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No. 306105

Discuss the misogynistic, racist, lookist, straight up headass etc. aspects of South Korean culture.

Okay, can I ask why Koreans aren't embarrassed of the BB cream pancake face? Is the obsession with pale skin so deep that they can't see it looks fucking ridiculous? (pic related)

No. 306122

I expect this thread to be a huge shitstorm and I'm not comlaining

No. 306125

Yeah this is going to be entertaining.

Back to the OPs point, Koreans have the deep obsession with pale skin, because (supposedly) pale skin meant you were higher class as in you did not have to work in the fields which resulted in pale skin. Tan skin was associated with poor lower class field workers. But thats allegedly, I honestly think they think it looks good ideally (like in media,movies, pictures…which have heavy editing) but in real life that Paper White skin looks tragic, as shown by the picture. I just dont understand why they just dont use foundation that matches their skin tone which looks 100000000 percent better than trying to walk around like James Charles.

No. 306132

I'm going to re-post my feelings from one the kpop critical threads.
When it comes to Korean/Kpop beauty culture the most embarrassing part in my opinion is that all seems to be part of a sort of nationalist overcompensation like "Our women are most beautiful in the world","Our men are the most handsome" "We Koreans have the whitest purest skin". It all comes down to this strange inferiority complex that's both desperate and unattractive.
I stand by this statement. I'll also say that most K-entertainment (which the exception of a couple films) is incredibly uncreative. It's usually just regurgitations of other country/culture's products and art. I don't know if this is a result of the overwhelming conformity or what. The thing Korea seems to be good at doing as marketing their knock-offs as if they are high sought after innovations.

No. 306137

i think a lot of kpop idols and actors/actresses look really spooky irl and on candids because you can tell that that ghostly pale shade is not their natural skin colour and it looks really wrong, especially when their neck and hands are like 5 shades darker.

also, i dont get the obsession with korean plastic surgery and people saying its better than the ps in the west, every picture ive seen where someone gets a nose job in korea they end up being given the same fake ass looking pig nose.

No. 306142

I don't understand the ridiculously rigid beauty standards, that don't allow for anyone uniquely beautiful. Even in Japan and every other country, if a pretty person is pretty it will be acknowledged no matter what their specific features are. But in Korea if you don't have paper skin, tiny face, high nose bridge etc. you're automatically an ugly heffer. Like, how is Sooyoung being slept on, because "hahaha she looks SEA" and Doyeon, because how dare she not have 180° brows.

No. 306143


Yeah, I feel like being pretty in Korea = looking as boring as possible. Key example being Yoona.

No. 306148

It's true. Can you imagine someone like Rola getting famous in Korea as anything other than a joke so they could insult her "black skin" on shitty variety shows.

No. 306152


It's not just about Koreans. Overall asians tend to have that, even in the SEA side.

No. 306154

I wonder how many anons ITT have actualy had interactions with any actual Koreans or if they justify their opinions based on shitty K-vloggers and cherry picked comments from 15 year olds that get posted on Netizenbuzz.

Don’t get me wrong theres some dark shitty stuff in Korean culture, but it goes a lot more deep than ~omg they are so plastic surgery obsessed why are they so vain~ because your average person shits on these kinds of people as well. Its just low hanging fruit.

No. 306158


I researched about it and how strong mysoginy is strong there.

No. 306161

I'm from an Asian country that also has an age hierarchy culture like Korea. It's not as strict in today's society but it still lives on, and I hate this aspect of my culture. Older people think they have the right to treat you like shit just because you are younger, and if you don't tolerate everything they do you are the disrespectful horrible brat. The "be respectful to your elders" thing is okay but they think the age hierarchy is an excuse for all the harassment towards younger people, it's sickening. Someone's age is no excuse for their shitty behavior. The hierarchy in SK is stricter than ours so I can't imagine what people there go through. The way K-entertainment fans romanticize the age hierarchy genuinely annoys me, they don't know anything about how it actually is.

No. 306184

File: 1538943957625.jpg (207.65 KB, 1280x266, 1.jpg)

The korean white face is hilarious. Compare their faces to their necks, to me it's pretty obvious that Koreans are trying to look less asian with their eye, nose and jaw surgeries. Why else do they want pure white skin, large eyes, tall slimmer noses, and smaller faces? Inb4 aSiAN bEaUtY sTaNdArDs ~back~ in East asia farmers were tanned and they just want to look like the other asians with nAtUrAl double eyelids. We're not in the stone ages anymore, no one is being judged as royalty or pleasants through skin color. Asians who get all that surgery and claim that they don't want to look white are delusional as fuck and don't want to admit that they have loathing self hatred for their own race so they make up these obvious lies as an excuse to justify their plastic surgeries.

No. 306186

File: 1538944321465.jpg (266.6 KB, 1057x1190, jaw.jpg)

jaw shaving terrifies me

No. 306188

Just why?! There is nothing wrong with how she looked before.

No. 306191

Allow me to delve depper than social conventions and ask, "Does anyone know what the deal is with reckless driving in Korea?" It seems everyone I know who has been to Korea even for short stay has either been injured or had a near death experience due to reckless driving, and if not themselves then known someone who has.

No. 306192

It’s obvious to me that their beauty standards are heavily influenced by all the Western media they consumed when their country was modernizing and direct American influence. In one of the anti threads an anon linked to an article about the American surgeon that invented the double eyelid procedure. Of course other anons in the anti thread claim that since a handful of Asians have double eyelids and high nose bridges that doesn’t mean they want to look white. Sure Jan.

No. 306195

EYK did a video about it when they almost lost one of their friends.

Everyone seems to forget more is completely corrupt

No. 306197

Doesn't that mean the blame is American? It's due to colonization that Korea is like this.

No. 306199

I might be wrong and I'm too lazy to check up on things, but I believe that the older generation (ie. Most people on the road now) were able to obtain their license just by passing a written test. A lack of proper driving education most likely contributes to this. However, Korea seems to have changed the laws so that it's much harder to obtain it. http://koreabizwire.com/new-driving-test-challenges-test-takers/72703

That being said, I never felt like people were very bad drivers in Korea. Perhaps I've just been lucky though.

No. 306200

Oh, I absolutely agree 100%. I think it’s unfortunate that they want to look less Asian and it absolutely is internalized racism. That surgeon was obviously racist and his motives were misogynistic as well. It’s sad that Korea adopted something like that on a mass scale when its origins are so questionable.

No. 306201

Celebrities and wannabees following the same plastic face trend is nothing compared to Koreans enslaving mentally ill to work on salt farms.

No. 306204

Can we talk about how their bathrooms are so disgusting? Like do they all smell like shit or…?

No. 306206

File: 1538946339805.png (732.79 KB, 720x723, public toilet korea.png)

If you go to a public toilet in South Korea you will be filmed and your spycam video will be uploaded to porn sites.

No. 306208

Not downplaying how invasive and violating this is but do the pervs responsible for this actually sit through videos of people shitting just to see some ass? Disgusting country.

No. 306212

Isn't the shutting the point of it?

No. 306217

Figures that people who don’t flush their toilet paper would have a scat fetish

No. 306222

File: 1538947864398.jpeg (88.47 KB, 960x540, B592CAFD-5209-4E53-87B9-3F6FF0…)

Korea has the worst fucking feminazis ive ever seen. Instead of focusing on real womens issues (like how unwed mothers are treated like shit unless its the church looking to take advantage of them and indoctrinate them) they go to other countries and rape teenager boys as ‘revenge’ and complain that its unfair that men are getting paid (peanuts at that) for their forced military service and cry because some schools are actually thinking of giving certain soldiers school credit for some of the stuff they learn while on duty. 80% of the time they are just complaining that korean men are ugly and short while getting upset about beauty standards.

But the western koreaboos eat that shit up and blindly supports them despite the large majority of them not even fighting for any real rights. They try to equate them with ‘normal’ feminists from western countries, but don’t realize that these women will call any woman who even dates a korean man a whore. Even mail order brides or young girls brought over by sex trafficking. They shit on their fathers and brothers for being scummy korean men while living under their roof and and accepting allowances until their late twenties.

In all the expat women groups, people praise sites like megalia and woman for being ‘woke’ when they are all just so fucking gross.

No. 306226

>they go to other countries and rape teenager boys as ‘revenge’

No. 306227

File: 1538948898819.jpeg (545.58 KB, 1242x1401, 8149CC7C-F7D9-4226-9C30-CAA4A5…)

No. 306231

I have to ask something tho; are feminazis like >>306227 the marjority? Just curious
Still, I can understand now why female celebrities don't want to be associated with feminism.

No. 306233

I would say they are pretty much the majority. Not to the extent of that extremist who diddled that aussie boy, but the majority are caught up in non-issues and instead of fighting for what they should be fighting for (single mothers, maternity leave, etc,) all they care about is how people say that people call them pretty or take isolated abuse cases towards women (in non domestic violance/ sexual assualt situations) and blame korean men while calling them cockroaches.

No. 306246

that sounds like pleny of tumblr feminists, anon…

No. 306247

Korean pedophile men do not get prosecuted by the system. Even if they get convicted they will be sentenced for a few years before they are out again raping young girls. Often these crimes go unpunished, Korea is so fucked.

No. 306255

Is there anything that korean men don't get a pass other than skipping military service?

No. 306257

I looked into this awhile ago, and it seems to have just been a troll on a hated feminist website. The police confirmed the pictures shown were digitally altered or screenshots from videos that didn't contain any kind of pedophilia or abuse.
I'm sure there are some unhinged Korean feminism out there but I think alot of it is the misogynistic mainstream culture demonizing it.

No. 306259

Anyone see the video where a highschool Korean boy beat the fuck out of his girlfriend then dragged her unconscious body by the hair out of the elevator? Violence by men seems to be a big issue in Korea also if you work at a company the males won't shake your hand or adknowledge you if you're a woman.

And male Korean netizens despise and harass anyone who is a feminist.

No. 306260

its not like they try to even hide it lmao

No. 306287

even on europe people used to think like that

No. 306298

File: 1538963656283.png (564.52 KB, 720x598, 1.png)

More Korean white face makeup fail. They paint her face, arms and hands white but can't be bothered to do the neck?

No. 306310

>80% of the time they are just complaining that korean men are ugly and short while getting upset about beauty standards

that's literally the other thread

No. 306311

you guys need to read that klownisms blog on wordpress. he's just so so bitter about korea.

truly, the people who are the most bitter about korea are the americans who chose to learn korean and move there.

literally why would an american want to move to korea to teach english. it's a garbage job, you get paid like shit, and everyone just sees you as an idiot foreigner. at least in china, the cost of living is less, and japan can be fun if you're a weeb.

also, k-dramas are some of the worst shows i've ever seen, i've watched telenovelas with more realistic acting and plots.

No. 306316

Korean men are absolutely vile though.

No. 306317

https://youtu.be/m4HKZw5cXik?t=1143 (i tried to post the URL in the youtube bar but it wasn't letting me, sorry guys)
>he DID touch my chin when he said he wasn't. (19:03)
i'm not really "anti-korean culture" or anything, but what is it with this sudden influx of people saying that korean surgery is so amazing? people pass around the same 4 or 5 before and after photos of asians with life-changing plastic surgery and then suddenly it was "yeah, you need to get multiple surgeries done for a multi-package bargain deal done by the hands of a korean god!~~" It's especially weird when non-asians talk about how "great" Korean doctors are, despite the fact that it's clear they don't have much experience on foreign faces and turn the majority of their asian clients into gangnam unnies.

Not only that, but a lot of these surgeons seem lowkey shady, sponsoring youtubers to promote them like they're some sort of designer clothing brand and then in the case of this girl, touching up parts of their face which they did not consent to?! how is that okay?? literally no one mentioned how shady that was in the comments and instead were commenting to stop telling her how she should've never gotten it.

There's also that issue with that one Korean actress getting completely butchered stitches for a tiny incision. I used to be one of those who thought it would be cool to get my nose done or smth in Korea because it's "cheaper and amazing," but I have serious doubts about that nowadays.

No. 306319

As much as I stopped caring for Eat your Kimchi after a certain point, I'll never forget the video where Martina discussed them getting their officially office opened up in South Korea. The business guy wouldn't even shake Martina's hand or acknowledge her, even tough she made up 50 percent of the company. It was really fucked up.

Supposedly that way of thinking is to 'respect the women' according to Korea, but we all know it's sexist to its core.

No. 306321

Why are asian countries so sexually deprived??

No. 306325

The men have micro dicks and fragile ego's

No. 306326

I meant depraved.

No. 306340

Maybe this is a bit of a stereotype, I dunno, but two of my friends went to Korea and told me most Koreans are very rude and arrogant, especially strangers. Like they shove you out of the way on the street or just sort of mock you subtly. They also said the service in cafes and restaurants and stuff wasn't very good and the waiters could be snappy - also in public nearly everybody is looking down at their phones. But idk, this is just what they told me, but I've seen very similar things being said from others who have visited korea.

No. 306350

I think in general service and wait staff is often not to the level most Americans have come to expect because they don't need to hustle for tips. Might not just be a Korean thing.

No. 306351


wait staff in many other countries doesn't nervously wait around for you to order or "check up" on you which always comes as a shock to Americans.

I can't tell you how long I've sat in ramen places in Japan waiting for service until I realized you have to yell for someone.

No. 306352

Korea fag here. Korea kicks ass if youre white and speak korean really well because then you can basically manipulate people into thinking they are ‘below you’ because to them you are this awesome foreigner from the west so you dont have to put up with any of their bullshit societal rules that much and you can joke yourself out of any situation.

If you use shitty korean and try to talk to people, you’ll get a lot of sarcastic answers and people chuckling to their friends about you or whatever. Or you get caught up in things you read in books or saw on the internet and convince yourself that Koreas the worst (thats when you get corn on pizza arguments, “omg dae bus go to fast??” Repeated 25 times a day) so for them it sucks because they dont fit anywhere and nobody wants to accommodate people who they cant communicate with.

But damn, you hear a lot of stories when you sit and chat with regular people. I’ve heard stories about people getting ash trays thrown at them by their dads, people who hid the fact that their parents were divorced and were embarrassed by the fact, 18 year olds who ran away from home because their parents kept pressuring them about passing college entrance exams. I mean I burst their bubbles a lot by talking about trailer park rednecks, gangs, and teen pregnancy in high school so they’ve all got their fantasies about western life too

No. 306362

I've been living in Korea for a few months and my experience with the locals has been really lovely actually. Maybe it's different because I live in a very rural area near a military base but they're all very kind, helpful and patient. Older people can be a bit rude, and they do have some very weird ideas about foriegners (an older lady working in the 7/11 near my apartment got all flustered when I wanted to buy spicy ramen because she thought westerners can't eat spicy food lol) but overall they're very nice to me and my husband.
Really I think it's just like anywhere else, not everyone will have the same attitude, especially between different generations and in different areas. I like the culture here a lot more than Japan and feel much more welcome tbh.

No. 306370

don't be an idiot, anon. the reason why girls on a weeb image board resent asian women couldn't be any more obvious. hopefully i won't spur shit flinging if i don't say it out loud…

No. 306379

Anon, I always hear "resent Asian women" wrt lc but I never see anything negative about them. You weebs are absolutely obsessed with them and fetishize and idealize them to an almost male degree.

No. 306392

Any time anyone says anything nice about Asian women in /ot/, the thread goes left with screaming about plastic surgery and fetishization.
Remember that creepy woman in an unpopular opinions thread that started posting photos of underage Asian girls to "prove" they're unattractive?

No. 306395

>one time
anon, get real. it was once, was one anon, and hasn't happened since. people on here constantly claim white women age like milk, have haggard features, etc. they endlessly idealize asian women. people complain about fetishization because it's true since weebs have an obsession with popular asian culture and their ideas of asians are only formed and centered around celebrities.

No. 306397

>one time
Read the threads. Hell, look at the entire board. Search in the catalog and see the vitriol about Asian women. One thread was an all-out war that the mods had to lock IIRC.
>people on here constantly claim white women age like milk, have haggard features, etc.
Who is "constantly" claiming that? I haven't seen anything like that said more than maybe once, and it was in response to someone claiming white women are somehow better-looking than all other women.

No. 306399

nta but sounds like a case of two sides of the same coin to me. don't see how bitching about asian women (korean in particular) is any different than being constantly up their assholes.
i'd agree with you if it were like 2016 but there aren't any asian envy threads, or anything on this site currently to come to the conclusion that majority of lc thinks asian > white women.
anti weebs have an obsession on calling out out koreans to an obnoxious level. like how are you gonna have 3 threads on one board centered around vaguely the same concept being asians. shits weird as hell

No. 306400

are they really anti-weebs on those threads though? i'd say i'm an anti-weeb and i never take part in any of them except for rn i guess? i don't know the intracacies of korean culture to even complain. i'm pretty sure the people complaining are mostly weebs or former weebs.

No. 306401

i'm using anti weeb as sort of an umbrella term to describe anons that turn their nose up to japanese/korean culture, so this and the kpop critical thread. my point was i don't really get why koreans are constantly being whined about here, like is there really nothing else to talk about that it warrants 3 threads.
sorry to derail anyways

No. 306402

I think it's just a unique aspect of kpop fandom, honestly. You get a constant feed of shitty people saying shitty things via comment translation sites (netizenbuzz etc), and it's not just about idols. They cover all celeb scandals plus a tonne of random cultural, social, political issues. It's stuff that you might not usually read about if you're into a specific countries pop culture, it's a lot more negative exposure to a culture than usual.

Not to mention within kpop itself, there's lots of competition between groups, OTT praise from fans leads to reactionary hatred from non fans, fans feel personally attached to idols so they take criticism really personally. It can get pretty rabid.

I agree this thread isn't really necessary, I assume it's up because people in the anti kpop thread keep getting told to restrict their criticism to kpop only rather than korea in general.

No. 306403

personally, I think there's some classiness that is inherent to the women from asian countries.

