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No. 461062

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists ree
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean (but also we’re just haters haha :) so our opinions don’t bother them)
- Waffles may never be criticised because she has an illness and sick people cant be bullied on imageboards
- creepshowart must never be spoken of because that's giving her attention, which makes the farmers ree that this particular attention-seeking cow might seek attention and bring up lolcow like every other discussed cow has.
- Everyone is beautiful and we are above the discussion of appearance unlike the other nonnies!
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.
- Yes, Copics are worth it if you use markers. And yes, they are rediculously overpriced.
- No, this isn’t a TRA safe space, so don’t ree when you see the word tranny. And no, some retard discussing their pronouns doesn’t count as art milk, you turbo autist.
- If you have beginner questions, want to know what art books to start with, or generally need to know how to begin with art, use these links

Welcome art tuber, enjoy your visit - we hope you find enough content to hit that 10 minute mark, because we are VERY empathetic to how it’s oh so hard to actually create artwork and have a personality in order to create your own content for your channel xoxo

Previous thread >>440519

No. 461068

Suppose I might as well ask, can somebody recommend a good desk lamp for drawing specifically?

Tired of seeing the shadow of my hand get in the way of my linework

No. 461088

https://www.dickblick.com/products/studio-designs-art-clamp-lamp/ This is similar tl what i have. You need something you can adjust so you can control the shadow

No. 461147

Someone made a perfectly good thread pic but you choose this weird guy for reason.

No. 461152


No. 461155

Any artschool anons want to give me portfolio tips?
I know no anime/fantasy and to put in life drawing but otherwise I’m clueless.

No. 461162

This is an art salt thread, is seriously no one creative enough to create a new witty OP instead of just reusing the one I wrote like 5 threads ago?

No. 461173

There’s no problem with anime or fantasy, it becomes an issue once it’s a bulk of your portfolio

Make sure to include sketches so they can see your problem solving, including finished pieces with good composition/colour choice/technical skill is a good idea as it showcases your ability to spend large amounts of time on a piece, also make sure to showcase pieces that really represent who you are as an artist - for my portfolio I made sure to include a handful of finished pieces + sketches that revolves around children’s illustration as that’s what I want to work in, and ultimately that’s what really impressed them and landed me a spot in a prestigious school. I’d also strongly recommend including background work as most people’s portfolios will be filled to the brim with figurative pieces, it’ll help you stand out

No. 461175

What is this picture…?

No. 461177

color work is important, but mostly drawing from observation is the big huge thing that they harp on. If you can find somewhere to do figure drawing sessions that'll help a lot, and try to limit how much you use photographs. I'd also say try and do a self portrait. There are also certain schools that have required drawings, and be aware that it's not simply drawing what is asked of the prompts. I know RISD requires a bicycle drawing, but it needs to be an INTERESTING bicycle drawing, not just a picture of a whole bicycle.

No. 461230

having a 'story' through out your portfolio really helped, so its not just random pictures but it shows you can come up with a concept, I didn't have such a problem with a more stylized portfolio because it all looke cohesive I guess

No. 461318

Ikr, that same summary getting used over and over is really tiring. No offence to the original op but it kinda lost it’s charm after the first time. The summary is just getting way too as well.

No. 461341

I wrote the original op, the only reason it was funny is because it made fun of the discourse that had happened in the thread before it, I don’t get why it’s just being recycled

No. 461343

File: 1568289741060.jpeg (144.01 KB, 1119x329, D9E5A8D7-C676-4EFE-914B-12C1DB…)

Samefag but I was planning on doing something revolving around pic related and it’s spergfest for the new thread but I’d rather not get a ban

Why don’t we actually draw or make op images for the art thread of all things? I actually kinda enjoyed the one anon had suggested in the previous thread

No. 461345

With how bad her faces have been lately she should really be doing more reference studies, not completely removing them from her work. This thumbnail is a perfect example of why

No. 461354

Please, for the love of god stop making threads with this tosser as the thread image.

Can mods ban the person doing it?

Why should we look at this one jerk for weeks on end?

No. 461387

i really like her stuff, i don't get why anons are so annoyed by her style. i think it's pleasant to look at.

No. 461415


Happy D. Artists girls always look like they are retarded.
She made them so beautifull in her older work, but now they all have one eye that is either on the forehead or hanging on the cheek. And no, thats not a stylistic choice.

No. 461429

File: 1568297720653.png (1.44 MB, 946x1187, Screenshot_2019-09-12-16-12-29…)

Imagine you commission someone and then have to pay 600$ for this at the end. Thats one of her worst paintings ever.

No. 461430

The cover of the book is so distracting lmao

No. 461494

Holy fuck, the mega chin and badly spaced out eyes have me clutching my sides. How do you get this decent at rendering and still fuck up basic anatomy?
This isn’t a stylistic choice either, it’s just accidentally hideous

No. 461525

Unpopular art salt opinion: as someone pro fanart im so sick of artists doingg nothing but fanmerch for clout & profit now. fanart is great stepping stone or hobby but i hate artists who became unambitious and ccomplacent. ones with no plans other than keep making a living off fanart merch. i love fanart but social media has turned these artists into overrsaturated & entitled glorified bootleggers. i hope legal banhammer fucks them up one day because the salt will be amazing

No. 461549


I agree. I always closely associate being an artist with designing and coming up with ideas and worldbuilding, i know it is not always the case but for me it is all closely related. When i see people whose entire career is making money of mainstream copyrighted characters in random poses i think is morally fraught and kinda boring creatively. Its something thats better as a hobby for fun, you know, something you would do as a fan. I think it would be very hard to police thought, most companies turn a blind eye to fan artists because they kida do free publicity for their products and because they will always come across as the bad guys if they start shutting down people lawsuits who most are not getting that wealthy anyways. (Except the notable exceptions)

Sorry to blogpost but when i was like 15 and found deviantart i knew jack about weeb pop culture so i assumed most of the characters i saw were original creations and found it so amazing, it was very dissapointing when i realized that no, they were all from shows and IPs i didn't know yet, so i started looking for and following original content creators instead, avoiding fandoms was a pretty good choice for me.

No. 461568

Ti be honest I don't mind.
Mostly artist make way better and more creative merch thabthr original creators so I really don't mind. Not everyone has original characters or stories to tell, some just want to make live others characters.

No. 461610


all she's talking about in the video is doing the no reference series because she basically uses references as a crutch and discards a lot of concepts because she can't find the reference photo that fits.

she even says she still references in the video and another reason she's doing it is so she can see what she needs to work on.

tbf it isn't a bad idea. doing works without using references gives you a way of having to formulate concepts without relying on pictures that look like them or fit and so you can know what aspects you need to practice and study more.

No. 461611


A lot of IPs don't really care anymore because they realized that it does nothing but alienate their customer base. If the government or whatever bans the sell of fanart it could fuck up a lot of other shit too or if it becomes a state issue rather than a civil one.

Most creators don't really care unless they're indie, and that's because of indie creators do their own merch and selling it whereas other large IPs would rather not waste lawyer fees going after someone who makes a fraction of what they do and doesn't cause legal issues for them like actual bootleggers.

No. 461630

even if ips "don't really care anymore" or the artist is "better and more creative" doesn't mean it's OK. if you can make a living going to cons and selling online you should pay for license. if you "just want to make live other characters" work with ips or get a job as merchandise designer. i doubt many artist even try to contact ip owners. i'm OK when artist make limited runs or price to pay production cost. if your career, living & brand is so dependent on fan merch, make it into legal business. many choose not to or dont care or try because it means less money even though theyre supposed to be fans. all in my opinion.

glad i'm not the only one who feels this. many artists complain about "exposure for payment" while they justify seelling fan merch as free exposure. i have more respect for artists who draw fanart but direct popularity into original merch

No. 461641


I agree, Artist Alley's used to be a place where one could share their passions for their favorite shows and earning a bit of pocket money was just a bonus, now it exploded into something where people make their living out of it and it shows. A lot of artists draw prints of characters they don't even know anything about just because 'they're popular and sell well'. It feels so overwhelming having so many artist sell merch of the same 3/4 popular shows that are hot at the moment. At this point it's like a blessing when I see people who sell stuff of more obscure shows or even are confident enough to just do purely original stuff. I've seen enough times whenever a new Pokémon is released I see button and even pin designs next day on social media / etsy. It's offputting.

No. 461642

Can I post an unpopular art salt opinion, too?
I am so tired of glorified concept artists technically good but with no good ideas, no innovation, nothing but good rendering and anatomy. You're not a "concept artist", you're a good painter, at best. Lots of people can learn how to paint, but good ideas are harder to find.

No. 461647


Its true. Most of the time people call "concept art " things that are are not concept art at all. But i personally also think concept art itself is a bit too glorified and lost some meaning once it became a buzzword, concept artists are not always doing very creative work or coming up with ideas themselves.

No. 461652

Concept art, which is to make multiple concepts of someones idea for 3d animators to use, is often confused for splash art, art used on loading screens, and promotinal art. Iirc most concept artist get stuck drawing lame stuff like rocks or tiny details, like guns and key cards.

No. 461656

someone brings this shit up every thread.

No. 461675

I think I heard a youtuber talking about this, he said concept art is not a full rendered illustration and now this idea is stuck with me.
I also agree concept art is too glorified, I hate browsing instagram and seeing only concept art and it is the main reason I don't use ig anymore. It looks like everyone is trying to get into concept art and if you don't, then you're not in the cool kids club.

If concept artists are painting rocks it is for a reason.

No. 461678


That quote may have come from Trent Kaniuga. He does a lot of informational videos about industry work, what it entails and how to break in.


Agreed, a lot of Artubers have no idea what actual concept art is and often confuse it for full blown illustrations and fully fleshed out character designs.

No. 461691

You should go to more indie conventions, anon. There’s a bunch of good ones year-round that aren’t as specifically aimed at fanworks. SPX is this weekend, for example, and it’s entirely about creators who do more original content.

No. 461694

Anime convention artist alleys did not begin that way, they were created by fandoms for fandoms and their customers go expecting fan art. Comicket is the largest comic convention in the world and consists of 99% fan made comics that the IP holders themselves scout for artists to hire for their own publications. Meanwhile in America the same IPs are recycled over and over again by the same three companies lol. I find it funny that the old school comic artists get triggered people are selling Superman and Spider-Man Prints because THEY actuallly WORKED for Marvel and DC,,,meanwhile they’ve never made an actual original concept themselves and made a living on someone else’s world and characters. It’s cute that they can’t seem to see the hypocrisy.

No. 461711

That's why copyright, trademarks, and all that shit are all civil issues. The "legal banhammer" on selling the IP works of something else is between you and the IP holder. If the IP holder cares, you're done for. If they don't care, it's free game. If you let the government or state decide what is or isn't okay for this type of thing, you've basically gutted most forms of copyright, IP, and trademark freedoms and whatnot. That's why they're classified as civil issues, not state ones.

Also, there's a difference between "exposure for payment" for someone trying to get you to draw their uber good amazing idea that's just BOUND to rake in money and they want you to work FOR them vs just doing something of your own free will and profiting off of print sales that leads to exposure for both you and the original IP. One is just slave labor and the other is free will lmao. in fact, many comic IPs scout for people based around doing fan art because they can see how someone will legit draw their characters, which leads to them getting hired in the industry. Sure it doesn't happen all the time but large companies have learned to profit off of a fanbase like a relatively symbiotic relationship.

No. 461728

$95 patreon tier jfc for that ugly art and nothing else? I mean if I'm paying that much I would expect some sort of story to go along with it ffs

No. 461730

How do artists market themselves on Twitter? I see so many artists, even beginners, who don't post hashtags in their captions or mention the company or anything. Do you start off tagging people/things in your post and then drop them once you've gained a following?

No. 461737

hop on every popular thing faster than you change panties using the same jokes and memes, just hope you don't crash and burn hard

No. 461778

File: 1568362614742.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1177x1828, 79EEE823-87FF-4C8E-992C-DEFCF8…)

I hope they release the videos of panels but Lightbox Expo this weekend was great for artists like concept artists talking about their method and how it’s not super illustration. EG: Mingjue Helen Chen is an art director at Disney that all the animation nerds cream themselves over because her style is the Disney house style but she shared some of her work for wreck it Ralph 2 on Twitter that’s anything but the character work people think she does. A lot of the talks there with concept artists too were about research and how they iterate, and while they also did have demos for a lot of artists, it’s a better look at the industry than what armchair artists think it is. The “art of” books tend to skew people’s perception that illustration is a big part of it when it really isn’t, like sometimes they’ll bring a drawing into full render JUST for the art book

No. 461781

File: 1568364070266.jpeg (188.69 KB, 1280x573, DB62A8A5-EACD-40BF-B0FD-5F3346…)

Example of her illustration work, which is what ppl think she does at Disney

No. 461787

Honestly, as someone that actually wants to break into the industry at some point, I find the first image much more interesting than the first. The second, you see it once, you have seen all you need to. But the first, you look at it several times and it is a diving board for a bunch of ideas. Kinda like what concept is supposed to be. The second image leaves zero room for improvement.

No. 461909

I thought dotting tools helped with precise details but Jackie managed to prove me wrong. The eyes look weird af

No. 461914

>The “art of” books tend to skew people’s perception that illustration is a big part of it when it really isn’t, like sometimes they’ll bring a drawing into full render JUST for the art book

And thats for the animation where you would expect certain styles of artwork to be more "drawn", a lot of pipelines have close to no drawing at all. Is all photobash and 3d bash done very quickly just to get the idea and 300 iterations of it that you would not really want to show anyone outside of the pre production context. Sometimes there is an illustrator in between the concept team and the 3D team re drawing some of the important elements from the rough concept work a bit more cleanly and schematically before passing them to the modelers and often that illustration is the "concept art" that you would see in the book or in the artstation portfolios.

No. 461971

Is it just me or did her anatomy just got worse and worse over time? Or was she always this bad?

No. 462008

Yep. Concept artists make concept art, production leader greenlights it, some of it goes to the illustrator, production leader greenlights it, then it goes to the 3D modeling team, thus concluding pre-production. And once pre-production is over, the concept artists and the illustrators, who are typically freelancers, are let go unless they are needed again if something in production changes, or if you are a flim like the most recent Lord of the Rings that were doing pre- and actual production at the same time.

Commonly where artists get stuck in 'pre-production hell' is where the illustrator and concept artists aren't communicating enough with the project leader to see if the 3D team can actually make what is being created, a-la Mass Effect: Andromeda.

So, although concept artists are important, you will never find a stable job, are likely to remain a freelancer, and if you want to make artbook art, you will then be the illustrator, which is in even less demand because you don't need as big of a team to only touch up 1/4 of the actual concepted work. All the little concept-wannabes are better off drawing for children's books or going commercial and being part of a comic book production line. Or just learn 3D modeling. Get good enough in that, and people are hiring everywhere.

No. 462018

I wish she would make a script she can work off of instead of saying “uhh” “kinda” “um” “so” “like” every 5 words. It gets unbearable to listen to after 30 seconds.

No. 462022

I am fucking sick of seeing 'seven deadly sins' and 'disney princesses as' shit, over and over and over. Does no one actually have a creative bone in their body? If you are going to do things that high school boys do in their drawing 101 portfolio because they're edgy, at least make it unique. How about 'Seven Deadly Sins- In Moderation!' or 'Disney Princesses- That's It! I Have No Creative Value and Just Like Disney!' where you just made fanart of the actual fairy tale and use Disney as little as possible.

Subvert expectations, damn it…

No. 462042

how she keeps insisting on not knowing Anything about nail polish just screams Im nOt LikE oTHeR GUrlzZ

i dont know why i keep watching

No. 462044


"i didnt really like the demon designs cause you couldnt really differentiate them but im gonna give both gluttony and wrath a bunch of teeth, thus r

No. 462045


rendering the reasoning behind the teeth useless"

No. 462046


how tf does any of these look like the sin theyre supposed to be. like you can kinda get the general idea from the heart and women shape of lust and the wild look of wrath but like no one would understand the reasoning behind any of the details unless they watched the video.

like the point of gluttony is the desire for food but all we get is TEETH.

No. 462087

Another one…

No. 462090

This was already posted anon, literally a few comments above, do you not even check the thread?

No. 462105

Why are people still sticking around for these videos? They’re all the same, cute or scary thing turned into a cute girl with the same face and body shape every time. She doesn’t even do poses from the side or the back or any full images. You can really tell she’s having an art block too with how bland her designs are.

No. 462109

File: 1568434113199.jpg (299.18 KB, 1200x873, thewitcher_v17WEB.jpg)

This reminds me of an artist who used to get on my nerves back in my 2011ish deviantart days. Jerica Winters - https://www.deviantart.com/jericawinters
Nothing super milky about her per se, but she was/is a huge womanchild.
All she ever makes is fanart and it's all she is ever known for. She was pretty popular off of it back in the day (her e-fame has worn off over the years) mostly because of a Daily Deviation award she got, but her art is some of the worst I've ever seen. She loves to draw a lot of action scenes and action characters but all of her art is boxy, stiff, and her anatomy is atrocious. Everyone she draws looks like an uncomfortable same-faced linebacker shrouded in lens flares.

I remember her FAQ on her profile also used to have a part where she talked about how artists will never make any money and you can't make her believe otherwise, unless you have a car and house you bought solely with money you made from making art. I wanted to get screencaps of it but when I search her DA on the Wayback machine, it doesn't seem to go past 2019, long after she deleted all of that cringe.

No. 462133

File: 1568446969557.jpg (193.99 KB, 640x800, sausageman.jpg)

Idk if maybe I've become desensitized to shitty art, but I don't hate this. Yeah, it is stiff, but I went and looked at the profile, and she herself says she isn't a professional, but a hobbyist. And if her account really is that old and she still calls herself a hobbyist, then I'm actually surprised her art looks this good. She isn't stagnating either, the Geralt drawing is from 2018, but this Logan was from 2017.

A hoobyist artist, that progresses on their own want, and has a history of bashing art as a career? I like her already.

No. 462152

Honestly this drawing is a lot better than the first example

No. 462161


Yeah, it kinda gives me Archer vibes

No. 462167

>hobby artist who draws fanart
>said stupid shit like 10 years ago

Don't see a problem tbh. If she's not invasively toxic or thinks she's hot shit who cares. I remember when I was a teenager I thought it was crazy that people would actually PAY artists online for commissions - and I wanted to go to fucking art school at the time lmao.

No. 462187

File: 1568465589105.jpg (2.81 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190914_194707461.jpg)

The Instagram Kawaii Artist Community is full of drama and problematic person. Sometimes they callout each other but most of them kinda hypocrite with their things. Also most of kawaii instagram artist are too care to their follower number, likes and visits. I think is a common problem when most newbie artist only rely one social media for their repution and names.

No. 462190

I was really surprised by Dina's new video, her studies were so off? Usually I think she has a great understanding of anatomy and what works how but this was just so off, maybe its because it from reference? Or maybe I'm just being nitpicky because I value her artistic skill

No. 462199


I don't know why people keep burning money with those subscription boxes. Scrawlrbox is usually bad imho but this one … I would be pissed paying 15 pounds only for fineliners. lol

No. 462201

File: 1568470504693.png (174.17 KB, 693x313, crap.PNG)

This is more of a me thing, but I find the evolution of the insta./tumblr/kawii artist style to be interesting. Most of them can't actually draw in the traditional sense, but they all learned a bunch of tips and tricks to make their art look decent or passable. By the use of glitch effects, pastel tutorials, texture overlay, and with every other trick in the book they can turn a meh sketch into passable. All those artist in Op's post wouldn't look half as good as a sketch, specifically the top left.
Look at this image. It turned a 30 second doodle in to something passable by copying random techniques I found in pintrest tutorials. Took me about 15 minutes. I just find it interesting the multiple ways they turd polish.

No. 462203

Why do they constantly get involved in drama?

No. 462208

File: 1568471944488.jpg (3.09 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190914_213934543.jpg)

most of them draw anime girl, and rarely go out of the box when they become popular. Some of artist doesn't take criticism and act like snowflake sometimes. Honestly it is a devolution for me
From my observation, they like to cancel someone. I think the stupidest drama from it, someone critic a popular artist with kawaii artstyle and the critic comment is like a gordon ramsay/simon cowell type of crtic, and they got offended with it.

No. 462210

whats with that 'your dreams and hopes are incompatible with reality' quote having a comeback. I see way to many artist quoting that

No. 462213

>>462210 not saying you can't make your dream and hopes like a opposite thing /Impossible with reality, but in my mind most of these artist come up with this kawaii, UwU style as crutch/ shortcut rather it come from as a style development with their study/passion

No. 462219


I actually think these are some of her best designs in ages. She flubbed Gluttony but I like that she tried to make Lust represent the feeling of lust rather than drawing a generic sexy woman like everyone and their dog, at least she had reasoning behind her design choices this time.

No. 462224

Bruh. Lust is just your generic pretty girl with broken fingers for a skirt

No. 462229

This a 3 month old video, but she's getting backlash over how she said if you want to get into digital art you probably shouldn't use your phone. The digital art phone kiddies have invaded her comment section to defend their precious art form

No. 462241

her first study is definitely her most successful ( the second has some unbelievably unfortunate colour choices ), but drawing directly with no sketch or guidelines is a complicated thing to do; Kim Jung Gi is a sensation for a reason. i'm more surprised by the contents of the box than i am by her struggling with the exercise.

No. 462244

A bit unrelated, but did Dina really go to FZD?
I think I read it in a comment but I can't remember where.

Out of curiosity, what do you anons think about Kim Jung Gi?

No. 462266


yeah depressingly that's still one more design element than you usually see for Lust in these things, it's the lowest possible bar and even pro artists still fail to clear it.

No. 462276

She has videos about her three terms at FZD. As for Kim Jung Gi, I consider the guy kind of a mad genius. Off the chart technical skill with a slightly disturbed mind lends to some pretty awesome and sometimes "unsettling" art work.

No. 462295

Kim jung gi makes it all look easy but when you find his teaching videos he has a ton of useful tricks to cheat and fake perspective, like hanging perspective. I like his stuff and he’s a master of it but I’ve seen people try to copy it without a similar grasp of anatomy and skill and it’s sad

No. 462300

I feel like there are a lot of people who wanna be like gi but don’t understand that he has been doing this for a while and his skill didn’t develop in 2 weeks, that he literally draws all the time and isn’t super on and off, and that he actually has a good understanding of fundamentals and that’s a huge reason for his skill?

No. 462302

Man I love Kim's art, he's very inspiring- I'd love to see him live once

No. 462312

KJG effectively ditched middle school and highschool to focus on just drawing an insane amount, like a sketchbook a day (according to him–I might be misremembering this interview and he may be inflating some things). Like the man has at least 30 years of intense drawing under his belt.

There's also a weird bit where he might've been hit in the head with a swing seat and getting a concussion, but I dunno if that's rumors or playing up the 'incredible drawing savant' angle.

I think it's funny that the man is so goddamn good at drawing that he can draw bestiality and no one cares.

No. 462313

I can appreciate his skill but his sexual drawings are really turning me off

No. 462315

The whole "I became a good artist in a few months" thing is a trend I keep seeing a lot in places like tumblr and instagram. This idea that most good artists pop out of the womb with massive amounts of technical skill is such an outright lie that hurts a lot of young artists because they think 'well, I've been doing this for 2 years, and I'm not like so-and-so, so I guess I'll quit'. I also think a lot of people lie about their age on instagram/tumblr just to get more people to be like 'gosh, you're so young and talented!'. It's almost like they're more into art for bragging about how quick it was to learn rather than for the art itself, and it often shows in their abuse of photoshop tools and filters instead of actual knowledge and care for the craft.

No. 462316

There is no way this is true or else it would be talked about more, Acquired Savant Syndrome is such an instantly hot topic, but I'm going to believe it because it stops me feeling so bad about having that same drive and dedication that he has

kek at the bestiality. The best artists can do anything, the difference between porn and art really is just style.

He has demonstrated that he can keep it professionally sfw when his work calls for it, but at this point he can do whatever he wants, if people don't like it then it doesn't matter because everyone else does

No. 462321

>Kim Jung Gi

technically he is probably the best at drawing in the world. It is amazing to watch him draw, yet i don't really care that much for his artworks tbh, the show of craftmanship and the quantity of work he does is what it is really impressive But he is not my favorite artist when it comes to the actual pieces and i don't mean just because of his sexual work, i actually don't mind very racy artwork myself when its done well, its just that after looking at his sketchbooks i end up forgetting about them almost instantly.

I think a lot of people should stop self flagellating after comparing themselves to him. Every other kid now thinks that drawing without reference without thumbnails or anything using only brush pens is some sort of industry standard, no wonder they get discouraged fast, it really isn't at all, thats why he is so unique in the first place.

>"I became a good artist in a few months"

>I also think a lot of people lie about their age

Online artists lie, a lot, and i mean A LOT! the age one is probably the most common, some artists will try several times to come up with online personas until one of them starts pulling followers, almost nothing on the internet is really as spontaneus it seems.

>Acquired Savant Syndrome is such an instantly hot topic

I am perfectly sure that in a few years it will come down to just having money to implant your kid a brain chip at birth thus keeping an elite of cyborgs who can do marvels with no effort above the rest. Transhumanism kinda scares me and makes me tinfoil hard.

No. 462328

He rarely colours and when he does it’s flat base. Too bad, he’s really good at drawing

No. 462342

Using sketchbook on your phone with a stylus is a good to way to get into digital art, but you should absolutely get a laptop or something with a full art program if you want to get serious about it. Even an ipad would work better than a phone in that regard.

No. 462395


>I am perfectly sure that in a few years it will come down to just having money to implant your kid a brain chip at birth thus keeping an elite of cyborgs who can do marvels with no effort above the rest.

>Transhumanism kinda scares me and makes me tinfoil hard.

Perfectly sure? A few years? Try a few decades at least, we don't even have a PRECURSORY to brain implant/enhancement technology yet, just fiction and speculation. Hell, we don't even know how to cure alzheimers yet, after decades of trying! you don't need to worry about brainchip cyborgs stealing your art job anytime soon.

We're more likely to see artificial intelligence doing that in our lifetime, at least that is in an infant stage and being actively developed. But even that is in ridiculously early stages as far as art goes, mostly just barely amusing gimmicks and unusable auto-coloring.

No. 462400


>Perfectly sure? A few years? Try a few decades at least, we don't even have a PRECURSORY to brain implant/enhancement technology yet, just fiction and speculation. Hell, we don't even know how to cure alzheimers yet, after decades of trying! you don't need to worry about brainchip cyborgs stealing your art job anytime soon

This is what the millionaire genetically enhanced cyborg overlords will tell the normies.

No. 462435

I feel like it's kind of a weird point to make, no one who is using their phone for art is planning on going pro, they just want to be insta-famous and draw shitty sad e-girls or whatever. I'm sure anyone who actually wants to step it up will eventually cave to buying a tablet on their own anyway. Until then who cares what medium they use.

No. 462465

File: 1568518496652.jpeg (421.57 KB, 750x747, BED3FF59-0228-4D78-941D-82BA0D…)

A few people have mentioned tinyalgaes new ‘piece’ in the last thread and I honestly assumed they were exaggerating until I saw for myself. What the hell is this????? This bitch is weird ….

No. 462472

art circles are now glorifying pedophilia. i feel like artist women are being exposed to too many art males that are pedophiles or seeing the way pedophilic male artists are exalted (artsy men have always been pedophiles and creeps) and are being encouraged to either draw children in this manner, or make more and more absurdly neotenous 'women' the subject of their art

No. 462486

File: 1568522342272.jpeg (147.85 KB, 1199x581, D21893B5-605E-45BC-ACD0-4640B9…)

Not sure if this’ll add much to anything, I basically found an image that looks really similar but posted a year ago by aJVL on DA


No. 462492

File: 1568523655225.jpg (318.69 KB, 1920x1080, 1560176694173.jpg)

>I'm sure anyone who actually wants to step it up will eventually cave to buying a tablet on their own anyway.

