton of things, even if they aren't things that belong to them. I have dealt with so many entitled fucking cunts who have told me to "get over" their dogs nearly killing my friends smaller dog, digging up my tulips in front of me, destroyijg the handmade mailbox that my late grandpa made for me, etc. Maybe these people would be just as bad if they owned turtles/birds/cats, who knows, but they seem to have based their cult around torturing dogs and the rest of us.

Also, dog/animal breeding is fucked. Especially breeds like bulldogs, or other species that surfer from serious health issues and live poor quality of lives because we decide they have to look a certain way to fit in with our completely fucking made up standards. If you have a bulldog that you bought and didn't rescue, you did a shitty thing and should feel ashamed of yourself.

No. 316097


>dog spergs in this thread claiming that they don't kill small animals, shit, have predatory/stalking behaviors or puke a lot

Hahahahahahhahahahah holy shit have these people actually owned a dog? I guess they're just shitty dog owners who watched "Alpha" a few too many times and can no longer recognize reality. I feel bad for their dogs, I hope someone sane rescues them and cares for them/loves them properly.

No. 316100

The last few days were filled with moments that refreshed my hate for dogs lol:
>"dog school" (>20 doggos with their personal slaves) are blocking my path
>a woman of probably less than 50kg desperately tries to hold back her great dane from attacking another dog
Come home.
>little sister (13) complains to me that the dog of our neighbour again run into our yard and jumped her
>my sister: I'm scared
>the owner: He only wants to play!
How is it okay that an adult man doesn't listen when a child tells him "No"?! No parent would ever tolerate their little child jumping strangers, yet if dogs do it, we're supposed to just suck it up.

Yesterday I was sitting in the train.
>AWWW!!! Is it a girl or a boy? How cute! How old? 1 year x months. Mami even combed your hair so prettily!
Turn around, see two middle aged women gushing about a fucking dog. I honestly thought they were talking to a real baby.
Bonus: of course it barks the whole train ride.

No. 316103

I agree. Dog culture in America especially is pretty rampant and a lot of dog lovers make bad excuses. You have legit reasons for not liking dogs: Allergies, past trauma or just plain not into them, but owners will complain , 'no, mine is different. there must be something wrong with you!!'

My dad's boss has two bulldogs and they always look like they have issues breathing. they're so ugly

No. 316127


Be a good big sister and point out to that idiot that he's been asked multiple times to control his dog, and if he doesn't, you'll take legal action. I know he probably won't and that poor dog will be put down because he's a fucking retard, but maybe there will be a spark of cognitive awareness in that thick chimp brain of his.

Follow through, too. Dog people get away with shit and become entitled as fuck because we let them. Check your state bylaws and see if there's any leash/harassment/property rights laws that can help. Hell, in some areas it's legal to shoot them the moment they invade your property.

No. 316173

i got chased by some massive ass dog today, and the whole time the owner was screaming and yelling at me because apparently its my fault that her shitty dog decided to growl and bark at me and then try to knock me to the ground while i was walking down the fucking street minding my own damn bussiness.

No. 316175

I don't reaaally hate dogs but I do hate people that can't understand that not eveyrone loves them or wants to pet them
I hate it when they jump at you and people tell you to just "play with the dog" and shit
like NO I just wanna live my fucking life in peace

No. 316216

Don't hate dogs but i live in a rural area and i can't walk around anymore because some of my neighbors just constantly let their mangy, ill trained mutts wander around with no leashes. All. The. Fucking. Time. You'll think oh its a nice day, i don't see the dogs that are going to jump and bark and generally frighten and harass me, time for a nice walk! Nope. Here they come, barking with aggressive body language. They seem to at least know not to go on our property, I'm guessing one of my family shot the salt gun at the fuckers to get them to stay away. But god. And my family nags at
me for not going out more, like fuck off, i don't want to have to be harassed by poorly trained animals who probably don't even have updated rabies shots, and its bullshit i should have to drive 15 minutes to another area every time. FUCK.

No. 316282

This is one of the reasons I carry mace. I would mace the shit out of that dog. Sorry that happened to you

No. 316383

I was browsing Craigslist at the beginning of the week and saw a post from a family looking for a shitbull puppy to raise with their four-month-old, and since then I’ve seen three news articles from this week of people getting mauled to death by pit bull or pit bull mix dogs. One of them was a seven month old baby.

No. 316393

Buy them and dump them in the woods

No. 316408

Call me an OCD bitch but I cringe at videos of large dogs licking small babies. The cat ones annoy me too, but I can't understand why anyone would put a young baby near the mouth of an animal that licks it's bumhole and eats unknown things and meat. Do these people not worry about germs? Like toddlers are okay I guess, but a young baby being licked on the face by a german shepherd or great dane is fucking disgusting.

Then again I'm one of those 'bad' owners who's dog sleeps in a dog house outside and it only comes inside for short periods or when it's a cold night.
I mean even though I bought a large expensive dog house and walk my dog everyday, these dog freaks would call me heartless for not letting my dog sleep on my bed.

No. 316414

So, I'm staying at a pet friendly hotel and the room across and to the left of mine has an about 100 pound pitbull occupant. I'm usually very cautious around these dogs for obvious reasons. Today, as I'm waiting for the elevator, the guy comes out with this dog to go down also. She's very short, wide, and strong looking. Came right up to me with her ears and head down, tail wagging, licking my toes because I was wearing flip flops. Is this submissive dog body language? She seemed very friendly considering that I'm a total stranger. Was still somewhat uncomfortable. She was on a leash, though. The owner called her is "emotional support." Ha. No vest, of course.

No. 316420

Tbh, if he had her on a leash and seems to be aware of the need to exercise her a lot, which could be why he was taking her out, its probably not a big deal. I'm not a complete Stan for pit bulls but they also don't just randomly attack as much as news and this thread would have you believe. They absolutely have more potential for aggression and pit owners that think pits never do wrong or that it isn't concerning that their attacks are a fair bit worse than most dog attacks are honestly the worst. But, overall, like most dogs, it comes down to a variety of factors the biggest being is their owner a piece of shit that's either ignorant or willfully obtuse.

They are pretty great "emotional support" i suppose, i can tell you from experience one reason they get the rep is they attach in an extremely strong bond with whoever raises them from a young age. They start having more problems once they experience the trauma of breaking that bond. Its sad for all pets but some adapt better than others. I found pits and other bully breeds frequently didn't adapt as well to rehoming. Every pit I've met with its original owner that knew how to raise pits was pretty sweet though.

So, i mean, if she is pretty attached and he seems responsible, approach with caution but don't feel paranoid about it.

No. 316421

Also sorry i wasn't clear i used to volunteer at a shelter a lot. And since pits are so very high energy and that bond is so intense they frequently suffer separation anxiety, they are commonly given up. Would not adopt one myself despite being one of the volunteers that worked well with them, and can also vouch that other volunteers would push them sometimes and i didn't agree necessarily.

So weird I'm in the dog hating thread i guess but tbh i love the roasting and calling out of the kind of dog people that really piss me off on a very personal level.

No. 316483

>very high energy
What a sweet way of saying aggressive 24/7…
We don't give a fuck that you work at a shelter and we certainly also never asked for your knowledge about shitbulls. I couldn't care less about what "trauma" an animals has if that means it unleashes its "energy" at an innocent baby.

Here you have an example of pitbull being sooo attached to his family that he thanked them for raising him by mauling the grandmother to death (in front of her 2-year-old grandson). How sweet. Yet strangely that also happened without it getting "distressed" by ever separating their "bond". Hm.
But yes, continue frequenting this thread to sate your lust for "It's the owners fault!!!"…

No. 316487

>high energy dog
>in a family home with a 2 yr old where everyone is exhausted
they're not family dogs but they're not going to maul you upon sight lol

No. 316503

Would a pit-lab mix be an improvement on a pure pit or a downgrade?

No. 316506


Mixes are always an upgrade because they're less likely to have crazy health issues that pedigrees get as a result of overbreeding.