No. 306441

Inferiority complex is expressed in a complete different and deranged way, Ukrainians(the east: actual Ukraine, not the people who were included later by soviets) are prime example of nationwide complex of inferiority.

People in Asia tend to be more narcissistic than in Europe, even some of their traditions stem out of narcissistic tendencies, it extends to education and perception of physical appearance: you're either very, very good - or terribly bad. We have seen many times when some pretty girl gets dragged for one minor imperfection. So they have one "solid" standard of beauty. You either fit into the standard and you can belong to the "good" people, or you don't and then you're undesirable, ugly, and don't belong to the "good ones".

No. 306447

We get it, you had an embarrassing koreaboo phase and now you're going the opposite way because you're totally not soooo obsessed. You can stop making threads about the same retarded shithole no one outside your koreaboo and ex-koreaboo bubble cares about.

No. 306458

>As if Asian woman aren't shamed into being "classy" in the first place. For them, classy=quiet=submissive

If you like Asian women because of that you are in for disappointment.

No. 306459

And that standard is never consistent from idol to idol, actor to actor, making everyone in Korea go crazy to reach unreasonable standards disregarding their health and sanity in the process. Is it any reason why Korea is the #1 country in world leading in SUICIDE? For christ sakes, they have fucking bridges designated to begging people young and old from not killing themselves, because society tells them they are a failure when they didn't get into the top school, lost their job, etc. How can everyone be at the top, when everyone is gunning for the top? It's a recipe for disaster.

No. 306464

lol I remember when CL got shit from Koreans for being honest with how the men go through lengths to tell women how submissive they should be. Yet she still performed at the winter Olympics.

gook scrotes stay mad

No. 306466

exactly right. the western idea of asians is so warped and formed entirely around popular culture it's embarrassing, and is formed around veiled fetishy talking points that they don't even realize were borne out of male fetishization of asian women, i swear.

No. 306468

File: 1539010966931.jpg (41.03 KB, 480x360, 234234.jpg)

People will copy and paste this same response over and over again lol. I'm so sick of it. That may have been historically accurate, but in today's situation, it's not the reason they want pale skin. Why do people claim they like tan skin? "Oh, it looks healthy, I have some color and don't look sickly". It has nothing to do with ~Oh, I have money to go to vacation at the beach all the time!~. If you ask any FOB why they prefer pale skin, they will simply tell you it just looks pure and clean. Darker skin looks dirty. We all know that SE Asia has a very fond appreciation for neoteny and looking as cute or youthful as possible. And skin tone has a role in that, hence you'll often hear people say descriptions of pale skin are pure, innocent, clean, etc etc etc. (not defending this belief, just really tired of that explanation). /endrant

No. 306471

>If you ask any FOB why they prefer pale skin, they will simply tell you it just looks pure and clean. Darker skin looks dirty. We all know that SE Asia has a very fond appreciation for neoteny and looking as cute or youthful as possible. And skin tone has a role in that, hence you'll often hear people say descriptions of pale skin are pure, innocent, clean, etc etc etc. (not defending this belief, just really tired of that explanation). /endrant

That's fine Koreaboo, but when they translate that to other races and use that reasoning, is it OK? No, it isn't. But they still do. Pretty funny that Asians are seen as smart, but after years of being in Korea, and interacting w/ Koreans in real life, they are just as stupid as the average person.

Also stop worshiping plastic monsters. You look pathetic.

No. 306474

>admit to living in korea for years but still calling someone else a koreaboo

No. 306476

>That's fine koreaboo
the OP wasn't even defending the reasoning, only explaining the perspective, wat. Nobody ever said it was ok or defended this beauty standard or complimented korean's intelligence here. r u ok anon.

No. 306477

Idk why people use the "but whites get tans!" As an excuse. White people dont deny pale skinned whites jobs, socially degrade them and basically force them to get tans. Also, a tan is just less invasive, a white girl can get a spray tan if she wants but for a darker skinned person to become paper white is pretty much impossible even with dangerous chemicals.

No. 306478


I'm not that anon, but it's called growing up and learning. You can't keep using the defense of "huh, they just like white because it's pure". Kpop is soft politics. Korea has a ministry of Tourism that is part of the government that pushes this shit HARD to the rest of the world. You can't help but be concerned. It's gotten to the point that my sister who is 10 is looking at thinspo and skin whitening shit (I saw her monitor) and starts blabbing about BTS who I didn't know who the fuck they were till I saw the UN news. It's fucking disgusting and I don't like this mentality spreading to other kids who are impressionable.

No. 306479

A lot of white koreaboos like Koreans beauty standards because they can go over there and be worshipped despite being bland looking because they have pale skin naturally

No. 306482

No shit, but it obviously becomes a problem when you aren't white or asian and that's what I'm getting at.

No. 306483

And I'd also like to add It's kind of insulting to associate being dark skin with slutty or impure.

No. 306485

I'm not disagreeing with you. I'm just adding why white koreaboos don't mind this. japan and Korea are the only first world countries in the world where totally bland and some even ugly white people can go and get unlimited ass pats as long as they're skinny and young looking.

No. 306492

Yea,that's white people in general, what do you expect.

No. 306502

Thank you for pointing this out. I was wondering if anyone else would mention this.

No. 306506

>salty Korean girl detected
Korean men are also constantly dragged by Kpop haters in the other thread for being creepy, sexist plastic monsters but you don't get defensive about them? kek

South Korea sucks at soft power. They promote their country's media worldwide but most people end up seeing their nation as a plastic surgery wonderland, plus teenagers from USA and Southeast Asia hate Korean people and culture on blogs like Netizenbuzz.

No. 306509

Kpop will never get anywhere because as soon as they gain some kind of popularity their past of saying nigger or wearing black face will always come to light. Asians already have a label of being stuck up, mean and racist so it's just not going to ever appeal to he west. Not to mention westerners just aren't use to boy/girl bands with so many members do it doesn't help that they all have look identical.

No. 306516


it’s insane to base a whole country off internet comments on gossip sites. that would be like saying all americans are represented by reddit or 4chan or the yahoo news comment section

No. 306519

It's actually funny because websites like Netizenbuzz end up making international / western people not like Asians because of their comments, even though the home page in small print at the bottom says "these netizens views aren't representative of Korea as a whole." To bad the bitch in charge of the website makes it that way to get views on the website.

No. 306520

There's a reason why very few black artists have been cozying up to BTS and other Asian artists. I can't wait till BTS says something in America and their disgusting fans can't write it off as "mistranslation". They will be dumped so quick.

No. 306522

the problem here is impressionable kids. Korea has fucked up beauty standards for women, like every other country on the planet. If your ten year old sister wasn’t influenced by kpop, she’d be influenced by the kylie jenners of the world and tanning and wanting implants and an impossible hourglass figure. its also not like thinspo is a uniquely korean/kpop phenomenon either.

You just sound like someone who is embarrassed by their koreaboo phase and now going hard in the opposite direction to make up for it. That isn’t any better or healthier than being an obsessive koreaboo.

No. 306528

I know someone who got in a car accident in Korea where it was the Koreans fault. There were witnesses to the accident, KATUSA soldiers. My friend is US military. The cops show up and my friend said it was just a small dent so it's no big deal. The Korean who hit his car was SHOCKED. He kept bowing and saying thank you profusely that my friend didn't want to escalate the situation. Evidently, cops will often side with Korean witnesses version of events even if they are wrong, just to stick it to foreigners. They mainly do this with expats and not soldiers since the US military has more power there. The Korean fully expected that my friend would want to lay into him because another Korean would have.

I have some other stories since I lived there for 2 years.

I found it depressing that their supermarket, Homeplus, uses solely advertisements with Caucasian models in the store, clearly making White people the beauty standard there.

Theres something called a SOFA agreement where the US military MUST staff 80% Koreans in their civilian staff in order for Korea to grant their presence there. I knew of a restaurant on the military post that staffed older Korean women in their 40s and 50s. Tipping isnt a thing in Korea but its expected on a military establishment. The KATUSAs who eat there asked the Korean waitresses what the customary tipping percentage is and they lied and told them 50%. This continued for a while until the US soldiers were told them it was bullshit. Old ajima was willing to screw over the 18 and 19 year old Korean boys.

No. 306537

Are you deaf? Anon said she didn't listen to kpop and was talking about her sister.

No. 306541

I was told the shoving thing happens to everyone, even fellow Koreans. The logic being that Korea is crowded and people are busy so politeness is a nuisance and a western concept (as far as getting around a crowded space). I had children push me there. Its jarring from a western perspective

No. 306558

They are already blinded anon. If a white artist went around spewing about how their personal talent was “talking like a black person” people wouldn’t stfu about it.

No. 306606

What's questionable about it, it's pure evil.

No. 306611

White people don’t want to admit their colonial responsibility.

Surprise surprise.

No. 306626

>y-y-you must be a salty korean girl!!!1
I'm not Korean or even Asian. It's just funny to see a board that's full of self-proclaimed feminists (specifically radfems), misandrists and people who generally don't enjoy misogyny fixate on Asian women so hard. The bitterness and jealousy is palpable at every turn in /ot/.
I don't give a fuck about defending any race of men from women talking shit, so no shit I don't care about Korean men, kek. It's called not being a pick me. Why are your types always talking about men and projecting your obsession with them on other races, too? I've seen this "B-But men!!" shit in other threads too. Not every disagreement with other women relates back to men, stop bringing them up all the time.

No. 306638

>board that's full of self-proclaimed feminists (specifically radfems), misandrists and people who generally don't enjoy misogyny fixate on Asian women so hard.
>implying the anons are the same
>implying everyone browses and write on the same threads and has the same opinions
There's no hive mind here anon.

No. 306650

It's not a hivemind, but there's a general consensus here the same way there would be on a place like /r9k/ (or any other board). It's interesting that Asian women are excepted from it.

No. 306666

No offense, but some of you guys don't have any reading comprehension. If you look through the thread everyone was talking about annoying things in Korean culture such as plastic surgery, skin whiting, terrible makeup, rudeness, ect ect. No one brought up Asian women SPECIFICALLY until that one anon. Whoever keeps bringing them up wants to derail the thread, just stop taking the bait guys.

On a side note, Im really curious about the hygiene in Korea, I heard that most people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom there and there arn't that many hygiene laws.

No. 306724

Hygiene awareness is seriously lacking in Korea. They think the flu comes from your a/c heater instead of through germs. They are more afraid of using air conditioning than their toxic “yellow dust” air that they blame on China. They all eat out of the same soup bowls even if one person is sick, and if you ask for a separate bowl then you’re the rude one. I saw doctors there that didn’t even use covers on their thermometers and gynos that didn’t put any covers on their seats for the patients to sit on. When I had to pee in a cup there were no sterile cups with lids on them, they had me walking around the hospital with my piss all open in a Dixie cup. Doctors and dentists touched me without gloves or washing their hands. I was in restaurants that didn’t even have sinks in their bathrooms. It’s nasty.

No. 306729

>non sterile equipment in a doctor's office
I actually didn't know that. Is Korea that backwards when it comes to basic hygiene?

No. 306737

Yes, for a touted "1st world country" they lack hygiene very bad. They have no fucking excuse too, they have the resources that most countries would love to have in their hospitals.

No. 306738

They just have no sense of trying to avoid disasters. Most of what people do in the west when it comes to hygiene is preventative - keep things clean and sterile just in case - but Koreans don’t ever worry about what bad things might happen. That’s why they drive like maniacs, run red lights, park all over the side walks, sell and eat old food, build shitty infrastructure as fast as possible and cut corners, let their children run all over the city… people in developed countries avoid these things because they know it could possibly be dangerous but Koreans are just like “ehh nothing bad will happen probably so why put in extra effort to avoid a negative outcome?” It’s the same with hygiene. Why spend the money on proper piss cups when paper ones are cheaper? Why spend the time/money changing a cover on the thing you stick in 50+ ears a day when most likely no one will get sick?

Other countries had to develop and learn these things on their own, but Korea just copies what looks like modernity without learning all the steps to getting there.

No. 306739

I taught in Korea for a few years (saved 30k+ right out of college and was literally paid to travel around the world, come at me) and the way they let their children run around and get hurt was absolutely insane. AND They even locked the fire escapes and exists with deadbolts during school hours. The fire alarm went off and children had to wait until someone came and unlocked the door. Thankfully it was a false alarm but do you think they unlocked those doors after that? Nope! We all would’ve died if there was an actual fire.

There were some nice people in Korea and they can be really fun/laid back (esp if you like drinking/prostitution) but they are seriously so dumb in so many ways. So much of their culture seems childish and immature. The way they date is very middle schoolish and marriage is hell, especially for the women. Oh and they are def jealous of China and Japan for being more important to the world.

No. 306743

They are basically the epitome of “new money”… poor folk who were thrust into the 21st century and still act like the peasants they used to be in some ways.

I hated how people were spitting everywhere there, and I even saw men peeing on the street sometimes. It was the morning! Were they already drunk?? They have no concept of alcoholism and they force people into it so I’m not surprised.

Old people cut in line, push, cuss at you. People throw their trash on the streets.

I have been to countries dirtier than Korea but the people weren’t rude or arrogant, so I never said anything about it. But Koreans are so arrogant and look down on everyone around them, so I’ll speak honestly when given the chance. They even had the nerve to try and make me and my friends hate other types of Asians. “Oh don’t to go China, they’re so dirty, don’t go to Japan they are not kind people, don’t go to the Philippines, it’s too dangerous, etc etc”

Complete strangers said these things to us as “small talk” they had no idea how crazy they sound! They even said shit about my own country to my face, like “isn’t Korea so much better?” But if I didn’t want to eat kimchi, they’d get pissed.

They are honestly insanely brainwashed and socially retarded.

No. 306760

Huh. Sounds just like China. There seems to be a running theme here, I just the Japanese are truly an exception.

No. 306761

>AND They even locked the fire escapes and exists with deadbolts during school hours. The fire alarm went off and children had to wait until someone came and unlocked the door.

This is EXACTLY how every single one of those Korean highschoolers died in the Sewol Ferry Disaster. Alarms went off and adults told them to stay fucking put they escaped.

No. 306763

Oh my good, the spitting was everywhere. Koreans smoke like no tomorrow and spit constantly. And they have a disgusting trashbin next to their toilets where they put their shit toilet paper. Many restaurants lake restrooms so you have to leave the restaurant to use a shady nasty public restroom that is just for 1 person.

No. 306764

I think that Japanese people single-handedly gave East Asians their good rep of being clean and polite, because Korea and China are not like that at all. Traveling between Korea and Japan was such a huge culture shock.

No. 306768

During the MERS outbreak, they took the temperatures of every single student coming into the school but didn’t use any disposable plastic coverings on the thermometers.

In class, my korean coworker would give 24 students all one drinking cup to share water out of. I was like “umm but what about MERS? We are supposed to be taking extra precautions?” You know what she did? She goes “aha! Right!” And pulls out just one more paper cup. One for boys and one for girls. In her mind, we stopped spreading germs by dividing the shared cups by gender.

No. 306773

I only studied abroad in Korea, but hopefully I get to go to Japan, my experience has made me jaded while my friend came back from Japan and she said she misses it so much. If I could go back in time, I would have waited a semester to go to Japan.

No. 306775

Japan is very clean but they have a shitload of issues themselves. In a lot of aspects I think young westernized people will click better with Koreans than with Japanese. A lot of Japanese still have their heads up their ass thinking that nobody could possibly ever understand the complexity of being Japanese or understanding Japanese things. At least you can kick back and chill with Korean people, but a lot of japanese are so incredibly socially awkward and dont even consider you a friend even though you hang out and communicate often.

Kind of wish there was a Japan thread too, but i feel like that would be overkill and piss off a lot of anons lol

No. 306778

I heard so many horror stories of being a woman in Korea. You are expected to marry immediately after highschool half the time and the guys are massively immature.

Korea has a huge drinking culture too, where it's common to step over drunk people throwing up on the sidewalk.

Also, locking and deadbolt on fire exits is fucking insane. There was the cautionary Great Chicago fire in the 1930s where we learned why it's important to have escape routes in fires.

No. 306779

This thread should've been an anti-asian culture general, it's kind of dumb that it's only about korea.

No. 306781

Go for it anon!

No. 306785

Yeah I know they have a lot of issues. I wouldn’t want to live in either country, especially as a woman, but aesthetically Japan is much nicer than Korea lol. I know it’s wrong to say but they seemed so much more civilized when it comes to how they behave in public.

No. 306787

I'm currently teaching here and I have the exact opposite issue with the fire systems. Ours is bugged and when it gets too humid, the alarm rings. Someone just goes and overrides it to turn it off and it scares me that there one day could be a real fire and they'd just turn off the alarm. Our exit door is neither alarmed nor locked though so again it really concerns me lol

No. 306788

The weird thing about marriage in Korea is that it’s basically a job, an economic arrangement. Once a couple gets married, they are expected to stop any loving displays of affection. The man will get a mistress once the wife gets pregnant. It’s the wife’s job to run the house, the husbands job to work, and their focus is not on their relationship at all. Older married couples who show affection in public are actually looked down on.

I know a few western girls who married korean guys who completely changed, became cold and old fashioned, after the wedding. The guys were like sorry… this is the korean way.

No. 306790

I heard a lot of fire escapes are locked to stop people from jumping :/

No. 306792

Shoving happens because shit doesn't wait around. Buses, trains, subways, they come and go within a minute of arriving. If someone is in your way just standing around or not moving fast enough, you push by to get where you need to go.
It's the same with staff in stores, they have quotas and hard timelines to keep up so they don't have time for people to hem and haw over a menu, I've seen them do it to foreigners and Koreans.
Lots of people stare at their phones, but they do everywhere else too. It's a problem but people usually figure it out when they trip and drop their phone.
I'm not defending Korea because there's a lot of shit that's wrong here, but this is minor stuff that's easily explained.

No. 306793

daily reminder that Korea is the suicide nation of the world

No. 306798

Something doesn’t have to be unexplainable to be worthy of complaint.

