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No. 545052

The previous thread OP forgot to number the damn thing, but here's thread No. #18.

Containment thread for all the salty art fags of lolcow.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies, (because surprisingly that's not derailing the thread digital fags)

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit




Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


No. 545137

maybe these threads deserve to die

No. 545252


yeah nobody actually gives a shit about art and artists anyway

No. 545270

sad, I usually check this board daily but it's recently devolved into stupid infighting about lolishit and digital vs traditional all the time. maybe another, better thread will develop organically eventually.

No. 545283

Anon, there's still room for 100 posts left in the old thread >>529483.
I kind of doubt artist salt/discussion will die, it's just that this thread is a bit too early.

No. 545314

this thread is way too early, and last time it took a while for the new thread to be made, so inconsistent.

No. 545336

File: 1587720919384.png (2.63 MB, 2525x3409, 335E82EB-75B5-4CEF-8913-D379A4…)

Do you guys actually draw? I come from /ic/ and all I can see from the last thread is whining, shitposting and autism.
No one post their work so which explains the zero crabbing. Have a Hogarth.

No. 545355

>>all I can see from the last thread is whining, shitposting and autism.
>>No one post their work so which explains the zero crabbing. Have a Hogarth.
You're describing /ic/

No. 545363

why would I post my work in this place, I want to be anonymous and bitch about arttubers

No. 545365

tbh I do wish there was an active place to post art and receive critique without interference from teenagers who'll hate anything that isn't porn. The whole "soul/soulless" invention has completely killed discussion on /ic/, since chicken scratched porn will always have soul but anything above a beginner level will be soulless.
Lolcow definitely isn't the place to post our art though, 4chan/kf retards already come here hoping to get funny screenshots, any critique thread would be full of them.

No. 545372

>all I can see from the last thread is whining, shitposting and autism.
That's /ic/ in a nutshell tho

But really, quite a few anons here can actually draw.
I believe you can find some pieces in the board-tan thread on /meta/ and the redraw thread on this board.
But yeah, I wouldn't recommend anons posting their art here if their art style is too recognizable. Don't want people to tie your art to a drama site.

No. 545380

>Goes into a thread literally named "artist SALT/DISCUSSION"
>whY iS nO oNe pOstIng thEIr WoRks iT MuSt Be beCaUse Ur Bad
You are either one of those pretentious attention seeking scrotes that scaped from /ic/ or one of the cows posted here. Go back to the hole where you came from.

No. 545388

File: 1587735317987.jpg (380.36 KB, 720x1108, 20200424_143452.jpg)

Saw this today and genuinely thought it was a joke at first. Everyone was shitting on it in the replies but I didn't see the artist reply to anyone lol

No. 545399

even the "normal" one has a dumb thigh gap lmao

No. 545425

Is this new? Looks like she has regressed.
I love how the curvier girls have higher breasts than the normal woman. There also isn’t much difference between the middle and right woman.

No. 545428

is this an older post or did she delete it? can't find it when i go to her twitter.

No. 545433

yeah, I do miss the times when the internet was really good for getting feedback but I don't want my art associated with lolcow. i know that if i have seen somebody's art before i can recognize their style even when it's generic and i'm assuming there's a ton of people out there who have the same level of pattern detection ability. the art scene is so full of snowflakes it would be career suicide without even bringing 4chan/kf into the equation

No. 545438

ican't be the only person who thinks hogarth's drawing are ugly as fuck. don't want to learn anything from him tyvm

No. 545448


Looks like it's from last year but for whatever reason it got picked up again today by twitter people.


No. 545555

I’m DYing, some people on the Twitter thread think that people are angry because the pin-up are fat or “plus-sized”.
Why do people defend obesity or fat by classifying it under “curvy” makes no sense to me
Fat =/= curvy

No. 545561

artists on Twitter are always borderline autistic and/or degenerate furries. Always mid-late 20s early 30s weebs who are desperate for everyone to like them, but at the same time turn on other artists at the drop of a hat if it means a Cancelling will remove the competition.

Wouldn't be surprised if these threads were full of em

No. 545563

It doesn't look like they're fatter in the bottom but that their pelvis is very vide

No. 545600

What do you think about mewtripled?

No. 545614

she's just boring. her whole feed is the same simplistic demon or mermaid girls again and again. not my thing, but glad it's working for her.

No. 545622

This exactly it, she removes a rib and makes the pelvis bone wider, while giving the character magical ab definition without adding any definition to any other body part. The last one has some magical thigh gap, again without any muscle, there is more fat to the thighs that magically float against gravity and don't touch in the middle. Somehow her arm got skinnier too. It's so inconsistent it hurts. Someone already pointed out the breasts are magically higher too for no reason. It's pure fetish anatomy and it's sad a woman came up with this.

No. 545629

I don't really get her self insert demon girl shtick and find it hilarious "succubishez" is something that works as a brand but she doesn't seem too messy from what I've seen at least.

No. 545632

Shes kinda boring but she seems to mind her own business so I don’t have any qualms with her lol

No. 545636

Same tho I just check in here to see the latest tea or if y’all have caught onto the latest drama. Tho the last two threads were boring cuz of the pedo-police being half of it

No. 545651


She used to be a little more interesting when she made videos before she struck algorithmic gold on ig. But then she just kept drawing her self insert and her boyfriend. It got a little tmi for my tastes. It works for her but she lost a lot of her creativity on the crutch of popularity, it was inevitable.

No. 545657

Coom > Coomer > Coomest

No. 545659

yeah his stuff is exaggerated for teaching reasons and cuz he did the Tarzan comics. He’s the artist to go to for learning male anatomy and not just like tracing pro wrestlers like other comic artists do nowadays but yeah his stuff is just like American comics ugly

No. 545662

honestly this is something for the bad art thread, i don't understand why art that's so shit it's impossible to discuss it gets posted here. like it's clearly bad and fucked in every way, they should study anatomy and blah blah blah, everything that has been said a thousand times.

No. 545664

This is an image board anon. Please provide images when asking about an artist.

No. 545672

Sakimi is sucha hack. Calling the first body 'normal' is so yikes.

No. 545684

how is that not normal? sorry they aren't morbidly obese but the normal one is the only normal looking one.

No. 545690

As much as I like mewtripled's stuff, I feel as if her art downgraded. I really liked how experimental her older stuff is, and now it all just blends together.

No. 545694

>Implying that the impossible thigh gap = normal


No. 545705

Nta but if you have a wide pelvis you do get a thing gap, it’s not impossible. I have a rather wide pelvis and even when I was a bit chubbier I would still get a small thing gap just below my crotch., it just depends on your anatomy and how the fat forms around your legs.

No. 545706

are you braindead? I was referring to the first one, like I said. Get off twitter for once, thigh gaps aren't as impossible as you think.

No. 545709

there's no such thing as a normal body type, and i'm not talking about obese ppl if you're going to ana-chimp out on me

No. 545711

>"Normal" woman is curvy with big perky tits, a small waist, toned stomach, large hips and thighs and a thigh gap
>For some reason the curvier they get the less body fat % they get??
>Thigh gap also gets bigger for some reason
>Curvy tits get perkier???

God why is the art community like this, men get so much diversity when they're drawn but we're told having a body most women can only wish to have is the average

No. 545713

lmao men are either drawn as super buff or thin, the lack of variety in body types is bad on both sides. don't act like women are so oppressed.

No. 545715

>no such thing as a normal body type
yeah ok fatchan

No. 545716

i'm not talking about weight, retard.

No. 545717

maybe that's the case if you only read superhero comics, and even that would be a stretch. in illustrated and animated media, men are depicted with way more diverse body types than women. you're being obtuse.

No. 545718

How is the first one unattainable for you? I’d say aside from rather large hips she is pretty normal. Her waist isn’t that much smaller compared to her other proportion, neither are her tits that big. I’d say she’s even got a bit fat in her arms and legs. If you think being literally an average size is unattainable, I’m worried what a ”normal” body looks for you.

No. 545719

Because that's usually what men are (excluding fat and chubby men), most young men ARE super skinny or buff, most young women however aren't extremely curvy with magically perky everything so claiming that this is the norm is shitty and wrong

No. 545720

Even with the ridiculous body proportions, I can't wrap my head around the tiny weasel hands. I guess the Sakster spends so much time rendering balloon titties, she's forgotten what human hands look like.

No. 545721

Oh lolcow you sure love your black and white huh
I'm not saying it's unattainable, it's just simply a body type a lot of women can't get or something most women would consider to be curvy or fit. Nothing about how all women are fat therefore the "normal" would be fat or whatever you delusional farmers think anytime you disagree with someone

No. 545722

welp, i thought this thread would be different but weebs/cumbrains/mgtows et compagnie are always ready to ruin it. there's literally no one talking about actual art here

No. 545723

Nope it is impossible to have thighs that fat and have thigh/box gap, doesn't matter ~~~le wide pelvis~~~ meme
Those look like invisible force fields are holding them apart

No. 545724

But but Anon! I have triple D breasts that are perky and abs and 40 inch hips with a thigh gap!

No. 545726

By your logic no bodytype is normal because every woman’s body is different. If she drew a lanky bitch with small tits that would still be ”not normal” as some women aren’t lanky and have D cups. I would still classify the first body as normal because despite is being more on the curvy end, I find it to be rather realistic portrayal of a healthy woman’s body. Sure every woman has her own measurements but I see women like this or close to this walking around daily, it’s not even a rare bodytype, thus I’d say it can be classified as ”normal”.

No. 545730

Do you look at all these women naked or something? The curviness wouldn't be an issue if added features like no thigh gap, no perky tits, more definition to the thighs and arms, etc was a thing, but the average woman definitely isn't walking around with double D perky tits, huge hips and ass with no cellulite and stretch marks, a thigh gap and flat stomach, if they were then the plastic surgery and fitness industry would be put out of business

The issue is the fact that "flawed" women's bodies are considered so offensive to the art community and it gets boring after a while and doesn't help women's self esteem at all that the average artist claims bodies most women can only wish to have is normal, it also fucks up the standards to the point that attractive women are now considered average thanks to stuff like this

No. 545734

You do realize it’s a fucking drawing right? What do youl want, to add stretchmarks? I mean she got no public hair eirher if we go down that route. Obviously art is gonna have some stylization and everyone fucking knows it. There’s probably nothing more pathetic that to let a drawing dictate your self-esteem. Everyone knows it’s not real and it’s not even marketed as such. I was only talking about her proportions and no offence but how many women in their 20 have hanging tits? I mean you made such a big deal to point it out twice now, makes me think you’re compensating. If you wanna talk about what crushes the self-esteem of women, look knto the Ig models who photoshop their bodies to a perfection but then try to market them as ”authentic” or don’t disclose the truth at least. Art is understood to be fiction, a wish fullfillment, it’s not meant to reflect realism perfectly. Like yea she got some smooth ass legs but that’s just stylization, not a judgement towards women’s legs in real life, but when a celebrity oils uo their booty and removes all cellulite, that’s marketed as raw and real, so I would defenitely stop bitching about a mere drawing.

No. 545737

it's a drawing

No. 545738

>Because x is happening you can't talk about y

Anyway if you're doubting women's self esteems aren't affected by what art and anatomy is presented as normal then you should do some rethinking, it wasn't even until now all artists are drawing the same exact extreme body. Why is the art community not allowed to discuss this issue?

No. 545740

Because there’s nothing about the first picture that is so outlandish that it would be worth whining about. I mean it said a ”normal” body not a ”realistic” body. Those are 2 different things. If she said that the first one was a realistic body, then I would obviously call it bullcrap, since it’s got some very blatant stylistic choices going for it. But she didn’t say that, she said it’s a normal body type which I again would agree with, because you could see a woman with those proportions walking around out there. The problem is that you’re arguing a defenition here of what a ”normal” is despise the fact that a ”normal” body can be many things. The girl in the first picture is of normal weight, height with normal sized waist and normal sized boobs, a lot of things abour the first body can be seen in the realms of ”normal” thus you can classify the body itself as ”normal”.

No. 545742

and normal skincolor

No. 545744

Again the issue isn't with her proportions it's a reoccurring trend in the art community that is the problem of only drawing "perfect" bodies that are just carbon copies of each other with varying ass and tit size. The issue with presenting it as normal and then claiming more extreme versions are the curvy ones is the issue why do many men and women have such distorted views on what women's bodies look like. I will again ask why aren't we allowed to talk about this? Yeah IF models are an issue too but this also contributes to the issue.

No. 545746

Most artist starting out aren’t illustrators or animators so they won’t be bothered trying various body types or even facial features (squash and stretch), IG artists or artists like Sakimi have a set body they’ve learned how to draw and don’t deviate. That’s it.
Look also at Loish.

If you want a variety look at traditional painting, not IG or illustrative work.

No. 545747

Well then why are you here? What is the issue with me discussing this?

No. 545749

Ok but in all seriousness, if any of you complaining about the proportions were being paid as much as SC to draw the same bimbo anime girls every month you wouldn't even have a problem.

No. 545752

We are allowed to talk about this, we are talking about this but I can still call you stupid for it. See I already explained the difference between normal and realistic, but you’re stull going at it. Obviously this body is meant to be normal within artistic interpetations. I mean the headsize is way bigger compared to normal head to body ratio of a real woman but that’s why it’s called semi-realism and not full blown realism. It’s meant to take liberties and it takes them and it’s marketed as fantasy and not representive orf a real life. You want to add realism to what’s meant to be stylized art, because of your own insecurities. I mean real people have lots of flaws, acne, bags under eyes, scars, rash, etc etc, but you never see artist drawing characters with acne, unless the acne is used as a visual cue for the characters role or personality which is usully bullied outcast. That’s because art =/= real life.

No. 545756

How is that related? If I got paid to draw shit art, I can take the money and be okay with people discussing how shit it is.

No. 545763

Ok but you and literally everyone else in this thread make it out like women aren't allowed to draw women in an unrealistic way. The whole discussion feels like "no you can't draw women as skinny because that makes ME uncomfortable." And just generally censoring what an artist should and shouldn't be allowed to draw.

No. 545769

I think you're responding to a wrong anon here, because what you said is literally what I have been arguing this whole time. It's the other anon going apeshit over this, not me.

No. 545771

censoring is a pretty strong word. you are free to draw whatever you want but we can still criticize your art. also, i don't think the anons here are whining because they're jealous of fictional skinny women, they're angry over the term 'normal'.

No. 545777

It's crazy how some people will read a negative or mixed thought on something, and then claim it's the same as "censoring" that thing.
Surely, if people were out to censor, they wouldn't even give free engagement by commenting. They'd just mass-report whatever it is until it gets deleted.
They should just come out and admit "I don't like when people dislike the things I like" instead of trying to portray themselves as free speech warriors.

No. 545785

Anyways the normal body type she drew isn't even skinny so idk what you all are talking about. Do you see those thighs? that's chubby, and i'm not even an ana chan.

No. 545795

this shits been plaguing artists more and more for people to feel better about themselves or be more 'inclusive' as the years go on even if people can create whatever they want in all mediums

No. 545801

>but at the same time turn on other artists at the drop of a hat if it means a Cancelling will remove the competition.
Yeah that's about it. Nothing gets you fame and/or validation faster than taking part in an canceling because it gives you a chance to show what a Good Person you are, unlike this bigot everyone wants to curb stomp for colouring in a tan character's skintone 0.5 shades lighter or something. Even with the current hour's Sakimichan controversy I'm betting that nobody is sincerely offended by what an ~unrealistic~ body type she's drawing, that's like being offended by Disney Princess proportions. It's a waste of time and hits no new ground because anyone can look at the Sakimichan body chart with half an eye open and say that it's exaggerated cartoon features that aren't even trying to be passed as realistic. The "normal" body is just how she draws "normal" bodies in contrast to the stylized pin up ones, it's not called "realistic body". Like it's fine and warranted if you think it's cringy and all but listing out all the anatomy flaws is beating a long dead horse and equivalent of writing an essay of how unrealistic Barbie's body proportions are for the nth time. I often doubt these people even genuinely hate artists like her for doing something bad or acting inappropriately, it always feels like it's an excuse to remove competition.

No. 545803

Sakimichan's anatomy is trash and that's all there is to say on the matter. Her "normal" is still basically a supermodel with a tiny waist and giant hips. It's rare for someone to be thin with hips that big without PS. I assume what she meant by normal was "physically possible in real life" not "average woman," because by no stretch of the imagination is that an average woman.

Anyway, can we talk about the puny hands? The fact that the collarbones are too straight and high up? The neck too far back? And the last one somehow has thighs the size of tree trunks that don't touch at all when her feet are together?

No. 545804

yes, agree. sakimichan is absolutely not qualified to be giving anyone a tutorial in anatomy.

No. 545825

It's not a real anatomy tutorial but a fantasy one, it's obvious women like the last one don't exist at all lol. it's for coomer art

No. 545890


Saw this one my feed but does anyone else see this as such a petty non issue? It just feels so self-righteous when you know that most people who compare your work to others do it because they’re trying to connect to your work through something they love, yet you get offended by it anyway. She’s so defensive in the comments too.

No. 545893

File: 1587830000009.png (559.08 KB, 1196x1138, Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 16.51…)

We're on an imageboard anon, take a screenshot.

No. 545901

File: 1587831416055.jpeg (177.98 KB, 627x1000, 3B37FF42-13A3-4062-B87C-BDAC18…)

Someone’s actually defending Sakimichan’s dogshit art here?

No. 545903

Is she about to sneeze or what?

No. 545907

I don't understand why artists are so buttblasted over this. I get being annoyed when someone compares their art to something that already exists, but most of these hacks are 'heavily inspired' anyway. It's not like they're putting out anything fresh.

No. 545908


I love how tiny and thin are the parts of the legs covered by the stockings.

No. 545910

it just makes me want to trigger them by comparing their work to similar, better and more popular artists kek

No. 545924

I kind of understand why it annoys them, but at the same time people are just trying to give them a compliment. It'd be good for their blood pressure to just take it as a compliment and let it go. See also "I wish I had your talent" in the quoted tweet. I've seen all the arguments about it invalidating their hard work and so on, but people are just trying to express that they think your work is really good. Is it really that big of a deal if they used the wrong word?

No. 545925

Some artists on twitter always give me huge ego vibes, they always get angry whenever a young person unfamiliar with the art community gives them a clumsy compliment and they won't stop railing them publicly.

No. 545928

Okay you all need to shut the fuck up about clearly stylized art. I'm not even a fan of Sakimi but, unless you're constantly bitching about how Disney princess waists are ridiculously thin, or how the incredibles feet are minuscule tiny, honestly pull your head out of your ass. Exaggeration is one of the first things you learn in cartoon art/animation and just because you all don't like the fact that she draws double EE tits, thigh gap having, generic ass anime girls doesn't mean that she's exempt from stylization. The picture says "Normal" not "Realistic". No matter what your insecure asses think, that is normal as far as body types go.

No. 545932

I tend to charitably assume that most of them are genuinely upset by it for some reason, like maybe it hits a specific insecurity they have or something, but it would be much better to work on the insecurity and learn take the intended positive message than to mount a futile campaign to train the entire internet in your preferred commenting style. Especially since they don't all agree? You can see other big name artists in the replies saying they either don't mind or actively like that sort of comment.

Half my feed is full of smaller artists who are always miserable because commenting culture has died and they don't get nice comments anymore. I can't help thinking all the big artists yelling at people for doing compliments wrong might have something to do with it.

No. 545934

We get it mate, her drawings make you horny, keep it to yourself

No. 545939

Latest H3H3 podcast talking shit on CreepShowArt for trying to call them out. Ha!

No. 545947

on a side note, that background looks gorgeous. Is it a stock image or did she really paint that?

No. 545948

I think commenting culture has died because of Tumblr, iirc complimenting the art directly in the reblog was for some reasons highly frowned upon, you had to leave your impressions in the notes.
A friend of mine is a small artist and she's very frustrated that people don't give feedback anymore aside from the generic "I love this!", she can't grasp what people like and want.

No. 545949

What did they say? I find H3 too boring to sit through

No. 545951


>This would look better if…

I guess criticism is no longer acceptable

No. 545953

Literally said I don't like her but, aight dude whatever you hallucinate.

No. 545957

These are both things that drive me nuts as a small-time artist. I waste a lot of time hunting in tumblr reblogs to see if anyone left me comments in their tags because of this stupid idea that commenting in the post is rude. Not to mention the insistence that you should never ever delete the caption, so I'm never sure if talking about my process or the characters will stop people sharing it because they don't want to reblog the wall of text.

And seriously, where am I supposed to get friendly crit now that it's taboo to put it in the comments? I actually appreciate when people tell me if I made a dumb anatomy mistake or something, but so many big artists tell everyone not to that all I get recently is radio silence or heart emojis.

I think part of the problem is the needs of big and small artists are too different. Big name artists (especially industry pros) are flooded with comments and have professional editors if they need crit, so I can see why they want to weed out the comments they don't like. Unfortunately, that means small artists are left yelling into the void, unable to tell if people like what they're doing or what they should improve because nobody talks to them.

No. 545958

tag viewer from xkit has been a lifesaver for finding tag comments. it allows you to just scroll through all the tags tied to a post of yours.

No. 545959

Dang I forgot xkit existed, I'll have to give that a try!

No. 545966

Samefag because I just discovered the new tumblr beta has this built in?? They actually added a useful feature for once!

No. 545993

i've watched a couple process videos of hers and the thing about sakimi is she can render like a beast but her sketches are off, which jacks up the whole thing. and since she's making bank off her pinups she's got no reason to improve her anatomy, so she probably won't

No. 545994

maybe i've seen older streams of hers but usually it's that her sketches start out fine, but as she renders she transforms it into ~pinup style~, aka the proportions get more and more coomer to appease her audience. maybe she just straight up starts out with that now since that's all she draws.

No. 546002

the stocking bulge kink was a mistake

Dunno what software she uses, but it looks like one of CSPs lineart school backgrounds that she may have rendered over.

No. 546009

Waffles doesn't seem like she's doing so well

No. 546010

if sakimi was a man do you guys think she'd be as popular? There are a lot of male pinup hentai artists but she's still making the most money. A lot of her male fans must get off on the fact that a woman is rendering these cumbrain female proportions

No. 546013

she is the coolest girl kek

No. 546018

i don't think most people realize she is a women. she does have really good rendering, and appeals to most basic bitch porn consoomers so she got popular. if i remember right she was already popular on da years ago with her sfw art, which was actually good quality.

No. 546021

I think Sakimichan's popularity has less to do with her as a person and more with her finding her niche at the right time and starting out on deviantart early. Deviantart's features and audience (daily deviations that put her art forward and young weebs being overly impressed by realistic rendering) played a really big part in how famous she got.

She's also good at adapting to current trends, imo. She used to draw a lot of pretty boy fujo stuff, and she's switched to braindead coomer shit because it's popular. Her style can be applied to anything since it just consists in washing out a figure with a diffuse white light and rendering it into oblivion, and that lets her always remain relevant. It's honestly impressive.

No. 546027

She didn't start as coomer artist. She got a hundred and one internet articles boosting her ~irl didney characters~ back in the days

No. 546028

I think it has to do more with her work being a combination of four good traits to internet success. Highly rendered work, popular anime characters, porn and coming out in the early days of DA. An artist having any two of these would be pretty successful today but having all four in your favor is a true hit.

No. 546031

File: 1587856068797.jpg (1.46 MB, 2000x1003, Sakimi old.jpg)

I am one of those who only learned about Sakimi thru her pinup work so i decided to go look around for her older stuff and I wasn't expecting work like this.

I imagine the money must be good now but I wonder if she still loves painting the same way anymore.

No. 546035

She gets 20-40k a month for drawing subpar porn. Not gonna lie, I'd fucking sacrifice all my artistic merits and draw sloppy anatomy with generic porn and panty shots if I got that kind of money for it. But I'm also certain that Sakimichan's success was lightning in a bottle because she's left a trail of imitators behind her who never made it as big, she just happened to be at the right place at the right time with her Disney drawings, then grew an audience and expanded it to oblivion with her porn fanart. It's clear as a day that she has pure talent and an eye for aesthetics but when she pumps out the patreon pieces multiple times a month she must cut all the corners she can with sketching and composing and go straight to the rendering to make it shiny and pretty. The audience she's selling it to aren't exactly high art enthusiasts and they don't care that the hands are miniscule or the tits are unrealistic so there would be no point in perfecting it as it would take up too much time. If it's killing her inside, she can at least sleep on a big pile of money.

No. 546037

exactly. exactly! all of the examples of comments make me insecure sometimes too, but i know it's because i'm insecure about my art in general and i'm prone to twisting things against my favor. that's not anyone else's problem or responsibility though. i can't imagine being so bratty as to say "when you compliment me i neurotically think of ways that it's actually an insult so YOU need to give me better compliments."

there's one exception i can think of though and that's if people are telling her these things as an excuse to not properly pay her for commissions. sometimes "you're so talented" rhetoric is code for "this is a fun easy gift for you and i assume you do it all the time anyway so can't you just do it for free for me?" but if that's the case she should have just said that.

No. 546039

I actually hate how washed out and gray all sakimi's art tends to look.

She used to do her own original stuff before she went pinup, but I forgot how it even used to look.

No. 546043

File: 1587859136924.jpg (139.96 KB, 900x647, original.jpg)

I found nice stuff GISing "sakimichan" before:2011-01-01

No. 546044

File: 1587859221930.jpg (255.89 KB, 992x1335, dream_faerie-992x1335.jpg)

No. 546058

why would h3h3 focus on some small art channel that barely brings in 200k views? I didn't watch it because I really don't care for Ethan's content anymore.

No. 546060

you sound immature as fuck. if you don't like Sakimi-chan's shitty art, then don't look at it. I don't like it, I don't look at it. it's literally THAT simple, dude.

No. 546065

Ethans egos been inflated to a point that all he's been doing lately is punching down much smaller creators that criticise him

It must be hard to be a youtube millionaire that gets criticisms from small channels

No. 546075

File: 1587865046268.png (2.32 MB, 709x1571, d15srnw-6e9a9258-5eb9-4198-92b…)

I remember when she used to draw Naruto fanart in mid 2000s. She was a teenager back then and I was pretty impressed with her level of skill, and thought she was going to develop into some really interesting mature artist. If anyone showed me what she churns out nowadays, I wouldn't believe it's the same person, lol.

I understand why she does that (anyone would for that kind of money) but I wonder sometimes if it eats at her that she went a commercial route instead of doing more "authentic" stuff.

No. 546076

as someone said earlier, if she feels bad at least she can sleep on a huge pile of money

No. 546081

NTA but this is the literal artist salt thread?

No. 546088

>person posts salt in salt thread
>wtf why are you so salty!!!

it keeps happening

No. 546104

I know that this is the artist salt thread, but I just wanna share this vid that was on my recommended. I'm just smiling throughout the whole thing; hope you anons would too.

No. 546117

a thigh gap is not impossible… it's literally just determined by your hip and femur/thigh sizes.

No. 546118

>Wah men are actually like this while women aren't.

Women of the same age typically are unless they're fat or have a diff body comp… just like how men can.

it ain't that deep fam lmao

No. 546119

Do most ppl have one tho

No. 546122

even if you think her anatomy is shit, the reality is that no one's anatomy is going to be 100 at all times for every piece… especially when you pump out a new one every day.

Not to mention, some respect for the hussle and work ethic at least. She's put in 15 years to get to the point she can draw pinups for at min 20k a month, she's more than earned it imo.

No. 546131

Honestly I used to really hate Sakimichan for how soulless and repetitive her art was, but now I just have a sense of respect for her. I still don't liker her work, but damn if she doesn't have a work ethic. I think a lot of Sakimichan's hate comes from the same place as it did for me, jealousy at seeing an artist you see as "inferior" succeeding, and I think the feelings only really waned as I grew out of my crab phase.

No. 546150

I knew sakimi’s work back when she was working for game companies up in Canada and tbh I respect she can make way much more money doing patreon and pinups and basically being her own boss. She’s making way much more money doing wonky pinups than she ever could with a “real” art job. Her style and wonky anatomy isn’t my taste but like considering how toxic working for companies can be, especially game companies, like props to her for making that paper

No. 546151

Sakimichan is the definition of art bimbofication. Watching what it's evolved into over the years has been an experience, one that I can't take seriously anymore. But hey, it makes her that sweet dollar I guess.

