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No. 397814

Do any other farmers find yourself going through periods of internet “rabbit holes” where you find yourself reading specific websites/watching vids related to a specific subject for days~weeks on end? What is your current “rabbit hole” and how did you find yourself there?

No. 397818

I got dragged to “5 feet apart” the other day and while the movie wasn’t that good, I’ve been researching Cystic Fybrosis like crazy ever since, and theres apparently a whole community for CF on Youtube. These kinds of diseases are a morbid curiosity of mine though.

No. 397820

File: 1555049025070.jpeg (392.48 KB, 1920x2560, 0A3CFC4E-D41E-4864-BB4B-9D68AB…)

watching this reminded me of pic related which you should check out if you haven’t! it’s also kind of cool because her livejournal is still up so you can comb through her journey https://65redroses.livejournal.com/

No. 397847

File: 1555065460693.jpeg (23.7 KB, 167x280, 96417C31-F9A8-4B22-8210-6CD48A…)

I don’t remember when or why (probably tumblr), but I always remember and forget that the Scarfolk blog exists. Great for people who like worldbuilding and dystopian fiction. This guy takes his time to photoshop 70s era propaganda posters and advertisements to describe a fake town in northern England. Played for lulz and also creep factor

No. 397851

Thanks, anon. This is right up my alley.

No. 397918

File: 1555085463099.jpg (218.67 KB, 1024x503, inevitableness-1024x503.jpg)

The "Only One Solution" movement is fascinating, especially if you are/were vegan or have even a vague awareness of vegan ethics. They perfectly embody the absurdity of veganism when taken to its most logical conclusion - they believe that the only vegan world is no world at all.

They unironically advocate for global destruction and the eradication of all life as a "cure" for suffering.Their propaganda is so convincing that I'm shocked it hasn't gotten more press. Even in vegan circles I rarely, if ever, hear their movement referenced despite the staggering amount of unique content on the site.

The movement is a mega blackpill. Enjoy.


No. 398016

No. 398022

Eh, this is just suffer porn. I'm mostly vegan myself but this is incredibly stupid propaganda.

No. 398037

File: 1555103799888.jpg (164.01 KB, 897x891, lovecanal.jpg)

Every once in a while for the last couple of years or so I'll dive into stuff relating to superfund sites, toxic chemicals and chemical disasters, I also find coal kinda interesting too. Centralia, PA is a cool thing to google, fun fact its part of what inspired Silent Hill. I'm constantly searching for new docs and articles about toxic chemicals affecting people and the environment.

Image attached is Love Canal, which is like the OG superfund site and is basically the inspiration for all the stereotypical toxic sludge wasteland depictions you see today. This company used the land as a dumping site, and the land eventually got bought for $1 for the purpose of building homes, knowing what was buried there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Canal

If you wanna do more research the EPAs superfind site search is a fun place to start: https://www.epa.gov/superfund/search-superfund-sites-where-you-live

No. 398044

Er, anon. I think you misread the article…

No. 398048

But they're right tho

No. 398050

File: 1555105987256.jpg (389.07 KB, 800x544, 7Norilsk_large.jpg)

I do this as well. It started out years ago when I watched the Hills Have Eyes remake and I became interested in former nuclear sites. This lead me to the Kyshtym disaster in Russia. From there I branched out from environmental disasters caused by radiation to other types of toxic waste. Reading how people have been made ill, born disabled and had their lives cut short is disturbing but it's also very interesting. At least in the US something positive came from Love Canal in that it was the start of the Superfund sites. There are places all over the world that are still contaminated from what happened decades ago and it's only going to get worse in places like India and China. I still watch videos on youtube about abandoned mines and look up places on google maps.

No. 398056

Just curious, what did they misread?

Love Canal is still a poisonous shithole that people shouldn't live in and it very likely affects both Niagara Falls and Buffalo NY in terms of cancer rates.

No. 398058

What'd I misread?

No. 398092

Sorry, didn't meant to sound so cryptic. The school board bought it for $1, built schools on it and then sold more of the land for profit later to a company that build houses on it (and promised not to build underground but did anyway). I think it's a bit more fucked up that the school board bought it initially, you know, for children to go to.

Anyway I both love and hate this shit because I have OCD so…

No. 398133

Coulda just said that to begin with but thanks I guess

No. 398179

the restoration process of old paintings and other works of art is fucking cool and really satisfying to watch. i’ve been bingeing this guy and a few other related channels for a week now.

