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File: 1561326150579.jpeg (Spoiler Image,43.85 KB, 400x400, 493B7FB0-1B32-4A40-8A6E-C87CA2…)

No. 425447

I’m sure I’m not the only one who throughout the years was enchanted by some minor social media person who passed away, scrolling through their pages and trying to imagine the world inside their head. Some still haunt me, some I have probably forgotten. Sure it happened to some of you? Tell me about your favorite ghost, farmers.
Mine currently are Sara Anne Jones (pictured) and a dead friend of a friend whose page I sadly cannot find.

No. 425499

I haven't been able to find anything on her since the late 2000's, but there was a lolita girl who died from some kind of ED related sickness waaaay back in the day. She was really tiny, pretty and wore mostly Angelic Pretty. I remember seeing stuff about her when I was in high school and being weirdly fascinated by her. I can't remember her username for the life of me sadly.

No. 425515

Who was that pink haired german (?) Gyaru girl who went to japan to die? I remember following her twitter or ig and being creeped out when the news broke that a "pink haired gaijin" had jumped to their death in tokyo and some people instantly knew it was her.

No. 425585

Sounds interesting and sad. Would also be interested to find out more about her.

No. 425616

File: 1561379354814.jpg (47.45 KB, 225x400, 1502874819768.jpg)

I think you're talking about Anji?
Rumor was that Kisu pushed her off a roof/stood by and watched her jump, but it was never proofen.
I'd also really like to know more, but I don't think there's a chance we can ever find out the truth. I remember some anons saying that judging by her blog she was messed up and in a bad place, but I skimmed through it and saw nothing abnormal, mostly just posts about traveling and shopping.

No. 425617

Last thread isn't showing because it was locked, look for "Kisu our topmodel"

No. 425619

ot but god i hate this fashion

No. 425622

File: 1561379727355.jpg (127.62 KB, 640x639, 1466092450041.jpg)

Anon, there's worse…

No. 425643

File: 1561382653192.jpg (124.82 KB, 1280x1707, 6c2c8fca1a55177198944c8e026726…)

No. 425729

File: 1561393836480.jpeg (94.67 KB, 284x450, EC158A56-D100-4819-9CB1-14B24F…)

A bit of info and links on Sara Anne Jones: she was a small time model and an aspiring poet and starred in a coming out of age drugged up movie Toad Road. She died of heroin overdose before the film hit the screens.

This is a good summary which captures the eerie nature of the girl, or at least her internet persona: https://snapzu.com/drank/american-ghost-story-the-brief-eerie-life-of-sara-anne-jones

This is her Tumblr: http://saraannejones-blog.tumblr.com/

No. 425769

was she hooked on drugs when she died or did she simply take too much?

this is an interesting thread, but i can't contribute

No. 425778

Don't know who or what this is but she's cute.

No. 425793

>>425616 that's the one! Damn, i remember she had a blog or somethimg where she went full emo so i always figured it was a suicide OR that she meddled with bad people. She was pretty tho, shame. I'm gonna find the blog brb.

No. 425796

No. 425843

I have no idea, and the articles I’ve found do not answer this question. Her boyfriend was allegedly unaware of her heroin usage so I’d guess it was not a full blown addiction?

No. 426024

daul kim

No. 426560

Ooh I remember her, a mesmerizing girl for sure. Do we know why she chose to kill herself?

No. 426757

she talked about feeling like a ghost on her blog which is still up if you want to talk a look, it's "i like to fork myself," and mentioned that the more successful she got the more lonely she felt and like she wasn't an individual. it was compounded by her being kind of the "face" of koreans also i believe, which made her subject to a lot of criticism and isolation. iirc she also spoke to a friend before her suicide about the boyfriend who would eventually find her body and how they would get into really physically violent fights but she couldn't leave. but she struggled with self-harm and depression for a long time, so i doubt there's any one cause.

No. 426760

File: 1561596004480.jpg (22.03 KB, 500x284, daul-kim-blonde.jpg)

I can't believe I haven't heard of her until now. Just googled her and she was so gorgeous. RIP

No. 426817

Almost all of her blogposts were about her being so exhausted, iirc. She was massively overworked and iirc she dated some French guy that was like, 33-34, right? And she was 19-20? I mean, that's like, practically all I need. A violent, considerably older, pretentious French man is going to suck the will to live out of anyone. I remember reading her old posts when she was back in SK and she seemed a lot happier. Her life was also a lot different before she got into modelling. I think her life was a lot less stuffy and probably less generally miserable for a young woman. That life probably took a toll on her and I can understand why. I have to imagine it's a very stressful and lonely life shuttling back from Paris to NYC every week or so (both pretty lonely places to live, too, imo).

No. 426825

File: 1561622677522.png (934.63 KB, 637x475, Tagl_deviantart.PNG)

Artist who went by Tagl/Ceci on Deviantart. The comments on her page are tragic and I was shocked when I checked my old DA acc to read that she had passed. Used to follow her art religiously in like 2008-09 when I was a baby weeb. I used to love her sparkly animu art back in the day. The glamfur thread reminded me of her art.
Sucks because I can't find anything that officially says HOW she died. I've only heard that she was either murdered or that she killed herself.

No. 426826

That's really sad. Poor girl.

No. 427467

No… are you serious? I had no idea. this is really sad. Me and my friends loved her art when we were younger.

Someone (with a pretty big fan base) in a smaller deviantart community that used to draw fanart for me committed suicide as well. I wish I had been more grateful when I got their art or maybe talked to them more. I found out how from going back in their comment section a few hundred pages. I don't know why I got so obsessed with it. Just really sad.

No. 427508

File: 1561749061490.jpeg (442.46 KB, 750x856, 5D95B7D8-B9C1-46B6-B301-4C21AE…)

Gina, jui6e her death really shook me up I hope she’s in a better place

No. 427522

File: 1561750527416.jpg (59.88 KB, 600x808, full.jpg)

can't remember his username (mary poppins from hell?) but there was a prommie on gaiaonline i used to follow religiously back in the day. he killed himself back in 2008 and i still think about him all the time.


No. 427531

Went through some of the comments on her profile and saw someone link a comment by her cousin saying it was suicide. Unfortunately, the comment is hidden so I can't confirm.

What happened to her?

No. 427552

File: 1561755876301.jpeg (968.47 KB, 3464x3464, F44ADFED-C10B-48D9-8F62-8EEF21…)

This might be the wrong thread for this, but it’s the closest I’ve found for this post. In 2011-2012 on tumblr, I followed (and was friends with) a very cute bubbly red haired girl named Maggie who’s URL was -onyourknees (has since been deactivated although some fan pages still exist). The last thing I really remember about her was that she was slowly fading out of posting and then claimed a terminal illness and posted hospital selfies or pics of a hospital band or something. I then saw a bunch of RIP MAGGIE posts. Something felt off to me, but it seemed wrong to question someone’s young, tragic death. Flash forward about 2 years and a camgirl named Kati3kat appears who looks just like her… it’s gotta be the same girl, I know in my head it is. It’s just so weird to me that she faked her death to become a camgirl??? Again. If this is the absolute wrong thread, my apologies. Just have been wanting to post about this for eons.

No. 427558

File: 1561756832923.jpg (32.03 KB, 500x348, maggie.jpg)

I just googled other photos of her from before and after and yeah that's definitely her. In photos where the angle is exactly the same (just facing the camera) it's 100% clear she just got older and started wearing a lot more makeup.

No. 427559

Maybe this is more suited in personal snowflakes? It sounds like it could have potential milk.

No. 427572

File: 1561760381920.jpg (32.61 KB, 397x640, a8915d89ab8747f9c8184b63707b0c…)

Ooh he's cute. He looks like young John Rhys Meyers (pic related).

No. 427575

I have no idea her friends were really private about cause of death.

No. 427605

i thought she was suicidal and overdosed?

No. 427715

i vaguely remember some posts that were insinuating she committed suicide, i think by overdosing. i could be completely wrong, but i remember seeing someone say that she was in a coma.

No. 427719

I thought this was Nuglah and you had me scared

No. 427733


I came here to post her.I loved her art back then and I even participated in one of the contests she did.I remember that she was really sweet and nice.It's such a shame this happened to her I was honestly shocked when I found out

No. 427762

Ahh I was trying to remember her when I saw this thread posted but I remember one of her friends who was also popular on insta and tumblr posted pics at the hospital when Gina was there but then suddenly made her account private when the news about her was spreading and people were asking what happened, it made me so sad that I saw people posting about her when she passed cause I loved her who persona, but yeah I heard it was an od, also idk if I’m remembering correctly but did she have an ed too?

No. 427885

File: 1561821888916.jpg (36.52 KB, 263x536, a.jpg)

Xanaxprincess aka Athena
Hers is a sad story. Holli aka Heroingranola was one of her bff's at the time of her death. She seemed like a very sweet girl.

No. 427894

Am I mistaking her with someone else or was she the inspo for the music video of "Ships" by Hotsugar ?

No. 427974

This may be morbid, but I love the way social media makes people immortal. |In the past, everyone would forget you ever existed after like 2 generations. Now we all live forever.

No. 428008

Plz link it, didn’t find it on YouTube.

No. 428037


It's "sinkies", not "ships", my bad. Hotsugar also dated some cow from the toopoor/soundclout thread as well iirc

No. 428041


No, it's true. People remember you when you're gone and you'll pop up somewhere in another decade or another from now.

