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No. 398590

This topic has been unbanned, so vent about XY's here! Share your experiences with annoying, terrible, abusive men you've encountered. Post screenshots of men being awful. Talk about how you avoid shitty men and why.

-no femcel sperging
-please do not respond to scrotbait
-chill with the handmaiden accusations
Doing so will result in a 3 day ban from /ot/, no appeals.

Previous thread:

No. 398591

Friendly reminder for everyone to ignore that obnoxious incel if he comes in here.

No. 398592

It really enrages me how when right wing men shit on open-relationships, they make it all about the man being "cucked" when the vast majority of the time it's the man who insists on it so he can screw around. And ofc these same types often defend men for straight up cheating by saying it's ~just biology~ for men to essentially have harems even without their partner's approval.

Just another example of the revolting double standard between male and female sexuality.

No. 398597

File: 1555256212230.png (44.63 KB, 1031x560, Screenshot_2019-04-14 The wors…)

Jesus Christ this is most pathetic scrote I have seen

No. 398602

Why are you posting this in every thread? Did anyone ask for updates? Could you possibly keep it to a designated thread just for him if there's that much interest, or put it in the "personal lolcows" thread?

No. 398607

Honestly, people like this just need to die.

Why is he waiting to hit 30 instead of just ending it now? You can tell that even his musings about how he's going to commit suicide are just a plea for attention/help.
He truly does want some woman angel to come down to him and help him fix his way, instead of just fucking doing it himself.

Sorry for the alogging, but this clown is just so fucking ridiculous at this point.

No. 398614

Ew, but yeah I agree that these are really gross and hypocritical.

Regardless, I can't really see open relationships working out well because: (A). The people attracted to them don't really seek commitment. OR (B). The relationship is stagnating, but someone is a pussy who's scared of being alone, so string their current partner current partner along until they've fully transitioned in their new relationship.

I see people say they have very loving poly relationships uwu but I see so many red flags and the people in them are clearly in denial. It makes me sad seeing them being manipulated.

No. 398619

>entire video on what makes "THE POOR OPPRESSED MEN!!" Feel under-apperciated
>Goes on about how we should serve men for wiping their own ass or else we're adding to the male suicide rate
>Doesn't give a shit about women or even ask what makes women feel unappreciated, despite the fact all the things they named men go through are done to everyone regardless of gender
>Comments filled to the brim about this imaginary man hating society where everyone hates men and masculinity but none of these people can't provide proof as to where this is happening without mindlessly screeching about feminists without going into detail

No. 398627

you know the worst part
this alcoholic smoker whose never held a stable job and punches brick walls for fun has had 3 girlfriends(Granted one is a TIF and one was a closet lesbian)
Like why would any self respecting woman ever think of dating a man like this

No. 398636

The only justified ones are things women go through even worse amounts of, lmao. The rest is pure whining.

No. 398646

>why would any self respecting woman ever think of dating a man like this

they dont, which is why he goes for women who are already unstable and vulnerable, such as tifs.

No. 398750

Not sure if this classifies as femcel posting but the older I get, the more I wish I was lesbian/bi.
I was talking with my mother about family drama and literally every male in my family older than 30 has cheated on their spouse, some even cross the line of statuory rape (like a 47 yo man with a girl of 16).
Is it really this common or are the females in my family cursed? How do I even avoid this shit?

No. 398778

File: 1555290430266.png (15.87 KB, 999x196, 1554602108429.png)

like this

No. 398797

>woman jokingly makes long list of dating requirements, most of which are silly shit like "must like desserts and not be anti-sugar" "must like dogs"
>Mgtows go on rampage about how evil Western wimminz dating standards are through the roof and causing a decline in average men getting in relationships even though they hate women and don't want relationships with them but also get butthurt if women don't want them

God men get hurt so easily

No. 398809

File: 1555299951758.jpg (112.03 KB, 640x1017, 6zaqiwmrtnr21.jpg)

No. 398817

This is why it's insane to want to give birth to a male. Women are completely brainwashed to not want to abort them. They can't grow up and be normal people anyways, even with the best of intentions, because society is straight up sociopathic and encourages sociopathy in males. If you give birth to a male you have a potential killer on your hands at worst, or one that still doesn't appreciate or care for you anyways despite doing all you can for him.

No. 398819

I'd read the comments but I already know everyone is going to point the finger at the mother without knowing a thing about her

No. 398836

I have never seen anyone with glasses that strong wtf

No. 398860

I want to vent about this, but I feel like this is the place rather than the vent thread. Don't mind me.
My (now) ex: "I don't have anger issues!"
Also my (now) ex: pushes me down, grabs a fistful of my hair and drags me across our bedroom floor, screaming the whole time because I wasn't vacuuming the "right" way that he wants it done.

No. 398861

i’m proud as fuck of you for getting out of that.

No. 398892

Jfc anon. I'm glad you're out of it, it's really hard for abuse victims to get out of those relationships. I hope you're in a safe place now.

No. 398932

Where's this from? This is so sad

No. 398949

I don't really deserve it, but thank you for the sentiments. He actually broke up with me. I had called him out on everything and asked him to get help, which is when he told me that he totally doesn't have an anger problem, it's just my fault for always pissing him off. I'm not sad, though. I guess I'm more tired of dealing with him and have reached my limit of his shit that I can take. It's been a year and a half of his emotional, financial, verbal, and two instances of physical abuse. I really should've seen the signs in the beginning, but I just kept making excuses for him. No longer. Looking forward to the day I can leave this apartment as a free woman. This entire experience has put me off of men for the rest of my life and I very much hope I die a "spinster."

No. 398984

because mgtows don't want to gtow and grow to be better person. they want a slave to abuse and be compliant in the abuse because women aren't people according to them. Alot of them follow white supremacists and self hating tradthots so wishing for all evil white western women (the ones that don't hate themselves) to die because women dared to have agency and autonomy isn't surprising

You got out alive now anon that's what's important. My ex nonchalantly mentioned "some" anger issues and how he would throw things against the wall when he was upset. It wasn't a big deal to him. But I saw holes in the wall. Left immediately

No. 398987

They're just butthurt cockchodes who eventually realize that women are naturally better equipped to benefit from an open arrangement. Reminds me of that one cuck on reddit who opened up his relationship thinking that he'll be getting all the poon, but instead his gf ran off with a Chad.

No. 399004

File: 1555351017377.png (109.33 KB, 1000x1000, consent-and-marriage-comic1.pn…)

Lately, I've been addicted to finding the most cringiest red pill comics possible.

No. 399005

>a trenchcoat incel

And nothing of value was lost.

No. 399012

My male teacher was celebrating Tiger Woods "win" and I am fuming!! That is the same monster that assaulted his wife MULTIPLE, times. It is disgusting how men think its okay to do shit like this and right it off like its nothing. Why do all men just ignore the domestic abuse of women?? Are they sociopaths or something??

No. 399016

I lose a few IQ points every time I read one of those shitty stonetoss comics

No. 399018

Lmaoooo imagine being so insecure you have to make women feel bad for not wanting to fuck you! Maybe its this shit that makes them not wanna have sex with you.

No. 399022

I swore this must be ironic since I'd never come into contact with his comics but…boy, I guess not.

What does this even mean? How are women supposed to know if the person they're dating now isn't ~the one?~ Are we just supposed to not date at all? What if a woman is with someone and he cheats/falls into substance abuse/dies?

Or is this just about the "cock carousel?"

No. 399023

File: 1555354106052.jpg (653.3 KB, 1400x845, nakedmolerat-001.jpg)

Anon, you need to understand the mechanics behind the degenerates of gender (men).

>In the context of the present study, the sexually aroused observer of the sexually violent

scenario may simply deny that anything severe has happened and reject any information that
conflicts with this belief. Accordingly, a victim’s claims about sexual violence and the
associated suffering are likely to be denied or perceived as exaggerated, which in turn may
make negative victim evaluations – such as victim blaming – more likely. In sum, this means
that the visceral state of sexual arousal may lead to more favorable perceptions of perpetrators
of sexual violence, which in turn may lead to cognitive dissonance within observers.

Scrots are always sympathizing with rapists by default because sexual violence viscerally arouses them. Because they are subhuman and have naturally poorer impulse control, they cannot channel their ethics/morals/reason in this state. So instead they'll rationalize their arousal by ascribing some degree of willingness to the victimized party to make it "morally okay". That's the explanation behind scrot behavior ranging from from blatant victim blaming to evil temptress/bewitchment delusions harbored by generations upon generations of scrots.

No. 399028

Proof Thanos didn't do anything wrong.

No. 399030

Funny how men have a completely different experience of walking alone at night. Most of the comments are about how calming, nostalgic, cozy walking alone in the rain at night is. Sure this video is somewhat aesthetic, but it's also quite unnerving and I know would be scared walking alone in total darkness like at 11:11 min, or 33:00 min.
All because of men.

No. 399126

File: 1555371207957.jpg (68.58 KB, 640x452, usgq2l91z5r21.jpg)

No. 399141

Is this real? Jesus christ.

No. 399172

The fact men can walk around at night and feel calm and cozy just summarizes the difference between the sexes. I am not even calm walking around in daylight.

No. 399189

More women have been falsely accused of lying about rape than men have been falsely accused of rape, but no one cares about them, only men

Men can claim not having a hot meal is abuse and it's believed and understood right away without a doubt and people defend him if he beats his wife, but until a man is physically beating you and you sit there and get beat everyone will jump through hoops to defend the man

No. 399211

That Japan, not Chicago.

No. 399249

now I do not like right wing men In fact I hate them but I am starting hate Leftist men more then right wing men
I think it may be due to reading subs like r/ChapoTrapHouse
These men think its cool to hate white women and make violent sexual remarks towards white women because their white
There seems to be a lot of forgiveness and blindness toward virulent and often sexually charged misogyny when a “bad” or “privileged” group of women are involved.
They forgive and support violent and misogynistic cultures like Iran and other Islamic countries

No. 399251

I agree tbh. With right wing men you know where you stand, leftist men are most often snakes.

No. 399278

This. While right wing frogposters are autistic misogynist brainlets, the left wing men are some of the most massive woman-hating sociopaths and narcissists alive. They might act like they adore and support women, but they're the ones that will grope you when drunk and attack any woman who doesn't fall under their faux feminist facade. More often than not they have a long history of sexual assaults and hopped on the Feminism bandwagon for female attention. At least alt-right incels are easy to avoid because they can't shut up with their sexism and none of your friends are going to tell you he's actually a good guy because he retweets feminists.

No. 399280

File: 1555417252905.png (61.7 KB, 852x188, KJEEF93F.png)

Men don't even try to lie anymore about the fact that they enjoy anal because it hurt us.

No. 399283

82 upvotes for admitting he gets off on causing women pain.

No. 399288

when i was taking about right-wing men I meant just average conservative dudes not frogposters

No. 399289

>I don't want to hurt her but I love that she is is willing to take unneeded pain for my selfish ego boost

You are not supposed to enjoy seeing some you love getting hurt.
Fucking hate how that stupid comment is seen as something normal.

No. 399304

Imagine if a woman said she liked pegging men because of his pain boosting her ego, MGTOWs would be screaming about how all women are narcissistic sadists who want to hurt men and all men should mgtow because women are evil

No. 399306

File: 1555427608103.jpg (33.27 KB, 289x398, 1549611803941.jpg)

what are all your thought on Derrick Jensen ?

No. 399307

Why are YouTube comments so misogynistic?
>Choose stories about women cheating on men
>Ignore actual statistics or refuse ask anywhere else outside of Reddit, like a female dominated board

No. 399331

Recently saw this similar one
>some guy who cheated
>felt bad
>proposed to the girl he cheated on and said girl accepted (apparently they're still married years later)
It had TWELVE times gold.

