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File: 1572009090358.png (1.61 MB, 720x2127, 1568847680634.png)

No. 476842

Discuss art and artists

- If you have beginner questions, want to know what art books to start with, or generally need to know how to begin with art, use these links

The fastest way to impove:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. Figure Drawing by Anthony Rider
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon

Previous thread >>461062

No. 476922

I would add to that list Anatomy for sculptors and anatomy of facial expression by Uldis Zarin

No. 477012

File: 1572035037149.jpg (266.28 KB, 1080x1362, IMG_20191025_222229.jpg)

How the fuck can you regress this bad.

No. 477024

File: 1572036153948.jpg (686.64 KB, 1078x1530, Screenshot_20191025-134201_You…)

I know he was talked about in the last thread. so for the Anon who liked his work, seems like he is making it public again.

No. 477025


probably not drawing regularly. Drawing is like working out, gotta do it consistently to maintain your skill.

No. 477028

Just me and my almond boat swimming cross a mario pipe to get to the grey nerd candy stick

No. 477038

File: 1572037101170.jpg (32.61 KB, 328x277, 2580349-1760582079-WW-Li.jpg)

>ayy see cute merch
>check out the artist's twitter, maybe i'll find more cute things to add to my cart
>obnoxious as fuck shitty twitter artist personality
>holy shit nevermind
>remove all from cart
goddammit every time

No. 477047

Glad salt and discussion merged, thnx whoever put the resources together.
Who is it? This is why I like to follow the twitter handles of people whose language I don't speak, that way I don't know if they have shitty personalities or not.

No. 477114

File: 1572049902859.jpeg (414.73 KB, 800x819, 531998A4-54F2-4D47-AE22-393626…)

Speaking of regression. Is there a thread for that? I saw that same post on my instagram too.

This one artist makes me wanna cry. They barely draw noses nowadays. These are 1yr differences

No. 477127

It’s not exactly regression if it’s just neon anime trash to begin with

No. 477131

File: 1572052539632.png (195.9 KB, 655x581, yiiiikes.PNG)

How about dollie guts? While not devolution its more stagnation. These 2 are 10 years apart

No. 477173

Which one came first ?

No. 477253

I doubt very much a pretty girl artist that spends 90% of her time drawing the same front facing same face pretty girl regressed at all she just can't draw more than one angle of the face.

No. 477325

No. 477327

File: 1572093398745.jpeg (291.45 KB, 1746x1196, E9F55FF9-3E5A-4445-8618-045883…)


Saggy diaper hips hoo boy

No. 477339

How consistently?

No. 477342

File: 1572098596256.jpeg (859.58 KB, 2048x2048, D6EB3212-99FD-433C-9667-7C861C…)

If we're talking about regression Lazlovillage went thru some weird phase in the past 2 years where everything became really blobby and abstract and looks like they don't put time/effort in anymore. All their characters are naked blobby stickmen now.

Left pic is 2017, right pic is recent

No. 477344

that drawing on the left is really cool
I wouldn't necessarily call changing styles regression though

No. 477345

I don't know shit about tearzah/dollieguts but I found some of the stuff this chick says to be stupid

>she takes pictures of her self harm scars and romanticises self harm.I wouldn't want to show MY self harm scars

Why the hell is this grown-ass adult woman not allowed to take pictures of her own body.Just because you wouldn't want to show your scars?

That's not even mentioning your hypocrisy since you drew a chick decapitating herself

Staged for sperging

No. 477348

Here's the drawing she made of a chick decapitating herself

No. 477350

File: 1572099331688.png (160.3 KB, 984x1155, IMG_1329.PNG)

I fucked up.Here's the drawing

No. 477362

glad I’m not the only one who thought the same of Lazlovillage. Their work was great and now I’ve got to strain real hard to figure out what the hell they’ve even painted. Lazlo is yet another artist that got an insane following and let it go to their head.

No. 477372

File: 1572102806470.jpeg (825.65 KB, 2048x2048, 2AA42F2B-9E61-40AE-A0EB-250DCE…)

Pretty sure this was already in a prev artist salt thread but sarlis is another one that regressed like hell.

Her stuff used to be dope and now it all looks just downright awful like she just shit it out blindfolded.

No. 477389

What the fuck is even going on in the right image? Is it just a silhouette? The Splatoon art is really awesome though.

No. 477397

File: 1572108962777.jpeg (319.76 KB, 1200x1672, 80B2F401-ADC0-4220-A968-A1CE6C…)

Because anon, no one wants to see nasty ass cuts-
I looked on the person’s account and all I can say is…… it's interesting…. anatomically-wise, and anon, the pic that you showed, it’s tagged for gore, so underaged or those triggered by it can’t see it. So I smell some vendetta posting

No. 477401


Is that cameltoe I see?

No. 477407

>Who is it? This is why I like to follow the twitter handles of people whose language I don't speak, that way I don't know if they have shitty personalities or not.
Too many artists recently. Wish more japanese/korean artists would enter the social media merch artist game and knock all these retards out. Let me buy washi tape and pins in peace without supporting some dumbass.

No. 477427

Often enough that it becomes a habit. That could be different per person but I would say 30 minutes a day with at most, a day off should be the minimum.

No. 477450

am I the only one who really likes this? it's so different. not specifically that bottom drawing posted here but I took a peek at her instagram and I really like most of it. I only don't like that texture, like on the yellow coatthingy, it reminds me of the airbrush tool in MSpaint lol

No. 477452

Reminds me of this animation style. Personally I like it for what it is, not sure why people are obsessed with constant Magnum opus output

No. 477476

Anon, I think there's a big difference between someone posting gore art that isn't real and someone literally taking pictures of them mutilating themselves with blood and everything, lmao. Calm down, maybe check your priorities a little?

No. 477481

I should probably worded myself better.In the video,she makes the claim that she is a bad person because she makes art that romanticises self harm,however,the person making the claim has made art that ,arguably,makes art that romanticises self harm

No. 477494

I have ZERO idea what I'm looking at in the right pic

No. 477527

File: 1572137872670.jpeg (461.15 KB, 1242x1184, 4C2433CF-C410-450C-ACCF-19F4ED…)

>make videos based on art at beginning of channel
>proceed to make lame drama videos so he can get quick YouTube revenue
>surprised when people wonder why he’s no longer doing art videos
Wow it’s almost as if you went downhill in less than a year

No. 477528

File: 1572138092277.jpeg (1.51 MB, 4096x3072, 726FD789-5B14-44EA-95D5-A4A227…)

pimikyuu on instagram. These characters are totally rip offs, especially the one on top, she even gave him the same name. She used to be super milky but has deleted her accounts and started over so many times, the worst thing I can think of was she once used the n word on one of her posts and got a ton of hate for it. Used to be friends with Holly Brown, hasn’t done anything milky in a while but her and her friends are cringy and gross.

No. 477532

D’angelo honestly doesn’t have the skill to back up how arrogant he comes off as. He isn’t fading into obscurity fast enough.

No. 477537

Nope. I think it's adorable. Sometimes artists explore simplicity. This isn't regression, and I actually see the progress of her use of line and space here. Both styles look good.

No. 477568

File: 1572149016820.jpeg (24.17 KB, 648x473, 09243C31-057B-4F3F-858E-7ECB30…)

It takes a lot of knowledge and technical skill to be able to clearly define a figure in so few lines. I feel like many art anons would benefit from learning about art history, things don’t have to be explicitly figurative nor detailed for it to be good art, which seems to be a common theme of people ITT shitting on the works of others

No. 477581

Don't worry anon these threads are full of weebs. You should see some of the critique in the cow redraw thread. People always prefer the stylized anime shit on here. Im assuming because many anons are teens and ya.

No. 477582

I guess I can see your point, anon, but there's still somewhat of a difference between what Tearzah draws/used to draw and what the image you posted is. Idk if Vampiricdoll has any other artwork with gore in it, so if I'm wrong ignore me, but what you posted is just that, gore. A character being cut or beheaded or whatever, without any context saying if they did it to themselves, and without any backstory saying the piece was about depression/vent art, isn't glorifying self harm or romanticizing it. At most, it's a shock piece, which is silly, but not romanticizing anything.
On the other hand, Tearzah is known to draw characters with very obviously self harm-related scars/wounds, OCs representing her and her boyfriend pulling each others guts out (imo with a suicide implication), and she directly references depression/mental health/suicide in their themes/characters with little depth, using it as an "UwU I'm so edgy and cool" crutch.
There's a big difference between the two. Saying they're the same is like saying slasher movies are glorifying homicide.

No. 477583

it's literally the opposite, you idiot lol.

No. 477595

Except it's not? The animation that anon posted above in a very similar style shows that. It works and it works well.

No. 477598

What is supposedly the opposite? My example image? The fact that it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to be able to portray something with minimal detail?

No. 477600

I hope this is sarcasm.

No. 477601

I honestly don't see the problem. Sure, the characters are similar but they're in no way rip offs. You could make an argument that the guy on top resembles 75% of all anime protagonist and of course little girls have pigtails. You're really reaching.

No. 477616

File: 1572161114646.jpeg (97.92 KB, 917x603, D9F80848-944D-4B19-9695-3836CA…)

Nope, wasn’t being sarcastic in the slightest. Minimal line work to convey lots of information isn’t regression, and is something that has been seen throughout many art movements

No. 477629

I was watching some doll customizing videos and a lot of them started adding a disclaimer at the beginning stating that the channel is not for children because children's channels are now not able to be monetized.

But then the actual video starts and they're playing pretend with the dolls and making stop motion intros which I feel like is something children enjoy watching more than the adults.

No. 477633

This was touched on a bit in the previous thread but in my experience fanart sells better than original works, especially in con settings. We all aren't so skilled or fortunate to be able to sell our own stuff.

No. 477635

I think one of the huge reasons fanart sells so well is because the characters have a well established story and character development so people hugely empathise with them, it’s that extra incentive that makes people more willing to part with their money

No. 477654

File: 1572173691380.jpg (694.95 KB, 1024x683, Bestias11.jpg)

piggy-backing off of this, but one of my fave eras of art to study is literally cave drawings. simplistic lines conveyed so much of these people's day-to-day lives, and although it isnt used for such an action now-a-days, you can learn a lot about expression in your art by looking at literally the first humans to ever make it. simple art styles aren't inherently bad, it is all in the execution.

No. 477665

ITT: Anons still thirsty for their Art History TA's.

No. 477692

File: 1572185236119.jpeg (606.75 KB, 640x908, C2F073F7-94BB-406C-B1D6-3A468A…)

I'm mutuals with Ocean in Space and her private twitter has some pretty milky stuff. She acts so kawaii and uwu but is actually a huge clout-chaser and is bitter at any artist that does better than her.

No. 477693

File: 1572185290722.jpeg (152.12 KB, 640x825, B07E135D-3D04-4BC0-8701-E2A662…)

No. 477694

File: 1572185375608.jpeg (80.15 KB, 640x391, 31B21C18-C628-4EE4-8AC8-E78B75…)

No. 477695

File: 1572185432268.jpeg (67.34 KB, 639x330, 338D3E8B-62F9-4125-BAB1-0FFE5E…)

No. 477696

File: 1572185540337.jpeg (120.96 KB, 640x656, 03B627D7-7F0D-49F7-8A77-A33E25…)

Here she is being bitter that she was told she did something offensive towards someone's culture. I vividly remember on her instagram she posted a story along the lines of "sorry! I want to respect everyone thank you for letting me know uwu" then turned around to tweet this on her private kek

No. 477697

If a foreigner doing something that is completely a-okay in their own culture triggers you so much that you need to unfollow, then so be it lol

No. 477698

I don't know who she is so maybe I'm missing something, but how is this milky? She acknowledges she's being jealous, and this is exactly the same stuff anons say in this thread. It makes sense to me that her private twitter would be where she can vent about this sort of petty negative stuff, and she'd keep her public instagram more positive.

No. 477705

nothing worth talking about. Maybe the fact she just draws same-y cutesy anime art and yet still shits on having “few” followers… she’s almost at 30k on instagram. Def clout chaser tho I will say that.

No. 477716

From what I've seen Oceaninspace has already reached her career peak as an artist. That was when her shirts were popular in the western jfashion scene. Her art style is old school generic anime, it no longer aligns with the modern generic anime that japanese "anime" artists produce today. it's cute, safe, and boring.

No. 477767

"offensive to someone's culture" lol please. They're chopsticks, she's not exactly burning someone's flag or holy book or something. If someone told me this I'd be laughing too.

Not everything that doesn't exactly follow the rules X thing orginated from is offending said culture.

No. 477798

Stupid question, what's a good sketchbook for mixed media (copics and gel pens mostly) that also has a lot of pages?

No. 477801

It's like offensive to the dead im pretty sure.

No. 477803

it's really not, it's just considered bad luck because it looks like memorial incense.

it pisses me off that asian americans especially love to parrot what is stupid superstitions that old people have.

No. 477804

File: 1572202963537.jpg (592.9 KB, 1000x647, d65pd4t-ab4f3741-b7ca-4531-ad2…)

I really do miss her old art. Yes the anatomy was terrible, but it was shit then and it's still shit now.

No. 477823

That's Japan not China.

No. 477831

File: 1572207389958.jpeg (601.31 KB, 750x744, CCE9E99C-50DA-48BC-9D39-2DF723…)

whoa that’s from her??? I would’ve never guessed. Yeah anatomy is shit but at least it had some composition of some sort unlike what she does now which is… this. like other anon said she’s reached peak and the attitude shown on her private leaves much to be desired

No. 477833


Yeah. no idea how any of this stuff is milky, esp when it comes from a private twitter. it's not like she's badmouthing people. hell half the anons here are bitter and salty over some shit, i think artists are allowed to be salty and bitter in effectively private.

No. 477847

What I wouldn't give to know who half the bitter bitches on these threads are lmao

No. 477851

now that would be some milk lol

No. 477865

I think you reposting someone’s private Twitter is infinitely shittier than anything she’s actually saying here. Christ, you’re a huge asshole.

No. 477873

This. Everyone lets their guard down in private and in a company they can trust. Anon's being the worst kind of two-faced malicious bitch herself for posting caps from a locked account to an imageboard, especially because it's not milky at all and instead her just complaining about general stuff everyone whines about. Omocat and Uchuu summer are public brands at this point, talking "shit" about them isn't really comparable to targeting someone personally. She's not being unreasonably mean with her tweets either.

I swear some people in this thread would probably have a thread themselves over here or already do. Anons whose only tea is that some generic weeb artist nobody ever heard of got more followers than they did and they want to validate their vendetta with stale garbage like this need to get other hobbies.

No. 477879

I feel like a lot of current social media promotes stagnation. You gain attention by following trends and sticking strictly to one particular style, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for improvement because the experiments necessary for growth make you inconsistent and you’re punished for not posting as frequently if you spend your time improving in private.

No. 477899

Why are non-artists allowed to be bitchy on their private accounts but artists arent? "leaves much to be desired" Well she isn't some kind of disney role model, she's just a weeb artist like all of us.

No. 477911

Honestly feeling bad for her that she has someone like this with access to her private tweets… jesus re-evaluate yourself.

No. 477943

Lol speak for yourself weeb. But I do agree, it's not actually milk just a weeb being bitchy to her own bitchy friends in private which is whatever.

No. 477954

>in a thread about weeb artists
>looking for drama about weeb artists
You're no better than them, anon.

No. 477960

I’d argue that the anon you replied to is tons better than the anon that fucking leaked someone’s locked tweets, actually.

No. 477963

? You realize I was talking about the weeb artists, not that ugly leaker anon, right?

No. 477964

How…is this a thread about weeb artists. It's about YouTube artists wtf are you on about

No. 477973

Man one one hand I feel her, being stagnant as an artist sucks, but also you just can't expect to get anywhere drawing the same 2D things over and over.

No. 477998

it's the same.

No. 478021

i kinda love things like on the right
it's more there to express and emotion than to look pretty, and it appeals to some weird part of my brain
not everyones cup of tea but it's a cool piece

No. 478094

Why is it anytime someone “gets” an abstract piece they feel the need to share that with the world like it’s some big accomplishment? The color red made you feel energized? Congrats, you are not a machine.

No. 478102

NTA but simmer down retard, you’re in an art thread, of course people are going to express either their like or dislike of pieces posted. Fuck me, the dumbass things some of you get riled up over

No. 478114

File: 1572270787858.jpeg (162.5 KB, 1619x883, DF3575D1-214E-467B-834D-7A8BF5…)

Sick of seeing this "ADHD Alien" on my timeline. She makes "relatable" comics about her ADHD but they usually just amount to "pwease don't be mean to me i have ADHD… i'm stupid…". She even draws herself as an alien which ironically just seems like she wants people to alienate her and ADHD people more.

I personally have ADHD and I feel like her comics have every ADHD person pegged as either a dumbass or a some genius savant. And as if non-ADHD people could ~never understand~ bingeplaying a game or not feeling motivated to do work.

No. 478116

The name changed from Youtube artist salt to general artist salt like forever threads ago so stfu. Also weeb artists can be just as milky if not milkier than youtube artists

No. 478138

> I cannot focus on work and assigments
> but I can focus on videogames and anime whole day

Yeah, we all have that, it's called being a lazy piece of shit. That's not a real medical condition.

No. 478149

Her comics come off as so self entitled and snowflakey, of course lazy kids on instagram love feeling validated by her content. It's sad that these pictures will represent adhd to many people now because of how popular they are. I've never looked at her stuff before but she's notable enough that my doctor recommended her work recently to me in relation to adhd.
At least some people in the comments aren't completely kissing her ass, so her fan base hasn't grown too toxic yet.

No matter what some person puts in a webcomic, Adhd is a real condition.

No. 478154

Unfortunately so many real conditions get overused and abused by snowflakes to the point where they aren't taken seriously at all, I miss the days when people strived to be confident social happy extroverts but now everyone wants something to be wrong with them

No. 478157

File: 1572283391881.png (816.53 KB, 1324x593, ADHD.PNG)

I feel weird because the only ADHD dude I know wore a fedora unironicly in 2018

No. 478159

File: 1572284017494.png (932.26 KB, 1266x607, ahdhhh.PNG)

Samefagging. I don't know much about ADHD, but shees I thought it was the "I can't pay attention class" disease not the "I'm psychically incapable of living"

No. 478160

Guro artist are always the most annoying "uwu im soft don't pick on me" people I've ever seen. Especially when they get called out on their bullshit. I used to follow cuteosphere but she would always say that her gore art was to deal with trauma and we shouldn't call her out for drawing sexualized disembowlment.

No. 478161

So anyone watched Hazbin Hotel already? I kinda like the story but mu god it's so fucking edgy and it reminds me of the garbage that is Sausage Party, as in how hard they try to be for adults that it's offputting.

No. 478162

Same anon but also that Angel Dust is the most shameless r34 fodder to exist, I bet the creator already has a whole map of gay porn of him on her computer

No. 478163

sorry for being a dumbass but why is the anatomy so bad in that picture? i'm a beginner so i might be blind to mistakes but i can't really see what's wrong

No. 478167

Anon, ranting on your private Twitter without tagging anyone is completely harmless and you're shitty for reposting it. Your post is saltier than anything on those screenshots.

This. You basically have to prioritize quantity if you want to keep growing your account, or sacrifice clout if you want to improve your art, unless you're really lucky.

No. 478169


Like all mental disorders it comes in a range of severity. It looks like hers is pretty bad, she mentions it almost getting her fired at some point? Some people have milder forms and something simple like a bullet journal keeps them organized, some people have really severe forms and literally can't live independently without medication.

Ranges of severity are not really acknowledged well even within disability communities, it's why you see huge disagreements between people with mild and severe forms of autism, about whether cures should be researched. The milder people are like 'it's a harmless difference we just need to be understood', the severely affected people are like 'this has completely precluded a normal adult life for me I'd love a cure actually'.

No. 478170

ADHD can be life-alteringly severe, it's not just "I can't pay attention in class". I don't really get the analogy with the stove, but eh.

No. 478174

What do you all think of the pilot?

No. 478175

The composition and colors where so off in some scences it was hard to really see what was going on. Also the animation was so fast it gave me headach, and blatantly inconsistent.

The plot is okay, I like that Charly and Vaggie are a couple, but the rest was … kinda meh? Pacing was also way too fast.

Will there be more episodes? Or is this some kind of pitch for a network?

No. 478182

File: 1572290299145.jpg (284.59 KB, 2289x1526, PicsArt_10-28-09.17.00.jpg)

It's literally so inconsistent and sometimes the lineart looks rushed…
Look how off-model this is, and they were seconds apart from each other!

No. 478183

how's that any different from someone telling why they liked a very readable piece? It's art, art invokes reaction, chill.

No. 478189


the character color scheme Is BAD and makes everything bleed into everything

No. 478192

Oh my god I was just tweeting about it. It's giving me a headache you can't tell silhouettes apart.

No. 478195

nta but i don't think it's about simple being bad, but people see shapes and faces and figures in everything. clouds, folds in cloth, patterns. it's not more difficult to convey.

No. 478198

oof, that's WAY off. Did they use an established animation studio for this or did they use just bring together a bunch of recently graduated animation students?

No. 478200


Have storyboard-lead shows like Steven Universe just made all the animation grads think character models are for losers? Not everyone cares I guess but I find it really distracting when the shapes don't stay consistent.

No. 478209

I think it's patreon or kickstarter project. I checked some names in credits and they're either nobodies, some animation BA and animation students. Some are from Mexico. One animator worked on Villainous. It's a bit similar design/edginess-vise.

No. 478228

The quality of art and animation is so inconsistent. Sometimes it's really choppy/low fps, sometimes it's really fluid and nice. I think its aesthetic is overall pleasing and I like some of the designs but it still feels pretty amateur in places.

No. 478231

The character designs/voice work are so Cartoon Network, it would be better if they just scrapped the open swearing and sex jokes. There's nothing really edgy in the actual plot so why directly include crap that's going to make it unsuitable for children? The tone would be more consistent if they hid it like they had a censorship board to sneak past IMO.

I think it's got potential though, I like maybe half of it.

No. 478236

I agree, the swearing and sex jokes is really jarring because of the voicework in particular. I wonder where they are hoping to go with this? Do they want to get on a network or streaming service or are they happy just to be paid through fans?

No. 478242

I like the radio demon but his creepiness is totally negated by his design.

No. 478244

I actually kind of like the writing/general premise for a pilot. The inconsistent animation is frustrating but kind of understandable, but I don't know if I could watch it as a full show. I never really liked Vivziepop's style in the first place so the silhouettes/colors aren't surprising to me.

No. 478262

Agreed, the radio demon is such a cool and interesting concept, but his design's like… weird cat guy with radio mic? Like honestly, missed opportunity in designing a character here.

The colours are an awful, awful eye strain, and half the thing felt like Viv's characters just hanging out. The story itself is really hard to follow and seems to just flip flop between scenes. Also sometimes there were shots that were on screen for less than a second, which is no time at all, and just added to the headache.

Also in general the character designs are kind of naff. They're really samey and honestly it's very hard to tell the characters apart. Their silhouettes are all pretty much identical, except from the guy voiced by stamper, but that's it. Honestly hope this doesn't go anywhere it was a clusterfuck for the eyes.

No. 478274

The radio demon looks like a color swapped version of Charlie’s father from that one pic they show. It makes me wonder if that’s just samey design or a plot point

No. 478276

wait people like vivziepop again? Even after all the shit she’s pulled? lol ok.

No. 478281

can you give a gist of what things she's done? never heard of her besides someone saying she's transphobic.

No. 478283

Didn't we literally just do this in the last thread or am I just mixing up artists? They are a weirdo pedo that made a couple in their comic a grown woman and a 12 year old boy?

No. 478285

Not to white knight but pretty much all the anons here know jack shit about art themselves. Don't take any of the art critique here to seriously, it is, in /ic/ terminology, crabbing

No. 478293

File: 1572313031572.png (493.92 KB, 720x676, 1570724592053.png)

from last thead (sorry i don'r know how to link post so i'm goin got copypast)

>respects Shoe0nhead and Blaire White

>hired a pedo
>design thief

>The pedo thing was a couple in her comic were an adult woman and a 12 year old teacher student. After backlash she changed his age to 17 and pretended it never happened lol

pic relate is the kid she latr change the ag to 17 even tho the desing is still the same and the teache is still a creep to him i will try and get more info on her

No. 478298

wasnt there also a male teacher - female student couple in her comic? i might be mixing up shit, i only recently heard of this bullshit and besides the fanart for shitty youtubers and tracing thing i havent found any straight proof.

No. 478302

anon i got someting is from twitter wint some pic hope it helps !


No. 478303

File: 1572314824918.png (293.06 KB, 720x708, D6UureaV4AA-Px6.png)

>>478298 i got it you were corret

No. 478313

>>478293 just so you know rae respects blaire white and shoeonhead too. she follows them and comments on a bunch of blaires videos and insta posts. i dont necessarily think that makes someone a bad person though just because they follow someone thats got a different opinion.

No. 478315

i personaly don't like them but i will not hate vivziepop for only that, is what the other anon say in the last tread

No. 478331

Vivziepop is shit but the pedo stuff she drew was when she was like 16. It's milky but reaching.

That being said I always thought her art was ugly and her animations were jittery. Her character designs look like an edgy middle schooler came up with them. her lineart always looks rushed as fuck and would look like a child drew it if the stabilizer wasn't cranked up to 50.

Hazbin Hotel looks like a tryhard ~dark edgy humor~ hot mess too.

No. 478345

Yeah pretty much this. Are pedo rapist characters tasteless and gross? I mean yeah but that's just edgy teen garbage. Like her cartoon. She really seems like she made it big on DA and decided to peak with that style and aesthetic.

No. 478347

I agree, the radio demon has a great voice and concept but he's just some red cat dude. His face and microphone are the only bits that really work.

The character designs could definitely use work. The background characters are way easier to tell apart than the main cast, and the princess only stands out because she's a random white… puppy(?) when everyone else is a long skinny demon with too many design elements. This is labelled a pilot so maybe some things will be fixed?

No. 478350

I think the princess character is ok, but everyone else has a really boring samey design and her gf looks like something lavendertowne would design. It also all feels super fetishy for some reason but idk why.

No. 478354

Probably because the creator let all her fetishes and sexual frustration loose on Angel Dust

No. 478358

Oh god that is just awful. It really feels like it was written by a teenager in like 2009. Everyone seems to have like the same three edgy personalities. Also the weird fujo vibes makes it extra cringe.

No. 478363

It was a pilot made by a bunch of random animators she hired off the internet, it looks like these were drawn by completely different people. She can't even stay on model for her own art how is she supposed to dictate and force a team of people online to follow her shitty character designs.

No. 478382

Yeah I guess so, just something about it gives me the feeling that the creator has individually beaten off to at least 50% of the characters.

No. 478386

For me all was just a bit too much and over the top. You get tired of watching it after a while.

No. 478398

File: 1572347351817.jpg (212.49 KB, 1017x1261, IMG_20191029_120924_734.jpg)

No. 478420

Yeah, exactly. I kinda liked it but I had to pause it a lot.