I personally know the meme: "you don't need an expensive tablet yada yadah" "look at me doing pro work with a 10 yr old chinese tablet and PS 7.0, its the artist not the tools, git gud scrub" and i get it because i am poor and i have had to manage with what i have since forever but drawing on a piece of plastic while looking at a screen has always felt like garbage and uncomfortable to me, even after years of doing it every day i can't possibly get used to it and i find it un intuitive, if i spent some time drawing traditionally and then i have to use the tablet i feel so bad, a screen tablet or an Ipad is simply so much better in every way and they are the proper tools for digital drawing and painting, over prices as they may be. Non screen tablets are only a step above drawing with a mouse imo, but i guess everyone is different and this is just from my own experience, i like drawing in traditional so much better and all my studies were in traditional anyways but all my revenue comes from digital work, i like the tools that mimic traditional the most even when its not quite the same.

No. 462493

I find her rendrering skills impressive, this doesn't really scream 'pedo' like other artists.I don't know how to explain it, it's not Shad levels of uncomfortable if that makes since…

No. 462495

Can anyone post pics of what she drew

No. 462501

i’ve been following carly for ages and she really comes off as having some sort of mental debilitation. autism maybe? but her last few main drawings (that she puts hundreds of hours into) have all been naked children. over a year ago she used pics of a shirtless prepubescent girl as a “reference photo shoot”. she is hyper fixated on childlike bodies. that combined with the fact that she doesn’t have any friends, spends hours driving around alone at night singing along to shitty dad rock (if you’ve followed her you’ve seen a whole lot of it on her story) i have always wondered about her. the fort wayne scene is pretty annoying but something is really off about carly and has been for ages. she’s also obsessed with nippon. sorry but there’s quite a few red flags there

No. 462503

They definitely ganked the idea and composition of the sailor moon one, she posted it on her art blog two years ago and it has like 8k likes on tumblr. https://jigokuen.tumblr.com/post/163078553855

But it happens all the time, like how everyone does Mucha ripoffs

No. 462504

>But it happens all the time, like how everyone does Mucha ripoffs

Yeah, i feel at some point every single popular female artist from DA was swiping Glenn Keane. All of these Disney artists styles get copied to death.

I personally know someone who became super succesful pretty much banking on stuff he copied from Glenn Keane, Juanjo Guarnido and Rob Madueira. Pretty much skinwalking them. Disney + some anime or comic style is a killer combination online.

No. 462530

Stuff like this is really interesting to me too. Mind sharing those tutorials?

No. 462554

I actually met a man who developed an AI that creates music a while back, we had a multiple hour discussion on how this would impact the art world - it’s a rather unsettling reality, knowing that there is an AI that can create music at the push of a button. Commercial music would be in trouble as there’d be something on the market that can create you endless musical pieces at a fraction of the cost of a freelancer or established musician. You’d no longer have to deal with producers or any middle men, it’d be a very tempting offer

Commercially speaking, AI shouldn’t be disregarded as easily as it is. It’s fast growing and while people will always want ‘soul’ in artwork, that is not the case for things like concept artwork, marketing materials, book/album/disc covers, pretty much anything that can currently be relied upon as a stable stream of income

No. 462603

There's an AI tool built by Nvidia called GauGan which is pretty much what you're talking about but according to some sites, pro artist don't seemed worried by it. Instead many are actually kind of excited by it because it will help speed their workflow.

No. 462605


Dunno. The body looks if she is made out of metal or latex bc skin is too shiny. (Or the kid'd been dunked in slime, or worse.) Either way, it's a pretty inappropriate way to portray a child imho.

No. 462661

Enjoy this because is hysterical

No. 462664

Is a trainwerk

No. 462672

Ok that post really didn't make much sense without context so could someone give me the context?

No. 462681

watch this video to hear 5 minutes of kasey discussing fucking toilet functions

No. 462687


Right. Which video/ 50k Youtuber are they talking about?


Watch it last night and she's not talking about toilets? Can't remember. Kasey is beeing Kasey but I liked this video, honestly. It's nice seeing her doing more than her prompts and working on larger scales. Some colour choices of that big cactus at the end could have been better but overall I like that piece. This pixelated style looks nice.

No. 462690

Tbh I really appreciate this change of pace. No milk here honestly

No. 462694

Found who she's talking about. They even responded in this video. She has the personality of creepshow mixed with leafy is here

No. 462735


Concept artists i bet. They'll go from no drawing and only using photos to not even doing that at all

>speed their workflow.

All they care about.

No. 462764

Holy fuck is this person toxic. Their impatience and entitlement for something they aren’t even paying for. They talk about how the person isn’t professional, but they’re “friends”? You guys had a 6 hour discord call, have each other numbers, etc. And the way they react to the person asking publicly for credit saying it’s because it’s unprofessional when in reality it’s because they don’t want to give credit

No. 462778

her whole insta is weird

No. 462779

Considering the pace and pressure of the industry, I don't blame them.

No. 462780

I agree, But I see her more like leafy when she handles the drama and the criticism.

No. 462783

This whole situation is way blown out of proportion. She should have just been put on a list of people you never take commissions from and let it drop. Don’t all you commission artists have a ‘do-not-interact’ list? Fuck anonymity and ‘I don’t want to spread drama’. Just tell other commissioners about this person and let it die. No need to get the whole art-drama community up in arms. Ya’ll acting like the word of a 15 year old is scripture. If Madame ripped an artist off, then don’t give her views or ability to get art. Block and move on.

No. 462784


But it is concept artists own fault too though because those are standards they built for themselves, while other artists and professionals have been trying to move away from wagie mentality and work for hire grind they embrace it and make a culture of it, specially with the video game industry becoming big. They are probably the professional field with the most self deprecating market logic, they compete in doing the most quantity of work fastest and complaining the least in a market where saturation cheapens the price of the product, and they they make a point to cut as many corners as possible to produce a lot more work even faster and for cheaper which also lowers the entry level and opens the floodgates to more unskilled workers who will charge even less. Its a race to the bottom. No wonder every other concept artist that entered the industry when the videogame industry culture was coming into vogue is now burnout and opening youtube channels to diversify their income once they get tired of drawing 3000 chair iterations a month just to pay rent.

No. 462805

A grown ass woman doxxing a 15 year old that gave her free fan art wtf

No. 462806

She's a lot like creepshow

No. 462815

shannons apparently making a video with spoctor about this

No. 462823

she archived the photo of the shirtless little girl she did a ‘reference photoshoot’ with

No. 462827

File: 1568613472552.jpg (55.92 KB, 828x891, EDur5yUWsAElMKB.jpg)

>drawing for free and then letting the other person still call it a "commission"
Even I wasn't this dense at 15 years of age lol. Any time you draw for someone for free after they ask for you to draw something for them, it is a request. There's no due date for a request, it is gift art. You need to strongly emphasize both of these things to your requester, don't try to play along like it's still a commission. Madame went way overboard with the histrionics, but trying to make a credit/shoutout into a "payment" for a "commission" is something that would make r/forexposure fucking reel in their seat.
Don't do it, folks.

That said, I don't know what crawled up Madame's ass and died but the story should've ended after the credit ordeal ended. I get the gist here that this blew up the way it did because Madame didn't actually want to be friends with this girl (lol) and felt like Slimur was imposing on her but the way she handled it was fucking atrocious, my god. Even if she thought Slimur was over 18, you just mute/block/ignore annoying people and still leave the credit up for the gift art. The doxing shit was totally unnecessary and only made herself look bad.

Also, furries in general are cringeworthy as hell. Nawnii's channel is half drama and half art, all furry-related or animation meme community related. She reports on a ton of crappy underage drama despite being 22 herself. The only good thing she ever did was help minors out during the Cristali pedophile drama.

I also agree with this. Just blacklist and move on. Not everything needs to be made into cancel culture.

No. 462849

that's horrible…

No. 462867

You mean it's literally a naked child drawn from a photoshoot? I actually did think she was wearing some kind of shirt

No. 462919

Where is call-out culture when you need it?

No. 462937

appearently, it's too absorbed in screaming at some dumb leafyishere clone than questioning artists who have a strange fixation on nude child models

No. 462956

this poor chaild have to post her legal document of sexual abuse because this adult try to dox her all of this because Madame didn't want to put some credit on her fucking videos

No. 462985

I do think it's pretty shitty that she still hasn't taken the art down. She complained someone making her free art took over a week to do it when she wasn't even paying her and then didn't credit it her which was the one payment the kid asked for. Then she doxxed her and went insane because she realized how bad the optics were going to be. Now there's at least ten videos about her making her look like a complete fool.

No. 462988

File: 1568664131161.jpeg (147.02 KB, 1024x1024, 62444495-00D8-46DE-8645-FD46CB…)

Jungkook finally getting his dating scandal

No. 462989

File: 1568664162117.jpeg (170.4 KB, 850x1748, DCFE4717-B0FC-420C-A911-BDB83D…)

Another photo of them together

No. 462991

wrong thread anon

No. 463080

yes. its a direct render of the photo same expression and all. she did a reference ‘photoshoot’ with the child and posted the picture of the kid topless outside and the caption was something closely along the lines of ‘reference photoshoot a success!’ and she had it up for quite some time before she got around to posting the drawing of the child? like years? so strange

No. 463110

File: 1568719107340.png (81.85 KB, 1080x942, free milk.png)

At least she didn't post it publicly and actually dox herself. It's sad to see someone learn the hard way why it's not a good idea to overshare with people you don't actually know very well.

Madame openly said she's doing it because she knows it's pissing people off. She doesn't care about "looking like a fool", negative attention is still attention. That concept seems to absolutely fly over people's heads, or they are aware and still participate anyway because they want to a-log to hide their own flaws.

Looks like instead of posting art Nawnii's going to milk another drama video out of this. Can't wait.

No. 463138

Madame is spergfest freaking out lmao but go off. Also I'm not sure why you're acting like it's so reprehensible for DeviantArt ranters to make drama videos on this. That is what they do lol. They make low quality videos about low hanging fruit that will appeal to their audiences. Meanwhile Madame is having a meltdown and I for one am enjoying the show.

No. 463140

You might have a minute to wait anon, Madame is in court this week for being a cunt online

No. 463164

File: 1568741800628.png (134.07 KB, 455x455, ton.png)

>why is it reprehensible for trash to act like trash so other garbage mongers can eat it up lol it's just trash
Case in point. If you know it's low hanging fruit then why are you surprised that people have disdain for it? It's shit content for shitty artists.

There's really not much else that can come from this. I don't see Madame apologizing for anything, she'll probably just wait it out like most cows and continue on per usual once the mob dies down. All the dislike spam is from outsiders, she's barely lost 1k subscribers from this. It seems like her audience simply doesn't care about the fragile feelings of child artists. If she actually apologized you can color me surprised, but a sperg like her is more likely to just double down lmfao.

I expect the next Nawnii video to be nothing but circlejerking and making demands with no bite to them since they clearly don't share an audience. Anyone with a brain would just blacklist Madame and move on.

No. 463176

You seem kinda triggered by this ngl

No. 463181

File: 1568745486020.png (2.59 MB, 1125x2436, 67A00912-20D8-42A8-BFF3-73D646…)

Uhhhh why

No. 463182

I've been here since thread 1 and I can't take you guys anymore…so…bye I guess. This thread legit gave me depression.

No. 463192

How so?

No. 463218

anon this 19 women try to dox a child ,post ther number on her intagram story she also call the kid a liar becase the kid told her about ther sexual abuse, makeing the kid post ther legal documentation of sexual abuse, all for free art, sorry people care?

No. 463229

File: 1568751974928.png (458.07 KB, 1731x1506, yfw there's salt in the salt t…)

I'm just telling it like it is. If you think that's triggered you clearly don't know what triggered means lol

And again, what else can you do than tell people to blacklist her bitch ass for commissions? Y'all are acting like she killed a puppy and drank its blood live on camera.

lol bye felicia

No. 463236

lol you guys think this newfag is madame?

No. 463239

>my original post says stop giving madame attention and blowing things out of proportion
>literally starts tinfoiling that I'm madame
I have no words. This is sad.

No. 463267

no is one of her fans, this nwefag don't even saga his posts

No. 463268

no is one of her fans, this nwefag don't even saga his posts

No. 463270

File: 1568758087241.jpg (50.34 KB, 600x442, Melodeiia.600.1132086.jpg)

Unfortunately, it's always been that way even before IG was around. Something about having to draw visual diabetes and ayy lmao all the time brings out the worst in people.

Or perhaps it's the other way around, they're such nasty people that they draw exclusively in pretty pink pastels to try to convince themselves they don't have terrible personalities that they project onto other people.

No. 463272

Not a fan, not a scrot.
If you don't have anything else to say to refute my points beyond pitying the teen or attacking my character then let's leave it there and talk about other salt. You will not change my mind on art ranters being mostly useless.

No. 463277

i've only been lurking but i think something is wrong with you. you keep trying to shut down discussion for ~~~reasons~~~ while also saying "duur she totes is fuck whack and retarded, but let's not talk about her tho~~~. teehee did i mention i think she's retarded?~~ i still don't think it's milky tho guise so stop talking about her!"

No. 463282

how retard you have to be crying over this? let people discurse this person, is more than art at this point, when she try to doxx a kid and make them reveal personal info all fo credit i feel like people can and should talk about her

No. 463284

I'm not stopping you guys from talking about anything, both of you keep replying to me because I am talking about it.

This is fucking silly.

No. 463289

No. 463292

File: 1568761828793.png (294.22 KB, 506x506, font.PNG)

who would optionally choose this font.

No. 463293

I was about to say the same thing, holy fuck what an eyesore to read

No. 463294

File: 1568762061246.png (596.84 KB, 485x592, wut.PNG)

>i wont mention the artist
>call out post
Anyhow this does look like a shit show. The artist being called out is bad, but the callouter probably doesn't understand how much damage their going to cause. A big problem with art community call outs is that a big chunks of the audience is kids/teens who don't know how much power they have. They thing don't harass please warning are good enough

No. 463299

File: 1568762276619.png (95.22 KB, 1080x411, 20190918_061312.png)

Agreed ,the owner sounds ignorant about the font comment

No. 463308

File: 1568763761177.png (281.58 KB, 1080x1136, 20190918_063219.png)

Love there some popular kawaii anime artists joins the cancel trains with their clown emoji.

This is why the ig the anime and kawaii ar community is very Toxic

No. 463310

File: 1568763930747.png (Spoiler Image, 369.6 KB, 1080x1587, 20190918_063244.png)

This is the only mature comment that i find from this situation

No. 463312

i disagree with you and what she's saying. tracing has everything to do with the type of person you are, not with your skill. being shitty and money/fame hungry is the only reason to trace.

No. 463359

Yeah, tracing is actual plagarism, and if that person is selling it she is making money off of other artist's ip. It's really shitty. Like, if you want to be an artist why not just… idk…. actually draw?

No. 463365

I get your point, In my mind I never agree with this comment 100%.I think tracing show your laziness and it's like cutting corner?( Cheap and Fast).
But Unlike the another comment, she actually give a solution and suggestion rather fulling cancel the artist.

No. 463408

Nawnii's video is up and my god, hand me a fork because I'm about to eat my shit; madame has announced she is leaving the internet unceremoniously due to "some unusual circumstances" lmfaooo

Nawnii was also very civil here and pointed out the inconsistencies really well, including one point regarding a patreon-exclusive video Madame made that was on the exact same cancel drama topic she accused Slimurs of being "obsessed" with.

I also find it amusing Nawnii did end up saying that taking only credit as a "payment" for commissions is terrible. I'm sorry I doubted her.

No. 463415

Lmao called it

No. 463488

No. 463494

Does anyone have that Infographic of all books on how to improve your art

No. 463495

People who trace get no respect from me. That's something no talent bitches do.

No. 463508

Absolutely vile.

No. 463510

File: 1568822501640.jpg (321.29 KB, 1080x1960, Screenshot_20190918_175906.jpg)

Absolutely vile.

No. 463533

She's right about that last part tho. Internet drama flares up and vanishes fast as hell. Most of the people involved will most likely toss this whole situation behind them by next week.

No. 463545

I noticed that she has 18 originals that aren't sold, some of them pretty old. idk whether to consider that good or bad

No. 463550

File: 1568837887818.png (648.2 KB, 837x504, Happy D Artist.PNG)

I haven't caught up on Happy D in a few years so I kinda forgot what her older work looked like and goddamn, you're right.

No. 463560

File: 1568840143245.jpg (134.6 KB, 900x900, IMG_0256.JPG)

What does this thread think of hopeless peaches?

No. 463565

File: 1568841056893.png (880.25 KB, 952x608, HOLLY KEK.PNG)

Totally petty reason, but I never liked her because she joins art servers to only post her shitty videos and then leaves until another video comes along. The worst part is that she isn't subtle about it. She posted her videos then just left and rejoined once she uploaded again
Content wise she feels like an algorithm watched a ton of art videos and just shitted her out. She doesn't have any insightful commentary and she's tries to ride trends so all her videos are 'been their done that'. I've only watched her as white noise while I draw. She's not even worth watching because her art isn't the best. Overall she feels like she's trying way to hard to be famous

No. 463567

>What do you guys think of insert random artist

Fuck off with these selfposts already, it reeks of desperation

No. 463575

She sucks creepshows dick. Like every video she makes, creepshow would make the same video but with more swearing a day earlier

No. 463581

File: 1568847680634.png (1.61 MB, 720x2127, 1568201374977.png)

is it this one?

No. 463599

Yes,thanks anon

No. 463629

This is pretty much what i hate the most about online art, its a very mediocre but it has a copy pasted anime face and shitty drawn boobs so it automatically gets likes and attention.

No. 463668

For a hot minute I thought this was just a coloured panel from one of Hiro Mashima’s comics lmao

No. 463702

because it's a way of fighting patriarchy and being countercultural

No. 463717

actually it was a very popular style for a lot of satirical cartoon artists back in the 70s to 90s. The really lose, weirdly proportioned, over exaggerated work was somtehing peopled liked to see in short strips. It was a way to set the work apart from say, 'comic books'.

So really it wasn't just feminist comics. it was just most comics in general.

No. 463747


You need to brush up on your comic history if you think only feminists drew like that. Go read some Ralf König and Rober Crumb and then come back.

No. 463766

>crackdown on targeted ads to kids
>baylee nervous

I hope this leads to higher quality content

No. 463772

I couldn’t stomach watching her whine about potentially losing funds. It’s infuriating that she makes any money solely on her mediocre copic art.

Agreed tho, I hope it leads to better content too.

No. 463780

I actually liked how she handled this by not being super over dramatic about it. She just said that her art falls into a gray area if it gets to her channel but, she has other sources of income so she's not too worried about it and it's still too early on to tell who and what it's going to effect. Also I like how her style has been looking ever since she drew that one girl in the kitchen. It doesn't look nearly as stiff as something like her bee and puppy cat print (which makes me cringe because it looks so wooden)

No. 463783

NerdECrafter made a similar video on her vlog channel.

tbh i can understand the concern since the machine basically decides what does or doesn't qualify as "childish" content and thus, targetted for kids even if the primary audience for that channel are adults according to their statistics. Jackie mentioned that most of her audience is above the age of 18 according to statistics, but with the new rules in effect, anyone who watches her video would just be counted as a child.

the new rules could affect anyone that doesn't do sports and news cause it said "thousands of other content" that could be "targetted" towards kids based on characters, thumbnails, etc.

No. 463806

Did you also think it was Lucy Heartfilia? Because I certainly did lmao

No. 463821

YES! The amount of Lucy’s panels I see around just recoloured and called ‘original artwork’ is amazing, why is it always her

No. 463832



>Learn about other ways to monetize. We’ll continue to serve non personalized ads (ads that are shown based on context rather than on user data). This Help Center article outlines some types of non personalized ads under “Content targeting”.

What they are whining about? There will only be no more personalized ads. But non personalized ads will still be played. Question is, though, how many? Jacky's last video with her sister is 26 minutes long and has 7 ads (including the one at the beginning) … Too bad if her videos would only have one ad in the future. Not.

No. 463840

File: 1568948929398.jpeg (115.17 KB, 900x976, EE15YkLUcAAMlYt.jpeg)

that tangent on the shoulder and the fucked up waist/hip/butt anatomy hdsgdcc i cant

No. 463842

when you can't get something to look right just slap your logo over, no problem!

No. 463856

It's like she has stumps for arms. The umbrella has no shaft for her to hold anyway.

No. 463878

I’m pretty sure non-personalized ads pay a lot less, I’ve seen someone mention up to 70-75% less per ad or some shit like that.

No. 464017

File: 1568993278554.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.68 KB, 600x495, dc1dltf-81bb6d10-f5d1-4e38-992…)

hey have any of you heard of an artist with the name "Ionro"?

i remember that there some sort of drama surrounding her last year about drawing pedophilia, incest, and rape

>i found this from someone trying to defend her

saged for no real milk, i just want to know if anyone knows about this person

No. 464042

>>Likes girly things, rape
>> Doesn't like loud people and moms

Why do we enable and give internet access to these edgy queens?

No. 464058

File: 1568999097369.png (50.19 KB, 202x200, 1546144015544.png)

Imagine proudly saying you like rape and incest and then getting when people think you're a fucking degenerate. How stupid is this bitch?

No. 464060

I think this is really cute and I don't see any anatomy issues -braces for the triggered-

No. 464070

>if you're allowed to like dog porn
in what universe

No. 464073

to my knowledge, non-personalized ads pay even less. YT already takes, I think 50 or 60 percent of normal ads per however many views as it varies between the type of channel (Beautytubers can make a lot per ad vs artubers who make a lot less per ad for the same number of views) and how many views, which is why so many art tubers already have a lot of ads in their videos because YT not only takes a chunk of the money (the flat rate they take is the same per all channels to my knowledge) Arttubers in general get less per ad in comparison to beauty gurus and other channels.

Not to mention, it could potentially impact what they can actually say and do in their video because it was mentioned they could be straight up demonetized, and lose access to notifications, comments, etc. and basically not even get engagement on their videos if they get marked as "childish content" according to what Jackie said at least. So not only do they lose money, they also can't engage and interact with their followers. Which, unless they ACTUALLY make content for kids actually ends up hurting them in the long run.

Plus, since a machine is doing this, we all know how that goes… Bots suck ass for doing this type of work, especially with no way of appealing it in a way that gets the bot off of your ass. Their copyright bots suck, this new one is going to be equally bad or worse than that one. It's a horrible system considering they won't even have a person managing or supporting it just like their copyright.

Ik it's easy to be like "haha time to get a real job" but ya know.

No. 464078

File: 1569008082036.jpg (2.01 MB, 2875x1920, inCollage_20190920_140956955.j…)

I'm so sick of this no talent bitch omfggggg

No. 464079

Same here, I think it's cute and I don't really see any problem with it. The colors are nice as well.

No. 464080

>redraw meme
>the redraw looks worse than the original
This a huge pet peeve of mine, just look at how she fucked up the sleeve ruffles and made it look like the sleeves are actually tubes wtf

the face is especially bad, all the emotion of the original is lost on some asian caricature making a weird duck face??

No. 464083

File: 1569010939034.jpg (63.43 KB, 400x283, IMG_0309.JPG)

Reminded me of this

No. 464084

Though I should probably mention that the artist has improved their faces

No. 464086

Awesome, another one of those redraws devoid of all facial expression in exchange for a "muh style" pout

No. 464087

They look like trannies

No. 464091

File: 1569012277640.jpg (323.03 KB, 2048x2041, C_pRhQxUIAAQID5.jpg)

ugh this art style gives me Time2Slime flashbacks

No. 464092

No clue who Time2Slime is,but I think this looks sorta cute.It reminds me of bee and puppy cat

No. 464093

File: 1569013004329.jpg (147.63 KB, 1261x2048, $25 adoptable.jpg)

But was it really 14k followers cute? Or $25 for an adopt with stray coloring cute? Most of her popularity came from networking and people praising her for being "so good" at art for 16 when it's actually just the peak of polished turd art. She's 19 now and her followers have dropped in half bc she's inactive.

And yeah, she did multiple Bee and Puppycat fanart pieces.

No. 464095


Are y’all retarded? this looks holly brown tier

No. 464096

these aren't even polished turds, just turds.

No. 464125

File: 1569019148717.png (19.56 KB, 100x100, IMG_0317.PNG)

I know this person is pretty old news,but I was wondering whether or not Atari still thinks that 'traditional artists are so rare!'

No. 464130

Atari? She went on an indefinite hiatus/quit. I don't want to be mean, but nothing of value was lost when she quit. The best way of summarizing Atari's takes is cope mixed with stupidity

No. 464132

Same fagging, but you're talking about this video right? (skip to 1:00). S

No. 464133


Thanks for explanations.

Actually I think it's good that children will be more protected from ads/ product reviews since children are so easy to manipulate. I also understand why yT says everything that's targeted towards children or mainly focuses on themes/ things that's pretty popular around children falls under the new regulations no matter how old the actual viewer may be – because how can they make sure that's really an adult watching and not a kid using their parents device. (Especially since they are not allowed to collect personal data on kid's content so there will be no data that could show it's an adult watching.) It's easier to just shelve the content in safe kids mode instead of getting into hassles with authorities. But: This whole cancelling of interaction between viewer and content creator/ other viewers is bollocks. It's the whole opposite of Social Media and degrades kid's content to a one way content delivery system like cable tv. And yes, algorithms categorizing content will probably error-prone at the start. (On the other hand: There are so many creators that a reviewing process through an actual human would be too time consuming. So bots with veto is the worst and best solution IMHO.)

No. 464153

File: 1569026775979.png (Spoiler Image, 82.48 KB, 894x894, 1545205921661.png)

Ok im gonna try and go more in depth now

The original call out post was deleted unfortunately but you can still see the preview and text and images in the journal in the comments https://www.deviantart.com/yukinez/status/12270231

I was there before the whole thing happened, i wasnt aware of the drama until i noticed that she deleted (hidden?) almost half of her gallery and disabled comments even up until now. She hides some of her other posts sometimes even tho there nothing wrong with them

She was insistent that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what shes doing, her main ocs was pedophilic i guess, im not entirely sure about the ages because its been a while but i think its a 14 (14) yr old boy and a 27 yr old man in a relationship, later changed to 18 and 23 after the call out but she changed it again and i dont understand anything anymore. I think there was also implications of pedophilic relationship with the underage character and his dad but he also calls his bf dad yikes

Her art is good n all but jesus she creeps me the fuck out. Mostly at how passive aggressive she is

No. 464154

No. 464157

Yeah. no one has any issue with them actually protecting kids. The issue is how their bot will Flag your content as "childish" or "child targetted" (because of colorful thumbnails, content, characters, etc.) even if your audience is primarily above the 18 according to your statistics, and count all of those viewers as if they are children anyways. So even if you make content that is primarily watched by 20 - 25-year-olds, if the bot flags your content as "childish" because of a colorful thumbnail it treats your entire audience as if they are younger than 13.

It's a dumb and overreactive system. Google is a massive company, they should be able to hire people to at least do some measure of human work into maintaining YouTube. Or at least creating a system where you can reach a human to discuss and talk about whatever issues your having instead of some automated and pre programmed bot.

