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File: 1543903359407.jpg (70.42 KB, 720x730, adobo.jpg)

No. 334208

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

No. 334211

File: 1543904060374.gif (1.78 MB, 245x237, FF4DCD14-D5F7-4FB6-903E-363A8D…)

>No One Cares about Amanda Seyfried Edition

Off to a good start

No. 334217

File: 1543905438624.jpg (44.29 KB, 575x643, 1543880502965.jpg)

(Following up on this post from the last thread)

This is shady as fuck of her.
>i've never encouraged anything but forgiveness uwu
>i would never encourage any kind of mistreatment uwu
>I care about him deeply uwu

>releases massive hit song immediately after breakup publicly talking about how terrible of a person he directly referencing him by name

>but she's bigger than that so she can overcome it uwu
Pete's no saint but Ariana definitely doesn't get enough flack for how much of a passive aggressive toxic person she is. She's like one of those girls that constantly posts about how they're sick of DRAMA and FAKE FRIENDS in their life but is constantly talking shit and starting drama.

I can only imagine this will eventually turn into a Jennifer Lawrence level of the public turning on her.

No. 334224

lmao this is the saddest shit I've ever seen anon, stop stealing shit from the original thread to bump your own. I literally wrote this post >>334218 so I know this isn't another anon

No. 334227

what the fuck is your fucking problem you daft cunt
stop sperging and get banned already

No. 334231

remember to sage, anon!

No. 334232

what the fuck is happening

No. 334236

File: 1543907506252.png (260.43 KB, 1370x462, screenshot.png)

You know we can see the timestamps right? And that every comment is a clear samefag? Go ahead and copy this one too, but make sure you sage your own thread to make it convincing!

Some Vendetta-chan has really lost it.

No. 334239

All of this just because we didn't care about Amanda Seyfried. Wild.

No. 334243

File: 1543908333580.png (483.94 KB, 493x740, vendettachan.png)

I literally made this thread and I still find it pretty amusing tbh. Can't wait til I get banned for taking Vendetta-chan's bait and not sageing my posts. If nothing else, remember me as someone who truly didn't care about Amanda Seyfried.

Can we just get back to shit talking Ariana now?

No. 334252

File: 1543909988073.jpg (91.39 KB, 1023x747, 1526938760_34344334.jpg)

She's such a good role model.

No. 334262

this is really stupid

No. 334306

This popped up on my IG explore page, her stans kept screaming in the comments that the right photo is shooped unfortunately

>No One Cares about Amanda Seyfried Edition

No. 334330

Kek her head is literally a guitar pick.

No. 334332

What drugs does she take to stay so thin?

No. 334335

File: 1543925866910.png (461.83 KB, 720x526, Screenshot_2018-12-03-23-11-19…)

I feel bad for Gabi's twin. Gabi rather be Ariana's twin than her twin.

No. 334339

she's pretty much confirmed to be an anachan, but I'm sure she has easy access to coke and adderall.

No. 334348

She got her tiddies out to try and distract from how fake her hair looks?

No. 334355

There were a lot of anecdotes a few years ago about Ariana being a huge diva and how she constantly needed people to carry and piggy back ride her to her car, offstage, washroom, etc. Because she's "tired", I'm pretty sure it's the side effect of being an anachan

No. 334358

Not showing shit down her piehole

No. 334380

File: 1543934351514.jpg (39.77 KB, 550x465, Ariana-Grande-Cane.jpg)

she's one of those disgusting people who let their dogs lick their mouth

No. 334443

File: 1543943964811.jpg (56.02 KB, 652x367, grandefuneral.jpg)

I do not get where this is coming from at all, Ariana just seems to carry most of her weight in her legs. Imo she dances around an 18 bmi, maybe slipping into the underweight category but she's never looked under 17.5.

No. 334452

File: 1543947314333.jpg (4.58 KB, 113x96, 1543943964811-1.jpg)

No. 334460

Shes not even thin, looks pretty average especially her limbs.

No. 334461

A lot of celebrities take Adderall apparently to be able to work all the time and stay up, but I don't think she looks like a druggy. She probably works out with a trainer every day and doesn't eat much/eats a very strict diet. But she might take adderall, especially since she's talked about having anxiety and addy can give you really really bad anxiety, shit will fuck you up

No. 334465

File: 1543950389997.gif (673.05 KB, 180x320, as.gif)

idk about drugs but i know she was vegan at one point. she used to post pics of her "dinners" that used to be just cucumbers and some grilled vegetables and during that time she looked almost too thin imo. her chest bones freaked me out

No. 334474

File: 1543954697993.jpg (97.29 KB, 634x403, 3C373CC900000578-0-image-m-70_…)

This is the thinnest I remember her looking but I wouldn't trust Instagram posts as far as I could throw them(shooping), she has always looked way more normal in her candids.

No. 334475

>that caption
jesus what a bigheaded bitch. she's going to crash so hard after she can't pass for a baby prostitute anymore.

No. 334476

>When you're cute but you're also the hardest working 23 year old human being on earth #cute #butalso #CEO
No one can convinve me that if Ariana was an internet celeb instead of an actual celeb she wouldn't have a thread on snow.

No. 334481

File: 1543955975183.jpg (34.79 KB, 600x516, 4280af7bb960878ed384ce76bba3ec…)

Some of the stuff she used to post around 2012~14 was like straight up thinspo lol. It's obvious girl has some deep issues with her outer appearance

No. 334494

I can only imagine how ratchet her real hair must look.

No. 334513

File: 1543959829331.png (115.46 KB, 499x738, download (5).png)

Gonna sage because I dont know if this counts but-wil wheaton, whos best known for being on star trek and the big bang theory, is throwing a trantrum over tumblr blocking porn and has been reposting porn (and im not talking talking about nudity im talking about hardcore sex pics) and saying no one is harmed by them, prtending hes being somewhat of a hardcore rebel and then posts this-like sorry but i'm getting a bit of a creeper vibe from him now.

Hes gotten shit before for pretending to be "woke" and going on like a sjw but then throwing a shit fit at a black women when she called him out. Theres probably more on him but thats all I have for now.

No. 334517

stop derailing. ariana grande only

No. 334530

won't someone PLEASE think of the underage tumblr users?????

No. 334538

Are you being serious?

No. 334539

that reply is pretty awesome

No. 334542

According to google this guy is 46.

Imagine how sad of a life you have to lead to be upset about porn being banned off a site mostly populated by children.

No. 334544

cocksmasher69 back at it again lmao, wil sounds like a pornsick dude, bets on when he troons out?

No. 334545

won't you PLEASE think before typing such an asinine comment????

No. 334546

Is he still relevant? Has he ever been relevant?

No. 334547

Never. Trannies hate him for some reason I'm too lazy to look up.

No. 334572

obviously a joke, anon

No. 334574

File: 1543967677038.png (174.86 KB, 480x636, bring it on.png)

I was wondering why tf she didn't mention Jai and apparently they both liked the toothbrushing scene, just one of the many Easter eggs from the video

No. 334591


I just want to know what Amanda seyfried did to Amanda-chan

post caps amandachan

No. 334596

Wil Wheaton has always been one of those pretend-woke celebrities as a way to cling to some kind of relevancy. He's such a whiny man-child.

No. 334598

I think Amanda-chan is banned now

No. 334599

Thank God.

I want other anon's opinion on this: is the Nick Jonas/Priyanka relationship the real deal? I'm getting a fake vibe from it but whenever I try to have a discussion about it it's always "yas qween get that young dick!" etc.

No. 334604

why is this idiot still around? he's the pinnacle of virtue signalling soyboy. he's like a slightly more famous Dobson.

No. 334606

I don't think it's real but who knows.
Priyanka seems really ambitious/socially mobile and judging by interviews, poor Nick Jonas lacks a personality and is kinda c-list on top of that.

No. 334611

File: 1543976313795.gif (2.83 MB, 320x180, 8D35WXH6R3.gif)

God, Ariana's relationship with her dog is so fucking weird. Almost as fucked up as Amanda Seyfried's relationship with her dog. I wouldn't go that far, though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 334612

real-ish? I think they really are together - nick has a history of dating older women- but they probably have ulterior, career related motives. They probably met through managers or that celeb dating app or a celebrity match maker rather than at an event or through friends.

No. 334614

Nick Jonas is so so so bland. I can't believe how many women fawn over him. He seems like he has the personality of a paper bag.

No. 334616

fuck off

No. 334621

File: 1543980208990.jpg (115.21 KB, 776x748, 708DF65B77304748B801464F52A2D2…)

No. 334624

File: 1543982102044.jpg (213.97 KB, 1280x1655, WI4enmu.jpg)

Amanda is so beautiful but on the inside she's a stone-cold succubus. She got her current husband by making him cheat on his wife with her - despite the poignant bit about never hooking up with another girl's beau in her breakout blockbuster Mean Girls. I heard she's a high-ranking member of NXIUM.(ban evasion)

No. 334625

Got any caps or are you just speaking out of your ass again, vendetta-chan?

No. 334626

this is the weirdest fucking vendetta i've seen on this board lmao

No. 334627

Receipts or gtfo

No. 334628

File: 1543982894287.png (484.31 KB, 593x764, canwepleasediscussamanaseyfrie…)

Slut on film, slut IRL. What more would you expect?

No. 334629

Looks like Amanda-chan's back. Why didn't the mods give you a longer ban.

No. 334630

Honestly this anon has to be schizo

No. 334632


this vendetta… i cant stop laughing

No. 334633

File: 1543984064136.jpg (43.96 KB, 563x472, IMG_20180520_061119.jpg)

Show me on the frog where Amanda Seyfried touched you, anon.

No. 334634

File: 1543984311429.png (187.95 KB, 934x1010, LOUIS VUITTON HANDCUFF BRACELE…)

I feel like this might have been posted a while ago but Leann Rimes' obsession with Brandi Glanville and constantly copying her is hilarious to me. She even pretends she has the same bum leg as her

No. 334635

I was just shitposting in Amanda-Anon's honor, I'm sorry Farmhand-chan I won't do it again

No. 334636

File: 1543984456652.jpg (53.91 KB, 800x804, laugh.jpg)

>that fucking reply

No. 334637

File: 1543984503623.jpg (46.12 KB, 563x472, 1543984064136.jpg)

I had to see a therapist after her bitch-fest directed at me on social media.

No. 334638

File: 1543984728647.png (476.98 KB, 990x552, ok.png)

No. 334640

KEK. I'm VERY interested in knowing more of Leann Rimes' SWF journey. I wonder if she was like this with other women in the past.
wil wheaton is like every male feminist ally, he's so fucking reactionary. i can't believe people who've taken him seriously for this long. he was a literal who for me up until he cowed out.

No. 334641

Cara reverting to her natural state I see.

No. 334642


i wont lie, i have a hatred that only amanda seyfried-anon understands about cara delvigne and i dont understand why.

i just cant stand her.

No. 334644

oh shit i just scrolled all the way down. i'm scared.

No. 334645

File: 1543985606974.jpg (129.61 KB, 500x750, 35f20787034a9c5fd26f7191feb743…)

Back when she was a VS model, had long hair and was still normal she always had that ~oh i'm so cool and carefree and just one of the guys and I love eating pizza~ vibe but in a very carefully contrived way. It always made me cringe

No. 334646

File: 1543985634985.jpg (167.43 KB, 1200x799, whoopsie.jpg)

I don't know what it is about her either. She's a bit like a blue blooded James Franco, getting chance after chance with no real results.
No doubt she has some excellent plugs though.

No. 334647

File: 1543985710053.jpg (11.98 KB, 258x245, 0134 - WlHOCzS.jpg)

i spat out my soda holy shit

No. 334649


No. 334650

amanda deliver us from evil

No. 334651

File: 1543986342506.jpeg (116.61 KB, 1426x702, 82EC3576-C79F-4027-B9FD-209C9A…)

I can’t fucking breath Amanda Chan what have you done?!

No. 334653

what the fuck is going on

No. 334656

File: 1543987041152.png (278.1 KB, 621x445, why.PNG)

Amanda-chan's impact

No. 334657

File: 1543987064854.png (953.64 KB, 1882x843, Untitled.png)

10/10 farmhands. If only Amanda-chan were here to see this

No. 334659

File: 1543987133197.jpeg (139.57 KB, 634x845, 518F4600-A5CD-48D1-B605-2EF7F2…)


No. 334660

I would like this new format integrated into all threads on all boards in honor of Amanda-chan and her fight, may she rest in pasture

No. 334662

That response is so fucking poetic. I can't stand Wil Wheaton. He is one of the most privileged losers out there.

No. 334663

amanda-chan is the hero we deserved!

No. 334669

fr am i the only one who didn’t know who the fuck amanda was until someone made a mean girls comment

No. 334670


No. 334672


History is unfolding in front of our eyes!!!!

Plot twist: it’s kiki sperging over Amanda

No. 334678

Can't believe they got the same man one after the other too.
Reminds me of Hailey B copying Selena G, with having the same man. She was seen recently at the hot pilates place Selena used to go. No shame…

No. 334691

Ariana is cringe I'm tired of this baby thot

No. 334711

Yesterday was Amanda Seyfried's birthday. Bless you girl.

No. 334717

File: 1544009757499.png (57.59 KB, 730x436, Screenshot_2018-12-05-05-31-21…)

Also not to tinfoil, but I found this on Wikipedia and I want to believe in my heart it's Amanda-chan.

No. 334735

idg this amanda seyfried thing what happened and why’s it in the thread title

sage for ot

No. 334737

Check the last thread, near the end. It's something that can't be said but rather experienced.

Also, thank you farmhands. Amanda is watching over us ,and Amanda-chan.

No. 334744

yeah fuck it made me jump too, will we be getting a /AS/ board now in her honor i wonder

No. 334757

I once saw a post on /tv/ that said something along the lines of: "She had a powerful family willing to pull the strings to get her anywhere… and she chose modeling, where the uneducated Russian hoes go"
I agreed tbh, the model industry wasn't even the right fit for her. She's short for model standards, her walk is unimpressive and nobody would've remembered her if it wasn't for her family's PR action

No. 334851

How is it copying to have the same boyfriend at different times?

No. 334854

Wtfs happening with her now? What is this smeagol shit

No. 334873

File: 1544039645647.jpg (48.79 KB, 495x207, cocks smashed.jpg)

Apparently hes still crying on twitter and pretending to be a hero to anyone who will listen

No. 334875

Just say you're mad about not being able to get your rocks off and move on. Why is he trying to make this about t-t-the kids tho!!

No. 334884

Amanda Seyfried should be our board-tan

No. 334898

File: 1544043348889.jpg (108.13 KB, 918x1222, btRD7Ym.jpg)


No. 334904

File: 1544043789488.png (38.61 KB, 384x313, 580b585b2edbce24c47b29f6.png)

Because he knows hes not relevant but this is angered a lot of idiots and he wants to be a hero. Also whining is the only thing hes good at.

No. 334920

No. 334926

a bunch of months pre-Bieber, Hailey B ran a Selena Gomez fan account on twitter and possibly tumblr too
There's an essence of skinwalking to the whole thing

No. 334944

Im fucking howling at whoever added her as the bg on here.

No. 334947

I honestly wouldn't be at all surprised. Sperging over a blue-eye-blonde is so Ostrenga.

No. 334972

So Cardi B is divorcing offset now?
I don't really care, just worried about the baby..

No. 334982


No. 334989

Good. Can't believe she let that cheater trample all over her for so long.
If they ever get back together she'd be real fucking stupid.

No. 334996

File: 1544057483787.jpg (40.4 KB, 548x642, just a fan.jpg)

There's a recent ONTD (yeah, I know) post with a bunch of sublinks.

No. 335002

File: 1544059230183.png (392.4 KB, 914x574, Screenshot 2018-12-05 at 8.19.…)

I can't believe she gets away with this. Kim K was called out when she did this shit.

No. 335003

this is actually terrifying

but then i think about how many celebrities ive obsessed over on various public forums and social media outlets and i still wouldnt say no to like…any of them if i could get it haha

No. 335004

File: 1544059343820.jpg (52.23 KB, 750x563, 5949285433623454008b471e-750-5…)

is this not the same?

No. 335049

I feel like he's going to get #metoo'd any day now

No. 335050

what are you talking about exactly? what is "this" she's getting away with?

No. 335051

trying hard to look "ethnic" "dark-skinned" "latina/black" like farmers have been discussing for many threads now

No. 335056

File: 1544067900415.jpg (497.96 KB, 1080x1266, 20181205_224417.jpg)

Remember when shenused to look human? Lmao

No. 335057

normal people don't care, which is why she gets away with it

No. 335059

File: 1544068830519.png (71.05 KB, 500x600, tweet-ariana-grande-arianagran…)

Wtf lmao

No. 335060

File: 1544068884838.jpg (25.66 KB, 570x290, o-RACIST-TWEET-570.jpg)

Also this

No. 335064

this is obviously fake…

No. 335070

lord there was never any hope for khloe was there

No. 335071

Maybe it's an unpopular opinion but Kim (or whoever is on the far right) looks so much cuter here

No. 335080

This cannot be real.

No. 335086

File: 1544076197570.png (656.66 KB, 768x740, 1544073715657.png)

surely this bitch counts as a celeb cow, or is it that her constant faux pas double-down turn arounds being published in 'letters' and 'penned articles' instead of cringe ig posts makes her too obscure

No. 335088

She's such a fucking cunt, why is she famous?

No. 335090

Ugh. She can’t stop being worse and worse, jesus christ. I can’t wait until the day she gets into an accident or something.

No. 335091

Link to the article in case anyone's curious:

>In the rest of the apology, Dunham writes extensively about her experiences with sexual trauma and being a woman in a climate of sexism and abuse. The construction of her apology is reminiscent of Kevin Spacey’s in October 2017, when he apologized to Anthony Rapp for assaulting him as a child and in the same statement came out as gay.

Typical narcissist attention whore, can she just fuck off already? She's literal scum, has always been scum, will always BE scum, and I have no idea why she's allowed to exist in anything but abject infamy.

No. 335092

Goddamn. She infiriates me. She molested her baby sister for gods sake.

No. 335095

File: 1544079051334.gif (3.48 MB, 720x404, 0Angrw2.gif)


No. 335099

I was gonna post that too, shit made me rage. She claimed she had "inside knowledge" and now two years later, after Aurora's family reached out to her several times, she suddenly admits it was made up. She's always been self-important trash and I hate her

No. 335100

I was thinking the exact same thing

No. 335105


Just curious, when did she do that?

No. 335109

It kills me how it's still kinda brushed under the rug about her molesting her sister and sexually assaulting her. Like that's a huge deal and like anytime I see someone try to talk about it it's always meet with oh she was just a kid or you must be a rightwing nut job. Like I get it's old news but she needs to be dragged through the dirt. I fucking hate her.

No. 335128

Wow the fucking gal this woman has. To discredit a young woman who was raped by her friend by saying she had "insider info" that wasn't even true is disgusting.
"Believe all women & I'm a feminist" until my good friend is getting grilled for being a rapist then lol jk believe all women except this one.

Lena Dunham fucking disgusts me, I know I sound dramatic but I don't think I could honestly stomach being next to her. This is what people mean when they say 'white girl feminism' screaming about how we have to fix the problem but its all bark. Women like Lady Gaga and Lena Dunham don't give a fuck about women and their hardships. if they did they wouldn't continue to support these rapist, creepy men. Dunham with this guy and Gaga with Terry Richardson

Also this, why was it brushed aside so quickly? How did that dumpy cow of a pedophile have enough power to have this wiped under the rug?

No. 335159


FFS she was a child herself when she molested her sister. Wasn't she like 5 or 8? At that age plenty of kids play games where they touch other kids genitals and granted this was her sister and she was a baby but like… 7 yo Lena Dunham wasnt some sort of actual rapist.

I hate that cunt just as much as the next guy but stop making it sound like she molested her sister as an adult.

No. 335161

She bribed her sister to be allowed to touch her and shoved stones up her sisters cooch. Afaik she did this stuff well into her teenage years.

No. 335162

What's more disturbing is that she put it in her book and thought it would look quirky instead of weird and kinda wrong.
Same goes with masturbating in the same bed of your sister at 17. That's questionnable.

No. 335163

the few sources i checked all say she was 7

I agree with the part about the book. Writing about it is disgusting and If I was her sister I would probably be over the molestation itself but would cut all contact after the book.
And masturbating in the same bed thing, while I agree its disgusting and creepy… I wouldnt see it as molestation depending on the circumpstences. Like, was she masturbating about some hot dude while her sister was asleep etc or did she masturbate thinking about her sister and trying to make her uncompfterable. Both cases its disgusting but one is far worse.

No. 335166

Yeah, honestly horny teens do stupid and creepy shit to get off. I've done some too. Teens (and preteens) are not smart and the hormonal surge is overwhelming.

The thing is, I don't remember them fondly at 28 and it would be really troubling to put them in a book and frame that shit as me being so unique and random. It really put me off when I read her book and it really felt like she wasn't even able to understand how wrong it would look.

No. 335169

Her sister has been so fucked up from being molested by Lena, too. She thinks it was a "queer experience". Somebody help this girl.

No. 335170

agree 100% with you

her sister is also apparently tired of people telling her she was abused when she doesnt feel like she was.

i hate Lena, stop making me defend her

No. 335171

Her sister is a special snowflake tranny, the dad use to paint vagina's when they were kids, lena's an exhibitionist. That whole family are a bunch of deviant liberals.

No. 335173

File: 1544105267269.png (1.9 MB, 1216x910, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 10.0…)

Not really milk so to say but did anyone else know that Azealia's sister is a tranny? Its the one on the far right, next to her other sister. Bitch passes, I guess. Sad, she's actually a lesbian. I think this definitely backs up what Azealia has said about her abusive childhood. Mental illness obviously runs in the family. A lesbian woman doesn't just turn into a tranny for no reason. I wonder what she thinks about Azealia using "dyke" in her songs as disses.

No. 335174

Azaelia now wants to collaborate with Poppy. Now that's a disaster I want to see.