There is a reason for everything in the world, but some shit still sucks. And you know what? Busses and subways don’t wait around for stragglers in any country, but I’ve never been pushed and hit with umbrellas as much as when I was in Korea. We are all busy, we are all late, we all have quotas, the difference is the way people handle it.

And I have never seen people more phone obsessed than when I was in Korea. Food comes to the table? Gotta wait 5 mins before you can start eating so all the Koreans can take 50 pictures from different angles. If I did that shit at home I’d be called a basic bitch lmao.

No. 306801

>And I have never seen people more phone obsessed than when I was in Korea. Food comes to the table? Gotta wait 5 mins before you can start eating so all the Koreans can take 50 pictures from different angles.

That shit would piss me off so much

No. 306803

>You are expected to marry immediately after highschool

Lol no. You are expected to go to uni even as a women, and then either waste that money by being a stay at home mom or never see your kid because you need to make money to send your kid to 100000 different cram schools (which isn’t even necessary for success and can be a huge waste of money) Most people dont want to marry until they are sure they can have that picture perfect instagram life with the perfect high rise apartment with marble floors and walls, with a car and the ability to buy your baby every non-necessity that all of the rich instagram famous women do. To get married straight out of high school is the ultimate worst for any korean parent, even getting married at 23~24 is iffy. A lot of women are working now too, and you’re starting to see a change in culture where deciding to be a stay at home mom is selfish because then “how can you afford to not make extra money to give your kid a happy life?” This is why the birth rate is so low. Its not even that expensive to have kids in Korea and raise them. Hell the government even gives you money as a stipend. But people cant fathom living comfortably with a family and not doing everything they were trained to do. They complain how their high school years sucked because they were forced to study, but don’t realize “hey, you know this isn’t mandatory right?”. And its not. There is no law telling to send your kids there. Hell, half of them sleep the whole time anyways.

There was a viral clip on the korean side of the internet where these kids on a tv segment were asked “would you rather have rich but busy parents, or poor parents who were very ‘family minded’ and close to you. The little girl chose the rich parents because “they can pay for a lot of experiences that we can have together to be happy”. A lot of the comments on the video were people stressing that they wanted to work harder to be rich parents to their future kids. At least there was a little boy who answered the opposite, but still…

No. 306805

Can confirm. Friend went to a hospital there and they didn't wear gloves. Also said the equipment seemed a bit dated.

No. 306807


Theres a lot of this in Hong Kong and Japan too. I think its because Instagram just got super popular in the past few years in asia, and it just came crashing and hit them like a fucking tidal wave.

Not to turn this into a Japan thread (unless anon above wants to make one) but japanese girls are the fucking worst woth pictures of food because they still use insta filters from like 2011 and it looks so grainy and unappetizing yet they feel the need to do it with every soggy pile of dessert they order

No. 306808


I got the vibe in Korea that what you do to strangers really doesnt matter. So much emphasis is put on the age hierarchy in personal relationships that they have no fucks left to give to strangers. That’s why they drive and act so rudely in public, imo. Also just a couple generations ago they were starving peasants so a lot of people just never learned better.

They don’t need to act this way because of special circumstances or a unique need to move faster. Someone will push you out of the way in the supermarket just to reach what they want, and hardly anyone ever says excuse me even when leisurely walking. They simply don’t think it’s rude, they just think it’s normal.

Wait staff can be pretty no-nonsense and rude too. I’ll never forget my korean friend came back from a trip to Japan and was super depressed. We were out drinking and the korean staff just threw our spoons on the table in a pile and walked away and my friend ranted about how such terrible service would never happen in Japan. So yeah, Koreans who travel abroad notice the difference too

No. 306809

>You are expected to marry immediately after highschool half the time and the guys are massively immature.

the average age for marriage is one year higher in korea than america.

No. 306811

Someone might argue with me on this but…I thought it was ridiculous that Koreans are freaking out about my dog pissing in the bushes but say nothing when a grandparent helped their toddler piss in the bushes next to a playground. A playground for apartment tenants. So if they were tenants, he could have taken the kid back the apartment to pee.

Also saw parents letting their kid pee down the side of the mountain where people walk to get to Seoul Tower. Blew my mind because the public restrooms were like 100 feet away, up the hill. I understand peeing in the wilderness but they apparently let kids just pee wherever they want as long as it's near a plant of some kind.

No. 306812

I wonder what would happen if Koreans woke up one day and realized they didn’t HAVE to do everything the way everyone else does it, and that a perfect image isn’t the end-all be-all of life?

No. 306815

Just stop. The marrying age for women in SK is older than Canada and the US. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_age_at_first_marriage

This post is so bizarre, nonsensical, and almost alien like that I'm starting to wonder if you're some kind of alt-right poster.

No. 306816

Considering I saw grown men peeing on the sides of busy streets in the middle of the day in Korea several times, I’m not surprised at all. I’d rather have children doing it but the sad thing is apparently they don’t grow out of this behavior when they become adults.

Like grown men were peeing on the wall while school girls were walking by without shame…

No. 306817

Wtf why did you quote my post? I said nothing about the age of marriage.

Everything I said is true and was told to me either by korean guys or girls I know who are married to Koreans. Their marriages are fucking loveless business arrangements.

No. 306818

I remember reading a netizen comment about gun control stating:

"People here are always joking about telling their friends 'I'm going to kill you', but I thank god that we don't have guns here because everyone would actually kill each other kkkkk."

So, yea, they would probably kill each other "purge" style and then kill themselves.

No. 306820

I agree. When I first arrived there, I was married and 22 years old. My Korean realtor kept marveling over that and calling me a baby for being married so young.

No. 306821

I've never been to Korea or spoke to anyone married to Koreans but somehow basic common sense tells me that what you're saying is nuts.

No. 306823


A coworker at my hagwon was married but had a boyfriend who she talked about openly. When she saw that I was shocked she told me it was normal in Korea. Maybe not normal to talk about, but normal to cheat.

Marriage is about image and fulfilling familial duties. Even my younger coworkers who would pay thousands of dollars to matchmakers only cared about their potential match’s income, education, and parents income.

No. 306824

Theres even private Facebook groups for expat women to post about creepy gross men so they can avoid them. There are so many crazy stories too! Like girls getting physically assaulted (like huge gashes in her lega) for not going to love motels, raped at guesthouses by workers (one that was publicly advertising themselves on travel sites too), and even one guy that did 2offendings by getting some 18years old girl pregnant and ghosting after sexually assualting and 4years after trying to rape a different girl.

The girl with the leg gashes even went to the police with the assualter and they still took his side. He assualted her after throwing her purse over the roof of the subway station stairs so she couldnt even go anywhere.

No. 306825

I find korean netizens super annoying because a lot of the time they are very nationalistic and try to play the victim. I hang out in a Japanese open chat/group and every time a Korean comes in it's instantly "Anon, how can you be talking to Japanese people? Japanese people are so rude. Korean-Japanese living in Japan are oppressed and Japan is terrible!" like ok, I understand but who cares? We'll be talking about random things, mostly fandom and a random korean nationalist has to come in and try to convince me how wrong I am for talking to Japanese people. It's not just the same troll, either. It's so bizarre.
Also, I used to fly with Asiana airlines to come to Japan and would have long layovers in Incheon airport. Holy shit were the locals super rude there. I would be taking as little space as possible in a seat and they would come over with their huge families and spread out. I got mixed in with a family one time and they were talking and sharing food over my seat. Even though I was there first, it felt like I was the one in the way.

There really needs to be a Japan thread.
A lot of things people shit on korea for in here (poor hygiene in hospitals, etc.) is the same in Japan. If anything, Japan has just mastered how to save face in front of people.

No. 306826

I wouldn't say all loveless marriages are the standard. I will say this: I had an acquaintance get propositioned by a married guy there. He acted like he was just trying to be nice and show her around but it was a farce. At one point he showed her a picture of his wife and acted normal. After they had some soju (they were at a club) he whispered in her ear "be my wife tonight". How bizarre. The girl was a dumbass but this dude was also a creep.

I heard around that Korean women may as well be celibate in their marriages and maybe only have sex on special occasions like birthdays or romantic holidays. As a result, many men act like perverts, especially with western women. Apparently they view Korean women as chaste and traditional while American women are looked at as whores who put out easily.

No. 306827

Pls lets have a japan thread.

Japs do the same shit too and it’s infuriating. Like even mentioning Korea they have to sperg tf out. “REEEEEEEE KOREANS ARE LITERAL COCKROACHES REEEEEEEE U KNO KOREANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR JAPAN RAPE RATE????” The weird 3 way hate triangle between China Japan and Korea is hilarious sometimes

No. 306828

We don't need 5 threads on asians just stop

No. 306829

Since doctors and surgeons are averse to washing their hands, have there been any instances of infection with all the plastic surgery they get? Do they sterilize their equipment beforehand? I wonder how many Koreans get weird shit inside their faces and end up infected.

No. 306830

They dont even think that highly of korean girls. They assume that korean girls want to squeeze every dime out of them before they put out. Those cringy gaijin hunters always say the same thing about korean girls only wanting money.

Spot on about western girls tho

No. 306831

Lmao sounds real smart anon. You have 0 experience with korean culture yet you think you know better than someone who does?

Marriage is different in different cultures. It sounds nuts to you because it is, it’s nuts and it’s sad but it’s also true. Korea has strict views on the type of roles you should fulfil at certain points in your life. This includes the line between bf/gf and husband/wife. I’m not saying there are no loving marriages in Korea, but that’s not the aim, as other anons have pointed out it’s all about money and the perfect image. adult married couples showing affection in public is considered tacky and “acting young”. Why? I don’t know! But this is what several korean people told me. All you have to do is take a decent English speaking korean out for a few drinks and they will let it all out, especially the ones who are looking for a way out of this culture. So yeah I was told that it’s pretty common for married men to get girlfriends but the “least they can do” is wait until the wife has kids.

I really don’t know why this is so unbelievable to you. I’m pretty sure I read about how korean guys make good boyfriends but shit husbands even before I ever went there. It’s kind of already a stereotype.

No. 306832

Yeah maybe this thread should be the general Asian complaint thread.

No. 306833

I second this, there are already 2 korean related threads anyways.

No. 306835

Then how about we make one thread to shit on asian culture and move this discussion there, weeb?

No. 306836

Not even to mention all the duties the mother in law puts on the wife.

I stand by what I said, being a wife is a job there and everything is about money/image.

Most of my friends, including myself, were propositioned by married Korean men. I don’t know what’s going on in their bedrooms at home but the infuriating part is how they acted so cavalier about it, as if they were OWED multiple women.

No. 306838

This anon is right.

Imagine being in a relationship and getting married. Cool, right? Your jobs just starting out and your company is shit, so now your working 12hour days with unpaid overtime. Oh well, at least you and your new bride can sex it up all the time. Oh wait, now she gets pregnant and you start having kids. She turns into a tiger mom whos life revolves around her kids and what the other moms in the neighborhood are thinking. You end your 12 hour shift and come home to your wife glued to her phone and nagging the kids about stupid shit. She doesnt talk to you unless its to nag you about not being at home to help her out (despite you know… 12 hour days). Now imagine you lack any real balls to confront the situation and marriage counseling doesnt even exist for common folk like you. Divorce is stigmatized and your children will get teased and shunned if you do it. Are you going to tough it out or just cheat?

No. 306843

>A lot of things people shit on korea for in here (poor hygiene in hospitals, etc.) is the same in Japan.
Now that example is just not true. Japan is stringent when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene in their hospitals. They are super concerned with preventing hospital-acquired infections.

No. 306844

Can we talk about how a majority of korean/jap men are on penpal sites soliciting minors for nudes and getting into ldr ‘relationships’ with them?

I tried to post something on the grooming thread but my phone freaked the fuck out and thought it might fit here. When i was 15 some 26 year old korean dude was my Internet ‘bf’ and would start sexting nearly every day and asked for nudes. Looking back I’m so embarrassed and ashamed of myself, but seriously being 24 years old in retrospect thinking about it makes me want to vomit. It wasnt even the one guy, i was getting guys from 24~30 trying to flirt with me constantly.

No. 306845


Ew, no, don’t agree with me! Gtfo with this nagging wife bullshit.

Korean men will cheat on their wives no matter what. Their entire culture is set up for it, from the fact that visiting prostitutes is considered company-sponsored employee bonding right down to the deep Madonna/whore complex they all have deeply ingrained (to the point where some korean men actually dislike seeing their wives as sexual beings because they are “family” this was a like a couple married Koreans used on me. “Wife is wife, girlfriend is for sex” )

No. 306846

Yeah I saw a short documentary about how these women went undercover posing as 15 yr olds on some popular korean chatting app and the messages from 30 yr old men just started pouringggg in

They let the men go too no police involved…

No. 306848

If we’re going to lump all of the countries together might as well post this channel. These two really paint a picture of how gross China really is. Say what you want about Japanese or Korean hospitals or cleanliness, you will at least never feel like you are slowing being poisoned and killed by the food and shit regulations of the country.

No. 306849

Can we also talk about how korean parents give up their children when they get divorced? I volunteered at an orphanage and I expected the kids there to be orphaned by some type of horrible situation like addict parents, or parents that died but nope, most of the kids were there because their parents got divorced and neither one wanted the stigma of being a single parent. Fucked up.

Inb4 some dumbass anon shows up saying this is too horrible to be true so I must be lying!

No. 306852

And it goes from mom abandoning child with the dad so she can have the ability to date and get married again -> dad knows shit all about child rearing and marries some other divorcee and abandons his first kid and starts a new family.

You know those movies that take place in the 50/60s where the kid gets a stepmom and the dad zones out drunk in front of the tv everyday while step-mommy plays favorites with her biological kids? Its basically like that.

No. 306860

I feel so bad for any woman that marries a korean man, their culture is seriously so shit.

Out of the 4 girls I know who married Koreans, only one is happy, and that’s probably because her husband grew up most of his life in the US.

The other 3 are constantly regretting their lives, fighting agaisnt antiquated gender roles, and trying to convince their husbands to compromise in some way.

One of my friends mother in law is such a monster, says racist shit to her all the time and yells at her for not cooking at home enough and not getting pregnant yet. Her husband comes home from work every day at 4am completely wasted from his “sales meetings” and just supports his mother when she acts like a bitch to my friend.

Another friend was married less than a year before she separated with her husband. He stared treating her like shit, ordering her around, telling her what to wear, telling her to lose weight, making her serve his friends and shit like a maid. They got back together and are trying to have a bandaid baby.

The other one met her husband while they were both living abroad but then they moved back to Korea to get married. He turned into such a backwards, sexist asshole that she threatened him with divorce. She’s trying to make more friends with other foreign women married to Koreans through her korean class but she says most of the women in it were bought as brides from SEA for old alcoholic korean men.

It’s SO BLEAK. When I see girls out there talking about how they wanna go to Korea and find a man I’m like… you don’t even know…why would you want to live in such a culture??

No. 306862

Different anon but that's not really true. Japan freaks out about germs when it comes to certin things and can be anal about appearing clean, but the hygeine can be pretty bad sometimes. Idk about it in comparision to Korea, but I've been to so many Japanese restrooms without soap (it didn't run out, there was never soap to begin with) it's fucking ridiculous.

No. 306864

Anon, I specified hospitals in that comment which was in response to >>306825 who claimed the opposite.
In my experience there was usually soap in restrooms and dispensers. But most Japanese people I knew carried their own antibacterial wipes or mini-bottles anyway, women and men.

No. 306868


I studied in Korea with an exchange program last year. Two of my Korean professors (male and female) told all the foreign girls not to marry a Korean man, they even gave certain region names to avoid. The female professor was teaching topics related to family and gender roles in Korea. The things she told was shocking for a country that has a lot of admirers. Of course, there will be still decent Korean men but it's interesting that with their alcoholic, abusive reputation they have a lot of foreign women who are interested in them. Just go to instagram and you'll see tons of these kind of women there.

No. 306870

Oh sorry I thought you meant in general. Yeah, you're right but it's a horrible idea to leave it up to individuals to carry something as simple as soap. Many carry it on them, but I've also seen many soapless washes as well. Just having some soap in the place you shit and piss would be nice is all I'm saying lol.

No. 306873

No worries. But yeah, I totally agree that soap should should be mandatory.

No. 306908

Jesus does this thread make me happy that I live in the West.
I know everyone and their mom rags on the West, but at least you can fucking talk about societal problems and question things. Countries that were founded on independence/libertarianism and free speech are so much fucking better than these feudal, super socially strict countries.

No. 306923

Oh shit do you remember the names/regions?? Lmao

No. 306925

Yeah I agree. I could never live in Asia. The thing about the west is that all the bad shit is in the open. So people get this idea that in other countries, the bad shit doesn’t exist at all. Of course it exists, but it’s just not talked about and news media doesn’t care.

Countries where saving face is such a big deal are really dangerous because it affects everything, down to how often crimes are reported and whether or not police accurately solve the crimes. Like yeah there is a lower crime rate in Japan and Korea but did you know they rarely autopsy bodies? This article says that police actually discourage it because it means their jurisdictions might have higher crime rates.


You can’t trust anything that comes out of societies like this.

No. 306937

This shit is scary.

I mean, guys everywhere suck but the collective dick sucking of korean men by Koreaboos has got to stop. They are fucking dangerous and depraved and treat foreign women like shit. I saw a website where korean guys took videos/pictures of their white girlfriends without their permission and posted it as porn. Like… revenge porn but there was no revenge aspect of it, it was just racially motivated. Some of the guys were actually in long term relationships with these girls too.

Imagine your sweet boyfriend of 2 years secretly films you at night and uploads it so a bunch of nasty losers can dehumanize you online.

No. 306946

Korea is too strict with looks but America is too loose with looks. In America you see nothing but fat slobs wearing leggings and shirts too small for them. I think a little fat shaming would be good for us. There's no motivation to look nice because everyone else looks like shit.