No. 398216

I watch this guy's videos when I can't sleep. I love his attention to detail.

No. 398221


>hey unironically advocate for global destruction and the eradication of all life as a "cure" for suffering

How fucking stupid. This is such a spoiled first world-er way of thinking.

No. 398227

Logically it doesn't make sense either.
>Getting people to support veganism is too hard and won't work but getting people to support the annihilation of all life is somehow easier

No. 398234

I saw this video posted on Facebook awhile back, people in the comments were saying this guy is unconventional in his methods and he isn’t a real art restorer. Idk how accurate those comments are though, considering it’s Facebook and everyone likes to complain about everything.

No. 398247

File: 1555172234813.png (347.55 KB, 962x442, amazon.png)

I love going down weird Amazon rabbit holes. My favorite thing is reading reviews for super specific weird amazon items.

No. 398253

Lmao, is that Avril Lavigne? Good gracious.

No. 398285


A whole website dedicated to children who've suffered abuse in homeschool. It's strange because it's a site against homeschooling. I mean homeschool isn't inherently bad, right? It can just be horribly abused by the wrong people. Anyways there's tons of cases on there.

No. 398292

This is heartbreaking and makes me hate humanity even more

No. 398294

homeschooling isnt inherently bad but that focuses more on the fact that people can take advantage of the fact that its unregulated and that there arent many people around to step in for the welfare of the child if its in the case of abuse.

No. 398310

File: 1555189867592.jpg (5 KB, 200x229, ezcPqFa.jpg)

>mfw reading those posts

I don't understand how people can be so cruel ,especially to a kid jesus christ

No. 398350

i dont think that's exactly what they were getting at. they're right imo but it's dumb to actually want to destroy the world and waste time trying to work toward it. they were saying that it's impossible to actually live vegan, like, medicines aren't vegan, etc. they also said that nature itself is inherently suffering and that nature is fraught with disease, predation, it's just massive suffering for all animals (which is true), so they want that suffering to end, too. i understand what they're getting at, but to actually work toward destruction is stupid as shit. a lot of environmentalists think nature is beautiful, especially since we have the privilege of being able to observe nature without being part of it, but it's frightening as fuck and absolutely horrific.

No. 398361

right now i'm on a hardcore secondlife player binge.

I started with this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaTYFs380rI

and ended up up at the emb. video.

i need more.

No. 398406

they do know that even if we were to somehow actually destroy all life living on earth it would just eventually come back and the cycle would continue? lol.

No. 398449

File: 1555230739573.png (15.89 KB, 835x93, 9.png)

I got sucked into Mandela Effect websites today. This page filled with people complaining about how the Sun changed colour, the Moon keeps flipping around, and Mars didn't use to have moons is my favourite so far (especially how most of the people complaining about sunlight being different openly admit to staring directly at the Sun a lot and never wearing sunglasses).


No. 398466

A few days ago a video showed up on my recommended feed of a real time model of the Titanic sinking, since then I've been going down the rabbit hole of naval disasters, specifically of the Titanic's 2 sister ships that had almost equally bad luck, and reading about the surprising amount of conspiracies surrounding White Star Line.

Disasters in general (like Centralia as one anon mentioned) are super fascinating to me, I could read about them forever.

No. 398480



Naval disasters fascinate me as well as airplane crashes and the like - it's so sad but I can't stop reading/watching. The link is a pretty well-written article about the sinking of the Estonia. It's so intense thinking about all those people who died because they were seconds too late.

No. 398485

This was a fascinating read, thank you!

No. 398503

File: 1555247471588.jpg (15.81 KB, 540x302, wamYKBC_d.jpg)

Very haunting. After watching the video I looked in the comments and found the picture the one guy accidentally took of another survivor while trying to use his camera flash to see. Without context you'd never guess this was a guy sitting on a capsized boat waiting for death to come.

No. 398564

File: 1555252724694.jpg (297.42 KB, 1024x966, mh370.jpg)

This is how I feel with MH370, a few times a year I'll go and see if there are any new updates about it. The plane literally just disappeared off radar and only a few parts of the plane have been found iirc, obviously it crashed we know that but there are so many theories as to how and why. Its depressing though knowing that everyone aboard died and there are hundreds of families out there unable to bury their loved ones.