No. 428043

File: 1561850167916.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.84 KB, 480x361, UaMKbZ9_d.jpg)

I think about coldnessinmyheart once in a while and feel that inevitably she must've died after a bad episode of self-mutilation. But I also would believe it if she were alive still, mangled body hanging out around Germany. Pic related is her and some of her nasty scars.

I also wonder if some of the more extreme pics she took were even real, like the one of her thigh nearly cut in half.

No. 428051


Describe what she looked like? I think I may remember someone who fits that and I remember hearing about them dying too.

No. 428053

This is kind of odd as I've been thinking about her recently too and I even tried finding any piece of information about her on tumblr. I just hope she's in a better place.

No. 428057

I did some research and she is confirmed to have died, by an ex boyfriend and an ex friend of a friend on kiwifarms

Also extreme warning to anyone with a soul not to google her name unprepared. Gory images come right up.

No. 428227

File: 1561895316341.jpeg (294.85 KB, 468x720, 4B9EEDF5-4B1A-40CE-A6B7-0013DC…)

Ah yes, Athena Baumeister. When she fell in with her new friends, she changed hard and fast. Bonus insta: https://instagram.com/bleach_drinker

No. 428243

a gentle, saged reminder that hot sugar is an abusive predator and “sinkies” is an uwu ass term he would use to manipulate the young girls drawn to his ~edgy mystique~

that song is also rumored to be about the soundclout girl Blayde(?) who died

No. 428247

Ayrt, ooh, i didn't know that but it doesnt surprise me! I like his music but every guy I know who does too is a sociopathic manipulative POS so it doesnt surprise me! Where can I read about this? Would love more info

No. 428438

yeah i liked his music for years but i had to delete all of it it feels too fucking gross

here’s a post from his ex kitty, she had to change details to protect herself but it’s easy to fill in the blanks:


No. 428459


I made the mistake of going on to the images last night and I almost brought up my dinner. It's grim. I hope she's at rest tbh rather than living.

No. 428460


It actually makes me very sad to see them pictures. Sounds like she had demons that were too uncontrollable to handle. It sounds awful but I do hope she is actually dead. She seems too far gone in her own sadness to stay alive. I just hope she's at rest.

No. 428496

OT but do you have another link to this article anon? This one ends up at an error and I'm pretty curious.

I've been curious about coldnessinmyheart for years, the pictures of her self-harm are still burned in my brain. I wonder what happened to her and what pushed her to mutilate herself in such a horrific way. There's tonnes of speculation but I guess we'll never know for sure.

No. 428501

Nta https://www.vocativ.com/culture/uncategorized/american-ghost-story-brief-eerie-life-sara-anne-jones/index.html

I remember reading coldnessinmy heart's KF thread, first time I was deterred from opening spoilers because of kiwis reactions

No. 428513

Oh yea, I actually found it after you mentionned it. I googled it a bit, should have done that before posting lmao. It really doesnt surprise me somehow. Do you have any reference for the "skinkies" thing you said? I'm interested in reading more about it.

No. 428659

File: 1561948063202.jpg (878.06 KB, 963x4823, ABRIP.jpg)

Indeed. It's crazy to see the progression of her drug addiction in her Instagram pics. Look at the dates in pic attatched.
Now that I'm older it's so much ckearer how young she really was. We texted once or twice, so I was shook by her death. May she rip.

No. 428737

I'm pretty desensitized to gore but as a recovering/trying not to be recurring self harmer even I was shocked by her wounds, how deep and deliberate they are

I can't imagine she's still alive if she was giving herself wounds that cut down to what looks like near the bone, I needed four stitches in my lower arm for a self inflicted glass slash and that barely even scraped the first layer of skin and didn't even hit my nerves… wouldn't surprise me if she died of an infection. It's so upsetting to me and saddening and I can't imagine what kind of mental and emotional pain she was feeling, especially with the disorders she supposedly had, like other anons said it's probably better if she's no longer alive and not harming herself like that anymore, it's more painful than living

No. 428742

I googled her name and went down into a Mydeathspace topic rabbit hole. Cannot take quality screenshots atm but here's the thread: http://mydeathspace.com/vb/showthread.php?29360-Athena-Baumeister-(16)-allegedly-overdosed-on-Xanax-and-OxyContin

It has her Tumblr post about being raped for years by an older dude, presumably a fellow actor (bonus screenshot of her and a man with that name from her Instagram) and her aunt comes to the thread to tell that Athena's family basically discovered the extend of the whole shitshow from Mydeathspace. Sigh.

No. 428745

She seems so beautiful and special, even her name is lovely. I want to know more about her and it’s such a shame her Tumblr was deleted. I wonder if she really wanted to die, or if she just took a Tumblr aesthetic too far. According to that mydeathspace thread she had a Soundcloud which is still up: https://soundcloud.com/yung-morticia She seems so talented and artistic. What a loss.

I wonder if her parents ever admitted she died from more than a “heart condition” as they seemed to be in denial about cause of death. Also pretty sure her dad is this famous psychologist: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roy_Baumeister she also said her dad was basically neglectful and uncaring right? I don’t know she’s so compelling

No. 428763

She (or maybe her "enabler") had an extensive medical knowledge, all her cuts look guresome but aren't actually life-threatening if treated properly (and apparently she treated lots of them herself).
Poor girl. I wonder what was she thinking? It's a shame almost none of text posts were archived, just her pictures. Did she actually have a bpd?

No. 428887

>a shame almost none of text posts were archived, just her pictures

yeah, i’m very curious and want to read blog/diary entries of this person without having to tiptoe around those brutal self harm photos

No. 429923

ok which one of yas posted acoldnessinmyheart to efukt? disgosteng.

No. 435237

File: 1563280823142.jpg (54.4 KB, 780x439, bianca-devins.jpg)

So i Guess Bianca Delvins (@escty) is the next ghost of the month. Her case reminds me of a murder suicide from Russia where an instagirl was raped, killed and then raped again by her ex she lived with. Ex in question published a whiny wall of text and hanged himself. Pics were taken and went viral, prompting anons to search for their house, their graves etc.

No. 435238

i saw the headline along with the right pic in my newsfeed and immediately knew a robot killed her. i hope he has a lot of fun in prison. at least he won't die a virgin.

No. 435241

so heartbreaking. i just learned of this. i didn't look at the kiwi thread yet, but what's so shocking is that from what i've seen, his texts to her, while upset, are nowhere near what you'd expect of someone so angry that they'd do this to someone, so there's no way to really protect youself. there is 0 way to gauge a male that goes off the rails because men are sociopaths and so good at compartmentalizing. this poor girl.

No. 435246

Just a warning but KiwiFarms thread contains a graphic pic of her with her throat nearly sawed through. I think they are spoilered but still. I'm far from squeamish but something about how small, thin and vulnerable she looks at the photo made me really sad.

No. 435250

ty for the warning, anon. appreciate it. of course this colossal loser didn't even have the balls to off himself right, but it's really for the best.

No. 435260

I shouldn't have gone on her insta. God I hate men

No. 435265

File: 1563287264519.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.93 KB, 1080x810, GD7F-2xefZc.jpg)

Link to russian case I talkd about here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/jealous-russian-student-tells-ex-11904791
Her Instagram was deleted.

No. 435725

This is fucking horrific. Of course the ex pussied out and killed himself, he should've rotted in prison instead. And let me guess, other men justified it because she was dating another man? It makes me sick.

No. 435738


No. 436085

apparently they were roommates and were no longer in a relationship

this is the reality of sharing living space with crazy ass scrots

No. 436140

This ir right anon. Apparently she used to rent an apartment with her friend, then the friend moved out and Tanya started asking around her friends if anyone wanted to split the rent with her since the apartment was near her university and she didn't want to move out. Her ex who remained a part of her friend group volunteered and moved in with her, probably in hopes of winning her back idk. And yes, after the murder she was blasted on the internet for being a tease and a whore and deserving what she got. What a lovely world we live in.

No. 436190

I don't understand how after all that he did to her he had the nerve to ask her parents for forgiveness and tell them that "he loved her very much" and that he kissed her goodbye on the forehead.
It's bad enough that such horrible monsters exist but it's downright horrific that they can believe themselves capable of love or sympathy.

No. 436229

literally male logic. loved her so much and then this pretty thing malfunctioned and he just had to show it to her.

iirc he was a regular on imageboards (what a shocker) but was not an incel. he was good looking and had hookups and stuff

No. 436234

not to sound edgy but coldnessinmyheart completely fascinated me due to how insanely deep she was cutting. i recall an image of her using a blade pressed behind a tendon to pull it out. i cannot imagine the mindset of someone doing that to themselves and it makes me wonder what sorts of drugs she was on, and what her thought processes were as there is no way someone could mangle themselves so extensively and not pass out from the pain, or shock, or the image of their own mutilation.

No. 436271

Tanya’s murder still haunts me. I can’t really get over what happened to her. Bianca’s murder feels really similar to her and it’s shows that you should cut weirdos completely out of your life

No. 436287

the retards posting edgy jokes and asking for follows under her insta claiming to have pics/videos of her murder are disgusting wastes of space. going on there was a mistake, i’m so angry.

No. 436328

I regret visiting the kiwifarms thread. When did their userbase get so bad? Literally just incels. How can someone be so horrible and cold towards a 17 year old girl?

No. 436330

Oh man, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this with e-celeb deaths. I remember I was fascinated by this girl I used to follow on Tumblr whose username I've completely forgotten. Believe it or not, I even friended her on Myspace when I was in high school because she was my big fashion inspo at the time, then I found her blog years later by happenstance.