No. 335177

Oh this is probably why SJWs make up excuses for her shit

No. 335179

Nah. I don't think so. Most people don't know anything about Azealia's family. I've never seen her mentioned anywhere by SJW's.

No. 335180

Lmao, as if racist Titanic would allow that. It'd be an amazing trainwreck, though.

No. 335214

nah fuck you because she admitted to fucked up shit like giving her sister shit to make her kiss her on the lips and masturbated in the bed next to her while literally describing how the kids body looked and moved as if it turned her on more while she was doing it and she wasnt 7

i hope she dies

No. 335217

she legit stated that she acted with her sister like a pedo grooming it's victim too

No. 335229

iirc she was accused of being homophobic for saying the word faggot multiple times a few years ago. And she defended herself on twitter by saying she was criticizing "white gays" and not the LGBT community as a whole because she's bisexual and one of her siblings is trans so she was very aggressively complaining about how black women like her are treated within the LGBT community and how she's often called a dyke herself.

No. 335233

No need to be so disrespectful to Azealia's brother, wtf is wrong with you

No. 335241

I get that black women feel like they’re being fetishized by the gay community (and I can see why) but that still doesn’t make it okay for her to use that word. Towards “white gays” my ass.

No. 335243

Lena was an older teen (15-17) when she bribed her little sister who's like 5yrs younger with candy so she could kiss her on the lips & stay in her bed while she masturbated. Sorry thats some pedo shit right there. Lena putting rocks up her infant sister's vagina is disturbing & you'd think an adult woman wouldnt look back at that memory so fondly.

No. 335245

especially considering she had to learn the behavior somewhere

kids dont normally go sticking shit in other kids vaginas period end of and if you did, something was wrong with you from a young age
will people who defend it also defend small kids torturing and killing animals? because its the same mentality

No. 335249

I'm not saying Ariana is anorexic, but remember that short girl limbs will always look different than tall or average girl limbs. This actually reminds me of some girl on reddit who posted anorexia recovery photos and she was like 4'9 and 70 pounds. Someone said "huh you didn't look too thin". Being short sucks.

No. 335250

the userbase of this site leans terfy.

No. 335251

Are you lost? This isn't tumblr, we have no respect for self ID here and feel no obligation to validate it

No. 335260

I'm just quoting. She has a fixation with what or whoever she calls white gays, and used to sperg a lot on twitter whenever she had an opportunity to criticize them. I miss her shitposting on twitter but I never really check her instagram, maybe she spergs just as much there.

No. 335261

…She's a girl

No. 335267

but isn't kim k actually brown skinned? why was there even a comparison?

No. 335271

Because Kim Kardashian got called out for "appropriating black culture" upon the release of these >>335004
pictures. But when Ariana does it (>>335002
) no one bats an eye.

No. 335307

Why isn't that disgusting piece of shit in jail?? that's so beyond disturbing

No. 335314

Not an unpopular opinion, Kim was objectively naturally pretty and ruined herself with surgery for whatever reason… and nowadays shoops herself to look more like her natural old self.

No. 335322

Did anyone see Lindsay Lohan get punched in the face on insta? She was on drugs or drunk and tried to harrass a family sitting on the street by 'helping them' to a hotel. She was slurring and speaking fake arabic.
She's become a bit like Mira, reading the quaran and is rumoured to be one of those porta potty for sheikhs.
Girl is gonnabe dead in a year.

No. 335327

old news in a couple threads back, anon

No. 335328

lovely ti made a vid about it and it's great. her imitating lindsay screaming kills me every time, kek.

i wonder what kind of hell lindsay went through as a child actress for her to end up this way. i'm sure drugs made it ten times worse, but without them she'd still be out of it. sad.

No. 335338

Although she acted like a moral posturing weirdo and deserved that punch, I do feel generally sorry for her. All the comments on youtube always go on about how she's aged and ugly, but she seems so sad and lonely.

No. 335351

moral posturing? sad and lonely? Anon, she's in psychosis. She's not just 'making bad decisions' or something she's in a completely other world generated by her broken brain

No. 335352

moral posturing? sad and lonely? Anon, she's in psychosis. She's not just 'making bad decisions' or something she's in a completely other world generated by her broken brain

No. 335356

File: 1544137664710.png (344.17 KB, 591x690, yoga.png)

g'bless you mods, this is my favorite thing you've ever done.

I agree. I think we need an Amanda-senpai banner now at the very least.

anyways, here's Gwyneth Paltrow continuing to be out of her mind

No. 335364

how do people this pretentious even survive

No. 335375

I am so here for gwyneth gossip. She's such a pretentious retard and the epitome of white girl woo woo crystal wombyn yoni steaming new age spasticity

No. 335380

> a form of exercise and meditation that has been around for centuries

>it's popular because of me!!

how self important does she honestly think she is? She would have been lost to obscurity if not for the 3 Iron man movies.

No. 335383

She probably got triggered by the employee not fawning over her and daring to ask if she's ever taken yoga before lol. She strikes me as the "don't you know who I am?" type of celeb.

No. 335389

File: 1544144645779.png (58.75 KB, 747x510, 7.png)

i googled her and i had no idea she's really like that, wow. she's like some stereotypical character in a stupid comedy. sucks because i used to like movies with her.


No. 335390

File: 1544144709989.png (12.29 KB, 732x109, fhgdf.png)

also this lmao

No. 335393

can someone let this craggy ass white bread hag know that no one gives a fuck about her? she needs to go back to raising her kids airplane and fruitcake and fade into the obscurity she deserves.

No. 335400

File: 1544147241763.png (135.01 KB, 1036x731, goop.png)

No. 335409

God I never knew she was such a pretentious bitch, wonder how much are like that in the Hollywood community

No. 335412

I remember someone on reddit claiming their sister had worked as a nanny for Gwen and Chris Martin and that they stiffed her on her final paycheque.
they may be completely lying but it seems like something she'd do kek

No. 335417

It still amazes me that Chris Martin and her were married at one point. Chris seems like he'd be against her inane bullshit but he stayed with her long enough to have two kids.

No. 335427

okay sorry i'm a dumbass but how are those pictures appropriating black culture?

No. 335430

>vagina steaming

what the actual fuck. I've definitely read it all now.

No. 335432

File: 1544156163730.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1080x1953, 34ADD40E-C469-408D-9E24-627DE0…)

How pretentious lmfao

No. 335433

nah that sounds like something a farmer would say

No. 335435

I like to think about the possibility of an invite-only lolcow made by celebrities for celebrities where they anonymously sperg about making more than each other or about how X looked ugly at the VS fashion show or about how ugly amanda seyfried is

No. 335436

sorry but insulting reese witherspoon? my queen? too far

No. 335437

have you seen her hands?!?

No. 335440

ill put that tinfoil on and instead of /pt/ they have /as/

No. 335442

File: 1544157314231.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.96 KB, 634x739, article-2645905-1E65135C000005…)

disgusting. spoilered for OBVIOUS reasons

No. 335445

lmao what

also working in a lesbian bar sounds like a dream tbh

No. 335446

lmao what

also working in a lesbian bar sounds like a dream tbh

No. 335451

File: 1544160432497.jpg (292.55 KB, 2048x1366, Ariana-MAIN.jpg)


yeah, plus she gained weight but at some point (i think it was the my everything era) she was obviously underweight. she's just short and doesn't look skelly.

No. 335462

back when her sternum was on full display like a chest burster she was definitely ana. she looks better these days.

No. 335521

File: 1544179504187.jpeg (125.94 KB, 713x783, 7143BA7D-FB8B-490A-9652-1C0BC6…)

Lol Nicki Minaj's dating a guy who raped a 16 year old in the 90s

No. 335522

File: 1544179545371.jpg (110.31 KB, 747x1091, aUeCcJj.jpg)

Imagine being some cunt who hates women (Iggy, Cardi) for being untalented or whatever while giving abusive men passes on passes.

Nicki is a self-serving, self-hating woman

No. 335524

File: 1544179647739.jpeg (81.57 KB, 750x550, 92301A5E-30E1-4507-96FA-9E655F…)

No. 335540

My little sister showed me her newest music video (because she found it so shocking) and it's honestly disgusting just how much she dehumanizes her "dancers" (e.g. using their butts as a chair) AND herself. It's worse than anything I've ever seen - even worse than videos of male rappers. They're so naked, I have no idea how this is allowed to be shown on youtube. Meanwhile the men in the video are wearing padded coats…
Why is she doing that? That's not "strong", that's just sick. It's sad how little self respect she possesses.
Weightwise she likely is obese by now, her body just looks so unrealistic (one thigh three times as big as her tiny waist); and this is what young girls nowadays (are supposed to) look up to?

No. 335576

Lmao, with the Amanda Seyfried sperg secretly being another celebrity (I'm thinking Anne Hathaway)


No. 335602


do you guys feel like ariana went from trying to sound like a baby to trying to sound black?

No. 335608

No. 335630

she speaks like the girl who did that "bitch im a cow i go mooooo" song

No. 335634

File: 1544195526904.gif (6.14 MB, 552x310, AC1765BD-CAFA-48C6-B918-FA7605…)

No. 335640

doja's normal speaking voice sounds whiter than ari's lol

No. 335659

File: 1544199691442.png (958.19 KB, 1920x3000, proven1.png)

Can we also talk about the biggest celebrity troll of the internet? I am talking about Angelina Jolie, whose email address was leaked when Sony was hacked in 2014. Her email address was 1365@chivanproductions and this account was connected to a disqus accounts named TLOL1365 and TheLookOfLove1365.
Lipstickalley and FemaleFirst have all the juicy stuff if anyone is interested. After people found out, Angelina deleted her account but people were able to make screenshots of her disgusting posts where she praised herself and teared Aniston down with a lot of insider information. She commented often on celebitchy, Dlisted, JustJared and Variety.
Around 2017/2018 people on Dlisted and FemaleFirst found out that Angelina made a new account named Citney/ Citney Anise who commented the same things TLOL1365 and TheLookOfLove1365 did. Exactly the same style and content but with one exception: Brad and her aren't together anymore, so she began to say he is a drug addict and a violent father. When people started to questioning her, she admitted being Angelina and deleted her account afterwards.
All of Angelinas confirmed usernames:TLOL1365, TheLookOfLove1365, Citney, Citney Anise, Citney@211(indi15243), lucylu(indi15243), Lucy

Her typical content in posts:
Angie is the one & only true movie stahh!1!!1
Angie is the most talented actress & director!!!1!
Anyone who critizes Angie is dumb af
Angie is basically Mother Theresa
Pitt is an alcoholic, abusive, childish, egoistic
LOVES using caps lock
Aniston is leeching of the Jolie-Pitts fame duh (triangle)
Nobody is going to be in Angies league ever
Hating on Aniston 24/7
Huvane is evil & wants to destroy Angie
Handler is evil & wants to destroy Angie
Masectomy & ovarian cancer
Angie works when she wants to work
insider information
most devoted mother ever
hateful, irrational & personal comments

My favourite part of the screenshot: " Iam Angie, and you are not. Life is not fair to people such as YOU."

Some interesting links with old milk:



No. 335661

File: 1544200027040.jpg (343.11 KB, 1920x1080, haha.jpg)

No. 335665

celeb noods >pass
celeb spergosting >scholp*scholp*scholp

No. 335666

File: 1544200410472.jpg (28.5 KB, 260x334, 51RQ5km2gkL._SX258_BO1,204,203…)

A lot, anon. It's basically a way for all these vapid cunts to redeem themselves in their shallow pea brains and why pic related was so popular a while back (and still) among that crowd

Seriously that book is garbage.

On that reality show with Alexis Neiers Pretty Wild her crazy stage mom was super obsessed with that book and imo is a pretty good example of this type of person along with our pal Gwinny

No. 335669

damn, celebrity sperg-chan

No. 335670

Damn, she's like the lost Ostrenga sister.
I've always known there was something wrong with her.

No. 335672

File: 1544201506542.jpg (339.55 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181206-000813.jpg)


No. 335679

um what. is this really her? is this real? what is the context

No. 335680

If these are in chronological order then lol@ her admitting her identity yet carrying on in the next post talking about herself in the third person again.

What a loon, but I'm not surprised as I always pegged her as a thinly veiled manipulator. I'd call her a snake, but that's an insult to snakes.

No. 335681

If these are in chronological order then lol@ her admitting her identity yet carrying on in the next post talking about herself in the third person again.

What a loon, but I'm not surprised as I always pegged her as a thinly veiled manipulator. I'd call her a snake, but that's an insult to snakes.

No. 335688

File: 1544203629517.jpg (365.27 KB, 597x1243, 1536424620458.jpg)

I feel like we always have to have this discussion but Ariana's not actually as short as she claims she is. If you google her height it comes up as 5'0", but Jennette McCurdy is 5'2", so judging by this and that tweet from years ago, she's at least 5'2"-5'3", which is pretty average imo.

She's just made herself into a human optical illusion by having 17 lbs of hair on her head, always dressing in giant baggy clothes, being ana-chan and constantly talking about how uwu smol she is. Dating Pete only helped that narrative, since he's 6'2" and constantly talked about how tiny she was in comparison.

No. 335696

That is short..

No. 335698

>The national average

No. 335711

File: 1544205810222.png (5.6 KB, 462x90, 3qe.PNG)


if she's 5'2 she's short and you can tell just from looking at her that's why she always wears high heel boots, jesus

No. 335713

File: 1544205905669.jpg (91.87 KB, 640x640, this is bones.jpg)


short or not if you search for her pics from few years ago she looks like thinspo garbage

No. 335715

File: 1544205944718.png (202.99 KB, 446x395, tumblr_ndnmg9ItxC1s9igdto1_500…)


another pic from her obvious thinspo era

No. 335718

File: 1544206010865.jpg (64.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


she doesn't even have a tight gap anymore if you look at her performances

No. 335719

File: 1544206062227.jpg (37.35 KB, 600x516, ariana-grande-too-skinny-anore…)


but she used too and for short girls that's hard to get

No. 335720

5'3 is still shorter than average, but she's now claiming she's 5'0 because she's obviously got a case of the loli uwus, but 5'3 is still shorter than average.

tbh an inch or two can make someone look a lot shorter or taller, but she's definitely not as short as she claims and she's definitely milking the tiny uwu girl schtick

No. 335723

there are a lot of pron starts that resemble britney enough to fake a picture like this and thats IF its not a shop or deepfake lol
doubt its her as she hasnt been that skinny in eons

No. 335725

she has such a big jaw for that thinspo body omg
this is obviously photoshop

No. 335727

I do believe this must be photoshopped but are there any tell tale signs?

No. 335728

File: 1544206864524.png (473.63 KB, 2000x2000, crazy-angie.png)

I found this Disqus account (https://disqus.com/by/janeyeung/comments/) which profile name is "Media Wh@re MANiston". I kid you not! She stopped posting 3 years ago but luckily her profile isn't private, so I could read her comments. As her username suggests: She hates Aniston and loves Jolie.
Now to the juicy part: She only interacts with the same few people who are also Angelina Jolie fans and hate Jennifer Aniston. All these accounts show either Angelinas profile pic or nothing and all of them are created around the same time. Notice that "Media Wh@re MANiston" also interacted with "thelookoflove1365" who is proven to be connected to Angelinas email account 1365@chivanproductions.

https://disqus.com/by/disqus_1e5VOv8Qbv/ Joined Oct 17, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/dawnekay/ Joined Oct 16, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/plez000/ Joined Oct 16, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/dameangelina/ Joined Oct 29, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/JPFamily/ Joined Nov 27, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_Acwd3AfW2f/ Joined Oct 21, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_Zg3w3NoORp/ Joined Oct 17, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_GoaitnIPHq/ Joined Oct 17, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_bXBA5P3MHJ/ Joined Oct 16, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_A6jqYJhMtX/ Joined Oct 17, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/thelookoflove1365/ Joined Oct 17, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_zaf6Af2o1w/ Joined Oct 16, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_HxN67jThCe/ Joined Oct 16, 2014
https://disqus.com/by/disqus_3X7LcC4Su1/ Joined Nov 11, 2014

Do you see when all these accounts were created? Nearly all of them were created in October 2014 either on 16th or 17th. Interesting huh? How high is the possibility that you interact with people who created their accounts on the same day? That's right, these are sockpuppets created by Jolie herself to shame Jennifer Aniston and to praise herself. Angelinas verified account "thelookoflove1365" is also created on 17th October 2014.

No. 335729

id love for there to be a mass leak of celebrity emails so we could have a thread JUST dedicated to researching all the shit they used the email for and exposing their weird asses

No. 335731

File: 1544207262246.jpg (1.74 MB, 1200x1800, wenn_hairspraylive_pressjunket…)

>5'3 is still shorter than average
shorter than average by….1 inch? I would still just consider that average. The 5'0" she's claiming is MUCH shorter than average.

For context: Ariana towering over Kristin Chenoweth (4'11" - one 1" shorter than Ariana claims to be). Even with heels, look at Ariana's proportions compared to Kristens. Kristen's "shorter than average" stature is jarring. Ariana just looks…..average.

It's much more impressive to have a powerful voice if you're just a tiny lil baby uwu (Like Kristen)

No. 335733

The world isnt black or white, shes short dude its not that deep

No. 335735

lmao she's not tho, she's average….that's the point my dude

No. 335738

File: 1544207648838.jpg (767.11 KB, 2364x3000, GettyImages-623875494.jpg)

idk man, her proportions make her look like an actual midget here

No. 335739

whoa Kristin looks rough

No. 335741

File: 1544208014518.png (179.54 KB, 500x281, 79b16e14b8b8794b2206498504d3cc…)

What? Imo this outfit makes her look taller than usual. The waistline makes her legs look super long, also since we can't see her shoes (heels probably). She just looks like an normal height girl who's super underweight.

It's like you're confusing weight with height anon. Just cause she's ana-chan doesn't mean she's short, as much as she likes to claim that she's just petite, she doesn't even try!!! uwu

pic related: ariana trying to pass her ana-chan off as smol genetics

No. 335742

She's always been the rough, crazy eyes, veiny type.

No. 335743

Yeah, she probably is actually short. The ari nitpicking itt is extremely annoying.

No. 335745

File: 1544208963156.jpg (Spoiler Image,12.86 KB, 250x333, DSC09215LILKIM2.JPG)

all female rappers are self hating
name ONE who hasnt done some retarded self deprecating shit to themselves

No. 335755

File: 1544210604915.png (226.48 KB, 677x582, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.20…)

>multiple different pieces of evidence showing she's not the tiny baby she's built her whole persona around

>The ari nitpicking itt is extremely annoying.

you're in the wrong thread friend.
go back to twitter if you're going to be upset by mild (and clearly true) criticism of the babythot queen

No. 335763

God, you're such a fucking sperg.

No. 335770

File: 1544211619038.jpg (36.69 KB, 500x398, 678b17b1-615a-4b87-9c7f-2f9004…)

Damn anon, good detective work.
I never would have thought celebs also do this kind of petty shit.
God can you imagine? If only. The Grimes and AB only gave us a brief taste of the milk.

No. 335772

why did you come to a thread that is mostly about shit talking ariana grande….to be butthurt when people are shit talking about ariana grande?

No. 335775

she's been doing that accent for a while. she mixes the baby voice with the accent and it's really inconsistent.
i'm actually a fan of her for the most part, but there's so much shit she does that's annoying and cringey

No. 335777

This is absolutely insane. How does a world famous actress AND mother find the time to do this shit? She has literal millions and chooses to spend her time in front of a pc pretending to be a fan of herself? What the fuck.

not related but dj khaled makes for some great reaction pics, ngl

No. 335778

I just skipped through her video but I thought the "ugly trans woman" character was so out of time. Amazing how many free passes she gets

No. 335780

Angelina is welcome here any day. It makes sense to me, all the cows on /snow read their threads religiously. Reading about yourself is a fine pastime.

No. 335787

What are you talking about

No. 335789

I always knew something about this man jaw block bricked face cunt sat wrong with me. Never believed the hype about her so called "beauty", she aged like shit and fell the fuck off.

No. 335790

It was accurate though… Most trannies look like that. All fugly men.

No. 335791

File: 1544214473418.jpg (22.09 KB, 570x365, il_570xN.1606974008_i3t2.jpg)

Ariana Grande confirmed TERF

One of us! One of us! One of us!

No. 335801

How long until Muskrat gushes about this ? I totally see him praising ERb and shit tbh (I love ERB and Muskrat would be so happy to be able to look cool once again)

No. 335804

Pretty sure she was talking about sex and like her own pussy, but ok

No. 335813

Anne Hathaway accidentally made her way to Lolcow in search of Hollywoodcow

Oh god this is hilarious. Angie always seemed a bit loony but I never thought she'd sperg about herself online like that. She also does a ton of charity work and whatnot so I'm surprised that she'd find time and interest in defending herself against some random on a gossip site. It's a shame about her personality because she's pretty hot.

I wouldn't be surprised if she was a closet TERF, I hope she is. She already seems pretty judgmental to women, can't imagine what things she has to say about nonpassing troons ie all of them.

No. 335814

File: 1544219027646.png (490.71 KB, 1000x552, aj.png)

I always knew she played Lisa Rowe a little too well.

No. 335819

I missed those guys. Thanks, anon! I already lost hope they would upload anything new.

And I'm curious why the erb was so biased in favor of Zuck.

No. 335821

Holy shit, I love selfposting spergs getting revealed on here but seeing it happen to a celeb is amazing. Her hatred for Jennifer Aniston is bizarre, usually if you 'win' the guy you don't stay bitter about his ex for years while she's trashed for not getting Brad, not having kids, etc. I find it hard to believe Jennifer has been portrayed by the media as a sad jealous spinster ex because she wants to leech off their fame, it always seemed like the Pitts controled the narrative.

I wonder why hasn't this been highly publicized? Trashy tabloid magazines will make up any nonsense for an article but there is genuine milk right here and they don't take advantage of it. Maybe they don't post legit gossip for legal reasons.

No. 335822

It was? I thought it was biased on Muskrat's side kek

No. 335823

Maybe the farmers theorizing that AB was selfposting wasn't so far off…
I wish we had more juicy stuff like this instead of the fake as fuck "feuds" and twitter shit flinging that we get from the celebs today.

