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File: 1442555518563.jpeg (26.64 KB, 639x360, 000143d2_medium.jpeg)

No. 37281

Anyone have a phobia? Maybe a strangely specific fear?

No. 37316


Not butterflies.
Just moths.

They're so…. dusty.

No. 37317

…my fear is snakes.
Time to hide this thread

No. 37319

For me its both. Im fucking terrified of them.
"It's not going to kill you" ok neither is a tiny ass spider so fuk u. Im always afraid of breaking their wings and watching them try to fly.

No. 40684


Those fucking legs and fangs get me every time. I hope I'm not alone on this.

No. 40688

File: 1443558684594.jpg (39.01 KB, 500x281, noooo.jpg)

You're not! i can deal with almost any insect, but when it comes to centipedes, I'm out. Fuck all those tiny legs. All i can think of is them crawling under my skin and that manga (Tokyo ghoul) made it worse with the centipede in the ear thing. fuck everything.

No. 40709

File: 1443563658426.jpg (105.16 KB, 791x492, original.jpg)

I think moths are cute because they're furry.

My fear is pic related. I have dreams where I'd be swimming and one of those tickets opens up beneath me.

No. 40710

Tickets=fuckers, thank you autocorrect

No. 40726

File: 1443569424062.jpg (110.61 KB, 1920x1200, 1410320713756.jpg)


Cant watch the Whale scene from finding nemo when theyre in the open ocean, cant swim in water where I can't see/easily touch the bottom.

No. 40751

I'm afraid of pool filters and those big modern shower heads. I can't be in the same bathroom as one without having a literal panic attack. I guess it got started when I drowned as a kid in a pool and all I could see was the pool filter.

No. 40754

I have a horrendous fear of throwing up and being around people who are throwing up.

No. 40760

>I'm afraid of pool filters
When I was like 4 I climbed into one and went into the tank and almost got stuck coming back out.

No. 40782

Maybe not as intense as a phobia but listening to numbers stations always puts a chill down my spine and will ruin any chance of me sleeping peacefully that night.

They're just so sinister.

No. 40793

Is this just a random sink hole?? so spooky.

No. 40799

Same here! Where I live, ocean water is super murky and there no way of seeing the bottom unless in very shallow water. I keep imagining there is something just out of my sight, hiding and waiting.

No. 40801

Not sure if sarcasm but they're called bell mouth spillways.


No. 40802

Oceans are okay because they're huge but lakes/ponds bother me because it's a finite space for whatever would be lurking there so it could detect you more easily…

No. 40817

Numbers stations freak me out. They make me feel like I'm going to get abducted by aliens or something

No. 40821

File: 1443625683932.jpg (74.55 KB, 800x533, b8123b8639d85edc_800x800ar.jpg)

Being stalked/followed/chased is my general fear. Can't keep my shades open at night for fear someone might watch me.
My weirder fear is of sharks, also those walk in aquariums, gives me anxiety just looking at it.

No. 40827

File: 1443628037885.jpg (8.11 KB, 256x192, images (1).jpg)

I'm scared of women, I come here because these freaks are like me and they are not as frightening as real women.

No. 40837

I'm getting increasingly more disgusted by things other people have been in close contact with. I'm ok with things that are touched only briefly or sth but personal items of people who aren't family members really gross me out somehow. In hotels I can never feel completely at ease, for example. I'm washing my hands far more often than I used to.

No. 40838

File: 1443632693022.jpg (14.24 KB, 380x180, bulletinout.jpg)

at night i sometimes leave the lights off and walk in the dark because, so people outside can't see me. sometimes i'm afraid i'll get shot through the window

No. 40849

Second that.

No. 40851

But anon, we are real women. You'd be scared shitless if you met me irl. Not that you ever leave the house, of course.

No. 40867

File: 1443636002052.gif (558.33 KB, 750x500, T2C2glXdhaXXXXXXXX_!!928124581…)

I'd argue that unlike the ideal of a 'real man'… the 'real woman' steriotype is in a constant state of flux, is an real woman one who lives in a shoe with over 9000 childs, or on who earns over 9000k and is stronk and indie?

Im not arguing that I wouldn't be too scared to talk to you if you could see me IRL…fidgeting and 'spilling more spaghetti than a spastic Italian waitress'.

I'm just saying that the 'real woman' is yet undefined and I don't believe you would even koalafy if you submitted yourself for consideration.

No. 40871

I'm a health inspector. You have no idea.

No. 40875

If the definition is so vague, I'm afraid I don't see why you'd be afraid of women at all.

No. 40876

Tell me more, anon.

No. 40878

Sorry for OT, but are you in the states, and if so, did you have to go to college for that or tech school?

No. 40885

File: 1443638362274.png (539.2 KB, 1280x721, kidLeo.png)

probably mommy issues to be frank.
I never had one and I'm terrified that if I ever like one they'll just disappear and leave another hole in my psyche.

Its an abstract kinda phobia.

No. 40891

That's kinda hot, anon. I'd never leave you. I'm utterly insane, though.

No. 40892

File: 1443639407910.jpg (178.72 KB, 991x761, 1443465314550.jpg)

Aren't we all?

No. 40894

File: 1443639636301.png (167.05 KB, 500x737, 1432257637581.png)

No. 40896

What's a number station

No. 40898

google it.

No. 40918

File: 1443648173500.jpg (41.72 KB, 615x965, Scotland-Yard-e-fit-issued-ima…)

Kind of a niche one, but e-fits.
I can't bear to look at them, something about there eyes instils a deep fear within me.
It's like an artificial predatory stare and my body fills with adrenaline and screams at me to run away when I lock eyes with one.

Problem is I like to browse crime Wikipedia pages on my mobile at night, and a page will suddenly load and one will pop up in front of my face and I shit myself.

No. 40919

I get panic attacks every time I think or hear about heart diseases, I can't fly, stay alone for a long time and sleep because of this. Thinking about how I might just drop dead in a second terrifies me, specially without doing anything with my life.

No. 40920

File: 1443649947991.png (344.98 KB, 498x568, 1443622351353.png)


Oh and I had some really bad confrontations in past with violent or mentally deranged people. Got mugged, stabbed and beaten. I'm afraid to go out at night alone, I get petrified when someone gets aggressive with me, hell I would probably get killed by some guy if bus didn't came on point. My heart races and I feel like I'm gonna die every time I see one or a group thuggish guys. Fuck, I'm a pathetic human being.

No. 40925

I'm the same but I haven't had any bad experiences in the past, so I don't even have an excuse. I grew up incredibly sheltered and never encountered anything really threatening.

No. 40926

thanks for the nightmares

No. 40931

I did it for the military. My co-workers and I loved to go I to the base hotel with a black light and play "guess the stain" I inspected everything from hotels to all the food serving establishments to the base gym.

No. 40936


I got stabbed in high school and bled out for minutes before I passed out. If a cab driver didn't found me I would be dead now, it's a horrifying experience, you slowly go cold and sleepy then completely lose consciousness. I shit my pants and get petrified in fighting situations because of this and living in a 3rd world shit hole full of people like this is not helping. Man, living in Niigata for a year was the best time of my life, never felt any safer in my whole life.

No. 40939

I don't think I could live that way. I'm already a nervous wreck without any reason whatsoever. That shit is insane. Hope you get out of your shitty country or sth because that's just fucked.

No. 40950

Eye injuries

No. 40953


Thanks, hopefully gonna get my CELTA in January and start working in Nagoya at an English school in April. I don't want to live looking over my shoulder my whole life, I don't even feel safe at home here. It made me a panicky, nervous wreck.

No. 40977

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you're alright, anon. that's horrifying. I hope things get better for you.

No. 40979

No. 41035

File: 1443723692894.jpg (138.79 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Non Non Biyori …)


I was sure that I was dead at that point. Stabbed once in stomach and once in kidneys, almost lost my left kidney. I'm so fucking afraid of dying because of this, slowly fading away to nothingness is so fucking scary.

No. 41051

holy shit, if this is true and i'm inclined to believe it. i'm insanely afraid of dying anyway so this is just fucking horrifying. the void is my ultimate enemy

No. 41125

File: 1443735777622.jpg (165.28 KB, 800x800, 1443625915855.jpg)


Believe me, it's fucking horrifying. The moment I opened my eyes in hospital was probably the only happy moment in my life, too bad I didn't do anything worthwhile with the rest of my life.

No. 41316

Number stations are creepy af but I have no idea why. Sometimes I get really creeped out by stuff I don't understand that's not actually threatening or anything, simply because it's mysterious. Has anyone ever heard a number station with a child's voice? Wiki says that sometimes children's voices are used but mostly females (why?). Anyone know more about this stuff because I'm getting really fascinated by this.

There's got to be horror movie about this, right?

No. 41351

File: 1443824194291.jpg (35.26 KB, 600x401, ship.jpg)

Sunken ships, even pictures of them tend to make me really panicky. There was one under a bridge near where I lived so I always took a different route if I would have had to cross it. Stems from when I went sailing as a child, looked down into the clear water and BOOM, a vast rusted creepy-ass ship was just suddenly under us.

Another weirdly specific newer one is skiing slopes. Injured myself really badly last year tumbling down one.

No. 41354

woah, i thought i was weird for being afraid of shipwrecks. they creep me out big time. always have.

No. 41356

Pool vents for sure. I've always been terrified of them. When I was a kid my cousin pushed me down onto one because he knew I was afraid and that really solidified the fear.

No. 41358

Im afraid of quilts and silverwear/plating with floral print.
i've only told one person about this and they were actually understanding of it. I thought he would just call me stupid.

No. 41359


I'm also terrified of pool vents/drains. Especially the giant ones in the deep end of community pools that often have broken grates. My phobia extends to all drains, though. Accidentally bumping my foot on a tub drain while bathing is horror inducing and I can't take a relaxing bath because of how anxious I get. My mom told me this, as if it was funny: She used to sit me (when I was a few years old) on the bathtub and sink drains and watch me scream for fun. I think I can blame her for this one.

No. 41371

I have a massive phobia of cockroaches, to the point that even seeing one makes me want to throw up and have an anxiety attack. It probably stems from when I was little and living in a house with an outside toilet, where the giant flying fuckers would live in during the summer. Cue four-year-old me shuffling in at night, turning the light on and getting swarmed by the bastards. (I just shuddered typing that ew)

I have a lesser fear of heights, but it's not to the point of a phobia, thankfully.

No. 41373

SAME, holy shit I can't even look at pictures.

No. 41378

I know this is a phobia thread and all, but I just want to express how beautiful I found this picture and many like it. It's like Mother Earth is eating everything. To think this ship is probably becoming a cliff, or broken down.

Like that one subreddit with trees devouring different things.

No. 41389

File: 1443846608076.jpg (167.27 KB, 800x533, QJnXe9I.jpg)

I love the half submerged shipwrecks. There's a beautiful haunting quality to them. Fully submerged one freak me out a little though. Or any kind of machine underwater, ugh

No. 41390

I have a phobia of flooded toilets.
I lived without a working toilet when I was a child for some time and it was so horrifying when the sewer sludge would come out. The odor was unimaginable.

No. 41391

Kinda like this?

That shit freaks me the fuck out.

No. 41392

Opps, I meant >>40782

No. 41394

same here. just things in water that shouldn't be in water creep me out. that said, fuck you for posting that.

I have another weird phobia that I can't explain. Very specifically, it's fake environments. Like ones at crappy amusement parks or the fake enclosures mimicking nature in zoos and aquariums, but specifically amusement parks is what gets me. It's probably a weird version of uncanny valley, but I can't look at shit like disney rides or when I was at an arcade there was a flat painting of a scenery on the wall and a bad animatronic and fake plants around a shooting gallery game and it made me want to puke just looking at it.

So you can imagine the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride at disney combines both of these fears and it probably is a weird feeling that the most reprehensible thing to me is an amusement park water ride

No. 41399

I would love to explore a shipwreck like the Goonies.

No. 41400

Ugh, I feel you anon. Death frightens me.. Not dying-but not know what the hell is going to happen. I dont want to poof into nothingness.

