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File: 1594602451970.jpg (79.1 KB, 702x693, Mexico.jpg)

No. 583426

Any mexican farmers over here?
Discuss drama, current events, or anything Mexico and mexican culture related here.

No. 583428

File: 1594602680473.jpg (40.59 KB, 377x369, asdfg.jpg)

By the way I saw this image while searching for a good thread pic and it made me laugh

No. 583452

i cannot live with this suffering called…. being a regio but poor…

No. 583512

I asked my sisters if Mexico was still a third-world shithole when they went to New Laredo a few months ago, they told me it still is.(racebait)

No. 583532

omg anon same. I live near there. hell

No. 583592


like all the legitimately racist, sexist and homophobic shit people believe is absolutely insane. like its not SJW racist or anything, how they think about los indigenas and other marginalized groups is SCARY. what a shithole. literally a different century. idk if youve noticed

No. 583920

Idk where u from but living here is not the same as visiting… Take a chill pill cuz u sound dumb

No. 588920

¿Que youtubers ven? Yo el único yotuber mexicano que veo es sailor fag de en vez en cuando , pero a veces me caga, y sandyael , por alguna extraña razón me cae mejor que Ruthi

No. 588955

Sorry to barge here! I used to have a penpal and a buddy from Mexico who I met at /cgl/ but lost contact with.

Luisa, are you here? You used to make cute comics and I sent you the first ceramics bowl I ever made.

No. 588990

I would love to visit my homeland one day. Hell, I even thought about teaching English there once I graduate, but sadly there are two reasons preventing this:

>DACA fag

>cartels possibly kidnapping me because highly educated and speaks fluent English = rich

No. 588992

This is so cute, I hope you find your friend anon.

No. 588993

Sonora reportándose

Lol pochos like you are dime a dozen and look cheap af, no one thinks you’re rich, only poor Mexicans go scrub toilets in America, you’re safe amiga, no one will kidnap you.

No. 589001

You'll be fine anon, one pocho to another. My family visits relatives every year and trust me they don't care, just like anywhere you travel don't be flashy like an idiot lmao.

No. 589004

Samefag, but yeah I would stay in the United States until there is a path of citizenship for DACA recipients. Hopefully we get something going here soon with that.

I was an "anchor baby" but I knew plenty of DACA recipients/Dreamers. That's some scary stuff to be going through in this climate anon, godspeed.

No. 589068

File: 1595548440587.png (1.47 MB, 783x806, Algo_bien.PNG)

tbh I don't think the cartels are usually interested in randos. They go after reporters and snitches and shit.
You should be fine as long as you don't go anywhere shady. Lot's of cheap and delicious food.

No. 589108

Don't worry about cartels , they are after small business and rich as fuck people , just don't go to antros

No. 589110

This is going to sound stupid but they won’t go after if…my hair is dyed blonde?

No. 589117

Que pendeja eres. Como si no hubiera güeras culo prieto en México. No, no te van a secuestrar, no les importa el color de pelo lmao. Unless you’re going to Tamaulipas or Guerrero and are a narco you shouldn’t have to worry.

No. 589126

sí sabes que en mexico hay gente blanca/con el pelo teñido? no vayas a lugares tumbados y ya, nada más es sentido común

No. 599158

How long does it take to get U.S residency? My stepfather is helping my mom get hers and they want me to skip my next DACAcard renewal to apply for it as well so the whole family can go to Mexico by next year.

I plan to use half of my college funds for this btw

No. 599201

I'm not mexican but in a similar situation, I have no idea because trump increased immigration fees by 80%

No. 599223

How are they doing it? Usually it’s almost impossible if you’ve gone the DACA route.

No. 599257

It is going to take awhile, I knew kids who’s parents had been waiting 22 years for a chance at residency.

The problem is that when you are here in the USA for longer than a year undocumented, the penalty to which you have to wait is 10 years which is obviously most DACA recipients. You would also have to go back to Mexico for those 10 years. Apparently it takes about 8 months to get your permanent residency after that.

