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File: 1558018876466.jpg (438.75 KB, 2448x3264, WhosBehindThisPost.jpg)

No. 410984

Confess to your deepest sins.

Let it all out.

No. 410987

My boyfriend is a pedo. It took about 2 years into our relationship to find out when I found an old hard drive from my first computer build and laughed finding my folder of leeds I took as a kid. I never distributed them, I took them because my family had porn addicts so I saw things I shouldn't at my age.

Anyway, I found my old hard drive with those files and told him the long story about it. Partly because I wanted to vent out some trauma. His response was… Intense interest and the constant insistence that he see the images. So I showed him cause like…it's me, and I took a lot of pictures and videos for pretty much all of my years from 10-14.

So it clicked to me that he was way too interested and he was watching these videos in full with an expression I never really see him have…so against my better judgement I made a joke about little me turning him on and he nervous laughed. So I just played more videos and images while giving him a hand job. We haven't discussed anything about it and I'm not sure how to feel about it either. But I do know he had a much longer and larger orgasm than normal. It's been about a week and we've had sex multiple times a day as if we were just dating again. But every time, I had my laptop beside me with my CP on screen. I don't know how I feel about this tbh.

It's a very complicated feeling. I don't know if I like it and feel kinda numb. I didn't even vent my trauma to him because I felt like I shouldn't ruin this for him. He understands that I obviously understand but both of us are too scared to outright say what's going on. He's imagining fucking the 10 year old me on the screen, while fucking 23 year old me.

I don't know how to feel. I don't know why I'm making this post.

No. 410994

You’re straight up encouraging his pedo tendencies by rewarding him with sex.. what the actual fuck anon.

No. 410995

Why a week later do you still have cp on your computer open for both you and your bf to view? You're encouraging thus and getting him off while he's engaged with looking at material of an actual child idgaf if the child is you it's still disgusting.

No. 410996

Your post made me want to kill myself and I am not even in your situation.
Delete the CP and run as far as you can from the sick fuck. I would tip the police but maybe it's not possible without incriminating yourself.

No. 410997

>I knowingly showed my bf CP, knew it turned him on and gave him a handjob, continued to have sex with him after that multiple times with CP on the screen next to us
You're just as culpable as he is.

No. 410998

I know… But he's still the same person. Outside of bed he acts no differently but in bed we have an unspoken rule now that I should throw on a video or image for him during foreplay. He gets much more into it and it feels more emotional for me. And I don't know why and it makes me want to cry. Am I enjoy this too?

No. 410999

I would go as far to say you both are gross pedophiles what the fuck anon get help

No. 411001

I'm not enjoying the CP for clarification but the feeling of him being more passionate and rough. Like he isn't holding back from just melting I to the moment. I still love him and it's like I'm just ignoring the discovery that he's a pedo because aside from that he's so good to me.

Sorry I'm just confused. I need to see a professional.

No. 411002

>But every time, I had my laptop beside me with my CP on screen
What the fuck? What the fuck is wrong with both of you?

No. 411003

Unironically KYS.

No. 411004

So he can only melt into the moment if there is sexual images of a child or or a child doing sexual acts. Would he melt into the moment if you in real life turned off the monitor and with your adult body did these things? Please be objective you're projecting his disgusting desires for his desire for you when you have to use a prop to get him to satisfy you sexually. Do you not understand how gross this is? Break up with him before he starts fantasing about other horny kids.

No. 411005

File: 1558020234785.jpg (49.26 KB, 590x550, 1554710612806.jpg)

I really hope this isn't real.

Anyway, you realize if you do stay with this brain ball of a man, he's likely going to abuse your children and other people's children down the road. Also, you will soon be very unattractive to him if you aren't already. Even though it feels good to be his object of desire now while he fantasizes about someone else while violently fucking you, he is going to leave you for a younger woman soon.

No. 411008


this is some paul bernardo/karla homolka shit, you need help anon

No. 411009

File: 1558021017120.png (78.07 KB, 500x346, Callingthepolice.png)

No. 411010

My lord, that anon with the pedo boyfriend.

I can hardly tolerate it when a man has a different preference of women than me but pedophilia? How can yoi truly love and bond with a man who desires prepubescent children and gets more sexually aroused to them than your full adult body? How can you emotionally and romantically connect with someone like that so devoid of being able to enjoy your body and see it as near perfect? Not to mention the pathetic moral aspect of it….

Yes no1curr and autism but fuck this is a dumpster fire

No. 411011

Rate this as worst post ever on lolcow

Or this one?

Jesus, anon. You're descending a dark rabbit hole here. Get out now, while you can still save yourself. And from what I'm understanding the images anon is talking about is her own CP not another child's. Distributing and sharing your own child pornography is still probably a crime, anon. Delete. Dump. Seek professional help.

No. 411014


You mentioned that you wanted to vent some trauma. Was the trauma related to the images or that time of your life? Do you think that you engaged in this activity as a subconscious way of reclaiming power?

You're going to have to talk to him to find out if he has used CP before or if this was his first time and decide if it's a deal breaker.

Look for a therapist who deals with sexual trauma.

No. 411019

Trama related to the images and videos. Never distributed them but was also told by someone I trusted that if I ever deleted them they would end up online because deleted things go straight to the dark web.

I'm not comfortable in elaborating. But probably has to do with what you said. This all happened a week ago but this week feels like it flew by and it kinda all hit me this morning. Like I've been ignoring these thoughts.

No. 411024

File: 1558025434445.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, 084[1].png)

>deleted things go straight to the dark web.

No. 411026

I was a kid. I know it isn't true now but it scared me back then. Sorry if I made that confusing.

No. 411029

that still doesn't explain why you kept the hard drive

No. 411033

also this shit is a huge example of why the internet was a fucking mistake.

and anon, why tf are you even in a relationship considering the state you're in. you need to be in intense fucking therapy.

No. 411036

I hate so many people. If it were possible I would torture and then kill them.

No. 411037

File: 1558026927290.jpeg (4.97 KB, 185x272, images-9.jpeg)


In a similar line of thought, I confess that through the Avengers series I have always agreed with Thanos. The Avengers are all largely idealistic which doesn't help their case either.

Thanos did exactly what he said he was going to do and then retired to his nice little farm planet and then they immediately go after him and chop his head off. The entire theater collectively went "YES" when this happened and it made me laugh because it just goes to show how humans think.

Thanos did nothing wrong.

No. 411047

Hahaha you're getting cucked by your own self

No. 411050

GOD when will the superhero trend die already

No. 411051

It's all Raimi shitty movie fault goddamn

No. 411055

hahaha … wtf? She is, isn't she? Cucked by her own youth.

No. 411062

My own unpopular opinion related to that: I liked the MCU a lot more at the beginning, it was more "grounded" and the stakes where high but more realistic than alien invasions.

Thanos was stupid as fuck, he should have wished for infinite resources or at least more resources available instead of his shitty temporary solution.

As someone who enjoy watching action movies and superhero movies, I hope it'll be soon. I like the MCU movies but I don't really know what to think about how Endgame ended. The problem is that now that there are so many movies and there are problems with which company own which rights for which characters, the new ones will most likely be boring and repetitive.

No. 411065

File: 1558030393163.jpg (138.57 KB, 1080x1080, 1487643801061.jpg)

>there are problems with which company own which rights for which characters

Disney just got a whole bunch of Marvel character rights like a month or two ago with the Fox deal. They own the movie rights to Xmen, Fantastic Four, Deadpool, etc. and are buying more stuff. And with the next Spiderman confirming that there are now multiverse shenanigans going on, it means they could easily do things like pull Ryan Renolds in as Deadpool on a multiverse adventure or something.

I agree with you that they should stop soon though. But I also see that there's a lot more fuel for the tank and Disney didn't buy out Fox around the time that they're closing up this phase and starting the next by coincidence.

No. 411067

I have a bf of two years and our sex has been fucking great lately.

But last night I had a dream that I fucked my guy friend who’s a virgin and it honestly kind of turns me on to be someone’s first. I feel guilty for even feeling horny about it because I’ve had dreams where I cheated or fucked someone else and I was disgusted afterward. But this dude has had a crush on me before, I think he’s cute although I don’t think I would date him tbh, my boyfriend is basically perfect for me and I want to get married asap after college.

But fuck I still think it’s kinda hot. Esp because my friend is a religious dude…wtf is wrong with me ugh

No. 411070

Nothing is wrong with you. Society has brainwashed us to feel guilty for what's natural. Stop beating yourself up, you're human. It's natural for you to think of the possibilities outside of your status quo, add some longing due to the fear of missing out, etc. It's the very core of what we understand as midlife crisis, but we're bound to go through multiple "mini" episodes like that through our lives.

Liking someone else is normal. You're a sexually active young human, you'll eventually have times where you think of people other than your partner. Just understand that they're usually fleeting, heat of the moment, and aren't worth ruining what you have. How we handle our feelings and the actions we take while under their influence is what determines your character. Don't feel guilty for having those feelings as long as you aren't acting on them. Try not to get lost in them, but the more you fight it the more you'll make yourself uncertain. Accept that you have sexual feelings for your friend, accept that it's normal, accept that it isn't worth ruining your relationship for, and accept that at most maybe you should masturbate a few times to the thought of the experience so that you can "get it out your system" faster.

Good luck, anon. I think many people in their 20's reach this point. We're so set on assuming it's vile to even think of someone else, but the reality is that it'd be more worrisome if you never liked anyone but a single person your entire life.

No. 411071

Now THIS is one for the kinkshaming thread…and the police.

No. 411072

I masturbate to the thought of my bf being raped (but ending up liking it) by a sexy guy OR him cheating on me with a hot MILF.
Idk what's wrong with me, I don't want to be a cuckquean, I just like to imagine him in different scenarios.

No. 411073

I can relate. I love my bf, but I can't stop thinking about how much I miss having sex with women. I make jokes about it a lot but I know I shouldn't because eventually he's going to get that I actually mean it. We're in a LDR and I know I could easily go out and find some women to fuck without him ever finding out, but I couldn't live with myself if I actually did that. I would love to have a gf as well as him, but he's not open to polyamory.

No. 411074

I heard about Disney buying Fox a long time ago but even if the deal is sealed now I think it's a bit too late given that some of the characters were treated differently by both companies and the whole deal with Wanda and Pietro not being mutants and not being Magneto's children. I'm just saying this because I wish this would have happened earlier since I don't really plan on watching the new Marvel movies anyway, except maybe the one that'll come out about Black Widow.

No. 411078

the rape one is just disturbing

No. 411081

Well I haven’t had sex with anyone aside from my Bf except for fooling around (bj) with a nice guy who coerced me into it after he guilted me into dating him until he broke up w me after I said I wouldnt have PIV with him until I was ready.

So my bf is my first and only PIV, but my bf has also had sex with two other girls before me.

I also should add a worse confession to this post so here it goes:
I have a fake instagram that I made to look like a bot, and followed my bf’s first gf in high school who he lost his vcard to. I wanted to see if there were any pics of them left on there. Honestly there was only prom pics and he’s blocked her since then so i don’t see any comments from him. I’m not even jealous anymore bc all of her followers are bots, she’s clearly very dumb, ugly, annoying, etc. But I’m still following her on this fake acc for the laughs and my bf doesn’t know. The other day i saw that she “became a business partner” of someone in an MLM scheme, I thought it was so fucking hilarious. I wanted to tell my bf but then he’d be weirded out. I know it’s unhealthy too but I’m bored also of this ex and I want to stalk his other ex from high school now.

We’re 21 and in a relationship of 2+ years. We wanna get married after school so our relationship is much more serious and yet I just find it interesting to follow and stalk these girls despite knowing that we’re a better couple. I feel like I’ve overcome my insecurity mostly but I cannot tell my bf about this or else he’ll def be weirded out (for good reason). What is wrong with me?!

Sorry for grammatical errors btw, I’m on my phone!

No. 411084

I have a fantasy of watching a male partner being convinced to take it up the ass by a male friend and enjoying it, without any previous anal experiences or doubts about his sexuality, even cumming hands free while he doesn't know I'm watching.

No. 411088

This is stupid. Stop stalking his ex girlfriends to make yourself feel better about yourself and your relationship, that's not self esteem. How would you feel if you broke up with him and he got a new girlfriend and she would stalk you to make herself feel better?

No. 411106

>she’s clearly very dumb, ugly, annoying, etc.
>I just find it interesting to follow and stalk these girls despite knowing that we’re a better couple.

You realize you are doing these things because you believe the exact opposite, right? Even if you don't know why you're doing it, that's the real reason. You are in fact deeply insecure because insecurity leads us to do the things you are describing. Does that make you a bad person? No, but you need to be aware of this part of yourself and STOP these behaviors if you want to change it. It's normal to be curious about our partner's ex's, but it is not healthy to do the things you are describing. If they really were not a threat in your mind you would not be ruminating on them or feeling any sort of emotion towards them at all, really.

Now that you are aware of it, you can make the choice to change. A good first step would be deleting that account.

No. 411119

Anon people hate follow many cows without actually being jealous of them. This is odd behaviour but when I was younger I was guilty of doing the same and thinking 'wew what is with these cows I'm so much better lolol' etc, it's immature yes and leads to nothing productive. If you start obsessively checking their shit you clearly do have some esteem issues going on because you're trying to gain some form of validation from people that have probably checked out of the entire situation.

No. 411121

I smell fujoshis! Granted I am not insulting you, well aside from the rape.

No. 411122

These stories are so stupid, specially when they try to make them serious and "realistic", not to mention the oversauration of it.
Why is it still going?

No. 411123

I don't like anime, but nice try.

No. 411142

You're still a rotten women who likes gay sex.

No. 411160

Receiving oral sex isn't that good for me but I never talked about it with my partners. When other women talk about how it drives them nuts with pleasure I just can't relate. I wouldn't miss it if I never got any. I have a bigger than average clit and someone other than me applying direct stimulation to it fucking sucks, it's overwhelming and I don't feel much. It's much better to rub myself on the guy's body when I'm on top or have him over me, the indirect rubbing is heavenly.

No. 411163

Hmm… she doesn't sound like a lesbian.

No. 411173

Oral sex has only ever really been great for me with other women, I know some men can be good at it too, but I've never come across any.

No. 411183

Because it sells and people who go watch these movies or buy DVDs and blu-rays either don't think the stories are stupid or they know they're stupid but they don't mind it or even like that in these movies. I think superhero movies lead to a lot of merchandises that sell very well and I've heard about design choices and characters' appearances in specific movies and franchises where changed or removed because they don't appeal to kids, and they want to sell a bunch of toys to kids. It's really quantity over quality. In my case I like action movies and sci-fi and I grew attached to some characters back when Spider Man and the X-Men movies were popular just because they looked cool.

No. 411275

And what do you think of men who fetishize lesbians?

Scrote-sounding faggot.

No. 411278

Fujoshits are gross, but at least they're usually voyeurs. Actually most fujos are obsessed with the idea that gay men will never be interested in women. That's why they kill female characters in their fics, etc.

Lesbian fetishizing scrots are the exact opposite. They're obsessed with the idea that lesbians secretly want to sleep with men, or that the scrot in question is the only male a lesbian finds irresistible. Most scrotal lesbian fetishism either involves corrective rape or The Exceptional Scrot trope.

No. 411300

>I didn't even vent my trauma to him because I felt like I shouldn't ruin this for him.
First, I said "Bitch what the fuck" reading this, and then I got to this point and then I felt sick because I know this exact feeling from being groomed and knowing the very few people I've talked to about it have probably enjoyed the thought of my trauma. I haven't been in this specific situation, but this anxiety and emptiness and fear blended into a numb jelly of complacency. I know it well.

I know this feels trapping. Almost nobody actually listens to this when they hear/read it after talking about their unhealthy relationship, but don't walk, fucking run. I know you have the capacity to do so, even if it doesn't feel that way right now. I know it feels like his love is the best thing in your life, but he is feeding on your childhood pain. This is not right, even if you feel like it might be okay, and it can't end well for you.
Know that when you leave, you will be completely justified in doing so. There is no deeper nuance to this whole situation. You are not "just as bad as him", he is not the one for you with a "fatal flaw", you will not be ruining anything. Know that when you're out, you did the right thing.

And all the anons saying she is just as bad as him, I know this shit is alarming and horrifying, but you need to stop. That will just reinforce the notion that she might as well stay with him so they can be trash together. And if they do stay together, and even have kids, you know exactly what could happen. The idea that she is "the same" as him, therefore she has no reason to stop it will carry over, and then more trauma will arise.

OP is not the same. She didn't get off to it, she just foolishly encouraged it in a bid to satisfy him and feel more loved. This is absolutely one of the more terrible, but possible things that can happen when you are groomed as a child and don't get the correct help or a good enough grip on yourself. The trauma carries over into adulthood, and you end up with an abnormal mindset and quietly accepting it if you end up dating someone who wants to take advantage of that.

What needs to happen is that anon deletes the content of herself and gets the fuck out of that relationship. If possible, before leaving, find out if he has a CP stash of his own, and if so, submit an anonymous tip to the police so his ass will get v&. He is not the wonderful, sweet human he presented himself as up until this point. It hurts to believe this, but it was all lies. All of it.

No. 411315

She just said she doesn't watch anime but it doesn't matter.
That's just what the word means. Fujoshi 腐女子 Rotten Woman.

No. 411317

Where is pedo chan to scare away the pedos? We need her!

Is she too busy defending drawings of anime teens rn?

No. 411324

I've always identified as bi but I'm starting to realize I might actually be a lesbian. Problem is, I'm in a long term relationship with a man.

We started dating when we were both 20, and we took each other virginities, so I've never been intimate with anyone other than him. We've been together for 6 years now, but we haven't had sex in 3 years because I'm just not into it. It always felt like a chore and like I had to do it to please him or to "be normal" because that's what you do in a committed relationship, right?
At first I blamed my mental issues and the fact that I have post-SSRI sexual dysfunction but I'm slowly starting to realize that it's not just that, it's because I'm gay.

I love and adore my bf but I don't find him attractive sexually, and I also can't connect with him in the way that I can connect with women. Because he's just… a man.
But we live together, we have pets together, we're financially pretty dependent on each other, we have trips coming up that we booked and paid for together, so I feel pretty trapped to be honest. If we were to break up, it'd completely change both of our lives and I'm not sure it would be for the better, even. I'm pretty content with our lifestyle and he respects my boundaries so he doesn't even try to initiate sex anymore. I know he's sexually unsatisfied/frustrated but he said that he'd rather be unsatisfied than force me into doing something I don't enjoy.

So I don't know. I'm sorry this got so long, I just had to get it off my chest.

No. 411328

This definitely is the most sensible comment on the subject. While I agree that >>410987 is one of the worst posts ever on lolcow as someone else said, the author sounds deeply troubled and it’s clear that she has an "abnormal mindset". Not because she is pedo herself, but because she is a victim of grooming and desperate for her bf’s attention and affirmation. Anon, I hope you can find the strength to leave him and maybe even report him to the police. I think you could also benefit a lot from therapy.

No. 411330

It's a hard one. Have you tried talking to him about it? Thgought about dipping your toes in a threesome to see if it's really floating your boat before uprooting your whole life?

I know it's hard to think about restarting it all but you're both going to end up resenting each other if he's frustrated/you force yourself once in a while. Those financial and pet ties will be worse in 3 or 5 years. I wouldn't let it fester longer: you risk a bitter break-up or resent never exploring something that could have lead you to a healthy happy sex life.

No. 411334

Anon you need to let him go. You may care for him but you're doing him ill like this and you're only hurting him in the long run by not speaking up. 3 years of no sex is miserable and I don't know how this hasn't cracked either of you yet over that. Start working on disentangling your finances and brace yourself for a breakup, its the right thing to do.

No. 411336

I’ll probably come across jealous or something saying this, but I’d love to date a guy that hasn’t dated. Imagine how sweet it’d be him not having an ex to deal with or getting to be his first. Just makes it seem more special to me.

No. 411367

Yeah, it sounds nice, but it actually kind of sucks because they feel inadequate/jealous if you're not the same and it becomes a huge deal.

No. 411401

thats why I wanna be the one to teach him
tfw you will never have a cute innocent virgin bf who never watches porn

No. 411428

I already know that this is toxic and horrible but I love watching my personal lolcow's life go downhill. She used to be a huge shit talker and bully as well as constantly acted like she was better than our friend group. Now that everyone in the group has gone their own ways and are successful (younger, prettier, the life jobs she wanted and so on) shes just left with her bitter pathetic self. It makes me feel so good. To see all her friends dump her aside or talk shit about her behind her back. While shes just trying to grasp for any attention or 'fame' she can get while failing horribly and going back to her shitty job or trying to skin walk someone in order to get male attention. Karma is real and I'm enjoying every bit of it.

No. 411476

I had a “sweet Virgin bf” coming into college but it meant his expectation for women was completely fucked, (ofc he did watch porn which contributed to his being into like, horribly demeaning sex when he didn’t even deserve to get his dick sucked in the first place) but having no idea of how relationships worked meant he never took me out on dates, wouldn’t let me hang out with his friends, would yell at me in public, took me to a party where I knew no one and he knew everyone and didn’t introduce me to anyone and got mad at me for “following him around”. Basically people who have never dated have never dated for a reason, unfortunately it took me 5 months to realize that.

No. 411483

>people who have never dated have never dated for a reason
nta but god, it's amazing how it seems men can't emotionally develop on their own. I'm old-ish (21) and haven't dated because I'm unironically introverted (I know it's a meme but it best describes the situation, since I'm not truly "shy") and no men I've approached have been a good fit. But I think outside of some anxiety about being cheated on and falling for someone shitty accidentally, my views when it comes to a relationship are pretty healthy. I want to give everything and devote myself for as long as possible, you know? And just expect to not be treated horribly in return.

I'd like a partner who is similarly inexperienced and open to learning and figuring things out together, but it seems most virgin men are as you described and only have expectations they refuse to compromise on. And I feel like the reverse, an experienced man, would also hold it over my head and treat me like an immature babby which is also not what I want. No winning. I don't want to lie about the virginity either because lying bad.

What level of experience for men would you say produces the best ones? 1 or 2 LTRs?

No. 411501

>21 is old
Geez, you sound like you're gonna have a meltdown in a few years lmfao.

No. 411505

I mean, it seems on the older end to still be a khv. Young in the grand scheme though.

No. 411522

I'm the anon you replied to, and I can't really speak for "similarly inexperienced" because the virgin bf was the third guy I had been with, and the guys I had been with before (and since) have all been experienced guys 2-4 years older than me. I don't really know what advice to give you other than that other than special cases your first few relationships probably will suck, but its really important to find out what you need and what you like in a person! So i dont think experience is necessarily the end all be all on if they're gonna be a good partner or what, I think dating around and finding someone you really vibe with in multiple aspects of your life is the way to go, who knows, a virgin might surprise you by being a fantastic boyfriend, or a guy who's had multiple relationships! Good luck anon, I'm sure you'll find someone right for you :)

No. 411546

I hate making out for some reason. It’s very strange since I get aroused watching other people do it but I myself can’t do it with another person. It’s frustrating. Just the thought of doing it stresses me out. Not sure if maybe it would just be better with a woman or something.

I love coming back and re-reading the Nemu thread from time to time. While she is a fucking awful person, her content was disgusting, and her friends/orbiters would clog the thread, it’s a fascinating read. Even her friend circle was insane and entertaining to read about.

I’ve had dreams where I fucc my ex best friend’s ex-bf. He’s kinda cute, fit, and low key into me but I’d obviously never date him, since he isn’t doing much with his life and my ex best friend still has feelings for him kek. Feel kinda guilty knowing I’d probably act on it if the time was right tho, he’d be an easy lay.

No. 411648

I am super scared of having sex. Whenever I think about it I think of my birth control and condom failing and ending up pregnant with an unwanted baby with no legal means or money for an abortion.

No. 411655

That's how I feel too anon. I'm afraid I'm going to somehow end up pregnant and have no resources / support to abort and it's terrifying

No. 411665

I bought a dakimakura at a con out of impulse some months ago and just used it as back/neck support during the day but the past few nights I started cuddling it and using it as my actual pillow and ive really never slept better. I am afraid of being walked in on in my sleep spooning an anime girl but wow it feels so soft and nice because I splurged on the expensive soft fabric.

I feel like an incel scrote weeb but I don't care.

No. 411666

lmao do you feel that way because you are an incel scrot weeb?

No. 411668

God I know it really sounds that way, but fact is that holding a long pillow as you sleep just hugs the body comfortably even without a cringey anime pillowcase over it, lmao. I 100% recommend grabbing a $10 body pillow from your local Target and disregarding the daki waifu thing.

No. 411674

man fuck feeling like a incel scrote weeb. body pillows r gr8 either way. i almost bought a daki cover for my body pillow just cuz i thought it would be funny

No. 411684

I own 24 daki covers of anime boys, probably have spent like 1.5k USD total on them? I have no shame in my private life, lolcow can think of me as a loser if they want but I unironically like them.

No. 411693

24 different boys? That's a big harem.

No. 411707

Anon up there is living the dream. I wish I had that kind of money to splurge on a cuddly anime boy harem for my bed…

No. 411811


Anon I feel like those are still two different things. I mean, I follow info on cows but I don't think to myself that I'm better than them. It's more of a "who the fuck in their right mind would think that's a good idea" sort of thing. But if you sit there and actively stalk someone because you think you'd be so much better with the other person just sounds completely different. That's beyond having self esteem issues.

No. 411859

Honestly, I envy those with that level of passion for 2d men. I wish I were the same way but all my husbandos are from dead or obscure series.

No. 412009

Karma isn’t real at all. But consequence is. I have a personal cow like this though! I don’t get a creepy satisfaction out of it, but I do occasionally feel glad she’s gotten what was coming to her.

Does your cow try to be a social media whore too? That’s always fun to watch

No. 412102

Ever since i recieved an anime body pillow in my teens, I seriously cant ever sleep without something huge to wrap my legs around. Its lifechanging. I stopped using anime body pillows though because i felt like a loser and it was a pain to hide whenever guests came over and switched to a giant dog stuffed animal body pillow. You can still wash it in the machine.

No. 412104

I could never get into body pillows because I’m not a weeb, but I have purchased several large stuffed animals just for this reason. I just feel cozy cuddling with my legs wrapped around something soft, but I’m not huge on doing that with people, I feel bad for my future SO lmao

No. 413344

Haha ok fine you're right. I know her current situation is a result of all of her past and current actions, choices, and being a overall horrible human being under her fake nice girl persona but it's so easy to use karma.

She tries so hard get that social media clout as well as try to appease famous e-celebs but not a single person gives her the time of day esp. after they see her real face under all the Photoshop she uses. I die whenever I see a candid/unshooped/video of her right next to one of her shops.

No. 413375

This site made me a feminist. I never realised how much of a handmaid I was. It opend my eyes on how much I used to change and agree to shit that made me uncomfortable just to please my exes. Before I would have agreed with 4chan pol on women but now I truly see how pathethic and wrong they are. I cant believe I used to be like that. It makes me angry. This site truely helped me to see how women are treated and how I should not settle for that.

No. 413385

I don't love my partner anymore and I'm only sticking together with him for a residence permit.

No. 413386

Did you just used to read /pol/ as your go-to internet community? It's so strange how women are just hangs around what is basically male propaganda hangouts.

No. 413387

Did you just used to read /pol/ as your go-to internet community? It's so strange how women are just hangs around what is basically male propaganda hangouts.

No. 413390

That makes me really happy, anon. Welcome x

No. 413391

Not her but used to I spend way too much time on /r9k/ (pre /pol/ exploding but peak >tfw no gf era). I didn't go full handmaid but I forced myself to consider their perspective just in case they were right. It just made me more feminist in the end and opened my eyes to reality, now I know what men really think of us and how they speak about us behind our banks.

No. 413428

Listening to annons bitch about not studding for finals has given me inspiration to study

No. 413439

Same, anon. It's kind of a double-edged sword though because now I realize how blatantly misogynistic a lot of male-dominated online spaces are.

No. 413457

This site made me gay. lol.

jokes aside it helped me realize how much of a cool girl i used to be, and how that was really tied to internalized homophobia. i also avoided a lot of lgbt stuff because of how sjw it became, and lcf was kinda the first site to be serious about lgbt stuff without being sjw about it. so thanks guys. my quality of life has improved immensely.

No. 413493

I am happy for you, anons.

No. 413546

I'm afraid to read through the threads that are critical of transgenderism because I have so many friends who are transgender. While I am already skeptical I try to push my personal feelings to the side so I can support them, so I am afraid if I read the threads here it's affect my behavior towards my friends.
Likewise, I am scared of reading the threads who are critical of men because I already feel doubt against men and I don't want to become extreme.

No. 413550

Personally the gencrit threads haven't affected me (forbidden on lolcow, I know). If anything the discussions about SRS just made me more sympathetic. But the manhate threads have ruined me and fucked with my mental health over the past year. But that may just be personal because I'm anxious and very romantically interested in men, so I used it as an outlet to make myself feel like shit.

If you're at all sensitive like that, be careful.

No. 413551

Everything in moderation. Take your information from many sources and always question the reasons for an echo chamber. I read the GC thread but it hasn't stopped me from supporting my trans friends because unlike the scary caricatures in that thread, they are real people with emotions that just want to live their lives. I don't read the redpill thread every single day because I don't want to be consumed with that, I already encounter the patriarchy sucking every day, so I just read it occasionally and try to talk about those issues with a male friend when I can.

Like >>413550 says, be careful. I avoid any body nitpicking threads myself because it makes me hypercritical.

No. 413554

When I was 16 11 years ago till around 20ish I was interested in shotas. Not really the sexual aspect; I just thought they were cute. Watched too much anime, and I really normalized loli and shota for myself. I’m really ashamed and disgusted of myself for it. I used to think I was really cool when I was younger.

No. 413555

The GC Reddit is a bit more measured, people there are screaming tranny every other post. Also it's just a general radfem subreddit so it's not all about trans people. I think if you understand the fundamental views of radical feminism you'd understand why they're critical. Just as everyone else said just take it in small doses, you can still support your trans friends while being critical (I'm in a similar position)

No. 413556

*Aren't (sorry didn't want to retype on tablet)

No. 413558

Sometimes I think about calling myself non binary so people won't suspect I have gender critical leanings.

I don't think I would actually do it but the fear of being outed is so real

No. 413560

I like lolis too anon, I like lolis too.

Theres no reason to be ashamed imo, as long as you didnt rape a child nobody was hurt, so who gives a fuck.

No. 413561

If it's any comfort, I was a shotafag from 13-15 myself. And it was the sexual side.
I realized later it was just me developing my sexual interests through what was available to me, but I regret it horribly and am not into it at 21.
But why are you ashamed if it was never sexual? Nothing is inherently wrong with kid characters.

No. 413586

I don't like the way my boyfriend looks as much anymore, he used to be my idea of perfect. I can't even fully put my finger on it but he doesn't take care of himself that well anymore physical. He's in his final of med school so I feel bad because he genuinely is very busy but come on, surely he should especially know how important looking after your skin /hair etc is. I do even know how I would bring it up because it just seems mean.

No. 413587

*I don't even

No. 413614

If you're afraid of being so easily influenced maybe you don't hold your convictions as strongly as you think. There's nothing wrong with exposing yourself to new information and different opinions. It's possible to be GC and disagree with TRAs about issues such as women's bathrooms without hating trans people. I browse the pink pill thread, that doesn't mean I hate all men. I recognise that they have flaws and some of them do bad things to women.

No. 413625

I used to be into traps and cross-dressing men and it was due to looking at too much internet and tumblr bullshit. It’s something I’m seriously embarrassed about now because I’m only interested in normal-looking men nowadays. The internet really affected my sexuality in seriously cringy and embarrassing ways.

No. 413652

Because I would say how much I loved shotas and how cute they were. Just cringy

No. 413666

File: 1558635970484.gif (1.51 MB, 298x298, 21f5407a-0e98-4632-8c6c-c1ef6f…)

I like it when anas reblog or like my pictures. I'm actually a healthy weight now and fit/somewhat muscular so it feels weird to see my own picture among all the thinspo.

or maybe they do it to trigger themselves idk

No. 413673

Why are you frightened, anon? Is it because you actually already agree with them?

Do you get frightened when you hear flat earthers talk about their beliefs? Probably not, because you know it's nonsense.

No. 413680

You can hide threads, you don't have to see them if you don't want to, that's what the feature exists for

No. 413692

nta but a lot of anons who hold those views are shitty on other threads.

No. 413700

I don't give a damn about pigs, chickens and cows being killed for meat. It's not morally wrong to want to consume flesh. I don't want them to be tortured while they're alive and I wish they had better living conditions but I'll never, ever stop consuming animal products because of "empathy" reasons. Unless something as good as milk, meat and cheese comes along, that's a no for me.
The only argument which convinces me to stop is because it's bad for environmental reasons but my sacrifice doesn't stop what's going on in the world so I feel no motivation whatsoever - the companies selling those vegan substitutes (that I hardly come by in my shitty place) are just as bad as any other. I eat a lot of vegetables that I buy locally in my small town and that's it. (I'm not american)

No. 413702

nta but I agree, I think they shouldn't seep too much out of their own threads

they often leaks into other portions of ot and it tends to turn into infighting or them circlejerking one another, and all I want to do is post shit unrelated to that in those ot threads because I block them for a reason

oh and kink anons, please stfu kink anons nobody wants to hear about your domme sex lives

No. 413707

TBH to each their own but if you know the livestock industries are shitty and bad for the environment, why continue to support them? Vegans have a point. If you care at all about that stuff it's a simple matter of supply and demand. You're giving money to the companies who are actively destroying our planet.

No. 413716

>Everything about this post
I am sick to my stomach and my head is throbbing unable to process that this is possible.
How the hell do you farmers find these fucked up men and and how can you be so fucked up to end up with them and stay with them?
This is not normal.

No. 413754

I have a similar opinion. I care about animals and think factory farming is barbaric but I also recognise that humans need to eat meat. I buy all my meat from an independent butcher. The meat is sourced from local farms where the animals are left to graze in open pasture. I understand that this is something not everyone can afford to do. I live deep in the countryside where it's all readily available, someone living in a city would probably have to pay a premium.