No. 306949

Why are you talking about America in the anti Korea/Asia thread. Make your own damn thread!

No. 306954

Korean cults are wild.

They even have one fake Christianity one where Jesus second coming will be ONLY IN KOREA

No. 306956

Share more about them.
I live in a Korean neighborhood, outside Korea, and it's full of Korean Evangelical churches, like there's one in every corner, together with the K-mafia, should I be worried about them lol?

No. 306963

I want to share some horror stories from when I was younger.
I used to live in Korea for a while, my parents were in the military. There were a few girls who were sexually assaulted by Korean men in my class.

In the 8th grade, one girl was walking home at night and had to go through an alley to get to her apartment complex. Some fat Korean guy grabbed her and shoved her against a wall and raped her. She said she almost threw up on him because his breath reeked of kimchi and he kept on trying to kiss her.

Freshman year, a really fair-haired blond girl was stopped on the street from a car with three guys in it. The blond part is important, and if you've ever been to an Asian country you'll know why. The guy in the back had asked her for directions and she had leaned towards him to listen to him better. He grabbed her and tried to pull her in the car. She tried to get away but somehow in the scuffle he ended up breaking her jaw before they sped away. She had to have her mouth wired shut for months.

Junior year, my friend was walking home in the evening. She shouldn't have, but she decided to take a shortcut through some back alleys to get home faster. She said there were two guys just hanging out smoking so she tried to quickly go by them but one grabbed her and asked her if she liked sex. She said no and tried to pull away but he punched her in the face and called her a bitch. Both of them raped her and she ended up pregnant from it. The pregnancy was ectopic and she miscarried, which is probably fortunate since her mother was a very strict Catholic and would've likely made her have the baby.

The messed up thing is I didn't even really think about it as all that weird until I moved away from Korea. It was just sort of a thing that Korean men viewed American girls as slutty and that was the norm. I'm hapa so I didn't seem to get bothered much by the Korean guys, they were always more interested in more western looking girls. Though I got to hear a lot of their gross comments about how big western tits were and such. Idk, maybe this is more of a man hate general thing but I just thought it was relevant to the Anti-Korean Culture thread.

No. 306976

But anon, I thought Korea was like super safe tho right?!?

The way korean men treat foreign women is sick. I had several guys asking me such personal questions about sex even though they barely knew me. Like, they wanted to know my cup size and what color my nipples and vag were and if they were pink. They were obsessed with it, they clearly stated that they wanted to fuck a girl with a pink pussy and nips and because I was American I should be open, right? The sad thing is though even though so many of us knew korean guys were like this, we still dated them anyway. So many guys ended up having phones full of white girls kakaotalk messages while “dating” my friends. I think secretly western women kind of like the attention (obviously not In the stories you told) because they don’t get it back home. It often ends up really badly though.

No. 306978

Speak for yourself anon

No. 306980

And god is a woman in this cult

No. 306981

I think it's funny when Koreans make comments about darker skin being dirty, saying nigger and wearing black face but then they claim they don't know it's racist and it's only because of their culture.if anyone were to make any negative comments about Korea they suddenly know what racism is.

No. 306982

If you ever get drunk and hook up on korea 3/5 times he will try to pull his phone out and try to film you sucking him off. Luckily they’re drunk as shit and stupid and will leave their flash on so you can at least smack the phone out of their hand

No. 306985

I'm not white(I'm black) but this happened to me with a Korean guy. He took videos of my ass and said he wouldn't show anyone then I look at his phone and I see he sent it to someone and I didn't know what they were saying because it was in Koran.

No. 306986

Wow. I would try to kill them for that one.

No. 306987

Id also like to add that he took me out for food and only paid like 19$ for my meal and was angry I didn't put out because he paid for my meal

No. 306988

this filming women without their knowledge and posting it on the internet shit is so fucked up and it makes me anxious, they even put hidden cams in public bathrooms. aren't there any laws against this in south korea?

No. 306992

There are but the police don't do shit about it most of the time because Korea has a shitty misogynistic culture.

No. 306994

Korean guys are so easy, they’ll pay for your food and alcohol because they think you’ll put out for them and are owed sex because they oaid for you, but all you have to do is say “aw man this was cool, but gotta get going, work tomorrow!” then peace out and boom free meal. The disappointment on their face is the best too, 10/10 would recommend, i used to do this for weeks on end for free meals kek

No. 306999

I'd be scared of one of them trying to assualt you for not getting what they wanted…

No. 307000

Do koreans really have small dicks? I'm curious.

No. 307001

50/50 tbh but when you see tiny ones they are tiiiiny im talking maybe the length if your middle finger

Bigger than japanese from my experience tho but havent had much interaction in years

No. 307004

File: 1539102368312.jpg (56.83 KB, 680x900, penis-size-chart.jpg)

Huh, considering statistically Korean Penises are smaller than Japanese ones your experience is very interesting.
Maybe the new generation of Korean men have bigger penises since they were well fed, eat more meat and didn't live through wars like the previous Koreans. Let's see if there's a trend in penis size increase as the old Korean generation dies down.

No. 307013

Is Korea as dirty as people say it is, like their streets in the cities and such? I hear there's a lot of smog in the air and the sky's usually grey and the architecture is ugly and bland too.

No. 307014

wait sorry i'm a little lost lol, is this for flaccid or erect?

No. 307015

The sky is grey. In the winter it can be depressing. Grey sky, concrete everywhere, the few bits of vegetation are dried up and brown. I even noticed the clothing is largely grey or black. Some women wear pastels but any kind of bright color is pretty rare, especially in people 40+. From my experience anyways. I vividly remember the winter feeling so drab due to a lack of color in everything.

No. 307016

No. 307039


No. 307045


Unfortunately a lot of them are like that.

No. 307052

I was constantly sick because of the pollution in the air. If I left my window cracked at night I’d wake up with a sore throat and blood in my snot. There are some beautiful places like on the coasts and in the mountains but their cities are crammed, poorly designed, full of buildings that look like they are straight out of Soviet era Russia. There are hardly any public trash bins because the super civilized korean population would abuse them and throw their home trash away in the public ones so the government had to get rid of them. That means Koreans just throw their trash on the ground, or if they are feeling polite, throw it in an already made trash pile on the street. Spit everywhere, vomit (“street pizza”), and sometimes urine. Their sewage system is out of date so you can smell everyone’s morning shits as soon as you step out of your tiny apartment. Loud, yelling, constant honking…

There are some newer developed places that are nicer and less populated but the most popular areas are just full of trash and neon signs. I mean, cities are cities, but Korea is definitely not special in this regard.

No. 307054

Btw I’m talking about throwing trash like coffee cups and stuff on the ground. They have a trash collecting system that most people adhere to but when they are out and about they don’t save their trash to take home and throw out, they just litter.

No. 307057

File: 1539108511131.gif (1010.89 KB, 500x281, 73E9E17D-56EF-455B-BC51-61C14A…)

Why would you even bother.

Story time ladies and creepy incels role playing as girls

I live in a town that’s full of Asian exchange students.
>meet korean exc student in local uni.
> all goes well and he seems nice
> he’s super romantic and nice (when not drunk)
> we date for 5 months it’s all chill
> one day I’m staying at his apartment
> ajumma busts into the room
> it’s his mom who is here to clean and cook for him.
> 24yr dude forgot to mention his mom travels internationally to check his homework and do his cleaning every 4 months

After that I packed my shit and left whilst his mom screamed at him for riding the white horse

his dicc was also smoler than any dick I’ve seen before I admit him trying to buy love and show cash got the best of me

No. 307060

I had an ex who I caught talking to other foreign women he met online and he was like “here you can see our messages they aren’t sexual!” But he wouldn’t let me see his korean texts because he said his friends “said racist things” about me in kakao and he didn’t want my feelings hurt. I was like dude I can’t even read it. But he wouldn’t let me see his korean chats… at the time I didn’t know about this phenomenon of korean guys sharing pics and videos of the girls they dated with their friends. I really hope he was just cheating or something normal and didn’t have pics of me on there. I really really hope.

No. 307061

Only if they start asking for donations

No. 307063

Can we talk about how gross jap/korean women are in makeup stores, putting testers on their actual lips and shit?

No. 307064

Koreaboos forget how dehumanising they can be with people with disabilities I could sit here and link a bunch up examples but they even made a movie about it

Based on real events, this film depicts the story of a school for the hearing-impaired where young deaf students were sexually assaulted by the faculty members over a long period of time.


No. 307065

Omg Japanese people do that too??

No. 307067

No. 307070

Americans and Australians do that too.

Koreans scrap food toguether from their individual plates tonguether as left overs.

As in everyone in the family gives in their left overs from their plate..

THAT is disgusting

No. 307071

File: 1539109309640.jpg (2.64 MB, 2448x1632, f8dhqdc.jpg)

im about to throw up tbh
like thats some trailer park or living in a cave bullshit right there

No. 307072

Never been to Australia but I’ve never seen Americans use make up testers directly on their bodies the way Koreans do. Sephora and ulta are stocked with disposable applicators and make up removal and rubbing alcohol. In Korea? Nope, not even the nicer high end brands do that.

No. 307073

Restaurants do that with leftover side dishes. Koreans will pour their leftover soup and drinks into the side dishes they didn’t eat to ruin them to stop the restaurants from reusing food. The first time I saw a coworker doing that I thought she was just playing with her food, but then she explained the situation to me.

No. 307075

good god thats bleak

No. 307076

>stop the restaurants from reusing food
Now that's just too nasty besides being unethical as fuck.

No. 307082

File: 1539110051830.gif (1.48 MB, 448x252, B7844E9B-6A60-4115-9308-4C7567…)

My host family did this anon I wish I was kidding I’ve never seen anything like it before

Thanks for the heads up I’m cooking my own food if I ever come back

No. 307084

If I go into a store and there are no applicators or ways to clean off tester make up then I test it on the back of my hand. That’s how all my friends do it too and how I’ve seen other customers do it as well. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone applying tester make up directly to their faces without any precautions.

In Korea, women just walk into a make up store and start applying tester lipstick, eye liner and mascara directly to their faces without a second thought. From young girls to older women shopping at expensive department stores, they truly do not give a fuck. Of course they don’t, since they are used to sharing soup bowls with anyone they eat lunch or dinner with.

No. 307086

I’ve seen American girls do the reusable makeup thing at Macy’s.

And Australians do it at target.

An Hee-jung, the former South Chungcheong Province governor and a onetime presidential contender, was found not guilty of sexual assault through abuse of authority Tuesday. An’s trial had been considered one of the highest profile cases to have emerged from the #MeToo campaign in South Korea, which began to spread in February this year.

An’s accuser, Kim Ji-eun, made public her accusations through a live TV interview in March, saying she was raped by An four times while working as his aide from 2017 to February this year. Prosecutors last month requested four years in prison for An, who had been charged with five counts of indecent act by compulsion, four counts of sexual abuse by occupational authority and one count of indecent acts through abuse of occupational authority.


No. 307088


Yeah I def don’t think it’s the norm in America, otherwise they wouldn’t provide precautions in make up stores. There aren’t even precautions in Korea.

No. 307089

I would find it unacceptable in a restaurant but I don't understand the problem with this if it's done within the family household.

No. 307090

Its not as bad as anon says. Koreans dont eat off of individual plates and help themselves like we do in the west. Its family style and everybody just digs in. When you make side dishes you make a lot, and when you make some main dish and theres leftovers, that becomes a side dish itself. Its not like families are scraping their own dishes into a big tupperware

I personally like the idea of eating like that because you dont get a lot of food waste and end up eating everything you make.

No. 307092

why would multiple anons say it then? the restaurant thing is disgusting theres no sugar coating it

No. 307093

The post isnt talking about restaurants, its talking about families and home cooked meals

No. 307096

if its enough of a cultural practice that its done in public eating establishments, its disgusting and retarded

No. 307097

One day you will learn how disgusting japanese girls are compared to how weebs perceive them. Always going on talking about their diarrhea in public, even while people are eating, and making shit jokes. They always make a fuss about not having a mask to go out with but then rub germ infested lipsticks all over their lips and think that the sinks in the bathrooms are for touch ups only kek

No. 307100

Uhh no where in the west that I’ve ever been has people eating spoon to mouth out of the same soup bowl. That’s disgusting no matter how you put it. It’s not like they help themselves with serving tongs or a serving spoon, they are constantly sticking their spoons/chopsticks/forks into their mouths and back into the shared food on the table.

Why are you even here if you’re going to try and sugar coat shit?

No. 307101

Again, read the fucking post. Most normal families dont that. Its only the money hungry old fucks who put their livelihood in a failing restaurant that they couldnt support if they tried.

No. 307102

Luckily, mother always told me to stay away from Korean guys because they treat you like shit.

That reminds me of how we'd all break the sticks from street foods, like chicken on a stick, because the street vendors would go collecting them from the trash or ground and clean them to reuse.

As far as scraping leftovers together at home…can't say I've ever witnessed my family ever doing that so it's kind of surprising to me, but believable.

No. 307104

The amount of germs you would get from sharing a dish is so marginal anyways get the fuck off your high horse anon a lot of cultures share food like this

No. 307106

sure they dont lmao

No. 307108

Which country reuses bamboo skewers?? Cuz that's disgusting

No. 307109


I don’t care what people do in their own homes, but at work dinners and meals out with friends everyone eats from the same dish. I’ll never forget watching my sick as a dog coworker sticking her chopsticks in her mouth and then taking them out and using them to stir the pasta noodles on the table that we were all eating out of. Every single person did that to get the exact amount of noodles they wanted, but she was sick and didn’t even consider asking for her own plate or using a serving fork.

Even when I was sick myself I tried to excuse myself from eating out of the communal soup bowl at a work lunch and they wouldn’t let me do it. So I stuck my spoon from my phlegmy mouth into the shared soup and back, down my sore throat while they all smile and nodded at me and told me to eat more, while they all stuck their spoons in after me.

You can admire that shit all you want but it is fucking gross.

No. 307110

i think you're lost tbh koreans have the manners of someone who was raised by a pack of wild dogs

No. 307112

Then those cultures are fucking gross too. No wonder Koreans are constantly sick.

You can’t come into a bashing thread and then get mad because people are bashing for reasons you don’t agree with.

No. 307114

I know there are separate threads, but I hate how these countries bring in vloggers who act like they are know it alls because their SO’s are japanese or korean or whatever, and they have huge superiority complexes over people who are just there to teach English.

All the while all they can speak is english to their partners (but they swear they are conversationally fluent….its only political talk and medical terms that trip them sometimes teehee!)

No. 307115

You guys ITT are getting fucking ridiculous most of you are cringier than what you are talking about.

>inb4 hide the thread

That doesn't change the fact that I have to share a board with you cringy fuckers.

No. 307116

nice blog but no one cares

No. 307117

Lmao these are things everyone hates about korea. You think it’s just this thread? Go into any message board with foreigners who live/have lived in Korea and it’s all the same shit. Sorry anon, but a lot of people don’t like these things. You’re free to like it all you want! No one is forcing you to be here.

No. 307118

never go to germany bb.

No. 307119

The anon I quoted is using this to bitch about Japanese people lmao.

No. 307121

File: 1539112952661.gif (483.32 KB, 500x281, 0DC0F83E-100D-47B9-B075-631531…)

No. 307123

she's talking about the idiot american bitching about japanese girls. american girls should never come to europe.

No. 307125

NTA, but i have worked in korea and this only happens when it's food being cooked at the table in my experience. stuff that's either cooking or boiling is fine to do that with.

No. 307126

My friend, one of the ones married to a korean, is Asian but also hates korean culture. She has more experience with them than me and she told me they really lack food safety. Not just with eating out of the same dishes, but also how they store food to keep it fresh. She said they often leave food sitting out on the counters for ours including stuff that can spoil like meat and dairy. She said her mother in law never put lids on top of her left over containers in the fridge and would leave milk sitting out overnight.

Idk if most Koreans are like this but it did remind me of how my coworkers would keep lattes on their desk all day and then offer me some. I was like ehhh no thanks.

No. 307128

The thing that annoys me the most about korea and it's neighbours is how goddamn racist they are and that everybody somehow let's it slide. Whenever something minor happens somewhere in europe it's immediately everywhere in the news and o so horrible, but koreans are somehow allowed to make shit like korean-only shops etc. and are excused because it's their culture. If you present yourself as a 1st world country and want to be acknowledged as such, you also need to live up to the standards of the rest of the developed world - taking critism included.
Example: half a million signed a petition because of a couple 100 refugees, meanwhile in germany, sweden and co…

No. 307129

Nope. Your experience is not my experience. That pasta was not cooking or boiling. The soup was hot but it was done cooking. They do it with ice cream and bingsu too, fried rice, japchae, etc.

No. 307130

What's wrong in Germany?

No. 307131

koreans are always so racist to the japanese too, but then they fly over to japan to shop copy their MVs and fashions and stuff and act like they're better than them even though their foods are all basically the same. it's really fucking weird.

No. 307133

China even had straight up blackface on a program where there were actual black people on the same stage kek their response was “well the character is supposed to be funny, and if it was a foreigner it wouldnt be as funny!!”

No. 307134

a lot of germans are just as open about shit as anon was bitching about. this thread isn't really for japanese bitching tho.

No. 307135

this thread is about korea

No. 307136

>american girls should never come to europe.
What does that have to do with anything?

No. 307137

Stop gatekeeping we’re not going to have a million threads on asian countries because someone wants to sperg only about korea that shit gets old

No. 307138

Honestly… I’m American and I love talking about shit lmao so it’s not even something to complain about for me. I had no idea it was a culture specific thing. I just figured some people were more open about it than others. If I went to a country where people were mostly open about it I would probably feel relief!

No. 307139

it's not gatekeeping, they are different cultures. make an anti-asian culture general then.

No. 307140

GRRR stop gatekeeping!

