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File: 1575336208681.png (802.91 KB, 789x751, sd.png)

No. 900756

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, as well as past and future projects. Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney

>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star
Shane and Jeffree promised drama and have completely failed to deliver anything other than a 7 hour long commercial for their overpriced, underwhelming “Conspiracy” makeup line + sob story about Shane being poor. Shane continued to scramble to actually produce any content despite having over a year to plan the series, Jeffree continues to lie and backtrack about what they said and promised for the series. People are complaining of sub-quality products (hair in palettes, pans arriving unglued, etc). The series concluded after 7 episodes, despite the initial claim that it would be 9 episodes.

Shane Dawson's Crew/Additional Collaborators:
>Jeffree Star: Scary cosmetic alien, horrible person (https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar)
>Ryland Adams: Fiance (https://twitter.com/Ryland_Adams)
>Morgan Adams: Fiance's sister (https://twitter.com/_morganadams_)
>Andrew Siwicki: Cameraman & Editor (https://twitter.com/AndrewSiwicki)
>Garrett Watts: Big tall friend (https://twitter.com/Garrett_Watts)
>Kati Morton: Questionable therapist (https://twitter.com/KatiMorton)
>Nathan Schwandt: Jeffree's gay for pay kept man

Required Reading: "A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies"

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanedawson
Youtube: youtube.com/shane
Instagram: @shanedawson
Thread #1: >>697489
Thread #2: >>843231

No. 900757

File: 1575336291585.png (588.46 KB, 922x883, js.png)

Jeffree's recent bullshit

No. 900758

Also it doesn't seem like the thrilling finale got posted in the previous thread, so here it is folks.

No. 900760

I missed this thread!

I love how Jeffree looks like fucking DEATH on wheels and he's talking about 'The truth"
also why lie about this? What a dumb ass, no one cares.

No. 900761

This thread pic is so stupid that it's my favourite thread pic in history

No. 900763

File: 1575337097089.jpg (39.61 KB, 456x580, screen.JPG)

Stolen from GuruGossiper, Could Nate look higher?

No. 900767

I feel like he's clearly fishing for drama with this nonsense, bitch we all saw your ass partying back in the MySpace days.

No. 900769

No I don't think he's fishing for drama really, I think he honestly believes none of his audience knew him before he started makeup.

No. 900781

Just like with his relationship the more Jeffree lies and tries to convince people of shit, it makes me believe he's trying to hide something.

I 100% believe he/ Nate probably are high ass fuck 70% of the time and not only on weed.

No. 900787


A signifigant portion of his fans weren't even alive yet while myspace was still cool.

No. 900789

File: 1575339409580.jpeg (160.75 KB, 1124x1095, EKW-St1X0AAbFb7.jpeg)

Thank you, I agree. I saw it and I knew it had to be the one. This was also a strong contender, but it didn't have Shane in it.

>I think he honestly believes none of his audience knew him before he started makeup.
Eh, I think this is a bit of a stretch. Maybe his current fans weren't alive back in his Myspace days, but it's not like he's ever tried to hide it. If anything I think he'll try and pull a weepy "I was never ACTUALLY drinking I just made it look like I was to seem cool because peer pressure uwu but I never actually did it because I'm soooo much stronger than peer pressure uwu"

No. 900954


iirc that is his explanation for it all. In some older video of his he talked about "posing with non-alcoholic drinks" and making jokes about drinking/drugs for the sake of "image".

Not exactly super believable considering the entire scene/lifestyle he came up in.

No. 901122

Is this fake or why is Ninja respoding to J?

No. 901150

Yay new thread!

Carry on

No. 901152

I thought Jeffree didn’t drink alcohol because of his mommy issues


No. 901153

Killer merch handles Ninja's merch is wht i learned

No. 901161

call me gullible but i actually do believe him on this front and for this exact reason. seriously think about it. who in their right mind would actually be friends with J* if he weren’t rich? there’s a very good reason all of his “best friends” are people he’s met since blowing up on youtube/with makeup. he doesn’t have a single old friend in any video. it’s all just hired help and purchased, temporary friendships that end in him backstabbing the other person every time. and always publicly. i guarantee he’s always been this much of a cunt if not worse and therefore it actually makes perfect sense that he would pretend to drink and do drugs to fit in because he literally has nothing to offer in terms of likeable personality traits. he just has money. and before that money he really didn’t have shit. also he probably simultaneously thought he was “too good” for it in his own fucked up egotistical mind.

No. 901218

The fucking thread pic is award worthy, well done anon.

No. 901484


I think the issue is that his credibility isn't the best. The drinking is something that wouldn't be shocking either way, whether he genuinely never has & pretended for a long time, or if he did and now pretends that he didn't. Neither are shocking or scandalous things, but who knows which is true with him.

But more than anything it's just such a boring non-issue lol, like nobody really cares either way

No. 901908

File: 1575521931333.jpg (446.01 KB, 740x516, CULY4Tj.jpg)

I'm starting to think he does these tweets whenever Nate is caught looking at women J didn't pre approve. But he needs to prove to the twitter sphere how in love and sexual they are with each other.

No. 901916

I wonder what is the percentage of the day that Nate isn't blasted on some drug out of his mind. I bet more than 70% of the time when they fuck Nates under the influence of something.

Either way no one cares what you rub on ur unimpressive bodied boyfriend. Only stans care. At this point, it comes off as a teenage boy telling his horny friends about the sex he NEVER HAD.
I've never believed LESS someone fucked their boyfriend then I do Jeffree because it always seems like an ad for their relationship. Now it's an ad for their relationship & his make up, which makes it DOUBLE fake. Their sex life seems boring ass hell.
I'm not buying it Jeffree. Im just waiting on that "Leaked" (not from Jeffree, I swear!!) sex tape to come out, to further prove unprovable.
That Nate sometimes sticks his dick in Jeffree. Shocking I know!

No. 902210

File: 1575586760273.jpg (150.87 KB, 755x626, 245naB4.jpg)

It's a fucking color twitter naming the color of the decade but of course he has to flex how big and bad he is. I can't wait for his next fuck up where even the uwus of Shane won't do anything. He barely got away with the Tati and JC scandal

No. 902566

File: 1575655588939.jpg (76.96 KB, 629x581, 1.JPG)

what trash seriously.

No. 902567

File: 1575655617118.jpg (36.97 KB, 585x321, 2.JPG)

No. 902572

File: 1575655734834.jpg (47.6 KB, 363x590, 3.JPG)

No. 902588

honestly this shit is such a nonissue that the people stupid enough to waste $20 on a mystery box actually deserve less than that

No. 902592

I feel the same but it's another example of Jstar being an asshole to people, which imo deserves some attention.
Anyone who buys his shit is a dumb ass, but the way this dude talks to people is fucking gross.

No. 902641

>Some guy spent hours drawing this sticker sheet so you should suck his dick
>I definitely didn't mislead customers here
>You're scum for complaining about getting scammed

Stay classy, voldemort

No. 902642

How are people okay with a BRAND OWNER speaking to a PAYING CUSTOMER that way?? They drag other brands like Juvia's Place for having a rude CEO but J* gets a pass??

No. 902644

What are you talking about? When J* does it he's being "real" when other people do it, they are just being assholes.
Duh, different rules for J*. (/s).

No. 902645

He didn’t barely get away with it people were still kissing his bolt on tattooed ass, even after falsely accusing a 19 year old of being a predator and harassing his kid brother online.
Anytime you mention that or his racism, or anything else negative about him, his rabid ugly fans will just say “he can’t relate skksks sis oop”
I hate how Shane made that documentary on him , it just excuses his grossness by showing him in a “more vulnerable light” his fans are troglodytes.
A video of Jeffree beating a starving kid could surface, and his fans would be like “moood” or “that child was problematic anyways, I heard they were homophobic”

No. 902758

J it's generic as fuck tattoo designs probably just copy pasted from whatever shops freebie list

No. 902897

File: 1575718644181.jpg (84.01 KB, 600x872, i_dun_know_a_pretty_rave_girl_…)

I call bullshit on this because this was probably the only time in history where not drinking/partying gave you more street cred than drinking/partying did. Being xXxSTRAIGHT EDGExXx was a HUGE part of being a Myspace scene queen. There's literally no reason why this reasoning would have made sense given the context, if he was really never drinking he would have only gotten MORE attention if he shoved that fact in everyone's face with those sharpie X's on his hands. That's like, Myspace 101.

>he can’t relate skksks sis oop
Hit the nail on the head.

No. 902913

File: 1575720856775.jpg (202.9 KB, 1125x1966, ol92xqok7qh11.jpg)

This is so fucking stupid for so many reasons. First of all, if you get charged $20 for a postcard of the Mona Lisa that should cost $0.20 the museum shop doesn't get to go "fUCK YOU how fucking dare you insult DA VINCI it took him YEARS to paint that". It's about the product itself, she didn't even say they were ugly she just said they were small? It has nothing to do with the artist and he knows it, he's so full of shit. Second why on earth would he show that message to the artist? So you go out of your way to make the artist feel like shit for something they had no control over and that's not rude and disgusting, Jeffree? He's blatantly throwing the artist under the bus here.

He's truly an undiscovered level of deluded and narcissistic, he should be studied in a lab. He literally thinks he owns universal concepts, like the time he almost destroyed that one (small, not even US-based) youtuber's career because she used the word "approved", or the time he posted a picture of someone else's car accusing them of copying him and didn't even cover the license plate. The owner of the car was a rapper and called him out for it. Since it's cropped Jeffree's original caption read
>Look at my knock offs… I told ‘em knock it off

No. 902916

File: 1575721353690.png (355.04 KB, 621x658, bb.png)

(samefag) besides that, it's not even remotely close to the shade of his Blue Blood palette? >>902210

For those keeping track at home, here's a list of things Jeffree apparently owns that we're never allowed to say or use or reference because he will sue you for stealing his intellectual property:
>the adjective "approved"

His lawyers must see his name pop up on their caller ID and just immediately heave a sigh and think "How do I explain to this person they cannot legally own the color blue and we can't actually bring legal action against that 4 year old for using a blue crayon in his coloring book"

No. 903012

Didn’t he get pissy when people posed next to his pepto i8? Maybe I’m remembering wrong.

Don’t forget the time he shaded LimeCrime for their lip shade “teddy bear”(?) because it looked like his ~iconic lip shade androgyny.

His ego is so inflated, it’ll burst soon enough. He’s not untouchable. He will slip up. He will always have asslickers that will say “he’s learning! He’s new at this! We all make mistakes!”
“This is a learning process for us” has been his go to line for the last couple of months, since shit keeps happening with every launch.

Bitch you’ve been doing this for like 5 years. You’re allowed to make these mistakes in the beginning. Not 10 eyeshadow pallets and 5 mystery box releases later.

No. 903016


stupid fuckhead doesn't realize pantones are actually legit. also probably salty that Pantone worked with Sephora before but not him.

No. 903026

oh he probably realizes it, considering he picks his shades by pointing at pantone swatches

No. 903186

I cannot wait until he pisses of someone with far more money/better lawyer team than him. It'll be great to watch him throw an epic fit because he's a lower end millionaire who isn't worth much.

No. 903537

File: 1575854287895.png (242.36 KB, 326x300, Screen Shot 2019-12-08 at 8.18…)

That's how makeup is made…….

One of the colours of the palette seems similar to the colour of the year. But he's a dumbfuck if he thinks he can own "approved" and colour names.

He's so trashy.

No. 903656

crickets from shane really

No. 903659

He doesn’t need to bother with anything now that he raked in $$$ with his bullshit series and shit makeup line. He’s gonna roll around in his own filth until he gets jealous of some other e-celebs riches

No. 903666


Ah yes, the Shane Dawson cycle™.

No. 903669

He's such an insufferable cunt. And we all know he only gets away with this because he's a white gay man. I know he probably wont get cancelled, but i'm so sick of his stupid ass picking fights for NO reason

No. 903688

Not by actual makeup creators its not lmao embarrassing

No. 903705

You dont think that someone isn't looking at a color wheel and thinking 'Damn, that'd be a good shade'? Are you this fucking stupid? You start with finding a color you want made and then labbing it to see if youcan achieve that color. If you can't, you keep frankening it until you get the result. Then you go into the finishes. holy fuck, you are dumb as hell.

No. 903713

Could you lick his fake silicone ass any harder? J is well known for being highly petty and insecure when even the slightest attention isn't on him. He tried ruining JC over the fact he was far more popular than him. Him going at that color twitter was him wanting to stir up shit because the attention was off him. And no one said it was deep dipshit they were pointing out how retarded he is for going after a color twitter for something as stupid as color of the year. J wants channels and others to react and make waves. Just like his newfound caring for Morgan when prior to Shane's series he wasn't even following her.

No. 903716

File: 1575910759798.png (1.86 MB, 1440x1833, Screenshot_2019-12-09-08-57-59…)

Ninja's wife (Jessica) is a big fan of Jeffree Star. Her and her friend dressed as JS and Shane for Halloween this year, also Jeffree and Jessica hung out because she subtly @'s big names to get into the non-gaming "in" crowd. She's a little cow-ish in her own right, but this isnt the thread for that, it's just pretty annoying to see women worship this fuck.

No. 903722

File: 1575910874166.png (1.67 MB, 1440x1750, Screenshot_2019-12-09-08-57-23…)

also the costumes just because

No. 903745

Real shit, I feel that some people don't take people like jeffree serious, they are clowns to them, just that gay stereotype, so when they spout nasty, misogynistic, hateful things towards women & our bodies (which a lot of them do) then people laugh it off like, "haha silly Qween…yasss" but don't see it as they would if a straight man said the same fucking thing.
It's so easy for people to forgive and ignore shit Jeffree has done because of 1- Some of the shit he's done targeted groups they aren't apart of in the first place. IE Racism and how he'd be homophobic ass hell towards Fem men.

And truth be told, a lot of people have accepted some of the toxic behavior Gay men like Jeffree show towards women as fucking normal. There's a difference between dark humor and just constantly attacking. Some of the same people defending & stanning people like Jeffree, would jump down a straight man's neck or a woman's neck for this behavior in a minute. Shane & Jeffree have often made women the butt of their jokes or butt of their content, especially Jeffree.
Without us there would be No Jeffree Star, without us Nate would be head over heels in love with Jeffree too.
The hate Jeffree has for women or anyone who does anything that he feels is attacking his insecure ass runs fucking deep.

No. 903800

Im fucking dying he really did pad out his ass to look like Shane’s!! Also a woman looking more attractive than Jeffree Star while being dressed as him.

No. 904799

File: 1576166325572.jpg (475.43 KB, 755x660, HsQFnga.jpg)

Not sure if milky enough for unsage but Shane won a award for the massive commercial.

No. 905104

File: 1576230398674.jpg (596.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191213-034500_Chr…)


No. 905105

File: 1576230449851.jpeg (324.57 KB, 1112x1529, ELdMYGfUwAAL-uo.jpeg)

Yikes. All I can see is crackhead, and those teeth….. Extremely unflattering.

No. 905140

File: 1576242315959.jpeg (17.55 KB, 236x314, EKu-lmkU0AAowlB.jpeg)

Who does he think he's kidding?

"Just because theres pictures of me drinking alcohol DOESN'T mean that I actually drink alcohol!"

No. 905145

Why does he care so much about people thinking he's lying about alcohol? It makes me feel like he's hiding something.I cannot be convinced him and Nate aren't on multiple drugs, so maybe Alcohol isn't his drug of choice?
He's weirdly respectable about this as well, I wonder why? Also "I live my life so openly" aka, "I talk about my boring ass run of the mill sex life" Which in 2019 going on 2020 isn't unique Shayna, I mean Jeffree.

People are more open about sex than ever before. I truly don't see what he means by "Open" because he only talks about sex, his purchases and make up. He doesn't seem to have much of a life, outside of "Sex", buying shit that he uses as props to floss on the teenage girls stanning him and…make up.

He doesn't have any real friends. Nate's the most interesting thing and for ALL the wrong reasons. Jeffree right now is less interesting then he was, when he was yelling racial slurs and broke. At least then the fucker seemed to have something human about him, even if it was hateful and Angry. Now he's just a shell of a person with money, fame and nothing else to talk about or offer, besides makeup, plus he's STILL hateful & angry. He's an ugly, goofy, problematic, reject Kardashian, but without the huge family and friends. He's just so stereotypically "rich older white gay man, trying to act like Paris Hilton" He's slowly losing whatever it was that made people like him.
I feel hell for Jeffree is being "canceled" and being alone with his money, Nate and everyone who matters calling him out or dismissing him. It really bothers Jeffree that people don't like him & talk shit, which is why he lashes out. He wants to be idolized.

Jeffree is such an odd-looking person. He looks like both a manly looking older woman in her 40's with bad botox and is afraid of aging, but she looks older instead of the 25 she wanted to look, it made her look 50. He needs to let the blonde hair DIE.

but at the same time, he looks like a very awkward 12-year old wearing a mask and butt pads.

No. 905156

Who were the other nominees? They had to be better than Shane's glorified ad campaign.

No. 905158

How is this a picture of him drinking alcohol? It's just a fruity drink, you have literally no idea what's in it

No. 905182

>>903716 i would be interested in mrs. Blevins milk if you have some? You can pour it in the yt thread

No. 905287

They're packing up their shit to sell or keep. What bothers me is they're selling the brand and donating the scraps. Idk seems selfish.

No. 905328

This is like. Basic white bitch taking a photo on a strangers car before they show up and get yelled at.

It’s so trashy. Money really can’t buy class.

No. 905368

isn't this the same car that he claims he brought for Nate?? And it's boring, Jeffree is rich, blah, blah, do something interesting dumb ass.

If Jeffree ever got an reality show it'd be SO fucking boring.

No. 905429

Ugh. Even the fucking bubble wrap is pink? He’s going to ruin his new house with pepto colored vomit. Like how Doe Deer painted her house in Mexico fucking periwinkle. I can’t with these cows.

No. 905455

I'm surprised he's not auctioning any of the items and donating the money to charity? You would think that would make for a super easy PR move instead of just consigning all of his items of value to the realreal.

No. 905626

Not trying to defend him but I work at a home depot and almost all the bubble wrap is pink. I've seen green and clear before, but this is a nitpick lol

I agree though, he's probably going to make his new house fucking ugly.
Reminds me of how Kelly Eden makes everything look tacky when she paint it pastel.

No. 906679

File: 1576598607443.png (276.37 KB, 334x492, Capture.PNG)

I know it's a jokey post, but this made me laugh.

No. 907137

File: 1576698148973.png (23.23 KB, 600x97, hh.PNG)

No. 907162

Guess Nathan stepped outta line this week. Have to remind him how 'wanted' Jeffree is.

No. 907172

yikes that jawline.

No. 907191

I believe so. In that interview with Trisha, he said Nate decided to delete his Instagram because weird DM's but we all know why the Instagram got deleted and who deleted them. Jeffree has been working overtime trying to shove down our throats how much Nate loves him and how perfect they are.
I'm starting to feel he's trying to convince himself tbh. Someone on GG had a small recap and it seems like he was answering questions about everything that was discussed here and there. Seems we ticked him off. I feel things aren't good with Jeffree & Nate, which is why he seems so bothered by the comments people make about them. I would not be surprised if they got engaged or something, because Jeffree's all about image, and his image includes, being this boss bitch, with the hot "straight" boyfriend that everyone's jealous of.
He's so insecure.

No. 907376

File: 1576731187212.jpg (45.9 KB, 540x422, fVbaAEz_d.jpg)

God, gross. Is he trying to be Katya? Except when Katya wears absurd ugly clothing it's her schtick and it's charming.

>I know it's a jokey post, but

Is it a jokey post? It seems exactly like the bullshit he honestly believes about himself. Between this and >>907191 I swear to god he spends 50% of his time obsessively searching for and involving himself in drama, and 50% of his time bragging about how busy and uninterested he is.

>because weird DM's
Yeah, I bet it was weird DM's, DM's Nate was sending to anything with a pulse that wasn't Jeffree probably. So what, Jeffree's got him drugged and chained to the wall now with no access to the outside world? (I mean we know he's drugged all the time anyways). I almost feel bad for him.

>Seems we ticked him off.

Good. We've been a lot better over here, but the Makeup thread was so clearly overrun by cronies. I bet lolcow/GG/BGC drive him insane because he can't individually threaten or buy out the people on there.

No. 907531

Everything we were saying here and on GG he adressed.
-On GG people spoke about the "weed buiness" he said Nate owned, on the interview he said "it's in Nate's name" (Yeah right)

-He talked about how Nate HATES being called gay for pay

and he said that he's not attracted to gay men, which is probably why he hates we call Nate "gay 4 pay" because he doesn't want the word "gay" next to any man he's fucking.

He came off very insecure & bothered, but he basically confirmed he read GG because the weed shit, Gay 4 Pay and Nate's deleted instagram has been ALL the talk over there for the past few weeks.

The funniest thing is, he's trying to convince GG & LC of this relationship, when NONE of us will believe it and care that much. Those weird Dm's were Nate 100% hitting up bitches, or Jeffree saw people in his Dm's and got upset.

No. 907533

I think those DMs were from attractive girls on ig. Then Jeff got his feelings hurt because nate is gay for pay and knew he can't stand against a woman that nate would want.

No. 907729

File: 1576810539456.jpeg (486.61 KB, 1125x912, 6AC69967-B2D9-4072-94E4-A10699…)

No. 907731

File: 1576810593842.jpeg (349.08 KB, 1791x2048, 9A8210D4-1AB7-4DA6-8C41-4AF901…)

Shane is fat and I would not have sex with him(nitpick)

No. 907842

File: 1576828621632.jpeg (207.54 KB, 750x1068, 1A55E80B-F119-4F03-B23B-C30E8C…)

>I’m ready for what’s next…
Is what’s next…..2010? Honestly this shit looked trashy 10 years ago, no one tell him about Super Bass or he’ll try and accuse Nicki Minaj of going back in time and copying him, somehow.

No. 907852

He did a song with nicki 10 years ago

No. 907854

That lipstick doesn't do him any favors.

No. 907864


Anyone else sensing sadness from Jeffree? Usually, I sense anger, bitterness, and bullshit, but nowadays, every time I see him I just feel like his ass is sad.
Imagine coming all the way up (with the help of others and shitting on them) just to end up being super-rich and sad.
Also speaking of Nicki, Jeffree says he's going to go back to music. Which to me shows his ass is getting bored. I feel for years he's been doing a bad Nicki impression or "ghetto" Lady Gaga impression.

He also said in that interview that Nate's in aviation school. Which is fucking scary because he's always high. They both seem to be bored and just doing shit. I do think Jeffree was passionate about music and wanted to be this big deal, but I feel he's just doing shit, trying to feel something.


That interview was a bad move IMO. Especially how he kept talking for Nate. It looked like he was lying and defending shit because he knows it's true. Jeffree wanted Nate to be the way he is, He wanted a kept man IMO.
I have no idea why NOW years later, it bothers him people think he's gay for pay, that he's cheating, that he's a sugar baby to the point where Jeffree has to address it. People have been saying that for years.

I feel this shit all started with Nate and that Instagram. I would not be surprised if they get engaged or something drastic JUST so Jeffree can stick it to the minority of people who dislike him and aren't believing his shit. I think the criticism has been a little more louder then usual and it's getting to Jeffree.

Also, maybe Shane's rubbed off on him. I would not be surprised if Jeffree and Shane fell out because when Jeffree seems sad and off, he usually starts some drama.

No. 907892

Thread pic is avant-garde as fuck and I love it. Where did you get this masterpiece anon?

No. 907921

My theory is that Nate got caught with a real woman he'd been seeing for sometime without Jeffree knowing. After all he'd been so immersed in swindling idiot teen fans of Shane for the past year, it'd not be hard for Nate to sneak around. So know he's desperate to let everyone know Nate is totally there for him and not his money.

No. 907935

I love how his response isn't "I have a man" or "I'm taken" it's, "I'm busy, here's a picture of me in front of a car looking bored as hell, fuck off"

Has Jeffree ever said their relationship was open? To me it seems open on Jeffree's side (he's flirted with people who weren't Nate on camera) but not on Nate's.
Jeffree could easily shut down all the speculation by just lying and saying it's open.I mean, I don't think either are faithful. I feel the threesomes aren't to spice things up but it's something thats required for Nate & Jeffee. They seem bored of eachother tbh.
I think something happened, and I feel Nate cheating or stepping out had to do with it.

No. 907985


I noticed it, too.

Like a lot of people, J has hit the top and has realized money, and having gobs of it, does not make you happy if you have nothing useful to do with it. It just makes you a target for people’s greed and envy.

I love designer clothes as much as the next person, but it’s not a replacement for fulfillment.

No. 907990

File: 1576873339783.png (541.86 KB, 879x1079, jsjc.png)

I feel like he must have, when years ago Nates nudes got leaked because he was texting them to other random people, but I can't confirm if he ACTUALLY said it. I think he assumes if he just tweets "omg we're having soooo many threesomes" people will just assume it's an open thing. I mean, he straight up said he would pay Garrett's rent if he fucked him in the original Shane series so….???? I think what it is is that it's open, but the problem is Jeffree gets really jealous and butthurt when Nate wants to fuck women, and Nate doesn't give one single fuck what Jeffree's up to. He's probably desperate for Nate to be jealous of his constant harassment of other men.

>To me it seems open on Jeffree's side (he's flirted with people who weren't Nate on camera)

This is what drove me so crazy about the JC ordeal. I'm not a JC fan by any means, but how is a single virgin 19 year old kid flirting with guys who are his own age who seem to be questioning their sexuality "a predator" and "a danger to society" but a 33 year old man openly sexually harassing every man around him regardless of sexual orientation, offering to pay their rent for sex, keeping a 25 year old straight man essentially locked and drugged in his house for being straight (also paying for Nate's family's every need so of course Nate can't leave), who wrote a song about fucking straight guys (aptly named "Straight Boys") NOT predatory? I remember there was a clip from the original Shane/Jeffree series going around where Jeffree offered Andrew a macaroon or something and then just talked about how big his mouth was and how he could fit sooo much in his mouth while Andrew was eating it, and the response from people sharing it wasn't "hey what the fuck" it was "teehee isn't Jeffree so silly!"

I mean, even if you just use the Dolan twins as your control here. Look at the difference in video content:
>Jeffree: 33 year old man dresses straight teenage boys in his clothes, buys them expensive gifts, makes them take off their clothes so he can paint their bodies in his house where he constantly brags about having threesomes and fucking straight men and doing drugs
>Not a predator, a kween uwu yaaaaas

>James: Teenagers hanging out together, buying each other gifts, doing each other's (face) makeup (with their clothes on), doing dumb teen shit like going on road-trips together (albeit what dumb teens with millions of dollars would do)

>A predator, a danger to society

No. 908005

Not to mention Jeffree just straight up admitted he didn't like gay men, I said this elsewhere, but I'd LOVE to hear Jeffree's reasoning for not being attracted to "gay men' I promise you it'll come off predatory, fucked up, egotistical, problematic, like a fetish etc.
This is a man who said, ""I don’t hang out with gay people really. Most gay guys are like women, they’re fucking annoying. There is so much drama and cattiness. I stick with the “bros.”
So, lets read between the lines. How is that not self-hate, homophobia and fucked up, also sexist as hell?

by no means do I like or stan James, but the sheer amount of SHIT Jeffree gets away with is fucked up. let alone he went on TRISHA'S podcast. Remember how the trans community lost their shit about Trisha? I hate that bitch too, but I love how Trisha and other people get held responsible for their bullshit.

but not Jeffree and Shane, it's funny how no one has a issue with jeffree or shane for being cool with Trisha who LGBTQ+ had a huge issue with.

No. 908076

This was on my recommend page (I originally watched this bc I like pretty houses with pools) and according to the comments, Jeffree’s moving to this house.

No. 908082

It's a nice house but I could never understand the appeal of a home that large. A homeless person could move in and you would never know. I doubt jeffree has more than nate and him there 24/7, it would be way too easy to hide in there. Not to mention they don't have children, it's just them, and maybe jeffs mom.

No. 908087

File: 1576887191132.png (9.49 MB, 1242x2208, 996B2ADD-A7C0-4B36-8CC6-630B84…)

Buys and moves into that huge house and litters his island with trash food. I know this is likely a nitpick but if I had his kind of money, I’d have a fucking chef cooking me 5 star meals all day everyday. Not chicken quesadillas from Taco Bell and Red Bull.

No. 908103

It's such as status thing, no couple needs that much space, literally just a massive empty house
The interior is so nice n it's just going to end up selling like bong

No. 908191

File: 1576900511442.png (179.18 KB, 484x1569, art.png)

>I promise you it'll come off predatory, fucked up, egotistical, problematic, like a fetish etc.
You mean like this?