No. 316512

I come in this thread with reasonable opinions that because I've lived real life outside the internet and moral panic its actually pretty unreasonable to be this stupidly paranoid about one specific breed of dog. Literally said "would not adopt one myself" and that i don't agree they're the perfect dog for just anyone, but here you are, acting like i somehow came in here and personally told you you had to go pet everyone you see?? Lmao. You need to stop being so triggered, for real. I know this is the dog hating thread, but i was actually doing a fucking important thing of trying to help prevent the issue of feral dogs that result from abandonment. Yep, the one i worked for had the community role of dealing with all the dogs people just fuckin dump out in the country. So, you act like I'm some moral fag and horrible stan of dogs you hate, but better be goddamn grateful i was trying to help so that the dumb animals you hate don't become literally untamed and MORE DANGEROUS THAN A TAME PITBULL COULD EVER BE.

I think people like you are ridiculous because I've witnessed the horrors of when these animals no longer have their attachment to humans much if at all. And its terrifying. So your welcome for all the fucking shit i dealt with helping so animals get adopted instead of becoming generations of animals that actually maul people and livestock on the regular.

Go and sue the owner and get the "shitbull" as you put it put down if you ever actually get mauled by one. But my point is that's not actually going to happen probably because you're just being retarded.

No. 316514

Would always advocate for mixes over literally most purebreds…i wouldn't shy away from recommending a pure bred if it was a good fit, but on my personal experience level, yes mixing the bully breeds with something known to be a lot more chill like a lab does a lot of good for the temperament. I'd say if we're talking bout the known aggression and health issues with bullies that's about the best most ethical way to fix it. I am aware of there being a push for this, similar to people starting to regularly mix pugs and beagles so that the breathing problems stop.

On one hand too many damn dogs in the world, stop breeding them, but on the other if they're gonna then better to attempt to suss out better genetic lineages and fix known issues. Its weird that it starts sounding like trying to fix software at that point but… People and their dogs i guess.

I honestly see the argument for cats so much lol. I've never really seen the level of genetic fuckery to that dangerous level a lot with them?? You get a lot of really dumb cats or cats that like to be left alone to a huge degree or ones with really wild health issues…but i can't think of ones that i could compare with issues the likes of bully breeds. If Jackson galaxy taught me anything with his show, its that once you understand cats they are really awesome because most of the issues are 100% easier to fix than 90% of dog issues, lol.

No. 316520

what is it with all the dog fags coming into this thread and getting triggered over people not liking dogs? we dont care how much youve worked in a dog shelter.

No. 316529


Only about 10% of cats in existence are purebreds, the rest are all mixes. That's why cats usually have less health issues and also are mostly better adjusted.

It's basically the same as how if you had a whole group of people who were just all incest babies and had been for the past hundred years. They'd be fucked up mentally and physically with all sorts of gross health issues and mental illnesses. A lot of purebred dogs are like that.

No. 316547

Lol not even the anon you were replying to but you are an asshole.
The reason the person went into detail was because the previous post asked 'is this submissive behaviour?' so anon answered the question.
They even said there's dogs they don't like or wouldn't adopt.

Sorry to be OT, I just fucking hate it when people type shit like 'noone here cares about your opinion' Don't speak for everyone else. Not everyone is a rude cunt like you.

No. 316554

America deserves to get nuked. Jesus Christ, how retarded can people be…

>Pet owners will spend nearly half a billion dollars on animal costumes this Halloween
>The amount of money spent on outrageous pet outfits has more than doubled since 2010

Just imagine what else could be done with that money. I thought this holiday is supposed to be for kids?

No. 316555

Adults who dress up for their dogs for Halloween are usually retarded or have no children, so they treat their dogs as 'children.'

No. 316559

And another one:
>ALL ABOUT DOGS: Safety first for Fluffy on Halloween
>Respect Fluffy's wishes.
>If Fluffy accompanies the kids for trick-or-treating, be aware of how she’s faring, temperature wise.
I wonder what it feels like to be a child and only come in at the 2nd place in terms of being taking care of by your parents…

No. 316560

Shut the fuck up and get a real reason to be triggered, like someone dumping an abused dog that gets scared, adapts to the local ecosystem, destroys livelihood and livestock and can't be caught, until it finally ends up bit by a rabid raccoon, infecting several dogs not up to date on vaccination and one human with legit rabies. That kind of fucking story is why you're a huge jackass, thinking your little paranoia born from sensationalist media means a fucking thing to someone who has seen actual, feral, will absolutely maul you animals.

The worst thing that has probably ever happened to you other than filling your head with all these paranoid ideas about specific dogs is someone's dog jumped on you and licked you when you didn't want that. Wow. So tragic. Pardon me for not giving a fuck when i have real issues like preventing rabies outbreaks and having to deal with the potential of actual aggressive abandoned dogs in my area that could hurt my family and i if they are not caught and rehabbed or put down.

No. 316562

File: 1540567602589.jpg (396.43 KB, 1440x2206, DUhuk9a.jpg)

Pretty much, yeah.

No. 316563

File: 1540567649410.jpg (34.04 KB, 640x766, eLSi11f_d.jpg)

No. 316565

Dogfags are truly so fucking weird

No. 316567

Another toddler killed because of society's blind love for wild, aggressive shitbeasts…

No. 316574

Imagine being so detached from human society and empathy you call someone a "childfag". I wonder what kind of subhuman and pathetic upbringing makes this kind of "human".

No. 316584

why is the only reasonable person in that conversation the one getting downvoted?

No. 316812

Sage because incoming blogpost but

I’ve had an irrational fear of dogs for a very long time, so I tend to go out of my way to avoid them. I never ask anybody to do anything to cater to my fear because I know it’s fucking dumb.

So why the fuck do so many people think it’s funny to try to force me to be around dogs? Like if you think they’re cute then good for you but don’t force me to be around your slobbery noisy pet.

No. 316823

File: 1540640800790.jpg (107.58 KB, 1242x680, 30aIyQO.jpg)

It's been said before , but truly Mariza's dogs are so ugly. Apparently, PDP make a post that he couldnt stand his pug at first. mainly because he was a 'gift' from Marzia.

Whenever they would go to LA, they'd get a friend to sit but the black pug (edgar) would piss and shit everywhere.

No. 316825

Maya is old and missing an eye. I this she had a bit of complications before, not sure what tho

There is a Pdp video where you can see Edgar shit on the floor, he left it in cuz he thought it was funny.

Marzia also mentioned wanting an albino pug, which is terrible
They have enough problems

No. 316835

File: 1540644631494.jpg (41.47 KB, 396x549, 1462792790687.jpg)


The hypocrisy and lack of self awareness in your post is fucking hilarious.

No. 316836


>All my problems are real and everyone else's is just whining!1!1!1

>Wtf don't generalize me I'm a good person, you know I'm a good person who helps dogs because I keep talking about it an insisting I am :(
>Everyone else in this thread is a bad person because they don't tell everyone how awesome they are for volunteering!1!1!
>Stop bullying meeeee!

Top fucking kek, you're a real self righteous fucking cunt, aren't ya?

No. 316850

Honestly my point was that while you're over probably in a city going "lol moralfag" over someone doing community service, I'm the one actually dealing with dogs highly likely to get aggressive and maul people, dumped by exactly the kinda dumbass "dog people" that live in the city that cause all the problems in this thread. But boohoo shitbulls. Not saying your problems aren't real just that the fact you're so angry about this specifically when i have bigger and more worrisome issues which is one reason i volunteered is really pitiful and sad.

If you want to continue berating me for actually liking dogs enough to work with them and just having an opinion that could be summed up with "lol calm down, having worked with these dogs and seen worse when dogs don't have good attachments to people, i can assure you its not that likely to randomly attack you, just be kind of annoying" then have at it, i guess.

But yeah protip: caution is always good around dogs, phobias are valid, but don't be this asshole, mad every time someone doesn't go into a pants shitting angry panic that certain tame dogs are always going to hurt people just because of the kind of dog they are lol.

No. 316877

I remember a few months ago I was at a convenience store with my mom, and some dude brought a pitbull in that was aggressively jumping around and nipping at the air. The guy had a leash on it (thank god) but what kind of a shit fucking owner allows their pet to be that aggressive. It scared the shit out of me. I don't dislike or have a phobia against all dogs but encountering them in public gives me anxiety. Recently I've been chased on three separate occasions by small dogs and while that isn't too much of a big deal, the thought of getting hunted down by a big dog I may not be able to out-run instantly gets my blood pressure rising. How territorial some dogs can be towards people who are just out and about doesn't help either when the only thing keeping me from being torn apart is a wooden fence or a nylon piece of string. Another time when I was out walking with my mom, a rabid dog was trying to hop over the fence and lunge at us. It couldn't make it, but its head stuck out over the top.
Also when I was like 8 or 9 y/o, my younger cousin and I were playing outside in our backyard when the neighbor's dogs somehow broke through the fence dividing our yards, then killed our cat.

