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No. 510176

Previous thread: >>481484
A thread to let out your annoyance about topics/things that completely or mildly bother you. Express your anger ladies!

No. 510197

Seeing my male friends drink the mogai kool aid is fucking surreal. Someone stop the world

No. 510238

Sorry if this isn't the thread, but what's specifically bad about "MOGAI"

Don't tell me they consider pedophiles "marginalized"

No. 510239

Stupid questions would be more appropriate I think

No. 510266

File: 1580776724750.jpg (58.74 KB, 802x943, 4_n.jpg)

I hate self-deprecating memes.
Ones like pic related clearly aren't intended to be aimed at 30 year old dad bod men who harp on women about the wall to poke fun at their hypocrisy for looking like shit.
It's so some woman in her 30s equates her overall appearance to that of some ruddy dude (when she doesn't even look that bad prolly), and then make her feel ashamed that she doesn't look as good as a celebrity who's had access to top chefs, trainers, plastic surgeons, assistants, and nannies which is about what it takes to look like that in your 50s and 60s.

It's so fucking delulu and can harm impressionable people. Really no different than young girls who don't realize IG famous people they follow shoop themselves thinner and curvier.

No. 510291

File: 1580783614329.png (767.18 KB, 1046x647, stop.PNG)

I wish autists would stop doing this shit.
Also how did a cookie game for toddlers even develop a fandom?

No. 510293

nah i think it's hilarious

No. 510294

File: 1580784513744.jpg (12.52 KB, 244x224, Den5aHNWkAEztr9.jpg)

She really thought that was an improvement huh

No. 510295

tbh its cuter only bc of the contrast but damn is it orange

No. 510337

is…is she implying the cookies must all be canonically dark skinned because they're the color of gingerbread?

No. 510343

whys the daddy kink so popular. was reading a fic and the char called their lover daddy and now im dry as the sahara
everytime someone calls someone their daddy i think of my literal father please god no

No. 510344

I just saw one of those journals/planners or whatever in another thread and it reminded me how much I hate those uber decorated and planned journals with colors all over and drawings. It's just done for showing off on social media, it's a waste of time otherwise. And those study notes with everything highlighted in ten thousand colors like you could have spent that time actually studying instead of srcibbling god damn it. I'm sorry it just makes me really angry for some reason.

No. 510356

Probably cus so many people never had a father so it doesn't gross them out and is their weird freudien compensation.

No. 510515

It's one thing to do this for images you want to use as icons, or even post it separately for aesthetic reasons, but to say it's "fixed" and literally @ the artist about it is so fucking rude.
Plus, they made the skintone way too orange. Only the chef looks normal in their edit.

No. 511727

I had a father present growing up but he was so emotionally distant that I spent my childhood craving his attention all while he was home every day… I guess that turns into a kink for some. Finally getting dads attention

No. 511765

File: 1580949297811.png (Spoiler Image, 12.8 KB, 663x231, 0n0.png)

This is some coomer shit, but I don't understand how people can jerk off to something so bad. My mood is ruined when I see a spelling mistake yet people can shovel this crap down? This is weird too, but you can't find a good female cheating story without some cuck shit shoved in it. You can also barely find anything with 'it was technically rape, but I enjoyed it' monologues. You also have to love their 'HOT 16 YEAR OLD GETS DOMMED all characters are 18 and above' things too.

No. 511778

I mean I had completely no father in my life at all, ever, no male figure and I still find it completely gross and disturbing. Quite honestly, because I never said the words “daddy” growing up it just feels wrong and weird to say in any context

No. 511784

what site is that? might i suggest ao3? its primarily a fanfic site (therefore 99% written by women/girls) there is an original works section but i havent checked it out

No. 511842

My favorite thing about amateur fanfic is when the writing gets progressively worse and more typo-ridden the deeper into the "smutty" scenes you go.
Sometimes I will literally just read fanfic to laugh at how bad it is but a lot of it is better than the stuff that's actually sold at bookstores so I feel sad about that.

No. 511866

>friend tells us all about her bf being an asshole
>we all agree he's a piece of shit
>she refuses to leave
>things just keep getting worse
This has happened with multiple friends of mine and talking's about all I can do not to grab them by the shoulders and demand they stop before they come out with a real horror story.
It's like they don't believe their partners can be truly awful until it actually happens. They're so fucking blind.
I hope I never fall in "love" if this is what it means

No. 511963

Some recent annoying things:
I’ve been getting text messages from a military recruiter that got my phone number from college. I’m surprised it’s even allowed.

Another thing is that my sister that browses Facebook way too much is going berserk over vaccination laws. She calls herself “pro-choice” and bothers people by telling them about aborted fetuses being used to make vaccines and stories about people becoming paralyzed because they were forced to be given vaccinations, like when going overseas. She even got my mom to go to some anti-vaccine propaganda movie screening to get her into this stuff. So every time we have a conversation it always turns into her ranting for 20 minutes about how rude and hypocritical people who support vaccines are.

No. 511968

File: 1581004451292.jpeg (6.18 KB, 204x247, images.jpeg)

Introversion is really just polite speak for 'too lazy to put in social and emotional labor into relationships.'

No. 511970

I feel like extroversion is lazy because it costs extroverts no energy to be a whore socially.

No. 511972

It costs them energy, it's just energy they're willing to expend. Unlike introverts.

No. 511973

Same and then she comes crying. First two times ok I support you, but now I just can't take it sorry.

No. 511974

I thought it meant that socializing is exhausting to you while extrovert gain energy by socializing.

No. 512004

Some of us don't seek validation all the time.

No. 512016

Every time i was with an overly extroverted person, i felt like i had to change myself and match their energy to not be perceived as standoffish but not once has an extrovert done the same for me.

No. 512029

exactly this.

they expend because they get something out of socializing, (like another anon says, they appear to be energized by it). most extroverted people don't have all too meaningful interactions with people, and have kind of shitty friendships because they are so indiscriminate with their interactions and generally seem to apologize for or tolerate questionable or shitty behavior. they seem to be glad to talk to or be around anyone so long as they're similarly extroverted or bubbly. they rarely develop close relationships and the "close relationships" they claim to have hardly are ever that close. they're just indiscriminate socializers and they obviously get something out of needlessly socializing. it's not draining for them. a lot of these people have a hard time being alone or don't enjoy it.

No. 512035

this. and people who call themselves introverted unironically are as fucking insufferable as the kind of retard who calls themselves an “empath.” it’s just shit people say to make themselves seem unique and interesting when in reality they’re actually so fucking boring and incapable of meaningfully interacting with anyone that it’s just pitiable more than anything. there’s a reason self described introverts tend to be obnoxiously self deprecating.

No. 512044

Projection: The Post

No. 512045

It can definitely cost energy, it just gives more than it takes depending on how extroverted you are.

I'm sorry but this is just a wild take. I lean more to the extrovert side and we can definitely have many meaningful interactions with people. It's also common to have close friendships, extroverts just tend to have more casual friendships on top of that compared to introverts.
I get that it can be tiring to be around extroverts but we're not these shallow vapid beings either. Some on the internet even seem to think being an introvert makes you special or deep and it just.. doesn't. It's just a social trait.

No. 512050

there's a difference between actually being "shallow and vapid", and tolerating "shallow and vapid" interactions or questionable behaviors/questionable people, because you enjoy interacting with people for the sake of interaction. i never said it makes them shallow and vapid. i know people who aren't shallow but still enjoy casual exchanges with people. they're less choosy because they get something out of interacting with people. and like i said, they often just prefer not being alone.

No. 512051

Extroversion is polite speak for "I'm afraid to be alone, I don't know who I am without constant validation of my existence through meaningless interactions".

No. 512053

Were you ghosted by an introvert or something?

No. 512060

I don't get how extroverts tolerate more questionable behavior/people as a whole just because they enjoy socializing. If an introverts just fucks off in a social setting does that mean they're taking a stand against bad behavior?

No. 512065

As someone who probably is an introvert this really isn't true. I put a lot of effort into my relationships with others. I prefer to socialise with a small group of people that I know and trust. I find attending large social gatherings to be both boring and exhausting because I have to deal with having facile, polite conversations with people that I don't know well.

No. 512073

because they enjoy the interaction and their presence, they often look past questionable behaviors, especially if they're the type that just wants company around. i know a lot of people like this. idk that introverts are "taking a stand" by not engaging with people, i guess they could? idk. i'm just saying, extroverts generally are willing to forgive or dismiss questionable behavior a lot more often, because they have fun with them, or because they're "exciting" to them, regardless. i'm not necessarily talking about these people committing offenses against the extrovert, rather them just being morally questionable or pretty obviously shitty in other respects, though i do kind of frequently see them forgive people for things very easily because they miss their company.

people who get an emotional or energy, or whatever, boost from other people's company tend to tolerate more shit because it benefits them in certain ways to do so. people who don't really benefit emotionally/mentally from interaction would find it easier to walk away. there's like, no loss for someone who is introverted because they already claim to be more "drained" by interaction, though there can be a loss for the extrovert, who is said to be energized by interaction. obviously i'm not saying they put up with being abused, that's not stimulating for like, anyone.

No. 512075

Most extroverts aren't desperate enough for attention to just tolerate anything though. Depending on the extrovert you can also more easily drop a questionable friendship because you have an easier time maintaining or finding others. I get what kind of people you mean but they're a minority and I wouldn't really say that behaviour is exclusive to extroverts. I see introverts who do this as well if they gain something from the relationship. It's just human behaviour which some engage in more than others. Extroverts have more interactions by proxy and will have both more positive and negative interactions in general.

No. 512112

imagine hating on people bc they don't want to talk to you lol

No. 512215

I honestly dont know why so many people dislike extroverts. What is actually wrong with getting a boost with meeting other people and interacting with them? I am ENTP by MTBI and even w/o that I have extroverted tendencies but I'm still a very introspective and "melancholic" temperament person and this doesn't ruin my ability to be beneath the surface at all.

No. 512220

most people are extroverts…

No. 512223

I wouldn't say I straight up dislike extroverts, but I do feel intimidated by them, lol. I think there's always that level of understanding between people similar to you. If I'm with an extrovert, I get really worried and start overthinking about if I'm too quiet for them, if they find me boring, if they're actually nice or just doing it to be liked etc. I also think extroverts usually don't understand introverts and immediately label us as freaks and outcasts, at least from my experience.

No. 512227

File: 1581032862221.gif (280.06 KB, 400x400, 42c.gif)

I think we know which introverts are good friends and which introverts got a nerve struck based on the replies itt.

No. 512233

this is the shittiest gif ever

No. 512236

File: 1581033615246.png (1.5 MB, 1511x917, cubicle.png)

I'm thankful for pinterest as reference material, but I think it's biggest weakness is all the images on there conform to an aesthetic. You can't find normal hair styles on pinterest you can only find instagram hair styles that were made for you to like not were daily. The same goes for foreign country images. You never see 'japan', but you do see a heavily photoshoped japan that makes you feel jealous of #travellife posters. You can never find something ugly, if you do it's some 'finding the beauty in ugliness' aesthetic, or raw on the site you just see ideal instagramable versions of an object there. The most extreme example is what happens when you look up 'cubicle'. I can't draw anything depressing without looking at another site because pinterest has put everything through the cute filter that somehow made cubicles cute.

No. 512237

how brave of y'all to shit on introverts

No. 512244

I'm grateful for pintrest. It's tumblr without the fuckshit.

No. 512245

Most people are in the middle.

No. 512336

I wish pinterest didn't have so many fucking ads and promoted pins.

No. 512350

get the promoted pin hider addon/extension

No. 512359

I think you're putting extrovert personality black and white. Someone can be extroverted per the definition but still get social anxiety or appear as weird and outcast. I wish my extroversion stopped me from being social anxious sometimes, being seen as weird and different in a bad way. I say a lot of people my age in my area are introverted tbh

No. 512360

Just because theyll talk to you without passing out doesn't mean they are extroverts, anon. Introversion at least the kind before everybody online who tend to use it to mean social anxiety and misanthropy always existed and is common in many cultures.

I would say American culture appears superficially extrovert but is actually introvert internally for example

No. 512613

>chatting with someone who says they're into asian films
>turns out they're just a korean cinema fanatic and only watch k-movies
Everytime. Typical

No. 512748

File: 1581123215423.png (26.17 KB, 980x133, wacom.png)

You don't know the pain of coming home from a hard day of work and wanting to de stress, buy making some doodles on your wacom tablet only for it to be so fucking ice cold your hand literally cramps from sliding across it because it feels like a fucking ice ring.
Also this.

No. 512780

I hate shaving. I always get red bumps on my legs or stubble that grows back in 6 hours. Waxing is fucking expensive and time consuming. I'm so glad it's winter so I can wear thick tights/sweaters every day and not have to worry about my unsightly leg hair offending someone.

No. 513120

I've been listening to these TTS renditions of interesting Reddit threads (yeah I know) while doing chores because it's just white noise to play in the background. Some of the stories are obviously made up (though entertaining) but the ones that have an extra serving of horse shit loaded into them are the self-masturbatory tranny power fantasy sob stories. They always follow a certain formula. They're told from the point of view of the non-trans friend who's usually trans- and homophobic to a degree, the person of interest comes out as trans, the narrator is conflicted but realizes the folly of their ways, accepts them with open arms, it's just them against the world and the story ends with the trans person killing themselves in some overly dramatic manner. You can literally spot how the story will go from the first two sentences because it's the same every time. And people lap it up as a true, harrowing story of how twansphobia kills.

No. 513173

>you're an android user therefore your opinion is invalid

fucking iShills.

No. 513178

Whats the best pet for a apartment?

No. 513180

This doesn’t seem like a huge deal imo. Everything shares its data with Google analytics.

No. 513185

No. 513208

senior animals because they sleep 16 hrs a day

No. 513220

File: 1581277278760.jpeg (5.34 KB, 226x223, 723985782.jpeg)

>out with certain group of friends
>talking about their happenings, stories, and problems
>actively listen, ask questions, make eye contact, show interest bc they're my friends, set my phone facedown so I'm not tempted to look on it
>I try to talk about something
>put their heads into their phones, talk over me, switch subject, barely make eye contact, obv they're not even listening at times

They might as well have said "We're not interested and we don't give a fuck about you, let's get back to talking about us."
And I don't invite myself to these things btw, they're the ones who ask me to go out with them. I was so tempted to walk out, but then I'd probably get a bitch or sensitive label. Chances are if they're inconsiderate enough to do shit like that in the first place, they also lack the self-awareness to even know that they're doing it. How can people be so comfortable with being so rude?

No. 513294

Take control of the social situation and call them out.
People that are so socially inept like that need stronger figures to guide them to socially aware behaviors.

No. 513459

What do you talk about? Not to be rude but we had a friend in our group who was constantly talking about the same topics over and over again and it got pretty tiring because even when he noticed he was doing it, he wouldn’t stop…
We didn’t know how to tell him he was boring because we didn’t want him to feel bad…but we were all very bored around him…
I know it’s easier for you to think we were terrible friends but tbh sometimes the people @ you are not the only problem…

No. 513498

No it has nothing to do with talking about the same thing over and over again.
And btw when that happens you should say something, you can't expect people to change if they don't even understand the issue. But either way, if you invited him you kinda deserved it.

No. 513555

>And btw when that happens you should say something, you can't expect people to change if they don't even understand the issue.
But we did, so many times actually…that’s why I was telling you he noticed, he even admitted it himself and apologised but nothing ever changed…
We weren’t acting cold towards him but after you tell someone how you think his problem is ______ and a possible solution is ________ but nothing changes, I refuse to believe it’s not something he does on purpose…
Also we invited him because he doesn’t have any friends (just us) and as he always reminds us… he’s very lonely and sad and depressed so we try to make himself feel good for once…never works though….

No. 514010

File: 1581454286254.png (58.95 KB, 1143x240, 2008.PNG)

I like communities that tell you have to save money and stuff, but a bunch of them are kind of dicks. The most annoying commenters is someone who refuses to walk in another shoes. I've seen people blame someone getting into dept over a wedding, pay day loans, and even losing their house after the 2008 crash as completly their fault. All these involved a few missteps of the victim, but if you put yourself in their shoes all those situations involve extreme pressure that clouds the ability to think clearly and company's that most likely lied to them. They also refuse to entertain the thought that these people aren't bad with money because they're bad people, but because they come from uneducated backgrounds. They like to cherry pick 'rich person miss spends so they're poor' to the point they believe all poor people are poor not because of some systemic issue, but because they're bad with money.

No. 514017

Why does America hate poor people so much? YouTuber commenters are all middle and high schoolers who don't know how anything works most of the time. Actual muh hardworking Americans don't have time to sit around watching YouTube videos about people who went in debt.

The issue lies within the job market - American employers, especially in South or rural areas, like to play games. Average rent in a suburban area is 1000, these places don't adjust the wages to the price of living, which is why everyone is struggling. Getting a job that provided decent hours, decent pay, decent benefits and wiggle room is literally impossible and the only thing a lot of young Americans can only dream of. MLMs, scam independent contractors who want you to spend more money than you actually make, overpriced skill classes, hell even dishwashers are requiring certificates nowadays. "You're hired" and "you're fired" have left most employers dictionary, if you don't have connections you're fucked, hypercriticalness of employers is through the roof, you could pronounce a word wrong or be slightly awkward and you'll never find a job, wanting a million and one survey questions for a minimum wage cashier job

Colleges have been upcharged insanely for no reason, any decent job requires college, "but muh start a business" YouTube commenters, "but muh I totally have all this money saved up! Go to trade and be a plumber" YouTube commenters, "go to a different city and move to look for jobs!" YouTube commenters. They always claim extreme things too. I've seen a guy claim that clothes and food in America costs 50 cents and you should run around town doing random things for people and expect pay in order to get it to a caregiver who was struggling for work. Military commenters, "don't buy anything except gas" commenters, etc etc

No. 514022

I don't even drive and even I know that a $2k old beat up car will end up costing a fortune in repairs down the line, whereas investing in a newer car will spare you repair costs.

No. 514027

>Why does America hate poor people so much?
1. They are weak
2. It is immoral, and also a result of immorality

No. 514050

Most poor people are simply poor because they are born into poor or middle class families and the price of living matched with wages + hours jobs are willing to give is no fit.

No. 514061

There is a spectrum between a 2k lemon and a brand new 30k car, you know. A 5-10k second hand Toyota is gonna do almost everyone just fine, and paying in cash is always >>> getting a loan.

No. 514063

I have a friend like you, he is one of the nicest people I know! You sound like a great friend. I try to do that stuff, but the hardest part is making eye contact. I am sorry those friends take you for granted.

No. 514112

File: 1581474486077.png (16 KB, 300x309, tytryt.png)

>parents have friends, Rich and Ava
>Rick is alright, 7/10 guitar player, quiet , repairs old cars
>Ava, his wife is the epitome of boomer
>"Rap music is all sex and violence"
>"Metal music is all Satanic"
>"Young people have no respect!"
>genuinely believes football guy should have been jailed for kneeling during the anthem
>genuinely believes criticism of the government should be illegal because people died for those rights
>thinks anyone disagreeing with her is disrespectful
>can barely walk a mile
>has a TGI's friday card
>She wants to fight me because I've started saying "Ok Boomer" instead of pointing out the flaws in her reasoning.
I think I'll end up putting her in the hospital.

No. 514113

nah america is just the scapegoat for everything, other countries can't admit they have problems

No. 514115

>genuinely believes criticism of the government should be illegal because people died for those rights

I'm confused, what rights? Didn't people die so we could criticise the goverment? That's counterintuitive

No. 514126

idk anon, half the shit she says doesn't make any sense and whatever I say is automatically wrong in her opinion

No. 514189

Just found out this is number 1 in the US rn. I'm beyond tired of slow tempo and sleepy sounding music. I wish the current music was more high energy and fast tempo cuz this shit is boring. It just sounds and emits laziness and slow walking.

I guess its like the 60s when everything was slow tempo but then again.. not everything was and the thematic presentation (and genres) of the music ironically had more diversity.

I wish my generation would snort cocaine or get addicted on stims like the 80s adults or some shit

No. 514229

Cocaine/stim use is at a new high in many european countries but it doesn't seem to influence the charts very much lol.

No. 514237

I hate that some people aren't taking the corona virus seriously enough. It's still something to be wary of, and I have no doubt that China is lying about the death toll.

No. 514243

The guy that pulled the 'oh no I have coronavirus' prank on a packed flight is an ass

No. 514325

I don't understand what their problem is with people wanting to be prepared? There's nothing wrong about wanting to have a few backup supplies, and staying informed with current affairs.
What's even the agenda? If we're wrong, we just get to laugh about it later and keep the supplies for a different rainy day. If they're wrong, we could get sick or die.

No. 514382


I kind of prefer people being blasé and calm than sperging, acting like the world is ending, trying to run over little kids and shit like it is the Apocalypse and Jesus is coming back.

There are still idiots out there attacking people because they’re Asian or work for the gov, like the retards that attacked the air force agents at the quarantine bases for whatever reason.

The world is shitty enough as it is, and there are a lot of people walking around whose latent primitive urges need one catastrophe to be set off, and that scares me just as much as whatever is going on.

No. 514468

File: 1581597340417.jpg (24.39 KB, 540x300, 2379324223.jpg)

>tfw birthday today
>mother asks me twice when my birthday is despite giving birth to me
>no one seems to care
>no friends irl
>never celebrated a single birthday of mine because family is heavily religious and sees it as some sort of sin (despite celebrating the ones of my siblings like their lives depend on it)
>never gotten a gift
>goes out and buys myself a cupcake as a little treat
>mother sees it and gets angry at me for "putting everyone and my health to risk" which makes no fucking sense
>later she threatens to bust my head open with a weight scale because she got angry over something so tiny and stupid
>even raises that scale above her head and stands in front of me like a psychopath like that
>"i am not scared to slam this on your head, make you bleed and then go to jail over this"
>tells her to do it idc anymore at this point
>proceeds to call me every insult out there because nothing really happened, she just did some overthinking again and made herself mad for no reason and me, being her personal punching bag, has to endure it all
>starts listing every bad thing about me
>"useless, disappointment, sits in front of her laptop all day and doesn't do anything,.." etc etc
>which is bullshit because i am the one who cleans and cooks in this household while she sits in front of her phone and plays fucking candy crush or chats with my relatives on facebook
>tries not to care
>wants to be alone
>wants to go to room but i share it with my big sister and she's there and will most likely bother me
>ends up locking myself in the bathroom
>that also doesn't work because as soon as i do that she starts banging on the door for me to open
>fails and starts hysterically crying in front of her
>she still doesn't care and says those are just crocodile tears

I swear to god once I have enough money I'll move the fuck away from this family and change my real name so that they never end up finding me ever fucking again. If I even have to move to another country to escape them, then so be it. I seriously cannot take it anymore, I am at my limit. I've been dealing with this for so many years now, ever since I was a little kid. I thought she could've been a little nicer today, because it is my birthday but of course not, because she's a narcissistic mentally ill fuck who is always "right" and "flawless". And when it was my brother's birthday she was so nice and sweet to him, buying him cake and all that shit, but I only get verbal and physical abuse. Wow. I'm so used to this at this point and I don't really let it faze me anymore, but seeing her still act like that despite today being a special day to me just made me go back to being a huge crybaby again.

No. 514473

Happy birthday, Anon!

No. 514474

Thank you I think I love you.

No. 514478

File: 1581602325632.jpg (69.78 KB, 720x714, FB_IMG_1581286787326.jpg)


Hey anon, we share birthdays!

I am sorry yours is so sucky. I hope you feel better soon.

Happy birthday to us!

No. 514479

Happy Birthday anon. Sorry your family situation is rough but like you said, it'll make the day you finally escape them all the more satisfying. I would know.

No. 514482

File: 1581603764019.jpeg (77.51 KB, 462x538, 9275CED7-9788-422B-9AA9-485369…)

Happy birthday anon! And happy birthday to you anon! I'm sorry to hear about your situation first anon, try to treat yourself in any way you can today without your mum noticing.

No. 514486

Thank you guys so incredibly much, I'm feeling so much better now and cannot help grinning from ear to ear all thanks to you.
And happy birthday to you too, birthday twin anon! I hope you have an absolutely lovely one, you deserve it.

No. 514487

Happy birthday anon, some day you'll have the comfiest and safest birthday and can eat all the damn cupcakes you fucking want. Sorry your family doesn't see how batshit they are, you deserve and will get better out of life, we're here rooting for you!

No. 514560

I hate how my local mall and the comics and games market that we have here is just FLOODED with walls upon walls of ugly Funko Pops. It bugs me how Americans’ standards for appealing merchandise are so goddamn low that they waste countless dollars on these stupid figurines. It’s so unlike Japan where you can find an enormous variety of toys that are actually appealing and creative.

No. 514564

anons who accuse everyone of being a newfag and get all obnoxious about it are most of the time more annoying than the newfag themselves

No. 514577

You ever just debate someone and realize how sheltered they are? Like some people believe anti-discrimination laws shouldn't exist and the free market will just shut down. Like I've seen people say if all anti-discrimination laws were removed a 'whites only' store wouldn't exist because 'no one that racist exist anymore!'. Like. How can they be that dumb. Some back water southern state would swoop in the second anti discrimination laws got lifted to make their white boy only school.
>Business should be able to discriminate!

No. 514640

I walked into a nerdy store in Seattle a few months ago and the literal walls were top to bottom stacked with Funkos. 3 walls full. And this was a decent sized shop.

No. 514693

File: 1581645883583.jpg (122.61 KB, 1024x1024, flexitarian.jpg)

This isn't a stepping stone either flexitarians ask for the same praise vegans get and are shocked when vegans make fun of them. I'm ok with it because it's better than nothing, but the movement is msotly people patting themselves on the back fro doing nothing

No. 514695

I'm cool with it when the person in question really is putting in an effort and making a big change. I don't want to congratulate anyone for making bullshit little changes (that they usually exaggerate for praise or to feel like they're above criticism in discussions of climate change and ethics) but I've seen a lot of people recently get on board with the whole reducitarian type concept in a genuine way. I think it'll actually play a huge role in what the future of a sustainable global food system looks like in which everyone can realistically get on board, basically mostly plant based and replacing a lot of meat with lab grown eventually as well.

No. 514698

Why do most people suck at making conversation? And this is coming from an 'introvert'. I'm tired of putting all the effort into talking when the other person is socially inept.

No. 514709

for me it really depends on the type of conversation, I'm terrible at most conversations (especially small talk) as I'm literally retarded but if we're talking about something deep or something I'm knowledgeable about I'm really good at making conversation

No. 514710

They're just not that interested in talking to you. I've never met an socially anxious introvert who couldn't go on and on when they're actually invested in a conversation.

No. 514771

Fucking hell if your group of 5+ people wanna take ten minutes taking a selfie at least have the common sense to not do it standing in the middle of the fucking street with people walking into you. Why do people lose all common sense when they're on their phones

No. 514778

File: 1581684650194.jpeg (54.36 KB, 500x750, 5D65CAC8-65DB-42E4-A204-D953BA…)

I cannot stand it when people say they love butch women and want a butch girlfriend but it turns out they're talking about normal looking, feminine women with just a pixie cut (pic related) and that's it.

No. 514786

A guy (staff) in my local supermarket was giving out single long stem roses to female customers today. Got handed one and while carry it on my way home some old creep interrogates me about 'my bf'. I'm super gay looking and amused by this.

"oh you're blushing" he says. Yes old man keep inserting yourself into my space while I try to walk away from you as quickly as possible. Any excuse to pester a woman half your age

No. 514834

Pisses me off too. I love butch women, like actually butch. They make me weak at the knees, but yeah people who think a woman with short hair = butch are so wrong.

No. 514855

File: 1581705440195.png (348.79 KB, 589x515, Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 10.07…)

Wild that people in the comments are using this to call Mariah a dinosaur and say she looks old. Meanwhile, she's pushing 50 and has barely even aged aside from gaining weight. Is this really how high the standards are for women? Jesus Christ.
If I had no idea who Mariah was and saw recent photos of her I would assume this woman is in her late 20s or something.

No. 514857

There's a dinosaur in the sea

No. 514860

I know, dummy. People were calling her the dinosaur and making jokes about how she looks old.

No. 514880

How was anon supposed to know that, from your post it really seemed like you just missed a joke. Anyone who called her anything clearly did too so don't concern yourself with it

No. 514890

the vent threads might as well be called the boyfriend complaint threads

No. 514892

I specifically referred to the comments. The OP post is there for context. Also not sure why I shouldn't "concern" myself with this when posting about annoying stuff is what this thread is about.

No. 514955

women aren't allowed to exist over the age of 40, don't you know?

Ia, mariah looks great, always has.

No. 514959

My friend wont stop being late by at least 30 minutes everytime we plan on meeting outside, it's pissing me off. I could have had breakfast and done my skincare routine and still arrived before her today. Instead I've been standing here for 45min and I'm hungry

No. 515001

i'm not a mariah carey fan but having watched her interviews, she's actually surprisingly down to earth considering she's an actual diva. anyways, she looks great and people are dicks. i swear to god it's like people just neg women who are objectively attractive and look young once they find out their age. a woman can look 28 at 55 and everyone have no clue but the minute they find out theyre older they act like they're a leper. it's really messed up.

No. 515031

I fucking hate how many bootlickers are on meta.

No. 515037

I’m sick of stupid bitches on here falling for gaslighting incel memes like “you need ivf to have any hope of conceiving past 30” as if we want to see that horseshit propaganda here? If you hate women then you don’t belong here. Fuck off to Reddit. That is if you’re not larping scrotes, in which case you should rope because no one will ever love you.

No. 515039

Dunno if I should spend around 200 dollars on new clothing from dolls kill. I thrifted for the entirety of 2019 and it's cute stuff but I don't wanna be wasteful or retarded.