No. 398570

I remember watching the news about it next day when it happened.

No. 398664

i definitely wouldn’t trust facebook comments as a good source lol. it’s funny they say things like that, the met uses a lot of the same techniques he does and all of his resto work is fully reversible so there’s no need for them to get upset over it. plus he’s been doing it 25 years. but like you said that’s just kinda how facebook is.

No. 398746

>In February 2017, the Franklins watched the film Manchester by the Sea, in which a character accidentally kills his children in a house fire. Within hours after they watched the film, JR was dead from unknown causes, and the family’s home was on fire.

What the fuck

No. 398767

It was 99% certain a pilot suicide and the Malaysian government is aware of it but will not publicize it.

r/unresolvedmysteries is good, I used to have a great blog post that expands upon this theory. Unfortunately I can't find it. I don't know how long it will be until another piece of the plane surfaces or if we'll be able to locate it.

No. 398773

Unusual accidents, theme park/rollercoaster deaths, diving accidents, airplane crashes, cruel things happening in unexpected environments. There are entire lists on wikipedia of rollercoaster accidents, I lose a couple hours reading all about them. Theme park stuff is a big fave.

Also once in a while I rewatch To Catch A Predator episodes and the past few days I've been reading the actual Perverted Justice chat logs. It's scary. There also used to be this really small livestream a couple of men did on their own time and advertised on 4chan called Phone Trap Live. They'd actually call the pedos and one of them had a crazy convincing teen girl voice and would gather all of the pedo's info along with the recording. They havent done it in like 7 years afaik.

TCAP pedo chat logs:

No. 398786

Are you me? I feel so guilty whenever I read about catastrophes, but I can't help but find them interesting… even if sometimes it's hard for me to sleep knowing those things.

Love me some pedo justice as well. Obviously don't feel bad at all about those ones. Wish people were still outing pedophiles.

No. 398787

Anytime I look at SCP stories or see their ID numbers anywhere this happens.


No. 398805

I've spent countless hours reading about Jonestown and I still have barely made a dent in the content on this website:
There are hundreds of audio recordings on there too but honestly they disturb me too much so I just read the transcriptions

No. 398881

File: 1555325023566.jpg (82.61 KB, 615x858, Missing-people-Ruth-Wilson.jpg)


Particulary those which have 0 evidence and not a lot of coverage which makes them more frustrating.
I'm not exactly sure what draws me to them. Probably the mystery and my undying curiosity. Gdi i just wanna know

Pic related, Ruth Wilson, also has an actress with the same name so searching anything about her is difficult, vanished after leaving a cab


No. 398888

hohly fuck anon lmao, thank you for this
SL shit is so interesting, its like the internets natural quarantine for mentally unstable people.

No. 398913

You me anon? I binge on disaster stuff all the time, mostly because I'm an engineering nerd and find it fascinating how the vessels are built and how the disasters could've been prevented. I don't know if it's sick or something to be so invested but I don't get a kick out of people dying. I like to watch true crime dramas too because I'm interested in the forensic work.

Estonia was a horrifying one though, I still feel ill reading articles about it because it was so brutal with its death toll. So many things could've been done better to prevent the disaster, but at least we know better now and each disaster allows us to build safer means of transportation.

No. 398920

NTA but Estonia haunts me too. I guess because it happened relatively recently it just seems inexcusable to me that so many people died due to the crew's negligence.

I also love disasters as long as I try not to think too much about the death tolls. It's so gutripping to think about, shit keeps me up at night.

No. 400829

File: 1555855431054.png (285.75 KB, 380x624, chalk.png)

Second Life videos are amazing. Many people that play this game are extremely weird.

My current rabbit hole: I sometimes watch satisfying videos on Instagram and my explore feed thus is full of slime and kinetic sand videos, but also mukbang. I usually dislike mukbang videos, especially since they all have started to become more extreme with people eating moving octopus etc. What’s even weirder: I found a very active "chalkeating" community with people eating chalk or huge cornstarch containers. 50% of them seem to be Russian, the rest is middle-aged black women. I wonder why those groups gravitate towards chalk. They seem to have pica, but the way they talk about the chalk is very affectionate and sometimes it even sounds like a fetish. Really weird.