No. 464158

This is so gross and I can’t stop getting this shit recc’d to me. Anyone interested in a degenerate art thread? There’s just such a big difference between all the pedos that have been posted recently and the “not like other Kawaii girls” to me. Thoughts?

No. 464161

I'm down for it. There are so many degenerate artists.

No. 464162

Yes pls

No. 464170


I'm not sure if this will be such a big problem. Depends on the database yT/ Google is going to use to train the algorithm. But as their plans have such a big backslash now, maybe they are going to rethink/ fine-tune the part about colourful thumbnails or playthings in the background. I mean, it's just one marker. One has to tick more than one probably to get shelved. But, well, I don't know the algorithm, obvously, so we just have to wait what happens.
I also may think if yT thinks yor video is for children, they will also just shelve this one video and not the whole account? Either way, yes, I get your point, it's somehow concerning for creative yTubers but I'm not sure if it's really the end of them how some create the impression.

No. 464204

I hope this means BJ will stop making those “[childrens cartoon character] as a hot guy” videos cuz they’re just offensive to anyone that has eyes

No. 464205

File: 1569053239821.jpg (2.38 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190921_150345994.jpg)

Agreed Anon, some redraw are butchered the original

No. 464208

They lose the dynamism and action lines

No. 464266

That sailor moon fan is absolutely horrendous.

No. 464295


Lolcow is going to end on some FBI lists if there really is a thread featuring true degenerate artists lol, but i am down.

This is why Fan art is a double edge sword, if you are not very good or have a unflattering style it will be glaringly obvious. You are literally putting this famous Intellectual Property drawn by professionals side by side with your amateur art, you are making your own shortcomings more evident.

No. 464297

>Most of her popularity came from networking and people praising her for being "so good" at art for 16

Anon, this is true for most popular internet artists, regardless of their actual skill.

That said, her stuff does look like the were done by an app. I am kinda over generic "cal artsy trumblr naif".

No. 464298


You think? I think the Sailor Moon one is pretty cute if you like that style, despite the technical mistakes. The Tokyo Mew Mew one at the top is way worse!

No. 464319


Why would she? Did you watch the video? They're being punished for being TOO family friendly. Her hot guy series would be a benefit.

No. 464322

No anon you are so wrong, the bottom one is hideous on many levels but the top at least has good colors and shapes

No. 464327

Big brain thinking: telling someone they’re wrong about liking someone’s art style. Get your head out of your ass

No. 464347

New lavender towne video

No. 464348

I feel like sometimes there're some neat ideas in her work but she fails to properly excecute them successfully

I sorta liked sloth and greed in some ways but I really hate how she airbrushes all the soul in the image and what she did with greed's expression

No. 464364

Wtf the mew mew one looks like pure retardation and the colors are all extremely saturated it hurts to look at

No. 464393

these redraw memes really do prove that an art style can make a show. style crossovers are one thing, but when you redraw something with your own style to it, you gotta really pull it out, or it ends up looking like garbage. if sailor moon actually looked like that, it would never have made it off the ground…

No. 464449

File: 1569115326613.png (7.09 KB, 803x108, Screenshot_20190921-181351.png)

I was watching Nawnii's drama video on Madame curiously as it was linked in other threads when I happened to scroll down and see the category on the video.

Now, I'm no professional on video categories on YouTube but I very highly doubt that the drama video would be classified as film or even animation for that regard.

Is it just me who gets salty over storytime artists that don't really animate but classify their videos as animation?

No. 464456

File: 1569116631945.jpg (3.86 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190922_084216874.jpg)

Yeah, that proove it. Imagine if sailor moon was drawn in this style at the bottom of the row especially the left

No. 464465

> Imagine if sailor moon was drawn in this style at the bottom of the row especially the left
I'm a lil bit ashamed to say that I actually like the style at the bottom of the row in the middle. It looks so fragile and emotional although it's a lil bit ugly

No. 464466

this proves my point exactly. think of original sailor moon, the 90s long-limb anime style. it is a look, one that has become notable. then, look at the redraws. you can tell who stayed true to the source material by taking it the extra mile, and those that wanted to cash in for quick instagram clout. the entire first row has some sort of effort put in. even the first panel if the second row, just by looking at it and not knowing who the artist is, has some sort of motivation beyond likes to make the image. they look like genuine fans that want to stay true to the shows original aesthetic.

eveything else looks like garbage. these are what happens when you Teen Titan's Go-iffy Sailor Moon. Half-assed, lack of vision, and completely removed from the tone and motivation of the original work. the last one in row 2 looks like someone is just now learning how to blend in paint tool sai but forgot not to shade with black. middle of row two, i can see working if the show was re-imagined in a fanmade horror-like spin on sailor moon, a la Jhonen Vasquez' work before invader zim. the entire bottom row should honestly quit or go back to high school art 101.

No. 464504

File: 1569126661239.jpg (38.36 KB, 453x324, CmxDoWeVUAATqls.jpg)

I agree. I think it's cute, and it has that sort of exaggerated late 90s to very early 2000s to it. It's very reminiscent of Satoru Akahari's art style in the 90s, and I think that's exactly what the artist was going for, so I appreciate it and don't see it as a failure.
I like the middle one in the second row, too.

No. 464530

File: 1569135746622.png (78.7 KB, 621x600, meyoco.PNG)


I don't like meyoco. I unfollowed her when she tweeted this (pic related), since it's just rude as hell. You don't need to be a professional to be able to tell when something looks off in some art. Yeah, it's annoying to get critique in art if you don't want it, but suck it up.

No. 464536

Imagine caring this much that people are doodling a cartoon character together on the internet

No. 464538


I think what people online need to understand is getting unsolicited critique is part of being online but so is being ignored lol. If an artist gets a critique and says nothing to you you're not in the right if you're triggered that they don't care. That being said I don't agree with her. People who don't draw can still dislike things and critique them.

No. 464544


I can see where she is coming from because i have gotten really pretentious blocks of text by people who's profile is full of bad taste shit and terrible art yet they use buzzwords and pretend to be pros, but then again, i would not go to twitter to rant about it, specially if my own art looked like Meyo's, she is not one to talk.

No. 464547

File: 1569142609549.jpg (3.19 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190922_155322394.jpg)

Speaking of meyeco, her anatomy is getting worse. Prefer her knockoff fresh_bobatae because doesn't focus on one aesthetic and palette

No. 464549


when you don't understand perspective this is the only style you can do. They look like random instagram photos that were filtered trough a kawaii app on a cellphone.

No. 464550

File: 1569144063988.png (121.21 KB, 500x500, IMG_0333.PNG)

Maybes it's just me,but I don't like these sorta tutorials.They tend to just say 'NO! Don't do that' and don't get into much detail

No. 464554


I definitely feel that way about these deadly sins, I really like her reasoning behind what she's done for them but the finished designs just don't communicate her good ideas at all.

Greed bugged me because I loved the idea of a businesswoman demon in a 'fancy tailored suit' but then she drew the sloppiest cheap suit in the world.

No. 464575

ew, was this made by a coolgirl?

No. 464581

No clue who that is

No. 464582

File: 1569151208401.png (916.65 KB, 1644x733, 6B15B68B-73C3-47D9-9468-EF67AB…)

This reminds me of when I’m browsing Pinterest and find pins like this. There’s always people in the comments going “but muh style!”. Pic related not the best example

No. 464588

File: 1569152840389.jpg (313.22 KB, 1986x1277, Screenshot_45.jpg)


There is something very amusing about tutorials by people who can't really draw very well. Both the tutorials and the comments feel like a weird purgatory. I remember DA tutorials being bad but they made a bit more sense because there were very few resources online 15 years ago but today with how easy it is to find books and courses or very detailed infographics that stuff is surreal.

No. 464595

Not a specific person anon, but I really wish people would stop so casually referring to women as bitches. This is such a tryhard ‘tutorial’, only a complete and utter wanker would make something like that pic, kinda reminds me of Ohnips (a wanker of the highest degree)

No. 464599

Ohnips is a wanker? How so? I barely know know anything about her aside from the dream daddy controversy and seeing some of her art

No. 464601

This is so tryhard, it could have been Holly Brown

No. 464609

The biggest problem with stuff like this is the medium. You simply can't stuff an entire art book into an Instagram/YT tutorial. You end up simplifying the facts so much its simply easier to say "don't do this" instead of "don't do this because, but if". The second biggest problem is the fact you're seeing the 5th evolution of that tutorial. Artist A makes a tutorial, artist B applies it to their work, artist C ask artist B for tutorial, artist B makes tutorial and it goes on and on with the tutorial slowly making less sense with each rehash. The worst part is artist B most likely doesn't know what they're talking about and just recites artist A without getting anything.
From what I've seen on art discords for some reason art books are really unpopular or rarely mentioned. In most servers the art resource center is simply Pinterest and deviantart tutorials or Proko if they feel fancy.
I feel it's more the mode of art you're in. If you're a Proffesinal who wants to keepa clean profile you would never make an art critique in fear of drama. If you're a more casual beginner, who's usually bad at art, you'd feel free to critique art.

No. 464612

I want to do another unpopular art opinion thing. I think beginners giving critiques to people better than them shouldn't be so accepted. Beginers can often figure out something's wrong, but not why. This ends up with somethings off, but I dont know why critiques. This opens the gate way for beginers confusing hating a style with the art being fundemtaly bad. Beginners will also list the wrong reasons for art being bad.
Unpopular because if I posted this any place else I'd be called a salty artist who couldn't take critique.

No. 464615

A lot of people think that all criticism is valid/good criticism.Following the advice of someone who isn't good can be detrimental to a person's art

For example,I used to follow HC Brown's tutorials when I was younger and before I realised she was shit

No. 464624

nta, but ohnips is friends with shadman, a dude who drew porn of an actual real life children

No. 464628

>From what I've seen on art discords for some reason art books are really unpopular or rarely mentioned. In most servers the art resource center is simply Pinterest and deviantart tutorials or Proko if they feel fancy.

I assume most Discord users are teenagers. I guess having the actual info ruins the fun of larping for them or it can be like ruining a magic trick by showing how it is really done and that yes, it takes practice and theory and it won't magically click for you after the nth random cartoon tutorial.

No. 464635

I can't speak for everyone but when I was a teen art books that weren't how to draw and went into actual details were really hard to understand because I had no foundation of fundementals just comics and anime so something like Loomis was incomprehensible. Now as an adult books are a huge resource.

No. 464636


Thats a bit of a problem too when one is younger. I personally struggled a lot and used to get frustated because i started in the wrong place, after i sunk time into it i realized i knew a ton about anatomy but nothing about perspective and actual drawing and art vocabulary, i didn't even know what "shape language" was. When one is self taught no one is holding your hand through each step, it gets confusing setting up a program and foresee into stuff you don't know based on random disjointed information you saw mentioned online.

No. 464639

>>464609 I can't say I understand why books seem to be so shunned, unless it's for convenience of the internet?

No. 464645

She seems like the type of weirdo to be ok with that. It’s always lewd artist who let their hormones over fictional character cloud their judgement

No. 464662

Frankly though, she's not all that wrong. Sure unsolicited critique is something everyone just has to accept getting at some point but the matter of a fact is that a lot of this critique is coming from beginners and is frankly useless. Mistakes are something everyone makes and the higher your skill level gets the better you become at seeing them, so having someone just come and "critique" your art by pointing out every single mistake you already knew, can be annoying, especially if they end up pointing at wrong stuff which can do quite some damaging to someone less experienced.
Another problem I'd say is that some of these people can be rather entitled, they believe that because they critiqued your work, you now have to devote yourself to them in some sense. I used to just kindly thank people even if the critique was useless till I realized that to a lot of people it gave them a boost to try to start somehow mentoring me as if they knew at all what they were even talking about. At this point I still try to be nice but a lot more honest and tell people if their critique doesn't land. You would be surprised at how bitter some of these people get about it. Like they'll always tell you how you should be able to take critique as an artist but can't take criticism towards their own critique. They just become very annoying to deal with, because even if most people probably have a good intentions, there's still a good proportion who just uses the supposed "critique" to get some sort of foothold of the artist because of who knows why. Anyway this became such a rant but having dealt with these so much myself, I can understand why people get pissy about it. Ofc there's also those who're just shitty at art and don't want it to be pointed out but I'd rather highlight a real issue.

No. 464670

Saged for my bitterness but I find the whole critique debate really laughable. The last time someone cared enough about my work to try and critique it was in art school nearly a decade ago, so it's like, wow you get so much engagement you have to strategize about how to reply, poor you. It'd be one thing if they were trying to teach beginners how to give good critique, but if all they do is complain then I don't get why they don't just scroll past the comments they think are so useless.

No. 464678

Not really sure if you're trying to reply to me or what.
>The last time someone cared enough about my work to try and critique it was in art school nearly a decade ago, so it's like, wow you get so much engagement you have to strategize about how to reply, poor you.
but yea you being bitter is putting it lightly.
For real though haven't really had the issue in a good while since I'm no longer that active on social media but I used to interact with people on forums and comment sections etc and when you're known to be someone who responds to everyone, it's suddenly not so easy to ignore the one critique while you responded to every other comment.

No. 464680

You're old lol so maybe you're not used to the influx of DA culture bleeding over to YouTube and IG ect but basically a bunch of degenerate autists parrot the same shit over and over and if you ignore them they take it as a personal slight and rage at you for not taking their critique seriously.

No. 464689

It wasn't a direct reply to you, but yeah in fairness since my biggest issue was no engagement I hadn't considered that someone might have a reputation for replying, that would make it hard to ignore people.

That was probably happening when I was there too tbh, I was just too grouchy to sympathize an hour ago.

I have been shown the light, forgive my bitter ways.

No. 464692

Well that's fair. Like anon said above when you don't reply to some of these people they take it as a personal offence which was very true for me at least during my DA years. I had literally cases (only couple though but still) where I hadn't replied right away to some really long critique I got and the person got so pissy over it, that they started spamming every single artwork I made with some really stupid nitpicks.

No. 464698

That and the books that these kids likely bought were the ‘Draw Like Manga’ books.

I had those too, and my art really struggled for a long time. I threw most of those away, with the exception of my Camilla D’errico anime book, and my Flores & McSpadden Manga Boys book. I kept D’errico’s since I genuinely like her and the other for fashion inspiration. I have other books too, even a collection of some of Leonardo DaVinci’s sketches, plus a ton of modern art books. Yet, with the age of the internet, even my own mom saw me drop 80$ on the Fallout 4 art book and said ‘Can’t you get that online?’

People seem to think that books are out the door, and I would rather like to see co-existence.

No. 464717

original anon and I think the word 'unpopular' was to harsh. It's not "we don't like books", but more 'no one mentions, no one knows'. Loomis and other fundamental heavy art books rarely appear in book stores and the if you google how to draw heads books rarely appear, in favor of YouTube and Pintrest. It sounds really dumb, but for a lot of kids the idea of any art book being more complex than 'how to draw anime' is unthinkable

No. 464729

I totally get what you mean, I agree. But the other issue I have is a lot of these upcoming/young artists don't want to branch out and actually search for books or resources for fundamentals and go to these sites and end up copying what they see others draw. Now don't get me wrong, copying can help with learning, but you need those studies and fundamentals to get better.

Either way, I feel like we're also in a good place where if you're looking for that book you can't find a physical copy of in stores, another artist or fan of these type of books are happy to upload scans of them if you have to go that route. Maybe that's just me..

No. 464731

>and other fundamental heavy art books rarely appear in book stores

But today is so easy to find stuff , coming across a James Gurney or Scott Robertson book today is just as easy and likely as it is to come across any other book. The internet makes both things a google search away.

Kids 10-15 years ago might have not been seeing this information online but kids today do see it and simply willfully choose to ignore it.

About 99% of those "how to draw manga" books were trash and i know its haram but there was one series i remember that wasn't bad (i think it was actually a japanese translated series of books), Everything was pidgeonholed to anime, sure, but the stuff about perspective and proportions and general composition concepts was not actually misguided and the art was decent, i feel those are okay for kids who may simply be getting into it as a hobby because they like anime and if they want to pursue art further then they can move on to other more in depth material. I've met professional artists who have fond memories of those and the "How to draw the Mrvel Way" books, they get unfairly maligned i think. Lets face it, taking a 15 yr old weeb, insulting the age appropiate hobby he is excited about, throwing his anime in the trash and forcing him to do stuff from Bammes and Bargue studies and telling him he can only suck certain academically approved artists cock is not the most pedagogic approach. Only for the kid to go back to cartooning anyways later in life because most contemporary mainstream commercial art is not exactly classical realism and the realistic work is done with 3d and photos.

No. 464733

If your first language is English you guys had it easier. Although I had my first English lessons at the age of 10/ 11, it took me more than 10 years to get to a point where I'm able to understand technical books like Loomis or perspective without looking up the meaning of every fifth word or so. xD
Also, it's not easy to find good technical books/ tutorials in my native language written/ spoken by native speakers, nor translation of good English books (eg. there are no translations of Loomis' books as far as I'm aware of it). So understanding English good enough was crucial for my own learning curve.(emoji)

No. 464734

File: 1569181685745.png (1.16 MB, 682x958, Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 20.44…)

Are you thinking of this series anon? I see people making fun of them on twitter sometimes and I'm sitting there sweating because I had about 5 of them. There was one that was nothing but drawings of characters taking off and putting on coats and sweaters and such which was insanely useful before google images existed.

No. 464736


Honestly, those were the only source books for me for a long time. Good stuff.

No. 464738

File: 1569181901396.jpg (972.16 KB, 1500x1003, IMG_0329.JPG)

Stole this from /ic/ because it's utterly priceless

No. 464741

it's so bad on so many different levels. did you see his other ones? his anatomy is so bad. the rendering is just as awful too.

No. 464747

File: 1569182970969.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1500x1875, brent-cherry-barbara4u2c-final…)

Aw, damn I remember these, don't forget this one. She looks like some sort of burn victim.

No. 464749


Yes! Those in particular don't deserve the vitriol. I actually had to look up o couple of those for a project that was 90s anime inspired and they were pretty useful.

No. 464751

If the weeb kid only draws weeb shit, and thinks his art is amazing when it is lacking fundamentals, then he should absolutely work out of those books. You come across as someone who thinks telling other people ways to improve their art is bad. You can’t just say ‘use a reference’ without teaching people how to actually use references productively. If you want to get better, you need to learn. If the weeb is fine stagnating, that is on them. If they post it online, cool. If I say his art is bad and there are ways to improve, I can do that. He can ignore me, or cry like a baby, but that isn’t going to stop me from seeing his art and the flaws it has. It isn’t ‘sucking certain academically approved artists cock’ when, in order to improve, they are who everyone says to look at. Who gives a fuck if he returns to cartooning later, the entire point of drawing realism in the beginning is to draw better cartoons later. Or maybe pick up a book about creating stylized characters, like the one with that exact title by 3dtotal publishing. That book has, like, five different artists in it, and all of them say similar shit in the beginning. Learning not to draw weeb shit will improve your weeb shit in the long run.

No. 464756


No one said you don't need the other material or study something else too, just re read what i said without the prejudice or the "its my style weeb" straw man.

I never really liked the animu hating bandwagon that build up in art communities in general, and i said it as someone who trained mostly traditionally, the bias started on forums where if a "pro" scoffed at something it would be taken out of context, pushed to the extreme memed into dogma and repeated ad nauseum and still is like that in some spaces. It became a form of bullying almost because even really good and pretty creative artists who were improving a ton got shit on for being influenced by a style. and those "approved pro artists" where usually some random douchebag that photobashed his way into a AAA videogame company in the years when the demand was super high but quality standards were pretty low. Most hyped content was brown and grey space marines and minotaurs, it was never about doing master studies of Zorn versus tracing Naruto, it was more about what flavour of big breasted elf was better.

No. 464764

i haven't made art in 2-3 years because i've never had time between cosplay and working full time, but i've decided to take a break from cosplaying to focus on my job and saving money… so i'm going to dust off my tablet and try draw something tomorrow! i got a new laptop too so i'm very excited to be able to draw without my computer crashing every 5-10 minutes.

No. 464765

Enjoy, anon. Hopefully you find your way back into the process quickly!

No. 464770

>>464764 Good luck anon! I hope it goes well

No. 464776

I’m happy anime got shit on. You need to think why it got shit on, it isn’t because it just is anime. There are various styles within anime, like Dragon Ball vs Sailor Moon, or Naruto vs Fruits Basket. Anime has different styles within itself that artists have materialized. The issue, and why pros don’t like it, is when new artists use anime as a crutch and just copy the people that came before them, like tracing Naruto art, without modifying the style for them. One case study I like is Avatar: the Last Airbender. It is a western anime. It isn’t classical western animation, like old Disney or Hanna Barbara, it is uniquely western anime. They took anime and modified it and made it new. Same for the original Teen Titans. But when a new artist comes along and only uses that one book or show as reference, their art is the copy of the end product, and not the process to it. There is education being missed out on if you only focus on one style of art.

No. 464798


Y'all this is wholesome and all but don't forget to sage you're bumping the thread

No. 464799


idk how greed is greed like she might've explained it in her video but its the intense constant want of wealth, power, or food but like?? theres no sign that the character is intensely wanting something?? does she want a drink?? is that it??

No. 464824

She deleted this post, Lana cannot accept any criticism

No. 464832


Which is funny, considering she and Sugarbones once went on a public rampage against another small artist for the inexcusable crime of… making a heart-shaped bag. You know, the totally original design that Sugarbones plucked from the depths of her magnificent brain. I can't believe she had any creativity left after making [spins wheel] Moomin [throws dart] BDSM pins. It was an ita bag too, so it wasn't like the other artist was making a bum bag like Sugarbones'.

But no, they sicced their audiences on a smaller artist without stopping to rub their collective two and a half braincells together and consider that maybe, just maybe, if you don't want your shit sToLeN, make it fucking original.

No. 464876

I'm in the same boat as you anon,
Cheyenne & Lana make $$$$ weekly, if a smaller artist from a different country decides to make a 'Heart Shaped ___ Bag' it shouldn't hurt them as artists but nah, it was about "muh feelings" and their big egos and they can do it cause they don't hold accountability for the actions of their fans.

And it's funny cause Sugarbones makes profit from mainly fan art, which in turn is ridiculous for a "stolen bag idea"

I personally don't like Sugarbones mainly due to the fact that she's a weeb who does borderline child-like BDSM art and people on AANI love to lick her ass cause she has the money to order expensive merch from Alibaba. Cheyenne & Lana both are white girl artists that are big headed.

No. 464944

>I’m happy anime got shit on.

Stoped reading right there, the rest is just the same meme all over again.

>muh generic western styles > other styles

Like what you like and don't be a stuck up prick about it.

No. 465029

It's not really an art tuber but I honestly hate her and her vlogs and how she behaves she's the best illustrator and business persona in the world.
No, you're not.
I can't stand her and her voice.
And YouTube keeps recommending it to me
Jesus her indignation over that bookmarks was just no
Sage for no milk

No. 465076

Woah, seriously? I didn't see anything about this. Does anyone have any caps?

Was it that heart ita bag that had a KS recently? It looked completely different, obviously…

No. 465080

I hate when RossDraws does stuff like this it's so cringy.
>draws an aged down version of his grandma
>makes her "hot" with naked midriff and short shorts

the final piece (not the tweet) looks worse than the art he did for the "warmup"

No. 465081

File: 1569257763001.png (319.44 KB, 594x410, 34314543657547.png)

samefag but the warmup sketch tweet didnt post

No. 465083

except Bobatae's stuff looks like hot garbage. the oni girl's face looks lopsided as fuck and her eyes are ugly as shit.
it's just all weaboo garbage.

No. 465087

He's really only good at drawing that slightly down looking girl in front view. Paired with that weird-ass smirk.

No. 465089

I don't really see anything wrong with this other than it seems creatively lazy. Quality wise, it's on par with >>465081

Kind of sweet really.

No. 465090


He is a pretty mediocre artist, his whole career is based on gimmicks and social media bs.

No. 465102

Total nitpick, but I watched a sketchbook tour of hers once and her vocal fry was so annoying

No. 465131

yeah a heart shaped bag isn't "totally original" but it's really not even worth anyone's time to bitch about.

No. 465150

File: 1569270848731.png (2.31 MB, 1920x1080, drawing.png)

anybody else getting more and more annoyed with waffles? her recent video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZ5rUs2XwCk) got me riled up. she's slamming the pencils against the table and each other, wondering why the lead keeps breaking, then she gets to drawing the prompt (which, let's be honest, she completely disregards to draw another cute girl standing awkwardly with her wrists snapped). she can't use pencils for shit. she colors like a toddler, pushes the pencil too hard and gets streaks, then tries to use the blender to get an even gradient (she uses the blender pencil just as badly)

pic related is the final product

apologies for triggered rant

No. 465151


No. 465170

her thumbnails look so much better than any real art she does. she should learn how to actually color.

No. 465173

Looks like it was colored with children's crayons.

Waffles doesn't bother me too much, except her annoying laughing between every word that sounds like she's hacking up mucus

No. 465175

yeah, i share the same sentiment. i still like her videos, even if her art is stagnating. i do like her full spread sketchbook vids the most, and her ink work is wayyy better than this. honestly, i'd blame the shit coloring on the lack of experience with the medium. she treats the pencils like her markers.

No. 465179

honestly, the hair in >>465081 actually looks like it's a lot better rendered and the shading looks a lot less lazy, but still lazy looking.

Also kinda grossed out that he's drawing a pic of whats suposed to be his grandma as a young adult and she has booty shorts and midriff. yuckkkk

No. 465180

why does she always draw those mitten hands?

doesn't she giveaway these used supplies?

No. 465181

No. 465182

Plus the multicolored pencils and the nature prompt makes me think they were meant for more impressionistic work, especially landscapes, rather than the cute, clean-cut girls she always draws.

No. 465195

Oh yay, another cute girl, now THAT'S new and fresh, never seen this from Waffles before yawn

No. 465205

There was so much potential with the materials provided, she could’ve done studies or something like what Dina did with the chameleon pens. Anything would have been better than the same stock standard girl just standing there.

I wish Waffles would try more with other subjects, crack open a book and work on her flaws (ie same faces/bodies, same themes). She can’t expect to always be happy with her art and her progress if she doesn’t push her limits and doesn’t work on her visual library. As they say, variety is the spice of life and seeing the same things over and over again is like having the same meal every day of your life.

No. 465206

Damn, how do you even make colored pencils look this bad? People can achieve better than this just with Crayola. I know she's unfamiliar with the medium but would it kill her to look at a Lachri video first?

I usually enjoy waffles but lately I've been avoiding her videos because she's pretty clearly stagnating. I wish she'd branch out more with animal studies or even doing fantastical creatures like the dove dragon she did. Please no more toothy girls with mitten hands.

No. 465210

what's wrong with midriff and short shorts? little over half of the HS/College aged girls in my town have this combo as their daily clothing choice.

Genuinely one of the most entertaining Artubers.

No. 465213


what an uninformative and tryhard video, artube is trash.

No. 465224

File: 1569282553018.png (39.88 KB, 712x309, lol.PNG)

the worst part is that youtube see's him as a good arttuber. The standards are so low for arttube this guy is seen as the 'dishin out truth bombs for the normies' guy. I have to admit the fact he's had multiple industry jobs is better than most arttube, but in the end he's the same 'top 5 tricks to improve your art' shit with an edgy 2cool4U vibe.

No. 465228

Poor girl, in three years she developed hydroencephalitis out of nowhere.

No. 465233


OmG, yes! I don't know if she's bored of her own shit or if she has stress in her daily life but I'm getting really tired of all this slamming and her weird, over-exaggerated hand waving. It's not edgy or cute, just clumsy and dumb and makes her look like as if she doesn't value the art supplies. Poor kid who gets the stuff afterwards because the leads are probably broken multiple times.