No. 515044

Don't buy from dolls kill. Your better off buying stuff from the brands original websites. Also some stuff on dollskill are blatantly marked up aliexpress stuff. If you need to return anything, they don't give you a proper refund, just stire credit, which is bullshit considering how awful their size charts ares.

No. 515061

its kind of annoying how some young anons or twitterfags have looked at hansen being more than just a journalist. anyone with a mind would want a groomer locked away but its not like chris has ever billed himself as something other than just asking questions and giving a point of view.

its been wild to see how a few months ago how people were suckin hansens asshole then a few months later people are pissed. like he is a part of big media. were you expecting different?

No. 515192

it's not the same thing exactly but it irritates me when people cite Keemstar in similar ways, as if he cares about anything other than views and hiding his inverted chin
>tag Keem he should do a video!!

No. 515220

All the people at my job who failed the 'diversity training' failed for a very real reason, but yet I have to listen to them bitch about the 'pc police' 24/7. You fucking put 'sexism no longer exist' on the test Kyle of course they'd think you ignore the pov of women

No. 515230

i just got pulled over for having my fucking license plate light out of all things. I'm so fucking irritated lmao. cop gave me only a warning but im still. so. pisssseeed

No. 515249


Even anti Os with the most cope will you that this is totally for normies not farmers.
>spread awareness uwu
Most of them pretend that Sarah is doing something ~behind~ the scenes, or they don't care because they think the milk was worth it.

100% Ayalla, Billie and her friends were behind this shitshow. They tried planning it a year ago kek

No. 515255

I'm staying with my friend and her mom becaus reasons and her 15 year old brother ate half the fucking tub of ice cream my boyfriend bought me as one of my gifts for Valentine's day. We specifically told him not to eat it and he split it with his fucking friends anyway just because his birthday was yesterday. I want to snap his fucking neck in half, I've never hated a child so fucking much in my life. I'm not blood related to him so he needs to learn to fuck off. Cant wait for his mom to beat his ass for being a fucking cunt

No. 515326

I hate going home for the weekend bc I never do jack shit and just rot online. And if my sister visits too she always sleeps in my bed and I have to scrounge whatever other blankets we have.

No. 515351

I hate it when my friend constantly mentions how she was a size 0 until puberty and now she is a size 10. And how she just eats biscuits and crisps and shit all day, doesn't go to the gym and still looks like that. She says how she knows that one day her metabolism will catch up with her.
It's really annoying when you are trying to lose weight, going to the gym and eating less with no snacking and I'm still fat. Especially when she then say "you have so much more self control than me." It's like she is just trying to rub it in

No. 515405

She sounds like a cunt, no offense.

No. 515425

She also points out my acne but going "Your nose looks sore." Bitch I know. And she'll complain about 2 spots on her face that I can never actually see so I don't know what she is on about. And then give me the whole "I guess I got lucky with my genetics"

No. 515429

File: 1581888224570.jpg (396.85 KB, 1079x727, 1581887754775.jpg)

When people gotta make sure their boobs are the center of EVERYTHING. I think Moo's Pink costume is pretty except for the fact that it plunges down her chest because she can't ever fucking help herself. Does she think it's attractive? I know it's for pander purposes, but shit Moo it's not like nobody would forget you've got big fat boobs underneath a beautiful costume that actually covers you! What a wasted potential.

No. 515436

Related to Momokun but I'm still salty over how people are trying to "cancel" her because of the "sexual assault" charges which was basically her autistic ass being inappropriate (groping someone at a room party as a "joke") and not really trying to purposefully use sexual violence. She's done a heap of awful things over the years such as stalking people, stealing designs, pocketing charity money, bullying someone out of the community forever, scamming her patrons, not crediting commissioned costumes, lying about her schoolwork and pretty much everything in her life etc. But never got shit for it, it was that retarded sexual assault claim that did her over and the whole scandal was conducted by envious fellow costhots who wanted to get her off the playing field. I don't know, I'm just having an autistic fit over this because I hate how she got to damage so many people and nobody really cared.

While we're on this topic I hate how male costhots (like Leon Chiro, the guy Moo latched on just now at Katsucon) can be the biggest assholes and sluts imaginable but never have to deal with backlash.

No. 515449

Normies have bad memes. What the fuck was even funny about "VSCO girls"?

No. 515454

samefag, after that happened when I went out to walk my dog about 30 mins later I got harassed and catcalled by two middle aged men. fuck this fucking neighborhood

No. 515456

I agree that it got blown out of proportion but what she also did was yank up a girl's shirt in a crowded public area. It sounds like the groping and such was her acting like a highschool mean girl to try and intimidate her fake friends.

IDK she's a cunt but men don't care. It's not like they're jerking off to her personality.

No. 515457

They're probably jealous women can go around (or girls idk) not caked in makeup and so insecure about their bodies that they don't dress like a hooker. Especially rich women who don't use their money to attract guys? (And this isn't even hate towards the hooker-core fashionistas because they probably don't care.)
I'm technically not a VSCO because I don't use photo apps but I've always dressed in that fashion every summer.

No. 515462

Why are so many intersectionality fags re writing it's history? It was a term originally meant to describe the issues affecting black women, but if you ask any twitter fag now it's 'intersectionality was made to describe the cross over of sex, race, age, gender, disability, and orientation'. Thats what is describes now, but it's not want it was invented for.
Don't know why it bothers me so much. I guess it's because it's often used by people who like to act like their neck deep in wokeness, but they can't do the bare bones of just reading the wikipedia page or the study the term was based off of.

No. 515463

Girls will get mocked for doing absolutely anything at all. If they follow some specific trend they get made fun of for it; if they follow lowkey, normal ones they're basic; if they do their own thing they "probably think they're SO quirky and not like other girls." There was never anything funny about 14 year old girls wearing scrunchies and bringing thermoses to school.

No. 515516

what are you babbling about, look at any of those 'memes', it's middle schoolers making fun of themselves/playing on a stereotype. in an innocuous and mild way. are you seriously trying to make teen girls shitposting about their own hairties into a sexism thing, get some fresh air and talk to people.

No. 515701

I guess I should be grateful, but this dumb rule my state has is annoying. My kid can take free college class in high school, covered by state, with extra expenses (books, lab, etc) free, covered by schooling body. The schooling body pays off all extra expenses except during summer because during summer my kid is no longer a ''student'' under the schooling body. I'm not that mad because I can cover the costs, but that has to be the dumbest 'well technically…' rule I've seen.

What makes it annoying is that they have a more obvious example of abusing the rules thats a ok. The courses are only free if you're a high school student, but if you sign up for summer college classes as a senior before you graduate the state still lets you take the classes for free. I'm ok with that, but I' just so confused who thought you're no longer a student during summer was a good idea

No. 515748

People completely obsessed with geopol are annoying.

No. 515890

File: 1582056414973.jpg (121.82 KB, 899x1124, 79788483_564763331044096_69642…)

When I see a humblebrag complaining thread about shit like pic related. Very common with the topics of being pale and just looking sooo young people ask me what grade I'm in a lot I really hate it guys any tips on drawing fake crows feet so I get taken more seriously at work??

No. 515921

Not all people are ugly gurl

No. 515922


No. 515925

File: 1582063838287.webm (806.54 KB, 640x800, long.webm)

You just need loooooooong legs

No. 515994

I ironically love these sorts of fetish videos, there's something uncanny and hilarious about them.

No. 516152

Yeah, this post is a good example of annoying.

Introverts are more easily stimulated and lose energy quicker. There's a difference between being anti-social and introverted. Some intoverts put in the effort but need time to pull away and recharge. It's not the same as avoiding people altogether.

Excellent bait anon.

No. 516252

File: 1582157781979.jpg (11.82 KB, 539x303, B2Th98xIQAAITIz.jpg)

I just found this video on Twitter about a man angrily ranting about this one artist who paid a prostitute to give his son oral sex for his 13th birthday because the son is apparently gay and the replies are so incredibly annoying. This one woman in the replies was trying to excuse the fathers actions with god and saying shit like "God makes no mistakes and the father was trying to save his child from becoming gay by doing that." Like bruh so by paying your child to get sexually assaulted and traumatized forever = saving him from something he has no control over? And then there were also people comparing homophobia to race killings for no fucking reason? Trying to act like they have every right to be a bunch of homophobic fucks because "we are the ones who get killed over our skin color they just push labels and made up sexualities on everyone". How do these people even exist? I usually don't care at all over anyone because the internet is filled with all kinds of stupid people but I'm actually so shocked that people still think like this and have no problem with it. Trying to excuse a child getting molested all thanks to his bigoted father is just so so incredibly upsetting.

>tfw twitter is just the worst social media platform ever

No. 516254

Yeah, no lie but tall women do excude more natural age and authority. My tall friend could go anywhere to buy cigarettes or alcohol since she was 15 years old lol. I'm tall as well and feel like I get more respect from men but it's hard to say honestly since I live in a country where women are about as equal to men as we can be, I guess.

No. 516348

Why does every place my boyfriend have to be have porn in it??? I can’t be shown a cute dog on the front page of reddit without seeing a blurred nsfw post that’s some girls nudes. In a server he’s in for a local gaming scene they had a hentai and nsfw-3D chat. I know that’s typical of gross online men to have nsfw channels but Jesus why do men share porn with someone they meet face to face? Aren’t you ashamed???? And now I feel like a controlling girlfriend for getting upset as now he’s told me he left that server.

But it’s like. Why can’t men not be cumbrains everywhere they are. It’s so gross.

No. 516353

Low iq. Low impulse control.low cow.

No. 516401

you guys have shit on me and called me controlling but this is why you can only date men that don't really care about socializing and having male friends. society is not set up for men to have friends. they just end up encouraging degeneracy, and all because you wanted to be avoid being "overbearing", you end up out finding out your once normal bf is now fucking inflatable pool toys behind your back and jerking off to drawings of anthropomorphized big titted airplanes because his discord acquaintances or irl friends wouldn't stop spamming his otherwise innocent civilization ii discord server with this shit. it is basically unavoidable and they need to be isolated in order to ensure that they will stay even semi tolerable

No. 516407

anon if your bf develops a fucking big titty airplane fetish because his discord friends spammed a bunch of pics, he's incredibly impressionable and his problem is not male friendship. you need to meet men who arent fully saturated in board culture or something.

No. 516408

Necessarysped? You're back!

No. 516409

that hasn't happened to me but you're out of touch if you think almost all men aren't easily memed. men don't have the mental fortitude to withstand the cumbrained antics of the people that surround them, nor do they have any shame, so

she doesn't even remotely type like this.

No. 516415

Kind of does tho. I got confused because I remember her saying something similar about her husband not having friends or being immersed in internet culture.

No. 516417

yeah, she did say that. he also doesn't like fruits or something and for some reason she likes that about him. but she has a certain way of typing and speaking that you can smell from like a lightyear away

No. 516419

Every little thing my family does pisses me off and I hate even saying it because I sound like an amgtsy teen but I'm 22. I just hate living with other people. My dream is to live alone. I'll be able to walk around naked and live in peace.

No. 516473

I went to bed last night thinking I got a 0 on an assignment because it didn’t upload. The internet at home is super shitty and it took over ten minutes to upload a 10mb file. My phone was also dead but it said this morning the file went through so at least I’m getting some points for it instead of none.

No. 516508

My dad wears these stupid fucking slippers around the house that make a loud scratching/scraping sound and it's so goddamn irritating. To make it worse he loves to pace back and forth a lot.

No. 516590

I know this is 100% not a scam because everyone I knew had to do this, but my community college wants me to send my social security number and info on google survey to sign up. It's for tax reason, but they couldn't make an insite survey? I know google forms is going to keep my data and once google has a data leak I'm fucked. I can at least skip it

No. 516603

People who support their politicians unconditionally 100%. They’re mostly balding Chads who’ve cheat/sexually assaulted women. They think they’re always right and shoot down every single counter argument you have. It’s like they’re on a meth high and whenever their politician loses or are out office, the sober is a hilarious site to see.

They’re Trump or Bernie supporters. I fucking loathe both of them.

No. 516604

All the sober are left with are their mistakes.

No. 516641

I have a new coworker that smells like cat piss and tries to cover it with cologne. On top of that he thinks he knows more than all of us because he's the only man in the office. It's a medical job and I've been in the field for almost a decade and I'm good at what I do. Just because im a bit younger than him and a woman he feels like he can interrupt me and talk over me. He even does it to the boss who's been doing this kinda work since before we were born. ALSO, he asks me really weird personal questions and tries to flirt with me even though he knows I'm married. I just wish he would get fucking fired.

No. 516655

I'm on my treadmill jogging and every 5 minutes I lift my sleeping gown up to check if I have abs yet and I don't ree

No. 516667

I'm on an 11 hr roadtrip with my bf, his mom and grandma. I want to fucking off myself. His grandma is driving me up the fucking wall. Shes so demanding and bitchy, constantly whining about everything anand everyone. Sorry I handed you the wrong water bottle you fucking witch, guess you were right all along, I should never have been born a dumb harlot!!!!1 gee golly you're right how RUDE of me to sleep on a full day road trip and snore???

K m fucking s

No. 516914

>when you go through the trouble of helping some one by giving them as much info as possible but just get ignored by the person asking
>not even getting a “thank you”
I’m not ever going to bother again.

No. 517292

I'm a womanlet and it annoys me when people insist that 5'4" is "short" and 5'7" is "average". Unless you live in Scandinavia, that's bullshit. Try being 5'1."

Not a big deal but I've seen it here once in a while.

No. 517293

>TrY bEiNg 5'1
Holy fucking eyeroll you sound annoying

No. 517296

Where is this short olympics you're imagining? All I ever see are delusional 5'7 girls crying about how manly and amazonian they are. Maybe they get comforting responses telling them they're average because 5'7 is right smack bang in the middle of very short and very tall. Not that they're literally average relative to the rest of the population.

No. 517300

>I'm a womanlet
>Try being 5'1
oh jesus, what the fuck are you on? there's no such thing as a "womanlet". Being petite is not a problem on a woman like it is on a man. Many sex symbol celebrities are that height. Maybe if you were 4'10 i'd get it, but 5'1? stfu.

No. 517302

Yeah try being, 5'10

No. 517309

Uwu I’m so tiny and smol people think I’m so young and cute teehee my little legs even in heels I’m so short and kawaii uguu 5’4” isn’t short. I’m shorter!!

No. 517311

All you anons bitching about height sound autistic as hell. Being short sucks because you’re fat, being tall sucks because you’re masculine. Shut the fuck up and get over it. It’s like clockwork with you tards, the height spergs always manage to shit up /ot once a month.

No. 517314

>Being short sucks because you’re fat, being tall sucks because you’re masculine.
Or, if you're not crazy and insecure, both are perfectly fine, conventionally attractive and will barely impact your love life.

ffs height is the ONE aspect of our appearance that men are judged far more harshly for. Enjoy it, worrying about height is a waste of time for women.

No. 517316

Seriously. Almost more autistic than big tits v small tits debate. Just remind yourself that men hate you no matter what, regardless of the adjectives they prescribe to your body.

No. 517317

This. Women are can be considered attractive at pretty much any height and literally the only feature we aren't given shit for. The "sob I'm too tall" 5ft7 chicks have no business complaining about being too mannish as most men are still taller than they are and their long legs are considered attractive anyway. Vice versa the girls of 5ft1 need to stop their "my life is ~SO~ hard because I'm so smol uwu" shit, it's not like not being able to reach the higher shelves is oppression. Unless you're literal midget height or towering 6+ft who can't find fitting clothes you really shouldn't be so insecure.

No. 517431

Uh, I didn’t say any of that you fucking idiot. All I said is that I’m short.

And geez, my post got a lot of tall anons sperging. Nothing is wrong with being tall, guys. Chill.

No. 517437

I'm tall and I agree with this, I often see people acting like the average American female height is way taller than it really is.

No. 517442

> Unless you're literal midget height or towering 6+ft who can't find fitting clothes you really shouldn't be so insecure.

this, i’m just over 6 foot and probably the worst problem i have is pants being too short or public transportation being uncomfortable. it’s truly not a big deal and the benefits outweigh the costs, people just have a chip on their shoulder no matter their height. it’s all the same wank complaints kek

No. 517447

You're one of those women who think and talk like a man, that's why you don't care about this stuff.

No. 517448

Or maybe she's just not a self loathing crybaby who lives for male approval and feels victimized if they ever express an attraction to another type of girl

No. 517449

yikes. the internalized misogyny jumped out.

No. 517450

Yo shut the fuck up. You know, there's a saying around here? It's be like: "If you can't change it, don't stress about it."
Like, my height? I can't change it. I can wear heels to be 6' but that's not going to make me a basketball player. There's really nothing to "care" about with this non-issue.
Also, the whole ""5'7"" isn't average, try being 5'1"!!!" like okay, cool, ignore the average statistic of US female height because average is obviously a subjective thing and not something that can be measured/s Go back to middleschool and learn math and statistics 101 please.

No. 517451

This. Fixating on any one physical feature is so annoying and crybabyish. Just accept that not everyone is going to find you attractive. Even beautiful people in the form of celebrities get nitpicked and shit on by tabloids. Other people's opinions don't matter that much.

No. 517455

Do you realize that men are far more obsessed with those details than women? They literally shoot up malls or schools cuz they are insecure about their height/face. So the fact that she is confident about her height despite males or catty women putting tall women down is really a "feminine" trait.

No. 517458

Be my gf please tallanon. I’ll buy you size 13 Nikes, men’s size 13 Nikes!

No. 517546

It's so exhausting when anons latch onto one single thing about a cow and bring it up with every. single. thing. that the cow posts.

>"what about that diet shayna?"

>"not so thicc are you, hyojin?"
>"thought you didn't drink, momokun?"
>"what about [random islam rule], miranda constable?"

over…and over…and over. the anons are the cows. every single time an anon leaves their profile pic in a screenshot, they're cow material. incredible.

No. 517679

File: 1582555611516.jpg (47.86 KB, 625x625, 1577465154016.jpg)

Don't listen to the other anon, be my gf instead.

No. 517723

Oh my fucking god all these goddamn political ads on YouTube need to fuck off.

No. 517726

File: 1582565286127.jpg (57.02 KB, 500x694, b3f6ee60cbea2c800f798d5a804cb8…)

I slowly getting the hang of it, but I fucking hate drawing mecha. You have t just add these random mechanical details of the creature comes out blocky Half the time the details have no reason it's just there to make it look 'mecha'

No. 517735

I am once again asking you not to provide financial assistance to them and use an adblock.

No. 517803

If you can't be bothered to use uBlock Origin, download Brave. It blocks all ads on youtube with no effort required.

No. 517821

Oh, on my PC it isn’t a problem since I already have uBlock and a good browser. It’s the stupid iOS devices I have where it’s more difficult to find a good adblocker especially for the YouTube app. I need to look harder for one because I just tried one and dumb ads still leaked through.

No. 517878

Please don't let this be me once I leave uni

No. 517900

Newfags getting into Dorohedoro because of the anime are starting to annoy me. The manga was published for TWENTY YEARS, no you are not the only person that knows about it.

No. 517915

I swear I sent a heartfelt email to a former teacher and I don't know which email I sent it from or where the fuck it is and I'm pissed. I tried my best to write a nice fucking email and really wanted to hear back from them. I can't recall all I wrote I'm so annoyed!

No. 517917

I put it in the trash somehow, not surprised but really, me?

No. 518071

The vibe from this post is me back when jojo just started coming out in 2012. Damn can't believe it's been that long but all the jojo memes became borderline obnoxious after that.

No. 518126

I feel you because I got into JJBA in the mid 2000s. Dorohedoro peaked around 2013 and it’s already been seven years…

Another weird thing with Jojo is that people kept making videos for part 5 with ko-ok-ya’s soundtrack for Ristorante Paradiso, so now all the vids for their music and that series are spammed with dumb meme jokes.

No. 518135

File: 1582660912579.jpg (40.62 KB, 466x466, 71oYuhuHAaL._SX466_.jpg)

monster energy drinks are really expensive here and i enjoy them as much as the next caffeine addicted person so i scratched all my money together and bought one that i've never tried before out of pure curiosity aka the one in the pic and holy fuck it's the worst thing i've ever tasted in my entire life. it's so bad and i hate absolutely everything about the taste, and this is coming from someone who drinks the other flavors as if they were nothing but water. had to wash it down the drain while angry in a retarded way because i really wasted a good amount of money on that fuck.

>The take a good long pull of Monster Ultra Violet. Crisp and refreshing, with a sweet and tart pixie dust flavor powered with our Monster Energy Blend.

>Elderberry and Black Carrot Juice Concentrates

fucking NASTY

No. 518145

Thanks to my baby face i always get mistaken for a teen. I'm used to it but i never really realized how that would change people's perception of me.
Today i really got a reality check when some dude from uni came up to me and my friends, advertising something, and compeletly avoiding eye contact with me; he was just focused on targeting my two other friends. He probably thought i was a freshman…i feel like a imposter sometimes…

No. 518146

these taste like ketchup to me

No. 518152

I really think whoever taste tests Monster drinks must be a chainsmoker or something. The flavour is usually somewhere south of where it needs to be.

No. 518153

I feel like most people on the internet are lurkers more than ever. There's a serious shortage of content and actual discussion going on. Discord servers are more inactive than not, unless they are carefully crafted for personal friend groups or have some "exciting" (usually coomer-related) interest at the center of it. And if its not most of the time it just turns into a boring shitposting fest. What happened to the IRC days when everyone was active and there'd be characters wiling to talk to you and participate. Even Deviantart chatrooms, MSN, Skype was like that. Why is everything so BORING AND VAPID now?

No. 518157


I think they taste like cotton candy!? I'm not that much into energy drinks but I think these are fine, maybe a little bit too sweet.

No. 518178

I think it's because of the way employers operate now and companies using social media in general. When I first started on the internet it was early 2000s and the internet still felt really separate from IRL. There was a boom of lots of different types of social media back then too that catered to specific niches. Now that social media has been monopolized everything feels too connected imo, especially with all the linking up of accounts across platforms. It's so companies can analyse our habits easier but it's off putting. Threes a really good book kind of about this called Feed.

I was even thinking today about how indie bands use to really use can clubs and music forums to promote grassroots style. Now record companies just sink money into online promotion and bots and streaming parties to do what successful independent artists did. Everything's getting streamlined and it's dull af. Not to mention people can now lose their jobs over Stuff Online

No. 518180

Finally someone feels the same way about discord as I do. Finding a good server with interesting personalities is like a needle in a haystack. I don't want to sound like a robot by blaming it on the normalfags but I remember it being way easier to find interesting people to talk to before everyone had a smartphone.

No. 518191

File: 1582670054306.png (189.11 KB, 383x353, 13f.png)

I love the Fire Emblem games and I don't care if you hate them despite never playing them or getting a very bad impression because of the amount of "anime swordsmen" in Smash or the dumpster fire trash-heap that was Fates. Just let me enjoy my good characters, good music, and decent map design without some self-righteous manchild going on about how I shouldn't enjoy it because Byleth got in Smash instead of their precious Dante or whatever. Just let us enjoy our silly technicolored-hair-swordsmen anime chess games in peace. It's just dumb seeing manchildren waste their energy on a game series they've just found out about now.

No. 518198

are people actually that mad about Byleth? Not that I don't believe you, I've just been fortunate enough to not encounter them lol. I've been playing the DMC series since I could hold a controller and I'm sad my boy didn't get in Smash but I don't hate Fire Emblem for it (though I've played and enjoyed a couple FE games tbf, really enjoyed Awakening). I'm sorry you've had to deal with bitter manchildren.
>it should've been MY silly anime swordsman REEEE

No. 518335

>so now all the vids for their music and that series are spammed with dumb meme jokes
lmfao so typical

I have this friend on facebook, he's like 25 and has been going to my uni for like… 7 years now and he's a super popular commie neckbeard, everyone knows him. He just recently discovered jojo and is now spamming lame outdated memes and god it's so cringy.

No. 518391

File: 1582720212425.jpeg (42.49 KB, 318x237, DDE00FF2-D532-408B-A654-730836…)

>friend complains every day about her job
>she got it because she wanted to
>she used to say this was the job of her life
>has another job opportunities, no one obliges her to stay with that job
>complains and complains about every little thing
>can’t see the positive side (good conditions, a lot of money, stability in general, she’s living alone now and can afford it all without help)
>offer her other options too, offer my help to search another job
>of course not
>keeps complaining but doesn’t do anything to change

No. 518396

>or the dumpster fire trash-heap that was Fates
I'll never get this opinion. I found Echoes and 3H to be way worse but maybe that's because I focus more on gameplay and level design than other criteria when playing games and all the arguments people find to shit on Fates are "too much fanservice" and "the story is dumb" and way less often more reasonable complains like the anti-consumer practices (the fucking DLCs) or the removal of dialogues and features. I could replay Conquest pretty much anytime but even suggest I even try to complete all the 3H routes, my first run was fun but doing a second route felt like a chore.

No. 518398

When someone makes a post about dangerous driving conditions and they don't even drive like wtf just don't distract the parent or spouse who's driving you dude, the rest of us are the ones who will have to worry.

No. 518460

This is mostly an American thing I guess, but I hate how workers are so discouraged from taking time off when they're sick. Either the lack of PTO, or just being denied the off time. The company is not gonna go under because Mary from accounting needs a day off to recover from a cold. Let someone stay home so they get better and don't get everyone else sick.

No. 518467

My dad had the same job for most of his life and he had a 28 year streak where he never took a single sick day. As a kid I didn't think much of it but looking back he worked an outdoor job in a cold country and always carried on as normal with colds/flu. I don't think I could do it.

No. 518480

The reason why people don't call out is because they don't want their coworkers getting annoyed at them for having to find coverage and pick up the slack. Understaffing is a huge problem in the US when companies would rather have one person do the work of four people instead of hiring more employees to pay.

No. 518491

Lmao. Not me! I take sick days to the extent that I get away with it and I feel zero remorse. However I've never worked for a brick and mortar type business before, I've always worked for giant profitable corporations so I've never felt guilt because I figure I'm just a number anyway. Life is too short to act like an underpaid servant.

In smaller companies it's probably more dangerous for the fact that people get resentful if they feel you're taking it too easy. Retaliatory firing isn't unheard of, employers cook up any old excuses. Not to mention workaholic, "pull up by your bootstraps" attitude that effectively guilts and shames people for not wanting to live for their employer's money.

No. 518504

It's the same in my country. People are really hesitant to take a day off even when it's paid sick leave. I've had coworkers come to work with a high fever and a flu and infect the whole goddamn office. The company's not going to appreciate it Hank, they might be passive-aggressive about you having to stay home because of a fever of 39c but they're not going to give you a fucking trophy for sacrificing your health. This sort of mindset exist even in the corporations with 500+ employees, not just a small, struggling businesses. I'm guilty of it too and I hate it. Every time I have to call in sick I end up being as apologetic as possible even if I can barely get out of bed and I'm sneezing my insides out.

No. 518612

my friend is a kpoppie so she tends to sperg about her favorite group for hours and hours and me being the nice friend i am, i just let her talk about it and even show me music videos of them and when i give her my honest opinion aka tell her that i don't like the song, the lyrics are cringy etc. with no malice or whatsoever, she still finds a way to get all offended and easily defensive like calm the fuck down this is just music why are you even getting so offended

she's also a white kboo and watches kdramas like her life depends on it, always has the need to correct my pronunciation after she tells me to read korean names, keeps on writing korean things all over her books and keeps telling me how she will fly to korea in 3-4 years and meet her "oppas" and i just smile thru the pain because despite all of that she's still my dear friend lol doesn't change the fact that i sometimes wish she would just shut the fuck up and realize that her behavior is embarrassing for a 19 year old

No. 518625

I've been on the internet so fucking long that I masturbate exclusively to stills and photos. Videos do nothing for me

No. 518628

I just want to walk across the bottom of the ocean and live there forever. is that too much to ask?

No. 518633

Honestly I was someone's 19 yr old kpop friend once and made my friends put up with a lot of my shit lmao, she'll grow out of it soon enough!

No. 518679

i hate it when people say turmeric like tumoric, it just makes me think of tumors

No. 518810

I hate the word dito. sounds to much liek dildo for me

No. 518812

File: 1582813571866.jpg (2.68 MB, 1852x1882, lol.jpg)

These people make fun of other people for being movie normies or pretentious retards yet their top films of all time is more basic than a default skin

No. 518815

Lol tell me about it….they always act like they have such superior and obscure taste but they always obsess over the same 20 popular movies from America only. It would be fine if they didn't pretend to be such apparent movie buffs and "experts"

No. 518822

>Not a single non american movie in the top 10
>First foreign movie is Leon : the professional

Pleb tier.

No. 518824

Absolutely reddit tier

No. 518827

Oldboy is at 20, but yeah, this is an awful list.

No. 518828

lists like these are so laughable. so common, too

No. 518833

File: 1582821604231.jpeg (305.47 KB, 1280x818, 58A6C783-32BF-4D5E-A1C7-2BB9EB…)

Of course /tv/ would choose Leon the ped0 as their top foreign film, fucking idiots.

No. 518871

No. 519022

thank you anon, i definitely felt this picture but didn't know other people did too and that it had a name. I am beyond tired of this mentality

No. 519220

i can't wait for the 'simp' insult to die. fuck, it's annoying

No. 519570

I find it really annoying in threads when I ask a simple question or make a statement and people overreact and are like "LMAO y u so triggered" or "its not that deep". Like literally all I did was ask a simple question.

No. 519573

i honest to god still don't even get it

No. 519676

My fucking mechanic takes so long to fix my car. It's been in the shop 4 days now and I set up an appointment over a week ago. I have a job to get to lol.

No. 519746

Me neither, it's used at literally anything and everything so it's lost all meaning, which shouldn't be surprising considering it happens with 99% of trendy internet words. I'll be honest I hate the way the internet makes people talk like fucking idiots lol

No. 519752

Is it not short for simpleton? I always assumed

No. 519758

Its short for simpleton yes but I’ve seen it also being used to insult men who put women on pedestals

No. 519769

I hate going on PH and seeing nothing but titles with "teen" and "stepbrother/dad/sister/mom." in it. Its so fucking gross. How is it even legal??? I hate it.