No. 41401

I will protect you anon, you are my child now

No. 41403

I wouldn't say it's a phobia but animatronics in water really freak me out too. Especially if they're submerged then jump out, like the Jurassic park ride at universal. Just water rides in general, I imagine falling in and being in the water with all the animatronics, tracks and machinery and it's the worst thing ever.

No. 41410

File: 1443872045783.png (227.05 KB, 684x684, 1381418042792.png)



No. 41412

Holy shit. Reads like sth from a movie.

No. 41413

This creeps me the fuck out.

No. 41414

oh lord. i actually have tears of fear in my eyes and i started feeling really cold. i'm a wreck lol

No. 41421

File: 1443882057318.gif (962.16 KB, 497x372, 1d1f936b59ecf61480e2fde712667d…)

I'm terrified of something going on in a mirror like if my reflection does something just a little bit different - i cant look at mirrors in my peripheral because of it. I'm getting creeped out just thinking about it. I'm also super freaked out by dopplegangers - like terrified to see myself out of the corner of my eye because that means you're going to die soon :(

No. 41424

doppelgängers omg, yes. i'm almost pissing myself just thinking about it. have you seen the movie lake mungo by any chance? i just googled it to post a pic of the scene i mean, where she sees her doppelganger but immediately regretted it, couldn't save it, had to close the window. that scene still haunts me.

also where's that gif from? i found it funny at first but it's getting creepier and creepier the longer i see it. fuck

No. 41429

I'm terrified to fuck of space and planets. I never used to be but when I see pictures of them, I hide and squirm. I HATE IT.

I also hate sea creatures, they terrify the LIFE out of me.

:< I hate them so much

No. 41432

I'm terrified of space, too. But it's because I'm afraid of death and the void or nothingness or whatever. Since I was a child I've been terrified of the vastness of space and the thought that there is no end to it or that there is an end to it and both frightened me equally.

No. 41443


Ah. I am not so afraid of nothingness and death. It's just the planets… it's creepy because we're ALL in these swirly fucking things floating around in literally nothing with a few balls of gas and weird rocks orbiting

its just weird

like what is the point?

where the fuck did this even come from?

who put that there?

its weird

like wot is out of space?

No. 41447

but that's exactly what i mean

No. 41448

Science. Science put us here.

No. 41462

File: 1443897457966.jpg (82.4 KB, 750x600, 1378368440071.jpg)

No. 41483

File: 1443907553662.jpg (119.66 KB, 1024x687, 1024px-Submarine_Voyage_Sea_Mo…)

These really creep me out too. Have you ever seen pictures/video from the old Submarine Voyage ride from Disneyland? The animatronics are horrifying because they were made in the 50's-60's. Pic related.

(And the fact that there used to be actual live people playing mermaids for that ride is also terrifying, because I'm very phobic of being in the water around boats/watercraft. So scared of touching a propeller.)

No. 41502

File: 1443923898537.jpg (780.22 KB, 760x1000, 1431988814445.jpg)

Yes, no worries now

No. 41503

I only read about it because looking at the pictures make me want to puke like that one. Who the fuck would ever think that's fun!?!?

No. 41506

What freaks me out is those comparisons of the sizes of stars, where the video starts out with our sun and moves on to larger and larger stars, ending up with some supermassive star that dwarfs the sun to some fraction of a pixel. Somehow the existence of something so mind-bogglingly huge is horrifying on this primal level, like you yourself are so completely and utterly insignificant that you can't even get your head around it.

No. 41532

Slugs. Fucking slugs. I live in the Pacific Northwest, which means I have to deal with slugs on a pretty regular basis. Walking in the dark when I can't see the sidewalk to check for the slimy bastards is absolutely terrifying. If I catch a glimpse of one in front of me, it'll stop me dead in my tracks. I can barely even stand to step over one of them, and the idea of stepping on one or seeing someone step on one is so horrific that I feel like I need to take a shower and scrub myself all over after just thinking about it.

I am often the designated spider-killer because, unlike most people I know, I'm not really phased by spiders. I've even been the designated cockroach-handler before, and picking one up and taking it outside (I couldn't make myself kill something that large and crunchy-looking) didn't bother me. But slugs, man…fucking slugs. They've haunted my nightmares for as long as I can remember.

This also freaks me out. I can't deal with there being water or anything beneath me. I also almost drowned in the ocean when I was a teenager, and after that I will never go swimming in the ocean - no matter how shallow and nice it looks - again. Watching a giant wave approach, going "oh shit" as I realized it was going to crash right down upon me, getting totally tumbled around and starting to inhale water, banging my head, and somehow washing up on the shore with a bunch of scrapes was not a fun experience. Oceans = NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Oh man…I used to hang out on 4chan's /x/ many years ago, and I was always listening to numbers stations. They were so fucking creepy. Now I want to start listening to them again. I like them, actually. To me, they're creepy in a good way. Intriguing. Bizarre.

I'm also a huge germaphobe. I was raised by a germaphobic nurse with OCD that manifested itself primarily around hygiene and cleanliness, specifically food hygiene. As a result, I'm ridiculously picky with what I'll eat. Dry, shelf-stable, packaged foods are the safest bet for me, along with produce that I wash excessively and prepare to my own rigorous standards. The thought of eating out of a salad bar or from any other sort of "communal dish" that other people may have been touching is especially horrifying to me.

Wow. Thank god I haven't been stabbed, but I've had a few times where I was really dehydrated and my blood pressure got so low that I started to slowly lose consciousness. I could feel myself drifting further and further away from consciousness and reality, and after a while, I didn't even care. I remember at one point I was like, "Okay, so it looks like you're going to die here. That's okay. It's not that bad. You won't have to be scared like this anymore. Just let yourself go." But hey, I came back!

Another big fear of mine is becoming somehow trapped inside my own body and being unable to communicate or move or something. Like being paralyzed or becoming a "vegetable" but actually still being able to think, just being stuck in a nonfunctional flesh prison. I had serotonin syndrome a few months ago, and when it was at its worst, my muscles completely locked up and I thought I was becoming paralyzed. I lost sensation all over my body. I tried to send commands to my limbs to just fucking move, and they wouldn't budge, no matter how hard I tried to make them. It was one of the most awful experiences of my life. Thankfully the worst of it only lasted a few days.

No. 41548

File: 1443946950669.jpg (45.73 KB, 520x299, image.jpg)

Ugh, was that in the California one? I've only read about the 20,000 leagues ride in Florida. It was closed down by the first time I went, but you could look down into where it used to be and see the caves and the old track and a submarine submerged in water. It used to send shivers down my spine, and again, I used to imagine somehow falling in and having to climb onto the tracks or the submarine or something.

I think there was a giant squid somewhere in that one as well…

No. 41560


I know what you mean about the slugs. I live in eastern WA and I've never seen a slug here. I went over to the west side to visit my grandma and, after about 5pm, slugs started emerging from the woods in hoardes. It was horrifying. There was a slug every couple feet or so in every direction. Big black and brown slugs just littering the grass.

I don't want to step on them because I imagine it would be the absolute worst sensation ever, like stepping in soft dog shit, but sticky and slippery. Barf.

No. 41578

File: 1443969193011.jpg (147.77 KB, 1151x1157, 1432195038079.jpg)



No. 41581

File: 1443969919349.jpg (180.23 KB, 980x689, scary-drivers-500-granny-drivi…)

Driving. I'm lucky enough to live abroad and have access to a damn good metro system, but when I go home all I hear is "So Anon, when are you going to get your license." or "Anon, your cousin got their license and he's 5 years younger than you. You are 21 years old, when are you getting yours?" Driving literally gives me the chills. I tried so hard to learn how to do it. I even took the classes and have my permit. But that was HELL to me. Every time I got behind the wheel, but heart would beat very fast, and I would begin to tense up. Back when I had my old job, I was lucky enough to work in the same area/roughly the same hours as my mom, and we would just carpool.

I don't know why it scares me so much. I've never had a traumatic experience with cars. I've never been in major accidents either. Just something about controlling a huge piece of machinery that could KILL me. I even get tense as a passenger. Even if the driver is experienced, I still think, "What if someone else hits US?"

I hate that I let it get to me, but it just honestly terrifies me. I'm 100% sure everybody around me thinks I'm just too lazy to get it, and prefer to be just driven around, but honestly I wish I wasn't so scared because it would be so CONVENIENT if I could drive without the anxiety.

No. 41587

Holy shit I thought I was the only one with an irrational fear of slugs. Snails and worms also freak me out. I'm not 100% sure where/how I developed this fear (I grew up in the woods lol), but I know I've had it for a long time. In kindergarten we were raising worms to make a compost pile and I started crying when the teacher suggested that I touch one of the worms (because all my classmates were)
My other weird fears include uncovered windows at night, being stared at (I know that sounds tumblrina as fuck but it's probably my anxiety thinking that everyone is judging me), pregnancy/childbirth, smoking, dying of respiratory problems, drowning, choking, and suffocating (i have a lot of fears related to breathing, I blame this on the fact that when I was three I fell into the deep end of a pool and almost drowned)

No. 41590

I can somewhat relate to that. In late July (like 2 weeks after i turned 18 lol being a responsible adult) I got into a car crash and totalled my car. I stepped out of the car with minimal injuries. I had a large burn on my shoulder and whiplash. But I went into shock for over three hours (and ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance). I had crossed over the double yellow lines while checking my rearview mirror and hit an SUV (I was driving a microcar) head on. When I got a new car and started driving again, the crash kept replaying in my head. Every time I passed another car on the road, I would try and swerve away from the double yellow lines and could smell the airbags deploying. I'm at college now so I'm not driving but I'm going back for a long winter break in mid-November. I'm going to be working then since I get over a month off and that means I'll have to drive again. I'm so worried. I haven't driven in so long and I don't want to get into another crash.

No. 41591

Are you me? I'm almost 25 and still no license due to a traumatic family incidence that had to do with a fatal wreck. So basically, fuck driving, I don't want to die or be responsible for killing someone. Fuck fuck fuck fuck

No. 41610


I'm extremely fidgety and anxious, I'll probably kill someone if I drive. My bike and public transport is enough for me.

No. 41715

>Pacific Northwest
>Terrified of the Ocean
>Hates slugs

Anon are you me? I hate going on the boardwalk in Seattle because you can see the timber supports just sort of fade off into the dark waters.

No. 41720

No one's mentioned my particular one, I guess it isn't so common but I was actually diagnosed with OCD and a phobia of sticky things/especially bandaids. I think that one may have stemmed from seeing bandaids in the bottom of pools as a child. For years I couldn't even touch a box of bandaids, or the paper side of stickers. I dealt with the issues that were the source of my phobia and they've gone away now, I'm still a bit of a germophobe but it's not as life-consuming as it used to be.

Have you guys heard of a short story by Chuck Palahniuk called Guts? It's about a teen boy masturbating in a pool and rubbing his ass against the filter until it starts sucking out his intestines. Lovely read, I recommend it.

No. 41730

Haha Guts is great. Read it to a bunch of guys while on deployment. One of them puked.

>corn and peanuts

No. 41742

>I grew up incredibly sheltered and never encountered anything really threatening.

I know this feel. I don't have an excuse to be scared of my surroundings, but whenever I see a group of thuggish looking men, I freak out internally. I'm terrified of walking around my neighborhood, since I live right next to the poor part of town and I see a lot of them walking from there.

No. 41763

>rubbing his ass against the filter until it starts sucking out his intestines
The fancy term for this is "entrapment" and yeah that actually did happen to a little girl in a pool, she got eviscerated by the pool filtered, which got a law passed requirimg filter covers : the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

I'm studying public health. kek.

No. 41767

Eeeeewwww that sounds like a nightmare. And yeah, a huge part of my phobia has to do with the thought of stepping on one. I don't even want to see someone else do that. A lot of people assume I want slugs to die, but that grosses me out, too ("Just pour salt on them!" NO NO NO). I want them not to exist.

Snails are only a bit better than slugs, and worms are nearly on the same level as slugs for me. I hate being such a pussy about these things, because I really would love to do more outdoors-y shit, garden, etc. but I simply cannot make myself do activities that might involve close encounters of the slimy kind.