I don't see how veganism is sustainable in the long term. A lot of the popular new burger products are made from soy and growing it on a large scale is hugely damaging to the environment. Animals like cows, pigs and sheep are an important part of land management because they replenish soil through manure. A farmer will not grow the same crop in the same field, they rotate between different crops and pasture so they do not deplete the soil.

No. 413763

Because if I stop supporting them nothing changes in the world. They'll continue to exist and do what they do. So I better keep eating in an omnivore way.
Just like I know a lot of products I buy are from brands that use slave work. I mean, is it even possible to escape this in 2019?

No. 413764

My boyfriend’s lazy eye kind of bothers me. I met one of his older family members and her’s was way worse. I think his is gonna get worse and worse over time. It’s such a small & petty thing and it doesn’t effect the way I treat him and I’m not necessarily outwardly embarrassed but admittedly I don’t like it and I really really don’t want it to get worse.

No. 413767

Can't it be fixed with eye training?

No. 413771

A lot of vegan products also contain palm oil which is single handedly making orangutans go extinct, alongside many other species.

I think vegans are really dumb when they chimp out about "but muh poor cows!!!" when I see them routinely do a lot more environmentally damaging shit. If it's a weight loss choice I get it though.

I think we should definitely cut down a lot on meat and milk, especially New Worlders who seem to eat it every day in some form, but completely eliminating all animal products is bonkers, many people need meat to keep their iron levels stable and get enough nutrients. I agree that some farming methods are disgusting and cruel though, which is why I try to make sure I buy meat from a good source, preferably hunted, but not everyone has that luxury.

Fwiw I tried Alpro's chocolate almond milk yesterday and it's damn good so there's that.

No. 413774

I mean tbh if you want to get into numbers, soy is already grown primarily to feed to livestock. It's just way more efficient to grow the soy to eat ourselves instead of feeding it to pigs and cows. Eating plants will always be less harmful because of simple food chain energy conversion, you have to feed the livestock something.

No. 413785

My work has a little shower room for employees who cycle to work and recently I've started cycling in more days so I can use the showerhead there to masturbate because 1) the pressure is better and b) my employer is paying for all the water I use. Knowing that the company is paying for my orgasm satisfies my desire for vengeance as a wagecuck. I've now started getting horny as soon as I step in the shower room like my body knows what it's time for like some kind of cursed feedback loop.

No. 413789

I have a really horrible "nostalgic" feeling towards porn because I found it and enjoyed it in at least 4th or 5th grade (US) and it also made me interested in women. But all of that just makes me feel gross and horrible and like I was manipulated into being gay as well as having good feelings towards porn because its nostalgic. The porn hate thread just packed on more hatred for myself and I still watch porn, making me hate myself more. The human mind is fucking dumb.

No. 413790

File: 1558657328601.jpg (150.46 KB, 850x883, soon.jpg)

anon that is devious, you are my hero

t. fellow wagecuck

No. 413818


I agree with your other points but I honestly don't understand it when it's a weight loss choice, and am so confused that people think this to be true. Nutritious plant foods are really calorie dense.. avocado, nuts, seeds, beans, rice etc. So many calories. Like, unless these people are just eating vegetables and nothing else, I don't understand how they lose weight.

No. 413827

Can women be memed into a fetish/sexuality like men can? I think I saw a post on here saying it wasn't likely, but idk.

anyway, i'm of the view that if you're only attracted to the top 1% of super hot stacies, all thotted up, then you're probably not gay. but if you get attracted to your neighbor lady or the cute cashier chick, then you're probably bi/gay.

No. 413831

I went from being incredibly in love with my partner to not being able to relax if im in the same room as him. I found out he was covering up his erectile dysfunction with viagra. He told me that he had ED because of performance anxiety but it was a lie to cover up his masturbation and porn dependence. I finally thought that I found a guy that could watch porn AND have a healthy sex drive for me too. I was so wrong and now im stuck with a pornosexual again while being 4 months pregnant. I am so mad and disgusted. Why cant modern men just stop breaking their dicks and have a normal sex drive for me?

we are moving into a new apartment next month and I dont know if I can keep it together because I am just so disgusted by how pathetic he is. He is a great partner in every other way but hes broken sexually because of his own porno problem.

He wants to fix it but I know that he never can because I've been through this with two men already. Men who have been exposed to porn since childhood cannot change, their sexuality is changed forever. I thought he only watched porn and masturbated once or twice a week but I discovered that its nearly every day. I really wish he didn't lie to me because I would have never put myself through this again.

I am going to have to spend a few years putting up with him to finish my education in nursing. I will probably end up leaving him because I just cant stand that he can get it up for women online but not for women in real life, including me. It all makes me so sad because I thought we had something real.

No. 413832

doesn't it make you deeply upset that he is more attracted to how you looked at 10 years old compared to how you look now? You are going to keep aging and one day he will never be attracted to you again because of his pedo tendencies. If his fucked up sexuality doesn't scare you away the fact that his attraction for you has an expiration date should.

No. 413836

please don't respond to that anons 7 day old post/bait post. she disappeared from the thread after essentially outting herself as baiting or being clinically retarded.

No. 413839

no offense but everything you said is wrong. you're basically asking him to quit smoking essentially. the brain will get over it. he's not damaged or broken, and none of the men who you were with were because of porn either.

No. 413841

>everything you said about your relationship is wrong

bitch what the fuck? i’m not the anon you’re replying to but come the fuck on, stop pretending you know all about anon’s relationship from one post. also porn sick men with broken dicks are 100% a thing, do you even know where the fuck you are rn?

No. 413846

I've been experimenting with choking myself. It feels good, specially when I'm sad. But it would be hard to explain a strangulation bruise to people who live with me and people at work so I can never indulge as much…

No. 413848

oh please. I know what I'm talking about. there are men out there whos sexualities are completely shaped by porn addiction. For example, my ex would spend almost my entire shift at work looking at porn. He didn't have any energy left for me but could continue looking at porn after I fell asleep. He hated himself for this and wanted to change but just could not change his behavior. I tried to help him for years but we ended up separating even though we had a child together. He did not watch porn regularly the first two years we were together but his entire sexuality changed when he could afford to purchase his first personal computer. There are tons of men just like my ex who can no longer function for real life sex but can masturbate to porn for hours just fine. I unfortunately ended up with ANOTHER man just like him and I am just finding this out. I wish something like this was as easy as quitting smoking but it is just not.

No. 413867

In what world is quitting smoking easy

No. 413870

you are the true hero of the working class, i salute you comrade! but also am sad we don't get provided with showers

No. 413871

her whining about how porn addiction is impossible to fix is retarded. it's not a disease, it's an addiction and it's only a physiological one at that. don't be a fucking drama queen.

lmao, again, it's not impossible and hopeless. and you're really annoying with your whiny attitude about it.

No. 413877

is right.

death grip and porn addiction are reversible. if your partner won't change for you, move the fuck on.

No. 413880

nicotine withdrawal:
>literal physical withdrawal including nausea, chronic severe headache, sore throat, extremity tingling, irritability, restlessness, anxiety, weight gain

porn withdrawal:
>my peepee is sooo sad :(

this guy sounds like a faggot and so was your ex. they don't want to stop, they just don't want to tell you that porn is their priority, not a healthy relationship.

No. 413895

Goddamn me too anon, it's always the same with these people, it's almost like witch hunting, one strike and you're out. I have been thinking about calling myself non-binary so people won't assume shit from me based on my gender tho.

No. 413903

I'm easily influenced and believe almost everything people tell me. If I surround myself with shitty behaviour then I adapt to it very easily. It's a weakness.

No. 413924

File: 1558685525429.jpg (61.34 KB, 800x600, IMG_5563.JPG)

I am secretly happy that I can't see my LDR bf these holidays because it means I can fast more.

No. 413929

That explains why you have trans friends.

No. 413931

LOL, they became trans after we made friends.

No. 413954

By your standard, I'm gay, but I still feel meme'd into it from my experience and just how the entire media around me is so catered to male gaze and everything is titty women

Actually I wonder if thats how gay men get meme'd into feeling straight. Glad that they suffer too.

No. 413962

Anon, you most likely are just gay. Women in porn would not appeal to you if you were straight lmao. There are tons of women not turned on by women despite our society being like this.

Maybe if you were also bi I could see it affecting your preference, but you just said "gay" so I'm assuming you're a lesbian (?). Really it sounds like you just don't want to be, which is kind of sad, anon. I think it's also sad you were introduced to porn so early, not because I think it determined your sexuality but because it's not healthy and clearly has made it hard for you to stop.

idk for a while I felt like this myself, like a fake since I'm a degen bisexual. I saw a cleavage on magazines when I was little so that must be the culprit! It was the bikinis in archie comics! I had a porn addiction in middle school that was it! But truly, it would have had no appeal if I was actually straight. I would've stuck to my yaois. And the diversity in taste like other anon mentioned is also indicative of it being "real," as well as ability to form romantic feelings for them.

"Do you want to date and romance women?" Is probably the question you should ask yourself.

No. 414186

Tell him to quit or break up. Men addicted to porn are weaklings and don't deserve relationships. If he quits then he actually gives a shit enough about you.

No. 414187

Oh, I just read you will probably leave him anyway. My bad anon.

No. 414211

I have been picking and eating scans on my head for years.

No. 414215

No. 414216

I meant to say scabs

No. 414220

I sent anon hate to a friend of mine on Tumblr because she has a weird ego over being a "BNF" in some fandom, and spends way too much time arguing with people many years younger than her about discourse. I called her out for being way too old to act the way she's acting. I didn't have the guts to say it to her face, but I had to say it somehow and hopefully make her wake up.

She's 30 for anyone wondering.

No. 414221

You can have sexual masturbatory fantasies about the same gender and not be gay. You are only gay or bi if you want to have sex with and/or date the same gender IRL. You might be curious which is the cause of those fantasies, but it's up to you to choose what you want to label yourself, if anything. Don't let anyone tell you what you are.

No. 414222

File: 1558760333126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 898.81 KB, 1753x1905, yeah.jpg)

Since visiting Hungary I've become obsessed and finally understand what it's like to be a rootless weeb but for a different culture

Someone please relate to me

No. 414224

I'd agree with this if most people didn't laugh their asses off if a man tries to identify as straight despite fantasizing about other men. Why are the rules different?
This is kind of tinfoil, but I feel like there's some kind of vested interest in women being convinced that they're straight above all by default. I don't see any reason not to experiment or question oneself.

No. 414225

>sexual masturbatory fantasies about the same gender
>you want to have sex with and/or date the same gender IRL.

wtf is this arbitrary distinction. If you specifically masturbate to thoughts of the same gender you're obviously attracted to them. There are many things that can hold you back from wanting to act on that attraction irl but none of them are being straight.

No. 414227

I never said they can’t experiment or anything what even.

Some people masturbate to cartoon ponies. Do you think they want to fuck horses IRL? Fap fodder isn’t always real life desire, but like I said, that anon can decide for themselves. No one should dictate another persons sexuality or even care that much.

No. 414228

>Do you think they want to fuck horses IRL?
I mean, there's a lot of crossover.

No. 414229

Cartoon ponies do not exist irl. The same sex does. There is a difference between fantasy and real life but if you are regularly enjoying fantasies of something that is a realistic representation of irl, whether it's a certain body type, hair/skin/eye colour, age or, yes, gender, you're not fooling anyone. It's not what you are necessarily going to seek out or indulge irl but it is absolutely something you are attracted to.

No. 414233

you three have obviously never been with someone who has porno problems. I do think the dependence on it is bullshit and no replacement for intimacy in a relationship, but too many guys do not give a fuck about a womans needs or wants in a relationship to stop their bad porn habits. Wanking way too much to that shit does change their behavior and makes them less empathetic towards their partners, so that is why it is hard to quit. I'd rather have a partner be addicted to smoking than porn any day.

No. 414256


my words come from experience. if they love you, care about the relationship and respect themselves, they will try and do something about it. if not, don't bother anymore.

No. 414309

>Some people masturbate to cartoon ponies. Do you think they want to fuck horses IRL?
Are you asking if furries want to actually fuck animals?

No. 414320

Bronies are disgusting but not all of them are furries. More of them are just maladjusted pedo-leaning guys who'd prefer to date a teen girl because they are terrified of adult peers.

No. 414403

I like dating slightly ugly guys or at least uglier than me. My time with a handsome, popular and confident man was terrible because I knew other women were trying to get him and and he turned out to be a cheater too.

No. 414637

my partner is still addicted to porn, i actually split up with him over a time about it.
this isn't my advice but if I'm going to be honest I gave up. my antidepressants ruined my sex drive anyway. I stopped saying "save it for me" and literally just let him do whatever the fuck he wants.
probs gonna kill myself soon though so whatever. only put up with that shit if you're dead inside. I gave up.

No. 414744

They absolutely fucking do. Furry is just diet bestiality and plenty of them fuck their family dogs.

No. 414803

My friend and I have a pact that if both of us don't find a guy by 30, then we will both accept our destiny of being crazy cat ladies and live together.

We've known each other since we were wee lasses and I'm looking forward to that future. She's the only person I can trust and vice versa. I've rejected so many dates with our pact in mind but I've also been sabotaging hers in return without her knowing of course. I just love her so much.

No. 414804

I don't see anything wrong with the current US prison system aside from wrongful convictions or imprisoning for minor possession like weed.

If you're a rapist or murderer or you go out and choose to hurt people in any way, you deserve to suffer. You deserve to feel threatened by other inmates. You deserve to go insane in solitary confinement. I'm so fucking sick of people who go "b-but an eye for an eye! We need to be better than them and rehabilitate them!" Why? Why does no one think about the fucking victims of the crimes?

No. 414819

I would agree with you if it wasn't for the fact that drug offenses make up almost half of US prison sentences. Violent criminals do deserve it, though.

No. 414824

>I've rejected so many dates with our pact in mind but I've also been sabotaging hers in return without her knowing of course. I just love her so much.
What lesbian yandere anime/manga is this

No. 414826

>boycotting my loved best friend's chance to have a happy life she desires.

Just tell her.. You can't force it, if it's not mutual.

No. 414834

The problem is most of those violent offenders are released with worse behavior and locked up with the 86% of prisoners who are in there for victimless crimes making their behavior worse too. And since the US population has the highest per capita prison population on the planet that leads to shit loads more social problems and this is all done on purpose to make more money for private prisons. If you care about victims you should want the opposite of the US prison system since it just causes more people outside and inside to get victimized.

Also the funny thing is the most violent criminals do the best in US prisons since they can just intimidate and abuse the less dangerous prisoners as much as they want.

No. 414835

Ha, I actually thought of making one loosely inspired by this. Unfortunately, she's not a lesbian but I'd be happy to just live as friends.

Nope. Besides, I've been doing her favours and if she knew, she'd probably thank me. I'm not boycotting her happy life, it's the exact opposite. Most men are either abusive, cheaters, or just want a cleaning maid or a combination of those. And the reason why we made that pact is that she likes the idea. She often jokes that our plan z (what we call our pact) is so good that she wishes that it becomes plan a. I'm still feeling a tad bit guilty about the whole thing. I also fear that I won't be able to sabotage her every (potential) date so… I may burn in Hell but if we get to live together it's going to be worth it.

No. 414902

I was in a toxic situation in my last workplace where one of my bosses started deliberately setting me up to fail (micromanaging, throwing away written instructions just to berate me for having followed those written instructions, lying about things that were easily proven false). My parents have no faith in my work ethic and assumed that I was at fault for what was happening. Not having many other people to ask for advice, I ended up listening to them, which meant I never stuck up for myself or mentioned any of this behavior to any of my other bosses or coworkers.

I got let go from that job last week, but I haven't told my parents yet. All they know about is the emotional distress I was going through. I'm thinking of asking them to wire me money for "therapy", but I would actually just use it to take classes to change my career while I collect unemployment for a month or two. I would feel bad for lying, and for basically collecting an allowance from my parents in my late 20s, but I'm just pissed that I lost this opportunity and that they didn't believe me when I was telling them my boss was flat out lying to get me terminated. Feels stupid to blame my parents for this situation, too, but wah wah, mommy and daddy fucked me up.

No. 414905

Don't kill yourself, just leave the bad shitty man that is ignoring your wishes and is so fucking dumb he prefers a screen over an irl sexy woman (you)

No. 414924

Kind of same, I like frumpy dorky guys and that's one reason.
But they also come off as vulnerable which is so much more attractive than confidence.

No. 414945

>by 30
>destiny of being crazy cat ladies

what is with you people thinking that your life ends at 30, wtf

No. 414949

no woman is pretty after 30 obviously!!!

like literally there are so many women that are like 35 that i think are 22 so this is ridiculous. it's literally just age obsession and age fetishism on the part of men when they cannot even fucking tell how old most women are

No. 414978


ikr, i'd be more inclined to say 40-50 lol

No. 415008

Imagine having your ideology dictated by a bunch of losers on laotian basket weaving forums.

No. 415010

>I don't give a damn about pigs, chickens and cows being killed for meat.
I have a hard time believing anyone raised in a comfortable 1st world environment actually saying this sincerely. How do you feel about working in a slaughterhouse, or even just as a butcher/meatpacker?

>that humans need to eat meat
Vegetarians have existed for over 1000 years. I know vegans aren't always logically sound but why can't meat eaters even get the most basic facts straight?

No. 415037

Id like to point out that eating, and more importantly cooking, meat is what has given us our big brains - big enough to now question the ethics of eating meat, don’t pretend that eating meat isn’t a human trait

No. 415038

When I was 13, I forced Brian Sella of The Front Bottoms to tell me I was beautiful. I don't fucking know why it just came out, it's the most embarrassing thing I've ever done.

No. 415045

That's hilarious. How did you force him to do it? What an odd request.

No. 415064

This site is filled with underage b8 who still have highschool mindsets, to them mid 20s is middle age

No. 415066

>Eating meat is what gave us our big brains
<Citation Needed>
But seriously, no one is arguing against humans being innate omnivores. Of course we can eat meat, but the question is, is it sustainable to eat it on as wide of a scale as we're doing now? Adopting a plant-based diet is probably the best thing any 'environmentalist' can do short of straight up nuking people.

No. 415072

Plant based diet only cannot give a human all the amino acids they need for proper cell production and function that's why vegans need to be taken a lot of supplements to actually be able to metabolise the nutrients they need.

Nutrition research is growing very quickly at the moment with metagenomics and we're starting to understand what we put in our body has a lot more impact than we realise and cooking and eating meat has been implicated in our intelligence.

No. 415075

Literally a google away, mate

No. 415078

>It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.

The only supplement you would need to take on a properly planned vegan diet is B12, and even then this is only because livestock are fed B12 supplements. 90% of B12 supplements are fed to livestock.

Also plant-based populations have the longest lifespans. See the adventists studies in which adventists who eat primarily plant-based diet live 4-7 years longer than their peers.

No. 415083

That's cool, but all food is broken down to its monomers in digestion and amino acids are the monomers of protein and humans have essential amino acids they need and some of those can only come from meat. So B12 won't help that.

I will agree that the farming industry is unsustainable and I'd love it to get over hauled and farmers crying about their livelihoods need to understand the majority comes before their wage. Over production is mental in diary arable and meat farming. Obesity is happening because corporations need to shill their products that their adding addictive shit to keep people hooked.

People need to practice eating in moderation and it needs to be made easier for consumers to discern were a product comes from and how much energy went into making it. I think that would be interesting to see on labels so consumers can actually be more informed

No. 415086

This. Eating meat isn’t the issue, it’s the sheer excessiveness of it. Farming should’ve never been so industrialised, it has done nothing but rape our earth and create shortages of much needed resources, not to mention large scale meat/dairy/egg farming is highly unethical

No. 415087

Not true though, soy/tofu/tempeh/soya/whatever is a complete protein and contains all essential aminoacids. There are others as well if you're on the anti-soy train. Just google 'complete plant proteins'. It's a myth that you can't get all the amino acids from plants. On other regards, I agree with you. The ideal human society would still eat animal products but in moderation. I just think we need to stop with this 'we need to eat meat everyday in every meal' propaganda.

No. 415148

I don't think that statement holds true worldwide. When I first heard of the term "Meatless Mondays" it sounded very silly, in my country we usually eat meat twice a week, maybe three times. The rest of the time we eat either wholegrain wheat-based foods (pasta, savoury filo pastry with cheese, etc) or legumes (beans, peas, lentils) for lunch. We do consume a lot of dairy, pancetta and spicy sausages though, but those are products you buy once and eat over the course of several weeks on a slice of bread or something.

It's super easy to avoid meat, it's healthier, and it's so much cheaper. Don't know why so many people depend on it as if it's the only source of protein.

No. 415152

The whole "meat in every single meal" thing is definitely just an American thing.

No. 415154

Definitely. I'm not even American but my country is very Americanized due to proximity and people eat meat in every meal here. Vegetarian options don't exist anywhere.

No. 415188

I met my BF in an 18+ erotic Discord community but it somehow became long-term and now we lie to everyone(including his family) and tell everyone we met in a video game.

No. 415203

Nah come to Germany. Meat all the time

No. 415204

You can combine rice and beans (or other similar foods) to create complete proteins. Also your body makes 11 out of the 20 you require.

No. 415221

Horrible emotional ramble, but here goes. I don't want children. Ever. Seeing kids make me so bitter to be honest, I know it's not nice but I had a traumatic childhood my dad sexually abused me, was an alcoholic, sadistic piece of shit sociopath, you know, the usual /s and I still suffer from it, I'm in therapy, I'm a neet, holy fuck do I really seem like mom material? And my boyfriend, knowing all of this bullshit, got mad when I said this. I'm "selfish" for not wanting kids when I didn't have a childhood and wasted 20+ years of my life either suicidally depressed or dissociating my ass off. I want a life of my own, I've barely started living and now I need to sacrifice myself again to not be "selfish" and "childish". Like… you would fucking be "childish" too if you had my life, I did not have a chance to "grow up" while my whole psyche was being destroyed with abuse. "Nice" knowing that men really do just want either a fucktoy to rape or a babymaker to enslave. I'm a walking vagina and nothing more. Very cool. Guess I'll go back to being alone, like all my life until now. I am done.

No. 415235

Also had a mentally fucked up childhood too and imo it's totally normal if you don't want to have children because of that. I'll never see myself as mother material because my own mother is a piece of shit and her mother was a piece of shit and so on, my family is rife with mental problems, and I don't want to accidentally impart mistakes onto anyone. I hope I don't ever change my mind, I'm afraid of long term relationships because the idea of being betrayed/left/abused haunts me and I've not had a good or stable long term relationship thus far, I feel like I have a horrible proclivity towards abusive men without even meaning to because I have no semblance of what a healthy relationship looks like, my parents were assholes to one another, assholes to me, and assholes to my sister in many ways. I'm shocked my sister ever wants to have kids and I lowkey hope she changes her mind, she's way too control freakish like my abusive mother, she's mean to me, and unless she can tone that down I don't think she should ever have kids. Its totally understandable if you were abused as a kid that the trauma resulting from it would make you not want to have kids and that's a personal choice I respect. I mentally remind myself all the time that Ill feel like I'll never be stable enough to have kids and that I spent my entire life letting people walk all over me and therefore I shouldn't reproduce at all and that's probably the better way for me to live since I'm emotionally/financially unstable by myself, I question if I should even get into real relationships at all bc I just feel like the other person is going to hate and abuse me and maybe in retaliation I'll fight back against them and feel like the abuser myself, I don't want to be in an unhealthy cycle, half the time I feel like I'd rather be alone. Why couldn't I just have a happy normal childhood, I'm tired of my shitty sister saying "it wasn't that bad" as justification for shit when she didn't undergo half the abuse I did, even if she was still abused, no, nobody's parents are perfect but my childhood was kinda damn shitty and I've suppressed a shitton of it now because I don't want to remember, I don't want to ever have a baby and end up hurting them like my parents hurt me

No. 415237

Men just want to be the devil's advocate. If you wanted kids then he'd be offended and say he didn't want them. What happened to you is not "usual" and I'm sorry he is trying to diminish the effect of abusive childhood had on you.

I'm in the "actually want kids" camp but I have never mentioned that to guys because I know they think you're a bunny boiler psycho for actually expressing your wishes in any direction.

Basically he's a dick. It's not about your choices being "wrong", it's him choosing to disrespect your wishes regardless of what they are.

No. 415244

Please dump your boyfriend. Holy fuck what a piece of shit he is. There's nothing wrong with not wanting kids, especially when your life has been taken from you and you've had to grow up with abuse. No offense but I legit hate your boyfriend. That's a level of callousness that shouldn't be legal. You're entitled to feel however the fuck way you want seeing as how you're probably still coping with the effects of childhood abuse. What an absolute assbaby he is.

No. 415257

>want a child
>reee she wants to trap me!!! she wants my alimony money! I get nervous, I'll lose my freedom!
>don't want a child
>reee why are you so selfish? What about muh wall? Who will change your diaper when you're old?

No. 415329

Ever since I was a kid, I always thought white people shat red while the rest of society shat brown because you know: red nipples = red shit.

I’ve always known that wasn’t true at all yet I let that thought linger.

No. 415331

I laughed irl, anon. Red poops…
Pretty sure some white people have brown nips though.

No. 415334

Thank you anon, gave me a good laugh. On one hand what the actual fuck and yet on the other I can see where you’re coming from, kids are retards.

No. 415351

I remember hearing a white teacher say that when a black student cut their arm badly she was surprised to see under their black skin was pink muscle, like this grown woman thought black people were 100% black inside their body too.

No. 415364

Sounds like racism, like she thinks people with different skintones are a different species.

My dumb thing is when I was a kid I had a vague idea that before TV was in color, the whole world irl was in black and white too. It's not something I thought about much, like I was also not 100% on whether realistic puppets of humans were people or not in a certain tv show. I was basically aware I didn't know for sure. Being a kid is like being high on drugs all the time. (gender crit: This is why trans kids are not a thing! Reality and fiction are blurred with kids)

No. 415372

Reminds me of my friend thinking that black guys have white penises since their palms and their soles can be pale.

No. 415373

File: 1559022588642.gif (78.85 KB, 600x423, ch930919.gif)

Calvin must have been your Spirit Animal.

No. 415399

File: 1559031546407.png (233.92 KB, 1024x576, 0AD64A97-24DD-45C9-9A8B-C26259…)

i feel deregulated as shit lately. my body feels swollen and out of whack since my very recent menstrual cycle, can't sleep, went on a camping trip and got hammered multiple nights in a row, but I was feeling shitty before that, very bloated and very deregulated, loss of energy, I have no idea what's wrong with me and I've never had a cycle knock me this out of whack before. now that I've returned from my hangover hell I don't feel much better. why the fuck is my life like this

No. 415436

That's pretty funny.
Personally I used to think that people in the TV could also see us and so there are certain things I wouldn't do in front of the TV like undressing myself to put my pajamas on or picking my nose.
Like you it wasn't something I thought about much, I just wasn't sure if they could see me or not so I was cautious.
I definitely agree that being a kid is like being high on drugs.

No. 415574

I posted some famous girl from Instagram to a thread because I thought it was funny, but now I feel guilty and wish I could delete the post.
I'm not cut out for this site

No. 415626

Since a young age, I have compulsively scratched scabs into my head. I also eat them.

I am an otherwise normal person. Attended college, have a good job & fiancé. I did talk about it lightly with my therapist but this is largely my best kept and most embarrassing secret. I don't know how to stop, either. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night doing it.

No. 415627

I was watching a series on cults, where tan FLDS woman was interviewed. She was indirectly gaslighting children who were raped by their father, because he was the prophet and could do no wrong. FLDS live without connection to the outside world (such as internet and TV) because they believe that living in a strict manner will grant them a peaceful afterlife that there is no evidence for.

All I could think was, most people are like this to some degree, ignoring reality to perceive their own truths (I know I am guilty, but I find most people take this to the extreme). I am then reminded 80% of this America identifies with some belief in the Abrahamic God. A majority of the world follows Islam, similar to the cultishness of the LDS. A majority of the world is religious, and among the few atheists, are hard to find good ones, because they defend the religious, stating that it is a culture. As if this makes a difference. I feel like I'm surrounded by complete morons. We could fix climate change and improve the quality of life, but low IQ people are respawning at high rates and pushing their tribalism to every corner which affects politics and production. Not to mention, the high rate of birth defects that could be stopped by separating inbred communities, and controlling the population. I don't care what others say about "ethics," it's unethical to drag people into such a chaotic state. I wish the world's population could be cut down to less than a million, and that only those with superior genes would be allowed to exist in said society.

No. 415633

same, anon. i've mostly managed to get rid of this habit by taking care of my scalp and keeping it moisturized, it's harder to scratch it if it's not dry.

No. 415696

On the bright side there probably will be a massive population cull thanks to global warming.

No. 415697

I mean, I don't think your concerns are wrong. To care about the distant future is absolutely a virtue. Just it might be that your conclusions are. There's ways to solve these issues that don't involve mass genocide. Like maybe look at what's driving the massive population increases within low-IQ populations. The historical norm was formerly for high IQ to have the most kids, and for low IQ people to have few to none so something has definitely shifted within the last few decades.

No. 415706

Pretty much every child survives now thanks to healthcare, and it was more so a disparity between wealth and survival before not IQ. Wealthier children didn’t have to take part in manual labour, always had food available, clothing suitable for the weather, and some would also have access to education (didn’t do anything for their survival but it meant they had something to pass on other than lived experiences)

Poor people are still likely to have more children than someone wealthy, sex is a (mostly) free activity

No. 415853

For a couple years now, I've been feeling "an impending sense of doom" I think. It's the only way to describe it. It doesn't interfere with my life, but I feel like I'm going to be murdered or something. I know it's ridiculous so I ignore it. I haven't told anyone.

No. 415855

True. I know so many educated, mentally stable, financially stable people who don't want to have kids, and so many poor, uneducated people from broken homes spawning litters of kids like crazy. I take it as the world's sign that we need to fuck off, but maybe I'm just negative.

No. 415868

>We could fix climate change and improve the quality of life
>I wish the world's population could be cut down to less than a million
Are you joking? This would probably fix climate change, but it'd lower the quality of life for everyone.

No. 415884

Samefag but I’d like to also point out that low functioning disabled children now survive well into adulthood when before they would have died soon after birth, so that would also have a big impact on the average IQ/EQ of the global population

No. 415972

I only don't kill myself because the people around me would be sad. Apart from that I have no desire to live anymore.
I hurt myself because it's the closest thing to death I can experience and I hate how pathetic and emo I've become! I sound like an edgy teen!

No. 415981

People experience mental illness and self harm at all ages. Anyone who calls you childish for it is absolute garbage, lacks empathy, and doesn't understand hardship.

No. 416041

I finally left a toxic discord server I was a part of for months and months even if it meant giving up my pride in leaving it. I had friends there but chat was overwhelmingly filled with toxic people who treated others like shit rather than my friends and I decided that it wasn't worth interacting with those scumfucks lmao. Good riddance. Hopefully the main hypocrite bitch who's toxic to everyone there and literally tore the preceding server apart that everyone was a part of gets what's coming to her, she's nasty as hell.

No. 416045

Unpopular opinion but 90% of people who are in Discord chats are toxic gross people

No. 416065

eh you really have to find a server that's small but not too small and at least a few people who aren't shit

I met most of them through another site and we formed a discord community around being members of that site, and things were civil for awhile

then the server mod invited some random bitch he met in an online game and she was the main source of toxicity who made the entire server into her spergfest and went out of her way to harass users to the point where the server died and almost everyone split up into new servers when it disbanded, almost all of which she was not invited to except one server that was soon overrun with new toxic ppl who became sympathizers to bitchy girl, and a lack of moderation, somehow there were still ppl from the old server, albeit very few, who gave her second chances after that, they're fucking retarded for doing it.

she's some crazed drug dealer bitch irl who think she has it made because she used to be a foster kid and puts her poor poor pitiful me self on a pedestal, she's very irresponsible and petty… complained abt her problems a shitton, yet she was always a rude bitch who invalidated everyone else and expected them to somehow validate her back, she's honestly fucking crazed and I don't see why anyone ever let her back into any one of those split up circles because most people fuckin hated her. if she'd never been invited to the community server in the first place or been kicked out and been forced to stay out the first time she was kicked and the mods didn't let everything fall into shambles the server probably wouldn't have gone to shit, this is why you mod your fucking servers correctly.

I think it's very rare that u find servers that don't eventually become toxic due to infighting drama and bad moderation. larger servers are the worst bc the mods are often unwilling to deal with shit there, and small servers can fall prey to bad moderation as well, you really need wary modding and a willingness to reprimand and kick idiots if u want a fuckin civil server, saying that as someone who owns my own server

No. 416317

I had a dream that I was fucking Sam Hyde and now I’m just like “wtf.” Dude is a gross creep and I don’t even really follow his work. Reason why I’m confessing this is because it was kind of enjoyable and sex dreams for me are extraordinarily rare. I think this is the third one I’ve had ever.

No. 416345

I want Dan Schiedner to fuck me

No. 416347

You probably wouldn’t qualify for getting banged by his stinky meat pole unless you’re under 16 years old. RIP your dream, anon.

No. 416360

Discord is absolutely cancerous

No. 416361

Thank you. I think it might be making people worse.

No. 416362

I love to shit on anachans but I've relapsed recently and honestly love it.

No. 416404


Just wanted to say I really needed this even though it's 14 days late. I'm engaged and am having fantasies about a guy friend. I keep telling myself "he would text you more if he liked you like you like him" and it's kinda keeping me sane but when I see him it's all heart eye emojis and trying not to flirt. Sigh. I feel like I'm back in middle school.

No. 416412

415627 I m not religious but I believe in the Father of all things, his son and his holly spirit of love,I have higher than average iq (130) I think religion îs a worlwide cult(including Christian denominations) that actually drive you away from true faith.
Please don t generalize.
Also the bible(even though messed with by translation) holds fundamental truths if you are a believer and your eyes are opened.
The problematic verses from the old Testament were just traditions of ancient jews, spoilers, the majority of them were not perfect but far away from that.

No. 416413

Couldn’t put some of that supposedly IQ to use to fix up your grammar lmao

No. 416417

File: 1559268960625.gif (992.8 KB, 250x250, himZD0M.gif)

No. 416425

>thinking IQ means shit these days

Everyone and their grandma say they have “higher than average intelligence”. Every person I’ve seen brag about how smart they are end up being the biggest idiots.