No. 546159

I see a lot of people who miss the old Sakimi's art, but TBH I never liked her stuff, while technically very good, I always found the themes and subjects too mushy, there was a point where I was sick of seeing all the Elsa she pumped out on the front page. At least now, everybody in the art community seems to hate her, so she's not as pushed in your face as before.

No. 546160

She’s guilty of being a teacher of shitty anatomy when she shouldn’t really teach that but there’s enough shitty artists doing the same on every platform anyway so the art world doesn’t super hate her. Compared to like the honeyabsinthe’s Disney video where everyone under the sun who had any industry experience ever were subtweeting her cuz she is an asshole IRL and everyone in the LA art/animation community knows each other. At least sakimi makes bank enough to where she can throw a honeyabsinthe tantrum irl and be fine honestly

No. 546161

Did you guys ever consider that maybe it was just a "how to draw like sakimichan" tutorial focused on her particular style of anatomy, and not intended to be actual foundational academic material? Shitty "draw like me" tutorials probably make bank considering weebs tend to be delusional and think they can cheat their way to success with secret git gud techniques and the right brush set lmao.

No. 546190

Yeah most women totally look like the 3rd example of her tutorial

No. 546191

I don't think that's the case for Sakimichan as other anons have said but I've seen several male NSFW artists start to hide that they're a man once they start to get known or even suggest they're a woman. I've seen this definitely help their popularity as they get even more pathetic followers hitting on them like they were an irl anime girl.
Tho not sure how much of this is rational business strategy and how much is actual trooning out bc of being addicted to porn

No. 546204

No, in fact she has her gender hidden on her deviantart and I routinely see people automatically assume she’s male. I think most people who don’t know much about her assume that.

No. 546205

File: 1587903656056.jpeg (821.95 KB, 1225x1725, 92779C5B-D4CB-40C3-A20B-7E7F50…)

Have sakimi’s copycats ever been discussed here? If so please link me because I find them way more interesting. Especially the shameless ones who think people are stupid and won’t notice tracing. This is by axsens. After she was called out she hid this piece from her main gallery or deleted it on some sites.

Actually, I might dump some of the other shit I’ve found about some of them, because I don’t feel like they’re shamed enough.

No. 546215

File: 1587905355252.jpg (434.89 KB, 1444x2083, olcha.jpg)

Olchas is another copycat, with a patreon of 223.

i get that a lot of these artists hate to be called out and get those annoying "you're copying sakimichan" comments when their works are too similar, but this one did such an idiotic move. She made a journal entry in 2017 saying that sakimichan was the one copying HER. Not only was she a nobody, but her art was way worse 2 years ago than it is now. The journal said that sakimi stole her ideas, stole her lighting techniques, and way more..to cover her ass for the fact that she was the one who did all of that. In reality, olchas was copying sakimi in such a blatant way, in fact she still does it. I put some examples in the pic

and here's the journal: https://www.deviantart.com/olchas/journal/To-dot-the-i-s-and-cross-the-t-s-or-Don-t-compare-686205647

No. 546217

File: 1587905565253.jpg (256.39 KB, 1057x662, 1446067635683.jpg)

i'm really sorry for samefagging 3 times in a row, but 20k? lmao she was getting more than that twice a month back when she had a whole 5,000 LESS patrons than she does now. Try 150k per month.

No. 546224

I know she makes over a million a year at least.

No. 546253

I wouldn’t really worry about her because the attention will garner her new subscribers

No. 546266

File: 1587914353617.jpg (388.74 KB, 695x900, wtf.jpg)

the stocking bulge kink was a mistake

Dunno what software she uses, but it looks like one of CSPs lineart school backgrounds that she may have rendered over.

A lot of people don't realize some people get into commercial illustration because the hustle itself is fulfilling, even if their style is regressive. It's terrible if we come out and admit that to our peers; we're seen as shills (for… ourselves?), selling our souls, etc. It's kinda crab-in-bucket thinking in its own way.

Plus, for all we know, she could be working under a different name for her more serious stuff now. I'd imagine these pinups take her less than an hour or two to pump out now. I cringe at the people who eat this wonky crap right up, but I don't blame her for taking their money at all.

Customwaifus was probably my most "favorite" just because it's so unabashedly honest about what it is. I don't think she copies Sakimi's poses, but she's definetly studied her tutorials and aims for the most profitable anatomy. Pic related.
Her Patreon is under review as of this posting, so I can't see her new follower count. If I'm not mistaken, in 2018, she was making enough to start going full time.

I prefer working in a flatter style, but it almost makes me want to learn how to render this way just to fleece the sheep that eat it all up.

No. 546268

File: 1587914412107.jpeg (215.94 KB, 327x500, 3680D576-EDE2-4BAA-B060-B96C44…)

Why the fuck are you defending this garbage?

No. 546270

What's wrong with it?

No. 546273

LMAO how can anyone even like this? the boobs don't even look like boobs, they are just weird balloons attached to her and it looks like she is falling.

at least on this one you can say the clothes and hair are well rendered and she went for more bright colors for once instead of her usual faded stuff. anatomy is still garbage though.

No. 546279

Are you really defending this ugly coomer shit unironically?

No. 546295

What's wrong with it?(bait/troll)

No. 546301

If anything I wonder what she does with all the money.

No. 546302

File: 1587918861899.jpg (57.77 KB, 600x900, level1_tsuyu_asui__free_to_use…)

All of her stuff is like this. It's so busted.
I guess I can at least say, in this one, she actually adapted the character's facial features vs generic one Sakimi adopted over the years.

Doesn't mean it doesn't look weird as hell.

No. 546318

Never heard of heard of her, but seeing this now makes the the fact she sells tutorials and pose packs tragic.

No. 546319

Besides the obvious photobashing and abysmal anatomy? The blurry sameface she gives everyone? Why are you simping so hard?

No. 546323

I doubt anyone cares to really defend this, that anon is a troll. People just respect the hussle. some artists are just sellouts and that's frankly okay

No. 546327

is her dad dead or just dying? i feel really bad for her she seems really upset. also waffles is so private but i spend most my time absolutely fascinated by her moreso than other artists. like does she live alone, but it sounds here she lives with her parents? does she date? its so strange and im so curious but i bet its mundane af

No. 546333

to be fair… photobashing is the norm in concept art. but yeah it is sad when people this skilled mainly make cultural waste. at the same time, though, if you've existed five minutes in this world you know people will pay top dollar for tasteless crap if it's marketed right

nothing to do about it except roll your eyes and support the stuff you want to see more of tbh

No. 546334

I seriously would rather work at McDonald's than churn out fucked up panty shots for male coomer weebs as a living. They don't deserve to have their twisted ideas of what girls are like pandered to. They already have one billion loli animes.

No. 546342

The thighs and upper body are two totally different angles. Almost like they got two separate references and just layered them together. It's so twisted looking.

No. 546371

NTA but this repeating of muh coomer art is getting tiring. She panders to the mouth-breathing horny masses, there's just no point in going in circles about how the titty don't work that way and stocking bulges are gross.

Yeah this. If she makes a million dollars a year drawing porn then whatever, I wish I got that kind of money for smut doodles. Not all art necessarily needs to be striving for the high art status, some of it can be mindless entertainment. It's not like Sakimichan is even declaring herself to be some pompous bitchy authority on how you should be drawing or how she deserves more recognition like a lot of other Dunning-Kruger artists featured in this thread. Just making bad art isn't really interesting imo, being delusional like thinking every red demon girl is a ripoff of your art is.

No. 546372

At this point shouldn't Sakimi have more money than she knows what to do with? It kinda surprises me how consistently active she is, I know it's her job but surely she could allow herself to spit out content at a much slower pace without a worry.

No. 546379

I think she has staffers to pay (there's been speculation that she has ghost artists), so if nothing else, she keeps it up for easy money and to keep people employed.

No. 546384

She makes over a mil drawing garbage art, I'm allowed to talk shit about her in the art salt thread. We don't get defenders over any of these other artists here, so why is Sakimi different? Just because her rendering is ~oo shiny? She makes way too much to be this fucking bad.

No. 546435

Who knows, maybe she's investing in an early retirement. And maybe THEN if she hasn't grown sick and tired of art she will dedicate her time to do personal work again.

No. 546441

Then make a thread about her then if you hate her so much.
It's not that people are defending her because they actually care, it's just that you fucking "muh bad anatomy" spergs say the same fucking thing every single fucking time she's mentioned.
make a separate thread for her or fuck off.

No. 546447

Well she doesn't do art to impress other artists. To a non-artist her stuff looks professional and polished. I don't like it either, but if this is what making her money more power to her I guess. Bait the hook to suit the fish, not the fisherman or however that proverb goes.

No. 546448

Lol sure you’re gonna make over 100k a month at McDonald’s, that’s either corrupt ceo money or having generational family money if you’re not her. People are gonna fap to whatever shit people put out regardless so it’s smart she has this audience she can get money out of. She’s not davinci and she’ll probably be irrelevant in like 50 years but you gotta hustle. Plus stupid artists who think she’s a master obviously are hampering themselves by copying her, she’s not gonna be on any like panel calling her an art master unless it’s about marketing and selling on patreon

No. 546451

Sage your autist sperg. Just ignore things about sakimi and move on, there is no reason for sakimi to have her own thread. The main focus of every piece she makes are people, the fact she has been fucking the basic anatomy over and over again is ridiculous. Especially for the amount of money she makes, the quality feels bad. But whatever, people do whatever they want, good for her that so many people think that shit is good, others will still dislike it.

People defending her are just contributing for the same argument to be on a loop.

No. 546453

nta but it's hilarious how hypocritical you bitches are. All you ever do is bitch about Sakimi. You're the one who needs to move on when you get so angry over just seeing sakimi's shitty art

No. 546455

holy shit can we move on from Sakimi already? this is why the threads are such shit all the time because people get caught up in stupid shit that doesn't matter. liek the degenerate lolicons from the last thread. these threads are fucking awful nowadays.

No. 546456

this one isn't so bad tbh. the hips are just in the wrong place as usual.

No. 546457

literally nobody said that but alright

No. 546458

you do realize you are just drawing out the discussion with your bitching, right? if you truly didn't want to talk about her you'd change the topic, but instead you are being an annoying retard. also learn to sage.

No. 546465

Are you braindead? You are the one angry about a comment and bumping a thread about this. The post you replied was my first post about sakimi's art ever, I don't even care much about her. I was simply pointing out the complete stupidity of wks rambling about people not liking her shit and then acting surprised that people are still talking about it.

Then stop bumping the fucking thread with unsaged crying, you are just contributing for the same shit you just complained about.


No. 546470

File: 1587944681465.jpg (37.69 KB, 575x294, Lore-Olympus.jpg)

So I know lore Olympus has been a thing for years now but I could never read it because the art is such a burning eye sore. But it always seems to reach the top 5 in best comic… but why? I can't be the only one who thinks this is ugly

No. 546486

I remember customwaifus. I think she said she was a waitress before she went nose deep into the sakimichan shills. I know she was already making her full waitress money on her first year and if you think her art is bad now it was WAY worse when she started and was getting all that money. I know it’s hard to believe but brainlet normie men who would pay for this do exist in high quantity.

No. 546493

File: 1587949567433.png (474.17 KB, 675x512, 01B7EAAB-1465-4F22-8186-1B3964…)

She doesn’t though. Sakimichan only makes about 10 pieces per month, which yeah is good activity, but she used to do 20 back in around 2015. I remember in January of 2016 she had to take the whole month off because of stress/health issues and probably lost at least 60k for not posting that month.

Im confused why some of you criticize her for maximizing the money as much as she can? Why wouldn’t she want to be as rich as possible and maintain her place at the top? IMO her earnings are closer to 2 million. The patreon is probably making at least 1.5mil just from simple calculations, and she’s also got her gumroad which has thousands of packages all valued between $10-$60, she also has her storenvy selling posters, her art books selling copies, and she goes to all the major conventions every year where she’s known for buying 2 booth spaces and sells posters at $20 each. Just do the math and the number is astronomical.

I think she knows that she’s degraded in most ways. The photograph backgrounds are lazy as hell and don’t look good, but it sells anyway so what does she care?

Though for the record sakimi didn’t just turn into a perv-pleaser overnight. She was drawing yaoi sex scenes in gaiaonline back in 2005 when she was a teenager. If I find it I’ll post it. This is one I found but it’s definitely more tame than others I’ve seen.

No. 546502

Tbh I think it’s unique, especially since all the top comics are all generic looking manga/manwha clones that don’t look different from each other. It’s a very stylistic and deliberate style that imo is very akin to 60’s style sketchy art and uses color in interesting ways, like Saul bass for shapes and colors and like 101 Dalmatians style for the sketchiness but throw in modern cartoon influence as well. I appreciate the art of it but I don’t read it cuz I’m so fuckin tired of every “modern”-ish retelling of Greek myths being the Hades and Persephone story, it’s so overdone and boring

No. 546519

I think it probably hits a lot of trope sweet spots. For example, people LOVE them some "Tall Mean Bad Boi But He Wuvs Small Girl So Hes Only Nice To Her" and some "Catty Society of Rich Sexy Demigods Whomst Love To Fuck". And as an earlier poster said, the stylization gets wonky on anatomy often, but the artist clearly hasa grasp of color theory, graphic design, and shiny effects.

It's not my favorite look either, but not every comic can be a super shiny clean manhwa I guess

No. 546563

Greek/Egyptian myths are becoming re-popular as a whole thanks to Internet for some reason and Lore Olympics fills that niche

No. 546565

The phenomenon of people banding together on shit sites like reddit, twitter, resetera, and in a previous epoch (at this point), facebook, and criticizing work in such a manner all at once has had a chilling effect. In some cases, even alleged death threats. This has happened repeatedly, so there will be knee-jerk reactions to criticisms of blatantly (or not blatantly) unrealistic artwork elsewhere.

No. 546566

Near bauhaus-tier garbage.

No. 546568

same, i'm also absolutely seething that many people find non-painterly/realistic artstyles appealing

No. 546570

i mean it's just one of the easiest things to make MoDeRn TaKeS of–think of all the endless edgy Alice In Wonderland/fairytale reboots the world has been subjected to. you take a public domain property, you stuff it with tropes, season with trends, bake in the oven, serve with a garnish of marketing, and done. easy money

No. 546573

I think that's what's actually going on, which would explain how she's churning out a new render a day. Even if she worked fast or on many all at once, it would definetly burn you out.

Her apprentices might render over her sketches while she puts more time in the voiceover tutorials, assuming those are still a thing.

If she's doing this, I hope she writes a book or makes a documentary about her experience. She's the Thomas Kinkade of fetishy fanart but nowhere near as big of a cow as he was.

Oh, I've seen her old stuff. It was super busted and the rendering wasn't nearly as crisp as it is now. But admire her drive; it's honestly motivating. She has a really simple and straightforward model that lets her Patrons feel included in the process.

I'm actually interested in discussing this kind of business model, but it draws out some ire.

No. 546574

I cant say that the art is totally bad but it is mediocre. The expressions, poses and anatomy can look like dog shit alot of times

No. 546575

honestly go for it if you want

No. 546580

Sorry for bringing up Sakimichan again, but I always thought it was curious that she made bank on copyrighted characters, especially from companies like Nintendo who are pretty anal about their licenses (especially with the pornification of kiddie games). Did she ever get in trouble for that?

No. 546582

No. She knows how to skirt around the really bad ones like Disney. When she made her recent Elsa piece she never called her by name, just “my favorite ice queen with silver hair” and gave her an original dress. So it’s not copyright

No. 546584

I would not be surprised if she had some special privilege as the highest grossing Patreon creator, like the twitch thots who break the rules all the time.

No. 546585

> She has a really simple and straightforward model that lets her Patrons feel included in the process.
And what’s that? I’m interested.

No. 546587

anybody savvy knows how to work in the gray area, she is not special in that regard

No. 546590

I read Lore Olympus, visually I think the artist has a really good understanding of color and composition that makes up for some of the other problems. Otherwise I think it's a prime example of how appealing writing will rescue unappealing art - people read it because they like the story and the art is just good enough not to put them off. It's got some fun details hidden in it too that make it popular with people who know a bit about the mythology, so it's attracting several different types of fans which will be boosting the numbers.

Also, it updates on time and is an easy read. It's like a Saturday morning cartoon, entertaining brain popcorn that shows up at the same time every week.

No. 546593

yeah this is everyone that sells fan art, you don’t tag the real thing cuz then the bots made by the companies don’t send an auto C&D and also stuff might fall under the “parody” clause as well. Big companies like Disney can totally go after every person that draws A Disney if they inclined but A: it’s stupid busywork so that’s why they make bots do it and B: they’re more inclined to go after mass production bootlegs than like, some random chick selling a print at a con. If you’ve bought any fan art from a con or a print on demand service like red bubble or society 6, all of those sales skirt the grey, she doesn’t have special permission. Go read a basic copyright law summary about it.

No. 546597

I mean we all can’t live in pre 20th century European art academia like you are where everything was just portraits and landscapes. You don’t have to like it but I bet if you looked at any of the photos of the other webtoon top comics you couldn’t name any except lore Olympus. Same if you only saw the titles, you don’t know what any look like except LO because the style is pretty singular to the brand. It doesn’t have to be realistic to have merit, that’s fuckin baby art school ways of thinking

Bauhaus is too abstract to describe LO’s stylistic influence and the real only similarity it has to bauhaus style is that wow they both use large blocks of colors. LO is more similar to commercial style art of sixties, more UPA/Disney style and color blocking similar to coby whitmore and mead schaffer mixed with modern cartoon Steven Universe-ish influence, vs bauhaus which is just design patterns and shape. Learn an art history before knocking on shit cuz it has colors and you don’t know anything else

No. 546599

That makes a lot of sense, like the different art style and writing make it stand out a lot to where people don’t mind it. That happened with The Arcana game tbh, like it looked different from all the animu VNs on mobile and the writing was pretty good but also it brainwashed the fandom to ignore the monetary tactics it had to keep you buying story (and paying for replays). Like someone calculated it was like 1200 USD if you did all the current routes available, which was the more shady part of that tea

No. 546600

I know about the grey area when it comes to fanart, but we are talking about a woman making maybe several millions a year of unoriginal content, not some random schmuck who tables at cons for a hobby. Nintendo has gone after people who did less than that.

No. 546605

What I'm saying is that personally I would rather earn less than pander to gross weeb men. Again, they don't deserve women's time and energy. I'd rather use my art to pander to other women and earn less. We rarely get pandered to.

No. 546610

It depends on the IP holder and their own attitude with derivative works. Nintendo is notoriously protective of their IPs in general, they care about their image but people still do things like kickstarters for shit that’s obviously fan art of animal crossing or Pokémon but smart people don’t tag it or they call it a “puppy backpack” not an “Isabelle from animal crossing backpack” so that it’s harder for bots and their legal team to find. But the creator takes that risk anyway cuz people eat that shit up. I’ve seen times when companies demand the creator destroy any existing work once a C&D comes and unless the creator wants to fight them in court, which they probably won’t cuz it’s fuckin expensive, then they have to destroy it (or not be caught selling it or they risk a lawsuit).

Shit like sakimi making a pinup of an “ice queen” that looks like Elsa, Disney can totally take it down if they wanted to but they probably won’t cuz they aren’t as protective of that side of things or are actively searching for it. Like nobody’s parent is gonna buy a print of porn Elsa and give it to their kid because it’s her and she’s not selling it under the Disney name or using any other Disney trademarks (trademarks = official logos or branding). But like, if she was selling it like as a mass market book, claiming it’s from Frozen and advertising it openly then of course Disney will shut it down, it will affect their image if they’re associated with it. Disney totally has the power to tell her to take it off her website and patreon and destroy it with proof but they don’t care as much. Disney has all the money in the world but furloughed 100k employees for the corona pandemic so I don’t think they’re gonna spend the money to pursue some shit like this.

This also applies to everyone selling fan art, sakimi doesn’t get exceptions cuz she has money, she can’t pay off the copyright police but she totally could if they existed. That’s why smaller companies/franchises like Undertale specified what they deemed as acceptable fanart (they said nothing mass produced although that didn’t stop people anyway) or they partner with a site like Redbubble where they grant short term licenses for approved work (RB has a list of IP they have contracts with, you submit to them and it can sell as “official” work but you can’t sell it anywhere else cuz of the contract).

No. 546612

Ya know, I always found it weird that Sakimichan has made fanart of Steven Universe before but has never dared profit from it. She only put the videos of the process on youtube for free. She’s also done that with undisguised Disney fanart like Moana. Makes me think she knows who gives a fuck about copyright and who doesn’t. Maybe she already has someone legally advising her.

No. 546616

She definitely makes enough bank to consult one or have one on retainer, I wouldn’t put it past her. But it’s not like they give her free passes cuz she makes money like some anons think. This is just the nature of selling fanart and thinking like, what would most companies do

No. 546619

Other anons already responded about her avoiding the copyrights by not using the character name and altering the designs just enough to make it into an original creation. A lot of people use this trick such as party princesses (the actors who perform at kids' birthday parties) and cosplayers who sell prints. Most companies don't care and especially Japanese ones turn a blind eye to fanworks (see: the Doujinshi industry) because it's basically free advertisement for them but you really gotta know which ones will come after you. Disney is big enough to have altered the copyright law in order to prevent Mickey Mouse from ever falling into public domain and Nintendo, like already mentioned, is exceptionally protective of their brand.

But seriously it's not hard to use the loopholes in the copyright law. Tinfoiling over how she gets away with it because she has money is dumb as shit because in the end even though Sakimichan theoretically makes over a million dollars a year it's still small money in the grand scale of things. It wouldn't be worth it to pursue her or any other fan artist for it as she's not a Chinese labor factory churning out thousands of bootleg Mickey Mouse mugs.

No. 546620

File: 1587982248661.jpeg (321.39 KB, 1440x1440, 2F69A875-A623-42BB-847F-9ADD32…)

All this Sakimi talk and I’m surprised no one brought up the ‘spicy’ tshirt designs she did. Yeah it’s old news and I can see why a select few would buy them, but I really find them unappealing.

No. 546621

Yeah most anons here especially tend to have the most basic baby views of how art works in practice. Similarly, it’s like when someone brings up that a cow went to art school but are a shitty artist, like paying for an art school diploma doesn’t necessarily make you a good artist.

tbh these threads are just waning cuz there isn’t any particularly good milky artists right now or they have their own separate, boring threads. It’s all devolved now into the morality police just chasing themselves in circles about what is “right” on a particularly not so milky artist. Yawn

No. 546626

I'd like to know why anyone would buy a porn t-shirt except embarassing other people, it's not the wearer who is going to look at it but everyone else is forced to do so.

No. 546628

File: 1587983647552.jpg (235.81 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

there's a market for that.

No. 546629

Is it to signal the normies to stay the fuck away or what?

No. 546632

didn't dolls kill and some other alt brands sell hentai shirts? I really can't imagine a young non otaku woman wearing this in pubic.

No. 546637

File: 1587987595589.png (Spoiler Image, 653.03 KB, 1182x972, Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-27 um 1…)

[Image from a short animation about female pubes]
I'm so torn about Alberto Mielgo. His animation ist formally stunning and I've never seen anything like it but I'm kind of marveling at how you can build your career out of being really into hot women and hardly drawing anything else. Is it because he's so completely unapologetic about it? His painting are basically all naked women - he even paints from actual porn idek -, his (three) Emmy-Winning short for Love Death Robots was basically "my issues with romance" (the dude in the film looks like a self-insert) and the story is a flimsy pretext to have a hot young asian camgirl run around naked. I always get the impression he must be really messy irl.

No. 546639

Speaking of shady tactics (although it's free to read so not really shady in this case), one thing the Lore Olympus author is REALLY good at is weekly cliffhangers. She always answers a question from a previous episode, then introduces a new one right at the end of the update. It's pretty cleverly done because you're always left wanting more information, but you also have some trust that it will be addressed in a later update, so you don't just ragequit.

Actually if the salty anons don't mind some art school sperg, Lore Olympus is a case study in the difference between what makes a good illustration and what makes a good COMIC. If you're learning how to do comics specifically, your goal is to keep people reading, not to have perfect art. Your readers will only look at any one panel for about 2-3 seconds, it's more important for it to look good at a glance than to be a polished illustration in its own right. Each panel should make you want to look at the next panel, and each page should make you want to turn to the next page. They literally teach you to put a 'mini cliffhanger' on every page turn. Lore Olympus is really good at all of those elements; it doesn't matter that each update only has one panel that holds up as an illustration, because it's good at conveying the narrative. As long as the narrative itself appeals to you, that's all you need.

Also like >>546597 said the style is very distinctive, that's also extremely useful in webcomics because the market is so saturated.

Basically Lore Olympus is putting effort in exactly the right places for the type of product it is, so the ways in which it's low-effort don't matter.

No. 546642

Dude this is like a ton of men in the art world who have any personal work that involves women, like it’s just super common in general that women are always objectified. Not that this makes it any less gross, I see what you’re saying cuz I am also a woman so like this kind of like “I know what you’re fapping to exactly” kind of art is just gross and super uncomfortable, men just get away with it more cuz sperging kids on the internet will turn on marginalized creators more so than actual problematic men. But yeah he doesn’t just do women, he’s a movie artist most famously known for work on Into the SpiderVerse so he’s had a career before that.

Idk where I’m going with this but like yeah, there’ll be pages upon pages of like shit cuz sakimichan doesn’t draw boobs and people will throw arms over discourse cuz heaven forbid a fictional 19 year old and 25 year old gets shipped by the fandom so that’s pedophilia but there’s less of an uproar when there’s skeezy art about women done by (white) men

No. 546646

If anyone could gain some sort of exemption from the likes of Nintendo and Disney, I guarantee you it wouldn't be a porn artist.

No. 546647

Ahegao shirts are the clothing equivalent of truck nuts.

No. 546649

File: 1587990871975.jpeg (885.35 KB, 1536x2048, D805BC8E-4547-4EDE-A61B-E4CB7E…)

TY anon, this actually kind of makes me want to start reading LO just to analyze it this way? Like the art gets rough and anyone who worked a comic under deadline knows there’s lots of shortcuts, but knowing it works well with the writing like what >>546590 said as well sounds interesting. It also doesn’t seem like it’s a comic well suited enough for print too? Like a lot of older webcomics are formatted to eventually be printed so like updates don’t cliffhanger as well.

Her thread is dry as hell cuz there’s no new milk but all the LO talk is reminding me of Becca Hilburn/nattosoup “I’m the sensei of watercolor comics” cuz she’s sort of the opposite with bad storytelling, terrible technique and no knowledge of color and watercolor. You can see how deliberate LO can be when contrasted to this disaster

No. 546650

kids are out of school because of corona, so i feel like more have been coming here and shitting up the threads. they just have little or no perspective on the art world and are convinced of ideas they come up with themselves instead of doing a little research.

this is actually making it sound very interesting lol. i've been thinking about a webcomic idea for some time now and the biggest thing i've been wondering besides story is how much effort i should put into each panel/page. with a simplistic style like lo it seems easy to hit that sweet spot of polished but doesn't take too much time, while with a more detailed style it's a bit hard to figure out what you can skip out on.

i've seen this page like 3 times now and i still can't figure out which way you read it, the paneling is just so bad.

No. 546655

My god those faces are horrifying, reminds me of shitty troon comic art

No. 546662

one thing that pisses me off about this bastardized panels is Kara's fucking face in the bottom panel. She's doing that shitty anime blush face and I have zero clue what emotion, or feeling I'm supposed to get from this page. Also why does the black girl look like took some lsd and having an existential crisis when she's supposed to be looking at her friend.

No. 546673

File: 1587995202510.png (229.12 KB, 308x296, 6ed7VjH.png)

Please God make it stop.

No. 546696

Which movie was his in LDR? They’re obviously going to focus on sex in the love part of the series. Do you mean the one about the woman who saw a murder and ran after he spotted her? That’s the only one that came to mind from your description.

No. 546709

quarantine be like

No. 546711

i mean if you swung a stick in a room of random male illustrators you'd hit like 10 pervs in one arc. "doe-eyed sexy lady and emotional problems man" is literally inescapable as a plot/framing device

No. 546716

I'm pretty sure that Becca's biggest problem and the reason why everything she does looks so bad is her laziness and her lack of patience. She tosses the first idea she has on paper, sloppily barfs some color on top of it, goes "eh, good enough" and starts the next piece with absolutely no knowledge gained from the previous one.