No. 519770

>going on PH
You are part of thr problem and directly contributing to the creation of those videos, wtf are you complaining about?

No. 519795

I think it was a combination of simpleton and wimp back in like 2010

No. 519837

i don't want to get into it, but i hate serge gainsbourg. i dont want to talk about how disgusting he is, i just want to say i hate him as a person and especially his stupid frog music

No. 519868


Uhm, no shit, just don't fucking go on Pornhub then.

No. 519887

File: 1583082289217.png (727.1 KB, 620x964, tranny killer.png)

saga for anime anutims

I HATE Grell and i hate that the fandom overlooks the fact that he KILL WOMEN (prostitutes) because he was so "jelly uwu" they could get pregnat and he didn't because he is a fuckin insain men, also you now have to call him a "she" becase he is a tranny of course i don't even remeber if is canon or not that he is trans/feel like a women

No. 519891

the author confirmed that he's a transgender woman (apparently) and twt fags defend it like their last bloodline and attack anyone who doesn't call him by female pronouns

No. 519892

also, the way you write gave me a brain damage

No. 519898

That whole anime is cancer tbh

No. 519902

My guess is that they're ESL and pissed off lmao

No. 519904

Alright so I really hate it when tumblr woke people have to justify liking a perfectly normal thing by making it woke or dragging themselves for liking it, I have seen some posts about users complaining how they only get crushes on staright white male characters and how its "wrong" for some reason, or trying to make political points in generic teen films, just stop alright

No. 519909

File: 1583085156184.jpg (49.67 KB, 564x564, 6a6715d8dbfb04598eafdbdca65d97…)

The fuck do modern memes have this thing were it has a funny image, but they hamfist some dumb reaction meme to it? Some dude mentioned this and I can't fucking unsee it

No. 519911

Was hanging on the mystery thread in OT yesterday (cue sleepless night going down the rabbit hole) and came across the story of the infamous mysterious farming game https://www.reddit.com/r/creepygaming/comments/adcq7r/theres_an_obscure_creepysounding_game_that_keeps/
For those unfamiliar, it is a game that people first mentioned circa 2006 on reddit looking for it. The game is supposedly a harvest moon type game with a dark twist, about a farmer killing his wife then using crops to decompose her body while trying to avoid the police who can come checking fields at any time. The game is won when the body has been totally decomposed.
Reddit has a whole fucking stupid subreddit dedicated to hunting and recovering the mystery game. That's bad enough to get on my nerves as it truly sounds like the stupidest game in the world, but there is also now a team of idiots who wants to actually develop it

People somewhere somehow in 2020 thinks creating a game where the goal is to kill your wife then dispose of her body in the most disrespectful way, desacrating it to "win", and evading justice, is a fucking great idea for a game.
And a lot of morons are delighted about it.
Fucking. Giant. Facepalm.

Likewise I also discovered the so called "most mysterious song of internet" an obscure, awful sounding indie electro pop rock song from the 80s, and there are people absolutely obsessed with discovering who authored this sorry piece of shitty music. Those redditers have gone as far as harassing various music industry professionals to try and shed light on a completely insignificant piece of garbage music, and some are so obsessed with it they would spend dozens of hours a day hunting for clues.

I dont know why these two things got on my nerve, but fucking hell do people truly have nothing better to do with their life.

No. 519914

looks dumb and doesn't match but obviously the kool aid man is both the pitcher and the drink. it's like asking whether or not we're the skin or the bones. we're the skin and the bones. the same goes for the kool aid man. are we to think the koolaid man was born without a pitcher? he was obviously birthed with a pitcher that i presume grew with him over time.

No. 519915

I agree that's just so fucking stupid.

No. 519928

like you're not a nazi for having a crush on Chris evans, and the badguy from George of the Jungle wasn't a crique of upper class white male entitlement, he was cliche asshole villain

No. 519935

I don't belong here and I will leave immediately after having spent the last two days on this website, but I want you to know this: when you notice things that piss you off, then it is time for you to leave it all behind. Don't waste your beautiful mind on that, surf somewhere else

No. 520017

Just needed to vent about it somewhere because I don't have social media and I doubt any of my friends would get those obscure references kek. I'm no dwelling on it anon, I agree with you, there's no point.

No. 520049

The way people are so quick to call others newfags, femcels, scrotes, trannies over the tiniest stuff on here is so annoying. I know it's a part of board culture to be a cunt sometimes but everyone's always so quick to accuse everyone of everything and it gets annoying after a while (especially when you want to read a thread and then some retard goes "hi cow" to someone who's not even the cow)

No. 520446

Random but wtf is wrong with liking Donald Trump??? when you say that you kinda fw trump everyone acts like you want to end the world…

No. 520450

File: 1583202602790.png (90.37 KB, 800x600, HcAvit0.png)

No. 520475

im with u on this… meanwhile stuck in canada with crappy trudeau

No. 520481

is this…samefag…

No. 520486

This is a bait but I'm going to vote him over Biden

No. 520502

File: 1583219506791.png (174.97 KB, 378x379, 811AEE16-7C9B-4012-810D-392988…)

I’ve been happily enjoying Doja Cat’s recent album until I learned just today that Dr. Luke wrote/produced the songs on there and he’s using two different names.

No. 520578

File: 1583245725163.png (7.51 KB, 993x83, 54.PNG)

This stupid online grading system drives me up a wall.

No. 520581

Doja Cat's "Say So" is a chord ripoff thanks to Dr.Luke. Listen to Skylar Spence's song "Fiona Coyne" and you'll see what I mean. Dr.Luke deserves to rot in hell, he fucked over so many bands.

No. 521393

I'm so tired of when anything gets posted that isn't 100% milk anons reply with "this isn't milk rrrREEEEEEEEEE" like sometimes milk is dry, we ppst what we can find. Either post your own milk or fuck off.

No. 521735

When authors at goodreads 5/5 their own books and write some bs like 'this book is 5/5 this since I wrote it' or 'oh hey I wrote this'. Just shut up, it's not quirky and you have no place visubly sticking around a site where readers write their opinions. You are not a reader, go the fuck away, oh my god

No. 521935

Holy shit I just want to find pictures of what people in Tang Dynasty era China used to cook food on and where. Is that too much to ask?

No. 521951

is that canvas or blackboard? god that site annoys the shit out of me, the only saving grace is that they have a mobile app for when i'm too lazy to reply to discussion board assignment on my computer

No. 521957

Good lord just don't post if there's nothing happening. It's not hard. Leave the thread be until there are new developments. I'm sick of browsing through threads that get bumped with no new updates and 80 replies of people nitpicking the subject's latest boring as shit insta story or titties for the umpteenth time.

No. 521985

I'm not talking about threads that get bumped with nothing, I'm talking about when someone posts something relevant to a cow and sages it and anons sperg the fuck out about it not being milk. Why not take your own advice and leave the thread til something interesting happens and if it's that bad report it? Not every single thing posted is going to be milk and its easy enough to hide saged posts.

No. 521987

If you're really keen on finding information maybe you should try to look on Chinese sites such as weibo. Or just translate what you want into Chinese and google it… maybe you'll find something? Or try finding books about it.

No. 522331

>browse /tv/
>finally, a good discussion of my favorite show
>conversation shifts to the female character
>everyone in the thread sexualizes the character, and all good discussion is lost

i hate 4chan so much. i mean i could browse reddit if i want a serious discussion but god, that UI is so fucking ugly

No. 522412


There’s nothing wrong with saying you’re an introvert. It’s just a term to describe how you experience social interaction. I can’t imagine what kind of experience you must have had to think that saying you’re an introvert is cringey and the same as “empath” which is an actually retarded term. Maybe someone people who say they’re introverted are annoying but the term isn’t inherently bad.
Also, another reason I think people go out of their way to say their introverted (as opposed to extroverts- who i almost never see mentioning they’re extroverted) is because their behaviour is considered weird so they feel a need to defend themselves or explain their behaviour. Anyway, I think you’re being way too extreme.

No. 522427

File: 1583670081179.jpg (42.29 KB, 603x317, 1516567097148.jpg)

>a man rants how having high iq sucks
>the very next post he says that "having mental disorders like schizophrenia, depression, autism etc. stil makes you fully responsible for your actions", like psychotic episode is not a thing
>puts autism next to schizophrenia and depression

It started from me posting a screen from a comment section on fb, where they found a human fetus behind the bus stop. A woman probably miscarried during the night and people are calling her a monster, because "other people are trying to have babies while THIS THING (because you cannot call it a woman) is doing that". People don't know shit about what happened while already calling woman a bitch.

No. 522734

Youtube STOP being shit at recommending. You FUCKING KNOW that I already watched these videos, you still have saved where I left off ffs. You said you won't recommend this channel again LIAR.

No. 522737

I feel YouTube's given up on trying to figure out users with an array of interests so it puts people in loops of the same songs or video types ie 'cooking tips'
Might also be from them trying to censor channels out you're even subbed to. I have a few I have to search their channel name just to see videos. It gets damn boring. Some people I know have all the same type of videos I have no idea how they arent bored.

No. 522750

They really be selling my info but do fuck all to improve my experience

No. 522762

I deleted both my youtube accounts because of that partially. There's no fucking point (shitty recommendation and features [news/stories] pushed down your throat no matter how many times you remove them), plus they are going mental on ads (about 4 on every video now no matter the length - fuck you Ola taxi). They gone real bad.

No. 522958

File: 1583773456187.jpg (81.98 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_20200309-175716_Sam…)

Why are tumblrtards so fucking annoying, you just know pic related is a genderspecial fakeboi because they are the most loud en fucking obnoxious about OmG gAySss like nothing in this post is even remotely related to being gay, you're not special. Sorry for sperging but I'm just so fucking done with the internet sometimes

No. 522962

I hoped the oowoo plant children were over

No. 522970

my asymmetric smile hurts my soul,, i have an asymmetric mouth and it is the stupidest thing ever.

No. 522990

I hate those types, they entirely drove me away from cottagecore pictures etc just because of the captions and autistic text posts you have to see when following those blogs.
literally everybody loves cats and nature. those people are the most basic bitches you can think of with a hollow personality of being gay and aesthetic, yet they phrase their mediocre regurgitated babbling in the most annoying attention seeking way as if it were interesting or unique.
and then they speak of learning and growing and self care but are so sheltered that they never develop any character beyond the veneer of liking deer or something.

No. 523026

But asymmetric smiles are cute as hell anon

No. 523036

if you are a teenage boi in a young adult novel

No. 523038

File: 1583783749977.jpg (29.7 KB, 400x268, 0930-940293.jpg)

sure thing….

No. 523085

>watching ads on youtube
Unless you have an iPhone there is no excuse. Not getting ads on youtube is as simple as downloading Brave and browsing youtube with shields switched on. This also works on Android.

No. 523134

Yes I recently discovered adblock browser, youtube is usable again. I'll try brave too, thanks for the tip anon, never heard of it

No. 523609

I joined a few True Crime servers on discords and two of them were literally filled with war-obsessed, alt right, weirdos and the other was filled with super sensitive SJW people. I just wanted to talk true crime but I'm so disappointed it's filled with yet again people with extremist political beliefs who can't stop shoving their views into everything who talk about how non-whites and women are inferior. Ofc, this would have been an issue as long as you merged school shooter/domestic terrorists discussion with the old school killers, but still. Discord is so immensely disappointing. It seems like 90% of servers are full of massive shitposters, coomers, or faggots like this.

No. 523610

Oh yeah and that racebaiting war obsessed alt righter type was comorbid with the anime loving/coomer type. Just fucking terrible.

No. 523615

Every other podcast I find is Tumblr-tier SJW bullshit with hosts that can't go 5 minutes without dropping ~trans lives matter~ or OrAnGe MaN bAaAaAd shit. Like stfu and talk about movies and tv ffs. Even worse when they add their 2020 PC standards to 1970s~1990s movies and go on 30 minute rants about how Mrs. Doubtfire is tranphobic and sexist or white hosts being uncomfortable that there was only 1 black person in an episode of whatever sitcom lmfao

No. 523618

Everyday when the flood of dogmatic political and race obsessed retards (of both sides of the spectrum) I can't help but to think the 70s-90s was more tolerant in some ways the 10s/20s doesn't know

They can't stop using black people as their political chess so they keep mentioning them and it's so fucking cringe. I just wanna talk about my hobbies without your sickness.

No. 523662

Same. There was a podcast a few years ago about one of my favorite tv shows and one of the hosts was a major SJW. A few of the shows characters are Korean and the SJW host claimed the show was mega racist because one of the Korean characters had an accent and the actress must have been forced to do that accent! They get that actress to be a guest on the podcast and ask her if she was forced to do that horrible racist accent and she goes “…I wasn’t doing an accent…”

Just annoying and cringy.

No. 523679

This dumb article my local newspaper posted annoys me
>25-year-old in medical sales making $225k says money motivates him
>with the amount of work I do and production/return I bring to the company, I should be making more.
>even with a six-figure income, my mother still fronts my cell phone bill and I pay her back. I’ve been in the process of “getting my own plan” for years now.
>Worst financial decision: Getting caught in the hype of cryptocurrency and dumping money into some that absolutely failed.
>What do you consider “rich” in Charlotte? I consider anyone earning over seven figures in yearly income rich.
He sounds like a flaming retard who only got to his position through luck, but thinks he's some high IQ god

No. 523683

He sounds like a tool who mismanages his money, and still requires mommy to be around because he still hasn't figured out how to do basic tasks by himself. Although the mother seems like a fool if she knows her son makes that much yet she still does all that shit for him anyway, he's a product of how he is babied er I mean 'raised.'

No. 523706

I feel the same way. I know it's silly, but damn I wish the 80s and 90s were still around. I also sorta hate the internet.

No. 523720

People on low incomes who can actually budget money are higher IQ than this mommas boy.

No. 523779

i feel like people don't get the difference between being "cancelled" and just being disliked

No. 523787

tbh someone is only "cancelled" if their own audience turns against them

No. 524114

Discord itself is full of fucked up coomers and freaks, I tried it out once for a couple games I like and jesus christ…

If you are looking for true crime discussion I actually really like the unresolvedmysteries subreddit. People are mostly pretty SJW-ish on there but they also just don't talk politics period, most of the time. Its comprised of true crime normies, which is usually 90% women.

No. 524238

File: 1584021113686.gif (2.29 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I know this is immature as fuck, but none of my professors explain why their other professors quit. I know it's for legal reasons most likely and I shouldn't snope, but wanna know what happened to
>The online biology teacher who died
>The physics class that fired two professors in semester
>The 3 different teachers who quit/fired who didn't tell anyone and just stopped showing up.
>The college president who's students figured out were retiring before the teacher
>The fedora wearing math teacher who was writing a woke picture book who was fired/quit in the middle of the semester after only being hired for 6 months
I can't anything by googling their names either so it'll be a mystery. The only story I have a conclusion to is the fact our Dean left mid semester to become a real estate agent

No. 524751

File: 1584106736623.jpg (61.46 KB, 1024x1003, 1580931231885.jpg)

What you have here is a serial killer, anon. Investigate.

No. 524957

File: 1584129026391.jpg (26.17 KB, 563x340, 051b7d93394fc94c082f1801bc4ccf…)

Who the fuck is sending their North Dakota chorus class shirts to my Kansas goodwill.

No. 525001

Why is it every time my parents invite their friends, my dad chimps out on my mother regarding how much and what food to cook?

No. 525326

File: 1584212236533.jpeg (77.47 KB, 704x792, 6E389280-906D-4117-8514-2C5AB4…)

In the middle of typing a long ass post then accidentally refreshing the page

No. 525330

I don't usually care about what I wear but my mom is nagging me to wear this dress with an empire waist. My tits are too big, so it looks shit but she thinks it's fine.

No. 525368

I'm watching a video from a middle eastern beauty channel that have this show where they expose beauty stuff like filters and editing…etc, and in this episode they're supposed to talk about discrimination/bullying that is based on skin tunes, and they brought a black chick and a light middle eastern chick -pales skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, who is very cocky too- and kinda interviewed them both at the same time and talked about how life was hard for them having ~different~ skin tunes, the interviewer has a brown skin too so all three talked about the hardship they went through, the brown girl and the black girl especially had shit experiences as kids then when it was the lighter girl's turn to talk she told the very heartbreaking story of how she used to be the epitome of beauty until tanning came into fashion and she started tanning and had to go tan every once in a while because she keeps losing her tan plus her skin doesn't tan easily because she is just too pale :(. Everyone knows that in third world countries if you were born white resembling you won't everything, they want to act inclusive and show that even lighter people get pulled but that's just not the case, to this day lighter skin/eyes/hair are considered the prettiest -in third world countries- and it's fucking insane to say otherwise.

No. 525645

File: 1584275531000.png (37.97 KB, 971x512, 243452.PNG)

Reddit has a subreddit called blackfellas/blackladies for black people to just talk and hang out, think of how lolcow is for women, but blackfellas/blackladies is for black people. What I'm annoyed by is a bunch of Chapocels are invading the subreddit. The sub is just chill 'how'd your day go?' and a bunch of joke post, but all of a sudden people with no history in the sub come up and post
>Biden drools Bernie rules
>Bernie lost because black people didn't vote
>I'm a white liberal. Give me my cookie point
>Racism only exists to divide class. Shut up about racism so I can have my gommunist utopia which will be ~racism free~
The last one is the worst to me because, while I do know class and race intersect, the confidence an upper class white dude can have on a black subreddit with the claim 'racism isn't important' is outstanding.

No. 525904

In a nutshell, you perfectly summed up why reddit is retarded for the most part.

Why is it that when I mention in passing I work in a hospital, people automatically assume I'm a nurse "at best". Kek. Boomer mentality….

No. 526127

I hate when fandom groups on facebook mostly become a place for the fans to bitch about their own life. I understand the idea of fans supporting each other but those posts should be tagged so I can avoid browsing personal stories. It's especially annoying how people post some barely related screencap and a novel about themselves. I come to the group to see memes and read discussion related to the show, not some random facebook user's trauma narrative. Sorry but I don't give a fuck.

No. 526177

Only lately I started following a bunch of insta accounts that post pics of my celeb crush.. don't know why they post pics of a hot guy but then talk about their vaguely low moods in all the captions.. like make a personal account for that

No. 526187

There's plenty of intelligent black people who didn't vote for dementia ridden Biden, its the low information and weird crochety black boomers helping hold this country back. I'm sorry you're retarded if you think Bernie is communist, you obviously don't understand the difference between a social democracy and complete totalitarianism.

No. 526232

I didn't accuse bernie of being communist. All the green text are different people. The bernie dude and the communist are two different people.

No. 527234

i get it's already my own fault for even giving my opinion in a site filled with weebs who'll defend their favorites until they die EVEN THOUGH that site is mainly used to give animes reviews, but man it's so fucking annoying how i cannot even criticize one single show and call it bad without 5 retards already commenting on it "it seems like you did not pay any attention!!!!! no wonder you are calling it bad then!!" yes i did pay attention until the end you little bitch, i just don't really like your shitty show and don't get the hype around it. no one's literally obligated to reply to my comment and agree with it, i am just simply saying what i think but the anime retards are somehow too fucking stupid to understand that there are people who think differently than them.

No. 527715

I emailed my college's psych saying I'm taking a lower dose of the medication she prescribed (that I was taking before this coronavirus bullshit). I don't want to go to my hometown's pharmacy and get a refill. I'm with my parents and don't want them to know I'm taking medication, because they'll hound me for not telling them. Since I'm stuck here for another couple of weeks, that'll be fucking insufferable.

My psych's response was "It's time to be a big girl and go to the pharmacy yourself" with an emoji smile. She has a point but with no reason to go out at this time, and being stuck with them, it's the worst time to tell them I'm taking medication. I don't even need them that badly, I'm just trying to see if they'll boost my mood.

I should stop being a little bitch and start becoming more independent from my family, but I feel like I'm retarded and will instead ruin the trajectory of my life.

No. 527964

A lot of AMV makers are just leeching off the work of musicians and animators. I'm not saying they should feel guilty, but they should admit that it's not their filters and cool editing that makes people watch videos. It's the fucking animation and music. I'm not annoyed when it's a decent AMV editor who uses a fair bit of after effects, but when it's some random vegas pro fag who just put cool music over a cool fight scene with bare minimum editing thinking people are flocking to their videos for them and not the music.
Video unrelated

No. 530601

File: 1584931269508.jpg (47.04 KB, 564x564, 8acb8999165be43767ea61158d35cd…)

I love the animecore/webcore aesthetic, but the fandom seems to be full of
>pedos in denial
>Cows who post edgy aesthetic shit to hide their emotional instability
>Shitty artist who join and crapily use the aesthetic to turd polish

No. 530607

File: 1584931971098.jpg (63.44 KB, 500x450, 5e5f39a362d6823ed242723d034817…)

An example of the shitty artist thing. I'm amazed a genre known for it's crappy art and bad taste can have people fucking it up so badly. Then again the best works of the genre are people who have fundamentals, but choose to draw oddly (Tsukumizu) or random psychos who have strokes of luck and make something beautiful.

No. 530674

just like get into the actual japanese kuso fandom that it's copying?

No. 531159

She sounds like a fucking cunt. I’ve also been shamed by drs and therapists so that they can feel better about themselves for half assing their jobs.

No. 531182

They sound like gentle, mild-mannered nice people. You sound like an uptight bitch who wants to fight with everyone all the time. Maybe go outside to the countryside and relax?

No. 531501

They had switches in stock earlier today but I didn't order one for my sister because my dad was going to pay, but now they've sold out and I feel like a piece of shit.

No. 531536

File: 1585100686735.jpg (1009.23 KB, 1200x1200, a0598687083_10.jpg)

This sounds really conservative mom-ish, but sometimes I wonder why some musicals curse. I'm not saying they can't, but I listen to musicals that act like literal Disney OST's that are 90% clean until but a character says 'fuck' once unprovoked and tries to go back to the disney vibe like nothing happened. It doesn't irritate me as much as it confuses me. All the musicals that do this sound to childish for preeteens, teens, and adults and come off as to mature for children. I can only imagine a weird tumblr niche liking this not some giant musical audience. They can do what they want, but if you unironically name your villain Dr. Mustache and your hero Hot chocolate it's kind of fucking weird to make your main plotline the fact she's mad about being someones fuck buddy.

No. 531558

When people make a big deal about their "flaws" when really what they're complaining about isn't that bad and just makes the people listening to them feel bad about themselves because they're technically "worse off" by that person's standards.
It's entirely possible that people are so self-absorbed that they're unaware when they're doing this, but I think half the time most are aware and don't care that it's annoying to others.

No. 531735

I'm petty today so everything annoys me, but I post this here so maybe someone can share my pain.

The acting in this video brings out a certain level of irritation and cringe in me which I cannot describe in words. Pair that with the nasal singing voice, porn makeup and awful visuals and I found myself in a rabbit hole of hate watching this kind of content.

The most annoying part is the people in the comments praising the video and stating how much it made them cry. How!? How can people enjoy crap like this to the point it makes them emotional?

No. 532266

File: 1585240462171.jpg (455.7 KB, 1423x1080, 20190604_121750.jpg)

I hate when other artist are complaining about my art. I didn't ask for your opinion, I know it looked bad-ish before you wrote essay about character's size. I never said it was prettiest thing I done. And come on, it's even worse because their art is so much uglier than mine. Fuck off.
I'm salty and I'm sorry it just so annoying

No. 532270

This is how I feel about the Heather's musical. It's trying way too hard to be edgy when the original movie wasn't trying to be edgy, it was just a campy dark comedy.

Actually in that same vein, fuck musical adaptations of popular non-musical movies. Every one of those I've seen has sucked, and frankly I'm a little offended they did it to Beetlejuice, since that's one of my favorite movies.

No. 532273

File: 1585242080873.jpg (152.41 KB, 1353x1024, c001d474a8fb12c64fdeaa6bf2b007…)

Stop posting art you know is bad, or take stock of the things people complain about and try to improve. Why should you deserve compliments when you're complacent and arrogant?

You honestly sound like Racist Uncle lmao

No. 532274

the heathers musical doesn't hold a candle to the monstrosity that is the Silence of the lambs Musical

No. 532289

oh well i didn't mean it this way. i made it look special way for purpose. and they just started complaining about the obvious thing.

No. 532290

this cover art makes me want to kill myself here and now, and i didn't even click it yet.

No. 532539


No. 532821

My Muslim mom told me to wear underwear while showering because if I don't the devil will see me. I don't even know who tells her this bullshit. Obviously I won't. I guess god doesn't want me to wash my ass!

No. 532822

Just tell your mom that you'll pour salt in the shower to keep the Shaytan/Djinns away.

No. 532825

I do charity shopping work during the Corona crisis and the people I shop for are really demanding and it pisses me off lmfao

No. 532836

lol I don't want to feed into her delusions but thanks for the advice! she doesn't care that much tbh, it's just funny.

No. 532876

File: 1585338124054.png (21.45 KB, 598x156, 3553242.PNG)

This verse is so trash

No. 533038

All these people buying up the paper goods but still walking, biking, socializing like mad in their new free time (instead of quarantine) let people who actually still work get a chance hot damn

No. 533155

Tell her you can't clean yourself properly while clothed, and cleanliness is a part of faith.

No. 533662

File: 1585481600193.jpg (28.43 KB, 622x622, 90431248_583492775844928_19730…)

Jfc, the group where im their group leader fucking sucks, i kept updating them with work to do because i care about them and want them to ACTUALLY get good grades even though we are currently in quarantine but they in rare/deadline/urgent situations will reply, leave my messages on read or they pretend not to see it. I stg if this happens again ill have to contact the professor about their behavior but idk if the professor actually cares or tell me to deal with it myself…Your connection is bad? Well tough luck but a lot of us do, stfu and do the work if you want to get through this semester retards, if you dont do your assignments there will be actual no stuff to grade and dont whine when our gr get bad grades and blame it all on me.

No. 533888

File: 1585518813399.jpg (22.16 KB, 275x275, 1567115452864.jpg)

its annoying how anons want cows to improve. i love watching them fuck up

No. 533948

fuck it, do the work and rat them out. that shit is awful

No. 534352

I agree I've done this after making the entire visual, video script, and bringing in props since I didn't want to fail. Also never settle for the group grade over individual grade if you know you're going to smash the presentation compared to them.

No. 534476

Contrapoints voice.
I always knew I hated it but then I heard it as a voiceover without knowing who it was, and now I know my hatred is unbiased.

No. 534577

This virus is really bringing out the worst in people.

I work in retail which is still allowed to operate in my country yet most other things are shut down.
My store is one of the only few left open in a whole shopping center so I've had barely any customers but most of the ones that do come in are so rude.

Today alone I had 2 people try and haggle the already discounted books because of "damage" (that I saw them cause), then had another telling me how incompetent I am at my job because we had no board games left in stock.

I understand people are scared and under stress right now but I wish they wouldn't take it out on people just trying to do their job.

No. 534593

File: 1585664144014.png (782.5 KB, 578x943, 1536977205586.png)

4chan shitposting disgusts me on another level
>cuckshit this, cuckshit that
>scatological copypastas with infantile onomatopeia
>wojakposting, brainlet memes
>tons of lolicon images, even saw pregnant loli drawings
It's the equivalent of bathing in shit

No. 534606

If I see another person acting smug as fuck parroting the same shit the media and govt has been saying "SHOULDA STAYED AT HOME LOL WASH UR HANDS" I will fucking scream you're not saving lives by repeating things

No. 534613

why even browse it

No. 534630

File: 1585672021621.jpg (101.55 KB, 802x1024, zyAR2jRh.jpg)

same but with his face too. mostly his face. nothing annoys me more than bad surgery tbh.

No. 534655

You can hate her but do you have to misgender her? Transphobe.(back to tumblr with you)

No. 534657

Learn to sage, dumbass.

No. 534658

I guess surgery can’t fix that clockable midface
Is this sarcastic?

No. 534661

Are you new here??

No. 534681

i’d rather see people being smug about staying home than listen to another asshole talk about how they’re not going to stop “living their life” aka continuing to go out into public frivolously. the attitude of invincibility is part of how these things spread so fast.

No. 534688

Now that stores are making customers keep a distance from each other it confirms how bad some men in my area smell.

I used to think I had a sensitive nose but if I can still smell you from the minimum 2 metres away..

No. 534785

Imagine thinking lolcow cares about delusional men in dresses. Go back to tumblr, there's lots of "gurldick" to suck there.

No. 534811

File: 1585694568927.jpg (28 KB, 564x564, 4afaa1e4650fc50b1ee65faf66342c…)

I fucking hate it when I go to the comments on a post and all of them are 'x looks like a penis'. Half the time it doesn't even look like a penis, it's just a cylinder. They could at least save the 'he he penis' for stuff outrageously phallic images, pic related.

No. 534819

men are obsessed with their penis, anon

No. 534906

File: 1585715447776.png (142.11 KB, 420x397, 1527212087704.png)

April's Fool is gonna be a buncha faggots screaming they have corona isn't it

No. 534914

He sounds like a gay man with a lisp, or someone trying to do a caricature of a gay man. It's so annoying as shit.

No. 534981

already happened to me lmaooo

No. 535018

>every american ever: british people be like (insert word that's spoken differently because of the accent)
>angry brit: you guys only know how to shoot up places/shoot up schools/etc.
>american: where is your creative comeback lol

do they not realize that their british people jokes are literally the same level?.. i am not even a brit myself, i'm an european fag but all americans make the same recycled jokes over and over aka "british people say ____ instead of ______" - "british people be like right what's all this then" and all that jazz but then wanna talk about creativity and original jokes

No. 535025

I get that the jokes making fun of British accents are pretty repetitive, but I feel like the reason why Americans are getting butthurt over the school shooting jokes has less to do with originality and more that it's escalating things way beyond a silly joke about accents. If Americans are mocking British accents, why not just mock American accents and slang back instead of directly going to talking about people dying, you know?