One youtube comment said how if she were in that girls place she wouldn't have taken him back. Lo and behold, the replies were full of men talking about how "everybody makes me mistakes!!!!"/ "well, he wouldn't have proposed to YOU because you have a shit personality for being unable to forgive!!" / "he realized he was wrong and fixed it!!!" / "Oh so you don't care about anyone except you??"

Men really want to be able to shit on everyone's feelings but god forbid a woman expresses she wouldn't stay with a cheater.

No. 399337

>I'm not a piece of shit
>will shoot your cat if I don't get nudes
Wish this is fake but we know sociopaths exist

He knows it hurts and finds it sexy. Their contempt for women just continues on, doesn't it.

it's the narrative that women should always be grateful that a man likes them. So when she fucks up, it's only death for her. But when men fuck up, it's just mistakes and she should forgive him because he's human!

No. 399381

Reddit literally believes that cheaters deserve the death penalty if they're women. It's male abandonment issues central.

No. 399390

Anyone think it's kind of pathetic that men can't get off without porn?

I'm very visually stimulated and have once and done orgasms and I can still get off in like two minutes using my imagination about 80% of the time. I occasionally watch porn, but I don't need it to get off by any means. Whenever I've told guys this they looked at me like I said I can teleport. Usually with a followup of something like, "Wow, I can't imagine masturbating without watching porn."

It's sad, to be honest. How low are male's libidos that they can't even cum on their own?

No. 399396

Men are literally retarded when they're aroused, anon. The "thinking with the other head" meme is real. They can't generate their own visuals and maintain a boner at the same time.

No. 399405

I've interacted with some who can, and fuck. For generations that's all they had.
Millenial and zoomer men have just been conditioned into relying on it, moreso than women since they're more one-track-minded sexually.

What's most ridiculous about it is that men supposedly have better visual-spatial abilities on average, they should be better at it but refuse to be.

No. 399432

File: 1555458927433.jpg (103.87 KB, 640x503, ulq68zKm_ZmxJAUsU9LSk4bVuILGgu…)

No. 399433

Gender segregation when? Men can't be around women and be mentally stable about it, why?

No. 399440

People cannot change and time does not pass.
(nta btw)

No. 399446

I remember this being posted on r/incels before it was taken down. Just to remind you what type of useless fucks they all are. Whether it was real or not, it's that they think about doing this

No. 399453


This was in college before I realized all men were pornsick. Joking and talking about masturbation isn't really anything remarkable, unless you're a puritan I guess.

No. 399458

something you all might be Interested int

No. 399469

File: 1555466898034.jpg (403.23 KB, 1400x900, matriarchy-final.jpg)

well Thread was locked so post here

Post your Ideal Matriarchal world and how you live in that world

You can have a Patriarchy Flip - Identical to patriarchy, but with the genders flipped.

An Enlightened Matriarchy - A more benevolent or enlightened rule than patriarchy.

just make it what ever you want but please no futa,no mlpreg or anyone weird fetish shit

No. 399480

i literally just got into a fight with a bunch of maga types on twitter about this…get this, they really think women should just -know- inherently that a guy is shitty. And it's never the guys fault for duping the woman, its the woman's fault for fucking 'bad guys'.
If you dont take 100 percent of the blame for it? If you say 'but I thought he was a good guy..!', they will immediately respond with 'Women are stupid whores, it's their fault if they get saddled with three kids and no husband, also single mothers are single mothers because they only want to fuck deadbeats'.

No. 399492

There's already a female only society thread, retard. Go read that thread and please stop trying to revive this autustic topic.

No. 399499

a female only society is very different from a Matriarchal society

No. 399516

Yeah, yeah, what the fuck ever.

No. 399519

Incels aren't even trying with their bait anymore

No. 399520

I want an online female community that bullies pathetic men into killing themselves. I mean men don't have any sympathy for mentally ill women and they groom mentally ill underaged girls. Just look at /r9k/ and how many underaged and mentally ill girls they tried to groom and when they failed they started sperging and posting hate threads.

No. 399529

Am I the only one who thinks that men are being really unnecessary cruel to this girl Jesse Taylor?

She had her instagram deleted and posted a video of her crying because she just lost her livelihood.

In her rant she says she ;
>Was abandonned by her parents
>Has 20 000 $ of school debts
>Is dumb and has no skill
>Used to be a Mcdonnald employee and don't want to do that again
>Used to be a street prostitute and is scared of going back to that life

I know it's a thing between men to hate instagram "models" even thought they jerk of to them, but I hate that they find it amusing to see a young woman distressed because she's scare she'll have to go back to being a prostitute.
Sure she isn't in a very respectable world field but who cares? She's not hurting anybody, they just want to ruin women's life for shit and giggles.

No. 399533

Men love to hate on women no matter what they're doing, women will always be hated on. You could be the most intellectual woman or an instagram thot model but men will still hate you. I just saw her story on my feed and men were commenting about how women like her and belle delphine scam the "uwu poor virgin socially inept men" out of money, of course it's never going to be their fault for following and willingly giving these women cash.

No. 399538

She's a retard that called the police when her instagram was deleted. Everyone is giving her shit.

No. 399547

Agreed but the anon has a point though, men hate the women they want to fuck but also hate women if they aren't fuckable

No. 399579

Another cancerous comment section
>15 yr old girl sets up men seeking hookers to rob them
>Nevermind naive men trying to buy sex from teenage girls and knew they were at risk of being robbed, she's evil! She needs to be beat!
>She should pay men mindlessly handing their money to teenage girls for sex back!!
>She only got away with this because evil female privilege even though it was mentioned she was already punished for this
>evil boogieman feminists must support this even though feminism was never brought up in anyway shape or form other than typical incels who want to screech about feminism any chance they get
>Getting robbed after trying to hire a teen prostitute is why men mgtow!!! Evil selfish roasties!!!
>Greed will destroy us all the only thing evil women care about is money!!
>She deserves to die!!

As for the reverse roles screeching, if a teenage boy offered a grown woman sex in exchange for money, took her money and ran y'all know damn well everyone will be screaming their damn heads off about how she's an evil pedophile who probably corrupted this kid for life and she deserved to be rob for being naive and dumb

No. 399586

ever seen the comments on To Catch a Predator episodes? It's even more guys playing "devil's advocate" and taking the pedo's side than i expected

No. 399591

File: 1555498420322.png (581.84 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190417-054944.png)

>Jokingly paraphrasing, as most people do


Also funny how we had said since day one we don't mean all men, even had a decent men thread, but yeah, clearly we're just like those mgtows who will screech all day about how all women are evil no exceptions

As for going out your way to make it known you think that 100% the comments I am talking about never existed at all and I am scizophernic and me and other anons are for some reason experiencing hallucinations of sexist comments and writing a novel about how I'm a big fat crazy delusional angry man-hater who for reason lies about sexist comments existing?
All before letting me speak of course, even though you could have just scrolled down. But let me guess because as I said I jokingly paraphrased and exaggerated it, I overestimated your intelligence and you'll probably go on to screech about how I'm a liar and should admit myself to a mental hospital because I didn't phrase the comments word for word(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 399592

File: 1555498501060.png (470.8 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190417-055423.png)

"but but you're so crazy anon none of these comments exist you're just lying to fit your narrative to be angry!!"

No. 399594

I see similar things when I watch true crime shows, though they try to frame themselves as being helpful and compassionate.

When I watch something where a woman got assaulted or narrowly escaped being raped and murdered, a lot of comments by males try to seem empathetic all while blaming them for being in that situation in the first place. A lot of "see women, us men are all disgusting rapists so you should cover up your bodies and not go out alone, else you deserved it!" bullshit. Or comments about women in abusive marriages lamenting that, all while telling them they should have known better.

I find it really weird how so many men describe their own gender as little more than sex-obsessed, violent animals, and rather than trying to be better than this, they put the entire burden of avoiding them on women.

No. 399596

>>399594 or even better they, in the same breath, admit their gender is shit but also expect to be held up to the position of gods

YouTube comments have ruined YouTube for me, it's gotten to a point where mgtows and anti feminists can't even watch cat videos without going out their way to shit on women, I seriously don't understand why they're so obsessed or how they even have they emotional energy to start screaming "but but feminists!!! Evil women!!!" Every single possible chance they get, do these people even have friends?

No. 399598

File: 1555499151030.jpg (430.03 KB, 971x1916, IMG_20190417_140432.jpg)

The absolute state of the world we live in

No. 399604

His example is amusing because I've seen men on /r9k/ complain that girls get uncomfortable or scared when they approach them in public, saying women should just "sense" that they don't have malicious intent. So we're supposed to put our lives at risk for their ego, but big strong men can't take a small risk to help a person in need.

No. 399606

>Woman has car troubles and tries to get someone to help her
>Man goes on rant about how you can't trust anyone because his friend was robbed in a similar way(by most likely men according to crime stats)
>Now you BITCHES are PROBABLY mad some of us might not want anything to do with you
>Some weird sperging about how women are somehow privileged because of this
>Also asking for help somehow means you believe you're entitled to something and that you're an evil entitled woman

How do these people live? What you gonna throw a tantrum about female entitlement because a coworker asked to borrow your pencil?

No. 399607

File: 1555500320978.jpg (132.97 KB, 848x1061, topwh5rc5ms21.jpg)

No. 399609

I don't think creatures that are literal slave to their genitals should be allowed to even live, can't wait for those subhumans to electrocute themselves with their robot sex doll.

No. 399628

>if a teenage boy offered a grown woman sex in exchange for money, took her money and ran everyone will be screaming about the woman being a pedo
Nah, the boy would get pats on the back for "destroying another thot". Either that or men will laugh it off saying the boy should have had sex with her.

No. 399642

>"you ladies take responsibility for all other women's actions"
>"not all men"

No. 399645

gotta post a personal rant rn

I’m going into late 20’s and really just realizing every man around me in any age group doesn’t realize how to fucking treat women (maybe humans in general but all I have to go by is personal experiences)
I used to be a big slut after I got out of my first abusive relationship because I felt like it gave me the power, engaged in a lot of risky activities in favor of experimentation…

Never thought about how horrible I was allowing myself to be treated until a few years ago when I started mentally tallying up how many lies men tell just so they can DUMP THEIR DISGUSTING SEED INSIDE OR ON A WOMAN OR EVEN IN THE PRESENCE OF ANY WOMAN.

And nowadays like how the fuck does anyone date?? I can’t even tell a man respectfully “please don’t come on to me or try to fuck me sex is traumatic for me sometimes” without getting attitude or ghosted or whatever. At this point I’m not looking anymore nor giving anyone the satisfaction of letting them think im trying to chase their self centered, narcissistic fucking asses. But even when I meet “oh such a nice guy” thru friends or something they just want to have dead, transactional sex and throw me (any woman either which also makes me sick) out on the street. I’m so fucking over it and disgusted by it.

Anyone else on this same train? this year has been the first year I’ve really grasped what the fuck is going on without being blinded by wanting to “be loved” or just get off in general.

No. 399649

>I find it really weird how so many men describe their own gender as little more than sex-obsessed, violent animals, and rather than trying to be better than this, they put the entire burden of avoiding them on women.
Yet the same men who say this are also almost always the same men screeching "NOT ALL MEN" at the top of their lungs.

I'm gonna be brutally honest: you will never be happy in a long term relationship with a man unless you can handle the possibility of getting cheated on once in a while. Unless you're one of those naive women who lives in a fantasy world that you ~know for a fact~ your spouse is faithful. Studies say 1 in 5 men cheat in a marriage and if you have kids, it's more likely (honestly, I'm surprised it's that low, given my observations I would have guessed over half). So yeah, either be okay with the strong likelihood of being cheated on or wait until robot boyfriends are a thing.

No. 399653

The only way to beat this is to cheat on your male first.

No. 399654

Cheating as a woman makes it likely your partner or even your lover will hurt, beat or kill you, anon. There are so many cases of women killed by vengeful partners AND lovers who wanted to get rid of them.

Not dating men at all is the solution to that.