No. 307141

That anon specifically said that Japanese women are gross as compared to weeb perceptions of them, not that talking about shit is necessarily gross in itself or intolerable (that is up to personal perception). A lot of weeb/yellow fever guys think Japanese women (and actually all Asian women, so that includes Koreans to keep it thread specific) are pure and would never talk about such uncouth things, but the reality is they do. That's all.

No. 307142

I'm from germany and I'm fairly certain I've never heard anybody talking about shitting in public…?
It's not comparable to the sexism, racism and low hygenie standards in korea anyways.

No. 307144

They are all close countries that have a lot in common culture-wise, it makes sense they would come up in the discussion/venting.

The funniest part is how much they all hate each other. I don’t really blame them though, Japan was basically Nazi germany to the rest of Asia. But they really haven’t gotten over it yet. I wonder how the relationship is between other European countries and Germany. Like do they still raise their children to hate German people? Because a lot of Koreans raise their children to hate Japanese people.

And they just look down on Chinese people for being dirty/tacky but are jealous because their culture was more influential throughout history. Seriously they really try to compete.

No. 307146

The way that weebs/yellow fever guys view "Asians" has fuck all to do with Korea's culture.

This thread is turning into that bitter white girl shit that always happens when Asian women are mentioned.

Even if anon had said that Korean women are viewed that way, that's just her being pissed off at Asian fetishists and speaks nothing to Korean cultural issues.

Back on topic:

Cheating is so rampant in Korean culture, in Korea and outside among FoBs, it's insane. Almost 90% of Korean guys I've seen on tinder had gfs and wanted a discrete affair.

No. 307148

The best way to compare it is that its like black and white people in the states. A lot of black are annoying af and blame whites for everything and shit on them too much because of their history, but that doesnt mean there arent white people who are still legitimately racist and will openly talk shit about black people.

The weird Korea/Japan hate they have for each other is like a kindergarten schoolyard fight. Theres no real winner, just a bunch of babies.

No. 307149

NTA but I don't really think so. I really think we should keep the thread on topic because it could get nuked for racebait shit.

No. 307154

Omg the trash bin thing. I used get annoyed how I would finish a drink from Starbucks or something and there would be no trash cans in sight. Although (here's some context) you have to pay a lot for trash bags in Korea. When I was there, it was like $4 for one kitchen sized bag. The purpose is to get people to reduce waste and recycle more. The flaw is that many poor folks will resort to burning their garbage.

No. 307156

yep or just throwing it on the ground or streets, or rivers like in india and china and certain countries in africa
does korea have anything like that? like entire islands or rivers dedicated to dumping waste or electronics? id be interested to read about it

No. 307157

Not the same situation at all. Japan and Korea are two completely different self sufficient countries. Korean and Japanese people hardly have to interact while black people still live in the country that enslaved, murdered, and oppressed them, a country that continues to do so albeit on a smaller scale. Japan has left Korea, although I understand that some of the effects of their occupation still linger.

This isn’t even an opinion it’s just facts. Don’t compare two totally different situations just so you can politic/race wank.

No. 307159

Tbh I feel like the Korean government wants to emulate the way Japan operates and always falls short. Atleast when you go to Japan there is an illusion that everything is nice and tidy. Korea doesn't have that because the cultures are too different. I've spent 2 years in each country and I can say that Koreans are much more concerned about putting on airs, so they end up just kind of doing whatever and pretending they know what they're doing when they look like idiots (like tossing a cup on the street, cause street cleaners are soo efficient in Korea!).

No. 307160

Its an organized mess. Like “Oh this store/restaurant is throwing out garbage, let me casually stack my cup on here” but times that by how many people are out for the night. And you get drinks stacked on ledges or tall metal boxes (idk what these are called lol) Its not as bad as china or india (people will fucking have a picnic in the oark and just up and leave without cleaning) but miles away from Japan

No. 307161

This is just not true at all. Both countries government's are still extremely racist to one another and to people from the other country living there. The Japanese government still will not accept Koreans that live in Japan, that were forced there by the Japanese during the occupation. Not to mention, the occupation occured much more recently in history. Koreans living in Japan and vice versa are still treated like blacks were in the 40s.

No. 307162

Lol. That reminds of the weird toilet paper bragging in one of the kpop critical threads. "We Koreans have always had superior paper technology".

No. 307163

>like blacks were in the 40's
oh nooooooo.

No. 307164

The only superior innovations they’ve made in toilet paper is selling ones that are already brown to hide the shit stains lmfao

No. 307168

Talk about an exaggeration. You do know the 40s were about 20 years pre mlk days, right?

No. 307169

I fucking hate how koreaboos shit on white or black girls who are into korean guys by going on about ~fetishization~ when korean guys are just as guilty

Oops forgot all asian boys are smoll bby boys who need to be coddled and saved from the even western whores before they get raped:(

No. 307170

…you realize they aren't even recognized as Japanese citizens right? I suggest you look this shit up and put your own racial issues aside.

(I am not white btw, just so you know)

No. 307173

Dont you know anon? Korean men are so romantic and pure!

No. 307179

It feels like Korean doesnt have a culture half the time. China has been around the longest and Japan got a lot of their culture from China, but still have their own identity.

When I think of Korea, I think a copycat country of China and Japan, but cant think for themselves.

No. 307180

Not her, I had someone explain to me that the relationship between Japan and Korea was similar to the one between France and Algeria in some aspects. Especially because of the Algerian families that went to France decades ago and weren't granted the french nationality despite them living in conditions that would grant them the french nationality otherwise until the law changed. The difference is that physically Koreans and Japanese people arent all that different so there are some Koreans born and raised in Japan who pretend they're Japanese so they won't have problems fitting in society. Sage because that's kind of ot.

No. 307181

It’s hard for anyone to become Japanese citizens not just Koreans. They go by blood not birthplace, as do many asian countries.

Koreans living in Korea are not still oppressed by japan the same way African Americans still live under the rule of the country that destroyed their history. I’m sure Koreans who live in Japan face prejudice and have good reason to dislike the Japanese who look down on them, but I’m talking about the fact that twisted history and hatred is literally taught in korean schools. Why are 5th graders running up to me to tell me about all the ways in which the Japanese tortured Koreans and how evil Japanese people are?

If you still want to make the iffy comparison, it would be like parents in African countries raising their children to hate Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, and America, which I don’t think happens but idk it could be wrong. Btw, exploitation of Africa didn’t end with the slave trade.

No. 307183

Don't have racial issues. I'm just aware of how fucked up it was in 1940s for black people especially in Jim Crow states.
Zainichi Koreans are not recognized as citizens in Japan because Japan practices jus sanguinis citizenship (which I agree is really backwards and shitty). But at least since the early 90s the discrimination against them has died down a lot mainly because like other marginalized groups they organized in order to improve their situation. I agree that they should they should be granted citizenship automatically. They can naturalize and the process has become much easier in recent years but many still refuse to give up their Korean nationality. Japan doesn't allow duel citizenship.

No. 307184

pull is guilty of this. any non-asian girl dating an asian guy is an evil temptress who is tricking him with her evil slutty non-asian vagina.

No. 307185

Honestly they dont. Its weird if you think about it. Their culture is hideous hanboks, mickey mouse ear hats, having nothing to eat but rice and fermented cabbage, farming and tending plants and crops the majority of the day that they dont actually consume themselves, they just sell them for money, and living in dirty conditions. Ive tried watching their ~historical~ dramas and its all the same boring shit. I guess its not their fault since they had their pre japan history basically wiped from existence and had to start all over even with language, but its still annoying they try to portray themselves as having a rich history worth anything when theres literally nothing to show for it.

No. 307187

Lmao seriously. What is with people’s obsession with trying to compare issues and struggles from all over the world to what Europe/America did to Africans? I know Koreans who live in Japan they are not treated like black people during the Jim Crow era. Not even close. A lot of Koreans immigrate to Japan on purpose. Why would korean people move to a country where they were constantly under threat of lynching and banned by law from mixing with the general population in 2018??? I’m not saying there isn’t hardship or prejudice, but these comparisons are A BIT MUCH.

No. 307188

They know young koreaboos think Korean men are going to be like they see in dramas and they take advantage of that. Why would a man be upset about easy ass?

No. 307189

You’d think that they’d embrace their struggle more because it just proves how resilient their ancestors were, but instead they cling to this idea that they were really “somebodies” and look down on people who don’t come from rich backgrounds. So fucking shallow.

No. 307190

Who knew Asian men are perverts? lol

No. 307191

I called out a nationalist Korean online on this by saying I was Japanese and he went from
"niggers are inferior scum" to
"Japanese are racists"

So fucking pathetic

No. 307192

Are Korean men this fucking pathetic that they have to get their fucking mother to travel the globe to clean their room? Holy shit

No. 307194

What the fuck Africans don't even do this plate shit.

No. 307195

Uhh yeah the relationship between korean men and their mothers is really somethin else…

No. 307197

Talk to black people about Koreans, we already know how fucking racist they are

No. 307198

Its one isolated incident jesus christ anon

No. 307199

Kdramas always have terrible meek women who get yelled at by their mother in laws or parents and it's so boring. Also, I can't with all that plastic surgery.

Isn't Korea the PS capital of the world?

No. 307200

I went to a Korean church once (bad idea I know) and literally my Korean exchange friend would tell me EVERY SUNDAY that the men confessing on the stage are talking about their infidelity.

No. 307201


No. 307202

Yes. Korean mothers baby their sons. I watched a weird korean show once where this dude in his early 20s lived in his room and his mother broke his meals three times a day. She wasnt allowed in his room, so she left them by the door and collected the empty trays.

I would beat my child, but she acted like she had no idea what to do except to continue this behavior.

No. 307203

You are funny. You are fucking funny. Seriously, wtf.

No. 307204

The only thing christians in korea are good for is handing out free snacks and shit on the streets. I was got a really cute pocket mirror (no jesus shit even written on it!)

I once hung out with that god the mother cult once out of curiosity. I’m thinking of writing about my experiences but tbh it was kind of boring

No. 307205

>Btw, exploitation of Africa didn’t end with the slave trade.
You're right, this STILL continues today, this time WITH ASIANS ALONG WITH WHITES

No. 307207

Ive watched a few regular dramas that werent bad, but honestly theyre all so formulaic that if youve seen one, youve seen the majority of them. Same..freaking..thing in every show.

No. 307208

that seems more like incel manchild behavior than anything though
was there a dad involved because i feel most korean dads will kick their son out way before it gets to that point

No. 307209

I got baited to join the god the mother cult when a Hispanic girl at my new job (I was 16 years old at the time) asked me after a team outing if I believe that god could be a woman. Me being naive thought, well, since we are all "made in god's image" sure why not? That was my biggest mistake. The alarm bells went off after the first "bible study", talking about an alternative reality of how angels came into being through us and shit. Also I saw pictures of a Asian lady everywhere (when NO ONE else that I saw in the building was Asian) and I was like wtf is this. It could have been worse, thank god they didn't kidnap me.

No. 307217

They are a pretty time cult compared to the others tho. I call them Korean mormons because their religion is so close to real christianity that they tend to act like more regular religious folk. I went into their church (back when i lived in busan) and honestly they arent any different than your typical bible study groups. They seemed normal and were actually super nice to me and offered me a bunch of free shit. They did try to baptize me the first day and I was like uhhh thanks but no thanks lol Oh god, I even hung out with them a little afterwards at a flea market too. I was in a weird cult documentary on YouTube phase, so i was all for it.

The crazies are all into pseudo monk shit and will hunt you down and trynto get every cent out of you. Those are the ones that celebs like park bogum get into. Lol isnt jyp a part of a cult too!?

No. 307218

I cant fathom how people sit and binge watch each drama of the season when they are all so alike. The reply series is the only thing I’ll ever touch drama wise because at least those have decent humor in them and dont try to fairytale everything up

No. 307229

First of all, not all Asian women age super well, unless you are talking about real people you know, be aware that everyone who ages in front of the cameras will try everything to age beautifully and will have the funds for whatever is needed. That said, they care a lot more about sun damage, which is huge when it comes to looking aged.

No. 307233

stop replying to bait you autistic fuck.

No. 307243

People follow Korean cults overseas?

No. 307246

Even if you have 0 asians in your town, you will find one spy/ agent/ complacence

No. 307248

Some one mentioned this a while back in the Kpop Critical Thread, do you all think this is applicable to all of Asian entertainment?:

>To free yourself from Kpop you must do a full fucking sweep. Sell ALL your Kpop shit.Take a day off and go through ALL your YouTube subscriptions to remove anything kpop AND/OR Korean related. Erase your fan accounts. Delete OR unlike/unfollow ALL KPOP/ KOREAN/ASIAN artist on spotify. >Honestly, it's the only way to get rid of the Kpop virus (and the worst part is that I'm considered a causal Kpop fan; I can't imagine what more obsessed fans need to do to remove themselves).

>This worked for me when I got too deep into anime (sans Attack on Titan, I enjoy the manga but that's it).

>This is what kept me sane, and got me out of my depression because I wasn't FUCKING LYING TO MYSELF about how I don't have enough time to do my studying/ homework for school. I used to go home, eat, watch Kpop videos on YouTube and anime and then go to sleep. I lost so many hours to this and it has seriously effected my productiveness, how I used to study and contemplate new information in school.

>Anime is a disease.

By extension, Kpop is a disease.
Therefore, all Asian entertainment is a disease.

>Feel free to use this copypasta to warn others. You never feel like your are in this shit too big until it's too late and then you count the hours you lost to this.

Although, when I look at it now, I seems like autistic rambling

No. 307254

I just naturally grew out of it when my favs went to the army. But my 'addiction' was very mild and mostly a positive part of my life without any negative impact.I think someone with an obsessive personality, desperate for romantic fantasies, autists in general etc will just find an addiction outside kpop to fulfill those needs.

No. 307255

Can anyone explain to me this Vice video and why it's so common?

No. 307257

They overwork their populance and their superficial society is the cause. It's why so many Koreans dump their parents after they get old because they get sick and tired of dealing w/ their "trandition" shit for so long.

No. 307273

Honestly i dropped out of kpop when all the girl groups I liked more or less fell apart.
Kara, 9muses, after school,snsd,t-ara, rainbow, 4minute and crayon pop were my faves and all the girl groups coming out were so damn boring.
I didnt have any interest in an industry with omg, gfriend, produce 101 girls, april, clc etc. All of them were so fucking boring. Even the clothes they wore. All those stupid tennis skirt outfits in dreary pastel colors. I do still like red velvet and lovelyz(their songs are boring and their aesthetics similar to gfriend but personality/variety wise i like them a lot) and i try to keep up with all the idols i liked but im definitely not "into" kpop any longer.

No. 307285

Some of you guys need to unplug from the internet. For every obsessive fan there are people who are able to just have a casual passing interest in asian pop culture. If someone is so obsessed with kpop/anime/whatever that they need to do an intervention style detox from it, then the problem is more than an obsessive interest, they have something else wrong in their lives that causes them to unhealthily obsess.

No. 307291

Hahaha. It's always the most obsessive fools with no time management that turn into the biggest antis. I read maybe 3 volumes of manga a month and I have no problem. I spend more time on lc probably.

No. 307314

Imagine how many more there will be in the coming years. This is just the beginning.

No. 307315

Yeah, this seems like autistic rambling. That anon sounds off.

No. 307320

Why did you have to bring totally not your own sperg here, no one cared about it there, it's not going to become some big copypasta thing, drop it, autist.

No. 307350


At the risk of derailment and replying to a late post
I don't know where you are in Japan but I've been back and forth to the city hospital for the past few days for surgery tests and the examples anon listed for Korea have been the same as what I've literally just seen complete with dixie cups filled with pee.

No. 307371

>complaining about soap
Sounds awful but rape happens everywhere.
That's more of a problem with people fetishizing white women in non white countries.
This made me kek anon.
Alot of shit men do shit like this.
So that's where that bias comes from…
Sounds like new york and los angeles
You zucc'd smol peepee for monies? cool. Any guy with their mama on their backs is pathetic anyways.
James Charles did that on video, did you know sephora uses their tester makeup on clients btw?
This is something worth discussing.
If it's at home who cares? Food is a blessing bruh
You sound bitter.
Another bitter angry race baity anon.
More cringe.
Just stop.
Alot of men are lmao
Race bait
Based anon.
This is what you guys worry about? Strange seeing at /ot/ is full of korean obsessed ex koreaboos n spergs.


No. 307372

why did you feel the need to reply to every post in the thread?

No. 307377


>>306864 here. I didn't complain about soap, sperg. Try reading the posts you're whining about.

No. 307378

File: 1539151519149.jpeg (30.59 KB, 766x400, D60CEF43-196D-4E64-A3FE-EA5225…)

“Rape happens everywhere”

Found the robot

You didn’t contribute anything to the conversation and just made a massive post for no reason, go buy tendies and rolepay women in dnd instead of lolcow

No. 307379

wtf is this shit

No. 307381


Have you seen those posts fedoras do in 4chan?

Same shit

He actually thinks we care about his opinion

No. 307382

Wow you need to lay off whatever you're taking. No need to write a one line reply to every post in the thread.

No. 307388

sorry you're bitter about smelling like dog ass, anon.

No. 307393

What do you think about asian neoteny dear anon?

No. 307497

ASIAn obsessed incel

No. 307517

File: 1539184328810.png (355.09 KB, 1920x1180, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 11.0…)

Korea has among the lowest rate of infections in the developed world.

Source: http://www.who.int/gpsc/country_work/summary_20100430_en.pdf

btfo by facts.

No. 307596

Your point? They still have bad hygiene.

It doesn’t automatically mean they are constantly ill, but they are still swapping spit with near strangers. They’re still wiping their asses and then applying make up and eating finger food without a hint of soap in between, they’re still serving rotten and expired food in their homes and in restaurants. We all know Koreans are healthy people - they eat well and exercise a lot, but they’re also nasty because they don’t follow certain cultural norms that we are used to.