No. 400868

File: 1555862573410.jpeg (240.88 KB, 1125x1452, F10F84D1-64EC-4964-B282-457AE6…)

Anon you were not lying wtf is this

Seems like something anachans would do lmao

No. 400870

doesn’t pica come from nutritional deficiencies and pregnancy? it does seem like a fetish

No. 400871


I am 100% convinced that mukbangs and ASMR are the latest bizarre fetish phenomenon and I distance myself from anyone who admits to watching them

No. 400872

Since this was posted I’ve watched every single video I can find about ship disasters and sinkings.

The transmission logs from the titanic are really interesting and almost fun if it weren’t from a terrible disaster.

No. 400884

I enjoy watching ASMR once in a while and I get 0 sexual satisfaction from it. I just find it relaxing.

No. 400894

it annoys the crap out of me that ASMR gets associated with fetishes and sex stuff. 90% of the ASMR community are roleplays of many kinds that are 100% nonsexual and the creators put a lot of time, effort and creativity into their work only to be dismissed by some ignorant twat who doesn't know jack shit about the community and hasn't ventured into ASMR videos past those shitty clickbaity titty thumbnail videos that somehow get more noticed than the good, creative, wholesome content. it's not inherently sexual, it's helped a lot of people with sleeping problems or anxiety at least to some degree, and many people find it genuinely relaxing. it's not a fucking fetish, or at least not to literally every single person that watches it.

No. 400898

Yeah I'm with >>400884 I like watching ASMR sometimes when I wanna relax and I'm pretty comfortable saying the vast majority of people who watch ASMR videos just use them to go to sleep/relax. Its not some weird jerk off material? Not to say there isn't obvious sexual ASMR fetish type stuff but that kinda content gets a really bad rep with like 95% of the people who watch/make ASMR and is pretty widely rejected. Its weird that you've convinced yourself it must be a sexual thing just because it personally makes you uncomfortable

No. 400902

i usually use it as background noise when i'm doing trivial stuff or when i want to take a nap/go to sleep. it's a very wholesome, drama-free community, artists tend to collab with each other a lot, many creators do special videos for holiday ocassions (Halloween or Christmas RPs, some creators have special holiday series that get released every year), they rely A LOT on the audience's input and often do videos per request or to celebrate subscriber milestones. very, very few of the videos are sexual, and overly sexual content is often shunned or looked down upon by the general community bc they already get othered or called "weird" by the general media. calling it "a fetish" like >>400871 did when you've only heard of/seen mukbang types (which aren't even sexual either???? mouth sounds are a genuine trigger) and stuff is weird and plain ignorant.

i'm fiercely defensive of ASMR, it's the only online community I know of that's (mostly) free from Jake Paul-types of youtubers/content creators and drama, and it has a noble purpose.

No. 400904

>it has a noble purpose.

LMFAO no it does not. having nice feels and being relaxed isn't noble. and you wonder why everyone thinks ASMR people are nuts. you may not all be fetish driven, but all of you are crazy and weird.

No. 400932

Go to a actual doctor for your anxiety and sleeping issues instead of using the Internet, cows make excuses. Nonsexual things can be fetishes.

No. 400941

this. asmr spergs are so fucking defensive. it's not a fetish cause it's sexual. hell, >>400902 thinks mukbang isn't a fetish? that's a hard cope.

No. 400944

White noise machines have been around for ages, are you going to tell me that finding the sound of rain relaxing is a fetish too?

No. 400946

sorry, would you rather obsession or fixation? asmr is weird and for people who are weird. it's abnormal and borderline creepy for people to enjoy and rely on shit like that like it's normal. think, if there wasn't something fixating about it beyond what normal people like, every youtuber under the sun wouldn't be trying to pander to it. just get over it and stop being so defensive.

No. 400949

i said it HELPS, not that it cures it or that it's magic. learn how to fucking interpret a text, you retard.

No. 400958

Wew I’m og anon and it’s hilarious how many people i triggered and how many defended me

>it's helped a lot of people with sleeping problems or anxiety at least to some degree

Rain sounds and meditations have been around forever, fucking kek at all the ASMR spergs who think it’s some sort of great new gift bestowed from god

No. 400977

I get your point about the ones with voices but answer her question. What about sounds and noise?

No. 401028


anon you know why the titty ones are the ones that get noticed, lol.

horny people ruin everything, that's nothing new.

No. 401029

if watching a harmless video of a cake being baked or someone making slime makes me weird then fine. i don't see what the big deal is.

