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No. 577270

Feel like shit? So does everyone in this thread. Vent to your heart’s content.

Last thread: >>>/ot/571636

No. 577274

This household makes me want to die so bad

I hate living here, I wish I could get my own place as soon as possible

No. 577275


No. 577277

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No. 577281


I feel the same, i'm stuck in an abusive household and can barely do anything despite being well into adulthood.
I am looking to get a job asap save my money and run away when i'm self sufficient enough.

No. 577282

I'm so fucking tired of not being able to eat enough. I know I would feel much better if I consistently ate enough every day, but trying to do so is so expensive and time consuming and effortful. I want to gain weight but it seems currently impossible when I struggle to get enough down to just feel okay. I miss food being an enjoyable part of life and I miss it being easy.

No. 577287

It sucks being ignored by someone you care about. I'm petty so I probably won't respond or send them messages for a while.

No. 577288

I hate summer so much. Pissed off wasps everywhere, too hot, humidity, no air conditioning, can't use laptop because it heats up my entire apartment, I get a new mole every time I go outside, my glasses get dirty and foggy due to sweating, underboob sweat, asscrack sweat, cooking is hell and cold water gets warm after 15 minutes outside

No. 577290

File: 1593492863821.png (439.19 KB, 500x580, 728778172.png)

My boyfriend always has dirty nails and i really don't know how to tell him i find it fucking disgusting. He's sent me mirror pics holding his phone where his dirty nails are visible and i make passing remarks like "clean those nails asap" and he says he will but when i visit him his nails are never groomed and have a line of black dirt.

It seems like such a silly nitpick but it really puts me off him and we've only been dating 6 months.

No. 577291

shouldn't matter how long you guys have been dating, he still needs to know how to groom himself and be a clean person. that's so nasty, my condolences anon lol

No. 577292

File: 1593493079734.jpg (75.8 KB, 720x886, 1584816228497.jpg)

Don't let this be you.

Get that mf to go get a manicure with you, or if you're from Covid timeline, doing each other's nails is fun too

No. 577293

File: 1593493356125.jpg (54.9 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_m9hbdlq5WI1qiftypo1_128…)

Had a zoom meetup with some friends yesterday, it went well and we talked about meeting up for a picnic this week.

>Took initiative to set it up this morning

>Six people in chat
>Only one girl has replied so far
>Not even a "can't make it" from others

I stg this is why they complain to me about never hanging out

No. 577296

File: 1593493821203.jpg (435.77 KB, 600x600, 1295752842575.jpg)

I fear for your vagina. Please don't let his disgusting paws on you unless you want a serious UTI or Yeast Infection.

No. 577303

I feel so fucking stupid posting this here but I need SOMEWHERE to say it.

I have severe ADHD and my current hyperfixation is something sorta embarassing, and a series my boyfriend already dislikes and he finally snapped at me over how much he hates it and how he's tired of me nonstop talking about it, and how he just can't relate to me anymore. I feel like this is the end

No. 577305

Dump him
Your interest doesn’t have a community you can interact with?

No. 577310

I wish I could get my aggression out in some healthy way. I broke a pair of scissors and cut my legs up like the fucking miserable hog I am just because. I don't even know why I do it. Its so fucking edgy and I wish I could talk to someone about it but no one has EVER taken me seriously about ANYTHING relating to my mental health. I went to a fucking psych ward at 16 and even they didn't take me fucking seriously. What the fuck do I have to do to get people to take me seriously?

No. 577315

I blocked this dude because I didn't enjoy talking to him even though he was cute looking but then he convinced me to unblock his number like last night, and I did and now he's fucking started again talking about a friends suicide that happened a decade ago that's still affecting him and how much weed he smokes and how much he wants to die and honestly I realize why I blocked him in the first place, ain't his fucking therapist. He's lucky he's cute.

No. 577316

I really want to text the guy I like even though I deleted him from everywhere like a month ago. Idk what I should do, I feel so stupid missing him knowing he doesn't really care about me lol.

No. 577317

was an idiot and ate food my body seems to hate cause i usually only got stomach problems from it. instead i got stomach pain, diarrhea, muscle pain, itchy blisters, and my throat was tight for hours. guess i really should avoid that food from now on fuck me.

No. 577318

Who do you want to take you seriously ? Family, mental health pros ? Also have you look into boxing or sports combat as a healthy coping mechanism, sounds like a dumb cope but it's actually super effective.

No. 577321

I'm ugly, fat and a woman. It's over

No. 577325

change your face(makeup/fillers) and lose weight, the world will be at your behest

No. 577330

Due to the GC subreddit being banned I had a look at all the women hate subreddits still up and I'm disgusted and upset. I mean I've always been upset about mistreatment of women, but this list of like…porn of women who are clearly hating it, rape, womens images being involuntarily put online for other scrotes to wank off to…including family! I understand being pornsick but it feels like a whole other level of lack of empathy. I saw a family pic of a mom and daughter in bikini pics at what looked like a pool party, posted with the request of wanking to them or something. If you were that mother, that sister unaware of your image being posted for sexual purposes…fuuuck.
And like, I hate that women are looked down on? For being more empathetic, symathetic, emotional…like that's the NORM, it's males that are emotionless psychos, and they're…what, proud of this because it's "badass"? How fucking stupid, and I'm even more stupid for having bought into that when I was younger. I hate that they control the narrative of what's desirable.
Anyway back to the reddit thing. Those subreddits are populated with damaged individuals who could actually see me outside, and look at me, and look at me through their messed up lens of just being a sex toy, and it makes me nauseous.

I'd hate all men but I vented about this to my male BFFs and they were very upset on my behalf and have always been kind empathetic people. If it weren't for them I'm sure I'd be KAM 2020.

No. 577332

AND ANOTHER THING totally unrelated, fuuuuuck the treatment of native americans. That should be some illegal bullshit man. And idk what that phenomenon is, but like whenever I mention it or hear about it people are like "apparently you can't use the phrase spirit animal because it's offensive" and it's like sure that's somewhat valid, but what about the systematic oppression of native americans? What about the fact that the native american women are disappearing in disproportionately huge numbers? You're just going to ignore that to bring up such a stupid point? Like why are you focusing on something so trivial? Fuck you.

No. 577333

disgusting that it's gone but of course it would happen, men's perversion and feefees matter far more than a real space for women or opinion against men, always.

No. 577340

It's so depressing. You literally have no place online where you could anonymously talk about gendercritical things, not only issues concerning trannies but also sex work, porn and general female problems. Companies and websites are dragging their feet deleting child porn, rape, abuse and anti-woman content but criticizing men deeper than the "kill all men lmao!!!" clapbacks, i.e. thoughts that could actually point out the unbalanced power structure, is strictly forbidden.

I seriously don't remember women being hated this much in the 00's, yeah there were degrading jokes and shit but the actual vitriol a lot of people feel towards them is medieval. I feel like the gap between genders has been widened a lot during the last few years and women are relentlessly being pushed into a smaller corner against the wall, some crack and start sucking tranny cock or join them out of social pressure. Almost all of my previously lesbian friends are now men or nonbinaries. It's so depressing that sometimes I just want to give up and isolate myself but I keep believing that it'll get better someday. More and more people wake up each time they cross another line.

No. 577347

You know what's frustrating? The fact that a lot of misogynistic men seem to have blinds on, and genuinely think that women are the worst. Why do they think there are so many pickmes/notlikeothergirls who will bend over backwards for men's approval? They see and read all this hate and they want to be different, they don't want to be hated and try to be everything men want. You don't see men do that. And they still don't see that, they genuinely think women are this evil superficial beings just because they wouldn't fuck the first guy that asks them, because promiscuity in women is still seen as bad while for men it's not, verginity as a man is shameful while for a woman is pure and preferred.
Also i agree, if it wasn't for my brothers i would hate men too.

No. 577349

I live in a mostly muslim country and although the new generation is better, a good chunk of guys still care about the hymen thing. For that reason, I never did penetrative masturbation.
Now I've been dating a guy for 1 year (we're both atheists luckily) and we'll start having sex soon. But I'm scared of how much it will bleed cuz one of my friends said she bled a lot (always thought it was a few drops or smt).
My bf is really cute and said a couple days prior to having sex, he can start fingering me so my hymen will either break or stretch - and I can be more comfortable during actual sex. But my repressed ass fetishized "dick in vagina first" for so long due to this stupid culture.
I feel so sexist for wanting proper "defloweration" because I would feel a lot better if I did the finger thing he offered. At least my bf doesn't call me a hypocrite for acting purity obsessed, he genuinely looked sad that I was this repressed.
ugh why does sex have to be this scary?

No. 577351

File: 1593507856878.jpg (287.27 KB, 1069x3177, vaeqd5134qi31.jpg)

It's crazy to me that men think feminism is this oppressive majority ruining their lives and controlling everything. First of all, the vast majority of men disagree with feminism or don't care at all. Maybe 99% of men will side with men. Then you have the massive number of pickmes and handmaids who are desperate for male approval, or simply cannot cope with the negativity when they have husbands and sons they want to believe in. Even aside from them, women are socialized to be agreeable and empathetic and put men first, so even many feminists will try to sugarcoat and soften it to protect male feelings. Feminists are a tiny minority and have had to fight for every right we've gotten, with men kicking and screaming the whole time. Misandrists are an even smaller group. No matter how you look at it, men always have the dominant majority of support.

But, who's surprised? See pic related, men always think our voices are much louder than they are because they want us to shut the fuck up.

No. 577356

He sounds like an asshole, especially if he knows you have ADHD.

No. 577357

Back when I was a huge pickme in my teens it was because I thought men were my sole protectors and I wanted to keep them happy so they would keep validating me as a Good Girl. By agreeing with any male-critical views I would be clumped in with the "crazy feminazis calling for the death of all men" and they'd abandon me on the spot for not being cool anymore. A mindset many women still sadly have. It's their coping mechanism to survive in a world that's made for men. It wasn't out of hatred of pride, even though it probably felt that way, it was simply out of fear. I'm sure a lot of the today's handmaidens are like this too, which is why I can't do nothing but feel sorry for them.

A lot of these same men who were edgy chauvinists back then are now woke male feminists. But all it takes is a few beers and their pig behavior comes out. They just got better at hiding it.

Thanks for sharing the image though, it's shocking how much women are still suppressed in academic settings even today. And pretty much everywhere, just like the deleting of the GC subs proved.

No. 577360

I was upset about being laid off from my job, but then I realized it's okay, I was working there for a little under 2 years, and my friends were right- you don't want to stay in a company for too long because the best way to get a raise is to move positions. I'm still job searching but it's good knowing that I'm basically guaranteed a raise in my next role.

What's really pissing me off is remembering that my entire department (minus one person who probably is the biggest loser in this situation) got laid off, too. I was the newest hire. Some of those people worked their entire careers at this company and they just laid them off with not just zero warning but with getting our hopes up about things looking up for the company. I get mad thinking about how shitty my coworkers were treated. I know it sounds stupid but our department really was like a family. It's just so unfair that I essentially won here (nice severance package, got to leave after 2 years without awkwardly having to beat around the bush about wanting a higher paying job, government sponsored PTO) and other people are left with a severance package that definitely isn't enough for the work they've put in, being treated like they're disposable by a company they've given their entire careers to, and let's be real, most jobs are going to find a reason to not hire someone in that awkward 55-65 age range.

Ok, I feel much better now. I've been holding that in for about a week.

No. 577364


(You’re not asking for advice but I felt complied to reply with my unsolicited advice.)
It sounds like when you’re finally ready for sex it won’t be scary or awful with your boyfriend, because he is considerate and sweet. Every girl bleeds different when their hymen breaks (I didn’t even bleed at all that I could tell). If you take penetrative sex/play nice and easy it will only hurt for less than 5 minutes.
If you need to, get used to fingering longer before having actual sex.
Remember our bodies sexual functions were evolved to feel good, no need to be afraid of what is natural.

No. 577371

Thank you so much, it's always nice to hear experience from other girls.
The 5 mins thing is also nice, and luckily my bf is also a virgin - and he kinda hinted that he thinks he might last around a minute when we first do it lol.
Again thanks anon, it means a lot.

No. 577376

To add my own unsolicited advice - the idea first time you'll have sex is supposed to be painful comes from dark ages of people who would just get to business, ignoring all foreplay. Not to mention every woman is built differently, with a different type of hymen, you can look it up. There's a very huge chance you'll feel no pain at all and there may be no bleeding too. Your bf seems like a total sweetheart, I'm happy for you to have your first sex experience with someone so mindful and caring. I'm sure it will be fine.

No. 577378

You can do outer foreplay too, if you don't want fingering. Get him to touch you until you're really really wet and it will reduce the pain to a minimum.

No. 577391

I still feel fairly traumatized about a breakup recently, I keep going back to the emails which are now buried in my spam folder. I'm trying to remind myself that cutting contact was ultimately the right move but all it does is make me upset at myself. It shows my replies when I never should have taken him off block. I never should have given in to society's narrative that women overreact to bad behavior from men, and given this irredeemable liar a chance to redeem himself. Because did he do so? No, he used the opportunity to jackhammer my self-esteem, harass me across multiple platforms, and gaslight me about what he did and said I was wrong in how I interpreted what he said. Then he attempted to paint a picture that he was the true victim from me having deleted him from my platforms, and I was the one with the issues since I said I wasn't going to give him another minute of my time until he proved himself by doing what he said he would do first. He never did, so the last few emails he spammed I left on read.
I hate his tone in these.
I hate how he didn't apologize and actually demanded that I was the one who needed to say sorry. The only thing he apologized for was "Sorry I didn't tell you I was uncomfortable by what you said," which is nothing but a backhanded way to blame me for what he did. The reason why I made him "uncomfortable" was because he pulled shit my exes did and I called him out for it. He had the audacity to play it off like he was joking, and that I should have known over text by the way he talks that he wouldn't have actually said that (of course he didn't say this at the time, just to gaslight me about it over email). Bullshit! Why do all abusive men demand women apologize to them? Are they such immature babies that they can't stand how their feefees hurt when there are consequences to the terrible things they do and say?

I can't stand that somewhere in the world sits this smug adult bastard living in his parent's house thinking women are the psychos and he's some kind of misunderstood king. I doubt many women stick around to fall for his bullshit–I only lasted a couple of months and it sounds like his exes think he's a dredge too. But still.

No. 577405

Reddit just banned r/banfemalehatesubs. A sub that advocated for the removal of actual fucking rape content and subs that were nothing but hatred and violence against women, like r/strugglefucking and so on. It's unbelievable. And yes, all the RedPill, MGTOW and violently misogynistic subs are still up. I could have kind of understood the excuses for the removal of GC but there is NO reason to ban this sub. Literally none. It was not even a month old and broke no rules.

Reddit isn't even trying to hide their blatant anti-woman agenda anymore.

No. 577407

Seriously? It's so blatant. I bet some of the site admins are gross scrotes who browse the anti-woman porn subs themselves. Reddit is on par with 4chan, probably even more of a shithole honestly.

No. 577411

File: 1593518868752.png (39.87 KB, 200x252, thumb_hurts-just-a-little-bit-…)

I've been doing therapy for years to fix the negative impact my chaotic, abusive family has had on me for so long but progress is slow. I work hard on myself. I did stationary DBT for a few weeks recently and applying it is hard right now and adjusting to the outside world without a safe haven. I hope it will get easier with time. I see my therapist and therapy group again and it fills me with shame what seemingly little progress I have to show for (as I am in a minor rut). I struggle with extreme feelings of shame and guilt and low self-esteem.
Really, I need to find ways to stop the negative spirals in my mind and look at the positives. I mean, it's good that there is a therapist and a group that looks out for me without coddling me, right? Either way, I need to apply DBT to this somehow, maybe fact-checking and check if I'm reliving old feelings or wrap my head around it somehow and find a way to build myself up instead of obsessing and putting myself down. I just want things to get better, more structured and to "suffer" less when it's not necessary

No. 577412

Something that's still annoying me after a break up a while back. If a man tells you he had an std in the past but he refuses to disclose which one… what std is he likely talking about?

I was already in over my head with some emotional abuse happening so I couldn't safely demand that he tell me. My thought was maybe it's an std that never truly goes away? We lived together for 3 years so he def wasn't taking hiv meds and he never had any warts or outbreaks in that time. I did test positive for one of the cancer causing strains of HPV.. and I had cervical cancer while we dated but I don't think they even test men for hpv? Also there's no 'treatment' for HPV (it's up to your own immune system to hopefully fight it off) and he clearly told me he got treatment for his mystery std.

Hate to say this because it makes me feel like an idiot but I had the exact same thing happen with a guy I dated years earlier
>Have you ever had an std?
>Yes I had one, one time and got it treated
>Oh ok which was it?
> I don't want to tell you
> Argument
> Total refusal to say
Anyone have any insight on why guys would disclose some truth and then clam up on actually naming it? I've since tested 'clean' apart from my whole cancer ordeal and I even tested negative for HPV after being retested post-cancer ordeal.

No. 577413

File: 1593519020976.jpg (172.31 KB, 653x902, IMG_20200630_135858.jpg)

>men get so triggered by women having an opinion that they have to ban communities with just a few 1000 members
>women complain
>omg, why are you so bothered by this?! Why can't you just let others live their lifes?! You sensitive bitches live in an echo chamber, my right to fap to teen corpses getting analy raped is real life!
It's funny and sad at the same time, what he said, "leave us alone" is all most feminists ever asked for. Please don't hurt us, don't harrass us, don't annoy us, don't meddle with our lifes and let us have our own spaces in peace. We're not asking them to do anything, just stop doing unneccessary shit that makes our lifes more difficult. But they don't understand this, because despite hating us so much they also feel entitled to us.

No. 577415

…there MUST be some information that isn't being given here. Though I went on yesterday and the subreddit seemed just fine, is there any way to spin it as a hate group? I think I won't be able to patron that site anymore.

No. 577418

I’m so sorry to hear about that anon. But now you have so many more opportunities! The same happened to me, but I was also working there for a little over a year and my department also had employees who’d been there since the 80s that got laid off after they told us they’d be reopening early july. It’s so shitty. I really hope you can find something that you like soon and wish you the best of luck job hunting! You got this

No. 577420

My guess would be either HPV or herpes, and yeah the men who tell you they were 'tested' to begin with are bullshitting about that as well. They don't test men for herpes or HPV unless it's specifically requested, men are just ignorant and think they've been panel tested for everything when they finally go in.
What likely happened is that they had a breakout ie. herpes on the lips, lumps on the dicks, and made a decision to go to a reproductive clinic to be tested for those specific symptoms. Oop-they find out they're positive for those stds, undergo a treatment, but then spread disinformation that they are 'cured' of it because they show no symptoms anymore. Their cope is that they're not contagious if they're not actively broken out, which is a falsehood and they know it. They know women have a tremendous and justified fear of HPV because of what it can do to us, and these days everyone knows that herpes is a lifelong, opportunistic virus that no one actually wants. HPV is also opportunistic and lifelong, even if not the cancerous strains.

Men have a vested interest in not disclosing their stds because if they were honest less women would make the decision to casually fuck them.

No. 577424

File: 1593519961444.gif (271.38 KB, 296x300, de7c30415be157a3f579b38bc65644…)

I'm mourning my short relationship with this guy. Trying to reconcile the fact that we were fire and gasoline on most days but that we could also be really sweet and supportive together. He was a good kisser and lover and I'd like to think I am, too. He could be really cute. Some of the things that were hard to take were that he was extremely pushy and obtrusive and also heavily sexualised and rude and debasing often (which all has traumatic reasons for him but was hard to take). He also has ADHD and we just fought so much. And there was like no normalcy or stability at all. But I really just miss the good times. They really were good. He was there for me during a hard time and I appreciate that. It was worth it while it lasted

No. 577426

File: 1593520502972.jpg (38.36 KB, 960x720, tired-as-duck-prev.jpg)

My new sleeping meds fucked me up for last night and today. I get a stuffy nose (from most sleeping meds), can't breathe and can't sleep while being heavily tranquilized. Even now, half a day later, I'm still heavily tranquilized and trying to form thoughts and do urgent chores. Shit's fucking useless.

No. 577429

I hope you anons feel better

No. 577430

I’m proud of you for exiting before it got abusive, anon!

No. 577433

I feel like the longer you are away from him the more you'll see it for what it was. I know I romanticized my abusive relationship for a while after it ended but as time has gone on my eyes have really been opened. Here's to learning from our experiences I guess.

No. 577434

My cat died.
I haven't seen her in two years because i left the abusive house she was in. Mother's s/o beaten her up and she was too old to handle surgery.
Man. This year is weird.

No. 577441

I don't know whether to feel conforted by the amount of posts on here that mention abuse or whether to be horrified. I've shared my own experiences here as I have no other outlet but seeing how almost normal (or common) it is for young women to experience partner abuse or even abuse from parents.. it's alot.

No. 577445

Fuck anon, I'm so sorry. This makes me so upset to read. I can only hope she's up in kitty heaven, no longer in pain and freely jumping around like the young cat she once was. May kitty heaven bless her with her favorite treats, warm sun spots to nap in, and lots of love.

No. 577449

wtf is this shitty OP pic?

No. 577450

Honestly. It's disturbing.

No. 577454

being stalked by a semi-famous streamer, it scares the shit out of me. I know for a fact he lurks lolcow too.

No. 577458

Woah is he one of those streamers in twitch general?

No. 577460

nah I should have said actually he is washed out and banned on pretty much every platform at this point, he carries a toxic community with him everywhere he goes but is still semi-popular I suppose. He threatens me daily and I might have to get the police involved, again. for the 4th time lol.

No. 577462

Surely if he lurks he'll already know you're talking about him? C'mon tell us lol

No. 577463

I really would and want to but he does very malicious things in response. He will even post CP of myself, here, from when I was exploited as a child. I'd rather you not all see such horrid things.

No. 577464

Can’t you report him for possession of CP

No. 577466

Yikes! well that's understandable anon, keep going down the legal route

No. 577467

I have, but the system is very slow here. It was tied into my original complaint of harassment and stalking. If something comes out in a hopeful, eventual court case I'll be sure to let you all know here.

No. 577468

Good luck, hope he rots soon

No. 577470

Good luck anon, I'm really sorry you have to deal with this

No. 577472

He sounds like he needs the shit kicked out of him. I'm sorry you're going through this shit, I hope it gets better soon.

No. 577474

a lady was just so nice to me i genuinely want to cry so bad now

i love women so much i cannot describe this

No. 577476

I wish I could somehow find and get in touch with my exes ex. When I first started dating him he described her as crazy and unhinged 'probably bpd' he said. A couple of different times she sent him paragraphs worth of texts saying how abusive and manipulative he was and how he'd fucked her up. The pain sounded weirdly raw.

It took way too long for me to see him for who he was. It was hell being with him and he played the long game in luring me in and then switching. I want to meet that woman because nobody else could better understand what he put me through. I want to validate each other. Every one of his exes is labelled a 'frigid bpd bitch' as soon as he moves onto the next. Oh and his relationships tend to 'overlap' so I'm now wondering if those texts from her actually came at a time when he lied about them being broken up.

No. 577479

> luring me in and then switching

Don't forget that this does not have to be on purpose and from malicious intent. Especially these days Internet vs. rl can be a big difference without explicitly trying to lie and deceive.

No. 577484

File: 1593528939118.jpg (193.59 KB, 1286x856, 8eb1tmfqh3721.jpg)

I wanted to sign up for a coding program to hopefully expand my current career and land a job that could bear to pay me over $20/hr after my bachelor's and master's degrees didn't help me much.
The cost for these programs is so oppressive and I can tell these people are predatory in the way they want to fast link my bank account and pull me into a two year commitment within 24 hours of sending their application invite. They're asking an amount per month that's basically a brand new car payment and while I could technically pay I could never suffer any emergencies. I couldn't call out sick from my job. I couldn't become unemployed, which is sketch as it is as I'm always a contract hire. I'd be so beholden to living from paycheck to paycheck at least during the program's duration and possibly long after if it fails to get me any better paid prospects. I wouldn't be able to ever spend on anything personal because I'd only have an extra $150 a month to spend on myself including food and personal hygiene products. That's not to mention the stress of working full time and then whatever demands this program would expect from me since they already encourage an extra 20 hours per week outside their virtual class times.
This advisor who's been trying to get me in this program talks about the financial risks so non-chalantly, "have you thought of a student loan through sallie mae?" Yeah uh gee, just what I need another fucking loan when I'm almost $50k in the hole from my old one. Literally can't afford any opportunities because of money.

I feel like an indentured servant. I have no support. I can't get help. Anytime anyone or anything promises to "help" me there's usually more of a benefit in it for them than what I stand to profit if I can at all.
I won't be able to save to afford a down payment on a house any time soon, so I'm stuck paying high rent on a shit property I don't own with the rate increasing every year. No man will ever help or support me because I'm not pretty and can't afford plastic surgery to make my body prettier, and the men I do get are all cheap bastards in the same financial crisis expecting me to help them pay for shit 50/50 with the added bonus of me having to perform unpaid domestic duties without their commitment like cleaning their spaces, cooking their meals, and putting up with their unhinged emotional bullshit because they can't be the men they wanted to be.
My parents are useless and immature themselves so I can't ask them for support. They have never gotten as far in life as I have especially at my age, and are swimming in their own debt problems despite making thrice what I do and got a pension. I can't even talk to my mom cause she's a psycho from her own trauma and acts fucked towards me to the point where trying to have a relationship with her is toxic.

Can't say I'll suicide cause I'm a coward and know I won't, but let's just say I wouldn't fucking care if I died tomorrow. I have little hope and my future is very bleak on it's current trajectory.
Maybe I should pop out some kids, become a drug addict, or do something criminal to land in jail cause it seems like help is really only extended towards people at rock bottom. Not people like me who are only at that pesky 'middling' bottom where we're told to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and to shut up and get back to our places. I'm so fucking sick of it.

No. 577486

My friend struggles with depression so she can get really bad at communicating. I get it. But I think I have reached my limit in what I am able to give without getting anything back.

No. 577489

Some context, this guy beat the shit out of me while his kid was in the next room, he did this right after we had signed a big lease together and moved to the oppposite end of our country where I had nobody. As soon as we went from casually renting to being stuck in a more serious lease he got physical and then forceful with sex. I went to a womens shelter eventually, I had to strip off and show injuries to police. He messaged me using his kid as a reason I should stay quiet.

No. 577491

I can't stand people who try to force their significant other into all their friendships. I'm now put in this shitty AF situation where I have to distance myself from one of my favorite people in the world because he insists on being a package deal with his girlfriend to an unhealthy extreme. To the point of literally trying to force all his female friends to be best friends with her.

Which I was totally open to, but it turns out she's actually pretty unpleasant to be friends with. She's sweet, but she is also incapable of rationalizing her emotions, taking adequate responsibility for anything she does wrong, has an intense victim complex, and oversteps boundaries to an extreme I've never dealt with in an adult friendship. She has made it adamantly clear that she feels personally victimized that myself and another girl in the group, who I have been best friends with for half my fucking life, aren't a best friend trio with her. She even went so far as to say she didn't want us to hang out without her and doesn't want us to have things we only tell each other and not her. This bitch is almost 30 and literally demanding to be included on equal footing in a 13 year long sister level friendship. Like WTF am I supposed to do with that?

And there's so many stories of conflict that arises from this shit. Anytime we need to fix shit with her, she's always 100% the victim and won't acknowledge any wrong doing. Her feelings are the end all be all. Doesn't matter if objectively you did nothing wrong, you still made her feel bad so you were wrong and should apologize profusely and bend over backwards to cater to her.

After 3 years of trying to work with this shit, I'm fucking done. It just sucks I have to step away from one of my best friends because he won't stop pushing his crazy girlfriend on me. I don't ubderstand it. I don't force people to be friends with my husband at all, let alone best friends, nor do I expect to be friends with his friends. As long as they respect hin and aren't jerks, I'm fine with them not being friends.

No. 577494

Oh my fucking god, I'm so sorry anon. I'm glad you got the hell out of there and went to the police.

No. 577497

Don’t pay to learn to code. Head over the freecodecamp if you want to learn web development. It starts at baby level, in case you have absolutely no knowledge. If you want to learn some other kind of programming there’s also a lot of free courses on coursera, or you could get a pluralsight subscription. Of course there’s always YouTube as well, but it’s hard to find quality stuff.

No. 577509

I don't really want to dox myself cause I posted about this to social media, but it was a specific program tailored for my type of field and not general web dev stuff. Appreciate the suggestion though anon, I will still look into it.

No. 577512

Yeah I don't like. It smells like scrote memes.

No. 577543

What the fuck? Kill that motherfucker. I’m so sorry anon.

No. 577545

Thank you so much!

No. 577548

To add onto what the other anon said, check out Udemy. They have a lot of courses on sale (usually on sale from 13 - 20 cad) and have a lot of niche courses you can take. If one of the courses aren't to your liking, you can get a refund as long as you ask for it within 30 days.
Good luck anon!! You got this.

No. 577559

Fuck periods. I constantly feel like i have to pee, my knees hurt, i don't feel cramp pain but it feels like my uterus has a nasty tingling bruise inside of it that i can't scratch. I wish i could grab my uterus and just squeeze it all out as if i was making orange juice. I feel so uncomfortable i want to cry.

Does anyone know any home remedies that make periods end faster?

Internet only says "oh just eat healthy, excercise and get sleep uwu" bitch i already do eat healthy and get enough sleep and i can't exactly go for a jog when my joints scream for me to let them jump out of my skin and feel like i have to take a jumbo shit and puke.

No. 577561

Damn, my big sister always accused me of humblebragging everytime I said that clothes my size barely exist, and kept telling me that we're the same size over and over again. And that I have no fashion sense whatsoever for wearing literally the only things I can find that are kinda ok on me. Then when I'm finally in a country where women are more or less my size she asks me to get her a shirt, to try it on so I'm sure it's the right size for her, and she tells me she'll pay for it.

Fast forward to today, I'm back in my country way earlier than planned, I give her the shirt, tells her she can pay me back anytime because she quit her job, and not only did she lose her shit because the shirt was too small for her, she was pissed that I didn't give it to her for free. What a fucking retard. She then claimed that I was lying and a greedy bitch for wanting my 30 euros back even though I don't have a job anymore thanks to corona-chan.

My other family members are sperging really hard over other small things that don't concern them too, I forgot how mentally ill everyone was but now I'm stuck with them until I get a new job. Thanks corona-chan for completely ruining my plans for the year and possibly my entire career plans and life!

No. 577565

Take ibuprofen, it eases the inflammatory effect period cramps are caused by and takes away the pain. Both in the uterine tissue and your limbs. And get a hot water bottle to hold against your stomach to help your muscles relax. Literally the only things that work for me, doesn't make the period shits go away or the constant need to take a piss but at least you're not in pain.

No. 577568


You're very correct, they are predatory.


obviously you do not need to learn all of these things to become a programmer, but their resources for learning programming are great. don't give up. it is a skill like any other, very frustrating to learn at first but achievable. I really recommend you pick an area and specialize in it. Webdev is oversaturated, but mobile development is hot and so is cybersecurity. good luck anon!!

No. 577569

i need to stop dumping my anxiety on people.
i think "oh, this doesn't concern them so i can whine and just let it out"…but that's not the case and people either end up stressed out on my behalf or exasperated that i can't be reasoned with.

i feel like a huge killjoy. not just for others but myself too. stress ruins so many things for me. i'm getting better but situations like the one i'm currently in prove that "better" isn't enough.

No. 577575


Thank you, anons.
I wish I could have done that. She obviously lied about how the cat gotten injuries, she even tried to twist it to other diseases etc but from what I've seen it was really obvious she got beaten up. That considering he also would always threaten to throw the cat out of the window etc.

I wish I could have beaten him up back, but it's not worth it at all. The important part is while I was around, the cat felt very nice and was treated properly. Mother said that cat even kept sleeping in my bed after I moved out. But I know my move out was and is worth it, because my mental health is good now, along with appearance and life quality. Living with them was hell on earth, because instead of a cat, I was the one who would get beaten up.

No. 577583

>passive aggressive friend messages me at noon to tell me "Have a good day at work!" as if I haven't been up since 5am and got here at 9am just because she saw me online since she has nothing better to do and probably just rolled our of bed herself due to not being gainfully employed rn and having all the time in the world to humblebrag to me about how much she exercised today as if she's got fuck all else on her schedule just go away and get a job holy fuck your face sucks

No. 577586

man, I'm really irresponsible and have zero willpower when it comes to work. I have a pretty simple distant job and I can't manage to work daily. So I earn much less than I could. I don't like this job, it's not horrible but it's repetitive af, nothing interesting about it at all, I don't learn anything new etc. I don't really have options at the moment, so… I just feel really pathetic that I can't make myself do something that I simply HAVE to do even if I don't want to. And I'm not even depressed or something, I'm taking my pills, I feel fine. So there's no excuse. I can't understand why money itself isn't enough for me to feel motivated, because I KNOW how I'd spend it.

No. 577596

I am so disappointed in myself. I can't stop spending money. I tell myself I'm going to save and be an adult and then the next day I end up spending 60 bucks. I have loans and car payments and grad school to save up for and yet I still make dumb impulse purchases. I've been so miserable lately that I chase any high I can get, and lately it seems to be buying things that I don't need.

No. 577599

File: 1593545003118.jpg (28.99 KB, 492x330, DYGneLbU8AAOOO9.jpg)

Guys, what should I do? I really want to go to another dentist since I feel like my current one just isn't it doing it and I feel like he has caused more damage than good in the most recent past but I just didn't realize it up until recent. So I'm looking fore new doctors and I'm just ugh so overwhelmed. The thing that kind of hesitates me to make an appointment at the dentist that I would like to go is the fact that my teeth are currently super tea stained and unpleasant to look at imo. So I'm debating if I should get a cleansing before going to the new one? I also fear what kind of damage I have because of my current doctor because I kind of feel like there has been serious issues that has been not taken serious and it f r e a k s the shit out of me. Maybe one of the reasons why I have the absolute worst health anxiety again. On the top of that I got a stiff jaw because of the emotional distress that causes bad teeth grinding and there so many more issues that I'm just feel like I'm once there I will get a breakdown on how bad things really are. What do I do????

No. 577604

If he threatens you daily please save those screenshots and show it rolling on your phone screen live so people don't say it's fake. Please, out these motherfuckers

No. 577607

File: 1593547123912.jpg (102.27 KB, 800x612, 1565216196741.jpg)

Last weekend I have spent 12 hours in scorching weather working during election. We were cramped in small room and there was no ac, it was a fucking nightmare especially since we had to wear masks and it was hard to breathe. I proposed to change shifts because it's not fucking fair that my group will have to work again in hot weather without breaks while the other one gets comfy morning hours and a long ass break before they have to come back for counting votes. Nope, fucking Karens didn't agree. And of course the spineless group leader didn't say shit. I hope that after finall voting I will never see those fuckwads again.

No. 577609

anon i lost my credit card for two weekd (was chillen in the trunk of my car) and lived off of tips from my weekend job for a bit, try locking your card/s away for a bit and just handling cash.