Trump says he is trying to get a path of citizenship for DACA recipients but the likelihood of that happening given his voter base and the GOP is incredibly slim anon.

No. 599374

my bf's dad who is dutch is still waiting to get citizenship after 20 years

No. 599409

I've always had this impossible dream of having an Aimep3 thread lmao
she's totally a cow and has a LOT of milk and drama. Do you anons have any mexican lolcows? I'd love to hear you out. Salu2 jaja

No. 599480

Mexican farmer living in Europe.
I’m highly educated and I was considering on going back from this shit hole to that shit hole that is Mexico, at least food is cheap.
How hard is it to find a job?

No. 599581

ALINA YOU'RE ALIVE! I've thinking of you so much for so many years!
I'm crying you have no idea how much I've missed you all this time and I always felt super bad because I lost contact with you and I couldn't do anything, but so many things remind me of you, I still have the reindeer horn you gave to me
I seriously love you and I would do anything for you to come back into my life, send me an email to kirbkorb@gmail.com it's my throwaway account

No. 599636

My friend who was also a dacafag married some dude and still remains with him got her residency afterwards. Normally you’d have to be married in five years but she got her residency during their third year of marriage, then they went to Italy. seethes

No. 599733

I’m DACA eligible but too much of a government conspiritard to allow them to know that lol no database for me. I married an American and have enough papers to pass as legal (I even pass e verify) but can’t get government assistance. I have no idea how to get residency but I’m desperate lol.

No. 599838

podemos hablar en español?

No. 599858

Que piensan de esta vaina de latinx? Ha notado que se está poniendo más popular. I think it's annoying and futile but I'd like to hear your thoughts about it

No. 599859

Chinga tu madre, güey

No. 599860

Anyone who identifies as “Latinx” is a colossal faggot.

No. 599866

You get your husband to apply for you since it’s easier if you’re married. How did you manage to live under ICE’s radar? I had no choice but to get a DACA permit as my family was already under investigation by the government and I wanted more opportunities in life rather than remaining a NEET.

No. 599882

My parents emigrated before 9/11 and there was some stupid thing you could sign up for to do residency I had someone confirm was real but nobody remembers what it was. We all have valid social security cards. It’s as if we tried but maybe got denied or didn’t finish? But if I ask for gov. assistance they say like our records show no proof of a birth certificate or alien records, could you provide them and I can’t complete it. I’m just like lucky. So my social is valid but my identity isn’t. I was seeing an immigration lawyer but I’m a poorfag and even the cheapest church org at $75 a meeting was too much for me.

And I’ll ask my husband if that’s the case. He loves me but I feel I’m the only one who was working towards papers lol

No. 599885

This is really cute. Glad you two found each other.

No. 599893

Did they come in the 80s by chance?

My parents became legal between like 86-89 because of some amnesty thing Reagan did. You got the chance at permanent residency then you could apply for citizenship.

My dad for example has been a permanent resident for his entire life basically because his socialist friend convinced him to not get his citizenship, my mom has her citizenship. My grandparents are legal too but one of my uncles is illegal so it's weird how that works out.

No. 599903


Latin american anon here, is it too sucky to live as an illegal in the us?

I've always wanted to have a two year stint on the US just because im curious to see how it really is, but honestly getting a residence or work visa sounds like the worst hassle in the world, its genuinely easier to get an one year work visa to china, even if they are even more stingy with green cards.

Most of the time it just sounds mildly incovenient if you're living quietly or are just plain rich and/or white passing.

No. 599909

It is not hard if you are a hard worker, lots of undocumented people here work their asses off and get pretty far. In some states you can get a ITN and a driver’s license, you can pay taxes after you get those things. My parents sold a pretty big house to some people who weren’t in the US legally. You have a big leg up if you can speak English.

If you can stay in Latin America and aren’t in immediate danger then I would advise against coming here illegally. Even then if you are in danger there are some ways I think you can come here legally with asylum.

