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File: 1536354101963.jpg (43.87 KB, 600x450, BJa0sviCQAAJBX1.jpg)

No. 292579

No. 292595

Being good looking and fuckable shouldn't be the end all of life unlike what most people here believe.

No. 292628

File: 1536358865338.jpg (63.7 KB, 500x361, 51zVus68XOL.jpg)

Autumn/Fall is overrated
Spring is underrated

No. 292669

I agree, I prefer Summer/Spring and warm weather. I like summer fashion lol

No. 292694

Lolcow is for bitches too edgy for tumblr but too pc for 4chan.

No. 292697

>implying most of us didn't come from 4chan initially but prefer the alternative that isn't a toxic hellhole with as many abusive and/or edgy assholes
yeah, wanting to avoid cp and gore spamming sure is PC

No. 292700

anon did you mean to say men?

No. 292702

I don't like 4chan because there is too much retarded shitposting, that's it

No. 292703

>proving them right
Neither of those happen often enough for it to be an issue.

Women are worse. Look at the state of female dominated fandoms. At this point I'd rather hang out with the lolicons and waifufags.

No. 292706

True, but are you trying to say that's a bad thing? tumblr IS too pc, 4chan IS too edgy, this is a fair balance.

No. 292710

>Women are worse. Look at the state of female dominated fandoms. At this point I'd rather hang out with the lolicons and waifufags.
this is so fully fucking retarded that if you're not a guy, you're a truly pathetic woman to say this level of dumb shit, honestly

No. 292712

It feels like every thread here derails into a retarded catfight or race baiting. Not any better.

No. 292715

File: 1536372095109.png (80.33 KB, 250x236, tumblr_inline_p4s4meFFYS1r7fsm…)

Iron Fist is good.

No. 292716

have you ever been on 4chan or are you just lying?

No. 292721

>proving me right
I like how you have no real rebuttal and resort to calling me a "truly pathetic woman" over my preferences. I bet you call yourself a feminist as well despite sounding like the type of man you complain about. Probably a radfem. You're part of the problem.

Really though, men just tell me my taste is shit and move on. It's women actively trying to control me in a lot of aspects these days. 4th wave feminism in a nutshell, really.

No. 292724

Perhaps it's because I'm smart enough to avoid the boards that even the rest of the website hates.

No. 292726

>preferring pedophilic lolicon fags over dumbass but largely inoffensive teenybopper mentality women and girls, then getting this offended and crying 'muh preferences' because someone thinks you're pathetic
that's why you're being criticized so harshly, moron. if you love 4chan so much, feel free to stay there and keep your retarded shit contained there

No. 292729

nta but you really are pathetic. you should go hangout with the lolicons, incels, and waifufags on 4chins since you already kinda sound like one.

No. 292730

Active harassment, witchhunts, and thought policing are "largely inoffensive" to you. Makes sense. And yeah, I'll gladly take the group that realizes fiction isn't reality over the shrieking harpies that don't.

No. 292735

ok. sayonara, stupid bitch-chan.

No. 292737

>Active harassment
kek, the faggots you love so well bully their chan peers into suicide and harass women and/or men they don't like, off the internet on the daily, but sure. take your saggy balls with you and go.

No. 292738

Lesbians aren't oppressed.

No. 292740

File: 1536373270118.jpg (47.93 KB, 627x626, 490.jpg)

No. 292742

File: 1536373301920.jpeg (22.47 KB, 502x293, 8FAFAAE4-27B4-490A-B41E-0C8610…)

Every unpopular opinion thread becomes a competition to swallow the most bait.

No. 292744

Men should be able to sign off their rights to unborn children they do not want anything to do with. No man should be made into a financial slave for 18 years just because a woman refused to abort. However the man should be responsible for paying the monetary equivalent to the going rate of an abortion before being allowed to sign such papers.

No. 292745

File: 1536373466740.jpg (43.44 KB, 550x350, IMG_4478.JPG)

No one looks good with blonde hair. I have no idea why it is fetishized so much. Take a look at every blonde who has dyed their hair darker, they always look better.

No. 292746

i know you're trying to make this bait, but this isn't a thought that's necessarily controversial here.

No. 292747

Men shouldn't knock women up if they don't want that to happen to them. Those retards 10000000% deserve it.

No. 292748

This can't be an unpopular opinion thread if no one can share unpopular opinions. This thread should be closed.

No. 292755

Thot will be back when her incel boyfriend abuses her

No. 292757

This. I only looked attractive as a bleach blonde when I did my makeup. As a dark brunette I found I could get away with little to no makeup.
Blonde without makeup I looked washed out and shit. Unless you wear makeup allllll the time or happen to be an extremely pale albino type with natural features that compliment blonde hair (aka someone like Tilda swinton), blonde doesn't suit that many people. It looks ridiculous with dark features. Black eyebrows and blonde hair only works if a) you are cosplaying as kaleesi or b) you have streaks or roots or something indicating it's not your natural colour or c)you are trying to achieve a weird model runway look with dark eyebrows and light hair.

But yeah I totally agree anon. It looks shit on majority of peeps. I hate how dudes will automatically gravitate towards a blonde and sometimes it doesn't even matter how attractive she is. A friend of mine would always get ignored over her platinum blonde friend when they went out drinking, even though she was the more attractive one in my opinion. They automatically think blonde equals easy

No. 292758

Many men already abandon their children with no consequences, to create a law that allows that pretty much would imply they can abandon and not give a shit about their children and it's all women's responsability according to the law after that. If that became a law, women would be way more cautious of having relations with men.

No. 292759

you can have literally the most brassy, wirey blonde hair that looks like it's about to fall out, and men will still go crazy for that shit because men and their dicks literally only revolve around memes, i'm telling you

No. 292761

Now watch the dumb russian NEET come out mysteriously and tell everyone it's NOT HER

No. 292764

Still at it, huh? You're making russianon look sane at this point.

No. 292767

i really don't think pathetic-anon is europoor anon. you need to chill with accusing everyone of being her.

No. 292769

My partner tends to favour brunettes which is super rare because 2 guys I dated prior were weirdly obsessed with blondes to the point that one of them even insisted I bleach my hair. (I didnt)

All the girls my current partner seems to think are attractive I've noticed are very dark haired women like Eva Green. I will say how pretty certain blonde actresses are and he doesn't seem to care whatsoever. He reckons Jlaw and Emilia Clarke both look hotter as brunettes. The only one that we have a mutual agreement on that she looks better as a blonde is Scarlett Johanson. She looks good as a brunette and redhead but blonde suits her in my opinion.

Oh and by the way this is when we are watching movies and commenting on the actors looks randomly, not me being insecure and asking him how pretty they are or anything like that, just to clarify.

No. 292770

This is one of the creepy things about lolcow, you people get too obsessed…even with other anons. I'm glad this site is anonymous because y'all some crazy as hoes.

No. 292774

What's wrong with this, though? Why are all women so damn baby crazy? That's literally what's holding our entire gender back, is our obsession with babies.
Condoms break. Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy for women, and it never should be. Same goes for men. Consent to sex is not consent to fatherhood.

No. 292775

Biological drive as the only members of the species that can keep the species going..?

No. 292776

That's the thing though, desire to reproduce isn't biological. It's social conditioning. The only biological part is the desire for sex/sexual pleasure, which is why humans continue having sex when we can't reproduce. It's why humans have desired abortions for so long, and why we committed neonatacide/infanticide so often in the old days. The desire for children is purely based on socialization, not human biology.

No. 292777

>Consent to sex is not consent to fatherhood
If they don't want to be fathers, they can pay child support for the next 18 years. Roll the dice, pay the price.

No. 292779

Consent to sex shouldn't be consent to 18 years of financial slavery just because the woman needs the attention having a baby/being a mom will give her.

We as women should collectively shame mothers who do this kind of thing. It's bad for the kid and the sperm donor, and it makes us look like untrustworthy greedy cunts. It's insanely selfish to have a kid when the father doesn't want anything to do with it, and disgustingly selfish to expect him to pay you for 18 years just so you could get what you wanted (a baby and the attention that comes with it).

No. 292781

yeah, single mothers are the ultimate attention whores tbh, it's gross

No. 292784

oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it is what it is!

No. 292786

why do you say that? most single moms I've met are sweethearts and humble, I've heard they're bad in UK though

No. 292790

Pepe the frog is cute and I'm sad he became associated with alt-right shit.

No. 292791

Personally I think a man should always take into account the risk of pregnancy with every sexual encounter. Don't stick your dick in anything if you can't deal with the possibility of things going wrong.
If a woman deceives a man about being on BC(or something like that in general) though, that's a different story.
>We as women
I am almost 100% sure whoever wrote this is a man.

No. 292794

The same could be said for women and it'd be fucking ludicrous. "don't fuck any guy if you're not prepared for pregnancy!!11!!" like no, consent to sex isn't consent to pregnancy. Why should it be different for a man? And I'm a girl, I'm tired of losing all my friends to motherhood, it obviously fucks with our brains because it's the ultimate form of attention seeking behavior.

No. 292795

>financial slavery
Yeah, 100 dollars a month for a human being you co-created really is so much to ask. Oh my god, those poor men.
Why do you want to strip men of all responsibility just to shovel it on mothers? And you know it's not uncommon for men to completely forget about the children they abandoned just to have more kids with another woman. Who said the womam consented to raising a child on her own?

No. 292796

>I'm a girl
>women only get pregnant for attention!!
Uh okay
As you said, both are responsible, but you're trying to claim the man is 100% not responsible at all if he doesn't choose to be, women pay the price either way, so why shouldn't men? They both had a part in baby making therefore they both have a part in child-raising

This. Men tend to be extremely manipulative, they'll play the "oh don't worry baby I'll take care of this" card, walk out at last minute and of course people mob-shame the woman

No. 292799

Giving birth turns women into mindless mombies and destroys their personalities.

No. 292800

It blows my mind how much time my coworkers with kids spend talking about them. It's just non stop, and it's about the most boring mundane shit… lately I'm being treated to a daily update on how many times one kid wees their pants. As obnoxious as it is, it kinda makes me want one to see what all the fuss is about. But it also makes me think that I'd never make it as a parent, I want to focus all my energy on myself.

No. 292802

I'm sorry that biology is unfair, but men will never have to run the risk of pregnancy or ever being pregnant, the fact that it changes your body forever, can absolutely wreck your emotional health, and often times lead to death. So men can deal with paying for child support.

If a man is 100% confident that he never, ever, ever wants to have a child and be a father, then it is his responsibility to use a condom during every sexual act, get sterilized, and make sure that every woman he sleeps with is on the same page as him when it comes to a potential accidental pregnancy.

If a man doesn't want to do any of those things because "but what if she doesn't want to have sex with me after :(" or "but i hate how condoms feel", then he shouldn't have sex. Period, end of story.

Except in instances where a woman deliberately lied or messed with her birth control (which is EXTREMELY rare, despite what MGTOW say), I have zero sympathy for men who whine about child support.

No. 292803

The fact is that the idea of NOT taking an opportunity to have sex is just abhorrent to men. They can't stand it, and it means they'll fuck even if it risks a kid, even if it means raping a drunk girl, any manner of disgusting situations occur because men are so utterly opposed to just not having sex sometimes. It just doesn't even register as an option in their head.

No. 292804

This, I always laugh when men claim to be oppressed on any aspects when it comes to parenting and marriage

No. 292815

There's a certain brand of men, where you know they're only anti-abortion because feminists are pro-abortion.
They don't give a shit about the sanctity of life, or about children (unless they can fuck them), they just want two things: To be contrarian, and to make women's lives more miserable.

No. 292818

Yeah, so what? God forbid anons don't want to see every potentially good thread derailed into /pol/ infographs and sperging about how all blacks should be lynched or incel raging about the ebil wimminz. Thanks, but I'll take generic salt over that trash heap anyday.

No. 292820

Black gays and trannys are so much more bareable than the white ones. All the entitled transbians are usually white dudes.

No. 292822

Honestly, almost everyone looks better with brown eyes

No. 292827

There's just less open black ones because the black community is homophobic as fuck. There's still a high amount of tards even with the low numbers being out of the closet/openly trans. Get a load of this nutcase for instance:


No. 292828

every single fucking tranny is a camtard/in porn. every single one of them. amazing.

No. 292865

You're right about single mothers being horrible in the UK, so entitled and most of them are chavy estate slags who got knocked up by their druggie ex and leech off the government, what's worse is that they think shitting out their little hell spawns gives them some sort of right to just be shitty towards people, I work in retail and some of the most entitled and abusive customers I've had were always single mothers pulling the single mum card to try to get discounts and free shit, no shame, honestly I agree with this anon >>292779 single mothers are the worst

No. 292867

I agree, never really met a single person who agrees with me on this

I have light blueish green eyes and I've always wished my eyes were brown. Anytime I say it people don't believe me and then say "but your eyes are gorgeous and unique, brown eyes are boring." I like to wear brown circle lenses and it especially upsets my parents, for some reason (both of whom have green eyes and think green eyes are some sort of gift from god). I really don't think blue and green eyes are pretty, especially not people with those super light watery blue Scandinavian eyes. They look like soulless nightmare creatures.

No. 292870


I agree! They suit every kind of face.

No. 292874

>Really though, men just tell me my taste is shit and move on
not when they find out you're a woman

No. 292876

should have worn a condom then or got a vasectomy. but they wont because "raw feels better :(((" fucking babies.

No. 292878

File: 1536406867892.gif (189.57 KB, 480x360, 3oEjHAUOqG3lSS0f1C.gif)

>It's women actively trying to control me in a lot of aspects these days.
>literally thinking that anonymous comments on the internet can "control" you

No. 292880

I want to be a mom one day. I agree these kinds of moms drive me insane. I don’t think I could even mention I have a kid unless someone asks. It’s not like they’re my personality. I especially can’t stand when people spam their fb or Instagram page with their kid(s). Or worse they make a whole separate page for them. If anyone has heard of Bart and geo on youtube, they did something like that on ig. They add these cringe worthy captions like “I’m so happi wif me mami teehee!!!” I mean what if the kid grows up and sees all his photos plastered over the internet. He has no say in that. Along with those embarrassing ass captions. What ever happened to just making a baby photo album anymore lol. I would fucking hate myself if I become one of those types.

No. 292882

I think it's been shown in multiple studies that men find singular sources of "sexual" stimuli enough to trigger their own feelings of sexual desire. There doesn't necessarily need to be an entire human in the picture, just breasts or a butt is the enough.
For men with paraphilias, singular sexual stimuli are the ONLY thing that activates sexual desire.

They are truly primitive.

No. 292887

I think poster IDs for each thread should be default on every imageboard.
It would lessen the amount of samefagging and it would prevent situations where some anon wrongly thinks they are replying to another a specific anon.
I really hate when some retard posts something retarded and other retards suddenly think it's me just because I am next in the backlink chain.

No. 292889

I think it's because of the contrast. Most blondes have blue eyes, so with dark hair the eyes will stand out

No. 292894

I sometimes see farmer accusing another farmer of being me because they're disagreeing with them and I disagreed with them like a week ago, the level of paranoia on lolcow is ridiculous.

No. 292895

How many men can just peace out and leave the mother behind with a fetus growing inside her because they can?? they deserve to pay their life savings away.

There was a security guard in my building who knocked up two women and now he has to pay child support for them both. Then he has the nerve to call them crazy, money hungry bitches. please. No sympathy.

No. 292897

Dont underestimate hormones, they will change you, though i have faith that you will still keep to your old principles. We need more attitudes like yours.

No. 292900

File: 1536415910786.jpg (46.26 KB, 917x871, x5hb8.jpg)

Same, anon. Same

No. 292902

i agree with this opinion. I have two friends who had kids and it's all their talk about. My other mom even became a stay at home mom and her fb feed is what you'd imagine– filled with every moment of her child. Not trying to shame her, but why do these mombies feel the need to constantly overshare publically?

>Little jimmy took his first shit today

I don't care, Linda!

No. 292903

Nah, they're all trash imo

Yup, because they think women only make a living off their looks or some bullshit, and to pander to men.

No. 292904

Same tbh, it's been happening a lot, I'm russian neet anon and this bitch has been completely obsessed with me just because she got in a fight with me, when I try to explain to her that just because she disagreed with me once doesn't mean I'm trying to conspire against her she loses her shit and swears up and down how she knows it's me despite none of the people she accused of being me, was me

It's completely insane and kinda disturbing, I know a lot of people here are obsessive but damn

No. 292915

Men think just because they were born men by chance means they deserve the world to be sucking their dick and women should be the ones paying the price
Just look at how fast men are to cry oppression when a man gets punished, or even better go out of their way to point out a woman in the situation and blame it on her
Like the watts case, how many people demanded the mistresses name be put out their and insisting all of it was her fault and not the guy who you know, did the killing anr cheating

No. 292923

I still laugh at the bobs and vegana meme

No. 292934

they take like 75% of your paycheck.

No. 292938

kek, did you hear from the guy who said he was hooking up with him from online and that chris accused shannan of being verbally abusive towards him? i didn't peg him for gay or bi, but damn. i wonder if it's true of if that was just a gay attentionwhore.

No. 292949

@drivers who hate bikers, you guys are fucking shit regardless

My area doesnt have bike lanes or sidewalks and i share a car, so i bike to work frequently. Its good exercise too

nothing irritates me more than when im driving to work and some asshole in theyre shitty oversized ford starts leaning on their horn because im existing on the same road as them? It happens frequently, never in heavy traffic, i keep close to the edge and practice signal use (and houstonians NEVER use them) but they stay mad just because im a very minor percieved obstacle.

Like do you think I enjoy this? Straddling the rightmost line to avoid you? Biking 5 miles along the roads just to work my ass off and do it again on the way back home just to smite you?

Like I get there are annoying bikers. Ive had to drive behind a group of them near the parks, some think they can literally drive in the lane, some dont have lights and its frustrating, but if you’re a good driver, why would it upset you to the point of attempting to deafen them? Just be patient and wait to pass if theyre in the way.

Its a damn suburb in one of the biggest cities in the country
fuck off and drive better.

so the real moral of the story is i just really hate houston drivers and its too damn hot for your nonsense.

No. 292952

I came from 4chan and happened across a thread asking for a female dominated alternative

The guys on the site are a whole different level of pathetic and it got boring listening to them whine about no one wanting to fuck their swamp asses

No. 292955

I agree with you except for
>some think they can literally drive in the lane
I follow traffic laws. You won't find me in the rightmost lane for right turns and I'm trying to make a left turn. Drivers don't seem to care enough about my hand signals for this to be safe for me.

No. 292957

yeah of course, i was talking about the ones that will drive with you instead of either side because it slows everyone down or forces you into the other lane completely

No. 292975

Personally I just hate driving by bikers because I'm paranoid that I'm going to hit them or fuck up with them in some other way. I'm a pretty shit driver even though I try to be a good one.
In other countries I've visited they put the bike lanes by where the pedestrians are, I think that's a much better system than what the US has.

No. 292981


I always felt like shit when I hung out with a friend who bleached their hair white blonde. People would randomly just go up to them (girls and guys), saying "I love your hair! Your hair is gorgeous!" And I'm standing right there like, welp maybe i should bleach too. I know seeking the opinion of random strangers is pointless, but when that repeatedly happens, you start to wonder if brown hair is ugly to most people.

No. 292982

>i-i'm not like other girls!!
You're literally retarded. You probably call yourself an anti-feminist and spends all day sucking incel dick on the internet for validation. You're part of the problem. Fucking tradthots.

Unpopular opinion: I think the internet is very, very boring nowadays. Even what used to be interesting sites like 4chan are dying down and becoming just useless, unfunny trolling. If i see one more post about summoning a succubus on /x/ i might explode.

No. 292983

From what I have seen people like red hair, blonde hair and pure black hair. No love for brown

No. 292987

Imo everybody suits the hair colour they're born with the most.

No. 292988


>Unpopular opinion: I think the internet is very, very boring nowadays. Even what used to be interesting sites like 4chan are dying down and becoming just useless, unfunny trolling.

I agree. It seems like the internet became much more homogeneous around 2011-2012 with very popular sites that have millions of users like youtube, twitter, tumblr, facebook, instagram, etc. reaching a critical mass in size and influence. It doesn't help that Google and other popular search engines have skewed search results towards sites that pay them in ad revenue or whose owners have registered with Google Plus. I miss typing something into search and finding offbeat small forums and weird personal blogs related to the subject. I found a lot of cool websites, some of which I still visit today, that way.

I wish forums would make a comeback as a popular style of website. There don't seem to be any large and active ones under five years old. The loosely moderated back and forth you'd get with people and some of the eccentrics they'd attract was a ton of fun.

No. 292994

It's because brown is the most common generally, unless you live in an area with a lot of Asians. Same reason why everyone loves basically any eye color that isn't brown.

No. 292995

Isn't black the most common? Not just in Asia

No. 293004

I second this. I think humans are really good at picking out when someone has altered something about their physical appearance. its not quite uncanny valley, but something leaning towards it

The only time I cant quite tell is with koreans because it seems like many are attempting achieve a similar aesthetic, like v shaped chins and delicate nose, so its pretty much the norm

No. 293012

I really dislike facebook groups taking over fan communities. There is no sense of community even though people are not anonymous. Random posts are so much worse than threads that stay active forever and that you can read from start to finish at any time. Evertything is so scattered…
The bad thing is that I do not feel the need to join the few boards alive because it's useless. There are barely any users there anyway. Kiwifarms and certain popstar fanboards are the only ones that I know and that are going strong for being forums in 2018.

No. 293018

I think a lot of people agree. Is because the internet is so centralized and corporate now, also way more normies.

Reddit is slowly rolling out a terrible redesign. It is obvious people will reject it. It will be Digg all over again. I'm wondering where everyone will go. I half suspect 4chan will see lots of refugees. Maybe even placed like lolcow and crystal.cafe if they got enough word out. Which could be bad or good but I'm predicting a major upset in the internet landscape sometime soon.

No. 293021

Pardon my 'tism, but I don't understand how people can even use sites like plebbit and facebook. They're just So. Fucking. Ugly. Plebbit is virtually unreadable as is, I can't fathom how they could shit out a layout worse than the current one.

No. 293023

>@drivers who hate bikers, you guys are fucking shit regardless
If they don't honk at you, how are they shit? Why are you assuming the people posting on here are the same as the drivers you're bitching about? I'm a timid driver, never honk, still hate bikers. It's dangerous and I'm terrified of hitting one. Forcing me to break road rules to avoid hitting someone for their convenience/fitness is not something I'm ok with.

No. 293026

>I can't fathom how they could shit out a layout worse than the current one.
I thought I was the only one. Their layout is so fucking bad that I can't even look at it. I used to stumble upon some reddit threads while searching for beauty products and the entire look of the site gave me a headache. How people use it on a regular basis or even enjoy it is beyond me.

No. 293032

you seem personally insulted and projecting quite a bit onto my post without actually reading through the whole thing

>timid driver

just say bad, anon

No. 293034

Serena Williams is such a goddamn drama queen

No. 293061

It took me a very long time to actually start using Reddit because of its layout. Not that it needs any more of it, but the layout definitely hinders community growth.

No. 293114

I enjoy emotionally and physically abusing every bf I get. It seems the more I'm a bitch t them the more they love me as well.

Men wanting nice/submissive women is a meme.

No. 293116

where are you meeting these men?

No. 293138

They're most likely not attractive

No. 293141

It's odd at first but you quickly get used to it. FB is just awful but it's not the layout that's the problem, mostly how they prioritize posts.
They are far worse things out there.
Like how every news site or whatever are now "slideshow" mode where you have to click next and get an ad in between every page, instead of just scrolling down. Those are the truly awful offenders.

No. 293144

That isn't necessarily true. I find that "sub" men tend to be cute.

No. 293146

As an Ana chan I feel bad for transgender people who truly are crazy enough to hate their body and think they're a woman. I know what it feels like to feel body dysphoria. I do think gender dysphoria is a real thing but with that said, I have never met a tranny who really seems like they suffer from body dysphoria, they just seem like dudes who just want to be cute girls and there's nothing deeper to it.

No. 293153


I agree! Your post reminded me that I forget to mention how the structure of Facebook groups, subreddits, personal tumblrs, etc. makes it very difficult to search for something you want or find a particular post later. Forums have well-organized subforums to find just what you're looking for. Facebook groups and subreddits for fandoms dump everything into one hot steaming pile. I honestly don't know how people who've only used these sites for web communities enjoy their experience.

No. 293176

I give negative shits whenever anyone (especially a celeb) dies from an overdose, especially heroin or fentanyl. Mac Miller? Good riddance. Demi Lovato? Wish she'd died when she ODed, I was actually sad that she lived. Doing heroin is the most selfish thing imaginable, and if you're a celeb, it multiplies the selfish factor by about 100000. I'm also opposed to narcan being widely available. Fuck junkies, let them die.

No. 293178

lol doing heroin is only selfish because you hurt the people around you by being a shitter like fucking luna. celebs don't hurt anyone with their shitty actions but themselves.

No. 293179

File: 1536480375225.jpg (102.89 KB, 700x685, 1428984159410.jpg)

>mfw anon spends so much time on lc she actually turns into onion
get help, anon

No. 293180

Celebs have family just like everyone else. They're more selfish than a non-celeb junkie, because celebs can literally do any other drug, or actually do FUN/bougee things. They're just selfish, boring wastes of space and resources, that's why they do heroin.

No. 293185

lol, and who are you that makes you so much more valuable, mother teresa? are you washing the feet of the poor in calcutta and that allows you to make this judgement and call people with families, lives, careers, albeit addictions and struggles, 'useless'?

working for your shitty boss and having a functional relationship with your family doesn't make you anymore valuable lol

No. 293188

Zero respect/sympathy for people who use dangerous drugs to run from their problems. Therapy exists. Go to therapy and deal with your demons rather than running away. You're better off dead than being a junkie forever. Even the "functional" junkies I know, do nothing but cause their entire families heartbreak and suffering. Are their families sad if/when they die from an inevitable OD? Yeah, but it breaks the continuous cycle, and they eventually stop grieving. Having a family member on heroin is like watching them kill themselves every single day.

You sound like a triggered junkie though.

No. 293190

i don't think someone with millions of dollars is more selfish than someone stealing their families welfare check to buy drugs, anon.

No. 293192

Poor people often have nothing to live for, so turning to a life-ruining drug is more understandable. They'd still be better off dead, and don't deserve to be revived with narcan. The hopeless turning to desperate measures makes more sense than someone who has everything going for them.

No. 293193

not a junkie at all, you just sound dumb as fuck and speak as if there are 0 people who've recovered from addiction. pathetic that you're condemning them all because "i just care so much about their family!!!" when it's obv you just use addiction and addicts as a way to make yourself feel superior. again, like onision. celebrities have the means to get clean and plenty have gotten clean. you sound pathetic.

No. 293195

Every single "recovered" addict I have known relapses. They're lost causes.

No. 293206

I think people who still play on DS are childish. Actually, I think video games in general are childish.

No. 293221

Agreed. Same goes for excessive consumption of TV shows. That "netflix binge" shit.

No. 293223

That's too bad. Just remember that your personal experiences don't make a hard and fast rule. I've been to NA and AA meetings with people who have 20+ years of sobriety under their belt. My own mother is one of those people (and personally I'm currently 2 years sober.) They are huge inspirations for people with addiction problems trying to get better.

Though it is a very tough road and some sadly fail, that doesn't discount all those people who've been through hell and back fighting their own addictions and coming out on top.

No. 293252

Speak for yourself; I never got used to it and I've been aware of plebbit for over 5 years now. I go there to pirate games/check on console hacking and I feel nauseous every time I do.

No. 293273

File: 1536502577206.jpg (50.45 KB, 600x400, lola-bunny-600x400.jpg)

I imagine Lola Bunny from Space Jam would look like Saweetie with blond hair and blue contacts IRL.

No. 293276

Thinking that hobbies are childish is childish. Kids are the ones worried about being mature for their age or whatever.

No. 293277


Honestly, I have zero respect for people on heroin and opiates. They should be sent to jail immediately and not be able to get a job. Narcan just prolongs the inevitable.

No. 293281

what age range do you think browse this site?

No. 293446

File: 1536530627185.jpg (58.48 KB, 550x550, 1517967498939.jpg)

I think every cosplayer involved in the Momokun Saga is cringy.
Also some of them need to stop obviously posting on her threads, especially complimenting themselves.

No. 293454

you can use heroin and not have your family find out ;)

No. 293456

we dont need sympathy just not to be called the scum of the earth lol. junkies arent any worse than people who are addicted to other things (validation, food, alcohol, whatever)

No. 293457

>and don't deserve to be revived with narcan
oh fuck off. better off dead can be applied to so many people but fact is that keeping people alive is both the law and morally just.

No. 293458

Ah great so you respect me? Im addicted to amphetamine and alcohol.

No. 293461

File: 1536533122603.jpeg (34.9 KB, 400x400, F3412935-52F1-4AF8-8CB8-90A5E9…)

No. 293464

I think it’s dumb when farmers criticize cows for taking pictures in flattering angles. Everyone takes photos in flattering angles, that’s the weakest “criticism” to give.

No. 293465

I hate junkies too tbh, and those around em that constantly coddle them instead of giving a reality check or hard consequences for their actions.

No. 293475

I miss cows like shmegeh and hancesolo and /fa/ tier drama over things like geobaskets.
Too much obvious bait now and not enough pretentious wankers.hangry Pseudo intellectuals were the most fun.

No. 293479

Yep. Both alcohol and amphetamine are drugs some people can do in moderation and still be functional. I feel sorry for you that you're addicted to them. It's easy to get addicted to drugs that are fairly normalized in society, especially when you see tons of people who are capable of doing those drugs every now and then for recreation. I know tons of people who take an addy every now and then or have a few drinks, and they aren't addicts. Not the case with heroin. Nobody starts heroin and assumes they're going to be functional non-addict, because the precedent of heroin users is that they're all hooked. No sympathy for people who do heroin, they know exactly what they're signing up for, which is a spiral into addiction.