No. 535049

So I don't actually hate digital, but I just had a shitty wacom tablet that made it so I had to scrape the pen at max pressure to get the smallest line.

No. 535071

eh, no. this is a really naive take. you can’t just sit there and act like america doesn’t have a god awful reputation around the world for being super cunty toward everyone already. like, americans literally mock every single group with a level of vitriol nobody else ever seems to muster nearly as loudly. the same just can’t be said for smaller countries poking a bit of fun. they’re punching up on the world stage and big boy america can dish but not take it and as a result, shits its diaper and runs home early with its toys.

No. 535130

the cgl/cglre/agere shit was so retarded. at this point i almost cringe harder at the "non-sexual, involuntary age regressor! DO NOT INTERACT if ddlg, terf, blah blah blah" types than i do at the degens who wear diapers and piss their pants for their daddies.

they get so uppity if you think their ~age regression~ is weird fetish shit. they break out the "i'm a smoll twaumatized lil baby, don't be mean to me…" and act like they're somehow above the otherwise normie girls that call their man "daddy" when it's a particularly good lay. when looking into them a bit deeper, these types ALWAYS like/follow explicitly sexual ddlg shit. like, dude, the internet is full of degenerates. if getting called a kawaii lil princess gets your rocks off, no one is going to care that much. and if your precious age regression really is a NOTSEXUAL coping mechanism for severe trauma/depression, then whyyyyy would you broadcast it over the internet, where real nasty fucks can interact with you?

honestly, even if acting like a toddler while alone brought you the greatest euphoria you could ever imagine, i doubt you'd be eager to tell your friends or coworkers that nothing provides you more comfort and bliss than crawling on the floor eating crayons and dinosaur nuggets.

No. 535337

Why are most men so unattractive compared to women? I used to think I was asexual or a lesbian but no.

No. 535340

Most women probably spend more time thinking about their looks in one morning getting ready than most men do their entire adult lives. No wonder we're more attractive when society, advertising, the media, and especially men have spent forever reminding us that beauty is the most important thing, that we owe it to the world, then punishing us if we don't deliver.

No. 535342

I think this is media destrotion, most people see like 99% of humans in their life in media than actually face to face and women in media are selected for attractiveness more than men and have professional make-up and hair people dressing them up, if you walk down the street most people in general are not very attractive at all compared to what you're used to in media. And also this >>535340 most men wash their hair when they shower and that's literally it for any sort of appearance maintenance.

No. 535350

I wish popular female artists would stop pandering to gay men and trans "women".
Why do they all feel like they have to speak up for them, sing about them or show them in their music videos?
I've seen this not only in America but in many other places too where a super famous female singer becomes the lady gaga of her country, even though these groups don't give two shits women's rights and don't spend energy on such issues like these artists.
Some of them even risk their lives by doing that but nothing ever comes back in return from these groups.
I wish women would feel even as half as entitled as men.

No. 535352

Eh, NTA but when I take a walk I usually see more attractive women. Even guys at the gym tend to be the muscle-fat type rather than "ottermode". I shouldn't count my uni, but the guys in engineering keep a lower hygiene standard than girls.

No. 535375

Testosterone is like the ugly pill. After enough years on it every guy turns into the same old man.

No. 535381

Subpar grooming and hygiene habits. When I look at historical photos from early to mid 20th century I see much more men I find attractive and that's because in general they gave more of a shit about fashion and appearance. Somehow in recent times it became gay for men to wipe their asses and society came up with some bullshit term called "metrosexual" for men who aren't complete slobs.
Also women just have softer features that are easier on the eyes because estrogen.

No. 535391

I just want to see datamines for a niche Japanese game, why do guys on 4chan post pedophilia, bestiality, scat and similar shit all the time, even if only in text form. Reddit is just as bad with their fetish defenders and twitter degenerates are a special breed.

No. 535402

>When I look at historical photos from early to mid 20th century

this meme…

No. 535404

>Why do they all feel like they have to speak up for them
money… pop stars are meant to make money.

No. 535409

It's not a meme if it's true tho. Casual fashion for men was much more clean cut than it is today. That's not to say that life then was better in all aspects, just that even in the everyday photos of random men, they looked better.

No. 535412

I'm super tired of escorts and camgirls from positions of privilege, ignorant sycophants from Tumblr/Twitter and cumbrained/abusive johns trying to derail discussions of how fucked up prostitution is.
No one cares if you're making six figures and having a great time. 90% of those who are involved with this aren't, and they are the main priority, not you. If you would actually follow your own mantra and "listen to sex workers!!", you'd learn that your idea of stigma versus theirs is different. Your "stigma" is being associated with those "raggedy, broke" women and not being able to proudly call yourself a hooker in polite company because of "muh whorephobia". You're aiming to decrease their visibility for your reputation. You say you care about sex trafficking and recognize it's bad, but when's the last time you spoke about it? When did you last even lift a finger to support these women from where you stand? Why are all your posts romanticized bullshit about how ~*empowering*~ it is to let men stretch your orifices? Stop pretending you're woke or progressive. Just admit you think other women don't matter, and shut the fuck up.
Meanwhile, their stigma is the abuse, the drugs, the gaslighting and the punitive measures placed on them by authorities instead of the johns and pimps exploiting them. They want out of that fucked up industry, and to be given all the life opportunities that your privileged ass turns your nose up at.
If it's so great, why not collect your money and shut the fuck up? Why do you think the world revolves around you?
People want to talk about how to help women, but you have to jump in with your ridiculous rants about how everyone's a "sex-negative prude" for not erasing the non-airbrushed, non-aesthetic realities of the sex industry. This entitlement is almost uniquely western, and it makes my blood boil.

No. 535421

Just watched a hilarious movie and now I'm mad I can never watch it again for the first time and I don't know what to entertain myself with because of that weird empty feeling when you finish something good.

No. 535438

I love you anon. My sentiments exactly.

No. 535467

>Except the ones telling you how much of a fucking monstrosity sex industry is, and how much it traumatized them.
It’s the most depressing when I see e-whores calling actual prostitutes racist and transphobic because some refuse to see certain clienteles after being traumatized by them.

No. 535554

File: 1585852600925.png (81.52 KB, 957x700, 2343564.PNG)

The back lash against Lilly Singh corona video is fucking insane. It was a semi comedic video obviously aimed at young children and normies, but all the dude bro's are invading the comments reeeing about how much it sucks. the most ironic part is if pewdiepie did something like this they'd all be sucking his cock. I don't even like her, but the level of tinfoil

No. 535558

>This entitlement is almost uniquely western

wat? you likely only have this perception because you're not from asia, but in nicer countries like japan and korea there are 100% these kinds of cushy camwhore types and hostesses that shit on girls with scarier and more difficult SW jobs.

No. 535562

I love this post so much, just wanted to let you know anon

>You're aiming to decrease their visibility for your reputation. You say you care about sex trafficking and recognize it's bad, but when's the last time you spoke about it?

This is what fucking kills me about the whole issue. They know that if they start speaking up against human trafficking their "woke" johns would drop them right there and then because their precious camgirl is being a bigoted SWERF. These privileged women know that speaking about it puts them into that same broken woman category other prostitutes go into, ruining their hard work gluing glitter and sparkles all over their "profession".

No. 535563

tbf its Lilly Singh, she's basically like every woke hollywood celeb

No. 535584

Ginger men and men with strawberry blonde and strawberry dirty blonde hair are all cows. "Ginger male market failure" is not just a tunglr meme. I swear on my life that they are all horrible cows.

No. 535596

>western influenced countries that america's been sticking its dick into for the past century

these aren't good examples ngl, but even then the internet created an annoying sense of centralization where everyone semi-acts sort of american online.

No. 535598

Open your dad's or mom's scrapbook, it's not a "meme" and im getting kinda tired of people being defensive about it like it isn't the truth. Men in the 70s-80s-90s were particularly better dressed than they are today. The late 60s-mid 90s period was when it was fashionable for men to show off skin and act in overtly sexy ways. The current trend is more "natural" and laidback, way less into sensuality in a man despite over excessive sensuality being demanded of a woman.

No. 535599

They just get mad and defensive when you say anything of the past is better. I know its a overreaction to the "le wrong generation" fags who genuinely DO overidolize too much but at this point its being willfully ignorant.

No. 535608

100% THIS. They are also douchebags.
Men with dark blonde hair also tend to have a couple of screws loose

No. 535665

I can't speak to dark blonde guys, but there absolutely has to be something about the ginger gene that makes every one of them supremely awful. It can't possibly be a coincidence, it's all of them.

No. 535695

My new glasses frames are so cute and suit my face well, but no matter what my horrible prescription always makes my eyes look like raisins. I badly want to get lasik but it's so freaky

No. 535716

You know THAT sound that mukbang asmr youtubers make? I don't like it at all.
Today I almost puked while having dinner because my gramps got the habit of swallowing saliva with his mouth open. Food will fall from his mouth too. I feel really sad for him and I never say anything.
But it has been 6 months and this is the first time I'm actually eating less.
I won't say a thing either. Thank god this thread exists.

No. 535718

File: 1585879145521.gif (1.3 MB, 360x295, OgYNHxL.gif)

Pardon my stupidity

No. 535870

>ginger male market failure
Can you explain what this theory is?

No. 537392

i'm an ex ana-chan and the dumbass MPA/pancake/EDC sites make my blood boil. maybe i would have developed anorexia anyways, without those sites, but the chance would have been much lower. i think pancake pisses me off the most because they claim to not be pro-ana, but pro-harm reduction, which to me is… absolutely retarded. it's stated in the rules that you aren't allowed to be confrontational or rude in any way, this includes questioning the legitimacy of someones ed, and criticizing how someone "copes" with their ed. how in the hell is that harm reduction, if you will actually be banned for telling some 14y/o that she's killing herself. the rules also claim that pancake is a safe space, and the intention is to provide a place for ana-chans to safely talk about being ana-chans, they seem to think this camaraderie is a positive, necessary thing. no, it isn't. you shouldn't suffer alone with a mental illness, sure. you shouldn't have to feel isolated, sure. but i believe those with eds should NOT associate with each other, as recovery is near impossible otherwise. it becomes a competition, and you become even more deadset in your disordered ways, because it's all you read and talk about all day. it's a site for SJWs that want to catch the ana, not for anyone that is actually serious about recovery. it's just all so retarded, anons. sorry to blogpost but this shit makes me ree

No. 537410

>freedom of speech is only for approved topics, things I deem harmful have to be censored

No. 537425

i feel you. idk how that anamanaguchi chick can tell herself that she's doing some good in the world by running that site. it's a miserable enabling pit and it would be obvious to everyone if it was about some other life threatening form of self harm, but for some reason anas enabling each other is ~community~

where did she mention even once that the site should be banned or censored?

No. 537433

>idk how that anamanaguchi chick can tell herself that she's doing some good in the world by running that site
what? I vaguely know the band (?), can you tell me more? major wtf

No. 537584

>>537410 i don't think they should be censored. they've pretty much censored themselves anyways, with the strict privacy settings and all.

yeah, that's the part that bothers me. i have more respect for the ~community~ i joined years ago on the original My PRO Ana. it was very apparent that we were all trying to develop anorexia. there wasn't any sanctimonious bullshit, it was cringey posts telling you to pray to Ana-sama to bless you with a skinny body. at least they were honest about it. the other ED sites are becoming more "uwu everyone is valid" as well, but pancake is the worst when you factor in the admin. i want to think she's not being malicious, just stupid, though that doesn't actually make it much better.

oh, no, the admin of that site goes by the username anamanaguchi. she wanted a name that had "ana" in it, lol

No. 537689

File: 1586221340500.png (98.92 KB, 1445x463, 434543.PNG)

I'm starting to sympathies with those /ic/ bitches who get mad when they learn they have to learn fundies in order to draw animu girls

No. 537694

yeah it's just her username dw. the band does not secretly run a proana board lol. i should've been less sloppy with my words.

that reminds me, i was thinking about early 2000s internet culture earlier and the weird attitude about mental health that everyone had. it was like self hatred and various self destructive behaviors were a source of pride, and it wasn't even a secret. now its socially unacceptable to "romanticize" it like that but people still seem to find ways to glorify it, just in a different way.


No. 537699

She's opposing the censorship that's forced by the site, not being allowed to give any criticism. If anything the site is against free speech by doing that, not the anon.

No. 537755

Same. I was just 12/13 so in the beginning I only tried to eat as little as possible but I didn't really know how to starve myself. Sites like that taught me everything about calories and all those crazy "diets", through them I found thinspo that inspired me to seek even more extreme goals and reading the diaries of other girls going through this made me feel like I'm not alone in my thinking, that we're all kind of similar personalitywise ("good" girls who want absolute perfection in every aspect of their lifes). Even tho this is already over a decade ago I can still remember all the details and "meal" plans, that I pretty much tried all. I'm mostly healthy now, but thinking about it still fills me with some sort of nostalgia. At that time my english was pretty much non-existent so I only followed local blogs of other underage girls, I only discovered MPA later on. Those diet plans posted to blogs were only translated from english, meaning these young girls who posted them didn't come up with them themselves, they found them somewhere, somebody must have spread them. To think that there's adult women exposing little girls to this bullshit and maybe even egging them on… Girls in thinspo pictures were also likely adult women and it's also likely that they were shooped, but as a young teen you're too dumb to notice that. Nowadays having those little personal blogs is no longer really a thing and sites like tumblr also disabled ana hashtags (although you can cheat your way around that), but I really wish that big popular sites would at least be deleted. Maybe that would save a few from years of misery.
Muh censorship is such a retarded argument when it comes to the heath of kids. Also claiming it's your own fault if this triggered your ed, that you must have been ill already before that and therefore they're a-okay/harmless, like come on…

>it was very apparent that we were all trying to develop anorexia. there wasn't any sanctimonious bullshit, it was cringey posts telling you to pray to Ana-sama to bless you with a skinny body.
Usually girls who posted stuff like that were more or less only wishing that they were anorexic - but that of course is also a mental illness. Kind of similar to teens who egged each other on to cut themselves not because they actually felt like it, but because that's what all trendy emos do.

Speaking of that (since we're all similar in age) was it the same in your schools, that around a decade ago a huge number of kids cut themselves? At least 3 in my class did and they were more or less open about it. I talked about this with my 15-year-old sister and she doesn't know a single person in her entire school who does that nowadays. What a weird and shitty trend, they'll forever have to live with scarred wrists/arms.

No. 537760

Every day there's at least a couple of posts on here where grown women are complaining about stuff their parents do around the house, I've learned that you can't point out that it's probably time to move out or you'll get all sorts of poor-me excuses. Feel like such an oldfag but

> my mom talks too loud on the phone

> my dad comes home from work and asks me how my day has been

How fucking awful, in their own home? lol

No. 537780

The only time I ever moved back in with my parents as an adult was after a long term relationship ended or I had no one to ask to be a roommate. So yeah, most people don't want to actually live with their parents as adults. It's usually a choice out of necessity, most likely due to cost of living, and so there is usually a good reason for it. Not everyone is a NEET who's never tried to live alone.

Either way, you're oversimplifying the matter because those anons living with their parents now have the added bonus of being around them all the time due to quarantine and lockdown. If domestic violence is on the rise, then it stands to reason that so is other types of quarreling. Tensions are naturally going to be high when you lock adults into confined spaces together and can never take a break from each other. Although I don't know why you're specifically calling out the vent anon in your second greentext example because her dad was being a passive aggressive little bitch. If my parents were short with me and I tried to guilt trip them by saying "OH SO NOT EVEN A CONVERSATION? NOTHING. UGH." my ass would get chewed out and perhaps rightfully so. How can you not see that someone pitching a tantrum because you didn't respond in a way that they wanted you to is a sign that they're a bloody control freak? Her dad wasn't acting like an adult in that moment at all.

No. 537789

I think you mistook me as talking about a specific post here, I'm not even familiar with the one you're talking about.

No. 537796

You're lying. Where was a post in the vent from like 1 hour ago from an anon complaining exactly about her dad coming home from work and asking how her day has been. That's not a coincidence.

No. 537800

I'm talking about a post from a week ago. Woman off work cos of quarantine, bored from that, her dad is still working and comes home, pops his head in her door and asks how her day went. She was annoyed.

Found the post from today and it doesn't say anything about him returning home from work, it's not about todays post.

No. 537802

how are you anon?

No. 537803

I'm >>537780 and >>537796 wasn't me. But since you asked, I'm fine.

No. 537806

I'm fine! Thanks for asking.

No. 537809

>my dad comes home from work and asks me how my day has been

Anon those details don't even match todays vent post

No. 537813

Ok, I was mistaken about the work part, but other than that…
>My dad comes home, asks how i'am, I reply "fine." Then he quietly says. "NO CONVERSATION. NOTHING." sighs deeply and goes to his room. What? Now I feel guilty for what? I'm so sick of it.
>Every day there's at least a couple of posts on here where grown women are complaining about stuff their parents do around the house […] "my dad comes home from work and asks me how my day has been"
That's pretty much the same.

No. 537815

Just pointing out that I wasn't lying.

No. 537816

Zach Choi is the only man that makes 'eating sounds' tolerable and even kind of enjoyable, imo

No. 537827

File: 1586262547570.png (861.67 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170528-190404.png…)

No, he doesn't. He chews just as loudly and grossly and he also eats humongous amounts of fast food, cheese and grease just like others, he only has so many fans because nowadays somewhat okay looking asian men get a pass for everything.
He's a mid 30s former "model" who lucked out. He forced his ex (who's also kind of a cow) to get an abortion. The much younger girl he's dating now is one of the "kboos pretending to be asian"-crowd. I'm waiting for the day all his little fangirls find out about this and cancel him.

No. 537837

> No, he doesn't

I said imo

No. 537850

>forced his ex (who's also kind of a cow) to get an abortion
Didn't that girl later post on fb that she was never actually pregnant

No. 537854

Samefag but found the quote
>To confirm, no, I was never pregnant (I'm just horribly unhealthy and stressed, yay). Thank my lucky stars, because I wouldn't want to be carrying around Satan spawn, and that someone with a heart as ugly as his, should never be allowed to have children in the first place


No. 538021

My fully prepared and finished food keeps getting thrown in the garbage, it makes me feel guilty. I felt a deep sadness seeing it in the garbage. I'll try to forget about it. It was only 4 dollars at least

No. 538117

I am tired of people who have no interest in animal welfare saying "hurrdurr Carole Baskin takes just as bad care of cats as the other guys" when that is obviously not the case. Though she used to contribute to the captive wild cat problem she realised what she did wrong and changed, and is transparent about this. And outside of the animals, the worse possible thing she could have done is kill her predatory sexpest ex husband, which I still doubt she did. The other guys are literally groomers.

I feel like a lot of the Carole hate is just misogyny tbh.

No. 538118

>Usually girls who posted stuff like that were more or less only wishing that they were anorexic - but that of course is also a mental illness. Kind of similar to teens who egged each other on to cut themselves not because they actually felt like it, but because that's what all trendy emos do.
unfortunately i was one of the girls that wanted anorexia, and i really did end up developing it. i was most likely already susceptible to it, though looking up tips and finding a community of adult women encouraging me certainly didn't help

>Speaking of that (since we're all similar in age) was it the same in your schools, that around a decade ago a huge number of kids cut themselves? At least 3 in my class did and they were more or less open about it. I talked about this with my 15-year-old sister and she doesn't know a single person in her entire school who does that nowadays. What a weird and shitty trend, they'll forever have to live with scarred wrists/arms.

i don't know about a huge number of my classmates cutting themselves. in middle school a guy introduced me to the topic (he just mentioned that he cut himself) i tried it out for my own reasons and that unfortunately started my habit (i have since kicked it) though i think the guy was looking for my attention specifically, rather than the attention of others, as he wasn't open about it to anyone else. i know in high school i couldn't have been the only one, but i kept it hidden so it's not like anyone ever came up to me going "omg same." so no, i fortunately missed the cutting-yourself-is-trendy thing when i was in school. i'm 22 if that helps at all lol

No. 538122

She's a narcissist and unlikable and I'm pretty pink pill, sorry.

No. 538126

you don't know what narcissism is, apparently.

No. 538133

Oh it's you again, the one who keeps telling anons they don't know what words actually mean when they say they dislike Carole. Is this a form of baiting and shitposting? You're a condescending little bitch and I'd say I don't like her just to spite your whiteknighting at this point.

No. 538160

hi carole

No. 538165

File: 1586303298714.png (85.3 KB, 1044x603, top t.PNG)

well, you don't. you've yet to offer an alternative as to what to do with injured, and/or captive rescue wild animals. you've just called her a narcissist and a hypocrite for not letting captive born and raised animals be free, and you claim "the animals are still suffering" because they're not free, despite them having as close to that as possible, with 2.5 acre enclosures.

you insist she's a narcissist for "privately owning" the cats when she doesn't, and you then insisted she should "donate them to a sanctuary" despite BCR being a sanctuary that is consistently rated highly by watchdogs and has a great reputation within the community. you can believe she's a "narcissist" for rescuing injured and neglected animals and not whoring them out like zoos do, but BCR is held in very high esteem. doesn't appear as if you know what a narcissist or a sanctuary is. you buy vendetta easily, period, and you want to believe she's a narcissist for literally no reason.

No. 538166

there is a very long trail of animal abuse and animal killing, treating these literal apex predators like cattle, with all of the other people featured in the documentary and their associates. there is no such trail for BCR. people can have a problem with carole for no reason all day long, but there's no sordid history of abuse and her organization is well known and is well respected. the only people it's not respected by are people who want to continue breeding, killing, and exploiting animals. the treatment of animals is nowhere near comparable.

No. 538265

If I jokingly insult someone in front of you and they themselves laugh or don't look offended, don't fucking defend them and say that what I said was mean and make the whole situation awkward. I hate buzzkills who do that shit. I used to call my cousin fatty because that was a popular insult at the time that had NOTHING to do with weight. A girl that was around us told me that was rude and basically suggested that the person I "Insulted" had a little extra weight to them, making things awkward when I wasn't even talking about weight.

No. 538266

You don't know how to read a room to discern what jokes are okay to say around which individuals so you're making that someone else's problem. I thought that was something grade school kids learned early on.

No. 538271

kek. complaining about someone else's inside jokes that aren't even directed at you is what is rude/immature. we're taught to stay out of other people's fucking business.

No. 538274

I kinda see what you mean. Back in hs some friends jokingly nicknamed me fatty, because I was obviously skinny. I always said that if they ever decide it's too mean to call me fat, I'll know it's cause I really did get fat.

No. 538291

Except the joke was between me and my cousin/best friend and the person saw that my cousin was laughing? Who the fuck is going to not joke just because someone like you who is standing in the sidelines can't separate themselves from a micro-interaction going on.

No. 538293

I'm ded. Its not like OP randomly came up to the person and called them a fatty with a spiteful look on their face and walked away. There was obviously a convo taking place that naturally led to joking around. Don't talk about reading a room when you clearly don't know how to read body language and common social cues.

No. 538313

You shouldn't make inside jokes in other people's presence, they obviously don't get it so it's awkward for everyone.

No. 538321

That's only valid if the inside joke makes someone feel left out. If OP is messing around with their cousin, it's obvious that there is a history and dynamic there.

Anyway, I agree. One time me and my friend were very clearly cracking jokes at each other and someone very seriously said that we had to start being nicer to each other. Like fuck off.

No. 538327

If somebody insulted someone else in front of me, I'd also try and step in. Many people who get mocked just laugh because they don't know how else to react to that situation, that doesn't mean anything. She wasn't being rude, she only tried to be a decent person.
>I wasn't even talking about weight
Literally how could anybody know that if you say "fatty"? Especially since your cousin is slim, it makes you seem like a queen bee bully who nitpicks her own family's most minor flaws. And appearantly your cousin didn't say anything back, so that girl refused to be a bystander in what looked to her like somebody bullying someone who isn't able to defend themself. Instead of coming here to screech about that, you should have talked it out with her.

No. 538331

So now you're trying to tell me about my own relationship with my cousin, who was making jokes about my nose, to which I laughed and responded "shut up fatty"….which my cousin understood as a joke because she calls me it too and because of the fucking viral fake tweets at the time of demi lovato calling one of her fans a fatty….

You must be fun … that or a self-proclaimed empath

No. 538333

Go back to bible study kek

No. 538336

but that anon is right and good

No. 538339

Never said that, but you're acting holier than thou and it's really annoying. You clearly don't have close friends,siblings, or cousins to know that a lot of people show affection by being an asshole and most of the time it's reciprocated in the relationship. You're basically the person they're complaining about who jumps in and makes a situation serious and awkward when you're literally the outsider and should know that two people who are COUSINS are allowed to be assholes to each other. Shit, it's like the kid who asked to join me and my friends group back in high school and threatened to leave because my friend jokingly said she was going to slap me across the face.

No. 538343

>Never said that
never said what? you sound insane. i'm not that anon, all i said was that she's right. a lot of people would figure that, and it's not unreasonable to figure that. if you don't want to look like an asshole, it's much easier to just not make inside jokes that seem hurtful when people who don't know the nature of your jokes and the nature of your relationship are around?

>You clearly don't have close friends,siblings, or cousins to know that a lot of people show affection by being an asshole and most of the time it's reciprocated in the relationship.

stupid and untrue assumption. if you and anon aren't self aware enough to realize how your words might come across to people who don't know wtf is going on, that's some potent autism. keep getting weirdly defensive over it and doubling down on behavior that pointlessly will get you into hot water, though. i'm sure it'll do you a lot of good. people can't read your minds, retards.

No. 538349

first time poster on this thread but it keeps showing on main page. I've never seen something as basic and human as clowning on a friend in public being blown out of proportion like this. Let people be little shits with their friends. Not everyone is as sensitive as you, just like not everyone has a dry humor, which is why you don't make insulting jokes to those people and you respect those people, which I think this person did by not insulting the bystander the way she/he did with the cousin, no?

No. 538354

>Not everyone is as sensitive as you, just like not everyone has a dry humor, which is why you don't make insulting jokes to those people and you respect those people, which I think this person did by not insulting the bystander the way she/he did with the cousin, no?
not once have i said i don't make those jokes. the difference is that i have the presence of mind to know not to make a joke that could be read as offensive or hurtful, around others. i'd rather people be caring and there be a few misunderstandings, than people just generally not give a shit about someone being (what they perceive to be) mocked and hurt. i realize that people can't read my mind or know my intentions. anon is ridiculous for even getting angry that someone should misunderstand the situation. it's not a big enough deal for anon to even post about it itt. if she can't logically think "this person doesn't have any context, i can understand why she'd figure that" and brush it off, she's retarded.

either anon needs to become the type of person that doesn't get so annoyed by people understandably not knowing her intentions, or she needs to be more selective about when to make these jokes. again, it's not even a real issue. she's allowing herself to get annoyed by something that she should be able to brush off, tbh.

No. 538355

Ok well, From what I read the person's cousin was insulting her nose (which I find to be more hurtful than calling anyone fat because you legitimately can't control having a certain nose) so she came back with an insult as well, at that point I as a bystander would use context clues to realize that along with the laughing that they were just making jabs. Regardless, I think they were just using that as an example of when people make things awkward because they don't get or like sarcasm, insults between friends. Besides, It's lolcow, since when do things have to be level 5 serious in order to post about it. There are being talking about being attracted to cartoon animals a thread down.

No. 538356

*People talking about being

No. 538360

okay, that's great, but we have no idea what the bystander heard. anon hadn't even mentioned the nose joke until she got upset that someone should disagree with her, and we have no idea of the bystander even heard that part of the conversation. when there's room for possible and understandable confusion, it doesn't make sense to get annoyed.

>Besides, It's lolcow, since when do things have to be level 5 serious in order to post about it.

it's not that they have to be serious, it's that anon isn't just casually saying "this is annoying". look at her posts. she's getting disproportionately upset by responses. anon wants to talk shit about people being "too sensitive" while getting really weirdly upset and overly sensitive over normal responses, and a normal misunderstanding. like, pick a side.

No. 538362

File: 1586336462252.jpg (61.06 KB, 576x1024, B3peowXCcAA___j.jpg)

I never thought this fake demi lovato snap would get me into such anonymous hot water. From both me and my big nose, thank you.

No. 538363

Now you're backpedalling and making excuses, even trying to make yourself out to be the actual victim? Maybe you should have told us right from the beginning that your cousin also insulted you? Because your original post just sounded like you being mad that other people don't find you calling your cousin fat is as funny as you think it is.

My brother insults me on the daily which hurts me a lot and I'm always happy when one of his friends tells him that he's an ass and needs to shut up. Whenever I try to defend myself I'm a sensitive pussy. Similar to what you and the anons on your side are saying: if you don't like being insulted or others getting insulted when it's a you-problem, just suck it up. You can never know whether the person who you insult is really so ok with it as you think, because it's always easier to pretend to not be hurt and laugh along with others as it is to stand up for yourself. Especially if it's something that keeps happening constantly. And if that's not the case, you could easily just say "Hey, all is good, that's just how the two of us always joke with each other", instead of chimping out about a girl trying to be nice. Like I said, your first couple posts only told us that your cousin laughs and that you think it's therefore a-okay (we didn't know that she did the same thing to you too), so there would have been the possibility that it's the same for her as it is for me.
Actually you getting so defense and aggressive over this might indicate that you banter is not as light hearted or that you actually do feel guilty.

No. 538364

Why are you…still here… Damn. I'm not even gonna read what you wrote.

No. 538367

Sorry you're going through that, genuinely, but some people choose to cope with the pain inflicted on them by others through humor, and sometimes that's through dark humor. I don't think they're playing victim at all, I think they were trying to give some context because they had no idea that people were going to dissect the example she gave. How could she be playing victim when the whole purpose of her post was that she was both insulting and getting insulted by her friend because that's the dynamic between them. Please just drop this.