No. 399660

As if a male wouldn't beat or kill you even for just rejecting him.
Your solution is a lesbian propaganda.

No. 399663

I'm not trying to argue that straight women should date women, you can't choose who you're attracted to. I just think that not dating men is much safer than cheating on them and exposing yourself to their violence. I get that a life without romantic companionship can seem sad, but it's better than a life being abused by men.

You're right that men can get violent even if just rejected, but rates of domestic violence are much higher than rates of being killed by angry stalkers.

No. 399676

Same thing happened to me, starting at age 14. Easily fed lies telling me how unique/cool/smart/pretty I was just to use me for sex, feigning "dating" to essentially string me along as a fuckbuddy that you can talk to until you meet a girl you're actually attracted to, etc. It's like I'm not human to these people, and all the while I always looked up to them and saw the good in them.

It's hard to realize how naive you've been and how much has been taken from you because you were desperate for approval, anything that made you hate yourself a little less (in the moment).

No. 399677

File: 1555519990946.jpg (735.39 KB, 1080x2109, Screenshot_20190417-115225_Red…)

I have no words.

No. 399679

"A man of culture"

No. 399683

If waiting times in gyms are your biggest problem in life then you are undoubtedly the priviledged one, jfc.

No. 399685

I agree, it's not a wise thing to do. My mom and her lover were killed by her husband. My mom wasn't a saint, she cheated on all her husbands and shouldn't of done that, but she didn't deserve to be killed. Also two other innocent men were also killed by her husband just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Men are truly psychopaths.

No. 399692

“it benefit woman. woman wait less. why woman want feel safe? me man. man is hated.”

No. 399696

Liberals shouldn’t be afraid to ask hard questions. Young German women thankfully enjoy historically unprecedented economic and sexual freedom, with their expensive smartphones and their right to celebrate New Year’s Eve however they want. The same isn’t always true of young male migrants exchanging life under repressive regimes, where they may at least have enjoyed superiority over women, for scraping by at the bottom of Europe’s social and economic food chain.
The New Year’s Eve attacks are shocking at least partly because they’re confusing. If they were primarily sexually motivated, done for kicks or fuelled by assumptions about western women’s sexual availability, then surely there would be no reason to steal the victims’ valuables. Rapists seek power, not money.
whether it’s because the attackers are widely described as looking Arab or north African. Which is why, of course, liberals like me are reluctant to talk about it.

No. 399716

File: 1555528008017.jpg (62.56 KB, 634x814, 39C1584C00000578-3876874-image…)

Our hero already exists fam.

Sort of related, anyone find it funny how one twitter shitpostress bullying mentally ill scrots is demonized to the point of making it into the news and getting a shout-out from T-Pain, but millions of scrots gloating about coercing mentally ill or insecure girls into uncomfortable sexual acts is accepted to the point of being a sociological cliche? Fucking scrots can never take what they dish out.


No. 399717

It's difficult to comprehend after the fact…we view physical attention from a male partner as an expression of our interest and attractiveness. They groom all of us…but the ones who do the most conning value us the least. They know they don't respect us as humans so they go so far the other way.

My theory is a guy who doesn't try and con you at all is probably more genuine. Unfortunately we are pre-groomed by TV and movies to think grooming=romance/love and that it has any future. (or even, "stalking for love" is a movie trope, look it up on Youtube)
But beyond that, hearing how guys talk about their long term partners or exes. I wonder if it's possible for a mother to raise a man who really respects women? Even the "perfect son" will have a few "not" rapes under his belt by the time he's 30.
The real problem is socialisation of men. There are women out there with anger issues and high libidos who still never end up acting the way men do. Men think they can just do whatever with no consequences.

This post is a kinda stream of consciousness of my current thoughts about men. What I really mean to say is: I understand and relate to you two anons and agree that it's a strange thing to look back upon; the way we used to think and the way we do now. I wonder if we could not be disappointed by men one day, maybe in the future responsible socialisation will be a thing. Surely prevention of rape and murder is good enough incentive for improved male socialisation. The law is not enough to control men or make them respectful.

No. 399719

>What do you meant I can't traffick a child for sex without paying the toll??? MUH SAND TREE!!

Lmao, she's like those Russian hookers who give their local version of rufies (Clofelin) to johns and rob them blind. No ragrets, no remorse, scrots absolutely fucking BTFO annihilated. More women should be like this and scrots will grow to enjoy it anyway.

No. 399721

I'm so mad holy shit
and did she ever find her cat?

No. 399723


That’s how I felt about that cardi b shit that happened recently. People were all “the victims the victims!!” I was like uhh I support that bitch. Openly. Got several side eyes. Don’t give a fuuuuucckkk. Doubt they were innocent.

No. 399724

File: 1555529405171.jpg (28.92 KB, 600x600, 7ef.jpg)


What all women need to understand is that the only real expression of interest from a man is favors or no strings attached money. That's it. Money is power, and it's the only thing they genuinely value because that's all they're good for. If we had as much money and power we wouldn't even look at them and it's self admittedly one of their deepest fears.

Sexual attention from a male means less than nothing because it's an absolute fact that they will fuck anything. Animals, inanimate objects, fruits and vegetables, other men when nothing is available, grannies, babies, retards, even corpses. The male sexuality is opportunistic and entirely indiscriminate - if you have any doubts about it, look up the statistics on how many literal drooling retards who shit themselves are sexually abused each year. They want you to believe that facilitating boners is something to be proud of, but the reality is as follows: if a man is physically attracted to you, you're probably on the same level as his dog and the jar of peanut butter he smears on his dick to get some action.

No. 399725

Agreed. Those cockchodes are on the same level as that one retarded chick who went to the police to report the poor quality of heroin that was sold to her. Ruh fucking roh scrot, your child trafficking transaction didn't go as planned? Thots and prayers, shitsped. The only problem I see is that they only got robbed instead of shanked for good.

No. 399732

File: 1555530321148.jpeg (167.26 KB, 660x880, AF47D16D-04B7-4760-934E-A0276D…)

this is exactly why the libfem mantra of sex positivity and empowerment does not hold up. males will fuck everything and anything, so there is absolutely no power in appealing to their boners. the only way I could see it as even somewhat empowering is if women invented forms of their own sexuality and dressed/acted/presented themselves in ways that are appealing to their own female gaze. but no, the empowerment has to come from tight uncomfortable clothes that restrict movement, heels that shorten your calf muscles, painful and expensive plastic surgery that requires constant upkeep, and shilling out hundreds of dollars on makeup and skincare to repair the damage makeup does. that’s not even accounting for all the time, money, and effort women spend on performing these tasks that they could’ve spent doing something actually worthwhile to themselves.

No. 399735

File: 1555531349379.jpeg (33.02 KB, 700x350, 20150824165401-microsoft-windo…)

Feminism imo is misguided because it fundamentally misunderstands men. It's much more simple than whatever philosophical explanation it provides - sexual dimorphism in primates dictates that the male must be opportunistic and parasitic to self-perpetuate. That's literally it.

The answer is pretty simple - establish yourself and be resource independent. Once everything is on your terms, there's nothing a scrot can offer to you that you can't get on your own. Their opinions and feelings become non-factors on a personal level at the very least.

There's a reason scrots instinctively nurture learned helplessness in women by hoarding resources - they're carving themselves an artificial niche that wouldn't otherwise exist. If you're really into disappointing sex, you can rent a scrot for something casual and then send him walking the moment he becomes an inconvenience. There's also a reason why they're always at their best behavior when they know that you can still bail at any moment. Typically they'll strategically begin getting out of line once your choices become limited - children and childcare related employment gaps being a good example.

For any woman who still craves male company despite being aware of their nature, I recommend compartmentalizing the same way you do with pets. You have a dog, you "love" it, it brings you joy. But you also know that it will wreak absolute havoc in your house the moment it smells a lapse in hierarchy. Don't let them test you. If you don't find it burdensome, you could technically make it work.

No. 399740

blogpost but I got my first cat after a bad breakup and it honestly helped me remain celibate for nearly two years (only broke it off because I engaged with a scrote who definitely wasn’t worth my time and I regret it deeply)

seriously having an animal really helps - but people will constantly shit on you for being a “crazy cat lady” or “crazy dog lady” or chalk it up to being deranged/lonely/whatever.

tinfoil but honestly the crazy cat lady thing is just another tactic used by scrotes to keep us dependent on them. they can’t stand the idea of not being able to have all the dependent fuckmommies they desire because women are too busy loving and spending time with another creature so they have to reduce our attachments to mental illness or insinuate that we must have sex with our animals (the “white girls fuck dogs” meme)

but no one ever questions males with their animals — it’s becoming more socially acceptable for men to own cats and ofc dog ownership is gendered as hell. never mind the fact that scrotes commit way more atrocities against animals and are much more likely than women to kill/rape/abuse/torture their animals because they’re psychopathic pieces of shit.

but no, the real problem is women calling their pets their babies in a joking way. fuck scrotes. fuck them for making women feel bad for loving something other than them.

ladies, get whatever kind of pet you want. get a big ass dog to bite chodes off. get a cat who scratches the shit of any scrote that bothers you. do what you want. it’s your life and you shouldn’t have to pick between Abuse or loneliness, since there are other options.

No. 399748

Thoughtful post.

No. 399755

I fucking love this! It goes in line with the choice of having children too. Men, and by proxy the brainwashed women who protect them, assume a poor lonely single deranged crazy woman is only able to get the fulfillment of having a child by getting animals. ergo we have the crazy cat lady trope.

Nobody could possibly just be so fed up with men’s shit that they don’t want any semen or disgusting penises anywhere near them in order to make some little fuck trophies.

Glad we’re having this discussion.

No. 399761

>women want to feel safe
>but it makes me, a man, feel sad

This retarded scrot logic of theirs is telling. Rather they always feel happy from the expense of women's safety. Reminds me when a reddit male tried to "troll" reddit by saying how women who avoid him and men in general while walking alone are rude and judgemental. Theyre proud at how men are bigger and stronger than any woman and wonder why women don't want to be alone with them. It's like being near a bear. Bears can be calm from a distance. But can be very fucking dangerous. They're bigger, stronger and can kill you. It's not rude to avoid them lol

wodner if these guys will ever clash with the pro gun men over women arming themselves. Because those gun enthusiasts encourage women to carry alot.

No. 399811

File: 1555548387763.png (290.63 KB, 720x1280, t3m68754p1i21.png)

This is part of a larger pattern of men shitting bricks about absolutely anything that could divert your attention from them. It's entirely arbitrary and will eventually apply to any pet, hobby, you name it. Scrots attack any non-scrotal female pursuits (hurr pumpkin spice hurr yoga) with great vitriol because it makes their in-built obsolescence anxiety flare up with the power of thousand suns. It's kind of like when a narcissistic partner murders your pets or destroys your hobbies - sane principle. Also, MGTOW is projection of this exact male obsolescence anxiety - they're trying to "beat" you at something they think you're going to do to them the moment their artificially carved "provider" niche is no longer relevant.

No. 399869

Don't remember this case discussed here http://mothsarebutterfliesinpyjamas.tumblr.com/post/159227256441/cartnsncreal-society-should-protect-women
It happened in 2017 and it was reported that everyone involved has been fired. But imagine being a minor reporting someone who was an adult sexually harassing you only to have your coworkers throw a fucked up party to shame you for doing that and still have males say shit like why didn't you report it sooner

No. 399889

I once saw a national newspaper write a piece about how men feel ~sad and offended~ because women seem scared and pick up the pace when they hop off the bus at the same stop as they do during late hours.
>Women start walking faster when I walk behind them on a dark road with my black hoodie pulled over my head and it makes me feel like a monster! I'm a Good Guy not a rapist!! :( Why are women so inconsiderate of MY feelings???
All this without a hint of irony. Poor men!

