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File: 1448848520157.jpg (92.41 KB, 899x906, image.jpg)

No. 48754

Pyon pyon rabbit you stupid cunt. I got you now. I even know your school and home address too. Funny thing about being a snowflake. Someone is always on your side. The internet is not you and your fuck boys personal army. Get a clue and get ready for some fun. Ahahahahaha

[extremely terrible vendetta thread]

No. 48755

This is so retarded. You need help.

No. 48756

Euuuuuuh wtf is goin on

No. 48757

Lol sere ???
Shut up and sleep with old disgusting men for you "boyfriend"

No. 48758

Op, delete. This is so fucking embarrassing.

No. 48759


No. 48760

What in gods name, OP delete this and seek help immediately.

No. 48761

sere is mentally ill
she needs help

No. 48762

File: 1448872188670.jpg (166.39 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

I'm fucked up when I do this but when you do it it's normal? You bitches are pathetic slow flake wannabes!

School is Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language
1-23-14 Nishiwaseda Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 169-0051

Name is Nadine Ulmer

She's a psycho bitch who likes to stalk girls for fun and try to ruin their lives because she can't get a boyfriend who takes Her seriously. She also uses date cafe but never gets called. I spoke to the staff at the cafe she uses and while they said they can't give our her information they confirmed she does INDEED GO TO CAFE!

You bitches all do it but fail hard so get mad. Haha so cute. Home address should be posted huh. I mean you did it to me after all

No. 48763

File: 1448872558832.jpg (121.45 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Here is her uncensored pic. As you can see while she is pretty. She's also boring as fuck with no tits. Sorry I take all the old men sweetheart. I know how badly you wanted to go to all white! :') more later. I won't spam you guys.

Soon angel avenger and Melissas information. Also Ryoya too! Looking forward to the fun.

lol at these snowflake wannabes. No ones interested in them. Boohoo watch them disappear when I piss on them.

No. 48764

File: 1448872788380.png (52.38 KB, 444x287, 1445923148144.png)

No. 48765

File: 1448872942737.gif (1.75 MB, 365x205, What even is this.gif)


No. 48766

File: 1448873376497.jpg (338.9 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

So basically she is ryoyas current fuck toy. Same old story. He likes her but is too emotionally damaged (probably by his alcoholic mother and cheating abusive father) to commit to a relationship. He can't afford daycare so asks girls to babysit his son so he can go fuck girls.

He's been sleeping with new girls even when I was in hospital!! Will post proof.

He's a monster gaijin hunter and loves to tell girls about how his ex is evil (the previous ex Vane is also evil but he beat her up, oops actually he's a psychopath!)

No. 48767

What in the hell is this thread. OP, you sound like a faggot who can't seem to empty their ass of jelly.

Girl seems boring as fuck, why do you think she even belongs on snow?

No. 48768


she's a crazy failure Fuzoku who attacks other girls then has a cry and deletes everything when she gets caught. She's trying to defend her fake fuck boy who is just like a host except ugly as shit.

Trust me this is going to get funny.

No. 48769

lmao when u getting deported tho?

No. 48770

Not as funny as your hilarious attempt to save any bit of dignity you have left

No. 48771

File: 1448874664632.jpg (114.59 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Nadine got in trouble for not paying a host bill so had to ask her old ugly Mexican bf to move her house. She now lives in takadanobaba and sucks Mexican dick to pay rent.

No. 48772

Wtf even is this thread. No milk. Op please just delete this

No. 48773


Looks like milk to me. Piss baby crying for deletion. Wahhhhh

This bitch is Melissa. Wannabe snowflake who tried to fuck Gayas husbsnd but got turned down because she has a giant ass and IRL is really not cute. She visits kirari in Shinjuku (honten) and is obsessed with band guys. She tries to make money so she can go to lives and try snag a band boy but can't because she's fat and broke.

Kirari also confirmed she came to the store last week and is now banned for taking pics of other girls. Oops!

No. 48774

File: 1448875405399.jpg (44.41 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

Here is Melissa. Pretty face but totoro body.