No. 335828

yeah tbh i thought the tranny trying to be a hawt female was hilarious. that's definitely what most TIMs look like.

No. 335840

I am asking this myself too. The Sony hacks were kind of hush hush because a lot of unpleasant things were said in the emails and most celebs didn't want to comment at all. Probably lot of money was paid to these outlets to keep quite although everything is accessible at wikileaks for everyone. Regarding Angelina Jolie: You need a little bit of technical skills to get all of information together but it's possible! Most journalists are not qualified enough or lazy. Or as you said: they are scared to get sued.

Look at this Rebel Wilson. She lied about her age for real and when an outlet told her real age, she sued them and won the case! Back then she said she was 29 when in reality she was mid 30. She won over 3 million dollars! Can you believe it?! Although this outlet told the fcking truth. So no-one will ever report on our ultimative sperg chan Angie.

No. 335854

here's a fun fact
Wil Wheaton posts nsfw content on reddit. mostly in the Suicide Girl subreddit
all you have to do is look at his post history.
just seems really weird to me

No. 335860

Sounds pornsick to me

No. 335872


I'm ashamed to say, I'd still fuck Angie.

No. 335879

File: 1544231290949.jpg (313.9 KB, 1080x2240, IMG_20181207_190651.jpg)

When cows collide

No. 335882

didn't nothin lookin through a few pages back of his hist. can you link

No. 335883

Just strange how someone can say "I support lesbians" and be labelled a terf forever (Glinners for example) but she can put a caricature like that in a video and it's Fine

No. 335886

I'm shocked that someone like Angelina Jolie is this petty and bitchy. I thought she was a posh and intelligent woman. She was the one who stole Brad away from Jennifer Aniston and she's still talking shit?? Talk about insecure. She's a grown ass woman too. God what a bitch.

No. 335887

>being obsessed with suicide girls NOW when literally any bitch on instagram qualifies to be a suicide girl based on their current standards

thats infinitely more pathetic than anything tbh

No. 335896

File: 1544234477029.png (13.93 KB, 334x84, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 8.58…)

>Siq as phuck

No. 335901

how outrageous

No. 335902

Patti LaBelle called Ariana a "little white black girl" kek

No. 335903

"to my little baby, baby friend baby girlfriend"

You think that's shade at her looking like a baby thot?

Ugh,the false humility at the standing ovation, omg awk.

No. 335904

don't even THINK about saying "siq as phuck" the minute you turn 30

No. 335907

The Angie sperg-chan revelation is blowing my mind right now.
Is there a good place that summarises the juicy bis and fallout from the Sony leaks?

No. 335920

File: 1544241058000.png (1.28 MB, 750x998, Image-1(7).png)

Also love this cow crossover @courtney love

No. 335924

Just 6 years ago, I remember Grimes as the local Chicago druggie artist who came from Canada. How'd she get this big so fast? She's been making mediocre music and had the voice of a meowing cat when she got more popular.

No. 335928

Man I like grimes’ music, but this new single sucks ass to me. The aesthetics carry the entire thing and the song itself is so repetitive and basic for noise pop. I hate
the new try hard ~tech uwu world domination~ shit she’s doing now too, it’s so gay. I read somewhere that it’s meant to be satirical but I don’t buy it at all. I wish she’d dump muskrat and drop the edgy shit and put out her album already

No. 335929

Looks like a Miley wannabe

No. 335939

same, idk why people are fawning over it. it sounds like noise and nothing more.

No. 335973

Honestly, We Appreciate Power sounds exactly like a Poppy song. The aesthetics of the video too. The whole cutesy anime AI girl is Poppy's shtick. I wonder if Grimes went for this theme on purpose to dig at her.

No. 335986

Her high-pitched "cutesy" voice has always been her thing, nothing to do with Poppy.
"Vanessa", one of her earlier songs comes to mind.

No. 336002

Nobody should ever think about uttering such cringe tbh

No. 336007

i was never really into grimes and her new single sucks but Noise is an actual music genre thats appreciated by a lot of people.

No. 336015

Man the actress that played Jade was gorgeous.

No. 336024

Something is deeply wrong with nickle.

Her head is massive, Jesus Christ and that soulless, pained expression she does. Can she not just smile like a normal human? It looks like she's shitting herself or high on pills.

With that shit about Angelina, I wish I could direct every "Stan" to this thread. I seriously question the mental health of people who spend thousands of dollars just to win a date with a ran through celeb. Normal people don't go to hollyweird. Celebrities are ALL degenerates, deviants, pedos and sociopaths with no morals, its a prerequisite for the job. STOP WORSHIPPING THESE DUMBASS CELEBRITIES they don't pay your motherfucking bills.

No. 336027


>How'd she get this big so fast? She's been making mediocre music and had the voice of a meowing cat when she got more popular.


I remember that around that time (2012 or so) she was all over the place on that site and everybody praised her for doing this weird art thing or whatever you can call it.

No. 336076

File: 1544276550081.jpg (55.95 KB, 728x567, 0713-grimes-getty-3.jpg)

why do her dye jobs always look like shit. go to a salon. you are rich. you can afford to go to a salon on a weekly basis.

No. 336087

I'm watching the dumpsterfire that's Dynasty only for her lol, she's so pretty

No. 336088

>mfw the /meta/ thread is derailed with Ariana Grande sperging
Lolcow is fucking pressed about this bitch, jesus.

No. 336099

it's right here anon, it's pretty much all he posts

No. 336104

Why is she so obsessed with Jennifer Aniston? She stole her man, it should've been the other way round. Angie is considered one of the most beautiful celebrities, who's aging like wine, is praised by media, loved by people etc, what's this inferiority complex for?
She probably has BPD or something.

If you check on gossip sites there's still recent articles about how she shades on Jennifer, so I totally believe this disqus accounts thing.

No. 336110

she's really not that milky and doesn't seem like a bad person. she isn't a great performer but she has a good voice in the studio and decent tunes. she's just pretty and lolcow hates that she's popular.

No. 336113

AJ paid the tabloids to make her look good.

The fake black accent is cringey.

No. 336124

What the fuck?

No. 336125

even if she won the man, she can still be obsessed for a variety of reasons. E.g. because of insecurity, feeling threatened by an ex her man could be hung up on or idealise in retrospect, being obsessive and possessive, having been jealous and obsessed before securing the man and continuing to stay in those feelings after the "win", old drama and hatred between the two that's never resolved and is being obsessed over, basically a vendetta, wanting to win over the public and get all their love and the "nemesis" to get none at all and to be destroyed, wanting to rub it in. It's crazy but this happens all the time in relationships

No. 336132

What's crazy is that this isn't widely publicised. Was there at least an ONTD post about it?

No. 336134

Maybe she doesn't post herself but hired a trollfarm to be her stans. I just can't believe being Angelina Jolie and having all that time to pull a Kirsten Ostrenga

No. 336136

Maybe Brad slipped and accidentally called her "Jenny" in bed, or one time he was drunk and told her that Jennifer was a better lay, kek.
It makes sense though, Angie's probably crazy paranoid because her relationship was built on Brad cheating on J with her, so she expected that he would cheat on her too. She must've spent all those years of marriage watching her back from all the younger supermodels/actresses in sight.

No. 336153

saged for slight ot, but they put this video out a few days ago beforehand, it was such a nice surprise !

agreed, it was very biased in favor of the Zucc , esp loved the line " Elon you're nothing but an attention seeking outcast, and your star is faded like you on a podcast"

No. 336163

caveman looking bitch

No. 336166

File: 1544289274837.jpg (244.11 KB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20181207-222546_1.j…)


No. 336168


A trollfarm could be possible because she is still posting with several accounts on Celebitchy and JustJared. Jolie would have to give these trolls scripts because they have all the same personality. She only varies their age and location.

I looked though one of her open accounts and she is as crazy as ever. Dawne is allegedly a 72 year old lady with 4 or 5 male grandkids and she has a dog. She is so obsessed with Angelina, it's unbelievable that such an old lady would post something like this.

No. 336169

>unevolved spirtually banktrupt oxygen thieves
Pls be real
I am stealing this line for excellent rebuttals

No. 336170

File: 1544289591939.jpg (227.83 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20181207-221025_1.j…)

Calling Aniston a Ticky. And still obsessing about this PR guy Huvane.

No. 336171

>and doesn't seem like a bad person
Disagree. She sounds like a straight up spoiled brat and her obsession with being tiny or trying to be seen as black/latina seems pathetic.

I do agree that lolcow spergs over her too much but Ariana’s still milky imo.

No. 336172

File: 1544289898693.png (1.48 MB, 1237x759, jw.png)

Not baiting but why is she considered so gorgeous? This is actually the first photo she looks great in to me and it looks shooped, onscreen her face always looks so bloated and puffy that I'm surprised she's not the one who turned into an anachan. It's like a whole face full of botched fillers but it's her natural face, I'm so confused.

I still think she's really cute but I don't understand the massive praise she gets for her looks. Something's really off about her face.

No. 336173

File: 1544289939035.jpeg (217.87 KB, 1024x768, 0b97accf1d4fe43d03cad3f7aa5aa1…)

just posting a few more pics, inb4 someone accuses me of being Amanda-chan with a new vendetta

No. 336174

File: 1544289948523.jpg (49.82 KB, 300x300, 4999.jpg)

No. 336175

File: 1544289962334.jpg (38.86 KB, 474x632, Elizabeth-Gillies_0.jpg)

/end dump

No. 336176

Because shed cute and people like her cheeks
Anyway no idea who she is

No. 336177

i think people like that sort of dark hair light blue eyes combo
i guess it makes her not basic in their eyes or something
same with the daddario girl and before them it was zoey deschanel and kat dennings etc they all fit that same kinda ideal

No. 336178

Thats the second most common pairing though is dark hair with light eyes. How is that not basic

No. 336180

File: 1544290368120.jpg (270.5 KB, 1200x1568, 3acba2fbf53374a8f5bbf6bfda70ec…)

those old pics reminded me how much cheeks she used to have lol. she was cute before but is gorgeous now imo.

No. 336181

its not as common in hollywood

No. 336187

that still looks super weird and puffy to me, sorry anon. I guess it's the combination of the large cheeks and small pouty mouth, idk.

I was gonna say the same thing, dark brown hair paired with non-brown eyes isn't rare, not in Hollywood either. She doesn't actually have that "icy blue eyes with dark hair" look >>336177 is referring to. Her eyes are par for the course for a white girl.

No. 336188

oh true, I didn't even consider that. Brad must have kept her on her toes

No. 336189

Dark features are the most common. Nothing special about dark hair or eyes.

No. 336217

File: 1544294202156.png (634.36 KB, 1338x544, 1486857187092.png)

Angie is truly the lost sister, finally Keeks' delusions have been validated

No. 336258

some people like women who look like women not preteen boys or male skeletors.

No. 336262

File: 1544296263247.jpg (413.88 KB, 2000x3000, ccdf8555dea5f7d16879449ee116f1…)

imo Victoria is the prettiest of the former Victorious cast, but I can definitely see the appeal of Liz Gillies, she has more of a "classic beauty" vibe to her.

No. 336271

About Angelina Jolie, thanks to disqus anon I decided to google her and all of the recent articles talk about how she is making her divorce from Brad Pitt a living hell.



They talk about how she is trying to keep the kids from him. And how the court has decided that the oldest son, who is 17, is allowed to make his own decisions.

I checked out the son's instagram,, because he's 17, filthy rich, so presumably he has a thriving social media like all of the other hollywood kids? https://www.instagram.com/maddoxjoliepitt/?hl=en

Nope, it's really obvious his mom runs it… there are constant posts praising Angelina. I wonder how controlling she is with her kids and how fucked up they will end up if they're not allowed to have a normal teenager years.

Sorry for the sperg, it's just I grew up with the media pushing their "perfect family" image but now that I'm looking into it, they seem super fucked up.

No. 336281

>imo Victoria is the prettiest of the former Victorious cast

not with these pants

No. 336283

File: 1544298790237.jpg (26.15 KB, 700x300, eOVhLSp.jpg)

i never implied any of that, just that her face is bloated and looks off to me. her figure is fine but if you don't see what i mean about her weird facial proportions then you need to take off your stan goggles.

No. 336284

Lol she looks like a skinny obelix

No. 336287

i thought the username in these were edited at first HOLY SHIT

No. 336288

File: 1544299321918.png (110.25 KB, 1514x570, ow4XNKZ.png)

This is crazy, thanks anon. She was ripped apart in some of the Sony leaks emails too.

No. 336291

File: 1544299525256.png (84.91 KB, 874x954, TXrwn8J.png)

No. 336292

>>“I’m not destroying my career over a minimally talented spoiled brat who thought nothing of shoving this off her plate for eighteen months so she could go direct a movie. I have no desire to be making a movie with her, or anybody, that she runs and that we don’t. She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming.”

Omg that's so funny! I remember all the fuss about the new Cleopatra movie and how Angie was the perfect successor for Liz Taylor kek. Liz Taylor is an icon and Angie herself spread the rumour about how perfect she is and also an icon like Liz. Glad that Scott Rudin didn't fall for her. Angie doesn't have a lot of friends and lost the few remaining friends due to her divorce. What she did and still does with Brad is parental alienation and gladly everybody saw through her smear campaign against Brad except for the loons and stans. She is insufferable imo.

No. 336293

Oh and Angelina had the best divorce lawyer in Hollywood. Her name is Laura Wasser. Apparently it wasn't possible to work with Angelina since she wanted to destroy Brad but Wasser is known for her discreet and kid-friendly solutions. So Wasser gave the case away which she had never done before. Then Angelina started to shame Wasser that she's so incompentent. Angelina had to go to another city (San Fran) to hire a new lawyer because nobody in Hollywood wanted to take the case kek

No. 336305

i don't even know who she is, so i am not stanning but i just don't understand why you are so pressed.

No. 336306

She built a career out of being the sexy crazy one who went to strip clubs and practiced BDSM. That schtick worked in the 90s, but now that we've got the internet her old tactics don't work anymore. Hollywood men don't want her 40something anachan decrepit ass when they could find an 18-year-old 11/10 on Instagram to do freaky shit with. BDSM is so common it's almost vanilla now. Angie, like all narcissists, thought she'd be #1 sex toy forever and didn't care how many women she fucked over as long as men still wanted her. And now she's got nothing left to "shock' people with, no friends in Hollywood, no family. Karma is a bitch indeed

No. 336312

i love it when posts on lolcow are identical to incel posts

No. 336314

File: 1544302288216.jpg (8.16 KB, 318x159, bruise.jpg)


do you think that she beat Pitt? I was reading LSA and in 2015 he had a huge bruise on his face. he claimed he fell. this was the year before the divorce. i really don't understand why someone like angelina jolie would ct so crazy when she got the guy, etc. i'm naive i guess.


No. 336320

that or the violent son he got into the fight with right before the separation

i get it, brads the adult he's bigger than him blah blah blah

doesnt mean the kid isnt violent af especially considering who he's being raised by

No. 336357

this thread periodically devolves into
>i don't think this celebrity is pretty
>therefore, she is objectively hideous

No. 336405

File: 1544309776269.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.84 KB, 500x211, angelina-jolie-brother-kiss.jp…)

nahhh Angelina is nuts. Everything anon wrote is true. She wanted people to believe that she was sexy and crazy with no boundaries. She sleeps with knifes in her bed and loves knife play, she wore vials of blood from her husband Billy Bob around her neck, who was engaged to Laura Dern before. She made out with her brother several times, probably had sex. She allegedly had sex with the boyfriend of her mother Marcheline Bill Day when she was 16 years old.
She has a truely sick mind and it's really telling that she only goes after men who are in a relationship. Other men doesn't interest her. She probably had fun to steal the men from other women and she must go crazy that she is loosing her beauty. Now she wants everybody to see her as Mother Theresa but I don't believe a second she has changed.

No. 336426

you remind me of slimamdsexxy from ontds heyday

No. 336435

which of the kids is violent? I only remember one of them larping as a boy for awhile (maybe she still is idk)

No. 336436

I think the oldest kid, Maddoxx. He also got into a fight with Brad on September 14th 2016 which caused Angie to divorce Brad.

No. 336440

She was a legend on ontd. I'll take that as a compliment. Now that she doesn't post anymore, it's not the same in the comments section…

No. 336444

damn. I wonder if he's the most maladjusted because he's Angie's oldest kid and been exposed the most to her crazy?

No. 336466

was she the >and remains sexy while doing so

maddox the first adoptee
apparently him and brad couldnt stop getting into it over a period of time i think angelina alleged abuse on brads part but idk and honestly wouldnt believe her either way

No. 336482

File: 1544323096505.jpg (46.31 KB, 606x606, a2f2f50706319f1c4d7b35e8412c0c…)

>fans posting pics of ariana grandes yearbooks as proof shes "naturally dark" lol bitch WHERE
her skin is still light af

No. 336483

File: 1544323184109.jpg (7.85 KB, 200x200, Ariana_Grande_school_photo.jpg)

wow so dark
not a tan white girl at ALL

No. 336489

Don't know who she is, but I think everything, even the puffy cheeks are cute. It's her teeth and weird mouth. It looks literally photoshopped. Like a weird parrot fish with teeth.
Cover her mouth with your hand and everything looks normal.

No. 336510

Hahaha, this is gold.

No. 336557

I think we ALL sing

No. 336583

Have you missed the past 3 threads? Jesus. You're either blind or an Ariana stan.

No. 336584

File: 1544332398160.gif (922.8 KB, 350x187, 33262D14-9DE9-4AE0-948A-747054…)

>I see you girl

No. 336594

File: 1544333547771.jpg (72.25 KB, 800x480, behind-the-mac-apple-ad-00.jpg)

There was a billboard up with this pic of her forever where I live, and I didn't even know she was an artist I literally just thought "oh apple got a weird ugly hipster girl because that's their brand". I honestly didn't know who she was until these threads/the Elon nonsense.

She looks like that art major in your mandatory english class that says some real wild shit in class discussions that you're friendly with but don't want to sit next to because she smells terrible.

No. 336601

being ugly and kinda dirty looking is part of her brand, i guess. i've always liked her music although her lyrics are stupid and i wish she'd go back to her older musical aesthetic.

No. 336608

She's still out of Elon Muskrat's league lookswise tbh

No. 336630

I already said that I do think she's really cute, and that I just don't get the high "omg top model classical beauty" praise. I was taken by surprise when I saw >>335713 because she looked more balanced to me and I realized that it was because it's shooped to hell.
I posted the photos because she's not a household name and this is an imageboard. I was done but seeing as this thread is full of spergs I can see how my posts had bad timing. My bad. I'll just join the popular opinion and circlejerk about Grimes looking grimy.

Or maybe this is a huge conspiracy because Amanda Seyfried and Liz Gillies both played Mean Girls characters…

Maybe would be worth a writeup for an ONTD Original?

No. 336703


>>Maybe would be worth a writeup for an ONTD Original?

Definitely worth it. Maybe slimandsexxy comes out of her hiding place

No. 336906

She looks like she got facial fillers from someone unlicensed and they've migrated or smth kek

No. 336939

File: 1544385143142.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.76 KB, 577x1024, BB4cXSmCcAAeHZN.jpg)

Whatever guys. I'm so out of here

No. 336950

why is her thong just hovering over her ass crack?

No. 336957

she's probably wearing tights

No. 336958

under a thong?

No. 336996

They look like booty shorts to me. Meant to frame the asscheeks in a rounded manner to make them look better. I'm sure she knew she'd be flashing that day hence the underwear over tights

No. 336998

File: 1544391026272.jpeg (176.38 KB, 824x1050, FA74EE69-C0F3-4D8A-A024-440693…)

Looking at her Instagram just now I feel like she does have more “classic” features than a lot of celebs nowadays, like her features are more proportional (not blown up lips) like most movie stars in the 50s/60s did, and that’s probably appealing to people? Idk, I haven’t really heard of people fawning over her and calling her so gorgeous so maybe that’s just your friends

No. 337003

In the video you can tell she's wearing tights under

No. 337017

oh, this is a REALLY good look on her. she should stray away from the more modern looks, they make her features look unappealing.

No. 337018

It's funny cause mostly every kid is tan. Kids spend lots of time outside under the sun (or at least back in the day).
Pretty sure we all pale as fuck adults have pictures as a kid where our skin is dark

No. 337022

File: 1544392616593.jpeg (224.87 KB, 1013x1228, 8C6D5682-95D0-4F9D-97E1-708B52…)

I’m loving the AS bg holy sheet!

“Because shes the hero lolcow deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So Mods will ban her. Because she can take it. Because she's not our hero. She’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. An Amanda-Chan.”

Pic related is in the lolcow awards nominations 2018 thread kek

No. 337023

It's not a thong… thongs are not that wide on the butt area.
She's wearing cheeky panties. Are you a dude?

No. 337025

>Pretty sure we ALL pale as fuck

No. 337043

she prob meant to say "us pale adults all have tanned pictures from our childhood" but phrased it oddly.

No. 337048

I think Ariana is milky, she definitely belong in this thread and if people want to bring up other celebs, they sure can!

On the race sperging… Mediterraneans all can tan quite dark and it's not "blackfishing" to be tan when you're caucasian. You don't change ethnicities when your coloring changes, and race is something people outside the US don't give a shit about. HOWEVER, Ariana adopts black speech patterns and is influenced by black music to a high degree so I do think she could be considered blackfishing or at least latinafishing, if that's even a term. I don't think she needs to go back to not tanning but she could definitely drop the fake ebonics (or whatever the term for Latin vernacular is)and get a new stylist while she's at it.

At the end of the day black people from the US don't own being brown, or having big lips, or having curvy bodies. Lots of different populations from all over the world also have these traits. I'm so tired of this bullshit…(racebait)

No. 337055

A german tranny youtuber made a video about blackfishing and even though his audience is as sjw as it can get, they all found this pretty ridiculous. It's definitely just an US (and maybe UK) thing.