Of all the artists mentioned in the salt threads I think her content is the most unappealing. Kara looks repulsive. Rare birth defect repulsive.

No. 546717

File: 1588007166683.jpg (2.16 MB, 1536x2048, 1587990871975_panels.jpg)

Oof. Saged for more art school sperg, but that page would be a masterclass on how to guide the eye around if only she knew what she was doing and was sending it to the right places. As it stands, we start at the extremely green shirt, then the girl's arm forms a line with the cat's ear so we jump to green eyes, then the paw is breaking the panel border so we skip a whole panel and follow it down the line of the girl's body, hit the bottom panel (the only one where we can actually take in the entire panel at a glance) and realise we've missed the biggest one on the page, come back to the green shirt again, and now… where do we go?

Note that the blue boxes indicating what we've missed include the PROTAGONIST OF THE COMIC in 4 out of 6 panels.

This page is also characteristic of a comic artist who references manga without knowing what they're doing. Note how the biggest character is looking to the left - against the flow of text (but with the flow of text if this were in Japanese). We're fighting the human girl's line of sight for the whole page, zigzagging between the end of the text (if we had speech bubbles) and her looking at Kara. The tiny gaps between panels work fine in a black and white shoujo manga where the art is very light and soft, but with a western-style full colour background make it hard to spot where the panel breaks actually are.

I was going to desaturate this and gripe about how there wasn't enough contrast, but it actually read better that way because the girl's shirt, the grass and the cat's eyes weren't competing with each other for BRIGHTEST GREEN.

And this is not even getting into the points of action she's chosen to illustrate. The cat seems to teleport from the girl's lap to the grass and back, and Kara teleports from way off in the grass to up on the steps in one panel too.

Things like forming lines within panels and breaking borders can be done deliberately to lead the eye, the problem here is Becca doesn't MEAN to do it, so it's taking us all over the place and making it hard to read.

No. 546736

Same face,same bimbo body,nothing to see here,coomers still pay for her shit so there's that
Is there anything worth discussing today?

No. 546737

>2 days ago

No. 546756

corona dried up all the artist milk so there's nothing to do but infight :(

No. 546772

File: 1588017700253.jpg (Spoiler Image, 179.2 KB, 1200x642, Cc4AiajUAAEwK1c.jpg)

May as well, so >>546585
You've probably seen some other artists do similar, but she has a nice and simple combination:
-She has the standard "vote for who you want to see" poll. I think she also did one for pairing two random characters together for her yuri one.
-She prices patron tiers by her artwork "levels." The higher the level, the more hardcore the picture is. Pic related is an example of how levels look.
(The "owned by" is whomever got one of her commission slots, I think.)

What makes it work is that she's extremely consistent with maintaining the levels. She keeps her guarantees pretty consistent.

She used to run a patreon for male characters called Customhusbandos, too, but it didn't make nearly as much.

NTA but I don't blame you for feeling this way. It makes me wish I could write since written erotica is the popular medium to pander towards women. That being said, it could be due to the fact women are just so horribly undeserved when it comes to things like drawn smut, so it just seems like they aren't interested. People think women don't indulge in visual things, but there isn't much for us to indulge in. Time to be the change.

This was enlightening. I'm used to doing art for games, which is right between illustrative and storytelling, so comics seem pretty intimidating for me. I love the idea of asking a question at the end and chaining it to the next part.

No. 546773

what the fuck, did they put zelda's pussy on upside-down? is that her clit coming out the back?

No. 546776

File: 1588018154497.png (692.88 KB, 864x563, lavender.PNG)

why does she keep shading with red!!??

No. 546778

honestly, I don't get the mentality that being a sellout is bad.

Idk what's so great about the starving or struggling artist aesthetic other than the ability to constantly complain about how other people are more successful than you and talk about how hard it is to make it in the art word.

No. 546779

it might just be me but the blush on the PS5 controller girl looks so off. She looks robotic/synthetic so i have no idea why she decided to give her blush.

No. 546780

because anime was a mistake

No. 546781

If you're the kind of person who buys stuff like this, do you know the difference

No. 546782

Technically it's not wrong, the weird blush she did on the left is a normal hue variation in some spots on light human skin, and sub-surface scattering does make skin look more red. It just makes no sense in a cartoon style with no other hue shifts or realistic lighting techniques.

No. 546783

File: 1588019310992.jpeg (262.17 KB, 657x950, 354D4D3D-7661-42A0-83C3-C4785C…)

I know this is such a nitpick after everything everyone else has said but my god her hand looks like it’s been fucking amputated.

Overall while these are definitely smaller issues in her comic compared to the awful pacing and tge characters looking like they’re having vietnam flashbacks when they’re meant to be chilling, every problem in her comic as a whole, also exists in single panels. Like she cannot frame for shirt; every pole is cutting the hand off and from the wrist too, she’s cannot choose which are meant to be important panels so every panel has just as much detail as the next, which makes it a cobfusing read, she cannot set her characters into the frames to give them equal focus and her perspective and angle work is so abysmal that Kara is barely visible in most panels.

Even worse is that this kind of comic would hugely benefit from low and high angles, to actually hammer in how small kara is and how to big world is, and allow us to actually zoom into kara while keeping to other chick visible too but in her comic every panel is from slighly raised angle or straight forward which just makes kara sink into the panels. Like I didn’t even notice kara at first in half of these panels.

No. 546784

A lot of kids posting here and buying into the "noble starving artist" ideal which fucking sucks in reality and is the main reason why I got myself an actual profession and kept art a hobby. When it comes to art you really can't make money staying true to your ideals unless you have some crazy luck, being a sellout is the only way to earn a competent salary. I mean Matt Groening did actual, thoughtful art with his Life in Hell comics but decided to pitch Simpsons only to make money because he didn't want to sacrifice his very personal work that Life in Hell was. The (especially higher) art industry is 99% social connections and scratching each others' backs anyway so in any case you'd end up selling out in a different way. If you want to do your own thing you have to pander to the masses with easy access consumer art like Sakimichan or any "omg this is totally me #relatable" instagram comic artist is doing.

No. 546872

Are you 100% certain this artist is female? I have a hard time believing someone that has a vagina would draw a backwards one. For instance it's really easy to tell some doujin artists are women because they draw dicks backwards. I guess maybe she could have spaced out and drawn it the wrong way, similar to how some artists sometimes space out and draw two right feet.

I know she's trying to emulate Sakimi's style, but her shading is so sloppy and muddy. I can't tell where the light source is supposed to be in most of these.

No. 546903

Yeah, she made a video once and has a female voice. I’m honestly surprised customwaifus out of all the copycats is the one being discussed here. She has absolutely zero art experience beyond sakimi’s tutorials. Most others have at least been drawing since before patreon’s existence. This girl just jumped in the water with nothing and just winged it. Which is why I’m forever surprised that she’s making any money at all, let alone a full living.

I messaged her once years ago and she was cocky as fuck too.

No. 546906

File: 1588049941241.jpeg (629.74 KB, 946x1587, 75E02F7D-19A0-4D1B-80A9-380424…)

Have you seen Liang Xing? He has his patron number hidden but it used to show over 1,000 so he’s making a ton. Ngl he’s a great artist and has worked for some major companies. Which is why I found it so weird that he’s another copycat. He used to do it less noticeably, like copying her original bride dress designs or general themes. But the other day he did this…lost all respect for him. He’s a joke now

No. 546910

File: 1588051324188.jpg (20.87 KB, 248x350, 1424.jpg)

oh shut the fuck up neither of them are original, they're just basing it off actual art

the pose is fucking stupid regardless

No. 546919

Sometimes, it takes a few minutes to figure out why the pose is wrong but in these (esp. the top one) it just hits you right out of the gate kek.

No. 546933

Sakimi makes enough money to hire and draw from live models like an actual professional, yet she chooses to shit out stuff like this. You can use live models or photo references for non-realistic art– they give you a nice base to work off of so the posing feels more natural.

Both pictures have a problem with the legs not looking properly attached to the bodies, particularly the bent legs.

NTA but I disagree. The two fanart paintings have way more in common with each other than they do with the original you posted. Both drawings 1) removed the girl's shoes 2) turned a petite, flat girl into a seven foot tall Kim Kardashian 3) are in landscape 4) have her left foot bent 5) give her a weird white loincloth thing 6) make the metal trim on her clothes bigger, pointier, and more ornate and 7) give her some kind of crown thing.

He clearly copied her, but who really cares. You could fill a stadium with Sakimi skinwalkers. Hell, her copycats all seem to even use the same style of watermark she does.

No. 546935

File: 1588055457063.png (520.75 KB, 512x724, Ishtar_1stage.png)

>removed the girl's shoes
>give her a weird white loincloth thing
>make the metal trim on her clothes bigger, pointier, and more ornate
>give her some kind of crown thing

maybe it looks so similar because it's FANART based on OFFICIAL ART.

I agree their art is shit but nitpicking over similarities about a character/series you don't know is autistic.

No. 546936

lel I know I wouldn't be shelling out money for hiring models if I pandered to an audience that doesn't care about autonomy or good poses and I can still make a million a year.

No. 546942

Hopefully this won't derail too much, but this has been bugging me. I get art is more liberal by nature but is there a reason why some artists have gone full revolutionary Marxist, or should I just hop off Twitter? Nothing about communism seems tenable to art, so I suspect it's the whole not having to work for someone else mentality.

No. 546946

>drawing from live models like an actual professional
this isn't the 1800s anymore, dude.

No. 546948

The Twitter artist circles are mostly marxist because xe/xir thinks that after the communist revolution they're allowed to stay home without wage slaving drawing all the mastectomy scar vitiligo disabled ambiguous brown people they want while being provided with all their basic needs (such as art books, steam gift cards and a cintiq tablet). I'm being hyperbolic but that's the short and simple. They're lazy, entitled adult children who think they deserve luxuries and a comfortable upper middle class life style simply for the virtue of being "poor minority artists" instead of going to work like a normal person.

No. 546949

File: 1588058976577.png (587.35 KB, 528x790, Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 08.29…)

>I love the idea of asking a question at the end and chaining it to the next part.

You don't have to be super obvious about it either, you just make sure you left something unresolved. To use a boring example, in the last-but-one episode of Lore Olympus we found out Persephone doesn't have a bank account and the update ended with her trying to open one. This week we saw the rest of that scenario, but instead of finishing there it started a new scene with Thanatos being shady and left THAT unresolved. In a print comic it can be as small as needing to turn the page to see someone's reply in a conversation. If you look at existing successful comics and try to spot the unresolved thread on each page turn it's pretty easy to pick up how to do it.

And/or just buy a copy of Scott McCloud's 'Making Comics'. It covers pretty much everything you need to know about the fundamentals of sequential art.

No. 546951

You should definitely hop off twitter, but it's also just a trend. There's fashions in politics just like in everything else, most of them will drop it for the next popular opinion in a couple of years when they get bored of it. Or when they realise that we're not quite at Star Trek level communism yet and they'll have to go harvest potatoes for the state.

No. 546953

Depends on who you follow. If you follow a lot of American artists, especially now with the current pandemic crisis handling, a lot of Americans on twitter are starting to turn more to socialism because the US lacks any safety nets or means in case systems fail the individual. Creatives tend to lean more to socialism because the creative system can be greatly exploitative of artists- contract work is super common but it does not come with benefits like healthcare, companies take advantage of skilled workers and underpay/no benefits (example being the recent leak from Naughty Dog is attributed to them not paying a worker), and creative fields tend to be undervalued for the amount of work required. There are no safety nets for Americans in that regards, so if you follow American creatives then many are losing livelihoods cuz of cancelled events or companies folding. I appreciate seeing some of it, being American and a socialist, but tbh I’ve unfollowed artists who get too weird or too retweety about this shit and just follow them on Instagram cuz that’s more image based. Twitter is more like opinion and word based so to lots of people they’re like sounding boards or journals.

Go read a fucking book outside and stop sucking Reddit dicks, you redpill ignorant cuck. This has nothing to do with the question asked so go drive your pickup truck into a lake while choking on your frank miller comics

No. 546954

>implying a ton of twitter artists aren't spoiled narcissistic idiots who want to contribute nothing to society and only be rewarded for drawing whatever the fuck they want even if it doesn't answer to consumer demand
It's got nothing to do with the issue of underpaid artists who actually are putting in the effort to make a career in the industry.

No. 546959

you gotta admit that there are some men/womenchildren on twitter who don't actually understand communist/socialist rhetoric and ideologies and just want free stuff. of course this want comes out of being annoyed with the capitalist system with wages being low while costs having gotten higher so they can't actually get the stuff they want, but they really don't think this shit through. coming form an ex communist country i want nothing similar to communism on a large scale anywhere near me, the capitalist system sucks (especially in the usa), but i think it's fixable if actual taxing and laws are are enforced on the rich. now obviously there needs to be an incentive for that from the government, which if i went into discussing i'd totally derail the thread so i won't go into that lol.

No. 546971

No. 546988

Wow lmao I can only imagine how shit your art must be if you think life drawing is obsolete.

No. 547004

nta but they are obviously talking about the hiring people to pose part, there are so many free resources out there or they could spend less money by buying pose packs. most good artists also can do most simple poses from head so that's really unnecessary and just complicates things because a person can't stay in an uncomfortable pose for hours, while you can look at a photograph for hours.

No. 547012

You can do both and ask people to pose while you photograph them, though, or even just look at yourself in the mirror. Using yourself as a model is great because you can feel if the pose you have in mind is actually comfortable and natural.
>most good artists also can do most simple poses from head so that's really unnecessary
The pose in Samikimichan's drawing was a little complex though, that's why anon recommended drawing from life.

No. 547037

that's true but i was thinking in general so this "professional artists hire models" thing is a dumb idea as a whole. like you said an artist can just look at themselves in the mirror, or take photographs if needed instead of drawing from a live model.

No. 547089

We probably talked about this before, but I’m curious on your guy’s opinion on reposts. Personally, I’m fine with it as long as it gives credit directly to me/my account, is there a reason why some people would oppose this?

No. 547091


it's just human nature to compare something to something else, that's how we understand things.

No. 547096


Because 90% of the time the repost aren't crediting the artists.

No. 547104

File: 1588097334872.jpg (615.35 KB, 1919x1131, 1920px-Courbet_LAtelier_du_pei…)

I'm aware of figure drawing, but the practicality of setting up art studios with live models today eludes me. If it's still being done in those fine art circles I'd be impressed. The closest analogue I can think of is animation studios using/filming references. Plus, your butts clench at purchasing ipads, how are you gonna afford live models and studio space for your anime fanart? Stop being such a fucking crab.

No. 547105

I sometimes help my artist friend table at cons and she hears "Wow, your art looks just like Disney's Sleeping Beauty movie!" a lot. Like, at least ten times a day. So I can get how it'd become annoying.

To be fair she's always polite and says "Yeah, it's a big inspiration for me!" and doesn't get mad, but I bet it gets old after the tenth time someone says the exact same thing to you.

No. 547108

There's no reason to get annoyed at normies calling your art Disney or anime or telling you it reminds them of X, etc. A big part of being a successful artist these days is being a polite salesperson. I see lots of popular artists treat their fanbase with disdain almost, and get angry over the most harmless comments. Yea it's annoying when people say ignorant things, but if I was going to praise someone outside my field of expertise I'd probably say some ignorant shit too

No. 547110

Yeah, I don't disagree there's problems with how individuals are treated or totally raked over by the current system, but unfortunately art renaissances seem to follow the flow of commerce.

No. 547111

The whole 'starving artist' ideal was conjured up by a bunch of late victorian (early edwardian?) trust fund babies who could afford to do this kind of thing.

It's funny when you hear someone who's supposedly passionate about the arts harping on the old masters but totally ignoring the fact that they had full-on workshops that mass produced commissions with artists working on different stage.

I just bought her up because she was the first one who came to mind when people asked about Sakimi-clones.

The fact that she jumped in and winged it is what makes her more interesting to me. I think that the artists who do this same kind of rendering and actually have some fundamentals down might feel more intimidating to some of these coomers. I get a slight vibe that there's a "supporting my virtual girlfriend who draws me sexy waifus" thing going on since she had quite a bit of followers even when her style was much worse.

I'm not shocked that she was cocky; she honestly has a Not Like The Other Girls vibe, at times. But for her to do what she's doing, she would have to. It's like she's where Racist Uncle wishes she were at. Forgive the indulgence, but I have a weird fascination with artistic hacks.

Thanks for the tip! I'll check the book out, too.

No. 547126

There's no bigger turnoff than artists being super smug and disdainful towards their non artist fans. I see this a lot when there's some art challenges or memes trending (like the recent 6 characters) and these guys go "ARTIST MUTUALS ONLY", it looks like they don't even want to interact with their fanbase.

Like somebody else said, they rarely credit the artists and the reposts often get more popular than the original posts. Also, let's be honest, every artist is on Twitter now, what's the point of reposting on the same platform?
I guess people are more lenient with reposts from Japanese sites like Pixiv because its navigation and tag system not being the most intuitive (although it's much easier to use now than 10 years ago), but Japanese artists hate being reposted, even with the source.

No. 547145

File: 1588107417089.jpg (144.54 KB, 1200x1039, punziella.jpg)

So is Scamerella ever going to get any consequences from being the piece of garbage that she is?
Even being MIA for almost two years i still see people sucking her balls, all while she stole what over a thousand dollars?
The bitch even lied about being oh so poor third world bby when she has always been pretty well off.

No. 547151

pixiv's navigation is only not intuitive if you don't understand japanese, getting a little run down of what each thing says and then using the site is pretty breezy. i think it should be the standard to not repost art at all, most of the time reposts are either uncredited or on the same platform anyway. and even if it's on another platform just giving a link to it should be more normal than reposting the image.

could you give some sources and context to any of what you said?

No. 547152


Punziella has been inactive on all social media since early 2019 because she scammed her fans off comission and print money, then sends a crappy apology email being as vague as possible and asking people to "keep it between them" when the story sounds flaky as hell, she's not poor as she claim to be and has always seemed to be from a well off or even rich family (also backed by most pictures of her room, selfies using new iphones and using an ipad pro for art).

No one has been refunded and she ignores all her clients while still being active on private social media, again thats over a thousand dollars since she has used the money to pay for overseas trips to cons.

No. 547176

I have never seen anyone say “only my artist mutuals”, only ever seen “mutuals”. So they only want to do art trades or “challenges” with their mutuals… boo hoo.

On another note, I did wonder why puntz hasn’t gotten any flack for that.

No. 547192

i don't think that's supposed to be a clit. i think the red part is supposed to be the vaginal opening and/or labia minora and she didn't bother drawing the clit and it's supposed to be covered up by pussy lip. if you compare it to the peach one, she just draws puffy outer lips and a slit, which isn't much better than a backwards pussy, but still.

No. 547200

File: 1588124326633.png (287.39 KB, 562x347, I_think_Neytirix_needs_a_bette…)

I've been following Neytirix for a while and used to I guess–like her art? But her latest pieces I'm having some issue with.

And it's bringing to my attention that she's not a good artist yet she has 423K subscribers and is YouTube verified.


No. 547202

she's always had poorly drawn art anon, she's just very talented at lineart painting. She used to be big in the FNAF fandom but only drawing animatronics and furries for years tends to cause your knowledge of human anatomy to become pretty limited.

No. 547203

Yea I like the way she does lineart so I guess I might've looked away from the obvious anatomical errors when I first started watching her.

A shame.
And that definitely makes a ton of sense. Her coloring isn't that bad either she's just very amateur.

No. 547214

It's almost like people mainly want to interact with their friends on social media. Not every artist wants to personally entertain and interact with a bunch of randos just because they follow them.

No. 547232

File: 1588131215861.jpg (866.78 KB, 1076x1432, 2020-04-28 12.44.25.jpg)

more power to them, but i don't really get talented people choosing to make their art unappealing. her professional work is not like this so i'm puzzled. i guess she cares more about telling a story than making it look pretty, which is fine. but her stories seem to be mostly autobiographical so i don't see why has as many followers as she does

No. 547233

the people who tend to be bitchy to their fans are usually the ones that desperately want fans though

No. 547260

File: 1588137252240.jpeg (427.98 KB, 864x691, BE41CE1F-D5AD-4719-8086-23D243…)

Most artists who do art with very photo realistic bases hire live models, this is from Adam Hughes’ deviantart where he shows how he used it for his cat woman covers, but it’s not uncommon as you think. It’s mostly cuz lots of beginners and internet artists will do anything but interact with live people or something that is not cost effective. But if you just google live drawing and your area, there’s chances there’s local places who do classes or sessions out of their studios, and I’ve had friends who work for game and art companies who do model workshops for their artists weekly. It’s not an archaic thing, it’s tbh the most important thing to learn if you want to nail any drawing that looks like a human

No. 547263

not to mention a photo reference will not give you the same sense of volume and weight as a live model
but these are of course points that a serious artist would consider, i understand where the anons calling out sakimichan for not giving a shit are coming from

No. 547281

you're talking about two different things though

going to live drawing sessions is beneficial - yes

expecting an ANIME artist to call in a model for reference - fucking stupid

No. 547292

It's not uncommon for professional mangaka to have their assistants do poses for them.

No. 547306

File: 1588149184576.jpg (231.6 KB, 1080x684, 20200429_153030.jpg)

Anyone know or following Deepeearts on twitter? Seriously this girl is the biggest fakeass. I saw her often do artists support threads and shit like art store threads as well. At least she like the replies at least? Seriously, don't ever hope you'll get help from her.

No. 547312

any artist who follows that many people is an obvious clout chaser. I've never heard anyone say how her art inspired them or anything. It's the most insipid fanart bs

No. 547314

Even if, in this case sakimi, did get a live person - then people would complain she’s not social distancing or her job isn’t essential to endanger others

The goal posts keep moving and the entire point is fucking stupid anyways

No. 547317

This is the most obvious clout-chaser on twitter and whines everytime someone calls her out on that. I never had a direct interaction with her but had to block her account so that I don't have to see her tweets at all. I laugh about all the people kissing her ass in hopes that she'll somehow support them.


You do know that there was a time before social distancing and we can talk about how her bad decisions in the past may have lead to where she is today? Besides, I agree that even having live models won't save your art if you're really just shitting out artworks by the minute and don't care about the actual quality.

No. 547334

i hope she gets called out, even for something stupid and unrelated so people will stop kissing her ass or acting like she isn't only there for the numbers. her art is shit and she is completely fake so she really doesn't deserve the followers. honestly i feel like in the beginning she was botting followers because she just kinda showed up one day and got a shit ton of followers from the art share threads. but those needed to get popular somehow in the first place and it's not like she invented them, so it's weird hers became so wide spread.

No. 547336

I often interact by attending the support artist thread to art store tgread but none of my replies liked or retweeted by her. So i took a look yes she do retweeted some, but please if you're popular or caring at LEAST CONSIDERATE BY LIKING THEM BITCH

No. 547337

Idk anything about what the normal followers to likes ratio is on Twitter, but the fact that she has over 20k followers and only gets a couple hundred likes per post is a bit weird to me

No. 547340

i feel like that could be further proof to my botting theory, but with her it could be just that people exclusively follow her to get on her artist share threads early. which is of course showing to be a bad model for succeeding online if any other of her posts barely get any interactions.

No. 547356

I can't quite follow - get help from her how?

No. 547371

Chill. I’d suggest you find other ways to have your art seen rather than relying on getting a like or a rt from her… which is absurd cause who even is she lol

No. 547379

File: 1588168048231.png (376.24 KB, 1080x937, k068kywuqmv41.png)

So I found this posted over at KIA-of course the neckbeards are frothing at the mouth over it. Personally I never thought her work was "fatphobic"-I do think sometimes her work looks a little off (like in the boob/arm section of the pic on the right) but I wonder if this is actual outrage and not 3 people just complaining as it usually is.

No. 547380

eh sounds like to me the author of the article trying to get clicks from the title alone that just leads to a nothing article. there's nothing fatphobic about making porn art and not drawing fat people if you are not into that or if your audience isn't into that. ignorance of fat people isn't hate of fat people.

No. 547381

She is just correct anatomy-phobic.

No. 547385

I mean yeah I do think its got an obvious click bait edge to it but I just thought it was funny people would care. Here is the link if you want to see all the neckbeards fuming kek https://www.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/g9wh6b/socjus_spencer_baculi_popular_anime_and_video/

This. I always just thought it was her style so I was suprised to learn she give anatomy tutorials.

No. 547386

You may see her doing artist threads, don't hope your reply of her threads will be replied with your art. I'm mutuals with her, she never rted or liked my art whatsoever.

No. 547389

I've seen lots of artists with smaller numbers of followers with twice the amount of her likes. Maybe this leads to botting followers instead of genuine one

No. 547392

lmao I’m mutuals with her and I will say it’s kinda sus how she’ll do all these art share threads to “help support smaller artists” and then complains if someone DMs her directly to request that she RT something specific to help then get exposure. like… both things serve the same purpose stop whining

also her Qinni tribute was totally a clout-chasing measure lmao

No. 547394

Not the anon you're replying to but you have to be 18 to post here, at least pretend to try to fit in.

No. 547395

She's weird… lmao

No. 547410


I had to block her too. Her and her fake clout chasing and weird yellow teeth art.

No. 547420

Oh okay I don't know this thing at all. I'm only familiar with posts where it's basically expected people will check out the lists of people in the reply threads or where it's like a hashtag like #visiblewomen where you post it in your own timeline. I can see why she wouldn't want to dilute her brand with too much e-begging type posts. Like I would already not retweet other's art in general much to keep the focus in my content and "check out this person needing money" comes even after that. But then I also wouldn't make any of those feel-good charity posts in the first place.

No. 547429

retweeting things is actually a good way to keep your account interesting and active between posts and acting like you give even a single damn about other artists beside yourself is also good for your "brand" if you need that much of a cold approach to social media lmao. also you know, it's called "social" media for a reason.

No. 547479

Welp… you'll see her actually some of her mutuals and followers. In a few numbers only. What i dislike is how unconsiderate and unwilling to help her mutuals at the first place. Please, be selective if you want to follow someone. I don't expect ppl to follow me, she looks like she's following small artists to make only herself to look "OoOH Im sO KInD" without a single care to her majority of mutuals? This sickens me, she looks like using small artists as a tool to chase clout

No. 547536

Anyone else notice the trend nowadays of artist's (especially on twitter and insta) frying their art to death with filters and shit to make up for poor anatomy?

No. 547608

Newsflash anon- middle schoolers have been doing that since they got ahold of a tablet

No. 547638

The noise filter and pink overlays (and occasional yellow subtitles) make the art aesthetic enough for them to get instafamous

No. 547671

Wonky anatomy? Bad composition? No problem! Use filters to spice shit up to get overly popular.

No. 547682

Is it bad/frowned upon to use noise filters? Or just the combo that makes it cliche?

No. 547702

It depends on how much you use it. Noise filters and the like used to be just for added texture to a piece to make it look less boring.

But now it's used as a backbone for a lot of amateur artist works since it creates that interest to hide the actual flaws.

So as like a sprinkle on top, I'd say it's not bad but if you're using it on a piece that is so obviously bad without it–it's frowned upon.

That's just my opinion however.

No. 547708

File: 1588213736169.jpg (507.74 KB, 1080x1824, trashsthetic.jpg)

basically the whole reason why this bitch and their followers are even popular when they churn out the most mass produced and generic shit on insta

No. 547710

LMAOO LOOK AT THAT WONKY ASS ANATOMY AND FLIMSY NECK THATS GON BREAK IN FEW TURNS LMAOOO. Even more underrated artist masterpieces were drowned bc of mainstream shitty art AHAHAHA

No. 547711

the hands are copypasted and mirrored

No. 547715

Omfg, this is the same person who personified planets

No. 547722

I hate this style

No. 547730

this person went to calarts with mewtripled. I wouldn't be surprised they have some sort of crossover in followers considering they all draw each other in their art.

No. 547748

>anime artists don’t need to study anatomy

ishygddt holy shit it stinks of /ic/ in here sometimes

No. 547753

She doesn't deserve that amount of following and likes. Better she improve all of that crap artstyle she has. She looks like she draw to milk out for followers and likes

No. 547755

I'm not knocking live drawing for practice and study, calling up your girlfriend to bend over for and model her ass for a coom pose, or even studying anatomy in general. But concept artists and kids' books illustrators are not going to be calling live models in just for one or two pretty pictures, and I don't even see a big market for those detailed Norman Rockwell-esque illustrations in complex settings where having models would be warranted. You get people like in >>547260 which is pretty neat and admirable, but I can't imagine this is widespread practice anyway just because there's less demand for that sort of work to begin with. There's a reason there's more film/game studios than painters' workshops these days.