It might be a long wait but it is better than coming through a coyote anon. Especially if you are a woman you have a high risk of getting raped and kidnapped by the cartel/gangs. A lot of women send their daughters on birth control because the risk is so high. Not to mention you will have to walk for days across the desert, you risk dying there as well, and if you are caught it is back to square one.

It may be a long wait for coming a legal way, but it is way better than risking horrible shit on the way here.

No. 599910

Samefag but you can also come here through plane and overstay your visa like the illegal Europeans, Asians and Africans but I don’t know about all that lmao.

No. 599916

Oh didn't think of going the extreme way, i have some mormon convert relatives that have pretty cushy life in utah wit the cult, I had other relatives visit them, watch some sermons, almost get converted and shit and it seemed pretty chill to just overstay the visa, heck i think just saying "Oh im going to visit some mormon relatives in utah" helped with the interviews.

I would always get surprised by people's visas getting denied because my mormon relatives would always have fun little utah adventure trips before they settled down permanently.

No. 599917

Definitely not, they came when I was young and I am a 90s baby. Maybe it extended longer or there was another small thing? Maybe state sponsored? Idk. Definitely not though. My dad left not too long after I was born, maybe 6 months to a year then we came after that.

No. 599999


Saw your post on the other thread and sent you a message by email! Let's talk over that. Sending a message here as well just in case, if it for some reason doesn't reach you! ❤

No. 600001

File: 1596937159128.jpg (11.65 KB, 226x223, 83189057_2491159841140039_1599…)

god i wish i had a penpal

No. 600159

Do mexicans consider themselves north-americans or central-americans?

Tbh it annoyed me that one day, out of the blue, Mexico started being considered part of South America. Who tf decided that?(nothing wrong with y'all)
And don't get me started with the "America is two different continents" bullshiet. Who decides these things??!!?!?!?!

No. 600170

Mexico is north America

No. 600171

I think it's just a few dumb Americans (usaians jajaja) who consider Mexicans South Americans. Everyone else is just further south mini Mexicos to them lmao.

No. 600203


No. 600304

>mexico is central america
jajajajajajajajajajajjaja ay esos gringillos locos

No. 600421

File: 1596993396861.jpg (112.06 KB, 1080x771, EV3AH1KXQAUBN__.jpg)

como aqui hay puro gringo loco que dice pura mamada pendeja, esta bien poner memes mejor?

No. 600428

Necesito más chuek y fionna.

No. 600429

File: 1596993868034.jpg (37.31 KB, 739x415, _109986229_ferrets_getty.jpg)

ten a la familia chuerk

No. 600430

File: 1596993916156.jpg (88.31 KB, 1240x866, EVvyKZEXsAQ3X1h.jpg)

No. 600478

File: 1596998579486.jpg (23.84 KB, 400x300, 3e7d59c71dcf6a86f5d589666507ec…)

>mini mexicos

No. 601577

Man this sucks
I used to be well versed on mexican cows, especially of the cosplay kind. The local cosplay community here was full of nutcases

Alguien que se acuerde de una vaca chida?

No. 604103

alguien que haga música ~alternativa~ aquí? O que esté en esos cotorreos ?

No. 604144

File: 1597377163102.jpeg (10.02 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

My parents probably have the stupidest immigration story ever. My mom came over here as a teenager for reasons unknown(thats not the stupid part). My dad, a recently graduated law student, came over here just so he could be with her. Maybe I'm just being stupid because I believe you shouldn't immigrate unless you're retired or have no other choice. Blagh. I feel bad for him because he could've been a lawyer and in his city that means moolah(and fulfilling his dream). Sorry if this is off topic or too blogposty but I had to let it out. Its also weird because there are people who were forced to leave their countries and he could've chosen not to because he had a good life over there and more financial opportunity than over here.

No. 604173

Alguien de Argentina aca? Me quiero ir, odio este país de boludos.
Por cierto, en otros paises de latinoamerica tambien rompen las bolas con el lenguaje inclusivo? Aca hay 60% de pobreza y los politicos estan mas preocupades por incluir a les trens y nonbies en el lenguaje que en arreglar verdaderos problemas.