No. 399905

File: 1555595990950.jpg (28.16 KB, 300x300, IMG_0033.JPG)

Not quite sure if this is the right thread for it but I get so fucking pissed whenever I see that Saudi dude Rihanna is with and everyone's like ~u go girl~ cause it just shows how western media doesn't care to she a light on the oppression of middle eastern women when they have the opportunity to do so.
This guy is having the time of his life and nobody has a problem with pictures like this of him existing. No Arabic media outlet is calling him out or shaming him but if that was a Saudi woman she'd already be stoned to death.

No. 399906

why do males expect women to be into anal when women don't have any pleasure-giving organs up there, whereas men, having a prostate which can easily give orgasms, freak out if you mention fucking their butt

why are men so offended over women shoving their fingers up there unannounced but readily suggest that to their male friends when he's fucking his gf

god men are hypocritical, oversensitive, blind fucking idiots

No. 399925

Yeah, as much as I hate gun culture and think people into it are generally trash, I give it props for having such an emphasis on female safety.

No. 399946

OT, the Kardashian are pretty much trash, but Kourtney somewhat impressed me with her reaction to her bf wanting anal: she bought a dildo and told him to try it out on himself first, then she would too - but of course he was absolutey shocked and angry, "WhY wOuLd I?!" Then why should she?
Hopefully this showed some of the young girls watching just how dumb and hypocritical men are and that anal is something completely unnatural that nobody should (have to) do.

No. 399950

File: 1555608144245.gif (345.55 KB, 220x254, IMG_0530.GIF)

Sounds smart; every woman should do that when their partners ask for it.

No. 399953

I used to think that men saying they needed porn to masturbate/they’d bring porn with them on a thumb drive if they weren’t going to have wifi for a few days/they’d use random images in a magazine if they didn’t have access to porn were joking. It didn’t occur to me that their sexuality could be so broken that they are literally unable to jerk off without porn, and that they’d joke about this like it was a normal part of being a man.

I see men on anti-porn pages talking about masturbating with no porn and only fantasy like it’s this novel, holistic thing instead of literally the way their bodies are supposed to work. How have we as a society decided this is normal?

The older I get the more I’m convinced porn is a public health crisis.

No. 399954

My disgusting ex masturbated to the lucky star opening when he didn't have WiFi bc his younger brother had the DVD

No. 399962

Careful, ladies. I tried that bluff once and he was totally down to do it.

No. 399963

If their was a button which would turn you male would you push it ?

No. 399964

Only if I could turn back to a woman after. I really wanna know what it's like to fuck someone with your dick, though.

No. 399967

File: 1555612150794.png (93.67 KB, 1414x436, Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 2.20…)

Why do short guys get so fucking triggered when women care about how tall they are?

>If you can ask about my height I can ask how much you weigh/your measurements/your bra size etc.

But they're not equivalent at all. The equivalent would be asking the woman how tall she is. Not to mention, you can generally tell how much someone weighs from their pictures on a dating app, but you can't tell their height. I'm on the tall side (5ft9) and I wouldn't want to date a guy who is like 5ft4 - and I doubt they would be interested in me, either.

Why are they acting like men "requiring" a range of measurements is something that doesn't already happen…?

No. 399968

File: 1555612245872.jpg (72.69 KB, 640x1138, 33fpm3tmr0t21.jpg)

this was the original post on reddit:
>Honestly this is such a cliche I can’t even believe it actually happened. I’m 6’4”. I did this for you, my shorter brethren.

Yeah sure you're 6ft4 buddy

No. 399969

Guys who don't want to date a taller girl never get shit for it, why are the standards for literally everything so different for us to these people???

No. 399970

I love how men are outraged at women for caring about height all while constantly lying about their own. They ALL claim to be 6'4". If men refuse to embrace their shortness, why should women ?

No. 399974

Listen, I absolutely love short men, but it is ridiculous that they complain about women not dating them when they generally prefer not dating taller women. I rarely see short-man-tall-woman couples and I doubt that it's because of women.

They just want to force shorter women to date them. Maybe consider those short women dislike the height difference the same way a short man hates the idea of dating taller.

I probably sound lowkey femcel here, but basically agree with the sentiment of >>399970
They just need to embrace their size.

No. 399975

True. The amount of times I as a tall girl got passive aggressive comments about being too picky and judgemental about height (also from women) - when all I did was say that I would like to date somebody who's not shorter than me (read: he doesn't need to be taller than me) because I'm very insecure about my height - meanwhile 99% of men make no secret about not liking tall(er) women.

Women have to have such low standards for men that they don't even dare to talk about something like weight or body type. For men having standards about height is the norm and they think tht because we have that demand too, they can have several more, including weight, breast size, etc

No. 399979

I'm working as a camgirl and why do men feel so entitled to have sex with women way above their league? This 40 year old fat American regular I have is a virgin and he tried to make me his mail-order bride by offering to come and "visit" him and after I refused he started pursuing another model, a very pretty 22 year old Russian camgirl that's obviously in a difficult situation and she doesn't even speak English well, she initially accepted but I convinced her not to go and she took the plane ticket money and ghosted him.
I fucking hate men and how autistic /entitled they are and also how easy it is for them to make money.fuck this society

No. 399980

weight can at least change unlike height lol

No. 399982

File: 1555615070025.png (39.9 KB, 1138x184, Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 2.49…)

Yep, op of the height screenshots and I get the same. Ever since I put my height in my bumble profile i've steadily been getting less matches, and in the past a few guys have not-so-subtly ghosted me after telling them how tall I am (and I'm not even that tall - women 5'11+ must have it very rough). The guys who are shorter than me who are into it are usually into it in a very fetish-y way which I do not appreciate.

I feel like women are willing to compromise on so many physical standards and men aren't. Let women care about height for god's sake.

No. 399984

What about this was entitled on his part? You are a sex worker and he thought he could pay you for sex. Unless he was shitty to you for refusing, there was nothing entitled about this.

Stealing the plane money, on the other hand, was extremely entitled.

No. 399987

Being an online sex worker is different than offering actual sex and he was only pursuing eastern european girls that were in difficult financial situations, a man trying to take advantage of the misfortune of a woman for sex as usual. He never tried asking American models to meet him because he knew they would most probably refuse. He didn't even offer to pay for sex and he wasn't even sincere about his intentions he tried to buy me a plane ticket to "visit" him. The entitlement comes with the fact that he was trying to have sex with girls way above his league and he would only pursue girls from poorer economies and in difficult financial situations because he thought they were gullible enough, he didn't try it with American lib-fem camgirls.

No. 399990

Okay, if he was specifically targeting girls in desperate financial situations then yeah, that was super gross of him.

No. 399998

File: 1555621720392.jpg (377.29 KB, 2400x2400, h23hcda8gxo21.jpg)

No. 400027

to be fair I do get wielded out when little 5'0 goblins all have 6'0 feet tall requirements

No. 400237

File: 1555692457012.jpg (88.92 KB, 559x1644, qhlfyanxgu311.jpg)

supposedly reasons why they think women have it easy.
you choose to work a dangerous job and not pursue a college degree. most men are the ones commiting the homicides. it's not womens' fault that you're lazy and incompetent. they have to blame their problems on others (mostly women) and that's why they'll never improve. if you don't take responsibility for your own fuckups, you'll never learn. they're just too stupid and apathetic to realize this.

No. 400245

lmao woke feminist Rihanna amirite

No. 400251


>scrots killing other scrots for dumb scrotal reasons

>women who never agreed to it are collateral damage

>scrots duping other scrots

>homeless women are recruited into prostitution almost immediately and thus aren't "homeless" anymore

>scrots having poorer impulse control and more violent tendencies, kill themselves because they're dramatic

>vastly more likely to take innocent people with them because it's all an attention whoring stunt

>scrots killing other scrots

>absolute majority of women are killed by men

>scrots choosing dangerous low effort/high pay work AND being retarded with workplace safety because muh skulinity

>when women try to pursue it they're harassed out

>scrots literally failing to get into the very system they rigged in their favor


>literally only pursue custody when they're looking to spite the wife or dodge child support

>when neither parent wants custody it's automatically given to wife anyway

No. 400257

>Women are underrepresented in STEM fields
“Women just CHOOSE not to work in STEM. Misogyny has nothing to do with it!”
>Boys underperform in schools
“Schools are anti-boy! How can we make schools less hostile to boys and erase the unfair female advantage?!”

Maybe boys just choose to get worse grades, man.

No. 400272

Women are in college because men CHOOSE to go less.

Dangerous jobs have nothing to do with ~female privilege~ and are the result of the desperation capitalism brings. Pretty much all red pill type men love their precious capitalism, so that's on them.

Men have higher homelessness rates because they typically suffer more from severe mental illnesses that keep them from working… and women are typically the ones far more compassionate toward the homeless while men screech about boot straps and "NOT MUH TAXES"

The suicide rate is because toxic masculinity teaches men not to seek help or they're weak

The child custody difference is the obvious result of the idea that the mother should be the ones primarily taking care of the children, a belief pretty much all types who don't accept male privilege have. The nerve of them to complain when the obvious outcome of this mindset is suddenly an inconvenience to them really highlights how much they just want to control and fuck over women. If they were consistent in their beliefs, they would see this as a good thing. Also, let's be fucking real, in most cases the child IS better off with the mother.

As for the military deaths- the military is a choice, we haven't had a draft in 50 fucking years and now women get drafted too, anyway. Also, women weren't even allowed to fight on the front lines until extremely recently. Not to mention, the sexual assault rate in the military (and general sexism) is sickening and no same woman would sign up for the risk. The military is not the thing to remind me of if you're trying to make me sympathetic toward men.

All these points are either things men choose to do, the direct result of sexism against women, the direct result of toxic masculinity, or the direct result of capitalism.

Also, it's amazing how these men are too retarded to realize that feminism would end a good chunk of male specific issues as a side effect. Like yeah, stop saying women's primary role should be motherhood while men work and judges will stop automatically assuming women are the better parent in custody cases. How the fuck are they so retarded they don't see that???

No. 400276

What's more, the child custody difference isn't even real. Men actually get child custody MORE often… when they bother to ask for it. They just don't want it in the majority of cases, so by default it goes to the parent that does want it: the mother.

No. 400284

I was actively discouraged from excelling in math and science since I was in elementary school, as were other girls… I was naturally very good at reading and writing and struggled with math and science and my teachers would my parents that it was natural for girls and that I should just focus on reading and writing. They would literally split our math class in half by gender and teach boys more advanced math. So I never fully got to develop my math and science skills until later in high school and college where I realized I wasn’t naturally bad at it like i was led to believe but I just needed more practice. I am in my early 20s now and that was a while ago I guess, I wonder if similar things are still occurring.

No. 400287

Men love to invalidate women's education by screeching the meme about gender studies as if that's the most common subject for us to study, but it's actually nursing… one of the best careers anyone can go for as far as financially and your contribution to society.

After that it's business management and psychology. Gender studies isn't even in the top 20.


It's almost like these men don't actually know what they're talking about and just regurgitate the same red pill memes as an excuse to shit on women.

Also, there's plenty of decent schools that take pretty much anyone who applies. Even someone who barely passed high school can get in somewhere. So, the idea that men just can't go to college cuz feminism is yet another blame shift so they don't have to take responsibility for their poor choices or failures. Not to mention, the gender gap at the top colleges is pretty even (or even mostly Male by a lot like MIT) which really shows even further this meme is just to free men of all responsibility for themselves.

No. 400289

Also, men love to complain about how women get more scholarships as if there's not a reason for that other than "muh misandry!"


No. 400290

It's because your grades suck, scrot. While it's typical of your degenerate gender to externalize blame when facing failure, there's simply no evidence that the academic standards were lowered to accommodate your competitors at your expense. The fact that you had to outright ban women from entering universities only serves to prove that you're aware of your deficiencies.

The history of scrotal goalpost shifting:

>"School is not for whamen, they don't do well in structured and disciplined environments!"