No. 293490

Cosplayers are shitty attention whores and ten bucks says all the posters and lurkers there could have their own snow thread.

Hid that piece of shit thread ages ago.

No. 293496

This goes for Shay's thread and the other threads about camwhores too tbh

No. 293500

Black girls always complain about being seen as manly, unclassy and not attractive

Uh.. maybe they should stop acting like Serena Willians and more like Osaka then(racebait)

No. 293506

I honestly suspect both Susu and Bunny compulsively post in that thread tbh, mainly when the ass slapping drama was the hot shit. Too many people wanking over both of them so much that it started to reek of selfpost.

No. 293507


that's why i don't like threads that allow for multiple subjects to be discussed in general, they attract selfposters like no other and it's impossible to call them out on it even if it's obvious until they slip up and reveal themselves

No. 293509

I think a big problem with black women in the US at least is their obesity problem. So many black women I see are overweight, of course no one will find you attractive. The ones that put some effort into their body and dress like they give at least somewhat of a shit get as much attention as any other race.(racebaiting)

No. 293516

I have a problem with the individuals themselves not their race/gender

No. 293524

Honestly i see a LOT of girls in professional sports that look just as manly as Serena, however its rare for tennis. Tennis girls are usually athletic but thin, especially the Euro girls. If Serena played basketball or ran track she'd fit in more and people wouldnt notice as much.

No. 293527

Yeah but if you criticise any person people have to leap onto ‘it’s because racism!! You hate all the black people!’

Like, no..I haven’t even fucking met them all how can I hate them all?

No. 293529

Well poverty is linked to obesity in America so maybe that’s why

No. 293530

White girls are seen as sults? Idk I just hear that’s all men like white women because they’re naive and easy, like all you have to do is go to a party get drunk and they sleep with you? If white women didn’t like incels jumping at their throat maybe they should have the balls to say fuck off?

No. 293533

And I thought white women had the highest standards out of women of all races, but incels will just look for something to bitch about so no matter if all women begged to suck incel dick or were prudes who didn't even hug a man until she knew he was 100% right for her they'd scream and cry

No. 293535

File: 1536552609235.jpg (24.24 KB, 480x480, 1522988365568.jpg)

Why are you people so obsessed with us? This thread was going just fine until you decided to start racebaiting. I don't see why you feel the need to be so aggressive and divisive toward other women. What do you gain from this? A confidence boost from picking apart an entire other race of women? I just can't relate.
And of course, if any black anon dares to respond in turn, or if one had ever said something like this, period, there would be at least two white anons to lament all the white bashing on LC and how unfair it all is. It just strikes me as hypocritical and pathetic.

No. 293539

They know their top spot has been taken by small east Asian girls and they go after black girls to still feel superior.

No. 293540

Oh its the azn waifu whiteknight

No. 293548

File: 1536553700067.png (1.95 MB, 1550x1060, hypocrisy.png)

I hate that in so many cultures, it's fine to wear shorts that barely cover your asshole, or even thigh-high boots, but the act of wearing stockings in public is considered scandalous and people talk shit. And now it seems like certain women think of them as "tranny wear" which is just fucking dumb.
I never cared if it was seen as weeby (honestly, I am kind of a weeb. I love J-fashion, and I prefer wearing things that make me feel happy and could signal my interests so it's easier to make friends), it's just all these other associations that irritate me.

No. 293550

File: 1536553840631.jpeg (17.28 KB, 313x470, 3C61D428-5F1C-4C7D-8CE7-98D2A3…)

Ass cheeks hanging out of shorts is some trailer trash fashion and I can’t believe people actually think it looks good.

Sort of related, those cold shoulder tops look like shit 100% of the time. Why are so many women wearing such ugly stuff?

No. 293552

NTA, but notice this only ever happens when some people brings up non-white girls out of nowhere, anon. No one would be talking about how white women view Asian women if certain anons would stop going on about how Asian/black/brown girls are totally this or that in the first place.
Just live your life. Our real enemy is incels anyway.

No. 293553

I hate in trailer parks wearing ripped up tanks and torn up shorts is the norm, so when someone wears something clean and not like they just got done with yard work they'll get "what fancy place you going" stares

Don't judge me pls but I spent my childhood and teen years in a hick town, when I got into fashion anytime I refused to wear anything not trashy people would think I'm some rich upper class person going to a meeting lol, you can literally just wear a sweater and jeans and people will think you're a billionaire, its crazy

No. 293583

I hate it too. I kinda get it, it's particularly attractive to certain men because it's the suggestion of lewd rather than the outright skimpiness of sluttier clothes, but it's still so fucking arbitrary.

Good choice of a picture because lately I've been thinking that jean shorts cut off mid thigh are the ugliest pants ever. They are flattering on literally nobody, on someone with a perfect body they look dowdy, on someone with a normal or fat body they are frumpy and hideous as fuck. No particular sense of style has ever inspired their use, they are only ever worn when someone doesn't give a fuck.

No. 293605

There's no such thing as a "recovered" addict, and the fact that they think they are is why they relapse. People with the awareness that they can relapse at any time, and maintain their sobriety are the ones that wind up going 20 or 30 years sober.

No. 293614

i'll play devil's advocate and say that i think it's because thigh high stockings are still associated with lingerie/garter belts, and also that i think people who judge stockings probably also judge ass cheek shorts, so the pic is kind of a strawman, but i get the point

No. 293620

I’m Asian American and I feel like other AM get baited so easily on media starring asian people because “OMG THEY TOTALLY GET US OMG REPRESENTATION!!!” and so we end up with too many characters who go on and on about how poor little timmy chang gets made fun of for his stinky school lunch and lame jokes about how mom is a perfectionist who doesnt show love and only wants her kids to get good grades. Its so played out and cringy, its like watching those shows that appeal to people in the south who idolize “redneck” lifestyles. Most of these kinds of people pee their pants at the thought of an asian actor in American media, but never question why japanese characters are speaking with obvious Vietnamese accents or why half korean characters are played by people who look full SEA.

If you want better representation, then go all out and start being more picky about who gets casted for what and dont come crying when somebody calls you chinese.

No. 293621

The pants combo is what made it the worst shirt pic I could find. There’s nothing good for that model to work with in the outfit pictured. They’re hideous shirts and hideous pants.

Honestly I grew up with the same crap and just accepted the stares and questions. Rather be the best dressed hick they think is snobby than any more like crystal from the strip club and her trailer full of shitty kids. Love yourself anon. Wear decent clothes and be better than the hicks. (For real though I get it, they go crazy like you think you’re a starlet if you have actual shoes on, not just flip flops or slippers. Can’t wait to accidentally step on a diabetes-gangrenous or frostbitten toe to be honest and an edgy edgelord.

No. 293622

File: 1536563393627.jpg (87.46 KB, 592x862, KcgvSDu.jpg)

You know that Naomi Osaka is half-black right?

Yes! This has been bothering me for years. I've always loved the look of skirts+thigh socks, it's really cute plus it keeps you warm without wearing tights (which are uncomfortable as shit) but whenever I wore that combination I'd get THE rudest stares from people, especially strangers and my friend called it ''slutty looking''.
If I hadn't worn the socks and just the skirt alone no one would've had a problem, even if it was quite short.

I think it's because where I'm from, a lot of people associate thigh-high socks with stripper attire for some reason. But they're starting to be slightly more accepted because IG fashion has hopped on the bandwagon and ruined it like it does with everything else.

No. 293628

File: 1536563821404.jpeg (174.84 KB, 500x600, 1E4ED3A0-F944-4798-B7C9-E5A5C9…)

Cold shoulder has the potential to look cute with the right style and fabric, but that thin material that clings to your body with random big chunks missing makes it look trashy

Theres nothing worse than seeing a cute shirt and then realizing its got stupidly placed holes in the shoulders

No. 293631

I hope your pic wasn’t meant to be a good example because she looks like she’s ready to cry over that disgusting sack of a blouse.

No. 293645

Holy shit yes. Are you me.
I love wearing knee or thigh high socks but don't like the weird sexual thing about it.
I found the above knee socks with trainers, shorts and tshirt or oversized hoodie is the most comfortable. You don't get as much stares because it looks more sporty. I feel way more self conscious wearing long socks with dresses or skirts but I like how it looks. I think people stare at that combo more creepily from the whole school girl fantasy thing.
It also attracts weebs

No. 293703

The truth. They feel attack by someone in 2nd place so they hurt those in last place to assure themselves that they are winners.

No. 293707

They're afraid to be aggressive and say what they want b/c they don't want to lose that model minority status; thus, whites walk over them. The only time whites support Asians is when they need a wedge against Blacks. Stop being a attack dog for whites and become Yellow Peril.

No. 293818

Too much anime turns girls lesbians

No. 293827

you mean it turns boys into traps?

No. 293829

hard agree.

No. 293831

no one's talking about boys. anime girls are fucking pretty as fuck!

No. 293834

Boys are conditioned to desire to become cute moe anime girls uwu
and girls are conditoned to be more attracted to other girls, fakeboys in case its Yaoi, than they normally would be.

No. 293835

I think it's because some people watch so much porn they eventually start to associate it with clothes they usually see in it. Thigh high socks as well as checkered skirts, when I wore one of those skirts I got so many dirty stares even though it was almost knee lenght.

No. 293836

ot anons are straight up spergs constantly taking bait. but boy do i love reading the resulting garbage fire

No. 293848

Im literally just talking about my addictions in response to someone talking about their thoughts on addictions but sure, thats edgy.

No. 293849

lots of them are

No. 293853

why didn't you just say no to drugs? Why is it so hard?

No. 293864

Nta but, why don't you just stop acting like a cunt? Why is it so hard?

No. 293880

Some anons have their priorities in order and it offends the ones that are content to be a waste of space/time/resources. It’s not cunty or hard to grasp. Unless you’re an addict.

No. 293884

Tall women are hideous.

They creep me out so bad with their hulking bodies, long faces and huge hands/feet. I don't get how 'Amazonian Godesses' became such a meme when even models, aka GOD TIER TALL WOMEN, have uglier features than the average normal woman.

No. 293889

pizza sucks. i unironically only like thin crust veggie pizza from dominos, especially when it's cold.

No. 293891

Pizza tastes like pure salt, I can't stomach it at all.

No. 293894

Ugh, yes. I hate how when I say, "oh, I don't eat pizza." it's met with such over dramatic reactions. It's also hard when at work places pizza is the default meal for everyone when it comes to it and I just have to silently go hungry because I don't want to make a big deal or deal with everyone's stupid reactions. Fuck pizza tbh

No. 293901

Adults who are vocally fussy about common foods that most people like or can at least tolerate are childish.

I can be fussy but I don't bitch when my friend gives me free food that isn't something I like or when my workplace can't adapt to my weird diet.

I used to be incredibly fussy as a child and I would still politely eat food I disliked when my friends parents made it for me.
I really do not get people who are adults, who haven't learned how to do this yet, even worse are people who gag in response to seeing food they don't like in public.

Like if you are fussy that's a personal issue that nobody else is responsible for and NOBODY wants to listen to you talk about how disgusting X common food is unless they feel the same.

No. 293907

Honestly you can overcome taste aversions by literally just trying that same food over and over and over again.

No. 293916

Exactly, that's why it's so frustrating when people who are fussy complain!

Like unless someone is literally forcing you to eat something that disgusts you, don't complain about it, don't come out to dinner and then bitch that there's nothing on the menu you like, it's so fucking disrespectful.

No. 293932

I absolutely agree. Adult picky eaters seriously upset me. It's just whiny and selfish, and the ultimate form of immaturity. Unfortunately here in Burgerland I'd say roughly 1/5 of adults are ridiculously picky. Hell, a lot of people who love to say how NOT picky they are, end up being super picky (no mushrooms! no fish! no olives! I hate 5+ common vegetables! No "weird" spices! Oooh two red pepper flakes is TOO SPICY). Honestly, maybe it's just where I live particularly in Burgerland, but from boomers to gen z, picky fucks abound. In fact it seems to be the default, not super picky as in only tendies and fries, but to have a gigantic list of "no" foods. It seems like a good third of people at any given time, or more, hate fish and mushrooms??? it's so pathetic

No. 293943


I partly agree with this opinion, because pizza outside Italy (and especially in America) tends to be a fucking travesty.

No. 293950


I liked the old plebbit layout, it was simplistic in a slightly old-timey internet way. The current one is disgusting though, I have to type old.reddit.com/r/name of subreddit every time instead, I can't stand to look at that autoscrolling mess.

Fuck sites that autoscroll in general. Fuck you, I want to bookmark the page I'm on, not just scroll for a fucking year to get back where I was.

No. 293952

Fakebois (specifically fakebois who only want to fuck other fakebois) are the most tolerable troons. "Truscums" are completely batshit and usually stay that way, while fakebois are just going through a shitty phase. Literally all TIMs can go fuck themselves, no exceptions.

No. 294031

I think the obsession with pizza comes from conditioning, ever since we were children on fun school days we would get pizza, usually thoughout preteen and teen years kids will order pizza at sleepovers

I don't think it's the actual taste of pizza, rather the memories that come with it

No. 294074

It's a sad truth, but some feminists really are just professional victims. They're the type who aren't ready to check their own kind for shitty behavior and just blame patriarchy and men for literally everything (even for things they do).
Some people in the movement for all the wrong reasons (eg selfishness). They lack empathy, even for other women, and they subsequently fuck it up for everyone. I agree with a lot of feminist talking points, so this was a hard pill to swallow.

No. 294076

Like what? What things do they do but blame men for?

No. 294077

Basically all forms of oppression (including some forms of sexism) that they personally don't get affected by. They'll deny the existence of any oppression but that which they themselves have been through, or even deliberately treat other women like shit. When someone says "That's fucked up", they either gaslight and play victim, or go on about how it doesn't matter because men are even worse. It's just ugly behavior. I wish all women would stand together and show understanding to each other from all walks of life, but I guess the human race is too shitty for that.

No. 294078

i think that's just a symptom of any "ism". you replace the ideas and philosophies of the ideology with your own personal ones, and it colors all your experiences. it muddies your perception and blinds you from seeing anything that doesn't fit perfectly into the ideology. that's why i respect feminism as a philosophy but would rather not think of myself as a feminist. in any given situation, i want to have a chance at being in touch with my true feelings and ideas, not just "how can i view this with a feminist lense?" or "what's a feminist way to approach this?"

No. 294080

can you give any specific examples?

No. 294081

Unrelated, but the shit that went on in the man-hating thread reminded me of it, tbh. Same victim complex, crybullying BS, blame-shifting and using the sort of mind games men typically use.

No. 294086

bc it probably was partially men larping tbh

No. 294087

It just seemed like one or two regulars showing their nasty prejudices, then accusing everyone who told them they were wrong of "invalidating their experiences".

No. 294088

holy shit thank you. I will pretty much eat anything (the only thing I hate is cilantro because I have that genetic thing that makes it taste like soap, and even then I'll still eat food with cilantro in it if it's offered) so I have a hard time with picky eaters. I try to be patient but when people need to heap sugar on things just so they'll be palatable, or when they gag or do other childish shit when they see food they hate I get so annoyed. These people usually were spoiled in terms of their diet, too – I had a lot of picky friends growing up and nearly all of them ate nothing but sweets, bread, meat, and pasta growing up because their parents never made them try anything they scrunched their noses at.

No. 294094

pretty sure libfem white feminists who don't care about POC are way less harmful than handmaiden "it was her fault for dressing that way" soccer moms who train their daughters to be cumdumpsters. that's just one example though, there are also tradthots who do nothing but undermine other women for example.

No. 294096

They're all shit-tier for different reasons, IMO. The libfems who "don't care" aren't just complicit in racism, they often actively participate and then try to use their own oppression as a shield (much like gay white guys who unironically say shit like "I can't be racist, I'm gay"). They also undermine other women because they can't fathom any experience that doesn't revolve around themselves.

No. 294103

yeah, I haven't said that they aren't trash. it's just that many of them don't actively do things to undermine other women, and if they do it's because they are too self absorbed, differently from the other examples I mentioned.

No. 294105

File: 1536657015097.jpg (109.71 KB, 500x750, tumblr_metxtclMx61qdgbsho1_500…)

Short women are hideous.

They creep me out so bad with their dwarfy bodies, big faces and sausage fingers/toes. I don't get how 'uwu sm0l loli' became such a meme when even idols, aka GOD TIER SHORT WOMEN, have uglier features than the average normal woman.

No. 294108

This. Also when tall women put on weight, it's spread out a bit more. Short girls look nice when thin, but as soon as they put weight on, it's extremely noticable.

No. 294111

sorry but both of you sound insecure and crazy.

No. 294116

Coconut oil is overrated and over hyped.

No. 294132

Bait from insecure girls is fuckin wild

No. 294138

And watch at least one idiot fall for it

No. 294152

It’s insecurities all the way down.

No. 294243

they do all the time and its fantastic to see ot fill up with retards who cant control themselves

No. 294293

Because i didnt want to lmao. Im not complaining.

No. 294295

what specific shit?

No. 294299

I was agreeing with you until
>even idols, aka GOD TIER SHORT WOMEN, have uglier features than the average normal woman
No. They're beautiful. The right thing to say would be:
>even idols, aka GOD TIER SHORT WOMEN, try to appear tall because a long and slender figure is objectively prettier than a short stumpy one.
'uwu sm0l' is only a meme because men are insecure.

No. 294301

it's an unpopular opinion thread

No. 294314

this, olive or grapeseed oil is wayy better, not just for cooking but it moisturizes better and makes better scrubs and oil treatments, I hate how clumpy coconut oil is

No. 294315

I agree, tall women have really nice legs and look really elegant. I'm 5'5 so not really tall or short in my country but I would take being too tall over being too short any day.

No. 294326

I think parents should be allowed to hit their children as a form of discipline because I was the only one out of me and my siblings who was beaten and Im the only one who actually turned out well.

No. 294348


Coconut oil is a literal meme, unhealthy as hell, especially when digested.


Yeah, only very slim short women can be cute. Normal weight with a bit of chub already spreads awkwardly and an actual overweight bmi quickly looks hamplanet tier.


Well, not beaten, but a slap or pulling the hair a little (not hard) should be considered ok as a last resort when nothing else works and the kid is still acting like a shithead. In my country you'll have your kids taken anyway for this though kek. Needless to say, we have a lot of shittily raised, selfish, I'm-the-center-of-the-universe kids in here.

No. 294350


taken away*, my bad.

No. 294351

You sure? You don't sound well.

No. 294390

I've personally never had any problems with coconut oil. It's made my skin smoother, my teeth whiter, my hair healthier and moisturized my lips.

No. 294391

You didn't turn out well. You think it's okay to hit kids.

No. 294397

>my skin smoother
Please don't tell me you put that shit on your face, anon.

No. 294411

I was the only one of my siblings that was beaten and I'm a fucking wreck so nah.

No. 294414

Nta but just an idea, what if people don't have all the same genetics and thus don't have the same reactions to specific foods? Now wouldn't that be wild?

No. 294415

I use it in my skincare routine. I obviously can't speak for everyone, but it's made my face much clearer and my PIE's faded.
I've seen people complain coconut oil has made them break out, but that's never happened for me.
I don't know why people don't just accept that different skin types have different reactions to substances, like >>294414 said.

No. 294419

File: 1536692703285.jpg (184.26 KB, 1126x1126, a9Fanba.jpg)

No matter how good-looking someone is, unnaturally colored hair always ruins the look.

Also, balayages are ugly for the most part.
When the contrast between roots/overall hair and tips is very minimal it looks pretty cute, but otherwise it's just so off-putting to me for some reason.

No. 294441

This stinks of insecurity. Seek help.
You too. Spanking is fine, as long as it's not spanking so hard it leaves bruises. But hitting kids is just plain stupid.

No. 294452

All of the people I've seen for this only use anecdotal evidence that it makes kids more well behaved. Pretty much all studies on the subject conclude it doesn't make kids behave better.

No. 294462

lol yea except psychology/sociology "studies" are extremely unreliable and biased literally 99% of the time.

No. 294481

I think the only reason these became popular is because it’s less maintainence on bleaching roots every so often when full on solid blonde.

No. 294483

Autism is way too over diagnosed in kids these days, it's just like when every slightly energetic kid had ADHD 10 years ago

No. 294507

And? Obvious bait is still obvious bait.

No. 294521

Because anecdotal evidence is so much better.

No. 294534

>is on an obscure, niche chan, probably roasting some internet persona on /snow/ or /pt/ while hiding her own insecurities
>thinks she's well

whew lad

No. 294541

I feel like most people who massively hate glitterforever are just jumping on a bandwagon, yeah she's a mess but she never really did anything ~that~ awful and people are talking about her like she's hitler, I will admit she's a bit shady

I also don't wanna pull "it's cause she's a woman" card but yeah, men like ricegum, h3h3, idubz, shane dawson, etc make disgusting and offensive jokes and skits a lot

No. 294542

agreed, or altered stats low how MRAs cry about getting longer time, in order to prove it they don't go into detail about crimes and just clump them together

No. 294574

A lot female characters on 90s shows just seem pathetic. Like the Gilmore girls, facility and aly mcbeal. Facility is all about a girl who dropped all her college plans to stalk some guy in New York. I wonder if these shows were made ironically.

No. 294582

I love when ugly chicks have nothing better to do than post bait. Stay mad, Susan.

No. 294599

I don’t understand the cognitive dissonance in it being illegal to hit your spouse but ok to hit children

No. 294600

which character on gilmore girls is pathetic to you?

No. 294607

File: 1536723348443.jpg (978.86 KB, 500x250, IBnIpNn.jpg)

nta but lorelai is so needy and codependent. relies on her daughter for emotional support even though she has other adult female friends, always jumping from man to man to help make her life easier even if she's not actively in love, and instead of just distancing herself from her parents because she's an adult, her attitude is like "ughhhh i'm struggling it's because you didn't support me enough growing up :/ oh but i don't want your HELP though! god! don't you know i'm an independent inn owner despite all the odds?! muh inn muh teenage runaway years" it's not that it isn't relatable and sympathetic, it definitely is, but yeah a little pathetic.

rory's blonde boyfriend was pretty cucky too. logan i think?

No. 294611


I thought GG was great in how they wrote characters. When they wrote annoying, I enjoyed that it came off annoying. But Lorelai needed some more gap-filling development after her, I don't know, four broken engagements/marriages.

Logan was pretty cucky. I think that's the best way to describe him. Have you seen Year in the Life? You know, where him and Rory are…

No. 294612

File: 1536724763346.gif (432.09 KB, 500x251, bestboy.gif)

i did see it and they took everything that mildly annoyed me about lorelai in the original show and amped it up to be way worse. i watched the original show when i was like 14 and thought lorelai was great and wished she was my mom but seeing her with an adult's perspective reveals her flaws. i think the show was well written too. characters were archetypal but not cartoonish. they all had things about them to make them truly relatable and complex that set them apart from characters in other shows with the same archetype.

No. 294627

File: 1536729669709.jpg (8.04 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

i thought lorelai was kind of bratty but a good mother tbh. i don't think she was that desperate for a man. it seemed like just kept them around for attention but kept them relatively distanced tbh.

and what was cucky about logan? he was skeezy, if anything. not cucky at all, imo. though i think rory has the charisma and charm of a moldy manilla folder, rory deserved waywayway better than all of her bfs.

what REALLY pissed me off about gg, tbh, was the way rory was constantly praised for being so talented, but we were literally never shown any of her talents or even really developed an emotional connection to her at all, or at least, i didn't. she had very little personality. emily and lorelai were both lively and multi-faceted women (that were such great characters), and rory was just… there, but received 1000000x more praise and admiration than emily or lorelai despite being such a bore. she was the most flat character with no passion for anything but 'reading' (allegedly) to the point where we couldn't go thru an episode without hearing from everyone in stars hollow and everywhere else, about how she's the second coming of christ. there was no excitement in her voice about anything, really. you'd think she'd had clinical depression, ffs.

also kind of annoyed me the way they made it seem like rory was such an underdog child when realistically, her grandparents would've done anything for her and lorelai (even if not on ideal terms). most 'poor' underprivileged children and grandchildren don't have a cushion of literal multimillionaire parents and grandparents that will do anything for you to fall back on.

i remember emily said once about her (about some scholarship or s/t) "no one could deserve it more than rory!!!" like, just, so ridiculous and delusional.

saged for gg sperging, i just have so many feelings about it

No. 294633

File: 1536730185221.jpg (37.1 KB, 600x447, cb9a74982b73963c3974dbfbd8390f…)

Rory was always a spoiled brat to me. She always got everything she wanted, her personality was literally just looking cute and she always got away with everything because she's sorry about messing up/ didn't know any better. I mean she slept with another girl's husband KNOWING he was married and was then made a victim because the guy's mother-in-law was pissed at her and Lorelai defended her because look at how sad about it she is! Then her grandparents bought her everything she wanted because she was a good girl, let her NEET around at their place because she's just "trying to find herself", she got everything she wanted and she was still unhappy.

Meanwhile Paris was always the butt monkey of the show yet she ended up being ten times more successful because she's not a little bitch.

No. 294637

have you guys seen this? some of it i find a little cynical and dumb but you might appreciate the rory call out

No. 294652

File: 1536732347019.jpg (35.52 KB, 500x368, 3be47f8c2882b00b361e54dc74b900…)

tbh i dont see anything wrong with NEETing it up if you don't know what you want, the problem is that she never appreciated anything, really, and went out of her way to ruin shit for other people, then act like such an innocent victim all of the time. and seriously, if rory was just an average tubby girl everyone would've been telling her what a worthless, boring sack of shit she is/was, but her entire personality was literally "she likes reading and is so cute ^.^".

glad they called her out for being a shitty person, but this is such a dumb theory and these two are super stupid for not seeing that rory didn't even seem remotely perfect in the original series. she was worse in the original series, even, imo. she was fraught with flaws, imo, to the point of aggravation, they just never framed it like that bc she was supposed to be the cute, baby genius shy girl. fuck, even april, as insufferable as she was, had more personality to her. rory seemed like such a huge mary sue, but instead of for like, male attn, just, attention and praise in general.

is there a tv thread? would anyone like a thread for gilmore girls or tv or something? tbh i love gg and there's so much to dissect imo. i especially want to talk about that fuuucking ending that was soooo formulaic and painful, esp to think ASP apparently had those "four words" in mind from the beginning of the series. so anti-climactic and predictable and just, ran counter to everything rory was supposedly about.

No. 294659

A lot of black people who joke about white food being too bland are the same kind of people to drown their food in cheap tabasco sauce and kill any real flavor a dish might have.

No. 294677

I think people just like different spices.
From what I've read black people like hotter things, but also can't stand some of the spices we use.
In elementary school we were asked to make little packages that then were sent to some African country as christmas gifts for poorer kids and I remember being told that they can't eat our typical christmas spices, so we weren't allowed to include things like gingerbread.
Just because it doesn't "burn" away your tongue doesn't mean it's bland, just seasoned differently.

No. 294713

I'm African and I hate gingerbread (or ginger mixed with anything sweet). Can confirm.
My mom loves it, though. I can't relate.

No. 294752

I enjoyed Suicide Squad.

No. 294791

What's her height?

No. 294793

I dont know/care if susu and bunny are together for real but what I do know it's that they use their relationship to pander their gross fanbase. And personally, every self respecting lesbian I know would kill themselves before producing wank material for incels

No. 294795

This. I'm 100% positive they're not actually lesbian and only marketing themselves as such to pander to their neckbeard fanbase for sex appeal.

No. 294797

literally who

No. 294801

No. 294802

Virgin autists are way more entertaining than normie guys. No, I don't wanna hear another lame story about you and some girl you found in a club/bar.

No. 294809

Maybe because you relate more to the autistic virgin guys?

No. 294810

I like non-virgin autists who have insane stories, personally.
Virgin autists don't lead very interesting lives. They can only talk about video games, how much they hate anyone who's not exactly like them, all the vaginas they'll never touch, memes and their depression.

No. 294815

agree. normie men>autist men/normie girls>autist girls in order of interesting-ness for me at least.

No. 294817

No. 294819

humans are carnivores, and eating all these plants is poisoning us.

No. 294829

Go on the nocarb subreddit and tell me if you really think humans are meant to be carnivores lol.

No. 294836

sure thing Jordan Peterson

No. 294844

Nope, we're omnivores. Adults who say shit like this are honestly just grown-up versions of the kids who scrunch their nose up at vegetables and make up any excuse not to eat healthy.
Your blood must be 10% gravy by now.

No. 294846

No. 294848

>What helps us shit properly is what is poisoning us

You gotta love amerifats.

No. 294852

People that claim to be cured from everything with the carnivore diet are just gluten intolerant that unknowingly destroied their intestines for so long that they can't even digest the minimum of fiber anymore.

No. 294857

Everyone is gluten intolerant.

No. 294858

Actually gluten is indeed bad for human intestines in general, it's like sand paper for the membranes.

No. 294860

Fat should be our primary energy source.

No. 294861

long therm ketosis is harmful and unnatural, people should alternate it with the seasons.

Also, the way Murricans treat diets like religions is crazy.

No. 294862

You shouldn't take nutrition advice from farmers.

No. 294863

The way Americans treat the FDA like religion is crazy.

No. 294864

>I let anons decide my diet for one week
Buzzfeed video material right here.

No. 294866

In Murrica even Atheists act like religious people, it's all very bizarre.

No. 294868

American are crazy because they have no identity to cling to, so they chose health, diet, religion, atheism, video game, MLM, anything to get a sense of belonging.

No. 294869

Americans are crazy because they're all addicted to sugar.

No. 294872

both the non-americans bitching about americans and their superiority complexes are annoying

No. 294900

Not the anon your replying to but that's Frida Gustavsson, she's 6'1 or 1.85m

No. 295054

File: 1536799144645.jpeg (122.51 KB, 640x723, 9444FCDB-19B6-419D-A082-886F6D…)

Its not anybody’s job to “check up” on other peoples mental health issues. I hate how when somebody commits suicide they always turn to the persons loved one for not picking up and it and asking if they are okay. Then all of the sudden this makes them selfish for carrying on with their own lives and not having to check and see if so and so is okay 24/7.