He hates women and he hates gays, I think because he doesn't fit in either group. He doesn't fit in either group because he doesn't want to because he thinks he's better than both. That's why it seems so obvious that he was the one pulling all the strings behind Tati and James, because he was hoping they'd destroy each other so he wouldn't have to get his hands dirty. He's a massive misogynist and homophobe, I don't know how brainwashed twitter girls can fawn over him so much.

>It's such as status thing
This. His other house wasn't even fully decorated, what's he gonna do with even more rooms? Doesn't seem like they want kids, literally is every one of his dogs just going to get their own room? At least Shane and Ryland had the "we want a family" cover for buying a giant unnecessary house, and at least they have friends/family to fill it with.

He's like when you find the rosebud cheat in Sims when you're a kid and just buy every expensive item just because you can but then your house looks stupid and the game's not even fun anymore.

No. 908198

He lieks straight bois, huh? He can have Greg.

No. 908215

File: 1576903602356.png (392.7 KB, 616x538, tweet.png)

God, can you imagine what a dream collab that would be? I genuinely think of all the cows on this site they may be the closest in terms of pure milk volume. (Jeffree's just smarter/richer than Gurg so he's been able hide it)

Found it when I was trying to find a good new thread imagine on twitter. I just….couldn't stop thinking about it. I'm glad other anons are as haunted by it as I was.

No. 908220

I call bs on it, it looks like an adult drew it and colored sloppily for clout

No. 908224

Oh yeah for sure, that doesn't distract from the artistic value for me though. Doesn't that make it even better/worse? That an adult is so desperate for their attention that they'd make a fake "child's" drawing? Seems like exactly the kind of bullshit their fans would be up to.

No. 908330

File: 1576948514000.png (599.58 KB, 719x882, Screenshot-21-12-2019.png)

Jeffree is no longer wife to Nate?
Since when?
Couldnt find a screen of his previous bio but I think he only replaced wife to Nate with 'Mom of 4 pomerians'

No. 908333

good catch, it could be nothing but, that is kind of weird…

I bet as soon as this is posted he'll make a post or change it back.

No. 908334

oh and on GG people noticed how he changed it to, "Self-made" after they started questioning the ownership of his business and KatvonD's role in helping Jeffree become what he is today.

No. 908348

He also removed it on his IG. Probably just ramping up drama and getting people to talk. People have said he always starts drama before a launch/announcement.

No. 908349

Usually, Jeffree Donates before a launch as well.

No. 908354

He's sure dragging out his big move.

No. 908384

He's dragging it out and making it seem like he is so humble for 'cleaning for days' and last vlog showing Nate packing clothes into boxes to move. Yeah he shows some assistants helping here and there, but he would have had removalists and cleaners doing the majority of the work. I feel sorry for the person who buys the house next. It's not just a matter of painting over all the pink, but they'd have to remove all the pink customised garbage throughout like that horrible satin quilted wall.
Also despite being cleaned I bet it smells of dog piss in some rooms for sure.

No. 908422

Who would buy it? It’s got that pink vault in the middle with his logo on the floor.

The only good content would be seeing someone take a sledge hammer to it.

No. 908426

So is he gonna fuck this house up like the other one? I mean can you imagine moving into his old place and having to deal with all that gaudy pink. Not to mention the price being driven up due to that stupid closet vault he just finished. Actually do the new owners have to pay to reset that vault or anything? Since it was customized to him.

No. 908440

Money can't buy taste, that satin wall literally looked so cheap n nasty.
Hope he doesn't pull some shit on this nice new house with all its old wood n shit, just running round ruining fucking nice furnishings

No. 908441

File: 1576975079579.png (100.6 KB, 593x647, js.png)

Yikes. Everyone in the comments is just talking about how they haven't gotten theirs yet either or Jeffree's blocked them or customer service has just been full of shit. At least he's got his big new shiny empty house!

No. 908446

Honestly…Trisha Paytas should just buy it.

No. 908582

She doesn't have that much money

No. 909372

Shane’s merch hasn’t been shipped to people, on top of them not getting their palette.

No. 909836

Video of him sitting on the floor, apologising and telling everyone he’s in a dark place when?

No. 909838

He’s always in a dark place (his asshole) so never

No. 909847

A Dark Place (TM) must be some sort of exclusive club for youtubers

No. 909993

No. 910211

File: 1577387791083.png (793.34 KB, 605x814, cel6c25ebm641.png)

Interesting that when someone initially mentioned that instead of remedying it he instead immediately publicly bullied the person and threw the artist under the bus instead of taking an accountability? >>902566
>and the person responsible has sadly been let go
Honest to god if you told me that what he meant by "sadly let go" was that he pushed a button and a door to a fire pit opened up below some poor employee, I would 110% believe it. Even when he's pretending like he's taking accountability for his actions, he's really just throwing other people under the bus? Throwing all the blame on a scapegoat and then "sadly letting them go"? Like you own the company, you don't actually have to let anyone go. You're not going to get any praise or sympathy for choosing to fire one of your employees on Christmas Eve (Scrooge style, very nice) over a mistake that could have been fixed weeks ago if you actually listened to what your fans were telling you instead of immediately blocking and mercilessly bullying them. Even if some poor employee did make a mistake, it's no one's fault but his own.

No. 910237

im sure he only let the employee go because hes not willing to blame himself for his outbursts at customers. he probably thinks the worker made him look bad, and without said worker couldve avoided being horrid online. because as we know jeffree thinks hes the most innocent wellmeaning person of all time

No. 910372

File: 1577401634051.png (707.25 KB, 1050x604, mm.png)

Marilyn Manson's newest Instagram post …

No. 910378

Honestly he says someone was "let go" every month at this point.
He most likely doesn't do shit about it besides making a tweet and just saying he does to look like a #bossbabe

No. 910562

How many issues is that now in just the last couple of months?? But of course, it’s not J’s fault…It’s so-n-so’s fault.
If he spent more time in his warehouse and actually managed his company, he would catch these mistakes.

How did no one notice? How are 1000 units missing? This employee didn’t steal them…so where are the 1000 units that didn’t end up in boxes? If you have a finite number of mystery boxes, all supposedly having a very specific item, where’s that item? Am I missing something?

No. 910820

File: 1577504862379.png (492.69 KB, 625x705, barf.png)


No. 910822

Fucking gross, praying that in 2020 Jeffree Star is outed for the horrible person he is and loses everything including his all his pink expensive items

No. 910823

This is what finally made me block this idiot. Trashy.

No. 910835

J wishes he had a clit so Nate would love him

No. 910838

File: 1577509153030.jpeg (205.55 KB, 1067x1846, EMVBuyhVUAEJPmM.jpeg)

kek, good point. Judging by twitter a few days ago, people who ordered anything on Black Friday got emails that their products wouldn't ship until like the 20th (if they even got shipping info) because they were still waiting on product to get in, so he was literally overselling all his shit anyways. Here's a cap from twitter of someone getting their order just outright cancelled because they didn't even have the stock.

Not sure when the mystery boxes went on sale, but I would guess he sold them without having the stock thinking it would come in later, and then when it didn't he had to send the boxes out anyways knowing full well that it didn't have the item in it (because what would be the point of a Christmas Mystery Box if it arrived well after Christmas, that could have caused more of an uproar) and is now trying to ret-con that there was some big mistake. When really he probably never had the actual stock in the first place, because notice the tweet doesn't say he's actually going to get the people the product, he's just going to refund them.

It's the equivalent of submitting the wrong paper online at 11:59 PM so it looks like you had it done on time, and then being like "Oh no, oops! What a crazy mistake, here's the correct file!" when your professor emails you 10 hours later when you've actually got it done. Dumb lying freshmen bullshit 101.

No. 910841

Wait, wasn't that a preorder? How the hell do you oversell a preorder?

No. 910842

File: 1577509622099.jpeg (197.16 KB, 823x1477, EMR44ZVUUAAT_lk.jpeg)

From what I saw on Twitter, people were ordering things and then later being told they were actually pre-orders. Seemed like a lot of "Wait since when is this a pre-order?" (these are caps from people complaining after the 20th that they had STILL not gotten any shipping notice)

No. 910843

File: 1577510063264.jpeg (97.17 KB, 720x936, EMRRjNqXUAAipZh.jpeg)

Just dumping a few other twitter caps because none of these are even consistent with what they were promising. Notice this one sent on 11/29 says "10 business days" and later emails from Customer Service say 11/29 orders ship on 12/19.

No. 910844

File: 1577510430414.jpeg (159.57 KB, 828x1792, EMVFW7RWkAMsicN.jpeg)

Can you imagine buying something on December 1st and then being told after that money was in Jeffree's pocket that you wouldn't actually be getting it in time for Christmas? I'd be livid. No fucking way he had any of the shit he was selling in stock. Why else would it possibly take that long?

No. 910878

File: 1577518824940.jpg (1.5 MB, 1426x2429, Screenshot_20191228-023850.jpg)


No. 910881

>I can’t wait to make more money

No. 910883

>can’t wait to make more stuff I’m passionate about

Yeah Shane we can see that in your eyes.

No. 910901

he looks like a sped in this photo

No. 910902

>I can't wait to make more things I'm passionate about.
Passionate? About what?
Couldn't be makeup, since he never uses it. He only hoards tons of it in his not-as-big-as-jeffrees makeup room.
Couldn't be his "I'll never do this again" merch collection.
Making money seems to be the only thing he's ""passionate"" about.

No. 910916

he legit looks dead inside. rofl imagine being filthy rich and still being a miserable, fat slob. I laugh

No. 910917

Why do gay men say this shit? If a real woman said this, she'd be dragged for being vulgar. It's just gross either way, but pisses me off when a stupid racist guy says it. I dont get how JS* has followers when he acts like trash

No. 910923

this is just gross as shit and I'm SO sick of men like Jeffree saying and doing this, but because they are fem men, it's not hateful & people should'nt find a issue. I really really really hope Jeffree DOES NOT think that he's making anyone but the dumb white teens who follow him jealous.

All that money, all these ass kissers, a brought boyfriend, a huge house, and every single day he has to remind us how happy he is, how much money he has, how nice his cars is, how much sex he has etc. etc. etc.

Jeffree we don't believe you. Happy people don't behave like you. It's bitter and cold at the top, Fake too. No amount of weave, ass implants, "Nate" or cars will fix the anger, depression, unhappiness and bitter bitch that is ur heart.
He's So basic at his core. I'm just waiting on him to have a sex tape "leak" just so he can show us that Nate LOVES to fuck him.

He wants to prove so much shit to his haters and it's going to bite him in the ass.

No. 910960

He can't do a sex tape with Nate though. Nate can barely act interested as is. Can you imagine his high af ass fumbling around clearly dissatisfied. Given he removed 'wife of Nate' on Twitter guessing Nate's in the doghouse for whatever J made him delete instagram for. If he does do a sex tape it'll be with some gay for pay porn star because in his fucked up mind he thinks his fans will eat that up. Kinda like "I can have anyone and Nate still loves me."

No. 910991

it's still killing me that in a conversation with Trisha who made the LGBTQ+ so mad with her trolling, Jeffree "dark place" Star, can sit there and say, "I'm not attracted to gay men" and "i'm not into group sex" ( i guess threesomes aren't group sex to Jeffree)

I'd LOVE to know who Jeffree sold his soul to for infinite passes for problematic behaviors and LIES.

I kind of feel like a gay for pay pornstar is STILL too gay for Jeffree, I feel he's finding completely straight men in the wild, throwing money, NDA's and whatever he can and having them fuck him, because he said he didn't fuck people they knew.
I wouldn't be surprised if Jeffree was chasing married straight men, and was getting off to stealing something from a woman, even if he knows his money is what has the power, not him.
Honestly, he sounds bored with Nate. Maybe Nates too "Gay" for him now or something…who the fuck knows.

No. 910993

File: 1577558402201.png (248.98 KB, 305x453, passionate.png)

Christ. At least when he says he's spending time with family I believe him, Jeffree was tweeting about hanging out with family and how important it is and it's like ???? bitch who? Nate's family who is obligated to hang out with you and listen to you talk about fucking him because you pay all their bills?

>this is just gross as shit and I'm SO sick of men like Jeffree saying and doing this
It just feels even grosser because we all know how much he absolutely abhors women. It's probably his complete lack of respect for women that makes him think he can say shit like that. It's like a member of the KKK tweeting a picture of their car and going "This matches the color of my melanin!"

>I'm just waiting on him to have a sex tape "leak" just so he can show us that Nate LOVES to fuck him.

Don't give him any ideas anon, since he apparently reads here.

That sounds about right. Or it'll be like "SEE GUISE we're tooootally poly, THAT'S why Nate's been fucking other people and isn't here right now! I'm totally chill with it because I'm so cool and "non-confrontational" and definitely don't have him chained to a radiator in the basement with his phone just out of reach!"

No. 911001

File: 1577559375883.png (125.51 KB, 619x613, km.png)

Glancing at Shane's twitter and Jeffree could really learn a thing or ten about humility and accountability from his business partner (I'm assuming, since Jeffree's twitter says he's "Co-Owner of Killer Merch"). Look at this apology vs Jeffree's "apology" >>910211 for essentially the same situation (except Jeffree only "apologized" for one tiny part of why people were mad, he didn't apologize for the lying and misleading and late packages or cancelled orders).

>I hope they know this is not on Shane in any way

We been knew fam, we all know he's sitting at home guzzling root beer and counting stacks of money in a ripped unwashed shirt and not ACTUALLY working or having anything to do with the business in any real way because he's worked soooo hard this year and deserves a break u guise :(((

No. 911007

Whats this old man doing looking for clout by namedropping celebs the kids these days are into? Hilarious.

No. 911042

>lookk how relatable I am! Loaded and I still love to spend time in empty parking lot! Totally like a poor person, right?

No. 911095

Maybe they’re collabing or something?? I can’t imagine the horror tbh

No. 911104

It'd be SO funny if he did a collab with his twin MM, it'd make it SO obvious his ass was upset about James Collab with Kesha and is trying to do whatever he does, Though he's just waiting a while to do it so it's not as obvious.

No. 911127

TBH I think he's more salty Gaga went to Nikki than him. Kesha is low tier LGBT bait after all Gaga is the queen though for LGBT baiting.

Also this just dropped

No. 911226

File: 1577604552214.png (157.17 KB, 668x646, mm.png)

He doesn't want LGBT folk though, he hates the gays. He doesn't want gay men because he feels threatened by them (see: James Charles, Manny, Ryland, etc). I doubt lesbains want much to do with him, I can't imagine they appreciate a 6'1" man running around talking about his "pussy" and his "clit". He's obsessed with straight men but undoubtedly any genuinely straight man would want nothing to do with him. People of color don't want anything to do with him (except Petty Paige who is currently lodged all the way up his ass) because of his racist past.

His target demo is straight white girls. They're the ones he feels the most superior to and the least threatened by, and they're the one who scream "yaaas kween" every time he does something unforgivable because they're deluded enough to think that supporting JS gives them "woke" points.. You know who he has collabed with in the past? RPDR Queens. You know who are the biggest fans of RPDR? Straight white girls. Honestly, his best bet would probably be like…Billie Eilish or something. Whatever teenage white girls are into these days. The cast of the Office? idk.

God, you're right I bet he's steamed. Can you imagine? Beloved sexual abuse survivor Kesha, icon of women's rights vs beloved….50 year old dough man who blew it with multiple women who are now sexual/domestic abuse advocates, contributed to the death of internet sweetheart Keanu Reeve's girlfriend back in the day, who just seems to also hate women in general. The teens'll love it! To be fair Jeffree and MM look like they could be related what with the refusal of eyebrows and all.

No. 911867

Am I the only person who took this as a joke post or

No. 911877

Unless it's making fun of the mentally disabled I don't know what the joke is?

How can a guy who posts like twice a year even use the word "passionate"????

No. 912310

File: 1577867880060.jpeg (321.96 KB, 749x1484, 7A507CBA-0F8F-499A-8B7A-C8C18B…)


No. 912311

File: 1577868118713.jpeg (537.18 KB, 2048x1366, 70187161-8895-463B-9973-DD67FD…)

Compare to this he retweeted. His cheeks look like they’re full of straight up cement, horrifying.

No. 912312

The forbidden orange/cyan color combo is the best way to start 2020. Looking forward to more great “looks” this year JS.

No. 912323

I'm not very good at makeup, but that look mad me wince

No. 912331

I'm not going to lie, I almost thought this was one of those reddit posts about someone who is recovering from an illness and this wasn't even Jeffree Star.

I was expecting to see, "This is Connor, He was diagnosed with "X" 10 months ago. For the first time in months, he was able to get up, put on makeup (from the Shane X Jeffree Star collab) and dress as the person he looks up to most, Jeffree Star!!, please show him some love!!"

I did NOT think that was Jeffree. This is a horrible look. He looks like hell.

No. 912371

He's so incredibly ugly. I wonder what kind of drugs it needs to think that he's good looking or has any make up skills.

No. 912390

File: 1577895798568.jpg (59.84 KB, 522x683, Capture.JPG)

People are finally doing something other than sucking his dick on twitter.
Inb4 Shane starts crytyping tweets in order to shut down criticism.

Full tweet thread:

No. 912413

He can't pull off the Melanie Martinez wig. Shout out to the anon who found his new mansion.

No. 912429

God when he's done that place is gonna look hideous. It's extremely well put together right now and flows naturally room to room. And he's gonna replace redwood trim with tacky gold and black velvet? Noticing Nate is being a good boy and sticking to him like glue right now. Let's see how long that lasts lmao. Watch Shane whine in an upcoming video cause Jeffree moved to a bigger mansion and he just didn't 'make it' like he wanted.

No. 912431

Jeffree always looks like he's in a costume. He cannot think these looks are sexy or well put togeather. Jeffree thinks just because something costs a lot that it looks good.

He literally looks like a clown. He's either throwing everything on at once, or walking around looking like a rich 80 year old man who skin burns easily so he covers up with tacky expensive sweat suits.

Poor Nate.

No. 912472

holyshit, that nose job

No. 912473

That mansion is so beautiful. I cringe just thinking about the trashy cheap motel look Jeffree is gonna transform it to.

No. 912484

>>Gonna have one suite transformed pink for "classic Jeffree" - seems to be where his youtube video stuff will be
>>Ten bedroom home, people mentioned to be living here in the video: Jeffree, Nate, Madison, Jeffree's mother, live in security.
>>Sixteen car garage
>>Redoing the pool to be baby pink, ew
>>Says most of the home won't be pink themed this time around, said something like "I don't want another Barbie dream house" - gold, black, opulence themes
>>Has another building on the property - will be made into a "Beauty Barn"
>>Full gym, full spa, sauna room, meditation room, multiple kitchens, wine cellar (jokes about weed cellar), his and her sides of the bedroom suite, full theater, secret pinball room, etc etc
>>Going to make a brand new vault in this mansion - "The Fortress"

Shane was really annoying in this video, yes it's bigger than your mansion but… you still live in a fucking mansion yourself. Kept saying it "feels so home-y" ugh. I've never understood home this big, no one needs something this big. It's so gaudy.

No. 912491

File: 1577913580408.jpeg (43.47 KB, 800x450, the-og-screen-shot.jpeg)

[Macklemore's Thrift Shop echos ominously in the distance]

>Jeffree thinks just because something costs a lot that it looks good.
Hit the nail on the head. Literally all he wears are track suits? You could buy that shit for $20 at Walmart, what's the point? Why else would he buy a giant empty house for two people that he doesn't need? Unless Nate convinced him to buy it so he'd have more rooms to hide from Jeffree in?

No. 912501

it’s because he’s a rich person who grew up poor. it’s why he wears the tacky logo’d tracksuits instead of something more tasteful. it’s literally what poor people think luxury is.

he flaunts his money and himself like he’s a character rather than an actual person.

No. 912534

File: 1577919097991.jpg (141.33 KB, 1353x749, itsreal.jpg)

pic related

No. 912957

File: 1578019752055.png (366.72 KB, 593x663, morgan.png)

It's 2020 now, haven't we been done with this "omg so quirky so clumsy so randum I love food!! so relatable xDD" rich blonde white girl shit since like, Jennifer Lawrence?

No. 912999


Considering how enormous she is getting she doesn't need to remind us how emotionally attached to food she is. I wonder when Ryland or Shane will exploit it for a clickbait intervention video.

No. 913017

In the first jeffree/shane video he said the reason he wears gucci tracksuits all the time is to cover up all his self harm scars and still feel luxurious or something to that effect. Still doesn't really make sense since any pants/long sleeve combo would do the same job

No. 913063

File: 1578041783131.jpg (189.61 KB, 1280x712, tumblr_pt2pqoR6jN1uv135qo1_128…)

God, all I can think of the Baron from WWDITS. The resemblance is already jarring.

No. 913084

>is to cover up all his self harm scars and still feel luxurious or something to that effect
….so…like….clothes? He’s just describing the concept of clothing?

Reminds me of when Kojima was getting backlash for creating a bikini-clad woman who was unable to speak and his reasoning was like “you fools! once you understand her tragic backstory you’ll understand why she gotta have her tiddies out and not be able to speak” and then it was just some anime bullshit about a super power that she absolutely could have worn less revealing clothes with. Like, just say you like wearing your jammies all day cause they’re comfy Jeffree, no one could fault you for that.

No. 913310

Shane's tweeting about Australia's fires. Betting that to be his next 'look how wholesome and carrying I am" video. Seeing how people are starting to call his ass out for sniveling about being poor compared to J and such.

No. 914510

File: 1578354996585.png (475.04 KB, 1112x551, Capture.PNG)

Gross, I guess this is shane's new make up channel. The joys of being a rich, white gay man on youtube. You can literally do close to ANYTHING but still have people throwing money, chances and love ur way.

No. 914518

File: 1578355433166.png (28.27 KB, 483x332, Capture.PNG)

I guess we are all wrong, Shane "plays" with makeup daily and loves it SO SO much. I love how he's going to pretend to like make up. Like this makes it all grosser.
Why not just go, "Hey, I became "friends" With Jeffree Star I saw the "buiness" side of it all, and I'm interested in building my own make up brand"

Why does it have to be this manipulative bs when he knows like we all know people are going to buy it anyway.
All this, "i love make up I swear!!" bullshit is so phoney. Shane doesn't even seem to shower but he loves makeup which is an Extra step?

A man whose too depressed to groom but puts make up on himself or others? Checks out.

No. 914525

File: 1578355781958.png (35.84 KB, 1094x301, LOL.PNG)

No. 914527

>Not doing my extremely public job properly is excusable because right now I want to be a fat hermit and pity myself instead.
This isn't an excuse, it's an admission of laziness.

No. 914541

Tana dropped a 40 min video a week ago on Jake and the past year apparently. I haven't been keeping up with their shit, anyone know what's going on?

I'm gonna guess we learn the plot twist that…Jake's not a great dude???

No. 914561

they got into a relationship and then got maybe fake married for views. I think they live streamed it and maybe ppl paid? for it. Its all the normal nonsense those kind of people do.

It seemed very fake but the relationship was apparently real enough. They were hooking up and hanging out anyways without the label. Obviously Jake who has cheated on all his gfs would cheat on this one, and Tana was "ok" with an open relationship which only validated his cheating. She got hurt because he fucked his ex that he claimed was shitty to him.

Also party girl was into drugs a lot and struggles with it now, not surprising.

No. 914568

no shit we all know that, I meant like post-wedding/whatever happened recently to prompt this video
>I think they live streamed it and maybe ppl paid?
>She got hurt because he fucked his ex that he claimed was shitty to him
You don't even seem like you know what you're talking about? Which ex? Erika? Alissa?

No. 914588

Why don't you look it up yourself instead of asking to be spoon-fed and bitching about how the response wasn't good enough?

No. 914605

That…is what the video is about. Im saving you 40 minutes and you cannot even look up that Jake fucked Alissa on your own?

No. 914639

Did Jeffree and Nate break up? Jeffree cancelled his master class for personal reasons and he took Nate off his bio in twitter and ig.

No. 914642

I highly doubt it, they just moved into their huge fucking house. also someone said Nate has been out of Jeffree's bio since whatever happened that caused Nate to delete his insta. visible here >>908330

No. 914684

Wtf are you talking about, i doubt most people here know enough or give a shit about Jake Paul and Tana, if you want a more in depth discussion about the video go over to the youtubers thread or watch the god damn video yourself you fucking retard

No. 914698

>i doubt most people here know enough or give a shit about Jake Paul and Tana
>instead of asking to be spoon-fed
ntayrt but Jake (and Tana to some extent) have been covered pretty extensively in this threads because Shane has done full ass series on both of them. it's just a stupid thing to say because the "spoonfeeding" you're claiming to do is old milk from like 7 months ago. at the very least lurk a little more

No. 914721

right? he expects this to make him seem sympathetic somehow but it's pathetic. like your boss asks you why you've been missing work and you say "uhh work stresses me out and i don't feel like it so i've just been staying in bed all day instead? duh?" shane is good reverse-motivation for a lot of things. whenever you feel like being a lazy piece of shit and coddling yourself just think about him

No. 914734

File: 1578389414207.png (11.54 KB, 629x109, j.PNG)

Im not sure what's going on. I don't know how long his insta has said "Survivor" either. Nate's brother had some health issues that Jeffree & Nate commented on a minute ago, so hopefully he's okay but maybe that may be why?

No. 914754

I think it's most likely something to do with his mum. Jeffrree has said how shes been really sick, and then in the house tour he said that he didnt know how much longer she would be alive.

No. 914776

The "Survivor" part appeared shortly after their dog's passing. The mom/wife lines were replaced with "Scorpio" and "Survivor". Later on he added "Mom of 4 Pomeranians" back.

It may be pom related, may be something else. But timing-wise, it was around that period.

No. 914809

Oh thanks anons, I didn't know about his mom, I hate Jeffree but man that sucks, hope thats not the case'

No. 914811

>I'm not in the mood to post
>After a series I tend to gain weight, spiral, and hibernate for a couple of months
Wow it's almost like when you spend all of your time with objectively terrible people and sell your soul for money it turns out to not be worth it because you hate your life? Why doesn't his best friend mental health advocate uwu Kati tell him to get off his ass and go to a psychiatrist because this is very clearly a mental health issue? Oh wait, is it because she can't then exploit him for a video?

>Nate's brother had some health issues that Jeffree & Nate commented on a minute ago
>I think it's most likely something to do with his mum. Jeffrree has said how shes been really sick
Huh. But why would that make Jeffree the "survivor" in that scenario? Like he survived….someone else's health scare?

Wait but doesn't he hate his mom though? Didn't he claim some other woman was his mom for years? Or am I mis-remembering something

No. 914871

I think you're all reading way too much into it. It's prob some stupid shit like surviving one of his apparent many threesomes with Nate.

No. 914872

LOL. I think i'm just going to go with this. Seems legit.

No. 914925

I don't remember all the details but Jeffree and his mom were enstranged for many years but a good while ago they reconciled and started connecting more. Good for them honestly.

No. 914955

Wow the deflection. Interesting how in the "documentary" he made a point to show that he was trying to improve on his health by starting diet and exercise again, and also how happy and excited he was for the future with Ryland and improving his finances. Soooo…now you're just going back to being a sad sack of manchild after the cameras stop rolling? Shane is so fucking phoney.

Oh and you conveniently missed the point of that post - you were getting shit for not doing any looks with YOUR palette. Soooo passionate about this product and yet no effort is put forth into utilizing it in a creative way to inspire your followers. But your depressed and fat so that shouldn't matter lmaoooo what a twat

No. 915116

I don't believe this. Someone on GG once contacted her and she said they don't have contact but Jeff offered her money to bring her on his channel, but she declined.

No. 915185

File: 1578493038907.png (77.57 KB, 646x341, jsscreenshot.png)

LOL. Really? Because after Shane's series #1 he claimed in a video about his "dark secrets" that they did in fact reconcile and are now pretty close even… And then followed up the story in some video(s) afterwards.

And then there was this tweet also.

Would be pretty ironic, if the GG story were the actual case though.

No. 915192

Sounds like some GG bullshit to me. There's a lot of negative things to say about Jeffree but he has usually been honest about that kinda stuff. I don't get why he would lie about it either. Lying about the state of his relationship with Nate on the other hand.. lol.

No. 915597

I mean, he hired his aunt to pretend to be his mom in pictures etc.
In older videos he often complained about his "bitch mom" or whatever he called her and said that his grandma raised him.

No. 915633

File: 1578599561087.png (420.53 KB, 1291x214, thumbs.png)

It seems like at some point Shane changed the thumbnail and titles of at least one of his videos. Why though?
("The Failures of Shane & Jeffree" or whatever it was called is now "The Ugly Side of the Beauty World" with a new thumbnail - I think "The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star" is new as well.)