>fast forward a few decades, women do better in school
>"M-muh learning environment is biased against boys because it doesn't let us be the feral shitbeasts we are! How can you expect us to study like everyone else when you don't even let us punch walls and jizz on the floor!"
>"I can't compete with female applicants, must be some imaginary gubmint quotas kicking me out!"

The gender of personal responsibility. Keep coping, ponyboy.

No. 400293

I saw a study a while ago that said women generally occupied the middle of the intelligent range, falling in slightly below average, exactly average, and slightly above average. Meanwhile men were distributed around the extreme ends: extremely below average and extremely above average.

But does it seem to anyone else like most men occupy the very bottom of that range? Picture most men you meet. There's no way half of them are geniuses. 99% of them are mouth-breathing knuckle draggers.

No. 400302

File: 1555702822038.png (865.58 KB, 960x784, u8807mfjnxf21.png)

>m-muh stemz
>muh male idpol

50 years ago they were mewling about women being naturally unfit to be doctors, now that biology is becoming female dominated, they're coping by telling themselves that it's a "feminine "soft science". Give it another 50 years and they'll be derping the same shit about physics.

Why do scrots require so much extra coping? Why do they absolutely need some pursuits to be exclusively scrotal?

No. 400308

Proof of men's inferior brains is that they're all apparently too retarded to learn how to sage.

No. 400311

I don't understand why they come in here at all. I can't think of a bigger waste of time than going into their forums and sperging at them, why do they come in here and sperg at us?

No. 400315

File: 1555704749193.jpg (35.31 KB, 499x505, Damn-gurl---1.jpg)

Because scrots are by design psychologically deficient and are in perpetual search of mommy's love. When they can't get female affection, getting shat on by multiple women is the next best thing. Their literal evolutionary purpose is to be orbiters.

That's why the migtoe meme is never going to happen unless scrots genetically engineer themselves to not be scrots anymore.

No. 400320

You read that wrong, there are more men than women in the extreme ends, but the difference is very small between genders (yet all men believe they are in the genius bracket). Most are average, like the entire population.

The reason most men seem so stupid is because they are socially retarded, without empathy they can't figure out what others around them are thinking.

No. 400321

I only recently learned "gender" means something different in English.

No. 400325

There is a concept called “theory of mind” that’s heavily related to human language acquisition: to understand and verbalize certain concepts, you have to have the understanding that other people have thoughts, feelings, and intentions like you do. Part of what prevents chimpanzees from using sign language very effectively is that they seem to lack theory of mind.

I think that it’s more of a sliding scale: chimps have no ToM, women have it fully (we understand that all humans have mental faculties similar to our own), but men seem to only partially acquire it: they understand and empathize with people who look like them (other men), but can’t fathom that women also have complex thoughts and motivations. You see it in how they talk to children, too: they treat them more like animals than smaller, dumber humans.

No. 400326

File: 1555706763688.png (17.08 KB, 640x452, externalizing_intensifies.png)

Men are stupid because they're more prone to Dunning-Kruger effect (J. Ehrlinger, D. Dunning et Al, 2003). Everything else is a consequence of that. Ever noticed how men always blame others while women always blame themselves? Take more risks? Its this exact mechanism in action.

Inb4 "toxic muh skuleenity" - the explanation is likely evolutionary. Because of their role in reproduction, it's more beneficial for a male to not question his impulses or motives and simply act. Even when a male is intellectually competent enough to spot his own bias (the absolute minority of men), the instinct is so strong that he will immediately try to rationalize it away via psychological defense mechanisms.

Pic somewhat related.

No. 400331

The pic you posted reminds me of some recent frustration I had while reading about the diagnosis of autism in women vs in men.

We don't have magical minds that protect us from mental disease, or are just built to internalize, it's the way society teaches us to deal with our problems. So many girls never getting diagnosed and struggling with life and success, but the school system is supposedly unfair towards boys because they can't behave.

No. 400333

Exactly, in my experience I only obtained my autism diagnosis at 22, after doing research myself. All my symptoms got dismissed by adults in my childhood/teenage years as me being "mean", not trying hard enough, or attention-seeking. I got by until now by learning all the social things I don't naturally understand through observation and work.

The autistic men I've known got diagnosed early in life and though we're technically on the same part of the spectrum, their social skills were worse than mine (and usually that was expressed as them being very rude and insulting) because they were never told they had to learn or try to fit in.

This is just one way in which men are always taken more seriously and coddled, sadly. It's really baffling to me how there's this idea that men are strong and stoic, which results in their pain, sadness or struggles being seen as more serious, which actually shapes them into weak, spoiled men.

No. 400342

I felt bad when I read this post, but then I saw the video of her being racist to a black girl, admitting "I am a racist" repeatedly. Also, she poured Clorox in someone's shampoo bottles, causing them grievous bodily harm.
Men obviously hate her because they want to fuck her, but besides that, she is a horrible, disgusting person and I feel no pity. Pls don't post trash in these threads.

No. 400352

File: 1555710786150.jpg (77.05 KB, 640x284, 3542201058_6653d994e2_z.jpg)


>post about scrots projecting and externalizing

>a feral scrot appears
>immediately proceeds to engage in projection to cope
>scrots being in charge of self reflection

If you weren't a breathtakingly stupid Dunning-Kruger scrot, I would assume that it's one of the femanons here samefagging to prove my point. Top fucking kek.

No. 400354

File: 1555711115982.jpg (27.93 KB, 600x491, tn_1235245586270[1].jpg)

>I saw the video of her being racist to a black girl, admitting "I am a racist" repeatedly

No. 400355

>racism is okay
Not sure if scrote or bitter racist-chan. Either way, pathetic.

No. 400360

File: 1555711604265.jpg (212.71 KB, 600x350, multiple-women-laughing-with-s…)

>mfw autistic scrots are literally more neurologically virilized

>mfw the less masculine a scrot is, the less retarded he is

>mfw a scrot literally needs to be less of a scrot in order to be considered a non-retarded scrot


No. 400363

File: 1555711959828.jpg (110.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[4].jpg)

>You can only like, or dislike somebody if I approve of the reason
Oh sweaty. I'll dislike whoever I like and for whatever reason I like and there isn't a thing you can do about it.

No. 400364

Try actually watching the video of her verbally attacking another woman and generally being shitty, anon. I added her admitting to it so that no one could say "Okay, but maybe she didn't mean it in a racist way! Come on!".

No. 400365

>anime picture
>doesn't know how to sage
Confirmed. Begone.

No. 400366

File: 1555712489594.gif (137.13 KB, 340x340, 729[1].gif)

>Using sage on a board as slow as this
Oh shnookums.
>She admitted disliking her for a reason I don't agree with
Oh baby boo. You should learn to relax and stop concerning yourself with things more complicated than remembering to breathe. You can't force people to change their opinions no matter how hard you cry.

No. 400367

i’m neither of the anons you’re replying to but your posts seem to have a suspiciously PULL-like cadence. are you visiting our weird little planet from there?

No. 400368

File: 1555712912785.png (174.52 KB, 2460x342, Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 4.25.…)

Moving on, I've been meaning to post pic related. Basically sums up their mindset, for anyone who had any doubt.

No. 400369

I don't know what "PULL" is, but it must be a pretty cool place with a high average IQ if you think I'm from there.

No. 400371

File: 1555713086439.png (103.57 KB, 1580x348, Screenshot 2019-03-31 at 4.24.…)

p2, same thread
They really enjoy projecting their own manipulative behavior onto women and using that as an "excuse" to be as inhuman as possible. They also have this weird thing of immediately judging women as "trash" and "bad" people on the basis of….what? Clothing? Hair?
Reminder not to respond to scrotes shitting up the thread

No. 400374

File: 1555713191918.jpeg (25.92 KB, 560x315, aHR0cDovL3d3dy5saXZlc2NpZW5jZS…)

Anyone here mezmerized by how natural and effortless it is for a scrot to deny, project and externalize deficiencies on women specifically? It's like a basic feature that all male psyches come equipped with by default and the reversals are so accurate it's uncanny.

Take ancient Aristotelian claims about women being "mutilated men", for instance - given what we know about human chromosomes, it's a perfect pinpoint accurate reversal of how things actually are. It's like scrots realize their deficient nature on some purely instinctive, visceral level and then spend a lifetime trying to cope.

No. 400379

File: 1555713457493.png (317.5 KB, 1136x640, 7c97d9955b8d3841c96cdda69a73df…)

>If you disagree with me then you must be a scrote
Sounds like something a scrote would say if you ask me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400380

File: 1555713661417.jpg (25.11 KB, 500x406, mimi.jpg)

>smug anime girl reaction pics
>obviously not integrated to site culture
>disrupting pink pill thread specifically


No. 400382

>women are so simple!
>hey what about these specific issues and ways the hormonal cycle impacts medication women take?
>women are too mysteeeerious, stop making my research harder

>women shouldn't attend universities!

>a higher percentage of women is graduating than men and there's a significant jump in statistics for poor women compared to men
>schools are cucked and feminized!

No. 400383

I love Derrick Jensen!

I just read his book A Language Beyond Words, I really connected to him writing about his experience of physical and sexual abuse from his father and how our whole society displays the same narcissistic patterns of abuse. I really recommend it. He is very down to earth and is own of the few men I've come across that truly understands the impact of violence against women.

No. 400388

Things like this make me wonder if women and men can really live in the same society on a collective level. It's depressing how they treat us, and it's like they're incapable of changing (or even wanting to change).

No. 400390

File: 1555714474192.jpg (7.84 KB, 184x184, 283a73f2cf795b3e815a5313b76aa2…)

>Men created everything
Who created men? Checkmate, honey bun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400393

>scrots in charge of honor

A perfect example of scrotal mental deficiency. This is why scrots cannot be in charge of ethics or morality - it's been observed that being in a visceral state of arousal renders them entirely retarded. They become something akin to a heroin addict, ready to rationalize any atrocity just to get their fix. As a rule scrots are at their most honest (albeit not self aware) when no one's watching, and this scrot is giving us a textbook example of how males resolve the cognitive dissonance caused by their purpose in sexual reproduction.

>scrot is aroused by a woman

>scrot experiences the following feelings: frightening realization of his lack of self control and agency, disgust at his own eagerness to abandon humanity to satisfy a lowly urge, literal cognitive slowdown, preemptive feelings of rejection, fear, narcissistic rage
>scrot is unable to correctly link these effects to his own defective nature because he evolved not to question himself
>scrot proceeds to invent a convoluted scenario in which acting on his urges is "morally okay", thus briefly avoiding the contradiction between his self concept as a higher being with reason and a primitive boner-operated sperm vehicle

This is literally as old as humanity.

No. 400395

Why do lolicon incels always think that because they're male they earned some accomplishments from other men while simultaneously showing their own lack of education and seething because of their inferiority while being upset at women?

No. 400396

dont reply to scrotes

No. 400397

Don't even bother, it's one of them trying to fit in (most likely a troon).

No. 400400

Spot on, can't argue with anyone due to crippled socialization so he argues with himself in such a blatant way, using an unfitting reaction image and obvious set up for himself to feel better.

No. 400404

>A 2014 meta-analysis of sex differences in scholastic achievement published in the journal of Psychological Bulletin found females outperformed males in teacher-assigned school marks throughout elementary, junior/middle, high school and at both undergraduate and graduate university level.[62] The meta-analysis done by researchers Daniel Voyer and Susan D. Voyerwas from the University of New Brunswick drew from 97 years of 502 effect sizes and 369 samples stemming from the year 1914 to 2011, and found that the magnitude of higher female performance was not affected by year of publication, thereby contradicted recent claims of "boy crisis" in school achievement.[62] Another 2015 study by researchers Gijsbert Stoet and David C. Geary from the journal of Intelligence found that girl's overall education achievement is better in 70 percent of all the 47-75 countries that participated in PISA.[63] The study consisting of 1.5 million 15-year-olds found higher overall female achievement across reading, mathematics, and science literacy and better performance across 70% of participating countries, including many with considerable gaps in economic and political equality, and they fell behind in only 4% of countries.[63] In summary, Stoet and Geary said that sex differences in educational achievement are not reliably linked to gender equality.

