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No. 314597

Previous thread:

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

No. 314601

File: 1540196061524.png (689.26 KB, 638x1137, wat.png)

Speaking of Azealia….I checked the previous thread, did we really just breeze past AZ selling asshole bleaching soap? Absolutely wild.

No. 314603

File: 1540196539137.png (58.98 KB, 581x563, h7HCgcB.png)

No. 314604

we still had 80+ posts left in the last thread… these threads have been moving slowly lately too…

No. 314606

File: 1540197333437.png (396.18 KB, 1269x660, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.28…)

I went to her online store, and she's literally selling Snake Oil? I honestly thought it was going to be a joke product, but she's serious. And it's yet another "skin lightening" product.

I was going to post a screenshot of the laundry list of disclaimers/warnings/health risks but it's so comically long I highly encourage you to see it for yourself:

No. 314607

File: 1540197840908.png (680.95 KB, 1285x647, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.44…)

Dumping some highlights from Azealia's ass soap store. Every single one of her products seem to be skin lightening in some way…

No. 314609

File: 1540197950977.png (37.15 KB, 601x123, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.38…)

She has a disclaimer basically saying that since her soaps are a "cosmetic item" they don't need to be approved by the FDA. They seem downright dangerous though?

No. 314610

File: 1540198023550.png (140.93 KB, 638x713, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.39…)

(ofc she still has to try and milk this situation)

No. 314611

File: 1540198053034.png (352.5 KB, 1223x502, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.40…)

No. 314614

File: 1540198626762.png (173.92 KB, 1293x233, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.54…)

No. 314615

File: 1540198774638.png (150.01 KB, 1252x249, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 3.59…)

No. 314627

lol wtf happened to her black women power or whatever? She is so disgusting why is she selling bleaching cream, how are her black "fans" going to feel?

And to me, azealia doesn't even fit in to "celebricows" - like does even really have fans? seems more like a e-fame girl who had one hit like poppy or nicole dollganger.

No. 314628

There's an anon here that stans the fuck out of her whenever she's mentioned so she has at least one fan.

No. 314630

if it isn't a stan then it's definitely her dude i swear to god i can smell her on these threads. that form of crazy has a certain dank to it. i feel like this is azealia sperging her own shit or someone at least on her level of delusion.
also the skin whitening shit is really hypocritical and weird of her??? like i know beyonce/niki have been accused/in some cases proven (?) to lighten their skin but i thought that was supposed to be kep super secret. i havent seen someone be this open about skin whitening in like…ever?

No. 314640

>a mixture of two parts vinegar to two parts water

I recommend a 3:3 mixture. The more the better!

No. 314652

weren't a few folks complaining about getting their buttholes singed by this shit? i could swear that there was at least one pic of some dudes ass with actual sores allegedly caused by the soap floating around on twitter.

No. 314654

i'm a moron, i didn't catch >>314601 nvm

No. 314752

File: 1540225844093.png (17.31 KB, 611x274, 103869384.png)

anyone see this yet? lmfao

No. 314757

the absolute madwoman lol

No. 314776

Everything about this was hilarious, especially the video right after where she asks everyone to stop sending creampie pictures. Also lol they censored pussy but not bussy?

No. 314793

i dont know if this belong here, but does anyone know what happened to that girl, lil tay? loads of people were talking about her a few months ago but she dissapeared overnight. i hope one of her parents took control of the situation and that shes ok.

No. 314798

Her mum was basically acting as her manager, so I don't know.

No. 314802

maybe her dad or grandparents intervened or something? i hope someone did something, she always looked so uncomfortable

No. 314809

lmfao I know Pete's a comedian but everything about him is typical bpd cow humiliating themselves how sad

No. 314811

She even say she was doing it, because she 'wanted t make her mum proud'. Bad to thrust a little girl in that sort of environment.

No. 314820

according to the thread about her on PULL her dad got custody a few months ago.

No. 314828

the last few days i think her brother and mom have posted that her dad basically got surprise custody of her even though, according to them, he was abusing her and cheating on her mom with a multitude of other asian women

shes definitely in a lose lose situation and someone needs to step in and remove her from the situation legally

No. 314830

her entire instagram has been changed to posts about the situation


No. 314833

>The late soundcloud rapper, xxxtentacion was apparently collaborating with Lil Tay to run some charity events when this drama was ongoing back in June. xxxtentacion had gotten Lil Tay and Angela plane tickets to Florida on 18th June. However, Christopher did not allow Lil Tay to be part of the event, saying that xxxtentacion would be a negative incluence on Lil Tay's life because of his past history. Since Lil Tay and Angela's plan to go to Florida to help plan for the charity event was stopped by Christopher, xxxtentacion decided to go to the motorcycle dealership, where he eventually lost his life after being gunned down.

lol if this is true they are indirectly blaming her dad for xxxtensions death

No. 314837

File: 1540233773241.jpg (185.33 KB, 3817x820, 80e.jpg)

The fact that x was literally found dead in miami will never not be funny to me lmfao

No. 314841

>0-2 in the tattoo department

Then stop getting them you fucking moron.

I have to say I'm surprised he's back at work instead of doing copious amounts of coke in whatever dumpster he's living in atm but I guess he really has nothing but SNL.

No. 314845

indirectly? they're being pretty direct about it…

> If Christopher John Hope had let Tay go to Florida on June 18th X would have been at the airport instead of the motorcycle dealership, and wouldve possibly not have been setup on June 18th

> Christopher John Hope in a way contributed to X being set up.

her mom, or whoever is running her IG, is a fucking nutcase. her dad was right to be concerned because X was an adult who convinced a 9 year old to come visit him in FL. that's so creepy and fucked up…

No. 314847

i wouldnt be surprised if it was her mom, it might be her brother though. from what ive read about her mom she seems like the type of person to allow her 9 year old daughter to meet with some creepy grown ass man as long as she gets money out of it.

No. 314863

Only a few more soundcloud rappers to go, that spic rapist can go next hopefully.

No. 314867

anyone else not care about any of the soundclout rappers? everyone acts like they made such a great contribution to music and their loss means something. just because you're rap/singing about your feelings doesn't make your lyrics deep or insightful or good. people act like creating something personal inherently makes it good or valuable. these idiots od'ing should never be in the same breath as kurt cobain as they so often are.

No. 314872

well whoever's behind it looks stupid af complaining about not getting child support from tay's dad. she's been posing with stacks of cash and sports cars and designer bags, calling herself a "flexer"… essentially her entire image is based on affluence. if she has access to these things, she must not be hurting for child support that badly. personally I think the mom is behind everything. the IG focuses so intently and viciously on tay's dad's new wife and kids. there are so many telltale signs of a woman scorned littered throughout the captions. posting their christmas card is pretty fucked up too, especially alongside such defamatory allegations.

agreed 100%

No. 314873

kek azealia should try to swoop in on him instead of elon

No. 314875

Is he the guy with retarded 69 face tattoos? I'm elderly and can't keep up.

No. 314876

Kurt cobain was (and is) overrated as fuck. Your post applies to him too tbh. It's not a terribly inaccurate comparison.

Agree with the rest of the post tho

No. 314884

Doesn't she perform rituals on her items? I remember her posting about it on instagram

No. 314886

No that's Tekashi, the rainbowhair pedo.

No. 314926

Agreed. I still have my nirvana CDs but even when I was a teenager I didn't value them too highly. In general punk and punk rock as a genre seems to derive a lot of fame from being edgy rather than from the quality of the music itself. Especially "true" late 70s early 80s british punk is so bad music and production-wise.

I listen to whole lot of shit from from k-pop to metal or rap to country, because I keep switching for that variety. But if you put me on a spot about what's really timeless quality, then I'd say that Pink Floyd stand head and shoulders above every other artist.

No. 314937

Eh, sounds about right. I'm surprised she's not also selling chicken blood or some shit as well, considering her history. It'd fit right in.

No. 314942

"I'm afraid to get my mom tattooed on me because she'd leave"
Probably one of the actually few funny things the guy said, even then it's probably funnier in writing considering that the guy has shit for delivery.

No. 314943

File: 1540242897189.jpg (44.24 KB, 477x706, 1wcv1z.jpg)

I 100% would believe it's Banks herself. Seeing the way she talks on twitter and the amount of times "anons" have tried to shut down any discussion of her saying "we already decided she's not crazy we don't need to talk about it anymore!!" is wild. That and every post defending her is talking about how she's the smartest/prettiest/most talented musician who has never lied in her entire life actually

I can't believe how hard she's still trying to milk the Elon thing tho. She's obviously just at the point of starting shit just to try and stay relevant.

No. 314955

The Fonz! Er… I mean Barry Zuckekorn

No. 314969

saged for sperg
Well it's what happens for a lot of edgy artists tbh. I agree with you on that point (The Ramones sound like utter shit to me lmao)
But on the glorification aspect it has a lot to do with the tragic death they had. For example, no one would have batted an eye at Cliff Burton's technique if it weren't for his death in the bus tour accident back in the 80's. Now people are saying how amazing of a bassist he was… not saying he was shit , just that he wasn't exceptional. Just imagine if Lars Ulrich died tragically, his legacy of shitty sound would be glorified to no end , and his snare sound in St anger would be praised lmao
let's take it to one of the music threads on /ot/ if you want anon !

Back on the celebricows :
I just got Madison Beer's latest instagram post on my explore and BOY do I want to punch her. Never liked her , and tbh had forgotten about her but this post is just so annoying to me for some reason lmao
let's not forget how her family made her , not her talent or whatever kek

No. 314971

Slow down there, Neo.

No. 314984

File: 1540245759136.png (1.84 MB, 1175x851, 1469842828097.png)

I was sure there were several anons defending her, just like 3 or 4 maybe? Not many and they tend to repeat themselves but still more than one. At least that's the impression I've got from the previous threads. I don't think there's anything in particular that proves Azealia is a farmer because people defend her on a regular basis on youtube comments and social media, they're just not that many compared to, say, Lady Gaga ot Beyoncé's fans. If she really is a farmer though, I wouldn't even be surprised. Say hi, Azealia

No. 315051

So Azealia Banks has a weird ass attention whore/obsessive personality.

No. 315060

File: 1540253382891.png (728.46 KB, 730x915, phyws0i2gw2qbwe.png)

idk if anyone else watches the bachelor franchise but wow is there some drama going on right now, this girl got exposed for cheating on her fiancé on the show with a sugar daddy and she offered some shitty "forensic analysis" of her text messages, and the other day the identity of her sugar daddy got exposed kek. it's pretty entertaining, pretty mild though I guess. links if anyone is interested


No. 315132

I can't follow this, but this chick always looked like she's wearing dentures

No. 315164

I don't deny she's petty online but I feel like shitposting on imageboards wouldn't work, she wouldn't care for any platform where she couldn't get attention for being herself. Or she'd start shitposting before learning the etiquette. Like namefagging, misusing greentext and replying to posts with @ signs lol

No. 315167

I have nothing to say about her except… what do you expect from someone who honestly thinks those eyebrows look good? Clearly judgement isn't her strong point.

No. 315169

I can’t even focus on that because I can look at is thoe terrible eyebrows

No. 315170

Oh shit, is he a legit pedo? Not that I would be surprised. I mean, who the fuck gets 69 tattooed on their fucking face??

No. 315171

Can we talk about how salty AB is over Grimey and Muskrat? I can't decide if she's just mad thirsty for E's dick (since Grimes told her is was huuuuge) or jealous of Grimes having a rich boyfriend & a career while she herself has to rely on selling acidic ass soaps and starting internet drama to stay relevant. Or hell, maybe both?

No. 315173

>Or she'd start shitposting before learning the etiquette. Like namefagging, misusing greentext and replying to posts with @ signs lol
100%, imageboard posting isn't very intuitive for a lot of people. It always kills me when newfags actually put their name in the name field, especially if it's selfposting or about a cow they know personally.

No. 315192

Where do they find these thots for the show, anyway? Clearly there needs to be some sort of vetting process in place beyond bleach blonde and tan.

No. 315203

>Pink Floyd stand head and shoulders above every other artist.
boomer or xoomer music taste

No. 315262

grimes deleted her whole insta and elon is being a cringey boomer on twitter

No. 315266

File: 1540306841953.jpeg (435.29 KB, 1229x1020, C80E0A7B-9A6C-4A9D-A856-4320F4…)

misclicked before i could sage or post caps

No. 315302

Quiet, miloomber.

No. 315304

Quiet, miloomber.

No. 315374

File: 1540317503998.png (430.13 KB, 622x588, fYSDUDK.png)

No. 315398

> Twitter is dark souls of social media. reddit is bloodbourne. insta is zelda
This is the most tryhard shit i've ever heard
Doesn't he have a failint company to run or something

No. 315399

>we were just pretending to be retarded

No. 315508

He's too busy watching anime and playing video games. Don't you see, he's just like us peons.

No. 315509

How she even saw anything in that degenerate is lost to me

No. 315532

His company is failing, so he wisely understood that in 2018 you either die a CEO or live as a "meme".
Basically, he's trying to stay relevant somehow, and he found out the right crowd for it

No. 315542

>Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson both seemed to know marriage wasn't in the cards
This sounds like something that Ariana knew and just assumed Pete knew as well but they never actually talked about

No. 315609

He had to know there was no fucking way she was sticking around. Even through a BPD haze he had to know he was punching way too high above his weight.

No. 315707

Still skeeved she let this bridge troll inside her. Are we going to have some self respect now?

No. 315769

Jesus, what terrible pictures they chose for the article.

No. 315801

His anime tweets are peak "13 year old redditor trying to fit in". Somebody asked if he watched Evangelion and his response was "NERV".

Imagine you ask somebody if they watched Star Trek and the response is "Starfleet" or if they watched Harry Potter and the response is "Hogwarts". Twitter locked his account because they thought somebody else was shitposting.

No. 315804

it makes me feel disgusted to think I have something in common with old muskrat… hopefully he just googled Eva.
I cannot imagine him getting/enjoying the old series, seems like a rebuildfag to me if he watchd anything at all
NERV my ass…

No. 315819

He was even talking about building a mecha, but right now he doesn't even have the money for that

No. 315820

What the fuck are you going on about? I love Eva but it's one of the most popular animes of all time.

No. 315848


Where did I say that Eva is unpopular? I just dislike muskrat but I guess he can join in with the human garbage at Evageeks.
It's hard for me to imagine this unpleasant fuck watching this to empathise with the lonely and broken characters… but I have not considered Gendo as well as muskrat's sperging about how hard it is to be a rich asshole that has to sleep alone in a million dollar house.

TLDR my vision of an eva fan did not match up with musk but after reconsidering, I can see why he might enjoy it… if he did watch it and not just google it. hope the its time to built a mecha tweet was not an Eva reference kek

No. 315849

Pls, he sounds like the "why is Shinji such a pussy?" type of fan rather than an empathizer. There was a good ms paint image pointing out how Eva being about people's problematic relationships and communication goes over people's heads and they think it's about giant robots and religious symbolism.

No. 315857


>Somebody asked if he watched Evangelion and his response was "NERV".

holy shit i hate him and every single annoying zoomer looking up to him

No. 315860

As soon as they see past the "relatable millionaire" shtick and his success with spaceX they're going to stop stanning don't worry

No. 316008

File: 1540423462675.jpg (313.07 KB, 1200x1200, tumblr_pgvl2rmEBE1ucmj9p_1280.…)

No. 316033

Just wondering, why are people so sympathetic to Ariana? She's cheated on practically every person she's been with, peddles the "lolita" shit, arrogant and all around just as bad as Pete. Those two deserved each other. Trash people attract trash.

No. 316037

Madison beer looks so perfect on her Instagram, in her music videos, etc that I literally want someone to hit me with a car. But then you see candid video of her and she's just like normal hot and not the kind of perfect her personally released content makes her out to be.

No. 316040

Evangelion is not the only mechanime.
I, for one, am totally ready to throw all my money at a Tesla Gundam.

No. 316041

File: 1540434810550.jpg (235.18 KB, 1280x1629, madison-beer-leggy-in-jeans-sh…)

Yeah, I see what you mean. She's incredibly photogenic with controlled angles and lighting, but looks pretty plain in candids.

Her mouth and ears kind of freak me out tbh.

No. 316044

At least Kurt had 3 albums and classic live concerts. Jimi Hendrix had 3 as well. Lil Peep only had one album in life.He did not do enough to be remembered imo. Also to the other anons Pink Floyd is sometimes considered a overrated progressive rock band. Many other prog bands were far more talented musician wise as well. The Ramones/Joey Ramone also had a lot more melodic and thoughtful songs compared to there biggest hits. For example She talks to Rainbows or the songs Joey did with Ronnie Spector.

No. 316047

She's obviously attractive. From the right angles she looks unreal. But if there were a line of pretty girls in front of you she wouldn't stand out at all. Maybe that's why she got the lip injections.

No. 316061

not saying he deserves the cobain comparison (at all) but for a young kid he did put out a lot of music, just not his own albums. he did a lot of features and collabs. he only started a few years ago and considering that, he actually was pretty prolific. definitely not cobain, though cobain was an attentionwhore himself too. none of these men that claim to be sad lonely bois really are truly self hating sad lonely bois. you can't be narcissistic enough to want to achieve fame and be a sad lonely boi that truly hates himself and wants to die, imho.

No. 316067

Girl needs to stop with the fake tan and foundation six shades darker than her skin tone, jfc. YOU ARE WHITE, stop larping as an uwu exotic woman

No. 316070

why are we comparing classic 60's rock guitarists to uh rappers? at least fucking compare a more contemporary era like the 80s and 90s to the 2010s. What is wrong with y'all?

No. 316076

say it louder please. You can establish parallels about the carreer paths but this is just dumb, if you compare Lil Pump to King Crimson it doesn't make sense.

This is such a "uwu born in the wrong generation" type of post. As if bands or artists with only one album had never been considered as iconic by the public. The Sex Pistols are considered pioneers and shit, and they only released 1 mf album.
Pink Floyd are totally overrated in some areas TDSOTM is super overrated and not their best album imo

No. 316092

I'm responding to a anon that compared him to Cobain and some other anon that mention Pink Floyd and The Ramones. The Sex Pistols had one album but it was still a new genre and John Lydon went on to make more music. Punk was still fresh back then rap music has been around a long time so Lil Peep did nothing new. Other than The Pistols hardly anyone put out one album.A very small handful. King Crimson had many. I would never compare Lil Peep to rock based music others did though.

No. 316122

thank you!

No. 316185

if we're talking about Johnny Rotten (the only talented member of the Sex Pistols), P.I.L. was far better than the Sex Pistols.

This discussion is dumb though. Like other anon said, you can't compare rock to rap. Rock also isnt objectively better than rap, it's two entierly different genres. And even in rap, it wouldnt make sense to compare stuff like NAS to Lil Peep etc. Their music serve tottally different purposes.

sage for OT

No. 316307

This, but I've been wondering why she isn't aging horribly? We all know she's actually pale as fuck. Does she get work done on her face in that way, too?

No. 316332

Because she's only 25…

No. 316397

File: 1540510653502.jpeg (137 KB, 640x585, 6C8A58A9-D6BD-4742-8A35-8A014D…)

No. 316406

File: 1540516059370.jpg (264.2 KB, 1280x1920, 5a099abba24f7ff9ee801396266009…)

Nevermind, I guess she does look 25. I'm just too used to her being filtered and photoshopped and stuff. I always forget how celebrities actually look. This makes me not feel as bad about my undereye circles. She just always looked too perfect to me.
Also was wondering how she got away with tanning so much and dark makeup and not looking like shit, but I realized that's not true either, pic related. Her body is so splotchy.

No. 316412

>obligatory nasolabial foldzzz comment

No. 316415

> Grimes
> B+ list singer

She was a nobody until Muskrat dated her, then she was just known because it was a huge meme.

Jesus those caterpillar brows

No. 316417

that traction alopecia is tragic.

No. 316424

File: 1540523311663.jpg (16.71 KB, 236x309, 4fb93d54b8dc92d91e6c3d95457c96…)

Her wonky brow lift makes me rage. Whoever did that to her needs to lose their medical license. It was so unnecessary.

No. 316425

she's not smiling so it's not untrue. she's got em.

No. 316436

she still looks younger than 25 tbh. lots of young women have slight undereye circles, anon.

No. 316449

She looks her age… 25 is young.

No. 316459

She doesn't, but the makeup doesn't help.

No. 316494

File: 1540545631734.gif (620.75 KB, 440x247, siA7C.gif)

I'll never understand why naturally cute people go for plastic surgery. She looks perfect here.

In >>316406, her eyebrows look tacked-on. It looks like she's wearing spray tan- not a good look imo. Tanning is so out right now.

No. 316530

File: 1540556368409.png (42.53 KB, 609x347, dank.png)

No. 316531

File: 1540556407100.png (237.96 KB, 613x579, dank 2.png)

No. 316532

Thats not true. I dislike Grimes as a person but she deff had a big fanbase and her music was quite known to people who listen to alt pop.

No. 316533

>how do you do, fellow kids

No. 316534

Her natural face was so, so much prettier. Sad!

No. 316535

Not really. Her song Genesis had like 30+ millions of views before Musk.
I was a big fan of her earliest albums.
Her newest one is meh and the more I learn about her the more I dislike her but she had a decent and loyal fanbase prior to her dating Musk.

No. 316575

being a casual nintendofag (only caring about gen 1 pokemon or a superficial liking of zelda games) and referencing fortnite is not being a "gamur". Fuck this normalfag and the other wannabe normalfags who think they're like him

No. 316576

It makes you sound like a sperg when you are this mad about someone being a normie and trying to appropriate your video game "culture"

No. 316578

I don't give a fuck about video game culture you faggot. My point is if you're gonna try to look like a gamer at least don't look like a complete tryhard.

No. 316586

nta but i agree with them. even just 10 years ago being into games and shit got you bullied, but now every fuccboi like musk who played fortnite once is RTing nintendo tweets and sending women rape threats on overwatch like it makes them cool.

No. 316590

Somehow she looks 40 and 12 simultaneously here.

No. 316621

Most gamers only play things like FIFA, Overwatch, or GTA. Of course most people of a hobby are going to be casuals. Do you think someone is a real gamer if they play Dwarf Fortress?

Why are you surprised someone like Musk has played video games? Most guys have. I've never gotten a rape threat while playing video games tho. Maybe I am not a real gamer lol.

No. 316679

Instead of questioning Musk's taste in vidya, I'm more so questioning a grown man with 5(?) children and three(?) companies wasting time on twitter while undergoing fraud allegations.

How is this man not on the verge of a panic induced heart attack every second of the day now? Does he really not care about any of this at all? Why not just step down if you'd rather dick about on social media? It's not like he doesn't have the money to not work ever again.

No. 316727

Maybe it's some form of regression

No. 316737

I think this is the panic attack for him. He seems manic, at least, shitposting more than the usual rate. Something bad's probably happening behind the scenes.

No. 316775

File: 1540622562898.png (1.43 MB, 1200x1721, Screenshot_20181027-083620.png)

I don't get what kinda demographic he's trying to pander. The normalfag teen guys from reddit/4chan who are fascinated by meme culture and anime? That's a pretty small group in the grand scheme of things, but I guess they would even call him based for calling that diver a pedophile and wouldn't hate him for it. There's really no use from it though,most young guys in STEM are into TV series much more than anime if he wants some followers.

No. 316776

>wasting time on twitter while undergoing fraud allegations
elon shkreli

No. 316777

File: 1540623134676.jpg (71.83 KB, 480x480, dex.jpg)

he needs to delete, this is so embarassing

No. 316808

File: 1540633669106.jpg (682.72 KB, 1280x1694, tumblr_m0p6fpClqA1qek7uko1_128…)

This is not a new drama, so I am saging, but felt like posting link to this blog as every now and then some anon in the Luna thread is like ~at least Courtney Love is a true artist and a feminist icon uwu~. Honey, no. She's a gross fraud that lucked out on being born to rich parents and locking Kurt up.