No. 538368

It's been mere minutes since your last post and you literally responded to me within a couple seconds lol
But yeah, you and your giant schnoz did a great job at sounding totally unbothered… Again, maybe next time talk it out with that person instead of coming here and then getting angry that others respond to you.

No. 538370

>when the whole purpose of her post was that she was both insulting and getting insulted by her friend because that's the dynamic between them. Please just drop this.
nta but her post was not about that at all. she added in the bit about being insulted like, multiple posts after her first, so no one had that information until later on. honestly sounded like it was a retroactive excuse to save herself from criticism.

No. 538372

This is why me and sister don't talk to each other when we're out with other friends because the occasional friend thinks we're being serious when we call each other fatasses and then they try to start an intervention. The friend usually doesn't have any siblings.

No. 538394

Just wanted to mention for the poster above who was astute in assessing that the OP was backpedaling: Yes, that's the point. OP makes up ridiculous stories and makes them purposefully vague, then when people comment or question she (he?) adds more details in their story's favor later. That's why you shouldn't reply.

No. 538575

>conversation is heating up
>you send funny unreadable letters
>you delete it as soon as it sends
>other person in the chat: I saw that
as someone who speaks a language that uses different alphabet the worst fucking thing to happen when you're multitasking is when you accidentally forget to switch the keyboard and send things in funny letters and now everyone knows where you're from.
I want the earth to swallow me.

No. 538613

I'm so sick of people self-diagnosing themselves with anxiety/depression/etc

No. 538615

it is annoying, but lbr, people place too much importance on actually being professionally diagnosed. they don't know shit. there's nothing involved in the process of diagnosis for these conditions. i guess it can weed out especially attention-seeking individuals, maybe, but not really. mental health professionals seem to be very gullible and easily convinced by malingerers, yet extra critical of people who are actually suffering. it's weird.

No. 538629

You're right, but the person in specific I'm thinking of is an irl who's one of the most extroverted people I've ever met who blames every fault they have on their self-diagnosed ~social anxiety~

No. 538636

Prior to corona I would see people who think staying indoors for one day or one weekend is a sign of their anxiety.

No. 538661

I wish this wasn't so true. I tried to get a more official diagnosis because none of the anxiety/depression meds prescribed helped me, and my doctor basically scoffed at the idea while saying "lots of young people your age are depressed." Very helpful.

No. 538679

i mean, i've never had trouble receiving a diagnosis but the metric they go by is a joke. it's so easily faked and they believe wildly crazy bullshit but do seem to be critical of people like yourself. mental health is a joke in general yet people act like it's the same as receiving a cirrhosis diagnosis. it's good to have but it doesn't prove shit either way.

No. 538760

I know someone like that, she is one of these who think memes are a personality trait and she has seen one too many social anxietyy memes when the correct term is shyness.

No. 538779

2016 was fantastic with all the US election memes. Not even American and I waited 4 years for a sequel to watch would be leaders getting grilled in front of millions… and now google throttles everything that isn't boring ass CNN/Fox/other boomer media coverage.

Fuck. Alphabet.

No. 539007

I'm annoyed because I'm reading a book series and looked up something on the wiki of said book series and at the beginning of the article there's a huge massive spoiler. Like I acknowledge it was partly my fault because articles like that often contain spoilers but I didn't expect it to be at the beginning and like how hard is it to put a goddamn spoiler warning

No. 539024

I hate how redheads always feel the need to show off “omg I’m so special and sooo fetishized”. Shut up and get an actual personality.

No. 539030

omfg, people with blue eyes do that to. like, we get it. no one cares

No. 539095

please don't start the "people with blue eyes are evil and people with brown eyes are oppressed" wars again anon, it's been done to death on these boards and it's always a shitfest.

No. 539098

jesus christ bro why would there ever be a fight about that. most people like blue eyes, stop trying to be a victim lmao

No. 539102

you must be new here.

No. 539104

no, i only remember the sperg who wanted to bleach their brown eyes

No. 539108

Sorry for blogposting but god I'm tired of this girl in my university, she is your typical mean girl is not even funny, I was never bullied in high school and I'm a sociable person and get along with a lot of people, I'm just usually quiet and have a calm personality but for some reason this girl treats me like I'm a nerd in an 90's film and she is the cute popular girl, she has called me weirdo several times, rolls her eyes when I talk and is really nasty towards me in class, and its just her, we have a lot of friends in common whom have never done this.

No. 539112

What if I feel oppressed by redheads with blue eyes?

No. 539122

I wish redheads with blue eyes would oppress me.

No. 539177

I wasn't starting a war. I've just known too many people who have blue or blueish green eyes and like to bring it up for no reason or remind everyone that its "rare" and it gets really annoying.

No. 539183

Nta but I've never heard a person with blue eyes talk about how they're rare. Only people with green eyes do that but I've yet to see someone with green eyes. Only people with brown eyes like you keep bringing this shit up bc no one else even cares.

No. 539193

I have green eyes and I never shut up about it I'm sure it's annoying as hell

No. 539259

Family members have been doing this new thing where I bake something super complicated that takes a lot of time and honestly, skill, to make and they'll eat half of it when I'm asleep and then tell me the next day everything that was wrong with it.

No. 539260

You must be white. I don't mean that in anyway besides that ethnics deal with this in their communities on the daily. "Why is he marrying her? she's basic with brown eyes"

No. 539261

>Only people with brown eyes like you
i'm actually triggered
tbh if i had blue eyes id brag about it once in a while

No. 539271

It's the same anon who's been here sperging out about being insecure of having brown eyes for like 2 years now.

No. 539280

i fucking hate how loud my mom is at 4 fucking a.m. because she decides to fast. Because she uses the microwave 20 times and I hear the stupid beeping. Then, at 5am the birds start chirping and cars start going by so I still can't fucking sleep. My shitty earplugs do nothing because our house is old and you can hear everything through the fucking walls.

No. 539284

>mom and dad have hazel-ish eyes, brother has grey eyes
>i'm stuck with brown eyes
How can I not seethe?

No. 539285

it's 6am and traffic is now increasing. i want to fucking chimp out, i tried going to bed at a reasonable hour and now it's this shit. if i wasn't tired because it's fucking 6am maybe i'd be productive but all i want to do is strangle the birds chirping outside.

No. 539289

This is such a stupid thing to be insecure about.

No. 539292

File: 1586514748866.jpg (19.58 KB, 1000x1000, papergc,500x,w,f8f8f8-pad,1000…)

I would genuinely buy her this pos print if it would get her to stfu

No. 539294

why does my mother feel the fucking need to turn off my fucking fan! i should stop being a little bitch and hide all the keys in my house but she'd act like i'm the fucking bitch here

No. 539318

My parents are disrespectful people who think they can just take my things from me, they're fucking disgusting and have no basic hygiene and urinate everywhere, I'm so sick of not having money for a house

No. 539334

original anon who brought up eye color here; that isn't me because I haven't been using this site for 2 years.

I have literally known obese girls who have no other attractive physical qualities but like to bring up that they have blue eyes on a regular basis. I had a teacher too who was obsessed with correcting people that her eyes were green if people said they were blue (though they were blue). it just gets grating after a while.

No. 539341

Why did them being obese matter? If anything that makes you sound even more insecure because you couldn't let them have one feature that made them feel okay about themselves because it upset you.

No. 539343

ok fatty

No. 539345

k poop eyes

No. 539348

File: 1586533719987.png (450.41 KB, 750x667, AEA39A47-426B-4603-85CB-80B57A…)

anyone who says "be gay do crimes" or shit like that deserves to get lynched

you are not cool for stealing some shabby clothes or whatever, you're not contributing anything to the "woke" culture except for "woke points" you get from your other woke peers, you are just being a massive selfish cunt to the people who work there and get in trouble because they didn't take care of the clothes YOU STOLE hard enough

it's nothing but fucking selfish behavior and nothing about it is "inspiring" or "woke" like ?? what the fuck is "be gay do crimes" supposed to mean? it just does nothing but add more to the stereotype that gay people are bad people and will steal shit/molest kids/etc

No. 539349

Sounds like people needing a reason to act out behavior they were always going to do.

No. 539404

>why does her being obese matter
Because obesity is generally not considered attractive?

It's fine to have a feature you like about yourself, it's just annoying to not shut up about it. Imagine if a skinny girl wouldn't shut up about being skinny. Wouldn't that get annoying? Also I think it's funny you guys like to rail on about how insecure brown eyed people allegedly are but y'all are the ones who get overly defensive as soon as eye color gets brought up lmao.

No. 539526

annoyed at the way people in this game i'm playing will yell at you to leave when you enter their little conversations off the beaten path. i assure you i don't care about whatever roleplay you faggots are doing but the server has a notable lag issue and combine that with my internet's habit of going retarded i end up pressing down on the arrow keys in hopes of going to where i want to go but instead get fucked and just stumble-drift into some random direction like an asshole. stop acting so self-important. you fucking jerk

No. 539541

Jokes on you, my shit is a blueish green.

No. 539549

what game? club penguin?

No. 539551

chronicles of esshar

No. 539555

there is this instagram account that's posting legit porn and it's also public and when you look at the likes and comments, it's all little kids (around 10-14) and i genuinely want to gag so bad

fucking instagram retards won't take it down despite me and my friends reporting it for the 3rd time now but if anyone even posts a small little cartoon titty then they go batshit crazy and will deactivate you

No. 539556

Did she hurt your feelings obese-chan?

No. 539571

It's all automated anonon. There is a huge public database about anime tits so certain images with certain hashes get automatically flagged. The anime tits that aren't known get reviewed against other anime tits and flagged fast as well.

I read about this shit a lot and it's useless to fight against it. There are no measures against cp except manual flagging which will take forever. They might not even be notified since there aren't enough reports to trip the alarm.

Try email or calling the site when you see that shit. You can never be sure that a person does the review when you report something.

No. 539706

I feel like theres a lot of underage anons here bc some posts are just too embarrassing to be actually written by grown ass women

No. 539711

Anon, I feel like I wrote this. My mom and her new husband wake up around 4:30-5:30am every day. It's absolutely frustrating since I'm a light sleeper. Not to mention that I'm a college student (which sucks with this whole pandemic going on) and I'm having to stay up writing papers and studying if I want to stay on top with my class.

What helped me was investing in some cheap "sleep" earbuds from amazon. I think I only paid $11? They've been surprisingly helpful but I do really hate sleeping with wired headphones.. but these are probably the best ones that I own for blocking out noise.

No. 539717

Whats the name of the account? Like >>539571 said, there may not be enough reports, so maybe some anons here could report it.

No. 539770

File: 1586615745759.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 472.57 KB, 750x1183, 273D865B-5663-4F41-955D-A4768E…)

i'm late but it's called @/rsexsexr

No. 539775

What angers is me to hell and back is that people here cry and weep about getting slutshamed yet are ok with calling cows whores etc..

No. 539797

Slutshaming is done by women to other women

No. 539798

I'm pretty sure they're different people

No. 539810

I really hope so for them that they didn't vent about their sex life on /b/.

No. 539856


No. 539857

i don't get why you people always gotta "hi scrote/hi cow!" when you know damn well the outcome is always the same: you get banned

No. 539861

This anon >>539856 is right though. Men are definitely behind the majority of slutshaming as women being afraid to be sexual with men only serves to benefit insecure men who want to be the only woman's sexual experience so he won't have to feel inadequate or sized down, and he can attempt to groom her however to his desires.
Yeah some women slutshame, but I often find that they don't care beyond superficial reasons. For men it's much more personal.

No. 539869

I hate how some clothing brands put their brand name or logo on their clothing. It's hideous, and no one cares. Stooooop.

No. 539906

God I fucking wish i was taller than just average

No. 539930

why do people start conversations with me if they're unable to fucking talk like a normal person bitch tf

No. 539939

>women being afraid to be sexual with men only serves to benefit insecure men

Nope. Women refraining from being sexual restricts men's access to sex, which means women (in general) can demand more in exchange for it. A bit of a crass way to put it, but sluts drive the value of sex down, which is counter to most women's interests - if your competitors are selling for cheaper, you have to lower your prices as well.

But yes, also because men are insecure.

No. 539952

But why do you have to lower your "prices"
Better to be like a value item at an auction, only going to the highest bidder. (maybe not the best example but you get the gist)

No. 539954

Oh well get over it

No. 539955

Nah I'm pretty sure men are cheap and deceptive because they're bastards, not because Stacey Thundertits is ruining the bargain. Lmao.

No. 539979

men: it's women who slut shame, not men

also men: beheads anne boleyn and catherine howard for "infidelity"

No. 540072

what sort of high IQ rick and morty incel ledditor reasoning is this, what the fuck.
>women keep the price of sex high because they can demand more in exchange for it and this is why they shame sluts for inflating the market!!!
Stop treating sex as some sort of a currency, that's sick. This isn't a fucking game of monopoly. Most women "slut shame" because they want other women to stop dragging them down with them and learn to respect themselves enough to learn other valuable skills of trade than just sex appeal. Every Cool Girl saying "I'm a woman and I don't mind being objectified, those other women are just defective prudes!!!" causes 50 men to go out and harass women because one gave them the permission.

The definition of slut shaming needs to be laid out on the table too because the goal posts keep being moved depending on who's holding the talking stick. Originally slut shaming was that a woman gets degraded because she wore a tank top or had casual sex with multiple consenting partners, but people redefined it as "saying sex work is dangerous, exploitative and harmful to all women" to hijack the discourse.

No. 540076

>oh no muh perfect female etiquette
…or because she's a petty jealous asshole?

No. 540232

File: 1586725885823.jpeg (224.85 KB, 750x680, 83630BC8-0235-4EC2-A841-501730…)

Isn't this just lovely? /s
I also saw the thread of that anon telling us to report that rape video too and cannot wait for Instagram to tell me the same again.

No. 540235

I fucking hate these bullshit automated replies from social media sites. I’d rather not get these sorts of non-responses unless the content is taken down.

No. 540279

Normie social media is more focused on silencing unpopular opinions than they are with the rampant pornography and CP on a platform children use.

No. 540307

>Originally slut shaming was that a woman gets degraded because she wore a tank top or had casual sex with multiple consenting partners, but people redefined it as "saying sex work is dangerous, exploitative and harmful to all women" to hijack the discourse.
This tbh. "Slut shaming" should be a critique on the type of psychotic purity culture that punishes women for being "sluts" if they breathe wrong. Perverts and libs that are still angry at their religious parents reframed it to mean that sex is some irreproachable good and therefore any criticism about the social and cultural circumstances influencing how we view sexuality is fundamentally sex-negative.

No. 540456

I reported it and received the same automated message. It's such bullshit.

No. 540474

anyone who makes nsfw drawings of children's shows or games deserves to die and yes i am serious
nothing fills me with more rage than that. how can you look at something that is made for children and is for children with absolute NO sexualization and think "hmmm… this needs porn" like? how? are you really that mentally retarded?

No. 540806

I was watching some videos from the series "kids try…" about food and damn, people are vicious in the comments about very small children not liking food they've never eaten before. I understand that it can be annoying, but saying you hate a child because she doesn't like a dish… bruh, you are a grown ass adult

No. 542007

I know this is a blog but my household has constant infighting, like this is enough. And my household also says I need a actual social life outside the home but the constant infighting just makes me want to take a nap not go and have more fighting with random local people

No. 542032

i hate when some girls do the fake cutesy voice makes me seriously want to punch them. like it's so obviously fake it hurts. speak normally people

No. 542038

I used to think that was only a thing desperate twitch thots did online but once I was riding on the subway and a girl was speaking to her boyfriend in that horrible baby voice and I was appalled.
What makes me more annoyed is the guys who enable that shit. The girls doing the voice are obnoxious, but they wouldn't be speaking like Rugrats characters if there weren't gross ass dudes eating it up with a fork and knife. Truly disgusting.

No. 542050

I get wanting your voice to be a little higher, but some girls take it to the extreme. Don't they get tired of doing it all the time? Especially the streamers?

No. 542057

God, there was one girl I used to know who would always fake her sneezes so they would sound very kawaii uguu (she was very normie otherwise, legit no idea)

No. 542386

>fake her sneezes so they would sound very kawaii uguu
I did that in high school (yes… in high school…)
Fucking kill me.

No. 542412

i love watching streamers do this and then hearing their real voice come out accidentally.

No. 542476

/ot/ has been a shithole for a while. Too much derailing and obvious bait but many anons still fall for it.

No. 542481

Foreskin is the word of the day today

No. 542483

don't forget body hair and mutilation!

No. 542484

File: 1587157324884.png (187.3 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_2020-04-17-13-50-55…)

i still love picrew and waste a lot of time on it but this shit is mildly irritating

No. 542485

i like your hair lol.

No. 542494

No. 542513

picrew went to hell as soon as the uwu im gay twitter/tumblr fags found it

No. 542524

I remember bringing Tumblr invading Picrew on a thread last year and how annoyed I was by that, because their art is so incredibly ugly and no effort compared to others (+ that's literally a predominantly Japanese only site and they all were posting in English everywhere) and I got a bunch of anons calling me a retard and they all got their panties in a twist over my post because "how dare I say you cannot post in English in a site meant for Japanese people" lol good times

No. 542545

That's how you know the site's been invaded by twitterfags and annoying tumblrites, kek.

No. 542583

File: 1587170405369.png (183.36 KB, 500x658, kjscS.png)

My roommate has no idea how to cook and it's starting to annoy me. I do like to cook and used to do it professionally, so I don't mind cooking for us, but she has no idea how difficult certain things are to make. She asked if I could make a cheesecake when we don't even have an electric mixer or a springform pan. When I try to explain it, she thinks I'm "exaggerating" the intricacies and that a whisk is the same as an electric mixer.

No. 542760

You’re in the right tho anon. I hate those ugly tumblr piccrews. Can’t imagine what Japanese people on the site are thinking when they see them kek

No. 543000


No. 543095

Like, it's so annoying when people type like this?

No. 543097

i hate you too

No. 543115

I have been seeing more anti vegan content and to me it seems like a dairy industry member trying to make extra bucks, not a caring person worried about someone's nutrition.
A lot of people are vegan so they dont make these videos targeting one person.

Frankly I think its creepy and disturbing that people will do this just because they dont want to get a different job that's not milking cows or killing animals

No. 543118

I do too and I'm part of gen z ('97). not trying to sound like I'm "not like other zoomers uwu", if anything my dislike is intrinsic to how rapidly the generation changes – people 4-6 years younger than me talk and I have NO fucking clue what they're saying, whereas I have no problem relating to people 4-6 years older than me, and it's because technology and trends are developing so rapidly that the cultural divide feels deeper between years than it actually is. My friend who is like three years younger than me grew up with a fucking smartphone and iPad whereas I was excited when my whole family got one shitty brick cellphone in 2005 for all of us to share. Don't get me started on shit like tik tok. When I was in high school kids like the ones who get popular on tiktok would have been bullied for the shit they make on there.

No. 543139

I totally agree with everything you're saying anon, I'm unfortunately part of gen z and I don't understand most of the shit my generation gets up, it's like i'm observing from a far distance because I feel so cut off from whatever goes on lol. I also hate the way some people talk, like they're not capable of speaking properly, and the stupid buzzwords that get overused left and right. Technology has really changed (and not really for the better) the way everyone thinks and interacts, and the more it advances, the more I feel even more that I can't relate to most people my age.

No. 543169

It's not how they're talking, we're just getting older and we're not keeping up with the youthful lexicon. It's like how adults in the early 2000s struggled to learn chatspeak and thought that was jargon too–I mean it kinda is. I understand some of it esp when I look into it online but I'm just not as concerned because it's not my youth culture anymore.

No. 543468

why do uquizzes include obscure song lyrics and way too many lyric options for one question. I don't care how deep you think this shit is, I want to know what character I am!

No. 543481

I'm not vegan, but it's annoying how much hate vegetarian/vegan products get for no reason. It's somehow cool to shit on things like oat milk and impossible burger without ever trying them.

No. 545027

There's a woman on a roleplay site I go on that I'm convinced is one of those kiwifarms-tier fatty cows. One of my friends is friendly with her but tells me she goes OTT about body acceptance topics and that you can "remind her to eat breakfast but not say what you think is a healthier alternative" or talk about your own weight issues around her. She keeps making long blogposts about how upset she is about her weight too, whining about her "health problems" and claims she has an eating disorder which is probably code word for basic landwhale food addiction. In public she comes across as really sanctimonious especially with the body positivity advice so no wonder she only gets attention from the other preachy tumblr-adjacent people. My friend mingles with them anyway and tells me they all get pissy over one topic or another if you ever, ever disagree with them.

No. 545081

File: 1587665714076.jpg (54.48 KB, 704x852, 69371ac40f11bfdb4be374d3925068…)

>my household has constant infighting

No. 545293

File: 1587708633178.png (218.28 KB, 416x437, PL6aB7x.png)

I hate it when a brief moment of happiness after a wholesome interaction is interrupted by an asshole.

No. 547878

File: 1588265585182.png (455 KB, 750x486, 50C6C1DF-DD15-42C3-ABE3-12225C…)

I seriously cannot stand people who will literally lap Japan and Japanese people's asses so fucking much to the point where they would literally give their own life for them but then bash on other countries like China, Korea, etc. for the tiniest fucking problem. I've even seen some even label the Philippines/Malaysia/etc. as "not proper Asian countries" like wow we're so sorry that we didn't create your so beloved anime and Pokémon along lolicon and tentacle hentai, you freak.

I know this is A+ weeb behavior but it's seriously so tiring and annoying.

No. 547893

I hate people who let their cats outdoors unleashed. If you can be bothered to leash train your cat then don't let it it outside period. There are a thousand reasons not to, people are just so fucking lazy and I hate them. I've leash trained 4 cats, a couple as adults, and it's easy as fuck and no reason it shouldn't be done.

"B-but cats are smart and fast"

No. Cats get fucked up outside. They also fuck shit up outside. Period.

No. 547899

Outdoor cats are invasive species that destroy ecosystems. They should never be let outside without leash and supervision.

No. 547945

Do you have any tips or videos you'd recommend for leash training? I have 3 house-cats but they all make the biggest drama out when only trying to get on the leash to the point they are strangling themselves or refusing to move entirely. I already tried treats, fragrances, doing it slowly and when they're in a fully relaxed mood etc.

No. 547977

What about stray cats? I have one but he can't stand being inside the house for very long and tries to flee with all his might

No. 548026

There is a z-list instagram influencer (barely counts as one) who has a hate community on reddit that posts hundreds of comments about her every day even though she doesn't do anything notable. I think it's bizarre that a total nobody can generate such vitriolic hatred in a way that causes her threads to move way faster than any of the cows here.

I posted some b8 suggesting that she kill herself. But apparently that crossed a line even though everyone says she's useless, vile, whatever all day long. Sure, Jan, it really would be that awful if she was gone.

No. 548030

they need the cow to be alive so they can keep shitting on her

No. 548040

you mean feral cats? you can reintegrate them. don't let them outside and reward them for not trying to go out.

No. 548041

Link pls

No. 548068

Lol then they're going to destroy anons whole room and keep them up at nights with meowing for at least a year no matter how much anon might play with them and give them attention. You sound like a larper.

No. 548288

I don't have any videos I could link you to, but I'll give you some advice!

- Dont go straight to the leash. Buy a comfy harness that doesn't pull on the neck and let them wear it for small increments, building as time goes on, every day.

- Once they get used to the harness (this can take a long time lol) attach the leash indoors and let them lead you around, if they're into it.
It helps if you can introduce them to a room they can't normally go into every time you attach the leash. They will associate the leash with an exciting adventure!

- Let them play with/bite the leash because they will be annoyed with it at first. Don't play back but don't get mad either. Just let them run out of steam lol. Also, never tug or try to drag/pull them. Let them lead.

- When they are ready for the outside just set them by the front door and open it just a bit and let them sniff/see out. After 5 mins I usually open if fully and coax them onto the step.

- When they get outside, what I do is crouch with them just outside the open door so they can hide under me and not feel exposed, and bolt to safety if they need to. Pet them and purr at them. Keep em comfy. Some cats, like mine, would bolt inside when something as simple as kids riding their bikes down the street so be prepared for that.

- Eventually they love it and you can take them around! Just remember not to let them interact with any other cats, or drink any water that's outside.

The biggest things are patience & letting them get used to the harness, letting them lead, and making them feel safe and not vulnerable.

No. 550660

File: 1588719583473.png (458.46 KB, 1080x963, IMG_20200506_003749.png)

This whole channel annoys me so much, and somehow, as if god hates me, whenever I watch a new anime her videos make it into my recommended. A grown ass woman shouldn't be acting like this.

No. 550676

Never look at fandom Twitter then, you’ll see 25+ year olds acting like embarrassing teenagers everywhere.

No. 550686

there's a youtube video blocker ad-on/extension.

No. 550939

Shut the fuck up about animal crossing God DAMN

No. 550947

I like Animal Crossing a lot and even I'm at my limit, but I'm more sick of the people who play the new game than seeing the actual game itself being posted everywhere.

No. 550952

MONEY HEIST AND MIND HUNTERS BOTH SUCK ASSSSSS. The acting is so bad in both I've resorted to watching pokemon.

No. 550977

File: 1588783495176.webm (579.08 KB, 488x374, 844747.webm)

No. 551159

>tfw she sends me pics of morbidly fat people
>tells her to stop
>but ANON i look like her!!! she even looks better than me!!!!
>tells her no
>tries to cheer her up
>B-BUT ANON!!!!!!!!!! I AM INSECURE!!!!!!!!!
>too uncomfortable to tell her to fuck off

No. 551329

File: 1588857977709.jpg (118.12 KB, 728x1092, 4.jpg)

Why are people who think their taste in anime make them superior than other people so incredibly annoying? I know this one person and she constantly bashes on people for liking "normie" anime such as JJBA, BNHA or whatever that's currently trending and prides herself over liking "real" anime/manga such as classic old shōjo and other vintage stuff. I've tried to talk to her about my favorite show and she completely disregarded whatever I was saying with a "cheap CGI" comment like OK, we both are into this weeb shit, you're not better than me, we're literally in the same boat.

>are you underage

No. 551346

You both sound insufferable. Get some social tact.

No. 551351

what manga/anime is that

No. 551353

I feel superior over those who watch ecchi and loli anime, as I should.

No. 551359

File: 1588863622699.jpg (86.69 KB, 460x617, bx8542-sPIpsV4N33tp.jpg)

This is me and I know I'm annoying.

I don't bash on other people so much as silently judge though.

No. 551409

I reckon it depends on your cat tbh.
I have one who will sit out front in a plant pot and do nothing and go nowhere so I let him out as much as I want. He never roams and always comes in at night.
My other one kills birds and roams the neighborhood and gets into fights, so he is now an indoor only cat.

My friends cats sit outside with her for an hour every night before they all go to bed and go inside no fuss. So yeah, I believe it depends on your cat's personality.

No. 551410

Agreed. Not vegan either but I enjoy a lot of vegan and vegetarian cuisine.
Something that annoys me too is the whole rave about bacon.
Yeah it's okay but those people who say 'omg bacon is life' need to be shot.

No. 551643

If I see one more faggot claim to be "Russian + Japanese" for cool points while knowing absolutely nothing about the languages, speak only English while living in the US and then REEE about racism this and that, I am gonna explode

Retards and their obsession to be the COOLEST PERSON EVER!1!!1!! so they think they're so believable and amazing for faking cringy stuff like that

And why is it always Russia? Why is it never other slavic countries? Go pretend to be Half Asian Half Serbian, that'd even make it more believable than this shit

Fuck you

No. 551647

I’m sick of fucking baby speak online. Shut the fuck up with the uwu :3 shit. I hate the “wuv u ^.^” under pictures of thigh highs with hello kitty stickers. You’re toxic in real life, fuck off with the “kawaii shit” I am losing my mind

No. 551648

>I have one who will sit out front in a plant pot
kek I have a cat who does that too. The combo of high up + cozy round spot must appeal to them, he fucking loves that pot plant.

Don't bother arguing in favour of outdoor cats though even in specific circumstances like ours, there are a number of spergs who think that means you're literally hitler actively murdering your cats no matter what if they leave the house.

No. 551797

File: 1588949580506.png (196.71 KB, 694x721, Screenshot.png)

So People are going crazy over the New Hunger Games Prequel, cause its going to be told from President Snow POV and how he became took power and now twitter sjws are connecting this to Trump and whatever and making this weirdly about race, like how do these morons function in normal society


No. 551799

But anon…uwu.

No. 551801

Kek I guess they got bored of shitting on JKR and had to find another successful female writer to sperg about, fandoms truly don't deserve anything

No. 551804

File: 1588950950836.gif (1.35 MB, 245x257, Finnick.gif)

They are really accusing of her being a white supremacist fascist cause its about Snow but they're also the exact same kind of people who were desperately hoping for a book about privileged white boy Finnick lmao(which I get btw and would understand if they were honest about it)

No. 551847

Funny how the fandom police always goes after female authors but let male authors go with whatever shit they want. A man writing multiple rape scenes? Well that's just essential to the story! A woman writing about some fictional politician rising to power? Oh so you're a white supremacist?? Fuck you!!

Like I don't even care if men write shitty fiction with debauchery, I just want women to be free to write whatever the hell they want but it seems like people are always ready to go over whatever the authors do with a fucking magnifying glass of hate. Remember how people acted like 50 shades of gray was written by Satan himself? It was just a dumb housewife fantasy and not even close to the garbage most teenage boys consume yet it got all the pearl clutching available in the world.

No. 551999

That may be a factor but I also think people wanted a book about Finnick(who most of the readers picture as Sam Claflin, while Snow is associated with an ugly old man), they try to make this an issue about white supremacy when that's not at all the case

No. 552096

I'd say Hunger Games was a pretty good at tackling sensitive topics, such as PTSD, poverty and so, people should calm down and read the new book or at least it's reviews before getting offended.