With regards to sakimi, lol even a shitty 3D model could help, sure. But this is less about her needing to use live models for specific art pieces and more about needing to practice figure drawing from live in general. But all sakimi and her clones need to do is shit out the same mechanical coomer work monthly so does it matter at this point? Not really.

No. 547761

I don't get why people even expect Sakimichan to create high art other than to just drag her down with some warped "she doesn't deserve the money because her anatomy is shit" crab bucket mentality. She's creating popcorn entertainment for people and making a bank so accurate anatomy isn't as important as high grade rendering. Why do these people keep on going about how she has some sort of a moral responsibility to hire models or draw from life? It's clearly not what she's going after so even debating it is a moot point. She makes money without David-like proportions and realism and if she's contempt with just creating sparkly rendering then I guess that's it. It would be much more interesting to actually debate if she had Holly Brown/Racist Uncle tier delusions of grandiosity but as she's practically just printing money with shiny things I find it really hard to care.

I swear these posts give me some major selfpost samefagging vibes unless we have a really bad underage twitter faggot raid going on

No. 547776

lmao can you not read?

I said studying life drawing is good, but expecting a SINGLE ARTIST to HIRE A MODEL to pose for SHITTY CHEESECAKE pinups is FUCKING STUPID

No. 547777

Because of the quarantine there are a lot of tweens throughout the site. Summer came early.

No. 547786

I have to agree with this, the only milk from her is her shitty anatomy and sometimes questionable subjects, other than that, there's nothing. She has zero engagement with fans, the only posts on social media are her new drawings, afaik she doesn't retweet from other artists or posts her opinions about movies or games, and she doesn't even respond when she gets called out. At least she knows how to avoid drama.

No. 547803

Thats a lot of text to say "i dont care", but I agree that I also dont see the problem either. I really dont think its a lot of people saying this, certain parts of the internet have a tendancy to overexaggerate things.

Yeah agree-she has the right idea in avoiding engagement especially on twitter which is terrible for this sort of thing.

No. 547804

>some warped "she doesn't deserve the money because her anatomy is shit" crab bucket mentality
I keep seeing this point on /ic/. Somehow the teenage beginners think you should be paid in accordance to how many anatomy books you've read and how much you've grinded your fundies, as if non-artists (which most consumers are) give a shit about anything other than the result.

No. 547807

completely agreed, i just personally like to point out the flaws in her art so i can get better at critically eyeing pieces. i do think she could give more effort for herself and her fans, since in her old pieces it was apparent she had fundamentals down, but if both of these groups are contempt than she can do whatever she wants. that whole point about her needing to hire a live model is one of the most retarded things i've ever heard on this website and i hope the same fagging 12 year olds fuck off back to weeniehutjr.com.

No. 547827

File: 1588252140441.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2560, 2020-04-30 18.06.06.png)

What do you guys think abt @withapencilinhand on insta? I liked him a little before he drew fucking 'ahegao isabelle' and now im skeevied out

No. 547828

File: 1588252272291.png (1.34 MB, 1440x2560, 2020-04-30 18.11.01.png)

ahegao isabelle

No. 547829

that's so amateurish

No. 547841

File: 1588256826199.jpg (703.88 KB, 2289x1225, PicsArt_04-30-09.26.15.jpg)

Can meyoco knock off die already??

No. 547844

ironic that you are showing quite a few ones that are pretty different and unique from meyoco's art.

No. 547846

Kek this is giving me flashbacks to when I got into an argument with an instagram artist who tried saying that this 12 year old was copying her aesthetic, when her "aesthetic" was just Meyoco. A rip off of a rip off.

No. 547848

this looks so gross lmao like why would you post this on your professional art insta like good job exposing yourself as a typical male cumbrain i guess

No. 547851

I wouldn't say meyoco started it, but she definitely popularized it. And op's pic does not show "different and unique", wtf, at first glance I thought it was a screenshot of one person's account.

No. 547852

god everything about that disgusts me. What makes a person look at this and say, "yeah, this is good enough to post!" cause this ain't it >>547828

No. 547853

File: 1588257681309.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.84 KB, 1069x1073, wat.jpeg)

Followed him for his portraits and technique, got tired of all the mediocre nudes.
Wtf is that clitoris?

No. 547854

can't you read? i'm saying a few of them are really not that similar to her style and especially to her subject matters, not that all of them are distinct.

No. 547857

this looks terrible lmao, and what is up with your pink screenshots btw?

No. 547860

Nta guessing it's a night time screen filter, saves your eyes and screen

No. 547869

File: 1588261885521.jpg (270.27 KB, 620x948, 1588197682955.jpg)

Someone posted this on the Moo thread and just… yikes. What the hell is going on with her tits? It almost looks like she drew one boob and copy pasted it. Plus it looks like her boobs are trying to detach themselves from her chest and fly away. Her hair looks like Play-Doh, and the tail looks half-assed and unfinished. Her leg is just broken. The stock background looks like shit, it's way too busy and it clashes horribly with the hearts and glow around her head. Why didn't she just draw Isabelle's office instead of copy pasting in what looks like Queen Elizabeth's drawing room? This drawing is definitely in the top ten worst of hers in my opinion.

As an aside, I don't mind that Sakimi makes money with bad art, I just like making fun of bad art. If people will pay for it, good for her.

No. 547873

You know sakimi won’t draw backgrounds from games anon. That’s asking too much.

No. 547875

I've seen this a bunch of time on here, but her boobs and thighs are so gigantic I didn't notice how fucked up the shoe is.

No. 547877

Please get some taste.

No. 547880

looks a bit like a neo-"vagina"

No. 547882

Bit too edgelord-artsy for me but some of the portraits are quite nice. I know too many people who do the "flat coloring over pencil sketch" style though and am kind of over it.

No. 547884

Exactly, also some of his portraits can be proportionately very wack too, maybe thats just his style though

Very nonsensical but his nude portraits of mostly women also weirds me out

Ah so sorry i forgot to turn off the bluelight filter

No. 547887

Creepshow Art not having a thread is honestly bizzare. Her personal stories are inconsistent and unbelievable, she inserts herself into everyone's drama and then acts like the victim (wtf was that Jeffree Starr reaction livestream). Her personality is the typical edgy "I'm not like most girls", and her humor consists of calling herself ugly, poor and dumb every single video. She also likes to brag about being bi for some reason.

Does anyone else dislike that self righteous cunt?

No. 547888

she's too boring to have a thread. i'm also pretty sure she lurks here

No. 547894


I'm gonna sperg for a moment but I honestly prefer her not having her own thread. Don't get me wrong, I despise her unfunny pickme ass, her inconsistent stories, her obvious clickbait and bullshit uploads for attention, and her obvious lurking on here which she consistently brings up to show how 'self aware' she thinks she is, but giving her her own thread is exactly what she wants.

i don't even think it's about her being boring either. her voice is annoying, her videos are poorly made and mass-produced and she doesn't even use her own shitty art for them anymore, so many of her stories are obvious exaggerated, pure bullshit, or her putting herself in an angle to where her edgy preteen fans who believe anything she says will continue to push the narrative that she's a victim (even though most of her drama she starts or inserts herself into). I'm sure if someone cared enough to look into her stories or claims, she'd have plenty of milk.

but she barely makes art, creepshow art as a name at this point means nothing because all of her videos are clickbait surface level drama channel bullshit with art that isn't even hers playing behind it. she obviously lurks here for ammo to use, so giving her the relevance of having her own thread or mentioning her is just feeding her ego. i'd rather she just stay in the corner looking like the irrelevant clout chaser she is

No. 547909

i like his artwork a lot, but i have to mute him when he starts posting too much porn shit. he's really talented but that shit gets old lol

No. 547923

please learn to read. all i said was that not all of them are similar to her art.

her videos/personality/art are way too boring for a thread. i never got the anons who used to spam her videos here, all the info in them is stolen from here anyway and it's way more accurate to read up here if i wanna know about some drama going on.

No. 547935

Yeah, I really don’t like her either, and giving her a forum dedicated to her, hell, even giving her the slight attention here gives her more subscribers and attention.
Someone who likes to victimize themselves while indulging in drumbass drama ( that normally does not try fix the issue because she profits from it ) and being a toxic individual, is something that I really don’t support.

No. 547946

Please just make a fucking sakimichan thread, tired of seeing her shitty art here.

No. 547965

File: 1588289026698.png (78.83 KB, 1080x606, dont be like this.png)

I don't get this attitude either. Comparisons are meaningless and dramawhores that want to toss around "copy" accusations when you know they're false are not even worth the time or effort because other people will already see that they're full of shit. It's so petty to get upset over empty comments typically made by minors.

The only time you would need to address the issue is if some other artist starts threatening you with court documents. "Lawsuit threats" aren't enough, they need to show me that they actually got in contact with a lawyer over this absolute crap and their lawyer didn't laugh in their face and tell them to go home.

No. 547973

I agree with you both. Why would she or anyone else in this market feel obligated to hire a model just to draw something based on a FOTM character that might be forgotten about in a year or less? They know their audience is too lowbrow for any of that. If she were working on some high budget original IP? Sure.

It makes me think of the Twitter artists trying to rake in new views with day-0 fanart of a newly announced character. Anatomical and technical issues won't be relevant; people are just looking for art of the new waifu/husbando. Churning it out within a few hours tops all. And even if the glaring errors are pointed out past acceptable rendering, the saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity" comes to mind.

No. 547991

im glad someone said it. there's only so many ways you can draw "transparent items with liquid and constellations" i like meyoco art when it was fresh and interesting but theres too many artists who dont pull it off well

No. 548010

It's because she and a few of her friends lurk lolcow and Everytime someone brings her up or posts a video her lurkers flood the thread with comments telling everyone we shouldn't talk about her and it works.

No. 548012

Not to mention her art is amateurish and ugly.

No. 548020

File: 1588304860692.jpg (263.31 KB, 1250x1750, 93421095_10222962966290554_759…)

Speaking of, I found this on a Facebook art group. Any mention of Sakimichan will get you mobbed by everyone else in the comments for being mean.

Out of all the artists to copy, why Sakimichan? Say what you will about her, but at least she doesn't shade with black. It makes everything look dead - the only thing that looks dead in Sakimichan's stuff are the cold, lifeless eyes of fictional characters that are whored out for those sweet Patreon bucks.

No. 548038

even copied the low-effort, slapped on photo background. amazing.

No. 548043

I might be wrong, but I believe she self-posted in here a while back, only to cry on Twitter about lolcow bringing up her dead brother and abusive sister or something. She's much more popular and somewhat credible nowadays, so I'm betting she'd suffer a massive mental breakdown if someone posted all her milk. I mean look at her reaction to the Jeffree Starr interview or when Blaire White blocked her on Twitter.

I honestly think she's bound to get a thread on kiwifarms in the future. Even her fans are picking up on the fact her life stories range from exaggerated to straight up fan-fiction. Also her fishing for compliments and basically begging people to call her pretty is weird, I mean the majority of her fanbase are underage girls.

No. 548047

I watched a few of her (your? or a fan, your comments are quite detailed) videos until I realized the formula was
>Popular topic
>pretend to be angry about popular topic
>Keep dragging it on until video is long enough
>Slap on some halfassed art for the visuals

No. 548050

Pretty different and unique where? The linework and color schemes are the exact same, maybe the cartoon on far right is differently shaped. But the style is still the same.

No. 548051

File: 1588314889082.png (1.31 MB, 900x900, Angelaanaconda.png)

No. 548078

I feel nostalgic looking at this but it's also something I would have rather forgotten

No. 548082

Looking those tbh mostly aesthetic art are made by young teens, i'd say it's oversaturated in nature. I really hate to see them stumble upon my explore page. Aesthetic art got boomingly mainstream over IG yet made me boring to see em. Please somebody take down those shitty art accs

No. 548092

Same, she reminded me of and had me crave ice cream sandwiches when I was a kid lol

However, those thin eyebrows remind me of an era long gone

No. 548093

>suddenly hearing 'OH NO IT'S NINNIE POO' in my head
Thanks anon

No. 548097

I just noticed meyoco is selling so many fanart prints www.inprnt.com/gallery/meyoco/ - can you just do that, does she have a cooperation or is it like grey zone because she's not naming the properties and drawing in her own style? I feel like she's too popular for that to fly under the radar?

No. 548102

File: 1588333369299.jpg (97.89 KB, 640x663, 94833301_232465727859145_42808…)

Mostly its a grey area. Meyoco also got her artbook published in japan

No. 548103

Any thoughts on Sasucchi95? Her art's incredibly wonderful at first glance. The more you see her art, the more boring you see. Indeed her skills are ounstanding somehow what made her art looked boring is the same composition all over and over.

No. 548106

As far as i know, inprnt.com allow us to upload fanarts there as long we drew it by ourselves.
Whoa, congrats to her. Serioulsy im not impressed at her art at all thanks to her pissy yet petty personality on selling her merch online. She hates her homeland sooooooooo much yet she doesn't want to ship her merch there. Good thing that she got many paypal disputes after fans got her merch safely, karma is real.

No. 548108

imagine being this iconic

No. 548109

That's good to know because I had gotten some vague-fanart taken down from society6 before which was annoying. I mean inprint will probably also follow a takedown request by a copyright holder but in the case of s6 I'm pretty sure they did it preventively.

No. 548116

no one knows this artist, if you are not just vendetta posting then post their art so anyone can actually say something about them. also you know this is an image board so that should be common sense.

No. 548119

File: 1588336361249.jpg (78.95 KB, 900x643, meet_the_artist_meme_by_sasucc…)

ntayrt, Sasucchi95 is pretty popular but the only drama i recall involving her was the time she got shit for a "meet the artist" meme where she had listed children as a dislike

No. 548121

>dislikes ISIS and wars
How brave and controversial

No. 548131

I knew artfags are retarded, but Jesus Christ anon. She's from/lives in Kuwait, of course she's going to hate war and ISIS.

No. 548132

I legit thought this was Kasey Golden at first glance. Seriously.

No. 548135

meet the artists are always so cringy, they list the most basic bitch things on the like/dislike thing. how is disliking children even controversial, do 40 year old soccer moms follow her?

No. 548138

Okay but why did she put her weight

holy shit lmao

No. 548163


Really bold of you to say her art looks "incredibly wonderful" at first glance lol it's the same anime shit every other weeb draws but with some better polish. Nothing interesting or original about it.

No. 548180

I honestly want to know why she hasn’t fully switched her merch to be handled by someone else since all of her apparel is handled by a US distributor who does this stuff for artists (white squirrel) but she insists to sell her shit from her own country while bitching about its postal system. Probably her own control issues but since the post probably is cancelled where she is, like it’s probably better to give it to the fulfillment center

No. 548182

Every cynical 20-something lists children as their dislikes, this isn’t new. And this is a self post isn’t it

No. 548183

I’m not bashing on this artist, but doesn’t anyone else notice that most artists’ MBTI is an INFP? I thought that was really interesting

No. 548210

I've seen her stuff making rounds on Twitter. Pretty kawaii animu shit but it gets boring fast. Also she's one of those people who post obviously polished pieces then call it "just a sketch".

No. 548239

Hey anons, I'm finally almost finished with the list of books for artists. For anyone who wants to draw realistic interior design I recommend the book Interior Design Illustrated by Francis D.K. Ching. It contains a lot of average measurements for many different types of furniture (and why).

With that being said, none of the books I read really covered hair or fur that well. I know it's more of a rendering thing and probably doesn't deserve its own entire book, but if anyone has any guides or anything that contain advice on structuring hair and such I'd really appreciate it.

No. 548244

File: 1588355982530.png (972.18 KB, 1125x2436, meyoco tutorial how to.png)

psd files if requested

No. 548245

Did you do this? Cringe

No. 548248

NTA but what part of this is cringe

No. 548260

Yikes anon. At least some Meyoco copiers look a little decent, yours looks like shit.

No. 548261

Gonna second this anon, it's cringe and stinks of vendetta and jealousy. At least proof read your shit for typos and grammar mistakes before posting it. It's gonna be a long ass year when the lockdown and the upcoming summer vacation allows seething underagefags to post their teen drama here.

I honestly miss the time we would discuss artists who had actual drama instead of nubile art class 101 high schoolers reeing about inoffensive popular boring weeb artists and how they don't deserve their followers.

No. 548262

Yeah… I do say her art has nothing interesting like wow incredible art. I do concern why don't she try improve on compositions, angles, or perspectives to make her art look dynamic.

At least she drew better than you two anons. Your art might be good but still won't be as good as her level

No. 548266

Fkin hilariouz shitty tutorial. Cringey af anon

No. 548272

She didn't sell her merch in her own country just because she hates how problematic people there (political, religious-centric, problematic af). Heard from artists who have attended a con with her, they claimed that she's a difficult person. She acts snobbish towards her boothmates. She often tweets about her bashing her own country.
I'm no longer support her bc of her racist attitude.

No. 548274

Congratulations anon, you get the shitpost

No. 548283

Nice defence mechanism. It's still cringe, stay mad.

No. 548291

just remove all of step 8 and you've removed 90% of the cringe

No. 548294

Idk why anons are so mad
this is a salt thread, tf you expect? Reasonable discourse?

At least it explains how easy and copy paste these #aesthetic art styles are for n00bs

How bout you mad anons make better ones of an actual cow's style or something?

Multiple people dog piling an anon that at least posted content is counter productive af


No. 548296

File: 1588361913191.png (62.81 KB, 933x340, Capture.PNG)

so Webtoons is holding a webcomic contest. Are any of you entering? The rules are complete bullshit though. from the looks of it only already popular artists have a chance. I would've entered if it weren't for that and the fact that whenever I try to enter the website my browser labels it a threat.

No. 548297

it doesn't make it any less cringy and of course we will shame someone for aggressive vendetta posting.

No. 548298

No. 548307

File: 1588363065455.png (1.02 MB, 1125x2792, meyoco tutorial how to cringe…)

-Try my best to not blogpost here
Hello anon i'm the creator of this knock off tutorial. This is my first time making tutorial,so i don't except anything good here.(note english isn't my first language)
Honestly make this is for fun aka shitpost if you can call this too
. I understand why anon thinks steps 8 as vendetta or jealousy posting.(probably my edgy humour lol) Also art this picture is rushed that why look sloopy and bad

No. 548312

“Step: 8 commit Seppuku”
Racistuncle is that you?
No matter what, Anon, please don’t tell people to commit suicide because their art is uNoRiGinAL

No. 548314

Jesus, I thought anon's art is cringe, but imagine taking that last step seriously.

No. 548316

I was considering it, but looking at the “level of engagement” kinda worries me

No. 548318

>I was only pretending to be retarded!!!!!

Just take the L and go, anon. I can't handle this cringe anymore.

No. 548319

Anon, we get it, you’re pissed that no one accepted your glorious tutorial because of its edgy humor and telling people who draw like that to kill themselves. Stop strawman and defending this piece of shit and move on

No. 548320

File: 1588364487078.png (181.34 KB, 363x326, meyoc.png)

anon it's not that hard to draw the eyes looking in the same direction

No. 548327

File: 1588364985331.jpeg (470.71 KB, 750x678, 46027B27-6525-4CB2-8017-68CFFA…)

Hey anon, I think you mean this one, it looks 2x as bad

No. 548331

>>548327 this was an edit anon

No. 548342

this fucking thread

No. 548350

it tries too hard

No. 548352

>Implying I'm the art anon.
All I'm saying is that her art is cringe and shit, but to say that she's actually telling people to commit suicide when it's just some unfunny meme is hilarious of you(s)

No. 548357

>but to say that she's actually telling people to commit suicide when it's just some unfunny meme is hilarious of you(s)
It's just another sign that this thread (and others) is basically filled with the type of snowflake that'd normally get mocked here. They just come here to vendettapost about people they're just as bad as, if not worse.
Like, this exact form of exaggeration (someone writing "commit sudoku" has now become "you LITERALLY told people to kill themselves!!") is one of their main tactics, especially in their "callout" posts. It's a manipulation tool to make their sperging over petty subjects seem somewhat justified. It only works on literal children and other deficient people, though. It's like weaponized virtue-signaling.
The meme/shitpost tutorial isn't good, and probably a vendettapost in its own right, but it's also not really a big deal worth all the (You)s. 100% chance that there are some salty meyoco copycats ITT.

No. 548359

I'm so frustrated with all these retarded summerfag twitterinas infiltrating the thread that I want to have a good big crying tantrum or something. The other one is making hella cringey mock tutorials and the other one is faking to be appalled about ~literally~ being told to kill themselves due to a commit sudoku joke. I'm so tired.

No. 548360

you put way too much effort in an unfunny and uninteresting shitpost. You could have spent that time practicing art

No. 548378

File: 1588374015851.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1815, 546F8758-BF0D-4D40-BAC2-A682B1…)

May have already been talked about, but what's with this black hands shit? She colours them black in irl pictures too.

No. 548379

File: 1588374086243.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1820, A1F85CA7-A029-4116-8361-CED815…)

Samefag, here's an example of an edited selfie.

No. 548380

are you sure she colors them and shes not just born that way and has bad circulation in her hands or something

No. 548381

I think it was mentioned in one of the past threads that she said she has some kind of condition that makes your hands dark.

No. 548382

File: 1588374468113.jpg (146.07 KB, 1080x1350, EWuTRWEX0AM45uN.jpg)

NTA but her photos definitely are edited. In this pic she basically drew over her entire hand. I can believe she really does have some kind of condition that darkens the skin on her hands, but I'm guessing she feels self conscious about the way it actually looks so she edits them to look this way instead?

No. 548385

There's no such thing that would make your hands "dark" or if there was she certainly wouldn't be drawings with her hands because they'd be ridden with necrosis. It's just an imaginary quirk she gave her avatar.

No. 548386

i think it's just a gimmick for her account

No. 548401

That thigh gap though lmao

No. 548415

That's super obviously colored lol, the shades in the hand wouldn't work like that with actual dark skin

No. 548431

File: 1588383496208.jpg (67.2 KB, 700x467, 5c3466fd0dc24-comic-pants-5c2f…)

Seems like an art cope technique for being unable to draw hands, so she made it a part of her style. theres a strapless bikini comic she does where she draws her hands normal from the same period, but it was an easy hand pose.

No. 548434

Love her coloring techniques
Dislike everything else

From her same face to her constant reuse of poses, generic backgrounds, etc

I used to really look up to her and wanted to learn from her style, but the threat of same face syndrome scares me.

No. 548435

File: 1588384224005.png (504.45 KB, 809x590, Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 6.43…)

this is what she had to say about it 4 days ago

No. 548437

I looked thru her account it’s because she has a thing for red pandas I think

No. 548438

This is an egregious lie, especially when her real pictures are so obviously edited. There are conditions like raynaud's that can make a person's extremities look darker, but it's more like a purple bruise colour, not charcoal fucking black. Black fingers means gangrene, which means dead tissue. I think the other anon is right about getting in too deep with an art cope.

No. 548439

yeah i feel silly posting that screenshot now because afterwards i saw all the red panda comments. so i guess what she said in the screenshot was a joke

No. 548470

Theres buergers disease
But youre right it probably just a gimmick

No. 548497

Yeah like >>548438, black tissue means dead tissue and with buerger’s disease, it’s because blood vessels get damaged and lead to tissue death. If she had this as a child, then she really wouldn’t have fingers, not just coloring. I more believe the red panda thing, she’s probably a furry that keeps a “non furry” art account to be taken seriously but also doesn’t want to separate the red-panda part of herself. I know a few people deep in furry who have accounts like this but they can’t stop referring to the fur aspects of themselves.

No. 548538

Try my best to not blogpost
Instant regret ,I rather spent time for studying alphonso dunn book(ink tradi drawing).Mostly doing this shitpost in my freetime and do it because i don't want to forget how to use digital
This thread actually went downhill after the stupid catfight when anon asked "which one better?Ipad or cintiq(display tablet)" in the last thread.
This thread community is probably a mix of tumblr,twitter and little bit of ic(aka less autistic of ic with sensitivy like tumblror twitter)

>I also some anon followed the tutorial in another thread. Glad it helped

Probably plan to make salty tutorial in the future. And dont worry i learned from my mistake.
Sincerely tutorial creator

No. 548540

u r adorable anon ily

No. 548565

It looks like shit lmao.

No. 548575

Tbh this is kind of embarassing just because it looks a lot worse than most meyoco copycats. If you're trying to make the point that meyoco is easy to copy, you should be copetent at copying her yourself

No. 548578

File: 1588403048046.jpg (14.42 KB, 259x300, image0.jpg)

my thoughts exactly lmfao. anon's entire point was that it was easy to do yet failed miserably. now they're upset they got made fun of too. some of these people have no clue where they are at.

In other news this person has almost 50k followers and possibly the laziest shit art style i have seen recently. "uwu aesthetics" have gone too far if this dogshit gets you attention on instagram

No. 548579

please get the 'rona

No. 548592

I don't like artist who excuse their inability by drawing "ugly outrageous art" but when it comes to drawing a normal figure they're shit

No. 548593

File: 1588407922168.png (731.48 KB, 532x884, e08e5b7f8eb021962e2e2e2b43b192…)

all the pics/vids in her IG story her hands are totally normal

maybe shes just a 21 pilots stan?

No. 548596

It's always like this. Anons start claiming that people like Sakimichan and Meyoco are hacks and that replicating what they do is ~so~ easy and low effort, while never being able to do so themselves. The reason why they claim it's "easy" to begin with is because they lack a critical, trained eye that can take a piece or an artist's style apart and identify what makes the picture look like their signature piece. I.e. they're not talented and experienced enough to make a fair judgement.

No. 548619

It's not even milk anyway. All of this sperging over "this artist with more followers than me is just a meyoco copycat". Certain themes are popular right now so if you are an uwu pastel artist you're going to jump on the trend just like anything else. An artist drawing liquid inside of glass isn't stealing anything and it's not milk.

No. 548631

The tutorial is god awful but the anons managing to somehow replicate the style in the redline thread in spite of its awfulness is pretty funny.

No. 548647

The redline thread is a boundless source of entertainment if only for the spectacular abundance of Dunning-Krueger in real-time. Not to show my /ic/ PTSD or anything

No. 548651

anon what font are you using? I dig it

No. 548653


I didn't expect to see this person on here. I don't even remember why I followed them initially, but when I realised that they were only doing the art share posts for clout I blocked them.

No. 548730

The thing about only already popular artists winning is actually not true. I was interested in the contest, so I read the current Tapas thread concerning it and the one from 2018. The old one is full of people complaining about popularity being such a big factor, but in the end when the winners were announced a lot of them were "underdogs" that none of the posters in the thread had expected to win.
It also says right there that it's a purely skill-based contest and the level of engagement would be measured reasonably and most likely according to circumstances (like how long the entry stayed up, how popular someone already was and the ratio of subscribers to likes/comments and so on?).
So I'd say you should definitely go for it if you want to! Especially since the webtoon crowd seems to be very easy lol

No. 548733

I'm the second artist on the redline thread to try to do the meyoco aesthetic. I admit I didn't follow the steps of the salty tutorial and just looked at a few meyoco drawings to copy. I think I could make a slightly easier tutorial if anyone was interested. You do need some ability to draw a face like hers if you're going to put one in your drawing…

No. 548735

I'm the first artist in that thread and I didn't even look at the tutorial or meyoco drawings. Just wanted to take the piss

No. 548739

>"uwu aesthetics" have gone too far
seriously. i actually hate this kind of art. it has such an "i'm too old for adventure time, but can't quite get into anime for some reason" feel to me.

No. 548818

Hi anons, my art has improved a lot in the last 3 years but I get much slower every time I 'improve'. I immediately notice my mistakes and mistakes in other people's art, but I can't draw well automatically. My art takes awfully long now because it's an endless process of fixing what looks off over and over. I take hours/days for what people I follow can do in 30 minutes.
Because of that I don't have a consistent output, or followers in social media. I'm afraid that it's because I started late in age, my brain isn't learning shortcuts anymore and that's why I can't draw anything good at first try even if I know what 'good' looks like. Still I practice everyday and try to learn new things and tricks. But it's like my eyes have learned but my hand hasn't.
Is there hope I will be faster one day, preserving the quality? Or you can also tell me the harsh truth that I'll only get slower.