No. 401032

even with voices, self improvement tapes, guided meditation and relaxation CDs predate the ASMR trend on youtube. is this video weird and fetishy or is it okay because its a guy speaking and it doesn't use the ASMR label? is anything a woman does automatically a fetish?

No. 401033

that's not what makes you weird. it's the need to hear noises. that shit is so weird that most of the instructional videos have cute music replaced with weird volume increased sounds of clanging bowls and shit. most normal people like to listen to music and not weird random sounds that are louder than they would be for real.

No. 401034

>is anything a woman does automatically a fetish?

this fucking retard shit again. get back to your containment thread.

No. 401035

containment thread for what? it does seem like asmr gets slapped with the "fetish" label because its largely a community of women video creators, and people assume everything women do must be for men.

No. 401047

that kind of asmr is not weird but the videos where girls (A lot of them super young) make weird noises with their mouth or whispering to the camera are creepy. Like a literal child making an "asmr role-play" video of her arresting someone is being used as fetish material for some disgusting 50 year old man out there. This video summarizes my thoughts well I think

No. 401051

yeah this shit is unbelievably creepy and not ok, like where are her parents? you really let your 13 year old make videos online? mouth sounds and ear licking/kissing/etc are always so fucking gross. same with mukbangs, i don't get why they're so popular, they make me physically ill to even see or hear clips of.

No. 401061

lmao no. get out of here with your weird tinfoiling. most people associate ASMR with creepy dudes who want to be whispered at or annoying women like you who think things are "noble" because you want to feel "nice" from sounds. the nice "feeling" is the fetishy part. full stop. i don't care if you're a man or a woman or have no fucking genitals. it would be creepy no matter what. i hate when women play the gender card about things that are objectively weird to play victim.

No. 401062

I don't agree with any child being an youtube or a youtube star and this is wrong, not because asmr is automatically a fetish, but because men are sick fucks who can't be trusted. maybe you guys spend too much time reading what shitty men say on the internet, but asmr mostly started off as a community of women, for other women, who liked relaxing sounds and soothing whispers. then of course men had to come in and ruin it.

No. 401063

why are you so against things feeling nice? if a scalp massage feels soothing IRL is that automatically a fetish? you're projecting.

asmr is weird but people who like to watch pimples and boils being popped is now mainstream and the fucking pimple popper dr has a damn tv show now. that is way more freaky than asmr, imo.

No. 401066

NTAYRT. ASMR encompasses a lot of interests. Some of it is sexual, IIRC the early ASMR videos on youtube were of Japanese ear cleaning and sex roleplays. Most of it isn't sexual, I highly doubt that anyone is getting off to binaural thunderstorm recordings or birdsong. ASMR is just a medium, in the same way that film is. There's films for children and there's pornographic films. You don't call the entire medium of film a sexual fetish just because some people choose to use it that way.

No. 401074

>IIRC the early ASMR videos on youtube were of Japanese ear cleaning and sex roleplays

Source? I've been watching asmr videos since 2012 and I don't remember japanese sex roleplays.

Does anyone in this thread even know what asmr is? It is a feeling that not everyone experiences. It is non sexual and a soothing feeling in the back of your skull and spine. Normal everyday sounds can trigger it. The videos are just for triggering the feeling. I've experienced that feeling since I was a child (long before the asmr video community existed) and I know the difference between that and sexual arousal, just like I know the difference between hunger and sexual desire. People who don't experience it think the videos are fetishy, and some people do use them for that, but asmr (the feeling) itself is not sexual.

No. 401076

Really? My first exposure to ASMR was those candy and re-ment videos made by RRCherrypie. I thought they were very relaxing but didn't have a name for it, then years later I saw those videos categorized as ASMR and thought it made sense.

No. 401092

lol it's a fetish.

No. 401095

Look up how the dingus who made it up chose the name (spoiler: she though her ear tingles were "brain cummies" but she wanted it to sound more scientific for new-age appeal so she looked in the thesaurus for climax. turtuously, climax>middle>meridian)
The stuff like forest ambience just sticks on an ASMR tag because that's the more popular tag now.
Crinkly sounds is one thing but all the whisper shit is just coy jerkoff videos

No. 401096

You’re ignoring that guided meditation and self help tapes have existed for ages and usually feature low voices and sometimes whispers. This isn’t a new phenomenon.

No. 401101

no that's an unrelated thing?