More info and proof here:

I am posting this blog for another reason than their breakdown of Courtney's fake image and drama. Did you know that she blames women for being victims of rape? Read the first link in http://exposingcourtneylove.tumblr.com/post/170097275655/as-a-feminist-i-used-to-love-cl-before-i-saw and you will.

The blog also has plenty of information about how PR and marketing works for celebrities which I believe is good to know to be able to stop buying the narrative sold to you without blinking an eye. For example http://exposingcourtneylove.tumblr.com/post/166561000290/how-to-build-a-rock-star-think-like-a-business explains how Lana Del Rey got her fame (as much as I like her, or rather the artist persona she portrays).
Another interesting links


Like everything, judge for yourself and take it with a grain of salt. I am not 100% with them on some statements which in my opinion would need some more proof to stand, but the blog is still a good read for an Courtney Love (ex-)fan and anyone interested in how media works.

No. 316811

Absolutely! Thank you for this Anon. I’m so tired of having to hear about how amazing yet sad “these great minds” contributed and how it’s our lost.

Fuck Peep, X and Miller. I hope that rainbow haired dumbass is next.

No. 316933

File: 1540665218862.jpg (79.07 KB, 473x1024, DqYIYHbXcAE2fP4.jpg)

No. 316934

File: 1540665250389.png (305.88 KB, 596x582, Untitled.png)

No. 316936

File: 1540665296322.jpg (2.41 MB, 1800x1481, Pete-Davidson-changed-his-numb…)

No. 316948

that blog lost all credibility to me when they claimed that lana del rey doesn't write her own music without providing any proof. it's an open secret that courtney doesn't write her own, though. she is a talented performer and sells the hell out of everything she sings, even if she didn't write it, so i wouldn't call her a "fraud" or claim that she bought her fame when she has legitimate fans. a record label push can only get you so far. plenty of rich kid "artists" fail to connect with the public.

what if elon ends up going the troony anime catgirl route?

No. 316985

i would fucking shit myself. all the people who bragged about hating him months ago were troons, it'd be such a self own.

No. 317006

I agree with you on the Lana case. As I mentioned, I am not on board woth them on every case. They are very good at pointing out CLove's hipocrisy and teaching people awareness in regards to buying bullshit media sells you.
Personally I don't know how to feel about their claim that Frances Bean is a rape baby as Kurt had sex w/ Courtney without consenting to conceiving a child and was manipulated into the marriage and so on. The manipulation I buy, but the rape part is too definite statement as only the people involved know how it went. She does have a tendency of attempting to lock men in relationship with pregnancies tho
The blog is run by two spergs on a mission, they can be very hit or miss and you should not blindly believe cause a tumblr told you to.
They change their mind from time to time when new facts surface. I remember them claiming that Lana was a factory plant than changing mind after stumbling upon the trailer video (much discussed among fans as possibly staged). Have thwy started to claim now that Lana does not write her music or is it in the past?

No. 317008

I don't believe a thing Ari says about this situation. She's been doing damage control from the beginning of their relationship and is clearly embarassed of the last 5 months of her life.

No. 317009

samefag. Reread what you wrote about Courtney. She's a fraud cause she is packaged as this feminist savior while she is a racist, sexist and misogynist sperg. I noticed the contradiction between her image and what she actually says lomg before and was confused. Thought I was missing context, surely the feminist warrior princess survivor would not say such vile thing…(I was a dumb tee then though)? But she did
and she does. Not to mentio she is sold as this vilified rock queen coming from impoverished background, mentally ill etc. wheb she is a talentless hack and built her fame on being a Nancy Spungen cosplayer kek.
Funny to see people like Luna and Soren cling to her as she is as hollow as their fantasies.

No. 317019

That's understandable. I would be embarrased too if I fell in love with Tweek from South park.

No. 317022

So she felt perfectly fine throwing Mac under the bus on twitter but defends Pete?

The BPD entitlement is real

No. 317028

>doesn't recognize Touhou girls
Turn in your weeb credentials, Elon.

No. 317065

> elon shkreli

I kek'd, thanks anon

No. 317071

No. 317079

can she drop the whole "respect our privacy uwu!!!" shit, you're a celebrity hunty. you forfeited your privacy in exchange for being richer than 99% of the population so just shut the fuck up.

No. 317100

You also can't be frothing at the pussy for a dude for months on end, telling everyone how in love you are in every interview, publicly PDA-ing on awards show red carpets and then get upset when people question why tf you suddenly broke up. If she doesn't want people meddling in her relationships, she shouldn't flaunt them

No. 317152

>If the media woud just drop it
Sure thing miss "like, 10 inches?"

No. 317157

File: 1540717648428.jpg (421.48 KB, 890x1616, Screenshot_20181028-100631.jpg)

We live in a weird timeline.

No. 317159

for someone who goes ballistic at her privacy being "invaded" she sure does like to overshare

No. 317163

Not that elon's really into anime but why are men who love anime so obnoxious? These guys are really weird and creepy…

No. 317188

Complete lack of understanding what's socially acceptable, even on the internet. Huge obsession with relationships of fictional characters, whether a guy is a cuck or whether a girl is "used goods" and similar things. Instead of handling porn and doujinshi as a private thing they talk about it often and use terms like mindbreak, ahegao,NTR etc. especially creepy in regard to lolis but they think it makes them fit in.

No. 317190

File: 1540733331409.jpeg (148.16 KB, 1200x675, biebs.jpeg)

No. 317210


>why is there a pic of a random homeless man eating in a thread about celebri—

>that’s justin bieber

i’m really into normcore and other kinda silly trends but the all-out hobo look where the individual pieces probably cost hundreds-thousands of dollars is just peak celebutard imo

No. 317212

I hate how hobos have appropriated hoodies. Theyre the most versatile piece of clothing imo

No. 317238

No they arent and unless youre still a teenager, you should be ashamed for wearing one and not knowing how to dress.

No. 317239

No they arent and unless youre still a teenager, you should be ashamed for wearing one and not knowing how to dress.

No. 317251

No. 317262

File: 1540744261793.jpeg (25.85 KB, 360x406, 906B14B3-EB2E-42B4-ABCC-591BA4…)

a real biebs. he looks even worse for wear than the fake bieber

what happened to the little canadian twink we all used to know

No. 317269

>what happened to the little canadian twink we all used to know

No. 317273


No. 317317

lol what a troll face

No. 317349

damn. he looks so bad i almost think he is doing it on purpose, he probably got tired of that pretty boy image that made teenage girls gush over him lol

No. 317354

The fuck? Comfy I could buy, but they aren't remotely versatile. You can only wear them in one situation (casual) with one type of bottom (pants) unless you want to look like an idiot. They aren't even convenient
>a pain to take off unless there's a zip
>can't be repurposed into pajamaes because the hood gets in the way
>can't be worn for sport because the hood flops around

I have a real grudge against hoodies because of the last reason. I need lots of warm clothes because I do a winter sport and everything has fucking a hood.

No. 317362

This bloke is worth millions of dollars so why does he look like trash. Get a facial

No. 317364

File: 1540755878225.jpg (23.67 KB, 650x400, jeff-bezos_650x400_61520424013…)

To be fair, the more money you have the less you have to give a fuck about your appearance

No. 317373

I sleep in hoodies every night, tf do you mean

No. 317392

Idk how you stand that shit under your neck

No. 317398

i do too and 3 blankets
fist bump

No. 317415

But Beiber is a singer which is really dependent on your industry. He definitely got ahead on his looks. It's different than being a businessman where people care a lot less.

No. 317424

Have you ever seen what Jeff Bezos looked like before he became a billionaire?

No. 317433

was he hot?

No. 317444

File: 1540768630144.jpg (101.48 KB, 960x611, jeff.jpg)

No, but his appearance improved 10x when he shaved his head and started working out. Musk kinda did the same thing with his hair transplant but I don't think anything can help the Zucks

No. 317448

Zuckerberg is so damn ugly. He legit looks like a pod person

No. 317450

he looked better doing his best kevin spacey cosplay from "pay it forward" in 98 imo

No. 317452

fucking gross.

Men are nasty, but men obsessed with anime are a new level of subhuman. Like the other anon said, they have zero awareness and lack any real social interactions. They always make my spine crawl

No. 317456

I love you, anon

No. 317527

Straight up thought this was Andy samburg making fun of Pete Davidson

No. 317534

>that comparison
Kek. But Tweek is actually adorable whereas Pete Davidson looks like a donkey.

No. 317606

File: 1540808425947.jpg (24.84 KB, 640x426, conner4real.jpg)

serving some conner4realness

No. 317610


not defending him but that picture is a screen grab from a sketch

No. 317698

what sketch was it?

No. 317900

how does that change the fact that he's got butthole eyes

No. 317953

In the most recent episidege was in a sketch with Chris Redd rapping about trees.

Explaining SNL sketches out loud is so cringey even though I like them half the time

No. 318055

File: 1540897717997.webm (7.89 MB, 480x480, Lmn8xkYhQvZAnULb.webm)

nicki and cardi are fighting again

too lazy to upload all of the clips but you can watch the rest here

No. 318058

File: 1540898016084.jpg (79.38 KB, 675x1200, DquU7UMXcAAadJK.jpg)

ariana and little mix are supporting nicki

No. 318059

File: 1540898032490.jpg (19.8 KB, 675x1200, DquU7UNXQAAk0JY.jpg)

No. 318060

Ugh why do women beef with each other so much compared to men and why do they have to act 100x more passive aggressive about it. Where's the ass kicking and the open disses instead of months of subliminal tension over competition and pettiness build up out of nowhere.

No. 318063

>deformation of character

No. 318064

Because there's no reason to physically harm someone over dumb shit and women have empathy unlike men. Get out of here, robot.

No. 318067

File: 1540899473227.jpg (275.09 KB, 720x1064, 20181030_042917.jpg)

Lol and Azealia's ass has already inserted herself into the Cardi/Nicki beef.

>Ugh why do women beef with each other so much compared to men
They don't. They really don't. Anyone who follows rap knows that the men are competitive and petty as hell and diss each other constantly, they just don't get stereotyped for it like women do. Plus, the female rap community is a lot smaller.
>Where's the ass kicking
…you already forgot what happened between Cardi and Nicki at the fashion week party? Really? There's nothing subliminal and passive aggressive about this situation at all.

No. 318073

ugh. azealia has to ruin everything

No. 318089

Right but you're also forgetting this is a beef that came from middle school lunch table kind of shit, not anyone fucking another's man/woman, not anyone setting up someone getting shot or betraying them, just "oh they view me as competition, ect" kind of deal.

And it's not even the same thing because cardi and nicki are literally the only two visible female rappers right now and nicki has a history of showing animosity and distaste to female competition. Though to be fair modern rap beefs are fucking garbage in general, I did appreciate the energy between the Pusha T and Drake beef though. Drake is a lame ass bitch who didn't deliver like he was supposed to. Just like Nicki's wack ass. It's sad only Azealia's crazy ass demonstrates an inch of that same energy rappers had in the 90s and 2000s but even then she still has STRONG bitch-made and victim-complex tendencies.

>…you already forgot what happened between Cardi and Nicki at the fashion week party? Really? There's nothing subliminal and passive aggressive about this situation at all.

Throwing shoes ain't shit. One of them gotta rip the other on wax.

No. 318090

>Because there's no reason to physically harm someone over dumb shit
You don't know what hip-hop culture is, retard.

>women have empathy unlike men

Yeah they have so much ~empathy~ they'd just smile in each other's faces and pretend it's all good (something Nicki and Cardi was doing until Nicki decided she couldn't put up with the facade anymore while acting like a victim) LOL. I'd rather they just go out with it and brutalize each other instead of this middle school chatty patty bullshit. They'd earn a lot more respect in my eyes.


You obviously don't lurk outside of imageboards.

No. 318106

>Ugh why do women beef with each other so much compared to men
You don't know anything about hip hop. Male rappers been DYING over beefs. Male rappers beef more than females there's only 2 females beefing at any given time, every other week there's a beef between these closeted male rappers. Jesus Christ. You are retarded.

sage for hip hop sperg.

No. 318116

>>not anyone fucking another's man/woman, not anyone setting up someone getting shot or betraying them, just "oh they view me as competition, ect" kind of deal.
That's true, but since when has that ever been necessary to facilitate rap beef? Biggie and Tupac aside, one of the most iconic beefs was the Jay Z vs. Nas thing, and that never kicked off for any real, discernible reason other than they were just talking shit and throwing subliminals at each other song after song.

>>And it's not even the same thing because cardi and nicki are literally the only two visible female rappers right now and nicki has a history of showing animosity and distaste to female competition.

You're correct, but the point I was trying to make was that competitive spirit is essential to how hip hop works. Rappers are always striving to be known for the best lyrics, the best beats, the most clout, the highest sales. Almost everyone has their own opinion on who the GOAT is and who's in their top five.
So when you have a heavily marginalized group like female rappers participating in a pretty misogynistic culture like hip hop, of course it's going to look like everyone is beefing with each other when there's only like a handful of them in the public eye. Who else are they going to beef with?

Though I don't like Cardi much I was hoping she would drop a diss track, but it doesn't seem like that's in the works. I can't stand Nicki so I'll take what I can get. Seems like ever since Remy Ma publicly shamed her, people have been a lot more open to the idea of there being more than just one female rapper at the top and other entertainers like Cupcakke, Asian Doll, Rico Nasty etc. have come out of the woodwork.

No. 318130

>supporting a woman who defended a child rapist and collaborated with another one
Such feminist icons!

No. 318181

File: 1540913379761.jpg (42.08 KB, 687x319, Dqt6RpgWoAADuGE.jpg)

No. 318183

screams of "im not like oth3r gyruls!!1"

No. 318185

File: 1540913488839.png (150.29 KB, 600x632, awDv3D1.png)

No. 318187

File: 1540913507158.jpg (140.01 KB, 1200x1200, Dqt9opBVAAAvDvK.jpg)

No. 318188

File: 1540913523110.jpg (107.7 KB, 1200x1200, Dqt9oo_U4AEBxjw.jpg)

No. 318190

File: 1540913571247.jpg (122.34 KB, 1200x1200, Dqt9oo-U0AAVLRa.jpg)

No. 318191

File: 1540913590439.jpg (80.34 KB, 1200x1200, Dqt9oo8VYAAYSnO.jpg)

No. 318203

File: 1540915667133.png (179.33 KB, 601x595, gqRhql7.png)

No. 318205

File: 1540915703670.png (213.9 KB, 604x1600, 8jaVrtE.png)

last one.
sorry for the nicki/cardi spam

No. 318216

File: 1540916870279.jpg (445.29 KB, 1080x1080, 484838389155841.jpg)

I missed this one at first, but AB made a weird thread on Twitter comparing her influence in female rap to Nicki and calling Iggy Azalea her albino child/miscarriage. What the fuck is wrong with her LMAO

No. 318242


AB's remarks usually make me chuckle, but this is just weird and tasteless. Also, AB is not the face of female rap. If anything, she is delusional. Her music is good, but releasing one successful (house rap) song in 2014 does not make her what she claims to be. And if she wanted to be the face of female rap underground, she should probably start caring about music again and not spend all her time on her weird soap business.

No. 318436

What the fuck is wrong with this bitch

No. 318454

I've never seen convincing evidence she's cheated, I've never seen the lolita stuff you mentioned, and I personally love her in interviews. She's snarky and bold as hell.

No. 318483

This bish needs sectioned. Absolute nutcase

No. 318484

This bish needs sectioned. Absolute nutcase

No. 318487

agreed, it's nuts how people enable her instead of encouraging her to seek help. she's out of her fucking mind and a danger to herself with the skin bleaching shit and the sketchy snake oil soap.

No. 318537

this has been pissing me off ever since that happened. why the fuck are people saying "knot"? "look at the knot on her head" not/knot jokes? is this an American thing? are they meant to be saying "KNOCK?" annoys the fuck out of me, man.

No. 318540

File: 1540985228488.jpeg (4.3 KB, 299x168, download (4).jpeg)

>is this an American thing?
I guess it is. those bumps like the one she got are called knots here sometimes.

No. 318550

so did this just happen cos people were too retarded to pronounce the word "knock"?

No. 318552

No, no one calls those things "knocks" here.

No. 318579

this is old but deserves a spot in this thread

No. 318653


The word for a hematoma like the one pictured here >>318540 is knot, not knock. Knock refers to the act of hitting someone on the head, while knot refers to the bump itself.

No. 318706

Why anon? I looked up some context for this and apparently she had just recovered from and illness, which is what she's referring to. Would be crazy if she did MJ/Kanye out on stage tho

No. 318749

My bad, I didn't know the context.

No. 318785

File: 1541019943280.jpg (52.53 KB, 1024x759, 814017_original.jpg)

No. 318848

not surprising. I hope she learned from this dumbass little whirlwind romance of hers but she seems defensive as ever.

No. 318870

It's insane how many tattoos she got for/with him. Not to mention the track on her album. Kind of sad that she made a big deal of how happy he makes her just to break up. He did seem like extremely shitty individual so I do think it's good that they broke up overall, but seeing relationships end always makes me a bit sad (I am contradicting myself, I know). I suppose it's a shame the relationship was shit and she did not recognize it before the tattoos, instantly outdated love songs and so on.

No. 318942

Y’all are delusional as hell if you think actual celebs are coming into some second rate 4chan knockoff board to defend themselves against a bunch of shutin nerds

This thread isn’t even that popular

No. 318947

Wtf why wouldn't she just get it lasered off? It's not like she doesn't have the money. That looks like crap.

No. 318950

I can but Azalea being delusional and cracked out to come here (not the same as convinced, mind you) but other than, IA. Even the biggest lolcow celeb has more important shit to worry about than what some asshole in here thinks of them.

No. 318955

Azealia is barely a celeb anymore

No. 318977

AB is the only "celeb" people accuse of self-posting. She does nothing but shitpost online all day when not making crackhead soap.

No. 319060

no, I think she is. I was watching her live bored on lunch break a few days ago, she was shopping for a printer. Heaps of people came up to talk to her and ask for photos. She was so dismissive to a lot of them, it was cringe to watch. "OMG IM SHAKING THIS IS AMAZING IM A BIG FAN!" azealia "haha, yeah. thanks. see ya".

No. 319166

File: 1541091418959.jpg (223.87 KB, 1100x1889, baldy in scarborough.jpg)

not really news but I think he looks so much better tbh

No. 319178

sage for irrelevsnt, but their target audience sounds obnoxious as fuck

No. 319196

Ever since his weird hillbilly phase I can’t see him as anything other than white trash, haircut or not.

No. 319306

Who is this?

No. 319334

File: 1541120804448.png (36.12 KB, 604x278, ariana.png)

No. 319338

J Bieb
Oooo bitch

No. 319340

that turned sour quick lmao, she was literally just bitching 2 days ago to "let us heal uwuuuuuuuuuuuu" and now she's airing her own dirty laundry. this girl is so fucking messy.

No. 319343

Ohhhhhh she also retweeted a girl tagging herself as the girl that said no to marrying him on his snl skit lol.

No. 319362

So he went from druggy hippy to druggy redneck. Nice

No. 319398

ugh god he looks like he should be working in a mcdonald's in florida

No. 319401

File: 1541133569844.png (Spoiler Image, 835.61 KB, 676x1206, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 01.4…)

AB did a Instagram Live yesterday and showed her tits. She looked so fucking high

No. 319402

is she somehow wearing black face?

No. 319403

kek I thought the same thing, she looks like a fucking ganguro because of her eye makeup or whatever it is

No. 319408

Holy fuck this can't be Azealia. She looks fucking terrifying.

No. 319413

File: 1541136065986.jpg (Spoiler Image, 522.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181102-014135.jpg)

Another photo

No. 319415

What costume is this?

No. 319416

catty noir from monster high

No. 319446

File: 1541155320410.png (183.42 KB, 600x423, 9063_600.png)

she deleted it already

No. 319448

realizing she was being a huge hypocrite I guess

No. 319450

sigh. doing blackface when you're black. Why does she troll, so?

No. 319451

File: 1541156412518.png (958.77 KB, 906x904, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 6.59…)

No. 319474

??? is that her actual titty? it looks like one of those chest plates that drag performers use.

No. 319478

File: 1541166377864.jpg (68.83 KB, 1148x1200, DRvKRfwVoAEZeDq.jpg)

looks like tom cruise

No. 319484

Lmao she deleted the tweet.
Where is her PR? Her manager? Someone who can slap the phone out of her hands whenever she spergs out like this? If I were a manager I would never allow my client to embarrass themselves publically like that.

No. 319494

lmao azealia is a straight fool

No. 319495

Where's her PR? This is her PR. Her brand is victimhood.

No. 319529

What was the context of this tweet?

No. 319532

Pete made an Ariana joke in this recent SNL ad

No. 319533

This was for one of her music videos.

No. 319537

File: 1541179311575.jpg (34.52 KB, 580x726, fd977_1screen-shot-2018-06-22-…)

Tbh, I feel bad for Pete in this whole thing. Obviously they're both idiots, but I feel like he was kind of manipulated in this situation. It definitely reminds me of shitty girls I went to highschool with who would post a million pics of them with some guy they had been dating for a week with song lyric captions saying like "da luv of my life!!!" but be shitty and mean to their bfs in real life, but the bf didn't realize they were being shitty because they believed all the myspace photo captions and thought they were in love and were just so grateful to get attention from such a pretty girl. Then the girl would get bored and dump them out of nowhere and start saying shit like "omg he's soo obsessed with me he's like stalking me!!" when really the guy is just confused about the whole whirlwind relationship cause he's the only one who didn't know it was bullshit the whole time. In Pete's case I think his emotional confusion and the complete 180 will just turn to him spiraling out and getting crazier and crazier.

Anyone here know what I'm talking about, or is that too specific?

Anyways, it makes me sad to see Ariana turn on him so hard. I mean, we all knew it was never gonna last, but the 180 makes me feel sad for Pete cause I think he was genuinely in love with her (his version of love at least, which included saying uncomfortable things about her all the time)

No. 319539

i know what kind of girls you're talking about but tbh i don't see how it applies here because he's the one that really does act fucking obsessed with her, constantly saying really dehumanizing and ott shit.

No. 319540

File: 1541179591637.jpg (19.43 KB, 630x354, USREV0700107_640x480_1.jpg)

Yeah, I was gonna post this too. But, she still took the time to stop at this point in the makeup process and take this pic, so obviously she knew what she was doing when she did that. (especially cause of the blue contacts as well)

Like if someone was doing makeup like pic related, and the guy stopped to take a silly pic of JUST his face being covered in black paint, it'd still be fucked up.

No. 319545

Yeah, that's fair, I didn't mean to make it seem like he's without blame in this. I just feel like it's one of those situations where literally everyone in the whole world, including Ariana, knew that it was a bullshit relationship that wasn't going to last, EXCEPT for Pete. Because boys are dumb and Pete has shown himself to be especially emotionally inept. I think he was exactly as obsessed as any emotionally stunted boy would be in a very public "honeymoon phase" of a relationship, and his way of showing his affection is to say uncomfortable dehumanizing shit…because he's essentially a giant child with access to drugs and shoved into the spotlight. I just think everything could have been handled better on Ariana's end, but I can also see where it seems easier to just try and fuck all the way off and have no contact ever again from her perspective as well.

Either way, it'll be a learning experience for both of them. Ariana will obviously come out of it much better than Pete will, cause she isn't really having to deal with the emotional repercussions of her actions in any way.