Ahhh yeah I have a love/hate relationship with that boardwalk. I like when you can see sea stars on the pilings in the water, but I hate the fact that you're over the water. I have to try really hard not to think about it when I'm there and just pretend it's a regular street.

Oh, the memories. I was thinking, "Wow, it must have been like 10 years since I read that story," and then I looked up when Haunted was published, and yeah, it has been almost exactly 10 years. Now I feel super old.

No. 41770

UVB-76 doesn't read a lot of numbers out but yeah, I'd count that as one of them.

No. 41771

For me it's also the uncanny valley factor. The voices are usually synthetic.

No. 41775

That gives me horrible shivers just thinking about it.

No. 41776

Didn't this death happen in a crappy Final destination movie?

No. 41815

I have the same fear of worms! And the same problem. I like gardening but I can't handle the idea of touching or seeing or dealing with worms.

No. 41823

yeah. i'm german and the swedish rhapsody station really gives me the creeps. it's mainly the way the number 9 is pronounced. i can't explain it but just thinking about it creeps me out. they kinda misspronounce it so it sounds like neuEn instead if neun. i have no idea why this is so creepy to me, though. just sounds off

No. 41824

it did

No. 41851

File: 1444084515044.png (3.28 MB, 1200x1200, BBHmerger1.png)

I LOVE space

but fucking black holes man

No. 41862


Space is both fascinating and terrifying. I've been meddling with amateur astrophysics and astronomy for a while, it's fucking relaxing and depressing at the same time.


No. 41864

stephen hawkings a brief history of time plunged me even deeper into depression

No. 41921

Black holes scare me so much, mainly because we know so little about them and how they suddenly appear. Supernovas are scarier for me…

No. 41930


>SN 1054 was so bright it was visible in daylight

Supernova's are seriously scary.

No. 41939

File: 1444131590883.jpg (161.96 KB, 601x603, largecrab.jpg)

They legit scare the shit out of me.

No. 41941


can you please not post space stuff? im scared shitless of it and i hate it

No. 41943

File: 1444133055862.jpg (80.16 KB, 768x575, 42683.ngsversion.1422036834652…)

are you triggered ???????

No. 41944


piss off

No. 41945

File: 1444134545526.jpg (48.44 KB, 226x209, Hubble_20th.jpg)

you're funny, pal. you get mad being reminded that the universe isn't actually your hugbox :^) yet you keep coming back

No. 41960

This is really gorgeous

No. 41981

File: 1444156681336.jpg (32.17 KB, 754x423, jupiter-etc.jpg)

Hard to explain, but I hate things that appear bigger than their established size, like the supermoon.

I hate when something is so big it takes up most of the TV/computer screen. It started with Tetris for NES- I was watching someone really good play and I swear the rocket that shoots up at the end was so goddamn huge it took up the entire screen and it freaked me out.

Also images like this. All these things give me a feeling of dread.

No. 42036

omg, yes!!

No. 42089

Aww, I'm sorry for the anon who is scared of space stuff but that shit is fucking beautiful to me, beyond just about anything else I've ever seen. Thinking about the fact that things like that are actually out there in the universe is mindboggling.

No. 42126

File: 1444236715023.jpg (1 MB, 1920x1200, space.jpg)

put that as your wallpaper

No. 42164

File: 1444245700840.jpg (8.56 KB, 225x225, 10603652_10152567669918672_636…)

No. 42166

I used to be afraid that she shipwreck of the Titanic would come out of my closet at night when I was a kid.

No. 42169


Wow, it took me nearly 15 minutes to notice the typo.

No. 42170

>tfw you never gonna go to space

No. 42177

i love it. i was vaguely afraid the shark from jaws would show up at night in my room so…

No. 42198

Can we get a drawfag on this?

No. 42335

Fucking octopus. Worst case scenario is an octopus operating on my brain or my eyes.

No. 42364

File: 1444415328726.jpg (508 KB, 2048x1365, f9bb4ed910c0f7d4_Flu_shot.jpg.…)

My big ones are needles, spiders, and heights.

Needles is the worst one though. As a kid, I had to be held down in order to be given a shot. I had a blood test done recently and felt like I was going to faint. I asked for a cup of water and the doctor had me lay down and hold a stress ball. I always have to look away too.

No. 42365

Also, they missed the vein the first time.

No. 42372

I had to have a four inch needle inserted into an artery because they kept blowing the veins in my arms/hands.

You're welcome

No. 42396

Always clench your fist (a stress ball is great to use), then breathe in deeply just as they put the needle in. I find that this helps immensely.

No. 42398

I'm so sorry! That sounds horrific!
Thank you, anon.

No. 42492

What kind of vaccine needs to go into your bloodstream? Most of them are fine just being injected into your muscle

No. 42496

Probably talking about the blood test and not the vaccine

No. 42528

File: 1444561835056.jpg (181.98 KB, 1200x1200, 1443499844768.jpg)

Anything that involves disease pretty much. I'm not a germaphobe and i'm not a neat freak but it terrifies the living shit out of me. You mean i can drop dead in a second if something with my heart or brain goes wrong? Cancer just pops up whenever it wants and buttfucks you. Hey, you caught this disease! It can't be cured, so fuck you. Hope you enjoy living your life in a hospital bed until you die.

And then coupled with my fear of death which is just confusing. Thing is i don't know whats going to happen. Maybe ill jump into a void until the end of time, be born as an african child with down syndrome with an even shittier life, or maybe a dog that is going to get stuffed into a bag and thrown in the river or abused and tortured, or not be good enough for heaven and be thrown in hell. Dying doesn't even sound that fucking bad. It's what happens after it.

No. 43118

File: 1444885722106.jpg (105.96 KB, 612x698, 1442364977639.jpg)

I suffer from emetophobia AKA fear of vomiting, especially other people vomiting.

It's slowly getting better, but goddamn it used to be REALLY fucking bad. I remember a few years ago, I'd go entirely pale and feel my stomach drop whenever I heard someone cough or bend over as if they were going to vomit.
There was a time when a man threw up in front of me and I completely lost it and I felt totally disoriented and almost walked into the street because my fear had like, blinded me? I still don't know what that was, but it was terrifying.

I still get spikes of anxiety whenever someone looks like they're going to be ill but it's not to the extent that it was before where I'd constantly be watching people. It just sucks because whenever I bring this up to people they always treat it like a joke and call me a pussy and/or start making gagging noises to scare me.

No. 43191

This reminds me of the time when I was in a gas station bathroom as a kid, in the stall taking a pee because peeing in the open at a urinal is weird, and this guy came in and tried to open the stall door and then puked in the urinal. It freaked me the hell out and I ran out of there and back to the car.

No. 43299

I get panic attacks from the sound of eating and drinking. It's really a pain in the ass because pretty much every movie or TV show exaggerates it and I can't go in the break room at school at all. It bothers my boyfriend too because he likes to have sit down dinners but they stress me out because I can hear him eating if there isn't background noise.

No. 194005

1. There being nothing after death
2. Spiders. Fuck those hairy little creeps
3. Places that even LOOK dirty (especially swimming pools or anywhere with rusty pipes)
4. I often worry someone (no idea who) will break in, kill my dad or cats

No. 194011

My boyfriend rolled me up in a blanket once or some shit while we were joking around, and I nearly had a panic attack because he was on top of me while I couldn't move my arms, etc. Any suffocating situation like that is just super stressful so I don't think I'd last long in a tight space or with my limbs bound without freaking out.

Another fear I have is home intruders, I'd like to live in a small home or apartment/condo in a highly populated and lively area for that reason. I'm a slight germaphobe and hate touching things that aren't my own (like at work) so I wash my hands very often.

Death/disease in general (not just my own) scares me shitless and makes me question a lot of things in my life so I don't like thinking about it. The feeling of a needle in your vein is also awful, I had to fill 10 vials for blood tests once and it was just an anxious nightmare

No. 194013

Spiders, and injuries happening to eyes/ears/teeth.
Un chien andalou fucking haunts my dreams.

No. 194035

Burning alive and injuries to joints & tendons. Not really phobias as such, just specific fears.

Dreams about lost or broken teeth are very common. Supposedly it's symbolic of a fear of aging.

No. 194041

Snakes & dentists but I finally got over the latter when I went to a dentist who specializes in phobic patients! Now to get over the snake thing so I can visit Australia, lol.

No. 194046

I have this too! The moving limbs thing. I don't understand it, when I'm on a busy bus with someone sitting on the outside of me and my bag between my legs and the seat I have to count in my head and breathe carefully or I'll freak the fuck out lmao.

I've lived in Australia my whole life and I've only ever seen one snake while bush walking in the middle of no where. They're not common anywhere except dense bushlands with lots of high grass or loads of big rocks. Have fun on your trip! :)

No. 194053

Butterflies and moths here as well. I woke up the other day and felt something on my head. I was still half asleep and grabbed it, fell back asleep for a few minutes then saw a dead moth right next to my face. I almost cried.

No. 194091

I'm diagnosed with agoraphobia
I also have a huge fear of finger nails. I've always wanted to grow them out but they're so gross and they make my skin crawl.

No. 194117

i don't know anyone else who has this fear but i have a phobia of anything going inside my vagina

just the mere thought of it makes me start tearing up in horror. the thought of going to a gyno or wearing a tampon will make feel physically sick. i was never raped or sexually abused either so i don't know why i fear it so much. i feel like i can't have a relationship with anyone anymore. i had a panic attack during sex once over this and had to stop. i know sex doesn't equal a healthy relationship but i dunno anymore

No. 194121

File: 1496784869677.jpg (323.93 KB, 1920x1080, 4573845.jpg)

I'm afraid of deep water and mechanical stuff in the water. I tbelieve the latter is called submechanophobia.

It all started when I went on a boat ride at Six Flags called Monster Plantation as a kid. I was terrified of the gears and tracks under the water and the fact that it was too dark to see how deep the water was.

That led to being afraid of those robotic pool cleaners, pool drains, and even my foot touching the drain in the shower. Forget amusement/water park rides too.

No. 194130

I kind of have that fear too. I'm fine using tampons now but anything human going in there creeps me out. Never had sex. I haven't been raped either but I've had some things happen to me as a kid. I sometimes masturbate as a form of self-harm, been doing that since an early age. Afterwards I feel disgusted and depressed for a while. Wish I could just stop. Bit of a blogpost, sorry. But yeah, I get it. Can't see myself having sex.

No. 194132

I get shaky around eye injuries.

Sometimes I have a fear that if I don't breathe really deep I'll run out of air, or if I breathe too deep I'll explode like a balloon. Childhood fear derived from unknown memories.

No. 194137

Have you considered some kind of exposure therapy?

I'd be pretty weird to have a therapist help with that particular problem, but it seems like such a phobia would have a pretty negative impact on your quality of life.

No. 194143

The darkness, pitch black darkness, the impenetrable void. Still need a night light, I shit my pants during that lights out movie.

No. 194146

I am afraid to throw up on public always carry a extra plastic bag with me on case.

No. 194206

im afraid of deep water, it just feels like some kind of void to me like if you were in the ocean and couldnt swim to shore you would just sink and sink
im also kind of afraid of dead fish, i always used to own tropical fish and its like when fish are almost dead they swim real weird and lose their equilibrium and ugh idk it just makes my skin crawl im not sure if its a phobia but it really scares me so i dont own fish anymore lol

No. 194215

Same. I have severe emetophobia. Got a point that I stopped eating because I was so scared of being sick, but the empty stomach made me feel sick which in turn made me panic. Ended up spending most of my waking hours sat near the toilet 'just in case' I got sick. Never thought I'd have a job or anything but I am able to live mostly normally now, except when I go to places like concerts/theme parks/bars and when travelling too. I also wash my hands a lot too and have plastic bags in my car in case a passenger gets sick.
It sucks.

No. 194267

why would that help? to be able to quickly hide it in your purse or to throw up in the plastic bag in the purse? head scratch

No. 194284

moths, a thousand times over.

No. 194287

I was absolutely terrified of birds at one point in my life. In middle school, a bird got trapped in the gym while I was having PE, and I thought it was chasing me. I was running and screaming, trying to get away. Needless to say, I was made fun of for the rest of my time at the school for that one.