No. 577614

Other anon is right, keep yourself to cash only as much as possible is a great way to limit your spending. I have stupid monkey brain and I really have to do a bunch of things to try and make it more difficult for myself to spend money/trick myself into thinking I have less money than I actually do so I won't spend as much.

Does your bank have an autosave option? I have a % of my paycheck automatically taken out and moved into my savings whenever it's deposited so that money is as good as nonexistent to me. I also give myself a weekly cash allowance. The rules are that I can buy whatever the fuck I want with that money, but I'm only allowed to use the cash and can't take out anymore cash until the next week. No one is stopping me from going into my savings or digging a little into next week's allowance, but that's just where you have to build up discipline. Keeping myself to a set cash allowance that I can spend on anything helped me to stop splurging on cute clothes or other non-necessities because I need that money to buy groceries lol (also I definitely bargain with myself a lot).

I'm also very much a visual person, so being able to see how much money I had left in my wallet helps me keep track of my spending habits as opposed to swiping my card everywhere and then being nervous as fuck when I open my bank app, not knowing how much money I've randomly spent over the course of a week or so. This also means online shopping is pretty much forbidden for me. I'm not perfect and I do buy some things I don't need on occasion and break my weekly allowance rule every once in a while, but I'm a lot better at handling my money than I was before. Watching the amount of money in my savings account grow and seeing my loan payments get closer to zero is a different kind of high that I chased throughout this, and is a very fulfilling one. At least you recognize that you have a problem with spending money, which is better than a lot of other people. Baby steps anon, you can be debt free and financially responsible with money in the bank one day!

No. 577621

It's fine if your teeth are stained, the dentist won't mind at all, they see stuff like this on the regular and they won't judge you because of it. No need for any extra cleaning or bleaching, it's okay the way it is. Also my guess is that you don't have any extreme unfixable damage. Sure, your current dentist might be kind of shit at his job and he might have fucked up, but surely he couldn't have done anything irreparable because he surely was trained not to do catastrophic mistakes. It's your best bet if you find a new dentist now and fix any mistakes your previous dentist might have done right away; it's much easier to repair damage shortly after it's been done.

No. 577627

put yourself into the shoes of the dentist or a doctor. do patients need to hide symptoms to look better in front of their doctor?
it's normal to feel sensitive or even shame about teeth in front of the dentist but really, they don't care with countless patients and dentists go to the dentist, too, and have issues, too. everythingg you wrote sounds plausible. you can voice concerns about your previous dentist to them and say you wanted a second opinion. chances are a good dentist will be mad at a colleague that mistreated their patients if that was the case

No. 577629

the best you can do to look good in front of the dentist is go to the appointment and listen to their advice. bleaching sounds risky and not so healthy. it always looks good to take responsibility and you are doing that by switching dentists. even if it's uncomfortable, acting responsible is something to be proud of

No. 577631

Hang in there. karma is coming

No. 577633

Look out for yourself. There is no shame in having limits

No. 577634


This is very true and I really need to get my shit together and make an appointment. I need to know what is wrong with my teeth because even when I take care as much as possible, I still have so many issues and I'm sure there some things that ain't right but my old dentist refused to fix? Idk shit drives me crazy and I need to face the ugly truth and the new dentist needs to face my stained teeth lol

No. 577638

People get nervous when seeing the dentist but always remember that your dentists has several appointments per day and works almost every day. You think your teeth are in terrible condition but they probably aren't even the worst he'll see that day let alone week. Also, bleaching away your tooth stains isn't gonna change the overall state of your teeth all that much. Your dentist won't care either way.

No. 577651

Great news! I've reconnected with God recently, except to regularly wish for him to kill me off because I hate the life he gave me. I only tell my family about the reconnecting part though!

No. 577653

This dog outside won't stop fucking barking and I'm trying to sleep.

No. 577655

Retardedly jealous of privileged Europeans. Some artist I follow lives in Italy and was bragging about how beautiful it is right outside her house, showing pictures. It made me angry.

No. 577657

2 years ago to this date I met a man 15 years my senior and got drunk (and had taken benzos/edibles/maybe oxys idk beforehand) with him and had sex with him. I still think about it, and I feel absolutely disgusted by it but I also think it wasn’t rape or assault because I never said no so I feel like I don’t have any reason to feel disgusted. I self-harmed for the first time in half a year after I did that. I’ve never told anyone about this. I still think about it and it still makes me sick. Fuck.

No. 577659

samefag, i was reminded of this because instagram for some fucking reason still suggests him because I had him on my contacts list… 2 years ago

No. 577662

I'm worried sick I might have cancer. I'm seeing a doctor in a few hours but the anxiety destroying me. I wish I could just turn off my brain until then…

No. 577663

I'm just going to say it. Everyone in my ethnic group looks the exact same. I will walk past another girl down the street and think "me if I were 3 inches taller and with paler skin". So much so that bc I hate myself I am starting to think all girls in my ethnic group are ugly because they all resemble me in some way kek. Even though I'm sure they're objectively very pretty.

No. 577680

File: 1593559932496.jpg (146.36 KB, 374x374, pizza eatin.jpg)

mom died today. dont think its really settled in yet i just feel kinda numb. either way feels pretty shit.

No. 577683

Fuck, anon. Please take care of yourself.

No. 577687

unsurprising, but i feel for you anon. i hope the authorities stop him soon and you get some peace.

No. 577688

I'm so sorry, anon. I hope you'll be alright after it does.

No. 577690

I'm sorry, anon. I went through this a bit over a year ago. If you need someone to talk to, I'll listen.

No. 577696

Holy fuck I am really glad I am getting a divorce. I have been arguing with my soon to be ex about fucking Lolicon. I can't fucking believe it.

No. 577702

I'm so over my current friend group. Idk what happened but I just sorta woke up and I feel no connection to them. I think it's because none of them are able to have an in depth conversation about anything other than like anime or shitty netflix shows and it's boring. Idk how to proceed with this though.

No. 577707

Just do what any other person would do. Ghost them.

No. 577721

Truthfully you don't owe them shit. Dump the trash and feel free

No. 577725

>Dump the trash
>only flaw listed is not talking about stuff besides TV

No. 577738

what do you try to talk to them about anon

No. 577741

Maybe you could try to get into those shows? I know they're probably fucking boring, but you could try to analyze them and their subtext and try to elevate their discussions and maybe influence them to start having deeper discussions about stuff. What works for me is having several different friend groups, and being able to talk to my gf about deeper stuff.

No. 577742

Currently I hate every song on every playlist that I have and can't listen to a song for more than 10 seconds without skipping it. Even my all time favorites

I can't tell if i'm slipping back into depression or if i'm just fucking bored.

No. 577743

Found out today, I'll most likely be forced to move in a year or so. The guy who owns the land my place is on has always been pretty decent to us, honestly, but he says lately, he's hitting hard times financially, and crops aren't producing like they should. He says he doesn't want to sell, but he feels he will probably have to. At least he had the courtesy to tell us that he'll help us look for a lot to put our trailer on. Still, I'm fucking upset.

Worse though, is the fact that my asshole drunkard stepdad has been living with me, unfortunately, for years. And while talking about all this stuff today, he made it sound like he was going to move with us (us being me and my mom). That pissed me off and upset me more than the moving, I think. I've been dreaming of being free from this asshole for so long, and then we get told we'll probably have to leave, and he wants to come along with us. So I told him that he's gonna have to look for his own fucking place, he's not coming with us. Which led to a big argument where he pulled the same old "Why do you hate me?" shit (to which I always respond, "Because you drink"). It then further led to him listing all of my faults, as if somehow I don't know. Unlike him, I'm well aware of my fuckups, I've made bad choices, and I feel like I'm stuck in life as a result. Meanwhile, he's so far in denial and is such a fucking narc that when we have arguments about his drinking, almost daily, mind you, he still yammers about how he "doesn't understand".

Fuck me, I wish I could go back in time and reset my shit life.

No. 577790

telling myself "i dont care" but also me venting about it so maybe i do care a little. anyway i was kind of disappointed i didnt get the job and that i embarassed myself during the interview but thinking about it, im kind of glad i didnt get it even though i was hoping i would before i went in. i dont know if some of their comments were just to see my response to them or what but i really didnt know how to respond to "the guys in the team, they just talk a lot. they might say some things that offends you but thats just how they are" and "what i didnt like about previous employees is that they always leave me. like [name] left for maternity leave" like what am i supposed to say to that? and then he goes on to say it's a temp position until "my people comeback." how its a "full time" job but its never the full 8 hour day because everyone always "finishes early" but then youre expected to finish things within a time limit and beat your previous time each day. if you want the full 8 hours, go clean the place "sweep around". maybe THATS why the previous employees left, its not stated that its a temp position, being "full time" job is not even full time, and you do a totally unrelated job to the position if you want hours. the supervisor of the position didnt even make eye contact or asked anything, she didnt seem interested so i dont know what the point of her being there and "interviewing" me was. i failed the assessment they gave me so probably why i didnt get it lol.

No. 577792

My life has been in a state of limbo for the past 5 years and it's fucking me up. Nothing significant has happened or changed in my life. I've graduated from university but like… that's not really a CHANGE, just a moment. It's not like meeting someone and falling in love or traveling. At this point I want to be told I have cancer just to say I have something interesting going on. The days just flood into each other.

No. 577793

This sounds like hell, good thing you dodged this one anon.

I remember one time, an interview I got invited to was entirely about a thing that happened with the employee I'd be replacing and it was clearly a leadership issue. The people interviewing me agreed that it was, and that it couldn't be solved bc apparently a guy from higher up had a dumb idea that he forced the team to add to the product last minute. I kept being asked what I'd do in that situation and I kept reiterating "in the end it's a leadership issue and as a junior employee I'd just have to do my best to deliver what is asked but the timeline is nonsensical as you guys admitted so obv leadership needs to be the ones to address this, it's not on the junior when you spring something unrealistic on them that you admit is unrealistic". I did not get the job and I'm glad. Idk what answer they wanted to hear but they sounded insane.

No. 577807

my crippling, deep seated body image and self esteem issues have effectively obliterated my sex life which is fucking up my relationship.

for the first time in my life i'm with a dude who hates porn, finds me incredibly attractive, isn't into weird aggressive ass sex and prefers to have passionate, emotional sex, cares about whether i cum or not every time we have sex, loves going down on me whether he's going to get off or not, his dick is somehow perfectly curved to hit my G-spot even during missionary so i've had instances where i had multiple orgasms for like 8 minutes straight, etc etc etc literally everything you could ask for. and i'm so fucking imprisoned by my own insecurity that i can't enjoy any of it.

i literally avoid sex like the plague because all i can think about is how much i hate myself/how disgusting i am the entire time. and of course because of that he's feeling neglected and insecure because he thinks i'm not sexually attracted to him or he's bad at sex or whatever and its causing a strain in our relationship. if i was hot and confident i would be having the best sex of my life every single day rn. but instead i just can't seem to disconnect from the part of my brain that constantly berates me and insists on reminding me of how fucking ugly i am. feels bad man.

No. 577811

talk to a therapist

No. 577815

you are hot and confident, and your man knows it. they don't put forth real effort if they aren't invested like that. he seems level-headed, do you think it would help to let him know how you are feeling?

No. 577820

my family kept nagging me to apply and "get your foot in the door" so my parents seem disappointed i didnt get it but hah no stress for me.

who knows maybe they wanted to hear "speak up blabla something something" but i would have had a similar answered to yours.

oh yeah also the guy that complained about hating his temps were leaving also asked how long i could work for. i said as long as im needed but he wanted a specifics so i said a few years and then he went on about "you dont have any other plans on what you want to do?" like what the fuck, didnt like employees leaving but also a few years is apparently too long. i suppose i cant stay a few years for a temp position but i didnt know what the fuck he wanted. he was complaining about employees leaving so i gave an answer that would make it seem like i dont plan on leaving soon but whatever.

No. 577822

Sounds like he doesn't know what he wants at all. People like that are incredibly difficult to work for. No wonder his people kept leaving lol

No. 577831

i definitely am, it's just slow going so far and i'm having a particularly bad week

thank you anon seriously. im trying to remind myself that and change my inner narrative. and yeah he's super level headed so i've talked to him about it openly and he's been incredibly understanding. i can just tell that its starting to bring out insecurities in him. he believes what i'm saying but he also is starting to wonder if i find him attractive and i'm just being nice etc if that makes sense. and i feel super shitty that my dumpster fire of a mental state is affecting his self esteem too.

No. 577837

Nothing quite sadder than thinking the worst of your depression has passed, only to get hit with an even worse episode years later. I have no motivation to get through this knowing it will only happen again.

No. 577843

I have no idea how to talk to my dad, who is so emotionally closed off he verbally lashes out and has frequent moodswings where any little thing sets him off. Recently his mom had a stroke and he basically kicked me and my siblings out of the house for the day because he wanted to be alone. I don't want him to keep using my little brother as an emotional tissue, since my little brother has a massive savior complex that developed because of him, but I have no idea how to talk to someone who just wants you to sit and listen as they do nothing but go "woe is me". Then trail off into a tangent that involves them insulting everyone and anyone that has ever slighted them.

No. 577860

Anon this is me as well, wow. It was so hard getting up the first time i can't do it again, and knowing i'm going to spend my life like this drains every bit of hope and willingness to live that i have

No. 577869

Kek there's a lot of ghettos in Europe as well, and even if most people don't live in a shithole they don't necessarily live in a beautiful place, just some average boring neighborhood. I'm sure there are a lot of beautiful places in the US as well, but I agree, rich people bragging are the fucking worst.

No. 577886

thats a good idea i'll try that and make a video of it soon I think

No. 577917

I want a cute bf with long hair

No. 577922

me too anon.
>tfw no peter steele vampire prince bf
why live.

No. 577929

I was looking forward to meeting my grandmother for the first time in my life, but it looks like she will die soon as she came down with Covid and has very poor health.

No. 577930

Wow I have such a shit fucking luck today, directly starting from 1 am. Tf is all that for, what did I do?

No. 577936

sending you all my positive energy anon, hope you get it

No. 577969

My partner decided it's time to visit family and I can't stop them. I can't get across to my partner that choosing to go to the family home regardless of whether I come along is still exposing me to a huge risk of getting covid. I've read what the ventilator is like, I do not want to have this fucking disease at all. But the sister in law manipulated the situation as always and I can't stop my partner from going. I hate this shit.

No. 577972

This is gonna be so stupid but I really don't know what to do anons. I was raped almost a year ago and it has absolutely wrecked me. Like I have changed so much, so much and I miss my old self so much. I haven't enjoyed anything at all the past year, I haven't been happy. I haven't been doing anything I used to. All the friendships I had are lost. I feel like a corpse, just barely alive, going through the motions. I don't know how to move on and just fucking be normal again. Be a productive member of society or some shit. This was just a dumbass ramble, I just want to feel okay again like I used to. The fucking pandemic ensures that I'm always alone with my brain like, great.

No. 577975

my life fell apart after that happened to me too and I fixed it through weekly therapy. idk how feasible that is for you but if u can, find someone who specializes in PTSD treatment. i hit rock bottom and wasn’t even leaving my house, so weekly therapy became my “job” and I got my life back after a few months. some therapists are doing tele-visits over zoom so perhaps you can find one that way? and it doesn’t have to be weekly for u, it can always be once a month to start and get situated. perhaps in the mean time you can find a safe space to talk about what happened. is there anyone in your life that you could talk to? im so sorry you’re going through this anon. you will recover and get your life back!!

No. 577982

I'm so happy to know you're doing better anon. My shithole of a country is very behind on mental health awareness, but I've started my search for trauma specialists, it's so expensive that it leaves me feeling even worse than before. I just write my feelings in a journal and try to direct my focus on other things. Having no friend with me kinda makes it even harder but I won't give up anon, I hope I'll be able to get better soon! Thank you ♥

No. 577983

Um no no no, anon. You have to be assertive anday it out as a definitive boundary he is not allowed to cross .

No. 577985

Are the confirmed cases at the home he's visiting and is it a high risk area? Is there a reason why he can't quarantine himself for two weeks after visiting?

No. 577987

Yeah, definitely take this advice so his family starts calling you manipulative and he feels like he has to choose between you, an lolcow, and the people that raised and nurtured him for his entire life up until meeting you. That'll go well.

Strong woman, strong lines, boundaries, etc. Definitely do this.

>maybe ask yourself why he feels the need to go home and see his family so bad

>maybe consider people have better relationships with their families than you do
>maybe consider he loves his family and you making him choose between them or you is abusive lol

No. 577989

This is my train of thought too. Anon stands to look like a lunatic trying to isolate him from seeing his family, especially if there aren't active cases in the area.

He could still go to visit, he would just have to quarantine himself in a particular part of their home for the two weeks he comes back per the guidelines. I appreciate how anons here are careful but I do believe that some of the worry is a little much sometimes.

No. 577990

go to heavy metal concerts

No. 577991

I've been plagued by bed bugs and now I think one is on my clothes right now while I'm at work. My entire upper back is pretty much covered in hives right now and I can't see the fucker. I hate this. It's cold as fuck too so I can't even take off my sweater unless I want to freeze UGHHHH

No. 577992

welp time to light your shit on fire good luck anon thats gonna be a bitch to take care of

No. 577994

What if the roles were reversed and anon wanted to go see her family but her bf wouldn't allow it? Both people here have a right to be assertive.

No. 577999

Been dealing with this shit for months because my parents are a bunch of dumb fucks. Can't even get a fucking exterminator because of Covid. I did a bit of treatment with Cimexa in my room but my parents won't let me treat their room or clean up their hoarding mess even a little bit.

No. 578006

I know what it's like to be stuck living with dipshit parents, but you should try to move out asap. That shit is not good.

No. 578029


oh anon, I went through something so similar recently and it does occasionally burn me up inside when I think about what a disgusting freak he was and how he definitely walked away being like "WOMEN, amiright boys?" nasty ass attitude.

I only went on two dates with him so my impact isn't as intense but even THEN. I can only imagine how you're feeling. Good news is, he's going to be a gross loser forever and all the smugness in the world doesn't really hold a candle to you learning and growing from such a miserable experience.

Also, as much as it hurts to see yourself fall into unhealthy patterns, you did ultimately tell him to fuck off and closed that door. As hard as it is, I strongly suggest you stop reading those emails or delete them entirely. The guy I dated pulled that some gaslighting "You took it the wrong way shit" and I did the same thing, re-reading the texts and it just kept me in a shitty headspace.

Do what's right for you, anon. Just know that these dudes are super fucking common and so not worth getting riled up over (coming from someone that also struggles not getting riled up over shit men).

No. 578033

They'll never go away without treatment and that really sucks, but wherever you go, you're spreading them

No. 578053

I miss my bf so much it makes me want to vomit and cry. I wish I had a girl friend I could hang out with…

No. 578065

I hate being BPD and bisexual. I should probably just abstain from sex and relationships for the rest of my life.

No. 578067

The chances of you actually having BPD are like .0005%, but okay.

No. 578068

Wait, what? I have been diagnosed with BPD in two different countries kek

No. 578079

Nta but isn't BPD the one PD that people actually grow out of a lot of the time? Ten years after diagnosis many wouldnt meet the criteria again if restested.

No. 578081

Feeling like absolute shite, lost 35 lbs last year and was looking cute as hell and already gained about 20 of that back. Time to kick my ass back into shape.

No. 578084

File: 1593632975255.jpeg (196 KB, 340x338, 1557842797222.jpeg)

>Start a new job at a dental office in June
>Two weeks ago they furlough me and blame it on the practice losing money during the quarantine
>Doesn't make any sense that they'd hire someone after the quarantine knowing that they lost money but fine
>Manager is a haggard old bitch who never smiles
>My coworker mentioned her making comments about me but wouldn't say what they were
>They were supposed to call me and give me an estimated time frame how long I'll be gone but I haven't heard anything since
>Anytime I try to call to ask I get told "oh Manager is busy rn, she'll call you right back" and she never does

Like I already know that they don't want me back because they don't like me, but honestly the least you can fucking do is tell me that. Anyway, I think I'm going to keep harassing them with phone calls, emails, and messages. Like multiple times a day. They fucked me out of a job for seemingly no reason (no one has ever once told me if I've done anything wrong so I have no idea why the fuck they don't like me but whatever) and now I'm unemployed and have all this free time, I may as well try to make their lives a bit more difficult instead of quietly disappearing like they want me to do

No. 578086

I haven't heard that one before but it's possible, wouldn't surprise me. I probably only have 50% of the symptoms I had 10 years ago, but I think the core BPD self-hatred and weird way of thinking is still there, even if I don't engage in self-harm and cow behavior anymore. Anyway, it's a stupid PD.

No. 578087

Omg my coworker just told me they hired someone else, I'm fucking livid

No. 578096

I'm poor af, I don't think I'll be able to find boxing places in my budget. I just want anybody to take me seriously tbh. But I doubt raging online about it on an anonymous imageboard really helps with that lol.
I was honestly surprised at how poorly doctors approached my self harm issues. They never really did and that's the saddest part.

No. 578101

I know you haven't been there long, but can you at least get some unemployment money out of them? Sucks that they were so unprofessional though.

No. 578103

there's a tweet making fun of people who get upset when they're called rich. everyone replying seems to think anyone who makes more than them or can afford health insurance is rich. i promise people who make 40k a year aren't part of a scheme to keep everyone in poverty

No. 578105

My friend/former roommate is currently trying to adopt a dog so she put me down as a reference on one of her applications…the adoption agency is going to call me sometime this week and I feel bad because I honestly don't think she should have a dog.

She's extremely irresponsible and not very mature, plus she'll be starting grad school as well as working a job and I don't think she'll be able to handle a high-maintenance dog on top of that. I'm also not totally convinced she can afford one. But I'm scared to confess that to the adoption people because I don't want to be an asshole and be the reason they didn't give her a dog. I don't want to lie either though…fuck. I hate being in this situation.

No. 578106

Yes. It's also a bullshit diagnosis that is steeped in misogyny, period. BPD is the only personality disorder that within the past few decades has been proven to have a high success rate with treatment. It's also the only personality disorder that is overwhelming diagnosed in women. Do the math.

No. 578108

I would ask the agency to keep it discreet. I'm sure they've dealt with this kind of stuff all the time! Good luck.

No. 578109

I doubt that they'll tell her you told them that, just ask them not to just in case? But if she isn't responsible enough to have a dog then I think it's more right to tell them that

No. 578110

This is a really shitty situation to be in, but I would personally come out and tell the adoption people that she isn't fit for a dog. It's not a toy, it's a living being with needs. Why does she want a dog anyway? Maybe she can consider other pets that aren't as demanding as dogs are if she just wants companionship (but really, if she's going to be juggling grad school and a job already, she probably should just suck it up and not have one at all. Maybe get a plant or some shit).

No. 578113

File: 1593636291828.jpg (11.12 KB, 218x232, 1592077290135.jpg)

what the FUCK men are so stupid

some random slid into my dms complimenting my fucking feet. i jokingly was like i'm not gonna listen to your weird shit unless you pay me–in 10 minutes he bought me like 3 pairs of expensive ass jimmy choos and ferragamos, probably over 4k dropped. i didn't have to do shit and i'm still confused. but hey, nice shoes!

No. 578115

I smell scrote on this post.

No. 578116

idk how, i'm just in shock that coomers and footfags will drop thousands for a modicum of female attention. like i get we're in the era of onlyfans but that was a weirdly effortless transaction

No. 578117

File: 1593636638454.png (189.89 KB, 500x494, 1534518606313.png)

this did not happen

No. 578120

you underestimate foot fetishists

No. 578121

Do you have an onlyfans or something? How was he able to buy you these shoes? Were they on a public wishlist?

No. 578122

> he bought me like 3 pairs of expensive ass jimmy choos and ferragamos
I don't know what the fuck those even are but 4k in cash sounds better. I'd sell em.

No. 578123

please do not encourage this larping scrote. ignore it and it will go away.

No. 578124

The state of wattpad

No. 578125

File: 1593637354109.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1382, 20200701_160204.png)

i would post proofs if i could but amazon doesn't show that the wishlist items were bought or tracking info. footfags are wild yo

i don't have an OF and i don't do sex work, i have a wholesome IG but that's it. he just told me to make the wishlist, and when i refreshed all of the items were gone (meaning someone ordered them)

No. 578129

I'm so sick and tired of trannies.and sjws

No. 578131

we all are

No. 578132

File: 1593638032870.jpg (491.83 KB, 988x1394, 1583365741044.jpg)

I can't cope with the fact that life will always be painful and horrible. There's happy moments, like petting your purring cat or having a nice date with your SO but that cat will die one day and you and your SO will have fights and most likely break up one day. And you're getting older and older and one day you'll die as well. Do those few nice moments really make up for the excrutiating pain of losing someone close to you? Of feeling like a failure?

No. 578133

damn anon drop his instagram @. you better milk the fuck out of this guy.

No. 578134

TBH I was pretending to not know what jimmy choos are because I know any man posting that shit will expect us all to unanimously piss ourselves in excitement over…some fucking shoes

No. 578137

One of my former co-workers posts anywhere between 10-15 screenshots of wOkE twitter/IG posts about BLM and COVID, to his IG story, every day. Every single fucking day. He doesn't post anything else other than the occasional cooking video.

I don't even disagree with most of the posts, but I truly don't understand the mindset of someone that vocalizes their support of these movements to the point that it becomes the basis for their entire social media identity.

Like, I'm supposed to believe that you care this much about blacks and people who are at high risk for dying of the rona, yet you can't even be bothered to come up with your own unique spin on these talking points, and just keep re-posting the same shit over and over again?

No. 578140

you know it, i'm gonna tell him to give me money for a mani pedi next lmao. idk i've never done this kind of thing but funds are tight and i don't have to send nudes so w/e

No. 578144

Find shit that will be the least painful and horrible because we are all in this shithole ride of life unless you wanna jump of and end it early. What's worse, losing a pet after years of loving companionship? Or never having that companionship in the first place, so you never have to deal with saying goodbye one day? The same applies to partners too. Find the least shittiest/most tolerable things you want to deal with, because those happy moments are far and few between, and you can't control them. But you know what you can (mostly) control? The amount and type of shit you have to put up with, like your job, the people you surround yourself with, etc.

I don't mean to come off as aggressive or trying to fight you or force some positivity down your throat lol. Some days I really do want to end it and it doesn't seem worth it, but we're all dragging our feet through the mud to our graves together, so fuck it.

No. 578151

File: 1593639897872.jpg (25.67 KB, 400x300, kappa01.jpg)

Dealing with emotionally abusive siblings is pure hell, especially when you're forced to live together(thanks corona).
While this can happen for no reason, it's usually a problem when my older sister knows that I need her help. She turns nasty for no reason, and if I react accordingly my family acts as if I'm the crazy one. E.g. She offered to help me make something so that I could sell it on etsy, as my workplace shut down due to corona. While both of us were in a good mood and just joking around, I asked her a simple question about what stitch I should use on the project, as she's more experienced that me in crafts. She suddenly does a 180 and starts calling me a retard and goes to my mother to badmouth me.
Of course I was hurt, so I decided to stay quiet and leave to chill out in my room. Somehow that was a problem to my family, even though I cleaned up after myself and didn't do anything else. They decided that they should come into my room and berate me for "getting angry at them for no reason" by flinging personal insults at me.

So overall she instigates me by constantly berating me or straight up calling me names out of nowhere, but as soon as I snap back(not anything physical, just ask her to leave and tell her that she's being emotionally abusive), she threatens to call the police so that they'll take me away to be locked up in a mental hospital. She also knows that my dream job requires a thorough background check, meaning that mental hospital stays could possibly negatively impact my record. I used to cut when I was a teen, and she's still holding it over me by saying that "everyone is tired of you manipulating them, because we can't say a thing to you without worrying if you're going to cut or not", even though I haven't done it it years and I've never talked about it, as I'm ashamed of what I did to my body.

TLDR: I've pretty much had to block out my personal feelings and shut down, just so that I don't get put in the mental hospital. And if I do decide to say something back to her, my mother just tells me to ignore her, meanwhile she herself does nothing while I'm being verbally abused.

No. 578157

> Do those few nice moments really make up for the excrutiating pain of losing someone close to you?
I lost my mom a few years ago, I had only just reached adulthood and it's by far the most emotional pain I've experienced, tbh it actually made me appreciate how small most pain is in comparison to that.

No. 578172

oh boo fucking hoo they didn't like you so you're gonna go karen on their ass? maybe just find a new job and fuck off?

No. 578175


Thanks anons, at this point there's a good chance I'll just be honest. It's the right thing to do!


>why does she want a dog anyway?

She really loves dogs and her family dog just passed away a few months ago, plus she'll be living on her own for the first time and doesn't want to be lonely. I don't think she's really considered how difficult having a pet is when you don't have parents/family helping raise it, and she's convinced herself she can handle the responsibility. Kek it's funny you mention other pets/plants, the reason I'm nervous about her getting a dog is because when we lived together I witnessed her struggle to take care of a fish and some house plants. Both died fairly quickly…maybe she'll be different with a dog but that's a big maybe.

No. 578181

NTA but it sounds like you've never been on the opposite end of shitty bosses who won't take responsibility.
They should have been professional and informed her that they don't want her, instead of getting her hopes up. The manager is an adult, therefore she's expected to act like one. Anon is teaching her a lesson on how to be a successful grown up, as she's unable to fulfill her role as a manager. She's literally being paid to deal with situations like these.

No. 578189

okay but there are more important things in life than a shitty boss

No. 578190

Thank you for your reply, anon. I try to think like that too, some days it's harder than others.

Thanks for sharing. I'm really sorry about your mom, anon.

No. 578195

Sorry for shilling a youtube video, but this really helped me a lot. TL;DW: The world is pointless and dumb, and we didn't ask to be born, but that creates opportunity to do whatever the fuck you want. Grab life by the balls, anon!

No. 578201

i like that i can hide half my face from wearing face masks but i also hate it because i’m self conscious about my eyes.

No. 578204

Uh it means a lot when your lively hood is at stake, the fuck is your problem?

No. 578211

I was doing so good today with my calorie limit but I ended up overeating big time, I’m a bit disappointed in myself. I’ve lost 17 lbs so far, and honestly cannot see a difference yet - the only difference I can feel is my stamina while exercising. I’ve been plateauing a pound above my next goal weight for a couple weeks now and the frustration is unreal mannn. All I want is to be slim and toned and happy with the way I look by the time I return to work.

No. 578212

one of the guys on shift the same time as me usually is pretty good about getting things in our department done but ever since this new girl got hired he's consistently taken her side in every disagreement when it comes to reaching metrics set by management (it's at least once a week she fucks something up now) because he has an obvious crush on her. when will scrotes quit thinking with their dicks

No. 578215

I feel like i am tuned in another frequency from most people. I though that as i grew older that feeling would dissapear but i am already 18 and it just gets worse everyday.
I had friends but i can't remember anything from them, not a meaningfull conversation or fun moment, i just remember feeling numb and uncomfortable. I don't think i will ever be able to have a real friend i enjoy talking to.

No. 578216

Been trying really hard to lose weight and having some success.

But then I look at my stomach and see all the stretch marks I've got from being an idiot for years and feel extremely discouraged. They are DEEP too and I know they will never entirely go away.

No. 578220

File: 1593652337058.jpeg (277.51 KB, 750x1079, 29E1592E-4F9A-4424-8AC4-288006…)

I fucking hate it here.

I remember reading the news story about Alec Smith and it made me sick to my stomach. Then it also made me unimaginably sad to think, what if my mom had to ration her insulin one day? What about the rest of them who probably already are? I fucking hate this shit. I really wish we could bring back the guillotine and publicly behead these people.

No. 578240

I got fucked out of a promotion today because of coronavirus. Basically it was planned to happen around April, but then we all went work from home so we thought it was delayed but now they say they aren't in a place to add a new role. I'm super angry and frustrated, I feel like they didn't take into account that they had basically offered this to some of us and then just went "Haha jk sorry". Fuck this whole illness.

No. 578241

90% of women have stretch marks anon

No. 578244

It's been 5 months and I still can't get over a car accident I got into with my friend and her cousins in the car. I was trying to park a large vehicle I never drove prior to that day and I did a shit job and scratched a park car. It was so humiliating and I feel so fucking stupid for it. What's worse is that they constantly mention the incident as a joke, but they don't realize that I actually torture myself thinking about it almost every day since.

No. 578283

I'm currently locked in a long distance online barely relationship and I just know if I cut him off I'd probably be a lot more motivated to lose weight and actually "glow up". I could meet some cute college boys, hoe around and make friends.

I also know for a fact that I'm not going to ghost him because I actually do care for him, as much as you can care for someone you have literally never met in person. Instead I am just here forcing myself to stay awake for some man with a massive amount of baggage, shitty internet and crying my eyes out about it. I will be awake well until 3 am waiting for him to message me, only for him not to call because his internet is so bad. On the off chance his internet does come back we will speak for a maximum of 10 minutes before he falls asleep on me.

No. 578287

any time I see anything sexual now I'm like, disgusted and horrified. and hate being touched.
nothing happened….I think I just hate sex 90% of the time. dumb smelly weird gross w/e
I feel like I'm broken

No. 578288

You don't need a reason to end a relationship. Just end it since it feel to make you sad vs being happy.

No. 578296

Hates porn, doesn't like anal and makes you cum? How lucky are you. He obviously loves you and being "hotter" won't make your self image issues go away. My best friend is the typical stacy always getting guys to hit on her and she thinks she's the ugliest girl in our school

No. 578299

So what you're saying is that you're objectively good looking, you have someone (who's not a creep and abusive) who likes you a lot and genuinely wants to make you feel good, but things aren't going well because you can't get your head out of your ass? And for some made-up reason you think you're ugly?

No. 578300

When I put on some weight, I hate the way my body feels, but I love the way my face looks. My face is naturally bony, so the extra weight makes it look rounder. I don't know whether to stay at this weight or lose it. I wish my face would stay the way it was after losing weight

No. 578302


You're just asexual, anon. The sex-repulsed kind.
More common than you think, you are not broken.

No. 578307

I just want a cute girlfriend that I can come home to. I've been feeling lonelier because of Corona and it's getting hard to not yearn for the loving touch of another human because of it. I hate America and it's lack of preparations for pandemics making my loneliness last longer.

No. 578311

Damn i want people to stop talking to me. Feels like all that happens when people talk to me is that i end up feeling even more insecure and depressed. Tt's taking a real toll on my mental health. Almost makes me wish my country was still on lockdown …

No. 578312

Ugh, same, we have a coworker that everybody hates (even the most fuckboy guys dislike her) because she snitches, she trash talks, she's manipulative, hypocritical and she's bad at doing what she's asked to do, she even cried once to the managers that she was doing aaaaaall the work while the rest of us do nothing (which is false). And yet there's one male coworker who defends her no matter what because he finds her hot.

No. 578313

It might have happened, but she is just leaving out vital information

No. 578316

Is it toxic if my SO only brings up problems they have with me as an "argument" after I brought up my problems with them?

No. 578318

File: 1593675309284.jpg (244.1 KB, 1200x1200, jamesjean_postit_heavyload.jpg)

my sister sucks too. in a different way but I feel you.