No. 319549

>I just feel like it's one of those situations where literally everyone in the whole world, including Ariana, knew that it was a bullshit relationship that wasn't going to last, EXCEPT for Pete.

Eh, I disagree. If Ariana was so sure they wouldn't last, why go through all this public mess that, if she had KNOWN they wouldn't last, would leave her looking real fucking stupid. Like, a song with his name, tattoos, interviews talking about "he's my SOULMATE! I just KNEW we're gonna get married the day we met!", covering his disgusting jokes, etc.?

Like, either she knew they weren't gonna last which means she's stupid for doing all that.


She didn't know, and is stupid for assuming you're gonna be able to tell who you're gonna want to spend your life with after a day.

Either way, Ariana is a moron, Pete is a moron, they're all morons.

No. 319555

Yeah we're not all 12 and Peter is an adult who has had grown up relationships before. He was just dick thirsting hard over Ariana. I'm sure him thanking her all the time for existing and looking soo pretty would get annoying when she hears that enough from preteens

No. 319557

>emotionally stunted boy

He's 24, not 14.

No. 319561

Think anon means he acts like a 14 year old boy instead of a well adjusted adult

No. 319564

>emotionally inept

well yeah, because he has BPD.

I don't think either of them is a victim here, they were both assholes about the relationship and couldn't shut the fuck up about it, now they look like dumbfucks. I think it says something, though, that Pete, who is actually probably struggling to cope with being dumped/abandonment issues/BPD, hasn't said anything shitty about her and is trying to laugh it off (albeit poorly) while Ariana goes after him like a fucking snake mere days after asking for privacy and healing or whatever. Like just leave the dude alone, he's fucking irrelevant now. No need to kick him while he's down.

No. 319568

File: 1541185455960.jpg (78.15 KB, 500x700, LOYGgit.jpg)

Agree for the most part but I don't know what people expect from either of them. Pete is an absolute idiot who says dumb disrespectful shit all the time and ariana already has a shady history despite keeping up her public image. I have no idea what the point of the relationship was for the two of them but we all knew it wasn't going to last.

No. 319584

NTA but holy shit, 24? I thought he was in his late twenties

No. 319587

Not to sound like a Pete-stan cause I truly think they're both dinguses, but don't forget that Pete's dad was a firefighter killed in 9/11 when he was a kid. That kind of trauma can really impact someone's development, so I do think it's a little unfair to just write him off as like
>well he's 24 he should know better!!
I think there's a reason for his emotional stupidity.

Pete and Ariana both have severe trauma in their past and I can't speak for how Pete/Pete's mom handled his mental health as a kid, but we've seen Ariana not slowing down to cope with her shit either. They both need help.

Also wot? I was the OP >>319537 that said I felt bad for him, I'm not kicking him when he's down. He's a comedian though, so I'm guessing he's one of those comedians who uses comedy to cope with depression/trauma instead of actually addressing it. Not that uncommon. That or he's just trying to show that he's JUST FINE without Ariana and can go back out in public. I bet he's getting real fucked up at those SNL afterparties and rebounding though, how long before his cast members beg him to take a break or something?

No. 319597

>but don't forget that Pete's dad was a firefighter killed in 9/11 when he was a kid
you're not wrong at all but it's hard to forget as this will be brought up more and more depending on how hard he fucks up at the moment, sometimes by fans but mostly by him as a get out of jail free card.

Bombing on SNL? 9/11 dad wanted him to be a comedian give him a chance
Drug abuse? 9/11 dad traumatized him deeply let him live
Relationship bullshit? You don't have a 9/11 dad!

No. 319603

Pete is a grown ass man, stop infantilizing him. He constantly does stupid shit and even said he felt sorry for the priest who groped her. We all saw this coming precisely because he is a douche.

No. 319611

>Pete: literally thinks of his father to last longer during sex
>Some man-coddling handmaiden: "B-but think of his trauma!!!"

No. 319632


You do sound like a Pete stan. He's not a "boy" in any sense of the word, talking about a grown man like he's just a poor little baby who doesn't know anything is weird.

No. 319656

??? I wasn't talking about you. I said Ariana was kicking him while he's down. I don't know how you interpreted it otherwise. And again, he is emotionally stupid because he has BPD. You don't have to dive deep into his past to make excuses for his behavior lol.

No. 319657

File: 1541198455387.gif (863.59 KB, 245x260, cool-motive-still-murder_brook…)

So because I acknowledged that he had a legitimate childhood trauma as a kid, I'm coddling him? Lmao how do you figure that one anon? Where did I say his trauma excused any of his actions? I just said it makes sense that he's an emotionally stunted manchild, not that it's ok to be one.

Literally where did I call him a "boy" anywhere?

Yeah, that's fair. Has he ever actually used it as an excuse himself, or is it something everyone else uses for him? Didn't he give Ariana some shit about still talking about the bombing? I can't remember. I could totally see him being like "Why are you even still talking about that? My dad died in 9/11 and you don't see me getting all upset about it!"

No. 319665

>Because boys are dumb and Pete has shown himself to be especially emotionally inept. I think he was exactly as obsessed as any emotionally stunted boy would be in a very public "honeymoon phase" of a relationship, and his way of showing his affection is to say uncomfortable dehumanizing shit…because he's essentially a giant child with access to drugs and shoved into the spotlight.
You literally called him a "giant child" and used the word "boy" more than a few times. How is this not attempting to infantilize him?

No. 319674

>emotionally stunted boy
>he's essentially a giant child

No. 319697

File: 1541204413877.png (31.43 KB, 582x190, cap.png)

I just meant boy as in the male gender, not "widdle baby boy". Pretty big leap there anon. If I call Ariana a girl you think I think she's a literal toddler? I really don't understand your beef here. Pete acts immature so I'm calling him immature? Why are you so upset by that?
>pete acts like a dumb idiot child, so I call him a dumb idiot child
>I can't believe ur calling him a precious little baby boy and coddling him wtf!!!!!

No. 319707

Pete treated her like a piece of meat and even if we don't know what went on behind closed doors, I think his public comments said enough. I can't believe people feel bad for his misogynist BPD manchild ass.

No. 319709

That cakey-ass make up eughhhh

No. 319803


No. 319819

File: 1541247302195.png (213.99 KB, 399x460, Skjermbilde 2018-11-03 kl. 13.…)

this was posted four days ago, it looks like she has put on some weigh, finally. She looks a lot healthier like this.

No. 319869


I’m no where near an ana chan, but this weight looks strange on her to me. She’s so tiny that any kind of weight gain looks strange. When she was younger her weight distributed evenly but now it looks like it’s all going to her arms in this photo. Her face still looks bone thin.

No. 319876

that's just the pose she's taking. Your arms will always look much larger on pictures if they're pressed against your body.

No. 319893

File: 1541258803184.png (20.76 KB, 761x170, nodragshehehe.PNG)

"HIHIHI JUS LOVE, JUS FORGIVENESS!!! i hav grown im full of positivity swear guys :) :) x"- Ariana Grande, not even a day after trying to drag her ex for joking about their past proposal

No. 319970

File: 1541269445085.png (20.19 KB, 570x230, fNdheS3.png)

No. 319998

fake ass bitch lmao. everyone knows she's a snake.

No. 320052

File: 1541285915502.png (58.18 KB, 617x483, petras.PNG)

No. 320059

Didn't that dude literally go on them? Is he just nitpicking their argument because puberty blockers technically aren't the exact same thing?

No. 320061

lol yup. he's moving the goalpost and acting like the problem is only if prepubescent kids go on hormones, when obviously the problem is going on hormones throughout and even shortly after puberty. shit attempt at manipulation

No. 320091

I can barely even tell she's singing in English. The whole song sounds like a slurred mess.

No. 320094

I don't understand why she does that. She's annoying but she is talented. I wonder how much better off she would've been just staying in broadway.

No. 320099

Meh, she still not articulating her words well enough.
Ariana is so over rated imo.

No. 320106

you can't rip off mariah carey in broadway so i don't think it would have gone down too well for her

No. 320109

i literally never know what she's saying in almost all the songs i've heard of hers (whatever's on the radio mostly because i don't particularly enjoy her music so i don't go out of my way to listen to it). it sounds like she's singing in simlish.

No. 320117

ariana grande is a mariah carey derivative

No. 320140

Ariana's voice is weak as piss

No. 320149

No. 320150

File: 1541314221530.png (86.87 KB, 385x916, lyrics.png)

Yikes. I keep seeing people on twitter praising her but this shit is just….childish?
>omg pete's obsessed with me he won't leave me alone!!!
>writes a song with his name in it and releases it the same night his show comes out

No. 320152

I like her voice but holy shit do her lyrics suck.

No. 320153

maybe that's why she sings so we can't understand what she's saying kek

No. 320157

>Ariana while Mac was alive:"A MAN'S INABILITY TO KEEP HIS SHIT TOGETHER!"
>Ariana now:"Wish I could've thanked him, he was an angel uwu"


>Ariana now:"I'm so thankful for Pete uwu"

We sure she ain't borderline as well?

No. 320159

typical child star syndrome I guess. it seems like she's barely holding it together at any given time.

No. 320164


god, society gives taylor swift a lot of shit for being a serial dater and using relationships to make songs but ariana really should be treated like the cow she is

>dates some boy she was on broadway with. seemed like a normal teen relationship, they break up not long after her career takes off on victorious

>she gets into a relationship with some teen heartthrob youtuber. they start off flirting on social media but eventually she flys to meet him and their relationship is chronicled through youtube videos.
>they break up and not long after ariana is in a relationship with some singer she made a duet with for her 1st album. her ex reveals that she did in fact cheat on him with the singer, yet ariana manages to make herself look like a victim in the situation
>she and the singer break up. she begins dating big sean while he's still engaged to actress naya rivera. he breaks up with naya and he and ariana go public not long after
>they break up and she gets with one of her dancers, ricky. they got matching tattoos and she wrote many songs about him, even almost titled her 3rd album after one of them
>they're over. she moves on to mac miller, says she's liked him for years since they did a song together during her 1st album…that doesn't end well
>boom, she's with pete davidson and engaged within a very short period of dumping mac. also claimed to have liked him for years… and we all now what a shit show that's been

this song is kinda pathetic. the message is that each relationship was a learning experience and now she's taking the time to focus on herself, but has she really learned anything?? find it hard to believe her pattern of intense yet shitty relationships and playing victim is not gonna continue

No. 320168

Regardless of all the stuff surrounding the release of this song…the lyrics are just kinda shit by themselves?

I mean, she talks about learning from her past relationships, but mentions no faults of her own? You'd think to go through growth you'd first have to recognize where YOUR problems and YOUR faults lie.

And the one fault of her own that the lyrics DO adress, moving on too fast, she deflects by saying OTHER people consider it fast, she never actually says that she sees it as a fault herself ("I know they say I move on too fast").

No. 320169

File: 1541320051234.png (26.54 KB, 467x353, tyn.PNG)

This woman's obsession with getting married is unreal.

There were all these rumors of her pressuring Big Sean to propose, not to mention all the Pete dramatics.

It's kinda sad at this point. Imagine being beautiful, rich, successful, but having such a horrible personality that no man would want to spend his entire life with you? And she's not even old, why does she feel the need to get married right now?

No. 320175

it's clear she hasn't learned jack shit from her exes except that she can monetize her relationships with them lol.

No. 320185

Honestly this sounds super petty especially towards Pete lol. One taught me pain ?? Girl what pain ? She acts like she's an abused single mom left in poverty.

And you're right, no thinking "Damn geez maybe I shouldn't make others responsible for my own happiness", no she's straight to "I'm so amazing so i'm gonna find the right guy eventually"

That's what she gets for only having yesmen around. Even when people try to get her to realize her relationship was fucked up she blew them off like an idiot. This girl isn't 16 anymore, there's no reason to be this dumb. I'd understand after the first two dudes but come on, she's a grown ass woman she shouldn't go straight for the tattoos and naming your music after guys ugh.
I love my fiancé and I'd still never tattoo his name on me that's so idiotic.

No. 320186

Honestly this sounds super petty especially towards Pete lol. One taught me pain ?? Girl what pain ? She acts like she's an abused single mom left in poverty.

And you're right, no thinking "Damn geez maybe I shouldn't make others responsible for my own happiness", no she's straight to "I'm so amazing so i'm gonna find the right guy eventually"

That's what she gets for only having yesmen around. Even when people try to get her to realize her relationship was fucked up she blew them off like an idiot. This girl isn't 16 anymore, there's no reason to be this dumb. I'd understand after the first two dudes but come on, she's a grown ass woman she shouldn't go straight for the tattoos and naming your music after guys ugh.
I love my fiancé and I'd still never tattoo his name on me that's so idiotic.

No. 320207

>least this song is a smash
She's got a big ego I'll tell you that.

No. 320214

No. 320222

File: 1541345091744.jpeg (91.78 KB, 640x631, KGHK3ruQ_o.jpeg)

not even just the same night, she released it like 30 minutes before SNL aired.

No. 320228

Makes me wonder if she was trying to bait him to flip on SNL so she can play more victim. She thanks everyone but Pete, calls Mac an angel, etc. I hate butthole eyes but Ariana is snakey and turns on you in an instant, sounds like a BPDfag to me.

No. 320243

Are you a bpdfag too or do you just have an intense hateboner for ari?

No. 320244

Pete stans are annoying and act so lame. “Hello new crush, am I rite gals?”

No. 320245

>he's cute imo

No. 320246


Are you that anon who was sperging out about him being a baby boy who doesn't understand the ways of the world?

No. 320253

Imagine "stanning" for any of the lunatics in this entire thread.

No. 320254

Imagine "stanning" for any of the lunatics in this entire thread.

No. 320288

I'm still really pissed off about her going off about Mac and how he was horrible to her before his death, and pretty sure during her relationship with Pete?
It's what has been bothering me the most about this whole thing. In the moment, yeah, she was right, but learning now what kind of person she is now, it's horrible. Because now that he has died she was acting like she was sooo in love with him, acting like she didn't cheat on him, like he was an angel. I can't help but think now she said that out of pure pettiness, and maybe even lying about it. I don't know much about Mac Miller, but I'm a Pittsburgh anon and everyone was saying what a sweet person he was. And she shit all over him at the time to make herself look good, and to make him look like a shitty druggy. She doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself, and it doesn't matter what happens as long as she comes out as a victim and on top.
I didn't think I would feel bad for Pete in this situation either but I kind of am? Has he dragged her yet since they've broken up besides the SNL jokes or is it actually just her? Then she releases a song so that she has complete control over the situation, and shits on him in the lyrics. I'm ready for her to sperg about him and how toxic he was like she did about Mac.

No. 320368

I think Pete was definitely part of the problem but Ariana isn't the tortured angel suffering from PTSD everyone makes her out to be. She knows she is pretty and talented so she's a huge egotistical cunt who can't be told no.

No. 320371

File: 1541374379405.jpg (30.02 KB, 640x360, 1280justin_gettyimages-1008060…)

No. 320374

She capitalizing on her dead ex and Taylor Swift gets shit on for her dumbass break up songs? Fuck off. I thought at first the song was going to be a lo-fi clairo type of shit, she is so shallow and unoriginal that I can see that coming too

No. 320375

what does that little chicken scratch say? if i didnt know it was a tattoo, i'd say it was a piece of someone's black hair stuck to his face

No. 320403

File: 1541380214198.png (210.1 KB, 471x374, fgrande.png)

her brother frankie is a huge attention whore too imo

No. 320411

he was fucking unbearable on big brother.

No. 320470

File: 1541395109148.jpeg (159.76 KB, 700x985, 6D8A50C3-55A2-4D2F-8171-C2E381…)


No. 320507

why does he do this to himself?

No. 320550

These guys confessed they staged the photo

No. 320579

Chapeau, that's hilarious

No. 320691

did you pull a muscle for this reach? he does offensive shock comedy. People are wasting their time writing an article everytime he say something offensive. It's literally his job. Like lets just drop him and forget he was ever in the lime light.

No. 320699

yeah but no one laughs. no one else on snl is as abrasive and shocking for literally 0 laughs. it's one thing if the laughs are proportional to the shock, but he deliberately just goes out of his way to shock with a super tiny hint of funny, really

No. 320713

why is this the ariana grande thread? why not make a thread for her?

No. 320717

Because it's completely unnecessary and we can just talk about her here. This is like when people were saying BTS should have their own thread.

No. 320751

File: 1541451680743.jpg (135.1 KB, 463x689, 20181105_130035.jpg)

No. 320752

File: 1541451694319.jpg (270.7 KB, 484x1185, 20181105_130050.jpg)

No. 320753

File: 1541451706454.jpg (200.33 KB, 871x955, DrK3U1TU4AE6Kde.jpg)

No. 320754

File: 1541451721537.jpg (202.86 KB, 803x915, DrK3U1RV4AIxPe4.jpg)

No. 320770

Hahahah, I'd love to see them both duke it out in a boxing ring tbh

No. 320774

That would be amazing. Cant imagine Iggy lasting against Azalieas pure crazy

No. 320798

You do realize everything on SNL is written by a team of writers and has to be approved by the producers? It's not like he goes up there and improvises, he would be fired if he did.

No. 320836

No. 320853

>couldn't influence her way into a three bedroom lease


No. 320858

Err… This tweet looks an awful lot like this post here a few days before that: >>317159

No. 320860

Damn Iggy snapped

No. 320941

Damn and we thought Azealia Banks would be the celeb farmer lmao

No. 321117

File: 1541523019597.gif (417.96 KB, 385x217, damn iggy.gif)

Damn Iggy. Now that's the energy we need from her.
>>couldn't even influence her way into a three bedroom lease

No. 321547

File: 1541591757333.jpeg (57.79 KB, 750x371, A8F55000-C846-4DED-AEE3-D3C5B8…)

i couldn’t decide between this thread or kpop critical but since y’all seem to keep up with ariana grande i’ll try here also he’s not kpop anymore and has been doing stuff in the west so

kpop stan twitter is currently blowing up bc ariana allegedly liked tweets shading kris wu and i just. why? how does she even know who he is? have they interacted at all?

No. 321553

couldn't stand him either

No. 321575

File: 1541597393994.jpg (62.33 KB, 750x638, DrKuXCMXgAARt5o.jpg)

He was above her new single on the itunes charts briefly.

Ariana's manager was insinuitating that Kris Wu was faking sales.

No. 321577

File: 1541597557242.jpg (79.17 KB, 970x546, ariana-grande-ellen.jpg)

Remember when Ariana called out Pete for milking the proposal for relevancy?

Well…this is how she chose to debut her new single.

No. 321606

File: 1541603744957.png (228.63 KB, 480x808, IMG_20181107_171047.png)

It's a scene in the movie The First Wives Club where they sing You Don't Own Me and apparently she's a fan of the movie? Talk about self fulfilling prophecy then

No. 321609

apparently he was cleared but still got kicked off the charts? that’s pretty fucked up. also ari celebrating it.

No. 321644

she's such a sad petty bitch. stan twitter is crying about racism all the time for no reason but this time it really seems xenophobic, as if ariana couldn't stand a non-american artist doing better than her. she wouldn't attack an american artist with the same accusation, would she?

No. 321645

It's not xenophobia, that excuse is old. She would attack an american artist over using bots,bc she attacked her ex over a stupid little joke. I'm tired of kpop stans saying xenophobia all the time.

No. 321649

Agreed! not to mention who wouldnt suspect bots when this one person most people don't even know is dominating all the charts. It's not xenophobia, its "who the fuck is this?" when they came out of seemingly nowhere.

No. 321657

He shares the same spray tan as her sister, that's cute. Sharing is caring!

I'd pay to watch this tbh. I've been reading Azealia's tweets lately out of curiosity and she types more like she's a crazy stan herself rather than a celebrity with a big fanbase, I can't imagine other American singers randomly talking her soap making hobby and rting lesbian porn on their official accounts.

No. 321684

File: 1541620532067.png (320.05 KB, 873x498, n8OhFpAebK9pG8pv04BImRlhugbJw_…)

Speaking of spray tans..

No. 321685

No. 321690

The monetization and marketing of this situation is sooooo cringey. I wonder how she feels about it. Does she think it's a great diss or is she secretly cringing too?

No. 321692

Finally her stylist did a variation on the panties-with-wings silhouette. Still the same idea with the side skirt but this time they're coming out of a blazer!

No. 321693

She's so fucking dramatic, out here acting like a woman who went through a divorce of a years long marriage when they dated for SIX MONTHS.

At least her teen fans who probably view their middle school relationship as just as serious can relate.

No. 321749

File: 1541631573168.png (672.26 KB, 1048x497, lmfao.png)

I paused at a random time in the video and why does she makes this stupid ass faces? wtf? lmfao

No. 321757

Lots of cocaine behind those eyes

No. 321830

Wow even in this professionally edited video she is still that splotchy with her tan?

Been seeing versions of this article making its rounds
Why is she so proud of her high ponytail? High, tight, and painful ponytails CAUSE BALDING. Dude she has to be bald under there. I remember her saying she used it to hide her damaged hair from dying it for Sam and Cat, but why would she still keep it? She should have just worn a wig until her hair grew out. I'm sure it has to be irreparable even now years later. Years and years of this same ponytail.

No. 321834

Dude, just look at her hairline. She's already got hardcore traction alopecia. She's going to be half bald by thirty. She's lucky she's Italian, anyone with thinner hair doing this shit would already be bald.

No. 321843

She kept doing it cause it became iconic. It really is not that hard to figure out why she kept doing it jfc

No. 321854

It might be iconic but it's fucking stupid because if she's so torn up about her hair being damaged from Nickolodeon, all she's done is making worse by still bleaching it, putting extensions in it and then scraping it back from her skull like this. she could've grown out dye damage, but she's damaging it irreparably this way. traction alopecia can and will cause permanent hair loss.

No. 321862

black women often have high hairlines and thin/thin appearing tight hair at the front. it's a meme that she transformed from white to ethnic except it's not a meme that that's what she wanted to do. it's the norm now for white women now to try to appeal to black guys, who are used to dating women that are straight up bald under a weave/wig whatever(racebaiting)

No. 321866

No. 321868

Well you can blame us evil ugly black girls for this but the most logical answer would be that she's been wearing this hair/makeup style for years and it's kind of her "brand" now.

No. 321870

Traction alopecia is not a racial trait, lmao, and all black girls are not "bald" (or at least I'm not, and neither are most other black girls/women I know that didn't deliberately shave their heads or something).
What's more, Ariana Grande mostly seems to date white guys, and a lot of her music is targeted at young girls and women, not male consumption. This entire post is just really weird, and sounds vaguely bitter. Are you okay, anon?

No. 321872

even if the incoherent nonsense you just spewed had any basis in reality, ariana is trying to look latina, not black.

No. 321876

Idk why her and her stylists insist on the pony. Even if it's "iconic" it really doesn't look good on her.
Even in that video she looked much better in the shots of her wearing a low bun, and she looks pretty cute the rare times when she has her hair down.
The high pony (with those ridiculously long extensions) just makes her look short and stumpy, and looks so so so painful.

No. 321878

because no one is allowed to tell ariana "no". because she is pretty, you see.

No. 321879

Iconic to who ?Also all the pop stars changed their hair up, this is just lazy shit

No. 321889

File: 1541657068686.jpg (34.08 KB, 400x600, 7xAA0cnFBjA.jpg)

Reminder that Ariana Grande is a basic white girl

I just wish she knew it

No. 321933

>"just makes her look short"
>implying that's not exactly what she's going for

No. 321981

I'm convinced that Ariana is into dd/lg. She had a lot of plastic surgery to basically change her race and no one cares

No. 321983

Is her hair real or fake? She said she lost a lot of hair from dying her hair red every week for cat and sam and victorious

No. 322003

It's fake

No. 322112

Is it bad that I rage sometimes that she gets away with this but god forbid if anyone else tried to pull this (or anyone who has tried)
Also anyone else who would get extensions, fake tans, and their whole face done with plastic surgery would be shunned by society and would be racking up the insults. Not to mention how much chest bone she has been showing off lately, yet where is her articles about "OMG TOOOO SKINNY" She does everything that is "wrong" by society but can get away with murder it seems like and I wish I knew why besides oh she's cute and pretty?