No. 915691

Yeah obviously they used to have a really bad relationship. Considering he had no father and had so much drama with his mum we probably don't know all the details to I don't really blame him for using his aunt as a step in-parent in some situation but maybe that's just me. There's plenty of other stuff to drag him for.

No. 915718

I think he titled them as controversial documentaries for the clicks, then reverted them to ads with innocent titles and flattering cover images once he'd lured all the suckers into watching hours of ads. The bland titles and edited faces remind me of 50s movie posters

No. 915755

File: 1578613590330.jpg (47.88 KB, 604x464, 6cd4f35f76_69600992_o2.jpg)

What do you mean he " hired" i think he's uncle and aunt where the only family he had for awhile , he's real father committed suicide when he was a little kid , if I remember correctly he's mother was some kind of crackwhore , he used to say awful things about her in the my space era

No. 916032

Shane and Ryland were at Safiya’s wedding, apparently the YouTubers were segregated from the other crowd at the tables

No. 916051

>>916032 segregated makes it sound serious. They were likely sat together because they're all friends and know each other?

No. 916071

anon this is how weddings usually are. couples accrue friends from different parts of their lives, and usually at a wedding you sit the similar friend groups at the same table to make people less uncomfortable and more cohesive.

No. 916191

Oh okay

Yeah idk much about weddings and the only one I’ve ever been to was a Christian wedding and nobody was really segregated since it took place at church.

No. 916260

Sounds like you went to a creepy wedding. And why use “segregated” like they did it in a malicious way? They have like interests and were sat together. Even for a “Christian” wedding at a church that happens too, unless it’s only relatives.

No. 916281

Agreeing with anons who are saying they were sat together because they all know each other because duh but also adding the caveat that I would absolutely try and keep youtubers away from my friends and family if I was ever in that scenario.

I have a friend who's a youtuber (<500K) and I'll usually stay with her and her husband (also youtuber) at conventions and stuff. I can definitively say that sitting at a table with even one youtuber is a nightmare. Being a normie at a whole table of them? That shit suuuuucks. Striking up small talk is a nightmare because they're all too self-obsessed to remember how to talk about anything other than themselves/youtube/twitter. And they're never really interested in talking to anyone they can't network with anyways. So, quarantine them off for sure.

nta, but I think when anon says "segregated" they're just talking about a seating chart. Poor word choice for sure though.

No. 916313

A wedding at a church is creepy? Yeah, ok.

No. 916417

Remember anon, all churches are cults filled with pedos

Why else would anyone want to get married at a cerimonious place where a preist would be

No. 916445


We fuckin called it(this is an imageboard)

No. 916447

File: 1578763139661.jpg (842.8 KB, 1440x1982, 20200111_091821.jpg)

This video isn't clickbait. Only watched the first minute though. Didn't cry or seem sad at all with the few seconds I saw

No. 916453

TL;DR both had a lot of family issues and Jeffree's lifestyle hasn't allowed Nate downtime or privacy enough to heal.

No. 916455

I have some “tea” from another site that says that his ex is now going with a girl.

No. 916459

Also it doesn't sound like they'll be getting back together from the way he wrapped it up.

No. 916466

You can bet your ass Jeffree had him sign an iron-clad NDA though. I doubt we'll get any real tea, unless it's from other people.

No. 916468

The video is a whole lot of saying nothing. Teared up more about the dogs than the relationship ending. He talked a bit about his mom and grandma being sick and some rumors that went around about his mom dying. It seems like nate was the one to end things but it wasn't outright said.

No. 916469

I'm not getting how Nate doesn't have enough privacy or downtime? All Nate has is Downtime, he's barely on camera and everytime he IS, it's because hes taking a picture or JEFFREE WANTS HIM THERE.

I wonder what will become of Nate?
Why did Nate/Jeffree delete his Instagram? What happened in Bora Bora?
What will Nate leave with? Does he keep his family home?
And the most important, WHEN WILL PEOPLE START HATING NATE. I can see the drama channels just waiting for Jeffree to give the go to start calling Nate a fucked up gold digger.

No. 916471

j* and Shane Dawson to start dating when? Total tinfoil/shot in the dark but I could see them pulling something like Holly and ProJared down the road for views/advertisement of something

No. 916472


well, Nate's NOT going to have any privacy now unless he gets the fuck off the internet, because Jeffree stans are going to be out for blood.

So if Nate does have a lady friend or whatever, he better just stay off the internet.

No. 916479

File: 1578764899282.jpg (227.58 KB, 1080x810, 20200111_174821.jpg)


I saw this on Twitter but obv there's no receipts

No. 916482

To hear Nate never wanted to be in the spotlight and he hated it (which showed) really genuinely makes me sad. We know that the money (and jeffree) is what made him do all that. I've always said Nate doesn't crave or want fame, he's just a yes man, a kept man and it was true.
For years Nate has been nothing but Jeffree's boyfriend.. It makes me feel really uncomfortable when it comes to those Naked posed pictures they'd do, or just most of the shit.

Damn, seems like Nate got sick of the shit and could'nt do it anymore. Next time get "Straight Boyfriend who likes attention" Jeffree.

There's SO many on instagram that'd fuck you inside out for the Nate Plan.

No. 916487

I've seen this a lot of places, I really hope it does not turn into, "Nate is cheating" when it seemed like they haven't been togeather in an while.
Truth be told Nate deserves Peace, he does not have the power or control that Jeffree has. Jeffree could have people hating the ground he walks on if he wants too and Nate knows that. Hopefully, what Jeffree says is true and they are cool.

No. 916495

I'm just the messenger. Also TBH it could all be fake anyway.

No. 916506

>All Nate has is Downtime
I bet he always had to be around and ready for Jeffree to use him, because Jeffree seems like one of those self centered men that need everything to revolve around them and get upset when their partner isn't available all the time. I bet he couldn't really leave the house that much

No. 916516


i can see this happening too. shane already worships jeff’s dick, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually tried to pull some kind of marketing scheme around them dating

No. 916518

I would not be surpised if they became a throuple. That'd be the ugliest throuple/couple on youtube tho, no doubt.
jeffree "loves" to fix people, so maybe he'll make Shane shower.

but we have to remember, Jeffree "Gay Male" Star isn't into "gay men"

And Shane's bisexual but in an gay relationship, feel thats too gay for Jeffree.
He wants to be with a man whose only been with him and who he has to serve doeses of pussy and weed to deal with it.
not gasp a gay man that may actually be into Jeffree.

No. 916521

File: 1578771472681.jpg (76.87 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1578771404306.jpg)

Saged because it isnt milk but jfc

No. 916525

i could see jeffree starting to hang out with garrett again

No. 916539

eww who the fucks arm is this

No. 916540

>those wobbly lines

also, what body part is this?? it looks so fat and bloated

No. 916542

Why do they have a fat baby arm omg

No. 916560

File: 1578775622166.jpeg (328.86 KB, 750x728, 13C5B040-06F1-407D-9CF6-42FB17…)

Of all the monstrosities going on around the world, and you choose to make #PrayForJeffee try to happen? His fans are delusional. Saged for no milk, just stupidity

No. 916574

That wouldn't surprise me if it's true though. He's straight and comes from a family that's from a conservative state. Finding some pro 2a gf is more up his alley.

Nobody will ever ask him on this too. He doesn't like gay men and doesn't want to date them. Yet except straight men to date him, a man. And still be considered straight.

Moving forward, I can Jeff being Shane's sugar daddy while Shane kisses his ass and praises him. Don't think they'll ever be in a relationship, just a trio

No. 916577

old tea but i dont know if it was ever mentioned here before

but nate has a thing for trans girl so maybe that had something to do with the breakup too?

it's been a while since i watched this vid but i remember he followed lilah's snap for her nudes and he would constantly follow and unfollow her. nate only stopped because jeffree caught on to him lol

No. 916587

I may be wrong, but Isn't this the girl that Jeffree said they weren't into or something? Like didn't Jeffree address this? Everytime this shit happens Jeffree goes, "we were looking for threesome partners" to save his ass.

but If this is the case, maybe Nate got too "gay" for Jeffree. Or maybe Nate wanted to actually explore a threesome with jeffree and another person, that he can actually maybe enjoy and Jeffree said,"NOPE".
I do feel like when they bring other men, it's the type that Jeffree likes and if Nate likes fem men or transwomen, Jeffree's not having that because it's gay on Nate's part. I'd be very surprised if Jeffree allowed or even if Nate had fucked another man that's not Jeffree, especially since Jeffree doesn't like gay men.

I feel like their threesomes are jeffree being fucked and Nate not interacting with men & with women, it's Jeffree watching and Nate just fucking.
What weirdos

No. 916608

Ugh. This thumb nail just kills any sliver of sympathy I might have been able to dig up. Makes me not even want to watch it.

Hugging a teddy bear, wearing a full face of make up and “ugly crying”? Please. It’s all been dragged out for views, money and so people will buy his next gaudy launch of make up.

No. 916650

this was painful to watch. just Jeffree trying (and failing) to emote like a normal human for 17 minutes straight

No. 916659

I hope Jeffree issues a refund for the dumb shits that bought the Nathan pillow. Honestly happy for him finally dumping Jeffree and deactivating his accounts. Hope he can be himself now.

No. 916670

File: 1578788052251.gif (4.57 MB, 368x460, screenshot.gif)

This is why no one takes youtube or Jeffree serious.

No. 916672

File: 1578788262176.png (500.93 KB, 644x358, Capture.PNG)

Tag yourself, I'm the dog kek

No. 916675

I'm the bear struggling to get away.

I honestly can't believe this is a 17 minute long video that says nothing besides "we broke up." (Wait, I can believe it).

No. 916678


i can’t stand his fugly face

No. 916714

You sound like an atheist libtard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 916717

Are you taking an anons sarcastic post seriously…. yikes.

Nates into transgirls? Is that how he viewed J? Secretly, of course. Because J would never actually want to be a woman, he hates them way too fucking much. But he literally dresses and tries to act like a woman all the time.

No. 916789

Nate owns 100% of their weed business and he's keeping all the houses Jeffrey bought for his family. He's set now lol, he just had to suck some gay dick for a few years.

No. 916811

the mannerisms of this girl fit jefree to a tee. I like how all the comments are just slamming her, but nate was being sus as fuck. Literally why would you keep follow/unfollowing them?

I thought they were a literally nobody but it turns out she hangs with Tana Mongoose and the big youtube cliques.

No. 916856

Nate is into trannies/ladyboys confirmed, explains why he was with J*

No. 916887

Did Jeffree say Nate owns all his family homes? Because I thought the houses Name were in Jeffree's name? Or Zach's? And this weed buiness shit is still shady to me.

No. 916889

I cannot be convinced he was into Jeffree. I feel at best he has/had a fetish for transwomen/ladyboys, Jeffree probably told him that he could find a threesome partner, he may have choosen this person because they look/act similar to Jeffree & Jeffree shut that shit down, and this person put it on blast.

I 100% believe that Nate's going to be with an woman. Nate is clearly bisexual,and Jeffree knew he leaned more towards women, which is why he was giving him women. I just don't think he'd be with a man or Jeffree in a relationship had Jeffree that upgraded him from the very beginning.
Because Jeffree was NOT broke when him & Nate met, he just wasn't rich yet.
Jeffree claims before him Nate had NEVER been into men & I feel like it probably pissed Jeffree off that Nate was looking at this person.
TBH maybe a transwoman was as close as Nate could GET to the real thing, because he knew that possibly Jeffree would let him fuck a trans person alone but not a woman.

Someone said that Jeffree would sit in the room and watch Nate fuck women, but then he said they'd never had a threesome with a woman in that interview, when I could swear Jeffree has said that.
But it's Jeffree's fault people are suprised that Nate's not 100% straight (even though he's fucking a MAN) Nate never said he was straight, it was Jeffree. I think Nate just doesn't like men like that or like Jeffrees fetish for straight boys, he had a fetish for it.

No. 916894

>Nates into transgirls?
Yeah, I thought this was common knowledge. That's why I don't think their relationship was fake, they're just both weirdos. Pretty sure Nate is the one who pushed for the threesomes and J* is so desperate for someone to love him, he'll do anything.

I have a feeling J is going to go full Yoko and do anything to get Nate back. And if Nate can't be convinced, J will start a smear campaign against Nate.

No. 916898

I still think it's fake. Nate could be into transwomen (which Jeffree isn't) sexually and not be into Jeffree. The dude looked miserable with Jeffree. I feel Nate felt trapped, both his and Jeffree's name is on his families home still, I'm not buying Nate owns ALL of the weed buiness and I wonder if I can find it if I looked.

I do kind of believe Jeffree started the threesomes for Nate because Jeffree did let it slip he's not into "group sex" and he said they'd NEVER had a woman in a threesome.

This sounds like him lying because he's ashamed that he had to have threesomes with women for Nate, and threesomes ARE group sex.
I think in the beginning he brought women for nate, but as they grew farther apart Jeffree brought men for himself.

No. 916910

tinfoil, but I think the reason Nate would be into trans girls is because it'd be the closest to women he could get without setting Jeffree off. As Jeffree isn't really all about T rights and such and just sees them as men so 'not a threat' to him. But seriously, what the fuck did he expect? Nate had only dated women prior he has his preferences that doesn't magically go away just because you throw a shit ton of money/drugs/weed at him.

No. 916914

If you ask me, someone needs to tell Jeffree what "Straight" means. Jeffree wanted Nate to be gay for HIM and give up women completely and I feel when Nate didn't, Jeffree tried to do what he could to keep him. If Nate used to only date women, but stopped to be with Jeffree a man, then in Jeffree's fucked up mind that made him "Straight but gay for me"

I remember Nate used to like a bunch of women's posts on Instagram.

No. 916915

File: 1578846222368.jpg (173.2 KB, 733x1200, s.jpg)

No. 916916

I'm betting on Shane gleefully prancing around right now because in his mind he can worm more into Jeffree's wallet.

No. 916948

How bad is weed smoke for dogs? Especially dogs as small as Jeff’s?

No. 917005

I'd love for James Charles to fuck Nate and then broadcast it to the world or ANY of the female guru's Jeffree's fucked with.

They should have a big revenge Orgy with High big headed Nate and all post about it. Shit, just fucking live stream it on Pornhub.
I'm sure Jeffree would LOVE that.

No. 917007


Well he was in a GAY relationship for years with a man with a penis and openly lusted after another tranny so its obvious he is ATLEAST BI if not just gay regardless of Jeffree’s claims

No. 917011

Their whole break up seems staged. They’ve been broken up for weeks but suddenly he goes silent for days to draw up speculations and now he’s uwu so sad look at my tears and don’t forget to swipe up /crycrycry

He’s just doing what he does best, staying in the spotlight. He’s got a new launch coming soon I imagine, and with all the shit that’s been happening with their company (messy pallets, false advertising, scandal scandal scandal) and people being rightfully pissed off about waiting 2 months for their order, he’s drumming up sympathy so his fans will forget about everything that’s happened, and focus on their break up.

Literally nothing seems to be changing between them? J is still supposedly going to see Nate and visit his family? They’re going to remain close? Yea ok. and I’m sure banging on the DL.

Watch them get back together this summer. Or J post vague shit about them or pictures like he did with nate’s back yesterday.

J is planning something and this is all the beginning. I’m curious if he will announce something BIG in the next week or two. Probably some docu series ~in the crazy life of Jeffree Star!

No. 917021

I said Nate is bisexual though? The person he was lusting after, I heard Jeffree sent a message to them saying they weren't their type, So I kind of feel like they've been fucking transwomen for a while. Who knows if Jeffree ever let Nate near a real woman?

Either way they are both idiots with fetishes and Nate's been liking pictures of women for a while now on instagram before.

No. 917023

The fucker did not shed a single tear throughout the entire thing

No. 917041

God damn Nate came out winning, I give him props kek

No. 917047

just as bad as any other form of smoke. smoke is smoke. shocking, i know.

No. 917051

I think it's in Nate & Jeffree's name, the family home that is. What other houses does Nate own?
Does anyone know the name of this weed business Nate owns?

No. 917090

File: 1578871634993.png (424.87 KB, 438x536, tt.PNG)

I got this from one of those tacky sites but this is what Jeffree was saying about the "Nate being with another woman" rumor, this was why Nate was at his house and why Jeffree posted the picture of Nate being a "Dog dad"

"“Also him and I both felt like it was necessary to show that he is actually at my house today, because there are a few media outlets reporting that Nathan is in another city with another girl”

And IM LOVING how this dude goes from, "We are proud dog dad's" too, "Another woman" so quickly.


No. 917092

Nah, I think he genuinely just likes trans women. On his new insta he's mutuals with a trans sex worker and busy liking pics of her ass.

Maybe his new face doesn't cry.

No. 917093

File: 1578871796886.png (389.46 KB, 571x463, ttt.PNG)


Here's the rest-

"“I’m like, you guys, do you think me and him want to date anyone else right now?
Do you think that’s on our minds? I’m on day 10 of crying my eyes out. So, that’s not what we’re thinking about right now. This is really rough. so I just wanted to put the records straight because people aren’t going to disrespect him, you’re not going to disrespect me…so I’m going to go say goodbye to him, he’s going to go say goodbye to the dogs, and I am going to take a big hit. ”


No. 917094

It's funny he's going, "Do you think we want to date anyone else?"
And meanwhile Nate's liking pictures of ass he'd like to fuck.

No. 917103

I'm waiting for Jeffree to go, "NATE IS NOT DATING A TRANS PORNSTAR!" I'm sure he'll have an excuse as to why Nate's following and liked that picture.
I bet it feels good to know that as soon as they broke up Nate went immediately for women and transwomen.
Everything that Jeffree isn't. Tits & Vagina. I bet Jeffree wished he'd made those "thoughts" Of transitioning reality.

No. 917114

File: 1578873387805.jpg (49.17 KB, 400x573, 2961684271_1_3_3IaipFxx.jpg)

I've thought this for a while too but I didn't want to seem like i was defending their relationship as totally legit and romantic. I wonder if Nate was a porn-addled bisexual stoner who thinks traps aren't gay and whose sexual preferences have been made broader and weirder by porn and weed. He's too shy and normie to have some flamboyant sassy personality, which suits jeffree's needs just fine because he can act like nate is this super hetero jock that jeffree won by being speshul. Sometimes it seemed like Jeffree would insist on things like "i don't fuck nate he only fucks me!" or "nate likes women and ME" to protect nate's straight ego, but what if it was just to protect jeffree's ego? Maybe if Nate turned around and called J daddy and asked to be topped, J would be disgusted and refuse. Like a guy who loves desperately chasing girls around but then runs as soon as the girl returns the enthusiasm. Nate seemed trapped and miserable but he had a mlllion reasons to be other than being completely straight. Maybe he was once attracted to the younger, edgier Jeffree Star when he looked like pic related but was too stoned and tempted by money to really consider if he wanted to stick around for jeffree to become an aging man with botched plastic surgery and a watered down LA beauty guru personality.

No. 917116

He really needs to stop talking for Nate all the time. Its really weird their broken up but here jeffere is still putting words in his mouth like their a couple.

No. 917161

Nate said that he was into trannies and ladyboys, before, so I have no idea why Jeffree made it seem like Nate went "gay" for him. Nate said that he had "thoughts" about it but where he was, there wasn't anyone like that. TO me it sounds like a hook up that went too far. Jeffree has always wanted a public "Straight" boyfriend. His dumb ass knows that any man in his Dm's is NOT straight, but he felt because Nate had never been with another man, that meant Nate never has been ATTRACTED to another man.
Like you said, Nate probably saw some old pictures Of jeffree, Jeffree was verified at the time, so he wasn't some nobody and he wasn't BROKE like he'd have everyone believe. Jeffree owned his buiness and probably had been talking to investors or probably had some already.

Jeffree probably threw himself at Nate & Bragged about what he had, because nate was just some skater who didn't have much, they met up, fucked, jeffree wanted Nate to move in, probably was telling him about all the money he'd make, what he could do for him etc. Nate moved in, Jeffree's buiness picked up and he immeditly started showering Nate and his family with gifts.

I don't think Nate looks at transwomen as anything more then a fetish, I don't think if Jeffree hadn't become very rich and didn't help Nate out before he became very rich, that nate would've stuck around. Jeffree made sure that as soon as he had money he trapped Nate. I do think Jeffree had to give Nate women and whatever he wanted to keep him because Nate seems like a fuck boy tbh. I think Nate knows he was just apart of Jeffree's image and he never wanted to go public with Jeffree.
But nate would've been a fool NOT to take the oppounity that Jeffree gave him and his family.

Right now if thats his real instagram, he seems like he's on a search to fuck whoever will let him and over the years whenever people accused nate of these things, it was always about sex. Jeffree always made it seem like a threesome thing, because JEFFREE hated that people felt Nate was anything but straight & gay for jeffree.

Jeffree has always had a straight boy thing, so I don't think Nate's afriad of his sexuality, I just think that Jeffree would'nt feel special if the guy he dated, liked transwomen. I can see Nate settling down with a woman if any will have him. I think what people tend to forget is jeffree isn't just a gay man, he's a very rich gay man who throws money at people.

So it's not crazy a bisexual man whose preference is women, would stick around someone like Jeffree. I do NOT think they are or were ever truly in love in a tradtional sense. I think they both loved what the other did for eachother.

Jeffree even said he's going to take a "hit" and I think he's talking about his image. Like who says that about a relationship? Jeffree has always tried to control Nate and seems like Nate's trying to get out of his control.

No. 917188

Very well said. This really seems like the most likely scenario. I dont think Nate was gay for pay, as in, doing something that did absolutely nothing for him sexually for pay, but I do think he was Jeffree's adoring true love dog dad for pay.

It's partly Jeffree's fault that the gay for pay rumor was so common. Sure some people straight up don't believe in male bisexuality, but anyone who does wouldn't necessarily have been suspicious if jeffree didn't exist on nate being fucking jeffreesexual and otherwise straight kek

No. 917242


Jeffree was talking about smoking weed when he said he was going to take a hit.

No. 917279

Transwomen are men and have plastic “boobs” and dicks, it just reaffirms that Nate is a gay man and NOT straight like Jef tried so hard to push to feel special

No. 917323

bisexual men exist you know, Jeffree just doesn't think so.

No. 917330

So does the closet, do we know of any women he had been interested in before or after jeffree? (trannies dont count) to me all points to him being a gay tranny chaser

No. 917331

Oh and apparently Nate unliked that Trans Pornstar's picture, LOL, I guess Jeffree told him to cut that shit the fuck OUT.
The more I look into Nate the shadier he becomes, I kind of want him to stay with men & transwomen, I hope no woman tries to clout chase thinking that Nate is going to be a decent man, who will take care of them.
He seems like an asshole, whose a cheater. Just like Jeffree, so I guess it makes sense why they were together so long, not only the money and the image, but they are just two assholes.
Nate's not really hot anyway, so the gays & trannies can have his scrub ass, don't nobody want what Jafar has touched except for clout chasing weirdos.
Plus I'm still not sure Nate truly OWNS anything. I can't find the weed business he owns, I think everything is still either in Jeffree's name or both of their names and Jeffree is STILL speaking for him.

They'll be back together soon

No. 917332

Jeffree said he brings him "Pussy" when he wants it, I don't think it's that crazy to assume that Nate is bisexual with a trans fetish. I haven't known of any woman Nate has been with, but with how gross he and Jeffree are, I believe Jeffree probably got some escorts. Someone on lipstick ally said they had an friend who was female who had a "threesome" with Jeffree & Nate, but she said Jeffree was in the room just watching and didn't join.

No. 917334

Okay, I did some digging from the first Jeffree series.

-Jeffree claims they have threesomes with people they never see again and it's hard to do them because "people old onto Dm's and try to use it against us" He said he's never done them in his own bed.

-Jeffree says they ARE NOT in an open relationship.

-Jeffree says Nate was working at a pet store and owned 7 shirts when they met. That Nate had no idea who he was and what his "Brand was" and had told him he'd only been with "women" before him.
When they met and started dating then his brand took off.

He also claims to have NEVER tried alcohol EVER in his life, cocaine or any drugs besides Weed. He's constantly telling lies though.

-Jeffree also says he used the money from the "Family Collection" to buy Nate's family home.

No. 917351

Jeffree says so many things, and people can just lie online(and often do), screenshots or imma say heresay.
There is no proof of Nate being into women, only being a tranny chaser(Jeffree relationship. That tranny on youtube he kept adding and removing on snapchat and IG. And the asian tranny pornstar that he follows mutually) I rest my case. He gay. Specifically a chaser, how embarrasing for Jeffree lol.

No. 917422

I don’t think he and Garrett were ever actually “hanging out” though? Jeffree wanted to fuck Garrett obviously, but I highly doubt anything ever actually came of that. Garett’s into guys like Andrew, Jeffree is like, the polar opposite of Garrett’s type.

Honestly always kind of wondered how much Jeffree had to do with Garrett seeming to distance himself from the Shane gang?

>They'll be back together soon
Nah, no fucking way. Just look at all of Jeffree’s previous “friendships” even. That dude doesn’t just burn bridges, he burns the entire city down.

It’ll be interesting to see how quickly the internet forgets him calling JC a predator, now that JS will be back on the prowl for young straight men again. And now he won’t have Nate as his cover for blatantly sexually harassing any man that enters his line of sight. Let’s not forget he had to pay the drama channels to say “it’s ok for Jeffree to say that about JC even though Jeffree has only ever displayed predatory inappropriate behavior to straight men because he and Nate are in LOVE, it’s different!!!”

Thanks anon. He also says some similar things in an older video where he talks about Nate (speaking for Nate that is, because of course Nate hasn’t corroborated any of this narrative or spoken for himself) I think the video is called “The Truth About My Relationship” or something. Same old spiel about “he didn’t even know designers you guys, therefore it’s all real and he loves me!”

No. 917426

Garrett did a podcast a while back where he talked about not really being impressed by the LA lifestyle and flexing and stuff like that. That is Jeffree's entire personality so I don't think he'd ever go there.

I could be wrong but I think his dick pics were leaked by a woman. I think he's bi.

No. 917427

Again, its fine if you think hes bi im just saying everything points at him being gay. Also i googled who leaked the nudes and nothing is indicating that its a woman, you may link proof or post screenshots if it exists.

No. 917439

NTA you are responding too, I can't check rn but isn't he mutuals and following women too? If we are basing this off of somewhat who he follows, I also remember him liking photos of women on his old insta.

No. 917466

File: 1578936862639.webm (7.73 MB, 640x480, hp.webm)

>There is no proof of Nate being into women
I mean, Jeffree himself says that Nate only ever dated women before him and always referred to him as "straight"? Why does it really matter anyways? He just seems like a dude willing to stick his dick in anything, which doesn't really need a fancy label. Let's just say "pan" and move on? The only person who was really trying to label it was Jeffree, and that was only so he could make sure EVERYONE knew how special he was "Nate was totally 100% straight except for me you guys!!". You'd think if he was so butthurt by people calling Nate "gay for pay" he'd realize that he was the one painting that picture. But I guess being "special" was more important to him than Nate's image.

>Garrett did a podcast a while back where he talked about not really being impressed by the LA lifestyle and flexing and stuff like that. That is Jeffree's entire personality so I don't think he'd ever go there.
This seems about right. The only reason I ever watched Shane in the first place was because of how much I liked Garrett, so I'm totally biased here but he seems like he's just genuinely a sweet nerdy dude, which Shane always gave him shit for. Between that and Shane constantly talking about own ed and bdd and Shane also basically ditching Drew, I think it was a pretty unhealthy friendship for Garrett. People have always been begging him for more videos, if his priorities were money and fame he could have just made more videos more frequently (instead of one every few months). Shane buys a $3 Million house and Garrett still basically lives in a shed in someone's backyard, so "the LA lifestyle and flexing and stuff like that" seems like a pretty obvious Shane (and probably Andrew for selling his soul) reference. Plus to back away from Shane and the group when he's bigger than ever? I think if he wasn't so clearly in love with Andrew he would have more or less totally cut them off by now.

Anyways, this turned into a Garrett appreciation post somehow. Here's a video where he made a Harry Potter PS1 costume that he only posted on twitter. He easily could have made this a whole youtube video and gotten that $adsense

No. 917469

>Why does it really matter anyways?

it literally doesn’t matter even a little bit. people are just desperate to “prove” it was all a fake relationship for whatever reason. i smell PULLfags in this thread and they’re famously possessive of nathan and insist he’s 100% straight because half of them are wet for him and have some strange fantasies about him. the thirstposting is real there and on his old (actual, official) instagram and it’s pretty pathetic. ultimately who gives a singular fuck whether he was gay for pay or not? he clearly doesn’t want the spotlight anyway and if money was what he wanted he got it. we’re never ever going to get any milk from nate anyway and to the contrary of other anons i don’t think jeffree is going to slander nate either. i think he really loved that guy and probably thought he won the lottery with nate, even if it was all fake and they were just friends. he’s never gonna have another one like that.