No. 401107

NTA but who gives a fuck what the creator called it or did with it. if some people like listening to weird sounds because it makes their brain feel good, who cares. like another anon said a lot of it has literally nothing to do with sex. i’ve never watched any ASMR videos but the closest thing i’ve gotten to it is listening to string instruments, which does some weird shit and makes my cheeks and head feel tingly and warm. don’t let the fetishist weirdos ruin it for the innocent randoms

No. 401111

for the last time just let it got that it's a fucking fixation. no one is claiming it's 100% sexual. but asmr fags always ruin threads by constantly defending themselves, they're the ones who need to stop derailing shit. why are we not allowed to say anything about it?

No. 401115

because that's what the unpopular opinion thread is for, lol

No. 401116

but this whole tangent started because someone said that they thought all asmr and mukbangs were a fetish and they judge anyone who watches. of course that’s going to start a derail, that comment isn’t even on topic to the post

No. 401134

>the nice "feeling" is the fetishy part.
Is feeling nice after a full meal or when removing your shoes after a long walk also "fetishy"? Take your meds.

No. 401197

It was on topic

>I usually dislike mukbang videos, especially since they all have started to become more extreme with people eating moving octopus etc

>the way they talk about the chalk is very affectionate and sometimes it even sounds like a fetish.

It went on to chalk but mukbang and ASMR mirror fetishes with getting more and more extreme and weird shit (live octopus)

No. 401198

It was on topic

>I usually dislike mukbang videos, especially since they all have started to become more extreme with people eating moving octopus etc

>the way they talk about the chalk is very affectionate and sometimes it even sounds like a fetish.

It went on to chalk but mukbang and ASMR mirror fetishes with getting more and more extreme and weird shit (live octopus)

No. 401258

It depends on what sounds you're talking about…
I noticed that there are many focusing on the mouth of a girl while she's eating stuff and making noises (lots of slurping for example).

No. 401271

Search "imouto ASMR" on youtube if you really want to hear this. I remember first seeing these videos being posted on /jp/ in 2011-2012. A quick search on warosu confirms this. There was one video in particular that used to get posted on /f/ a lot.

I could be wrong, how ASMR came to be popular in the west could be for entirely innocent reasons. The first binaural recording that I remember going viral was the virtual barber shop video but that was at least five years before I started seeing the term ASMR being used.

No. 401292

this isn't that thread retard.

No. 401331

I ended up down the same rabbit hole a while ago, complete with the same Titanic real life sinking video, and the Estonia's story creeped me out so much. Iirc the bodies were never retrieved and there was a conspiracy saying the Russians were behind that tragedy

No. 401357

I think it's pretty strange that they didn't retrieve the bodies, but I don't think it's a conspiracy. The ship had a bad design in the first place. Retrieving 800 bodies is a pretty huge undertaking as well, though I still think the effort should've been made. I really feel for the families who never had any closure without a body to bury.

No. 403970

i don't think rrcherrypie is asmr? i fucking hate "mouth noises" and people eating and it doesn't give me a tingle of satisfaction or whatever. i think the rrcherrypie vids are fun because they're adorable and don't have any music. the tiny gimmicky food is fun to watch her make since i'd never care to do it myself.

if it's asmr for you then ok but i don't think it'd be classed as such

No. 404045

I hate mouth sounds and am convinced it is a fetish for some people. On Japanese Youtube they even call ASMR a "sound fetish".

I like Goodnight Moon ASMR, her videos are really well made, she does a lot of fantasy worldbuilding with her characters and puts in so much effort into her content.

No. 404069

ASMR with an ice cream is definitely a thing.

No. 404110

I like her vids too but they don't give me ASMR. It's relaxing but no tingles whatsoever.

On a related note, I hate overly done asmr vids. It stops being ASMR and turns into a cosplay with whispering. I have doubts that some people actually get tingles from that, Gibi ASMR is one example or Isabel Imagination is another. There are way more asmrtists than there used to be few years ago but there are still only a few asmrtists that are worth following.

No. 404115

I get tingles easily so her videos are great for me. I like variety because after a while I get used to a familiar voice and they don't really relax me as much as they used to.

In that regard it's really nice to have more ASMRtists but many of the new ones half ass everything, are overtly sexual with creepy men in the comments proclaiming their love, just… whisper really loudly and think that makes it ASMR, or do fetishy BF/GF/nurse roleplays.
I like some of the weird ones that are very clearly nonsexual and are meant for girls. Old ASMRtists are still the best, WhispersRed is my favourite.