No. 322182

Since when are high ponytails exclusively a latino thing? Asking as a latina myself

No. 322228


nothing in that post mentions a correlation between a high ponytail and being Latina. are you ok?

No. 322391

i really cant stand arianas lip fillers. they look so jarring to me, especially when she is lip syncing. she ends up looking like a fish. she has a cute smile but it looked better with her natural lips.

No. 322396

that looks like a burst capillary

No. 322465

You answered your own question there, she's cute and acts like an innocent sexy toddler, and people eat it right up.

No. 322642

File: 1541793011093.gif (4.3 MB, 480x269, 2611ACDD-99A1-4B36-813E-CD44DF…)

Why are Americans obsessed with Ariana grande

No. 322693

File: 1541801026294.png (412.19 KB, 1440x2231, 20181109_220349.png)

I'm so embarrassed for her.

No. 322695

>illustrations of things always better than real things


No. 322696

Americans love shit taste; see Drake, Beyonce, and Ariana's popularity

No. 322697

"Not like other girls i love looking at anime titties 2d > 3d uwu"

..this is shoe-tier bad.

No. 322703

Because she’s American?

Getting really annoyed with all the “Why are all Americans x or y” posts on lolcow lately. They seem so smug.

No. 322707

Same. I don't know who's more salty, the Brazilfags or the Eurofags

No. 322713

Anon doesn't know these celebs are top trending in other countries too. It's a global thing, not American. Humans regardless of country love to bandwagon and hop on whatever's popular to fit in.

No. 322733

seeing how immediately this triggers yall, you're the saltiest actually.
but yeah, i think anon's point stands. in my country ppl listen to her music, sure, she's popular but rarely anyone knows about her life. Haven't met anyone who would know about Pete etc.
>because she's american?
and?… that's not the reason
it's actually interesting when you think about it, regardless if it's bait or not. just take a moment to untrigger yourself before giving it a thought.
i think the answer could be, she's a trainwreck and people love those?

No. 322734

>non-American saying y'all

No. 322736

>Americans cringing at ESL using the English they picked up by using the internet

No. 322739

what did the tweets say?

No. 322743

File: 1541806485336.png (270.35 KB, 1632x541, ArianaGrandeKrisWuLike.png)

No. 322746

She's not american. There was literally a scandal about her spitting on doughnouts and telling how she hates americans.

No. 322749

she was born in america. flash news you can hate people from your own country.

No. 322751

>Born and raised in Boca Raton, FL
>Not American

Lol okay then

No. 322753

It’s not even an Ariana Grande thing. I’m just annoyed at people making blanket statements about an entire group of people. Besides, pretty much everything country has group of celebrities they obsess over. It’s not an uniquely American thing. South Korea obsessed over its Kpop stars. Britain obsesses over their royal family. Virtually every country out there obsesses over their own celebrities. Get off your high horse.

No. 322774

>2d better than 3d

is she secretly a neckbeard? wtf

No. 322775

Being american has nothing to do with it?? She's popular overseas too. wtf

No. 322782

Anonymous 1 minute ago No. 322781

She has the worst fucking stage presence idk how she made it this far on that type of energy. I feel like it's bc she doesn't know how to connect with people but that's a mighty tinfoil theory
Also she clearly has self-esteem issues and is not a natural performer

here's a direct link bc you can't watch outside yt https://youtu.be/piu3qyYwFTE

No. 322784

This is a dogshit performance too. Like even when she has backup dancers and choreography she has no presence. And she almost rolls her ankle kek

No. 322785

wow, she's awful! Legal, without any vocal editing like in music videos, she cannot hold a note without (no pun intended) going out of breath. Also, she looks bored and her outfit is fucking hideous.

No. 322786

I meant *legit

And the comments are worse, saying her sad she is and how her voice is full of pain. These people are idiots. she's just have no vocal control. apologies for samefagging

No. 322790

yah its not like her ex died, she just broke up, and she still has ptsd and anxiety /s

No. 322799

For anyone interested in the fucked up concept of fame and celebritys' lives watch this documentary. It's like a horror movie.

The narrator's cadence is kind of try-hard intellectual but it's really well done otherwise.

This shit disturbs me deeply

No. 322814

that video is so fucking stupid. is this dude seriously trying to insinuate justin bieber is going to kill himself? I hate this pseudo-intellectual "woke" bullshit

No. 322817

Anons itt are obsessed with her and I don't understand why. Her basic bitch ass is all over celebricows, but she's pretty boring in my opinion. There aren't some other crazy public figures that we would talk about?
Sorry for being a stupid eurofag but why "y'all" is considered cringy? I've see many anons say it is and I'm curious (and if I can improve my vocabulary whitout being a awkward fuck, it would be great)

No. 322819

I couldn't even watch the first 3 minutes of that because of the retarded false equivalence.
There's a huge difference between an ordinary person being filmed without consent or monetary gain, and a public figure being filmed whose literal career relies on the media.
They do know better, they're just spoilt and fluffed enough to think they're above everyone else and treat the little people like dirt.
>But rich people aren't haaaaaappy!
Because there's no one to kick their ass and put things into perspective for them, or better yet, take all their nice shit away overnight.
Not every child celebrity turns into a Justin Bieber for a reason. Sometimes a shit person who made bad decisions is really just a shit person who made bad decisions.

The excuse-making for these pieces of ungrateful shit is truly stupendous.

No. 322830

she's a nutty hypocritical cow with relationship drama. not sure what's confusing you.

No. 322867

Try watching the whole thing before you cry about false equivalency

The point is that it's unnatural

No. 323107

it clearly says in the video that the paparazzi situation doesn't excuse bad behavior on behalf of celebs

but go off

No. 323201

Why are you mad? She's fun to shit on because of how popular she is and people blindly follow her and want to be all up her asshole while she's actually just a bitch and an embarrassing mess and has had current drama. It's actually relieving to me to see anons itt see people for how they really are. This isn't even just her thread so there is nothing stopping you from talking about your other crazy public figures?

No. 323218

>it's unnatural
What's also "natural" about someone getting paid $7.25/hr to get screamed at and harassed by a bunch of lard asses wanting their burgers done a certain way?
The majority of jobs aren't natural, but we choose the best fits for ourselves so we can earn money to buy nice things and survive.

If someone doesn't want to be a public figure, then they don't have to be. Otherwise, they've got very little room to bitch about what they signed up for.

No. 323300

His mother pushed him into it at a young age

No. 323329

Did his mom also push him as a grown man to be a prick too? C'mon. Eventually people can't blame their childhoods for every bad behavior they exhibit in adulthood, especially when they know it's wrong.

No. 323354

I honestly didn't expect this from him. Pete's a shitbag, but at least he knows I guess

No. 323399

he seems more self-aware than ariana, to be honest

No. 323414

Sounds like muskrat wrote the tweet kek. I mean, even the writing style fits. Tho tbh I have not read many tweets of grimes.
They are both gross..

No. 323426

I'm not (sorry if it sounds like I am) I was just curious about why anons keep bringing her itt.

No. 323443

can anyone summarise? SNL doesn't allow videos in my country.

No. 323450

Maybe you can see this video anon. The speech about veterans got cut at the end, he mentioned Pete's dad and Pete got surprised, then he hugged Dan saying to his ear that he's a good man.

No. 323456

"He looks like if the meth from Breaking Bad was a person"
Holy fuck, putting the two actual comedians to shame lmfaoooo

No. 323462

thank you anon!

is it just me or is Pete becoming more bearable? maybe it's because he's dropped the whole kicked puppy schtick? I hope he just stops talking about Ariana altogether and moves on.

'he looks like meth as a person' was so fucking accurate tho lmao

No. 323475

Never trust a BPDfag. They're good manipulators

No. 323501

File: 1541972940015.jpg (62.55 KB, 696x350, amanda-bynes.jpg)

You're totally right, but again, that's not the point of the doc.

In fact the narrator explicitly states that paparazzi and fanatic craziness does not in any excuse JB spitting on a crowd of fans from his hotel balcony, for example. Rather that it's the effect of the profound separation that results from a human being being surrounded by yes-men and people who don't actually engage on a human level, year after year, and in JB's case, throughout his childhood, adolescence and now his adulthood. It's like watching an animal in the zoo. Who knows, maybe the day JB spit on those fans he was intentionally trying to misbehave to stick it to his handler or manager or whatever. After all, he knows the PR team will scramble to clean his image in order to keep the cash flowing.

Imagine being pushed into celebrity at a very young age by your own mother who turns the other way while producers and other unsavory people suck your dick or make you do sexual favors to them, in order to move up. Imagine your family relies on your income, people you love and cling desperately to because no one else you're surrounded with really gives a fuck about you. They uprooted the whole family to move to Los Angeles "for you," maybe even going bankrupt in the process. Imagine being 25 (idk how old JB is but) and coming into your own and recognizing all the fucked up shit you've done and been through. Meanwhile there are teams of people trying to keep you from thinking your own thoughts (drugs and doctors) so they can continue to milk you for more money than you yourself have ever made or been given.
It's a fucked up reality that these people are living. It's contrived and meticulously groomed in order to maximize profits, even your eventual mental break. Why do you think so many celebs commit suicide or have lifelong drug habits? Do you have any idea how much money Britney's handlers made off her breakdown? And many many other people too. She could have been treated properly, but she wasn't, all for profit.

I'll admit I'm a little tinfoil about the whole thing, but it truly freaks me out and it sounds like hell on earth– having "everything" but having your humanity raped at every turn at the same time. Of course not every single celebrity is like this etc etc but this goes way back to old Hollywood and child stars. It's extremely traumatic.

Honestly it's the type of environment to create a serial killer or some shit lol

No. 323518

File: 1541974566932.gif (1.65 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

>while producers and other unsavory people suck your dick or make you do sexual favors to them
>Imagine your family relies on your income

Plenty of poor people go through that and you know what they get in return? Nothing. Just trauma, stress and pain. Justin Bieber got MILLIONS from that.

I'm sorry but if he hates being in the spotlight he can just quit making music, fuck off somewhere and comfortable live off his millions. Poor people don't have that option.

No. 323519

The narrator claim whatever he wants, but his video is doing exactly what I've accused him of doing: Trying to drum sympathy and explain away the actions of a capable adult male.

For example,
>surrounded by yes-men and people who don't actually engage on a human level
Where's the proof of this? We're just supposed to believe that these poor misbehaved celebrities are surrounded by automatons and robots who have never, not even once, looked out for their interests or interacted with them on a personal level?
The premise is conjecture.

>imagine having a job where you feel you're forced into it and have to undergo sexual abuse out of fear of failing

>imagine you have to provide income for your family

>imagine being uprooted and sent away in pursuit of this income

>imagine being put on medication and having people around you brainwash you into thinking you need to continue for the sake of earning a living

This is like…the reality of a very large number of people on this planet and not all of them are shitty. Even other child celebs in similar circumstances, while maybe having acted out in other ways, haven't developed a nasty outlook towards others.
Speaking of serial killers, this is kind of like when people try to explain away their actions by saying they had fucked childhoods when the reality is they themselves are just mentally bent and made conscious decisions to hurt people because they wanted to. Not everyone who had a shit childhood becomes a serial killer. Not every childhood celeb who had it rough with expectations turns into a miserable adult.
It's fine if you believe a celebrity had a rough life, but at some point you have to hold their adult versions accountable.

Hell on earth for you is played out in the lives of billions everyday. JB isn't special in that regard, but it does feel like a punch down when you equate him to people who will never have the same opportunity via wealth and connection to be better.
He's spoilt and has an ego. He's by no means doomed.

No. 323523

Jesus anon you spend way too much time thinking about this shit, sorry I don't feel too bad for famous millionaires who are a small minority of the world's population. A sizable proportion of the population is prone to mental illness so it's not surprising that some of them are bound to be mentally ill. There are plenty of child stars who grew up to be normal (Hilary Duff, kids from Harry Potter, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake…) There are children who are forced into sex slavery, yet you're so concerned with these celebrities??? Sounds kind of fucked up to me

No. 323558

It's morbidly fascinating to me– I agree the type of people who want fame are usually insufferable cunts so you def have a point about cutting ties to live a hermit life. I wonder myself why I haven't seen many instances of that.

These are valid points, although that's a dogshit quality of life and that's fucked up in its own way.

>Sounds kind of fucked up to me
Idk I just like thinking about fucked up shit. The world is full of it and it's perplexing! I don't have any answers

No. 323573

wtf was she thinking with this outfit?
God awful style

No. 323575

I agree with you 100%, anon.
(also, that gif always cracks me up.)

No. 323579

These people have 5x more money than 99% of people will ever make in their lifetime. Enough to fuck off and live comfortably with whoever they're supporting. No, I don't feel bad for celebrities for living a celebrity life. So what if they're fucked up people? Join the club. At least if I could cry into my millions every night I'd have a lot of my problems solved.

No. 323605

Same here, anon. And they could retire anytime (Like pewdiepie) but choose not to. He has millions before he's reached 30 and he's set for life, but he's addicted to the fame like many of those assholes are.

No. 323607

I feel like you have to have a certain mindset/psychosis to want to stay IN the limelight after you've made your millions. Rick Moranis was fucking huuuuge in the 80's and early 90's but his wife died and he quietly faded into the background to raise his two young kids. He understood he didn't have to do shit for the rest of his life thanks to movies like Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Spaceballs, and Ghostbusters, and only took roles when he felt like it. Like you said, most people are just addicted to the high that fame gives them.

No. 323610

And people will still willingly chase fame for themselves or their children smdh

No. 323612

Damn anon in that case I'm sorry for all you've endured in your life

No. 323615

I agree with you anon. Judy Garland was living proof that some parents dont give a FUCK and will sell their children to pedos for a meal ticket with almost no thought. And its fucked up when it happens to anyone. Celebrity or not. People have every right to be outraged and upset over it.

No. 323631


I still feel so bad for Amanda Bynes

No. 323636

Sad. i didn't know about his wife passing away. Good for him though to choose being a father to his children over fame.

No. 323650

Ngl this post gives me oppression olympics vides

No. 323663

How? It's just true. Most people have shitty lives from either an emotional or fiscal standpoint, but they don't behave horrifically. Why would I feel bad for a shitty celebrity with the money and freedom to improve their lives when, like another post said, there are impoverished, horrifically abused billions out there? I'm going to feel sad for sex trafficking victims before I feel sad for Justin Bieber.

No. 323682

NTA but because he was a child? I get it if its some vapid attention whore adult who got in the industry knowingly when they were old enough to make informed decisions. But its very upsetting when people around children allow them to be placed in bad situations, and enable the behavior of predators and abusers and degenerates around their children when they're the ones that are supposed to look out for them and protect them. Its fucked up even if the kid grows up to be rich and insufferable. You can still feel what happened to them was shitty. Its not really a situation of >I cant feel bad for celebrities that have experienced bad things because REGULAR people have experienced worse~

No. 323775

same, muh problems are more valid cuz i'm poor. Implying rich people can't be unhappy because of their money, or they can be unhappy but hurr they can cry in their lambo is so fucking childish. Oh how can I feel bad for a rich person when there are kids dying from hunger, dude I can say the same about you. In fact you can say the same about anyone and anything, there's always someone having it worse than you, it doesn't mean your struggles don't deserve any empathy or compassion. I'm a poorfag too but I hate this kind of people that screech ~I have it worse therefore idc~ at anyone with a dollar more than them.

No. 323871

Are you retarded? What whe ware saying is that rich celebs can remove themselves from the thing that gives them this trauma ANYTIME. They are not being forced to work. You can not believe that there is no way for millionaire Bieber to NOT just up and quit this industry. If he refuses to quit the thing that makes him unhappy while being perfectly able to do so, then I have no sympathy for him.

If Bieber has a problem with his family being dependend on him he can just quit. If he has a problem with his label he can just quit. If he has a problem with fans and paparazzi he can just quit.

Do you seriously believe that a third world woman making money from selling her body could just quit? No. Do I believe that Bieber who might be sexually abused by his label could just quit? Yes.

No. 323905

I wonder how hard or easy it is to actually cut ties and leave if you are that famous.
I would guess you are bound by many contracts that a lot of families rely on in order to feed many mouths, to pay for people's lifestyles, medical treatments for family, etc. Do you really think celebs can just la-dee-da walk away from all that? And I don't mean out of the goodness of their hearts they stay. It's probably because there are a lot of threats involved because you are responsible for people's MONEY. It's an enormous amount of pressure. I would guess there is an element of blackmail or other types strong-arming involved, as well.

These are the nitty gritty things I'm dying to know about celebrity.

Here's part of another fucked up documentary. The rest of it is actually super interesting as well, but this particular part is relevant to the discussion. I think this is the doc where they talk about Natalie Woods' (it may have been someone else I can't remember) mother ripping off the wings of a butterfly backstage in order to traumatize the child into acting sad for her part on camera. Just imagine that… Imagine being her mother and thinking that's okay? What else are you willing to do? Same with Shirley Temple in the video I linked in this post. Can you imagine allowing people, men to touch your child all day long like that? (Assuming this didn't already happen to you, Chip-On-Your-Shoulder Chan)

No. 323909

anons here so quick to have 0 empathy for cows and say how anyone can get their shit together but suddenly feel sorry for rich celebs that are jerk.

No. 323912

what are contracts?

No. 323922

>>323871 for many celebs the only way to quit is through death. Gosh this sounds and is creepy af

No. 323934

You're not very well informed tbh.

No. 324015

I thought this was going to be some cringy youtube material but it wasn't. Geez anon, I never knew about this stuff. It's horrifying.
If you have anymore stuff like this, can you post it?

Same with this anon. If you have more stuff you know about, can you post it?

Wish I knew more about being a celebrity, too. It's like, impossible to know. It has to be so different than life as we know it. But in today's world, wouldn't they be able to speak up more about it if it were so bad? Literally take their money and run? I don't know…
Like the whole Harvey Weinstein thing.
Like how could nobody have spoken up about something that could be that fucked up, and how could it be concealed so well. It's reminding me about pizzagate.
Shirley Temple lived a long enough life. If there were things going on behind the scenes, has she spoken about it?

Sometimes I think about if I were in the situation where I would fuck people to get higher up and get more money/better jobs, fame, etc. and I think the answer would actually be yes. I can't really blame the women who have done that.
I'm looking into the Weinstein thing again, and a further $1 million to keep my mouth shut? Honestly, in that situation, probably would do it.

No. 324062

can yall stop arguing over who deserves pity and who doesn't and shit and just talk about what the thread is actually about? This shit is seriously getting tedious.

On another note, Kim recently talked about how Kanye apparently smells like money (https://twitter.com/nypost/status/1062082883098173440)
is it just me or is that a really weird thing to say about your husband esp when you're already really rich?

No. 324064


>Hey guys lets stop talking about money

>Immediately brings up money

Yes, I'm well aware, but I think I got my point across.

>Sage for samefag

No. 324071

there have been celebrities who have quietly faded into obscurity. i guess it depends on how much you sign your life away, or how famous you are.

assuming i was a celebrity who just COULD NOT, for whatever reason, leave the spotlight, i'd at least invest some of that money into some damn therapy or healthy coping mechanisms. i still don't think there is an excuse for being a complete shitter when you are a celebrity.

No. 324105

I don't feel sorry for Kim at all. It's been known for years that Kanye is crazy. It looks like she wanted more money when she already had plenty.

No. 324129

I'm the tinfoil anon that's been posting the videos and she's kinda right about being off topic. My bad

It's not really that weird coming from the two of them tbh. In fact that seems like exactly the type of thing Kim would say

No. 324180

File: 1542079278618.jpg (76.76 KB, 640x1093, one gross ass bitch.jpg)

She posted lolicon too. Disgusting

No. 324206

Not only she is posting disgusting pedo shit, it's not even a character, but just some random drawing. She can't even uwu waifufag right.

No. 324208

What's with a lot of people liking 2d over 3d preferring pedophiliac and infantile characters and features? Really makes you think

No. 324230

Imo I don't think Grimes actually watched a minute of hentai in her life. She's just trying to give off a vibe or particular image e.g. appearing like a cool nerd or something or having non very mainstream tastes (though anime/hentai is kinda mainstream). I could be wrong though.

As far as I'm aware, I do remember hearing a couple years ago that elon liked playing video games like fallout and overwatch(?? Not sure about the last one ?) With his kids over the weekend to bond with them, and he may have gotten into anime recently (maybe because of his kids? Who knows?) and this might be grimes's weird attempt trying to keep up with him or something.

No. 324234

I don’t think she’s trying to keep up with him, she’s always been insufferably ~special~ while just mentioning mainstream stuff she’s supposedly into. Like when she went around telling every interviewer about K-Pop as if she was the only one in on some amazing new genre.

No. 324243

Bitch is so desperate to be "hip" which is a shame.

No. 324310

"How do you do, fellow lolicons?"

No. 324399

File: 1542130997458.jpg (379.2 KB, 2048x2048, 1542064161892.jpg)

Some pic she deleted from her twitter. Elon was also tweeting about 2B earlier. They are such pathetic boomers. Imagine being one of Elons kids.

No. 324402

File: 1542131141161.jpg (198.04 KB, 1200x1200, DrxIpu6V4AApgRH.jpg)

She captioned this "Nymph 0"

No. 324418

God she's embarrassing herself.

No. 324566


wtf is that hand on stomach pose.

No. 324575

securing that billion dollar child support

No. 324630

Ugh. I miss the days of Elon and Amber Heard but it really seems like Elon and Grimes are made for each other.

No. 324646

jfc even celebricows are still messy hoes. clean your fucking room bitch.

No. 324648


i mean, 20 people died because of her and her ex who she loved dearly for years and years (they got back together multiple times) died of an overdose. i think she's legit having a bad time and should get out of the spotlight for some time.

No. 324651

File: 1542157450195.jpg (24.25 KB, 400x600, a4a70694fa6dbf192ebbb46de50910…)


y'all think she ana chan? i always had the vibe she's a skelly and it bothers me that no one talks about it cause she (like ariana) still looks attractive >>322112 they both underweight for sure but grimes is super tall and she must be spoopy without her usual baggy clothes

No. 324662

Everyone knows that if someone likes the zero suit ver of Samus, they're trash.

No. 324664

i doubt that's her room anon, looks like a changing area in a studio

No. 324668

didn't someone find her posts on a pro-ana live journal?

No. 324669

File: 1542164370953.jpg (13.32 KB, 580x370, xma0a2uuwbpz.jpg)


where did you hear that? i can't find anything about it but it wouldn't surprise me at all.

No. 324671

File: 1542164508166.jpg (39.27 KB, 600x400, 6539981f158c6aa9d8f86b06f6795f…)


sage but literally all spoops do this picture/pose of "LOOK I EAT ICE CREAM AND IM THINNER THAN U" lmao

No. 324673


she's said before that her dad was pretty hard on her growing up and she did ballet too i think

here's an interview where she mentioned that her dad was strict with food: https://www.spin.com/2012/12/grimes-interview-2012-big-year/2/

No. 324674


I have had eating disorders for as long as I can remember, though I've never really told anyone besides a few close friends. As an ex dancer I was constantly aware of my weight even when I was really young, grade three and four etc. Ive never been involved in any communities such as this one.. but I've basically become aware over time that I don't really wish to recover, i mean, I want to be healthy, but I definetly need to be thin to be happy.
I just need some outside support or atleast information because I really can't talk to other people about this.
Also I was wondering how common eating disorders are.. I feel like so many of my close friends have one."


if you google "chairmandore" you can see she used the same username for her flickr account, I think it was originally posted in the last celebricow thread

No. 324677


okay that's actually really sad and i feel for her. wish she could be open about it too since she's a public figure now but its clearly a sensitive topic. poor her.