No. 416472

416413 I m a foreigner… So sorry for the bad grammar at a language I learned by myself

No. 416473

416425 There was already a conversation going about iq on here, I didn t "brag". 130 îs not even that high…and for the record it was an official test I got în highschool(my country does that), I didn t take it on google to use it în arguments.
I don t care about iq, I care about kindness, generalizing that the majority of people Who have faith are stupid and comparing them to crazy cult people is not right..

No. 416475

i finally got into the financial place where i could some dental work done. had some cavities and a broken off tooth, but no pain.
and now i am in pain constantly, my teeth just hurt the fuck out of me, and im out of a lot of money. i know its probably better for me in the long run, but fuck, i wish i had kept my money and non-hurting teeth instead.

No. 416480

Did you get your cavities filled with composite? These fillings tend to hurt for a couple of weeks because they use some pretty aggressive stuff in the adhesive.

No. 416528

The only thing stopping me of killing myself is knowing I'd break my grandmother's heart.

No. 416529

A lot of people here are ESL and please learn how to properly quote a post…

No. 416534

Oh god me too. But I also eat other peoples scabs (only from the scalp). I have always scratched my families head and I would hide them and eat them too. What the fuck is wrong with me

No. 416556

I'm a straight woman, but I've had intense sexual fantasies for YEARS about being a man who gets passed around and anally raped by a group of men. Not even necessarily a prison type sitch, but more so like a frat house deal. Like being drugged or forced to drink to excess. It's gotten to the point I can only get off if I watch men being raped by other men, especially if the porno itself is shot in a way that's believable. I have no interest towards anal sex in reality, so why am I into this this intensely?

No. 416560

this is onision related but i didnt wanna put it in the main thread bc blogposting.

knowing onision has a daughter makes me feel so ill. my father was a pedophile, although he never actually molested me, it was pretty clear to myself and my sibling that he was, just from the way he treated our female friends and the way he looked at young girls.
growing up around him has fucked me up to the point i'm not sure i'd even be able to trust my husband if we had a daughter. my father would constantly walk in on me showering to the point i would go days without cleaning myself because i had to wait until he was out at work (he worked part time) to feel safe, he would walk in on me changing, he would ask me uncomfortable questions about my friends, he would ask me what sex acts i'd done with my then boyfriend under the guise of being a 'concerned father'. luckily he ended up getting arrested for cp and i haven't heard from him since.

i have no doubt onision would repeat this behaviour with his own daughter and i'm terrified for her.

No. 416576

I masturbate to this one girl's IG pictures. I absolutely fucking hate her.

No. 416577

Because you keep feeding it by watching porn.

No. 416581

i have a hate-watching compulsion. throughout the day, i look up girls' social media. some i'm secretly jealous of, some who likely have worse lives than me.

this manifested in me finding a girl's instagram from the airport. she aggressively tried to cut in front of me at tsa, and i said i thought i was there before her. she mumbled "go" and i caught a glimpse of her boarding pass once we got through.

probably sounds about right for someone on lolcow, but that's my confession. is that way too crazy?

No. 416582

File: 1559333619872.jpg (45.19 KB, 540x536, 056.JPG)

anon stop inoculating yourself with ppls germs like that. ew

No. 416591

i do the same with my ex, for an example i cannot stop checking all her social medias to see if she's talking about me or copying me even though i hate her guts so much.
back to topic: it's unhealthy behavior at its finest but i don't really think it's that crazy. people do worse stuff

No. 416608

i tried one of those monster energy drinks because i need to stay awake to study, and its absolutely disgusting. it tastes like the medicine i had to take when i had an infection when i was 5 that i always ended up throwing up.

No. 416617

Just the thought of energy drinks makes me feel sick. Partly because I exclusively drank it as a mixer when I was young and associate it with alcohol, partly because every time I've seen/spoken to someone who drinks it regularly they are gross about it. Like drinking it early in the morning, or drinking it instead of water, or drinking multiple cans a day. I don't even find the taste that bad, there's just something about energy drinks that is instinctively repulsive to me.

No. 416636

I eat my boogers and have been doing so since I was a toddler. I’ve tried to stop several times in my life and also had the help of family as a child (using “brute force”) but I couldn’t stop.

Sometimes I would eat my scabs once they were healed but sometimes I would eat them fresh which can be painful, I also lick the blood once they’re open to consumption. I forgot to mention that I also eat the scabs on my head.

I tend to chew my fingernails and toenails a lot too, though I don’t eat them and have recently taken up eating the dead skin off my soles of my bottom feet.

I don’t know what is wrong with me and why I like eating this shit but lately I haven’t made an effort to stop. I have a feeling this might be the “pica” I’m experiencing due to anemia.

No. 416638

File: 1559346789943.jpg (76.16 KB, 453x870, IMG_20190601_015335.jpg)

I like this type of aesthetic in anime characters (mostly when the story is about battling and going on adventures). I wish the sexualization and sexism were erased, though.
The more tryhard the design is, the more I like it, lol.

No. 416651

Do you mean the sexualization coming from the fans because of how she's designed? I personally don't care about a character's design, I focus more on how unfairly sexualized they are by other characters, but the design is nothing to me. I love her ridiculously long hair, like that'll definitely get wrapped up and torn out during a real fight, but in an anime/video game, it's POSSIBLE.

No. 416653

>Do you mean the sexualization coming from the fans because of how she's designed?
I mean, and also the sexualization coming from the ballon tits the illustrator gave her…

No. 416654

Am I cursed or something? 2 days before I go to my family's easter party there was a shooting. I needed an extension on an assignment? My teachers grandparents died. I'm going to the beach in 2 days and woop dee do a beach shooting, not at the beach I'm going to. I know it's my mind making up connections, but I feel like a bastion of death right now.

No. 416664

I accidentally killed a blue jay with my car. Just flew right into it, with a loud thunk. Saw it's body get flung off to the other side of the road. I feel bad. Blue Jays are such pretty birds. I hope it died instantly. Sorry little guy. RIP

No. 416669

It's not rare and it's not crazy. Enjoy the misery of others/the joy of hatred. Just don't do something that directly harms them or don't take it too far. You're fine spectating and getting a kick out of their shitty social media.

No. 416675

how can you not focus on the design of the character? it's one thing just being big breasted but she's not wearing any clothes…

No. 416686

File: 1559369760965.jpg (56.73 KB, 919x720, 2cJJZym.jpg)

I've been so lonely I've been reading erotic RLM fanfic.

i want 2 dead

No. 416701

The emotional bond between me and my partner is so strong that we're getting into "disgusting" stuff but in a truly non-disgusting way that's somehow completely innocent and kind. It's completely wholesome and I really love it. The concepts don't turn me on themselves and he has never been into them, but the increasing intimacy and breaking down of boundaries and knowing the intimacy turns him on that much is just so hot.

I still feel like a degenerate and feel embarrassed tho.

No. 416702

Did you piss on him or smth?

No. 416716

I'm gonna bet on period sex

No. 416719

Nah, he finally ate anon out

No. 416725

My guess is hand holding, the most degenerate of all activities

No. 416727

My partner always farts next to me, but for some reason I don’t find this "increasing intimacy and breaking down of boundaries" so hot.

No. 416728


>>416425 Here
I’ll just assume it’s a misunderstanding since your English isn’t great. The way you worded it came off as bragging. IQ does not measure intelligence that well which is why I said it.
As for the religion thing I don’t have anything to say about lol

No. 416731

well duh it's not gonna be hot unless there's a blanket covering you both ala dutch oven

No. 416757

I started reading smutty fanfiction when I was 12 and even wrote some. And yes, they were godawful.

No. 416806


No. 416821

As a lesbian, I've always avoided Chick-fil-a. I don't like their anti-lgbt stances and donations to anti-lgbt organizations, so I just don't spend my money there. It's just a quiet, personal boycott. But I won't lie that I've always been curious about their food since people constantly rave on about just how fucking great it tastes.

The other day we got coupons in the mail for free food at Chick-fil-a and my stupid ass went and used one to try a sandwich. I know it's just a small thing, and I didn't even pay for it since it was for a free sandwich, but part of me just feels bad. I feel like I've betrayed a part of myself. It's stupid.

(Also, it's not like I wanted to hate the food but I thought it was pretty subpar. At least I've killed that curiosity now)

No. 416825

Oh same, I was curious about the Chick Fil A hype and whatever I had was soggy. Never going back there again. The one I went to had gay employees so I just told myself I'm helping them from being sent home early. A lot of other places do donate to anti-gay organizations, I know Wendy's does it too but honestly I just tell myself I'm helping the employees get paid.

No. 416827

I have nowhere else to talk about this but I'm the girl who's engaged but having major crush issues on a friend. This morning I went to talk to him and he said he's been talking to this girl for like a month and showed me pictures of them and I was. So. Relieved. But then we kept talking and the conversation turned into one of those deep 4am conversations and we both went into some things that lend to our PTSD and stuff. We also kinda talked about how we're unhappy in our relationships and all that. It was a really good conversation and it kind of reinforced that I think he's a great friend but it gave me all these mixed feelings. I should probably push those down and keep strengthening our friendship. I don't even know if he's flirting with me cause it seems like he is but also not. I am so drawn to him as a person. I don't know what to do.

No. 416828

Break off your engagement

No. 416830

Easier said than done. If I had my choice I'd take the dog and leave him the house and call it a day. Everything we do is intertwined and I know I have a track record for being impulsive and dropping people too quickly. So I guess I'm trying to see if it'll change and go back to how we were. Had issues before the crush but this definitely doesn't help it.

No. 416834

Yeah how old are you? Liking someone else isn’t a good sign

No. 416849


From my experience Chick Fil A treats their employees very well compared to other fast food restaurants and pays them better wages (at least in my area). I know that in my area employees can have their education paid for, not sure if that's company wide or just something the franchise owner does. Their employees definitely seem less miserable than at places like McDonalds where the employees act personally offended by your presence. The franchises are often actively involved in helping local communities, too - I remember after the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando they opened on a Sunday and provided food for people waiting in line to donate blood. I think that, in the grand scheme of things, Chick Fil A is a better choice than a lot of fast food restaurants because they treat their employees better.

You would be hard pressed to not interact with a company on any given day that does not support anti-LGBT organizations in some way. For example, AT&T, Google, Fed Ex, UPS, and Target all have partnerships with the Salvation Army, which has a long history of discriminating against LGBT. Not saying it's dumb to not go to CFA because of personal beliefs, especially since you don't like their food, but I don't think it's something to feel guilty about!

No. 416856

>Salvation Army

what… That's like the only donation my family has supported for years.

Now I feel bad

No. 416882

As another lesbian, I love chick fil and will continue to eat there until I get stoned at the door

No. 416884

Me too, anon, they used to do donations outside my old workplace and I had no idea about their homophobic and evangelist leanings.

No. 416949

Not that it'll interest anyone except the terminally pedantic like myself, but this is more dermatillomania (skin-picking) and dermophagia (skin-eating) than pica. I do all of these behaviours, especially with scabs, but it's my compulsion to eat paper that is more properly termed "pica".

Ask me about my favourite flavours of notebook paper.

No. 416965

It honestly doesn't bother me because the rest of her design is really balanced. Her big sword, flowy hair, and boot cuffs take away that distraction. Also the fact the lighting makes her skin blend in with some of the white out of outfit. The coloring is well done.
IDK maybe I'm that desensitized from anime character designs, but I can clearly point out disgusting lolishit.

No. 417008


ur so quirky!

No. 417336

It's hard for me to not be a handmaiden that compulsively white knight for scrotes when I love my dad and boyfriend.

No. 417354

Why? You have to realize that you like them because, if they're good, they're uncommon in society. Society encourages sociopathy in males. This is obvious to anyone with eyeballs. I don't get people that have to compulsively defend groups of people over a (true) stereotype all because they know one or two people who allegedly defy it.

No. 417356

I dunno, it's just an impulse. When someone says "men" what I hear is "all men", and then I need to focus hard on not losing my temper.

No. 417363

File: 1559541271404.jpg (212.19 KB, 609x749, 1402801795120.jpg)

>tfw this is how I thought of my stepdad up until a month ago when he confessed to cheating on my mom with a woman who's close to my age

Not trying to imply anything, I just hurt that another part of my innocence and faith in some men was lost again.

No. 417373

I'm sorry to hear that, anon. She deserves a better husband, and you a better male role model.

No. 417374

Same except it's because I do most of the shit that men get criticised for on here so I get the urge to reply "that's not that bad" or "women do that too" but catch myself that no I'm just deranged.

No. 417385

>When someone says "men" what I hear is "all men", and then I need to focus hard on not losing my temper.
Lol, no offense, but this level of caping, like, even if you don't act on it, is pitiable bc nearly 0 men would feel the urge to cape for you, kek. Like, you need to get anger management or learn to prioritize your emotions because they overwhelmingly prove to be shit and women are justified in saying and feeling the things they say and feel. Even if they say "all men", like… who cares? Take a xanny, anon.

No. 417407

Eating ice would be my pica then, not sure about the boogers

No. 417482

No. 417489


you're anemic

No. 417522

As much as I don't like Halsey, she's ridiculously hot in her new(ish) music video.
Like, more than she has the right to be. I don't even like the song, I feel like I'm being baited.

No. 417525

Wow, what a cringy music video.

No. 417532

Different strokes, I guess. I liked the black and white scenes and the suits.

No. 417548

I don't like the ""new"" pride flag some people are trying to push on others, the o e with the black and brown stripes.

No. 417554

why did they feel the need to change the old flag anyway?

No. 417557

To be more inclusive to poc

Nothing wrong with that, but it's kind of dumb, poc were already included.

No. 417580

Went to go check it out and of course it was created by a white guy as a money grab, the majority of the backers are from the US/Canada and anyone who isn't is from a white af Europen country (meaning actually "POCs" probably don't give a flying fuck). Wow hastag woke.

No. 417581

HA that's fucking hilarious. i knew no fucking non-white person had to complain about the LGBT flag not being inclusive enough for non-whites, at least in the first place. what's with these people making assumptions about our feelings? are they the same retards who think "If you are homophobic that also means you're RACIST because LGBT rights were saved by black lesbians!" people gotta stop falling for these stupid narratives about POC not even created by POC.

No. 417582

File: 1559590446735.png (80.36 KB, 250x250, tumblr_p6za4pnfyZ1v2kn4yo4_250…)

even tho my ex from 2 years ago treated me like shit and accused me of cheating and flirting with people 24/7 (despite me only talking to my normal friends and no one else) i still kinda miss her and looking at her selfies never fails to make my heart skip a beat.
i already know i shouldn't be feeling this, i've been in a relationship longer than a year now, but i seriously can't help it. i already feel extremely guilty by just writing this.
i sometimes completely forget about her, but then there are days i do nothing but think about her and wonder what she's doing and who she's making miserable this time and then i think about all the things i could've done to prevent our break up and why i hadn't done any of that. i really miss her when she wasn't such an abusive asshole to deal with, we got along really well despite all that drama and hard times we've been through.
but we ended on really bad terms and she dragged my name through mud and dirt, making me out to be the abusive one and turning so many people against me, and now she's out there, living her best life and being pretty and having a big following on her instagram (she literally looks like those random edgy e-girls you see everywhere) and i am stuck with an overly sensitive boyfriend in an apartment who wants me to take care of himself when i cannot even take care of myself and throws a fit when i do not pay attention to him.

No. 417583

That's actually really cool and great that they treat their employees well! I noticed that they closed all their stores on Sunday so people could have a day off (and worship if they wanted) which I think is nice. A lot of the Chick-fil-a workers at mine were young students, and I can't knock them down for at least just earning an honest wage. You're completely right about having a hard time not interacting with companies that support anti-lgbt organizations in one form or another (I didn't know all those companies had partnerships with the Salvation Army!).

In the grand scheme of things, as long as I'm not personally handing my money straight to the bigots themselves, there isn't much I can do, I guess. Thank you for that anon, I feel better! I won't be going back just because it wasn't my favorite, but it's nice to know everyone's a little guilty of indirectly supporting causes they don't believe in, buying chick-fil-a or not.

No. 417587

I just recently moved to a new area not too far from where I used to live, and there are so many fucking churches everywhere it makes me a bit uncomfortable. I'm used to living in areas with a lot of churches, but this place has so many it's insane! I feel this is what living in the Bible Belt must feel like lol. Even my dad who is religious found it weird.

No. 417591

id never admit to this irl to anyone and im drunk rn so
i sympathize with cheaters. i have problems with lust and i always have but id never tell any friends or my boyfriend that i secretly understand why people cheat. i will end up cheating i think.

cheaters have a complex where they want more attention and affection than they deserve. and so i know im gonna cheat on my bf one day because i crave male attention really badly and know guys that want me and i want to have fun with them sometimes. is it wrong? absolutely. but do cheaters do it anyway? hell yes.

i deserve to die alone probably

No. 417600

>i deserve to die alone probably
You got that right. Your poor boyfriend.

No. 417601

File: 1559596850097.png (35.96 KB, 179x179, aghhh.png)

damn ok understandable

No. 417602

Cheaters should be fucking hanged at public squares.

No. 417605

fair enough anon.
is the tendency to cheat just inherent in some people? or can it be avoided, like something a lot of people just have to choose to do?
i dont really know how to fix myself.

No. 417623

It's called impulse control. Get therapy.

No. 417635

I'm a terrible person and I hate my my mother, am jealous of my best friend's happy life, and I resent my boyfriend for being submissive even though he tries his best to make me happy. I only keep contact with them because being alone is worse than being around them.

No. 417661

>being alone is worse than being with them

Being alone isn't bad at all compared to torturing yourself with people you can't stand.

No. 417665

that's awful and i hope you feel bad. why not just break up with him?

No. 417672

ill take your submissive bf from you. you're lucky

No. 417678

lmaoo what

I actually dont see cheating as such a huge problem. Like yea, I would be mad and feel betrayed and would probably break up but its so low on the list of things your partner can do to hurt you. Idk, I really just dont care about it that much.

Also before someone accuse me of it, no, I never cheated on anyone and I hate poly couples.

No. 417684

>submissive bf
Yuck, the worst shit ever romantically AND in bed. I'm sorry anon.

No. 417686

i still love him and no one would put up with me the way he does…

i love him, but i would have much more excitement if i fucked around with guys i fantasize about and would never, ever date seriously.

my bf is the kind of guy my parents are happy for me to be with. but i feel like there's no passion sometimes. when i try talking to him about it he reassures me that we're good at he just doesn't show emotions a lot.

i just want fun with other guys sometimes but im too scared to approach men anyway so who knows if i'll ever even cheat. i know it's bad but cheaters cheat because we're attention loving.

No. 417720

No judgement, just a question: If that's the sort of person you are then why live a lie by playing the role of the monogamous girlfriend at all? Letting him off the hook before you actually cross that line will not only free you up to suck up all the cock and male attention you crave, it will also free him up to find a woman that's better suited for him.

I mean, if the shoe were on the other foot you'd want to know that too, right? You'd think a boyfriend that told you early on he was thinking of other women and fighting the urge to cheat was infinitely preferable to waking up one day with some other skank's STD.

No. 417739

Whether it's a rational hatred or not it's still one that's pretty much hardwired into us.
When a man cheats on a woman, and gets another pregnant he's obliged to split his resources, which can lead to gene death.
When a woman cheats on a man, and gets pregnant to another, he misses out on his own, which can lead to gene death.
None of us alive want to be cheated on. We're all descended from those were able to guard their mates. Some of us might also want to cheat ourselves, and in the past that strategy could have made us slightly more and slightly healthier kids. Thing is though, the tribes where they developed reciprocal ethics, and where cheating was more looked down on as a whole would have developed higher trust and done better on the whole. This would have eventually lead to where we are now, with most people finding it utterly contemptible, almost worse than even murder, and just a few other opportunistic parasites existing on the periphery. Coz I also guess the less that cheating is suspected the easier it is to get away it.

None of this has any data to back it all up of course. It's speculative anthropology that I just like as a matter of faith.

No. 417802

I don't really care about monogamy beyond practical concerns like stds and such so when people like that worry about cheating my first idea is "just ask your partner if they'll let you?" but then I remember most people go mental at the thought of their partner fucking someone else.

No. 417838

Not to shill femdom or anything but the few submissive guys I've been with are usually pretty good at oral.

No. 417867

I am absolutely judging you, you shouldn't even be in a monogamous relationship if you can't commit. Just be single and fuck a bunch of dudes or get in a poly relationship, all you're doing is possibly ruining one of the few good monogamous men out there for the rest of us.

No. 417868

Ever since I started dating my boyfriend I've developed a much bigger interest in Asian men, to the point where I can actually look at some kpop stars or guys on the street and think "wow they're really cute". Idk if this is a fetish or not? I've never dated a (half) Asian man and this probably sounds retarded but I feel a bit guilty now for paying more attention to them than in previous years.

No. 417869

NTA, but I don't really understand why cheating is considered as bad as it is. I myself have no desire to cheat and am in a monogamous relationship but my reasoning is that it's possible to separate sex from emotion. Men are inherently sexual deviants. If my partner cheated on me sexually but was still unchanged emotionally and financially etc and apologized legitimately, I feel like I would forgive him and we could work things through. But maybe that's just handmaiden brain speaking.

No. 417874

Why can't you just be open about who you are? Find another insecure person who needs a lot of attention like you and be non monogamous together.

No. 417877

Because it's a conscious decision to go behind your partners back, lie and disrespect them?

Men are capable to keep thier dick in their pants, it's really not that hard. Literally anyone that can't keep their dick in their pants or legs together just shouldn't be in a relationship, it's really that simple.

No. 417878

I agree to a certain extent. I wouldn't leave my husband for cheating on me unless it was a frequent occurence or resulted in a baby. Likewise, my husband applies the same rules to me. It doesn't mean we're free to cheat on each other, it would still be a huge deal and really hurt the other if we did. However, being more lienient about it causes a lot less anxiety around the possibility as well as more confidence the other will actually admit to it. I couldn't imagine being one of those girls that's in constant fear her SO is gonna cheat.

No. 417879

It's about honoring commitments. If you make a commitment to someone to be in a monogamous relationship, to cheat is to betray that person's trust and loyalty. For the record, I don't think cheating is as bad as most people make it out to be and there are definitely much worse things that can happen in a relationship, but it's still a deal breaker for me. If I had a partner who cheated on me I know I wouldn't be able to see him the same way, and I don't want to be in a relationship with someone who I don't respect as a person.

>maybe that's just handmaiden brain speaking.

Yeah, it is. Do you honestly believe a man would do the same for you?

No. 417880

>Literally anyone that can't keep their dick in their pants or legs together just shouldn't be in a relationship, it's really that simple.
Or maybe they should just avoid being with people who have a zero tolerance policy for cheating? Not everyone considers the ocassional fuck up to be dealbreaker worthy.

No. 417881

>ocassional fuck up

How is cheating a fuck up? You have to make a bunch of deliberate choices before ending up cheating on someone. People don't just fall over and mistakenly end up ball deep into their coworker's vagina.

No. 417883

I guess it stems from me not seeing sex as a huge deal. Like is sex his commitment to me or is it his time and emotional support? I consider him as a life partner and not necessarily a sexual one, though we do have sex. I do understand that most of the time, cheating comes with emotional baggage and shifty shit but just the sex alone doesn't seem like a breach of commitment to me. Just cheating alone wouldn't bother me, he'd have to neglect me in some other way.
I know that sounds ridiculous but it's just how I see things. God, I should go reevaluate my self-worth.

No. 417884

"Fuck up" can mean "bad decision", anon. Literal accidents are not the only context it's used in.

No. 417885

I don't think you really need to reevaluate your self-worth for having that stance. People have different boundaries and things they're willing to forgive and there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 417887

Why would you want to be with someone who respect you so little he would let himself develop feelings for someone else and go behind your back to fuck that person.

No. 417888

nta, but as the anon said, it's a bunch of choices, so I guess it should be "fuck ups", which again, doesn't make it better.

No. 417910

Yeah, but the buildup to sex usually includes those other things you mentioned. Unless the person is going out, getting hammered and going home with someone they met at a bar, there's no good reason to wind up in a stranger's bed. Usually they're talking to someone at work, engaging with them behind the scenes… sex doesn't just "HAPPEN", and if it does, that's a warning sign in its own right.

No. 417925

I feel as though a lot of people are able to separate sex from emotion, because how else would prostitutes, one-night stands etc exist. I understand your point though, I'd probably think less of my partner if he told me he fucked a prostitute randomly or had a one-off drunken affair.

No. 417948

u cant have my good monogamous bf anon, sorry

No. 417949

File: 1559673402308.jpg (59.65 KB, 550x578, 201906040649493035780_20190604…)

I feel guilty and ashamed for this, because it essentially means that I have the mind of a gold-digging bimbo, but I think I would be the happiest if I was just filthy rich.

I was a very good student, very motivated and hopeful for the future, I consider myself a feminist, I always wanted to be childless, independent and sucessful, but lately I just wish I was hot enough to get a rich husband (or be born rich). I don't have any desire to work, I just want to have fun and spend money mindlessly.

Today I read that Jia from Miss A (a kpop idol) is dating this singaporean multimillionaire and god I'm so jealous lol He's young and good looking too.
I always get this surge of envy when I see that some model bags a rich guy, I want that too…

No. 417953

Sometimes I'm really exhausted cleaning up after my family every single day and I wish I was a rich jerk who just told a maid what to do all day. It would feel like god's compensation for basically owning the two children that are my mother and brother.

Also a mcmansion with space. Ugh.

No. 417960

Nta and I probably wouldnt stay with my partner if they cheated on me but I don't think cheating is such a huge disrespect. I think that if, for instance, your partner is a huge child who is just looking for a mommy in the relationship and lets you do all the housework (or worse : expects you to do all the housework) or who is actively leeching off your money or who constantly demeans your interests and think of themselves as so much better than you etc… those are all wayyy worse disrespects than cheating in my book but they're viewed as much more acceptable by society.

I know so many women who get emotionally abused by their husbands or who are killing themselves at work while their husbands watch tv while drinking beer all day or who gamble away their common money or are violent in bed (not talking about "consensual kink") and they just endure it but if their husband cheated that would be a dealbreaker.

No. 417962


Idk why it's so taboo to say that you'd be happier if you were rich. I know there's the whole "money =/= happiness" thing but financial security goes a long way . Like who would rather be poor lmao

No. 417968

It's not just financial security though. I wish I was rich enough to fly around the world and spend my day eating at fancy places and posting questionable brand outfits to instagram.

No. 417975

I fucking hate my ex because he's going to become a doctor and he's a stupid misogynistic shit that has no idea how medicine works but he's studying a shitty med school in eastern europe because his parents have a lot of money and are very influencial. He's literally at the shittiest med school in the country and even the best one is shit according to international standards but his parents still had to pay to get him in. I wish I could be a doctor, I have a lot of medical knowledge because I literally spent my teenage years with extreme health anxiety and I also know a lot about psychiatry and would like to help those that are truly suffering

No. 417977

The only people who would rather be poor were never poor to begin with.

But some people just want for too much and find temporary pleasure in material things and it's a miserable rat race, this I do agree with.

No. 417992

people here are not anti-poor, they are just materialistic and lazy. Like why the fuck do you need a bunch of outfits and stay on IG all day long?

No. 417996

Well yeah. I only ever want to be with my boyfriend, and only ever want him to be with me as well.

No. 418008

Yeah, some people are fine with being flagrantly disrespected by their partners, but there's no point in sugarcoating it. Might as well call a spade a spade.

No. 418180

TBH men cheat for the exact same emotionally insecure reasons women do which is why they leave for the other woman or keep doing it over and over again.

No. 418182

That's really sad.

No. 418197

Ha, nice try in attempting to humanize those demons. Rarely is that actually the case. Men are just impulsive, pathetic retards that think they should be entitled to a harem.

No. 418215

I know this is meant to be an empowering thing for you to say but it's the opposite since most women who think like that end up like who I'm replying to, putting up with it because she thinks its inevitable and never learns how to avoid those types of men. And it's not even an epic insult on cheating men either, that's what those men tell themselves, it's just male nature, as an excuse to avoid the reality that they're needy sad broken people. Maybe you think I'm excusing that behavoir by comparing it to why women cheat. I'm not, they're also dysfunctional losers avoiding their problems.

No. 418219

Wow, you literally just made up a whole bunch of shit I never said. I never said it was impossible for them to stop, nor did I say it was an inborn trait and I definitely didn't say it was inevitable. I said they're impulsive and pathetic, and feel entitled to a harem. Never said anything about it being biologically determined or fixed. It is empowering to distance yourself from men, and that's the best thing to do, should you think it's inevitable, but I never said that, either. You're absolutely excusing them by trying to compare them to women, who genuinely have a hard time being in relationships in society because they're treated as disposable and they're frequently disrespected by men. It's nowhere near the same thing and their motivations are generally not at all the same.

No. 418268

No, I don’t think it’s fetishizing- if anything it’s quite sweet. You like HIM so much, you find yourself attracted to people who even look somewhat like him.

Similar things have happened with me on both ends. I’m half black, and my boyfriend found himself noticing black girls way way more than he used to. Same happened when I fell for an Indian guy, I began noticing them more.

No. 418303

I'm the same way anon. My boyfriend is an asian guy and since I've started dating him, I find myself staring at anyone who looks like him. No one else is even remotely attractive. I even tried to watch porn a few nights ago and looked for cute asian male pornstars(turns out, there aren't many of those).

No. 418311

I love my dog so, so much. She's my entire world, the light of my life, the apple of my eye.

But holy fucking shit there are so many days where she just annoys the fuck out of me. We've had her since she was 2 months old, for 15 years now. Every morning my parents (and then later me, when I became an adult and came home from college) walk her at 9 in the morning. Every morning. That's our routine. But fuck routine, right? This fucking little asshole wakes up at 7, sometimes 6, sometimes even 5 in the fucking morning! It's been 15 years! You know what time you're walked!

When I quit my job and was in job hunting limbo, I would wake up at 7. Fine, it's around the time my dog wakes up at for some fucking reason, should solve the problem since I can walk and feed her at the time she wants. Well get fucked me, because once she realized this, she woke up consistently EVEN EARLIER!! AT 6 IN THE MORNING!! My family fed her one meal a day, all of her calories at once. She's old and lazy, so she doesn't really use up that much energy in a day. We figured maybe we'll split her one meal into two, and she'll wake up a bit later since she won't be so hungry. Nope. Asshole still wakes up early.

I love her so, so much. I really, truly do. I spend so much time cuddling her, and she loves to come and sit near me and underneath my legs. But holy fucking shit she pisses me off when she keeps waking up so damn early. I have these horrible thoughts of kicking her (and she's a small dog, maybe about 8lbs) and it would obviously send her flying, but my head plays out the scene and she yelps and cries, then would obviously run off with her tail down and fear in her eyes and it makes me want to fucking cry because I love her so much and would never want to hurt her or break her trust. Sometimes when we cuddle, she stares up at me and I look into her eyes and see her cute face, and I want to cry over thinking that I would want to hurt her.

Recently she's been very quiet, not barking in the mornings and not having a lot of zoomies and I thought the calmness was nice. Turns out she's been having an upset tummy and that's why she's so calm, we switched her food and she's back to her normal, annoying self. I feel awful that I was appreciating her calmness because it came at the cost of her feeling sick and uncomfortable.

I feel awful for having mean thoughts or getting so frustrated at her- she's a dog, she doesn't know what's going on. It's only the morning time too. She has so much energy in the morning but she gets it all out in the morning time and the rest of the day is chill and full of cuddles and a little playtime.

No. 418314

Lol dog people.

No. 418330

she's a dog. you have to instill a hierarchy and routine. my dog has no problem waking up just in time for his morning walk, or staying quiet until then because we treat him like a dog and not a baby.

No. 418333

Since I got a job again, I wake up at 6am and walk/feed/play with her then and it's a bit easier since this is the time she wants to wake up at, but she still barks sometimes.

I used to work retail so my schedule was never consistent, so obviously it was rough on her, but I've started working on trying to be consistent with her.

No. 418334

She's an old lady. 15 is quite old for a dog. It doesn't matter if you walk her at nine, she is waking up early because she has to go. Older dogs pee more.

And just like old humans she's getting energy spikes in the morning after rest. Irregardless of the mammal there's something about being old and restless.

No. 418338

I'm trying to appreciate the morning zoomies since I don't know how much longer it'll be a part of my life.

She does do that thing where she won't go to the bathroom and just wants to sniff around when we go outside, but whatever she wants, I guess.

No. 418569

Although black myself, I don’t find myself dating or really attracted to black men. I’ve been trying to figure out why, because I don’t think I am self-hating.

I’ve been incredibly boy-crazy since elementary school, for any and every cute guy. Being a weird nerdy black girl wasn’t an aesthetic yet, and black guys definitely rejected and shunned me up until college. I feel as if they conditioned me to not be interested?

Additionally there’s the entire ordeal of black men of status getting the white women as a “prize,” making black women feel inferior. I’m attracted to being wanted, so any hint of disinterest from someone, in disinterested as fuck too. On top of that, black and Hispanic men generally seem to have a culture of being waited on and mommy-ed more, something I wholly object to.

I’m curious to hear thoughts?

No. 418570

>On top of that, black and Hispanic men generally seem to have a culture of being waited on and mommy-ed more, something I wholly object to.

Idk about this. Every white dude I've been with has arguably been worse than POC in terms of needing to be mommied and guided around like a lost sheep. I'm half-black and don't find black men attractive either though, so dunno.

No. 418572

It may be the psychological reasons you stated, especially if you've been attracted to them in the past ("any and every cute guy").
I developed similar feelings for white men. I'm half-Native (and not very white passing, most assume I'm mixed Latina/half-SEA) and developed some complex where I believe a white man would see me as a lesser being. I've seen the term "conquered pussy" used in raceplay fetish discussion and it scares me shitless.
So I just don't find white guys sexually attractive at all now. I think that sort of thing can definitely affect sexuality, especially in formative years.