No. 478431

is there any evidence of her doing anything actually bad outside of wheeeeh she drew something i dont like!! or she likes people i dont like!! like probably the only bad thing is art tracing and hiring an abusive guy (which i dont actually know if he is, im not reading that whole callout post shit and tumblr/twitter is known for exaggerations)

No. 478441

File: 1572356408612.jpeg (161.32 KB, 640x631, 31D4355C-0296-4658-AE33-EB3851…)

Found this cow of an artist (@d91live on twitter and ig).

Look at how shit the anatomy and expressions are. I would've believed some 12 year old drew this. If you look at his instagram he talks like he's a bigshot artist.

He draws fanart of franchises or of popular artists' characters and calls them "d91 crossovers" as if they agreed to work with him or something.
Also from what I gathered from his social medias this fucker is over 30 years old and still lives with his parents.

Also he's a musclehead and brags like it's air on his twitter about his muscles and how much chicks love it.

No. 478443

File: 1572356552267.jpeg (590.51 KB, 2048x2048, 6C734D86-341A-481F-998D-1AE04B…)

Latest exhibit A of how he draws fanart for popular artists and calls it a "crossover" (or sometimes "collab") when they took no part in it.
Here he drew Edwin Huang's character, who has over 90k followers and obviously does not know d91live exists.

No. 478471

File: 1572362596431.jpg (476.2 KB, 800x621, d3cglvi-64dccc60-e632-493e-860…)

The pic I chose isn't supposed to be an example of bad anatomy, I just really liked the way it looks. Pic related however

No. 478472


i don't find consistency to be a good thing, it is a meme at this point to post frames out of context and use lack of consistency as a be all end all, its about how all the frames moved and flow all combined, i absolutely hate the hannah barbera and family guy consistent look, it kills what makes animation feel alive.

No. 478477

I know right? Disney animation is so lifeless amirai

No. 478478


>development hell

As if it was a big, long awaited production
What an airhead.

Sounds like a vendetta post tho.

No. 478479


Disney is as bland as bland gets. And even then check again because models get really elastic sometimes on characters that are supposed to be exagerated like genie.

No. 478481

File: 1572364249045.jpeg (64.96 KB, 337x367, 45D1FC4F-9B81-4215-BFB6-A477DC…)

I love the radio demon’s voice, face, and magic but really wish he didn’t have the whole furry thing going on. Overall don’t really care for the pilot because it feels like it’s aimed at children except it’s not because all the disgusting “humor”.

Also I hate the daughter of hell, she just seems like a copy of star from star and the forces of evil, which I also hate.

Then there’s weird characters like pic related, look like it came out of that 2000s furry emo/scene art thread here on lc

No. 478492

ive heard that she is into actual beastiality but with internet exaggerations its hard to know, especially when there arent any pictures as proof, just furry porn shit.

No. 478514

In this case is not "just elasticity", which I also like in context, but in this case is not elasticity, it is several different art styles in sequence, which is distracting. You don't want a character not to look like himself at all, you want to keep the character cohesive between each scene, which is not the case with Hazbin Hotel. You might not notice the details when in motion, but your brain does and it becomes more and more tired of trying to understand what is going on. On >>478398 pic it might not be a big issue, but when you look at >>478182 you can see how lazy draws are done, both in lineart and shapes of the character

No. 478577

The gay drug addict prostitute character reminds me of Holly's OC Reese. Do these edgy austits have like an archtype cheat sheet they all copy from on DA or something?

No. 478598


Purple hair wolf's ear is literally in the middle of her head.
She cannot draw.

No. 478632

Honestly the worst thing on the list is hiring a pedo and i'm not even sure if the guy is actually a pedo or it's the typical "ships to fictional characters" thing or if this person still even works on the project.

There was also the bestiality accusation but that was no worse than the typical furry shit that gets drawn and a comic is just well… a comic? it's not like she's telling people to go fuck their teachers.

because the callout post is full of some many god damn exaggerations and irrelevant shit anything that could be of importance gets lost or if that person even still works on the project. If the person is a legit pedo and no longer works on the project i don't really blame her for not knowing? Like no one knows people are pedos until it comes out cause they don't just walk around with signs on their heads announcing they like to fuck kids. look at how many people in hollywood came out to be sex pests that no one really expected.

No. 478639

Right has better composition and colors, pleb.

No. 478685


are these from the same artist? they look similar in style

No. 478696

this was so fucking boring and poorly animated

No. 478698


this has almost the exact same aesthetic as Neru's Snobbism MV. Like there's the evil gentleman characters and then those egg minions things

No. 478700

The princess character reminds me of the humanized version of the notebook from don’t hug me I’m scared.
The theme song was too long and had a very different tone from the episode, the happy hotel song was catchy though.
I wish it would commit to either the comedy or horror elements, they’re not meshing well here and it’s giving me whiplash.
You can pinpoint the creator’s humiliation fetish from a mile away, it was the one consistent thing besides the edgy designs.

No. 478703

The musical numbers in general lasted way too long for a 30 minute cartoon.

No. 478726


Not only the songs. The dialogues are also too long and too… meaningless. Punchlines don't work because the characters keep punching on the same thing over and over.
Also, I was fucking annoyed of those rando characters getting burried under cars, rocks, pipes coming out of nowhere. And those weird cracking sounds of the anchorlady. It's constantly too much of everything.

No. 478727

Lmao there are so many god damned sound effects that it makes it so hard to focus on any of the dialogue. Like honey you don't need to have a squishy comedy noise every 1.5 seconds!

No. 478731

They need to invest in a good editor.
You could cut 5-10 mins without changing much.

No. 478745

I know it's probably the whole point of the series but I would love to someday make a furry-free version of this simply because the idea has alot of potential Vizie squanders with bland/annoying characters, poor animation and inconsistent character models.

No. 478777

FUCK THANK YOU, I knew he seemed familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it

No. 478787

File: 1572441975275.jpeg (159.08 KB, 640x474, F5F8566A-8485-4A45-A533-0F5D0D…)

Checked on what thumbcramps/whimsipop has been up lately (the talk of vivzie reminded me i always figured thumbcramps ripped her new screen name off vivzie), and she's been drawing sex toys you can use if you're literally so obese you can't reach over your own belly to wack off. Holy shit

No. 478796

slightly ot forgive me, but is it just me or does the way she chooses to say "fat bodies" rather than "fat people" sound so strangely detached?

No. 478800

imagine being so fat that you can't flick the bean though…

No. 478803

You would think that that is the moment someone understands that she need to go on a diet, but no.

No. 478807

The whole ___ bodies phrasing in these positivity movements is as commonly used as it is creepy. Why none of them seem to notice why it sounds so detached is beyond me, but it may stem from being so focused on scoring woke points, they can't notice it.

No. 478808

That's why they have issues with body acceptance lol they try to preach fat acceptance to the choir hardcore but call their fatness like it's separate from themselves.
Anyway, Thumbcramps is still going strong with the occasional retarded reaching and trying to be popular. She honestly thinks Torrid is gonna pay her for drawing their clothes in her art lol.

No. 478823

File: 1572450894915.jpg (127.34 KB, 800x619, C_w2ND8XkAUQO3_.jpg)

Are you referencing this ?

No. 478850


nah, thats just an excuse to do lazy hacky shit that looks ugly and low effort like all modern art.

No. 478854

What an incredibly stupid take lol

No. 478861

NTA, but your take was pretty bad

No. 478887

>modern art BAD!!!!!!

^says every pleb throughout every ‘modern’ movement

No. 478888

I never had a take what are you even saying I'm not any anon you're complained to about this modern art discussion. Way to sound even dumber lol

No. 478896

>modern art BAD!!!!!!


No. 478901

>modern art BAD!!!!!!


No. 478913

Modern art is bad tho hitler got that one right y’all

No. 478925


soviets and maoist also got it right with modern art, pretty much the only thing i agree with tankies but it was too much of a convenient money laundering scheme for americans to pass. Imagine making up a million dollar mark up on shitty doodles, urinals and blank canvases over night, what could possibly be a best deal in terms of cost/value

No. 478935

Jfc the autism

No. 478940

is anyone else good at drawing just guys or girls?

i'm fine with drawing girls, but all my guys look just wrong lol

No. 478942

I used to be garbage at drawing men as an Anime Girl Artist(tm). But now I draw mostly men so when I draw women they end up angular and broad. I like drawing moderately buff ladies though so it's often okay.

No. 478944

why'd you start drawing men mostly?

No. 478946

But really, art of the types of men I like is scarce to non-existent so I just make my own. I like women too, but cute girl art is easy to find.

On this note, do any anons know of artists who specifically draw non-white and short or skelly men?

No. 478948

lol, that's kinda the reason why i wanna start drawing more guys. it's hard to find my type too, so i guess i'll need to step up

do you have an example?

No. 478949

I wish you luck then, anon. I'm sure you'll do well.
And examples of what? If it's my art, I'm def not posting it on lc lmaoo.
But if you mean what I'm looking for, any art style is fine.

No. 478963

It's funny you say that because I've always honed both at once cuz I'm bi and love me naked people of all kinds lol. So to answer the question no I draw men and women with equal difficulty haha

No. 478964

Bi and gay men on Twitter are your best bet lol. They tend to draw men more meaty than girls into anime and Disney.

No. 478965

Becca is going on another JetPens rant how has she not let this go wtf

No. 478973

I just saw it on twitter. Becca can die mad for all I care. She comes off extremely entitled and bitter. They don’t fucking owe her shit for promoting them to her nonexistent base.

No. 478988

File: 1572493542600.jpeg (296.79 KB, 750x766, 8439CAB2-7200-43B3-AD6D-BBB23D…)

“I know I helped popularize it” where? She doesn’t have many followers anywhere and gets hardly any likes or views. Did she have a viral blog post or something?

No. 478992

File: 1572494285083.jpeg (52.4 KB, 485x632, 1D22E5B9-96D7-4915-8550-504E62…)

>modern art BAD because scribbles and urinals!!

Honestly anons, do the people who reeee over modern art actually bother learning what modern art encompasses? It’s not all conceptualism and minimalism, we’re currently in contemporary which has a huge amount of styles within it. Fountain (the urinal piece) isn’t even truly modern anymore as it’s all the way back from 1917. But seriously, ITT just full of hobbyists and weebs that know absolutely nothing about the artworld or industry outside of cons?

No. 478995

File: 1572494487110.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1069x1875, 996746F2-6221-4B6F-A54D-7F740D…)

It’s cuz jetpens hires artists in house now that don’t make watercolors look like muddy garbage

No. 478996

File: 1572494549525.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1069x1875, 996746F2-6221-4B6F-A54D-7F740D…)

It’s cuz jetpens hires artists in house now that don’t make watercolors look like muddy garbage

No. 479005

Probably because this is just a time-waster internet thread on a board filled with people just doing internet gossip related things, and not some sort of university art club. If you're looking to flex some sort of art history knowledge with some of your tea sipping bros then this isn't the place, especially this thread which started out as a hate thread for dumb storytime youtubers. Please don't take yourself and your opinions so seriously, or take it to somewhere where people care.

No. 479006

Never heard of this Becca before but looked at her jetpens rant and she's like nails on chalkboard

No. 479010

Strike a nerve?

No. 479013

After seeing some of her videos, I can't help but ask… does she have some sort of learning disability?

No. 479014

Also, people now have more access to art materials and information than ever before, so of course art has a wider range of variety and style. I think it's only natural that people want to make art that look silly or ugly, because for the first time, they can

No. 479015

Becca is STILL bitching about the Jetpens PR snub? Jesus Christ you'd think a grown ass woman in her thirties would get over a rep from a company telling her that her shitty, muddy art isn't good enough. She just whined about this in some deleted tweets not even two weeks ago. Is this a common thing for her? Has Jetpens become the chip on her shoulder? IIRC they didn't even say anything particularly negative about her or her work, just that she wasn't the audience they were going for (because Jetpens is a stationary shop first and an art supply store second) because they wanted calligraphers/writers/stationary heads.

Her sub-1000 views per month channel did not help 'popularize' Jetpens and she's delusional for believing so. JP was popular among calligraphers, stationary collectors and artists on Youtube for years before she came along. Nobody is thinking about her like that.

A while ago I thought Becca was one of the few genuinely sweet and easygoing artists on YT. It's disheartening to see her for her true colors. Whiny, entitled and too knuckleheaded to buckle down and create things people actually want to see. But no. She's too dead set on shoving her self-insert 'all ages comic' in everyone's faces and selling penny candy commissions.

Buying things from a store does not entitle you to anything beyond getting to buy things from a store. A business doesn't owe you shit just because you gave them 'free advertisement'. I know Becca has ADD or whatever but she needs to grow up.

No. 479016

I don't know but the bitch has Chris Chan levels of Dunning-Kreuger going on.

No. 479019

File: 1572503375840.png (19.02 KB, 575x259, lM97uJf.png)

Hilarious how she rants about Jetpens on a regular basis yet still holds onto that follow.

No. 479024

Knowing the basic history of the industry I am part of is now flexing? Okay retard, not like it takes a second to google these things.

No. 479026

File: 1572504543668.jpg (33.79 KB, 480x333, IMG_20191031_074448.jpg)

somebody's delusional. if he's not twelve, i smell cow potential.

No. 479029

I mean I have adhd too but that isn’t a pass to be entitled to access from a company cuz you think you’re the best artist in your podunk little Midwest town. She’s one of those artists that think by virtue of working at something for so long, she’s owed something but it’s like bitch, you’re baylee levels of bad and delusional at art. I wish she didn’t run the “how to be a con artist” tumblr with kiriska cuz she’s a fuckin know it all but doesn’t do any cons that more than like a couple hundred people attend and thinks she’s god-tier

No. 479037

being delusional is definitely not an ADHD symptom, she's just retarded on her own.

No. 479038

File: 1572515544872.jpg (334.05 KB, 1080x1567, IMG_20191031_164759.jpg)

No. 479046


She's starving to be the center of attention and it's super pathetic. A professional moves on and gets better but she just seems to keep believing she got burned when in reality, she just doesn't want to accept that she isn't as good as she thinks she is.

No. 479049

nice to see that with 3000 followers barely anyone is engaging with her shitty whining, doesn't seem to stop her from constantly posting about it though. but at least she isn't getting enabled like some other idiotic artists.

No. 479053

>"they told me my reviews help no one!!"
>0 engagement on twitter
>videos get like 300 views

where's the lie?

No. 479054

File: 1572524295384.jpg (466.01 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_10-31-07.12.11.jpg)

non-milk (saged), but how can someone mess up a study so bad?

No. 479057

Depends on what they were trying to study? If they meant to study the lighting they did a pretty good job (the light is warmer in theirs, but the source is the same and hits the same planes). Obviously they stylised the proportions and perspective pretty heavily, so if they were trying to study those they missed the point.

A lot of people use the term "study" a bit loosely though, because it has more prestige than just calling it a copy, redraw or something like that.

No. 479060

no idea what the goal of their study was but how the body is stylized more realistically compared to the face it somehow makes it contrast weirdly.

No. 479061

File: 1572526127262.jpeg (367.83 KB, 750x801, 8E5FE039-926F-431A-A486-B20624…)

Anon, you’re questioning a person who retweets this kind of shit

No. 479081

People with drawn avatars are worthless pieces of shit 100% of the time.

No. 479085

Fucking duh, they went into art.

No. 479086

File: 1572532333413.jpeg (620.49 KB, 640x973, 00A5366D-80F7-41CE-AC1E-7B441E…)

Found this from his instagram, which implies he's at least 22. But 1996 is only the year he made his character. So I'm guessing he's either almost 30 or 30s.

No. 479088

Something truly classically nostalgic about a guy making his self-insert the protagonist of a harem manga type story.

No. 479089

File: 1572532776243.jpeg (169.69 KB, 640x958, 47CC7658-20D5-40B7-AC35-5F739D…)

His workout/healthy eating tweets and instagram posts are funny as hell.
He's always bragging about how much chicks love him but then desperate-posting "hey everyone a girl looked in my general direction today"

No. 479128


looks like something egoraptor would do and he is also like 40.

No. 479129


looks like he used liquify on the photo and traced it.But as far as studies go is perfectly valid, i do stuff like this that i don't show all the time.

He also got the lighting wrong, its cool light with warm bounce light, side to side it looks weird.

No. 479143

He sounds like a gymcel

No. 479155

oh god not another one

No. 479169

File: 1572558998492.jpg (23.49 KB, 480x220, IMG_20191031_225527.jpg)

Chris chan and his gal-pals, lol.

he's definitely at least in his thirties.

No. 479179

>movie vs My Art
Literally no1curr or asked for this lmao

No. 479180

Baylee is trying hard to appeal to Lavendertowne teen crowd

No. 479196

File: 1572566035745.png (837.99 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20191101-104848~2.p…)

Props to Kasey for being the only artist I follow who didn't give up on Inktober 2 weeks in after retardedly hyping it up for the entirety of September.

No. 479231

File: 1572573399272.jpeg (227.68 KB, 640x963, 56456975-FB43-4ECE-9D21-83E58E…)

"It's halloween lemme just slap on this cheap ass looking black panther necklace i got off amazon and nothing else and then show everyone. Also I can't spell for shit."
Also check out his chin and neck he's definitely in his 30s

No. 479234

File: 1572573606753.jpeg (320.89 KB, 640x753, 6DB8F5F1-9700-468B-8C9C-CD17DB…)

jesus the one arm. He's got no bones.
Also if you can take your eyes off the noodle arm for one second the fire looks like a 5 year old drew it. And how fucking hard is it to draw cartoony fire

No. 479236

I fucking hate those artist who hyped up Inktober than made a "ha ha inktober is hard ima quit" meme on day 3

No. 479247

Honestly good for Kasey. She actually put a lot of effort into it on top of completing it

No. 479257

She's not my favourite artist for a lot of reasons but I can't fault her work ethic. She actually sets goals and expectations for herself and makes it a priority to meet them because it's her job. That's more than I can say for the vast majority of artubers. In a sea of entitled, lazy creators bitching constantly about views or making videos/art it's refreshing to see someone shut up and actually put some effort in for once.

No. 479286

To be fair it can be hard to move to daily illustrations from more complex work that takes multiple days. Especially if they underestimate how long it’ll take them when working in a new medium.

No. 479307

LOL I thought this was a lavendertown video because she copied that style of thumbnail. She’s for sure gonna change it later cuz it’s not gonna get the hits she want but the anatomy in this is real bad AND she’s said she’s done “studies”

No. 479330

That's supposed to be fire??

No. 479423

jfc baylee…

No. 479447

noone cares, stop giving this guy free promotion (if this isnt a self post anyway)

No. 479508

Why would anyone self post here lol. Almost every anon here is a nobody

No. 479517

eh I’m sure there’s been some that do it just to be talked about.

No. 479539

You can usually tell when people self-post because they don't rly talk shit about whatever artist they bring up. But so far everyone I've seen talking about this guy has been calling him a crusty delusional gymcel. Tho he seems self centered enough that maybe he'd do it for attention

No. 479540

Oh boy…

No. 479547

I think it unlikely he would post here. Kiwifarms seems more his style

No. 479574

Dear lord, they all look so muddy and boring..

No. 479633

She always puts those layers for lighting on top which just makes it look muddy. It would be fine if it was a full illustration, but it doesn’t work for single characters especially when she already has cell shading.

No. 479659

File: 1572704153994.jpeg (204.98 KB, 828x958, 4B99ADDE-5E30-48E1-955B-1EB793…)

Saw this on my feed and I had to laugh. Sure Jan

No. 479662

File: 1572704970449.png (13.36 KB, 612x149, grahhhh.PNG)

>NSFW hate detected
>Initiating prudish.exe

No. 479665

File: 1572705325833.png (Spoiler Image, 187.18 KB, 420x597, edit 3.PNG)

No. 479666

>muh westerns are prudes
>america puts sex in everything and sex in its media even intended for "all audiences" (that includes kids)
>france/italy/spain has a culture of hypersexual men and sex

what UNIVERSE are these people living in?! im assuming they're ALL delusional britbongs or americunts.

No. 479669

File: 1572706284015.jpg (Spoiler Image, 161.85 KB, 422x500, 20190421_203726.jpg.560c9aa8cf…)

sorry for same fagging, but some of this shit is gold

No. 479672

File: 1572706775898.png (275.19 KB, 1342x490, it hurts.PNG)

Anyhow I hate how those numnuts can't figure out the difference between artistic nudity and porn

No. 479674

Fuck off who cares if people draw porn what is the point of this

No. 479681

NTA but I think the point is people drawing literal wank material and then crying when it's not considered 'respectable'. Like yeah, people don't respect masturbation aids, what a shocker? Draw porn if you want but don't turn round and complain about people thinking it's lowbrow.

No. 479684


My screen grab of the twitter post about a man making a comment was not to bash what anybody draws but rather the idea the the exchange actually went that way at all. It’s totally exaggerated if not made up to make a point. Sorry if you don’t wanna be judged for drawing porn then don’t do it or keep that shit separate from your life. I have no issue with it myself you do you, but let's not make up some fake story to push your narrative lol

No. 479698

File: 1572714636706.jpeg (92.13 KB, 640x716, 8FDE4E7F-2950-4AFA-8B16-FF12F9…)

Not to bring up this vaguecow again but I knew something milky would come out of d91live's charity commission drive.

It ended today and he claims he raised $380 (well over the goal of $250).
Let's do the math. He had a (now deleted) post pricing his charity commissions at $15 each, which means he had to have done at least 25 commissions. However on his instagram he's only posted TWO commissions, ie $30 worth of charity money.

He really thinks people wouldn't notice the huge gap in what donations he got and how much he claims he raised?

No. 479744

A lot of artists take payment before completing the commission though. I assume he's just not done the rest yet because 25 commissions is a lot of work.

No. 479754

He definitely didn't get 25 commissions. He barely has followers and his art is shit

No. 479759

File: 1572725425885.jpeg (179.67 KB, 750x833, 65395121-38D1-4FD5-8A5C-236899…)

Idk why anyone even likes this artist’s art. It looks like a 9 year old drew this. And most “aesthetic” UwU animu artists I see constantly get in pointless drama and act salty when people call them out about it.

No. 479762

Its a standard cartoony style, the design is a bit like those monster high dolls but with a heart nipple t-shirt (do not understand that trend at all). It’s the sort of thing that has general appeal if you don’t royally mess up, and she’s gone above the sadly low bar by not having a eyewatering clashing color palette.

No. 479773

oh fuck this artist…
they have done really off putting edgy porn art before. and their art in general is just "pumping out as many ocs/adoptables as humanly possible" which just gets boring.

kinda not related but i find it weird how the whole "sexual/horror themes with a childish art style" thing has gotten more common over the years. it can be done properly to to contrast the subject matter with the style, but its obvious these artists are trying nothing like that.

No. 479791


Literally every shitty tumblr "woke" artist out there right now. Its like this shit popped off once Adventure time and Stevens universe became a thing. That horrible bubblegum, floaty, shitty art. I hate it with a passion.

What happened to all the old ass cartoons with a decent style?

No. 479800

Tumblr isn't even it it's more Amino art style lol. No one is even using Tumblr for art anymore

No. 479814

File: 1572737637468.jpeg (310.46 KB, 739x943, D67CC222-1C61-4FB9-A6C4-B3BE9F…)

what’s up with this artist trying to make the ears so enormous, it’s like they’re trying so hard to make it different to stand out from the rest when pretty much their aesthetic is unoriginal

No. 479817

Anytime an artist consistently calls ridiculous attention to a particular body part in their work, it's probably some fetish shit.

No. 479826

Are you telling me these are not ear muffs? Holy shit, she looks retarded.

No. 479858

I actually liked this when I thought they were earmuffs, the overly cartoon ear attached to that head is a big no from me.

No. 479875

Oh my god they look like tumors… all the drawings have the same tumor sized ears wtfffffff I genuinely thought it was supposed to be a mouse character or something.

No. 479883

that username is grossing me out, too

No. 479899

File: 1572750164419.jpg (103.6 KB, 1080x1054, IMG_20191103_100245.jpg)


thought this one is their motherfucking fantasy or original species or something, turns out they draw all their people like this including canon characters

No. 479901


they really took that "your art should have something that immediately tells people its your art" advice and ran with it down the wrong path huh

No. 479902

I can only assume it's done for attention to stand out, because otherwise it looks very ~aesthetic~

No. 479905

frankly she looks like a monkey

No. 479913

File: 1572753776086.png (791.7 KB, 600x522, 2019-11-03 15_00_38-2019-11-03…)

probably an unpopular opinion because lore olympus is huge right now, but it kinda bothers me how inconsistent and off-model the art is. these are two consecutive panels. i actually really do like the art style, but sometimes it looks like totally different artists did each panel.

No. 479926

>probably an unpopular opinion
wasn't this discussed ad nauseam in a previous thread already?

No. 479927

no? i just checked and lore olympus was mentioned literally once in the last year's worth of threads.

No. 479928

It’s definitely been discussed here before, maybe not in these specific threads, though.

All the art-based threads meld together in my brain real fast. Either way, it’s not an unpopular opinion— you’re right.

No. 479929

File: 1572757806384.png (130.55 KB, 803x268, lore.png)

Nope, it has been discussed ad nauseam in the "Bad/Hideous Art Thread", almost word for word.

Anyways, made me realize whoever made this thread made it a shit one. There was already an OP all written out with all of the topics explained, why would OP just delete all of that and change it to what they wanted? This thread is supposed to be for artist cows, not "I don't like this piece of art”, that's what the "Bad/Hideous Art Thread" is for.

No. 479932

the bad art threads have been shit for a long time since it's mostly vendettas or posting art done by literal children. haven't checked there in months.

No. 479933

Ok so don't turn this into that as well.

No. 479939

Lore Olympus doesn't even necessarily belong in the bad art thread. Yeah it's inconsistent as hell but the creator has a bunch of assistants to do the majority of the work based off sketches and descriptions, she just refinishes it, so you could argue she's just lazy. I think the comic itself and the pacing is shit, though.

Also this thread talks about bad art all the time. Sakimi-chan's stuff is brought up frequently but she's not a cow, for example. Literally the posts above are talking about weird girls with giant ears art but the artist doesn't have any notable cow tendencies. I don't know what makes people nitpick what is posted in this thread so much, people used to sperg about discussing art advice too so it was just added to the title months ago so people quit bitching. There is just not enough content to separate every single little art topic into individual threads.

No. 479940


that comic gets mentioned so much, the art looks awful and is not something i would ever read, i have no idea how something like that gets so popular that it warrants a team with assistants, wtf. Even for one person doing all the work it looks terrible.

No. 479950

Waiting for tumblr to throw a fit over Game Grumps Ross eventually.
Not that i actually give a fuck about Hazbin/Vivziepop discourse but lately he's been showing support for Hazbin and Vivzie (not surprising since she's done animation for GG before), as well as saying he's still going to Blizzcon in light of recent blizzard shitstorm.