No. 604492

lmfao does El Paso count? I miss going to Juarez, I haven’t been in a long ass time

No. 605099

Argentina no es México, ándele vayase a cagar palo a otro lado.

Just kidding, it's okay to talk here for now.
A mí también me caga y me zurra ver lenguaje "inclusivo" hacia los trans y personas con enfermedades mentales a las que llaman género. Gracias a dios aquí donde vivo les vale verga y no es algo que les preocupe a los normies, pero tal vez en ciudades más "progre" como la capital si hagan esa reverenda estupidés.

No. 605100

Broooo yes it does count. I visited Juarez last year. How's everything around El Paso nowadays? I stayed with a couple whose wife works in a McDonalds near a militar base, y a ella le tocó ir a trabajar el día de la balacera de hace poco. Dijo que le dio mucho miedo.

Qué te gusta de Juarez amiga? Mi mejor amigo es de ahí. El año pasado como te digo fuí y vi la casa de Juanga desde afuerita jajajaja

No. 605115

Omg llevo todo mi tiempo en lolcow esperando por alguna argentina por acá, anyways, estoy de acuerdo con lo que decís, personalmente el lenguaje inclusivo me chupa tanto un huevo cuando la violencia policial y el machismo están absolutamente fuera de control.
Aún asi creo que el tema es menos apoyado que antes, noté una difusión bastante grande del feminismo radical y eso me da un poco de esperanzas (aunque me da gracia que provenga de mayoritariamente de las kpoppies, ya que están apoyando una industria terrible para las mujeres)
Pa las otras latinas de acá, cuál rama del feminismo es más popular en sus países?

No. 605307

Does anyone follow Mexican law when it comes to the drinking legal age while in the US?

my family does and celebrate turning 21 to legally drink

No. 609954

Cuáles son algunos youtubers mexicanos que no soporten? No puedo ser la única que no aguanta a sailorfag ni a luna martinez, en general siento que la comunidad se está llenando de ese cáncer, y por otro lado tenemos a yuya que sigue haciendo dinero y aprovechándose de sus fans.

No. 609961

Es mi opinión nada más pero luego me preocupa como las chavitas idolatran a Sailorfag, que la neta me causa repulsión por varios motivos, y Luna que llega a ser muy creída y prepotente. Ambos me causan mucho asco y lo peor de todo es que empecé a ver a Luna desde antes que comenzara su canal de maquillaje y creo que cambió. Pero no sé. Por ejemplo el último vídeo que subió en el que se quejó de que ser youtuber es el trabajo más estresante y pocos trabajos se le vienen a la mente que sean tan 'difíciles mentalmente' como por ejemplo, ver asesinatos. La morra está bien pendeja, pero es bastante popular, ¿ustedes qué piensan?

No. 609989

que bonito se siente escribir en español en lolcow :')

No. 610026

Me cae para el re culo Luna, siempre habla como si supiera la verdad absoluta de todo y vos fueras un idiota que no quiere ver la realidad TAN OBVIA. Su humor es malisimo tambien y el pedo que pone en su intro me da muchisima verguenza ajena.
Basicamente el gobierno esta usando el feminismo para hacer populismo, por eso tenemos un pedofilo como Evo Morales viviendo aca como refugiado politico, pero es mas importante re escribir el lenguaje aparentemente.

No. 610033

Antes veia a Luisito y despues de que rompio con Chule dejó ver lo culero que en realidad es y perdió calidad un montón

Eso y veo a Dross lol pura basura

No. 610427

dominicana/ guatemalteca aqui! alguien mas? He estado buscando amiga chapina

No. 610435

apenas descubrí a Luna y me cae bien lol, compré unas sombras que uso y son buenas, las de perplex…
Alguien sigue aún a Miku? como ven su cuerpo, o como consiguió esa casa tan enorme? no me cae mal pero de donde sacan tanto dinero, acaso paga tan bien ser YouTuber