No. 578325

Nta but it really isn't the worst thing that can happen, honestly op sounds kind of crazy with all of the assuming she's doing so who knows the full story

No. 578332

A bit, see if you two can talk about not bottling stuff up and talking in a safe manner without turning it into a stupid fight. Tons of people are passive aggressive like that, you're gonna run into this with others. You might need to do some heavier lifting at first to get him to feel safe to be more direct with you but it will come naturally in time unless hes a turboretard. Try reaching out first, dump if he refuses to grow over time. How long to wait is entirely up to you. How much time are you willing to invest?

No. 578335

No, but it's annoying and immature.

Let me tell you why I used to do it. I had things that bothered me here and there about my SO and his behaviour, nothing serious. However, it was my first serious relationship, and I never brought those things up first, because I was avoiding "conflict" (ie. talking it out) for the simple reason that it is uncomfortable. I was new to this serious relationship thing and didn't want to accept the tough parts, just the nice parts. So I bottled it all up, and naturally it all came bursting out every time my partner tried to talk about his concerns (like a normal person).

I learned since that a dose of disomfort is necessary to keep a relationship healthy and that talking about things should never be avoided. I hope your partner will too.

No. 578338

honestly… yeah i know. you're right anons i'm being a fucking idiot. the calls are coming from inside the house kek. smh

No. 578340

I'm so averse to sharing anything personal or deep about myself that I can't even do it anonymously on lolcow. I have a bunch of friends who hardly know me even though I know all about them and that's just fine with me, but I'm starting to worry about how long I can keep that up.

No. 578342

I had a friend call me out once and ask why they knew nothing about my life and I didn't even know how to respond. I'm not a secret ax murderer I just hate myself and my life and don't have any experiences or stories to share.

No. 578343

Holy shit, I think I need to delete all social media and stop watching vlog style youtube videos. I can't handle seeing other people happy it seems. It throws me into a panic and depression spell seeing people live their lives when I feel like I have nothing going on for me.

No. 578344

See, I also hate myself, but it's because of all of the experiences I've had. I feel like if I were to even start it would already be too much to handle, so why not just be that friend you can always turn to who never puts anything on you in return? I have the emotional capacity to handle being vented to by a bunch of different people, I really don't mind it. I just don't want to do it back.

No. 578345

I was supposed to have a call with my psychiatrist but he didn't call me at the agreed time. It's pretty much the norm for him to make me wait 20-30 minutes and he's even stood me up before, so I didn't worry too much and have been waiting patiently. Then I saw that he sent me an email complaining that I didn't pick up and he left me a voicemail to reschedule. There is no such voicemail in my call history. Did this motherfucker seriously just call the wrong number and blame me for it? And of course now he isn't replying to my email back.

This is the same guy who keeps mistaking which medication he has me on, what dose and for how long. I've had to correct him every single time we've had contact. What the hell is going on over there?

No. 578347

Samefag but it really upsets me to see so-called professionals be borderline incompetent at their job. I've been struggling to find work for over a year now because everyone wants >5 years of experience regardless of the kind of position, and here's a guy who is no doubt making bank yet can't even be bothered to have the correct file in front of him ever. Can't he hire me to be his secretary? At least then I'd be getting paid to correct his mistakes.

No. 578348

My parents are very openly making fun of me for getting very sick all alone at home for over a month, probably from covid, when they would have died in their own bed if it were them. And they wonder why I and most of my siblings find them unbearable and why we want to leave the family's home asap.

No. 578350

I’ve been watching true crime shows / reading about true crime since I was very young and I think it has deeply affected me over the years. I’m only noticing it has it now that I’m older. I read about the Junko Furata case and the hello kitty murder this week and it really got to me. I just can’t stop. Why are humans so fascinated by morbid stuff

No. 578351

>mom knows i have a self harm problem
>gets into a fight with her and she says "go hurt yourself since i have to hear about it from our entire family"

No. 578352

Yes, your relationship won't prosper if he thinks that's OK behavior and it's on him.

Had an ex like this, led to him being resentful due to buildup of his issues and me not expressing myself, which I used to do, because he'd absolutely blow up and I'd find myself adressing his problems and mine go ignored anyway.

Does he also act "off" if he has a problem with you he won't express? I fell for doing all the emotional labor and would try list off all the reasons why he might be mad in the hopes he'd nod at one. I'd ask if he was mad and he said he was only because I was asking if he was mad (to reveal a month down the line I HAD done something before that to annoy him). It was exhausting and futile. My verdict is dump, only because I'm bitter about wasted time and effort.

No. 578360

>Does he also act "off" if he has a problem with you he won't express?

Hmm not really no. But I had an ex that did exactly what you described. Inlcuding the "a month down the line" part.

No. 578361

that's probably because your relatives are dumb and don't understand it so they give her crap about it like she can stop you. it's just something she said in a heated moment but it sounds more about them than you.

No. 578364

just got a passive aggressive call from my project supervisor whilst i was halfway through purging my binge. this year has been miserable.

No. 578365

File: 1593693765954.jpg (77.85 KB, 673x715, nzwubg9w6f751.jpg)

I'm mid 20s and thinking about applying to a job for the first time in my life. I've had jobs, but I've gotten them through connections and never actually had to do a job interview.

The one I want to apply to is a part-time sales job in a very small shop. Thing is, I'm really socially anxious and awkward and visibly tattooed. But if I had a job like this, it would be a good way for me to get some social skills. But I might be too much of a pussy to apply.

No. 578367

Idk why people like Madison beer get so butt hurt that people think shes so pretty she must have plastic surgery. God, I hate attractive people. I HATE THEM.

No. 578391

I feel you. Sometimes it's good inspiration but it can definitely make you feel worse about your life

No. 578393

Do it anon! When I got my first ~*~real~*~ job in college, it was for a cashier position at a big retail chain. I remember my hands and voice being shaky for the first few days and being overwhelmed with nervousness, but you get over it eventually! My next job was still retail, but I worked as someone on the floor rather than as a cashier so it forced me to make different conversation and really think on the fly. I posted in the dumbass shit thread about how working retail has really helped my social skills, and I'd say I'm pretty damn good at getting along with new people in and out of work. It can definitely be nerve wracking, and any sort of sales/retail job kinda sucks at the end of the day, but I think you learn a lot of valuable and transferable skills. Good luck!

No. 578394

File: 1593699893442.jpg (37.08 KB, 380x570, madison-beer-2014.jpg)

It's funny because she's actually had a nose job, brow lift, and lip filler along with the usual botox. All completey unnecessary imo

No. 578397

Anon do it! I had terrible social skills before my first job and being forced to talk to people really helped me in that aspect. Also it sounds like a pretty good job. Good luck if you do apply!

No. 578415

File: 1593703849914.jpg (48.18 KB, 600x450, 1442211071360.jpg)

A customer at my job accused me of throwing a straw at her at the drive thru window a few days ago and now i'm paranoid they're gonna fire me even though i didnt do it and never had any incidents happen like this. It was such a crazy thing. and now i'm working at the same job but a different store and i'm worried they'll transfer me there even though it's further from my house. i dunno guys.. i'm freaked out. This is my primary job too.

No. 578417

I got a lot of social skills through a job where i was forced to sample perfume samples on for public surveys. It sucked and i worked commission, but it forced me to be more assertive.

No. 578418

I'm so sick of plain ass heterosexual people 'coming out' as non-binary and other bullshit snowflake identities like that and acting like someone 'misgendering' them is "SO oppressive uwu". Can't wait for this fad to die.

No. 578428

This meth/heroin addict I knew from high school is going to be shitting out a fourth child after only recently getting partial custody back from her parents for her other three cause she did a stint in rehab. Still no job, and the man who's knocked her up the past few times doesn't seem greatly employed either and has a kid of his own.

Nice to see they're getting massive welfare payouts so they can live cozy while they act like garbage parents and give their kids the bare minimum if that.
She captioned
>"If you don't have anything nice to say about this then delete urself!"
Yeah bitch, you gotta say that cause you know deep down that you're selfish and unfit so the truth people would wax would really fucking hurt you since you aren't about to step up in a meaningful way and you know it.
People like her deserve sterilization, sorry not sorry.

No. 578434

I doubt it, unless you have a record of customers complaining about you or have terrible management out to get you already. I had a customer at another job fling pants at me, then told someone else that I screamed at him. All supervisers did was ask me "did you do it?" and I said no, and they left me alone. I've even done stupid ass shit like accidentally marking down a sofa by like $300 on one of my first days at my first retail job and I just got told not to do it again. I find that more often than not employers are hesitant to fire people (don't want to pay out unemployment, don't want to risk firing you without a paper trail explanation, etc).

No. 578435

been baby sitting my nephew for a bit over a week now and even if I do not dislike him, I cannot fathom why on earth my sister would deal with this. It's always loud even if he is not fussy, he is actually a pretty easy kid but like, I actually have less respect for adults who genuinely put themselves in this situation. Not being able to sleep on their days off, having to deal with kid stuff everywhere and having to find their farmer sister to look after their kid because they must pop out another one. I am just disgusted by the concept whilst being okay with the kid itself in small aunty dosages, I am kinda reaching my boiling point though as I am having the worst period pain in a while and this lil sHIT refuses to let me sit still even for 10 minutes.

No. 578449

No. 578455

just did a shot of vodka and i'm gonna tell this bitch off lol wish me luck guys

No. 578463

You tell that bitch off

No. 578464

That time of the cycle where my vagina produces discharge like it's going out of style. Ugh.

No. 578480

Update I keep trying to call them to tell them off for being so rude and unprofessional but they keep putting me on hold lmao

Should I just drive my ass down there and bitch them out in person? I really don't want them to think they can just do shit like this

fuck you

No. 578483

Don't give them the ammunition for them to believe they made the right call in treating you like shit. Don't give them the opportunity to fancy themselves as the real victims of a disgruntled person. I think you should type up a professional letter of resignation and turn it in yourself in person. Don't thank them, tell them how disappointed you are that they chose to treat you very dismissively during a national crisis and that you don't appreciate having been treated like you didn't matter when your livelihood is just as important as theirs. Don't listen to their excuses and don't argue, exit after that with the quickness because these people don't give a fuck about you and it sounds like it would be a hellhole to work in anyway.
There will be other jobs, even if right now it seems bleak. What would be bleaker is working for people who would throw you under the bus during a pandemic.

No. 578484

I had to take the plane because of an emergency a week ago and now I have tinnitus. Or it's more like it got way worse. Anyway I'm so made, I used ear plugs during the whole flight and that shit still happened, and now that I'm with my family they won't stop yelling and watching TV as loudly as possible.

No. 578487

File: 1593719206882.jpg (64.96 KB, 480x600, f7c3469f-7ccd-4c88-beb2-4e097d…)

I agreed to let my roommate's SO move in a while back because it would help w/ bills and rent and it's maybe the stupidest decision i've ever made. they sit around all day making messes that they don't clean up and just sperging up the whole place to the point where it's impossible to try and hold a convo with them that doesn't devolve into their preferred media, memes and inside jokes. And they're ALWAYS together, jesus christ. not being able to escape because of covid is making it even more unbearable.

learn from my mistake, ladies.

No. 578491

I disagree. If you do that you'll only get a milquetoast "I'm sorry you feel that way" response. I think you should you make them feel as uncomfortable as they made you feel. They already don't like you anyway so why should you care if you're being professional? Doing something like this during a crisis is so unclassy as hell and I think you should force them to confront it, just don't pussy out halfway lol

No. 578499

And so what if they do? If anon goes in there raving at them like a psycho they'll only feel smug for having sussed her out and maybe even call law enforcement. It's not about winning the who made whom uncomfortable battle (bc that office already won that and will get away with their fuckery), it's about showing a moral highground so they don't get to feel so proud about it. And anon ought to let every potential client know and write a review about how that office treated her. The only way to hurt businesses is to hurt their image and money. Anon will not hurt either if she goes in there guns blazing like an aggressor.

No. 578506

You sound like a BPDer that just got dumped lol

No. 578513

This whole saga is so fucking funny to me idk why

Anon-chan plz keep us updated

No. 578516

File: 1593722967745.jpg (25.91 KB, 600x468, EVkuu3JXkAALHzK.jpg)

It's one of those nights again, ladies. The shit that is getting me down is completely disproportional to how I feel about it.

I now get slightly pathetically sad and jealous of teen laughter when I hear teenage laughter outside my window. I see my only friends about every 6 months and I absolutely relish the time I spend with them, and these people get to experience that sort of feeling on a regular basis, if not daily.
Local pool's still closed, so I don't have the fucks to give to go to the gym and lose the quarantine pounds.
I fell hard for a friend who doesn't give two fucks about me, and I'm afraid from now on the zest of life is sucked dry - at least with how I am now.

I'm going to get off this hellsite to go camping for a week tomorrow, hoping to reset this cycle of NEET soon.

No. 578517

>been less than a month
grow up

No. 578520

File: 1593723534848.jpg (64.96 KB, 1024x667, LOnsBdPoLYUc-Mn2o--sCRJ_8gVxZw…)

im so fucking ugly.

No. 578521

wtf are you doing anon, stop wasting your life on some fake intimacy bullshit. Leave the computer alone and go live your life. You only have so much time to spend on Earth. Don't waste it.

No. 578522

I moved across the country for a job that offered me employee housing just to have my money stolen and be sexually harassed in employee housing and have it pinned on me, in which the job promised me a lot of money, just to be paid 60 a week (it's out in the middle of nowhere and it takes 20 worth of gas to go to town to get groceries and every food place around is like 20 dollars for a sandwich) and meals weren't paid for. I was literally starving, on top of that I got little hours and constantly got cut during week days so I got this crazy idea to just work at another place during week days because they didn't have me work anyway but nope I was fired just to get fired from the 9-5 within 3 days simply for not being loud enough and being "too nice" (they didn't train me either)

I'm living in the woods right now in a shitty tent freezing my ass off every night because all the beds are booked at homeless shelters. Life is fucking great…

No. 578523

Does his name begin with a W and is he bipolar?
Either way sis it sounds like he ain't that invested in you. Duuuuump.

No. 578527

Jesus fucking christ, I hope things improve for you. Where are you roughly? Be careful, you're at a high risk of being raped. Try use all the available systems for homeless women to get off the streets, before your situation deteriorates more.

Really hoping your situation improves drastically.

No. 578534

Was the job a prison guard? Have you tried to contact other places that might help homeless women, this shit does not sound safe in the slightest. Even churches might help.

No. 578539

i'm 90% sure i was drugged and assaulted in college.

I can't remember anything from the night, even before taking the shots that put me into oblivion. It's literally a blank slate. I did not drink more than a few shots apparently, but did not pour them myself and drank something from a cup (according to others that saw me at the party). I've never blacked out from anything before or since this night.

As for the potential assault, I had pictures on my phone of a bathroom floor (the bathroom of the house the party was at). There was like 20 pictures of random angles of the floor. I leave the party at some point. I somehow make it home, a person found me bloody on the street and brought me home. A few people that lived with me took care of my injuries and listened what I had to say. I don't remember this. Apparently I was sobbing and said something about "no longer being a virgin" and saying things about being assaulted and touched. Talking about penises in vaginas. I didn't make sense to anyone, but they tried their best to calm me down. Those girls were my saviors that night, I will always owe them for patching me up and calming me down. I was incoherent and absolutely devastated.

I wake up the next morning with a swollen and bloody hand. I had a boxer's fracture, with broken knuckles. I go to the hospital and get casted, just lying when they asked how I got it. Told them I tripped. I don't remember feeling an vaginal pain in the days after, as the pain in my hand was immense. I did have bad leg pains though. I ask my friends at the party what happened, they say I just ghosted (I tended to do this sort of stuff when I drank, I am now completely sober because this experience has fucked up my trust in alcohol or being around it). My friends also denied that the guys hosting the party would ever drug me, as they were "good guys". I don't know these guys, before or after the incident. Can't speak for them. But I do know that night was a nightmare for me and I ended up hurt because of it. Perhaps by my own choices, but I just can't keep coping with the details when things don't add up.

All I know is I attend a frat party. Take about few shots with my friends and drink vodka fruit punch after. Disappear. End up in a bathroom and take dozens of weird pictures accidentally or intentionally. End up on the street, bloody and broken. I have no memory of the party or even getting there. I was mentally and physically fucked up for weeks. Still haven't had sex or want to. I have small sort of fear of it now and just don't engage in relationships. I don't know if I was assaulted or not. How would you anons cope with the situation? This is the first time I'm typing it out and still don't know how to deal with it in any meaningful way.

No. 578544

This is so awful anon, I'm sorry. People need to stay the fuck away from frat parties. It's a cesspit.

No. 578545

Associating with frat boys never goes well, I'm sorry for your experience anon. You're definitely not alone.

I remember feeling flattered because a ~vice-president~ of one targeted me in the graduate library, but my dumbass didn't realize what his intentions were. I entertained his carrot dick for way too long only to realize I wasn't "allowed" to ever post on social media about us hanging out, for example. He only ever invited me to one disgusting, dingy house party where a bunch of thots gave me death glares. I realized he considered me so beneath him that he was only using me for sexual kicks and who knows who else he might have been messing with simultaneously. He removed himself after I got into a serious relationship, but yeah. They're very opportunistic scumbags.

No. 578567

I have no sense of relationship object permanence. Why do I have to constantly be thinking about my friends and whether or not I can still confidently say I have them when I'm alone. If people knew how much time I spent obsessing about other people instead of doing things I enjoy alone they would think I was insane. But how am I supposed to be at peace when any relationship no matter how secure I might delude myself into thinking it is could fall apart at any moment. My friends could be thinking about how they're going to distance themselves from me right now. Any day could be the beginning of the end for me. And I know if I end up with no friends I won't be able to not kill myself.

No. 578568

I want to breakup with my boyfriend because I’m not in love with him.

Except we live together and he just lost his job because of COVID. I’m also scared he won’t be able to find another girlfriend and will be alone forever. He doesn’t deserve that. He’s a nice person. I just don’t want to be in a relationship anymore.

No. 578570

lol it's been five hours. RIP, anon.

No. 578573

I think that was dental office anon and I really hope she didn't…

No. 578576

File: 1593732481757.jpg (24.58 KB, 455x960, 100589077_1792232907584891_326…)

valerie solanas was right

No. 578583


No. 578585

Semi gender-crit stuff Why do women have to bend over backwards for trans people? Why do tras/mtfs only come after women? How come when it comes to feminism, everyone should fight for women, but not if it gets in the way of trans issues? Why are we pushed aside but men aren't? Why do we have to speak about trans-women when talking about issues that ONLY affect cis-women? Why do we have to call women things like womxn, womb-men, menstruators, birthers etc…? Why is it okay to reduce women to their bodily fuctions if its a tra/trans person doing it? Why does the fact that mtfs were born men mean their issues are more important than our issues? Why is it only women who get this treatment? How are we such a threat that people have to make it normal to bring down and incite violence against women? Will it ever be okay for women to push back against this?

I'm not even transphobic. I just have a huge issue with the erasure and shaming of women. I respect everyones decision to be who they want to be. I just can't understand why transforming yourself into a different gender has to come with so much misogyny. I don't understand why other women take it. I'm so tired of going on social media and seeing how normalized we've made such blatant hate of women. I can't get why tras and trans people have to hate women. Shouldn't it be the opposite?

No. 578587

relax dude, everyone on lolcow hates trannies

you can post what you want

No. 578588

not rly. we definitely have some tranny defenders here who always use the infamous "leave this site go back to your other site you fucking terf!". just look at the unpopular opinion thread

No. 578589

File: 1593734362504.jpg (7.29 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

>try to order customized art
>message seller
>we agree, ask her if there's a reserved listing I should purchase on her website
>no just pay for one of the customized listing
>was on mobile so I wasn't keeping track of which one I orig messaged her about
>bunch of em say customize this, MTO that, etc.
>pick one that says customized
>get message that it was the wrong wrong, I had picked the cheaper one
>now she's being slow to refund so I can repurchase and seems annoyed
I mean sorry lady but your website and wording is confusing I wasn't trying to scam you out of $10 honest this is why I asked which listing I should've bought specifically.

No. 578591

I know this site is filled to the brim with radfems.

Reading back the post, I guess seem kind of emotional and maybe a little unhinged. But I felt comfortable posting that cause I know a lot of anons here have similar opinions.

No. 578597

I lied to my family about booking a hotel to try and get work done. I came here to try and clear my mind and relax ,but it's not working. I can't stop crying.

No. 578599

It's petty and very first-world but I just want to play my competitive video games with the convenience of voice comms without incels spouting their manifestos about how I'm inferior and deserve to die by virtue of being a woman, or being sexually harassed by scrotes both of which have happened today, I capped the second one: https://streamable.com/o0hyno He was like this for the entire match, just a million miles a minute with this disgusting bullshit, with "I'm just joking! Don't get tilted!" sprinkled in intermittently for merely opening my mouth. I've never been flamed for poor gameplay, it's always just been pointless misogynistic bullshit.

That tranny deer on twitch is totally unhinged, but he's still kind of got a point.

Men ruin fucking everything. And they all stick up for each other too; four other people in a lobby and no one says a fucking word. Cowards.

No. 578602

I made that post recently about not understanding why y'all are so upset about the transgender movement in the unpopular opinions thread. Someone linked me an article that was really enlightening and opened my eyes to some serious issues with it, so I understand more now and am a bit more critical of it.

Regardless, I still don't hate trans people, nor am I against the movement as a whole. I think many are confused and being taken advantage of by doctors and activist who proclaim to want to help them. Others are just using it as an excuse to get attention because being trans is trendy right, now and typically gets you a lot of sympathy and victimhood points without having to actually do anything (these ones genuinely do suck, admittedly).

I think it's kind of ridiculous to go as far as to claim that the condition doesn't exist at all, and that it's just being used as an excuse to silence and attack women. I do, however, believe that the condition is nowhere near as common as we're being lead to believe, and that there should be more strictly defined guidelines as to what counts as transgender vs. "non-binary."

No. 578603

no one cares

No. 578604

Today my mum shit herself and it's because my MIL had been giving her prune juice and senna tablets when I explicitly told her not to do that. My mum isn't constipated, she has gastritis. I want covid to be over so they can both go back to pulling this bullshit in their own homes where I don't have to deal it.

No. 578608

File: 1593736385462.jpg (22.31 KB, 327x280, 1345423789001.jpg)

>your opinion doesn't exactly match the hivemind reeeeee go away!!!11

Gee, I can't possibly imagine why nobody outside of extremely niche, online communities that keep getting deleted due to scrote-tier levels of immaturity and butthurt takes any of you seriously.

No. 578610

LOL no I was talking about this bitch who owes me $250

Dental office lady has some demons tho

I got the money for what it's worth

No. 578612

no one cares

No. 578615

dudeeeee i stopped playing any video game with voice chat on because scrotes are a plague. it's not every match but it happens a least once a session. scrotes think they're sooooooooo fucking funny saying "tits or gtfo send nooodz". and that's the easy shit to deal with. there are men out there who throw games if i'm in VC because "girl on team we're fucked". fucking pathetic. gaming sucks and i barely do it anymore because why bother.

No. 578617

Sorry sissy are we triggering you?

No. 578618

You clearly do.

No. 578619

the sexual tension in these posts

No. 578620

the rock bottom i'm hitting so suddenly is astounding. lost BOTH of my jobs/income, one singular guy i like and tried talking to has disapeared again (9 fucking days. just checked the fuck out of our convo after going to bed one night lol. 9. days.) i'm making zero money, had good job interview this last monday, obviously with how flaky getting jobs is nowadays i have no clue if it was good enough or some other asshole will get the job i want and need so badly, they said they'd PROBABLY make their decision today and of fucking course i get no call no text (well, besides a wrong number text from fucking GREGG letting me know he's in the parking lot)

i'm losing it, my anxiety and misery is skyrocketing, i have nobody no idea what to do. i don't get why EVERYTHING has to come crashing down at once. me one week ago really was doing much better.

No. 578626

Sorry you're dealing with all that. I went through the same thing with losing my job when we first went on lock-down back in March. I think you're doing the right thing by continuing to look for work. Just try and keep doing something productive to try and move forward every day. Get out of the house as much as possible, too, even if it's just going for a drive. It really helps to clear your head when you're feeling anxious and bogged down by everything like you are.

No. 578638

massive mood this is my least favorite body thing that happens

No. 578647

Realizing that you've never been anyone's first choice and you've always been a side character in your own life is really something huh

No. 578650

i do not have a license nor car but i should truly walk more. i just end up feeling miserable and crying on my bed most nights lol

No. 578655

realistically, nobody is truly anyone's first choice. you are always your first choice.

No. 578658

My ambivalence is going to be the end of me. I don't have a solid stance on almost anything that doesn't involve blatant corruption, chronic abuse, unhealthy habits, etc…things where everyone involved is affected negatively pretty much no matter what. I don't really believe in "truth" for the most part. Almost everything is contextual. I have my own issues with specific groups, religious ideologies, etc, but even that's not enough to make me go against it entirely because I'm too aware of my own bias.

No. 578670

Same, it's really alienating feeling this way in the current climate when everyone is obsessed with moral absolutes. But I just don't see how one singular person can say that anything is objectively good/bad/the right thing to do/the wrong thing to do.

No. 578674

I am the same. It's part of why I can't do social media. I am chronic fence-sitter. Very little I'm willing to go on the record and soapbox for. And what few things I do have a strong opinion on are too controversial.

No. 578679

I know I'm a bit of a shit for enabling fast fashion at my age but I'm actually having a really good time shopping on Shein and the clothes I've gotten so far (with the exception of 2 bc they were too large) have been surprisingly decent quality and are definitely clothes I intend to hang onto for a few years until I can't anymore.
I like how I can order upwards of 20 things for under $100. I've already spent an embarrassing amount. Some of the clothes I purchased are quite thotty but idc cause they were like $8 and I get to feel sexy in my own way for a fucking minute after spending years in old lady floral dresses from Belk.

No. 578685

It's not any worse than whatever garbage they sell at the mall, it's probably the same thing just cheaper. I'm kind of interested myself.

No. 578688

Maybe I too can make videos being a lonely NEET like japanese women do, maybe it'll give me a sense of purpose, I'm so sad currently

No. 578692

the only thing i really can't with internet clothes buying is the sizing. i like being able to try something on before i pay for it. i used to thrift before covid but idk if my local stores are still open, at least one had a dressing room so i really liked thrifting there

No. 578704

File: 1593753327846.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.4 KB, 719x647, retard.jpg)

Asking for advice because I feel like I'm about to tread on some very thin ice.
>tl;dr closeted ex who I dated almost a decade ago keeps messaging me sexually while he's in a supposed relationship that he also bitches to me about, I want to tell the woman about what he's doing

My ex is likely more gay than bisexual as he claims. When we were together we never fucked once, he barely touched my pussy, and always demanded bjs. He admits that he carries on the same habits with his current. I believe he gets with women because modern women are more willing to provide (to prove how ~cool~ and ~progressive~ they are) than gay men, and the older woman he's been dating now for the past few years has been the perfect beard. She's the breadwinner in addition to possessing the only vehicle while being the only one capable to drive it, so he's co-dependent as fuck and I think he's too much of a dodgy chickenshit to attempt to live on his own. Since that would mean he'd have to tackle full responsibilities like full-time employment and couldn't manipulate someone else into paying his way. He has diagnosed mental issues (which in fairness are quite tragic) so maybe he feels he can't make it on his own but that's a mere footnote in the grand scheme of his antics. Bottom line is that he's being selfish and dishonest and I resent that.

He's a fucking leech in this relationship of his, and is at least using me to emotionally cheat on his long term girlfriend which social media says he is engaged to. They have each other as a couple in their profile pictures. He's fine to talk to normally but that's the thing, he hasn't been able to hold a normal conversation without it devolving into how fucking unhappy he is in that relationship, being suggestive towards me out of the blue (pic related), or flat out asking me for sexual attention like I'm a free camgirl the past three times. Holy shit we were just reminiscing about food tonight and all the sudden he drops how he wants to runaway and do kinks with me wtf. It started today because it was his birthday so he messaged me to tell me how his woman just made it so terrible for him and it was a shit birthday. I pull away and withdraw from him when he gets like this. However awhile back I made the mistake of believing him when he initially said his relationship was on the rocks. He sent me nudes so I sent him a nude back (foolishly believing he was ending things and me wanting the attention from an ex), then he ghosted me for a few days which is how I realized he played me and just wanted to see if I was still an option. This came a week before he announced a trip to his hometown with her in September. It doesn't sit well with me to have enabled a dude who wanted his cake and to eat it too. He's a sneaky fuck.

He claims they're both unhappy, but you know what? I don't really buy it. Whenever he brings their relationship up I encourage him to either talk it out or break up, but he's always got an excuse. Obviously his reason for staying is what she offers, and I struggle to believe that he tells her he cheats online or that he's so unhappy cause then why would she stick around for, unless she's a cuckquean? So I intend to let her know about this. I was gonna shoot her a message saying something along the lines of
>"Hi ____. We don't know each other but I'm a friend of _____. I wanted to let you know that the messages _____ has sent me recently have been sexually inappropriate. While your relationship is none of my business, I wanted to let you know because ____ claims he is very unhappy being with you. No matter how many times I encourage him to confront his relationship issues he seems to ignore my advice, as it seems a week or so later he's back in my inbox to complain about your relationship or act suggestive towards me. I do not morally agree with this behavior and I would consider it a form of cheating. While I told him to stop and withdraw when he does that behavior, it doesn't seem to be getting better, and I have no knowledge if he attempts to do this to other women on his social media. It is important that you should know in case you were not aware. You seem like a very happy couple otherwise, which is why it shocks me that he is behaving in this way behind closed doors, and behind your back if that's the case. If you are aware of this behavior and it's not a problem in your relationship, then disregard this message."

What do you think? Do you think I'll have to block them both?

No. 578707

I’m getting fat someone tell my fat ass to eat less fried garbage

No. 578717

It's fine if you dislike children but not being able to understand why people have and love them is really cringy, you aren't 14 anymore.

No. 578722

File: 1593758783437.jpeg (80.96 KB, 500x536, DABD22C7-16C0-4852-9399-897DE8…)

Anyone else get suicidal thoughts right after waking up? I get them every time.

No. 578723

File: 1593759130055.jpeg (65.65 KB, 868x867, E816DC24-3772-421D-8CAC-5BA554…)

I've been getting back into social media and honestly I'm so disgusted with myself. I should know better, that internet clout and friends are meaningless but I'm just so lonely and bored. I'm just waiting to see how long it can last before I get depressed and suicide my accounts because I'm not getting enough attention.

No. 578725

Do it, anon. I would definitely consider it cheating and she deserves to know.

No. 578727

Welcome to my world. I wish I could wake up and my mind just be blank. I specifically get thoughts about ex friends and crush and I can't get rid of them, which makes me legit feel homicidal over how much I hate those wastes of human beings. What these sociopaths did to me after many years of friendship was really fucked.

Any tips on keeping your mind blank or entertained during the morning as you wake up especially when you've got holidays?

No. 578730

What this anon says >>578655 plus tell those little bitches who don't even care about you in your life off. If they really don't even care about you you won't notice much difference without them and to make a partner or a close friend feel like this and not give a fuck is shitty, despite you always being your first choice in the end. That you are feeling like this in the first place is a sign you have been emotionally neglected, talking from experience.

No. 578731

For me it's only at night/when I'm tired.

No. 578739

I feel you anon. I get those obsessive kinda thoughts too. Sometimes for hours instead of sleeping. Always the same dumb thoughts over and over again. Almost like a circle.

No. 578740

>and suicide my accounts
Dramatic much?

No. 578742

Like clockwork. I fell into abusing adderall because I liked all nighters and getting to skip waking up

No. 578745

File: 1593762987430.jpeg (109.5 KB, 731x731, 3A885AF3-D68C-44D2-9015-FFEBB5…)

My period flow atm is a lot heavier and the blood is thicker for some reason and it’s making me feel incredibly gross and icky. I mean my period always makes me feel gross even if I don’t really get cramps or feel queasy but all of a sudden it’s a lot heavier and it literally never is and I’m incredibly pissed off

No. 578746

How the fuck do people support Desmond Is Amazing and think it's cute and progressive? A 11-year old autistic (not saying this as an insult but actually confirmed autistic) kid hanging around adult men talking about doing drugs and one of them being a convicted murderer? His stage mom scripting all his interviews and getting pissed that he expressed not wanting to do this anymore. And everyone who doubts this as being a "cute dress up" sort of thing gets dismissed as being "right wing conservatives". Oh disliking child grooming is a conservative thing now? And honest to god people saying "well I made drug jokes as a child too!" like it's a normal and healthy thing every kid goes through? Fuck this, fuck all of it.

No. 578747

I love my family, I would take a bullet for my family, but more than anything I just want to get in my car and drive off somewhere far far away and never be found. I know realistically I would be miserable after a while, but I just have this strong feeling of wanting to be completely forgotten. I would love for everyone who has ever come across me to wake up tomorrow and just forget I ever existed.

No. 578750

I totally understand. Sometimes i fantasise about starting all over or going to a whole new town where nobody knows me and they’re meeting me for the first time, usually when I’m regretting or feeling embarrassed over things I did and said in the past and i’m cringing at how people close to me remember those moments lol. So then I wish I could erase everyone’s memories and impressions of me to make them view me in a way I want them to, without any of the cringey shit I’ve done. Just a blank slate basically.

No. 578753

yes same. I'm so embarrassed of who I used to be (just really socially awkward due to a lot pain and insecurity) and I just can't get over the interaction or lack there of people have had with me. I feel like I'm defined by the way others perceive me and I've tried to stop thinking this way but it's so hard. It would be nice to have a fresh start. It would be nice to go back to my earlier years knowing what I know now.

No. 578754

this is minor thing to get worked up about but…
I'm from Belgium where half speaks French and half speaks Dutch. I'm from the Dutch part and so sick and tired everyone assumes all of Belgium is French and knows how to speak it.
I get irrationally angry when I choose my country for a site and suddenly its all in French. no its not easier for us at all! English is so much closer to Dutch.
People I can forgive unless they continue trying to speak in French to please us while we've mentioned several times that English is easier.

tldr: getting irrationally angry about websites assuming my language

No. 578758

You can switch the preferred language in your browser settings. You can even set a specific order of importance, so if language 1 isn't available, the site is gonna try language 2. Put English on top and you'll have this issue less.

No. 578764

different anon but if this makes me a cringy child so be it, I genuinely don't get why someone would willingly have a child. not that I doubt mothers, I believe their love for their children is genuine, I just absolutely cannot comprehend it. I don't like taking care of anyone and children are not an exception.

No. 578768

I can't do anything right, I'm already really ugly and mentally slow and fail at simple tasks like opening doors, then I think I make a good friend but they insult me for not wanting to talk about if I masturbate. He accused me of being terrified of sex and not being an adult. Fine then call me a child for not wanting these kind of conversations Jesus christ
I'm so sick of being a useless person other people judge and dislike and I hate being alone so I do want to have a friend and even a partner at some point ffs

No. 578772

Sorry you're having troubles anon, that dude was just looking to get his rocks off by the looks of it, stop talking to him if you still are. I have zero friends too, but honestly I'm used to it. I like it this way. You seem kinda cute tho, ngl.