No. 194289

File: 1496879658446.jpeg (155.97 KB, 1555x853, image.jpeg)

Bees and wasps, and this extends to any other buzzing insect because they sound like bees. Wasps are also terrible because they're SILENT so they just kinda sneak up on you. I had one land on my shoulder one time, I didn't know, but everyone else did, and after the fact I just cried and curled up in a ball underneath a blanket. I didn't want to be outside at all. I hate summer and spring because I know those fuckers are going to come back and terrorize me. I'm in Germany right now & everyone seems to have flowers in their yard and on their balcony, and walking to the train station in the morning sends me into panic attack mode every time.

aside from that, I have a slight fear of vomiting? I wish I could do it, but for some reason I'm terrified of it. I haven't puked since I was a kid. I also find it sexy in some situations though, which is… I don't know. I think there's something wrong with me.

No. 194290

Your fear of wasps is logical because they are awful in every possible way. Try wearing an insect repellant during the months when they're most active, and remember a quick shake or shiver will make them get off if they land in or near you. Just don't kill them, cause they call for backup whilst dying. I've got nests of the bastards on my property and we get a plague of the fuckers come spring but repellant and a shake is all we've needed to avoid a sting or prolonged touching.

You can also build super simple traps for them for free. Cuts soda bottle in half, stick the neck inside the bottom half, tape it there and put some raw meat in the bottom part. They'll fly in but it's nearly impossible to get out, especially if you put some water in the bottom. Put the trap out away from where you will be and collect it when the suns been down for a while and the living ones are dormant.

No. 194322

Not that anon, but so it doesn't go everywhere. Sometimes the fear can stem from people making fun of you for vomiting or being disgusted by it. At least that is how I feel. It's easier to dispose of and less obvious than if it's all over the floor.

No. 196465

What did you do to get your phobia under control ?
Sometimes I feel like it's getting better and sometimes I'm falling back again.
I'm mostly afraid of throwing up in public because I don't know how people would react to it. Doesn't have to do with the throwing up part per se I'm fine feeling nauseous in my room but when there are people ot makes everything worse.
Because of that I normally only eat in the evening when I got nothing to do.
I need to get my stomach checked because there is definitely something going on there and it will definitely help if that is out of my way. But the phobia would still be there.
I mean did you see a therapist ? Does it help?

As I said I'm afraid to throw up in public, I'll be fine at home. But having a bag makes me feel more secure. When having one with me I have a place to throw up in to (never had to use it so yeah I know my fear is irrational) so I don't make a mess. I would have to constantly check for places to vomit into other wise.

No. 196477

I HATE cars. My phobia is bad enough that I don't think I'll ever get a licence (and yes, I've been to therapy) and I hate being in a car with other people driving, especially if I don't know them.

I've never been in a car crash (have been in a motorcycle accident though) but ever since I was a baby, I had really bad car sickness to the point where I puke if I was just riding in a car for literally 5 minutes. I don't have car sickness anymore, thank god, but I think that's where the phobia comes from.

No. 196497

Used to have a terrible phobia of being prevented from seeing, like I'd feel panicky for the split-seconds when I was taking a shirt or dress off and it was over my head, or have to check a million times that nobody was hiding behind the shower curtain when I was in the bath. It's better now but I still get very jumpy if I have to close my eyes for any length of time.

I also have a distinct fear about falling, especially on stairs, so I watch my feet the whole time, and sometimes even when I'm walking on the street. This worries me because my mom developed such a severe phobia she was unable to cross the street because she couldn't step down off the curb.

No. 196737

I have a debilitating fear of STDS and getting shit in or around my vagina.

If either were to happen I would probably just off myself

No. 196739

I have a fear of terrorists, was born in a rough area in the early 90s.
Bus driver going too fast = wants to kill everyone.
A suspicious looking person gets on an aeroplane = wants to blow us all up.
I also avoid all metros in Western Europe. Trams, trolleys and trains are okay, and I'm not scared when flying with most larger airlines. If I have to do something that involves my phobias I do it anyway so it's not like it's preventing me from living a normal life, I'll just be really freaked out the whole time.

I'm also scared of disease, dying, medical accidents etc.

No. 196752

My only real phobia is waking up in Somalia or any other bad foreign places.

No. 196939

I am absolutely terrified of other people's bodily fluids. Not too bothered by urine or feces, I can clean a toilet no problem, but coming in contact with someone else's saliva or blood freaks me the fuck out. I can't even watch it on tv without cringing whenever someone spits on someone else or coughs blood and it hits their face. I think it's mostly fear of contracting Hep C, which was pretty much uncurable until like 2016. Hiv doesn't even scare me that because it's much harder to transmit.

No. 196953

File: 1498919719161.jpg (63.8 KB, 420x560, so rory.jpg)

Spiders. And I fucking hate when annoying ass people post cutesy magnified pictures of certain kinds (usually fuzzy, jumping ones) just to show how 'bro' they are when those types of spiders aren't the ones I get.
Fuck you, I'm killing them.

Wolf spiders, brown recluse, black widows, and other spiders that could seriously fuck me if bitten.
I can usually handle squishing house spiders and those little transparent ones that make annoying house webs. But not any fast-moving spider bigger than a quarter, or venomous. No.
Idgaf if they could 'eat other bugs,' because I frankly don't have any in my apartment for them to eat. They clearly crawl in because of bad sealants and wanting to escape the humidity/moisture. They are intruders, and I know if I were as small as a bug and showed up in their webs, they'd show no mercy to me either.

>be a few weeks ago

>still living in shitty ground floor apartment before moving up a floor
>got all sorts of bugs because management never repaired broken/bad door and window seals
>going to toilet
>notice something dark moving slowly towards me
>giant female wolf spider
>mid poop
>freak the fuck out but know if I make too much noise it would scamper away
>wipe and slowly search for things to throw at it
>spider is so large that as it runs away I can hear its legs clack against the linoleum

I think I finally got my bf's D&D book and dropped it on the spider.

No. 196975

>spider is so large that as it runs away I can hear its legs clack against the linoleum

Jesus fucking christ this literally gave me goosebumps

I'm glad we only have tiny (max palm sized) ones here and I never ever ever ever have to worry about these giant fucks

No. 196979

You should get help. Innocent animals shouldn't have to die because you're a big baby.

No. 196980


sure thing mercy-chan, I bet you don't kill flies, clothes moths, mosquitos etc. They won't kill you either (maybe except mosquitos in some cases), because they're fucking innocent.
All spiders should just die

No. 196983

They're not innocent.

There's a reason why humans smile when they see a new puppy but recoil when they see a spider or a snake. It's an evolutionary instinct.
I own a cornsnake, but I don't insist to every person with a snake phobia they'd have to leave a rattler alone if it got in their house.

No. 197023


i LOVE tarantulas and i like most spiders, but yeah wolf spiders and brown recluses can stay the fuck away from me i don't trust those bitches. would never kill them, but i'd get them out of my home for sure.

you are a brave soul for surviving that anon. also female wolf spider???? those bitches are huge and they lay tons of eggs man, hopefully she didn't get enough time to hatch any more of her buddies. stay cautious tbh.

No. 197026

I would never risk trying to get a brown recluse out of my home alive, I'd just kill it.

No. 197070

Open blinds or curtains at night. I'm so terrified of turning around and someone's face being pushed up against the glass looking at me.
Step father always leaves them open so visiting my family is a terror when I need to pee at night.

Also terrified of big bugs as well, I'm not sure where this phobia came from either. Used to catch grasshoppers and praying mantis all the time as a kid. Now seeing anything makes me cry. Had to have the neighbor grab a giant grasshopper off my door so I could go inside. I just stood outside in the heat crying.

I also don't like sharks either, the thought of them being around me in the ocean scares me hella. I only go up to like thigh high water so I can run as fast as I can out of there. Hate when my friends just swim out far it stresses me out.

No. 197071

>innocent animal
It's a bug and a pest with almost 0 consciousness and millions of clones scattered across the Earth. Killing it isn't a big deal especially if it's posing a threat in your home then you just get money and house problems.

No. 197072

No. 197073

>>It's a bug and a pest with almost 0 consciousness

This is debatable anon.

No. 197074

>>Open blinds or curtains at night. I'm so terrified of turning around and someone's face being pushed up against the glass looking at me.

Same here anon. I currently live on the 1st floor (single story home) and always check behind my curtains before sleeping.

No. 197081

I know you are doing it out of phobia, but it's actually smart to draw the blinds/curtains at night. Criminals and thieves scope out peoples' homes at night and note how many people are in the house or if you're home alone. Also if you have valuables like electronics.
They're less likely to target your home if they can't get that kind of info.

No. 197625

Anxiety rising out the roof and I'm sitting on the couch

No. 197633

i honestly thought the camera was pointed up towards the sky at first

No. 197646

I hate myself for this but I have a phobia of people with cerebral palsy. I'm not talking about those who have it pretty mildly like the breaking bad kid, but when people have it to the degree that they can't walk, have no control over their arms, look like they are trying to eat their own ear and sound like they're shouting nonsense when they try to talk. It freaks me the fuck out, like the thought of a person being locked inside of that is severely disturbing to me, also not really knowing the level of consciousness of the person.

In HS a couple of my asshole friends would occasionally act that way and chase me into a corner and it would bring me to tears of panic. In one of Joysus streams a while ago some guy with CP joined and I had to shut it off because hearing him talk freaked me out so much.

It's not something I have to encounter very often, and it makes me feel like a horrible person whenever I do but I can't help it.

No. 197658

I feel you, anon.
Not knowing what's "inside" so to speak freaks me out as well. It makes me think about human consciousness a bit too much.

No. 197685

This is kind of a weird one and I've never met anyone who's felt this way before, but I get anxiety when I hear echoing noise. Like being near churchbells, listening to harps/gongs, someone letting a guitar string reverberate without stopping it. I just feel so anxious whenever I hear the noise, like I want to stop the echoing sound so bad. I have no idea what this is called or why I hate it so much, haha.

Does anyone else feel this way/know the reason behind it or am I just a freak?

I also have trypophobia and really gross pics make me want to claw my eyes out (pls don't post any)

No. 198436

Fear of feet. They're super ugly, can be stinky, and are not meant to be looked at, touched, or put onto someone.

No. 198439

Not having an internet connection/phone at all times.

It freaks me the fuck out knowing that something important could be happening and I could not hear about it. I left my phone at home by mistake once, didnt relaise until I was on the train and it me feel physically ill. I ended up being sick and having to leave college early. When I run of data I will go out of my way to go somewhere with wifi just to check for updates.
I have very severe anxiety and depression mainly surrounding the fact that I have no social life, so I get very paranoid thinking that, what if someone is texting/calling me asking me to hang out with them and I miss it, and therefore miss the chance to do something? Its making me feel panicked just thinking about it now. I cant go ANYWHERE without my phone. its always in my hand, even walking from one side of my room to the other. Say I left something downstairs, like a glass of water, if I realise my phones not on me once I get there I will go back and get it, then go back and get the glass.

I also cant play any videogames on PC that take up the whole screen (like sims), or consoles that you plug into the TV without having something connected to the internet like my phone or laptop on me, it makes me feel so closed off and anxious. I don't really know how to describe the feeling.

No. 198448

vomit… like not just omg the sight of it makes me sick!! like, bawling my eyes out when someone else throws up, never touching the items they were on/near when it happened. even never looking at that person the same way again (unless close friend or family) it's so fucked, and I hate it because I often become the one needing consoling rather than the sick person, but i can't seem to get over it.
I'm not a crazy germaphobe either, and it's not that i'm afraid i'll catch it…. i feel like as long as I remember i've been this terrified of it.
someone puking in public is even worse

No. 198450

I remember being 13 and reading about how prisoners of war had wood chips shoved under their finger and toenails and ever since then I've been terrified of that or any other nail injury happening to me. Even now I keep my nails short so nothing can get under them lol

No. 198464

13? No way. You either got the age wrong, or 1) you had something else traumatic going on at that time that you tied in your mind to that, 2) you had something else traumatic going on earlier in your life that you tied in your mind to that.