No. 552101

File: 1589028289806.jpg (1003.44 KB, 2486x1305, WP_20170507_15_44_09_Pro.jpg)

aww mine did it too

No. 552115

File: 1589032967113.png (157.75 KB, 640x625, imagekot.png)

Extremely cute

No. 552291

>denying the sexual powerhouse that is Donald Sutherland

No but seriously IA. It’s funny that they try to make it a race thing but if it was about Finnish (another white dude, but one they want to fuck), they would be on it like flies onto shit

No. 552300

File: 1589067769220.jpg (79.09 KB, 680x507, d19.jpg)

people telling me theyre okay with me being anti social but when it comes to me not texting and shit for a day or two they get pissy and rag on me for it. nig i told you before i dont talk a lot. gonna call me less of a friend even tho i warned you beforehand that i ignore discord and texts and shit a lot. sucks for you

No. 552308

friendship requires work, anon. imagine if someone said this about their bf/gf, or their job

No. 552361

File: 1589083770469.jpeg (282.13 KB, 750x748, C6FD43D5-9DDF-48E6-8CE3-2649DB…)

I hate fats

No. 552378

this is an SJW parody account lmao

No. 552405

You set your boundaries straight, I think that's fair of you. But also, no one likes getting ignored.
I have a friend who can't understand I don't like calls and won't talk on the phone or skype with her. She takes it as personal insult because I can talk with my bf on Discord, or uni friends on Teams. I'm socially retarded and have to build up comfort with people to talk on the phone etc, and I just don't have that comfort with her. Even though I understand she can find it hurtful, her fits about it are annoying because she doesn't even try to understand

No. 552641

Why is the word femcel becoming a thing? I'm convinced it's a male cope, every single girl i know could easily get a man if she wanted to. r/trufemcels is full of girls who think they're going to die alone because they're 15 and haven't had a bf yet they do not count

No. 552657


I've seen people mostly use femcel negatively as a moniker for nerdy prudish NEET women who are "not like other girls" embodiment.

They could have sex, but they don't want to because its not their precious uwu asian anime husbando.

No. 552659

I've been wondering the same thing, or more importantly, why it's being used here so often as an insult when it is a male cope that women can't have sex.

No. 552660

Then they aren’t incels/femcels, they’re just legbeards or whatever. it makes no sense i hate it

No. 552661

tbh male incels dont exist either since men can just pay for sex and there's female sex addicts who'll fuck literally any man who gives them attention, it's more about not being able to get the relationship they want and turning this into a personal grievance rather than something to change or get over like a healthy person, male or female

No. 552663

Arent real incels just neckbeards too anyways

No. 552664

no. we have different terms for different things for a reason. incels, white knights, simps, neckbeards, and nice guys AREN'T THE SAME FUCKING THING YOU TURBO RETARDS WHY CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND?

No. 552669


None of that fucking matters dude calm tf down.

Dumb internet lingo for horny men, who gives a shit.

No. 552673

it does matter, the meaning of words matter or nothing makes sense anymore

No. 552680

Absolutely This, both male Incels and female Incels can get "Sex" if they wanted, from either a escort or a fuckboy male, but due to their social retardness they might never get a proper relationship

No. 552691

No matter how socially inept you are girls can get a relationship, the issue that girls have is getting a guy who isn’t a cheater, leech, retard who spends all his money on ugly nike shoes, etc which is why female incel makes no sense

No. 552960

File: 1589231882050.jpeg (491.81 KB, 750x1126, 32A5E963-49B3-47FA-9F1F-5D5FE6…)

Fuuuuck bretman rock. Every video I’ve seen of him is him insulting everyone he’s in a video with including his sister, he’s so unpleasant. I fr can’t stand most beauty people including the gay niggas James Charles and Nikkietutorials are the only benign / slightly annoying ones. The rest of them ugh, fuck em. I can’t stand people who put this persona up

No. 552974

Nearly every reply is people telling you to fuck off with your "us vs them" bullshit, nice selfie gif.

No. 552991

what's up with these egirls picking up metal as a personality trait to be edgier and appeal to more orbiters.
can they leave something for losers like me and not make it quirky?

No. 553000

Watch some anon now fall into this tantrum about how feminism is about supporting women and you cannot say that about them you need to support them bla bla bla

No. 553010

I'm with you on that. Weebs are the fucking worst. Japan has done a great job of whitewashing its historical atrocities and focusing on the promotion of its cultural exports for so many years. People are much more likely to forgive and fetishize anything Japanese as a result.

Can't stand these gay male beauty "gurus" either. They get so much credit taking over a space meant for women and get to be catty, medicore, and perverted in a way that women aren't allowed to. And these young girls and fans are just allowing them to take over.

No. 553021

File: 1589240589858.gif (2.38 MB, 250x188, tenor (3).gif)

this is so shoehorned I can't help but feel pity for you. Try again.

No. 553022

Well, if it's annoying then it's annoying

No. 553024

File: 1589241370584.jpg (8.46 KB, 187x248, 1342684227001.jpg)

>why can't all of these people who i don't like and don't remotely respect understand that not catering exclusively to my needs makes me feel really bad?!

go outside lmao.

No. 553035

kek Gatekeeping stuff like this is stupid. You guys are as bad as the girls you're criticizing.

No. 553052

You're the one who took it there, relax.

It's not hard to believe that a lot them probably genuinely like metal. Edge lords flock to metal like flies. I'm saying this as someone who likes metal, a lot of them seem pretty genuine. I'm sure there's a couple of fakers in the mix, but the e-girl style isn't really connected to any music genre imo.

It upsets me how much young girls idolise the catty gay archetype. So toxic.

No. 553053

wtf does her post even have to do with feminism? can you stop with the hostile us vs them with feminists already? we get it, you think feminists are evil. her post was about metal and e-girls. why even bring up the subject of feminists?

No. 553054

Preach. Tell this to those weeb anons in the confession thread today

No. 553079

every time i see anons call taylor kai and use he in onion thread i want to burn their house down

No. 553096

There is something so particularly obnoxious about performative wokeness for the sake of shitty people, in threads about how shitty they are, on a website dedicated to shitting on them. Pronoun bs is unnecessary at the best of times, using it here is embarrassing.

No. 553125

A country without a problematic history doesn't exist. I know extra-woke anti-weebs keep going on about muh nanjing massacre to refute someone's genuine interest in Japan but comparing today's status I really doubt people bash countries like China for "tiniest fucking problems". At least Japan doesn't have a nationwide lying propaganda machine censoring all information and edging on a dystopian sci-fi society where people are being monitored and brought in front of the execution squad or re-evaluating torture camps for speaking against the government.
>inb4 shut up weeb don't believe everything you read online!!!!
Oh yeah I guess UNHRC, the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty et cetera have issued multiple complaints about the constant breaking of human rights in China for nothing and the protesters in Hong Kong are just making a mountain out of a mole hill, China is totally a fine first world country with nothing but fair treatment of its citizens. As for Philippines, how's that child prostitution and sex tourism market coming along? Sharia courts and LGBT rights in Malaysia? Still getting jailed and caned for sodomy?

Japan isn't perfect either especially seeing how consistently bad it ranks in gender equality barometers but all this "how dare you weebs only be interested Japan instead of MY country!!!!" reeks of SEA insecurity. The country with the most flourishing entertainment industry is bound to attract the biggest crowd because pop culture crosses cultural borders.

No. 553136

>A country without a problematic history doesn't exist.
Korea says hi

No. 553139

No, Korea is shit too.

No. 553142

>not killing their own people

No. 553143

>Bình Hòa, Hà My, Binh Tai, Bình An/Tây Vinh, Phong Nhị, Phong Nhất and all the other massacres South Korea committed in Vietnam in the 60's
>Vietnamese comfort women
>The South Korean authorities trying to hush the whole issue and installing laws in 2016 to censor everyone who brings it up
Nice try Koreaboo, loving how Koreans keep victimizing themselves for being oppressed by the Japanese when they raped the fuck out of Vietnam themselves.

No. 553155

Anon, you could have at least tried and say something small enough to be harmless like Lichtenstein lol

No. 553204

That point of that post was to say how people love to downplay Japan's problems and the shit they did/still do because they're too blinded for their love with Anime, their yellow fever, and idolization of Japanese people especially, lmfao. When you go online, all you see are people bashing China for the virus, Korea for K-pop and its shitty industry, etc. but Japan? Oh, my sweet precious Nihingo country uwu Japan is actually so nice and they are a very polite country uwu (proceeds to ignore all the war crimes and other grotesque stuff they've committed).

For an example: Turkey. I've seen people bring out the Armenian Genocide at every Turkey related talk online and hold it against the own turkish people and harass them over it because some of them (and their country) denies it, but what about the Nanjing Massacre denial from Japan? They're also denying something atrocious as that but no one is pointing fingers at them and calling them out on it.

Also, who even said a non problematic country exists? No one did. Literally calm yourself.

> "how dare you weebs only be interested Japan instead of MY country!!!!"

I am not saying that people shouldn't like them, what I am saying is that it's annoying how every second faggot online and IRL has this huge love boner for them. Have you ever seen how people literally worship the ground Japanese people walk on? I'm not even surprised that it's the same here. I'm not even salty that my own country isn't recognized as much as theirs. What bothers me the most is that people bash on other countries all they want and even call them stuff like shit-holes and bring up crimes they've committed from the past to point fingers at it and say they're bad/horrible, but when it's that one country that produces their beloved Anime and feeds into their yellow fever, then they're suddenly quiet and embarrassingly patriotic and "ohhh they did bad in the past but it's ok!1!!!!1!!!1!! Japanese are so nice so polite and friendly uwu!1!!!!2!"

Go back to /m/.

No. 553255

Not gonna lie, you sound like you hang around a lot of embarrassing 16-year olds.

No. 553321

Reading posts from the non-drama boards on here (specifically the confession threads) have made me realize that so many farmers have the same problems as cows that they love to criticize myself included at times to be fully honest. I'll see threads making fun of cows for sperging out, needlessly blogposting, being sexist, and posting embarrassingly attention-seeking stuff, only to find very similar behavior displayed on here. Makes it hard to take criticisms of people here seriously anymore when it seems like we're all projecting kek

No. 553323

it's shitty it took a pandemic for collegeboard to post class lectures online. so many high schoolers could have benefited from this, but i'm glad they're up now. like with the pandemic showing most officeworkers are able to work from home, this could have happened a lot sooner.

No. 553327

I'm sure a good reason why they get so heated and involved with cows in the first place is because they identify with them.
Kind of why cosplayer cows are mostly propagated by cosplayers, anachans with anachans, etc.

No. 553410

I get so annoyed seeing anons use posts that are obviously jokes/tongue-in-cheek as milk. In some threads it's not even 'wow look how unfunny this is'. Some anons take them literally because we're all autists and don't know how to differentiate between a shitpost and actual stupidity.

No. 553430

I hate this so much and it makes me physically cringe every time. I have a hard time figuring out if the anon is actually autistic enough to take an obvious joke seriously or if she realizes it's a joke but acts as if the cow is being 100% serious just to be petty.

No. 553434

yeah, this is why I don't actually frequent the main boards all that much anymore. all the projection is really embarrassing.

i think like maybe 2% of cows on this actually deserve threads at this point.

No. 553702

watching dumb yt videos and hearing woke kweerio shit is so bizarre when I usually watch normie creators. the topic of this video obviously brought it out more, but good grief. hearing the unironic mention of aromanticism and pansexuality, and then reading the comments from the asexuals about how easy this show would be is obnoxious.

No. 553709

I have a love-hate relationship with her content. I like her "lifestyle" videos where she talks about finance, college decisions, and her cross country move. I don't care for her libtarded wokeness and vegan bullshit lol

No. 553711

Anyone who uses ahegao icons on their social media, wears ahegao hoodies or does the dumb fucking shitty retarded ahegao face in their selfies/videos are so incredibly annoying

No. 553723

>using the word libtard unironcally

No. 553734

I hate that word too, but it's strangely accurate with the way she coddles trannies and co-signs nb snowflakes.

No. 553805


100% agree. I feel like most lolcow users, myself included, are somewhat guilty of the behaviors that cows are constantly mocked and insulted over.

No. 553825

we're not tossing them on the internet for all to see.

No. 553827

I have a big problem with this, to the point that I deleted all my social media and I'm extremely scared of putting myself online. I work in the art scene and I'm scared of drawing anything remotely offensive because I might end up here.

No. 553834

I wouldn't be too paranoid, unless you run in cow circles or have friends that are farmers.
I'd just be careful interacting with cows and the calves/orbiters, I got posted here by a farmer who ran across me. I think it's someone I know personally but i'll never know. I'm a nobody too, it was an errant couple of comments. just don't be a cunt like I was and it wont happen. this "problematic" cancel culture shit surely has an expiry date.
to be fair for every handful of critics you'll have a handful of wks, dw. go greyface and post all the art you want dude. that or be brave and post as yourself, take the constructive criticism and ignore the fuckheads. just be careful with personal info you'll be sweet.

No. 553846

Honestly yeah, I relate with some cows and I know if I was just a little more unhinged, I could have a thread here. Although, I try not to read the threads of cows too similiar to me because I feel bad kek

No. 553848

same i've been posted here. it's literally nothing to worry about, it makes you realise how wildly inaccurate people's guesses and assumptions are and it's kind of a comforting reminder that nobody really knows what anyone is like over the internet. not a big deal

No. 553880

I hate contrarians and it's always made my browsing experience of most chan boards particularly unpleasant at times. People who make arguments out of anything are annoying.

No. 553885

Self-proclaimed brutally honest people annoy me, "brutal" honesty doesn't mean you are objective or even rational, it just means you like to spill your own raw unfiltered vision even if no one asked or values your opinion. Also, why are they never honest about positives as well?

No. 553888

Same. I hate people who have to declare how the song someone at a social gathering put on sucks or that someone doesn't suit their new glasses, shit like that. I mean.. you contributed nothing but absolute unneccessary shit wow congrats. The rest of us keep these thoughts inside.

I even have friends and close ones whom I love very much with this personality trait and it's just something you have to deal with at times.

No. 553891

They mistake honesty for just blunt rudeness.

No. 553893

SAME. Using 'he' is annoying as fuck and I think almost everyone is on board with not calling her that apart from the odd snowflake, but I cringe physically when anyone refers to her as 'Kai'
It's such a fakeboi name and I won't entertain this bitch's attention seeking fake identities.

No. 554566

File: 1589647133429.jpg (20.07 KB, 640x448, 1582616646279.jpg)

Reading how anons in the confession thread are wholeheartedly saying that the corona isn't real and nurses are actors, etc. just pisses me off so fucking much like.. are you faggots forreal? So many relatives of mine literally died all thanks to this virus and there are thousands of people who lost loved ones too. Go back to your tinfoil thread with your shitty nonsense. It's genuinely so disrespectful to read all of this when you've had people dear to you die from it. Must be really boring to sit all day, all bundled up and cozy in your own little corner and think whatever these infected people are going through is just fake and nonsense and wah wah I don't believe it because I watched a YouTube video and spent 2 hours on this conspiracy theory board wahh wahh!1!.

No. 554567

I posted about how my uncle got infected and was in immeasurable psychical pain and they do not believe it happened, like WTF, why would I lie about this shit, what would I have to gain about talking about the seriousness of the virus

No. 554572

I saw that and honestly I'm sorry for that and hope he'll feel better soon.
I am seriously holding myself back from going there and telling them all to fuck off but I don't want to get banned for unnecessary commentary. It's just so incredibly infuriating.

It's like a bunch of people from Facebook who're already in those conspiracy theory groups are invading that thread. They probably believe vaccines are fake and you need oils to cure yourself and your children too.

No. 554576

I think their more like climate change deniers, even when the evidence is right in front of them they refuse to believe it

No. 554579

anon I hope you know that "ur uncle doesn't exist" was sarcastic, I was making fun of the straight up schizos posting there Like, I'm 90% sure at least two of them are the same who shat up the corona thread for the past 3 months anyway. Please don't take it to heart and treat them like their clownish statements.

No. 554580

I know right?! In my country a fuck ton of people died and my mom who is a nurse had a patient asking her to let him die. They are so ignorant and hateful.

No. 554910

'rona has turned me into a total edgelord; I hope that ever red and purple state opens completely and that every single person who believes it's a hoax or over-exaggerated gets to watch their loved ones slowly drown in their own fluids (i.e. die of COVID-19). It's clear at this point that American values have turned many of us into selfish children who can't understand anything that doesn't have a direct, concrete affect on us (unless it's politically convenient to understand of course), so seeing their friends and family die in an outbreak is the only thing that will convince them to take it seriously.
I hope your uncle is feeling better, anon.

No. 555509

File: 1589876071129.jpeg (222.9 KB, 428x567, 01C22EA1-094F-41E3-9D41-B82D0F…)

Why is Cosmopolitan posting about this tik tok kid? Aren’t they a sex magazine. Gross.

No. 555720

I was watching a show featuring the Mythbusters and I just can't enjoy Adam Savage anymore after seeing his meltdowns on twitter. He was bad enough when he was clapping back at people like a bitchy teenager and having these psychotic woke spergouts but the tranny caping was the last straw. Wouldn't be surprised if he went the full Larry Wachowski route.

No. 555901

What? Cosmopolitan is just a magazine for women.

No. 555930

idk this person but the oldest zoomers are 23, which is about cosmo reading age.

No. 555935

The Wachowski fan defending them on both celebcow and meta is getting on my nerves, its like Lilly and Lola themselves came here to sperg about how BDSM fetish stuff is totes positive trans rep uwu

No. 555938

takes like this are so worn out by now i think every post like this is written by a total newfag. all imageboards suffer to some degree from spergism. if you hate /ot/ so much consider just ignoring the board.

No. 555939

Agreed. That anon talks like they're from Tumblr. Why else would they cape for a couple of creepy, perverted, washed-up millionaires?

No. 555952

I don't even think they are a fan, they're just bothered about anons talking about trannys in any negative way. They have been samefagging on meta for months with their latest complaint being muh radfems are raiding /ot/ saying "It’s not just mentioning trannies but it’s the fact that it’s so often and repetitive and inserted into irrelevant topics." but absolutely refusing to name an example. Now they finally did, and it boils down to them calling everyone who thinks it's relevant a radfem and GC. Before that they made similar demands like for example the no-men rule to be lifted, because "lolcow is not a hugbox for women" etc. It's best to ignore them at this point. I got the heaviest ban after implying they have shady motives.

No. 555967

I fully agree. Its always the same retard-anon who keeps whiteknighting trannies and whining over things. Wish this tranniefag left instead of complaining all the time because its so hard for them to just not pay attention to things. Inb4 its actually one of the trannies that posted his "totally a real incident" that sounded like typical NTR doujin on one of recent relationship threads.

No. 556011

Thought I was homefree by dating a guy who wasn't a weeb. Nope, turns out he's a fucking gamer and he keeps pestering me to play games I have no fucking interest in like Warcraft.
It's not that I hate video games, I hate annoying ass gamers who INSIST that their friends and partners and whoever get into and binge the same games they do. Like it's not just men, it's my girlfriends too. Gamers are just fucking like this and it grinds my gears, they won't take no for an answer!

No. 556022

I’m a somewhat new-agefag & I hang out/work with a cluster of patchouli scented woke folk who for the most part I adore, but at times I find extremely annoying, especially in regards to how they feel about COVID19. They act with the same intensity and disregard toward the virus as the tards on the far right, but with a different narrative. “It’s the clintons blah blah it’s a social experiment blah blah propaganda blaaah” like I get it. there’s totally a social experiment going on and the situation is being exhausted by propagandists to capitalize on fear, that’s obvious, but it is retarded to assume that this entire pandemic is a worldwide hoax.
They talk down to people who fear the virus, refuse to wear masks or gloves, and continue to gather. I have had to return to work with some of these people, and I witnessed my friend taking drinks out of of my of matcha or my water bottle and in general being super dismissive of the distancing.
The only family I have remaining are my mother and grandparents, all older and riddled with illness, so I take precaution to not contract the virus so when I visit my family through their garden window, there’s no chance of me infecting anything.

No. 556038

Wow your boyfriend and friends want to spend more time with you by sharing a hobby, how awful /s

No. 556042

You must be guilty of doing this and are being defensive. It's not that people don't want to participate in any hobbies with you, it's that we have our own tastes too and it's not fun to do things that require hours of time when we're not really interested. Normal people don't expect this of others at all. The least you could do is compromise on doing something slightly different so the person you're trying to talk into doing stuff only you want to do can have some fun as well. Or maybe stop asking after the fifth times. Think of other people besides yourself.

No. 556044

I’m having the same exact issue! This group has always gone around toting “I never get sick, my immune system is so strong, blah blah blah” and I thought it was obnoxious at first, but now it’s straight up dangerous. I usually love these people, but how could they have such little regard for the people around them? Even if you don’t feel like you’re in danger, you should look out for those who could hypothetically be.

No. 556062

Nta but it depends on just how pushy they are and whether it goes both ways, will they join you in trying out your hobbies too or just inist that you fit into theirs?

No. 556468

Astrology, star signs, and people who place high value in them make no sense to be.

>If you were born between May 21st and June 22nd you're catty and two-faced

>if you were born between September 8th and October 10th you're genuine and a loyal friend.

So silly.

No. 556483

what fucking autist doesn't like games?

No. 556485

Man some of yall really can't read lol.

No. 556486

yeah and in the astrology thread someone was sperging about capricorns and geminis. imagine basing your feelings about someone based on what time of year they were born rather than actually getting to know them

No. 556487

>t. triggered geminifag
No one who's into astrology would pass out those shallow judgments like you said unironically. It's not that serious. Sometimes, anti-astrologyfags really just out themselves as Sheldon Cooper type autists.

No. 556488

My boyfriend has a lower libido than mine which is fine but if I acknowledge it directly he gets upset and completely denies it and makes up excuses like how tired or stressed he is. I don't ever mock him for it, it's not his fault that my sex drive is higher and I love him for more than sex, but the way he gets so defensive about it makes him look stupid
It's bothering me more than usual because sex would make this lockdown time pass faster

No. 556491

Men really base their whole worth around their dick

No. 556492

more lc/ imageboard specific, but some anons just get so fucking assblasted when people cite facts against their opinions. it's crazy. can they just shut up and sit down, no, they need to derail the thread and post unrelated crap while getting pissy at other anons for continuing the discussion. just go to another thread and calm down.

No. 556495

this is kind of uncalled for, isn't it? it's not his fault other people are shit and actually give people shit for it, just like they would for anon having a high libido.

No. 556501

Babying him, walking on eggshells isn't gonna make him let go of his need to pretend that he's some virile hispanic lover who can go 5 rounds a night. Society may have imparted upon him some masculinity anxiety but it's his responsibility to rise above that and stop being a little bitch.

No. 556549

OP here, I don't anon is blaming my bf for men being shit, but he'll survive kek
Like they said, we deal with not being super models every day so men should be able to deal with the harsh reality of not being porn stars

No. 556555

why does lolcow ban for even text emotes? fair enough for emojis but everybody absent-mindedly puts a text heart when giving advice or something like that and a ban is kinda retarded

No. 556557

♥ is allowed

No. 556590

File: 1590101532758.jpg (187.63 KB, 1338x944, 1587776033034.jpg)

I don't get people that feel the need to be cunty by starting reddit debates in a livestream IRC, especially if the rules say something like "be nice to each other"/"don't be a dick". Livestream IRCs were not made for whiny paragraph dumps. Nobody cares that you "won" your imaginary "argument" with a stranger when they chose not to engage in blatant circus buffoonery. The streamer doesn't want to see that shit and neither do other viewers. Just stfu and watch the stream or leave.

No. 559186

File: 1590546563813.jpg (2.98 KB, 116x125, 1584157108892.jpg)

There has been this Lunafag for a while now who's been creating threads with pictures from her blog, posting videos from her YouTube in music threads, posting pixels from her blog in the pixel art thread named stuff like "Pictures That Remind Me Of Luna (482).jpg", wking her at any chance they get and all that stuff. I think it was also them who said they wish they had a friend like her. What's even the fucking appeal of doing all of this? Don't even know if it's a troll or a genuine obsessed psycho, either way it's retarded and annoying.

Anyway, if the psycho is reading this right now then I sincerely hope you get a fucking hobby instead of glamorizing a junkie.

No. 559190

hey it's me, idk if there's multiple people leaning into the meme but i did the pixels and shit, it wasn't me who wished i had a friend like her tho and i don't wk. there's actually a few different wks you'll be surprised to hear. piss off telling me to get a hobby when you've noticed my posts across every board, you're on here too pal

No. 559194

it's probably that russian whiteknight with bpd that was mentioned in luna's thread.

No. 559195

They posted her garbage in the good art thread, too. Annoying.

No. 559236

Bruh we ain't here to coddle luna or pretend her art is good though

No. 559243

I'm not asking you to. I'm posting art i think is good, i have a thing for naive art and i like that i see her world reflected in it. she's an interesting woman to me. you're welcome to disagree. i'm not asking you to coddle a junkie that everyone on this site hates.

No. 559329

people like you are fucking disgusting.

No. 559426

this is hilarious. i'm disgusting for having a crush on a girl now

No. 559450

I get you anon, let's be friends.

No. 559460

If you don't want people to attack you and call you disgusting for crushing on a lowlife junkie cow, try to not post about her in such an obvious way then lmfao

No. 559465

if you're that desperate for luna then just give her money at this point instead of clogging the threads. that's all she wants

No. 559466

I don't care if you attack me or call me disgusting, continue if you want, I understand your reasoning, i just think it's hilarious. Anons hate it when you express attraction for any cow

No. 559474

Ok we get it, you want to fuck Luna. Just go to /r9k/ at this point.

No. 559479

you are being obnoxious though, nobody is buying that you are enjoying Luna's 'music'. You are just looking for any excuse to post her.
If you want her poems and attention, just give her money or a Switch with AC lmfao

No. 559482

Anon it's not some huge big conspiracy, okay i was trolling with filenames but i actually enjoy watching her and tal play guitar and sing together. none of this is that deep, i'm sharing my interests on /m/ like everyone else does. Why are you so assblasted about it

No. 559484

>anons hate it when you express attraction to a cow
Yeah because it's weird even if people weren't on a website about talking shit. Sorry but only in your discord of coomers is it acceptable to talk about which dysfunctional and vulnerable women you'd like to fuck.
Take the ribbing like a champ or stop posting about it, we don't care.

No. 559489

i'm gay anon, i'm a dysfunctional and vulnerable woman too. i know it's weird but it makes me feel better. i don't have a discord it's not coomerism

No. 559528

You are acting like a coomer. No one fucking cares that you are mentally ill and gay, why don't you go start a Luna obsession diary instead of being a creep over a junkie who would never give a shit about you on every single thread

If you want her attention so badly go donate lol

No. 559535

So, my bf is having concerns with me being sexual as a coping method, and he has stopped being sexual with me because he thinks it is not good for my health for like 2 months now. And yeahhhh, maybe years worth of csa and online grooming and daddy issues might have did me some brain damage but I wanna suck his dick man, I know it's not something I should be doing but I told him I'll start fucking old men again (i wont ever, i love him too much) if he won't  have sex and now he is upset which is reasonable, and I feel bad.

No. 559538

jesus you sound insufferable

No. 559543

very mean

No. 559544

Are you getting therapy specifically for csa? You'd be better off being single and aggressively dealing with the issue before entertaining the idea of a relationship again. Speaking from experience.

No. 559550

I don't see how cutting you off completely is supposed to be helping you? Sex is a healthy part of a relationship, you shouldn't be punished just because you have csa trauma.
Obviously you should stop threatening to fuck other people and get therapy, but I think what he did to begin with was an overreach and not exactly healthy either. Like if you're supposed to be gaining an independent, healthy sense of your sexual needs then someone else deciding when you can and cannot fuck seems counter intuitive.
Doesn't sound like a great relationship imo.

No. 559555

I have just started looking for good therapists, I know someone who is very knowledge-able about the scene here so hopefully I'll be going to a trauma specialist, I just don't want my fam to worry about me, so I'm kinda waiting to move out and then get some good ol' professional help. Alllll this trouble because my father left me and I used to suck old man dick when I was like 9, what a pain in the ass.

I know right? Like, sometimes I do want to get a little frisky. Out of my own accord, but he is like, 'i cant know when ur genuinely feeling like that and when ur just doing it because thats the only thing u know to do' and yeah ok, I understand. But when I do tell you, I am feeling really good, you gotta believe.
I think it's because once we were being pretty sexual and the next day I told him I threw up and had a few panic attacks and facetimed him being a general mess so he is very scared to make me feel like that again.
Maybe he'll get around to it.

No. 559557

Nta but there's an emotional aftermath that you have to deal with when you're in a sexual relationship with a csa victim, that's why sex is often avoided by partners. It's not usually a punishment. CSA victims often either have BPD or display similar behaviours.

No. 559558

>I used to suck old man dick when I was like 9

I'm so sorry, anon. I hope you're able to work through this.

No. 559563

Yet in that case I'm sure he'd say "Anon the reason why we can't fuck is because I'm uncomfortable handling your emotions in the aftermath," instead it sounds like he just didn't really want to work through it and told her no until her problems are resolved magically in some fashion.
Stuff like this
>'i cant know when ur genuinely feeling like that and when ur just doing it because thats the only thing u know to do'
Just sounds oddly possessive and a twee bit jealous if you ask me.

No. 559565

The victim blaming here is palpable. Are you the one spamming the mental illness thread with csa survivor hate?

No. 559570

Aw, it's okay, I'm doing fine, ily.

I really don't have bpd. At least, I hope not.