Yeah it’s all relative, but these are things about Korea that we don’t like. They don’t need to be “the worst thing in the world” or “never done by any other country ever” that’s not the point. My coworker coming out of her bathroom without washing her hands and then offering me food with her fingers is fucking gross to me, who gives a shit about statistics in that situation?

If you can’t understand the topic, no need to post here.

No. 307599


Kewl facts, I still had to tell my korean doctor that I don’t want to sit my bare fanny on the same doctors tables as 50 other bare fannies before me. Whether or not I catch anything from it, bitch is gonna put a towel down.

No. 307613

PULL, for some reason, is filled with so many kpoppies (you can tell my their cringey usernames and pfps)

why do male posters always post like this? it really exposes you.

No. 307614

Maybe because they’ve developed immunity by living in their own shit for years. Most of them probably still smell like a toilet.

No. 307621

Do you know that for example native people in India are immune against all the shit that is swimming in the Ganges river? Foreigners will always catch infections from there. The cleaner your environment, the more allergies you can get and your immune system gets weaker and weaker. The dirtier your environment, the more your immune system has to fight and it gets stronger and stronger.
That's right.

No. 307628

I always guessed at this when I was living in Korea. For like 2 years I got sick SO often. Just random colds, sore throats, and (tmi) I had diarrhea on a regular basis. In fact the first ~6 months I lived there I had the shits every day at work after cafeteria lunches. It never got much better and a lot of my friends were sick pretty often too. When I used to go out to dinner with my (korean) boyfriend sometimes I’d have to go home because of an upset stomach in the mornings but he would be fine.

I’m not a huge germaphobe but I just wondered if I had a weak immune system or something. The one thing that did gross me out though is during one of my health checks I went into the room where they take your blood (which was just someone’s office) and on the wall next to their computer desk I saw a bunch of dried brown streaks that looked like blood, and on the outside of the open-lidded trash where they threw the used equipment too. I was like… i can’t believe that this is someone’s office lol

Oh and the time I got some delivery, threw what I didn’t eat out, and a couple of days later there were maggots in my trash. I’d never seen maggots before in my life. I couldn’t believe I’d eaten that food just a couple of days before.

No. 307631

Because males like to override conversations and share their pointless opinions with everyone

No. 307666

jfc, that's horrifying. Especially the maggot part.

No. 308117

File: 1539281483766.gif (1.45 MB, 268x177, tumblr_o67keuoV361ukt0b0o2_r1_…)

its so normalized that even idols have no problem doing it in public

No. 311182

Question: is kkamdoongie a racist slur or not? I hear some Koreans say it.

No. 311801

This was talked about in the anti K-pop treads awhile back, and I think the general consensus was that it is a slur.
Some try to say it's a cute way to say "dark skinned person" due to the suffix of it but I heard it's only ever said in a racist context

No. 311804

It's can be used to insult someone with darker skin, but isn't supposed to be taken as a racial (against black or brown people) condictation, I've heard.

Basically, koreans just have a stupid high beauty standard and consider super pale skin the wanted complexion and another 'darker' is not as beautiful.

No. 311815

kek how is that not racism though. i can't think of something more racist than finding dark skin undesirable

No. 311825

Finding darker skin undesirable is not racist, anon. Also, that term tends to be used more towards koreans against other koreans, so it's more a form of discrimination, i suppose.

No. 311839

By darker skin we don't mean niggers and their skin we mean an Asian but tanned from the sun. If said Asian doesn't like it on themselves, are they being racist? Towards who?

No. 311859

It's colorism, which isn't necessarily the same thing.

No. 311860

i don't know koreafag, thinking dark skin is the ugliest trait a person can have kind of makes you predisposed to find all dark-skinned people ugly, no?

No. 311877

Yeah, idk why people dance around the logical assumption that if koreans think any tan is hideous, they're not going to think positively of dark skin in general. It's just that they spend 99.9% of their time talking about asians, there's not much opportunity for them to call other dark skinned races ugly.

No. 311879

>tries to argue something isn't racist
>uses objectively racist slurs unironically
But then you guys sperg out and call it racism if someone says they don't like blue eyes. I don't get it.

No. 311886

You can think that asians should be light skinned without thinking that all races should be light skinned.

No. 311892

No. 311893

Koreaboo go home

No. 311910

>calls black people niggers
> hOw ArE wE rAcIsT??
You could've at least tried koreafag.

No. 311968

Didn't say I am not racist you retards

No. 312043

A racist trying to educate people on what's not racist is like a blind person trying to talk about why someone's scarf is violet, not indigo.
You're too handicapped and mentally slow to even understand these things, and I don't know why you even tried.

No. 312045

Also, anon doesn't seem to understand that plenty of Asian people have dark skin even without tanning.

No. 312593

But they actually do, though. That's why they don't let their sons marry blacks or indians. I don't see how stating the obvious–that koreans are racist against dark skinned people and think they're all dirty (especially indians) is wrong?

No. 312664

I've noticed BTS being shilled everywhere these days. They must have spent a shitload on a western PR agency.

It's all for naught anyway. Whatever"army" wants to think the average western girl is never going to find effeminate kpop boys attractive.

No. 312669

It's part of a broader East Asian trend. The men and women hate each other and use whites as illustrative points. Women mocking men for being ugly moon faces, men mocking women for being shapeless etc.

If you thought western sex relations were bad, you have no idea.

No. 312684

Agreed, they've been constantly talked about in France for the past 2 months , as they are at AccorHotels Arena (Bercy) today and tomorrow. They even showed some mv's on big TV channels. Everyone is jumping on their Dicks and no one talks about girl groups if they're not Blackpink or twice. fuck. The sheer amount of PR is insane, but it seems to work very well

No. 312688

Interpals is full of this shit. Jam packed with creepy Asian men who have been told by other creepy men that they can easily creep on white women there.

That said, don't give them a reason to believe in the "all western women are whores" meme that they have by sending them nudes. It only makes life for western women who live there more difficult because they have to deal with the blowback of those sexual stereotypes. Eg constantly being considered to be a prostitute.

Also: There's nothing special about most of these guys. They're significantly uglier than the average white or Hispanic dude and their lives are miserable and depressing.

No. 312693

I don't think any girl with self esteem would date those guys. There's a reason most of the white girls you see in Asian male/White female relationships are the frumpy, social outcast type.

No. 312697

This surprises me since the Korean American dudes I know are constantly talking about how they're "not like white guys" and are more romantic and caring, don't cheat etc.

Why is Korea such a fucked up country? Even china, which isn't a democracy, isn't as obsessed with Confucian ideas of hierarchy, sexism and filial piety to the degree Korea is.

No. 312705


I have a former-Koreaboo friend who went to Korea to teach English for a year, thinking she'd get a cute Korean boyfriend. After about a month she told me she was sick of gross men asking her about the color of her nipples and pussy. They were all obsessed with pink pussies apparently.

No. 312710

kkamdoongie is the korean equivalent to the n word. When Wiz Khalifia came to perform at MAMA awards with Taeyeon and there was a fall-out, neitizens didn't hesitate to call him just that.

And yes, they do use it to insult people with darker skin or if their friend got a tan lmao

No. 312802

Lmao I was playing a mmo and a Korean from Korea was on my team, he kept talking about pink pussies and fucking white girls. I thought he had a weird white fetish but I guess being obsessed with pink nips and puss is actually a thing there

No. 312806

Meanwhile their dicks are greyish brown and under 7 cm.

No. 312814


This is about Japan but back when I was a weeb I hung out on Tanuki (forum where Jrock groupies talk about fucking gross Jrockers) and they got so angry about white girls there because Japanese guys obsess about pink pussies or something. Whenever there are a rumor that some white chick had sucked and fucked a Jrock greaseball they would lose their shit about how pink pussies aren't all that.

No. 312830

idk but when I lived in Korea I wasn’t afraid to be extremely rude to any random guy that approached me. They would always go away, except for one time when I was walking home alone. The same guy kept coming up to me, I’d scream at him and hed drop behind me, still following. Luckily I noticed another group of foreign students walking along so I just ran over to them and told them I was being followed. They let me walk with them and he went away.
Even my korean female friends would get uncomfortable walking with me and complain about “disgusting men” looking at us. They’d insist on walking me home to be safe.

I can be a very offputting bitch to people I don’t walk to talk to so I came out of korea ok, but I imagine things could easily be a lot worse for a girl looking for korean male attention or even just one trying to be polite.

I remember one creep guy in particular ran up to me in a street in Hongdae, I was immediately rude and dismissive to him. In his weird broken English he seemed to express confusion over me being a foreigner who didn’t want to talk to him, like we’re all supposed to lol He then quickly fucked off when I pulled the “I’m going to my boyfriend’s apartment” lie.

I did have some other foreign female friends who did date korean guys but I swear I never once heard a good story out of any of them lol It really seems like, even if the guy is halfway decent, they just go after a foreign girl for the novelty of it then drop you once that sparkle wears off.

sorry for long rambling blog post. I lived there for about 2 years and actually kind of enjoyed it, maybe because I just couldn’t give a shit less about men or dating of any kind… and I guess I’m lucky nothing out of the way happened really.

No. 312871

I've always thought that Indian men were prevy creepy and horny (rape % and the creepy indian fb messages) now looking at all these anedotes Koreans might be taking 2nd place for the region with the most creepy men

No. 312875

Oh they’re there too, mostly in itaewon. Just as creepy as you’d expect.

No. 312891

File: 1539968756298.png (110.66 KB, 945x756, nazi-vs-rising-sun_orig.png)

Do you guys think that Japan's treatment and imperial rule over the Koreans caused the men to be similar to Japanese men? (Misogynist, treating women badly, lack of women's right and support in Korea)? The Japanese were like the asian equivalent of the German nazis back then, maybe that's why Korean men are so vulgar and disrespects women

No. 312898

Korea traffics a lot of Eastern-European women to be sex slaves so basically any white woman (particularly blondes) is assumed to be a prostitute by Korean men.

No. 312900

>inb4 a bunch of weebs fly in on their broomsticks to fling shit at you, initiating another 3 day long spergout about asians

No. 312906

I know this is technically ot, but in Japan creeps will ask "are you russian?" as a code for prostitution. And this can happen to any European women.
When I told this my weeb friends, like >>312900, saying this worries me a bit about traveling there, they acted as if I was lying because
>Japan is much safer than Europe!!! >b-but you still have white privilege!

It's sickening to see how low they regard us. Like in this video, if a western artist kissed an asian child, all hell would break loose, but since it's a tall white girl, who wears so much makeup that she might passes as 18, it's considered no big deal. My little sister is the same age as her and just the thought of guys in their 30s dancing like this with her..vomit.
The poor models that are sent to east asia are all super young and then styled to appear mature. Why don't they get actual adults? Fucking disgusting.

No. 312909

>Why don't they get actual adults?

You know why. Korean men often have pedophilic tendencies just like Japanese ones.

No. 312911

Korean men are shit, Korean women had enough and radical feminism is growing.

No. 312912


There's a famous Japanese serial killer who stalked, murdered and then ate white women. He now has a television career as a food critic.

They don't give a shit. He "only" killed white women, so they think it's fine and funny.

No. 312916

It's not really ot, this is more like an anti-asian culture thread anyways

No. 312917

For real?

No. 312919


His name is Issei Sagawa if you want to read about him.

No. 312922

I think it's more the effects of colonization rather than Korean men trying to copy Japanese men. Like men being dominated by other men feel emasculated so then they lash out onto their women. I feel like that's why South American countries also tend to be very misogynistic. Although I don't know any country that isn't misogynistic.

No. 312924

He only killed one woman, he would've gone to jail if his father hadn't been a man of status who pulled strings for him, and in spite of the media frenzy in the 90s (some of which was directly shitting on him for being a gross, short incel loser), no one wants to hire him, and he rots alone in a home full of magazine print-outs of gravure idols.
Also, most of his family killed themselves because of the shame he brought them. He was dependent on them for a long time, to the point where he basically stole and sold his brother's possessions to get more money for himself. There's a Vice documentary/interview explaining this.

No. 312925

Men are misogynistic without influence from other countries or colonization. It’s a man thing, not a Japanese thing. There are insular uncontacted villages in South America that likely still have misogyny and women as second class citizens. It’s a tale as old as time.

No. 312932

I just read up a bit more about that dude and he was only 15 months in a psych ward, that's it. He wrote over a dozen books, describing how she tasted. He starred in a movie, playing a guy who drugged and raped women. He also paints - mostly white women of course.

The only other cannibal I can think of is Armin Meiwes and he will serve jail for the rest of his life - even though it was consensual in this case.

It's incredibly how they dare to call themself a 1st world country and brag about their low crime rates, thanks to never convicting rapists, on top of that.

No. 312946

>> Japan is known for being the country with the lowest calculate crime rate in the entire universe. Which isn't that surprising when you think about it, since Japan doesn't count drug dealing, prostitution, necrophilia, pedophilia, weapon dealing, extortion, blackmail, cannibalism, male rape and Yakuza (Japanese impersonators of Elvis) gang wars as "crimes".

From Encyclopedia Dramatica and pretty accurate.

No. 312949

>but in Japan creeps will ask "are you russian?" as a code for prostitution.

Korea too.

No. 312954

Daily reminder that cp was legal in Japan until 2014

No. 312958

File: 1539975515929.jpg (21.46 KB, 200x367, 200px-Tomo1-1.jpg)

The author of Kenshin got arrested for owning child pornography and he got a slap on the wrist sentence. He said that he ~didn't know that it was illegal~

No. 312959

It irritates me whenever a white woman who has suffered harassment and abuse overseas starts going on about how local women get the worse. It's just not true. These men respect their own women more than white ones. They get all their ideas about us from porn. And yet we can't even complain about it without some WoC sjw spamming white tears GIFs and sassy black women. Fucking hell.

Non white men are scum. White men are too mostly but there is a larger minority of decent ones out there.

No. 312962

No. Korea was a more misogynistic society because it took Confucianism and ramped it up to eleven long before Japan ever sat foot on the Korean peninsula.

Japanese guys can be creepy but they've got nothing on Korean and Chinese dudes. Most are way better socialized.

No. 312963

There are russian girls who go missing in China. It's really sad.

No. 312968

How do I stop being a koreaboo, weeaboo, having yellow fever?

I haven't watched anime, read manga or listened to kpop for a long time, but because I spend so many years being interested in these countries I can't help but find their fashion, the people, simply everything from there unnaturally attractive and superior - even though I know it's not.

I'm no longer dumb enough to believe that they're as perfect as they try to present themselves, but I still notice how my standards for asian guys are much lower than for whites, and so on.

Being a weeb and kpop fan has alienated me so much from my peers when I was a teen and I never recovered from it. How could I ever think acting as awkward as the people in anime or idols is a good idea? Being a shutin is not cool. I never dressed or talked weirdly like some others, but I still wish I could go back in time to stop myself.

I also believe that their insane beauty standards did take a toll on most lolcow users.

No. 312970

Reading this thread, and remembering my own experiences, makes me glad Asian men are so unpopular in America. They deserve to be at the bottom of the sexual food chain. Any society where they dominate is a miserable fucking place for women to live.

I used to feel sorry for them and believed in all the stuff about them being hard done by in the west because they're not all presented in the media as super masculine ripped gods. But honestly, the only way to describe them is like giant entitled children who think they're owed everything.

I've barely met any Japanese guys mind. But the Koreans, Chinese and Vietnames guys I've met are scum. Only exception are the Filipinos guys I know. They're usually cool. Not sure why they seem so different.

No. 312972


Some Japanese guy are OK as friends or as a casual fling. But almost all of them have an intense Madonna/Whore complex that makes them unsuitable for marriage. They think it's cool to just go out and cheat on their wives with bar girls or hookers because wives are for cooking and cleaning, not sex and romance.

No. 312975

Have you ever watched a League or DOTA tournament? I don't understand how you could find average Asian guys attractive.

Also try exercising. Weird fetishes come from bad mental and physical health. Being a shut-in whose only exposure to people is online, video streaming and whatever always leads to this shit.

And remember that most Asian men worship us, at least physically (even if they think we're whores). And Asian women jump on any white dick they see. If they're superior why do they want us so much?

No. 312976

You could try immersing yourself in media and hobbies unrelated to the weeb and keeb stuff. Where I live, a lot of people switch from Korean dramas to Bollywood movies/shows or Turkish ones, and vice versa. Depending on what phase they're in. I've noticed that usually disillusions them because they see how many other countries can make themselves seem appealing to outsiders via media

No. 312977

lmao yikes

No. 312978

Anon wasn't saying that Koreans were copying Japs Anon was asking if we think that their treatment of women was influenced by the Japanese since they were ruled by them for 35 years.

No. 312986

Korean media is basically national glorification propaganda.

No. 312987

If you don’t want to find asian men attractive then just don’t? No one is forcing you too and you aren’t diseased. Stop looking at asian actors you find attractive and look at white actors? Don’t romantically persue asian men, don’t look at them on tinder or okcupid. It’s really easy to ignore them.

Some of you anons really need to unplug from this website and meet real human beings. Yeah a lot of asian men are sexist creepy fucks, along with white men, and black men, every permutation of men is bound to have crazies in it.

No. 312989

Idk. I think there are objective reasons to conclude Korean men are more sexist. Note I don't apply this to all Asians, just Koreans.

No. 312991

I meant that if I meet an asian man irl e.g. at class I immediately perceive him as not bad looking or even attractive - even if there's nothing special about him at all. And that angers me.
It's not like I actively seek them out.

No. 312993

Did anyone else find it really cringey how Asian Americans were treating Crazy Rich Asians as some sort of social justice moment, calling it "our black panther" and so on?

No. 312995

You sound like a troll. If you're not I actually pity you. The exchange students at my university were generally ugly

No. 312997

Sadly, I'm not.

No. 312998

I’m into asian guys and even I manage to not find ugly asian dudes attractive, because ugly is ugly. You’re either a troll or just not trying hard enough and you have more problems than just finding asian men attractive.

tbh maybe it’s my own personal experiences but most asian-american men are just like white guys, no more or less misogynistic.