I know her name was Alix and she was some type of hairdresser. She had really unusual hair and pictures of her still float around Pinterest from time to time. I remember her hair was baby blue and cotton candy pink at one point and that pic made its rpubds all over Tumblr. I think she was hit by a car while crossing the road in like 2012. Anybody remember her?

No. 436409

File: 1563498072869.jpg (29.99 KB, 316x421, 476d073eb1589b960550d5d45f3f6b…)

I still think about Masa Vukotic - it's been four years since she was murdered and I still find myself reflecting on her from time to time. Like, I'll go to uni and I'll think, hey, Marci never got to go to university. She never got to graduate high school because some fuck stabbed her in a park. Her blog (sparklehime) is still up and this thread reminded me to scroll through it and I keep expecting it to change, but it won't. It's been frozen in time.

Idk. I never really liked her when she was alive but that doesn't mean her death wasn't any less tragic and unfair. It was so surreal to see her face on the front page of the newspaper.

No. 436418

i'm reading about it right now. he killed masa bc she stopped to talk to a bird and he thought that she was, i quote, "like fucking Snow White" and that he HAD to kill her. that made me even sadder, she was so young and likely very naiive and starry-eyed, and this sick rapist fuck (he raped a woman 2 days after murdering this girl) had to corrupt her and kill her. he wasn't even a stalker either, she just happened to cross his path and he admitted it was random. he had a long criminal history too, was out on bail when he murdered masa.

i fucking hate men and the justice system.

No. 441850

I guess you're French ? Seeing this pop up without explanation yet immediately recognizing the pic gave me chills.

The girl in the pic is https://www.instagram.com/opale.rose/ .
She was a big part of the French J-fashion community, and apparently mentored a lot of people who started out Lolita. She passed away very suddenly in 2016, we discussed it last year in the French Speaking J-fashion thread a while back >>>/ot/221968

Never met her personally, only saw her Youtube videos back in 2012 when she acted all mighty about lolita. (link : https://youtu.be/MkBbh3yQZGo she's unsufferable in this one, then backtracked in the comments saying it was a joke…) anyways, it seems she got more humble in the years before her death. Heard about her death because I followed ppl who knew her on Facebook. Her death was announced by a close friend, and apparently no one outside her very close relatives was allowed to attend her funeral. Reading the comments on the post, she most likely killed herself. The OP who announced it said "the family refuses to give any information" other ppl said "I knew she had gotten very bad news recently" etc. It was very sudden for everyone.

Just like you anon, I sometimes think about her,and how she impacted lots of people in the community. (sorry for the very late answer, just got around to read this thread)

No. 441881

Read about this story. The man who killed her had raped and assaulted people many times before. He had told the parole board he'd kill again.

Liberalism is a disease.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 441884

can we not

No. 441886

She'd still be alive if that animal had been dispatched with a rope or a few rounds of ammunition, and that's a fact.

No. 441893

She was pale and usually had bleach blonde or pastel pink hair. People wrote secrets about her dying on the lolisecret LJ back when that was still a thing and she was friends with a photographer on DA named steamed-pepsi who posted pics of her, but sadly she deleted everything in her account.

No. 441962

Wow, I didn't even know.. Not even cgl mentioned her.

No. 443142

File: 1564809161372.jpg (387.66 KB, 1055x893, 20190803_021200.jpg)

Since im a louis tomlinsons fam, i just can get over his sisters death. Felicite Tomlinson (18) was a huge crush of mine and she died all of sudden, heart attack. I keep thinking about her and how did she live. She was just so gorgeous, ive always wished i were her.

No. 443279

I was also a fan of 1D, his sister’s death was tragic. I always thought maybe there was more to her death (drugs?), but it’s unfortunate she died from a heart attack at that age.

No. 444170

File: 1565007621287.jpeg (196.91 KB, 640x558, 432FF3A7-E1FF-4660-9C75-0B8776…)

Mika Mae Jones. I followed her on tumblr in the early 2000s and was really fascinated by her. She was an artist and model and I think started out as a suicidegirl. Kinda forgot about her until Francesca Lia Block mentioned she’d died recently. Apparently she fell and hit her head during a seizure. She used to post a lot of thinspo-ish photos but I thought she was really beautiful and interesting looking. Sad.

No. 444194

Her ig is @mikamae and her tumblr was something like volatilestructure, I think, not sure if it exists anymore.

No. 463102

File: 1568714540092.jpg (53.67 KB, 500x375, tumblr_pmhndmeSxJ1vfd7f6_500.j…)

after hearing of her death, i can't stop thinking about this poor girl and crying for her. i have no idea what her life was like and i don't know how much of her bpd made her cause trouble, but she must've been in so much pain either way to kill herself (i assume in a gruesome way considering the way she self harmed). she seemed sweet and her pain seemed genuine (compared to shitheads like tuna) and she probably had so much potential. i just wish i somehow could wish i could get rid of the pain for people who feel like this.

No. 463111

>>443279 it was confirmed she died as a result of an overdose

No. 463122

I knew of Emmy because I followed people who were friends with her on tumblr, and watching her friends grieve has been upsetting to watch— this is really the first time I’ve gotten to see people personally grieve online in real time.

No. 463127

uhh tumblr wasn't a thing in the early 2000's

No. 463534

Wait, what?? I was just looking at her blog..

No. 463539

>>463534 whats her blog url?

No. 463547

who is she?

No. 463608

Please dont share that poor girls blog url on lolcow…idk her but shes dead and I think its best to leave her a little less accessible to our kind given her history. if an anon really wants to find her that bad, they can by other means

No. 463618

I just searched for a guy I used to know online years ago to see what he's up to and the top results for him is on a site where necrophiles post pictures of people who have died and talk about how hot their corpses must be and even actual dead body pictures, what a fucking way to find out someones passed away, feel so sorry for his family who might google him

No. 463621

I'm sorry anon that's rough. I'm surprised that kind of thing shows at the top of Google though, you could report that to Google (using the feedback page at the bottom of the results) if you're concerned about him family seeing it so easily

No. 463798

File: 1568933540838.jpg (29.17 KB, 640x480, 1568929308431.jpg)

not a minor social media person, but a dead public figures who fit a certain mold of man ive been drawn to.

the first one came into me in my dreams ironically enough, even though he's only really known for 3 works and ive never seen him before. I actually don't think he was talented, and based what i read he was a huge asshole and misogynist, but im still obsessed with him none the less. i keep on saving pictures of him to my phone, blushing whenever i see him, rereading a biography about his last days. He died young but i've fallen in love with him, imagining myself as the woman he thought he could love. He wasn't even attractive, I don't know why I get like this. I just love a certain aspect of him, i can't explain it, but i wake up and smooth my pillow sometimes in the morning, imagining guiding my hands over his chest.

the second man is somewhat more villainous but still ultimately sympathetic in some sick way. both of the men share the same build, height, looks, personal issues, first letter of their names, and codependent relationship with a woman who was not their wife. im more or less attracted to him based on the idea i could somehow "save" him which i know couldn't be true. I was introduced to him through an online friend, who's grown distant from me as a result of taking the obsession too far. I know I haven't, since I've met women online who are more crazy about him than me, to the level where they have created art projects such as making viles of liquids that represent his piss and semen. My obsession has grown less romantic (I've fixated on the first man for that) and more sexual. I've bought the cologne he used to wear and jacked off while smelling it on my pillow. I became friends with a middle aged woman who is now closer to me than my own mother based on this obsession; she tells me that her ideal way to die would be from him coming inside her as he chokes her to death.

My fantasies about these two men range from typical lovey dovey shit to me receiving a lobotomy from either of them, or myself strangling them to death.

I would say that I need help but I keep my thoughts to myself. I've had a "boyfriend" and been diagnosed with aspergers, but I dont think anything will help me anymore.

No. 463799

plz spoiler this pic

No. 463801

What the fuck is that pic? Please explain.
I second that you should have spoilered it…

I am really curious about these man, are they known internationallt or local stars? The second one makes me think of Ian Curtis but I am most likely wrong. It's just the only dead male star that is sort of fitting your description.

No. 463815


/x/ picture i found funny

no, its not ian curtis but i do love him as well and developed a thing for him awhile ago. neither resemble him whatsoever though

well known in the usa i guess, but not really to people below 30, or a conversation topic for people my age (early 20s)

No. 463820

Is this not the bpd bitch that self posted on lc sperging out at anons who commented on her butthole lips? If she's really dead then rip but can't expect it to not be sus

No. 463823

yeah she is

No. 463837

File: 1568948309823.jpeg (13.26 KB, 250x246, 132114977_77f488ce-6cec-47b9-8…)


can the mods please delete these pictures?
they are compositions from dead unidentified people. You know, based on corpses.
The girl is Jenny Gamez, she was 19 from Cottage Grove Oregon and she was brutally murdered, its just plain disgusting and disrespectful.

No. 463843

I reported the image a while ago and I'm surprised it's still not removed/spoilered. Now I'm even more creeped out and disturbed by the image since you pointed out was auto-generated to identify dead people.

No. 463844

NTA but do you know where you are?
its not a picture of an actual corpse…

No. 463848


Yes it kind of is?
Do you know how facial reconstruction works for unidentified bodies? If theres something left the artist is supposed to make it look somewhat recognizable.

This is lolcow not 4chan, where the fuck have you seen something like that here?