No. 48775

File: 1448875757993.jpg (118.43 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Melissa uses gyaruru to try and get fuck boys for free because she's such a failfuzoku she can't afford to shimei anyone for real in a club.


No. 48776

File: 1448876029039.jpg (50.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Melissa is giant fat totoro girl with small piggy eyes. It's so gross how she even tries to be sex worker. No one pays for totoro sex.

No. 48777

File: 1448876403061.png (95.1 KB, 875x1132, sad_totoro.png)

>no one pays for totoro sex

No. 48778

i find this quite interesting tbh

No. 48779

you go girl these girls started the drama and deserve no better

No. 48780

File: 1448877280078.jpg (159.46 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Feli aka angel avenger just wishes she could find a sponsor. Why do these girls all suck at making money from guys??? Such losers. It's so cute how they can't even afford Mars.

Feli is a major lolcow and I think people hate her almost as much as me! I caught her talking to Ryoya once. He told her how cute she was and she took credit even though it wasn't her picture. Attention hungry much????

No. 48781


Sorry totoro. You're cute. Just not something I want sweating on top of me.

No. 48782

Fun Ryoya fact: he refused to acknowledge our marriage and my pregnancy online until we took rio home because he didn't want anyone to know he was married (so he could keep fucking girls)

His reason: I don't want to tell anyone incase the baby dies.

Wow. What a decent guy! Rabbit must really have no self respect to be with him. Which now I think about it is so obvious lol

No. 48783

Takadanobaba is wrong. This is the whole address:
177-0051 Nerima-ku
Sekimachikita 2-26-12 Room #504

Have fun :D

No. 48784

i believe the girls talked about here will find this real quick so let me address to all three of you - mind your own business. after all you're just jelly because other people find a way to stay in japan while you wait for a miracle to happen and take too much time talking shit about others than thinking about your own life.
now tell me who has a mental illness here

No. 48785

>Fun Ryoya fact: he refused to acknowledge our marriage and my pregnancy online until we took rio home because he didn't want anyone to know he was married (so he could keep fucking girls)


No. 48786

there is something wrong with her head.
because she is so fucked up she have to tell lies about normal people :D ewwwwwwww
fatty plastic sere goes to kirari but nobody wants her. also she have to fake reviews about her. because everybody hates her

No. 48787

ahhh sere
what for bullshit you are spreading
because your life sucks you have to make lies about normal people. sweet

No. 48788

Wrong addresse, oh Nadine you posted sandras addresse without thinking that she has nothing to do with it. Your school will get tomorrow an nice police visit.
The sekimachi addresse Nadine posted is not hers, so cheap try girl!

No. 48789

actually saw her at kirari once

No. 48790

There is another funny thing. Sandra Greif aka Sandora Hime tried to get pregnant from Ryoya. Have lots of proof about that. That's actually a very funny story.

No. 48791

File: 1448881037361.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.57 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

This is the girl I'm talking about. Sent me a shot ton of the lil kids pictures with her in it.
That girl also said she is Ryoyas girlfriend.
I have even more of that shit if you want that.

No. 48792

File: 1448881111023.jpg (123.13 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Yeah totally wanted to sleep with him.

No. 48793

File: 1448881134573.jpg (112.52 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 48794

She's so much prettier than you tho sere

I mean you really can't get any worse than being a serial baby abandoner. Can you please just get sterilised already?

No. 48795

File: 1448881154240.jpg (102.85 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 48796

File: 1448881174947.jpg (103.25 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 48797

File: 1448881212347.jpg (122.77 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Hey gaijin hunter

No. 48798

Oh you know what Nadine, that was a lie! She lied to you the whole time she was still taking the pill and has even the pill-after at home not even Blanka knows about that , she lied to you since she wanted to see how much she could trust you, and that you tried to cheat her with money and the box and she get problem because of you, of course you didn't care.