I still like meeting my family and friends' dogs who are more often than not cute and friendly, but I've come to dread encountering random dogs in public. Never know what kind of fuckery can happen in an uncontrolled environment like that.

I can't really blame an animal for doing what animals do, but shit owners and dog zealots really fucking irk me. They're always under heavy amounts of delusional and think their precious angels can do no wrong, even when they prove to be violent and aggressive. Ideally people like that would never be allowed to keep a pet, they're too fucking retarded to properly take care of another living being and ensure the safety of others.

No. 316900

Samefag dogfag that one anon is getting really butthurt about and i understand these issues so very much.

Honestly dealing with the bullshit of dog zealots adopting pooches and then bringing them back because dealing with a traumatized animal spoiler alert takes some extra work and they expected us to deal with all that + train them was infuriating. Its one reason i actually can't do it anymore for my own mental health. The really tragic stuff about ferals and bad cases being the other.

The reason i actually think focusing on "shitbulls" is kinda unfair and dumb is because its actually my opinion dog ownership is that it should be way more regulated in general and dog people and dog haters alike get on my shit for it. Dog haters because they usually want to rage at me for thinking just putting down all the dogs they hate and particularly targeting certain ones when the data doesn't justify the moral panic is unethical. Dog lovers because the idea you should be licensed with a training program to be permitted to own an animal which can literally maim and kill on a regular basis regardless of breed and temperament if its treated wrong or abandoned impinges on "muh freedom."

In general pets should be subject to incredibly stringent breeding and sales practices laws which do not currently exist. The penalty for abandonment of animals (in particular dogs) into fragile ecosystems that can become especially burdensome or dangerous should be penalized financially and socially far more than it is.

But, you know, I'm just a moralfag pissing off people that really hate dogs. Lol.

No. 317057

>In general pets should be subject to incredibly stringent breeding and sales practices laws

I agree
I hate the fact that any idiot with some money can have a pet

No. 317081

I have grown up with both dogs and cats and imho cats are better than dogs because most dog owners don't properly take care of their dogs which leaves shitty dogs.
I get it- we had a german shepherd because that's what my sister wanted and it was mix of happy experiences with her as our family dog but also lot of negative points like I hated taking her out for walks or cleaning up after her. Having a dog would be like if I had a kid, a huge inconvenience in my own life of it needing attention and assistance to go out and shit when I'm out of the house 8-10 hours every day so it would be alone and likely fuck shit up.
Also my mother decided to get ANOTHER dog after our first's passing despite everyone's disapproval. My sister, who did most of the caring for the dog, didn't live there anymore so that dog turned to shit real quick.
Then, when my mother was living alone and had to keep the dog in a cage all day because he destroyed shit, what did she do? Get another dog that was just as poorly trained. So she would have two dogs locked in cages all day and not properly caring for them and let them run around eating everything they found and never taking any responsibility.
tl;dr version dogs are a huge responsibility and commitment that I don't want to do and if you don't fully commit to it you'll have a shit dog

No. 317090

Can't believe this thread has so many posts, what have the poor dogs done to you guys? Coming from a cat lover

No. 317099

>what have the poor dogs done to you guys?
If you read the thread, you'd probably know.

No. 317397

everyone here is just way too tired with the dog hype. You can't dislike dogs, you can't fear dogs, you can't pretend owners to take responsibility for their dogs, you can't say children are cuter and more important than them.
I have an old dog myself and I know people with that 'dogs can do no wrong' mentality. It got me pretty disillusioned, in the end it really is just a being who depends on you and divines you. I don't think I'll own another one

No. 317421

pretty good takedown on dogfags and how dogfags hate other animals because they don't serve them, and how rabid dogfags get about not liking cats

No. 317427

Yeah tbh its really more of the "criticize dog people culture" thread because there's some dog haters in here, especially some pretty spergy "wah moralfag mutt admirers" ones and ones i suspect of just trying to bait to keep the thread going.

But the majority seem to be pretty neutral about the dogs themselves or even like dogs, just are really annoyed with the multitude of social issues from dog owners being Like That.

One of those threads where its original intent is ok and all but it really became a larger more serious conversation. I think threads like that are fun though, people get way too autistic about keeping the "spirit" of a thread like this sometimes.

No. 317441

>dogfags hate other animals because they don't serve them
And also how they can't milk as much attention from them.

Never seen a person shoehorning their pet goldfish into every social situation.

No. 317909

Every animalfag can be annoying and obnoxious but dogfags are among the worst: yesterday I was dragged to visit some nasty family members and after their stupid "jokes" that only them find funny, they proceeded to ask incessantly when am I getting a dog. Annoyed, I said that I don't like dogs and they started trying to convince me with BS that they are "loving", "live a lot more" and the "man's best friends" and that I should just "throw away" my "stupid birds" that are my cockatiels. Bonus: they think only fancy breed dogs with the price tag on it are worth being pets.

I fucking hate these people and was sick to my stomach at their words. Why can't these morons respect other people's choices? Do they even realize how annoying, vile and obnoxious they are?

No. 317911

Doublepost but can someone explain me why the dogfags are so against neutering or spaying and why it's "cruel"? Isn't it a lot more cruel to let them breed like crazy, have cancer and a fatal disease in case of females, mark the house with piss and period blood and other consequences? Not to mention the countless ones on the streets and being abandoned?

No. 317921

People who are against sterilizing their animals are either horribly ignorant, have dreams of breeding, or in worst cases are possibly sickos.

There is a legitimate complaint that, seeing as tube tying and vasectomy are easier, more affordable, less dangerous procedures, they should be a lot more common. I am aware it is becoming more common for vets to learn those alternatives and recommend them. Personally, I'd give it thought if i had a dog, but mostly to spare the pretty crap recovery of the more intense surgery.

Some common arguments I've come across:
>its immoral to control their pleasure and choice to mate
Lol wat its an animal
>its too cruel/too barbaric
often a cover for "I'm lazy and don't want to deal with recovery or complications"
>i want to breed my dog and keep one puppy so i don't miss it when it dies as much
Somewhat understandable but really irresponsible and they often don't end up choosing to keep the one puppy. Lots of puppy dumps at the shelter were from this context. Seriously don't keep dogs, heck animals in general, if you're not going to be able to cope with their loss.
>i am retarded and believe there is money in breeding my dog
Especially hilarious and sad when their dog is a mutt. What makes me really salty about this is risking the animal's health and well being, cutting corners on the care of the young, and then they end up finding it was either a laughable profit or a loss anyway.

I'm all for the responsible organizations trying to intentionally breed to fix common breed issues and phase out problematic breeds, but no one else really should imo.

No. 317948

Because they're anthromorphizing dogs and believing they have the same rights as humans.
ie. Because it's cruel to sterilize a human without their consent then it's cruel to do it to fido.

No. 318142

Thanks for the reply >>317921 and >>317948, they're worst than I thought.

I threw the question "is it bad to spay a dog" on google just out of curiosity and laughed at the people triggered by the simple mention of neutering and trying to justify their "choice of mating and pleasure" LMFAOOOO they are fucking selfish as if trying to push down into our throats their views of dogs being "the man's best friend", "long lived", "more loving" (aka: a braindead servant) and other extreme bullshit wasn't enough.

You never see cat/bird/rodent/reptile/fish people trying really hard to convince you of having the same view as they do or even purposefully harming your "not real" pet in order to try to make you get a fucking dog (it happened to me), it's official now the hate I have for dogfags.

No. 318237

I am extremely suspicious of anyone making the "for their pleasure" argument. One case of sexual abuse at the place i volunteered and countless gross furries and zoophiles saying this and then it turns out they fuck fido.

Its fucking nasty and so tbh there's a lot of dogfags that are even grosser than you thought, hate to be the one to say.