I'd love to see her draw only backgrounds or, if she insists on those boring girls, draw them at least within a scenery/ with a full background. Characters floating in an endless void is still beginner level.


Can't stand her either. Her attitude and voice is annoying af.

No. 465241


You could be a professional artist and still make terribly vapid youtube videos . There's zero info here. And from the sidelist i see he has that tryhard habit of mentioning very trendy kitschy artists and even pewdiepie on his titles trying to coattail on their popularity and fool the algorithm. Shitty jokes, shallow content, artuber starter pack.

No. 465281

Honestly yeah I feel like she’s getting really stagnant and I used to like her videos too but lately they are so boring and samey. Maybe it’s the amount of videos she puts out but dam does she need to branch out.

No. 465283

It’s drawing for a good thumbnail.
A character with no background/minimal background will get more clicks because you can see it better at a tiny size.
Thats the big problem with online art right now, full pieces and nicely finished work isn’t rewarded because it doesn’t make a good thumbnail/ takes longer so you can’t pump it out as fast to take advantage of algorithms.

No. 465297

I feel like that some of his videos are decent when it comes to teaching his viewers a certain topic,but he doesn't really get into too much depth

His clickbaity construction video is basically just the phrase 'break down things into small shapes' stretched out for an entire video

No. 465311

File: 1569316226388.png (738.75 KB, 474x839, youre30act30.PNG)

Cow cross-over special Lanajay x Kasey Golden

No. 465313


One draws dog dicks, one draws ass tits, she's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers

No. 465324

I'm so fed up with hungry artists subreddit, I know good quality art is expensive, but so many users here is outright scamming clients.

No. 465326

File: 1569322675603.png (948.59 KB, 960x857, jfrwwto1r5o31.png)

Sorry, I keep clicking new reply instead add pic. So pic, something like this cost $150. Fair right? Unfortunatelly it's traced or painted over a photo(artist posted ref pic), artist has no understanding of anatomy and form, can't do anything but trace or badly copy photo. In result people pay $150 for shitty, broken portraits that looks nothing like op, other desperate, greedy losers are defending him and blaming it on clients not knowing how to art direct. $150 is not much but then burned clients wont trust anybody and I have to deal with bullshit to prove I don't trace and I'm able to produce good illustration that's fully my creation and not traced from other artists. I can't point out tracers because critque is bannable ofense and I get like 2 book illustrtion contracts a year from this dumb subreddit. IDK, just wanted to vent.

Tracing references is obviously nothing bad by itself but it's only acceptable if artists know what they're doing.

No. 465339

>critique is bannable offence
Why are artists spaces like this, why have they become the stereotype of being overly sensitive artfags

No. 465345


you will usually see flat color very saturated bright neon backgrounds for the same reason. Its always whats pops on a social media feed, clashing unnatural colors

No. 465347

on reddit and forums it's mainly because mods are selling commissions too and they don't want their art to be critiqued. Critique is frowned upon on artstation and other more pro-oriented places becuse some noobs are spamming with "photobash is not a real art" (concept artist doesn't consider themselves to be artists anyway, it's a design job) or thinks that using references is bad and it's just annoying. Some people don't get that they should never openly critique something that was approved by a commercial clients, because a lot of things that are tacky or weird are clients preference, sometimes they require psd file with layers to modify it themselves and artist is allowed to show only this version. Also, some artists somehow accumulated a toxic fanbase who'll jump on anybody who dares to critique their precious artist.
It suck, there's no good place to get critique besides handfull of small forums. Everybody migrated to facebook and artstation or instagram to farm likes and followers, pros won't help unless they're your friend or you're great already because they don't want to deal with butthurt newbies after the only reasonable advice is "study fundamentals". Only way to get good critique is to save for atelier lessons or online mentorship. ModernDayJames does free critiques of his challenges entries, but it's super basic stuff and imo those challenges aren't very helpfull.

she wants to be Audrey Kawasaki, but she don't know how to stylise BJD-like face and body proportions in appealing way

No. 465392

>pros won't help unless they're your friend or you're great already because they don't want to deal with butthurt newbies

Its no so much as butthurt newbies because it applies to very respectful sincere people too. Nowadays most of it is based on analytics so a person with a big following and an industry record will look at your own analytics before deciding if engaging with you or just copy pasting a generic umbrella politically correct send off. Most won't bother with unknowns unless theres networking or social numbers to milk like in those mentorship videos who are part of a social media plan or in callouts from popular artists to other popular artists.

No. 465421

Waffles always did crazy shit with her hands like smudge them all over her pencil sketches. Artists if I see you do this in the wild I will slap you.

No. 465425

You guys do realize there's a reason no professional artist gives unsolicited critique and only loser autists on DA do? It's not socially acceptable and actual artists that aren't teenagers on the internet think it's fucking stupid lol.

No. 465436


I totally agree and even the original paletteful demo shows the girl doing a landscape and the pencils are clearly meant for that

No. 465438


What the fuck is kasey wearing

No. 465442

How dare you she's quirky uwu

No. 465467

Ugh, those fucking converse and mismatched socks… she intentionally makes herself even uglier for some reason

Also, has she always been that size or has she gained weight?

No. 465481

It’s the Wedding One Hundred, catching up to her.

No. 465549

Saged for non-milk.

So I am halfway through the last sketchbook in my collection from high school. I'm in the market for another, but the more I see of illo I don't like their paper, and the paper I have right now is a Pentalic Nature Sketchbook since the paper can hold ink and marker really well, and can hold okay when i use water. It is 210 gsm paper, but the only issue i have is the spiral binding and cardboard backing are bending just from being in my bag or on my lap while on the tram. Does anyone have a go-to sketchbook they buy when they need a new one? I have been using a different brand every time i swap to a new book and I really can't decide.

I have used Bee Paper, Pentalic, Strathmore, Canson, Kohn-i-noor, etc. Just looking for opinions from fellow ink/marker artists on their choice of sketchbook paper.

For full illustrations I do use Arches hotpress or Strathmore bristol, for more context.

No. 465560

I haven’t used them thoroughly yet but I splurged on a bunch of various sketchbooks and all media books from Cottonwood Arts when I saw them in person at Lightbox expo. Their books are glue bound but they have hot press books and are really reasonably priced, it’s run by a small Korean family who want to make their books affordable by lots of artists. The paper is a really good quality too, their cold press is about 300 gsm. The only bad part so far is my markers are bleeding behind the tone paper sketchbook (70gsm) but they also have marker paper.

But I am also the same, it took a lot to find the sketchbook I liked before I found cottonwood. Like I’m still iffy on moleskin cuz they’re expensive but I liked their paper thickness and the size

No. 465576

My go to sketchbook used to be Enre sketchbooks but then they stopped making them which was a bummer. Now I usually grab artistcraftsman sketchbooks because they are well priced for the quality imo.

No. 465601

This may be a bit of a rant (it prob stupid), but the video posted recently above got me thinking. Wtf is the deal with references people have dumb opinions about it and making people confuse.
Theres nothing wroung with references but the dude (original title was - how to draw like ross draws) is actually tracing. If you trace all the time your gonan rely on it a lot. You look at references and observe and understand and draw and youll improve. Thats how art works, it takes time. Like imagine hundreds of years ago, and artist looking at a horse, they didnt have art books, reference books or was able to see to see other people often. This shit ridiculously stupid, people just being extra.

No. 465603

I would like to second Cottonwood Arts. I used their C1 Recycled sketchbooks and it holds marker pretty well, but I would recommend the B6 version.

If you got the cash and don't mind buying in bulk, you can get the parts needed to bind your own sketchbook amazon. Get a binding machine, some spiral binding, chip board (or leather) and 100-120lb cover stock paper.

No. 465695

Have you tried rendr? They’re by far the best I’ve tried for marker use

No. 465715

If you were to buy sketchbooks what you like as a cover? What kind of paper?I'm thinking of getting some done through a local place which will bind my own paper into it. 240lbs
Is 8-10$ a good price?

Sage for help

No. 465721

If you don’t need super thick or white paper, i really like the muji recycled sketchbooks. they’re slim but sturdy and lightweight and work well enough with everything ive tried in there, even markers (at least for my purposes). and they’re cheap.

No. 465763


Hm. In this case I would colour the character first, take that picture for the thumbnail and finish the piece afterwards.

No. 465808

File: 1569421594641.jpg (196.49 KB, 1374x676, Screenshot_2.jpg)



This is my current sketchbook, best price for your money, its huge and i am barely at half this thing after months of doing studies on it. Not very portable, (its heavy) but great if you are like me and use mostly pencil, fine markers and ballpoint rather than ink and watercolor.

No. 465855


If you know a brand of paper that you like and don't mind a bit of extra work, then traditional stitch binding is also really easy. You can find loads of tutorials on youtube. If you go for coptic style binding you can just buy a pad of any art paper you already like and use the backing board as the cover.

No. 465994

I feel bad for artists as they probably don't want to be labeled under a kids' category, but… it's YouTube. YouTube is not guaranteeing them really anything. When you become a YouTuber, that's by your own choice. If the algorithm or new categorization screws you over, YouTube doesn't owe you anything.

No. 465998

If it does happen then I feel like artists will just use yt as an advertisement for shops ect but upload less frequently

No. 466061

this is such an annoying attitude lmfao of course no one is owed a job that doesn't mean they deserve the rug pulled out from under them

No. 466063

>How to draw faces?just trace!
>b-b-but it isn't ACTUALLY tracing you guys

No. 466066

This video gave me an aneurysm.

No. 466068

They’re not employees, so while it sucks for this to happen, it’s ultimately a risk you take when you rely on YouTube for income

No. 466071

No one deserves it but anyone who is using the platform at this point knows (or should know) that it could happen to them at any time. If they don't have a backup plan, they're an idiot.

No. 466075

TD you can't sell your because you fucking suck. Even Baylee Jae has better art and that's just sad lmao

No. 466113

Not a single day without drama in this community

No. 466116

Is it really worth going after a teen with only 460 followers? Fucking hell, pick your battles, it’s like the entire internet is a highschool from an American teenage drama

No. 466118

File: 1569499309918.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1699, 7A70B338-4D1F-45E2-97B8-42BFD1…)

Oops dropped the pic

No. 466119

Honestly in this case I really don't see why anyone should care. Like sure your art got stolen, probably sucks but what really is the worst that could happen? The art being stolen is just so bad, I doubt anyone would buy it, so there's no financial loss at least. I think every party involved is just getting kicks out of the attention they're getting. Stupid and boring.

No. 466120

Not worthed but I'm always amazed that 99.9% of what people reshare in stories is this kind of stuff
Like. Okay is bad but can we stop publicly hanging people on the plaza?

No. 466139

I tried to find that profile to see more of the art in question (because it looks fucking terrible from what I can see lmao), but I can't. Dunno if I misspelled it or if the person changed their handle.

No. 466140

If you go read the post, the person did change their handle and remove all the art.

No. 466142

Thanks dude- so a 17 year old was made to delete half her posts, change her handle, and make her profile private (she did gain 400 followers, though), even though the art looked like shit to begin with. Don't see the point?

No. 466143

Samefag, forgot to link the profile https://www.instagram.com/kyle.b.fangirl/

No. 466147

Putting on my tinfoil hat guys, but I’m questioning if TD actually has as many friends as she says who “experienced said thing”. It just seems so weird on the amount of stories that she has (mainly inspired by other Youtubers) and ‘quotes’ other people’s experiences or complains about said issue that the anon person is experiencing.
I wonder if she’s just quoting videos that she has watched , and calls them “said person” or “friend” who she uses as her point as to why she can’t or you shouldn’t do said thing because of her own stupidity of not thinking out the situation.

No. 466163

Really not looking forward to the inevitable salt and drama when Inktober begins in earnest.

sage for non-drama i guess

No. 466165

File: 1569507432898.jpg (82.06 KB, 1080x1018, 1568486933809.jpg)

No. 466173

File: 1569508426918.png (1013.07 KB, 750x1000, 2C71C897-A03C-431F-9D08-FD712B…)

On that note, what will anons be using this Inktober if they’re participating? I’ll be using a brush pen because I love the fluidity of the lines they produce but I have absolutely zero control over it currently

No. 466180

I'll be using dip pens and I'm terrified already lmao

No. 466243

She's so full of shit I don't believe anything she says. Imagine making a video about how underpricing art is her only option because your art sucks and being salty when people point out it's not good for other artists. What did she say in the video? Apparently she's been told it 'makes artists look bad'. No it doesn't you fucking idiot you selling your drivel for less than min wage is what makes us look bad. You need to get better and stop taking up table space at AA if you're so bad you can't price your art reasonably you dumb cunt.

No. 466254

File: 1569514527925.jpg (57.48 KB, 1100x895, feder.jpg)

i always use inktober to practice drawing with a quill pen or whatever this is called in english

No. 466267

File: 1569514961263.jpg (10.33 KB, 265x265, 1520041101559.jpg)


>Look up artist with videos about their biggest pet peeves

>A gazillion trillion results found

is like all that amateur artists do all day is think about menial shit to complain about when they are not complaining about art teachers or people not wanting to pay thousands of dollars for their low quality art

No. 466339

Gonna have to disagree on thinking up shit all day line. They just recycle the same few concepts
>When you ink on the sketch layer
>can't draw hands
>Friend bumps I to your arm while you draw
>good doodle got ruined by inking
>expensive art supplies
>can you draaaw me.
>Drawing the other eye
Its always this same-y stuff. Its at its worse when the joke is being made by some kid who's in denial about the fact they're bad at art. "It's not the fact not being able to draw hands is something only bad artists can't do, but its the natural order of things. Why look at all my friend who cant draw hands. Its completely normal to not be able to do that and it speaks nothing about my skill level if so can't draw hands"
The dumbest peeve I heard was when an anime artist said it was racist, they were asian, when people asked "so you like draw anime"

No. 466407

File: 1569523227358.jpg (172.58 KB, 790x720, IMG_0581.JPG)

One issue I see with adopts inherently is the fact that the design comes before the story (if they are used for a story)

Characters are tools used to tell a story,and character designs are tools to help inform the character,but when it comes to adopts,the character design comes BEFORE the story or characters

No. 466408


The "can you draw meee for freeee" one is something i see all the time on social media and it never made much sense to me. I've been drawing since my teens and drawing for money most of my 20s, i still have not had one single person in any context come up to em and tell me "can you draw me for free", not friends, not random strangers , not other students, coworkers, not family, not customers, not one, even when they ask it would be accompanied by "how much would it be for..?" .

In fact most of the time is me the one who have had to ask people "can i draw you?" when im doing studies or want to use them as reference or make a present or something like that. If you are live drawing in some coffe shop drawing random people is the whole point.

Don't get me wrong, i bet some people do get ask something like that in an inappropiate context and i had my shares of crooks offering me shitty deals or scams but never right of the bat "can you draw me for free just because". MY take on it is that is such a popular meme because a artists like exaggerating when they think it would make them look more solicited. Like they have a million people a day just begging them to draw them.

No. 466445

So I always hated the concept of adopts (and honestly I still do) but apparently on DA they treat them like to Neopets they use in their own communities which I didn't realize. It makes more sense to me that kids are buying them now cuz I was previously completely baffled.

No. 466447

Sorry they role play with them thats what I meant to say.

No. 466450

I had kids in middle and high school ask me to draw them but as an adult I only get family member asking for tattoos and anons online asking for free requests but no one that's been angry or extreme. But it seems more likely now for people to ask for free art in exchange for exposure. If you haven't seen Sorrow TVs for exposure videos on YouTube you should check them out they're pretty funny.

No. 466489

I doubt it as well. I once got curious and checked out a couple of her friends social media and most of them were at beginner level. Like, even more so than TD

No. 466490

Have we talked about the super cringy american "Managka" Lizbeth R. Jimenez here yet?
Her style reminds me of Black Butler and I think her comic is kinda boring but the art is detailed and nice, but DAMN her videos are crings as fuck.

No. 466503

She reminds me of fahr sindram. Good art but cringey posts, videos, etc.

Plus both their styles remind me of that old Tokoyopop indie artist stuff.

No. 466504

File: 1569534439632.png (915.89 KB, 1176x800, Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-26 um 2…)

Is Cyarin really autistic or did she say it to gather more attention?

No. 466518

She is and this is cute art why are you triggered lol

No. 466529

The rendering is pretty cute but the orbit on the right is completely higher up, even though the rest of the face isn't angled upwards. The eyes, nose and mouth are also all at slightly different angles.
I think this is pretty common for Cyarin though, her faces are always wonky.

No. 466532

because faking mental illness is hip.

No. 466533

Same, it's gonna be a hot mess but it'll be fun.

No. 466542

Cyarin mostly either just draws herself or the next following trend on the news

No. 466571

File: 1569550452788.jpg (19.23 KB, 530x519, IMG_20190426_222744.jpg)

No. 466575

Nta and yeah it's hip but I do actually follow her and she has mentioned it on Twitter before this.


Holy shit wtf how is this not satirical.

No. 466586

File: 1569552632176.jpg (59.54 KB, 1280x720, Greta_Thunberg_02edfeq.jpg)

nta, but that's how the girl looks irl. Her face is unsymmetrical. The art itself is still a little off, but it's not because of the eye placement.

No. 466589

damn, the guy talks with all the confidence in the world so I have to at least give that to him kek
Would've thought he was trolling but he actually does do art outside of this one video so it's probably real

No. 466592

File: 1569553409493.jpg (175.7 KB, 1280x720, wasteofmoney.jpg)

Nah. I know the guy. He really thinks he is an "artist"

He has this YCH on his fa. And yes he is serious.

No. 466597

Who the fuck cares

No. 466599

File: 1569554883037.jpg (133.7 KB, 640x853, tumblr_7fbdf17bf3803985cd2a7ee…)

why do black characters always have to be fat. and hairy. and stumpy. why are people so obsessed with "diversity" except they pile like 50 "different" traits onto one person like they're black and overweight and have vitiligo and are in a wheelchair and overly hairy. why are they afraid of drawing a pretty or handsome black person.

No. 466601


He has 8 subscribers, its pretty cringy but is a random nobody and i am getting the feeling you know him personally.

No. 466602

You’re not the only one that noticed that. Every time Hollywood or the media tries to be “inclusive”, the black chick is ALWAYS fat, trans, hairy, retarded, etc. it’s like they can’t accept that not every black chick is Lizzo or Precious.

No. 466606

And whenever they go the “diversity” route they’re always black, not East Asian, west Asian, middle eastern or indigenous.
Then there’s the fact that most interracial couples in tv/movies are white man/ woman of color it’s very rarely white woman/ man of color.(Racebait)

No. 466608

black or asian tend to be the biggest tokens, the safe white options(racebait ot)

No. 466609

because white liberal women want to view ethnic women as infantile victims to save and not attractive and sexual beings?(Racebait)

No. 466611


If they don't they get screamed at for not being woke enough, if they do they get screamed at for misrepresenting pocs, no way to win

No. 466612

It’s just that white people in Hollywood wanna pretend like they’re actually making a change by selecting the easiest people, not interesting people. And I don’t know if you’ve noticed they always play similar roles

No. 466615

I mean, white guys do this to black men too. There's actually a great article about black male sexuality being suppressed in comics in particular by always making black superheros cyborgs, removing their humanity. That's one such example. Black men tend to be sidekicks, loud comedians, wise and helpful in a sterile way, etc.

No. 466619

I don’t think anyone wants to be represented by ugly hambeasts. There’s not “no way to win”. Just be a reasonable, sane human being about things. The whole fat positivity movement is spearheaded more by white women like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham, anyway.
Then again, you’re not Hollywood, and probably not even an artist, just someone who makes excuses for silly things for racial reasons, lol.

No. 466621

idk what you guys are on about but i always wondered about this argument. i'd rather women not be sexualized at all. seeing woc as sexual beings benefits us how exactly? its not a prerequisite for being a woman

No. 466623


Or maybe black people and fat people and all the exceptional individuals should write and draw their own fucking comics instead of harassing white artists for inclusion and then complaining anyway.

If they don't tick as many boxes as possible the sjws will still whine they are excluding X minority. So yeah, you get fat autistic genderfluid black eskimos. There is no way to win, it is fucking tabu to have a character who is white now, or even a character that is just a normal person without pronouns or some disability .

>you’re not Hollywood

i suppose you are

>and probably not even an artist

nice implication

>just someone who makes excuses for silly things for racial reasons

And yet i am not the one whining because "why all white people don't draw what i think is racially right"(Racebaiting and infighting.)

No. 466626

You don't create shit, we didn't beg or “harass” you or anyone else to make anything and nobody invited you into this discussion. We can talk about how actual creators choose to write or draw us however we please lol
>it is fucking tabu to have a character who is white now, or even a character that is just a normal person without pronouns or some disability .
This is just delusional

No. 466627

>a normal person without pronouns

I love to read posts made by idiots

No. 466628

Chill wtf

No. 466630

I'm pretty sure the most vocal person rn is a black Indian woman. The hot chick from the good place.

No. 466631

Can you learn to sage your aggressive spergfest dude

No. 466632

I think their anti sjw frothing is eating at their own objectivity

No. 466633

It isn't TABOO to have white characters, but if your entire cast of multiple characters are all white then you might get a few comments. No like…callout posts or harassment though so idk why it bothers you so much lol.

No. 466636

tbh I haven't even seen that happen very often. A lot of western media has mostly or all white characters and it's still kind of normalized. It's so common I barely even notice it
This might sound bad, but I almost prefer it that way too. They're writing what they know. Half the time, I'd rather have that than watch them grossly misrepresent someone like me, push bad stereotypes and let their biases and ignorance jump out
Unless they're really good at what they do, I just don't want the headache lol. Don't need a daily reminder that some gross caricature or stereotype is what they think of me when I'm just trying to enjoy media

No. 466637

I get that the only way things can improve is if they keep trying and we keep giving them feedback, but it's all so tiresome
It always has to be some learning experiences and two step forwards, one step back thing. And then of course we have to figure out whether it’s just naive ignorance or actual intentional malice from the creators.
I just wish we were all on the same page

No. 466641

File: 1569561779728.gif (126.84 KB, 220x165, 00_cringe.gif)

>black Indian woman
>Jameela Jamil
Let's not, anon

No. 466644

NTA but are people now required to know the names of all celebrities in case they offend someone? Fuck me, I don’t know most celebrities, I’ll just typically use a physical description like the vast majority of people.

No. 466646

It's not the name, even I had to Google it lmao. The problem is that she's not black. Not even a little bit.

No. 466663

She's Indian and Pakistani chill.

No. 466665

File: 1569567909152.jpg (2.06 MB, 1735x2638, Zoe_Saldana_(28584925641)_(cro…)

Yes because these two women are so clearly two entirely different races

No. 466666

File: 1569567933024.jpg (163.03 KB, 750x1000, MV5BMjA0NDI4OTEwMl5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No. 466671


Serious question are you color blind? You're posting in an artist forum and you can't even tell skin tones apart? They're nothing alike.

No. 466672

Good lord you’re a dumbass they look nothing alike

Let’s hope you’re just a greasy incel and not a woman that has to wear foundation because if your colour perception is like that you must look like absolute orange shit

No. 466674

Nta but y'all must be joking. I was on your side with that frothing anon above but its not too much of a reach to assume you're sjws.(infighting)

No. 466676

File: 1569569069781.jpg (223.22 KB, 1500x1000, Zoe-Saldana-as-Uhura-in-Star-T…)

I must be crazy they are so clearly a completely different color because that's how race works lol.

No. 466678

Wow you really got us anon
You found “sjws” on an artist forum, you must be so proud of your wits, what are the odds of that happening

Can we stop feeding this idiocy and go back to discussing art now

No. 466679

Wow anons it looks like humans can come mixed race. Wild. Let's get back on topic shall we?

No. 466680

India and Pakistan are not black countries. Are you American or something?

They…They literally are. Is this the meaning of that "I don't see color" shit? Some people have actually been completely blind all this time and go through life thinking all dark skinned people look the exact same? Crazy.

No. 466681

Shut uuuuuuup

No. 466682

Feel free to look into anthropology anon you might learn a thing or two

No. 466683

Feel free to Google what a black person is and what parts of the world they come from.

No. 466684

Lol anon does Australia count as a black country?

No. 466685

Indigenous Australian people are genetically closer to European people than Africans, so no.

No. 466686

Can you two shut the fuck up and stop derailing the thread?

Anyway has anyone here ever mounted paper on wood for painting? What techniques did you use?

No. 466687

not on wood, but I have on board, and usually I use either modge podge or matte medium depending on what i have at the time. spread it liberally on the panel and then make sure you burnish the paper once you lay it down and use a card or something else smallish to get rid of the air bubbles underneith

No. 466688

File: 1569570280878.jpg (70.41 KB, 499x750, fd764b36db09b5bedec925f190671e…)

Great. So by your logic I'll be sure to Google absolutely everyone just in case I offend a snowflake(Racebaiting and infighting)

No. 466690

You're a fucking retard. Just deal with it and stop frantically digging through images of unrelated people trying to make it look like you weren’t wrong.
Jameela Jamil isn't black and she doesn't look even remotely black.
Noticing something so basic doesn't make you a snowflake. Do you call Russians Chinese too? Buy some new glasses.

No. 466691

Also do it fairly quickly. If you try to stick down paper on half dried mod podge you’ll end up with lumps.

No. 466695

Hey look Lamia is back! Let's talk about her

No. 466697

I'm so sorry anon. I didn't mean to imply that woman above isn't European it must be because I'm cOlOr BlInD(Racebaiting and infighting)

No. 466698

She looks like she's improved.

No. 466702

You’re not color-blind, just literally everything-blind. We all understand that now, so stop.

No. 466704

File: 1569573628510.jpg (69.27 KB, 708x988, corelpainter2019.jpg)

yo humble bundle has corel painter 2019 for their $25 tier + some other brush packs and photo editing software


it says "lifetime perpetual license that supports up to 2 devices."

in other software related news,
if you have ipad pro & mac & csp:

"Version 1.9.4 will support the new Sidecar feature for macOS 10.15 Catalina to be released by Apple in Oct. 2019.

You will be able to connect your iPad to a Mac for drawing and painting in Clip Studio Paint. While using Sidecar, you’ll also be able to use the Clip Studio Tabmate."

No. 466707

I know this isn't the place but does anyone know/have a discount code for Skillshare? I need to learn the basics of After Effects for work + am in the mood to refresh my design skills and I prefer skillshare to youtube tutorials.


No. 466711


God, I can just hear her snotty, prissy voice just by looking at the thumbnail. Not interested. I really don't miss her.

No. 466720

Video is almost two months old.

No. 466722

ah yes, another "artist pet peeves" video.

No. 466760

Not sure if this is the right place but oh well, my 9 year old sister is really into drawing and is pretty good for it at her age, although she is a bit shy about it and talks down on it even though I encourage her. My question is, I have an old Intuos Pro that I want to give to her, what age would be the appropriate time? What art program should I introduce her to? I want to foster her interest in art because nobody did that for me growing up.

No. 466770

If there are any YouTubers you like you can search their handle and skillshare and their codes and affiliate promos should pop up. Alternatively just punch skillshare into YouTube.

That's so sweet anon I wish every kid had someone like you. Since she's still so young you could make the tablet a shared activity, like playing exquisite corpse together with it so that you're showing her how you use it?
I got a value brand tablet at 11 with generic software and loved it, but also it led to spending a lot of time alone on my computer. If you can nurture the idea of sharing her creativity with real life people along with teaching her then that's could be nice.