No. 48799

I'm just gonna leave this all here. Enjoy destroying yourselves tonight! I'm going out

If no one wants my why am I rich and you poor? Think about that while you rub your clits over my husband tonight while you believe the lies he tells you he loves only you.

Mwah x

No. 48800


Oh sere never change

No. 48801

Oh come on! Sandra has been a liar for years and that's not even a secret anymore. Of course now everything is not true because she need to safe her ugly ass and try to be better than everyone else.

No. 48802

seres dirty apartment
have fun

No. 48803

why are you all so desperate to fuck with the same guy?

No. 48804

Lmao Sere if you're so rich and your life is fabulous why the fuck you sat on lolcow at 8pm on a Monday night whining about people fucking ur husband when you've probably fucked way more hosts and shit than he has other girls?

Lets be real you only care because you're in danger of being deported, not like you actually give a damn about your son here, just a potential visa.

Top keks for this thread showing everyone how much of a deranged pile of crap u are.

No. 48805

sere is so fucked up
she thinks everybody wants to fuck er ugly husband

No. 48806

1000% true

No. 48807

hes so ugly though, idg why anyone would want to bang that?

No. 48808

She lies to people she can't trust, since I know everything about it!
That he used her just to get what he needs, for babysit, to get the stuf from you, that he got crazy by some topics and screams at her, I know everything..and even that she wanted to take her life after the whole fucking stress with you and him after she had already enought with her stupid ex

No. 48809


Oh yeah she is indead a very big liar. Didn't she tell you that she wrote a very emotional email to Ryoya recently how much she loves him?
Stop with that protective bullshit. Sandra just can't stand for her mistakes and lies and that's a fact! Don't have to make up stories just to be the nice girl who doesn't do anything but being cute. Got that

No. 48810

mentally unstable girls shouldn't hook up with ryoya
don't feel sorry here

No. 48811


if she likes to be cheated on and wants to experience dv, she should go for it!

No. 48812

ryoya already wanted to break up with her in 2013

No. 48813

Recently? It is like a good time ago, she used her only, since he knew that she got into him, I told her that the whole time, she doesn't wanted believe, she did everything for him while he played a nice game with her from my site of view

No. 48814

yeah both have problems and did something wrong.
but i believe that he already wanted to leave her.

No. 48815

Omg you're all so funny. Look at you outing each other!!

Sorry you love my life and dirty ugly husband so much.

stay on topic girls. This is about rabbit, angel avenger and natto. Pity I couldn't find penten. She's too busy cooking dinner for her ugly husband most likely though.

Seriously why do you all suck at Fuzoku so much??? Don't you have phones with internet you can use? Wait you're poor. Only galakei right?

Poor babies. Must be so hard.

No. 48816

oh seems like you have free time,
i thought everybody loves u. why are u not busy riding a disgusting ojisans dick? ah i forgot…nobody wants you ugly piece of shit

No. 48817

lol shes getting upset cause no one gives a damn about these girls shes 'outing'


No. 48818

why are you so vapid and ugly, just wondering.

No. 48819

It's not like everybody is doing bullshit like her in Japan. Those are normal and boring girls living their life. And the information Sere write is probably some more bullshit coming out of her ugly mind.
She just have a lot of free time. Why don't you fuck some of your money cows?

No. 48820

as if everybody wants to be disgusting prostitute like u.

No. 48821

Also pretty sure giving out info like this is illegal in Japan? if the girls take this to the police then sere is even more fucked lmao.

No. 48822

This bitch is tripping.

No. 48823

File: 1448883574667.jpg (111.09 KB, 750x809, image.jpg)

Ryoya still loves me and mails me but I don't want his dirty black dick. Ew

I just arrived club. Oyasumi!

No. 48824

Feb 5th 2015…. So like nearly a year ago lmao

No. 48825

if he loves you so much then why is he fucking other gaijin?

No. 48826

Yes it's illegal in Japan. If she goes to the police with that website sere and consorts are fucked up.

No. 48827

what the fuck is this thread

I swear to god it's just one crazy bitch talking to herself???