No. 418575

Hate to break it to you but every man regardless of race/ethnicity comes from a culture where they’re pampered their entire lives by their mums and end up being helpless, even households with non traditional roles

No. 418577

I mean, yeah, probably black men rejecting you in your formative years influenced you to feel disinterested from them.. but here's the thing.

You mention there's a lot of black men who want white women as a prize, and while this is a huge problem, a lot of black men choose to fetishize light skinned black women/mulatto women/latina women first before they choose to do it with a white woman. Social media and IG, and music videos, ect, will show you that. Secondly, men of other races, like Latinos, Arabs, and god especially Indians, and other South Asians, fetishize white women and see them as prizes at a far higher rate than black men do. Black people, out of all the non-white groups, tend to have the most racial pride and least colorstruck tendencies.

Thirdly, believe it or not, despite what also autistic non blacks like to push as well, is that black men mostly prefer black women, than other races of men do. Black men never stopped being attracted to black women. Many non AA black men appreciate Afrocentric features and natural hair more too. Still, there's plenty of AA black men who love black women.

I had the same experience with black guys growing up and I think intraracial tension will always be worse than interracial tension due to familiarity and promixiation. If you were a white girl you'd likely find white guys assholes too

No. 418578

That’s a fair point; I guess all men are wanting bang-maids, just in different capacities (ugh).

When I tell people I’m a career woman with no ability to cook and suck at domestic stuff, the POC guys are the ones typically pitching a fit. I feel like white men want more emotional labor and ass-wiping, if that makes sense.

Also I think >>418577 maybe really hit the nail on the head- if I were white, id probably be fucking sick of white dudes and their bullshit, haha. Really thoughtful comments. I definitely think the “white woman prize” shit is overblown, and you’re right about the light-skinned thing too. Don’t even get me started on the toxic shit that is colorism. I’m very light myself, and I am absolutely disgusted when someone says I got “good hair” or the babies would be “pretty”. Absolutely disgusts me.

Fuck anon, so strange we ended up on different sides of that despite kind of similar experiences. For some reason white men who see me as lesser (and there’s plenty) don’t even phase me because I’m already rolling my eyes at them, if that makes sense. I hope you never are ‘conquered pussy’ to someone, fucking ew

No. 418579

I think you're onto something. In Latin cultures in particular, the bangmaid stuff seems to be the worst. It extends back to European countries like Italy too. But white men tend to be huge crybabies about having their emotions carried by women or do NEET shit. Interestingly, with the "white prize" access, at least with black and maybe Latino men, the white women they tend to prize often have stereotypically "black" features. Despite the trope about blonde women with black men, I've noticed black men tend to go for curvier women, and although it's a stereotype, it seems like black women are curvier than white women on average. It's extra obvious now that media has fetishized traditionally black and Latina features on white women, including stuff that used to be mocked.

No. 418580

I agree, since theres a lot of mulatto or african descended latinos, or triracial latinos, or many mestizo and white latinos influenced by black latino culture

a lot of people ignore this online idk why but i think its because they talk from their own perspective all the time

No. 418635

Seeing my friends cry about people 'objectifying' menzz just makes me want to do it more.

No. 418673

You totes should do it anyway, tbh. They always say they'd love to be catcalled in admiration so put it to the test.

No. 418680

File: 1559808795269.jpg (22.81 KB, 235x350, 56023f913e43e8921a924aa7841c61…)

We should have listened

No. 418685

i would love to know what this poster says.

No. 418687

do not raise "spoilt rich boys"

No. 418689

wow that's based. thank you.

No. 418728

My best friends body dsymorphia irritates the shit out of me.

We’re both 5’8 and 120lbs, pretty small people. She wears a size 2, yet she bitches about how she’s a whale. It’s so retarded it makes me want to slap her. Logically, HOW. You see the jeans we both wear. You see the scale we stand on, yet you say I’m perfect and you’re disgusting. If she said she was ugly that’d be understandable because it’s not MEASURABLE, but her saying she’s fat is infuriating

Also if you’re so disgusting, why do you wear a bikini? I know if I were a whale I wouldn’t be caught dead in one. And why do picky about the men you date? If you’re so gross, shouldn’t you take what you can get?

No. 418753

>Logically, HOW?
uhh you said it yourself, she has BDD? she’s mentally ill fam, why not encourage her to go to therapy?

No. 418760

>can't BELIEVE my mentally ill friend isn't logical!! sewww annoying!

No. 418764

Watch Chrissie on youtube

No. 418809

Maybe OP didn't mean it in a literal way but instead hates her attention whoring. Some just humble brag. In fact everyone does it.

No. 418828

Hey, it’s supposed to be confessions, right? Like I said, I’d understand if she thought her body looked disgusting despite being small, or she was ugly- but the fact she literally thinks she’s large but has tangible proof that’s not the case boggles me. She’s in therapy, but she needs some shit that’s much more severe. She’s made no progress and been in therapy a long time.

Honestly, idk what is wrong with her diagnosis-wise. I didn’t think people with BDD ran around in bikinis and little dresses?? I have another friend that’s formally diagnosed, and the way they behave makes more sense to me, although they do see their body in an altered way.

No. 418829

To add- people who actually struggle with their weight or that are just larger than her want to yeet her ass into the sun when she’s outwardly talking or joking about how fat and disgusting she is. I try to tell her she’s going to piss people off, since she’s indirectly insulting them.

No. 418843

BDD differs from person to person. While I agree on the clothing, I disagree with you on the bikini and the pickiness with partners. Even ugly people are allowed to have standards, so even if she was ugly she wouldnt just "take whats offered". Also was the bikini at the beach? What was she supposed to do? Swim in woolen jumper ? Maybe by wearing a bikini she was trying to fight her BDD.

But I do feel for you, I have so many attention seeking friends and friends with legit mental health problems but who refuse to actually work on them.

No. 418845

I have a pretty bad mental illness but not so far deep in that I am completely detached from reality like this. How does the mental illness get bad you lose complete footing of anything real?

That's my confession

No. 418856

Yeah, that bitch is just humble bragging. If she really thought she was this disgusting and fat she wouldn't even leave the house.

No. 418871

I agree people are allowed to have standards, I guess I should’ve specified hers are particularly shallow. I don’t think any of my past boyfriend meet her ‘must haves’. Personally if I viewed myself as so gross (and also saw myself as an awful person as well), a really hot nice guy would make me feel even worse/insecure and I would see myself as undeserving.
As far as the bikini goes, I guess I’m surprised it’s not a onepeice or rash guard, which is what my other self-conscious friends wear.

I feel bad venting about it, but yes, the detachment from reality is frustrating.

I think something is genuinely wrong, I just don’t know what. She’s always very kind and supportive to me, but she really hurts people with her comments. I don’t think it’s on purpose or necessarily humble bragging, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

No. 418875

I keep having dreams of being a blaire white orbiter. straight up just want her to fuck me so bAd

No. 418882

That's the sign of a bad ED incoming. I am by all means underweight but fail to see myself as such. There's a constant crushing, gnawing, prickly feeling in me that says I am "disgusting, horrible, etc". It's hard to explain but the feeling is real, just like hunger, anger, etc.

Then there's facts that conflict with the feelings. Logically, I know that I am not any of those things. But the feelings are real, and they can be hard to bear, especially if someone isn't emotionally stable to begin with. Your friend might be experiencing what I do and sometimes the feelings are so much that you just have to blurt them out. I stopped doing this awhile ago because it is hurtful to other people. It goes to show how much she is struggling inside even if it seems like narcissistic babbling. She needs to learn how to manage it though because it's emotionally abusive to spill it on other people.

Not trying to defend or condone her actions, but hopefully my experience will give you some insight as to why she is doing it.

No. 418897

File: 1559841963463.jpg (33.71 KB, 555x526, a21.jpg)


No. 418898

he has a tiny dick, btw. he says so. also, you should probably leave. you sound male or like you came here from tunglr.

No. 418912

Just learnt that the neighborhood I live in has been having another series of attempted break ins. This isn't even a bad neighborhood socioeconomically, why the increased rate in sporadic crime? We're not exactly rich enough to steal from, the fags who are doing it should try the gated neighborhood next door instead. I'm a dumb bitch who forgets to lock my doors whenever I walk the dog so this has made me paranoid that I'm going to start locking it, forget one day, and get my shit stolen. Fuck.

No. 418940

Eh, irw bikinis : I'm slightly overweight and quite self conscious about it but most one-pieces tend to look worse on my body type than bikinis.
But that argument doesnt make sense because your friend isnt actually fat.

I do get you though. My best friend has BDD and her big focus is her face (she feels deformed and hates her acne) but everything she does is absolutely counter-productive to help her get better skin. Like she will straight up put ACETONE on her bare face or 90° alcohol. I know its because of her OCD and that thats a method of self harm but it kills me that everytime after she does that I'm the one who has to help take care of her. She also asks every 10min "Do I look monstruous? Tell me!! Do I look like an absolute garbage human being with a MONSTRUOUS face?" and like… she wont take "no" for an answer but what does she excpect me to do? Say "yes you look absolutely disfigured" ? And I 100% get that she's mentally ill but she's visibly not willing to make any effort to work towards recovery as she mixes her meds with binge drinking and drugs and considering her therapist is the kind that just gently nods and smiles while listening to her and never challenges her.

No. 418961

>She also asks every 10min "Do I look monstruous? Tell me!! Do I look like an absolute garbage human being with a MONSTRUOUS face?"
This is ridiculous to the point of social retardation and you have every right to seriously tell her to shut the fuck up and get therapy instead of bothering you.

No. 418976

That’s so fucked. Geez.
I will try to be more patient, this does not sound like a fun way to feel. And fortunately I don’t take offense to being called a whale by proxy (lol), so the comments don’t actually hurt me. I appreciate both of your inputs anons

No. 418978

I work with two other people in a very small office. Sometimes, I have very busy days but most days I just sit here idly. I've gotten back into some games I used to play as a kid and it's making me feel guilty, like I am regressing or something. I just don't know what else to do.

No. 418979

Wtf is your job, anon?? Have you expressed you have no work to do? If so, that’s on them. Use the free time to study or go back to school online or get some certifications lmao

No. 418980

I'm a "director" role but because our firm is so small I do not really have anything to direct. Apparently, we will be hiring more people in the narrow future who will replace my role and allow me to move directly into the role I am supposed to be in. That's what I was told when I was hired, anyway. I am looking into taking some classes, I think that would help me to feel more productive.

No. 419025

I’m a very tall, skinny woman who’s fairly pretty and young. I accentuate my height by wearing very tall high heels, and I dress really nice for work. I like making men feel inferior and intimidated. I can tell they’re uncomfortable when I loom over them.

…But I’m starting to wonder if they’re uncomfortable because they think I’m a tranny. Until recently I had no clue how absolutely clockable MtFs are irl. Thanks to filters, photoshop and angles I thought they could blend in fairly seamlessly. Men are dumb and probably think this too. I have all the earmarks- tall, broad shoulders, long arms, narrow hips. I think I might… LIKE being mistaken for a mtf. I like that they are possibly 1) literally physically intimidated by my tranny strength and 2) probably feeling weird about any attraction they have toward me.

I know this is ridiculous, I just had to tell someone.

No. 419036

lmao anon I understand. I get mistaken for a manlet or maybe a trans man sometimes and I don't always mind it. People treat me differently and sometimes better, especially if I'm wearing dressy clothes. Maybe they think I'm butch but no one has ever harassed me about it and my stag bi friend gets harassed all the time, so that makes me think otherwise.

No. 419050

>get mistaken for a manlet
lol, I used to get this often when I was gnc. Customers at my old job would call me "sir" and thought I was a young teen boy. Usually by older men because of their horrible facial recognition (I also actually sound like a teen boy, which is sad now as a feminine woman rip).
But likewise I didn't really care, idk if I necessarily was treated better though.

No. 419051

had a wet dream of a friend kissing me (who i was ~curious about for a while), it felt really good, woke up horny. yesterday i was still going back and forth about going back to my ex. i guess i was just really horny lmao.

No. 419055

I don't see a problem with that, but why are you wearing very tall heels to work? Seems dangerous and I think sets a bad precedent for other women in the office/your work environment.

No. 419068

That's pretty awesome actually. I wish I could tower over men.

? That's silly. I never wear heals regardless of what other women are wearing. It's free choice.

No. 419070

Even though I'm gender critical I'm still highly critical of people who've taken a stance against TRA. I'm ok with this sight and other GC places being against TRA, but out of those places a lot of anti-TRA are just plain old conservatives. I just feel like a lot of GC people will cheer on any popular anti-TRA, remember that annon who wanted to vote republican because they hated TRA that much, no matter how heinous their other political views are

No. 419072

NTA but while you yourself might not wear heels regardless another woman wearing excessively high heels does set the tone of the workplace, not so much with the women as the men who will then begin expecting it of their underlings/coworkers- not necessarily the height but heels in general

Don’t see the point of wear high heels to work in the first place, let alone very tall ones, you’re there to work not break a leg

No. 419079

I work in an office in midtown NYC, I don’t look unprofessional, they’re not clubbing heels. Honestly if it sets a precedent, I don’t really give a shit. I don’t do stuff that’s actually harmful to my fellow women, imo. Besides, they’ll find SOMETHING to discount you for as a woman if they’re that kind of person in the first place.

Thanks! It’s very fun. If you’re small, you can pop out of tiny places and scare them that way too.

No. 419088

> Besides, they’ll find SOMETHING to discount you for as a woman if they’re that kind of person in the first place.
I don't think you're following. Normalizing, of your own volition, super high heels, changes mens expectations for other women. Men are unreasonable, but they're not typically asking for women to wear super high heels at work. They're way less likely to request that people wear super high heels unless they idea is normalized to them by real life experience. There are always going to be porny freaks, but normalizing it irl, without even being asked, is really dumb and I think this is less subversive than you think it is. Wearing heels in general as a tall woman is subversive, but wearing super tall high heels to work is just unnecessary, dangerous, and feeds into the porn fantasy of "professional women are actually secret bimbos that WANT TO BE OBJECTIFIED!".

Plenty of offices request that women wear heels, (which is already ridiculous) but most women choose more comfortable, sensible heels, if they have to.

A lot of offices already do require that women wear heels, but going out of your way to wear super tall ones is a bit crazy imo. It's already a ridiculous expectation, why up the ante for their benefit, basically?

No. 419089

Anytime I’m on voice chat for games I get told “GO TO BED LITTLE BOY” ask shit like that. I never correct them, it’s funnier that way.

Hah, glad to know I’m not alone.

Odd you mentioned not getting harassed- I’m an attractive young woman and I never experience the harassment my friends do, even when dressed ‘slutty.’ There was a documentary that showed both regular men and convicted rapists a video of multiple women walking by, and made them pick which one they would choose to attack. They all chose the same few girls. SOMETHING about my general demeanor has been shielding me from the worst of it. Maybe they can tell I’m itching for a good excuse to snap out on someone.

No. 419090

link to the vid?

No. 419093

Insanely high heels would be unprofessional, and I don’t look unprofessional. They’re very tall heels for me because I’m already tall as it is.

I think women should pretty much wear what they want, and I want to be a giant. I like wearing them, so… soz.

No. 419096

I believe that I'm too stupid to drive a car and I can't believe that in the US all I have to do is pass a test and I'm trusted with a huge dangerous car. I just hate it and I don't think I understand the rules of the road even though I can't imagine a situation where I don't know the law… I just believe I shouldn't be trusted with anything. I'm 22. I'm very afraid of cars and traffic and this weird cringey situation feels so overwhelming and embarrassing.

No. 419097

How high a heel are we talking?

No. 419099

Was just watching a stream of someone play Eurotruck Simulator. On top of it being incredibly relaxing it also struck me that it wouldn't be the worst way for someone to get their driving confidence up.

No. 419101

No. 419102

>If you’re small, you can pop out of tiny places and scare them that way too.
unfortunately men seem to enjoy that (since bc they don't see you at first, they get much closer than usual). tall women have given me especially dirty looks, though, for being unexpectedly short and suddenly in their field of vision.

No. 419103

samefag, but I DID make a male coworker literally yelp out loud like a tiny dog because i was coming out of a door he was going into + being very short.

No. 419104

Short women are ninjas, confirmed.

No. 419109

Hah, he can never take that yelp back. It’s there, in the air, forever.

You’re killin me here- I don’t know? 3 inches? 4? Tbh I’m bad at judging distances, I’d been wildly wrong about dick sizes for years. I’m not sure I even know what an inch looks like. They’re boring round toe block heels so I don’t snap them off in the grates on the street. “How high of a heel is too high for feminism?!” sounds like a Buzzfeed article lol

We’ll just agree to disagree anon, it’s all good.

No. 419113

You’re not wrong, it’s absolutely wild. Even scarier, I can go right now and get a giant moving truck, which requires NO special licensing, and take that bitch out on the highway. What the literal fuck.

The fact you’re even concerned puts you ahead of the curve though, people are retards. You’ll be alright.

No. 419116

Idk, some women in Asia probably enjoy footbinding too if they think it makes them more attractive, but that doesn't negate the negative effects of it. Habitually wearing heels carries a lot of possible negative effects on women's health.

No. 419121

>I’m not sure I even know what an inch looks like.
I still go by the thumb tip to the first joint rule = roughly an inch method.

No. 419123

I was asking how tall it is because you keep flip flopping between it being a tall heel but apparently also not actually being tall. Jfc you come off as a bit of a sped. And I really doubt you actually intimidate your male coworkers tbh, oh no a tall woman what ever will the poor men do

This is a weird thing to toot your own horn over and I’m not sure why actually feel so much pride in something so insignificant

No. 419125

Get over it.
She's wearing heels. Don't have to be rude about it.

No. 419126


Who the hell cares, you sound miserable. Is this "every woman who works at my office is an annoying immature bitch" anon again? Most non-autistic adult women are able to make their own footwear decisions, and no employer in the United States would require women to wear "super high heels," that's a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen.

No. 419131

I didn’t flipflop- They’re tall, but not outrageously so. Idk what you want me to say, you don’t need to be a dick about it.

It’s a silly small thing I privately enjoy, which is why I called it ridiculous to begin with. I’m lucky to be well liked and respected at work, and the few who don’t, well, at least I can (literally) look down on em.

No. 419134

File: 1559874630349.jpg (33.18 KB, 441x214, comparison.jpg)

>They’re tall, but not outrageously so. Idk what you want me to say, you don’t need to be a dick about it.
nta. but just post a picture lol. I would consider both pic related to be pretty tall for the average office setting (average office, not some weird sex in the city glam office lifestyle) but one gives a more porny vibe than the other (and I'm assuming the pornyness is what the other anons are harping about)

No. 419139

Those two posts aren’t the same anon

No. 419161

hey anon, i feel ya. i'm not a US fag so idk but did you take driving lessons? if you can afford them, maybe take some private lessons where you would drive in traffic. in my country taking lessons are obligatory before the exam and if you fail the test you have to take them again. also, people in big cities (those who can afford to) take extra private lessons.

i was also really afraid before i started driving and thought exactly the same as you. i was so intimidated by the size of a car and it didn't make sense in my head how i'd be able to go around not hitting stuff. in my first lesson with me driving literally for the first time in my life, my teacher took me out to traffic, i was sure we were gonna die. we didn't! you'll make it anon!

No. 419193

I don't believe that you're "nta". The whole time it's always only been one person harping about it and wanting to know how high they are exactly, the others were reasonable and let the argument go when she said that she doesn't wear stripper heels.

It seems as if you don't have a problem with the heels, but with her being tall.
>Wearing heels in general as a tall woman is subversive.
>you come off as a bit of a sped. And I really doubt you actually intimidate your male coworkers tbh, oh no a tall woman what ever will the poor men do

No. 419199

It has been at least two anons, I know this for a fact because I’m the one who called her a sped - and I stand by that because she’s acting like she’s being attacked because I had just asked her how tall they are and I really don’t believe men would be intimidated just because a woman is taller than them. The other pair you quoted is a different anon

Literally just wanted to know how tall these heels are since she kept going back and forth between them being tall and then saying they’re not, like another anon pointed out it’s not hard to post a pic of a similar size or even just measure them

No. 419201

Samefag but asking how tall they are was also only my second post on the matter, I’m not even the one who instigated. But go off assuming who posts what on an anonymous imageboard when you have no way of knowing

No. 419202

I can't believe I'm about to type this, but I think I'm obsessed with one of the incels.co mods. It started from curiosity and slight disgust and turned into… I don't know, crush? I have read every post of his over 4000 posts. I am so ashamed of myself, I am honestly on the verge of contacting him.

No. 419214

File: 1559895769795.jpg (37.01 KB, 650x900, classique-20-black-matte-finis…)

>she kept going back and forth
Except she did not
>she’s acting like she’s being attacked
She did stay calm the whole time, sped lol

>I accentuate my height by wearing very tall high heels

>I don’t look unprofessional, they’re not clubbing heels
>Insanely high heels would be unprofessional, and I don’t look unprofessional. They’re very tall heels for me because I’m already tall as it is.
>I don’t know? 3 inches? 4?
>They’re tall, but not outrageously so.
Where's the flip flopping?

I couldn't care less because I hate heels myself, but getting this riled up by one anon saying she likes to wear them is fucking strange…

And also (you can ask them themselves if you don't believe this) but men frequently give "because I am intimidated by them" as a reason for dsiliking tall women. So if a tall woman additionally wears heels that only adds to this.

She said 3 or 4 inches, pic related would be already 4. That's definitely not too much.

No. 419218

If you contact him, it either goes two ways. The first being that you're in a shit online relationship with a man that hates women and you obey his every command and miraculously be his bangmaid mommy forever whilst he cries to you about his wrist circumference.
The other more likely way is that his horrendous views on women lead you to break it off, whether that's in your first few messages or even years into the future, and then he uses you of an example of why women are evil and heartless.
Don't even bother anon. People convince themselves into infatuation with a romanticised idea of people all the time, it's just a fantasy and reality never matches up.

No. 419219

I highly doubt they think you're trans. There's way more to it than just being tall and broad shouldered (the majority of models have that look). You don't have an Adam's apple, a male hairline, giant hands/feet, protruding veins, a big male skull etc. But your goal of intimidating seems to be working so congrats lol, I'm jealous.

No. 419234

Kinda want to see this guy's posts now. What's so great about them?

No. 419239

lmfao anon please don't message him. even if he turns out to be a decent person who you could get into a relationship with (highly unlikely), remember he's socially retarded and won't be able to interact with you in a normal way. Plus with his shitty views towards women and inexperience, I'd say it would be a failure anyways.

ngl I kinda relate to that tho…I spent a lot of time hate reading that forum and kinda felt for certain anons on there, idk I probably just relate and feel bad for other NEETs lmaO

No. 419241


Seriously, don't though.

No. 419250

You've just made me realise I call my bfs dick small when it's not. My ex bf must have had a massive dick I feel spoilt shocked and guilty.

No. 419257

File: 1559907715830.jpeg (58.77 KB, 560x840, 9B1EDFFC-1D2B-4EFD-9700-E824F0…)

lol look what I caused during the night- surprised there hasn’t been a riot at my office yet. Pic related is similar.
I’m arriving at the office now, but I’m in oxfords. All my powers are gone.

A (very sheltered) guy delicately asked one of my coworkers if I’d “always been” a lady haha. I always thought I was mannish until I saw what mtfs ACTUALLY look like- even the beautiful ones are… unfortunate.

I’ve been doing the opposite- I had no idea how wrong I was until I was at a sex shop and saw a 7in dildo and it looked absolutely jaw-dropping MASSIVE to me. I bet men are just as terrible at eyeballing size and give themselves a few inches.

No. 419262

im getting obsessed with columbine ngl

No. 419267

as long as you are not interested in it for the wrong reasons and it's not taking over your life, you are fine imho. have you already read Sue klebold's book? I highly recommend it.

No. 419271

I don't know, there's just something alluring about him. He isn't a woman-hater, he seems like a really chill, sweet person, he is very funny, we have similar interests, etc. He has incredibly low self-esteem unfortunately, but that is to be expected. I guess I could type which mod I have in mind, but maybe that would seem like a self-posting.

You are completely right anon, thank you for your thoughtful reply. It's just that I'm never really infatuated with people, it takes me a really long time to like someone, so I just feel like a dumb teenager right now.

Wow, I didn't expect to hear from someone who is in similar situation to myself. To be honest, I find all the other users to be deplorable pos, especially pedos.

Ik girl lol

No. 419275

Actually, I don't know now. It will obviously be the worst idea in the world to get romantically involved with him, but maybe if you still wanted to do something nice and sweet you could write him out an anonymous letter or something. One that lists out what you find attractive about him(that he isn't a woman hater and tells great jokes, etc) and your hopes for his future. Signed, Your Secret Admirer. In a perfect world a little extra shove like that might be really all he needs to get motivated again. Again though, I have to stress: do not get entangled. Accept hid thanks if it's given, and move on. There's another girl I know that tried dating an incel and he almost destroyed her life for it.

No. 419287

Can we hear the story of your friend? It's always good to learn about what to avoid

No. 419290

I feel you, anon. I'm 24 and haven't gotten a license yet, I don't feel confident enough to drive tbh. On my last year of highschool two classmates of mine died in a car accident while they were going back home from a night out, and it's like it left me scared of driving.

No. 419292

I'd really rather not share. It's not my story to tell. The point of it however is that the shy, funny, quirky, genuinely nice person he appears on the surface is most likely the tip of the iceberg. He wouldn't be an incel surrounded by worse misogynists if he didn't have a mountain's worth of problems underneath. Imagine how crazy even normal guys can be and then multiply that by fifty.

No. 419341

I'm married to someone who I met online years ago, and our circle of friends was pretty vile and inceltier. They weren't full-out INCELS as it was before the "movement"(?) really started and the label did not exist. He had some pretty vicious things to say about everyone, regardless of gender, but definitely hated women pretty much uniformly. Hate to say it but I saw that as kinda a challenge seeing how he treated the other girls in our circle. He was also extremely intelligent (graduated early, high iq, jeopardy player, extremely motivated career-wise) but still had some more emotional, more romantic/idealized views, which I found endearing. This is what really drew me to him, as I had not found someone THAT smart in-real-life.

In your case, I'd be more concerned about seeing that he has not only LABELED himself incel but that he is actually a moderator in the community. That shows how tangled up he is in that kind of thinking.

Anyway, some things I've learned from my partner which are pretty much token with these types of men. Some of these are totally "DUH" but just want to fill you in if you do choose to persue him.

1.) Insecure - Doesn't matter how much you love them, they will doubt it and sometimes exhibit controlling/abusive behaviors
2.) Poor domestic skills - Mommy usually does everything for them, so you will find yourself in this role if you do not set boundaries.
3.) Prone to negative thinking - Behind every "date-able" incel, there's a deeper, darker internal pit from early childhood that cannot be quelled with female partnership.
4.) Their views might not change - It doesn't matter if you are the smartest, prettiest, most intelligent woman, a jaded man will always find ways to devalue you, especially if he is feeling badly. If you have the emotional resolve to deal with this and understand that it isn't personal, then it's liveable. If not, don't even try it.
5.) His views MIGHT change - The most fulfilling thing about my relationship is that I have seen a very "put down" person live up to their potential. There have been some bumps in the road but my relationship is a lot healthier than MOST people I know, but it took some serious work to get there.

No. 419349

File: 1559925353255.jpg (48.5 KB, 453x469, 1559554359072.jpg)

I feel like my boyfriend holds me back with my wanting to improve myself. Whenever I bring up wanting to change our diet and exercise habits he tells me it's unnecessary and that he loves my 'softness.' What I don't like is that I want to get healthier in order to improve my chances of having a baby after a diagnosis that essentially gives me less than 50% of a chance to carry a baby to term. Even if we don't end up having children together, I still want to have the ability available on top of looking good for myself.

I just wish he'd be more understanding that I'm not wanting to change for anyone but my own self and my future- not to fuel whatever insecurity he has about me becoming more physically appealing.

No. 419352

has your partner actually changed though? does he still blindly hate women, still put others down at every chance?

cause if he's just the same as before then theres really no point in that anon wasting her time either. im of the opinion no one can really change, a shitty person will always be a shitty person but they'll just learn to hide it better, thats just me though.

No. 419357

>I really don’t believe men would be intimidated just because a woman is taller than them.

dumbass spring chicken you are, then. ntayrt, but jesus, how sheltered can you be? tons of men have massive insecurities around their height and project it into women who are taller than them. i’ve seen it happen countless times to others and i’ve literally been told to my face by some men that i intimidated them with my height too. it shouldn’t be news to you that men are intimidated by women in general anytime we outperform them regardless of how big or small it is

No. 419360

or you know it's cause other men are shitty about height and create deep seeded insecurities in their peers.

No. 419371

Since when is being tall outperforming people lmao

No. 419372

I used to wear high heels all the time. Almost every day for years. A few months ago I moved, and was on my feet for most of the day, moving boxes and cleaning, so I wore tennis shoes. My achilles tendon on both legs hurt so bad the next day I couldn't get out of bed. For days after I had to hobble around like a cripple for how bad they hurt. I really damaged my achilles tendons by always wearing high heels. I decided to throw them all out and haven't worn any in months. Seeing anons argue about high heels made me want to give my personal experience with wearing them all the time and how I damaged my body because of it. High heels are cute and I miss wearing them, but it's not worth the pain, and damage to my body.

No. 419373

My mother and MIL both have said that they are now uncomfortable not wearing high heels and need to wear something with at least a bit of heel otherwise it hurts, and tbh that’s something that solidified my decision to not wear them. I don’t want to be in my 50s+ and still be having to wear heels purely because I fucked up my feet and legs beyond repair in my youth by wearing the damn things, I don’t even find them that cute

No. 419374

because stupidity. have you seen some incel forums whining about how women hate men with thin necks. when is the last time you even paid attention to a guy's neck?

i swear, men creating insecurities in other men is a fucking curse.

No. 419384

He doesn't do those things anymore to the extent that he did. He was very radical in a lot of beliefs – which have all since changed. He's a lot more accepting, tolerant… but I chalk that up to him becoming "normalized" through work and homelife. Before, he spent a lot of his time online (we both did) and I think that alone causes a person to withdraw from real-life and other people. The only thing he really hasn't changed with is the "mommying" aspect but I kinda enable it.

No. 419385

ha, i wasn’t saying being tall is some sort of marvellous achievement. >>419374 this anon worded my point about that a lot better than i did, its literally some stupid shit men made up that taller = more powerful and therefore taller women make insecure men intimidated.

No. 419388

File: 1559932218758.jpg (167.66 KB, 1072x1440, 61421306_10205878005547068_275…)

I have never had anal sex but I have almost always masturbated with a finger in my butt. The sensation with clit stimulation feels like an actual g-spot, which I never get vaginally.

No. 419401

Good idea, however please remember a small "heel" of a few centimeters is actually advised to reduce back and feet problems. Completely flat shoes are bad too, it also plays to pay attention to the width of your shoes.
The problems old people have with their feet is nothing compared to what our generation will have, with our cheap flimsy canvas trainers and plastic stilettos.

No. 419415

File: 1559936355350.jpg (414.3 KB, 1920x1189, ebeneezer_scrooge.jpg)

There's a massive PRIDE festival happening this weekend right behind my apartment and I am fucking dreading it. Mind you, I dread all festivals that majorly inconvenience my daily life, but this one in particular I am dreading because it's going to be very boozy, loud, and long. My SO and I have already arranged to get all of our groceries for the weekend tonight so we don't have to leave at all this weekend. All the connecting roads to my apartment will be "soft-closed" (which means you have to honk at the guards to move the barriers) and we just don't want to deal with it. Why can't it just be one day? The shit starts tonight and ends Sunday. Not to mention I have to walk my cute ass sheepdog and I'm going to have to push through the crowd while people beg to pet him.

I just hate festival culture in general but this PRIDE festival has really been marketed as an OTT celebration with trannies out in crop tops and spandex and it's gonna be so fucking rotten.

No. 419417

My guess is that the guy would just think it was a joke and someone trying to get close to him and break his heart. Plenty of men have zero self-esteem and can't even imagine a woman liking them.
>It's always good to learn about what to avoid
The sad truth is that they all can be horrible people, you need luck to find a good one. I knew an incel who seemed to be very down to earth, he defended women when his incel friends were shitting on them and would present counterpoints to typical incel hate. Eventually he found his first girlfriend and treated her like complete garbage. She did everything for him, but it wasn't enough because she was a little bit overweight and had a country girl accent.
I know a million stories like this.

No. 419426

>and sometimes exhibit controlling/abusive behaviors
can you write some examples of these controlling/abusive behaviors?

No. 419433

Are you in dc? Let’s hang lol!

No. 419446

We'll get them back for at Straight Pride Parade by being quiet and respectful.

No. 419452

My brother sexually abused me when I was 12 and I blame myself. He told me to strip as part of a "game" and I listened. I hated it and santed ig to end but overall I did it. I planned on shamefully hiding the experience for the rest of my life but then my sister told me she ahd been molested since she was a child and my world has shattered since. I struggle to this day, and my sister has had it much worse so I don't care much about what he's done to me. People say "you were just a child" but for some reason it means nothing to me and doesn't relieve the guilt I feel for what happened to my sister. Maybe if I told someone about what he did to me.. she would have been protected.

No. 419453

fuck off with your dumbass straight pride bullshit

No. 419455

No. 419458

I’m head over heels in love with my bf, but I’m still actively attracted to and pine for my ex. My relationship with my ex wasn’t healthy and he’s a very damaged person but I never really got to have the closure I wanted. It ended abruptly and badly, and I just wanted one last weekend together to actually say goodbye and get out all our strange sex stuff. I didn’t think I’d still feel this way a year later… will it ever stop? I didn’t think it was possible to be really truly into 2 people at once, but here I am…. I’m wracked with guilt and I just wish I could have a harem

No. 419465

File: 1559943092207.png (281.68 KB, 557x550, sdfghjkjuil.PNG)

I love the dumb bitch memes thread.

No. 419470

There's this dude from my class, who, I thought, was hitting on me or at least trying to flirt. I was always very nice to him (even would have liked him as a friend) but not attracted to him one bit. He's really ugly but he could be at least 50% less ugly if he groomed himself what so ever.

Anyway, I still liked that he flirted with me because, while I'm popular with men generally in my life, 90% of my classe's men hate me because I'm a loud feminist etc.