No. 404117

I'm glad you do though, Goodnight Moon ASMR seems like a genuinely sweet girl and I like how she didn't give in to doing cringy gf roleplays or how she doesn't span Patreon links.

But yeah, a lot of new 'ASMRTists' are clearly doing it for patreon bucks now. I had some asmrtists that I liked but then they took that route like Valeria who used to make decent videos but now she's basically gone the cloveress way. Shame.

> Old ASMRtists are still the best, WhispersRed is my favourite.

True. She's really good. Latte as well. I still wish Heather Feather would come back or Veni Vidi Vulpes.

No. 404136

I love high production value ASMR vids! Goodnight Moon has been mentioned before here, she does amazing videos that are very tingly and have high production value as well! White Rabbit and EphimeralRift (his are kinda creepy tho, admittedly) too, they make amazing vids that are super far out and are also very tingly! Or ASRMRequests and her unfinished "Departure" series which Heather Feather collab'd with back in the day!

No. 404144

people like Gibi, Darling, etc I feel like are so far removed from where ASMR came from. I hate pretty much all of their videos; they're well done, but just aren't ASMR to me and have never come close to giving me tingles. And people like Frivvy I wish would just fuck off already.

Most of my favorites ASMRtists are long gone like Heather, Hayley and VVV. Korean ASMR seems to be the only good shit left.

No. 404147

Gibi & co. just seem like regular egirls who are in it for the cash.

No. 404332

I think theres a thread somewhere for YouTube mukbangers, but for some reason I ended up watching tons of videos of people hating on Veronica Wang. I hate her. I don't even watch that shit normally.

On the other hand, I've been watching a lot of videos about poverty in my third world country. I'm so glad my parents had the will to leave to come to North America. My heart still aches for my people living in such a corrupt place.

I have no idea why YouTube gave me any of those suggestions. Possibly buzzfeed or vice if I had to guess.

No. 404333

I like Gentle Whispering, she just has a naturally soothing voice.

would absolutely burn to the ground CrinkleLuvin for being an all around shit person, she also makes fucking bizarre roleplays.

No. 404334

I entirely agree. I also cringe at all the comments. Also, lol'd when Frivvy uploaded that recent video with her bf, and she started removing all the comments about thirsty guys having hearts broken and also about her nudes that leaked ages ageo. She's a shit person, but I doubt it will affect much the patreon $$$ she's getting.

No. 404335

can you retards stop turning this thread into an ASMR thread.

No. 404336

Start talking about something else if you don't like it, we are just having a conversation. This is how a conversation naturally progresses. Talk to people irl more if you don't believe me.

No. 404338

no you freaks keep sperging about ASMR and derail any thread that it's mentioned in.

No. 404366

Are you the "ASMR is a fetish because I said so" anon?

No. 404370

There’s ASMR beyond mouth noises. i hate mouth noises. ive seen hair brushing, tapping and crinkles all categorized as asmr

No. 404444

ASMR sperging deserves a containment thread. ASMR is way too popular to be a weird rabbit hole, I mean it even has its own celebrities and stuff.

I went down the Mandela effect rabbithole a couple of months ago and it’s def strange as hell as far as communities go. Every once in a while I go down a different cult/religious rabbit hole. I’ve read/watched a lot of stuff on Scientology, Jonestown, David Koresh, Mormonism (especially FLDS and assorted extremists), spiritualists in the 1800s, Amy Semple-McPherson and the rise of evangelicalism, father Yod and the Manson family and the Process Church. Somehow religious and cult related topics just hold a ton of interest to me.

Sometimes I watch YouTube videos of people in third world countries cooking large meals. I have no idea how those ended up in my recommendations but they’re kinda satisfying

No. 404452

agree, asmrfags are acting like this thread was for them basically, and bitch when people call them out, despite the fact that we can't criticize them for being weird without them bawwing.

No. 404480

Kek I was about to agree with you but then I realized you weren't talking about the spergs who reee at asmr and everyone who likes it

This board gets worse every fucking day, all you cunts do is bitch.

No. 404491

Fuck it, I'll make a thread.