No. 48828

No. 48829

>She's a psycho bitch who likes to stalk girls for fun
>your thread

No. 48830

Sere needs a own thread under pt ?

No. 48831

The police in Japan don't get involved in gaijin on gaijin shit usually.

No. 48832

That was what I was thinking. I'm so fucking weirded out and confused right now.

No. 48833

Japanese involved
They still don't do anything

No. 48834

ayyy more crazy white ppl in japan

No. 48835

Sere, what the actual fuck is wrong with you? This is how you choose to spend your time, whining about other girls who want to fuckand your ugly husband and bragging about how rich you are from sucking Asian dick?

You have THREE(!!!) children that you don't take care of. How the fuck do you sleep at night? These kids didn't just show up on your doorstep, YOU GREW THEM INSIDE OF YOU and you abandoned them because you're addicted to cock and money. And this is how you spend your time instead of taking care of them. Pathetic.

I hope one day you're laying on your deathbed, all alone, thinking "well none of my children are here in my last moments, but at least I got to brag about my prostitute money on lolcow and fuck a bunch of asian gigolos!"

Also weren't you a man like 3 weeks ago?

No. 48836

Wait what 3 ?!

No. 48837


No. 48838

I know she has at least 2 with whom she doesn't even spend any time with

All the more better, tbh. No child should grow up knowing that their mum is selling her pussy in order to pay for male companions. She did them a favour by removing herself from their lives. Oddly enough the worst thing she has done is probably the best thing as well.

No. 48839


Why does she type like she can't English?

No. 48840

And your english is..?

No. 48841

so much ugly in one thread damn

No. 48842

This wild ride of a thread had 2 posts when I went to sleep and had 78 when I woke up. Y'all are crazy and I am so confused.

No. 48843

Sere is ugly inside and outside

No. 48844

There is not even proof what these girls are doing/have done. They seem pretty normal and boring/ordinary to me.
this is just calumny because someone seems to be butt hurt much. Oh my….

No. 48845

If these girls really are the ones who were talking shit about Sere at PULL, I honestly think they got exactly what they were asking for. I ended up reading the Sere thread and yup it I was damn annoying how they were acting all holier-than-thou while bashing everything about Sere starting from her looks.

And no I'm not Sere, I don't even know her personally.

No. 48846

So it's fine what she is doing?

No. 48847

What the fuck even is this thread. I'm cackling.

No. 48848

>>48846 No comments on that.

I can get why she is angry tho. She wasn't looking for attention as an online persona and her Instagram was private yet they still posted screen caps.

No. 48849

Right? What the fuck is going on?
Honestly this is what ive gathered from this thread;

>personal vendetta

>fuck you lolcow!!!
>fuck someone named sere?
>don't fuck anyone

Also what's up with the doxxing, we don't know who this person/these people are, why would we care? Don't you have a Facebook group chat to bitch in?


No. 48850

She doesn't have any real friends :(

No. 48851

>Bragging about taking all the old men

wtf would anyone want an old man? Is this meant to make us jealous? old men will fuck anything with a hole, you need to take your sad pathetic little life and gtfo.

No. 48852

Likely because these girls are such nobodies that there probably is some truth in what is being said. Too bad its not going to do too much damage because no one cares about them and they have nothing to loose. (which is likely why they started attacking to begin with)

No. 48853

rabbit changed her name into katanaka ウルマー ナディーン

No. 48854

sorry i mean katakana

No. 48855

Haha these girls (Sere at least) have been discussed for years and even here in the gaijin in Japan threads and still people here dont know who they are. Such nobodies.

No. 48856

I'm not talking about Sere. I'm talking about the other girls.

No. 48857

File: 1448904701141.gif (262.22 KB, 480x270, huh.gif)

93 fucking posts and I'm still like…

No. 48858

The girls posted by Sere just did the same thing we're doing all the time - gossiping. Imo they don't deserve being doxxed as much as Sere deserves being deported.

Sere is pathetic and she knows it, this whole thread is her projecting.