Last week I bumped on him at a party and was very drunk and he was flirting with another girl and she was flirting back and she was really pretty.

And I know it's bad or whatever but it really makes me frustrated or even mad when I see ugly men get pretty girls. Like if they're ugly but unbelievably charming ok whatever but thats not this dude's case.
And I'm not jealous, I'm doing ok in the men department when I want to. But I hate how women lower their standards and give chance to ugly men. Thats how so many of my beautiful, kind, charming and smart female friends end up with mediocre and ugly boyfriends.

No. 419503

>but it really makes me frustrated or even mad when I see ugly men get pretty girls
This busts my ass too anon, but shamefully for the jealousy reason.
Basically I'm doomed to never find anyone because men can all end up with beautiful amazing women. Of course I hate when the shittier men mistreat girls, but I'm also bitter for this stupid as fuck reason.

My confession is I'm an incel tbh.

No. 419504

>but it really makes me frustrated or even mad when I see ugly men get pretty girls
This busts my ass too anon, but shamefully for the jealousy reason.
Basically I'm doomed to never find anyone because men can all end up with beautiful amazing women. Of course I hate when the shittier men mistreat girls, but I'm also bitter for this stupid as fuck reason.

My confession is I'm an incel tbh.

No. 419518

My biggest confession is that I'm glad I no longer live like I did in the past, I'd have many secrets and sins back then, but ever since I live a healthy but simple life I no longer need to lie or hide.
>mfw femcel reddit is no longer public because the men asked the femcels out
That is actually hilarious if you ask me

No. 419522

>femcel reddit is no longer public because the men asked the femcels out
Huh? r/Trufemcels is still up for me to see. Also who's to say those men aren't planning on pumping and dumping/using the femcels as practice gfs? That's an equally as shitty fate.

I was half-joking about my femceldom anyway, I know I can get laid if I wanted to lose my card. I'm just unlovable.
Also sorry for that double post, my internet disconnected while posting and I closed the browser. Didn't set a personalized password so now it's stuck. Clearly the real reason I'm a femcel is because I'm big stupid.

No. 419523

/foreveralonewomen/ is the private sub. They went private because they were being harassed by incels, not because men were asking them out.
imo the whole femcel thing shouldn't even exist to be honest.

No. 419532

Tbh nobody is a true incel, I just said it to let you know that even femcels can get asked out.
Are you in it? Like could you confirm if that femcel that got married meme everyone spams was real? I'm gonna join it since I'm virgin anyways and incels fascinate me.

No. 419536

Yes I'm in from the time I was single about 3 years ago. The thing about the femcel subs is that they are (or were) very inclusive. Many women who struggle with relationships would end up there even though they weren't really FA. I remember a few older married women in /foreveralonewomen/

No. 419546

Every thing I dislike about my boyfriend stems from him being poor and I really really really hate that about myself. He's 21 and rents a townhouse with his grandmother, he just bought an 11 year old car three months ago thats broken down 3 times since he got it, and is the assistant manager at a grocery store deli and has literally no aspiration for anything more challenging than that. I absolutely adore him as a person, our interests/humor match so well, but these three things always create so much goddamn stress for me. I refuse to fuck at his house so I literally haven't had sex for over a month cause all I do is give blowjobs because we mostly hang out at his place as I'm home from college for the summer and therefore living with my parents, we had to cancel the one time he was driving down to see me in the past 3 weeks because his car broke down, and I feel so fucking guilty that he doesn't let me pay for dinner or anything when I know he has more important things to be spending his money on.

TL;DR As someone who never "cared about money", and isn't materialistic, everything I dislike about my boyfriend stems from him being poor.

No. 419548

I'm so sick of transgender shit. I want trannies to go the fuck away, so I can stop hearing about them everywhere online and irl. I don't care if they all detransiton, or kill themselves or just go underground and be quiet and out of the public eye like they used to be. But I want them to leave! I can't even buy period underwear without the stupid website saying it's for people with periods. Fuck off! Only women get periods. Including delusional self hating women who call themselves men, but who will always be women even after they die.

No. 419559

You have to realize you're obsessed. Go outside or something

No. 419561

Can't wait for this, they're going to look really ugly in the limelight kek

No. 419570

So the memes were true.

No. 419582

Being financially literate and sensible with money is more important than a high salary. Eg, does he budget? Does he waste money or is he frugal? Does he understand investing even if he can't afford it yet? Does he actively try to save for an emergency fund or a house, better car, etc? His choice to live with his grandma and buy a cheap car are an inconvenience but much smarter than spending beyond his means.

You can lack career ambition but still be ambitious with your money. If he doesn't want a more stressful job (I can relate so I wont say he's wrong about that), it's not the end of the world finance wise. But if he's not seriously thinking about how he will save money you need to talk to him. It's not shallow to acknowledge he cant be a long term partner if he cant contribute to a deposit on a house, or split rent in a place up to your standards, or afford a kid, or whatever your life plans are. If he wants to keep his shit job he needs to double down on managing his money.

No. 419588

You get me.

No. 419592

File: 1559972442495.png (163.71 KB, 500x717, hurts-whole-lot-4823192.png)

Before I write this out, shame on me for knowing better but choosing to look at one of the most vitriolic threads on lolcow just out of recent curiosity.

But I did. I read the Moo thread.
And something a farmer said has stuck with me since. To paraphrase
>Moo can only ever be cute and get attention on the internet because she's grotesque irl.
I'd like to continue believing that farmer said it because Moo shoops a lot of her pictures like in her cosplay sets. But farmers say this sort of stuff in response to when Moo attempts to take ordinary selfies that don't betray her double chin. Or that goofy turtle grin that happens with her upper lip if she's not mindful. Or even if she chooses to post a more flattering body shot than usual rather than going with a candid that reveals a brutal honesty about her day to day body in unsavory moments.
It's not just when she's blatantly catfishing.

It may be unpopular to think, but imo it's not rooted in malignant deceit for someone to want to portray their best presentations on the internet. Pictures are reposted and will be around for as long as the internet exists to be ruminated upon and examined over and over and over again. I just can't blame someone for not wanting to be portrayed as hideous online if that's all they can do in the now.
Is it insecure? Maybe.

It makes me feel bad because I always thought of the internet as a place where I could put my best foot forward, so to speak. Where the sex I'm attracted to would be able to notice my personality, interests, or that keen and playful gaze I have when I'm pictured just so.
Things to note at least before they notice I have a hideous ass body and an acne problem that I constantly battle and feel undesirable for. It may be hokey and sentimental yet the internet was always the place to know before one judged instead of vice versa.

I know the farmer likely said what she said because it's Moo, and Moo is plenty a shitty person regardless of how she looks. But I can't deny that this isn't an issue I've faced.
I have a date off Tinder tomorrow and I'm scared shitless because, for once since I ended my last ltr, I've met a guy that has talked for hours with me and has been respectful. I don't want to blow it. But I feel like I may have already pre-destined myself for rejection. Because men are just too stupid to know that I'm posting the one selfie out of a set of several that was my best pose with a filter on. Even on cam and facetime I still have the benefit of lighting and angles.
He was polite enough to insist that based on our conversations that there was practically no chance how I'd look would affect his opinion of me. But what that farmer said echoes in my head, because I have met men on dates before who became not into me once they witnessed me in action.

I wish I had the grapes to say fuck it and post the most ghastly pictures of me online just to beat most of these dudes to the punch. And genuinely attract only men who like me at my worst. Yet I know it wouldn't make me happy either knowing ugly, or I guess 'everyday' candid typicals of me were online forever.
I feel stupid for feeling so conflicted and a part of me thinks I should just stay single and alone if it means not getting hurt in this way.

No. 419595

This is why I hate online dating, at least IRL people get to see the entirety of you and they can decide right away if they're into it or not.

No. 419597

I'm really nervous…

When it did happen in the past it was easy for me to not take it personally because I had not socially invested so much. But because this guy has been so atypical and nice, such as chatting with me for over 3 hours on the phone today, I would truly feel low. Like a worthless maggot. Especially knowing that someone thought so highly of me personality wise, yet my looks just weren't up to snuff and couldn't save me from myself.

No. 419616

i dated a 32 year old man when i was 17 for a few months and cheated on him with at least 5 different men and 1 woman during that time. after we broke up, i got to know a 40 year old (married) dom online and would meet up with him secretly for half a year. his wife never found out as far as i know.
actually, i cheated on pretty much every boyfriend i've had from the age of 17 to 19 (and i've had like 15 of them during those 2 years). the worst thing is i don't feel a single ounce of shame over it.

No. 419621

Well you should.
Recently had a 3 year old relationship ruined, because my partner cheated on me behind my back with my friend and I’d like to say that all cheaters deserve to die. Thanks.

No. 419625

Hot as fuck tbh. You need to get in porn and sell yourself.

No. 419631

Oh great so i get the robot sign even though "she" sounded more like a robot. I didn't ban evade on purpose btw.(uh-huh)

No. 419633

i love /ot/ mods, you girls are the best. so quick and effective.

No. 419634

Except I'm not a fucking guy, jesus. I was mostly just joking because it was kinda a funny post. But whatever I guess, never expected the text to go inverted after a scrote-ban, pretty funny. Ok last post bleh, needed a life anyways.(ban evasion)

No. 419639


Anon, your bf is probably lazy and not willing to do make changes rn. But you SHOULD do changes you want in your life, and the best you can do is start it yourself. Change your diet, do more exercise and maybe he will be inspired and follow you. But more importantly take control of your life girl, you are your own responsibility. Do it and he can follow if he wants.

No. 419648

she shouldnt feel guilty lmao. What were these geriatric creeps doing with a teenager ?

I feel not one ounce of sympathy for a 40year old "dom" dating a teen, not only it's good he got cheated on but he should also get his penis chopped off.

No. 419670

This. It baffles me how the first anon focused on the cheating rather than a man in his 30's and another in his 40's dating a minor. They are the ones who should die, if anything

No. 419771

Last night I dreamt that I found a stash of pics of me naked (or almost naked) in my father's things and then I showed them as proof to my mom. It wasnt the only thing happening in my dream, in fact it was only a detail (my dream was set in a sort of night festival with designer clothes and Carla Bruni was there ??) but its also not the first time I dream of my father in a sexual context.

I hate it I fucking hate it.
I always hated ddlg shit, it doesnt arrouse me in the slightest and I only wake up with shame, disgust and a fucked up head for the weeks to come.

My father never sexually abused me but he is an alcoholic who seems to forget people boundaries when he's drunk (like putting his hand on my knee or smth). He lives in a different country and I see him 3 times a year.

No. 419813

holy shit this hits close to home anon. my father was an alcoholic and was just overall emotionally abusive to myself and my mother as a child after he had already moved on and found a new wife/kids. ever since I started taking antidepressants (sertraline) I noticed an increase in nightmares where he's hurting me or running us off a road in car. it really made me think about my relationship with him and the creepy weird boundary crossing shit he would do to me or my step sisters. I was a kinda smart kid so I would always be confused at why my stepsisters would act out in gross sexual ways towards each other but now it makes sense that he was probably hurting them too. I never wanted to relate to those fucked up lolcows who blame CSA on their garbage mental health/relationship problems but yeah the weird touching/aggressiveness him and his wife would put onto me damaged me a fuck ton that I'm even considering going into therapy to possibly see if I have PTSD considering how paralyzing these memories are for me. it sucks because as a kid I never understood how deep this trauma would extend or that it was anything other than "oh my dad's just shitty" so I never told my mom.

but yeah I agree ddlg makes me physically ill especially the dolly mattel diaper changing porn she used to make.

No. 419869

I don’t want to live my entire life without having sex with a woman.
I fantasize about giving or receiving oral from a woman, especially during masturbation. I have little interest in women romantically or irl, so I don’t really feel comfortable calling myself bi, it seems almost disrespectful. I don’t feel an attraction or interest irl like I do with men but I still I want a feminine woman to sexually experiment with, and then be able to just remove myself entirely afterward. I don’t want to hurt anyone so I’ve never acted on these urges, and I don’t really know what to do.

No. 419883

Maybe try dating apps with a clear indication that all you want is casual sex? A lot of lesbians would take you up on that, they're not as clingy and likely to catch feelings as the media portrays them. Just be honest with people from the start.

No. 419917

I feel like my anachan tendencies might be coming back. I'm subconsciously feeling like I've gained weight even though I'm the fucking near same according to the scale give or take 1-2 lbs my weight feels like it's redistributed, heaving, and ugly, and I'm just fucking uncomfortable. My thighs feel like they've gotten fatter and now touch more than usual, my midsection feels flabby…. I'm not doing anything… that's how I feel and how I feel it looks, and to everyone else there's apparently 0 change… now I'm panicking, want to reduce my portions/eat more at home in order to lose this phantom weight that's barely been fucking gained.

I hate it so much I can't even begin to describe it. Maybe I never lost the anachan tendencies. Only gained a small amount of weight without trying after that phase of my life bc I ate normally again, now I feel fatter and uglier than ever. I have felt like an ugly and bloated mess around my period the last couple times I've had it, I'm wondering if it's just a PMS precursor, either way it is awful and I don't want to feel this way, I don't want to unbury those tendencies to where they become harmful to me. I'm frustrated with myself for not having the ability to differentiate or even tell whether it's phantom weight/bDD or hormones causing this, like it really fucking matters.

No. 419927

I feel you… When I look objectivly at how my father acts, its disgusting. He can get aggressive, has beaten up my mother a couple times, he's a NEET living with his mother and generally ruined so much shit that could have gone so well… But I've somehow "closed" any emotions towards that. I don't think of it on a daily basis and when I see him drunk, I sigh and walk away

No. 419964

File: 1560095833563.png (66.4 KB, 1440x682, Screenshot_20190609-115030~2.p…)

I never want to be famous or a public figure in any way for the sole reason of what embarrassing things from the past could be revealed… I was never a school booli or internet edgelord, but some people somewhere probably have stuff on me I wouldn't be too proud of.

No. 419967

same, literally any little dumb thing you ever said can be blown out of proportion

I always think of this one thing that happened when I was like a freshman in high school. I was competing in this national math competition and for whatever reason international students from china were allowed to come and participate (no other foreign countries were allowed to send a delegation tho) and they won like 75% of the categories. I made a post on facebook afterwards and was like "why were the chinese people even allowed to participate it's called NATIONAL [math competition] not INTERNATIONAL [math competition]!!!" and everyone thought I was talking about chinese-american people instead of chinese nationals, I had to write an apology letter to every chinese-american person at my school it was embarrassing as fuck lol. so i'm sure I would 100% be called a racist bc of that

No. 419968

same… everyone around me tells me I should get into politics but I already know all the shit they'll dig out on me and thats not even like the half of the stuff they'll dig out on me.

I dislike Beto O'Rourke but that hacking thing and fanfic about running over children is something that… so many people have done and if it's something you did as a teen it shouldnt have a consequence on your political carreer.

It tottally happens to only have a sexual interest in women but not want to date them and there are plenty of bi and lesbian women out there for casual sex.
However, have you consider you're not romantically interested in women because lesbian romance is only ever depicted through the male gaze? Like, you've had so many exemples of what hetero romance looks like growing up that you know what it is, but there are almost no actual representation of what actually loving a woman as a woman looks like so you're brain can't comprehend it somehow? A form of compulsory heterosexuality, if you will.

No. 419978

>compulsory romantic heterosexuality
nta but I have suffered from this (and still do). I know it's because I'm a neurotic person with no interest in spontaneity who goes into most interpersonal interactions with expectations rather than genuine interest. So growing up I always just took up the "oh yeah, of course I'll romance a man" and now I have this "role" burned into my soul that must be filled by a male of a specific type. Meanwhile I'm interested in a larger variety of women than men and I know I'm more compatible with women. Haha rip.

Anyway if anon has a similar sort of disposition this could definitely be the case.

No. 419996

What do you do when you're interested in romance with a woman but not sex? I even had a girlfriend and I loved everything about being in a lesbian relationship but I never felt like having sex. Maybe it was just her. Maybe I'll meet a woman who turns me on in the future… I don't know. Sometimes I think I feel this way because I have only been with men. When I used to watch porn, vaginas would turn me on. It's just hard to picture me having sex with a girl.

No. 420005

I hope this doesn't become some weird autistic meme like the one guy on 4chan that got off on tile patterns. Anyway, here goes. I can spin for hours in a swivel chair. Yes, just sit in it and spin for hours. I'm highly imaginative and so when I spin, I play different ideas in my head. Comic ideas, characters I think about, etc. I just spin in my chair and play a movie in my head. It gives me such a strange rush when I spin really fast and then tilt my head. I feel 100% like I'm in a completely different place. It's so strange that I forget that it's something I even do everyday. if I go too long without doing it, I'll get really depressed and unstable. I wouldn't be surprised if I had a mild form of autism and if this was a sign. I tried to look up several times on the internet if other people do this too,but I've never found anyone else. I can't imagine living without doing this. I've been doing it since I was like 8. I guess it's strange? I've never told anyone about it and only my parents know I do it.

No. 420009

File: 1560104435111.png (43.15 KB, 522x489, hoot.PNG)

>However, have you consider you're not romantically interested in women because lesbian romance is only ever depicted through the male gaze?

nta but holy fuck I've never realized

No. 420010

You prompted me to see if there are automatic chair spinners. Disappointingly it doesn't seem to be a thing. There isn't anything wrong with enjoying to sensation of dizziness. People destroy their bodies with drink and drugs in the pursuit of a similar feeling.

No. 420014

I have something similarly worse, I like to run around the house and also body slam into my bed while thinking of ideas, characters, potential situations, ect.

No. 420016

The feeling might just be soothing for you, like babies enjoy being rocked or adults like swing chairs etc. But it is weird to sit in a chair imagining things for hours every day, whether you're spinning or not. Surely you have better shit to do, even if it's just doing something creative with those thoughts.

No. 420021

it is soothing actually. it soothes me and gives me a rush at the same time. i find that im really only happy these days during/for a little while after i spin. my job is depressing and I'm stuck going to school for a really difficult career that I don't want to do (but I'm 7 years in and it's too late to back out now). I think I'm depressed most if not all of the time until I spin. I feel like I've escaped for a few hours, then back to being depressed. I used to be more involved in creative activities like drawing, but that's depressing for me now too.

No. 420030

File: 1560108102133.png (123.06 KB, 850x1275, largepreview.png)

Sounds like light maladaptive day dreaming (MDD) Annon. People can become addicted to day dreaming to the point it negatively affects their life.
>it is soothing actually. it soothes me and gives me a rush at the same time. i find that im really only happy these days during/for a little while after i spin. my job is depressing and I'm stuck going to school for a really difficult career that I don't want to do
People can use daydreaming as a form of escapeism from their crappy life and that seems what you're doing. The spinning around thing you do is actually pretty big among people with MDD. People pace, rock back and forth, or even spin in chairs to zone off and trigger their daydreams. This might sound kind of like a 'uwu so special' tumblr disese, but MMD can become a debilitating addiction.


No. 420038

Sometimes, I shoplift.

I don't feel incredibly guilty about it, since I never stole something worth more than $10, from big stores. But I know at this point that it is a fucked up coping mechanism, and I know I should stop.

I never really decided to begin. When I am very anxious, depressed or particularly distressed is when I feel the most compelled to do it. I don't plan on it either, it just happens, when I see the opportunity. It's just so easy.

I feel this nice thrill when I succeed to get some nail polish for free but later I feel horrified at the possibility of getting caught. I feel ashamed about my lack of self control, because I would never see myself as someone that steals.

I've read about it and this behavior is linked to depression and anxiety. I should deal with it.

No. 420040

same here anons! I'm so glad to find others who do this. I have an exercise ball I just bounce up and down on for this reason, the repetitive motion, and if I'm away I resort to just walking around. I daydream while doing it too.
I think I have MDD. But honestly, I don't feel compelled to take action about it. I daydream a lot out of loneliness and as an escape from mundane life, but since it's not affecting my physical health or career… I'll let it be my vice.

No. 420042

I don't mean to enable but there truly aren't enough thieves to make retail theft a severe loss for a major company. Shrink is so common it's a predicted variable.
If shrink starts to become a problem, they install cameras and bring in undercovers a la Wal Mart style. Security tags too. I worked retail for a long time and it never bothered me to know that the small shit got lifted, because thieves weren't the true reason why my wages and hours weren't higher. It was a greedy CEO thieving the lives away of us little people working for pennies while the higher ups made millions. Not to mention the theft and rape of the foreign labor and land to produce these cheap goods.
I'll never feel sorry for corporate crocodile tears whining about some lost merch when a lot of it actually gets damaged from mishaps and transportation.

It doesn't mean you should do it because it's not worth fucking up your life for a nail polish. And for shame if you ever do this at a brick and mortar shop where actually a few items stolen do make a difference to their bottom lines.

No. 420058

… why are there so many girls that get away with shoplifting? There must be a common denominator…

No. 420059

Not really a sin, but I kinda think I'm in love. The feeling is getting worse every day, but I'm so happy.

No. 420069

i’ve been ridiculously horny since like, february and i’ve only been with one guy. problem is he’s in another state now and i just want to have fun with a few guys and suck some nice cock but i’m too nervous to approach guys irl that i know would be into me out of fear of scaring them or like, making a tinder because i just feel like i’m gonna be really disappointed. i’m hot, 20, and want to have fun but still feel stuck and unable to enjoy life or really figure out my sexuality. i kind of need advice i guess. is fetlife really just filled with creeps? i want to have some non-serious fun with kinky guys but i’m afraid they’ll all be ugly lol.

No. 420071

You're scared of tinder but want to join fetlife? lmao what

Everyone has tinder nowadays. Depending on where you live, you might encounter some cool people there.

No. 420074

>too nervous to approach guys irl that i know would be into me out of fear of scaring them
Lmao take my word for it there should be no fear of this, doubly so if you do it in a club/bar scene where it's expected.
I've cold approached men much tinier than me at fucking university and have only frightened one (who seems anxious anyway).
No advice on dating apps because ironically I'm scared of those.

No. 420076

should have clarified, any sites like that make me nervous, period. i’m afraid of people from high school seeing me on there mostly lol. i have friends who use tinder and they will run into some people on there sometimes.

No. 420078

Tinder usually doesnt show you your facebook friends even if does happen sometimes (but rarely). And if they run into you it just means they're on tinder too?
When I run onto my friends on tinder, we "like" (swipe right) on each other not because we want to fuck but as a joke.

Sorry, I legit don't understand why it makes you nervous but to each their own.

No. 420085

I think you should just socialize more.

No. 420088

i don’t get nervous when guys approach me first, but it’s terrifying when they’re quiet and i have to make the first move… for example there’s only one guy in a class i’ve been taking this summer and he’s actually been in a class with me before but we’ve never really talked. i don’t know if he’s into alternative looking girls but in my experience most guys find it pretty hot. i still am too much of a coward to approach him though. i’m afraid of looking desperate or coming on too strong i guess?

No. 420089

Tinder is fucking trash. Why do people even waste their time with this?

No. 420091

Well I just mean that I think it's good advice to do things like… clubs, sports, parties… Like, I'm not really qualified to give advice: I'm basically a shut-in. But when I was in college I didn't have a problem hooking up and it's cause I had a relatively big social circle at the time. So that's basically all I have to contribute.

As for the guy in your class - maybe just ask him to lunch? I think that should be enough a hint that he can take it from there. ?

No. 420094

I’ve taken up reading Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction again and it’s mostly about the tabloidshipping pair. I feel disgusted with myself yet I sometimes enjoy reading the stories.

I mean, just because the characters aren’t real doesn’t mean it’s wrong, right?

No. 420108

I'm concerned because I do this spinning thing too. Should I be? I do other productive things but I've spun around in like 20-30 minute increments before and done it when I was bored… now I'm freaked out.

No. 420126

autism spinning anon here. It freaks me out too knowing it's associated MDD. 20-30 minutes doesn't sound bad, nor really time absorbing. and if you're still productive with your time, I don't think it sounds that bad. I spin for 2 hours straight a day minimum, right after work to avoid being super depressed. on the weekends I'll spin pretty much all day with breaks in between. I have a job and go to school, so I'm productive, but the daydreaming does absorb most of the rest of my time. But I feel like I have to do it now to avoid sinking into a really bad mental space.
How/when did you start doing it? I've been doing it for like 18 years and never met anyone else that does it.

No. 420135

I used to swing on swingsets all the time for the same reason. I started getting embarrassed of it as an adult, but it was hard to quit until I started walking as a replacement (which doesn't replace it perfectly).

No. 420144

I'm 22 and have never had a boyfriend, kissed anyone & am a virgin. I feel like I come across as such a prude, when I just literally have no experience in anything and I feel like an awkward freak.

No. 420145

File: 1560135047770.jpeg (24.55 KB, 275x269, 1559098138417.jpeg)

I feel like I have been faking my relationship since it started. I had never dated before and I took a lot of uncertainty and nerves that I had for so long for that. and now I've been dating for almost 4 years and she doesn't know me very well or really cares too much about me like she says she does but is disinterested and brushes off comments I make about not feeling okay. And I keep telling myself it's me and I need to fix myself and am making everything difficult but I don't feel like myself around her like I CAN'T, I feel stupid and slow and awkward. I don't enjoy spending time with her, and i've tried to break up several times, and every-time i come out of it crying and apologizing for making such a big deal out of how am feeling and dragging her into it. the whole day i spend with her last week i felt a blockage in my throat and couldn't think clearly or make sense and i asked her if i was acting weird, and she said that i wasn't and that i don't need to talk all the time. I do talk a lot, but i do it when im happy and excited, when i hang out with friends besides her we talk rapidly the entire time we hang out, and it's something i love. And her saying she didn't notice that really hurt pared with her saying a couple of times that she is overwhelmed and doesn't like that i talk all the time She has severe depression and has told me im the only thing keeping her alive, or keeping her from cutting herself and i feel so trapped.

No. 420189

As soon as millennials run for office that shit will probably not be a big deal anymore since realizing someone has nudes online or posted dumb offensive shit as a teenager will be the norm. Writing an edgy story is only shocking to Gen Xers and up who didn't grow up online where it's the norm to talk about how you could have done 9/11 way better in an AIM chatroom for gore pictures. Never mind when we get to zoomer politicians who put their real name on their youtube videos of them screaming racial slurs at people in Fortnite.

No. 420198

Honestly, just dump her. You clearly aren't feeling ok and she cannot just treat you like some uwu imma commit a sudoku if u leaf mi. She doesn't care about you, but you have to care about yourself. I know it's gonna be hard but yousaid you have friends? Worst case scenario, you ask your friends somewhere nearby when you breakup, be it in person or via a message. For support.

No. 420207

Every time I see stories like this I'm so glad I outlived my teenager edgelord years before social media ever became a thing. If someone dug up all the shitty cringeworthy dark murder fantasy fanfiction I wrote as a severely depressed 14-15-year old bully victim I would be done. Yikes.

No. 420214

It depends on how you use and what kind of people you match with. It sucks in my homecountry, but in the country I live in Tinder is great. I've met a bunch of friends there. Met my former best friend (who turned out to be a back stabbing bitch but we did have 2 years of amazing friendship before that). Met some really cool people for casual short relationships.

Key is to never like people with really boring and basic bios and pictures, block guys who send you basic "ice breaker" puns and pick up lines and unmatch people with whom the discussions run really poorly like "hey / hey/ wyd / nothing wbu" etc…

No. 420234

I just had so many negative experiences. I want to believe Tinder is not just thirsty guys, I'd use Tinder even for friends because I'm really in need of some friends. In my small town it sucks, though.

No. 421240

I’m a Jewish person. I grew up constantly hearing about the Holocaust because my Great-Grandmother was liberated from Bergen-Belsen and travelled around the US telling her story. Her sister died next to her. She was separated from her parents and never saw them again. Most of my family perished because of the Nazis, but for some reason I developed a massive nazi fetish in my mid teens. Not sure why this happened, but I got really caught up with neo-nazis and got into a few very selective communities without disclosing my background. I even participated in paint ball events IRL dressed in a field grey German uniform.

Now, I laugh at the Neo-Nazis. They’re pretty pathetic and I recognize that. However, the thought of fucking my husband in an SS uniform is hot.

Not sure why I am drawn so much to an entire movement that tried to eradicate me and everyone I am related to, but that’s probably exactly why…

No. 421265

The uniforms were super sharp, ngl. I think if you erased the Nazi from the uniform and labeled it as any other domineering military power that didn't happen to genocide thousands of innocents, you'd probably still be drawn to it.

No. 421319

the nazis had an aesthetic with their uniforms and design choices but by god that's never going to make me not hate them, if anything it makes them even worse bc they purposely chose to try and present themselves that way in order to hide their atrocities

No. 421777

Almost all fetishes are about sexualizing something that would normally be bad happening to you or others. Even bizarre fetishes like balloon popping or clown porn are sexualizing things you might have been anxious of at a young age.

No. 422988

File: 1560808427816.gif (109.23 KB, 473x360, tumblr_mtc2dvma1b1s9zcilo1_500…)

Sometimes when I'm at work and there's clients sitting in front of my desk I'll hop on a WPM test and type like a madwoman so they can think I'm doing something really intensive when I'm actually just bullshitting around and improving my game.
>mfw I get paid for this shit

No. 423001

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, anon.

No. 423830

File: 1560995627092.jpg (5.61 KB, 225x225, vnaob6zk9jw21.jpg)

Sometimes I just want to throw everything away and become a professional thot just to see how far I'd get. I'd never do it but I find myself wondering if I have potential. Am I attractive enough to be some rich dude's sugar baby and never work another day in my life? I wonder how hard it would be, how much ass would I have to sell to be comfortable as a professional thot.

No. 423834

it's bc it's taboo. same reason incest porn is so popular

No. 423841

>become a professional thot just to see how far I'd get

If you do it in that business lego man suit I think you'd get pretty far.

No. 423874

I'm Jewish too but my fantasy is cucking Jewish men by fucking Aryan men. I'm sick of the shiksa shit its creepy and gross and my dad told me to never date a German boy. I'm married to one ;)

No. 423880

was your family accepting?

No. 423883

i have nothing left, i'll never become anything and i should probably just die, but that would upset some people around so i'd be guilty in the end.

i dumped my bf 2 months ago and i kinda regret it bc i have nothing left right now. he was the cutest, loveliest person and i dumped him bc i was tired of his immaturity but maybe i should've waited more for him to fix it. now i left him all alone and he's never gonna probably trust anyone again because of me and hates me. i still love him, i think.

in my mid 20s, no aspirations, no real hobbies, wasting my days, thought something big was my dream, worked towards it and achieved it, now realizing that it's not actually what i want. but i don't know what else i want.

don't have any real friends. here on lolcow bc i have no-one to talk to.

confession is this i guess: i punch myself sometimes because i truly hate myself and everything that i am.

No. 423898

Hey, I hate myself too. I hope you get what is best for you.

Mine: I want someone to kill me quickly, so at least I'm gone.

No. 423900

I was sexually abused as a little kid, and it completely fucked me up sexually for years. As a young girl around 10 years old with old parents who didn't understand the internet, I was preyed on by pedophiles on websites that largely targeted kids.

I was groomed and eventually found myself defending pedophilia, zoophilia, and all sorts of other fucked-up shit to impress my online pedophile buddies. (Because pedophiles are degenerates and can never be into just one thing.) Many websites had sections that allowed for political discussion- and I was on that shit every time, defending "childlove", "pedosexuality", etc., because I believed, wholeheartedly as a young girl, that I was capable of consenting to sexual activity, that the man who abused me was just a "childlover" who thought I was attractive and that he 'loved' me. They told me I was in control, that my abuse was consensual. For several years, I deadass believed my abuse was consensual and that I had initiated it. (I didn't.)

Things got bad when some of my online 'friends' groomed me with anime porn- often times stuff like loli/shota. I guess to normalize sexual abuse and to make it seem 'okay', that 'look! these little cartoon girls are doing it, you can too!'. I was probably 12 or 13 when this was happening. I am ashamed and depressed to say that it went on for years- I think I was 16 or so when I began to realize that what was happening to me was sexual abuse. They pressured me when I was 14 to send naked pictures of myself over a chat, but I didn't. Thank fucking god I didn't. But it didn't matter- I was being groomed into thinking that, at the age of 12-14, I was at my "peak". I believed that pedophilia (ephebophilia) was a completely normal, natural thing. That it was healthy. That kids initiate contact with adutls and everyone is different, guys! Some kids just mature faster than others!

I was told I was so mature, so different, so intellectual, so smart. An old soul. Sexy. Intelligent. Not like other kids. I felt happy to be validated by adults. I thought that being included with them made me cool, made me smart, made me special. But I was just another victim of fucked-up grooming and sexual exploitation. I wasn't smart, I wasn't an old soul- I was just a kid being hurt by adults who had ZERO fucking business having sex talks with a random kid on the internet.

It took years and years for me to feel sexually normal. When I would be touched by a partner, all of those awful feelings of being abused would come back to me. I consumed anime porn with very young-looking characters until I hit my 20s, and now feel depressed about all of my younger years. My colorful past is on the internet for anyone to find- and I worry every single day that someone will find what I used to do and use it against me. It has given me such bad anxiety that I have, in the past, contemplated suicide. Looking forward, I know it could come up again- I've tried to remedy the situation, but there's nothing I can do except accept what happened, and be ready to own up to the horrible stuff I said when I was a kid.

As stupid and corny as this sounds, I feel like this shit happened to me for a reason. Maybe it's just me trying to cope. Maybe not. Maybe I was meant to get the word out that this shit happens to a lot of of kids online, and parents need to keep their kids on a tight fucking leash. It horrifies me when I see people giving kids unfettered access to phones, tablets, what the fuck ever. I think about how things could've been different for me if I had never been abused, or given free range online.

I also want people to know that pedophiles and other freaks recruit kids. This isn't a myth. This happened to me personally. Who knows what would have happened to me, had I kept in those circles of people. I remember other "childlover advocates" from when I was young who were also (supposedly) kids themselves. People didn't believe it- many people thought I was a middle-aged man when I was just 14 years old, but these freaks knew exactly how to find vulnerable kids and turn them into useful mouthpieces for their disgusting degeneracy, and get to sexually abuse them, too. Their tactics are probably different now, but their talking points are remarkably similar to what I heard years prior.