No. 578778

File: 1593770550457.jpeg (50.97 KB, 1000x704, 9C567DDF-74E2-4E3D-998D-EEBA35…)

My hands are gnarled little fists, making it painful to do ordinary tasks. I can crochet and knit like a beast but holding my phone in ANY WAY causes excruciating pain. The surgery isn't viable because I don't heal well and scar terribly, which might make the surgery detrimental.
I swear to god though, if a surgeon could cleanly remove my pinkies including the metacarpal bones, I could be freed from a lot of pain. But who knows? Maybe in ten years my pinkies will be the one-eyed leader of the blind and I'll have regretted ridding myself of them. My hands already look like a fucking crime so aesthetically I can't give a shit. I just wish phones had handles like a teapot. Also yes, I've bitched about this here already and I will again one day.

No. 578784

File: 1593774001994.jpg (181.04 KB, 640x853, tumblr_c15a12dc36e45154476b80c…)

Thinking about one teacher who was racist to me in middle school. Her husband was a porn-addicted coomer who cheated on her later on, and I found this out because her son was autistic enough to tell people.

No. 578786

> The surgery isn't viable because I don't heal well and scar terribly

Did a doctor tell you this?

No. 578789

I wasted years of my life working at a company where one of my superiors, a young, married, narcissistic guy, frequently overstepped some boundaries. I was naive, it was my first workplace and found it flattering that he was flirting with me and drove me home sometimes while sharing details of his sexual life and asking questions about mine. I thought he was genuinely interested in me. I was soooo fucking stupid

No. 578792

All of my friends are drug addicts that have that “I can quit whenever I want” mindset. I quit because of a serious decline in my physical health and I’ve been clean for a while now but they’ll tell me shit like “that doesn’t count” or just doubt that I can go without. It pisses me off since none of them have ever actually tried to quit or stay away but they always have something to say.

No. 578803

>I just wish phones had handles like a teapot
This should be doable with just a little trial and error, even if it's just getting someone in your family or from Etsy to epoxy resin some handles to a phone case, although it might make it heavier to hold
Do you know anyone crafty? I Wonder if there are any makers that specialise in these things but it might not hurt to reach out to diy subreddits. People love to solve engineering problems and to be publicly seen as charitable.

No. 578805

File: 1593780653791.gif (1.7 MB, 400x214, tenor (6).gif)

>my grown ass manbaby ex boasting about buying his first new car after years of myself and my parents giving him multiple opportunities to do it
Whatever dude, it took a pandemic and the government handing your unemployed ass a $600 check a week to have got it done or you still would have never saved up and done it yourself. Your gf must be thrilled she doesn't have to cart your ass anymore.

No. 578806

Why do some girls get into relationships with older men? I knew two girls in my teens; one 14 , the another 16, who were in a relationship with a 21 year old and another with a 34 year old married man. Their mothers were completely fine with this and everybody knew.

No. 578807

File: 1593781213664.jpg (28.61 KB, 569x577, 618j-B7Fu2L._AC_SX569_.jpg)

would something like this help you, anon? they come in all shapes and colors.
just google phone holder hand and you'll find a lot of options

No. 578808

SO went on a 2-night trip and left me with our 7mo and I was worried how I'll manage being with her alone. Now that he's back I realize how little he actually does and I'm so mad. The only thing that was different when he was away was that I didn't have a chance to shit alone.

No. 578809

It's too normalized in our society. I think it's absolutely disgusting and those girls should stop but I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon. Some of them think that the older guys are more ~mature~ but they aren't. Rather just have sex with someone your age who's cute-looking lol.

No. 578811

Hope you and your kid are doing well anon. Your SO is kind of a typical father, they barely do shit. I mean, I didn't have a father but that's what I've heard from other women about their baby daddies.

No. 578814

Posted here before about my creepy old neighbor who magically bumps into me every time I leave my house and bores the arse off me while also staring at my body the whole time. We're in a small town and he also happens to be the town gossip who knows everyone so I've had to play it cool and just say hi and keep walking.

Today, like every single day for weeks now I bump into him and say hi while still walking..he shouts after me "I see you've been in a bad mood lately" Holy fuck it took all my strength not to make a scene, really hit a nerve with me that this creep won't take a hint, literally talks to me or shouts after me when I've already kept walking..and of course I'm the one with some issue going on. Must be my moods!

No. 578816

You're not alone. I've read multiple accounts online of women with children who are pissed off at how little their baby daddy does, and yet ironically the same men are praised for every stupid little thing they choose to do.

It's what makes me the most nervous about parenthood, mothers can never catch a break. The men can decide when they wanna check in & check out of their parental responsibilities. But women? We're always expected to default be there for our kids or else we're considered bad parents. I'm not saying it's right for parents to check out, but the idea is that a couple who has a kid together is supposed to be a team and tag out when shit gets rough. Men are unreliable and don't consider child rearing as their default duty like women are socialized to do. It's a huge problem.

No. 578819

im so tired of all the sjw expats in my city, especially the american ones. there was one who went on a facebook rant about white people gentrifying new york, but like bitch, you're a rich foreigner living in the most gentrified, expensive part of an eastern european city, it's so gentrified that local people cant even afford to live there anymore and theres a soulless hipster cafe on every corner, you ARE the gentrifier, shut the fuck up and stop acting like you're on some moral high ground.

No. 578820

These same men love to argue that women are given 'preferential treatment' in court when you break up and custody is being arranged.

No. 578822

Lol, they're just pissed when they gotta pay child support which is what full custody tends to grant. Men don't give a fuck about their kids or what treatment the women receive until it affects their wallets.

No. 578823

one of the main reasons I still dont have children. If I was a man, the choice would be so much easier.
the men just get to be carefree about the baby (and still live their life) while its expected of us to be obsessed by it and give up our entire life.
My husband is a good man and would be great with children but not like a woman would….

No. 578824

I lurk r/breakingmom whenever I get angsty about dying alone or something… Seriously, these women are miserable. It helped me see how fucked up my own family is/was in regards to childcare.
I have so many plans, I wanna learn more languages, want to pursue my creative hobbies etc etc… Throw a baby into the mix and there goes that.

I would also hit my kid, no lie. Fuck my moid-tier rage issues.

No. 578830

>I have so many plans, I wanna learn more languages, want to pursue my creative hobbies etc etc… Throw a baby into the mix and there goes that.

this so much…. and also the fear of dying alone or regretting it when I'm too old to have kids…
I always grew up slower than my age so I'm scared this is like that too and I wont want kids until I'm 40/45 or something…

No. 578831

I remember going to the art museum last summer … there were so many paintings of the artists' wives and children. It chilled me in a way, all that lost potential. Read the diaries of Sofja Andrejewna Tolstaja, Tolstoi's wife, and your uterus will shrivel up and die on the spot. That poor woman wanted to write so badly, instead she was pregnant 16 times.
I think about her a lot.

No. 578835

>I have so many plans, I wanna learn more languages, want to pursue my creative hobbies etc etc… Throw a baby into the mix and there goes that
I just read 'The girl who never read Noam Chomsky' and that's basically the plot of the novel. Made me feel even more confident about being childfree

No. 578836

Yes, and I had a second opinion too unfortunately.
I've looked online and am rather crafty myself but I'm also prone to dropping my phone, so the two times I managed to rig something up it only lasts a few days until snapping. I'll check etsy though, thank you for the suggestion!
I had one for a while that had a ring so it could hold onto my finger, but it still requires a form of hand dexterity that I lack. It has to be held by my index and middle finger, which kinda sucks because I use my index fingers to type on my phone. I must look so retarded in public. Thank you for the suggestion though, maybe I can find another shape or size that might fit better!

No. 578838

Thank you so much for responding, anon. I really like my job a lot, and it was definitely a weird first time thing. My manager says he believes me, so that comforts me too. You have an amazing day, anon. thank you

No. 578843

I love video games so much and really want/need for girlfriends to play with. Seriously. Men do ruin everything. it's like an infestation of sexism in gaming

No. 578845

If nothing works out, report back to us and hopefully we can come up with other ideas. Everyone deserves to comfortably shitpost!

No. 578847

Everytime i hear men bitch about child support, they always go about trashing the mother too, like its her fault. Children are expensive to raise and imagine getting huffy over giving $300-$500 a month to your children/child. We're never going to advance as a society until men stop living life on easy mode. They're good for absolutely nothing

No. 578858

Stupidly used twitter as an outlet during a bad mood and now I'm going to be cringing all day.

No. 578860

I hate people who are obnoxiously over the top about consent to do literally anything physical (like they literally sperg about consent if you so much as pat them on the back) but then they have no problem going into very in depth detail about their kinks and sex lives when NO ONE ASKED.

No. 578871

File: 1593791331755.gif (935.55 KB, 500x469, giphy.gif)

PMS hit me like a train and I did nothing more at work than stare at the computer screen all day long and cry in the bathroom. Brainfog was also insane and it took me ages to put a short sentence together. Sometimes I really fucking hate being a woman

No. 578880

>If people knew how much time I spent obsessing about other people instead of doing things I enjoy alone they would think I was insane
I relate to this sooo much holy shit

No. 578881

I'm torn between outing myself as that bitch who tells the women when their men try to cheat on them, or staying silent so I can continue to mole the men who think they can get away with it cause they don't know I'm secretly that bitch.

No. 578883

File: 1593792616800.jpg (435.69 KB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20200703-105125__01…)

I'm glad the military is getting scrutiny again because I hate them so much

No. 578888

Jesus. Men are animals. What is this from?

No. 578893

I feel like shit because today my friend casually mentioned that she's pregnant, already in her 6th month.
I'm not jealous or anything, I don't want children myself, but this just once again shows how old I already am and how much I'm lacking compared to my peers. I'm a virgin who lives at her parents, has barely any friends and still hasn't finished university, while my friend is a working, married, soon-to-be mom who already built a house with her husband. I also feel bad because my mother's biggest wish are grandchildren and I don't think I can gift her that.

My life is just littered with mistakes and regrets. My few friends from high school all moved on, it's only me who still keeps messaging them. After school I enrolled in some kind of mixed study/work program, which would pay me right from the start and only lasts 3 years - there I met pregnant friend and a few others. But during that one year I did that, stupid me cried all the time and begged my parents to allow me to quit because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in an office job. But the degree I chose afterwards is also not what I wanted at all, I have social anxiety and my future job involves talking all the time, why did I thing this was a good idea?? It also doesn't pay well at all. Back then as a teen I thought I don't care about money but now I do… In the end, if I would've stuck with that first school I would've have been working for nearly 3 years already, would've gotten the same pay, would've spent time with friends and maybe met a guy. Now I have nothing, university is so shit, I haven't found any new friends, I started binging to deal with the stress and I don't know if I will make it. Recently I felt a bit better because hopefully this will be my last semester, but now this reminded me again about just how much has failed or how much I failed in my life.

No. 578895

Life isn't a race anon, and tbh (and no offense) but I get real sick of women worrying about pregnancy as if we all should be rushing towards it. Rather if anything, it's a decision we should undertake only under the best circumstances when we are emotionally, mentally, and financially fit for it. And also when we've thoroughly vetted for a reliable and supportive man who's not going to get cold feet or abandon us at the first sign of hardship.
Getting knocked up is the easy part, literally teenagers do it. So don't feel like you're getting left behind cause that isn't the case and don't jump on the first dick who offers it to you. Be selective and choosy lest you face a lifetime of regret.

No. 578899

You presented here your Judgemental Bitch persona flagellating your Meek Loser persona.

Which one will win? Which one will we like more? Which one will become your main mask?

Neither. Neither are you.
Fuck off. You're a circus.

Hey anons, this is what you get when you start working on your image before you start working on your self-awareness.

No. 578903

What the fuck is your problem, what do you even mean?

No. 578904


No. 578907

My bet is schizophasia

No. 578908

Wtf no I'm just drunk!

No. 578911

No. 578913

Seconding that life isn't a race but also, and I mean this with kindness, you just haven't matured yet. It usually takes people a couple of years of working to 'find their feet' but you haven't even finished education yet so of course you still feel young, you're still living a young life. It's understandable to feel left behind and sad about things that didn't work out but really it's a gift that you are in a position where you get to keep trying find what does work. Often people find themselves out on their own with a baby at 18, and they don't get the opportunity to think about what they want to do with their lives, they just have to get the first job they can find and they have to stick with that path until their kids move out. You haven't ruined your life, you've barely begun it.

Also it's good to have friends with stable lives but if your messages aren't being answered, perhaps direct that energy elsewhere.

No. 578914

File: 1593796045509.png (339.63 KB, 1420x2075, Screenshot_20200703-110652~2.p…)

NTA but also

No. 578917

Men are disgusting, complete animals. Military men especially. These are the same men who then go back to their country and kiss their wives and hug their children.

No. 578918

NTAYRT but anon, you're an angel. I'll be saving this post on my phone because I like it that much. Thankyou

No. 578923

wtf is going on psychologically with these grown ass adults who distrust authority so thoroughly that they believe the WHO and the government is lying about everything related to COVID? like, people who refuse to wear masks because they somehow believe that it's going to make them sicker? i've unfollowed so many people on social media over the past several days because i am so tired of, and genuinely disturbed by, their weird sperging over this. i have no idea how people become this paranoid. i don't know how to empathize with them. i just don't understand where they are coming from at all.

is this a thing in other countries? i've only ever seen other amerifags do this.

No. 578930

Best friend forgot about my birthday… I expected just a yext message but didn't even get that… happy fucking birthday to me.

No. 578932

File: 1593799656466.jpg (13.97 KB, 256x256, e413d8e48e28acbfbc664e92b40a56…)

This is the only bitch who's never forgotten my birthday

No. 578934

Happy birthday anon!!

No. 578942

I'm so insanely agitated and I can only hope that it's pms, I'm not quite due but maybe I'll be early this month? My mental health has been at its best these last two years and the day I've had today is bringing back all sorts of memories. I don't want that to be my normality again.

No. 578943

Thanks for the nice words, anons. I know that you shouldn't compare yourself with others, but it's hard not to. I also think that maybe I wouldn't have that big of a problem with how my life currently is, if it wasn't for others constantly reminding me that I'm a loser, e.g. my mother telling me that much younger girl A has a bf now or that girl B is moving in/buying a house with her bf or that C got engaged…It's not that she outright accuses or pressures me, but I know that she's disappointed. For some reason I also only have friends who want to be a housewive and mother. Just last autumn pregnant friend, another girl and I went on a vacation and her being a mother soon means that this likely will no longer be possible and the older I get, the more lonely will I be, because eventually all girls around me will prioritize their bf/husband or children over friends. I think I would choose friends over a partner, is this childish? Maybe I should try and find people who think similarly (if they exist).
If I had at least choosen a more prestigious career, people might leave me alone or I could use being career-driven as an excuse for not having other achievements, but my degree and future job are super basic and usually choosing by girls who want families, so that won't work either.

No. 578950

i hate being asexual. asexuality is like an it follows (2014) demon always reminding me i'm not normal and that i'll always have issues in this relationship and in future relationships unless i somehow find another asexual who isn't an annoying tumblr ace or my bf somehow stops feeling horny/aroused ever again.
it was easy having my Ace And Proud :) phase as a shut-in teen but now i just want to be normal. let me at least feel enough arousal to have sex once in a while.

No. 578951

happy birthday!!!

No. 578954

File: 1593803679442.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 1300044776986.jpg)

>i hate being asexual
>let me at least feel enough arousal to have sex once in a while

No. 578956

File: 1593803773226.jpg (70.53 KB, 736x552, IMG_20200702_212915.jpg)

I'm mad (at myself) for being into a coworker who's a stupid motherfucker. On the other hand he is legitimately an idiot but he's tall and white so being a self hating POC ofc I want his Caucasian dick lmao…i hate myself. Im better than this dude that's only into blond white ladies (when obviously he should be worshiping me).

No. 578957

I don't want sex so TBH I stay single. My first partner was patient as fuck for years and then just noped out and left one day, I blamed myself and so forced myself to be intimate with my next partner..then he started to be the one really forcing it to happen.. like you said date asexuals or stay single. Will save you a lot of suffering.

No. 578958

Maybe look into medical causes for that. I still don’t undertsand what asexuality is supposed to be but low libido is a know symptom of a bunch of things

No. 578961

Can you both please stop referring to this issue as being "asexual?" You're not asexual, you're just uncomfortable having sex, and probably for completely legitimate reasons. This is usually symptomatic of trauma and can be treated with therapy.

No. 578962

>calling yourself a POC

love yourself

No. 578964

If you read it again I literally didn't say that I'm asexual, I don't use that label. I said 'I don't want sex'

No. 578967

Ace isn't a sexuality, get help.

No. 578968

My best friend keeps posting statuses about how no one is giving her attention or replying to her but she’s left me on read for a month now so I’m very confused. Either way I can only guess she does not want to be my friend anymore. And that makes me feel kind of sad.
At the same time I feel like I should have seen it coming for a while now. She has made little effort to see me in the last year or two and doesn’t seem to engage with me when I do talk to her. It is odd. Just big feels on my part because I did consider her my best friend.

No. 578970

please love yourself.

No. 578971

The only person I ever really talk to has finally dropped my depressed neet ass. I have no friends and no way to make some in the town I live in, I don’t even use messenger aside from talking to them and I don’t have twitter, discord, tumblr etc. We’ve been friends for years but with how much I hate my life and love to bitch about it I guess it was only a matter of time before they got up and left. I don’t even have good social skills and I can’t talk to people online without others getting bored. I wish I made online friends instead of sticking to people in my town

No. 578973

and what about it?

asexuality for me is that i do not feel arousal, and if i do feel something similar (like, once every 4 months maybe?), the feeling disappears within a couple of minutes. but i'm thinking it may be a symptom of my anxiety…? maybe i'm never truly relaxed or something.

i'm not uncomfortable with sex. i just cannot feel horny or aroused, whether alone or with a partner. chasing the feeling results in boredom. i don't have trauma either (not even a pushy ex or weird first time as a teen, nothing).

unironically i'd like to see a sex therapist about it, just in case this can somehow be treated. i don't identify as asexual because i believe it's more of a weird defect than a sexuality i'm proud of. i'm bi but no matter what i do there's no "sexual" component to it. it fucking sucks but here i am.

No. 578974

If you post anything relating to asexuality an anon will jump down your neck over using the word. Even if you describe being raped or having CSA in your past, having relationship issues etc, any mention of the word 'asexual' results in a lecture and they care more about that one word than the actual issue you're asking for help with.

No. 578975

>i'm thinking it may be a symptom of my anxiety…? maybe i'm never truly relaxed or something.

it's this. See a therapist.

No. 578979

Agreed. I will never understand the rage asexuality causes in some people. It's like they think some people not feeling sexual arousal is oppressive to them on some spiritual level.
The "You are broken, see a doctor/therapist" thing reminds me of how people used to think of homosexuals, not gonna lie.

No. 578981

File: 1593806237326.jpg (155.15 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpg)

Thanks anonX2… Somehow referring to myself as AZN feel even worse? Like, it's either being fetishized by dudes that just want to fuck an oriental chick, or nerds putting u on a pedestal. So whenever someone actually treats me like a fellow human being I tend to fall for them way too easily :( oh yeah and then I'm reminded of shit like >>578914 (I'm of viet descent) and it's like… Wait all man are terrible
No exceptions and I need to stop wanting white dong cuz they will always see me as sub human :(((

No. 578982

A man ruined my day today, less than one minute after leaving my house this morning. Felt like shit all day. He's not even anyone important but someone I'm stuck seeing 5 or 6 times a fucking week who feels entitled to my time and attention and makes out like there's something wrong with me just because I don't have time to entertain his lonely ass. I'm more disappointed in myself for letting it snowball and ruin my day. The next time I see him I might explode.

No. 578992

Hard relate to this. I'm not self-hating, but I love non-black men, even if they're dumb. Something about them is just attractive.
Happy birthday! Do you have any plans?

No. 579001

Pretty sure it triggers people so severely because sexuality causes so many people so many problems they're subconsciously jealous of people who lack it.

No. 579008

I live in a literal fucking shithole. My country has been going through rapid uncontrolled inflation for the last year to the point that people can't even afford to buy food anymore. This morning, a man publicly committed suicide by gunshot because he could no longer afford to eat. People have been losing their jobs left and right with dozens of businesses closing each day. My parents are literally burning through their savings to make ends meet. I feel like I'm suffocating and I see no end to this. I want to emigrate so badly but I don't know how. Even if I could emigrate, I don't know if I'll be able to afford it. Why couldn't I have been born in a first world country?

No. 579010

It's one thing not to experience sexual attraction to anyone and not care about it. It's another when the person is sperging about how much they hate this about themselves and wish they were normal. It is actually very common to experience a low sex drive as a result of trauma, low self-esteem, and difficulties with intimacy in general, and I absolutely believe that they are likely the cause of a low libido if a person has a longstanding history of these things.

Idk, I guess I just wish people were a little more curious about these things develop rather than just slapping a label on it and declaring it some intrinsic piece of their identity.

No. 579011

literally how do people get jobs. even if an interview goes seemingly solid, very good, and i perfectly align with what they're looking for and we have the same longterm goals etc i just don't get hired. i understand that this isn't the 60s and it's grossly saturated from online applications but uh i'm gonna be absolutely fucked soon if i can't snag something. and the anxiety of waiting to see if they'll even call, the getting my hopes slightly upthen reminding myself they likely will never call, but still not knowing if MAYBE i'll finally get a chance at improving and fixing my horrible life (and my mothers)… too much stress. i'm cracking already lol. hate life!

No. 579013

I think most people go through this tbh. It's just hard to find a job, especially right now with everyone losing their jobs and needing to pick something else up as quickly as possible. You just have to keep trying, honestly.

But ffs do I feel you on this frustration right now. I just applied to some shitty, backroom sorting position at a fucking Goodwill of all places. $12 hourly. It had 82 other applicants. EIGHTY FUCKING TWO.

No. 579014

I won't be able to sleep tonight because I watched too many videos of people having terminal cancer and now I want to know ASAP if I have cancer too aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

No. 579016

Every time I feel like I’ve found a community that I like and start to participate in and feel like I’m becoming a part of it, I get reminded of how I’m not. How people don’t remember me or consider me part of the group really. This sucks

No. 579018

I know it triggers men because they hate the thought of a pussy going unused… But you'd think women would be more understanding. I have a healthy libido but I could definitely go the rest of my life with just masturbation and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Sex isn't all that, even to some high libido women.

Best to stick to partners who are on the same page as you though.

No. 579020

ha exactly. one job i was going to apply to had two. fucking. hundred. applicants…. after being up for one SINGULAR DAY. i didn't bother because, just why.

No. 579042

Why am I such an awkward person !!!! I’m cursed with thinking every interaction is uncomfortable and people hate me so I should just isolate myself ahhhhHH

No. 579047

>Think I'm making a cool female artist friend online
>Check their bio
I am so fucking tired of almost every woman I able to connect with online being a fakeboi. I honestly feel so alienated by it, I feel like this happens with almost every girl I find online who has the same interests as me. I KNOW you're a girl, and I want to have a friendship with another girl, we all know you don't fit in with the scrotes. Just admit you're a straight fujoshi instead of larping as a uwu handsome gay bishie prince online.

No. 579056

Yeah, I’m not in the art community but being in online spaces as a queer woman, I see so many of these. They aren’t trans… they’re just girls who hate themselves and demand to be called all these dumb pronouns online.

Generally these people are insufferable when you get to know them so you wouldn’t want to befriend them anyway. But I agree it feels isolating and lonesome. A discord server I really like got recently taken over by these Twitterites and it’s made it an obnoxious place.

No. 579058

Thank god I'm hitting 30 and don't have to hang out with 20something fakebois as my only option. One of the quirks of aging, people start becoming more sensible and they get tired of larping as whatever they want to self-id as.

However it's still extremely disheartening to come across a girl who seems cool and then when you check out her profile she has he/him or they/them pronouns and a feed full of tranny caping. Lesbians and female-oriented bi girls are a dying breed these days, they're all agenderfluidnonbinary panacesexualblobs now.

No. 579067

Friend and i were talking about eye color genetics, she asked what color my dad's eyes are and all I could think of is that he has none. His eyes were burnt in an oven and he is just ash mixed with other people's ashes in some expensive box in the ground. I just told her they're brown.

No. 579071

havent been formally diagnosed with it but my sister had it before me so i know i am suffering from ibs (the type where u are always constipated). i feel like shit all the time bc my stomach is bloated and cant comfortably go to the bathroom. also, i fart a lot and they smell so bad (literally smell like gasoline and eggs its nasty and i feel so sorry everytime i accidentally fart) it just makes me feel like a disgusting person so i always try to distance myself from guests or family when we are watching a movie (for example). i take renew life probiotics and restoralax once a day, also i am pretty active and drink a lot of water. idk what to do anymore and its been around 2 years that i have been like this i just want it to end

No. 579074

Try changing your diet. I know a number of people with IBS who have been tremendously helped by Keto/Paleo. Learning better ways to cope with stress/decreasing stress in your life helps a lot, too. IIRC, there's a huge correlation with IBS and anxiety disorders.

That being said, you should still see a doctor for this if you haven't yet, just to be safe and rule out anything else that could be going on.

No. 579075

File: 1593819039244.png (253.52 KB, 512x512, 1aa7871367905a20799f22742229fe…)

>Mfw Viet
>Mfw bitches in my country jump to suck white cocks because they want "pretty mixed babies"
>Early 20's women with old middle age fuckers or dumb shit college dropout failed soundcloud rappers/ hippies ugly ass white boys
>Increasingly popular pedo sex tourist destination like Thailand or Philippines
>At least we can get abortions and women aren't buying the "split the bill feminism" yet, for now
Oh my god how I can not be self-hating

No. 579077

I feel you. I had diarrhea IBS for ten years and I used to think constipation must be nice, then an antidepressant made me constipated for a while and I realised both are hellish in their own way.

Stress management is pretty important with IBS but you've probably heard that already. My ten year hell ended after a break up and a move to a quieter area.

No. 579078

File: 1593819458504.png (51.66 KB, 538x453, wow.png)

Follow-up. Yep, he's a monster.
Of course this woman had no idea there was even a problem in the relationship. After I showed her the caps she thanked me but didn't respond after that.

Hours later the scumbag messaged me that he's decided to "work on the relationship by removing all temptation by not being friends anymore." I told him goodbye and blocked him. I should've said "You never acted like a friend," or some such, but hindsight is 20/20. The desperate woman must have took him back for him to have been able to say that, I thought she might have dumped him when I saw she changed her profile pic from a shot of them to herself, but nah.
Her poor simp ass is gonna sugar this leech and be more secretive and manipulative on the next woman he decides to cheat on her with. I done all I could do, but it's disappointing.

No. 579082

>My ten year hell ended after a break up and a move to a quieter area.

Not surprising. Diet is helpful in managing disorders like these, particularly when you have no other choice, but stress management is typically key in actually achieving any sort of remission.

I don't have IBS, but I have a couple of similar disorders that doctors haven't been able to help me with because they refuse to acknowledge the stress connection. It's really frustrating. Stress reduction was the only way I was able to see any significant pain reduction.

At the risk of sounding a little woo-woo, I think that most mental and chronic pain disorders are not issues in themselves, but symptomatic of chronic stress, and that you need to make some serious changes to your lifestyle if you want to get better. Sure, there's anatomical and bodily mechanisms at play that can contribute to developing specific disorder, but focusing on those things isn't useful to actually solving the problem. There's a reason why most invasive medical procedures and surgeries to manage chronic pain don't tend to have a high success rate.

No. 579084

Damn, seeing that her previous husband did it too. Having been cheated on once myself I'd love to think I'd tear any future guy a new one if he had the cheek to listen to my trust issues as a result of past cheating and then he ripped open every wound again by cheating himself. Hopefully she'll see sense with some time but you're right that he'll likely carry on with this pattern either way.

No. 579085

This guy sounds like a top-tier fuckboy. Glad you reached out to her, even if it wasn't enough to get her to break up with him. Hopefully she'll come to her senses eventually.

No. 579093

the zoomer obsession with astrology is so fucking retarded. these retards straight up refuse to date people based on sun sign compatibility, or break-up with someone and then be like "iTs CuZ iM a LEEBRUH aNd hEs A KANSER." like bitch, i care far less about this shit than you do, yet even i realize there's a whole-ass chart involved when it comes to astrology compatibility. if you're going to autistically obsess over this system, at least do it right.

No. 579094

File: 1593822430086.png (469.8 KB, 1028x791, tumblr_movv49RCzK1sv5ayno2_128…)

im incredibly depressed and i know its my own fault but my fear wont allow me to change it so i just do nothing and remain complacent. I keep wanting to kill myself because i dont want to continue going through the motions but I know i will never because A. i dont want to put my family through anymore unneccessary trauma and heartache. and B. I know the reason for my sadness is 100% my fault. I know what i want to do in my life, in fact ive known for years but I am just so scared to start I am so scared to fail that I dont even try. Last year i took steps towards going after my career but of course COVID happened and that has made me sad in ways I didnt know I was. Im just so mad at myself that i had all that time before COVID to go after my dreams but i kept holding it off, making excuses, and being lazy. Now look at me. I always wait until the last possible second to do anything. Like I know i couldnt have predicted COVID but it sorta feels like everytime i actually attempt to better my life, some catastrophic event happens that severely halts or deters my plan. HOestly though after typing that I just realized im shifting the blame on COVID and not myself. All I do is make excuses for my complacency and im sick of it!! I just want to be confident in my skills and abilities because I know that I have some talent I just gotta hone in and perfect but im so scared. Of what?? Failure?? it not being all its cracked up to be??? both!? IDK ive been grappling with this since i was a teen. I honestly just miss when I was a middle schooler and didnt care about frivolous things and was my true authentic self.I wish i could go back in time and ask 12 year old me how she did it? How was she able to be so confident despite knowing her flaws and when was the shift.This sounds so dramatic and probably makes 0 sense lmao but I needed to get this off my chest.

No. 579096

>top tier fuckboy
Fuck yeah he is, he thinks he's slick and a wordsmith. I even told her I can't guarantee that I'm the only other woman he tries to solicit. He "joked" about how I should make an OnlyFans account, meaning he likely goes there himself already. Also there's been a few times during his hot and cold treatment of me that when I tried to return his little off-hour calls, he was mysteriously tied up with someone else.
I hate to say it, but that woman is incredibly naive. She's set herself up for more heartache down the line and it's a BAD sign when a man can't be friends with women cause it's "temptation." Like sis, it means he can't control himself and given the opportunity he'll do it again!

So I dunno, she's in her mid 30s (and probably terrified to be single again) and he's desperate to be with someone who will take care of him. They're both co-dependent.

I started to sweat this morning when I sent her the caps because at the same time he started to message me "apologies" after he blamed his actions on "drinking"–spoiler alert–he's never intoxicated when we talked. I thought he might have access to her account and could see what I was trying to send her so I got nervous. She probably started to be visibly upset or chewed him out which is why he sent me the 'apologies' out of suspect that I told.
Welp, she told him that I was the one who sent the caps to her so he knew it was me anyway. I blocked them both, they both seem pretty messy and I never got anything positive out of being his "friend" all these years so it's no loss to me. He's toxic as fuck and all his relationships have ended in flames.

No. 579098

I have the kind of friends who wouldn't bother to come to my funeral because it would give them too much anxiety and it pisses me off. Sounds extremely dumb but I just cannot see the people in my life get their shit together to actually drive out of town for a funeral, talk to my mom and take a seat, maybe share some lame stories about me. Goddamit. They would just claim it would be too difficult or something and I would have a dingy lil funeral where my relatives would crash it just to see if I killed myself or was it this fucky body of mine. LAME.

No. 579106

At least be annoyed at them for things they've actually done and not over what you imagine they'd do in circumstances that might never happen, you could outlive them all. You could be the one going to lots of funerals, or not going.

No. 579107

a discord server i like just gave modship to a spastic twitterbaby who constantly skirts around rules

idk what the fuck the mods are thinking but i hope this annoying child gets privileges revoked soon

No. 579108

This is an extremely first world problem but I've developed a shopping addiction over the past few months and can't seem to stop myself from blowing my paychecks on clothes and make up…both of which I don't need. I used to be really strict with my money and always save more than half of it, and have been able to rack up a lot in my savings as a result. Luckily, I've managed to stop myself from dipping into my savings but not by much. I just can't seem to stop myself! idk if any other anons are having this problem or not. I've probably spent upwards of 1000 dollars in the past month on make up and clothes, and decor for my room. I feel so shitty about it, and know that I could have over 10k in my savings by now if I weren't so weak willed. I'm hoping writing this will somehow help even if it's just getting it off my chest. Every package I receive is a reminder of all the money I could be saving if I weren't blowing it on useless items. I've spent at least 500 dollars just in the last week or two and the stimulus check really enabled me to splurge without stressing as much, but it was short lived and I completely regret it now.

I'm going to make a pact with myself it save my paychecks from this point forward and only spend when I have to. Cold turkey seems to be the only way for me to have any discipline in my spending. Please wish my luck anons!

No. 579113

My boyfriends anxiety pisses me off.
I know he can’t help it and anxiety sucks ass (I’ve dealt with it for most of my life) but it’s to the point where I believe he is mentally crippling himself. He’s 26, has worked at a pizza place for almost 5 years with a literally abusive boss, and takes no initiative to better himself cuz ‘muh anxiety’
His anxiety makes him overthink everything and we can’t make a simple plan without him talking out loud in circles and eventually backing out because he’s afraid of the worst possible outcome.
The one time in our 2.5 year relationship that he actually did try to find another job, he had to go way out of his way to buy a burner phone so he could use that number on applications because he’s afraid of answering calls from numbers he’s unfamiliar with on his phone
Because of his anxiety, he’s also super nonconfrontational, so when problems arise in our relationship he never helps me try to resolve the issue. He’d much rather sweep issues under the rug and continue this boring, unhealthy and stagnant lifestyle.
He admitted to me the other day that he has been loving quarantine, basically because he feels justified being a loser since it’s government ordered. Bleh.

No. 579114

he needs help but you sound bitter and unsupportive as hell wtf. if you can't deal with it forcing yourself to will just make everything worse…

No. 579115

I used to have a friend like this. I eventually cut her off because I was so tired of hearing her bitch about her anxiety while doing nothing to combat it. Definitely didn't help that she was constantly canceling plans, or needing me to drive her everywhere because her anxiety was too bad.

I've got pretty severe anxiety myself, but I've always pushed myself to do things even when I was at my lowest point. I always knew on some intuitive level that doing nothing was going to be worse than doing something, even if I had no real direction or long term goal with it.

Having anxiety isn't an excuse to drop out of life, or to avoid change of any kind. This actually just makes the anxiety worse in the long term. Your boyfriend needs to suck it up before he loses his entire life to this.

