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File: 1592320192273.jpeg (104.23 KB, 678x760, 12567931-A910-4934-B25C-863D91…)

No. 571129

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.

Previous thread:

No. 571135

I like the thread pic. Encapsulates my own feelings very well

No. 571142

I wish I were still in the psych ward. It feels like time stops when you're in there, it's like being in a coma

No. 571159

I've been aware of Amberlynn Reid for all my years of lolcow but I just opened her thread for the first time and was completely shocked that she's a lesbian? I can't figure out why

That's exactly how I feel about when I studied abroad and cut contact with everyone, stopped eating, didn't keep mirrors around, and didn't speak out loud for months on end. I miss that a lot

No. 571167

That video of PT's mom screeching at her like a wild animal made me feel so bad. I know PT can't be easy to deal with, but screaming at someone with mental issues can't be helping anything.

No. 571168

As the only person who got fucked at uni due to their shitty system this thread pic is perfect

No. 571170

I've always known she's lesbian but I'm surprised whenever she hints at actually being sexual with partners.. at her size. I imagine her and becky being sexless companions

No. 571176


I honestly can't stop rewatching this video. How old is PT now? 33,34 or 35? I remember her turning 30 but I can't recall when that happened. This is such a clusterfuck situation and the fact that they all sitting at home 24/7 because of the current situation makes it worse for everybody. I just don't understand why her mum and PT scream like idk just talk normally? maybe it's not possible at this point?

No. 571193

I was shocked too, but I think it’s more because she’s such an embodiment of Target worshipping basic bitch that her being something not 100% mainstream is flooring.

No. 571205

Today is a weird day, at least for me. Like the energy today is off. I woke up feeling weird, like I want something but then when I reach for that something I don’t want it anymore. Weird shit. For example the smell of my current shower gel annoys me so I got another one and that one annoyed me, too. I couldn’t decide what I wanted for breakfast. Coffee? Tea??? I made both and threw both out. Went to water in the garden, stopped, and walked right back in the house because I just don’t feel like standing outside with the hose looking at plants. Tried listening to music, nothing interests me. Tried watching some Youtube, again not interested.

I don’t feel anxious or bored? My mind is clear, my thoughts aren’t scattered, it is just the oddest feeling.

No. 571223

I think filler is going to stop being a trend and natural faces are going to be the next hot thing and all the people who were 21 and got fillers are going to look pudgy and old and theres going to be so many regret stories and new techniques on how to dissolve fillers fast. I dont care if people alter their bodies for whatever reason but I think it's not a good idea to do beauty trends because that's all they are… trends. You wont care about them next year.

No. 571225

I wish Ann Reardon from How to Cook That was my mother.

No. 571227

I think this too, I'm waiting to bank on that tattoo-free, no-modification-of-any-kind natural appearance. My fingers are crossed, anyway

No. 571228

I wonder when huge asses will stop being a thing

No. 571231

I love tattoos but hate when you can tell that someone got a bunch of them just for the hell of it, shit like 'oh I'll get a giant cupcake tattoo just cos, and I'll put it in whatever spot gets noticed most'

Love when someone has a set theme/style to their tatts and they plan it out over a few years where it's not a fashion thing.

No. 571232

I adopted two special-needs cats and they stick to me like glue, it's the greatest reward I've ever experienced! One of them wants to be held like a doll in my arms while we sleep, and when I wake up the other one is sleeping by my feet. This part of my life is a peek into heaven

No. 571233

File: 1592335397891.png (1007 KB, 708x829, 2CC982E1-131A-4983-9A05-E9D1BC…)

The internet fucked up my trust issues so much that whenever someone tells me they're Japanese or any other things people have been caught to fake for cool points, I literally cannot stop doubting them and being suspicious (especially if they don't look like anything they claim to be in the first place)

No. 571234

Haunting image. But I agree with the sentiment. Even when someone just pops in being like 'Hey professional ____-er here!' when that thing is being talked about i get immediately suspicious

No. 571236

i really really hate the meme/trend of gay men using pornographic depictions of women/woman-hating fetish art/etc as like reaction images & jokes. most of the time they're using them to describe themselves jokingly so at first glance it seems more like self-depricating or maybe absurdist humor, but after seeing so much of it i'm realizing it's just another manifestation of gay male misogyny, because even if it's not for sexual gratification purposes, they're still disseminating & forcing ppl to look at these really degrading & upsetting depictions of women for entertainment. the fact that women are doing this now too makes me wanna die.
i don't care if i sound like a prude. praise dworkin

No. 571241

me too anon. I love my mom but she's such a stupid person, I can't imagine what it's like having an educated mother lmao.

No. 571242

samefag but also obviously I want her to feed me.

No. 571245

Damn, I haven't seen anything like this. Hope I don't come across it anytime soon. Hardcore porn is such a big trigger for me. Gay men can be seriously sexist though, most people just give them a pass because they don't take it seriously which sucks. They can be quite awful too.

No. 571249

File: 1592337510435.jpeg (37.83 KB, 768x768, Nintendo-64-Purple.jpeg)

I want a Nintendo 64 but I'm too damn old,I miss playing Donkey Kong 64 and Gex 3

No. 571250

I don't really know what kind of memes you mean? Spoonfeed spoilered r something, all i can think of are those screenshots of porn that are just subtitles and faces with text like "me when i stub my toe" or some shit.

No. 571252

Oh god, same. If someone claims to be half-Japanese I can't shake the mental image of all the ""hafu"" white tumblr girls who dyed their hair black and squinted their eyes in selfies out of my mind.

No. 571258

>I want a Nintendo 64 but I'm too damn old
Holy shit, is that you Pixyteri?

No. 571259

I see full grown adults playing animal crossing on the Switch so I don't think wanting a retro console is all that bad

No. 571260

My mom is educated (MBA thinking of getting her phd just for the hell of it); she’s really sweet but also boring and passive from being the Golden Child in the family. It has its pros and cons because we talk heavy shit like politics and religion, but at times I feel like I don’t really know her, either. Idk she accepts me for who I am.

No. 571263

I was thinking to post this in the vent thread but this is just dumb: I have an ex friend who I know to be hated in her so-called friend group yet they always hang and spam their ig stories. It's usually ex friend, her gf and friend with her gf, I think everyone would have dumped my ex friend if it weren't for the fact that her new gf is now friends with the 2 others. I just feel gross watching them all p8st lovey dovey double date shit when I know for a fact everyone talks shit about my ex friend, for a reason too. The ex friend also shit talked her gf to me before they started dating so everything these people post just feels so performative, it's so bizarre. I still am mutuals with them because I don't hate any of these people and my ex friend's gf is genuinely nice but what the hell.

No. 571269

every time i see something sanders sides related on my dash i get irrationally angry even though i know nothing about it.

it gives me cringey real people shipper vibes, but probably unwarranted.

No. 571270

My mom is a doctor but she can be really stupid. Despite her medical training she loves to parrot medical advice from social media for example. She also has a masters in exercise but doesn't know how to do it properly. Education isn't everything.

No. 571271

I guess lol

No. 571298

There are so many people (both on the left and the right) who choose their political opinions because they fit an ideal ~aesthetic~ and have it as their main reason, and I find it really stupid

No. 571299

And tbh I said choose because they don't seem to form those opinions themselves

No. 571302

this site is FINALLY running again
i was so bored i swear

No. 571304

lmao same, what else should I do in the evenings?

No. 571305

File: 1592388462539.gif (336.97 KB, 480x270, 1532215476344.gif)

Today I decided I was going to start streaming on twitch because my only hobby is video games. I have some background in graphic design and spent a lot of time making my banners/lay out look really nice, setting up YouTube and a Twitter as well. My only problem is I honestly don't know how to advertise myself without being annoying. In WoW, for instance, I see people advertising their twitch in the game chat, and 99% of responses are "lul fuck off faggot" Idk where to start, I kinda feel like I put in a bunch of effort for nothing lol. If I just stream every day, will I eventually amass followers via people finding me through tags? I plan on cross uploading to YouTube as well. As far as Twitter goes I guess I just interact with people in the gaming community?

Why is it so intimidating to cash in on the thing I do like 18 hours out of my day

No. 571320

It's an annoying commitment. You gotta just do it forever and keep the same schedule. Streaming sucks.

No. 571331

>because my only hobby is video games
That's too vague. What kind of games do you play? I'd suggest playing FPS or any male oriented game to attract simps, that is, if you're good at them.

Successful streamers are either very good at the game or very attractive.

No. 571335

File: 1592398516958.png (35.73 KB, 732x187, Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 10.5…)

Oh my god shut the FUCK up. I really detest Letterboxd reviews

No. 571338

so jealous

No. 571340

Every time I go my local corner store I'm stuck waiting behind old people spending anywhere from 30 to 70 quid on various lottery tickets, and maybe some cigs. Like even throughout quarantine you can rely on old people to go out and spend massive amounts on shit like scratch cards. And they take forever to be served.

No. 571343

Look hot on face cam, simps will come, they’re always browsing for nobodies to orbit. Ass kiss other streamers, get them to host u. Try to collab with a male.

No. 571370

I feel really bad for PT. Her mom always sounded abusive as fuck to me.

No. 571430

There already are regret stories for filler and luckily for them, filler can already be easily removed. I think it's only going to get worse and plastic surgery is going to keep getting cheaper and accessible as time goes by.

Fake asses never look good. Looks like an overfilled diaper and always ends up looking lumpy and gross in real life.

No. 571436

I really hate anyone who uses the term 'trad', 'coomer', 'degenerate', 'pornsick' etc. It's universally people who spend too much time on image boards who believe in like meme science and see some statistics posted completely out of context and don't look into it any further or know how to correctly interpret a study

No. 571443

Sorry anon but I hate the fuck out of degenerate pornsick coomers and I don’t see wha that has anything to do with “meme science”.

No. 571444

I feel similar when I see posts saying
>trad, coomer, degenerate
But after experiencing 'pornsick' men irl for years before seeing it mentioned on here, I was kind of glad to find out there's a word for it.

No. 571447

I dont mind those terms on lolcow, but when people say shit like 'uwu' and 'babbies' irl, i kinda want to choke slam them.

No. 571449

I hate ddlgs or anyone who dares sexualise anything pure in a repulsive degrading way. I hate people who get their kicks in degrading others.I’m a proud kinkshamer.

No. 571459

100% agree with the porn sick terminology sentiment. Such an effective term to use on men so fucking ruined by porn in their socialisation and fucking.

No. 571464

Personally I love the term cum brain or telling men to wipe the cum out of their brain. Shuts them up immediately.

No. 571465

On this note, I have a bad habit of saying "uwu" like "oooooooWOOOOOO!" to my cats because it looks like their face, and now that's been incorporated in my baby-talk towards infants and cute animals. You ever uwu'd at a cow? More of them will walk over to check on the uwu!

No. 571470

Maybe if you're seeing these terms around enough to annoy you then you're also spending "too much" time on imageboards anon :v)
Furbaby annoys me though(emoticon)

No. 571484

this is precious anon. you may keep your uwu card.

No. 571496

God, this is relatable. I always uWU at my boyfriend and cute animals. It started out as a joke, but well, turns out uwuuuuuu-ing is a really cute sound that pumps dopamine straight into my veins.

No. 571509

>Look hot on face cam, simps will come, they’re always browsing for nobodies to orbit.

Honestly this is the farthest thing from what I want to do lol. I have 0 intention of catering to cucks. I'm not doing facecam, just mic.

I play basically everything tbh but rn it's a couple MOBAs, world of warcraft, and oldschool pc games (command and conquer, stronghold, age of empires, and tycoon games)
My bf, his cousin and I all play games together and have thrown around the idea of joint streaming or something. We are a pretty loud/rage-y/reactive group so I figured that would help? I have a good personality for it I think, I like interacting with people and I rage a lot lmao.

I don't really care if I get huge, I just want a small following/community and some side cash. Twitter itself is so intimidating idek where to start with 0 followers lmao

No. 571513

Me and my whole street are listening to this right now, would anyone like to dance?

No. 571518

>no cam
Hard mode anon

No. 571521

I hate it when I'm replying with a take to a topic like anyone else, but then just because someone disagrees with my take they get condescending and act like I'm so much more invested in it than them so that makes my argument worse somehow. As if they're not weirdly invested in my so-called investment? Miss me with that, we're all literal whos waxing shit about situations cause we got nothing better to do. Debates are entertainment.

No. 571522

same they write a huge paragraph long post about how they feel about something and when people are agreeing with them they're fine but if you disagree they're suddenly like 'lol imagine caring this much' I shouldn't care about it but I find it genuinely annoying and hypocritical

No. 571530

Yep, like I get how someone can rub off as overly defensive about the topic but in that case just call them defensive. They shouldn't insinuate someone 'cares' more about the topic than they do. If they truly didn't care about giving the opinion one way or another, they wouldn't be posting nor picking a fight at all.

No. 571548

depends, there's a difference between being invested in a topic and being invested in a random person's opinion

No. 571560

>walking to store
>man i dont know asks me if i want his mangos
>i say i cant carry any mangos right now (no bag, walking by foot)
>i walk to the store, come back. take 3 mangos in grocery bag obtained from store
>car stops me right before i get home
>two men. one asks if he can have a mango.
>i give him a mango
>now i have 2 mangos

No. 571565

now solve for y

No. 571574

File: 1592425785569.jpg (71.83 KB, 1600x1200, close-up-of-cat-paw-SW.jpg)

If cats have "beans" (little paws/pads) then do humans have string beans?

No. 571588

we don't have any pads on our hands, anon

No. 571596

Anon your finger tips, where your prints are, are human beans. The squishy cushions on your palm at the base of each finger are the buttcheeks of your finger.

No. 571608

I haven’t spoke to someone face to face since March I feel like I’m going to be so much more weird and spergy than normal when the pandemic ends and I have to interact with people again

No. 571612

a few years ago on the relationship thread (?) someone posted about how she told her boyfriend "i love you" and he responded with "i'm your biggest fan"

I felt bad for anon but I thought it was the FUNNIEST shit and still to this day me and my bf say it to each other.

wherever you are anon, i hope you're happy!!!

No. 571614

We'll all have autism by the end of this covid shit. Eye contact? Nah that shit makes me uncomfortable now

No. 571620

I feel so bad for thinking I was such a boring person five years ago. I was having a really hard time making friends in uni and it really affected my self esteem. Meanwhile my bf at the time seemed to have had a way better experience than me in college and was partying and going on roadtrips with his friend groups, which made me super jealous.

Since then I've gotten to go all over the world and meet a lot of different kinds of people. I've also done really bizarre things for excitement like sell drugs and walk into stranger's houses. Anyways I recently talked with my old debate teacher in high school and she said I had one of the most interesting lives after college haha.

No. 571625

File: 1592432885061.jpeg (298.7 KB, 750x483, 38DA64A8-9D8C-48D6-AA08-E7EE42…)

yeah same… first time I went back to work it felt alien to be talking to customers, and everything I said, or did, felt wrong and "off"

No. 571626

Did the feeling go away eventually? I'm genuinely worried I'm going to have some kind of permanent psychological damage because I was already extremely withdrawn before

No. 571629

I feel a lot better since getting back out more, even if difficult for me to adjust. like it'll be somewhat fixable, it'll take time. just went back to work recently and only seen my friends two or so times since our restrictions let up locally, and yeah, it feels foreign now, relieving if anything. I spent a shitton of quarantine when I wasn't in online school watching movies to try and maintain my grasp of interaction with other human beings that weren't my abusive gross family I was stuck with

No. 571633

Congrats anon! I’m currently going through what you went through in college and it is awful can I ask what motivated you to change and how you did so?

No. 571639

What countries did you go to and what were your experiences there like?

No. 571641

I woke up with a mild sore throat and headache. It’s probably nothing but I scheduled an appointment to get tested for Covid tomorrow just in case. Feeling a bit nervous but I’m also wondering if I’m just being a hypochondriac.

No. 571642

I don't wanna burst your bubble but this is literally the line from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.

No. 571654

No because that just adds a level of absurdity to it that I love. Did anon make it up? Is her boyfriend a weeb? I just love it

No. 571655

Are you able to check your temperature?

No. 571679

as far as i know sore throat isn't a very common symptom of covid. it's associated with a fever and dry cough. just drink lots of water and rest easy. i hope you feel better anon!

No. 571697

Whenever I listen to Utada Hikaru’s “Can You Keep A Secret” I feel so…. weird? Nostalgic? I don’t know how to explain it lol. I specifically remember it being the very first Japanese song that I ever listened to, my best friend sent it to me. I was so, so young at the time, but it’s so weird thinking about how a song I couldn’t understand opened up such a whirlwind of interest in Jpop (and probably fueled my just budding interest in anime) from such a young age lmao.

No. 571717


No. 571718

Noice, what made her peak? The JKR stuff?

No. 571720

File: 1592452002071.jpeg (30.11 KB, 490x360, 42AE44D5-D472-4D30-9EFB-691463…)

No. 571722

a troon discord friend who was especially AGP and didnt pass aside from adopting she/her pronouns

No. 571723

Nta but I have really dry cracked hands so my fingertips are not beans but basically the blueprint to lizard skin

No. 571724

it's so tiresome

No. 571741

File: 1592460819482.jpg (36.25 KB, 477x321, thic66.JPG)

I now realise that when men say they like "thicc" women they just mean a skinny woman who isn't anorexic, they don't actually mean curvy chubby women and what they call fat is actually chubby, body ideals didn't change, they just started calling them different names.

No. 571743

Then you realize both women are above average in looks just in different sizes, and what men actually intend is to triangulate women to constantly be chasing after their so-called body standards while most of them get to look like ungroomed, shabby pigs.

The trick is realizing they're all full of shit anon, ALL OF THEM. It's all meant to keep you on your toes and being the best you can be for them instead of who you want to be for yourself.

No. 571745

Every time I see a post about cats I'm reminded how I hate cat people

No. 571762

File: 1592468341476.gif (1.81 MB, 335x237, 1585254137147.gif)

No. 571770

I can’t believe the universe gave me the ability to draw hot men and hot men only but also made me a lesbian

No. 571773

File: 1592470144599.jpg (38.44 KB, 409x700, 0b09cdd23d9a8cc8d9b01105e5e6cc…)

ree louder

No. 571785

Why does our culture have this weird tribalism thing going on with cats and dogs. They're soft little friends how could someone dislike either of them?

No. 571787

because humans just have to be shitty about everything ever

No. 571795

File: 1592472739549.jpg (132.54 KB, 605x939, children-in-old-photos-1__605.…)

Please be vocal about this in real life so my cat loving brothers and sisters can avoid you.

I love old pictures of people hanging out with their pets.

No. 571797

personal reasons

No. 571798

File: 1592473083940.jpg (49.95 KB, 550x872, 96341516ff75f18437a3c0b20165c7…)

more for you my cat loving sister

No. 571799

File: 1592473113484.jpg (82.91 KB, 540x677, 4788d974fdfcb91bff95cc09c24781…)

No. 571801

File: 1592473264760.jpg (30.7 KB, 446x616, t4AAgBw.jpg)

No. 571802

File: 1592473343548.jpg (45.6 KB, 370x400, 7e48575dd57e6ac1f98251269471cd…)

bonus 4/3

No. 571803

That guy looks like Ryan Reynolds.

No. 571805

File: 1592473471856.jpg (63.11 KB, 435x677, caad1981906fb8f666489c770971dd…)

I have more vintage photographs of people with cats than I expected, I'll stop here

No. 571808

His name is frank praytor and that photo was taken during the korean war.

No. 571831

I know he's not actually Ryan Reynolds jfc

No. 571832

Years ago on tumblr I found a fanmade video of Bakugo with the song RIP Roach by xxx and I really loved that amv. I haven't found it anywhere else everytime I tried to look for it. I miss it.

No. 571845

File: 1592479024565.jpg (779.39 KB, 1080x1703, 1592428302451.jpg)

I swear there are anons who frequent the pro-ana thread and look at all the slop made by users like n2f specifically to stop themselves from eating.
How can anyone have an appetite looking at this shit?

No. 571848

I smoke so much weed that none of this stuff looks gross or inedible to me anymore, it looks like a dessert you'd get at Boston Pizza or some other trashy restaurant

No. 571849

I go there to laugh at the miserable things anachans create and consume, then I settle down with my own delicious meals that don't look like someone diarrhea'd on my plate bc I actually care.

No. 571875

It looks like someone ejaculated over the contents of a septic tank but that is what makes anachans so interesting to me. It's not so much the eating disorder itself, it's the comorbid mental health issues that they all seem to have.

No. 571969

idk why boston pizza as an example made me laugh

No. 571992

I enjoy looking at n2f's "meals" for the same reason I like looking at crappy art. There's something fascinating about when people create something awful and shamelessly think it's amazing.

No. 572052

it's such a turn on when a guy is into music. if you ask me for my recommendations and actually listen to them i'm yours

No. 572070

I'm an avid nail biter but most of the time I don't even do it out of stress I just genuinely enjoy eating my nails, especially when they get a bit longer it's satisfying af

No. 572088

i will never understand anons arguing with people over their unpopular opinion in the unpopular opinion thread. it kinda ruins its meaning tbh. i know you also can discuss the things on there but some of them cannot stop blatantly defending the said unpopular opinion for whatever reason

same goes for the confession thread

No. 572099

Thinking back to the time that I ran into a girl and in a moment of sheer nervousness I blurted out "So I heard you broke your engagement off"

I hate myself

No. 572121

I feel like the entirety of /ot/ is just people wanting to talk about anything they feel like discussing or replying to, and the thread topics are pointless outside of vague organization. People want to post their thoughts and opinions whenever and wherever, not ensure a thread remains as on topic and clearly defined as it could possibly be.

No. 572143

I never argue online, I've been actively online for a good century now and still don't partake in pissing myself off. That's all that it does to me, and I don't like when people are angry unless it's incredibly stupid- in which case, seeeeeeeethe!

No. 572145

I feel like lolcow has been raided by scrotes and troons more than ever this month and mods aren’t doing much, kind of annoying but ok

No. 572150

Admin doesn't care. The fate was sealed when all containment threads were removed, pinkpill/gc became a bannable offense, and no one can accuse a maleposter anymore without being banned for "hi scrote." Just wait until hellweek begins for some real retarded shit to be nitpicked so we can protect feefees.

Troons and larpers are very obvious though. I don't need to argue or say anything. They can't even disguise themselves as women over the internet even when they're given a safe space to do so and that's the real victory that they'll forever seethe about.

No. 572193

I have a genuine emotional attachment to wikipedia. I would honestly be devastated if it ever shut down.

No. 572234

File: 1592553621632.jpg (27.88 KB, 757x220, tomboys.JPG)

I'm busting my fucking ribs laughing at this, the anon who wrote is is a genius and this needs to be a copypasta

No. 572241

Why the fuck are switch games so expensive. I just want two games that I can play on it but fuck I'm not paying 500€ for the console and and two games. Especially since I own one of the games on pc.

Ugh I hope there will be some nice sales for xmas or something.

No. 572245


lol same !

No. 572246

God, I'm reading Billy HargrovexReader fics, I'm so horny for him. I'm ashamed.

No. 572269

I dont get how people maintain the same weight throughout their entire life.
most people i know just sort of always stay the same while I went from normal to fat to normal to thin to normal and I just keep going up and down.
I really have to watch my weight or I will get fat again. how is this so easy for some people.

No. 572271

>burst into treats
lost it

No. 572318

File: 1592574891809.png (226.2 KB, 1643x960, logo.PNG)

Job seeking for so long and it's so demotivating, so I wrote myself up a job posting to be my own PA to get my life together, incuding writing up the responsibilities, required and desired qualifications for it. Then I'm going to roleplay interviewing for it and get the job.

Because I've taken that "treat job searching like a job" to heart before and it's led to a lot of wasted energy, tears and time. I think all the rejections or just being ignored lead to a knock on effect of 1. feeling like you're not worth it and having that show through applications and 2. focusing on only the failure of not having a job.

I think if I approach it from a holistic viewpoint of arranging all that's around me, while giving myself training opportunities and ofc still applying for positions…maybe I won't be so broken down over the whole process.

Maybe it should be in the job/career or NEET thread, but I just think it's dumb and desperate as shit.

Pic related, my "companies" logo.

No. 572325

Cute logo, anon

No. 572334

File: 1592576375671.jpg (9.75 KB, 480x360, Miku Tetris.jpg)

I went to a sports group yesterday and the trainer deadass started playing a remix of lieven polka and the tetris theme song and had us do step-aerobics to it.

No. 572337

you experience is what’s surprising to me. i don’t know anyone who through such yo-yo, even if i do know people who lost weight and maintained it.
do you have a tendency to binge eat/starve without thinking about it or something?

No. 572339

I regularly want to throw a tantrum over this. I grew up chunky and I've been both overweight and underweight since I turned 18. Right now I'm at the lower end of healthy but it climbs up every few months until I literally starve myself or exercise, I'm convinced it's genetics and hormones at this point.

No. 572342

A friend from high school and I recently reconnected, I had a crush on him in high school and I started having feelings for him again, we had developed pretty similar interests/life trajectories over the past few years but would only see each other in groups like once a year, we never hung out alone until last week. We spent all day together earlier in the week, and yesterday he sends me some of his writing cause we’re both writers and I love reading his stuff. Open the google dox and it’s a poem asking me out. Ahhhhh anons wish me luck, dreams do come true or something!

No. 572343

THIS IS SO CUTE! Have fun! That is so adorable

No. 572344

Ahahah I love it. Did anyone else other than you seem to recognize it?

No. 572352

No, I don't even think the instructor knew what she was playing. But I almost had to take a break because it was so absurd lol

No. 572353

File: 1592581931230.jpg (28.1 KB, 720x749, FB_IMG_1592010553169.jpg)

I can only sleep quickly when I am having a depressive spell lol
Worst part is that it's also usually in the afternoon, while the anxiety kicks in the night.
Fucking why.

No. 572366

"why are you so skinny? Go eat something you 4x4! Real men like women with curves, like Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page" fat girls say to women who have the exact same or similar/curvier measurements as the women listed

No. 572370

I found out my abuser got Me Too'd and ended up having to move because of it and I'm relishing the delicious schadenfruede

Get fucked

No. 572372

this is really stupid but i love when some newfag on a cow thread posts something completely irrelevant like "i'm so much better than cow, i'm top 1% on OF" and someone replies with no one cares, then later they get redtexted with the same (no one cares).

i must have the worst, mean girl sense of humor because i laugh every time.

No. 572375

I want a dog, but I dont. I came from a mild hoarding mother where the family didnt take care of the animals right so we had piss stained carpet everywhere except for two rooms which were always shut, including mine. For once I live in a place that doesnt have pet hair or piss on every surface and its lovely. I dont need to wear shoes in my own home for how gross it is. My room mate came from a clean home because the mom cleaned everything but I didnt get that luxery. So of course my room mate would love to have a dog while I wouldnt.