Yea, whenever I try to discuss some things with him, of what I used to do etc, he would just completely shut off or start talking about something else.
One time I was telling him about how I used to drink my piss when I was like 14 for a dude online, and like how I feel about those times and he got really uncomfortable and didn't let me talk about it/vent about it.
He's just like 'get a therapist fast' and then is like 'i rlly want to make u happy anon'. I don't know his deal. I do love him. He is the first guy I have been with that is my age, and he is very sweet. I know he probably finds me really annoying, even though he tells me he doesn't. But I'm really trying to be better.

No. 559575

It sounds like while he may want to help you, he's also not comfortable with some of your past behaviors and doesn't know how to talk about them in a way that is both helpful to you, yet not overwhelming for him.

Not to tinfoil too much, but people with childhood trauma often end up together, and each person's particular traumas can inadvertently trigger the other. It's possible that he's avoiding talking about your trauma because it reminds him of his own issues that he's perhaps unaware of, or not ready to address.

You guys might want to consider couple's counseling in addition to your own individual counseling. It might help you to communicate better.

No. 559584

No? I'm a CSA victim too and there's no hate or blame in my post. Just trying to shine a light on why a partner often avoids intimacy in this situation, the emotional fallout can be too much for everyone involved and the behaviors after sex can mimic bpd, panic attacks, clinging, crying, attachment issues and not being able to soothe the unsettling feelings that it brings up.

I'm two years into therapy and I now see the knock-on effect my trauma had on partners, I was overwhelmed at the time and didn't see it.

No. 559588

I think you might be onto something here, anon.
Before we were dating, just in the talking phase, he was telling me that he used to get up to a lot of 'bad things' online, and I asked him about it and he refused to tell me because he didn't want me to judge him. I wouldn't ever. Anyways, I don't bring it up because I don't want him to get uncomfortable.

Ah jeez, that hits pretty close to home. I'm exactly like that after anything sexual, even with someone I love. It has driven me to do some very attention seeking behaviour and bad behaviour, like self harming just to make him feel bad about it. I feel terrible just typing that out. But yeah.
Also, I wish you lots of luck on your journey. I hope you can get better and better, anon.

No. 559614

Imo I wouldn't assume too much about his past, he might have just meant that he used to look a lot of porn that he's now ashamed of.

It's really good that you're looking for a therapist, because at the end of the day that's what you need. It can be frustrating that your partner can't be everything for you, I have a very supportive boyfriend and even he will sometimes say when things are crossing into therapist territory and he doesn't know what to say or how to help. But also it's good that he knows his limitations, because he doesn't have a psychology degree and it's unhealthy for your partner to become your parent.

But also for this to work you both have to treat each other like fully grown adults. You need to not try to use threats of self harm or promiscuity to manipulate him or use sex with him as a form of self harm, and he needs to make it clear how much he is open to talking to you about this and needs to respect your autonomy when you tell him that you're fine you know you want.
This stuff is really hard, but it gets better with time.

No. 559635

I am usually a superstitious person with things like starsigns and luck to a degree but those 'witches' on tiktok make me cringe.
I laugh so hard everytime someone leaves a troll comment. Especially 'ooh shiver me timbers' on a video about curses.

No. 559704


holy shit haha this just reminded me of this hilarious ass crackhead witch tiktok i saw a few weeks ago. i wish i could find it but basically it was some white wook showing childlike scribbles on notebook paper saying "actually these aren't a kids drawing or scribbles, this is an ADVANCED spiritual language only those on advanced and ascended wavelengths can understand". and she was completely serious too. i laughed so hard. tfw2intelligent to understand scribbles

No. 560103

When I was growing up I was a shy/withdrawn kid and my mom would be all embarrassed and worried that my shyness would be mistaken for me being rude. She really beat it into me that whether I wanted to or not I had to entertain people, talk to people etc. Now I'm in my damn thrities, dealing with unwanted male attention and I have all this guilt because by blanking this guy I feel 'rude'

Realistically I know I don't owe my time to any man who makes me feel super uncomfortable but that guily feeling is hard to shift. Don't raise your daughters like this.

No. 560110

>read manga on one of the few remaining sites
>coomers in the facebook comments post porn and disgusting shit all the time
>on pc thankfully i have adblock but when I make the mistake of reading on mobile the ads are sexual too
Can I go 5 fucking minutes minding my business without being bombarded with sexual shit. I am far from being a prude or whatever but I'm not here to look at porn.

No. 560119

It's annoying how an anon could rant about her relationship and there are people immediately bashing the boyfriend in the replies and when you read the said rant, it's actually not even the boyfriends fault for what happened or the way he reacted over whatever, but for some reason people here will literally bash men over every single tiny thing. I am not that fond of them either but it's starting to get really annoying because it happens in every rant or relationship advice thread, where people put the blame on the partner (because he happens to be a man) instead of the anon or someone else

No. 560123

I hate it when you live with someone who's messy and doesn't clean, yet they think shit magically gets done or that they can take credit for the cleaning you wind up doing because they think they can pull one past you. It's like nah, unlike you I remember the last time something was cleaned and whodunnit because it was ME that did it!

My stepdad tried to pull that shit on me last night. He was moaning and bitching like a teenager because I asked him to move couches so I could vacuum underneath and behind them. Next on the docket was the end tables because he constantly leaves the sliding door open and pollen and dirt coats everything. I last cleaned the stuff off a couple weeks ago but again it already needed cleaning once more. His bitch ass tried to make conversation with me while I was dusting pollen off the tables waxing off about how the pollen is totally so bad cause he just cleaned the entertainment system recently. Um, no slut, it was ME who cleaned off all the nasty pollen off the entertainment system a couple weeks ago and it had caked on pollen from when you left the sliding doors open back in March. I waited for you to clean it but you never did. By the way, what about anything else like the bookshelves that stand to be cleaned? Why are you trying to take credit for the only thing that has been cleaned recently which you certainly didn't do? You having cleaned anything a half year ago doesn't fucking count anymore.

Why are entitled slobs like this?

No. 560124

imo this site is great for ranting about your bf because we've all been there or seeing things from a pp perspective but if you're genuinely coming here for relationship advice it's stupid. honestly r/relationshipadvice is better at this point

No. 560127

>r/relationshipadvice is better at this point
But there it's the reverse. On that sub every relationship problem is the woman's fault and they're way more harsh if you post as a woman.

No. 560131

That's true. If there's a really pressing issue i post it to multiple places and find a middle ground to everything that people have said. Hopefully nobody's taking the immediate "dump him"s too seriously

No. 560133

I don't want to perpetuate this old stereotype but I'm pretty sure anons who screech DUMP HIM whenever it's possible are bitter single women

No. 560134

File: 1590675829623.jpg (29.37 KB, 430x650, 1545486312964.jpg)

You can try Mangadex if you haven't already. No ads, and comments are in a tab out of view.

Also can someone tell Brittney Venti's fat cow ass to stop lurking threads here and then making videos about them. She's so annoying with her 'not like the other girls' act with "i dont have nudes, porn is bad!" like she wasn't titty streaming five years ago and catering to 4chan coomers.

No. 560137

It's clear they just have polarising views of men. Maybe they should have dumped a man that hurt them so they think it should apply to everyone else. I've had a relationship with a man convicted of domestic violence so I get it, I really do but you need to relearn the middle ground or else you're going to think everyone is out to get you and you'll drive yourself crazy

No. 560151

It's really up to the poster at the end of the day. Sometimes I think anons who either push to save the relationship in any way possible, or to kneejerk to dumping, can't possibly have all the insight required to make an accurate judgment. When I used to talk about my ex, I would get irritated when anons would assume there had to be nothing redeemable about him just because I was talking about a particular problem and obviously wasn't going to be listing all his positive qualities to offset the negative I was discussing.

But I will say that people in general are unlikely to change, men especially so. So it is kinda frustrating to see anons returning here monthly to complain about the same issues when it's clear their men aren't going to change for them. Sometimes I go with it because it's nice to just vent about relationship issues, but sometimes I think the problems in the relationship are so egregious and unlikely to change that I feel 'dump him' is merited. Couldn't it also be a possibility that anons who are in nice or average relationships simply don't feel compelled to post because there aren't any issues to report? I do see anons talking about the nice things in their relationships sometimes but let's face it, they're probably nervous it would come off as a boast.

No. 560281

I know he's on hiatus right now but I just saw something that reminded me that Jerma's chat is so God damn annoying. Especially wbe they get into their "spam trans pride emote" moments and any one who tells them to stop is a transphobe, feel bad for the dude. Not to mention they generally freak out over anything to the point that it can effect the stream (see the Seaman one where he can't even say his answers)

No. 560289

If you're posting online for advice about your relationship, there's a good chance it's better to dump him. You can't hope to change someone. They might start to act worse and more entitled. A bad relationship for a women might escalate to abuse so it's important to look out for red flags.

No. 561438

File: 1590862230811.jpeg (34.98 KB, 500x366, ED3E0D9E-A00C-4717-9B0C-C5C37D…)

The romance novel I'm reading keeps bringing up the fact that the love interest is wearing cowboy boots and I fucking hate it. There is nothing sexy about cowboy boots. I don't deserve this.

No. 561505

File: 1590867199597.jpeg (43.44 KB, 800x798, AD250D9E-302E-4905-A626-DF36BD…)

Kirby says take it back.

No. 561914

File: 1590917028980.jpg (107.2 KB, 720x747, 20200531_112033.jpg)

This kind of stuff or people implying that you are an enemy if you don't tweet about it. I personally only liked few of the tweets about the concerns and donation links because my mental health can't take these news much.

No. 568660

How is my boyfriend going to sit there and tell me the prince’s name from The Princess and the Frog isn’t Naveen? You dumb whore, it’s one of my favorite movies. How dare you.

No. 568663

I've been listening exclusively to the ost for that movie these days. I'd like a boyfriend like Prince Naveen, tbh.

No. 568669

The ost is sooo good.
>tfw we will never have a frog bf

No. 568723

When you’re peeling your garlic over the trash can and it falls in

No. 568731

Buy a cleaver with a little weight to it, then give the garlic a nice thwack with it on the flat side on a cutting board. The peel will pop right off. Much less tedious than standing over a garbage can and getting your fingers all sticky.

No. 568772

Those itches you get deep in ur body so you can't easily scratch them.

No. 568791

me when my liver starts itching

No. 568829

Fuckboy: I can help u wit that ahah hah

No. 568835

It's the worst when your throat or the roof of your mouth starts getting itchy.

Ugghhhh i'm getting irritated just thinking about it.

No. 568853

Easily the worst part of seasonal allergies, I get so pissed off at this sensation I just want to end my life then and there

No. 570533

I hate when people who literally talk to 4 close friends every other day whine about being so lonely and feeling alone. Like shut the absolute fuck up. When you are going through terrible times and you just got assaulted and you literally don't have a single person who you can tell because no one cares about you THEN tell me you're lonely. Yes I'm gatekeeping lonliness and I don't give a fuck. I hate being lonely and alone for so long and these bitches with 10 close friends they can vent to and get advice from start posting about how lonely they are, like go fuck yourself.

No. 570538

Couldn't say it better. I hate these attention seekers who start whining over how 'ronery' they are while having shitton of close friends who always run to them as soon as they start feeling bad, along with having shittons of side friends too. I moved to a new place, so I don't have friends IRL and I got rid off my toxic friend circle and even though I feel horrible for being lonely, I don't whine about it in public and is doing my best to get my shit together.

No. 570924

fuck uquiz makers who put in shitty songs and long ass lyric questions. you all have shit music taste and i don't know nor care about any of these artists. they all deserve to be thrown in a fire.

No. 570992


and it seems like a real slap in the face for the people who are constantly there for them to listen to them whine all the time how actually they're lonely. it's like well what's the point of being your friend then if you're not satisfied with our friendship, like it's so rude and inconsiderate

No. 570993

This exact vent was already posted a couple of days ago, with the same phrasing.
Did you just miss all the replies last time?

No. 570997

or maybe they wanted to talk about it again, who knows

No. 571040

Does anyone else get SJW vibes from people who use the term "sex worker?"

No. 571043

I get vibes that those people either have had a history of it, are currently doing it, or have at least consumed their media and so don't want to call it a more degrading term because it would make them feel bad about their decisions.

No. 571049

Isn't this site pro sex work?

No. 571058

This is pretty much what I think, too. In my experience they've either done it themselves or are woketards. Just call it camming or escorting if you're so terrified of the word "whore."

Lolcow isn't a hivemind.

No. 571075

Yes because it's obviously trying to normalise the concept of selling sex. But I admit I use it occasionally for convenience, sometimes you just need an umbrella term that includes prostitution, camming, porn, etc all in one.

No. 571084

back to ag with you

No. 571085

Yes. It makes it sound like being an escort or a prostitute is more normal then it actually is. I don't agree with that shit but personally I just feel like the term is just to get more people into it so that they can feel better about themselves.

Relax man.

There's a split opinion on it, however the people who are pro sex worker get exceptionally triggered when you disagree with them, despite nobody being able to jump through the computer screen and forcing them to stop being a whore. You would think they would have thicker skin by now.

No. 571086

Yes. "Sex worker" is just a sugarcoated version of a prostitute. They don't want to admit that what they're doing is selling their bodies and supporting an industry filled with human trafficking and abuse so they call it "sex work" because it's totally empowering and fun.

No. 571091


no, prostitutes gtfo

No. 571093


ratfems gtfo

No. 571099

here's $3 show me your cunt, whore, now

No. 571134

lol telling radfems to leave lolcow

No. 571138

Don’t gotta be one to recognize how damaging that shit is lmao

No. 571166

No. 571213

I wish YouTube would tell me which was the video that got privated!!!

No. 571248

How does that make anon a radfem? The negative aspects of prostitution are common sense. You don't have to be a radfem to care about human trafficking.

No. 571256

Do you mean when you add a video to your watch later list and then it just shows up as removed but doesn't tell you what it was before they removed it? Cos I hate that

No. 573107

those commercials instructing you to wash your hands and how to do it are the most patronising things on earth and i get this very aggravated fight-or-flight, enraged feeling over them that might be irrational lol. if you haven't been washing them regularly since you were five you're a lost cause as a human, it's sad we need these fucking embarrassing things broadcast

No. 573127

This is a stupid one but when anons post in the vent threads or confession or fetishes you’re ashamed of etc. and then get bombarded with petty/nasty comments. What a hot take, the person posting in a vent thread on lolcow is a whiney bitch—why do some anons feel the need to post 5+ responses criticizing? It reeks of moralfagging, and clogs up a thread. With the exception being the anon who wanted to fuck her kid cousin, she can go to hell and should be reminded constantly

No. 573186

>"why are you posting unfiltered and unrefined thoughts and feelings I don't find agreeable?!?!?!"
Unintegrated newfags don't know what a vent is. It's especially annoying when they keep coming back to harp about the same shit when that shit has been explained to them like fifteen times already.

No. 573187

>With the exception being the anon who wanted to fuck her kid cousin,

i'm sorry, what?

No. 573344

File: 1592780899188.png (52.02 KB, 874x662, youtubesleuthing.PNG)

Super late, but in my hobby, videos constantly get privated or deleted without notice so I have a solution for this. Take the number/letter string from the end of the video URL, put it in quotes, and search google. Unless it was a super unknown (<1k views) video, you'll usually get a clue as to what it was either in text or image results on google.

Pic related is me using the technique just now to find a song on my music playlist that got deleted

No. 573353

My boomer biology professor has an extremely annoying assignment system. How my other professors have/had it, is that all assignments are posted through canvas and they’re planned out for the semester. That makes it super easy to plan, I know what is happening, when it's happening and if I can come back from a few bad grades.

She refuses to just make assignments in canvas and would rather send assignments through email attachment to which we send those back to her through email again.

The only problem with that is I'm a dumbass with selective reading and I completely skipped over the fact that there were two parts to the homework due a couple days ago and the first part was attached to the canvas announcement.

That's not her fault, it's mine for not reading it fully. However, my grade is now at a 60% and the semester ends July 30th. I just want to predict my grade and see if I can at least get it up to a B, but I can't because there is no assignments planned out ahead of time and she puts in the assignments as we go.

I still have 3 exams to do well on and only 5 assignments in the gradebook so hopefully I can bring my grade up with a month or so left.

No. 573368

Trump is one of the worst people in the world. He makes my skin crawl. But maaaannn I really do think the pandemic is being used to fuck with us.

What else am I supposed to think when I have to go to work every day and ring up hundreds of customers, none of them wearing a mask, touching everything … literally sneezing in my face, and that's OK and something I have to do? And all my friends work in the service industry too so we're all exposed to it by hundreds of people a day … but we can't play a show at our house without getting shamed on the internet? So, spreading the disease at a huge Barnes & Noble with a Starbucks is totally cool, but spreading the disease to enjoy art and music at home is evil and shameful? Really?

Also, we're allowed to protest as much as we want in the street (yuuup, I did that). But if you have a cookout in your backyard you're a danger to society because you might spread the virus. Bitch I locked hands with like a hundred people and made a human sheild-line, and everybody was like woww so brave, but somebody took my picture and put it on the internet in a "mask slacker shaming group" because I was sitting in a park with my friend.

Someone called me a racist. For not wearing a mask. OUTSIDE. OUT. SIDE.
How are those two things related. HOW.
I hate being in a position where everyone assumes I'm a Trump lover (uuuughghhghghg) because I see the hypocrisy of how everyone is behaving right now. It's hypocrisy, plan and simple.

No. 573377

You sound underaged and unhinged. Everyone out there protesting is a clown in the long run, many don't even wear masks.

No. 573384

unhinged definitely. I just can't take it, it's like people are acting like the virus doesn't spread at protests and Wal Mart, but spreads at concerts and funerals. This is finally the year I stop calling myself a "liberal," because they're all acting irrational af, and then what do I do because I hate Trump too. I really do. I think everyone is losing their mind, tbh, you either have to be on one insane side or another, equally insane side. And if you don't pick, you "don't care." Fuck this place, man

No. 573412

Good luck not getting corona

No. 573485

Boohoo then, just wear your mask when needed, don't fucking do weirdass extra stuff and grow up. Sorry about your job though, that shit's unfair.

No. 573649

Why are you in a fb "mask slacker shaming group"?

No. 574799

The OP pic for the unpopular opinion thread annoys me >>572462

How does that have anything to do with unpopular opinions, unless you say it's an unpopular opinion that spaghetti goes in a ziploc? It's stupid, I can't wait for it to time out

No. 574802

Haha anon it annoys me too when thread pics don’t fit the theme

No. 575538

Absolutely fucking hate the I Am Not A Robot remix with the little child voice every fucking where. It's so fucking grating on my ears I hate it.

No. 575546

I hate it when I'm arguing with someone online and they suddenly go "I'm not reading that" to the text I wrote like ok, good to know that you're lacking a proper argument so now you have to play cool and pretend that ~you don't care and never cared in the first place lol pwned~

No. 575562

half of the time online arguments are in bad faith, weeding those out is a skill in and of itself

No. 575571

God I hate living in a small town. It's a shitty small town with nowhere to work and nothing to do. Fuck country towns, wish I had the foresight not to choose such a shithole to be stuck in.

No. 575841

The person who keeps bringing meyoco up in the artist salt thread for an obvious vendetta/jealousy is annoying as shit. I get it, you think she's an overrated weeb artist everyone wants to copy. That's not milk.

No. 575953

I'm an ESLfag and have a friend that identifies as nonbinary and I honestly wish they'd just suck it up and choose he or she as their pronoun. The "they" pronoun trips me up anytime I talk about them and they mostly present like their birth gender anyway so I don't even see a point in identifying as nonbinary when the only thing it changes is making everyone in their life call them "they/them". Doesn't help that I don't even believe in nonbinary gender identities kek.
Am I an asshole anons?

No. 575963


Not really; in my case, while I try to use the prefered pronouns of some people, they/them is harder to use correctly, especially since english is not my first language, at least it isn't impossible to read like some other mogai pronouns (Like, how is /s meant to be read!?)

So yeah, is nice that you are trying to understand your friend, you are not an asshole, but I think that they should also understand your position too, sometimes non-binary pronouns can be annoying.(emojis)

No. 575973

sorry this is weeks old but this bothers me a lot—people who complain about being so sad and lonely but they’re “SO glad I have my friends and my amazing bf to love and support me <3” girl come talk to me when your issues are making it impossible to maintain relationships

No. 575979

The amount of stuff I have gives me so much irrational anxiety, even though I have less than most due to my fear of becoming my hoarder mother. I have a large pile of various shit in my room that I need to go through and organize that's been sitting for months. I'm annoyed at myself that I KNOW I really don't need probably at least 75% of this shit, I clearly haven't needed it for however the fuck long it's been sitting on my floor cluttering my space and stressing me out, but I'm not going to be able to get rid of most of it because I might need it later, it was a gift, I don't want to risk having to rebuy, maybe I'll stop being depressed and read a book or use some of the hobby or tech related stuff, etc etc. I've been putting off going through it because I know I'm immediately going to be overwhelmed by having to make decisions about each item, toss or keep, where to put it, how to store everything. Ugh.

No. 575996

I'm sorry to hear about your mother's hoarding, that must have made growing up very hard. But you said it yourself, you don't have that much and it's just this pile to go through!

Unsure of how big it is, but maybe decide to go through 5 items or maybe 15 minutes a day and decide what to do, be harsh and then you can stop afterwards or stop when you feel overwhelmed. Play some good music or youtube playlist while working.

> it was a gift

Whoever gave it to you doesn't want you stressing out if you can't use it, so donate or trash.

No. 576019

>because I might need it later
Anon, don't fall for this trap please.
Every hoarder has the same train of thought you expressed. Please stop it. Stuff is just stuff, you'll always be able to get what you really need. If someone was stuck inside the room with no use for more than 1month you most likely won't use it anymore.

From child of a hoarder to another child of a hoarder, please go to therapy, in doubt throw stuff away and please never never put anything inside card-boxes or inside places you can't see or enter everyday, no pilling stuff on the ground either.
I really hope you can do this, please don't fall for the hoarding mind trap. I believe in you, seek help, avoiding the problem only increases it.

No. 576026

>Am I an asshole anons?
No, you're not an asshole for indulging in someone's pseudoscientific fantasy revolving around hating their gender to the point that instead of working on accepting themselves not conforming to the traditional, stereotypical gender role.

No. 576250

It's not that hard to just say 'they' in a few situations it would be required, if you're not willing to respect a really small request of someone you consider a friend, you are a shitty friend then and that's it.

No. 576269

agreed, i don't understand how that can be hard but i have no idea where anon is from either. my native language has no gendered pronouns so maybe that just feels natural, but also??? you use they if you don't know/want to reveal someone's gender, how hard can it be?

No. 576271

No. You're a shitty friend for forcing people you're supposed to love and respect to play into your retarded delusion and enable your mental illness.

No. 576273

This. I'm not interested in supporting internalized misogyny and I don't consent to participating in any AGPs fetish.

No. 576299

My native language is ridiculously gendered and actually doesn't really have gender neutral pronouns so it just feels clumsy anytime I use "they" for anything but a group of people.
I always use they when talking about them but it just feels weird and every single time I can't help but think "this sounds strange and it'd make more sense to use he or she" which ruins my flow of speech. Doesn't help that my accent is trash and I have a hard time pronouncing "th"

No. 576321

With all due respect, it's time you learn then. If not for troony people, then to sound more versatile in your writing and speech.

No. 576324

She has to learn political newspeak that's not even a proper form of her native language to "sound more versatile"? Are you high?

No. 576330

Ok let her not get better then, whoop de doo

No. 576352

i don't think you're using newspeak correctly. if you mean new vocabulary, it's not uncommon…as all words are made up. plus, words are always changing meaning (see: gen z and millennials' slang + aave)

No. 576356

My job is professional communication, I’ll tell you right now that you sound fucking stupid using they with singular conjugation or plural they for one subject. Sure, use they for vague posting on the internet but imagine legal papers using mismatched pronouns, disgusting.
Vocabulary and grammar aren’t the same thing idiot.

God, go back to Twitter the lot of you.

No. 576358

God, the cryaotic drama blowup sure did bring some unintegrated twitter newfags here. You can't fancam and "ok but" to get your way with your retarded identity politics here you dumb bitches, nobody cares about your tender feelings.

No. 576441

disagree. treating someone with the basic respect of calling them the name they go by or something as simple as a pronoun is the bare minimum of human decency and respect towards anyone, let alone friends. viewing what you call someone as "enabling mental illness" is a huge fucking leap. it's really not that deep or that difficult to address someone as what they go by.

you have feet. does that mean you consent to participating in a foot fetishists fetish when you take your shoes off inside of someone's house to avoid dirtying it up? no. it's a basic act of respect. calling someone the pronoun they go by or the name they want to be called is nowhere near as big of a deal as you're making it out to be. and if it is really that big of a deal to you, don't be friends with people who ask you to treat them with basic respect. good luck w/ that.

No. 576449

No one cares, kill yourself

No. 576571

That's a long and pointless post just to say "respect my tranny fantasies".

No. 576601

I hate it when romance novels reveal the main characters met due to matchmaking, I resent my mother (who actually plays matchmaker) and it pisses me off. fuck these books for not accomodating my mommy issues.

No. 576630

I can't stand it when men discuss lesbians and spout their stereotype of lesbians all being incredibly fat women that let themselves go and just settle for other fat women because 'no man would want them'. That's it, that's all lesbians.

It's not an innate sexual preference and thin lesbians just don't exist.

No. 576640

I don't believe in it either but I see it as similar to someone asking you to call them by a nickname. Like we all remember what your real name is but if you really prefer to go by 'blank' now then that's fine. That's how I treat it anyway.

No. 576652

No, it's not similar to a nickname. It's similar to addressing someone as a dragon because their spirit animal is totally this huge medieval beast they share a soul with. Or a less hyperbolic example from our Queen, addressing someone as Japanese because they believe a magical windchime told them that their real baby daddy is a true nipponese man. Nicknames are just names, they don't deny reality. I can call someone DragonHeartDarkness if they want to but I'm not going to pretend like they're a dragon and address them with dragonself/dragonselve pronouns. I can also address someone as Sarah Yukiko Misao if they want to but I'm not going to pretend like their white Texan ass is half Japanese. Just like I can call you Aiden but you're still a fucking girl with a vagina and you need to accept that instead of trying to bend reality to keep you from facing your absolute biology and self-hatred.

No. 576665

My ADD meds help my life immensely, but one of the more annoying side effects is shortness of breath. At some point I start to constantly feel the need to yawn or take a deep breath, and almost every time it feels "incomplete", like I can't inhale deeply enough. Then I start feeling lightheaded because of all the gasping. It kinda goes away if I do some yoga poses that stretch my back, but then it starts again once I stop.

No. 576668

Are you sure you don't just have asthma?

No. 576674

Pretty sure, since it never happens when I'm taking a break from the meds.

No. 576775

File: 1593452128309.jpg (19.29 KB, 246x229, IMG_8580.jpg)

half of what you said is incoherent and the other half just looks like you spent way too much time typing up a false equivalency to over-explain why you give so much of a shit about not treating people with basic respect

it's really not that hard to call someone the nickname or pronoun they go by, regardless of your personal views on gender bullshit.
whining about calling someone a name or pronoun because it "denies reality" is a piss-poor defense for going out of your way to disrespect someone over something so trivial.

lots of things we do in our everyday lives "deny reality". the existence of the internet one could argue denies reality. do you need to physically inspect someone's genitals and biological makeup before calling them the nickname they ask you to? it sounds like you just give way too much of a shit about the politics behind what someone just wants to be called in a casual setting and it's really not that deep (and radiates your own self hatred).

No. 576789

lmao she's not an asshole or filled with self hatred. making someone double-process what they call a person every time so they don't get offended is the epitome of privilege and entitlement, not respect, especially if you're an ESL or neurodivergent. your argument makes no sense is and all over the place for how much superiority you try to laud over her.

No. 576992

grammar is also made up. what do you think language is?

No. 577040

>literally "grammar is a construct"
Lmao okay then why are you using grammar bigot, just speak incoherently like the schizophrenic you are.

No. 577044

God, you keep going on about how it's not HARD to call someone by their pronouns. Of course it's not difficult to say a different word. But it's against many of our principles to enable genderspecial/tranny nonsense. It is, actually 'that deep' when the entire concepts depends on misogyny, regressive gender roles and fetishism, so get over the fact that not everybody will pander to your delusions regardless of how 'easy' it might be.

No. 577047

>(and radiates your own self hatred)
NTA, but how has anything anon said pointed to self-hatred? I'm curious.

No. 577049

File: 1593468422094.jpg (57.65 KB, 500x415, 8p4NjVnQ3bNY3FZ4v6o-SJSRzm9PIq…)

pls stop fighting

No. 577051

wtf is wrong with the cat in that pic
also its imageboard anon, it's in our blood.

No. 577057

Guys how about this..just listen for a second, people have the right to ask you to call them by their preferred pronouns, and you have the right to say no. And if they're offended by that, they can levitate away and find a group of people who will.

No. 577265

It annoys the absolute fuck out of me when people literally don't read or look at all of what I send them over text. I have a friend who does this all the time. We're close and she's pretty bad at responding in a timely manner (which I get) so often I'll send her a series of unconnected messages about various things I needed to tell her or ask her about, and when she gets around to responding she'll only reply to the last message I sent. In a groupchat with her and another close friend she clearly doesn't really read what happened in the chat when she was gone beyond the last 1 or 2 messages. And it makes me sad because I love sharing stuff in the chat because I want to share it with BOTH people in the chat but I know she probably won't bother to look at stuff if it gets pushed back by more messages that aren't her.

It's just inconsiderate and incomprehensible to me and part of me is resentful of someone who chooses to be so unburdened by the pressure to acknowledge and be polite to people when I feel crushed by that pressure all the time. I know that it stems from my own issues of being a fawning people pleaser but still. It also just blows my mind because I can't imagine not WANTING to know what people say to you?

Related to this (and something that seems to be more common) is people only responding to one question when you've asked multiple in an email/message. I hate this so much. It's inconsiderate and in most situations there's no excuse for it besides carelessness. And it puts me in an awkward position where I feel like an annoying bitch when I have to reiterate the unanswered question.