No. 337072

Where did her cheeks go? This doesn't even look like her at all if you compare it to her in Dynasty. She does look gorgeous in that photo though.

I hope Amanda-chan will watch over us forever.

No. 337075

"Blackfishing" lmao can we please keep that SJW nonsense off this thread and lolcow in general.

No. 337082

File: 1544398992364.png (395.44 KB, 560x382, lol=.png)

I don't think Ariana is guilty of it, but I don't know what else you could possibly call this lol.
inb4 "I'm Italian and my cousin's best friend's half-sister's stepdaughter looks just like that! Not only black people have dark skin and big lips!".

No. 337085

hi lena

No. 337099

File: 1544400982649.jpg (35.15 KB, 300x100, thisbitch.jpg)

I submitted 2 Amanda-chan banners to the banner thread, hoping mod-senpais actually add some new ones

No. 337116

she looks like mena suvari here

No. 337124

This girl doesn't look black but biracial to me. I think looking mixed is a beauty ideal for some people. The same as some Asians want to look like Hapas. They don't have the desire to look white/black/whatever but exotic/mixed.

No. 337152

File: 1544410542047.jpg (1.44 MB, 3412x1693, 20181209_185140.jpg)

Ari looking skelly in the bts for sweetener

No. 337156

File: 1544410861915.jpg (1.57 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20181209_185816064.j…)

More of her back/bonez

Nitpicky but some other anons were saying they've never gotten a good look at her body

No. 337159

File: 1544411051569.jpg (2.45 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20181209_190329459.j…)


No. 337164

aha i love them, i hope they make rotation

No. 337168

This is nightmare fuel

No. 337171


cursed image

No. 337175

inb4 anons scream about nitpicking and report everyone because apparently talking about her body is nitpicking now.

No. 337178

just for that you're not getting a free tesla!

No. 337180

File: 1544413761515.gif (1.64 MB, 177x315, aris.gif)

that's better compared to before tbh. she used to be way thinner

No. 337181

I mean, they wouldn't be wrong. She looks fine to people who aren't chubby spergs, only a little on the thin side.

No. 337219

this looks normal…?

No. 337220

this looks normal…?

No. 337268

sounds more like a typical "lol im ugly" Amy Schumer joke.

No. 337347

isnt "hi, cow" banned ?

No. 337353

mods keep red texting it but it's not against the rules anywhere last time I checked

No. 337414

gurl's hitting la coca pretty hard lol

No. 337419

Yeah those were capped during an all-night music video shoot for The Light is Coming she was clearly zooted

Maybe to you this is normal, but in motion it's clear she's very thin. Also worth mentioning she's got sweatpants on in those caps that are too large

No. 337432

>a young female celebrity
>very thin
you realize this is how most celebrities looked pre-kardashian, right? like obviously she's not going to be chubby

No. 337439

File: 1544462878643.jpg (242.73 KB, 1536x1152, GettyImages-1069273040.jpg)

Meh, those are from years ago.

Pic related is what she looks like now (they're from those billboard awards that happened last week). Looks like a perfectly healthy weight to me, but if you see ana-chan in this idk what to tell you man.

No. 337459

it used to be stated explicitly in the rules but it seems the rules page was overhauled back in April and isn't there anymore.

No. 337500

Can you post the vid? I'm loving unedited Ariana right now. It's funny now that all of her shit is edited to hell and back.

No. 337523

This. Thank you for pointing this out. I was getting sick of all the ana-chan Ariana in this thread. That's old news now

No. 337529

Here you go anon! I'm glad you're enjoying this discussion as I am!

Oo yeah she does look healthy and non skelly here. So that's good

No. 337532

She looks really good here ngl

No. 337543

NOTHING exists between very thin and chubby! Nothing! Only BMI 17 and BMI 24+

I agree she looks healthy here but keep in mind she's rather short (pls no short discourse again) so when she was very thin before her BMR must have been so low.

No. 337562

That’s definitely true. But I still think Ariana has an ED based on other evidence.

No. 337603

no shit sherlock

goddamn some of you have off the charts detective skills. i wonder if someday a farmer will get famous enough that people will make an effort to discorver their tracks on the farms, probably being caught red handed sperging over nasolabial folds

No. 337605

group effort to track down amandachan when

No. 337609

is this AB

No. 337653

>i wonder if someday a farmer will get famous enough that people will make an effort to discorver their tracks on the farms, probably being caught red handed sperging over nasolabial folds

I mean that's pretty much exactly what happened with Kiki and Titanic Sinclair.

No. 337672

do you not realize it was responding to what the person said? do you not know what a terf is? lmao

No. 337684

kek, really does sound like her

she's in heaven now, criticizing amanda's hands from above

No. 337691


No. 337945

File: 1544544345969.jpg (47.35 KB, 875x492, sophia_hutchins_main.jpg)

Caitlyn Jenner has a 22 year old live in life partner. Must be creepy for Kendall and Kylie's Dad to shack up with a girl their age.

No. 337949

>a girl their age
No, he's a tranny too. How could you not tell?

No. 337950

They wouldn‘t be surprised as kylie confirmed suck pedo dack when she was only 16-17 and kendall prolly fucked her way on the pedo dack to get where she is now

No. 337951

I just googled, I didn't know he was a former Scott not Sophia.

Well at least I can relax thinking Bruce had a hard on for his girls. He had one for Rob!

No. 337968

Wait isn't "she" a homophobe?

No. 337988

File: 1544550615592.png (469.12 KB, 1064x741, Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 11.4…)

It's all very unclear. I think most trans people hate her anyways. She voted for Trump and then was somehow surprised when he turned out to be shitty.

No. 337990

"i thought this microwave on fire wouldn't burn down my house. i was wrong"

No. 338005

looks like a hilton
i guess we're coming full circle because thats how the kardashians started getting attention in the first place, by using a hilton

No. 338035

I think so. Jenner went on the Ellen Degeneres show and said that he doesn’t believe in gay marriage. Then Ellen released a video basically stating that she was trying to be respectful of Jenner’s opinions but it was still hard for her, which I found to be ridiculous. Trans or not, I’d be pissed if you don’t think I have a right to get married.

No. 338052

I think that her collarbones make her seem spoopier than she really is. Now she’s healthier they are still apparent. Maybe that’s just her bone structure?

Anyhow, good for her dropping that uwu smol ana princess bullshit

No. 338053

someone needs to put this mangled abomination out of its misery.

No. 338104

File: 1544565934484.jpg (67.04 KB, 644x429, GettyImages-1068377382.jpg)

Does anyone else think this seems like such an odd couple? I didn't even know they were together until I heard they were married. They're both attractive, they just look so weird together. This picture just looks like such an awkward prom picture.

No. 338106

Isnt she way older?

No. 338111

I think it's because her features are stronger and more striking than his.

No. 338118

I find him quite unattractive but tbh they look like one of those typically disparate couples where the non white woman dates way below her league just because he's white. I know she has plenty of options and that isn't the case for her but it just looks weird because of that association. She also looks older and more classy/elegant so it exaggerates the difference.

No. 338122

File: 1544566994147.jpg (135.16 KB, 650x433, priyanka-hindu-wedding-z.jpg)

Yeah, that would make sense, I think it's also the height. She's very striking and he just looks like white bread standing next to her.

The giant feather helps though, he should wear that all the time.

No. 338129

He looks like a dork ass standing next to her.

No. 338143

There have been a few blind items insinuating that they're only together for publicity, which makes a lot of sense considering they hit the red carpet for a Bumble event within days of getting married.

No. 338148

Is that Sansa Stark? lmao such a random group of people

No. 338166

Same here I thought it was fake when my friend said that Nick Jonas married Priyanka I was like TF? I honestly don't think it'll work, I'd give it 1 to 2 years top before they divorce. Isn't this her 2nd/3rd marriage?

No. 338171

yeah shes dating nicks brother

No. 338184

They're engaged iirc, have been for a while

No. 338199

this is either her having some kind of crisis or pr-related. she is so beautiful and has so many options when it comes to men, yet she picks this b-list manlet? but wtf would she get out of marrying a jonas brother?

most celeb marriages are so milky, mainly because a huge part of them are nothing but pr-stunts. like george clooney, who decides to marry his beard at the ripe old age of 53 instead of living as a closeted bachelor. while i do respect his wife for her work, she seems fame hungry, which is off-putting. she often stages weird shots of her pretending to take care of their children, idk why.

No. 338370

File: 1544615397075.jpeg (220.34 KB, 1242x1209, 9705010F-357F-4876-82A0-E60CEB…)

Or maybe she’s just in love? It’s like none of you have been in love. You can fall in love with a person who’s “not in your league” and honestly, Nick doesn’t even look that bad either. You all sound like fucking incels.

No. 338389

lol no marriage in hollyweird is real

No. 338400

because they're delusional and average looking themselves. it's like every day i see a low cheekbone, bad bone structured, lame looking woman getting propped up as "gorgeous"

No. 338405

she looks even worse and more basic now. how do you go from 60s starlets to this shit..

No. 338419

arguing over whether someone is hot or not is useless because beyond basics like symmetry and general cleanliness, people have their own tastes. fwiw i agree with these anon opinions (i prefer tall & slim people with angular faces) i just think it's lame to clog up a thread arguing over something you'll never change someone else's mind about.
half the anons here have never even been to a party lol do you really think they know anything about adult relationships?

No. 338453

They‘re both ugly but nick looks better

No. 338471

File: 1544636332030.jpg (58.22 KB, 220x289, Pri-1.jpg)

Priyanka looks attractive but her nose looks kinda botched, why does it seem like Indian celebs get ps to look south american?

No. 338519

I think nose jobs are pretty popular among Indians, iirc. And there's really not much difference physically in general between south americans and indian people, so changing the nose might make them look similar

No. 338566

File: 1544660508833.png (637.51 KB, 694x521, p.png)

No. 338589

Something tells me this isn't her first nose job

No. 338593

y’all are really slow on the uptake. he’s gay, she’s a beard, she’s making a shit ton of money off of sponsored gowns and jewelry and everything. i don’t care about either of them much but their lack of chemistry is honestly … funny

No. 338597

I think her nose before was pretty on her face tbh

No. 338600

He isnt gay, she is just fucking ugly

No. 338601

She was so gorgeous before all the plastic surgery. This makes me sad.

No. 338603

Christ, why would she get multiplie procedures to make her nose smaller, but not fix the original crookedness. jfc such a shame

No. 338604

For some Indian families it's like a family tradition(?). I went to school with a girl who got a nose job for her 16th birthday. I was shocked honestly but she told me it was just something everyone in her family did at that age.

No. 338616

What does priyanka chopra … do? I mean I know she does movies in India right and is super famous there? But I'm confused as to why she's sooo famous in the United States, I've never seen her in any movies or anything. But I always see her in pictures at red carpets, in celebrity gossip columns, etc.

No. 338619

he's gay and she's hot

No. 338620

She tried being a pop star and was on the tv show Quantico, but mostly she has a really good (and really expensive) agent.
The sort of agent who can get you an invite to the Prince Harry/Meghan wedding and let photographers know which car you'll be arriving in.

No. 338621

She was the lead on the ABC show Quantico, but it was cancelled a few months ago.

No. 338689

tbh good. what a shit show.

No. 338694

She used to be one of the biggest actresses in India before she had an affair with married superstar Shah Rukh Khan. They weren't officially caught (SRK paid off the press to hide his infidelity while he still pretends to be faithful to his wife, because a family man image is good for his stardom) but his wife is tight with the clique of "Bollywood wives", many of whom are producers and directors themselves, and they sort of pushed Priyanka away from Bollywood.

This is probably why she's trying so hard to become a Hollywood A-lister, because she's just not welcome back home. She recently withdrew from a big Bollywood project and while she said it was for "personal reasons", it's likely that she was forced to drop out. Plus there were almost no Bollywood people at her wedding, which means she's alienated them all.

Her spot as Bollywood It-Girl has been taken over by Deepika Padukone who has a more positive public image and actual chemistry with the man she married.

No. 338696

why does everyone hate having an aquiline nose so much ugh. i feel like her post-surgery nose makes her eyes look further apart. she was perfectly fine before.

No. 338706

File: 1544695760687.jpeg (99.61 KB, 750x750, 251113BD-0D46-478D-945E-CAAA6A…)

Lmao nicki. Not gonna lie I will still like her “music”.

No. 338716

nicki's been on some clownery for years now, tbh. i feel like she's with this guy for the attention because any attention is good enough for her at this point, with all these other female rappers upstaging her these days.

seeing her melt down on twitter never stops being funny, though. a grown ass woman tweeting in a frantic, sobbing rage because no one is listening to her soggy ass lukewarm "raps" anymore. she needs to go do some taxes and fix her lace fronts.

No. 338740

File: 1544705035312.jpg (99.04 KB, 694x400, priyanka-chopra-plastic-surger…)

>she's not welcomed in India anymore

On top of that one of the episodes she appeared in for a show depicted indians as terrorists lol! Ofc Indians were pissed Priyanka apologized and they canceled the Indian airing for the episode. I don't get how the show producers confused Indians for Arabs.

She looked like an Indian beauty before her ps, now she looks like another Indian trying to look South American or white smh.

No. 338743

This is the third time she's caped for a rapist. She's almost 40 and still making all these horrible decisions. It's sad and embarrassing to watch.
She really got mentally fucked over from being abused and victim blamed all her life by her shitty mother, and now she's repeating the cycle as a public figure. I don't think she's going to heal until it all comes crashing down, either. She doesn't strike me as humble or educated enough to actually seek therapy for her issues.
Between all this pedo/rapist apologist shit, the Twitter meltdowns and the disgusting ass implants, I just can't support her.

No. 338744

has anyone heard them talk side by side? so eerie. they sound like the same person and they look like the same person too despite the huge age gap.

No. 338745

ofc this person got reported by fans lmao are nicki minaj stans as bad as shatmys?

No. 338747

Stop being racist

No. 338791

Huh, interesting. Thanks for the insight anon!

No. 338800

She looked way better before. Her upper lip is completely botched now

No. 338821

She looks totally normal, just slender. Maybe anons disagree because of cultural differences because I see girls her size and smaller all the time and no one bats an eye.

No. 338869

This is above average where im from. Not "skelly" at all.

No. 338880

i get that wherever you're from is skinny, but i doubt that's above average there. average, sure.

No. 338888

I will never get why people make their noses shorter with plastic surgery. Long philtrums look so bad, why get one on purpose?

No. 338894

her smile is so lopsided in these after pictures. did she get nerve damage during plastic surgery or something?

No. 338938

short noses are neotenous and can give the illusion of a small face, but that's just my guess

No. 338940

How can you even tell? She is hunched over in the pic covering her midsection and her hair is covering everything else

No. 338973

I think it's surgeons' fault. Some are obsessed with ~le 120° angled tip~ meme and just give the same nose to every girl they lay their hands on, forgetting that they might have different faces and different philtrumss

No. 338990

>above average
Do you live in a gulag, anon?

No. 339072

Grimes is really just a glorified crack head. If it wasn’t for music and having rich parents she would probably be one of those crack heads you see begging for change in downtown Toronto.

No. 339073

she's a tumblrcore artist on par with halsey but people think she's an experimental artist for some reason. it's not surprising she's promoting ddlg now.

No. 339084

Why do you delusional people lie like this? Are you this out of touch of reality?

No. 339085

She needs to work out and stop wearing stuff to small. Look at those arms.. she's apple shaped.. like 90% of ana chans with that unfortunate fat distribution.

No. 339091

Ariana grande is only a Ana Chan because most women are land whales these days. Ariana grande is at a healthy weight.

No. 339096

Everyone had visible bones on their body unless they’re like 200 lbs+

No. 339102

File: 1544762276987.jpg (51.2 KB, 615x799, b26cf4fb39f00d5ca41ec2bf07b915…)

Not to wk Ariana, but I'm not sure she's apple shaped. She doesn't have crazy curves or anything, but that statement certainly isn't true.
If anything she might be banana.

No. 339105

Not being fat doesn’t not mean she’s anorexic lol she doesn’t look like she weighs less than 110 which is healthy for her height.

No. 339110

this is lolcow if you dont have a waist smaller than 20 inches you're a horribly shaped fridge

No. 339111

What would you consider “not anorexic” then?

No. 339117

File: 1544762931267.jpeg (272.44 KB, 1124x1428, 45CDC82E-FAAA-4F2B-B0BB-BA4781…)

She doesn’t even look boney

No. 339123

File: 1544763174560.jpeg (116 KB, 1600x900, 06D02EC6-DCBC-4744-BFE8-02B45C…)

At her current weight she does not look boney kek

No. 339124

File: 1544763213972.png (78.42 KB, 620x385, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 8.51…)

i know anons in this thread are more obsessed with how much ariana grande's boring ass weighs for whatever reason but just outta curiosity, is anyone else paying attention to the absolute SHITSTORM kanye is spewing on twitter as we speak? cause this is honestly some quality entertainment. he's probably just off his meds but people are already conjuring up conspiracy theories lol

No. 339125

File: 1544763334214.png (108.51 KB, 597x704, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 8.51…)

No. 339126

Wait what happened? I thought Kanye and Drake were cool?

No. 339127

I was going to post about it earlier kek when is kim finally going to take his phone away?

Drake does seem shady though, but not any more shady than ye himself really.

No. 339130

File: 1544763481653.png (254.35 KB, 605x736, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 8.52…)


also wow i think he already deleted this particular thread and i took the screenshot literally like 2 minutes ago

it's confusing tbh given how unstable/ unintelligible kanye is on twitter… if you search it up on twitter it's trending right now and some people have decent explanations but it's also live and he's saying different shit every minute

No. 339137

i saw two of the ontd posts about the kanye/drake thing but im confused as to what actually happened

like..kanye is crazy and mentally ill but he's not the first guy who claims drake is playing a dangerous game and hiring people to put people in harms way
so it will be interesting to see how it plays out

No. 339143

File: 1544765604972.png (42.31 KB, 737x353, Untitled2.png)

No. 339144

>i get attention constantly but like i havent gotten attention ALLLLL day you guize pls pay attention to me okays??!!

No. 339149

File: 1544766676295.png (89.57 KB, 717x544, Untitled.png)

he's still going

No. 339151

>a singer
>promoting her music

what a fucking NARCISSIST

No. 339152

just posting about your music is different than making a post that screams >why are people paying attention to anything other than me wahhhh

No. 339154

I wonder if he's really mentally ill or if it's just him fucking around.

This is a reach anon, let it go. It's even less milky than the "Ariana's ana" "no she's fat" convo.

No. 339155

he definitely believes the shit he posts lol

No. 339156

File: 1544767794800.jpg (189.35 KB, 500x750, 20181213_220901.jpg)

Yoooo that's wack but check THIS shit out!

No. 339157

anon, my fucking sides.

No. 339161

I almost feel bad for nicki stans just finding out their "queen" is a trash person but then again all the signs were there and they still chose to rabidly support her.

No. 339163

wow you just can't stop bringing her up can you?

No. 339167

Oh this is an Ariana grande fan club only thread. I forgot. Carry on.

No. 339176

File: 1544778288941.gif (902.65 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

No it's just that you're not bringing anything new and it seems like you're really digging to find the slightest bit of dirt.

No. 339178

Honestly, I'm feeling kinda bad for Kim because having a sibling or a spouse with those kind of mental problems is downright EXHAUSTING.

But on top of that, them being famous and people trying to make you accountable for them must be horrible. Kim is no role model but she's a good wife to the public eye (not saying she's a good wife in her private life) she never seems to air Kanye dirty laundry. Even though he must be absolutely bonkers irl

No. 339189

her eyes are pretty.

No. 339195

File: 1544787762412.png (38.38 KB, 582x235, kim no.png)

kanye is mentally ill and a lot of his fans are pretty sure that he regularly stops taking his meds. he is diagnosed with bipolar, but his rants makes him sound schizophrenic. he regularly has wild spregouts on twitter, but it's kinda unusual for him to directly attack someone like this and make unfounded allegations. among other things, he claims that drake is sending him "purple emojis" to fuck with his mental health? kim joined in too. it's so embarrassing. and the fact that drake has been completely silent and ignoring all of this mess, just makes him look like the bigger and more mature person.

drake is pretty slimy, but he has a solid good guy image and no one in their right mind genuinely believes he is out here threatening kanye and his family. i wouldn't be surprised if drake actually sued him for this, kek.

No. 339216

File: 1544792794708.jpg (4.42 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

I still believe Kanye is actually genius and all of his weird behavior and ego an act to ensure his fame.
It's all a big conspiracy, Kim and him are doing it together and it's brilliant.

No. 339225

drake is gross too though. I would believe anything about a dude who openly hangs out with 14 year olds.

I do believe Kanye is mentally unstable however

No. 339227

Drake is good friends with a man who sex traffics women.

Fuck drake and his fake "nice guy" act. He should visit his damn son. Deadbeat whore.

No. 339233

File: 1544796053794.png (405.76 KB, 488x605, drake.PNG)

I might sound crazy here, but Kim always defends Kanye when something goes down, and it kinda make me wonder if she has ever tried to get him help. I know they're married so she is going to support him in public when some shit happens, but I could imagine Kim wouldn't want to say anything to Kanye that would make him angry when their relationship is so beneficial to her (and they have children together so…).
And assaulted a woman apparently. Drake is absolute trash.



No. 339239

Im more weirded out by the hair

No. 339240

Banana and apple are both trash shapes that only look good when you're under 21 BMI

No. 339247

My mom's ex-bf was bipolar and off his meds when they were together and exhibited very similar behavior to Kanye. Like being hyperactive and going on these weird, long-winded rants where they talk rapidly and jump from topic to topic. Kanye even deludes himself and rejects his diagnosis just like he did. Of course I'm not a qualified psych though, but I am observing a pattern. It would not shock me at all if it gets confirmed that Kanye is off his medication.

No. 339254

I’m not even the person you’re talking about. That was the first time I posted grimes in this thread.

No. 339416

File: 1544829914675.png (347.25 KB, 775x771, Bffswol.png)

No. 339417

Thats fucking evil

No. 339420

dailymail isn't the most reputable source, but…after all we've learned about angie, it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. why would you ever tell your kid that, even if it was true?