No. 324690

Are they still dating or is she trying REALLY hard to get Elon senpai's attention. Either way she's acting like a fucking middle schooler KEK.

No. 324714

I think she would lose her fanbase if she reached a normal weight.

No. 324957

File: 1542233264260.jpg (181.64 KB, 1080x1269, IMG_20181114_225750.jpg)

Azealia Banks' twitter account is has been suspended again. I'll miss her constant shitposting.

No. 325095

File: 1542240488917.png (51.62 KB, 1405x116, screenshot2.png)

Yeah, I was gonna ask, isn't the Cheapyxo account hers? So in >>320753 is she pretending that she's an outsider praising AZ? Or is she just speaking in third person?
>Can we all give Azealia Banks a round of applause
Either way, shit like that is why I believe AZ lurks here, cause that sounds exactly like all the posts defending her/trying to derail any discussion of her on previous Celebricow threads

No. 325103

File: 1542240696948.jpeg (47.27 KB, 650x488, KEEEK.jpeg)

of course she's ana-chan, she was up for a week on adderall making her first album and she's friends (or ex-friends) with nicole dollaganger or w/e

pic unrelated but i keked

No. 325112

also she's a lot skinnier than ariana looks like

No. 325119

File: 1542241621102.jpg (60.32 KB, 750x672, Db9D_G5XkAAb0xc.jpg)

Azealia was coming for Cupcakke only a few months ago.

No. 325120

File: 1542241645187.jpg (28.48 KB, 588x291, Db9D_G4W0AEfC-Y.jpg)

No. 325122

File: 1542241804790.webm (14.84 MB, 640x360, pym88hhf83mOLewi.webm)

Whoops. These tweets are from last year. This video is from this year though

No. 325124

File: 1542241874293.jpg (150.83 KB, 1200x1200, Db6yfeIVwAAM59B.jpg)

Cupcakke posted her DM's with Azealia

No. 325125

Wow she's so toxic

No. 325137

File: 1542244768851.png (2.34 MB, 966x1142, 2018-11-15 12_17_27-Grimes In …)

grimes looks good when she's styled right, which is like never i guess. she looks like a sped otherwise.

mental illness is a bitch lollll

No. 325174

That was actually a really sad interview. having a bad relationship with food from a young age can stick with you forever.

Not to mention she spoke a lot of truth about guys doing the exactly same thing as women, but only women getting criticized for it. It's the same bullshit in the gaming community.

No. 325191

File: 1542251431988.jpg (146.63 KB, 816x1200, Dr21SeoWwAEkkVw.jpg)

I keep seeing everyone on Twitter up in arms calling Brie Larson a garbage person and "CANCELLING" her cause she posted this picture….am I missing something? Yeah it's not a great tribute or anything, but who cares? It's not like she probably knew him well, she's just now starting in the MCU and he's been so sick for a while now would she have really interacted with him? I just don't understand the backlash here.

I think I'm just tired of the online culture that EVERYONE has to post a tribute or joke or state their opinion every single time something happens or it means they don't care. Would people have given a single fuck if she didn't mention Stan in any way? Wouldn't it have been worse if she posted how much he meant to her and how great he was etc etc if she really didn't spend time with him? Thoughts?

No. 325194

i guess posting a selfie as "tribute" is pretty tasteless but i don't really get the outrage either. it seems like people already despise her for whatever reason and just needed an excuse to tear her up.

No. 325225

honestly who fucking cares, every time someone famous dies everyone rushes to post pics with them and act like they were close friends and that they'll miss them so much and it's annoying.

kinda ot but i'm also getting annoyed with all of the girls I follow on ig using the wildfire as an excuse to post slutty bikini pics in malibu like ~please keep my favorite place in the world safe~ but not raising awareness about how to actually help firefighters/displaced people/families of people who died/animals/etc.

No. 325261

It's a pretty tactless thing to post a selfie with the caption 'i miss you stan. rip!!'

It's the same reason Mariah (in pt) was under fire for using the vegas shooting to promote her bullshit. It's tactless.

No. 325290


No, 20 people died because a terrorist decided to kill people.

No. 325292

File: 1542260356278.jpg (36.7 KB, 920x510, 920x920.jpg)

Fuck off, Elon.

No. 325318

yes, people that went to see her in concert. try and live with that kind of guilt. it isnt that hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

No. 325369

File: 1542265894176.jpg (68.33 KB, 630x630, salty.jpg)

he's just trying to help

No. 325370

He would be helping if that was his goal. This is just tweaker tweeting.

No. 325383

imagine shilling your cars during a disaster

No. 325410

Can't wait till he accuses one of the firefighters of being a pedo.

No. 325436

lmao just like he tried to help those kids and when people actually helped he called them pedos ? Or like when he said he was gonna fix shit in Flint then did nothing ?

No. 325445

She has that Neanderthal hair line

No. 325446


Yeah, I forgot most of the brilliant ideas I thought up when I started smoking weed, too.

No. 325462

Yeah, neckbeards are pretty upset with her because they don't see her as good enough to play Captain Marvel, "her ass is flat" and similar bs so there was already a vendetta behind

No. 325469


I feel like people hold this shit against women way harder than they do against men. The outrage may be the same to start with, but people forgive men so quickly. Meanwhile tiny little things women did are still brought up weeks, months, even years later.

No. 325497

This is so fucking true.

People keep bringing up the donut incident whenever they want to talk shit about Ariana. Does anyone EVER still mention Justin literally being in court for a DUI? Or illegally keeping a pet monkey (actual animal abuse)?

The world remembers a woman's every mistake and forgets abou men's mistakes. Makes me so fucking angry.

No. 325525

Neckbears are more angry at her for tweeting things like "a guy at the airport asked for my number - to be a woman is to face constant violence" and "White men should not review certain films" and all that.

No. 325544

File: 1542302041156.jpg (40.91 KB, 576x340, brie.JPG)


I couldn't never put my finger on why Grimes annoys the fuck out of me. Maybe it was the fact that tumblr went cray about her back in the day, so she was like everywhere or that every art hoe tries to portrait her music as some ~deep~ shit. Now with Musk you see all her shit and his dumb ass tweets everywhere, god.


>Brie Larson


I knew I heard her name before that included angry nerds but it wasn't about Captain Marvel so I looked her up and I remembered her bc it was about dudes getting angry about her No Suit Samus post on IG and how she wanted to make a film about her?

What's up with all those girls and No Suit Samus? I thought this was just a costhot phenomenon lol. Maybe it's because of this >>324662

No. 325558

I feel like I hear more about Ariana licking a donut than what Chris Brown did which says a lot. People even brought it up after manchester saying she deserved it for saying she "hated" Americans when it was in reference to shit food. And Ariana made an apology video and didn't use the fact she was still kind of loopy from getting her wisdom teeth out as an excuse even tho in the video you can see she's kinda off and swollen. It doesn't make it ok but it's still more than most male celebs have done with their shit and still no one lets it go.

No. 325600

grimes isn't "super tall" she's like 5'4'' iirc

No. 325622

I thought her tweet about the TSA agent at the airport was fine. I would be freaking annoyed too.

No. 325685

>implying a billionaire can't find better ways to help other than twiddling his dorito crusted thumbs on twitter

No. 325700

The fact that Chris Brown had a career at all after what he did to Rhianna is a fucking testament to that. Utterly insane to me.

No. 325722

There is nothing wrong with being annoyed or even a bit pissed in such a situation, but she wrote her tweet in a way as if she was in actual physical danger or something, even though at worst it was an annoyance.

No. 325778

File: 1542331697977.png (577.95 KB, 810x598, U2qARqYJ-dV1Pcqo-g0R3h3tq8wZ_1…)

She ditched the ponytail

No. 325779

That's very true. I could understand the criticism she got for it as well.

No. 325781

About time.

No. 325782

Much better imo

No. 325785

>was still kind of loopy from getting her "wisdom teeth out"

Sure, Jan.

No. 325786

I listened to freaky friday with him and lil dicky. And in reference to him, one of the verses went
>ain’t nobody judging cause I’m black or my controversial past
..controversial. thats it. Thats all it was. Not a brutal assault, just a little "controversy"

Wish the women who support CB learn to love themselves

No. 325787

She didn't use it as an excuse and I'm not saying it justifies anything but it's just a fact in what happened and it was nice she didn't use it to cover up the situation. In her apology video she's swollen and there's a video of her getting her wisdom taken out. She's wearing the same hair style and outfit as in the video as she is in the donut video.

No. 325789

He was violent with his other gf Karrueche Tran too. She even got a restraining order against him.

He's trash.

No. 325791

blurry filter aside the short hair is cute and i hope she keeps it, but i think she's too insecure to go without the 10lbs of extensions.

No. 325795

This. if anyone supports chris brown, they are openly trash. The photos of rihanna's injuries are horrible and it doesn't matter what the fuck she said to him. You dont beat a woman like that.

he should have been cancelled and jailed immediately. i hate this world

No. 325796

Stupid women who support CB are probably victims of abuse or domestic violence themselves. It's still absolutely bullshit.

No. 325817

File: 1542344884440.gif (1.78 MB, 500x281, 560ffdb81485f446446c56cc056813…)

So neckbeards are mad because she wore a comfortable/simple costume instead of spending thousands of dollars to commission a massive unwieldy fictional suit of armor months ahead of time to wear for a couple hours on Halloween? Cause that makes her a bitch? oh ok

CM isn't even her first Comic Book movie.

No. 326042


>take off your exensions to show your natural hair

>use blurring filter to hide the fact you're actually balding

No. 326050

Literally shoe0nhead lmao

No. 326079

The actual filter doesn't even blur that much KEK
How could she possibly edit this selfie to oblivion while at the same time being in public. She's wack.

No. 326101

To be honest, she's extremely arrogant with a "holier than thou" attitude, it's not exactly that they hate her because she's going to be Captain Marvel, they hate her because she's extremely hateable. Sorta like JLaw.

No. 326124

File: 1542398273386.jpg (66.85 KB, 760x1024, 463013422_10.jpg)


omg i had no idea she was 5'5, i've been wrong for like the past two years or so i thought she was tall because she's super fucking skinny jesus i'm shocked.


ariana is ana chan too but she loves wearing hoodies and baggy clothes to hide it. she got criticism for looking ana chan before and all she said was "well, i'm vegan now :)" like did she get that straight out of a MPA thread lmao.

but yeah grimes must be even more sick cause i ain't see nothing but bones with her.

No. 326228

Why would you mess with cupcakke. she is weird but it's sweet and stays away from drama. BPD is a hell of a disease. lol

No. 326234

File: 1542423358058.jpg (97.03 KB, 772x960, x4nnxelmury11.jpg)

No. 326243

Where is the lie though?

No. 326244

File: 1542424900975.jpeg (927.43 KB, 2560x1748, CE9CD461-0619-4795-B388-32F28F…)


imagine giving your life to social equality and being a part of the civil rights movement of the 60s, then trying to garner political influence for your cause on social media

and then some bitch who makes shitty songs about her pussy and sells caustic soap tells you “shut up” and “actually do something”

the absolute disrespect

>bernie is also jewish kek the audacity of this bitch to associate him with ‘white’ liberalism

No. 326253

I like Brie Larson because she looked legitimately disgusted when that pig Casey Affleck won an award and got a round of applause.

No. 326263

>>326042 is real or natural the same thing? Coz I remember her real hair being curly and black

No. 326264


damn you rly drank that bernie koolaid…. rip

No. 326266

File: 1542432149314.png (283.66 KB, 480x754, hailey bieber.png)

Her fangirl dreams finally came true KEK. Yet she still stalks Selena accounts with her insecure ass. https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/a25169265/hailey-baldwin-selena-gomez-fan-account/

No. 326268

Those Selena fan girling tweets though yikes

No. 326273

IKR, she was like "forever alone" too kek. I heard she allegedly made friends with some fan club president girl that knew where Justin was when in NYC so she could drop by and say it's coincidental

No. 326274

Real would be just your own follicles but can be styled any way you want, including straightened.
Natural would be your own hair in its natural texture, so for Ariana it's curly.

I think the new hair looks great. Her hairline needs to recover from that shitty ponytail she put her scalp through.

Now if only she'd drop the ugly sweater+dated looking boots outfit which does her silhouette NO favors.

No. 326275

Excuse me

No. 326289

Why does everyone who says "where is the lie though" sounds like a brainlet thot

No. 326291

No. 326339

within hours of her dad's cheating allegations emerging in the press, she changes her last name and symbolically distances herself from him. interesting timing.

No. 326397

It's probably a /pol/tard passing by

No. 326406

File: 1542465465592.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.76 KB, 542x553, dav.JPG)


So uh … I can't really understand the David Arquette situation. I regret checking why he is trending on twitter jeeez
What the fuck is wrong with people?



No. 326412

Who the hell is David Arquette and what is this degeneracy

No. 326420

File: 1542467327349.jpg (26.26 KB, 340x255, eddy.jpg)

I only know of him because he voice Eddy Wachowski in SSX Tricky. He's Patricia Arquette's sister, their whole family is in show business.

No. 326427



Nothing better to do than screenshot your own posts, Azealia?

No. 326440

Where did the screenshot originate from? Did she put this on her Instagram story?

No. 326441

He was married to Courtney Cox for a while too. Was in the Scream movies.

No. 326470

that whole family had/has mental problems and continuously does and says stupid shit tbh
rip alexis tho

No. 326534

Jesus I thought this was a GG Allin cosplay

No. 326698

so was it AB sperging about "celebrities" having better things to do than check image boards too? loooool

No. 326737

Why would AB care about cosplay drama though, doesn't seem like her scene at all, but I do feel she's a highly curious person at the same time. Hmmm

No. 326749

This site is way more than cosplay drama. It's never been just cosplay drama, it just houses a lot of /cgl/ refugees because of pixyteri. A lot of the biggest cows here have zero to do with cosplay, like Onion or TND.

AB clearly has all the time in the world to sperg out on social media between bathing in bleach and making anus soap, it's not like she has a music career anymore since she tanked it; it would not surprise me at all if she indulged in vicious e-drama.

No. 326753

True, but it's still very much regulated to the online sphere, unlike a place of lipstickalley where it talks about industry ppl or ppl who brush shoulders with music/sports/ect industry people. She deffo goes on LSA

No. 326766

I wouldn't be surprised if Azealia was into cosplay. Azealia is that weird black girl that is often made fun of by other blacks. I'm sure she use to be a 4chan retard, too.

>it's not like she has a music career anymore since she tanked it
But she just finished a sold out tour of Brazil and is going back to the UK soon for a tour.

>inb4 I'm azealia

>inb4 whiteknight

No. 326776

I've seen her use the word cosplay a few times on her twitter account but since it has been deleted I can't show you the tweets. iirc she was insulting someone again in one of these tweets.

By the way everyone talks about how her career is basically over because she's problematic and lost a lot of fans that way and is hated by other celebreties who could have been working with her, but does she have normie fans who aren't aware about the drama, at least not to that extend? That would be weird if she didn't. I think she said she was just putting her music career on hold because making soap is actually bringing her money and it's her hobby, no idea if she's sincere or bullshitting us.

No. 326820

File: 1542538774293.jpeg (24.02 KB, 409x359, images.jpeg)

they hate themselves huh

No. 327078

File: 1542597059492.jpeg (578.96 KB, 750x855, 6ACC37A5-2C6E-403D-89C7-9F1149…)

Apparently t Swift gets carried from her car into her hotel in a suitcase because she just hates the paparazzi that much. Idk if that 5’11 ass bitch could fit into a suitcase but she is pretty thin so who knows

No. 327080

File: 1542597490801.jpg (92.43 KB, 800x725, tumblr_inline_o9wsvtLPNX1tm4x9…)

>because she just hates the paparazzi that much
I thought she called the paps all the time. See pic attached. There's no way that isn't staged.

No. 327081

File: 1542597587189.jpg (139.77 KB, 876x1200, Dr7rozpXcAAdLJl.jpg)

No. 327083

KEK at least she’s contributing lmao. Bet she’s mad she’s the OP pic.

Why do they need 2 big ass guys to carry one suitcase? The suitcase has wheels on it as well.

Yeah she does do that a lot, but only when she wants too. A lot of famous people go to great lengths to avoid the paparazzi knowing what hotel they go to esp if it’s for a personal reason because then they’ll be parked outside and in the lobby so any guests will be photographed. But if it’s for a new album, movie premiere, new boyfriend, a date, hanging with a famous friend, wearing a certain brand, all-dolled up, or on the beach in a swimsuit, they’ll call the paps on themselves so they can stay relevant and look good in “candids” and/or spread a rumor or narrative about themselves/their lives/their careers.

No. 327084

Yooo people are ignoring this, that's pretty damn funny and weird lmao

No. 327104

Don’t you have a closet to clean or something?

No. 327105

Why does Azealia flip flop on ppl so much and has no sense of loyalty? I'm bipolar and I dont do this with people I'm friends with and I sure don't pretend. I feel like she's borderline because borderline cunts do this

No. 327110

File: 1542608636882.png (249.78 KB, 521x601, Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 1.17…)

She might read the boards but I don't think that post was hers tbh, the same screenshot has been going around facebook from at least four days ago

No. 327124

File: 1542618352777.jpg (34.57 KB, 540x225, 1536732444187.jpg)

Posted pic related in the last thread and posting it again.

This might not be nice to hear but we're part of the problem too, especially shitposts like these >>325445 >>324648 for example

We really need to stop hating eachother so much

No. 327141

no one here thinks it's ariana's fault mac miller od'd or that it's demi's fault she is mentally ill though? no one has really blamed any celebrities here for anything they aren't responsible for. nitpicking their appearance isn't "nice" but it's not like men don't get torn apart on this site either lmao.

No. 327158

most complaining ITT is about female celebrities, not male.
And are you too dense to realise I wasn't talking about "on here" but in general and all over history?
Kurt Cobain suicide: people worship him because "he was in so much paaaiiinn boohooo"
Meanwhile Courtney Love is left alone with a kid but she's supposedly a filthy whore who drove him to suicide. While in reality he was an asshole to her and to the rest of the band.
Same with the Beatles, who gets the blame of everything? Not the abusive John Lennon but ofcourse the woman Yoko Ono.
These are just a few examples.

Men are always excused and get away with everything while women always get the blame.

No. 327159

>This might not be nice to hear but we're part of the problem too

mmk. why so hostile?

No. 327160

how was that hostile?

No. 327162

>And are you too dense to realize
That isn't hostile?

Also sage your pointless conjecture.

No. 327165

you quoted the wrong part then

>mmk. why so hostile?

it's morning here sorry

No. 327167

it's the whole "stupid NAGGING WIVES ruin EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGG" schtick. it's so fucking tired.

No. 327170

Right, like why marry women if you are so insistent all women will be naggers and ruin your boyzzz fun? But oh no wait, let the woman only want to be friends with you and not get caught up in the rope of commitment and sex they're being biiitches and prudes! LOL!

No. 327173

Seriously, it's pathetic. Guys who hate women so hardcore should just fuck and marry dudes. They are pathetic. They want their cake and eat it too: sex from their wives while still complaining about their wife to their male friends

No. 327174

courtney love is an abusive piece of shit that thrives on negative attention and drama. she abused kurt, not vice versa and still pulls crap out of her ass about him years after he is dead. he was not perfect, but miles better than her. don't let yourself be sold the 'uwu villified feminist rock goddess narrative' when the truth is anything but.

No. 327178

Tekashi69 has been arrested!

No. 327179

also there’s a video of her just screaming the N word in public to make a statement or some shit lmao

No. 327184


“The next afternoon i go downstairs, i walk through he lobby and i hear my name - wailed- in wretched voice- i whip around, here in front of me is a bedraggled girl-18 maybe younger. One of Korn’s security “people” is dragging her.

“Courtney “she screams” they raped me Courtney” Okay NOW im pissed. Now im fucking mad,okay? NOW im pissed.

But the truth is im pissed at HER.

i pause at that. Yeah i am ,im pissed at her. Cos I know everythings shes gonna say before she says it. And saint Courtney the Avenging Angel is going to do what? Kick thier asses?Make a scene? What the hell do these guys know?

They were lucky to get laid Ever once before they were famous-come On! Theyre from BAKERSFIELD!

So i turn around all full of piss and vinegar and i look at this poor kid and i just, i dont know i just melt, The Korn “person” is saying “Just ignore her Miss Love she was stalking a band member” yeah right, is that why her clothes are torn? is that why shes got scratches on her? is that why she has a laminate dangling down? Is that why her eyeliner and lipstick applied so carefully last night- maybe she thought, Im going to have sex with a travelling musician its going to be so glamourous,maybe he’ll fall in love with me, maybe he’ll take me back to LA with him, maybe i’ll be his girlfriend-is smeared all over her face? Did she get to have an Orgasm? Hell no from the looks of it. I grab her from him. he grabs her back. Bozo KNOWS hes in some shit- plus my security person is bigger than him.

“They raped me” she’s sobbing “what did you think they would do?” i ask her-sternly

i feel like a fucking parole officer- its so wierd. she doesnt answer. she gulps, she sobbing. and then she names the person. and LO AND BEHOLD, its one of the Korn “People” - You knew this was coming right? And all of the sudden she turns into a negotiation, shes no longer a person. ” i swear she crazy Miss Love ,” (he wants me to drop it desperatly)

For whatever reason i start to believe this guy-itd be alot easier-but he continues”whod touch her? Shes a dog” OKAY NOW IM REALLY FUCKING PISSED! I get the girl a bunch of money to go home,i make her swear shes going to make a police report, and i leave. when i get to the venue i storm by the Korn “People.” what can i do?

Tell me what the hell im supposed to do? i dont know if anyone raped her,

i wasnt there, you tell me what i was supposed to do? Ive got alot of power, i know i do, but SHE was in the lobby, she got “picked”-

SHE put herself there.
Or maybe the “people” thought she was a tasty young thing and they put her there. either way she attended the ceremony. Well, variations of this same story happened for the whole 2 weeks- girls storming at me in lobbies ,in parking lots,in the STORE, with a KornKomplaint, I started to shrug, i told them to get guitars, what the fuck?"

>B-but she sang asking for it!!!

No. 327185

I feel like he's retarded low energy tupac of 2018, also he will die very soon.

No. 327187

samefag but if it's not clear she's blaming victims for rape, she also stated that she could not get raped cause she does not have 'victim energy' unlike other girls/woman lmfao. Google if you do not believe it.

No. 327188

I tried to find a source for that story because it reads like bad LJ fanfiction, and I ended up finding this instead:
She's a rancid cunt, lmao. I used to think she was amazing when I was a 14 year old listening to Live Through This and Pretty On The Inside on loop, but I guess idolizing people will always get you disappointed.

No. 327189

Borderlines do this shit but in a different way. There's much more self-victimisation, self pitying, threathening, etc…

source: am bpdfag

No. 327190

She does do the whole self-pitying and victimisation shit if you press her a little, other wild bipolar celebrities (without borderline diagnosis) are more shameless and non self pitying about it.

No. 327196

File: 1542630711674.jpg (977.85 KB, 1080x1920, 1.jpg)


No. 327197

File: 1542630773033.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, 2.jpg)


AB is back at it again. After being an eager Kanye supporter not too long ago and trying to win him over with a „we crazies have to stick together“ narrative, she is now „officially done“ with him kek. She always does this: At first Shilling and sucking up to famous people and then stabbing them in the back when they don’t cooperate. She was so proud when he reached out to her, too, but since nothing else happened, hey, let’s just sabotage Kim and Kanye’s relationship.