No. 466772

That age seems fine to start digital art. Maybe something like paint tool sai? My little cousin picked it up pretty quickly.

Just don’t watch her draw, I’m shy about art too. Help if she seems confused about something

No. 466777

I find it a bit sad that a kid so young is already doubting their abilities, when I was a kid I thought all my drawings were fucking fantastic and did it purely for the joy of drawing, as did the vast majority of my peers. I wish I still had the ability to feel nothing but joy when creating.

No. 466802

I was the same way. I was just having fun and that's what mattered. I had a small group of friends on da who I would draw with. Then again, this was back before Twitter and Instagram. All there was, was a couple art sites and nobody really talked shit on themselves or encouraged that behavior. I feel like self-deprecating behavior is so acceptable now as the default for artists and easy to mimic.

No. 466809

Uuuuh, no. Whenever it’s an interracial relationship in media it’s almost always man of color (usually black) and a white or Asian woman. Black women are very rarely viewed as trophy material or desirable enough to be the logical concussion for romantic leads. At least from what I’ve seen in American TV.(racebait ot)

No. 466810

Oh, sometimes the man is white but the woman is Asian. Those depictions sometimes feels like it’s indulging a lot of shitty fetishes dudes have with Asian women, so I guess it’s hardly a win.(racebait ot)

No. 466811


Not gonna happen, the novelty only lasts so long, strive to find joy in the challenge or take on new mediums or different styles.


As soon as possible is the right age. I know i am going to get shit for saying this but there is such a thing as starting too late, specially with the competition on the art market nowadays. Having all the information and tools readily available thanks to the internet means you gotta use them, if not the other kids who do will trample over you when it gets real.

No. 466817

Everyone's face is a little asymmetrical, but in the drawing it's too pronounced.

No. 466819


Since when is being able to tell different skin tones apart make you an SJW? You're a fucking moron lol(Racebaiting and infighting.)

No. 466820

Not everybody needs to make a living out of art, some people learn slower etc. Stop spreading this toxicity.I have seen too many promising 'child prodigies' not getting further because they were put under too much pressure. I've also seen more than enough people picking up drawing in their 20s and 30s and getting industry jobs.

No. 466826

This was very informative, thanks anon!!

No. 466829

>Not everybody needs to make a living out of art

Too bad for her if she decides she does want to get serious when its already too late and every contemporary she competes with has several years of training over her. She will wish she started sooner but you can't turn back time.

>people picking up drawing in their 20s and 30s and getting industry jobs

This is not the norm, and is even less common now than what it used to be some years ago when a lot of jobs opened up that weren't as profesionalized. And will be less common for the next generation, art is getting crowded.

Also "industry jobs" says nothing, see how you like being a 35 yr old entry level grunt working under a 25 yr old art director for peanuts. The filters are never outwardly stated but it all adds up on getting people out of the career.

No. 466831

The anon you responded to isn’t wrong. No one is talking about ‘child prodigies’, just being practical in the modern age. I am a purely traditional artist, but I love hand-drawn animation. I knew I would be in over my head when I signed up for an animation class for my degree. And sure enough, I had to both learn how to animate, but how to draw with a tablet, and there weren’t any with a screen so I could watch my own strokes. I learned how to extend keyframes the same day I learned how to program keybinds in Photoshop. And the moment I finished the class, I knew I could never be an animator. I simply had no time to learn the ins and outs of digital work on top of my traditional workload, plus my job and other schoolwork. I loved animating, but even being a kid that grew up surrounded by computers, I am reserved to the fact that I just don’t have the time to learn.

I have my degree now, it is only an associates of generals, and I do plan to go back and get a bachelors someday. But now I am 22, and between my job and other events in my life I’d rather not discuss, university is just not on my mind right now. Maybe I’ll learn digital when I go back to school, but not when I am living paycheck to paycheck. It makes me wish that I asked my parents for a tablet back when all I did was watch anime and play Garry’s Mod. Maybe that time could have gone towards something useful.

TL; DR- Yes, get your kids in as many art forms as they’d like. If they like art, show them all the ways to make it. Don’t demonize exposure to a medium simply due to age.

No. 466835

God, im so tired. No matter how i start lining from sketch, my lines are always janky and lifeless, im tired, the deadline is tomorrow and i just dont care anymore.

No. 466837

Is this for a class or for a job? If it is for a class, simply do what you can and call this a learning experience. If it is for a job, take a nap, set an alarm for 3 hrs, get and get some coffee and protein in you, and go at it again. Work for about 4-6 hrs, then do it again. You ruin your sleep schedule, but you will get your project done. I’m sure whatever you are working on will end up fine.

No. 466847

Learning how to animate isn’t that hard, it’s just not a good idea to start with a class where they expect you to have the basics figured out. Drawing with a tablet has a steep learning curve and starting with animation before drawing with it is a bad idea.
The idea that at 22 you’re too old to pick up animation is just wrong. It would take an hour a week for a few months to a year or faster if you have more time.
Generally people start with digital drawing> then simple looped gifs> slightly longer un looped gifs > short animation> longer animation

No. 466850

>The idea that at 22 you’re too old to pick up animation is just wrong

Have you looked at the demo reels and films from Sherydan or Cal arts or Gobelins, etc? these are 20 yr olds who are going straight to industry jobs and getting experience.

Its not about being a prodigy or not being literally able to learn at a certain age, is more about the real world implications of starting on something too late, in that aspect art is not different than any other career, try starting to learn engineering or law at an age when most of your peers are already graduated and at senior level experience, its an uphill battle that is best avoided by starting early.

No. 466852

People start law and engineering at an older age all the time though???
Most people don’t start by knowing exactly what they want to do, and a lot of people change their minds when they learn what’s out there.

No. 466857

File: 1569614308228.png (1.88 MB, 1165x1975, 1569601290621.png)

The "muh style isn't an excuse" and "you have to take critique good". 2 art related circlejerks in one one. The hate bandwagon is going to be big

No. 466861


>Zoomers be swiping random anime girls so much they end up believing their own lies about being able to make their own design choices

OOF, man

No. 466862

You're a sad, strange little man and I pity you.

No. 466864

It looks like a trace that they tried to change one thing in.

No. 466865


What a great argument anon, gee…

I don't even know what the pushback is about, its pretty obvious common sense that is better to work on your skills as soon as possible, specially in a highly competitive field. But maybe some anons want to keep the illusion alive that they are going straight to lamboland and blow everyone out of the water when they finally choose to get their shit together, at age 50.

No. 466873

This is a load of bull. Of course it is better if you start working at a skill at a young age but you're not taking in account dedication. Some people can progress much more in a single year than other people in 10, check the art improvement memes if you don't believe me.

I studied animation and I was in a class with people in their mid twenties (some in their thirties) who suddenly decided to pick it up. They had some drawing experience but they had never owned or used a tablet before in their life and had 0 experience in digital art, much less animation. In a year they all had industry jobs. Hard work pays off.

Of course some luck is required to land a job like in any other career. Personally I got stuck freelancing and I'm done with the instability. I'm on a break to earn money outside the art bubble to be able to afford what I think I need to push my career forward at a later age, be able to move where the art jobs are and in the meantime further my education to have a wider range of skills.

Non-screen tablets were a luxury product when I was a teenager and of course part of me is bitter that I couldn't get started as early as possible like people do now, but in no way has "starting late" been a problem for anyone I know. Nobody gives a shit, you're the only one self-conscious about it. Take the chance that art is your presentation card you can hide behind in this industry, because in almost any other job out there your employability clock is constantly ticking as you age. As long as you're not older and trying to get into a trainee program, art is one of the least ageist jobs I have personally dealt with.

No. 466878

Depends on what they’ve been spending their time doing anon.
There are people who top up their pension by having a second career in art at age 50 and find some success doing it.

No. 466902


Besides, institutes like CalArts are expensive. How are you gonna pay 50k a year when you're not even 20? Either you have rich parents or you just don't and work your ass of until you have that money.

No. 466949

File: 1569632249906.jpg (93.58 KB, 564x689, 840d69e86d79971009bfbfa7874ccc…)

Hey kind anon, thanks for your advice, it really helps and i even got to finish it right on time! Its for a class btw

No. 466950

File: 1569632412506.jpeg (225.73 KB, 750x644, DEBD75AE-63FC-49CA-B9B3-9D344B…)

Every artist does this when controversy comes up. Every single time. Sure it gets more people to look at you, but it really shows how much of an attention seeking hack you are.

No. 466982


Exactly. Dedication means jack-shit if you don't have the fancy piece of paper that says you spent money to learn something, from a place where if their name is on that piece of paper, employers care.

It is honestly just better to not get into art as a career at all after a certain age. Better to treat it as a hobby you do on the side. If you work a shitty 9-5 or something, but dedicate your free time to your passions, not learning how to draw with a tablet doesn't matter as much.

No. 466986

I wanna see the redline kek I'm sure it'll be perfection. I love when artists try to make redlines to justify their mistakes, they're always infinitely worse than the sketch itself and prove how trash they really are

No. 466988

I saw that drawing yesterday and it took everything I had to hold back from giving “UNWANTED CRITICISM” since apparently (popular) twitter artists still have their panties in a bunch over people giving critiques they didn’t specifically ask for.

They seriously act like a bunch of rotten children when someone has the audacity to call them out on a glaring flaw like this douchebag and that jacked up hand.

No. 466990

You guys live in the internet age, where artists can carve out a name for themselves regardless of age, sex and race, even geographical location, and yet you think there’s a cut off point? Get real.

No. 466994

We live in an over-saturated internet age where you should have gotten in five years ago, and if you had and were actually worth a damn, we wouldn't have Kasey of Baylee or LavenderTowne to ruin the market. Any hope of getting a career off the internet now is reserved for memes and making clickbait out of yourself like Creepshow and Jazza and Chloe. There was a cut-off point. It's already passed.

No. 466998

File: 1569641408463.jpg (176.56 KB, 1700x2048, EFc2lElVAAEUCpC.jpg)

ask and ye shall receive.

No. 467011

Does anyone else get annoyed when popular artists do studies and they focus on the silhouette instead of breaking the damn figure down? Gonna sage (just in case) since it's a pet peeve of mine, but honestly I feel they don't learn much when just 'outlining' the figure they're studying from. Studies aren't always meant to be pretty damn it.

No. 467017

File: 1569645179335.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.57 KB, 843x1200, EEYRZr3WsAAVUM9.jpg)

I usually don't despise art styles this much but I finally found one. This is by froggywithfries, an animator for Planet Dolan. Which itself is a pretty shitty channel too, IDK if it counts as an art channel though. The ugly button nose and my little pony eyes mixed with bright colors and the bad anatomy thickness just make this so garish. The chicken wings also just look like shit.

The Planet Dolan channel is weird too, what is their audience supposed to be? They make videos on topics like school stories but then have NSFW thumbnails.

No. 467020

Tell that to all the artists that are still successfully making a name for themselves. At this point in time, if you don’t make it then you have no one to blame but yourself

No. 467021

Those flying turds are supposed to be chicken?

No. 467048

I thought it was TD

No. 467052

Why she got shrek fingers? None of this helps

No. 467056

When YT artists do it, I understand why even tho I also hate it: they’re so focused with making everything look pretty that they don’t actually study correctly (Baylee) or develop styles that aren’t dependent on basic fundamentals (kasey, jazza). They’re always inevitably “cartoony” artists cuz they believe you don’t need fundamentals to be cartoony but like the actuality is the artists they’re aping, like Disney house style, all have strong fundamentals in their background and do it enough to where it is either natural or they don’t show off how much they practice. I really hate it cuz it shows people who DONT know how to start drawing the wrong way to do it

No. 467082

Would you have preferred the original?

No. 467094

Anon while I can understand where you come from I think your examples even tell that that's not actually true, there's no finite space of artist in the internet or a saturation, the thing is you can have the shitties art style but if you know how to connect with people and grow a niche you can live off well, nothing fancy but well. if anything having a career as a freelancer is more about bland skills and a good promoting your self than anything else. Hell if you want the quick and easy route just establish yourself in the adoptable and furry commission community and with time you can make $150+ per commission with really basic stuff(ie 1 chara no bg kind of deal).

No. 467159

Sage for old shit, but the 'toasting your art' series was one of the cringiest things I've ever seen. Look at how much they missed in the video.

No. 467174

Alright so my main issue with this video isn't that I hate Procreate or w/e because I don't and do I use it but I use Clip Studio Paint on the tablet to make finished pages and pieces because Procreate doesn't compare for what I'm setting out to do and I think for a lot of artists that aren't cartoonist illustrators and digital painters Procreate isn't THAT great. It's just okay.

No. 467202

Is it just me, or is she sounding progressively more childish? I might be remembering wrong, but I've been watching her since the beginning and don't think it was this jarring.

No. 467203

I actually thought she sounded off in this video, as if she wasn’t in the best of moods filming it. Maybe it was just me.

No. 467209

All her latest videos are kinda off, actually. She put in A LOT more effort before. Now it's kiddie humor, a lot of snorting/ giggling even for the most basic shit, some ~quirky ~ sound effects, and her art is always a cute girl no matter what the prompt or mediums are. I used to think she was super hardworking and that she kept trying even when she was out of her comfort zone, but now she basically never leaves it unless she's trying new ~weird ~ mediums for her sponsored art boxes. Even then the subject matter stays firmly in her comfort zone.

No. 467210

So what did you think about Adobe Fresco for the iPad, is it worth $120 USD a year?

No. 467213

Yeah, like her best vids were the ones where she intentionally avoided the cute girl look. Like when she was on that 'I need to get better at drawing boys!' kick. Those were some of her best vids. Her inktober last year was good too, a lot of pretty girl subjects, but she still limited herself to the prompt and some of my favorites from her came during that. Her mermay this year was weak, though, so I have little hope for her inktober.

No. 467224

It's 120 a YEAR??? When is Adobe going to learn that the reason non-pro people are jumping ship is because the subscription model is a scam?

No. 467263

File: 1569739289792.jpeg (136.1 KB, 741x650, 469F21F9-FC8A-47D1-9B1A-7782A4…)

You can almost hear him crying behind his computer with these tweets

No. 467274

this is STILL going? christ dude, just say you didn't care enough not to make the hand look janky and be done with it.

No. 467275


I've been wondering for a while if she's just stressed about something in her personal life. Her art in her videos all seems kind of rushed, she's not putting any thought into the prompts and is just throwing down lines wherever when she inks. Her sketchbook spreads where she doesn't have to work with random art supplies seem a bit looser and have better results, even if the subjects are still all cute girls. Maybe she just needs a couple of weeks off?

No. 467326

I loved her 2018 Inktober, ofc there were cute girls but I liked her interpretations of the prompts and how she was using the dip pens/ inks. This year's Mermay was annoying to me because of her emphasis on those stupid bLuB fIsH, maybe I'd have found them cute if I was 10 but….

This. I think she should take a break too. Seems to me like she's only pumping out vids because YT is probably her only "job" and means of income.

No. 467341

The only people who'll be able to foot that bill would be giant company's. Adobe fresco might become another 'industry standard' that way

No. 467343

Don't buy it , it is not worth it. >Adobe is started to act like EA or Bethesda
"paint running out" it just a silly excuse to get more money.

No. 467346

I thought Adobe would be smart enough to price it competitively so it could actually, you know, compete with Procreate or Artstudio Pro. I don't think it'll ever become another industry standard, though. It definitely won't replace Procreate/ASP or the number of free apps for it for the hobby/non-industry artist market, which I reckon is where a good portion of their income comes from with their bullshit subscriptions. Procreate is cheaper, way more intuitive on the ipad, and adds more and more features with every update and a lot of pros are already starting to use it. Adobe is asking for $120 a year and it hardly has any of the features you'd even want Photoshop for. If you're going to pay out the ass for a program on the ipad, might as well be CSP instead (on that note, I hate how CSP has a sub model on the ipad, but at least it has all the features the PC/Mac program has).

No. 467347


I also thought she might be getting a bit burned out on the subscription boxes. I bet they're her main source of income, but she gets about 4 now. She does 2 videos a week, so the boxes make half her videos in a month. She might be in a bit of a trap where she can't cut the number of videos she has to make without either losing a sponsorship from 2 boxes or becoming a sub box only channel.

I know this is the sort of problem a professional youtuber signs up for, but it's still kind of sad to see it happen to a channel you like. (Assuming I'm right about this of course.)

No. 467356

The first one does look to close to be coincidence

No. 467357

File: 1569764006150.png (770.1 KB, 722x377, kek.PNG)

this was some pose theft drama

No. 467359

How is this art theft? It's heavily referenced/copied, sure, but it's not like they stole the original or painted over it.

No. 467360

"pose theft" has to be one of the most idiotic of all types of art drama.

>Oh hey, I drew my character standing like this so no one else is allowed to.

It's bullshit.

No. 467362

The compositions and colors are close enough that I wager it was referenced, but that's about it. Calling it theft is pretty disingenuous.

No. 467364

I was the anon who posted the video and 'theft' is a harsh word. When 'pose theft' drama comes up it's not 'tracing/theft', but more 'artist is really incompetent when it comes to reference'. In this thread, or a few threads ago, someone one posted a big instagram artist saying you can copy a reference bit by bit, but all you have to do is change the style

No. 467378

Just, no.

There is no theft here. Stolen art is traced/ reposted art. If this is art theft, then Tolkein needs to rise out if his grave and have a few words with Blizzard about WoW. They are clearly copying, since they have a game with elves and dwarves and orcs and… magic, and… questing…

No. 467389

Dude this was a drama like YEARS ago, absolutely no reason to bring it up anymore.

No. 467437

Why not then make three videos a week?
If yt is her only job I don't see how that's a problem.

No. 467443


No I mean if she wanted to do FEWER than 2 videos a week (because she needs a break or whatever) the sub box sponsorships would make that hard.

She's very private about her personal life but IIRC she had a day job before she got ill, I imagine her current number of videos is her maximum capacity.

No. 467502

Honestly if you're a professional that makes their income mostly from their digital art and you don't have a computer and JUST have an ipad pro in place of a tablet then, yeah I do think you should get this or Clip Studio because they are better than Procreate in some ways and in ways you might need for your job specifically. But that description fits such a small number of people that at the end of the day no, it is not worth it to spend that much money on monthly subs. But you also have to think about the alternative to buying a one time purchase tablet and then subscribing to one of the better art apps vs buying a computer and tablet and software. The former seems cheaper for those getting started so I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people (students or just out of school) would go that route. It might not seem smart in the long run but for some people it might be the only option they see at first with limited money coming from part time low paying jobs.

No. 467508

I have a question for the salty anons about Inktober. I know digital art is frowned upon by a lot of people in general and the anosn here seem to have when people use watercolor but what about black india ink painting? That counts for Inktober right or does it have to be ink pens only?

No. 467514


Anon the only legit rule is "one ink piece per day in October, post it with the hashtag". It has to be ink, other than that it's wide open. You want to dilute the ink and paint with it that's fine, using dip pens is fine, fountain pens are fine, gel pens are fine, penciling first is fine (Jake Parker does and it's his challenge). If you look at Jake Parker's blogs about it he lists loads of tools that aren't old-fashioned dip pens, like brush pens and fineliners. As long as it's INK and not paint, charcoal, chalk pastel or anything else it's fine.

People exclude watercolor because it's NOT ink. Digital is frowned upon because the point is not to be able to erase and you can erase digital 'ink'. As long as you're still using something you can reasonably call ink you don't need to stress out about it.

No. 467531

As long as you use ink, you are in the clear. How you use the ink is up to you. Just as long as actual ink is going on actual paper, the way it gets there is up to you.

No. 467534

Nta but aren't colored India Inks and Sumi Inks technically watercolor though? Are those okay?

No. 467540

Nope. Still ink. If the label says ink, then it is ink. I’d even argue that ‘watercolor ink’ counts.

No. 467547

anon, I wouldn't stress too much. The original point is to just draw every day and improve your line work. Just follow whichever prompt list(or two) that feels the most appealing to you and draw. The angry purists take the fun out of it.

No. 467579

File: 1569803975676.jpeg (410.4 KB, 1242x1875, C9C425D5-26EB-49BB-8BC7-B7F74D…)

Is it really purist for people to be expected to use ink throughout INKtober. That’s literally all that is expected of people for this challenge yet there are artists that still refuse to inconvenience themselves so minimally and will reee at anyone who points out their bullshit

No. 467597

It's really not that hard to use any kind of pen (dip, ballpoint, fountain, brush, etc), or ink, or even markers just for this once, it won't kill anyone to NOT use digital art or watercolors or whatever (or you can just…. not do the challenge if it doesn't fit your preferences, doesn't mean that the challenge's rules should be bent so you don't get FOMO)

No. 467600

All the outrage a couple years ago when the prompt author stated the challenge was intended for traditional ink blew my mind. Like digital artists are out here sincerely acting oppressed because they're expected to use pen and paper for a COMPLETELY OPTIONAL exercise with the intention of improving your inking ability… What the fuck is wrong with people.

No. 467626

Inktober being officially sponsored by Autodesk last year pretty much destroyed any fucks I had to give regarding the way people do the challenge.

No. 467627

File: 1569812408653.jpeg (781.87 KB, 1242x1321, 2610D9CD-A9B8-4E4D-879F-2D3997…)


No. 467629

not an artist but what's the point? just make an art challenge month if you don't wanna use ink

No. 467630

File: 1569812630403.jpeg (657.66 KB, 1242x1555, C4DE0ED9-F7DA-4B82-AE56-7D4876…)


From Jake on the Inktober FB.

Hoping the thread doesn’t devolve into another debate on ink vs digital for Inktober because it gets irritating having to see it go down every year.

No. 467631

There's plenty of prompts for every single month of the year. I actually don't get why Inktober is THE prompt everyone spergs out about and sub boxes monetize.

No. 467647

I just don’t engage with digital art using the tag. Simple as that.

No. 467655

she's talking about this thread.

No. 467656

Same, anon. I'd rather see milk about inktober and people doing it, and people making drama over it with each other, than anons infighting over it over and over again.

No. 467657

I am glad i don't check on social media anymore because i could not care less about Inktober one way or the other, its always pretty annoying.

No. 467658

How do you guys interpret the prompts? I'm planning on doing inktober for the first time this year and I looked at the list and I'm already stuck on the first one. Do you all find that you think of stuff pretty quickly or do you have a process for it? I feel like the biggest hack/least creative person on earth (and I probably am) for asking this but I've always struggled so much with prompts.

No. 467659

The internet has created an entire generation that has to be coddled through even the simplest of things, you’d think using ink is giving people PTSD with how dramatic this post is

No. 467660

Samefag but I feel like inktober at this point has become a status thing to an extent, if you don’t do inktober (even incorrectly) then you’re not an artist worth following

No. 467673

Last year and the year before I did a comic for Inktober where I incorporated the prompts into objects or sequences in the story. It was actually pretty fun thinking of how to make it work. I wouldn’t stress too much about it tbh, just do whatever springs to mind!

No. 467779

Blogpost but this will be my first year doing Inktober, the previous years I did Drawlloween (twice) and then Drawtober (but I don't care about either prompt list this year, I still want to do a challenge though). I'll probably make the prompts ~spooky ~ but who knows lol

Yeah, Inktober has become a status thing. It's less about the actual challenge and more about the face value of "I'm doing it". Personally, I don't see what the point of doing it is if you're not going to respect the rules- it's a challenge, you're supposed to be challenged

No. 467782

yeah to a degree even jake has probably realized that it's more about the clout and people take it way more seriously than what it is meant to be.

Between people who debate over whether or not you can use digital art even if you still maintain the inking portion to improve your digital inking/lineart (cause I mean if you mainly work with that may as well improve those skills), whether or not it can be only traditional black and white ink vs if color inks (such as watercolor and bombay inks) are okay, whether or not copics count as ink, or even whether or not you can color an inked picture that you did (either by copics, watercolor, etc.) or whether it has to remain purely ink and black/white, whether you can follow your own prompt list or not, etc.

People just became too serious over it and to a degree, do try to "police" what other people can do over the "spirit of inktober" even if it's something as simple as whether or not you can or should color an inked picture you created. Meanwhile, Jake basically just wants people to shut up and do the challenge in the way that is most beneficial and/or fun to them rather than arguing over how someone else does the challenge.

No. 467783

Has anyone seen the new Inktober boxes by artsnacks this year? the boxes seem kinda lackluster for what they normally are. I was initially upset that I didn't get a chance to buy one this year but now i feel like i dodged a bullet.

No. 467929

File: 1569872866367.jpeg (323.88 KB, 750x694, A048C98A-7366-4BF2-9470-34A50B…)

I know that the video probably means well, but I just find the name of the video to be hilarious

No. 467931

File: 1569873133696.jpeg (178.56 KB, 750x576, 665292D7-0131-4A86-9E32-143EE5…)

There’s M O R E

No. 467992

Why don’t people clean their rooms before they film.

No. 468067

She probably did

No. 468118

Video should’ve explained her tactic in living sustainably off of her artwork: get a husband that makes 10x more than you

No. 468123

File: 1569934411539.jpg (197.68 KB, 1942x1172, minn.JPG)

I really think Minnie Small has some kinda mental issue. How many times is she going to re-arrange her rooms?

No. 468124

That's kind of what I meant when I said the focus is on linework. Like, yeah use SOME type of ink, but don't stress about it being ink and dip pen only or somehow you're failing at it. I would even argue that if you wanted to add colour with another medium that's fine too, as long as the focus is the line work. Either way, I'm using dip pens and brushes with inks but some people can't afford to go out and buy a whole new medium to use for one month out of the year. Kind of a waste for a lot of people.

I literally just jump between a couple different prompt lists and pick whichever one I have an idea for, and usually go with my first idea. I don't have much time every single day to draw so I find this is what helps me at least get something out. I keep it pretty simple too, if I have more time I'll do something more fancy but if I get home at 9pm and work tomorrow morning I know I'm not gonna be able to put out my best work lol Accepting that fact takes a lot of the pressure out of it and enables me to actually complete pieces.

No. 468127

you can get a dippen and a bottle of black ink for like $5, is budget really an excuse for most people?

No. 468132

Eh, don’t even need that, Jake has stated many times that a ballpoint pen will suffice

It’s a decently small space that has to fit many functions, I don’t think she switches it up an unreasonable amount. She said in the video that the way it is now doesn’t accommodate all of their needs and that’s why they rearranged it a bit and added more storage space, unsurprising considering two peoples worth of livelihood has to fit in that single room

No. 468141

My “equipment” for inktober is a $1 paper pad, a $2 Staedtler liner and a Pentel pocket brush I’ve had for a few years

No. 468218

The thumbnail of the video says “stop taking advice from artists”….yet here she is giving advice? Only take advice from her I guess?

No. 468222

I get ink can be daunting for some people that spend all their time doing digital art but if you seriously can't even figure out a ballpoint pen without crying that its to hard for you just stop whining because the problem here is you can't draw, period.

No. 468233

Yep. Pretty much. Can’t even follow simple instructions. It’s like a teacher rounding out everyone’s test scores because ‘nobody studied’. Kinda fucks with the few that did, you know?

No. 468250

how can you do digital art and not know how to draw? serious question

No. 468267

High stabilizers + digitals ability to turd polish. Also a lot of the worse digital artists aren't doing digital because they think it suits them, but because they're young children/NPC-lite who're easily persuaded by sponsored tablet reviews.
>the problem here is you can't draw, period.
It's kind of a harsh truth you have to tell a lot of begging artists. You can't draw exaggerated expressions, because you can't draw expressions. You can't draw expressions, because you can't draw faces. You can't draw faces because you can't draw 3d forms. you can't draw 3d form because you simply can't draw. All those 'how to draw hands tutorials' are just bandages to a bigger fundamental issue in their art.