No. 321532

File: 1541588333179.png (Spoiler Image, 181.65 KB, 645x409, feces-plane.png)


>Delta Air Lines passenger flying from Atlanta to Miami on November 1 was allegedly told that he could either sit in a seat that was covered with feces or be left behind.

>Matthew Meehan, of Michigan, said that after boarding the Delta flight he quickly discovered not only a bad smell—but feces on the seat, floor and wall of the plane. After sitting in the mess, he said the crew gave him two paper towels and a bottle of gin to wipe it off him in the lavatory.
>After landing, the passenger published photos of his feces-covered shoes on Facebook and hit out at the airline. The post has since racked up hundreds of comments and shares.
>In a statement, a Delta Air Lines spokesperson apologized. The statement read:
>“On Nov 1, an aircraft operating flight 1949 from Atlanta to Miami was boarded before cleaning was completed following an incident from a previous flight with an ill service animal."

Once again, dog > human being (who paid for the service!).
I read that it was a golden retriever; those are gigantic! You can't keep things like bags on your lap during the flight for safety reasons, but a big animal ON the seat is okay?!

No. 322025

I do think vasectomies and salpingectomies would be great to have more available. It might help fence-sitters make the right choice.

No. 322027

Good to know the list of airlines i wont be flying with. Disgusting. Not only is it a biohazard, it's a hazard in general to the safety of all passengers.

No. 322028

I side eye anyone who has issues with neutering their dog. I've heard dog fags say 'but they need sex like humans!' and it really makes me suspicious. Dogs are not humans.

No. 322030


It's such bullshit. Dogs don't "need" sex and neutering makes male dogs much calmer and happier. Spaying spares female dogs from having to go into heat too.

No. 323183

File: 1541880620960.png (409.91 KB, 735x1500, 9fadeb719250797084f24f514415fd…)

They're absolutely crazy…

No. 323204

the lack of a natural hormone cycles in any animal causes lethargy, cancer, weight gain, psycholohical and social problems

No. 323229

File: 1541888708741.jpeg (181.97 KB, 750x375, 28FC24FA-893E-4D77-8380-C69197…)

What? Spaying and neutering reduces the risk of cancer and animals that are spayed/neutered live longer on average. Spaying your pet rabbit can literally double their lifespan from 3-5 years to 10 years

No. 323347

File: 1541920746260.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 91.21 KB, 750x499, 7C01F50C-5A3E-4CC9-816D-83CE40…)

Sry if this breaks the rules (i rly tried keeping shit anonymous/blurred out) but holy shit I saw this while browsing twitter and the lady’s kid got attacked by an unprovoked dog (pitbull) and wow.

pls don’t look at the pic if u cannot handle gore, the kid’s mouth is torn apart/hanging off.

the dog was euthanized thank god, but the girl is receiving tons of hate from dog lovers in her dm’s (that she has posted) it’s fucked.

He got surgery and is doing great now, and their gofundme appears to be doing well but holy YIKES. it’s hard to look at. And ppl are still defending the dog ???? Uhhh ???

No. 323700

family guy did a bit on dog people apparently

surprising because i always saw seth mcfarlane as probably an overenthusiastic dogfag but this is 100% accurate

No. 324225

File: 1542093303107.png (162.77 KB, 890x457, gross.png)

why would anyone want this

No. 324232

:( makes me so sad and scared. How are they defending the dog idgi

No. 324267

Thank you so much for that warning.

People who would rather defend a dog over a human child are deserve nothing in this life. it really scares me since i am having my first child soon and all i can think of is protecting them from shit like that. Dogfags are horrible..

Anyone who cares about a living human would empathize with this poor child and mother.

No. 324503

File: 1542140044583.jpg (65.35 KB, 640x640, 0534dd691d478590a9ceb89983fead…)

>husband wants filthy shitbeast in the room while i give birth

i would have divorced him right then and there tbh. its bad enough when people let dogs, especially large dogs, around their infants.

No. 324645

that's so fucking dangerous. this person's husband could not give a shit less about them. and for what purpose does the dog need to be there? the dog will just be anxious and annoyed?

No. 324924

File: 1542230047906.jpg (102.67 KB, 1024x1017, U3fXRgo.jpg)

No. 324967

Honestly I'm an anon that thinks the pitbull issue is pretty complicated but this is sickening.

I don't like when people get all up in my personal bizz about that opinion, but good god, never would catch me hating on someone that got mauled by a pit and understandably has strong opinions that don't necessarily agree with mine.

What is wrong with rabid dogfags what the fuck.

And regardless of how i feel about it, dangerous dogs need to be put down. Period. End of. Once they've attacked its a liability. I think its rather sad but it blows my mind some animal can be more important to assholes than a suffering child.

No. 325005

Put those things down. How do people get these beasts and think nothing of it?

No. 325414

Finally able to read this thread,I'm late but this just reminded me when my small toy poodle who was trained to hell still bit me on my lips because it was barking and turned around and attacked me. This was a poodle given to us by a family friend who was well trained by professionals and pampered af. Ive grown up with my parents who got a lot of dog breeds and they were irresponsible af and through the course of growing up with huskies, pitbulls and small dogs like chihuahua and poodles, I've started to dislike dogs. Ive also grown up with cats and tbh they don't attack as much as dogs do and when they do scratch you can defend much easier.
people think that small dogs don't hurt but holy crap that poodle was chunky and 20lb and it still got me good in the face and it took some time to tear him off. He attacked my Lil brother as well multiple times- and my family would defend saying that he's just easily irritable. I rather have cats that can scratch and ran away not FUCKING LATCH ONTO YOU AND TRY TO TEAR YOUR FACE OFF.

No. 325561

only trash humans own pit type breeds. there is literally no reason to own an animal with a killswitch that's been in its genetics since the birth of the breed.

all pit owners are garbage and people who wring their hands about the poor pibbles are garbage.

No. 325592

i love kitties but tbh they can certainly latch on, there was a neighborhood tom who fastened himself to my friend in the same way they'd climb a tree and bit the hell out of her midsection. we had to use a hula hoop to beat him off.

No. 325930

File: 1542371813450.png (174.82 KB, 1440x1223, 2pgo8n2diny11.png)

Is this satire?
>This is a reply to a lady's comment about 2 neighbor dogs who killed a kitten.

No. 325945


>is this satire?

knowing dogfags, unfortunately not

No. 326068

Japan is far more cultured than trashy ass fucking America and their Walmart dogs shitting all over the aisles. Sophisticated cultures like cats.

No. 326069

Japan is far more cultured than trashy ass fucking America and their Walmart dogs shitting all over the aisles. Sophisticated cultures like cats.

No. 326350

>Sophisticated cultures like cats.

ah yes, the very sophisticated cultures of arabic/north african countries. Cats are loved, but women are subpar. What an idiotic standard

No. 326396

No. 369011

File: 1549569867957.png (198.6 KB, 928x241, 1536783605676.png)

No. 369013

We rlly did this for this

No. 369015

nta but i got a good laff out of it. pibble jokes crack me up.

No. 369044

When growing up, my family always owned larger dogs. Gladly they were always raised well and I was taught from a young age to always see them as dogs and not some stuffed animal.

I've never been a dog person. But I cannot stand people not training their dogs because they are small.

A friend of mine got a dog last year. It's a Chihuahua mixed with something else and I can't stand it. She put zero effort in training the dog and it's barely potty trained. It keeps jumping and biting you and this is what I hate the most. Small dog owners are the absolute worst. Because what if this was a large dog. Nobody would tolorate that behaviour, but somehow this is cute?!
And everytime I try to bring up his behaviour, it's always the same excuse that he is still young and needs time.
Because of that dog I always try to meet up outside of her house. Because I know she never brings the dog anywhere.