Also this is just personal distaste but i never liked his art. His animations are his best work, but his illustration work is shit. I watched one of his art streams once and it takes him fucking like 5 hours to draw 1 little chibi girl standing facing right. Also he seems to have stopped working on Gameoverse for at least a year (which looked boring anyway). His stuff is mediocre to the core.

No. 479953

I say kudos to an indie artist especially her being from a nowhere country and is churning out art every week, but it just seems like a model sheet for any of her characters don't exist and the work seems very rushed.

No. 479957

>nowhere country

Isn't she from New Zealand?

No. 479983

File: 1572778608065.jpg (72.72 KB, 720x720, 1.jpg)

BluepotionCo is back doing stupid shit again (1/2)

No. 479984

File: 1572778717028.jpg (30.41 KB, 945x945, 2.jpg)

Context: Bluepotionco the pin tracer took another UK artists brand name and a domain and redirected to her own store

No. 479985

I didn't include the last op's description because the person who wrote it complained every time we made a new thread using it.

No. 480003

File: 1572784281812.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 286.57 KB, 750x1051, D49EB4D9-29D2-42B9-A96D-921BDD…)

Are there anymore shitty webtoons out there? I only know that one “romance” webcomic called I love Yoo that has no literally no romance in it and it’s on its 100th episode and there is still nothing. All the characters are annoying and bland. The art is often okay but I can see she often uses 3D models for the backgrounds which look pretty lazy.

No. 480035

File: 1572791216557.png (581.03 KB, 718x827, Screenshot_2019-11-03-09-23-57…)

There are a ton of shitty Webtoons. You have to use the Canvas section of webtoon. Anyone on the front page of webtoon has a deal with them, so canvas is were all the in dealed artist go, AKA shitty artists. Canvas new always has horrible comics

No. 480038

File: 1572791656115.jpg (704.38 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_11-03-09.32.16.jpg)

Unpopular opinion: I think it is ok to have a bad art,I understand the artist feel bad about it but when it is come for learning drawinh it is always important to accept a mistake rather delete it

No. 480039

File: 1572792177393.jpeg (722.81 KB, 787x1180, 1ot36pkhd6Qn6c.jpeg)

Since we're on the topic of webcomics- anyone here heard of Gloomverse? The creator herself isn't much of a cow (not that I've seen, anyway) but the comic itself seems to have stagnated a little. Despite hiring two colourists (who are.. just two of the creator's bffs) there's dodgy colouring on every other page, and so much of the dialogue seems choppy and just.. off somehow. It's hard to explain if you haven't read.

Also, both of the colourists have fugly art. This is a 'guest cover' one of them did, and somehow the colours manage to be one of the worst parts.

No. 480042


I’m reading lore Olympus too and I agree the art is all over the place

I like the story but I often hate the art because it’s so… it just doesn’t add up

No. 480043

I Love Yoo had some good bits (Dieter is very cute and I liked when Shin-Ae stopped being a bitch to him and actually got to know him), it's a shame that it keeps reverting to a weird status quo of everyone being angsty and uncomfortable around each other. I really can't tell where the story is supposed to go.

No. 480046

That painting looks hilarious and the amount the artist kept going back and being like "i i im s s sowey my art was t too u ugly … it's not my f fault you guys did not see the clear perspective i drew but i im so sowwy ;;" is so cringey

No. 480047

Never heard of the comic but that art looks like shit. It just screams tumblr. Not just the colors but the drawing and character designs look like a middle schooler drew them.

No. 480051


Why do people keep drawing boys so doughy and with super wide hips like that? I mean. I'm guessing those are boys in the image I can't tell.

No. 480061


women tracing pictures they took of themselves = thicc boys

No. 480067

File: 1572802887436.jpeg (302.72 KB, 640x790, C274CC7E-C181-4C0A-893B-EEFA7E…)

Twitter artist bluepotionco who's mostly known for selling chibi enamel pin fanart of pokemon, is coming under fire for getting caught tracing a ton of her pin art AND recently other artists have found that she buys domain names of other artists so that people looking for those artists will get redirected to her site.

No. 480073

I had a little bit of a history if drawing male characters with hips like this. When I started drawing, all I drew were girls, so when my mom or someone asked, “Could you draw a boy?”, that is what they looked like. You just draw a chick with no boobs. It takes a lot of muscle studies to grow out of. Now, I draw both pretty regularly, with only one of the dudes being so androgynes they have hips like that in a cast of 13-ish characters. Most artists that have this look on all of their guys literally what two reasons most of the time; they either don’t actually know how to draw men, or they are fujoshi in disguise and think all dudes have bubble asses.

No. 480075


thats because it needed to be updated not because it was bad the new one has literally NOTHING to do with this thread and it's just turned into a shitty non milky bad art thread.

No. 480084

it's frustrating because bpc still laughs her way to the bank because the revenue comes from normies who don't care or don't know any better

No. 480088

Dude this thread became more of an art general months ago, it hasn't been just for milky art youtubers in a long time. Half the shit that gets talked about here is bad art. Some of the artists we talk about the most aren't even cows or particularly lulzy, because the ones that are get their own threads like Holly. Waffles, Chloe Rose, Jackie, Lavendertowne (easily the most brought up artist in these threads ever), Kasey and Rae aren't cows in the slightest, they just have bad to mediocre art and say stupid shit occasionally or are abrasive. Yet they've been brought up since the start of the threads. So chill out.

No. 480109

File: 1572822791251.jpeg (119.18 KB, 720x907, BF0B0930-73D5-4A44-92CC-065CA7…)

Pls make this the next OP, it describes the online art community so well

No. 480111

File: 1572823087978.jpeg (532.24 KB, 1152x1915, E5560B2C-A9C9-46C6-8D40-95A834…)

She’s been discussed last thread, but she finished the naked prepubescent girl drawing and gave the original to the guitarist from tool, I cringe thinking of how he must have felt getting a naked preteen drawing out of the blue

Justice be made it looks cool technique and composition wise, if only it were an adult woman instead

No. 480136

This is such an uncomfortable photo, why is the atmosphere so heavy

No. 480137

Realistically what can you do If someone gifted you a drawing of a naked prepubescent girl ? you can't ever regift it to a friend and you can't keep it either

No. 480139


what was the point even like is this guy a known pedo or sumn? has songs about it? what madeher think he'd like it? im so confused

No. 480150

What a crazy bitch lol. Fake lazy try hard

No. 480184


No. 480191

File: 1572842484492.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1536x1677, 4BF90F87-3B28-42A1-A29C-1C4547…)

Hoo boy.

No. 480192

File: 1572842594576.jpeg (289.3 KB, 1400x990, 8109E3DB-B9E0-443B-AC38-B75D8C…)

I honestly don’t absolutely detest her art but $500? For a sketch page?

No. 480201


It's a lot. Assuming a sketch page takes 8 hours and she goes by a reasonable hourly rate, I'd say $300 would be more fair to her followers.

I never totally knew what the courtesy is about commission prices vs normal hourly rates.

No. 480203

what retard takes 8 hours to finish a sketch, are you high?

No. 480207

Fucking relax lmao

For commissions it always seems to be a cross between the artist’s typical hourly rate and a standard bigger fee… For professional clients an artist’s hourly can get up to like $80/hr at the freelance level, even as a new hire, it’s not entirely unreasonable for that number to be achieved, maybe not with that exact amount of time but eh it’s possible

I don’t think this specific artist deserves that much money for that output but who knows. It’s a rough thing to try and gauge. Sure looks like she pissed off and confused a lot of her followers about it though

No. 480208

>>477804 >>478471
Those pics are from maybe 5-7 years ago now. I don’t think that really shows her skill level now at all. Her new stuff seems more unique and a lot more polished.
I don’t even know why someone is taking hits at this chick.

She has no real milk and isn’t really the type of artist we talk about on here. I feel like you’re only taking hits at her cause some of the cows on this site own some of her clothing line. (Such as Baylee)

No. 480209

You're not just paying for labor but the artist's skill (and time spent building up that skill) as well.

I've gotten a painting with 2 characters and a fully rendered background for 250 USD + hefty tip from a popular professional artist, so there's not a chance I'd spend 500 on some sketches with flat color. To each their own, though.

No. 480210


I charge 40 an hour for commissions. A character sheet that's decently rendered & perfecting the poses could easily take me 8 hours.

Scares off a lot of people but oh well.

I looked at her older stuff and she's not bad, I'm a bit biased so if she values her work at that price and people pay for it, I say go for it lol.

No. 480211

Apparently the art was inspired by a tool song which is why she gifted it??

Also I saw later shes a guest artist to make a tour poster for them, but I’d expect the AD will not allow this kind of questionable content. Her art is really good but her obssession with children sends so many red flags, kinda like the pop surrealism artists do too

No. 480215

burning it would be the only sensible option. Don't even take it home before you do it, just pull off to the side of a back road and get rid of the evidence and never speak of it again

No. 480216

Oh I agree. I think artists can price themselves however they want/what they think they're worth. I personally wouldn't spend that for a sketch page, but there are people out there who would I'm sure. It's not like she's a bad artist.

No. 480222

Ugh I don't mean to nitpick, but she looks so gross.
Is she just a random fan giving him the drawing as a gift? Why?

No. 480227

I considered posting this but I didn't think anyone would be interested lol

It seemed like dumb take on inktober - the whole point is to challenge yourself to draw everyday to improve. How is making 31 half assed characters meant to be challenging?
Most of them are just circles with different features slapped on
And her fans are a bunch of emo kids

No. 480228

I remember reading Gloomverse years and years ago! The artist is lovely, that's for sure, and I remember when she was deciding the style she was going to use for the comic. Crazy to think it's actually still going.

I guess in general you'd want a colourist to be… good with colours if you hire them, which is a shame because I swear the gloomverse colours, from my memory, are just flat colours. Can't really mess that up right?!

No. 480230

bluepotionco is an insane cow, honestly. She blocked the entire UK convention scene, and anyone vaguely associated with it, so that they could stop 'besmirching her name'. She's still selling internationally apparently, but not under the same name, and in general doing unscrupulous things to sell her traced art.

Honestly it's crazy that people are still buying shit from her. I guess 'kawaii' makes things easier to ignore

No. 480238

I hardly consider her an artist. She hasn't improved at all just watch one of her sketchbook tours.

She's been stuck in 2008 for overa decade now

No. 480241


What's going on with her legs though?

Also she looks a bit… Delayed. If so that's not her fault but she still has a very terrible fixation. I wouldn't snap a photo with that art and the artist.
It's amazing how much you get away with if you're a popular enough artist. You can be as creepy as you can get and it wouldn't catch up with you.

No. 480246

I think she has some kind of tights on.

No. 480247

They’re stockings, but tbh she does seem to have a bit of autist face going on, I can’t describe it but a certain mixture of faces just makes it obvious when someone is on the spectrum. Kinda like downies but nowhere near as severe.

No. 480249

ASD has no actual effects on your face or body. You're probably just thinking of the fact she's a bit overweight, has unkempt hair and doesn't seem to take care of her appearance (which do tend to be common things in autists).

Even if she did have some sort of disability it doesn't explain or excuse her fixation with naked children. The "but I feel like a child inside so it's ok" excuse that many people use is bullshit.

No. 480268

Tool has some lyrics about sodomy so idk for me it fits. He made it big in LA he’s probably got a whole gallery of child porn in a McMansion somewhere.

No. 480270

art is a luxury. If you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it. It’s that simple. The amount of ignorant people in the comments is astounding but at the same time not surprising when you’ve got hundreds of other artists severely underpricing their art. Meaning “Fandom prices”.

No. 480271

nta but autism face is a real thing! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6571684/
there's other, earlier studies as well

No. 480283

File: 1572882156717.jpeg (204.94 KB, 1199x1474, D6979BEF-C90C-4E52-86A7-86DCDF…)

Guys, this >>480192
Is recent. Nov 1, in fact.
The fact, that you guys are suggesting that $200 is right for a bust like this makes me astonished. Now, if she had worked in the industry for years, I can understand, but this…?
If this is the right price for commissions with a similar style, imma just say that you guys are giving me hope in my own endeavors

No. 480285

The argument isn't so much "this artwork is worth $200" and more so "artists can price their work however high they want just like potential customers are free to be put off by said prices and not commission them after all".

No. 480291

What stupid shit did she do before?

No. 480300

artists high or low balling fuck up the market.

No. 480309

tracing, selling other artist's designs, blocking any and everyone who tries to call her out on her stealing.

Just recently she got called out again for buying the website domain names of other artist in the UK convention scene and redirecting to her shop of stolen goods.

No. 480315

If customers are willing to pay she can price however she wants stop being jealous lol

No. 480320




Okay, on top of the egregious highballing, can we talk about how inconsistent her art style is? All three of these look like they were made by completely different people, and not in a good way.

No. 480332

apparently the Ariel piece isn’t an example of the commissions? shes asking now if people thought it was or wasn’t, like… of course people would think it was. Why even attach it to the commission prices. so now the question is what do the commissions look like then since another anon pointed out her style changes from work to work.

No. 480334

Why is that not a good way? In my point of view, it is a bonus and not a malus specially when working on commission.

No. 480339

Exactly. It is the whole point if business, it is not to be fair at all. It is ‘how much money can a squeeze out of the most number of people before they stop paying altogether?’

I think of commissions as microtransactions- Overpriced for what you are getting, but if you want to drop the money, that is on you.

No. 480392


This was probably pretty nitpick-y of me, but when I commission a specific artist, it’s because I think their art identity can best portray what I want in a piece. I commend her for mastering multiple styles, but the fact that none of them look even remotely similar, none of them have one specific thing that makes you think, yep, this was made by this artist, is why it lacks the identity I’m looking for when I commission someone.

No. 480405

I agree with you completely. There is something to be said about artists who can "style-match" of course, they are quite valuable, but I prefer to get work done from people with immediately recognisable styles.

No. 480406

“”I commend her for mastering multiple artstyles””
Anon, i get where you’re going, but if you commission an artist expecting a specific way for how they draw, you should get what you asked for unless you specify otherwise.
((What I’m saying is that you don’t want a spechie issue with commissions))

No. 480410

Agreed anon.
No anon, in business, people aspire to be successful, not receive 2-4 commissions a year due to their egregious pricing. ((It’s one of the reasons why we get artists complaining about a lack in sales))
If one artist can have a similar style in a lower price, the one who demanded more is out of luck. This is the art industry, very different from the many other industries who compete similarly to how you described

No. 480466

How exactly is she unsuccessful if people are paying the prices…?

No. 480564

It seems like a lot of people who might have commissioned her are put off by the prices, though.

What I don't understand is why a single artist being unsuccessful is detrimental to the industry in general. I get that underpricing sets an overly low standard that other artists can't always compete with, but how does overpricing affect other artists?

No. 480586

File: 1572961315246.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1579x2048, 27D467C7-A52E-4056-8B72-540DF6…)

Find a nobody horror cow in the depths of twitter called stwawbwewymilk (no i'm not kidding).
Putting aside her penchant to twalk wike dis and make her chawacters twalk wike dis, her style is a cross between nails on chalkboard and a 5 year old drew it
She mostly makes fake deep art and comics about her characters fucking plushies.

Her regular tweets entail nudes and how she and her partner shoplift to survive (even though all she's tweeted about has been her stolen tamagotchi and dog plushie).

No. 480587

File: 1572961404707.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.17 KB, 640x304, 2CDBC0B0-6436-4C18-8DE7-1EACDE…)

Her bio and latest nude. Glad twitter cropped it to be sfw

No. 480588

Is this what CSA looks like when an artfag is coping. What the fuck is this.

No. 480589

Went on her media tab on twitter and the first thing was a nude. The fuck?

No. 480590

File: 1572961784508.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 421.06 KB, 2048x2048, B8F7C11A-7F0D-44D6-97CE-74A805…)

1. Tweet about her stuffed dog that her partner stole for her (which she's drawn porn of the stuffed dog as well)
2. Talking to her friend about her new tamagotchi and how she couldn't justify $20 for it so she just stole it

No. 480591

Sorry keep forgetting to uncheck spoiler but those tweets are sfw at least

No. 480592

File: 1572962048421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.29 KB, 640x457, 77349318-6CC3-4A8A-BDD9-8B6DAB…)

Forgot to post her (cropped to be sfw) nude with more horrific baby talk. Not that anyone wanted to see it

No. 480594

File: 1572962362419.jpeg (370.11 KB, 2048x2048, F9CE1106-2C32-423B-9EDC-031CAD…)

I sent her a curious cat anon message asking why she steals when all she steals is toys, how it can get employees in trouble or even fired, and this was her reply. kek

No. 480599


I saw this before, it's another typical CP obsessed tranny

No. 480607

When you're broadcasting your "financial situation" online, yeah, you're gonna get questions about it

No. 480631

He was posted in the last thread. I highly doubt there's anything coping about his pedophilia. He's just another pedo that wants to pretend play as a child online while posting selfies of his sloppy tube sock titties.

No. 480642

Ah i was wondering why the tits were saggy like an 80 year old's

No. 480739

gdi why did I go looking at the nude.

No. 480744

What I'm wondering is why there are so many horrorcows troons online pretending to be little girls.

No. 480787

Does anyone have any tips for remaining active on social media? To build an audience I need to post daily, but my work takes multiple days to complete.

No. 480790

Post wip’s and sketchbook pages. Not everything has to be a masterpiece

No. 480795

kinda random but do any of you guys have recommendations for ergonomic chairs under 500 bucks?? I work in art +9 hours a day and its taking a toll on my back. Already got my tablet mounted on an arm so I think the issue is my shitty chair.

No. 480835

No. 480931

File: 1573067262186.png (1.66 MB, 844x1316, Loish bootleg.png)

I cringe when I see shameless bootlegs of popular artists. Legit thought this was Loish for a second when I scrolled through my explore page.

Also I fucking hate social media, I hate how you have to become a certain way to gain followers (draw literally the same thing every time but slightly different, draw pretty girls, draw disney or pokemon characters, piggypack off the succes of other artists) I know exactly what kind of art would get me a shit ton of followers, but for some reason I just can't bring myself to shamelessly give in. Because I wouldn't be enjoying it at all. Why does it have to be this way… anyone else feel like this?

No. 480933

Possibly not the answer you want but no chair will stop you getting back problems if you sit in it 9 hours a day, it's the sitting still that causes trouble. Similarly, if you get up and move regularly (every half hour sort of regular) even the worst posture is unlikely to do major damage.

Source: the physiotherapist fixing my work-induced neck problems.

No. 480937

There's a lot of Loish ripoffs. Sort of funny because i don't even like Loish and don't think she's worth ripping off of. It's just a whole lot of sameface with that Lilo and Stitch type of face, in a painterly style. People see painterly styles and just want to grovel and throw clout at it

No. 480951

Same, anon. I think loish is great at colors, but her style is fugly.
I don't know why so many like Waffles want to rip her off

No. 480955

Aw, it's so sweet of the artist to draw so many women with downs.

No. 480983

Oh boy

No. 480998

Doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get a chair that isn’t as hard on your back as well.
I put my back out during inktober and things didn’t improve until I switched chairs.

No. 481001

If Becca doesn't like random people telling her how wrong she is about her weekly Jetpen/weh gib more patreon buxs bitchings then maybe she should private her Twitter.

I like how she implies that she's doing all this giving to the art community with no reciprocation on her part. This broad is delusional. She's are not this skilled caregiver who's planting foundation for the whole community to thrive from. She's a struggle artist that runs dollar store booths at cons and draws a muddy watercolor comic nobody reads. When you go to a dozen cons a year, advertize like crazy and still have a <10k YT channel, then the problem isn't the community. It's you.

"Oh it's Nattosoup. We're gonna do so much better than her this weekend." <- People say this because of her reputation of being an obnoxious, entitled tryhard. You don't deserve things just because you do things. It all comes down to the merits in what you've done. Not that you've done it.

No. 481025

File: 1573083799015.jpeg (820.88 KB, 2048x1811, 0D438AE4-2AEF-463B-83A0-29D16D…)

What do you guys think about Krooked Glasses art?

No. 481028

I like the overall shapes and colors, it works together well, but the hair is just too much and ruins it for me

No. 481029

I think it’s great. It’s unique and signature. I love seeing how she interprets things because her stuff is so pointy and thickly lined, which is the opposite of how a lot of artists convey similar things

No. 481033

"what do you think about x art" posts always read either like a vendetta or the artist fishing themselves, tell us what you think and why you want to hear other opinions

No. 481048

Well I generally think krooked glasses does well at line art and has unique style to his/her art. But sometimes I feel they use to many contrasting colors that make your eyes hurt sometimes.

No. 481128

lol nah her stuff is pretty neat.

No. 481141

Smells like a self post so I’ll refrain from giving any feedback.

I don’t even know much about her other than what’s posted here and the vague rant she did on Twitter but I’m already sick of her. She does come off as extremely entitled for someone whose work is pretty mediocre. I honestly hope she doesn’t table at cons near me because I’d hate to have to hear her bitch and moan in person.

No. 481150


Oh. This is definitely how I feel too… "Things that are fun to draw" and "things that gain attention" are wildly different for me and I kind of resent social media art that looks like it came off an assembly line.

Speaking of which, anyone else noticed all the Sakimichan pinup clones with nude versions available on Patreon? I'll have to screenshot when I see one but they're all over and all look terrible in comparison

No. 481161

I've followed her for some time. Her style is very unique and distinguishable, obviously her colors and shapes are good. Sort of disappointed she did that art for Hazbin Hotel since HH and Vivzie is such a cow and I'm quite surprised since with all the discourse Vivzie and HH have endured on social medias I'm sure KG wouldn't want to be associated with it.

That being said KG has a weird tryhard edgy kind of persona on her instagram and twitter that I find pretty cringey.
She takes a lot of "ugly" selfies making "scary" faces with dark filters over them and somehow still has scene hair in 2019.

I remember when she was on Game Grumps Doodle Doodz where Ross introduced her (how she gained most of her clout she has now) and she was VERY shy and awkward. Her persona she makes herself out to be is nothing like her actual self.

No. 481183

A lot of big names are still endorsing Viv. I guess they assume it's all just made up drama.

No. 481232

She also used to be extremely close with Game Grumps Ross and Holly (who have now gone through that whole divorce/cheating shitstorm) and even stayed with them when she was visiting California and jokingly called them mom and dad on social media at the time.
She also used to do art for PBG (PBG infamously initially sided with ProJared during the cheating shitstorm).

When the shitstorm was going down KG turned a blind eye and i wonder what her relationship with all of them is now

No. 481264

Well Vivie has made sure to spread bullshit to cover for herself. If I see one more autist insisting she didn't have a pedo fetish because the accusations are based on a 17 yr old and a 19 yr old…they eat up her lies because they can't be bothered to look into it themselves.

No. 481288

Viv is just overall an unpleasant asswipe who doesn't think her shit stinks.
She isn't capable of drawing in any other way than that lanky, try hard edgy invader Zim knockoff style and is just generally isn't personable. If I recall correctly, she had a little shit fest when zootopia came out because her comic zoophobia was similar in title or some shit.
And I think she was being a brat recently digging up an old apology post and throwing it in people's face like "jfc I said I was sorry I was fucking 19".
I can see why no one professional wants to really hire her. She seems like a stuck up brat who won't take criticism from anyone but jumps at the opportunity to order other animators around.
I wonder how much of HH she even actually animated or what it was really like working with her. Because every part of it seemed like an overproduced, chaotic mess.

You can see the clear difference in animators from shot to shot. It's sloppy work.
I don't know who she thought she was trying to impress by making a 30 minute long pilot, but if it takes her more than 5 to 7 minutes to tell what's honestly a simple story and concept then clearly she's not the best at storytelling for animation. 30 minutes was unnecessary and after the 5 minute mark, for as rushed as the editing, animation and writing was, she still hasn't gotten to the point. She was just striking her own dick after 10 min.

Sorry for the rant, but that's just where I'm at with her bullshit and teens just eat it up because they don't have taste, and she never stopped being one.

No. 481294

I've seen so many fucking Sakimichan and Loish ripoffs it's ridiculous. Like 100% copying their styles. I don't even get this copying mindset, what pleasure do you get from being a budget version of a more popular artist?

It is made up drama. It's mostly just people who have personal beef with her, are annoyed by her behavior or overall just don't like her style and don't feel like she deserves the recognition. I don't give a shit about her 2007 edgy tumblr furry stuff but you could just straight out say that you think she's a stupid diva instead of throwing pedo accusations as your first choice like it was nothing. Anon here >>481288 is one salty motherfucker but at least she doesn't ree about made up pedo bullshit.

Also about Hazbin Hotel, I watched it, not at all something I would support or enjoy because as I said, it's tryhard 2007 tumblr furries with cringy sex "jokes", but I still applaud them for actually managing to make a 30-minute animated pilot episode happen without major studios.

No. 481297

File: 1573153353417.png (443.21 KB, 415x476, uwu.PNG)

>KG has a weird tryhard edgy kind of persona on her instagram and twitter that I find pretty cringey.
She takes a lot of "ugly" selfies making "scary" faces with dark filters over them and somehow still has scene hair in 2019.

Glad I'm not the only one who thought this. I love her art but the persona she tries to put out is kinda obnoxious. She always looks kinda unwashed but I think it may be because she looks like she teases/hairsprays her hair to hell. Can't stand Apselene at all tho, the art she has been putting out lately is ugly af.

No. 481299

yea, i try to ignore her selfie/irl posts like the plague bc of this persona, art is fine though.

i think her ideas could work if it was taken by a experienced studio that would polish out some of the dumb elements. the style didn't bother me too much, but the completely forced in "adult" nature of the pilot was really annoying. yes they are in hell but when the whole design of it and the shitty music segments scream kid's cartoon it just feels like shitting on top of it to make it "adult".

No. 481315

Knew her when she was going by maniacalartist and god, try hard and cringy is pretty accurate. In person she’s even worse so bless whoever actually thinks her online persona is how she actually is irl

Can’t hate on her art even tho it’s always reeked of “invader zim”. She’s turned it into something of her own I guess.

No. 481316

File: 1573158271609.png (27.86 KB, 566x285, bitchingbecca.PNG)

Thought I'd have a look at Beccas discord and it's just her complaining and guilt tripping her fans. What an utterly miserable person.

No. 481320


She acts like a fucking martyr because her cat died, as if no one else in the world has problems.
Maybe this art thing isn't for her, or she should just stop creating stuff under the pretense of helping people.

No. 481326

What the fuck does Becca want? Does she want undying armies of asslickers like BJ? It's obvious that by 'giving back' she means money. She thinks she's owed money because she (in the confines of her own mind) believes she's sacrificing and bending over backward for baby artists everywhere, all while shouting from the rooftops how she's a kidlit artist/writer and how she's making all-ages comics and wants to appeal to children. Children and beginner artists don't have the money Becca's so desperate to get. The metrics show that she's not nearly as profound and well-known as she thinks she is. Her ego is the size of Jupiter while her actual accomplishments are golf balls.