No. 614146

Argentina acá también. ¿No estaría bueno hacer un thread latinoamericano/hispanohablante?
Sobre el feminismo radical y las kpopers, yo dejé enseguida el safespace radfem en twitter cuando se empezó a llenar de kpopers y la gente lo empezó a tomar como un fandom. En general ya no me identifico tanto con el radfem y diría que estoy rosapastillada. Hacerme llamar radfem era un cope el cual usaba para filtrar mi simple odio hacia los hombres y la verdad que era mucho esfuerzo mental lol. Decirle a los trans enfermos mentales es mucho más satisfactorio que escribir mil threads y hacer preguntas retóricas y análisis metafisicos con la intención de invalidar. ''Mucho texto'' como le dicen ahora.

No. 615069

A veces no soporto a sailor fag, su personalidad parece un poco falsa (se me hace tan cagado que se haga llamar gótica culona y se vista de forma alternativa cuando realmente no tiene así como gustos alternativos en cuanto a música y esas cosas, solo es Otaku) de todas las youtubers hispanohablantes que hacen canales de su experiencia estando casadas con un extranjero la que menos me agrada es ruthi , tiene un aire como de esas señoras que se creen mejor que los demás , además su hijo me desespera mucho. Hablando de ese tipo de canales no soporto a hernesto de nekojitablog se me hace tan pendejo sus chistes y forma de ser , quisiera que Yuko tuviera un canal ella sola

No. 621730

Cuarta argentina reportandose.
Space Bunny es terrible vaca, la seguía hasta que cortó con el novio y arrancó con los mukbangs y la entró a pavear mucho la aguanté un rato hasta que descubrí este lugar así que perdió propósito para mí su canal

Por favor un thread hispanohablante, intercambiemos vacas como si fuesen tazos de pokemon!

No. 621750

User de México, Tijuana. Alguien de por estos rumbos?

No. 621787

>Por cierto, en otros paises de latinoamerica tambien rompen las bolas con el lenguaje inclusivo
Please… Dont come to my country. We already have enough tards to get one more.

No. 632959

Does anyone watch old school telenovelas?

No. 633231

En Uruguay se está poniendo de moda , la otra vez ví un cartel de un sindicato que decía "todes". Y todo el progresismo en general es muy feminismo pop lamentablemente

No. 633456

File: 1600475149576.jpg (13.53 KB, 480x452, FB_IMG_1598705779021.jpg)

Recently finished a Teresa rerun on tv. Top tier novela imo. Rubi started now, but I already missed the first week.

Unrelated to novelas but;

I want to talk organized crime, even though its a grimm subject.

Would love to hear other perspectives/stories of unique social situations on how narcos, "los malos", gangs and etc., affect your city or your life. If you can add your location even better, for perspective.

I live in the mexican border town Nuevo Laredo, its sister city Laredo, TX only a bridge crossing away. This is a busy port of entry for many things, including drugs.

It is very "normal" to see big trucks with guys pointing AK-47s out their windows and to traffic, while rushing around (patrolling? reminding the people of their existence?) . You may spot them from afar sometimes, because they drive fast and recklessly. At night I am scared of running into them because they drive with no lights, so every corner is a potential encounter. You learn to drive slower to let them pass you, and to not look at them too much. Its safer than it sounds I guess… just don't be at the wrong place at the wrong time, but otherwise traffic stops for a moment while they dissappear and then the day resumes as usual.

No. 633500

Does Rebelde count? lmao
Does anyone else's parents watch Caso Cerrado?

No. 633532

The theme song for Rebelde slaps

No. 638266

Vivo en el puerto de Veracruz y la verdad eso de los carteles y todo eso pues si es muy latente pero no tanto como para ver a esos vatos en sus trocas con sus cuernos de chivo en plena luz de el día , eso se ve en los ranchitos cercanos , aquí solo desaparece mucha gente (chavas en su mayoría) porque hay mucha trata de blancas y también ejecuciones al igual que feminicidios y violaciones
Respecto a la trata de blancas he tenidos dos experiencias relacionado con ello . La primera fue la hija de mi vecina que fue secuestrada por dos meses por personas pertenecientes a un cartel y la estuvieron prostituyendo y la segunda fue cuando estúpidamente acompañe a un "amigo" a la parte más culera de el centro donde hay muchas prostitutas afuera de un motel y vimos un hombre pasar con dos niñas como de 12 años vestidas como putas y bien tomadas .