No. 198502

No. 198590

I can relate anon. I remember when I took a trip to a foreign country I had no data, and was freaking out in the airport when I couldn't connect to their shit wifi. My flight was like 8 hours and I was DYING to know if someone texted me something during that time. I just wanted to go home and felt sick.

No. 198620

Haha yeah not gonna powerlevel but I'm pretty sure it's the 1st one

No. 279596

File: 1534124010246.png (490.15 KB, 460x431, 1446652722848.png)


No. 279599

https://www.google.com/search?q=lindsey+jo+baum(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 279622

I have a fear for clowns but mainly people with white paint on their face. Like the kiss band members scare me somewhat. I feel anxiety and disgust, especially when I think about their eyes. Since I was 11 I keep having a reoccurring dream. This dream had my childhood friend in it, he was 7 or so. He got ass raped by a Japanese guy in my dream. I was crying from a distance and he was also crying because this man was on top of him. I don't know where or how my mind came up with this Japanese man. The man had a bit long black hair and his face was painted white. His face was young looking, no emotion and he had no t-shirt on. He was really pale. He stopped raping my friend and he started chasing me so he could kill me I think because I was now a witness. I kept running and looking for a place to hide. Suddenly my dream stopped with the chase scene and I could see his face better. He was looking at my face. His black eyes and white painted face scared me and I waked up immediately. I was so fucking disgusted when I woke up. I started pacing and crying quietly in my room. I think I had a mental breakdown. I relaxed after 15/20 minutes and realized that probably never happend. I felt less disgusted. This dream has come back to me several times in my life though. It's changed a lot but the disgust is still there every time I wake up.

I was also a fan of a Japanese symphonic metal band a while back and when I found out they were actually a visual kei band and how the band members looked, I saw their faces I got so fucking disgusted again. I found an interview where you can vaguely see their faces. It's scary as fuck and just so disgusting. I don't listen to them anymore. If you're interested though I recommend 'Silent Knight' and 'Faith & Decision'. Those were my two favorite songs of them but I stopped listening after I felt the disgust again. I know retarded but whatever. I don't understand a fuck of what they were saying anyways but the guitarist is pretty good. The phobia I guess has not affected my life much but I have other anxiety problems so it doesn't matter. Anybody else feel disgust for face paint?

No. 279627

Terrified of molluscs of any kind. Snails, slugs, you name it. I can't even look at photos of them and have to look away from snail pellet boxes when I go into a store because the pictures on the box.
Cartoony snails don't scare me, although sometimes Gary from spongebob scares me when he's animated a certain way. I only told one friend and in grade school when we had to bring in either woodlice or snails, she told a bunch of kids in the class and as a result they terrified me with their snails. I won't leave the house if it rains and to be honest I probably wont check in on this thread again because I'm terrified someone is gonna post a photo of one.

I would rather pick up a piece of dog poo and hold it for 2 hours then even touch a snail or slug, I would never be able to do it without crying or shuddering.

No. 279630

File: 1534133920866.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 398x305, 521B6474-556F-4403-A613-FFE4D7…)

This is a super interesting phobia anon, thanks for sharing.

As for me, I’ve got a basic-bitch fear of spiders. Early in autumn, my house gets infested with hobo spiders. They just hang out wherever, I’ve found them behind my toilet, up in corners, on blankets, in my car, etc… I hate that summer is almost over here.

>spoiler for disgusting

No. 279633

File: 1534134594633.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.35 MB, 120x213, ezgif.com-resize.gif)

Yeah it's kinda weird. Have you seen this gif though? It's a tarantula shedding its own skin lol

No. 279636

Can't post the HD one because of file size limit but yeah pretty disgusting.

No. 279641

File: 1534136204347.jpg (283.32 KB, 1082x1205, b90dee58-84b5-4557-9be8-616c34…)

but the big ones are cute :(

No. 279670

File: 1534144509378.jpg (111.32 KB, 800x533, fuckthis.jpg)

Sinkholes and arachnophobia.
They say educate yourself to the things you fear to get over them but it just made me more terrified like knowing which species of spiders are in my region (black widows and yellow sac spiders) and the effects of their venom.
And if it wasn't for a goddamn recurring dream of falling into a sinkhole I had as a child then I probably wouldn't be afraid of them but tbh, sinkholes are fucking terrifying anyways especially since you never know if you could be over one.

No. 279671

School buildings, especially high school. Not a phobia, they just make me uncomfortable.

No. 279752

File: 1534153261043.gif (500.56 KB, 400x302, tumblr_l0cciiKPtx1qzekdio1_400…)

This combines two of my strangest fears - afghan hounds and people in mascot outfits/costumes

No. 279755

I have a fear of planes but I can't figure out why I've a fear of planes. I'm not afraid of heights (I love zip lining and viewing points in tall buildings), I'm not claustrophobic (I actually think small spaces are cosy) and I don't think it's a trust issue (when I read up all the facts about planes being meticulously checked for problems and how pilots have to go through regular testing, it doesn't seem to calm me). Generally I have a panic attack as the plane is taking off and a few hours into the flight when I've accepted what's going on, I'm fine. I've gotten some xanax for the first time for my next flight so I pray that works.

The only conclusion I've come to is that the feeling of falling a little in the plane (during turbulence) reminds me of that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you have anxiety. Maybe, subconsciously, my body is remembering the one time I had bad turbulence and instead of remembering it as "the plane dipped a little and I got a weird feeling in my stomach" it's remembering it as "I had a panic attack on the plane and I might get another". I can't ride rollercoasters anymore for the same reason which is a real pity because I used to love them. But that's just a guess. Other odd little fears I get:

>that someone/something is looking in my window at night

>getting lost and being too embarrassed to ask anyone for directions
>childbirth but also if I don't have a child, I'll be lonely when I'm elderly
>someone I love getting dementia
>making permanent decisions, so I only make "safe" ones
>large dogs (German Shepards, Huskies, Dobermans) not because I'm afraid of dogs but because I'm afraid the owner treats it like shit and won't have good control over it if it starts attacking me
>having a hole on my body
>that a spider will crawl onto my face at night and I won't even notice

No. 279757

I actually enjoy turbulence specifically because it's like a rollercoaster, and because it breaks up the still monotony and makes you feel like you're moving.

But anyway
>childbirth but also if I don't have a child, I'll be lonely when I'm elderly
I feel this so hard. But not just childbirth, having a child in general. Either option is the scariest shit ever, but I don't think it counts as a phobia. Phobias are irrational, life changing decisions that could make or break you are definitely rational fears.

No. 279760

^ Speaking of rollercoasters, I'm pretty sure I've got a slight fear of them. I've never been the biggest fan of them and I've only been of a few, but one night I thought it would be a great idea to look up lists of accidents that have happened on rollercoasters and ended up scaring the shit out of myself lol. Just absolute horrid stories, like when a seatbelt doesn't work or something and someone goes flying out, or this one that literally made me sick to my stomach, a mother was sitting in front of her daughter on the ride, something went loose on the track and came hurtling towards her and decapitated her. I just can't imagine being the daughter looking at the headless body of your mum in front of you, jesus christ. Fuck rollercoasters man lmao. I know the chances of accidents happening on them are extremely small, but I'd rather not take the risk. Just the thought of someone or multiple people dying, getting thrown off, bodies parts and blood splattered everywhere for others to see, especially kids, makes me sick.

Also, this kind of ties into it, (idk if this fear has a specific name) the fear that anything bad can happen at virtually any time. Like the rollercoaster one, you're just out hanging fun and suddenly your life gets cut short just like that. It always make me think how tragic, how deeply unsettling, having something horrible happen to you is just so easy no matter where you are. Like a killer just happens to choose you as a victim in a busy shopping mall, someone dies of a heart attack on the train you're at, you could be sitting in your room and suddenly a car comes crashing through the wall because the driver is drunk. Like anything can happen at any time that can change your whole life, in those minutes of the event. Freaks me out man.

But besides all that existential shit, there's also a small fear of needles lol. It's not so bad when they put it in, but when they slide the needle out it just makes me cringe and feel nauseous. Especially when they accidentally wiggle it around as they get it out uurrrghhh.

No. 279792

Pregnancy does a lot of permanent things to your body which many women don't like. I remembered reading a long story of multiple post on 4chan a few years ago where basically someone was explaining the biology of pregnancy. He claimed it's like having an alien in your body sucking out all your life nutrients and permanently damaging your body, making your life worse and shorter. Your body tries to kill the alien at all times but it's protected by the placenta. Wish I could read that story again. It was somewhat interesting.

I'm not afraid of roller coasters and used to enjoy them but last year I went to the Ohio State Fair and I went into this octopus roller coaster called the Fire Ball or something. It was not enjoyable at all and I felt so sick during the ride. To be fair I hadn't been on a fast swinging g-force machine in years. Exactly 2 hours later, we had already left the news came out some dude actually died because the ride broke and two more could die. People who were with me that day were shocked and their first responses were, that could have been us. I didn't know what to think of it but I don't think I'll ever go into another roller coaster again. It just makes me feel sick and it's not that enjoyable as it was in childhood.

No. 279821

The way that .gif cuts back to the beginning is nice and jarring, too.

No. 279827

Good old fashioned house centipedes for me!
I won’t google up a pic, so if you don’t know what they are, you’re on your own.
>but anon, they eat spiders and all the other bugs
idfaf. I am fine with all the other stuff. House centipedes look straight out of hell.
>be child
>house is filled with centipedes, especially basement
>take 20 minutes to go down basement stairs
>check every step and inch of wall for centipedes before proceeding
>finally make it to the washing machine
>open lid
>peer inside
>slam lid, run upstairs
>don’t do laundry for a week

No. 279837

Christ those things are nightmares. Glad to see I'm not the only one who can't stand them.

No. 279845


I feel personally wronged by the existence of centipedes. I'm scared of most spiders too but at least they tend to stay still. Seeing centipedes dart across walls makes me legitimately nauseous.

No. 279855

I have emetophobia, the fear of vomitting. This means I fear anything that could get me sick, like a stomach bug or food poisoning. No raw food at all, no fish, I avoid lettuce like the plague, all meat must be very well done. I don’t eat anything close to it’s expiration or sell by date. I’m slightly germaphobic and wash my hands and phone constantly, but only to avoid the stomach bug.

Once in October my sister v* and I barely ate the next few days, and I did apple cider vinegar shots every morning. I carry around antinausea medicine, I avoid eating in public, I avoid eating new food or even at new restaurants.

I try my best to handle it, but it gives me a lot of anxiety. I’m terrified or pregnancy too, even though I do want to one day be pregnant and have children.

No. 279866

That sounds like the kind of phobia that you should be seeking help for. Better to start now so when it’s time to have a baby, you’ll be okay. I’m sorry you have this phobia anon.
I’m sure you have tossed your cookies before though, was it fine in reality? Like just the thought is terrifying but when it actually happens you’re like okay that wasn’t bad.

No. 279928

It’s terrible every time. I cry, I have a breakdown, I have so much anxiety. In the moment I would rather die than v*, and after I do it, I just cry more because I know it isn’t over

No. 279964

That’s no way to live. You have to book an appt. asap to start freeing your head from this.
You’ll be okay, anon, just give it time and put the work into therapy :-)

No. 280236

I'm so sorry you're struggling with that. I'm going to echo what others have said and suggest therapy. You deserve to live free from this fear.

No. 280249

Paper cuts. I handle paper very carefully lel.

No. 280255

i have a meat phobia. if i try to eat it i get so grossed out by the texture that i gag or vomit. feels bad man

No. 280433

I too am afraid of seeing others puke ….well it used to be sooo terrible that if someone were to puke in class or something like that I'd get anxiety having them near me even after years of the incident. I felt bad. but damn I never told everyone but I know its obvious. I stopped being scared so much now but the most i feel is oddness and i can help the sick person and withstand it but it took a while.

now my biggest fear is those loud floor waxers with a gas tanks …….something about it scares me sooo much. the sound. If I see one at walmart ….I am out I hate them. It just triggers my flight response lol. also halloween animatronics…and silicon animatronics….I hate them i feel odd ….but thats just about it

No. 280434

dead whales seriously scare the shit out of me

No. 280457

My big three are heights, razor blades, and hypodermic needles. The former is getting better (slowly) but the latter two are incredibly strong.