As of now it looks like Holly fucking Brown's more mature and rational than her. At least she could be assed to get a day job. Congratulations Becca.

No. 481328

g e t a j o b

No. 481334

Christ, Becca, just get a damn job… but she won’t do that because lol she’s a “pro”

I’d love to see more of these pity me messages from the discord, there has to be plenty.

No. 481336


Becca's not getting anywhere with this mentality. She acts like such an entitled brat. She wants an audience that fawns over every little thing she says and does, ready and willing to open their hearts and more importantly, their wallets to her.
Unfortunately for you, Becca, you haven't given anyone a reason to back you in such a way.
People can tell when you genuinely are trying to help them, and when you're only doing it expecting some sort of return later. She has never been the former. She just comes off as a bitter bitch, and that's what's been stopping her. She needs to get out of these art communities stinking it up with her nasty attitude and entitlement.

No. 481337

the fact that she even does classes and teaches people is absurd. Prayers for anyone that was taught anything by little miss muddy colors.

No. 481345

This is so funny. I've seen 12 year olds that are more mature and less self-centered than her. Can't wait for the twitters to cancel her after realizing what a joke she is

No. 481346

I never understand when any artist does this. What do they hope to accomplish? Do they thing throwing a tantrum and guilt-tripping their audience is suddenly going to make them rich and famous? It just makes you look like an asshole. In Becca's case she can't afford to lose the 5 active followers she has so I'm not sure what she thinks is going to happen.

No. 481363

File: 1573168105266.png (17.87 KB, 600x121, bitchingbecca2.PNG)

Couple more images from Discord 1/2

No. 481364

File: 1573168216136.png (24.22 KB, 680x219, toughbecca.PNG)


Other things I've gleaned are she's actually 33, her fiancee fully supports her as she claims to make $2 per person in her class and only gets about 3 students in a class. She's moving back to nashville to make babies.

She will shill herself at any time she can even telling people to ask her for products because she can use an affiliate link to get some cash. There's about 18 people in her discord and maybe 30 messages in a month.

No. 481366

wow this is sad. It’s obvious she’s got someone, her hubby, supporting her as there’s no way in hell she makes even remotely enough to sustain herself.

and on top of that she’s guilt tripping the few followers she’s got left??? yeah ok becca.

No. 481371

Whats with artist hating every single comment you can make on their art? I can see how it gets annoying, but half the artist who make complaints like that do not have the clout to get spammed 24/7 by 'stupid fans'. I guess I'm kind of bitter because those
>'Oh wow are you drawing?!'
>Why yes. I have a pencil. I have a paper. I had a drawing, any other questions?
Remind me when I was a stupid anti-social teen who couldn't tell people weren't attacking me, but were misguided people trying to start a conversation.

No. 481375

Becca can't destroy shit. All she can do is go to her little discord hidey-hole and bitch. Her true colors are as muddy as her watercolors.

No. 481377

samefagging, but I just chose that artist out of random and after more research holly fuck is their youtube channel depressing. She's the 'didn't know what they wanted to do so just chose art without researching it' artist on steroids. She worked all summer only for 2:12

No. 481380

Haha, it's so true though.
But I'm sure the parents are more tactful, like 'oh, my teen loves drawing stuff like this' and she just takes it too personally.

No. 481388

God, I fucking hate cuteosphere. Anyone else remember when she drew pornographic art of for a known rapist but then tries to pull the "itss my trauma uwu" card anyway? She defended Shmorky as well when it was outed that he is an adult baby and pedophile, she has no excuse.

No. 481390

File: 1573172666289.jpg (101.99 KB, 1200x890, Dw6Ra0tXQAAjmyL.jpg)

I googled this person and saw this on their twitter

No. 481403

oh yeah i remeber her comic on tumbrl and the fact that she have a trans fetich and make her boyfriend become a trans women

No. 481404

I would be a kick in the ass to the lazy artists over here if Korean/Japanese artists entered the merch market. Everyone would be forced to step their game up and improve, or realize that selling shit-quality work for $20+ and then whining when no one buys their shit isn't a solid, long-term business model.

No. 481407

they'll likely going to be chased out for problematic drawings like drawing someone a skintone lighter

No. 481410

They would too, it's more likely that merch artists over here try to eliminate competition instead of actually improving. Why have good art when you can pretend to have morals?

No. 481418

maybe she overshares, but she tries and she's genuine

No. 481429

That's the kind of person who thinks everyone else is too stupid to understand an 'artist's mind.'

No. 481430

She's 33??? Fuck i would've believed she was 13 more like. Somehow I'm also not surprised though. A lot of these shitty whiny snowflake cows are middle aged and just wanna act like children all day

No. 481431

Oh cuteosphere is a massive can of worms. She used to have a twitter where she talked about how hot the idea of an older woman taking a little boy's virginity is, as well as talk about her bestiality kink and I vividly remember one tweet she made about her bf/trans gf and how her crotch was starting to smell more "womanly".

I also recall she made a comic where her partner was suggesting she stop smoking and her response was "fuck i have to pretend to care what you think", and she posted this on her public twitter as if people would find that appealing.

Also i think the tumblrs and twitters cancelled her a long time ago because she took orders for shirts and mailed only a few, essentially stealing money from fans.

No. 481433


She didn't seem so bad at first, but then I saw this video.

You can't tell me that's not obnoxious.

No. 481441

>we shouldn't call her out for drawing sexualized disembowlment.
I don't like guro myself but how is this deserving a callout? It might be gross but it might also as well be a cope. Just don't look at it, not all art needs to be coddling to people who don't like seeing nasty stuff.

People are already wahhing about Korean/Japanese artists taking their business and that's why they make up bullshit claims like >>481407 mentioned, it's 100% all about trying to drive the competition out and not genuinely being invested in a cartoon character's skin tone or how problematic it is to draw a fictional 17-year old in a bikini.

No. 481449

File: 1573190860255.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.33 KB, 1280x432, D3422EEC-734D-43DB-B659-70565A…)

God, I remember cuteosphere back from when I used tumblr in my teens. Looks like she hasn’t changed

No. 481456

File: 1573193601709.jpeg (475.4 KB, 2048x2048, AD840A09-D999-43CE-8E6B-1C7153…)

Sorry to post a vaguecow but it's mostly just an example. Wtf is with artists (always trans and or furry artists) changing the name they go by and then feeling weird when people call them by their new name?

"I changed my name but oh it's weird if you call me it, you should call me my old name still even though it's nowhere on my profile anymore I actually prefer it"

No. 481457

File: 1573193807217.jpeg (787.36 KB, 2048x2048, 68F3B751-4F19-4BB4-B8AC-B0D847…)

Btw this specific cow is insane. She's one of those adoptable furry selling artists and is fucking asking for a whopping $725 USD for this mindnumbingly boring furry design. The sad part is people actually buy them

No. 481459

Lol the drawing of the character standing there looks like it was drawn with that mirror tool that copies what you draw from one side to the other, the lack of shame with these degenerate spergs

No. 481462

It’s the symmetry tool. In this instance I get how it would make it a bit easier but the way it’s drawn is pretty lazy. The perspective on the scythe is what annoys me though.

No. 481466

Never underestimate how much money furries are willing to drop for shitty, cluttered, sparkledog designs.

No. 481471


who the hell would buy this its unnecessarily overcomplicated all those different patterns and shit would be excruciatingly annoying to replicate or animate

No. 481473

This reminds me of that Korean girl on DA Dogesaga that self posts on 4chan and tries too hard to be a knockoff Nekojiru.

No. 481479

If the person who buys this doesn't just leave it sitting in a Google drive somewhere and actually uses this thing for stories and commissioning other artists, I pity the artist who takes up drawing this cluttered mess for way less than the owner bought it for. What a shitstorm.

No. 481487

>>481457 >>481456

the first thing showed up when I look for this artist is their artist beware post and apparently they have scamming history

No. 481494

I browse /fit/ and she used to sperg about her parents and post her art on there. I think she stopped posting there but I know she keeps trying to shill on /ic/

No. 481495

File: 1573217479861.jpg (150.82 KB, 800x1269, 1 vs.jpg)

Fuck. I think I saw them on /ic/ once. Their art is the definition of 'people need to stop confusing simple art with good fundamentals'. The mix of edgy '4chan nationalism' and edgy 'all my OC's have BPD' is make it a roller coaster. Literally neither of her fans would like the other side.

No. 481496

File: 1573217734860.png (139.86 KB, 1684x637, 2.PNG)

It's a shame because I find their art style cute. I found her brown bunnies cute until I learned they were some weird metaphor for Korean immigrants?

No. 481499

File: 1573218445586.jpg (69.72 KB, 1024x448, korean_nationalists_by_dogisag…)

She also has a pathological hatred of Korean Nationalists for some reason

No. 481506

File: 1573220366199.png (89.07 KB, 1074x629, terf_idiot_by_dogisaga_dd8o0jr…)

I was waiting for her to be mentioned here someday. I've been sporadically following her insanity for a while.

No. 481518

File: 1573228574741.jpg (356.67 KB, 944x942, dicedrama.jpg)

I remember some anon was asking about dice, so here's some secondhand cgl dice drama

No. 481524


I vividly remember one video of her where she ordered a new banner and sat on the floor cutting it and she was so bidding to the one holding the camera, I wondered how nasty she would really be. Looks like she's a good cow.

I mean, c'mon, beeing self-employed means you should know when to stop specific projects, esp. when they're not profitable.

There are so many artist out there trying to get by, and they just know shit about business/ beeing a salesperson and manager of your own products. If you can't handle this, stop complaining and get a day job and do art just as an hobby.
I'm so tired of artists complaining about stuff that could be best fixed if they would just look into how to run a business. It ain't that hard. I bet you, there are even a shit ton of Skillshare classes out there.

No. 481531

Becca's rapidly approaching thread status, which is a shame considering she used to try so hard to present herself as a nice, helpful, generous person.

Speaking of Skillshare, I'm wondering why she doesn't just start teaching there. It would cost her way less for travel and materials and probably pay out way more than her current 2-3 people classes. Maybe she's salty that yet another company isn't giving her free stuff.

No. 481536

A lot of artists I follow just have tutorials and process videos on their patreon, which is even more practical than Skillshare.

I guess IRL classes have a different audience than online ones, though; it's usually young kids/teens with clueless parents, older women just getting into drawing and retired older people with lots of free time who take art classes, at least where I live. Those people are more likely to think Becca's art is impressive and that she's got skills to teach, compared to internet-savvy people who probably see enough art everyday to see through her delusions.

No. 481544

i genuinely don't know how to understand this. I feel like it's deliberately ambiguous to stir shit on both sides.

No. 481557


I have bpd so I understand where they're coming from but the way this is worded is just annoying. "oh I have this disorder so you have put up with all my bs cause my illness requires it" like no? that's not how that works?? also what the hell does being shy or jealous have anything to do with bpd specifically?

No. 481561

Hell if I was degenerate enough to draw furries you bet your ass I would be selling adoptables at this price too. Rich furry bastards will pay literally anything to get a somewhat adept, complex character design for their yiff roleplays. This is a pretty moderate price too, I've seen them go up for $1000-1500 if the artist is popular enough. I know multiple people who make good money peddling their garbage to furries and they don't even care as long as they get the cash.

Wait this isn't supposed to make fun of BPDfags?

No. 481564

File: 1573239389294.jpg (139.68 KB, 1280x1235, dunno.jpg)

original anon and I'm not sure. her Oc's have autism and post about how it's good? Looking more into her art it feels like mocking them now.

No. 481568

File: 1573239721215.png (77.39 KB, 1027x787, ECkia0nW4AYGyzY.png)

I feel like she just leans what evers most controversial at the point. If people hate BPD she'll defend it

No. 481576

File: 1573242933002.jpeg (774.1 KB, 964x1019, 56711983-5158-433C-ABD1-2E8223…)

they really do eat this shit up

No. 481582

I don't have the deets on hand but doesn't this artist have a long history of fucking people over? I remember some drama earlier in the year over her being pissy about being expected to actually work on commissions she owes. At least with adoptables the art is already finished.

No. 481592

It's supposed to poke fun at the emotional idiosyncrasies of people with BPD. How they see themselves as cute, shy, vulnerable victims when they're really …Well, BPD.

No. 481593

File: 1573247482911.png (506.15 KB, 710x617, 1489568139002.png)

she's not korean but a white strayan i think

No. 481600


this legit feels like she's mocking bpd now cause really? "mean"? thats all kinds of wrong, bpd means you tend to go from really easily provoked/lashes out easily one moment to being really calm and normal in the next, or getting bursts of doing reckless shit thats entirely out of character. but yeah ok ig we just become "mean" for no reason

No. 481607

File: 1573251965945.png (Spoiler Image, 328.42 KB, 786x566, bpd_awareness_borderline_perso…)

She's all about mocking BPD. A lot of her drawings have to do with that.

No. 481608

File: 1573252034105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.75 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20191109-092530_Twi…)

This showed up on my Twitter feed and I do not understand what her boobs are doing.

No. 481610

I recall her once referring to herself as either a half-Korean or a second genner living in Sweden.

No. 481612

This is some cubist shit where the boobs are drawn upside down. And wtf that armpit.

No. 481613

It looks like the boobs of a fat woman hanging upside down pasted onto a thin woman lying on her back

No. 481614

What's with the amount digitalfag (trad too tbf) that can color but can't draw?

No. 481618

i think its a combination of people not studying fundamentals, being influenced by other artists who do this, and focusing on rendering instead of having a good basis cus that comes with a prettier result quicker where people might not notice the mistakes (like sakimichan's work, many people get distracted by her rendering)

No. 481624

oof i'm really sorry for sending so many times, it wouldn't show up for me so i thought it didn't post

No. 481625

thin women can have boobs that big, those are clearly drawn weird tho

No. 481627

Just select your extra posts and hit delete.

The size isn't the issue, it's the fact that they look like they're attempting to escape orbit.

No. 481632

if the directions that the nipples were pointing changed then it would look less like they were defying gravity.

No. 481645

I know Hazbin Hotel is kinda old news on this thread, but upon rewatching, I am just amazed by how simply bad it is story and pacing wise. It's just so juvenile and honestly, kinda dull and boring. The one good thing about it is that me appreciate shows that have a similar concept like the Good Place (show set in the afterlife with the characters trying to better themselves in order to be worthy of heaven and trying to change the system of which souls are judged ) even more.

No. 481647

File: 1573260555700.png (271.55 KB, 796x433, KOFII'.PNG)

why do internet artists feel so entitled to products? if you don't own something, maybe save up so you can buy it instead of begging your followers to buy it for you?
she's been doing traditional art forever and suddenly "boohoo i used a laptop track pad help me buy a tablet" and then also tries to guilt people more by saying she's gonna move out of her mom's house soon so she wants funds to hold herself over lol which most likely won't even happen, she just wants free money for unnecessary shit.
i mean, christmas is coming soon… it wouldn't hurt her to ask all her family members for cash as a christmas present so it can go towards a decent tablet. there's really good ones that cost only like $45, like a Huion.

No. 481662

Yes there's been multiple instances of her not mailing anything people order from her, while she continues to draw adoptables and then when asked about orders she goes "oh I'm so so sorry I've been so stressed and don't have enough money to mail orders" when she clearly makes on average $700+ per stupid ass adoptable.

At one point she did mail someone's order after they publicly tweeted about not getting their order for over half a year, but that's the only way you'll get any stuff from her.

No. 481710

Sorry for offtopic but god I seriously thought that top left one was Hetalia yaoi when I first saw it.

No. 481715

File: 1573278178122.jpeg (241.78 KB, 750x979, 7DD4611A-6ABE-4D6D-B8F2-0B5CEA…)

havent looked into what comments she’s referring to

No. 481722

She probably can't handle even slight criticism, which she takes as hate. She also comes across as very fake nice.

No. 481725

Sage for incoming sperging.

Yup. It was pretty juvenile with an underdeveloped story and uninteresting/underdeveloped characters. There is no depth to this show, nor to the humor, which is only swearing and sex jokes. Vivzie could've added a lot of interesting, subtle references and humor, but the only part that was remotely like that was the Jeffrey Dahmer reference. Some of the character designs were dreadful, especially the gray bartender with wings (ABSOLUTE CRINGE) and the radio demon. The character designs also differentiate too much between one another. There is no consistency between them to determine that they are supposed to be from the same show. The design for the radio demon is just fucking lazy. She could've given him a vintage look but instead she made him look like an early 2000s emo Deviantart OC. It's a clusterfuck on a bland foundation. I did like the songs though. They were pretty good.

No. 481731

My guess is this is about the comments on this video? >>480983

No. 481734


Lol at 14:15 she complains that it's nice if people like her art and want to say hi, but if they see her in public, it's annoying to be interrupted, and they shouldn't expect some kind of 'reward' for recognizing her.

Like seriously, I don't think anyone would recognize you, and even then, how ungrateful can you be?

No. 481742

lol who does she think she is when she can’t even pretend to be nice? She acts like she’s some sort of celebrity when it’s like she looks like every other white woman around. How dare one of your students who overpaid for your beginner arts classes tries to be a nice normal person to you

No. 481743

"Juvenile" is probably the best way I'd put my thoughts about it. Despite all the edgy designs, swearing, sex jokes and everything it was honestly boring and I found myself tuning out multiple times because for some reason to the point I missed some key plot elements, it seemed like watching someone's roleplay session and not a well-constructed show. Some scenes went on for way too long and the characters seemed to be confined to their chosen tropes which made their interactions seem too predictable. But the voice acting was AMAZING for indie show standards and the animation at times was really, really good. I guess I see how it has an audience but I'm just not one of them, especially the art style doesn't appeal to me at all. Nevertheless the screenwriting for the pilot could've definitely used a few revisions before going into production.

This is how I understood it as well, she's obviously making fun of BPDs.

No. 481762

File: 1573300901177.webm (5.14 MB, 640x360, schizodog australian marionett…)

i know her from ✝krautchan, and she posted with an australian flag, i have some photos which look just like the portrait i posted.
t. not a creepy stalker i swear

No. 481764

Honestly watching Becca complain makes me so glad I actually DID quit art and get a 'real job' when I couldn't make any money. It's like a horrifying vision of the bitter, entitled person I would probably have turned into by her age.

No. 481766

Honestly can I ask when you knew to quit? I'm worried if I pursue art as a career I'll fail horribly but I enjoy it more than anything.

No. 481767

Anyone else pity becca, she seems like a truly miserable person and while some of it may be her own she's still clearly struggling

No. 481769

To add to this, it also has the issue all of Vivzie's animations have which is bad pacing. I don't know if she did any of the actual animating herself but the characters wont stop moving at any time and it's distracting, not to mention they get lost in the background a lot because everything looks samey.

Im convinced the demographic for the show is 13 Year Olds Who Think Theyre Mature Because They Swear, and i don't see any network picking it up to produce it other than Netflix, because they'll produce anything

No. 481771

Well yes, it is sad but she needs to take a clear look at herself. She could spend time actually trying to improve her art and get a part time job until she's better, but she thinks she's owed everything.
At the same time she has this weird childlike personality that makes me feel bad for her.

No. 481773

Well I had a sort of small nervous breakdown over it, so that was how I knew! I'll try to break down the details for you though:

For a start, I was really really unhappy with my living situation. I'm single so I could only depend on my own income, and because I was working a crappy part time service job to have time to pursue my art 'career' I was only just scraping by. I just started to look at my living standards and think… this is tolerable if it's temporary, but what if the art NEVER works out? What if I wake up years from now at the age of 45 and I'm STILL living in one room in a shared house with nothing to show for all this work? I had been failing to make money for a few years already, so I had to start seriously considering the possibility that I would NEVER be able to make it work and ask myself if I was okay with the consequences if that happened. The answer was no, I was not okay with that, so I had to make sure that WOULDN'T happen. That meant I had to earn more money somehow.

I already knew the work I wanted to make wasn't selling despite my best efforts, so my options were basically become a degenerate furry artist for the cash or get a real job. I also already knew from the few commissions I did get that making art I wasn't interested in was MORE depressing than the service job. When I was at art school my tutors always said 'if you start making work you hate for the money, just quit and become an accountant. You'll still hate the work but you'll make a lot MORE money.' That started to look like really good advice, so I started looking for a normal full-time job. (Although not as an accountant.)

On top of all that, doing art for myself wasn't even fun anymore. It had USED to be something I enjoyed more than anything else (like you), but it had got so tangled up with the feelings of failure and rejection that it was only making me miserable. That was a huge loss to me and it was worth more to me to enjoy making art again than to be able to say I was a 'professional'.

Realizing all of this was pretty brutal at the time, it completely destroyed my image of myself (see: minor nervous breakdown). BUT now I have a normal office job that I'm good at, I'm saving up money for a nicer place to live, and I like drawing again because it doesn't have all that baggage attached to it. I even still try to sell some of my work, but now if that never works out for me it won't matter, because being an 'artist' doesn't carry my whole identity anymore.

Apologies to the other anons for the blog post, but that's the story of how I actually took the advice and got a real job and now I'm a million times happier.

P.S. I think my art is better for it too because now I have the breathing space to take my time, do studies etc.

No. 481774


I think it depends on what you want to do. Be careful of pursuing art for a living if what you want is making art for youself and live of it.

I work in the animation industry, doing storyboards for a show that.. i don't like. I do what I love in the sense that i get to draw everyday, but i'm not drawing what I want because there's very few people who get to just do their own art for a living.

It also depends on the kind of person you are, for some people it is healthier to keep a day job and make art on the side.

I don't really like the 'get a real job' narrative, just try to be realistic with where you want your career to go. thats my take on it anyway

No. 481776

Yeah I'd agree with this take, now that I've had the nervous breakdown I think being honest with yourself is the key.

I had this image of myself as an ~artist~ who would sacrifice everything for their passion, but in reality I like to live comfortably and don't want to sacrifice shit. I'm also not the kind of person who can be happy drawing stuff I don't like, so for me it was 'healthier to keep a day job and make art on the side' in the end.

It's all about being clear on what's important/necessary to the real you, and not getting misled by what's important to your fantasy vision of yourself.

No. 481778

Thank you, I really appreciate both perspectives.
I suppose I would feel more comfortable planning out a backup plan sooner rather than later, instead of pouring myself completely into art and finding that I don't like it that much.

No. 481804

Thoughts on this new show made by JelloApocalypse

No. 481817

File: 1573320573199.png (297.34 KB, 503x333, eyyyy.PNG)

The animation style could use some work. I know it's subjective, but the show looks the decent when it has characters snapping into pose and the floaty shit looks horrible. I also hate how when characters turn around they don't have inbetweens, but just flip like they're 2d paper. The animation is so shit you just kind of think it's some indie game cutscene and the real action is going to start any minute. The cheap visual style could work, but they should have thought it out more so it had a nice aesthetic or didn't look 'cheap'
The biggest problem is the show is stuck between being 'it's shit on purpose. It's so dumb no one on this project cares' and trying to have a genuine plot. It'd be decent if they just turned every character into master shake and turned it into an asshole epitat battle royal
Also this is how they communicate how characters moving in 3d space

No. 481819

I know nothing about JelloApocalypse or this series at all but it just looks like they had no money for this. I don't think anyone would choose this kind of limited animation if they had a choice.

No. 481820

fuck i forgot a sage my bad

No. 481824

Also the voice acting is all 'yelling makes it funny' and it rarely has good jokes.
Yeah, I'd fucking kill to know what went on behind scenes. I think another problem was that they simply weren't ready for a project this size. If you look at there normal work it has the floaty style and narration for a reason, most of the float parts are 5 seconds long. The youtube videos manage to have a good cheap aesthetic, but it got fucked up in the episodes. Also looking through there channel they gave an animated cartoon to a group of people who don't make animations, but more heavy after effects tweeing.

No. 481827

People forget how goddamn expensive animation can be. I'm guessing the only way his show got green light was limited budget saved for key scenes with the rest in mostly the style of his own content. Not exactly great, but you have to work within fiscal constraints.

No. 481832

It looks cute but I don’t know why it’s animated like inferno cop

No. 481868

File: 1573338239035.gif (1.1 MB, 498x278, 97EDE0B3-3C02-459B-8105-07FF29…)

From the thumbnail alone it looks like a budget knockoff of PSG

No. 481872

File: 1573340035053.png (91.24 KB, 1109x658, ddjefun-cd672f6e-0843-4df4-96c…)

Me neither. On the one hand it implies that the woman is lazy, but on the other it intentionally draws the tranny really masculine? So they don't view trannies favorably and view them as having an unfair advantage, but also portray the female athletes as whiny. The fuck are they even trying to say. It looks like they're just trying to portray the most negative aspects of both sides.

I think they're siding with trannies because the woman is speaking in all caps and the title is "terf idiot", but honestly it's anyone's guess what the fuck she's trying to say. The again, she has other pictures like pic related where she conflates being gay with wanting to fuck bugs, so who the hell knows. This is probably just an unstable nutter who changes her opinion based on whatever justifies being angry and autistic.

It's just like the bpd stuff where you can't tell if she's making fun of them or not.

No. 481879

What a fucking stupid take lol. Some people are triggered by anything.

No. 481899

I've been wondering this too.
Honestly, I think it might just be that those troons transition just to fulfill their weird lolicon or ddlg fetishes.
No idea why so many of them are artists or musicians though.

No. 481914

File: 1573350320191.png (Spoiler Image, 146.91 KB, 500x503, a5d98a0503e768aef56f2f1c584655…)

I personally don't have any problem with whether someone draws guro or not. I don't think gore or guro art is 'deserving a callout' either.
she is mainly being brought up for other reasons such as the fact she's just a shitty person in general, would draw borderline pedophilic art, make obnoxious strawman argument comics and post gross tmi photos on twitter of photos of her infected wounds shes scratched open because she genuinely thinks that's erotic somehow?
I'm sure there's many other reasons but I can't be fucked to go look at her twitter or the kf thread.

No. 481980

No. 481982

If you don't have the means, don't make it. People weren't exactly clambering for this.

Also I fucking hate the stupid fake nasally voice JelloApocalypse does for his "so this is basically" videos. He sounds like someone with a sore throat trying to do an impression of Steven Universe.

No. 481984

he's got some range

No. 481986

Damn that's a face only a mother could love.

He looks like if Ed Sheeran was a Mormon.

No. 481989

File: 1573368985771.jpeg (61.06 KB, 900x780, 7959114E-C9BB-4027-9A0C-4E0809…)

This has ruined my day.

No. 482002

Tbh as someone who also had a similar “did art school, had minor breakdown, now has day job and does art on the side” as other anon, the earlier you decide your backups the better. Like it’s taken me a long time to discover I want to work tangentially to an art career (like I went to school for illustration but working more on marketing and trying to learn 3D on the side) so i feel a lot better than like thinking “it’s all or nothing” when I didn’t make it enough when I was younger and killing my self. I find a lot of kids enter and graduate art school like Becca, like they think they’re entitled to an art job and success by the virtue of having an art degree when the reality is that it’s so much work that it doesn’t matter if you have the degree or not, it’s all about your portfolio and the work you produce. And sometimes most art schools are just diploma mills (like I think Becca went to scad) so they usually don’t care and pass you anyway.