No. 423909

I’m really curious- and please don’t think I’m “one of them” (Shit like this makes me wonder if men are capable of not being disgusting degenerates and I lose faith in humanity).

But at the time, did you feel pressured or ashamed? Or did that not come until later? You describe sexual interactions as giving you the same awful feeling from childhood as an adult. WAS it awful as a child? Or did you enjoy it under the guise of not knowing you were being used?

I ask bc I loved attention from creeps online in those years and only later on was I repulsed and disgusted by it. I never felt pressured or badly, just gutted later when I realized I was manipulated. Once you age out’ and all of a sudden no one cares about your ‘interesting personality’ and they throw you away like trash. I guess my point is, I wasn’t so much damaged by the exploitation so much so as the manipulation of it. Hopefully I’m articulating myself well and this isn’t insane ramblings.

No. 423919


I remember feeling pretty apprehensive when I first discovered this sort of thing. I didn't know what a "pedophile" was (I was in elementary school), but understood I'd been sexually abused as a little kid and I carried it around as a sort of "shameful secret"- for lack of a better word. I never told anyone, and felt tremendous guild for not doing so- I knew it was wrong, that I wasn't supposed to be hurt like that, but I internalized the blame and thought I was the bad guy for not saying anything to anyone. I was also keenly aware, even at a very young age that my abuser would go to prison if I told anyone, so I kept it a secret until a long while after.

These people made me think they were my friends, and at school I was a very isolated, lonely person with crippling anxiety. I felt really happy that I was being accepted into a group of people- even if they were online. I knew it was not a good idea to give out things like my real name or location, so we just knew each other by online handles. I didn't really think it was weird, because I was being groomed into believing that I was just as capable as any adult to consent to sexual activity- I didn't feel exploited until I was older and realized how fucking wrong what they did was.

To answer your question…it's probably a mix of both. When I was sexually abused, I KNEW something wasn't right. It was weird and definitely wrong, but I was too little to articulate it. Growing up, I realize later that the man who abused me very likely went on to abuse other kids, and I've gone through a lot of stages of grief over not telling authorities. I had a lot of confused feelings because I was sexually 'awakened' (for lack of a good way of putting it) at such a young age. I went through feelings of arousal long before I should have had them, was drawing pornographic pictures by the time I was 8/9, but, again, not fully understanding why, and seeking out more and more adult content by the time I was 10/11. So it was a very confusing time. At the time it was a mixture of all sorts of things. In the present, I look back and feel sad because it was so clear I had been deeply hurt, but everyone missed all of the warning signs. In those moments, though, it was much more complicated and hard to sort because there was so much that just should not have been there.

No. 423931

File: 1561027354490.jpg (104.56 KB, 354x489, di.jpg)

>tfw breaking up with bf of 2 years bc I can't give up drinking
>tfw been sober since met him
>tfw I don't care about my life or family or relationships anymor

Heis a sweetheart and he doesn't deserve a selfish bitch like me

No. 423976

you really fucked up, but I feel for you because I've been in similar miserable situations with guilt eating me from the inside. I hope you can get back on your feet and take care of yourself, you really do deserve to be healthy and happy.

No. 423991

Sorry anon, I didn’t realize it went beyond just online grooming and exploitation. I was very lucky to never experience anything tangible myself.
Ugh, the whole thing makes me feel ill. I’m glad you are able to recognize your feelings and blame and acknowledge you were the victim here. I appreciate your insight.

No. 424027

I find everything related to 'polyamory' absolutely degenerate and disgusting, but I think it's partly because I wish I could kiss and cuddle and even sleep with anyone I want to without consequences. But I know there'd be consequences, I have a bf. So I won't do it. And I know it's shitty to want it more than just in a 'haha you're attractive but we're just friends' way, but at least I'm not pretending to be #woke with a super special sexuality.

No. 424031

I know a lot of fucking perverts, either they perved on me or some other girl around me. But I mostly knew them when I was young. The worst thing about these men or boys is that they always treated me like a little sister, gave me headpats and nicknames. When I see men like this, I feel this weird sense to get their approval, as if they programmed me to like the way they infantilized me. I rarely see them but sometimes I do because they're a part of my family and I still feel that adoration and sense of want for approval and it makes me fucking sick.

I think it's still there because my method of coping with it was to retreat to fantasy world where the characters there are some form of damaged or fucked up man. I run my emotions through them so I don't have to feel anything myself. I fixate on the really screwed up ones so all I do is try to normalize stuff they do or try to make it palatable to deal with it. I despise it, but once I try to step out of my comfort zone, the feeling of reality just fucks me up. So far there's no benefit from coming up for air other than ending up incredibly anxious.

I don't let myself get hurt or put myself in those situations anymore, but I keep thinking this is just a stepping stone and I'm doing their work for them. My therapist knows some of this but not to the full extent. I haven't seen her in a while but now I wonder…

No. 424048

I look down on people who are over 20 and can't cook shit. THIS IS A BASIC THING EVERY ADULT SHOULD KNOW HOW TO DO. You don't need to know how to cook fancy dishes but you should at least know enough to be able to feed yourself properly.
The other day I saw on my Faceobok feed some woman over 25 "bragging" about how she can barely prepare an egg. Bitch, why are you proud of being incompetent? It's not quirky or funny to be a womanchild.

No. 424053

i get where you're coming from, but i feel more strongly about people who won't make an effort to cook. my mom can't cook for shit so i had to learn to cook from my grandma, but some people don't have anyone to help them and it's not like you have the drive to learn during college years. but i think if you're 24+ and don't make an attempt to learn it's a problem.

No. 424073

Yeah this always cracks me up. And girls/guys in showing off their boxed meals on social media with the caption "wifey/husband material"and tagging their SO's. At least they're trying but you know if that's their idea of "cooking" then they're pretty fucked.

No. 424088

File: 1561054654902.jpg (54.71 KB, 640x640, IMG_0111.JPG)

Lmfaoo all these posts remind me of the bone apple teeth memes

No. 424096

File: 1561056762861.png (357.56 KB, 531x402, 20.png)

i love wifey material material

No. 424101

Lmao. The spaghetti appears to be takeout too because of the little parmesan container. Jesus

No. 424102

I learned just from some YouTube tutorials, I didn't hire a teacher to help me cook. It's not that hard really. You're not going to cook for Gordon Ramsay, a lot of recipes are just a matter of putting shit in a pan and throwing some seasoning in, then waiting until it's ready. Who the fuck can't do this? I'm not arguing if they HAVE TIME TO, but they have to know it.

No. 424113

You could have picked a worse one. At least there is some honest effort here

No. 424117

I look down on them, too, anon. I moved in with someone who is 27 years old and he doesn't even know how to use a measuring cup or follow instructions on a box. When he tried making eggs I got stuck cleaning the pan for an hour because he did it on the highest heat and they stuck. I can't believe some people go through life letting their parents cook for them and never learning to make something simple like cake from a box. How are these people not completely ashamed of themselves? It's gross.

No. 424130

that's what I love about it. the sincerity behind the sad reality that is
>gf made bf little more than a 5 year olds school lunch
>bf is proud of this

No. 424141

I know an autistic girl whose abusive parents didn't allow her to cook until she moved out of the house. In that kind of case, it's just sad. But most people don't have that kind of excuse. Most of the people I know who can't or won't cook are lazy weeaboos, have serious mental issues or depression, or eat like shit, stuff like constant frozen and pre-prepared foods and fast food. My ex barely cooked and he had all of this pickiness about foods, that kind of sucked. He basically only eats meat and potatoes. If he gets cancer or malnourished I won't be surprised. He complained about his father's cooking and didn't eat it, but it sounded like his dad made really good food, if he was repetitive, and it was way healthier than what my ex was eating just by virtue of including plenty of vegetables.
I stopped with the joking about being a bad cook after high school. I would rather people joke that I'm learning to cook to keep my husband or talk about what a good wife I am, no matter how annoying it is, than to be incapable of cooking. I cook well and not everyone I know knows I'm a good cook, not sure if it's the stereotype about students and ones in my major in particular or if it's because I'm a "tomboy" that they just assume I'm like teehee quirky womanchild you mentioned.
I get people having legitimate excuses, but eating like shit makes you feel shittier. Why not start by eating a little better, even if it's buying meal kits or precut foods from the supermarket if you have the money? Lots of places have stuff already spiced or chopped that you just cook up. Eat a vegetable. Stop eating so many salty pre-packaged foods and takeout.

No. 424155

I remember being in high school and feeling really embarrassed about the fact that I didn't know how to cook to the point of not even understanding how to operate the stove top or oven. This is because my parents never let me do shit growing up - they were weirdly controlling and put it in my head that if I so much as touched anything in the kitchen, I'd set the house ablaze. They were the same way about other household chores, too.

Despite the paranoia instilled in me I managed to teach myself how to cook (and clean, by extension). I beat myself up a lot at first because I seriously didn't know even the simplest of shit, but through perseverance and the help of YouTube videos like >>424102 I'd like to consider myself a pretty decent cook now. I don't think lack of time or lack of a mentor is a valid excuse not to learn. Knowing how to cook and take care of yourself is an essential life skill and you can't keep relying on others to do it for you.

No. 424156

File: 1561069703285.jpeg (21.96 KB, 313x500, images (19).jpeg)

This book is great for people who are too tired/depressed/sick/whatever to cook or plan meals. It's not a cookbook per se but has a lot of ideas for easy, low effort shit that can still be nutritious. It saved my relationship basically because my partner works a high stress job and I have a chronic illness and sometimes we just wouldn't eat which made us even hangrier.

No. 424308

i didn't have internet guides when i was in high school. of course now it's easy to cook, but eve so, it's easier to have someone there, especially if you fuck up and need help.

No. 424314

TBH the most I've ever cooked was a muffin in home economics class a decade ago since I've always just gotten someone else to do it for me.

No. 424315

My mom loves my husband because he's really sweet, I met him at a messianic cult when we were kids lol. My dad I haven't talked to in years and probably doesn't even know I'm married, fuck him though.

No. 424331

I masturbate to hentai (of adult characters) and support hentai games because they're nice looking and actually pretty vanilla enough to deescalate my old weird porn addiction. It feels better than supporting the actual human suffering that extends from giving pornhub my traffic.

No. 424391

Yeah, most people don't have such a bad start at life to justify themselves. Even then, if you are an adult and living on your own it doesn't hurt to learn. Specially because nowadays there's plenty of videos online teaching every little thing. Cooking requires mastering a few basic skills really, once you properly learn how to sauteé, for example, you can do A LOT. It's cheaper and healthier to cook at home too. When I was living on my own I'd make enough food to last for 3-4 days so it wasn't like it was super time consuming.

No. 424793

Seconded, hentai is cancer but at least isn't real, if you stay on the vanilla side (without rape/pedophilia and very weird shit) isn't actually that bad. I had a porn addiction too, it's pretty hard to get rid out of it and i know switching to hentai isn't better but at least i'm jerking off with something that doesn't hurt real people (directly), maybe someday i'll leave porn completely and i'm working on it.

No. 425021

My male friend was sexually assaulted while intoxicated(mixture of drugs, alcohol) by a group of girls seeking revenge on him after he had messed around with them, cheated on them with each other, led them on etc. He wants my help but I honestly have no way of helping him and I don't feel bad for him. He tells me he 'hates women' now. I feel guilty but I just want to tell him to seek help from a therapist. I will only tell him horrible shit, he's a horrible person and those girls are horrible too. I just want to wash my hands clean of this.

No. 425051

What does that entail? Sticking things up his ass?
Tell him to go to the police, it's literally their job to deal with it.

No. 425058

Just tell him to report it to the police and go see a therapist. Chances are he's going to hate you for not being his shoulder to cry on though, kek.

No. 425081

What exactly did they do, was it serious?

No. 425087

File: 1561248147577.png (316.17 KB, 620x562, 5.PNG)

I'm the kind of person who shits on astrology all the time, it really makes no sense but, in secret I always read articles on the topics and lately I've started to wonder if they were actually true because my boyfriend and my sister have the same sign (Gemini) and they might not have the same personality but the way I deal with them both is kinda similar, they are both big babies that I baby and it is actually mad.

No. 425090

I say I don't believe in it either but it's really fun to read, and honestly odd how accurate it can be.

No. 425101

I don't 100% believe in it either but who knows? I like to read for fun too.

No. 425113

how have you been sober since you met him, but also have a drinking problem? do i just suck at reading comprehension or..

No. 425114

I think anon is saying she has been sober the past 2 years but is now relapsing.

No. 425122

honestly I sometimes treat awkward/mysterious people (introverts, really) by their moon sign if I can figure it out, and it seems to work?

No. 425148

He's likely lying to you

No. 425152

So my insane, tinfoil hat conspiracy with astrology works with simulation theory.

Our birthcharts are like randomized sim characteristcs.

No. 426307

File: 1561497186847.png (586.4 KB, 1920x960, Screen-Shot-2018-04-19-at-2.13…)

I don't know how much of an unpopular opinion this is, but I really want to become an office lady in Japan.

I have been doing boring office work since I was 16, and I actually grew to enjoy it, in a way. I actually think that working at a boring desk job helps my creativity when writing, crafting and drawing as a hobbyist. If I were to work in a creative industry like animation or such, I'd probably be too over-saturated of it to work on my own projects.

Also I already kind of work for a Japanese association here in my country, so I imagine that the work dynamics would kind of be the same.
The only difference is that I would be leaving in a better structured country and being paid better as well. I think that the only thing I would fear would be stuff like gender harassment, but it's not as if the place I live is any better in that aspect.

I am honestly really hoping for this association that I work with to give me an internship in Japan next year, but I am also not holding my breath. I do enjoy working with them anyway, either if I go or not… but one can dream.

No. 426308

Good luck, anon. I would be worried about gender harrassment too, especially as a foreign woman, but I'm glad to see you're not letting that get to you.
That's a really cool theory.

No. 426318

I'm happy that my bf has a foot fetish because I can get away with not having piv sex most of the times (its really painful for me)

No. 426322

File: 1561499541575.jpg (198.86 KB, 1438x1441, 69ed3771dea8e178d7c69aef376c01…)

time for the snip snip

No. 426325

I'm glad my bf doesn't care for PIV sex either. I told him even fingers hurt/are uncomfortable for me, and he is 8 in and thick so it would be the worst thing ever. Thankfully we both also have a lot of the same fetishes, and we also just like plain vanilla petting/oral so our sex live never feels boring.

No. 426359

It sounds like he got the idea from a porn or slasher film. This is his fantasy.

No. 426375

stop. if you don't want men to say this about women, don't do the opposite. how fucking hard is it to be empathetic. even if he did cheat on all those girls he doesn't deserve being assaulted.

No. 426385

I forced myself to eat a huge lunch today (1200 calories) because it was the only way I knew I wouldn't drink a ton of vodka tonight. I would rather the vodka but I need to get my shit together.

No. 426389

File: 1561510340890.jpg (87.07 KB, 700x931, day9main.jpg)


Thank you, anon!

I went to Japan under this association with a sponsorship for one week, it was an cultural exchange program and it was great, I got to know also possible future superiors if that was ever to happen, which was cool as well because they were mostly chill (since they were from the international relations area, they were all pretty chill and patient with foreigners ).

But not only that, made me confirm how Japan is so much better than my own country when speaking about safety and infrastructure. I love how I could be hungry in the middle of the night, go to a 24/7 konbini within 10 minutes of walking distance, and have everything that I need and not fear for my life while walking back to the hotel in the night. The only thing is that I'd miss my fiancee greatly, and since it's a internship it's not as if we could get married just on paper so I could bring him with me as a spouse kek

Some people actually said that I have a high chance of going back for a longer period (with ot without the internship program), but I try to stay grounded so I won't be disappointed if I don't get it.

Sorry for this weeby sperging. Saged

No. 426395

Lol are you me and my bf anon?? My bf is 8.5 and thick, he’s only the second guy I’ve done PiV with because of prior vaginismus and because of my sex anxiety we don’t really have much PiV sex— I usually just suck his dick and call it a night. I had sex for the first time in over a month yesterday and by the end of it I was in tears, biting down on my fingers (I was facing away from him). It’s fun for like the first five minutes and then it just feels like a dull stabbing pain. Sex is so overrated lol.

No. 426400

i wouldn't feel bad at all if sh0e or holly died. does anyone else have a cow they have absolutely no hope for?

No. 426402

amberlynn reid tbh

No. 426405

I've never had vaginismus but that sounds fucking terrible. I imagine the trauma from that makes it worse too. Does he put it all the way in? I think I would rather die honestly.

I'm super lucky because at the beginning of my relationship I told my bf what was up even though it was embarrassing (I never liked penetrative stuff, I'm a virgin. I tried on my own and even bought a dildo and it was always painful, extremely uncomfortable or a mix of the two), and he was more than okay with it. I am blessed because he loves touching me and giving oral and when I do the same, when my ex would act so bored and disinterested in it and it made me dislike intimacy for a while.

No. 426411

My vaginismus has gotten better with time and experience honestly, the first guy I was with couldn’t finger me, even oral would trigger it, my legs would just fucking shut around his neck, and the first time we tried to have sex it would not go in. At all. I’ve been able to go a little bit further with each guy I’ve been with until now I’ve been able to have PiV with my last two boyfriends! It’s still kind of embarrassing that I’ve gotta explain some things are complete no-go’s: I can never do doggy, and i can’t ride my current bf, which of course are like every guys two favorite positions smh. It really doesn’t bother me as long as I can keep him happy with oral, I’m not too sex motivated so doing it every month or so doesn’t detract from our relationship at all! I like hearing about other couples who have difficulties but are still completely fine with their sex lives as well, some of my friends think I’m crazy for not really caring.

No. 426423

Why Japan specifically unless it's a weeb fantasy? Boring officework is available in every country, many of them with better hours and pay with less overt sexism and language/cultural barriers.

No. 426425

are you prepared to go though this

No. 426426

what exactly did they do him ?
did the stick something up his butt

No. 426433


Because I already work for a japanese institution as I mentioned, because I do speak the language, because I also did my thesis in japanese history/art and yeah, I also went there before and liked the general infrastructure of the buildings/stores/streets, and also a bit of weebness I guess. But I am fully aware that Japan is not a weebland.

Also as I said before, my country is basically worse than Japan in many ways, be it the sexism and the pay. We are currently going through an economic crisis and our money is half of what it used to be, value-wise.
I didn't mention this, but a lot of my friends that work with me did this internship program, and yeah, there are the lows, but most had a pretty positive work experience in general, even those that didn't speak japanese very well.


I mean, women are treated differently in Japan for better or for worse. The internship also isn't in Tokyo at all, it's a small province, actually. Which is also better in some ways and worse in others. But I will watch it later anon, thanks - It's always good to have different types of insights anyway.

No. 426644


I just watched it, I wasn't expecting a joke video lol hearty keks were given.

No. 426688

i used to really like dogs when i was small, i thought they were cute. but when i was around 14 or 15, i cant remember anymore, i had these recurring nightmares about this skinless demon dog that wanted to kill me, it got to the point where i didnt sleep for several days and i started to have these delusions that the dog was actually in my room but it was invisible, and i could have sworn that i could feel it rubbing against my legs. so every night i wouldnt actully sleep, i would just lie in bed with all the lights on and stay completely still in the bed because i was so scared of this imaginary dog. ive kind of hated dogs ever since. i guess the fact that ive also been attacked and chased by several dogs before doesnt help.

i cant really say this to anyone irl, i told my mom and a couple of my friends when it happened but they just gave me weird looks and laughed it off.

No. 426713


Honestly anon, it's not like you haven't been before, so that sounds really awesome.

I was planning to relocate to Japan with my husband several years back- both of use spoke Japanese well (he kept up with it- I didn't), we've been before and really loved the structure and safety. Unfortunately I ended up with a brain tumor and so that dashed all of my overseas-living dreams.

I'd say go for it, anon. Life's short. If you know Japanese, too, that is awesome. It could be an amazing experience, too.

No. 426855

I posted nudes to /b/ when I was 14 and someone from the thread said they recognized me. They said it was the same shirt I wore that day, and knew my High School's initials. I was certain they were going to spread them, and that everyone would know I was a slut, and I was going to prison for creating CP.

That singular idiotic event sent me into such a deep state of anxiety for years. I constantly felt like I was going to puke, and I would occasionally have audio hallucinations of people following me, or whispering about me. I would cry before school each day and I frequently considered how I might kill myself.

My parents took me to multiple psychiatrists and therapists but I steadfastly refused to tell anyone what truly happened. I was put on heavy medication until I neared my twenties.

Nothing ever even happened. So fucking dumb. God, I cringe.

No. 426859

Posting nudes was popular in /b/?

No. 426877

Honestly if you were fucked up enough to be posting nudes on 4chan at 14, you probably needed the therapist regardless.

No. 426878

Do you have PTSD? Do you have any other types of nightmares or hallucinations/delusions?

No. 426955

I've been there. Still haunts me to this day.

No. 426956

no, i dont have PTSD. i used to have frequent nightmares, but not so much nowadays. they stopped being as frequent around the time i turned 18. as for hallucinations, ill have some episodes where i think ill see a face or a person moving out of the corner of my eye but when i turn around to look it will just be the curtains moving or something so not really real hallucinations.

No. 426959

Ok, I was just wondering bc I have similar issues and I have CPTSD

No. 426962

i see. i dont have any symptoms of cptsd, and i have no idea what could have caused the dog incident lol. i think the hallucinations were more to do with the fact that i didnt sleep for several days.

No. 427116

File: 1561673505608.png (135.2 KB, 368x349, 41538449.png)

It was 4chan's 7th or 8th anniversary so it was encouraged to post tits with "happy /b/irthday" signs.

You know what, that's fair.

We survived, bitch. Cheers

No. 427339

File: 1561718936419.jpeg (79.01 KB, 699x439, 7DFE50E8-029C-42D9-A644-098AAA…)

I have spent an obscene amount of money buying my children books the past two months and I can’t fucking stop. I love seeing their little faces light up when the postman comes (9/10 if a parcel comes its for them) and they carefully open up the parcel and excitedly ask me to read it to them. I keep justifying the purchases by how beautiful the books are and knowing they’re something that’ll last year and years and will expand their vocabularies.

I know I’m spoiling them but goddamnit their joy is addictive.

No. 427341

If you're gonna spoil them, books are the best way to do it. I attribute any brains I have to the books my mum constantly gave to me as a kid. Though you might have to start going to the library to save money if they turn into serious bookworms like I did kek.

No. 427342

Oh I take them to the library too, it’s a nice outing they get excited for that doesn’t cost any money so it’s A+ in my mind

No. 427371

I'm a musician with a small following across various sites. Like a couple thousand followers, nothing too big, but still enough to intimidate me. I'm very much anonymous and my fans have no idea who I am, what my actual name is (either real name or the name I use online), etc. And the reason for that is because I'm scared they'll find all my old embarrassing social media profiles or try to dox me or some shit. I used to be fairly open about my music stuff on my old Tumblr, but I recently purged all references of that because I literally just don't want fans snooping around if they google hard enough. Also considering the fact that I draw weird fetish porn, and I have a lot of followers who are minors. I'm so worried about this kind of behaviour from my fans that I don't interact with them at all. I try to stay completely apolitical in fear of pissing someone off enough that they come after me. I literally have done nothing wrong in the past (besides being an edgy "anti SJW" when I was like 13), but someone who hates me enough could bring up shit I said 10 years ago as proof that I'm a terrible person or some shit.

No. 427458

I use they/them pronouns on my Tumblr, and it feels good. I just feel a sense of stress taken away. I feel guilt because trans-trending is a thing, and I believe you have to have body dysphoria to be trans. Since I don't want to change myself from the female to male sex, I wouldn't consider myself trans. I've always tried to pass as androgynous since I was a small child; I refused to ever look at my own genitals because I found them weird, sometimes I'd even cry if I caught a glimpse. I never saw myself as a "boy" or "girl," just that I'm a person who happens to be biologically female. You know when Dan Howell said he identified as a a formless blob? I feel it.

I wonder if this is just a reaction to societal constructs that are often pushed on people because of their biological sex, and this is just my mind's reaction as a way to pull away from it entirely and not feel obligated to act in any stereotypical way. I struggle with it immensely.

I know many of you may find this dumb as hell; I used to, but I'm realizing I have to acknowledge this side of myself in order to deal with my depression. I have a lot of repressed emotions. This isn't something I take lightly and just agree with it "because Tumblr told me it was okay." I'm very conservative, and was always skeptical of far viewpoints. Hell; I used to be very vocal against trans-trending myself since I have a friends who have physically transitioned. They both support me when I tell them I think I'm non-binary. I have no idea what the hell to do. I can't exactly discuss this with my family, or "come out" to them. They'd just dismiss it or laugh it off. They still think I'm straight and want me to be in an arranged marriage.

No. 427460

make sure you're using a new e-mail too, that's usually how people find old accounts regardless of the username

No. 427468

I understand you. I have felt this way for a long time. A blob… type of person in a female body.

I've heard the term 'social dysphoria' and I think this is that feeling. This was mostly before transtrending stuff took off, so I never struggled with considering myself nonbinary.

I was fine with being female (as fine as a preteen going thru puberty could be i guess), but definitely struggled with the idea of "being seen as female". Part of it was internalized misogyny, part of it was my traditional upbringing, and part of it is being a gay femme.

I'm fine with being a feminine woman, but not in the way traditional, heterosexual society demands, and it can get Really Upset about that. The disconnect can be incredibly dysphoric if you don't have a good support system. Probably even more so now, since people will just pressure you to be nonbinary or trans if you try to talk about it.

I see you, anon. You're not alone.

No. 427488

I have to get drunk to mow the lawn idk why

No. 427499

cause it fucking sucks that's why
just be careful don't get your foot caught

No. 427507

Thank you anon, social dysphoria is an accurate description of what I'm going through. I went through a time of struggling as being seen as female too; when people commented that I was "very pretty" or something very feminine along those lines, it just caught me out of nowhere and would send me into these weird downward spirals, especially if the comments were related to me finding a male partner.

I have to water my parent's lawn by hand with a hose, it's over half an acre and takes about 45 minutes (it's a dry desert) so I usually smoke some weed before doing it.

No. 427569

Take it from an ex TIF, no matter what we do we can't escape being female, gender isn't a feeling. It's okay to be a woman who "dresses like a man" or who looks so androgynous she barely looks female. But it's still female at the end of the day.

No. 427571

I used to go by they/them and non-binary/agender until about 4 years ago. I stopped once I realized keeping up with friendships of those who are trans felt more like 24/7 babying them. I had a little brief anti-SJW phase during that time, maybe it helped a little, then I started looking into gender critical and it all fell into place.
I've always been someone not to fall for stereotypes. I just liked things because they fascinated me. I was more rebellious in the sense I never gave into female stereotypes or gave into societies pressures on what they expect women to like or do based on them simply being women. I never considered it misogynist because I only challenged the thing, not the women who fell for it out of pressure and survival.
So basically, I know for a fact I'm female and I'm proud of it, because it's a part of me, but it doesn't constitute anything about my life. I may experience the same things other women go through, but how I feel and what I do, what they feel and what they do, is up to ourselves. We're all unique people with female bodies, don't ever feel like you're in a box because of it. Society can believe we should do this and that, but they don't live our lives, they live their own.

No. 427879

File: 1561821023132.jpg (34.18 KB, 960x635, 1255152975_n.jpg)

One time I beat my meat so hard I popped a blood vessel in my arm.
I'm impressed that I haven't gotten carpel tunnel yet. rip my wrist

No. 427881

File: 1561821182944.png (4.96 KB, 145x146, hiss.png)

nobody cares male.

No. 427910

Can we ban this retard who keeps shitting up the threads or are the mods on here gonna continue to act like morons.

No. 427973

He doesn't get enough sexual attention so he has to jack off and tell a board full of uninterested women in an attempt to get excitement and validation. Sad!

No. 427981

I feel you anon. I'm gender crit and especially of non-binary people and transtrenders to be honest, but the place I'm coming from is as an ex-enby. I was trying to escape being female, I wanted so badly for people to see me as just a person, sex irrelevant. I actually managed to pass for male or "confusing" without hormones or surgery, or so I think, maybe they thought I was a trans man or butch lesbian. I was suffering from physical dysphoria and remember days I would see myself in the mirror and start crying because I just wished I looked less like a woman so people would think I'm a man or a nothing. Some days I even felt like having a dick would be nice. I wished I could just change my body at will to be whatever would feel comfortable, no surgery, no repercussions. I knew I was biologically female, I was often perceived that way, I mostly rolled with it, but the dysphoria was crippling and I didn't feel like people "got" it or accepted me. I experimented with pronouns but mostly went with she/her and said I'd take they/them and another invented one as well, which is probably gonna come off as genderspecial to people reading this, but it's an established pronoun with roots in academia/mathematics. No one called me by that but I liked how it looked on paper lol. I kind of relied on other people to decide how they wanted to refer to me, like if I was obviously trying to pass as anything but my sex.
I still think it's kinda meh/bs but I think it's an understandable reaction to society as it is. I still have nb friends but worry about what they would think of my opinions if they knew what I really think, because honestly, I only "respect" people who are transmasculine or actively trying to seem androgynous at least part of the time. People like Phoebe (on /snow/) I cannot respect. I understand the feeling of looking female but feeling "genderless" because that's how I feel, but I think going by they/them and presenting like a woman is annoying and stupid. Everyone thinks you are a women and gender isn't just feelings, it is how you are perceived. But everyone deals with societal expectations differently. The problem is when people begin to twist and ignore reality. If you know you are female and always will be, but just want to try to be perceived as anything else, I respect that. I understand that. Even "cis" women probably experience this. I don't want to be called "cis" by other people exactly because I experienced enough physical dysphoria to consider a hysterectomy just so I couldn't get pregnant, which seemed to make me "more" female, more vulnerable. I didn't even want my vagina, my vulva was fine, but my vagina uneased me. I was a "late bloomer" and had something like vaginismus and that didn't help, it cleared up, but it made me feel like a lesser woman anyway. To this day, despite me reidentifying, some things can send me back to those feelings: I do still enjoy androgyny, but play with it less since my boyfriend loves my curves, even though he fell in love with me when I was still non-binary and dressed androgynously more often. Basically, if I start to get back into "discourse," it starts sending those feelings back. I see most of it as navel-gazing that has no impact on real life/reality so I usually ignore it. Anything that pushes me into boxes does the same thing, my two reactions are defiant anger or wanting to not be a woman. I have an especially deep hatred for men with misogyny kinks and incels who think they're better than me, and for whatever reason, they actually don't trigger me into nb stuff, they actually make me want to destroy them as a woman. It's more the stuff that says, you will always be a woman, you will never escape this fate, it's not getting better, that make me wish I could just be nb and that it would actually work. But I'll always be big-hipped, female socialized, and female sexed, and expanding gender would just put me into another prison, not liberate me.
I got with a straight guy and away from a lot of the genderspecial and hellhole of gender discourse stuff and eventually reidentified because I ceased caring. Gender crit did that to some extent, but I reidentified before I really was reading that stuff. I consider myself female/a woman and genderless, if I have to be asked and I say anything other than "a woman," because I think gender shouldn't exist because it just harms people by forcing them into roles and behaviors. I wish that socialization could someday become undifferentiated enough that some of the differences between men and women vanish, but recognize that biology may always differentiate us to some extent, at least by "more men are x than women are x". All I want is for the violence and subjugation to stop. And it's based in sex, so identifying out will never save me unless people actually believe I'm not female.
This quote by Sylvia Plath really speaks to me, and did then: “Being born a woman is my awful tragedy. From the moment I was conceived I was doomed to sprout breasts and ovaries rather than penis and scrotum; to have my whole circle of action, thought and feeling rigidly circumscribed by my inescapable feminity. Yes, my consuming desire to mingle with road crews, sailors and soldiers, bar room regulars–to be a part of a scene, anonymous, listening, recording–all is spoiled by the fact that I am a girl, a female always in danger of assault and battery. My consuming interest in men and their lives is often misconstrued as a desire to seduce them, or as an invitation to intimacy. Yet, God, I want to talk to everybody I can as deeply as I can. I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night…” As I delved slowly into enby stuff, I was struggling with forging friendships with men, I wanted attention and I wanted friends, I wanted to be attractive, but the truth was I was afraid they'd leave if the facade fell and they realized I would never date them. To this day I wish I could put on a male skin and just see the world like that, still being who I am inside, but different enough on the outside that maybe I'd have a chance at what Sylvia wants too. I know for men, there are dangers too, different dangers: but maybe I'd be stronger, maybe I'd blend in better, maybe I could have that camaraderie with other (male) strangers without as much fear, without them assuming I want sex or trying to take it from me.
To all my nb-identified females and detransitioners: I love you, I see you, stay safe and I hope you find a way to love or at least accept yourself. I'll always see you as more than "just a woman" tied to certain expectations and treatment. Sorry for the length, I hope someone can see this and relate or get something out of it, especially op. I guess this is just a long confession on my part too.

No. 427999

i label myself lesbian, but sometimes i fantasize about being with a trans women with a penis that doesnt mind using it

honestly, id just say i was bi because i think the penis itself would feel good, but i find men and masculine people insufferable.

Like in a way its embarrassing cause Im kinda expected to be top in my current relationship cause i know she loves feeling wanted, but the few times my gf used the strap on me were great.

In fact, the strap is too small. she can two fingers max so its perfect for her. its like a little anal teaser, but ive been drooling over the thought of something bigger and more human phallic lately (cause tbh the anal teaser looks like a fucking dog dick or something)

anyway im drunk so i dont even know if this makes sense, but man i want some female dick in me

No. 428002

>female dick
Ew. You're definitely not a lesbian and I half doubt you're a real woman yourself.

No. 428028

File: 1561846473045.jpg (48.02 KB, 936x942, D3b-mXKX4AAcwLI.jpg)

> i fantasize about being with a trans women with a penis

thats a man. you want to be with a man anon.