No. 572376

Don't worry, high school is over in the blink of an eye!

No. 572377

Camgirl farmhands don't like being told no one curr about their OF.

No. 572380

Good for you anon, fuck that guy

No. 572385

>trying to watch one (1) japan related video
>everyone in the comments: OH MY GOD you have absolutely NO like absolutely ZERO IDEA how bad america is oh my god japanese are so RESPECTFUL and KIND and FRIENDLY and SO CLEAN and so POLITE oh god they even put the US to shame i am so ASHAMED OF MY COUNTRY i swear!!!!!! respectful people I APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH oh jeez YOUR CULTURE IS THE BEST I SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 572399

Sometimes I wonder wtf is going on in my dads head. He just ate a whole roll of blue cheese, a few slices of more cheese and a yoghurt for dinner. No bread, nothing else. Who does that? He also says he's on a diet but does he know how many fucking calories he just ate

No. 572403

Omg this made me smile. This is literally my dad except after dinner at like 1 am when he can’t be bothered to plan out a rational midnight snack. He just eats it with the fridge open. Then he wonders why his keto diet hasn’t been working. It’s because it doesn’t mean you can eat your weight in cheese dad!

No. 572407

>Kind and friendly

No. 572416

My gynocologist asked me privately if I had been sexually abused because I was so fucking anxious and tense about a pelvic exam. I haven't been sexually abused, so all I said was that I'm just anxious. So embarrassing.

No. 572420

I've been living with a female room mate for about 1.5 years now. She is really messy, never cleans, never use the vaccumer and such.

When we moved from our last apartment I was stuck cleaning the entire place, because she didn't do it properly.

Now we have been living in our new apartment for a little over a month, and she still does not clean anything, but gets annoyed at me if I leave the pan overnight.

We also have this temperature war. She likes it cold and I like normal temperature. We live in the arctic, and it's really cold here, even in the summer. She turns the heating OFF (and opens the windows) all the time, while I turn it on.

No. 572422

why would you move back in with her?

No. 572423

I cant afford to live by myself tbh. I'm going back to school soon, and need to save money.

No. 572463

Kill weebs

No. 572490

that reminds me, having my first pap as a virgin was so awkward

No. 572505

Anyone keep up booktube/booktwitter drama? Looked up a book review and watched some other videos, apparently it seems like an entertaining sphere.

No. 572527

File: 1592609727962.jpg (185.03 KB, 1000x1289, Commodore-Computer-Club.jpg)

4chan /g/ is oddly the most sexist board i've ever seen. more so than /pol/.

No. 572529

I gained weight over quarantine after being a skinny b vegetarian. My narcissist grandma made a big deal of it but honestly I never noticed it that much until she pointed it out. Idk, gaining weight made me feel like more of an adult and I feel comfortable.

No. 572530

Happy midsummer anons!! Älkää hukkuko

No. 572533

>when you're quarantined for 3 months but end up dying from drowning during midsummer

No. 572534

I already saw people fucking around in boats, must be a plentiful drownee harvest this year

No. 572553

Every advice every anon has ever given to another anon about their relationship has always been "Break up with him" and honestly? That's the only right answer.

Ya'll have horrible taste in men and or are desperate.

No. 572554

This is kind of horrible but every time a new wave of callouts and cancels rolls around I feel relieved that none of the underage fakebois (now adult and female) I drunkenly kissed at anime cons when I was 21 have Me Too'd my ass yet. I'm on borrowed time ladies

No. 572556

barf, everything about this from beginning to end

No. 572557

I know, I'm sorry. I would give more details that would possibly explain, but it was just an all around trashy and depressing time

No. 572571

File: 1592621336426.jpg (23.15 KB, 400x400, 1592528181135.jpg)

No. 572589

kek I thought my skin was looking clearer and softer but turns out that was only because I needed to update my glasses prescription. Hello again, pores.

No. 572594

my set schedule is mon-fri and was told i could work on weekends if i wanted too. i also did tell them i can work on weekends but honestly, i dont want to even though today was only my first day. im still debating if i should go in tomorrow, im only a temp so i dont want to be working too hard but at the same time its more money. someone said i should because its $25 working weekends, thats double my pay. working weekends as a temp doesnt change my hourly wage. maybe next week so i get paid overtime, hopefully.

No. 572610

File: 1592629825514.jpg (150.91 KB, 720x960, owo.jpg)

why do I love being annoying? it's becoming a hobby.
i don't think people realize I'm doing it on purpose and it makes it so much funnier. I'm an absolute piece of shit
idk gotta laugh man life's so bleak the older I get the less of a fuck I give. almost wish I hadn't done it to so many e-famous people but honestly, no fucks.

No. 572627

I wish I could send selfies to you girls, because I really value your opinion

No. 572631

I think this all the time. I wish I could get an honest opinion and then use the mind eraser from Men in Black.

No. 572639

File: 1592639718304.jpg (41.43 KB, 400x310, same.jpg)

I wanna be your friend but we'd probably just annoy each other, kek.

No. 572653

Have any of you farmers had younger siblings that you had to take care after from a young age and now you don't want to have kids at all because you've already done your share of "mothering" due to working parents?
I love my siblings but it's always been putting them first and myself second. I'm not sure if that's the reason why I don't want kids at all but I've noticed that with other women that had to babysit their siblings all the time.

Nooo, I had nightmares in which I accidentally doxxed myself and there were threads about me on lolcow. You'd get some honest opinion but I think lots of users would go out of their way to nitpick and be overly critical just for the sake of making you feel like shit.

No. 572693

Dude fucking same. There's just so much satisfaction in making your friends grumble and get flustered over some shit you don't mean. I mean, obviously annoying but unharmful stuff.

No. 572728

exactly! wish we were mates too dude, we'd crack eachother's absolute shit up.
why is it satisfying though? I feel like other people have a knee-jerk response that stops them being like "fuck it say this" for the fun of it, whereas I feel I lost it.
brain damage, alcoholism, who the fuck knows. ride this wave with me anons, it's a blissful time not giving a fuck anymore.
hope you cuties are having a good day. don't ban me for being over affectionate pls farmhands, I am just very tickled and warmhearted atm.
love you fools heaps sometimes.

No. 572739

I love trolling on facebook, nothing makes me more pleased than seeing angry reacts and mile long posts. Even better when they dm me to whine some more before blocking me. Especially love trolling fat women and genderspecials, nobody gets more offended. Just saying the truth gives endless reeing

No. 572745

Dude people are so fucking wild on fb. Facebook group culture is crazy. You can really have interactions on there you can't have anywhere else. One of my best friends does this, he joins all different kinds of groups and gets into interesting discussions. I wish I wasn't so paranoid and self conscious about my irls seeing my posts or I would do it too.

No. 572748

I always call people who want to go to Korea or learn Korean because of kpop koreaboos but recently I have been wanting to go tp Korea to teach English. Maybe I am a lowkey Koreaboo.

No. 572753

File: 1592669188435.jpeg (71.29 KB, 2048x2048, 17D582DE-666B-4D45-AC37-DC1C5B…)

I purchased the colours to paint my skateboard and I am very pleased because I also purchased nail polish in the same colours. Matchy-matchy. The last colour was periwinkle with a thick layer of glitter topcoat, but it's destroyed to shit after two seasons. Hopefully this brand lasts longer and the glossy finish won't let it scuff so damn much. Also Taming of the Shrew was Shakespeare's best work

No. 572770

I am so fucking annoying as well, my go-to is singing ocean man with a voice crack, lets be friends

No. 572825

I don't mind people editing out pimples, wrinkles, eyebags, slight double chins and similar small blemishes from their photos and enhancing their eyes or contour and I think it's a waste of time to call someone out for it. But literally painting on a new facial structure so that you're absolutely unrecognizable is basically catfishing and contributing to unrealistic standards. And ridiculous cow behavior to boot.

No. 572826

oceaN mAN tAKE ME BY tHe HaND leaD mE to thE LanD

i love u

No. 572828

I'm feeling this because I used to talk about BL with teenagers (16 and up thank the lord) back when I was 20-22 and some of them have gone the full canceling woke crowd transformation since then and I'm waiting in horror for them to call me a pedo for it years later. In 2020 you'd get told to have a seat for replying to a minor's tweet, the late 00's and early 10's were a very different time.

No. 572970

i've been trying to keep a journal over the past month but i've only made like 5 entries and all of them sound so stilted and try hard. tonight i finally wrote some dumb shit down and it feels so good

No. 573019

I have the same issue, so congrats anon! What do you think made the difference in your writing?

No. 573037

the pot calling the kettle black KEK. i’m assuming you have no teaching skills.

No. 573040

Rootbeer is one of the worst flavors to me.

But what interests me more is that I've never met anyone who's been indifferent about rootbeer. They either absolutely love it, or cant stand it. I have a theory that it's similar to how some people can enjoy cilantro while others say it tastes like soap or they simply dont like the taste. I dont think it's even a matter of opinion, some tastes are truly genetically programmed when it comes to food and flavors.

Rootbeer will forever taste like a headache to me and every time I give it a chance I hate it even more.

No. 573042

Currently enjoying diet root beer lol. The majority of my friends who didn't grow up in the US/Canada all think root beer tastes really medicinal.

No. 573065

That's the word! Uk here and when I finally tried it at an American diner the only thing I could compare it to was the mouth wash you get at the dentist, I was so surprised

No. 573081

i got a new bike which is fun and brings me joy but the seat is uncomfortable and my vagina feels bruised

No. 573086

My best friend gf cheated n dumped him because of my relationship w him (ergo we talk daily). She (as well as he) knows im a lesbian.

I felt bad for him n was there to comfort him after the break up. But now hes getting oddly gushy and telling me that he loves me. Idk as a friend or romantically… Hes a good friend but im not sure how to approach this?

No. 573090

I had a dream about Billy Hargrove, sigh, guess I'll bite the bullet and watch Stranger Things even though I've been spoiled to everything.

No. 573095

kek, sorry anon. I had the exact same thing happen to me.
I had to cut our contact which was for the best. I'd remind him a few times when he started getting noticeable touchy and gushy as you say that I'm a lesbian but I realized I was just being naive and that he would never stop hoping for us to get together. The reason why your friend's gf dumped him was not so much because of you as much as she probably noticed he had feelings for you.

No. 573097

Dog lovers are so sensitive and obnoxious lol. Like if someone says they dislike or hate any animal at all, they don't bat an eye, but god forbid someone doesn't like dogs, they will go ballistic on your ass. Hell even people who don't own dogs act like it's such a horrible thing to say. What makes dogs so damn special and above criticism exactly? They're far from being the most interesting species

No. 573099

>Like if someone says they dislike or hate any animal at all, they don't bat an eye
cat people aren't any better if anything they can be worse

No. 573101


lol i know that feel! get you a plushy king size seat anon


yikesss he must have been talking about you a lot to his girl lol he's just doing that hurt dog thing where after getting dumped, you feel tender feelings for the first person that was nice to you afterwards

No. 573104

Dogfags genuinely think dogs are a class above other mammals
>inb4 muh intelligence
Nope most dogs are dumb and useless as shit

No. 573106

No. 573108

People who feel actual hatred for any animal have a mental illness, IMO. It just doesn't strike me as healthy.
Except mosquitoes, fuck mosquitoes.

No. 573110

it might be guilt. dogs are so domesticated and so dependent on humans for everything that imagining that some people don't want to care for them is like breaking a contract, at least that's how i see it.

i love my dogs way too much but i'm really annoyed with those doggo videos with the emojis and the weird floof bird baby talk and misspelt words. that's so cheesy.

No. 573112

The doghate thread is insane. They remind me of the weirdos on r/childfree.

No. 573114

Yep, not crop destroying rodents or man killing reptiles or disease spreading avians
Y'all love to act like Disney princesses, just stay a week in the wild and see how far animal-loving gets ya
Most people just don't care to coddle your ugu fuzzy wuzzy doggo, keep it tf away from me. At least catfags have the sense to lock their cats up when strangers visit.

No. 573115

Why are cat people ao bitter?

No. 573119

Can you calm down? If you deal with those problems as they come (and I kind of doubt you do), that's one thing, but if you spend your waking life thinking about how much you despise entire species that make up important parts of the environment, you have problems, lmao.
>dogfag autism
I own both cats and dogs, both of which stay in my own property and don't do shit to anyone, you sperg. Tell us more about how your whole family was totally eaten by crocodiles.

No. 573120

What are you even arguing retard? You're genuinely mentally ill if you go from "loving" animals to hating them for existing in the world.

God forbid you actually do go survive in the wild, if you die that's just natural selection, better luck next time. I'm not going to be mad at a moose trampling me because I'm stupid and have no survival skills.

No. 573121

funny how anons on lolcow sperg about people shoving dogs in their faces when I can't go on a walk with my dog without someone going "can I please pet it uwu?". I love to keep my dog to myself and not be bothered!

No. 573124

File: 1592742295585.jpeg (34.68 KB, 1024x586, 52205DCE-4925-4D1C-AF28-4540F3…)

Dog people are attention whores, no exception lol
Dog people claiming others are mentally ill for disliking dogs is peak projection seeing that dog people have a high chance of being narcissists and sociopaths who are attracted to a dog’s doormat nature.

No. 573125

Sidenote, on the topic of animals.
I fucking love biology and science in general.

I wasn't sure I wanted to continue in STEM and was going to change my major but now that I'm actually learning about it and interacting with in a way that's interesting to me, I've decided to pursue a career in it.

Bless, anons.

No. 573126

File: 1592742368244.jpg (76.57 KB, 680x680, 3a7.jpg)

No. 573131

No. 573132

Damn got me with the 200 IQ rebuttal

No. 573133

A high-IQ rebuttal would be wasted on a negative IQ argument, anon.

No. 573135

The biggest narcissists are cat people, they always brag about how cats are superior and ofc a cat is the animal that represents them. I've never met a cat person that wasn't a full blown narc.

No. 573137

You're not mentally ill for not wanting dogs, you're mentally ill because you think animals should be hated for inconveniencing you lol

At least a rat dies to be some other animals food, you will continue to have valuable resources wasted on you so that you can watch anime, die and be filled with formaldehyde having offered nothing to the world, kys weeb

No. 573138

File: 1592743420877.jpg (34.07 KB, 564x402, snake.jpg)


No. 573139

Thank you for the cute snake, anon

No. 573140

File: 1592743606731.jpeg (79.25 KB, 861x800, 1588736733649.jpeg)

No. 573145

File: 1592744544037.jpg (340.24 KB, 1600x1200, dog.jpg)

No. 573146

Hard agree.

No. 573147

I’m happy for you, anon! I felt the same exact way when I started taking community college classes after a 3 yr education break. My biology and clinical classes actually caught my interest, unlike when I was a kid, and the idea that my brain will finally allow me to focus and learn technical shit (I was an artfag for years, so I ignored science and math for the most part.) excites me for my future.
I’ve learned I’m interested in laboratory work, like reference labs for veterinary clinics or medical labs in hospitals. Bigger goal would be a pathologist, leaning particularly toward veterinary anatomic pathology, but thats a bachelor’s and 4 yrs of vet school away, as well as a following residency to specialize in pathology. I’m a little too poor for that shit so I’m starting small lmfao

No. 573148

File: 1592745204165.jpg (867.57 KB, 2448x3264, RAT.jpg)


No. 573151

File: 1592745429161.jpeg (403.71 KB, 1920x1080, bunny and chick.jpeg)

No. 573154

tbh anon i was drinking last night, and after like 2 beers i finally felt like i could write whatever i wanted because fuck it, no one's going to read it anyways. i feel like i do my best writing while tipsy

No. 573161

what if you like dogs but hate their owners

No. 573167

You just vibin

No. 573180

File: 1592750408353.png (726.2 KB, 672x574, 1449167390022.png)

Not sticking around for hellweek starting tomorrow, but good luck everybody else!

No. 573181

lowkey want to be banned so i can be free from this website

No. 573183

my online friend group is melting down right now over some stupid cumbrain. i'm really enjoying these handmaidens sperging out, feels good.

No. 573191

I havent noticed it's that soon, I think I'll leave too for a while. I'm gonna be busy anyway.

No. 573197

you reminded me of when I was going to have a transvaginal ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts and when the nurse asked if I was sexually active I told her no. she went on to rephrase the question, 'so you've never had sex?' I replied no again. she rephrased the question again, thinking I didn't understand what she was asking me as at the time I was 26 or so and she probably found it hard to believe I was still a virgin at that age lmao. I said I was totally fine with it, I had even had it done before, but she flat out refused. this was in front of 2 other nurses, I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I'd had to travel and hold a full bladder only for her to refuse me. THEN I had to sign a piece of paper saying that I wasn't sexually active and that was why the procedure hadn't gone ahead, which was the cherry on top. I felt embarrassed as fuck and like a freak of nature. in the future I'll just lie about being sexually active, if they even ask that now I've reached 30

No. 573203

wtf, that is bizarre. Was she afraid ultrasound-chan was going to take your virginity? Even when you'd already had the procedure done before??

No. 573205

Damn me too. I waste so much time on this bullshit site.

No. 573206

Thing is you can use dildos for years and still be a 'virgin' so do they ask purely about penises going into you? I think I had that ultrasound done years ago and the equipment reminded me of my first vibrator as it was this hard white plastic, roughly dick shaped rod. Something I was used to lol

No. 573208

I hope I don't sound pathetic but it feels nice not being the only 30yo virgin. I usually lie to others or others take it as granted.
Also, that sounds like a terrifying experience. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

No. 573209


why did they wait so long with hellweek? So many threads went shit in the past weeks, why not getting active much sooner? Let's see how it goes.

No. 573211

I like dogs but hate the insane amount of dog shit I have to dodge on my walk to work everyday. Like if you are a responsible enough dog owner to be out there making sure your dog gets exercise then why be so lazy in that regard? You're already doing one thing right so just bring some damn poop bags with you.

No. 573213

File: 1592755201252.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, 1431950083784.jpg)

TLOU2 is a shitty game because of shitty writing not because of featuring "queer and trans abuse". Literally everyone gets their ass beat or murdered no matter what's in their pants, who they want to fuck or what their skin colour is.
Like what kind of game are these people expecting?? If you want something happy where no one gets hurt then go play a different genre??

No. 573237


pic related is mfw i hear there's people calling it shitty for featuring queer and trans abuse when legit the only ones I've heard seething over TLOU2 or even mentioning it since the leaks were angry neckbeards upset over the lgbt shoehorning or whatever else they call it

No. 573240

File: 1592764135306.jpg (177.18 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20200621-132714.jpg)

Anyone else try whisper? It's a sausage fest

No. 573271

I love rice so much I can eat it forever thank you so much rice I love you rice

No. 573279


god i fucking love rice toooo

No. 573296

I meet cat lovers like that but idk.
There are weirdos around us anon.

No. 573301

femcels this could be lookism, the movie. though mc is cute as both herself and in the shoes.

No. 573302

This one got me because I have a few friends with weight problems who told me they don't mind how their bodies are but just wish they could change so other people would stop treating them badly. I think it's sad.

No. 573321

Nta but as a fatanon, that's really it. I think it applies to many things but it's annoying to feel at ease by yourself but then you go out and every third person yells shit at you just for existing.

No. 573333

If any of you out there are sleeping with a man who smokes cigarettes, make him quit. My bf quit after smoking a pack a day for like 8+ years and his erections are so much better. I was getting half-assed dick for years!!!

No. 573339

I'm sure his breath smells better too. I don't smoke tobacco but I notice when I overindulge weed my tongue looks fucking toxic.

No. 573342

Just found out about randonautica and I'm amazed that people are this fucking dumb.

No. 573347

Omg thank you anon, more fuel to make my bf quit

No. 573390

My dad just gave me 600 dollars from wallet that he had lost and just found. I'm very happy

No. 573392

Not gonna lie anon, you're right. He made oral hygiene a priority but after a certain point I don't think it helps blegh

Good luck! I had to resort to nagging but it's been about 6 months since he went cold turkey and he thanks me every time he is reminded about something gross to do with smoking even if he does miss it sometimes.

No. 573395

my bf said he hates kissing me and im a terrible kisser and I feel really hurt. we've been together for 5 years and were getting married as soon as possible.

No. 573404


What do you dislike about it? I have played around with it and it’s a fun concept to make me go outside and pay attention my surroundings.

No. 573406

Today I found out my grandparents had savings accounts for my cousins when we were kids while my siblings and I had cans they threw a few dollars in. I always knew they liked my cousins better but didn't think it was that different…my grandma was suppose to make every kid a graduation blanket, I've been out of school for 7 years, never getting that either. Guess I can spend the holiday's doing something more productive now instead of wasting it with asshole relatives

No. 573410

How do you break a family curse? I just want to be free of my family’s bullshit y’all.

No. 573411

File: 1592800963945.jpeg (16.2 KB, 159x256, DAE44115-DC2F-4AB4-B73E-6E8FE7…)

(This should be in the confession thread but it’s about to be locked and I don’t have the patience to make a new one)
I want to be Abby Brown’s friend so bad.
When I first started following her it was because of sheer curiosity; I learned about her internet presence due to her thread on lolcow.
I have this fucking desire to protect her at all costs, because it’s obvious she’s mentally ill and stunted, and I have to stop myself from vehemently white-knighting her on her thread and other social media because I don’t want to come off as creepy or get into some stupid keyboard fight.
I think she’s genuinely interesting and entertaining , she reminds me of how I interacted with the world when I was younger and I want her to be okay and not get hurt by anyone. I don’t know her in real life obviously, but she puts off this vibe that she’s balancing on a line between being well and becoming a homeless drug addict.

No. 573413

My grandparents were the same, they only liked their direct kids and one set of grandkids that's my cousins. We had packages come in only for my dad, and us grandkids got old used books sent in or nothing at all for occasions. They've only started reaching out now that they're old and lonely. One of them will probably die from covid, but on top of other awful shit my grandparents did I dont think I care.

No. 573420

People think it's literally magic when it's using location data from their phones to take them to places they have been before.

No. 573429

this is wholesome anon. i feel the same way to a far lesser extent, but i genuinely like her personality and want the best for her. she's hardly a 'cow'. very innocent in comparison to a lot of other people on here.

No. 573435

Thinking back to that time when I was 12 on maplestory and randomly started getting followed by this player who kept following me onto different servers and locations the whole day and insisted that I would be his girlfriend. I kept telling him to fuck off but all of a sudden he requested to trade and when I accepted the request he gave me a shit ton of items and in game money. Naturally I agreed to be his girlfriend and then all of a sudden he starts gifting me the specialty items and outfits that you can only get by spending real life money. At this point I realized he was either a really spoiled kid or a grown man but either way I milked him out of maybe 50 dollars worth of items before he asked me to in game marry him (which costs like 20 real life bucks to do). This guy deadass invited like 15 of his friends to the cathedral and bought me an expensive wedding dress. I showed up to the wedding and his friends were all congratulating us and the wedding began. The computerized priest asked him if he wanted to marry me and he said I do. Then it asked me and I deadass went

Exits game and vanishes
My ass ran around my house laughing like a hyena for 30 minutes before going back on and getting a dm from him repeatedly asking WHY and saying his heart was broken only to block him and bask in all my new items and hairstyles. This all happened on the day I met him. I miss trolling and scamming on mmorpgs.

No. 573436

I need the confidence of a pompous white fuckboy!!!!! Applying to jobs makes me so incredibly nervous, and I’ve been forcing myself to apply to jobs even if I don’t 100% meet the qualifications because I read an article about how women tend to avoid applying to jobs if they don’t 100% meet everything, but men throw caution into the wind and do usually apply anyway. Even for an admin assistant position, I feel so underqualified because my current company is suuuuper slow so it’s really easy work, but I know I can do it!! I’m competent and have gotten this far by winging it, and I just gotta believe in myself! This company replied back to me asking for my resume (even though it should have been included in the application I sent in through this job website?? lol) and I’m really hoping it works out…!!! My job hunting luck has been awful, and now the pressure is on more than ever because my temp position’s contract is ending in a month and both my parents are unemployed and I only have so much money left in my savings to cover all of the bills…

No. 573437

keking my way to the moon and back, what a story anon. i miss the empire i built on runescape gfing. what a time to be alive on the internet

No. 573439

For a job I accepted I have to get a medical check up (urinalysis and a TB test) but I hate going to the clinic/doctor for something kind of non-essential right now. And because a TB test is required it means I gotta go back a second time to get the results. I've put this check-up off for months due to the coronavirus but the deadline is in like 2 weeks now so I have to do it. Plus it's for a job in a foreign country which who the hell knows when it will be safe to travel or if I can even go this year lmao It seems so pointless to get this done when I probably can't leave the country until next year at best.

No. 573440

lmfao. i got married on runescape in varrock with a ruby ring. good times.

No. 573443

I kin this turtle. This is the dynamic I want with a man. He's hot and wears a hat, while I am a beast and try to get at him.

No. 573444

I got “married” to my e-boyfriend in 2007scape 4 yrs ago and somehow the dude that was our pretend priest was the one that would constantly give me free shit and donate to my shitty twitch stream. I was 19 he was in his late 20s and he never even got anything out of it lmao.

No. 573446

runescape is a nesting hub for simps. i have a friend that i met in 2009 on runescape and begged him to show me his active twitch subscriptions. he was subbed to like ~30 female runescape twitch streamers lmfao

No. 573448

I miss 2000s rs/MMOs.

I was a total evil bitch. would take players for 'treasure hunts/player killing squads' into the deep wilderness then have the entire party turn on each other one by one by playing on their paranoia and spreading misinformation by private messaging. so it was like a horror movie scenario every single time.

also in training zones where multiple monsters can attack one player, I would aggravate all the monsters to attack one player. he'd die, race back to the zone and ask what happened only for me to lie about taking all his shit. I'd then pawn all the stuff I robbed from his corpse in the nearby town. Furthermore I was only 12 at the time top kek.

In another MMO, my guild leader was an insufferable scrote but I planned on robbing him anyway because he was loaded so I earned his trust over a few weeks. Then one day, he granted me permission over the guild bank for an instant which was enough for me to take everything. Made billions of virtual gold which would've been worth hundreds of IRL dollars. He totally lost his shit, went mental and sperged nonstop around the capital city about how I stole his shit and slut shaming me. I also managed to poach all his valuable guild members so he was left with nothing. Meanwhile I had billions of gold and a brand new guild. But it wasn't enough so then I made a new character and named it after the amount of money I stole and left it afk and naked in the town square overnight.

No. 573451

lmfaooo this is literally the most evil shit in the world and i am LIVING for it. the naked throwaway account in the town square…i am deceased…if you aren't a billionaire irl by now then capitalism has failed us.