No. 917473

Plus, I really think everyone (even Shane) views Jeffree as an entertaining rich freak. Someone you gawk at and watch, but you don't really want to have around or be around for to long because that's all he is, rich and a show.

I don't put it past Jeffree to not lose his shit if Nate does something he doesn't like. Jeffree may have loved Nate, but we've seen how nasty he can be when he feels betrayed.
I don't put anything past someone whose as Nasty as Jeffree, I stopped giving him the benefit of the doubt when he pulled what he did with James.
All it took was for someone to say James was talking shit, then Jeffree pulled out all the nasty things he could find to say, to ruin him.

Nate may not be able to say anything if he's under an NDA, plus Jeffree has always spoken for Nate so I'm not really, expecting Nate to say much.

Also people have been saying for years the relationship is fake and have given reasons why. I post a lot in this thread and I'm not thinking the relationship is fake or became fake because I want fuck boy nate, because thats what i feel.

No. 917476

james is direct competition to jeffree and has a huge fan base, not the same as nate. and apparently nate has done some unsavoury stuff before but instead of exposing him jeffree just said their relationship was perfect etc. i see where you’re coming from but he has nothing to gain from dragging nate, not even followers or money the way he could get from dragging legit anyone else

No. 917478

While they were together Nate did somethings that could be seen as not so great (and so did Jeffree), but they aren't together.
Jeffree still seems to very much worried about what goes around about Nate and how it affects him, because he was just losing his crap about the "Malibu" rumor.
I feel if Nate does something Jeffree doesn't like and it hurts his feelings Jeffree's going to act as he has to everyone who does things he doesn't like and hurts his feelings.
In fact, he has more reasons to lash out at Nate, someone he's taken care of for years if he feels betrayed because it's a matter of the heart.

No. 917480

Plus it's embarrassing for Jeffere to admit he would choose someone that would cheat on him or treat him wrong. It's about image, and it looks bad to admit any fault to him or his personal relationship.

No. 917482

God Garrettis such a cute dork.
I always liked how him Morgan/Andrew vibed together.

I hope Andrew isnt a lost cause but you never know. He probably gets paid decent to do half ass work, so I don't see him worming himself out from under Shane's stomach anytime soon.

No. 917504

It ain't that deep, no one cares if he's got a fetish. You're armchairing hard right now. People have just been pointing out his like of trannys and ladyboys stems from his preferences of feminine like tits and pussy. He's pretty much a 16 year old into futa nothing more.

No. 917513

did you mean to tag my post? I didn't say anything about that

No. 917515

I didn't even tag you I tagged anon under the Garret video wonderful lolcow fucking up I guess. Sorry anon

No. 917532

No im observing, he has only hit on other men as far as we know, straight men are attracted to women not “feminine” men with cock and balls lmao, just because you want him to be “straight” (even though he has been fucking another man daily for years) doesnt make him so. Sorry not sorry.

No. 917771

Think nate regularly gave jeffree blowjobs? By regularly I just mean like more often than bday or apology head. I feel like the answer might be no

No. 917775

Nah. He seems like a pillow prince. Giving good head requires a certain amount of energy and enthusiasm that i just can't picture the sleepy lad mustering

No. 917831

What is Nate’s new instagram @?

No. 917848

From what I've heard, it's @jusskate. He's privated though, so I am not entirely sure.

No. 917880

Anyone else see this? Kati interacting with Eugenia. What a weird collab to me. The only thing that really connects them are they are both calves of Shane. Kati also specializes in ED stuff but is fine doing a video with a girl clearly relapsing? Just awful. They also name drop Jeffree's videos and I think they were using The Conspiracy Palette so there's also that.

No. 917887

I love Garret and Drew but I never really got the impression that Shane intentionally neglected them or was disrespectful in real life. They both have their own issues with mental health and they are way less comfortable socializing other YouTubers or celebrities. Drew shows up in Shane’s stories once in a while so they’re still friends.

People still arguing about Nate’s sexual orientation? Lol. He’s simply a gynephile, that type of bisexual that’s into women and feminine-presenting males. As long as he’s “the man” in the relationship, he’s good. But now Jeffree is just too big and powerful compared to when they met, so maybe Nate kept feeling more emasculated over time and left behind. I know he was constantly stoned but he never seemed excited about anything or showed much of a personality. Just going along with his mommy Jeffree. I think he did like Jeffree but things went very fast and he was in over his head. I 100% believe all that threesome business was just to get Nate to stay longer.

There were lots of rumors that Nate was already chaser even before meeting Jeffree so don’t expect that dude to settle down with a nice normal girl and have a family anytime soon, though. He’ll get back in younger trans girl DMs.

No. 917964

So hes a gay man whos top, he cant be”gynosexual” or whatever tumblr sexuality that is because that means attracted to women/females, not dudes in wigs with dicks. Or at best hes BI but heavily leaning towards men.

No. 918050

Gynephilia or gynesexuality are the technical terms used in behavioural science studies. They haven't took off in popular culture cause they sound fucking terrible! But yeah, he might have had girlfriends in the past but I've always thought Nate was a chaser 99% of the time for T-girls and Femboys. Which is fine I guess, as long as he's being open about it and not disrespectful to his partners. I'de be very surprised if he went back to CIS women after J*. I always thought that Jeffy lied about Nate being 'straight' to fuel his own fetish about 'turning' a straight guy and to provide his female fans with the fantasy of his perfect life with his perfect straight BF. If he admitted Nate's real sexual preferences then that would spoil things and turn off a lot of his female fans off. Apparently Nate has already stated hitting up T-girls from his new private insta.

Yeah I also think Drew's really funny and adore Garrett. Imo Garrett is the most talented of the whole of the Shane's squad including Shane himself. Seems to me like he's got some ADHD stuff going on though and could really benefit from some therapy/meds and a nice supportive BF. My little sister has a huge crush on Garrett so it's sad to see that his self esteem is so low.

No. 918086

File: 1579020496974.png (519.69 KB, 762x815, 1564018048914.png)

I was wondering when she was going to try and claw her way into all of this in her usual unprofessional way. How has she not lost her license yet?

>Kati also specializes in ED stuff but is fine doing a video with a girl clearly relapsing?

But also just seems pretty bold of her considering Kati's involvement with the Jaclyn/Eugenia shit, remember? (Had to go back to the previous thread to find it, cause I already forgot). I wonder if they had to wait for the heat to die down on that before collabing? Timing just seems really random. You'd think Eugenia's mom would throw a fit.

It's just nitpicking at this point, it literally doesn't matter? Can we just move on?

No. 918087

Looks like she they also did this one last week
>How To Help Someone Struggling With Mental Health
lmao ok Kati, ok Eugenia.

No. 918117

Okay so I know this is going to come out super white knight but Eugenia doesn't look like she relapsed. Plus shes not going to just announce that she has, like what is she supposed to do. She's not going to be someone that gains a whole bunch of weight back, she is already naturally thin. I think she looks really good still. As for the whole kati thing, that could be her active counselor. It's not against "the rules" to make harmless videos with your counselor, especially if Eugenia finds it helpful. They seem to have a close relationship and I'm so glad Eugenia is close with Kati as she has been a mental health professional in the past. It doesn't break any laws to have a close personal counselor, just depends on the type of personal it is. This is just my objective opinion and I don't think she's doing as bad as everyone else seems to think.

No. 918215

Blogpost, inb4 b& (which I'll accept, I feel this is on-topic and adds some insight others may not have from personal experience).

Honestly, I don't have a problem with this video.. Yeah, I agree, Kati's intentions may potentially not be the most pure (who knows, we're not in her head), but between this and the make-up video (which Kati was obviously not feeling but seemed to do her best to make Eugenia feel good lol), it appears that Kati is trying to be a positive, mentally healthy influence on Eugenia and improve her mental state. I agree with a lot of what was said in this video as someone who suffers from treatment resistant depression due to epilepsy.

I wasn't born with it, I developed it in my mid-teens, and there's only so much venting about a permanent situation one can do. It's a terrible condition that doesn't go away and usually gets worse the more seizures you have. To others and to my family, I don't wanna talk about it 24/7 (or have it be my identity).

But just because I don't wanna talk about it or may be in a reclusive episode (or am not feeling well health-wise), distant and depressed, like Eugenia and Kati said in the video, doesn't mean I don't want basic human contact and love. It got to a point where my parents were literally asking me everyday how I was feeling every time they saw me (which was 20+ times a day, it became suffocating), and that got incredibly frustrating and annoying so when I asked them to treat me normal and have normal conversations with me like everyone else, and to please stop approaching the situation like this, as if I wanted to talk about it, I'd bring it up; They took deep offense to this (despite me being polite, explaining myself, and explaining how it's a constant reminder that brings me down, nothing personal) and decided to stop caring/asking about me/my life altogether, along with not speaking to/engaging with me period, to this day.

Just reaching out and being there for someone, spending time with them and letting them know they're loved is important, helps give them the strength to move on in life, and I really agree with this video, especially a few parts like this 5:54:

>"People don't always need someone to talk about what's happening, we just need someone to be there. Even if you don't have the right words to share with them, you can just show up, and a lot of people need people to just show up for them".

I agree with this immensely tbh, and I don't see the harm of this video. Therapy is incredibly important, but if someone is emotionally drained and has no energy to open mental wounds that are incapacitating them because of their situation and feel like no-one will understand or be able to help, you can't just stick them in therapy (in my experience), while they're in a situation/episode like this and expect for it to work. They need to be shown love, feel loved, and thought of. Those are the things that give people the strength to go to therapy and tackle their demons or attempt to get better: "I'm not worthless; people care about me, if I don't want to try for myself, I at least owe it to those who unconditionally love and care about me to get better, and be the best person I can for them".

No. 918317

I think you may be missing the point why this collab weirds some people out.

Sure, there's nothing wrong with being a mentally healthy influence to someone, especially someone being that deep in denial of their actual situation. Splendid, IF Kati INDEED has the proper means to be helpful to someone like that.

However, the weird part is that after that whole 5150/rehab saga, Eugenia completely cut Jaclyn & co off and called them "bullies" and shady people or some other nonsense for setting up the intervention, when it's been proven that Kati HERSELF was part of that same group who set it all up. So her ex-besties are all "bullies" and Kati somehow isn't? Logic? And like another anon mentioned, how come Eugenia's mom ain't mad this time around?

No. 918331

Logic is; shit we don't know anon. Eugenia is probably the worst "cow" imo, she is genuinely a nice person who just has ana. Kati is most likely her counselor hence why she isn't getting mad at her, or why Eugenia's mom isn't mad. We have no clue wtf her friends did. It really doesn't seem milky, other than she dumped her friends. Maybe Eugenia's mom made her ditch her friends lmao who tf knows though.

No. 918365

File: 1579058135607.jpg (25.52 KB, 606x224, wwihiwhofbsd.jpg)

I know blind items are just rumours kek but we're all speculating anyways. I mean the women part is obvious but the racism part is interesting.

No. 918622

This isn't new at all though. J is notorious for his racist remarks. The only reason it's not in public eye anymore is Shane 'redeemed' him. When in reality he just shittalks privately now.

No. 918696

I know, anon. What I meant was that it is interesting that Nate might have broken up with him because of the racism, not that J* might be racist because everyone knows he is. Apologises if it didn't come across that way.

No. 918846

Naw I think it's the first thing. Just more into girls than guys riches could only make it bearable so long. I wouldn't doubt J implying marriage and that might of been Nate's final nope.

No. 918856

File: 1579144967014.png (641.59 KB, 610x747, js.png)

God, obviously just pure gossip but could you imagine? If Nate turns out to be the only one in the entirety of the Youtube makeup/drama community to have any principles? What a dream that would be. Jeffree's probably got him up to his neck in NDAs either way.

>The only reason it's not in public eye anymore is Shane 'redeemed' him
>because everyone knows he is
Speaking of his notoriously shady behavior….are we safe here to talk about how it's not at all unlikely he was the one fucking with Nikkie? It just seems perfectly plausible to me, it totally fits his MO. He doesn't need money anymore, literally all he cares about at this point is having dirt on people and being the one and only center of attention. It's clear he can't stand the idea of having "peers", his insistence that Nate was ONLY gay for him and his attempt to destroy JC are proof of that. The YT Beauty thread immediately filled with deflecting and defaming spergs the second Jeffree was brought up as a possibility, as per usual. Besides, without Nate or Shane around or any of the other relationships he's destroyed, he must be running out of people to feel he has power over all alone in his giant empty house. Not saying "it could only be Jeffree!!" or anything like that, but you'd be stupid to not consider him a suspect. Who knows if we'll ever actually find out, but it'd be hilarious if it did turn out to be him, because that would mean it totally backfired on him and now Nikkie's the center of attention instead of him and his breakup.

Pic unrelated, just very stupid.

No. 918857

File: 1579145193739.jpg (212.57 KB, 900x1200, EOMyOT7VUAI-oLG.jpg)

Full pic. I'd say he looks like he's spiraling out post-breakup, but he literally wears his dumb tracksuit (PJs) everyday anyways. I wonder if he's trying to pull a "Shane depression robe" moment though. (He's wearing the robe in another pic he posted the next day too)

No. 918903

J is literally the first person I thought of when Nikkie said she was being blackmailed, he's that kind of shady bitch. We'll probably never know but I would die if it really was J*

No. 918946

That would only makes sense if he didnt go hit up lady boys straight away, why do you want him to like pussy so bad when he obviously doesnt? Its homophobic af

No. 918985

My take on the Nikkie blackmail is that it might be Too Faced, the makeup company.

Nikkie got used by them years ago for a collab. She got paid very little, but could be she never made a big stink about it because they threatened to expose her in case of a lawsuit. This whole affair has been brought up again last year and now that she is this popular, she might want to go through with it.

Whereas J* is a dipshit, I don't think he could get away with blackmail that easily.

No. 919027

The owners sister also made comments about the trans thing 'not being the only thing she's hiding' I think it's likely too faced, though it's be total career suicide.
J* is shitty, and he probably did know about Nikki being trans, but seeing as he's in the LGBT community I cannot see he'd gain anything at all from publicly 'exposing' her

No. 919033

I also don't think that Jeffree blackmailed her. Why would he want to expose her when he's getting the most attention right now because of his breakup? (Well, was) If he blackmailed her, then into not saying anything right now so he can stay #1 drama subject.

If Too Faced was the one blackmailing her, then Jeffree's partly at fault because he was the one starting that fight.
If he didn't go public about Nikki's contract, without her permission, that Too Faced sibling team wouldn't have gone crazy.

I think after that Nikkie learned her lesson to not trust Voldemort.

Covered in minks, fuck this guy. Having a cruelty free brand doesn't mean shit if you're wearing fur.

No. 919056

File: 1579179668287.png (1.78 MB, 974x1152, Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 10.0…)

did yall see the post showing that that coat is made from real fur

No. 919058

Wtf. Almost 11k for that ugly shit

No. 919078

>homophobic af
Fuck off

Tho i agree that discussing his sexuality is fruitless since it all falls down to the individual, us saying our own opinions will only stay as our opinions

Also its boring as fuck

No. 919103

$60,000 on these awful fashions made from animal murder, even more reasons to love Jeffree! How does he have fans?

No. 919139

Ah, that’s right, so all paths do lead back to Jeffree in the end. I agree on the TooFaced stuff since that’s now come out, I’ll have to reread the history of that, but what exactly would be their motivation there? Like, just to keep her quiet about shitty contract stuff? I would kind of assume the contracts and legal stuff she entered into would keep that door closed, was the contract about to end or something I wonder?

>but seeing as he's in the LGBT community
Agree on the TooFaced theory, but Jeffree is definitely not in the LGBT community, he just looks like someone who would be. Dude hates everyone except for straight white men, and his fanbase is mostly straight white girls. That and historically most of the people he’s started feuds with have been LGBT
>James Charles
>Gabriel Zamora
>Nikita Dragun
>Jerrod Blandino
>And other smaller gay youtubers
(or women or people of color, basically anyone outside of his beloved young fit cishet white dudes).

>I cannot see he'd gain anything at all from publicly 'exposing' her

>Why would he want to expose her when he's getting the most attention right now because of his breakup? (Well, was) If he blackmailed her, then into not saying anything right now so he can stay #1 drama subject.
I mean, again I think it’s probably TooFaced but just for the sake if argument: that’s not how blackmail works? The point was that Nikkie was never supposed to do this if all went according to the plans of whoever was blackmailing her. The blackmail would have been
>do x or else we’ll expose your secret that you’re trans!
>expose on your secret on your own terms in your own way that you’re comfortable in, or else we’ll do x!
That’s what I mean about it completely backfiring on whoever it was. She completely destroyed that leverage and gave herself a giant sympathetic spotlight by doing it herself. This is honestly the worst possible outcome for whoever it was.

Besides, there’s never any real rhyme or reason to Jeffree’s drama. What does he get from turning James and Tati on each other? What does he get from destroying little youtubers who pose no threat to him in any way? What does he get from destroying his own fans on twitter who then grovel and beg for his forgiveness? He just can’t stand the idea of anyone being even remotely as successful as he is, and I think he just does it just for the thrill of fucking with people’s lives and feeling superior to them. He’s got all the money and success and attention in the world, I think that’s the only thing that gets him off anymore otherwise why not just fuck off with all his money and live a private life? It’s why he’s always constantly bragged about married straight men and celebrities wanting to fuck him, he needs to feel superior to their wives and the concept of women.

The only reason he pulled the Nikkie/TooFaced shit in the first place was because he already hated and was feuding with Jerrod Blandino, he didn’t do it to defend Nikkie’s honor or anything like that. He just wanted more ammo and saw Nikkie had it so he stole it from her and probably got her into this whole mess in the first place just so he could feel superior to TooFaced for one more day. If Jeffree wasn’t the one to do it himself out of boredom and post-breakup loneliness then he’s probably energized and raring to go to jump into another fight with TooFaced now under the guise of “defending Nikkie uwu”

No. 919150

48k for the tackiest shit that at least 20 mink had to die for? Nice one

No. 919306

File: 1579216328368.png (254.56 KB, 581x426, lunch.png)

I don't know if this is nitpicking or not, but this strikes me as so weird. When most people want to tweet a silly thing about what they're eating….they post a picture of it in their hands or in their cart or something, anything that shows they have it IRL. Who the fuck tweets a google imagine stock photo of that shit?

It just all feels so weird. Like the "cookie dough" and the "robe" >>919056 the teddy bear >>916672 the single tear >>916670 it's like he's an alien masquerading as a human going through a breakup and he's trying to mimic what he's seen but he's not quiiiiite getting it.

It feels equally as weird as him posting a picture of "Nate" from behind not showing his face, as "proof" he's at home with their dog children uwu and not out fucking around while Jeffree's out of town post-breakup like all the gossip says. Even if it is Nate at the time Jeffree was saying it was….did he have someone stationed inside the house to make sure Nate was there? Like who took that picture and sent it to Jeffree if it was taken while he was out of town? They couldn't have taken a picture from the front or even with the dogs since they're claiming he was being a "dog dad"? It just all feels so extra phony, even by Jeffree standards.

No. 919313

Jeff looks like a fucking joke. I can't take him seriously with his clothes and shitty stage makeup looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey show.

No. 919319

I'm 99.9% sure Jeffere has an eating disorder. If it's not some weirdly specific taco bell order he won't eat. He never has food in his fridge etc. It blows my mind people like this get to be rich because he doesn't even eat at nice restaurants and hardly ever has chiefs come. Just eats chemical shit.

No. 919322

he's white trash of course he only eats shit.
im surprised he doesn't eat straight out of a can.

No. 919355

This seems like a holdover from his MySpace scene days when most of the kewl kidz swore they only ate sweets.
At the time, a young Shane Dawson probably thought "now why can't I do that???"

No. 919366

That's so true. Same with the redbull. Remember when scene kids and stacies alike ~survived on redbull~ for clout for some reason

No. 919462

No one said anything about him disliking males Just that he likes females more and ladyboys play into the whole liking feminine more retard. No one cares what Nate is into but you faggots trying to imply he's too gay as fuck when the guy is as vanilla as it fucking gets with preferences

No. 919704

>>but Jeffree is definitely not in the LGBT community

You do know hes literally a GAY man right? And what does being gay have to do with the black community lmao

No. 919705

That explains his gay relationship that lasted years and him only persuing other men no wait, hes gay honey, im sorry.

No. 919720

LGBT ≠ part of the LGBT community
Just like being a woman doesn’t automatically make you a feminist or being black does automatically mean you’re in the NAACP or BLM.

You can be a woman and be misogynistic, you can be black and be racist, you can be gay and be homophobic (just look at any politician heyoooooo). Jeffree has straight up said he doesn’t like gay men, and at this point he’s really spent more time trying to destroy people who do represent the LGBT community than helping in any way. He just gets credit for it because of his appearance despite doing very little to further the plight of LGBT people (unless Shane has a camera pointed at his face).

>And what does being gay have to do with the black community lmao

Nothing, I was just reminding you that he hates black people as well. They are both minorities though. His interests much more closely fit the demographic of a Trump voter incel than anything LGBT, because his only interests seem to be attractive cishet white men ages 18-24 and 24-34 who smoke weed (and he fits everything in that category was well except for the “het” part).

Go back to sperging in the Youtube Beauty thread, we’re not interested here.

No. 919752

Yep that paid gay relationship where he was too high to give a shit as it was the only way Jeffree could keep him around so long. That his disinterest over the years became a meme. Cry more faggot Nate is a vanilla as fuck white boy. Now drop it no one cares your gay ass is attracted to some bumfuck hillbilly.

No. 919794

I always felt that he did too

No. 920045

he looks like the phantom of the opera from a distance lmao

No. 920083

File: 1579356280498.jpeg (256.66 KB, 828x1519, AE8F65E5-8B75-4C86-93D9-3AF439…)

Nates Instagram says he’s in Michigan. Which is definitely believable because his story is of snow. Makes me wonder if they’re really over. 1/2

No. 920084

File: 1579356312952.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, 3E457C33-F90E-478D-A94E-98572F…)


No. 920249

He and Jeffree don’t follow each other on IG

No. 920519

I mean Jeffree isn't really known for friends after a fall out. Doubt an ex is much different in his book. I think everyone even those on good terms with him are just waiting for him to burn the Nate bridge hard.

No. 920772

This could be because it’s probably still fresh and painful.

No. 921399

Shane uploaded a new vid titled "The End of the Beauty World" or something like that. But onto his ShaneGlossin channel vs his main one. No idea why because it's edited the same way as the other parts of that lame vlogumentary. Haven't watched it yet, I'll skip through it later.

No. 921464

you're being autistic and yes it's nitpicking

a quick google search showed those products just got announced. He's not making a post like "i am eating these right now" it's "i am looking forward to eating these in the future"

No. 921470

File: 1579644344823.png (643.02 KB, 844x403, bigbloop.png)

They go over the most interesting part that they showed for the original vlogumentary the person that broke into their yard. And then some bloopers.

To be fair this actually something that is scary.

No. 921475

watched it and it’s really not worth it

It’s just deleted scenes from his series and it just exemplifies how money hungry he actually is

the only real point of interest is the home invasion - some guy is lurking around their property and bangs on the windows in the house. the police arrest him and find him carrying a bag full of drugs. It’s mostly just Shane freaking out and going “ohmygod” as usual, then goes into him buying a new security system.

To break it down, it goes through:

- the home invasion
- bloopers from the first two episodes (mostly talking about expensive things like private jets, money, and sucking j* off)
- a rejected face palette idea
- going through a whole box of PR from fenty and adding up the retail value of the products (over $1200). Shane of course mentions that he’s on a ton of cosmetic brands’ PR lists now.
- bloopers from episode 3 & 4. j* is gross & creeps on the Dolan twins and also shades Kat Von D.
- more stuff about Morgan and they literally play the same footage of j* preaching about how fake everyone is and how he hates partying and drinking and is such a good boy. just mostly talk abt how most beauty gurus are rude entitled social climbers. and apparently morgan hangs out with Tana now - great influence Shane!
- Shane has a “beauty room” now full of (assuming) free products he got in PR that’s bigger than most people’s collections.
- dramageddon. literally just shows a thumbnail of Tati’s follow up video to Bye Sister and Shane tells all the beauty gurus to shut up.
- talk about Jaclyn Hill’s lipsticks and how it’s so bad. j* sucks his own dick some more about how he handles business so well and is much better at handling things than other top beauty gurus.
- turns out Shane mixed carmine into the shade he mixed himself and it had to be reformulated so that’s why it’s so ugly but it’s vegan.

it wasn’t so much a “deleted scenes” reel so much as it was “ppl are calling us out on stuff and we need to cover our asses but here’s some clips of j* saying weird things in between”

No. 921478

Lol I literally thought it was Jeffree who must have been blackmailing her. Bonus points if Nate expressed he liked Nikki lmao.

No. 921490

He might have ARFID, an avoidant eating disorder. I had with it bad as a kid (only eating fries, plain pasta, chicken nuggets, sugar cookies, grapes, and white bread). I got over it mostly but I still get sensitive to certain tastes/textures, he might have something similar. There's a few "Freaky Eaters" episodes about it.(blog)

No. 921733

>footage of j* preaching about how fake everyone is and how he hates partying and drinking and is such a good boy.

Yeah sure, he had no problem doing these things when he still got invited to parties and brand trips.
Truth is, no one likes Voldemort and he simply just doesn't get invited.
He's legit just that dumb bitch from highschool, that always had to nag about everything anyone said until no one liked her anymore. "Pffft, I don't care about your stupid party. I hate parties anyway"

No. 921909

He's litteraly the hoes that complain about hating drama but are the ones causing all of it

Its pathetic

I really wish he wasn't able to find a platform where he could have millions of yes-men who praise all the fucked up shit he does

No. 923097

i want to talk about 2006-2010 jeffree era milk grrr. will his thread ever be revived/remade?

No. 923115

Just go to his gg thread

No. 923230

I am nearly certain Morgan was joking when she said she hangs out with Tana now. If not, oh boy.

No. 923576

I mean, not sure if recently but they definitely used to. Kinda makes sense, they're both idiots clinging to Shane for relevance.

>will his thread ever be revived/remade?
…no? We already have this one and the Beauty Youtube one why the fuck would we need THREE Jeffree threads? (Though don't even try to bring him up over there unless you want to get harassed). Jeffree has no life outside of Shane now, and Shane barely has one outside of Jeffree, so this IS the Jeffree thread. I don't see why we couldn't talk about vintage Jeffree milk, just sage it maybe? I certainly don't object to anything that makes it so he can't continue to sweep all his old bullshit under the rug.

No. 924302

Jesus, I thought it was out of the realm of possibilities and MUST be a joke because of their personalities. Tana would/does walk all over her. But I guess she doesn't mind.

No. 924983

idgaf about animal rights but im 100% sure jeffrees brand is only vegan so he can make more money

No. 925337

What do these guys care about besides of making money?

No. 925373

Their fragile egos

No. 925482


No. 925767

No. 928250

File: 1580855989132.jpeg (765.23 KB, 1125x1130, E7EA28EB-9C5A-4153-B86F-B2060C…)

Shane’s back to making dollar store-Alex Jones videos but not on his main channel

God I hope shaneglossin becomes his infowars channel kek

No. 928319

File: 1580864060919.jpeg (301.92 KB, 1125x747, D8A6AD38-85ED-47F5-9ABE-069C56…)

Shut up, Shane.

No. 928342

Such a tryhard facial expression

No. 928445

looks like he’s forcing a shit

No. 928535

So I don't get why he went to a hotel room where a "murder" happened on his makeup channel.

No. 928547

Yeah why would hw post it on his second channel? Especially since hes posted 30 minute videos before, its not like everyone is expecting him to do one of his shitty documentaries every time he uploads

No. 928552

Currently watching the video and the first few minutes is about the fucking McDonald’s ice cream machine

Wish I could put an “annoyed” emoji but I don’t wanna get banned

No. 928558

Lol its literally just a bunch of clips of fatasses screaming about how the ice cream machine is broken, does shane realize that its mainly just a meme about how much everyone complains?

I know his conspiracies were always shit but at least before he also knew that they were as well, just like the other hour long conspiracies series it became shit when he started taking it serious and thought he was uncovering real conspiracies when half the stuff he covers is obviously fake and the stuff that might hold any reason for realness is just stuff that no one would care about

No. 928570

Okay so the video isn't actually about frozen ice cream actually about hidden cameras and imo is actually a semi well informed video that brings awareness that there are creeps who cameras in air bnb places all the time and how to look for them. I don't know why they didn't just start with that since the begining made the video very obnoxious and seem like it was just gonna be shit, idk why he wouldn't put this on his main channel as this actually has a more serious and expose kind of tone

No. 928618

what is this 36 hour meth binge thumbnail?