No. 468279

Well it's definitely easier to draw digitally than it is traditionally. I know many people who paint very well in person, and eased in to digital very quickly. It's easier to make paintings and fix mistakes on Photoshop with layers than doing a giant oil painting mixing colors on your own, unable to resize, erase etc. It's the different tools that make it easy and the fact that the computer is doing some of the rendering for you.
Yup pretty much agree. It's just rendering made easier with cheesy stuff kids are getting into. On top of that, there's been tons of tracers and people who just warp portraits on insta with procreate. Tracing has never been so easy before

No. 468280

You should check out TwistedDisaster's sketchbook tour to see how much digital can improve your work if you have no good foundation in drawing. She is complete shit but her traditional work is even worse somehow.

No. 468291

Is it me or is the video really pixelated? I put the youtube video on 1080p and it still came out as blurry all over. Did the camera just not focus on any of the drawings

No. 468338

Day one and the art already looks half assed, could you possibly spend more than 10 minutes inking a drawing? Especially if you paid 90 dollars for the box?

No. 468341

File: 1569974681080.png (1.28 MB, 2048x1536, 3094393B-E8C5-4835-BA0A-377742…)

Save yourself the watch

No. 468342

>Well it's definitely easier to draw digitally than it is traditionally

nothing is as intuitive and straightforward than drawing traditionally, what digital makes easier are corrections and also tracing and cutting corners but the actual drawing i think is harder or at least more uncomfortable. Drawing a curve 10 times before you get it right and then still having to lasso select it and warp is not something you'd have to do just drawing with a pen, only one mindful stroke and you are golden.


Theres a lot that can be done with photomanipulation and 3d. You can still be aware of principles and doing a good photobash or a 3d composite to trace over takes its own set of skills but someone who is able to do that and get good result may still not feel comfortable just drawing something from scratch without relying heavily on digital shortcuts. Theres a lot of working industry artists that would cry themselves and ragequit if they had to do a comic book or work in a stylized way, like animation demands, in fact there are examples of some who have tried doing comics and still comes up looking like a stiff traced picture with halftones. It just not the same set of skills for everything.

No. 468346

I concur, a lot of traditional artists flop when they transition not everyone succeeds. It’s about skill sets.
I’ve seen this argument ever since the Wacom was invented. Digital doesn’t automatically make you better. Just like $200 watercolours won’t.

No. 468369


Of course, if someone has a traditional background that doesn't mean they don't have to learn the digital techniques as their own skillset too if they want to get good at it. Just having drawn a lot traditionally doesn't automatically make you a great digital artist, it helps but you still have to make the extra effort to learn it and get some practice mileage on it.

No. 468375

jfc why would you post this. If this is all I could come up with for day fucking one of this month long challenge I would quit and pretend like I wasn't even going to do it in the first place

No. 468379

I transitioned to digital and I disliked it. It made my life much easier but it just felt so joyless and artificial. I really like the feeling of putting pencil to paper.

I think the best way to describe digital is it makes things easier but not simpler.

No. 468388

I know someone personally with this issue. Her pencil work is incredible and she is super amazing at portraits, but you wouldn't know it looking at her digital attempts. She's been doggedly trying to convert for 2 years with zero improvement, and someone who reviewed her portfolio recently told her to throw her tablet away and stick to traditional.

What the fuck is this.

No. 468502

So when she's not copying Disney shit, no one can make heads or tails of her "art"…. what's new? I kind of feel bad for that bear (?) though.

No. 468510


It's her camera. She says right at the very start that she uses a webcam which are shit lol

No. 468568

I feel like Waffles is stagnating hard. I can understand why she'd draw nothing but pretty girls for her youtube channel, because that's what brings in the views, but if you go to her instagram, it's wall to wall pretty girls in the same generic poses. It's a shame because I legitimately do like her art.

No. 468581

I love this quote

>You can't draw exaggerated expressions, because you can't draw expressions. You can't draw expressions, because you can't draw faces. You can't draw faces because you can't draw 3d forms. you can't draw 3d form because you simply can't draw.

Admitting you can't do something is the first step to maybe being able to do it someday

No. 468587

Replace the next thread summary with this quote so then the original author will stop reeing with each new thread.

No. 468592

lmao i hate digital's ability to polish turds just as much as the next guy. im tired of seeing digital artists who make the same face and have no inspiration or creativity in their art get praised because they know how to use the 3d program to give an illusion of the mediocre skills look amazing. sad thing everyone buys it

No. 468609

I liked her Inktober girl, but I know the only reason I did was because of the greyscale, it made the drawing different from her most recent stuff. If it was coloured (in Copics, no doubt, because nowadays she never uses any other medium) it wouldn't have been any different than usual.

No. 468611

Yeah I like to watch her videos just for her cheery personality but it's like she's so set in her ways she won't even follow the prompt list for inktober or even an alternate prompt list because she might have to draw something besides pretty girl floating. Really disappointed.

No. 468613

I genuinely think she's burnt out. She's mentioned being "art blocked" but I think she's the opposite, with all those art boxes she HAS to do art for every week, like it or not. Now she's also doing Inktober for the clout.

(I lost my shit when she painstakingly drew in the Inktober girl's curly hair, and even commented on "you can't block curly hair in shapes like I usually do, you have to put in some effort"…. only to end up colouring the entire thing black, effectively blocking it in one big shape and covering all the details….)

No. 468628

Omg exactly! She went on and on about the hair and she was excited about how she'd gotten it right then painted over it. And the voice over wasn't live either so it's not like she recorded her thoughts on the fly then changed her mind.

I do agree she must be burnt out, it must be tiresome to pretend to be excited all the time. Her tone lately sounds on edge and impatient but trying to make the show go on. I wonder if youtubers are happy for a free video theme opportunity baked in for them or they wish they had never started doing unboxing videos?

I wonder if she can afford to take a sanity break. I think she should.

No. 468738

Eh, the end result had a boring face that made it underwhelming.

And this is more nitpicky, but the texture on the tights grossly remind me of self harm scars

No. 468773

File: 1570099509759.png (87.98 KB, 707x800, Screenshot_2019-10-03-06-38-43…)

I feel like a creepy stalker, but this dude has completely given up on art

No. 468781

where can I download schoolism classes?

No. 468782

File: 1570101656728.png (92.32 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20191003-211948~2.p…)

Apparently he's unhappy with his art and trying to improve. Time will tell I guess.

No. 468787


I can't find the comment now, but when I first watched her Inktober video, one of the comments she gave a heart to was saying something like "I'm looking for the inevitable 'But where's the ring?' comments." Like really? She's proud of the fact that she's staying inside her comfort zone and not bothering to do prompts that are a challenge?

No. 468790

I thought that was apparent.
But anyway, hopefully he’ll find the confidence to post again, because man, I know how bad it feels when posting art that I can easily see/feel something wrong with it

No. 468793

CGpeers is only open on the 1st and 15th if like torreting. If you don't like torrenting what I usually do is type up the course name, added rapidgator/udownload/zippyshare at the end, look it up on duck duck go, and find the files in rapidgator/random download site format. You have to use Jdownloader2 if you want to efficiently download those those files.

No. 468798

I'm unsure on why people are so obsessed/feel forced/pressured with doing Inktober.
It's interesting on how much people point out how much they dislike it compared to other art month prompts such as Mermay, Misadventure May, Sketchtember or Huevember.

No. 468801

I don't get it either. There are a billion other monthly art prompts out there, I don't get why inktober is the most ~pretigious~ one that everyone feels pressured to do.

No. 468807


Cgpeers is great but Schoolism torrents are not there, nor in piratebay or most popular torrent sites were they used to be hosted, Chiu's legal team gets busy sending cease and desists and shut them all down. But they can still be found googling around, some chinese and russian sites has them too.

No. 468811

File: 1570105531634.jpeg (288.84 KB, 1178x1709, E690A286-54FB-40F9-903A-829E95…)

Because it’s something a teenager can easily afford to do in between classes and get a few hearts on socials from it?

Anyways I found a verified cow this time! God I hate the LA scene.

No. 468863

Question for you girls, is it true that if you want to be a pro you must learn digital art? If you want to go full traditional you need to treat it as a hobby? I heard this from a person I know and kept me thinking for a while.

No. 468868

If you mean "pro" in the sense of profiting for it , it definitely makes it easier to know digital, if your output is traditional of course is not impossible to market yourself in some way, but is limiting since digital is such an industry standard now. Were i live it would be impossible since the only way to work as an artist is doing digital work online or for a studio that gets outsourced as there is no gallery scene and no local market for traditional to speak off, selling merch and doing cons is really not an option either. In my case, it would be true, i'd had to keep it as a hobby but is all context relative.

No. 468873

I seem to be too stupid to find anything besides russian translations and a few torrents which i'm too download… thinking about just paying for it at this point

No. 468874


What does going pro mean to you?

If it's an industry job like games or animation, then yeah, you'll be left in the dust if you don't pick up at least the basics in the required software. You can certainly work traditionally but you'll be limiting yourself if that's where it stops for you.

If it's gallery, or tabling, niche freelancing or like a YouTube thing I'd say it wouldn't matter as much.

No. 468877

They are out there, i know because im poor so i had to really look for them, if i still had the torrent file i'd help you out. The truly good ones are the 2 classes by Sam Nielson's and the one by Craig Mullins, the rest i've seen are meh imo, nothing you can't get from somewhere else.

No. 468882

Like another anon mentioned, it depends on what industry you want to break into. You have to be willing to compromise in some way;
- either learn digital so that you can access industries such as: concept art, game/movie design, animation, graphic design, product design (notice the trend of them being design oriented? Digital cuts out many steps and speeds up workflow along with making it easy to edit drafts)

- stick with traditional but set your sights on physical formats: book illustration, portraiture, gallery artist, art teacher, comics, children’s illustration, art therapy (publishers still adore traditional art, in particular watercolour and ink so that’s a decent avenue)

Or go freelance/be self-employed and do whatever you want, but be prepared to struggle at first

No. 468896

No. 468900

You know a pet peeve of mine is people thinking Jake Parker's prompt list is a part of the challenge when it isn't. His was only made because prompt lists were popular on Twitter/Tumblr and he made an 'official' one. For six years people made their own lists and now newbs to the scene act if you ignore his stupid list you're 'cheating' at a game.

No. 468909

File: 1570123851515.png (33.7 KB, 915x176, Screenshot (11).png)

Speaking of comments, I found this one supremely stupid

No. 468912

File: 1570125630443.png (109.14 KB, 719x635, çope.png)

Not from the video, but youtube comments always have the worst hot takes.

No. 468916

Fine, you can’t draw well, you Can draw like shit, happy?

No. 468927

I mean, I’ll agree with the commenter, but I don’t agree with the massive amount of shitty art doodles that comes with it

No. 468983

This is retarded, but I I have feeling people get so upset about drawing specifically ever being criticised because it’s something everyone does as a child and enjoys, so it’s something really close to a lot of people’s hearts

No. 468988

This is nothing more than a battle of semantics. Everyone with a brain knows full well when someone says, "you can't draw", they're saying that you're bad at drawing.

No. 468989

It doesn't help that if you've not got a display tablet when going from traditional to digital there's that disconnect from drawing down but looking up.

I hated it so much I just got an iPad and an Apple Pencil, and already my digital art has improved faster than it did on an older graphics tablet.

Was thinking about getting that 'paper-like' screen protector too that gives you the sensation of drawing on paper when you use your iPad but £30 seems ott.

Anyone recommend it?

No. 468994

The matte paper-like protectors make the retina display look like shit. It's noticeably muted. I took mine off because I couldn't stand it and I don't mind drawing on the glass, anyway. If the sensation of drawing on paper is important to you then go for it (there are cheaper ones that do the same thing, don't have to use the expensive Paperlike brand) but otherwise it's definitely not necessary.

No. 468995

I think it's easier to market yourself and sell work and maintain an income if you get into digital art but you can still be a professional artist and do traditional art.

My mum's boyfriend is a full time traditional artist and it's actually really interesting to hear about what he does to market himself and sell his work, compared to people that do generic digital art of pretty girls and pop culture stuff to sell at cons.

It's all just down to what you want to make, and then learning about how other people market themselves that make similar things.

Like, my mum's boyfriend is constantly sending huge pieces to galleries and exhibitions, but my friends are selling at conventions and online.

Either is achievable, but I will say that unless you're the offspring of an already famous traditional artist, getting up there in that world can be insanely difficult.

No. 469013

>It doesn't help that if you've not got a display tablet when going from traditional to digital there's that disconnect from drawing down but looking up.
It doesn’t take a huge amount of time to get used to that, just practice. It clicks after a bit.

No. 469024

There's a reason why most pros own cintiqs and why a lot of teachers recommend getting a screen tablet. You can get used to the disconnect and still make great art, but looking where you're drawing will always be easier and more intuitive.

No. 469030

actual retards do exist, mom

No. 469058

File: 1570163755098.jpg (9.38 KB, 600x319, funny-neil-degrasse-tyson.jpg)


Getting told you can't draw obviously means you can't draw well,i wonder if that pointless brainfart sounded smarter in her head

No. 469208

Turtles can actually be obese though anons pls don't over feed your turtles they'll die.

No. 469222

i know people bitch when she's mentioned but i was listening to an old vid by creepshowart while doing dishes and this hoe, who mentions having been 'HOMELESS!!!!' every five fucking minutes wasn't actually homeless, but chose to live out of her car w her boyfriend bc she didn't want to live in san jose anymore? i thought she was genuinely homeless because i hadn't seen this vid where she mentions that was entirely by fucking choice until now. people like this are the worst. that's disgusting. she has 0 self awareness and should be ashamed.

No. 469227

File: 1570215014370.png (1.82 MB, 1388x757, 21443534564654657.png)

RossDraws out here looking like a moron as usual.

The final render of this hair looks so shit. He hides all his laziness by blowing it out with "color dodge"


No. 469228


What's up with her hairline? Looks like one side is ending right above her eyebrow. lol

No. 469230

Girl's right eye is sliding down a bit lol

No. 469231

Yep, and she moved to Portland. And then complains about Portland. Like, as a resident there my entire life, the reason she had to live in the warehouse district is because of Californians moving here en mass, forcing rents to be raised, creating a mini-housing bubble that is due to burst anytime. Her complaining about being forced out of her apartment is a problem of her own creation by moving here 5 years too late. I think I remember her complaining about the homelessness issue in Portland- Here is the thing, all the homeless people that got kicked out of San Jose and other California cities, came here! Like, seriously. Portland smells like piss because Californian rejects like Creepshow came here, and the ones that remained homeless piss in the streets. She is literally part of the problem she complains about. Maybe if she got an actual job, because there are fucking plenty in the area she lived in, she wouldn’t have an issue finding a place to live that wasn’t blocks away from a chemical processing area.

BTW, when she posted about a fire that forced her to evacuate a while back, and the fact she complained about Portland, she literally ddosed herself. She posted pictures of the fire from the same angle the newspaper did. She must have marbles for brains and lost a few. Fucking moron…

No. 469232

idk what happened recently with her apartment but afaik she wasn't homeless in san jose. her and her bf just decided they "couldn't grow as people if they stayed in the same place". that's not fucking homelessness. i cannot stand people who jump to claim "homelessness" when it's by choice.

No. 469234

NerdECrafter Jackie has been pre-filming since she's going to Japan soon. But yet she took a break from teaching because of her condition (Hashimoto's disease)? Wouldn't you want to stay at home instead of going to a different country and have to pay extra for traveler's insurance and plan ahead in case of a medical emergency? Make it make sense, Jackie

No. 469237


People are allowed to do things despite their illnesses, anon.

No. 469238


Lol so if someone has an illness they should just stay home? Don't be stupid

No. 469254

Hashimoto's doesn't even warrant quitting your job, let alone not going on holiday. If Qinni can manage a Japan trip while on the heart transplant list, Jackie can pack some extra synthroid and manage.

…speaking of Qinni, is she ok? She hasn't posted since her Japan trip in May but she does have twitter likes as recent as August. I really hope she found a donor but her silence is worrying.

No. 469282


lol, he has no game, nothing but a hypeman. And he really should have flipped canvas.

No. 469286

He forgot step 0: trace over an IG model's photo and refuse to credit her.

No. 469292

Are you fucking kidding me that dumb cunt drops the 'waah but I was homeless once!!' bit at least once a video istfg of course she just fucking moved out of her own volition into her car. Dumb bitch is so hypocritical.

No. 469293

i used to be a big fan of hers but ever since I noticed that, i got annoyed and lost interest. worse yet is the fact she'll probably keep doing it regardless of what anyone says. fucking disgusting.

No. 469308

whose the artist? i cant read their sig

No. 469316


No. 469333

Ugh I can just imagine her snobby face whining

No. 469345

Can I ask what you liked about her?

No. 469351

Not the same anon, but I used to like her because she was so different from other art Youtubers at the time. We have Disney clones, animation/comic rejects, and whatever the fuck Kasey is, and then here comes the black sheep, that says fuck and did art that is a different take on the ‘cute tattoo girl with witch aesthetic’. It was when she started actually talking about herself, what happened in her life, and just the general laziness of her video-making that turned me off to her. The final straw for me was when she made that video about her ‘online stalker’. Talk about a load of shit. Even in the early days of Myspace and Facebook, people knew if blocking wasn’t stopping harassment, you private your account. Instead, she thinks she is smarter than everyone in the room and makes the fakest of fake stories I have ever heard for clickbait. So obsessed with popularity and being the most liked person in the room, she makes up a fake story to seem sympathetic to the common viewer.

No. 469388

Creepshow is so basic I have no idea why so many people found her so special lol. It's cuz she's goffic and says fuck

No. 469389

It probably doesn't but i'll admit idk much about it. Though it always kinda seems like… ehhh… whenever someone says x illness doesn't warrant quitting your job cause other than like, cancer there practically isn't any illness that will "prevent" you from working so to say.

Ik that Jackie did work as a teacher through which is why she was so knowledgable for the competency for kids. Given that it seems she worked mostly with like 5 - 10-year-olds, babysitting 2 or 3 for a couple of hours is a handful in and of itself. I can only imagine handling 15+ in a classroom for 8+ hours a day 5 days a week. If I had any type of illness that could cause me fatigue on a regular basis, I would probably stop doing something like teaching too. Teaching (especially young kids) already requires a lot of energy, it doesn't need to be compounded with something that already causes you to have a lack of energy or require.

tl;dr: you never know how someone's illness impacts their lives/jobs and saying that an illness doesn't warrant someone quitting their job is kinda eh.

No. 469400

Wouldn't you want to stay home for the rest of your life because you would need LITERAL PRECAUTIONS to go somewhere else

Wow I can't believe someone doesn't have the energy to work a full time job but does have the energy to sit on a plane for a period of time and then enjoy themselves

Wow incomprehensible

Unspin this web of lies

No. 469401

pretty sure she taught adults.

No. 469402

As someone who has graves disease (opposite from hashimoto), it doesn’t really prevent you from living your life but it can prevent you from working. You need to understand that especially hashimoto can come with cronic tiredness and fatique, making working a challenge. A thyroid cotrols all of our body’s hormonal needs, if thyroid is messed up your whole hormone system is. Not just whatever your tired or not but it affects your apetite, metabolism, muscle strenght, memory, etc etc.

No. 469429

Few weeks old, but do you guys remember that train wreck "what level is your art" Kiblle made? She made a commission sheet one

No. 469431

I am so sick of inktober already. my breaking point was seeing dumbasses like Rae and Chloe opening up the $90 'official' inktober subscription box thingy. it's been stupid for a few years already but now it's gone full on commercialised crap and is officially pointless

No. 469449

And “great box!” My ass, it’s not worth it at all. WATERCOLOR PENS? really? Who fucking cares. I’m livid people think it’s a good or appropriate box especially for that price. I want variety in inks, not a full collection of tombows knockoffs

No. 469450


I wonder how big the share for Jake Parker is. He seems to be the chilled guy, saying "Use just Ink, and have fun" lika a mantra – but the logo he created doesn't come cheap for other companies, I guess. Bet he's falling asleep laughing every night (but especially this month) because this thing blew up and advertises his persona and his work constantly.


Exactly my thoughts.

No. 469464

Seriously, he is the only winner. His box got made with mediocre supplies, it got shipped and sent to shitholes that don’t even know how to use them, we are made to bare witness to the art of subpar personalities while controversy flies over if the name of the event even matters anymore, and he gets to take a cut of that premium price profit while laughing all the way to the bank. And all he had to do was cower to the pissbabies that don’t want to pick up an actual pen and paper.

It is the epitome of ‘do anything for clout.’

No. 469470

Art rant: I don't get this bullshit about ink or not for INKtober. Then again, I only draw using ink so I dont see it as much of a challenge or bother with it. But why fucking whine so much just dont do the challenge.

No. 469471

There's a possibility she isn't properly medicated as she's American and is probably poor. Anon with no health insurance.

No. 469477


The entire argument going on about not having to use ink for inktober is really a bunch of people getting upset that they were potentially going to end up being automatically excluded from the biggest art trend of the year. Thus, they not be able to potentially make a profit nor earn any clout from inktober.

Jake wasn't going to enforce crap but we all know that there are some crazy members of the art community who would have tried to police the hashtag. Imagine someone drawing dragons/human hybrids during MerMay. There would almost certainly be some nutjob out there looking to make a drama video/post about it, complaining that said artist was "breaking the spirit of MerMay."

No. 469480

File: 1570306481468.png (355.16 KB, 720x1085, Screenshot_20191005-131236~2.p…)

Anyone else hate this artist? They are huge and their melty faced moes trigger me. Now they're copying that one other huge IG artist

No. 469489

The real question is how does Meyoco feel about this?

No. 469490

Now, if it was a dragon/human hybrid MERMAID, then it would be fine. Kind of how using micron pens is still inktober. Or not following the promptlist is still inktober. Just follow the rules. Even a ballpoint pen counts, like it isn't that hard to find a pen and draw on a sticky-note or even toilet paper. A pack of bic pens and a post-it pad is, like, 5$. Digital art 200% more expensive at minimum. Everyone can do inktober. Literally no excuse to stay within the safetynet that is ctrl-z.

No. 469495

I've grown tired of her videos. I like her studies but she keeps repeating the same thing about getting back into the swing of things and I feel like she's just trying to sell us the artist's lifestyle. What does she actually do when she's not working on personal studies or promoting Intel products? I get that the sponsorships are part of her job but I feel like there's a lot of smoke and mirrors going on, making herself sound busier than she really is.

No. 469496

[45 degree angle face intensifies]

No. 469498

Meyoco meets Oban Star Racers.

No. 469501

I had thought it was kids consider she made fun of troom trooms sneak food into class and made a few different references to being a teacher who taught kids.

No. 469505

>unsolicited critique
oh my god, she can't be serious can she?

No. 469512

File: 1570314054027.jpg (259.33 KB, 720x1120, 20191005_171659.jpg)

Wtf are those hips. They are bigger than her whole chest.
The caption also says this is Zatanna's new design. I am not familiar with the character but I'm pretty sure that looks nothing like her. Like you can't get hired for a known comic and change the character because it doesnt match the one fucking face you can draw

No. 469515

File: 1570315159146.png (30.73 KB, 247x390, zatanna.png)

Zatanna's most iconic look is some variation of this- tuxedo top/ bodysuit, top hat, fishnets, gloves, basically a magician/ magician's assistant mix. There are literally ZERO elements of Zatanna in this design lmao, looks like a generic samefaced hipster Jacquelin girl

No. 469517

Samefag but I haven't even read this comic and I'm already bored tbh

No. 469518

This is not an original idea of hers. This is the same witchy woman with tan skin and purple hair that she has drawn over and over again in her youtube videos. Crop top with straps, jean shorts, kimono jacket and boots are all copied from said character copied again and again.

I would feel embarassed if I put so little effort into redesigning someone else's character.

No. 469522

whose idea was it at DC to hire her? while I do like her art, she has the least diverse portfolio on the planet. unless you're trying to make a comic about tan witchy tattooed girls with green or purple hair she's a terrible choice. when I saw this on her insta story I had no idea it was supposed to be a comic book character, I thought it was the same shit she always draws.

No. 469524

Another one

No. 469528

“Handsome “

No. 469540

imagine thinking the standard white american dude is handsome

No. 469541

She seems like the type to make flower crown edits of the Columbine shooters every time she does this.

No. 469547

Sage bitch


No. 469553

Why are anons so anal about saging on /ot. It’s not a milk board

No. 469563

There's no reason to be so butthurt just sage your shit it's not hard to not bump threads with opinions and complaining

No. 469567

File: 1570326638992.png (90.56 KB, 650x801, Zatanna reaction 3.PNG)


DC Comic readers don't seem that happy either: https://twitter.com/DCComics/status/1180555536917553154

Whoever was the person who decided to bring Jacquelin on board deserves to be fired.

No. 469590

File: 1570335436126.jpg (472.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191006-071303_Chr…)

If "Zatanna" and the blonde chick next to her swapped wigs, nothing would change…. Jacquelin has a serious sameface problem

Not to mention, if someone showed you the "Zatanna" drawing with no context, just "This is a redesign for a popular DC character", it'd be impossible to tell who she's supposed to be, and that's the sign of a bad design. Period.

No. 469592

what a joke, the only one that looks finished is the hipster one. Literally the girl on the right has no hands and scribbled blocks for boots lmao

No. 469600

no just same face. Jacquelin tries to pull off -diverse characters- but draws the same body if you gave all of them the same skin tone they'll all be identical

No. 469603

These are awful omfg. I would be embarrassed I cant believe she was okay with posting these as her designs

No. 469604

The necks are the worst part. What tf is it with same face expressionless pretty girl artists and having ridiculous long skinny necks and no chins? It looks so fucking ugly

No. 469609

File: 1570341174799.png (2.66 MB, 1194x1736, D1255D2A-6BC6-42EE-9E8F-F294B3…)

Yeah there’s this division in DC who is hiring mostly like, social media popular artists like Gabriel Picolo for that Raven book (which was fine) and Cara McGee for that black canary book, but honestly like most of those people don’t seem to really do sequential WELL. They’re all well known for like, pinup or static art like Jacquelin so like the overall book it’s like, what’s gonna be inside?

There’s a second Zatanna book too, for younger kids, with illustrations by yoshi yoshitani which I think is still slightly like, you wouldn’t know it was Zatanna unless the title, but yoshi’s style is way more diverse than jacquelin’s imo

No. 469611

File: 1570341567651.png (1.11 MB, 743x997, 4B5A4785-06F9-4BDE-9702-362B97…)

Yeah Zatanna’s whole schtick is that she’s a magician who was the daughter of a magician that actually does real magic so like, adult version of her has variations of her fishnets costumes (look at Ryan Sook’s run of Zatanna’s Seven Soldiers arc, I’m a Zatanna fan and that’s my favorite of her stuff). I’m thinking whoever is writing this YA Zatanna is trying to do the whole like “young hipster witch” look that’s popular now and I’m not super into it at all (like at least put in fishnets or something?)

There HAS also been a younger version of Zatanna in comics, this is from the Joe Quinones drawn run of a Black Canary and Zatanna book and, while it’s still really weird and monk like imo, it still is very much like “young girl with mystical background” and not generic jacquelin girl

No. 469614

She changed the thumbnail, used to be a ‘horror to handsome’ has been changed to ‘horror to wholesome’.

Guess comparing her to the k-pop equivalent of true crime fans has struck a nerve… Still accurate though.