No. 573452

>I made a new character and named it after the amount of money I stole and left it afk and naked in the town square overnight.
Fucking lmao, I've never played RS but I'm cackling just imagining it

No. 573465

Iconic, anon. I bet that scrote's still seething even years after the fact.
>I made a new character and named it after the amount of money I stole and left it afk and naked in the town square overnight.
Imagine if this is what actually happens IRL whenever a higher dimensional entity is bored. I can see some chaotic/evil god picking a random human to have a meltdown, write "3,000,000,000 souls I AM GOD" on their forehead in permanent marker and strip naked in public.

No. 573488

File: 1592826944855.png (1.97 MB, 1786x1202, tw.png)

Someone in a /pt/ thread posted about this account, so I got curious and started digging.
>Regardless tall women’s faces have a brutish look to them even on the most beautiful models.
Fucking oof

No. 573490

anon please you'll make me want kms

No. 573491

imagine being so miserable that you start imagining if a woman was short instead of "tall and brutish". she could also have had a different mix of genes that made her an uggo and not a model.

No. 573498

This. I'm definitely a dog person but I love all pets including cats, I would never go on a psycho spergout about how pet x is worthless and disgusting and everyone who owns one is garbage etc. The anons who constantly try to ignite dog hate fights are fucking lunatics with their immense rage and need to seek help.

No. 573500

I loved seeing everyone talk about runescape for a hot minute. I'm part of a huge, super friendly clan on there where we all are around 20-30 and almost everyone involved is an IRL couple. It kept me sane during quarantine, and we'd pull all-nighters and stream movies to watch together on Sundays. Truly a very nice game. Plus I'm like level 80 f2p now which is insane and have almost 60M so the game feels vast and exciting! I truly recommend it for someone who wants a 1:1 ratio of good game to community

No. 573501

It's a revenge story with no real revenge. It's pointless. They dumbed down the characters for a tranny looking Ma'am. You dumbass can't see that?

No. 573503

"Beauty Consultant". Damn. Imagine turning up to a beauty consultant and they tell you this shit and then you just have to leave with no further outcome. Very helpful. Glad to know.

No. 573505

only women do this shit. Only women try to uplift themselves by bringing other women down.
They could have said they're both pretty but noo they just have to resort to insulting women who are not like them.
Imagine if short men did this to tall men.

Also her facial shape has nothing to do with height because ive meet short women with the ''brutish'' look this woman is talking about.

No. 573508

>men never put each other down to feel better about themselves!!!! it's ONLY those harpie roasties who do that!!! yeah!!! I've LITERALLY never seen a jealous man laughing at a beautiful, well-groomed man calling him a sissy faggot!!!

No. 573509

>over 200 likes, over 20k followers
And that's why I hate being tall. Being a woman over 5'10 somehow makes people think they have the right to act as if you're a monster.
Especially funny that he (I assume it's a dude) tries to make this into a woke thing by going on about the oh so cruel height "discrimination" in the fashion industry…

No. 573510

I’ve done a lot of thinking and come to the conclusion that men are inherently evil, and i despise them and no nothing can change my mind, I literally never want to have to interact with a male.

No. 573511

I saw the Cry by Ashnikko ft Grimes video recommended on youtube and the video clip looked really bad on the preview. I never listened to anything by Ashnikko so I didn't have any high hopes for the song, buuut it has Grimes so I listened to it purely for the hate fuel.
I was so surprised that it's actually really good, and not like the style of music I listen to usually. Ashnikko's part is great, it has a lot of feeling. But the part with Grimes is just so bad. Same high pitched whispery lithpy voice and no fucking emotion at all. Good fucking lord. Even the lyrics are so lame compared to rest.
I can't wait for someone to upload the song but without the Grimes parts because they're just so out of touch with the lyrics and the feel of the song.

No. 573514

I hate when you can clearly recall someone's face but you don't remember their name because you've only talked to them like 4 times.

No. 573523

>>573511 i prefer ashnikko to grimes, tbt when an anon thought I was ashnikko for saying a lot people knew after anon didn't recognise her
>>573510 same anon

No. 573542

That's such a bunch of bullshit, don't listen to that. There's nothing brutish about tall women, and there's nothing brutish about the woman in the original pic. She's beautiful.
Discard any "opinion" coming from people whose income is earned off of convincing people to change their faces/bodies.

No. 573550


The irony of this post is, agencies overrate model heights on purpose to get more bookings. There are plenty of 5'7 runway models which is actually the lower limit for runway fashion, but of course being 5'7 they would get bumped up to 5'8 or 5'9 by their agencies. Also if you google Noel Capri's height it's 5'9 not 5'11, so HMMMMMMMM. Also I've seen short girls with 'brutish' faces. It's like you can have a brutish face regardless of your height.

>only women do this shit
scrotes put down Women to elevate their pathetic egos all the time.

No. 573559

maybe she thought she would hurt me? Idk but I wasn't about to tell a room of strangers that she wasn't going too and that I used sex toys. I was surprised she still said no even after I said I'd had it done before. complete waste of my time and theirs

she never phrased it as 'have you ever had a penis inside you?' lmao but as I said above I've used dildos but I didn't want to tell them, would've been a bit TMI maybe idk. I thought telling her I'd had the procedure done before would've been sufficient but no

you don't sound pathetic at all! yeah people mostly assume once you get to a certain age you must've had sex already. there seems to be a few anons on here who are 'older' virgins and it's nice to not feel so alone. it wasn't so much terrifying as just mortifying tbh lol

No. 573560

this made me laugh, ty anon

No. 573563

So being 4 inches shorter completely changes your face shape? surejan.jpg

No. 573577

I hate being so thin and then having saggy big stretchmark-ridden breasts. Fucking kills any amount of appeal I would have had. I have had random women come up to me and comment on my boobs' stretchmarks and how weird they look. My own mother comments on the marks. Like, I know okay! Fuck, I wanna cut them off. I look so disproportionate.

No. 573608

this shit makes me so sad. I'm a womanlet and I love tall women. one of my closest friends is 5'10" with a very pretty, delicate face. I've met 5'0 women with giant man jaws and chad skulls. this means absolutely nothing, tall anons I'm sorry for the shit you get put through

No. 573634

I haven't watched Tokyo Ghoul in so many years and I think it's extremely cringe and basically perfect emo material for those 14/15 year olds who think they have depression but I really love this ending even though the show went to absolute shit

No. 573717

Me too, anon. I have 4-5 varieties of rice in my pantry at any given time.

No. 573753

I am the same, all animals are wonderful in their own way. I had a bit of everything growing up (cats, horses, dogs, birds). I feel like people identify too much with particular animals, like many autistic things we do in the world, and the real anti-x drama is over people and their weird personalities, not their pets.

Because people who think cats are mean and aloof always overlook dogs who aren’t always sweet and friendly, and vice versa. If you have had more than like, 1 or 2 of any given pet, you know they come in all flavours like people.

No. 573770

File: 1592870918408.png (385.52 KB, 808x805, 1543607707960.png)

why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why

No. 573803

I've baked banana bread following this one recipe SO many times, but today it's just not baking in the oven… The oven is at 350 like always, but the batter is like… barely baked even though its been in there for an hour…

No. 573805

is the weather different than usual? it could also be the baking powder. also you should always have a secondary thermometer in the oven to compare against, especially for digital ovens.

No. 573829

Fuck all of those people. They are sick in the head for talking shit right to your face. I've loved women with stretchmarks, cellulite, "man" jaws, stubby legs, all sorts of shit that people love to bring women down for. It does not define you and to someone that loves who you are as a human being, it will never be an issue. All this without even mentioning people that specifically enjoy these features, they also exist.

More importantly, that is the body you naturally have and it lets you experience the world. Your body is your tool, your own mech suit. Don't let people reduce it to aesthetics pls.

No. 573834

What happened anon?

No. 573849

I ended up opening up the oven to check and it was like… a lukewarm temperature… Not sure why that happened but after raising the temp a bit, it came back up to temperature!! My banana bread is baked, but now I'm just plain worried our oven might be broken lol. I want to get a oven thermometer!! My local target is always fucking out of it.

No. 573854

File: 1592881542701.jpeg (547.6 KB, 2048x1536, 0761CE0B-2D1F-4A55-AFC1-0E8803…)

I kind of wanted these purses because I love the fun juicebox shape and the colors, but GOD do I hate that it says “100% dumb baby juice”. I don’t think they’re cheap either since they’re being produced by a small artist, and it would suck to drop a lot of money on that purse to only probably be comfortable wearing it at cons or some shit lol.

No. 573857

>want juice box purse
>want certain one out of hundreds you could find
>it says 100% dumb baby juice
>feel called out
>post to where hopefully a minority of dumb babys can feel my pain

No. 573859

Chill, I haven't bothered to look up other juice box bags lol. I happened to see this one pop up on my timeline, and since it was custom designed by this small artist, I didn't figure that there would be others in the same shape/style.

No. 573861

Custom designed by a small artist that’s banking off a trend that’s been around in the kawaii/Lolita shit since forever. And turning it into pedo bs. At least look up some other shit before your like ~aww dumb baby my only option~ and don’t contribute to some “dumb baby” enabler. Seems like some shit shay/Luna/take your pic would buy.

No. 573862

Maybe you can paint over it with cheap acrylic paint (like apple barrel), and seal it with some krylon? Krylon might make the whole bag hard tho, so maybe you can cover the parts you don't want sealed with paper, and then spray it. Or just find a fabric-friendly sealant.
Isn't the whole "dumb baby", "no thoughts, head empty" thing just a meme tho? I never thought of it as being a dd/lg thing.

No. 573865

ayrt, cmon. I’d fuck w the empty head but 100% dumb baby that’s pandering as fuck.

No. 573871

I like wigs cause I notice I get more compliments on my outfits when I have immaculate wig hair as opposed to my fallible human stuff, but I really hate fucking with lacefronts and I actually think most are pretty fake looking. You have to put in a stupid amount of effort to make them work. I hate how popular they got to the point where it's mostly what vendors sell anymore. I like the types that just plop on the head with a bit of styling.

No. 573899

are you really too stupid to know where to get non-lacefront wigs?

No. 573906

File: 1592896003113.jpg (47.96 KB, 643x713, a8kjhn10nkx21.jpg)

Dumb baby juice is a meme, it has nothing to do with DDLG shit. It's the same as "dumb bitch juice" but with a more "I'm stupid and didn't know about this because I had never heard of it, I'm a newborn" edge, hence the usage of the term baby. Pedospergs need to think twice before posting or they'll start claiming meme related is DDLG propaganda

No. 573921

I can’t listen to the merry go round of life without crying because it reminds me of my dead grandma and the fact i’ll never be happy. I just want to be able to enjoy the song.

No. 573923

I saw some man post this on Twitter in response to like abortion or something

"lemme say this. If I put a meatloaf in the oven, I made the meatloaf, not the oven"

How do some men live being this stupid? I genuinely don't understand how you can compare making a baby to a fucking meatloaf lol.

No. 573925

This is literally the most stupid shit i’ve ever read. Tell him to try and finish the meatloaf without the oven, even that metaphor is flawed because the oven is doing most of the work and to prepare a meatloaf you’d still have to do a lot more than a man does to ejaculate. How are any men alive to this day

No. 573927

Thanks for being so sweet anon, ily, your reply brought me warmth. I just had a breakdown last night while staring at my body before a shower but I feel alright now.

No. 573964

Ever since I've started a shitposting, ranting tumblr account which gets zero engagement, I've started feeling less lonely. Even if it is just me talking to a void, I'm liking it.

No. 573977

i do the same thing and can confirm v cathartic

No. 574015

I never listened to any of her songs before, mostly because I thought she was just a rapper or something like that, and it's usually not my cup of tea. I listened to some other songs by her and I really liked them.
Grimes is annoying, I would like her music too if she didn't do the high pitched boring voice. I started listening to We Appreciate Power and it was really nice until she started doing the fucking voice.

No. 574017

I love the word 'kek', the emotion 'kek' conveys cannot be found in lol, lmao, haha, even rofl. It stands completely seperate from the rest.

No. 574019

>>574017 hard same, anon. but there's nowhere else to use it but here. tragic.

No. 574027

A meme for ddlg bitches

No. 574031

I'm super sleepy even though I got a decent amount of rest because they keep my office cold. Also my desk is at the coldest corner in the entire floor. Being chilly makes me want to hibernate and curl up into a blanket. Seriously it's not even noon yet and I'm tempted to just leave to go back home and nap but it would piss me off to perk back up when I'd get there because my apartment is a normal temp.

No. 574033

It's cute, but it reminds me of the tranny from Twitter who drew that pedo comic "Puppy Milk". Makes me cringe.

No. 574034

I was feeling nauseous and I drank warm water and it did nothing. Then I drank cold water and felt better. Based cold water.

No. 574035

Trannies and ddlgs ruin everything tbh

No. 574043

No. 574056

The cat went missing this morning, probably went to die in a ditch (he has cancer and is pretty weak). Spent the whole day looking after him but no dice. I get why they hide when they feel they are about to die, but I wish he would die on his usual spots near home instead of wandering off.

No. 574059

Sorry about your cat, anon. Mine did the same when he was dying. He was around 17 years old and we never found him. I hope he turns up.

No. 574073

Anyone else feel like the /pt/ cows are really hard to get into? There are hundreds of threads and they're all so batshit insane that you can't relate to them.

No. 574075

Yeah, and most of them are way past their milkier phases, like Momokun and Luna, so it's not even worth it to catch up.

No. 574087


Agreed. I'm a fan of quite a few of the snow cows, especially Shayna and the new JC/Syd containment thread since TND is boring now.

No. 574101

I don't understand how people can listen to full length albums, I've forced myself before but it always left like a weird burnt out feeling? I tend to listen to music on a track by track basis

No. 574104

I'm really sorry anon, I hope you find him and are able to say goodbye.

I think this has become common since we started consuming music via mp3 players/streaming. A lot of newer albums are made with this in mind and aren't as cohesive as they used to be. Sometimes I'll pause partway through and come back to it later like I would with a book.

No. 574110

I'm such a dumb bitch. I could be eating something nice, I could have cooked some pasta with chicken and spinach, I could have even ordered takeout. But you know what I am eating for lunch? Two pieces of bread with a single slice of American Cheese on top. Lazy bitch couldn't even be assed to toast the bread.

No. 574113

I love listenig to albums whole. If the artists put some thought in it it is a lot of fun to pck up on themes and moods during the duration of the album. But streaming kinda destroyed the art of making an album by having artist focus on making a catchy song that only exists to make it into a hot playlist. Also isn't there this 30 sec rule on spotify that after that it counts as a stream so artists put the best stuff in the front and don't focus on making a cohesive piece of music that will fit into the narrative of an album or something like that

No. 574117

I have a boyfriend whom I am pretty much ignoring to see if it will make him step up, but I am horny as shit. Is it ok to get some dick and leave? Or will that break the "break".

No. 574121

I didn't like Tokyo Ghoul, but I have to admit its openings and endings are really good.

No. 574126

100% agreed, anon. The album is just one of the things the new age of streaming music is killing. Not to mention all the thought that used to go into album art, along with it.

No. 574131

Just tell him to change his behavoir or you'll dump him and save you both some time, ignoring him will make only him think that's the new standard, go fuck some other woman or dump you first.

No. 574152

I think the only reason people ever listened to a whole album is because it's what the technology allowed. Growing up I either had to listen to classical music on vinyl or record the radio onto cassette tape. Finding a certain track on either a vinyl record or a tape took patience. I couldn't just press a button to cycle through an album, I either had to manually fast forward or lift up the stylus and hope I put it down in the right place. Once I learnt how to download music from the internet for free I never went back.

No. 574158

I put a bunch of lotion on my feet and plastic bags under socks before bed and I just now realised that I will probably injure myself if I have to go get up or go to the bathroom later.

No. 574159

This is a thing???

No. 574168

No, I removed the bags and just put on the socks now.

No. 574200

Just removed all my pubic hair, idc if men like it or not the sensation is so nice.

No. 574211

I swear to God people who are constantly bitching about trannies are just as annoying as trannies themselves. I'm sick of political shit in general, I just want to fucking vibe!

No. 574227

File: 1592953664461.jpeg (12.77 KB, 276x183, 30BA3101-FCF0-4D11-B5D5-129221…)

I have no friends and my mom won’t pick up the phone so I guess I’ll type this into the void. My bf and I were pirating a movie through his phone browser. He fell asleep and my finger accidentally swiped up in the tabs and I saw 4 tabs of engagement rings. Earlier today he was scrolling through his timeline and he kept getting ads for rings. I made a joke about it and he laughed it off too. Makes sense now. Anyway I feel really guilty for seeing it but also happy and excited.

No. 574228

Holy shit how old are you…

No. 574229

I used to hold those kind of beliefs but I never really posted about it, now I just don't really care, trannies are people and they can be good or bad.

No. 574230

I've actually never seen one

No. 574232

No. 574237

It's weird for anyone above the age of 25 to use lolcow, you've gotta be nearly 50…I'm genuinely curious

No. 574238

File: 1592955271124.gif (2.7 MB, 328x190, 1395113724870.gif)

Just wait until you try laser. Love how smooth and bump-free it feels.

No. 574240

So excited for you, anon! You better post that rock when it happens.

No. 574242

i was jk pls i am also old

No. 574246

I think it spans from millennial to zoomer

No. 574248

Sure anon, I'm so dumb I don't even remember when to breathe–!

No. 574249


I started a blog that gets very low engagement and I feel the same way. Just being able to express yourself authentically is a really nice feeling.

No. 574250

File: 1592956977653.jpg (116.65 KB, 632x800, 6ee85add6205328b8ffc2275f6acc7…)

Never followed the Onion drama, but I do casually lurk some /pt/ threads and holy shit that thread is absolutely cursed now.

No. 574251


That's so cute. Happy for you anon!!!

No. 574257

What do you guys think of this Korean version of Say So?

No. 574258

i can kinda understand people sperging over girls liking yaoi but they all also sperg about boys being into that (hence the "i hate fujoshi and fudanshi" bullshit) and i don't rly understand this one part: girls liking it is one thing but men liking it is also another thing. a man who enjoys bl = boys love is literally gay himself so how the fuck are you gonna use the "stop fetishizing gay men!1!!1!!" excuse on someone who's a gay man himself … brainrot

No. 574267

it's okay. the mixing and the flow of the lyrics sound kind of off. the sexy vibe she's going for in the video seems kind of unnatural and awkward. it's less cringy than amber's solo work, I'll giver her that.

No. 574268

I ordered a menstrual cup from amazon and it came with a hair inside the factory sealed box. wtf I'm not that mad because it wasn't touching the actual cup but damn, it is just my luck.

No. 574270

The only people who sperg about yaoi are territorial fakebois who see themselves in fictional gay men. Don't expect any logic there.

No. 574271

BL is men written by and for women, so the men aren't realistic. then there are the common tropes and problematic elements like most romance content. also it's something women ans teen girls like so viewed as trash, like how lesbian porn for the male gaze isn't demonized as much.

No. 574273

File: 1592959751042.jpg (272.33 KB, 500x500, 2qSbEks.jpg)

>Be me
>Watch TV with family at dinner
>Detective/lawyer sort of series begins
>Mom dislikes it but she keeps watching
>There's this criminal who they call a goth
>She looks like a drug addict tho
>"Anon wants to look like her, she looks like her" mom says in a babytalk
>"Maybe with her hair like this" Mom says as she covers her eyes with hair
>Criminal was actually in drugs
>Mom realized that she had been saying that I look like someone on drugs
>Mfw this isn't even the first time my family had accidentally implied I'm ugly

I just want a qt goth bf and wear my purple t-shirts for god's sake.

No. 574281

I wish I was faking ADHD. I want to abuse my meds and stay up all night and get some work done, even drink or do whatever other drugs would help, but last time I tried I just fell straight asleep anyway. I want to be one of these stereotypical teenage students in American tv dramas blitzing the night away on stims.

No. 574293

I’m bored of waiting for shit to go down with Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson and there’s no good art drama. Someone tell me about some dumb shit I can listen to videos about

No. 574315

I hate how people today try to equate modern conceptions of homosexual relationships which are functionally equal to heterosexual relationships with "homosexual" relationships in the past, especially with regards to ancient Greece and Rome

Adult Greek/Roman men didn't fuck adult Greek/Roman men. Doing so was considered disgusting, sordid and unnatural. An adult Greek man fucking a young Greek boy or teenager who was often his disciple was completely acceptable up until the boy became a man. This whole thing of "the Greeks were gay" ignores the horrid pederasty be practiced

No. 574370

I'm not even sure this should go here but whatever, I'm too tired to think rn. With the whole corona thing we started fostering dogs again since my mother had plenty of free time. She's gone back to work now, and the puppy (almost 3 months old) gets inconsolable when shes leaves the house without him in the mornings (~6am). It takes me almost an hour to calm him down, because he starts howling, crying, biting and destroying everything. Normal separation anxiety stuff. How the hell can I calm him down faster? Should I take him outside for a little walk so he gets distracted?
I obviously can't ignore him, we live in a flat and I don't want my neighbours to hate me more than they already do.
I'll get him calm, I leave him alone and the crying resumes again. We do this 3, 4 times until he finally falls asleep.
And honestly, I don't have the fucking patience for this either, I just want to get in bed again.
The rest of the day it's ok, if my mother or I leave he whines for a few minutes but then calms down, the only problem is in the mornings. My mum's schedule also changes every week, so even if he somehow got used to it tomorrow, he'll probably have forgotten no one is abandoning him in a few weeks time when she has morning shifts again.
Fuck, now I can't go back to sleep again.

No. 574379

same, i wish there was more going on. there's mtv catfish finally uploading long videos of pretty much all the endings of their episodes at least. Brightsunfilms and defunctland can tell you about attractions that failed. The company man talks about failed businesses or upcoming ones. Negative legends talks about past cartoons or series failing and dying out. Hope that gives some sort of entertainment.

No. 574382

I wonder if taking the dog on a walk before your mom leaves, and only bringing him back in after she is gone would help? Seems like it should be able to distract him. I'm assuming if the trigger of seeing her leave in the morning does not happen, he will not be upset.

No. 574411

Watch some creepy conspiracy videos if you can handle them, I can only handle a bit at a time, but it's always like super interesting

No. 574412

not Shane Dawson conspiracies though, he overdramatizes shit for his audience

No. 574418

Christ I don't remember the TV show but it had a dominatrix looking woman and the premise was to train unruly dogs. Anyway one had separation anxiety and what they basically did was have the owner go out and come back through the front door over and over so the dog realised the owner comes back, since when the owner usually leaves the dog has no idea when they'll be back. Reinforce good quiet behavior with treats and extend the time your mom is out until the behaviour is learned. Took a couple of hours to do thouhg iirc.

No. 574421

AYRT. I'm 26. My parents preferred vinyl and never bothered buying a CD deck.

No. 574425

File: 1592990499949.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, EB885B2F-4D70-4F16-8D72-4EF219…)

I’m so fuckin sick of idiots ruining antique collecting by flooding the market with cheap Chinese shit made in 2002 acting like it’s a goddamn meakin collectible plate. It’s not even old. You can get this exact ornament at most dollar stores. Are the people calling them antiques retarded or hoping to prey on retards?!

No. 574440

File: 1592994407503.png (206.28 KB, 599x357, 23049777.png)

Posting this here bc the Cry /snow/ thread is basically too plagued for dumb laughs or memes

Fake positivity cultures are a (thankfully) dying cancer and it's such a relief to see one of the biggest ones from the oldschool YouTube days going up in flames

Burn baby burn!

The safespace bubble has finally popped and it's amusing to watch his fans squirm, bending completely backwards just to cope. The cognitive dissonance with some of them is absolutely unreal.

No. 574462

File: 1593001366777.jpg (12.38 KB, 466x306, 61H3spllhiL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

why does every family in the uk have this tv stand

No. 574464

Is it from argos?

No. 574467


Mass production. Some hellhole factory in China churns these out and people import them.

No. 574470

I don't know why but it always blows my mind when anons mention that they have kids, like I can't picture it

No. 574472

yeah me too. I guess because most of our parents are technologically illiterate it's hard to imagine having a mom who uses imageboards, I guess it will be more common among the current generation of parents which is weird to think about.

No. 574473


Some kid is listening to some unpopular teacher somewhere droning on about math and has no idea that same teacher probably shitposts about onision's dick.

No. 574477

I don't have this. I guess because they need somewhere to put their sky box and they don't have a good wall to safely mount the tv.

No. 574487

idk why but I cant believe in anyone anymore, even for the silliest of things. whenever people tell me they were born in an interesting place, or had something really good or really bad happen to them i never believe them, though i dont act like it. sometimes even with proof im still doubtful. i wonder if the internet made me like this or im just retarded

No. 574510

Thanks, anon. This made me kek real hard on the inside.

No. 574529

They could be teen moms. It’s a thing that still happens somehow….

No. 574539

lmao I've never really thought about it but it's true. It's probably because it's cheap and it will fit a television, games console, sky box and a DVD player.

It sounds weird until it happens to you. I remember when I was a teenager I would read a post by some anon that mentioned their spouse and family, then think what sort of sad fuck would still posts on image boards when they're that old with children. Now someone probably thinks the same of me.

No. 574545

Never seemed crazy to me cause I grew up with teen mom friends and knew people who had kids in their early 20s way before they should have. I guess it really demystified my perspective early about parents having their shit together and being proper when that isn't necessarily true. I even put my own parents up on a pedestal until I truly became an adult and realized they were just as bad and full of their own shit.

We're all winging it, and that's the scary part.

I have a few teacher friends. Some them them really try their damndest to uphold the professional stereotype with maybe some nerdy 'quirks' but another is a straight up artsy occultist who fraternizes with the students and I find it hilarious. I suspect she's a chan poster based on her interests, but ultimately I don't care. I find people like her are interesting to me.

No. 574548

lmao this is so true, we had one for a while. they're fucking everywhere

No. 574554

I am pooping

No. 574557

Tomorrow I'm gonna try doing this, he also usually poops around this hour so hopefully that's one less poop I'll have to clean from the floor lol
This is what I've read on practically every dog training website, if the walk thing doesn't work I'll get my mother to do this with him.

But anyway, we just got told this afternoon he got adopted :( they're taking him in two weeks, so even if the training doesn't work I'll just have to put up with only two more sleepless nights.
I'm actually quite upset about him being adopted, I knew from the beginning we couldn't keep him because I'll be moving out next year and my mother doesn't have the time to take care of him with her current job, but she was starting to seriously consider keeping him, so I had a teeny tiny bit of hope left. Aah, fostering fucking sucks sometimes. I just wish the shelter had told us someone had asked to adopt him beforehand.