No. 339436

>beneficial to her

Literally how lol. She's got the Kardashian empire independent of Kanye, she doesn't need him for money and it's not like he helped her start a music career or something. Even with kids she could absolutely find someone to be with her. Idk why she puts up with him.

But in retrospect it seems like most of the Kardashians make bad relationship choices

No. 339437

maybe she's attracted to nutjobs.

No. 339464

She literally got him out of debt ($50million from what I remember?) so I’m fairly certain it’s him that benefits off of her

No. 339512

i truly hope she isn't that batshit. people who weaponize their children in order to hurt/get back at their significant other make me genuinely sick.

No. 339513

wouldnt be surprised if this is true shes always been a fucked up psychotic bitch and man people really tried to gloss it over as her just being ~quirky~

No. 339573

I mean it's pretty obvious she loves him, why would she stand by her man in the throes of whatever bipolar tantrum he's having at any given time? Also the typical "my kids need their dad" bullshit might be at play too. KK isn't the sharpest tool in the shed and brighter women have stayed with worse men.

No. 339586

I don't feel sorry for Kim at all. She is one of the richest people in the world and could divorce if she wanted to. It's not a big secret that Kanye was unstable. I hope their daughter is ok because she didn't choose this.

No. 339592

i've heard rumors about drake loving to fuck strippers and porn stars raw, some of them end up pregnant and he gets his gang to threaten them into getting abortions. these rumors were before his baby and baby mother were mainstream info. i totally believe it tbh.

kim probably has her own issues. apparently she hates her hip/ass implants but keeps them because that's what kanye likes? it sounds like something she'd say as a pr stunt, but i wouldn't be surprised if it's true. she defended kanye's slavery-was-a-choice rant. i used to believe their relationship was fake, but she seems to genuinely love him to the point where she'll blindly support him lol.

even though kim is rich and successful now, she wont be the "it girl" forever. i'm pretty sure someone new will overtake her in the 2020s. she's probably scared about turning 40/getting older in general because she has based her entire career on looking sexy.

No. 339679

File: 1544890798098.jpeg (215.47 KB, 1080x1268, EFA75EE3-4964-4F5D-87DD-0EED2C…)

No. 339680

Lipstick alley >>>/out/
Also kanye obviously isn’t mentally ill, no more than other celebrities, he has a severe case of GOTIS and attention whoritus.

No. 339681

File: 1544891022598.jpeg (178.78 KB, 1080x1036, 3912C7E8-6C6B-4B00-8A9A-7D14FF…)

No. 339682

>won’t be forever an IT-girl
Sorry but the kardashian-jenner franchise did something the other celebrities failed in doing so: multiplying the cancer cells. So if her daughter or younger sister(s) take over she won’t care since the money partly still goes to her.

No. 339719

anon, he's obviously mentally ill in some way. my autistic cousin clocked him for autistic. he's also obsessed with weebshit and has a bunch of that crap in his house. there's something up with him.

No. 339720

Kanye’s a weeb?

No. 339721

you seriously haven't seen his murakami album art and akira references?

No. 339722

He also did that embarrassing shit with his sandals, saying he was wearing them like geta.

No. 339727

That doesn’t make you a weeb……

No. 339728

No, pics??

No. 339730

Fuck off and google it yourself.

No. 339732

File: 1544896367655.jpg (335.21 KB, 960x670, FQuNX52.jpg)

No. 339735

ah yes, lets sperg about a boring starlet who'll be irrelevant in the next 5 years instead

No. 339736

File: 1544897022237.png (430.08 KB, 705x365, 89889.png)

No. 339739

File: 1544897262700.jpg (218.98 KB, 952x1222, zac-efron-vanessa-hudgens-happ…)

Honestly, I kind of want a discussion on celebrities being weebs.

No. 339741

Even if so, why does that make you mentally ill? I fail to see his weebness.
Ah yes kim kardashian so watches anime, she totes doesnt do it for attention.
Celebrities aren’t weebs, they get paid to wear certain items.

No. 339742

at least she has good taste

No. 339743

Sorry no one else wants sperg about ariana grande 24/7, anon.

No. 339745

File: 1544897664563.jpg (78.29 KB, 500x750, nv7kpkdyy11rqe7e5o3_500.jpg)

>Celebrities aren’t weebs, they get paid to wear certain items.
I really don't think Akira Toriyama paid Vanessa Hudgens to silently shill (with no photoshoot or real exposure) his one franchise that hasn't been popular or even aired outside Japan since the 80s, anon.

No. 339747

File: 1544897898024.png (368.38 KB, 265x535, pokemom.PNG)

Britney Spears' sons are into Dragonball Z, Pokemon, Sword Art Online and it's honestly hilarious and adorable whenever she posts their fanart.

No. 339750

File: 1544898294764.jpg (79.92 KB, 700x700, britney-spears-sailor-moon-kal…)

Britney Spears owns a Sailor Moon wand, did a photoshoot with Takashi Murakami modeled after hentai manga (in her words, they both studied a lot of examples to work with), and put out a whole anime styled music video.
She's an unapologetic weeb, it's kind of amazing.

No. 339751

Whos this cutie?

No. 339753

isn't it either dylan or cole sprouse?

No. 339754

File: 1544898826149.png (616.95 KB, 811x597, al.png)

Since anons get antsy whenever we stray too far from discussing Transracial Ana Queen/Skinny Legend Ari, there are plenty of ample weeb receipts on her too.
>likes Kyary, met her in Japan on a variety show, and follows her on IG to this day
>used to wear cat ears, sailor uniform-inspired outfits, owns a Rilakkuma suit, etc
>put out cat ear headphones as fan merch
>had herself added to a Final Fantasy game
>uploaded pic related to her IG last month

No. 339756

File: 1544898875986.png (74.42 KB, 619x280, dylan.png)

It's Cole. Dylan likes anime, too, though (and reportedly, so does Zac Efron).

No. 339757

File: 1544899303332.jpg (25.14 KB, 1024x576, solja.jpg)

Soulja Boy is one of my favorite anime weebs. He has a few raps about Naruto, DBZ, and Death Note. Also, he recently just teamed up with some wholesaler in China and came out with his own "gaming consoles". Literally terrible, overpriced emulation devices.

No. 339760

soulja boy's antics are really amusing

No. 339762

File: 1544900594285.jpg (107.51 KB, 819x1024, Dylan-Sprouse-Barbara-Palvin-F…)

Dylan cosplayed as Trunks and his gf Barbara Palvin as Gaara this Halloween

No. 339763

Barbara looks surprisingly hot as Gaara, weird.

No. 339764

File: 1544901205546.jpeg (314.07 KB, 1242x642, F03485FB-AFC1-4698-A3D7-374AF5…)

Uh oh

No. 339766

Apparently Megan Fox was a big fan on InuYasha and Cowboy Bebop

No. 339768

File: 1544901432490.jpg (67.33 KB, 480x576, 539628_377171875649105_1541466…)

Throwback to Nicki Minaj meeting up with the owners of 6% Doki Doki, a J-fashion brand.

No. 339769

File: 1544901609237.jpg (153.92 KB, 652x463, katy perry 2.jpg)

And Katy Perry modelling for Angelic Pretty, a Japanese Lolita brand.

No. 339770

File: 1544901635985.jpeg (377.27 KB, 1242x1136, F581B99F-C1AB-435D-923D-FA3C1D…)

No. 339772

File: 1544901840654.jpg (101.23 KB, 718x960, avril.jpg)

Avril Lavigne had two songs featured in a One Piece movie. Also, not sure if this is legitimately drawn by Eiichiro Oda, but this exists.

No. 339773

god shes so damn annoying

No. 339774

sorry about your autism.

No. 339775

>kanye thinks he can wear his shoes like geta
>not autistic
>not weeby


No. 339776

File: 1544902072113.jpeg (369.78 KB, 1242x1032, 9E72D88F-A433-4B2D-A296-694954…)

No. 339777

And of course we can't forget this, lmao.

No. 339778

shes literally kardashian tier at this point which i guess is what she was going for

needs attention 24/7, and when she gets it she bitches about wanting to be left alone until someone other than her is getting attention

No. 339779

File: 1544902400155.jpg (113.84 KB, 1080x1080, Duen1MsW0AAwfSt.jpg)

Pete's in danger

No. 339780

god they're fucking soap opera tier cows

No. 339781

They're both so fucking immature, they deserve each other.

No. 339782

For some reason I keep forgetting that she's older than me. She types like a mentally stunted teenager.

No. 339783

Honestly its just as bad when a korean or japanese idol that barely speaks english tries to release english shit in the US too.

The Boys by SNSD is a good example also Easy Breezy by Utada. Like..just stay in your lane.

No. 339784

Dang we called it, at some point he was definitely gonna try to off himself after their breakup

No. 339785

Utada is from the US and speaks english as her 1st language.

No. 339786

Pete's IG acct is deleted

No. 339787

if he does it arianas career is dead tbh, because then shes gonna get blamed for two guys killing themselves and i cant stand her but thats really fucked up

No. 339789

He won't actually go through with it, it's a classic BPD threat.

No. 339790

Yeah but her US music is shit in comparison to her Japanese stuff because thats her style.

BoA is the same way. Her US releases were horrid. If you're gonna try to make it in the US you gotta basically put the Asian idol crap on the back burner. The only kpop idols I think can really make it in the US are rappers and singers like Ailee.

No. 339791

both Utada and a majority of SNSD are American KEK

No. 339792

Yeah sorry bad wording on my part I meant we called it on him trying to suicide bait her back into the relationship

No. 339793

File: 1544902988605.png (19.29 KB, 629x176, qween.PNG)

Nicki has no shame lmfao

No. 339794

She's really trying for the new Azelia angle isnt she?

No. 339795

File: 1544903305082.jpg (928.81 KB, 3450x2314, 112391129.jpg)

I agree with you, but Utada Hikaru is actually Japanese-American, and speaks English perfectly. I know Exodus was a flop, but it's probably one of my favorite albums. I think she learned her lesson after that, though, considering she mostly stuck to making music for her Japanese audience afterward.
Anyway, some "Harajuku Girls" era Gwen Stefani nostalgia.

No. 339796

this. she's only put out 2 western audience albums (btw exodus did well in EU) out of like 20+ full albums in japan.

No. 339798

File: 1544903503080.png (259.75 KB, 605x596, hmmmmmmm.PNG)

apparently he posted pic related before that. idk kinda seems like he saw the opportunity to demonize ariana and for everyone to blame her if he kills himself.

also machine gun kelly is flying to see pete and other people are trying to call him but his phone is off.

No. 339800

lol ariana really fucked up with her "pay attention to me" stunt

No. 339805

God Ariana and Pete are so immature with trying to one up each other like this, they are both attention whores but Pete is really taking the cake. And how is Kanye an advocate for mental health, yes the man got some sort of mental problem but him acting like a jackass on Twitter and in public doesn't mean he's an advocate, he's making the case worse for people with mental health problems

No. 339808

File: 1544904226533.png (254.97 KB, 649x770, 00.png)

yes ariana, because this is totally a situation to throw around an argument about men vs women when your other retarded ~le so viral~ video was hyped up and posted everywhere by your mouthbreathing fans like what.. a week ago? fuck off my god

No. 339809

Tinfoil starting to think kris jenner is behind all of this considering shes up arianas ass now too.
Anything for attention i wish all of them would fall off the face of the earth lol.

No. 339812

This is why BPDfags are gross. I hope Ariana ignores his fake threats, I would. Of course he won't do it, it's just emotional blackmail

No. 339815

File: 1544904664067.png (159.86 KB, 1280x516, tumblr_pjsno4dAGP1w1sjnso1_128…)

>I hope Ariana ignores his fake threats
Too late, apparently she's at his house?? These people are crazy.

No. 339816

Im positively SCREAMING at the fact that she's tweeting this lmao.

No. 339818

Biggest kek omg is she seriously live tweeting this!? The amount of virtue signaling. She couldn’t have gone to this retard’s house without publicizing it, huh? Because if he goes through with his threats, she doesn’t want to be blamed for it (which she shouldn’t be of course because he’s being a BPDfag). It just seems like a publicity stunt by her part as well. Trying to preserve the ~good girl~ image.

No. 339821

File: 1544905033785.jpeg (446.12 KB, 1242x883, 2CE0FA50-F9F8-4AE1-BBDA-A9A6B7…)

Double post but the tweet prior to the one about her being in Pete’s house is that one. ~i don’t mean no harm uwu~

No. 339824

Kanye has said Drake text Kris too, fuck maybe she is behind it all lol.

Did Pete IG his statement to Kanye before Ariana tweeted about weaponising mental illness?

No. 339828

If drake really did do that then they should have gone to the cops not shitpost about it on twitter.

Unless they are gonna post the actual texts then by all means post them haha. Its not milky enough when you say things but dont have the proof to back it up. Its powdered milk. But still, they really should have gone to the cops with that and if they did, TMZ would post about it because it would have to be investigated. So im not believing any of it yet. Havent their show ratings gone down? They always pull shit like this when that happens.

No. 339829

They're probably all faking these dramatics to spice things up for the stans. This shit is far too public to be real.
I mean, what the fuck is >>339815? So, text messaging no longer exists? There's really no other way to contact him? Soap opera teas.

No. 339830

speaking of Katy Perry… she made an original song for Final Fantasy BRAVE EXVIUS

No. 339833

pete is so fucking shitty. besides of how much i cant stand ariana, ofc she's going to be terrified of losing another person in her life and feel responsible for it.

i would honestly hate if this is his plan to get her back, its so fucked up.

No. 339834

File: 1544905642877.jpeg (661.5 KB, 1242x1574, DC7DE772-296D-4878-8B00-B8B434…)

Wtf is happening. Is Nicki shading Ariana?

No. 339836

File: 1544905677719.jpeg (12.64 KB, 440x292, images (6).jpeg)

I would've NEVER imagined all this shit would come from Ariana's "look at my song" tweet. from Kanye calling her the fuck out to Pete having a breakdown, what a shitshow. they're all too ridiculous to live.

No. 339837

chris brown probably did the same thing to rihanna those three or four times she got back with him after he almost beat her to death so honestly it wont surprise me at all if it works

No. 339840

seems like it, shes made several tweets

ariana done fucked up its her and miley against everyone it seems

i kinda feel bad because she has probably been trained to be all "me me me" all the time and then she does it at a very inappropriate time and its crashing in around her

but also with how she name dropped her dead ex in her video i kinda dont feel bad anymore

No. 339841

File: 1544906082138.jpeg (195.34 KB, 1242x1175, D3951E7A-6282-4D47-9736-7C5F67…)

Nevermind, things seem to be okay for now. But Nicki was posting shade and mimicking Ariana’s “love u” shtick, at least that’s how I interpret her tweets. People aren’t believing Nicki though, they’re speculating Ari texted Nicki and that’s why Nicki backpeddled.
Ariana also already deleted her Kanye and hating the internet tweets. The only ones up relating to the shitshow are her apology about her attention whore joke, and the one where she says she’s outside of Pete’s house.

No. 339843

I don't feel bad for her, it's fucking tacky at best to piggy back off mentally ill people to promote her shit. shes done it with Kanye and Pete and probably others.

No. 339844

File: 1544906338158.png (12.01 KB, 582x155, capture.PNG)

she deleted this so quick but it was a reply to this tweet:


No. 339845

Don't houses have like…doorbells or something?

No. 339846

I feel so bad for her. Men who use suicide threats to manipulate people are utter garbage, but she's going to cop all the blame for not prioritizing his feelings over her life.

No. 339847

she also deleted all the tweets from today.

No. 339848

>i was just pretending you guize!!11

No. 339849

What a fucking cow lmao. “How else would we like to vilify me today????” She needs to leave Twitter.
She could have knocked. I think BPDete blocked her number, but his loved ones are also downstairs. She couldn’t tell his friends to let him know she’s there? She just had to tweet about it because she wants to look good. I guess the thank u, next era is biting her back in the ass.

No. 339851

honestly I feel bad for her too, one can handle so much guilt. I think at this point people should be more worried about Ariana than Pete

No. 339852

agreed its a double edged sword with her tackiness and lack of self awareness, but its really fucked up that all of the sudden the blame is on her because he's ~suicidal~ now

everyone involved is just retarded tbh

No. 339854

File: 1544907103928.png (86.87 KB, 665x847, 56.png)

We can breathe easy now, Duckie is confirming everything is ok!

No. 339855

mmmm she sure didn't feel bad when she dragged him on Twitter, monetized their break up and then dropped her new song 30 min before his show.

bpdete suicide baiting is shitty and he needs to be thrown in a hospital day program but she's no saint. she's a shitty person too and she doesn't even have bpd as an excuse.

No. 339856

File: 1544907198329.gif (3.8 MB, 480x561, giphy.gif)

This whole thread is a trip.

No. 339858

Wtf lmao. This shit seems so fake to me idk why or how this can be so publicized

No. 339859

File: 1544907303186.jpeg (90.08 KB, 720x425, 5b76e8522000002d0034a9b4.jpeg)

its funny you posted cardi because i was just imagining her watching all this and reacting with this face and making retarded noises like she does to everything

No. 339862

Speaking of Cardi, anyone keeping up with the divorce drama? Offset has resorted to pathetically begging on IG now.

No. 339863

File: 1544907523821.png (68.88 KB, 621x462, gdryh.png)

I cant at all these celebs uniting for BPeteD.

No. 339864

So Ariana is just hanging out at SNL now trying to get Pete to talk to her? Yep I see where this is going and its real tragic.

No. 339865

Offset had 21 Savage and an entire crowd chanting for Cardi to take him back. She's been quiet apart from changing lyrics when she performed Motorsport so who knows what's going to happen next

I can't believe this all came from Drake trying to clear a sample. Everyone involved needs therapy.

No. 339868

imagine if the drake texts are fake lmao
all of this potentially life altering shit from some fake promo for their stupid damn brand

No. 339872

The virtue signalling is out of control. Text him, or if you don't have his number contact his friends, his agent, anyone remotely related. There is no reason to tweet except to make yourself look good.

No. 339873

shes a recruiter for scientology or whatever other batshit religion her retarded family is attempting to peddle atm, so ofc she's ~reaching out~ to someone whos depressed

No. 339874

I don't doubt that Drake has links to Toronto goons but Kanye was accusing Jay Z of all people of trying to off him during his last episode and I can't imagine a man who struggles to keep his baby mama and harem a secret managing to put out hits on 69, X and Kanye.

No. 339876

11:25 AM PT – NYPD tells TMZ … it received a flurry of calls from fans worried about Pete, so they've sent officers out to find him to do a welfare check.

No. 339878

oh fuck i forgot they were Scientologists. this explains their Jaden and Willow's weird rambling.

No. 339879

Unrelated but I've heard that Will Smith is a cuck, a real one. He apparently likes to watch his wife having sex with other men.

No. 339880

I think they claimed they left but they still associate themselves with some of the other scientology celebs and once you "leave" the church, you get cut off from all the people still in so they probably still are. But they also hang out with Leah Remini? So IDK. All I ever see of them when they are getting interviewed is talking about their damn sex lives including how uWu it is to tell your kids what positions and kinks you do when fucking and shit. They're weird af.

No. 339882

They're swingers but they deny it, allegedly.

No. 339883

i think so too. she's been through so much actual shit this year, but people are prioritizing a bpdfag?
i think in general people just seem to care more about men with mental issues than women with mental issues. it's kinda gross

No. 339893

Pete seriously needs to go fuck himself or better yet, actually come through on those classic bpdfag suicide threats. I feel way more sympathy for Ariana.

No. 339900

I don’t particularly feel bad for any of them in this case, but you’re right about people sympathizing with men more. Ariana deleted all of the tweets now, including the one about going to see Pete.
They all need to get off social media.

No. 339902

why would he post something like that while at work… i find it incredibly bizarre

No. 339903

yeah thats why this whole thing screams fake to me idk
dont wanna take it there in case he does off himself then i'll feel bad but..yeah

No. 339906

this is so fucking dumb Oh my GOD why is the NYPD even saying this to TMZ lol

No. 339907

>>339883 agreed but I feel like this is also probably related to the multiple recent suicides of celebrities? Anthony bourdain, robin williams

No. 339909

it's weird that celebrities are bringing in better milk these days than honestly any of the cows on this site. i'm living for it though. reminds me of the 2000s.

No. 339914

yeah its definitely giving me 2005-2007 paris/lindsay/tara/britney teas
that was an amazing time

No. 339916

File: 1544912224645.jpg (55.44 KB, 500x500, 4cc3a3d8e1a40a32baabe7eeaf37de…)


yaaassss nothing beats weeb gwen

No. 339928

File: 1544913281995.jpg (26.28 KB, 496x331, file-20180821-149466-aohoh8.jp…)

Sorry for the spoonfeeding, but I'm confused. What caused all this? Ariana tweeted something and that caused PD to threaten suicide? And Kanye and everyone attacked her for it? What does Drake have to do with all this?

No. 339929

>Kanye spent an entire day tweeting/complaining about Drake
>Ariana tweeted that instead of paying attention to Kanye and Drake people should pay attention to her (and Miley's) new song
>Kanye responds to Ariana, telling her she should think about his mental health before joking about him
>Ariana apologizes
>Ariana tweets to not use mental illness as a weapon
>Pete applauds Kanye
>Pete threatens suicide

Pretty sure there was blacklash (on ig) when Pete supported Kanye, which I think is why he posted that suicide note, but not 100% sure so didn't include it in the green text

No. 339931

kanye and kim tweeted some nonsensical shit about drake sending them threatening texts

ariana made a tweet about "hey youuu guize i know people are talking about kanya right now but like i have a new song coming out so like..you should be paying more attention to me because im a gril its my time to shinezzz"

kanye made a tweet about how her post was harmful because it takes away from his tweets and hes mentally ill so now hes triggered

pete replies with some "GO KANYE right on! mental illness doesnt need to be glossed over by people who want to promote their music"

then a little later he went into SNL and apparently typed what looked like a suicide note indirectly implicating ariana if he offs himself

then lots of people coming for ariana and making panicked tweets about pete not answering his phone even though he was at the SNL studio….
minaj got involved bringing up mac miller then tried to play it off by saying she has no beef with ari when it was completely obvious she was trying to start shit

its really just a clusterfuck and makes no sense lol

No. 339933

btw kanye literally made like 10 tweets today about being off his meds, so taking anything he says seriously right now is retarded

No. 339934

I feel bad for Pete tbh. Ariana seems insufferable

No. 339935

File: 1544914073513.gif (4.08 MB, 480x267, 980x.gif)

Bless u anons, what a mess. Regardless of who's at fault, I'm surprised SNL is still putting up with all the negative press/drama around Pete. I'm sure being fired from there would be the final straw for him, so maybe they're taking that into consideration?