No. 48859

The truth is said. Sere can't handle that and is creating stupid lies so she looks better

No. 48860

Kill this thread lmao.

No. 48861

The point is they are doing the same job as her (except on student or teaching visas) but talking shit about it. The only reason why they think she should be deported is the same reason why they should be deported. But if its really that big of a deal and everyone feels like they should be justice warriors for immigration, why not look into the many many of flippinos and russians who marry for visa especially, and nigerians who set up businesses that up right steal money. But it's not about that is it? We're all so scared of being on immigration's moody bad side that we have to starve and work shit jobs to stay here just barely getting by and here's someone who seems to have found to work around the system and is partying all the time. While some of us can't go into sex work for personal reasons weather religious or otherwise, some of them like these other girls mentioned do it but are still not quite making it.

No. 48862

Say names

No. 48863

Haven't you been paying attention to the thread? It's all up there lol

Either way, these "just gossiping" girls posted her address and personal visa information etc first. So imo, they had it coming.

No. 48864

Are you stupid or what??
Never trust anything the hoe says

No. 48865

I've seen one of the girls listet at kirari so maybe you're just trying to defend yourself??

No. 48866

File: 1448906401136.jpg (103.25 KB, 470x702, image.jpg)

Hoes long lost twin sisters

No. 48867

So you are doing the same lmao

No. 48868

never denied that

No. 48869

No wonder u are defending her ?

No. 48870

I went to kirari and never slept with a guy.
Some wanted to give me 70000 yen but no thanks.

No. 48871

File: 1448907535653.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.47 KB, 140x181, 429324_205364519570806_2014826…)

I find this rather amusing

No. 48872

File: 1448907959991.jpg (127.05 KB, 584x627, image.jpg)

Nice friends she got
All fucked up like her

Visa overstay
Looks like a man

No. 48873

Wtf is this even about. Who is the original girl in the op. Who is the Nadine girl. Who is sere. Wtf. Who is the creepy Japanese man. Y'all need to stop.

No. 48874

You're lying. Sex in Japan is only about 10,000 yen. A guy would give a average foreign white girl 30,000 tops. You wouldn't even get 70,000 if you were working as a hostess lmao.

No. 48875

File: 1448916556588.png (501.72 KB, 500x956, gaff.png)

>this thread
what a goof, what a gaff, oi boy I 'ad a laff

No. 48876

Seriously why hasn't this thread been deleted yet? Admin pls, deliver us from insanity

No. 48877

Are you new? Admin doesn't delete anything. That's the rule.

No. 48878

Where are they doing the same jobs? Just because the hoe says so? With no proof? You must be really dump. But yeah, everybody in Japan is a prostitute. There is no other way, right?
So much bullshit…. It's hilarious and Sere obviously has too much free time.

No. 48879

Okay someone needs to post a summary about what is going on stat otherwise yall are just a bunch of spergs.

No. 48880

Oh my god… Ya'll need to get off the internet asap ? I'm confused. Is this some kind of kindergarten toddler meeting?

No. 48881

You seem to understand what's going on can you please inform us.

No. 48882

From what I understand:

Sere aka. Celest von Messinger is an Australian who had a son back home whom she abandoned with her parents in order to pursue her dreams as a hostess in niplandz. Got knocked up by some Japanese perv (whose pic she posted in this thread?), gave birth to another son whom she ONCE AGAIN abandoned in order to continue working as a hostess. Also moonlights as a prostitute under the name of "Jennifer" and shamelessly promotes herself everywhere.

Apparently Sere got miffed that some people doxxed her so now she's doxing them in revenge? And is also accusing us of shit talking her because we are jealous of how much money she makes and we all want to sleep with her husband…

No. 48883

File: 1448937565586.jpeg (31.41 KB, 423x348, image.jpeg)

No. 48884

Sere is complete white trash and is one of the reasons why foreign women are looked down upon in Japan. Nasty ass whore with zero class.