No. 574585

Like the dumbass I am for years I've been trying to make thick brows work for me and they just don't. Only cute gals look pretty with them, but not basic hoes. I feel cheated! All my teen years looking like a foolish little boy with a wig on having those brows.

No. 574589

Lmao I'm sure they weren't that bad, but it's not a cuteness thing, maybe you just have soft features that look off balance with striking brows. The thickness is circular trend anyway. Brows that fit one's facial composition will always look in vogue.

No. 574590


No. 574595

i got my period today and i swear whenever i get it i just get reminded how painful and terrible it is and how much i hate being a woman and then i also feel this intense hatred for troons thinking this is something cute and nice and tralala

No. 574599

I don't understand why the fuck I can never access my linkedin if I manually type in my profile's URL. I have to open up my profile, copy the URL and then suddenly it works? It's my full name and there's no typos. Whatever I paste doesn't change from whatever I already had entered but suddenly it only works then!! I fucking hate having linkedin and if it wasn't for the fact that I need it to job hunt, I would just delete this stupid shit.

No. 574603

File: 1593023517825.jpeg (11.9 KB, 347x346, fb4rfd.jpeg)

frozen pineapple is so goddamn good i cant handle it

No. 574610

I stopped taking selfies a long time ago because I know the front face camera warping does no favors, and I would take stupidly long just for one photo (even with filters), so I stopped. Today I had to put on make up for the first time in months since I'm going back to work and decided "hm, maybe I'll take a selfie" and opened up snow because FUCK trying to take an unfiltered selfie, but popping filters on and off and seeing it shave off part of my chin and make my eyes look like their bulging in and out of my head freaked me out so I just closed the app lol. I don't think I look like some sort of fucking swamp monster freak, I'm just painfully average, but fuck do selfies/photos of myself mess with my head.

No. 574616

I used to overedit like a mf and look unrecognizable, nowadays I just edit parts that the camera distorts.

No. 574618

I know a girl online that has a snake tattoo that goes on the side of her thigh and curbs with her backside, it's pure art. Probably the only time I love a tattoo.

No. 574637

Honestly,I love my hairy legs. I've always been made fun of for them because the hair is dark on my light brown skin but I don't even mind the lighthearted bullying anymore. I used to hide my leg hair in shame but now I don't mind if anyone sees. I'm comfortable in my skin.

No. 574640

I like the girltalk one. Nice pink colors.

No. 574647

Anon, what are you talking about? That's one of those rare Katzhutte. kek

No. 574658

that's great. i wanna be like you anon

No. 574672

Hell yeah Anon. I also decided not to shave my legs anymore. Earlier I was out in a knee long dress, some old guy sneered at me from afar and I'm a little satisfied my hairy legs probably weirded him out when I got closer.
I did have to thin them out a bit before being able to go out like that but it feels nice being ok with it.

No. 574689

I want this to be me when I wear cute slip dresses with my hairy ass legs

No. 574692

It's my favourite one too. I almost won't recognise lolcow if its not on.

No. 574703

File: 1593036166644.png (324.74 KB, 1224x1088, table.png)

the fuck, I'm in Aus and have this ahahah WAT
do you guys also have this?

No. 574706

I found an informative soap making youtube but it's ran by a hyperactive tradwife that spends 20 minutes talking about her big ass family with the occasional baby talking. I just want to learn how to make soap without hearing about how you're 25 and your mom popped out another kid.

No. 574707

keekweek is good

No. 574763

Goddamit I'm very close to installing either Sims3 or Sims4 once again and waste endless hours pretending that these games are not laggy as hell with minimal amount of mods (sims3) or not barely interesting to play even with mods (sims4). Sims3 at least had very cool and actually finished and full expansion packs. Uggghhh I wanna play so damn hard but I have stuff to do

No. 574765

I know my favorite streamer is probably ugly by conventional standards, and has even said it’s taken him a while to be comfortable with his face, but damn does such an endearing personality change how I view him. The first time I saw a picture of him I was really like “oh, he’s ugly” but now I can only think of how he’s cute? I don’t even want to bother with the Cry thread and know he’s gotten himself into some hot shit, but I used to like watching some of his videos because of his voice. But he’s ugly in and out, so fuck that dude. I love this specific streamer because his voice is so god damn soothing. I’ll fall asleep watching his streams to the point where I’ll pull up an old stream to play in the background while I fall asleep. Best bit is even when he exaggerates and gets loud, it isn’t obnoxious enough to jolt me awake lol. I know streamers have got their fake stream personalities and he’s probably no different but whatever. I just really like the dude’s voice and content.

No. 574769

There's a sims 3 all in one you can torrent anon, I did and I wonder why I ever played the sims 4 kek. The sims feel so much more alive and there's lots more stuff to do. I downloaded an HD skin mod to fix the wax-statueness of the vanilla sims and its been great so far

No. 574772

I feel like Im the only one on earth who prefers sims 4 and doesn't thin it's trash, kek.
I like Sims 3 but how the Sims look, the lagginess and a bunch of other shit always turned me off of it, way before Sims 4 came around.
I tried to play it recently and I can't go back, I love sims 4 but I think sims 3 is a better game. I just prefer sims 4, i like the way the sims looks, I like 70% of the expansion packs, I feel like there's some unique things in sims 4.
especially in Seasons and get together. I always mod my games to hell though, with all sims games.

No. 574773

I torrented both games, and as good as sims3 is, with certain mods it's very slow and my not-so-bad laptop starts to sound like an airplane. My guess is that the game is not very well optimized. Or it was never supposed to be played with all expansion packs at once.

No. 574775

That's another reason I like Sims 4 better then 3, I can use all my DLC travel between worlds and multitasking with little no lag on my shit computer.
I don't miss open worlds but I do miss cars, fucking retarded we don't have them yet

No. 574781

Sims 2 >>>>> all other Sims

Actually I just can't be bothered starting over again with custom content lmao, I still love it though

No. 574788

It's true! Maybe I should install it and spend 63657678 hours on it after all

No. 574791

File: 1593051091057.jpg (434.21 KB, 900x851, 1-a-selection-of-tarot-cards-m…)

I am generally pretty skeptical of … everything but i've been using tarot cards recently and idk it seems kind of interesting, it makes sense even though I know logically it's bogus.

any anons use tarot?

No. 574806

I use tarot cards to decide whether I get take out

No. 574807

I dont use as absolute set in stone, I read the cards like a second opinion and see what they have to say >>574806
online shopping is another one

No. 574831


I've been reading tarot for a couple years now. I take them fairly seriously, they've been a useful guidance tool for me and my friends.

No. 574838

I just saw a call out post from an artist I follow about someone else in their life they used to date, and I’ve noticed this trend of younger kids making a very big deal out of age differences in these posts. Not even significant ones but like 2 years at most. This person in particular was emphasizing that they met this person when they were 14… but the other person was 15. And all of these incidents happened with the OP was 18 and the other party was 19??? They were just giving details about the story, they were acting like the other party was a full grown adult preying on a minor. People can and should share their experiences on these things but get caught up in these weird infantilizing details.

No. 574867

I have friends who use it and they told me they don't take it as an absolute law, it's rather like making you figure out what you really feel like/want. Kind of like when you toss a coin and you realize what you want by wishing it will fall on one side or another.

No. 574871

Is the whole "talk to someone about something personal you're keeping a secret" thing a myth? Almost every time I've done that in the past I never actually felt better or that it was necessary or helpful, in fact I'd really regret it and wish I kept quiet because it usually does nothing. It's like i'm anxious if it makes someone see me different, like i've revealed too much of myself. I very rarely tell anyone anything secret anymore and I'm totally okay with it, seeing this whole message about getting everything out seems unhelpful and forced to me, it's only made me very uncomfortable and awkward

No. 574872

I opened up to someone once, but the "feel better" part is not from sharing, but from them agreeing with me

No. 574873

I'm just getting mindfucked constantly in the cryaotic thread tonight. It's all so fuckin funny and awful

No. 574883

I finally figured out how to take care of my hair properly. For the first time in my life excluding childhood and from going to the salon, my hair actually looks good. I even have been getting compliments on it which is a step up from when people say I looked unkempt and accused me of not brushing my hair even though I did.

No. 574886

try doing it on a stranger instead of a close friend. take the vent thread, or go to omegle, or write about it on a piece of paper and burn it. i tend to treat my secrets like a treasure except i toss the key away. that way, it feels less personal… if that makes any sense.

No. 574891

What do you think of a cow fanart thread?

No. 574895

This. I torrented it onto my ancient Thinkpad and it ran without issue. I hadn't played it in years and I forgot how fun it is. Being able to not only create a whole town of characters but also being able to build the world they live in. There's all these small subtle additions by Maxis that make the whole game feel alive and that just isn't there in the later Sims games. Fuck EA.

No. 574897

I find it hilarious that before everything went public, there were so many anons defending poor cry and his child gf

No. 574912

I had to get on my sister's laptop to fill out some forms and when I went to type on google, it showed the previous searches and apparently she looked up 'what does a normal vag look like outside' recently, I kek'd.

No. 574923

i slept for 12 hours and im still so tired. i was supposed to study but i was damn tired and could barely keep my eyes open.

No. 574927

The problem with sims 3 is if you open something to view how much fps it's running at, it's running at like 250 fps. I have a gaming laptop and sims 3 lags every 5 seconds and my laptop is overheating. There's a program that limits sims 3 fps to 30 (I think you can change the limit); since I got that it runs wonderfully, the loading times are still a bit slow but not painfully slow (about 5 minutes I'd say). http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/smf/index.php?topic=15585.0
I prefer sims 4 anyway though, it just looks better, but I play sims in the way that I let my sims just do whatever and I watch them, taking screenshots, so looking nice is important to me.

No. 574937

I met someone at my last job who has very similar features to Belle Delphine but is just a regular ol normie and I'm jealous of her good looks lol. She's also super sweet to talk to and whenever I drop by she's always excited to see me.

No. 574949

I need to take the plane back home but because of covid bullshit my initial flight was canceled so instead of taking two planes, it was changed to taking the plane first and then taking a really fucking shitty train. Now I'm stuck with two suitcases and not enough space for everything because there's no way I could take the plane with one more suitcase. Fuck this shit, fuck my life.

No. 574950

My apartment has an annual fire inspection today and since the wee hours of this morning there has been so much noise that sounds like people cleaning/vacuuming and sooooo many people have gone out to throw away trash and recycling. How messy are my neighbors???

But I get it I guess, I used this as a kick in the butt to finally mop my floor. Haven't had anyone in my apartment in months and I imagine it's the same for them too.

No. 574952

Don't be a coward and ask her out

No. 574955

I considered it but a good friend of mine tried to ask her out and she turned him down, so I didn't want to do him dirty like that lol. I think she also got a boyfriend recently too so rip me.

No. 574958

Do you think it's actually true in some sense that 'society is kinder to women'? I obviously do not think this is true in any kind of meaningful systemic way, but I can kind of see this being true on a shallow interpersonal level. I feel like many times in public when I've been in some kind of trouble I have feigned or exaggerated my helplessness in the situation and that men who are total strangers have significantly gone out of their way to help me at their own expense, in a way that I don't think they would for other men. I also feel like it's something that they seemingly really enjoy? Like usually they don't even try and hit on me or something they just seem extremely happy and proud(?) I guess to help and I think they enjoy being put in that position in a sense. Idk I think there's probably a lot of nuance to this too, like I think there's likely differences in how men react to and percieve the woman's 'helplessness' depending on the woman's race ect

No. 574959

What the "society is kinder to women" meme actually means is that "society infantilizes women and treats them like children that can't survive on their own, make decisions or have intelligent thoughts". Sure you get to have a door held open for you or have someone carry shit for you or something but it's a very small benefit to receive for having to stand for constant belittling. Most men who go out of their way to help and please women are only looking for repayment in sex and/or a relationship so it's often an insincere gesture.

Also keep in mind that the so called "easy mode" exists only for the women who are considered attractive and docile in the eyes of the society. If you're more assertive or not that good looking you'll never get the favoring treatment.

No. 574960

Only conditionally. It's not just being a woman, but doing certain things that only women can do/would look weird if men did them.
Also: most women don't have a choice because the opposite of being treated kindly is not being treated average, but rude. So…yeah, you don't have a choice.

No. 574961

Do you think it's inherently infantilizing to help someone though? I feel like all people need help sometimes and in a way it's usually easier to get that from strangers as a woman because men do not really help each other or express vulnerability (because of pressure from other men). I feel like in an idealized world people would be more inclined to help each other in general, not for men to stop 'helping' women to make it equal because it's inherently belittling. I don't think it's true that it's only women who are perceived to be attractive because I feel like you see this a lot with young men and middle age/older women who they are unlikely to have a sexual interest in

No. 574964

I mean men ask me if they can give me a ride when they see me walking down the street, sure, but what are the chances of them murdering me if I get in the car?
They offer to help me more often, yes, but statistically I am also more likely to be murdered by a man so I think it evens out.

No. 574966

I wouldn't say it's "kinder", but I think we should consider that women may be more likely to be helped because we're flat-out not as dangerous as men. Even crime statistics reflect this.
Do a man a favor, there's a 50/50 chance he will turn it against you, even if you're also a man. Do a woman a favor, 99% of the time, nothing happens.
Most men who get attacked are victims of other men.

No. 574970

AKA benevolent sexism which isn't benevolent at all. We have to also remember that it is conditional, many women who don't act stereotypically feminine are treated worst and do not receive the "perks" of benevolent sexism.

No. 574974

I agree with this but I was mostly thinking about things that are like in public/broad daylight so while it's definitely part of it I don't think the sole or main reason men don't help each other is that they view each other as dangerous but more so that society is less likely to view men as vulnerable/helpless. But obviously I don't think viewing women as inherent victims who need to be helped even when they are perfectly capable themselves is good either, which I guess this 'kindness' can sometimes fall into, but I don't feel like it is inherently sexist.

No. 574977

Tbh I do like it that I can use my gender and size to make myself seem friendlier and less intimidating, but mostly in everyday situations where I have to interact with children, the elderly or other women. My style is pretty alt and I have visible body mods and while I personally love looking like this, I really don't enjoy feeling like kids or old people are uncomfortable or even scared around me. So I think that being a woman (especially one on the shorter and chubbier side) helps with that.

I don't care if men find me intimidating though, sometimes I even wish I had the ability to look meaner at will. I heard that it makes people uncomfortable if you look at their eyebrows instead of their eyes when they're talking to you, maybe I should try it sometime.

No. 574978

you say it like it's a privilege when in fact it's an expectation, imo

No. 574980

Ime men think that tattooed/pierced women are sluts and that's the only real judgement going through their heads, not intimidation.

I'm fairly boyish in how I present, both clothes to hair. I have tattoos though and I'm convinced they're the only reason men come on to my (gay) ass. Like guys, I have sci fi tattoos everywhere because I'm obsessed with a particular film, not because I'm a massive whore or a porn star.

No. 574981

TWEWY is getting some kind of anime so I’m wondering if there will be any drama between the yaoi fangirl fanbase it had 10+ years ago that are now in their late twenties/early thirties and the zoomer twitter spergs that think a guy wearing women’s clothes makes them trans

No. 574984

I was happy when I read the first part of your post, and now I'm already annoyed from reading the second part. I fucking hope that doesn't happen.

No. 574992

Fucking hell, my sis started binging anime again and is now using the dreaded moe anime girl uwu voice and saying random japanese words and acting like some anime girl and I want to fucking kill myself. She's 23 ffs.

No. 574995

Yeah, good point. Still, I don't want to go around scaring kids and grannies just to dismantle a stereotype.

>Ime men think that tattooed/pierced women are sluts and that's the only real judgement going through their heads, not intimidation.
Yeah I guess you're right. But hey, if it helps keep at least some of the douchebags away…

No. 575006

File: 1593108326855.jpg (45.54 KB, 750x750, 278bdc4d9da499700ca5d1fd90cab4…)

I can already hear the antis/minors yelling at us for being pedos because ~*~*the characters are 15*~*~ despite the fact that many of us were around that age when TWEWY first came out.

No. 575007

lol i love seeing people who think they're all unique and different act like everyone fucking else

No. 575010

File: 1593108728609.jpg (44.8 KB, 444x640, blushing-62-gap.jpg)

I just read some article about how posing and light affects photos bodybuilders take and how to pose for best photos but the bodybuilder was so cute and now I feel weird, his body is wonderful but his face is so cute, I feel so bad when I remember he's a real person and is unaware some stranger somewhere is staring at his photo. The photos when he's flexing look weird though, I like him best when he is not flexing. Oh god I'm such a creep and when I remember men are 100 times more creepy than me I feel sick. Please you have to see him too so I'm not the only one. https://www.insider.com/bodybuilder-showed-how-fitness-photos-can-be-misleading-2019-10#its-bad-for-the-followers-if-they-have-these-unrealistic-expectations-that-cant-be-met-because-they-dont-understand-that-what-theyre-trying-to-achieve-isnt-even-real-he-said-11
also what is it with the url being half the article long

No. 575013

Dude… watch this

No. 575014

Ok I watched the first minute and I don't like him anymore lmao thanks anon you cured me

No. 575020

Holy shit FUCK language learning. No matter how much input I get or how much grammar/vocab I study I will immediately start sweating bullets whenever my teacher asks me to construct a simple sentence or to tell her about a video with the simplest premise known to man. I watch Peppa the motherfucking pig and I understand 90% if I put my mind and soul into focusing on that shit. Fuck, dude. Now I'm starting to question why I chose this ugly ass language in the first place.

No. 575026

Out of curiosity what language are you learning?

No. 575027

German. I'm also a native english speaker, so it's a little pathetic. Sentence construction, man.

No. 575059

Nay anon, German grammar and sentence structure is so freaking difficult and different from English so it's not pathetic at all. Best of luck!

No. 575086

This might sound completely whacko but thinking back on interactions with a family I used to babysit for I think they may have been trying to groom me? Absolutely nothing happened besides a couple interactions that left me slightly uncomfortable though. To top it off the dad works in Hollywood and was even nominated for an Oscar during that time (not an actor or anyone big but has worked on documentaries and more recently the Marvel franchise) This also didn't take place in the US.

I met them through a family member who did business with them and then suggested me as a babysitter since they were new to the area. Tiny bit of context is I moved from my home country temporarily at 15 to get away from a very abusive situation and family took me in. No one knew the full scope of what happened to me but they had ideas.

I think my family member gave the wife an idea of my past because she really made an effort to take me under her wing. She helped me learn to drive, she was fluent in the country's language and helped me a lot, she took me to beautiful places and fed me delicious food, and would even buy me clothing!! I had grown up incredibly poor that interacting with this world felt like a dream. I was hanging out at their house almost daily and rarely doing any babysitting after a while as they had nannies.

I met the husband and he was very nice and charming. He told me stories of celebrities and showed me pictures. I felt special spending time with a family with all these connections. He was always very chummy with me. He would touch the small of my back a lot and kissed me on top of the head on quite a few occasions while he had been drinking. I really was this 15 year old hanging with this drunk couple on a regular basis. At the time I only thought "they like me and want to help me."

The two things that really stand out to me is when they gave me alcohol but I had a hard time stomaching it so nothing happened. The other time is when I was sitting out on their deck with them and the wife put her hand on my thigh and asked if anything had ever happened to me. I asked her what she meant and she asked if someone had ever touched me or abused me. I was uncomfortable and really tried to change the subject because I was still processing the sexual abuse I had experienced the year before. She went on to say it was okay if I liked it or tried initiate it and I didn't need to feel guilty. I really wanted to believe that she was only trying to say that it wasn't my fault but when I look back that whole situation was messed up.

I got into a private school soon after so I no longer had time to spend with them like I did and they stopped contacting me. I saw them in public a few times since it was a small town and they basically ignored me.

What a weird fucking time in my life. I have never wrote this out before.

No. 575090

God I hate ants. Every summer they crawl around my house like they own the place. I can't stop feeling them crawling on me and sometimes I feel like I see them in the corner of my eyes.
Fuck ants. Along with wasps and hornets, I wish they didn't exist. So annoying.

No. 575094

I'm not an atheist, yet somehow the notion of fully believing in god absolutely terrifies me, and the thought of not doing so at all feels far more comfortable. I can't figure out why I'm like this and it's been driving me nuts for a few years now.

No. 575096

i hope you're ok anon. that does sound messed up. thankfully their tactics happened to fail on you but i can only hope nothing happened to someone more eager/capable to drink alcohol or someone who was more sexual because of trauma…

No. 575110

I need a boyfriend to do shit with. Not because I'm lonely, I literally just need someone else to help me do shit. I'm moving this fall and its a nightmare to do alone

No. 575124

Thank you anon. I struggled with coming to terms with this because I do have a lot of fond memories of them and struggle even more with how maybe I am blowing things out of proportion but looking back on it at the age I am now it was an inappropriate relationship.
I really hope that they didn't put anyone else in a similar situation too

No. 575126

in my case I'm agnostic, and think that if god is real, they're probably evil because this world is shit. so even if i do get my ass kicked after death it's fine because i don't respect god.

No. 575136

Yeah I guess I can kind of relate. When I really get the feeling like I believe in god, it feels peaceful for a little while, but then I remember how much I've suffered simply for being born into the family I was born into, how I'm likely never going to be well-adjusted or normal, will be dealing with depressive spells, anxiety attacks and suicidal impulses for the rest of my life, etc…and how there's simply no way of wrapping my head around why god would allow that to happen to me and others. It's especially hard when I think about the fact that so many people have it 10x worse than me. Little kids die of cancer ffs. I haven't been able to reconcile with or reason out why any loving god would allow that.

No. 575140

I'd lend you mine if I could, he was fantastic at motivating me for ages but now his effects have worn off like all the best medication eventually does, I wish he wasn't wasted on me. Now there's just two of us that are let down by my inertia.

No. 575192

Idk why the idea of a bi male is so confusing to me. I just find it so weird for them to be able to date guys and girls, feel like it's a lot easier for women to try it out

No. 575205

File: 1593128188790.jpeg (688.26 KB, 750x929, A7CA2119-55C0-4556-A7D2-16329C…)

I don’t want to get banned for blogposting/derailing on snow so I guess I’ll just post my thoughts here about Jenna leaving.

I know she’s an internet personality, and what she shows on camera is only a small glimpse of what’s she’s like, and is probably a very heavily controlled view of what you can see of her, but FUCK. She has always felt pretty genuine to me, especially compared to what a lot of other content creators with the same notoriety as her. I’m glad that she got to be given a platform of her size, and then just used to just put out shitpost videos of her dogs or whatever tickled her fancy that week. She never had to capitalize on drama or someone else’s failure to land herself on the trending page. She took a god damn nap and still hit trending. She isn’t perfect, but she was a good role model on how to grow as a person, how to own up to past mistakes without skirting around anything, and how to make good content without raising hell around you (I guess whether it’s good depends on your taste but I found it all enjoyable). She might not have asked to be a role model for anyone, but with 20m subs, you are one whether you like it or not, and I don’t think she disappointed on that front. She knows she has influence, and chose to use that influence to just bring good times to her audience. I know there are other good content creators out there who also make wholesome content and I like them too, but Jenna in particular holds a special place in my heart.

Part of me hopes she’ll come back, but part of me hopes that she doesn’t so she can just live a nice and quiet life. Sorry for being a sperg, I just really enjoy her content and I’ll probably continue to just replay all her old videos like I always do.

No. 575207

When/Where did she announce she was leaving?

I have pretty much the same thoughts on her as you and I feel so sad to hear about this. She honestly felt relatable to me, and I loved her dog videos.

No. 575208

I don't follow Jenna in particular but I think there's a good chance she will be back eventually. Youtube/streaming is not going anywhere. I think she is burnt out and is taking a break.

No. 575212

Holy shit, I had no idea cancel culture shit had gotten this bad. I assume Jenna's a good person and took all the criticism to heart, but taking down her old gendered what boys and girls do videos is a big move. I get being tired but damn she posted herself crying. I'm glad she addressed being called an unproblematic queen because she's had her past.

In my opinion, (though I understand wanting to take down old problematic videos) they should be left up somehow. The event still exists, seems to me like trying to hide the past. And filming yourself crying is raw, but honestly for something like this it should be avoided if possible. I do agree she'll probably be back or make a new channel.

No. 575222

Idk if I'm too cynical but I feel like this kind of response feels so disingenuous and emotionally manipulative? I think she often comes of too self pitying and self infantilizing in general.

No. 575223

i think im going to learn spanish again. so i can eavesdrop on coworkers… and the vp and assistant vp.

No. 575227

Wow thank you anon, I'll definitely try it out

No. 575230

What exactly happened here? I didn’t see anyone cancelling her, afaik there was no #jennamarblesisoverparty trending tag. I’m sure you can always find someone on twitter angrily shouting into the void about how she made racist videos 10 years ago but it’s not like there was a massive internet hate mob pelting her with metaphorical rotten fruit. She should’ve just silently privated her old videos and made a corny notes app “I’m not the same person anymore” apology on twitter. With all the waterworks and the dramatic “I’m leaving youtube” stuff it comes off like she’s victimizing herself. Even if it wasn’t intentional her fans definitely took it that way, look at the comment section. It’s that’s filled with whataboutisms and “cancel culture is toxic it needs to end!!!” nonsense.

No. 575231

yes! the og sims and sims 2 both had an air of weirdness to them and i fucking loved it. now the game seems too…i don't know, easy? like…happy?

i miss the weird phonecalls you'd get in sims 1, i miss the drama you could create in sims 2 (and the drama that was already created for us to work with). sims 4, while i play it and love it still, just feels too…perfect world-y.

No. 575233

i don't understand people saying that she's victimizing herself. she literally just made an apology video and said "i don't really feel like i want to do this channel right now". she was never cancelled, no one called for it, she took the route of a mature person and apologized herself without needing to be asked by the internet to do it. shouldn't we be happy that people are learning from poor behavior in their pasts?

No. 575235

it's the crying and being a 30 something year old saying things like 'I don't want anyone in the world to ever feel upset' and just excessive self flagellation that comes of insincere and self victimizing. I just feel like she sounds extremely emotionally immature in this, the message of growing from your past could definitely have been delivered in a better and less self serving way.

No. 575236

I think there were some tweets here and there gaining small amounts of a bit of traction, but it never blew into anything big. Tweets and posts that focus on her past have always cropped up on occasion over the years, and I think the recent drama culminated in Jenna wanting to finally address it. I think she chose to upload a video because afaik, she’s always uploaded her apologies (ie her fish and dog seatbelt video) as videos. Posting it just to twitter would not reach as much of her audience, especially if she wanted to announce something as big as wanting to leave the platform.