No. 339936

they're both equally pathetic especially if shes trapsing around the SNL studios like a desperate puppy lol
its probably what he wanted
then again, he had her ass blocked so maybe he hates her and doesnt want her back and just wants to make her feel like shit
either or

No. 339937

It’s a huge fucking mess and it doesn’t make sense, so I don’t blame you. Plus, Ariana and idk if any of the other ones deleted their tweets so a lot of it isn’t up anymore. As for Nicki:

Nicki also directly tweeted support for Kanye and Pete and indirectly told Ariana to stop being flippant about mental illness. Nicki then said that some people preach about “love” but don’t show it with their actions. Ariana is known for constantly tweeting “love u” like every day, so this could’ve been a jab at her as well.
Half an hour later, Nicki says that her and Ari are good friends and no one will come in between that.. despite dick riding the men attacking Ariana.

I wonder if this will be touched up on SNL tonight.

No. 339948

Ariana and Pete are going to be fucking again in no time at this rate, just not publicly.

No. 339951

Ariana and Pete are going to be fucking again in no time at this rate, just not publicly.

No. 339952


Tonight's show is the last of the season. I don't know when or how often their contracts are renewed.


She tweeted him downstairs in 30 Rock, not at his residence.

No. 339955

Ariana and Pete are going to be fucking again in no time at this rate, just not publicly.

No. 339956

Ariana and Pete are going to be fucking again in no time at this rate, just not publicly.

No. 339960

I don't think his little meltdown (I'm surprised it took this long for him to break publically) was to bait Ariana. He has her blocked literally everywhere, I don't think he gives a shit about her coming around and pretending to act responsible for him. People with BPD move on pretty fast once there's zero hope of reeling in whoever they've got on the hook. I think he just used this opportunity to shade her after all the shady shit she's done to him post breakup and when it backfired he cried suicide and deleted everything in typical BPD fashion.

No. 339965

Nicki is the fucking worst, trying to cover up her pedophile apologia by deflecting to Ari. A cow.

No. 339978

I‘m telling yall to fuck off to LSA because it is so obvious you all sperg about the stuff they sperg over there. I don‘t give a shit about ariana.

No. 339980


Its the last episode of the year, not season. He's likely locked in til may

No. 339981

>more milk currently happening in this thread between ariana and several other celebs than in 90% of /snow/
>ariana stans still manage to be butthurt

No. 339990

Oogabooga you‘re an ariana fan
Yeah I‘ll fuck off to /cgl/

No. 339991


No. 339996

Get the fuck out of here. All of these retards are providing freshly squeezed milk, so of course we’re discussing.
Anyway, funny how we predicted this exact demise for BPDete and Ariana. It’s like anons nailed every point in the head months before it actually happened. A lot of locals are catching on to BPeteD’s manipulative antics now.
Also Ariana deleting her “I’m downstairs” tweet provides enough virtue signaling to appease to her stans, who are calling her an angel on twitter right now for “being there” for Pete — but deleting the tweet provides room for her to backpeddle to avoid criticism.
Nicki is just an overall snake.

No. 339997

Don‘t use normalfag terms unless it is a suffix meant for a third world country Or to refer to Stan Lee next time. Really disgusting to see it on an image board.

No. 339999

are you ok anon? do you need a nap?

No. 340000

why are you calling him BPDete? He is the victim of this story.

No. 340002

stan has been used multiple times in this thread alone, let alone all over the site. feel free to ctrl+f it. language evolves over time, I'm sorry this isn't your 2008 /cgl/ hugbox.

No. 340003

No I‘m not okay. I am shitposting in a thread with normalfag PoCs who actually care about the lives of normalfag celebrities. Celebrities are not lolcows and have never been. We‘re supposed to talk about kawaii nobodies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 340004

its clearly a troll you guys, report it for derailing and move on

No. 340005

If you'd spent any time around a BPD person you'd realise how stupid this post is

No. 340006

Holy shit.

No. 340007

hide the thread then you autist.

still waiting to hear from all the people who claimed they were both totes happy together 4ever and we were all "reaching" to call that their relationship would end before the year is up.

No. 340009

Why don't you fuck off back to /snow/, white bitchfag and go read about boring ass shoe or something. Clearly this is too mundane for you.(racebaiting, infighting)

No. 340012

Because he has BPD… No one is the victim here, especially not Pete, they are both assholes playing with each other just to see who could make one out to be the villian

No. 340014

Care to explain why? he never talked about it until she used his name for profit. I know he has bpd btw, but that alone is sorta rude to call him bpdete. Maybe because I sympathize with them.

No. 340015

Amanda-chan? Is that you? Are we being punished for not paying enough attention to our Queen?

No. 340017

he has talked about his bpd way before dating ariana.

this is from 2017, he was diagnosed in 2016

No. 340018

Came here after seeing Pete's post and then seeing him delete his account today to catch up!
I agree nobody is THE victim. However Ariana had to know he was going to be talking about offing himself. We knew less than she does and everyone here still called it. I don't find her as sympathetic about it as she acts like she should be. I'm not saying she has to be, but with what Nicki Minaj said, I even agree with her. She acts all ~love&light~ a la Kaka and she just is not. She's a fake bitch who cares about nobody unless it profits her or brings her attention.
At least Pete has the excuse of mental illness, what kind of excuse does Ariana have to act this way? Nothing. I agree with anyone who is saying she is using other's mental illnesses for HER OWN benefit.

No. 340019

NTA, and I feel you on the sympathy thing. However as is in the case with anyone who does awful shit and has mental illness, you still cant relinquish blame for someones behavior and put the responsibility on another person. Its very clear he was manipulating ariana with his tweet. Even if he's ill, its not ok and criticism is warranted. Ariana was not responsible for Macs death, she wont be responsible for Petes if he kills himsef, and she's not responsible for how Kanye reacts to things. Yet all of the sudden all of the blame is being put on her. They are both very toxic, and he needs help.

No. 340021

God I wish I was her. I probably will get banned by the admin if that newfag unironically reported me for le derailing (I just got annoyed by the stupid gifs of that website I will not name from now on mostly not by the ariana talk) though so good bye.
-reddit space-
Does anyone here still watch MTV? Lindsay Lohan is bringing out a flop show lmao

No. 340022

Well after their breakup he talked about their relationship on SNL and that got Ariana pissed, then she made those shade tweets at him then leading all to this, they both just start flames with each other and then try to act like adults and control their fans to say don't go after the other, don't get me wrong you can feel simpathy to him but imo they both know what they are doing

No. 340024

Uhm..you clearly can‘t read.
Ah I see. But at that show they probably asked him right? If so he was just answering their question.

No. 340026

this is a celeb thread obviously full of ontdfags etc., of course we're not going to stick to the 4chan style guide 100% of the time.
complaining about redditspacing on lolcow? really?

No. 340031

Hi bpdfag/anon with a vendetta against ariana #591

No. 340037

Not exactly, it took me a while to find the clip but he didn't "talk" about the relationship but he made some jokes about how him and Ari got engaged on the spot, there was another one where he made a joke about moving back to his mom's house after the break-up, so they were just jabs/jokes on their relationship which Ari got mad at

No. 340040

>Offset had 21 Savage and an entire crowd chanting for Cardi to take him back
He's the one that cheated, though? He should've known she wasn't going to take the public disrespect forever.

No. 340043

is anyone even blaming her for his suicide baiting? as far as I can tell it was her "while the silly boys fight look at my song" tweet that kanye blew out to be "yOu aRe mAkInG fUn oF mEnTaL iLlNeSs"

No. 340046

pete davidson is such a fucking loser. who the hell is gonna date him now? lol he should just end it

No. 340048

i was wondering when pete was finally gonna snap, can't hide bpd long

No. 340063

idg why she would be so mad about this, in most cases the jokes are super self-deprecating and don't paint her in a bad light at all. he could've spilled awful shit about her but kept his mouth shut other than some jokes that he was expected to make after how much he publicized their relationship.

both of them need to check into therapy and grow the fuck up. this is the most high school relationship ive ever seen celebs engage in. add kanye and nicki in there too.

No. 340073

File: 1544926041323.jpg (214.17 KB, 750x1334, 161019_original.jpg)

Nicki shouldn't be criticizing anyone

No. 340083

She seems to be always caping for shitty sex offender or just violent offender men. They all jUst madE a miStaKe. Lol, I remember way back when, when everyone was praising her for being shitty to fuckin Miley Cyrus. I knew back then that she was a piece of work.

No. 340086

everyone in this situation is acting dumb as hell. team nobody

No. 340100

File: 1544933250200.jpg (438.99 KB, 800x886, 20181215_200650.jpg)

Kek @ this fake ass

No. 340103

File: 1544934162709.jpeg (51.36 KB, 600x450, 1544381792-Untitled_design_95.…)

her new hips look so stupid

No. 340112

Proof? Not that I don't believe you, I've just never heard that about her (I mean, I knew about the nose-job and all). She's such an athletic dancer I just assumed her butt and hips were built from that.

No. 340116

I posted the pic and my bad I meant the photoshop on her ass makes it look super fake. Her back looks real with various skin tones; you can see the skin folding and stretching and the color variations of the skin as a result. Then her ass is perfectly round, smooth, and even toned. Ridiculous.

I hate this fake woke bitch profiting off the same culture she claims to be figting against. I read she's illiterate too kek

Idk how old that picture is but the other anon in >>340103 is probably right she most likely has an actual fake ass by now regardless. It just looks.. off these days. Reminds me of troons with the uncanny valley placement of the hip padding

No. 340117

File: 1544935803915.jpg (288.97 KB, 743x458, BeyCoachella.jpg)

look at any picture of her pre-2013. she always had wide hips but she never had a big butt (wrt today's standards) and she didn't have a snatched waist. she first got it done after blue, then again after the twins.

No. 340120

File: 1544935914593.jpg (125.86 KB, 725x1000, MV5BODUwNmYwYTAtODMzYi00Zjg2LT…)

god what a shame she would have aged so nicely if she had just left shit alone

No. 340122

These shorts look ridiculous. I can't put my finger on why though…

Yeah it really is a shame she wasn't able to accept herself for whatever reason.

No. 340124

File: 1544936325960.png (1.22 MB, 1374x910, Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 11.5…)

yet they still look different, even though she gave birth over a year ago kek

because of her fake shelf-like hips

No. 340126

File: 1544936331000.jpg (196.24 KB, 857x1200, beyonc-_before_and_after_4.jpg)

self hate is a powerful drug
she fit the mold of a light skinned almost racially ambiguous pretty girl always so no idea why she got so much stuff done

No. 340130

I'm not a Beyonce stan, but this really seems like vendetta posting. If anything it just looks like she's wearing a corset or some kind of waist shaper to make her waist look smaller in contrast to her hips. You can't compare her wearing a baggy hoodie to a structured dress with shape-wear to show hip to waist ratio.

>I read she's illiterate too kek

This just makes you sound like an idiot for believing this tbh. She's not R Kelly.

No. 340136

File: 1544936449844.jpg (231.8 KB, 620x515, beyonce-photshop.jpg)

i woke up like this #flawless

No. 340138

both are examples of her botched hips, doofus. they're both from this year.

No. 340139

>This just makes you sound like an idiot for believing this tbh. She's not R Kelly.

NTA but that has been a thing forever. Ever since she was in DC lmao.

No. 340148

File: 1544938168779.jpg (88.21 KB, 690x660, flawless.jpg)

pic related… on her and jay-z's most recent album, jay says "no photoshop just real life"


No. 340149

Wtf is this pose? It looks so uncomfortable. There are so many other ways she could have shown off her ass.
Imo, Beyonce's hips don't look that bad in her regular clothes. Somehow in most of her stage outfits they are super distracting. Maybe she wears a corset or something to make her hips more defined.

No. 340150

>Everyone involved needs therapy
No they all need to be shipped off to Syria or some other war zone shit hole. Celebrities are insufferable cunts.

No. 340151

File: 1544938742661.jpg (946.09 KB, 960x1280, beyonce.jpg)

beyonce really never really had a bubble butt, she's always had wide hips though
though i wana say she has gotten work down on her body, but it's hard to pin point what because her body sometimes looks ridiculous

No. 340152

so between 2010 and 2013 was when her face went to shit it seems

No. 340154

why do all of you blindly believe unsubstantiated rumors 100% lmao
is this your source??

to me her body looks like she's gained weight and gotten lipo, and it looks like in the bodysuits she wears on stage she has some sort of shape wear on underneath maybe? she looks a lot more muscular overall too. It also looks like she did something weird to her eyes…and lips too

No. 340155

gained weight only at a 3 inch area on her upper hips?

No. 340158

>and gotten lipo

maybe you're the illiterate one

No. 340159

Pete just introduced Miley Cyrus on SNL. Guess he’s fine.

No. 340160

File: 1544939539516.jpg (47.92 KB, 550x550, 65.jpg)

it doesnt just LOOK like she got something done to her face
its pretty obvious

No. 340161

She could just be wearing pads and shapewear ?

No. 340162

File: 1544939709030.jpg (55.96 KB, 600x400, beyonce-cmas-ratings-thatgrape…)

and not to be rude, beyonce has a beautiful figure but i meant ridiculous as in this picture
when i was watching this performance i thought her body looked rather different, especially the high hip area

No. 340163

This is laughably obvious and badly done. We all know what her body looks like from all kinds of angles and in motion soooo why do this tacky bullshit?

No. 340164

>anons thinking this is created by a corset and spanx

No. 340166

I would hardly call lip injections milky at this point anon, there's not a woman in hollywood who hasn't had some sort of filler injected into her face

No. 340167

claiming that they're bigger because of pregnancy is pretty milky

No. 340168

File: 1544940343878.png (418.3 KB, 700x435, 1*HqqL3s4gFy89KBK0NoLa8Q.png)

kek @ this rob liefield pose

No. 340169

Why does it seem like Ariana always likes making a shit before SNL? Is she trying to make him go full BPeteD on live or something?

No. 340170

Beyonce has definitely had a nose job and has possibly bleached her skin. It's unfortunate because she was so beautiful in the 2005 pic. Reminds me of Kim K's unnecessary facial surgery that took her from a 10 to a 7-8.

No. 340171

Of course he's fine. Please ignore bpdfags

Beyonce has never been pretty to me.

No. 340172

File: 1544940707605.jpg (20.05 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

your lips actually can get bigger during pregnancy though, your whole body swells up like a balloon
it looks like she had lip injections before getting pregnant i'm guessing? (idk when she was pregnant)
and then they got bigger while she was pregnant

what is milky is that she, and others, performed for qaddafi's family

No. 340173

File: 1544940788705.jpg (96.3 KB, 700x875, undefined-266568-1535644617304…)

im not gonna say she bleached her skin because she was always light and seems to get a little darker when shes in tropical environments

i think thats just something people say to discredit her blackness

No. 340175

File: 1544941103709.jpg (681.46 KB, 1440x2157, beyonce-d.jpg)

She would've been a month or more pregnant with twins at this point, is it that hard to believe her lower body would start to get bigger during that time? This is from Coachella 2018 her hips look way slimmer than >>340162

So basically…she got fat when she was pregnant with twins or got some fillers, which every single person in hollywood does. What are you so upset about?

No. 340177

are you illiterate like your fave?
>lip injections
you fucking retard. go back to lipstickalley.

No. 340179

kek i was thinking they sounded like a defender on the LA beyonce thread too but wasnt gonna say anything

No. 340182

her lips look the same in these pics, so is this pic >>340124 the only one where she has injections?

No. 340183

no, her most recent pictures from that wedding has her upper lip looking ariana tier.

No. 340184

My bad, I shouldn't have tagged >>340167, I was talking about the hip difference that one anon keeps sperging about, not her lips.

No, she was pregnant during >>340162 where you're screaming about her hips you idiot.

No. 340185

i know you're a beyonce stan but women don't get pregnant at the tip of their hip bones. and she's not pregnant anymore yet the sharpness of her hip implants are even more evident

No. 340187

what pictures from what wedding? this is an image board and I don't follow beyonce's whereabouts

No. 340190

No. 340193

WhO rUn ThE wOrLd?

No. 340194

File: 1544942233073.png (1.83 MB, 790x1092, actually where is her upper li…)

her lips look pretty normal, maybe even thin, to me.

No. 340195

WaR cRiMiNaLs

No. 340196

File: 1544942341164.jpg (25.56 KB, 300x300, Reduce-thigh-weigh-gain-fb-300…)

You're either stupid or have literally never seen a pregnant woman in your life. Women gain weight all over, hon. It's a full body change.

No. 340198

Ngl I posted Beyonce just to fuck w the "fonts" from lsa kek

No. 340201

File: 1544942783323.png (819.15 KB, 588x830, Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 2.44…)

Beyonce doing blackface. 0 backlash just because she's Beyonce.

But this y'all queen though.

No. 340203

….this is from 2011. Not new milk at all, no one cares anymore.

No. 340207

Beyonce is quite possibly the most overrated celebrity, ever.

No. 340210

File: 1544945079948.jpg (786.6 KB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20181215_232315354.j…)

Think it's true? I guess we'll never know for sure… her hairline will let us know in time tho lol

No. 340217

she's pretty candid about how damaged her hair is so it wouldn't be that surprising if true. although if she was smart she'd stop with the ponytail because that's only accelerating her balding.

No. 340226

Aren't American rappers trying to look like bad bitches and though guys? I'm surprised he's trying to make us care about his mental health in spite of that. If he actually cared about is own mental health by taking his meds or was advocating for mental health in general I would have though "good for him" but he's making a fool of himself here.

Looking at this is hurting my back so much.

No. 340259

Er, I have news for you…

No. 340260

So, I guess farmers have progressed from Ariana hate-stanning to Beyonce? This whole plastic surgery debate is aggressively boring. Who cares about that?

No. 340307

Since your virgin asses are beyond understanding pregnancy and what it does to our bodis, have any of your lazy fucks ITT ever considered the results of lower body exercising? It is a 15-year period after all.

No. 340327

The biggest mistake I see are those ridiculous bodysuits. They make her look extra bottom heavy and bulky.

The only people who should be seen in a bodysuit in public are petite dancers. She looks ridiculous because whoever is dressing her has shit taste.

No. 340350

Oh yes, because pills absolutely help people with mental illnesses. Americans are fucking retards.

No. 340352

Tbh, I find Beyoncé to be massively overrated and her fans to be batshit, but she’s not really a lolcow. Unlike Ariana, she doesn’t usually air her dirty laundry to social media and usually keeps mum about drama surrounding herself and others. Idk why this thread has taken an interest to her.
No one is implying that pills are complete magic, dumbass. But taking them + making better and healthier decisions can really go a long way.

No. 340387

I guess anons like talking about Beyonce because her fans (and, Beyonce herself in 'Top Off', and I'm sure in other songs as well) like to claim that her body is completely natural and she's had no work done. Also because, like you said, she's overrated.

No. 340399

Post some content then anon

No. 340424

File: 1544988375021.jpg (124.83 KB, 1024x671, beyonce-gold-dress-grammys-fac…)

>preaches about being "strong" to her underage impressionable fans (Yas, queen slay!) but lets her husband get away with cheating
>acts as if she's a genius who deserves all the praise in the world for releasing Lemonade but has dozens of people write it for her

Her fans love to call her a literal goddess and it seems that she has started to believe it.

No. 340428

Shes a cult. Its really weird tbh and creeps me out. I used to not believe in the selling your soul thing but for some reason Beyonce makes me believe it. She has bitches salivating all over her non existent cock for the dumbest bullshit even though she acts like a dumbass in all situations and is with a man whos known to fuck almost every young black girl in the music business and whos also physically violent. It makes me sick. So I agree with you.

No. 340429

I also think it's ironic how she's always speaking for black women, releasing music for black people, etc yet clearly bleaches her skin. What a great role model.

No. 340435

Pictures have been posted here proving she doesnt bleach her skin as she's always had light skin. Lightening makeup and dying your hair can make your features appear lighter as well. Im all for criticism but I dont believe she lightens her skin at all.

No. 340454

It must really suck to be a woman who's black and light-skinned/brown-skinned in the industry.
>tan or pale due to environment, like any normal person
>"LOL haha she obviously bleaches her skin, hypocrite much? so much for liking your own race, huh???"
>"Obviously mixed, not black enough, 0/10 try again"
etc etc

No. 340456

Exactly. She was the typical light skinned rich black girl, even in her group. Her dad was real good at marketing her as the ~pretty and talented~ member and her skin definitely contributed to that.

No. 340464

File: 1544991092421.jpg (63.75 KB, 620x406, Lil-Kim-plastic-surgery-before…)

Actual skin bleaching example.

No. 340468

lol, when an anon posted actual milk about beyonce it just went back to her looks

No. 340470

File: 1544991381899.jpg (21.53 KB, 401x398, michael-jackson.jpg)

>inb4 vitiligo

No. 340474

I think Kim was abused though and developed a poor self-image. A shame that she went in with all the skin bleaching and plastic surgery because she used to be stunning. Now she just looks like anyone who overdid plastic surgery.

No. 340478

File: 1544992386912.jpg (33.63 KB, 379x600, po8ttqi2gwn.jpg)

Kim was gorgeous, she should have stopped the surgery in 2005.