Also, she posted an allegedly self-made product design and logo for Yeezy on her Insta yesterday. Girl isn’t even able to create logos for her soaps (she always asks her fans/people who know how to use design software for it), there is no way she made that (quote) „genius product“ lmao. She also added Tesla in the post, didn’t she hate Elon…?

No. 327198

sounds like she was trying to fuck him and he turned her hood rat ass down.

No. 327200

Who's gonna believe she was even talking to kanye tho? Bitch is irrelevant.

No. 327204

i’m having a déjà vu moment.

I wonder what kind of role model she thinks she is.

No. 327210

the same person who owns the 'exposing courtney love' blog also has one called 'dissecting kurt cobain' and whilst i think some of the points are valid like courtney being an actual piece of shit and also the fact that they acknowledge kurt had his own problems, it's insane to see some of the stuff they say.

they straight up hate on all the people in his life and act like everyone around him was out with a vendetta against him?? even his old ex-girlfriends before he got famous lol wtf

No. 327214

Can't she start a group chat strictly for her, her friends and only her most dedicated stans to vent about this shit? Why does she always have someone's name in her mouth?
Just stop this and release Fantasea II.

No. 327266

File: 1542646056399.png (205.97 KB, 585x399, QQAX9ug.png)

Then let's complain more about male celebrities.

I'll start with some good news: Tekashi 6ix9ine was arrested.

No. 327279

hasnt he been arrested like 5 times now. swear every headline about this dude is him being involved with law enforcement or court>>327266

No. 327301

I approve of this, she's becoming my favorite cow thanks to these threads.
>Just stop this and release Fantasea II.
Supposedly she's going to release something else for Christmas.

No. 327318

Why is there people who like her? Like I get it, the craziness and wilding part is fun but like, this flip flopping and disloyal shit is crazy and extremely toxic. I wouldn't mind AB at all if she didn't flip flop so much. That 6ix9ine is as crazy and destructive as her but he doesn't always stab famous ppl in the back for no reason all the time. As I said, borderline thot.

No. 327319

The people who like her probably relate to her, which means all of them are crazy disloyal hoes.

No. 327349

Honestly that's toxic and terrible as fuck, if AB was a male celebrity like Tekashi you'd have the opposite - websites like this calling for her death and a lot of males defending her trash behavior. I think people laugh AB off and pretend she's not what she is for years because she's a girl so it's some mix of sexism going on tbh

No. 327351

File: 1542655133552.png (438.73 KB, 570x558, FQVYhuO.png)

No. 327353

she wrote for him lol

No. 327354

File: 1542655189171.png (38.79 KB, 613x305, 4zfPMJ6.png)

No. 327355

double posting but, some people just like her music . She's a talented artist, but a crazy bitch.

No. 327363

she sounds really desperate to hop on his dick. grimes is pathetic, but elon is like, 48 with like, what, 4 kids? sorry, grimes isn't at fault for shit.

No. 327391

wasn't she frothing at the pussy just a few weeks ago for a threesome with those 2? AB you aren't fooling anyone honey.

No. 327415

I don't get why Azealia would be into a greasy obnoxious and ugly guy who's much older than her like Elon Musk when she's a cute young woman. She can do better, even with her nasty attitude.

No. 327443


This, and we're complaining more about female celebrities because this website is a group of overwhelmingly women with threads dedicated to makeup and fashion, which is most relevant to prominent female celebrities. Added to that is the fact that female pop singers are marketed to women more. >>327141

No. 327447

If she's in there I'm guessing the 2 guys would be a safety precaution, you could easily break someone's neck and kill them if you dropped it accidentally. This is what's actually making me think the story is implausible.

No. 327458

how she would fit in there? all curled up? humans are not bjds that you can toss in the box in whatever position, I imagine lying in suitcase with your knees to your face is uncomfortable, but idk

No. 327471

it's probably just a publicity stunt. like yeah, she's skinny enough that she could probably curl up into the fetal position and fit in a large suitcase, but it sounds pretty dangerous - on top of the drop risk, it would also be incredibly hard to breath in there.

No. 327500

File: 1542678384580.png (265.96 KB, 612x554, 5ClsEFD.png)

No. 327501

File: 1542678406202.jpg (79.86 KB, 1199x841, DsZw4z8UcAEMioy.jpg)

No. 327505

GOOD. lock him up.

No. 327507


its what she deserves.jpg

No. 327511

on one hand it seems like they've taken the time to build a case on him that will stick, but on the other watch his double digit IQ ass slither away from this with the lightest possible sentence again

No. 327523

because he's a plant
he's gonna die soon though

No. 327577

>Then let's complain more about male celebrities.
thank you based anon

No. 327608

im fuckin happy about this

and to think some people find him attractive, i cant wrap my head around that

No. 327613

kante called azealia the future of music when she first popped off

No. 327708

Wasn't he the child rapist? Good

No. 328114

It’s just something about her face is what makes me not like her. Her rbf makes me not want to talk to her or think kindly of her because she looks like a cunt who raises an eyebrow at anyone who breathes wrong around her and talks shit behind your back. She doesn’t have to smile but stop looking like a damn sourpuss Brie, it makes me want to ask what’s good and throw hands

No. 328256

This is hilarious and it's a really old trick so I think it's funny people are doing it again. Technically it's not a suitcase, it's more for moving sound equipment, a 5'11" person could fit snuggled into one with ease.

No. 329003

File: 1543032371361.png (964.57 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20181124-010229~2.p…)

Is it me or Ariana girl is starting to look like those koreaboos/weaboos that shoop themselves to look asian/half asian lmao. I mean she is pretty weaboo-ish already

No. 329005

she's probably just using beauty cam which gives you that airbrushed "i shooped myself to look asian" look by default.

No. 329034

Almost every recent picture I've seen of her has been blurred into oblivion and it makes her look really muddy and gross. It's ridiculous and so obvious lmao

No. 329036

she's 30 years old. fucking embarrassing.

yes she's anorexic and no she's not tall

No. 329046

This is especially scary considering her fans are mostly young girls. Obviously they're going to be exposed to photoshopped ideals no matter what, but something about her entirely smoothed out, blurred face makes this unsettling to me, idk man.

No. 329047

File: 1543049894440.jpg (82.18 KB, 747x426, IMG_4939.JPG)

Example of muddy blurry face I just saw on twitter. Apparently she's supposed to be Regina George

No. 329050

File: 1543050397495.jpg (168.34 KB, 1316x582, 0c8607ea-19fa-4dcc-b623-374f2a…)

Lmao without the tan and fillers she could have made a convincing Regina.

Surprised she didn't impersonate one of the East Compton Clovers for the Bring It On part with how much she tries to be perceived a as latina/black.

No. 329051

now i'm mad she's such a latinaboo because she really could have been a good regina george

No. 329052

I think that Ariana just tries really hard to look good to the point where she has this soulless look to everything she posts. I don't think I've seen her genuinely smile in so long and instead it's always some stupid ass duck face or blank stare like where's the fucking emotion??? If this next video is just her poorly lip-syncing while playing dress up and staring with dead eyes into the camera I swear……

No. 329153

File: 1543074027753.jpg (275.51 KB, 1200x1629, ariana-grande-heading-to-jimmy…)

it's wild seeing a picture of her candid… she reminds me of early snooki in a way.

No. 329171

why is that color match sooo bad? it literally looks like they've chopped off a horse tail and glued it to her scalp

No. 329176

Idk, I just find it sad. She obviously has BDD hardcore. I think she can’t stand to see her face unfiltered

No. 329322

she really needs to chill with that spray tan, it's not even remotely natural looking. she's a cheeto.

No. 329360

File: 1543109383200.jpg (144.11 KB, 581x733, 134855659.jpg)

Speaking of muddy…

No. 329361

File: 1543110043936.jpg (278.12 KB, 990x1048, close yo damn mouth.jpg)

Why is she always with her mouth gaping like that? It looks so dumb jesus

No. 329372

Ariana wants to look like a mixed black south american girl so bad.

No. 329394

makes me wonder why twitter whined about bruno mars "wanting to be black" and making black music but they call ariana their .1% black queen and are okay with her making rnb music and even doing outright tanface

No. 329395

File: 1543127695864.jpg (862.86 KB, 1500x1215, ariana.jpg)

the same person

No. 329401

aren't they memeing when they do that?

No. 329403

in this context its just a double standard

No. 329404

Internet: Shares random girls who wanna be black and shames them
Ariana: Does this
Internet: deafening silence

She also got a new fiance, last one took his life, then dumped the new one
Internet: We stan a feminist queen

No. 329414

but she's very pretty, you see.

No. 329475

Apparently everyone in this thread thinks differently, but it never occured to me that ariana might be trying to look black/Latina. To me she just looks like a white girl with a blatant spray tan. Maybe it's because I remember her light skin from watching victorious idk.

No. 329482

File: 1543152765619.jpg (327.06 KB, 1536x1152, ariana grande nicki minaj new …)

She is literally the same shade as Nicki Minaj, an actual black woman.

And even if she wasn't, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are constantly called out for appropriating black culture, where is that same energy for Miss Grande? Why does she get a pass? People should either condemn all of them or none.

No. 329484

File: 1543153291953.jpg (45.31 KB, 960x540, screen_shot_2018-05-13_at_11-1…)

No. 329488

The women getting yelled at had permed black hair, weaves, heavy spray tans, makeup on their lips to colour it to fade from pink to black like a biological black woman's would, full Rachel Dolezal. Ariana's had…a spray tan? Her hair has been kept light-coloured and straight like a white woman's, she has unmistakeably white features. Anyone who would 'shame' Ariana for this is really reaching and wants an excuse to be upset, imo.

>Last one took his life

I definitely remember Ariana getting a considerable amount of hate in the wake of Mac Miller's death, and she was absolutely rightly also defended. She's not responsible for his overdose.

No. 329492

File: 1543155106544.jpg (68.24 KB, 1024x576, Reactions-Ariana-Grande-God-Wo…)

>The women getting yelled at had permed black hair, weaves,
So does Ariana, or do you seriously think her hair is real?

>heavy spray tans,

So does Ariana

>makeup on their lips

Ariana went from overlining her lips to actual lip fillers

And lets not forget her going from speaking like the rich girl she grew up as to an AAVE caricature on twitter

No. 329498

File: 1543155684138.jpg (161.49 KB, 1321x627, 1.jpg)

Woman on the left: "She profits off of cultural appropriation!! She's trying to look black!!"
Woman on the right: crickets

No. 329507

I thought we were talking about the instagram 'blackfish' thing that was happening https://www.teenvogue.com/story/blackfish-niggerfish-white-influencers-using-makeup-to-appear-black where the reason everyone was annoyed was that the women were trying to 'pass' for black. Ariana has never done this. Her hair is obviously extensions, but never to mimic a Afro-Caribbean hair texture.
And from what we've seen of her hairline, dark brown curly hair is probably it's natural state; she's not walking around with an afro wig. Lip fillers are pretty much ubiquitous at this point for famous people, so she wouldn't get any special attention for that either.
For that matter, Kylie Jenner doesn't deserve to be 'called out' either. She's just been way more famous for longer and gets more negative attention for silly things like this. If you want to argue that spray tans and lip fillers=trying to look black then fine, but I was under the impression we were referring to a completely different issue.

No. 329511

I think it;s meant to emphasize her looking doe-eyed and innocent? It's also meant to make her lips look as full as possible.

No. 329532

File: 1543160488947.gif (2.36 MB, 480x270, original.gif)

Why in god's name did they include this shot in that shitshow of a video? She can barely """dance""" kek that little girl on youtube who clowns on Ari legit had the same amount of talent for dancing

Also the Mean Girls/Bring It On thing she's trying to make happen is extra cringe. I feel like that train left the station a loooong time ago. Stop trying to make Mean Girls happen again ariana. Her whole team is garbage.

No. 329533

>stop trying to make Mean Girls happen
>Mean Girls reference

Unfortunately anon, Mean Girls is still relevant and given how big Iggy got for doing Clueless, this video is probably going to be huge if they do it right

No. 329540

She's always been trying to look like an Afro-Latina kween. I think the reason she doesn't get backlash is because she's actually pretty, has a semblance of her own aesthetic, and never tries to pretend she's "hood" or a rapper (unlike Iggy, lmao). There is a quintessential "Ariana look". Petite body, long, light brown ponytail, rabbit ears, big sweaters with thigh high boots. All her, not just a rip off of black women and culture.
The Jenners/Kardashians just rip off black people unapologetically, and bring nothing new to the table. Everything they do is either lifted from young black designers, black culture as a whole or Rihanna (and other black celebrities) with no credit. They tried to trademark big lips, thick bodies, cornrows and braids, something black women have naturally had (and been attacked for) forever. It's gross and pathetic.

No. 329543

Kek vid related is the little girl from youtube btw. Ariana is shook I bet

It just reeks of Ariana being stuck in an isolated room her whole life being a protected cash cow watching movies with her appointed "friends" like 15 years after the film was relevent and thinking it's omgzsofunniguyzzrawrxd

And her manager was like, "let's incorporate your (((interests))) into your music Ariana," and since she's an empty shell of a person raised as a sex toy for old producers (slash pop star), this is what it is. His gross predatory ass heard Ariana and her friends like the film (or rather it was reported to him by the flying monkies) and pounced on it like a weak, uncreative lion ripping into a sick, uncreative zebra.

Now that I wrote that out it sounds crazy af but whatever. I wish i really did know how this all goes down. Probably in a board room with a lot of people who get paid a lot to come up with concepts but let me live with my tinfoil hat pls

No. 329544

I never saw the Kardashians/Jenners as appropriating black culture. I always thought they were into the Bollywood shit.

No. 329550

File: 1543162568373.png (161.4 KB, 256x378, m.png)

Are you sure, anon? I'm definitely not seeing Bollywood here…

No. 329563

I think its just more her pandering to her fans. Her fans are the type of people to make Mean Girls references and whatnot, they eat this shit up. So I guess good job to her marketing team. Ariana tries to be relatable to these people as evidenced by her attitude and way of typing on Twitter, she's 25 and is literally that "hello fellow trendy teens" meme.

Ariana is also BFF with Nicki Minaj, a notorious STRONG FEMALE BLAQ QUEEN that calls out white people for cultural appropriation all the time. Yet she lets her do her weird semi-blackface thing for whatever reason. Ariana did well by being best friends with her , it gives her immunity to black twitter and no one wants to fuck with the psycho trash heap that is Nicki.

No. 329564

File: 1543164096038.jpeg (116.95 KB, 1024x543, DCAlxFJUQAEgHmS.jpeg)

They also steal designs from black entrepreneurs

Cultural appropriation is bullshit tho kek

No. 329568

I think they also have a bone to pick with the Kardashian/Jenners because a black guy (Ray J) literally made them rich through a sex tape kek, but they act all high and mighty as if they didn't come from that root. They hop on black dicks, act/dress black, but aren't.

No. 329576

If sleeping with a black guy was all it took to become a multi-millionaire celebrity everyone and their mother would be Kim Kardashian lol anon. I thought having a problem with interracial relationships was a white race purity thing? It's absolutely hilarious whenever anyone brings this up as a negative because you can taste the salt a mile away.

No. 329583

Nicki Minaj has never been against white people who like black culture. She's even friendly with Kylie IIRC.
I looked up "Nicki Minaj cultural appropriation" and all I got was
>“Thank you, Philipp Plein, for including our culture,” Minaj said. “Designers get really big and really rich off of our culture, and then you don’t see a motherf–ker that look anything like us in the front row half the time. So let’s make some noise for Philipp Plein tonight.”
>‘‘You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important?"
>"Come on, you can’t want the good without the bad. If you want to enjoy our culture and our lifestyle, bond with us, dance with us, have fun with us, twerk with us, rap with us, then you should also want to know what affects us, what is bothering us, what we feel is unfair to us. You shouldn’t not want to know that."
All of which sounds…pretty reasonable.

No. 329597

They were rich to begin with, sleeping with a famous black guy (not your local guy named Tyrone who has a thing for obese trailer trash, lmao) is what made her famous and relevant, and she went on to marry another famous black guy. Otherwise, Kim would still be Paris Hilton's closet-cleaning handmaiden, and no one would know or care about the Jenners. It's not even offensive, it's just the truth.

They're not particularly creative, inhumanly beautiful, stylish or talented (which is why they do shit like >>329564 and try to skinwalk Rihanna 24/7. No ideas), but they do have enough clout from their reality show, airing their dirty laundry, doing escort work in the Middle East, being attached to the Kanye West name and posting thirst traps on social media to get pushed anyway. Haters unwittingly give them more money by paying attention to them. It's a self-propagating thing.

No. 329638

>doing escort work in the Middle East
..whoa wait what please explain this part

No. 329653

File: 1543172108166.jpg (355.89 KB, 2000x1000, whatsbeef.jpg)

Nicki and Kylie don't seem like they're on good terms. Kylie saw Nicki on a runway recently and practically ran in the other direction to avoid her.

No. 329666


the "ariana black queen" thing is just ironic meme

No. 329676

She was a pretty socialite that hung out with Paris Hilton when she was relevant as well. Also implying Ray J is just another black dude kek

No. 329680

It's basically an open secret. All the celebrities (and IG famous chicks) you know of that don't really do anything besides look pretty either escort abroad, or they pimp out other, younger women.
For example, Naomi Campbell recently went to Nigeria to go to events and pimp out young models. Her name was also listed in a list of visitors to Epstein's pedophilic island years ago. Blac Chyna is there now, too, under the guise of "selling bleaching cream", but everyone in that scene knows she's just there to escort.
Closed groups like the celebrity darkroom on LSA often go into it. Tag The Sponsor does, too, but they don't really name celebrities, just IG "baddies".

No. 329683

File: 1543177113444.jpeg (118.01 KB, 768x1024, C67DF1C9-8C74-457B-B201-156B32…)

Remember when Ariana sold this as merch?

No. 329685

No. 329686

I thought this whole video had terrible visuals tbh.

No. 329697

lmao any source on that or just some tinfoil conspiracy youtube videos and blogs ?

No. 329709

I already named some places you can check, do the digging yourself, lol. Believe, or don't.

No. 329720

This is an image site, anon. Instead of acting cuntish when someone asks for it, give actual proof.

No. 329732

It's not about liking black culture, it's about ~cultural appropriation~, she threw a huge shit at Miley for wearing cornrows and having black backup dancers. IIRC she also got in a fight with Iggy on Twitter about black culture.

No. 329811

I feel like the Miley thing was just a publicity stunt.

No. 329855

Traditionally, it has been white people who have sperged over interracial relationships but quite a few black people are doing it too and they’re usually social justice warriors.

No. 329866

File: 1543206824016.jpg (55.52 KB, 750x738, 26b5e38e_0772_4b0a_a230_45a463…)

fucking lol

No. 329900

File: 1543208938513.jpeg (6.52 KB, 204x247, images.jpeg)

Is she actually that tan now? She looks like a Goomba

No. 329915

did she get cheek fillers?

No. 329969

File: 1543212856047.jpg (184.44 KB, 600x862, ariana_grande_hairstyle_pictur…)

This page has been posted in numerous threads, but I guess it never hurts to post again. Her transformation from avg girl to baby thot


No. 329986

Jesus she was so pretty naturally, what the hell happened

No. 329988

I know they probably wrote it in the script, but god that ugly red did nothing for her and makes her look like a semi emo kid. Her pale skin and natural features are so clean and nice, but they're not Instagram-trendy like how she looks now. I'm pretty convinced that Ariana and Kylie Jenner would not be as big as they are had Instagram not existed, came with Instagram was this certain aesthetic that both appeal to.

No. 330011

Anon, her comments toward Miley are literally in that second article, and greentexted right there. Where is the "huge shit"? She's never attacked anyone for "cultural appropriation". She's been very clear with her thoughts on it, and it's not an issue for her unless the person is being shallow and lame about it. I couldn't stand her ever since she started defending Tekashi 69 and her other child molesting brother, but yeah.
>IIRC she also got in a fight with Iggy on Twitter about black culture.
…You mean Azealia Banks? I get that black people all look the same to some others, but please, anon.

No. 330012

I'm convinced if she didn't go down this route, she'd be like Bella Thorne. What we have now is the least trashy-looking outcome for 2018.

No. 330019

she looks like a character from family guy.

No. 330035

looks cuter without that basic cat eye/winged liner she keeps trying to pull off too.

No. 330073

File: 1543243334703.jpg (273.36 KB, 1200x1680, nicola-peltz-at-instyle-and-wa…)

why did nicola peltz do this to herself

No. 330133

File: 1543252382779.jpg (25.91 KB, 405x191, 20181126_091252.jpg)

How do celebs (like Ariana) get plastic surgery and heal so quickly? Like, if her hair is fucked up from the Nickelodeon show why couldn't she have ducked out of the spotlight for a short time to get some treatments in, similar to the time set aside to heal privately from surgical procedures? Idk that never added up for me every time i heard the damaged hair uwu excuse for her terrible hairstyling
I hope that makes sense lol

Also, would a brow lift alter someone's hairline? Jw

No. 330134

File: 1543252539928.png (303.79 KB, 445x432, get-the-look-nicola-peltz-gold…)


No. 330161

I’m screaming, the ig thot face is already falling out of trend, but her face is such a downgrade in comparison to what it was before. Like she traded her Bentley in for a Kia. How sad for her.

No. 330182

I'd feel bad for her if it weren't for the whole pushing maids down stairs thing

No. 330189

True, it’s what she deserves, a lifetime of bdd and botched surgeries

No. 330333

File: 1543279656068.png (2.58 MB, 1440x1983, Screenshot_20181126-193916~2.p…)

I don't have anything against Allie Deberry but she's either terribly disproportionate or this is an awful shoop

No. 330345

File: 1543281890045.jpg (251.14 KB, 980x1225, 980x.jpg)

Same but she seems to be doing better now! She's been sober for four years.


No. 330346

her body looks like 3 different people to me. I guess it's possible if she has super low body fat and works out her legs but not much else?

No. 330349

File: 1543282976576.jpg (28.92 KB, 645x215, lena dunham.jpg)

No. 330351

File: 1543283285371.jpeg (81.27 KB, 634x1024, upload_2018-11-26_6-59-46.jpeg)

About that…

No. 330358

God no that is some horrific shooping. You can see all the jagged lines where the edited her body, trying to pull it all off using a blurred background. Her left leg just blends in with the sand.

No. 330360

when people still try to insist that she didn't get a nose job, it blows my mind

No. 330363

overweight =/= doing drugs/alcohol
nta, but way to miss the point.

No. 330364

No. 330374

you know anti-psychotics make you gain weight right?

No. 330376

even if she's still overweight, it's leagues better than doing hard drugs and letting your mental illness go unchecked. doctors would rather you have a double chin than doing heroin.

No. 330378

Didn’t she date Gigi and Bella Hadid’s younger brother when he was still a minor and she was 22? Gross…

No. 330379

I do wonder the same thing. My question is why she would even get one? I mean, it's undeniable that she got one. But why???
She also got the most unnecessary nosejob ever, too. All of her plastic surgery was so unnecessary. And getting it all so young. Yet again, people refuse to talk about her in a bad light. I guess she just wants to be as perfect as possible, I don't know. She must be messed up somehow mentally, even before the Manchester accident.

No. 330380

File: 1543288759655.jpg (30.1 KB, 288x512, WpOYWRd.jpg)

No. 330381

File: 1543288794508.jpg (62.21 KB, 288x512, t1LjcEV.jpg)

No. 330382

I could be mis-remembering, but I think they basically went "wow, our whole cast for Victorious has brown hair. Anyone want to change theirs" and she volunteered to dye hers to something different and chose to make it that color.