I think it’s a lot easier now than it has been to navigate the art landscape especially with social media and all, so in general it’s lot easier to make it on art and develop a style. But I think Becca’s problem is sort of like a lot of arttubers or IG artists where she’s trying to brute force a shitty style that lacks a ton of fundamentals and doesn’t show any knowledge of the market they’re trying to enter. Like becca clearly wants to do children’s comics and shit around that but other than her lack fo skills in style, she lacks illustration knowledge to make things that can be easily reproduced. Illustration is about mass reproduction and a muddy watercolor isn’t going to photograph or copy well for paperbacks.

Idk where I was going with this other than like, don’t be stubborn or stupid when it comes to your future art relationship

No. 482011

oh man i wasnt aware JelloApocalypse are still a thing
the humor feels super dated, like it hasn't changed much from their early 2000's stuff

No. 482023

What did you need to do to find the job you have? Where did you find connections?

Just curious lol. I'm majoring in sequential art so what you're doing is my area of interest.

No. 482024


I also realized that my area of art doesn't really have an age barrier? Most of the really famous people in my field didn't get started until they were in their 40s, so as long as I keep up my portfolio I can get back into it at basically any time. The office job I work now would have been much harder to get into the longer I went with no work experience, so it made more sense to start building the office experience now and put art on the back burner.

I think once you decide what your backup options are (like if you'd be happy working in storyboards or graphic design, or if you'd rather have a totally non-art-related day job) you can work out what skills you'll need and which ones you should work on first.

>don’t be stubborn or stupid when it comes to your future art relationship

Yeah just be realistic about what you want, and whether you can do what it will actually take to get it.

No. 482042

File: 1573386058676.png (620.1 KB, 985x593, DbLqXBZVQAALn_J.png)

Old controversy aside, what do you all think of the art for Heartbeat Rpg?
Maybe it's just my OCD but I found the overuse of 'tumblr lines' to be irritating and distracting.

No. 482045

File: 1573386562238.jpg (403.42 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_1769.JPG)

I like it.Its cute

No. 482049

Is Tumblr lines the white outlines? It's not too bothersome, the art reminds more of gashigashi than Tumblr tbh

No. 482050

Sorry I'm an idiot but what are 'tumblr lines'?

No. 482051

I don't know what this is, but it looks nice for a game. Maybe a little busy, but looks cute overall

No. 482055

we back to calling everything we don't like tumblr x? but serious what do you mean by that?

No. 482064

What was the controversy?

No. 482069

The dev's girlfriend is gender-critical and made tweets people didn't like, so some people decided to cancel the dev herself and her game. Instead they gave it a good amount of publicity and sales.
The game itself has nothing to do with any politics, though. It's just a cute Pokemon-like game.

No. 482070

File: 1573395710300.png (17.46 KB, 111x89, Lines.PNG)

I guess I worded that badly, I don't know what else to call them. But there's something about this style of shading that puts me off. It's especially noticeable in the ingame sprites, and it makes the characters look like they have wrinkles.
The developer's girlfriend said trannies aren't women. The game was also having a 41% off sale at the time and some troons on Resetera threw a tantrum, calling it a hate crime because 41% is the trans suicide rate and the world revolves around them obviously.
(I don't know if it was a coincidence, but I lurk the discord server and from what I've seen she doesn't seem like the kind of person to do that).

No. 482072

Ah, so the developer's gf is sort of terfy? I saw her tweets, they are pretty harsh
But the 41% thing seems like a total reach obviously lol

I think it's cute and colorful for a game, but I see what you mean. There are a lot of small details everywhere that distract from the main visuals.

No. 482083

This is random but it annoyed me.

Echo Gillette made this color theory video where she's so annoying and condescending the whole time, and acting like no one else knows this. I'm sure red, blue and yellow are taught as the primary colors because they're based on pigments that were actually available in the past. Cyan and magenta weren't used by painters because they weren't obtainable as pigments, so they used red and blue instead.
And her own art is stuck in a juvenile emo phase, which I know isn't exactly relevant to the video, but her superior attitude irritates me knowing what her crap drawings look like.

Sorry for the rant

No. 482102

The artwork and character designs are cute and have personality, I like it. I also appreciate the girlfriend of one of the (lesbian) developers not bending a knee to tranny rage so it gets extra points from me.

The 41% was a coincidence, I think Steam was having a platform-wide sale and the percentages added up to 41%. Multiple other games had that too. Don't remember the exact reasoning but it was something like that, but someone made a joke about it being related to the tranny suicide rate meme and people took it seriously.

No. 482115


>makes video ranting about the technical difference between cyan and blue

>uses a tube of pale blue paint clearly labelled 'sky blue' and insists it's cyan

At least pay for a set of acrylics and get a true process cyan if you're going to have an aneurysm over color names.

No. 482176

I always hated this type of mentality over color theory.

“Which of these are primary colors, I’ll wait.”
Fuck you, it isn’t that deep, no need to sound like an elitist. For someone that has an audience of younger people, she sure likes to talk down to them. Nothing screams “I’m a piece of shit.” like thinking your viewers are a bunch of uneducated morons.

For someone that cares so much about color, she sure does like to pick the most boring color combination as her backdrop and persona. Way to look like a DXracer chair, bet your Corsair mouse and keyboard are set to match. Bettlejuice-Tiktok lookin’ headass…

“I really care about color”- Sure, Jan.

No. 482201

Echo Gillette is just another one of those 'I don't have the chops to make it in the professional art industry so I'll double down and appeal to children for my relevancy' artists like Becca and Raedizzle. I bet she thinks she doens't need to be accurate as long as the preteens watching her don't know any better.

No. 482207

File: 1573431354890.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.62 KB, 534x640, IMG_20191110_180752.jpg)

I'm amazed at how worse Sakimi-chan's rendering is getting. It truly dissapoints me to see this regression to be honest. Kinda seems like she doesn't even try anymore.

No. 482211

Pure clickbait-y thumbnail + condescending attitude= the recipe for success… said no one ever. Just post your "I'm better than you" bullshit and go, EG

No. 482217

holy shit her arm is just getting sucked in that other chick's titties like it's a portal to another dimension

but anyway, weren't there rumors she hires ghost artists to finish off pieces to keep up with schedule and the occasional overnight bandwagons?

No. 482220

Would make sense if it's true, comparing this to her work from a year ago, this looks horrible.

No. 482233


thats my theory, she is outsourcing any of the million cheap artists that already mimic her kistch.

I have no proof but also no doubts.

No. 482235

christ im addicted to watching this girl
this is just so depressing, i feel bad for her fiance that has to support her completely
also she mentioned how she had to put 2 cats down this year and then immediately turned it into just a money issue and how nobody gave her money or commissioned her??? how heartless can you be
(the video says unlisted but i didnt take this from patreon or a private link, it was in one of her public playlists)

No. 482236

tfw no bf who will provide for me while I pursue my art passions

No. 482249

Jesus Christ does this girl snort speed before each of her vlogs? She’s talks so fast and without pause that she is literally giving me a migraine. Just hearing her voice and constant negativity makes me cringe.

No. 482251

Vlogs like this really make me appreciate the work behind scripting reality tv, dull as rocks and incoherent - I miss youtube from when people would vlog just to share their lives rather than as a source of income.

No. 482254

Damn woman, at least mourn your cats properly before whining at everyone.

She keeps complaining about how traveling and buying materials for her 'classes' is too expensive to make profit and her finances are wrecked. Um, at this point don't you realize you're wasting your money? Blame yourself for bad decisions instead of blaming other people for not paying you.

Becca pisses me off but my morbid curiosity makes me watch her lol

No. 482256

samefag but at 9:00 she says she had been paying someone 7,000 usd a MONTH to edit her videos? Wtf? Is her family or bf extremely wealthy or is she digging herself into massive debt?

No. 482258

Her icon makes me irrationally angry. It looks like something you'd see on the cover of those mid 2000s how to draw animes books by Chris Hart.

No. 482261

I don’t understand how she can justify spending $7k A MONTH on editing her videos when she literally has no audience. She doesn’t blink an eye at having done that for what, two years(?), but she’ll complain about spending 2k to put down her cat. I feel so awful for any cat that had her as an owner since she clearly wasn’t broken up about it’s passing. Becca only mourns money apparently.

No. 482265

Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Editing $7,000
Utility $150

Baby artists please help me. My ego is starving.

No. 482266

no god damn way she was paying 7k a month for someone to edit… what exactly??? Her videos has little to no editing ever.

Had seen her unlisted art sound off videos and the one in particular that had the comments that apparently “threw her out of a loop” and made her unlist the videos in the first place. Glad to see people calling her out on her bs, even if it was just two or three people doing so.

Becca for gods sake just get a 9-5 if you’re doing, and have been doing, this badly. What is so hard about this.

No. 482270

She's just like Holly, throwing heaps of money in fruitless pursuits that end up keeping them in the red. Holly very badly wants to shit out tons of merch while Becca fancies herself this supreme teacher that just isn't bringing in the numbers/audience she wants.

"I wanna start having my own life."
Becca. What are you doing right now that's keeping your life from being 'your' life? You don't have an industry job. You do not have any job, actually.

It sounds like she's complaining about having to teach, how she has absolutely no time to work on her long-term comic project because she 'needs' to travel and go to cons. IIRC aren't cons kind of a every so often kinda thing for most professional artists? Either buckle down and do commissions regularly and drop the teaching that's not going anywhere and work on your comic or get a damn job. Pick something.

Also, who manages to go through 4 years of art school without gaining any networking opportunities? I can only imagine how much of an obnoxious bitch she was in class. She definitely comes across as the kind of person who would try and teach the class over the professor.

No. 482296

How fucking old is Becca, anyway, mid-30s? She's clearly old enough to realize that sometimes dreams die and not everyone can be a rich youtuber, and yet.

>Here are some ways YOU can make ME money! Write to all the art supply companies saying you love me!!!!

Does she not realize that companies send popular youtubers free shit because they know they'll get even more money from their audience going out and buying stuff? If you only get 5 views per video then it's a loss to sponsor you. She seems convinced that if someone gave her a chance and threw her a bone that her channel would suddenly explode overnight, but it doesn't work like that. Also no one has time to fucking sit down and write letters of recommendation to various businesses so some nobody youtuber can make money.

No. 482303

Wait so she says in the video she doesn't get outside help with her mental health (depression and adhd stuff) issues because she has no money and has no health insurance but…she's been paying someone 7 fucking K a month for video edits?? Press X for doubt somewhere in there like wtf lol that doesn't add up at all.

No. 482307

Priorities. Spending thousands of dollars for your shitty videos that take a month to get more than 100 views is more important than your mental health, of course. How her fiance doesn't see he's about to marry a walking red flag is a mystery to me.

No. 482313

I guess I'll have to give her leeway because she has such a tight schedule with the patreon that she doesn't have the time to fix rendering problems. I've noticed the regression myself too but honestly it's sort of understandable.

No. 482355

at this point i think she deserves a thread, seems quite a few people are interested. i don't know details about her to really compile it, could someone else make it?

No. 482372

File: 1573487261963.png (166.99 KB, 720x667, Screenshot_2019-11-11-10-46-33…)

4chan got a 13 year old artist banned from twitter and now her fans raided the thread. The 2 sides debating each other whithout getting each other is fucking funny

No. 482373

i will never get extremely young people stating their age so openly on the internet, are people this uneducated about the dangers of the internet these days? it's one thing twitter allows users from 13 and upward, but i don't think anyone under 18 should state their age online.

No. 482374

I'm finding it really sad. /ic/ didn't use to be so bad, there used to be a couple anons who could actually draw, but now they're all delusional beginners who draw once month then get mad at some kid for being more skilled than they are.

Hopefully the kid stays away from the internet until she's older but keeps drawing and enjoying it.

No. 482384

Wait did I say 13? They were 12

No. 482386

Fucking pathetic how salty these losers are and whine that everything takes "talent" and not practice. Just shut the whole thing down, boys.

No. 482390

File: 1573493012390.png (917.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191110-200521.png)

Anyone know what's going on with Robin Sealark?? She's having some sort of breakdown and moved in with a friend, I believe. I hope she's okay, she posted this a few days ago.

No. 482421

Is it bad that I don’t believe a word of this? Her videos had zero clue of this, none of her tweets or posts did, and being as her videos were always so open about ‘the struggle of the artist’, she should definitely bring up her mental health but never did. Her artistic journey after her divorce was cool, I liked it, but this ain’t it chief.

Pulling out your own IV is a little much, that hurts when you don’t do it right, and can cause actual damage, and a patient with known psychological issues doing it? That is big no-no, she just gave that hospital full reign to petition the court and have her committed for real (unless she was in the emergency room, different rules there). Also, crisis centers very rarely have psychiatrists, they more likely have psychologists, the difference being the later can’t prescribe mediation, but the former can and are people with actual doctorates.

This has been going on for so long, I think since spring. How is she getting money? Is she getting unemployment? She claims she doesn’t have insurance and can’t afford a hospital visit over what she thought was a heart attack, so she risks death by leaving? Does anyone have her patreon; if so, what goes on in there? Does she even make art anymore?

Even further, in earlier posts she claimed she was learning things about her past with her father that was giving her PTSD. Unearthing abuse from memories you ‘forgot’ is super sketchy, they don’t even accept that kind of testimony in court, so basing your mental breakdown on it is sus as fuck. Especially when you claim they are about your father and yet your online persona is still a direct reference to him (Sealark is a reference to her father’s boating hobby, I believe?). There’s too many holes in her story to make me think this is all that is going on, if at all.

No. 482429

File: 1573500970372.jpg (45.46 KB, 1139x274, sakimipatreon.JPG)

she could slow down her output a bit to breathe and i guarantee you she'd be still swimming in money. last i heard she's making like 20k a month?

No. 482441

She made him record a video about her (after it sounded like he really didn’t want to but she begged him) and you can lowkey sense the fear in his eyes lol. I feel bad

No. 482442


Don't know but she is acting weird since a while now. We also don't know what went wrong in her marriage that they divorced. So maybe not every single word is right – but overall I truly think, she's in somekind of mental health limbo. Her last two videos are pretty unusual.

No. 482448

absolutely pathetic

No. 482449

Ooooof that was hard to watch…

No. 482451

That’s the look of a man who has a gun pointed at him from off camera. He also just solidified the fact Becca pretty much avoids social interaction unless it involves one of her gigs, not surprised by that. She’s as much of a isolationist as Holly and just as bitter/money hungry.

No. 482453

she posted on insta that she has been sexually abused for a very long time, but i don't recall the details. i hope whatever she's going thru, she can find peace at the end and return to art

No. 482468

The sad this is that Achooshi's art is pretty standard for a 12-14-year-old anime fan. It's cute and skillful for their age, but nothing out of the ordinary. Nowhere near prodigy levels. /ic/ is a trove of self-hating and jealous that they'll crusade against a child they don't know from a jar of jelly just so they can feel better about themselves. Pathetic.

Half of /ic/ are cumbrained losers who only want to learn enough art to they can draw their own degenerate faprags. If Achooshi were a 13 year old girl drawing lolicon she'd be their new queen.

Speaking of overgrown children.
This was genuinely hard to get through. You can tell from Becca's chipper, smiley tone in the beginning that she's geeking out over having someone besdies her go on and on about herself for once. You can tell by the way he speaks that he feels a level of obligation with helping her with her 'career'. He looks annoyed and disengaged. He even seems to be fed up with just how much unused crap Becca has lying around.

I like how Becca calls herself an 'extrovert'. She doesn't seem like so much of an extrovert as a pest who can't close her mouth. Like someone who is more squirrely and busybody than genuinely personable. Someone who believes they're the life of the party, when in reality nobody likes them. That's what she seems like to me.

I'm really worried about Becca's future plans of getting married and having babies. I can just imagine the bitching she'd spill, having to take care of a newborn while shilling her shitty comic. Taking a baby carrier to conventions because she just gotta sell those 1 dollar commissions. She might even guilt trip the baby for not allowing her to draw her comic because she needs to feed them.

No. 482469

I’m sorry, you don’t believe that someone has PTSD because they didn’t broadcast it to the world earlier?

No. 482476

not that anon, but recovering memory (e.g., from regression therapy or hypnosis) is basically a pseudoscience, if she recovered traumatic experiences using these methods, it is reasonable to be skeptical about their validity. This is not saying I'm invalidating her struggles, she's clearly going through some shit, I just hope she's seeking professional help, not from charlatans.

No. 482490

he talks about how we wanted to comic book artist but gave up on his dreams and ended up getting a boring real job while Becca is still stuck in her impossible dreams

No. 482493

File: 1573525274424.png (305.59 KB, 310x551, Screenshot_2019-11-11 Art Soun…)

I think I have a crush on Joseph now

No. 482514

I've been following Becca for a while now; my personal favorite youtube video was the Mechacon recap, where she blamed her abysmal sales on the artist behind her kek.

same tbh

No. 482536

File: 1573530535223.png (2.89 MB, 2208x1242, 0E74D71E-4D17-4FE9-9B19-998CE3…)

I was morbidly curious and looked it up. It’s non-stop bitching on her end about tables with adult content. Plus, check out that sweet “ActionDirector” watermark lol. This was only last year but she said she had been paying $7k a month for a video editor for two years and they couldn’t afford to remove the software watermark?

No. 482540

File: 1573530980302.png (107.37 KB, 883x544, Screenshot (51).png)

nobody likes a snitch becca. i have a feeling shes one of those people that complain to the manager

No. 482543

File: 1573531480077.png (5.19 MB, 2208x1242, 51CAD26E-26E4-4D55-8A2A-B4F432…)


Samefag but I looked at another of her videos during Mechacon (day 2) where she points to the work she complained of in her recap of the people behind her and gives a sarcastic:
“But I’m ever so fortunate to have some bonus art too”
Like, I get it’s a dick move to have back facing art since most cons don’t allow it but being a petty cunt and making a video of it to post to her followers makes her just as bad tbh.

No. 482544

why do i kind of feel like half of this wont happen?

No. 482549

File: 1573532005596.png (35.17 KB, 669x397, viv.png)

Do you think people will still support her patreon even though she may not post any Hazbin in the next months?
Loads of people joined after the pilot, probably to kickstart the second episode and now she's here talking to new fans about her thesis film? Nobody cares about timber.

No. 482553

>>482355 seconding this, i don’t know enough about her either but if anyone’s been following her for a while pleass do

No. 482566

This entire video is just Joseph explaining why it sucks to date Becca lol

No. 482573

A little nitpicky, but for a video on 'easy copic blends,' this is pretty shitty blending

No. 482574

This is the face of a man who is in way too deep but feels too guilty to leave his womanchild fiance to fend for herself.

No. 482577

>opens video
>HeEeY aRt NeRdz!1!1
>closes video

No. 482578

Same. It’s a very annoying opening line. I thought I was hearing “artners” like “partners”(?) but I could be wrong. She’s so goddamn shrill that I can’t make it more than a minute in those videos.

No. 482580

This is like baylee levels of violating markers

No. 482592

I know she's being compared to Holly a lot, but I think Becca is much worse. Even Holly seems to have a better understanding of social cues and her art is actually pretty interesting, even if it's all wonky.

No. 482605

Holly is immature and hardheaded as fuck, but at least she has the ability to somewhat learn from her mistakes. Also, she's self-deprecating so she's at least self-aware of her misgivings. Becca is pigheaded and completely blind to how much she sucks. You can see her ego from space.

No. 482606

>learn from her mistakes

lol no. Holly has not learned anything, at all. She's even worse now than she used to be. The only thing Holly has over Becca is an audience.

No. 482607


Have either of you even followed up on the Holly thread lately? If you did, you wouldn’t be defending her like this. Her work is still regressing/stagnant and she hasn’t learned a damn thing from her prior mistakes, hence why she’s digging a hole for herself to hide in until shit blows over from the Kickstarter and people forget how she’s scammed them.

Both of them have massive egos and Becca is arguably slightly worse for being as old as she is and still behaving this way. It’s kinda sad because Becca is basically what Holly’s future would be like if she managed to ensnare an unsuspecting rich boyfriend and actually focused on her money making schemes hard enough to manage more than one con a year.

No. 482610

File: 1573549161437.png (2.8 MB, 2335x3785, Untitled12-1.png)

Ok guys, I'm an amateur artist and I really want to improve my craft. Know this isn't the best place to post this, but I kinda want feedback on my work so I know what to focus on in the future in order to improve and most sites like deviantart or Instagram aren't really good places to get it, so I thought I'd go here instead. Feel free to be as harsh/blunt as possible.

No. 482611

File: 1573549354825.gif (1.06 MB, 660x880, 35B0F590-A887-11E9-904F-121056…)

>>482610 same anon

No. 482613

File: 1573549548421.png (2.2 MB, 1115x1900, Untitled99 (2).png)

(Btw I'm well aware I f*cked up the hands )

No. 482617

You have to study anatomy over and over until you can use those skills on your personal drawings.
Do more sketches from life/photos and you'll be able to visualize things more easily.
The faces are wonky and expressionless, and there isn't enough light and shadow throughout each drawing.

No. 482618

Anon, why would you post your work on a shitty gossip site..

No. 482622

Great, thank you for the feedback, I do appreciate it.


I know, not the wisest course of action, but I just want actual feedback on how to improve my work

No. 482624

File: 1573550783260.jpg (467.93 KB, 1600x1204, hal foster.jpg)

Is this bait? Vendetta-posting?

Anon, honey. There are better places to go if you want serious feedback. Like other anons said, this is a site for gossip, and you have no way of vetting the reliability of the advice you receive from people here.

In any case, here's my biggest piece of advice: do more life drawing. Draw actual models. Hal Foster drew from life almost every day for over a decade, and pic related is the result.

No. 482629

Viv's art is hideous. I have no idea why it's so popular.

No. 482633


IDK, I have gotten my best advice from this thread to improve my work because people here don't give a shit if they hurt your feelings. That kind of blunt, honest truth is hard to come by, no matter how reliable the source is.


You have a clear style of big, bushy hair, Victorian dress, with some sort of story-telling element. Those seem to be your favorite parts since you put much more dedication in them than other parts of the piece. My advice is do some of the boring drawing-from-life stuff, or get a large file of pose references and use those as jumping pads over the dresses and the hair. I can tell you are trying to convey an emotion of deviousness in the first piece, but it isn't reading very well due to how stiff the figure is. Honestly, not just 'study anatomy', because you will do that the rest of your art life. More 'learn to copy.' You clearly have some sort of skill, I love the linework in the first piece you posted, but you do seem to rely of pre-made brushes over doing the lines yourself, so maybe go traditional for a while and get used to holding a pencil confidently. That's all I got for now.

No. 482640

Thank you, I really do appreciate the advice and feedback. (Also you hit the nail right on the head why I came here not elsewhere for advice )

I'm going to be honest, I do think I tend to do alot better when I do traditional art (mostly watercolour and ink) and I have been considering switching back

No. 482641

I wonder if she's aware of Becca's channel. Pre-first channel deletion Holly was a busybody in every other artist's comments section so the chances are pretty good. I bet Holly looks at her and doesn't see herself at all.

No. 482650

File: 1573559913103.jpg (748.55 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20191112-225807_Ins…)

whose idea was it to hire Jacqueline at DC again?

No. 482652

Why do all of Jacky's women look like prettier, skinnier versions of her?

No. 482655

I'm getting sick of that blank-eyed, parted-lips look. It looks so dopey when you see it on all of her drawings.

No. 482656

she's out here making recolors of herself except the only color that changes is the hair. and even then it's only between purple, green and grey.

No. 482659

File: 1573561241404.png (895.92 KB, 787x900, dgyhjl.png)

That neck is way too long, just wanted to see what it would look like shorter

Please excuse the crap edit

No. 482661

File: 1573561497979.jpg (358.45 KB, 853x1305, 6C2.jpg)

Her art style isn't even creative or original. This is a J Scott Campbell ripoff (and Campbell isn't a good artist, either– he drew pic related.)

God I'm losing my patience with cape shit so hard. I can't wait for print comics to die off and for webcomics to become more reputable and the dominant medium.

No. 482665

File: 1573561867359.jpeg (98.28 KB, 1080x1303, cancer.jpeg)

Shit like this is why it's important to draw from life. If you don't, this is the kind of crap you'll end up drawing.

But apparently skill is irrelevant to major companies now, since DC apparently hired this clown (most likely based on her likes or updoots on social media.)

No. 482666

The specific imprint of DC she's working for is entirely based on hiring insta-famous artists to hopefully get new teen readers to read physical comics, yeah. Marvel's done the same in the past few years with varying degrees of success.

I wish they'd at least find popular artists who've done short comics before and know a little about panelling and composition, instead of only hiring those generic pretty girl artists.

No. 482671

I don't get why DV and Marvel push print so hard instead of publishing comics online behind a paywall or subscription instead. It's way more convenient.

No. 482674

File: 1573563124169.png (164.89 KB, 421x936, j scott campbell is a tool.png)

On my search for the awful MJ drawing I found this. Fucking yikes, the ego on this guy.

A random ass teenager posts fanart and he makes a joke about a physical disability? What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

I feel like Campbell is the new Rob Liefeld, though even that's unfair. Liefeld at least acknowledges that he's a crappy artist, and I know people who've worked with him who say that he's a pretty nice guy (just a really dumb one). Liefeld's only crime was that he art sucked and he whined when someone made one of his characters bisexual (which he's since backtracked on anyway).

Campbell on the other hand is completely irreverent and refuses to accept ANY criticism. A few years ago there was a controversy where a Native American woman called him out for fetishizing the little NA girl from Peter Pan getting kidnapped and tied up. Instead of just apologizing and moving on, he started a slapfight with her on Twitter. Real classy.

When are people going to learn that Twitter only causes them to embarrass themselves? I've made a personal policy of only posting art there and not opinions/arguments/blog/etc.

No. 482675

You can already buy digital versions of many comics from them.

But I think it's very tied to "nerd" culture and consumerism. If you go into any comic book shop today, it'll be filled with mostly merch near the registers, and comics will usually be at the back. Children and their parents and merch collectors come into the shop for merch first and foremost, but they might also spend a good amount of money on comics of their favourite character/whatever character just had a new movie (and the staff at the shop will usually push for that and shill all the comics for one character to people who obviously don't know much about comics).
To a lesser extent, a lot of people who still actually buy western comics instead of reading them for free online are older men who aren't very internet-savvy, or who really care about having a physical collection.

You wouldn't get those sales from digital comics. From what I know of that model it's successful with weekly webtoons, especially in Korea, which has a very different audience and release schedule compared to Big Two comics.

There's probably a lot more complicated stuff at play (agreements with Diamond Comic Distributors, agreements with comic book shops and other retailers, the value of a physical comic for collectors), too. I don't know how major it is but there's an issue with Marvel pushing comic book shops to order large quantities of some unpopular titles, which means Marvel technically makes a high number of sales and makes money from the title, but the shops lose a whole lot. You wouldn't be able to pull that trick with digital-only.