No. 312999

Just give it time. I went through a phase like that but I grew out of it.

No. 313000

Oof, I have a similar problem to you but with men of a different race than East Asian. It's annoying that even if they're legit uggo I'd still be down to bone them and I'm not even sure why. It's also very against my politics to have a race fetish since I'm not fully white myself and know how gross that shit is.

Hopefully we can both overcome this predicament lmao.

No. 313003

i don’t see why it’s a big deal if it’s just in your head and you aren’t acting on it.

No. 313007

> But honestly, the only way to describe them is like giant entitled children who think they're owed everything.

Can you explain what this means? I don't get it.

No. 313009

They're just like all incels. They think they're owed attractive women. Let's be honest, Asian men aren't that attractive to most non Asian women.

No. 313011

I'm not into flings.

No. 313022

Oh I thought you had some actual interesting experience. Everyone acts entitled by that definition. Women want attractive men and men want attractive women.

No. 313024

Asian men aren't self aware of the fact they're just not very attractive. That's what distinguishes them from other men. In other men this applies only to a minority.

No. 313026

Not everyone thinks they're straight up owed attractive people. Go take a look at r/hapas and picture that on a grand scale.

No. 313027

This is a stupid question, but don't the Korean and Japanese women also have pink nipples and pussy? Why are they so obsessed with it?

No. 313028

but this is something all races of men do, because men aren’t told by billion dollar beauty companies that their faces and bodies are wrong and ugly. if anything white men do this more. Asian men mostly just cry about movies “emasculating” them kek.

No. 313029


No, Asian women usually have brown nipples and pussies.

No. 313033

I once saw a documentary about a model (in thailand I think) getting hers bleaches…ouch. Why would you care about something so miniscule

No. 313054

As opposed to what race? There isn't a single race where the majority are attractive.

No. 313060

I saw a study that said Asian men are the least desirable, at least from the perspective of white women.

No. 313063

So boiling it down you're saying the problem with Asian men is that they are generally all unattractive whereas for other races only some men are unattractive?

No. 313064

That's actually disgusting, especially the way they pander to pedos with loli porn and junior idols.

Yeah, still hurts to think about that since I grew up with RK. It's really insane that Japan doesn't care at all about child welfare.

No. 313069

>if anything white men do this more.

Nice try to/aznidentity. White guys blame Chad. An idealized, chiseled jaw, blond dude like Chris Hemsworth. They're aware they're ugly and bitter about it, that's why they're obsessed with LMS. Asian dudes genuinely believe they deserve elfen Slavic girls and the only reason they're considered unattractive is because whitey wants to hold the yellow man down. Couldn't have anything to do with the tiny eyes, assembly line greasy faces, lack of any jaw, small average height, tiny penises and feminine builds. Not at all.

No. 313074

cuz she's a fucking idiot, like any woman who would put chemicals on her privates or nipples to please men's crazy standards of 'beauty.'

No. 313075

10 bucks says this anon has a raceplay fetish

No. 313082

lmao asian men will forever be butthurt over white women having no interest in them while asian women get white men easily.

No. 313113

there are ugly white dudes who still think they deserve a hot model tier waifu, and media backs them up, look at how many tv shows have a fat dude with a hot thin wife as main characters? there are more men than just incels obsessed with “chad”.

No. 313115

Because pornsick people

No. 313116

Right on queue. Quick, tell us all about how the honkey media is holding the yellow man down.

No. 313130

that anon only pointed out that whites are just as bad, they didn't defend Asians at all. What's your problem?

No. 313146

Pretty much all non weeb or kboo women think Asian men are unattractive. We just need to make sure to keep making fun of all weeb or kboos to prevent their numbers from growing.

No. 313168

>Just as bad

Lmao. Just compare any western european country's laws on maternity leave and sex discrimination to Korea you dumb fuck. Koreans are significantly more sexist than white dudes are. Now take your tiny pee pee and scram.


No. 313178

This thread is getting /pol/ teir

No. 313184

It's /pol/ to condemn chauvinism? I should visit more often.

No. 313186

>you must be attracted to asian men or you're a nazi

Asian men are not attractive. They are not attractive to majority of white women like myself. They will die mad about it.

No. 313195

>what i find attractive is what should be considered universally attractive

if you just get off the Internet you’ll realize there is no Big Conspiracy trying to get you to fuck asian men, so your OTT denial seems weird. I think the anon doth protest too much.

No. 313208

Do you actually know any Asians irl or do everything you know about Asians come from a relatively tiny subreddit?

No. 313210

>Asian men aren't attractive because I said so!

You act like the whole world was created around you

No. 313216

The thing is with the Asian subreddits is that they are generally just echoing the sort of stuff you hear them saying irl. So in a way they are representative.

No. 313217

What have you heard? I know plenty of Asians and I’ve never heard anything like hapas irl.

No. 313218

r/aznidentity is worse than r/hapas.

No. 313220

Are you a while guy trying to put white girls off Asian men or something?lol

No. 313221

You're from there aren't you? I've seen the exact same text with the exact same argument used there. Everyone who disagrees with them is a white man who is afraid of Asian men. Do you people not interact with anyone outside of Chinatown or are you just plain clueless?

No. 313223

>everyone who disagrees with them is a white man who is afraid of Asian men
This is hilarious because its so far removed from reality. Literally no one cares or thinks about asian men like this.

No. 313225


I was surprised how many of these weird asian incel subreddits there are. You started out with asianmasculinity which was bad enough. Then aznidentity came along which is basically just a vehicle for kvetching about white guys with asian girls and organized harassment of any asian woman in an interracial relationship. Then easternsunrising came along who are open Chinese supremacists (all living outside of China despite their love for it for some reason….) then you got this group of subreddits calling themselves the "golden race" and talking about how they're "cucking pinkies". It's crazy.

Asian Americans are a small minority. So I don't think these people are unrepresentative. Not saying all of them are like that, but a significant amount of the young men are angry and bitter and blame their romance woes on white men.

No. 313226

Agreed. I've never met a white guy for whom Asian men were even on their radar. They just…. Don't really seem to think about Asian men a whole lot?

No. 313229

lmaaaoo asian male tears might just be the saltiest of them all

>they just…. Don't really seem to think about Asian men a whole lot?
Neither do white women. Neither does anyone except weebs, really.

No. 313244

I just went on there and it’s also pretty small at 15k people. I don’t know what’s weirder, that you know all those subs or you that base your knowledge of Asians on them. I would hope nobody bases their opinion of white people on stormfront or some crap.

No. 313245

Lol sucks to be white huh?

No. 313246

Felt good walking around korea at night and no one followed me kek, but people topknot pictures because I’m dark skinned Andrew every time that’s happens I want to punch these freaks so bad

No. 313248

This isn’t the “poor white women” thread. This is the bash Korean culture thread. Stop making it about yourself

No. 313249

The black people I knew that heard about that side eye them a lot.

Asians want everything on a silver platter. They cry racism but don’t give a shit about other minorities who suffer worse on the daily. See the affirmative action debate, they know the Blum guy has fighting affirmative action since it’s been implement and warms up to white supremacists, but do they care? No. All they want is their eldest son Zhang and 2000+ other Chinese nationals to go to the same school IN THE SAME MAJORS and they get pissed because no every single one of them got in. Harvard is less than 10% black and Latino and almost 30% Asian but they continue to blame minorities.

Sorry you had to go to UChicago instead of Yale Chang. Please don’t commit sepuku.

If affirmative action is shot down Asians are not going to have ANY allies when white supremacists give them the middle finger when’s this country goes to shit. They want to be there he model minority, they wil die being the model minority.

No. 313252


Check out this thread, they even admit minorities will suffer but they go “lol sucks for them, get good kek”

No. 313255

They were demanding black people go and see it to "show solidarity", lmao.

No. 313264

They went to support Spike Lee’s “The black klansman” instead that opening weekend. It was hilarious.

No. 313276


I can give a little better explanation to that.

Now what I am gonna say is not true for every single person but it is generally true for these societies as a whole.

In most Asian countries (I'm just going to go off Japan as a base example cause that's what i have more knowledge about), most men live with their parents well into their late twenties or until they get married (which ever comes first). Though it doesn't seem like it due to the declining birthrate, Japan is a very child-centered society, so a lot of the mother's attention is placed on the child. There is also something called 'amaeru', or basically the act of getting an authority figure to love you and take care of you. There's a book called The Anatomy of Dependence by a Japanese psychoanalyst that goes further into this. It's a good read.
So, men in these countries are never really taught how to be independent in the sense that people in Western countries are taught. And yes, I say men because the concept of 'amaeru' generally stops for women around the time they get into high school but doesn't for men - their mothers will continue to indulge them in almost anything and everything.
So, this creates men with their own full-time jobs, social lives, etc. still living with their parents, still depending on their parents, and still having their parents look after them.
Then, when they eventually do get married, after their wives have children, they are no longer seen as women and a romantic and sexual partner but rather as a second mother that takes care of them. A good majority of them don't even know how to do their own laundry even in their mid to late 30s
They never really grow out of being coddled and being indulged and that's why they are entitled, giant children (for the most part).

There are actually quite a few studies on this subject that are really interesting to read.

No. 313288

>A good majority of them don't even know how to do their own laundry even in their mid to late 30s

That's gross af. There's nothing worse than a man who wants to marry a woman who will be his mom/slave. It's super nasty when a man can't cook or clean for himself. That's sadly in a lot of hispanic cultures too. It's just really bad in asian especially.

No. 313369

Lol. Postcolonial theory is the biggest excuse for MoC behavior. As if Asian men weren't torturing and abusing Asian women thousands of years before the first white man set foot there.

Korea is a creepy, weird place with a culture that is totally alien to any white, western one. Don't let the skyscrapers and pristine suits fool you. They aren't like us.

No. 313388

this whole thing is so shit, do all these activists really think that 5% of the population should make up 50% of the university? 30% is already extremely disproportionately high.

hmmm its almost like the university wants to give a chance to disadvantaged students to get a good education and career and break the cycle of poverty in many families instead of giving another place to some daddys money bitch who got to have the best education and chance in life already kek.

No. 313455

They know and they don’t care. They think it’s discrimination when it’s the fact Harvard can’t accept every Asian. They don’t accept every black Latino or white either. But they are surprised when 1000 Chinese kids from the same upper middle class education and background who all want to go into engineering don’t get in and there are only 100 spots total for that major. For “being smart” they sure like to not think.

How come they don’t cry about legacy? Oh right, that affects them and white people.

No. 313456

After proposition 209 (I think) passed in California years ago, black and Latino student enrollment tanked to near 0 levels while Asians skyrocketed. Now go to any UC school in California, you see nothing but Asians, you would think it was a historically Asian school kek. Now almost all educated black students reject California schools for not being inclusive and decide to apply for the Ivies and HBCUs instead, and they still cry about it.

No. 313475

File: 1540049217786.jpg (109.58 KB, 1280x720, twice.jpg)

Made me think of this thread lol

No. 313479

Who cares? I don't like Asians but I'm not going to white knight for blacks either.

No. 313480

I’m pointing out their hypocrisy fuckface

No. 313482

They're out for themselves. Koreans and Chinese here have never had any loyalty to the country. Even the second and third gens shit on it and mock us with the "wait until China takes over" shit. What did you expect? Japanese Americans are an exception, they've earned the right to call themselves American.

No. 313486

Asian SJWs are never Japanese. Always Chinese or Korean.

No. 313512

Whenever sjws feel like someone is appropriating asian culture like something Chinese for example I've noticed that Vietnamese sjws get real triggered and pretend that they are Chinese to make a scene and make it all about them and how it hurt them and their heritage when they aren't even Chinese…

No. 313558

That's because most Japanese stay in Japan and have their own issues to take care of. The ones annoying other people with their SJW opinions are always US-born Asians with a huge chip on their shoulders.

>how it hurt them and their heritage when they aren't even Chinese
And yet they complain when white people see Asians as a monolith kek.

No. 313566

Anyone else waiting for the kpop wave to die? It's been a decade and Korean pop culture is still popular and bigger than ever. It blows my mind how kpop is popular in the US when all the kpop stars only sing in Korean wtf

No. 313568

It's not that popular. K-pop fans are just loud. Most people only know Gangnam Style. We've been over this in the critical thread.

No. 313579

>implying that everyone reads the kpop thread

No. 313586


white girl wears a chinese dress


Vietnamese sjws really need to fuck off with that shit. Also why is it common for a Viet online personality to lie about being mixed? Michelle phan was all about the "being proud viet" thing then she started lying about being a little white and getting ps to look white. Ricegum leads people on to believe he's Chinese, Gina Darling lies about being Russian Viet then Irish Viet and now she's Chinese Viet. No you're just Viet girl…

No. 313656

They're rarely even Koreans or Chinese, they're always Vietnamese or Pinoy. Especially the Chinese tend to be racist as shit and hate associating with other Asians due to their Master Race attitude.

Lmao, this. It always turns out to be the American-Vietnamese who cause the worst ruckus and they're the ones being offended for a white girl wearing a kimono or eating sushi. They have a massive complex about their heritage and getting shat on by the japanese, the chinese AND the koreans.

Yep, it's still an extremely niche market. BTS might FEEL huge but I can bet you that normies have no idea what k-pop even is.

No. 313657

American born asians in general are typically more annoying than native born ones, I've seen.

No. 313658

>American-Vietnamese who cause the worst ruckus and they're the ones being offended for a white girl wearing a kimono or eating sushi

Why are Viets or Pinoys usually offended on behalf of the japanese? it's so confusing

No. 313664

I think it's cause they want to be associated with the "popular" asians let's face it in the media east asian is represented more

No. 313669

I meant to say aren't not are**

No. 313697


Vietnamese are really in denial about being south east asians. They like to say they don't look like typical south east asians and shit on others like thai and cambodians and compare themselves more to Chinese when in reality they just look like south east asians the same as thai. But they always like to include themselves as north east asians.

No. 313703

Jesus Christ.

This thread has turned into some weird racist echo chamber.

You guys need to calm df down, why are you guys so mad at Korea for not being like /your/ country. At first I understood the kind of nitpicking but you guys are just being full on racist.

No. 313704

This. I knew it would happen eventually.

No. 313738

This thread is full of white girls butthurt because the random korean guy they dated didn't live up to their kpop fantasies.
And also /pol/fag males who shit up every discussion related to race.

No. 313848

Huh? In Asia its peak was 2013. Korean pop culture is slowly disappearing in Asian markets. Just wait until BTS contract with whatever expensive PR agency they employed is finished and you'll stop hearing about them hear too.

Sexual assault.

Pretty legit reasons to not like a place, no?

No. 313855

t. /pol/fag male hopping between this thread and the unpopular opinion thread to sperg

No. 313858

Why are you so defensive of Korea? People in this thread have illustrated racially motivated sexual assault, abuse, other forms of violence, harassment and worse. To me these are real issues. But you seem unhealthily preoccupied with defending the image of Korea (Korean men specifically). Are you sure you're being entirely honest with us?

No. 313862

This honestly.

No. 313864


>Country where rape of foreign women is swept under carpet

>“They have this culture where they don’t take sex crime seriously. When the victim and perpetrator are not South Korean, police care even less.”

>Western women are even known as “white whores” in some circles, added Langdon.

No. 313875

Feels like as a white woman you're in danger wherever you go tbh. Foreign men are so pornsick.

No. 313885

honestly, i cant wait until porn is banned lol.

No. 313888

me either

No. 313903

Defensive? Who wouldn’t be with these broad as generalizations and prejudices you’re painting? You’re lucky it’s not your own country on trial because I’m 100% sure it has its own history of sexual abuse, assault, violence etc. It’s so weird that you think that I’m defending men in particular or that I have anything I’m /required/ to tell you. I’m just not autistic enough to not be able to see racism.
All prime examples of racism and delusion. Half of the shit isn’t true, it’s just what’s been spoon fed to you other idiots by people with hate boners for Koreans and Asian and you’re all acting like their word is gold cause it feeds your deluded superiority complex.

No. 313908

To clarify, CP possession wasn't outlawed in Japan until a decade ago or less, that's the disgusting part. They had a time limit to destroy it or hand it in, he didn't and asked about it online like a retard. I don't know what his exact sentence was, but I think he was in prison for like a month or two but mostly got away with a fine. The worst was that he even bragged to the police how he prefers JCs (younger middle schoolers). Shame how such a disgusting guy can come up with such a sweet protagonist that had a ton of female fans.

No. 313925

What gets me is that AFAIK there was nothing in his work that hinted at him being a pedo. The world of manga is absolutely full of men who proudly draw pedo shit but he wasn't one of them.

No. 313927


All men in all countries are shitty entitled misogynists, anon. I doubt you'll find anyone here who disagrees. We're just interested in the misogyny of Asian men because it manifests differently to the everyday garden-variety misogyny we're subjected to in the West.

No. 313934

I love the term "MRAsian" that a lot of Asian women have been using. It describes them perfectly.

No. 313962

The only person that I agree is gorgeous and has unique features is Song Hye-Kyo. Kim Hae Hee is boring as fuck.

No. 314064

oh "poor white women"
fuck off

No. 314070


Ooh, someone's triggered.

No. 314071


White women are fetishized like crazy, but if you bring it up you get told to shut up because you have ~*~white privilege~*~

No. 314100

>Feels like as a white woman you're in danger wherever you go tbh. Foreign men are so pornsick.
That's actually white woman privilege, anon. Men want to rape you the most!

No. 314118

How dare you! Don't you know white wombyn are objectively the most oppressed lil victims on the face of the earth???

No. 314123


>When you have to strawman because otherwise you won't have a leg to stand on

No. 314125

Careful, you'll make the anon who loses her shit every time someone suggests white women aren't the devil mad.

No. 314126


Poor black womxn, not sex trafficked, raped and killed by Korean men. :( What terrible suffering.