No. 638267

Me encanta la novela de cuando seas mía es un gusto culposo la veo en yotube cuando ando aburrida. También a veces veo amor en custodia ( por cierto nunca me imaginé que el protagonista de ambas novelas era gay)

No. 638275

Amigas Y Rivales
Maria la del barrio (MALDITA LISIADA!!)

Mi abuelita le encantaba ver esas novelas y como ella siempre me cuidaba yo me ponia a verlas con ella. Las volvi a ver por internet y no manches neta las mamadas que salian en soñadoras "cocainaaaa weey" y ponian musica heavy metal como si fuera lo peor, las novelas de los 90s y los 00s eran lo maximo con su melodrama. Mujer casos de la vida real tmb se ponian bien intensos por las cosas mas equis.. estas embarazada? Seras negada por tus padres el resto de tu vida ah y viviras en la calle y caeras en el vicio de las drogas musica metalera intensa loca toca en el fondo

No. 638357

I’ve tried to look for the 1998 version of La Ursupadora online but found La Intrusa in stead.

It was aight until they decided to kill off the main character who’s already suffered enough and replace her with her twin sister (yeah yeah; same actress, I know) meanwhile the villains don’t really suffer much other than end up in jail or the loony bin. Oh yeah and let’s not forget the boomer actors playing spoiled, rich kids lmao.


Would probably not watch again unless I probably feel like it.

No. 638866

is anyone here a fan of Negas? I use to love his stuff but he has gotten lazy and also he started a shitty band and they really suck. wished he would just go back to making animations and spend less time making shitty music.

No. 639044

Y con este panorama diario, hay gente del cono sur que quiere venir a esta sucursal del infierno porque muh feminismo". Patetico.

No. 639642

Hola. Soy chicana y vivo en los Estados Unidos, pero mi familia nació en México. Antes visitaba cada año. Ustedes que opinan sobre los feminicidios/what do you ladies think about the femicides? I just saw the latest one (to make national headlines at least) from Morelia, Michoacán.


Esto me hizo llorar. How cute.

No. 639643

Samefag pero se me olvidó decir que my uncles share misogynistic, “feminazi” jokes on Facebook. It broke my heart because I could see my female family members changing their profile pics to a filter that says, “Nací para ser libre no asesinada.” They probably can’t speak up about injustice much, but I though that was a big step for them seeing how out of line many Latino men are.

No. 641082

No te aguites pero algunos "chicanos" me cain mal porque estan con su "brown pride" y la chingada pero cuando vienen para Mexico andan de mamones "I forgot how to speak spanish" "do you speak english" "whats that green stuff called that you put on tacos?" cuando tienen el pinchi nopalote bien pintado, la neta….
Pero simon esta bien culero lo que esta pasando por esos rumbos tambien en ciudad juarez esta re gacho, pero hay otros estados en donde secuestran mujeres para venderlas al mercado negro la verdad una como mujer no puede salir por que luego luego te tienes que cuidar de cualquier cabron que te este siguiendo, porque ahorita en estos tiempos no sabes que pedo.

No. 641085

Lul alv guey! me recordaste a mis primas, siempre que vienen de Boston se hacen como las que no hablan español cuando mi tía y mi prima mayor lo hablan al 100 pero las otras dos ni papás, según ellas. Neta piensan que porque hablan ingles son mejor que uno cuando el pinchi inglés lo enseñan hasta en el conalep jajaja no manches!

No. 656147

bro nomas se van a estados unidos un mes y ya se les olvida el inglés jajajaja y ya dicen que uy que peligro ya no vayan cuando vivieron en tijuana toda su vida

No. 656530

Ay anona, I used to hear his podcasts when he drove his car (to his job? Idk). I got a little bored of his style but his early content is gold childhood memories for me.