No. 928722

File: 1580962499764.png (48.66 KB, 591x251, okshane.png)

because it RUINED his life anon!!! Really some "Welcome To My Twisted Mind" shit huh.

No. 928819

Probably not on his main channel because he has a hard time getting his vids monetised by youtube on it…and he didn’t have a sponsor. Feel like that is also the main reason why he has started this new channel, so he can monetise the vids he doesn’t have sponsors for…..not the crappy makeup reason he gave.

No. 929293

>Shut up Shane

For real. Imagine being in such a state of cognitive dissonance that you bitch about the word "influencer" being narcissistic after spending months up the ass of one the most narcissistic beauty gooroos out there lmaooo

No. 929890

His pupils are clearly enlarged in this video. Looks like hes abusing adderall.

No. 929968

You mean Shane? I definitely think he's eating pills. I bet he's abusing his xanax too.

No. 930048

How long until we find out that he’s using harder drugs like meth or heroin?

No. 930125

Doubt it, he's too lazy to get anything that isn't prescribed by a doctor.

No. 930314

Honestly I doubt this. Adderall/Meth/Speed is a big time appetite suppresser, if he was abusing Adderall we'd see a rapid and significant weight loss. He'd be like, 90's thin in no time. (Which is when everyone was doing Speed as a "diet" pill)

I also have a hard time believing he'd be getting SO little done for so long if he was abusing adderall. I feel like he'd be churning out a series every other month if this was the case, instead of sitting on his ass 10 months out of the year. Xanax? Maybe.

No. 930316


Shane retweeted this btw

No. 930318

Nevermind it wasn’t so bad lol, it was a good parody in her own Trish way

No. 930320

Is it really necessary to post updates to lolcow as you watch the vid? If you wanna share commentary just make some notes and post once

No. 930325

Over time after the initial weight loss with adderall, when you’ve been abusing it for years on end it’s pretty common to gain weight.

Users will binge thousands of calories(usually fattening food that’s full of complex carbohydrates) after a come-down. After the initial honeymoon phase with the drug, the initial improvements it had are no longer there and the user’s physical/mental health vastly deteriorate. They stop exercising and become lethargic and once a tolerance builds high enough, the appetite suppressant side effects subside (same with meth), no matter how much they take, they can eat/sleep on it etc. (not to blog but, I’ve witnessed people gain weight due to prolonged use/abuse of prescription amphetamines firsthand)

Iirc Shane admitted to being prescribed adderall in a vid or two from 1-2 years ago so it’s very possible.

No. 930725

If he truly is I hope he gets help. If he could make a video on his journey to recovery it would be really informative and healing.

No. 930907

Why buy this when the Norvina pallette exists?

No. 930911

File: 1581443681193.png (720.6 KB, 941x522, dumbass.png)

Interesting timing, because this was posted in BGC just a day ago…I wonder if someone knew this was going to be released today? (I don't follow him so ignore my tinfoil if he announced the date himself). But, apparently he at one point was going to do a line called "Lipstick Nazi"? As per usual with irrefutable Jeffree receipts, it didn't really take.

Considering this was his Myspace days find it much more likely that this was just him trying to be an idiot edgelord than an actual Nazi. But that doesn't really make it any better imo, truly unacceptable and his blatant racism doesn't help. Unreleased or not, how stupid do you have to be to think this was ever a good idea? Someone with a single brain cell or a 3rd grade education must have informed him it was maybe a bad idea, but not before he bought the "lipsticknazi" domain.

No. 930913

File: 1581444132103.jpg (650.62 KB, 2154x2579, fya2w7stgzf41.jpg)

Sorry, samefag but I just noticed the
>Take anything. You die.
That's so fucked up. Here's the ~wacky tabloid graphic~ from BGC. Leave it to BGC to think "Jeffree said he wasn't racist but UMMM he's lying??" is a necessary part of the argument.
Sauce: https://www.reddit.com/r/BeautyGuruChatter/comments/f1iuyn/jeffree_stars_failed_lipstick_nazi_brand/

(OT but Does seeing the "BOY" milk make anyone else nostalgic for vintage Felice Fawn milk? She was the first one I remember being called out for wearing BOY logo stuff.)

No. 930916

also afaik it doesn't make food inedible/repulsive necessarily, it just makes you not hungry, so someone who's emotionally addicted to food like shane might not stop eating just because he has no apetite, no?

agree with everything you said. nazi jokes were fairly common with scene kids because they had the same edgy shock value as other gore imagery scene kids used. using it as a registered brand name shows some next level delusion though. did he think that because he and his little circle "get it" enough people around the world will "get it" and want to buy it too? very childlike way of thinking

No. 930929

I agree it's more of him being an edgy idiot entrenched in Myspace era alternative culture and "anti-PC" humor than anything considering actual nazis would have him killed for being gay, but it's clearly an extremely stupid, thoughtless, and callous move to make as a public figure and as a potential branding move. Obviously also adds to the argument that he is or was racist, did and said racist things without caring and it wasn't just in the heat of the moment one time he was being bullied. Racist epithets were his reaction because this type of thing was his whole mind and persona at the time.
A lot of impressionable and dumb edgy emo and scene teens were like that during those years, but he was already an adult.

No. 930932

It's not a cute look as he was friends with KVD. It's essentially "you are who you hang out with"

No. 931006

Well said. i've been having trouble figuring out how to articulate this, but i think jeffree isn't racist in the sense that he has active malice against other races, but he's racist in his complete lack of respect. same with his attitude towards women and really his attitude in general. he's not so bigoted that he can't tolerate anyone not like him, but he does not care about anyone enough to give them more than lip service and his apathy makes him slip up over and over. not armchairing, but he reminds me of the type of sociopath that doesn't care enough to purposely hurt people, but also doesn't care to fully avoid it either. i think that's why people seem to be so polarized on him.

No. 931018

Lol if he made a video on it he would most definently milk it and make it far more worse than what it is with a 7 part series

No. 931096

He can barely move his face in this at all. It's getting weird

No. 931112

so much about this launch is ridiculous, it just reeks of cash grab

also: soft touch plastic (mirror) and the gigantic ('slim'?? in what world) velvet box are going to get filthy lightning-fast even in a well maintained collection

No. 931268

File: 1581489232145.jpeg (131.26 KB, 640x640, DF494975-C131-4BC5-AE3E-41B7DF…)

…has anyone pointed out that this might not be Jeffree star? Are those for sure him in the picture? Because two seconds of googling taught me that “Lipstick Nazi” was the name of an edgy MySpace-era band (you can listen to their song “pink monster” on YouTube still) and one of the members is named Steven Joseph / Steven Brite and dude looks just like jefffree, like skinwalkiing him. Are those pics maybe or Steven? Cause LipstickNazi is definitely a band, I don’t see any proof that was a brand name for makeup..

Pic related there’s also quite a few more on google of Steven

No. 931271

Those photos are definitely Jstar. I remember these from MySpace days. And there’s other photos of him with that same make up look (blue eyeshadow, pink contour) that you can quickly find on google.
I don’t ever remember lipstick nazi being a thing- not defending him at all. I can’t stand Jstar lol. But these look like tacky terrible photoshops. I’m curious if they are actually legit or just some weird smear attempt.

I’d love to see him finally get what he deserves, but I don’t think this is it. Going to take a lot more than some cringy edgelord images with swastikas.

No. 931277

They probably got that title from Jeffree since Steven Joseph was a huge JS skinwalker along with Yuki Damon

No. 931279

File: 1581493932375.jpeg (447.62 KB, 750x1294, D799FCB6-84E5-4F96-8B95-58F7CD…)

>Because two seconds of googling taught me that
No it didn’t. If you google “lipstick nazi” they don’t show up anywhere. I even googled “lipstick nazi band” and scrolled a few pages, they don’t show up anywhere. Even if you look up “lipstick nazi” on youtube to find the song you’re talking about there’s only one result and it’s several videos down with less than 2k views. That song was posted on youtube in 2011, and the website archive is clearly from 2005 and earlier and even then all of the comments on the song are accusing him of ripping of Jeffree.

Even if you google “lipsticknazi” what actually shows up in two seconds are that all the top results are Jeffree, including this livejournal fan page from 2005 that distinctly calls him “the lipstick nazi”.

No. 931281

File: 1581494245540.jpeg (47.18 KB, 749x594, EC65EB5C-43AD-480A-9CBE-5F88CF…)

And if you go back even farther on the website archive, it specifically says it all belongs to Jeffree and he goes as fas as to define himself as lipstick nazi. (Sorry for
mobile caps)

By Jeffree standards, this is a pretty sad attempt at diverting/a scapegoat. You definitely would have had to have done quite a bit of googling to come up
with that one or already know who that dude was. But by all means, take it to Reddit though, they’re the ones who brought it up.

>But these look like tacky terrible photoshops. I’m curious if they are actually legit or just some weird smear attempt.
Nope. If you look at OP >>930911 the web archive link is posted for the “lipsticknazi” domain, those pics are archived on the site from 2005. Helluva long game for someone to shoop pics of Jeffree 15 years ago (when Jeff was apparently using the moniker of lipstick nazi) only to reveal them now. Also we know he lurks here, and has used the “idk seems fake/definitely shooped” defense before in the face of evidence, so don’t give him or his cronies any ideas.

No. 931320

why does the video quality remind me of the home shopping network ?

No. 931417

File: 1581530824288.png (692.06 KB, 765x310, 1.PNG)

No. 931418

File: 1581530862268.png (157.44 KB, 318x161, 2.PNG)

He's having a nightmare

No. 931430

File: 1581532492322.png (503.89 KB, 762x309, Nate lust.png)

What jeffree really wants

No. 931455

Jeffree’s hand looks photoshopped on the guy, I’m fucking dying

No. 931641


> i'm not racist!!! would a racist have one of each color of man in his bed? look look i'm even touching the darkest one~ xoxo reformed lipstick nazi

No. 932477

File: 1581790604675.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.2 KB, 827x1368, EQ0dU-WX0AE2LAp.jpeg)

Say goodbye to your career, Ryland.

No. 932492


No. 932505

what the fuck is wrong with shane's fucking head? Why would he post this to the whole entire world to see?

No. 932539

aren't most of shane's fans children…

No. 932549

I mean, I think his nudes got leaked a couple of years ago? So if that didn't fuck up his career, who knows. As long as he's with Shane he's probably untouchable. This is weird and gross though.

No. 932686

tbh though there's a difference between your nudes being leaked and purposely posting your boyfriend in a sexualized pose with his ass out, on your instagram, that is also followed by 11.9 million people, many of which are children. nowhere near the same. this is a major gaff and it's so inappropriate. like you said though, they are untouchable, however. his tween fans will just yas queen this.

No. 932962

god hes a disgusting greedy queer

No. 933092

why are gay men like this…

No. 933445

When is Ryland going to start a Onlyfags- I mean onlyfans? Gross retards.

No. 933845

Shane posted a new video on his shane glossin channel if anyones interested, I swear to god if it shows a scene of ryland with his ads out in gonna puke

No. 934195

File: 1582219272100.png (87.17 KB, 789x357, Capture.PNG)

uwuwu don't you dare to criticize anything about me or i cry uwuwuwu

No. 934212

i mean, hearing that shit would get pretty old no matter how true it is or not

No. 934298

i hate shane but it's shitty to say this to anyone with a known eating disorder like he has.

No. 934309

Yeah it’s shitty but he’s a grown ass adult man who has been on YouTube, behind a camera, for years. Oh no some one called a middle aged adult man fat. Woman get criticized for their looks all the time. They didn’t even say it to him, they made a valid comment on the situation. Dude needs to grow a pair, people suffer through a lot worse daily. He is extremely blessed with what he has and is still crying about stupid shit.

No. 934327

This manchild has more money and support then 95% of the population to get his health, mind and shit togeather.
He finds ONE mean comment out of a thousand sucking his small cock and whines about it. I don't give a shit about his eating disorder, so the fuck what? He could actually DO something about it.

He has more then the average person. I know he's human, I know it's harsh, but there's people everyday with mental illness, eating disorders etc. who no one gives a fuck about.

But this youtuber whose worth millions, is putting a commenter on blast for criticizing him? If they find this comment, no doubt this person is going to feel worst then Shane has ever felt and get attacked because they made a slightly mean comment about a millionare.

I have zero sympathy for someone who has more then enough to attempt to help himself but does nothing and wants his dick sucked verbally by tweens, teens and young adults who deal with worst shit then him.

not to mention these dumb asses spend their last sometimes in "Support" for shane. Fuck him.

No. 934378

Gross. I read about it on gg first and they said Ryland (or Shane?) said when R needs to fart he always takes his pants off and gets into that position. In that video he did it with pants on. Do they have no shame? I know Shane's disgusting but this is… I am so sorry for sharing this info with those who didn't know, guess I want company in hell.

No. 934461

This pretty much. He cherry picked one comment and is using it as an excuse. Pathetic tbh

No. 934889

Wtf? Is his asshole so loose that if he farts standing up he'll shit himself or something? Wtf why

No. 935432

The thing about this is like, yeah that is like an undeniably shitty thing to hear over and over but the problem is he doesn't ever do anything about it? I hate when people whine about something and make no effort to fix it. Especially in someone like Shane's case where he has all the free time and money in the world to do something about it and still choses to whine about it on twitter instead.

What's stopping him from making a lifestyle change? He has money, time, resources, and Ryland seems to be at least moderately active (he talks about going to the gym/yoga and walking the dogs all the time in his/Shane's vids). So like…..just turn off your phone and get out and fucking walk your dogs once a day? If you're going to sit on your ass and watch youtube all day do it on an exercise bike or a treadmill? Not like he can't afford it.

Also I totally agree with this person, it's not just Shane's fault because everyone around him enables him, he's just in an echo chamber. Even Kati uwu Morton who is supposedly an expert in ED would rather use him for views on her channel than actually get him the help he clearly needs (though she had no problem doing the same for Eugenia too). And his followers enable him with this shit too because you know if he gets 9.7k replies 90% of those will be
>omg no ur perfect!!!!
>u deserve a break :((
>omg no ur right u should drink 75 sodas a day, u deserve it!!!
>31 year old man who doesn't bathe or change clothes for weeks on end uwu 2 precious 4 this world just a babie uwu

No. 935455


I think him being in such a privileged position might be one of the reasons why he doesn't seem to make an effort to get better.
Other people who suffer from mental illnesses have to make a living by working on a regular basis, so they have to function and in order to function they have to make much more of an effort to take care of themselves.
He can afford to just not work for months, he doesn't have to leave the house if he doesn't want to, he's, as you said, surrounded by yes men and people who enable him and he has all the time in the world to ruminate and to partake in unhealthy behaviour.

I get that it makes him feel uncomfortable to show himself on video. But I think having a regular (upload) schedule might be much more beneficial long term for him, mentally and physically, even if it might make him feel worse initially.
But that won't happen because he doesn't just have a small circle of enablers but literally millions of people who do that.
His privilege might be one of the reasons why he won't ever get better, ironically, whereas others can't afford to take care of their mental illnesses because they lack the resources.

Also him being mentally ill and the behaviours that come with that are kind of his shtick, because it's soooo ~relatable~ ME OMG lol xD, so maybe that's stopping him as well. His fans love him for that, they don't want to see him get better even if they take pity on him, simply because it's entertaining to them.

No. 935497

wow the new saints row game looks like shit

No. 935543

File: 1582413207808.jpeg (378.88 KB, 750x952, 74BF9271-1AF0-44E6-A62D-9A2610…)

Sage because this thread doesn’t really care about Eugenia anymore but Shane is a piece of shit for this. He’s probably one of the only people that could get her help/give her tough love in a way she might listen but he chooses to publicly enable her. Again I know she’s a dead topic but it sucks that in the near future we’ll wake up to a news story that she starved herself to death at age 25

No. 935549

This is such a nitpick. Whatever she wears won't make a difference, that's completely true. Shane is just trying to be nice about her efforts.
If he's not trying to encourage recovery behind the scenes then hes enabling, but this tweet isn't it.

No. 935570

To be honest we don't really know what's going on with Eugenia, and even though she's in recovery getting over her eating disorder hopefully, putting on weight after starving yourself for YEARS is just as if not more difficult than losing weight. The fact that people will make comments whether she shows her body or hides it isn't helpful to her whatsoever and it must suck to not even be able to wear a tank top without people accusing you of glorifying your unhealthy body.

No. 935595

i love you, anon

No. 935785

File: 1582454294366.jpeg (618.77 KB, 1125x1151, BC953600-0AF0-4523-B436-068A0D…)

Shane responded to us again kek

No. 935827

Shane as usual playing dumb when he doesn't like how people reacted to something. Wow, unbelievable that people would interpret this image of my boyfriend's naked ass in a sexual way!

No. 935828

this digusting piglet with his tiny shrimp dicklet has childern/teens following him and he seems like he's getting off to the fact people "felt" Ryland was waiting for his tiny dick to enter him.

The reason Ryland has to fart that way, is because when Shane's jerking off to shady porn and eating cheetos with cum covered fingers, Rylands getting his asshole blown out by huge black cocks.

All jokes aside, fuck Shane, he's gross, no one cares about ur sex life. No one thinks you and Ry are going to last more then a year or so married.

You are a fuck head, who is thristy for validation every moment of ur life.

No. 935842

File: 1582471793532.png (31.2 KB, 608x150, sfretergd.png)

it's cuz we're not REAL FANS u guise

No. 935852

I have a theory Shane hates Ryland and is always trying to embarrass him. Be it with his awful thumbnails, horrible insta photos or the bullying him and Andrew do to Ryland thru editing. Altho I think Andrew actually prefers rylands company and Shane just pays him.

Shane is toxic and insecure

No. 935894

>Altho I think Andrew actually prefers rylands company and Shane just pays him
Well yeah could you blame him? Imagine if you had to stand downwind of and be locked in a room editing with someone who refused to bathe or brush their teeth or change their clothes and only ate Chipotle and shitty diet soda, and that dude is your boss. Not only that but then you're forced to hang out with Jeffree all day every day who does nothing but blatantly sexually harass you and talk about cum all day. Morgan is somehow lazier and whinier than all of them combined, and every time Andrew and Morgan are in a frame together their fans spergs out about them secretly dating (which is an insult to Andrew imo). Ryland's the closet one to a human being in that house and even then he does shit like this >>932477

As much as he's probably getting paid now I'm sure Andrew misses when Garrett was around and they were all just making those fun silly low-stakes videos together. Everything Shane makes him do now opens him up to criticism and hate from the internet, and he and Garrett are clearly genuinely friends who enjoy hanging out together. (good for Garrett for backing off tho that was clearly an unhealthy relationship)

No. 935920

Fucking lol'd, bless you anon I needed that

Is there an actual date on their wedding? I'm surprised they're not already milking a wedding planning series for the wedding of one of the biggest YouTubers of all time, but I'm sure they will soon

No. 935929

Shane has always had this weird vibe to him where he breeds all these empty cheer phrases or just throw money at people and think that's true friendship. Seems so empty and fake.

No. 935977

He IS empty and fake. The only real thing about him at this point is food in his digestive system. Something to fill the void.

No. 936037

he has the right to feel upset by this comment since his weight is obviously an issue/insecurity for him, but there's a big difference between having a bad day because of a comment vs doing nothing most of the time and then finding one mean comment to go "see?! this is why i don't post!! i can't do my job because you guys are too mean! i'm only coming out when you're nice to me!" it's like a toddler. if youtube life is too much for him he should figure out a new career, but he doesn't want that. besides, a lot of commentary videos he does are only filmed from the shoulders up. we only see his weight gain when he inserts useless footage of himself shuffling around in his documentaries to fill space. it's like he's purposefully making uploading impossible due to made up conditons. he can't film himself because he doesn't like his weight and people make him feel bad about it and he can't lose weight so that means no videos!

No. 936247

If he's insecure about being a disgusting fat pig, he should lay down the fork and work out instead of whining on twitter about it.

No. 936972

Its interesting to note how everytime shane says 'I love you' to ryland he never replies with an 'I love you back', he either just ignores it or continues the conversation.

I would get it if he was camera shy but he's clearly not and loves the attention. Idk its just really sad and painful to watch everytime it gets ignored lol

No. 937398

They really are getting married

No. 937686

>As much as he's probably getting paid now I'm sure Andrew misses when Garrett was around and they were all just making those fun silly low-stakes videos together.

Garret just released a new video doing just that! Maybe he and Andrew spend most of their time together off-camera? It also seems that despite his own personal issues, Garret also knows a lot of interesting, nice people outside of the regular squad. The new video was a lot of fun.

No. 937710

it was really sad to see how excited and proud Ryland was to show them the outfit he had spent days creating, only for them to mock him pretty harshly and look unimpressed.
talk about unsupportive future husband…

No. 937818

File: 1582817480746.jpeg (247.93 KB, 750x1389, 1906B483-BC21-408D-8856-F4B960…)

why am i not surprised these are what Jeff’s fans are like? damn bitch just buy the hot topic one to replace it they’re the same thing anyways

oh yeah? good for him, i’ll have to check that out. garret was the only one worth watching in that group anyways, i hope he’s doing better mental health-wise

No. 937822

When you put more value on your shit make up than the well-being and positive upbringing of a child that you brought into this shitty world.

I bet good money that iPad parents her toddler more than she does.

No. 937853

A Jeffree Star fan being an utter rat and a bully like their idol? Not surprised to be honest. Also yeah, that iPad does 90% of the parenting for that kid.

No. 938021

File: 1582843609844.jpg (27.38 KB, 240x479, jdjd.JPG)

How mad do you all think Jeffree is that Nate's posting his first thrist trap? I would say Nate looks better, but he has such a HUGE head. Nate's also seems to be a chaser and everytime I look at him, I think of that rumor that his brother and he fucked Nikita togeather.

I just find something so slimey and gross about Nate. Seems like such a fuck boy, but he did fuck jeffree for years so makes sense he's kind of gross.

No. 938062


whats this rumor about Nikita? never heard before sounds juicy

No. 938074

File: 1582848273037.jpg (54.18 KB, 724x425, tttttt.JPG)

Just a rumor from Guru Gossiper via reddit, probably not true, kind of feels true. Mainly because Nate is a chaser (seems to have a fetish for transwomen) and Nikita is very very very thristy. Probably not true but everytime I see Nate I think of him fucking Nikita with his brother which makes me feel kind of sick.

However, Nate does seem kind of gross so i could see it happening. Nothing confirmed tho.

No. 938691

File: 1582943970574.jpeg (509.06 KB, 1125x1069, FFE126A0-8156-43A1-BF90-BA2D3C…)

Shane still follows this guy

No. 938778

>slapped balls with his brother
Cursed visual

Idk if it's true but I can see nikita suggesting it

Ew why

No. 938783

Who is that guy?

No. 938812

Some dude on Infowars other than Alex Jones. He mostly deals with the jewminati controlling Europe

No. 938852

r/bgc is an absolute pile of shit i wouldn't trust anything that comes from there

some conspiracy theorist far right incel who thinks muh jews and moslemics are ruining western culture. the usual dropped on the head as a baby retard stuff.

apparently shane said he follows him for his 'conspiracy theories' but literally all of his 'theories' are 1) stupid as fuck 2) misogynistic/racist/whatever. what more would you expect from shane though

No. 939919

I mean they would probably be more supportive if he wasn't trying to act like he was going to wear it to his wedding, the outfit was really badly made and and wasn't fitted right, especially in the pants and sleeves. If he was just showing them it they would probably be really impressed, but for a wedding it looks like shit

No. 941333

agree that bgc isn’t the most reliable but tbh all of that sounds totally believable

can you imagine how angry jeff would be if both his ‘straight’ boyfriend and his ‘straight’ brother had a threesome with an lgbt person that wasn’t jeffree? if NIKITA was the one a ‘straight’ guy wanted to fuck when jeffree was right there? being fuckable to ‘cishet’ white men and making sure everyone knows it is the only thing jeffree cares about in life

i can’t imagine there would be anything that would make jeffree more insane than that because it ruins his ‘perfect cishet bf that is definitely straight and only fucks me because i’m so special and irresistible to straight men uwu’ narrative that he’s so obsessed with

also jeffree goes so far out of his way to call things fake news or shooped when there’s rumors about him or people show receipts it’s sus that he wouldn’t do that if this was a rumor going around

because he has no problem calling it fake when it’s a rumor nate is with another woman (bc that still fits his narrative) but he would definitely go out of his way to make sure something like that was buried as deep as possible because even the rumor of nate being anything other than 100% straight ruins it

idk, the more i think about it the more believable it seems

No. 942031

5 mins in and there's so much to say

No. 942260


the disheveled, sweaty face in the thumbnail is already too much. he genuinely looks like he's on something.

No. 942352

This was probably the most boring series he has ever done

Litteraly nothing happened except him talking about the weight gain comment and showing off belonged shit, it was so boring

No. 942689


seems like it's probably a way for him to feel like he's ahead of the "hate"

No. 946532

File: 1584453232212.jpg (111.28 KB, 640x882, sureshane.jpg)

few days old now, but apparently shane is claiming that he (& in turn, his little group + j*) already HAD the coronavirus a month or two ago. just reeks of having to insert himself personally into another situation …

No. 946533

File: 1584453304121.jpg (113.14 KB, 640x856, sureshane2.jpg)

No. 946535

File: 1584453553645.jpg (118.86 KB, 640x874, sureshane3.jpg)


as far as I know it doesn't look like j* has commented, which you'd think he would if there was reason to believe him AND his assistant were previously infected

No. 946536

There is literally no such thing as “being tested for all possible strains of flu and other viruses.” What an embarrassingly idiotic grab for attention.

No. 946537


Put them all in the quarantine then, the one with no internet or any kind of media access.

No. 946544

True, but if any fanbase is idiotic enough to buy it, it's Shane's.

No. 946559

there is a rvp. it tests for:

Influenza A
Influenza A H1
Influenza A H3
Influenza A 2009 H1N1
Influenza B
Respiratory Syncytial Virus A
Respiratory Syncytial Virus B
Parainfluenza Virus 1
Parainfluenza Virus 2
Parainfluenza Virus 3
Human Metapneumovirus
Human Rhinovirus
Adenovirus B/E
Adenovirus C

No. 946571

Shane the munchie, a new low

No. 946613

nta but yes that's a thing. My sister in law just got diagnosed with corona that way, because our state only got 1000 covid tests.

No. 946639

Yes, there are tests for some of the more common of the viruses that have circulated recently. But there are 288 possible subtypes of influenza A and B alone. There are an unknown number, but at least hundreds, of coronaviruses that can infect humans (SARS and MERS were both coronaviruses, for example).

I know the mods don’t want medfagging, but repeating Shane Dawson’s dangerous misinformation is extremely bullshit.

No. 946808

Of fucking course his doctors think he's making it up. Can you imagine how often his ass goes to the er and doctors in general whining about something. He's like one of the homeless making up something to get a warm bed for the night

No. 946836

Shane Dawson has been nothing but annoying lately since he over hyped himself being a documentarian. When did he decide to stop being known for being funny and rather being known for being a big whingey bitch

No. 947827

So how long until we get the coronavirus conspiracy series?

No. 948769

File: 1584938891780.png (61.29 KB, 592x443, Screen Shot 27.png)

>sending appreciation and support uwu
>everybody be kind uwu
>they deserve so much love right now uwu
Wow you know what I'm sure they need even more? Money. Shane has a fuckton of money now, so why not make some donations my dude?

What's even more embarrassing is even JEFFREE has donated money and been charitable in the past. Shane really still tryna play this "i'm poor :(((" bullshit and act like tweeting "everyone be kind" is really all he can possibly do and his work is done. Why even bother posting shit like this when you actually have the means to donate and help people?

No. 948770

File: 1584939108427.png (272.41 KB, 590x668, Screen Shot 28.png)

Also I wonder if Jeffree is finally realizing he has no friends and has alienated everyone in his life now that he's locked up all alone in his giant empty house? Maybe he's having A Christmas Carol-type journey?

No. 948772

File: 1584939179012.jpeg (154.56 KB, 946x2048, ETqd3FVXkAEbJhY.jpeg)

…..or more likely his brainwashed fans ran to tattle on someone, he wasn't even tagged in the tweet

No. 952497

I guess J is losing his shit over Nate being with women. Though he's claiming he's just wanting to be clean about the 'surprising my bf with a car' video and that the car was always his. TBH I don't think he gives a damn about the car, he's just pissy everyone was dead on and Nate was gay for hire but clearly wanted girls.

No. 952649

In the vid, it's mentioned that Nathan helped create the lipstick shade named after him. I wonder if JS will have to address this. It will make him look even more dishonest because I'm sure he will say Nathan never had a say in the lip color, and they did it for the views.

I mean, I can totally believe that a dude who never wears makeup would not give a flying fuck about making a specific "terracotta nude" lipstick color, but it's just going to make JS look even more dishonest.