No. 295060

robin williams literally EXUDED sadness both in his characters and in real life i dont understand how anyone could have not picked up on that

No. 295062

I'm black and sometimes I take plain hot peppers and just dip them in sauces. I love the burn.

No. 295073

I don't people are obligated to check up on someone if they don't want to. But I think that tends to show that such a person isn't important in your life if you don't want to spend the effort.

No. 295075

Robin Williams also had a wife and children whom he both openly loved and shared his love for zelda and evangelion.

To make the family and loved ones of people who commit suicide feel GUILTY or 'they could have prevented this if only…' is utter bullshit and not cool at all.

Sometimes people just want to kill themselves.

No. 295076


>But I think that tends to show that such a person isn't important in your life if you don't want to spend the effort.

Wrong. Life happens. Sometimes i want to call up or text a friend, but then end up doing three 10 hour shifts in a row and i'm exhausted. or i dont get the time. or vice versa.

When you get older, you end up with less time for people, or only prioritize certain people (boyfriend/wife/husband/etc.)

No. 295080

Depressing if true. But I don't think I'd notice unless a friend asked me if they could vent or wanted to talk about their mental health. Why would you think to check in on your friend if they never bring anything up? I'm actively suicidal and all this mentality does is make you resent people close to you for living their lives. I don't think ppl don't want to spend the effort they just literally don't know.

No. 295083

……why are people still trying to paint Robin's suicide as depression-related anyway???

He had Lewy Body dementia.
His terminal illness literally changed his brain, he was no longer himself, and in boughts of clarity, he knew he was going. He could no longer memorize lines. Even his wife says his suicide had nothing to do with depression. He was down because his body was literally DESTROYING itself! If he could feign being better he would've, but physically he couldn't.

Sorry but I hate when depression fags try to equate their sads to terminal illnesses where a person is stripped of themselves in more than a mental sense.

No. 295090

I'm not saying that you have to text people every day. But if you haven't contacted someone for six months then you probably don't care about them. It's fine because the person has moved out of your life. But why act like you care?

I don't think you need to ask people about their mental health. More like, "Hey how are you?" in general.

No. 295110

Because tumblr glorifies mental illnesses and think suicide is someone else's fault and never the victim's for some reason.

Also, thank you bringing that up. A lot of love to use Robin Williams as the spokesperson for suicide awareness and it's really upsetting.

No. 295112

Haha this reminds me when I worked at a Chinese takeout place for a couple years. Whenever the (Chinese) chef knew the order was for a black person he would just automatically add extra spice to the dish. He also would have me put red pepper packets into their bag. Only for black people tho and 100% of the time lol

No. 295154

heh I work at a chinese takeout too and I do a similar thing, I always include a cup of hot sauce in black or brown folks' orders. We don't charge it since no one ever asks for it. They always tip me well now.

No. 295242

NTA but he had been diagnosed with severe depression and struggled with alcoholism for decades and drug addiction in the 70's. He didn't know he had Lewy because it was misdiagnosed as Parkinson's disease and it wasn't found out about until his autopsy. However his wife had stated that he had suffered of delusions and paranoia which were probably caused by it and contributed to his suicide.

No. 295280

It's a straight up causation that his disease caused the dementia and delusion to kill himself. Nothing else. Sorry.

No. 295297

Anons lusting after barely legal kpop idols is fucking creepy.
>i want my little brother to grow up to be just like him
Yeah right…

No. 295298

Why do you assume it's sexual? Do you automatically think people want to fuck anyone they call cute?

No. 295299

Meh men do it all the time do I don't see the issue. At least it's one step closer to stopping the "women like old men" and "men age like wine and women age like milk" memes. Men should feel just as shit for getting old as women.

No. 295303

I think americans need to stop acting like they live in a 3rd world dictatorship, when they are insanely privileged. the american """poor""" would be considered average or better in most of the rest of the world. also, stop shoving your annoying fucking politics down everyones throats. i really dont care which one of the stupid billionares is your president kek

No. 295305

If you don't want to hear about american politics, maybe you should start using websites that aren't full of americans?

No. 295306

Because they openly admitted they're thirsting after them, that they want to date them, that they feel guilty because they're much older? One even said she hoped that a guy was still as small as in older pics of him

We all know that people don't "stan" kpop because they're so talented, so give me one reason why an adult women gushing over how pretty those underage boys are, is not creppy.

Lusting after young men is completely okay and normal, but not boys.

No. 295307


You mean.. Avoid all of the fucking internet? Your kind infiltrate every single corner of the WORLD wide web, and it's annoying.

No. 295311

Not the 16 y/o ones which was what the "i want my little brother to grow up to be just like him" comment was about. No one said anything sexual about those two. The others are legal now so I don't give a shit about people thirsting after them.

>give me one reason why an adult women gushing over how pretty those underage boys are, is not creppy.

Because they think they're cute. Simple as that.

No. 295313


No. 295316

Barely legal is 18-21. Those are young men.

No. 295318

America is as backward as a third world country when it comes to a lot of things, and a lot of European countries are just better.

No. 295354

lmfao america isnt as backwards as a third world country in any way tho? im literally saying this as a central european person, america is a lot better developed than literally every single central/eastern european country, hell its probably a lot better than a lot of western european countries too, and americans need to stop pretending theyre some sort of oppressed and impoverished nation when theyre one of the most rich and powerful in the entire world. and also its insulting as fuck that americans and people from other countries with ego issues (esp ppl from western europe) try to make it seem like america is the same as a 3rd world country, when americas struggles are so minor compared to the struggles of other nations.

bitch, i cant even avoid hearing about american politics irl anymore either because the last few american tourists ive had to interact with couldnt even go 5 minutes without talking about fucking donald trump.

No. 295356

i think anon means with like women's issues? that's usually what people mean, but it's not like england is the land of abortions either.

No. 295359

Americans aren't used to living in a shitty country like you anon

No. 295363

i dont mean to offend you anon but claiming that america is behind on womens issues is delusional.

No. 295364

Central Europe consists of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. If you really live there you should know that America is not "a lot better developed than literally every single central/eastern european country"…

No. 295366

which is why is said central/eastern european

No. 295367

>im literally saying this as a central european person, america is a lot better developed than literally every single central/eastern european country
Then stop using "literally"

No. 295369

stop being a sperg literally doesn't mean even mean literally anymore

No. 295370

oh no, i'm not saying that! i'm just saying that's likely what she is implying. many american women seem to think that they are because certain other countries are a bit more lax.

No. 295374

i see, sorry for misunderstanding

No. 295408

File: 1536862633600.gif (261.77 KB, 268x200, nope.gif)

I don't know about the anon who complained in the first place but in my case and many others, that would mean avoid the entire internet, the news in general, conversations about the news regardless if it's local or international news, pop culture stuff such as movies and tv shows that you can still be exposed to indirectly (like when everyone was so obsessed with Black Panther when it was released), etc. That would also mean for teenagers skipping some history and geography classes in middle school and high school. So yeah, good luck with that, unless you're fine with being a complete shut-in with no contact with the outside world.

No. 295416

1. I'm not American lol, I've just visited and get smacked in the face with their politics 24/7.
2. Just because your country is a shithole doesn't mean the entire continent of Europe is. Get a grip.
I wasn't talking about wealth and power, either. Despite having plenty of that, America is still behind other countries when it comes to things like hygiene in their major cities (take NYC for example, shudder), their healthcare system (yeah okay have fun paying out the asshole for getting hurt), college tuition, etc etc.
When it comes to social issues like the prison system, politics, racism, gun laws, free speech, etc, I see Americans still debating shit other countries have moved on from. Like, some things they just can't seem to figure out. It's embarrassing. Only in America have I seen people talk shit about Muslim societies for their fucked up child marriage practices, but have yet to formally ban the practice on their own land, or do anything about those little girls who are raised in insane polygamist Christian sects and get married at like 11.

No. 295505

>When it comes to social issues like the prison system, politics, racism, gun laws, free speech, etc, I see Americans still debating shit other countries have moved on from. Like, some things they just can't seem to figure out. It's embarrassing. Only in America have I seen people talk shit about Muslim societies for their fucked up child marriage practices, but have yet to formally ban the practice on their own land, or do anything about those little girls who are raised in insane polygamist Christian sects and get married at like 11.

Most Americans look down on that shit, fyi. It sucks that it happens but I wouldn’t say it’s the norm. Also I feel like certain places in Europe enable Muslim child marriages more so than the U.S coughSwedencough

No. 295608

American here, can confirm. I also speculate this is why our political parties are growing more and more extreme (on both sides.)

No. 295618

>lmfao america isnt as backwards as a third world country in any way tho?
You must be white. It's ok to criticize things about your country. Just because you love it doesn't mean it's perfect/ can't change anything.

No. 295620

It's because literally the majority of those social issues affect minorities (blacks) disproportionately and the silent majority is content as long as it isn't them and their kids.

No. 295629

I don't think child marriage in particular affects black people disproportionately, but I haven't seen any race-based stats on that.

No. 295641

not that anon but child marriage is particularly prevalent amongst immigrants, american indians, chinese. not blacks (or many domestically born children at all)

No. 295815

This might sound a bit strange out of context, but if anyone follows fandoms of anything they might notice this pattern.

I noticed that female characters are judged far more harshly for their flaws than their male counterparts, even in real life women are judged way more harsher for their social transgressions and faulty behavior than men are. I noticed time and time again when a female character is written with certain traits, like being more flawed and immature, or being more impulsive and a little energetic the fans often take up the collective decision to vehemently hate her, even going out to "bully" her in fandom discussions. I tested this out not too long ago with several fandoms, male characters whose vulnerabilities and flaws are presentable are far more liked in comparison to the female ones who are like that. Also female characters who are often like this or "too perfect" attract loud vocal, obsessive hatebases. It's really weird honestly.

I try to point this out for discussion because I notice this pattern but idiots shout "FEMINIUST!!!" without actually saying anything productive. So what's the deal?

No. 295819

yeah it's pretty blatant for most fandoms and it's a reason why I stopped following a lot shows/games. it doesn't even matter if most of the fans are male or female they will usually shit on female characters the most.

No. 295824


Some states only have one abortion center, so lots people have to drive and take time off work. Planned parenthoods that provide other reproductive health treatments are getting shut down. It's harder than ever to open up new clinics because of dumb regulations on hallway size etc. States are constantly trying to find ways to make it more difficult/delay abortions until the cut off point. Lots of women can't afford the travel/accommodation/cost of procedure. America sucks for womens reproductive health.

Here to get an abortion I booked an appointment with my dr (1 wk wait). She referred me to another doc. 1 wk after that I drove 15 min to a clinic, waited an hour or so, and went on my merry way. Payed like $50 total for it too.

No. 295825

and why don't you tell us how it's easier in the rest of the world.

that's on par for basically any other country that allows them.

No. 295827

>lots people have to drive and take time off work
Who wouldn't take of time when getting an abortion? lol

No. 295829

I believe you will find plenty of people on tumblr to chat about this issue.
I'm not even being snarky or ironic. 100% honest.

This is annoying if you participate in fandoms, but since I don't, personally I don't give a fuck. I have found that it's much healthier to enjoy whatever media without interacting with it's fandom (otherwise than looking for fanart or fanfics from time to time and then moving on).
Since I stopped browsing fandom boards, tags etc. I'm feeling so much better about the stuff that I like. I recommend this to you too if you do not feel like looking for tumblr feminist sjw ~omg slay queen~ blogs which never shut up about real and perceived misogyny in the fandom and the show/game/whatever itself.

Unfortunately, you either have shitty fandoms full of misogyny or the sjw feminist ones which would not be bad had they not been so annoying with shit like headcanoning well-written female characters as trannies, the annoying phrases etc.

No. 295830

doublepost but sorry if I sound antifeminist, I swear I'm not, I'm just burned out on the rabid tumblr feminist which looks to deep into everything. I'm 100% on board for criticizing shit that reduces women to plot devices or fap fantasy, but I found out that the tumblr feminism is all about finding misogyny or -ism everywhere. I remember reading once that Ico is misogynist game cause Yorda is a frightened girl child and not a strong female character.

No. 295833

nta but some jobs, especially low-wage hourly work, are ridiculously strict on unplanned time off. You can straight up get fired and they will have someone in to replace you ASAP. Some employers can be quite heartless in that way and for at-will employees the law will back them up.

and usually.. these are the kinds of women (in low tier wageslave jobs with no other financial support) who benefit the most from abortion procedures.

$50? Wow nice, mine was $300 in 2010.

No. 295835

you just can't please them is all. i've had sane discussions on here about how sometimes you can make female characters stong and conventionally attractive/sexual and i know everywhere else people would have a fit. i've also seen them complaining about characters like ellie from the last of us, mainly that she's too skinny, but still.

it really is the reality that those types don't want diversity, they just want things to be homogenized into what they like, just like the people they claim to hate. no, i don't want every female character to be a 10/10 white woman with an hourglass figure in a miniskirt, but i also don't want all of them to be "fat acceptance" 2quirky4u PoC girls shaped like potatoes.

No. 295840

i think anon meant why would you want to rush your abortion, but while i agree, there are certain laws for health related time off, and it's not as if getting an abortion would be something you do the day before.

but that's not really the point anyway, the point is americans always act like their women's health is the worst in the world. as if the rest of the world just has abortion clinics round every corner, and free birth control pills and stuff.

the one thing i agree is backwards is the lack of midwives and having babies in hospital. it's so weird to me.

No. 295844

I mean, America is a huge country and to be honestly, there is a huge part of the country that is still so super religious, that abortion is looked down upon and it is harder to get them done safety here. We're still fighting to keep our pro choice laws.

>the one thing i agree is backwards is the lack of midwives and having babies in hospital. it's so weird to me.

Why though? lol having babies in the hospital is safer for both mother and child.

No. 295859

I've seen similar things, and then people turn around and say the female character wasn't punished like the male characters, or didnt get her comeuppance for being a "bitch". I would garner it's just the desire to tear town any female in the limelight. I guess people expect/assume she needs to hold the attention more than a male counterpart while not being annoying, so audiences develop strange internal standards for female characters.

No. 295883

It reflects in real life too
People are taught to tear apart women and constantly build up men

No. 295886

>ellie from the last of us, mainly that she's too skinny

I've never heard that. she's totally average size for a 14/15 year old character. I really like her attitude as well. people are never happy

No. 295888

This. Men have zero character flaws in media, but when they do, it's praised, rather than picked at like women. Especially when men cry or become emotional. it's seen as strength. Men are bullshit

No. 295890

Yeah, I agree with that one. "Loveable asshole" trope is not a great flaw since it's played up for the cast and the audience ends up loving it most of the time. God forbid if a female character is like that though.

No. 295905

Oh yeah. Women are always seen as potential romantic partners, men are just seen as people who can be anything and have any sort of value, not just for sex or relationships. I think it's internalized misogyny and competitiveness for women who get hyper critical of female characters, but for men, they truly just consider women wastes of space if they aren't attractive (physically and emotionally).

No. 295912

i don't think that tumblrinas critique women for those reasons. most of them are just usually ugly and overweight and have low self esteem, which makes them think somehow that more representation of them will make them attractive instead of conventionally attractive women.

No. 295914

samefag, but i also wanted to add, more men have been better about critiques of women than other women in my experience. that may be because i know men who don't really swoon over sexualized pandery characters, but who knows.

No. 296136

People who talk about blocking being "cowardly" are scared that their bullshittery will get them blocked.
I'm not missing some great, life-changing debate or character growth from choosing not to read some sad, hateful neckbeard's autistic ramblings.

No. 296139

the "friend zone" does exist, it's just not done consciously or out of spite. it's called being attracted to someone or not.

No. 296145

I don't understand why teachers aren't psychologically evaluated like police officers are.
How are you going to let just any kind of person be in charge of rooms full of kids?

No. 296168

Agreed and I'd even go further:
People that want to be parents should be mentally evaluated before hand and if deemed unfit for the role they should get temp castration plus a trainning course on parenting, therapy and then revaluated after an year or so to see if they have the capacity of improving and taking care of another human being.

No. 296179


In what third world country they aren't??? Here you have no chances of working with children in any setting if you don't pass psychological tests (and have a spotless criminal record), same goes for teachers. Good luck becoming a teacher even if you're not full on mental but just a bit socially anxious, no way, you fail your test immediately.

No. 296185

File: 1537027994170.jpeg (42.85 KB, 450x600, A97E93C4-30D3-4B6F-A7D8-F97AD8…)

I dont care if makeup brands are “cruelty free” or not. I just really don’t fucking care.

No. 296190

America, and many other places. You just need some sort of degree and you're in.

No. 296198

honestly anon, me either. I can't stand seeing people sperg about stupid shit like that when using animals for science is kind of necessary.

No. 296200

My unpopular opinion is that North America is too large and divided of a country to run under one flag. In my opinion, it should be a continent, with each state governing themselves separately.

I've never had one myself, but I'm in the UK and in my shitty small hometown you can go to 3 sexual health clinics if you want, for free. You get free condoms, I've been in the room when my friends have got the contraceptive implant and they do it so quickly (all free, mind you). Yours seems like a success story, but the amount of people I hear having abortions that cost up to $500 is insane.
It's scary, I know america is a first world country, but they've got the most backwards views towards contraception and women's health. Terrifying.

No. 296201

same, I’d take makeup that works as advertised over cruelty free, any day.

No. 296204

isnt science a different thing than new lipsticks or other bs like that?

I hate unnecessary animal cruelty in the name of consumerism. I accept that we have to test medicine and other life saving science on animals, but make-up is not a necessity. Humanity as whole wont suffer if some bullshit company wont sell you a lipstick thats supposed to stay on for 40 hours or whatever.

That is my opinion though.

No. 296206

North America is a continent, you mean "America"

No. 296210

Anon there are only five continents, and North America isn't part of them, lmao.

No. 296222

Some schools teach 7, 6, or 5 continents so neither of you are necessaryily wrong. But North America is not a country.

No. 296354

tbh there's no such thing as "cruelty free" if the workers are children mining mica.

the cruelty free on makeup label shouldn't just be about animals, also the ethical treatment of the workers and miners (usually children) of mica.

No. 296355

samefag but also can things be described as cruelty free if the chemicals they are using have been previously tested on animals?

No. 296368

i mean it kind of makes sense to me. makeup companies are constantly putting new ingredients into their products and most of the testing isn't just them deciding to arbitrarily, but it's the government telling them to in order to use certain ingredients. those ingredients would never be tested scientifically otherwise, so companies test on animals to satisfy regulations.

No. 296373

Tokyo is a smelly, overrated city and the only people who claim to think it's so great only care about the shopping.
There's better cities in Japan.

No. 296374

Seriously so many better cities with the same kinds of shops and less crowd.

No. 296385

Men call it the friendzone because women are still willing to be friends despite the lack of attraction, but they cannot fathom enjoying the company of a woman they aren't attracted to or at least willing to fuck.

No. 296386

I'm absolutely annoyed by dogs. Save for service dogs, which are actually trained to protect and help their owner, I find that dogs are usually, more often than not, a nuisance. My friend and I once went on a hike and she brought her dog along. The whole car ride the dog would try to jump into the front seat, and when we were hiking she would snarl and bark at other dogs and try to jump on people. Also, I hate it when I'm out with a friend and they see a dog, they always HAVE to stop to pet and baby-talk to it for two minutes and ask the owner stupid questions about it.

No. 296388

I would be all about 'no human exploitation' label on make-up but I suppose we will have to wait till more people are aware of the issue.
Though at this point I highly doubt if ethical consumption is possible in capitalism. 99,9% you are screwing someone over, even if you are not aware.

Good thing that I rarely buy make-up so at least I do not contribute much to human/animal abuse for non-necessities. I will take a cruelty free make-up over a brand that tests on animals.

I am aware that many items that I own like computer parts or clothes could be produced in ls than ethical ways, so don't misread this as me claiming to have a high ground (which I don't).
Animal testing is horrifying and disgusting to me, every time I read about some cases I have a hard time sleeping at night. I can't help but think how awful it would be to do the same things to humans… and animals suffer as much…

I am so disgusted with the way the world is run (and built in general, after all cruelty is a part of animal world) but I feel powerless to change it.

it worsens my depression and contributes to my wish to suicide someday, there is so much unimaginable evil and suffering here

No. 296394

The dog-hating thread is that way, anon.
Sorry you cannot enjoy dogs the way your friends do.

No. 296409

File: 1537087419468.jpg (55.96 KB, 960x870, 1529736752216.jpg)


Same. I'm okay with service dogs but really don't like the obsession people have with pet dogs (especially Americans on the internet, my god). The smaller the dog, the worse it gets. And don't even get me started on shitbulls and other "tough" breeds (which I prefer to call "small dick compensation" breeds (Rottweiler, Doberman, etc.))


>Disliking badly raised pet dogs and not gushing over them like a retard = hating dogs

Lol ok Tiffany.

No. 296432

whatever annoying trend or community people call 'tumblr' will always have a far worse or more extreme presence on another site, either their own specific one or just twitter, reddit etc. it's just easy to find communities on tumblr because of the way the tags and recommended posts/blogs work. calling a trend 'tumblr' is completely meaningless at this point. you can find tumblr communities for white supremacy or pedophilia just as easily as you can find one of adult women fawning over kids cartoons

No. 296450

Twitter is even worse than Tumblr nowadays imo

No. 296453

Most tumblr hate is just bandwagon as well,same with feminism, they'll just see tumblr hate shit on 4chan and hate Tumblr despite never going on it, it's crazy its gotten to a point where I linked an educational article to tumblr and everyone got pissed and started talking about "im not going to the stupid fat blue haired feminist site!!!" Despite never even reading a word the article said at all
I use tumblr and yeah there's bad sides of it just like any place or community on the planet, why tumblr gets most of it is beyond me
Honestly we should be more focused on pedophiles who brag about raping their sister and post pictures of creepshots of children on /b/, not some random harmless 16 yr old who thinks she's some weird gender

No. 296471


There's a whole damn thread for complaining about dogs, take it over there. Clearly this isn't an unpopular opinion considering this gets posted here and on the vent thread all the time.

No. 296472

Especially unpopular here on lolcow but I find stronger jaws on women very attractive. If you have nice features it can really bring them out and it doesn't make you look ''manly'' (which so many people here are ridiculously paranoid of) at all.

This. I feel like the people who believe that tumblr is ''the worst'' social media platform have never actually used the site, they just caught wind of the ''lol triggered feminazis'' meme from 2015.
It's a fucking train wreck, you'll find all kinds of extremism over there. People make fun of it for the gender/safe-space/sjw stuff as if it isn't just as bad or even worse on twitter, a site these people praise all the time. Not wking tumblr since I personally don't like it but I hate when people don't see their own hypocrisy.

No. 296476


I know what you mean but try not to make yourself feel guilty about it. Be the change anon. Join an anti human slavery volunteer group, or just inform others to make more ethical choices, encourage electronic recycling.

There's lots you can do, and honestly it does make me feel awful as well. Just try and do what you can to make the world a little less awful. I believe in you. You can do it. xx

No. 296487

I don’t think Tumblr is the worst social media platform out there but I still hate the culture that surrounds it. Plus for being a “feminist” site, they sure do seem to enable troon and Islam shit a lot, even over the expense of actual women. I do agree that Twitter is more toxic and damanging though.

No. 296501

I agree about the jaw shit. I swear it’s just asian fetishists who consume way too much kpop/kdrama and think every woman needs to get a jaw shave or else she’s an ugly caveman.

No. 296504

i'm not a fan of trans stuff but i'm glad my now best friend transitioned. i don't see my bff as female at all (and they know this) but i think they transitioned they are more confident for whatever reason and they are more attracted to men too so they started indulging me in all of my homoerotic fantasies. i've probably pissed off 99% of people by saying this so I guess my opinion is really unpopular hah.

No. 296506

Sorry, this is my first time posting in this thread and I wasn’t aware that there was a thread for that. I’m not going to go through the entire thread or the previous ones to see if it’s “popular” enough to not warrant me posting an opinion.

No. 296524

uuh, the only reason i'd find this upopular is that you're basically telling us you're fetishizing your friend with is gross and creepy.

No. 296527

yep, it really is. tbh anon and her friend sound already like flakes

No. 296559

I'm not a fan of the whole "kawaii thot" aesthetic. Like it was fine back like 3 years ago when it started cuz it was different and it was a little like gyaru but now every girl I see on Facebook is trying to look like a Bratz doll with gold bamboo earrings in a seifuku. It's so tired at this point. And don't get me started how most of these girls are black and cry "appropriation! >:-( " when k-idols wear any sort of hip-hop aesthetic but will call themselves "kawaii" left and right

No. 296562

yep one of the most famous black girls who sits and criticizes other people for appropriation adopted an asian nickname and is obsessed with asian culture
very hypocritical

No. 296565

I think certain people in /ot/ have an unhealthy fixation with bringing up black girls and whatever they think they're doing wrong randomly. I wouldn't care if it didn't cause shitstorms and derail threads whenever black girls dared to defend themselves and/or say anything in tandem, or if anyone who's, say, hapa said anything at all (or if people of literally any race point out that white weebs get unnecessarily angry about Asian girls existing).

No. 296566

I second this. It gets really old.

No. 296579

>every black girl on earth

Idk about anyone else but I'm tired of white people grouping me with these people. I don't care about feminism, racism etc kek

These are non-issues for me.

No. 296580

Are you the asian girl who keeps posting in every thread how white women are jealous and want to be like asian women? Sounds it.

No. 296582

Nope. I've just seen some people shitting up this place because they like to dish out shitty comments and stupid generalizations about women of other races, but then have complete meltdowns whenever they get a taste of their own medicine. It's fucking sad, and I'm sick of it.
How hard is it to keep race out of your mouths? Is it all you think about?

No. 296585

I'm convinced it's the same 2-3 people who make all these dumb posts about black girls doing [x] or [y] or being walking stereotypes of some nonsense they saw on the internet. They don't care about reality, they just have personal problems and can't stop bitching.
These sorts of humans have mental issues, and will only play victim when anyone disagrees with them. I don't know if it's some cultural thing for them, or if they were bullied by some mean black girls in primary school and are now obsessed, but I'm over it.

No. 296587

Like I don't care about Disney princesses being black or race bending Harry Potter characters. I'm a 27 year old woman I'm not fucking 12 kek

Maybe if these woman babies actually interacted with actual adult black women they would realize this isn't an issue for us…

No. 296619

Thank you. And they continue to gaslight us every time we call them out.

No. 296624

I don't understand why a trannys would prefer living the life of an ugly woman over an average looking man. A lot of them look decent then they transform into ugly middle aged women…I get wanting to be a cute little uwu princess but I truly am I not getting what hons get out of it.

No. 296626

cause they are mentally ill and have people around them to validate their delusions. like ugly tumblr weebs who think they're cute cause no one wants to say otherwise so the actually think they are.

No. 296627

Totally. I've always wished I could be a natural platinum blonde since a child, but I will just live with my brunette hair and face the fact that I make an ugly trashy looking blonde and it's never going to happen.

I know hair colour is a bad analogy, but the trannys that butcher themselves to look worse than they currently do are deluded. Like I know you wanna be a lady, but science can only help you so much.

No. 296629

I am not sure if this is an unpopular opinion because a lot of people agree that Caitlyn Jenner is ugly, but honestly I am astounded at the amount of people that call Bruce attractive. I remember when he first came out as Caitlyn and people were saying Caitlyn is hotter than Kris.

Kris is a plastic looking monkey but in no way is the monstrosity that was Bruce Jenner is more attractive than Kris. Wtf.

Not sure if people were just saying that to be supportive sjws though or if they actually believed it.

No. 296636

>supportive sjws

It's basically that. A lot of the "normie" liberal types do this shit for the woke points. If Caitlyn was a cis woman and looked like that you know that she wouldn't get a magazine cover with her basically wearing undergarments.

No. 296640

I feel the same way. Tumblr became so much more enjoyable when I started blocking people. I always thought it was some stupid sjw bs to block people, but really it's just a way to prevent harassment. Also when I'm using tumblr, I'm usually just killing time not trying to debate about socioeconomics or civil rights.

No. 296692

Unrelated but having natural platinum hair sucks. Entire childhood was weird foreigners in Sydney touching my head and asking to purchase a lock of it. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from people, couldn’t dye it soon enough.

No. 297023

File: 1537259603380.png (504.69 KB, 573x587, improved.png)

The anons in the redline/redraw thread collectively suffer from dunning kruger effect
but it's funny to see the "fixed" artworks

No. 297028

Buying "vegan" clothing actively contributes to a speedy demise of our already polluted planet and you're fucking yourself over in the long run for an ideal that is as unrealistic as it is extreme, that you only care about because muh cute animals.

Also there is no such thing as cruelty-free makeup and getting mad because a Western company decided to sell in China makes you look incredibly entitled and self-absorbed because I guess in your opinion Chinese women don't get to wear makeup.

No. 297034

this, especially the makeup. fun fact, even makeup companies that don't test their final product on animals are still only using ingredients that are tested on animals. there is basically no ingredient that is in makeup that isn't tested on animals, because it's required by law to do so.

i hate the bitching about china too because basically every country in the world requires either the finished product or all ingredients to have been tested on animals.

No. 297078

As much as i can appreciate Lolita fashion and enjoy to look at it (i'm not part of the comm, just a lurker) Lolitas online are pure cancer.

I get nitpicking at Lolita coords but they seem to enjoy leaking onto normal clothes and sperg 2 colours not matching when any normal person wouldn't give a shit if their top isn't the same shade at their shoes.
Idk i just caught up on a couple threads in snow and it's mostly lolitas sperging on normal outfits that look fine.

No. 297080

Half the shit in that thread is worse than what's being posted in the bad art thread right now.