/saged in case I'm incorrect on that.

No. 330387

My guess is BDD + sexual abuse from being a Nick star

No. 330422

Ariana's PS was so unnecessary, all it accomplished was making her look like her nose is always flaring.

No. 330423

>liked by Age of Aquaria

crazy bitches follow crazy bitches, I suppose.

No. 330524

And it was so unnecessary, too. Her natural nose was small and button-like, basically the ideal feminine nose. She gambled hard by retouching it, she could've ended up like Bella Hadid or worse

No. 330538

I feel like she had to get the surgeries to prove how down she is.

No. 330687

File: 1543350759581.jpg (13.75 KB, 320x400, 43984762_522615274885299_39082…)

Has anyone been watching American Horror Story: Apocalypse? Cody Fern played a character called Michael Langdon and being a handsome white guy, he gained a massive following very quickly. He's actually a pretty good actor tbf.

Turns out he's either bisexual or gay, which is totally not an issue. But he has a twink as fuck 22-year-old boyfriend called Eric Smith who apparently used to be a Youtuber in the early days. Cody is trying to get bigger acting roles and recognised for his talent and then you have his boyfriend as pictured.

No. 330722

File: 1543353476842.jpg (222.67 KB, 620x1103, azealia-banks-shades-iggy-azal…)

No. 330723

can't link right now, but amanda bynes just did an interview on her 2014 breakdown

No. 330724

She's a whole ass weirdo. CRINGE!

No. 330732

Forgot the names but there was a news article recently about a retired football player that came out as gay and is marrying some skincare company exec that’s probably thirty years his junior. Weird as hell but the news didn’t call it out.

But IMO I don’t think a 30 year old dating a 22 year old is too strange. And look at the shit Ezra Miller has been getting away with lately…

No. 330738

>Ariana broke off an engagement. So, I found a guy to propose to me, and I broke off an engagement

No. 330742

File: 1543355145460.png (3.31 MB, 1125x2436, 44C8360B-38BB-4C3A-BA25-A85F8B…)

When a celibricow and a wannabe celebricow collide … is Ariana so vain that she’s just hiring people who want to be her??

No. 330743

Ngl I'm heads over heels for Cody ever since I saw him on AHS apocalypse lol. From what I've heard he's bi but it was never confirmed by him personally, he only ever talked about dating both men and women in the past iirc. I'm not a big fan of his boyfriend tbh even though I can't even really tell you why exactly, dude just gives me weird vibes, plus I'm not really into his cute-twink-model aesthetics

No. 330744

File: 1543355270228.jpg (77.9 KB, 733x697, 0w4KLfo.jpg)

No. 330758

Is this from one of her music videos?

No. 330763

It's from her thank u next video. It'll come out this Friday.

No. 330784

File: 1543360230017.png (591.36 KB, 1142x500, 1543355145460.png)

When you look more like some random person you're not even related to than…yourself. Do people with plastic surgery this drastic never wonder what they'd actually look like as they age had they never been botched?

No. 330795

Is there anything that isn't a copying of Mean Girls lately? Mean Girls critiqued tropes, all of these derivatives miss that flair completely

No. 330796

I’m genuinely annoyed that they don’t have the right length hair or even style, just wear a wig

No. 330800

>And look at the shit Ezra Miller has been getting away with lately
i'm sorry for asking if its already been talked about in an earlier thread, but what did ezra miller do?

No. 330802

id say they don't since they're so terrified of looking old that they're willing to look like a mutant.

No. 330826


Not OP but he’s been crossdressing a lot. He even did a photoshoot with playboy where he’s crossdressing.

No. 330853


christ what a retard

No. 330928

File: 1543388923277.gif (824.45 KB, 498x278, queen.gif)

no one can replace Rachel McAdams as Regina George

No. 330954


Oh mate, me too. He is without a doubt the most beautiful human being I've ever seen in my life. He just emanates sexuality as Michael Langdon, especially in those first episodes.

No. 330958

I'm all for androgynous/feminine guys, but that photoshot is so disgusting. How can he call himself a serious actor when he poses with his hairy body in stuff only a cheap stripper would wear?
Shit like this makes me wish for somebody to nuke America. Please don't spread your degeneracy any further into the world…

Also, whenever an actor (e.g. like him as well) says he's bi or "doesn't care", then I suspect he's 100% a fag and only doesn't want to lose his teen girl fanbase.

No. 330959

>then I suspect he's 100% a fag and only doesn't want to lose his teen girl fanbase.

Huh, I'm the opposite. I assume he's 100% straight and wants to appease his fujo fanbase. He certainly has one thanks to Fantastic Beasts.

No. 330961

Or he could actually be bi/open to fuck anything cuz he is a hormonal dude.

No. 330972

Most ex addicts balloon up, especially if they used to do uppers. Those seemed to be Amanda's thing. They also quite often end up taking a food addiction to replace the drug addiction.

No. 331085


everyone except the lindsay girl is ugly as shit compared to the original mean girls. tragic as fuck.

No. 331087

>Shit like this makes me wish for somebody to nuke America. Please don't spread your degeneracy any further into the world

Kek. As if other nations don’t have degenerate tendencies. Right…..

No. 331099

Ignore the jealous eurofag. Theyre obsessed with Americans.

No. 331110

cody is gorgeous but not gonna lie my interest in fucking him has shot down to almost nil after seeing his bf

No. 331136

Speaking of Fantastic Beasts, I just need to say that Eddie Redmayne is hot as fuck in that even though he looks kinda like a nerd

No. 331139

I'm genuinely dissatisfied with the plot of season 8 tbh but somehow it still ended up being one of my favourite seasons simply because of how much I adore him as Michael Langdon. I've never really been into reading fanfictions, let alone reader insertion fanfictions, but the past weeks I've been reading unholy amounts of them, it's embarassing

No. 331224

>then I suspect he's 100% a fag and only doesn't want to lose his teen girl fanbase.

Uuuuh this is exactly why this comment makes no sense lol. A guy being openly gay is not going to stop girls fantasizing about him.
I never had a problem/cared much about Ezra. Give me some real milk about him and we'll talk and maybe I'll change my mind. Who gives a fuck if he's wearing lingerie? It's nothing new? Rocky horror picture show?

No. 331237

that's it. but he's probably just a straight abuser that dabbles in tranny shit who thinks he's so subversive for doing so and for wanting to jerk off in a skirt while shitting on his girlfriend's face or something

No. 331257

File: 1543465012973.png (128.83 KB, 325x281, 1525759210103.png)

Sounds weirdly specific but okay

No. 331275

Not really, a lot of them are carbon copies of each other

No. 331300

File: 1543474303451.jpg (77.7 KB, 1200x675, IMG_4972.JPG)

Ariana has a docu-series coming out on YouTube and the trailer has really grainy quality as if it's filmed with a camera from 30 years ago and it's so strange like what is with the vintage aesthetic? Probably more of her trying to filter what she looks like. Anyway this is what I see in the corner of my room when I have sleep paralysis

No. 331303

"vintage aesthtetic" this looks like a dollangagner tier bad art school horrormovie

No. 331305

Ariana's teaser to her new music video thank u, next gives me vibes from Ga in's Truth or Dare music video.

No. 331310

I don't really care about Ezra Miller, his sexuality or anything like that but man Play Boy's marketing is getting really dumb! Do they really think the crusty old boomers that buy their shit want to see "subversive"? lel

No. 331313

I've seen the images and I don't see anything wrong with a cheeky photoshoot, though it wasn't anything special. Didn't seem that deep to me at all.

>hairy body

What is wrong with being okay with one's own body hair? Are you prepubescent?

Also it's really sad that people can't accept bisexuals as they are.
>bisexual woman must be into men and pretending to like women to bait lesbians
>bisexual guy must be 100% a fag
Weird how in both cases people tend to assume the bi person is into men.

Anyway Ezra seems genuine in that he doesn't care about gender norms and will not worry about his partner's gender identity. I don't know why obsess over policing people's identities.

No. 331314

I think you're a little lost…

No. 331337

Not at all. A dumb photoshoot does not a cow make.

No. 331340

File: 1543487576579.jpeg (36.37 KB, 267x400, D5A09BAD-3FAC-4D33-B898-FFC4F1…)

that other girl who’s supposed to be karen looks like a man in drag next to amanda seyfried. karen is supposed to be the only plastic to be even prettier than regina, not the ugliest. this is an insult to karen and amanda seyfried.

No. 331344

Nah, Ezra seems like a creepy cunt. Can you pls go bitch about m-muh biphobia~ somewhere else, bifag?

No. 331363

So it’s okay when Ezra Miller does it, but not Cody Fern’s boyfriend.

No. 331370

All of the original cast was perfect. It was a very late 90s/early 2000s feel and i loved it.

No. 331371

Marrying someone 30 years younger is such a red flag. So gross. Like, what the hell do you even have in common with someone that much younger besides sex?

No. 331373

They look like a bunch of insta hos on the top row. wtf

No. 331448

He's definitely cringey and try-hard.

No. 331564

No. 331568

I dont like her but this bops
sounds a bit like abba tho

No. 331648

File: 1543538677511.png (32.35 KB, 588x482, race-gender-pay-gap.png)

Opinions on Gina Rodriguez being "cancelled" because she apparently HATES black people?


Seems like the quote that started all this was
>I get so petrified in this space talking about equal pay especially when you look at the intersectional aspect of it, right? Where white women get paid more than black women, black women get paid more than Asian women, Asian women get paid more than Latina women, and it’s like a very scary space to step into

Isn't it pretty common knowledge (with all the wage gap talk in recent years) that hispanic women make the least? Everyone screaming about how stupid she is because "Sofia Vergara is the highest paid actress on TV" even though p much every one else on that list is white feels a lot like SJWs are screaming "Well I have a sweater on so Global Warming is fake". Also one hispanic woman doing well in one very specific industry (TV/Film) has nothing to do with the rest of the world?

Idk, full disclosure I'm a white lady, but I like to hear some more opinions on this. Everything is just so constantly overblown, it's exhausting.

No. 331655

this has been touched on in some unpopular opinion posts long ago i believe, but black women in america do seem to have more of a victim complex than any other race yet they dont love themselves enough to stop thirsting after white and asian dick
they direct all of their hatred to females of other races, not even white women lol
its always a latina or asian woman who gets shit on the hardest

No. 331658

Isn’t Gina Rodriguez mixed with black?

Also Sofia Vegara always seemed like a white Latina to me. Could be wrong though.

No. 331664

I don't get the outrage. She's racist because she admits black women make more than other minorities?

No. 331665

i'm a latina woman and i've felt like i was stepping on eggshells every time i tried to bring up this statistic. it's recorded everywhere but no one wants to acknowledge it because… oh no black people happen to be the second least discriminated against on this subject.

No. 331667

I dont get it either, I've followed it a bit on ONTD and they even made a whole post on her being anti black. But I couldn't see it at all, she mostly just didn't constantly put them at the forefront of discrimination compared to other races. She still mentioned them all the time in a supportive way.

Usually I can see where people are coming from about racism but this is one case I literally just dont see it. Even if she prioritizes latina representation or whatever… she's fucking latina, she has that right and it doesn't detract from black people.

No. 331671

ontd is a cesspool of white and black virtue signalers
they pretty much stay contained there which is why you see them constantly making posts giving asspats about how ~this is the only site i feel safe and comfy because everyone has my same opinion uWu~

notice how they treat women in literally any posts about transwomen encroaching on female spaces and generally being abusive or advocating anti women retoric
heaven forbid you be one of the brave souls to actually defend biological females in there over mentally ill males who like playing dress up or mutilating themselves

No. 331672

I honestly feel like some (read: definitely not all) black people in America like holding onto their victim status because it kinda makes them feel special and better about themselves. I feel like Twitter culture made it worse imo.

I also feel like that’s why these types tend to be homophobic as well. Because they see the gay community as a threat to their victim mentality and it makes them paranoid and somewhat jealous (also counting the fact that the black community tends to be religious).

Of course, there are African Americans who do truly want equality and/or some who just want to live their lives. It’s just that these assholes are pretty vocal about it.

Really, people who get off on playing the victim are everywhere. Doesn’t matter what race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc they are. This is just a distinct flavor.

No. 331678

The exact opposite has been proven on LC with anons (like you) randomly attacking black women out of nowhere, having meltdowns over Asian women (three locked threads dedicated only to complaining about Asians, warring over whether white men are "leaving white women" for Asian women, who is prettier/more neotenous, several derailed unpopular opinion threads, that one thread of some anons sperging out because a biracial actress might play The Little Mermaid in a live action film, etc etc) and consistently being the only ones to ever bring up white or Asian dick.
Please get some help, this is worrying.

No. 331680

Meh as someone who is actually a dark skin black woman im going to say that in real life what you guys are saying just isn’t true. Most of the time it’s other races of women attacking us because they get off of on being better than us and the compliments they get especially from
Black men. Yesterday I had a Latina coworker going on and on how black women are this and that she didn’t seem to care that I was right by her listening to her lol you would think that since everyone feels we are so ugly and mean that they would stop talking about us and ignore us but it seems they love to hate us.

No. 331682

This. And I hate how other races if women like to act like they don’t low key get off on thinking we are jealous of them or when men bash us in favor of them. It’s so transparent kek

No. 331684

>Even if she prioritizes latina representation or whatever… she's fucking latina, she has that right and it doesn't detract from black people.
This. She prioritizes it because she lives it.
It doesn't make her racist. the logic in assuming so is just reaching.

No. 331688

Exactly. There was nothing for anyone to bitch about but of course, Latina women get shafted for having an opinion about something that directly concerns them in America. Nevermind the fact that our families are literally deported or constantly have their immigration status questioned, or that we NEVER get to play normal non stereotypical roles in anything unless we are passing as white. Theres room for discussion for all POC to have accurate representation, pay and respect. Yet heaven forbid we try. We get shit on from both sides.

No. 331691

>or that we NEVER get to play normal non stereotypical roles in anything unless we are passing as white.

Uh this is the case for all non-white actresses though. Hell, most asian actresses can’t even get work in America at all. Stop being a victim.

No. 331693

It's funny, we're supposedly the ones who have these huge victim complexes, but all we have to do is quietly exist, and someone will still be angry enough about us to go on these gross, vitriolic diatribes online and offline about all of us.
I don't even know or care about Gina Rodriguez or whatever she's done, but I still had to have my eyes assaulted with that weird rant. I guess attacking entire races of women is fine as long as they're blackies.

No. 331694

I wouldnt deny that for Asian women. But I am also not Asian so Im not a mouthpiece for them. I speak for me and mine and this is about a Latina actress who's being demonized for doing such.

No. 331696

Most black women aren’t in movies unless they’re mixed. These women she’s ranting about probably aren’t even black because they’re rarely are any black actresses. Can you name one popular black actress who isn’t just in Tyler perry movies and isn’t light skin?even Lupita barely gets any work.

No. 331698

Latinas are suspect since they love being gassed up by black guys and love their black bfs bashing black women. I’ve come into contact with too many Latina’s like this to trust anything they say about black women lol

No. 331700

> I guess attacking entire races of women is fine as long as they're blackies.
I genuinely dont feel anyone is saying that. The problem was a Latina actress being attacked for stating the truth and demonized for doing it. Because other people want to play oppression olympics. As I said here >>331688 I completely agree all non white women should be able to discuss and argue for equal pay and representation. But as a Latina, Im tired of seeing Latina actresses get shut down and attacked when they want to discuss those things in relation to their own cultures. Meanwhile the rich old white men behind the scenes are profiting off of us fighting and belittling eachother. It does no good.

No. 331701

How do you know that the people getting angry aren’t virtue signaling white people?thats what most sjws are but oh no it must be ugly black women jealous and bitter towards more beautiful asian and latinas. That’s always the narrative y’all wanna play huh?

No. 331703

Literally no one said that. I'm >>331665 and from my experience I felt like I was stepping on eggshells around white SJWs who try to speak for black people. The ones who deem pointing this out as racist are more likely white than black.

No. 331704

Again, I dont see anyone calling black women jealous and ugly here but you. That wasnt the point of MY posts. I know who the common enemy we share is and Im not gonna sit and fight amongst other POC. However, I have no belief whatsoever that Ginas statement is problematic or racist. So anyone who chooses to think that is in fact reaching and racebaiting.

No. 331707

I was talking about this post. I’m sure you didn’t post that but I assumed you did.

No. 331710

>I genuinely dont feel anyone is saying that.
Then instead of only checking me, please address this >>331655 anon's post. I'm not involved in the actress pay gap discourse (or most discourse), but I actually might lend an ear and want to offer support to other POC if it wasn't for that kind of nonsense permeating the air in all these "POC vs white supremacy" discussions. We're not a united front because it's almost always other group wanting us to help them, while offering us nothing, and even attacking us for a cheap ego boost.
I'm pretty tired of being told to take it lying down when others are free to sling mud at black women as an entire collective.
If you really want us to be on the same side, it'd be nice if you'd address and cut out people who endlessly talk shit about us and call us "mayates" when they think we're not in earshot.

No. 331712

File: 1543543314818.jpg (26.69 KB, 499x481, de15df26e9bf61c4f5672a08dc60a5…)

>someone posts something mentioning race
>autism ensues from people insecure in their race and racists

you guys just don't know when to stop huh. this is why we can't have nice things.

No. 331715

i agree with you. i'm so tired of black americans constantly being victimized. especially when the people who are making them out to be victims are white.

statistics show that hispanic actresses get paid way less than black actresses, that's it, these are facts. gina rodriguez made a very important point, calling her racist proves how ignorant and close-minded some of these "activists" are.

besides, some black people do similar stuff, but worse, all the time. if a white gay man complains about something, a black gay man says that he has it worse and that his struggles deserve more attention. like complaining about gay white men not doing enough to support them or something (https://www.them.us/story/dear-white-gay-men-stop-protecting-white-supremacy). it's annoying.

No. 331716


I don’t care about being grouped in with other poc because they only care about black people when they need something. I wonder where all these latinas crying about racism are when they’re all up in black music videos and loving how much they’re fetishized by black men etc and not caring what job or opportunities they’re taking from a black woman.

No. 331717

All this because of some no-name actress from a lame sitcom.

No. 331719

>If you really want us to be on the same side, it'd be nice if you'd address and cut out people who endlessly talk shit about us and call us "mayates" when they think we're not in earshot.
I'm not responsible for other people's words. I don't even know or care what race the anon who said that shit was, because that was their personal opinion. If someone says shit about Latinas, I'll speak up for myself because I'm Latina. I can't speak for black women because I'm not one and don't want to take that power away from you.

No. 331720

What statistics?and are we talking about actual black actesses or Meghan Markle type women?

No. 331722

Right? I've never heard of that bitch in my whole life. Nice racebait by >>331648
, whether intentional or not.

No. 331724

being fetishized by any man is not the fault of females anon
there are black fetishists as well and its a really weird hill to die on

No. 331725

Cool, then stop asking us to help you. While on your mission to fight rich old white men while upholding and/or turning a blind eye to your own kind perpetuating racism, just keep our names out of your mouths.

No. 331728

File: 1543544000117.jpeg (125.73 KB, 1242x605, 44F5BA3A-0C75-43A4-BB54-8B17BE…)

I think this actress might have some low key issues over black women because this isn’t the first incident she’s had with them. There was another interview where she was being interviewed with this other black actress and the interviewer said “You are just goals for so many young, Black women,” then she got triggered and interrupted and said “you mean many women?”. She was also butt hurt about some half black girls getting roles in dc and marvel movies.

No. 331729

her response to the interview was inappropriate but her tweet is not

No. 331730

Is it really inconclusive if the black womwn they choose are racial ambiguous and could pass for Latina?shes just salty she don’t getting work and is blaming it on race.

No. 331731

I personally am not asking anybody to help us, we can do it ourselves.

I sort of understand what Gina is upset about. It's not black people, but white people thinking one race = diversity for all races.

No. 331732

but why cant someone of a certain race inquire >what about us, without another race saying >yeah but WE
i agree her response in the interview was wrong because she was speaking over or in the place of another race which isnt her place lol its not rocket science

No. 331733

You should also acknowledge that these black women in movies are mixed Halle berry types. The one drop rule is a meme.

No. 331736

of course but it doesnt make her tweet or the general question any less valid

No. 331738

I honestly don't even care about their weird thing with black men, because men are kind of useless (and black women are literally more financially stable, educated, etc than black men in particular - I don't know why anyone would want them, but their business, I guess?). I don't even want to see black women in trashy music videos being objectified. I just can't stand this weird entitlement other non-white people have, like we owe them support and understanding when they would never lift a finger for us.
It smacks of slavery mentality, like they secretly think we're just on earth to prop them up and be "the help" or something. Like, they expect us to be all about the illegal immigration struggle because POC, but they quietly tiptoe around the fact that in their countries, they still treat black people like shit, far worse than America, and they obviously don't care about Haitian or other black immigrants.

No. 331739

again, i can't speak for black people. i'm aware most black people in media are mixed black.
i think a lot of anons need to realize a lot of us latinos are not from our native country. not all of us are immigrants. i honestly do hate the fact when people talk about latinos it's almost always about being "illegal"

No. 331740

Yes it does because they’re not actually being inclusive or good at it. They’re just finding the whitest “black” girls they can find so they can pretend they’re being inclusive. They won’t even hire a black woman to black storm.

No. 331741

To play storm*

No. 331742

A lot of us have families directly affected by immigration policies and even if we arent illegal, we face direct discrimination in the questioning and implications that we arent American. I dont expect other races to go to bat for us or to be too concerned with what doesnt affect them. But I think its very important to note it in relation to our specific struggle.(derailing)

No. 331743

Another thread ruined by race sperging
Great /s

No. 331745

and that's definitely a thing to speak up about.
the fact is, we can agree there's different issues about non-white actors in the media. they can all be discussed without being some sort of competition between each other.
Latinos; only about 3% of all roles in the media feature Latinos despite Latinos making up a large portion of the population. on top of that, we get paid the least.
Blacks; there's majority mixed black roles in the media and there should definitely be more non-mixed black roles.(derailing)

No. 331746

No. 331747

Just one question: She says "Latino"/"Latina" broadly, but if there was a sudden wave of Afro-Latina actresses getting roles left and right, would she, or would she not continue to have a problem?
I feel like we all know the answer, and that's why I'm ignoring this. POC solidarity is a meme.

No. 331749

then that is her personal problem. an afro latina is still latina. when the time comes and she still ain't having it, it's the latinos job to call her out on it.

No. 331750

>it's the latinos job to call her out on it.

Kek as if the majority of Latinos don’t hate Afro Latinos(sperg)

No. 331751

If they identify as Afro-Latina or Latina in any regard, I would hope she wouldnt be ignorant to that fact. I think the issue with what people self identify with has created a really weird disconnect with the way race is discussed. Especially in relation to representation. Lots of people claiming to be only one race when they are of multiple races etc. I do believe when it comes to someone who is mixed, it tends to create a separate bubble of issues that we definitely need to learn to approach better. There are lots of people who allude to be certain races who actually are not. Especially people of Euro or South American descent playing into false rumors of being black even when they have NO black in them at all. There seems to be a lot of that these days with people like Rita Ora and Halsey etc.

No. 331754

>it's the latinos job to call her out on it.
You know they won't. Just let them handle this on their own from the get go. They were never there for us, so we have no reason to be there for them.(sperg)

No. 331790

wait rita ora is not black????

No. 331792

Nope, and neither is Bruno Mars, Chrissy Tiegen etc but they dont really go out of their way to distance themselves from the common misconception that they all are at least partially black.