No. 548828

If all the drawing you do consists of fixing details and mistakes you probably haven't developed the muscle memory to draw properly in the first place. Start sketching hundred of times in a day without erasing anything or in pen and you will improve much faster

No. 548829

It looks like you’re not quite learning in an efficient way, Anon. While it is normal for your eyes to develop faster, it is not efficient to constantly correct mistakes. It might look like you’re improving, but you actually hold back without noticing. You don’t learn shortcuts because you’re focusing on perfecting, not on finishing the piece so that you can have better feedback. Practice your fundamentals and do a lot of gesture, don’t fret over perfection. Finished, not perfect.

No. 548830

really? I would've assumed that with how terrible Tapas and Webtoons are as websites that that would've been the case. Besides the fact that the only things that get popular on Tapas and Webtoons is boy love comics. I might make a submission now but idk

No. 548844

File: 1588444502370.jpg (48.21 KB, 499x657, _20200502_192820.JPG)

Kind of ot, but why does everyone seem to have 10k+ followers on instagram now? Everytime I go onto my explore, I get shown the most bland, generic moe art, most that isn't even well drawn, and when I click on their account they have 30k followers

I used ig 2014-2016 and back then it would only really be good artists that could get that type of following, but now I use it again, it's like I'm on a whole different app

Here's an example of someone who I keep getting recommend, she posts nothing but these same faced shitty sketches, but has 24k followers. I thought she was 12 but it turns out she's 19 years old

No. 548847

They follow thousands of people and comment on/like a ton of their posts. It's not hard to farm for exposure and followers/likes on instagram and holding it as an indicator of a popular artist doesn't work.

No. 548873

I'd also recommend you draw in pen, or at least don't erase anything, if you make a mistake just move to a clean piece of paper and try to draw it again.

At the moment when you make a mistake, you correct it so you're not really retaining WHY it looks wrong. Drawing in pen will force you to sit with the mistakes and see them properly, that way over time you learn which mistakes you normally make and start to correct them before they happen. It sounds like you're slowing that process down by fixing every little thing.

No. 548877

Personally, I find it to be ok to not have things down immediately, it’s something that takes both time, and as another anon said, muscle memory. Just keep practicing with references and don’t worry too much with how long it takes you to “perfect” your piece :)

No. 548878

Oh cool, thanks for the tip anon!

No. 548881

What are tapas and webtoons like if you've ever used them? I lurk around the tapas forums, since I'm currently writing my own comic but I don't really know anything about the websites themselves. I've heard some bad stuff about webtoons but not really about tapas and even for webtoons, it's just people saying how webtoons is bad but never actually explaining why. If you know why I would actually be really interested to know.

No. 548889

File: 1588453928192.jpg (42.42 KB, 500x375, tumblr_o4tztpJEx91qkn25so4_500…)

it sounds like you're too in your head and haven't worked on the physical part of drawing enough. i treat a lot of my drawing process like a workout with equivalents to stretching and warming up and doing mindless grunt work before doing anything that requires thought or creativity.


I started doing these exercises last year and nothing else has given me so much noticeable improvement. even family members who used to say nice things about my art no matter what are starting to go "oh…you've REALLY improved now!" Anyway, it takes the anxiety out of doing confident lines. It may not be 100% perfect every time, but my muscle memory is good enough now that I can feel confident that my hand won't go wildly off course or extremely jittery when inking my drawings. Do that and some croquis. They might look horrible when you don't rely on any shortcuts but that's fine. No one has to see them!

No. 548893

also samefag but i want to stress that when you do this, croquis, or any other warmup exercise, don't correct anything. attempt to get it right the first time, and when you mess up, just start the same thing again. it sounds like you're focusing too much on finished products only so you get performance anxiety and overthink every little line. if you get used to doing sketches and exercises where you can't correct anything, then when you do your polished work you'll make corrections more sparingly.

No. 548918

Tapastic and Webtoon both have its pros and cons, but if you're just looking to post a comic for fun without expecting any attention on it, Tapas is the way to go. If you're looking to grow an audience and get known for your comic, Webtoon is the way to go.

Tapastic gives you a lot more creative control, such as being able to schedule your uploads, and you will be notified if someone comments on your work. Tapas also tends to be a lot more LGBTQ+ friendly in its userbase, and more diverse in terms of art style and story.

Whereas Webtoons is a very reader-centric environment and most of its demographic is the Wattpad demographic as well. There's a rating system which keeps up the quality control. However, I've heard from smaller creators with relatively low social media following that they get bombarded with low ratings, as fans of popular series tend to downvote other series to make their favourites look better by comparison. You will not receive notifications if someone comments and you must check manually. However, it's good for getting attention if your story is the type that appeals to this demographic.

That's basically what I've seen and this is all a matter of opinion, but I hope this helps.

Saged for kinda ot.

No. 548934

Because she's so uwu smol, of course

No. 549026

Any other anons currently attending art school/university art programs? Or interested in getting into the animation industry like visual development, character design, storyboarding?

No. 549027

File: 1588474784411.png (1.15 MB, 758x778, l8fl2bht8qe41.png)

anybody else absolutely hate the art for lore olympus … like wtf is this garbage inconsistency

No. 549031


Oh my god just scroll up, there’s someone explaining art inconsistency is normal in comic books, even professional ones and that lore olympus is actually good for what it is, a cheesy wattpad romance

Can people please shut up about it already

No. 549036

Can you give an example where 'shit figure' in question isn't an obvious stylistic choice or a fast doodle?

No. 549043

So the artist has like 3 people doing her job and we need to excuse the fact that she can’t draw her Mary Sue self insert lmao

No. 549044

y'all should put a disclaimer in the next threads so anons won't bring up lore olympus and simikichan again

No. 549048

I think one of the reaons some anons don't like LO is cause it earns 100k a year despite being a rather mediocre comic and they are somewhat jealous of that

No. 549056

It's kind of comforting to know you can make a living being a mediocre artist. You don't need to be insanely good to be a professional artist, just be consistent and know your audience

No. 549066

Me. She cant make a character look consistent in 3 panels

No. 549069

I tried watching this person back then but gave up cuz they came off as tryhard

No. 549081

Being a mediocre artist isn't sustainable in the long run if you don't even bother to improve. Sure you can live pretty great but eventually the general artistic improvement curve of everyone else will catch up to you, and some other mediocre popular artist of the month takes your place.

No. 549086

oh yeah the art is shit but the story is worse, it's so unimaginative and indulgent.

No. 549272

I'm going to be studying a diploma of visual art just so I can get into uni (for a completely different subject), I'm honestly excited to properly learn certain things.

No. 549273

It doesn’t NEED to be consistent and super on-model, that’s the whole point of the style so go read the above stuff about it cuz frankly this is just your own lame ass uninformed and distasteful jealousy. It isn’t a fuckin animated movie where everything needs to stay on model in every frame and it’s a stupid argument cuz if you look at ANY webcomic that has been on for longer than a year, of course the art looks different cuz the artist has gotten used to the schedule and gotten better/found more shortcuts to put shit out consistently and on time. Plus people who regularly read it KNOW it’s the same character cuz the color is consistent and is a trademark of the series. Fuckin read the thread and go cry into your generic, uncultured ass drawings cuz nobody will read your sad sketches or look at your artwork like they do with LO.

No. 549274

Also if you think artists don’t use shortcuts like paint overs and tracing and assistants in like most shit that involves art, then go actually TALK to any artist working in a field and learn shortcuts are common and not some like sacrilegious bullshit

No. 549275

why are you riding rachel's dick this hard

No. 549278

I don’t even read LO, I’m just tired of this cuz it isn’t even milky, this is just a stupid art opinion cuz most of the anons on here can’t even draw a box to save their lives and going after LO cuz it’s widely read is fuckin boring.

No. 549309

Holy chimpout, Batman.

A little inconsistency is to be expected in any comic. But the inconsistencies >>549027 showed are really prominent. It doesn't look even remotely like the same character. I think the main issue is that her eye/pupil size changes too much, and each panel seems to give her a different jaw/head shape.

I don't know why so many of the WKs in this thread bring up money. Rob Liefeld made tons of money– that doesn't automatically mean all the criticisms of him are bad faith and rooted in jealousy. The reason why LO and Sakimi come up a lot is because they, like Liefeld, are well-known– the more people see a piece of mediocre art, the more likely other artists are to point out its flaws.

No. 549342

File: 1588512638486.png (895.55 KB, 3000x3000, 1257833_inagreenhoodie_party-s…)

i recently started using newgrounds and it's pretty swell because you can find artists with good art who don't have that big of a following. well i started following this artist called InAGreenHoodie who i thought had a pretty cute, kinda minimalist style. looks like they didn't find the followers they had enough though, because they announced that they would stop doing good art and just work on shitty ~uwu relatable~ comics. it's pretty sad to see artists care about numbers more than about putting out quality works.

No. 549343

It’s because being a sellout is a bad thing - it wasn’t “invented by Victorians” as some anon said earlier. it’s a bad practice not just in art, but in in any industry. Quantity over quality, no quicker way to completely lose your soul.

No. 549373

File: 1588520470402.jpg (613.69 KB, 1080x2018, 20200503_223632.jpg)

I've seen someone who posted a thread of this artist. Bruh… Instagram peeps sure is blind isn't it? They always gives unsolicited critiques to already high end masters while at the same time they compliment artist like this that doesnt even study the fundamentals who wants to pay 10 dollars for art like shit? Skip-

No. 549386

Lmaooo, some anons like myself HAVE read this shit taste comic. All characters are generic in the way that satisfies a middle/high schooler’s own self-insert and The inconsistency is abhorrent.

it’s on the level of Steven universe, actually much worse because at least the characters in SU all look distinguished from each other and have the same basic unique shapes and not depending on colour. You know that scene where hades and his bro’s go to the human realm, I wouldn’t tell the difference between them, and they had to use coloured text to show the difference. I’m tired of each male characters suddenly growing a yard long nose and looking like a hades recolour because the artists on staff don’t care to learn how to draw the character for the sake of their “own style uwu” - the females have it worse too, they all look like Persephone without the pink or the “smol girl” when standing next to someone

No. 549396

Just how long does 'the run' have to be? One successful project isn't your end-all-be-all. An artist can have different target audiences and brands over the course of their lives, if they wanted.

That short run could net you more than enough to retire early (if you're REALLY lucky), invest in bettering your skills, being a learning experience, or move on to something bigger and better. Just because the end product shows inconsistency and stagnation doesn't mean what they're doing off-the-clock might. Time is money, and deadlines and audience demands are a thing.

This isn't coming in to cape for these creators; a lot of artists need to realize, if they want to do this for a living, what makes them the most money may be their most simple, sloppiest, silliest, stupidest, and easiest-to-digest shit. This means more funding for your real passions. Though there's still a matter of finding a balance.

If you're doing art for the sake of art and yourself, none of this applies.
If you're not trying to pay the bills with it, reading this post was likely a waste of your time.
And if you know who your audience is, a lot of what I just vomited out might be irrelevant.

But if you're getting mad because the lowest common denominator on social media aren't appreciating the time and skill you took into putting into a composition, and the hours upon hours of study and craftsmanship that made it possible, you should either re-consider why you're making this art, who you're making it for, if not yourself. Are the same people who eat up these "relatable" scribbles the same people that you want as your target audience?

Since you have admirably atrocious reading comprehension, I'll clarify: I was talking about the concept of being "starving artist" as an ideal that came around during the Bohemian movement, which sprang about during the tail end of the Victorian period, not selling out. They do NOT mean the same thing. Artists selling out to the wrong crowd and fucking themselves over is a tale as old time. Abandoning the idea of being a starving artist is not "selling out" if your goal is to pursue commercial art and make a living.

Selling yourself out implies sacrificing your principles. No one HAS to post UwU Dumb Shit to succeed unless they want the UwU Dumb Shit audience. If you hear yourself going "so I have to bring myself down to this level to succeed," then ask yourself why you're even putting time into this in the first place? Why is this the end all, be all point for success? Is this how you define it? Why are you even comparing yourself to someone with a ton of followers who eat up the most inane, redundant art? Is that the crowd you really want? And if it is the crowd you want, quit hoping they'll develop tastes and play to it. Otherwise, don't sell out and go make the effort to find your audience that will appreciate your growth.

No. 549415

The reason high end artists get unsolicited critique from kids is because they're professional artists, and thus they should be absolutely flawless in these kids' heads. It's easier to criticize a gourmet meal for not meeting your standards vs a mcdonalds burger. These shitty arts don't get criticized by kids because they see them as being on the same level as them, and since they can't draw like this it looks insanely good to them. It's an art style they could do, so they aspire for it.

It reminds me of a youtube vid i watched which split art youtubers into 2 categories, aspirational and inspirational. A less skilled artist is more relatable to a broader audience who's interested in art and drawing because they see that art style as an achievable goal for themselves

No. 549421

I'm art school sperg anon and I feel like I should clarify that it's still valid criticism to say the character models are inconsistent (they are) and the story is cliche (it is, don't ask me why I like it). My point was to explain why it's so popular despite those problems.

The artist can get away with the characters being so inconsistent because they're so strongly color-coded that you could still understand the story with just colored blobs. That's great for readability, which is key in a comic. BUT it doesn't mean it wouldn't be better to have strong color-coding AND consistent character models.

Like if you have to pick one or the other then you should prioritize readability, but if you can have good readability AND your panels hold up as illustrations that's still better.

No. 549516

I think >>547894 summed it up perfectly. But don't think you're the only one who finds her absolutely annoying. It's pretty obvious that she's a clout-chaser and that she exaggerates her stories. I think the sad thing about her is that the kind of commentary content she makes could be good if she wasn't so bad at it. If she stopped exaggerating her stories, stopped the cringe self-deprecating humor, and at the very least, used her art more (even if it's not that appealing), it wouldn't be as bad.

I know people don't like Twisted Disaster and she has her annoying quirks too but I'd much rather listen to Twisted then Creepshow because at least Twisted uses her own art and doesn't really clout-chase, at least not that I remember.

No. 549522


exactly. at least twisted uses her own artwork when she's talking about dumb shit or doing storytimes. creepshow is trying to factory farm shitty content so quickly that she doesn't even give a shit if her bad art is behind the audio or not, she'd much rather just pick fan submitted art that she knows is better than hers than actually put in time and effort to improve and make her own work.

No. 549590

File: 1588550666840.jpg (159.71 KB, 1378x2048, 95787001_2619283544999171_7210…)

spotted another 'digital artist' in the wild

No. 549593

File: 1588551022789.jpg (38.27 KB, 960x498, 96358751_10158251904147943_316…)

i'm not the only one who thought it was a trace over and even when i looked on the op's insta and saw their timelapses it still looked a bit traced

No. 549594

File: 1588551108106.png (180.73 KB, 400x300, dw look.png)

>implying LO and Sakimichan are high end art

No. 549652

with the talk of webtoon here, does anyone know any good methods on promotion for a webcomic? how did the originals get chosen and seen?

No. 549667

At least they learn the fundamentals rather than milking content by crappy sketches nd post them on their IG. Please keep in mind the artist on the pic is not a kid anymore, a young adult who needs to improve their art. They don't even understand anatomy, fundamentals, coloring, and rendering. What company who wants to buy crappy sketches like that for the illustrations?

Feel bad to say this, they wasted their whole time on IG rather than actually studying fundamentals. Like the other artists, they used to be a beginner but gradually they improve and improve on art.
Anon, you probably need to stay away from this forum then study some art.

No. 549670

File: 1588560399835.png (3.12 MB, 1211x2048, Screenshot_20200503-224026.png)

Does anyone else wonder if people who hold art contests on insta choose shitty art on purpose? Because I've seen so many where the entries that win are much worse that some of the others. For example, the one I've shown is so much worse than the pieces that were chosen as runner ups.

No. 549682

if it's so much worse then show it. also sage

No. 549714

File: 1588564842375.jpg (23.27 KB, 346x499, 51ZVZqfPOiL._SX344_BO1,204,203…)

It's taken me this entire thread to realise LO stands for Lore Olympus.
It took me long enough to realise you weren't talking about the awful pic related, too

No. 549720

It bugs me how innocent these covers always look. At a glance, you'd think these were some soft slice of life comics about school kids. But no, they're hardcore loli porn.

No. 549762

Same, I saw the artist’s stuff around before I knew what the magazine he drew it for was and it’s like great, now I gave to live with liking the art style of a pedo.

No. 549778

I know someone who got to make a comic for webtoons and they had their personal comic running on Webtoons for a while, which eventually got picked up to be an official series. That's how it goes for a lot of webtoons comics, they're made by people who used to publish on their own on Webtoons, then they got hired after their series got popular.

No. 549781

I hate it so much too, it really does feel like a grooming tactic. There was a coffee table manga art anthology that I bought as a preteen that had a lot of cutesy moe art in it which I loved, including some illustrations by a Japanese artist called YUG I became obsessed with. Later I tried to find more work by YUG and similar others in the book and realised they specialized in lolicon, I had just been too naive to see it from their included works. It's fucked up that a pretty and cute book from Borders would lead a kid to find that kind of stuff.

No. 549788

It’s weird, it’s a loli book but it runs multiple anti irl cp and anti pedo campaigns in the ad sections.

So they’re clearly stating fiction shouldn’t be mistaken for real life. Idk how to feel about that.

What do you guys think?

No. 549791

It's weird how it looks so innocent. Like, these aren't sexed-up fantasy lolis. The illustrations on the cover look like normal children going about their lives. It's creepy.

I think the ads are more for liability for the magazine. Like, if they end up found in some IRL offender's stash their asses are covered. That, or they really want pedos to keep it fantasy only and to keep buying the anthology.

No. 549792

please don't start with this shit again

No. 549794

just because you two are unable to copy the likeness 1:1 doesn't mean people are unable to do that in general, don't be salty.

No. 549796

What is more likely: some insta art thot pumping out shit to advertise a procreate brush set would actually bother to do a 1:1 likeness or just blur filter>trace to pump out content for the algorithm.

Also as if that's an impressive skill to begin with and not an easy in to impress normies with pedestrian taste, especially digitally.

No. 549797

Are all semi-popular artists think that art is a personality trait? I'm friends with a company of artists that are considered well-known in my country, and all of them seem to me like fucked in the head weebs. I'm a little weeby too, but not so popular and I don't even consider my fanarts a serious artwork. I noticed that if I try to discuss anything aside from fandoms or art cons, they are not interested. If we discuss real life, everything comes to other artists discussion, and the more popular they are the more they consider them a "nice person", and everyone else have "shitty artstyle". Their merch isn't even that profitable, and they don't do much to gain more money or following. But they definitely think that they are almost like Sakimi-chan, or Loish, or whatever. Is it a popularity thing, or I'm just "lucky" to stumble upon people like this? Judging by what I see on the internet there are a lot of artcows and artists in general who think this way.

No. 549798


I thought it was traced at first too but looking at it close-up I'm not so sure anymore. Those eyebrows look very artificial.

What's the name of the artist? I wanna take a look at their profile.

No. 549806


sleepinglucifer on instagram, I thought she traced it as well ay first, but she posts process videos with the pieces so I doubt it's traced

No. 549836

No you just found shitty people who let numbers get into their ego and narcissism. Most art people are not cows and art is just work.

No. 549943

File: 1588615376131.png (362.25 KB, 828x1792, BFAE0FAC-26E6-4C4D-A652-10C412…)

Why is Kasey always so fucking rude? I used do watch her a lot because I liked her simple art style but god damnit her character is off putting.
She just comes off as a bitter old hag 9/10.

No. 549946

Looks traced as fuck

No. 549947

I followed her in Insta, mainly to keep up with all the random shit arttubers like her do, but I had to unfollow because her stories are so unpleasant. She has such a negative personality, about everything, and it is terrible.

No. 550065

make a boy love with Asian pretty boys. that's literally it. people on Webtoons and Tapas eat that shit up. Especially thinly veiled Kpop fanfics.

No. 550068

oh god PLEASE don't ask shit about lolicon here. too many "bUt It'S jUsT a DrAwInG tUmBlR/mOrAlFAG! ! !" trolls run through here and shit up the thread.

No. 550091

Is anyone here old enough to remember Smackjeeves? The top comics on that site were always shitty poorly drawn BL comics. I guess things haven't changed much.

No. 550117

i feel like sexed-up fantasy lolis are arguably more acceptable.

No. 550136

She probably tracing the basic outline of the face. Hence the perfect positioning but everything else seems to be of their own skill.
I saw her account and in many clips you already have the base sketch down with all the portions or in big chunks the sketch is drawn out. which seems like she sketch on top of the picture take a screenshot of the progress then combines them in the video.

No. 550171

Does anyone know what kind of references Sakimichan uses for her coloring/shading? I know her anatomy is fucked but I would like to improve my rendering. And since she puts out a lot of work, I assume she must have a large library of refs.
Or can anyone generally recommend lighting references for the human body?

No. 550190

Really the only thing I remember from Smackjeeves were really low quality sprite comics, did things change in the past few years?

No. 550192

Speaking of Smackjeeves, have any of you seen the ''redesign'' they gave it a few months back? It's horrendous, and even though I only still read one or two comics on there (it is still 99% fujo trash) I was so relieved when I saw everyone jumping ship, just a bit sad to see it go downhill so quickly tbh..

No. 550201

sakimichan's render skill came from time and effort, and yours will come from the same, but i guess i'll rec drawing from life (duh), copying movie stills, reading gurney's color and light, and browsing pinterest

No. 550234

Right. I mean sometimes I do think that Twisted exaggerates her stories sometimes like how in her recent video about MLM/Pyramid schemes, she was going on about how some of her friends went homeless to which I have to question that because of how she said she was homeless when she actually wasn't but aside from that, she's just easier to listen to, she has an admittedly good speaking voice that I actually don't mind listening to and she doesn't fucking self-deprecate as bad as Creepshow does.

I wish I could give my 2 cents but I honestly don't know much of any artists in my RL. I'm usually the only one who likes doing art when it came to my old friend group and I can admit that I can be a little nerdy/geeky when it comes to animation and video games but I'm also into music and love talking about that. I'm just really introverted and don't have much of a social life lol

I think that >>550201 said it best, it's mostly time and effort but the key to Sakimichan's rendering is intense shading and highlighting to give that extra hint of life to the coloring so just focus on detailing when it comes to shading and highlight. Use real life references to help get a feel.

No. 550246

Did her husband leave her when she fucked off to japan or something? Cuz if I was him, I totally would cuz it must be exhausting to live with someone that negative about everything

No. 550255

a few weeks late by i only just saw this video of Jackie slagging off other Youtubers for views. Im guessing her Youtubers as monsters videos didnt work out so shes switched to a new way of clout chasing. I used to like her videos but her skills have stagnated and her chilfish behaviour has become tiresome.

No. 550263

nah I think they're on the same wavelength if you will. They've been together for a long time and it seems like they fit well with each other

No. 550264

I used to follow Nerdecrafter, it's a shame she turned into a monetized sob story. I loved her review videos, but then she started constantly crying about her disease, how she didn't have a childhood, how she got fat, etc.

I thought she said she quit her job so that she could focus on getting back in shape… Well it's been ages and she's still chubby. I got the feeling she quit because she was making enough money on Youtube, but instead of being honest, she decided to blame it all on a disease she's milked to the point, it sounds like stage 5 cancer.

No. 550268

She probably has a diet like baylee tbh but since baylee can not possibly stop vlogging she has her fitness streams where she just does light cardio for 20 minutes but then like eats carb and sauce heavy white people food

No. 550293

jackie actually knows how to cook though, and said to often cook egyptian cuisine. I think she just doesn't do much physical activity, which is a problem of nerdy youtubers who do it full time in general.

No. 550345

I used to like Kasey, her style was cool and rather unique for a ytartist but her attitude just got so annoying after a while. She's just trying too hard too be edgy.

No. 550390


I agree this was so obviously clout chasing. I had to unsubscribe too, every damn youtubers as monsters video she's begging her fans to spam the youtuber about her shitty statue. She claims she spends days on them but they're awful every time.

No. 550411

she probably saw waffles getting sympathy points for her mystery disease and thought "i could do that"

No. 550418

the desperate tone of her voice when asking people to watch her craft videos, lmao. You're never gonna pull the view numbers of dollightful or moriah elizabeth with your shitty clunky statues, jackie

No. 550458

Dont forget her constant reminders about how she's not white because her father is Egyptian.

No. 550471

Oh god not one of those types, people who 100% pass for whats considered white and act like they surfer the same as other POC, I know a light brown haired, green eyed, paler then snow Turkish dude who will literally get offended if people assume he's white and will argue for hours to say that Turks are not really white and not-European

No. 550512

I finally watched this video and is she really surprised that people don't want to interact with an acne-ridden overweight woman with a hunchback? She was probably under impression everyone at the event was going to recognize her and beg for collaborations.

Also I just remembered that she allegedly ignored NexJen's DMs, so it's not like Jackie is supportive towards other creators.

No. 550517

oh damn where did you hear of this? Did Nex say she wanted to collab?

No. 550520

What disease did she claim to have? I haven't watched her videos in awhile, and haven't watched any of her non review vids. When she started having her sister join in on the reviews, they get derailed/distracted so often in the videos now. Though tbh her sister is more likable than her.

No. 550522

Most turks I've seen pass for white person with a slightly darker complex fam. I don't know why people think turks are supposedly super dark with super ethnic features.

No. 550551

You can torrent a good few of her paid tutorials and voice over videos

No. 550557

Can anyone else tell when a YouTube artist reviews a tablet how fake it is?

She outlines some bad things about it but ALWAYS includes a "but…", "however…" or "it was probably just me" which really bugs me quite a bit.

Be critical of the tablets, if it's shit then say what's shit about.

700 dollars is cheaper than a cintiq, but is still 700 dollars.

There are only a small handful of artists I actually feel are actually critical and don't bs their reviews. Eugh.

No. 550560

i would say that's just part and parcel of youtube's further corporatization–keep cordial and nicey-nice or you'll turn off advertisers/audience members who'll take your tone as a personal attack

No. 550563

Right. It also doesn't help if the YouTuber in question is getting commission based on how many they sell or if they want to keep receiving bigger and better tablets for free consistently to sell or auction off for clout.

It's smart but a bit greedy.

No. 550574

Does anyone else have some kind of talent existential crisis when their fanart gets 10x the attention their non-fanart does? I know fanart obviously has more appeal to the masses but it still hurts and demotivates me.

No. 550577

I mean what do you expect? You know it yourself already that fan-art appeals to masses so why even bother moping over it. Besides you have to realize that when people find your fan-art, they most likely found it by googling that said character and what they usually care about is only that said character and not your art (thought it might be a plus). It's not that people who're your followers see your original art as less valuable than your fan-art but that you literally have people coming to view your art who're not part of your fanbase at all. I mean you really shouldn't compare them at all, because think about it, would some random stranger spesifically google your work versus some well known character loved by millions?

No. 550580


No. 550582

… Anon

No. 550604

I have a question for the other anons in here.
I heard that gradients can really add to your art piece, especially if your usual coloring style is rather simple and boring.

But how much is too much gradient? And is it really necessary to use it in your artwork? Or is it just filler to hide mistakes?

No. 550608


It depends on your art style. I like adding subtle gradients to add the notion of depth without going through the effort of actually rendering stuff. Also look neat for backgrounds.

Overall gradients work best when they're subtle and used in rather simple/flat art styles but then again they're a tool like any other. Play around and see if you like them.

No. 550618

File: 1588713928652.jpg (162.76 KB, 1080x1059, IMG_20200506_042242.jpg)

Non milk but I fucking hate these kind of retarded chain messages. "Artist support" kinda shit is usually created because the artists who create it want attention themselves.

No. 550619

Old but I assume the majority of people who post ITT are small artists who aren’t that great and probably average 200 likes per piece they submit to Twitter.

There’s too much whining and autism for any real/successful artist to want to spend time here.

No. 550620

Gosh this reads like a scam ad lol

Do these easy steps and get 1 million followers!

No. 550643

god she’s still around? Least people aren’t defending her in the comments completely… those youtubers aren’t gonna want anything to do with her after that embarrassing and whiny ‘call out’. Saw jaidens and dannys apology in the comments and it only gave me more embarrassment for her.