No. 297082

Seriously I bet half of them are those butthurt drawfags who draw really bad "parody art" in cow threads and throw a fit when it didn't get picked for the next thread image, or get mad in the artist cow threads when they're being told to fuck off with their shitty redraws that look almost worse than the original pieces.

No. 297085

i honestly hate the drawfags in threads and i'm glad they've left lately. same with people who shoop shit that doesn't need to be shoop'd. they always kick up a fuss about their images not being picked.

No. 297086


God I hate the term "vegan leather". Literal plastic instead of just buying a second hand real leather jacket (that actually fucking decomposes some day), shit's not ecological or "cruelty free" in the long term at all. But well, vegans are pretty goddamn illogical anyway (see: honey) so it's not a big surprise.

t. ex-vegan, now trying to be actually ecologically conscious instead of living that meme "lifestyle"

No. 297089

i've heard vegans claim that buying 2nd hand leather increases the demand for it, but that's a load of shit to anyone who knows even high school econ.

No. 297091

I love the ease of using anon messageboards. No sign up just post.
But I don't like or understand people's need to be rude on them. Well I do understand people wanna vent this way, or argue because it's their personality. But I just wanna discuss random shit peacefully while anon.

No. 297115

sometimes i'm a bit snippy because i have to make nice all day and literally everywhere else. nothing against anybody it's just the temptation.

No. 297136

I'm GC but support trans people.

I'm just sick of the gender essentialism and insisting they have the same experiences as people born male/female and think that more people should be going through good therapy before modifying their bodies. And that you can't criticize anything without being called a TERF and blackballed.

I believe in an ideal world, very few people would feel a need to be trans, but that the world is far from ideal.

Feels like I fit in fucking nowhere.

No. 297137

File: 1537288097597.jpg (66.63 KB, 602x436, main-qimg-a5bdc4d8081f913b1b0c…)

That basic Korean fashion that everyone is obsessed with is so tacky and childish. Also, a couple of otherwise really nice Korean girls from my school turned up to a formal event dressed like pic related, and I felt so bad for them because everyone else was dressed in blazers/suits/longer dresses and they looked really uncomfortable.

No. 297138

It really bothers me when people are rude on vent threads. It seems like kicking an already dead horse.

No. 297141

Must have been awkward. Maybe they didn't know it was a formal event that required formal clothes?

No. 297147

the email everyone was sent specified it was formal, but maybe they didnt see it. And also it didnt specifically say what it meant by formal so they could have misunderstood.

No. 297151

It's pretty ugly and boring. Any popular basic tumblr tier "~aesthetic~" is never actually aesthetically pleasing. Teenagers don't yet have a sense for genuine aesthetics.

No. 297163

The vent thread on here seems more like the unwarranted rude advice thread.

No. 297166

Yes, specially when it's morning in the Americas. The night time has usually less bitchy anins. Go figure why.

No. 297189

File: 1537301820274.png (39.01 KB, 587x333, faea.png)

Gay people are often just as annoying as the other "members" of lgbt and whatever else exists.

I never watched the muppets so I couldn't care less but it's scary to see how that guy has to defend himself…
Pic related is what he tweeted.
The responses:
>Why are they not? Not arguing…just wondering.. He said he wrote from that POV…
I created Bert. I know what and who he is.
>You may have created him, but you don't seem to realize or appreciate what he meant to thousands of little boys growing up. You digging in your heels (and wrongly conflating romantic orientation with sexual orientation) with what seems like disgust is abjectly disappointing.
How odd you see my feelings as disgust
>if you aren't disgusted,, why do you care so much about this. c'mon frank say it. "i hate the gays" it's right there man c'mon say it you know you want to
>Why the need to define people as gay? Uh, because we exist. I’m gay. 100% gay. Always have been, always will be. I’ve known since I was 7, and was told what the word meant. Yes, there are a lot of bi and pan people out there, but there are also A LOT of gay people.
But why accept being defined as only one aspect of oneself??
>Why would they only be defined by one aspect if they were gay? That doesn’t make any sense.
>Why do you need to define them as only straight?
for honesty
>Because representation matters, Frank.
Yes it does. When it's honest representation
>it's important for characters to be explicitly declared queer, because the mainstream will code them straight by default
Agreed. When a character is created to be queer it is indeed important that the character be known as such. It is also important when a character who was not created queer, be accepted as such.

No. 297224

You and me both, anon.

I don’t have anything against genuine trans people or using their preferred pronouns. What I do have a problem with is that there are so many psychotic creeps who call themselves trans and use it as an excuse to fetishize, invade others’ spaces and put others in actual danger just so they get to feel morally superior and immune to criticism lest they screech bigot.

Basically I don’t have anything against transgenderism itself or genuine trans people who just want to live their life and don’t hurt anyone; I just hate the (plentiful) rotten eggs and transtrenders.

No. 297227

File: 1537306930956.jpg (261.81 KB, 2000x2000, Sesame-Street-Elmo-Egg-Friend-…)

they're goddamn kids show puppets holy shit. they're not defined as any sexuality. it's not like they talk about going over to zoe's apartment for a booty call either. great and all that this guy supposedly ~knew he was gay~ since he was 7 but most children have no idea what their sexuality will turn out to be, even if there are clues, so they don't need muh representation. in fact, i'd argue that the constant barraging of "are you gay? are you pan? it's fine if you are! super brave and courageous if you come out immediately. so what are you???" from a young age is why so many teenagers identify as asexual now. back in the day, if you didn't really have sexual thoughts or desires yet, you were just considered you know, not ready? now if you're late on your mandatory coming out assignment you just automatically pencil in ace.

No. 297229

That doesn't mean anything. NEETs and other shitty people are usually night owls meanwhile people who are up in the day have shit to do, not check lolcow first thing.

No. 297260

I dont think jeffree star is racist

No. 297292

I'm a firm believer of non racist people can say racist ass things, but my overall impression of him is that he's a douche.

No. 297294

I find that little makes up for every other irredeemable thing he is.
Imagine that, if not being racist was the only baseline of decency anyone could say about yourself. Gee.

No. 297296

back in the early 2000s it was a thing for all those sceneXqueens to say stupid derogatory shit all over myspace and stickam

like it was a legit trend, not just people being racist
however im pretty sure he referred to raquel reed with racist remarks and thats why she dropped kicked his ass so its very possible he actually was if not still is

No. 297383

todd howard memes are unfunny, they have never been funny. the only people who find them funny are soyboys and troons.

No. 297470

I feel like this is an unpopular opinion among hetero women. But anyways I Like receiving oral sex. I think a lot of girls are just insecure about how they look and smell down there so they can’t relax. I wish more men actually gave it tho.

No. 297471

He's tacky, ugly, anorexic and obnoxious but I don't think he's a racist. Back in the scene days it was just normal to be rude to anyone who isn't white or Asian, which is a how it is for most alt subcultures.

No. 297472

Who the hell doesn't like oral sex? I would think that would be the unpopular opinion. Maybe they've all just received terrible oral?

No. 297474

I feel like these days people are trying to force sexuality on kids too early. For exmaple people want to to push for gay/trans relationships on kids shows. I really did not give a fuck about this shit as a kid, we just watched retarded shows with bright colors because we were brain dead.

There doesn't need to be any discussion of this in children's shows. It seems at this point they're just trying to brain wash children while they're young.

No. 297492


there have been straight relationships pushed into kids shows too, anon. kids aren't stupid or braindead, they need to learn about the real world too–cartoons are a good way to ease them into it.

No. 297494

I don't think there's anything wrong with having it shown, like in Clarence or The Loud House. Both of which featured same-sex parents of the main character's friend on occasions. They never really said anything about it or made it a plot point, they were just there. It's really no different than showing straight parents

It gets annoying and weird when it's done in a way like Steven's Universe. Romance doesn't isn't common in kid's cartoon, nor do I feel like it has a place, so having the two gems that are garnet or whatever kiss and have a wedding and shit is weird.

The only exception is probably Adventure Time. By the time the PB/Marceline romance happened CN had stop really airing it so the only fans of the show were the ones who have watched it since the beginning and are pretty much grown.

No. 297495

I think kids in drag/around the drag scene is disgusting and child endangerment.

No. 297498

I don't. The contact with the tongue doesn't do much for me. I prefer a guy who's good with his fingers.
It's always such a hassle when a guy believes he's going to rock my world even after I tell him it's just not my thing. Oral is bland to me, you could just as well be blowing on my belly button.

No. 297503

>when a guy believes he's going to rock my world even after I tell him it's just not my thing. Oral is bland to me, you could just as well be blowing on my belly button.

Holy shit! This! My boyfriend loves going down on me even though I've told him so many times that I don't really even like it. I've given up trying to explain how lame it is, so I just let him go for it. It definitely does more for him than me. And it's not that he's bad or anything, I've had oral from a lot of different guys, it just doesn't feel good or bad. But I also get off on penetration alone, so I may just be unusual in the sex department.

No. 297508

Wow. Are you two clitlets or have you never gotten good head? I can't even remotely relate.

No. 297515

anons sound like they just got their hole tongue fucked, which is….. yeah. not actual oral. dump your boyfriends

No. 297518

He licks my clit, it just isn't even close to how good a vibrator feels. I guess I can't get off unless I'm being overstimulated.

No. 297523

So you are a clitlet?

No. 297605

Why is it hard for you to comprehend that some women don't get anything out of oral and do prefer a vibrator or their own fingers to someone else's mouth? Doesn't make anons clitless just because they have their preferences.

No. 297606

I don't think it has anything to do with clit size, I have a small clitoris and I enjoy oral sex.

No. 297608

Yeah, same. Mine is tiny. I get off anyway. Thank God!

No. 297637

Anime is 97% to blame for people wanting to be trans. Trans men want to be kawaii yaoi fags and trans women want to be uwu Lolis.

No. 297719

punk leaning subcultures were almost always inclusive to poc
that was the whole point of them, to fight the systemic supression of free thought and expression

not saying there werent right leaning sects, but by and large punk was about anti authoritism, anti war, anti colonialism, anti colorism etc

No. 297723

bud light lime is delicious and refreshing. i drink about 3 tall cans a week.

No. 297736

I think blaming anime is dumb af though because where the hell are their parents and priorities growing up?

I grew up on anime and liked yaoi, but never once though i should cut off my tits and live my life as an uke boy. These people are pitiful shut ins and the main issue is society encouraging this behavior instead of shutting it down.

No. 297737

I truly disagree with this… but cheers anyway!

No. 297738

I think it's borderline child abuse.

No. 297740

Because the female clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings and if you are not licking it right (or at all, like most men) you are suffering. I feel so bad for women who dont get good oral sex.

No. 297786

I support gay rights but I hate this shit. I hate the mentality of good close friends of the same sex means that they’re obliviously fucking. The whole purpose of Bert and Ernie was to show that two people can still be friends even if they have contrasting personalities, which I think it’s a good thing to teach both children and adults. Making Bert and Ernie suddenly gay implies that men and people in general can’t have close friendships in general and must be fucking instead.

I’m happy that Sesame Street isn’t pandering to it though. If they wanted to have actual LGBT representation, they they do the sensible thing and create an actual gay character.

No. 297791

it doesn't need to be fucking licked to feel good anon. some people, men included don't like oral.

No. 297793

i think it's more to do with the person's personality, but i do agree about the anime. anime gives really insecure people bad BDD and trans is basically BDD so you know.

No. 297794

Most trans people I've seen are more attracted to the pastel tumblr anime aesthetic rather than actual anime. Anecdotal evidence but my brother is a tranny and doesn't like anime.

No. 297799

i super disagree here, that's where their obsession with thigh highs comes from. most trannies online have an anime avatar, too.

No. 297803

Most of them have some avatar of some 12 year old moe anime character. They want to be the girl they fapped to and plus slice of life anime gives them the delusion that women have more fun.

No. 297819

I think balanced confidence can go a lot further than literal physical attractiveness in some cases.

If I have to be around another insecure pretty person who wants to whine about how they're so hiddy for gaining a smile line at 30 I'm going to vomit down their throat and give them something real to cry about.

No. 297823

I stopped scrolling and came to this thread to let you know your post caused me to laugh Red Bull out of my nose. You are a poet, anon.

No. 297831

File: 1537406771291.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.31 KB, 1023x682, depositphotos_75148859-stock-p…)

pls vomit down my throat, mommy. i'm a very insecure lil chick.
chirp chirp

No. 297856

>my brother is a tranny

I'm never having a son, i swear to god.

No. 297878

thiiis. so true

No. 297886

Sometimes I wonder if my family just has tranny genes. My brother and a male and female cousin are all trannies. Of course none of them are passing.

No. 297887

girls can be trans too anon, and isn't it sadder?

No. 297894

no such thing. tranny shit is social contagion, so of course it's spreading in your family. after one comes out, it starts planting ideas in other gullible freak's minds

No. 297923

I really hate those group animation projects where a new animator comes in after a certain number of seconds to recreate the video. Most of the animators, instead of putting their own spin or using their own style, they will entirely change what happens, or insert their shitty OC or stupid memes/references.
Especially in the Your Face video, that stupid fucking fox 25 seconds in

No. 297925

are there any other mental illnesses running in your family? could be connected

No. 297938

I unironically want to abort if its a male. kek. They grow up to be autists/sociopaths/trannies far too much for my liking.

No. 297946

you can't really get pregnant by yourself anon

No. 297950

>implying my bf/husband would have a say in whether I keep a foetus or not in the first place.

peak dick whipped

No. 297951

I know white purple are the standard of beauty but I don't think Koreans whiten their skin and get plastic surgery to look white. They just want to have small doll like features and most white people look nothing like the Korean ideal of beauty anyway. It's kind of annoying that anytime a non-white person gets plastic surgery or does anything cosmetic people say it is because they're trying to look white, it just comes off as arrogant and cocky to think you are so hot shit that everyone wants to look like you.

No. 297953

I hate how all female rappers have to act like skanks. There isn't one super famous rapper who doesn't just rap about her bomb her puss is and walks around naked. Then you have people like nicki constantly going around screeching about being "da qween of rap" when she literally doesn't do anything other than parade around half naked and exposing her huge fake ass. There is a wide range of male rappers with different styles and personalities but the female ones are all ex strippers who just wanted fame anyway they could get it. Female rappers are trash.

No. 297955

I'd recommend listening to azealia banks (if you're not easily butthurt) she's not mainstream and doesn't do the Nicki Cardi schtick. There are a lot of other good underground female rappers with different personalities and styles and artwork they're just not put up or allowed to be recognised because the industry wants to keep female rappers in that stripper archetype. Female rappers aren't trash they're just not allowed to be mainstream.

No. 297956

azealia banks has some good songs but she's really not much different from the nickis in the world. Over sexualized and too many songs about her pussy.

No. 297959

>Over sexualized and too many songs about her pussy.
Really? I mean sure she does have some dirty songs but at least they sound like they were actually written from a place of authenticity opposed to not just ghostwriters who are trying to sell to the lowest common denominator to sell as much money.. cos you know sex sells.

basically all her songs on her 'broke with expensive taste' album aren't like that at all though and thats her best most cohesive work. I'd recommend that album to you if you want some anti-nicki female rap.

No. 297962

What about missy elliott

No. 297965

My favourite Azealia song is her transphobic one. "if I was you I'd hate too". kek. good song and lolworthy lyrics.

No. 297988

Which song is that?

No. 297989

there are plenty who arent like that but they dont get forced in the media tbh
lots of lovely indie rappers who are just chill and rap about real shit

No. 297992

nta but this is the type of rap I wanna hear. Do you have any recs?

No. 297993

"US" from her fantasea mixtape on spotify

No. 297995

diff anon. I want good rap recommendations as well. I really hate all mainstream rap. It's legit all about bitches, moneys and bullshit. it's always degrading to women

No. 298001

File: 1537457799308.png (225.83 KB, 951x245, dowNO.png)

Stuff like pic related involving "models" or "actors" with Down's make me very unconfortable.
It's so dumb, there's no way in hell people actually find them talented or attractive.
Just so unfortunated how we try to normalize a conditon that will always be a defect and never really cute or heroic, like, stop pretending.

No. 298004

honestly they will never be normalized nor is it their own fault that they are the way they are so i dont worry so much about it
its not like people can decide to go out and be down syndrome or something so why not just let them live their life?

its not comparable to gender fluidity or trans shit which is influencing literal children to undergo harmful surgeries and literally ENCOURAGING and fostering mental illness and confusion and therefore is normalizing it when it shouldnt be a thing that is looked at as ok

No. 298009

But why giving them jobs that depend on looks when they are mildly deformed.
It feels like those schools that give a prize to all the kids after a sports event when it's all just a big cop out.
Not every kid is a winner, just as models should be pretty and not unconfortable to look at.
I don't even care if that means I'm a biggot, I just don't want to be visually confronted with mentally disabled people.

No. 298012

because its not a big deal at all? people with down syndrome are actually more or less properly functioning and can thrive and have just as much right to do things as others.

im not saying she should be an angel tbh, because its a very specific modeling niche those girls typically fall into, but as for her just being a model and actress its fine and your discomfort with seeing someone with down syndrome is pretty akin to someone thinking their discomfort with seeing a poc is a valid excuse to keep that person from getting jobs where they are visible people

No. 298025

I never knew about people with downsyndrome getting eyelid surgery til I heard about her

No. 298032

I agree mostly, but please don't compare Down's to people of color, AKA most people in the world according to Murricans.
I'm okay with normal human beings and I don't think feeling unconfortable with disabled people is uncommon outside big cities.

No. 298034

This is the exact same logic trannies use when they try to argue that TIMs should be allowed in female restrooms since black women are. Those two aren't akin at all, don't compare normal poc to people with deformities. It's justified to not want to see a retarded person modeling, but feeling uncomfortable about a poc simply getting a job is just plain racist.

No. 298038

trannies are not born trannies

poc and down syndrome individuals are both born as they are and using the term "discomfort when exposed to them" by abled individuals in regards to people with down syndrome is the same thing non poc have done to poc for eons
not gonna argue semantics since people are obsessed with the idea that being a poc is apparently the most disadvantaged a person can be

No. 298040

>poc is apparently the most disadvantaged a person can be
Anons were saying quite the opposite.
The one bringing in identity politics is you alone, able people regardless of their skin color are way more fit to be models or entertainers than retarded people.

No. 298042

The downs syndrome persons who make it into media like that are more high-functioning than most with their condition. Meaning it's a complete fluke and something the adults in their lives supported them into doing to feel better about their otherwise bleak existence.

I had a distant cousin with downs who lived into his 50s with the mentality of a 3 year old. He was prone to violence, unpredictable, and had a 6'0 man's body; mostly non-verbal and only knew simple words. Also he needed constant care because he was a toddler in a man's body. He would often clobber his parents. When I visited once or twice my mom would tell me to behave, and to try not to upset him. It was very uncomfortable and intimidating.
Yet they put up with it because back in the day it was either deal with your developmentally disabled child, or throw the child into a neglectful gov't home where they'd probably mysteriously die young.

Anyway, I find modeling to be such a subjective joke that I do think putting a downs syndrome person on stage like that is harmless (But Victoria's Secret, lol really? The brand known for subjugating women is gonna cape for an unattractive, mentally disabled girl ha. ha. ha.). If people don't want to see her, then they can simply tune out.

What bothers me is when people try to force these developmentally disabled people into private spaces. How about this piece of news where a campus is getting backlash because none of the sororities took on a downs girl during rush?
They're calling this pressure for others to unconditionally accept the mentally disabled "neurodiversity."
I don't even like Greek life, but how is it helping the plight of people with downs to bully other people into accepting them when they do (rightfully) have concerns about letting someone with literal retardation into their spaces? What does that do to deescalate the fear and discomfort? And what if she didn't get picked like how other normal girls didn't get picked? Why should everyone accommodate every disabled person all the time or they're jerks?
It's getting out of hand.

No. 298043

nope if i was comparing the physicality it would be different, but the comparison is literally in how someone is using their "discomfort" with seeing someone who isnt like them in media
you could use any individual who is born with a social disadvantage in the place of poc and it would still be apt, such as a woman

there is no difference in saying >i am uncomfortable when people with down syndrome are visible human beings and saying >i am uncomfortable when someone who is a different race than i am is a visible human being

america wouldnt even allow poc to play their own fucking race in movies, television, and musicals and STILL have a problem doing so

its the same shit as having able bodied people play disabled characters in the media because they want to profit from their stories but are >uWu uncomfy seeing an actual human being with those disadvantages on their tv
improper comparisons would be trannies and obese people, because no one is born a tranny or fat

No. 298049

>its the same shit as having able bodied people play disabled characters in the media because they want to profit from their stories
This is ridiculous, people with disabilities are the minority of the minority, and thus really hard to find as actors, let alone talented ones.
Also, you talk like a tumblr lib fem.
Are you also the type that believe that only gay people should play gay characters? Or that the gay actor to play Batwoman is not Jew enough for her character?

No. 298050

Agreed anon.
During elementary there was a class in my school for retarded kids and I have to say that it was very weird for everyone involved that they participated in the lunch time and rec ativities with everyone else. Lot's of fights, involving huge retarded teens, and bullying with not a lot of qualified teachers to handle it all.
Those kids would have been much better served at a specific school designed to help them overcome their obstacles.
I guess that's why retarded people have such an inpact over me, over exposure is a thing.

No. 298051

you know acting is pretend right?

No. 298058

youre being obtuse

people with disabilities(im not talking about tumblr tier fake mental ilnesses that dont actually exist) should be able to be seen as visual human beings if they can properly perform the job laid out in front of them despite how uncomfortable it makes people, and if you imply anything else you are literally in the same tier as someone who sees a poc, a person who is unconventionally attractive, or a woman in the media or in a sport or in your local office and says "i am uncomfy seeing this person despite their ability to perform the task so therefore they should not be visible to me"

i said she shouldnt be a victorias secret angel as down syndrome individuals do not possess the mental capacity to consent to being sexualized which is what victorias secret is about
implying she shouldnt be visible at all because it makes some spergs uncomfortable is stupid and bigoted

No. 298062

>if they can properly perform the job laid out in front of them
A model needs to be aesthetic, she doesn't qualify.
You know deep down the only reason brands hire retarded people is for media sympathy points and buzz.

No. 298069

File: 1537464539967.jpg (42.77 KB, 550x550, Madeline-Stuart-Model-Down-Syn…)

>i said she shouldnt be a victorias secret angel as down syndrome individuals do not possess the mental capacity to consent to being sexualized which is what victorias secret is about
you're right. they do have limited capacity for understanding, generally at a child's level, and should not be objectified. that's fucking disgusting.

>A model needs to be aesthetic, she doesn't qualify.
not really. why can't she be a sears catalogue model or some kind of relatable clothing model? she wouldn't detract from selling normal people clothing. not avant garde runway shit, but they have nice figures all the same and can still represent a pair of chinos nicely etc

No. 298071

>your discomfort with seeing someone with down syndrome is pretty akin to someone thinking their discomfort with seeing a poc is a valid excuse to keep that person from getting jobs where they are visible people
Not even that anon but comparing someone with down syndrome, who is mentally disabled and deformed, with POC? Really? Fuck off, you're comparing people who can barely do anything by themselves and who need to be looked after almost all the time to mostly normal, healthy people who are most likely competent for the jobs they're hired for.

No. 298072

so models with features that arent aesthetically pleasing to you should just not model?

models with albinism?
models with missing limbs? models with faces that arent symmetrical?
should steve buscimi not be an actor because he is unpleasant to look at?
is there a certain age requirement? a model who is over the age of 55 with no plastic surgery that actually looks her age is not allowed?
a model whos skin is too dark?

and almost ANYONE who isnt straight and white is thrown into visible media for points and buzz

you think putting poc in movies and tv shows as characters that are historically white isnt just for brownie sjw points? miss me with that shit

No. 298074

>but they have nice figures
I guess your pic is unrelated then.
But really, just because someone is not obese it doesn't mean they have a nice figure.

No. 298075

What the fuck anon, a person missing a chromossome is deformed. That's it.
Stop making it a racial issue, wtf.

No. 298077

im not comparing the physicality my fucking god you people are obtuse as fuck the comparison is in people whining that someone who physically makes them uncomfortable shouldnt be allowed to be in a visible career

you are saying all people with down syndrome cant take care of themselves and cant do anything and are all just babbies who need to be hidden away despite the fact that acting is a job that many people with disabilites like down syndrome can 100% commit to and carry out

there are models with down syndrome, and its perfectly fine
nobody ever whines about being an ~uncomparable victim~ unless poc are brought up as if 50 years ago poc werent literally looked at the EXACT same way people still look at people with down syndrome
being compared to monsters and animals and stereotyped with inhuman features
anybody with a brain in modern society knows poc are not deformed but youre deflection from my point of comparison in the way society has and continues to treat people who are born socially disavantaged, is very telling in that its more acceptable to just shrug off discrimination against the disabled because it makes people uncomfortable

No. 298078

Nta but we can assume that a person of color, a woman, or an unattractive human is mentally competent to perform the jobs laid for them most of the time.

A person with a severe disability may not always be able to do so. I agree that nobody should blanket statement every person with downs because some are high-functioning and can perform certain tasks.
However, that doesn't mean every disabled person will be a boon to the work environment. Therefore there is reason for uncertainty as opposed to discriminating against someone for a mental illness that's functional and common say, like depression.

>all this talk about aesthetic and who qualifies to model what
Why even bother with this argument? You know you farmers are going to have differing opinions on it anyway and that's beside the point.

How about the hypocrisy of these people for wanting everyone to look past a down syndrome woman's appearance while she wants to model for a company that is known for preying upon other women's appearances and nary choosing women to model for them who aren't bodily flawless?
C'mon, there's bigger issues to unpack there.

No. 298080

youre not refuting my point at all by pretending the comparison in the media isnt historically apt

No. 298082

Your historical comparation only applies to the USA.

No. 298083

sure but the point was that the anon is saying NO ONE with down syndrome should be a model or actor and that there is an attempt to normalize it

if the celebrity in question is functionally acting and modeling, then that persons discomfort is actually rooted in discrimination and is comparable to the bigotry directed to anyone else who was born "disadvantaged" socially and discriminated against because they make people "uncomfortable" physically despite their ability to carry out the task or career they are pursuing

No. 298085

No. 298087

i don't think anyone should be trying to model at all, let alone people with mental disabilities, this is a great recipe for modeling agencies and families of disabled children to take advantage of them hardcore.

No. 298088

if you think minstrel shows and black, yellow, brown and red face is only applicable to america then i have no reason to engage with you, as thats obviously not true and even still happens all over the world

the average american is however, more obsessed with racial victimization and places race in a bubble as if people fighting oppression in other ways are not as valid as people fighting racial oppression as has been proven by this entire conversation

No. 298089

This! You guys are arguing about having women with mental challenges placed into an already shitty industry. Anyone with these kinds of issues has trouble reacting in real-time situations and defending themselves in every day life.

No. 298091

I really hate to be the one to say this, but racial issues are about making judgements towards people over things that don't actually exist. Races don't have differing mental capacities or anything. People with mental disabilities do actually have differing mental capacities. A model with downs requires extra care and support while a black model does not.

These things aren't even comparable anyways. Sure these people do need compassion, but they don't need equality in this way. Throwing them into cut-throat industries known for abuse, assault and general shittiness is not positive.

No. 298097

Hoo, this discussion sure does fall in line with my unpopular opinion that only people with mental illnesses model.
What came first? The modeling then the illness? Or the illness led to modeling? Awwww jeez.

No. 298106

here's the point though, judging negatively a POC because of their looks or their "physicality" is very often uncalled for. Meanwhile, being even mildly disturbed by the physicality of someone with down syndrome is normal because they're really deformed, have the maturity of a child even when they're high functioning, speak like toddlers for the most part, have a bunch of physical health problems, etc. and you can guess all of that in less than a second. So the comparaison is stupid in the first place, and potentially insulting. Not just talking about modeling here, bu you comparing a group of people who can barely do shit and it's obvious by just looking at them and they can only work thanks to quotas that can force some companies to hire disabled people, to a group of people who can, for the most part, work and are sometimes only prevented from that because of racists recruiters. My point here IS about being judged by looks too.

From my very short professional experience, working with someone with down syndrome is fucking hell on earth, and I'm talking about a high functioning guy and a very simple job. Hope I'll never have to go through that again, it was like being a babysitter while doing my actual job. I can't even imagine why they picked this girl to do something like modelling half naked in front of people and cameras, she can't possibly consent to that and the modeling industry doesn't seem very safe for someone like her.

No. 298149

Azealia Banks is trash tho and gets over praised for aping 80s Chicago house music style. She's a legit fucking toxic weirdo and not even in a good way, and her music isn't that wild like people say it is either.

No. 298153

I really don't like autistic or Asperger's people, this includes most people on the spectrum. Imo they tend to be extremely obsessive, close-minded, and annoyingly childish. Even the "better" autistic and asperger people have weird views about things and often harp on subjects and opinions (usually something fucking stupid and a complete waste of time) and never, ever, change. I noticed a lot of them tend to be stunted in their world view and mental growth whereas the other types of people don't.

I have been in communities for 20 years that attracts a lot of autistic and aspergers people, so this is where my judgment comes from. I think this opinion in particular is a little uncommon.

No. 298157

Which communities are you in? Anime fan?

I feel this way about men with ASD (they are the worst) and a lot of women. But I also know 2 women on the spectrum, that while obsessive and unchanging, are kind people who are nice to hang out with.

No. 298158

you’ve probably talked to people online or read what they’ve written and didn’t suspect that they were on the spectrum at all. a lot of the loudest people tend to overestimate just how “high-functioning” they are and use it as an excuse to act like a freak or disregard other people’s emotions. there are plenty of autistic people that manage to pass as relatively normal, agreeable human beings, but that takes a significant amount of effort on their part and a lot of people fall into the social justice-encouraged trap of “since i’m different from the majority, /you/ have to accommodate for /me./“ it’s a shame and horribly enabling.

apart from that i agree with you. it has to be a big part in why niche internet communities are so fucking insufferable.