No. 428029

bisexuals stop calling yourselves lesbians because you want to suck tranny dick challenge

No. 428246

the only goal i have in life is to look as androgynous as possible

No. 428258

Sure, Jonathan… ahem… "Jessica"

No. 428259

I'm a closeted bisexual. I've known since I was a teenager, but I keep it secret even from lgbt folks. My main reason is because I feel like they'd reject me as an attention whore and trender. Only my very close friends know.
Currently, I just can't stand males and really long for a girl. I know I'm not a lesbian though, I'm bisexual and that's not ever gonna change. I just wish I could be more open about it.

No. 428284

Crystal Cafe is that way.

No. 428325


You’re not alone anon. There are a lot of ex-TiF/ enby folks here so a lot of people know where you’re coming from.

For what it’a worth, I dress pretty neutrally, occasionally wear just some powder on my face, but still like some feminine things. That being said, even when I don something more womanly or wear extra makeup, I don’t really ever “feel” female. I never have. The only times I “feel” female are when I’m reminded that I am treated differently than men because of it, or I have uniquely female experiences, good or bad. But even that is just more of a sudden acure awareness than a true “feeling”.

I’ve peaked a lot of normie women in my life by just asking them what feeling female, or “knowing” you’re a woman is supposed to mean. Even the most normie women I know who like feminine things- can’t answer that question. But every single one of is agrees that being a female isn’t about a feeling- we just are. Men can’t be women. Relating to us, or being more comfortable around us, or liking culturally-bound things that “identify” us as women…none of those things make someone a woman. They can’t erase their maleness.

No. 428340

Have you ever had sex dreams with your parents? I have had a lot of sex dreams involving my dad, I had one tonight and it makes me want to fucking kill myself because it's disgusting. I'm 100% repulsed by my dad and this situation.

No. 428341

i had one involving my childhood friend's dad and it also made me want to die, when i woke up i felt like shit. it's really gross.

No. 428354

No, and I'm really thankful bc my dad is literally a gigolo tier whore that ruined his life in pursuit of getting laid, and I've unfortunately seen him have sex/get blown a bunch when I was a little kid, so I'm shocked the same hasn't happened to me. I don't think those dreams mean anything other than that our brains can be assholes.

No. 428552

File: 1561934361863.jpg (47.47 KB, 750x750, large.jpg)

When I was a child, I could never understand why women were with men. I thought women were very beautiful and thought men were disgusting looking. I feel neutral now, but now I'm thinking back on it… it's still kinda true. Women in general are better looking, that's ignoring grooming habits, and basing this on facial structure alone. The only men I find nice to look at tend to be very sharp and angular looking, somewhat feminine, and/or boyish looking.

No. 428579

Never with my dad but with my mom. Fucking disgusting, still bothers me to this day

No. 428599

Sex dreams are always fucked up and disgusting you have my sympathies.

No. 428693

Did he die from syphilis or something?

No. 428759

Yes. I was molested though so it's probably from trauma. Typical ptsd/nightmare/flashback thing.

Also had a really suggestive dream about my little sister. Fucked me up for a while.

No. 428843

Not with my parents but my brothers.
Try not to take it seriously, your brain just uses images you see around you and dreams don't actually have real meanings.

No. 428844

I've had one with my uncle and one with my mom. Grossest shit of my life and I can't understand why my brain would make up those scenarios as I've never been abused by a family member. Luckily, sex dreams quickly stopped after I stopped being a teenager.

No. 428874

I've had the same crush for 15 years now. Haven't even spoken to him in seven of them. I'm never getting better.

No. 428914

No dreams (or if I have I’ve blocked them from my memory) but occasionally I get intrusive thoughts of things like that. Random intrusive thoughts of my dad saying something gross & suggestive or him being naked (I’ve never seen him naked thank god, but my brain apparently thinks it’s fun trying to imagine) I also had the weirdest intrusive thoughts (delusions??) that like what if my brother was somehow suddenly using my husband’s (at the time just my boyfriend) account that I use to message him. I had to try a couple things like getting him to reply when I knew my brother was sleeping, or watching either of them to see if they were/weren’t using a phone/pc when I got the reply

No. 428997

File: 1562012311677.png (617.75 KB, 935x588, miku facepalms.png)

>but I chalk that up to him becoming "normalized" through work and homelife
That sounds endearing, almost like the story of beauty and the beast.

No. 429001


I did this exact thing but instead of spinning in a chair I was outside bouncing a basketball.

No. 429007

not about that close of family but about my cousins. embarrassingly had a crush on one of them bc I was such a loner and no other boy would ever talk to me lol

No. 429018

I feel really bad reading cow threads while simultanrously feeling really good.
Because I see them bashed for the smallest things and I feel good about it, despite being a really shitty person myself.
Like. I am naturally ugly. Extremely. I have severe depression that destroyed my motivation and also hygiene. I have a personality disorder which makes me completely incapable at forming relationships and absolutely useless in all social interactions. Despite being in my twenties, I doubt I will finish university (my attendance and grades are terrible and I already spent 8 years on a 5 year degree), I live with my mother, have no stable source of income and never held down a job. I have no friends, no romantic partner and I can stay home for weeks without going outside. I have issues with substance abuse and constant suicidal thoughts (I even failed at killing myself. 5 times. How do you fuck up that bad?) I've also done plenty of immoral and repugnant things in the past that haunt me till this day.
There's much more than that, but who cares really.

I know it's pretty common for pathetic people to get off on someone getting insulted or bashed, because you feel good about yourself. But I should not feel good. I am worse than many of your typical cows, I am just not vocal about it.
I sometimes see the whiteknights talking about how all "haters" are ugly/stupid/worthless themselves and it's actually true when you think about me.

No. 429036

Even if all those things are true, the thing that makes someone a cow is a persistent desire for attention, like, through instagram or youtube or facebook or whatever and refusal to better themselves, which is usually combined with a pretty nasty personality, like, spiteful and cruel in most respects. You might feel like a failure, but that alone isn't what makes a cow at all.

No. 429042

I like seeing the people put up on pedestals get flaws pointed out about them because it affirms that they're human. You'll find that there aren't too many degrees of separation between your situation and most cows if social media didn't exist to be their mouthpiece.

No. 429045

I have an extreme disgust and resentfulness towards most of my family and I often wish I could have been born to better people. I think about what my upbringing and eventual life would have turned out under the care of someone else.
I don't think I'm the problem.

No. 429057

Wtf anon that's not remotely comforting, or even true. There's a world of difference between being a cow and just a general failure.

No. 429064

Literally airing your life on public social media for strangers to read and judge.

No. 429067

Which personality disorder? Also what is your major?

No. 429076

And veterinary science basically. I am really bad at it though so I doubt anyone would hire me even if I actually enjoy being around animals.

No. 429090

it's dumb but i'll admit to resenting my parents for having me
they are doing their best and they have done their best but lbr neither of them are the type to have children
i look at them, then i look me, and i can't help but feel but trash is always going to spawn from trash

No. 429216

File: 1562046468597.jpeg (248.24 KB, 640x813, 0459B1E5-B98F-4F1E-9958-DC1E8F…)

I read a Luna poem yesterday and usually I hate her poetry and find it try hard but I liked it so much I saved it. I’m embarrassed.

No. 429585

I often ask stupid questions or questions that I could easily google and find answers because I'm lonely and just like to get any yous.

It's same with shitposting even if the response is negative.

No. 429691

I kind of hate to admit this and I don't like dogs, but I don't give a shit if our dogs nips you or even draws blood when you come into our yard uninvited, unannounced, ignoring TWO signs about the dog and even ringing the fucking doorbell that's right next to the fucking door in eye height.

No. 429700

>i don't like dogs
>our dogs

No. 429701

Yes, as in the family dog, that my brother brought home.
Should also be dog, not dogs.

No. 429709

I don't know if I'm into women or not and I hope that's not the case because I'll never be able to feel safe about it. I wish I could try to found out by maybe going on dates with women but I'm a kissless virgin who doesn't even know how any of this works and I'd be too worried about anyone finding out, even my close friends who are not even close to homophobic.

No. 429716

I’ve lost so much respect for my father. I caught him watching porn last night accidentally and worst of all it was teen porn. He lives in a house with five teenage daughters and I feel so fucking sick. I can’t quite look him in the eye or go back to respecting him ever again.

I’m just going to avoid him until I move out.

No. 429734

Fuck this. I am going to sound paranoid, but. Keep away, be careful, be safe, tell the other teens.
I caught my father as a kid, not really understanding. Later on, as a teen I ended up being molested and traumatised for life.

No. 429737

I'm fucking disgusting and a horrible feminist. I want to watch my fiance screw another chick and join in with them. Lately, we have talked about it a few times, especially during our honeymoon, and the thought really turns me on, but I have so many reservations, from the fear of him falling in love with her to the fear that I may not actually want this, but unconsciously doing this to get him interested in me sexually. All I know is that I'm worried that I'm losing myself.

No. 429742

What's hot about being cucked. You okay?

No. 429744

Cucks make me sad. How will him fucking another lady make him more interested in you? If you're only engaged and he's already lost interest (which ideally shouldn't happen anyway) things are not looking good.
Love yourself anon.

No. 429749

if i were you i would only go for it if he was also okay with doing it with a second guy. either both of us or none of us would be able to do it. at the end it's up to you, please don't force yourself to do anything you don't actually want to do.

No. 429758

I really don't know. I've never been into it at all, until he told me this story about him having sex with this foreign chick at his job a few years back and it turned me on. We started talking about it, and now I kind of want to do it. I've always been attracted to women so it wouldn't be hard to do, but still I feel gross.

It makes zero logical sense and I clearly have second thoughts. It's stupid but I don't even know how to bring it up and say lets not do this. I thought I was stronger.

Really good point. I'm going to ask him when he gets off of work, but I already know his answer: no.

No. 429764

Don't do it if it might negatively effect your relationship. Do whatever you are comfortable with. I guess you guys are engaged so I hope you don't have trust related issues or anything like that.

No. 429792

I don't know how to console anyone and have a terrible bedside manner. I usually just stay out of the way of upset people to avoid doing something insensitive. Depending on the person it's understandable, but I might be doing more harm than good for people who just prefer a presence to show they care. Anyone have some advice on how to be less emotionally constipated and console someone who is grieving right?

No. 430077

I'm not bitter but disappointed about life.

I have it going on in the traditional sense (physically), I can hold conversations with anyone, and I think I'm nice. I'm always trying to help because I have nothing else to do. I have no friends to hang out with.

My personality otherwise though is clinically depressed for 15+ years. I've been shat on by men and used for so long. I've never even been proposed to. I always dated bummy guys. I'll never have kids as I'm already past 30 and don't want them anymore anyways.

I'm finally with someone who has a great job and isn't some sort of felon. The problem again is me. Everything he does annoys me. I'm actually mean to him and bully him. That's not me in any other part of my life. But he brings out the worst in me.

I wish I knew what was wrong with me. This guy is obsessed with me. He wants to marry etc. I feel like I'm purposefully sabotaging it. Wtf is wrong with me.

No. 430247

File: 1562273630186.png (24.51 KB, 400x368, T15.png)

Watamote is one of my favorite manga, if not my favorite.
As someone that's turning twenty soon and hasn't grown out of her social ineptitude seeing her make friends and just, become a better person is sort of therapeutic. I wish I could've grown like that too, and I hope to do so in the future.
Lmao, the manga just has a special place in my heart.

No. 430252

Honestly, I’m tired of all this pc culture online and especially with black people. Now that the new little mermaid is going to be played by this black actress I just find it all very forced and I can’t picture her as ariel. I mean it’s happening whether we like it or not.

But the only people who are excited over this is black people, women especially. Most of the world doesn’t give a shit. We already know most people won’t be envious or care because it’s a black woman playing the role. No one cares when black people take leads anyway.

I’m half black myself and I just think the whole movie is going to be a total flop.

I’m just sick of there never being any original black characters most of the time especially when it comes to cosplay and black people force themselves to be characters because characters are so limited. I mean it shouldn’t matter. Any of it. Disney or whatever but it looks weird.

I just think there is something just unattractive when it comes to dark skinned black women wearing pink anime wigs the seifuku or trying to be kawaii when they’re not. The features are usually always harsh or they’re built like Thomas the tank engine and look awful.

There is a reason why certain things suit mostly white or Asian women. That type of shit never suits black women or even mixed women.

Also I don’t think the girl playing Ariel is that pretty. She looks like a snake and I don’t find her whimsical at all. Maybe if they chose another actress. I dunno.

It’s all just pc bull

No. 430262

File: 1562276620486.jpg (45.28 KB, 640x320, cinderella-whitney-brandy-1509…)

This isn't the first time a white Disney princess was played by someone black. In the 90s Brandy played Cinderella and no one gave a fuck. I bet if this movie came out today people would flip shit and cry about the evil sjw's lol

No. 430265

>I just think there is something just unattractive when it comes to dark skinned black women wearing pink anime wigs the seifuku or trying to be kawaii when they’re not

what does any of that have to do with the little mermaid

No. 430271

I understand wanting them to have chosen an actress who looks more like Ariel, but your "black women can't be cute, that's only for white/asian chicks!!!" shit is stupid. Sort yourself out.

No. 430276


I’m saying the style doesn’t suit them or mixed women have the time. You can’t lie and say it doesn’t look ridiculous on them.
It does. Black women look tragic in weave, pink frilly shit, anime and god knows what. That’s why they’re not as popular when it comes to that type of style. It’s a fact.

No. 430277



I’m saying the style doesn’t suit them or mixed women have the time. You can’t lie and say it doesn’t look ridiculous on them.
It does. Black women look tragic in weave, pink frilly shit, anime and god knows what. That’s why they’re not as popular when it comes to that type of style. It’s a fact.

No. 430278

I don't get how black people are celebrating black!Ariel when it's obviously a case of tokenism and outrage marketing. I'd expect people to ask for more original plots and original black characters, or adaptations of stories that are already about black people, at least from what I've been told by people online and irl for years. I'm glad I get almost no representation in international blockbusters when I see shit like that, it kinda sucks not seeing characters like you on screen all that much but at least I don't get to see token characters either. The representations we have in my country is absolute trash but that's the case for pop culture as a whole, except maybe for some youtubers, so it's not a big loss.

>Also I don’t think the girl playing Ariel is that pretty.

She looks ok imo. Not incredibly beautiful but not ugly either. I wonder if she'll have Ariel's iconic red hair in the movie but there's no way I'm paying to see any live-action Disney movie in theaters, these movies look boring.

No. 430280


No doubt they’d find something to bitch and moan about. But it’s happened before and it wasn’t as popular. That’s why this new movie is gaining all the attention.

No. 430281

My issues with this are 1. the double standards (instead of being happy with the cast, many still bring up the old argument about white actresses stealing black roles. just stop.), 2. the actress being ugly and 3. the fact that first Zendaya was in talks for the role and now her, meaning they very likely explicitly searched for a black woman, which makes that whole thing very forced and tryhard. We get it disney, you just can't ever get enough sweet bucks from kids (and cringy 30-year-old fanatics).

No. 430282


That’s the problem.
They throw the dog a bone everyone in a while to keep black people happy. Yet the won’t use black women for original new content and use them for things that’s already been made. Disney are just after honking up the ratings, ip and gaining in that sweet dime off these ten year old girls mothers. That’s all it is.

I dare dive into the twitter or tumblr tags. It’s full of autis who defend this type of shit.

Well the black Cinderella from 1997 had natural hair in braids. I don’t see why they can’t give the black community natural hair representation? I mean, she is a black woman right? They do want a black woman playing her. Why not give her braids with red beads on or something?

Nope. She’ll end up with a red ass weave.

I ain’t going to see this or any other live action Disney movie. I’m dreading the rest.

No. 430283

All women look stupid in pink frilly weeb shit and most teenage girls do too.

No. 430284

you're either self hating or a white person lying. there are black women who look great in wigs and cosplay and frilly clothes, and there are white women who look like shit in it, and there are asian people who look like shit in it too. people contain multitudes.

and again, what the fuck do anime and "pink frilly shit" have to do with a black girl being a fictional mermaid. do you realize how spergy you sound?

No. 430285


Thank YOU

No. 430287

How do you know her hair won't be natural?you're assuming things.

No. 430288

disney isn't making any original content, its remakes, star wars, and capeshit. theres nothing else. who cares if she has weave in the movie, shes half fish. no white woman IRL has fire engine red hair naturally either, anyone playing ariel would have to wear a wig.

No. 430290


I’m not lying.

How many black girls make it in kawaii fashion? Not many. It’s a dime a dozen. I’m sorry but it looks fucking ridiculous on them.

No. 430291

There aren't many white women who are popular in kawaii fashion either. Japanese fashion is pretty much dead in general. No one cares about Lolita etc anymore.

No. 430293

Not the other poster, but black girls don't make it in kawaii fashion, because kawaii fashion is dominated by Asians who want to see other light skinned Asians and maybe a skinny white person with doll-like features.

No. 430294


Because if they’re using a black woman it would be nice to actually see natural hair. Why not have representation if they’re going this far?

Ariel was white. She was a ginger.

How many black people who’s not mixed or from that one lone village in Africa with blonde hair do you know have red hair? I get it’s disney and she’s a mermaid. But ariels sisters have natural looking coloured hair too and all the other lanky white girls who played previous Disney princess roles all had their own hair.

Why it is when a black woman stars in something it’s always some dodgy bad wig. I’m saying use braids or a weave that at least looks like her hair. Not a fucking red weave. That would just look awful.

Black Cinderella had black hair. Why can’t Ariel?

No. 430295

most people into kawaii fashion are white and asian, so white and asian weebs are more likely to follow other white and asian weebs.

and nobody actually "makes it" in kawaii fashion, its all empty instagram followers and a sponsorship to spreepicky, thats not success.

No. 430296


But they’re more popular and you can’t deny that.

No. 430297


And again, black people look shit in cosplay and kawaii fashion. They don’t suit it lmao.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 430298

Well to everyone sperging about a black girl playing a Disney character, you should at least be happy they didn't make her a troon. Which is going to happen in the near future I bet.

No. 430299

Ariel is a fucking mermaid, she can have unnaturally colored hair because shes not human. If Ariel was a ginger then the face characters at the disney parks would be using natural ginger hair, but no, they wear wigs, all the princesses at the parks wear wigs.

And Lily James in Cinderella 2015 had extensions in and she had to dye her hair blonde because she wasn't naturally a blonde.

we literally explained why they aren't as popular, but it isn't like the "popular" white and asian ~kawaii fashion models look any better.

No. 430304

>my subjective opinion is fact

Again, I'm not saying it's flawless casting (I actually don't give a shit and won't be seeing the movie anyway 'cause live-action adaptations of animated movies are stupid), I just think you're being ridiculous and your self-hatred is showing.

No. 430368

File: 1562297748019.png (751.5 KB, 1000x662, 1559942086979.png)

>There is a reason why certain things suit mostly white or Asian women. That type of shit never suits black women or even mixed women.
Cringy. Just because you and your particular genetic strain are unfortunate doesn't mean that's true for all of us.
I'm pretty sick of self-hating, unattractive black/mixed people trying to blame their black ancestry for their bad luck. It just encourages the stupid "You're too cute/smart/thin/long-haired to really be this race, you must be mixed. No???? Oh you must be one of those Ethiopians with white features or something!!" meme on all of us who don't fit that narrative.
You're like femcels who think your race is why you're a failure, when the truth is, even if you were white, you'd probably still come out looking like PT or Mira and eternally curse your white heritage for not being born a 10/10 Japanese girl.
Next time, please insult yourself alone. Don't involve everyone in your misery. Just admit you're jealous of prettier girls and be done with it. Better yet, actually improve yourself and do something about your looks instead of whining all the time about how you're a negroid and therefore can't ever look cute.

No. 430386

File: 1562302753280.png (497.36 KB, 511x595, nyane.png)

b-but black women can't be kaweewee uwu only my precious nips are allowed to be!!!

No. 430387

Please anon don't give them ideas, just thinking about it makes my skin crawl

No. 430388

Never will happen cause one of Disney’s biggest markets is Asian countries and they won’t go for that, kek

No. 430392

Is there a reason why some of you seem to think it's a great idea to start a dialogue about race in the confessional threads?

Racebaiting is an automatic 4 day ban. Taking the bait will be a 2 day ban. Don't entertain this shit.

No. 430413


Oh fuck off.

Not everyone finds blacks attractive in general let alone kawaii shit. Most people girls don’t suit it hell white girls just about get away with it if they’re dolly looking. Black girls are barely into the style apart from the few weebs that are about and even then they’re fat, dumpy looking with big tits. It’s obvious they’re never popular when it comes to cutesy fashion or cosplay. The only people who ever uplift black women who do all that are other black women. No one else or maybe a small portion of white people or whatever else.

There is a reason why black women just stick to the typical insta style. It’s the only thing that suits them. Jeans, sneakers or the odd girl who’s into pin up fashion.

I’m sorry but big wide noses, big lips and dark skin looks terrible among a pink pastel wig, a child looking dress more than some white girl. The white girl may be dumpy and hideous too. But at least the features actually suit the bangs or stupid wig and make up more.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 430414


She’s literally a instahoe and she wears the same generic Kylie fashion like the rest of them do. The only reason she’s more appealing to look at is because her nose is slimmer and her face is more europeanised with daintier features. Most blacks don’t even look like this

No. 430416


Ariel is a white Mermaid with red fucking hair. The rest of her sisters even have natural toned hair. Why is this so hard to understand?

Black women do not naturally have red hair. Jesus.

They might not even give her red hair because they constantly change everything in these shitty live action movies.

Giving that actress red hair is just ridiculous. They should just keep it natural looking because she’s fucking black. She already wears braids, why not give her braids? They did it for the black Cinderella.

Black women don’t naturally have red hair and giving her red hair it just ghetto 101. Red hair looks shit on black women anyway. Even when Rihanna had it and every black and mixed woman dyed their hair to copy - even that looked bad. This won’t be any better.

No. 430432

Ah yes, Ariel, the black Danish mermaid

Are they at least planning to change the setting to make the black casting appropriate? I don’t understand the point of changing pre-established characters appearances/sex/race on a whim, it rarely adds anything to it other than confusion.

Although to all of the people complaining about Ariel needing to have red hair, I’m pretty sure the original little mermaid was a blonde from the Hans Christian Anderson story, at least all the illustrated versions I’ve ever seen have been blonde

No. 430439

>Admin literally says not to do some shit
>continue anyway, not just once but twice
Can you take your blackcel woes to /pol/ or something? Nobody here finds it anything anything less than retarded and pathetic.

No. 430444

this. the original little mermaid had her committing suicide and turning into sea foam when the prince marries the wicked witch I'm pretty sure. just cause disney cast a redhead (in a hideous pink dress incidentally, nice gross 80s token fashion choice) doesn't mean every example of the little mermaid needs to be a pasty ginger.
it's a narrative with no explicit "look" to the characters until someone makes it into a movie.
it's not like JK pulling the HERMIONE IS BLACK card when she obvs wasn't. this is just the interpretation of the narrative with a POC cast in the lead role.
I'm sure if they had've cast a redhead people would have bitched that there wasn't enough POC representation.
we're living in the White Whine times, just let them moan about it. fucking morons.

No. 430454

File: 1562324385402.png (109.3 KB, 858x294, wsrh.png)

The ironic thing is that I've only seen random adults getting mad about Ariel, especially grown-ass men who weren't part of the target audience in the first place.
Like…this is for children in the end, not spergy, Disney-obsessed adults.
Pic related put it into perspective for me. No sane adult gives a shit about this or is complaining that the movie is "ruined".

No. 430456

This sounds like bullshit because Ariel was not really a ginger. Maybe I'm a rare case here, but I never actually looked at Ariel, ever, and thought "ginger". Her hair is quite literally bright red. Like, Manic Panic red. That doesn't translate to "pasty, copper-haired ginger" in any universe, really. The issue is obviously being pushed by weird "it's okay to be white" guys who aren't part of the target demo, they're just using it to push their sliiightly veiled white supremacist silliness.

No. 430477

I think changing a character's skin tone is ridiculous. Be it white to black, black to asian, etc. If you wanna do a story like this with a black character why didn't they pick The Princess and The Frog or some other story comes from this ethnicity's culture? I mean in the end I don't give a fuck and I think it's pathetic to see so many grown men crying over this, but I dislike the attempt at pandering when they could have picked a more appropriate way.

No. 430481

I have a conspiracy theory that they are intentionally making the live action movies quite different from the animations due to some copyright thing. Maybe they are not allowed, from one subsection of Disney to the other, to use the exact likeness of the characters. I think there were some issues with the live action Mulan specifically due to problems licencing certain characters. So the black Ariel is their way out of being sued from within Disney for infringement.
Most edgy emo girls wanted to see their Manic Panic princess, but it was never gonna happen, the same reason the Lion King live action are realistic CG instead of much more appealing cartoony CG lions (that a few people photoshopped together and it looked great). Pretty sure Triton from the musical/stage version is a hunky black guy too so there's some previous. Beauty and the Beast was pretty similar to the movie so maybe I'm wrong, but perhaps only certain movies have licencing issues and that's how we get these results.

No. 430487

it seems silly that you care so much about this, when you seem to be totally fine with Princess and the Frog. which got this same backlash for making the princess black, when she originally wasn't lol. all that really happened after P&tF was released, was that it changed the lives of black girls in a positive way.

nothing about the story says she needs to be white or ginger or anything anyway.

No. 430491

Well the thing is that I don't care and I mentioned this movie because it's the only Disney movie I know with a black princess. I don't know about its roots either. This doesn't change shit in my life. lol

No. 430501

File: 1562331538147.jpg (16.89 KB, 236x236, 9e59573d61e553ea14c5e9d84fc366…)

I wanted to like P&tF as a kid, but it was boring and I hated that the princess was a frog most of the time.
I kind of wish they had made something loosely based on African mythology.
A story related to Yemoja would've been great as a more mysterious, beautiful parallel to The Little Mermaid IMO. Then again, it could've been seen as offensive, so I dunno.

No. 430523

Aren't troons obsessed with mermaids bc no gender or whatever… gag

No. 430531

Instead of race swapping characters why don't they just tell a new story? Why can't they use the work of a black author? I think bringing something created by black people from their own culture to a wider audience would be a far better representation of black people than just repurposing a remake. It would be something fresh and different that people would welcome rather than another stale rehash that has a token black character for commercial woke points. It makes no sense.

No. 430567

I’m the anon that brought up changing setting to fit the casting, to me Princess and the Frog is a good representation of that - the film was set in New Orleans so it made sense for the protagonist to be black, they also changed the dynamics of the character to better fit their race. I’m worried with Ariel they’re going to cop out and it’s just going to be a recoloured Little Mermaid

No. 430583

black Ariel doesn't upset me at all, and this is coming from someone who absolutely loved the original little mermaid growing.

People will get mad at this because they're significantly changing the appearance of the iconic character, other people will call those people racist, another group of people will see this on social media or wherever and be made aware of the movie thus creating free advertising, diehard progressives will go see the movie purely because of the issue, parents will still take their kids to see it regardless, and the amount of people boycotting it will be marginal. The angrier people get the more people will watch it just to spite them.

the politicization of our culture has unlocked a whole new demographic of consumers, people now pay to watch movies not only to be entertained but also to feel virtuous, they've somehow managed to get people to feel like they're somehow morally righteous by going to the cinema, I think that's a big part of what is driving western society to the left so much, it's ultimately profitable for companies to market their shitty products on the basis that they're more diverse or tolerant, it's creating a feedback loop, the media is making people more progressive and the people are making the media more progressive in a constant effort to one-up everybody else as the most progressive.

any decision made by a corporation the size of Disney has been heavily weighed and analyzed beforehand to ensure maximum profitability, they don't give a f*ck about black people or making quality movies (anymore) it's all about the bottom line.

the other reason I don't care is because who wants to watch a live action mermaid movie that just sounds like a awkward movie to begin with, make it a cartoon and I might still watch it even if you make Ariel a nigger.

No. 430585

black Ariel doesn't upset me at all, and this is coming from someone who absolutely loved the original little mermaid growing.

People will get mad at this because they're significantly changing the appearance of the iconic character, other people will call those people racist, another group of people will see this on social media or wherever and be made aware of the movie thus creating free advertising, diehard progressives will go see the movie purely because of the issue, parents will still take their kids to see it regardless, and the amount of people boycotting it will be marginal. The angrier people get the more people will watch it just to spite them.

the politicization of our culture has unlocked a whole new demographic of consumers, people now pay to watch movies not only to be entertained but also to feel virtuous, they've somehow managed to get people to feel like they're somehow morally righteous by going to the cinema, I think that's a big part of what is driving western society to the left so much, it's ultimately profitable for companies to market their shitty products on the basis that they're more diverse or tolerant, it's creating a feedback loop, the media is making people more progressive and the people are making the media more progressive in a constant effort to one-up everybody else as the most progressive.

any decision made by a corporation the size of Disney has been heavily weighed and analyzed beforehand to ensure maximum profitability, they don't give a f*ck about black people or making quality movies (anymore) it's all about the bottom line.

the other reason I don't care is because who wants to watch a live action mermaid movie that just sounds like a awkward movie to begin with, make it a cartoon and I might still watch it even if you make Ariel a nigger.

No. 430589

Because that would mean working on a new IP from scratch, which costs too much time and money compared to shitting out a remake of a classic movie. Regardless of the race of anyone involved, Disney knows that no matter how great or terrible their remakes are, they'll sell a lot of tickets (well, except maybe Dumbo) so they can do whatever they want, except putting LBGT characters because of China being a huge market and banning or censoring that stuff.

No. 430596

I can't believe people actually care about a black Ariel… Who cares? Like people's lives must be really fucking easy to care about that. Like it, watch it. Don't like it, don't watch it. Nothing more, nothing less.

No. 430597

Black Ariel is the most contrived, fake controversy I've ever seen.
Talk about a non-issue.

No. 430604

File: 1562348596721.jpg (13.72 KB, 480x360, 480full-the-little-mermaid-scr…)


I only dislike diverse casting if it's done for obvious political reasons that don't match the setting, like casting a sub Saharan African in medieval England, or if the character is a sassy WOKE PoC put in to BTFO old white men in the most Mary Sue fashion.

This doesn't seem like either, plus real nibbas remember there were canonically black mermaids in the Little Mermaid TV show.

No. 430611

I'm against that too, but I just find people's overreactions funny. On one hand, there's a type of person that REEEE'd over Ghost in the Shell using a white actress for Major, but most of those people are happy about a black Ariel. On the other hand, you have people have people that don't usually give a shit when they change a character's race call people snowflakes or PC if you whine about it, but now they care about a black Ariel. It's all bullshit.

No. 430612

The only reason I don’t like her as Ariel is because her eyes are too far apart for my tastes. The whole OMGZ BLACK thing is literally a non issue, ppl just buttmad

No. 430613

Yeah the fake outrage over GitS was equally dumb.i feel lost sometimes as a politically moderate person. Latest hot take is that the original 13 colony American flag is now a hate symbol celebrating slavery? Why does everything have to turn into a partisan battleground.

No. 430617

Well apparnelty, allegedly neo nazis have been co-opting it because the confederate flag is a nono

No. 430619

I would say the same since I don't care about Ariel so who gives a shit. But I care about the Witcher series since those books make a big part of my childhood and seeing an Indian being cast recently as Yennifer who in no way resembles her, made me a bit angry.

It's easy to say don't care, but when something dear to you is being changed for the sake of wokeness, then people have the right to express their frustrations.

No. 430628

This is a really cool idea but you know Disney is lazy trash and will just keep remaking. I wish they kept Ariel white and red hair, I was never going to see it anyway cos I'm an adult but what pisses me off is the hypocrisy of it all. If Ariel was originally black and they made her white you know she wouldn't just be a FiCtiOnAl FiSh then. Smh.

No. 430641

Extremely on point comment, so much agree. Too bad you couldn't resist being 2edgy there at the end.

No. 430665

If they kept Ariel white but made her blonde people would be equally upset. I don't buy that people that complain are doing so bc they're racist. I think they're complaining because they're immature and can't handle change.

No. 430686

File: 1562359452053.jpeg (80.02 KB, 600x800, B1S9eqTCMAA2Z-p.jpg-large.jpeg)

The thick red hair and the way it was animated to move under the water is Ariel's most distinctive feature. People today would have been fine with black Cinderella because she retained her most distinctive feature-her blue gown. People were probably chiefly excited to see a red-haired QT playing Ariel and are disappointed but I don't think anyone is spitting mad or anything. It's just an eye-roll worthy move.

No. 430688

You can have your opinion anon and I don't mean to attack it but it's such a 2/10 pointy elbows comment it made me giggle

If they're insisting on having a black girl, at least they've picked someone who can sing, so we don't have to suffer through Emma Watson's soulless horrible autotune in the Beauty and the Beast movie. That was peak gimmicky casting.

No. 430689

She was so wooden in the movie, Jesus Christ

No. 430698

I'm just wondering why all the people mad about Ariel's race being changed
aren't mad about these examples
What's crazy is that some of the people on this list are actual people, while Ariel is a fictional character

No. 430702


Disney’s version takes place in the Caribbean so if anything she should have been black/brown in the first place. The crab had a Jamaican accent and they were near the coral reef lol.

No. 430708

Yeah, I actually read an interesting tumblr post about someone trying to date the original animated movie from the visuals and they placed it in the Caribbean in the mid 1800's. Like, Eric's castle had palm trees growing on the beach, it didn't take place in fucking Denmark.

The post in case anyone's curious: https://raeynbowboi.tumblr.com/post/184890313371/dating-disney-the-little-mermaid

No. 430714

File: 1562364736624.jpg (738.22 KB, 1079x1744, Screenshot_20190705-171154_Chr…)

This makes the most sense of anything I've seen so far, except that the native people of the Caribbean islands aren't black. Africans were brought there as slaves in the 1600s. Not trying to be all white supremacist or anything. Ariel probably should've looked like pic related if people are trying to be "historically accurate" (as much as a story about mermaids can be kek.)

No. 430716

All this is making me think about is how disappointed I am that Sofia Coppola abandoned her Little Mermaid project. It probably would've been good and more similar to the original story - darker, more morbid

As someone who was obsessed with The Little Mermaid when I was little, I honestly don't care that they made Ariel black because I would not go see the Disney remake anyway

No. 430725

Who gives a shit what color Ariel is? It's the story that's good. It's not like it's some fucking Tyler Perry Madea movie.