No. 369048

File: 1549572218598.jpg (48.48 KB, 750x724, kek.jpg)

No. 369109

I was at my boyfriend's parents house and his mom has literally 6 Great Danes and she got a new dog from people who she thinks abused it. She asked me to hand her something and the dog lunged at my arm but I pulled it back really fast and had a panic attack because I just almost got bit by some fucking huge dog and later she was like oh no it's okay lol just let her smell you! and saying things as if she knows what the dog was thinking like ???? uhhhh why are dog people like this

No. 369139


one time I nearly lived in an apartment with a girl who got a huge pointer dog and I couldn’t live with her anymore because I have a cat and didn’t trust a big fucking dog around my cat

she was a huge bitch about the whole thing and would text me stupid shit about how her dog was so sweet and it wouldn’t hurt a fly

I ended up to moving into my grandmother’s guesthouse and the old roommate moved in with another friend who also had a cat (i guess she wanted to prove me wrong abt her dog?)

the dog ended up killing the other girl’s cat and had to be put down. I haven’t talked to either of them since.

fuck that dog so hard and fuck the owner even more - she was so insistent on being right about her stupid fucking precious doggy that someone else’s pet was viciously maimed to death and then had to be put down anyways cuz she couldn’t be assed to put her ego aside

The one I feel the worst for is the girl who lost her cat and I thank my stars every single day that I did not move in and still have my cat

No. 369147

File: 1549584754181.jpg (25.36 KB, 500x333, 8cbe0acae89f7e0e090fc1c5ea9375…)

i hate that dogs aren't seen as potential killers tbh. like, every time i'm around a dog i feel like it's going to lose its shit, like, maybe perceive something as a threat and lose it (which is fine, this is what animals do).

i really hate the way people are so comfortable with dogs. it's literally like letting a killer into your home snuggling with it. imagine keeping them so close to your face and stuff. frightening.

No. 369152

2 months ago my grandfather's girlfriend's cat was mauled by a dog.
The cat was in the garden, while her grandchildren (aged 2 and 5) were also playing outside. Suddenly a dog jumped over the fence and shook it to death. Their father heard them scream and immediately came running but even though he sat on the dog and hit it with his fists, it did not let the cat go. Meanwhile the owner was only watching and telling the dog to stop. No physical actions.

The best thing about this is, that the dog owner is a hunter and the dog a hunting dog. Not even people who studied animals and the supposedly best trained dogs are any good…

You're not even safe on your own property. The dog could easily have went after the children as well.
It only acted on instinct. And that urge to kill was so string, that it did not even stop when a grown man was physically hurting it.

As compensation for the loss she got 200€. But no further punishment for the hunter for owning a living weapon…

No. 369154

Most dogs have shitty owners that don't know how to train such an animal. I hate when I visit someone's house and there's ALWAYS a dog that's bigger than me, greeting me at the door and jumping on me. The little ones that try to jump on you hurt too because their nails are clawing at your legs.

No. 369155

there's no such thing as training them, though, anon. you can't control for an animal, ANY animal, who has the potential for damage like dogs do. they're literally all muscle and teeth.

as >>369152 says, even in the best case scenario where the dog is highly trained, they lose their shit, and people need to understand and prepare for that. no dogs should be pets, tbh. cats, very small birds, etc, are a different story. the amount of damage they can reasonably incur by losing their shit is comparatively minimal.

No. 369156


it’s so common that dogs get killed by cats and it makes me so frustrated when pet owners are insistent on having them live together. I’m sure we all know people like this. They’ll have five dogs and three cats - usually in these situations, the cats are all outdoor cats and the dogs are lazy lounge animals who are set off by the mere sight of a whisker. I knew so many dog owners who insisted their dogs absolutely loved cats and other animals, but would snap and bark at the cats that they lived with for YEARS.

No. 369160

edit: so many cats get killed by dogs

No. 369161

It bothers me how whenever I try to visit my relatives, their dogs act like complete attention whores and they're allowed to misbehave.

Sometimes a dog just wants to play, understandable, but sometimes I the human would like to visit my relatives without getting jumped on, sneezed on, sniffed at, and barked at by their dogs who can't stand to not be the center of attention for an hour. It's partly due to lack of training. But mostly it's now ingrained in their personalities that all humans have to kowtow to their every whim, and all they have to do is be annoying as fuck until someone caves to get what they want. I'm not even so sure with training they'd be redeemable, they'd go back the second someone enables their misbehavior.

Apparently there's a joke going around that I'm not "friends" with their dogs because I don't suddenly flip switch and act hyper and want to touch their gross, slobbery play toys. I like dogs fine; when they're behaved and I approach them when I want to interact.
Pisses me off how because I don't jump to an animal's tune, it means I'm unfriendly or grumpy.

Don't have these problems with cats, hmm.

No. 369163

yeah, they insist on keeping cats around because "I love animals!!!", with no regard for the cats, or other kinds of small animals. you see them roughhousing on youtube because "they love them!!". there's no shortage of large dogs and very tiny kittens who are obviously afraid of the large dog on youtube, the kittens completely terrified, with the dog being all too rough, and the owners laughing about how the dog is "their bodyguard", etc, etc.

i hate it so much.

cats have boundaries for themselves and for others. it says a lot about society that cats are condemned for it, as they have been for literally hundreds of years. why people think it's cute that dogs have no understanding of boundaries or placate and pretend dogs having no capacity for control is cute or ok is beyond my understanding

No. 372015

but why

No. 372036


>cats have boundaries for themselves and for others. it says a lot about society that cats are condemned for it, as they have been for literally hundreds of years. why people think it's cute that dogs have no understanding of boundaries or placate and pretend dogs having no capacity for control is cute or ok is beyond my understanding

Anon, you’re onto something here.

I am a big animal person, I like dogs but find them boring because they’re not mysterious. The thing I love about cats is how they don’t reveal all of their ‘self’ to you. Everything most people dislike about cats - independence, choosiness, aloofness - I love. I like animals that challenge me, and dogs too often are encouraged to be slaves to people.

I also enjoy being around horses a lot, and most people are scared of them because of how big they are, and they get bullied because of it. I guess I’m not interested in having pet slaves, and don’t get a kick out of having absolute authority over animals. They deserve better than what most of us give to them.

No. 372038

I think it worth noting that people are often interacting with dogs that have been neutered/spayed, which affects the dog's personality.

Dogs that haven't been fixed are often more catlike in behavior and personality.

No. 372041


That’s true, anon, but what do you think about breeds?

I kind of miss having a dog but like breeds that are favored for their intelligence as opposed to just a carpet with four legs. I’ve always loved German Shepherds and Dobermans since they have a spark other dogs don’t have.

I just like an animal that I feel like I have a relationship with and teaches me something, I suppose.

No. 372050

When it comes to the more intelligent breeds usually the matter is having enough space and interactive elements for them. Most people are bad dog owners and can't provide these dogs enough stimulation. They also benefit from having a companion dog.

No. 372053

"humans don't deserve dogs"? no, dog owners don't deserve dogs

unless you have a working breed who's legitimately doing a job for you then your dog is useless and only exists to pad your ego

No. 372054


Again, I agree with everything you’re saying. Thank you!

No. 372156

>Dogs that haven't been fixed are often more catlike in behavior and personality.
This makes a lot of sense.
My dog wasn't neutered for the longest time, at least 3 years, and he was the calmest thing ever. I loved being around him. He was clingy, but not obnoxious.
Now that he's neutered, he's practically magnetized to my hip.
I'll tell him to get off me and he won't budge anymore, he tries to turn into a paperweight. Before, he would listen to me and head over to another couch or his bed or cage and that was it.

No. 372180

> like, every time i'm around a dog i feel like it's going to lose its shit, like, maybe perceive something as a threat and lose it (which is fine, this is what animals do)
lmao no it's not. the animal has to be fucked up in the head if it loses it over nothing animals aren't some walking time bombs for fucks sage there is logic behind their behavior lol

No. 372261

funny enough that since I got my cats neutered they behave 'like dogs'. Cheering when I come home, want attention, want to play and being very affectionate

No. 372600

Dogs are better than y’all dumbass’s

No. 372601

File: 1550015785562.png (7.83 KB, 626x624, 9tc69Pw.png)

No. 372619

Animals are still controlled by their instincts, anon. If they instinctually perceive something as a threat, or as prey, and snap on that basis, you're fucked. Dogs are prone to not being able to stop themselves after the trigger has been identified and eliminated. I said that it's in their nature because chasing and hunting, killing things, watching out for threats, are all literally in their nature. Bringing a newborn around a dog bred for hundreds of years to hunt small prey is very risky. Beyond our molding them to hunt for us, they still instinctually fight off the urge to see us as prey and act on that basis. You're putting a lot on the line by expecting animals to ALWAYS act above instinct. All animals are amazing in their own ways but people need to be careful to not anthropomorphize animals, and especially dogs, to a degree that puts people or smaller or more vulnerable animals in danger

No. 372746

I honestly don't mind neutered cats like dogs, but yeah they do get stubborn after a while. The love to plop around, but never to the point of trying to be a paperweight.