No. 298160

>a lot of the loudest people tend to overestimate just how “high-functioning” they are and use it as an excuse to act like a freak or disregard other people’s emotions.

Thinking you're high-functioning is an excuse to act like a freak? What?

No. 298163

I really don't like autistics either and I tell people that openly. I couldn't care less. I also hate when parents of violent autists get mad at teachers and such who have to deal with their little shits and have no choice but to physically restrain them. What the fuck are they meant to do?

male autistics are demons.

No. 298171

Men as a group already have a problem with low empathy and mansplaining, autistic guys is like the level 100 version.

No. 298190

On the topic of Down syndrome, I think babies with downs (or any serious disease/disability really), should be aborted. Why put someone through that kind of life? They will never fully be functional in society. Never experience fully or be capable of consent. Constantly have to be cared for beyond adulthood. How is that living.

No. 298200

I've read that women with autism tend to have different behavior than male autistics because of the way women are socially conditioned. Women on the spectrum are also harder to diagnose for the fact that we are conditioned to blend in and be socially conscientious whereas males are not so much (if at all).

Almost every male autistic and sperg I've ever known was a self-centered shit with a bad attitude. Worse yet is that they usually have parents who dismiss their bad behavior due to the 'tism so they grow up thinking their selfish behavior is a-okay and fuck how they treat others. Fucking sociopaths.

No. 298213

File: 1537479655742.png (30.91 KB, 300x250, 6fNfKDQGm4-4.png)

people with down's have an extra chromosome, not a missing one.

No. 298215


I agree with this. I've known lots of women on the spectrum and like, whatever, you can tell they are but they can still be cool people. And if they're shitty people, they're shitty but not in a way that's threatening. At this point though, when I find out a dude is autistic (which never takes long), I write him off pretty much immediately because at worst he's a weirdo manchild legit danger, and at best he's irritating and gets weird around women. This can mean he's a creepy fetishist, an actual abuser, or just makes every girl around him his mommy caretaker, but it always, always sucks.

No. 298222

Watch this interview and tell me she's performing her job to the expected level of normal models

No. 298230

The comments are fucking cancer.
I'm also disgusted by so many virtue signalling women.

No. 298252

Is it bad that I remember this because of Preggory in the June thread? Kek

No. 298305

I have no problem with people with disorders becoming models, even down's syndrome, except this girl was coached by her mother and it's obvious her mother is living through her. Not only that, in every interview she seems like she doesn't even know what's going on.
Plus she waddles like a duck. She doesn't even walk like a model.

But yeah, even though I'm privy to models being disabled, I'm also kinda getting sick of this pc culture of putting disabled people everywhere in advertising.

No. 298465

The words "abuse", "gaslighting" get thrown around way too much here.
If you have problems and somebody is not willing to stay in a relationship with you, that doesn't necessarily mean he's an abuser.

I'm a regular visitor of the man-hate thread, yet still I'd say that men are also allowed to be scared of a "crazy" gf or at least don't have to force themselves to stay with her if it affects them mentally. If a guy is not stable anons are quick to scream "Leave him!", but if it's the over way around somehow she's the victim.

No. 298469

If you're talking about the vent thread, no one called their bfs abusive for wanting to leave.

And males generally are "crazy" for different reasons than women, you realize?

No. 298488

I'm a bit late to the party but yes, I agree with you. It's virtue-signaling, pretentious as fuck and deep down everyone knows that this is true. Just like when this year's ''Miss'' Spain title was won by a trans woman.
It's so unnecessary and fake and I wish people would stop mindlessly praising this type of stuff just because it makes them feel like they're being a ''nice person''. Nothing against anyone who is disabled but I feel like companies are just exploiting them for PC brownie points.

No. 298491

>you could use any individual who is born with a social disadvantage in the place of poc and it would still be apt, such as a woman
"Woman in place of POC"
People who say shit like this are so irritating. This "Woman is the Nigger of the World" BS needs to end.
Women who are not white are still women. There is no inherent divide between not being male and not being white. If you meant white women exclusively, say that. The sooner you stop thinking the default non-white person is male, and the default woman is white, the better.

No. 298498

File: 1537530293041.png (246.49 KB, 500x500, oodencDDIx1s3qc5xo1_500.png)

Angel Haze (big favorite)
Princess Nokia
Agua De Guayaba
Janelle Monae (she does way more singing than rapping, though)
Tkay Maidza
Lady Leshurr
Kari Faux
Daoko (again, way more singing than rapping)
Cupcakke (very sexual tracks, but also raps about real shit)

They all do different genres and have different styles.

No. 298507

Venus would look pretty if she stopped dressing like a toddler and stopped fucking up hair to look more Asian. Her style of dress is just making her look a lot older than she is…cute fashion is ok but she needs to wear darker colors and tone it down a bit. Must be awkward being this tall ass white girl walking around dressed like this everyday.

No. 298509

Poor girl is starting to look like her mum.

No. 298511

Ms Banks (different banks)
Dej Loaf
Young M.A

No. 298515

and Santigold

No. 298516

I’m so sick of shade range drama in the makeup community. Boycotting a brand and all of its products because their lack of foundation range is stupid, especially when that brand has so many other great products to offer.

I’m also done with beauty guru shit. It was entertaining at first, but now everybody is so cut throat and waiting for the slightest non-PC past if another guru to surface so they can call them out and remain the most ~woke~ guru

No. 298517

I think it's stupid too, but that's also because you often have brands that launch new products and try to create more and more shades for said products whenever they can, so it's not the end of the world.

No. 298518

This. I'm beyond sick of it.
The extreme PC nature of the beauty community and the constant outrages over the most minuscule shit are so tiresome. I can't deal with the witch hunting either.

No. 298523

This topic would make a good thread imo

No. 298524

File: 1537543515248.jpeg (9.35 KB, 215x185, naomi.jpeg)

Some farmers have hideous uwu ~aesthetics~. I wish you guys would post those aesthetic image/fashion threads in /g/ where they belong so I don't have to hide a billion threads on here; they're eyesores.

No. 298525

Some people who talk about suicide prevention on social media are out to polish their image and don't actually give a fuck about suicidal persons. These people are often bullies and people who don't make themselves available for others, actually.

No. 298527

High heels are ugly.

No. 298528

Yes. I know some realllll cunts who virtue signal about mental health being important on social media all the fucking time but they judge literally every irl and probably don't even know anyone with mental issues.

No. 298529

I kind of agree. A lot of women seem to walk badly in them or have bad posture in them, they make your feet feel like shit, and can instantly make you seem overdressed or slutty depending on your outfit.
Tallfag here, I can wear short heels and still appear like 8ft in the room.

No. 298530

None of them look good except one or two in each thread. When I point out my few favorites in these kind of threads, its amazing how asshurt the rest get over their ugly tween tier fashion sense. Self posting threads are obnoxious anyway.

No. 298531

Please look up Noname! I think you'll enjoy her album Telefone a lot! Chicago's got great rappers!

No. 298537

I've never seen anyone get mad about favorites being pointed out. Salt just breaks out when people single out other anons to shit on their fashion/aesthetic sense instead of just ignoring what they don't like.

No. 298538


Are you me anon, holy shit this so hard.
I work in the Games Industry and studied Games Development at college and Uni and those were honestly filled to the brim with Autists (no surprise)

When i was in college i was thrown into a class with a guy that claimed he was "high Functioning" but was the exact opposite. He would stop whole lectures to make someone sit next to him and explain in full detail what he needed to do for his assignments when it was already babied out for everyone. I normally wouldn't mind but this guy went out of his way to slow down everyone else's learning just so he could get the spotlight and scream about how he can't read this word or can't spell that word. I have no idea how he got onto the class to begin with.

I once got took into a meeting about my attitude towards the guy because I was top of the class and refused to give him my notes, because there were, well mine. I explained to the lectures that if this were the real world he wouldn't be getting babied as a "high functioning autistic" and he'd be expected to do his own damn work without hindering anyone else. I was legitimately told that I was a bully and should be ashamed because he is different and I need to accept that.

I was later put into a group project with him where he point blank refused to do any work because he didn't understand it and I spent many sleepless nights working my ass off to finish it by myself and he got all the ass pats for it. He even started to say sexual things about my body and when I complained about the treatment I was pushed off because "muh autism i can't help it"

TLDR: People should stop giving high functioning autistics the world because when they're expected to do their own shit they turn into giant man babies and pull the disability card to get whatever they want.

sorry for blogging and sperging

No. 298540

its ridiculous how much society caters to disabled people in general. i used to have to work with girl who had a relatively minor physical disability to do a project, and she didnt even turn up to 80% of the lessons and never contributed to the home tasks, not even when i told her it was impossible to do the project by myself. however when it came to the final grade i was failed and she was given the highest grade there was. the teacher even told me that i should learn from her and how hard working she was kek

i also remember this other girl who i think had some kind of autism who used to violently attack people, and a guy in a wheelchair who used to go out of his way to run peoples toes over and leave bruises and shit but no one cared, in fact i remember some instances where the victims were blamed.

No. 298542

Thats awful anon.

I just hate that autists get the whole world given to them but since they're labeled as disabled they wont do shit for themselves. I'm talking about the high functioning autists not those who actually need a carer 24/7. The guy in my class would get the bus to college and do everything all by himself while others who were also autistic (further down on the spectrum if you will) needed extra help with the simple stuff. Funny enough those who needed extra help were very kind and easy going.

I just really hate people like that guy who label themselves as high functioning and act all high and mighty about it yet act worse than those who really do need help and are nice people despite their disability. It really annoyed me to see these good kids get a bad rep with other students because of one greasy autistic that refused to sit and listen quietly to a lecture and couldn't keep his filthy hands off women.

No. 298548

And they only cater to the worst cases usually. I'm always so disgusted when I see literal retards who aren't even remotely presentable getting the most simple jobs when they can even perform them well, if at all, just because big companies need to fill a quota on disabled workers. Meanwhile my mother who is physically disabled never managed to find a job because recruiters thinks she has the wrong type of disability and would hire adult babies who need to be supervised at all times for simple tasks rather than adults who need to take treatments or get checkups at the hospital during their free time.

No. 298558

Anon, I'm a high-functioning autist and I agree a lot with you. This also reminds me of when some people try to blame their lack of manners in autism. I can understand that certain tasks might be difficult but there's a difference between being affected by Aspergers/autism and being a dickhead.

No. 298561

I've never seen singling out except for favs. People get mad about it still. They're insecure.

No. 298575

My job prides itself on being able to hire people who cant get jobs elsewhere. We have had many disabled people (mentally i mean) work for us and i have to do twice as much work because they can't get simple tasks done. Of course i'm the asshole if i say anything.


As for the autists who violently attack people, they're shits.

No. 298578

She dresses like an actual child and it's gross. I don't get why so many white weebs are drawn to that aesthetic? You can dress cute and still look your age. She also looks haggard af.

Her friend is really cute though. I love that short hair cut.

No. 298587

The game grumps are trash.

No. 298588

she looks like a poorly aging 30 yr old lady who's trying to attract asian pedophiles

No. 298596

File: 1537568100656.jpg (290.21 KB, 600x800, 1516113682162.jpg)

I feel like I'm going to get some backlash for this post, but I think people who make a constant habit of complaining about J-fashion being too childish (I don't mean just thinking to themselves "That's a bit too childish for my taste, I would not wear that" or "That person looks bad, their clothes are so cutesy that it highlights how haggard they actually are" and moving on, but getting in a mood and feeling the need to gripe about others dressing like 12 year olds whenever they see pastel colors or a ribbon or something) are probably more concerned with convincing the world around them of their own maturity than anything.

Like, I never see kids wearing shit like pic related (actual kids seem to either wear bright graphic tees with pants, or mini versions of adult normie clothes), I see skinny young adults/college students and 16 year olds (at youngest) with expendable income doing it. There's just a lot of femininity without any real sexualized aspect involved, which may read as childish to some people, but I don't see why "cute" would necessarily translate to "for kids only". A more sensible criticism would be that it looks too costumey, like something a fictional character would wear, but it's always down to age and maturity for some people, which strikes me as odd. It's like they assume being an adult means either keeping clothing very toned down, inoffensive and/or near-androgynous, or at least somewhat sexualized and cut to give the illusion of an hourglass figure or cleavage. It doesn't have to be like that. Adulthood is a stage in life and physical makeup, not a singular set of aesthetics. Adults dress and present in all sorts of ways (including obnoxiously and flamboyantly) because they have the means to do so. You can't reverse your age with clothing.

No. 298597

i think because despite children not literally wearing these outfits, they look like stuff children's characters wear… who are children. like, strawberry shortcake type shit.

No. 298598

Nobody rips on people for being childish with an outfit like that. Its when people like venus are wearing things that are obviously childrens clothes (like some tshirts she wears ) or wearing things like bonnets and cutesy bear/cat clips that are obviously marketed towards little girls.

And I’d say traditional lolita dresses cross the line into little girls wear too much for my comfort.

No. 298601

That outfit would look retarded in anyone who isn't under the age of 21 and weighs more than 110. Japanese fashion is childish because it's mean to be worn by people who are very cute,small and young.

No. 298603

Children's characters are often designed by adults, based on what they believe would catch children's eyes, and be obviously discernible from adult characters. It doesn't usually translate to actual children's clothes (aside from Halloween costumes), because they're usually too over the top, not comfortable to kids, impractical for children's playing, eating and getting dirty, etc.
It doesn't sound too weird, IMO, for an adult to think "Man, I really liked this character design from a book/cartoon/fairy tale I still feel nostalgic about. Now that I'm a grown woman with an existing taste for things that are flamboyant/theatrical, and don't have childish concerns (like fabric being too tight, itchy or getting covered in cake or cereal) I can dress like I'm from a fantasy", and working based on that.

I don't disagree with you on anything but the Lolita bit, for the same reasons above. If anything, Lolita fashion looks like fairy tale character wear, and has always had a deeper connection to gothic fashion, Victorian/Rococo wear, etc.

No. 298604

Adults 21+ who look cute and small exist, anon. It's also not people in their 40s I see getting clowned for wearing J-fashion, otherwise I'd understand. It's literally just the ones who the fashion is made for (ie, women who are in their early 20s or younger, skinny because most Jfash isn't made for anyone above 120lbs) who seem to get shit on for it.
It strikes me as kind of dumb to dislike a fashion because not everyone can pull it off.

No. 298605

Because clothes like that can actually make a young woman look like a old age player. Venus looks young but the clothes she wears makes her look like an autistic 30 year old. The reality is most people look shit dressed like that.

No. 298606

That's only if the young woman looked older to begin with, and then it's a matter of her specifically not being able to pull it off. It's like when a very morbidly obese person tries to dress like a skinny model, looking like shit, and then people blaming clothes instead of the fat person for not understanding what they look like.
>The reality is most people look shit dressed like that.
*most people who look older than 21
Not everybody ages so quickly that they look awful in anything non-casual or non-sexualized, believe it or not.

No. 298608

So basically you're saying it only looks good on people who are barely legal and look barely legal…which is exactly what everyone else is saying. It's near impossible for most people to look uwu loli enough to pull clothes off like that after the age of 21.

No. 298610

File: 1537570144399.jpg (1.11 MB, 1237x700, fairy_queen_titania_by_lillyxa…)

>Children's characters are often designed by adults, based on what they believe would catch children's eyes, and be obviously discernible from adult characters. It doesn't usually translate to actual children's clothes (aside from Halloween costumes), because they're usually too over the top, not comfortable to kids, impractical for children's playing, eating and getting dirty, etc.
okay? obviously? i've said that. but what does that have to do with what i've said? the fact is that the emotional and visual connection is there and that it looks like an outfit a child's character would wear, point blank. like, a character that is also a child, not just any fantasy character – specifically those that are children.

>It doesn't sound too weird, IMO, for an adult to think "Man, I really liked this character design from a book/cartoon/fairy tale I still feel nostalgic about. Now that I'm a grown woman with an existing taste for things that are flamboyant/theatrical, and don't have childish concerns (like fabric being too tight, itchy or getting covered in cake or cereal) I can dress like I'm from a fantasy", and working based on that.

yeah but they typically don't wear children's clothing. i have a desire to dress theatrically but i don't have a desire to look like i'm trying to cosplay as a fictional child. i think that's the issue. it's a little weird, especially when these outfits are commonly associated wth being childlike (pigtails, short socks with shoes, flowy dresses) but are then sexualized to some degree by being paired with heels, pantyhose, short skirt, fitted, etc.

i think most people typically want to dress like pic related and think that's generally more appropriate because again, it doesn't look like you're trying to cosplay a child's character. the styling in that pic you posted, and in a lot of lolita bullshit, is often the same type of shit: childlike hairstyles, childlike hairclips, socks with heels, etc, etc.

No. 298612

"Barely legal"? Now you're just getting creepy.
Some clothes are made for young adults who actually look their age, yes. People looking their age and being able to pull off things that aren't targeted at those in the 30s+ crowd doesn't make them child-like ageplayers. It just sounds like, again, you have a warped idea of adulthood and what an adult is supposed to look like.
You said it was childish because of the people who can't pull it off, and I already explained why that's silly. Just because you or someone else can't fit into a sweater or a pair of leggings, or their colors happen to bring out the worst features in your face, doesn't mean they're objectively bad and for little babies.
>It's near impossible for most people to look uwu loli enough to pull clothes off like that after the age of 21.
"Most people" don't look as haggard as you'd seemingly like to believe.

No. 298613

>these clothes aren't meant to be child like!
>b-but you have to have a baby face, be short, thin and cutesy to pull it off

How is it a fashion that isn't meant to be childish only suits people who look like children and tweens?even if they are legally adults they still have to look child like to not look like age players.

No. 298616

Because you're arguing
>Young adults dressing like young adults?? Um…Ageplay much?? xDDDD
Who even mentioned children and tweens? Why do you conflate looking cute only with being a little kid, and looking like you're about to hit 37 and pastel colors exacerbating that with being a ~*troo adult*~?

No. 298619

File: 1537570734527.jpg (102.88 KB, 509x699, IMG_4598.JPG)

lolita fashion seems to be more inspired by babies/children from the Victorian era.

No. 298620

first of all, this looks fucking ridiculous and tacky. kek, like, do you lolitafags even see how tacky this looks?

second, the bodice is up high – that's a design VERY specific to children's clothing when paired with a billowing bottom like this. you rarely ever see empire dresses with such a design. maryjanes are associated with children's shoes, hairbow, etc. these outfits are not meant to accommodate breasts, that's why the bodice looks like that. how can you even claim this isn't meant to look like a child's outfit?

No. 298621

File: 1537570895312.jpg (31.08 KB, 413x625, IMG_4599.JPG)

Looking child like=/=looking haggard. someone like a young Kate moss would look retarded in Japanese fashion because she's tall and her features despite the fact that she is beautiful.

No. 298623

i know a lot of 15 year olds that would look dumb as fuck in lolita shit. it doesn't suit so most faces, and is just creepy on adults imo

No. 298624

File: 1537571091077.jpg (57.58 KB, 329x600, 1525189760738.jpg)

Posted too soon
>like, a character that is also a child, not just any fantasy character – specifically those that are children.
Apart from Strawberry Shortcake, what explicitly child character dresses like this? It's based directly in fantasy and fairy tale illustrations, which are often aimed at kids, so those designs are sort of relevant in spite of the character's age(s).
>yeah but they typically don't wear children's clothing.
We've already gone over it not being children's clothing for impracticality reasons, though. It catches children's eyes.
>but are then sexualized to some degree by being paired with heels, pantyhose, short skirt, fitted, etc.
Lolita? Because short skirts and anything fitted generally doesn't belong. Heels and pantyhose are associated more with being regal and theatrical than sexy.

It's a more "innocent" spin on gothic clothing, usually, and only Sweet Lolita can really be applied to children.

>first of all, this looks fucking ridiculous and tacky. kek, like, do you lolitafags even see how tacky this looks?
I don't wear Lolita, personally, but thanks for the opinion. I'm sure people typically want to hear your take on things, kek.
>ow can you even claim this isn't meant to look like a child's outfit?
What children's outfits look like this? We've gone over why the design looks the way it looks (ie based on media commonly aimed at children), but where do you live that kids dress like this?

No. 298625

A lot of 15 year olds look older for their age and if you're in America many of them are fat too. Show me an example of one person who doesn't look 14 and looks good in Lolita kek

No. 298626

This woman looks like garbage though and she looks like an age player. The wig looks awful too. Bad exmaple.

No. 298628

File: 1537571245972.jpg (65.79 KB, 500x750, 1520804539059.jpg)

Kate Moss would look pretty fucking good in larme, CPK, dolly kei, or Classic Lolita (pic related), actually.

No. 298630

That woman is pretty now imagine how much better she would look if she wasnt dressed like a 12 year old from 1903.

No. 298632

File: 1537571384659.jpg (452.17 KB, 960x640, ageplay.jpg)

Do you know what ageplayers look like? Because I'm not seeing the similarities, lmao.

No. 298633

She looks like a gaint Baby whose mom dressed her up for church. That's what I think everytime I see Lolita's.

No. 298634

File: 1537571565756.jpg (1.42 MB, 2640x3960, 1512944249309.jpg)

Nothing about her outfit looks 12 years old, just vintage and non-sexual. She looks pretty, because she is, and her outfit suits her.
You just sound very angry and bitter, possibly because you don't think you can wear the same thing and look as good, which I don't get.
I'd look retarded dressed up as a punk, but that doesn't compel me to attack the fashion.

No. 298635

File: 1537571655798.jpg (285.45 KB, 1380x2070, 857856_ivo_1.jpg)

do you think this looks good on her? because she kind of just makes her look more like a dweeb and the outfit looks poorly made. trying too hard to look high quality but isn't.

>What children's outfits look like this? We've gone over why the design looks the way it looks (ie based on media commonly aimed at children), but where do you live that kids dress like this?
i've already explained to you that children's dresses have short bodices with fluffed skirts because they don't need to accommodate breasts. that's how these outfits are often designed. this dress is designed exactly like this baby dress. literally.

wew, because ageplayers only dress in literal onesies, ok.

you said you don't wear lolita but you're sooo asshurt over it being attacked i find it impossible for that to be true.

No. 298637

File: 1537571985614.jpg (246.08 KB, 564x423, IMG_4600.JPG)

I don't even know why Lolita's bother arguing that Lolita isn't childish especially when there's so much emphasis on tea parties and stuffed animals. Then your main attack is "you're just jealous because you can't wear it!", which is such a stupid insult because surely if one could afford to spend that much on clothes there are much nicer and classy clothing they can buy, instead of wasting it on a dead fashion that isn't even cool anymore.

No. 298638

your thinking is incredibly black and white. i agree that equating all lolita fashion with literal ageplayers is a bit of a broad exaggeration, but you look irrational as fuck insisting the opposite, that there's no relevant connection to children or childlike qualities at all. of course there is.

I like wearing leather jackets and vests. I'm not a biker, fetishist, or daddy dom, and I think it's fine to wear leather if you just like a tough classic look. If someone said I must be a secret bdsm fetishist or in a biker gang because of my clothes, that would be silly, but it would also be ridiculous if i denied that leather jackets have ANYTHING to do with those groups, just because I'M not in them. get it?

No. 298639

>complains about not liking the outfit and calls it "poorly made" (even though there's a pretty good chance it costs more than most farmers could afford), but still has no argument
Again, what child-aged character or child can you point to that looks that way? Are you just going to go on about how tacky it is, even though we were talking about it being childish, not ugly?
>wew, because ageplayers only dress in literal onesies, ok.
You seem to know a lot more about ageplay than I do (or ever care to), anon. Hmmm.
>i've already explained to you that children's dresses have short bodices with fluffed skirts because they don't need to accommodate breasts. that's how these outfits are often designed.
Post a child wearing that outfit or something similar. Not just a poofy dress (even though to you, all large dresses = baby, obviously), but the whole ensemble.
>this dress is designed exactly like this baby dress. literally.
Now I know you're talking out of your ass. The dress stops at the waist to emphasize thinness, not the chest.
>you said you don't wear lolita but you're sooo asshurt over it being attacked i find it impossible for that to be true.
I'm not asshurt, and I was talking about Jfash as a whole. You just seem to have gone off the deep end when it came to Lolita, and that makes me wonder.

No. 298640

I stopped wearing lolita because the online community is full of cringy weebs who knee-jerk about how stupid it looks to most people.

Who cares if it looks like ageplay or not, get yourselves some balls girls and wear shit you like without getting so huffy.

No. 298641

>what child looks like that

I could show you some pictures of my grandparents from the 40s when they were kids and they are dressed exactly the same. Kids these days don't dressed like that but they did in the past.

No. 298643

lolita has some childlike influences, but different people like childlike fashion for different reasons. Some like it because they'r creeps, and some like it because it's cute and unsexualized, like what you said. Just because you're in one camp doesn't mean you can liquidate the other camp from the public's perception. If you feel that you're not doing anything objectionable, great, stand by your convictions without trying to deny the existence of anyone less innocent than you.

No. 298644

Lolita is based on children's clothing though, it's the point.

No. 298645

Lolita's just dress like little girls from the 1800s wearing their best church clothes. They're in denial tbh.

No. 298647

File: 1537572506615.jpg (119.47 KB, 960x960, 1524422188880.jpg)

>Sweet Lolita = All Lolita!!
I already pointed out Sweet being the only substyle that can actually be considered childish, but go off.
Tea parties are a Victorian tradition, for fuck's sake. Way to grasp.
>main attack
What attack? What insult? I honestly think people who obsess over Jfash being "childish" and then resort to petty shit like insinuating they make a pretty woman less pretty must have some personal stakes. If I'm wrong, correct me and explain the vitriol in >>298630.
>wasting it on a dead fashion that isn't even cool anymore.
Caring about being "cool" and trendy is childish as fuck. Thank you for essentially confirming that you have misguided ideas on adulthood, and are most likely mentally still a child.

No. 298648

it's funny that you said lolita-critics want to prove to the world that they're mature, when that's really what you're doing. you seem to have a real problem with the idea that it's childlike or based on children's clothes, even when there's no darker accusations beyond that. like, it being childlike doesn't have to be creepy or pedo, it's just neutral if the wearer's intentions aren't known, but you seem to have a real problem with the childlike quality. Maybe it's guilt or fear of association or maybe you in fact really want people to think you're nothing like a child.

No. 298650

Bad clothes can make a pretty woman less pretty. A young Naomi Campbell is a beautiful woman but would look very ugly and trashy if she decided to wear Lolita or any j fashion sense let's be honest it all sucks.

No. 298651

File: 1537572627277.jpg (64.77 KB, 627x640, Dressed-for-Church-5.jpg)

>exactly the same
This is far from "exactly the same".

No. 298653

File: 1537572715431.jpg (33.69 KB, 375x500, IMG_4601.JPG)

Please stop being in denial anon lol

No. 298654

File: 1537572726718.png (635.54 KB, 676x531, waist where.PNG)

the anon they're responding to is denying with all her might that they're based on kids clothes tho.


>Again, what child-aged character or child can you point to that looks that way? Are you just going to go on about how tacky it is, even though we were talking about it being childish, not ugly?
you were posting the photo to show it looks good and would look good on kate moss. i was just saying, it does look like shit and it looks cheap. and major fucking lol @ you thinking expensive clothing = high quality, lmfaooooo

>Now I know you're talking out of your ass. The dress stops at the waist to emphasize thinness, not the chest.

bitch W-H-E-R-E??? this is the waist to you??????????????? are you blind? maybe go back to anatomy class?

No. 298655

If you don't care about being cool, why do you care what others think of your fashion at all?

No. 298658

File: 1537572925696.jpg (15.74 KB, 236x346, b0ffdf4dfd737ef1a5ee5d2cc7f434…)

anon pls do you really want to have a cherry picked image fight? you need to relax and stop caring so much about what others think.

does taking fashion inspiration from this child make you a sick monster? nah

does taking fashion inspiration from this child make you an ageplayer? not necessarily.

does taking fashion inspiration from this child mean you are wearing childlike clothes inspired by children? YES

No. 298659

I personally thinks venus looks ugly not due to the type of clothing she's wearing, but due to the fact that it doesn't suit her at all. That's what's making her look like she's wearing child's clothes. The girl in >>298637 look childish, but cute, venus looks like an old lady in something that's not made for her to wear.

No. 298660

Sorry for my English, by the way! (polite sage)

No. 298661

This just sounds like projection, or like you didn't read. Anons were insisting it looks like ageplay, while I drew links to fantasy, gothic clothing and Victorian-era clothes. I never denied its link to Victorian children's clothes (because any sensible person would reason Victorian children's clothing falls under the category of Victorian clothing as a whole), I was explicitly talking about actual, more recent children's clothes. Like, today or your grandparents. Where is the ageplay?

There are different types of beauty, some of which look good in clothes others don't.


>you were posting the photo to show it looks good and would look good on kate moss. i was just saying, it does look like shit and it looks cheap. and major fucking lol @ you thinking expensive clothing = high quality, lmfaooooo
Again, you just sound angry as fuck for no reason. She looks good. Kate Moss would still look like Kate Moss in vintage clothes. Clothing that's expensive is usually expensive because of the fabric used, sorry to break it to you.
>bitch W-H-E-R-E??? this is the waist to you??????????????? are you blind?
She is fat, so you can't see her waist. Are you being deliberately obtuse? Did you not see the other photos I posted?

I stated my opinion on some things I've read, and then you decided to jump in and get buttmad. Now I'm just explaining my point.

See first response.

No. 298662

No. 298664

File: 1537573504172.jpg (105.55 KB, 800x417, 1838-crimson-velvet-1864-bathi…)

ok, so you're thinking that because there's victorian adult women's clothes like this, that any child comparison is moot, right?

the thing is, it goes both ways. people shouldn't assume you're dressing like a child because you actually have this vision in mind, but you also don't get to decide that lolita has nothing to do with children just because it doesn't in your personal execution of it. it's a publicly available fashion style without a bible or figurehead, so anyone gets to decide what exactly they're trying to express or emulate with it, and if the public doesn't get that vision, that's your own problem

No. 298666

I was not the anon who "jumped in and got buttmad" I just think you're shitting up the thread. You keep alternating between "no1curr what you think" and trying to defend yourself tooth and nail. People like you are a big reason I left lolita. You guys are so insecure, yet always brag about how unlike normies you are.