No. 575239

Then why is literally every comment on the video reeeeing about her being cancelled and how much she doesn’t deserve it? I know stans will be stans, but I think the tone of her video is at least partially responsible for the absolute flood of “poor widdle Jenna did nothing to deserve this, the evil pitchfork-waving SJWs are trying to run her off the internet!” type comments. It’s great that she addressed it without having to be told, but I feel like there was a better way to do it.

I see, I don’t follow her so I don’t know much about her social medias but it makes sense that she would address it on the platform where she has the most followers.

No. 575241

because her fans are fucking stupid, anon. most of them are teenagers who will jump at the chance to think that their fav has never done anything wrong ever. of course they're going to pretend that jenna was forced to make a video if it keeps her an "perfect cinnamon roll" in their eyes.

No. 575245

idk she posts dog videos on youtube i don't know what kind of depth and analytical take on this exactly can be expected from her. not to call her stupid but she really doesn't seem calculating enough to try to manipulate people on purpose.

No. 575247

she’s got a masters in psychology if I’m remembering correctly, so she’s actually very smart all things considered. she seems genuine enough and I’d like to trust in that, at least she was able to own up to past stuff she did in her twenties unlike others and even show the videos.

No. 575251

wasn't there drama between her and shane a while ago because of his uh…'humor'? this would be way back in the youtube years so i could be wrong.

speaking of shane, i wonder if he'll say something about HIS old videos because of this…

No. 575257

fuuck! Nooo. Why cant we have nice things? I loved that game so much when it came out. I was a big Shiki fan and had a blast playing it on my ds. I'm not ready for that bullshit that will eventually come with this and new fans in their teens sperging.

No. 575272

mannnn, i've been unsatisfied with my friends (they're great, just normies lol). I just want like a small tight group of catty bitches to talk shit with me about internet stuff. Like, hey, if any of y'all are into the Cryaotic threads, or Holly Brown (she was my introductory cow, too bad she's boring now) and wanna try and group up to talk casually (assumin you're starved of discussion), lemme know.
The lolcow discord just isn't doing it for me tbh

No. 575277

Is the discord still full of scrotes? I think I joined awhile back and the conversations just weren't it for me and it turns out it was just a bunch of "non hidden" dudes.

No. 575279

after I’m done reading my novel, I’m going to half-ass my communications “essay” because even though I might fail, I don’t want to fail this semester.

No. 575281

Briefly clicking through the channels I don't get scrote vibes, but then again, I'm not as adept as others at sniffing them out kek. Just a good amount of inactivity and such a wide-scope of topics per channel (particularly the cow channel) that I feel like I'm just whispering into the wind or some shit lol.

No. 575283

Spoilered for horny shit.

Am I tripping or did /g have a male nudes thread? I only visited it once and my memory is shit so I can't remember what the name of the thread was. I know it existed tho cause I remember one specific picture from there. I also remember there was some kind of lesbian fantasy thread and someone wrote a story about a police officer gf banging the reader with a baton and then making dinner. Can't find that thread either.

No. 575284

I never was one to feel grossed out by things growing up but I'm feeling that I'm becoming more and more easily nauseated as I become older. Especially when my period comes.

No. 575285

i;m a retard apparently and didn't understand that there were any real consequences to posting on imageboards into your 20s. i just ended up vomiting in response to some anon replies, like a retard, and holy shit

i guess i am too old for this

No. 575288

Me too. When I was a kid I never understood why everyone hated the Heinz colored ketchup cause I thought it tasted fine. I can barely recall the flavor but from what I remember I gag anyways.

No. 575290

This is going to sound insane but last year I got caught up looking at pictures of rats hoarding shit in cars, and it broke my brain for some reason. I still don't think individual rats are particularly gross, but now I get grossed out by the idea of things multiplying spontaneously. I was driving past a lake and I saw a ton of geese (maybe around 60 individuals) and I got grossed out. I tried to google my symptoms and I haven't found anything yet.

No. 575294

No. 575308

Hard agree
I also cringed when she said “people suffer with gender identity” you mean 14 year olds?

No. 575312

I really fucking hate this Karen meme. It's been around forever but now even the normies are using it, like it's the cool new thing.

I wish I could erase dumb internet speak from people's vocabulary.

No. 575313

Did you post about that here, anon?
I vaguely remember reading something about this (with images) and it may have been on here.

No. 575318

File: 1593152546427.jpg (99.49 KB, 640x1138, 4496.jpg)

lol yeah I did

This is another image that bothers me and makes me feel anxious. I'm scared of repetitive patterns now.

No. 575319


>I wish I could erase dumb internet speak from people's vocabulary.

same, that goes for stuff like boomer, incel etc, those words lost their meanings a loooong time ago and it's incredibly annoying seeing people still throwing them around at literally everything. like please speak properly and stop being so lazy you have to resort to cringey buzzwords from 2016

No. 575331

i get grossed out by that too, i had a nightmare about it when i was a child actually. do you also dislike fish scales?

No. 575332

>like please speak properly
the whole post is ironic but this got me. you're just not used to things that are new, but you are fine using your brand of socially acceptable slang, just get over it.

No. 575333

File: 1593156173624.jpg (780.78 KB, 462x259, 7rJr2Pa.jpg)

I have been soft-following this cow for a while on Tumblr, nothing too big since the cow is only milky at moments, and because their followers asspat them 24/7 the milk goes dry until something else happens and the cow forces themselves to get more asspats. But just a few months ago the cow got into a fight with a kid, despite the cow being an adult. The kid leaked information and stuff had been milkier than usual, now more people had joined into the train on calling out the cow.

Just a few hours ago I look out their blog and they had been doing some passive-agressive vent posts about their traumas, and how that somehow allows them to stalk minors because that's going to "Save them and teach them UwU" (Despite being okay with being friends with another minor who posted nudes for ~body positivity~) with a few hints of wanting to delet all their social media accounts.

This was quite a ride, now I am here just watching the storm from distance. It was fun but I guess the milk is about to end.

No. 575347

Who's the cow?

No. 575348

im bitter a store i love has been making great clothing recently and im just watching the ones i like in my size sell out because i wont get my check till next week. also bitter we had a natural disaster on top of covid so i cant even go out to our wildlife area since i cant even leave my area for a yearly vacation to the beach.

No. 575352

Do men really make women orgasm? I've never orgasmed having sex with a man, because I know it will make them bored because I take like 20 mins to cum and they'll loose the mood and might grt irritated so I just don't even ask them to attempt and so when I see women talking about their partners making them orgasm I'm always surprised. Jealous too. The only time I've orgasmed when I was with a man was when he came and then got on his phone while I just touched myself besides him till I came.

No. 575357

make your needs known, jesus. masturbating while your guy is scrolling through facebook is pathetic. he doesn't have to make you cum while he's erect if it does take you that long but at least ask him to do it after he cums… you can't let your partners feel like they don't have to make you cum ever.
you're feeling bitter because you're fostering this dysfunctional system.

No. 575364

I think it depends on your man. I have never been able to cum with penetration only. My ex didnt bother trying to make me cum cause he would get angry and upset (apparently at himself) so I just stopped asking for it after a while, especially because its impossible to get off when you're thinking about time/their frustration. But my boyfriend atm isn't a manchild and we purchased a bullet that we put on me. Either that or if he cums without me then he'll go down on me or use a wand while we kiss. Idk I think it definitely depends on the guy and how comfortable he is with sex.

No. 575365

I took a cursed photo where I look like anna khachiyan so I went to google her to compare and she looks good now she doesn't look like a zombie anymore, I'm kind of happy for her

No. 575368

File: 1593168640217.jpeg (27.63 KB, 300x250, 33D7C93B-7F1B-4777-879B-E126F5…)

I haven’t slept in 20+ hours and I have to drive for 8 hours straight today. Don’t even have time for a short nap.

No. 575371

File: 1593169093680.jpg (31.62 KB, 540x257, 3XH2S7K.jpg)


Their nickname is Cinnabun, they are active on many blogs but the most milky one is sweetkincafe.

Like I said, the milk only comes when an anon ask something that they get salty about or when a drama happens so they decide on shoehorn themselves into it.

Pic related, is old but the newer posts aren't different, I believe this one happened because a game character was "gay coded" but just their braindead asspaters believe that, so they got a meltdown (aka they are a fujo but they have to be holier than you by calling it coding)

But I guess it doesn't really matters now, still interested on the final meltdown.

No. 575373

You're right, I was pretty doormat-y with that dude but he was my first ever partner and a decade older so I just thought that is how it's supposed to go. When he did try making me cum he was getting so angry that I just faked it. The other man I've slept with was the same, even worse, maybe I just attract this type. Also I just feel weird and bad asking for stuff.

Same anon, I can't cum from penetration either. Your man seems very attentive to your pleasure too. So lucky lol. When I talked about toys with my ex (kinda) he got extremely irritation and was like 'Am I not enough?' well, of course you're not lmao.

No. 575376

What I would do to squeeze out Luna's blackheads…

No. 575379

idk how to phrase it but I abhor the idea of being used. Like if I got a bf not over their ex and they'd imagine they were with her during emotional moments or during/after sex…the thought of seeing me as something less than human…a vessel…makes me nauseous. I mean being used for my body would disgust me, but to use me and my existence to project something else on it, erasing me, nonono no thanks. But it seems common.

No. 575381

I went to walk my dog and noticed an old man sort of wobbling across the street towards us. I live in an area with lots of apartment buildings, so I thought maybe he lived in one of them. When I finished walking my dog, he was standing right outside the front door to my building, and just STOOD there. He barely even let me unlock the damn door even though I clearly had keys, and then when he came in, asked where some fat lady lived because she let him into her apartment or some shit. I told him he’s probably talking abt someone on the 5th floor (there IS a fat lady up there) but I didn’t know which door because I don’t live on that floor. I have mixed emotions because I wish I could have helped him out more, but I’m also uneasy because I just let a stranger into our building and couldn’t not let him in since he was blocking the only way in (the side entrance was locked for another 20 min and my dog is NOT patient).

No. 575410

I based my entire major on a mediocre video game series I had a short lived fixation with two years ago and i’m kind of starting to regret it but it’s too late now

No. 575426

The lesbian fantasy thread you're referring to is called "female fantasies" or something like that, it's still in /g/ or /m/ and was bumped not too long ago. You're welcome

No. 575427

I feel the same, I hate the idea of being idealised and people projecting onto me, and then expecting me to live up to the 'idea' od me they have - it's dehumanising. I feel like a lot of times when men express romantic interest in you it can feel like this especially when they're kind of emotionally immature.

No. 575434

Does anyone else just keep rewatching the same movies and TV shows over and over again for years? For some reason I enjoy rewatching old things rather than something new, I find it comforting to know what's going to happen

No. 575438

Not to fucking guilt you but that's how my friend got raped in an elevator in her own apartment building. Someone let a guy in and he waited in the elevator till my friend went in.

No. 575440

I'm the same but I have (actual) autism so in my case I think it's strongly linked to that, the autist trait of clinging to familiarity and hating new things.

No. 575442

I've been in that situation before and it's shitty, if he truly knows her and she wants him coming to see her..he'd be able to phone her up and she'd let him in herself. That sounds dodgy.

No. 575445

I know it was dumb of me, and we've had issues of strangers in our building before (none caused any harm but it's still alarming), but I felt like I had no choice. He stood right in front of the front door, with hands on the handle, refused to even budge out of the way when I took out the keys to unlock it, and barely shuffled a step to the side when I was opening the door. The way we were positioned/how he refused to move made it so he was the first to get in as soon as the door was unlocked. I would've grilled him some more (asking him what's his business, if he lives here, etc) if I wasn't pressed for time to get ready for work/had my dog trying to wrangle out of my arms. I really would've gone in via the side entrance if I could have, but again, it was locked (it's the basement entrance, and the basement is only accessible via this entrance or the elevator from indoors, and the elevator access has to be manually turned on by maintenance so it's not like I could have called my parents to come down and open it for me from the inside).

The dude was really old and in pajamas and more than thinking of him as a potential threat, I wondered if he had dementia or something and was just lost. This was really early in the morning so I can only wonder if he just got lost while going out to buy something (since he had a small bag of chips and was walking from the direction where there's some corner shops)

No. 575465

That's why the not to guilt you, i mean, if the dude would've been violent or some shit, wouldn't want him to have a go at you either.

No. 575473

When I've been in similar situations I realised just how hard it can be to tell the difference between 'old, frail, confused man' and 'drunk, ignorant, quick to anger man' so I wouldn't feel bad. People planting themselves in front of doors and basically pushing their way in are annoying as fuck. Leaves you wondering about them for a couple days afterwards.

No. 575475

does anyone remember youtube animation memes before animation memes were even a thing?
I've been feeling nostalgic lately for these videos and I'm trying to dig them up but most of the channels are either gone or under different usernames.

No. 575491

Don't trust men, even if they look old and frail.

No. 575495

Yes! I was thinking about this yesterday. I forgot about this video but as soon as I started watching I got hit with nostalgia. I really miss the early days with animation youtubers like Tinachan90, Dreachu and RileyAV08.

No. 575504

anon please be safe and pull over for naps, driving this tired is dangerous! don't fall asleep on the road.

No. 575509

This is a good point. I feel like we are taught to suddenly start trusting men again once they hit their 60s.

I moved house a couple years ago and I now have a butthurt 65 year old neighbour who seems to think I owe him my time. Wish i had never entertained any conversation with him. He got real pissy with me lately because I don't stand around and talk to him like I used to. I caught too many glances up and down my body while we spoke.

No. 575511

welp, made a tumblr to potentially host my writing and comics and proceeded to find my ex's account and message her. now im never going to the site again lol im so stupid

No. 575515

How long you been broken up?

No. 575517

So which is it, Ace Attorney, Trauma Center, another game franchise?

No. 575519

iirc there was a are you a boy or a girl react vote thing and it was like half half, rly put me off

No. 575523

Since 2016 lmfao, so quite a while. and she's back with the girl she had cheated on me with, but she also cheated on her with me. so, she just cheats on everyone basically.
im not like interested in dating. we were best friends all throughout high school and i miss having someone who just understood me. i dont have that anymore and it's lonely.
maybe i just want confirmation she's shitty too lol.

No. 575525

I shouldn't look but I went onto the fb page of my exes new girl and it's this weird mixture of 50 percent her talking about her fibromyalgia and her kids autism and then 50 percent 'fuck your feelings' posts. Shit like
>you should always keep in mind that when a strangers kid is 'acting rude' they might be autistic, make allowances for invisible disabilties!
>Don't just assume I'm not disabled! I'm fat and beautiful and healthy but also disabled!
>My fibro gives me brain fog, please consider that some of us struggle every day of our lives with brain fog and fatigue, me just showering today is an achievement, tough life of a fibro mom
And the rest of her posts are talking about how people are so easily triggered nowadays, like suck it up you sensitive snowflakes.. I can't.

No. 575528

File: 1593196371229.png (Spoiler Image, 109.62 KB, 1073x273, Capture.PNG)

Thank you so much anon!

No. 575534

>she's back with the girl she had cheated on me with, but she also cheated on her with me
Been there anon, except with the male version of this. Rest assured they'll never be faithful or loyal and you're doing well to be away from them!

No. 575537

Well I was pre law for a while but it’s actually Uncharted (Archeology major)

No. 575549

Thanks, anon! It’s like being apart of the con, and then getting conned yourself. Lesson learned.
I’m just glad I didn’t message her anything sentimental. Only, “what’s up fucker, it’s anon” so she can take that how she wants kek

No. 575553

I have watched and rewatched every sagittariusshawty vid several times over and I wish she'd upload more often because I can pretty much recite all her vids by now

No. 575563

My sister claims to be vegan but I just emptied some trash from her room and found wrappers for lots of non vegan stuff she’s had. She literally knows I wouldn’t judge her if she doesn’t want to be vegan anymore but it’s so fucking weird that she’s hiding It from me and buying it secretly. I dunno lol, I’m not going to say anything.

No. 575565

I used to talk to this guy a year or so ago who would only refer to women as 'wahmen', everytime. Every. Single. Time. Even if the conversation at hand was serious, he was fucking 26 ffs. I realize now how fucking dumb that shit was.

No. 575573

It’s so cringy. My brain automatically reads it as “ramen”

No. 575574

Same. I don't know why I just like her a lot.

No. 575576

File: 1593204791999.jpeg (49.42 KB, 680x376, 397CB7E5-4027-4AD3-A22F-572BF7…)

quit my warehouse job after two weeks. the money was good and i prolly needed it more than id like to admit.

but the work was borderline slavery. i was being consistently sexually harassed. and my mental health deteriorated real quick.

not only that there were no real precautions to stop the spread of covid in that hot smelly place. there was a day it was so bad i fainted. i still feel dumb as shit for quitting how tf im gonna make money now.

No. 575585

Sorry to hear this! I dunno if the virus made everyone worse or what, but i'm working a new job (first day was today) and when i mentioned my spouse was asian, my coworker who i just met an hour ago legit was like 'tell her ching chong' from me and i was floored. i dunno if i should tell management. i'm honestly just so shocked to see that disgusting behavior so blatant…

Your mental health is more important than anything anon. You can probably still go on unemployment for a few weeks until you find something. i'm just so sick of this world right now

No. 575593


I think of God as being a neutral, sentient type of matter/energy that is mostly preoccupied with creation and gaining experience/knowledge. Every living thing is an embodiment of that matter, and humans can do what they want with their fill of it.

To me it's like we are living in a simulation, "God" created everything so that it can just play out infinitely and it can learn from that. It makes me feel powerful thinking that because then that means that I'm not at the whim of anything really, it's up to me to decide who I want to be during this "play through".

Some people choose to be evil. They focus their intent on being cunts wether they know it or not. They inflict pain, and live painful lives. I choose to focus my intent on other things, and my life is generally fairly interesting and fulfilling, even with the past traumas and current bullshit that comes with day to day life.

I really think God exists in the sense that there is something that is "aware" in this universe. I just really think it's cognition is beyond our concept of good, evil, etc. It just exists. Humans are lucky to notice the presence, because like I said, that offers up the opportunity to do something with it.

I understand how woo this might come across, but I've been lots of things in my life, including a hardcore atheist, and going fairly deep into spirituality is what really changed the game for me.

No. 575595

Maybe approach HR about it? I think something like that can tell a lot about a person. If you don’t it might only get worse the more you get to know this person the longer you work there. Pretty tactless to make blatant racist jokes to someone you just met an hour ago. I know HR is meant to protect the company but it’s worth a try.

No. 575596

Holy shit tinachan90 lol. I found her originally because of her maplestory videos. I had such a massive hate boner for her for reasons I don’t even remember, and recently went down a rabbit hole trying to find out what happened to her and I think she works at one of the Disney parks now.

No. 575599


I get so frustrated with people like that. My doctor said they don't really diagnose for fibro anymore so I just have "persistent pain" but it's basically the same thing and I totally get the struggle, but there's sooooo much you can do to dramatically improve your pain and other symptoms if you just give half a shit about yourself and put some effort in.

All of those symptoms can largely be managed by eating well, vitamins, exercise, rest, acupuncture, stress management etc.. etc… yet some people over here doing fuck all and then acting like they're so brave and uwu fragile. I was following a couple instagram pages at one point that were fibro related and holy fuck, the whining and victim mentality shit was mind blowing. Don't want anything to do with people like that.

No. 575610

Britney Spears' instagram stresses me out

No. 575622

No one is replying to anything I've posted neither on social media or lolcow. Could be the way I'm saying shit I guess, makes me paranoid tho. I don't recall when's the last time this happened. Strange.

Maybe life finally shadow banned me.

No. 575623

File: 1593214982770.jpg (555.6 KB, 1018x1877, IMG_20200114_203142.jpg)

here is a reply to shatter your paranoia anon!

No. 575625

File: 1593215044409.jpg (18.49 KB, 395x395, 572e3709bad2a29df3a1feabc702d8…)

I have the same anxiety, I feel like I might have been shadowbanned or maybe the way I say things is the issue but honestly IDK what the answer is, I'm glad there is someone else who feels the same way, stay safe anon.

No. 575626

I share the same sentiments as you anon, but I think Jenna is tired and has been for a while. She even uploaded a video of her sleeping when she hit 20 million subs. It would be nice for her to make an eventual comeback but her health should come first. Wednesday/Thursday will feel so empty without a new video from her to look forward to.

No. 575630

I have this weird-ass superstition that the farm gives as much as you give to it. Say I get no replies on something I really want to know - the next time I see something I can give a knowledgable and detailed reply/answer to, I post it. After that, next time I post, I get feedback.

Otherwise, people just have nothing to add most of the time, anon. You're good, probably.

No. 575633

Social media algorithms are designed to work so that the content that people already interact a ton gets pushed to the top. I might go through weeks or months of barely any interaction yet when one of my posts hits big I keep getting interaction for the following week because of my previous post having such a big reach, then it dies down again. A lot of people have their Twitter feed for example on algorithm mode instead of chronological, and even with the latter you constantly get "recommended tweets" breaking your timeline.

No. 575637

Thank you anons, I'm a bit less spooked now.

No. 575647

just heard a trump ad on tv. god this shit is retarded, why are they starting to show election ads in june

No. 575651

Any places like crystal.cafe? I was banned there and I need a place like there to lurk by.

No. 575655

No. 575657

why'd you get banned?

No. 575674

i realized a few months ago that im an actual background character. i dont even feel like a main character in my own life, im just there. an npc.

No. 575699

seems like trypophobia maybe?

No. 575709

File: 1593232001082.jpg (348.41 KB, 640x720, 1588140072940.jpg)

I think trypophobia is such a meme lol. A lot of the typical trypophobia images don't bother me more than usual such as the lotus pods photoshopped onto human skin. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the images, but I never was, and I think it's normal to not like body horror. On the other hand, some images bother me more.

It's really hard to explain but I've developed a bad reaction to pictures of repetitive patterns in general. For example, the bottom picture makes me somewhat anxious even though it's so innocent.

No. 575794

I hate living in a thirdworld shithole country. Like, I get so jealous of anons talking about going to concerts or cons, bars and clubs. I feel so jealous. Wearing shorts, wearing tank tops. Alt fashion. Going to a swimming pool in the summers wearing swimsuits. Pda. Holding hands and kissing your SO in public. You guys are so lucky.

No. 575799

Me too anon.

No. 575800

File: 1593259915138.png (1.13 MB, 1360x705, F02EA4C6-8B4C-4EC7-AA90-5708C3…)

Kind of reminds me of how the weird tree trunks in Minecraft used to irk me really bad for some reason. Couldn’t find a better picture.

No. 575801

Where do you live?

No. 575803

Man that was really repressed. I want to go back.

No. 575809

A shit, poor muslim state anon, we goin' downhill

No. 575819

4chan's /lgbt/ kek

No. 575826

Sometimes I feel like being recklesss and start sleeping around with random men.

No. 575829

Same anon, but I feel like hooking with friends engaged or not

No. 575830

Thank you. I'm going to go to my manager about it on my next shift.

No. 575843

job interview anxiety is killing me

No. 575857

Oh my god I know exactly what you mean, those trees used to bother me so much, something just off about them

No. 575859

Wasting time by going on Zillow and fantasizing on which houses I'd buy if I won the lottery. I don't even want one of those insane fancy ten million dollar mansions or penthouses, just a cute little house I can decorate to my heart's desire. Man, I hate being poor.

No. 575862

I do this too, and have been for years actually. Unfortunate that the poorfag life is so hard to escape. I hope we can afford to get cute houses and decorations someday anon

No. 575877

File: 1593280408025.jpg (168.98 KB, 1280x1118, c7dcc2ba6e97f4a2.jpg)

I'm glad others know the struggle. If I ever do get my dream house one day, you can come over and drink tea with me in my cute garden surrounded by flowers and those twee animal statues grandmas love.

No. 575882


Fucking ditto. I don't want a glam life. I just want an income that can afford a nice ranch style so I can live quietly. I'd totally invite you ladies so we can have a nice tea party and gossip.

No. 575887

I like how pushing back my cuticles makes my nails look, but actually doing it feels so gross. I'm going over my nails rn and trying to do it very carefully and gradually, but I still have to take breaks because it just makes me feel a bit lightheaded. Using a bobby pin with the soft rubber ends makes it a bit more bearable though, if I had to use those wooden sticks I'd probably pass out

No. 575908

File: 1593283697164.jpg (19.51 KB, 210x210, 20200627_204801.jpg)

>girls are so hot im pretty sure im gay
>same i want a butch gf so bad
>ew no

No. 575909

for context this is a conversation i had with a friend

No. 575910


Butch girls are hot as hell, anon. Your friend has shit taste.

No. 575912

File: 1593284199993.jpg (33.34 KB, 421x537, 313a1009684e00c3f3b38281b74b01…)

This is still bizarre to me. This whole time she was rising up in her career, I never actually noticed how much work she did to her face. I only started noticing now when her face started looking super bloated. She must have felt like she wasnt being taken as seriously and wanted to remove the ditzy cutesy Cat image so she did her face all stoic and RBF. I feel like especially lately as of 2019-2020 her face has bloated up and shes looking a little rough. The extra tanning has made her look leathery and dry too. It's another reason why I think fillers kinda make your original features worse.

No. 575914

I think I have developed a type for chubbier/bear type bodies, I started fantasising about men's thick thighs and squeezable firm tits, I don't know what to do with this info.

No. 575916

I too want a butch gf

No. 575918

I wonder how would social media change if features like liking/disliking, upvoting/downvoting, no. of views, etc were removed.

No. 575927

This is how I feel about Helloween4545. Listening to him go "huh" calmly during scary games is the best.

No. 575928

Lmao imagine going from a solid 8 to a 5, willingly. She looks like a human being in the first one, there is actual life in her eyes. How depressing.

No. 575940

It's good shit anon

No. 575944

Someone mentioned this channel in the youtube recs thread.

No. 575959

I’d probably enjoy it more, hence the appeal of imageboards

No. 575967

i never really smell sweaty even if i skipped deodorant for the day but today i smelled like a boys locker room and i am disgustedddd

No. 575975

File: 1593292807107.jpg (79.37 KB, 768x1024, 657984531305.jpg)

I was so bored on Vyvanse I took out my old high school math textbook and did some exercises. I miss being good at math, idk I loved the feeling of finally "getting it" for the first time.

No. 575981

Love how quickly the Kpop thread got shut down on /m/ kek. Fuck off koreaboos

No. 575983

farmhands based

No. 575987

Most of the time the kpop threads were criticising kpop fans / idols. I don't get why everyone acts like the threads were full of stans who were praising bts or something?

No. 575991

>threads were full of stans who were praising bts or something?
…Have you actually read them? Because literally yes.