No. 482676

She’s been in the comments of multiple Becca vids so yes, she was subscribed

No. 482682

Anon, this smells like a self post, trying to reassure yourself that you’re right.
My advice: calm the fuck down and actually read what the person is writing before you write and post meaningless stuff on this forum

I mean, the guy literally advised the artist that the figure is a little too stiff, that the pic is rather boring because there isn’t much action- you can say no shit, it’s because MJ is taking a selfie, but even a selfie can be interesting if composed well.
The artist had a choice to ignore the comment or not, but chose to give their whole life story to say why they don’t accept criticism. Grow up anon,

No. 482685

I hate it when I give artist advice they respond with their whole life story
You should use a tablet instead of your mouse/phone.
>but I'm poor and I've never thought of buying second hand or a cheaper brand
You should draw more if you want to improve
>But muh depression and art burnout
The arm is off
>I try my best for you people and you critique me mercilessly. I was just having fun, but if you want to be like that OK.

No. 482713

It's people with beginners art like this criticizing others in this thread. I just know everyone here is novices. Don't listen to anyone's advice here unless it's "Draw from real life first"

No. 482717

>>482682 This is also the type of people who complaint when no one wants to buy their wonky ass commissions and feel like they should be earning as much as pros

No. 482731

The texturing on the hair looks so weird to me. It looks more like rubber than hair, and it's not even because it's stylized, the texture brush she used just makes it look chunky and rubbery.

No. 482736

>defending J Scott Campbell

No. 482746

Who the fuck does he think he is? Does he jerk off to browsing the tag to give unsolicited, snarky "advice" to amateur artists who only draw for fun? This is an embarrassment of a whole new level, especially when it's coming from a person with a major sameface syndrome and all sorts of fucked up anatomy.

Good god anons it's just some random kid posting a scribble, not a professional artist swindling money. It's on par with browsing deviantart just to make fun of some 14 year old's MSPaint sparkledog roleplay OCs. It's just not worth the outrage and makes you look petty for punching down so hard.

No. 482750

lol also at thinking shit anatomy is just a j Scott Campbell thing.

No. 482759


Ok, so are you saying that without knowing who Scott Campbell was, that the artist who responded to the critic like this is in the right? W o w

And the dude was giving advice, it wasn’t worded in the best way, but people can do that, same with the artist on whether or not they accept it. Now if Campbell humiliated this kid, I would see much more of an issue.

“It’s not worth the outrage and Makes you look petty for punching it down so hard”
Reminder Anon, this is a discussion forum

No. 482762

File: 1573594266020.jpeg (176.41 KB, 666x1024, 2177F77B-DF3E-4A17-AFC3-8F516A…)

Imagine wanting your women to actually look like a person rather than a weird torso snake that has her bodysuit painted on cuz he obviously only draws naked women then that person comes into your menchies unsolicited and tells you to fuck her up. Like, idk I’m more in the OP’s court here cuz that second dig was great plus J Scott is a gross relic of the comics industry where he only draws the same, pug faced long torso snake woman with balloon boobs

No. 482772

Isn't this version of Gwen a)a teenage girl and b) a ballet dancer? Why does she have big gravity defying boobs?

No. 482773

No I just think Campbell’s a piece of shit and a loser that gets into twitter fights on the regular and I think his art is bad.

No. 482774

Anon, read about composition and color theory. Your colors are lifeless. Your composition is dull. Your black and white drawing is just some grey tones without consistency, you need to understand values better to manipulate shadows to focus the attention of the viewer. I know I sound mean but I am talking from experience.

No. 482775

I only have two pieces of advice: draw from life (I know, I'm being so helpful, it's not like other anons already said that) and use motion lines.

No. 482776


No you're not being mean. It's stuff I really needed to hear and I appreciate it.

Really, thank you all for your feedback and advice, I genuinely do appreciate it

No. 482781

You’re trying to tell me this is a specific character and not just her run of the mill expressionless hipster? The fuck, Jacqueline.

No. 482789

‘Give her scoliosis’ is advice now? Fucking lmao, ok anon, even if he DID give true advice that is so unprofessional when it is unsolicited, any industry artist worth their salt doesn’t go out their way to ‘critique’ newbies

No. 482793

It's almost good but then it's just so bad how lol. The legs look they were lassoed and resized three sized up from the top half and if that was an attempt at foreshortening he did it badly.

No. 482794

Can we all just appreciate how literlly no one in their life has ever sat like this? That's his problem. He clearly learned to draw women from porno and pose dolls. Looks ridiculous. There's obvious skill but executed so badly.

No. 482795

So this is all pretty bad but if you want the trademark Becca complaining start at 6:30 she blames her style for people disliking her art.

No. 482801


>"People are stupid" "people throw shade" "I'm showing that I can do way more!"

Honestly it's just… a little offputting how full of herself she is

No. 482803

The 'realism' while still being very stylized was certainly better than the anime shit. She would be more successful if she gives up the Kara comic and just makes illustrations.

No. 482831

Her tone and facial expressions remind me a lot of the Bath and Body Works candle rant lady. She sounds like she's gonna go off on a manager at any given moment.

Damn Becca. You're so obsessed with what other people think of you. She's so fucking bitter.

No. 482835

if youre being ridiculed for your style not being "valid", is backpedaling to boring old realism really the best response? If you really wanna "show them", wouldn't you rather prove to them that your own style is valid by pushing your own style to its full potential?

No. 482848

its so embarrassing to see the interviewer (which is her fiance btw which makes it even more awkward) try to change the subject from the "hAtErZ" and change it into a more positive note but she brings it BACK up. becca, hes trying to help you and you keep making yourself look worse

No. 482856

I don't wanna sound like an Incel or anything but anyone resent people like Becca who are basically NEETs who somehow find perfect bf's willing to put up with women like her? Especially one's who are also seemingly nice and will financially support their gf's

No. 482858

File: 1573617109583.jpg (109.45 KB, 640x799, 69715721_631454797380936_90644…)

I can't understand why some anons are defending campbell. His acts like he is so superior when he can't even draw things in proportion. If he really gave that kid an unsolicited "advice" that is simply stupid.

No. 482860

I honestly can’t imagine what she brings to the relationship besides her crippling negativity and being a financial disaster waiting to happen. Was he that lonely that he had to settle for someone like her? You can tell in the videos that he looks exhausted, it’s going to be 10000x worse once babies are brought into the equation as Becca plans to be a mom. That’s a scary thought. You just know she’s going to be “that person” that brings her kids to artist alleys and complain when people around her aren’t censoring themselves to protect her kids.

No. 482862

I'm assuming they've been together for a long time and its sunk cost at this point. Also when dating someone with untreated ADHD, the neurotypical partner is often forced to take a parent/caretaker role just so that the relationship functions. Which is why he babies her so much and plays along with her childish bullshit.

No. 482865

You do come off a bit incelish tbh like…sometimes people fall in love in high school and are compatible and stay together indefinitely. There's no deep formula here to be upset over. I mean sure she makes no money but if he's happy to pay and intends to marry her then the answer might just be despite the many flaws she has he loves her.

No. 482868

Those tiny hands oh my god that is comically bad jfc

No. 482874


No. 482875

this whole time I thought those ‘artist interviews’ were done by… an actual interviewer, meaning, not her fiancé/hubby. Huh.

No. 482879

Then stop looking for a man to take care of you. A romantic partner isn't supposed to be your daddy 2.0 and personal ATM. It's a partnership.

Becca's husband is an average looking guy wtih an okay job and seemingly infinite patience for his egotistical parasite fiancee. So what? You've got zero to do with their lives or relationship. They're not rich, the opposite in fact, and nobody knows what they're like off camera. Don't let Becca's bitter aura rub off on you too. Have some self respect you whiny idiot.

No. 482895

You anons have no taste

No. 482898

Oh my god, no one 'dislikes' your art Becca, it just looks bad. You have to actually create good work if you want people to appreciate it.

I do agree with >>482803 that the little book of semi-realistic paintings looks way better, with more thought put into them.

He seems like a complete douche, but honestly I really like the shiny coloring

No. 482902

File: 1573629946775.gif (246.1 KB, 200x200, sameface.gif)

Give me some goddamn credit, anon. That series of tweets is in the first page of results when you search "J Scott Campbell Same Face"

I'm literally one of the anons upthread who told someone not to post their own art. Why the fuck would I post my own artwork immediately thereafter?

But this is just some rando posting fanart in the spider-gwen tag. How else do you expect a teenage hobbyist to react when some asshole criticizes their work in an extremely rude and ableist way?

And yeah, the OP's art is crap, but he was in the right. J Scott Campbell has absolutely zero right to be criticizing people for anatomy. One of his shitty drawings literally went viral because of how garbage the anatomy was!

This would be like if someone posted a crappy drawing in the Shatterstar tag and Rob Liefeld replied with some snarky crap about the anatomy. Motherfucker, fix your own shitty anatomy before you start bitching at hapless teenagers for their's.

No. 482903


Isn't Spider-Gwen supposed to be wearing something like ballet slippers? He's drawn a foot in a high heel and then just cut the heel off.

No. 482911

She has blue flats in the comics, the ballet shoes were a thing added for the spider-verse movie

No. 482913

Honestly there’s a ton of comic artists on Twitter that need to get a fuckin hobby that isn’t surfing on twitter for random tags to comment on.

No. 482918

Right, that was probably some kid drawing for fun that only had a couple likes.

And if that guy was really trying to give 'real critique,' he would actually say how to improve it instead of 'needs more scoliosis.'

No. 482921

File: 1573632806974.jpeg (46.71 KB, 473x922, cancer.jpeg)

You'd think a grown ass man with a lucrative career would have something better to do with his time than embarrass himself by being a hypocrite on Twitter.

Anyway, RIP Gwen's spine.

No. 482948

There’s too many of these old guard comic men on social media and at cons being total scumbags cuz they think they are invincible and to an extent they are cuz western comics are generally all just Bad. Comics tends to like the same boring art in various degrees of shitty like J Scott and Greg Land and Liefeld and it keeps giving them jobs cuz they’re afraid of losing the shitty fuckboy audience.

Then we get them trying to bring in “new” artists but they just bad and boring on the other spectrum, they’re all people who do illustrations better than full comics like Jacqui or Jen bartel or Gabriel picolo. Like I wish they hired people who were actually good at sequential art instead of just getting people with high IG numbers.

No. 482949

File: 1573640094992.jpg (781.59 KB, 850x1290, Iceman_Pyro_Gay_One_Night_Stan…)

This is why I love it when comics do the whole diversity thing. I don't really give a crap one way or the other– I just love watching old guard neckbeards chimp out about it.

The spergouts about Lady Thor and Gay Iceman for fucking hilarious. A+ milk. Jesus how fucking autistic does someone even have to BE to get that asshurt about drawings of men in neon tights?

How dare they violate the sanctity of the funny books!

No. 482950

File: 1573640224450.jpeg (119.59 KB, 585x888, 91F6E046-14EC-49E9-A30F-050BD0…)

Are people seriously so unaware of publishing houses other than Marvel and DC? Image, Dark Horse, Boom!, these all have diverse art and stories (and these are just the few off the top of my head)

No. 482951

People need to stop using "cape shit" and "comics" interchangeably when what they really mean is just "cape shit".

No. 482952

Tbh I lump cape shit and western comics together to be derisive about it like when people lump all manga together as “manga”. Like I thought The Walking Dead had the shittiest art ever and the writing got boring two arcs in but it isn’t cape shit while the x-men stuff >>482949 posted tbh is some of the better cape shit that’s been out in years.

We’ve just been targeting DC cuz of jacqui and marvel cuz j Scott. Of course other publishers exist, these are just the spergy ones right now

No. 482954

I think it's those noses she draws. Her characters have this anime look but big gnome noses. It's that poor blend between anime and western art common in the late 90s.

Seeing her favorited videos and artbook collections she clearly loves anime art (she even got a Touhou book) so I don't get why she doesn't go full traditional watercolor anime with it. She can even give them the kind of realistic backgrounds she likes, but she needs to get her style in shape, these american/japanese mutt artstyles hardly ever look good and end up looking like a poor how to draw manga book.

Her booth is honestly one I would never stop by (full of original art in a unappealing western-anime fusion style) she needs to take down her ego and evaluate if objectively she herself would buy her own things (out of want, not out of wanting to support another for her own benefit). The art that got her giddy was the most anime, hyperstylized kawaii looking things so my guess is no.

No. 482974

I honestly feel like the idiots who complain about diversity in comics only know marvel and DC tbh. I love dark horse.

No. 483002

File: 1573661704922.jpeg (100.56 KB, 1284x642, a5a.jpeg)

I fucking swear his stuff looks like Bimbofication fetish drawings like pic related.

lmao at the t-rex hands, how do you even fuck up that badly at a professional level? The reason his "critique" for that kid's random doodle was so vague and bad is that he has no fucking idea himself about what he's doing so he has to resort to bullying hobbyists for cummies.

No. 483005

That pic made me want to kms

No. 483006

File: 1573662813466.jpg (19.21 KB, 524x336, 2.jpg)

>That Pic

No. 483018

This was posted in the old thread by some newfag, so I figured i'd move it here.

Cow fakes her monotone voice.

No. 483026

I don’t care enough to look too much more into it but this seems like an autistic teen trying to be cool online. No milk here, just weird teenage shit being pulled.

No. 483028

But she isn't a teen. Iirc she's like 23 and has a thread on /w/.

This is so fucking cringy, especially when her voice is just fine in older videos.

No. 483030

you should search her thread on kiwifarms, shes pretty fucked up.

No. 483059

It might actually be the opposite.
Anime doesn’t come naturally to her so she doesn’t really commit to the style even though she loves it.
The one thing I’ll say for sure is that she’s using the wrong watercolor paper for what she’s doing. She needs some hot press stuff for those cartoony lines.

No. 483076

There is some fucked up anatomy in almost every drawing he makes, the worst is usually the spine and alongated torsos. Besides the sameface and the tiny noses. He reminds me of sakimichan, he hides behing glossy painting so nobody will notices his fucked up anatomy and proportions. It's weird, because his whole career in centered around human figures but he is still makes them fucked up. Plenty of other artist in comic manage to sexualize the shit out of their characters without breaking them in half.

Is she really convincing anyone with that? It's painfully obvious she is at least making it sound worse than it really is, maybe even faking the whole thing. For what purpose anyway? Is it cool and edgy to sound like this?

No. 483084

haven't heard of her drama before but damn that sounds like she is pretending to have a monotone voice. critikal is a good example of a youtuber with a monotone voice that isn't faked(though he emotes more now).
just checked and it seems she started this bullshit with her channel intro video, trying to rebrand so she can play the victim card for whatever drama she is in, eh?

No. 483116

File: 1573706949936.jpeg (206.61 KB, 750x586, 84426D7C-B750-4AF2-93D6-9C5803…)

From Becca’s public discord. Looks like she knew Kasey and is bitter about her success

No. 483118

I don’t know becca… maybe kasey became successful because she makes content people wanna actually engage with? I’m not saying kasey is a mastermind businesswoman, but at least she actually does work

No. 483122

of course Kelsey does the same shit she does, does she think she invented tabling or being an artist on top of thinking her acquaintances should abstain from cutting her off despite her immature shitty attitude and negativity ? she seems reaaaally self-centred.

No. 483123

File: 1573708852222.jpeg (307.62 KB, 750x1057, 3BA76EB5-B04B-4410-BC55-285BF9…)

Jeez, not sure how any school is gonna wanna hire her with an attitude like this towards her students

No. 483124

lol the bitterness. becca no one wants to be your friend because you're a self-centered womanchild who never shuts the fuck up about her problems. kasey is an asshole but she has worked incredibly hard to get where she is now. also her art isn't a generic, poorly executed knockoff of the last airbender.

No. 483127

At this point Becca is in dire need of her own thread.

No. 483128

You would think, after 10 years of seeing other artists succeed where she has miserably failed, that she would at least get a vague idea of why that is.

No. 483129

That's the real world Becca grow up and maybe doing art isn't what you're really best at? Especially if you're not making money off it, not very good at it and your patreon only gets you $120 a month it's plain sad

No. 483131

Tbh I don’t think switching to hot press will help. Becca tends to work the watercolors thickly and they look like straight up tube colors so I don’t even think she waters them down and hot press won’t hold her color. It’d be better if she buckled down on getting better at whatever cartoony style tho if she did switch, like her lines are super noncommittal and not strong enough to hold up her watercolor style, so she should just better spend her energy relearning her fundamentals than like bitching about being “owed” something

No. 483132

Maybe she should try acrylic, or you know adding water to her watercolors.

No. 483136

File: 1573714957972.jpeg (587.92 KB, 1536x2048, yC0S7__Q.jpg:large.jpeg)


was checking her yt out and what is this hand

No. 483139

It looks like she was too fuckin lazy to do a google to get reference and tried to do the “anime shortcut” hands but has no knowledge of how hands work. Fuckin symbol drawing

No. 483143

She had the same similar passive aggressive whine while retweeting it and it’s like, just get a fuckin day job you clod if you need stable income. If this shit isn’t working and you put in over ten years, like then u need a reality check as to why you ain’t doing well. You aren’t owed shit

No. 483150

If you don't enjoy it, why are you doing it? Just accept that you only like art as a hobby because you're not even trying to make a career out of it.

No. 483164

File: 1573724363818.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 15C03660-7FA4-4F24-B2BB-8E32F2…)

I find this artist very talented but fuck the way they hold their pencil grosses me out??
Is this normal?

No. 483165

Are they double jointed or something? That doesn’t look natural lol and here I thought the way Holly held her tools creeped me out.

No. 483170

I feel you anon. Unhealthy grips are my pet peeve. Does this girl want carpal tunnel? Cause that's how you get carpal tunnel.

No. 483171

I finally went to check this chick out because you all have been talking about her in this thread and man is her art the blandest stuff I've ever seen, how does she expect to make a living with this? Like it's not hideous, but it's just mundane and lackluster with no defining edge or much variety to it. But I totally agree with >>481764 , I would've probably gone the same route if I didn't pursue another, more successful career and stayed with art. I don't think she's her own thread tier bad because someone giving out salty entitled failed artist rants every now and then isn't milky enough to really support discussion, but this is definitely a cautionary tale to everyone who encapsulates themselves in a personal bubble and then comes crashing down when their grandiose dreams don't come true on their own. It's sad.

No. 483174

How did holding a pencil in such a weird fucking way not get bullied out of her

No. 483184

i'd assume they are double jointed cus that looks horribly painful. still gonna fuck up their wrist though, has no one ever told them that their grip is really wrong?

No. 483188

I wonder why Becca doesn't get a full time art teaching job. I mean getting a teaching degree and teach art to kids at school. She does have (albeit bitter) teacher qualities and some experience teaching courses. Her art isn't the best but neither is the art of many school art teachers. She's not gonna make it as a con artist so might as well redirect your career path while still doing art?
I get people stop trying to make it and get a random job instead, but that is usually those who don't enjoy teaching and they rather quit the art field than become a jaded school teacher but she's one of the few artists who says she likes teaching, so what's the problem here?

No. 483190

Does she like teaching or does she just like her delusion of being this generous, wise artist who beginners should thank and give money to? Her discord messages make it seem like the latter.

No. 483192

doesn't she only tutor a person one at a time too? she wouldn't be able to handle a full class of kids.

No. 483195

She teaches community ed classes, but doesn’t get many kids to sign up

No. 483196

Can someone just make becca her own thread already

No. 483197

Shes said she’s been trying but even having an MFA, nobody’s hiring her, and she hasent ever been able to even land a retail job

No. 483200

several anons have asked for this already but seems people who are actually interested talking about her wanna spam it here lol

No. 483201

I have a hard time believing dropout serial job quitter Holly Brown can land 4 jobs and this woman can't find a single wagecuck one even having lived in different states. I think a lot of her problems can be improved with constructive criticism since the way she runs her youtube channel is also an unappealing mess (7000$ invested in video editing and her videos keep cutting her off in the middle of a word and have watermarks and the most muddy ugly thumbnails) but I'll drop the topic in case anyone wants to make a thread to not clutter this one anymore (idk how to make threads, I only lurk and comment rarely)

No. 483203

Omg, I didn’t realize that this was Tearzah, I thought it was another person with a similar style; I guess that explains the the sickly monotoned voice- newsflash, in her other videos, her voice doesn’t sound as “monotoned”
(In this video she sounds sick af, can’t tell if she really is or if it’s her acting- I really wouldn’t put it past this girl for lying)

No. 483210

Why do some people in the art community get so whiny when they’re told they’re eventually going to have to stop using their phones/iPads and transition over to an actual tablet+full fledged software if they’re serious about pursuing a career in digital?

Even if a serious employer is okay with you only knowing procreate, a person with actual experience in something like photoshop and similar programs is going to be much more appealing. And that’s what you’ll be competing against, so why kneecap yourself?

No. 483220

Because the art community is full of hypersensitive children who can't stand to be told literally anything unless its asspats.

No. 483228

I'm new to Becca and her bullshit, but I just finished watching >>482235 this morning and there is a part in there somewhere where she speaks to some HR person (looked it up a bit more and it looks like public school in Louisiana). They don't contact her back at first, but when she speaks to them again they tell her her options are a) pay 10k and go back to school for 2 years to get a certification or b) prove her merit (which she knew would be impossible and I'm sure the HR person just wanted her to fuck off lol). She's trying and failing, like with all of her endevors. She should just settle for applying to private schools- the pay is worse but it's more stable than anything she's currently bringing in I bet.

OT from above but my gripes with her whole video is how she feels like she'd owed like an anon above stated. When she spoke about her cats passing, she mentioned how much it cost her (I think 3k for one cat, and 2k for the other) but the way she said it rubbed me the wrong way- as if she was mad at her cats for costing her that much money even on their way to death. She says that she put up emergency flash commissions for cheap, but only got one. Like, do you not have an emergency fund for your pets?

She also complains about people sending her stuff. She asks them to not do that because it puts such a strain on her to figure out what to do with it, how to store it, etc. while asking instead that if they want to support her, to give to her patreon or write to art companies to ask them to sponsor her. It comes off as incredibly ungrateful lol. Even if she wants to give a realistic look into what it looks like to make it out in the art field, the negativity does nothing but bite her in the ass. I didn't even know about her until this video was posted on this thread, and even without looking at her art I already wouldn't want to support her- why would anyone want to support someone who's just a big old negative nancy? It's offputting.

After watching the whole thing, I've realized that Becca is a good breath of fresh air to me, in the way that I follow and see so many successful artists and think "I wish I pursued art more seriously, then maybe I could've ended up like them" but in reality I would've probably ended up like Becca. She makes me feel less bad about settling for a normie job so I can enjoy art on the side while not worrying about food on my plate and a roof over my head lol.

No. 483288

Multiple reasons. The main reason is that they're coping from not being able to buy a tablet. The secondary seems to be that the art community is really strong on the 'anyway is OK!' message, so getting a 'you need to do this' tip has whiplash. To make the whiplash worse most of the people peddling that advice are very abrasive/rude because they're either extremely cynical from being in the art community or just being an edgy contrarian. When you meet a really abrasive one it brings up bad memories and you disregard any advice given to you that sounds like them
The way they also phrase it is a problem 'you have to get a tablet if you want to be professional'. This goes against the 'you can do anything' message they have been getting. 'It may be hard to become a CEO when you're from a low income neighborhood, but I did it and so can you' changes into 'it may be hard to get a job as an artist using an ipad, but I can through hard work'. Not debating 'you need a tablet' is the first step to accepting 'your dreams can't come true' or to a lighter extent it pops them out of the art world safe space.

Most them also like using a phone and find the idea of using an entirely new software scary. I've seen people defend their use of MSpaint because 'I'm used to it'. Switching softwares and mediums, phone to tablet, also gives you're art a big hit in quality. The hit will go away once you get used to the software, but most of them don't wait out the hit and just go back to phone doodles. A lot of them are also proud of using phones? It's a weird kin ship they have so leaving it feels bad.

My weirder theory is that most of them against it simply don't have the goal to go beyond their phone. I think some casual artist take commissions/join art critique groups only because 'well good artist are supposed to do that', it's easy, and it aligns with their goals. They keep adding more 'artist are supposed to' till they say 'i want to be a professional'. The problem is they don't go 'professional' because they're hard workers ready to take on the highs and lows of art, but because 'artist are supposed to do that'. Once they hit parts of 'artist are supposed to do that' that don't align with their goals or have substantial effort. they can say 'oh I don't want to go professional' or 'I am "professional" and I don't like this. You can be professional and not do this".

No. 483299

File: 1573756522377.png (459.55 KB, 594x420, e9618e27847c1f998235931567aa5f…)

Becca's biggest problem is that her work is just unambitious, mediocre, and boring. If she was just a hobbyist her work would be decent, it's cute and inoffensive, but for a professional it's pretty subpar. Just look at her Twitter, she has over 3k followers and these are the amounts of engagement she gets, and pic related is one of her more successful art posts too. People with 1k or less followers regularly get way more engagement on art posts than her because no one actually follows her for her art. Her work on 7" Kara from the very first pages doesn't look any different from her current art, I think the biggest reason Becca is unsuccessful is because she just doesn't try where it actually matters: the art.

No. 483304

From the amount of people she follows as well, it looks like she does the “follow4follow” crap so it’s no wonder her engagement is shit. 3k followers means nothing when most of those people don’t engage outside of adding you to pad their numbers.

No. 483308

File: 1573758108368.jpeg (801.89 KB, 1242x1430, 4AE33288-6C65-4C84-B617-B4FCDD…)


The amount of entitlement oozing out of her is ridiculous. I can’t believe she has the gall to post that on a public chat. She also feels like she needs to be rewarded for doing this as I’m guessing the zines she’s referring to are the ones she’s bitching about.

Don’t get me started on her “last decade accomplishments recap”…

No. 483312

There's having a sense of accomplishment and knowing your worth and then there's this… yikes.

No. 483336

Honestly, I think the biggest issue is that people who say that advice tend to be the most abrasive/rude about it.

No matter how good your advice is, no one wants to listen to you if you're going to be rude or abrasive about it for no real reason other than being cynical or a tryhard. You can't give "tough love" to someone that you don't know or have absolutely no connection with over the internet, it just comes off as you being a jackass… and many of them are soo self unaware when it comes to that.

Not to mention, they fail to actually explain why. Sure no one is under any obligation to elaborate or explain, but it certainly helps the point when you do.

"You need a tablet to be a professional." can come off as rude and abrasive, and serving no real purpose other than just tablet = professional. Plus, it only contributes to the issue of expensive supplies = good art/professional.

Saying "Having a tablet if you want to pursue being a professional artist is better than your phone because…" actually explains the reasons why having a tablet is preferred over using the phone. It gives them an actual reason to look into a tablet and explains the reasoning behind it other than just tablet= better.