No. 298668

What's ironic is many brands like MMM, Btssb, Innocent world and AP cite children's clothing as their source of inspiration.

No. 298670

File: 1537573818285.png (377.95 KB, 676x531, okay.png)

>Again, you just sound angry as fuck for no reason. She looks good. Kate Moss would still look like Kate Moss in vintage clothes. Clothing that's expensive is usually expensive because of the fabric used, sorry to break it to you.
but that's not the case here. and you tried to claim it being expensive means it doesn't look poorly made and cheap? i know plenty of lolita and steampunk, goth, etc, stuff that is very expensive but does look very tacky and poorly made. it doesn't mean anything for it to be expensive. and that woman does not look good in that style, i'm sorry.

>She is fat, so you can't see her waist. Are you being deliberately obtuse? Did you not see the other photos I posted?

anon, look at the photo again, please. why is this cut in the middle of where her breasts should be? it is not meant to accentuate the waist at all. at all.

though these bare some resemblance, these outfits are designed for women's figures. to emphasize the breasts, hips, and waist, specifically. to emphasize female maturity.

this >>298658 is not. there is a stark difference in their design. just being ruffley isn't enough to say they're sooo close to being the same, really.

No. 298672

not to disagree with you, but this pic looks like that cause the girl is too fucking big to wear the dress. i'm sure it would look more shapely on a shorter, petite girl, rather than someone…not.

No. 298673

it's like with goth right. if you wear a slightly gothy outfit you might have bauhaus and sisters of mercy in mind as your reference, but then someone comes along and assumes you're trying to emulate toopoor type soundclout girls or monster high kek. they're wrong about you specifically, but you also can't wipe the toopoor association from the collective consciousness no matter how hard you try, especially since there are real goth girls out there actually trying to look like toopoor, so you can't argue "no, my look has NOTHING to do with soundclout! nothing at all!" all you can do is explain your personal ideas and inspirations, not try to change the entire public perception about a popular style.

even if you were first, or you have some really nuanced idea you're trying to embody that nobody gets, or you're more educated, or you think you have better taste, the public still has their own impressions and associations when they see you, and you can't force them to not have those associations. it hurts but it's part of being in a subculture.

No. 298674

File: 1537574322550.jpg (19.42 KB, 219x300, s-l300.jpg)

it really doesn't look all that similar to me imo. the shapes of the dresses are entirely different.

but it wouldn't. i'm short and slim and there's absolutely no way this would reach past my tits and accentuate my waist. do you guys think petite women have 3 inch torsos? she's fat and too big for this, but how are you guys denying that this isn't meant to go above the waist and definitely isn't meant to highlight it?

No. 298676

File: 1537574449810.jpg (167.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1536037333182.jpg)

I'm saying that a clothing style based on fantasy/gothic/Victorian pieces that makes use of "cute" imagery is not ageplay-ish. It's erroneous to make that assumption.
My original point was on J-fashion as a whole, though, and how being cute is not necessarily the same as being a child.

I'm still not a Lolita, I just know about it and other J-fashion because that's one of my interests. Ask the sperg drawing on pictures and cropping them to stop shitting up the thread, I'm just replying to people insulting me.

*Victorian era children
And even IW and MMM have more generally adult Victorian pieces. AP and BTSSB are explicitly Sweet, which is actually childlike, obviously.

>i know plenty of lolita and steampunk, goth, etc, stuff that is very expensive but does look very tacky and poorly made.
Usually from shitty Etsy brands, not though you probably can't tell the difference.
>and that woman does not look good in that style, i'm sorry.
She does, though, otherwise you never would've admitted she was pretty. I'm not in the business of changing your opinion, though, so I'll let that rest.
>anon, look at the photo again, please. why is this cut in the middle of where her breasts should be? it is not meant to accentuate the waist at all. at all.
She. Is. Fat.
How many times are you going to ignore this fact?
>though these bare some resemblance, these outfits are designed for women's figures.
So, in your eyes, do >>298647 and pic related do not count as Lolita now? It's Victorian-based, not just "children's clothes". This is what you're refusing to see because you're dead-set on your ageplay obsession.
Also, >>298658 is not actually Lolita, just an example of something that would blend with >>298664 to make the fashion, so your comparison is moot. You're fixated with children's images and refuse to see literally anything else.

No. 298678

My unpopular opinion is, that if I saw somebody walking on the streets like this, I'd probably couldn't help but laugh or at least grin. Sorry, but that's just how your average person reacts.
The thing is, most people wearing that shit think that it somehow doesn't look cringy on them, that they're the exception, that they're sm0l enough and look younger than their actual age. But they don't.

I wasn't part of this convo until now, but this is literally the first line of wikipedia's article about lolita:
>Lolita (ロリータ・ファッション rorīta fasshon) is a fashion subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children's clothing and styles from the Rococo period.
And further down:
>Although the origin of the fashion is unclear, it is likely that the movement started at the end of the 1960s with the fashion style and subculture Natural Kei, which romanticized the Victorian Period. At the end of the 1970s, this resulted in a new movement known as Otome-kei, which slightly influenced Lolita fashion since Otome means maiden and maiden style looks like a lesser elaborated Lolita style. Before Otome-kei emerged, there was already a rise of the cuteness culture in the earlier seventies; during which there was a high emphasis on cute and childish handwriting in Japanese schools.

Plus the name… makes denying that it is influenced by kid's clothing rather difficult, no?

No. 298679

i didn't deny that, you idiot, i'm just saying it looks extra bad cause she's fucking fat, i didn't say it'd go down to the waist, it's clearly an empire waist. stop arguing like everyone else is against you.

No. 298681

that's really not what you said.
>not to disagree with you, but this pic looks like that cause the girl is too fucking big to wear the dress. i'm sure it would look more shapely on a shorter, petite girl, rather than someone…not.
you said it'd look more shapely on someone smaller. the cut is obviously not designed to look any bit more shapely. don't backtrack and then insult me like it's my fault. it would obviously look better on someone smaller, but more shapely? no.

No. 298682

oh my god, for fuck's sake, i see that there's more to lolita than just children's style, but you keep denying any relevant association with children to the point that you pathologize anyone who simply thinks "hm, that's kind of babyish." have a little nuance maybe. just because you have signed and dated victorian tailor's invoices and dress designs doesn't mean anyone is a freak or neurotic for seeing a bonnet and bobby socks and thinking it's a bit childish looking

No. 298684

why are you being a cunt to people who are telling you to get better examples? calm the hell down.

No. 298691

>My unpopular opinion is, that if I saw somebody walking on the streets like this, I'd probably couldn't help but laugh or at least grin. Sorry, but that's just how your average person reacts.
That's fine, but how is it an unpopular opinion if it's how the average person reacts?
Not liking something, or thinking it looks funny is not the same as insisting only 12 year olds wear it. I wasn't talking about people who just think it's ugly.
The rest of your point is, like you said, an opinion. No point in trying to argue about taste. If all wearers look old and shitty to you, that's you.
>Lolita (ロリータ・ファッション rorīta fasshon) is a fashion subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian and Edwardian children's clothing and styles from the Rococo period.
This is what I've been saying, actually. It's Victorian-based fashion, while others claimed it looks like ageplay.
>Plus the name… makes denying that it is influenced by kid's clothing rather difficult, no?
The name isn't "organic", it came from the person who made it semi-popular (Mana) using it in combination with a girl's name that sounded suitably edgy/dark.
If you've read or watched Lolita, the aesthetic and time period is wrong for the fashion, as well.

>but you keep denying any relevant association with children
I literally said it's based on Victorian children's clothing (as well as adult's) multiple times, meanwhile >>298670 was trying to disavow any connection to >>298664 because they can't accept that it's not ageplay. Calm down and reread my post. Jfc.

No. 298692

>people who still think that lolita doesn't have anything to do with "lolita"
>people think this despite the fact that loli means pedoshit and existed before the fashion

100 keks

No. 298693

No one ever said only 12 year olds wear it but it just looks like something that would suit a 12 year old

No. 298695

This is an argument used by retards, and by actual ageplayers trying to force themselves into the fashion.
The fashion and the book are separate, and the fashion existed before it was given the name "Lolita", which is, again, an unfitting misnomer.
If you knew what clothing in both time periods looked like, you would not be conflating the two. Lolita was not written as a Rococo-era piece.
Actual Lolita-based fashion would be that Tumblr "nymphet" thing, and it looks nothing like the pics ITT.

No. 298698

This isn't unpopular or an opinion. It's true. Were you not around for suzy's threads in /snow/? They were really popular for a while.

No. 298700

if this is too confusing for you, let me simplify it

>lolita complex means little girl complex, which was derived from the book

>lolita fashion uses the term lolita from lolita complex
>lolita fashion means little girl fashion

so it's not so much that mana named it after the book, but he named it after lolita as used in a japanese context. it's not that hard, mana didn't pull the term from nowhere, the term lolita complex became popular right before he decided on that term for his fashion. lolita was designed around looking like creepy porcelain dolls anyways

No. 298701

Why was name Lolita chosen for the fashion if it has nothing to do with pedo shit?

No. 298702

Lolicon is literally short for "Lolita complex", which arose from the book. Also, the fashion isn't called "Lolicon kei", so you linking the two is still dumb as fuck.
The fashion isn't based on it, because like I said, it didn't have that name until someone popular decided to stick it on for edgelord points.

No. 298703

lolita in japanese refers to little girl explicitly though, mana wasn't the first to use the word, it was already being used.

No. 298704

>there are still people wearing Lolita
Have a time traveled back to 2008?

No. 298705

Because Mana (or whoever else coined it) is a dumbass who probably never read the book himself to understand that it wouldn't fit, but thought it sounded cool and that it fit the dark/innocent motifs.

>lolita fashion uses the term lolita from lolita complex
This is where you're wrong, or it would've been called "Lolicon kei" or "Lolicon fashion".
>lolita was designed around looking like creepy porcelain dolls anyways
Which has pretty much nothing to do with pedo shit, and more to do with looking like something out of a gothic portrait or film.

>mana wasn't the first to use the word, it was already being used
He was, for the clothing style.

No. 298706

Anyone who thinks Mana didn't take the term from "lolicon" is in denial. Even Japanese lolita admit it. Sure, he didn't take it from the book, and no it's not supposed to be nymphet shit, but he didn't invent the term. Just search this stuff on girlschan, only triggered western lolitas deny this shit.

No. 298708

My issue with with those who claimed it looked like ageplay for "barely legal" tweens.

No. 298709

are you stupid? i'm saying that lolita=little girl. why are you so insistent that he would have called it lolicon kei? i'm just trying to point out the fact that he's using the term lolita, which is something that means little girl.

No. 298710

If it were from lolicon, publications like GLB would've been filled with work from actual lolicon artists. No one said he invented the term, just that he thought "Huh….Victorian gothic fashion with a childish look? Kind of dark? Like Lolita, right?". Do you think no one in Japan knows about the book and just thinks of kids and CP, least of all a Euroboo like Mana, of all people?

No. 298711

> it would've been called "Lolicon kei" or "Lolicon fashion".

Anon said it uses lolita from lolita complex, not that is uses lolita complex in it's entirety. Lolicon refers to the pedos.

No. 298712

anon, please try to listen. i'm saying that he took the word lolita, which was already used to mean little girl, and applied it to the fashion. no one is implying it is a lolicon fashion, just that he thought that word was cool and it already carried the connotations he had in mind. also yes, >>298691 is saying that mana just used an edgy girl's name randomly. it's the biggest knee-jerk reaction from lolitas to say the term was pulled out of mana's ass.

all i'm trying to say is that lolita already meant little girl, not that the fashion has to do with lolicon.

No. 298713

Unpopular opinion related to the topic. Lolita is a costume and people only wear it to cons and meets. People who say Lolita isn't a costume and is meant to be worn everyday are the same kind of people who are delusional enough to say anime isn't cartoons.

No. 298715

>If it were from lolicon, publications like GLB would've been filled with work from actual lolicon artists.

??? Are you thick? No one said the fashion is derived from lolicon, we're just pointing out that the word lolita was already in use in Japan to mean little girl, which happened to be in the context of lolicon. Of course the fashion isn't based around lolicon shit, but Mana likely though the term lolita, when used to refer to little girls, sounded cool. Mana obviously wanted to take something gross like lolita, and apply it to something else.

No. 298716

Then what did you mean by
>>people who still think that lolita doesn't have anything to do with "lolita"
Because we've already both conceded that it doesn't.
>saying that mana just used an edgy girl's name randomly.
Why do you think it's edgy? Because of the subject matter. The issue is the lack of relation to the fashion except to those unfamiliar with the actual content of the book and films.
>all i'm trying to say is that lolita already meant little girl, not that the fashion has to do with lolicon.
I'm not disagreeing with this. I apologize if you're not actually this anon >>298692.

No. 298718

I agree with this, but only because people who say its' not a costume don't wear it every day.

No. 298719

It pretty much always looks bad, even as a costume, tbh. Anyone wearing it irl in regular situations is 100% laughed at on the regular.

No. 298720

It's funny. They think they look so regal and elegant but they just look retarded. All that money spent on garbage could have been spent on luxury clothing that actually makes them look elegant instead of like those creepy fats doll that collect dust in your grandmas attic.

No. 298721

>??? Are you thick? No one said the fashion is derived from lolicon, we're just pointing out that the word lolita was already in use in Japan to mean little girl,
No one said it wasn't.
>but Mana likely though the term lolita, when used to refer to little girls, sounded cool
So, exactly what I said here:
>The name isn't "organic", it came from the person who made it semi-popular (Mana) using it in combination with a girl's name that sounded suitably edgy/dark.
I wasn't claiming he invented the term, I was saying he coined it as the name of the fashion. If you agree the fashion isn't based on the book or pedo shit, there's literally nothing to argue about.

No. 298722

NAYRT, but why are you so bitter about what other people wear? Who hurt you?

No. 298723

that's all people do on here wtf are you new?

No. 298724

i'm not that anon, but i see how you may be confused. i don't think mana got it from the book. i don't think the fashion is based on the book or lolicon, but i think the name is definitely based on lolita as from lolita complex, because the term lolita was circulating at the time he coined the name. it's not a coincidence.

the name doesn't mean it's based on any of those things, but a lot of lolitas plug their ears when you try to mention that the name is based on anything.

No. 298726

Usually the bitterness is revolved for individuals, not entire subcultures (except maybe BDSM). Not liking it or certain participants is one thing, but bottomless rage over something innocuous is odd.

No. 298727

How is the truth bottomless rage?

No. 298728

Subjective opinions are your truth, not the entire world's.
Thinking about fashion styles you don't even like long enough to contemplate money spent and get pissed off enough to call it garbage seems irrational, is all I'm saying.

No. 298729

It is garbage though. Like most Japanese brands tbh. For exmaple Liz Lisa has the same quality as forever 21 and they're selling it for triple the price…it's a scam really kek

No. 298730

Personal experience? Seriously, what happened to you? Spill the tea.

No. 298732

i'll agree with this. most japanese fashion is cheaply made because china is right over there, and usually the reason it's really expensive is the exclusive designs. every brand and their mom has their own special prints with logos, their own buttons, their own branding on bags and such, because they can just fucking go to china.

i only really buy second hand stuff because it's not worth it.

No. 298734

denial-chan pls, this post really shows your paranoia. no one here is seriously claiming that lolita should always be associated with sick shit like lolicon or pedos. That's just your fear talking. All we're saying is that there are definitely lots of associations and inspirations from children's clothes in the style, regardless of whether or not every single lolita personally shares that inspiration, and that for you to deny deny deny any reasonable association with children (except for victorian babies kindasorta dressing like victorian adults sometimes) is ridiculous. remember, this all started because you pathologized anyone who thinks lolita and japanese fashion looks childish. when anons told you exactly why they think it looks childish, you tried to completely snuff out their perceptions and replace them with your own ideas about what the style should be. there's room enough in the world for you to exist with your strictly no-child victorian larping and for lolitas to exist who admit the inspiration is from children.

No. 298735

seriously. she's yet to explain why mana would choose a child's name in the first place, let alone one that's only use in the japanese language explicitly means little girl.

No. 298736

You really typed all this unhinged shit as if I didn't already point out the influence from Victorian children's fashion.
At this point, just admit you're an adult baby/ageplayer, and you're mad other people aren't as well. That's the only reason I can think of for your weird fixation on children and babies and strawmanning.

No. 298737

also, i hate to even touch on this, but there are feminist historians out there who would tell you that victorian ADULT women dressed like that because they were infantilized by men. are they objectively correct? nope, it's an opinion. but there are some visual cues that people are always going to associate with children and being childlike, no matter who wears it. it's ok if you don't make those associations, but you're not more right than anyone else when it comes to shit like this.

No. 298738

I explained it multiple times, actually, but you plugged your ears because you don't want anything other than "lolicon".

No. 298739

you're platinum retarded, anon. for the last time, we're not saying it's related to lolicon other than that's where he got the name from.

No. 298740

>nope, it's an opinion.
I stated my unpopular opinion, and then some autists who are emotionally invested in applying strange pedophilic connotations to things tried to browbeat me with their own, much like what you're doing now.

No. 298741

See >>298721
If I'm platinum retarded, you must be certifiably brainless because of your complete lack of reading comprehension.

No. 298742

for the last time, few people if anyone is calling you a pedo or calling lolita legit pedo. we're just pointing out that it's childlike. you're the only one who thinks "childlike fashion" and immediately jumps to ddlg, ageplay, and lolicon.

No. 298743

then stop fucking bringing up lolicon. you're the one who went on and on and on about how it was impossible he named it after something relating to lolicon because the fashion itself wasn't lolicon themed.

No. 298744

>you're the only one who thinks "childlike fashion" and immediately jumps to ddlg, ageplay, and lolicon.
Except >>298608 >>298610
and several others. Again, read the conversation before hopping in. This is like the third time you've ignored that I literally pointed out the influence from Victorian's children fashion.

No. 298745

You're the one who brought up "pedo shit" and then argued in circles because you misunderstood my post and couldn't read. Just let it go already, fucking hell.

No. 298746

ITT a lolita pretending she isn't lolita becomes triggered by people making fun of her fashion even though she doesn't wear it

I fucking swear. Stop arguing just to fucking argue. Penus looks like fucking Margo when she used to wear her clothes. Most lolitas are ugly and look like shit in the clothes so the clothes look like they're for children.

No. 298747

>you misunderstood my post

i am not whichever anon you think i am. i just came into the conversation. you're fucking retarded and have been misunderstanding people since the first post, which was about how ugly venus looks in her dress, not about the fashion itself.

No. 298748

If I were a Lolita, I would've brought up Lolita first. And IDGAF about Japanese fashion being made fun of (it's alternative fashion, so of course that will happen), it's the ageplayers and people insecure about their own age constantly projecting about pedophile shit. Keep strawmanning, though.
>Most lolitas are ugly and look like shit in the clothes so the clothes look like they're for children.
So, all clothes that are ugly and look like shit are for children? Makes sense.
Stop replying already.

No. 298749

>i just came into the conversation.
No wonder you're so lost. You don't know what you're even talking about, and that makes you doubly retarded for acting like you do.
I never even posted about Venus, I posted about J-fashion itself, dumbfuck. You would see that if you knew how to scroll up.

No. 298753

the whole reason this convo started was about venus. and some of the people you were quoting as evidence were explicitly talking about her.

it's not hard to fucking understand a conversation while lurking.

No. 298754

What was your first post then anon? Because you seem to be acting like you've been here since the beginning of the conversation, yet you're claiming it wasn't you? Okay.

No. 298755

anon, if you agree lolita looks childish, then obviously something that looks childish on someone that it looks bad on will make that clothing item look like child's clothing.

No. 298756

It all started because of my post, which wasn't about Venus at all, even though she was tangentially related.
They were talking to me, and I didn't touch on any discussion points about Venus because that wasn't what or who I was discussing.

>Because you seem to be acting like you've been here since the beginning of the conversation, yet you're claiming it wasn't you? Okay.
Who am I claiming wasn't me? I said I never talked about Venus, which I wasn't. >>298596 was my first post, please go ahead and show me where it talks about Venus in any way, shape or form.

No. 298758


I feel super bad for any teacher or care taker who has to deal with male autists.

I work in a thrift store/second hand shop and one time this lil autistic shit was climbing our shelves to get to a toy and i asked him to get down before he hurt himself. Then he started screaming. I asked where his mom was and he legit punched me in the tit.

i went to a coworker and his mom was aisles away. She didn't even care when i told him her little demon spawn assaulted me. We escorted them out the store.

No. 298760

Lol no, it started from >>298507 post.

No. 298761

>blaming clothing for a specific person looking bad in said clothing, and not the person for picking clothes that don't suit them
This is dumb.

No. 298763

What is "it" to you? Because I'm talking about my standalone post and the responses to me afterward.
If that's not what you meant, I don't know why you involved me and pointed fingers.

No. 298764

It's like giving them a pity trophy and if you dont agree, you're racist or something? It's ridiculous how people are now shamed into believing this is beauty, brave or normal.

I got into an argument a few months ago with a friend of a friend about this. I believe the Netherlands encourages women to abort if they're fetus is very likely to be born with down syndrome. The friend or a friend told me that it's wrong and all babies are beautiful. bleh bleh and went on a moral high ground tangent. She even thought she government should pay for all disabled babies throughout their lifetime.

No. 298767

it's like if you were against boxing because you don't like the violence, so instead of just not contributing it, you gave a championship belt to someone with no arms, all "see?! even non-violent people who aren't able bodied can be boxing champs!!!"

like…what is the logic here? is it that she really should be a model because of current modeling standards in place, or is it that current beauty standards are mean so lets say someone who doesn't fit them are actually beautiful? because if it's the latter, you're basically rewarding her for absolutely nothing. make your own damn fashion show.

No. 298772

i hate this fucking trend of "everyone is bootyful!" no, not everyone is and you should teach people that it's fine that not everyone is conventionally attractive without lying to them about it.

No. 298777

File: 1537585722544.jpg (204.02 KB, 467x700, 1273032363805.jpg)

did you know that lolita has the reputation in japan of being a fashion for ugly, chubby girls? of course "chubby" in japan is different than chubby in the west. but lolita was never meant to be only worn by girls under the age of 21.

No. 298778

exactly. i don't even object to her modeling. if she can pose and walk and people legitimately want to hire her, more power to her. but they're using fucking victoria's secret and its established structure to virtue signal.
if a modeling agency had a wide range of models ranging from ugly to average to pretty, but they were all super talented when it comes to the physicality of modeling, i think that would be pretty cool.
but a runway that's all 10s and then a few deformed people? not very fucking convincing

No. 298786

If VS were to put on the down's syndrome model, it wouldn't even be a participation trophy it would be blatant attention whoring on VS's part. VS's popularity is dwindling. People like pretty women, but it isn't enough to renew interest in VS. So, putting a down's syndrome model is the perfect way to garner attention. SJ crowd will like it and there will be a lot of objection to it as well. Kinda like Tess Holiday getting a Cosmo cover. Like, who gives a shit about Cosmo? Cosmo could have gotten Generic It Girl #345 to pose for it or a morbidly obese chick. The latter got Cosmo some sort of attention outside whatever core audience they have. Now, the body positives are praising it while people who wouldn't have given a shit about Cosmo otherwise are acting like this is some kind of travesty kek. Brands don't care about being "woke" but they do like attention.

No. 298787

I have no horse in this race but think it's hilarious how anons always scream "you're projecting!!!!"

No. 298804

Seems about right. I Personally find anything lolita related to be extremely cringey.You bet those weebs aren't going to look like their favorite lolita models that are airbrushed.

No. 298822

>She even thought she government should pay for all disabled babies throughout their lifetime.
You mean with taxpayers' money, which probably wouldn't be enough if none of the fucked up babies are aborted? Is she 12 or just very naive? I don't know about the situation in the Netherlands when it comes to healthcare but no matter what that sounds like an absolutely terrible idea.

No. 298853

I mean, it's not that insane. If it's a nice country and you don't have to deal with a ton of heroin addicts and their children, which are a much higher cost to the public, why shouldn't the government offer care to the extremely disabled? I mean, America does that anyway and America is shit, why shouldn't the Netherlands (I'm sure that they already do, anyway)

No. 298855

That's not really what I mean. It's the sort of things that's good on paper but if literally nobody aborts their down syndrome fetus, that would mean way more dependent people to take care of, which means more money to spend on them, and most likely the same amount of money coming from taxpayers or more, which means more taxes to pay, etc. But as I said, I don't know about the Netherlands' situation when it comes to healthcare.

Sure, free healthcare for disabled people is great and all but combine that with what her friend said (or yours, idk if that was your post):
>I believe the Netherlands encourages women to abort if they're fetus is very likely to be born with down syndrome. The friend or a friend told me that it's wrong and all babies are beautiful.
>it's wrong and all babies are beautiful.
Then that's fucking stupid. Especially when there are people who also need free healthcare and who deserve it or need it way more.

No. 298883


Because taxpayers money should not go towards your shitty decision to keep your disabled child again, even though you thought you could handle it and had no back up plan. Very few people have family to care for them or extra money in case something goes wrong with regular children, imagine if you need round the clock care and meds for your kid before they're a teenage, and long after they've reached adulthood.

No. 298885

Do you realize how huge a country America is (north america) compared to the Netherlands? You sound really uneducated. Not to mention a lot of people dont want to deal with extremely disabled or autistic kids but are bullied into it as a caretaker half the time. They want to act all brave, but they know seeing those kids on the daily probably makes them appreciate having normal kids or no kids at all.

I used to get this father and (adult) son that came into my shop a lot and at first i didn't know how to react. He would shout at nothing and get violent if he didnt get the toy he wanted at the register. You can praise the parents for having patience to deal with that, but in the end, you know they're suffering inside and made a terrible decision.

I'd rather have our tax dollars go to help kids in adoption centers, rather than dealing with people who choose to have fucked up babies on purpose to seem brave or because 'all children are beautiful!!11'

No. 298920

It annoys me when people write "sorry for my bad english, its my 3645th language" even tho they wrote everything fine and they know it

No. 298925

I'm not American or from the Netherlands, and not the anon you're replying to, so I'm not really sure I can speak about it. But isn't abortion really difficult to have access to in some states in the US? I always see news articles about how abortion rights are threatened very often. This whole "healthcare/government should pay for down syndrome babies from their birth until they die" could only work if there are very few of them, and if women can't abort whenever they want or need to, the number of profoundly disabled babies increases. So obviously I'm guessing the problem if that were to happen in the US is that no matter how big or small the population is, having taxpayers' money go into the care of all the down syndrome people and other similar disorders or diseases that makes you completely dependent on care takers is just no going to work anyway.

No. 298957

File: 1537643215001.png (52.52 KB, 1243x422, Screenshot (52).png)

I don't get why so many anons are losing their shit over people abusing animals. Yes it's horrible, but you do realize that exactly the same nasty shit is done to women and even children every single day as well?
But if it's animals suddenly everybody cares and "feels like crying". If somebody kills a child it's tragic, but if e.g. that one tranny from a few days ago shoots his chihuahua he's a psycho who should get the death penalty. Not because he killed his own parents, no, because he killed an animal.
I wish people would care more about humans.

You might say this belongs in the dog hate thread, but just as an example; people seem to care more about animals starving than human's starving. Why is that?

No. 298965

Damn anon you beat me too it. These people are probably all america/british/canada-boos who want butt pats on the internet for speaking good english

No. 298972

This might surprise you, but people can care about more than one thing at once.

No. 298973

cause animals are completely dependent on us and can't even ask for help. a lot of people that hate violence towards animals react the same to cruelty against women, children, elderly and any innocent soul.
as for the homeless guy story - blame the 'homeless people are all junkie, druggie trash and don't deserve help'.

No. 298974

You guys forget that most of the world's pop culture today is dictated by the US. There's no one without internet access that is not an americaboo thecnically.

No. 298993

If your friend is friends with someone shitty you don't like, it's a good enough excuse to end the friendship. It's not controlling if you peace out and let them have their own fun.

No. 298998

100% agreed. And I think once someone's at a high level of fluency they shouldn't be immune to having mistakes pointed out, second language or not.

I've also noticed that the people who are very obviously ESL speakers won't often apologize for their English or mention it's their second language.

No. 299012

I know the whole "sorry, English is not my first language" thing can be annoying, but from an ESL perspective a lot of the kids that write that are just out of hs, where they learn English, and are just beginning to post on the English speaking side of the internet after a couple o years of lurking. Their English might seem fine but I can bet a lot of them google a lot of spellings and grammatical structures before posting a simple Youtube comment, so I can understand why they would feel paranoid that their English is still not good enough to communicate with natives.

ESL kids often feel very anxious about typing in English and adding a disclaimer to their comments calms them down.

No. 299032

I was mostly talking about people who specify that english is not their first or second language, but like 9th or 11th, which mostly comes off as humble brag and fishes for comments like "dont worry hun, most english speakers arent as good as you"

No. 299051

The kpop critical people seem a little obsessed. I think it's tryhard how they call every single idol posted there hideous and whatnot. The man and dog hate I can understand since people deal with both of those things on a semi-frequent basis, but kpop? I can count on one hand the number of times I've spoke to a kpop fan irl and I hardly see the stuff online either.

No. 299052

Kpop critical people are also kpop fans, that's why they see so much of it and that's why they get so annoyed by everything other than their favs.