I wonder why outdated stereotypes are still alive,can't be insecurity.

No. 400405

File: 1555715713487.jpg (63.25 KB, 435x700, tumblr_lbcdbmmHMr1qa49tx.jpg)

>great male philosopher
>most famous claim about women is the opposite of empirical truth
>literally btfo by genetics

The scrot folly.

If men are naturally superior, why do they need to place laws to prevent women from competing with them? Why are they increasingly falling behind once those laws are abolished, scrot? Why are you getting btfo at college admissions now that penile-only affirmative action is no longer a thing?

You exist to facilitate genetic diversity, but the best part is that you fail even at that (see: males and incest). There's nothing you evolved to do besides indiscriminate, mindless jizzing. There is no special niche for you that no one else can take, hence your perpetual obsolescense paranoia every time a woman "takes over" a pursuit you'd like to be "yours". Which is one of a very few non-testerical concerns a scrot can have - when women provide and procreate, what are men for?

The core of your neurosis is your own denial of your deficient nature. Once you learn to accept it, your suicide rates might go down.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400406


I often wonder this too. It's very frustrating.

Anedoctal, but all my life males either treated me like shit or treated me better in hopes of fucking me and I'm not even that good looking.

I think most women just don't realize this or try to not care.

No. 400422

My life improved so much when I stopped letting men close and began letting them only have acquaintance type relationships with me. For friendship and romance, I stick with women. It's just better. There are so many amazing, wonderful, intelligent and funny women in the world, and men just cannot compete.

Of course, this is easier for me because I'm bisexual. I feel for my heterosexual sisters.

No. 400449

File: 1555725176709.jpg (398.1 KB, 1555x2403, 81PO3Tqp54L.jpg)


This is the damn truth. The day I broke up with my long term boyfriend and decided to just live life according to the way I want to live it …. the freedom is intoxicating.

Book rec for all like minded farmers. I figure, if I find the right guy? Sure, maybe. But I want to be comfortable with myself unto myself first. And it turns out when you start doing that as a woman, you learn how much you compromise for men and when you don't have to …. it's fucking magical

No. 400507

I just wanted to thank you for the book recommended.
I never see myself being in a relationship and don't wish to have anything more than superficial acquaintanceship with men, but the society or maybe just people around me constantly push this idea that I have to find a man to be happy when I am already happy on my own.
So, any books or movies on this subject are gems to be treasured.

No. 400540

Where can I make woman friends online?

No. 400549

Society encourages women to prostitute themselves in so many ways and when women finally end up doing it, they only get bashed for it and no one ever tries to give them any empathy or compassion, they're only judged for it. No one tries to understand how they ended up like that because that's what men want and that's what society wants because our society is still ruled by men. Someone has to do it, someone has to speak about how women are encouraged to prostitute themselves and how so many women that end up in the sex industry were abused, poor or have some sort of mental illness.

No. 400558

wondering the same thing. I want to hang out with most of you in these threads

No. 400568

I'd really love to have a discord for this thread or something. Maybe this thread doesn't have enough posters to justify that, but I keep wishing I could talk to similar-minded women without scrotes coming in.

No. 400577

I am 100% heterosexual and I still only make friends with women and just abstain from romance. Scrotes are never worth it.

No. 400579

File: 1555772065526.jpeg (54.99 KB, 400x367, 0AC13D6A-1143-4CB8-8C77-236387…)

>start new job
>owner is married, but flirts w coworkers and women that come in
>OK.jpg maybe he’s just kidding
>does weird shit like compare me to his ex wife, calls me his mistress, etc.
>find out from coworker he might actually be cheating on his wife
>try to avoid him as much as possible
>he tries to talk to me when a whole lot of people aren’t around all quiet, when he’s a fucking loud ass
>tfw just got a raise and trying to move, this is the best job for me atm
>don’t wanna ruin in
>just gotta stick it out

Granted, I live in the south so I feel it’s a little worse here but fuck. Any suggestions for majority women-workplace jobs I can search for once I move to a bigger city (Minneapolis)? I just feel like it’s impossible, I’ll have to work with scrots period, especially working in restaurants… The kitchen at my job is run by a woman though and she keeps the cooks in check which is nice.

No. 400582


Samefag forgot to add another vent / experience

>group of nerds come in

>take their orders, just trying to talk to them and be nice since my manager asked me to
>one guy looks like an absolute demon
>greasy unkempt hair
>barely shaven face
>short, fat, out of shape
>worst part: BLACK teeth, a majority missing?? idk too afraid to look at him often
>thought a few of the guys could be cool friends, being very polite and respectful of me, eh whatever
>actual goblin approaches the counter again
>oh god no
>slides me his number
>really don’t want it
>just say “hehe yeah always love making new ~friends~!”
>am afraid this dude my stalk, harass, rape, etc. me so i text him the next day
>tell him i’m not interested in relationships atm
>he says okay
>continues to compliment me and ask if he can take me out to dinner
>gentle reminder~ him that i’m not looking to date
>he asks if there’s any attraction to me
>just say it’s more about personality for me (it used to be but my standards are much higher now, thanks girls!)
>even after ALL that, still mentions that he’d move to minneapolis if he had to
>now have to keep dry convo w him a few times a day
>is scared

He 100% seems like the type to blow up on me if rejected bc he’s so ~ugly :(~ when his features are all his fault. I can’t get the image of his teeth out of my mind. I’m honestly so afraid to straight up say no to him. Fuck men.

No. 400583

Southern scrots tend to be misogynistic as fuck, especially towards their SO. It seems to be extremely normal there to talk down and constantly insult their SO and talk about unhappy they are, when I lived there for only a few months it seemed anytime the words "my girlfriend" or "my wife" left their mouth it was almost always shitty. Like why would you be with someone if their body bothers you that much?

It doesn't surprise me they're cheaters too, especially in military towns, but it's been so normalized unless you're a woman cheating of course then you're literally satan. "Oh he cheated on you? That's just how military guys are. Don't leave him though even if he hits you and cheats because you're an evil woman abandoning the poor oppressed man in his time of need. Don't cheat either because if you do you're an evil woman responsible for the male suicide rate. The only double standard there is the the one that favors WOMEN because men are OPPRESSED"

No. 400584


Girl… how did you know. I live in a military town too, to top it all off. But I’ve always known about military guys’ reputation before my pink pill experience. It’s almost hell here, I cannot wait to move. I feel like everything I say outloud in public has to be carefully crafted so I don’t hurt any scrot or handmaiden’s feefees and who knows what happens.

No. 400586

Also - to add on about military guys. This is the type of shit I expect of them. When a wife speaks out about how common it is to be abused in the military, she gets bombarded with "but but what about me?????", They then go on to rant about how she should've expected it, how they have it worse, how she should love him anyway, or my personal favorite is when they, in the same breath, claim she should have expected it but also accuse her of lying.

Only scrots are this triggered by women speaking out about being abused, only scrots.

No. 400588


Y’all I’m actually getting scared now. He used my phone number on FB messenger and messaged me there because I haven’t replied to his morning text I’m assuming? It was like 30 minutes ago and I told him I’d be busy today. Can I just become invisible to them? I don’t know what to do…

No. 400592

I’m glad I never joined the military after I thought about it a few years ago. There is so much information about how badly women are treated by men, to the point where female leaders will inform enlistees of what harassment they experienced and what to expect. Fuck getting a job where training is being told about how to protect yourself from the sexual assaults of coworkers.

Also, the communities of military housewives shilling mlms or behaving like dependas sounds infuriating

No. 400607

>"my girlfriend," "my wife"
It's actually "my ole lady," get it right. /s

No. 400637

File: 1555785118726.jpg (30.85 KB, 560x315, Xy.jpg)

Fixed for higher accuracy.

No. 400645

The Stacy vs Virgin male chromosomes

No. 400718

Block him and block all contact. Also let those close to you know what's going on. If he comes to your work inform your coworkers and be ready to get police involved.

No. 400855

I second this idea.

Just ghost him and if he keeps it up, tell him you're really not I interested and don't want him to contact you anymore. Also, don't let guys who are interested in you have your number if you're not into them. You didn't have to text him. I know you were just trying to be nice, but many men don't take no for an answer and just think of rejection as a challenge. Next time this happens, just throw it away after they leave. Also, tell your coworkers what's going on in case he does get psycho. He probably won't, though, most men just accuse you of leading them on. However, there's enough crazies out there where you should be cautious.

No. 400928

To those american anons, have you heard about the anti abortion bill in Texas by Tony tinderholt, so pro life he wants the death penalty for all women who had one, no exceptions like for rape. So a rape victim gets the death penalty while her rapist gets a slap on the wrist more or less

No. 401058

Is it weird that I hate 99% of all men and wished they would die but don't want anything bad to happen to boys
like I really could not care if a virus killed the male population from the earth and If it only targeted men but I just can't picture something bad happening to a boy without crying
I find them so cute

No. 401065

Its been all over instagram for me at least, stuff like that makes me feel simultaneously infuriated and disheartened. I know (or I hope) it won't actually be taken seriously or passed if it even gets that far, I have a very strong feeling this dude is just a huge joke to everyone around him anyways. He's had 4 different wives iirc too but loves to bring up the sanctity of marriage.

Also >>401058 you're fucking weird and suck at bait. By far the dumbest thing I've seen all day and I just had that anon remind me of the proposed texas abortion death penalty bill.

No. 401071

Not sure if this is the spergy anon who's been complaining non-stop about the "sonfu" thread for days attempting to false flag, or someone actually from the "sonfu" thread.

No. 401073

I'm not
In fact I'm the one who made the Sonfu thread

No. 401077

Sure, Jan.

No. 401078

boys are terrible though? like i don't wish ill on children but boys are absolutely terrible. especially nowadays that they have such easy access on porn.

No. 401081

I just find them cute
I just wish they could stay kids forever

No. 401086

File: 1555909526761.jpg (73.13 KB, 720x852, 8lowzmzsimt21.jpg)

In case you forgot how much men hate us and want us gone

No. 401087

I know this probably isn't your screenshot, but I don't see any point in censoring their usernames. They obviously want to be known for these opinions, they said this on a public platform.

No. 401088

I don't think this is a bad thing.
If this happens women will be free.

No. 401090

File: 1555910485642.jpg (65.01 KB, 750x913, v0j7uabn4us21.jpg)

No. 401091

Agreed, we definitely need separation of genders
But it says a lot if the reason men want to be away from women is because "they're useless except for their wombs and evil women will cry once they'll be useless" and women's reasons for separation is to want to stay away from psychos who hate us

No. 401137

Absolute retards, artificial wombs can only carry a fetus at the third trimester, meaning it's only useful for developing premature babies, as well as it only being done on sheep.
They'll ignore evedince such as this:
Showing that asexual reproduction seems to be only a viable option for females of reproductive age.

Shows how deluded men are though, no one fucking cares about sex robots but the male brain is so weak it assumes that women care as much about them as they do about women.

No. 401140

This, plus the fact that they wouldn't just need artificial wombs but also artificial eggs.

No. 401147

Men seriously overestimate their importance in reproduction, see religions where creators of life are males and called a father.

No. 401150

>Well maybe if women started rejecting the bad ones instead of the good ones this wouldn't happen

1. This literally happened BECAUSE she rejected a bad guy.

2. All these self-proclaimed "nice guys" that are out here trying to subtly explain away murder are obviously not as nice and stable as they say.