No. 579116

File: 1593825596110.jpg (221.04 KB, 1024x1024, sadcat.jpg)

My 27th birthday is fast approaching and I'm looking back at the almost 10 years since I graduated HS and lamenting how I did almost nothing in that time. Part of it can be blamed on struggling with my mental health severely. But even then, a lot of people who've struggled mentally were still able to go to school, be in relationships, learn new skills, etc. I just feel like my youth is fading away and that there are so many things I've still yet to do and experience, that might be seen as strange to engage in at my age/when I'm older. I've also already been feeling 'too old' for a lot of my hobbies that I've been into since I was a kid.

I'm working on getting my life together now, bit by bit, but I still can't help but feel regretful and sad. I look at young people and just wish I could redo my life.

No. 579117

maybe set out to do a "no spend challenge" like here, plan out # of days you want to avoid spending each month and color in each day you don't spend money on!

No. 579120

She doesn't sound bitter at all? She sounds rightfully frustrated with someone who is using their mental illness as an excuse not to better themselves, and it's taking a toll on their relationship. I think any reasonable person would feel the same. There's only so much sympathy you can have for a person who won't do anything to help themselves.

No. 579137

thank u guys for the tips and support it means a lot!!!!!!!!

No. 579143

Nowadays I no longer want to call my abusive relationship the thing it actually was, aka abusive, because people use that word for every single thing now (which obviously makes others doubt them and assume they're just being overly dramatic and acting like someone who just discovered a new word and won't shut up), so I don't want anyone to doubt me when I am telling nothing but the truth and think I am over exaggerating things like the rest. It sucks that I can no longer properly use a label that perfectly fits how my relationship was with my ex. It's not like I ever tell anyone about myself ever, but still.

This is weird and barely makes any sense, I know. I just hate how people use abusive for every single little thing now.
A bad falling out with someone? An abusive, toxic friendship! Your mother yelling at you? She is abusive btw. Oh, you encountered someone from your past you'd rather forget? An extremely traumatizing and abusive experience!

No. 579145

Sorry but where do you think I base these musings on? I've also attended my fair share of funerals this year alone thANKS

No. 579146

My best friend dropped me a few weekd ago and now all of our mutuals are telling me the horrible things he would say about me behind my back when we were supposed to be friends. So, that's a thing.

No. 579149

So what? Funerals are for the living, if someone is too anxious to go to yours, it's not like it objectively affects you at all.

No. 579151

Goes to show, never be friends with a scrote

No. 579152

Try being supportive to this kind of behavior for 2 and a half years; it doesn’t help at all. At some point you have to stop coddling and call it quits, his problem

No. 579153

This is so autistic wtf am I reading lmao.

No. 579163


I really appreciate you. Nobody around me I can talk about how scared all of the bull makes me. I feel the same as you. If you call me menstruater I’ll call you a fucking dick tugger

No. 579164

Don't trust stupid fuckmen to fix your stuff. Men are useless when it comes to anything handy anymore. Their mantoddler asses are more liable to break the thing you requested fixed worse off, than had you just done the research yourself and been more careful because it's your things you spent your money on.

>t. learned the fucking hard way AGAIN

No. 579176

physical activity might help. i had the same issue for the better part of my hs years, i went to school by bus and i wasn't really allowed to go to the gym or anything like that after school. i fixed my diet but it had only a very slight effect. then i started college last year and started walking a fair amount, easily reaching 10k steps a day. within a week of starting my issues were gone lmfao. long story short, move. might be difficult to do it during the lockdown though.

No. 579184

The other day I was going out to get something a few miles away and my little cousin asked to come with. I asked her mom (my aunt) if it was fine and her mom said no. I took it extremely personal (I didn't say that though) and I don't know why. I feel like she doesn't trust me as a driver even though she has no reason to think that way. I don't know if I'm just being stupid.

No. 579185

I have this little cousin and to be honest she is the punching bag of the family (we do it behind her back she’s only 13) however she has the most annoying personality and it won’t seem to grow out of it, she’s been like it since she was a toddler…

My current gripes with her is that she cannot take care of ANYTHING. Multiple phones brought for her are filthy and broken, sits on her kindle and breaks it (I don’t know how that is possible but it is??) and she’s from a poor family crippled with debt (she knows this too). Also, her bedroom is a cesspit as she takes Instagram videos of herself so you can see her screwed up pants on the floor with her menstrual pad still stuck to it, piles of plates with old food on it and the walls full of writing such as ‘PRIDE’ done in a scribbly black pen which has crack house vibes.

Her personality trait is that she is ~gay~ which is fine we’re not a family that cares about that sort of stuff but that’s the problem… we don’t care that she’s gay and I have a feeling she wants to be oppressed somehow but we just don’t care? If she actually came to me to talk about it seriously then I would but I don’t know how to respond ro ‘ugh I’m TOO queer to do the dishes’ like wtf does that mean?!

For her birthday I brought her a make up pallet since she’s really been into it lately. I got her a nice one that all her school friends were buying however it’s a morphe/jeffree star collab and because of the current drama she destroyed it. I brought it with my own money. What is destroying a nice quality make up pallet going to do?! Now she’s back to having nothing nice.

Cousin is filthy and is ~gay~ for a personality trait and I just wish she would look after her shit

No. 579189

Dude, she's 13. Give her a break, jesus.

No. 579196

13 is a baby but that's still old enough to know how to take care of your things. They should stop buying her anything until she learns how to stop destroying her belongings. Hopefully she grows up.

No. 579197

shes a dumb teen copying jokes and the cancel culture she sees online. i once tore 3 (three) pages of a bible out at that age, and reference dumb anime and memes irl.
you can have a non-judgemental talk with her if you wish (like telling her that cancelling someone doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy what’s already been bought) but keep in mind 13 is the worst possible age to exist.

No. 579198

So true. Other words that have lost their meanings : gaslighting, anxiety, narcissism, and sexual assault (though this one is starting to be used correctly again, as we move farther away from metoo)

No. 579200

Aus gamer guys are a different breed of degenerate. It’s so sad when they spew this unfunny shit in comms for 10 minutes straight, just hoping they can get tinniest sliver of female attention. Gives me second hand embarrassment.

No. 579201

File: 1593848190475.png (30.96 KB, 613x324, twitterprofile.PNG)

If you're doing this retarded pandering too then where the fuck is #BlackGayLivesMatter??? This is the wost fucking Pride month ever, nobody's even trying to pretend to like gay people anymore.

No. 579203

Eh, it is just probably her being a dumb teen and I think OP is being harsh bc 13 is a horrible fucking age to exist at, but destroying a pricey gift in a way that the person who gave it to you found out about it? She needs to learn that that's not okay. She doesn't need to be made to feel like a bad person but that's literally a critical age to be learning how to think a little more deeply about how your actions affect others.

As for the rest of it, calm down OP, it kinda sounds like she's going through something more than anything. She'll grow out of the "gay as a personality" thing and not to be super tumblrcore about it but it's a lot better than her feeling the need to stay closeted and experiencing how painful that is.

No. 579208

>I have this little cousin and to be honest she is the punching bag of the family (we do it behind her back she’s only 13)
wtf, she sounds like she needs hell and guidance and you guys are just laughing at her? She is a kid that has a harsh financial situation and plenty of issues. Why would you laugh at a disturbed 13 year old?

No. 579214

Clearly the gays already have gotten all of their rights everywhere all over the world and we need to coddle uwu twans
OT but I still live somewhere where being gay is illegal, being trans isn't, so this kinda makes me feel irritated

No. 579220

I honest to god saw someone claim that "gay people already got what they wanted, now is their time to help trans people out" because some western countries allowed gay marriage. Like what the fuck? Even in Europe, the continent most recognized for its progressive gay rights, half of the countries don't allow gay people to marry and much less adopt. Young gay people still get ostracized and disowned for being gay, young lesbians are still at the biggest risk of self harm and suicide. In a lot of the countries of the world homosexuality is still illegal and in worst cases rules you a death sentence. Homophobia is far from over and in some countries it has been worsening, for example the "gay propaganda" laws in Russia instated in 2013.

I've been pissed about this all June, I literally haven't seen a peep about gay rights because it's been all about trans people. Fucking Toho released a Godzilla-themed LGBT stop motion animation which, you guessed it, has Godzilla's son coming out as a trans woman. While watching Sailor Moon transformations no less. I don't remember gay people being EVER caped for this aggressively.

God I just needed to get this out. I've been screaming internally for weeks.

No. 579221

Nah you’re all right I am being harsh towards her. It’s just frustrating because she gets bullied but she doesn’t help herself (such as showing her dirty pants on Instagram). I just wish she took better care of her stuff and needed a good rant about it. I need to remember when I was 13 I was just as awkward and annoying

No. 579234


Trannies always do this shit though, look at how TIFs treat women. I've heard people say that fertility doctors should start working on ways for transwomen to get pregnant, as if they're going to do that when there are real women who still can't have biological kids. Their version of acceptance is being treated like they're at the top (because they're TIFs who were socialised as men or TIMs were raised as women seeing men get treated better than them) and when they can't have that they screech that they're being oppressed.

No. 579235

she definitely needs to learn to take care of her things because being 13 doesn't mean you're naturally messy/prone to breaking things but sadly even getting lectured can't help some people. she might have to break more shitty samsungs before she actually understands why taking care of things is important.
but the instagram videos…i hope they're stories and not permanent posts. that's nourishtoflourish behavior.

No. 579239

which country is this, anon?

No. 579244

Thank you for the wise 'tism, i'm all better now

No. 579253

nta but I think it might be Lebanon.
I truly feel sorry for the people there and it could happen to any country.

No. 579257

I feel like I’m forever ruined when it comes to sex because of the grooming I endured as a kid. My mind associate penetration with weakness that I think the only sex I could have is if I wore a strap on. Every time I had sex I felt terrified, and weak. I’d dissociate but i was too afraid to say anything because of trauma essentially traumatising myself again

No. 579264

He still hasn’t replied to me and I’m starting to suspect he didn’t try to call me at all. He sent me that message about me not picking up only 5 minutes after the agreed time of our call even though he’s normally late by at least 20 minutes, usually more. So the one time he’s actually on time is also the one time he mysteriously can’t reach me? I don’t know if I buy that.
It’s either that or he left a voicemail about my medication on some random stranger’s phone, which is even worse. I don’t think you can leave voicemails for unused numbers.

No. 579265

I went to my sister to have a sleepover there and turned my phone off. My bf went crazy and messaged me he had to call me but didn't say why. And then later he said someone broke into our apartment and I have to come home ASAP. But I just read it in the morning. When I arrived home no one broke into or anything and my bf is away and doesnt answer his phone wtf

No. 579272

Does he have mental issues? That sounds bizarre, anon.

No. 579278

Unless something horrible has befallen him (doubt.jpeg), it sounds like he had a mental episode and got pissed off at you when you didn't come sprinting home at his beck and call. He left to make you worried and to teach you a lesson. Sounds like a shit test to me.

But I'm biased. I dated an abuser who pulled shit like this on me. We lived an hour apart and his car was broken down at the time. One night he called me screeching at 10pm because he walked from work to home but halfway there determined he had left his keys at work or lost them along the way. He demanded I go to him to drive him back to his job and if not there to help him find them in the dark. It was a non-issue anyway because he could climb his patio and get into his room that way like he sometimes did. When I tried to reason with him and reassure that he probably just left the keys on his bed, bc it was worth it to check his room first before I drove all the way out there, he got stark raving angry at me and accused me of not caring among other such nonsense. Welp, drove all the way out there and played his games only to find his keys laying on his pathetic bed. But this little stunt got me out there and made me perform emotional labor for him, which is what he was really after.

No. 579284

I'm so mad that my ex best friend is STILL with her shitty online boyfriend after everything I've done for her when her bf was never physically there for her when she needed it even once. Cutting contact has been a wonder on my mental health but whenever I think about her I get so unbearably angry and I wish I knew how to get over it.

No. 579314

Sounds like you couldn't fix it yourself either?

No. 579319

She'll never know now lmao.

No. 579339

Anons I think I have some form of arthritis. I've had low grade lower back pain for a while but now it's getter worse and I have one of the fingers on my left hand as well, plus my right hip feels fucked up in a different way because of what I think is improperly alignment of my lower back/spine. I know my grandma has arthritis but she didn't develop anything until her SEVENTIES, Im barely in my late 20s. What the actual fuck. I have scoliosis but all the doctors told me that in worst case scenario I would start having back problems in my FIFTIES. Besides Corona ruining my whatever small arts careers I had, my parents hating me for being a burn out with no real job, my cat needing surgery I cant afford, almost no friends or bf now I have fucking arthritis.I can't even do to Chiro/massage therapist to see if that will help because they're still all closed because our president decided to take advice from the Cigar Store Indian his daughter married and not close down for corona when he had the chance.

No. 579341

my roommate's parents always drop off their fucking dog instead of just leaving him at home and make me deal with him. i once watched him for 2 weeks for FREE. anyways he's ancient and has heart failure so he just sits next to me coughing and crying CONSTANTLY. he hasn't stopped once in the hour since he's gotten here. i don't know if i'm just an undiagnosed autist or what but i can't drown it out with headphones and closed doors and it just triggers a deep, head-banging rage inside of me

No. 579342

Still babysitting my nephew and I honestly cannot understand wanting this life. I feel awful for just replying him "is that so" because I am just so tired. Anons with kids, why.

No. 579345

Dude go to a doctor

No. 579348

my baby cousins are about as sweet as kids can be but because there's two of them they hype each other up and will just start screaming and running from the other room, when i thought they had calmed down. also they're already obsessed with the internet… i wish they could entertain themselves without it but they insist on going on youtube despite not knowing how to write or read yet. (it's not in my control 99% of the time since i visit rarely).
i love them and all but i would never want to have TWO entire kids. that's hell on earth

No. 579353

I have no sympathy for people who fish for compliments. Posting all over your social media about how fat and ugly you are so your friends will comment about you being a beautiful queen. You're a grown ass adult, quit trying to raise your self esteem through facebook likes, it didn't work 10 years ago, it's definitely not working now. It's not quirky or "funny relatable self hate". It's pathetic and cringy. If you hate being obese then quit drinking monsters and eating cheese burgers and doritos. And when someone does tell you you're fat it's "No I'm thic and you're jealous. Big tiddy goth gf uwu". Yeah, everyone is jealous of the obese "quirky pagan goth" desperate for others to valid her and tell her she's still a uwu cool thic witch.

No. 579385

not racebait but i hate when people somehow boil down racism to skin color. white or asian girls getting a tan is not black face and it doesn't matter what your misconceptions are.

No. 579386

I think they seem to forget that not all white or asian people are as pale as paper

No. 579403

this is why i'm pursuing a mechanic who sucks at technology. can actually do important real life stuff, slightly less likely to cheat by communicating with ethots/paying for onlyfans bullshit. i will never waste my time on a guy who like bIdEo GaEmEs or whatever kek.

No. 579404

Everyone in my life is HORRIBLE at giving advice. It's always just a bunch of non-answers. At the end of the day it boils down to them saying "there's pros and cons to both, it's up to you" cheers mate I had no idea.

No. 579407

No offense, but you should probably drop your expectation that others are going to be able to tell you how to live your life any better than you can. You're going to end up very disappointed in people otherwise.

Is it specific advice you're looking for, or just general?

No. 579430

my friends and i have a groupchat which has like 20 people in it and some of us don't really know each other in there well but we still talk in there from time to time and the second someone sends a pic of someone slightly fat or even mention a fat person around this one dumb attention seeking bitch, she turns full Eating Disorder Mode and makes it all about her 100% real bulimia and sends us diet plans she got from myproana like shut the fuck up how come you've been telling everyone that you've been starving yourself for 3 years now but you're still the same fucking weight since the day i met you and whenever i go to your room it's filled to the brim with snacks and soda you dumb attention seeking bitch not everything is about you and i know you run a fucking thinspo blog on tumblr you're not slick you just want attention so bad because you're also into that entire ~frail sm0l baby girl~ aesthetic but you're actually too fucking lazy to lose weight in a normal healthy way so that's why you're pretending to have an eating disorder fuck you

but OF COURSE no one has the balls to tell her that because uwu she is precious she is mentally ill we need to coddle her uwu

shut up she's just an attention whore i just want to talk to the people in there without her coming in and she ONLY comes in and talks when someone mentions fatties like i swear to fucking god she has some fatty radar on her phone

No. 579438

can u link her blog

No. 579443

what if one you send her this …

No. 579445

no we won't, cowtipping is stupid

No. 579456

I can't fucking stand autistic people. I get that they can't help it but I legitimately have no patience for them. I don't know what I'd do if I ever had an autistic child and the thought is almost enough to keep me from procreating altogether.

No. 579459

File: 1593900682014.jpg (53.07 KB, 1200x690, 354354.jpg)

I know lolcow is pretty anti-trans, and even more speshul snowflake gender bullshit but honestly im just really struggling with body dysphoria, have been struggling with it since puberty tbh.

But I don't want to have the body of a man either, the whole genderless no secundary sex characteristics nonbinary alien shit tumblr loves is basically my dream body, I genuinely hate having breasts and wide hips and even worse an uterus and ability to get pregnant.

I don't plan on trooning out because im fine with socially being a woman or whatever that is, misogyny sucks obviously but I have no problem with being called she/her, female or whatever and I like wearing feminine clothes its just the body part that fucks me up.

I have been pondering at least getting an drastic breast reduction when I get out of college and have money for it, my country hasn't drunk the troon kool aid yet and doesn't consider the enbies a thing so I can't get one for free.

No. 579460

i love reading accounts from parents who hate their autistic children, but can't do or say anyhting about it

No. 579465

I just want to die TODAY WOOOOOOOOOOOO

plz kill me!!!!

No. 579473

sorry anon. have you done any therapy?

being active helped me with some of my dysmorphia. more than that, skills i learned from cognitive therapy (for depression) helped me deal with issues with my body. it was a long road, but learning to be grateful for my able and relatively healthy body was huge in reducing self-hatred.

it's kind of fucked up honestly but i saw and empathized with people who had terrible diseases and disabilites, uch as ALS or spinal injuries, and saw how lucky i was to be able to move and care for myself in a way that they may never get to. when you go running or hiking or use your body for daily life in meaningful ways, you can begin to attribute more positive thinking towards it, if that makes sense. i may not look perfect and have back problems but i can do so much with my body that others unfortunately can't. it's easy to get dysphoric in today's climate but if you strip away media and culture, you are lucky to have a (hopefully) healthy and working body that others don't. you are built to survive, you're big hips and chest are just features that would prolong your life if you found yourself in a situation with no food. at least that's how i frame it for myself, lol.

No. 579475

File: 1593904369100.jpg (50.71 KB, 749x391, 7icnapcchk851.jpg)

I wish I was still suicidally depressed so I had an excuse for my life being the way it is. I'm good at what I do. I'm well read and have allegedly cool interests, I'm in shape and working on my abs, I'm mid-pretty. People think I'm smart, funny and interesting after years of working on my autism to make myself able to masquerade as an edgy normie to the extent where I'll regularly be cornered by the randos I meet bitching about how 'oooh so many people are booriiing and have 0 personalityy or social skilll thank God WE'RE better than them'. (They usually kind of aren't, obviously.) Have like 5 orbitors. I'm stable-ish, despite it all. I go around and am nice to people on /ot/ using my long history of working through trauma to offer them advice and stuff, so it's not even like this site is my secret dark vent zone. I should be doing great.
But for some reason I'm just stuck. Stuck at home by obligation to protect my little sister's dumb little ass, always scared that I'm going to abuse her like my older sister abused me. Stuck in my shitty relationship with my simultaneously clingy and neglectful deteriorating older fiance who's sexually assaulted me within the first like day of meeting me irl, like physically forcefully, and then since I've been too autistic to do much other than freeze up I've been coerced into really unwanted painful sex on a few occasions since and he still barely responds to no these days…i can't even orgasm on my own without a 50/50 chance of random pain anymore because i think my vaginismus got worse after… and kept me stuck with him with his extreme instability and turning my pain on me by freaking out whenever i try explaining that some things upset me (even the nonconsensual stuff??!??). Ok that's a long story, the enmeshment is real bad there. But I'm also stuck scared to make other friends because I know I'm a weird person, even if they like me… I feel trapped like I don't ever want to attach myself to another person other than the ones I have. After going through the worst periods of my life, my continued survival and lack of notable mental health decline has left me feeling like I have no real reason to up and drop anything I've invested so much time and heart into. But on some level I just want to pack everything up and go away. I desperately think I need to live a different life from this horrible burdensome bullshit that I know is wasting my potential, actively harming me, keeping me from living the good life I potentially could have! I mean, I'm rational, I know this isn't good for me. It's enabling all my worst traits.
But at the same time I have so many plans for what I've settled into. Hopes to go to a totally different place away from my not-so-great family, start a different family there, take care of my weakening husband as his illness progresses, grow a big garden, raise goats and chickens, hang out with my friends and loved ones and provide them with wonderful things in a place far from where my pain started. And I know I'm fully capable of doing it because I'm a far badder bitch than I used to be, I'm competent and capable of basically whatever I set my mind to! It's not even an insane pipe dream. But I think about the suffering I'm subjecting myself to in this stupid ass pursuit of always taking care of others and it makes my more rational parts scream. I just don't know what I'd do without the grounding forces of pain and sacrifice driving me. If I was just actually dead inside depressed and not capable of feeling content and happy about loving and caring for people with next to no reciprocation. I'd be so much more free to do some bullshit dropping everything and becoming a peaceful hobosexual febfem in like fucking Long Beach drawing comic zines or a bald buff weed nun or join a hippy dippy commune in Oregon with my tech + farming knowledge or some shit. God why am I like this.
sorry that got long. I'm 20 so the angsty youngn factor is still in full play.

No. 579479

Anon, your fiancé sounds like a fucking prick gtfo, choose a safe place and ditch him. You’re 20, you have a lot ahead of you it’s never too late to just fuck everything and start anew. I understand that your sister may be holding you back from doing that, but you gotta do what makes you happy. Go out and find it whatever it is.
I’m in a similar situation atm so I’m giving you advice I’m trying to live by myself.
I’m sorry to hear about your predicament, I hope you’re safe.

No. 579480

It's just now hitting me that I have strong victim mentality. I always hated people who played the victim, but I'm that person secretly. I just feel like life has never been good to me and even when I try, things never really go the way I want them to.

No. 579482

I've relapsed in my eating disorder because my depression has gotten worse. It seems like no medication actually lasts more than a few years. I don't know what to do anymore. It seems pointless since every time I think things are getting better they just go to shit again.

No. 579485

The Vent thread never fails to lift my spirits and drag me down into a depressive state or Weltschmerz at the same time.

No. 579487

How old are you? You can’t be much older than her to care that much about the personality and behaviour of your 13-year-old cousin. Everyone is a cringy-ass bitch at 13, in one way or the other, and everything we know and are at that age somehow derived from our family and upbringing. So, instead of bullying a literal child, your family members should take a good hard look at themselves and figure out how they might be contributing to her acting this way.

No. 579498

this is stupid petty bullshit, but everytime i get into a new fandom with a friend, i end up writing them a ton of fanfiction and they never follow up on their promises to write for me. it makes me feel unappreciated. i wouldn't mind just writing for them as a favor if i wasn't being duped into it by being told i was going to get one in return.

No. 579499

>live in third world country
>not intelligent enough to study the career i want

I give up, tried through all of high school to find ways to have a happy life but it's impossible. Psychologists, friends and even tried dating but nothing made me happy, just made me feel worse because it made me realize that simple things that other people live for are worthless to me. I can't take it anymore, i just broke and told my mother it was her fault that i am miserable. I feel bad for telling her that but i want her to stop pressuring me into studying a career or working, it's pointless since i am going to commit suicide after she dies anyways.

No. 579500

i'm so fucken tired of hearing "you're old. you need to date. you need to get married." maybe you need to shut the fuck up and mind your own goddamn business and deal with your own life. even when it's not directed at me, it's so fucken annoying to hear them be so condescending and shit as if not having a s.o is the worst thing in life.

No. 579513

I'm sorry your efforts go unappreciated anon, that sounds like a really awesome thing to do for your friend. I'd love to have a friend who writes me fanfiction, although I draw instead of write so that would have to be the exchange lol.

No. 579515

she got what she deserved anon, don't worry about that stupid hag.

this is is why I'm either never going to get married or marry a wealthy husband and hire male au pairs/ butlers do to the cooking and cleaning. I don't care.

No. 579518

It's been a year since graduation and I haven't been able to find a steady job anywhere. I'm so upset. I didn't fucking graduate in pottery, I graduated in a job that is in high demand. Why is my luck so fucking bad? I graduated high honors and everything and did an impressive internship. I'm drowning in student loans and all I want is death.

No. 579519

My roommates work at the same place and temporarily lost their jobs due to covid but it isn’t a big deal because they’re getting over $600 each every week in unemployment and they both have ebt which grants them about $150-200 each month to go towards food. I my employment has been active this whole time, however the hours are less. My roommates are making way more money than me rn by doing nothing. I don’t at all have a problem with this issue, as they needed the financial assistance in this time.
My problem is that they eat of my fucking food that I buy from the grocery store. I don’t usually mind sharing food, but it’s been way more than usual lately and it’s starting to piss me off.
I hate getting excited to make a dish only to find that I don’t have the ingredients that I purchased from the store. Even things that are given to me, like chicken eggs from my friends at the market I work at or tortilla chips that my mom gives me when I visit her
They have the money to go out and get tattoos, receive amazon packages biweekly & order hella makeup, but they can’t feed themselves?

No. 579520

Have you…. talked to them?

No. 579522

its not even just one friend, multiple friends have done this to me and i cant decide if im just being an overly sensitive baby or there is something wrong with me.

No. 579524

>eastern european
Prague most likely

No. 579525

The gag is; I’ve always been a huge advocate for communal living as I’ve been a part of a few intentional communities and meal sharing is big in that field of interest.
I’ve always encouraged them to help themselves to things I bring home or make, and they typically return the offer.
It’s just since the pandemic, they’ve stopped getting much of their own groceries and the sharing is pretty single sided these past couple months
So no, I haven’t brought up that it irritates me, but that’s out of my frustration with my own hypocrisy

No. 579526

Please call them what they would call you if you moved to their country, immigrants. Expat is a term rich anglos use for themselves because they think they're better than other foreigners.

No. 579528

What's this image even supposed to imply?
As an autist I get that lots of you despise me just because I exist, and will associate me with everything you despise, but damn, can you at the very least stop reminding me constantly?

No. 579529

I guess that this is what I deserve for trying to be reasonable with you people.
Not only you don't have enough decency to stop openly treating us like shit, but you feel morally entitled to do so and expect us to be thankful for not doing it even more.
Go unironically kill yourself.

No. 579530

same shit happened with me too. i don't mind other people eating stuff i buy but when they eat everything before i even get to it or when they eat a weeks worth of grocery i just bought in less than a day, that shit pisses me the fuck off.
you could buy those fridge storage lockers and lock your food. they might call you selfish because of it but who cares, they can start buying their own food.

No. 579537

I actually had the exact same problem when I lived with my old roommates. We would always share stuff and it wasn’t a big deal, sometimes I’d drink someone’s milk and buy more, no biggie. Then one girl lost her job and completely stopped contributing. She quit buying food and toiletries, and that money racks up fast. I bought some $20 face wash that shit was gone in a WEEK.

Lay it out for them, you’re making less money and they’re home more often so they’re likely eating more. You like sharing, but your wallet is hurting and you need them to pitch in. The situation changed and they shouldn’t take advantage of you. It’s not fair if you can’t even cook your own dinner.

No. 579540


Lmao why are you referencing a 6 month old post from a completely different thread? Are you new here? These responses read like someone typed "I hate autistic people" into Google, found this thread after scrolling through about 50 pages of results, and appropriately sperged out.

No. 579541

My cousins who are all siblings
> All are getting masters and phds
> All are super happy and positive people
> All are very social

My mom "Why can't you be more like your cousins?"
Me and my siblings
> All negative as fuck
> Most of us are loners
> All pursuing higher education (I graduated already and want to get my masters) but have been on wild anxiety inducing journeys to finish/figure out wtf we want to do.

Has my mom ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe, the people who need to be compared to each other are her and my dad vs my cousin's parents , and not the kids??

No. 579542

I'm so worried my cat ran away. We let him out regularly, but he always comes back around 7 when he gets fed. It's 8 and he's still not home. All of my neighbors are setting off fireworks and I'm worried he got disoriented and ran off.

No. 579570

Fuck, that sucks. I would be put out some dirty laundry of yours or anything that smells familiar asap. Hopefully your cat is safe and hiding in one place temporarily. I had a cat I thought go missing once during fireworks, turns out she was just too damn scared to move out from under the porch.

No. 579591

I missed out on most of my life to mental illness and being poor. Never went to college, never had a group of friends, never got my license, never kissed, never had sex. All I knew was work, play video games, and numb myself with music blasting in my ears 24/7. But all this unemployment Im getting makes me hopeful, like I can finally start doing things Ive always wanted to do. But I feel like I just look like an idiot. Who the hell gets their license, has sex for the first time, gets into fashion, and goes to college in their mid 20s? I just feel like its too late for me. I really want to be that person who made it later in life but it still feels so pathetic.

No. 579592

Licence, fashion and sex are pretty normal desu college is the weirdest in terms of age

No. 579597

Has anyone encountered this dumbass type of behavior from someone before?

>Say or ask something entirely genuine and they respond sarcastically as if you were mocking them and up the aggression when you try to explain yourself

It happens with this one person all the time, so I know that it’s not that they’re having a bad day or a simple misunderstanding. Biggest asshole behavior and really pisses me off. I hate interacting with them. I’ve never experienced something like this so I’m so curious if this is one crazy dipshit or if this is a whole type

No. 579600

this is the vent thread monger
>muh sperg out
Unironically kill yourself

No. 579604

I still have no idea what you're on about, but you sound very crazy and upset. Hope you feel better soon?

No. 579609

File: 1593932831723.jpg (1.84 MB, 400x376, ZQZNxWt.jpg)

would be good if you gave an example

My sister has an online community where she posts her drawings, and the style of her communication perplexes me immensely. She's overly friendly, sugary, and cheerful, and she's not like that AT ALL irl. It all comes off pretty fake. I'm not saying to her anything because she gets defensive and resentful any time someone points out her mistakes or things of this kind. But it's just… stupid and annoying.

No. 579611

I am kinda drunk for the first time after a month being sober. Disappointed in myself even though 100% sober was never my goal. I have consistently stuck to some good habits this past month and I hope I can stick to them for another month.

No. 579617

I wish the word "ppl" was redtexted because the posters who use it unironically are braindead, unintegrated twitter migrates.

No. 579618

If people like me, there's something wrong with them

No. 579629

sorry reddit

No. 579632

I get a fight or flight response every time I see it, these are the same people who unironically use "folx". It's especially jarring when the rest of the post is written normally.

No. 579637

Worth a shot anon. I got a job in retail as a very tattooed former-NEET and it made a world of difference to me. Over a year later and I’m a manager there. I believe in you! I’m sure you’ll come across a lot better in he interview than you think you will.

No. 579640

ew, just tell him you won‘t let him anywhere near your naked body if he doesn‘t clean his hands properly. infections are a health risk after all

No. 579641

>Hope you feel better soon?
I wish neurotypicals could learn to stop being such passive aggresive snarky bitches from time to time.

No. 579643

File: 1593950050320.jpeg (7.57 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

God I wish I had a gyaru friend to have fun with in the city and go shopping, or a punk friend to make diy clothes with but also I don't actually want friends because then I would have to put effort into our friendship.
It would be so cool to have a group of diverse friends though; a gyaru, a punk girl, a ~pagan witch~ type, a baker, a hiking enthusiast, a musician, and a really rich girl so we can hang out at her mansion kek. We could all learn from each other's hobbies and experience things we normally wouldn't do. I know the reason such groups don't exist is because they wouldn't have anything in common probably and wouldn't get along but it's fun to think about; I think I'm gonna go imagine a group of friends to fantasize about…

No. 579645

god i just remembered something i thought i had forgotten and i want to die. My dad threw out my stuff totaling like 200 bucks. I got upset obviously. I asked him to replace it all. He then threatened to throw me out and got the whole family against me. I fucking hate him cunt. I never got it replaced. I had to buy everything again out of my own money.

No. 579646

I wish I'd stop getting headaches near daily. It sucks the fun out of life. I need to curb productive and active things because I know that if the slightest thing goes off balance my head starts to thump and I end up dragging myself home halfway through. Like if I become A LITTLE dehydrated or a bit too hot, or I run up stairs too fast or bend over too quickly. I can't even try go to social events (not that I want to, but the self improvement would be nice) because I know I'll get a migraine, especially if I dare to drink.

I feel like such a sensitive pussy when I get too warm waiting in queues or on the bus and a loud group chats beside me and I need to put in thsoe orange foam earplugs so I don't get overstimulated because I CAN'T not listen, so I'm keeping track of like 2-3 conversations at once, I take it all in and it's too damn much. I also know that I grind my teeth in my sleep, which causes a stiff jaw and likely headaches. I had a mouth guard made when I was more well off but now I wake up with gritty pieces of silicon down my throat if I use it, if I didn't spit it out halfway through the night. I used to also wear too tight bras and have a habit of raising my shoulders. I think I need a good massage but obv can't afford it. When I was in high stress times (always noisy, had to communicate a lot, stressful situation academically) it developed into chronic migraines. Like STOP IT. STOP. I want to live a normal life, man.

Maybe that's her positivity outlet. I'm generally on the more negative side but when playing new horizons it's sucha positive place it can't help but bring the positivity and kindness out in me.

No. 579649

be less retarded and whiny

No. 579653

I have this friend who I talk to daily and she tells me that I'm important to her and all that shit, but can never hang out with me despite not living too far away. I've seen her in person only twice in maybe 3 years? She says she is busy, but she keeps talking about how bored she is, she says that I'm too far away from her and the ride is not worth it, but then talks to me how she's at her other's friend house that is just as far away as I am (if not more) and posts stories on instagram where she goes here and there at any time of day. She also likes to bitch about this other friend to me, but then keeps hanging out with her.
I'm not demanding that she looks at me only, just… maybe seeing each other a little more that once a year would be nice.

I just assume I'm not as interesting and fun as her other friends, since my family is very strict and I can't really do much. I also think she got close to me only because at the time all her friends left the school we were both at, so she had no one to talk to. Plus she didn't really like to study, I had higher grades and I could help her pass the exams. I feel bad thinking like this, but all she does is throw pretty words and compliments at me and then go on talking about her problems. She buys me small things even if I tell her that just meeting her would be fine, and I can't even give her back anything because she just says she has no interests (which I don't believe, she just doesn't want to talk about things she likes to me).

No. 579656

I’m so sick of this job taking advantage of me. Really, of all of us. Since corona we have had to switch from getting paid overtime to being paid in comp time, which no one needs because duh we have vacation and sick time. This has been an issue because we had two employees out to quarantine as per the cdc, and it left a major gap in the schedule. Legally there has to be someone w a license, so if the gap makes it to where the worker who is here is unlicensed, someone w a license HAS to come in. It’s happened to me several times where I’ve had to work 12 to 16 hours straight with zero change in my paycheck, and I can’t even use the comp time. I’m tired and broke and so stressed out. I’m running on coffee and High cortisol Levels at this point.