The razors are probably the dumbest, though, because it was only instilled when I was going through puberty. To sum it up shortly: I watched a film that put the idea in my head that if I shaved with a razor, I would somehow nick myself and peel my skin off. And now, that's legitimately what I think will happen if I try to use one. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't force myself to put one on my skin and use it. Now it's to the point where I can't look at razors at all, even when they're not being used. They make me physically nauseous and anxious. Any time I see one in a bathroom or at a grocery store, my entire body is on high alert. Thankfully it's such a specific thing (it's only straight blades) that it doesn't effect me too much, but personal grooming gets kind of annoying. Eh.

No. 280459

Those huge fuckers are nasty. I’ve heard too many horror stories about dead whale carcasses…

No. 280480

God me too. I see a lot of stories about them too but they look like clickbait usually and I'm terrified of anything from the ocean. Why are they dangerous? I'm fucking terrified to google it in case I see an image of one.

No. 280483

Do you mean like, packs of blades not attached to a stick or encased in anything, like loose? They don't sell them in my location but I think they're scary due to movie association. Lady shaves where it's encased in plastic on every side + stick are very safe. I have similar weird fears, all due to having thin+sensitive skin I think, thus the risks being higher
-Used to be blood until I hit puberty, exposure therapy works
-Scared of cheese graters and fruit/veg peelers for similar excessive reasons as your blade one
-Sharp scissors
I made the mistake of watching the bit in 13 Reasons Why on Youtube where she does the deed and it has mildly traumatised me

I'm not anxious but I'm very cautious. I don't chop vegetables or food, I use a spoon over a fork half the time, never use even butterknives when eating, I will chop food with a fork instead. (basically use a spoon and fork instead of knife and fork lol)

reminded of my fear whenever I grate cheese, (rarely) don't handle kitchen knives ever and avoid doing dishes manually in case there's knives in there

There's no event which led to this, it doesn't invoke anxiety but like the "chopping vegetables" scenes they put in casual dramas are definitely a lot more stressful to watch than the director probably intended. I think they are there for light peril where for me they may as well show a guy with an axe sneaking around outside. I used to be scared of the "man outside" type thing too but my house has CCTV (which I recommend to anyone) and seeing people on camera is quite amusing so it has negated that little fear of the unknown

No. 280512

because they blow up and their entrails fly everywhere and stink up your entire city. I had a nightmare about falling into one that had been rotting for a few days… made me want to rip off all my skin. so much bacteria… ugh……….

No. 280545

Lol haven't you seen this video? Alive whales can actually explode your brain if you get too close. They have such large heads and because of that, the sounds get reflected inside them and back out making it even larger. If a human is right next to sperm whale and this whale starts clicking, making sounds, the whale literally vibrates the human to death if this human can't leave the area which is hard because his body might be paralyzed.

No. 280571

I just spent an hour going down a sperm whale rabbit hole I love the bastards

No. 280576

It gets worse anon… have you ever heard stories of people jumping on them while they’re still floating around in the ocean? Truly horrifying.

No. 280601

Moths. For as long as I can remember. They put an Intense shivering fear and discomfort into me that could make me sick. Tiny thin ones I have come to not mind, but bigger ones that are thick, furry and look really… viable?? Like they look more like an animal than an insect. And make fluttering vibrating noises and fly around so haphazardly. Always my #1.

Also, catheters. Idk.

No. 280608

>work in candy store
>open 20 pound box of chocolate covered peanuts
>inspect plastic bag holding the candy
>webs, cocoons, larvae, moths
>send it back

Moths loooove nuts, but they really love chocolate covered nuts. Even plain chocolate. I’ve accidentally eaten dead moth larvae in candy and nuts before (most people probably have). If you ever taste a real sour/bitter taste, it’s a bug. I can’t say it stops me from eating nuts, but I stay away from chocolate covered nuts. Most nuts are irradiated, killing the eggs or whatever. Raw nuts are more susceptible.

No. 280628

Me too! Everyone makes fun of me because they're harmless. Yeah, obviously a moth isn't going to bite or sting me, but I still think they're absolutely disgusting. I even hate butterflies… I wouldn't say I'm afraid of them exactly but I think they're gross.

Well I want to die now

No. 280636

>most people have eaten dead moth larvae in nuts
Neat, extra protein.

On topic, I am pretty uncomfortable with the ocean like the other anons. Not anything in particular, but just the idea of such a large body of water fills me with a sense of dread. I get a similar but lesser sense even in the presence of larger aquariums. The only recurring nightmare I have involves aquariums and being in a room surrounded with them.
Ironically I love fish and fishkeeping. I hate myself I guess.

My biggest fear, however, is skin diseases and deformities. It's gotten better since I've tried exposing myself to photographs/videos/etc. but any type of skin disease outside of acne disgusts and terrifies me. Anything that creates bumps or swelling (even from a bug bite) gets my heart going.
Ironically again, I love inverts and of course my favourites are venomous, meaning if I got bitten I'd have a nice swollen bump to scare the shit out of me for a week or so. I'm pretty cautious with my tarantula though, and I'll be even more careful when I eventually get a centipede. That hurts like hell on top of it apparently.

No. 280654

I share a few of these with others (heights, snails/slugs) but a big one for me is claymation. Something about the choppy movement freaks me out, also the ease of them being squished. Too uncanny valley I guess. I hated watching Gumby as a kid, couldn’t watch nightmare before Christmas and coraline for the longest time, and definitely can’t watch celebrity death match. Anything else stop motion is cute to me, but specifically claymation makes my skin crawl.

No. 280728

oh anon, thanks for that, possibly information i was better off not knowing as i vivdly remember hating going round to aunt's because she'd always give me these bitter tasting hazel nuts ;-;

on topic of pests, last week at work there was this soggy empty cardboard tray left on shelf in pet food aisle and i lifted it up to throw it away as normal but the underside of it was full of quite meaty maggots just crawling around, i felt my stomach drop 3 stories when i saw that. istg i have never been so grossed out in my life, like i don't care about insects and spiders and stuff like that at all, most I find cute even, but maggots man

No. 281439

Oh, no, I mean the full razor. I guess I don't really like straight razors loose, but it doesn't bother me nearly as much. But my phobia is specifically the razor attached to the handle and everything. Even if all the sides are enclosed, they still freak me out and I don't want them near me. I'm also pretty nervous around the kind you find at barber shops for men's grooming. Ugh.

Strange enough, I don't have a phobia of knives. I do have intrusive thoughts about them and how they can hurt me, but I am able to use them. Same with things like graters and peelers. I think the razor thing was legitimately me seeing the wrong thing at the wrong time in life and letting it become this huge, terrifying thing in my head. It's weird, how junk like this work…

I have a needle phobia, too, like I mentioned. But it's a completely different reason. I don't like the idea of something just sticking in me like that? It's not even a pain thing, it's just the concept of it all is so terrible and disturbing to me. On top of that, I'm terrified of embolisms. I don't even know why I am, somehow I got the idea in my head at a young age and I've been scared shitless of it since.

No. 281841

Fuck sea urchins

No. 281842

i don't think you should do that if you're scared of them. anon.

No. 281845

Aside from jokes
They're literally spiky things that move and when you open them they have those little thing that to me look like tiny guts.
Not cool.

No. 281846

Holy moly! I thought I was crazy for being scared of moths! I am glad I am not alone. I also can't stand butterflies, especially if they are big, fat and hairy… :'(

Pheww good that I don't like nuts but thank you for your warning anon

No. 281849

Scared of thunderstorms to the point where I wake up in the middle of the night and sit in a corner of the room to avoid windows in case I get struck by lightning.

I'm also afraid of the dark and need a night light. I've seen some weird shit in the dark.

No. 283509

Jewelry and things made of metal that resembles jewelry. I mean, I don't freak out seeing necklaces and earrings, but I feel so disgusted at them.
I remember throwing up as a kid when my mother asked me to hold her earrings. I hate the feeling of it in my skin and I hate looking at it.

No. 285689

I'm terrified of bugs and spiders in general. Also in my definition spiders ARE bugs so FIGHT ME on that.

I know its common to be afraid of spiders and bees/wasps. But literally every bug fucking terrifies me and I've always been like this since a kid. Ants freak me the fuck out, flies, even lady bugs. The only bug that is ok is a butterfly because they LEAVE ME ALONE. Yes they're not as fugly, but they pretty much don't harass me like other disgusting ass bugs. I swear to fucking god I can't step outside without a fucking fly getting in my god damn grill, buzzing near my ear. Fleas freak me out. Ants are literally EVERYWHERE. I dont dare to lean on a tree, have you seen how many of them infest trees? Those fuckers try to crawl on me if I'm just minding my own business in a park. Bees and wasps I SWEAR TO GOD they fucking come after me when I purposely try to avoid them. It's like bugs naturally gravitate towards me because they know im fucking terrified of them. A world without bugs would be heaven honestly. Why can't there be cute little animals that do the same jobs as bugs like geckos and rabbits or little mice. I have no pity when a bug dies. My heart races like crazy and I freeze up and sometimes hide behind a friend/family member if a stupid ass bug is near. All they ever do is a cause a nuisance. They have so much earth space to infest, leave humans alone.

No. 285692

>spiders are bugs
I won't fight you, but I will say that most people referring to all insects (ants, butterflies, etc.) as bugs are also wrong. Only insects in the order Hemipetra are True Bugs (literally called that).

So don't feel bad or anything, bug has sort of taken on a new casual meaning that covers non-crustacean arthropods. Anyone being nitpicky about someone putting arachnids in the wrong category better check themselves for putting all insecta under that same category.


No. 286051

File: 1535395520327.jpg (11.9 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

>non-crustacean arthropods
But pill bugs crustacean

No. 286070

Damn! You're right. How could I forget about those special friends.
Aquatic crustaceans would be more accurate. People seem to cut off their bug definition at crabs, crayfish, shrimp, and the like.

No. 629890

sorry for necroing this but I moved out of a state that pretty regularly gets earthquakes because my phobia of them is so intense. I was born and raised in CA and have been through enough earthquakes and each time I've been throughly traumatized. I grew up in a multi level apartment complex with our unit being on the 4th floor and anytime the building would sway I would get a full on panic attack thinking that it was "the big one" coming. Since moving to another state where the only real natural disaster is the occasional storm I seriously feel such a sense of safety and serenity.

No. 629895

down here we call them rollie pollies

No. 629907

hell yeah

No. 629977

Vomit. I have to look up movies/tv shows before I watch them. Why do so many shows and movies have vomit scenes? Idk if it just sticks out to me more because of the phobia but it feels like it’s a disproportional amount.

No. 629980

Naww puke is in everything. I have emetophobia though no where near as bad as I used to be. I was scared to leave the house and eat at one point in case I was sick in public. It had happened so many times as a kid because no on believed I felt sick and I always ended up doing it in front of people in embarrassing ways. I have vomited twice in 14 years and it was never as bad as I remembered because I was at home, so I try to think of that relief whenever I feel anxious about it. I mostly struggle now with the aspect of being stuck somewhere with someone else puking - a plane, theme park rides, car etc. I think that is my ultimate nightmare. That and things like clubs and concerts are ruined for me because I am always looking out for people who look like they need to throw up. It's exhausting. But yeah, I totally get the movie thing, though I can sit and watch it now without many issues. It sucks anon, it's such an annoying phobia to have because it can happen at any time or any place.

No. 629981

I really regret browsing this thread. This picture was the picture that started my dear of giant squids and I panic every time I see a pic of one. I can't even take baths without thinking one will snatch me up.

No. 629983

i understand this fear but to me pics like this feel really nice and peaceful to look at

my biggest fear is wasps. it kinda comes and goes though. some summers i haven't been able to go out without layers of clothes covering my full body and a mosquito hat, even while it's hot as fuck outside.