No. 48885

almost every post in this thread is so weird and fake i hate this

No. 48886

if she hadn't all this money. her host "boyfriend" wouldn't stay with her lol

No. 48887


lol the only reason he lives with her is because he's being compensated. Why else would anybody want to live in that garbage heap of an apartment with trash strewn all over the place?

No. 48888

rabbit aka nadine is such a chicken, talking shit for weeks online but disappears in seconds after being exposed, hilarious

No. 48889

show me evidence

No. 48890

stop talking bullshit

No. 48891

File: 1448947204604.png (Spoiler Image, 71.06 KB, 501x775, tmp_20607-Screenshot_2015-12-0…)

No. 48892


No. 48893

Whoever this is should just give up on trying to speak English.

No. 48894

Tbh I never understood why she accuses other girls of trying to get with her husband?! He's ugly as fuck. How do you let someone like him between your legs in the first place?!
Also lol at "leaving his son alone to meet girls" - she does realise the kid is her son as well?

No. 48895

I'm still confused after learning who Serene is.

No. 48896

Everyone knows Melissa is a crazy bitch lol
Poor little thing isn't getting any japanese dick nor even for money they wanna fuck that ass

Same with the other ones
Who cares about fat, broken chics which make up scills are 0

No. 48897

shut the fuck up
don't project urself on others

No. 48898

mhh smells like jealousy

No. 48899

The truth hurts right??

No. 48900

Jealous of what? Your smelly pussy?

No. 48901

this thread is a trainwreck lmfao

yall irrelevant bitches are fucking insane

No. 48902

What's the point of this thread anyways? I don't get it. ?

No. 48903

you should better take care of your acne. you are like that because even your parents want you at home.

No. 48904

Point of this thread: Sere needs to proof what a fucking trainwreck she is. This is a very urgent feeling of her which she needs to spread with all of us, since she has no irl friends or costumers

No. 48905

*doesn't want

No. 48906

Jfc. 99% of the posts in this thread are straight up abortions. Take this shitty boring drama elsewhere you whores.

No. 48907

*you whore
T'was only started by ONE whore

No. 48908


Nah, they were right the first time. You're both whores. Please stop.

No. 48909

yeah but it's literally the same 3 dumbasses flinging shit at each other

No. 48910

I am an outsider in this, while I don't agree with any of this, that Melissa girl is hated by most Gaijin in Japan.

No. 48911

I see the point that one anon made earlier though.
These girls say she should be deported for sex work, but are doing the same thing. They did post her home address, which is too far, regardless of what Sere has done. I say drag them.

No. 48912

because all gaijin here are fucked up in the head.

No. 48913

normal people don't wanna be friends with the"elite gaijin" in japan trololololol they are the worst. acting like beeing friends and secretly talking shit

No. 48914

Show me evidence. So far I only see sere being a sex worker. Smells fishy imao

No. 48915

only seres friends are sexworker too

No. 48916


Give us some evidence

No. 48917

last 4 postings all sound like the same person imo

No. 48918

Is that some kind of contest about who's the better bitch in Japan? O.o wow so much second hand embarrassment

No. 48919

Absolutely. They are however perfect entertainment for foreign girls with proper jobs and visas. Love them.

No. 48920

Pretty sure 90% of posts in this thread are the same person.

No. 48921

Pretty sure 90% of the posts in this thread are from Sere herself

No. 48922

did you even read all of it? besides sere it sounds like a fight between nadine and sandra/friend of sandra and melissa defending herself

No. 48923

To me it sounds like a bunch of dumpfags not knowing what to do with their lives. I'm just going to call all of them Sere

No. 48924

haha thumbs up

No. 48925

All as bad as each other to be honest. If it wasn't for all of these girls constantly ganging up on Sere then she wouldn't have snapped. She outed who was shitting on her but addresses have been posted and that is scary. No one should post anyones address or personal contact details. That's how actual stalking happens and how people wind up dead. Whatever Sere does, let her to it. People only care because she is in Japan. Same for other girls. I live here legally, work legally, still have fun, and no one talks about me. So what difference does it make that these girls are making their money in other ways and partying a lot more? It doesn't matter at all. Who fucking cares. If that's the life you want, do it. If you don't, don't. But quit hating on people for living their life the way they want. Yes Sere made some horrible choices, but that's for her to deal with, not you.