No. 483337

The low income analogy really doesn’t work though because an iPad is like 400 bucks. You could find a decently priced tablet and a lower end laptop that could at least run sai or clip studio for that. Plenty of people pirate art software, so that’s not really an issue as long as you’re smart about it.

No. 483339


He still has a point lmao. the figure is stiff and there's nothing going on in the picture.

His anatomy may be jacked but at least his figures still have some semblance of motion to them. Seems like OP is just assmad for not smoke blown up their ass.

No. 483344

Wouldn't you be upset if you were a random kid getting a snarky, shallow critique from a professional you weren't even trying to engage with? The OP's drawing only has a few likes and doesn't tag Campbell, so he had to be combing through the Spider-Gwen tag to come across this. It's like he went out of his way to find a shitty artist to make fun of, which isn't something you should do with your professional account.

No. 483347

I second this. My first laptop was $350 new, and could easily run a basic drawing software. Clip Studio has seasonal sales all the time, and is a one time purchase and not subscription like Adobe. Also, the software Studio Ghibli used is open source and free if you want to take the time to REALLY learn a foreign tool. It is a lot cheaper than Apple and, if you get a desktop PC over a laptop, you can buy parts piecemeal and just upgrade the parts you want to upgrade when you do get money, and not have to buy a new device altogether when it eventually becomes outdated. With multiple displays possible when you go for drawing tablet over iPad, there is no way to be a ‘professional artist’ when all you use is Procrate and an Apple pencil.

No. 483349

there is literally no reason why procreate shouldn't be used besides it not being "industry standard", which is completely stupid to begin with. photoshop isn't even a painting program, and procreate can do most of what photoshop can do with a more intuitive and less cluttered workspace. Obviously if i'd have to work in a studio or something and they gave me a cintiq and photoshop to work with i wouldn't mind, but unless you work somewhere that specifically requires you to use these tools it's absolutely possible to make professional art in procreate.

No. 483351

clip studio has an iPad version. It does suck though that it has a monthly price, compared to their PC version but even then They even have an 8 month free trial which is what I’m on now. Works just as well as the PC version. procreate is trash compared to clip studio.

Becca will never get her head out of her ass. It only seems to have gotten in deeper than before.

No. 483354

I’ve yet to see any Procreate art that isn’t made for instagram clout, used as a digital sketchbook, or by a ‘I’m gonna be a real artist!’ type. If in a professional setting, it is required to use some form of software, it is not just because of how the software works, it is file sharing. Between your co-workers, your clients, everyone you interact with is going to need an easy way to access your files, both the saved PNG/JPEG/ or PDF, but the original project file as well. It’s just save as - change file type - done, and you’re on your way.

In the animation class that I aide for, two students had to switch from Procreate to Photoshop on the fly and relearn how to draw with it because Photoshop and Adobe’s Animate were what were used as the main file-sharing type in the class. My current employer has a business partnership with Adobe. Likely my future employers will have the same. Procreate is cool and all, but I’d call it intermediate, not professional. It’s the Copic Ciao of art programs.

No. 483355

well, procreate can open and save psds, so it's compatible with photoshop. i mainly do traditional art, so the ipad is just more natural to use for me if i have to do digital art, and i can easily send the files over to my computer to finish in photoshop if i have to. obviously procreate is still missing a few features that photoshop has, but it's totally possible to make the same level of quality art on there if you try.
if youre a super professional artist with a lot of disposable income, sure, get that $5000 dual monitor cintiq 32 desktop setup, but for a lot of artists that aren't there just yet an ipad is just a more productive choice. (i ditched my cintiq 13 for an ipad that i paid off for a year, and i don't regret it at all.)

No. 483357

You’re completely missing the point. Also, if you’re mainly traditional with a little digital on the side, then this really doesn’t apply to you. We’re talking about artists who focus on digital.

No. 483368

NTA but I agree with you 100% and thank god someone said it out loud. One of the reasons why I left art was that everything not being unbelievably rude and petty was seen as "asspats" and usually the people offering (often unsolicited) criticism either had no idea what they were doing or were purposefully trying to hurt someone's feelings. Actual, useful advice gets lost in that sea of cynicism. You could explain that in the industry they use certain programs for the sake of integrity and easy standards so it makes other people easier to pick up something if you're collaborating in a professional scene, but instead people just have to go with the "Get that fucking $2000 cintiq right now retard, what are you, a poorfag?" approach.

Yeah I think the "casually dressed, cheerful girls smiling in the middle of flowers colored in with beginner copic skills" theme has been played out so much that "unambitious" is the best way to put it. I sort of feel sorry for her because it's obvious she's 100% blind to her own faults and believes in the Disney dream about dreams coming true if you just believe in what you do. Which obviously means never challenging yourself or stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something different.

Not to nitpick but if you really want to use the Apple pen you really need to get the pro version for proper pen feedback/GPU performance which is a $1000 hit and the pen itself is more than $100 as well, that's admittedly a lot of money to drop on drawing utensils. As for the desktop version of CSP nobody has an excuse as to NOT to buy it, even I could afford the one-time price back when I was broke as fuck.

No. 483369

File: 1573768801895.jpg (1.05 MB, 849x1080, Remy.jpg)

if you havent seen anyone beyond Jacqueline-tier cloutfags use it, you haven't been looking. plenty of "real" and industry artists who use Procreate, Max Ulichney for example.

No. 483374

Of course pros use it in their personal time but do they use it in-house? Do studios like Riot Games, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers etc use procreate as a part of their studios' work flow?

No. 483375

Procreate is great for painting but to do a massive digital piece with lots of layers and effects going on simultaneously I really don't recommend it. I only use it for sketching myself and I work in comics. Clip Studio Paint is what I use for finished pages and pieces.

Not to mention line art in Procreate really sucks compared to SAI, CSP, abd Photoshop. The select tool creates pixel distortion so it's useless for line art.

No. 483377

File: 1573769955561.jpg (537.42 KB, 1080x1879, Screenshot_20191115-091711_Chr…)

From the wiki:

>Well-known users of Procreate include comics artist and DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, who has used it to sketch Batman and the Joker. British fine artist David Hockney created a series of landscape paintings using Procreate. Kyle Lambert, a poster artist notable for creating the Stranger Things poster in Procreate, is also known for his viral Procreate finger-painting of Morgan Freeman. Artist James Jean also uses Procreate for film poster work, including the poster for Blade Runner 2049. Art Director for Ubisoft and Electronic Arts, Raphael Lacoste, uses Procreate for studies. Concept artist Doug Chiang creates robot, vehicle and creature designs for Star Wars in Procreate. John Dyer, the English landscape painter, is using Procreate as part of the 'Last Chance to Paint' project, a partnership with the Eden Project that is sending Dyer to stay with the Yaminawá in the Amazon rainforest, where he will paint the experience. Procreate is also used in-house at Disney and Pixar.

No. 483379

I think a lot of Procreate's usefulness comes from how intuitive it is to use. Hand gestures make everything so much easier tbh. I love CSP but using it on the iPad vs Procreate sucks ass.

To go back to an earlier discussion, I sont see the issue with people using their phones to make art when they're just hobbyists. If some smarmy pro swaggered up to my comments telling me I'll never git gud unless I buy a cintiq and an overpriced Adobe subscription I'd tell them to fuck off, too. People who want to go pro will eventually realize on their own that the tools they are using are limiting them and upgrade in their own time, but honestly, most artists online view professional = lots of followers and likes on IG, so.

No. 483381

Lol okay anon still doesn't stop it from distorting pixels when resizing rendering it useless to me personally. Feel free to Google this issue it is why many people don't bother with Procreate when there are better programs readily available that do more.

No. 483383

do you mean when you size up an object it becomes more pixelated or pixels getting displaced weirdly either when you size up or down? cus if you mean the former then i don't know what other art programs you've been using until now but that happens on everything since the program can't add pixels 100% accurately.

No. 483387

All pixels will get distorted when blown up unless you create a vector

No. 483393

you asked if professionals use the program in house, not how to troubleshoot your pixelation issues

No. 483395

Lol no that isn't what I mean. I am aware of how these programs work I produce digital art for a living. Again, you can Google and find many forums and threads regarding the pixel distortion issue. It happens when you move or rotate selected lines. No resizing required.

No. 483396

I'm definitely not the anon you're talking about sorry

No. 483398

Are you using an ipad pro or regular ipad?

No. 483400

no one is going to google a problem for a thing they don't have, if you bring it up explain what it is or don't mention it.

No. 483405

File: 1573772848248.gif (839.22 KB, 500x282, datentitlementOML.gif)

No. 483441


But what version do these artists and comapnies get? Do they get the appstore version released to the public, or do they get source code through brand deals that they freely modify for their use? It isn't an apples to apples comparison.

No. 483447


No. 483450


Great, more tryhard, edgy humor only 13 year olds will love. Yawn. Even the trailer has pacing/editing issues, is everything she touches this mediocre?

No. 483456


isnt this the same concept as hazbin hotel? its not even past episode 1 and theyre already trying to milk the multiverse/same universe idea :///(:///)

No. 483463

a little off topic atm, but have any anons here tried the mossery watercoloour sketchbooks? I'm looking into the 100% cotton watercolour paper.

I prefer using a skecthbook to pads of paper, and the covers are super cute so I'm debating on getting one. The price seems really steep though, especially adding shipping on top. Or is $38.50 for 28 sheets pretty standard for 100% cotton paper?

No. 483465

It's a b-plot that she couldn't manage to weave into Hazbin, so she's making it into a separate series that she's hoping will expand the cash grab. But what it's more likely to do is water down the quality and focus of what people already think is pretty amateur work for both animations.
No one asked for it. She didn't need it. Yet here it is.
It's veryyyy edgy too, I'm actually not surprised by the VA selection that crawled out of the woodwork for this based on their resumes of working with edgy so randum shows before.

No. 483519

The random furaffinity tier character design on the wolf girl is cracking me up

No. 483523

he was engineered to appeal to the same tumblr girls that wanted to fuck the onceler.
All of his dialogue is cringe as fuck

No. 483527

He looks and sounds like Bert from Sesame Street

No. 483553

>I flat out deserve recognition

No. 483554


I've heard that they're pretty good as a mixed media sketchbook (some of my friends use alcohol markers and they look pretty good) but you're definitely paying for the brand aesthetic with Mossery. Not really worth it IMO.

I have a Fabriano 200 gm sketchbook that handles watercolor really well, has super nice paper and cost me 20€. If you're gonna pay premium for watercolor paper I think Fabriano is always the way to go.

No. 483556


alright so i'm finally getting the chance to catch up on this girl's drama (it's so funny and the best thing to happen to this thread in a while. keep it up becca) and holy shit i can't believe she just admitted she used to spend 7k A MONTH on a video editor.

like what the fuck?? is she insane? like literally batshit crazy? there's no way this is true. her videos have no views. what.the. fuck.

No. 483558


She said she paid her video editor for 2 years which would mean she spent 170k on a video editor in 2 years?? LOL

Maybe she's stupid and can't do maths and she meant 70$ or something.

No. 483561

Even $700 makes more sense. I just can't fathom spending 7k a month on video editing if you can't pay for vet emergencies. Priorities. I would say she needs to spend more time studying but she has a Master's in fine arts? She might be hopeless at this point.

No. 483562

Agreeing with >>483554 here, you’re paying for the aesthetic of mossery tbh. I use a cottonwood arts cold press, and while it’s still paper not cotton, it’s about 18$ for 30 pages. And if I wanted cotton, A pack of bee paper at 6x9 is like 19$ for 50 and I’d bind it myself since it’s a sketchbook and I’m not too pressed about making it pretty.

Most of the artists I’ve seen with mossery books all get them free for promo tbh lol

No. 483569

File: 1573814286545.png (1.46 MB, 2003x1331, julie.egg.png)

So what do you guys think of julie.egg's new art style copying Japanese artist Kanekoshake? Maybe I'm reaching but it seems like she's copying poses and color palletes too.

No. 483577

File: 1573816072192.jpeg (863.71 KB, 2048x2048, 4AC13A54-4A2E-476F-AFC7-B471AB…)

I’m so sick of seeing Meyoco knock-offs on my explore page
This collection is 5 DIFFERENT artists how do they not suffer from some kind of imposter syndrome?

I wonder if any of them sell at AA?
It would super shitty if someone with zero creativity stole your concepts then proceeded to make a profit off it and the obtain a 280k following

No. 483583

I noticed this as well and it really irked me because its so obvious…

No. 483584

File: 1573818494886.png (6.11 MB, 3327x2047, hhh.png)

not op but this one made me laugh do they think people wont notice lol.

No. 483588


The meyoco stuff is really irksome. I get that it's a cute style but people copy everything, from the concepts to the color palettes, shading style, lineart style, etc..

Like, I know you can't trademark an "art style" but it's all such an almost exact copy and then to top it off these same people will get so irked if you point this out.. Yikes.

No. 483598

there are some differences so you can tell them apart, they'll hopefully grow out it cus it seems like they were just inspired by them.
also went to check kanekoshake's twitter cus that picture looked cute, but they have some gross stuff posted too so i noped the fuck out lmao

No. 483600

Why the hell waste their time on this?
1. Nobody asked for it
2. It's WAY too early to be trying to milk spinoffs when the "original" series isn't even happening yet
3. Shouldn't they be, y'know, working on said original series, since 8 million people have watched Hazbin and some of them are clearly supportive, instead of this random thing?

No. 483603

It's bad enough that the HH pilot was crappy, but this girl can't plan for shit and seems extremely disorganized. People were already speculating before this spin-off that it would take her a year or more to release another episode of HH, and if that happens, people are going to lose interest. HH has so many things wrong with it, but of course Vivz can't take any criticism.

Also, I'm not good with spotting animation errors, but does the animation look better in the spinoff, or is it just me? What the fuck, Vivz? You're not an established animator working in the animation industry. You haven't even released any episodes of HH except the fucking pilot. She is doing herself a major disservice by focusing on this instead of fixing HH and releasing episodes more quickly. What a fucking mess.

No. 483612

File: 1573827436829.png (2.16 MB, 945x1403, animui.png)

Anime is so fucking inbred and exhausted, it fucking killed illustration online. You can google pretty much everything and theres an animu girl version who also will yield about 90 million other extremely similar anime girls with the same composition, color palette, theme and concept. What is even the incentive to waste time doing yet another derivative composition when you already know there´s a million other just like it? i don´t understand these artists, its like animefags are a hive mind or is all made up by some artificial intelligence, i used to like anime but now i see it as the most souless NPC shit in the world.

No. 483617


they used it for their instagram and twitter art posts and studies, not their in house jobs.

An ipad with Procreate is honestly way too expensive and an overkill for life drawing and plein air that can be done with traditional media and will yield better mileage as far as skill goes. Its the ultimate rich hipster douchebag toy, its completely unnecesary, not good enough for real pro work as a desktop, its a leisure toy for online status signaling and clout.

No. 483633

That's pretty much the reason I don't draw "cute girls" anymore, because the internet already has enough of them. It's all just so forgetable and same-y…

No. 483660

Do the people who swear up and down that an ipad with procreate works for professional-oriented art not realize that, if it actually did, all of these companies would've switched out their expensive desktop, tablet and software setups for ipads to cut costs?

No. 483663

Speaking about drawing tablets… How is an x-pen or Huion as a screen tablet rather than a wacom? They're cheaper, but I don't know if they are actually a save and not a long time cost over a cintiq. Are their colours and feedback worth the save?

No. 483666

From personal experience, avoid Huion like the plague. Even if the tablet works, the drivers will end up fucking you. If you have it, just spend a little extra to get something better, or save up so you don't waste your money.

No. 483667

I've been watching more and more of her videos and the editing is fucking abysmal. Terrible jumpcuts, that fucking soft watermark, what the fuck was she paying $7k for? I think she's so self absorbed that when she got the final edited copy back, she was too concerned about how she looked to notice show shoddy/non existent the editing was.

She has two mechacon recaps up, but one of them has all the footage of the other one. What's the point? Take the other one down, why are you rehashing everything. She talks to the camera as if she's going to upload in time for anyone to see it (says "hope to see you guys here on friday!") and come by, and there's an embarrassing scene where she's recapping stuff in the bathroom and her mom knocks on the door to say something. Why not just restart what you're saying so your editor can cut out the part where you were interrupted? If she's trying to ham up how much she spent on a video editor to garner pity points, she's not getting any. It just makes her look like a fucking idiot.

No. 483670


I have an older huion model (the non screen ones) and its perfectly fine and i have worked with it every day for like 3 years. Some time ago i had a lot of issues with photoshop specifically until i realized it wasn´t the tablet drivers, it was windows ink and photoshop itself, the solution was the one on the link below, then it worked perfectly again.


As far as screen tablets go the one thing i heard thats inferior compared to cintiq is the tilt function which a lot of people dont even use. I think huion is a great alternative and wacom is overpriced and also has a lot of complaints about driver issues on the latest products so not even that makes it worthwhile.

No. 483672

Honestly every time I hear people complain about ipads I feel like they’re the ones that can’t afford to buy it or learn how to use it to the full extent. Which is kind of funny considering the Pro model is not actually that expensive in the long run, or including the other things they can be used for.

No. 483674

>Still distributing the M-MUH SAMEFACE ANIMU DESTROYING THE INDUSTRY narrative from 2008

No. 483681


lol, thats the very least of it

No. 483685

I disagree. If you really want an ipad to draw on and don't want to spend a lot of cash, you can easily find a refurbished one for pretty cheap, and the entire appeal of mobile drawing programs is how easy they are to use vs those on desktops/laptops.

No. 483695

You may have misread my post because I was saying they are affordable.

No. 483713

File: 1573838755364.jpg (40.63 KB, 481x741, 81pcLW CjLL._SY741_.jpg)

>and the entire appeal of mobile drawing programs is how easy they are to use


No. 483719

You called a thousand dollar tablet that you can pretty much only watch youtube and do instagram art on "affordable"

No. 483721

old post but I actually agree with you. I've been following her for years and it sucks to see such a style deviation. I don't know if I'd call it bad or regression but it does suck when you follow an artist for a certain style and they completely change.

And, yes, I get that everyone goes through style phases and (should) grow as an artist but it is sad when it's something you can't appreciate as much

No. 483722

I could make a lengthy reply about why that’s wrong but I won’t, since you’re the exact type of person I’m making fun of.

No. 483723

>>483663 the main difference is the build. cheaper tablets are usually plastic so not as durable, as long as you take care of them youll be fine.

the drivers might or might not be an issue for you. ive heard a lot from both sides, id recommend looking into youtube reviews as many of them go in depth about the build of the products.

No. 483730

>the main difference is the build
>cheaper tablets are usually plastic so not as durable

thats true for the huion pro i have, it feels distinctly different than an intuos when it comes to texture, the surface does feel cheaper but you should check the newer models, specially the screen ones, they have really upped the quality of build, the laminated screen versions are looking pretty close to what wacom is offering for a lot more price.

No. 483732

I didnt know that! Havent checked reviews in a while I do know the parallex is very similar to wacom producs. Glad they are producing higher quality tablets.

No. 483738

This is hilarious actually. because these are all way better than any of meyocos stuff even though I'm sick of seeing them too.

No. 483740


I am also pretty glad that there are alternatives to wacom now, heard also good things about xp-pen but the most recent kamvas model with the laminated screen seems like a really solid product imo, what the cintiq still has over it is a good deal higher monitor resolution and better tilt function, the huion is also not a touchscreen but considering the prices is a great option.

No. 483742

mecoyo copied japanese aesthetic stuff anyway. this shit is by no means unique. even her original shit was never unique.

No. 483784

You left art because of people?…..
I was about to say this lmfao. I do agree that it's generic as fuck.

No. 483801

Every time Michie bitches about other artists not wanting to share their sources istfg. She makes literal pennies and acts like she's some professional. She's never made enough money to take care of herself her entire life and she acts so fucking full of herself.

No. 483804

She talks about being in a Reddit hate thread for artists. Anyone know which thread that is?

No. 483807

>Most of the artists I’ve seen with mossery books all get them free for promo tbh lol

That's exactly why I posted this question here, I don't think I've seen anybody genuinely post about mossery tbh. So thank you guys for your input!

I've got a moleskin that's 35% cotton and like $20 that I haven't started yet, so I'll see how that goes. I am just getting really frustrated with the low quality paper I've been using lately.

No. 483811

If you guys wants some great paper (particularly for watercolour) I highly recommend checking out Khadi Papers. They offer a variety of different papers for different mediums and do 100% cotton ones, Plus all their papers are made from recycled materials and they donate a regularly to water aid projects in Nepal and India(where the company is based ) if you want to be a bit more ethically conscious. Granted they are a bit pricey, but it is well worth it in my opinion

No. 483917

>he was engineered to appeal to the same tumblr girls that wanted to fuck the onceler.
This, but also funnily enough the show is an instant hit with teens. I'm sure vivzie knows her audience is going to swallow any r34 bait she throws at them. And we all know what that audience tends to like.

No. 483920

File: 1573885960951.jpg (3.12 MB, 3264x2448, 1524942972312.jpg)

Does anyone have scans of these kinds of japanese pose books?
Any type, although the female ones + lazying around ones would be absolutely best.

I saw one of these at a Japanese library once, but not only it's kinda far from home, my library card expired, so it would be kinda of a pain in the ass to get my hands in one of these again.

What I really love about those books is how they show the exact same post from a lot of different angles.


No. 483921

I personally have a screened xpen and older model that was about ~300. Outside of the fact that my first two came from the same defective batch. Their support line was a god send for me. It works well. My only issue came from it randomly forgetting my hotkeys and my particular model doesn't support tilt functions, although I believe newer ones do. For the price it's okay but it's one that you will out grow for sure. At least with my older model.

No. 483922

File: 1573887481785.jpg (238.21 KB, 1280x720, 3454354364.jpg)

I hate this character design. If he's supposed to be from the 20s/30s, why the fuck does he have scene kid hair and a monocle? Neither of those things are period appropriate. What the fuck are those things on his head? Ears? Why does he go back and forth between having horns and not having horns?

Why do all of Vivienne's character designs have to be filtered though dated scene kid sparkledog bullshit? Why is it for hard for her to draw a character with normal hair that doesn't look like a weird mullet or fur?

Also the character seems overall just a little too similar to the Warden from Superjail.

No. 483924


lol wut? i don't believe this is a guy. it looks like a mixture of grell from black butler, and the warden from superjail as a furry.

No. 483927

File: 1573888312837.png (505.42 KB, 647x545, 2019-11-16 18_10_59-(5) SURPRI…)

Seriously every single design from this show SCREAMS mid 2000s, but the radio demon offends me the most because it could've been such a cool idea, but instead it's an emo cat man that would've been front page deviantart material back in the day. But I guess since Vivzie herself looks straight out of a Hot Topic circa 2006, it makes sense.

No. 483929

Holy shit… that's a woman near thirty wearing coontails. In 2019. She looks like a scene version of Baylee Jay, yikes.

Suddenly all of her horrible character designs make sense. I bet she still listens to Blood on the Dance Floor.

No. 483931

yande.re has massive book scan thread. Idk about this series specifically you'll have to dig but there isn't a shortage of weeb pose books.

No. 483932

You'll get over it. Now go draw your ugly dnd troll ocs.

No. 483935

>She looks like a scene version of Baylee Jay, yikes.
Holy fucking shit
She looks like Baylee trying to cosplay as a Hazbin Hotel character

No. 483939

I guess after going to hell and becoming demons, everyone has to look like a different color of scene queen jack skellington

No. 483942

It's so frustrating because I really have to appreciate them for making the episode happen but the character designs are so awful and dated. With the radio demon the color scheme is way too dull and he blends so much into the background that literally the only thing I remember about him is the voice (which was a cool trait ngl and the VA did an amazing job), visually I have no recollection about him. Most of the designs went overboard with the snowflake details and were too complicated to be animated consistently. There's a reason character designs get toned down for their animated adaptations. I can't fault her for having a distinct style just because it doesn't appeal to me personally (at all) but the unnecessary amount of complexity affects the consistency.


You can necro a thread if you're bringing new content. The redline/redraw thread was made to prevent this "I mAdE it BeTTeR" discussion from clogging the thread.

No. 483944

The show is tricky, because on the one hand the environments and voice acting are cool, and I always like a show set in hell. But the awful scene kid character designs, the bad writing, and the stereotype characters really kills it.

Vivs should just be a background artist or something. I don't think she has any business being a director.

Anyway, I'm not sure if removing the hot topic stuff was MaKiNg It BeTtEr. It kind of makes it less interesting? He sort of just looks like generic business Satan now.

No. 483946

Please keep the "I made it better" attention whoring to its own thread, please. This is a gossip thread, not a dick measuring contest.

No. 483956

What bothers me is that there's no visual elements that represent he has anything to do with being a radio announcer in his past life or w/e.

No. 483959

Yeah tbh I’ve just been bouncing around to find paper I like and it’s taken ages? My perfect paper would be like the stuff in an arches block but without the buckling that loose paper does. I’m meh on moleskine, I mostly just like it’s size and portability but I find the paper too smooth in its sketchbooks for anything but pen for me, so imo anon, just kind of try a bunch of shit out if u can afford it

No. 483977

bls sboonfeed me, how would i look for it? i can't into non-basicbitch boards

No. 483979


try cgppers.

scene and emo is the worst fucking thing that could make a comeback.

No. 484019

I hate that every character is red grey and pink so they all blend in to the muddy background

No. 484029

So I know this is a super unpopular opinion here but I'm actaully hoping Welcome to hell gets picked by a studio(preferably adult swim), If a youtube pilot can become a semi-popular AS franchise then maybe that might get Youtube to prioritize animators more in their algorithm

No. 484030


I've already looked around yande.re and although I was able to download some other cool stuff, most pose books were gone. I've read that they have it in their discord servers, but I don't use discord and honestly, I wouldn't want to join a neckbeard Loli drawing discord for these books kek


I'll look for it ano , thanks.

No. 484043

No. 484077

Was it too much hoping for some actual asshole drama?
This guy's whole personality is disgusting, but I hoped in some D'Angelo's dissing. It'd be so good

No. 484083

that was some major clickbait…

No. 484085

So I couldn’t bare to watch but I skipped halfway through the video and he decides to give the artwork a different eye shape? Nigga please

No. 484089

Saged for non milk, is anyone going to be trying this? I'd love to but I dunno if I'm up to it lol

No. 484090

I want to, but the rate some people just churn them out is discouraging. I'll stick to drawing what I want in my free time rather than do a hashtag challenge.

No. 484094

File: 1574028543291.jpg (355.2 KB, 1000x1900, D0RLzTUXgAEzE4D.jpg)

I know this is pretty old and idk if it's been talked about before but I thought I'd post it here

No. 484098

File: 1574029187247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.25 KB, 1500x1500, EIPEvx6WwAMv0i_.jpg large.jpg)

Is this his normal art?