No. 578253

File: 1593658665330.jpg (17.84 KB, 275x201, CE9K9s5.jpg)

I can't deal with the ungratefulness of the LGBT people anymore, I swear everytime I enjoy a characters there's some group that won't shup up about how that character is a ~LGBTBBQ icon~ because they show some basic affection towards another character of the same gender or because the character looks somewhat androgynous. Why I can't just enjoy a character without some random person telling me to use a specific set of pronouns? Is just to hard to have a female character accepting her own body and personality without million of posts about how either the fans are transphobic for calling her a waifu or how the authors are the transphobic ones because "They didn't make him a twans man because they awe cowawds and should listen to actual twans voices UwU"

BUT when the character is actually LGBT is not enough, they keep complaining about how it isn't accurate, or how the character is an evil mean spirited representation because X thing happened so the author should probably think that the LGBT comunity just does X. No joking, I once found a comic about how having gay characters die in a story means that the author is sending the message that gay people die and that's killing real life gays.

Why they never care about actual LGBT stories and characters but they always leech on the ones that don't and try to force their bitterness on it, because is not even positive stuff to actually help LGBT people and instead is just a "Spread to make this hate group angry UwU".

Is almost like if they don't care about helping and more about annoying random people on the Internet. Like me kek

I had in mind writting my own LGBT characters, because I have (very few tbh) LGBT friends, but everytime an anime trap gets popular among non-coomers and begins to become a trans icon I loose motivation to do it.

No. 578254

I do this, but I normally do read the string of messages my friends sometimes send to me and only respond to relevant things, but I will answer all questions if they had any, I just find it more annoying and unnatural to go through and reply to every single message sent if there’s a string of them.

No. 578265

Gay icon does not mean " this character is gay", it means the character embodies something that is relevant to gay experiences. For instance, Lady Gaga is a gay icon as well. You're confusing that phrase with internet poisoned retards saying every character is gay or trans.

No. 578276


You are right actually. I guess I could phrase my post better since I was pretty salty when I wrote it.

It was the later who my post was about but the other one is okay with me, I just dislike when people start fights over fictional identities.

No. 578277

i was in such a hot omegle chat and then my sister came and bothered me smh

No. 578308

looks like someone has they/them in their twitter bio kek

No. 579275

Female streamers who fake having a loli voice make me cringe so much that my soul escapes my body

No. 579283

And they all are pretending to be fraigle babies or uwu wholesum chans

No. 579288

fucking same. the pedo pandering is so pathetic

No. 579313

File: 1593878026069.jpg (22.85 KB, 790x494, Eminen_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqL6kkB…)

I wish people would stop thinking they're entitled to see every part of celebs/influencers/cows lives.
I don't know if it's a delusion of personally knowing someone people get when they watch too many videos or read too many posts made by these celebs/influencers/cows, or if it's just plain entitlement.

I've seen way too many idiots on every single social media platform saying fans "deserve answers" or getting mad when the object of their thirst won't talk about some issue.
News flash; you are not entitled to anything. You don't know these people. You are not their friend. And they don't have to talk about every single shit they take in the toilet every day just to satiate your lonely, obsessive delusions.
This also concerns people who defend these "stars" because "I don't think they would do that uwu".

No. 579326

i hate when americans say that i have an accent. dumb fuck, everyone has an accent, america is not the default ffs. i used to think the america dumb thing was an exaggeration but jesus christ.

No. 579331

I grew up in Ireland and knew kids with american accents, so many kids tv shows that were shown there at the time were from the US so they just soaked up the accent, always found that weird

No. 579343

fourth of july is such a retarded holiday, coming from an american, another excuse to get drunk and wave around this country's meaningless flag, woo wee, literally the most retarded thing

No. 579344

look into parasocial relationships, that explains it

No. 579350

I agree, I've never been into it either. Plus all the idiots who injure themselves trying to do fireworks at home and disturb the whole neighborhood and animals are pretty annoying too. All of the people on twitter who are saying it's a white supremacist holiday annoy me even more tho lol

No. 579396

I live in burgerland but everyone I know who grew up in Ireland (or Australia to a lesser extent) and moved to the US either already had an American accent or developed one immediately upon arriving. Even ecelebs like rubberninja and oney seem victim to this.

No. 579423

I made two orders on shein like 2-3 weeks ago and I was hoping my second order would arrive today but of course this stupid fucking holiday gets in the way of that. And it won't even come tomorrow since it's sunday. Not even mad, just mildly annoyed since my dumb ass forgot today's a holiday and was expecting the package today.

Whats the point of having a such a patriotic holiday for such a shitty country.

No. 579432

File: 1593897092202.png (375.62 KB, 514x506, why.png)

There is this legit autistic woman in my friend group and she always cry-types, even when she's not upset. She's in her thirties and types like t-his, a-nons.
And I really don't know if it's to express her emotions or because it makes her feel kawiwi or something. But I can't take it anymore.

No. 579433

does anyone in the group actually like her or is everyone just tolerating her out of pity?

No. 579437

I don't know why I find this so funny. She sounds incredibly annoying though.

No. 579439

I honestly don't know. I haven't been a part of the group for that long, but it seems like it. I'll probably drop out pretty soon, corona and uni are good excuses to cut them off.

It feels like I'm talking to a mongoloid, I can't believe she has a job and everything. Sometimes I just want to shake her.

No. 580012

>twit-mutual (non-American) makes post about Hamilton
>gets shat on by randos for NOT UNDERSTANDING WHY PEOPLE HATE IT!!!, blah blah blah insensitivity etc.
>twit-mut freaks out and starts panicking about deleting her account and losing followers

To begin with i found it real creepy that these people dogpiled her because she just said she enjoyed the music or some shit.
But if your self-worth is that tied to how others perceive you and follower count…do yourself a favor and just cut out social media for a while.

No. 580093

I work in a call center in a third world country that services americans and this crazy woman started yelling at me demanding to know why did the company I work for didn't posted anything BLM or donated money, and then started to yell that everyone who worked here was racist. Nothing has made me hate Americans more than this job lol

No. 580294

That's absolutely bizarre. The wave of Hamilton hate that's happened recently is hilarious to me because people were acting real different when it first came out and was cool to like and hadn't been completely overplayed and overrun by boomers and normies. It's genuinely scary if people are acting as if liking it is a cancelable offense now. Honestly I might freak out too if I got hate for just expressing that I liked a piece of media that has been broadly popular for years.

No. 580298


No. 580299

File: 1594067849929.jpeg (365.25 KB, 1200x900, 10A92B19-442A-4B62-9AFD-17BAB6…)

I went to McDonald's today and got a Filet-O-Fish combo with a bacon cheeseburger on the side. I was eating it in my vehicle in the parking lot and listening to an audiobook when I glanced up and saw the McDonald's worker I ordered outside having a cigarette.

She waved at me and I nodded and had to wait 7 minutes before she went back inside and I could eat in comfort again. I don't think that employees should be bothering or even trying to socialize with customers outside of the McDonald's restaurant or drive through, but that is another story.

I went to McDonald's for dinner tonight and got a McChicken combo with a bacon cheeseburger on the side. As I was driving to the second window the same girl was still working. She was acting somewhat obsequious and attempting small talk when she asked, 'why don't you come eat inside instead of in the parking lot where it is cold'.

That really bothered me for many reasons. First of all, I don't want my routine or actions to be tracked by a fast food employee. Secondly, she should not try to tell me how I should live my life. I do not want to eat inside because I find it less comfortable and would much rather be inside my vehicle listening to an audiobook and enjoying myself and my privacy.

Overall, I think it was very unprofessional to bring this up. I should have a clean slate with each drive through visit, not have to get the third degree because I committed some sort of faux pas. Which I don't think I did, because I often see people eating in fast food parking lots. How does she know I am not busy going to work or somewhere in a rush?

How do you feel about eating in your vehicle in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant versus eating inside the restaurant?

No. 580306

Anon I think you’re seriously overthinking this, she was simply trying to be friendly

No. 580311

I'm autistic and situations like this happen and annoy me all the time, people mean well but it makes me more uncomfortable than anything else

No. 580318

No offense anon but you're being a bit of a robot. I totally feel you on wanting to be left alone but lots of people would appreciate employees being friendly and it's not uncommon for people to become acquaintances or even friends with people who work at places they go to often. It's fine to not want this but I don't think the worker did anything wrong in trying to talk to you. There are many people who would appreciate it. If she brings it up again you can just say "I appreciate the offer but I prefer eating in my car where it's quiet" or just straight up no thanks. And maybe if it would make you feel more comfortable you can stop in a different parking lot to eat your food?

I don't have a car but I usually bring food home to eat if I'm not with people. Nothing wrong with preferring to eat in the car, I get stressed out in restaurants especially fast food ones which can be chaotic.

No. 580327

This >>580299 is a pasta anons

No. 580329

Thank god you said this because I was about to type a long post about how much of a sperg that person is. It does sound way too male to be a regular post here.

No. 581850

Pls no booly, but I do not understand why he doesn't look up pronounciations instead of continuously mentioning he doesn't know! It's been in a few of his videos and it's ridiculous.

No. 581857

this triggers me with every youtuber. They tout about spending so much time prepping, filming, editing, scripting, etc. but can't just look up and practice pronunciation of names or things for literally less than a minute? It isn't hard. I wonder if they don't care or if a lot of people are just genuinely stupid. google literally says it for you and you just have to mimic it. Ready To Glare wastes so much time with this too, like, just learn to say the name/word instead of wasting my patience with "I know I'm not saying that right" like….just fucking learn? it's not cute.

No. 581881

I swear some girls deliberately try and sound dumb as fuck when they talk and it grinds my gears so much.

No. 581901

i cannot stand minors who will talk endlessly about how hot old men are and how they're so into that and how they wanna fuck them but as soon as they get into any trouble with someone who's like 3-4 year older than them, they cry victim and say that they've been preyed upon or groomed by the evil adult because they're ~such a harmless small uwu minor~

i know a 17 year old who had no problem befriending and getting close with a 23 year old (because she thought that it's so hoooooot!!!!) and as soon as they had a falling out, she proceeded to say that she's been groomed by him (even though she willingly talked about sexual stuff with him without him even mentioning it first and asked him if she can see a picture of his dick, etc.) and of course people took her side like ok

No. 582197

Psychology majors. Annoying fucking bitches.

No. 582198

Fuck my future self then

No. 582199

Well yeah , anon. shes a minor
What the fuck are you on about?

No. 582236

>A 23 year old man knowingly chose to message a 17 year old sexually
>It's so unfair people didn't take his side what a crying victim slut omg
Anon what the hell is wrong with you?

If it feels like you're seeing people be accused of grooming everywhere right now then yes you're right society is finally listening to a serious problem. Instead of literal victim blaming you should be mad at legal adults who think it's ok to get involved with minors, maybe you need to take a long hard look at why you feel this way and the things you have accepted as normal in your own life.

No. 582334

>>future self
Turn around while you still can

No. 582704

I fucking hate how the whole corona shit has fried my brain, I was reading a book and at some point, two characters started talking very closely as not to be heard, and I couldn't help but think "damn, they are not respecting social distancing".

No. 582714

A 23 year old forming a relationship with a 17 year old and having sex IS grooming. Doesn't matter if the child thinks they want it at the time.

Don't wanna blogpost but when I was like 13 I was in an "e-relationship" with an adult man I met in a video game (never met up physically but I showed him my body over skype for years.) At the time I thought, "I may be 13 but I'm so mature, he just truly loves me, I'm consensually showing my body over skype, 13 year olds like me can be sexy too," etc.

Spoiler alert: it was grooming. Children may have sex and fall in love, but that doesn't mean it's okay for adults to take advantage of that. If you're under 18, please be aware you're not as much of an adult as you think. If you are above 18, please re-think how you approach these things.

No. 582715

Haha, this happens to me all the time now when watching movies. I get anxious that they're not keeping their distance, that they touch their face, and even the sight of groups of people without a single mask to be seen just look abnormal and wrong to me now. But it doesn't happen to me with books (yet). You're on a whole 'nother level.

No. 582725

Same anons. I can't wait to return to normal.

No. 582914

i hate how the popularity of esports meant that normies come onto competitive games and get butthurt when they get trolled. i miss the days of old school world of warcraft, where it was encouraged to talk shit at the enemy team (even when people figured out how to get thru the filter ala kek/lol) and farm newbies who accidentally left themselves marked for PVP and kill enemy NPCS. it was part of the game to make the enemy faction have a negative experience with the game. now every multiplayer game either has no options to harm each other at all or is filled with rules to prevent people from playing the game against each other. like, how many normies cried about roving gangs in the multiplayer fallout game because they weren't good enough to survive or had enough friends to do the same? nowadays game companies care about making sure that 12 year old you're camping doesnt go cry to his mom with the credit card and take their money away. even free games do this soft bullshit. is there any MMO left on the internet where i can just pick an opponent, stomp them, and grind their face into the ground without getting banned for being unsportsmanlike? i can only get so much pleasure from picking an enemy player in a MOBA and ensuring they have as negative of a KDR as possible…

No. 583173

This mildly bothers me. But I don't get people hating on bullet journaling. Basically, they are whining about how little time they have to set a pretty custom agenda.
It depends on the user, but they are also bothered that they can't draw or set washi tapes nicely.
Actual people who are using the same methods that works for you are mindind their own business and treasuring their time completing their tasks.
Free speach n'shit. But the fact that they use their energy for more than 10 min to be upset about it, and belittle people with more free time is what gets on me. Not even kids complain so much when their friend draws better than them.

No. 583174

File: 1594567940217.png (338.96 KB, 685x266, pppm.png)

People who can't accept that they're wrong and then either double down on it or play it off as a joke before saying you're being patronizing to them are the most irritating people on the planet.

No. 583225

agreed 100%

No. 583245


Completely, anon. Like they just don't want to be wrong? Ever? It makes them come off as unpalatable, unrelatable and insecure, if not incompetent.

No. 583271

I think bullet journaling is pretty dumb, or at least the online community is. They took something that's supposed to be a productivity tool and turned it into a several-hours a day/week thing to make it as pretty as possible, which is the exact opposite of what it was intended for. They like to defend themselves by saying it's okay to spend a lot of time on 'art'/a hobby but I think deep down they just enjoy the satisfiction of a false sense of accomplishment/productivity.

No. 583275

Absolutely. The alternative (no less annoying) version of this is when you're discussing something with someone who insists that they're correct and you're incorrect, despite them being incorrect, and when you show them that they're incorrect them saying "b-but it's not about being right!"… despite trying to prove that you weren't right and they were…

No. 583279

File: 1594582417778.jpeg (248.5 KB, 1151x1198, 0993C891-385F-492C-8B64-C29C07…)

Every time I try to join a group on discord with a cute theme that’s supposedly for people over 18 years old, there’s at least three fucking stupid kids hanging around and it’s annoying. They always bring drama to pretty decent groups in which everyone was kind of getting along, they get in Some relationship or guilt trip the owner of the group and then they shit the whole place with edgy bullcrap like:

>muh depression

>muh abuse
And whenever someone wants to help:
>muh Y o u DON’T u n d e r s t a n d

Fuck off, I had to stop using discord altogether because I’m not autistic enough to be able to talk about some specific hobby/fandom/whatever for years, nor I’m patient enough to be dealing with some stupid high school drama.

If I didn’t get so bored of being an admin, which obviously brings unnecessary drama and shit, I would create some discord group for people over 21 years old who are into cute shit, but I hate having to deal with people, I just want to talk with them about cute stuff, send cute memes and such.

No. 583284

Can't wait for 5 people to tell me I'm humble bragging or that I'm dressing wrong but I'm sick of people thinking I'm 15 years old when I'm almost in my mid 20's. I had a job in a high school last semester and I would literally get yelled at by security and teachers for being in the hallway despite wearing a fucking blazer and a full face of makeup. I think it even affects my dating life because I've had multiple guys tell me I look 17. I just want to be taken seriously.

No. 583294

I hate to break it to you, but the reason you're not getting taken seriously is not because of your age, but because you're a woman. If you expect this to change with age, you'll be disappointed. It's the sad truth.

No. 583298

I know that feel. Everyone in my family also looks younger than they are, one of my cousins told me it negatively affected her career because her older male coworkers wouldn't stop treating her like a immature retard just for being there.

No. 583303


I feel you anon, I've been trying to join some discords to discuss art stuff and cute things as well but its just plagued by kids being edgy, obnoxious and just constantly starting drama, I think the 18+ tag tend to attract those types of people.

No. 583374

Anons PLEASE tell me I'm not being obtuse right now. My bf has been on my ass lately about being unemployed currently. We're low on savings and shit is really hitting the fan now that 3/4 of our normal income is gone. We're both in healthcare but since I'm in research my lab has shut down until the schools open back up. He's a physician but got his hours cut to part time. I'm searching for any work I can get but it doesn't seem to be enough. There's 4 million unemployed Americans currently! I wish he would understand when I apply to a job posting there's more than likely six other people applying to the same position. Nothing I do is ever enough.

No. 583381

If you're petite this will be your life until the wrinkles set in.

>t. 31, had a lyft driver ask what high school I went to only a few months ago.

No. 583392

when you're doing the dishes and there's a hair that gets all caught up in your sponge. gross

No. 583407


I’m the opposite, I looked 17 at the age of 11, I’m 20 and I look 30. It’s just my shit genes. I had to stop dressing a certain way early on and people apparently thought ten year old me was a thirteen year old, a big ass one at that. I hated being told I was too big for the play place and shit, having periods in 4th grade and being a third grader walking home from school getting catcalled. I am taken too seriously because I’m tall and have big boobs. I’m expected to be more assertive but that’s simply not how I am. at least you’ll look nice in your 50s I already know that in 10 years I’m gonna look 100, and don’t let men get you down. Men will always try to find a way to make you feel inferior, they always say I’m too big and scary

No. 583453


You’re not being obtuse anon. Your boyfriend is probably stressed but shouldn’t be taking that out on you; have you had any success with the unemployment system? I know it varies by state, but I didn’t have much faith until I saw that not only when you get approved do you get 12 weeks of supplemental + regular unemployment, but that theres a pandemic relief system for when your initial 12 weeks are exhausted… if his hours got cut to less than 20 hours a week he may be eligible for partial benefits as well. I hope the tension settles soon, don’t be so hard on yourself and remember your worth! You’re capable, smart, not only that but formally educated to prove it and you have a career and a field of work you’ve established yourself in, even if theres been a wrench thrown in it along with, like you said, 4 million other workers. If your man can’t see your worth you need to remind him to clear any bias from his view that he may hold from not being laid off and having to continue to work, I know my room mates have been a bit bitter that I lucked out in the system and that they were deemed essential, and it’s a tricky thing to feel sour about so he may not feel like he can be the one to bring up how he feels about it. I hope a job opportunity comes up soon for you, or that at least financially you come up on good fortune soon.

No. 583565

You're not alone anon. I once posted something similar and I got told I wasn't dressing right and something like this >>583294 which is bad reasoning in this case cause I get the childish treatment from women as well. Many times people have thought I'm just a little sister who tagged along, and men and women alike tend to ignore me and talk to my friend who looks her age instead.
Guys my age usually don't bother with me either. This scould be due to a lot of other unrelated reasons ofc but the fact that I get attention from younger guys tells me it has a lot to do with my appearance.
I'm in my mid-20s soon and I still get mistaken for 15-16 and its embarrassing and a pain I'm the ass so there's sadly absolutely nothing to humble-brag about.

No. 584079

For some reasons seeing hentai artists, lewd cosplayers and assorted people put BLM and ACAB in their twitter bios always sends me.

No. 584081

I'm so tired of being labeled as a slavaboo when I say I like typical Eastern European food and shit.
I was born and raised there and I get nostalgic sometimes, goddamit.

No. 584083

Kek same, gets a hearty chuckle out of me when twitter thots post their hot takes and I see 'BLM' or 'ACAB' in their names while they sperg about loli or some shit.

No. 584255

File: 1594750834952.png (91.5 KB, 189x265, glue eating retard.png)

>Toilet tank is cracked
>I turn off the water and then flush it to drain
>Put the tank in the garage and about to buy new tank soon
>Told my mom to not use the toilet solely because it has no water in it and it can't flush and that she should use the other toilet in the house until I replace the tank
>look at it this morning and its full of yellow piss

No. 584358

So many anons writing apart when they mean a part
Or seize when they mean cease
Or spurge when they mean sperg


No. 585232

I told my co-worker not to ask me to take any shifts for them because I want to stay home as much as possible and they were asking me every other week. Of course, I get a text this morning with an emergency sob story asking if I could go in for them. FUCK, JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!

No. 585323

i'm tired of seeing the shittiest attempts at dropshipping. can't even do better than the ugliest free shopify theme…at least try people.

No. 585708

File: 1595004628705.jpg (1.12 MB, 2592x1936, IMG_9281.JPG)

Trying to get the LEDs to work but, for some reason they're not working and I've been trying to get them to work for a while now and it's a bit frustrating (btw I know that A2,A3 and A4 wire are meant to be twisted together, it just unraveled when I took the pic)

No. 585760

ugh. went to watch streamer play WoW for the first time and she was so sweet. the guy she was playing with though? toxic as fuck. he literally was arguing with her about everything and had a hostile tone the entire stream. he actually made it hard to watch and it pisses me the fuck off that people think they can talk to others that way.

No. 585925

File: 1595037755869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.45 KB, 366x449, DE3A928E-FA6E-4C29-B9CA-B7EF45…)

Some radfems are rather weird. I get periods are natural and not that gross but like I do not wanna see this

No. 585928

I feel like broadcasting your menstrual blood is more a crazy person thing than a radfem thing.

No. 585930

Remember when libfems tried to start the whole freebleed thing and the buzzfeed degenerates painted with their period blood kek

No. 585946

That's… Glitter

No. 586223

Wasnt freebleeding started as a 4chan troll? Also first time I ever saw a menstrual blood painting was of Megaman so I never really took it seriously as a medium.

No. 586490

Kinda salty that an artist I started following for macabre and horrific nature drawings has shifted her subjects to mediocre lesbian monster girls fucking. I know, you should not be entitled to artists and yada yada, but she panders so hard to troons and gender specials it's obnoxious.

No. 586501

I'm shopping for new shirts online after not getting myself new clothes for a while and holy shit everything is so ugly

Ruffles, puffy sleeves and midriffs galore. No hate to anyone who likes them and can pull them off but… Who wears that stuff? I remember liking puffy sleeves and ruffles on shirts when I was in middle school and now that shit is on clothes made for adult women.

I've looked through five different online stores and they all have those fugly flower shirts with ruffles everywhere and they're all made of some horrible almost seethrough fabric that feels like you're wearing a thin sheet.

No. 586554

tfw you're tired of the constant male perspective in everything and look at lists of movies with female directors and they all include men cause "transwomen are women"…whats the fucking point then…i'm tired.

No. 586558

>me whenever i see the matrix in those lists

Also I was thinking that if American Psycho was directed by a man, it would have been SO different.

No. 586568

You read my fucking mind, anon. I specifically had the matrix series in mind. And no wonder i enjoyed american psycho, it is the movie joker thinks it is.

No. 586569

It's amazing how they are hailed as legendary female directors when those troon brothers transed not even due to some reasonable excuse but because of some dominatrix I believe. What 'female perspective' can they even provide?

No. 586573

Find it mildly annoying how many anons will be pro-sending nudes then you see the /g threads full of them scared to break up with a dude due the possibility of said nudes being leaked, it just a pet peeve but damn.

No. 586586

My /g pet peeve is when anons post about a red flag behaviour with their bf and when you give them the advice that they asked for they proceed to list off every positive thing about their bf which totally cancels out the major red flag.

No. 586591

Hard agree. Sending naked pictures of yourself over the internet is never a good idea. Even if you trust the person you're sending them to, it's still not private because everything is gets uploaded to some big corporation's cloud severs which could get hacked. Also needing to send nudes to someone to maintain a relationship should be a major red flag.

No. 587535

Maybe I'm gonna sound petty idk but I find it irritating when people at like my family or guests say they're leaving but they stay around wandering around the house for like twenty minutes all the while saying they're gonna go soon but they continue hanging around talking and keep getting distracted. Something about it puts me on the edge lmao. My dad constantly does this, he says goodbye, then walks around for five minutes, says goodbye again, and the cycle continues. Like are you staying or leaving??? Please pick already

No. 587539

My family will do this for 6 hours.

No. 587542

exactly! theres times i feel like a bitch saying that ppl who send nudes are stupid in general but if u look at the pattern of behaviour around them it more often than not ends in things being leaked/threat of being leaked/fear of being leaked.

No. 587549

This is why I don't send nudes, but during lock down I've been a little left out and jealous of girls that send them. I've got a good body and I know I can take decent photos but I've never had any of that simp validation
I still won't do it because my self validation is enough but it's a shame to let this piece of art stay private kek

No. 587561

Lol simps will validate any body if they're horny enough. Their attention isn't special. They couldn't give a shit less how well you take care of your body, only that you let them masturbate with it or else you're an uggy fatty anyways.

No. 587611

File: 1595348595197.jpg (108.58 KB, 392x495, 47 - nFAQY0R.jpg)

My transboi friend got 8000 dollars via gofundme for a mastectomy and he's such a mommy's boi that he wasn't smart enough to open a new bank account, she saw the money and he told her he'd use that money to help pay for student loans.

I'm not sure if his mom ever took the money but if she did I'm kinda done with him.

We donated 300 dollars of our own money to his gofundme to get his breasts removed.

I swear to god I'll scream

No. 587612

samefag, to follow up, he is not my boyfriend but a best friend from college

No. 587617

Your first mistake was being friends with an ebegging troon, you should have seen the red flags from miles.

No. 587622

File: 1595350023781.png (94.04 KB, 300x313, 8f552c60-8809-4e7f-bd7e-849fe8…)

I honestly didn't know he'd resort so desperately to ebegging which started a year after we started being good friends so yeah…


No. 587625

I'd eat my shoes if I ever found a guy whose main hobbies were not either video games, sports, or music. Holy shit men are so boring anymore!!!!

No. 587628

I found a guy who is really into film and photography in college, i was so smitten, he’s a lovely and caring person to boot and has been a great friend.

The catch? he’s into men.

Life sux anon

No. 587649

I'm becoming so intolerant of trans people. I used to blindly support because why not? I didn't see any harm in them but seeing all the entitlement they have fills me with rage.

The thing that gets me the most is the whole "genital preferences are transphobic" lunacy is the grossest thing I've ever heard, they sound like a bunch of rapist trying to force people to sleep with them or you'll be fucking canceled.

I would say I used to be pretty pc but jesus I can't stand them anymore.

A big thing that I've noticed is that in there quest to be included in absolutely everything and forcing themselves into women's spaces is that all these dipshit allys literally don't care how it makes ACTUAL women feel, if they can come in the toilet and completely leave me alone then fine, but I don't want them in women's changing rooms or what is supposed to be a safe place for women to be comfortable around each other only for them to barge in larping as the most stereotypical overtly sexual bimbos.

Sorry if this is all just missguided but this has been building up and finally after looking at this Google doc full of this shit I've kinda had enough.

For the most part I'm fine with "real" trans people, people who medically transition, actually try there hardest to pass and respectively stay out of women's spaces and acknowledge trans women and biological women aren't the same.

On another note I want a girlfriend eventually and I feel like it's going to be hard to find someone who feels the same. How do I test the waters? I just want a buff terf girlfriend dammit.

No. 587650


Also sorry if I fucked up, been lurking a whole but this is my first post

No. 587666


It’s something that comes naturally in conversation as you get to know each other, and even if sometimes your views are different, if you get to actually love each other, you will be able to find a middle point.

No. 587669

It sucks so much when this happens, the genuinely interesting men are usually gay or married.

No. 587681

I hope so, I'm really not usually THAT bothered by trans people I just have my boiling over points and this was one of them. Like I said if they're respectful we're chill. Thanks anon

No. 587861

Well, your solace is that you're not alone. Most normal people agree with "TERF" viewpoints when they're introduced to them, the majority who "support" trans issues think it's just about poor nice people wanting to live in the right body and being humane about it. They don't know about the erasure of female rights and coercion of lesbians and the medicalization of children and all that stuff because it's being played under the wraps.

However to address your question about how to find likeminded people - like >>587666 said it just comes up naturally in the conversation. When you're talking in private with someone you know they're much less likely to flip the table and yell for people to cancel you than they would with a stranger on social media, they might berate you for being a "transphobe" but they're willing to give you the benefit of doubt. I've found my GC-minded friends via just vaguely addressing the subject and seeing how they react. I usually start with talking about something not that offensive such as talking about the most deranged cases (like the ones who are being openly and unquestionably homophobic, racist or pedophilic like Jonathan Yaniv) and see how they feel about it. If they agree, it's probably safe to push it further and if they start rambling about how trans people have the special pass to be bigoted because their lives are so awful then it's better to drop the subject. A lot of my friends who used to be supportive of the trans movement have peaked recently so it's been a lot easier to find people who agree compared to a few years ago when I had my peak trans moment.

No. 587872

I can't stand normal people who calls other " normies " while being actual normies. They tend to think that using a pc all day is already a quirk to not call yourself a normie.

No. 587878

>Most normal people agree with "TERF" viewpoints when they're introduced to them

You're delusional and it's kind of adorable.

No. 587884

I frequently fantasize about being a dominatrix, but exclusively to women. I'm not really all that sexually turned on by it, is the weird thing. It just seems like something I'd have fun doing and maybe someone would even pay me if I were good enough at it.

No. 587885

Oh yes, normal people outside of the twitter wokesphere are extremely accepting of trannies and definitely don't think they're fucking insane for wanting to chop their dicks or tits off and are just queuing up to get their toddler son on horse pills because he preferred dolls over toy cars.

No. 587888

I don't think most normal people even think about this shit to the extent that you do. You sound obsessed with trannies tbh.