No. 550673

I just watched this and all the people she shit talks are just sound like they are socially awkward

No. 550678

I think it's kind of hard to explain? It's obvious when a person uses it too much though, even more so when they don't know how. Sometimes they hit good though. One I see used a lot is a gradient that on the top is light yellow, and the bottom is dark purple(play with the exact values). But again, painfully obvious if you're not careful with it. Like the other anon said, just play with them. People often come up with interesting combinations.

No. 550681

I have to agree. As much as I love original art, it's a given that Fan Art will always be more popular as it appeals to the masses and it's just a compromising thing that an artist can do to drive traffic to them and then if they do have original works, hopefully they're interesting enough to their new viewers to give it a look.

It really depends on the art style for sure. The only time I ever really do a gradient effect is when I color character's eyes but that's about it as I just prefer a more simpler color style for my own work but I've seen some really nice styles that did utilize the gradient style.

No. 550693

File: 1588725130249.jpg (34.25 KB, 540x523, interesting.jpg)

>Artist success is now measured in Twitter likes

No. 550704


No. 550713

I've noticed she usually name drops big youtubers in her videos and always saw it as a desperate attempt to get noticed by them
she has shown her pewdiepie mug, mariah elizabeth's merch, simplynailogical nail polish, etc
idk maybe she's genuinely a fan of them but it does come off a bit like she's trying to leech off of others fame

No. 550736

Super Rae Dizzle's new video is infuriating like all her videos. I think she knows she's a shit artist because every single one of her videos is like "Dont say im bad u guise, I've never used this medium before"/"Dont say im bad these materials are so hard to use/ so cheap". idk everything is such a gimmick with her. the way she drew the dog in this video like an actual 10 year old would and then said "thats the spirit of dogs" lmfaoo no you're just talentless girl.

No. 550751

The "new/bad medium" excuse is especially dumb for Rae to use since she's shit at oils, which she claims to be oh so good at

No. 550770

that dog looks like someone stacked chicken mcnuggets on top of one another-

No. 550783

I've tried, but I can't find any available files

No. 550806

I hate this guy's clickbait video titles. I know it's his funnyguy youtube persona but it just comes across as pretentious and childish

No. 550807

It was…fine the first few times. Now it's just repetitive and annoying.

No. 550810

File: 1588744429580.jpg (63.7 KB, 375x481, Image0.jpg)

hopefully the "tutorial" trend on instagram ends soon and i can stop seeing shit artists who teach you nothing posting these every god damn day. none of these tutorial artists have any clue what they are talking about and they all end up being "start with a circle and then add details and congrats you drew the mona lisa!!!!"
"i keep getting requests for a tutorial" bitch no you dont you just wanted to hop on a trend so just say that.

No. 550814

File: 1588744702786.jpg (44.96 KB, 557x519, 24375429697821343.jpg)

another Meyoco clone is rising in the ranks but at least this one has actually aesthetically pleasing art maybe even more so than meyoco

No. 550830

I can’t tell what it’s supposed to be, tanghulu maybe?

No. 550831

It's dango, "aesthetic" art accounts love drawing it for some reason

No. 550833

>tfw peaches are fuzzy and not shiny

No. 550834

File: 1588749622498.jpg (68.59 KB, 1080x1080, 91393144_568059280734099_82526…)

yeah this artist follows all of the "aesthetic trends".

No. 550836

She's a bad artist, has nothing to do with the medium. It's also a bad mindset to have to just blame your medium on things, instead of taking a look at yourself and improve your skills.
These arttubers are so quick in making excuses for their lack of skills, new medium, they didn't had time, they got other hobbies they want to do…

No. 550861

this dude has been discussed so many times already, what's the point of posting one of his videos without saying anything about it? smells like a self post honestly.

"make the peach look like it's made out of latex to be a good artist!"

at least the dango one is different from what i've seen meyoco do (do correct me if she has done that too though), the can one is just pathetic because it looks so sad if you compare it to meyoco's original.

No. 550862

those cans are better than the one from >>547841 at least.

No. 550863

mostly because they didn't even try to shade, the other one just threw some on random highlights without deciding on a light source and called it a day.

No. 550865

that seems like a style choice not lack of shading ability. flat art looks good better for this style imo.

No. 550866

you could totally try to cell shade this type of style and it would look good, but that's not the main point. my main point is that these clones look really bad compared to meyoco's art so they should do at least different subject matters so it's not so sad to see them in comparison.

No. 550963

File: 1588782759542.png (797.96 KB, 1146x640, what.PNG)

Why on earth are her lines so messy? You'd think a "Pro Artist", even in a different medium, wouldn't be making such half assed and poorly formed lines.

No. 550967

for an under sketch this is alright, the bigger problem is that there's no for to anything. wtf is that weird stick for one of the arms?

No. 550979

No this is not, this is like a definition of a chicken scratch. A lot of professional artist can have messy sketches and a lot of them do but they tend to use far fewer lines and longed strokes and theirs are usually more confident. Look at the chest area even, she cannot do even a simple curvy stroke and instead every line is shaky and wobbly. It's

Form is an issue too obviously but with sketch this messy, it kills any form you even may have had.

No. 550997

I'm sorry but this looks like shit. She needs to study how to sketh proper anatomy and yes this is TOO messy

No. 551012

who tf can possibly call her sketches alright. Pure chicken scratch shit.

No. 551017

How is your height, a thing anyone can figure out if they see you irl or see a photo of you next to someone else, a secret akin to your SS number?

No. 551019

I mean nearly every successful online artist I've seen also constantly whinges and whines, so I think there is no correlation (other than artists are all salty fuckers)

No. 551021

Stupid nitpick but does anyone else find Kasey's 'stay golden' sign off really cringey? I wince every time I hear it. It's something to do with it being her actual surname that bothers me.

No. 551054

Skimmed around the video and it seems like for some of the youtubers, they weren’t mean per say, they just did not want to go into a long convo with her.

No. 551063

Watched the video on incognito because I don't want this shit in my recommended and looking through the comment section, so many of the creators she complained about in this video actually apologized in the comments–despite having ten times more subscribers than she does.

It pisses me off that she complained about them so heavily, and didn't think that MA Y B E they're social anxious (as many YouTubers tend to be) or just can't handle large crowds of people and/or fans.

All of this is so childish and the subtle notes of "was it my face?! It was probably my face" yes. Honestly. If I saw you walking up to me I would quickly shuffle away cuz you look like a whiny asshole.

She had absolutely no empathy for a lot of the creators and just went by how long they interacted with her which is…very narcissistic to say the least.

What a salty bitch.

No. 551086

Me and this artist are friends so I'm sure it's just cause she has anxiety about being too negative and causing confrontation.

No. 551089

Oof yea I understand that. The fear of the company coming at you about your comments…but it still says something where you recommend a product you don't have much faith into to an audience of what you know is full of kids or teens.

But money is money I suppose.

No. 551144

File: 1588812127395.png (242.42 KB, 1075x1089, Screenshot_2020-05-07-07-35-31…)

Am I the only one who hate these guide to comment or interact with artist as if we aren't labelled entitled and oversensitive enough?

Also what's with the "Don't say someone's OC reminds you of x" it's natural to compare a thing to another you know and hold no ill intention (unless they're accusing).

Imagine being conceited enough to think your mary sue is so original, but insecure enough to lose all confidence once a kid on the internet says it resembles her favourite anime character.

No. 551145

>>551089 >>551086
She was given the tablet too for exchange of the review by the company so yeah that’s tricky. I more trust reviewers who buy their supplies and disclose they did with their own money because they’re not bound by a contract or fear with a company. I appreciate she did tests on MediBang and krita tho, most people don’t do tests on anything other than like photoshop and that’s kind of inaccessible for a lot of people

No. 551162

File: 1588815848207.jpeg (126.77 KB, 512x465, 786C2CD0-8A9D-4A42-9E03-0EEE5D…)

picrelated great example of piece using gradients.
>But how much is too much gradient?
no such thing.
>And is it really necessary to use it in your artwork?
>Or is it just filler to hide mistakes?
of course not!

No. 551163

i th

No. 551172

Wow that map brings back some memories. It looks so much worse than I remember it looking

You good, anon?

No. 551174

Yes… yes… you can say it… I believe in you… you can say it…

She just needs a little time to think..

No. 551203

Awww come on anon
Let it out, you got this, come on pss pss pss pss come on

No. 551238

to be honest, I feel kinda bad for her based on this. Maybe I'm just a sucker.

No. 551239

>>551163 you can do it anon! I believe in you!

No. 551240

whoever thinks like this: get better at character design and think harder about what you make instead of xeroxing things you like, and you will probably hear this comment less

No. 551241

if we weren't supposed to use gradients then why did god invent them

No. 551250

I hate this too. As long as they're not saying 'you copied [character]' I think artists should just take it as a compliment and move on. Most of the time it's baby teens who do that and what they're trying to express is 'this looks professional' or 'I like this as much as I like [character]'. They're trying to say something nice, just let it go.

Artists might be happier if they tried to interpret comments charitably instead of taking everything as an insult.

No. 551254

To be honest the "your OC looks just like x" sounds rude even though it's probably not supposed to be, a lot of people take it personally when they're trying to create something original and a random person kind of dismisses their effort. Some more malicious commenters even use it as a passive-aggressive insult to make fun of it, and you can never be sure of the intentions behind the statement. However it's childish to have a huge public spergout about your originality being questioned though but I see no harm in telling people that it's lacking tact to bring it up. I also think there's a difference in tone between saying "This character reminds me of x" and "This character looks just like x", the latter is much more brash and can be read in a more accusatory way.

Sort of related but I once deadass had a person claim that I copied character x with my character design even though I had never even heard of the character I supposedly plagiarized, they didn't even look like each other but had a similar (quite generic) color scheme. Like literally started nagging me about it and insisting on how I totally ripped it off. So personally I'm a bit on the edge with comments like this but I've learned to ignore it.

No. 551258

File: 1588838086020.jpg (82.33 KB, 1080x972, 95657238_229497408353499_74505…)

Prefer 2018 style than 2020 style. seems to glossy to me

No. 551259

No. 551261

I think the 2020 one has more life and miles better shading technique to it but the color balance is off. The way how it's so strongly colored red is overthrowing everything else in the piece.

No. 551281

I would like the 2020 one if it didn't look like he has a rash

No. 551295

what's with the trend to make characters look like they have rosacea? Even IG thots like to apply makeup to look like that.

No. 551307

File: 1588850634565.png (830.58 KB, 805x1156, facehues.png)

Like a lot of these art trends (red noses, blush on knees/elbows) it's an exaggeration of real local hues. Artists see someone do it, don't understand the reason or the overall lighting context, so they mindlessly replicate it until it looks stupid.

No. 551308

I sometimes have the 'butterfly rash' that you get from having lupus and that's all I can see when I look at it

No. 551317

Yeah this is also related to the blood vessels and how thin/thick the tissue is in those areas. The hue guide u posted is very useful to get more natural variation in the face and the pic posed by >>551258 at least shows some knowledge of the warmth in areas like cheeks and noses, but the original photo is probably this Kpop boy wearing TONS of pancake makeup. I think that’s why the 2018 one looks more natural and the 2020 one looks sunburnt, they’re making up natural coloring but it’s too intense so it’s more jarring while we expect 2018 boy to look this smooth

No. 551336

i think this is better than meyoco. better use of colors and cleaner linework.

No. 551340

the right one looks like a latex doll or something. A nice inbetween of the two styles would be best imo

No. 551349

>small artist

What the fuck are you on.

No. 551350

damn the kiddie anons have really multiplied now, huh. it looks flat and boring as shit.

No. 551386

Thank fuck I wasn’t the only one who thought this lmao

No. 551389

Or people do it, not knowing why, only because it looks good

No. 551395

LMAO right? what e-celebs do we have in our midst

No. 551396

those tangents…

No. 551412

Not relevant, but why the fuck do these people shade the eyes like this? They're spherical, not sunken in. Maybe spend some time w/eye anatomy instead of whining over inane comments.

I've seen it used as a backhanded insult, too. But it's very hard to tell online if it's someone making an innocent but positive comment (which they may like it BECAUSE it reminds them of a character they like–and sometimes they're nice enough to point that out) vs some thought-out sniping that doesn't cross the line into accusation.

Digressing a bit, but is there a way to open the floor to teach people how to give good art feedback if they actually want to give the artist something useful? I see people who can't draw to save their lives, but seem to really get off on giving critique. I figure if they're going to spend their time doing it, they should learn how to actually do it so that their feedback isn't completely overlooked or laughed at. Plenty of people who can't draw or paint can have an eye for certain things and probably don't want to start a fight over good intentions.

Even saying something like "I love your work, but I feel like, after a few pieces, this medium isn't your strong suit," can be more productive than some long-winded rambling about how 'the nose is too long' despite it being part of the character's design.

I'm asking because it's an issue I see often, but I feel that it hasn't been addressed due to the critics not wanting to be critiqued, and artists (understandably) having their own mentors they go to for teaching and advisement, or (irritatingly) prefer an echo chamber. I'm not even sure where I'd start writing about this as a somewhat formal guide.

No. 551421

To be honest, I think you'd struggle to find anyone interested in it. Partly because of

>the critics not wanting to be critiqued, and artists (understandably) having their own mentors they go to for teaching and advisement, or (irritatingly) prefer an echo chamber.

but also because artists are all different in what they find helpful. Anything you tell people to do, half the artists are going to hate it.

No. 551441

where are you seeing tangents?

No. 551457

File: 1588880220410.jpeg (130.28 KB, 1200x848, A58266DC-FE15-48BE-B42F-222585…)

(Not the previous anon but another art anon) On the insides of the cans, the moon tangents with the edges of the inside and the cloud tops are awfully close tho one or two are really tangenting (the bigger issue with them is the weird sizes and how the form of them don’t follow the circular shape of the can). The tops of the cans as well, the lines tangent to each other. These all make this drawing very flat cuz these are amateur mistakes that only understand copy and not form. Compare to actual meyoco, everything follows the form of the cans and things overlap, which suggests form and roundness

No. 551461

sage for ot

how would you recommend a digital artist go about oil and acrylic painting? this quarantine has got me losing my shit and id like to pick up traditional painting as a hobby and possibly a future endeavor.

No. 551493

I'd say just look up tutorials about it. maybe look up some interesting painting themes or something. I wouldn't say this is off topic btw bc it is the art discussion thread

No. 551513

I agree with >>551493 but also look up painting instruction by actual teachers and don’t dismiss cross-mediums cuz there’s a lot garbage out there and u wanna learn the basics at first. James Gurney is a good person to start with cuz he’s a master of color and light, he primarily works in gouache and opaque watercolors on his channel but a lot of things can be applied to oil and acrylic. Proko is also a good resource- he primarily has lots of drawing tutorials on his site but he has and links painting resources. Skillshare sponsors every YouTube cow under the sun but they also look like they have beginner friendly resources on there for both oil and acrylic painting. Look up a lot of traditional painting at first since that will teach u how to think like a painter, which is way different if u do like primarily line art and color on top/underneath digitally, and restricted palettes/color theory

No. 551540

i think the second one wouldn't look like a burn victim if the artist had used a pinkish background to match the color palette. the first one looks ok, if not a bit bland tbh.

No. 551545

reminded me of this video from an actual professional using this in a similar way. pretty good imo.

No. 551555

File: 1588894920477.png (5.84 MB, 1125x2001, CE63FE24-9A91-4FF9-B31E-0646C1…)

Lmao Minemikomali on insta made a story where she complained that people on her newest post were comparing a character from a different show to hers. Too bad I checked the post and literally 1 person compared her character to someone else… Jesus Christ why, why are Instagram artists so fucking sensitive.

No. 551560

It's Instagram, finding someone with thick skin would be like finding a piece of salt in a mountain of dirt.

No. 551570

she's out here making a bad redraw of undyne and expecting people not to compare her character to another one. artists need to give up this bullshit, either recognize people saying that as a compliment or realize that their oc needs some redesigning to make them more unique.

No. 551578

people who take their OCs too seriously are the best cows

No. 551581

someone pointed out how they were being immature and their post got deleted. I wouldn't doubt it if she was a cow.

No. 551582

samefag but *comment not post

No. 551601

Speaking of comics and shit, how can yall tell when someone is using 3d models? I sometimes see this critique made for some artists and comics but no matter how hard i look I can't see it.
Maybe it's because I'm a beginner? What do you guys look for?

No. 551604

File: 1588903093595.png (378.42 KB, 750x1334, 8876360fde7013acb0ec42dc55775e…)

3D models tend to have a blocky and stiff look to them. That and the art style is almost always a generic anime style like pic related.

No. 551607

maybe it's a discrepancy between the accuracy of the anatomy and everything else. like they'll make a bunch of beginner mistakes with everything but the anatomy is oddly perfect.

No. 551614

i love this thank you anon
i wish more artists would incorporate colored light bounce on skin as well as all the undertones that happen naturally.

No. 551616

More often than not, the uncanny 3D look is there when the artist in question isn't all that good at art and is using the models as a crutch. There's no sense of weight or gravity or gesture but there's perfect anatomy.

No. 551617

using 3d models isn't a problem if they aren't all you use to draw the human form, and you're backing up the usage of them with actual knowledge of how to render form and space, like >>551616 said it's usually only clockable if the artist is using them as a crutch

No. 551622

File: 1588906163480.png (181.72 KB, 792x700, asfdsfsdff.png)

here's an example of what i mean. the extremely simple creaseless clothes are the biggest giveaway. if they used a reference for the poses, why not use a reference for some clothes too? this to me says that they only know how to trace or doodle from their imagination, so they traced the bodies and made up some clothes and hair with no reference.

this person fully credited the pose doll so this isn't an example of someone being sneaky.

No. 551631

Yeah weight and gravity tend to be helped by knowledge of anatomy and how the human body carries weight. 3D models are essentially dolls and even if they have muscles modeled onto them, they can still be unnatural because muscles stretch and flex while basic models don’t. Also people have fat deposits that also move with the body and 3D models don’t, which is really evident in breasts, like people will draw them as if they have no weight or don’t change shape when the arms move, or by putting fat deposits on weird places when they try to make a character look fat but don’t reference real fat people

No. 551641

Another indicator is not touching objects or looking like they float. Plus a lot of the time anatomy is actually bad but the proportions are right (anime right that is) because they are just tracing a base with no idea how the body works.

No. 551652

Question for art anons:
Do you have any tips, advice, or tricks when it comes to backgrounds? Should I just suck it up and practice complex backgrounds?

I'm primarily a character artist and find trying to draw backgrounds that suit the drawing difficult so I default to just a plain gradient background and framing with lowered opacity white–but I'm noticing that it's growing repetitive and the results become lackluster even when the drawing of the character is one of my best.

Any advice would be great!

No. 551655

learning to draw things good is a combination of honing your skills and making conscious decisions about how you render. you don't necessarily need an art-station level rendering of an environment for a character background, but if you want to ground your characters–or do art in general, really–you will need to learn how to draw spaces.
i suggest looking at movies, drawing from life, learning about composition (i know loomis is a meme but his books will help) and color coordination–and generally just setting aside time to train SPECIFICALLY on backgrounds, since they're what you're weak at.
with enough time your hand and eye will improve, and you'll be able to draw better backgrounds faster because you have the foundations.
those are more important than any shortcut.

No. 551662

i think the cringe part is making it a PSA with do's and dont's of how to treat an artist like an artist is a wild animal in a zoo who needs to be treated carefully lest the zoo customers get bitten. DO smile at the artist and say you love their work. DON'T knock on glass or put your hand in the enclosure. just saying "i don't like it when people say my character looks like x. it feels like they're accusing me of plagiarizing" is a normal complaint. people should just take responsibility for their own feelings instead of spinning them as universal and making little rules about them.

No. 551667

Definitely agree with anons above on taking classes to get a handle on technique and painting fundamentals. Some quick start advice: preparing to paint with oils and acrylics require different materials/surfaces. I recommend acrylic since it dries faster and can be diluted with just water. When buying paint, the most useful when first learning is black, white, and a warm/cool color. Also: start with a small pea-sized amount of paint, the spread of it can be more than you expect if you've never painted before, and it's wasted paint if it dries before you can use it all up. Please avoid buying cheap art acrylic sets, those are really only for arts and crafts projects. Go for something like Liquitex to really get a handle on the material and avoid frustration (expensive, that's why start with 4 basic colors and don't waste it!)

No. 551709

File: 1588927695897.png (134.49 KB, 480x714, Screenshot_20200508-014502~2.p…)

Why you gotta make a post explaining you can draw more faces but you're too boring to try

No. 551710

File: 1588927724198.png (90.83 KB, 480x617, Screenshot_20200508-014616~2.p…)

No. 551713

Yeah be forewarned that there's a big difference between oil and acrylic when it comes to set up and clean up time. Acrylics are water-soluble and you just need to be careful they don't dry on your brush. Oil paints need to be thinned with either refined plant oil or solvents, both of which are hard to dispose of. If you use solvents, you have to have a well-ventilated studio or you'll gas yourself with the fumes, and the leftovers have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. Plant oil is less toxic but you still can't just tip it down the sink like you can with paint water. There are specific techniques that are only possible with oil so sometimes it's worth the trouble, but acrylics are definitely more beginner-friendly.

I'd be inclined to say 5 basic colors rather than 4, you can get a true cyan/magenta/process yellow in acrylic so if you get those, black and white you'll be able to mix literally any color you need with practice. But yeah don't cheap out on the paints, it's a false economy.

No. 551719


If someone can't even make their main characters look interesting I'm gonna assume the writing is even worse lol

No. 551722

You can also get artist quality water-soluble oil paints snd non-toxic mediums nowadays that have the benefits of both oils and acrylic. But if you have a background in more illustration style digital art, I would actually recommend gouache as the traditional equivalent.

No. 551733

this is so backwards to me, wouldn't you want to make your main cast more varied so you don't get bored of drawing the same face and it also looks more interesting? i'm not entirely sure if they mean side characters or literally people who are only there as a background element by background characters, but most people will mind it less if those characters are less varied if they are still distinguishable.

No. 551738

this pic is too real, and it's a fun way for the artist to meme their mistakes. It's super common in all drawn media for background characters to be a lot more interesting than the main ones.

No. 551754

File: 1588942995811.jpg (65.67 KB, 715x400, bm.JPG)

It doesn't seem backwards to me. As >>551738 said main characters are usually more simplistic. Big Mouth made its main characters more visually dynamic than the background characters and that's why it feels overwhelming and ugly.

No. 551756

Is it possible to avert same face syndrome while still retaining a quasi-anime style? I’m kinda tired of anime and manga being synonymous with issue.

Speaking as a artist myself as any attempts to distance myself from it has resulted comments comparing my style which kinda annoys me…

No. 551758

To disney… my bad

No. 551762

I mean… yes. Most real artists who make a living off their work have their own website, or use a more official, professional site like Artstation. Otherwise it’s a Twitter popularity contest. If you’re not averaging 1k+ likes per picture you’re generally not near what’s considered successful for posting on that platform.

No. 551767

this is the weirdest and worst example for this. big mouth from the ground up has a shit style, it's not shit because there's variety to the characters. damn is everyone being backwards today?

No. 551794


To add to that: I found Framed Perspective 1 and 2 by Marcos Mateu-Mestre to be really good to learn to draw proper perspective in 3D space. I also enjoyed his other book Framed Ink. Although it is about drawing comics it is also handy for coming up with composition ideas for single pieces, so my drawings have some sort of story behind them and are not only characters existing in a random environment.


Note how the mc style is pretty and the bg cast is not …

No. 551832

the first one of "background characters" looks like a lot of main characters though

No. 551836

It's literally just Aang without the arrow tattoo lol

No. 551850

File: 1588958725181.png (11.54 KB, 116x162, the best one.PNG)

ok but can we just talk about this face here because I actually love him.
I really wish manga artists would go all out with crazy and unique faces, seeing how as manga is usually known for being absurd and "extra" I guess.

No. 551851

but unique faces aren't FuN tO dRaW (translation: how dare you ask me to leave my comfort zone)

No. 551854

But let's be real it also depends what demo you are targeting. If your comic is experimental/ very action oriented you can get away with more variety in your characters, but, for the most part readers want generic pretty protagonists

No. 551856

It's also easier to draw basic/same faces if you're making a series that updates frequently. Kind of like how animators try to go for really basic designs nowadays too.
>inb4 someone posts a bunch of shounen character's eyes to pretend it's diversity

No. 551858

that self determining BUT IT'S WHAT READERS WANT tripe is why there's a sea of mediocrity. don't be generic on purpose because you think it'll get you somewhere. when the generic thing you're doing is out of style, you'll be left behind

No. 551860

and sorry to samefag but you can definitely draw unique casts fast if you simplify the features enough. even boomer newspaper comics have figured that out

No. 551861

I would recommend following this video by Proko. Diversifying anime faces simply boils down to what part of the face are you going to exaggerate. Same face syndrome tends to come from the fact that an artist continues to use the exact same base structure for every character they draw. change up small stuff like the spacing between hairline and brows, size of ears or nose, roundness/sharpness of the cheeks, etc.

No. 551874

Kinda ot but that face looks like that one guy in hunter x hunter

No. 551910

This shit is so boring…what a waste of skill they aren't even using just to be boring and basic.

No. 551952

I'd recommend getting a set of split primaries (warm and cool tone of each) plus black and white. It's what I used when I had to use acrylics for some uni courses and it served me well. The warm/cool variation will help with getting livelier colors.

No. 551976

oh she’s a huge cow on IG, I used to follow her cuz her art was pretty good but had to mute her stories cuz she’s like WAY too invested in her OC’s and the like fifty AU’s she has. Like throwing a fit and stuff if you wanna take any ideas from her or try to do anything in her universes and it’s like, dude all your shit is in like AU’s and it isn’t original, you can’t be OC do not steal on ideas.

No. 551993

that's even funnier considering in the description of her drawing of the fish person she says she doesn't want to share the species because it's a "closed species"
umm, bitch?? it's a fish person. it isn't anything special.

No. 552006

This is a pisstake, right?

God I forgot how trash early Neopets art was lmao

No. 552008

not to wk, but that's a bit of an nitpick.
"closed species" is mostly a term from Deviantart. A lot of artists have them, and many have entire groups dedicated to their species. You can only make an oc of that race if you join the group and agree to the "rules", so the artists never openly share their close species details.
Not to say that makes Minemikomali any better.

No. 552013

Literally any artist with a 'closed species' is a cow, end of.

No. 552018

File: 1588994926526.png (1.12 MB, 1943x2770, trying this one again.png)

um???? any advice on drawing portraits so that they don't look like creepypastas???

No. 552019

i jumped

No. 552025

File: 1588996104720.jpg (378.37 KB, 1050x576, fundys.jpg)

Start with the fundamentals of the shapes that are in the head
Doing that first will help will proportions

As my personal preference of portraits, I don't draw every single tooth in a mouth cause it can look a little awkward

No. 552035

Anon I think you are caring more about details than structure,I'm by no means a expert is taught with books but for values and specially with b/w I squint n focus on only the visible values, try to use 5 going from the darkest to the lightest and don't shades too much for now.

Also what personally helped me to find depth in the face is to visualize as if I'm carving it.

Don't overwhelm yourself trying to make it perfect an alike it's more important that you understand how the skull affects the plane and shadows.

No. 552036

++I'm self taught with books jeez

No. 552043

Can't argue with that. The idea of a close species makes as much sense as adoptables.
But just wanted to point out that it's not a term or concept unique to just minemikomali.

No. 552055

File: 1589005681743.jpeg (164.68 KB, 1280x499, 1A75D148-0A5B-478B-AD05-C1E23F…)

So >>552025, I think u got it almost there with explaining the shape fundamentals but I don’t think your circles understand the form of the head enough.
>>552035 is the most right in the structure is most important before going into the details cuz you want to basically set up the foundation for the house that is your painting. Like you have to think about volume and form before going into the details just so everything harmonizes.
Another anon linked a Proko video about drawing heads above you which you should watch. Knowing the fundamentals is important and you should start breaking down the head into shapes and how you can translate 3D shapes into 2D. I’m an art school fag so I did a quick trace of the original photo to show you: the red is how you can think of the features and how they sit on the round skull of the head, unfortunately the photo you chose the ellipses of the head shift from up to down because of the lens of the camera (that’s the circles on the side) and the blue is the skull inside the head but it’s a little bit wonky cuz of how the photo warps the face a little. Its cool tho that you’re starting up painting digitally but before diving into it, look up some fundamental tutorials and like foundational work. Then practice a lot

No. 552056

File: 1589005931287.png (2.3 MB, 1800x1800, 7A30259F-722E-4BED-B61F-355D6D…)

Also adding cuz I mentioned it, just remember cameras and what photographers choose to capture heads matters as focal length affects the accuracy of the head. That’s why you should draw from life when you can, like just draw yourself from a mirror a lot, cuz it’s best to translate what your mind sees as 3D into 2D and not 2D into 2D because things can be inaccurate like this

No. 552108

use shadows, ffs.
if the eyes are a line, then draw a line, not an eye. Draw what you see not what you know.