No. 469618

File: 1570344419916.png (413.06 KB, 983x940, D48627AD-D1DE-489C-8980-967272…)

The rubbish that gets posted on /ic/ gives me life. I love how these dickheads will go on about ‘soul’ and how much they study their fundies but still produce shit like this.

4chan being 4chan though still makes it a hellhole to use if you’re not a self-hating masochist with severe internalised misogyny, so do anons know anything similar art critique wise (casual) but that has more women, preferable even female majority?

No. 469620

File: 1570344760661.png (14.31 KB, 590x79, 98A96F7D-5031-414F-A318-77A728…)

Next op pic pls

No. 469622

since when is drawing every day bad for you lol

No. 469626


Literally no reason to go on ic/ except to grab torrent links.

As far as the communities go, can't think of anything like it, ca.org is abandoned, cghub died, i don't know if crimson daggers is still a thing and artstation is used as portfolio only. Most artists just form their own little private discord and hangout groups with peers they know personally so they can give and receive feedback. I used to join one that only had like 10 members and every night there would be a few of us just streaming and chatting while doing our daily studies, that pretty much disintegrated and haven't networked my way into a new one.

You can try Level up and Character Design Challenge on fb. Lvl up has a lot of what you would expect from fb though, and is mostly just people self promoting but if casual critique is what you are after its ok.

No. 469629


I think the difference is Yoshi has obviously thought about it at least a bit. She's kept the black and white color scheme and tried to hint at her classic tuxedo costume in an age-appropriate way with the shirt and waistcoat combo.

Jacqueline's thought process seems to have stopped at 'goth witch girl'. She's even made the rabbit grey so it's ~gothic~ when the reason Zatanna has a rabbit in the first place is that WHITE ones are used in stage magic.

I think Zatanna is a genuinely difficult character to design as a child/teen because her most iconic adult costume can't really be made appropriate, but you can at least make a design that says 'grew up around stage magic' and not 'I know nothing about this character but witches are on trend'.

No. 469664

I dont get it either, if you dont wanna draw everyday, just dont but stop the whining

No. 469688

Does Zatanna need to be that tricky to redesign as a kid? Exchange the black panty style bottoms for a black skirt and give her opaque tights beneath and keep everything else the same more or less. Maybe that's too obvious though.

No. 469696

In theory, Jacquelin is the perfect fit: her art is all about pretty witchy hipster (I meant "stylish") girls, she's young so there'd be no "How do you do fellow kids", and she already has a following herself, so in DC's eyes there's an audience right there, ready for them.

In practice, though… no.

No. 469700


Depends on the story you want to tell I guess? Her costumes have normally been ones she wears on stage as well, so if you're writing her as a kid superhero you don't need to change it much at all. There's a flashback in Seven Soldiers of Victory that shows her on stage as a child wearing a very slightly redesigned version of her classic tuxedo costume and it doesn't look inappropriate in context. I think as long as her costume is obviously a COSTUME it's not too difficult.

It looks like the new comics are going for more of a 'street clothes' style, which is harder IMO. Most of the iconic elements of her costume just wouldn't look right incorporated into an everyday outfit for a child. I think Yoshi's done a decent job from that perspective.

I'm tempted to say… stick a top hat on the character and see if you can guess it's Zatanna, if you can then the rest of the outfit is probably fine. I think Yoshi's would pass that test but Jacqueline's wouldn't.

No. 469712

File: 1570368927838.png (575.58 KB, 601x519, zat.png)

>There's a flashback in Seven Soldiers of Victory that shows her on stage as a child wearing a very slightly redesigned version of her classic tuxedo costume and it doesn't look inappropriate in context.
This is it btw:

No. 469713


Yeah that's the one I was thinking of.

No. 469714


In theory its a bad too, comic fans are just the type that hates the "fellow kids" social media clout stuff and is not all that friendly with efamous artists and social media trends. It never ever works and that type of marketing is partly why sales keep dropping. Those designs are almost like a troll prank or April's fools joke, even if they were drawn wel it would still be selling tumblr hipsters to the most anti audience ever.

No. 469763

Have you anons seen the porn lips controversy on Twitter?

No. 469768

Had to search for it but honestly it seems overblown. Like usually if someone draws porn, it's pretty damn easy to tell but every single black person is flipping their shit because they seem to think thick lips= porn, even though from what I saw, it's more than just the size. Like people who draw porn usually draw the lips in very o like shape and make them very glossy and thick as if they were full of botox, imo a very different from natural black lips.

No. 469775

Dumbest shit ever. I actually face-palmed for real for the first time in my life reading through this mess.


No. 469784

File: 1570383417407.png (53.87 KB, 618x416, Capture.PNG)

I think it's from people who interpret it to literately (even with a broken arm?), they think of oddly specific incidents that would prevent you (what if they have a disorder?), or people really bad at time management.

No. 469787

Everyday? but dude, what if i'm like , lazy? you are being ableist telling me to work everyday on something that i wish to do as an everyday job.

No. 469788

nobody works 365 days a year, and if they do and they’re proud of it, they’re literally just consumed by authcap propaganda.

No. 469790

An artist’s “practice” shouldn’t be just about putting pen to paper though, it also includes taking in new experiences and interpreting them. Drawing everyday is just one part.

No. 469791

Yeah I hate Butch Hartman but drawing everyday isn't that hard. Just don't give yourself carpal tunnel by doing it 4 hours a day min 7 days a week. 30 minutes a day is doable if you aren't avoiding it because it involves thinking and moving.

No. 469797

File: 1570387060986.jpeg (35.43 KB, 284x299, F7265B8D-4EEB-4CEB-890E-4EE4F3…)

Zatanna was in DC’s superhero girls recently with a more different look to her: she has purple hair this time like jacquelin’s but her costume elements are from her 70’s. This is one of the most out there of a Zatanna design but I think it has enough elements to recall the character instead of being woefully generic like jacquelin

No. 469803

>taking in new experiences and interpreting them

by drawing them

No. 469820


Looking at it I'm wondering if that's the only version Jacqueline's ever seen and she's guessed completely wrong about which parts were important. Like she's kept the red cape sleeve (as a shawl) and the purple hair color which are the DEPARTURES from the 70s design and junked all the important bits like the leotard and the helmet haircut.

No. 469821

Parents, deployed soldiers, doctors, anyone that owns their own business, anyone above AGM in any profession, not to mention farmers and truckers-

Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people do work everyday, as a requirement of their job. Drawing once a day is not a job. It is a hobby. It is easily doable. If you can't do it as a hobby, then maybe doing it as a profession isn't for you. Might be authcap to you, but to me, it sounds like you don't like being called lazy to you face and blame 'The Man' for said laziness.

If it is two-part, why are you leaving the only part that promotes actual improvement out of the equation as secondhand? You can think about drawing, but if you don't actually draw, you won't improve.

No. 469825

Anon I think you are taking this too seriously - most people say you should draw every day and they're right. But taking a break once in a while for a day or two won't hurt either. I don't think we really have to debate this again and again.

No. 469831

Nta but I've seen a tons of artist who draw everyday and do studies after studies but still never improve. People tend to forget that actually thinking while drawing makes you learn a lot faster than just by drawing. You should study art everyday but if you think you have to draw everyday, then you're not truly using the world to your advantage. You can learn tons about art in just a month without your pen even touching the paper, just by being good at observing the world around you.

No. 469837

Are you taking the mick? Just do both. I find it very hard to believe that you can learn how to draw in a decent manner by not drawing. You can stare at the Mona Lisa all you want, but you will never learn how to paint unless you actually pick up a brush and do it.

No. 469849

>I've seen a tons of artist who draw everyday and do studies after studies but still never improve
Yep. Holly Brown is a great example of that, remember her Sketchbook Slam or whatever it was called challenge? Fill 20 pages of a sketchbook every day or something. I don't agree with the rest of your post because it's impossible to learn how to draw well without actually doing it (as it is with any practical skill), but that part is true.

No. 469862

Well ofc you have to draw to learn to draw, that is given. But you can go periods of not drawing and still improve if you keep on observing and learning theory. Like some artist who go on hiatus come back with their skills totally withered while other show signs of improvement despise not drawing for a while. Art really is just about repeating basics and if you're keen observer you can do a lot with just that alone. Dunno if you've ever done the "few minute stare, then draw from memory" challenge where you observe a certain object like hand for 10 minutes, then go and draw a patch of hands from memory alone, rinse and repeat. This is actually a very efficient way to practice and it does work long term as well, for example when go out and observe trees and lights and buildings, you learn a little bit each time if you actually study what you're looking at. Drawing is a lot about muscle memory so ofc if you never draw you're not going to get better but someone who has never drawn and picks up drawing after having observed life will have a lot easier start than someone who's never really seen the world around them before.

No. 469869

File: 1570396770359.png (639.67 KB, 843x431, gitguddanica.png)

>Danica: The intention was that her expression in her face was supposed to be awestruck
….Bitch where

No. 469872

What Holly did in the Sketchbook slam was NOT studying. She was drawing the same shit over and over and solidifying her symbol drawing and giving herself wrist pain with no real gain.

No. 469875

Awestruck??? Wtf pretty girl artists are such a joke

No. 469883

Studying everyday and drawing everyday are two different things. No one /likes/ to study everyday as learning new things is actually something the brain actually hates doing which is why the weaker willed give in to avoidance. If you want to learn it takes effort but if you want to fill 20 pages of sketchbook a day to avoid studying then you're just making excuses like Holly. My art teachers are telling me to study anatomy and perspective but they don't get how hard I work see I'll prove it by drawing lopsided bullshit for 600 pages and come out having learned NOTHING that'll show em.

No. 469884

Same shit with baylee too. They don’t know how to LEARN to draw so just end up drawing the same symbols and don’t concentrate on like, drawing from observation or anatomy or construction. There’s tons of other artists who have YouTube channels who are better teachers and draftsmen, you just have to find them.

No. 469890

Exactly. She wasn't gaining anything from it, but still, in her mind, she was working hard, drawing and practicing every day, and that probably equaled improvement. That's not how it works though.

No. 469895

File: 1570398927683.png (99.07 KB, 640x492, 52A762AB-3121-4A51-96F2-191731…)

How are people getting worked up over this, these types of lips are typically used by porn artists. I could randomly stumble across a lewd artist, and even if it’s sfw one of the biggest giveaways is always the blow up doll lips. They’re drawn to look like they’re always ready to munch on cock, regardless of gender

No. 469901

There were two upset camps. One was lewd art stans that were offended that their fav glossy pputy porn lips were being called out and the other were people saying it was racist. In all honesty I get how you can look at this and see standard thin lips and porno = thick lips and take it the wrong way. On the other hand I'm pretty sure the artist just meant how detailed you make the lips and how silly the expressions can get when people pucker them stupidly. Do you know. Probably time for Twitter to let it go but they fightin as usual.

No. 469906

At the same time, you could do super shiny fully rendered by byoofyful art studies everyday but never improve on the subject matter or.. relatability of your art?

I mean, of course you can improve on your rendering skills if you render everyday, but that won’t make the subject matter any different. People have to live life to interpret life.

No. 469909

File: 1570402325638.png (1.19 MB, 784x2668, 64C07EDE-BA72-4B3A-8256-56C877…)

Someone translate this to English please

No. 469911

black people have big lips, hentai uses big lips, thus racism?

No. 469912

Art of women is almost always overexaggerated and ridiculous looking, art of men looks more tame and obtainable, if everyone started drawing men to have sharp ass jawlines and cheekbones with the body of GI Joe's there would be people protesting outsides of the artists door lmao

No. 469915

Pretty much. You can make anything racist if you try hard enough.

>if everyone started drawing men to have sharp ass jawlines and cheekbones with the body of GI Joe's there would be people protesting outsides of the artists door lmao

I highly doubt that. Guys don't seem to care how males are depicted. If majority of the males in hentai were overweight old geezers, that's the only time I can imagine guys getting up and arms over depiction of males.

No. 469918

Nah, that’s a whole subcategory of hentai. There’s a market for ugly nerds getting to bang beautiful women, probably plays into their fantasies better since they can self-insert, or it’s a case of HA! Nothing more humiliating for a female than having to fuck an ugly man!!’

No. 469919

File: 1570403793846.jpg (94.96 KB, 632x960, superman.jpg)

Excuse me what? Dude men are drawn with jawlines that could cut through steel and they're often so ripped that their bodies develop a whole new set of muscles to show off to because clearly being just the strongest man alive is not enough. This isn't even just about superheroes andcomics but the way men are overall represented in media. They got just as shit expectations as women do so let's not try to act like women are held somehow at unfair standard when men in media are only good enough when gym is their second home. Yea women get fucked over both in media and art but it really applies to men just as much.

No. 469921

I think it's cuz people fetishize every day features. Like creepy guys making lewd remarks about having big lips when some people have big lips and aren't asking to be creeped on.

No. 469923

This is an example of men’s power fantasies, the way women are depicted in art and media are sexual fantasies fully pandering to the male gaze. It is not at all the same thing.

No. 469926

Naw. Comics draw beefy men not porno men. Women are drawn like porn stars and men are drawn like wrestlers which women do not generally find very sexy. If they were drawn like Chris Evens it would be different.

No. 469933

Maybe don't use art drawn by a man, of a character created as the Moses-like ideal of two men, in a genre mostly written and drawn by men when you want to discuss women's standards for men. Superman is meant to be the perfect yet relatable, alien yet inherently human ideal that men aspire to be. Women aren't forcing it on them.

No. 469935

bgon scrot

No. 469936

This was…interesting to watch. No milk just kinda interesting to see how some people…evolve as artists. Or in the wolf person's case, improve super slowly.

No. 469950

And women don't enjoy being sexy or have any power fantasies regarding that? It's fucking retarded to say that any sexy slender woman is for "male gaze" when tons of woman _enjoy_ presenting their sexuality because it makes them feel powerful. This idea that good looking man is a power fantasy but a good looking woman is not is just belittling women.

If you knew how to read I mentioned that it's not just comic thing. Super man is extreme example so I went with it. It's just one example of how both genders are given rather unfair expectations of beauty. Even if you tone it down and think of porn for example, I really don't see that many guys who don't have massive cocks and nice pod.


I was discussing society's standard for both men and women, not male standard fro woman. But if you wanna go there, them perhaps every disney prince with big eyes, beautiful smiles, nice jawlines, etc. Hell go to this guy's http://jirkavinse.com/ real life disney gallery and tell me every young dude is not a total catch made to appeal to women's ideal.

No. 469953

Go away dude you're objectively wrong throwing a pissy fit isn't going to make you right

No. 469956

Oh what a mic drop, how do I survive from this humiliation? Because obviously every argument is automatically won by just telling the other person is wrong without actually elaborating on how. How come I've never though of that?

No. 469958

‘Sexy femme fatale’ isn’t a power fantasy, it is 100% about the male gaze. Look at how women draw one another in media for each other - it will be nothing like how men like to depict us.

You can’t claim that media created by men is a woman’s power fantasy.

No. 469967

File: 1570410845914.jpg (23.29 KB, 503x360, 4334279.jpg)

Ladies shut up Disney is setting far too high a bar for these men the poor babes

No. 469972

MASSIVE COCKS? Boy do you have no idea what women are actually interested in. I'm not talking about fucking porn hub you absolute moron

No. 469986

File: 1570412765155.png (507.77 KB, 604x734, FEC18142-E0A7-4FAE-BF30-57F8AC…)

No. 469991

File: 1570413379994.jpg (510.27 KB, 1203x902, anastasia.jpg)

Oh yea 'cause chicks don't get the same treatment am I right?

And like honestly wtf is wrong with chicks in lolcow acting like bitter unwanted women in their 40's? I don't think I've ever heard a self loving woman use the word male gaze unironically, but you see it all the time in here. If a woman is sexy it's for dudes, if male it's sexy, it's also for dudes. If a man is unattractive it's variety but if a woman is unattractive it's stereotyping. Like honestly there's no pleasing you people ever. So what even if something were for dudes, doesn't mean women can't enjoy it too? I hardly ever see dudes whining about too good looking men in cartoon making their beer bellies look unattractive, well maybe some incels do that but for the comparison, that is rather sad.(Calm your tits)

No. 469995

File: 1570414062481.jpg (77.34 KB, 970x546, k.jpg)

I see the point you're trying to make and agree with you to a certain extent but Kristoff is really no the best example to use

he's a tall,square jawed,handsome Nord

No. 469996

absolute unit. mf is huge

No. 469998

>bitter unwanted women in their 40's

No. 470002

Kristoff looks like every boy skater boy in my high school STFU you're not making a point. The ugle stepsisters are ugly because only beautiful women can be good characters ugly women are evil because they are bitter and sexy women are evil because they are sexy. You're still not making a point btw but this is fun to watch.

No. 470004

Handsome Nord??? Dude go back to kiwifarms where you belong

No. 470007

The only bar men is personal hygiene and common social normaties and when they can't or won't meet then they run women over with cars.

No. 470013

Guys don't you know? We're all past our primes and in the unattractive female zone, clearly our views come from being ugly and bitter lol.

No. 470023

i know you try to do the whole switcheroo "you're just like an incel" bit, but it doesn't work. all women are forced to interact with males. we are very aware of what they're like and what's expected of them. most women who hold these opinions have boyfriends or have had them. men don't cloister themselves off and away from women for their sanity and safety and preference the way women do to incels, so it's very different.

No. 470029

I have three older brothers and no sisters but go off dude. There's no need to be triggered by the objective truth that is women are viewed and judged first by looks while men get more leeway.

No. 470030

Anastasia was in 3 cinderella movies and in 2 of the movies she was portrayed as a good person. In cinderella 2 she found her own love and became very close with cinderella and in the 3rd movie which is retelling of the first (and imo one of the best disney princess movies), she was stringed along by her mother's desires for power. She wasn't a bad person, she just wanted to be loved but at the end she finally stood up to her mother and found confidence in herself. She's not just an "ugly on the inside and out" but instead a very complex and admirable character who learns to defy her mothers massive pressure put on her and listen to herself. There's actually a lot of characters like her if you just dared to actually look around you.


You fucking serious? What about femcels or nicegirls? There's plenty of normal men creeped out by some actually dangerous and obsessive chicks out there. I mean the did you know that girls are actually bigger stalkers than boys?Just look at K-pop, for every crazy insane male fan there's dozens of as crazy female fans. Saying that Incels are somehow only dangerous group that exists is fucking retarded. Yea incels are pathetic and I wouldn't want one close to me but there's plenty of men who probably hold very similar feelings towards certain groups.

No. 470031

See you're showing your hand. Women and men are separate species to you which is how you treat them. I don't know why you absolutely NEED me to clarify #notallmen but to us that's a given. We are commenting from the social standard point of view not the, well sometimes men are sexualized and sometimes women are ugly.

No. 470032

Those women are obsessed with men because of social conditioning you are not helping yourself by citing a pool of vapid women that have been conditioned by misogyny.

No. 470034

How many femcels have murdered men while men are literally indoctrinating each other to go on women killing sprees.

No. 470037

Cinderella is a tale among many tales that specifically in their original texts reference a womans beauty as her scale of goodness to badness. Animated B movie sequels are not what I was talking about. I was talking about the history of children's stories actually stating that ugly women are wicked because they are ugly.

No. 470038

Art hoes unironically calling other women middle aged femcels for pointing out that bimbo in a catsuit is male gaze and is only a “female fantasy” in the sense that women totally aspire to make cocks hard, oops sorry ~embrace sexuality~

No. 470048

Could y'all like… not? This is the art thread.

No. 470071

I'm a woman and I do enjoy seeing the sexy femme fatale image, just as long as it's not taken too seriously, like the overly manly-man image. I think they're both just exaggerations of male and female characters.

No. 470083

> I'm a woman

Sorry, any variation of this always sounds like a larp. Is the art thread full of teenagers, because that’s how this whole derail is reading. It went from men and women within media to #notallmen ‘women are evil too!!!’

No. 470084

File: 1570426069350.png (12.03 KB, 370x320, 27105256@2x.png)

How does it feel to be the "cool girl"? Been browsing 4chan/reddit a bit too much?

You have better places for art inspiration than dudebro cliques.

No. 470095


You can only interpret and internalize knowledge and new experiences by drawing and painting them and doing compositions, doing studies is doing, if you don't turn the input into output forget it, wathever topic you are trying to learn or wathever wonderful inspiration you had is just staying in your head to be forggoten and replace to any new thing you move onto eventually.

No. 470096

Ugh. Call me when you people go back to twitter with your foolishness and the thread gets back on track

No. 470098

What tf is it about this thread that invites so much infighting ffs one moment someone's on about the ability to 'see genetic blackness' and the next it's 'the validity of of the male gaze and also femcels kill' like wtf is it that hard to stay in topic in an art thread

No. 470100


Every retard has a soapbox nowadays to embarrass themselves upon, and poison their own wells. And the internet will make sure is never forgotten, Twitter really was a mistake, it only promotes narcissistic behaviour.

No. 470105

Nigga the point is that men have a whole wide variety of attractive characters to admire and identify with as the characters are given plenty of different body types, even for the ones that women are supposed to find sexy. Using some jacked up male power fantasy superhero from Marvel is a shitty, tired hyperbole. I don't even really give a shit about the anime tiddy debate but this is just intentionally misunderstanding the point completely.

>Guys don't seem to care how males are depicted.
You ever seen them go fucking nuts over reeing about beautiful anime men or boy band members women find attractive? Whenever art has male characters depicted as something women would actually like instead of being a buzzcut space marine men can stroke their ego cocks over, they lose their shit.

No. 470108

I am someone who is very much in favor of free speech and people expressing and having fun with art however they want even if i don't personally like it and find it cringe, i really don't reeeee about guys who like Kill la kill i just wished there was more prominence of women expressing themselves and having fun with art too, i would not go around censoring problematic characters because male gaze, i just want to promote more alternatives made by more diverse creators.

>Whenever art has male characters depicted as something women would actually like instead of being a buzzcut space marine men can stroke their ego cocks over, they lose their shit.

Sandman was cute, he is a well liked character, Death was also a cool female character from the same comic. You forget theres a shit ton of comic fans who think capeshit and moe is boring too. Maybe you should not focus so much on the group of people that make you mad, find stuff that fits your own standards.

No. 470109

Cuz arthoes are, by default, NLOG cool girls. After all, the art world is a dick sucking contest by scrotes for scrotes. Let’s face it, we all want to be some white boy’s manic pixie, cartoon-titted, dream muse.

No. 470110

>You ever seen them go fucking nuts over reeing about beautiful anime men or boy band members women find attractive?

As someone whose watches a lot of anime and enjoys K-pop where twinks are plentiful, no, I have never seen guys go apeshit over depictions of cute dudes.

No. 470114

File: 1570432354831.jpg (18.63 KB, 258x275, 1543861106007.jpg)

No. 470115

File: 1570432586735.png (848.54 KB, 1280x796, 5c3ce53f.png)

>As someone whose watches a lot of anime
So you have never been on /a/ or other equally shitty male dominated sites in your life? Male anime fans DESPISE fujos and anything that appeals to them, to the point of feeling betrayed when Kyoani made Free. Ever paid any attention to how korean men on netizenbuzz comments respond to boy groups (pure unadulterated loathing as the lowest form of entertainment because girls like them) compared to girl groups (beloved by all genders of the public)?

Men hate cute boys that girls enjoy, they just disguise it as disgust for their music/characters/etc for credibility. One Direction, Justin Bieber, Edward Cullen, are the biggest examples I can think of in recent years. They can't stand it when women's taste doesn't match up to their preconceived notions of what we like. The internet tells them we all want middle aged dad bod silver foxes when lmao fuck that.

No. 470116

File: 1570432890314.jpg (50.34 KB, 640x480, original (1).jpg)

This is such a lie. Men have a huge chip on their shoulder about attractive men that aren't hulking behemoths.
All attractive anime boys are "fujoshit", all K-pop male stars are "faggots", etc that real women could never, ever really want. Hell, look at how much they seethed about girls liking Edward and Jacob from Twilight back in the day.
They're so pissy about women liking attractive young men instead of ugly old apes that they'll even make jabs at little girls about it. But it's okay when they lust after young girls, even when they're in their 60s. Funny how that works.

No. 470117

>to the point of feeling betrayed when Kyoani made Free
Lol, remember when male anime fans were literally celebrating the KyoAni fire that killed several people, and said it served them right for making Free? When have any of the so-called "femcels" who "sound like they're 40" celebrated incidents that killed people because the studio or company pushed out ecchi/male gaze-y anime? Never.
That anon can go somewhere else with that "no, I have never seen guys go apeshit over depictions of cute dudes" bullshit.

No. 470118

File: 1570433758000.jpg (3.27 MB, 1400x3284, 1483694402569.jpg)

>remember when male anime fans were literally celebrating the KyoAni fire that killed several people, and said it served them right for making Free
Jesus wtf. I have been avoiding male discussion of anime for the past few years, where was that? /a/ I'm guessing?

My last memory of /a/ is when they got absolutely BTFO by the success of YOI. Good times, I stopped going on there shortly after.

No. 470119

File: 1570434176212.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, old.png)

women even back in the 1950's were also complaining about seeing the same gruff stoic action stars who were between their 40s-50s and just wanted to see a handsome man near their own age on the silver screen

No. 470120


no fan of moe anime is upstanding and a/ is a cesspool of 13 yr olds, 4chan will always be the most extreme cancerous representation of anything. The overwhelming majority of a/ is moe fans who are the absolute bottom of the shit taste trash bin.

No. 470121

Yup, /a/ and Twitter. It was pretty disgusting.
That image, lmao. That and the KyoAni shit just go to show that they really can't stand when things aren't pandering to them. Fragility of the highest order.

No. 470122

>male anime fans in or out of 4chan

No. 470124

Some were even celebrating because kyoani is "feminist" and had a lot of female animators.

No. 470126

we should acknowledge that their exists a "minority" of women who are attracted to gruff older men but the fact is that most young women are logically attracted to Young attractive men near their own age,some older women are attracted to young(but legal age) men but young attractive men doesn't mean that every young girl will be attracted to just any generic young attractive guy

that's why you have a varied cast for your audiences

No. 470127

I don't think any women in the fandom or art scenes have a problem accepting this, it's men who can't handle it.
They sperg out at us not liking decrepit old crones and neckbeards because it makes them feel bad about themselves.

No. 470129

I saw a statistic on reddit some time ago about how relationships between older men and younger woman are more likely to end in divorce,domestic battery while relationship between older women and younger men were shown to end less likely in divorce and overall shown to be much heather and happier

No. 470130

this is purely anecdotal but I know a few couples where the woman is older that have age gaps of 5-20 years and they seem happy enough.

but I dated a guy 13 years younger once and I just didn't like it. I felt like his mother. My current partner is 3 years younger than me and this works for me.(Derail)

No. 470133

File: 1570437278321.jpg (55.92 KB, 600x847, IMG_20191007_100817.jpg)

My art goal is drawing beautiful, but not lanky beanstalk bishounen. A bit of anatomically correct muscle.

No. 470136

Is this your art? If so, nice, significantly better than most other pieces posted by artfags

No. 470138

Not trying to minimod but can you all go and argue in the pink pill thread instead of here. >>470130 also, how the fuck is your past relationships relevant to this thread?

No. 470139

Oh no, that's just one from my "inspo" folder, but kind of you to think that, anon

No. 470141


Neck is kinda broken but you'll find better inspo. Good luck to you!

No. 470152

File: 1570443433533.jpg (16.71 KB, 236x326, 6cd1f531b53edc55c613861688f90b…)


What is "set"? nothing is set, just draw what you like how you like it, i guarantee almost everything has an audience. There are about a trillion ways artists approach character design, so stop acting like the only thing thats canon in the world is Superman or generic moe , that only projects what you consume. Would you be happier if superman was a bishie and Sailor Moon was chubby and hairy armpits? will that shut you up?