Mexicanons, who tf is Jaime Maussan and why all he can talk about is UFOs and his custom jilly juice? My family is frying their brains watchin his hour-long episodes on yt, daily. All I can gasp is that he has a lot of money. He's been making cheap alien content for YEARS. Is the tinfoil scene popular there?
What really gets me is that he broadcasts the most evidently fake videos on public tv?? How do locals perceive him??
I'm so glad Peronia doesn't deal with alien content aside of Uritorco's ovni

No. 671453

El es famoso porque ( al menos en México) fue de los primeros periodistas que se encargaba de hablar de ovnis , aliens etc y de darle cobertura a los casos más famosos ,el salía en muchos programas famosos en aquel entonces de tele abierta como otro rollo, hablando de los ovnis de una forma "seria" a la gente en general en México esos temas les llaman mucho la atención , todo lo sobrenatural de fantasmas ovnis y así. Volviéndose en una figura de la televisión mexicana.
Personalmente me sorprende como sigue vigente con todo ese rollo de los ovnis cuando más de una vez se ha n

No. 671473

Nose si esto cuente aca pero que opinan las anonas con los memes de este tipo? he visto puro pendejo mexicano con estas porquerias y gente que no es mexicana pero escribe como uno por los loles spameando esta foto.
A mi en lo personal me dan maldito asco siempre esta en los grupos donde se creen edgys y rojopastilla basados cuando son la misma porqueria que odian.

No. 671477

File: 1605084569406.jpg (Spoiler Image,7.16 KB, 337x223, disgust.jpg)

samefag aca la foto en cuestion.

No. 673208

Franco Escamilla me caga y me caga que a todos les mame tanto. Es misógino y luego el wey dice que no es cierto. Le encanta decirle pendejas a las mujeres en cierto tonito. Este video me lo comfirmó, se siente muy raro ver que la gente se ríe. No sé, me abre los ojos a ver que la mayoría del público mexicano es super misógino (wow que sorpresa, ya sé).

No. 673210

también me da asco, imagínate reirte de la muerte de una mujer, que pedo.

No. 673213

File: 1605275258706.jpg (267.16 KB, 1200x675, main-chumel-torres-GettyImages…)

amigas qué opinamos de chumel?

No. 673403

No. 673432

que se mate! pinchi pendejo cara de caca!

No. 673454

jajaja y por qué??

No. 673469

Es un pendejo que quiere hablar de politica, se deberia de concentrar en lo que es bueno pero la neta como comediante esta bien pendejo tmb pinchi cara de papa hechada a perder, nose para que opinar en algo que ni sabes que pedo nomas andas hablando con la cola. Aparte pinchi bato classista de mierda.

No. 679139

File: 1606022858137.jpg (201.21 KB, 675x1200, D4iMWOIUwAAtPTg.jpg)

No soy de Mexico pero si soy de Latinoamerica y me preguntaba qué piensan de Arigameplays y su marido y de Danyancat? Siento que son todas medio vacas

No. 679489

el simplemente tomo la formula de late talk shows de América (incluso su alineación izquierda) y lo creo región 4 de mala calidad pero sin competencia/comparación es obvio que ganara gente. Es normal que uno como persona tenga cierto bias en la política pero me molesta mucho que quiera parecer Neutro y la gente se lo trague.

No. 683842

ese guey no es izquierdista, es mas derechairo que nada se puso a defender al borrachin de felipe calderon y le hecho mierda al peje. El bato es mas panista que nada.

No. 695807

Sé que son noticias viejas pero qué pedo con esto?

No. 697970

File: 1608458331240.jpeg (72.3 KB, 1080x1080, ElrEo5DXUAg3RxX.jpeg)

Lo siento, no pude tolerar tanto retraso mental en un solo post. Toma mi imagen como consejo.(infighting)

No. 745635

Sorry for necroing but does Televisa have a monopoly on Mexican TV? If so, why?