It's clear to anyone with half a brain that JS gets off on controlling people he claims to care about with money.

No. 952671

Everyone knew the car was always his. he up and sold nates old car without telling him, he bought the car to match his latest launch.

it was always jeffs car. a toy for nate to borrow inbetween getting high with only the little dogs for company.

No. 952733

Yea it was obviously his car, so him trying to play it up now made me think it had to do more with the fact he couldn't control Nate's sexuality anymore. Also I don't really see Nate trying any legal shit? His family's lifestyle was support by J this entire time, he likely doesn't want to have them go down the shitter because ego maniac McGee over here couldn't force him to fuck his gaping asshole anymore.

No. 952900

File: 1585787363466.jpeg (355.74 KB, 744x718, 31879282-FBD2-4683-A3CD-A4D436…)

Typical Jeff trying to distract from his personal drama.

I suppose he can’t do another sale because everyone broke and staying at home. Might as well give away some of his millions.

No. 952931

File: 1585791416307.png (446.13 KB, 597x862, JEFFREE.png)

Well it worked because he was trending on twitter and all the tweets were e-begging.

No. 952936

Why did she capitalize every word.

No. 952966

Probably shitty education? I don’t understand why there are adults who capitalize every word.

No. 953052

So Jeffree fans are sending hate to Nate for no reason and are mad that he is attracted to women.
Tbh i knew this would happen,well everyone knew the moment they would break up his retarded fans would go after Nate.

No. 953065

It confuses me because Jeffree himself used to be adamant that Nate was straight even when they were boning. When people would question him on that I recall Jeffree saying "people are not ready for that conversation" as if it's some kind of deep lgbt thing and not the fact two guys boning means the exact opposite of straight.
He can't blame Nate for going after girls when he would push the "nate is straight" narrative so hard when they were together.

No. 953067

Do you have screen caps?

No. 953079


hard agree, anon. it’s like jeffree and his fans have collective amnesia about how much jeffree used to brag about his “straight except for me” boyfriend, nate.

it’s also almost like all of these people, even ones in the LGBT community, looks down on bisexuality… why are fans freaking out over a supposedly straight man going back to women after jeffree??

but then again we already know jiffy starburst and his cabal are homophobes.

No. 953093

i'm glad you agree anon, i honestly thought i was the only person who remembers the "my bf is straight" saga that jeffree would hard push.
Whatever his sexuality is, at the time of Jeffree it wasn't straight. Is it a fetish like James Charles? Gay men going for the straights and brag about how they can "change" a man. If so this must be a huge hit to Jeffrees ego.

I feel sorry for Nate. He cant move on with his life and find happiness with someone else without Jeffrees fans going rabid, has Jeffree told his fans to not go after him? I dont recall.

No. 953169

Doesnt he only fuck trannies tho?
Just proves Jeffree wasnt some “unicorn”, since hes a chaser kek

No. 953173

It's Jeffree fault. Nate said that he liked men in makeup before. Nate has been caught up (not sure if it's true) in some transwomen Dm's (remember that ugly tranny who made a video about nate looking at his nudes?)
Nate follows transwomen with dicks on his instagram, they are all sex workers. At best, I feel Nate has a fetish for fem men/transwomen, which makes him bisexual.

He's the type of man who has no issue fucking a man, but I think he wants to have serious relationships with women. He only follows transwomen who post thrist traps or porn, then the women he follows are all attractive normal women. That sounds like someone who does not see the same sex as anything but a way to get off sexually.

I have no idea how you could look at a man, who was fucking a flaming fag like Jeffree for YEARS and go, "he's straight! He's been straight this whole time !He's beenusing jeffree!!" when even after Jeffree, Nate follows porn accounts of transwomen with dicks.

My opinion on them will always be, Nate just wanted to fuck Jeffree, that was his goal in the beginning. Jeffree wanted more, Jeffree throws money and gifts, so even if he wasn't rich, he wasn't broke and he probably told Nate all types of shit.
IMO if Jeffree never became extremely wealthy shortly after him and Nate got together, at best they'd been fuck buddies but Nate would've never dated Jeffree for years.

The fact people are upset a man Jeffree said was straight, like wosmen is so fucking retarded. What is up with the LGBTQ+ community? Why is it that dudes want to fuck each other but are afraid of calling it gay, and you can be "Straight" no matter what you do sexually. It comes off homophobic as fuck, i have no idea why so many people don't see that.

No. 953174

I don't know if he fucks trannies, but he's shown attraction to them. Yes imo Nate is a chaser. He's someone who views gay fem men/trannies as a fetish, I don't think he'd date a tranny tho.
he's bisexual, at best Pansexual. I just think Nate is porn sick and gross, he'd fuck anything but it's painfully clear by all his interaction with transwomen, it's 100% sexual.

Which tbf, most chasers are this way. They fetishize trannies, they don't date them.

No. 953178

(same anon) I also do feel like maybe Nate was able to fuck trannies but not Women. Maybe that was why Jeffree never flipped out about that one situation with that troon making the video. I could see Jeffree letting him get off with transwomen or threesomes with transwomen with dicks but not allowing him to talk to/fuck real women.

regardless, Jeffree seems pissed Nate moved on or is doing better then he is.

No. 953186

Same everything. Also Nate is 25 so they started dating when Nate was like 20? He was a baby through that whole relationship. Why is JS so surprised someone that young would eventually move on? Now that he’s indulged in all his fetishes, he might be thinking about settling down and having kids.

No. 953189

They were def fuck buddies only. Nate was so.. detached on camera i can only assume off camera he was the same if not worse. Jeffree was the one with actual love in his eyes but Nate just looked stoned and "i'm just happy im here" vibe. I never got a "we're so in love" vibe you can get from other youtube relationships.

No. 953199

how do you even have the energy to sperg this fucking hard about some random non-cow’s sexual orientation?

No. 953209

How dare I talk about something in detail that was the topic of conversation? How am I sperging? I'm explaining my thoughts and feelings. Question is how do YOU have the energy to read what I said, take time to whine about it and add nothing to the conversation but a snarky comment?

No. 953216

File: 1585850272414.png (275.43 KB, 446x574, 66.PNG)

anyway, I forgot to post what i unhid this thread for in the first place, Jeffree getting mad at a child for calling him "spoiled"

No. 953221

Yes Jeffree we know all about how you made your millions off gullible women and gays buying overpriced make up. I was gifted his Bloodsugar palette and I cannot for the life of me see the appeal shit's cakey as fuck and goes on like clown makeup.

No. 953316

This is 100% lies. Jeffree is lying as always.
Jeffree was always rich, maybe not as much as now but he always lived a comfortable life.
Before he was a makeup guru he was popular on myspace,would do photoshots for clothes, he would even go on tour and had music videos.

No. 953391

Ugh yes. All his makeup is drying af. I won’t sperg forever about it, but he uses a lot of cheap, shit ingredients in his products. I can’t even use them because they’re so irritating

No. 954534

He had funders and Kat back then to help him.
His brand isn't even his, he's just the face of it. Selfmade my ass.

No. 954796

Shane uploaded a new conspiracy video

No. 954816

I don't think the five o'clock shadow fits well on him, just looks like he was too lazy to shave.

No. 954826

Is it bad that I was expecting poorly timed covid 19 theories? I'm kidna glad he chose something dumb and light

No. 955024

Jeffree butchered his mansion and virtue signals about social distancing with his cronies

No. 955032

But the question is, will the water turn the frogs gay?

No. 955130

Nta but damn youre actually autistic

No. 958038

Jeffree bought two new dogs, tiny tiny dogs

No. 958057

ngl I love puppies and this is a great way to get views but didn't he throw shade at one of the dog's breeders for selling him a sick dog ala diamond and daddy passing away sooner than expected?

No. 958066

I hate to say it but he seems like a better dog owner than a lot of other youtubers, even if he is buying little shit purebreds.

No. 958075

Seems like every time the new dog gets his balls removed, Jeff wants a new one.
Also those names…Dominatrix ? Dessert? I get he wants to stick with D names but really?

No. 958108

A few days ago Morgan posted this:

Anything for views, huh?

>here you go, dominatrix! Catch the ball; catch it, catch it! Attagirl!

No. 958110

He seemed genuinely happy in this video. Why does he have so many young gay clout chasers around him all the time though?

No. 958433

Because he's rich and if he gives them enough drugs he can fuck them.

No. 958833

There’s a video about Jeffree being predatory towards a teen male former model

No. 958985

This bitch is so grating, can someone do a greentext outlying important points? Pretty please

No. 959048

But they are all painfully gay. If they were straight looking guys maybe but they don't look like Jeffree's type.
then again, you may be right.

No. 959953


it goes over how jeffree thirsted after jamie ryan dee when they were 17 and jeffree was 27, and fully aware of jamie's age

No. 959965

Finally someone agrees! Her videos all have interesting titles and thumbnails of things I want to watch but I cannot stand how shrill she gets.

No. 959967

He could of picked way cuter dog names that start with D.
Dizzy, Duke, Delilah.
Anything is better than Dominatrix. What an edgelord!
He might as well call his next dog Dickskin or Disease.

No. 959998

>Dickskin or Disease

No. 964130

File: 1587660362163.jpeg (150.58 KB, 828x457, 97AECF61-C176-43DD-9AF9-82A53F…)

time for Jeffree to paint himself in the best light in regards to Dahvie

No. 964145

File: 1587664357418.jpg (434.49 KB, 1080x1538, 20200423_135152.jpg)

Is he gonna try and pretend this interaction didnt happen when he had thousands of preteens following him kek?

No. 965093

File: 1587828965951.png (182.46 KB, 1081x394, uummm.png)

So what's the tea with Jeffree and Ian Watkins (in case you don't know, Ian is a convicted babyfucker)?

No. 965101

Can't help but feel this is karma for what he did to James Charles last year

No. 965115

God I sure hope so. JS is Teflon for some reason. Hope his career is ruined. I’m tired of fags and teenage girls creaming over his shitty, overpriced makeup

No. 965129

i would absolutely love to know what the fuck is this about because this has the potential to really fuck jeff's reputation up. i'm surprised this is the first time i've even seen this

No. 965155

Ol Jeff seemed to just make shit loads of sexual jokes towards fellow musicians, many turning out to be predators.
There was also this video I watched today where he was aware of and possibly contributing to a revenge porn website

No. 965213

There was a video of watkins blowing a guy-I remember it was posed on some celeb site cant remember which. I dont know about the rest of the tape (it may have been an orgy?) so maybe jeffree is referring to that.

The reason it may be significant is because after watkins was convicted of grooming, people started asking if this is something he did on tour as many LP fans were very young (as was I) and given jeffree has been shown to look the other way on this with people he tours with if its true that watkins did this its more evidence of a pattern of behaviour that he actually doesnt give a shit about grooming except when he can use it against someone hes pissed off with.

No. 965227

My friend posted a picture of her kid wearing a beanie with the Jeffree Star logo for a mom challenge, I got really annoyed given to what happened with that bitch mom hitting her kid for breaking her JS pallet

I would post a cropped photo of said beanie but I don’t want her to find out and disown me.

No. 965251

anon Jeffree is a cow but why would anyone care that your friend put a beanie on her kid?? and how does your friend putting her kid in a beanie even relate at all to the mom hitting her kid over a palette? you sound more like a cow than your friend

No. 965263

Ofc Jeffree was friends with a pedophile.

No. 965264

They probably brought that story up after seeing Jeffree was friends with a guy that filmed himself fucking an actual baby. Not a child. Baby

No. 965410

Wait, what??

No. 965439

sorry for exposing you to this, anon
(hope i linked it right)
search for ian watkins in this thread. he's a confirmed, convicted babyfucker
the fact that jeff was casually tweeting at him about wanting to be in a sex tape is giving me all kinds of red flags

No. 965726

File: 1587937468927.png (Spoiler Image, 272.88 KB, 578x442, jjjj.PNG)

No. 965727

File: 1587937509315.png (Spoiler Image, 214.18 KB, 607x521, nnnkkkl.PNG)

No. 965869

Whats crazy is that Jeffree moved on from Davey Havok(he's basically a starfucker ladder climber for whoever is "in" at the moment) to Ian and it wasnt long after that that we knew about Ian being a pedophile and rapist. I dont know how the hell anyone could have been around Ian, especially on an intimate level, and not known about this shit, including his bandmates. He was completely utterly brazen and proud of what he was doing.

No. 965870

That was probably around the time Ian had photos leaked of him sticking a baseball bat in his ass. It was posted on Ohnotheydidnt many years ago and I doubt the post is still there because they used to get cease and desist letters like crazy for that kind of thing and the posts would be taken down.

No. 966859

did you guys see Jeffree flat out blame the whole situation on Tati and then say he had "recordings" of the victim of James Charles? He's a horrible asshole and I can't wait for him to get Me too'd because we know Jeffree has to have a lot.

No. 966887

Allegedly he has already been found thirst tweeting a 17 year old at some point, back in the day. No one really covered it, save for one or two "tea" channels.

He's basically untouchable because of his relation to Shane at this point.

No. 966915

I caught that too, Jefree can sound really convincing when he's blasting someone and insisting they're disgusting and a predator. Seems like Tati got swept up and now a year later he's not backing her at all on that. I had been giving him the benefit of the doubt and assumed that maybe James threatened him legally and that's why Jefree never shared all this evidence he claims to have but last night he said that wasn't the case!

No. 966929

Screw Shane for “redeeming” Jeffree after what he did to James Charles. Shane tries to paint himself as humble, but be cares more about clout and money than morals.

No. 966993

This. I hope this is the year shane and jeffree face at least some criticism and at least more people see through them.

No. 967128

there's no doubt in my mind Jeffree's going to get me'too'd this year. He's going to get his karma and I bet you, when he's me'too'd suddenly he'll post whatever James Charles did.

Jeffree is a sex pest and he is a dick hungry straight hunting gay, who thinks with his money and dick.

I bet there's plenty of men who've been groped or harassed by Jeffree. He thinks he's untouchable and that's usually how people get caught up. What he did/doing to James is disgusting. He and Shane are pieces of shit.

No. 967231

File: 1588272872716.png (486.56 KB, 828x1792, A1C48639-53F5-49CA-8617-9178A0…)

Imagine just going to your hugbox and throwing your partner under the bus because of one disagreement

No. 967305


This is just bantz, anon.

On an unrelated note: this youtube demon is having a baby? Poor little shit.

No. 967317

anyone following all the vintage jeffree-dahvie-myspace milk being spilt on youtube and twitter?
theres a lot of stuff thats come to surface that the idiot children who watch drama channels never knew about. theyve waited too long to try and cancel him though, his videos average 9 million views. he is untouchable.

No. 967980

I'm following it, is there anythin on the beauty guru thread or does it belong here better?

Also, Jeffree should havr his own thread already, evety week is a new drama from this dude

No. 967981

all of them suck

No. 968247

Why the fuck would he bring a child into this fucked up relationship. Shane can't even handle being around his FANS add a child who doesn't know any better? He'll end up hurting the kid for interrupting one of his 'moments'

No. 968297

I'm hoping he just means that they're looking into a puppy or a kitten. Wouldn't adoption agencies do serious background checks? If you just Google shane dawson you'll run into all the pedophilia articles from a while back

No. 968343

Poor fucking animal then. Plus like he'd have to do a backyard breeder I'd think? I can't see a shelter being chill with someone who may or may not of fucked his cat adopting a pet.

No. 968346

j was known to work the boys on the warped tour circuit but cory was legit bi and they made out on stickcam before for the laughs/fangirls, iau was a band gossip site before the revenge porn really took off they were just making fun of the open secret that was jeffree fucking scene dudes, they would have posts styled in the same way with known groupies hit lits.
he forsure is a creep but I don't know that this is what people think it it

No. 968496

TBF this kinda is his thread we talk more about his BS than we do Shane

No. 968769

Why hasn’t Shane quit yt yet? It seems like he no longer cares about making content on his main channel and he stopped stealing Infowars topics a long time ago… not to mention every video has a fundraiser attached to it.

Are those funds gonna go directly to charity?

No. 968775

>Are those funds gonna go directly to charity?

sweet summer child. shane is money hungry and thinks his mansion isn't good enough. he needs a jeffree star mansion

No. 971236

File: 1589004981510.png (1.85 MB, 1459x2048, Screenshot_20200509-021620.png)

Has he ever mentioned wanting to write a horror film before

No. 971691

Horror must be his new autistic obsession. Hence the >muh bf doesnt want to name the baby after wes craven who i TOTALLY idolize and am obsessed enough with to name my kid after him uWu

No. 971814

he has actually mentioned it. way back before when he did friends 4 ever

No. 971821

He did star in that shitty yt horror movie, smiley.

No. 971845

"new"? he's had an obsession with horror for years, would constantly mention craven as an inspiration for him back in the day. nothing new about this but embarrassing nonetheless

No. 975112

Speaking of horror and macabre, j-man is releasing a “gothic” palette out of sheer ~muh nostalgia!~ and “I’m deceased uwu” puns - names “Cremated”

Oh boy…

No. 975114

Shane buddy, who hurt you?

Oh, right…

No. 975127

File: 1589671560011.png (18.48 KB, 585x124, shane.PNG)

Shane is getting cancelled again and Shane/Jeffree fans are going apeshit in this hashtag

No. 975140

What is Shane being cancelled for now?

No. 975142

Same shit as always. For his past racist videos, being friends with problematic people like Jeffrey Star and Trisha Paytas.

No. 975143

Old blackface videos, saying the n-word, calling something “ghetto”

Some people are using him as an example of why cancel culture does not work though

No. 975157

They cancel him like every month jesus christ. Can we cancel Jstar too cause he's more problematic.

No. 975429

I don't think Joffree will ever get cancelled. People like Laura got cancelled for some racist tweets but Jiffee has a history of saying racist shit, lying to his audience, manipulating people, etc etc etc. and here he is still big on youtube and in the beauty industry

His new palette looks pretty meh. So many shades look almost the exact same to me. Also it just seems inappropriate to release such a morbid-sounding palette right now. Could he have not cancelled the production of the makeup so it didn't go to waste and just wait until the situation gets a bit better? It's not the end of the world just because he has to delay or cancel a new palette. The world can wait for your shitty makeup, Juffrey.

And he says he's got like 3 more releases this year too. Jesus it's all the same shit over and over again constantly repackaged to look different - especially when it comes to mirrors, makeup bags, straws, etc

No. 975452

I think it might be good for people who don't already have good greys or a decent dark black with proper payoff. His shades at least usually hold good pigment. People who have neutral palletes not in gothic shades will benefit from it. I think it's stupid people want to assume its useless just because they can't use it. This was trademarked in Sep. 2019 and was supposed to release in April. It needed to come out, probably has a 24m or 18m shelf life. No reason to change packaging all over again to 12m by holding off when everyone knows this pandemic shit isn't going anywhere.

No. 975473

File: 1589761049440.jpg (211.33 KB, 1624x750, hH6eR9e.jpg)


Just putting aside the shade names and pandemic stuff for now, are there not other palettes that offer pretty much what Jefferson offers except with less repetition and at a more affordable price? Literally every shade looks like it was duplicated (except for the black one). Got this picture off of reddit and even though I can see differences in the hues, the shades are still incredibly similar.

blowin' smoke eyeshadow palette from colourpop looks like a way better palette for grays and/or a gothic look rather than what Jefferson put out

No. 975475

The NAKED palette and the colorpop one? I don't like NAKED pay-off in their items and the colorpop only have 9 shades. What other ones would there be that can guarantee the pay-off? Not to mention the new diamon shades really do have an enormous amount of shine as someone who got ahold of the previous Royal palette. I would love those shades with that finish. It's to each their own.

No. 975958

File: 1589846439976.jpg (253.17 KB, 869x844, 20200519_030101.jpg)

Personally speaking, I think Lime Crime's take on grey neutrals is the best out there.
Also it's funny how JSC actually started by copying "edgy" makeup brands back in the day like Lime Crime and Sugarpill.

No. 975995

The style was to be edgy though. They all did the whole goth religious cemetery emo thing.

No. 976381

File: 1589927015673.jpg (78.03 KB, 668x473, no honey no.jpg)

Why tf are jeffree's stans so fucking cringy and make out like hes been through several wars or something?!

No. 978444

File: 1590329430108.jpg (372.89 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20200524-100354.jpg)

I wasn't sure if I should post in the general YouTube thread or Shane and friends, but Tana Mongeau started an onlyfans. I can't wait for people to start accusing her of scamming yet again.

No. 978450

kinda a natural progression considering she has no real talent. Full on b/g porn when?

No. 978480

I mean she is apparently searched a lot for porn or nudes by men so I'm not surprised

No. 978489

she's also mates with Riley Reid.
doesn't suprise me one bit.

No. 978755

File: 1590386172240.jpeg (64.94 KB, 750x746, CC839723-6132-45CB-BD75-DF6575…)

Is she gonna shoop the hell out of her nudes like she does with her insta pics?

No. 979470

File: 1590527079894.jpg (288.66 KB, 1080x599, 20190513_143309.jpg)

That's one of her prettier pics

No. 979472

in fairness to tana she's very open about shooping and always makes facetune jokes

No. 980210

This is sad to me. She's been headed down such a bad path. She keeps treating her situation ironically like she's fine with it but then she goes on 2 hour rants crying about her depression and xanax addiction. Shes stupid but I feel bad she never had a chance to be anything other than a Vegas escort because of her shitty family and her circle of enablers.

No. 980299

Yeah, I kinda feel bad for her honestly. She clearly has a lot of deep-rooted issues. I hope she finds her right way, she still seems quite lost in life.

No. 984207

Why Shane no help Eugenia
She's getting sickly-looking again

No. 984215

Shane never helped Eugenia. He just wanted to get views. He didn’t bring any awareness to her situation with her abusive mom and made everyone think she was getting better when she wasn’t.

No. 984634

File: 1591567044244.jpg (47.62 KB, 500x500, DKnaSnxUMAEdkjg.jpg)

Our Nubian queen is sure being quiet in these trying times.

No. 986863

No. 987021

File: 1592088568603.jpeg (581.32 KB, 750x1334, 9E36F47C-0680-45CE-A79A-EC5914…)

Fucking KEK and he is “speaking up”
Seems so performative tho given his past.

No. 987155

Even with all these receipts it still wont knock this faggot down into the dirt where he and his pig Shane belong.

No. 987375

Its weird when you think about it because other youtubers/influencers have been in scandals or lost their careers for a racist tweet they made when they were 15.
Yet shane has been making extremely racist content on his YouTube like making a literal ghetto blackface character which lasted for many years including calling blacks monkeys and the n-word.
Jeffre star outright hates everyone who is not him because he has said homophobic, sexist and racist things. Like talking about how he is not a gay man because they act like ''women'' and women are catty. And how he was arguing with this black women on the street and told her that he would throw acid on her to make her skin lighter, when he got exposed for his racist messages towards jackie which was n 2018, and predatory behavior towards underage boys.

Conclusion: White gay men are the most privileged on youtube and get away with alot.

No. 987404

>Conclusion: White gay men are the most privileged on youtube and get away with alot.

This. Every drag queen and gay male i've seen is extremely problematic but they get away with so many things women in any race or sexuality would never because 'gotta protect my gay males ' and 'yassss queen.' It's so gross

No. 987591

File: 1592210988526.jpg (650.96 KB, 1080x2220, Ss.jpg)

Since I predicted the events of James Charles downfall by Jeffree and then his rise up again months before it happened, I predict that the 3rd huge fight will happen between Jeffree and Shane + co.

Especially since they've been exposed lately to be plotting against JC months before Tati dropped her video. And now that Trisha's DMs leaked about her being afraid of Jeffree, how he body shamed her a lot. The end of this "friendship"is only near. Though I don't see Shane having a spine to start it

No. 987630

>And now that Trisha's DMs leaked about her being afraid of Jeffree, how he body shamed her a lot.
Post caps

No. 987642

File: 1592224493251.jpg (67.8 KB, 526x411, mudasir.jpg)


It's like watching a group home of special needs adults. They can't even do any interesting crimes for our amusement fucking lame.

No. 987650

Starts at 6:10 I think, I don't have them personally. But drama channels have been reporting them

No. 989339

File: 1592537348225.png (674.23 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_2020-06-18-23-27-44…)

Shane released the The Demons In My House video on YouTube, idk how to attach it but its easy to find

From the name of the title it sounds like they're bringing back the spooky boi squad but I'm doubtful since its not "serious enough" for his channel

Also what an unfortunate picture to use he looks like such a butterball who's chin is melted into his neck

No. 989342

So he looks like himself?

No. 989397

It's hilarious that he quit tik-tok because the zoomers aren't buying in to his fake persona. The only thing that makes it sad is that it's valid criticism and he still turns a deaf ear to it.

No. 989401

Ugh he always does that phoney innocent doe eyed surprised expression. Amazing how all that money won’t make you any less fat and retarded

No. 989581

this x1000. it makes me so happy knowing that despite the autism of the previous generation, a lot of zoomers are aware if not hyper-aware of fake personas and when they're being sold something/deceived. hopefully this will finally mark his descent into irrelevancy as his underage viewers grow up and he continues to get called out for having a career founded on being the poster boy for "problematic misogynist/racist white gay guy". maybe in the next decade we'll hear of his irrelevancy fueled drug binges

No. 990222

So Jeffree just copyright striked a small drama channel. And ofc all the youtube wariors who rage for copy-striking are now silent even though they shit on other youtubers when they do that.
Jefree really gets away with everything that others wouldnt.

No. 990232

there are literally multiple videos about it with over 50k views but ok

No. 990271

Is this the "not tea just disgusting but you have to wait until I maky my video to find out about it" that the lame ass drama channels like Creepshow is tweeting about?
Like just spill it then. You dont need to make a monetized video if you found something "so disgusting" about him. Like I'm over this culture of hyping up shit that's supposedly so scandalous just to make a buck from it on YT. Ffs they all think they're better than the cows they obsess over and scrutinize when they actually are/become the cows themselves.

No. 990416

Creepshow is so desperate to be apart of the YouTube crowd

No. 990492

File: 1592729790763.jpeg (234.5 KB, 772x1518, EbBN7A2X0AMrsjF.jpeg)

Since he deleted those, his tweet response to people questioning his involvement in the takedown of JC

No. 990493

File: 1592729811861.jpeg (346.8 KB, 760x1650, EbBN7A2WAAAs559.jpeg)


No. 990494

File: 1592729917340.jpeg (136.35 KB, 401x900, EbBN7A7X0AASXqq.jpeg)


No. 990497

File: 1592730075306.jpeg (126.89 KB, 401x900, EbBN7A7WkAIrCOK.jpeg)


No. 990498

File: 1592730152806.jpeg (205.42 KB, 828x1792, EbBPC4AWsAAikuq.jpeg)

And finally this

No. 990534

>Tati is a strong woman who made a choice.
Twisting the facts in front of millions of viewers to try to ruin an innocent 19yo’s life is being a “strong woman”? God, shut the fuck up. The stupid GOT reference was also so childish and distasteful. A person’s life was almost destroyed. Having millions of people hate you for things you didn’t do would be traumatizing.

No. 990544

File: 1592737245921.jpeg (84.46 KB, 1227x551, EbBRLnyUYAAr8EW.jpeg)

B-but anon! He's an EMPATH
>Did I warn James about the video? No. Why? For reasons that I will never discuss.

Sounds like a personal vendetta to me. Me thinks the reason why is this next sentence:

>Do I think he was a young egocentric power hungry guru who needed to be served a slice of humble pie the size of the fucking Empire State Building? YES.

No. 990547

>young egocentric power hungry guru
I never even got this impression from James. He already was being made fun of because of that old powder face picture, why did he need to be harrassed by millions of people for false accusations to be “humbled”? It sounds like a personal vendetta to me too. Shane wants to pretend he’s a ~sensitive empath~, when he allowed a person’s life to be ruined.

No. 990564

james didn't deserve to be cyberbullied by adults on the internet. shane is so immature and petty it's baffling. does he realize he's 31 years old?

No. 990576

He was most certainly a twat. Also an art thief.

No. 990578

I hope this signals a Laura Lee-like day of the rope for Shane and Jeffree, or at the VERY least Jeffree.

No. 990579

Yeah let's falsely accuse him of being a sexual predator with no proof because he's a twat and an art thief!

No. 990591

Shane's whole advertising campaign for his cash grab beauty products was on the back of tearing down James Charles. People on watched his gay beauty world series for the drama Shane, Jeffree and Tati created. Yea maybe Tati did make the video for her own pity party but I guarantee the reason Shane and Jeffree hopped on the bandwagon was because James was their direct competitor. Retarded stans may overlook that and go with whatever narrative Shane tries to spin but normal people that don't have the memory of a goldfish will remember the allegations they pushed about James. The disappointment of all the hype for that insight into beauty gurus which turned into a hours long commercial for their product. They only went silent after it came out both teams (James and Jeffree x Shane had deals with morphe who probably told J star cosmetics to shut the fuck up about slandering an influencer they also in business deals.