No. 629984

That’s so similar to my own experience! I’m kind of over my fear of myself throwing up too, because it’s never been as bad as I remember and I’ve always been at home but the idea of it happening in public is still terrifying, but someone else being sick and me being stuck with them is a way bigger fear. It’s all I think about on planes and I don’t go to theme parks or clubs anymore because of it. Also whenever someone I’m with in public says they feel sick or looks sick (or even sometimes when they cough or make to many lurchy movements lmao) I get intense panic and I’m desperate to leave the situation but sometimes I can’t and it genuinely makes me feel like I’m going to have a heart attack or something. I kind of want to tell people I’m friends with not to say it unless they really mean it because of how anxious it makes me but I feel like it sounds stupid.

No. 629985

Music played backwards with "hidden messages" creep me out no matter how dumb they are. Like I want to crumple and cry and nearly start shaking lol.

No. 629996

File: 1600067944782.jpg (38.47 KB, 640x360, 86414307_640.jpg)

Anyone else not realize they have a phobia until actually being exposed to that specific thing/condition IRL?

I used to think I wasn't claustrophobic, could look at pictures of tight spaces without so much as mild discomfort. And then in my late teens I went on vacation with my family and one of our stops was this water-filled cave similar to pic related. As soon as I went through the small opening my heart started pounding, I couldn't talk, only hyperventilate, and everything around me seemed to blur. Even as others easily swam/waded through the area, I felt like the cave was going to close in on me until I was trapped in a tiny, suffocating space. My parents had to maneuver me out of there because I couldn't even think for myself.

It's weird because I don't think I have any traumatizing experiences with small spaces or caves; it just suddenly triggered then and there and now I can't even look at a picture of an underwater cave without shuddering.

No. 630015

No. 630038

I can totally relate, and it's the same phobia, never cared about closed spaces much until I was visiting a museum in a mine which you're supposed to leave in a tiny, pitch black elevator, at that moment I got a full blown panic attack; since then for years i've really struggled to go into any kind of small, closed space, similarly to the cave you've mentioned. It's far more manageable now but the worry remains. Some phobias are just a little irrational and don't require any type of specific triggering experience; since it's an instinct thing of our animal ancestors fearing being trapped or so.

No. 630064


>Anyone else not realize they have a phobia until actually being exposed to that specific thing/condition IRL?

I know what you mean anon; a few months ago me and my friends went on a Ferris Wheel, I was relaxed and chill about it, but as soon it started and we slowly got lifted up and I could see just how high we were going I began panicking, breathing hard, silently begging to get off, the whole works. I think I've got a fear of heights, it's strange because I'm not really afraid of being on planes, maybe it's because you can't really see/feel you're up a thousand feet in the air, and being on a Ferris Wheel you're more in the open and less secure. A few weeks ago I was watching a documentary of people beating world records of going the highest in the sky, it was fascinating but i realised my heart was beating so hard and I literally got dizzy just thinking of the heights these people reached and the complications it can cause.

Slightly related, but I scared myself off rollercoasters and other extreme rides like that. I've read too many horror stories of people getting decapitated, thrown off their seats, getting their scalp ripped because their hair got stuck somewhere, being upside down for hours etc etc. Like nooooo thanks. It's one of those situations where even if one little thing goes slightly wrong, it can end in a fucking disaster, and that's terrifying.

No. 630087

File: 1600087451376.jpg (Spoiler Image, 300.26 KB, 2048x1365, 13917014_web1_43555399_1015683…)

I have an extreme phobia of pregnancy and babies, to the point i decided to not have sex anymore until i can get my tubes tied or the implant, maybe both for safety, seeing pregnant women makes me nauseous and i basically can't feel anything good towards babies, I can't even hold a baby, my first instintic would be to throw them on the floor and run away (already happened, i had to hold myself extremely hard to not throw this person's baby on the floor when they made me hold it against my will and comfort)

It makes me really upset that no one takes it seriously, not even my therapist, everyone just assumes im going to change my mind when im older and start popping babies like a good woman is supposed to, but its so bad i don't doubt i would stab myself in the uterus if i found out i was pregnant (abortions are illegal in my country).

I just want to be sterilized anons, why do those things have age requirements, im 21 i should be allowed to choose want to for my life.

The whole process of pregnancy is just so revolting to me, it genuinely only reminds me of the xenomorph from alien, i hate it so much, sometimes i wish i was born a scrote just so pregnancy wouldn't even be a possibility.

No. 630092

Same! I'm 32 and similarly I don't trust birth control enough to be able to enjoy sex. In the last 5 years the only person I've slept with was someone who'd had a vasectomy. It was a pretty horrible relationship but his vasectomy meant I could at least have a sex life for once.

Where I live they won't tie your tubes unless you've already had 2/3 kids and hit 35 so.. guess I'm just left with celebacy.

No. 630095

Where do you live, anon? Maybe you just need to find the right doctor, hopefully a female who's understanding and all. My best friend feels and has always felt the same way as you and got her tubes tied at 21. Best of luck, it's super shitty that people seem to view women as baby machines only when not all of us want them. You're in good company.

No. 630097

My condolences anon, I had sex like 4 times but they were all kind of shitty anyways so I have no qualms with staying celibate for now, it does make dating kind of a hassle tho, i've conformed with playing otome games like the closet weeb i am lol.


I live in Brazil, most doctors won't even perform tubal ligations if you don't have a kid even if you are over the age of 25, they tend to be very conservative and if they aren't the fines for doing the procedured on someone who is not legally allowed to are high enough to discourage them.

My gynecologist is a pretty progressive lesbian and even she has asked me to just come back in 4 years lol, she did suggest i get an implant because they are as effective as the surgery.

No. 630111

> won't even perform tubal ligations if you don't have a kid
That's the most frustrating thing. Even if you wait until you are a 'mature enough age to decide' you still need to have multiple kids before you're allowed. In my country you need to have 3. So where's the respect for full grown women who surely have their minds made up? A minumum age makes some sense to me but needing to have 3 kids already just defeats the purpose for alot of women wanting the procedure. You need to have kids in order to earn the right to stop having kids, like what? lol

I also live somewhere where abortion only became legal recently so all of my twenties passed by with me either being single and sexless for loong periods of time or me worrying myself sick over pregnancy fears.

No. 630134

Do a research and plan for a medical vacation when traveling abroad becomes easier again. Nothing but money stops you from getting your tubes tied in another country if it's impossible where you are now. I was in a same boat as you but luckily I found a doctor in my very conservative country that did it no questions asked. My sex life improved by 1000% after that, absolutely zero regrets. You too deserve to be free from this crap anon, I wish you the best.

No. 630141

Damn but at least she is willing to do it?

I want it too but all gynecologists in town are conservative and won't do it.

No. 630142

Me too. And with the recent push to forbid abortion even in rape cases the fear grows stronger every day, it's like having a dormant bomb inside me or something.

No. 630193

I agree that babies are terrible. I want to kill them. I see my sister's baby and think about smothering it to death. I feel like I could make it look like an accident. Anyone got any tips?(global rule 1)

No. 630196

File: 1600097112645.jpeg (22.98 KB, 264x191, 99122947-4056-4BA3-9A0A-E24F0F…)

No. 630197

If you're not being edgy just turn yourself in already you're a socially inept moron

No. 630199

> recent push to forbid abortion even in rape cases
Outside my local church lately I had to walk past a group of old age men (with collection buckets) preaching that in the case of rape 'don't punish the baby'

I have not been sexually active for most of my adult life because I'm that scared of pregnancy.. now even if I get raped I have to suck it up and carry it? Must be nice to be a 70 year old man and be able to sit around all day just pondering about what rape victims should do.

No. 630207

Oh my god me too anon. Sometimes even hearing someone saying the word will make me anxious. For some reason mine gets worse at night and when I'm outside eating. I'm also scared to death of food poisoning (I actually stasted having this phobia after a very bad case of food poisoning/stomach flu), so restaurants are a little difficult because I'm afraid of food gone bad. The flu season makes me die inside. I wonder if there's a way to make it go away?

No. 630208

Would really recommend the arm implant for maximum effectiveness, it's proven to be more successful than tubal ligation. If you're lucky like I was, you'll also receive the grace of not getting a period or spotting ever.

I rode out my 20s with the assurance that no matter who I fucked, they weren't going to get me pregnant and there was nothing those men could do to tamper with it. And trust me, many were shocked-annoyed when I told them about my implant. Mad that they couldn't "accident" trap me with their spawn. Some asked when I was getting it taken out. Lmao. I love this birth control, I mean it did make me fat but it also gave me so much power, independence, and peace of mind that I think it was a small price to pay. I have a bf right now (who wants kids) and atm I'm riding out the expiration of what's probably going to be my last implant. I'm a little sad but not mortified at the thought of being pregnant anymore now that I'm with a good person, whereas before it terrified me cause so many men are unsupportive dirtbags who don't care about our pain and sacrifices. Anyways, I'm rambling. Best of luck anon.

No. 630211

Fuck off breeder.

No. 630215

File: 1600098489600.jpeg (53.91 KB, 598x436, angwy.jpeg)

This post is the visual embodiment of pic related

No. 630216

Not those anons but you don't have to be a breeder to be against violence towards children. I don't love children but I would never try to hurt one. You just have problems.

No. 630221

>assumes anyone who tells you not to kill a baby is a breeder

Fully support your decision not to have kids, anon. There are enough dumbasses in the world already

No. 630225


What rustles my jimmies even more is that abortion rates are still high. Those who have money travel to do it and those who don't die or go to jail, but it still happens. And actual infanticide is a huge issue.

Tbh i would be happy if it was just old church men yelling at a corner but many religious young men and women with the power to change the law agree on this. Recently a 10 year old who was raped almost couldn't get one because of nutjobs surrounding the hospital (one of the few in the country who do it), she had to be snuck in the back of a car. A 10 year old.

The law that it's allowed in rape cases is there but they will do anything to stop you from getting one. There is no info about it in hospitals or official websites.

It's so fucking scary, how i could be forced to be pregnant even while celibate and they won't let me get sterilized either. I just hope i can leave this shithole soon.

No. 630226

Just basing this off my stupid true crime interest but tbh it's 'breeders' that are killing more babies than anyone, You seen the amount of cases where people kill their own kids and then go to desperate lengths to make out like the bogeyman must've snuck into their house and done it?

No. 630227

Yeah one of those anons and I don't want kids, I'm just not fucking retarded kek. They're being edgy, time to ignore.

No. 630241

There is literaly nonthing wrong with infanticide.

No. 630253

Once every few years we'll have a case here where a newborn baby is found either dead on a beach or nearly dead and we'll have people pretend to care about the distress of the missing mother like "come forward and we'll provide medical help no questions asked" But everything about the country that I'm in just contributes to teen girls giving birth alone on dirty fucking beaches and thinking that's better than telling their parents about their pregnancy.

I was a loser teen with no sex life, thank god because I had the kind of parents where I'd be driven to hiding it and suffering alone. Meanwhile people living one country away have had abortion for decades and surprise surprise.. significantly less 'beach babies'

No. 630258

Samefagging just to add that one beach baby every few years sounds like nothing but I don't doubt that many women (teens) have given birth and literally binned their babies in secret here over the years. That one baby every few years that is left publicly is the tip of the iceberg

No. 630261

I was gonna say, there's only reports of beach babies and binners that have been found. I'm sure there are thousands who are never.

No. 630263

File: 1600102497007.jpg (84.36 KB, 960x720, hrOsXkwMf48z4NhCTQsghdiW5z6z9y…)

Really scared of deep, dark, but VAST water. For example, the ocean terrifies me, and not at all because of the animals in it. I just hate thinking about how big and deep the ocean is. I hate the idea of currents and waves too. I can barely swim, and the fear of drowning makes water all the more scary to me.

I don't understand how there are stories of people surviving in the ocean without a boat for days just by floating on their back. I could never…

No. 630287

If I could trade my fertility for some woman's sterility, I would. I will never want to be pregnant and have a child of my own. Just all the pain and stress of a pregnancy would kill me mentally (and possibly physically). I hate when my mother starts talking to me about her pregnancy as if was some wholesome and cute thing, every time she goes into the details I think it's fucking hideous.