No. 576001

that's not true lol what threads were you reading? bts would only be brought up to either call the members ugly, speculate on their mental illnesses/autism or call them out for pretending to be woke.

No. 576004

People only shit on kpop groups when they're a fan of other groups though, it definitely attracts stans. People who don't care for kpop at all won't know enough about any groups to hate them, meanwhile fans are competitive and love a chance to criticize anyone other than their favs.

That said I do kinda wish the kpop thread was up solely so we could talk shit about Blackpink's new "song" kek.

No. 576012

>criticising kpop fans / idols
Don't forget the stans trying their hardest to defend their faves while pretending to not like them so they don't get called out on it, acting all annoying and smug until they got banned (and even after that, they still ban evaded), turning the entire discussion into racebait or pointless arguing because someone dared to criticize their fave, posting pictures of already highly anorexic looking idols and calling them shit like "whale" and acting like they're way better than them, never learning how to sage and attracting a lot of Twitterfags who never stuck to the rules, etc.
You know the drill.

I used to lurk on there from time to time and ever since it got closed down it's like the content on /m/ has become nth times better.

No. 576018

You're delusional and probably a kpop fag.

No. 576020

File: 1593297559280.png (44.72 KB, 1078x296, images.png)

I know this is a joke, but is it like…an accurate outlook for straight women? I feel like it'd make sense.
I'm bi, and have always liked attractive/effeminate men. I don't get how any woman can feel sexual attraction toward men like Seth Rogen, Sam Hyde, or sh0eonhead's boyfriend.

No. 576022

Go there. Enjoy.

No. 576023

It's accurate, but low self esteem/internalized misogyny is the cause rather than attractiveness actually being feminine. Everyone thinks it's the woman's job to be attractive, not the man.

No. 576031

No, most of the time the kpop threads were arguing over which group was the least shitty and nitpicking the idols' surgery results or calling the female idols fat.

No. 576036

I miss the kpop threads despite their faggotry. They were entertaining

No. 576044

File: 1593300646652.png (121.92 KB, 400x360, 1575589605693.png)

tfw no muscular meaty girlfriend who'll let me sleep on her chest and hold me close while i doze off and feel comfy around her thick arms

why even live

No. 576049

Same, I have no interest in Kpop but I would read those threads in bed to get to sleep, they moved so fast and sometimes the jokes were funny even though I didn't know who they were talking about

No. 576063

isn't this because being extremely attractive implies a big ego and thus a pain in the ass?

No. 576064

I find it so weird that terms like roastie, hole, scrote etc caught on and are actually used by anyone but especially when grown adults use them and especially when they're used as like genuine """insults""". Idk if I'm just really over thinking it but it feels so extremely elementary schoolish and autistic and gives me second hand embarrassment whenever I see it. Like just imagining a grown man angrily arguing with some girl anonymously and feeling like he's actually doing something by calling her a hole or whatever physically makes me cringe.

No. 576068

I miss kpop critical threads

No. 576076

I miss what they used to be, before the twitter spergs found them.

No. 576082

Roastie is one of the funniest words in the english language to me and its etymology is so retarded I cannot imagine the cringe of someone using it seriously on like, an interpersonal level.

Wow I knew she had a lot of work done but that side by side is insane, she did a good job of doing it gradually and tastefully for the most part. Obviously it was for her career but there's something sad about the idea of not ever getting to see how your natural face would have matured from a teenager into a young adult.

No. 576084

File: 1593305119691.gif (26.96 KB, 300x169, m0hi7cd2Ig1qktqch540.gif)

I used to be a manager at a large coffee shop in a major city. I had to kick so many people out for the most insane shit, and called the cops several times when the people started getting crazy/violent (which happened a surprising number of times). If I still worked there, I have no doubt I'd be on the front page of reddit at some point as Starbucks Karen.

No. 576085

i used to think like that until i met a pretty ugly guy but he showed to be a nice person and very masculine in a good way.

No. 576094

i wish i knew exactly what questions would be asked at interviews. not knowing makes me so nervous. i have been feeling so restless and can't focus on anything.

No. 576095

Was going to say "I like unconventionally attractive tiny rat men" but I'm a female-leaning bisexual and am uninterested in perfect women, too. It adds interest when someone has "bad" bone structure, a big nose, imperfect teeth, etc.

I think other replies are also valid, but for a few they may just have weird aesthetic tastes. I may be mistaken, but female monsterfuckers who want to fuck genuine monsters are more common than men (who mainly like uwu monstergirlz), so…women are either more full of love or have a wider range of taste.

No. 576098

I just learned that if I whipser to my cat I can get him to meow back quietly I love this fucker so much

No. 576099

Good job escaping before it was too late.
Got any crazy clients anecdotes?

No. 576100

customers are karens, not employees. most younger people understand customers are shit.

No. 576103

I feel like 'hi anachan' or speculating every slightly thin person has an ED based off absolutely nothing other than how they look happens more often and is more annoying than the actual anachans at this point

No. 576111

S/o to the mod who shut down the k-pop thread nobody cares about botched self hating asians who have absolutely no originality. /m/ is so much better now that it's gone

No. 576119

agreed tbh i used to avoid /m/ bc of it since it reminded me so much of twitter kek

No. 576126

I dont actually want one to be added but sometimes I wish there was a way to like a post because I want to show someone I read/appreciate their response but I just don't know what to say/don't have anything to add

No. 576131

Same. Sometimes you see someone venting about how much they hate themselves and want to die and you don't want to write some dumb shit about how things will get better but you want them to know you read it and sympathized.

No. 576164

Why the fuck is chick fil a and hobby closed on the one day I ever crave chick fil a or need to go to hobby lobby?

My ass has driven all the way over to both on a Sunday only to see the parking lot empty and wanting to die.

No. 576165

is it common for these two buildings to be in the same lot? bc im wondering if you're near where i am lol

No. 576170

Every once in a while I remember how one of my best friends said "thanks" when I told her I loved her and nothing else. We're not friends anymore but I still miss her sometimes.

No. 576199

This is beyond dumb so here

I joined a discord server and really jive with the people in it! So I’ve been hanging out a lot which is especially nice due to quarantine madness, but I accidentally just saw how many fucking pages of comments I have and I feel embarrassed like I’m posting too much or something… the other regulars still have more pages than me but I’m GETTING THERE and I haven’t been in the server as long as any of them I don’t think

Ugh I rapid fire post too much and so it’s probably making it look like more pages than it should be but also I know literally no one is going to be combing through anyone’s page history and going “wow they sure post too much in here”

God I’m stupid

No. 576204

kind of hate my current job because it's only temp to hire, boring, kills my feet, and i feel like i'm gaining nothing from it. the only thing i like about it is that it's stress free and i don't have to think.

No. 576215

Whenever I'm in the car playing music with someone and they start singing the words I become genuinely panicked. Why the fuck does everyone have song lyrics memorized? I don't even know all the words to my favorite band's songs and if I do it's because I listened to it 100 times. It especially freaks me out with rap. How do people's brains have room to store all that shit??? Makes me feel dumb and even a poser.

No. 576217

You said it yourself, you know the words if you've listened to it 100 times. I've listened to many songs more times than that, it's not that uncommon. And maybe they have habits that help memorization that you don't, like they sing along regularly or look up lyrics or really concentrate on listening.

No. 576218

Every psych major I've ever met was a complete psychopath while simultaneously going around diagnosing people without qualification or anyone asking them for their input. So fucking annoying, all of them.

No. 576221

Just told my ex from 2 years ago I’d consider a hook up on the Fourth of July because I showed up to his 23rd birthday looking like “a whole snack”. What the fuck! He was my longest relationship but I never had p-I-v sex with him cause i was 17/18

No. 576225

My sister is a psych major and I agree with you, she would overanalyze everyone (including our own family members and make psychological profiles about them, she used our PTSD-ridden grandfather as the basis of on her reports(without his consent btw) and her and friends were total bitches

No. 576231

I stopped wearing foundation during quarantine and now that quarantine is over I'm still only using a little bit of concealer. Mfw corona broke my literal decade-long use of foundation every single time I left the house.

No. 576237

lmao anon… do you know my sister? she fits that description to a tee

No. 576238

My cousin is a psych major who is the most judgiest and bitchy woman I've met. She is very well off and looks down on people poorer than her and it's extremely amazing then when she says she wants to help people. She also self diagnoses herself with OCD and shit. Weird. Told me, me getting raped was my fault, and that I'm a slut "b-but being a slut isn't bad anon uwu", the bitch.

No. 576241

Misophonia will literally ruin my relationship with my mother because she cannot speak without making disgusting saliva noises and it literally makes me suicidal and rage beyond what is normal. Everytime she opens her mouth, you can loudly hear the sound of her tongue unstick from the roof of her mouth and it makes me want to stab my ears with a knife. I cannot talk to her at all because of this because I know I'll get irrationally angry at her.

No. 576252

I just remember the time when I was walking around the supermarket doing my shopping, minding my own business, and while I was walking past one of the employees he quite loudly said ‘smile more!’ to me. Like what are you even meant to say to that? It makes me unreasonably annoyed to think back on because I was so taken aback that I automatically put on a kind of awkward uncomfortable smile and he looked so proud of himself. Ah cringe…

No. 576257

I came back from abroad like two days ago and I'm just spending my time sorting files and photos on my phone and my laptop to clean everything up and it's relaxing. It motivates me to do the same thing with my clothes and books later.

No. 576258

Is it weird that I have a planned out reaction just in case I ever run into one of those 'girl you should smile!' men?

I plan on replying that my mother dropped dead that morning and it was all very sudden and I'm in terrible shock.. Maybe that's fucked up but she is actually dead and I am depressed over it so lol

No. 576263

File: 1593339686240.jpg (19.91 KB, 220x275, 1578415546367.jpg)

My dad received death threats from our crazy neighbor bitch, saying she would "shoot him in the middle of his face" and now I am fearing for his life cause she's a right winger nut and I highly believe she's a gun owner
And yes, police is getting involved but it's very slow and shitty and bureaucratic and I don't think it will amount to anything

No. 576265

I feel you on this anon. One of my parents always smacks their tongue, makes weird mouth noises after eating and does heavy breathing exercises around me. My sibling has some sort of allergy and is constantly violently sneezing. I'm not proud of this but one time I just told my parent they need to reduce those sounds around me if they want to continue hanging out with me. Getting noise cancelling earphones to use at home helped a lot.

No. 576266

I don't get how people can shit right on their doorstep like that? We had a crazy 'starting shit for no reason' neighbor when I was growing up. They owned their house and my parents were paying a mortgage so the fallout meant permanent tension in their own homes.

No. 576268

Sims 1 music puts me in such a good mood.
I think I just miss zoning out for hours playing that game as a kid and not giving a fuck about anything else. Was good times.

No. 576272

Yesss, it's so nostalgic and calming. I'm not attached to any other game soundtracks because I usually listen to my own music instead, but Sims 1 is old enough that I actually kept it on.

No. 576283

This happened to me. I had to wear earplugs constantly when I lived with her for various triggers. It’s such a stupid “condition” but it’s real; whenever I heard one of them I’d get so angry I’d start punching myself in the head as hard as I could out of pure rage but with nowhere to really direct it or anything. IDK. It’s not something she can even control because I told her about it multiple times and to please stop and she had no idea what I was talking about. So I just looked like a psychopath.

I hate to say it but moving away was such a blessing 80% because of this shit. I can handle it easier irl now if she visits though it’s still annoying.

No. 576309

I hate having such a thick south asian accent ugh, I went to a place with my cool cousin where there were mostly well-off young people who were talking to each other in English in perfect almost american accents and I felt so out of place and unwanted because I can barely speak English. I could feel all of them judging me so hard. So no one talked to me and I just huddled in the corner alone. I had to speak in English again today in a video call and it reminded me of that incident.

No. 576316

I don't get turkey bacon. It tastes like salty shit, burns easily, and the calorie difference is almost negligible. You're already eating processed meat, just eat regular bacon.

No. 576320

I hope you learn to embrace your accent anon… i used to be very bothered by my own, eastern european, especially since it was always shamed at schools. Now I'm working in a very diverse environment with a lot of people from different parts of the world all speaking english as the main company language, so many different accents all around, nobody cares, it's so liberating to just speak without trying to sound like someone i'm not.

No. 576323


I was raised Muslim and that shit carried me through my childhood until I was old enough to feed myself and go full haram. Even though I’m vegan now I kinda miss turkey bacon just for the nostalgia of it now.

No. 576325

What a downgrade.

No. 576327

File: 1593355885545.png (605.65 KB, 658x543, 1592068485174.png)

No. 576337

Sometimes I feel like I'm pretty decent looking but most times I feel ugly as fuck.

No. 576338

Same anon. Sometimes I feel so ugly that I start crying.

No. 576343

One day i'll be like "thank u jesus for making me so effortlessly cute UwU" and the next day i'll be thinking "i need to spend at least 10000$ on plastic surgery to live like a normal person; no wonder people always avoid me"

No. 576359

I don't believe in tarot and astrology but I kinda wish I did, would be fun I think

No. 576360

Same but I still think it's fun to engage in and just take it solely for entertainment value

No. 576365

Same lol, especially because it seems like so many people around me believe in it. I also find the aesthetic of tarot cards super cool but feel too dumb to get stuff related to it since I'm a fake fan and nonbeliever.

No. 576372

My godmother fully believes in tarot and other fortune telling cards, astrology, healing crystals, angels, fairies, spirits… anything like that really. She's done some readings for me and also made a really detailed sign chart when I was born. She lives in a very rural area and once took me and my mom into the woods to do some cute little rituals to "receive blessings from the forest spirits". It's fun and kinda endearing, even though I don't believe in any of that stuff at all.

No. 576373

I know it's not helpful, but sometimes I'm just thankful for not being disabled

No. 576378

i had to hide the thread image for the hair thread in /g/. the way it was styled made her look like her head was deformed and it kept bothering me.

No. 576380

I wish all the anachans and sex workers would leave. Their mental illness is so annoying.

No. 576390

i feel like i'll end up going nowhere with my job but at the same time do i really have to be going "somewhere" in a career path

No. 576395

tbh I just like that it keeps better.

No. 576401

It's been around 4 months since I turned 18. Since I've quit interacting with pedos and old men online and offline. Since I've stopped whoring around. I am finally starting to feel like my body is my own for the first time in my life. Feels kinda weird but I like the feeling. Honestly one of the last straws was reading the pinkpill threads as an underagefag and realizing I don't want to interact with awful men anymore. So thank you anons, I love you.

No. 576402

Sounds like you just went from one unhealthy extreme and being influenced by a toxic online community to another extreme and being influenced by a different toxic online community.

No. 576404

I don't think so anon, I don't read anything pinkpill related anymore. Since being piled on with bad news after bad news would wreck my mind and make me very paranoid. I just realized the men who I thought cared about me didn't actually and I was just getting groomed, and reading anons posts about their own experiences with similiar situations made me finally drop all the unhealthy habits.

No. 576406

I guess. Idk it just seems to be an extremely common theme here of someone being like an underage ethot attention whore type who frequents these manosphere spaces and then becomes a pink pilled radfem. The kind of person who would be drawn to that even as an adolescent, and then suddenly drawn in to pink pill type things probably has many underlying issues and needs some kind of therapy. The fact that so many of them have similar experiences to you itself says a lot. Healthy people with good support systems don't really do that, and I feel like these people probably need some kind of therapy as oppose to just being brainwashed by another extremist online group. They should probably get offline altogether.

No. 576407

that's really good to hear anon, i hope that you only continue to grow and progress as a person in control of yourself this way. i'm sorry you've had such experiences with awful men, this is a huge turning point for you. like >>576406 says though, try not to become very drawn to another extreme and make sure to focus on bettering your mental health too. all the best

No. 576408

You're making a lot of broad generalizations, anon. I'm a radfem and I have literally none of the traits you mentioned. I'm in my 20s, I have a good family support system, and I've never been groomed or engaged in self-destructive behavior.

No. 576409

Ok? I said it's a common theme, not that it's everyone. If it doesn't apply to you then great. It's dishonest to act as if there is not a significant amount of people who had that experience.

No. 576410

Yeah it's a common theme to see a bunch of the spergs here admitting to being e-thots only to hate on other present e-thots.

No. 576414

Yeah I think they feel like they are like the only exception and the One True Victim or something who had no fault in the situation and are =very keen to criticise everyone else who they do not extend this delusion to. Maybe it makes them feel better about themselves idk.

No. 576415

I actually agree with what you said about them being unbalanced from the beginning, it makes the most sense. I've had plenty of people try to groom me online but because my parents were based and taught me some sense I knew better, I think not wanting male validation is also a major factor. There's a reason so many known /r9k/ fembots and e-girls crave male attention. And it's always bottom of the barrel male attention too. I guess coming here and realizing they've been played makes them feel hyperwoke, it's like someone barely discovering the redpill and it shows, it adds to the black and white thinking in these communities. I wouldn't even say half the people who claim to radfems are actually radfems, maybe diet lite tradthots.

No. 576417

Same, I knew how to identify those behaviours and had no reason to want to engage them because I had a pretty good upbringing and was sufficiently warned and monitored with those kind of things. The reality is normal/healthy people don’t have an interacting online with pedos for fun phase, and they also don’t have a pink pill phase. That’s literally just a fact and they need to interact more with normal women in the offline world to understand how unhealthy and uncommon these experiences and their mindsets truly were. They are common in the pink pill echo chamber because they are a specific type of person who probably was already suffering from a lot of underlying mental health or familial problems but not really with anyone else. And like you said their new 'wokeness' is usually just the most shallow possible interpretation of it, they barely know anything about the actual ideology they now claim to support.

No. 576425

You're all talking out your asses.

No. 576427

There are countless posts here about people who were ethot attention whore """fembots""" who are now pp spergs. You would have to be so disingenuous to deny that. If you just want to be in an echo chamber where no one is critical of your ideology go to asheherahsgarden you literally have a whole board specifically for that idk why you all refuse to use it.

No. 576428

Yeah I'm not who you've been arguing with and that was my first response. ALL of you are talking out of your ass.

No. 576429

I haven't been arguing with anyone and am aware that was your first response? But what people are saying is true, you see posts like that all the time.

No. 576430

If you're aware it's my first response then you're awfully bold to assume I'm a radfem missing my asherahgarden. You're one of the most defensive ones talking out your ass.

No. 576433

How are people talking out of their ass then? You disagree that there are a disproportionate amount of posts from people in pp threads or who identify as radfems talking about hanging around incel spaces pandering to them or sending nudes to pedos as minors? You just sound like a hit dog.

No. 576439

idk who pixyteri or spoony are.
i wish there was a cow site that didnt have a central theme around it like how lolcow is based on /cgl/ culture and kiwifarms is based on incel culture. 8chan’s /cow/ board is a mess.

No. 576440

I feel like lolcow hasn't really been themed around /cgl/ culture for a few years, especially in /snow/

No. 576447

Lol bitch do you crlt +F the term pink pill all day on lolcow just to reply “go to AG” again and again? Days when no one bring it up you make the baits yourself. Must hurt knowing you can’t stop women who’ve been hurt from hating men no matter how much you call them mentally ill.

No. 576450

this. There's a lot of users who (very obviously) come from twitter, reddit, pull, or tumblr.
8chan is a mess because that's what happens when you give users, that even /trash/ wouldn't fucking want, a board of their own.

No. 576451

lmao do you seriously think everyone who criticises the pp is the same one person? It really is always a conspiracy with you spergs.

No. 576453

I want an Okinawa milk tea really badly.

No. 576455

I'm sorry for you anon, I hope that everything will be alright

No. 576456

I do when you reuse the same phrases with same wordings over and over. Hey maybe you all share a single brain cell and live like a mold colony, in which case, my mistake.

No. 576457

This isn't a radfem website, people are allowed to be critical of pp things as much as they want. They have consistently been told they aren't wanted and to leave, and have their own board. If you find it so distressing to see then use that.

No. 576458

>NOOoo you can’t just be feminist and hate men on MY website
Die mad kek

No. 576459

why is every time a faggot here recycling the "you aren't welcome!!!!!!!! LEAVE!!!!!!!" garbage over and over as if the same 2-3 anons telling pp spergs to leave suddenly means the entirety of LC did

No. 576461

>telling people on an anonymous site to leave
are you serious

No. 576462

I'm pretty sure having all their threads locked, having to add multiple rules to stop them shitting up threads, and creating an entire containment site for them was a pretty clear indication of how the rest of the site and moderation feels about them

No. 576464

i mainly only come here for a few different threads. but going outside of those threads the whole site is themed around /cgl/, or i guess female incel culture, which i dont like. i dont like any incel culture, but i respect it anyway because i guess this is a femcel site

No. 576466

File: 1593386306558.jpeg (49.28 KB, 540x338, 5680251B-CF90-41AF-BA96-9A6249…)

I think my extreme jealousy/anger towards other women was partly just low self esteem but also the possibility that I was attracted to them but wouldn’t let myself admit it. I’ve been increasingly having more and more fantasies about women, and back when I used to watch porn I would exclusively watch girls. I thought I didn’t like lesbian porn but I think it was because it was fake and male gazey. The actual idea of sex with a woman is very very appealing to me and I really want to be with a beautiful girl.

No. 576468

I feel like /cgl/ and female incel culture aren't really the same thing though? This wasn't meant to be a femcel site at all and it really didn't used to be like that when it actually was more focused around /cgl/ but yeah I guess it did end up going that way with the users it attracted. I don't like it either, we just have had extremely bad moderation for years and I think it's too far gone at this point.

No. 576473

I just found out that I just missed out my online philosophy midterm exam. This sucks, i dont wanna study this again aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

No. 576474

Do it anon, just try it!

No. 576476

I'm the anon who didn't know how to get my foster dog to stop crying after my mother left for work. Newton got adopted last week, and went to his family on Saturday. I had grown very, very attached to him and I've been crying since I got told he was adopted. I kind of was consoled thinking that he was going to be happy with them, but I just saw a picture of the family with Newton and I just… This sounds very judgemental, since the only thing I know about these people is from this picture, but I just know they're not the right family for him. My mother thinks exactly the same. Maybe we're just clinging to the very small chance that they will find him too difficult and they will send him back with us. But I've always trusted my intuition, it has rarely failed me. The way they were dressed (rich/posh kids who have never gotten told no), the way they were holding him (he's very heavy, they were holding him by his upper legs with no support on his back legs whatsoever), his body language, his scared look, everything about that picture just made me want to cry. I know Newton had two very chaotic and traumatic days, but I just look at the 1st pic I took with him, right after coming home, and the difference is huge. He was relaxed, happy and never, not even a second, looked scared.
He has a really strong character, he's stubborn and doesn't listen, he has A LOT of energy and gets anxious/a bit aggressive when he hasn't been outside for a while. He needs someone who is even more stubborn and has more character than him, or else he's going to be a nightmare when he grows up and gets stronger (He's a mastiff). He also looooves going hiking and being in the mountains, the boys in the picture look like they haven't stepped outside of the center of the city they live in.
I don't know anons, I just worry so much about Newton. I got very attached to him, I've been having horrible anxiety since he left because I just wanted to know he was going to be in good hands, but the only thing I've done since I saw who adopted him is worry even more. I just get the feeling the moment Newton starts to misbehave the way he did with us, or bites them the way be bites me (I have bruises all over my legs and bite marks everywhere) or grows much more than they expected, they're just going to send him back to the shelter.
Fuck, I might just be delusional. Who knows, I just want him to be happy like he was with us.

No. 576491

We were responding to a confession an anon posted, we responded and you get super defensive about how we're all talking out of our asses. We get it, you're upset.

No. 576492

File: 1593390736766.jpg (25.99 KB, 720x720, mark.jpg)

Did Markiplier get lipo? Why can't these rich youtube game screechers afford a personal trainer and a nutritionist?

No. 576500

probs no self control to eat less and start working out

No. 576505

considering his main shtick is video games it's not surprising. although he was always imo in better shape than most of them

No. 576513

Why did the mods let this place become essentially mumsnet 2.0 It feels so sterile and hugboxy and is a complete echo chamber now. I hate it here but I have a kind of nostalgic attachment to it and I thought it might improve, but it's been going downhill since around tempcow and I feel like it's just going to keep getting worse. Does anyone know of any other image boards or websites centred around cows that have a similar feel to how lolcow was in 2014/2015? I genuinely feel like fucking PULL is more similar to the original feel of lolcow than lolcow is at this point.

No. 576517

I feel like my mental health is deteriorating but I don't want to to make an appointment during this time.

No. 576518

/cow/ went to julay.world and most of them have stayed there even though 8chan is back. /cow/ was getting bad before this though. The IBS threads brought in a lot of newfags and killed the board for me.

No. 576520

I was gunna say there is no way Mark would get lipo until I saw the lipo scar. I mean, he was talking about losing weight since the belly dancing video, but he usually just works out. I guess we all have moments of insecurities and need instant results

No. 576522

File: 1593395262893.jpg (124.73 KB, 1199x677, 1PXIqfu.jpg)

be swat team member, see this what do ?

No. 576526

what's this? A furry getting swatted?

No. 576527

No. 576528

Oh oops, or it could be a laparoscopic scar from this incident in 2015 that I just googled. Either way, it looks suspiciously like a lipo scar lol.

No. 576532

Context pls

No. 576534

A Tranny Furry gamer was swatted

No. 576536

Please, full story?
Why should we care? Who's the furry. Why were they swatted?

No. 576539

Is that an orange dildo poking out from under the sofa in the middle left of the image?

No. 576540

File: 1593399997629.jpg (5.27 KB, 277x182, download.jpg)

no, they're dumbbells

No. 576551

File: 1593404614365.jpg (513.55 KB, 1480x1194, Ea5RKSoUYAA9Zt7.jpg)

No. 576554

>ugh its a furry
>cover bodycam and go to town

No. 576557

Gross. I know that not all furries are disgusting degenerates but enough of them are that I would never consider having one for a room mate. And I was wondering why that living room was a disgusting pig pen. Eck

No. 576563

I somehow discovered the writing/author side of youtube with lots of "writing vlogs". the people in them always act like they're being super productive, yet all they're doing is spewing words out of their ass. they also drink like 10 cups of coffee in every video. is writing actually that tiring?

No. 576565

holy shit. i think i'm moving on from this hellhole. bye ladies!

No. 576566

Wait before you go what is the reasoning?

No. 576570

Was last weeks hell week enforced? It didn't feel like it was but maybe I just wasn't in the right threads

No. 576572

File: 1593412713742.png (660.02 KB, 1200x601, F07FBBEA-AE17-4450-8103-F4B63D…)

Maybe it’s because I’m an autist but it took a fucking cartoon with well written female characters who have a real relationship to help me fully realize that I could see myself having an intimate relationship with a woman. Kind of lame that it had to be fictional media to get me here but I think I internalized this idea that wlw relationships were either pure fetish fodder or for comedy.
Proud of you anon, take me with.