No. 463849

A reconstruction is not a picture of an actual corpse. And while it may be offensive, theres offensive stuff in almost every single thread here that would be warranted of deleting or banning on almost any other site. Im not saying its ok to post it or that Id be miffed if it gets deleted, because Im not the one who posted it, but I feel you are thinking much too highly of lolcow, a place known for bullying, critiquing the bodies of females in ways that rival even ~4chan~, stalking, doxing and practically encouraging people to kill themselves, among a lot of other shitty things.

No. 463853

inb4 i quit mortuary sciences
A sculpture based on a skull type of reconstruction isn't a picture, these two are obviously retouched photos

I am done with this discussion since you obviously showed how much of an insensitive ass you are

No. 463859

What the fuck, looking at it after seeing her real face is terrifying. Seeing that reconstruction on the news must have been a futher insult to her family with what they were already going through, that image is a nightmare in itself.

I'm confused by the second person in the image, the killer didn't have any male victims and it doesn't look much like him. I agree it should be spoilered.

No. 463862

That's ridiculous anon

No. 463863

the second person in the image is some kind of meme I believe, unless that was reconstructed from another dead victim that I didn't know about

No. 463874

the reconstruction of her certainly did not add insult to injury. it actually helped identify her as she was a jane doe for quite a while. the composite sketch was drawn with exaggerated features to give people who might have known her a kind of sub concious "a-ha!" moment (which it did end up doing). also drawings of dead people isn't against the rules so maybe you should all toughen up a bit

No. 463888

it seems normal up to the part with 'here is also a letter from satan'

No. 463889

File: 1568965404852.jpg (23.83 KB, 500x250, tg93f4o0z9k5ko5f.jpg)

this is so strange to me because I know this picture so well and have seen it so many times (I think it was someone's usericon from livejournal back in the day) but never knew anything about her. I never knew her story, may she rest in peace

No. 463892

hmm I wonder if she did fake her death though? or did people just presume she died cause she stopped posting. they may've even been kidding. I know when people sometimes ghost everyone on social media they get the standard 'rip' posts. she may've got ill and took some time away from social media but if that's the case it's kind of shitty of her to not give a 'won't be around any longer guys' post.

No. 463893

same anon: oh you said terminal illness. hmmm the plot thickens

No. 463897

>This is lolcow not 4chan, where the fuck have you seen something like that here?
Seconding this, what the fuck is this thread? Like, I totally get the concept of "this is a piece of true crime that really stuck with me" (we've all got one, duh) but thread op reeks of toxic 4chan energy. People who use phrases like "ghosts" "enchanted" "imagine" "world inside their head" when talking about a dead woman is probably someone who considers women whimsical romantic concepts and not actual human beings. Would highly suspect op is a dude, because women don't talk about murder in that tone.

I'm all for this discussion, but in a more broad/less creepy way – like a hometown murder thread? (a la My Favorite Murder)

No. 463899

the absolute normie vibes coming from this post… disgusting.

No. 463901

lmaooo go back to /x/

No. 463902

stop shitting up the thread with your moralfaggotry. a lot of farmers come from 4chan (mainly /cgl/) and we have had a lot worse pictures posted on here that are still available for your delicate eyes viewing if you'd actually take the time out of your day to look at threads on /snow/

No. 463943


what thread was it that she sperged out in?

No. 463987

File: 1568988283300.jpeg (105.78 KB, 680x626, E5EFDADD-A233-42CE-9279-757C2A…)

original op of the post here, no clue about what the picture was about but just found it spooky and interesting. backstory is weird now i guess

i’ve just been obsessed with my boys and the idea of keeping a (male) corpse ala carl tanzler. maybe this should go in fetishes you’re ashamed of but my utter disgust with myself sometimes goes deeper than shame. the corpses of the men i was talking about are too old now anyways, and one was buried compared to the other being cremated

No. 463991

…. I think you should go back to /x/

No. 464031

youre so ebin for being desensitized and having brain damage from online overexposure huh?

No. 464071

in personal lolcow on /snow/>>463987

No. 464072

this is not the thread for this? this is about death lolcows we miss, it have noting to do wint your fetich of murder/keeping a body go back to /x/

No. 464082

No. 464230

you do know people can be interested in true crime and not be "brain damaged from online over-exposure" but simply have tougher skin than you, right?

No. 464432

it asks about ghosts, which are really just men i've been haunted by for awhile. I dont know why

No. 464461

File: 1569117401489.png (38.06 KB, 1286x68, vent thread on 9-5.png)

Just came back from the rabbit hole of looking at her lolcow spergout and her tumblr archive and now I 100% believe she was a poster here.
I bet she was one of the bpd fags always baiting suicide posts in the vent threads, I guess she's one of the posters who finally up and did it.

Makes me wonder how many farmers who are no longer with us led such fucked up lives as she.

IIIIIIIIN FACT…from the latest Braco. Pic related.
This post was made just a few days before her death. Coincidence?

No. 464486

Too lazy to check, but didn't the suicide poster in OP also claim to be 21 in a later post? I'm too lazu to check but that's what I remember

No. 464494

I still don't believe she's dead tbh. Bpdfags with any amount of internet presence like to fake suicide. Feel free to prove me wrong with receipts tho.

No. 464498

It's a possibility, I won't deny that.
It would just be awful difficult to adopt a new identity on the internet granted how she looks, I don't think people like her actually have the restraint to stay off the internet for long.

No. 464524

Doesn’t anyone else feel like it’s phony that her ‘fiance’ is posting on her accounts? Her instagram was public for days before going private with the changed description. She never posted about any fiancé or posted pictures with him on her Instagram. And now suddenly he’s just hijacked her accounts? Something about it feels fishy to me.

No. 464529

Yesss especially privating her ig. If Emmy kept it public then it should remain public, it honors her memory imo. Lets more people see who she was, read her words etc.

Emmy was 23 tho

No. 464539

Stop teasing and post who they are pls. Tbh I'm curious what kinda celeb has this devoted fanbase even after death

No. 464621


idk i think she really passed. feel very bad for her. he posted a fuckton of photos of them together so idk.

No. 464652

File: 1569168509764.jpeg (403.07 KB, 750x489, 8D7D4CFE-A8CD-42D8-AAEF-9CE10F…)

I’ve never seen pictures of her without the huge lips so this was very unexpected— she was really cute in her Courtney Love skinwalker phase actually.

No. 464685

File: 1569173930114.png (1.68 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-09-22-19-35-51…)

Holy shit this photo is so eerie. She looks like a cryptid. Her head and hair is too tiny for her neck.

No. 464870

File: 1569205010581.jpg (113.4 KB, 504x673, emoji3.jpg)

Just me or almost all the posts in this thread related to this person look like some weird-ass selfposting and/or asskissing? And the only proof is on a website where anyone can set up their own memorial (the gatheringus link), not a third party funeral home or anything. I've looked the name up but wasn't able to find a news article, nothing. The cow claimed bpd, frequented this website and now her bf keeps using her accounts after death… you gotta admit that's suspicious af. Is this cause enough for mods to investigate IPs or not? I'm getting flashbacks to when Poppy posted herself on lc

No. 464880

File: 1569207637850.png (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1272x784, Screen Shot 2019-09-22.png)


Huh. It actually is a little suspicious. Is it possible that she never used her real name online? (I've never heard of her until now, sorry for being slow.) If so, it's possible that her family would use a pseudonym in their public memorial page. No obits are coming up 7 days later, which might be borderline normal for a sudden death, except her tumblr implied the funerary service was completed. I'm not even seeing anything about her on Google.

Do people really make Discord servers to discuss loved ones' deaths now?

No. 464881

I agree. I'm the anon who originally tinfoiled that she posts here. Maybe she does after all, kek.

No. 464897

It wouldn't be her first time after all

No. 464899

Honestly the only time family/friends get involved online beyond a regular memorial and rememberance posts for someone, it's usually a big name celeb/artist like lil peep or some shit. Setting up a discord after the death of a garden variety ethot sounds wack, what's there to discuss? And her bf already put up 30 photos of her up on the memorial page, many in tacky tumblr style. No family member would find photos of their child in clown makeup and cosplay appropriate for a memorial. Also check the farewell letter
https://www.gatheringus.com/albums/photos/view/6959/2560 if this isn't a meme then idk what is.

Plus looking at it more, there hasn't been proof of a funeral, but that gatheringus page is actually a fundraiser too, it said $300 has been raised so far out of 2k goal. And who operates the fund? Not her family but her bf. Not a single comment on the memorial from any family member. But I wouldn't be surprised if after this post some comments from brand new accounts with her last name show up.

I think she's the one who posted originally about the suicide (rags on luna to make ethot look better kek), the link to the gatheringus page and the numerous selfies

No. 464903

at first i hated everything about toad road but i ended up loving it. such a strange, sad movie but also scary af. sara anne was so good in it. not a big fan of her poetry, but i liked her acting a lot. have you read that long piece about her?


No. 464960

I was the one that posted her, and I'm not her or anyone that knew her. I wouldn't be surprised that her family wouldn't be involved considering she exposed really private parts of herself online, not just wrt cutting and BPD, but also camming and shit, venting about her family, etc. I only followed her for a few mos back in like 2016 and was sad to hear she passed considering she would hurt herself pretty bad and pretty painfully. everyone complains about tuna, she has proven herself to be awful, and she was linked to this girl, that's why I mentioned her. idk if Emmy really passed but a lot of people's families don't necessarily pay for obits, especially if they've killed themselves and had an uh… less than prestigious reputation online, tbh.