No. 331806

You can hate on Grimes all you want but im lovin this

No. 331807

File: 1543554489213.png (187.91 KB, 678x642, Screen-Shot-2018-04-30-at-11.5…)

But Halsey's dad is black.

No. 331809

Honestly doesn't sound any different than her other songs. Nothing unique.

No. 331822

Kek her dad looks like mixture of Ice T and Sinbad.

I don’t deny that Hasley has African lineage but she’s still is pretty white looking and probably doesn’t have the same experience of someone who has black heritage and looks it.

No. 331823

OP here, I definitely didn't intend this to be racebait. I was 100% seeing it from the angle of how absurd callout/cancelling culture is. I just think it's fucking stupid for the internet to cry racist and possibly destroy a person's entire career/reputation because a hispanic woman spoke about a hispanic issue. What she said wasn't even an opinion, it's a fact? Also I know the context of her "racist" quote was a discussion among other actresses, but she doesn't even say "black ACTORS make more than hispanic ACTORS", she just says it in a general sense, which again….is true. I don't think Sofia Vergara being paid well has anything to do with what Gina said and the people that are trying to throw that in her face obviously don't understand what the real issue is.

Again, how is this tweet "anit-black" at all? It's a hispanic woman asking a question pertaining to hispanic issues, there's literally no mention of any other race than her own. I agree that was a cringey response on her part, but I can also see the mindset of like "everyone got mad at me when I tried to bring up an issue of race, if I try to take all elements of race out there's no way people can be mad at me then!"

No. 331827

she really went out with her shirt open like that? with her dad?

No. 331831


when will people realize that Latino isn't a fucking race lmao

that's why yall are stuck in your shit lol
don't even know why yall complaining when a majority of yall are European descendents/white/blancos who look like all the other whites in America.

When will "latinos" realize that ALL of the racism/discrimination/prejudice/etc that the USA enforces is exclusively for the native American descendant latinos/mestizos/indigenous people/whateverthefuckyoucallthem

like, why the fuck do the white ones act like theyre discriminated??? if those people in the caravans were white, there wouldn't be a fucking wall

look at all the illegal euro immigrants nobody does shit about them

No. 331838

Latino people are very diverse even one that looks "white" may be mixed. I see this in mixed latino families all the time. You can have someone that looks white and the sibling will look straight up indigenous . Also back in the day they had signs that said No Spanish on them so even lighter people can face discrimination even something as simple as language difference.

No. 331842

I always through this girl looked like a frog and the ugliest one tbh

No. 331846

I agree. I was only replying with that because anon said
>There are lots of people who allude to be certain races who actually are not. Especially people of Euro or South American descent playing into false rumors of being black even when they have NO black in them at all. There seems to be a lot of that these days with people like Rita Ora and Halsey etc.

No. 331872

Shoutout to the samefag sperg. Any continued derailing in this thread will be met with a 4 day ban.

No. 331905

please consider permabans for shit like this, it's a little too prevalent all across lolcow

No. 331974

File: 1543600983886.png (355.85 KB, 1240x597, screenshot.png)

OP here, it's my fault for asking for opinions on the matter. I really didn't think it would be racebait, I wanted to discuss how stupid and overblown "CANCELLING" people is. Gina Rodriguez has a Philanthropy list a mile long, and I think it's absolutely absurd for people to frame her as this evil/racist person because she made one comment…about her own race.

Anyways, shoulda known better, my bad!

No. 331975

yeah, she doesn't think boobs are sexual

No. 332036

File: 1543610592194.jpg (16.51 KB, 480x360, 1542652412581.jpg)

Loling at this sperg, jesus
save it for your livejournal sweetie

No. 332076

So Ariana's new video is out… I kind of liked it, probably just because the movies she parodied were some of my faves when I was younger. Although I doubt most of her audience will get the 13 going on 30 references. Her hair looks soooo much better at the length in those scenes. Her acting was pretty cringe though, and I hate her long as pony tail.

No. 332080

I can't help but enjoy it because it includes several of my favourite movies, but the references don't really fit the song and they didn't do anything particularly interesting with them. Seemed more like an excuse to dress Ariana up in a variety of cute outfits.

Agreed about the 13 going on 30 hair, she looks really pretty and natural with it short.

No. 332104

Kris Jenner stole the show, that was perfect casting.

No. 332126

I think she should've just done mean girls, maybe. The addition of the others, especially the brief bring it on and 13 going on 30 portions, seems kinda half-assed… the tooth brushing scene from bring it on made zero sense, so many better scenes to use

No. 332136

Yeah, either Mean Girls or Legally Blonde alone would be better. Fancy is a better video just using Clueless, it's more cohesive.

I love Bring it On so I'm not mad it's there but there are definitely better scenes than the tooth brushing.

No. 332145

File: 1543623277867.jpg (353.32 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_20181130-160754.jpg)

You guys it's ok black people accept her see??

No. 332146

File: 1543623414059.jpg (3.12 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20181130_161541659.j…)

Other choice caps.
Awk bc she looks like Jessica Alba but the spray-tan version.

I'm sure Ariana had a lot of fun shooting the video. So that's cool… I guess

No. 332148

this is the least catchy song she's ever put out

No. 332160

that stupid dance she did made no sense.

No. 332172

Someone I know who is Hispanic a total SJW just posted this on his wall. Like people said above I don't get why Ariana Grande gets a pass for trying to pass herself off as Mexican/black when she's a regular white girl. Isn't this supposed to be "cultural appropriation?" Or do people actually think she is Latino?

No. 332180


I think most people just assume she’s Hispanic.

No. 332183

Has anyone seen seen the thank u, next video yet lmao

No. 332186

honestly, what was that lol?

No. 332193

Girl. Read the thread lmao

No. 332197

ah my apologies, the threads haven’t been uploading right for me on mobile haha

No. 332198

File: 1543633194627.png (1.53 MB, 1786x744, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 9.55…)

oh yeah, I love bring it on too I just thought there would be cuter scenes that would make more sense to her younger audience that has never seen bring it on like the spirit fingers scene maybe?

mainly I just wish she'd shut up about how hUuUuuUuge pete's dick is

No. 332200

yikes, this is embarrassing. what kills me about this whole fiasco is like, obviously pete is an embarrassing dumpsterfire, but ariana is an embarrassing mess herself but is acting like she's so much more mature? like, obviously both of them are emotionally and mentally children, which is fair, whatever, but jesus, don't act like you've not been a nutty embarrassment this whole time, too

No. 332202

Apparently, this song is partly inspired by the (only?) North Korean band Moranbong, which is also Kim Jong-un's favorite band. When I read that part of the press release for the song I was a bit skeeved out… Not sure what Grimes is trying to say with this song besides that she has a major hard-on for Artificial Intelligence. (If she even HAS anything to say… I don't wanna give her too much credit for being 'deep')

Love the song tho!

No. 332204

100% agree - she was the best part!

No. 332207

File: 1543634336724.png (1.99 MB, 1808x768, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 10.1…)

there's a whole scene in the MV of her talking about it too and she basically insinuates that she didn't really like him but he had a big dick

there's a different shot of the burn book where she writes "sry I dipped" so mature!

No. 332209

what gets me is she tried to call him out for "clinging to relevancy" by joking about their breakup then literally monetizes it in this shitty song.

the lyrics are so fucking bad it's unreal.

No. 332221


she's got major dead fish face going on for most of this video. who would be able to even tell she was an actress because she doesn't even look like she wants to be there in any of these scenes

No. 332223

File: 1543637260914.jpg (25.61 KB, 500x319, 224531_original.jpg)

No. 332224

God Grimes is so fucking corny. I can already guess how she acted in high school.

No. 332228

>>330738 i expected the mv to be angst turn to self love kind of story telling, propagating that she was hurt and trying to see the better picture by becoming mature but all the movie references were downright not what i expected and an instant dislike for me… ugh, it was so weird.

No. 332232

she looks cute here but i cant believe this is the same girl from nickelodeon
different face different race
so crazy to me

No. 332236

She looks like a Hartley Hooligan here. God.

No. 332238

shit anon haha

No. 332241

File: 1543643393370.jpg (16.64 KB, 236x261, bsdrew.jpg)

gottdamn lmao

No. 332282

File: 1543650579546.jpg (24.49 KB, 588x201, DZQIiuiU8AAkeaA.jpg)

How legit do you guys think these blind item sites are?
I can easily see Grande having fucked Schneider, honestly

No. 332284

File: 1543650832549.jpg (57.71 KB, 634x418, 4A9FBF1500000578-5552345-image…)

I mean they did seem uh…close?

No. 332286

What site is this?? Also seriously ew. I hope it’s not true but it’s unsurprising, that would just add more ache I have for Ariana’s mind tbh

No. 332305


No. 332310

File: 1543657721175.jpg (33.64 KB, 581x235, vxnFgNLO.jpg)

No. 332313

but other sites like datalounge and lipstickalley also spill tea about her

No. 332314

These can't be real. Not that she wasn't likely pawned off on pedos, but that this site has exact words requiring quotations with convenient missing proof.
christ look at the worry in her eyes

No. 332319

that's not worry, that's her usual 'i'm an innocent animu princess desu' face that she used to do all the time

No. 332323


While I’d advise people to take blind items with a grain of salt, there’s also a lot of validity to them. They’re fun to read when you’ve got nothing better to do and can provide you with information regarding upcoming film and television releases, but they tend to reveal a darker side to Hollywood that can make you lose your faith in humanity just a little bit.

No. 332325

File: 1543660749156.gif (6.08 MB, 400x201, wtf2bfum2.gif)

she's not a victim, she had just been fucking the right people. how come she is the only one from the Victorius cast who has a successful singing career now? talent alone does not get you far

No. 332327

can you please tone down the sperging?

No. 332332

come on, she was probably pressured into having sex with old men in the entertainment business from a young age. that makes her a victim in my eyes.

i'm not a fan of ariana grande (i assumed she was latina until i read her wikipedia page lol), but you must admit that she has experienced some pretty fucked up stuff in her short life. her past trauma does not make her immune to criticism though, nor does it excuse her messy behavior (cheating, making her skin 5 shades darker etc).

No. 332374

she's absolutely a victim. stop. that's not to say she can't be skeezy and embarrassing herself, but she's definitely a victim. no child goes into this industry not being preyed upon. they're VERY lucky to come out of that business without being abused by older men.

No. 332415

Regardless of whether or not shes the only one from the cast with a career, she's still a victim. Especially if her parents were down with things like gif related.

No. 332416

File: 1543680452211.gif (1.61 MB, 320x180, _skNMX.gif)

No. 332437

”Help me”

No. 332439

”Help me”

No. 332460

It’s weird she’d make a cutesy music video for a song that mentions her dead ex. Idk if she’s just desensitized at this point but she seems so detached from reality.

No. 332463

File: 1543686968839.png (Spoiler Image, 368.04 KB, 603x909, twitter.png)

Miley up to some shit again

No. 332467

File: 1543687198743.png (68.3 KB, 749x481, burnbook.PNG)

I find it curious how she went out of her way to mention on twitter that Mac isn't in the burn book but on her bed side table when there wasn't a shot of that in the mv?
Makes me think that they did want to show his pic on the table in the mv but didn't get permission.

Ariana tweeted that she did get permission from Sean and Ricky (her rapper ex and her dancer ex), but didn't mention getting permission from Pete (this year's ex) or Mac's family (the ex who passed away).

No. 332473

The whole song is honestly so backwards and the fact that a guy dies and this bitch monetizes his fucking name? Respectful my ass, thats a famewhore at their finest.
The song lyrics scream victim when SHE had a good hand in all relationship drama shes been apart ofl.
Why do celebs even bother singing these songs (cause they dont produce them) when they also project their whole relationship to the rest of the world?
Bitch we know you're your own little bag or bpd tier crazy, stop.

No. 332475

Liam is about to end the engagement again kek.

Yeah she probably didn’t get permission from Mac’s family, which I don’t blame them. Why would anyone give permission for a picture of their recently deceased loved one to be featured in some shitty pop music video, by the woman who allegedly cheated on him nonetheless.

Also I wonder if Pete gave her permission or not. He probably doesn’t care tbh, he seems to be over her and her antics. I thought he’d be the immature one when they finally broke up, but considering her recent song and music video she’s obviously the immature one.

No. 332514

and she had the nerve to drag pete when he made that engagement joke on snl and now she makes this video and writes about all her exes in the burn book lmao on the big sean page it literally said "could still get it" so she has no room to call others attention whores or clinging to relevancy when she milks all her own drama constantly

No. 332519


ur joking right
this is a scene from bring it on
clovers vs toros

No. 332529

I have a feeling she thinks it is flattering Pete because all he could ever say about her was that she’s so hot. They had such a stupid, emotionally shallow relationship

No. 332531

it reaaally doesn't rub me the right way that there's a song like "better off" out there which is very obviously about mac, but when he died she just seems like she cant get over him?

No. 332537


you do realize she dated the guy on and off ever since victorious ended right? this wasn't some rando. she's allowed to make songs about one of the biggest heartbreraks of her life imo… she literally mentions him once and its again because it was the ex she always got back to, and the reason her engagement ended.

are you not supposed to make music that reflects on your personal life and shit? that's the entire point of songwriting…

No. 332539


i know! it's so weird that it's her first number one song. and that it got her best music video too. i think problem or break free deserved to be as succesful as thank you next is being. literally any other single she's put out except focus is a lot better than tyn. but oh well.


this has been the case since before she even left victorious. the general public don't google peoples nationalities and shit.

No. 332547

>implying ari writes any of her shit and isn't just a walking mouthpiece with metntal illness

No. 332552

Is Thank u, Next supposed to be passive aggressive or something? I didn't get her putting exes she's "grateful" for in the Burn Book. Also didn't get the 2000s teen movie references. She looked cute in the 13go30 scenes and Kris Jenner was the best part.

No. 332553

there was a post recently about meghan murphy getting banned from twitter and the comments were almost all supportive.

Speaking of ontd, I know there was an l chat thread about it for a long time, but it was locked recently. Does anyone know if they've started a new thread elsewhere?

No. 332555

why not make a normal ariana grande thread? that's what this thread basically has become

No. 332556

>Kris Jenner was the best part
agreed, I got so excited when I saw her kek 10/10

No. 332558

Same reason why we didn't make an Azealia thread or a BTS thread: no fucking point. Just do it here.

No. 332559

ah i knew she couldnt stay away for long…

No. 332560

while i don't think she writes everything idk why it's so far fetched to some of you she writes some of this crap. thank u next is so basic and low tier i would be surprised if she didn't write it

No. 332563

to me it seems like she's saying she's grateful for them bc they helped her discover herself and how much she loves herself or some shit

No. 332566

File: 1543701519289.png (3.5 KB, 384x37, giaw.PNG)

Yeah, on twitter she said she wrote the third verse of TUN "in her head while in the shower" and wrote GIAW "while in a make up chair, the night before the finalization of the album"

Idk how truthful that is, since there is a Camila Cabello demo for GIAW and apparently Better Off was written two years ago, so idk how it would relate to Mac when two years ago they had just started dating.

No. 332567

File: 1543701559254.png (6.48 KB, 780x47, tun.PNG)

No. 332569

Correction: She said that about writing GIAW in an interview, not on twitter.

No. 332582

Damn. I was oddly rooting for her. I thought she calmed down, especially compared to the recent antics of other former Nickelodeon/Disney stars like Demi and Ariana.

No. 332583

Miley lost her house in the Cali fires a few weeks ago so maybe she's just snapped lol. losing your house is pretty traumatic.

No. 332601

is it really that traumatic when you have millions of dollars and endless options for the meantime, eventual insurance payouts, etc? she owns four mansions

No. 332605

yes, losing your home and everything in it that's important to you, like photos or writing in notebooks or clothes or old baby blankets or memories of happy times spent there, is incredibly traumatic. even when you're rich as hell. this question sounds like it's coming from a shut-in or a sociopath tbh.

No. 332609

you really think everything sentimental she owns was at her one house? lol. she has four literal multi million dollar homes and she only bought that house like a year and a half ago. sorry, it's not that traumatic when she has so many multimillion dollar homes that they're basically glorified hotels

No. 332615

I'm sure she had sentimental shit or things of value there, you can't just spend time in a place for extended periods of time with your family and not grow attachments. She lived there with her pets and her fiancee. She's lucky that she has other houses and money, and is in a better position than most of the people who've lost their houses, doesn't mean it's not a traumatic event.

No. 332627

File: 1543709347913.jpg (55.17 KB, 600x284, 05onfire1_xp-articleLarge-v2.j…)

lmao what? you think she sat in her house while wildfires were burning for weeks around her until it burned to the ground with all her important stuff in it? You're very dumb. People were told to evacuate, she would have had plenty of time to get her important stuff out of her one mansion to one of her other three mansions. It's not like someone left the iron plugged in and she woke up in the middle of the night to her house burning with no time to grab any of her stuff. She's fucking fine.

No. 332629

But, anon, it was her FAVORITE mansion! uwu Have some compassion.

No. 332632

All the girls from Victorious except for Victoria Justice were in the TUN music video. Does anyone know what even happened between Victoria and Ariana? I always see those videos where people are complimenting Ari on her singing and Tori says “I think we ALL sing”

No. 332633

File: 1543710061477.png (142.47 KB, 626x736, Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 7.20…)

No. 332634

Victoria always made her jealousy towards Ariana super obvious

No. 332636

No. 332639

I think Victoria was supposed to be the big star but Ariana eclipsed her

No. 332641

File: 1543710738651.png (170.93 KB, 580x926, Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 6.28…)

Not an AG fan and I never watched that show, but this video is always so funny.

Also, Kris Jenner retweeting every single @ about the video with "thank u, next" seems like some early onset dementia.

No. 332644

god i cant stand this incestuous cesspool of a family and every time people start YASSS QUEENing over anything involving them i want to kill myself

No. 332656

At least Victoria can keep her fucking mouth shut and still looks her race lmfao

No. 332657

Imo, being the main star of the show is probably one of the things that hurt Vicky's popularity and hindered a transition to a more mature music career. And I'm also guessing she didn't suck the right dicks. Actually, the more I think about it, being a star in a Nickelodeon/Disney show seems to be as far as all of these people can go. Miley being an exception since she got a start in country music instead of pop. Not being the main name gives them some wiggle room since people won't remember them just for that role maybe? That's just my tinfoil theory, though. Sage for sperg

No. 332660

Are you the same anon that refuses to have empathy for celebrities just because they're rich?

No. 332680

She still seems pretty cunty though. She'd probably be even worse if she actually had a career that took off if she was this bitchy about her costar when Ari was irrelevant.

Possibly, Miley however was also in the same boat with Hannah Montana but she did enough crazy shit that it distanced her from Disney. Also she explored other genres other than Disney-pop. Everything Victoria sings sounds straight from a kids show.

No. 332681

I think Disney stars have a better retention rate when it comes to making a career for themselves later than Nickelodeon. Miley, Demi, Selena (to name a few) have pretty established careers beyond the kids shows they used to do. Who from Nick has gone on to produce anything of merit other than Ariana? Kenan Thompson?

No. 332697

it has to be lol

its weird when victorious was on i only ever heard of victoria, avan and liz and it wasnt until sam and cat came to be that i ever saw anything about ariana anywhere

No. 332699

File: 1543720132344.png (280.85 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2018-12-02-00-06-19…)

No. 332703

Welp, she just deleted this. Glad I got to screenshot it

No. 332704

nice catch!

No. 332709


i love this poppy vs grimes drama because i think they both seem like bitches

No. 332742

File: 1543729599937.jpg (16.87 KB, 580x328, 7b47beea88a551ccaee5616a0f2290…)

Nope, not at all. I have a ton of empathy for someone like Ariana even though I hate her whole persona, she's obviously been through a lot of trauma. I don't understand why I should feel sorry for Miley losing one of four mansions though? If she lost precious sentimental belongings, it's entirely her fault, she would have had plenty of time and the resources to get that stuff out of there, probably way more than other people whose whole livelihoods were destroyed. Honestly, are you samefag or Miley herself? Why do you care so much about a spoiled idiot losing one of her mansions? Do you get upset when she loses one of her 47 chapsticks too?

No. 332745

okay wait, he used to be like, a normal kid and appears to have only dated women in the past. he used to be a normal stoner looking artsy straight college kid. he has literally totally transformed the way he speaks, his voice, mannerisms, etc, to mimic a gay man? is he gay now or something? like, is the kweer community such a hot commodity to artfags that it's literally turning straight men into wannabe flamboyant gay men?

No. 332747

Yes I'm literally Miley Cyrus going back 300 pages in google to find literally any gossip of myself. Why are you so angry about this? Did Miley set your family's house on fire?

No. 332762

File: 1543734551624.jpg (42.48 KB, 750x451, DtXug0vXcAAZu1Z.jpg)

No. 332766

the media pushes the shit honestly
a lot of young people who change their styles to fit into the tumblr esque queer community grow out of it when they arent getting roles and magazine covers for it anymore
the smith kids have been notorious for that kind of behavior

No. 332783

and i see that often and get it, but what's blowing my mind is that he now speaks and literally acts like a gay man now, and i don't think it's because he's even gay. like, i see dumb kids do what you're saying, but rarely do they adopt the speech patterns/gay accents.

No. 332812

nah you're just a shitty girlfriend.

No. 332824

>Remember when I was a hopeless romantic lmfaoooOO
Well yeah, you were gushing about that meth head looking dumpster as recently as a month ago. It'd be hard to forget that quickly.

No. 332899

Disney stars usually know how to sing/dance/something other than act. They also get a lot of promotions for their shows where they can meet other musicians. Nick just… doesn't.

No. 332918

Anyone else tired as fuck of Donald Glover getting so much praise? He’s a piece of shit who fetishized asians, hates black women, and makes tons of rape jokes and even did a skit where he was a rapist (and believes this is okay)

No. 332920

YES! I'm sick of him, his shitty music, his unfunny jokes, and his cringy rap name he got from a wu tang name generator.

No. 332937

>fetishized asians
what's that about, if I may ask?

No. 332967

that skit was from 12 years ago. are people really still mad about that?

No. 333049

his omnipresence is annoying but don't act like any of those crimes are especially provocative in the rap game. not that it makes it OK but like the fetishization of asian women and culture in rap is… so, so not exclusive to this dude? at least go after a contemporary offender, is what I mean.

I agree. His bravado in his early career comes across as almost embarrassingly strained/performative to me, and like half of his verses are just long-winded streams of the same edgy jokes that he threw around in his NYU dorm.

I mentally kinda sever the entities. Childish Gambino died with the release of Because The Internet in like 2013/2014 and then this suave ass Renaissance man Donald Glover emerged from a marijuana chrysalis and we all uhhh love him now I guess. He went from making music for white nerd bros to becoming like Entertainment Weekly's race relations prophet LMAO.

I've always considered him to be a very clever writer. But the fact that it's almost 2019 & he hasn't spoken about those past jokes and skits, like even just admitting that they were in poor taste, is strange to me.

No. 333085

Wow, so Ariana DOES have a normal voice. The forced soft baby voice she does nowadays is so annoying, she even claimed it was her natural voice when videos like this are around, tf.

This imitation is case on point

No. 333134

I hate to admit it but I like Grimes's latest song. It's repetitive but I like it…fuck. I think I love her again.

No. 333141

I hate Drake more than I hate Donald Glover or 6ix9ine.

No. 333143

what was the asian thing and what was the rape thing he did/

No. 333176

File: 1543767368346.png (368.61 KB, 639x623, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 10.0…)

Legitimate question (primarily for ladies) is there ANY male celebrity at this point you would be surprised had misconduct allegations? I really can't think of one I would be surprised by at this point.

NDT was .0001 sec of a raised eyebrow and then just "meh, yeah probably, nothing new here"

(this is just a question I find interesting, please don't turn into the man-hating thread)