No. 576574

File: 1593412990999.png (138.07 KB, 500x366, tumblr_a5ab211404a1cb0d26e5cf6…)

No. 576578

What's this called exactly, I heard about it hariquinn cartoon and the hype. Also where can I watch it?

No. 576584

It's Pretty libfem-ish and I'll say it's pretty mediocre

No. 576587


The show is called Harley Quinn. It's pretty easy to find on most cartoon/TV streaming websites.

No. 576590

File: 1593419208731.jpg (97.69 KB, 800x736, gotham_city_sirens_by_nina_d_l…)

This is so cringe but I was and still am enamored with the idea of being gay doing crimes with my gal pals like Gotham city sirens lolll

No. 576592

I can't stop sleeping. Help.

No. 576599

Libfem-ish in what way? Do they all screecn troon rights every second or

I remember people were forcing the writers to make PoisonQuinn canon kek

No. 576600

Since I've always been surrounded by women and no men, in my friends circle and family, it feels so weird to talk to men irl now. Like, I really have no idea how to talk to men. The only man I've interacted with during my childhood molested me so that's my only point of reference. Would watching movies and stuff where men and women interact platonically help me with my life?

No. 576644

I found out that a regular customer from work is a popular Twitch person and found her social media and now I want to cyber bully her so bad lol. This woman treats all the employees like shit, power trips every time she comes in, never tips, is just a total Karen x 10000. Her behavior is so bad we started a log of every time she comes in. After stalking her social media I hate her even more. I know it’s not healthy but quarantine life has me actin crazy out of boredom

No. 576656

Anon posted this from the dreamverse tf

No. 576659

If you didn't actually post it from dreamverse, check yourself for iron deficiency!

No. 576692

I tried cutting my cuticles with scissors used for haircutting and I've fucked up. Oh well, yolo

No. 576695

>is writing actually that tiring?
It can be pretty mentally draining, yeah.
Unrelated, what's the software she's using to write? I'm still using MSWord and this one looks nicer to write in.

No. 576696

I'm not gonna watch this video because it seems like pretentious bullshit but to answer your question, yes, writing can be very tedious especially if it's novel writing.

No. 576712

Shane Dawson getting cancelled by the Smiths. Fucking wild. 2020 is unpredictable.

No. 576717

excuse me anon what

No. 576720

i was so confused i thought you meant the band the smiths until i googled it

No. 576722


lol thought the same. Shane against morrissey would have been hilarious

No. 576724

I have such a shitty gaydar. It's caused multiple missed chances for relationships with women, but recently I found out it applies to media too.
I was rewatching Clueless with my bf (who was watching it for the first time) and as soon as Christian appeared he was instantly like 'nah he's gay'. Even though the twist of him being gay came super unexpected to me when I first saw it.

No. 576725

I believe the program she's using is Scrivener. Could be wrong, but I've seen a video of hers from a few years ago where I think she recommends it.

No. 576737

It's my birthday this Friday and I'm dreading it. For some reason my birthday is like a yearly reminder of all the shit gone wrong in my life. I'd rather no one congratulates me but my parents pretty much force it.

No. 576743

Working retail fucking sucked and was the worst few years of my life, but damn did it exponentially improve my social skills and get me really comfortable talking to strangers for whatever reason.

No. 576748

I've been working in retail for almost 3 years, and though it has helped somewhat, I still fucking hate talking to strangers and come across as socially inept

No. 576757

Same. I hated how touristy and busy it was, but it was those things that made me pretty good at dealing with rude/dumb people. Sometimes I miss it, strangely.

No. 576760

Why is it that most small purchases I make online come with trackable shipping and I'll even get a text saying the exact hour that my parcel will arrive…but any time I make a large purchase, something way more expensive and more bulky for my house they can never even give me an estimated day of arrival?

No. 576769

I miss my coworkers lol. I work in an office now and get along with everyone, but I wouldn’t consider anyone my friend or talk to them outside of basic niceties/work things. Not that you have to be friends with coworkers, but I made so many friends at my last retail job and I still talk to so many of them today. It was a shit job but attracted some of the coolest and amazing people that I know.

No. 576776

I tend to worry that my replies will come off as aggressive on here even though they aren't, any time I have a differing opinion to voice I get real careful in how I word my response! I overthink it.

Just after piecing together that my ex had me walking on eggshells like that. One wrong word could lead to days of being made miserable.

No. 576777

Don't worry anon, I do this too. I'm always afraid of saying one thing weird and being the anon who starts the 150 replies derailing infighting World War Z: Catty Bitches edition.

No. 576778

I got furloughed just last week but tbh I only made a few friends I would consider to be cool. The rest seemed to be nose-turning elitists (ironically the militant white BLM crowd lol). Back at the retail job, everyone was so close since we were all in that shit together.

We'd do this thing where we had to turn our backs to the customer to put their order into the register, and we'd mutter things to each other like, "this fucking bitch wants a single cookie during a holiday rush" or "kill me now and bury me in the back," I remember these moments fondly.

No. 576785

I feel like I'll never find a boyfriend because the man in my daydreams is basically an impossible ideal. I'll just have to settle for less…

No. 576786

No. 576788

record her behaviour and throw it online, that's what I do if I could get away with it anonymously

No. 576798

How do you even do that? Also don't cut your cuticles. Just push them down.
Oooo Anon who is she? Give us a hint!

No. 576806

File: 1593454758665.jpeg (37.51 KB, 392x612, 544.jpeg)

my proudest moment was when I made a monte carlo simulation to solve the monty hall problem and named the function montycarlo, you don't have to tell me I'm a comedy genius I know it already

No. 576821

File: 1593455441800.jpg (124.27 KB, 505x608, D8RjgUwXYAA2Aa6.jpg)

I feel you anon. I love that picture of marbles, he's such a good baby boy

No. 576885

Anyone else find it weird how lolcow is home to really niche communities? Like surely there are only 3 people in the world who care about Visual Kei drama and Animecore but those threads still somehow get traffic.

No. 576920

File: 1593459378413.jpg (52.41 KB, 675x474, EWfP8sxX0AAJFdU.jpg)

I basically lose my mind over how fucking cute Marbles is. I have the same birthday as him, and when Jenna uploaded a video on his/my birthday last year that focused on just him trying on different outfits, it felt like the best god damn indirect and unintentional birthday present I had ever received. I love chihuahuas already, but Marbles makes me extra-love them and I want one so bad (to the dismay of literally everyone in my life lol I know they're just overgrown rats, but idgaf).

No. 576927

Jenna Marbles has trash dogs. JacksFilms dogs are objectively better.
No but I agree, Marbles is really cute. You should get your own Marbles, anon.

No. 576933

File: 1593459775629.jpg (51.27 KB, 1023x577, EZwwh5CXkAEEUbw.jpg)

I hope to one in the future!! I have a dog right now but she's not friendly to other dogs. I really hope I can adopt or maybe even just foster senior chihuahuas!

No. 576990

I feel so sorry for my neighbors for having to put up with my niggatry all the time but blasting rico while driving hits different especially with a good buzz going

No. 576993

I don't know why but I really love the term 'short king'. It's just cute to me, for some reason. We should make tall queen a thing as well.

No. 577034

File: 1593467354755.jpg (384.54 KB, 1136x640, Hmce2U2.jpg)

>Be me
>Stressed as fuck
>Usually watch porn to calm myself
>Follow these twitter artists for porn
>Instead of porn the last few posts are reposts of protest stuff
>It looks weird seen a BLM post next to some ahegao yaoi drawings but ok
>Mfw artists hasn't upload anything new to keep with the protests stuff
>Mfw no new porn
>Mfw still stressed as fuck

No. 577056

File: 1593468905362.png (834.18 KB, 904x651, char.PNG)

I ordered Vodka on a delivery app under the 'Spirits' category and the restaurant gave me a Vodka and Sprite. I complained because I actually ordered a full bottle of vodka. They then sent me the full bottle with a 6-pack of Sprite. I think whoever handles the app doesn't know what a Spirit is and it's really stupid and kinda cute to me.

No. 577067

I've been awake for 31 hrs, the high is hitting, I feel like I never need to sleep again

No. 577073

I want my period to be over so I can get the D. I got it just the day before my period came and it hurt like hell.
Why am I such a horny dumbfuck?

No. 577074

Nah movies are a terrible reference for how real people interact. Maybe try your luck with wholesome Youtube vlogs of groups of friends hanging out?

No. 577080

Anyone else reached that stage of lockdown where stupidity takes over?
I just legitimately questioned my sexuality and relationship because I keep having sex dreams involving the same sex even though I’m straight and know that I’m a 2 on the Kinsey scale.

No. 577087

There is nothing more triggering than posting on multiple threads on here and coming back a half hour later and still being the last person who posted. Like bitch if that's not a sign that I go on here too often idk what is. It makes me wonder how many active members there are.

No. 577089

I just replied to you in the wrong thread but same, recently I feel like there's literally under 20 active members

No. 577090

Tbh I'm curious too. I wish admin-chan would post some statistics. Is the LC userbase big or is actually just the same 50 people arguing with each other and a variety of seasonal newfags on the cow boards.

No. 577136

I think the ambiguity on userbase count is a good thing. When 8chan had PPH and user count statistics, there were shit tons of attention whoring for (You)s because faggots knew the size of their audience.

No. 577147

Here for one eternity and I'm getting there too, been on crystal cafe unironically and enjoying it

No. 577155

File: 1593478905557.jpeg (191.27 KB, 510x503, 3460E09A-9038-44BA-9F71-651B14…)

/cow/ is just low quality. its annoying when someone on lolcow accuses me of being a scrote just because i linked a male youtuber to explain some drama. but at least there's a sense of decency and morals on here. /cow/ is just a mess of shitposting.

i just went there to check it out again, and i found this thread about a psycho tranny named chijo. he was part of the whole reiko drama on /r9k/ a while ago. i personally didnt follow any of that but why didnt we have a proper thread on it? there was a lot of sick stuff that the retards on /cow/ and 4chan didnt document properly.

seeing chijo say in discord that he wants to “fuck a 12 year old” and getting other users to cut themselves is horrifying, and its infuriating to know hes probably walking free allowed to do whatever and have a job when people get cancelled and fired for way less. reminds me of that ross cow who admitted he wanted to rape kids and was found to be working with PRESCHOOLERS not too long after. like wtf? do people not do background checks outside of twitter anymore?

No. 577176

gotta thank my parents for all the emotional support and encouragement: how are you going to do anything if you can't even do this, you need to have thicker skin, what does your crying mean, you're getting nothing out of it, what do you even have going on in your life for you to be anxious about. they wonder why i dont want to talk to them and tell them stuff.

No. 577200

> seeing chijo say in discord that he wants to “fuck a 12 year old” and getting other users to cut themselves is horrifying, and its infuriating to know hes probably walking free allowed to do whatever and have a job when people get cancelled and fired for way less
I'm 99% sure from reading the screencaps that most of the shit that goes on in their discord channel qualifies as online exploitation or "suspected online enticement of children for sexual acts", but no one called National Center for Missing and Exploited Children on them.

No. 577206

Fuck em anon, get yourself a chihuahua. Small dogs are adorable, I'd love to get a chihuahua too.

No. 577210

"we will let you know by today or tomorrow. we have other applicants we coming in to interview" okay got it, i didnt get the job.

No. 577212

>/cow/ is just low quality
It never used to be. I browsed the board back when it was 888chan. Then it was a small group of people following Chrischan, pedo trannies and general weirdos. The time period from when /cow/ went to 8ch to about 2016 was the last time /cow/ was good. Jahans, Peter Coffin, Nick Bates, Nick Nyberg and all the assorted cows that came from gamergate.

>why didnt we have a proper thread on it?

I'm guessing that it's because these days finding a tranny posting about how he wants to fuck children is so common that it's not interesting any more, it's just depressing.

No. 577259

Kimchi has been the best discovery of my life. It is so tasty and filling and satisfying while literally being like 5 calories for a whole cup. I've lost so much weight now that I eat it regularly. cucumber kimchi to be specific. YUM

No. 577263

You never know, anon. I've got that line plenty and still got hired. Good luck!

No. 577283

File: 1593492532130.gif (5.02 MB, 300x231, 5qbZ.gif)

No. 577295

thanks! i feel like i did a shit job at the interview though so im not too confident theyll call.

No. 577299

File: 1593494061582.gif (2.85 MB, 312x234, 1317431730798.gif)

I'm 3 weeks on keto and my birthday is in two weeks. I want to break it to eat Dunkaroos because they were my ultimate childhood snack and now that they're back I can't help myself but want to eat an entire box instead of a birthday cake.

No. 577301

are they only available at 7/11? I can't be bothered to go to one just for dunkaroos.

No. 577313

I hadn't taken a shower or brushed my hair for 4 days until today(gross, I know) and I just got spooked by my own reflection on the mirror due to not looking like a greasy bird nest haired sewer troll anymore

No. 577322

I'm into straight rough porn, women being gangbanged and deepthroated and all that, and I always felt guilty afterwards.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I switched from woman to male twink doing the exact same stuff and it's just as hot, if not hotter than the straight stuff I was watching. IDK how I should feel about it but I do feel much better that I'm not watching women be degraded anymore. Wish I realised earlier.

No. 577323

I still cannot get over the vocaroo-chan from the vent thread. Fucking hell, I cannot stop laughing. Love you, wherever you are.

No. 577328

same, i listened to it exactly 6 times
that's some queen shit

No. 577331

Same that anon is a fucking madwoman

No. 577334

My female cat has an abnormal big head and also those fat cheeks male cats have. She is very muscular too. What a boss bitch, she would easily fight off all male cats

No. 577348

I was watching a dumb video and there was a metal vocalist screaming and his voice keeps breaking, like going from screams to normal singing. It must be painful and frustrating but it was so cute, as if his actual self was showing from under his angry scary shell, I hate that I sound so patronizing (I don't know if that's even the right word) but waaaaaah it was so cute
Wow I love your cat, please pet her for me.

No. 577352

I saw them at Target!

No. 577353

I just went and listened to it again.

No. 577354

Okay, I need to get this out, I wasn't sure in which thread shall I post this but I guess this one fits the most, but I am still angry as hell so I'm sorry if I mess up my grammar, but to be honest, I don't care anymore.

I will start a Tumblr account, won't get into detail about what the blog will be about but the point of it is to have more contact with my online friends, I am tired of this cancel culture crap because many of them have been attacked because Muh shipping, that coded this, that you are whatever-phobic-cist that, and I am tired of just sending anon asks and not doing anything better than that, I want to help them and god if I will have any more tolerance towards that garbage again.

I don't care if some asshole will send their snowflakes to send me threats or anything like that, they can waste their time being a bunch of bitter bastards if they want, if I care about dissapointing someone those are my friends, not some gender special manchildren who cry about opression.

Maybe my little non-special blog won't make the difference but like I said, I am tired of pretending to be happy and not doing something, and if the site nukes my blog, to bad I can always make a new one, this is enough.

No. 577358

Which metal vocalist is it?
I like metalcore/hardcore and honestly guys getting those little voice cracks is so cute. Voice cracks in general are cute.
Btw i dont know if you'd like it but type "oli sykes voice crack diamonds arent forever" to youtube, that one always gives me a chuckle

No. 577366

Thanks anon I watched it, I love it he sounds so silly! Here's the video I watched, skip to 9:25

No. 577367

if it's unavailable as it is for me just search for meshuggah movie

No. 577383

I'm hungry

No. 577388

File: 1593515774111.jpg (7.88 KB, 266x190, Download.jpg)

Open wide anon, here comes the airplane~

No. 577389

What I wouldn't give to kiss u rn anon

No. 577393

File: 1593516309528.jpg (209.41 KB, 1280x720, that.jpg)

thinking about nutty putty cave again

No. 577398

Please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me please kiss me

No. 577401

File: 1593517142158.jpg (64.53 KB, 820x650, kiss.jpg)

No. 577404

File: 1593517303051.gif (31.73 KB, 420x420, tumblr_ow7lm9IBAK1v5ev5uo1_500…)

Thank you a lot!

No. 577408

I kind of understand trad thots. If you're attracted to men and want to have a serious relationship, it's much easier to brainwash yourself into thinking chores are yours to do and it makes you happy to take care of the home by yourself, than to find a man who actually wants to do 50/50 AND does it. Most men think they do as much chores as their wife if they only do a few things and it's nearly impossible to convince them otherwise without being seen as naggy.

I like to look at tradfem blogs and while I fucking hate the religious shit and "a woman is happiest in the home", I really get it. I'm with a man I would actually feel comfortable being a stay at home wife/mom for because I trust him a lot. But I'm still rational enough to know I have to be able to rely on myself and that means having a career, savings and backup plans. Yet I still crave that domesticity and I'll probably end up with both a 9-5 job and trying to have a perfect, tidy and spotless house I dream of.

No. 577414

I'm rewatching Gossip Girl and I don't understand why Serena was shilled as the hot girl and not Blair

No. 577428

Blake Lively is beautiful, what are you on

No. 577431

I knew I had a big delivery coming today so for some retarded reason I couldn't sleep lastnight worrying about making sure I woke up in time for it. I didn't want to set an alarm becuase something about being woken by an alarm after an already restless sleep just sets me up to have an awful day.

Woke thismorning to the sound of a vans engine outside my front door, stumbled out of bed, rushed to get some clothes on, struggled down the stairs like an old lady cos I'm always stiff in the mornings.. dude had left my parcel at the back door and left. I didn't need to open the door, I didn't need to be awake or be home or anything..I could've just realaxed and slept better lastnight.

No. 577432

today I learned that you have to pay for the privilege to not buy a house

No. 577435

I agree so much. I don’t KNOW why my SO can’t keep our home clean. I don’t know if it’s his ADHD, his lack of father figure and abusive mom, or just his gender. He’s not a manchild and our communication is great. But cleaning is just something he… won’t do? It’ll be fine for a few weeks when I bring it up but it always reverts to me doing most of the work.

I kind of wish I had nothing else to worry about and could just be a housewife. I’d gladly keep the house clean for 100% of the time rather than 75% while also putting in 100% of the effort in reminding my SO to do his chores. But I don’t want to live off one income and risk giving him financial control.

No. 577440

I definitely gained weight because of quarantine and have just been wearing skirts to work, but it's a bit of a struggle getting the elastic band over my ass lmao. It feels like I'm pulling the elastic all the way. Today I just wanted to wear pants and not trip over my skirt and I thought if I'm struggling with skirts then pants are going to be fucking HELL to put on, but they were easy to put on and fit me the same as pre-quarantine…

No. 577444

big ass tip is to put them on via your head so the skirt won't stretch as it is hell to find shit that fits the waist.

No. 577447

Damn anon… you right… I'm gonna do that from now on lol

No. 577451

Death bed by powfu literally grates my fucking gears, hate it.

No. 577457

File: 1593524510798.jpg (62.68 KB, 540x398, 1592844970609.jpg)

I've already made it a thing

No. 577469

I’m a skinny person with a slim face yet I look fat in selfies? Like photos from the chest up. I look at my photos and think “if I didn’t know me I would think this person was overweight”
Idk how to explain it

No. 577471

Basically what you're saying is you have a shit camera

No. 577483

Male socialization just does that. Worst thing is I actually like cleaning but it's not a reason to make it completely unfair.

No. 577502

The older I get the more annoyed I am by gay men. Is this normal lol. As a teenager I went through that kind of phase that I realised a lot of teenage girls go through where they're obsessed with gay guys and gay couples and want a gay friend and stuff like that, but now I've become jaded by how gross and sexist a lot of them and how obnoxious they talk and act.

No. 577515

jojo characters always look like they're trying to hold a sneeze in

No. 577518

me too anon, I think it's because I'm top heavy (broad shoulders, largeish chest, chunky upper arms) and have a small head that makes the rest look even bigger. In photos from the chest up I look like I'm trying to pull a pear-chan

No. 577550

There are some people who only look good underweight. I'm one of them. When I was 5'6 at 103 people always assumed i was like 120. Now that I'm 120 ppl think im bigger.

No. 577557

Solution: Care less about what other people think.

No. 577582

No. 577591

I got some notifications that someone liked a couple YouTube comments I made but I have no recollection of making these comments. I mean, the comments sound like me. They are on videos I would watch and music I like. They all say they are from two days ago. I haven't had any alcohol or done any drugs. Maybe I was sleep walking??? Fuckin weird man

No. 577592

Samefag, I couldn't find any browser history but I also mostly use app with history turned off.

No. 577602

File: 1593546089280.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, shayna juwune and the entire b…)

most of the threads i follow on snow are suddenly poppin' and i'm having a grand ol' time at work today

No. 577603

Just impulse bought a linen skirt and linen culottes. Slightly regretful, but damn do I love long skirts and culottes.

No. 577615

I just found a small centipede thing (idk the actual english name) in my bottom pj's and jesus fuck I got goose bumps, what if it tridd to crawl down lower yikes

No. 577617

I can’t tell if I’m actually autistic, or if I’ve just been depressed and isolated for so long that I don’t know how to act like a normal human being.
What’s annoying is I can’t get a clear answer on which it is because I’m too mentally inept to book an appointment with the right person. Do I see a psychiatrist or a neurologist? How do I know if they’re actually good?

No. 577628

Can't wait to go home and snuggle my dog. I do this every day but damn does it never fail to make my heart swell with love every time. Yesterday I came home and she was sitting in front of the door waiting for me (or really anyone lol) to come back and love her.

No. 577630

No, lol. Men are men whatever packaging they come in. They still got testosterone flowing in their veins.

No. 577637

Ik vocaroos are rarely posted in lolcow, but the recording has been a meme on 4chan, and i've heard it before, so it's not an original recording. Still big clit energy lmao.

No. 577642

i'm a dumbass, but i think a psychiatrist would be your best bet

No. 577643

My mom just fell for a TeamViewer scam. I would excuse it if she was like 80 but she's barely 50 and has been working with computers for the past 20 years.

They didn't steal anything but I'm so embarrassed for her. How did she not know windows defenders came with windows and doesn't charge anything I don't understand.

No. 577645

Chihuahuas are a superior lap dog and no one can tell me otherwise.

Definitely don't listen to the weirdos who sperg about small dogs anon, senior Chihuahuas are the sweetest.

Also rats are cute too anon, I have two. I would argue Chihuahuas are a bit dumber.

No. 577661

it's fascinating how I'm at best a 6/10 here in the U S of Ass but could be considered a 10/10 in other countries. Same goes for other people.

No. 577685

How is that possible ?
American people are fugly, any foreigner is a 10 in America, so how can Americans compete? doesn’t make sense lmao

No. 577694

I'm a burgerfag and I feel like most of the people I see on a daily basis are chubbo bums with bad hygiene or gorgeous model-tier women with unattainable bodies.

No. 577695

Maybe anon is basic but pale and blonde and knows those traits are the only requirements for models in Asia

No. 577704

I know coronavirus is a really shitty situation right now but as an introvert I am absolutely in heaven right now. I can order pizza and have it delivered to the door without facing the driver. I can take college classes online now. It's so much more convenient. I don't have to spend hours on the bus in traffic, or spend ages finding a parking spot if I drove. Don't have to worry about parking permits. No more getting ready early in the morning to rush to class. Even my doctor visits can be virtual now. It's pure bliss. I wish these kinds of practices could be normalized in day to day life.

No. 577712

ESL please. Men in third world countries (specifically Asian and Lantin American) go apeshit over white women, regardless how attractive they are, because they’re different and “exotic” to them. Also they’re probably exposed to Western beauty standards but that’s a whole mother can of worms.

No. 577714

I love doing my nails so much. I do them like every 3-5 days because it's just so fun lol. I just did a set of sparkly purple and grey dip powder nails last night while watching netflix. I got into gel nail polish, so I really wanna try polygel soon!

No. 577715

Hate autocorrect

No. 577717

Same. People called me weird when I did it as a moid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 577718

File: 1593566948088.jpeg (80.71 KB, 960x784, 57D21395-E446-4835-B359-76F619…)

Joined a small artist Discord and holy shit, not what I was expecting. The original post just made it seem like a chill place but they have a whole banned fandoms list, called a Mexican show runner ‘too white’ to be working in her show, said white people watching The Boondocks was the equivalent of a modern day minstrel show, if you’re black with a white parent you ‘don’t count’, flipped shit on someone posting banned fandom artwork in the banned fandom channel and called them a freak a bunch of times until they left, and talked about how a 15 year old black artist was drawing his lips too big.

No. 577722

They sound like a group with very little control of anything irl.

No. 577724

Fuck off scrote

No. 577728

I'm the anon who wrote the post… I'm not a white American. I just live in America. It's buttfuck white people who would consider me a 6/10

No. 577729

The absolute cope contained within this post lol

No. 577730


No. 577731

>Hot Pockets

This is why scrotes die earlier, as they deserve.

No. 577732

"and suck dick" says the moid who has never been touched by a female before

No. 577739

Lol i just wanted to post about my nails but of course men have to ruin it. Anyway, don't interact with him.

No. 577747

File: 1593571231673.jpg (279.74 KB, 1280x1185, 51f.jpg)

I don't know a thing about this anime but holy fucking shit am I obsessed with this woman.
I want her to snap my back into place and use me as a weight

No. 577764


No. 577779

Funnily enough, discovering those dumbass fucking "What's-Another-Ugly-Guy-You've-Got-The-Hots-For?" threads on /g/ was such a relief. It made me realise I wasn't a degenertae freak for not strictly liking conventionally attractive types. It's even slightly boosted my confidence, in a way.

No. 577780

Girls are constantly simping for unconventionally attractive guys though, especially old ones. It's a classic pickme tactic and it's everywhere.

No. 577781

I agree I wish more anons here appreciated come classical cows and more scrotes over camgirls. Even weebs are more entertaining.

No. 577783

Agreed, camgirls are extremely boring and attract simps trying to score free onlyfans content

No. 577784

I wish I wasn't put on ssris and anti psychotics at such a young age, I I wasn't a schizophrenic but the medicine turned me into one i dont feel like I should be this old I dont know

No. 577797

So larps was a mod for lolcow… interesting. Wish she took over and made this hellhole better.

No. 577804

where did you hear this?

No. 577806

Sometimes I think I escaped autism by a hair. I'm a successful person who is empathetic and has social awareness but there is something so off about me in a way that I know people around me can't relate to that it makes me think I have something. Guess I'll never know what that something is.

No. 577812

There is something so infuriating about seeing extras in the background of a show or movie doing a terrible job.

No. 577825

I feel so bad. Someone said hi to me as we were walking past each other and I didn't realize who it was since they were in a group of people. I just whipped my head back really fast and didn't respond back because they were already walking away.