No. 340486

File: 1544992801737.png (572.44 KB, 618x334, skin-lightening.png)


Thank you anon, I swear some people are blind. You can always tell when someone skin bleaches because they look like a pale ghost. You never get a warm light skin look, it is as if you throw baby powder on your face.

For me I compare it to adding white to a color when painting. It's get's lighter but it's dull. It's a weird sickly tone. I mean fucking look at her hand next to her face

No. 340488

File: 1544993020362.jpg (1.53 MB, 2327x1084, sammy-sosa.jpg)

It truly is a sickly, pale look that makes people look they were recently embalmed. It's sad that some people hate themselves so much.

No. 340490

Lil Kim's only problem is that she often looked stubby, like Snooki. The curse of being very small (4'10) and not borderline skelly/having that "ana-chan loli uwu" aesthetic.
I don't know what made her think bleaching and that awful nose job would improve her looks, it's a tragedy.

No. 340493

Iirc she was made fun of for being dark as well. I think a lot of people may be too young to remember the whole Kim vs Faith thing. Where people acted like Faith was more of a prize for Biggy because she was lighter even though Kim was more loyal to him.

No. 340515

I recall that. I remember the wars in the late 90s/early 2000s that really sparked Lil Kim to get the skin bleaching. It's a massive shame because she was really pretty and talented, but the whole 'hate yourself' mentality of lighter skin black people towards darker skinned ones is disgusting.

No. 340521

This was her? Wew she was pretty, and much more "dolly" than what she's trying to go for in right pic >>340464
BDD is a nightmare

No. 340527

At first I thought that was boxxy lmao
Celebs get away with so much shit. I'm sure one day a celeb is just gonna show their full powerlevel and name their kid naruto or sakura or something.

No. 340532

File: 1544999876216.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1329x1164, C4FDBDCF-2224-4630-ADEB-0C2C83…)

A little surprised no one's brought this up yet lmao

No. 340535

File: 1545000256897.jpg (88.75 KB, 961x1200, DsA3_K-VsAE4tGb.jpg)

it's just her shitty drag makeup that these fags around her keep slapping her up with–this photo is recent and she's no lighter than in the 90s, people tan or fake tan or wear shitty makeup but it doesn't make them michael jackson

No. 340536

File: 1545000306517.png (476.78 KB, 511x637, 3a7cd10dd1e4a49e685b0fc6f7a0ae…)

samefagging or whatever, sorry, but here's an old lighter photo for comparison

No. 340537

I'm actually really shocked at cardi, she striked me as the type of person to take offset back even after the shit that he pulled, glad shes smarter than that

No. 340541

this whole thing reeks of a stunt. the both of them are attention mongering gremlins.

No. 340563

Im more annoyed at the dumbasses on social media calling it romantic and stuff and she needs to take him back when hes cheated on her multiple times. I really want her to block his ass and find a decent guy to maybe convince easily swayed celeb mongers that shit like this isnt cool or accepted

No. 340751

I honestly think Davidson pulled the suicide shit to fuck with Ariana. Everyone is showing sympathy for him but I think it was just a salty ex pulling emotional manipulation. Just like his "joke" about tricking her into pregnancy so she is stuck with him.

I'm not an Ariana stan either. I like her music but the donut shit makes me think she has issues.

No. 340753

Yes. Next time he pulls this shit, people close to him should call the police. You're gonna threaten suicide, you're gonna get a home check. Let's see if you do it again.

No. 340754

well no shit, sherlock. he's fucking a bpdfag.

No. 340781

She's still making IG videos defending her publicist/friend and telling people to leave Offset alone because she doesn't want him to go through what Pete did. 100% chance of her taking him back over the holidays.

No. 340788

File: 1545076139949.png (432.55 KB, 748x744, vnHqhVo.png)

No. 340795

File: 1545077543491.jpg (298.51 KB, 787x787, 20181217_120553.jpg)

We already talked about this didn't we? Not gonna call you a fucking piece of shit or anything like anons are wont to do but come on man, keep up!

Pic related: how many extra chromosomes and how much oxy to get the face on the left? Just curious…

These two drug addicted freaks want to be someone's mothers. Bruce needs more female life force yet to leech off of! Also does anyone else think it's very obvious and creepy that Bruce tried to model his female self after Lana Del Rey? Is Lana woke enough to condone this? Kek

No. 340796

I always thought Bruce was going for Cindy Crawford. He probably reckons himself a model, I've read his book he made a joke elvis fancied Bruce. His self esteem is through the roof do not let any of this fool ya

No. 340797

Yes, I know we already talked about the Pete Davidson/Ariana situation but the article I posted had new information and was updated today.

Maybe I missed their posts, but I don't remember any anons posting about Pete turning her away?


No. 340801

It's such a shitty manipulative move on his part to try to get the whole world to pressure her to take him back and she is an even dumber bitcher than I thought if she gives in. He won't change.

No. 340850

i don't think anyone had talked about it yet and it was news to me, you're fine anon

all the drama between them is so fucking stupid and it's already getting old, like other anons have said they're just trying to get back at each other/ make each other jealous/ are incredibly attention-seeking and they're literally acting out like children. why anyone cares is beyond me but pete and ariana are both the kind of toxic where I wish they'd stay together just to like, prevent the harm they would do to future relationships/victims

No. 340866

File: 1545095453917.webm (1.44 MB, 320x320, 1545006344648.webm)

I hope pete is doing okay.

No. 340869

why would you post such a sinister webm

No. 340872

File: 1545096415484.webm (2.63 MB, 480x298, 1545009428238.webm)

I don't even want to care about pete! Send help! MAKE IT STOP!

No. 340874

Delete this

No. 340876

I see, anons are saying we haven't discussed the fact that Pete actually (allegedly) turned Ariana away at the SNL studios. I swear I have decent reading comprehension skills lmao

So Ari tried to "be there" for Pete by showing up when really whay she was doing was covering her ass. And Pete's wolf-crying ass wouldn't accept her "help" at any rate so… Imagine when Ariana has to report to Scooter or whomever on her PR team about the bullshit she gets into. I wonder if there's a team in a conference room somewhere in LA who must frantically brainstorm about how to spin the situation like, in real time as this bullshit goes down kek

Sage for bullshit

No. 340877

fuck off, lsafag. I hope pete dies.

No. 340878

To be fair, Ariana is probably triggering the fuck out of him with her antics. Yeah he's a BPDfag but she's a massive bitch for namedropping him like that in her song, shitting on him on Twitter, and releasing her song 30 mins before his show. Even though Pete's a BPDfag before the suicide attempt he was handling things so much more maturely than she was. He made some self-deprecating jokes on SNL then Ariana went off on some insane offended tangent on Twitter about relevancy.

Considering she dated him and what not, it's not like she wouldn't know what sets him off and what doesn't. Ariana's a childish snake and Pete needs therapy ASAP.

Basically this. If MM didn't kill himself she'd probably still be off dragging him and promoting her song.

No. 340880

suicide threat** before some anon gets a stick up their ass about that

No. 340895

jfc stop mentioning the name dropping as if it was a diss track

No. 340897

I really don't think Pete was suicide baiting for her specifically, and turning her away at the studio just confirms it. He has her blocked on every platform, including phone number, by choice.

This is how I think the timeline of events went:
>Kanye spergs on twitter about Drake
>Ariana goes "ignore the silly boys and look at MEEEE"
>Kanye turns this into Ari making fun of mental illness, somehow
>Pete, tired of being shaded and dragged by Ari post-breakup, sees the opportunity to shade her back (if he had started it he would've been torn apart) and sides with Kanye
>it backfires and people tear him apart anyway
>he cries suicide because BPDfags are pro at playing victim
>Ari pretends to give a shit despite being familiar with this behavior (likely since she's still getting heat for MM's OD)

TLDR they're all overgrown sociopathic children and there are no winners.

No. 342091

File: 1545356186824.jpg (496.96 KB, 1280x1280, tinfoilhatday-3.jpg)

Ok so….what happened to this thread for 3 days?

No. 342094

For some reason there was a hiccup in the thread HTML which caused the page to break. Sorry!

No. 342096

We lost the protective blessing of Amanda Seyfriend so Amanda-chan nuked us.

No. 342097

We let her down. We deserve this.

No. 342102

What happened to the Amanda Seyfried at the corner of the page?

No. 342108

File: 1545359362780.jpeg (84.8 KB, 655x640, B469C737-15A3-4384-AAF9-A8A3FD…)

Has anyone here ever brought up that from Ariana is really average looking from a front angle. She usually only shows the left side of her face but when she doesn’t she just looks like a normal girl. I have no idea why Pete would always hype her up as being the ~hottest girl on the planet~. I get why men in general do because they just know her from her pictures and music videos but Pete actually dated her. I doubt she spent their entire relationship turning her head away from him.

No. 342110

She’s not the most beautiful woman on earth but she’s above average for sure

No. 342113

are you actually implying that pete butthole eyes davidson is out of ariana grandes league?

No. 342115

Yay! Right back to talking about Ariana’s face!

No. 342116

no way. she has a classically beautiful face but she unfortunately styles herself in such a tacky way.

No. 342124

Ariana might have a dogshit personality but she's objectively pretty. You are nitpicking.

No. 342125

File: 1545361471064.jpg (180.38 KB, 1078x1125, shoes.jpg)

Can we talk about….these shoes

No. 342128

It looks like a medical device kek

No. 342130

File: 1545362452797.png (1.32 MB, 984x1246, no disrespect to starbucks.png)

is this michael rapaport

No. 342131

This is such an embarassing post, blatantly filled with jealously. I've hit peak arianafag.

No. 342132


No. She’s definitely out of his league. But her appearance is definitely overhyped.

No. 342136

her lip fillers were too much and unnecessary (you can see the injection site on some candids) but having her hair down looks better at least

No. 342139

>still ends up just locking the thread instead of deleting it
lmfao. i hear you, anon. same thing with obvious bait threads from robots.

No. 342140

File: 1545364881104.jpg (196.65 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

People saying she looks plain here made me sad because it looks like Safiya Nygaard as a teen.

No. 342144

File: 1545365652969.png (436.94 KB, 560x600, 1-560x600.png)


Also, she's not a model… she's a singer and was an actor. Like obviously she wouldn't have gotten famous without her looks but no one is saying that the sole purpose of her fame is her face.

This dude has a hobby of shitting on mostly female celebrities on twitter to try and get attention, it's sad

No. 342149

Wow he has some nerve when he looks like a diseased molerat

No. 342151

Wow, his face must feel like a sidewalk.

No. 342152

saf is very pretty too. it's jealousy, pure and simple.

No. 342159

>the face of people who nitpick female celebrities harshly
Seems about right.

No. 342167

>This dude has a hobby of shitting on mostly female celebrities on twitter to try and get attention, it's sad

Ew. He did this to Kim K earlier, commenting that she must hate herself for wearing a bikini in a selfie. And no surprise those guys who support him openly hate Ari and Kim K for existing and can hide it under "its just a joke" cause michael is a "comedian"

No. 342241

She was better looking before surgery, but she's still definitely above average, even with that tacky getup. Come on.

No. 342403

File: 1545423889088.jpg (464.19 KB, 800x847, 20181221_121224.jpg)

Glad the thread is back! Whoever made the new thread must be annoyed that they fixed this one right after they made the new one. After like 3 full days. Anyways….
The Ariana discussion is boring you guys. Do better.

Anyone following the train wreck that is Jenelle Evans' life? Starting with the gun in the car, then the 911 call where she claimed her insane husband broker her collar bone, to David's threats to the gov't on snapchat… Bad things are going to happen to the hoarde of children in their care if nothing is done about these drug addicted freaks. Of course Jenelle won't protect them…

Some sauce:

Jenelle trying to lie about her abusive husband: https://youtu.be/HXYb0aj8UgE

Jenelle getting into a road rage incident and follows a strange man home with her son in the car and pulls a gun. Then acts like a victim to the police:

Husband David making threats and showing off guns: https://youtu.be/kDFDfdUybXE

Does anyone else follow? I dom't even watch the show anymore but this is a flaming wreck I can't look away from. Her children are so sweet, too. Little Kaiser gets the brunt of David's hatred probably bc he looks just like his father (Jenelle's ex Nathan). David bullies this kid right on camera. It's fucking sad.

No. 342415

Who's that? She's totally irrelevant. And I don't mind the Ari talk, because she's a cow indeed. But the whole bashing her appereance gets old and boring here…

No. 342416

Nta but nobody said this thread has to be A listers

No. 342418

honestly i think we could have a teen mom thread as theres a lot of milk between janelle, caitlyn and farrah but it seems to reach a fever pitch only when they are filming for a new season of the show so idk that it would really stay afloat for too long

No. 342420

idk if it's locked, but I think there's a thread for at least one of them on /snow/.

No. 342422

>Ari discussion
Yeah I like talking about her too, and I've contributed a few times to the Ari talk, but the arguing about the level of beauty (or not) in her face is arbitrary imo.

>who's that?

Ah okay I should've put a lil summary. This is one of the girls from MTV's 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom franchise. She basically started popping out kids at 15 years old and hasn't relented yet in her mid-late 20's totalling 3 kids with 3 men. She got addicted to heroin at some point in her teens (you can literally watch her, hig as fuck, on some episodes of TM it's pretty sick) and systematically pushed all of her children out of her care/custody to her mother and the various baby's father's families. She and her current ~soulmate~, David, live on an isolated piece of swamp land somewhere in North Carolina where they binge on drugs and play with their arsenal of guns and weapons. I'm sure there's more that I missed. If anyone is interested or knows more info post it! Idk if anyone else here cares lol

No. 342430

File: 1545426678284.jpg (2.71 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20181221_130949078.j…)

I'm the Jenelle anon. Tbh I don't follow all of the girls or the show closely. I wouldn't be much of a contributor if you made a Teen Mom thread. Just my 2 cents; if there are others who know more then by all means make a thread but… meh… tbh

Also does anyone think Jesica Biel is really weird-looking? What did she do to her face? I can't figure it out.

No. 342432

She had her eyebrow lift in this video.

No. 342438

Bad plastic surgery and she's getting older. Her nose was better before because it was small and rounded. Now it's sharp and witchy. Plus too much lip fillers although she had full lips naturally. I don't like Biel at all, she once said in an interview that because she's too pretty, directors won't hire her. Uglier actresses have it easier. She's such an idiot.

No. 342478

JFC that's Jenelle? I always thought she was one of the prettier teen mom's(at least in like the one season I watched her) but now she literally looks like a middle aged redneck. Sad she never got it together, I guess she was always destined to be white trash. I guess she got custody of her first kid back? Sorry I never watched beyond whatever season her mom had him.

No. 342503

File: 1545434128392.png (557.35 KB, 1163x900, Captura de pantalla 2018-12-21…)

i know is not the most reliable source but i'm…

i don't like her but the thing she tweeted is not making fun of mental health at all and i cant believe kanye of all people gets to "call her out" about something "problematic" and pete blaming ariana and her stupid tweet that has nothing do with him in the first place ugh

No. 342505

File: 1545434178584.jpg (97.25 KB, 498x1031, Du4_OPaVAAA8g8G.jpg)

the report

No. 342507

I don't understand how anyone construed her tweet to be making fun of mental illness. It makes no sense. Literally outrage over nothing.

At least he's getting help, I guess that's one good thing that came out of this idiotic mess.

No. 342509

i called this out he's really out there trying to demonize ariana lmfaoooo bpd is a hell of a drug

No. 342515

this guy is so fucking annoying. bpdfags should be killed by the state.

No. 342528

I'm not even an Ariana fan, but why is she always being blamed for his bullshit issus? Always women and not men, right?

He's insufferable and needs to take his own responsibility.

No. 342529

What a little piss baby. He has security turn away Ariana when she tried to help him because 'her tweet hurt his feelings' and then he turns around and makes her the bad guy? Classic bpd fags

No. 342546

he's an idiot but please don't pretend ariana was doing this out of the goodness of her heart. she was under fire already after kanye managed to make everyone believe her tweet was making fun of mental illness, on top of everyone thinking she's responsible for mac's od. it was purely virtue signaling and nothing more.


No. 342558

lmao when has ariana grande tried to help anyone? that’s not something she’s capable of, the girl is a huge fucking mess herself and can’t keep her life off twitter if she tried. they’re as annoying as each other but i hate that she just gets a free pass from you and everyone else to blast people to her millions of followers, who then follow whoever she dislikes that week for the rest of their fucking lives, throwing as much abuse as they can physically muster at this person because they dare cross queen ariana.

i’m so fucking over her and her rabid stans. i cant wait for her to fade into obscurity, pile on a bunch of weight and lose what’s most important to her, her false ass appearance.

No. 342570

She'd go ana before she let herself get fat. She's way too vain.

But yeah, just because Pete is a BPD mess doesn't mean Ariana is suddenly a good person. She's as equally awful as him, she's just not BPD (probably).

No. 342577

>She's as equally awful as him
How? What has she even done other than say some mildly annoying shit on twitter?

No. 342590

still not her fault that he threatened suicide. her tweet had nothing to do with mental health. kanye was reaching hard and somehow despite his recent actions and bullshit statements people took his side over ariana. men > women always

No. 342594

The Kanye mental illness Twitter drama is so dumb. Kanye and Pete act like Ariana tweeted "wow I'm never dating anyone with mental illness again! They are fucking lunatics LOL"

She said nothing and referenced nothing about mental illness. Maybe Kanye shouldn't brag about not taking his meds because it makes him CrEaTiVe if he cares about being an advocate for the mentally ill.

Pete is straight up vindictively dragging Ariana further out of spite. Funny how none of Taylor Swift's many exes were pathetic enough to blame her songs for their personal problems. Guess she dodged a bullet

No. 342601

i do remember her tweeting and then deleting something about how people should stop weaponizing mental illness

No. 342602

lol she's not wrong if that's the case

No. 342671

Should we make an Ari thread?

No. 342672

How many times are you retards going to ask this? For the last time: NO. Unless you want to go make one on PULL.

No. 342679

What has Pete done other than be annoying as fuck either? If you're saying his suicide baiting is criminal, at least he put his money where his mouth is and is at least getting help for it, so apparently it was actually a cry for help and not a standard BPD move. Being set off by Ariana's tweet is stupid but he's BPD, what do you expect. At least he didn't sucide bait and then be like "lol im fine guise"

No one ever said it was Ari's fault he cried suicide. She still didn't try to run to his side thinking she would help him. After being cornered on twitter and railed endlessly for Mac Miller's death she really had no choice. She was not being selfless.

This, seriously, Ariana is boring between sporadic twitter fits. She just happens to be involved in the most current celeb drama.

No. 342706

what a titty baby, you read a tweet & then do mental backflips so it was "making fun of mental health" and then threaten suicide?
Where's that one anon from the earlier that was upset we called him BPDete? lmao now you know why. He's a manipulative little shit head with butthole eyes. I think Ariana is a brat but damn I wouldn't wish that kind of crazy on anyone.

No. 342714

Sorry for being dumb but why was #SimonCowellOverParty trending on Twitter ? I looked through the hashtag and there not much explained, mostly pics of 1D etc.
And when looking through the Google news nothing turns up about what possibly made him "Over" ? idk I can't really dig through too many tweets rn as my connexion is very slow, if anons have info Ill be glad !

No. 342804

File: 1545492306487.jpg (34.44 KB, 630x366, Du_p0AYUwAAr0Hf.jpg)

He paid part of the bail for his pedo friend years back.

No. 342813

File: 1545495144995.jpg (811.18 KB, 1080x1731, Screenshot_20181222-161020_Duc…)

I guess the split didn't last long huh

No. 342814

>getting help for it

He never was going to commit suicide and the “getting help” excuse was just something he could use as an excuse as to why he didn’t kill him self

No. 342817

Exactly. Such garbage.

No. 342819

>wah I’m gonna kill my self!
>gets the sympathy and attention they desire

The next day….
>ok I’m going to get therapy and get better guys T-T

Typical crazy bitch move kek

No. 342835

you called it, >>340781

No. 342836

when will people realize the majority of celebs are friends with pedos, rapists and other criminals? If you have to "cancel" someone in the first place, you're a retard. They're basically all scum. 99% of males would fuck teen girls or younger if the offer presented itself and a lot of the male celebrities have. Im all for exposing every single one of them, but acting shocked about it is stupid. All of them are suspect from the get go.

No. 342837

File: 1545499788161.png (35.3 KB, 200x269, thumb_facts-lo-fi-hip-hop-is-a…)

this is going to sound very gatekeepy, but i think it's going to get harder to clock the real weeby celebs from the ones that are just into now since anime as an aesthetic is becoming fairly mainstream.

anime is relatively "cool" now for lack of a better term. people don't mainly associate it with fat, greasy kids running around outside hot topic with naruto headbands on like we did in 2002. just like gaming and all other things nerd culture, it's part of the mainstream. plus, it's been co-opted by """cool""" and ""hip"" subcultures too; see: lo-fi, vaporwave, etc.

No. 342872

her new face is so masculine

No. 342873

as someone who watched anime get more cancerous and their fanbases more pathetic, I dont like this

No. 342885

I wonder if he would go to therapy if his job was on the line. What else does he have?

No. 342896

File: 1545506947922.jpg (361.02 KB, 900x806, tumblr_pfk5a410021u4q9mco1_128…)

I think you can tell who's "real" by the ones who are into less popular stuff, and more "niche" anime.
>Barely weeb/most likely faking it for "geek cred"
Any popular shonen shit, or shit we all watched as kids.
Ghibli films, Dragonball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Shingeki No Kyojin, Full Metal Alchemist, Death Note, Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, One Punch Man.
>Mild weeb/possibly has a real interest, but could also be faking it a little more cleverly than others
Anything that might be older or not as huge, but still well-established and very popular in the west. Also dominated by shonen stuff.
Sword Art Online, Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, Evangelion, Code Geass, Tokyo Ghoul, Elfen Lied, Berserk, Kill La Kill, Haikyuu!!, etc
>"Real" weeb/most likely not faking it at all (very rare among celebrities)
Anything that's old and not super popular, has a cutesy art style (or, conversely, a "weird"/unique art style), is obscure, and/or deals with themes not immediately palatable to normies.
Casshern Sins, Jigoku Shoujo, Dr. Slump, Satoshi Kon stuff, Serial Experiments Lain, Kaiba, Kino's Journey, Tatami Galaxy, Psycho Pass, K-ON, Hyouka, Black Lagoon, 5 cm per second, Watamote, etc.