No. 470170

File: 1570446472816.jpeg (907.66 KB, 1242x1874, DA49FD3E-6412-4968-89C5-82B071…)

Okay, it’s just getting fucking ridiculous now, how is this in any way inktober. Why does everyone go full retard over this challenge month.

No. 470176

Just more proof inktober means nothing anymore and should die.

No. 470182

inktober, or as I like to call it, do whatever the fuck you want because leaving your comfort zone is 2 hard and anyone who criticizes you is a bully…tober.

No. 470188

>Maybe some of you should stop consuming generic shit or just stop consuming whatever someone throws in your face and actively search for media that speaks to you.
Imagine saying this after completely bashing people complaining about men and cool girls constantly belittling their interests

No. 470206


>Maybe One Direction is kinda generic? Justin Bieber is a jackass, and Edward Cullen is a stalker???

Kek anon, are you from 2011 or did I miss some kind of shitty revival? Ohhh nooo not my generic boy band waaah - it's not like there's dozens of generic male pandering female artists/bands out there, no way.

Cope harder, maybe some worthless cumbrain will finally see you for the special cool girl you are.

No. 470207

Can this be the next thread pic

No. 470211

File: 1570455546878.jpg (49.96 KB, 619x575, grill.jpg)

Enough PP sperging, i just wanna draw cute grills for gods sake

No. 470214

>n-no you don't understand, women deserved it for having shit taste
>uhh some grown women liked twilight males therefore bad
>tumblr does that bad thing too, therefore this is invalid! (provides no evidence whatsoever for the kyoani claim, leaving only the fujoshi claim which ignores the point that attractive male anime characters are not fujoshit)
>m-male characters are JUST AS attractive as female characters, you guys! characters like superman are NOT just a male power fantasy!!
Lmao. What a fucking joke. All this BS and you're probably still an actual femcel.

No. 470223

>Normally everyone in art is exceptionally beautiful compared to a real person unless they're intentionally drawn to be ugly.
not going to get into your gender discussion but god, there's more to art than the one anime you've seen and the pretty girls you see on instagram. Take your own advice and go consume some better media.

No. 470230

Lmao, right? Sadly dumb fucks like this have overtaken any artistic or entertainment based discussion with their limited media consumption and general country bumpkin-like close mindedness

No. 470231

Yet none of the men are actually sexually attractive by female standards. Girls are attracted to youthful or young looking men with slim builds and thats a fact. We don't like those aggressive square jaw burly hulks

No. 470235

truth. time and time again it's shown that pretty boys with slim builds capture the attention of the most women. men are homoerotically obsessed with the concept of masculinity and the aesthetics of hypermasculine males – not women.

No. 470240

Guys this spergy anon is clearly a man don't encourage him

No. 470260

Umm guys disney, dreamworks??? You even saw what kind of fangirl reaction jack frost got when he was introduced, what about older hiccup?

This concervation is fucking annoying at this point, you people complain constantly how there’s no shit for you but there’s shit for the other party, even when people point out that yes you got toys too. Then you even complain how the other party likes something and how that’s bad, even if you a specific taste yourself. This whole discussion is full of hypocrites and contadictions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 470270

Lmao, just let them be themselves; a bunch of women afraid of their own nakedness.
Comics industry is moving forward and slowly including more and more variety, yet everyone still complains, of fucking course you won't have a nonmuscular or mediocre superhero; they are fucking übermensch and überfrauen, why would you want a superhero who's not top performing on aesthetical standards?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 470287

The galaxy brain of stupidity that is this thought process.

No. 470288

Lol okay so then why are female superheroes drawn like porn stars? Why was Captain Marvel photoshopped to be skinnier in Endgame just this year? Your straw men are literally unraveling themselves you idiot.

No. 470298

I can't stand this douchbag. He always seems so full of himself his narcissism is uncanny. Reminds me of stereotypical psychopaths.

No. 470313

How are slim and athletic men not "muscular"? I swear fatty tier logic is acceptable for men but as soon as someone starts with the "this 110 pound 5'6 woman isn't strong enough" everyone calls her a fatass feminist. No fuck YOU. Men don't need to be big either

No. 470331


what an asinine character, he says absolutely nothing of worth, is like he specifically made an effort to not contribute to anything but still made a trap tutorial clickbait thing about nothing.

No. 470348

File: 1570480042641.jpeg (193.92 KB, 1209x846, 7CED42CC-D629-4A3A-8D66-63009B…)

“ This Channel isn't for little baby children.
If you want to draw something pretty with your little crayon, go somewhere else. I'm not going to hold your hand, I'm not going walk you to the top of the mountain, I'm not going to hold back.
I'm here to make the big girl and big boy bills. To get paid, to learn fast, and to tell you what's what.”

No. 470350

So basically, the same shit as Holly Brown or Emily Artful or Creepshow, "I'm tellin' it like it is, harsh truths"? I'm not gonna watch the video

No. 470359

Wtf happened to this thread?

Trying to get it back on topic, Kasey was a featured artist for Scrawlrbox which makes me kinda glad I don't sub to it anymore.

No. 470361

File: 1570484115622.png (178.75 KB, 632x494, pic rel.PNG)

I feel like these type of videos are some type of subconscious way of saying "I'm bad at art" without the shame. These 'just being brutally honest advice' videos are usually aimed at beginners, but they always stroke the viewers ego by saying how they're better than other artists, well other beginners, because they watch 'brutally honest art tips' videos. The people who watch his videos always have a "I'm bad, but I'm better than those losers in their hugboxes"
Also pic related in the comment section said that "storytelling" was what her art was missing.

No. 470373

People are just using the inktober hashtag just for the amount of traffic it gets, like it’s obviously got yours and bots attentions for them. It was the same thing happening for “draw this in your style”, trying to trawl it looking for DTIYS that aren’t cute girls just gave u a bunch of random shit that wasn’t even a dtiys prompt, like there’d be people actively saying “please don’t copy or distribute” but then post in the tag

No. 470378

File: 1570489513774.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191008-010240.png)

What are those red noses and porn lips? I usually like exaggerated anatomies, especially in animation but his seems so off to me, as well as his anatomy stylization.

No. 470390

All of their mouths are inexplicably puckered like who just goes around puckering their lips constantly

No. 470409

File: 1570495785311.jpeg (713.19 KB, 1242x1774, F305BFAA-538B-462C-8C6A-DA12C5…)

Has anyone else seen a lot of “vent artist” complaining about people saying “mood” to their vent art? If you make edgy shit then it attracts edgy people. Sorry no one is playing into your “woe is me” bs

No. 470411

>Sad cartoon bunny
>Only I can ever feel truly sad or have depression. Everyone else is just an idiot wannabe fetishizing my mental illness because they think it's cool and wish they were like me, the real deal and super deep artist.
No wonder this person lives such a sad and bitter life walking around that oblivious and willingly negative.

No. 470421

Not to be too cringe but one cringe lord himself once said “you cannot monopolize mental health.” (Nikocado) who else is your art meant to appeal to??

No. 470427

I can kinda see where they’re coming from, I don’t bother looking at comments of anything even remotely negative anymore because it’ll just be full of shitty self-deprecating jokes and shit like ‘mood’ ‘me’ ‘my life’, it gets tiring how romanticised and overly normalised piss poor mental health is now

No. 470431

File: 1570497761375.png (145.95 KB, 407x473, Screenshot_2019-10-07-21-20-45…)

No. 470433

Vent art is the trashiest of all art

No. 470436

File: 1570498059069.png (605.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-07-21-21-08…)

And they make art like this. Is the irony not lost?
What the artist could be getting at is a lot of commentors minds shut off and they obly reply with something tangently related. Ive seen youtube videos with in treating points, but the comment section has all these basic jokes like they didn't watch the video and only reacted to the title

No. 470443

File: 1570498653314.gif (496.77 KB, 500x376, giphy.gif)

Id like vent art if it was actually had some intresting aesthetics, but nope it's all I used neon colors, I put a black scribly lines on their face, I put red text with mean words, they have cutting marks, I curse, and I curse a lot. Very rarely do they explore unique mental issues with unique metaphors. Its always the same slock. Like imagine if one of those vent artist direct NGE. It'd be horrifying

No. 470447

Did anyone ever figure out who "Peepo" was in that drama video about a problem with a big youtuber that Emily Artful made last year?

No. 470448

last time somebody brought this up a bunch of users screeched but i still want to know who it was about too?

No. 470451

File: 1570503096863.jpeg (247.33 KB, 1242x1124, F8FF62F7-34B0-4B1A-9367-4B2EB0…)

It’s allegedly KattvTalk

No. 470458

someone posted about emilys old minecraft channel in her comments and it's just as bad as she is now

No. 470471

Why exactly does all vent art look the same? Not to make their emotions invalid or downplay them but it’s just always the same thing. I don’t know if that’s just how most people will vent or if it’s just people copying each other.

No. 470480

Haha, I saw that comment and was just about to check out her art. She's all like, 'I only draw pretty pictures, but they lack storytelling. Thanks for teaching me!'

No. 470481


What a whiny little bitch… maybe your emotionally raw vent art is crappy so people don't think it's that serious?

No. 470495

File: 1570524307478.jpeg (449.67 KB, 2048x1024, 8VCecU7h.jpg:large.jpeg)

do any of yall know kirarinn? their style is really annoying he has a huge case of same face syndrome

No. 470498


What I got out of this video is that this girl is 30 years old and still draws like a 15 year old and doing mostly my little pony animations for a living. I'm an animator too and I've always done everything in my power not to end up like those kind of people, it's a great way to stay motivated tbh

No. 470506


that would be political cartoons. but its close.

No. 470507

This exactly. Every time I see vent art, it's some piss poor, edgy garbage that nothing but white and red scribbling on a black canvas. It's always kind of disappointing that these people can actually draw something with meaning and emotion, but waste on shit that no-one cares about. Occasionally, I'll see some good vent art that actually has a purpose and message, and it often can and will end up as one of my favourite pieces by the artist. However, the shit that I usually see makes me immediately and greatly dislike whoever posted it. If it's not productive, interesting, or meaningful, keep your attempts at pathetically seeking asspats off of your goddamn professional, public account.

Offtopic/blogposting, but there's a cow who is a friend of mine. she does the exact some bullshit. Unintelligible scribblings depicting an eating disorder she doesn't have (very, very occasionally skipping 1 or 2 meals for a couple of days because you're upset is not a goddamn eating disorder) and self-harm issues when she has never once cut. She posts this bullshit to her public account that has a decent following. When people ask questions, she either ignores or gives a curt response saying she doesn't want to talk about it. I feel like this a trend for the majority who post 'content' like this though. They depict stuff in their vent that is completely untrue or unrelated to them. I almost feel like it ties into the snowflake victim-complex. Anxiety and depression aren't as special or unique anymore, and they definitely don't bring the same amount of attention, so claiming you have sh and ed tendencies fixes that. Not divulging details makes people even more worried about you as well. Anything for that precious attention your art isn't getting you, I guess.

No. 470514

Looks fine to me, at least try to make your vendettaposting less obvious. Drawing generic weeb stuff isn't dramaworthy.

No. 470519

This guy did the art for the Pocket Mirror game and had some drama surrounding him around the time, mostly being an asshole to his teammates or something like that I think? Other than that it's just generic weeb shit

No. 470532

It’s Katvvalk. Some users looked into it, and she matches up the best.

No. 470562

Yeah me too lol. I was pretty shocked to find out she was 30 but by the time she was in college she was only at middle School level so I'm not surprised she's still so bad. She also sounds like a horse girl if that makes sense lol. They have a voice. It's the same for weebs idk what it is but they have like a cadence to their speech lol (I know this is a reach but there it is)

No. 470566


How about… not posting your vent art then? If you don't want people to connect and/ or respond to your stuff, then keep it the fuck to yourself. Jeez. What a moron.

No. 470567

It's ugly anon lol and def same facey. The coloring is solid though and tbh it's pretty generic 90s anime so not too upsetting I guess.

No. 470575

Holy fucking shit, I'm getting early 2000s war flashbacks from this

No. 470585

Wow, the new Harvest Moon looks great!

No. 470589

Ha! Anon I thought the same thing!

No. 470607


this isn't really sameface. i think that people misinterpret sameface in anime because their features are so simple. the 3rd and 4th girl are but the rest aren't.

what's really bothering me is that blatant patchouli knowledge rip off and whatever the fuck is happening with the folds and creases in their clothes.

No. 470612

If the shape of the head and nose and mouths are all the exact same and the only variation is a tilt or point to the eyes it is same face. It being anime doesn't negate that. Sailor Moon is just as same facey that doesn't make it bad but that is just a fact.

No. 470614

again, not really. anime is too simplistic imo. people who complain about sameface are annoying in general though.

No. 470624

Same face is a valid criticism tho, what does it say about the person when they can only re-imagine the same or similar face over and over again? Even if you use, "but it's beautiful!" excuse as to why things need to be same-facey, it's still stupid because there's various different forms of (conventional) attractiveness to draw from anyways. It just seems a little regressive and boxed in.

No. 470633

not op but are you guys literally blind? they all look pained (artist seems like a sadist tbh), the faces don't match in terms of scale or design, and the rendering is GODAWFUL.

No. 470642

File: 1570560809368.jpg (166.45 KB, 640x454, b95ebfac5a7d5ef48aba8b89072de9…)

But that's not "anime". Same faces in anime allows ease of animating, this is just an illustration image, not mentioning those legs lol. Anime like KLK which has a hUge cast manages to not be same facey, no one else has an excuse tbh. Most productions are just cheaply produced which makes anime has the sameness that people complain about.

No. 470653

Shoujo and Moe tend to be pretty same facey in general. Old people look like teenagers and animals have comically stupid human faces because they can't/won't draw more than one face. It doesn't make it bad, it can be a good story or have amazing rendering ect but that doesn't change the fact that the faces do not vary. Having different faces isn't a requirement but some people don't like it which is just their opinion. If yours is different then congrats but you can't say they don't have the same face. Look at the fucking goat ffs.

No. 470657

I have a friend who made a similar post to the one seen above (like, stop saying “mood” to my vent art). She literally characterized her “anxiety” and “depression “ and made them into quirky characters for her comic. Also draws self portraits with self harm on the arms but I’ve seen this bitch in many a t-shirt and she doesn’t even have faint scars.

No. 470672

File: 1570566624377.png (2.86 MB, 1624x750, 99DF8B6F-B5F5-42D7-8D91-84044C…)

That’s interesting considering what her art looks like.

No. 470681

Why do people think the video is about Kattvalk their art is nothing alike? What is the basis for the theory it's her I'm not saying it's not I'm just curious

No. 470693

anime is used to refer to the art style too but go off.
>Same faces in anime allows ease of animating
literally not why they do it.

No. 470700

>literally not why they do it.

autists can't read facial expressions unless they are extremely blatant and simple to read , hence the bug eyed people and minimalistic features. Anything that looks realistic or more nuanced will confuse and scare an autist.

No. 470702

nice pseudo science, prosopagnosia doesn't work that way. Sameface syndrome is just rooted in symbol drawing and lack of effort.

No. 470703

You can't just drop truth bombs like that, anon

No. 470707

Is it going to be good or bad?

No. 470708

Didn't they come up in the last thread as a pedophile porn artist or some shit

No. 470714

That is definitely why they do it jfc. If you alone have to draw 20 pages of a comic once a week/month starting in your early twenties simplicity and speed are key. Same concept for low budget animation studios. Anime isn’t the only genre with a prevalence of same face characters it just comes down to sacrificing in one area to focus on another.

No. 470716

they were, here's a thread about it, I've seen going around.


No. 470720

The actual fuck are you talking about. The big eyes in anime aesthetic came from Junichi Nakahara from the mid 1900's and the aesthetic of girls being quiet (hence the small mouths and other features) but having a very lively inner life and thoughts (again, hence the big, expressive eyes). The style caught on, became a staple of the anime style and that's where it came from.

Also are these people constantly bitching about le anime sameface meme like it was fresh stuff fucking 17 years old and just struggling to get out of their weeb phase? Character designs aren't limited to everyone having the same face shape and eyes, in something like >>470495 I can still tell the characters apart due to different expressions and body language alone. Taking "sameface syndrome" as a literal thing is actual high school level artfag 101 fart sucking, it should be used to refer to ALL the characters being the same cookie cutter blandness with no variation or distinguishable traits to them. Like almost any character Glen Keane draws looks identical, not only because the face is the same goddamn face he's been drawing since the 80's, it's also because they're the same sort of quirky, naive, sort of awkward borderline MPDG disney princess archetype with the same personality and expressions.

No. 470723

>what are american cartoons

No. 470724

>respects Shoe0nhead and Blaire White
>hired a pedo
>design thief

WHEW. Artist fucking discarded lmao.
The child porn and bestiality are really bad too.
I had no clue this Vivzie person was a disgusting pickme.
Man that sucks, I really enjoyed the shorts of that series too.

No. 470726

thank you. i feel like complaining about sameface is the same as complaining that a musical artist's songs all "sound the same".

No. 470729

Doesn't make it any less uninteresting and boring, though.


The best musical artists tend to not have songs that sound the same and it's different from what many anime influenced artists do.

No. 470732

I believe this this is why autists are attracted to anime and weeb culture like flies to shit

No. 470735

It's so fucking edgy. Why are people hyped for this?

No. 470737

Spoken like a true sameface artfag

No. 470738

If that’s your goal sure but you’re not exactly a good artist if you can only draw one face no matter the expressions you add. You can be triggered all you want but it shows a lack of skill.

No. 470741

Wow I had no idea animation studios in America had huge budgets and lots of time to get their work done you’ve really opened my eyes

No. 470742

No, it's because shitty anime and weeb culture normalise some usually unacceptable/unrealistic behaviours (being violent for fun, constantly sexualising women, being a useless male yet somehow getting a harem of cute girls, etc) which makes unsocialised male autists feel accepted and validated. "Nerd culture" in general attracts them because it allows them to be condescending (which is a trait most autists have, especially when they're teens) about meaningless shit and have their lack of self-awareness be celebrated.

No. 470745

I mean sure but girls are weebs too anon. There’s plenty of autism to go around.

No. 470761

>every anime is ecchi isekai
>implying these tropes aren’t rampant in western escapism

No. 470762

Calm down weeb no on here is saying all anime is evil and terrible jfc. There are good and bad artist/story tellers in every country and we're all the same species. There, are you suitably coddled

No. 470764

>anons autism prevents her from understanding that the post was a joke

Anon, pls.

No. 470780

Apparently she apologized for the stuff she did but it’s still yucky. Hazbin Hotel looks interesting to me to I will still watch it

No. 470792

Make better jokes.

No. 470793

File: 1570591063079.png (1.42 MB, 1276x1440, doesthiscountasmilk.png)

did anyone else see this? apparently this one artist thinks another stole her idea. tweets linked below.

ghadaax's tweets vaguing vickisigh:


ghadaaax's wip:


vicki's art:


No. 470795

Oh no. It appears that I too have copied that artist years ago with a similar drawing. /s
They need to get over themselves. The idea of having a character or figure looking into a mirror really isn’t that original.

No. 470796

Oh no, someone drew a girl putting makeup on in a mirror, the fucking horror, burn the witch.
These artists need to calm the fuck down about what they think is 'truly original works of art' and realize that half the shit they make is anything anyone could come up with. When it's something more complicated than literally what mirrors are made for, then they can start to complain.

No. 470797

File: 1570592479388.jpeg (32.94 KB, 449x684, 78A94E65-E1AB-4860-B9A7-AFAF9A…)

Woah, a woman’s reflection in a vanity. How original. Definitely stolen!!

No. 470801

that dude can draw

No. 470818

Sometimes I want huge ego artists like this to stfu and stop being narcissists.

If you're gonna call out an artist call them out, but nah they love using manipulative language like: "HmmmhHmmmm i think a BIGGER artist did something similar insert shrug emoji" they're just full of shit and trying to make themselves look good

No. 470821

File: 1570606019302.jpg (316.66 KB, 1080x1079, 120774387a140fa1374a48029ad1e2…)

What the fuck lmao, the lengths these bitches are going with their reaches. They're not even remotely similar, this is just unnecessarily catty and egoistical. Ghadaax's art seems to have the same extremely generic subject matter and composition in almost every drawing, it's almost impossible to find someone doing something similar.

No. 470826

I love it how people try to call out artists for this kind of nonsense yet when it comes to popular artist who manipulate and scam people such as Cyome, no one bats an eye.

No. 470835

File: 1570618314765.jpg (344.45 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191009-114748_Twi…)

Wow, literally all I said was that a girl sitting at a vanity was far from an original concept and she blocked me. What a special snowflake.

No. 470836

Damn, what a baby. Bet you aren’t the only one, she seems to be in the business of echo chambers.

No. 470842

File: 1570621310377.png (161.39 KB, 750x389, image0.png)

i also got blocked instantly lol

No. 470850

Delete this, its so easy to find out who you guys are by reading the tweets under the artists post. You dont want any of your social media tied to lolcow.

No. 470854

Don't worry, my Twitter makes no indication of who I am. I basically only use it to tell people I think they're being dumb and I don't even have it active most of of the time anyway.

No. 470867

Is Ghada 13? That concept is beyond unoriginal (it's cool, but it's in no way an original composition or idea, I did one of these in Drawlloween 2015 so I guess she must have copied ME)

No. 470937

Around the 9 min mark TD basically says because taking commissions isn't a 'normal job' taking a long time (after someone has already paid an artist) is okay and people need to be more understanding. Okay lol. Rich coming from someone who has no other fucking job?? Fucking christ. I feel like this is just damage control for Holly Brown not doing her commissions while she draws random bullshit for her OCs after people have already paid her.

No. 470940

"I see people complaining when people take more than a week for a commission…maybe the artist has a life?" Wtf TD you have no excuse your only job is DA commissions and YT if they already paid you draw their stupid furry OC in a day or two and stop fucking bitching. "Maybe they're busy" maybe they shouldnt take commissions then ffs it's a job.

No. 470942

What I got was that the whole video was basically TD’s view on the Madam drama.
Also, idk why TD always complains about how she life sucks, “ oh but she understands how privileged she is!”
Saying is different from actually understanding,
She puts her problems foreword, with or without realizing for pity points; she says her computer sucks and is dying, why can’t she get a new one? Oh wait, she bought an iPad for drawing, so there’s one of the fix, she’s not loosing money, why? Because she’s still able to work.
She used the computer as one of her points as to why is may not be able to produce stuff to her commissioners, yet here she is on the side, posting doodles on her ipad

No. 470948


she always sounds WINDED like she ran a marathon. Keeps catching her breath like she can't breath. It's really jarring.

No. 470949

Madame didn't pay any money though so taking more than a week is understandable. Artists who already have the money in their bank accounts need to prioritize commissions over their personal pet projects or not take them at all

No. 470950

I reeeeeallly can't stand that fucking pausing for effect thing she does after every opinion. It's so fucking annoying

No. 470952

File: 1570653288868.png (256.28 KB, 1914x915, IMG_0893.PNG)

I'm quaking in my boots

No. 470959

I love /ic/, god bless this helpful trainwreck of a board.

No. 470964

I have a theory as to why she does this- Hear me out, it may sound crazy, but I don’t think she runs enough, and that is her problem. Like maybe if she ran more, she could breathe a little easier. Maybe a good run ro release some of the pressure and weight off her shoulders… Just a thought.

No. 470967

While I've waited several months for commissions in the past, they were from very good artists who had lengthy queues who also worked full-time jobs. If youre a slug who KNOWS you can get your work done in a day or 2 then it's just laziness at that point, we know TD does jack shit except sitting in her room breathing heavily.

No. 470969

File: 1570657247289.png (383.7 KB, 1500x1980, 1570640280931.png)

Ceroblitz posted a manifesto and a bunch of people are scared they're going to off themselves

No. 470970

Random quotes
>I feel like I've failed in life because I have never been able to hang with anyone in person throughout my entire life to feel close enough to talk about anything personal, which extends to my family who never really tries to understand me. (I’m sure im not alone in that) I don’t know what having a “best friend” feels like at this point in life and all I can do I envy people who can find happiness with friends or partners. I always get sad when I reflect on my position, which doesn’t get me closer to what I want. When I see that someone has a group of friends they have already done so much with, traveled, hung out with consistently, shared new experiences I just…. break down inside because I have never experienced that, and feel like I will never get to experience that feeling.
>And yet for some reason, When in the presence of others, I feel the need to show what I’ve achieved socially to show that “I’m fine”. I talk about my successes and never my struggles, some sort of thing to make me feel that I don’t actually have it so bad, but also not to bring down the mood. Gotta consume media to keep up and talk about things! The funny thing is I can’t even fully enjoy any stories in games/shows anymore because ALL of them reflect on people having active social lives that give their lives meaning. The only thing I can even imagine making now a days is something to show this… overwhelming loneliness– to be quickly lost and forgotten in the recesses of the internet.

No. 470972

That's…pretty sad. Hope they get help.

No. 471016

lol sorry my friend, you're not a special snowflake. literally everyone feels like that because there's a "loneliness epidemic" since people are addicted to instant gratification. i don't feel sorry for this person at all

No. 471019

At least they have their 17k followers to lean on during such troubling times.

As much as I’d like to feel bad for them, literally every artist I know feels the same or has it worse than they do… and they don’t have even a fraction of the support this person is receiving on social media.

No. 471024

Lol you must be a joy to be around. Like, I'm genuinely jealous of the people in your life that def enjoy your company

No. 471034

Yeah, I kind of agree. Like feeling depressed is shit, and suicide is no fun if you survive the attempt, but the last thing I want is people to feel sorry for me. The entire thing feels so attention-seeking and full of self-solvable problems. Suicide-signaling for internet clout is wayyy to common, so yeah. Zero sympathy.

No. 471054

I feel this way too. I haven't had friends since i was 13 and i am now 23.

No. 471096


It just sound like the usual woe mes from a teenager who is ~not like other girls~ . Just a call for attention and brownie points. And i smell self posting in here.

If there is no one there and you are so lonely there is no reason to even write anything. You just want the people who already know you and you know are there to read your emo charade to feel so bad and to kiss your ass a little, maybe gauge who gives a shit. Typical narc.

No. 471104

File: 1570705086144.png (477.72 KB, 839x447, HazbinHotel.png)


The character designs are 2007 Tumblr as hell and the animaton is too jerky for my liking. Also this artist seems to have never heard of compositon and contrast because she scatters the characters all over the screen and everything is pink and red so I have absolutely no idea where to look. I like the idea of the series but it's probably going to hurt my eyes too much for me to be able to watch

No. 471108


Looks really fun, the jealous bitches who tried to cancel her accusing her of wrong-think must be seething, which is a plus, so i am hoping it becomes very successful so the fatties can reee some more.

No. 471124

Not sure about the Shoe0nhead or pedo hiring stuff, but the bestiality and theft was from so long ago it isn't really relevant. She has a generally awful attitude though and goes after people who criticise her.

No. 471173

What An Eyesore.

No. 471222

Lol is this Spechie

No. 471228

What do fat people have to with a pedo

No. 471231

Looks like an edgy Sleepykinq knockoff. And the animation itself is nonsensical and headache inducing.

No. 471243

File: 1570724592053.png (493.92 KB, 720x676, D6Uu4iLU0AE0F9a.png)

The pedo thing was a couple in her comic were an adult woman and a 12 year old teacher student. After backlash she changed his age to 17 and pretended it never happened lol

No. 471284

WTF is his hair doing?

Her designs are so random and abrupt.