No. 373299

God damnit I never thought I'd see the day. Like minded people.

In my town a man let his pit bulls roam about and they killed this lady's miniature horse and dozens of chickens- people rallied to get the dogs back because "the dog owner loves his pets too"

Sibling has 3 dogs and bought a new house last year. Acts surprised when their 1 year old home is in much worse condition than my 15 year old place. They stank all the time too.

Neighbors let their great Dane run out and shit on our elderly neighbors lawn. One day, being as frail as he is he got up and shoveled it back onto their doorstep. Somehow he's the crazy one.

Niece sells girl scout cookies. I went with her door to door and these peoples dogs burst out as soon as they answered the door. They thought it was cute when the dogs were scratching her, ripping her tights and sniffing up her skirt while she was running away with boxes. They refused to call them back (not like those fuckers are ever actually trained). That's the dog owner mentality.

Friends apartment complex had a neighbor get a dog only to keep it locked up 23 hours a day. Thing was miserable and barked so much it would throw up. No breaks at all. But hey, being a dog owner means putting your own vanity and short term amusement ahead of the dogs unrelenting need for attention and stimulation.

Not to mention how you could buy your dream house only for a dog owner to move in next door: cue endless barking for a decade. Hope you enjoy adjusting your life to their stupid decisions. Tip: earplugs just fall out. A white noise machine helps more

No. 373375


I never understand why people don’t train or play with their dogs more? Like literally just communicate with them, it’s not hard?

Our neighbors have a middle aged Daschund (so?) who they never talk to, play with, and used to let run wild all up and down our cul de sac peeing and pooping in yards and barking at people while struggling to walk with her stubby legs.

I started calling the OC Animal Control on them because we have a lot of people driving crazy fast through our part of the neighborhood hoping to find a thru street to get to the 91 Freeway, and she could easily be run over. She was actually almost hit by a car two times in the past but of course they don’t care. I’ve herded her back into their driveway more than once because she is too slow to run if someone were to come barreling down the street in their BMW trying to get to LA faster.

Plus it’s illegal in CA (or at least the city and county I live in) to have a dog unleashed without a collar/tags and we’ve already gotten on some of the older ladies who stand around and gossip with their Starbucks non-fat lattes while their poodle dogs go poop on the sidewalk…

And of course everytime someone has confronted them about the dog peeing, pooping, running in the street, annoying other dogs and just acting feral, they whine and complain that she’s such an uwu wiener dog, she’s not hurting anyone. Maybe not but she could be eaten by coyotes, mauled by another dog, or become apart of someone’s tire treads.

Now they keep her inside but she has ~separation anxiety~, so whenever the weather is nice and they come home, she’s standing on our side of the fence screeching like she’s being tortured with cattle prods. They’re also mean to her, never talk to her or give her treats, and have left her in the backyard without water when it’s 113F/44C outside. I gave her a bowl of water once because as much as I hate them and how poorly trained she is, it still bothers me to see her suffer because of her owner’s stupidity.

No. 373665


Seriously as a dog loving person this irks me so fucking much. If someone ever adopts a pet, doesn't matter what species, as an owner we have the obligation of understanding their nature and after that redirect behaviors that doesn't translate well to human way of life since we live in a human society. I hate how irresponsable so many dog owners are, and how they excuse their shitty incompetence with "dog's nature".

Narc owners have a special place in my little hating heart. I can't go for a walk in the park with my two pups, without one of those crazy people leaving their "baby" unleashed and pooping all over the grass (who knows what are they eating) when barking to every single thing that moves. That single moment you say anything critical to them they throw a neurotic toddler tantrum fml. Not to mention how likely it is that these people will throw away their dog and get a shiny brand new pup next.

I could go on with crazy pit-owners, pet hoarders and backyard puppy breeders.

Wish there were serious ownership laws (and child bearing… but that's material for another board)

No. 373808

I like dogs, I just hate their owners. Most dogs are sweet when properly trained and cared for, most humans are shitty and thus is our problem.

My neighbor across from me "loves animals." She rotated strays in and out of her house since before I was born. She typically has 12 animals at a time in her home; this is illegal in my state without a license. The maximum number of animals is 4. Not only this, every animal needs properly vaccinated and a boatload of other paperwork. She hasn't taken any of them to the vet. For a while, her cats and dogs were breeding since they weren't spayed or neutered. She's had the cops called on her several time over the years and had these pets taken away, but she keeps brining new ones in.

About 3 years ago, we got a new neighbor across from us; shortly after he moved in, there was flooding. We live on a hill, so the rain made a mudslide into his backyard. This guy lives right next door to the 12 pet owner. With the rain wetting the animal poo ridden soil and the heavy wind from the neighboring river blowing, my poor neighbor was hit in the nose with a tidal-wave of literal shit. His house stunk for days. He had to get a hotel because he was puking from how bad the smell was. The yards were tiny. He ended up calling the police on her, were they discovered her poo infested home, with ticks, lice, and fleas that hoped around on the furniture and in the carpets. The law enforcement actually ran outside of the house trying to shake himself off.

I've had other dogfag experiences, just recently I had been jumped on by a large husky from an owner of several dogs, who didn't use a leash. I was hiking nearby my house. This was the same person, it happened twice. I had a Shepard (twice), two different Chihuahuas, and a Lab, run after me when I went for walks because none were on leashes. All of their owners said "sorry" and then let them continue to pester other people that were also walking.

I have a dog, but she will be the last animal I own after she passes.

No. 373849

i didn't say animals act above their instincts, i said there's logic to their behavior, just because animals are controlled by their instincts doesn't make their behavior illogical. if you seriously are afraid dog will snap over absolutely anything in any moment you are delusional.

No. 373852

sage for double posting but to make sure; and by logical behavior I don't mean "logic means smart!!1" but logically as in what it actually means: consistency. animals behave logically as in there is consistency in their behavior, you can predict how animals act and they follow patterns of behavior and aren't just bunch of headless chickens.

No. 373865

Yeah, dogs are trash.

No. 373881

Glad this threads been revived so I can complain. although I prefer cats I like most dogs, and have one of my own who is peaceful and well behaved. I’ve had some serious issues with other dogs though, mostly because theyve been raised by people who do not have the will/ability to train the dog properly. My nan loves dogs and has always had at least one, although she picks the worst dogs for someone of her age and lack of mobility. As a kid they would bowl me over and I’d be unable to push them off because they’re huge, and all she could do was give them a whack with her walking stick. She’d adopt the rejects from shelters and be forced to put them down a month later because they nearly killed another dog or something. I’m surprised but thankful that I’m not forever traumatised by big dogs because of her.
Another time I was walking my dog, and an old guy was out in the yard gardening with his big dog, probably a mastiff? When I walked past the dog jumped the 1.5 metre fence, pinned my dog and bit her neck. She escaped before any serious harm was done and ran home as I chased after her, but she was bleeding pretty badly and the vet said to watch out. The same dog barks all night too. I’m a heavy sleeper so it doesn’t disturb me too much but it drives my mum nuts. it’s a real shame there’s not enough responsible dog owners out there. Dogs should be spayed and neutered, especially bad breeds, and most old people should not have dogs.

No. 376721

The other day I was talking to my friend about cats and some random douche interjected into our conversation uninvited to talk about how he hates cats and trained his dog to kill cats. I mean I like dogs too, but why are so many dog people just so fucking autistic? And God forbid someone even says they simply dislike dogs in casual conversation, they'd be labeled a psychopath.

No. 376789

is this a thing of males who own dogs to compensate? My boss too boasts about how his big dog would kill my cats easily

No. 376793

One of my uncles used to train his two pitbulls to kill cats. He laughed as he told my family this. Cat hate is very common, and cat hate this severe is so common, especially in men. Men will shoot them with guns, bb guns, etc. They're seen as pests, which is why the "catfag" shit does not stand. When people are allowed to dislike cats openly and talk about how "awful" cats are, this is the shit it fuels, unlike 'doghate' which is literally just four people in the world saying "dogs are sometimes dangerous and slobber everywhere and i prefer not to have one", though admitting to not liking dogs is seen as us calling for them being culled in the streets.