No. 464997

File: 1569241624776.jpeg (380.97 KB, 750x929, 4128AD87-395A-4734-97EF-8B4474…)

Speaking of fake suicide, Plaaastic aka GG aka nitenite99
It was so fucking milky when she came here to defend herself and went full schizo after some vendetta-chan posted a bunch of dirt and haxx. She appears to have been dead for real (an hero allegedly) for almost a year now. My edgy underage ass really liked her RIP

No. 465016


I still feel bad for her even tho she behaved shittly, in her home country it was almost impossible to get mental health care (from what she and her Russian friend were saying) not to mention she was physically assaulted and the police involved were utterly useless plus her book she wrote about her childhood her parents seemed very narcissistic, just so much in her life was utterly hellish.

No. 465019

Wasn't her death fake? She supposedly has a new account now

No. 465020


no I believe she actually killed herself after the fake one
apparently she had cancer? but the actual suicide was confirmed by her brother and other family of hers iirc

No. 465043

This is her dad's Facebook. Posted yesterday. Back to work and goofing around already? Kek. Maybe her family are relieved she's gone and don't have to deal with her abuse and criminal insanity anymore OR the whole thing is an elaborate scheme to get money for whatever reason from the gathering us fundraiser. If her death is fake, she and all her tumblrina friends in on it are justifiably insane. Sidenote: Her Troon boyfriend is fucking hideous, I can't believe that stringy haired anime shirt wearing, pedo looking dough boy thinks its a girl. cringe.

No. 465044

File: 1569251775443.png (1.37 MB, 1040x1370, Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.0…)

No. 465045

File: 1569251911338.png (2.21 MB, 886x1322, Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 11.1…)

No. 465052

my ex's mom killed herself and no one in her family posted about it on facebook but did post normal posts immediately after her death because stigma and issues regarding her death. it is possible the same is happening here, but idk. and i dont think the harley dude is a troon? is he? he refers to himself as her 'fiance', so. i know her ex was a troon though

No. 465056

She always called that man Harley her "girlfriend" and sperged out when her mom called her a tranny chaser for dating two troons. kek. Based mom.

No. 465105


No. 465484


God, I don't know why this has upset me so much, I think its the fact that she was talking to the birds, just going about her life

No. 465593

if she really killed herself i think it has almost upset me the most that she settled so hard for troon dick on the regular, and the last troon treated her pretty badly. im way less cute than her and even i think i deserve better. depressing on like 9 different layers. other than her illness, it's just sad that her outlook on life was so warped that she'd go for these losers

No. 465647

this is so weird lol if some girl killed herself the last thing anyone cares about is her dating trannies when she obviously has a host of other issues that caused her to be that way. the girl cut herself, occasionally did heroin, photoshopped herself completely unrecognizable and used AE on her gifs, as well as caused so much pain to her family. your fixation on troons in this whole situation just shows that you are obsessed with them

No. 470172

I feel so fucking bad for her. Even with all her lies and fake suicide. Just by her posts you could see her mental illness bloom and consume her. I'm not sure why she was unable to come to Russia to live with Sheidlina as she supposedly planned but something tells me it wouldn't stop her.

No. 470174

This retarded bitch isn't dead lol.

No. 470209

how do you know?

No. 471232

>>425447 what's her blog?

No. 471345

I don't remember if this cow was ever posted here, but I distinctly remember him from oldschool PULL. It was a gay bleach blonde guy from Canada, I think quebec? and apparently he killed himself? He was known for very elaborate drag-esque makeup and photoshopping himself, and I very distinctly remember a photo of him with cat paws and maybe a headband on? anyone remember? It had to have been at least 5 years ago since I last heard of him, besides the suicide update but some people were doubting it, although I think I remember someone found an obituary but it was in french since it was Quebec.

No. 471377

There was a rumor that anji didn‘t kill herself. She is still alive but hiding

No. 471963

File: 1570925843242.jpg (128.68 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20191012_171550.jpg)


Frank Wolf

No. 471965

Damn, why though?

No. 472106

how old was he ?

No. 472110

I am always devastated when I learn about a teenager who killed themselves because of bullying As someone that was bullied and was suicidal I can't help but see my self in those kids and just wished I could help them somehow even though I never met them

No. 472115

AFAIK he didn’t kill himself, he deleted everything after someone dug up that he did porn and worked as a janitor irl. One of his relatives made facebook posts about them still doing stuff together after he “died.”

No. 472119

any proof ?

No. 472121

>worked as a janitor irl
why can't all Janitors be that attractive,why do they all have to be fugly old men

No. 472125

Did he actually die? People keep saying that his death was faked to escape his reputation after images of him doing gay porn (tame solo masturbation stuff iirc) surfaced. Some of his accounts were logged into some time after his supposed death which aroused suspicion and saw his hidden backup account communicating with his family members. But on the other hand someone posted photos of his urn at the graveyard so take it as you may.

He photoshopped his images a whole fucking ton but the sad thing is that he apparently did porn because he was poor as shit and needed the money to move out. Also I fucking hate it how people posthumously made him into a trans icon when he was a GNC gay twink guy, just let him be one.

No. 472132

He did actually die. There are vids of people visiting his urn, and his death was confirmed by family members. It's true someone logged into his accounts after his suicide, but it clearly wasn't him. Maybe it was a hacker, family member, who knows.

No. 472135

sorry for samefag, here's the vid:

No. 472138

Fuck this is sad. I still hoped it was fake and that he just disappeared off of the internet.

No. 472140

There was a lot of discussion aboit it the day after it happened, but the mods banned discussion of her because /r9k/ kept coming in to celebrate her death.

No. 472141

French Canadian sounds fucking ugly no wonder why the French hate it

They're much uglier too.. ewww

No. 472191

can you share the post you are referring to? i haven't found any info about this.

No. 472350


any more on this, anon? i'm sus as fuck on her creepy-ass 'fiance'

No. 472724

File: 1571107279806.png (32.74 KB, 562x128, Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 1.40…)


harley's J.O. account

'widow', lol

No. 474423

I’ll kill all of you.
Maybe then those who pity you will know suffering.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 474443

Which cow are you? kek

No. 474449


emmy's partner, writing style matches and their sex work twitter is gone

also dat male aggression

No. 474859

File: 1571584746088.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.71 KB, 1080x720, 1547710161201-1.jpg)

No. 474860

That's a sexy body

No. 474870

two people, neither of whom are true ghosts but don't post as much any more
charlotte charms - i've followed her since she first hit gaia and her downfall has been glorious, i remember all the bitchy cgl self posts and her weird relationship with dakota and her escapades through sex work and her body changes have been shocking. she hasn't cammed in almost a year from what i can tell and the milk is basically dried up now. i'll never forget the penis pump pictures.
chris dakota - i was friends with him on myspace and met him a few times in meet ups, remember him firmly denying he was gay etc. and just liked bathing with sam, remember the faked suicides posts etc. he's now just another gay twink (who is reaching 30) who has a onlyfans account (casps1) and posts the same few pics of his retro game collection. his parents are loaded and that's how he afford his lifestyle. rather boring these days but he used to bait with his pictures loads and pretend he wasn't flying to europe just to get laid.

No. 475011

File: 1571614036800.png (282.6 KB, 340x607, Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 10.2…)


No. 475047

i knew emmy irl and the way her girlfriend is handling her death is so bizarre. i don't understand why she is continuing to use ehr accounts to post online? it's a very weird way to "honour" her in her passing.

also emmy scammed so many people out of money to spend on drugs. she was constantly posting new gofundme's to escape abusive partners' family, or to pay to get her teeth fixed, or because she couldn't afford to go to therapy. that was definitely the worst part about her; she had a lot of enabling friends that did drugs with her or let her continue on with her self destructive lifestyle. she photoshopped her face and body but she was skelly irl and quite pretty as well. it's a shame she threw her life away the way she did because she was talented at writing and probably could've done something with that, but she chose to do drugs instead. once she had finished lying about her "pain attacks" and the doctors took her off her painkillers she really went downhill and was posting a lot abour how life wasn't worth living anymore. it's sad that she thought that drugs was all she had to live for. if she got clean and sober she might've been less of a shitty, lying, scamming, fake human but i guess we won't ever know now.

i believe her family isn't posting anything publicly because of her presence online. her dad was an enabler (did drugs with her) and her mother hated her guts.

No. 475055

i love this male violence

>noting is more dangerous to fuck with that a person in mourning out for revange with no fear of death

sure what are you going to do? kill some inocent person that didn't liek you gf? come on idiot

>>475047 is just creepy, why is hi the one that have to make a go found me? why is he the one with the acces to her turmbl and intagram? disgusting

No. 475063

Kek what are you gonna do faggot? It would be so easy to prove she's dead with pics but you can't can you? In fact if she is dead, you're suspect numero uno with all that testosterone fueled aggression. Go shave those male nipples, ugly.

No. 475074

this dude is a huge cow

No. 475525

It rubs me the wrong way that Emmy's partner refers to Emmy only as a "SW" and has it in the twitter handle. I might be wrong but Emmy didn't even really seem to self identify as a SW very often compared to some other women who make it their main "thing", it was just something she did on the side in addition to other hobbies and goals. So what's the point, just weird virtue signalling?