No. 401151

Read that one of his ex wives has a restraining order on him too. The bill is likely to fail, everyone is saying and it's mostly supported by religious supporters. Even most of the texan prolifers don't like him and his bill

It's a cope for them. Women can choose sperm banks and have their families easily through that. Men can only adopt or foster and even then, alot of guys I read hate that option because it "cucks" them. Amazing that they only want to make babies but do zero of the work in raising them to be responsible adults

Also about that whole "women are scared of sex dolls" the only fear came from learning about past employees who used to work at repair factories for realdolls. Alot of them were returned with rough stab wounds to face, breast and vagina. Some had burn marks, some were never cleaned out properly but the overly aggressive sexual damage is what's incredibly fucked up. Of course men have done much worse to real women in the past so to say women are scared to be replaced is probably the farthest from the truth.

No. 401152

>"women are scared of sex dolls"

I truly believe that men say this for their own ego and no other reason. I think that the men that would replace a woman with a sex doll are always the most perverse, deviant and selfish. They're the ones that don't want their partner to have a good time, they just want to get off no matter what. Deep down, I think they know that they're not the type of sex partners a woman would ever want so they do the childish thing of "I rejected you first!" to stop themselves from having to face the relaity that they're actually very unappealing.

>Alot of them were returned with rough stab wounds to face, breast and vagina. Some had burn marks, some were never cleaned out properly but the overly aggressive sexual damage is what's incredibly fucked up.

Jesus Christ that's horrifying.

I hope AI never gets really good or mimics human feeling well because damn, the poor sex robots.

No. 401153

Which subreddit was this?

No. 401164

It seriously blackpills me to think the first commercial human androids will be sex bots. Like the representation of you as a woman is a slave.

No. 401167

File: 1555944159611.gif (1.98 MB, 300x282, data.gif)

That's heartbreaking to even imagine, just how shallow human beings can be. AI has the potential to make the world a better place if done right but many men are so focused on sex rather than the values of knowledge, exploring different forms of consciousness, connection and improving society as a whole through collaboration and the further technological innovations that AI could catalyze.

No. 401173

>human beings
Men. Most women are creeped out by sex dolls.

No. 401175

anons, what do you think about men who break off a friendship with a woman if they develop feelings for her? i think it shows how entitled men feel and how they are lacking restraint.

>i cant have this woman as a girlfriend, time to completely cut her out of my life.

i know this also happens to women, but it seems like it's very common with single, often desperate, men. wouldn't the best solution be to wait for the feelings to pass?

No. 401180

I can understand distancing yourself from unrequited love because it can be quite painful. But it’s a whole other thing when they basically drop the friendly act and cease to see you as a person. In which case, nothing of value was lost.

No. 401187

Except that, as much as they hate to admit it, they desperately crave companionship from a real human being. Otherwise they wouldn't be sperging at the top of their lungs about how much they hate us and don't need us. I welcome sex robots because it will cut a large number of disturbed and unstable men from the dating pool. I find the idea they think women see it as competition hilarious, considering the only people who are going to be buying them are pitiful perverts who can't get laid anyway.

Also, are they implying that when artificial wombs are a thing, women are going to be genocided or something? God, these men are fucking sick. They're also actually retarded since you still need a female in order to make an embryo in the first place. Are they really so stupid they think all women do is incubate the baby and don't realize they're made from half her fucking DNA?

Also, you can clone women, but you can't clone men. They are far more expendable than we are. All they have over us is ~muh physical strength~, which is already being replaced with robots in the workforce. How are they so dumb they don't realize these things?

No. 401189

I genuinely believe that males have no empathy for women, be it their gf, mom, or wife. They only learn to say the right things and entertain you for pussy but it will always slip that they are fucking porn sick defects by default.

No. 401191

I think if someone drops a friend over romantic rejection, it shows they were most likely only in the friendship to get with them from the start. Which imo is sleazy.

No. 401200

I've been reading a lot about Ted Bundy and of all serial killers, he terrifies me the most because he's basically just one of these red pill types taken to an extreme.

>staunch Republican

>undeserved ego
>murder spree was sparked by girlfriend dumping him and he specifically targeted women who looked like her

Also, I don't get why everyone talks about his supposed hotness. He is really not that attractive. He's like a 6.

No. 401203

Is it okay to get a househusband?

No. 401207

It's like people just expect serial killers to look like hunched back trolls, so any normal looking person will exceed that expectation. Bundy is average at best, kind of fugly in some angles.

No. 401208

Only ok if you get a man to get at least part time job and also do all the housework IMO

No. 401209

…why do you need lolcow's approval? Of course it is, I want one too.
Nothing to do with man-hate though, more of a fetish tbh.

Agreed with housework. Why would he need a job though? He wouldn't be a househusband if he has one. His use would be homemaking, companionship, and sex.

No. 401213

I don't think they're creepy tbh. I'd rather men who are misogynistic and/or sexually violent satisfied their sexual needs with a doll and hurt a non-living being than "using" a real woman for that.

No. 401215

idk where you live but in america it's very common for both spouses to have jobs - one at least working full time and the other part time. even if a person is the primary caretaker of the house, it still falls on them to get a job to help with income.

blogpost but my mom worked part time my entire life and was still referred to as a housewife because she took care of the house and me & my siblings.

i think it is becoming more imperative for both spouses to have jobs in these times, as more families are becoming more economically strained and wages are not matching up to the cost of living.

No. 401218

Tip for avoiding shit tier men: pay attention to how they talk about their exes. Does he call them bitches and whores? Does he act like they're the devil even though they didn't really do anything objectively wrong to him? Does he trash talk them a lot?

No. 401222

So, I'm reading The Torture Garden. It's somehow both unsurprising and funny that this mindset predates /r9k/:

>“Woman, a teacher of compassion!” he exclaimed … “Yes, I know the theme. There’s a genre of literature and courses of parlour philosophy devoted to it. But her whole history – and not only her history, but her role in nature and in life – gives the lie to purely romantic propositions. For why do women race to bloody spectacles with the same frenzy as they seek sexual pleasure? Why do we see them – in the streets, in the theatre, at the assize court, at the guillotine – straining their necks and gazing with avid eyes on scenes of torment in order to experience, to the point of swooning, the frightful joy of death? Why does the name of a great murderer suffice to cause them to quiver, to the depths of their flesh, with a kind of delicious horror? All of them, or just about all of them, have dreamed about Pranzini!… Why?”

>“There are no moral categories among women, only social ones. From ordinary people to the upper and lower middle-classes and right up to the most elevated social strata, women devour the feature stories – hideous morgues and abject black museums – that are recounted in the Petit Journal. Why? Because great murderers have always been awesome lovers. Their genetic power corresponds to their criminal power. They love as they kill! … Murder is born from love and love reaches its maximum intensity in murder – it’s the same physiological exaltation, the same motion of suffocation, the same harshness … and often the same words and identical spasms.”
>“Woman as dispenser of ideals and compassion!” he continued. “But the most atrocious crimes are almost always the work of woman … She is the one who conceives, schemes, prepares them. She is the driving force behind them. If she does not execute them with her own hands, which are often too weak, you’ll find in them her moral presence, her thought and her sex in all their ferocious character. ‘Watch out for woman!’ said the knowledgeable criminologist …”

tl;dr: Some faggot uses the fact that some women are hybristophiles to say all women are into murderers. Also, murderers give the best dick. Also, we are evil and commit the worst crimes through our minds and our sex.
They've always been so obsessed with getting out their homoerotic thoughts by using women as a sockpuppet, I swear. Pure projection.

No. 401226

It's all true though what he's writing, but at the same time who gives a shit? I don't care what some man thinks.

No. 401228

lol are you retarded or just male

No. 401229

I just found it amusing in a retarded way that the whole "All women are hybristophiles" meme far predates the birth of losers who think Ted Bundy is a "Chad".
It's kind of sad to think that there were probably women back then going through the exact same bullshit, but worse, thinking "Well, maybe in a few hundred years, their mindset will change! It has to!". Nope. Same shit, different day. At least we have a few more rights and can now collectively roll our eyes with women from all over the world anonymously.
>It's all true though what he's writing
Lmao no

No. 401232

Because men make women who have have part or full time jobs do all the housework anyways. You have to at least match that or you can’t call yourself a man hater

No. 401239

File: 1555956822317.png (63.26 KB, 787x469, sec.png)

No. 401243

>men writing fanfics on Reddit to collectively jerk off to
What exactly are we supposed to be seeing here, and what does it have to do with the thread?

No. 401253

Because a woman hoeing means all women are evil and proof we're just as bad as the gender who does over 90% of rapes, molestations, homicides, genocides, animal abusing, etc etc

No. 401264

Lol, and you don't think that reason for having a doll is creepy in and of itself? Kind of naive to assume that these weirdos will be satisfied with projecting their sadistic urge to hurt real people onto an emblematic object of said people. It's nothing but speculation.

No. 401266

Well, it's more of a suggestion actually You can turn a cheating situation into something both parties agree with
Open relationship/hotwife situation probably

No. 401274

>Also, you can clone women, but you can't clone men.
Really? Explain I am genuinely curious

No. 401297

I'm not sure if this belongs in this thread but why won't more women that want children and that didn't find a respectable partner have children by themselves using a sperm bank? I mean having a child by yourself in a scenario where you have enough financial stability is better than having a child with a man that will benefit more from the marriage than you'll ever do or that might scar your children for life despite your efforts.

No. 401302

Women who do that (or even bring up the idea) are really looked down upon by most men and a lot of women, tbh. Even single women who had little choice in that (like when the dad runs out on them) are mocked constantly. They get told that they're selfish whores and that the children will hate them for it. That social pressure probably scares a lot of women away from this alternative.

No. 401303

nta but it's the way cloning technology works, you take the ovum and "fertilise" it with a somatic cell (ie. any rando non-ovum cell) and go. can't do that with sperm and can't generate any males (bc no y chromosome) that way either so.

No. 401321

>Kind of naive to assume that these weirdos will be satisfied with projecting their sadistic urge to hurt real people onto an emblematic object of said people
This. Like porn or any other addiction, it'll be slow at first. They'll fuck it then begin to be more extreme with their antics to get off. They'll cause more damage and the more times they have to send their sex dolls back in for repair, the more they'll be frustrated. It'll just escalate until they can only be satisfied with a real person reacting organically than an unresponsive inanimate object.

Remember that convention where a sex doll creator allowed the public to handle one of his dolls? It was damaged and "spoiled" almost immediately by thr crowd so badly the creator took it away and was disappointed by the groups of men who did that. I mean, it was retarded of the creator to be naive that a group of men at a sex doll convention would be gentle

And when you point that out every male in a 10 block radius will REEE with
but how many women do you see create forums and entire communities around that shit? I mean most we see are women talking about wanting a cute robo virtual husband every once in a while.

No. 401324

I think that women who get left by the father are looked down on MORE than women who actively choose to have a child alone. The latter might be seen as sad spinster career women but not irresponsible sluts, there's usually the assumption that a woman going to a sperm bank etc has her shit together but is just too old to get a man.

No. 401346

File: 1555975803341.jpg (355.94 KB, 1079x1585, Screenshot_20190423-002752_You…)

the video was about Japanese living in internet cafes, this girl explained how her parents didn't bother with her and she was raising her siblings and started working at 16 as a prostitute.

No. 401347

File: 1555975820221.jpg (99.37 KB, 640x1061, 1xjtb77povr21.jpg)

No. 401362

Is there even a purpose to downvoting Youtube comments? I feel like it doesn't do anything.

No. 401366

don't think it does but I need to channel my anger somewhere like

No. 401369


Glad you like it anon. I feel really similarly. I like Call the Midwife too, because it's got some female characters who choose to live independent lives and are treated positively.

No. 401398

File: 1555988219558.jpg (211.72 KB, 1440x1621, 45rjquraeqt21.jpg)

MGTOWs: women are trying to trap you and use you for money by stealing you sperm and impregnating themselves, my female roommate took out my trash I think she was trying to sperm jack me and milk me of my money!
MGTOW: what? Why are your legs closed you evil woman? Are you using me for money and emotionally abusing me by not opening your legs?
MGTOW: single moms are the world's evil and criminal factories, don't get pregnant you evil women can control whether or not you get pregnant
MGTOW: I'll leave if you get pregnant though
MGTOW: no condoms tho or you're an evil woman who doesn't care about the man's pleasure
MGTOW: no birth control either because it turns you manly and evil

No. 401412

Can they just avoid women and be done? They aren't committing to any women so why make differentiations lmao.
If they just want to fuck women (as I've heard from mgtow), then aren't "thots" on birth control ideal?