So far, the only celebrity I believe to be a "real" weeb is Grimes, in part because of her posting about anime artists on Twitter, her cover art for Art Angels, her reblogs on Tumblr since before anime was "cool" in the mainstream (2014/2015), and because her cover art/current aesthetic for her single "We Appreciate Power" looks heavily inspired by pic related ("Blame!" anime/manga). Ariana Grande might be, as well, but I think she leans more toward occasional half-assed Jfash/"kawaii nymphet aesthetic" (and now, vaporwave/lo fi stuff with >>339754 in mind).

No. 342898

File: 1545507187309.jpg (71.34 KB, 640x640, grimes-we-appreciate-power-154…)

This is the Grimes cover art, for comparison. Kanye West might also be a "real" weeb, considering his and Kim's fascination with Darling in the Franxx, his collaboration with Murakami before he was popular, the "geta" thing, the rumors about him openly watching hentai and putting it on at parties, and those photos on Kim's IG of them in a bookstore selling manga.

No. 342899

I'm not gonna lie, but i feel you, anon. Been watching anime since the early to mid 90s and it hasn't reached video game levels of mainstream, but it's kinda weird to see big name celebs say how they like anime suddenly.

The only one i'll ever give a pass to is Robin Williams because he was legit.

I think you can tell when people like entry level shit like DBZ.

No. 342900

>the rumors about him openly watching hentai and putting it on at parties

actual trash.

No. 342908

I just remembered this: Pharrell's collaboration with the Japanese artist Mr., who primarily portrays cute "moe"-looking anime girls, for his video "It Girl". This definitely is not a typically mainstream/west-approved choice of art style or execution, and the video features uniquely Japanese things, like the "smashing watermelon at the beach" thing, so it makes me wonder. On the other hand, Mr. is/was part of the Superflat art collective started by Takashi Murakami, so Pharrell could've just been copying Kanye in this instance. No word on how much input he himself had on any of it, and I don't think he's ever posted about anime before or after this.

Yeah. Kanye is proudly pornsick, so it comes as no surprise. Wasn't he repping Pornhub, too?

No. 342913

No. 342936


Every underground alternative subculture becomes commodified and mainstreamed.

Welcome to getting old.

No. 342943

Anyone remember those weebs in HS that would throw aroung random japanese words? Ariana seems like one of those here

No. 343083

>At least he didn't sucide bait and then be like "lol im fine guise"

Umm yes he fucking did. He baited and didn't answer his phone when his friends called him to check up on him

No. 343118

Isn't pharrell a lolicon?

I think he was repping efukt, which is a lot worse imo.

No. 343256

This. She seems nasty to her fans and her partners. I swear she only gave a shit about the whole Malcom thing because he died and it gave her more fame. If she cared that much, she wouldn't have moved on so quickly. I don't give a shit about her weight or appearance, I just don't think she's a very nice person. I agree that it's annoying that everyone basically takes her side over Pete's. He seems like a crazy douche, but honestly, so does she.

No. 343257

This is so true holy shit.

No. 343540



shes saying shes only with offset rn in PR because she needed to get laid but that she isn't taking him back "completely" …yet

so they fucked.

she also says that offset has spent like 80.000 buying her and her family gifts.

and at the end she also says that is not easy for her to date other guys because shes famous now and she doesn't know the real intentions the guys that try to date her might have

No. 343620

>and at the end she also says that is not easy for her to date other guys because shes famous now and she doesn't know the real intentions the guys that try to date her might have
>shes saying shes only with offset rn in PR because she needed to get laid but that she isn't taking him back "completely" …yet
>so they fucked.
>she also says that offset has spent like 80.000 buying her and her family gifts.

No. 343664

>she only gave a shit about Mac when he died cause it gave her fame

Not to mention the attention–in which she's further milking through her music. I like some of her songs but I don't like Ariana, she seems like a huge fake bitch. There's a reason why the cast of Victorious and Sam and Cat want nothing to do with her. I remember years ago people who worked with the Nickolodean set crew said the cast didn't like Ariana because she cares too much about herself and only likes to talk about herself plus overall being catty and bitchy

No. 343665

Ariana is trash she said that Mac wasn't her responsibility how she's not his mom when people asked why she wasn't more involved with his addictions. Her initial tweets and statements about Mac's death was so dettached UNTIL the media started going in and she noticed how much attention there was. That's when Ariana started painting herself as the victim and saying how painful it was and how much hurt she's in.

I would not be surprised at all if Ariana lowkey hoped for Pete to go through with the suicide so she could get even more attention, publicity and milking. Ariana is indeed one of the best celebricows.

No. 343666

>she said that Mac wasn't her responsibility how she's not his mom when people asked why she wasn't more involved with his addictions.
>implying this is a bad thing to do
>implying she would've been in the wrong for wanting bpdete to go through with the suicide
Why can't arifags go find somewhere else to soapbox? So sick of their bullshit.

nice doublepost btw.

No. 343672

I think Ariana is a twat but dating someone with a drug problem is fucking exhausting. People straight up give up on family members with drug problems because their shit gets tiresome so I can see why she would give up on someone who she didn’t even seem that serious. I think she did try to help him in the beginning but there’s only so much you can do. People are gonna do what they want no matter what.

It’s not just about drug addiction either. You shouldn’t stay with someone who has obvious problems but is lazy or outright refuses to get help for it. If you’re willing to do it, then you have some serious martyr tendencies.

No. 343674

I'm NO ariana stan by any means but she was right about Mac. Mac wasnt her responsability and grown adult men shouldn't be looking for mommies. Have you ever been with an addict, anon ? I have, they drain you.

No. 343676

Ariana only dates men with drug and mental issues. She has terrible taste in men

No. 343682

that’s one thing ariana and the users of lolcow have in common

No. 343729

No. 343805

No. 343815

This shit was so weird.
Why would he, per title, act like Frank Underwood hinting about his irl trouble with fucking underage guys and upload it to youtube on Christmas eve?
Is he trying to weaponize the sympathy of house of cards fans? Get Youtube dosh for the law suits? Start a plan-b career since Youtube gives no fucks about creeps?

I'm so confuse but still I crave more Kevin Spacey drama.

No. 343825

Holy shit! So creepy and sick! I think he has a meltdown actually. I bet he will be admitted to a psychiatric ward or rehab in a few days. If it's really a PR stunt, then it's the dumbest thing ever.

No. 343828

the desperation lel

it really disturbs me how some people are buying it in the comments though, he's a literal pedo rapist

No. 343849

File: 1545707167947.jpg (387.93 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20181224-190446.jpg)

Mikey Cyrus apparently got married

Sorry for shit screenshot

No. 343855

Yikes, why would Liam do that? Good luck to them both, I guess.

No. 343860

I thought they called the engagement off again? I guess they've been together awhile, might as well seal the deal.

No. 343884

kill it with fire

No. 343909

ok hella nitpick but being a weeb isn't which anime you are into imo…it's the earnestness and cringiness of your love. there are plenty of non-celeb weebs and otaku in japan REAllY into mainstream anime or childrens shows. like i believe wholeheartedly kanye isn't faking liking anime as well because he has yelled about it on twitter for a long time and seems to genuinely not care if people think it's cool or not while someone like poppy (intentionally for the character or not) seems to use the aesthetic in a souless way?

tl;dr you are a weeb if your love is authentic not necessarily niche

i feel like we will know the true weebs when it inevitably stops being cool again and see who is left standing lmao

No. 344105

um she's still in contact and friends with a few members of the victorious cast. victoria is the one who didn't keep any friends from the show lmao

No. 344221

I know we’re getting past the topic of Ariana and Pete being shitty people, but I never saw this discussed here. It’s old milk, but it’s pretty fucked up. Pete said in an interview once that he held out during Sex with her by thinking about his dad dying during the September 11 attacks.

>“The interview took a graphic and almost offensive turn when Davidson revealed how he holds out during sex.

>As many know Davidson’s father was a firefighter who died during the events that took place on September 11th, 2001. While Davidson has been vocal about his father’s death–he took a pretty horrible stance in this interview when he said he uses his father’s death to last longer during sex.
>Davidson told Stern:
“I was just thinking of my dad being burned alive. That’s what I do. I just think of my dad seeing that fire coming right towards him.”

I actually used to like Pete at the beginning of their relationship, but reading that interview made me want to vomit. I don’t know how Ariana could have been ok with that.

No. 344222

I know we’re getting past the topic of Ariana and Pete being shitty people, but I never saw this discussed here. It’s old milk, but it’s pretty fucked up. Pete said in an interview once that he held out during Sex with her by thinking about his dad dying during the September 11 attacks.

>“The interview took a graphic and almost offensive turn when Davidson revealed how he holds out during sex.

>As many know Davidson’s father was a firefighter who died during the events that took place on September 11th, 2001. While Davidson has been vocal about his father’s death–he took a pretty horrible stance in this interview when he said he uses his father’s death to last longer during sex.
>Davidson told Stern:
“I was just thinking of my dad being burned alive. That’s what I do. I just think of my dad seeing that fire coming right towards him.”

I actually used to like Pete at the beginning of their relationship, but reading that interview made me want to vomit. I don’t know how Ariana could have been ok with that.

No. 344227

Sage your old milk Anon. It's been discussed.

No. 344278

this thing never really bothered me tbh he's a comedian, and at least pete's edgiest jokes are generally at his own expense (barring the tic tac one, which was just off-putting)

No. 344284

As someone who was there at the Fan Festa, it was pretty obvious Katy knows absolutely nothing about video games and just did the song for a paycheck. She did try her best to fake it but she's probably more of a general weeb if anything.

Sage because old conversation.

No. 344319

I was looking through some old videos of Pete and Ariana and I can’t with that fake little girl giggle. She really is the celebrity version of Shuwu, huh?

No. 344348

She looks like she went on Survivor and got island hot.

Seriously though, I wish we saw more of natural Ariana, it's a good look.

No. 344358

what's wrong with his mouth

No. 344360

File: 1545922162748.jpg (82.1 KB, 768x1024, CHuffyGWcAExEFH.jpg)

Kanye is definitely a real weeb; I remember when he went to E3 in 2015 and got a persona 4 dancing all night badge holder. People thought it was fake at first it was so out of the blue.

No. 344361

>I would not be surprised at all if Ariana lowkey hoped for Pete to go through with the suicide so she could get even more attention, publicity and milking
Ariana having two ex-boyfriend suicides attached to her would have been toxic for her image, are you kidding me

No. 344362

haha bitch what the fuck

No. 344363

I remember when they broke up and Australia rejoiced

No. 344364

Pretty sure Mac's wasn't a suicide

No. 344365

Idk why men like it so much when women act like they're severely retarded.

No. 344366

It'd probably be looked at that way if Pete killed himself. Oooooo~~~ something about Ariana makes her lovers want to kill themselves! Oooooo~~~ spooky!!! She brings death!!!

No. 344379

I don't wish this on her (or anyone) to have to go through this twice.

That being said I hope she learned from this and stops dating druggies/people with BPD. She has my compassion on this right now, but if she continues people with these same issues…well what does she expect? They're not gonna stop being shit men just because she dates them.

No. 344381

but if she continues dating people with*

No. 344390

>She really is the celebrity version of Shuwu, huh?
The celebrity -and- attractive version

No. 344440


she's a ~dangerous woman~

No. 344492

it's actually an anus

No. 344631

Ariana will continue to date broken, fucked up people because she's a broken, fucked up person herself. Damage attracts damage, especially in showbiz where there's little other choice. She needs a healthy dose of therapy before pursuing another relationship.

No. 344784


>implying a borderline fag would actually do it

he's fishing to be the victim of mean evil ariana grande who made a song saying "and for pete i'm so thankful". his favorite person is now his least favorite, oh the horror of the borderline fag. he'll get over it as soon as he gets a new chick who will replace ariana as "the hottest most amazing girl ever!!" and then tattoos and then he's gonna get engaged etc etc etc

No. 345004

File: 1546031665323.jpg (30.74 KB, 436x547, enigma.JPG)

So looks like Gaga went full weeb for her vegas show. The trailer looks pretty animu inspred


No. 345005

OT but why do so many anons ITT want celebrities to be weebs? Are weebs desperate for positive representation?

No. 345009

File: 1546032641934.jpg (86.22 KB, 1280x720, AubreySMR.jpg)

Celebrity ASMR > Celebrity weebery

No. 345039

fucking Hatsune Miku opened for some Lady Gaga tour a while ago. She's been full-weeb for a while.

No. 345047

Reassurance that successful people are just as degenerate as the rest of us

It's why plenty anons also hope there's celebs (see: Azealia Banks, Angeluna Jolie) lurking image boards/forums/lolcow

No. 345120

Well Angie was proven to actively post on gossip forums. Though I highly doubt she's on LC specifically. We never talk about her and we're certainly not active enough.

No. 345189

File: 1546056786880.png (339.83 KB, 739x653, Untitled.png)

No. 345193

lel she will fit in fine with her obsessive damage control, manipulation and history of disgusting behavior.

No. 345367

Where's the Wendy Williams-anon from /snow/? I'd like to read about her antics, seems milky.

No. 345380

File: 1546078928395.png (Spoiler Image,1019.28 KB, 952x1338, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 6.13…)

>Reassurance that successful people are just as degenerate as the rest of us
remember when azealia posted furry porn on her tumblr kek

No. 345386

They're all reaching. Hard.

No. 345388

AZ posting furry porn is like, the least insane thing she's done. (Also spoiler this shit)

No. 345391

I think some anon on a previous thread argued that AB was very likely to be a huge weeb who's good at hiding it. And tbh we're talking about the woman who rt lesbian porn from time to time so who's surprised?

No. 345392

File: 1546083938440.png (374.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1696.PNG)

Azealias latest twitter everyone

No. 345396

Same, I wanna know the true milk

No. 345404

Wow Angie has not aged well at all. Jennifer Aniston really won in the end

No. 345427

She's gonna make it illegal to be Jennifer Aniston so she can lock her up forever, kek

No. 345445

Sad she ended up so insane when I really thought she was a good actress when i was younger. wtf happened? I'm worried she's gonna be extreme pro-trans now because of her shitty behavior raising her kids

No. 345449

It's like seeing Katy Perry's Dark Horse music video and assuming she is really into Egyptian history or something. Pop stars' managers are aware of anime's popularity and they are using it to sell their music to the masses.

I'm sure a few like Grimes are true weebs bc they've been into it for ages, beforeit hit mainstream really hard.

No. 345463

Yeah, it's a lot of PR and trend hopping since anime is mainstream now. I'm sure some celebs like anime (Kanye definitely does) but I think people are forgetting that these people's careers depend on trying to stay relevant, and keeping up with the times.

No. 345466

File: 1546100640956.gif (871.82 KB, 200x110, 20919288-E415-4036-879A-B11F72…)

>She's gonna make it illegal to be Jennifer Aniston

Fucking L O L. This really got me anon.

No. 345482

We don't need another megalomaniac celeb who thinks they're a political influencer in our politics.
Let her go boss some brown refugees in the middle east as an envoy, but she doesn't need nor deserve anything further.

No. 345499

Wut? Are we talking about the same actress? She was always insane… Why are people acting like this is new?
Anyone born before like..1992 grew up knowing this bitch was an ~2 le edgy 4 me~ off her rocker bitch.

No. 345542

I don't understand why Square started using generic western pop music in their songs. The old stuff was so good. Or maybe I just think this because I grew up listening to Final Fantasy songs lol.

No. 345713

File: 1546134091134.jpg (217.35 KB, 1080x1554, IMG_20181229_202513.jpg)


No. 345716

File: 1546134547495.jpg (4.08 MB, 3413x1920, inCollage_20181229_174755782.j…)

It does look nasty tbf

No. 345722

File: 1546134918770.jpg (245.95 KB, 640x838, 20181229_175230.jpg)

No. 345728

it looks like a salad but it's in a frying pan

No. 345741

lol ew tbh looks like something a duggar would cook

No. 345760

that is some nasty looking stirfry.

No. 345797

File: 1546143132738.png (306.3 KB, 796x609, B1ibayV.png)

No. 345798

Isn’t Kim one of the most followed people on Instagram? The delusion.

No. 345802

File: 1546143823492.jpeg (141.01 KB, 576x1024, 212CB37F-4742-468B-BDAC-A2D189…)

She’s also been live-tweeting while playing Bayonetta 2. But then again as this anon mentioned >>345039, its nothing really new

No. 345855

Trouble is with gaga is you can't tell if shes genuine or riding whats popular (I know this stuff has been popular for a while but even so)

No. 345878

Azealia is really annoyed cos she always cooks on Instagram stories and now Rihanna is! And the paranoia sets in!

Also kek at her troll account billionairebully212. Go work on fantasea 2, Azealia.

50cent is a legit sociopath. He said on Instagram he'd run over his own son (the one who doesn't speak to him) with a car.

sidebar: Its interesting 50cent can be such a piece of shit internet troll and people think its hilarious but hate Azealia for doing it.

No. 345883

didn't she bite a flight attendant's boob?

No. 345928

imo I don't even think of 50 as relevant in the mainstream anymore, the only time I ever hear about AB is when she's doing some new insane shit to try and stay relevant and get the attention back on herself. I think there's a difference between being shittier than people think you are and being actively batshit for attention.

No. 345931

File: 1546163840386.jpg (234.14 KB, 1440x1080, pussypop-bussyboy-christmas.jp…)

No real weeb would've tolerated these tragic "chibis" representing their product. The pixel art design is a marked improvement, but still isn't aesthetically acceptable in 2018 for the western demographic of weebs (maybe it'd fly in the early 2000s?), and smacks of "This is what you kids like, right?".

Perhaps she had random anime drawings from kids in her deviantART favorites when she herself was a kid, or went on sites like Dragoart to look at "How to draw a chibi" tutorials, but it's kind of clear she never got into it much farther than that. I know it's not ironic, either, because she wrote about purposely invoking "kawaii imagery" in her product design to give her LGBT fans a sense of peace and escape. This is really her best shot at "kawaii". She is not a weeb.

No. 345932

50 is both a sociopath and a troll though. Azelia isn't funny and isn't trying to be, whereas 50 goes out of his way to write comedy like the Ja Rule duets or that animated series he made about Rick Ross or that video about going to hospital after listening to Fat Joe.

Anyway sociopathy aside he's still one of my favourite celebricows for being so batshit insane. Aside from all the troll shit (https://www.reddit.com/r/hiphopheads/comments/9tf6fp/50_cents_long_hilarious_history_of_pettiness/) he's also had beef with some seriously scary dudes and got away with it (https://genius.com/discussions/282069-Twitter-user-talks-about-90s-ny-goons-in-hip-hop-involves-tupac-biggie-jay-z-50-cent-and-more).

No. 345935

This is too much like We Appreciate Power.
Lady Gaga needs to accept that Grimes has taken her spot as the mainstream "weird, artsy female musician", and quietly rest on the cushioning her gay male fans gave her IMO.

I'd believe if she had ever given any indication of being a weeb, besides the 2014 Hatsune Miku PR thing. The closest things I can think of are the G.I.S.M. jacket in the "Telephone" music video, the "anime eyes" in the "Bad Romance" video, and that one Hello Kitty photoshoot. If she were authentic, she would've taken all the opportunities to at least drop some small anime references in her work. There is a lot she could've done with, say, Evangelion's aesthetics/themes, and her artistry back then (especially in the Catholic/Judas era, wew).

No. 345936

None of these celebrities are weebs. Anime is… "in style" right now. Normies know who miku, naruto, and some shitty dbz characters are. Lil Uzi Vert has an anime pfp, Jaden Smith was literally in one, and Elon Musk tries to push an uwu gamurr otaku boi x3 image to relate to teens on twitter. It doesn't mean anything.

No. 345938

Yeah, I think that's the consensus. Only Kanye West, Pharrell and Grimes are confirmed weebs IMO, because they were doing this shit before it was ever "in".
All others only have a tentative interest that they're milking now for popularity, or no interest at all, and they're just trying to stay relevant. Anyone else who might be a weeb is hiding it very well (as their managers and PR people would've demanded in 2013/2014>), and they'll probably continue to do so if they're sincere.

No. 345944

tbh I thought the same thing when I saw these designs, they look really half assed. Regardless of how much of a weeb Azealia is, I wouldn't be surprised if she just asked a friend and not a professional to design these characters.

As another anon said, you can be a hardcore fan of something that's really mainstream. iirc Soulja Boy is into very well-known anime and manga but he's still way too into it for him to be faking it.

No. 345948

Half a dollar is a bully. Azealia is a bully. One of them is described as ~hilariously petty uwu~ the other satan herself reincarnate. There is a clear double standard.

Azealia comes up with her concepts but does just ask her fans to design all her shit for cheapyxo lol

No. 345953

I don't want to whiteknight anyone but there's a possibility that some of them are "in the closet" when it comes to weebness. Not sure if it's worth comparing celebrities to average people but idk, it's not something worth showing off even if it's cool. Also, I'm willing to think Lady Gaga might be one of the "real" weebs, her style ~2008-2009 was obviously inspired by Japan (and there's kind of a fine line between J-fashion and anime).

No. 345956

Soulja Boy is an exception for the same reasons as the others I mentioned (was openly weeby before it was cool), I forgot him.
Besides that, I don't think you can only be a weeb if you like certain series, it's just that when all these celebrities are suddenly "coming out" as anime fans and """coincidentally""" only like the first results you get when you Google "anime", things look suspicious as fuck.

No. 345961

>I'm willing to think Lady Gaga might be one of the "real" weebs, her style ~2008-2009 was obviously inspired by Japan (and there's kind of a fine line between J-fashion and anime).
I don't know, anon. Has she ever even commissioned a non-mainstream Japanese designer for her outfits, or had one direct any of her videos?

No. 345969

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