No. 484100

He tends to mainly make porn (but I don't really care about that).The reason why I posted that comic was because I haven't seen anybody acknowledge the fact that the mawhile character seems to be enabling the sylveon character's self harm,rather than trying to get her proper help

No. 484101

I always love when people make art like this because it just proves they have never had enough of a mental illness problem to self harm. It is not some quirky thing that instantly makes you happy, it is an alternative to suicide. That is the most common reason for self harm. But nah, it is just a quirky thing they do, aren't they adorable!

No. 484107

>Gee, I wonder why people draw something I don't like? Why don't they draw anything that appeals to my specific tastes rather then the stuff that's popular?

No. 484109

whats the black pokemon called? sage for unrelaited

No. 484110

File: 1574030937269.png (5.85 MB, 2481x1315, animui2.png)


lol, ok

No. 484112

People draw fanart to get more followers. I was just pointing that out and not actually arguing with you but ok.

No. 484113

I think it's a Mawile

No. 484118

Sex. He gets sex. Ngl how are yall so thick. Ant man willing to date an overly dependent womanchikd is probably just in it for the pussy. Let's not try and save his dignity.

No. 484129

if he was that desperate he could pay a prostitute instead of being married to her, probably cheaper than paying for living expenses for another person.

No. 484153

Doesn't Diives draw pedo porn and get banned from Twitter for it? Is this supposed to be the lead up of some kinda uwu sad porn Emergence kinda shit? I wouldn't put it past him.

No. 484166

Lol I take it you're frequently single

No. 484191

File: 1574047537932.png (1.27 MB, 1352x872, Capture.PNG)

Saged for non-milk, but I actually don't hate this piece?

Video is instant clickbat, it is not actual vanta black, it is an off-brand that she shouts out. More Skillshare sponsorships, yada-yada. But the piece itself it honestly not the worst she has ever done. She could have definitely pushed the limits with the geode a bit, but I am actually surprised with how the piece turned out. I hated when she put those lines on the leaves, they were better without them, but all-in-all, this isn't that bad.

No. 484207

Ew gross,demon furries?how ridiculous,I still don't understand why people like her?
Whilst I was browsing comments on Yt I saw a user who said that viz would have never had huge following if she wasn't appealing to a certain community or demographic (furries) therefore she would have been a desperate nobody who colors everything with pink.

No. 484216

Does this smell self-posty to anyone else? I don't see why Emily would self post but that's just the vibe I got..

Also, to be fair, I'm pretty sure vantablack isn't available for purchase, so it's not like she could have actually used it.

Sage for no real contribution

No. 484226

Does anyone here have a Huion screen tablet? As in touchscreen monitor type deal. I've been thinking about them but Youtube videos for tablets are infuriatiating

>45 minutes unboxing

>use tablet for 5 seconds
>seems good
>video ends

If anyone has experience using them I'd love to hear about it.

No. 484234

>popular humanoid sylveon is a cutter uwu also porn

why are pokemon artfags always complete degenerates?

No. 484237

This feels like a self post.

Nobody gives a shit about you, Emily Crackhead.

No. 484242


No. 484246

lavendertowne's new vid

No. 484256

File: 1574068788560.jpg (99.07 KB, 1500x1500, 1_9_3.jpg)

I always death grip my pen when drawing with my tablet (huion h610 pro) because the drawing surface feels too smooth and slippery. Any advice? I can't seem to get myself to draw for more than an hour cause of this (also because I'm only able to draw every other day thus making me lose motivation quickly).

No. 484266

get a paper-like screen protector. theyre meant for screen tablets but it'll probably work just fine

No. 484268

Or just put a thin sheet of paper on top of it. I use a sheet from my usual sketchbook and it feels so much better.

No. 484277

File: 1574078279812.jpg (2.08 MB, 1200x1808, 0e6c2854942657.596ff0cdd8913.j…)

lol I was looking at Becca's blog and I found this comic page

Look at that last panel

No. 484307

File: 1574083172414.png (660.09 KB, 561x707, jeez.png)

Vitiligo? Really?

No. 484348


lmao what kind of weed at you smoking? this piece is ugly as hell. that shade of purple for the background looks garish. the stylisation of the face is a poor imitation of the disney style that IMO is childish and outdated. the skin looks dead. the flowers are so boring?

there's literally nothing about this piece that's impressive. it is as mediocre as they come.

No. 484350


You've proved nothing with this lol just say you don't like anime and go.

No. 484354


this has happened on every non screen tablet i've ever used, wacom or huion, it has never felt right to draw on them and my grip is never natural or comfortable with a digital pen. Is not a thing for everyone, some professional artists for some reason i cannot understand feel very comfortable drawing on those and never upgrade to a screen one, for me is pretty much a necessity at this point.

No. 484366


Just like Sonic and Digimon, it scrambles something on kids brain that accompanies them their entire lives. Not like the cartoon is a psyops (maybe) but you know, impressionable kids, development years and all that, they obsess over the show and games during the same years that the brain itself is still developing as well as understanding of life, fetishes and traumas, sexuality, etc.

Reminds me of an article i read that was mostly about food, if children get exposed to junk food and saturated fats and sugar their dopamine receptors get programmed for the rest of their life with a bias towards those things and a bias against things that are not that, specially if they learned to associate it with positive feelings and emotions, like a birthday party at Mcdonalds.

I remember when i was like 11 and was looking at pokemon pictures online and even when i was not looking for it i still found nsfw art of Misty and the team rocket girl, like it fucking tainted my memories of it, same with Sonic, ruined the innocence of it and it fucking happened with almost every age appropiate cartoon i was looking for, fucking Sakura Card Captors for gods sake, i just wanted cute wallpapers.

No. 484377

Is this samefag unironically autistic, underage or baiting?

Granted this is probably the only instance where it actually works in the favor of the character design, with him being black&white and all.

No. 484412

is this clearly child character making come hither eyes or what?

No. 484457

Why do these mentally unstable, attention seeking fuckheads on Twitter like keeping cats?I see an ongoing pattern also I fucking hate cats.

No. 484501

File: 1574107720701.jpeg (838.95 KB, 1306x1399, 329CB6B7-8084-40A0-912F-2AF616…)

this twitter artist was mentioned a few threads back, do you think their art has improved? it still looks pretty goddamn disproportionate to me

No. 484505

Meh,looks decent to me,not as disproportionate and ugly as Viziepop's art though

No. 484515

true, but anything looks good compared to viziepop’s art

No. 484531


that head looks huge on that body and the hair just emphasizes it. also why are there hair strands coming from every which way

No. 484533

“This type of hateful behavior” lol.

Better here than in the DMs of every random artcow.

No. 484536

>posts from a year ago
Why does every rando love bringing attention to that one time they were mentioned in the threads like that makes them super important?

No. 484537

File: 1574113060822.jpeg (26.44 KB, 373x414, 0F616DC5-B977-4AEA-9A0B-8246E7…)

Why do I feel like this is a self-post so that you can post more screenshots

No. 484559

I feel the same.
Nobody cares about your mob psycho obsessed art.

No. 484632

Nice design, shite hands. Would it kill her to actually put effort into hands?

No. 484680

If you don’t use the buttons on it, you can google “grip aids pencils” / pencil foam tubing and you can get what is basically a thinner pool noodle that you can slip over writing instruments that aids people who death grip pens cuz it’s a big contributor to carpal tunnel and wrist pain

No. 484696

File: 1574137218967.png (1.49 MB, 1231x951, uguu.png)

I haven't said anything on this topic yet but I sort of see where anon's coming from. I think manga/manga inspired art is fine, but a lot of these digital paintings tend to be very derivative. The girl and water and bishie with wings are the examples they used, but there's also the "myspace angle titty shot", "girl jumping/skipping in front of a cloudy sky because the artist couldn't think of a background", "animu girl in a hat sitting in a field of sunflowers". Also, anime art seems to overuse dutch angles. I swear half of the super rendered, sparkly anime paintings I see have dutch angles. It's like I'm watching Battlefield Earth.

It's not bad artwork, it's just… boring. Cliche. Let's see something different. Like how can somebody painstakingly spend several hours painting something that a million other people have painted identically already? It's reinventing the wheel.

No. 484723

… You guys are using a search engine that's trained to output results that match every input type in the search field as far as possible and is also trained to match those results again with samy-same pictures. So you're basicially shitting just on a search engine doing it's job. lol

There are so many people out there, naturally a lot of them will draw stuff that looks alike even though the artists may live on different continents and never heard from each other.

No. 484737

File: 1574144354345.png (2.82 MB, 1838x757, roses.PNG)

why - because it's fun? because in the end there's no new ideas and everything's been done before?
this isn't an anime only issue, why the fuck do you think every youtube artist draws the same pretty girls with generic backgrounds or why people keep drawing the same flowers that have been drawn or painted a thousand times before
just give up because your point isn't going to stick

No. 484758

Eh, fair point.

What's with the "give up" shit? I only made one post about it, and as I established before I'm not the anon who originally brought it up.

No. 484814

Not that anon but right away I see a difference in your examples- those flowers aren’t being infantilized and sexualized like the big tiddy animu. Come at me weebs

No. 484847

Another difference is that though the flowers may all be roses, there's a variation of styles used (with looser or tigher brushstrokes, more blending, different saturation and contrast) and even the super simple compositions aren't quite the same.

I don't agree with the original OP, lack of innovation isn't exclusive to anime, but I think the insta pretty girls >>484737 mentions would be a much better example of everyone doing the same shit in a similar style. Studies of flowers aren't comparable to artists always drawing the same expressionless girls in a 3/4 view.

No. 484856


Flowers are a part of our real world and have been popular art subjects for many years - probably because flowers are beautiful and have sentimental/cultural value, and there are so many types.

Anime drawings tend to have the same style of face over and over, because that's what makes it anime. I think drawing anime is fine but it gets monotonous because the style is literally based on looking the same. There isn't any personal thought put into it.

No. 484873

Anime is banal,cookie cutter shit.
That's why I like encouraging others to find their own artstyle instead of drawing anime,because anime is so mainstream and "Muh kawaii animu girlss!!11

No. 484900

Condensing a whole form of media into a "kawaii animu girl" is just being catty and small-minded. "Anime style" extends beyond generic anime CG desktop wallpapers.

Also watch these Art 101 anons shit their pants over someone making fun of Calarts style and go "Reeee calarts style don't real you weeb faggot".

No. 484913

Why are anons even discussing this? Draw whatever the fuck you want, just draw it well.

No. 484928

The ABSOLUTE strawmanning in your post!

>you hate anime so you must love Calarts

Cope moar, faggot. Most people don't like anime styled shit considering its popularity of all these years is STILL condensed to the same socially awkward, weeb spergs besides some of the major or classic anime like Dbz, Sailor Moon, ect.

No. 484930

Exactly! So the fact of someone comparing the derivative, uninspired and unoriginal generic anime girl laying on flowers to actual real world references and variances of style and technique was some weird cope.

They always have the same face shape, same hair type, same body type, same features, even the same style. I dont know what happened with anime to get so samefacey in recent years but at least it used to have SOUL, now its just soulless and corporation driven garbage that is Disney-tier.

No. 484934

>I dont know what happened with anime to get so samefacey in recent years but at least it used to have SOUL, now its just soulless and corporation driven garbage that is Disney-tier

You're answering your own question; just like Disney movies or Big Two capeshit, anime is now popular enough to warrant making a lot of low-risk, low-effort products that will still make a solid profit, because weebs (just like Disney fans or capeshit readers) will buy the products no matter what.
This happens in any industry where there's money to make, it has nothing to do with anime itself. There's still some nice, creative anime out there, it's just buried under the majority of lazy cash-grabs.

No. 484937

It is cheaper to make that way, that is why all anime looks the same. Where you get variation, the different strokes, styles, and variety of subject is not in the anime, but the manga. The actual drawn form of the media.

I stopped watching anime because it does look the same. This is because the cheapest labor all draw like their fellow cheap labor. You don’t hire someone to make clothes in a factory because they sew beautiful custom work, you need a body in the line to do their one job and move it along the conveyer belt. And they need to; the gaming industry knows nothing of crunch like anime production does. Even manga production has this problem with weekly series releases of 15-30 pages depending, but usually it is a mangaka working with a small production team of their own, keyed into their style. It is why Hellsing looks nothing like Black Butler in manga form, but have some similarities in anime form. Compare Naruto and Bleach, the manga has differences that the anime does not. Why this doesn’t translate into western weebs making waifu backgrounds is because the simplest style to master is the commercial one, so they go for the the anime style made on the conveyer belt.

No. 484950

Oof, the thickness of the dragon on the bottle just makes it look so tacky and then the posca pen swirls don't help

No. 484955

of course the only sane comment is completely ignored lmao. stay salty, artfags.

No. 484970

I wish Becca would post a new dumb video already so y'all would shut the fuck up about animé.

No. 484976

Somehow I get the feeling that this anon hasn't even watched anime past her teenage weeb years when she only kept to popular shows.

No. 484978

False, surprisingly everyone with a different opinion than you doesn't fit into something because you say it does. The average farmer's intuition and reading of other people is n the pits.

No. 485015

This. and a lot of search engines also tailor the results to what you look up a lot. If you spend a lot of time looking up anime girls it'll throw in some anime girls just in case thats what you're looking for lmao

No. 485037

File: 1574212268244.png (550.89 KB, 750x1334, B2BAA34C-D066-4DB3-82C0-75335A…)

Why is the art so bad for a featured web comic? It looks like 9 year old made it.

No. 485038

I've noticed a lot of webtoon artist are high mid level or very bad. No inbetween for some reason. the comedy selection on that site is also shit

No. 485045

Can someone just make a Becca thread

No. 485068

Woah this makes so much sense. Anon you are super interesting, do you study psychology or something because I enjoyed reading that!

No. 485069

A-are you actually implying that older anime/manga aren't also same facey af and derivative of each other in its respective genre?

No. 485074


Jacky strikes me as a genuine person but still it feels like a weird product placement. Chloe Rose did this too and they both complaint about the price of these bottles. How about not buying it then? I mean, company is happy bc they get advertising for free and turnover. And how many viewers will go out there, buying those bottles bc they want to paint them too.

Also Jacky's falling for that stupid VSCO girl ploy too. And what you said, the dragon and swirls are cringy. (And don't get me started on that stupid "airbrush" thing she used and what she already had been reviewed so she should have known that it sucks ass. But I guess it's not a video of her without her pulling that salty face with a weird guitar riff as background noise.)

No. 485075

W-what kind of r-r-retard st-st-stutters over text

No. 485076

Webtoons have an insane schedule most artists can't keep up with, and a lot of more technically skilled artists have to spend more time to keep the quality consistently high. Webtoon artists are the people who can get art out quickly, not draw perfectly.

No. 485082

Can this bitch please stop making that disgusting face in her thumbnails? It makes me wanna throw up…

No. 485096

Sorry Anon but I think that's just how her face looks. I can't help but see a greasy haired 30-something arab woman in a poorly made children's novelty hat trying to imitate AVGN.

Oh wait…

No. 485128

It may just be the appeal of the website itself. Likely no vetting process on quality, so an overabundance of shit gets on, so your best is the least shitty. And if they are actually any good they get put behind a paywall, leaving only the bad shit for free. It is really hard to find webcomics that interest me because of this.

I'd get the model if it was "I post for free here one/three month(s) after posting it on my patreon!" and so forth, but a lot of the artists with good (or at least decent) comics paywall the release of Tapas or what-have-you, AND have a patreon wall as well. At that point, I just quit and stopped reading webcomics altogether. I'll stick to physical, then at least I still have it if the artist shuts down their various pages…

No. 485137

People are getting so mad about us calling anime art inbred, kek.

If it's not obvious from the insanely overused prompts, settings, angles, palettes - then just look at the faces. There are a few styles that differ and that's good, but most are indistinguishable from the rest or worse, indistinguishable from hentai.

No. 485141

she's in her 30s? that's embarrassing, guess it makes her money..

No. 485142

What kind of autist doesn’t understand expression of exasperation at dumb ass statements.

No. 485159

The Becca thread is now up.


No. 485215

KEK I love the way you worded this

No. 485272

File: 1574270137154.jpeg (939.85 KB, 1997x1997, 3DCED4BA-9FD9-4BD4-86A4-5990AC…)

Anyone out there wanna talk about artist alley people who have bad art who don’t deserve tables or don’t put in effort?
It’s aggravating when they’re popular af too.
Like the Game Grump’s THREE artist alley booths AT last year’s twitchcon where Ross and ArIn had barely anything and Suzy was the only one really with any stuff.
Ross had a lot more this year but Arin printed a lot photocopies of his old art from the last decade. If you aren’t gonna draw anymore don’t apply for a table. You’re just using it as an autograph spot.
They make enough money and have enough fame to just get a vendor booth and sell game grumps merch instead of taking from small artists trying to make a name for themselves.

No. 485277

who gives a shit about anime or cape conventions, anyone can do better than selling a bunch of fanart prints and taobao baubles to kids

No. 485280

Because everyone and their brother with or without an online art presence talks about conventions? There are more conventions than general anime ones with artist alleys. Your local flea market/ farmers market/ antique show probably has an artist alley. It is a major part of the commercial art sphere as a whole, beyond anime. You clearly need to broaden your horizons if you say “artist alley” but only think of anime or comic conventions.

Yeah, this is a glorified autograph space. They clearly looked at their audience, where they go during cons, and said ‘Lets go there!’ to draw attention. That empty table looks so sad.

No. 485292

you really must be clueless

No. 485296

you can literally make 2k in a weekend

No. 485299

As a Salvadorean-American,seeing viziepop makes me seethe,she could have been the first female Salvadorean animator to create a Salvadorean character or series to represent us,nope,nothing,its almost 2020 and we arent represented at all anywhere,gays have been represented and blacks,except for us,if you are reading this,viziepop,fuck you

No. 485306

Why are you so salty? It's not anyone's obligation to represent people in something they create for the sake of representation.

I'm not trying to defend VivziePop but do you know what race Vaggie is? She's Salvadorean.

It's not the creator's obligation to create a show specifically tailored to any one group. And besides, you're basically saying that "everyone has been represented except for Salvadoreans boohoo", what? Mexicans, Polish, Native Americans, Indians, Arabs, Muslims, Jewish – where are THEIR representations?

Right. Most barely get any or if they do, the series is created by someone not of that race/religion.

Your point was stupid and you didn't sage, go whine somewhere else.

No. 485320

Salvadorean isn't a race you dumb low-IQ cretin,she's Hispanic,you have been sleeping under a rock then if you think any other non-marginalized minority has never been represented before.if you even know what non-marginalized even means.

No. 485323

Fuck off lol you sound insane go make your own animation you lazy whiny loser

No. 485325

Says someone that has made no money with their art kek

No. 485332

Said the dumb low-IQ cretin,like you aren't any better,is that the best you can do?notify me when you actually formulate an argument that's not an ad hominem attack against mine,I don't think you can because you lack intelligence(*tips*)

No. 485335

If you can afford the table and you get chosen, you have just as much of a right to a table even compared to an artist that is more experienced, just because it isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to it as much as anybody else. If they don’t break even it’s their problem. No need to get salty

No. 485338

We're talking about infamous internet celebrities taking space at a con and then they put in 0 effort cause they don't need to to make any of the money back.
They each had 3 prints.

This is called ENTITLEMENT based on fame.

No. 485339

anon, why are you venting like this is your private blog on tumblr? you sound like an absolute idiot and as the other anon said, if you want representation that much you should make something yourself.
also it kills me every time i see Vaggie's name, why did she have to basically name her vagina?

No. 485345

How does it feel that a couple shitty art prints from a pair of Internet personalities will make more money than anything you’ll ever attempt sell at a con

I hope all of you grow out of the idea that conventions are some magical source of income before you hit your thirties

No. 485346

Her name was Vagyna years ago - I can't find the ref sheet now, but you are correct anon.

No. 485353

Sounds like someone's hopes and dreams for art were destroyed.
Go cry about it to your mom.

No. 485354

Venting on Tumblr?Now I would be an absolute idiot for that,I'll pass,I'll just fuck off instead
Nothing wrong with representation but whatever.

No. 485355

File: 1574284494004.jpg (156.81 KB, 1080x810, EFcUlhXVAAEloyp.jpg)

At least Ross can draw and made half an attempt. This year he did soooo much better, even with his mom's cancer diagnosis and the Holly Projared divorce drama. Arin just printed more old stuff from 2009. Arin didn't even take a pic of his stand.

No. 485356

K bye.
Sage your shit next time.

No. 485357

Of course theres nothing wrong with it and yes Vivi is a fucking gross moron but you screeching about the 'gays and blacks' getting rep when you don't have any yourself isn't anyone's problem go make your own stories.

No. 485358

>hopes and dreams to sell prints at a neckbeard convention
When you reach for a star, go for the lowest one you can grab!

No. 485359

"create a Salvadorean character or series to represent us"
You're a fucking idiot.

No. 485360

anyone else agree this guy is kind of a huge douchebag who is unbelievably full of himself? like at the end he says he doesnt actually hate james’ art but hes such a dick about it through the beginning that it kinda annoys me especially because i find MDJ’s videos to be pretty helpful

No. 485365

Pretty much this. I'm still puzzled over this anti-anime anon's autism. She's searching "anime girls in flower fields with blue skies" and is outraged that it's exactly what the search engine offers her? What the hell? Google's image search isn't a gallery for diverse contemporary art, its algorithms offer similar images that hit the search parameters the closest. Did I suffer a brain injury and there's something I don't understand?

No. 485366

His Fear and Loathing larp is embarrassing.

No. 485367

Not this fucker again. He was mentioned in the last thread. He is douchebag, his videos are way too long, he keeps repeating the same thing over and over for 10 minutes each video. All that and his lack of humor and edgy tryhard persona really piss me off. He preaches a lot about sucess and the right way of doing things for someone so average.

It's so fucking rude to just review someone's art without them requesting the fucking critique. Look at your own shit Ethan, just because you got a job at Dreamworks doesn't mean you are some fucking god. Your Raoul Duke impersonation is just cringy to watch.

No. 485370

It seems you know all about that for sure! Thanks for your input. You are very helpful.

No. 485371

She's a lesbian, anon! That's a lesbian-appropriate name, right? /s

No. 485378

Invalid argument,retard
It's true though

No. 485380

He's riding off popular artist with his dumb ass click bait titles. he gives me holly brown vibes unironically. The worst part about his persona is that if you criticize him you'll get a bunch of 'heh he look at the sensitive artist who can't take facts'

No. 485381

Why are you so mad anon? I'm not any of the anons above but I don't get why you don't take this opportunity to start thinking about making your own work to represent yourself and your people.

No. 485383


i don`t have to click to know who that douchebag is, his videos are all terrible, he has the most awful online persona and he has been mentioned several times.

No. 485411

This thread is a mess lol. Everyone here is a cow and it's honestly pretty hilarious.

No. 485455

File: 1574313409077.jpeg (533.97 KB, 2048x1536, 77761861-6833-4DF8-B6A0-A473FF…)

2018 table looks so bad from far away I’m surprised Arin didn’t just fill the space with game grumps merch. Ross honestly has been doing a lot better with his work. I am surprised we haven’t heard about gameoverse in a while though and it may be scrapped at this point for this Monster Girl thing.

No. 485458

well adjusted people don't frequent gossip sites like this

No. 485465

Why can't Vivzie have her own thread?

No. 485468

Tbh like they pretty much know people will go to see THEM and not just the art, the art’s just an excuse to give them a table and not like an actual “featured” booth or space cuz twitch con doesn’t do that. Like Jacqui had a table when twitch con was in SJ, I don’t think she streams as much as she did but people went to see her anyway. So it isn’t really about art, they know they’re Internet personalities and the art is a side thing so they don’t need to prove anything with art.

(Plus imo, Suzy is the best artist out of all of them anyway and she gets the most shit cuz the fandom is shit. She’s in charge of all their merch and it’s been super on point, especially her own store)

No. 485472

File: 1574323321972.jpg (532.65 KB, 2048x1536, DqcwzQqWwAMpie7.jpg)

Suzy actually makes cool stuff. I'm kinda glad KKG died and she went full time on her business instead. She definitely pulled all the stops on her Twitchcon table last year. Pins don't take up a ton of space, but she had a nice selection.

No. 485494

Go back to the Game Grumps threads where you belong.

No. 485495

Man this guy. I remember watching his video's a few weeks ago thinking "oh this guy's kinda funny and knows what he's talking about!" But the more videos I watched, the more I started to cringe. This guy is indeed so goddamn full of himself. I remember in multiple video's he starts off by listing every company he worked for and his 5 years of experience, and the "funny" part gets old pretty fast.

No. 485551

This was my exact experience with Holly Brown tbh (roast me freely) "She's so no-nonsense, she works so hard, she's got so many comics under her belt!" until I actually saw said comics lol

No. 485561

File: 1574350159103.jpeg (309.12 KB, 640x817, FFA042E0-D0B0-40C6-9AC5-14589D…)

Thought this was a meme/joke drawing but she was really trying to make this look like a sad/emotional picture. This is loss.jpg levels of funny

No. 485566

Then make one.

No. 485573

Proof that color theory really is one of the most important things in art. Also seems like someone isn’t too confident with their lines, let alone holding a pencil.

No. 485594

Puccanoodle's drawings always have such sketchy erratic lines like she can't figure out how to draw and her hundreds of thousands of followers just eat it up. Even funnier that 99% of her drawings are just her boring characters standing facing left.

No. 485597

How the fuck does this person have 30k??

No. 485599

She works at Cartoon Network that's why

No. 485607

And i'll never understand how she even got hired

No. 485618


They'll just hire any sad sack off the street nowadays, huh?

No. 485691

all of us could get jobs there if that's the case

No. 485692


Not if you don't have connections. Cronyism is real in animation.

No. 485707

Why even white knight this lazy ass artist who brings in boatloads of cash from CN drawing like a 12 year old

No. 485732

NTA but I don't see how this is wking, I just think Cartoon Network's hiring bar is extremely low & no doubt they only got in because of friends.

No. 485757

I said that anon was wking because they were trying to say she has skills or else "all of us would be working at CN". Which is idiotic

No. 485806

>They'll just hire any sad sack off the street nowadays, huh?

Not from the streets but from the same pool of 2 or 3 very expensive american animation schools. And most cartoon network creators know each other, are related or in romantic relationships.

She went to School of Visual Arts in NY, same place Rebecca Sugar went.

No. 485893

File: 1574401866039.png (1.49 MB, 1078x1333, Screenshot_2019-11-22-06-46-48…)

Sage for no milk.
I actually like Happy D. Artist even though she still has to learn a thing or two about anatomy. But this piece…that skull is so much smaller than the girls. So either she is a giant or she is holding a children skull(?) That would be kind of gross

No. 485921

the face on that Dragon tattoo looks like it had a violent stroke

No. 485922

Learn what sarcasm is, moron

No. 485942


All their characters look like children with googly eyes and fucked up anatomy. Colours are nice but for my taste too soft. All in all boring "pretty gril with empty eyes" artist.

No. 485946

File: 1574418821775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 240.26 KB, 1300x1300, 3DC8AA0F-D403-4532-B912-B84FCB…)