>Sofia Coppola
I would've loved that. No matter the colors involved.

No. 430740

I want to dump my boyfriend and get back together with my ex, we dated for years and we broke up so he could go to school. He's casually seeing a mutual friend right now and it's really fucking me up

No. 430744

IIRC she pulled out of the project because she didn’t want to work on such a large, big budget film and it was too difficult to film it almost entirely underwater in a natural environment . It would’ve been so good tho, I love how her films unapologetically embrace femininity

No. 430761

i eat quite a bit of coarsely ground sea salt or simple kosher salt plain everyday. i love the texture and the taste its so good. i have a container of salt next to my stove for when i cook so its handy but i find myself taking a pinch throughout the day almost constantly.
its not just any salt, table salt sucks and is super nasty but i love eating salt so much.

No. 430764

File: 1562376916201.png (1.14 MB, 682x699, uu.PNG)

my issue w black ariel isn't that she's black, it's that she's fucking ugly
gabriella is latina

No. 430765

that photo looks like a childs drawing, thats really her face? omg

No. 430776

I saw a lot of actual japanese people pissed about scarjo in gits, it had to do with that paired with something else in the movie I forgot though.

No. 430784

Not to sound crass, but I don't think I've ever seen eye sockets so uneven. Good for her for making it in the acting scene with looking this way, honestly. It makes me feel a bit better to know that women in Hollywood at least have a chance parallel to men for not being 10/10 hot.

No. 430795

Honestly, she looks better in other pictures, but she's got a real unfortunate case of hammerhead eyes.

No. 430803

this is ugly? i thinks shes gorgeous

No. 430810

Same, anon. I'm not even pleased with the casting and but I still think that she's really cute and pretty.

No. 430820

I'm happy with the Ariel casting because Little Mermaid diehards have always been the most annoying chunk of Disney fans. I might finally enjoy this movie if its a little less manic pixie and a little more cool sea creature.

No. 430827

She’s not conventional white girl pretty but she’s cute as heck even gorgeous, especially her eyes. Her features also look waaaaay more like I would imagine a mermaid than original Ariel

No. 430835

I think she's really pretty and has a Disney princess face with the big eyes and smile. Like, I could imagine her being a face character at Disneyland or in an ice show or something. I don't think she is great for Ariel because the red hair is too iconic and probably won't suit her, but I can see her as a mermaid princess in general.

No. 430840

This is old but I had sex with my boyfriend while my dad slept in the same room.
We were going back to college and stayed in a hotel room before moving back in. My dad was in one bed and my boyfriend and I were in the other. My dad said it was fine for us to share a bed as long as we didn’t have sex bc he would be there and didn’t wanna see it. I agreed but we were apart for the summer and letting us sleep in a hotel bed together on our first night back together was basically guaranteeing sexual frustration. Still, it was super shitty of me to do.
It was super brief, super quiet and we felt so guilty after—like what the fuck did we just do. We kissed for a while, super fucking quiet and then my bf slid in and slowly thrusted in spooning position until it got too awkward. We couldn’t finish due to guilt because as I said before, it was terrible for us to do that to my poor dad.
My dad definitely did not catch us. He’s the deepest sleeper and worst snorer you will ever have the misfortune of meeting (or god forbid sharing a room with). He was snoring as he does and absolutely deep asleep when it happened.
This was nearly a year ago btw.

No. 430846

File: 1562396498805.jpg (141.15 KB, 1600x1112, 4ee7aa4eb181aad1af3e75c5fbc89d…)

i have a crush on belle delphine. i think she is really funny and our music tastes are similar. i wish she also tried to make some non-sexual content because i'm interested to see more of her personality. i want to cuddle with her and listen to some normie sad lo-fi music. i think she's probably straight though. fuck everything

No. 430852

Truly a shame worthy confession

No. 430861

Well, she's pretty. That dark hair does not suit her though

No. 430871

>more ugly bitter bitch essays
The fact that I can't relate even slightly to this proves that it's a "you" issue, not a racial one.
What part of "Next time, please insult yourself alone" can't you understand?

No. 430918


That would have been interesting and compelling

Oh I love how people whine about black love interests or white characters being turned black but no one points out how the love interest for Tiana was a Middle Easterner for literally no reason

No. 430919

You can be black Latina dummy. Why do the crazy non blacks think black women only have one phenotype

No. 430922

I IRL Ship Meghan Murphy and Benjamin Boyce and hope the end up together

No. 430923

I have been having pretty disgusting sexual fantasies for a while now.
I think being exposed to porn at a very young age and being sexually abused as a child and being groomed into a relationship with an older man when I was a preteen really fucked me up. It is weird because I do not get turned on by these things IRL but only when I am masturbating. Also, I stop being turned on by these fantasies when I no longer consume porn. Do I have a female type of porn sickness? It hasnt effected my sexuality but when I masturbate I think of the most immoral things to get off to sometimes.

No. 430927

I would go even further and ask why Disney seems so scared to make a movie with an African setting (with people, of course, Lion King doesn't count.)

No. 430929

High risk, low demand, but of course high risk works always create the most compelling aristry and projects. But you know corporations are lazier and greedier than ever.

No. 430930

But there are still more people on the continent of Africa (and the U.S., to a lesser degree) that could relate than, say, in the whole of the Polynesian islands (Moana.)

No. 430942

Lol true. I secretly think they just have an agenda against doing African centric stories and instead just wanna cause a shitstorm by turning white characters into black or mulattoes tbh.
I think they also wanna push interracial and mix racing agenda on black people, which is why Prince Eric will be non black in this movie just like Princess and the Frog.

No. 430945

>crushing on someone who would never give you the time of day at best and treat you like an expendable wallet at worst
Between you and the neckbeards, I just don't get it.

No. 430955

but i don't want to treat her like creepy incels and pay $2500 for nudes and shit. i don't think she is a mean person, she'd probably be pretty nice if we tried to talk as friends. or maybe this is just me wishful thinking idk

No. 430961

Wishful thinking, anon. It's not that you'd consciously give her things, it's that she'd find a way into manipulating you into giving her things. Nice and genuine people aren't scammers and e-beggars.

No. 431180

It’s plenty clear that you don’t like her lmao nta but I’d like to believe that she’s just out there scamming incels and is nice to women.
Confession but Belle is rather good at being private and not acting spergy like the majority of e whores, it shows she has some emotional intelligence. All of her posts and interactions are just memery and very impersonal, idk how retarded men can think they have some connection with her kek lowkey think she’s a farmer.

No. 431225

I think I need to start taking medication for depression. I'm going to set up an appointment with a doctor.
I have people I love dying and worse. I've had depression for 15+ years. Been hospitalized once; learned my lesson (if you know what I mean). I can't kill myself yet because one very ill person relies on me. But I can't get through my days anymore, I need to check out.

I'm going to see about getting on something to make me numb.
Any suggestions? Please!

No. 431228

nta but some people dislike her for her pedobait. I am down with her scamming scrots, but I also think people who dislike her for the pedobait have a point too.

No. 431233

If you think you're actually at risk, and that you have no choice, then go for it. Medication does technically work, at least for the short term.

The downside is that you're unlikely to ever come off them. And I can attest that there is no bigger hell that Venlafaxine withdrawal. Of course they won't tell you this, but it cost me $3000 in lost wages and 6 months of withdrawal pain to get off completely.


No. 431237

>thinking she's only scammed scrotes
Well in addition, the sex workers whom she stole pictures from and convinced the greasebeards it was actually her in order to scheme more money.
Yeah, she's sooo nice to women and that's why she's exploited them and panders little girl pedoshit.

Drop your stupid ass dyke crush, she'd never give a fuck about you.

No. 431251

She is "nice to women" for the image, she really doesn't give a single fuck about women.

No. 431261

Idaf about her attention? I’m anon ffs.
>drop your stupid ass dyke crush
Yikes I’m not even that anon but way to sound like a pearl clutching Jehovas witness in the confession thread. Pretty sure the selling swer pic thing was a one time thing. Who was the victim of that exactly? Pedo baiting whores are dime a dozen but I don’t see y’all wishing rape upon them kek Go back to your dead ass thread to reee about ahegao or something.

No. 431298

>puh-puh-pearl clutching!
>y-y-you wish rape on her!
Lol, I'll say a prayer for your stupidity.

No. 431303

Thank you for your response.
I understand that these are made to be addictive, to support bs pharma. I've tried vitamins, I exercise daily, I'm just broken. I just need to be numb till I can eventually end my time here on Earth.

I'm going to read the article you linked and definitely think about it more carefully before I start anything. Thank you.

No. 431369

>greentexting random things that still doesn’t betray my point

No. 431416

i unironically listen to the hit or miss song when i'm alone. it's stuck in my head.

No. 431431

Honestly I find a lot of meme songs are really catchy or fun to listen to on their own, like the Ricardo song or the song that plays in the "ladies and gentlemen we got him" meme

I think it runs in the family, one day I walked in to see my dad using the Apple TV to play Never Gonna Give You Up on the living room TV. He was like "what? I love this song"
>tfw rickrolled by my own father and he didn't even know

No. 431432

You need to chill and properly read the posts you are replying to.

No. 431433

>implying you had one (USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 431464

I fucking masturbated to a video of a guy fucking a goddamn sex doll. what the fuck is wrong with me, why the fuck do i do shit like this?

No. 431465

i was once in a lululemon that was playing a remixed version of never gonna give you up. hearing that song in public made everything seem ten times weirder

No. 431466

I don't have daddy issues, but my bf is like a copy of my dad. I've had sex dreams with my mom.
Both my parents and my boyfriend are amazing people so it's not trauma.

No. 431472

Brains are just weird. I don't think dreaming weird shit necessarily means anything.

No. 431487

A guy I was dating broke up with me specifically because I looked and sounded like his sister

No. 431501

It's pretty common to end up with someone who's like you're mom/dad. Like, exceptionally so. Most believe that the reason for this is because your parents are your first model for what an adult relationship is like, and you sort of internalize that. There's really no reason to fell bad about it or like it's somehow incestuous.

No. 431558

This. I recently accepted that my boyfriend is a a blend of my two friend's dads that I wish were my dad when I was a kid.
It makes sense, on a subconscious level I'm ensuring that if we had kids then they would have a good dad.

No. 431560

Reminder that Ashley Tisdale covered "Never Gonna Give You Up".

No. 431588

My first boyfriend was pretty much my dad in temper. Unstable, would drink and fight… Oh boy. I learned my lesson and now this is one of the first things I look for to avoid.

No. 431750

My boyfriend has an ID (intellectual disability) and I can't tell if the communication problems we've been having lately are because I'm not making myself clear in a way he can understand or if he's just being a tool and not listening or trying to understand me. I don't expect him to just blindly agree with everything I say but it always seems like black and white with him. No compromise or coming to an agreement. It's never bothered me before but we're getting very close to legally living together, so not being able to communicate is going to make us both miserable in the long run.

No. 431911

I ghosted a guy but he totally deserved it. We weren't in a relationship but he was all over me and started acting like a jealous creep.

No. 431914

Every sexual encounter I’ve had with a man has been regretful. I’m not sure if I’m asexual or whatever. I do enjoy masturbating and I do get turned on, but I don’t think my sex drive is as high as most people.

I enjoy the attention I get from someone wanting to have sex with me and flirting with me, the intimacy. That’s it.

No. 431921

I’ve been depressed for the majority of my life but it’s really ramped up in terms of severity. I could never tell my loved ones this but it feels hopeless at this point. I’ve internally given up.

No. 431922

I don't know why I'm in a relationship. My mental illness prevents me from ever believing someone could genuinely love me. It feels empty.

No. 431938

Are these casual sexual encounters or relationships? Are these people good to you or are they selfish lovers? When you have sex with people, do they do it how you like it? Do you have clear communication and feel comfortable? Does it feel good at any point or do you just want it to end? So many questions.

No. 431949

my confession is that part of me dies every time i see a woman in a religious head covering. like yeah we're supposed to be accepting of other people's religions and blah blah blah but it still makes part of me die inside.

No. 431952

Why? Is it because you think they're all oppressed?

No. 431953

I feel the same way. I'll never see the hijab as anything other than a misogynist symbol.

No. 431954

Once I had a muslim coworker remove her headcover like it was nothing. She said most of her family doesn't bother wearing it but she chooses to do it. Knowing that some women wear it without pressure from family changed my perspective a bit.

No. 431961

If you have to cover a part of your body that isn't the genitals for "modesty", whereas your male counterparts can somehow be modest without it, then yes, you're oppressed.

For me the worst thing is seeing little children as young as 4 wearing a hijab.

No. 431966

>yeah we're supposed to be accepting of other people's religions and
Nope, you really don't have to be. In a world where children are being molested in churches no matter the denomination or faith, I think it's time we start being a little less tolerating of the archaic bullshit. That goes for Islam and Christianity (all of it, not just Catholicism.)

No. 431967

>yeah we're supposed to be accepting of other people's religions and
Nope, you really don't have to be. In a world where children are being molested in churches no matter the denomination or faith, I think it's time we start being a little less tolerating of the archaic bullshit. That goes for Islam and Christianity (all of it, not just Catholicism.)

No. 432005

In some cases yes, but even if a free woman decides to wear a head covering because of her religion, the religious text she's obeying is still having her do it for extremely misogynistic reasons that you can't escape.

that's relieving to hear. I wish more people thought like this. I'm always afraid to criticize religion. I'm not even against religion per se, I just hate how the world's most popular religions are so barbaric and archaic. and even though I have a bit of a hate boner for Catholicism, the other sects of Christianity really don't get criticized enough. the American sects/denominations (not sure what the proper terminology is?) are some of the absolute worst. a lot of them are extremely cult-y with lots of child abuse, incest and rape that everyone just turns a blind eye too. I wish there was more awareness of them and maybe something would change.

No. 432008

idk about other religions but my country's majority is muslim and most hijabi girls i know have been forced by their families around the ages of 12-15. yes, some people do it on their own will but still, the meaning behind hijab is still misogynistic. you have to cover up because you're a woman, if you don't then you are trying to provoke men. they use it as an excuse to blame rape victims.

No. 432071

scummy but i gotta get it out somewhere how much i miss the guy i used to emotionally cheat with. when i got called out on talking to him i decided to do the adult thing and cut off all communications in every form so it's been a couple years since we've talked but i know he still tries to find me on sites because randomly i'll see him try to add me on something and immediately block.
i don't miss being a scumbag but some people just have that effect on you i guess (if you're weak willed like me).

No. 432153

Why don't you just break up with your BF?

No. 432269

we've been together so long and i actually treasure our relationship, i just have that one nagging thing. i would instantly regret acting on it.

No. 432489

I'm planning to cheat on my bf this weekend and I don't even feel bad about it.

He won't have sex with me, its been 2 years without and he's happy as larry about it, but wont consider an open relationship so basically my sexual needs are not met and he doesn't care. I'm financially bound to keep living with him (its complicated) and can't move out but I'm fed up. In the last 6 months I've lost 50lbs, taken up sports and hobbies, and all around tried to be the best version of myself and he's still uninterested in me. He drinks too much, has gotten real fat, doesn't do anything to help around the house, has no hobbies besides going to the pub. I've tried really hard to get him to change or see what I'm going through but he doesn't care. He knows I can't leave because of the money stuff. He doesn't care that I'm unhappy. We've had multiple conversations about it and he's absolutely aware how unhappy I am but he doesn't care. I'm trapped in this relationship where I'm more like his mother than his partner and it's never going to change.

So I've met a seriously fit guy online, who actually likes me and wants me, and I'm meeting him on Sunday. I know this makes me a garbage person but I genuinely don't care any more. Worst case scenario he finds out and we break up, best case scenario I get my cake and eat it.

No. 432491

Wow. Why are you even with this guy in the first place? I now you said you are financially dependent but… Just say you're broke but you wanna keep living together. He can go after someone else, and you do too.

No. 432492


He doesn't want to do that. We've had that conversation already.

I know its fucked but it is what it is

No. 432494

Lmao why would he pay for her/you if she/you break(s) up with him?!

No. 432495


Beats me. Like I said the financial stuff is complicated.

No. 432498

What is the "financial stuff" because it doesn't make sense if you're not dependent on him and yet you can't leave due to it.
Sounds miserable.

No. 432499


Basically I'm somewhat financially dependent. We have joint accounts/business together which can't exactly be non-intertwined. We're a couple in name only at this point, which he's fine with. Part of me thinks he might have a cuck fetish which is why he seems to have pushed me to this point - else he'd have agreed to an open relationship.

It's weird AF and I'm saving up money to leave but it'll take months and I'm at the end of my rope tbh

(And again I know I'm still a shitbag person and I'm doing a bad thing. Just this thread is the only place I can talk about it)

No. 432501

Unless he knows about your cheating and condones it, he's not a cuck so much as an asshole who doesn't quite care about you or how much he's pushing you away. Do you know what he'll do if he finds out you've cheated? Does he care about that?

No. 432502


I don't think that he'd react much. Probably be annoyed at most. I think you're right, he doesn't care much about me or the pushing away. I think he cares more about keeping up appearances than anything else.

No. 432503

As long as he's not going to turn violent or kick you out of the joint accounts on adultery I think it's okay too. You'll probably be fine, it's just a shame you can't leave him now.

No. 432505


No he's like a dictionary definition of soyboy beta.

I should leave, should have left a long time ago. Just a shit situation for all involved. Don't wish him ill but I can't fix the problems in the relationship that he's the root of.

No. 432510

r/amitheasshole is my favorite subreddit. I don't have an account so I never vote or weigh in, but it's fun scrolling through the comments to see if my thoughts on the matter are validated through other posts.

No. 432538

i feel really shallow for saying this but i just am not attracted to fat people, mainly fat dudes.

i'm talking about the pot bellied, no distinction between the chin and the neck type. part of it is shallow and part of it is because of some of the creeps that hit on me when i was growing up, who looked exactly like that.

there's a dude rn who won't leave me alone who looks like a younger version of dan schneider and it makes me want to die every time he sends suggestive messages and asks to meet up. it's worse cause he's in one of my circle of good friends :((((

No. 432541

Anon, it's COMPLETELY fine to have preferences.
The society will tell you that "everyone is worthy of love" yadda yadda, but you can't help who you are attracted to. And you don't have to force yourself being with people who you don't like.

It seriously boggles my mind when people's attractions get judged as fatphobic or racist or fucking transphobic or something. Just because someone is attracted to you, doesn't mean you have to be attracted to them. And not being attracted to certain features/traits is completely okay, it's basically a bag of random things life gives out to you while you're developing and you go looking for a partner who has those things.

There are plenty of girls who like chubbier guys or who don't care about the build of their partner at all so you don't have to feel bad, they'll probably find someone who will like them.

No. 432549

I’m not attracted to fat men either, anon. I don’t want them to be exterminated, I’m just not into them sexually. Don’t feel bad. It’s completely okay to have preferences.

No. 432562

File: 1562775821601.jpg (49.65 KB, 372x363, ohgodohno.jpg)

i rely too much on fan fiction to… idk, get me through life? i've read fics since my mid teens and am currently in my mid twenties. while i seem like a well-functioning person who has a job and goes to school, gets good grades, in reality i'm extremely depressed and unable to form deep and intimate relationships with others due to childhood trauma. even though i've had years of therapy i still am terrified of intimacy.

i ended up choosing my career path after reading a fic, which is very embarrassing and something i haven't told anyone else. it's just extremely embarrassing, even though i love the field i'm in and have never regretted my decision.

i'm volcel, but feel like i'm incapable of truly falling in love with someone and don't want to hook up with people i have no emotional connection to. i guess i use fan fiction to fill that void in my heart or life or something. i really like reading stories about my fave characters being happy and in love. i guess it's some form of escapism, but it makes me feel so happy and warm inside.

this is the spergiest thing i have ever written, but it is the truth….

No. 432596

Not everyone has to have relationships and live a “normal” life. To me as long as you feel fulfilled, you contribute to society in some way and aren’t hurting anyone, read your fanfics. Have fun.

No. 432599

I'm like that too anon. I'm afraid of love because I've been hurt too many times in the past. I use fiction as my escapism. I kinda lost hope.

No. 432697

That's normal anon. When my mom cheated on my dad he read harlequin novels all through the divorce. It's a non destructive coping method and as long as it works, you're fine.

No. 432699

>Are these casual sexual encounters or relationships?


>Are these people good to you or are they selfish lovers?

Good to me through words and not selfish at first, but when they realize I don’t really enjoy sex, they become selfish and impatient.

>When you have sex with people, do they do it how you like it?

Yes, I guide them after our third is so sexual encounter if they don’t already ask. I mainly have a sensitive clitoris and guys rub/lick too hard which is painful. I’m usually the person to open up the conversation and want to provide my partner with a good time. That gets mistaken for submissiveness.

>Do you have clear communication and feel comfortable?

More recently, yes. Though, I rarely feel completely comfortable…

>Does it feel good at any point or do you just want it to end?

It does feel good at certain points, yes. But it’s like when I’m giving verbal and physical signals that they’re hitting the spot, they’ll switch it up and then cum.

I’d say 60/40 I want it to just end. I do have a lot of sexual trauma I deal with and sex is usually always triggering and I’m paranoid. And yet, when I have opened up to a partner about what happened, it doesn’t affect their ability to empathize with me when I don’t want to have sex.

No. 432703

There's nothing wrong with reading fic if it helps you. I'm emotionally stable with no mental health issues but I read it all the time because it's really comfy and relaxing for me. It's predictable, takes no brain cells to follow, provides near instant gratification, lets me continue to enjoy my favourite series etc.

I don't want a relationship or hookups either and I guess it does fill a void, but it's healthier than having sex I'm not comfortable with and I'm honestly happy so I don't see the problem.

No. 432723

i’m gonna be living on my own / paying bills and rent for the first time ever and i’m scared. i know i can make it work, but i’m afraid of being broke… i’ve even considered doing pills or coke to avoid having to buy groceries. i hope i don’t resort to that.

No. 432724

>drugs cost less than food
wtf anon. just save and budget like an actual adult. jesus.

No. 432727

I unironically listened to a Godsmack song today and enjoyed it.

No. 432728

yeah don’t do that lol. an addiction is way more expensive than groceries dude. if you ever run low on food you can always hit up the food bank. but in the meantime, stock up on stuff like rice and dried beans and lentils and legumes and get a few recipes for simple dishes you like. it’s easier than you think to prepare a big pot of chili or beans and rice or pasta or whatever you like and just freeze the extra. sure it’s not always super glamorous but in the end you save a lot of money this way and teach yourself valuable skills that pay off in the long run like budgeting and saving for things you really want.

No. 432730

Waste of time lol

No. 432745

If you fail so hard at budgeting and common sense that you think a fucking drug addiction is a better financial/life choice than groceries… you should be scared. I hope you have a responsible adult in your life to assist.

No. 432758

I'm obsessed with cacti. I just love them sooo much and love to grow them. I've recently been prowling estate/garage sale postings to see if they have any plants for sale. I've been getting crazy old plants for super cheap this way but have been spending a lot of extra time driving. I'm conflicted because caring for them is really absorbing a lot of my time but I love them all sooooo much. Sometime I'll lie and tell people I'm busy just to sit with my plants and look at em.

I also read about cacti and joined a local cactus club. I'm like the youngest member by 25+ years but whatever. I feel like such a weirdo because I can't talk about plants with anyone else without them getting bored or thinking I'm odd.

No. 432769

i have cptsd and really suffer w a similar thing. always thinking theres monsters in the house.

No. 432772

I've found a lot of peace of mind when I just finally allowed myself to have racist thoughts, and bigoted thoughts without hating myself. I like being around people like me. White, and straight, and not religious. Trying to force myself to be around others and always praise others who aren't like me just makes me uncomfortable.

No. 432773

Tbh, nothing wrong with that, it's just how human beings are programmed.

No. 432775

can you tell us more about his specific ID…?

No. 432787

I'm sure this will disgust a lot of people, but I can't get the thought out of my mind and I need to tell someone. It's not the kind of thing you bring up with normal people.

I have my first boyfriend after being a virgin for a very long time. We have sex and he just never seems excited by it. He doesn't like touching my breasts or going down on me, I have to ask him to do it and even then I can see the boredom in his eyes. It makes me really sad because I'm so unattractive to him. Flashback a few months ago when I was raped in the laundry room. It was someone I knew because he lived in the same building. I know it was a rape and he was only excited because he was raping someone, but he kept telling me how he always wanted to do this and how hot he thought I was. He forced oral on me, felt me up, basically got me off against my will. I feel like a huge piece of shit and it's making me cry now even writing it, but my boyfriend likes sex with me less than the rapist. I wish he liked touching me the same way and I wish it excited him like it had excited the other guy. I expect people to tell me I'm dumb and that the rapist guy didn't even really like me, he was getting off on the sexual assault. I understand that. I just wish my boyfriend could make me feel wanted even slightly. I hate that someone who hurt me seemed to have more passion than the person who is supposed to love me and love having sex with me. I feel so empty and stupid.

No. 432798

Have you sought any counseling for the rape? You might want to consider that. This is going to be an ongoing issue if you don't resolve it within yourself.

No. 432800

reading this made me really sad

anon, please try and talk to your bf about this. you shouldn't have to keep these feelings to yourself.
you're not empty and stupid for wanting the person you love to show that hes passionate, idk i just… this is really saddening and i hope you can talk about this w your bf, maybe there's a reason he doesn't seem to show so much passion towards you that can he can work on

i really hope you can find some resolution anyway anon

No. 432802

I’m so sorry anon. For one thing I can say your boyfriend is definitely not the right man for you. No one should have to spend long-term or even the rest of their life with someone who makes them feel unattractive or unappreciated. There is a man out there who will truly love you for who you are and show you that you are beautiful and loved and cared for on every level that romance is supposed to entail.

No. 432804

Does your bf watch porn? Ask him to stop and he'll hopefully appreciate you more without regularly frying his brain jerking off to videos.

No. 432805

The fact that rape happens shows that overt sexual attraction is the bare minimum you can expect from men, and they will prioritize it over common decency, respect and not being an amoral criminal. You dont need to waste your time with a guy who isn't enthusiastic about fucking you when 99% of men are TOO enthusiastic about it.

No. 432872

This confession is just really embarrassing, thank god for anonymity.

The fall semester 2016 I had a math class (at university) the teacher who was going to teach it couldn't do it so they got this other guy who had never taught a uni class before.

I kept feeling like he was attracted to me for some reason, like he was giving off really subtle hints. I told myself to ignore it and that I was being full of myself but then I later found out I was right because he borderline flirted with me later on. Like, his voice would change completely when he talked to me, he would stare at me a lot, and one time when I came to his office he just got a huge smile on his face (to this day no one has ever smiled at me like that, ever). Eventually he completely stopped acting like that towards me (he probably realized how inappropriate what he was doing was, Idk what our uni's policies were on student/teacher relationships but it's still frowned upon none the less). I got really sad when that class ended, and he taught some classes after that and I would literally stand outside the class room (where he couldn't see me) just to hear his voice.

I knew he was older than me (I was 22 at the time) I thought he was in his mid-30s-ish but I googled him later and found out he was 45 at the time. I also found his old MySpace profile with old pics of him that made me feel weird to look at. He didn't have a facebook (at least under his real name) but I found his niece's social media profiles and used to look at them periodically to see if she ever posted about him.

Not only the age difference, but we also had pretty much nothing in common (as far as I know) so it would never ever work. And something else stupid- I didn't even find him attractive until he flirted with me.

I used to think about him almost every day, and even now I think about him on a regular basis almost. I don't want to, I feel so ashamed that I can't stop thinking of him as it's been nearly 3 years. It's pretty much a compulsion at this point. I don't want to tell my therapist about this because it's so fucking stupid.

No. 432881

that sounds like such a cute hobby, im jealous
the only plant i managed to keep alive is a small succulent, and it's pretty ugly because i dropped it once and it started sprouting from where it got hurt

also this is the first time i've heard of a cactus club being a thing, what do you guys do at meetings?

No. 432886

Don't feel embarrassed anon, it's flattering when a person gets such an obvious crush on you, especially when it's a person you perceive to have some kind of high status. Crushes that don't go anywhere have a certain kind of innocent magic because you never get close enough to realise each other's flaws or see that you actually don't have much in common. It's just important to remember that it's not specifically him that you're missing, it's the feeling of someone finding you that special, and he's not the only person who will ever see you that way.
Don't feel embarrassed to talk about your therapist about it, especially if the fixation is affecting your life.

No. 433036

>I used to think about him almost every day, and even now I think about him on a regular basis almost. I don't want to, I feel so ashamed that I can't stop thinking of him as it's been nearly 3 years.
I feel this feel.
I had a crush on one of my teachers in high school, although he was actually a professor teaching a college class on our campus. There was nothing there, but he did blush a lot whenever I wore makeup. Every time I wore it, I'd catch him making glances at me throughout the day. I found it freaking adorable. I never wore makeup all that much. Total tomboy.

No. 433045

A neighbour tried to rape me when I was 10. I never told anyone. I didn't understand it was rape until a few years ago.

No. 433151

the fuck is wrong with that?

No. 433284

I recently found out that my man has been sexting girls online even though we are in a dead bedroom that I have been very upset about for a long time. I now suspect he's doing worse because I've been snooping. I've been seething for the entire week because I do my best to be a good partner by taking care of the kids, being loyal, and just being genuinely kind to him and my family. I did nothing to deserve this which is why I am so angry. I have personally decided to keep my rage to myself and use this man in the same way he has apparently been using me. I now see what he truly thinks of me. My rage has inspired me to take up programming so I can launch myself into a high paying career. I've already learned so much in one month. I plan to leave him as soon as I achieve this. He has no idea whats coming to him and his inevitable pain and sorrow fills me with unending joy. He will no longer have a loving partner who dotes on him. One day he will wake up and these benefits and good feelings will be gone. He will be so shocked and wonder where things went wrong. All I have to do is fake my smiles day to day until my goal is met. I have assured myself that no man will ever take me for granted in this life, never ever again.

No. 433292

I'm a former anti-social misanthrope slowly coming to terms with the fact that I need people. The older I get, the more lonely I realize I am. If I died tomorrow probably only my immediate family and one friend would be at my funeral. That saddens me. I don't know where to go from here, I don't know how to foster meaningful relationships with good people who matter. I will try my best. I want to actually experience life while I have a chance to. I want to be a person capable of being intimate and open with other people. No more of this passive bullshit. People tire me but I need to stop shying away from any and all social interaction before I wake up at 50, alone and miserable.

No. 433295

Something about her bone structure tells me she would look mediocre to bad without makeup and the angling. I also think she will age badly

No. 433311

File: 1562941506978.gif (974.69 KB, 500x348, blowin-a-kiss.gif)

Good on you, sis.

No. 433314

File: 1562942879773.jpg (15.17 KB, 290x220, MxSZ1rfapdq_540.jpg)

Good luck anon!

No. 433333

File: 1562947313022.png (22.63 KB, 596x377, 2hIfBC9.png)

i made a few friends from an online game but the thing is, it has been 5 years and they still don't know that i'm a girl. i have a fake male name and that's how they address me. everytime i have to tell them stuff i change a few parts to make it seem like i'm a dude. (ex: using the pronouns 'she,her' when talking about my crush, having masculine activities, etc)

they have shared to me personal details about their lives, but i'm not sorry cause they're extremely racist, ignorant and gross pieces of shit.

i still talk to these guys when i have nothing else to do. i don't know what i'm getting out of this, but im not american so observing their NEET white male lifestyle and culture is baffling and hilarious to me.

No. 433335

Don't you ever feel bad about the wasted time, even though it's technically spare time? Imagine having the same kind of friend group with…people who actually knew you and who you liked in return.

No. 433354

i have close friends irl. i dont find the gaming community appealing so theres no point in me trying to develop "meaningful" relationships online.

No. 433357

i went through that exact scenario. good luck and wishing you the best. when i finally broke it all to him that i knew everything, i had printed out all the receipts and slapped them down in front of him and left. felt so fuckin good.

No. 433373

That actually kinda seems pathetic on your part

No. 433514

I've gotten into the habit of stealing artwork from people I don't like or people who are cows and annoy me, and using their work to make my own art. Sometimes it's artist friends I know irl who just draw really badly or just worse than me. I don't have the heart to tell them their art sucks, so I steal it and make it look 'better'.

I'm not the best artist ever but I am fairly good and have higher skill than some of my friends who I went to art school with. I try to completely transform their art into something new so that it can never be recognized. This includes complete composition and color changes, flipping the image, rotating to a different angle, redrawing features and anatomy to fit my own liking, and changing the aesthetics.

It's not a super serious thing but sometimes I feel kinda sleazy about it. Some of my art theft is done out of jealously because I am still in the process of trying to finish school and get my degree (had to stop because of money and mental health issues) while working a deadend retail job, and they've already graduated and gotten art jobs with their horrible art that is not as good as mine. It's my way of appeasing my petty jealousy and making myself feel better.

No. 433532

I relate to this so much. I don't even have friends outside of my family and it depresses me but I have soooo much trouble maintaining relationships. I have trouble relating to people in general.

No. 433545

>My rage has inspired me to take up programming so I can launch myself into a high paying career.

I wish you luck in your endeavors, but it's difficult to get a decent job in the tech industry without a CS degree, especially if you're a woman; just look at all the "junior" positions on the Stack Overflow job search that require a bachelor's and years of experience. I'd suggest having a reliable backup career choice if programming doesn't work out for you.

No. 433576

I like this idea
It's not even technically stealing if you're recreating it and not selling it

plenty of people remix music without crediting the music they sampled, how is this honestly any different?
Also, you should be able to put your work in your portfolio–it's not like you aren't skilled in some way

No. 433585


You're wrong. You absolutely do not need a CS degree to earn a good programmer salary. Learning to program is a fantastic decision because it's such an in demand skill and programming != computer science. It's just a tool. PS https://teachyourselfcs.com/


What you do need is demonstrateable technical skills, so pick an area or two you want to specialize in and grind. Choose based off market needs, e. g. webdev is oversaturated, but infosec is in dire need, which is where I work. Good programmers can use whatever style or languages best suits their current task, so learn the differences between them (functional vs oop, c vs python, etc) and don't spend all your time mastering just one. Personal projects and open source contributions are how you sell yours