No. 299102

sorry for sperg but im so tired of having people actually hate white people and not being able to be offended by it. like, im not talking about stupid stereotype jokes, im talking about people actually disliking all white people and looking upon them with disgust. i cant stand having people around me go "god white people suck, am i right anon?" as if i am not a white person and if i get offended i am "sensitive" or "a whiny whitie". while yes, i know that this happens with every other race, i just do happen to take it personally because im not one to be racist ever, or think in a prejudiced manner. im a gayfag and cant fucking stand it when other gayfags try to get me to join in on hating straighties. like, idk, everyones fuckin different and we cant just make blanket statements like "white people are so gross" and "straight relationships are ugly and obnoxious" because anyone can be gross, anyone can be too PDA and overshare. personally have had more gay friends randomly decide to overshare about their graphic sexual escapades than my straightie friends. saged because this is just incessant rambling and may not even be unpopular.

No. 299124

more people are noticing, don't let it get you down, it won't last long

No. 299126

non- white anon here but I feel you, I find it annoying as well because it's just a shitty mindset. I make all sorts of jokes about anyone and everyone in a lighthearted way but damn, some people are out for blood for no reason.

No. 299129

Also non-white anon and honestly people like that make me so uncomfortable. Before, it seemed like a joke but now you can tell people actually mean what they say and think white people should be "punished". It's insane.

No. 299137

Tbh, I never know what to do when some of my white friends make racial jabs at themselves. I kind of laugh awkwardly, but it's just weird. Like, what am I supposed to say? "Haha yes you are shit :P"?

No. 299152

Murrican's obssession with perfect and white teeth is out of hand.

No. 299154

>i wish people would care more about humans
not much to care about imo. not to be edgy but we're a trash species.

No. 299160

I personally care about both people and animals.

It's easier for people to stan for animals because there's a label that they are all unconditionally innocent and helpless, like babies, regardless if it's actually true or not. I've noticed when something happens to an older child, teenager, or adult, a lot of people are stingy with the empathy because they always assume the victims are not 100% innocent. "Hungry? Then why doesn't that homeless eat a can of dog food," and the issue is looked at no further.

It's just easier to love an entity that someone can project their feelings onto and can't talk back. People feel big for doing small things for animals because to help a human requires so much more.

In your example, it's easier to give a dog a $1 can of food because the dog can't articulate that maybe it didn't like the food, that it's still hungry, the reason why it's unable to procure food of its own, and by the way it needs more food later.
Imagine if animals could talk and express gasp ingratitude, insatiability, laziness, and greed.

No. 299166

Speak for yourself.

No. 299171

NTA, but humans have proven to be shit time and time again. They can't even be nice to each other if their skin doesn't match colors (or even if it does), talk less of other species or the environment. We serve no real purpose to our surroundings or the global "system" the same way other animals do, we just take up resources, shit up the air and make the world a worse place for everyone (even ourselves).
Realistically, it'd be for the best if the next big disease or natural disaster just fucking killed us off. It's not edgy, it's just life.

No. 299172

I agree with you.
It's difficult to state something like this because then you get asked, "Well, why don't you kill yourself?".
But I think a lot of people share the same opinion.
There's the edgy Pentti Linkola. However, he lost my respect when I learned that he had kids since he's the one preaching against having them.
I think the closest to reality was Ted Kaczynski because he wanted the pre-industrial society.
Without the postindustrial technology and advancement, the humankind could keep itself in check numbers-wise.
I hate the consumerist society today which only makes the environmental crisis worse.
And while I can recognize many benefits in the field of medicine, science in general etc., I don't think the majority of people deserve them, including me.
Nature would be better off on its own.
We bring imbalance. We produce waste. We take and take and don't give back.
There are a few individuals fighting (not Green Peace, fuck them) but the fight's already lost since the late 80s.

No. 299174

what’s annoying about the thread is the anons who make the same jokes fifty times in a row and think they’re so clever. like the anon(s) who make the “taehyung is autistic” jabs over and over again like it’s the height of comedy.

No. 299175

>can't even be nice to each other
Animals are often not nice to each other outside their own kin and groups.
>talk less of other species
How do you know animals don't think less of other animals? Predators at least have to.
>and of their environment
Which they have no ability to conceptualize.
>we serve no real purpose
We do, it's just that our overpopulation and technologies have removed us from our role in nature. If technology left tomorrow and a few billion died off the planet for reasons, maybe we'd go back to shitting fruit seeds in the woods.

It's edgy because not every single human needs to die in order for the planet to start healing itself.
I don't see anyone stepping into a suicide booth.

No. 299177

>"Well, why don't you kill yourself?"
This is such a dumb argument, I hate when people use it. A desire on a parasite's part to survive does not justify its existence. If, when faced with death, a serial killer starts crying and screaming "I don't want to die!!", does that mean they must be spared and protected at all costs?

No. 299178

aren't gay whites known to be even more racist?

No. 299180

Why do you think it won't last long? What are you trying to say?

No. 299184

Animals are, for the most part, methodical and civil. They kill and eat as needed. They don't systemically attempt to wipe masses of other species out in droves for abstract reasons, or out of sadism.
Humans are not the same. They'll kill each other for looking different, because their made-up religion says so, or that one time some guy was rude.
>How do you know animals don't think less of other animals? Predators at least have to.
I meant humans are also shit to other species, not just their own.
>Which they have no ability to conceptualize.
Animals? Nope, animals are pretty good at understanding and working within the parameters of their habitat and the environments therein. They have to be in order to survive. Humans don't work with it, they just destroy shit so they can avoid it because it's all too hard and they'd rather focus on contemplating their navels, killing each other for fun and drawing pictures.
>It's edgy because not every single human needs to die in order for the planet to start healing itself.
Who can we be sure won't just go back to "the old ways" and shit up the planet again? It's better to eliminate the risk and do away with them all. The only reason to keep them around is self-centered (on human's part) sentimentality.
>I don't see anyone stepping into a suicide booth.
A human's in-born will to live doesn't make it worth keeping around. If a leech is sucking your blood, you don't just stare at it and say "This little guy is eating because he just wants to live, so I can't kill it :(". You kill it for causing you damage and being a parasite.

No. 299186

>methodical and civil
Humans are too.
>They kill and eat as needed.
Many humans do this.
>don't systemically attempt to wipe masses of other species
Very few individuals personally do this or are responsible for this.
>out of sadism
When's the last time you killed an animal for funsies?

>I meant humans are shit to other species

I got exactly what you meant.
Look up the behaviors of dolphins and animals who rape and torture other species for fun.
>working within the parameters of their habitat and the environments therein
Animals are often unable to work with their environments and some even destroy them.
>humans kill for fun and draw pictures
Lmao, are you trying to be funny or what. What a leap.
>Who can we be sure won't just go back to "the old ways" and shit up the planet again?
So rather than answer this question it's better to kill everyone just in case? Sounds sadistic. Is this all projection for you? Because you sound really unreasonable with that.
>you don't let leeches live
Well, are leeches not animals with important roles in the environment? Can't say I would enjoy the idea of a leech on me, but if I found one I wouldn't begrudge it for just trying to survive.

What the hell anon?

No. 299189

You forgot to mention how we don't always hate leeches. We've found ways to take the function of leeches and make it beneficial for us. Like using them in medicine. Leeches aren't useless in all cases just as humans aren't useless in all cases.

No. 299191

>Humans are too.
If that were the case, we wouldn't have been responsible for exterminating other entire species out of recreational hunting.
>Many humans do this.
Obviously, not enough.
>Very few individuals personally do this or are responsible for this.
Enough do, and co-sign it. Little to none do much to actually stop it.
>When's the last time you killed an animal for funsies?
Me, as an individual? Never. But swathes of other people? People we all know who hunt for fun? People who torture stray cats and dogs? Those furries from the fucking vent thread who started an entire system of necrozoophilic rape? It's not as uncommon as you're trying to paint at all.
>I got exactly what you meant. Look up the behaviors of dolphins and animals who rape and torture other species for fun.
Is there a document comparing numbers abused/killed?
>Animals are often unable to work with their environments and some even destroy them.
Which ones? If they do it on the same scale as humans, they should go too.
>So rather than answer this question it's better to kill everyone just in case? Sounds sadistic. Is this all projection for you? Because you sound really unreasonable with that.
How is it sadistic? What do humans bring to the table? It's just pragmatic. And I asked you the question, so instead of accusing me of "projecting" erroneously, feel free to come up with an answer that's more convenient and fool-proof than simple prevention.
>Well, are leeches not animals with important roles in the environment? Can't say I would enjoy the idea of a leech on me, but if I found one I wouldn't begrudge it for just trying to survive.
So, you'd let a leech suck you dry and kill you because it's trying to survive? Self-destructive, but okay.

No. 299193

The down side to being white is people don't take racism towards your seriously, but on the bright side most people will blindly love you and think you're a good person based on being white alone. Nothing in life is perfect but there are more pros to being white than cons.

No. 299197

absoultely, people give us the benefit of the doubt all the time even when many times that obviously shouldn't be the case. We can't be upset with minorities when they have perfectly valid reasons for why they don't like/trust us.

No. 299199

agreed. im original anon who mentioned it and im lucky, its just this one thing that bothers me.
i mean, not me, or my gay white friends. idk if ur trying to call me racist or not, but pretty much every gay person i know is an sjw lol. not me, but i still have human decency and understand that everyone deserves equality despite physical or cultural differences. the only time i see gay racists are gay white MALES and they usually are internet "celebrities" like Jeffree and whatnot. i am not male, anon.

No. 299202

Ok, just making sure. you put 'gay' so it seemed suspect.

No. 299205

I actually "broke up" with a few online friends because of exactly this.

We had one shared interest and got along super well because of it, but they constantly had to derail our conversations by shitting on whities. Nearly all of us were white to begin with, but - on top of being all "trans and non binary" and whatnot - they all found one tiny thing in their blood line that makes them an oppressed poc. They constantly reblogged anti-white shit on their blogs, for example "2018 is the year we come for white women". When I spoke up to them about this hurting me since I thought we're friends and well, I am definitely white, they always said that they aren't talking about me, they only mean white Americans etc. The thing is, only one of them was American to begin with. Why is an Asian woman in Asia so vocal about e.g. white people being overrepresented on American TV? I highly doubt that her country is any better in that aspect.

No. 299235

> but on the bright side most people will blindly love you and think you're a good person based on being white alone.

This is sarcasm, surely?

No. 299365

Some annoying fat white girl I know was casually talking about how she was going to learn Farsi to get a better job after graduation. I commented that Farsi speakers were rare for a reason. She said it was because people hate brown people languages because it makes you sound like a terrorist.

No, you dipshit, it's because Farsi is a difficult as fuck language to learn. It doesn't have to be about racism. It's not easy to learn another language, even Spanish, which is probably the easiest language for an English speaker to learn. I bet this bitch would love to lecture me about racism even though I'm not white and I'm bilingual. (I'm working on Spanish and am going to be bilingual soon too)

I hate it when people act like they can casually learn a new language. This includes the time when some Mexican guy said that he would learn Arabic easily because it and Spanish are in the same language family. The ignorance is palpable, because Arabic is not even an Indo-European language. I didn't want to press on too much, especially because he would probably call me racist for not believing him.

I agree with people being more lenient towards whites. But I don't think it makes white hate justified.

I'm not white but I agree with the trend of "hating" whites is annoying. I don't think people actually hate whites. They are just getting out their frustrations is a dumb way because they lack nuance. Don't let their self-hatred get to ya.

No. 299380

Lmao tell that girl to have fun failing to learn Farsi. My parents are Iranian immigrants and although I can speak and understand the language decently, I was never formally taught reading/writing and it's a nightmare. I can't even imagine how frustrating it would be to try and learn it from scratch as someone with absolutely no connection to the language or culture.
It seems very exploitative to me, seeing white people who want to learn languages solely to seem enlightened and woke. Like, "oh look at me I learned this ugly terrorist language because I'm so open-minded and accepting and I love brown people unlike other evil whiteys uwu"

No. 299399

I find it weird when people say they want to learn or are even learning a language based on what media they're consuming but don't even know the most basic alphabet/syllabic symbols. Like, you've been saying you want to learn Japanese the entire semester because of your mangos and animu, but you haven't even tried using Duolingo and Memrise and all these other free language resources to at least learn hiragana yet? It's dismissive of all the work that actually goes into learning another language, especially one entirely removed from your native one.

Also, did the Mexican guy mix up being in the same family with having loan words? I literally don't know how to interpret his statement any other way.

No. 299407

omg this is too perfect if you are really Iranian. The only problem is that these people are so thick-headed and never realize that there's something wrong with them. This girl will probably never get off her ass and learn Farsi but it would be fun to see her fail.

I really want to call her ass out for being a dumb white feminist but we're in the same club so it would cause way too much drama.

I think he was stupid enough to believe that loan words mean that the languages are related. But my parents are the same way. (They think Japanese and Chinese are related)

No. 299414

Norwegian is widely considered the easiest language for an English speaking person to learn, not Spanish. Although, in America, there's a lot more exposure to the Spanish language (at least the Mexican version) and is obviously easier to find someone to teach you/practice with.

No. 299421

Unfortunately, I'm not joking. I'm the white anon who said that and I've witnessed it myself.

No. 299429

But Anon, Chinese and Japanese are related. They use the same radicals and a lot of the characters have very similar meanings. Some words even have similar pronunciations.

No. 299436

this. they aren't grammatically related but they share a lot otherwise.

No. 299437

Yeah I studied Japanese for a bit and I can more or less understand chink ads simply because they use the same characters

No. 299438

>chink ads

why do whites do this

No. 299440

that is not how that works, anon.

No. 299503

File: 1537778095072.png (357.49 KB, 937x1486, 1537732809043.png)

Bowsette/Bowserette is so fucking retarded for the most part.

It would be good if they used the tan and red haired design but most Japanese artists draw her as a boring blonde anime girl with horns.

It's also really idiotic and reminds me of pic related

No. 299513

I’m fucking appalled that in the modern day there are people so dim witted and wilfully ignorant as to even consider ghosts, spirits, crystal magic, ‘mystic’ anything really.

How fucking embarrassing to admit you’re a grown adult and still think spooky ghosts murdered Elisa lam, or to purchase a lump of minerals and have the audacity to tell someone you’re such a failure you think it’s gonna magically vibrate the air and take away headaches.

I can’t accept that anyone who falls for that sort of rubbish is responsible or intelligent enough to vote, raise a child, operate a car, anything. They’re fucking retarded, more so than some of the people with downs running the local McDonald’s.
It’s stupid to say ‘oh but they aren’t hurting anyone’ because they rabidly spread misinformation and encourage all the other stupid people to stay stupid.
Willfull ignorance should be grounds for eugenics.

No. 299516

You've got every right to be offended and I think racism in any form is wrong regardless of the situation but at the same time I have a very difficult time sympathising with white people when it comes to racism mainly due to being discriminated against by them throughout my childhood and even to this day.
Let me repeat myself though just so I don't offend any /Pol/ chan, I don't hate white people, I don't think being racist to them is right, I just don't feel very sympathetic towards them

No. 299524

‘I don’t hate all white people I just don’t have empathy for them’
Totally not racially based.

No. 299528

Like white people aren't racially biased?
When was the last time you got racially profiled?
When was the last time you were made to feel guilty for a crime because the person who commited it happened to have the same skin colour as you?
when a white person does something bad it's mental illness, when a black or brown person does something bad they were a thug, a terrorist, and their kind should be shunned right?

It's kind of hard to sympathies with someone who has the game rigged in their favour

No. 299529

File: 1537789559981.gif (292.21 KB, 500x335, 1484400615031.gif)

Same anon, sorry for derailing thread, this will be my last post about this topic, moving on

No. 299540

Just the fact that you call everybody who feels offended by you not feeling any sympathy for an entire race a "/pol/chan", confirms that your're a racist cunt.

>has the game rigged in their favour

As if black people in a black country and asian people in an asian country don't do that as well…

Also, funny how you ended your posts with a "cute" anime gif, meanwhile one can practically see how seething and bitter the face of somebody writing that must look like lol

No. 299582

I hate anyone who attacks people of other races under the guise of "not being politically correct" or "having free speech", only to lose their shit when anyone says anything about their race.
It's always ridiculous how wide the gap is in either group's "humor", too.
>"So-and-so race are LITERALLY subhuman, every criminal of so-and-so race is a representative of that race. Look at this video of people of so-and-so race behaving badly! Typical so-and-so race behavior, amirite? Look at these dehumanizing comparisons between so-and-so race and animals. Here are some twisted, incorrect interpretations of science, statistical data and history, as well as obsolete skull graphs from the 1700s. No more political correctness. Haha, people of so-and-so race from this country died? Good riddance, fucking animals. I will repeat this comment on as many videos pertaining to this incident as I can. Anyone who does not like this must be a triggered [slur pertaining to that race] xDDD"
>"Oh, yeah? Well, your race spent all this time invading other cultures, killing swathes of people and taking things, and yet you still haven't figured out how to make decent food. Also, the people of your race who genocided a shitload of people, and the people who are racist even today? Really bad and fucked up. You people can be literal demons."
>"What the fuck? Why is this allowed? Why am I being held responsible for other people's actions?? You're calling us demons?? This is so racist, we are being oppressed."
I didn't attribute either behavior to single, specific races for a reason, by the way, before any hit dogs holler. I'm just sick of people having pissing contests about race in general. I wish people would just shut the fuck up unless they're trying to reconcile and make peace with each other.

No. 299595

You know America isn't a "white" country, right? You sound retarded

No. 299597

Omg anon, i feel this on a spiritual level. Espically neckbeards or confederatefags are always spewing this bullshit, and dont realize how hypocritical and retarded it sounds. Half the time they do it out of nowhere too. Its exhausting going on the interent those morons are everywhere.

No. 299598

I've seen everyone of any races do this, but we all know who does this confused shit the most.

This shit annoys me no doubt, that's why I enjoy shitposting in retaliation to them.

No. 299603

Seeing normalfags obsessing over waifus is disturbing to me. I think Japan is America's future.

No. 299610

File: 1537810380145.jpeg (58.48 KB, 700x394, C1E05C7F-02CE-49FD-9FAF-0BFB6D…)

>tfw do this literally all the time

No. 299611

They don't lmao. Not in my experience.
Entry-level weebs and nerds do a little bit, but any normfag who has never been too far into games or anime would have no idea what madness you're speaking about.

Maybe you just live in an overaturation of casual weebs though.

No. 299614

Stop shitting up the internet with your racial psychosis. See a psychiatrist.

No. 299615

I unironically hope something tragic happens to you, or someone you love, or someone in your family

No. 299617

File: 1537812902474.jpg (169.75 KB, 659x1534, 5d3.jpg)

Yeah you're right, I just said that to get some responses tbh.
People on 4chan keep saying "NORMAL FAGS LIKE THIS MEME SO WE'RE TAKING OVER THE WORLD" and ironically, I took the position of you and said only entry-level weebs and nerds pay attention to that shit.

I think 4channers get nerds who aren't super into being contrarian and anti-social confused with normalfags for some reason.

No. 299621

I think Japan has a horrible and outright embarrassing pop (contemporary) culture and Japanese artists aren't as talented as folks in online Western art communities think they are.

Japanese artists make more anatomic errors than Western artists do. They also have a big case of having the same style, same shading techniques, ect, which is uncreative and unoriginal IMO no matter how you try to spin it. Even if Westerners use a similar style you see far more diversity in artstyles.

Japanese are ironically the best at copying Western style like when they try to draw 30s-50s styled Western cartoons with Japanese sensibilities. However, when they try to do something by themselves it looks like shit (e.g any japanese artstyle after the 1990s).

This is a very unpopular opinion I think since I almost never see it in my circles so.. yeah

No. 299628

Because she causes infights on an anonymous board…?

No. 299630

nta but that poster sounded pretty male

No. 299633

Still, imo wishing physical harm over somebody or even their loved ones just because they shitpost on the internet is sick…

No. 299640

NTA but
>what is hyperbole
Take this virtue signalling energy to something that's actually worth it, not defending racist trolls on anonymous sites. He probably says worse shit daily.

No. 299649

I don't know why people think I'm a male, is it the aggressive tone?

No. 299653

Male posters just naturally stick out like a sore thumb and don't know how to act. Don't try and seek out tips on how to blend in better. We like being able to identify you and tell you to fuck off.

No. 299658

oh, not you. I was actually talking about the anon you were replying too, this one: >>299610
that retarded race superiority complex bullshit is usually always perpetrated by males and only men and attention whores who seek approval from men use smug anime girl reaction pictures tbqh

No. 299678

Ah. Yeah I see what you mean.
Okay? I'm not even that anon that person was referring to though.

No. 299704

Islam is a shitty anti-feminist religion, and people who believe it is are fucking retarded.
All religions are shitty, but we want to paint Islam as such an amazing religion whenever something bad happens, that it's always in the news.

inb4 edgy, just tired of its misogyny

No. 299714

I dunno why this would be an unpopular opinion either, anon. I was so done with sjws and feminists trying to act like islam is the exception religion when it's the worst one. Rape and child marriage are pretty much legal

No. 299736

yeah the unpopular opinion would be saying that islam is a religion of peace or whatever.

No. 299759

Islam is a completely backwards and oppressive shit religion, but "progressive" people where I live are more concerned about not being "islamophobic".

No. 299762

The need to be ideologically opposed to whatever conservatives believe takes priority over Islam being an embodiment of everything they claim to be against.

No. 299769

I don't see liberals actually defending the ideology of Islam more than they defend Muslims themselves. It's usually when conservatives bring up the actual ideology of Islam is where the cognitive dissonance happens with liberals (if they're terrible at arguing).

No. 299785

I have to agree. Japanese artist get all types of praise for doing the most basic shit. As long as the coloring is pleasing, they eyes big enough and the body as unrealistic as possible they are considered artistic gods. Draw some anime or something cutsey and it will get likes and hearts like no tommarow.

It really gets annoying when Western artist actaully have a nice style, but it gets shitted on because… its Western. Im so done with Weeb Japan culture and all its American counterparts.

No. 299833

When are we gonna finally rid ourselves of the Weeb cancer that's been infecting the West for the past 20 years?

Holy shit, I know I'm a fan of Japanese media that's directed to and stylized for Western audiences but come on

No. 299853

For me I think all religion is stupid and worthless, but recognize the importance of defending freedom of religion. I don't think Islam is good, but freedom of religion is important.

No. 299862

sure but human rights should come first. they don't tho, religion does.

No. 299873

ARFID is literally just the outcome of being curled by your shitty parents. if your kid has this you should force them to eat and not enable their behaviour any further

No. 300269

I hate how much photoshop and plastic surgery destroyed how people see a healthy womans body

No. 300272

Shane dawson is so fake in all of his docu serious. He’s a failed actor and it shows when hes trying to be serious.

No. 300299

this has been happening for centuries anon. people shoop'd as soon as cameras existed. and paintings of nobles were always painted better.

No. 300307

This, he's really cringey.

No. 300508

not that anon but yes this is very true, however I feel like it's getting out of hand nowadays since photoshopped images look so realistic and deceiving, plus it contributes to the unrealistic, fucked up expectations what women should look like.

No. 300647

this is probably not an unpopular opinion here but all cosplayers are retarded, especially the white ones

No. 300652

I been to a few cons myself a few years back. Some look great. You should get out more.

No. 300653

In drawn porn, the fact that a lot of artists and the audiences who consume it like their pussies drawn labia-less (notice how I didn't say small labia) with no visible clit is creepy with me. At first I thought it looked like nude cameltoes like the kind you'd see in pants, but it finally clicked with me, those vaginas those nerds fantasize about look like type 3 female genital mutilation somali pussies, also bonus point if a prolapsed anus is drawn with it.

If you don't look at 2d porn you wouldn't know wtf I'm talking about it, but it's weird really. I haven't seen anything like it even in porn so it clearly resembles fgm or prepubescent vagina.

No. 300657

To continue before some retard who can't read REEEs at me:
To add on.. the thing about even with very small labiad women is that when they're aroused their labia becomes visible and clitoris hood too so the fact they also draw their girls like they're unaroused is weird.

No. 300668

they can look good and still be retarded lol

No. 300671

yeah i know exactly what you're talking about. i have really small labia and puffy cameltoe (sorry if that's a humblebrag) but it doesn't look like that. like you said, even the smallest of innie labia is still labia.

best case scenario is just that it's drawn by repressed virgin nerds who have perverted fantasies but are too weirdly prudish about irl sex to actually look up a real reference pic, even from porn, so they just imagine what they think an ideal pussy might look like. it's more likely than you might think

No. 300674

Noticed that too. It's often literally just a slit…and sometimes too high up..ugh

No. 300680

I've been noticing people get annoyed at artists for making their music sound 80s and 90-ish.

Honestly, I think they're fucking stupid. Do they think that the 2010s contemporary music (e.g trap) is actually preferable? And why do they pretend like EVERY artist that is out these days isn't using 80s and 90s influence in their music now, with some being more obvious than others? Also, I noticed oftentimes these same people call out Western artists for doing that give K-Pop artists a pass, which is way more derivative when they do it for a lot of reasons.

No. 300685

>genital mutilation somali pussies

Thanks for putting that into words for me. I'd always thought that but couldn't describe it right.

It's especially creepy when the girls don't have any pubes either. I sincerely hope these artist don't think that's what normal pussies look like, but if you were to tell them that their gooning fans would probably call you a jealous roastie.

yeah… Jealous of a cartoon picture. I just can't with these dick-in-hand virgin goons.

No. 300689

File: 1537993106616.jpg (87.4 KB, 750x839, 1526816188867.jpg)

I think that especially during the last decade, the bar for female beauty standards has been raised a lot, too much in my opinion.
Take three actresses who were considered beautiful in the 90s: Jennifer Aniston, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jennifer Love Hewitt. If they came out right now and not in the 90s, the general public would've considered them average or even ugly.
I feel that now beauty is more of a "list of specific features to check" rather than how balanced/interesting a face looks. Almond, catlike eyes? Check. Button nose? Check. Big lips? Check. Okay, you're beautiful. (Bonus points if chiseled cheekbones, blue or green eyes and tan skin)
Of course it's not always like this blah blah, but generally speaking, this is my sensation.

No. 300696

I'm sick of amandla steinberg

No. 300697

>yfw japanese porn didn't even allow pubes in it till the 90s

No. 300698

eh, it's just because girls are discovering the internet sooner and learning to shoop.

No. 300707

what pisses me off is that until now, beauty standards, for all their flaws, gave some room for variety and different looks. you had to be skinny OR curvy OR dainty OR voluptuous OR innocent OR sexy etc. now? fuck it. how about everything?! so the new hotness is this mashup of all the past beauty standards and it hardly ever occurs naturally, and if it does, it's some freak probability genetic lottery shit.

No. 300725

I feel the same way, anon. Imo it's mostly because of the internet and social media. Everything seems amplified, porn is literally everywhere and plastic surgery is becoming more and more normalized. When it comes to beauty standards sexiness is definitely more important than anything else at the moment. It's so over the top that you're almost expected to look like a caricature of a woman or a blow up doll. That's why Kim K is still a major beauty icon even though she looks busted as fuck.

No. 300732

I think she’s cute looking and I liked her in the Hunger Games but she seems really Tumblr SJW like. Like that one video of hers that said that white people shouldn’t have dreds because of ~*cultural appropriation or some shit. Like shut up.

No. 300733

File: 1537998490342.jpeg (386.5 KB, 1125x1383, 6A013D21-AE83-49A8-8D0D-75D5C8…)

Agreed I feel like all the girls I see on IG are starting to look the same…

No. 300737

Super late to the party but thank fuck someone else thinks this. I stopped bothering with the momo threads because they always turn into a weird circlejerk over those other costhots.

No. 300743

I've had to stop talking to a close friend because she only replies with a photo or video of her snot-covered 1 year old. i've dealt with this for a year now and it still looks the EXACT SAME stop sending me photos.
its making my ovaries want to dry up and blow away

No. 300744

So where do people go to get faces like this? Is it a new popular surgery trend they do somewhere specific or is it just modelling agencies preferring this type?

No. 300746

It wasn't really that interesting before. The main thing used to just be blond hair, blue eyes, skin that was neither too dark or pale, and skinny bodies. Facial ugliness was ignored or forgiven as long as you had those things on lock (which is how Sarah Jessica Parker made it so far, while people called women like Anne Hathaway and Kelly Rowland ugly, and having voluptuous body with big hips was considered a bad, "fat girl" thing). I'm at least glad female celebrities are actually pretty facially, and not like….knee-jerk "She's blond and blue-eyed and thin" pretty.

No. 300749

adults obsessed with ALL THINGS DISNEY should be sterilized.

also, weed is not a personality trait. anyone out of highschool who still thinks smoking doubles your cool points is a sad person.

No. 300753

I legit said this the other day! except I said sectioned but still, they creep me out so much. It's like they are permanently in a dystopian world of disney sorts.

to your second point ++ with coffee

No. 300756

I think it's a mix of the two things you said plus photoshopping. Mostly, it's just the ridiculously large lips and petite noses that don't suit their faces that give the homogenous look imo

No. 300758

Yeah, I think the large lips and ski slope noses are the biggest parts but they probably have an international appeal as well since they have very small faces that the east usually likes.

No. 300760

File: 1538002288649.jpg (35.04 KB, 590x886, 4312f58f-534d-4e70-9565-c38069…)

We've all seen Cindy's before, but this is Sonia's…
and it drives me nuts that they can't even keep their photoshopping consistent pic to pic

No. 300762

>gave room for variety

lol no they didn't

No. 300869

As a person who is 27, I hate being around young people. I hate how they think I will know everything just because I'm a little older and I hate how even if they're just a few years younger they talk to me like I'm as old as their mom lol

They can never stfu about how young they are when they're around anyone 25+

No. 300990

True, but that still exists today - it's why people salivate over Blake Lively for whatever reason.

No. 301055

I feel you anon. I was talking my guy friend and he was like "30 is middle age lol" (he was serious). I told him he was retarded, but i know alot of people think like that. Anyone in their 20s-30s is definatley young. But wait until all those 25 and below year olds hit 28 in a few years, they arnt gonna be saying that same shit.