No. 48926

it's not even her bar. fucking liar

No. 48927

why do you even care? does it infect you in any way??

No. 48928

I'm so confused, this entire thread looks like someone talking to themselves and I'm laughing

No. 48929

File: 1448976165868.jpg (48.06 KB, 540x960, lolsere.jpg)

Can we talk about how Sere thought that the drawing of Kiki cannibal in the PULL header was her and shooped it accordingly LOL

Soz but ur not that relevant

No. 48930


Holy shit, that's sad

No. 48931

File: 1448980206199.jpg (50.06 KB, 538x960, lollll.jpg)

tfw her jaw actually bigger longer and wider than kiki's is , lmfao this bitch
with her big ass crimson chin jaw line trying to act like she got v line, sorry you're just a bigfaced bogan bitch lol

No. 48932

Omfg I'm embarrassed for her

U aren't even anywhere close to queen kiki sere u delusional bitch

No. 48933

I think it is. It was funny at first but now it's just disconcerting. Make it stop.

No. 48934

It's lost it's novelty and now we are all afraid

No. 48935

What in the actual fuck is this thread

No. 48936

idk looks like the apex of a failfuzoku mental breakdown to me
just look away, or don't, the end result will not change lol

No. 48937

to be fair it looks like her. I think it looked more like her than kiki. But I only vaguely remember kiki as being super scene looking

No. 48938

wtf am I reading

No. 48939

Wtf did I just read?!
Little gaijin children trying to bully each other for no reason!? Get a fucking job and an life! You seam like having too much time

No. 49070

Leave her alone. I've known her for a long time by now and therefore better than you do. You do know that you can get imprisoned for posting addresses without the person's consent? And also the place of work/study?
Also, you do not have any proof whether it's her or not; as long as this doesn't change she's innocent.
Leave her the f* alone Sere.

No. 49077

Fun fact
Lorena aka sere was pregnant, lost her precious visa
Second round got pregnant again. He had to marry her -> visa -> sucess

No. 49085

File: 1449165646442.jpg (231.17 KB, 1040x772, image.jpg)

Lorena the fat ass
Have fun with her deviantart

No. 49116

This whole thread sounds like OP finally had a nervous break down and is frantically typing about herself and all her hoe friends.

No. 49293

yeah it's pretty weird

No. 49679

I don't understand why any of us should care about any of these people. I have no clue what is going on. I'm laughing really hard at the posts though. Is this another Princess Doll type of thread where someone or someone posing as someone actually wants to be shit-talked? We aren't your personal army no one gives a fuck about any of you

No. 49961

Fatty wanted to be a model

No. 49962

No. 49963

File: 1449858845763.jpg (44.58 KB, 443x332, image.jpg)

60000 yen and her loose STD pussy is urs

No. 49974

>>49963where does it say that??? show me the site I want to seeeeee

No. 50274

I hardly doubt that this is in anyway legal.

No. 50311

File: 1449941953105.jpg (139.52 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 50327

If she was at least legal
But at least she stopped openly bragging about her crap.

No. 50366

I thought fuzoku was legal in Japan. It`s extremely hard to prove how far. Thats why they have `delivery heath` etc.

No. 50387

It's legal for Japanese citizens only. You can also do it if you have a spouse visa, but doing it on a spouse visa without having a second legit job may give you a bad reputation when it comes to the visa re-newal, though it's doubtful that he even HAS a visa right now.

No. 50760

Lol she's running her own prostitution ring now?

No. 51336

File: 1450108705367.png (320.65 KB, 600x337, B2Ep96zCAAAnfo5.png-medium.png)

hey Sere, I saw you on Youは何しに日本へ that one time

No. 51337

File: 1450108795246.png (250.46 KB, 600x337, B2EqH04CYAAhI9i.png-medium.png)

here you are again

good times.


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