No. 475549


it's because he's an autogynephile larping as a camgirl so he can insert himself into the sex work twitter community rather than just a horny creep, and they can't question him because trans women are women or whatever. emmy had low enough standards because of bdd and all her other issues but i very much doubt she would have gotten in a relationship with this guy if she wasn't able to kid herself she had an uwu cute anime gf bc she paid into the trans delusion so hard

No. 476019

I’ve talked to him and he’s obviously deranged by both grief but major fucking psychosis. He has no business managing shit. He’s got plans to kill himself soon and since I know he’s lurking,
Do it now, coward. You killed her and you’re wearing her skin, Buffalo Bill. If you want Emmy to be happy, then fucking die and stop desecrating her with your creep ass lurking. Fuck whoever posted her nudes, you’re cows too, but this bull Harley is pulling a lot worse.

I’ll post doxx soon if he pulls more shit.

No. 478013


> once she had finished lying about her "pain attacks"

curious about this. thought that her mystery gastric issues might've been legit but in hindsight seems pretty plausible they were actually opiate withdrawals or something else drug related. she would get incredibly defensive and spew vitriol at anyone who dared suggest that maybe she should get clean especially when she was adamant she was going to be a psychiatric nurse.

No. 478352

they were a way for her to get and keep her tramadol script. her "pain attacks" always happened at convenient times like when she was supposed to catch a plane overseas with her family or right after her talking about how she was gonna run out of drugs soon. she claimed she would be in so much pain she would vomit, but she was also bulimic so could throw up on command.

No. 478490

It was definitely nuts how vehemently she would deny that her constant drug usage could have contributed to her fucked up physical state. Her pain attacks weren't real but she did lose a fuckton of weight iirc and was just generally unhealthy looking.
Not only did she abuse any substance she could get her hands on recreationally on a daily basis, but her near-monthly suicide attempts were always by means of taking a load of pills (even though her tolerance was sky high). Of course that would tear up anyone's organs. But not her!

No. 478588

>>475011 what's her insta?

No. 478608

it's @serotoninblue but it's private and not accepting follow requests

No. 478785

it's no longer private afaik

No. 487251

only one is a celebrity.

No. 491668

Any news on this fella and if he ended up topping himself?

No. 493463

File: 1576118391400.png (316.98 KB, 1190x1228, Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 12.3…)

oof the male aggression

No. 493465

lol he is as much of a flake as emmy was. can't even organise a proper memorial for her. i'm surprised he didn't preface the post with a gofundme.

my guess is she killed herself but it was meant to be just an attempt or a cry for help and she didn't mean to complete suicide. "she did not take her own life"

also i really hate the vibe this dude gives off. why has he made so much of her death about him?

No. 495552


my personal theory is she started using IV heroin/fent after her trammy script was taken away.

that or there really was something to her GI issues, although IMO if that were the case idk why her family would want to keep it on the DL, because of emmy's history people are obvi gonna assume suicide or an OD but to most normies a sudden death from a mystery illness is gonna draw more sympathy than an accidental or intentional overdose

No. 496061

IMO emmy was so fucking ugly

No. 507033


No. 507134

File: 1579996271388.jpg (297.61 KB, 720x766, Etika_in_2019_-_2.jpg)

Idk about during 2010 and on, but I thought he seemed like a cool guy before then.

I know the story of his final decision went pretty viral, but I was still surprised and actually felt kind of sad and bad for him. Because imo, it seemed like he did go off a deep end in some respects. I just felt like his reactions over nintendo reveals were more profound compared to what he was like before, and it felt like he was just pushing himself to act like that. It just makes me wonder and stuff.

No. 507152

File: 1580001014940.jpeg (48.49 KB, 403x496, 9B3ED17C-5CD5-4748-B462-773312…)

I've been crushing on him for a decade now

No. 507170

I got so much backlash for not knowing who Etika was when he died. Hype up your faves while they're still here.

No. 507231

Courtney did it.

No. 507233

I think about that Russian girl who committed suicided over that blue whale game or whatever who took a selfie and then threw her body over a moving train.

No. 507376

that's not a social media person

No. 508693

Do any of your remember the white girl with bad fake tan that passed away a few years ago? She went by the name Glo, claimed she was a sex worker, and her Twitter was some variation of ssshroom, sshrooom or something. There was a period of drama with her because she desperately wanted to be black lol on the same level as Jayden Gumbaya. I can’t for the life of me remember her profile name.

No. 508705

I loved this guys streams and videos so much. You could really tell he was a selfless person who just wanted to make others happy to a fault and I enjoyed seeing someone so enthuathestic about nintendo stuff, even though it was very other the top. It seems from observation that he had no self awareness of how bad things really were in his mind and his idiot scrote fans who kept telling him he was fine and mocking people who were trying to help him and showed concern did him a huge disservice. I honestly miss him.

No. 509018

She didn't commit suicide over a game. As it often is when someone decides to off themselves, her friends said whe was gloomy but couldn't pinpoint an exact reason she would do it. The game thing started out after her death because her photo went viral and people decided to use it for hype to promote their own pages which were cryptic looking. It's mostly an urban legend for most and a self fulfilling prophecy for naive teens.

No. 509342

Whoa. It’s mind boggling to see her pic on here. I was close friends with someone from her friend circle who was badly fucked up from her murder. I even spoke to her a few times and she was always pleasant with me and we chatted about our mutual friend and how lovely he was. I was really looking forward to talking to her more and getting to know her only to find out weeks later she was stabbed to death.

Fucking insane.

No. 512808

Idk I'm not great with words or can describe it but like I get like melancholy over dead kids I used to follow in a way.
I'm still quite young but the 2010s really went high with social media and just like me. Younger kids n teens were on it even if they ain't supposed to.
I remeber, it is gonna be 9 years but I used to watch this kids minecraft videos of something scary n little kid me was really into it. Silly kid shit u know. But a little later he got cancer n passed away at like 13.
Then I recently found out a artist who drew in multiple fandoms I was in and ran into there stuff from time to time passed away too. Years ago at 15…Idk what happen, something with the heart or brain.
But like, those people were just a little bit older then me at that time but now I have passed there age. I wonder if they would uknow…like how things came out….its silly but like its "oh, he prob would think this game update is cool" "oh she prob would be happy with how the story came out"…idk. it's just wierd stuff…thread just made me remember.

No. 513075

ahh I see. I just saw the photo on one of those either videos or websites that's like 10 shocking ways people had died, you get the point. fucking tragic.

No. 513209

This one girl who drew me fanart a few years ago. I thanked her for her art but didn't really give it much thought cause I received a lot back then.

Recently I was going through my collection of art I got and when I visited hers I saw people mourning her and it ends up she killed herself just a year after she sent me it.

I didn't know her at all, but I cried.

No. 540116

File: 1586703069722.jpg (123.67 KB, 770x1041, 7968d6b9c1364c46a64a3508b34d1a…)

Danielle Baquet-Long who was a part of the drone project Celer and recorded solo as Chubby Wolf. Something about Chubby Wolf's music and artwork makes it prime digital ghost material - it's raw and unpolished and feels like reading someone's diary.

No. 540144

Whenever I listen to Celer I think about her, and how her tragic death affected him, his music and how she still might be musically there, if that makes sense. I don't know much about her solo work beside Ornitheology though, I'll check this out. RIP

No. 540233

It was in the news?

No. 546331

File: 1587922884169.jpeg (37.7 KB, 264x264, 04746598-A11A-4A75-80CD-65AC4D…)

I used to read Mydeathspace religiously and it was then that I stumbled upon a thread about a girl who overdosed and died. It was 2009, she was 19 and left behind a bunch of photos and a Livejournal that really resonated with me. According to friends who left comments in her thread she was dating a freshly out of rehab kid and tried to match his drug consumption which led to her OD’ing on xan and methadone. She genuinely seemed like a very nice but sad girl from her journal. Her artsy backyard hipster boyfriend’s MySpace handle was mr.scatboner and I hate how I cannot find his real name and social media because I used to figure it out but forgot.

Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicoleacornelison/
Livejournal https://nittercorn.livejournal.com/

No. 548945

File: 1588465940825.jpeg (91.86 KB, 500x500, A7AABAF6-1464-404C-AA2A-23E014…)

Any Pipus fans here? His death hit me pretty hard.

No. 549062

File: 1588480465751.jpg (264.49 KB, 2018x2018, IMG_20200311_223808.jpg)

This will be an unusual one because I only discovered her after she had passed, yet still I felt upset as I pieced together who she was. Cloveress was a girl ASMRtist who died of a heroin overdose. You may not like her content, as it most certainly took advantage of thirsty men, but her death was sudden and tragic. She had such a gorgeous face, and she was young when she started on youtube. If I remember correctly, she once discussed how she was doxxed and the more I looked into her older vids the more I realized she had no idea what she was doing. Her family was not supportive, and around her time of death she wasn't in the most comfortable or safe living situation. She was trying to make it work, being away from home… it was too much for her. It just made me upset because she could have experienced so much more out of life. If only she had a person to rely on at that point.

The way I first discovered her was through her asmr stabbing roleplay, and it shocked and disgusted me. But for some reason I just know it was an act, and she just needed attention and views. I just know there was a smart person behind the act. Ugh.

No. 549431


AYRT - her death was so fucking bizarre. I met her through the con scene and when the news broke I struggled to comprehend it for the longest time. It still doesn't feel real. Everything from those first months after her murder feels weird and hazy.

I know this is going to sound dumb as hell, but I think that was when death became a real thing for me. I hadn't known anyone who had died before, especially not so senselessly. Like, people could just… go. They could be taken away by some sicko with a knife. Just like that, they're gone. No one got to say goodbye. No one had the chance to prepare.