No. 376811

Same here. I love both dogs and cats but the dog-hating people I've met usually had bad experiences with dogs and just prefer not to be around them, but don't want random dogs hurt or anything. The cat-haters I've met are usually psychotic men who literally boast about abusing cats who didn't do anything to them.

No. 377018

Cats actually endanger a lot of native wildlife in some areas.

No. 377019

Just watched Kitbull on YT… Ohhh boy it's probably going to cause a rise in people adopting abused/ex-dog-fighting pits. That's going to turn out well.

No. 377026

yeah yeah the people abusing them and shooting them aren't environmentalists concerned about the native fauna.

No. 377035

I was responding to the pest thing, apologies. But yeah wanting to kill animals…wew.

No. 377045

This is true, but it is completely fucked up to ever let your cat outside.
I don't get why people have this different standard for cats, like we seem them as less domesticated or something (maybe because they don't willingly take commands from us, but what "domesticated" farm animal does?) so it's okay for them to just run wild outside or be left alone for days while you're on vacation.

I honestly kind of wish nobody could have pets and I find animal husbandry/having pets in general kind of weird.
There needs to be some kind of testing and surveillance for people who wish to have pets of any kind, but even more so for people that choose large dogs, parrots or other higher risk animals.

No. 377056

This is why I prefer cat cafes/sanctuaries. Visit them, play, and leave them to their little jungle while at the same time keeping them out of gross shelters.
IDK if the same would work for dogs.

No. 377257

File: 1550738097854.png (11.08 KB, 243x236, a.png)

A random stranger rudely told me I shouldn't be afraid while his dog was leash-less and approaching me and my kid sister after I told him that we're both afraid of dogs. It was a narrow path and we walked to the middle of the road to avoid it coming near us (but it did anyway).

Is it that hard to understand and respect that not all people have the same experiences with dogs? I really don't understand what I did wrong in simply not wanting the dog near me or my sister.

I really wish there was some kind of app that tracked dogs, like a radar of some kind, so I could completely steer clear of dogs in my daily life.

No. 377348

File: 1550763899504.jpg (62.41 KB, 800x533, greenlandsleddogsmarkustrienke…)

Anyone else like the idea of dogs, but just hate the owners?

I love seeing dogs with jobs work. Police dogs, SAR dogs, legitimate service dogs, farm dogs, sled dogs etc. People in Greenland keeps dogs as property and they are chained up outside when they're not used for pulling sleds (there's no roads or train system). They aren't treated as pets. Most modern dogs in the western world are unhappy animals who are owned by yuppies and idiots that don't know how to treat them or give them a job, so they become neurotic and destructive.

A dog in its natural environment doing what it was bred to do is just great though, IMO. Dogs should be regarded as tools first, pets second. Except in the case of tiny dogs who can't like, kill people.

No. 377395

ive always hated that grown up men want little girls to come check out their dogs. somehow it seems like they get off when their dog sexually assaults people by sniffing their crotch in public. at least with a cat you dont have to worry about it trying to smell your crotch. i get anxiety just being in the vicinity of a dog because of the risk of that happening. makes me sick and feel humiliated in public by the hands of someone ive never even met.

No. 377498

I'm sorry but this honestly sounds like some creepy bestiality fetish wank material. Dogs are not molesting, you, anon. Seek help.

No. 377504

it's not a bestiality wank fetish. i don't think that's what she meant. i get what anon is saying. men can emotionally/psychologically 'get off' (not literally orgasm to the thought of it), but feel some sort of satisfaction that our boundaries are violated by their dogs. that is another thing i hate about them. literally they will shove their snouts right up to your crotch so forcefully and won't leave you the fuck alone. i already feel insecure and self conscious enough during my period without a dog trying to sniff my crotch.

No. 377595

yes, i can agree that many men enjoy making women uncomfortable in socially acceptable ways. not the dog's fault they're a nasty creature who likes to sniff ass/genitals, that's just their biology, but a gross man will take full advantage of that

No. 378065

Yes, I've always been weirdly attracted to dog sledding. It's cute seeing the dogs get so excited about running and how it seems to emotionally fulfill them.
>Most modern dogs in the western world are unhappy animals who are owned by yuppies and idiots that don't know how to treat them or give them a job, so they become neurotic and destructive.
Yeah, lots of people who own huskies keep them cooped up in the house all day when they're bred for dog sledding. Then they wonder why the dog gets so aggressive and tears up the house. It should be considered animal abuse to not attend to an animal's needs like that. I feel like people should have to buy a license to own big dogs.

No. 381393


Alaska Airlines doesn't require you to crate your "emotional support"-pitbull, a simply leash is enough.
Imagine one of them going ballistic on a flight - that could cause it to crash.

No. 381395

i used to have a pic of me and my dog on my tinder profile but i had to take it down because men kept messaging me with creepy dog rape fantasies. shit like "have you ever let your dog lick your pussy?" and "would you ever let your dog fuck you?"

it was so fucking gross.

No. 381397

that's actually really scary. they'll consider nail clippers a threat but not a giant pitbull?? wtf

No. 381398

men and dogs are both the same somehow. fuck, that's nasty as hell. poor dog. it's not his fault

No. 381445

>poor dog. it's not his fault
Poor her. It's not like the dog could read those messages…

No. 381526

i apologise. i didnt mean to sound unsympathetic to the anon

No. 381725


>"She was already so far gone. One arm was already bit completely off, the other arm was barely hanging on by a piece of meat," Whiteside said.

What a horrible nightmare. Those poor neighbors that tried to save her are already traumatized. Fuck this culture of trying to infantilize and downplay the threat these dangerous beasts! If they have the capability to RIP YOUR ARMS OFF and tear off flesh, they should not be a pet!

Anyone want to guess what the other part of the “boxer mix” could be in those dogs? Hmmm…

No. 381729

File: 1551416816493.jpg (39.74 KB, 640x320, Nancy-Cherryl-Burgess-Dismuke-…)

I saw the dogs and they looked just like boxers. Pitbulls are dangerous but can we drop the whole "no other dog is as dangerous as a pit bull"? Boxers, German shepherds, rotties, chowchows, like, so many big dogs are fucking dangerous. They're dogs, ffs. This is one of the dogs.

No. 381736

b-but anon, pitbulls are a mix of many different dogs! any two pitbulls can have extremely different traits to the point where they're basically not even the same kind of dog so the countless maulings that just so happen to be by pitbulls should be taken with a vast grain of salt!

No. 381741

i don't have to read comments on this to know everyone's going HE JUST WANTED TO PLAY! PITS ARE UNFAIRLY STEREOTYPED! POOR CHILD BUT ALSO POOR DOGGO!!!!

No. 381757

I like small dogs, but I honestly hate how people act like you're so rude if you don't want to pet their dog, or if you think there dog is scary so avoid them on the sidewalk.

No. 381829

A lot of people use dogs as social accessories for attention. It's like when guys bring dogs on college campus so girls go to fawn and squeal over them as if they've never seen an animal in their lives.

No. 381838

My best friend has a large Borzoi that she muzzles when she takes it outside. It's a very gentle dog and doesn't bite, bark or get aggressive or loud at all, but she says the muzzle isn't for the dog, it's for everyone else, so they can feel a bit less worried that it's going to bite them or drool on them or whatever else. I wish all dog owners would adopt this idea.

No. 381842

That's exactly right. This type of conscientious dog owner is very rare. My mom owned multiple pitbulls (not at the same time) but ALWAYS muzzled them no matter what, because as much as she loved them and felt they wouldn't do anything dangerous, necessarily, at the end of the day, they're still dogs and she knew when you walk with a large dog you're essentially walking with a large weapon and it's just a huge liability. If you aren't mature enough to know this and aren't aware enough of others or the danger your dog poses, you should completely be disqualified from owning any dog, let alone a large dog

No. 381845

small dogs should be muzzled too. i hate people who think they don't have to discipline their dogs just because the dog is a little chihuahua or something. there's a reason why dachshunds are the breed topping the list for most bites every year, and it's because small dog owners think it's fine because the dog is small.