No. 745637

We have a Latin American thread too, you know.

No. 745646

it does and the reason is because they can

No. 745810

fucking where bc i wanna talk about LATAM cows pls

No. 745897

No. 746003

and because people are dumb and love to watch shitty repeated content I can't remember the last good new thing they made everything is either rehash, remade or reruned. Televisa went to shit when the father of emilio left. its all now a bunch of shills for the PRI and PAN (they have always been tho..)

No. 746193

What about TV Azteca? Are there really only two major networks in Mexico that are monopolizing television over there?

I remember Televisa had a spat with Univision over the censorship of their soap operas, something about different Spanish dialects and obscene words.

Their novelas suck too, except for maybe Imperio De Mentiras (empire of lies)

No. 793603

Not mexican but south american, aimep3 thread when? She's easily way sadder and funnier than a lot of gringos cows you see here.
Gringos need to get some proper education of what a cow really is.

No. 793605

pues ve y hazlo amiga

No. 793608

Bah creo que ni le prestarán atención la verdad, pensaran que es un personal lolcow cualquiera y me borrarán el thread.

No. 793986

si haces un buen sumario puede que pegue, si tiene muy buena leche. Ademas ya ha habido threads de otra gente en español

No. 1228368

¿Habrá por casualidad alguna nonita que pueda ayudarnos a descifrar lo que dice el taxista en el thread de Luna? >>>/pt/880390 ¡Gracias de antemano!

No. 1228875

Donde nonita? Algunas youtubers como la Ari, la Windy, y la Brigitte están ordeñables. Se que hay un hilo latino, pero el pedo es que a veces con las vacas de México ya hay suficiente leche.
Encontré un hilo muerto de México, pero pues estaba muerto y se veía que estaba lleno de varones.
Hablando de: el sitio Hispachan cerro, lo cual me lolea porque estaba lleno de onvrez pendejos; pero ahora me preocupa que se empiecen a mudar a otros imageboard a infectarlos, como paso con PULL.

No. 1228918

Creo que los hombres en todo los países deben ser….¿como dice “enslaved”?

No. 1229175


No. 1229242

Ah. Muchísimas gracias nonita.

No. 1229283

¡Por fin alguien abre un hilo mexicano carajo!

No. 1229284

Apenas noté que esto se hizo hace un año, ups

No. 1242814

si, estoy aquí, intentando ver que imageboards funcionan en la red de la escuela, estoy algo sorprendida que lolcow fusioné, me imagino que debe ser por que lolcow nunca será tan popular como 4 u 8, 2 y end también funcionan, pero bueno bump a este thread con 1 año de edad.

No. 1243026

Amiga yo usaba lolcow en las compus publicas de mi universidad en lugar de ponerme a trabajar

No. 1412663

File: 1668730191579.png (424.43 KB, 512x640, 02534-3955497534-_oveja-pineda…)

nuestro presidente es un pendejo

No. 1412713

No. 1412889

File: 1668751122693.jpg (69.8 KB, 1080x1633, 1667930766162.jpg)

Si lo se hilo muerto pero, hola, que tal su día?

No. 1412900

Hola nonita, todo bien. Es un día bonito y fresco desde mi puerto. Que lolcows recomiendan mexicanas? Que no sean los basicos del omniversop3, el doom, ternure68 .

No. 1412905

Considero los lolcow mexicanos bastante aburridos poco interesantes, por lo que no les presto tanta atención hasta que alguien más muestra el drama del momento

No. 1488950

File: 1675367870031.png (413.5 KB, 680x380, 67a.png)

Nadie ha hablado del Doom?

No. 1515136

>cartels possibly kidnapping me because highly educated and speaks fluent English = rich

There are plenty of people in various regions in Mexico who are highly educated and also speak English fluently, you are not special in that regard. As long as you're modest and not showing off or saying you have money.

Fact: A lot of narcos are US citizens or have their children living in the US as citizens. Chances are you interacted with a narco baby without even knowing it.

No. 1708500

porque no en español

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