No. 579657

Sieze the means of production and embrace communism, prole

No. 579661

Same thing goes for you NPC.
You've no idea how mind-boggling you sound when you think that you're so edgy, controversial and cool while your stupidity literally has the support of the 90% of the filth known as humankin.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 579662

>doesn't want to meet you
>makes excuses not to meet you but hangs out with other people
>doesn't want to talk to you about her interests
>only uses you when its convenient for her - so to vent about her issues, to use you as a study buddy, and to badmouth her friends
How exactly is she anything close to a "friend" to you, anon? You deserve better

No. 579663

i hope we start rounding up autists in camps so they can all screech at each other instead of shitting up this thread

No. 579667


Are you me? I have been suffering from chronic headaches for a year and am starting to feel like one of those chronic illness people on tumblr.

I have to be extra careful about everything or else it sets one off, and I can’t take anything but Tylenol. Too hot? Headache. Too tired? Headache.

I am so tired of it.

No. 579674

2020 is such a fucking joke. I can't believe I came into this decade with such high hopes of a fresh start, what a load of shit. I should have killed myself in January like I'd planned.

114 days in counting over here. Wow, I'm sure glad I stuck around. Look at everything I would have missed if I wasn't here! Those suicide prevention posters were right, it DOES get better! /s /s /s /s

No. 579676

Idk about that one, fam. I don’t look good in thigh highs.

No. 579681

I think my mil is in love with her son, my boyfriend. Gross

No. 579683

I was raped, my best friends set me up for it and nobody cares or believes me. this was years ago but I feel like I want to die every time I remember. it was like 8 years ago
someone kill me my brain hurts

No. 579685

I never really post on socia media but the other day I finally got sick of all these posts saying things along the lines of ‘we see your silence about blm and we’re judging,” ‘I’m deleting people who haven’t talked about this on social media,” and I finally posted a story saying these kinds of sentiments are fucked up and people shouldn’t be judged by their lack of a social media presence. My coworker then went the fuck OFF on me in my dms about how I need to act, how I live in a ‘comfy white bubble’ and need to be a better ally.

Am I wrong for being really taken aback and messed up by this? I do care, I read my history and the news and talk about social issues with people I trust quite a lot, I just don’t think sharing tweets on facebook is all that important. Things are fucked up and need to change, but I just…don’t think attacking people for not posting about the social issue du jour is right. There are a million other ills in the world, so why don’t they get the same treatment?

I’ve worked full-time through the entire pandemic, am trying to apply to grad school, and I’m basically suicidal and feeling like I’m constantly being watched for wrongthink is just making me feel even more alienated from the world. I’m sorry I can’t protest, I can barely wake up and go to work. I try to talk to my best friend about just, life but he just keeps changing the subject back to the police. I just want to get my mental health in order and work on building my life back up, and every time I go online I’m made to feel guilty and ashamed for that. I’m really sorry. I’m having a hard time trusting people irl because of this. Am I a bad person for feeling this way?

No. 579688

File: 1593963915538.gif (18.97 KB, 220x229, 823472934.gif)

Choo choo virtual hugs are being delivered

And no, anon, you aren't a bad person at all. Everyone has different issues in their lives and people who are spamming social media with petitions aren't really accomplishing shit anyway, other than maybe stirring the pot even more. The only people who can really do anything about this race war are people in actual power, which I doubt you are. Not talking about BLM on social media =/= not caring about what's going on. Simply treating everyone with kindness in your day to day life does way more good than donating a dollar to a corrupt organization or changing your Twitter name to ACAB BLM for a few weeks.
If your best friend reacts like that and knows how shitty you feel right now then he's a cunt and not worth talking to about sensitive things.
This whole outrage will calm down soon, people are already starting to get bored of it. Just hang on bb

No. 579689

Ew, why do you think so?

No. 579690

I'm conflicted because she still talks to me a lot, tells me to tell her if I'm troubled, gives me gifts and she tells me I'm important to her and that "she'd rather hang out with me"… but all she does is the opposite.

Everything tells me that she just wants to use me to feel better about herself (and it's a thing that has happened to me a lot with past "friends"), but I try not to notice things and be paranoiac…
An odd thing that I've noticed is that she sometimes sees and keeps in contact with some of our old classmates, and while I expressed the wish to see them as well she tells me that I shouldn't meet them because they're just people who badmouth me a lot.

No. 579691

You sound like her side bitch but in a platonic way lol

No. 579692

It (and most of the other ot threads actually) always makes me appreciate how good my life is.

No. 579695

You're probably right, anon. Thank you.
I'm sad but you actually made me laugh with your comment.

No. 579698

I'm such an procrastinating dumb ass. I can't even fool myself and enjoy my laziness anymore, it's just complete avoidance. I feel like the root cause of my issues is that I basically did study math properly when I started college and I am now in physics grad school but I'm still shit at math and it makes me want to avoid 90% of my assignments. I have exams tomorrow but I will a shit job as I haven't started studying.

Kill me now

No. 579701

Thank you sweet anon, you’ve completely summed up how I feel, gonna just keep trying to do good in my own way. Anyone I’m actually close to will understand, I hope.

No. 579702

How do you even make it to this point while being legitimately bad at math? You have to be either exaggerating your issues with math, or outright lying about the program you're in

No. 579713

I’m trying to get a job so I can go back to Uni and move out next year but all the jobs available where I live are callcenters and those people who stop you on the street telling you to donate money or you hate little african babies starving to death. My social skills are -100 and I have social anxiety, I would get fire on the fucking spot if they hired me.
Living in this place makes me miserable, I just wanna move back home and still be miserable but in a place I actually like.

No. 579722

I've struggled with this too anon. looking back and feeling I've wasted my youth, wishing I could be 20 again, wishing for a 'do over'. I'm not sure exactly how your mental health effected you but I missed out on a lot of opportunities/experiences thanks to extreme anxiety and basically retreated into a ball inactivity.

I just turned 30 and decided to think of it as the 'new 20' though. I'm still young and you definitely are at 27! I'm trying to live less lamenting the loss of my 20s and instead looking to the future. you CAN still do all those things you feel you should've done at a younger age and still enjoy your hobbies too (Idk what your hobbies are but fuck feeling like you ever outgrow something that makes you happy).

I know how it feels to feel so behind in life, I'm still living at home, haven't learned to drive, still a virgin etc but hell, I'm just gonna go for them now instead of beating myself up about not doing those things when they were age appropriate.

this is your life anon, yes you may be behind when it comes to what is 'usual' but that's okay, just think of yourself as a late bloomer, you can still do all the things you want to! good luck

No. 579724

I've never developped any affinity for analysis and it slows me down so much. I'm good at algebra so it was fine at first, but now in the major I'm in it's nothing but Fourier analysis and transforms.

I feel like the biggest issue is that I gave up and I always procrastinate on shit because I'm like "I should review the basics before" and I never do because I feel like I'm bad at it so I do my assignments last minute, barely understanding the fuck I am doing.

No. 579744

lmfao anon I'm the same way. I want an idealized fictional diverse anime friend group and as a result push away any real people who try to be my friend.

No. 579749

Sounds like you should invest in a tutor? Sorry I don't really know what to tell you otherwise. I'm shit at math too, but I'm not in a major that really requires me to know much more than the basics.

No. 579752

It's a good idea, it'll certainly make me accountable to have to pay someone out of my own pocket. (When I accepted help from my friends I always chickened out because I ddin't want them to see that I'm an "impostor".)

I'll try one last time this summer break. I've been doing a lot of introspection over the past few years, and I'm tired of always being in the same cycles. I just have to wing it for my exams tomorrow I guess…

No. 579758

Ah I'm the same as you, I hate complex analysis. Try reading the book Mathemathical methods in the physical sciences by Mary Boas if you need an explanation other than which you already have in your literature. You can get it from library genesis. Good luck

No. 579766

Obviesly because he locked me inside and raped me

No. 579767

Sorry, what? How’d we go from can’t find him, to he locked me up and raped me??

No. 579768

You being serious anon?

No. 579771

Yes, he came home, took my keys and phone, told me I'm a whore and facefucked me then raped me. I'm at my dad's now, so I'm safe at least

No. 579776

it's not surprising he's an awful person from your post but this is beyond anything expected. jesus christ. i hope you can remain safe in the future. he is very unstable.

No. 579778

jfc anon please file a report against him. this man is literally fucking dangerous. go no contact and get some professional help to deal with this, please.

No. 579779

Your post from yesterday screamed of him having unhinged controlling behaviour but still, damn. Been there too and I'm really sorry anon.

I know sharing an apt/lease complicates things but don't go near the apartment again without at least your dad present.

No. 579788


i don't know your workplace politics anon but report that retard to HR

No. 579792

You shouldn't have engaged the topic to begin with anon. People are looking for fights right now, saying anything confrontational just makes you a target for the "with us or against us" crowd. Sticking your head up at this time is just asking for it to be chopped off.

No. 579796

I just cannot draw from my mind at all. I need to heavily use reference with anything I'm drawing and I'm afraid of posting my drawings anywhere cuz I know I'll be accused of tracing and stealing. I also have to grind my drawings and my reference cuz I have a really hard time with proportion and centering my pieces. I'm so envious of artist his shit just comes naturally to them and I really wanna share my art but I feel I shouldn't even bother if I'm not doing things the correct way.

No. 579798

As long as you credit what you referenced nobody is gonna be upset with you. Tracing and referencing art is only frowned upon if you try to hide that you did it. Almost all artists, especially good ones, use references for whenever they draw something that isn't just sketches. You shouldn't feel ashamed anon

No. 579806

No. Your friends are batshit insane cultists who only post this shit on social media for virtue signaling purposes.

No. 579809

I feel a strange sense of unity seeing that everyone really is just going through it right now. 2020 is bad but I love you guys… I hope we can all make it out of this better.

No. 579815

Sometimes I get worried my dad is going to get hate crimed because he is a very dark skinned mexican man.

I know that is probably a dumb fear but there are some genuine crazies here and we have had multiple high profile mass shootings. A couple here a few weeks ago got shot for no reason and one ended up dying. So I really don't know how to feel sometimes.

Sidenote, he also found out I like sushi and keeps bringing me little boxes of it from the store lmao.

No. 579816

the sushi box thing is so cute. i hope you cherish every bite of it.

but i get you. i read that story about the lesbian couple in london that got assaulted and i worry for my lesbian best friend. i read about random, senseless acts of cruelty in my hometown and worry that my mom will be a victim one day. i think we all worry about this kinda stuff. that's why girls tell each other to send texts when they get home, and why people advise family members to carry something to defend themselves.

No. 579817

It's not a dumb fear anon. I'm black and worry about people hurting me and my family as well. People are always gonna be insane and racist, and somehow I feel like the riots have only caused more blatant racism and attacks. If that makes sense. Stay safe dude.

No. 579819

I'm bothered by the childish language used for women's bodies and items by others and women themselves. By this I mean calling underwear "panties" or "knickers", calling your stomach "tummy", saying your "boobies" are "perky", referring to sex as "sexytime" etc. And by this I don't mean when women act cute with their boyfriend, I mean 30 something year old adults saying "my tummy hurts" and "my kitty hurts during sexytime" with a completely straight face. I don't know if it's just an American thing but it's annoying and cringy as hell. Just say the whole word.

No. 579827

> I don't know if it's just an American thing but it's annoying and cringy as hell. Just say the whole word.

I’m American and most women I know don’t do this. I haven’t heard kitty ever evening used as a term for vagina aside from bad smut.

No. 579830

Your word choices are weird. Panties are an overtly sexual word, perky is sexual too and also a neutral descriptor, neither of those words are childish or used by kids. They're smutty adult words if anything. I also can't say I've ever heard a grown woman say sexytime or kitty, and knickers is a pretty british term afaik, not American.

No. 579832

Who even says that? You're around a lot of cringy people I guess?

I'm more bothered by couples doing the baby talk it makes me wanna kill myself

No. 579844

Maybe it’s cuz I’m ESL but uhhh I swear “panty”, “knickers”, “tummy” or “boobs” or “tush” aren’t used in some weird child sex rp way around here. Women use these words with each other, even in family… The frequent colloquial use is probably from habitual use since childhood. At work my colleagues would say “vagina” or “down there”. “Sexytime” is silly to me more than childish, the more conservative mommy blogger type women would use it…older women say “intimate time”, people my age just say “sex”.
> my kitty hurts during sexytime
That’s totally different, who the fuck says this outside of ddlg shits??

No. 579848

Kek I warned a girl about a guy who has sexually harassed almost every female and she didn’t believe me.

A week later and she got screwed over. Tried to warn her

No. 579849

I wanna slit my wrists bc i’m cringe

No. 579850

Reminds me of how I wish my friend told me about the guys she's dating but she's extremely private about her relationships. Not because I'm nosey but because I really worry for her naivety with guys. Once she finally asked me for my opinion on how the guy she was seeing behaved and laid out a list of big red flags. Told her to run and glad she did, the guy turned out to be a fucking nutjob. Girls please look out for your friends.

No. 579851

I feel like none of these are even childish except for sexytime and tummy. Panties is literally just the name for women's underwear. Saying the word "panties" is childish is like saying the word "bra" is childish tbh. Knickers is just the european/british term for panties I believe. And perky is just a word to describe breasts/someone's butt.

>"my kitty hurts during sexytime"

Where did you hear that? Wtf.

No. 579852

I don't think the word knickers is childish but the word tummy annoys me, Beyond toddler years (where theres maybe a pronunciation issue?) I really can't see why the word stomach needs to be replaced with a cutesy word

No. 579858

Knickers is just a basic UK word for underwear, it's not that childish. I really fucking hate panties though, it's grosser to me than moist or whatever words people generally find gross.

No. 579859

So my mom found my massager the other day and now whenever I lock my bedroom door or spend more than 5 min in the shower she starts to sing gospel songs really loudly to dissuade me from masturbating. Pray for me anond

No. 579866

As an adult with presumably normal hormone levels what does she expect you to do? Lose your mind instead? A vibrator is harmless compared to other outlets.

No. 579872

Religious fags are literally the worst. Was she a virgin when you were born? Sorry, (not sorry) but i cant stand women who want to shit on normal sexuality because they're brainwashed by sexist religion. Hang in there, anon

No. 579873

haha no anon dont do that youre so poggers not cringe

No. 579882

My brother sniffs all the time. Sometimes he stands in the hallway and all I can hear is his sniffing for like ten minutes it makes me want to kill myself

No. 579888

Been working on my appearance including weight loss, posture, and oral posture. I have recieved a few compliments from people saying I look prettier and healthier in general, it's been nice! No one has ever remarked on my looks to my face before. A close friend of mine though has been nitpicking the fuck out of me though. Making fun of any effort I put in and it's been getting to me. I've supported her through so much. She is more attractive than me, she will always be more attractive than me so I idk if it's a jealousy thing. Maybe she just relied on me on always being her dumpy mousy friend. Kek she even sat me down and was like, "I know you were diagnosed with C-PTSD but I really think it's BPD. I just know you." I don't think I'm hot shit, just happy to my improving myself.

No. 579891

Shes jealous of you. Block her

No. 579892

I don't know if it's the impending internal crisis of turning 30 but I find myself reflecting on my sexual assault and first sexual experience a lot. Combined with the domestic abuse I was suffering it really has shaped my reality. I blanked the feelings towards it out for years not the memory but I had no feelings towards it. In fact the guy that assaulted me remained in my close social circle for years afterwards. Reflecting back I was being bullied or mocked whichever by my peers for pitifully following them around and ensuring I had weekend plans so I didn't have to stay at home. I read something the other day about abuse victims seeking out punishments for forgiveness and that has pretty much described every personal relationship I've had. And with friends I've kept walls up with I can't do destructive behaviours around them for dramatics and just ghost them and end up isolating myself and relying further on toxic relationships. I should probably try therapy again but it's so hard to even think what to tell someone, sessions seem too short and depending on the therapists mood oh my experience they might just try some therapies and not get into much. I'm fed up of feeling so socially awkward and strange

No. 579895

File: 1593998442790.jpg (16.76 KB, 563x566, b56cb43c4cec39a075fe5343c377e6…)

i'm poor, i'm ugly, i'm unemployed, i have no friends nor have i ever had any friends, i dropped out of college due to low gpa, all i ever wanna do is drink but i'm scared of developing an addiction, i have no talents, i have no hobbies or passions or anything that brings me joy, i hate my life, i want to die, give me $200

No. 579898

I only have shallow friendship rn. My friends are growing apart from me and it lonely. It hard making new friends to connect with and reconnecting with my old friends is barely keeping things afloat. I been throwing myself into my hobby because I hate thinking about the sad state of my relationship with others.

Also my boss make uneasy comments about how I will be the perfect side piece when he is married with two kids. It’s gross. But The reason I haven’t said anything is because I just want to work in peace and I can get away with not working as hard.
I’m asexual anyway and men disgust me in real life anyway.

No. 579899

Happy for you, sorry about your friend, that's awful and invalidating especially how fucking hard it is to get a CPTSD diagnosis, she's full of shit. But what is oral posture?

No. 579900

stay the fuck away from that bitch and drop her as a hot potato. Like clockwork, the second you improve, especially visually, your "friends" true nature comes out and the evil eye of you friend will be preocupied to destroy your gains.

No. 579901

My friend's dumpy, ugly husband rags on my looks sometimes and it pisses me off. We were playing a card game and one of the subjects was about makeup and, 'liek isn't it totally funnay when whammin look diff w/o their makeup xDD.' Coming from a guy who never dresses nice or grooms himself. And this fartknocker decides to rib me(for like the third occasion and counting) for the fact that up to my second year of friendship with them that I wore makeup whenever we'd hang out, and how I looked so shockingly different without it on!!! This happened years ago.

I wish their insecure asses would fuck off. They're both terribly insecure with their own looks and it's almost like they wanna punch down on me for at least trying to spruce up my appearance. Why do they even care so much? I don't even wear a full face of slap around them anymore but this bullshit makes me want to start doing it again just to spite them. Maybe they feel that while they're fat that they're better than me cause I'm fatter and should feel as bad about myself as they do. So when they think I'm trying to looksmax myself they get pissy and wanna take me down a notch or something. I think her gross husband has something for me because he 'jokingly' matched me on a dating app before and they asked me if I was I interested in a threesome a couple years back which I declined. I can't think of why else they'd care so much, him particularly.

No. 579904

why are you friends with these people? they sound like losers lmao

No. 579905

File: 1594000056588.png (469.83 KB, 739x663, 8C32B260-E8B1-4B9D-B747-A2D443…)

This and everything remotely like this

I fucking hate this culture

No. 579907

Is that septum ring shooped in? It looks fake

No. 579910

I had a roommate do that, we all low-key thought he did coke (since it fit all the behaviors lol). Turns out it's just tourettes.

No. 579911

i overheard my coworker say that i'm easy to hate a few days ago and i keep thinking about it, like this person isn't even someone who matters a lot to me so idk why i'm letting her opinion hold any weight but christ

No. 579913

WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ME TO MAKE DECISIONS. Every year in my life a new fucking fork in the road presents itself and I can never decide which way to go. I ask people for advice and I always get mixed responses. I'm not good at life I think I need a life coach.

No. 579918

I guarantee the disability is just them feeling "sad" sometimes lmao I mean trans in a mental illness, we aren't designed to feel we are the opposite sex we are born as. But I wouldn't classify it as a disability. What could honestly make this person disabled? why do they need to move out? Mom (let's be real they probably don't have a father) yells are them to clean their room still? Mom doesn't agree with their new identity of being 'trans'?

That's also just one ugly ass person. Mullet with a 7 year olds band-aid and glasses my uncle wore in the 80s. Okay obviously they are scamming but I agree with you anon, I hate it all too.

This could go two ways. Either you are easy to hate and you can take steps to change OR your coworker just doesn't like you. I mean I'm sure others do. You know how you just don't get along with someone, no matter how hard you try or they try it just doesn't work out? it's probably that. The only time I have encountered (on the internet though) someone being so hated was Andrew dobson. I doubt you are a dobson, anon. So we'll go with the second option, just you and him don't get along. Saying that to another co-worker though is some petty ass high schooler shit.

Let's hope you can make it out the other side anon. Life is full of ups and downs and right now, this could be your actual low. I'm sure you have hobbies, you just don't feel like you are good at them, so it makes you worthless "why aren't I as good as that person, they are younger than me and better at it!" don't sweat it. Competition can be healthy but at times you really need to focus on your own efforts.

No. 579922

This is fucked up. Are you self-aware enough to figure out why they would say this? Are you aggressive, cold, weird, etc? None of these things would justify her saying that and talking shit about you, however if it's for reasons like you being quiet, then at least you can feel confident knowing you're not a piece of shit like her.

My coworker who I work under referenced a mistake I made by saying "I remember when you did that, I thought, gee, anon isn't STUPID, why would she do this?" and "You've been working here for a month, I'd think you'd be further ahead by now"

Some people are assholes.

No. 579925

File: 1594001958711.gif (10.99 KB, 300x250, superthumb.gif)

i deserve to be so sad. im really really evil and horrible. i know i'll die alone, i can already see how badly my life is gonna go, i hate waking up every day. i wish i could sleep forever, even my face is distorted and horrible, nobody gives a fuck i know. i really am so sad every fucking day

No. 579936

I honestly have no idea what I did, but I am really quiet so I guess I come off as snobbish. Also I wasn't very good at my job when I first started but that was at the beginning of the year so idk man

But anyway I'm too old to get involved in workplace drama so I'll just have to get over it

Thank you for the kind words <3

No. 579937

File: 1594003080503.png (320.02 KB, 632x867, 264674.png)

i wish all men within a 50 mile radius of me would die

No. 579938

>going on tinder and expecting to find quality people

No. 579939

i don't go on it to find quality people. i go on it to make fun of ugly men and remind myself that every man deserves to be crushed under a giant rock

No. 579942

You're self aware that you're a bad person. Do you have desire to change? Do you have regret? If so, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up and change your life. People can change. People who change deserve a second chance and a shot at happiness.

No. 579943

I am the friend people ask to hang out with when no one else is available. Every one of my friends does this with me. When I say no because deep down I'm not in the mood to hang out with someone knowing they've exhausted all options, they will get pissy and ask what I have going on and will ask if I'm available later in the day or if I could switch my plans.

This is what I get for not prioritizing friendship in my high school years and letting my depression make me an antisocial piece of shit

No. 579950

>every guy in tech is honestly like this

I feel bad for all of my female friends in IT. It's an actual cesspool

No. 579951

Ugh, that's disgusting. I'm really sorry you had to go through that. Being a woman in a work environment is often exhausting– because of men. I dont know why, but every guy i meet in a work setting is absolute trash

No. 579952

My uni teacher is a fucking asshole

>forgets to post assignement

>Posts it just an hour before the deadline
>I tell him i will inevitably send it late
>fucking asks me why and tells me it's me responsibility

He basically told me

>oh yeah? not my problem i only give you homework about shit i don't explain, good luck

No. 579957

I’ve struggled with ED stuff pretty much my entire life of binge cycles and then restrictive eating. I’ve always been bigger, definitely overweight all my life but over quarantine I gained a tonne of weight and I’m now at my highest weight ever and somehow I didn’t even realise until recently when taking a selfie? I didn’t see any of my stretch marks or veins or anything. With my body dysmorphia I usually see myself borderline-ALR but now I’m bigger somehow my brain thought it was fine. I just can’t stop eating either though, I’ll plan my meals out and make sure I’m drinking water but I’ll snap out of it and end up halfway through eating some pasta or some shit. I can’t exercise like normal because I have a really bad immune system so leaving the house isn’t recommended. Any advice is welcome (in b4 “just lose weight”, I’m trying.)

No. 579958

I'm starting to think Instagram changed their algorithm so it'll only show people your pics if you say woke shit all the time.

No. 579961

I wasn't quite a mouth breather but I found myself looking slack-jawed a lot. Now I am actively trying to remedy that by holding my jaw properly and having my tongue rest against the top of my mouth. It sounds retardedly simple to do by default but I somehow never got the memo lol

No. 579972

went on the first date in 5 years with a guy who i thought i would find really attractive (i'd seen him irl from a distance at work and then have been texting him for weeks) and oh my god, i guess i really am just…. not into 99.999999% of men. prior i had all this big performative talk to my friends about how i was entertaining the idea of just finally having sex because my brain and body get really horny sure and i thought this guy would be perfect but wow i can't even think about actually touching him (or any other guy besides literally one very niche musician i've adored for years and years, since age 12 lol) i just genuinely don't understand how women can fuck guys on the first date (or… at all… i'm half joking here but anyway) and it's not that he did anything, like he looked perfectly acceptable, he drives really nice cars/a truck, makes good money for a really young guy, he's really nice (not exciting, but nice) and the only thing he did "wrong" was actively turning to look at a group of girls walking on the side of the street lmao. basically, i'm kind of disappointed with myself and for hyping this up so much. i'm definitely very starved for attention and human interaction so i thought this would all be much much sweeter. now i borderline don't know if i want to ever marry anyone ever. i'm just surprised at myself, i thought i was finally being more "normal" because my few friends ask me like hey anon, do you have a guy in your life yet?? and after finally actually seeing a man in the flesh, i'm… in love with being alone forever. not in a dramatic way, i just don't know if i want literally any guy, besides the rarest rare man i may meet one day, to have anything to do with me. just so stupid, yesterday i was thirsting so hard wanting to presumably fuck this guy and one look at him up close and i'm long gone. i don't mind him as a person though, he wasn't even remotely pushy and it was kind of boring for sure but way better than some horny ugly retard immediately getting touchy with me. anyway.

No. 579973

lmao same… I'm horny until I have to actually interact with men, then I'm just like fuck this.

Realistically the guy probably just wasn't very attractive or charming, it's not like you're gonna spontaneously want his dick just because he wasn't awful. He has to do some of the work to make himself sexually attractive and turn you on.

No. 579975

i feel really guilty saying it because it's rude but he looked better in his photos and from a distance kek. he's definitely not ugly but idk. and his photos/videos are all candid recent unedited ones too so not like it was catfishing either. i'm just confused and disappointed in my high expectations.

this unironically. my posts have mysteriously began getting 50% less likes in the last month and yet it's the exact same shit i always used to post and i do everything else correctly.

No. 579977

Omg this is painfully relatable

I’ve had these gross hyper-energetic crushes on men I talked to on dating apps, then when I meet them irl I feel so disappointed and put off. I have a problem with over-hyping potential dates in my head. Makes me feel like an idiot when it happens

No. 579979

thanks anon, this made me feel a little better.

No. 579986

What even constitutes a "good" bio? It feels a little counter-intuitive to write more than a couple sentences since people swipe based on looks

No. 580004

whenever i'm feeling horny and thinking that maybe i need a guy in my life i go masturbate and that sensation disappears. i hate caring so much for what ppl think because that's the only reason why i still try to set up dates and use dating apps. i hate how ppl look down on you when you're not in a relationship, when you're never dated, when you're still a virgin, it makes me wanna kill myself

No. 580035

Wew that’s a lot of made up terminology when she could just say “I’m a straight woman who wants attention”

No. 580050

File: 1594028854984.jpeg (55.62 KB, 646x647, 3A6C0532-3968-49D6-911E-A4338F…)

Can the world please end already and stop teasing us? I want to have nothing to worry about.

No. 580053

File: 1594029104851.jpg (83.51 KB, 768x768, u1u3kvl0asl41.jpg)

i am just filled with anxiety and anger

No. 580061

I'm miserable when I’m with him.

No. 580063

Me too

No. 580069

Which country or culture? I've never felt looked down upon because of this. Most people who are in a relationship probably envy you for being single.

No. 580072

You want to kill yourself over that? Dramatic much? Put on some headphones

No. 580073

Me too. I hate that I can’t make honest comments on my friend shit taste in men without someone saying “you’re just jealous that you don’t have a man” when referring to their slack jaw autistic walking dildos.
I don’t need to be a chef to know when there is shit on the plate.

No. 580074

Sounds like a cope to me, are you fat or anorexic anon?

No. 580085

i swear one day i'm going to "act out" and tell this mother fucker to shut the fuck up. every fucken day, i fucken get up at 4 and they really think theyre doing something by coming in a few minutes before 4 and yelling at why i'm not up it's already 4. like bitch shut the fuck up, i have a goddamn fucken alarm. it's like they want to make it seem as if i'm doing stuff because they told me to do so, when i was going to be doing that shit in the first place.

No. 580086

Maybe put your alarm some minutes before your scheduled date time with other people?

No. 580087

i hate the word milkers with the passion of a thousand suns. zoomer men are disgusting, i’m marrying a sheltered farmer.

No. 580088

Calling a woman fat because she's sick of men and their shit, sure anon

No. 580089

I think I project my feelings that I have towards somebody on them. For example: if I think someone is dumb, I tend to feel like they think I'm dumb.

This is so retarded, why is my Brain doing this unless I actively work against it?

No. 580097

My bf's body is so ugly, he wasn't like that when we first got together. Sucks.

No. 580109

Ok, so most recent example: I ask how I should open a letter. He tells me “with their name”. I say ‘oh, do you know their names or know who has that info?’ He sperges out as if I’m being a sarcastic bitch because he doesn’t know their names. I try to clarify that I genuinely don’t know and need to know how to open the letter to finish my task. He gets more aggressive and starts acting like he didn’t just tell me to write their names.

Important note, he doesn’t just become an asshole when he doesn’t know things, because most of the time he knows the answer and I’m asking a question because I need clarification and he will sarcastically yell incorrect info at me or if I ask if it’s possible to do something another way he acts like I’m trying to correct him and is like “then ok do it try I’m waiting” even when he knows it won’t work and exactly why

No. 580115

I was really hoping to start my weight loss journey today, well now that's going to have to wait because i can't access the kitchen to make myself a meal. I'm so fucking hungry and I'm just going to go and get uber eats. I won't choose anything horrifically unhealthy so I guess it won't be too bad, but it still sucks because i can't really count the calories.

No. 580116

Also implying that just bc some anon is fat, it's ok for men to treat time like shit. I am sick of some of y'all

No. 580119

>implying fat women deserve respect
Oh how audacious, good luck stanning that take on lolcow. I don't even bother with that here.

No. 580122

Most places have a calorie count on their website (especially chains), so I’d try some place like that so you can keep yourself accountable.

No. 580125

There's an awful lot of posts lately where if you shit on men an anon will feel terribly invested in defending them or putting you down, so tbh I think they just chose the first random insult they could think of.

No. 580132

No. 580134

How? Lolcow hates fat women.

No. 580135

How bad did he get? I feel as if a lot of people got really depressed during this pandemic and gained a bit, but was it bad before the pandemic? If you are a fit person, you can try to suggest working out together. I've seen couples do this to motivate each other and it works when both are willing.

No. 580139

We're not a hivemind, I'm sure there are "body positive" anons. There's always someone that can nitpick anything, myself included, but there's no site wide-agreement that fat women are haram.

No. 580140

Lmao, whatever you say anon. But you're right, the hate isn't as bad now than it was years ago so there's that.

No. 580142

Usually, even the fattest, ugliest woman deserves more respect than 99% of men.

No. 580144

I don't think there are 'body positive' anons, just people who don't give a shit and don't want to derail discussions.
Same goes for trannies tbh.

No. 580146

Why are you saying this? The original post said “are you fat or anorexic?” It’s not about body weight, just a stupid insult implying anon is insecure for using tinder.

Definitely not:
>I’m sorry daddy left
Anon should’ve posted his face so we could laugh at him tbh.

No. 580151

God why are some of you so mean? Jesus

No. 580154

I know it’s lolcow but can we at least keep this shit out of the vent thread, there’s enough assholes irl. If you’re in the mood to mock people pt and snow are literally right there.

No. 580156

File: 1594048852598.jpg (80.98 KB, 259x383, fbf.jpg)

>originally hired contract term of 6 months
>promised I'd be trained for things to become direct hire
>it never happens, my job gets delegated to 'casual' work
>get reprimanded when I try to do things that I've been half-trained on even though they're correct due to policy
>everyone is touch and go and there's no one around to explain anything or who I can ask questions
>rarely trained for anything and I got tired of constantly asking and pestering
>so I keep on with my slack job and the mediocre pay cause it's not stressful and I can fuck around
>they keep renewing my contract for 2 month stints every time the previous contract expires
>I care but I also don't care
>doesn't incentivize me to try harder and clearly these "casual" duties are tasks no one else wants to do or else they would've let me go by now
I feel like my coworkers are passive aggressive that they see me at my desk not doing much but like? What am I supposed to do? They all get paid more than me with benefits. I don't get shit and no one trains me, of course I'm not gonna overperform for these bastards. Am I wrong here? Should I be licking their buttholes after they shit or something?

No. 580160

This is my vent. I go on 4chan and I read anons bashing on women and treating them like a piece of meat endlessy, i go on lolcow and i read women always insulting other women. I'm not against nitpicking if it's funny but most of the times it's just plain bitterness and mean. Why? I see a lot more empathy on 4chan between them than here. God.

No. 580161

Every single day i wake up feeling suicidal. I dont know how much longer i will take this

No. 580162

Exactly. It's amazing how men support each other, especially if it's about/against women.

No. 580174

Seriously. Not fully related, but I also hate when I get involved in what's meant to be a female-centric group, and I see them unironically express hateful thoughts about other women as collective groups.
I just don't hate straight women, white women, rich women or married women, and I don't think I ever will. Do I think they can say dumb shit, and even harm other women? Of course, but they're not the real problem, men are. Get with the fucking program. Some women will be bitchy to you at work or school, but men in your life will literally sexually harass, rape and/or murder you. Why is your energy reserved for the women?
At the end of the day, we're all "menstruators", "whores", "cunts" and "bitches" to a male-run society, just ones of varying quality as objects. Why the fuck should we join in and help them destroy us further? Because you got bullied that one time by some "Stacy"? Give me a fucking break.
Hating pick-mes is valid, but some people just take it too far.

No. 580176

>Why is your energy reserved for the women?
In a twisted way, they're the safest targets to outlet their frustrations. Criticizing men can mean having your life threatened or ruined. Making a man feel bad means he might destroy your reputation, hit you, threaten you, harass you, or kill you.

No. 580190

I get that the "your worth isn't measured by your productivity" tagline should mean that workaholic people need to chill out and stop sacrificing their wellbeing for constant results but so many straight out slackers appropriate the message to justify their own laziness and unproductivity.
>I don't have to take part in upholding the society or my social circles and I can just be an entitled leech all my life, never improving as a person because ~my worth isn't tied to my productivity~ uwu
fuck you, start paying tax money like the rest of us

No. 580200

Sometimes I hate being a biracial woman here in the UK.

It's either sexual harassment from Asian Pakistani men or African men. They're all ugly cunts and I wish they would fuck off.

No. 580202

I hate that it's considered narcissistic to dismiss someone as just being envious of you when that is so transparently what's happening.

No. 580208

I shit on men all the time. I want to do the same with insufferable women. All I want to do is to be able to shit on ppl in an anonymous board regardless of gender. It's that simple.