How funny that Shane can't get established on tiktok. Guess he didn't get the memo no one feels sorry for millionaires these days and he's out of touch

No. 990621

No. 990631

Gotta say Shane pretty much fucked himself and Jeffree when he decided to go after drama channels and the Beauty gurus, calling them (attention seeking, game playing, egocentric, narcissistic, two faced ticking time bombs ready to explode) which, ironically, only sounds like his bestie Jeff

No one will save them now, it will be a bloodbath.

No. 990636

I still feel like Jeffree is uncancellable until it's proven otherwise. It does make sense why he has been super charitable on Twitter and stuff the past few months though. I'm sure he has known shit was coming for awhile so he has been trying to prematurely rehab his image.

No. 990641

And apparently there's a talk on Twitter that all big drama channels are hinting at: something completely disgusting and career destroying is coming out about Jeffree. Every account who knew about this info said they can't share it for legal reasons. That they need a "permission" to share it.
Probably explains why everyone is suddenly distancing themselves from Jeffree. we will see

No. 990647

Shane claiming he has never been in the middle of drama when he was in fact in the middle of onision's spergfest for years?

No. 990652


He had no problem having sex with strangers who were way, way too drunk to consent, so that's one thing I haven't heard mentioned yet.

No. 990657

What i dont understand that jeffree and now shane have both been saying "I was told behind the scenes some really DARK DARK STUFF about James that i can't say publicly"
If it's that fucked up why wouldn't you blast it all over the internet or get lawyers involved?
This 19 year old boy did something so dark and messed up behind the scenes but Jeffree, miss queen drama himself, refuses to share deets and now shane is hinting at it. It's all suss as fuck and just comes across as Jeffree trying to get rid of the new young competition on his terf, James after all does everything jeffree does but better and for a younger audience.

No. 990662

It's so fucking funny how this all comes out after he sold the restocked collection.

No. 990693

It's still not sold out, probably why popped off and dipped out with all the cash he could get

No. 990713

I wonder if old Stickydrama ever feels like pitching in his two cents, but he'd implicate himself in the process.

No. 990726

Didn't one dude say Jeffree wanted to fuck him and the dude didn't, so Jeffree pulled out a knife and stabbed it into a door behind the dude? That or sleeping with someone too drunk. Or maybe sleeping with a minor, perhaps? I wonder.

No. 990732

Is it a coincidence that whenever some serious allegations about jeffree show up then suddenly there is a less serious scandal bout him that pops up to take away attention to that.
Not saying his scandal with james or trisha is less serious but people and some drama channels started talking about his involvement with dahvie vanity and other creeps and all of a sudden that is forgotten.

No. 990748

Yeah, that would be awesome, but unlikely, since Jeffree probably has dirt on him. It looks like he is still tracking Jeffree, though: https://old.stickydrama.com/sex-crimes/2020/04/jeffree-star-on-dahvie-vanity-i-never-saw-anything-illegal-but-he-still-deserves-the-firing-squad/

No. 990754

Shane got engaged during the cat fucking rumours do you think he'll marry Ryland soon to take the heat off lol

No. 990803

File: 1592770933268.jpeg (202.87 KB, 828x398, B28EB320-E935-43FB-808B-5A494A…)

It’s so satisfying going into Shane’s twitter replies and seeing him being held accountable… ever since dramageddon, I’ve wondered why no one was telling him these things.

No. 990851

I love how Shane said the internet bullied but did not mention that JEFFREE played a HUGE part.
Maybe I need to read it over, but he talks about James needing to humble himself, but never talks about what happened and how JEFFREE his best friend and himself played parts in this.

No. 991114

What did he say to Jackie? He just called her a rat on twitter but she chose to not associate with him because of his past and she's stuck by it.

No. 991277

He also called her a gorilla

No. 991278

Post caps or gtfo. Everybody talks about this but never posts the proof. Jackie canceled him for his past.

No. 991304

NTA but I do remember there being caps, it might be in the j*, beauty gurus, or YouTube gen threads.

No. 991307

Stop being lazy and search for it, it was already posted in the first Beauty Gurus thread

No. 991311

File: 1592814265627.jpg (317.82 KB, 1080x1059, Screenshot_20200622-012421_Chr…)

>posting a video and not the caps
Post the caps faggot, the only thing I've seen is him calling her a rat

No. 991318

File: 1592815324468.jpeg (3.37 KB, 168x140, download.jpeg)

Fucking love all of thiss I wish I could post the crab emoji repeatedly but emojis are banned
I've been waiting for Shane Dawson to be canceled for like ever. I love how he's making such a victim out of himself "I can't take all this negativity uwu" headers
Who thinks Ryland will leave his fat crusty ass cash cow now that he's being canceled

No. 991355

I don't think he will leave him. But hooo boy, I've been waiting for this to happen as well. At least to me, he has always seemed two-faced, manipulative, and catty.

No. 991362

Same, this is almost too good to be true. However he's gotten away with shit before, remember the Jake Paul drama from a couple of years ago? It wasn't quite as bad especially compared to the latest callout, but it was a big deal then.

No. 991374

File: 1592823543070.png (294.63 KB, 755x513, qv36J4l.png)

are you retarded? it took me all of 2 seconds to find this on google.

No. 991390

I've only ever heard racists refer to black people as gorillas. Mental.

No. 991398

lurk more faggot and stfu.

No. 991399

its a good thing that ryland is a gold-digger because any other person would be embarrassed to have their partner propose to them because of a scandal involving ejaculating on his cat.

No. 991490

That is EXACTLY what went through my mind when I read him stating he has 'never' been involved in YT drama. Like, dude, the fact that Onion's Shane-hate campaign was majority covered and perpetuated by Grease himself doesn't mean you are completely drama-free as an individual. I would still say all the Onion shite counts. And then there was the Bobby Burns situation which I would also describe as YT drama Shane was involved with as he inserted himself into that (due to a video that made some very good points about Shane's stupid as fuck 'conspiracy' videos, may I add.)

To echo a couple of other posts, I am also pleased to see people turn on Shane. I have been sick of all the 'uwu he's a precious naive baby!!! You deserve to DIE for criticising him!!' that came from his fans and drowned out all criticism for years. But the point that the backlash post-Jake Paul just kind of…went away is also good and I just hope that doesn't happen again.

No. 991531

here have some fun commentary on the situation

No. 991623

do you all think Tati is gonna come through and post the video? lol lord knows I've been looking forward to this dumpsterfire to release.

No. 991656

No, and personal opinion, she shouldn't. There's absolutely no coming back from what she did. I can't even see how, her video was THAT vindictive

No. 991709

Lul not to mention the fact that Shane was a piece of shit and told onion to not hang with any L.A youtubers because they were fake smosh offered to do a collab with him but Shane told him not to do it. Then he shit talked all the same youtubers he made videos with, Shane is as fake and manipulate as the beauty gurus if not worse. Lol he knows what he is doing but too bad the mask is starting to fall apart. Honestly also the Bobby burns drama he was labeled as a hater and Shane gave him all this stuff in order for him to fall. Shane did that on purpose he knew a backwoods guy like Bobby wouldn't be able to handle the LA life

No. 991742

I find Alizee irritable normally, but I agree with literally all of her points. Every video she's done on Shane has been on point. He's fake as fuck.

No. 991807


this manchild types like a highschool girl, wtf so embarrassing.
when is he going to drop the whole poor me act. it's extremely pathetic coming from a grown ass man.

I doubt this drama will bring him down but oh boy do I sure hope it does

No. 991819

Agreed. Honestly, it's just as bad when he speaks, the false empathy and forced laughter.

But no, he'll never go down in flames. The insufferable ones always find a way to stick around for eternity.

No. 991881

>Implying that fucking over onion boy is a bad thing
Shane's a gross pee bottle hermit up his own ass, but anything like that regarding Gerg shouldn't be used as a knock against him.

No. 991888

nta but it's less about fucking OnlyFans Assblaster Onision over and more that he's capable of doing this when the image he likes to project is the uwu sensitive empath want to hug the world after this 12-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper.

No. 992257

oh dont get me wrong I love to shit on the onion, he is a horrible person and deserves all the bad things happening to him, but this was before the onion became the awful piece of shit. yeah like >>991888 said its not about being a bad thing but more on Shane's character if he did this to shreg imagine what he did to other friends of his, like Shawna Malcom (the black girl he called "nigga Bitch" in one of his sketches) I bet he fucked her over in some way or another but I doubt she is ever gonna talk since she is trying to make it big in hollywood and is landing some minor roles so yeah she is probably scrubbing everything clean. If he did this shit to the worst youtuber (onion) he could easily do it to anyone (shawna), shane is a two faced cunt who tries to play saint "uwu pls im too sensitive I cant deal with this stress"

No. 992330

I get where you are coming from and for the most part that is a good point, but Onion has always been a piece of shit, as his early internet presence shows - as in, pre-youtube. He just wasn't the tits-out bonkers trainwreck he became over the years.

But, yeah, Shane has definitely not been what he tries to portray himself as. He has too many shady pals to be able to claim the """ sensitive empath """ title without at least SOME scrutiny, regardless of how many tween girls he's managed to fool. Plus he's just always been annoying as shit and all this is entertaining to finally see.

No. 992364

hunter moore wrote abt jeffree raping guys in his book. that book got taken down lol. it was in liam mcevoy's vid. he's done a TON of weird stuff.

No. 992461

I remember that.
I think a lot of people who knew about him before his foray into makeup have always known he was a pretty horrible person.
I was an angsty preteen during that MySpace era and have distinctive memories of him in some sort of early 2000s video chat being pretty vile to everyone else. Even then he had an inflated ego because he was infamous within a small subculture. And he definitely threw around racist words at that time.
I think the zoomers or people who were unaware of that subculture have given him a lot of free passes because they probably don’t know about sticky drama or any of the crazy shit that happened then. But I remember feeling surprised the first time I saw him reappear as a millionaire beauty guru.

No. 992548

lol exactly! fuck Shane Im sure once people start to shit on him instead of jefree, jefree is gonna either jump ship or turn against him and make up stupid accusations. Serves him right tbh, he could have retire with a "pristine image"a long time ago with a good image but nope he decided to stay.

No. 992697

File: 1592935556227.jpeg (212.46 KB, 1599x1600, EbNWhw-XgAEqLyi.jpeg)

I wonder why are they panicking so bad right now and trying to gain sympathy…
is someone going to expose them? A lawsuit? What is it that set them both off?

No. 993547

i went on2 the internet archives and found loads of frankly frightening things about jeffree star

No. 993552

Screenshots please

No. 993561

Liam mcevoy two recent videos about Jeffree were very informative to me, and they can be to others who dont know much about his past.

Ill be saving the videos though so if jeffree takes them down.

No. 993567

File: 1593007216609.jpg (251.98 KB, 1366x768, XlmRKBx.jpg)


No. 993588

wtf is this shit

No. 993594

melodramatic.com was an old blogging website Jeffree used under the username "Cunt"
Liam McEvoy does a better job going into detail the disturbing things Jeffree used to post.

No. 993600

>>993588 an old blogging site jeffree used.

No. 993601

>>993594 agree anon, he does a better job than me

No. 993842

bringing this gold back

No. 993861


Not joking, I got scared when I watched this that my headphones would be too loud and my neighbours might hear that stuff. Meanwhile this piece of shit is a millionaire.

No. 993894

lmao if they compiled all of shane's blackface including the shanaynay character that video would have been atleast a hour long.
''The word of today is……NIGGA''-Shane dawson

No. 994055

Wow even taking the blackface out of it, he's incredibly unfunny. How did he not die off like Greg.
Their skits are the same. I mean I guess he stopped doing them but watching them now is like uncanny. He was never funny.

No. 994179

I've seen a shit ton of blackface shane clips being posted and there are still people defending him like their life depends on it. What kind of ratty ass trashy fanbase does shane have that they're just fine with this?

No. 994933

I think a lot of people jump through mental hoops to avoid having to let go of “celebrities” they’ve become attached to. Especially younger people, which is his main demographic. If Onision hadn’t revealed how crazy and narcissistic he actually was, he would probably still have a large cult following of teenage girls instead of a handful of stragglers.

No. 995006

I wasn’t ever interested in Shane during this time, so my question is why it used to be “acceptable”. People always defend saying it was a “different time”, but back then it was still taboo to say the n word if you weren’t black, right? And blackface was still considered offensive. So how come Shane was able to build an audience with this? I’d be interested to see someone more knowledgable than me tackle that subject

No. 995031

Yes. 2006 isn’t 1906.

No. 995043

Shanes entire comedy sense back then was "offensive" humor like joking about being raped or shouting NIGGA while doing blackface. His fans grew out of being 12 years old and we live in twitter SJW decade so of course no one makes offensively funny comedy anymore.

No. 995108

Maybe this was talked about and sorry if it’s tinfoil but what if Shane only took interest in Eugenia not because of her actual illness (which we all know it wasn’t about) but because he just wanted to get back at Onision and be like not only did I gain even more sympathy and amazing gay dad points for bringing her in to my illustrious channel, but now whenever people mention Eugenia they will always tie my name to it and I’ll always be known as the man who “saved her” meanwhile you’ll be known as the freak who exploited her. Meanwhile what Shane did is fucking on par with Onision he basically paraded her illness and shown millions of strangers the inside of her home and did nothing but use her as promo for his and Jeffrees shitty palettes. I’m so glad he’s FINALLY getting cancelled. Say what you want about gen z but they are finally taking out the trash the racist millennials were too stupid to do themselves.

No. 995361


Youtube allowed it and actively promoted these edgelords with their blackface, pedo/animal sex abuse jokes, etc.

No. 995638

He's known her for years. She was on his podcast a long time ago

No. 995737

half of this excuse is a lie because i too was in that period and no it wasnt like that in comedy or youtube.
I watched alot of youtubers in 2009 and their humor was completely different compared to shanes, their humor was normal and and a little edgy meanwhile shanes humor was vulgar,gross and shock-value.
The only reason why he was even watched then is because all his titles were false clickbait and because of the shock-value.
He started making videos in 2009.

No. 995747

You are giving shane way too much credit.
He just saw that she was trending at that moment and made a video about her for views and money just like how he did with jake and the others.
as >>995638 said, he even said on a podcast (before the documentary) how she does NOT have a eating disorder and that she is fine.

No. 995797

Never said that
but going uwu James never did anything to direct h8 or "he's only 17"
doesn't justify any of those accusations, Shane a J* are shitters that need to go away, but I also hate when people are entirely absolved of shitty things they've done, multiple times, with flimsy excuses

On another note, I never understood how Shane managed to stay as relevant as he did.

No. 995804

>>on another note, I never understood how Shane managed to stay as relevant as he did.
From 2009-2014 he made clickbait shock value videos.
From 2016 and present he latched up to whatever relevant youtubers there are for his own gain.

Thats how he remained relevant

No. 995910


This is disturbing but this guy posted a video of Shane meeting fans on Omegle. He finds a young girl who gets excited then keeps asking her to twerk. She DOES IT and Shane's mom is sitting there the whole time supporting his actions and even says "good girl" to the underage girl being told to twerk by a grown man she admires. This actually makes me feel sick.
Same dude reported that Shane is removing videos from his channel.

No. 995954


That's so fucked up that I'm going to just take your word for it because I don't want to watch that kind of shit. He's an uglier, less talented Austin Jones pedo.

No. 995960

Thats so fucking creepy!

No. 995999

This is fucked but it honestly doesn't surprise me considering the circles he runs in. I hope whatever he's done comes to light in the same way onion boy got is comeuppance

No. 996079

Waiting for him to justify this with “I was in a poor place and I’m fully gay so it wasn’t even like that”

No. 996081

On one hand I can't believe he did that with his mom there, but on the other it feels like maybe he wanted his mom there so the girls would be more likely to do what he asked.

No. 996088

Knowing Shane he probably won’t address it at all

No. 996102

Shane does have some weird pedo tendencies.
I mean all his old videos were filled so many incest and pedo jokes to the point where its not normal. Infact i dont even think i would call those jokes because they cross a huge barrier.
Shane is and has said that he is bisexual so he has no excuse for his behaviour.

No. 996114

explains his 12 year old looking boyfriend

wanna bet they role-play?

No. 996130

Just thinking -Tati unleashed that video under the impression that Joffree was about to release all the 'reciepts'he claims to have. Tati was told that James had indeed committed whatever vile act that Joffree is still banging on about having proof of.
The same thing he supposedly has told Blair White and Ashley whatever her name is on that tea channel.
Tati believed Joffree,realised that not only was she so closely associated with James that her reputation was about to be destroyed,but also jumped to her own conclusions regarding James other inappropriate behavior. Already pissed about the gummi bear halo vitamins deception this is the last straw.
Tati is mortified by whatever Joffree has said and panics.
She is /threatened/reassured by Joffree that he will back her up with all his "proof" so she does the "bye sister" vid.
James is destroyed.
Tati is destroyed.
Joffree makes a vid,witholds any proof,speaks about how hes changed and how gloriously humble he is and comes out smelling like roses.

No. 996134

I'm very interested as what this "very bad thing" James has done for Shane, Tati and Jeffree to all say the have "more info behind the scenes" but can't say it publicly because of legalities and not wanting to stir up more drama.
If whatever this 19 year old kid at the time did was as bad as what they're letting on, it would have came to the surface, either as drama or a lawsuit.

imo i think jeffree is just saying this to save face, he is the epicenter of that entire drama and everything comes back to him, he's latched onto Shane and will drag him down kicking and screaming if he has too, but together they thought they were "untouchable" because of money/fame.

No. 996176

Supposedly James fondled another YouTuber while he was sleeping. One of the Dolan twins. Again this is just hearsay

No. 996187

OT: But I'm fucking pissed that Jenna Marbles got chased off the internet while these two idiots still get to stay around with their cult kids.

No. 996218

Fake and gay (kek) James might be annoying but he’s innocent and not predatory at least tame compared to posting gay revenge porn of closeted straight dudes like Jeffree

No. 996258

Fondling is creepy but its hardly this sickening,rapey and shocking thing they all seem to be yapping about. Starting to get very annoyed with all this hush hush 'i know but cant say'bs they are all carrying on with.
And yep. Jenna Marbles leaves and these stains stay to prosper.
Jenna was smart enough to get out once she saw that even the Beloved Shane was falling from grace and being devoured by the crazed sjw's though.
She cancelled herself first. Smart move but sad and unfair.

No. 996330

I believe they were fishing for stories about James and hoping James had been obnoxious enough to throw his wealth around to bed boys. Did they ever acknowledge all of James receipts about the waiter and others?

They've nothing behind the scenes they're just saying that to save face. More likely James can threaten legal action. James has worked numerous times directly with YouTube and Morphe. Shane and Jeffers can pretend their business men but they're fucking not. They've been told to keep their mouths shut. James is more brand friendly. They're raging.

No. 996331

I know it's not what you're saying anon, but just pointing out even if you're gay objectification of teens is not on

No. 996477

Nothing, the answer is they have nothing. It's so transparently a spin tactic that it's embarrassing. This sort of low effort nonsense only works on children which, luckily for those creeps, are the only type of people interested in their content at all.

No. 996497

To be fair, those who did chase her around was pathetic guru gossip whom do nothing but bitch about youtubers doing nothing. She grew up, saw the ens of youtube as a career and left. Its what youre suppose to do in your 30s - see your situation and choose the nest action as an adult but Shane and Jeffree are incapable of that.

No. 996553

I liked Sam's response to the meltdown.

No. 996644

No. 996651

this should be good

No. 996654

So basically his apology is "I have anxiety, I'm apologizing now because my highlights reel is trending, I should have lost my career for this but here are all the reasons I shouldn't"?


No. 996661

Crazy how people will excuse a grown man sexualizing children, saying he wants to rape his fans, and justifying pedophilia

No. 996664

smh anon he has anxiety and it was years ago and he was just joking and he's an empath and things were different back then and-

No. 996673

But will cancel a woman for doing anything wrong.

No. 996686

this man is genuinely so fucking stupid. how he can sit there and say "i learned what blackface was in my mid-20s" and not be rife with embarrassment is beyond me. trying to justify how he described torturing a woman in detail with "actually she was white" and claiming people edited his content to make him sound like a pedophile despite the evidence stacked against him. i hope he pops like one of the zits on his neck.

No. 996688

To be fair I feel like Shane being ~queer~ is also playing in his favor, not just being a man, but basically yes this is correct. Just like Jeffree has the teflon beard spackle which means he never gets cancelled. I've seen so many BGs get shat on by fans for the weakest, weakest reasons and yeah, every single one was a woman.

No. 996711

File: 1593221825856.png (418.29 KB, 1034x746, Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 9.35…)

Have y'all seen this? I dont know how to archive the videos but this is absolutely disgusting and idc how many white Stans can absolutely forgive him. we've known what he was for years. monsters can have anxiety too lol

No. 996731

If this guy gives an actual shit about the history of black face and how horrible of a person he is he would use his platform to bring on someone to do an educational video about it. Of course, he doesn't actually give a shit he's freaking out over Jenna's video.

How the fuck do you do blackface and say it's not racist. Like his dumbass knows and always knew damn well that this shit's racist he just thought it was okay because he thought it was funny.

30 year old man in the year of our lord 2020 trying to say he didn't know blackface is racist he's an absolute clown.

No. 996739

Jeffree was apart of Shane's downfall, had he never stuck his nose in the James shit, in make up then I doubt this would've happened.
The James stuff being brought back up made people really dig into his background.
I know Shane isn't going to not be popular anymore but this is going to be a huge stain on him.

No. 996763

File: 1593224646591.jpg (114.78 KB, 800x619, 20200626_222234.jpg)

Shane's face when he logs onto the internet and sees all the people he's manipulated into blindly following him for years turning against him

No. 996782

OT but this reminded me of an article I saw a few days ago talking about how Mel Gibson asked Winona Ryder if she was an ‘oven dodger’ at a party in the 90’s. Literally everyone in the comments was saying how people grow and change and they say things they don’t mean, and in the exact same comments made shoplifting jokes.

These people are literally brain dead if they’re saying that Mel Gibson isn’t that bad because he made a few off color Jew jokes.

No. 996808

This is an extremely mild stain compared to past controversies Shane has been in and also it's stuff way in the past. The like ratio on his video is pretty high too. Pretty much all of the people in the same league as him got there through their ability to dodge controversies and he's one of the best at it. I'm certain that his next move will be reconciliation with James Charles and of course he'll leave evidence of this somewhere.

No. 996811

he’s such an ugly, lopsided person.

No. 996821

his next video: apologizing to the person who's life i ruined

No. 996847

The fact that she is a woman might be a strong reason why people were harsher with her. The videos they were attacking her for have been privated for at least a couple of years so it's not like she was profiting off them either.
No, they shouldn't have been uploaded or even made in the first place. She should probably have addressed the issues with them earlier instead of doing it when she is called out. But people are not pleased with her apology but has no answers when I ask what else she is supposed to do, and this has happened a few times before whenever a famous woman is in hot water. But people have been trying to go after her for YEARS for petty or made up things (I'm a sucker for reading youtube comments).
What actually makes me disappointed in her is that she is apparently friends with Shane and J*, I thought she was better than that.

No. 996878

If a woman were the one that got fondled you'd (rightly) be freaking tf out. Fondling without consent is literally sexual assault (read: rapey), no need to minimize that just bc you wanna defend JC. If he truly did fondle someone while they were unconscious then that's a good reason to call him out.

No. 996887


Apparently the 12 year old in question was his cousin, which somehow makes it better for some of his brainless fans, as if incestuous child grooming never fucking happens.

I even saw these fucking troglodytes saying this was just "sex education" as if he was just explaining the basic idea of where babies come from in very general terms, and saying something about not letting anyone pressure her into doing anything that she is not comfortable with. No, this piece of shit was an adult man talking about blowjobs and shit to a 12 year old girl. Fucking repulsive.

No. 996899

Are you talking about Jenna?
She wasn't really getting cancelled. There might have been a few here and there that were upset but the general consensus is that everyone was okay with her. Most people are upset that she is leaving but very proud and accepting of her apology video. Idk where you are getting that people aren't pleased with it

No. 996909

I don't like Shane but I do want to state what I took from his podcast when I heard it back then not out of context. He was commenting on the fact the 6 year old girls or maybe she was younger idk, looked sexy in her Instagram pics. He was commented on the aesthetics the parents were putting on this six year old and how she was posing. He was implicating the parents making a 6 year old pose sexy. I never assumed it meant Shane wanted to fuck the 6 year old or thought the 6 year old was sexy just that she was styled by her parents and her whole Instagram account was odd because it was obviously a child pushing a more mature style.

His blackface was embarrassing at the time, even if other content creators were making the same lazy jokes.

No. 996917

I don’t get it either. Everyone is blaming cancel culture for Jenna leaving but nobody was really talking about her old videos or calling for her to be ~cancelled. She’s seemed over YouTube for a while and found an out.

Shane is cherry-picking that one specific instance so he doesn’t have to try to explain his way around pretending to jack it to a child or asking kids to get naked on camera. He doesn’t need a devil’s advocate.

No. 996961

Yeah, the videos she apologized for had been private for years. The only time her name was brought into the conversation was when it came to her friendship with Shane and Jafar.

No. 996979

idk why everyones grouping in trisha with the rest of the ytubers getting cancelled on twitter. worst thing she did was pretending to have DID/be trans. her rapping nigga and wearing ganguro makeup isnt as bad as shane dawson wearing blackface and jeff calling black women gorillas

No. 997022

or.. maybe they’re all bad. trisha included

No. 997065

god, the like to dislike ration on shane's video…. he'll never truly be "cancelled" because there will always be easily manipulable 10-17 year old girls on youtube and twitter to bolster his audience and rush to his defense. jeffree too. It almost doesn't matter what they do, they're impenetrable

No. 997092

I’m still not over the fact that Shane did the ice bucket challenge with his dick out, posted a video with the reflection of his genitals clearly visible in the bucket’s reflection and left the video up for hours even while people were commenting on this and probably contacting him about it directly… yet everyone seems to have forgotten about this.

I think he has benefited a lot from Onision’s vendetta against him. Greg is an insane narc and clearly projects his own faults on the people he hates, so it’s easy for people to dismiss his accusations as innocent jokes that Greg twisted and blew out of proportion. He’s so universally disliked that there’s a tendency for people to immediately take sides and jump to the defence of anyone he makes videos on. Usually they’d be right.

No. 997345

File: 1593297511949.jpg (66.22 KB, 593x362, jaden.jpg)

Jaden & Jada Smith are calling him out too.
Is he's actually getting cancelled this time?

No. 997354

Good. I can’t imagine how Willow feels about that awful video.

No. 997369

Damn, this is getting real. How dare he, he needs to delete everything he's so fucked up.

No. 997388

It's trending , I can't wait for Jeffree to get his.
This is something.

No. 997390


I know this is jaded, but I still think the both of them are going to come out of all of this unscathed unfortunately

No. 997393

I don't know anon, the Smith family calling you out is pretty big.
I actually have some hope it's going to finally happen this time. And of course, like >>997388 said, J* next.

No. 997398

File: 1593302217175.jpg (34.69 KB, 587x357, willsbf.jpg)

Samefag, I think this is Willow's bf.

No. 997399

I hope the Smiths encourage more celebrities to speak out against him. There are multiple people in Hollywood who hate his ass.

No. 997403

I'm seeing so many people who had no idea who Shane is looking shit up and sharing it. This is on a few black gossip sites as well.
Kek, by saying he wasn't racist, he's now on the radar of a LOT of black people and people who think he's a pedo or some shit.
Major fuck up.

No. 997420

aside from trisha, it blows my mind how ignorant and hateful you have to be to have the audience and fame you have, but still text people and call a black woman a gorilla?! Like I seriously cannot wrap my head around stupid Jeffree is

No. 997421

lmao I love the Smith's did this right after his bullshit, yet somehow successful, apology

get fucked fattie

No. 997430

nah, I'm pretty sure Jeffrey is pushing Shane under the bus in a couple of days. He's way to savvy with this kind of internet circus.

No. 997431

Imagine being possibly hated and seen as a creep by Will fucking Smith! I don't he'll tweet like his son and wife, but damn just imagine the convos they must be having about it in the Smith family.

No. 997433

File: 1593305592765.png (50.46 KB, 736x369, cupcakke.PNG)

Cupcakke disassociating herself from Shame.

No. 997445

File: 1593306090562.jpg (99.89 KB, 828x849, EbjnM2BWAAcsLS8.jpg)

James Charles liked the Smiths' tweets.

Looks like Shane's not getting that redemption arc from him lol.

No. 997459

Fuck this pedo all the way up.