No. 314181

t. White chicks who used to be koreaboos and thought being white would make gooks worship them but it backfired and they realized the only attention they get is from men who want easy sex and now they come on lolcow to make post after post about how much they hate the slanty-eyed devil

No. 314198

Don't you know normal white women love being creeped on by strange foreign men who think you'll sleep with them after a brief conversation?

No. 314206

t. Obvious Asian male. No one wants to worship your tiny penis. Go masturbate somewhere else.

No. 314213

Wrong and wrong. Just someone who's been around the lot of you long enough to know exactly why you're all so obsessed. You're pathetic.

No. 314217

Never been into Korean men. Sorry. I know there are koreaboos here but not that many.

No. 314220


Different anon, but I'm also not into Asian men. Just live in an area with a lot of Asians and am sick of being assumed to be down to fuck because they think white girls are easy.

No. 314224

Woof, this thread is embarrassing. Some of y'all are comparing ur study abroad bf that ended up being a jerk to sex work/human trafficking… Like come on.

Also it's kind of hilarious to me that white women are pretending that they have incredibly difficult lives in Korea when you can basically have a better living situation than many Koreans w/ zero credentials, just by having the ability to speak English. I don't doubt that Korea has huge misogyny problems but white women are definitely NOT the ones getting the brunt of it (btw, I say this as a white woman before you guys accuse me of ~being jealous or whatever)

No. 314233

When you're THAT privileged yet have a victim complex, you need to grasp at straws to feel victimized.

No. 314234

File: 1540151530510.png (336.69 KB, 800x770, 3191BCAD-BCD6-4916-B1A7-635338…)

stay mad forever. if you think the issues being posted are too trivial or whatever then post your own shit, otherwise move the fuck along.

No. 314240

White women are definitely considered easier than Korean women by Korean men, which means we have to deal with racialized forms of harassment Korean women don't, because they're "good". Why do women of color always deny the fact their men fetishize white women and that this has a negative effect on us? Do you think we want to be the object of that fetishization? Most of us don't. Believe me. Maybe some crazies like Venus do. But definitely not most.

No. 314241

All of these. I think a lot of anons itt are "disliking blue eyes is racist"-chans.

No. 314242

File: 1540152308306.jpeg (229.99 KB, 640x853, A744ECAD-D0F3-4702-8BFF-636D08…)

nah, Korean men fetishise the fuck out of all races - but they only want to waifu Korean women. don’t racebait, anon.

No. 314244

Eastern European women are literally trafficked into Korea doofus

No. 314247

Anon, settle down. Your sperging is getting out of control.

No. 314248

You're delusional if you don't think non white men have specific negative stereotypes about white women.

No. 314249

File: 1540152692224.jpeg (27.43 KB, 353x334, 56CA07BD-9505-415B-A167-282993…)

>tries to police anons posting content relevent to the thread
>gets called out
>h-haha w-why you sperging anon!!!1

No. 314251

I’m white myself, anon, and i’m perfectly cognisant of the fact that we’re sexualised in asian nations. i was replying to some sperg-chan looking to derail the thread with obvious racebait (i.e. insinuating that non-white women aren’t good-looking).

No. 314253

I wasn't policing anything. Are you the same anon I was replying to? If so, why did you delete your posts implying anyone who disagreed with you wished they were the ones getting fetishized and raped by Asian men? Those were great.

Regardless, anon very much is sperging. There are about three major spergs in this thread.

No. 314259

I just don't see why white women can't complain about something unique to us as a race and class without having to always qualify it with "hurrr but non white women have it way worse!"

Need I remind you of what Pakistani men do to white girls in the UK?

No. 314260

File: 1540153495407.jpeg (20.93 KB, 296x237, 7346874F-5E5F-451B-9DB8-43CDD0…)

you replied to multiple anons - i’m >>314234 and this is the first time posting on the thread. and yes, you patently were attempting to moderate the thread to your gay specifications. again, if you want to discuss more ~salient~ issues in korean society then post it or fuck off instead of derailing the thread and accusing anons of victimising themselves for discussing relevant issues.

No. 314264

Yeah, I wasn’t the anon that said that, retard.

No. 314267

Yeah, I thought that was you. If that was your only post itt, I never replied to you in my OP. I'm 100% sure all the anons I replied to in that post were the same (which is why anon started deleting lol).

No. 314269

>something unique to us as a race

you could not grasp harder at these straws

No. 314276


I'm saying that it's not fair for a white woman who came to Korea through safe/privileged means (study abroad, teaching English) to compare herself to an Eastern European/Central Asian who was literally trafficked. They're not comparable situations at all, and, going on a limb here, I'm guessing 100% of the women posting in this thread claiming to have lived in Korea are in the former category.

Why not, instead of making this a racebaiting pissing contest, people acknowledged that SK has a big human trafficking problem that affects women of many races, including white and also SEA, and even other Koreans (i.e NK).

And btw, fetishization is NOT a problem that solely affects white women in Korea; many black/latina/SEA/etc. women have similar issues of men stereotyping them and only being interested in them for sex. So no, it is not a problem unique to white women.

No. 314280

White women have our own issues and challenges and oppression we face. Case in point the shit we face from your men. We don't need your approval to pursue these things. Truth be told most non libfem white women are tired of hearing about how we need to qualify our struggles by talking about how much worse brown and black women have it. We don't care what you think of us.

No. 314281

White women are the most fetishized women on the planet. End of discussion.

No. 314283

No. 314285

We've already heard from anons from military families that even if you're part of that so called privileged group Korean men will treat you the same anyway. Do you think they can tell the difference between a Belarusian girl and a white American girl? Fuck off anon. Black women don't have it anywhere near as bad. When's the last time you heard of a black tourist or African female diplomat being raped in India for example? These men see white skin and blonde hair and they think we're loose sluts who are down for it.

Besides. Most WoC are complicit in their own patriarchies. Muslim women like Linda Sarsour being the best example.

No. 314288

White women are the most cringy women on the planet. End of discussion.

No. 314289

It's weird how women of color literally never call out their own men, and when they do it's just a sort of "why do so many black/brown men want to marry white women and forget their black/brown sisters?" narrative. In other words it's just racial tribalism masquerading as feminism.

Call out your own men within your own shitty cultural contexts (the same ones that make you abort your own daughters in favor of sons) and we may take you seriously.

If it wasn't for us you'd still have your feet being bound, or being forced to jump on a funeral pyre after your abusive husband (forty years older than you) died lmao

No. 314294

Tldr but essentially: just remember your actual traditional culture that you love bragging about is actually primitive trash for primitive people. But hey at least you put lots of spice on rotten meat, we're really jealous of that LOL.

No. 314295


Look, we can keep arguing about this all day, but Imo you should really think about why WoC aren't interested in working with people like you… Maybe something to do with the fact that you can't stop yourself from diminishing their trauma and experiences. And the fact that you keep saying they're below you.

Idk. Just something to think about when you ask "Why arent WoC on our side??"

No. 314296

I don't want them on our side, I'd just like them to leave us alone. Thx.

No. 314302

You're the one spewing insults abt rotten meat and "primitive trash", not them. Just saying.

No. 314303

i’m white but i’m starting to agree with this lol

No. 314306

Can you take your blatant white supremacy over to /pol/ or /tradfem/? It's disgusting and sad. Stuff like this makes me sort of glad white feminism is eating itself.

No. 314310

>Most WoC are complicit in their own patriarchies.
>uses Linda as an example
>Also doesn't see the irony of blaming WoC while in this thread

You cannot make this shit up, I can't stop fucking laughing.

No. 314312

It's intersectional feminism that's eating itself. Most white women have no interest in deferring to primitive cultures in the name of anti racism. Tell your men to stop harassing us. And stop objectifying our men. They don't want you.(Racebait )

No. 314313

File: 1540156783534.png (100.77 KB, 390x282, 5114470F-66CC-4083-86D8-AE200D…)

>tfw racebait successfully derails yet another thread
i want off this ride, lads

No. 314314

Also, WoC never calling out their own men? Are you so far up your ass you never, ever see anything except your own made up oppression instead of the millions of women all over the globe fighting for real issues in their own countries against their own men and culture? Are you really this fucking dense? Embarrassing

No. 314317

Muh hijab is feminism
Muh Bedouin illiterate who created the most sexist religion on earth is feminism


No. 314319

Becky for the last time, just because oppar thinks you're a slut and altright chad thinks you're a dumb femoid doesn't mean you have to take out the rage and bitterness on other women

No. 314321

Hyun/Laqueesha just because Chad would rather settle down with an average plain jane white girl doesn't mean you need to take it out on me.

No one wants your men outside of crazies lol.

No. 314322

Hate to break it to you, but most white feminists are libfems. You just might be the most pathetic poster I've ever seen on lolcow.

No. 314324

Most white women don't even identify as feminists anymore idiot. Twitter and Tumblr aren't the entire population. Look at the general social survey. That's the best data we have.

Most of us voted for trump remember?

No. 314326

I think Chad would rather go for Lingling if online dating statistics are indicative of anything lol

No. 314327

Lol nope. White guys don't like Asian girls as long term girlfriends, I have brothers, believe me.

No. 314328

I know, that's why I specified white feminists, idiot.

>Most of us voted for trump remember?

Oh boy, do I. You sure showed us nasty coloreds by putting that sexist shithead into office!

No. 314332

I'll be voting for him in 2020 too. TIMs and Muslim """"feminists"""" need to be put in their place.

No. 314333

This thread needs to be fucking nuked

No. 314334


No. 314335

Loved the articles from Singaporean writers saying they basically 'appropriated' Singapore for an Asian-American fantasy.

If you keep on peddling it as this great thing for representation, don't be surprised when people call you out on failing to show representation for actual Singaporeans.

No. 314338

Yeah. Basically a Chinese power fantasy. Obviously no native Singaporean people, ie Malays involved.

Ironically it just confirmed to a lot of non Chinese Singaporeans that Chinese are tribal and exclusionary as fuck. As if wealthy Chinese need more asspats holy shit Asian Americans are obnoxious as hell sometimes.

No. 314340

You're a single digit brainlet who thinks Linda Sarsour and American libfems led mostly by white women are indicative of the rest of the world and its feminists and everyone else's struggles
I doubt your brothers are any smarter, so it's good they're keeping it in the family anyway.
Also, I'm not Black or Asian, I'm white just not American. This thread was a mistake and so were you.

No. 314350

The irony and hypocrisy really fucks me off.

No. 314357

Just call them out on their own racism. Korea is a hideously racist country. Doesn't matter whether it's treating all white women like prostitutes, treating southeast asians like slaves, spitting on Korean women in interracial relationships (this actually happens a lot from what I'm told, outside of Seoul). Rub the faces of Korean Americans in it. Make them feel ashamed the way they try to make us feel ashamed over use of the word chink.

These people have been hiding their dirty laundry for decades.

No. 314374

>You're delusional if you don't think non white men have specific negative stereotypes about white women.
Yeah because white women don't fetishize non-white men either. Poor victims.
Every time I go to the asian district in my city I see a bunch of white girls dressed like clowns walking around with their asian boyfriends.

No. 314376

Are you a mad femcel upset about white girls taking your men? Clearly there's a reason why they're a happy couple and you're sitting here bitching about random people living their lives.

No. 314378

Lol I'm Asian! wtf is it with white women thinking it's a black woman behind the monitor?

No. 314379

This is the absolute truth

No. 314383

Fuck off, you're just unhappy you don't have unilateral privilege like your opposite sex does. White women cosign white supremacy daily.

No. 314384

Nah the African men and women get spit on, called racial slurs and killed in India, but you wouldn't know that would you

No. 314388

>Asking WoC to degrade men of their own race

This is why feminism was and always is a white woman thing. Remember it began because black men got to vote before they did.

No. 314392

Yeah I'm obviously jealous of frumpy white girls with yellow fever who wear clown lolita outfits in public. The guys always look ashamed of their girlfriends.

No. 314395

White women privilege is talking about being objectified by non-white men while black women are dying in pregnancy and childbirth in America because White and Asian doctors refuse to listen to them.

No. 314398

>black men got the vote before white women
But so privileged, am I right? xD

No. 314399

>When white women show their true colors, no one is surprised.

No. 314400


Tbh, men across the board are awful and the ones belonging to uber patriarchal are a special kind of awful and should be degraded, but hearing this rhetoric from /pol/y pocket broads is just LOL considering they would support white patriarchy over their own interests.

No. 314403


Yes but that's something Korean women have to face, not you, you might be sad and offended, but you get to fly back to your country and pretend everything is ok when others are suffering, so I don't give a fuck.

This Asian thread proves that white women are insecure as fuck and are pathetic.

No. 314405

Jesus is the “white women vs. anti white brigade” force out again? Give it a rest and stop being autistic. No one cares.

No. 314406

>taking obvious bait

No. 314409

For fucking real.

No. 314423

Lol, I didn't even see her comment but I guess she was so embarrassed she btfo'd lmao

No. 314443

I just want you to know you're very, very stupid. Like this isn't even an attempt at an insult, just letting you know: you're so dumb. Like painfully so. Please, please don't breed.

No. 314454

so in summary, this thread is no longer about Korea but instead about how white women are the m o s t oppressed people in society and we should all feel for the struggle her and other Beckys face from day to day in Kroger’s and Pilates. Pray for Becky guys, don’t be so unkind to the poor thing.

No. 314455

Are people actually trying to say that being thought of as a sex object is a "privilege"? Holy fuck

No. 314457

Misogynistic men and /pol/ lurkers love it when non-white women fight against white women and vice versa. Stop embarrassing yourselves.

No. 314459

No, learn to read

No. 314461

>Most of us voted for trump remember?
>Twitter and Tumblr aren't the entire population.
And neither is burgerland.

No. 314465


A lot of this autism is probably caused by robots RPing as white women, but at the same time it's not like there aren't white women that probably joined along cause they also believe that.

No. 314468

You should know that the ratio of white men raping korean women vs korean men raping white women is like 4 to 1.

Eastern Euro women are trafficked to all the developed countries by eastern euro gangs, there's nothing special about Korea. Way more are trafficked to western europe, netherlands, germany, etc.

No. 314492

File: 1540172541252.jpg (32.48 KB, 480x459, 7922600_20181008223425_jpeg8cc…)

I can't enter this thread, read posts like these and not think this thread is full of bitter, racist bitches with an inferiority complex toward Asian women. I thought it'd be some fresh air from all the weeaboo/koreaboo shit, but this is just another level of sperging.
Most of these crazy people were in the unpopular opinions thread having emotional breakdowns about that one Japanese gravure idol and saying not liking blue eyes is racist, too, I'm sure.
What the fuck happened to /ot/? It wasn't like this in 2017, or even earlier this year. Where are these insane, sad women pretending to be feminists coming from? I swear they're not farmers. It's too much, too soon.

No. 314501

Alongside racebaiters there are a whole lot of bitter former koreaboos. Like, no "normie" would be this invested in hammering in how ugly they think Asian guys are.

No. 314511

It's the effect of white women cozying up to the alt-right, only because they aren't number one anymore.

No. 314530

~privileged white girl who lived in Korea uwuUuuu~ here. I don’t think asian guys are ugly. I just don’t think they’re better than any other guys anywhere else. I don’t like any men at all, I’m gay. Seems I still triggered a bunch of anons looking to reach real hard, though.

No. 314532

Idk I think its larpers sadly trying to stir up shit and make women fight each other for their amusement. The whole "x race of women > x race of women" exists for incels and redpillers and all that

No. 314588

The amount of them who don't see that is embarassing. Thank fuck for anonymity because I've never seen a more cringe development of a thread. Stop falling for it and embarassing us all. Do you even realize the number of men pretending to be women here and do you even realize that the average white woman doesn't think about asian women at all. They're not a threat to anyone, no one's a threat to anyone. They don't think about asian men either. It's not real. This thread is stupid and you're both naive and stupid.

No. 314596

I think Asian guys are cute, but not enough to warrant the autistic level of fangirling kpop guys get.

Idk they're cute but bland.

No. 314600

Actuallly, less than 50% of Americans voted in the 2016 election, and less than 50% of the people who voted chose Trump, who lost the popular vote.

So only about 25% of white women voted for Trump. Most women, about 50%, didn't vote at all.

No. 314680

Holy fuck what the hell happened to this thread? Did you dumbasses really allow some salty white girl to derail it this hard? Clearly it was bait, and you tards took it. Nuke the thread and start over if anyone else has any interesting experiences or input, otherwise I suggest we just take this L and let it die.

No. 314936

She clearly wasn't talking about people like you, anon. Come on.

No. 317791

>White women have our own issues and challenges and oppression we face.
>Truth be told most non libfem white women are tired of hearing about how we need to qualify our struggles by talking about how much worse brown and black women have it.
Is the distinct form of sexism that white women face the only one that's valid to you?
Now I'm having flashbacks to the man hate thread where you bitches derailed the thread to sperg about black women and deny the racism they face. Y'all are so transparent in your racism, yet you stil wonder why other races of women think you're suspect.

No. 327367

File: 1542656621080.png (518.04 KB, 707x1000, 1542624355809.png)

Why are y'all so salty? I mean America seems like a far less safe place to be a woman yet you all still screech about asia.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 327380

File: 1542657759728.jpeg (25.22 KB, 351x350, FA3A99E1-B326-44A0-AF6A-097437…)

>Replying to 3 week old posts

No. 327387

Yeah I know it's necro but I find it hard to believe people here are this angry, anywhere else on this site it would be mocked

No. 327393

I wonder why it's more dangerous than Asia.
>In 2012, blacks committed 560,600 acts of violence against whites (excluding homicide), and whites committed 99,403 acts of violence (excluding homicide) against blacks,” writes the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald, citing federal Bureau of Justice Statistics data. “Blacks, in other words, committed 85 percent of the non-homicide interracial crimes of violence between blacks and whites, even though they are less than 13 percent of the population.”

No. 327410

Officially locked because of racebaiting

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