Also newsflash, a woman can have a flat chest, deep voice, and depression and be an uwu pure virgin.

No. 401426

I am pregnant and I am terrified of the child being male for these reasons.

No. 401494

Oh, this is me but I thought it was only because feminine bubbly and youthful women were more attractive. I guess it's my "soul"! Convenient!

No. 401496

But then who will suck their dicks and egos?

No. 401499

File: 1556014069645.jpg (128.07 KB, 1200x800, g4jtbhb.jpg)

Other men.

No. 401505

That would be best for everyone, but unlikely.
I think it says a lot about men that while political lesbians exist, there's no such thing as a straight man choosing to only bond with men so as to avoid women. Even MGTOW guys actually date and marry women, they just pretend they're "alpha" while doing it. It really is proof that no matter how much men complain about women and our supposed devious ways, they know deep down that it's all bullshit and they're the ones who profit off of normal marriage dynamics.

No. 401579

File: 1556032367219.jpg (854.24 KB, 1864x2816, tmp_WhZrwl_d36da96c6c581b8d_Ge…)

>Brie Larson


No. 401586

It's funny how a group about men being so independent from women focuses on discussing women all the fucking time. Why don't they stick to sex dolls, porn and trannies if we're all so bad? I don't understand why they insist if nothing we do is ever enough, if no personality is "perfect" enough.

No. 401590

File: 1556033106976.jpg (234.7 KB, 683x1213, 1dd6d936e616900ec003069415a65a…)

Come on, anon, in [current year] if you don't resemble an insta girl like pic related you're basically a teen boy.

No. 401593

Even instagram models don't look like this IRL though. I wonder if there's much research on men's "blindness" when it comes to makeup, photoshop/meitu and plastic surgery, because they always believe that those pictures are 100% natural. Is it biological ? Are they too horny to care ? Do they know the truth but pretend not to because they can use it to make women feel bad ?

No. 401594

Isn't there nowadays a technology that finds out the baby's sex even during the first weeks or the pregnancy, like by taking a blood sample by the mother and if they find y chromo the baby is a boy?

No. 401595

knowing mgtow, they'd probably consider this woman obese.

No. 401600

What is considered a nice body to mgtow anyway? Proportional curves and breasts are considered flat and shapeless, large breasts and curves is obese, no wonder they run around screaming about how the average woman's standards are so high and how they just KNOW we think 6'4 is short manlets and 8 inch dicks are micropenised to us, it's not from reality it's from projection, that's why they don't have proof or post any examples of their statements taking place, meanwhile, a woman has decent amount of fat in her breasts but it's not a lot? Reee flat manly whore

No. 401609

Honestly, men live through their lives projecting all their bullshit on women, honesty that's all hat manhood is. Projection projection projection always blaming women for their own faults. They think everyone thinks like them.

No. 401629

The sperm bank idea is incredibly gross to me, what kind of guy donates his sperm? And that guy would be the father of your child?

No. 401637

I love women, but something about this pic is creepy. Yes, I'm aware of the miracles of photoshop and use it myself for drawing, but I mean the proportions in general being uncanny valley. I've seen much worse on /snow/ but I guess they're less weird because they're easily clocked as fake.

Maybe because as a hobby drawfag I look at lots of different body types for studies, but the ideals men have for female bodies creep me out. Check pixiv, you can see submissions by male artists vs female and the difference is obvious,it's interesting to look at from time to time. Also fuck it, I just checked /ic/ for a link and their male/female art bullshit threads make me so tired, I got too old for 4chan years ago and can't stand to look at the place.

No. 401645

File: 1556039113456.jpg (175.33 KB, 1200x1800, anastasia-kvitko.jpg)

Here's a candid, if it helps. She's clearly had ps and probably lipo, but she has cellulite and looks like less of a cartoon.

Also I agree (also draw casually). The way women are drawn in hentai specifically horrifies me, they're like rubber body horror monsters lmao. The amount of detail put into the shading with the extreme proportions throws it all off.
And the only people who draw men in a similar way are gay male artists. Even people like Holly don't hit that same creepiness that stems from, as noted in the ps thread, the male desire for supernormal stimulus.

No. 401655

Why are men so terrified of women realizing their worth and the fact they don't have to stick around with someone who treats them awfully?

No. 401664

Yeah, that's much more real, the pic above just smooths her curves up to the point they look way too stiff.

I just read that in the surgery thread, it's kinda fascinating but it makes me fear for the future since all of us are spending more time online.

On this topic, I joined a discord server for a game and a scrote actually complained that a hentai artist he follows retweets "3D women" sometimes and that repulses him. Amazing how you can fuck your own psyche over.

No. 401677

File: 1556045995072.jpg (160.69 KB, 1080x1350, 33696478_403624006780264_38237…)

I'm absolutely disgusted with this world and things like these make me want to just isolate myself forever in a forest, far away from civilization.

This girl is 16 years old and she's been to the insert country name got talent showcasing her dancing skills.Her dancing skill is sub-par but she has a lot of time to improve, all the comments I read on the video of her live performance are absolutely disgusting. Men commenting about how a 16 year old girl is the biggest slut in the world only because she has a voluptuous body and dared to dance in a provocative way and dress like the average instagram influencer would dress like. All the comments on the video are made by men saying they want to rape fuck a 16 year old girl that dances in skimpy clothes. I even found videos on Pornhub with her name in the title but it's not even her in the videos and I also found nudes leaked and
she's underaged.

Girls are encouraged to sexualize themselves since they are pre-teens and a lot of the things marketed towards young and impressionable girls are extremely sexualized, clothes, makeup, sexy style etc. but god forbid they actually try those things out or present themselves on media with what is marketed towards them. Men are fucking vile.

No. 401692

That's so horrible. Women get the short end of the sticks no matter what. They're either too sexual or not sexual enough. You can't win. Men will ONLY ever talk about a women's looks and not her talent, skills, smarts, etc.

I'm sick of men. i wish we can put them in concentration camps.

No. 401698

That is terrible. Girls like that (pageant girls, young actresses and models) don't do this out of "sluttiness", they're told by adults (mostly male producers and managers, but also their own parents) that they're mature enough for it, that they can be just like the stars they admire, that it'll give them success etc. It's actual child abuse and manipulation of young girls' fragile self-esteem.

No. 401699

I mean I hate to say its but she really doesn't look 16. Still rotten to say about woman regardless of age

No. 401721

File: 1556050698836.jpg (59.04 KB, 484x483, 1534774397690.jpg)

sometimes i think about having children but i would never ever birth a son but on other hand having a daughter would mean that she would have to live in this fucked up world.

No. 401776

you should consider adopting a girl. it sucks out there for girl orphans, especially as they get older. even if you don't adopt, raising a girl is a much better option. you can teach her important values that will help her more easily navigate this awful world for women, like self-worth, esteem, and how to value herself instead of relying on the validation of others. plus you don't have to worry about a lot of the woes that come with raising a male.

if we had more women raising girls and teaching them things that actually matter and will help them, then the world would be a much better place for women. you don't even really have to have the children yourself and raise them, but you can be a mentor through a multitude of volunteer opportunities, depending on where you live.

No. 401847

Probably ignorance. If you asked the average man the difference between eye shadow and mascara they wouldn't know what you're talking about and have only heard of photoshopping models in the context of billboards and magazines.

No. 401891

File: 1556084027141.gif (375.16 KB, 480x480, giphy (1).gif)

Thoughts? Do you guise think the growing trend of sperging about femcels here is because of this shit?

Regardless, I'm taking all of it with an even bigger grain of salt going forward. Daily reminder that females cannot be incels.

No. 401896

I am sure that the majority of guys who say these things actually find most women attractive. I think male sexuality is intertwined with hatred and MGTOW types are at the extreme side of that spectrum.

No. 401957

Just shit up the subreddit with dumbass bullshit before it even properly starts, even though I find it hilarious that they can't play pretend even for second to come up with more believable stories

No. 401981

LOL it actually pisses them off they deleted my post

No. 402075

File: 1556125063466.jpg (1.88 MB, 3264x2158, creeepp.jpg)

Look at this masterpiece of modern literature.
Why the fuck was amazon recommending me this pedo piece of crap?
The Animorphs-on-budget cover is both hilarious and disturbing.

No. 402107

Even if this garbage were true, why does no male companionship automatically mean a so called 'emcel' must be unhappy? Why do men think that a woman's happiness must be based around PIV? MGTOW is supposed to be about male happiness apart from women so why would they assume the same can't be achievable in the reverse?

No. 402111

File: 1556128274114.jpeg (114.71 KB, 758x960, A24493BF-DE94-4BFB-84BB-7A4A07…)

found this elsewhere online, men are a disease

No. 402118

Anyone else weirded out by how much men watch porn? I'm not even against porn and watch it sometimes but the idea that a lot of dudes will watch it for hours each week is just weird to me.

No. 402122

This is honestly amazing holy shit they are trying so hard lmao

No. 402128

I kind of want to make an account and encourage "other emcels" to WGTOW or date non-whites lol

No. 402136

>hate women and think they're inferior to men
>still try this hard
Why are men like this?

No. 402152

Chinese Tom Hiddleston ad called “creepy” by western tradfags as it’s female gaze of sexy nurturing husband. While literal every ad targeted at men feature women in 100x more demeaning fashion. I hope they die mad about it.

No. 402154

>women have it on easy mode since they can just go one tinder and get laid, they will never suffer loneliness like an incel
>but if they do that they're used goods and EMCELS who no one will ever commit to
Hmm…agenda to get virgin women to only fuck incels is too obvious.

No. 402155

I hate that women can't have anything without it being shit on. So much media is made with a male gaze.

No. 402156

I tried making posts there but they banned me and deleted my threads I guess I wasn't believable enough, which is funny since all their post there hit every misogynist /pol/ delusion about women

No. 402158

Check out their submissions almost every one of them has a story about woman having black children and not getting "decent" dates because of it they're so insecure

No. 402160

That's not creepy. It's not sexualising or demeaning him, just a wholesome "what if this was your husband" fantasy where he's being nice and caring towards you. Similar to those boyband videos where the guys just go on dates with the viewer or do cute/silly boyfriend stuff (One Direction and BTS both did videos like this). Personally I see it as a lot less creepy than guys' obsession with fantasizing about scantily-clad women bending over or bouncing their boobs in slow motion which doesn't even try to acknowledge that the woman in question is a person with thoughts and feelings.

No. 402162

This is male subjugation propaganda reeeee

No. 402212

I think you can report this, Amazon doesn't want to host porn stories about children.

No. 402236

how could anyone be mad at something so cute?

No. 402237

Men and handmaidens are such little bitches for finding this "creepy". Triggered manbabies want all women to be walking porn, but something where a man is actually nice to a woman is a problem? Trash.

No. 402239

Because they need women to suffer to be fufilled, they care so much about women's opinions and spend so much time thinking about women while constantly repeating to themselves they don't care

No. 402430

expected this to have a significant amount of downvotes, positively surprised that it does not.

No. 402471

A guy friend just told me this and managed to make me dislike men just a little bit more.

>girl he was with let him double fist her in the pudd

>disappointed when she was too loose afterwards

No. 402525

drop this 'friend' or use him for all you can, then drop. he's trash.

No. 402529

because they’re narcissists. the thought of women being self-sufficient, independent, happy, & fulfilled is an existential threat to them. they can’t even fathom a world that doesn’t revolve around themselves and their desires

No. 402531

Absolute trash. Only staying on good terms with him because I need him for some serious networking purposes

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