No. 381849

Thank you! Yes! I've said this so many times. They should be! Don't get me wrong, Pitts are super dangerous blah blah blah, but the way people treat small dogs is insane. It's like they're toys. They just don't send people to the hospital as much because they're smaller but chihuahuas top aggressive breed lists constantly. Same with terriers. People ignore the temperament of smaller dogs because they aren't literally as lethal, but they're still dangerous and unpredictable, and losing the tip of my nose from a small dog is still very worrisome!

No. 381870

Totally. My two cents was gonna be that dogs are the best when they're allowed to be dogs. Hunt, explore, play, sniff poop lol

My problem with modern dog culture is the way dogs are romanticized and treated as well, not dogs. Like, no your dog doesn't want a fucking bubble bath, it doesn't want to wear a halloween costume. The way dogs are infantilized and fetishized is fucking gross and creepy. Like seeing those pictures of a dog being shown a steak and people laughing at the stupid face it makes, it reminds me of how people used to treat circus animals.

No. 381896


I feel you, Anon.

Like I have no problem with dogs even though I’m not crazy about them. I grew up with tons of animals so I just see them as they are.

But seriously, when you turn on the news it’s always fucking dogs and kids in some uwu feel good story and people act like if you’re not fawning over someone’s baby - be it human or canine - then you’re this weirdo heartless person and should be quarantined from society.

I don’t know why but I’ve never been on this surrogate pet parent bandwagon autism that’s so rampant nowadays. It’s like a disease. I like dogs for being dogs, like you said. Just like I like cats for being cats. So on and so forth. Half the time I don’t even know why most people get dogs and even cats in some instances as it just feels like they think it’s what expected of them as opposed to they really love the animal and want to care for them.

No. 381911

This YouTube channel pretty much exemplifies my feelings on the subject of dog owners, dog worship, and general nonsense of society


And honestly his old man sassiness makes me lol

No. 381936

Yikes, I don't like dogs, but I think he's a little extreme. He keeps repeating how worthless they are. I don't think they're evil and worthless, just, not animals that make good companions on account of the fact that they're dangerous and unpredictable, and obviously the biggest problem is that dog worship is based on narcissism, but this guy really seems to hate dogs.

No. 382063

My neighbors puppy just ran up to me and peed on my leg and shoes. It's a cute puppy, and has run over to greet me before, but never peed on me. Thankfully I just got home, so I was able to change and do my laundry. I didn't say anything to my neighbor. If it happens again I will, but I've had too many neighbors get really weird and hostile if I dare mention something negative about their dog. One couple went from being very sweet to going full on psycho when one of their dogs attacked my family's dog and bit it. They blamed our dog, and threatened us, including to shoot us if we came near their dogs. They ended up destroying both of them soon after that, even though we didn't even take our dog to the vet or anything because it wasn't a bad bite. Another neighbor acted like an asshole letting his dog shit in my yard, even when I asked politely from him not to, and he also let it bark all day everyday. He also got rid of his dog. Don't know if he destroyed it or took it to the pound. I just moved here and don't want to make enemies with my new neighbors. Hopefully it doesn't pee on me again, and I'll never have to mention it.

No. 382084

Dog owners are statistically less likely to pick up after their pet when asked to than when not asked. So mentioning not will probably cause problems and offend them.

If I had a kid and it pissed on someone's shoes not only would I be extremely apologetic I'd offer to replace them. But all logic goes out the window when dogs are involved… You should be fawning over it and your piss shoes.

No. 382163

I only ever asked him once, after ignoring it and picking it up myself multiple times. I only asked when we were both out in our yards and he let his dog run over and poop right next to where I was standing, and he could clearly see me. He was just a lazy asshole. I nicknamed him the garbage neighbor, because he also always let his garbage from his cans blow over into my yard and never cleaned it up. To be fair to my new neighbor, she didn't see that her puppy peed on me. I'm sure she would have apologized, but then again I don't know. She might of just laughed and expected me to laugh it off too. A lot of dog owners are like entitled parents who expect you to just laugh at bad behavior, and can go ballistic if you dare criticize their precious babies.

No. 394141

I have a few dog hate stories. The older I get the more I've come to realize I just do not like dogs, and was only around them because my family had them. My dad got a puppy for his kids a few years ago that quickly grew into the size of a horse, and of course they didn't discipline it, or have room for it, so it would run and jump around their small house all day. It jumped on me when I went over to visit and it's claw scratched my eye. Thankfully it wasn't my eyeball, but just my eyelid that got scratched. They got rid of him after only a few months, and he was put down at the animal shelter they took him to that same day for being too big and hyper.
I got a job at a doggy day care, but quit after one day. You are expected to tear apart the large fighting dogs with your bare hands, and the dogs, mainly the big dogs, would get into fights all day long. Biting and growling at each other, and you just stick your bare hands between them to try to pull them apart from tearing each other apart. The barking was never ending. Piss and shit everywhere. The final straw was when a smaller rat dog jumped up at my face and bit my lip, breaking the skin. There were cameras all over the fucking place so the rich people could tune in to see how their precious dogs where doing, and I don't know how anyone would want to keep their dog there. Or work there for more than one day.
My last story is how I came to be a true dog hater, and not want to ever own one ever again. I was taking care of my grandparents dog, because they hated her kek, so she really became my dog, but i hated her too. Everyone hated her because she was an anxious wreck of a dog, from being a rescue dog who was abused as a puppy. She barked constantly, would piss and even shit on the walls in fear if my dad or any other man, or stranger of either gender came around, she would lick herself constantly, and would tear all of her toys to shreds. I kept her for over 5 years for some reason. I was tempted to get rid of her multiple times, but was talked into keeping her because I was a single woman living by myself and I needed a dog to protect me, even though she was a useless dog who was scared of her own shadow. I finally got rid of her when I left her alone for a couple hours and came home to her having torn apart over ten nice art books I owned that were sitting on the bottom shelf of my bookcase.
Sorry for the novel, but I have no where else to complain about dogs. Dogs are loud, destructive, and can easily be very violet. And I do not miss having them in my life.

No. 394142

I fucking hate Labradors. The people who own them are also stupid as shit. It's always a lab owner who will not shut up about their dog and insert them into every conversation. They even try to treat their dogs like they're human.

No. 394146

Around my area, there seem to be a lot of men into meme dog breeds, especially pugs. Fucking hipsters, I swear. I dated a guy with a pug and I did not find his dog cute at all especially since its breath stank like shit. I kind of judged him for treating his inbred stink beast like his baby even going so far as calling it "my precious baby." He even went on a rant about how he'd even go as far as to kill someone if they ever dare hurt or kill his dumb animal. Oh yeah, it also regularly shat in the house and once accidentally shat on him.

No. 394148

ngl id think it was hot if a guy acted that way toward his cat, but being a helicopter parent to an animal that's so basic and indiscriminating in who they love the way dogs are is just… not hot and really pathetic. men who are into dogs are such basic bitches honestly

No. 394153

I have to agree with that. I've met men who love their pet cats and I find that endearing and attractive. It's completely different from men who are obsessed with their dogs.

No. 394155

i don’t hate any dog bc i understand the real problems lie in the idiots who think they can train dogs and clearly cannot, or people who intentionally try to make their dogs aggressive. i feel so bad for them. they’re just benevolent creatures but it’s so easy to train and condition them to be horrible. i know a lot of people who scream at their dogs, shove their nose in accidental waste, etc. and the dogs are horribly behaved obviously. i’ve tried many times to reason with people like that and it just never works, they immediately go on the defensive no matter how calm you are approaching them about it. have wanted to kidnap a few dogs more than a few times due to things like that or general terrible living conditions.

some of the posts in this thread are a huge indicator that a lot of you actually have problems with owners mistreating their animals and then being fine with the consequences that effect other people from that, but you’re convinced the problem actually lies with the dog. that’s sad too.

No. 394156

also samefagging to add that i don’t agree with designer breeding especially with breeds that have serious medical issues. it seems unfair to me to force a thing into existence that’ll only suffer for its entire life.

No. 394485

File: 1554248222390.jpg (194.78 KB, 1080x1848, fffff.jpg)