No. 580221

I’m an arab woman in the UK and fuck I feel this. Pakistani men esp fucking suck, they used to try to pick me up when I was underage all the time bc muh pure arab girl fetish.

No. 580238

the only women i ever talk shit about are shayna and the most desperate of pick mes, other than that all of my vitriol is spent on men lol. also on 4chan they call each other faggots if there's one little disagreement in the hivemind, it was friendlier and more unified 10 years ago. i find /ot/ to be honestly pretty supportive, just honest.

No. 580259

Lol lolcow also hates retards more than fatties. I never saw anyone say fat girls deserve to be subjected to the mental illness that is a man. However they should stop eating their feelings about it.

No. 580262

Art, and the hate comes from the women you mentioned…

No. 580267

This. It's a side effect of a much larger problem of people just giving up on making something of themselves.

No. 580268

>Do I think they can say dumb shit, and even harm other women? Of course, but they're not the real problem, men are.
Ah, the “women are free from criticism because men are worse” feminist. Anon fucking please, those traitorous bitches are actively perpetuating and participating in oppression, they don’t give a fuck about you if it means they get their head patted by big scrote man. They let themselves be used as ammunition against feminist causes. You clearly haven’t seen how internalized misogyny imbedded itself in professional adult world, queen bee syndrome is a real thing that is keeping women from reaching more influential positions in society. It’s not just “lol Stacy bully” in school.
Fuck these cunts, I’ll welcome them into the women’s shelter when their man inevitably abuse them but other than that I will never stop scorning. Pic stolen from sh0e thread lol

No. 580269

File: 1594062984547.png (287.74 KB, 405x750, E0FAB093-1A99-4140-917E-C6A0E1…)


No. 580275

No. 580281

I'm so tired of having no self confidence.

I see so many pics online of girls that don't seem to give a shit about their double chins, chubby bellies, imperfect teeth and frizzy hair. They work with what they have and come out looking beautiful.
So why is it that I find all those things completely irredeemable and disgusting on myself? Where can I find the ability to stop giving a shit and learn to love myself the way I am?

I've put so much stock on "someday being pretty" and it never happened in the way I was always told it would nor in the way I hoped it would. Now I recognize how toxic it really was growing up in a household with vain parents and siblings and I think I'm just fucked for life at this point because all this rubbish is so deeply ingrained in me. I've tried so hard to overcome everything, even therapy… but to no avail. I'm not even overweight or unhealthy in diet, I just have terrible genes that I know I can't do anything about.
For example: genetic double chin, fat hooded eyelids I can't do anything with on the best of days, frizzy not-quite-curly hair that seemingly hates every product I try in it… yadda yadda the list goes on.

All I want is a tiny shred of self confidence for once and I feel I've run out of options.

No. 580287

This is probably super unwanted advice but I just posted about this in the stoner thread a few days ago >>>/ot/578070 and I gotta say - if you're open to it, smoking weed helped me with my appearance issues a tonnnn without changing a single thing about how I look. It took a bit of time, and staring at yourself in the mirror while super high is not for newbies, but it has been hugely helpful in terms of being able to see myself removed from my intensely negative self image built up over years. It didn't make me think I'm like model pretty but it allowed me to see myself as just another girl, like the girls you mention seeing online, no better, no worse. I know no one wants my dumb stoner opinion but I seriously have been amazed and very happy at how much I've improved the way I see myself (physically at least) because I never thought it would be possible. You can say whatever you want about whether appearance matters or not in life but everyone has a right to be at peace with themselves and I hope you find that peace someday anon.

Also I have a similar hair texture and I feel you on that, shit sucks. Plus it comes from my dad, my mom and her whole family have stick-straight hair so no one ever taught me how to look after it properly.

No. 580301

Why do men take so long to get over past relationships? A man could get his heart broken at 16 and not be over it 5 years later. Meanwhile women get physically abused, raped, have to deal with porn addicts and we get over relationships in a reasonable amount of time and dont hold on to it for years.

No. 580303

Can anyone else relate to parents who taught you to be kind but never taught you to stick up for yourself? My father is the nicest and most likeable guy on this earth. And I naturally learned to be the same way. The issue is , he never taught me to defend myself and not let people mistake my kindness for weakness. In a way he taught me to kiss ass but he will never acknowledge that For example. We could be walking in a store and at least three times within a trip he will tell me I am in someone’s way who’s walking with a cart. I’m not, we’re far apart, they see me as they’re behind me and I can’t see them; they can go around me.
If I ever tell my dad about an issue with someone; he always gives them a million and one excuses , despite them clearly wronging me or disrespecting me. It sucks feeling inferior to others for no reason besides no one ever teaching you otherwise.

No. 580305

My last relationship ended because the guy had replaced me before even breaking up with me.. so I don't think they always take long to get over it. I think their ego takes quite a hit if they are the one getting dropped though.

No. 580307

My dad didn't play the typical role of 'protector' like a lot of dads do but he did teach me to be a lil paranoid about people and their agendas which in a way helps me protect myself. But then like you said he'll sometimes strangely stick up for people when I descibe them treating me badly. I don't know if that's him assuming daughters are over-emotional or that as a woman I can't guage situations?

It sucks. You want to feel like your dad is fighting your corner.

No. 580309

I'm not saying women are free from criticism, especially trainwrecks like Shayna. Individual pick-mes like her, Shuwu or tradthots are different from entire groups, what I'm against is generalization of any group of women. All it does is isolate women from each other if we can't tuck away the "REEE stupid privileged other women" thing.

This, I think, is the case, and it makes me sad how many women fall into this.

I don't co-sign the bullshit that comes from them, either. I just don't see the point in basking in the vitriol, the only ones who win from that are men.

No. 580313

For what it's worth, I do appreciate your "dumb stoner opinion" and you taking the time to share it with me. I've tried smoking weed but it always makes me feel either too tired to function or straight up anxious. I am not opposed to the act of using marijuana at all but I'm not sure if it can really help me here. Maybe I just need to try it again now that I'm in a more stable environment. I'm going to keep this advice in mind, maybe it can help me sometime. Thank you, anon.

No. 580321

File: 1594070700947.jpg (70.32 KB, 1087x611, IMG_8956.JPG)

I really hate 'muh pure muslin girl' stuff too. I particularly hate how some women buy in to sexist ideas and feel smug/ superior just because they abide by men's rules regarding modesty (despite the fact that they'll get sexualised anyway) pic related

No. 580324

All the letter keys on the top row of my keyboard on my work laptop are fucked. They keep pressing the letter underneath them for some reason. Restarting didn’t help. I have to use the onscreen keyboard. I’m going fucking mad

No. 580335

it's not even a scheduled time/meeting with anyone and my alarm is for work. none of fucken their business to be barging into my room and demanding why i'm not up yet when it literally has nothing to do with them.

No. 580336

>genetic double chin
Do you have an overbite? That can be fixed with orthodontics and would help. I know it's not the main focus of your post (How do they not care? They don't define themselves by those flaws) but if you do want to fix it it would probably be covered by dental insurance if you have it.

No. 580339

Is your dad my dad??

No. 580346

If she's talking about the same thing in my family it's still there without an overbite and is more of an issue of fat storage? I think there's a particular type of mini lipo for it though

Ten years ago a male friend exclaimed about how weird it was that I had a double chin despite being thin… I was laying down at the time which probably made it more obvious but my god that comment destroyed my confidence for a long time. I don't think people stare at necks and chins all that much but I can empathize with the complex it gives you. I stopped caring at some point.

No. 580350

yes omg. i was raised surrounded by this culture and the women are the saddest fucking pickmes the world has ever seen.

No. 580371

File: 1594077963568.jpg (15.35 KB, 396x396, sdftgyuiop.jpg)


No. 580378

File: 1594078870310.jpg (300.3 KB, 1125x1882, EcQaWCeXQAItldF.jpg)

If it makes you feel better anon, the bubonic plague never really went away to being with. CDC has more info. It can be deadly if not caught quick enough, but rarely is in today's time because we have the antibiotics to treat it.

No. 580385

b-but i'm not from the states but i did not know antibiotics help with that, so i actually do feel better anon!

No. 580389

I just remembered that I was in an inappropriate online relationship with 26 year old troon when I was 14.

We never had sex but will they still be labeled as a pedophile?

I'm an adult now and I'm not sad or emotional about it but I don't know how to go about dealing with that concept mentally

No. 580390

You're welcome anon! Don't buy into the media's fearmongering. Also, I'm sure you can find stats for it for your country. Stay safe out there!

No. 580397

so many fucking girls i went to high school with are getting pregnant (a couple had babies at 16/17 as well) and having babies at age 19/20 and it's shocking to me. some are obvious and i always knew they were the "type" to do it, but others were such goody goody overachievers and now all they're "achieving" is having a baby with no solid education besides our high school diploma, none have rich boyfriends (in fact they all have very young, broke boyfriends, none are married of course since we're very young) and they all also have no job or work retail… and everyone just praises them relentlessly. i get it's hard to get a good job here, university is stressful and i'm not in uni either but oh my god you are gonna all be so broke and miserable and your lives have barely started. and one of them had a whole instagram about how her "happy little family" was so great, always posted about her "boys" aka baby and boyfriend…. now he's just gone, vanished, and she's a "strong single mother" now. very very sad. i usually wouldn't judge but they keep getting pregnant all the sudden lol.

No. 580404

That was the case in my area too. The worst part is when you're almost a decade down the road after they were born and seeing how fucked up those kids end up as a result of being raised by people who were nowhere near ready to take care of children.

No. 580406

My dad's new girlfriend is about 6 years older than me with 4 kids from different daddies and they are only two year together but live together, he's basically her sugar daddy and is completely pussywhipped. It's fucking weird. I'm fucking 32 and swear all of my friends have at least 1 parent that we already have to reverse parent. Fuck the baby boomers man.

No. 580417

I wish I had an assertive, confident, don't take shit from anyone personality. I let people walk all over me and when I try to do otherwise my voice will literally crack kek. Why am I so afraid of other humans.

No. 580419

i just want this shit to be over so i can actually physically see a therapist or counsellor or SOMETHING. i've tried apps, i've tried phoning and texting, for MONTHS, but none of this shit is working. i need to physically go somewhere, sit in front of someone, and just talk FACE to FACE, else i'm never going to see it as REAL progress. i know exactly what i need to do to get better, it's actually starting thats the issue. i need PROFESSIONAL HELP!

No. 580429

I feel you anon. I had been procrastinating finding a new therapist forever before any of this shit happened because I've had so many terrible experiences. And now it's like… is fighting my apathy and apprehension even worth it if it's just going to be fucking video chat? I hate the fact that some fucking bars and restaurants are open in my city but I can't sit alone in a room >6ft away from someone in a mask and talk for an hour, even tho obviously I get why therapists are still doing everything online.

I also have trouble hearing over the phone and trouble speaking clearly/slowly so telemedicine appointments give me even more anxiety than being in person. There is no perfect substitute to face-to-face contact.

No. 580431

i cant stop having flashbacks and its so fucking depressing. my entire life has been non stop trauma. every fucking day i was hurt. i keep remembering new things too. i just wish i could wipe my memories and start again.

No. 580454

I think I finally convinced my mother to seriously think about dumping my dad. Everything is so much easier when he’s not in the picture and I’m almost giddy at the prospect of never having him in my life again. Fucking prick.

No. 580459

All the homeless people in the park near my apartment keep getting into fights and its really annoying. Fuck em tho, they keep bothering me and my dog

No. 580460

>Do you have an overbite?
I do and I actually have appointments planned to start fixing it so it's funny you mention that! Pandemic has put a hold on such plans as of right now, though.

Either way it's like >>580346 says - it'll still be there even when I get my dental health sorted. My Mum has gotten rid of her overbite and is quite thin, yet she still has a highly noticeable double chin. It really is straight up genetic unfortunately, so it sometimes gets to me that it's just how I'm built and I can't do much to change it. Maybe I'll figure out how to stop defining myself by my looks eventually… I really hope I can cause it eats at me all too often. If not, maybe that chin lipo is in my future lol.

No. 580461

Anon I feel you. I have genetic double chin too and getting my overbite fixed helped a little but not as much as I hoped. I thought there was a chance for me and then I saw pics of women on my dad's side of the family for the first time…. While it was nice to see woman who looked like me they all suffered mucho double chin.

No. 580483

I have a huge crush on a youtuber. I spend the day daydreaming about us playing vidya and cuddling, is the only thing keeping me happy right now, it's so pathetic. I wish men in my country weren't trash.

No. 580486

yes what he did was abusive and wrong, considering you were 14. it's grooming. i feel you anon, i don't know how to deal with this sort of stuff either. i had a similar inappropriate relationship with a grown man on tumblr when i was 14 too. im sooooo happy it stayed online but i always wonder if i hadn't deleted my tumblr if i would've been abused irl. just know yer not alone :/

No. 580492

File: 1594094151116.png (60.19 KB, 256x191, aaaaaa.PNG)

I'm so fucking pissed. Long rant incoming…
So, one of the neighbors in my apartment has a roach + trash problem to the point it's presumably infecting the whole building.
A lady moved in downstairs and proceeded to complain to our landlord that we were "stomping on the floor" (aka walking to the bathroom) at night. Before she moved in, bugs were very rare.
We had a heatwave and some roaches appeared. We figured it was just due to the weather. They didn't really have anywhere to fester in our apartment and after the 4th sighting, they vanished for a while. The landlord put up a notice in the lobby that there were multiple roach sightings, and they were willing to provide a free extermination service to anyone who requested it.
Evidently the person who's causing this didn't take up the offer. Roaches are STILL appearing in our apartment. Not only that… but there's an awful smell in the hallway.
I thought it was my roommate being a slob as he had a past history of it. We're civil but not at all friendly, so I don't go into his room. The other roommate is on a friendly level and says his room is surprisingly clean. Checking the area the stench is coming from.. there's nothing. It's the hallway of our apartment, which has no trash, food, or anything laying around - really it's quite bare. (We have wood floors also, so it's not like a stench stuck to the carpet). The bathroom connected to the hallway doesn't smell at all. My next guess was the kitchen… but it's not the kitchen either. Since the kitchen and hallway are connected with no door, some of the smell seems to have drifted in, but the smell is the strongest in the hall by far. And still… finding a roach a day in the apartment. They even get into my entirely insulated room which makes me think they're coming in from a crevice or crack in the wall. Luckily, no food is left out, so they're not able to survive long.
It feels like my landlord doesn't give a single fuck about this and if I report it, I feel like it'll be pinned on us despite the fact we're good tenants.
I have a huge fear of the little fuckers. There was even a god damn baby spider in here. How does that even happen? No mom spider, egg, or other babies were found. I screamed my lungs out and cried the first night I saw a roach… crawling on top of me. Now I'm paranoid and constantly feel itchy like they're on me.
The bugs were one thing but that horrible smell is another, it makes me not even want to leave my room anymore.
In all the years my roommates lived here, and the time I've spent here, there were no bug sightings. And now they're popping up. Fuck my life. Fuck having a severe bug phobia too. I can't even sleep comfortably anymore because I'm scared the little fucks will lay eggs in my ears or something.

No. 580495

I had a roach problem my freshman year of college (5+ sightings a day for grown roaches, dozens for nymphs) and it was really hell on earth, so I feel you. The management sent pest control guys with fancy equipment and pesticides regularly, but it never even made a dent. On my own dime, I tried every spray I could find, and they barely even died when directly squirted. Tinfoil but I legit think a lot of roaches, especially in cities or places with many apartments/dorms, are becoming immune to our current day pesticides.

I'm pretty sure the only thing that has a chance at working is baits. But it has to be organized building-wide, otherwise you'll just be inviting roaches into your room and your room only. If it's caught early enough, which it sounds like it has been in your case, I really think baiting could work. I would seriously talk to your apartment management about setting up baits all over the building, or at least in all the hallways.

The reason baiting works when pesticides do not, is that it is essentially impossible for you to manually find all the places where they are living. You'll miss some of the places they set up camp, even when you're thorough, they're sneaky. But with baits, the roaches do the work for you, by taking the poison food directly back to their nests or whatever. They eat it, all the nymphs eat it, and they die. But in order for it to work you have to have enough baits to feed them all, and have them spread out enough to cover all the places they come out to forage in.

Be the squeaky wheel on this and raise hell with management. They're gonna lose their whole building unless they act now. Good luck anon.

No. 580503

>immune to modern day pesticides
That's why you make friends with the cleaning ladies. A nice puerto rican lady gave me this homemade spray her family makes back home. I have no idea what the fuck is in it, but I have never had roaches since. If any puerto rican anons know of this kinda spray, please let me know how tf to make it.

No. 580505

File: 1594098313329.jpeg (267.12 KB, 2000x2000, 6c827b43-bd31-4981-82b8-09baef…)

Anon I swear by pic related.

I moved into a brand new apartment whose previous tenant must have been filthy because there were roaches, nymphets, and eggs everywhere. My complex management tried to play it off like I and my roommate were just filthy enough to have caused a roach problem within a week or so of moving in. They were slow in getting an exterminator and told me I had to wait a month while these fuckers quadrupled in numbers in my kitchen. I wasn't gonna wait! I bought this powder which is very inexpensive. I sprinkled it all along the sides of my walls and under appliances where the roaches traveled. If I saw a roach I peppered it with the powder and allowed it to travel back to the colony, where the roach would die and other roaches would cannibalize it and ingest the acid. I finally found what seemed to be a source best between the dishwasher and wall and powdered in the cracks there too.

They all died within a week. I told the complex exterminator to piss off cause I fixed the problem myself. It's been over a year and I haven't seem em since. The powder remains there too in case new bugs attempt an invasion.

You should still complain to your landlord about the stench however.

No. 580506

I got roaches from a nasty neighbor once. I got rid of them by putting boric acid powder everywhere the wall meets the floor. Also be sure you don't make it an inviting space.

No. 580511

Welp anons, found another roach. Managed to kill it, but not before breaking my nail causing it to bleed like mad. Wonderful.
I'll have to try boric acid first and see if it works. I don't know if it'll work forever because if they're coming from a neighbor, they're going to come back.
I'm determined to bitch to the landlord at this point but ultimately, the landlord won't fix it. The only way to fix it is to exterminate the whole building, and there's no way that's going to happen, my landlord is shit and a cheapass
I'm not sleeping tonight, I guess…

No. 580513

Agreeing with what everyone here has said about boric acid. Also, I know what it’s like. My apartment complex is super old and has water bugs in the basement (I live on the first floor, so they wander up sometimes I guess) and they scare the shit out of me. I legitimately cry and freeze up and am always scared I’ll see another one. Raise hell with your management and if you’re able, rent strike until they fix the problem since I’m assuming you signed your lease with the knowledge you’d have a clean, non-bug infested place to live. It’s one thing if you volunteer to get your apartment sprayed, but it has to be a complex-wide effort or they’re just gonna keep coming back. Best of luck, Anon, I know how awful that situation is.

No. 580521

File: 1594100440874.jpeg (6.66 KB, 224x224, download (5).jpeg)

Um, how do I tell my entitled friend to go kick rocks?
She wants us to spend close to $400 to travel to the coast for the weekend for her birthday.
I've never had a friend with so much audacity before. I know she doesn't care or think about money because her husband provides everything for her, but she really should be more considerate considering that some of us aren't married and don't have men to fall back on to provide us with shit. We also don't get paid time off work and if I had $400 to spend I'd take myself someplace I'd actually want to go and relax.

I'm honestly really fucking mad that she's so tone deaf. I feel like telling her off in chat.

No. 580528

i've been struggling a lot with my eating disorder at work. i have quite the physical job and i've been scheduled 6 days in a row. i like that it gives me something to do and i'm making money, but every day i wake up dreading going in because of how dizzy i get. i always feel like fainting and get random headaches and just feel super spacey all the time. i know it's my fault and something i have to work on, hell i even try to make myself a meal in the morning but i find it very hard to keep it down. i keep considering quitting because in order to get a leave of absence i need a doctor's note, and i'm unsure if i can even handle a few more shifts… idk how long it would take for the doctors note thing to go through and i'm sure my manager would make me finish my schedule. i'm normal weight so people probably don't suspect a thing and think i'm being wimpy or unreliable (despite visible weight loss)
even if i got time off, i still doubt i'd be willing to change my behavior. it's such a weird battle, i want to get better so i can actually function, but i also legitimately have some weird issues with eating and my brain insists i must look like the vision of myself i have in my head. i feel like i won't want to recover until i hit rock bottom health wise, even if i do reach my goal weight.

No. 580534

Why does she keep her orbiters around?

No. 580545

I don't understand what Venus did to make so many people hate her so passionately. She had a crazy ass mother who forced her to be a ~living doll~ and moved to Japan to marry a visa husband, and then what? She's posting nudes and looks slightly off in awkwardly paused frames in her videos? She's doing anything your generic weeb e-thot is doing yet her thread is full of autistic a-logging rage fits like this:
>Holy shit. She looks awful. It's like someone kidnapped a developmentally disabled 35 year old woman with a crack addiction off the streets, rinsed her in a sink, put her hair in pigtails, and filmed her for their $5 budget back-alley porn.
I don't get it. Venus is just a sadcow to me. I feel too sorry for her to be comfortable at directing this much malice her way. It's pretty clear she's doing this onlyfans stuff because she has nothing else.

No. 580547

File: 1594109558552.jpg (59.69 KB, 500x418, idk.jpg)

I was thinking about some stuff from my childhood today and so eventually I started thinking about the time I used to get molested by a religious teacher for some years and I wasn't feeling too terrible til I realized a detail I never thought about before, that whenever he use to touch me with his hands or whatever, one of his hands would always be under the desk and I always wondered what it was doing, moving so weird and all, just realized he was jerking off with that hand and I just want to kill myself now. Wish I didn't realize that, I feel pretty terrible

No. 580548

Give name and city, I’ll kill the motherfucker

No. 580551


No. 580552

I got two teeth removed. I need to have four more removed because the place I went to didnt do payment plans and I got denied for it anyway because of my low credit score/debt. Went in trying to get 6 removed but only ended up with two because $500 was the absolute most I could spend without cutting too much into bills. I guess I should be lucky all problem teeth are in the back/wisdom teeth.
Not being able to eat food really really sucks. On one hand, I cant binge and I might lose some weight. On the other hand I'm a fatass and food is my comfort so not having that now - and in the future - is making me sad.
I'm a bitch so I dont like pain at all but I'm just feeling bad rn anons. I feel like such a failure because my body needs so much help but it's so expensive and I just feel like a leech.

No. 580553

i love u anon

No. 580558

File: 1594111450083.jpeg (43.17 KB, 975x975, A8114C3D-74CD-4B28-B809-1CBE79…)

My only close friend is being an emotionally abusive asshole towards me, raging out at me from the smallest reasons and then implying I’m the one that made her angry and basically thanking me for being her punching bag, probably just to make me feel like an asshole if I told her to stop treating me like crap.

She just loves to misunderstand a lot of the things I say and twist them to fit her arguments, does anything to make herself seem intellectually/morally superior and just loves painting herself like she’s the best person and everyone around her is stupid.

A couple of years ago when I told her about lolcow she cut contact with me because “I’m actually a good person m’kay” but then she started openly shitting on people. I just hate her hyocrisy and when I point it out to her she’s like “Well I’m not perfect”.

Can’t cut contact with her because she’s basically my only friend and the only person that I like talking to on a daily basis. Believe me, I tried making other friends but I never managed to get the kind of emotional intimacy that I get with her. I guess I’m gonna remain a punching bag for now

No. 580565

As someone else with fucked up teeth I relate to your misery. Dental problems are fucking horrifying. Love u anon

No. 580570

You could give me a million dollars right now and I wouldn't be happy. I would be happIER, but not happy. And that's crazy considering I'm poor asf.

Being lonely is hell on earth.

No. 580590

File: 1594117424438.png (169.53 KB, 256x256, Ea98JKCXgAI_Xz1.png)


No. 580591

Not those anons but boric acid works wonders! I live in NYC and roaches are an unfortunate way of life here, but boric acid has helped to lessen their numbers in my apartment. It works well because it poisons them from the inside as they clean themselves after stepping in it. If they step in it and bring it back to their nest and die there, as other roaches eat them, they’ll become poisoned too (or something like that- I know its poison to them but someone else told me the eating line lol). Diatomaceous earth/ASG powder is meh against roaches since it needs each of them to come out and walk over the powder so it can work and dry them to their deaths, boric acid can be taken back to the nest and really nip the problem in the bud. Might not hurt to use both though since ASG powder (brands like Cimexa) can be used against other pests as well and don’t need to be reapplied for up to 10 years as long as the area doesn’t wet.

Good luck anon! I fucking hate roaches.

No. 580595

Thanks anon, I really appreciate it. I always feel so bad about my teeth so while it sucks to go through all of this at least I can say I'm getting it done and over with

No. 580603

Eat different

No. 580609

I have horrible arachnophobia and this is driving me insane. I found a spider in the bathroom two days ago, and since I was home alone I had no idea what to do. I ended up having a horrible panic attack for like 30 minutes until I could control my breath, but I was still freaking out and frozen, I couldn't move for like another 30 minutes because I was so scared.
When my brother came home I basically turned my bathroom into a gas chamber. There is NO way that spider is alive, but I still can't be inside of that bathroom for longer than 30 seconds. I just want to take a shower ffs, I feel so disgusting.
I also just bought this other overpriced spray specifically for spiders and other crawling insects, but now I don't know if I should use it because it says to only spray on places out of the reach of pets.

No. 580611

i had to call into work and say i'm not coming in tomorrow morning bc my car's suspension broke but i feel super guilty. literally everyone does it at some point but i feel like i'm betraying my coworkers which sucks. i wouldn't even care but i like my coworkers & they were excited to work with me tomorrow. a previous boss i had from a different job would tell me that not coming to work bc of your car not working isn't a worthwhile excuse so that makes it even worse hehe.

No. 580614

My boyfriend is away for work and I have been masturbating before bed like I used to when I was single. I've rediscovered it like a really comforting ritual I had forgotten… Now that I sleep next to him every night I had forgotten how peaceful and self-reliant I used to feel when I would just run one out and drift straight off. It will just have to be a sometimes thing now I suppose.

No. 580616

File: 1594125882586.jpg (202.41 KB, 1080x1080, f648541c-d15a-4f87-9e44-3f6667…)

I want to look more mature and put together but it clashes with my mental something something. I'm 25 but feel uncomfortable as fuck in dresses or anything super feminine and I hate it because I love the styles and how delicate it all looks but I'm just… not that. I'm also not full on masculine dressing so I feel like my whole style is all over the place and it looks unprofessional af. I'm too old for this shit.

No. 580618

We are the same person, glad someone else feels this way too

No. 580631

Get that brush grip thing, look up spider catcher/gripper on google. I feel bad if I end up killing a spider, so it was perfect for me. Just wish it had a longer handle, but way quicker than the glass and paper method. IMO the sprays are so slow, you pray it and it's ran behind something before it can get a lethal dose.

Side vent, this is why I hate staying at my parents house, they hoard shit and allow spiders to grow HUGE. They don't take my phobia seriously and yell at me if I scream (I was once showering and a spider THE SIZE OF MY PALM was on my fucking ARM) and will often refuse to help me with it unless I bug them to shit. I called my mom upstairs once and asked her to watch the spider while I got a glass, came back and it was GONE, she shrugged when I asked where it was and I couldn't sleep that night or the next.

Now I live in a 3rd floor apartment next to the forest, and make sure everything is clean and uncluttered and there are nets on the windows. My parents said loads of spiders were inevitable. I've had two spiders in the last 18 months vs. one massive one a week and at least one every other day at my parents'. One because I had to bring all my balcony plants in, and one I saw walking in through the doorway.

No. 580632

no no no no no anons. It's 8 am and I still haven't gone to bed. I tried to but my body has gone into overdrive. I just feel really jittery and want to sleep for 10 years but also run a marathon. Should I just try to stay awake until tonight? FUCK

No. 580643

I hate giving my rats their medication. My vet gave me a shit load of enrofloxacin to give them every 12 hours and they hate it.

They didn't flavor it so it's just raw so I have to hold them by their heads and force it into their mouths little by little.

No. 580652

File: 1594130485040.jpeg (18.83 KB, 228x222, F4555894-05DA-46C9-8132-F214D9…)

my skin picking problem is getting worse again… i made some progress in the past few months but i ruined my skin again and it’s making me feel ugly and frustrated which makes me want to pick on my skin even more… it’s a vicious circle, ugh

No. 580662

My bf called me clingy because he's been majorly depressed and I was trying to help him by offering advice and getting on him to call his therapist and psychiatrist. Like what else was I supposed to do when his depression was pretty much all he texted me about for a week and he was telling me how bad it was and I know he self harms and at least has suicidal ideation?

I'm pretty sure when he picks me up from the airport (my grandma died so this whole week I've been out of town) he's gonna break up with me. I just have major whiplash because literally the day before he was telling me how much he missed me and wanted to cuddle.

No. 580665

God, with every new video, I keep hating Lindsay Ellis more and more. Why did I even like her in the first place?

No. 580666

Two things.
1. Understand that depression makes people act in irrational ways and say irrational things.
2. With that being said, don't let people who are struggling with their own mental health drag you into a dark place along with them.

I would text him saying that you don't appreciate him saying that you're clingy when all you were trying to do is help. He can't drop all of his heavy shit and get mad when you try to be there for him. Also let him know that he can't let his depression go untreated. It's not fair to him or to you. You aren't obligated to stay with someone or be empathetic to someone who is making no effort to get better.

No. 580672

You're the one with the dead grandma and he's texting you about his depression all week… then calls you clingy! I have depression, it doesn't make you an asshole

No. 580677

I lost a lot of respect for her after she did that rape joke. Honestly, her coat tailing off the nostalgia critic in the beginning too is side eye worthy. She seems like a big pick me

No. 580679

I feel so fucking stupid. I keep getting shitty grades on all my assignments. I don't know why I am trying anymore. I try my best, think I have done okay and just get crushed when grades are released. I am not even expecting the top grade just something not absolutely awful.

No. 580682

Yeah, I just read about it. I had no idea. Also lel at her calling herself bi when she's only ever been with guys.

No. 580684

Wait, what rape joke? Is there some place I can read about what she said? KF maybe?

No. 580687

The notion that identity politics are somehow benevolent and not extremely thinly veiled bigotry/prejudice is slowly but surely sapping what little faith I have in humanity.

No. 580688

I wish I had friends that I could hang out with now, but they are all in different countries. They were originally coning home for the summer, but yaknow

No. 580693

All my friends from the same group have suddenly stopped inviting me to places and only talk to me rarely.
I just asked one of my best friends if she wanted to hang out tomorrow night and she gave some half assed excuse.
What's even worse is, whenever they haven't invited me I can see them all hanging out together in their social media posts.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a sperg so I could go out and make new friends or even make friends online.

No. 580700

They clearly don't actually like you. Stop wasting energy chasing after them.

No. 580709

I'm in a place in my life where I could really use some emotional support. I am still doing what I planned, but I have certain people around who try to go against what I want to do, and since I have no one who's positive to counteract that, I lash out incredibly easy. I just hate everyone.

No. 580714

I hate that I shake uncontrollably at even the smallest conflict. I'm a grown adult, I need to be able to stand up for myself but the moment I open my mouth I start shaking, tearing up and b my voice breaks even though I'm not scared.
Today some boomer woman crowded into me at the store so I told her to give me 2m space and wait a moment, and that she should be wearing a mask. She immediately got defensive and said she had a mask (she was literally holding it in her hand, not wearing it kek) and when I told her that the rules exist to stop the spread of the virus she changed the subject by saying other people weren't wearing masks and asked if I was going to pick a fight with them all too. I then realized I was going to start shaking so I told her that if they walked into me too then I would and made my exit before the shaking started, but it's bullshit because I wanted to stand my ground and make her wait until I was done.
I'm not a cowardly person but I can't control it at all even with all the breathing techniques in the world. I'll never be taken seriously at work or anywhere else when I can't even calmly disagree with people. Who wound respect a crying, shaking person? I hate this.

No. 580715

The same exact thing happened to me back in January anon. And when I confronted one of them about it, he basically told me that I no longer mesh with the group and that I need to go find some new friends. It's been over half a year, and I have yet to make any new friends

No. 580717

I recommend reading Grit by Angela Duckworth, it helped me when I wanted to drop out because I had someone close that didn't want me to continue my studies. I'm now a few weeks from graduating.

No. 580721

My mom is annoying the shit out of me because "anon you'll be 30 this year and no husband and no children!!!! You're an old maid!"
She's also been asking me when will I introduce her to my new bf and how serious is he about having a family. Ffs we've been dating for less than half a year, not even official because I don't want to (I have commitment issues but that's another story) and fuck I don't want kids ever. I regret even telling her I'm dating someone.

No. 580722

Why do I feel this so much lol. Used to LOVE her videos about musicals. One day something seemed to click into place and I suddenly found her annoying. Now she's the most self-righteous prick on Twitter and I have to endure everyone in my general circle of peers /just/ discovering her and going on about how they love her so much.

No. 580723

Thanks, I'll read it.

No. 580724

I'm so uncomfortable and trapped in this broken meat vessel, I feel like when a cicada gets trapped halfway through breaking out of its chrysalis and starts getting eaten by hornets. That imagery has never left me after I saw it, and fully showcases how I'm feeling right now. I wish I had tools to help me carve out a place for myself but I lack the strength or something. I need a hug and a babysitter, and I need $25,000 worth of LSD and a water bed to play on. Nothing feels quite like this

No. 580725

Less than 6 months together… if you gave in to her pressure you'd be set up for two painful decades of co-parenting. What a joy

No. 580726

Is this satire?

No. 580732

Gurl all you need is $10 worth really

No. 580749

The spiders we get where I currently live are those thin ones and daddy long legs, nothing like recluses thankfully. Would the catcher still work with those?
Either way, next year I'll be moving to a more rural zone with forests nearby and actually big spiders, so I'll most likely end up getting one. I also don't like killing them unless I get no other choice (by the time my brother came home it was already gone).

I feel you about people not taking you seriously. Every time I get a panic attack because I found a spider my mother starts yelling at me because I'm overreacting, as if I didn't know that already lol

No. 580750

I wish.
It would be for an investment! A worthy amount

No. 580751

>Was working at an independently owned business back in the beginning of May
>Owner was a total cocksucker, rude as hell to coworkers and customers, total know-it-all but also a massive dumbass who made mistakes often, made weird comments about women when he thought they couldn't hear them
>I gtfo out as soon as I could
>Unfortunately my latest job was only temporary and that's over now
>So I'm jobless for about 3 weeks now, and there aren't really any prospects in this backwater village I'm trapped in
>The owner of the last place is asking me to return, offering me a raise if I do
>The hours weren't terrible and the pay will be really good, but thinking about how stressful and terrible my time there was is making me reconsider it
>Also the owner was just so horrible that the thought of having to spend so much of my time around him gives me an ulcer
>BuT i NeEd Da MoNeY

Anons, is my peace of mind worth it?