No. 552137

File: 1589040437336.jpg (22.38 KB, 250x250, maki.jpg)

Sorry to be an OT weeb on main but try the series Yowamushi Pedal, there's a guy there with that exact face lmaaaooo (I love that series)

No. 552168

Ty all for the advice, I screenshot all of it and I'm gonna keep it in mind for when I retry this later. I'm not really used to painting or realism since I only ever do cartoony sketches, so ty!

No. 552250

File: 1589059455898.jpeg (91.89 KB, 947x844, A3EB9A20-A6D1-4AA0-B06B-E4DD0D…)

I really feel like early DeviantArt kind of demonized using references and it held me back a bunch. I understand about not heavily referencing someone else’s work but since I was a dumb kid I thought that bled into any reference at all. Drawing a person just standing there was simple enough without a reference but I thought that good artists all just drew their work 100% from memory. I feel kind of dumb realizing now that people take poses from pictures or real life and make their own thing out of them and that a lot of work I was idolizing probably did the same. Did anyone else feel like this?

I can’t remember specifics off the top of my head but I remember some pre-tumblr call out posts from popular dA artists about how they were taking certain references and pasting them into one customized reference and going off of that. The artist was one of those kinda boring people who only do hyper realistic pencil portraits, but the specific call out was from some big Lord of the Rings piece she did. At the time I thought it was so scandalous but now I realize that planning out a piece like that is just smart.

No. 552281

On the topic of referencing and tracing id love to know peoples thoughts on this. Personally I agree with her but I don’t know if teenage me would have because I was so deep into deviantart oc/fanart illustration and didn’t know about the rest of the art world outside of that

No. 552289

You might want to sum this up, the video is an hour long.

No. 552333

No. 552353

queen of irony

No. 552372


she made this video as if her character designs are actually good kek.

No. 552381

Aw, c'mon. For once she knows what she's talking about!

No. 552388

Well, aside from the 'bait and switch' where she complains about trailers only showing the pre-transformation character design, but then two out of three examples show the transformation prominently in the trailer. And says 'transformation happens a lot in fairy tales but it's not normally the main character', when several entire classes of fairy tales revolve around transformation of the main character.

The other 4 are reasonable though.

No. 552392

NTA but I put this on 2x speed and here's a summary, you’re welcome:

>tracing is a useful learning tool - you notice more about how a piece of work is made (line weight, shading etc.) by copying it exactly.

>it's the same principle as drawing from life
>see also: master studies, historical techniques that used early projectors, pinholes etc.
>there's a conflict between people who value the product and people who value the process: people who value the product don't care if the artist traces to save time, people who value the process do care if the artist traced because 'cheating'
>social media and youtube are making the process more visible due to posting WIPs etc.
>we treat artists with a lot more reverence than other public figures and feel sort of betrayed when we find out they take shortcuts
>references Holly Brown and Josh Draws tracing scandals, gives personal examples of how revealing something was traced even if you credit causes people to stop respecting the art
>tattoo artist tells her most of them trace
>art prof says 'it looks so realistic people think it's traced, so why not trace it? You'll save time'
>admits to tracing some of her own work that was copied from photos to save time (she was already copying the photo - just started tracing instead of eyeballing it)
>'if you don't have the skills, tracing is bad, if you do have the skills, people think you traced'
>We accept other timesaving tools like scanners + digital art programs, why is tracing different?
>talks about cancel culture and people being cancelled on flimsy evidence - personal examples of being accused of stealing her own art etc.
>points out as a photorealist artist, you can overlay her not-traced paintings onto the reference and they LOOK traced - this is enough to get yelled at.
>26:00 interesting thing about her work as a social media manager and how online outrage spirals out of control in a matter of minutes based on one person freaking out in the comments, and your options for handling it are really limited.
>admit to tracing ahead of time - people don’t respect your work
>admit to tracing afterwards - people respect it even less because they feel deceived
>don’t admit to tracing - live in fear of being found out and cancelled
>don’t trace - burn out and possibly still get accused of tracing
>don’t trace and work in a more cartoon style so it doesn’t look traced - don’t get to practice the things you want to practice
>don’t do the art challenge in the first place - bummer
>doesn’t mention the option of doing it but not posting it?
>cost/benefit analysis - thinks tracing to do MelaninMarch is better than NOT doing MelaninMarch because better representation for POC

(everything after this point is boring law stuff and she admits she’s really confused by copyright law)

>34:00 copyright law - long ass talk with lots of examples can be summarised as ‘copyright law is deliberately vague so IDK make a judgement’ (this is true)

>41:00 goes into how photographer owns copyright not model
>really hard to find original source online
>back to Fair Use and subjective difference between ‘derivative works’ and ‘transformative works’.
>social media has made it much easier to both find images to trace and track down traced images retrospectively

No. 552437

Thank you for your noble sacrifice

No. 552453

I'm the anon who asked for a summary but holy shit I did not expect this much effort, thank you!

Well since we got the summary might as well chime in.

Ok so the first point, I partly agree with but there's a lot I disagree with. I do help few people online when it comes to art and a lot of them do portrait studies and then approach me when they cannot figure out what they did wrong. On these cases I usually trace the picture and compare the traced line-art to their copy of work (and sometimes I trace that too), because it's far easier to see the differences in flat line-art than it is in what's meant to be a 3 dimensional picture.

What I don't agree though is that tracing is effective learning tool, because really it is not. Tracing is useful for breaking down a picture into simpler forms and observing it but not for making a master study. When you learn art, you learn from your mistakes more than from what you did right and this actually applies to every other skill, not just art. Tracing does not allow you to make those crucial mistakes that force you to learn and it does not also make you think what you're doing. When we copy we have to constantly compare our work to our reference and think why things this way and not that, we have to measure distances between the objects, compare shapes to other shapes to make sure they're right, match the sizes, etc etc. When you trace you can turn this whole progress off so it ultimately becomes meaningless.

She admits to tracing some of the studies that she was originally eyeballing and honestly, that's just turning to a lazy solution. Art is not easy, everything you can learn from tracing, you can learn thousand fold by copying so she's really just shooting herself on the foot if she thinks it's gonna carry her longrun.


Next she talks about people valuing the progress vs end result. On that I agree, people definitely do spread out like that and I can say I'd probably fit more into caring about the progress than the end result. Now I also do not entirely agree that people cannot accept tracing as part of art, look art big artists like yuumei or wlop for example, both use 3d models in their works and trace over those yet people still respect them for their skills. It's because if both wlop and yuumei were told to draw the things they use models for they totally could but a lot of artists frankly can't.

She talks about crediting and how it loses you respect but ultimately why would you care? Obviously if you trace a picture it's objectively far less impressive than if you drew it on your own, or is she bummed that people are not willing to praise you for the work you didn't do?
Weirdest thing she mentions is how if you don't trace you get burned out but that speaks to me about her lack of skill more than anything. Art becomes easier the more you do it and the more you learn, something that seemed complex can become easy second nature after you study it enough and if she feels burned out very easily without tracing it really proofs that she's just projecting here and using tracing because she lacks skills and not for just to save time. There's plenty of ways you can fix your drawing progress without tracing btw if you feel like it's not working for you, most of it does come down to becoming better at art but also being efficient at what you already can do, if you have to rely on tracing to do one or both of these things, then you just lack the skill.


She said it's better to trace for a melanin march than not do it at all but honestly I think on key thing as to why tracing is frowned upon online, is that online it's very easy to steal and it's also very easy for the copyright holder to lose track of their work. If someone traces your work, someone else could trace the traced work, etc etc and eventually your work (or a cheap copy of it) is spread all over the internet, possibly sold around without you getting even a slice of bread out of it. On a last note she mentioned about the professional who said that if it looks traced, why not trace but a guy who can achieve a traced look without tracing has far more options to go for than a guy who can only achieve good by tracing. Any skill is a skill that is south after in some ways and can be utilized but tracing does not require any skill behind it, thus your "talent" becomes worthless.


Anyway this kinda became a long ranty answer but while I do believe that tracing does have it's place and can be a good tool to help you save time when saving time is actually important (for projects especially) a lot of people try to use it just as a replacement for what they cannot do and that's gonna cause issues later on for artists who don't trace and for artists who get traced from.

No. 552459

This whole 'tracing is legit' falls apart at the point that tracing artists are relying on work of others. Instead of creating your own pose or background you always have to look around for something that may match your vision, in the end it doesn't so you either way drop the idea or change it. It's like wanting to bake a fancy cake but all you have are basic cake mixes. Tracing teaches you shit. All you get out if it is an easy achievement.
Note: I said this in regards to illustrators and non-professionals. I'm totally aware that there are shortcuts/ presets in professional animation (like Disney recycles sequences) or Manga (like screentones). But that does not mean lazy ass Karen can go around and trace off of every artwork out there.

No. 552460

File: 1589118840118.png (8.68 MB, 1658x3784, Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 14.28…)

You're welcome anon. Believe me I expected to sit back and doodle for half an hour and then write you a 1-sentence summary, but it turned out there really was 55 minutes worth of points in there.

In terms of content it's a mix of good points and overreach, I think. I take her point about tracing saving time if you're a photorealist anyway (she mentioned editorial illustration too where turnaround time can be like… an afternoon), but pic related is her work and I'm not convinced tracing is doing her any favours in terms of skill.

It's possible she really does need to do some tracing to figure out where she's going wrong, some people 'see' more accurately when copying than others, but if that's the case she should be doing that for practice not on finished pieces IMO. I'd say… tracing can be useful in the same way looking up the answers in the back of the textbook is useful when you REALLY don't get it - it's fine under that specific circumstance but it should be your absolute last resort, and if you do it a lot you won't learn anything.

The copyright section is a bit of a mess, but also interesting to me because I work with copyright in my day job. I'm a Britfag and we don't have a 'transformative works' exception, so everything that she mentioned as confusing and borderline over here would just be infringement. I don't know if that changes my perception of what's 'acceptable' as an artist. To my mind this is a big issue, because copyright is there to protect artists from misuse of their work. If I were the photographer I'd be pissed off that someone used my work as a base without asking and under UK law they wouldn't really have an excuse.

No. 552471

this is not how you learn how to draw. tracking is just a big no. she should go for guide lines

No. 552478

I have to say that her stuff looks much more appealing when not traced- maybe it’s because it’s not as stiff?

No. 552482

i think the third traced one looks better than the others in that row, but those look a bit more experimental. otherwise all the non traced ones looks better.
honestly for this kind of realistic style tracing sounds so backwards, just getting the outline won't make you be able to grasp the form, the lightning and texture, but actually drawing it will do. traced or overpainted realistic art is so obvious because it usually lines up perfectly while being very plasticy or underdeveloped in texture.

No. 552486

To me the traced ones almost look like a coloring book, they have very clean lines with color that doesn't quite match in terms of style. The not-traced ones look more harmonious overall.

No. 552511

File: 1589132543014.png (796.64 KB, 1195x2048, Screenshot_20200510-123444.png)

Thoughts on Anoosha Syed/foxvilleart? She is a children's book illustrator and has done posters for the McElroy brothers live shows among other big projects. I enjoy her coloring, but her anatomy is oof. She's not cowish, I just think it's interesting that she's "made it" considering the quality of her work.

No. 552518



>arms on backwards

No. 552519

>Done stuff for the McElroy brothers
>Made it
She's as "made it" as omocat is

No. 552525

File: 1589138853480.png (654.38 KB, 1092x2048, Screenshot_20200510-142539.png)

This made me lol, anon. McElroys were probably a bad example kek. She's actually done quite a bit of work for some bigger conpanies. Even worked with Karamo Brown from Queer Eye reboot.

No. 552526

File: 1589139015777.png (1.57 MB, 1271x2048, Screenshot_20200510-142411.png)

>>552511 samefag but the way she draws babies is so disturbing to me

No. 552527

wonky eyes, bad perspective (that drum is complete out of perspective), can't draw hands. proof your art doesn't need to be fantastic to get money as long as you make the right connections.

No. 552538

>>552511 >>552511
Her art really makes me feel uncomfortable and I'm not too sure why. Most likely the weird ass looking hands but it just makes me feel off

No. 552549

i feel like her style is cartoony enough that the bits of wonk work. and her rendering, understanding of color theory and composition are solid and professional. idgi

No. 552551

File: 1589144893391.jpeg (172.99 KB, 2048x1210, 9986C463-6669-48CC-914D-279530…)

Destinymoon just really loves milking the pity eh

No. 552559

>"this is a fetish"
lolol what the fuck? even in underwear you HAVE to label their sexuality

at least both characters look disturbed but goddamn lol

No. 552561

I don’t see anything wrong with it, most styles of this genre don’t have correct anatomy either

No. 552562

this is so pathetic. nobody hates fat characters, people just hate it when people draw fat characters like they can't ever be attractive and go "this is what they all look like and you have to accept it"

No. 552563

It has that 1950s vintage kids book feel and those weren't always the best in anatomy either. Some artists get by on their style and she's one of them.
It also looks pretty marketable compared to most weeb and tumblr art which are just doomed to Etsy forever. Nobody in the West really wants anime and ugly misshapen politically correct art to represent them.

No. 552565

Yeah pretty much it’s solid stuff for children’s books and like, in the whole space of children’s books the illustrations can vary so widely. She’s one of the most solid ones, I’ve seen people try to pitch their books cuz every stay at home parent thinks they can publish a kids book cuz they’re so easy and most adults draw worse than children.

No. 552571

Given that she can't stop adding hairs, fat rolls, stretch marks and random sexualities to characters who are canonically not like that, it's natural that people will think it's a fetish, especially with art as barebones as hers.

No. 552572

>"this is what they all look like and you have to accept it"
That's not the impression I get. I mean, some fat people are unattractive and theoretically there should be no issue with depicting them like that. It's more because art like that is so disingenuous it's a turn off. We all know damn well they're ticking off a checklist of SJW approved traits in order to get brownie points and feel like a good person. You can't expect to draw fine details like body hair and stretch marks on a simplistic cartoon without it looking forced and unnatural af, nobody would mind if it was hyper realistic.

No. 552578

Tbh, how often does anyone see the girl on the left (in these kinds of clothes) irl?
I just find it funny that the people who draw the girl on the left often put her in unflattering clothes and then complain

No. 552579

File: 1589151707283.jpeg (269.5 KB, 750x887, 9924EF11-62A1-48ED-BDC5-F591F0…)

Another one

No. 552581

Fatasses want to be sexually validated so bad. These are the same people who looked at Adele's weight loss and called everyone who congratulated her fatphobic.

No. 552585

the reason drawing stretch marks and body hair like this is cringy is because it's jarring on something otherwise simple and stylized. like, you can't see her nostrils, lips, or fingernails, so why would you be able to see her individual leg hairs and stretch marks? you can't even see those things on people irl sometimes in certain lightings. so, people assume you put those details there for a particular reason, like a fetish or virtue signalling. if it was a realistic enough style that those tiny details made sense, people probably wouldn't find it as jarring.

No. 552593

File: 1589154499382.jpg (230.21 KB, 2362x1771, lCFqllp.jpg)


No. 552595

tbh I wanna see someone send that to her and see what happens

No. 552597

>this is a fetish

yes, Destinymoon, is becase people know you have a nsfw twitter were you only draw fat,trans catgirls, with dicks

No. 552598

kek, what's the account name, anon?

No. 552603

File: 1589157401306.jpg (417.11 KB, 1653x1417, EXiwlJ1U8AEOANc.jpg)

>Making everyone fat
>Making everyone brown
>Giving random characters vitiligo
Lol this is the most transparent virtue signalling I've seen in a long time

No. 552604

It's an oc isn't it what random sexuality. Is straight the only not random sexuality lol. Also really canon sexuality…who tf cares do you honestly go around policing people's fanart for correct sexuality jfc

No. 552605

File: 1589157890784.jpg (519.97 KB, 1531x2048, EW9bPyeVAAEES-9.jpg)

No. 552609

She looks pregnant…

No. 552610

File: 1589159932329.png (163.83 KB, 738x707, Capture5.PNG)

I really hate to think that we have furries here but apparently someone did it

No. 552613

You're just giving her more reasons to continue martyrdom and this shit spread all over by sending it to her. The only reason this bitch is popular is because she keeps ruining popular characters, making them all ugly fat and trans, posting bait and then crying about it when the reception is not good, prompting people to draw her versions over the originals to virtue signal. She cycles through this over and over again and it never fails because we all take the bait.

No. 552623

Ffs don’t feed her hunger for attention and validation. Her and her art are fat enough.

No. 552626

whoever tipped: you're a dipshit

No. 552631

>furries browsing Lolcow and being cowtippers
Like pottery.

No. 552632

Lmao I was just joking, I didn't actually think someone would be dumb enough to do it, especially on their own account too instead of a throwaway.

No. 552637

so they're a furry with a pride flag icon and two flags in their name… she's your people dummy

No. 552638

ntayrt, but its destinytodark.

No. 552640

File: 1589166454051.jpg (239.94 KB, 850x1210, __drawn_by_suzuhira_hiro__samp…)

Oh god why

No. 552644

it's ALWAYS the furries god they're fucking insufferable

No. 552649

Do people when naturally get stretch marks on their arm. I understand hips, thighs and belly on pregnant/post pregnant ladies but shoulders and arms?

No. 552656

Yeah women carry more fat in the undersides of their arms compared to men for some reason so stretch marks can develop there. But also some people develop stretch marks there during puberty and growth spurts, it’s not uncommon

No. 552679

so is the solution just ignoring her and letting her draw what she wants

No. 552685

File: 1589177326833.jpg (215.17 KB, 1080x1194, 562828c25cf2f125620bcd244c8142…)

Does anybody know rinotuna? He's an instagram artist who published a good chunk of books even though his art is shit.

No. 552688

File: 1589178408742.jpg (274.13 KB, 990x1200, DaFz5i2U0AIl8Y_.jpg)

I disagreed at first cause the pic related honestly looked fine but then I looked him up. What is the top left twin tail girl supposed to be doing??? Is it a top down perspective? She looks like a midget.

No. 552690

His skills are ok for publishing his first online story…but far away from making art books, on the other hand, there are way worse "artist" published

No. 552692

File: 1589178820218.jpg (877.81 KB, 1006x1712, whackshit.jpg)

Yeah, it's supposed to be a top down perspective.

Here's a whack as shit drawing from one of his books.

No. 552693

honestly this feels more like similar than same. like i think he referenced the feel but didn't trace. stuff like this happens all the time so i think it's fine

No. 552694

hes got an eye for form and folds but the details of anatomy sometimes escape him, looks like. not great, not irredeemable

No. 552695

File: 1589178974937.jpg (475.41 KB, 667x1000, EXspzAvWAAUOYry.jpg)

so did sakimichan just now realize her loyal fans drool over the thighs-squished-by-stockings thing or is this just how bad her anatomy is now? i also really really hate how tiny her ankles ended up.

No. 552707

File: 1589183220448.jpg (127.34 KB, 684x1000, 20200511_174935.jpg)

Nah she's been doing this shit for ages. Pic related: her infamous Zero Two piece with six fingers from 2 years ago has the same fucked proportions.

No. 552708

Not gonna lie this style looks like those disturbing bot-generated Elsa and Spiderman youtube videos. But seeing she's a children's books illustrator this kind of style is understandable imo.

To the cowtipping furry cumbrain tranny following this thread: neck yourself asap you fucking loon

No. 552711

File: 1589184465530.jpg (203.76 KB, 715x897, Why.jpg)

And people keep supporting trashy tutorials like this…
This tutorial had nothing but "use refs guize!!!"…
It's also funny how in her older works she had a promising anatomy and things looked basic, but nice but she decided to switch to "adventure time anatomy" cheebz.

No. 552712


If it didn't have the dates of each drawing I wouldn't have guessed which one was the most recent; this isn't even an Adventure time style, this is a "How to draw mango" book thing.

No. 552715

No wonder why so many artists nowadays have stiff figures and boring art, they just want short cuts instead of enjoying the process of making art.

No. 552716

How did they go backwards? 2018 looks like really promising beginner art and then 2020 is just off. It looks so weird.

No. 552717

they didn't go backwards, both are really ugly just in different styles. they definitely shouldn't be making art tutorials.

No. 552719

I feel like most anons here are teenagers/college students who don’t understand how the professional market works. They have this image that a professional artist must have spotless art, but the industry often prefers people who are reliable/have a good work ethic and connections, rather than the actual absolute best draftsmen. You can get much further by being competent, reliable and good at marketing yourself than by being a virtuoso. Of course both can happen at the same time, and it’s better if you do, but it’s not a prerogative to professional success.
To just go “wow how did she work with X if her art is wonky sometimes” is missing the point, illustration is a service, not gallery work.

Just look at that peter morbacher dude, fantastic art but fucked himself out of the industry by being horrible to work with (hence why he only does patreon stuff).

No. 552721

File: 1589188648427.jpg (103.18 KB, 1200x514, DLTLrDpXoAAm6IV.jpg)

yeah. reading your loomis is only half the battle of actually working in art, and it's like a lot of people are surprised not everyone in the business's work looks straight off of artstation. spend less time sperging over someone's wonky eyes or whatever and more time studying their methods of self promotion

No. 552724

I can agree that both look bad but 2018 looks a bit better to me. Also they definitely shouldn't be doing tutorials at all like jesus.

No. 552732

Yeah that’s been a problem in concept art/production art like of course artists will put their best, most polished work on public sites like artstation if they’re allowed to but there’s so much photo bashing, paint overs and tracing like in the pro world depending on the industry, you don’t have to be fuckin Rembrandt or something. Especially in movies and games, it’s just straight up photomanips sometimes cuz you make art fast, you don’t have time to work on one painting for three weeks

lmao also yeah if you’re making it doing merch and cons and shit too like most weeny baby anons see, now you see COVID has fucked everything for the future now too.

No. 552735

i think photomanip is it's own art, it requires it's own set of skills, it's just faster than illustrative work while looking like it when it's well done.

No. 552740

I don’t think tracing is helping this girl either. I’m the camera anon who did the paint over and she has a similar problem here where her traced art is way more stiff and flat than her untraced art. It’s not the camera warping it like above but it’s more that, she knows facial structure enough to push expression on the left side images to make them feel more natural while the right hand images are very posed. Especially in the eyes and that’s more jarring in a human face that’s near realism.

This girl is a portrait artist so her experience is different but tracing is pretty common especially like in concept art and comics because, like she said about editorial, you have to draw so fast. So it’s common to trace shit like landscapes and buildings or models from blender or sketch up. Like if it’s a building that’s only gonna be in one panel and you need one angle, comic artists have to do probably 2-3 pages a day for monthly books so who has time to figure that shit out from scratch.

No. 552741

Yeah photomanip really is only a problem when you use someone else’s work, usually photographs, and it’s not transformative enough to distinguish it from the original. Then it goes into sketchy legal territory but it’s also why people always say to gather tons of reference so you don’t derive from just one

No. 552752

This. This should be the first thing you're taught in art school. If you want to be a commercial success there's no point in trying to create technically flawless art. Sakimichan's anatomy is notoriously bad but the average person paying for her patreon sub isn't going to care. All that matters is that your art is eyecatching and accessible to the basic consumer who holds the money, a virtuoso who's not willing to please the masses or is simply unable to create calculated eyecandy isn't going to be earning the big bucks or collaborating with recognizable brands. Yeah it might suck that the business straight out throws your principles out the window but that's just how it is, when you order food at a restaurant as an amateur you're more interested in how the food tastes than the nooks and crannies of gourmet cooking. Most people order the extra large burger with fries rather than wine-braised lamb loin with fennel genoise.

>illustration is a service, not gallery work.

A perfect way to put it. With commercial artwork all that matters is the ability to sell your work and to network with the right people, i.e. being a salesperson. Not by being a righteous artist aiming towards perfection. That's also why salty Twitter artists who aim towards the goal of one-upping each other in superficial technical skills never make it big, they're too busy being unapproachable and peppered with bad PR so that nobody wants to be involved with their brand. Literally all of my artist friends who "made it" did it through connections and people-pleasing art, not by unique, jaw-dropping pieces.

No. 552755

File: 1589198477521.jpeg (357.95 KB, 1242x1820, 808DBB3E-C314-43BA-ADEC-68CEFD…)

I just mentioned him here and summoned his annoying pedantic presence into my timeline almost immediately. You might know bugmeyer aka peter mohrbacher from his multiple recent dramas:

>the one time he stole @ArtofChira’s artwork to promote his art podcast, got politely called out and was a snarky rude asshole about it throughout the whole endeavor, even when he was clearly in the wrong.

>the one time he tried to do a callout and hashtag against ProCreate for cancelling an illustration comission with him because he did not follow the requests for modifications from the client, and ignore basic rules of client-artist communication, resulting in procreate refusing to use his artwork because it was not what they paid him to do. They still paid him btw.

He himself has said that he went independent because he couldn’t stand anyone in the industry (or rather, no one could stand his arrogant and hard to work with behavior and he was effectively blacklisted). He also is incredibly late on his book’s kickstarter delivery, and keeps being unprofessional about it.

Yesterday he posted this, basically asking for free work from one of his sucker fans, for what you can assume is gonna be turned into merch for his patreon or his kickstarter. He has over 1500 patrons, on top of kickstarter money and some freelance work for whoever is courageous or uninformed enough to still hire him, surely he has enough money to pay for someone to model a coin for him, and yet he delivers this absolute joke of an answer. Yes peter, providing services to other people is transactional, that’s the literal definition of your creative job. you’re not anyone’s mom and no one has to make shit for you out of good faith.

Basically he’s a huge cow whose above average art skills got to his head, who lucked out enough to get a ton of suckers to validate and stroke his inflated ego after getting blacklisted out of the illustration industry. His cowness would be more fun to watch if he got any open flack about it, instead he’s quietly hated by a bunch of people in the industry.

No. 552760

File: 1589199125187.jpeg (265.76 KB, 1242x1315, F21B132B-37F8-4770-B082-5ABA6D…)

I just checked his kickstarter, which raised 200k dollars in 2016. And it’s still in print proof phase, with some of it’s internal artworks not even done yet. Being in proof stage means it has not even been printed and bookbound yet, after a whooping 4 years. But there’s more…

No. 552765

File: 1589200071044.jpeg (387.7 KB, 1242x1766, D0D31DA5-28D7-452F-A8D0-BC8DA3…)

The coins he was begging for someone to model for free on twitter less than 24h ago? Already promised as an “apology” reward on his kickstarter, with intentions to be turned into official merch afterwards. They’re admittedly not even a finished mockup yet, which means that it doesn’t have the 3D map, and by extension no established manufacturer or product proofs. It’s a given to say it’s stupid to promise things that you don’t even know if you’re gonna be able to manufacture when your kickstarter for a BOOK is already four years late, but the fact that he wants some sucker to do it for free when he profited over 200.000 dollars on it is hilarious in it’s brazenness. Him being a whiny chucklefuck when people want to be paid for specialized work that he wants to profit on indefinitely (future merch plans) is just the cherry on top.

I bet he complains when he gets job offers “for exposure”, but then again in peter’s world rules are only right or wrong when it suits him.

No. 552841

File: 1589214005432.jpg (49.47 KB, 515x596, o0515059613069489142.jpg)

The squished thighs in stockings has been a coomer trend for a little while.

No. 552854


man why the fuck do good artists have to be like this
i admire his work so much, it's clear he works hard and has a great aesthetic sense, works on some really good concepts, but then this shit is completely inexcusable
why can't these big ass artists just be happy with the money they get, remove head from sphincter, and i dunno – wild idea – maybe act right?