Idk man. I don't want to make her death about me. She was the one who lost everything for no reason. But it lingers yknow? She should have had the chance to grow up.

No. 549635

HOLY SHIT SHE FUCKING DIED??? oh my god that explains so much. i watched her when she was making rounds in the asmr community for clickbaity sexualized content.

speaking of asmr deaths, anyone ever heard of SassESnacks? she was one of the original asmr youtubers who made viral candy eating vids years ago. she died of cancer or something i think? she was on a "health hiatus" most of the time before her death so i think most people figured something was up.

No. 549663

It's sad, she was deep into drug addiction and had moved on from lewd ASMR content to making amateur porn. She looks high as shit in her porn, her bf is scum. She was very pretty, such a shame.

No. 549665

>She had such a gorgeous face

>She was very pretty

why does it matter?

No. 550294

I suppose because people create a fantasy version of a person, thus the deceased becomes "the ghost" and is somewhat idealised. It's like The Virgin Suicides, looking at a beautyful fantasy that died. I'm not saying this is a good thing, just what I suppose is the reason people mention appearance.

No. 550562

came here to post her. was anyone else aware she was cherie plushgod from tumblr, the girl who made edgecult? (does anyone who wasnt there even know about that?)
i was briefly friends with her back during that time and while i heard about her murder when it got big, i didn't think too much of it other than "that's fucked up." it wasn't until i got curious about where "cherie" was and searched her up that i made the connection and it got me really interested in the situation but also made it all a bit more haunting. finding out someone you once talked to normally passed away is a really, really odd feeling.

No. 550589

yeah i know about edgecult. do u have proof that cherie was bianca?

No. 550690

No. 552554

Honestly, I think I mentioned it because when I watched her vids I looked at her and saw how it could give her so much power. It's like, I know she could have gotten a much better boyfriend who could have financially/emotionally supported her and she could have gotten treatment, if only she saw her worth. Even a good friend or her family could have saved her life. The tragedy combined with her beauty makes it extra sad for some stupid reason. She has value even when people look at her, that's just a fact, and she likely had no idea. I wasn't jealous by her beauty, just, amazed at the potential. Also, it's just true that most people mention the looks of the deceased. Not sure why, maybe it's because they speak of their impressions from memory.

No. 552817

You know why. Because we live in a lookist society in which an attractive woman is worth more than an ugly one.

No. 552842

File: 1589214074893.png (602.78 KB, 628x784, katelyn davis.png)

itzdolly / katelyn nicole davis' death sticks with me. i fell down the rabbit hole of her life and eventual suicide after some edgelord i know posted the livestream footage of her hanging herself (unfriended that person very quickly after).

i never watched the full video because its sick and i can't handle that kind of shit, but i did watch her "final words" right before it happened and it was so fucking heartbreaking. she was 12 years old. it might hit me hard because she was the same age as my niece at the time. looking into her background and social media presence before she died it was so obvious this girl needed help and was screaming for someone to get her out. summary i guess for people interested:
>her mom was a drug addict who slept with men for pills
>mom dated and stayed with men who sexually abused katelyn and her siblings
>lived in a dilapidated, rotting trailer in bumfuck georgia
>was constantly in charge of her young siblings while her mom fucked off for indiscriminate amounts of time
>was being groomed online by what seems like a few men (a few of her streams she was obviously trying to be "sexy" for guys in the chat) who all fuck with her (like randomly claiming they killed someone and were freaking out) and would expose her to sexual shit, sext her, show her porn, etc
>long history of self harm, suicide attempts, mental health facility stays, obvious distress, etc yet no one was able to step in and help her
>one day (in which one of her groomer boyfriends broke up with her) she ties a noose in a tree in her yard, livestreams for an extended period of time adjusting the rope on a ladder, saying final words, then eventually hangs herself on livestream
>throughout every livestream including her death as she was dying trolls are in the chat egging her on or making fun of her

most of her livestreams are documented on youtube and theres plenty of people who have reported on her life and death, transcribed livestreams, etc and after watching a few videos its just heartbreaking to know this little ass girl was suffering so much and no one helped her. her mom was home when she hung herself. i feel like because of how much she was stalling by adjusting the noose, how visible the place she hung herself was from her trailer, etc she was really just wanting to get caught trying to kill herself to get herself some help (or even for attention, she was 12 and had pretty much nobody) and her mom was probably too fucked up to care. during the livestream pretty soon after she's died you can supposedly hear her phone buzzing from her mom calling her trying to find where she was. if she had come looking for her sooner this shit wouldn't have happened. i think about her often to be honest. it breaks my heart.

No. 552845

doublepost but i wanted to mention to be cautious when googling her. her death footage and (very dark, not terribly graphic but still disturbing) screenshots from her death video come up easily.

No. 552848

12 year olds killing themselves…. I hate this planet. for real.

No. 552855

File: 1589215875534.jpg (40.43 KB, 564x599, 178a773cb51ddbfc998f30edf10863…)

Thank you for posting her anon. God, I read about her back in 2017 (also watched the video) and also went down this rabbithole like you did, but then ended up forgetting her name. I even recently asked myself what her name was again. It's so sad what happened to her.

Pic attached is her online dairy, you can find some info about it also here:

No. 552867

File: 1589218590129.jpg (44.12 KB, 540x960, calla.jpg)

I remember this. This poor girl. It broke my heart at the time.

I wanted to see if anything happened to the piece of shit men that groomed her, it says here: https://knd.neocities.org/
one of the guys was called Luke Callaham and lived in Massachusetts. Attached is a screenshot of her telling him she loves him, plenty of chat logs at link.

He's currently in prison for raping 2 14 year olds, one of which he beat up. https://www.enterprisenews.com/news/20181113/norwell-man-gets-5-years-on-child-rape-charges

No. 553331

It makes me so sad that there are so many stories like hers. Has anyone heard Roro-chan? she was a 14 year girl who also had a similar story (menally ill underaged girl groomed by older men) and livestreamed her suicide, she was also being egged on by men in her final stream. This song is apparently about her, if you read the comments you can find out more about her.

No. 553334

Actually her mom did physically come looking for her a few minutes after (not longer than five) she hung herself. It was a eerie moment, when she started preparing the rope it was sunny, the sun was going down by the time she died it’s like the sun had synchronized with her and gone dark. Very sad video. I didn’t know anything about her mom or the groomers, I hope they’d be prosecuted.

No. 553335

I remember her stepfather's family was slandering her, saying he was "innocent", just overall evil shit. It made me sick and angry.

No. 553374

Anon this sent me down the craziest rabbit hole. I'm so morbidly curious about this kind if stuff. This is so sad. Video attached nsfw if you're sensitive. It's a gif of her jumping, it doesn't show her face or anything just a bunch of blurry lights, her feet standing in the edge, and the phone landing on a balcony below. (Also maaaaybe her hair flying in the wind, hard to tell) I also managed to find a link where someone had apparently posted screen caps of the chat egging her on to do it, and several pedophiles making nasty remarks. Said link is broken now though, trying to find an archive.

According to some who were in the chat you could hear her screaming.
Apparently she had been engaging in lolicon stuff and would put on inappropriate clothing and pose and generally indulge in the pedos desires. She streamed her music as well and actually seemed very talented. Apparently she didn't die right away, a mailman found her and she was alive for some (3?) hours after she was found.

No. 553378


Poor girl. The livestream is heartbreaking. It's horrible.

No. 553394

File: 1589341259406.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.26 MB, 4000x3000, collage.jpg)

**sorry for repost forgot pic.
here is a someone who speaks Japanese talking about one of the videos of her. This is the video:

In this video she is playing the piano and singing. It's just darkness and music until about the 4:30/4:40 minute mark, where she appears to start panicking. She picks up the camera and starts singing, and you can then see her legs, she starts dancing sporadically on what appears to be the edge of a balcony. At about the 5 minute mark it gets really weird. She seems to get more manic and stops singing, and starts to repeat the word "deite" and what sounds like laughing - "haha" Many Japanese speakers have said the same as pic related. Deite can mean "hug me" but It can also mean "have sex with me" and that the manic laughing we hear is actually a panting, sexual sound esp. given the context of her video names and loli behaviors.

There is also this video: https://sp.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22599086?cp_in=watch_watchRelatedContents

Her behavior is extreamly odd throughout the entire thing. I'm not even sure how to explain, you will just have to watch and see for your self. It's very clear something was not right with her, mentally. The most noticable thing is a short way into the video you can faintly hear her mom call for/yell at (some say scream at) her and she panics, says "oh god" and sets down the phone. You can then hear what sounds like her and her mother talking. (Arguing? Not sure) The rest of the video is panicked, heavy breathing and random manic poses in the mirror with the bag on her head. There are conflicting reports to her mental state. Many people say she had friends, good relations with her mother, etc. Others say that not true - that she had a horrible relationship with her mother (imo the way she reacts to being called for points to it being a sour relationship, but that's just my 2cents. If any Japanese speaking anons want to translate what she and her mother say that would be great) and didn't know her father. Also, given the fact she engaged in dangerous behavior (running across high speed traffic roads, standing on building edges, etc) I find it hard to believe everything was ok at home.

There's quite a few of her videos here:


No. 553397

Goddamn I'm sorry for my retardation. I'm on mobile.
THIS is the link to the "daite" video.