No. 577828

Sounds too cancerous for words. I'm glad I quit art, so many artists are only chasing clout and don't give a fuck about actually making and discussing art. On the other hand I'd love to witness this shit in real time and troll the entire discord for fun.

Right on the head though, Most of the trigger-happy, insane SJWs have literally no control over their life or what happens in it IRL. They're often on disability and survive on social benefits, have anxiety and depression and can't stop the coffee shop barista from ~misgendering~ them. They have to take it all out, including their desire to control, online. And because they're lazy assholes they go straight to the shock material like crying racism/whateverphobia over trivial things instead of addressing complex issues in a constructive matter.

No. 577830

Agree. Camgirls/e-thots are the driest fucking drama ever, there's only so many times you can say "she e-begs and is an asshole" until the thread devolves into nitpicking her pussy lips and tinfoiling. It's so goddamn boring and attracts even more catty camgirls and e-thots to shit and a-log over their equals and spread over to other threads. I wish we had more actual cows being discussed but prissy newfags get too intimidated over true horrorcows and don't want to engage or aren't knowledgeable enough about internet culture and don't know about all these degenerates like the tranny brainwash discord or pedofurs so the threads get buried into oblivion while generic instathots are bumped to the top constantly.

No. 577839

If I see threads like that bumped i'll contribute more anon. I was so disappointed at how farmers ignored lowtax drama.

No. 577845


godspeed, anon.

No. 577856

same anon I was just telling a friend about this. do you have any more horrifying cave stuff? weirdly fascinated
there's an amazing story in Koji Suzuki's Dark Water called "Forest Under The Sea" about something really similar, you might like it.

No. 577857

File: 1593594862873.png (337.38 KB, 338x654, 1585048461213.png)

Pray for me you guys, i just sent an email for my professor asking if i could do my midterm exam again because i had missed it for a week.

No. 577865

DigiBro falling into insanity and trooning out during lockdown making literal "loli animes made me realize my true gender" content was one of the highlights of the spring and it barely got noticed here, as was the case with his ex-friend Mumkey Jones's and his group's drama about Assburger being outed as a wifebeater and Mumkey himself cheating on his girlfriend with a pedophile furry and leaking his own sex tapes. I don't want to read about this shit on Kiwifarms, much less create an account. The threads are filled with blogposting and people ranting out their life stories about how they're much more intelligent and successful than the cow in question (they're not) and how we should actually ~respect their pronouns~ because ~not all troons~. Lolcow's moderation might have its flaws but at least here that fucking blogging, armchairing and infighting are bannable offenses.

No. 577874

Same, anon. I'm so bummed more people aren't into the digibro saga because fuck, it's wack.

No. 577876

File: 1593598518544.jpeg (19.88 KB, 240x200, F8B5C9AA-15C2-4DCC-BD68-BBC39B…)

I feel so disorientated by everything going on in the world right now. The US Simulation Program needs updating. Social media is a weird exercise in high strangeness. The press is on a moralistic crusade to find the Nazi in you, because apparently we are all guilty of…something. You guys seem to be cognizant of this shit but other people either got mental AIDS or are apathetic and don’t care. What is real anymore?

No. 577881

good luck anon, hope they aren't too mean

No. 577883

I just want s/o to go to hotpot with…all my friends are busy lmao.

No. 577884

Idk how women have internalized misogyny. Everytime I talk to a male im reminded why I'm better than them, they are completely slaves to their cock.

No. 577885

Do farmers here really care about cows' nails? Or nail biting habits? I seriously couldn't give less of a fuck

No. 577887

Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
Life is but a dream

No. 577888

Girl you're not better than anyone just because you have a vagina…

No. 577892

NTA, but cope, lmao. Not having a penis (or a Y chromosome) is the best.

No. 577896

Hahah barely 24 hours after finding out my police case regarding my sexual abuse was officially closed due to lack of evidence I find out my abuser was just diagnosed with cancer and it doesn't look good hahahah get FUCKED

thank you earth

No. 577900

Congrats, anon!

No. 577905

The vagina is amazing for a lot of reasons and also has other amazing functions (it cleans itself, etc.). What does a dick do? It gets hard, cums and pees. That's it. So yes, women and their vaginas are better.

No. 577911

I get wanting to be confident but it sounds overly contrarian to protest misogyny by going straight towards the other extreme.
Women have internalized misogyny because of insecurities and a need to be liked and accepted by others, in this case males.

No. 577924

you really did this for a group who thinks as you first and foremost as a hole. kek. get outta here with your ‘women just as bad!!’ faggotry.

No. 577925

When I see dumb behavior I call it out and laugh. I'm not a therapist for strangers.

No. 577932

My voice changes slightly when I talk to other women, similar to when people have a telephone voice. It goes up a pitch and I lose my accent a little. I have no control over it and can only assume it's because I care more about what women think of me?

No. 577935


No. 577946

My coworker keeps trying to tell me to keep my head up in regards to job hunting. I feel awful, like a failure, that I might not have a job lined up after this one (temp job that's ending, on a current extension and not allowed to extend anymore). At the same time, I'm just trying to keep myself from blowing up. After all, when I left my last job, I also didn't have a job lined up. I just got so fed up with it. What felt like a lifetime later (was actually 2 weeks when I checked, but sure did feel like months lol), I got lucky and landed my current position.

I worry mostly because I want to have reliable income so I can have money to pay the bills if I need to. My dad just started working again, but it's only part time, and my mom is still looking for work. We got unemployment through my dad and that helped out a lot at least. It just sucks because he has a lot of credit card debt and I know that makes up a huge chunk of their monthly bills. I have enough saved up that I can 100% cover 2-3 months of bills, hopefully a little more now that my dad has some income coming in.

Shit sucks, but what can I even do? I'm applying wherever I can, contacting as many recruiters as I can. Well, at least if I leave without a job lined up, I'll take the time and maybe start studying programming while continuing my job hunt. Here's to hoping I'll catch my next lucky break sometime soon, and other anons in a similar position will too.

No. 577948

No. 577957

Who is larps?

No. 577962

>tumblr radfem community
I know they browse here, but they should have a thread. That Elliot callout doc was extremely milky, and TD's antics are something else.
I'd do it myself if I knew enough details.

No. 577968

Seconding this, who the hell is larps?

No. 577998

she deleted her old blog, but she's back here apparently: https://menalez-suggests.tumblr.com

No. 578001

File: 1593622652800.png (756.38 KB, 1200x800, getrichguide.png)

Is that the tranny ex-mod whos pics were posted on /meta/ after their radfem? Is he still mad and clinging to relevancy a female community "accepted " him?


>mod on a female site dedicated to nitpicking the anus hairs of e-thots
>get kicked out for being a troon sperg
>sperging about it nearly a year later on tumblr
>still pretending to be a woman online

Imagine having this little of a life and nothing better to do than bragging about moderating this shit fest. Pic related, something he should consider. A worthy job for someone with his skill sets.

No. 578007

wtf do people think that larps is a troon?

No. 578008

can someone pls explain where anon got this info that larps was a mod? or is this a troll?

No. 578017

Huh? Just browsed Larps current tumblr blog that is mentioned>>577998 here. Isnt it just a radfem person? Seems to be hating trannies

No. 578024

It's just a radfem currently trolling trannies on her tumblr blog, that's it

No. 578025

She's said time and time again that she's not a radfem, she's just a deranged 4chanlet who hates trannies and shitposts about their delusions.

No. 578043

I hate how marijuana is easier to obtain in Texas but not magic mushrooms or other psychedelics AuGh

No. 578075

Today I spoke to a friend who brought up JK Rowling out of blue and I just changed the topic because even though I support trans rights I don't agree with the terf witch-hunt and I didn't want to open that can of worms and lose a friend. But when the conversation looped around again she admitted that she doesn't agree with the threats of violence directed at Rowling, she sounded so scared when she said it.
The is the second time I've had an unexpected conversation like this, it's really fucked up how scared women are to talk about this stuff

No. 578080

The best part is not having to even pretend to want to go anywhere.

I also love wearing a mask those few times when I do have to go out. Would like for that to be socially accepted permanently, at least during allergy season.

No. 578083

File: 1593632967297.jpg (18.78 KB, 474x474, c66bc07693bc1fde0883809dfb0f7e…)

>me on lolcow when anons agree with my posts

No. 578091

kek anon good for u

No. 578093

Indeed, it's insane. I'm glad you and your friend could agree on this subject.

No. 578097

Thanks for sharing. Good to remind myself that there are a lot of women who are sympathetic in silence.

No. 578102

Whenever I remember anons replying to my posts with the infamous "This.", I just feel like cumming over and over

No. 578126

LMAO this! That shit really lights up my monkey brain.

No. 578196

my cheap forever21 jeans i bought on sale for $7 lasted me a good 9 years. the thigh/crotch hole thing finally sadly happened

No. 578206

I want to do an incantation ritual that's super intense and post it on youtube. It'll be cringey and won't get views, but I'd still like to freak out a few teenagers.

No. 578209

Larps is tranny hating retard in radfem community.
Here's the post I'm mentioning she stepped down from being a mod

No. 578217

My mom showed me how to make tortillas today and I'll never go back to the store bought.

I don't know why she never made them before if she knew how but they were superior.

No. 578218

Tortillas are not hard to make holy shit lmao

No. 578219

how do u make them??? that sounds awesome! i actually tried making pico de gallo first time today ad although i didnt have all the ingredients it wasnt bad!!!

No. 578221

They're really not. We make fresh gorditas all the time but never tortillas so full keks to that logic.

No. 578223

This guy making Indian scammers honk at one another is giving me life. Videos like this are one of the reasons why I love the internet. Starts at 22:00

No. 578225

It's super easy, if you have a comal it makes it 100x easier as well. My mom has a big electric one so we made multiple at once.

Otherwise you just need some maseca, some salt, and water. Mix it well to where it's neither watery or gritty. Turn on the highest heat and wait for your pan or comal to get hot and then you can roll out your tortillas between plastic or whateva with a rolling pin. (Or a tortilla press if you have one)

Let your tortilla sit on the comal for like 10-30 seconds or until you can flip it with your fingers without it falling apart. Flip it occasionally until it puffs up in the middle and sides. Then you have a tortilla lol.

No. 578227

You could also make the masa yourself but that's a bit more time consuming.

Here's a dude doing a tutorial.

No. 578233

Anon are you white or just whitewashed to the point where you didn't know how to make torillas. Pico de gallo isn't hard either.

No. 578242

I love how skydiving and the idea of jumping out of a plane 200 ft in the air sounds fun and exciting to me, yet meeting new people and going to social events is terrifying kek. Why did my brain develop like this.

No. 578245

We're super Americanized, my parents aren't recent immigrants and have been in the United States for 30 years. My mom was always working growing up so she just bought them.

It's not like I've never had a homemade tortilla, my grandma makes them. I just wanted to learn so I could be the tortilla supplier for my family lmao

No. 578252

Happy for u anon
Homemade tortillas are the best! I’ll probably make now too oof

No. 578270

I notice male British actors always look like they smell good.

No. 578285

I feel like I’m becoming a full fledged Karen. No, I am a Karen.
It’s not like I don’t know the struggle, I freaking work in customer service. But this one company, man. Their customer service is so bad and whenever I deal with them I’m out here arguing with the customer service rep and asking for their manager. Shame me anons, I don’t like who I am becoming.

No. 578289

I feel like i’m emotionally retarded nothing makes me feel anything except live classical music as dumb as it sounds.

No. 578306

Yeah, how dare you, a woman, assert yourself in any situation regardless of how warranted it is. We all know that makes you a heinous bitch.

God, this Karen shit has become so blatantly misogynist it's not funny.

No. 578317

I feel you, I'd hate to see myself become a self hating sexist. Hope you get better soon.

No. 578319

Huh, another one. You're just like my friend. I feel like I found a rare Pokemon now.

No. 578327

I love the Manson thread because nobody that posts there is sane in the least. Batshit energy.

No. 578331

I guess it is time for me to check those threads out. Love me some chaotic energy.

No. 578341

kek, this interaction is so cute for some reason

No. 578349

From day one I have been lost. I tried so hard to follow what was going on, but I swear to god it’s like all of his ex girlfriends have congregated with people who followed closely and they’re speaking in code.
All I’ve ever understood is he’s an abuser and ugly. That’s it.

No. 578355

Same, as a former fan I really wanted to follow that thread but I don't understand the relevance of half of what they post

No. 578379

I don't know if this helps anon, but I'm trying to listen to more classical and I'd love to hear what pieces make you feel more alive, lmao.

Sometimes I listen to parts of Lakmé because of the exact same reason, too.

No. 578392

I'm wearing organic honey as a face mask and I feel very cute even though I look like a giftwrapped turd

No. 578421

I have decided I am no longer ugly until I lose all the weight. And if I'm still ugly?? Well I will cross that bridge when I get there

No. 578424

Weight loss isn't a cure all for self esteem issues, just warning you.

No. 578429

I know, I know. I carry so much weight in my face and just want to see my ~full potential~

No. 578437

Idk how fat you are, but sometimes having chubby cheeks isn't the issue tbh. You can look good with a fat face as look as you have definition in other areas like your jaw and chin. Anyway, I'm rooting for you anon! The road to weightloss is long and hard, but worth it in the end.

No. 578440

I'm all chin and jaw and suffer from unintentional catfishing even with the most tame of flattering angles. Straight on photos I am ogre. Thanks though anon! 20lbs down like 35lb more to go.

No. 578441

I came here literally to post this same thing.
>You're a white woman with any opinion whatsoever? Karen! Fuck off Karen!
Like I've seen it on makeup communities, now. Makeup.
I rather see wojacks at this point and I hate wojack.

No. 578442

File: 1593708805444.jpg (228.75 KB, 1236x800, adam.jpg)

God I'm hoping this dumb cunt gets cancelled hard. The moment he started having woke tantrums on Twitter and especially after this infamous "TERFs are shit" tweet I knew this fuck had some shady shit under his belt, no man capes this hard without a history of committing abuse. I don't know why that is, but it always seems to be the case. I'm clinking some champagne glasses tonight anons, always trust your gut.

No. 578444

Every time
"The Male Feminist doth protest too much."

No. 578445

Here's the blog post his sister posted where she tells about what happened: https://secondwound.com/2020/06/30/statement-regarding-child-victims-act-lawsuit-against-adam-savage/

Of course his brother has jumped on to defend him and claiming that the sister is just crazy and lying because she has had to deal with mental illness for a long time. Oh man I wonder what kind of trauma caused this? Maybe getting repeatedly raped as a child doesn't exactly help you grow up into a stable, well-adjusted person?

No. 578446

god what a creepy guy… also his last name is savage like yikes

No. 578447

You're so sweet

No. 578451

I'm in the process of closing my amazon account, since quarantine I've had this habit of browsing there late at night and buying shit that the next day..I don't want as much.

Turns out it's a several stage process where you contact customer service, they insist on knowing the reason why (fuck off) and then you need to read an email from them before submitting the request, the only acceptable reason to close an account is 'data concerns' so you've to select that and email them back and wait around for them to hopefully do it. Thanks amazon. Every other account I've ever closed has been done with two clicks of a button. A customer service chat and then a series of emails, really?

The customer service chat annoyed me, I know they're probably trained to say exactly what he said but dude I don't need to provide you with a good reason, if you must know I order dildos and change my mind the next day, close my fucking account already before I buy another.

No. 578454

I've heard it described as a dark pattern. Seriously fucking dumb you have to do so much to close your own account. Godspeed anon

No. 578456

I feel like it's only a matter of time before it stops being exclusively white women that are being labelled Karens.

No. 578458

I’ve seen it used for Asian women a couple of times.

No. 578461

File: 1593711666105.jpg (12.66 KB, 720x774, hewwo.jpg)

Colour calibration is retarded, why the fuck can't they make screens display the same colours, at least put the effort in to not make my pinks on my computer look pink and yellow on my phone

>Tfw I like my drawings on my computer but they look like ass on my phone

No. 578462

They make it as difficult and obtrusive as possible as a deterrent. They don't want people going through with deactivation. If someone just says "fuck it" and decides not to use their amazon for a year or so, they're still more likely to come back in the future to purchase on amazon, compared to a person with no existing amazon account and no intention to ever buy through there. Same logic and process follows with retail stores and their specific credit cards.

There's data on this and it ought to be illegal.

On an unrelated bitch about amazon: I was trying to buy my friend a birthday gift on that shithole website, but when I opened up reviews they were consistently terrible despite maintaining a 4-4.5/5 star at face value. The people rating well literally said shit like "I don't care that my item didn't come with everything pictured, still love it!" Lmao, is Jeff Bezos trying to brainwash people into thinking we should overpay for shit products and then be happy that we didn't even get everything we ordered?! Fucking idiot.
I went ahead and bought my friend a customized item from a US seller on etsy and I feel like it was a much better choice.

No. 578476

I got into a "fight" a couple years ago with a man I was pursuing. I remember one of the last things he told me was that his dad was right about me, that I was just a girl who acted cute to get what she wanted and then threw men away when I was done. I was so offended by it, but now… y'know what? Fuck it. Hell yeah I'll act cute to get what I want. I'm fucking tired of men. Fuck that guy and fuck his dad.

I also remember when we were talking about pet nicknames (because I'm a sucker for them lol) and I said I wanted to call him bear because he was a little chubby and cuddly like a teddy bear and all he could come up for me was… sex kitten… dude what the fuck lmao. I was so upset and felt so worthless when I found out he started dating someone else (while I thought we were still just in a fight, and he had told me he didn't want a relationship with anyone because he wanted to go to the military, even though I was so head over heels for him and told him I would wait for him), now I can only laugh at how fucking stupid I was for thinking he was worth anything.

No. 578478

I hate it when people do that whole thing of "well by the way my family said they all hated you!" Like dude you're not meant to tell them that. I'm sure his dad doesn't want his bitching sessions exposed like that lol

No. 578481

Actually his mom loved me!! When we would facetime and his mom would come into the room or something, we would have fun chats and make jabs about adopting a whole bunch of dogs (which he didn't like). His dad pretty much said what he said in front of me. It was another time when we were facetiming and he was in the hospital with his dad and his dad said it in Korean and when I asked him to translate what he said (cause he was translating everything else up to this point), he told me lol. Definitely had my jimmies rustled at the time.

No. 578495

File: 1593719749233.jpg (90.73 KB, 500x373, tumblr_nl2jdgWqCv1qk14y3o1_500…)

I'm stuck in my hometown for covid and now that I have to get a job I just wish video stores were still a thing. It's always been my dream to work at one for some reason. I just want a chill retail job so I can have fun being a loser

No. 578501

I love that pic for multiple reasons lol

I have a gen X cousin who worked at Blockbuster, retail paid his college student life in the 90's. He said it was the best time, like irl Clerks.

No. 578504

No. 578505

File: 1593721322370.png (150 KB, 500x281, 847CD371-06CF-4799-AD44-A2D44E…)

the Cryaotic thread was always so fucking lame and even now when there’s ACTUAL milk of him creeping on fans they still can’t resist being the most annoying motherfuckers to congregate in a single thread since the kpop threads, they are clearly fans and not farmers

No. 578508


it's going to be ok, anon.

No. 578511


omg I work at the craziest but chillest pharmacy and it's 100% the relaxing loser job I've always dreamed of. Don't limit yourself anon! There's gotta be tons of weird little shops with that same vibe (totally get where you're coming from though)

No. 578526

Why does the eye doctor always feel like a scam. One time I'm told I'm near sighted, the next that I'm far, the next that I have 2020 vision, the next that I have astigmatism. Then they give me glasses and ask me if I can see better and the glasses always seem to make me see worse but I lie and say they're perfect because at that point I just want to go home.

No. 578528

i went into the blaire white thread earlier and complained that it was a stupid thread
i never watched one of her videos before, so i decided to check them out and i thought blaire seemed really sweet and, compared to most trannies, normal. most of the threads are just digging on her appearance which is stupid as hell shes not one of those trannies that actively tries to replace or seem better than real women, blaire is obviously not agp, so why are you shaming their appearance? the most questionable things i can see are who she chooses to hang out with. blaire should ditch shoe and make better friends

No. 578529

damn Clerks really takes me back. I hate time

No. 578532

Most of the grief Blaire gets is because she's right wing (her videos are much different now than they used to be, she has toned herself down quite a bit). Her politics and the way people react to them are a springboard for all the other things people say about her on that thread. That's how it seems to me, at least.

No. 578536

Blaire is a conservative anti-feminist. that's why lolcow hates her.

No. 578546

sometimes i think maybe a person likes me but then it just goes back to thinking about how conceited that seems and theyre probably just being friendly.

No. 578577

File: 1593732612396.jpg (42.48 KB, 500x667, 628e9f2ab088fa6acf6bbb58c6bb28…)

Finally made a tik tok and im going to live my myspace scene queen dreams as an egirl, honestly im tired of being afraid of being "cringe" and missing the fun things in my youth, im 20, i shouldn't be ashamed of lypsinc and fishnets.

No. 578581

I spend so much time on AO3 and there’s so many well written original stories that I love reading, but none of them are exactly what I want and it makes me want to write my own stupid smutty shit but I’m so nervous lol. I guess I’ll do it and post it as anon, no downsides to writing stupid shit and posting it on the internet under not my name.

No. 578582

Most threads are just about digging in women's appearances. It's just that no one cares when it's a cis woman. I agree though somewhat, I have more respect for Blaire than other trannies like Contra.

No. 578613

lmao you should be ashamed, you're 20 years old and that app is littered with pre teens. Get an outside hobby or read a book instead of prancing around in fishnets like an tired hag making kissy faces at the camera.

No. 578614

No but it's "cute" when he retweets tweets stating he's a better woman than cis women, which you can see the scrote truly believes.
It/he's gross and people on that thread can point it out till the cows come home.

No. 578623

ah yes read some jane austen drinking wine like a 50 year old single mom, don't forget scrolling lolcow!

your life must be so fun

No. 578635

File: 1593739692243.png (336.37 KB, 413x395, 1321275166001.png)

NTA but i kek'd

No. 578636

Good luck anon! I am sure your videos will be cute. I got a tiktok too, just to see what the fuss is and honestly I don't get it at all, but some of the cosplayers on there are really impressive.

No. 578639

File: 1593740163962.png (987.82 KB, 1333x905, amazon weird 1.png)

On Amazon this "Brittney Spears" wallet has Flandre and Remilia Scarlet on it.

No. 578641

File: 1593740228643.png (882.38 KB, 1533x913, weird amazon 2.png)

I was also looking at Kigurumis and this horrific Belle Delphine-esque sissy face mask came up in the search

No. 578643

File: 1593740272403.png (599.12 KB, 1253x865, amazon weird 3.png)

And this pig fetus came up when I was looking up "animal crossing merch"

No. 578645

File: 1593740355923.png (1.09 MB, 1281x821, shakira.png)

And finally what I think is a transformation fetish story on the reviews for a liquid foundation

No. 578646

Yeah i was definitely encouraging anon to read a gay lit book and act like a middle aged woman. Not like i was advising she could actually progress in life by investing time into things that will benefit her in adulthood but sure acting like a literal CHILD and pandering to scrotes on a pedo app is sooo like totally adorable, do the dance again for the tenth time like a brain dead retard u go gurlfrend

No. 578649

I feel stupid for wanting an iPhone especially when I don’t have the money for it. I just want a decent phone with a great camera for photography and photos but I wrote off Android because I hate Google, Android phone companies always add irritating bloatware, and Android security is as watertight as a cheese grater. I don’t trust either for true privacy but Apple’s stricter sandboxing between apps wins me over when Android phones could have 3rd party apps scrape your files. It’s like being on a Mac in the era of Windows XP where annoying Flash ads would attack your computer just by loading. I heard about LineageOS but I’m not interested in tinkering (last time I tried I bricked a device by forgetting one step and that’s too much risk) and third party drivers for a great Pixel camera just wouldn’t be as good as stock Google…. but fuck Google!

Oh well, it’s not like I need a new phone within the next foreseeable year.

No. 578651

gave me a good kek lol

No. 578652

I want to sit next to you as you browse. This is the shit I live for

No. 578653

File: 1593740991147.jpg (13.43 KB, 235x235, smartphone-apple-iphone-se-se-…)


Im using a fairly older iphone model, the pink SE from 2016.

I def recomend getting a brand new older model, they still work absolutely fine and i've only started having battery problems after like 3 years of use, I think you can get an 6S or 7 pretty affordably.

I know apple is overpriced shit but damn IOS beats android to the ground, I love this little phone so much.

No. 578656

>I heard about LineageOS but I’m not interested in tinkering (last time I tried I bricked a device by forgetting one step and that’s too much risk)
That's my exact fear. I've even thought about hiring some rando with experience to do something like that for me but it's scary because you don't know if you can trust them.

No. 578659

I always hated the question in school of whether or not you "are a leader or a follower" like bitch……. who the fuck is going to say they're a follower? Even if they're shy and insecure and not at all a leader, who is going to associate themselves with the term "follower"?????

No. 578662

Such a terribly worded question that really reflects the capitalist rat race mentality imo. Why not “do you prefer decision making roles or teamworking roles” ? What’s wrong with being good at doing your part and pulling your weight? God knows in the real world, they actively avoid “leaders” for mid level management, because it’s code for narcissists. A captain is literally nothing without a crew, imagine a boat with 5 captains and no crew.

No. 578663

this question used to make me feel genuinely sad as a little girl. Like almost wanting to cry sad. I was really shy and knew I would be lying if I said I was a leader and that people would call me out on it. I remember thinking my teacher was out to get me kek. Though maybe she was because one time she asked the class if they knew a shy person and a girl legit raised her hand and was like yeah anon and everyone looked at me and the teacher was like TRUUUU

No. 578669

If you want to learn photography get an actual camera. It doesn't need to be an expensive one. Even a basic bridge camera like a Canon Powershot or a Nikon CoolPix will have all the options of a real camera.

No. 578752

Do not have hot wings for lunch and a bunch of peaches for dinner. Take this advice from a nonnie with a burning asshole.

No. 578756

I’m gonna try it because I need some fire in my life

No. 578757

There's no point in losing weight with the goal of achieving a certain body type because we're literally stuck with the frame we're born with. I'm 5'4 and 125. I lost 10 pounds hoping I could shed some weight on my thighs to make them look longer and slimmer. I just ended up losing it from the waist up which was already thin, thus making my thighs look even thicker and legs look even shorter I would KILL to have long legs. Mine just make me look like Moana. I can't wear t shirt dresses or shorts because they just emphasize my short legs and thick thighs.

No. 578759

also I don't have a fat face but my face is pudgy around my cheeks and I seriously think I could be ana-chan and still look like that in the face. Bro I'm going to mcdonalds f this kek