No. 552878

Who makes a face like that in this situation??? She totally just reused an old art's face on this. Did she even use a reference or just slap a gym photo in the background, color dodge, burn it, add light particles for good measure? Wouldn't want people to notice she doesn't draw backgrounds anymore and recycles faces from her other art! oopsie!

No. 552883

Her head is just a bit tiny too. Looking like Momomun

No. 552884

that's what anon's saying. none of her other shit has it.

No. 552939

Tracing is only a big deal to people who don't work professionally. The reality of the situation is that if you're employed as an artist (and earning a living wage), you are 99% of the time working in the entertainment industry, not fine art. No one gives a shit how you produce, only that at the end of the day your work is done. Copyright issues aside, if you are producing something that needs to look realistic, you're tracing, using filters, color picking, photo bashing, etc. It's just the nature of the beast.

No. 552954

Honestly, the only problem I have with tracing is that people arent honest woth it. If you trace, you should give credit to your sources by linking your references when you post your art.

No. 552981

yall got me 44 new followers tho i regret nothinnnn
bitches like her arent my ppl

No. 552994

You sound like a cow yourself

No. 552995

From the bottom of my heart: kill yourself you're nothing

No. 552997

Nta but holy shit woman, chill.

No. 553008


> 12 RTs 172 Likes

>wElL ThIs TwEEt bLEw Up

Can you not?

No. 553009

File: 1589239080682.png (203.46 KB, 1080x964, kek.png)

Enjoy your fucking new 44 out of 63 followers and a fucking heap of attention, must be an achievement for you.

Just funny that this little fucker has no shame to put patreon link on her own attention-whoring thread.

No. 553011

All that attention whoring didn’t amount to patreon bucks for them at least. I hope it stays at $0.

No. 553018

omega fucking kek the delusion is real

No. 553030

File: 1589242262559.jpeg (235.77 KB, 605x957, 0FE307C2-21F0-4F48-89F0-DC94F5…)

Ive been trying to improve my anatomy but there’s one thing that I can’t find reference for
Sometimes I’ll see art I like with the kneecap pointing in and the foot pointing out and it confuses me. is it a stylistic choice or are some ppl more flexible?

No. 553034

Just tried it myself. I can twist my thighs in a little bit with my foot out, so it looks like my knees appear centered and not pointing outward. However I cannot do it to that degree. Looks painful tbh. The artist probably just drew an exaggerated pose they see other people do and doesn't know it's not possible lol.

No. 553036

>pro fat people
So, was she just mad that Destiny Moon has more followers than her? Kek.

No. 553037

slightly off topic but whose art is that? I like it

No. 553039

No. 553040

I can do that comfortably, but only because I did ballet for several years. What's more likely is that the pose is exaggerated, or at least that the artist misplaced the kneecap. I think it should be more centered?

No. 553041

I can easily do that position with my leg, but to be fair my connective tissues are fucked. Also it's not a position that someone would do naturally and I'm pretty sure its bad for your joints to make your knee face in a different direction than your foot

No. 553049

So I think it’s a good rule of thumb to think the knee cap should follow the direction of the ankle/foot, right? I’ve just seen this kinda exaggeration a few too many times not to ask

No. 553060

never post here, or anywhere else, ever again until you mentally evolve past 12

No. 553061

I have hypermobility and the pic in your post still looks messed up to me. There isn't a natural flow between joints, it's just two joints randomly misaligned. A lot of artists just have shit anatomy skills disguised by good rendering.

No. 553062

pretty much. i feel like this is rule breaking on purpose, but if you are still figuring out your anatomy don't do it

No. 553063

His art is hilarious, my fave is bottom middle guy and top right girl

No. 553070

Just wait until someone tells all of her tranny followers that she posts on this “transphobic site” and then she’ll be cancelled lol

No. 553072

You know cis people find people like you disgusting too Karen

No. 553111

Fuck off back to your coomer furry comic you delusional tranny degenerate, not only are you completely retarded for thinking 12 RTs is "blowing up" but also the worst fucking kind of person who only stirs shit to get more exposure attacking someone more popular than they are.

Yes. That's the point with most of these people. Including the faux woke motherfuckers who claim an artist is (insert buzzword for a bigot) and then enjoy the likes and retweets coming in. That's why you should never join a twitter lynch mob, like 80% of the time the accusations are completely made up by someone who thought they deserve more followers.

No. 553112


Your tweet currently has 14 RTs, 193 Likes and 938 replies lmaooo my friend that is what we call… a failure lol anyway keep drawing your degenerate shit. You're honestly no one to judge other people's art.

No. 553122

kek trannie apologist
> pro anything basically
and this is how you get all the clout from wokey gang instead of getting it from your skill. Sad, really.

No. 553148

Her Azura piece has 6 fingers too. Is it her style or something?

No. 553163

File: 1589281966668.png (85.63 KB, 978x583, Screenshot_20200512-041109.png)

You guys she's so obviously a troll, stop giving her attention and just move on.

If you're hate following her, just unfollow. She isn't particularly milky anyway.

No. 553170

this is hilarious lol farmers always get pissy about this shit, at least you didn't post "i sent it to hern guyzz!!" in the thread

No. 553179

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded!
Before cowtipping she was complaining in lengths on her timeline about how she wants more followers, pretty sure it's not a troll but just a traditionally autistic furry.

No. 553180

Could be both. If she was complaining in lengths on her timeline about more followers, that could be the reason why she posted that image and why she's continuing to bait this thread.

So even if she wasn't one before, the attention could be what's made her into one.

No. 553191

Imagine if it was the same person who posted this: >>548244
And backtracks to say that it was all a joke

No. 553215

File: 1589298886066.png (159.12 KB, 257x263, waffles2.PNG)

So I was watching the artist videos from Vid Con last year and I think I found Waffles? Not 100% though. Referenced from Baylee's video and Katelyn's. Seems Waffles was wearing a blue shirt and then a panning shot in Katelyn's video shows a girl with brown hair in a blue shirt who isn't in any of the other photos (from what I can see anyway)

No. 553216

File: 1589298930989.png (112.96 KB, 244x265, waffles1.PNG)


And here's the panning pic I saw…

No. 553217

If that really is Waffles, man that sucks. Hasn't she been trying to keep her face off of the internet? And here's Baylee and Katelyn over here flashing her identity to millions of people.

No. 553223

TBF, Baylee waffled out her face pretty good.

No. 553225

Waffles is a redhead tho

No. 553229

More like stawberry blonde/light brown. I remeber a video of hers where her head pops up in the shot and her hair is pretty light

No. 553236

maybe she had her hair dyed at the time? it's kinda hard to tell with the blurring but i think the second picture has a different girl based on the outfit. she seems to have some pins while waffles' doesn't?

No. 553238

It could be lighting. I notice the girl in the picture is sorrounded by 3 guys and I think Waffles went with her brothers

No. 553243

Jackie is live right now, guilting her followers to give her money. Someone just bought her 100 dollar superchat sothat she'd read their message

No. 553251

>guilting her followers to give her money
isn't that what streaming on youtube is in general?

No. 553256

In another part of Baylee’s video where she blocks out Waffles you can kind of see her hair colour and it looks dark brown.

No. 553261

Yeah if people are dumb enough to want to spend their money like that, then why blame the artists for it?

No. 553293


lol The only one flashing is the other anon. Vidcon is months ago, no one said anything about it until now. So either way, it‘s not Waffles or people just give a fuck about how she looks.

No. 553317


She could easily dye her hair lighter or darker anon

No. 553333

File: 1589324893761.png (161.21 KB, 269x327, rin.png)

She's been drawing herself with light brown hair since 2017 for all her Meet the Artist videos. Didn't include the 2019 thumbnail because it's in B&W, but she uses the same brown color in the video there too. It's weird because I also thought she was a redhead for some reason?

No. 553339

god, sorry to bring back an old topic but there's so much overthinking in this lady's video that it's just stupid.
tracing is a shortcut that takes next to no craftsmanship, creativity, or skill. so if you want to use and develop those areas, you should mostly avoid it and only use it when you really need to save time or meet a deadline. it's like lipsynching. few would care if a talented singer occasionally lipsyched at a concert if she had a sore throat or something. but if she did it a lot, people would start to doubt her singing ability, and if you only ever lip synch, you're not even considered a professional singer anymore. so with art, if someone commissioned a realistic family member portrait due tomorrow and you can't get the lips to stop looking wonky, tracing them is understandable and it doesn't revoke your artist cred. but why are you completely tracing works that are supposed to be your personal self expression? it's just not skillful or creative, simple as that.

as far as tracing as practice, if you're attempting a complicated new style or subject matter, it can be hard to even know where to begin, so tracing a relevant a couple times can help your mind "digest" the image and break it down into lines that you can understand. but if you're tracing a cute girl and you've already drawn 1000 cute girls before, what exactly are you learning? it can even be counterproductive because the process of tracing isn't the same as the what the original artist did to produce the image. it doesn't teach you what kind of pren pressure they used or how quickly they moved their pen,for example. so you could reinforce all the wrong techniques.

No. 553348

is this a troll post? his art is good. that's all even though sometimes the anatomy isn't that great.

No. 553413

I agree with you, the art is actually pretty decent, very expressive and sure it's a bit of the generic pretty girl style but it's actually not the worst.

No. 553418

The headshots OP posted in >>552685 are fine imho, but a lot of his figures in >>552688 are hella jank. Still, not terrible all things considered

No. 553452

File: 1589359722308.png (3.32 MB, 1816x2732, F3FBF947-C20D-4005-811C-7025B1…)

there’s an artist on twitter called @megat0ntaid, where almost all her art is traced. yet nobody seems to care. if you call her out on in her league of simps say that “she’s just referencing” the art. also she gets PAID for this art.

No. 553453

File: 1589360013926.jpeg (254.01 KB, 1448x2048, 5B287D11-E34E-45F3-8A4D-82FFFB…)

this is her art when she decides not to trace

No. 553472

that head is obviously traced, though

No. 553473

wasn't this brought up way long time ago? it's kind of pointless to bring up the same tracer over and over again, especially when everyone uses the same examples.

No. 553515

I was just thinking, it's a pretty long video to justify her wanting to trace.

No. 553526

File: 1589385359366.jpg (356.63 KB, 720x1429, 20200513_175533.jpg)

Kekw imagine being so mad that a 13-14yo doesn't want to do your commission that you subtweet them. The user is 20yo

No. 553566

They‘re 20, they should know better not to comission a literal child.

No. 553583

Feelsbad to not get their money back, but dude,,, don’t commission children because they’re literal shitheads

No. 553686

take back your money… give it to someone else… what's not clicking

No. 553717

File: 1589418202276.jpg (469.65 KB, 836x1386, what.jpg)

and I thought fresh_bobatae was starting to develop and lean into her own style

No. 553737

it's pissing me off that both meyoco and her have missed the opportunity to make the clouds from milk foam topping. they're just floating in the top. not to mention that good bubble tea doesn't have these cups.

No. 553745

Were there earlier posts about this? I was under the impression she was just trying to ask for a commission and didn't actually pay for it yet

No. 553750

what's with ~aesthetic~ artists and boba anyways? is it because it's apart of asian culture?

No. 553753

I like the copy more than the original lol

No. 553761


Same lol, I like how meyoco's clouds don't exist on a flat plane but bobatae's stuff is just more visually interesting. I really like how her bubble tea actually has pearls in it, (unlike meyoco's), and the pearls match the theme of each cup. Each cup is different and has a clear visual identity unlike meyoco's, where two cups are basically the same except one has a little moon in it.

No. 553803

i almost want to make like a better version of these, but i don't want to get accused of copying. my art style is different.
a part. also, it's really popular in japan within the last few years and kawaii asian girls always post it on IG.

No. 553806

I agree, the "copy" is actually better. Notice how in the bottom one, the straws are a different color when they're under the liquid, which is more realistic. Like you guys said, they're also more creative.

The only things I like better about the original is the way the cups are tilted together, and the color reflections on the plastic.

No. 553814

Lol Becky please keep spitting your hot takes I love a laugh

No. 553837

gotta agree with these points, i like how meyoco drew the cups a bit more, but the second one is more creative.

No. 553897


How many aesthetic boba tea cups are we going to get through before people realize it's the same shit over and over again. Shit's so vapid and redundant just like its target audience.

No. 553952


No. 553962

File: 1589492784349.jpg (32.73 KB, 600x337, tumblr_inline_p1brmcd9Dk1rr08j…)

Thank you for speaking the truth Anon

No. 553980

File: 1589498263268.jpg (133.47 KB, 735x1014, 285c2c2524538fa88ee310a6495e40…)

Does anyone have a tutorial on how to color like pic related? Or at least a speedpaint video of a similar artist painting?

I know the theory, but whenever I try doing it, looks like a muddy bootleg. I wish I could understand the process better before exercising it again.

The closest I get to this is Marco Bucci's tutos on coloring, but it's still a bit different. It can be in japanese, btw.

(Artist is rei_17 on Twitter if I am not mistaken)

No. 553989

Does anyone else really like this sorta ameture 90s anime style? It kinda sucks that this type of style isn't really done nowadays

No. 554001

File: 1589501720060.jpg (264.7 KB, 1868x4055, EX2n_ikUYAEm04C.jpg)

Anon you missed the opportunity to post this one as their untraced example

No. 554003

Samefag but her leg gave me a physical reaction upon seeing it.

No. 554007

Seconded, I'd like to know too if possible!

No. 554020

File: 1589503766522.jpeg (600.81 KB, 739x1299, B5EE5351-37B6-4FFD-84E6-14D98B…)

This was from the fatphobia drama with sakimichan but I had to take this because destinymoon of all people had the nerve to say this. Hoes mad because sakimichan be making that coin. No one is gonna pay 3 dollars for your shitty chicken scratch caricatures of pocs.

No. 554025

I feel like if you look into how people shade crystals, you can extapolate and apply that knowledge to this style of shading.

No. 554033

File: 1589506259157.jpg (351.33 KB, 2048x1496, 20200508_225755-1.jpg)

Saw this in an art discord the other day, maybe it'll help.
"The text is talking about the concept of taking colors that are all over the color wheel (great jumps in value change) and how it can be counterproductive in defining the parts of the drawing that you want to stand out. Rather than throw a ton of the same blue down, pick other colors (yellow, green, red etc) with fewer value changes to give off a more cohesive atmosphere. You can pick severe changes, but try to blend them out with the base color so they don't all compete for the viewers attention, but rather work together to create atmosphere."

No. 554035

File: 1589506358577.png (2.96 MB, 2048x1496, 20200508_225858.png)

"The second picture is literally just saying that before they had this knowledge it was hard to discern the main subject of the composition and the colors were muddy. However, with this new knowledge their current drawings now have easily identifiable subjects of composition, and there is a cohesiveness that brings the whole drawing together. In the sense that everything doesn't get washed out or bleed in to each other. The bottom line just says so long as you are aware of this principle even just a little, it can really change the outcome of your artwork a lot so give it a try. You can make changes in three editing phase as well."
Sorry it's not really a tutorial.

No. 554037

being mad over how porn artists draw is just a waste of time. Saki makes thousands of dollars drawing this, why should she change? All these twitter artists who are always in drama only hurt their own brand, especially when it's drama they're not even related to.

No. 554042

File: 1589507887725.png (720.69 KB, 2048x1275, Screenshot_20200514-215305.png)

Might look better than her coconut hair

No. 554045

File: 1589508926336.jpg (184.56 KB, 736x1137, d142c16ad92bf806eb8c4ada83e614…)


Thanks anon, this actually helps a lot because of the side by side comparison, and I can actually kinda understand the side notes. If I ever find something like this I'll post here, as well.

Another art in the same vein.

Polite sage.

No. 554048

Idk why destiny even brought that up, saki clearly wasn’t trying to draw fat people

No. 554050

She's still riding the high of getting twitter morons worked up about the non-issue of obese people not having representation in art. Probably accumulating lots of followers from it, so she's gotta keep up the momentum.

No. 554053

Sage for off-topic but the fuck did she get married while I'm still single

No. 554057

for a Canadian visa, not because they like each other lol

No. 554061

File: 1589516723327.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1053x1237, C05E3BF6-C348-4B23-AD1F-39F122…)

how the fuck do you fail to notice the hand it is literally right there

No. 554064

it's outlined with red and DEAD center oh my god… and if you can afford a big screen perhaps have multiple canvas views

No. 554090

dude fuck rei_17

i still cant get over how she shit talked fgo on weibo but as soon as fgo wanted commission her she acted like fgo was the best shit

No. 554098

Does anyone know what happened with Jellie Bee and her failed business and kickstarter fiasco? I know someone said she uploaded a video on it explaining but, got scared and privated it/took it down and I haven't heard anything since. Someone said she was going to reupload it but, haven't seen any activity on her channel in over a year.

No. 554102

I've seen other anons say that her husband is as insufferable as her

No. 554119

lmfao i love how the tiny picture of the girl in front of the screen is more detailed than the big picture of her friend she's speaking with. it doesn't show the genuineness of their bond and fondness speaking to eachother, just how self absorbed this fucking girl is, as if her million selfies weren't enough already

No. 554130

What details

No. 554148

we have a shitton of bad artists acting like they should be the moral compass of the world and you are… mad an actually good artist because they didn't like a shitty game, but did commissions for it anyway?

the only thing detailed is her hair lmao, she couldn't even be bothered to render the keyboard and what's on screen more.

No. 554206

I remember she came in here at one point. She was legit in a rough spot so I don't blame her for laying low. She's probably still got a lot of bs to work out but she still has loose ends of her business to tie up. Overall I do hope she's OK though.

No. 554209


Samefag, whoops she goes by sparkkiiro/sparkiiro now and all it is is the same fanart and animal crossing shit. She had a comic but I don't think she'll ever get to it, she's also a twitch partner so RIP to anything else

No. 554212

I've been extremely iffy about her, I got some doujinshis of her way before last summer's controversy, so I don't regret buying them, but now that she's preparing a new doujinshi, I don't know if I'll take this one. Her art is still godly, but her behavior and personnality are disgusting, I really don't want to support her anymore.

No. 554213

I find this artist very creepy only because of how many narcissistic traits she has.

No. 554250

Yeah fuck her. She's a massive cunt to other Chinese artists, talks mad shit about everyone while acting cordial face to face and cries plagiarism when the piece that supposedly plagiarized her was posted before hers was. FGO isn't apparently the only thing she fakes interest in, she trash talks a lot of stuff but pretends to like it to pander to her audience. She also had posted how all the "shitty artists" FGO employs are beneficial to her because they highlight how much more talented she is, which is a really dickish thing to say out loud and a one-way ticket to creating a really bad reputation within the industry. Additionally she also locked a foreign artist out of her house for something and left her stranded.

It's a damn shame too, I loved her CE art so much but read about the drama later and was completely disillusioned. It's always disappointing when someone with mad skill turns out to be a douchebag.

No. 554263


honestly. i wish more people came out with their interactions and stories about cyarin, her hugbox is so large that people are scared to criticize her anywhere except small art corners. i remember when I used to really like her art i saw her interacting with a 14 year old who uploaded on Instagram a drawing cyarin proceeded to claim was stolen and copying her style even though it was just a generic loish study or something and the 14 yo ended up deleting her Instagram art account because of it. she's so self obsessed even though all of her personality and art is lifted from loish who she skinwalks. i wasn't surprised when i heard rumors she abused and was hateful towards her ex ghostofcrows

No. 554305

Thanks for the info. I know she said something about her ex being the main source of why everything went downhill so while I think she's still irresponsible for leaving people in the dark about what happened without so much as an announcement, I hope she's doing better.

No. 554331

File: 1589581877662.jpg (66.73 KB, 1080x1063, 20200515_152812.jpg)

Jackie is slowly becoming more and more annoying to me. Is she really so famous that she thinks people won't believe it's really her? Plus the whole video calling out other YouTubers for basically not being interested or excited enough about meeting her, it's starting to seem like her ego is blowing up way too much for how shit her art is.

No. 554335

Very interesting; thanks for sharing, anon. I'm working on improving my own coloring process now beyond simple coloring book styles. Even w/o this style, I think this is a good push in the right direction when it comes to choosing a pallet.
Values and subtlety, when a piece called for it, were always a harder point for me.

No. 554344

I’ve been following her since forever on pixiv, but never really heard of any drama because of language barrier. Is there anywhere I can read on these incidents in English? I don’t think not liking fgo but still working for it is dickish, an artist gotta pay their bills, you can’t only work for things you personally like, work money is work money. Fandom hopping and clout chasing is also just the standard behavior for fanartists, so nothing new in the front there either. Her other comments are super cuntish and incredibly uprofessional though, which is why I wonder how openly her behaviour is discussed online.

No. 554365

no it's not that she didn't like a shitty game, she wished death on the creators of FGO and that they would be blown up with bombs by terrorist

No. 554374

Abused her ex? How so?

No. 554383

File: 1589591162253.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1788x1125, A23F9B28-60CD-4E37-BAC7-9A40BC…)

From LavenderTowne’s most recent video where she redrew a page of a comic she made when she was 14. Her old art was crude but at least it’s somewhat charming. I hate her bug eyed noodle armed characters and these two panels really accentuate how little improvement she’s made in over a decade

No. 554394


But she got a lot of (soft) backslash in the comments of that con tea video. I really wonder why she just didn't take it down. It's embarrassing.

No. 554404

Damn, I didn't see any backlash when I watched it. I just saw a bunch of her "grains" taking her word as gospel and saying shit like "omg I'm so disappointed. I used to like xx."
I need to go check it out again. I hope she hasn't been deleting comments.

No. 554408

File: 1589595138802.jpeg (271.05 KB, 663x307, CDD23CD2-B1D5-4FEA-99F0-A82A9E…)

This process is called hue shifting if I’m not mistaken, or at least a more exaggerated version of it. I’ve only seen it mentioned in regards to pixel art but I think it would work the same for drawing.
There are more examples on this site:
Sorry if this isn’t what you were talking about.

The way she redid the girl makes me wanna hurl

No. 554409

The example is not bad but the advice is. You can actually hueshift towards warm or lcold depending on the mood your want. There’s no rule saying that shadows should be cold and lights should be warm so that part is just blantant misinformation.

No. 554411


Yeah a big portion of the comments point out how self-centered she is acting by claiming that people are rude and fake for not immediately giving her their full attention. But of course she only liked or responded to the comments that supported her pettiness. The entire video was scummy, and Jackie really showed her true character by putting it out.

No. 554412

File: 1589595468239.jpg (296.29 KB, 3072x2304, 1568949338839.jpg)

The new one is way worse. Imagine being worse at drawing than you were at fourteen.

No. 554414

I definitely agree with you. The tutorial isn’t the best but I just included it because the picture helps to see the difference using the technique makes on the artwork.

No. 554416

Honestly like the old falling panel better imo. I hated the revamped girl its reminds me of her basic uwu fiesty gurl type she draws

No. 554435

Can anyone link me to the video you're talking about? I've never seen it before.

No. 554439


It was posted here about a week or so ago. Scroll up a bit and you should be able to find it.

No. 554440

did the right side of the keyboard just vanish into the void-

No. 554474

Just google "rei_17 drama", there are a lot of discussions summarizing her drama especially in the FGO subreddit. Here's one comment and the replies to it that do a good job running it down. https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/cprx5w/finally_some_good_food/ewr7v8i/ Summary: Last year some Chinese artists had enough when her art was used for a special summer event on Fate/Grand Order despite her constantly shitting on the game and the artists and decided to start leaking her behavior from Weibo (A Chinese equivalent of Twitter) which turned out to be not very pleasant. Some of the original callout tweets have sadly been privated but other resources exist.

She keeps all the drama off her pixiv and twitter and has a professional face in front of her international followers, but apparently lets it all hang loose on Weibo to write some really nasty shit in Chinese to trash the very same artists whose asses she just finished kissing on other sites. And to be perfectly honest I think paying lip service to fake an interest in a popular franchise while shit talking it, the creators, the artists involved and the fans who like it is dishonest as you're profiting off the fans with your work yet letting them know how much you despise them and only use them for money and clout. I get that you need to pay the bills but there's a difference between being commissioned to do something you don't care for and repeatedly lying to use someone else's creation to milk for your own benefit. And like >>554365 said it's not just that she didn't like a game she was commissioned for, it's because she was a sociopathic cunt about how much she hated it.

One of the artists she bashed loudly was pako, probably the most popular (and objectively talented) artist FGO has. Yet he was a fucking professional about it, didn't comment on the drama coming out about how this crazy bitch shits on his art and even RT'd her CE art out of courtesy. Now that's admirable.

No. 554476

I remember when Cyarin was in relationship with "vio" and Cyarin published new animated channel trailer on her youtube. Vio did most (if not all) animating and I am pretty sure Cyarin just said if it's good or not. (Not sure, just my thoughts).

Cyarin had never published any animations while Vio animated. When some one said in the comments that it might be misleading for the new channel visitors to think that she is animator more than illustrator, cyarin responded: "You do know I animated this too right"

No. 554478

Iirc, Pako is the only artist she actually respects (but still shitted on every character of him that wasn't Arjuna), Wada Rco is the one she disrespected the most, which is extremely hypocritical since by all accounts Wada is a nice lady and she's always enthusiastic about working on FGO.

No. 554481

Nah, she took a dump on pako (and Miwa Shirow) too. The Chinese-speaking fans said that she posted about pako's art being terrible but gonna have to admit I don't have English receipts to back it up but here's a baidu thread in Chinese https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6224998383 and someone summarizing it in English https://twitter.com/somniopiate/status/1161857168364191744 . I had completely forgotten that she also attacked fellow competitors in a pixiv drawing contest to make herself win.

But true though, it appears that she had a huge hate boner for Wada Arco which is just sawing off the branch you're sitting on since she's such a huge name in the Fate franchise and a well-liked artist. You reap what you sow.

No. 554484

>dissing Miwa Shirow
That's it, I'm done supporting her, if I ever get her new books it will be through second hand shops, better supporting artists who don't start shit and actually enjoy what they work on. If she hates the game and its artists so much, why did she make such an intricate Nitocris doujinshi?

No. 554485

okay that's way different and really shitty, especially the disgusting death threat part. to the trash with another artist.

also is it just me or whenever there's a drama with a chinese artist they are way more extreme with threats than we usually see artists from other countries? like a few months back some artist was claiming that people were stealing their style and they also made some hardcore threats from what i've seen of the translations.

No. 554489

Sometimes I am genuinely scared of artists on instagram

No. 554490

File: 1589623610642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 432.57 KB, 1080x1827, Cursed.jpg)

Pic related. Forgot to attach

Saged for offtopic kinda

No. 554491

Given the country's size and modern history, the Chinese culture in general is strongly based on the "eat or be eaten" ideal and I think that also applies to the online culture as well. People can become fucking psychos because aggressive elbow tactics are encourage and used against them as well, even Chinese lolitas are notorious for having massive drama in their community. Compared to Japanese artists are generally too nice for their own good until they have a mental breakdown, Thai artists not really giving a shit about da haturz and Koreans being quite similar to the Japanese but a tad more aggressive I believe. They're all products of their culture. Not trying to do any ethnic profiling here because it's just based on my subjective experience from interacting with Asian artists.

No. 554492

>why did she make such an intricate Nitocris doujinshi?
No idea, maybe she self-inserted into her or something. She's notorious for forcing her own headcanon on Arjuna and hating the official character, and to be frank the way she portrayed Nitocris in her fanbook is barely recognizable. I think she just projected her own OC into a character that's recognizable and popular to create more sales.

No. 554495

yeah i was thinking along those lines, but wasn't sure if i was overgeneralizing chinese artists. i also feel that the whole social score system is a really stressing thing to live under.

the fact that this is completely unoriginal somehow makes it even worse. instagram is a trash heap and it's only good because it has a usable tagging system, and it's easy to get started on a following because random bots will follow you.

No. 554510

"Irony" has gone way too far.

No. 554524

File: 1589637224879.jpg (83.6 KB, 911x721, cyarin.jpg)

No. 554644


yeah given that we already know cyarin is a huge fucking narcissist and an autist, which makes her even more unaware of her shitty behavior/attitude, i'm not surprised she abused her ex. when they announced their breakup plenty of vio's fans already knew about the shitty way cyarin treats ppl and her

No. 554709

I don't know if you know this but, that actually happens to your thighs when you wear thigh highs/over the knee socks, Especially if you have chubby thighs. Sakimi's is more exaggerated and her anatomy is still