No. 404840

I was looking at a 90s/early 2000s style parody website. The kind that people used to make to be intentionally offensive and stupid using photos of ugly, deformed and fat people you know? And unfortunately one of the "bbw nude" people on the site happens to be no other than Hungry Fat Chick AKA Candy Godiva. This was before she was youtube famous for stuffing her face and was only doing straight up porn. Wish I could unsee it and Im going to link it here because if I had to see it, other people do too.
Very nsfw

No. 405580

Ive been in a huge Mormon kick this past month or so. It all kind if started with book of mormon (the musical, not their bible lmfao) when i saw it live in January. I listen to a lot of pro and anti mormon stuff as well. Even went down a mini Shaytards rabbit hole yesterday trying to pick out the mormonism stuff they put out. I even get excited when i see mormon stuff out in the wild.

At this point I’d gladly follow a missionary to church if they came to my door knocking lmfao of course I still think its all bullshit, but its interesting bullshit that I just want to know more about

No. 405590

I've been interested in looking through videos from falconers, and raptor rescues/ rehabilitation. I watched one the other day of a golden eagle being nursed back to health after being paralyzed from extensive malnutrition.

No. 405596

i mean as someone who was cyberschooled for a while i can absolutely confirm that there are some absolute nutcases that enroll their children in homeschool programs. mostly religion freaks that have a problem with every little thing being taught, especially in science classes. we used to have to complete discussions every few weeks that would require you to research a topic more thoroughly, and there were quite a few students whose parents would rather they get a 0 on all these assignments than admit the india famines were real or some fuckshit. would not be surprised if these children were being horribly abused. I know there are also plenty of children here whose parents are control freaks and sit by their side 24/7, and would embarrass their child constantly when sperging out at teachers.

No. 408617

i've spent 5+ hours watching the marblelympics. i'll sound retarded saying this but the events and the lore are quite interesting

No. 409832

File: 1557823487356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.32 KB, 480x360, blowfly maggots.jpg)

I miss blowfly girl. I hope she's doing alright, I used to read her blogposts, I've found myself reading them again recently. She really interests me, this kind of eroguro/body horror/mutilation/sexual deviation stuff is very intriguing to me. She's maybe 40 now? She hasn't updated since early 2017. I really do hope she's alright.


No. 422219

File: 1560568013997.jpeg (358.77 KB, 1024x1024, BFDE3FE6-E77B-4AA4-B5F9-3EE977…)

I find photos of other people’s rooms interesting

Found this one of a meth addict that stole a phone

No. 422308

That's surprisingly aesthetic, it's like the non cutesy and authentic version of what Luna Slater tries to do to her rooms

No. 426557

Some annon mentioned how the youtube art rant community is a rabbit hole and holly shit it is. The community is full of 9 to 12 year olds and they have some petty middle school drama every week. it's made worse because since it's on the internet so art tweens world wide can dogpile on random artists without a teacher or principal punishing them. The only sane people in the community are teens or adults, like only 1 or 2 in this part of the community, who have to make hour long videos calling everyone out for dogpiling.

The worst I've seen so far was when some kid, I think 11~ish, accidentally doxxed themselves and their mom started asking about the doxx during a live stream.

Lolcow would love them, but most of them are underage so we can't post about them.

No. 426607

I'm amused.

No. 426904

My favorite rabbit hole I’ve went down is LakeCityQuietPills. I believe it was some imageboard site, and when people inspected the page, you saw people ordering hits. It was linked to some old vet’s reddit where he talked often about killing people

No. 426908

lol is this the woman from that video
the colonel's wife

No. 426949


reminds of this, for some reason, heh. This commentator must love his job

No. 427886

File: 1561822015536.jpg (574.35 KB, 1600x1200, 1430966271377.jpg)

Same! I have a folder for them, and your photo kind of reminds me of this one. I have another 2 photos of the room, but lolcow only allows one photo per post and I don't think they're interesting/contribute enough to spam the thread.

No. 427889

dude speaking of her, she lives in my city, or nearby at least. i remember first reading that story in 2014 or something and being so freaked out that i knew all the places she was speaking about. once in a while i wonder if i've ever seen her.

No. 427912

This is cute as fuck, anon. Thanks for sharing.

No. 428013

Aw man, that reminds me of Domino Day.

No. 428073

He does love his job it seems. This is adorable.

No. 430821

the Zheani/DA drama, which lead me deeper into the rabbit hole of learning about just how corrupt the mainstream music industry really is.

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