No. 630317

At least they offer help, here it's straight up jail lmfao

It's sad all around. Babies found in plastic bags, women dying from ingesting harmful things to induce abortion, dying in illegal clinics if they have some money and on their bathrooms if not…

I don't i'll ever get over this phobia as long as i live here. As long as i know i will be forced to keep a rape pregnancy i can't really live, i'll aways be worried and anxious. We don't even have guns or i would be calmer knowing i could aways kms with a high success rate and not have to deal with the pregnancy anymore.

No. 630324

Those thoughts are irrational anon though. Conception rates are low even when women are trying, and add on with birth control its extremely low risk. I know you hear stories about accidents but those are the minority if birth control is effectively used. My friend is terrified of pregnancy she actually ended her marriage over it. She makes her partners double up on condoms, we don't even live in a place without access to abortions.

No. 630329

If it's easy or not it depends on the woman and the time, but rapists don't use protection and it only takes a single sperm.

Think of it like a broken but loaded gun that has 1% chance of firing. You still wouldn't want to keep poiting it at yourself and pulling the trigger would you? And you wouldn't want other people to randomly do it to you against your will. It's like this for me.

No. 630331

doubling up on condoms makes them more likely to break

No. 630333

File: 1600110378312.gif (378.08 KB, 498x498, tenor (6).gif)

I technically have a fear of insects and cockroaches. I honestly don't like being around or near them nor do I want them touching me

No. 630336

same. where i currently live, cockroaches are mostly a non-issue, but back home, roaches are huge and fly. it's the worst. the new year is in the middle of summer so it's really super fun to have a huge roach fall on your leg or fly right above your head while you're trying to enjoy your food.

these days there are tons of wasps outside. they're obsessed with coke and my classmates always buy coke for some reason. we all looked absolutely ridiculous, so petrified of tiny insects.

No. 630337

File: 1600110815354.jpeg (22.81 KB, 400x400, B1569E3D-4349-4CA3-B4DC-52E5EB…)

i’m terrified of the the ocean, pic related makes me feel sick

No. 630344

>>630337 it bothers me so much how the man in the picture is dangerously close to a large ship propeller. If that propeller started to move, the man could've gotten injured or even killed for thinking that being near a propeller would be a "smart" idea for a photo op

No. 630411

File: 1600118447542.jpg (10.54 KB, 480x360, BULL.jpg)

Reminds me of that bullshit level in Banjo
I hate mechanical shit like propellers underwater

No. 630561

File: 1600135106930.jpg (11.91 KB, 250x250, zzz.jpg)

I have an insane fear of needles, medical procedures, and injuries. This past week my friend put Cheer, the Netflix documentary on, and I had a panic attack within the first few minutes because all I could think about are the cheerleaders landing wrong and blowing out their ankle.

Last time I had to get a needle (9 years ago), after panicking for 10-20 minutes my mother had to grab me in a surprise big bear hug and the doctor ran at me with the needle in the middle of the hallway. It was horrible.
Next time I'm getting a shot I'm taking some Valium, maybe looking into some kind of numbing cream and/or something like the Buzzy.

The thought of having something living and growing inside of you is disgusting. I fear the complications of birth, the pain, the recovery. I don't wanna have my vagina and asshole ripped open and wear diapers.
Sometimes I get a burst of clarity and having a baby feels right, so hopefully when I meet a guy I want to start a family with my feelings will change.
I do think I want a kid eventually, and I think it would be cool to have a biological kid to see what they'll be like. I'm planning on getting therapy if I do meet someone and it gets serious/we get engaged.
…but don't get me started on my fear of having a baby with disability..

No. 630615

Home invasions. When I was living alone I used to sleep with a hammer near my front door for when I came in to my apartment, and slept with a full Nalgene at night. I left the lights on when I left and would leave things that would be disturbed by someone who didn’t know they were there like chips, strings and papers.

I was working through it in therapy and then watched the fucking Tooms episode of X Files and have resigned myself to being paranoid. I have a cat now and she knocked over a box this morning and I woke up and started crying and couldn’t lie down again. I think it started after I heard about the murders committed by Matthew Hoffman, but I’ve always been really creeped out about entering rooms that I haven’t at least glanced in each corner, even if I just stepped out to grab mail.

No. 630938

File: 1600192147842.jpg (50.88 KB, 720x501, jlxen9nxwz311.jpg)

Being in the water next to a huge ship fills me with dread.. I'm not afraid of being on a ship but the idea of being somehow sucked into the propellor makes me nauseous.

No. 630955

No. 631220

> I grew up in a multi level apartment complex with our unit being on the 4th floor and anytime the building would sway I would get a full on panic attack thinking that it was "the big one" coming.

It is ok to be scared. We get this shoved down our throats a lot plus if you have older relatives who have lived in California long enough, they’ve been through some monster quakes. I remember my grandma telling me about seeing earthquake lights long before it was an accepted phenomena.

Plus so many big quakes seem to be preceded by small foreshocks, if not weeks before, literally seconds. I also get cold sweats when we have earthquakes in the middle of the night because I am wondering if there is going to be a big boom right after the small one.

No. 631299

it's not that intense so i wouldn't label it a phobia, but flat open spaces scare me. my single greatest fear is being stranded in a desert, frozen tundra, the ocean, open plains, whatever. it automatically equates to death in my brain, like if i go in i will never come out. there's just something so disorienting about the lack of distinguishable features. looking at pictures of it only makes me vaguely uncomfortable, but seeing it in person makes me very anxious. worst was when i was on a hike up these cliffs with my friends in a very thick fog– once at the top i was basically looking out onto nothing but white. it freaked me out so bad i made everyone turn around and go back.

No. 631369

I think i have a phobia of drugs and alcohol
Lol that sounds ridiculous but i was raised by conservative parents with family history of alcoholism. it's progressed to a point that while I logically, consciously try not to judge people for doing those things, I feel very uncomfortable and disturbed by it. Which Im ashamed of but, it's there. I havent gone to any parties. I don't want to be around it, and I also have a weird association of sex with it, like if I had a s/o who got high they would cheat. Maybe from movies? lol… I guess also having a friend in high school who messed up his life doing hard drugs (but began with just weed) that may have affected this. I really cared about him for a while.
God I feel like such a stupid goody two shoes loser

No. 631394

File: 1600232166411.jpg (235.17 KB, 2078x944, disgustingg.JPG)

For as long as I can remember I've had a phobia for snowy or wet corners, also the damp areas beneath shop awnings after a rainy or snowy day.(See pic) Looking away does nothing to help me. Just knowing it's there enough to make me anxious and make my fucking skin crawl. It's even worse when there's debris in/on those areas.

No. 631403

Holy shit, same. I literally have nightmares where I drink alcohol and they frighten me more than anything. Even walking past CLOSED bars downtown scares the shit out of me. For me it's a combo of my family never drinking but my bio dad (absent) having been an alcoholic.

And I'd also prefer a teetotal/uptight partner. On top of the fear, I do think abstinence is a good indicator of someone who is as uptight and boring as me. I'm very reserved and controlled in most other aspects of my life as well (also eat no sugar, fast all day, exercise regimen, etc.) and feel I'd get on best with someone who is at least sober with me all the time.

Anyway, I think it's good so long as we continue to not judge others. A close friend of mine is a stoner but I love him deeply, which has helped me along on this a lot (he's even done it in front of me). In return he's learned to enjoy quiet time without substances.

Don't feel the need change, anon. It's healthy, just also be nice.

No. 631417

That's so oddly specific it makes me think you have some sort of actual trauma related to dark snowy corners.

No. 631437

Thank you anon, this reply really touched me somehow, I'm happy you seem to be at peace with it mostly. When you mentioned your stoner friend it was sweet, I can definitely tell you care. Its okay for us to be reserved so long as we respect others being different, and they respect us !! I suppose it's a lifestyle choice. Tbh I felt bad because my college environment had me worry others thought I'm a wet blanket.. but theres more to life than those things. Im really glad you can still bond with your friend

No. 631613

my fear of home invasion has quadrupled since i moved into my new house. previously lived in a top floor apartment on the east coast, bad neighborhood, but i was familiar with it. mostly just kept all the windows locked when we slept. now im in a 1-floor single family home in a completely new state & im constantly checking locks and windows. before bed as i do like my last housekeeping rounds (running dishwasher, shutting off lights, etc.) i end up going to the back door to check that its locked 5+ times a night, & if my husband tells me he's locked it i still cant relax until ive confirmed.
my fear at this point is manifesting a lot of ocd symptoms….but its good to be thorough, right?

No. 634931

File: 1600657180457.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.97 KB, 960x513, daedon.jpg)

I hate open/exposed windows at night. Pic related scared the fuck out of me when I saw it, even if it's just a stupid meme. I cannot sleep anywhere where there are windows that are not covered, I end up staring at the window all night just waiting to see if someone or something will be staring at me. I think it stemmed from a weird occurrence I had when I was a kid

I think I was about five when I went to used the bathroom at night.
I was just doing business as usual when I glance outside to see this fucked up rotting hand on the window. The only was I can describe it is like the skin was like the old lady from the Spongebob chocolate episode. And there's no way it was human it only had 3 fingers and long ass nails. I promptly finished literally pissing myself and ran to my mom's room. I've told few people about it and no one can tell me what it was,though my sister says she's seen something similar so I don't know if its a weird shared memory between us or there's some alien shit going down at my house

No. 634936

I grew up in a bad neighborhood and was always told by my parents to stay away from windows after dark because of the local thugs and crackheads who roamed the streets at night. Since living on my own I've always had apartments in high-rise buildings. I don't feel safe being on the ground floor where anyone can see me in my home.

No. 634975

File: 1600662518184.png (175.97 KB, 594x387, the_fear.PNG)

Same anon. I had a friend who lived in a bad part of town and slept with his blinds open like an idiot. He's got an alley way in the back of his house and he once caught some dude just standing there watching him sleep. The dude quickly left when he got up but FUCK scary shit. Lots of addicts and shit lurkin around there.

No. 634977

Oh man anon, I have a scary window story too.
I used to live far out in the country, near an old battleground. One night early in the morning, I had to get up to go pee and walked all the way across our small house to get to the bathroom. It was really tiny, with only room for a sink, a toilet and a frosted window. I sleepily sit on the toilet doing my business when a loud banging starts on the window. It sounded like panicked knocking, like a person wanted inside. I literally noped out of there so fast, and my woke up my grandpa. He went out to look and saw nobody around. As a kid I alway thought it was a ghost, but who knows.
That shit haunted me forever. Your story sounds terrifying too.

No. 634997

My sister recently installed Ring at my parents house, she asked if I wanted to install the app on my phone, it was a big NOPE moment.

I've moved out but one of my fears is that if I get a notification in the middle of the night, It's that I'll open the app and see something scary or horrifying and I couldn't do anything about it

No. 634999

Saw some old bug phobia talk and yeah. If I find a spider, silverfish, or centipede in my room, I will cry, gag, and tear my room apart just trying to kill it, but when it's easily accessible for me to hit, I freeze up or run away. My mom makes fun of me because of it. Like, cool! I'm having an actual panic attack right now and you're just laughing at me.
When I was a child and I'd find a bug in one of the bathrooms in my house, I'd end up not using the bathroom for months lol.

No. 635212

Your mom isn’t in the wrong for laughing, this shits hilarious. I can understand spiders, but silverfish? You’re very dramatic

No. 635251

i was scared of insects and spiders too until a centipede fell off my ceiling onto my arm and ran up it. after that, just spotting one isn't so bad. i actually let spiders and centipedes live because they kill other insects, they're like an in-house extermination team.

No. 635300

Silverfish are so much creepier looking and quicker than spiders, I want them dead as soon as I see them. Spiders can hang around as long as they wish.

No. 635805

I don't mind most bugs but I get a visceral reaction of disgust when I see a cockroach. Its kind of embarrassing to me because I can handle all types of other bugs, spiders, centipedes, crickets, moths, whatever but if I see a roach I nope the fuck out. I think its something about they way the move super quickly and hide away when you go to kill it The other day I picked up my face towel and wiped my face off with it only to discover a huge black roach underneath it after I just used it. I didn't use the bathroom for the rest of the night even though I had to brush my teeth. And I threw out my toothbrush the next day cause I don't know if that fucker was on it.

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