No. 301591

Here's mine:

Cats are cute and I have no ill will towards them at all. My issue is people who allow their cats to roam freely. ESPECIALLY intact male cats. Here's why

>unaltered male cats piss on everything

Including my neighbors front door who had an indoor female cat

>unaltered cats reproduce incessantly.

The same neighbors cat who pissed all over everything, got another outdoor cat pregnant. The neighbor didn't let the cat inside ever. They put an opening in their crawl space for it to live and its babies started living there too. The idiot owner denied the kittens were spawned by her cat. Even though their markings were the same and the kittens followed the dad cat around everywhere

>roaming cats shit everywhere

It was really fun when I was planting some flowers in the flower bed on MY property and I ended up touching cat shit with my bare hands. It had dug a hole there, shit, and kicked dirt over it.

>they decimate wildlife, including endangered species

Have fun finding bloody dead birds in your yard and feathers everywhere.

>the cats get hurt because their owners are lazy entitled assholes

I've seen so many run over, flattened cats its ridiculous. Not to mention cats fighting each other and causing fatal abscesses and FIV. Sickos end up hurting outdoor cats in droves.

Predators eat them. I live near a desert and have seen half a dozen missing cat posters. Fucking dumbasses, we have coyotes and hawks out here. Your cat was probably their lunch because MUH CAT WANTS TO BE FREE.

No other pet owners let their domestic pet out free and susceptible to dangers like cat owners. Walk your cat, get a catio, get a higher fence or keep your kitty inside. Otherwise you're a negligent, selfish, entitled asshole IMO.

All other cat owners who dont do this: we cool.

No. 301676

I know this is a 4 day old opinion (and lowkey racebait), but this is kind of an unpopular opinion in of itself. I have an easier time sympathizing with white people than asian people. Maybe it’s cause I live around white people or asians seem more clique-y and hard to befriend or relate to. Minority solidarity doesn’t exist and we can all admit it.

No. 301697

Trannies deserve to get bashed if they deliberately deceive someone into having sexual contact with them. I was watching this documentary and this tranny said with a smile on his face that he'd use to feel so great being able to pass and not telling the men he hooked up with the truth then in the same breath said trannies are so prosecuted uwu. I feel 0 sympathy for these rapists.

No. 301704

People who let their cats freeroam are fucking idiots. They don't really care about their cats, they'd rather have them die young because "well at least she was HAPPY!!!" than research alternatives. "Oh boo hoo my kitty got hit by a car when she was only five but hey that's just a cat's life what can ya do :(" no, you're just an irresponsible dipshit.

No. 301708

I'm a cat person and I totally agree. I have to suppress my "you're fucking stupid" face whenever someone mentions they let their cat outside unattended. Like ignoring the environmental damage cats can do, you really love your fluffball enough to have them risk disease or painful death?

I wonder how much of this has to do with people perceiving cats as "passive" companions or that the average pet owner shouldn't have any pet at all.

No. 301772

I hate this new culture of pampering people with mental illnesses or making it seem like it's OK. It's one thing to be respectful but people who are sociopathic and hurt other people aren't exactly deserving of sympathy.
I'm mainly reacting to the comments on Shane Dawson's recent video. People are beside themselves whining that sociopaths are somehow good people and how dare someone say what everyone is thinking which is they make you feel gross/give a bad feeling.
It's shit like this that make people sympathize with pedophiles or make excuses for people with depression.

No. 301774

They do the exact same thing with bpd. I'm so sick of it, too. I also hate how you're not allowed to have any reaction which isn't total acceptance to someone cutting themselves because it's "abusive" to react sad or horrified at a loved one cutting themselves up. I follow this stupid bpd cunt and yesterday she cut herself in the bathroom of a co-workers house she barely knew at their party and she was sperging out about how the co-worker "totally freaked out!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(" Yeah, no shit, you insane cunt. Absolutely 0 empathy.

No. 301791

>unaltered cats

I don't even like cats but so many people in my town just won't take advantage of the free sterilization program and it drives me mad. Why would you let your cat go through pregnancy then kill the kittens instead? Happens all the time and they're so damn casual about it too. What the fuck, the program is F R E E!

No. 301806

I kind of hate how domestic violence towards men isn't taken seriously. I was watching this episode of dr Phil and this woman is bigger and taller than him and beats his ass/is very violent. When he defends himself dr Phil said "you should never hit a woman no matter what is happening", that's retarded. I can understand is she's some 5'2 little thin but this woman is kinda big, he's supposed to just let her kick his ass?it just makes women look like entitled idiots who can go around hitting who ever they want.

No. 301807

i think the outdated idea of "don't hit women" is fucking stupid.

no one should hit anyone and people who are hitting women aren't going to listen anyways, so it's really just manipulating people like that guy into abusive relationships cause it translates out to "don't defend yourself at all."

No. 301811

This is a sad story honestly. He only hit her because she hit him first:aka defending himself. And somehow HE gets most of the blame. Dr.Phil is being obnoxious as per usaul, but I agree that the guy should just leave her ass, there is no making it work its impossible. Just because he is man doesnt mean the rules change all of a sudden. This is one of the few cases were its actaully domestic violence on males and not some boohoo "my gf called me stupid ;_;" sob story.

No. 301812

I feel you. One time years ago on the vent thread of a forum I said that people with mental illnesses shouldn't have kids. I was bashed by a bunch of snowflakes who used "We're all equal!!" as their argument.
I still stand by my opinion, it's straight out selfish to ruin the life of one or multiple innocents because you want "baybees"

No. 301813

>I kind of hate how domestic violence towards men isn't taken seriously.
You can blame men for that.

No. 301815

If only men cared about other men kek

No. 301852

I don't really have much of an opinion on the topic but it made me laugh because it sounds like you keep updated on neighbourhood cat affairs.

Imagine a lolcat
>making memes about shitty cats
>can't believe fluffy thinks she's still a small uwu kitten
>look at those ham toebeans

Sage for retarded stream of consciousness

No. 301870

It's because their cat was constantly on our property, especially near our front door, begging for food. So we confronted the owner and complained and she said her husband doesn't want the cat in the house because it pees everywhere and they cant afford to neuter it. If you cant afford the vet, dont get the pet.

No. 301872

>tfw ywn be an AU cat version of yourself reading juicy gossip about trashy kitties who air their dirty laundry on the caternet

No. 301882

File: 1538152669694.png (22.04 KB, 258x263, pepe-transparent-epic-4.png)

why live

No. 301900

Wherever I go, I see women online kicking up a fuss about something small like manspreading and I don't get it. Why are they so bothered about something so small? Why are you wasting your energy like this?

Women everywhere making statements like "ALL women have faced sexual harrassment" while despite being attractive and desired, I've experienced nothing that I would consider worthy kicking up a fuss about. I think sexual harrassment is serious but these days people think it's just about anything.

I can't understand these women who make this their entire identity, it seems like such a boring and tiring life to be angry at men all of the time.

No. 301907

i wish they'd actually care about important shit men do. libfems are a fucking trip.

No. 301916

I hope you >>301900 are not a robot in disguise but I agree with both of you. This is a huge reason why I got tired of feminism (I still agree with it, I just don't spend as much time reading feminist content).
Liberal feminism is trash that made H&M THE FUTURE IS FEMALE t-shirts a thing, as well as thousands of retarded think pieces like BEYONCE IS OUR FEMINIST SAVIOR or ARE MARVEL MOVIES FEMINIST?
On the other hand, I agree with radfems, but being constantly bombarded with rape news from around the world and focusing on how men are disgusting is not healthy for me. Yes, I know men can be the most evil and vile thing on the world and women are fucked. I just don't want to constantly think about it when I can finally enjoy my life not being entirely shit. Maybe it makes me a traitor, but me getting depressed over fuckery does not help anyone, but ruins my life. The radfem community life is not for me.

On the other hand, I would like to become a volunteer for a feminist organisation, but IDK where to start (especially with my depression making even waking up almost impossible someday). IDK I just wish I could do something to help sex abuse victims or homeless people. Maybe I should start with donating.

No. 301930

Not a robot, just a woman who doesn't consider myself a feminist because while I agree with equal rights I don't have the time to spare on petty or depressing stuff. I think it is very exaggerated, men as a whole aren't ravenous animals and most men I meet are incredibly respectful.

No. 301932

This tbh. I've seen shit a lot more toxic than manspreading and have been told shit a lot worse than the shit they cry about. I absolutely do not think people can care about only one issue but it makes me angry that fucked up shit flies under the radar all the time while people cheer on some crazy bitch who pours bleach on unsuspecting citizens because they didn't sit the way she thinks they should. Fuck off outta that.

No. 301933

i agree with this. i tend to agree more with radfems, but i have more of a moderate stance on this kind of thing in general. i also don't like generalizing men since most women and feminists hate being generalized, why do that to them?

there are toooons of shit men in the world and i really think getting them as allies is very important to ending toxic masculinity's reign.

No. 301934

Manspreading is annoying as fuck when you have to take a crowded bus to work every day. It’s almost as annoying as sitting next to some fatass who takes up a seat and a half.

No. 301935

nta but i actually "manspread" and i'm a woman.

most people aren't upset about the space they take up, but they're angry about the socialization that took place that causes men to take up space without thinking and women to take up as little space as possible without thinking.

it's not about the literal application, just kneejerk shit that has less to do with what the person is doing and more to do with their own bitterness.

No. 301936

No, I see where you're coming from and it doesn't make you a traitor. This is one reason why I limit the amount of time I spend browsing feminist media which includes certain threads on lolcow.

Some people need to realize that as individuals there is only so much we can do for other people when the vast majority of what goes on in this world is not within our control, and taking care of ourselves should be a top priority. I don't want spend all of my time festering in negativity when I could be making choices that positively benefit me and the people I care about.

No. 301937

That video was fake though. Jesus.

No. 301938

Ah fair enough. People do still cry about it though.

No. 301959

my favorite thing was when I was riding a train to uni everyday and some guys were literally taking 4 seats cause they were sitting on a one but manspreading diagonally in a way that made the rest of the three seats unavailable
People are literally standing around and those assholes can't take a hint even though they are limiting access to the last 3 seats available. I suppose the people should be more forward and say EXCUSE ME but I guess nobody wants to talk to a potentially aggressive asshole.
I started going for those seats though lmfao

No. 301977

bigfoot was real at some point in time but doesnt exist/is an extinct species now. i swear to god this isnt bait

No. 301986

File: 1538162184362.gif (2.05 MB, 480x271, yesitis2.gif)

No. 302012

This is the only one of the cryptids I really believe in too!

No. 302168

I wonder how many people bitching about manspreading sit with half their purse taking of the other seat or sit obnoxiously with their legs crossed. Bonus points if you take up the window seat with your bag because you dont want anybody sitting next to you.

No. 302169

How is sitting with your legs crossed on the bus obnoxious? Actually curious.

No. 302170

i used to post on 4chan all the time but there IS a lot of goreposting even though it's worth a monthlong ban, and all my favorite video game threads tend to devolve into fat weebs slobbering over their waifus (though it is fun to trigger them by posting sexy men invading their space and sperging out over them)

it just feels too underage now. im a boomer

No. 302172

Manspreading is a meme, not a real problem.

No. 302181

File: 1538177973110.jpeg (71.14 KB, 406x599, BD607B1D-83DE-4486-BAE1-BDA215…)

This is not really a bus problem, but more of one on the subway. A lot of people cross their legs and jut them out which can take up a lot of space especially if you are tall/have long legs or are wearing chunky shoes. Really sucks when you are trapped like sardines during rush hour and somebody decides to do it, then you are stuck with somebody’s nast af shoe or leg rubbing against you.

No. 302185

Better than gross dudes taking upskirt shots, there's not a lot of ways to sit down on the subway wearing a short dress/skirt and not flash people

No. 302186

Being attractive or desired has nothing to do with being sexually harassed, no I'm not a sjw feminist warrior but there are plenty of "undesirables" who have been sexually assaulted. For example, babies?

No. 302230

Don't know if it's unpopular but I really think that making fun of guys with small dicks is body shaming at some level
It is kinda edgy here to make fun of men that have small dicks, or that can't ever find the clit, but some women get triggered when someone says their body is not attractive or they have an "ugly" vagina

No. 302245

I don't get dick size shaming, either, but I dunno about the jokes about men who can't find their GF's clit or get them to orgasm–that's about their failings or disinterest to learn female anatomy and care about their partner's needs than something unchangeable like dick size.

Admittedly, though, men being called ugly doesn't bother me as much as women getting called ugly. Ugly men can make way more footholds in life than an ugly woman can.

No. 302296

Yeah, I think men are already super insecure about that so we really don't need to add on to it lmao. They've created their own hell.

I also believe small weens are cuter. And so are short men.

No. 302310

File: 1538184194108.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1690, 3CCB7EEC-AFF7-4BEA-B895-4D3120…)

I hate people who take two completely isolated events handled by entirely different people/judges/etc. and use that to prove how much of a bias america has against certain groups of people. Its even worse when its something like “WOMAN SENTENCED TO JAIL FOR SAVING 20 PUPPIES BUT STRAIGHT WHITE MALE MURDERS ENTIRE FAMILY AND WALKS FREE. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE IN AMERICA??”

No. 302313

I would never, ever do it to someone directly about their specific dick, either on the internet or online. But I refuse to pretend to prefer small dicks/not like big dicks just to coddle the egos of men who would never spare a thought for my feelings when enthusiastically vocalizing their attraction to whatever standards I can't reach. I've read a million and one opinions from men that make me sad and insecure, they can deal with a taste of their own medicine.

No. 302320

this makes me so mad because the answer isnt that bill cosby shouldnt be sentenced but that brock turner should have gotten way more tim

No. 302321

No. 302322

I'm confused. Are they trying to defend one sexual assaulter over the other cuz one is black, cuz??

No. 302493

>white men get away with rape so black men should be allowed to! rape should be equal! #Equality!

No. 302512

Wait till Kavanaugh gets the confirmation.

No. 302600


Thanks for making my better if you're not lying

No. 302614

I mean, America is biased against certain groups. Look at the jail sentences for white people who smoke weed versus black ones for the same crime, lmao. Doesn't really make sense to say that black people somehow only ever run into the really harsh judges.

No. 302661

what does weed have to do with rape jfc

No. 302707

Who is talking about rape? Do you think that specific image and case, or rape itself, is the only crime on this planet? Couldn't you read that anon wasn't only talking about rape?
Get it together, fucking hell.

No. 302825

I can't stand clumsy people. It's not cute it's fucking annoying and I hate being around clumsy and incompetent people, it makes me furious.

No. 302829

When a black man rapes you, then you'll see. The entire country of America will think he's a dindu cos muh racist cops LET WHITEY GO and everyone from SJW's to right wingers will hate you lying white bitch trynna keep the good black man down. I wish you well.(sad little man)

No. 302830

you must be lost this isn't /pol/

No. 302878

Stockings are cute on girls, but I prefer bare skin

No. 302893

Alessia Cara's voice is annoying. Nothing against her but I can't stand her songs.
I also feel like every newbie female singer sounds exactly like her and it's freaking me out.

No. 302911

Because it's the "indie girl voice" aka Welcome to my kitchen vine

No. 302912

>it just feels too underage now. im a boomer
reason why I also stopped browsing 4chan too. The current underaged user base has ruined the site for me. I’m not the most pc person but I can’t stand teenagers because they’re morons.

No. 302913


I used to browse the videogame sub on 4chan and it's gone to shit. I used to mainly go on during gamesqonequick, but it always devolves into waifu posts. 4chan used to be fun years ago, but now it's beyond insufferable

No. 302917

I can’t fucking stand the retarded waifu bullshit on /v/ either. It’s just more proof that the site has been invaded by underaged faggots. I’m glad to see Hiro slowly making the site shittier just in hopes that the site will eventually die due to how shitty it has become.

No. 302927

Man, they always shit up everything. I just went there and someone already started asslicking them for some shitty shade Bunny threw on Moo, and i'm 99% sure it was a selfpost like ALMOST EVERYTHING that gets posted kissing their asses. I liked both of them before and was really feeling for Bunny for being assaulted by Moo but now it just feels like they're milking that for visibility, you know? Neither Susu nor Bunny were/are very well known compared to Momo, it feels like they're leveraging te situation to climb up using Moo as the stairs. Not that she doesn't deserve to be dragged because she's a fucking piece of shit, but this whole situation is really exposing the true colors of other costhots, and now i'm hoping both of them get dragged along with Moo & Moochlette.

Also this.

No. 302980

Random anon here, I hate Moo but when I found Bunny and Susu through the accusation video, I got major cringe vibes from them. Why is one dressed as Mavis from Hotel Transylvania in such a serious video? Also her fake meek voice while the Mavis wannabe rubs her hand all concerned. Cringe.

I wanted to hate on them as soon as I saw that video but decided against it because I actually didn't think anyone else shared this opinion, plus I didn't wanna seem like a victim blaming asshole.

No. 302987

I think their relationship might just be for show. They have 0 chemistry.

No. 303000

I think the circlejerking is annoying, but I think posting the shade is valid.

I just wish it could be posted like the rest of the memes without people asslicking or derailing.

No. 303019

While i do think victim blaming is wrong, Bunny has been literally riding on this scandal's coattail for relevance and it irks me out. I don't think sexual harassment victims can't be bad people, like Asia Argento who was behind #metoo and has ben outed as an abuser herself. I can't help but hate that she's using a serious issue as a popularity stunt. We play along because we want to see Moo down but idk if it's worth it to help someone willing to leverage this to gain notoriety.

The problem is that once it gets posted along with a commentary like "SO WITTY OMG LOVE THEIR SHADE SLAY QUEENS" (which is why i think it's selfposting) it's bound to turn into a slapfight between those annoyed at the asslicking and the whiteknights.

No. 303041

Exactly, just post it and shut up. All the replies are about how awesome the girls are too, which are OT. Then they have the gall to complain when we tell them to knock it off?

No. 303077

Agreed, anon. In no way do they have a romantic / sexual relationship. I think Susu is really hot and I was v curious about that relationship but to find it being staged and awkward is a turn-off

No. 303091

I also agree that they're kind of cringe. At first what they were doing was fine but then they just kept milking Moo unnecessarily. Like that Jane chick who is always being posted to the thread and it's so annoying. I don't want to say move on to a victim but is it really necessary to always be commenting on things Moo does even if it doesn't pertain to the harassment? (This is about bunny)

My unpopular opinion, I like Shane Dawson and his friends. I've been seeing a ton of hate for him lately after his new video and it seems people hate him now because he's everywhere. I liked him for his conspiracy videos and the squad ghost hunting videos. I do think his content is extremely overdramatic but it's fucking youtube what do you expect. People who try to judge his content as if it's not made for a younger, dumb audience is stupid as fuck. Just enjoy the trash content.

No. 303095

not wearing makeup doesn't mean you don't care about your appearance, having acne or a random pimple doesn't (necessarily) mean you have poor hygiene, body hair is perfectly normal, what's with all these farmers thinking pubes are gross? I understand when you guys criticize fat people because being obese is bad for your health (even if half of the time you only do it out of spite) but every single seemingly interesting thread gets stale pretty quickly because everything is about looks instead of actual milk.

No. 303097

Even things like YLYL threads are just dumps for softcore porn. I go there for cheap laughs and stupid clips, not a girl being railed.
It actually pisses me off how some boards are modded to oblivion while others aren't at all.
Back when I would browse /cgl/, even the tiniest post that was off topic would result in entire threads being deleted. Go to /wsg/ and it's porn central most days even though it clearly goes against the main reason of the board.

No. 303140

People act like all that matters and is important because we've been brainwashed into thinking it is. A lot of times of your a woman with no makeup you get passive aggressive comments from other women since they feel like they "have" to wear it, and you not participating invalidates them by showing its not actually required.
I'm sure someone will jump down my throat for this. But it's like being a woman with short hair. Others women will comment that they "could never" do that. Because some women are so tied up in their image to appease men that any alternative is un thinkable. It's like they're mad that you aren't constrained by yourself.

No. 303162

I don't care about politics and I find them boring. It's all a lot of people talk about. I don't know anything about politics or care but when I say that I get labeled as shallow or stupid. Well maybe I am shallow or stupid but I just don't give a shit about trump etc

No. 303190

I loved him back when he was hanging with trish and drew all of the time and doing the podcast with lauren. I think he can be genuinely funny at some points (which is why i still watch his ‘series’) but he crosses the line between funny and overdoing the joke to where its just annoying and predictable sometimes. He can be a little cringe when he overdoes emotion for the sake of painting “he moment’. (For example “WTF JEFFREE?” 5 million times in the warehouse)

My unpopular opinion is that I’ve always felt sadder for his ex Lisa than I ever did for Shane coming out. He basically dumped her because he was out of the closet (as a bisexual mind you) and wanted his chance at dating a man. In her breakup video you could basically see her blaming herself for ‘holding him back from experiences and being who he truly is~’. I just feel like it was a huge copout for him to end this long relationship by using the lgbt card and saying it was a chance to “explore this side ive never been able to show!” instead of flat out saying “hey I’m over you and want to start seeing other people” which could be construed as kind of douchebag-ie by some people.

No. 303197

I’m kind of the same way. The way I see it, a lot of current shit isn’t going to matter in a couple of years. Plus, life is so difficult as is that I don’t care to bring more drama to it via politics. I have a lot of extremely liberal friends who get so caught up in politics that it seems completely unhealthy for them to get pissed off and upset over every little thing Trump does or says.

No. 303203

I hate being told i’m “pan” because i’m bi. No the fuck i am not, and that doesn’t make me a transphobe either smh.

No. 303252

Agreed. I think they're kind of cringey and the circlejerk is too much sometimes, but eh. As long as milk is brought to the table…

No. 303259

This is gonna sound horrible and a little heartless but I roll my eyes every time I'm reading some sort of discussion on anything at all and one person somehow brings up how they're depressed or have anxiety. It's like, I don't really care, I don't know you as a person I just wanna hear what you have to say on this topic that is completely unrelated. When did it get so fashionable for people to start listing all their problems, like in their social media profiles? I'm sorry but I just don't care, at all.

No. 303261

Incels are what they are because of their shitty looks and treatment from other people not because of their shitty "personality".

No. 303272

many incels have average looks anon.

No. 303274

literally 90% of incels are totally normal looking and look indistinguishable from men who happen to get attention like mad from women because they have, you know, charisma, and talent, and aren't social retards? the looks shit is a crutch to obsess over instead of developing personalities. they have no idea what it's like to be treated like shit for your appearance the way women do.

No. 303281


Personality doesn't mean shit, it's a meme. Average men don't get attention like crazy from women at all, I don't know at which universe you are living at.


Not those attention whore failed normalfags, I mean the real ones.

No. 303292

oh great you're a fucking cuckcel kys out of /ot/

No. 303293

There's a fat ass who weights well above 300 lbs at work who looks below average but he has girls fighting to date him because of his personality and he's funny. Incels just have awful personalities on top of not being very good looking.

No. 303298

>says incels aren't hated because of personalities
>continues on to display a shit personality

ffs, if you idiots would just stop with your shit mob mentality and realize every one of you is only talking about one singular interaction with a single woman, you'd realize you're all fucking wrong.

this is what i hate about incels, their shitty black and white thinking coupled with anxiety makes them too bitter to find out for themselves.

why does it not occur to you that if there are different types of men, there are different types of women who like those men. just use your fucking brains if you're so much smarter than women!

No. 303305

File: 1538406552370.jpg (98.38 KB, 683x1024, 1538401478063.jpg)


People don't become bitter or hateful out of nowhere, men have more variety of preferences while women want only one type of men. Dating in 2018 is a fucking shitshow thanks to tinder and social media, seriously fuck internet and technology.

No. 303308

If women only have one preference then why are the only ones getting rejected shitcels like you with shit personalities?

No. 303311


Average or less than average men get rejected all the time, you don't see it because anything less than a Chad doesn't register as men to you.(incel)

No. 303312

People like you are going to die alone for good reason, and people like you have died alone 70 years ago you and they were worthless.

No. 303314


I konw I'm worthless m8, no need to tell me.

No. 303318

But you don't get it, your worthlessness comes from within, and from your shitty brethren gaslighting you. You don't need robots or other incels, you need to have your own voice and stop being so damn scared of everything.

This bitterness and distrust you feel doesn't come from within, but surrounding yourself with shitty negative people is making it worse.

All of us experience rejection and bitterness at some point. But the difference is we wake up and learn from it instead of stewing in it. If you just give up and hate everything you may as well just kill yourself.

No. 303322

as a clumsy person i agree. no it's not fucking cute when i drop my drink all over the floor, it's a waste of money and annoying.

No. 303323


I might soon, I'm at wits end then everyone will be happy. You can say "just love urself bro" or any other shit, there needs to be some external stimulation. How the fuck do you even love yourself when all your life people hated you just for existing.

No. 303325

>tfw have only hit on the opposite of Chads (short slender ethnic men) and they all rejected me or had gfs
>tfw all of my straight male friends have dated and they're all nerd types, two skelly and one chubby (although admittedly one has an aesthetic face ngl)

Listen, it's your lack of social skills. I have the same fucking problem and I'm an average looking bi girl. No male has ever fucking approached me either, before you pull that.
Some of us are just cursed or come across as social retards that no one would imagine dating. It sucks but you have to own it and keep trying.

No. 303326

Yeah i told someone (who asked) that i didnt give a fuck about a partners sex, so they replied "oh so you're pan", no im bisexual lmao. But i admit to being anti-trans though.

No. 303328

Because that's how life is. You love yourself until you find someone to love you or no one else is going to. It's better off trying and failing anyway then just giving up. No matter how many times you fail and fall and get hurt, anything is better than just hating yourself and surrounding yourself with people who hate themselves. I'm not even memeing either, but if you just live like this you're better off being dead. It's useless.

No. 303331

I find it extremely annoying too especially when they insert it into their social media bio. Are they so fucking uninteresting that they let their mental illnesses define them? It comes off as attention whore-ish like they’re telling everybody, “BOOHOO I AM SO DEPWESSED AND I’M A SELF-DIAGNOSED AUTIST PLS FEEL SORRY FOR ME ;_;”

No. 303333


I find it hard to cope anymore after 29 years old, I have to constantly lie about being a 29 year old khv. I have friends, I get along well with people and have no problems with making friends. I had people say to me in the face that my looks are the problem.


I'm just sick of failing, no matter how much I try it's always failure. Anyways what the fuck am I even doing here just fucking fuck my life.

No. 303336

Don't listen to those people, they are bringing you down. If you are insecure, your looks don't matter at all. Even if your theory about Chads is correct, Chads need charisma to be chad.

No. 303337

Unless you have an actual deformity, so long as you're clean about yourself I have no idea why you wouldn't be able to date an average looking woman your age. Maybe your social skills don't translate to women.

Heck, even if it is a deformity even the lobster man had a wife.

If it's a weight thing, losing weight would be good for both your looks and long term health. Some people (men and women) can still score while being obese but not all of us.

No. 303340

Celnon's brain is just poisoned by other shitty incels. Incels ruin eachother, whether by accident or on purpose and it just continues this cycle. I hope celnon can break free.

No. 303346

i hope he gets hit by a bus

No. 303347


I shave, use skin care and shower everyday. I have a good job, I have girl friends but I'm always that "friend" guy. Moment I try to make a move they just shut me down. I mean I get along well with everyone but no chance romantically. Guess I'm just fucking destined to die alone, some people are just like this, the life itself doesn't want us to continue.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 303348


I wish.

No. 303349

>Guess I'm just fucking destined to die alone
Probably. Can you leave now?

No. 303351

then stop being lazy, take your ass outside, and plant it in the middle of a busy street jfc

No. 303352

This isn't an incel rehabilitation center. Go attention whore on reddit instead.

No. 303355

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I feel you.
I'd go and say just milk life for what else you can get out of it, but that's easy to say as a 21-year-old romantic failure than one approaching 30.
I hope you find her, m8.

No. 303357

I don't. He doesn't actually seem that bad. I believe most incels aren't actually misogynists and are just acting like that cause they think they're supposed to. I personally want one less elliot roger in the world.

No. 303361

you know the sure fire way to prevent another future elliot roger? run over him with a bus.

No. 303376

I mean, that's not how it works though.

No. 303385

You don't have the guts to do that lol

No. 303394

>You don't have the bus to do that lol

No. 303416

>Anyways what the fuck am I even doing here
You have an inability to see women as anything other than people who serve you, like all men. You've come here to treat us like your therapists. If you want to see why women don't like you, have a browse of the website instead of trying to tell US what WE think. Fucking dope.

No. 303424

I had sex with a virgin guy around your age recently and can't for the life of me figure out why he stayed a virgin for so long. He's nice, he's funny, I'm enjoying being around him a lot… no explanation other than "he's massively unlucky and didn't click with anyone before".

Don't lose hope, this shit happens all the time

No. 303426

i lmaoed anon

No. 303428

is it bad that i'm kind of happy that the incel put down his toxic masculinity torch long enough to reveal he's just an insecure idiot?

No. 303433

Nah, sometimes it's good to be reminded that men are actually humans. It's just also a shame that other men are the ones preventing them from acting human.

Fuck men and the mess they cause us and eachother.

No. 303473

99% of men would date/fuck girls under the age of 14 if it were legal. The only thing stopping them is the law.

No. 303474

>sympathizing with incels

You people disgust me.(incel)

No. 303478

File: 1538423836099.jpg (66.18 KB, 1280x720, IMG_4686.JPG)

I hate that they're slowly trying to turn princess tiana into a biracial girl lol they should have just Made her biracial to begin with. They can't suddenly change her hair to sandy blonde and make her 4 skin tones lighter and expect no one to notice.

No. 303480

I hate when people participate in Inktober and post a bunch of art they already finished before the month’s even started

My art is terrible so I’m probably like 60% salty about it and the rest is envy

No. 303481

This is definitely not an unpopular opinion though, anon. I hate when characters are changed for absolutely no reason, like why couldn't they just make her look like she originally does.