No. 580754

File: 1594146867017.jpg (54.39 KB, 500x370, tumblr_ogwo1rN7Ps1uf05l4o1_500…)

This is a really dumb, minor vent but I really wish I had some close friends who I can geek out with over our favorite series and husbandos and stuff. I miss being involved with online fandoms but I stopped engaging around 2016 because I was so sick of the tumblr/twitter moralfags shitting everything up and sucking the fun out of everything. Now I just enjoy everything on my own, save for the occasional lurk on reddit, but I kinda hate their sense of humor. I do miss seeing fun memes, fanart, and theories from other fans, but then when I try to go looking in the communities I see all the bad shit that ruined fandom for me in the first place and it's just not worth it. A few bad apples really do spoil the whole bunch for me, and I wish I could get over it and ignore the bad people but they're like goddamn roaches you can't escape, and even people who seem chill at first end up being batshit insane too.

I think the real moral of the story is simply that I'm a lonely weeb with no friends. I hope one day I can muster up the courage to use the friend finder thread here since I feel like this place is my best bet to find like-minded women but I need to get over myself first because I'm too damn shy.

No. 580755

Put mosquito nets on all of your windows, can't have spiders in your home if they aren't able to get in. There's a lot of cheap velcro ones that are really easy to install

No. 580759

Maybe we really should start a small server on Discord or something to talk about husbandos and other nerdy shit. I saw that other anons were talking about how neat it'd be to be in a group like that in the Dumbass Shit thread yesterday and I agree, it sounds fun as hell.

No. 580762

I'd join

No. 580765

AYRT and that sounds like it would be so comfy and fun! even if I'm scared I'm too much of an unsocialized sperg to handle group conversations

No. 580768

File: 1594147965496.jpeg (38.96 KB, 511x409, 89F274C7-54CA-490B-9A12-FEB9C7…)

I’m 28, with severe social anxiety (might even be Avoidant Personality Disorder) and I feel like I wasted my fucking life. My dating life has been nonexistent for several years and I barely have any friends. I know it’s not too late to change my life around, but I’m still pissed that I wasted my teens and most of my 20s

No. 580770

I think we are all unsocialized spergs here so you don't have anything to worry about kek. If more anons are interested then let me know, I wouldn't mind starting a server for us!

No. 580772


No. 580780

Yeah luckily this guy doesn't want kids either and I won't get knocked up, thanks BC.

No. 580788

>we are all unsocialized spergs here
Lmfao, a good point. I'm definitely down for this server and I'm glad I'm not the only one!

No. 580791

Put peanut butter on the tip of the syringe you use to feed them their meds and it should be easier to just shoot it into their mouths!

No. 580800

File: 1594150426215.jpeg (65.45 KB, 749x934, EbD5QyVWkAQBrLo.jpeg)

Idk where to post this… I've been kind of going out with a guy (we've been on a couple of dates, we held hands, cuddled, he introduced me to his family, etc.). He is a wonderful guy but he washes his hair once a week and it's greasy af. Just… he has good hair genetics, his hair looks perfect even tho he uses some cheap shampoo and no conditioner, but it's greasy
ans gross 80% of the time because he refuses to wash it every other day. I think it's too soon for me to bring it up, so I'm left with a greasy guy. Ugh.

No. 580814

File: 1594151379603.jpg (222 KB, 640x960, 72836954.jpg)

>recently predators outed in the local jfashion comms
>multiple women step forward with instances of abuse and corroboration of stories
>predators banned, but not apologetic
>never own up to what they did and offer non-apologies at best cause they clearly don't want to admit wrongdoing
>post articles about how cancel culture is wrong and try to drum up fake positivity around the situation
>predators receive a ton of support
>women who stepped forward called crazy witch hunters bc some predators named would never hurt a fly

I don't know what I expected. I actually don't want to delete the predators off my social media but at the same time I don't want to look unsupportive. It's about keeping enemies close and keep tabs on the shit they say and do.

No. 580816

If it's particularly greasy ask if he has just showered. When he asks why, say his hair is wet. He knows it's grease and will feel embarrassed.

No. 580820

Introduce his face to some dry shampoo.

No. 580823

This would never work for someone who is direct and not insecure. Personally, if someone said that to me, I'd reply "oh no it just looks like that naturally" and never give it a second thought after that. It would never occur to me that sentence meant you wanted me to wash my hair - if you want me to wash my hair, fucking say it.

No. 580828

File: 1594152458567.gif (2.56 MB, 444x444, 4a4.gif)

I recently broke up with the bpd ex bf.

He has childhood trauma which is almost redeeming but he has little self-awareness and little desire to improve. He also has a narcissistic facade which makes it hard to deal with him. He's good in the sack though and could be sweet and gentle and I had feelings for him.

He has good and self-aware days where he is willing to change and he behaved well towards me during and after the break-up (except that I learnt now he desperately hit on at least one friend/aquaintance because of his sex addiction tendency).

So distance made my heart go wander and I was hopeful and naive enough to give it a chance again. Also, there were some emotional loose ends for me in the first break-up somehow that made it hard for me to move on. I didn't have the clarity to move on. So we got back together which was a mistake (or maybe not as things are much clearer for me now).

He is in a therapy institution atm and drinks and smokes weed on the weekends. He is in his last two weeks and got ordered to do a drug test. I brought him pee in a coffee cup (disgraceful) to cheat said test. He put it in a glove in the bathroom and tricked the test.

He still managed to make rude and inappropriate remarks about my finances (which aren't great but alright) on that same day. Which I called out. It's none of his concern especially when I disgrace myself by bringing him pee for a drug test like a dumbass without self-respect.

Anyway, we had a huge fight during which he switched between apologies and debasing remarks (which nullifies the apologies, doesn't it?). I then as a response wanted my stuff back and offered to give him his. He called it black-mailing with a break-up, proceeded to blackmail me by saying he will hold onto my sweater until he had his 15 bucks back which I owe him. After I called it out, we met and exchanged stuff. We fought more, he expected me to break up, provoked me until I broke up, we fought more, I threw some insults at him and then blocked him everywhere.

During the early stages of our fight he invalidated me a lot. At first, I offered him to talk it out irl in the evening as fights via messages are useless and I wanted to go about our evening plans as usual and cook together. When we fought more and I cancelled the plans, he called me needing time for myself weird and abnormal and insane. Later, he also invalidated that I wasn't feeling well because of the fight and called it my fault and abnormal and insane.

He messaged me from some account today and played the victim because I insulted him. He thinks he has the moral high-ground and that I overreacted and that I'm a total psycho. Apparently he showed our entire conversation to "4 people who reaffirmed it"

During this week, I will take the money I owe him from my strict budget plan plus one cent tip for his attempted blackmail and give it up at the hospital reception where he's staying and then that's that on that.

Idk, now I'm trying to wrap up this text. I'm still processing. I guess the upside is that there are no loose ends anymore. And I need to turn into a responsible, self-respecting adult.
I'm a bit scared that he knows my address and I have this diffuse fear of vengeful behaviour on his side. Right now I'm sitting in a pile of shards of regrettable choices that I made for myself.

I hope I can look back on this some day as just a regrettable experience with a really sick guy. I worked hard on myself and wanna make it count.

No. 580830

But why can't you do that on your own though? Idk what naturally greasy hair feels like, but I can't imagine it would feel good. Especially on your neck, shoulders and back.

No. 580833

People bitch about women with bpd but oh my god stay the fuck away from men with it, they're so much worse.

Leave him for good, he'll be in and out of the looney bin for years to come or he'll beat his next gf and go to prison. No loss.

No. 580834

You ask as if I'm that anon's boyfriend, lol. I have no idea why he doesn't wash his hair. I'm just saying if her bf is not insecure in himself and is direct in communication (and hopefully he is both), the subtle shaming attempt won't work. Just talk to him like a normal person ffs, why play stupid mind-games over trivial shit, what kind of a relationship is that.

No. 580840

I don't think my bf realizes he has pretty serious anxiety and it's not my place to tell him he does, but it really makes it hard to address flare-ups when they're happening. Most of the time he's fine but he'll have random panic attacks or overreact (in contrast to how he normally reacts) to minor inconveniences with visibly intense stress. For example, the power in our house short circuits (?) often and all we have to do is text the landlord downstairs to reset it, but when this happens my bf is like…literally pale-faced and sweating, sitting in a corner stressing out over it until it's over. It's really disorienting because he's normally such a level-headed person, and if I try to snap him out of it or relax him he becomes frustrated with me as if I'm being dismissive or not understanding.

I have my own mental health issues but I feel like being aware of and acknowledging them helps me get through "episodes." He seems completely unaware that his level of anxiety is abnormal, especially when there's tangible rational things to be worried about, and I doubt he would be receptive if I suggested he might have anxiety. Especially because his dad and younger sister have depression/anxiety and are open about their problems, it's like he thinks "oh I know what that looks like and I'm not like that so I'm good." I don't mind talking him through his panic attacks at all but I just really wish he'd realize it's not normal. It makes me worry about him and pains me to see him in that state, but there's nothing I can do. Ugh

No. 580841

It is absolutely your place to tell him. He might not want to acknowledge out of fear of overshadowing your issues or making you feel insecure with him as a partner. He could also just be embarrassed to struggle with anxiety as a man. Tell him.

No. 580846

I made it! I posted the invite link in the Friend Finder thread over in /g/

No. 580850

It might be male pride that has him acting oblivious to how bad it is. I mean I find it very hard to believe anyone wouldn't notice their own increasing anxiety levels or panic attacks! He might come from a family where admitting that stuff is hard. He might see your struggles and feel a need to be 'the strong one'

No. 580853

don't mean to sound mad but eating scabs is gross and people defending it because "UWU mental illness" is just confusing lol I know it comes from extreme stress but damn, still isn't something that should be outright normalized because saying eating scabs is gross may hurt someones feelings.

No. 580859

i mean if you're willing to tolerate such disrespect from a man for money you may as well go full sugar baby

No. 580867

>make retard mistake of sending a snap of me smiling with the freckle face filter on my newer better phone to a few pals and this one really openly jealous miserable asshole i'm friends with just saying "wow my phone quality finally doesn't suck!" nothing about appearance
>she immediately snaps me back saying "you look ugly"
>i snap her back saying "no i look fine lol"

like seriously, usually you'd think "oh she's just kidding anon chill out" but the key background here is that she's a very poor by choice, bottom of the barrel pick me and every time i come over her non-boyfriend who she lies to everyone about being her real boyfriend talks about how i'm way more attractive than her, behind my back and to my face sometimes and then this bitch (after she's had a couple drinks) will scream, wail and flip out in front of me and even in front of my normal friend i introduced her to once about how she hates how the verbally abusive, incel tier jobless broke video game addicted leech guy she's letting live with her while she uses her humble paycheck to pay for everything for him AND lets him fuck her anytime he wants, all while he puts her down, calls her a slut, talks big about how he finds me and countless other women more attractive etc etc and as i said, will NOT date her but she lies on social media about dating him kek. and of course they both caught a noticeable attitude with me when i was over for drinks this week because i was talking about how i had a guy with a really cool car wanting to pick me up to go on a first date (both of these people share a tiny tiny apartment that reeks of cat shit bc they let their poor bored cats just shit in the literbox and they never ever clean it, they let cat puke sit in a bucket right in the tiny living room whilst i'm over, and the guy has a sore spot about being fucking 26 and having no license, no car, he never leaves this shitty apartment so he definitely was visibly triggered at the mere mention of a guy being able to pick me up), i'm sick of the clear jealousy and now straight up cunty remarks when i'm never mean or rude about their revoltingly messy, garbage filled bottom of the barrel hygiene and life antics. yet she'll also beg me to come over almost every weekend. grimy bullshit. i need to branch out and make real friends.

No. 580869

My friend is 24 and a full career as a nurse and her mom does the same shit. It's so toxic to see women treat their daughters like this.

No. 580870

The money is never worth it when you gotta deal with a shit boss. Nope

No. 580873

holy shit i was just watching this youtube clip about how the trump admin is looking at possibly banning tiktok in the US over the privacy concerns and conspiracies over it being linked to the CCP

and the host is interviewing this dumbass specialist??? no clue who this fucking moron is but some dumbass out of touch white man who is speaking on what tiktok is and the hoaxes on it.

these out of touch idiots are really trying to say tiktok being linked to the CCP is even comparable to the teenagers on tiktok making racist tiktoks for 4 seconds of fame. those two things are unrelated and not at all a part of a Chinese conspiracy, it's shitty American white kids being racist. not at all linked to the privacy issue?? wtf is it being brought up??

and then in the same sentence he said KEK IS A DEROGATORY PHRASE LMAO FUCKING KEK. where do they find these morons??

these 2 things have jack shit to do with each other (edgy teens on tiktok being edgy, white supremacists falling for hoaxes spread by tiktok, and the ccp using tiktok to spy) why are they being brought up in the same story like it at all is relevant?

i swear to god i could eat a quesaritto and shit out something more comprehensible and socially aware about what the fuck tiktok is than these fucking 35 year old news "specialists".

No. 580876

> people defending it because "UWU mental illness"


No. 580877

republicans are like we don't want government intervention states rights!!! and then turn around and say ban tiktok kek

No. 580880

some people with OCD (and probably other things) pick and eat scabs as a compulsion. but anon is a retard for thinking OCD is a mental illness kek.

No. 580883

what? you're the retard if you think that OCD isn't a mental illness

No. 580884

Enjoy your chink spyware

No. 580889

We were planning on getting them anyways because mosquitos love my blood, so I’ll go buy them as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, I read spraying white vinegar mixed with water deters them from getting in your house? I put it on my bedroom window and balcony door, hopefully it works.

No. 580892

Lol chill out bro, i dont care if it is or not. My point is eating scabs are gross and i dont care what reason an adult has to do it. Damn let me vent.

No. 580893

Anon this bitch openly calls you ugly to your face and you haven't blocked her or end your "friendship"? Do other friends in your circle like her or something?

No. 580895

an anxiety disorder isn't a mental illness.

No. 580899

get rid of them. Same shit happened to me.

No. 580902

sorry maybe i wrote my long post badly kek i was rambling but to my face she rants and fishes for compliments by saying that she's so insecure because i have the "ideal body" and talks about how her fantasy neet asshole fake "boyfriend" always says how good i look when i'm not there, then now she's flipping it and calling me ugly on snapchat as of today lol. i am very stupid for still going over there. my closest friend thinks she's a raging pick me with awful hygiene (accurate) but i just like having an apartment to talk and drink in (i just started a new job finally so i've been still living with my parents, don't have my own place yet). i just wish she could grow up and stop acting like such an annoying fool in every aspect.

No. 580903

File: 1594162318315.png (177.05 KB, 542x406, berntea.png)

i drank 2 margaritas by myself to celebrate an unremarkable tuesday night and i’m thinking about the trajectory of my online behavior! was gonna post in the drunk thread but it's too bleak

thinking back, i can't believe tumblr circa 2010-2012 was allowed to exist the way it did for so long. it was so fucked up with the nymphet trend… 10 years later, i can still think of like 5 blogs off the top of my head whose DDLG relationships i remember admiring as a 13 year old. like, girls my age/barely older talking about their 20-something daddies, greasy fucks they probably met on that very same platform. ugh.

but even before tumblr, i remember going on 4chan and lurking as men gushed over girls my age, lamenting how it was their peak—and i remember believing it to my very core, because i had no idea what was expected from a girl/woman or what was attractive. i wonder if i’ve internalized it more than i've ever let on. i was so young and impressionable and the message i got from the internet, anime, etc., was that the best woman was actually a child. i remember turning 15 and feeling like i was already washed up since i was no longer, like. "loli age."

what kind of tumblr circles was everyone part of back in the day?

No. 580905

I think deep down inside you like the drama you cause from your pickme friend and her bf over your looks

No. 580909

Lol I have no problems dropping friends over dumb shit like that so I guess I don't really understand. My old roommate's bf (who lived with us for a month before they moved without her asking us) made it obvious that he was attracted to me and she got jelly about it. I immediately just stopped talking to her about stuff unless it was important.

No. 580910

Based, it was almost transparent

No. 580914

This. Ok, she called anon ugly and that's rude af, but anon is perfectly aware it's jealousy and isn't remotely insecure. Kinda just sounds like she's basking in the ego boost from knowing her friend is jelly and her bf wants to fuck her. Everyone in this story is childish af.

Honestly I really cannot understand all the posts we get on here about friendship drama. I haven't had a disagreement or gotten mad at a friend since I was like 16.

No. 580915

Funny how she calls her friend a pickme while acting like one herself lol

No. 580916

File: 1594164374277.png (181.67 KB, 500x370, pic of anons friends.png)

>I haven't had a disagreement or gotten mad at a friend since I was like 16

No. 580917

I say bitches like her get what they deserve. Good for you for seeing through her shit, make her seethe harder!

No. 580918

probably. i'll call a pathetic sad pick me exactly how it is lol. i won't lie and say it isn't at times entertaining.

not sure how i'm a pick me because i have no interest in any guy and i only see this one fucking sad neet when i visit the chicks apartment but okay retard. your logic is lacking. if i was actively texting or talking to the guy it'd be a different story but i never ever speak to him, i know the female "friend" from high school lol.

No. 580921

Instead of leaving the situation you enjoy the competition and feing like the hot one. You're a pickme babe.

No. 580922


No. 580923

you're sadly delusional if you think that's being a pickme. so sorry that me existing and seeing a previous old friend then having bullshit drama (clearly none of this is earth shattering, i brought it to the lolcow vent thread for a reason kek) happen + turning down this neet guy last year when he asked to actually go out with me is somehow being a pickme. projecting, most likely "babe"

No. 580924

Yeah, but you keep hanging around this girl because you like the ego boost and her getting jelly over some of the guys in her life finding you more attractive. Idg how you dont see how that is pickme behaviour lol

No. 580925

Nta you're so cringe please stop. Just embrace the truth that you're only in contact with the jelly bitch to feel superior, that's fine, pretty girls are retarded on the inside too. The fact that you tried to mislead anons into thinking you were the victim of scorn for no reason is cow-tier.

No. 580928

>you tried to mislead anons into thinking you were the victim of scorn for no reason

Not OP but hello? She IS the victim of scorn for no actual fucking reason other than she's pretty and her shitty friend chooses to lower her own self-esteem by sticking with some desperate dude who is only with her out of his convenience. Anon's inner thoughts that she's venting here are her own and she's got every right to throw her beauty in the face of some sour bitch who'd rather tear down another woman's looks than ditch the dude that's responsible for making her feel like shit about hers.

Sorry Stacey bullied you and made you feel like competition, but maybe examine your relationship with men and how they drive you mental.

No. 580931

If she doesnt like it, she can just leave the friendship but she stays because she likes the drama. She even said herself shes not going to stop going over there and she likes the entertainment. At this point everything that's happening to her is her own fault.

No. 580936

Lol anon is actively letting herself be involved in the drama and admits she likes it. She's not a victim. If wanna pull the muh misogyny card, anon is also guilty for condemning the jealous girl and not her incel boyfriend who made her insecure and toxic with his abuse. But no, she'd rather feel validated by some moid she doesn't like thinking she's hot lmao men jerk of to a ceiling fan ffs, but project as much as you like about how we're all so threatened by stacies.

No. 580941

There wouldn't BE drama if that sullen little
girl would ditch her scrub and stop being mean towards women she's jealous of.

How did she not condemn the incel? She literally described what a user and mooch he is but yeah stupid women are accountable for the stupid shit they do to other women. Sorry not sorry, reevaluate your feelings. You wouldn't be so easily jealous of other women for shallow and dumb reasons if you had a spine of your own.

No. 580943

Both parties are equally retarded.

No. 580954

I enjoy being alone but on the other hand it kinda fucking sucks. All the social relations I have seem forced. Is it natural to feel that way? Like you don't really connect with anyone in a meaningful way. People that I know don't really differ from random passerby on streets

No. 580961

I wonder if the reason I can't touch inside myself is because I was molested before becoming sexually active. I can use vibrators, but I always have to use like clothing as a barrier idk, I also enjoy penetration but think its abnormal how freaked out I am by my own vagina

No. 580965

I've had jealous friends who had dated guys that openly flirted with anyone, even me. Never had them spaz out and insult me, but I don't know how you carry yourself anon but it's really easy to not encourage dickheaded guys to flirt with you, even if you are drop dead gorgeous. I always favour my friends feeling over getting my ego stroked and since you like using this girl for her indepdence since you still live with your parents you could at least do the courtesy of being cold towards this guy you've apparently already rejected.

No. 580980

My parents have a tendency to be verbally/emotionally abusive to me, but I hate it the most when they bully me into doing things or 'suggest' things and get mad when I don't want to do everything they say. I wish I could move out but they forced me to drop out and not go to college too so I'm stuck and it fucking sucks. When I actually stick up for myself they ground me like I'm some fucking kid. It's so frustrating and humiliating.

No. 580986

I have never felt the inside of my vagina either, was also molested before becoming sexually active. I can use a tampon with an applicator and have no issue with partners doing their thing down there but if I try to use my fingers I feel sick and squeamish.

No. 580988

I'm OP and that's my exact experience, I get squeamish. Even the few times I've checked myself out in a mirror I cringed. Sorry it happened to you too.

No. 581005

people are fucken retarded as hell “i was told to tell you there’s a job position that opened and you can start as early as tomorrow” don’t even know what the fuck the position is or what i’ll be fucken doing. might as well not even say shit to me about it. don’t know why the fuck you tell this retarded ass bitch go pass on the message when half of it is “he said something but i forgot.” like shut the fuck up about it then stupid mother fucker.

No. 581009

Had a male friend tell me that it’s easier to get hired if youre a women and that women have a lot of power over men because they can make allegations and everyone will take the woman’s side. What a load of horse shit, men really do not understand the suffering we go through because of them. Not going to explain that to him though, no point.

No. 581010

lol I love how a history of being discriminated against by employers and sexually assaulted has suddenly done a 180 into making us the privileged ones when there's slight improvements in either. I mean, ignoring the fact that statistics show we're still discriminated against at work and often not believed when it comes to allegations, any progress in either situation is only notable because it was so bad before.

No. 581013

Have a group chat with my closest friends from college. The guys and girls have our own separate chats from each other. One guy recently came out as nonbinary and asked us when we'd be adding him to the girls' sub-chat. I mean… that's the place where we talk about period stuff, boy problems, etc. So goddamn annoyed this shit's infiltrated my friend group lol.

No. 581015

If he's 'non binary' he's not a woman even by TRA standards. This shit really is just about infiltrating female spaces huh.

No. 581019

God I'm so sorry you're dealing with that. I cannot imagine that level of social incompetence and audacity.

by TRA standards wouldn't that mean they should be kicking him out of the guys' chat kek

No. 581021

Someone I know just got booted from her living situation because she wasn't posting about BLM.
She has somewhere new to live now, but the friend group she was going to be living with called her a racist because I guess she wasn't standing in solidarity with BLM (read: posting on social media), even though she's currently working in a remote area with little cell service.
To be fair, she's not a good friend to most people (including me) and is prone to telling half-truths to cover her ass, but this is really harsh. She even apologized on her finsta, but there were still comments like "this isn't about you" and talking about white guilt. If it were me and I had been called ignorant for defending myself, I know I would have freaked out.
The kicker is all of these people are white. I support BLM and the protests, but this shit is really getting out of hand.

No. 581024

Maybe your guy friends made him take one for the team so they can eavesdrop on the girl group chat kek. However, if your guy friend is serious about being gender special and you want to avoid conflict, make another girl group chat with him in it and send some boring texts every once in awhile to keep him unassuming, but leave the original girl group chat for the real girl talk.

No. 581026

Haha idk what the guys' chat have done but when he asked us, we said our group's skincare chat (we basically have a dozen subchats for all our overlapping interests, it's kind of a mess lol) was already practically the girls' chat, so we just added him there. Real girls' chat untouched. TBH I don't think I'm mean enough to ask the others what they think about his nb declaration but I'm glad we seemed to silently cooperate on this one. God bless

No. 581028

>To be fair, she's not a good friend to most people (including me) and is prone to telling half-truths to cover her ass,

Sounds a little like they dislike her for whole lot of other things and they're using the BLM shit to justify finally kicking her out. Not siding with them, that's still a shit thing to do.

No. 581030

Oh yeah I should just make allegations against the ceo of my company and then he'll HAVE to give me a promotion and hefty raise. why haven't I done this before. genius.

No. 581031

I made the mistake of introducing my irl close friend to a couple discord servers that I partake in. She was having boy problems in real life and I offered it as a solution to help get her mind off of the situation, but I didn’t think it would really take off because she has never been interested in online culture or social media.
Fast forward like a year, she’s a mod in all the servers (mostly because she’s one of few females), has become a total pickme, & is online 24/7. She’s met people from the server irl and has been played by multiple users because because she can’t seem to learn her lesson about scrotes online. Not to mention, she was a total LGBTQDELUXE libtard before all of this, but now the lesbian mtf trannies she’s befriended have made her intolerable.
She’s created an online persona for herself thats try’s so hard to be innocent uwu ‘smol’ and even lies about being soooo short (she’s like half a foot taller than me so probably 5’4”) and she tries to use our friendship like some kinds of weird kinky but innocent trope of sorts for attention from the scrotes.
Initially I was honestly jealous of the attention she got and how quickly she climbed the hierarchy, but it’s exactly the opposite in real life so I can’t complain. She never really gets compliments about her looks irl and has admitted always being envious of me when we go out, being that I have conventionally good looks and am smaller.
I’ve stopped using discord for multiple reasons, but one of them is definitely her online presence. Im sick of it and miss the anonymity, I can’t really express my thoughts when I’m worried about how a real life friend will take it.

No. 581034

we talked on the phone and half the time he was saying I was being manipulative because I honestly thought we were doing better and didn't know he felt this way about me/the relationship (and how in the past few weeks I had been so happy but now all I can think is how he was slowly getting sick of me. I admit it might have been unconsciously manipulative but I really didn't mean it like that, this whole situation really is so sudden and I'm so confused about what to feel) and the other half involved me trying to explain my side of things and how i felt like my emotions were always second fiddle to his. Like he mentioned he was in a bad place rn and didn't want to have this convo and I was like you think I do?? I'm essentially dealing with two griefs rn. I didn't want to call you after I'd just had a really fun, happy convo w my mom about Korean dramas. But I did because we need to step up and have these convos.

He says this isn't the end of the relationship but I honestly don't know how it isn't when I feel more alone than ever. I gave him examples of stuff we could do to improve the relationship like maybe just set boundaries and certain stuff we only talk about with certain people, tell the other when they say something that upsets them immediately when it happens, I even looked up and took a quiz about my love language so we could work through that and maybe work through that miscommunication. He just didn't seem enthusiastic about anything and I feel so shitty bc I am trying to keep this intact so bad and I literally was just met with silence or frustration. I am sorry if this makes no sense I can't stop crying.

No. 581035


Thank you for your kind words anons!

No. 581037

File: 1594184756381.png (136.14 KB, 275x265, 750591DE-1F8F-4279-BA55-26A934…)

Why are cyclists so retarted? Do they really think they don’t have to follow the rules of the road? I had some fuckhead yell at me and try to knock off my side mirror even though he was going the wrong way down a one way street. You think because you’re on a bike you don’t have to go with the flow of traffic? He deliberately got closer to me too even though there was enough room for him. I see cyclists blowing through four way stops and red lights here all the time, and I’ve had three men almost hit me while riding in a sidewalk with a bike lane RIGHT next to us.

No. 581038

The fact that getting raped made it so i can't cum anymore is actually driving me insane

No. 581049

This honestly sounds like a jealous tirade. You sound pressed that you're not the one getting attention for once. Btw 5'4" is still "smol" as you put it. It sounds like a child's tantrum
>why is she getting all the attention when I'm the prettier one! UwU
Maybe you're not as pretty as you think, maybe men have a different taste

No. 581051

>he was saying I was being manipulative
>it might have been unconsciously manipulative
Nah, fuck off

>I gave him examples of stuff we could do to improve

>He just didn't seem enthusiastic about anything
> I am trying to keep this intact so bad and I literally was just met with silence or frustration
I strongly suggest leaving. Depression or not it looks like a classic avoidant-anxious attachment coupling. These couplings are always doomed, and affect the anxious type (you) more.
Your gran just died, give yourself peace of mind where you can and break up with him.

No. 581053

The only problem is why anon cares about what discord scrotes think.

No. 581054

one time my coworker got rammed into by a cyclist going full speed while she was completely stopped at a light, and when she got out to see if the cyclist was okay this bitch goes "haha I'm fine, happens all the time!" and got back up and RODE AWAY. My coworker had to pay for all the damages to her own vehicle herself.

No. 581066

I'd honestly hate being her friend.
It seems like she invited the poor girl to the Discord because she thought the girl was so below her in looks that she wouldn't be threatening, and that she wasn't as cute because she was on the shorter side of average instead of a tiny bean uwu like OP. Then the scrotes took to her and she started seething because she had designated her as the ugly friend she uses to feel better about herself.

No. 581071

I deactivated my Twitter the other day but felt the urge to search my username tonight in their search function by top and now I am even more miserable. It brought up tweets from old friends responding to me a few years ago and I hate myself for ruining my relationship with that friend group. I didn't mean to. I had a breakdown and truly didn't know how to mend what I messed up. I wish I fucking tried at least. I seriously had no social skills then and was trying to cover up all past trauma to the point of lying about my basic childhood so maybe it was never meant to be. Grateful for my experiences with them. I had never hung out with well adjusted people before that lol it impacted all my future relationships for the better.

No. 581072

I’m so disgusted by my bf’s mother. She invited us for dinner and as soon as we entered she moved in to kiss me before I could push her away or duck away. I’m not even back to kissing my own mom or hugging my friends. She was also coughing without covering her mouth the entire time and did not fucking was her hands before offering us our food.

Covid-19 is mostly gone from our area but it makes me so fucking uncomfortable. Worst thing is I have a camping trip planned next week so I can’t self isolate. It’s just me and 2 friends so I won’t infect others but damn I’m scared. My friends aren’t worried about covid at ALL but I think I’ll bring it up anyway so they’ll understand if I leave if I suddenly get slightly ill.

No. 581073

Basic fuckin self indulgent vent but I’m coming up on four months of working from home and doing just about nothing else and it is so crushing watching my life slip away. I’m cruising into spinsterhood, fast.

No. 581075

Spinsterhood is a myth. You'll be fine.

No. 581082

get over it loser corona is a meme if you dont live in a big city

No. 581083

Men are so fucking stupid. My bf just had to talk about how and whom and why he fucked his partners before me. I get annoyed and tell him a story of my own, and now he is pissy and mad because he didn't want to know.

No. 581084

As someone who's worked from home for three years, yeah, those days where you feel like you've lost your life exist. They'll pass. Life is long as shit; you'll be surprised how much time you have to meet other people.

No. 581087

What a retard, you did good anon

No. 581088

It meant a lot to read a similar experience. I hope we both work our shit out.

No. 581090

my boyfriend and his mom still refuse to wash their hands (even after shitting)

No. 581093


Excuse me? Do you let him finger you with those hands?!

No. 581095

I'm so sad that next semester in college is going to be online. I never dated anyone and was SO READY to meet people, like mentally prepared myself.
I don't know how else I can meet people naturally (don't wanna use dating apps).

No. 581096

I don't know how to break up with my girlfriend

No. 581099

Why do you want to break up?

No. 581100

I don't want to get too specific. But there is stuff she does that I can't deal with, but also would be unfair of me to expect her to not do it. I'm jealous.

No. 581121

I wonder if I'm just trash or most men are trash.
>every single man I've been in a relationship eventually starts negging me
>every guy I've been with has done something sexually questionable(like take nude pictures of their little sister)
>all of them are porn sick
>been with guys who go days without showering
>dont wash their ass
>always pushy and rapey
>lack empathy
>whiney or stuck up
>awful sex unless I'm in top
>always trying to change me
>think they're hot shit and bitter becuz they dont get everything they deserve. They constantly complain about it.
>too sexual too soon. I met a guy on the first date and hes already telling me how horny he is
>early 30s and still living at home
>tried dating younger with the mentality "well, if men my age are broke and childish I might as well date someone cute and young"
>tried dating someone age 21. All he does is bitch about how hard life is for him despite being a young white male with no bills.
>met an 18 year old who sexually assaulted at 6 year old, I called him out on it and he accused me of being "old and stuck up"
>took a trip to japan with my 28 year old bf and he fingered me while I WAS PASSED OUT DRUNK
>was alone in tokyo in my early 20s and i met this guy and i got black out drunk and he tried to rape me
>A guy I was dating at 18 had shitty underwear because he felt washing his ass was gay

This rant isnt about just one guy, it is about numerous men I've met in life. I'm 28 and I've been with men of all ages and colors.I have not met one man who I have been involved with sexually or romantically who I liked.
It must be because I'm ugly or boring.

No. 581122

And I'd like to add when I was young(aroung21). I dated a guy who used to pinch me whenever I made a grammar error when I speak. To this day I'm still not 100% clear if that was abusive.

No. 581123

>It must be because I'm ugly or boring
Actually, it's because you're intellectually handicapped. It's really not hard to not have shit taste in men.

No. 581125

In this post I'm not only talking about men I've dated. I've only met one man in my life who wasnt fucked up in some way, and it's my gay little brother. My own dad dropped me on my face as a child and now I have to wear dentures for the rest of my lol

I have very few examples of decent males.

No. 581126

Very sad. Just stop being so pathetic, flies flock to shit.

No. 581129

True, which is why I no longer date. Even if decent men do exist I've been so turned off by the experiences I've had with male family members, random men on the street and men I'm dating I've become completely asexual. I couldnt even date if I wanted to.
The idea of it is repulsive.

No. 581130

I've had a lot of similar experiences. The conclusion I came to was that men who are at all attractive tend to be awful people and unattractive men tend to be nice and respectful. Sad but true. And sadder because I can't bring myself to fuck uggoes no matter what I try

No. 581131

I'm the op and yeah you're right. The only way I'd have a decent guy is if I married someone really old and fat. They're always sweet but that would be gross. Most men are ugly so the ones who look even average/kind of cute are shit.

No. 581134

Not sure why other anons are acting like there's something wrong with you and the majority of men aren't literal shit??? LOL.

But seriously, how soon do you agree to relationships with them? Do you find that things go rather quickly and the guys impose themselves pretty fast? Are you anxious about not being perceived as nice and what the backlash is if you were to be a bitch?
They're doing this on purpose and taking advantage of your sensitivities. Guys who are garbage know they are garbage, so they hide themselves, lie, and try to get with you as quickly as possible to manipulate your feelings so you'll be less likely to jump to dumping them or refusing sex. They don't want to give you time to properly vet them or ask questions. They don't want you to actually know them until it's too late and it's harder to reject them or leave.

It's quite common for women to turn down and reject multiple men before we find one decent good one. We are the choosers and don't let men forget that. Think of dating as to a job interview. If the guy lacks a resume, doesn't seem prepared, doesn't want to impress you, has no friends or family for references, well then guess what? He's likely a shitbag.

Also try not be vulnerable around men a la being drunk, it is really dangerous unless you know them well and trust them and there's other people around.