No. 553405


Do you have any more info on her? Her pseudonym is Roro-chan, right?

No. 553407

OP here, in this video a youtuber finds her twitter account

No. 553417

In my digging I discovered she had been posted in /ot/ 2 months ago. A very dedicated anon posted the screencap of the chat during her suicide stream and translated it. The posts can be found here >>>/ot/521358

The very bottom portions are their reactions seconds after she jumps.

Based anon also found an archive of a Japanese news article that talks about her surviving for 3 hours and the woman (not mailman myb) who found her.

Here is the blog where I believe anon found the screengrabs:

The built in page translator makes 0 sense of the comments but it does properly translate the news article that talks about her, and also includes a photo of her face.

I -think- this is the actual video archived but as I am on mobile I can't watch? Not sure if it works so feel free to check. BE WARNED. This could be highly sensitive content so browse at your own discretion.

Here is a massive archive of links relating to her (this is where I found the archive for the actual livestream) and includes translations of what I can only describe as suicide notes/plans to her followers. It's a HUGE read, so I'll just include some bits:

>18: Roro : 2013/11/17 (Sun) 00: 21: 17.86 ID: ??? I'm writing this sentence now I wrote it without thinking. I'm worried that someone is reading it.

I'm really sorry I'm not dead. sorry. sorry.
I'm not fishing now, but I can't believe you.
But, if you didn't believe me, there wasn't really anything wrong with me today, yesterday or yesterday! ! !
I'm sorry to have written such a thing. You'll find this embarrassing later.

> It

repeats. It will not be possible by doing spoilers here.
I don't think it's beautiful.
First of all, I make a face. And I'm wearing a uniform. I don't wear socks. I think it's beautiful.
And when you have over a thousand people, you leave the porch.
Then (????) I will walk. Climb the stairs. There is a staircase landing on the 14th floor and up to the 18th floor.
There is no fence at the landing. I thought about it before and saw it.
I have noticed that. The bottom of that is concrete, so it feels painful if you hit your head.
Ah, ah, it's so bad,
it's too bad . I write without thinking, because it excels in terms of feeling. I can't think of it.


I'm still a little scared, so I will write all m. I'm sticking out my legs.
If it's done today. I hope you fall down! That's why I become a legend. Then I think that everyone will be cheered on. It will pass at a new speed. Tottemoi k
I thought not. So, if you do it today, you don't become afraid if you fall, and I know that it's hard to
come and go, tr. Sorry q Please forgive me. And & # 12436; If all the blood is bleeding, I'm sure everyone will see it. I'm seeing a stranger
. I was thinking about that. After I'm sorry, I'm sorry for the story that I've become addicted. It's the same as when we started broadcasting the worst with Tomatakuri Tsukishita. In the morning, today I
remember the TwitCasting b, so I remembered well. So, I think I'm Amanero, erasing all d. Then everyone will be surprised dw
Feeling bad Do not feel bad I Do I'm sorry hate other people e wp also
I Hey Onomoi m not sorting m Pusu to painful people
Hey written to without thinking p I the feelings m. I
had the courage to do this even though I was under the control of this communication . Alright And. I erased everything.

No. 553419

File: 1589345908387.jpg (Spoiler Image,672.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200512-225511_Chr…)


>Yes, but I'm glad I could write it. The pattern that I didn't write is a story of another world, parallel world, that no one knows.

I can't help being beaten. I can't help it.
But this is a lie, and it's bad for me to be lying.
You might die if you were told to be a lie. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
koe w kua wai wai wai wai wai scary
i have been fantasizing about suicide delivery on the shipping screen since the video has been flowing for a long time since then.
I'm repeating delusions. It repeats.

>I think it would be good if suicide was delivered.

Because I was a pretty girl all day long today,
so I wonder if everyone would be surprised if they died at all. Do you think
that they died because of the stress of studying for the exam?
If you write this, I think it will be hated after this.
I think it's painful to listeners. I don't like it, so do
n't hate it. If you dislike it, you will fall.
That's why studying for exams is good. I'm grateful for this spoiler.

Also, here is her Twitter account:

No. 553425

File: 1589347039537.jpg (186.13 KB, 1065x695, Screenshot_20200512-231442_Chr…)

The link with the aforementioned suicide talk and various accounts/photos of her:


I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about archiving, and the layout is shit on my phone. This is the direct link to her livestream chat taken from her Twitter bio: http://live.fc2.com/84660873

I can't seem to access the archive as it gives me an http 307 error and redirects me to the 404 version of the page.

She seemed like a truly troubled girl. See pic-
>I don't seem to be able to talk until night today, everyone is up today because it's Sunday, and I'm alone, but uh, I have a family I want to talk to But I get angry when I get out of the room

No. 553432

File: 1589350689529.jpg (1.08 MB, 4000x3000, 3.jpg)

Truly sorry as I am finding this all out as I go, this really is one crazy ass rabbit hole. I actually found the -original- chan and messages mentioned in >>553419 >>553417. I am very hesitant to post the link as 1. The chan is obviously a degenerate cesspool with hentai and the like plastered everywhere and 2. It shows her interacting with her pedophile groomers and the reactions of her groomers to her death. No cp or anything but very disturbing to read.

Anything tagged with "Roro" or "Mororo" are her posts.


No. 553491

I think it's because people usually want to say something nice about the person who died, but since anons didn't know her irl they could only say something about her looks.

No. 553492

Damn. Thank you for your work, anon. This is sad.
The only almost non-sad part is when she posted "Be ready, you lolicon shitheads" or something.

No. 553549

File: 1589388590327.png (1.35 KB, 401x26, I told u I was hardcore.png)

Occasionally I return to the chatlogs of ripper's death, which may have been the first caught on livestream.
More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Brandon_Vedas

This is only tangentally related to the thread topic, but there was some crazy drama on mydeathspace (a forum dedicated to talking about random dead people), wherein users discussed the circumstances around a woman's body being stolen from a funeral home and the potential culprits popped into the thread to argue their innocence.
Here's the thread: http://mydeathspace.com/vb/showthread.php?30936-Julie-Mott-(25)-died-from-Cystic-Fibrosis-and-her-remains-were-stolen-from-the-funeral-home
Here's a leddit discussion about it with some tl;dr about the mydeathspace thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/UnresolvedMysteries/comments/b0ail0/was_the_julie_mott_case_ever_resolved_to_anyones/

No. 553646


I've only just seen this and read up about her.

This is just sad. There are no words.

And I yes, I hope her mother and abuser live with this.

No. 553708


It isn't silly way of thinking. I think of things like this too. I'm 27 now. But in 2006 I remember there was a Youtube video featuring Final Fantasy characters in an AMV music video called "No one" by Aly & AJ who were quite popular at the time right.

But the person who created it died. It said so because the user deleted the description and said their cousin who made it died and they had cancer and it just felt sad for me. It was such a beautiful video.

I've never forgot it. And it's been… years since. I was 13/14 when I first saw that and the user was my age. Now they're frozen at 13/14 themselves.

It's sad.

No. 553764

last month I started listening to Her's 2017 album, which is really beautiful and the perfect blend of multiple genres I love, it wound up in my spotify recommended. then I saw a picture of the two guys from Her's and was like huh, they look really familiar, then I googled them and they're both fucking dead. the whole band and their manager died in a car crash on tour when a drunk driver hit them and they were both my age with their whole lives ahead of them. Everyone who knew them said they were the sweetest most down to earth dudes and something about it is really tearing me up? like. discovering new music only to find out that the ENTIRE band died almost exactly a year ago is so eerie.

the only time I felt remotely close to this unsettling feeling was when one of the members of Them Are Us Too (another indie shoegaze band) died with like 20 other people in an awful warehouse fire in like 2016. the other member had no choice but to call it quits but she put out a really beautiful EP called Amends like a year or two later as a final goodbye.

in both instances I actually have musician friends or friends of friends who were mutuals with these people and even played with them, which makes it all the more tragic because it feels so personal. not to make it about me but I've been teaching myself how to play music while in quarantine because I'm in my 20's and have been discouraged from it my whole life because I lack experience/ am a total amateur. but have always loved singing and coming up with melodies and I don't want to waste my youth without ever knowing if I could have gotten good at it, y'know? what else am I gonna do in lockdown anyway, might as well be productive. it's corny but a little piece of me wants to dedicate my progress to these ghosts who I never got to meet, but will thank endlessly for their talent and inspiration

No. 553789


I had the same experience discovering øfdream and shortly thereafter learning that he had committed suicide a few months earlier.

36 people including one of my very oldest friends in the scene died in the Ghost Ship fire. Derick Almena's retrial was supposed to be happening now, and I was considering attending since I didn't attend any of his first trial.

No. 553794

I'm so sorry for your loss anon. I only knew about Cash but holy shit, I didn't realize it was 36 people, that's insanely depressing. I hope the trial goes well so that the survivors and families of the victims get some kind of justice

No. 555883

File: 1589962600092.jpg (1.1 MB, 4032x3024, dw2jio0jzery.jpg)


Thank you, anon. Most of the victims were musicians and artists.


There are videos of several of the musicians who were on the line up that night and who died performing at previous events at the Ghost Ship, and the hazardous conditions are apparent.

I crossed paths with Almena only a couple of times, enough to know he is a tweaker POS with a genius messiah complex.

No. 555885


And here's a playlist of some of the musicians who died.


No. 558093

dick tips… it's a pretty long read and i can't quite get into it because of the format of the forum but thanks for sharing anon

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