No. 997481

aren’t they scientologists? he’s finished

No. 997484

after watching everything anyone who excuses this as "just jokes' is sick,None of it is funny. None of it is jokes.
How can you watch a video with a grown man being disgusting towards a underaged girl RIGHT IN HIS FACE and go, "well it was a long time ago, it was comedy"
nah it's not.

No. 997490


Good observation anon, I forgot about that. If the rumours about the reach of that cult in Hollywood are to be believed, he’s fucked.

No. 997496

File: 1593311038432.gif (1.29 MB, 500x390, 00D900AD-5048-42FD-BCB2-6DCADE…)

GOD this is so fucking funny. Add “Shane Dawson cancelled by Will Smith’s whole family” to the 2020 Bingo card.

No. 997498

File: 1593311338975.gif (953.6 KB, 500x281, neo-yokio-3.gif)

When Jaden Smith calls you out, y'know you're officially fucked.

No. 997505

>referring to leaked texts that were never verified
C'mon, there's more shit jefree has done that's actually been proven, like the battery acid comment.

No. 997525

File: 1593315089127.jpg (71.67 KB, 992x663, eh.jpg)

The comment section of his apology video is flooded with "Depression and anxiety isn’t an excuse to sexualize children, Shane."
The dislikes seem to be growing as well.

No. 997527

LOL for sure I bet he is gonna turn against Shane and say shit like "I was fooled as well: the truth about Shane dawson" lol watch him as he shit talks Shane in to oblivion. Serves him right! Fucking idiot should have left the platform ages ago, like some anon said here "get fucked fattie" kek I love happy endings

No. 997529

I would bet money on this. Jeff is going to drop him now that he's affecting his bag.

No. 997537

lol lets place bets ladies! to see how long will it take voldermort to turn the pig in to bacon. thats what he does to any of his friends that no longer serve him any purpose just like he did with james charles.

No. 997601

if he does that i think it will actually end up making shane look better because that would make jeffree look like a huge backstabber

No. 997625

File: 1593327656533.png (70.71 KB, 585x359, bree.png)

Shane's former friend Bree calls him out

No. 997629

That was mind blowing to me too, he even calls that a "family moment" in his 'apology.'

He quietly tries to downplay everything, his strategy seems to be "oh god sorry, sorry, I'm suuuch bad person :,((((, oh but this was actually kinda excusable because of this reason."

He's very clearly just making the sounds he thinks he needs to make to appear worthy of sympathy, but it's obvious he feels like he's being persecuted unfairly.

Yeah, he really really is. I bet he thinks of himself as cute too…

No. 997633

File: 1593328632521.png (254.31 KB, 902x625, shanepedo.png)

So Shane had another skit channel that he shared and it stared a puppet who is supposed to be 8 years old.

Link to the worst video(TW puppet makes joke of dad sticking his penis in her mouth when she was 3) cause you know jokes


The thread to the twitter convo about this.

No. 997643

Milly was a fine bros creation, she's a fucked up depiction of an over sexual little girl because she was constantly molested and raped by the adults in her life. So if were fully trying to cancel Shane for pedophilia we should also throw the Fine Bros in there since they consistently work with children.

No. 997649

>she's a fucked up depiction of an over sexual little girl because she was constantly molested and raped by the adults in her life
holy shit WHAT
they should also burn

No. 997657

File: 1593333055198.png (234.84 KB, 1348x599, stats.png)

Did his entire channel get demonetized?

No. 997662

Probably not because youtube has a bias towards the dude.

No. 997668

File: 1593334455667.jpg (110.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20200628_055256.jpg)

He apparently deleted a bunch of videos from his main channel too, maybe that's why?

No. 997735


I’ve seen a lot of shit on the internet in my time and this is truly up there as some of the most disgusting content I’ve ever seen: the fact that these Fine Brothers cunts have made a career out of working with children since is seriously disturbing. I am almost entirely convinced after seeing this that all three of them are real life nonces.

Content warning: they’re going into graphic detail about child molestation and rape here. Shane instructs the puppet to masturbate for him and then her “uncle” puppet discovers this and rapes her as punishment. What the FUCK.


No. 997741

I actually remember seeing these videos at the time the channel was created but I didn't remember them being that bad Jesus. Now I know why my mom hated me watching this shit and said Shane and co were pedos

No. 997746


This is exactly how grooming works. I’m so sorry.

No. 997749

I used to watch his shit, and years later, this is the video I remember the most. I don't really wanna rewatch it, but I remember it was filled with loads of weird innuendo comments to babyariel (who I believe was 15 at the time?). Dude's fucked in the head. Glad he's finally facing repercussions.

No. 997780

it says the video is unavailable

No. 997785


He’s frantically deleting old stuff kek

No. 997788

Still up, just right click and open in new tab.

No. 997796

I saved quite a few of the old ask milly videos before the channel got wiped, probably episodes 1 through 10 and some of the side series episodes? If i remember correctly the channel was a collaboration between Shane and the fine bros although Shane only appeared in the mailtime episodes. There was also like a running joke of how Milly had a crush on Shane and would always talk about wanting to have sex with him

No. 997811

I've never seen their awful movie "F the Prom" completely, just reviews that included clips, but some scenes were gross. The main character's dad makes sexual comments about the son's friend/crush and the principal makes an announcment to the school saying that you should get a senior to take you to prom ("it's only statutory if you get caught!"). They literally work with high school aged kids for their React series and then sexualize teens in their shitty movie? Doesn't sit right with me.

No. 997812

I’ve never heard of these guys but how could anyone possibly think that’s funny or in any way okay? Burn them all.

No. 997817

File: 1593355178689.jpeg (126.96 KB, 750x1054, 2A4CCC46-1837-4D77-9F23-6ED405…)

Seeing all this old shit come up has me thinking about how much of it I saw when I was a kid. How has he not been seriously under fire until now?

Thread: https://twitter.com/markdice/status/1276950842482978824?s=21

No. 997826

Gotta say, it’s really satisfying to see so many people finally echoing the sentiment I think a lot of us here were arguing last year of like “hey it’s pretty fucked up that these 30/40 year olds are bullying a teenager and destroying his life and making serious criminal accusations based on literally nothing, even if that teenager is James” and “jeffree 100% did this, here’s 10,000 receipts of his bad behavior” that would cause the Jeff-cronies to swarm in and sperg about how we were all JC-stans because of using basic elementary school level critical thinking about the situation

Also I know this thread hasn’t been the most active of all time, but I do wonder how much lolcow (these threads and the Beauty Guru ones) played into this? Even though we were swarmed with Jeff-stans too it does feel like this was one the only places you would stand a chance of criticizing him or posting receipts that he couldn’t have deleted or hidden or attack you personally, being anonymous and all. He brainwashed his legion of fans for sure, but I honestly think too many people were just too scared, which is totally reasonable seeing what he did to other people (his own fans even)

Like this dude in particular >>993594 feels like a farmer to me. At one point in one of his Jeffree videos he says he used to be one of those voices defending him, and he also echos basically the Jeffree attack MO and some other concepts that I feel like were pretty openly discussed and established here. Makes me wonder if he was one of the Jeffree farmers. Good on him for finally coming to his senses.

No. 997886

he didn't get backlash for this until now because he made the internet angry with his "humble pie jafar the nazi mah family" statement, so all this shit caught momentum. fucking finally.

No. 997909

Blaire White exposes Jeffree for outing someone claiming to be molested by James, and and says that Jeffree has said another big YouTuber raped someone. Says Keemstar also knows. Blaire also addresses Shane in this and says some of what he's said was way too far. "If nobody is laughing, it's not a joke."

No. 997912

File: 1593367195642.png (Spoiler Image, 307.16 KB, 828x1792, DF1F9554-2C1A-405C-9C85-530CF7…)

Interesting… I wonder as well if the rumour is true about J forcing nikkietutorials to come out as trans. Hopefully is J gets called out next.

No. 997935

File: 1593369197530.png (1.88 MB, 828x1792, FC2367FC-4BCB-4566-95BC-B0C7A1…)

No. 997945

File: 1593369941734.gif (1.64 MB, 498x280, 876DA496-DD20-4E8E-9937-28DFA5…)

So James is a predator again?

No. 997947

I mean, in this case isn't the biggest responsible the person that put Trevor and Rosa Parks in the cards? Or idealized the game?

No. 997951

Yeah, it's kind of silly to use a cards against humanity type of thing as evidence of the player being racist

No. 997956

A normal person would toss the card to the side and pick something else, not make light of the death of a teenager using stereotypes about black people not having jobs. This is the worst one to me.

No. 997960

I watched a lot of early shane/fine bros when I was 10-14 and they def groomed kids through these videos. I was taught to lust after older dudes and be overly sexual etc. I remember having the biggest crushes on Benny and Rafi and sent them gross sexual stuff all the time when I was a kid because that’s what I was taught was ~cool/normal/adult~. Ugh. Fucking gross that these dudes worked with so many kids over the years. They’re definitely creeps and their cancellation & the gross shit they did for their audience of primarily kids/young teenagers looking back is so weird.

No. 997965

They could've responded with any type of answer. A few of the answers were more racially charged. Aside from Treyvon's answer, Steve's answer to Jesus was that maybe he wouldn't be crucified if he was white. Nikki said that MLK shouldn't have gotten a day. I agree with >>997956 in saying they could've said anything else or just passed. They unlisted their apology video and also said that everything was taken out of context. The video itself is just 5 minutes and was pretty much explained at the beginning/in the title.

No. 997967

Didnt we already KNOW he outted someone? Didn't he say on camera when he was with Keemstar that he'd show them? Blaire was just trying to be jeffree's friend as well.

No. 997977

You're probably retarded.

No. 997981

You sending them sexual stuff unprovoked because you were an obsessed fan girl with zero parental supervision or whatever doesn't mean they did anything to initiate it or groomed you or 'groomed kids through their videos'.

No. 998002

Why are these people associated with so many right wing/conservative youtubers? Paul Joseph Watson, Blaire White, now Mark Dice is tweeting about it

No. 998007

Nyayrt but I’m thinking back on watching Shane’s old videos and they definitely normalised adult themes and being sexual around children to the point where it wasn’t outrageous or dangerous and seem like a joke. Shane might not have groomed his audience but he made a good chunk believe that adults saying sexual things to kids is fine.

No. 998008

They were talking about Benni and Rafi though. Also I don't disagree Shane probably normalised adult themes around kids, I don't think anyone really disagrees with that, and I think he deserved to be 'cancelled' long ago but that isn't what the original anon said in their blogpost.

No. 998035

Thank you Blaire for this low hanging fruit of a video. We been knew

No. 998048

i wonder if they groomed lia

No. 998050

Not the original poster but I remember shane encouraged this a lot because I was also a fan of him at a really young age and “learned” a lot about sexual behaviors from his videos. Of course he can’t help that young girls are obsessed and do inappropriate things but shane should also have the decency not to support it and post pictures of his underage fans in his merch saying he wishes he could rape them. There’s stories from girls at his meet and greets talking about how uncomfortable they felt and how all the adults found his behavior inappropriate towards young girls irl. I remember a fan meetup video where he kissed minors and spit his gum in a girls mouth. It’s not fair to judge the behavior of kids when they’re being told it’s perfectly fine to act overly sexual and be objectified by an adult man. I honestly could care less about some of his offensive jokes but he can’t be forgiven for his CONSTANT pedophilic behavior geared toward actual minors

No. 998054

They said they sent them to Benni and Rafi not Shane who did not encourage anyone to do that, they also called it 'grooming' which it objectively is not. Like I said, I don't think anyone disagrees Shane's behaviour was inappropriate, it clearly is to anyone with two brain cells, but the original poster didn't just call it inappropriate. What they described isn't grooming, and you should not be being 'taught' about what's normal with this kind of thing from youtube videos. If you were in the position where that is where you were learning about 'what's adult/normal' and you had no other guiding forces or parental intervention informing you about those things to know what's right or wrong then you had much deeper problems. It's not really the responsibility of the content creator if they did nothing to initiate it, which the fine bros didn't.

No. 998086

Shane has openly been a creep for so long. He was hitting on Tana when she was underage, then as soon as she turned 18 he was begging to see her tampon and made her pee on him in a video. Everyone always acted like it wasn't possible for him to be a creep

No. 998152

Shane is also weirdly obsessed and is friends with JoJo Siwa. Ryland dressed up like her in one of his videos and Shane was very clearly into it.

No. 998168

only one of them is actually associated (the cock in a frock) the other two will jump on literally anything they can use for their retarded culture wars

I don't know why or how people stopped viewing Blaire as anything other than a lolcow but it's tiresome

No. 998195

File: 1593396522604.png (607.09 KB, 2048x1449, Screenshot_20200628-220024.png)

Aged like milk

No. 998211

It seems like she's more stressed out than the average child youtube star, so big big big maybe

No. 998226

How do we know Jeffree isn't orchastrating this? It feels weird that he has these memos, has been showing them off to people who are willing to listen to them but nothing came of it. If Shane somehow got ahold of this mysterious youtuber who was molested by James, why didn't he take initiative and report James? Something doesn't add up..

No. 998281

From my understanding, the point of Blaire's callout against Jeffree is that he's using an alleged SA victim's testimony to blackmail James and get people on his side instead of urging the victim to report him.

IMO, Jeffree wanted someone else to leak that information so he could keep his hands clean and Blaire being Blaire took the bait. And if it's true that there's a credible voice memo accusing James of sexual assault, she ended up doing the same thing as Jeffree: using it as drama fodder. What a mess.

No. 998283

If by "stressed out" you mean "actively being drugged and preyed upon by older males in the industry."

No. 998298

Video unavailable

No. 998312


That was utterly insane, has there been any update on this since January? My cursory search for Steven Wetherbee turned up very little.

No. 998330

Will Smith agressively tries to makeout with his own son in public (let alone what goes on behind closed doors), basically the pot calling the kettle black. This is just a relevancy/virtue signal from that family, but who knows maybe the celeb worship will equate to Shane getting cancelled slightly more than the norm.

No. 998335

Samefag but it should be
>Stop stop shoving your tonge down your son's throat
That being said it's Shane and if he was aware of the multiple instances he'd surely condone them in a heartbeat

No. 998347

>Will Smith agressively tries to makeout with his own son in public

is this some sort of meme? you ain't being for real right. pls say sike

No. 998357

Trying to be affectionate with your son in public is nowhere near comparable to filming yourself pretending to masturbate to an underage girls photo. How would you feel about seeing shane fucking Dawson do that to a picture of your child or family member? I’m hoping he disappears for good. I’m just feeling bad for Ryland right now holy shit this is the dude he’s planning to marry.

No. 998362

Anon is reaching tbh. You can google the clip and see for yourself that it's just an awkward father/son moment if anything. Will goes to give a young Jaden a peck and Jaden is flailing around yelling being a kid because "ew dad ur so embarrassing". The peck doesn't land because Jaden literally has his mouth wide open. It's awkward, but not sexual. Hardly "aggressively making out". kek

No. 998393

I’m surprised Shane hasn’t done any suicide baiting yet, considering how he likes to use his mental illness as a shield whenever things get too hot. Anyone think he might An Hero? He is a bit unstable after all

No. 998407

Holy shit i still gave him the benefit of the doubt on being an actual pedo and thought it could have been just really edgy and tasteless humor but this confirms it, wow

No. 998453

it's not, just right click and open in new tab. lolcow just does that

No. 998495

this vid was posted in the youtuber general but i havent seen it posted here, he and his girlfriend are speaking to an allegedly 12 year old girl about sexual things and demonstrating sex using a toy
this may have already been posted but i did not see it itt.

No. 998497

I watched that clip in the last two days ( had no idea it even existed before ) and it actually shocked me.
It's disgusting. The child is so obviously embarrassed and uncomfortable.

No. 998521

I really hope he does. He’s so disgusting. James Charles has to “take responsibility” when he’s barely legal for what? Inboxing some straight scrotes with thirsty messages? Why don’t straights get cancelled for doing that to women constantly? It’s probably sour grapes. Shane is a deformed looking fuck and probably threatened by any other gay on YouTube because it’s the only thing he has going for him. Shane is almost 40 and doesn’t want to take responsibility for Fucking blackface. Pathetic.

No. 998577

>Shane is almost 40

Shane is 31

No. 998589

LOL okay I am all about roasting him and all but gurl he is 31. Still doesn't justify all the shitty actions he has done, honestly you would think with all that money he would be able to hire a fitness trainer and take care of himself and hire a chef to cook him healthy meals, or at least a damn PR to fix his image but nope he is still out here looking like trash, I guess probably to match his insides. Honestly I cant wait till this dumpster of a man is finally cancelled 100% I am sure the Smiths will def make sure he stays cancelled, also I bet jefree is probably planning something to nope himself from shane.

No. 998609

scrolling the carcrash that is all Shane's fucked up shit summarized in this thread

I knew he was a creep (I couldn't watch his videos, and was baffled that people liked him, the same way I was baffled that people liked Onision) but I had no idea how far it went. Holy SHIT he needs to be cancelled.

No. 998637

lol how come i always see posts about famous people on this board saying “they should hire a chef to cook them meals!” you dont need a damn personal chef hanging around 24/7 to lose weight these people are millionaires but they arent that rich

No. 998677

Having someone else manage your diet, and having live-in staff are different things. And you're missing the point: anon was saying this person has the resources to be better than the blob that he is.

Personally I think it's all for PR, people always go for the "no makeup, recently cried, I'm too hurt to self care :,((((((((" look when they want people to take their side, and Shane is just perpetually in that mode.

No. 998775

Nice self-post, scrote. Kill yourself.

No. 998785

He did hire a personal trainer not to mention that he’s done multiple restocks on his pallete so realistically he could probably afford to AT LEAST see a dietician

No. 998791

its the only video on youtube with the full clip of shane?? who hurt you

my point was that shane is just a pathetic mess who couldnt help himself if he had an entire staff of dietitians. none of these cows could

No. 998794

File: 1593466828410.png (802.96 KB, 943x601, jeffree is a bitch.png)

No. 998806


not surprised he's a POS what's surprising is how much of an idiot he is lmao imagine reaching his kind of numbers and status and not wiping down shit like this. truly a dumbass, seeing his videos and 'comedy' tho that's hardly a revelation

No. 998807

File: 1593468341376.jpg (92.17 KB, 640x710, ajv91owskw751.jpg)

Not sure if this is that interesting, but it's from his book, apparently.
It doesn't sound like an event that actually happened, but if it did, it seems like a really bad move to type it down and put it in a book.

No. 998809

wanna bet he was jacking off while typing this?

No. 998848

i think i sprained my brain, who the fuck would remember all of this? I wonder what else kinda fucked up shit is in his books

No. 998853

lmao? This reads like one of those obviously made up Tumblr posts, I'm suprised he didn't finish it with 'and then the entire class stood up and clapped'.

No. 998856

All of them. All of these motherfuckers need to burn. I'm so sick of men using sexual and rape 'humor' as internet jokes. i'm tired of it . Cancel them all

No. 998862

Shane has so much evidence against him to cancel him. I hope he's gone before the end of 2020

No. 998878

What book?

No. 998886

Looks like it got deleted, just checked. How embarrassing.

No. 998888

File: 1593477499706.jpg (55.89 KB, 595x401, notsure.jpg)

Perhaps this one? Not sure.

No. 998890

I could investigate and see if there's one available.

No. 998968

What the fuck? God this is the clringiest shit I’ve ever read. I hope someone tries to find this so called “black friend” of Shane’s from school. Wasn’t he whining about how he never had friends in school in his video where he was exploiting that murder story anyways? How the murderer was the only guy in school who didn’t bully him or something? Which one is it?

I know he gets a lot of flack ITT but I feel bad for Ryland too. Ryland seems like he just wants to be a trashy suburban soccer mom with a mini-van and kids, but no matter how shitty Shane has been he won’t be able to leave without people claiming he was a gold-digger all along. Even though let’s be real, Shane doesn’t seem like he’s ever actually been a supportive or good partner in any way, and even less when he was giving all of his time and attention to Jeffree. Ryland clearly wasn’t happy throughout all of that, I would rate Shane much higher on the gold-digger scale given his relationship to Jeff.

Also I think it’s funny that people are trying to claim Morgan unfollowing Jeffree indicates some hot drama, when Morgan and Jeffree never seemed to have liked each other? She was never subtle about it, I’m pretty sure she didn’t even follow him in the first place until Shane pushed their ham-fisted friendship plot.

I think Shane was the only one who ever liked Jeffree anyways. I think Garrett bailed when Jeffree came around for several reasons, Morgan had to stick around because of Ryland (and because she has zero content without them) but she made it pretty clear she wanted nothing to do with JS. Ryland was clearly getting more and more unhappy/threatened with Jeffree’s presence in Shane’s life. I think Andrew is just too beta and glad to have a job to ever step away or speak up, but I bet they’re all missing the Garrett days. I bet someone will make a “Shane Gang shading Jeffree” compilation sometime soon, there’s definitely examples of it.

No. 998975

File: 1593490641051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.22 KB, 1241x1565, Ebt7Mu5WkAEyMWV.jpg)

Shane's making a top tier joke here, pretending to 69 a dog.
I feel like I need eye bleach.

No. 998984

I'm ashamed to admit I still have a copy of his second book from when I was a fan. Anyone want me to read through it and see what kind of fucked up shit it has?

No. 998986

Yes anon, please do!

No. 999002

Yes please, anon! If you could confirm page 206 >>998807 it would be great too.

No. 999146

Nta, but I'm reading some of it online and within the first few pages there was already
>decided to order Chinese food and I would have sold my fat soul for some orange chicken. After we ate pounds of greasy GMO-filled cat meat

Like, lol. I'm pretty sure there's worse stuff in there.

No. 999150


Different dog, different time. Trying to hide in plain sight if you ask me. Fucking nonce.

No. 999155

What I don't get is he said he used this kind of humor to help deal with things that happened when he was young. So has he ever come out and outright said he was molested himself?

I know a certain percentage of abused kids (typically boys) go on to have some fucked sexual feelings for kids where they want to essentially switch roles and be the one in control.. messed up to think that could either be what's happening here or he could just be hinting at past abuse as a get out of jail card. 'I use humor to cope'

No. 999165

Middle class people can afford dietitians so i'm sure J* and pedo Dawson can

No. 999177

I personally don’t really give a shit what may or may not have happened to him. Austin Jones had the exact same excuse in his first apology in 2016(?) about how he had such a messed up childhood. Austin Jones also went right on back to asking 14 year olds to show their assholes on camera after that apology too. Plenty of people get diddled or worse as kids and don’t grow up to be slovenly fat pedophilic pieces of human garbage.

No. 999187

Exactly, I bet many of us here have gone through shit yet we aren't depicting ourselves doing shit with animals and kids. This cunt can afford all kinds of therapy yet uses his money and time to act like a manbaby and a martyr.

No. 999193

Wow, comedy gold! He's such a disgusting fucking freak.

No. 999201

I'm appalled it's taken so long for all this horrendous shit to be outed.

No. 999203

I mean, he still never disavowed Kero the dogfucker.

No. 999210

File: 1593526711559.jpg (487.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200630-151809.jpg)

No. 999211

Maybe I’m naive, but I can’t believe Shane used racist slurs, black face, and sexual jokes with children and animals as props, but hasn’t been deplatformed.
Twitch will ban people at the drop of a hat, even with a lot of their users being edgy or blatantly racist. YouTube is supposed to be a family friendly woke platform, but never demonetized some of this crazy shit and won’t remove Shane from the platform.
They really need to sort out their shit if they’re supposed to be a “safe environment”

No. 999216

This is nasty as fuck. Why would anyone do this and then post it online for the world to see?

>decided to order Chinese food and I would have sold my fat soul for some orange chicken. After we ate pounds of greasy GMO-filled cat meat

He is actual racist garbage. I hope he gets dragged for everything

No. 999219

Maybe I’m overly cynical but I’m sure they only pulled the products because of the popular outrage and not because of the videos themselves. The videos have been out there for many years and were easily found with minimal digging. Many people were aware of them and weren’t that bothered by them until the negative press started overshadowing the positive press.

No. 999229

File: 1593530008679.jpg (137.35 KB, 651x722, yeah.jpg)

Samefag who's still skimming through his garbage, can confirm it anon >>999002

It's not in his second book, it's in his first one.

No. 999235

File: 1593530808736.jpg (136.18 KB, 427x889, more.jpg)

Next page.

No. 999239

He sent his whole child army audience to support a literal puppy rapist but was too much of a coward to even address it and tell his fans that he took that video down because the guy in question is a dangerous predator who they shouldn't support. Much easier for him to quietly take his video down and pretend like he never supported him.

Who gives a fuck about the 14 year olds who spend all their money on his dumb merch/palette right? In Shane's mind he owes his audience 0 even though he lives in the richest place in the US in a million dollar mansion. In his mind it was his "creative genius" that gave him all that money and opportunity and not immature teens. That's why he's so obsessed with making shitty movies even though no one has ever said Shane was a good director… ever. The docuseries shit he did inflated the ego that was crushed with the "not cool" reality TV show where he looked like a moronic fool and now he's (was) back to thinking he's the greatest thing that ever graced the creative platform.

He should have kept doing "squad" videos with his dumb friends and kept his mouth shut instead of becoming the abirator of the "beauty community" and J*s PR person.

No. 999241

I give a shit about him clarifying it. It's happened to me too and I know you either come out with it or you don't. The fact that he will so publicly vague-mention it is what bothers me. It's too serious of a subject to make vague references to it. He's staying vague so he won't have to fully commit to the lie imo

Any time a woman mentions sexual assault in their past people are pretty quick enough to want details to verify it.

No. 999286

File: 1593534128038.jpg (109.48 KB, 499x651, yikes.jpg)

This is the part where he's describing getting a haircut and the hairdresser ( Destinee ) takes off a little too much.
He's such a sensitive soul ladies, I just can't.

No. 999287

To clarify: this is what his very sensitive soul was thinking about the hairdresser.
He only replied with "sure" - he called it the "no balls disorder."

No. 999296

File: 1593535277994.jpg (80.82 KB, 498x396, ew.jpg)

What gets me about his shitty jokes is that kids were reading this content.

No. 999297

Shitty jokes like this always come across forced

No. 999299

Does Shane have no filter at all? On one of the podcasts he did with Alison Rosen he admits to molesting other children when he was a kid. Why did he feel the need to share these fucked up things

No. 999307

considering youtubers are so cashgrabby, im really surprised there hasnt been a drama channel to bring up content like this from his books or previously published sketches beyond the few circulating now. these petty video bitches LOVE digging juicy shit up, i wonder how long itll be before one of them also decides to take a read?

No. 999312

He was also 26 when he published this book. This wasn't "humour from 10 years ago".

>Does Shane have no filter at all
Judging by everything that's coming to light, he doesn't.

No. 999319

karmageddon 3

No. 999324

That pensive ass thumbnail is already painful. You know she consulted the viewfinder and adjusted the lighting several times before smacking her lips, exhaling and squawking for 40 minutes.

No. 999327

File: 1593537613267.gif (1.1 MB, 429x343, herewego.gif)

No. 999330

this shit is so good

No. 999338

File: 1593538170525.png (512.77 KB, 739x616, 476384982768359.PNG)


No. 999339

This video is so fucking satisfying, about time Tati spoke out about this.

No. 999344

can't watch, what does she says?
this is really Shane's end lmao

No. 999345

Did anyone see Shanes instagram live meltdown just now?! He was referring to this video calling her a fucking liar and ‘SOO MANIPULATIVE’. It was gold…

No. 999346

File: 1593538949892.png (23.69 KB, 737x214, karmageddon.PNG)

He's melting down on Twitter, too.

No. 999347

Get fucked fattie

No. 999349

No. 999351

this is so fucking funny i can't

No. 999352

I'm having the best day right now.. this shit is seriously so good lmaooo

No. 999353

I love this.

No. 999357

him sperging and not even knowing what to say is giving me life. get fucked stinky

No. 999359

Ryland in the background telling him to get off live is the icing on the cake.

No. 999360

hes so dramatic and annoying lol
is he finally going to get cancelled

on another note–tati isnt a fucking saint either playing the victim and crying that she was manipulated, but i hope as she goes down she drags both shane and jeffree down kek

No. 999361

Lmao this is the best thing I've seen in a while. Who wants to bet that soon Jeffree and Shane will start coming for each other?

No. 999364

I can see Shane putting blame on Jeffree and saying he manipulated him too

No. 999368

he starts yelling at him to get off after shane admits he was molested(?) what is going on lmao

No. 999369

Is anyone willing to summarize this? As much as I would love to watch the video that caused Shane to have a meltdown I equally don't want to waste my time nor mess up my YT recommendations.

No. 999370


This guy is unbeleivably dumb. Dumbass should have hired a lawyer and a publicist last week- or last year.

All these people